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11095236What’s your favorite blood sausage recipe?[View]
11095243Dill Řelish: how does it taste? is it just minced sweet pickles?[View]
11095186/gum/: what's your favorite type of chewing gum? lately i've been chewing on Tic Tac gum a…[View]
11086598This is your body on carbs.[View]
11094281Not Ordering: >The no-order bandit strikes again. >be out with friends >someone mentions th…[View]
11084117Who here eats like an /environmentalist/?[View]
11094029>not ordering food to decorate the table >eating to 'get rid of the hunger' >not …[View]
11095006New animal crackers: Anyone tried these since they redesigned their box to be cruelty free? Any chan…[View]
11092193>take bite of sandwich >insides get pushed out the back and make a mess…[View]
11089817I'm about to order a pizza from dominos and I've been thinking about trying anchovies on a…[View]
11092563Do you have a nice cutting board? Tell me about it.[View]
11094963Hot sauce help: Hi-dee-ho everyone. I have a quart of green Thai chilis leftover from the garden and…[View]
11082103chavcore food: what is the normal food that britbongistan's trash eat? race shouldnt be a facto…[View]
11091332What foods give you a tapeworm? Asking for research purposes[View]
11093601Sometimes when eating with chopsticks I find it easier to stab them through what I’m eating like a f…[View]
11045949fml: lets cook stuff /ck/! patti is def not holding me captive and forcing me to make threads! this …[View]
11093823eating out at a new restaurant: Do you usually try out new dishes when you go to a restaurant you…[View]
11094226After 3 weeks of living off Peanut Butter and plain cous-cous everyday, I finally got my fucking foo…[View]
11093409>tfw spent $10 today on coffee/beer[View]
11092616which is the hardest meal to make?[View]
11094257A mere potato[View]
11085915in england salad costs extra. what the fuck no wonder you island niggers are so fat >t. norway…[View]
11093672Can someone tell me where this guacamole on burgers came from?[View]
11094060What country has the best food?[View]
11093701If you think the blandests foods in the world is tofu with anything and pure plain rice with no salt…[View]
11093417Dr. Vincent Pedre, a New York-based internal medicine doctor who specializes in digestive health, sa…[View]
11093573is ginger pop, unironically best pop? #mostrefreshing. plus calms tummy von tum-tum & sir colon …[View]
11094427nice hiss[View]
11093455do i really need both sake and mirin to make teriyaki sauce? seems like a bit of a wank desu[View]
11094343Found you guys a new meme sauce[View]
11093396why does he cook so good?[View]
11092880>2018 >putting your soy sauce in the refrigerator I seriously hope you guys don't do this…[View]
11094271I miss pizza parties at school. There was always plenty of children's food like pepperoni pizza…[View]
11087634Are millennials killing breastaurants?[View]
11094255Do you like how I cut this[View]
11092702>Pouring hot sauce over your food >Not sipping hot sauce from the cup Don't tell me you s…[View]
11089993Is Korean food the Mexican food of East Asia?[View]
11092415C O N S U M E T H E D E W / C K / ![View]
11094009Making chili. Can I substitute 2 teaspoons of cumin for 1 teaspoon of curry powder and 1 teaspoon of…[View]
11090766So why exactly is vegetarianism bad healthwise? I looked it up articles and everybody is just effect…[View]
11091160Appartment aquaculture: I grow my own potatoes indoor, can I do the same with shrimp to get proteins…[View]
11093787Could someone people do one of those 'cook with' threads for making rice? No matter how ha…[View]
11093203Hey ck what are some easy recipes for lunch to take to work. Gotta work through my break.[View]
11087571Is bone broth a meme?[View]
11091315Cooking efficiency: What are some things you do to increase the speed and efficiency with which you …[View]
11089805'Accoutrements' 'Gourmet' '5 star' 'Executive chef' 'Deconstructed' ' 'erbs and spices' ' …[View]
11092986do those god damned crazy japs really shit all over their pizzas like this?[View]
11093961Ham Hocks, baby. I just had a delicious one from my local butcher. Can't beat 4 Euro for a nice…[View]
11093485It's time to settle this once and for all[View]
11088252Am i the only one who liked all veggies as a kid? I can't help but get a mix of confused and ma…[View]
11090086RIPOFF: MCDONALDS EDITION: Finally fucking done with mcdonalds for the last time. The curve ends her…[View]
11082249ITT: We post our favorite foreign candy: I'll start. I really liked the Lion bar, it's lik…[View]
11093464Whatever happened to Gripz????[View]
11092423Will be visiting in a couple weeks, will mostly be in Buenos Aires. What kind of food are they known…[View]
11093656guys send help i made cereal at like 3 am in the moring i needhelp[View]
11090805redpill me on stevia[View]
11093570Get this, how about instead of ice we use mice! Call it mice cream, who's on board?[View]
11083931How do you prepare beef tartare?: For those who make it. Do you ground it yourself? Do you ask a but…[View]
11091075Too many shit posts on /ck/, need an actual cooking thread. I made spaghetti and tendies today, you?[View]
11092604What have I done, /ck/?! >defrosted chicken thighs >drank 4tall boys, smoked weed >made mar…[View]
11090191Food that helps you sleep ? I've tried tea, warm milk but doesn't work, alcohol works grea…[View]
11090035When to add chili peppers: I got a question. When do I add chili peppers if my goal is to retain max…[View]
11093341Favorite food and least favorite food GO[View]
11093207DNA Cooking: My coworker bought me an Ancestry.com DNA test for my birthday and I got the results to…[View]
11091641>he thinks mayonnaise is gross >he thinks onions are icky >he tries to cut down his salt in…[View]
11093421Having a woman over and ill be making dinner. She wants to help How do i tell her to stay the fuck …[View]
11090807ITT: God teir fizzys[View]
11093320https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUuap8dP_Nk /sips/ BTFO[View]
11092600The Pinnacle of Pizza[View]
11093007everything changed when the fire nation attacked: doghot[View]
11091199hey /ck/ what are your favourite unconventional uses for the microwave? today I melted two giant mar…[View]
11089415webm thread: exploring new avenues edition[View]
11088563Alright co/ck/suckers I have a question for you. There's a noodle place I go to. I normally alt…[View]
11087924Alright /ck/, what is the ideal dipping sauce for chicken tendies?[View]
11092157Does eating too much bread give you constipation?[View]
11085086What foods can you not believe other people eat willingly[View]
11091530if you do this you should be exterminated[View]
11088129Who here butter? Pic unrelated. https://youtu.be/bJL-HYSlvRM >5:15-5:45…[View]
11092124>eating sandwich >mayonnaise drips from sandwich >no matter what FUCKING STOP IT PLEASE LE…[View]
11092178/'mer 'cue 'ral/: 'sup /ck/ As we know, the end of 'mer is right around the…[View]
11092843R8 and H8 my dinner: Tonight's Experimental Dinner: Spicy Ginger Curry Sesame Chicken over Swee…[View]
11090922Things you can make in cast iron: Eh /ck/ I'm moving out of my parents basement and I won'…[View]
11091861Do you prefer Harvey's or Carl's Jr.?[View]
11091176what beverages are best for non-alcoholic ghetto home-made icee's?[View]
11092839How does my salmon look /ck/? First time cooking with it.[View]
11089068Why the fuck are we using so much more cooking oil nowadays? Source is https://www.ers.usda.gov/webd…[View]
11090967Wingstop: Sup cu/ck/s. Getting this shit in a bit, fries are god tier wings are eh but apart from sp…[View]
11087141I used cheese grated to be smaller this time and the difference was immense always use finely grated…[View]
11092044How can i make my meal more /keto/?[View]
11091398>salt is bad for you when will the meme die?[View]
11089031There are people in this world who don't think Texas makes the best barbecue[View]
11091906Are there any chains besides Buffalo Wild Wings that still use beef tallow for deep frying?[View]
11089299I want to make fizzy wine from grape berries, water, and sugar but don't want methanol in it: I…[View]
11089930Is Tuna and cheese good?[View]
11087249What's your guilty pleasure /ck/? The junk food you eat that holds zero nutritional value and i…[View]
11084873Which soft drink is your favorite? For me, It's either Mountain Dew, or Dr. Pepper.[View]
11088012What goes into your perfect burger?[View]
11088568Arnold Palmer: Is there a better summer beverage?[View]
11091740>you just waited almost 40 minutes for your meal at a restaurant >the food is too salty What…[View]
11081272Cook along: What are you working on at the moment? Im making some carbonara Just started frying up t…[View]
11092509Pleb filters: Pleb filter[View]
11086500Garlic sauce: What IS the garlic sauce in kebab places? It's not aioli and it's not regula…[View]
11092437I’m tired of spending too much money on restaurants and food trucks during lunch time. What can I gr…[View]
11092229>Sorry guys, I'm afraid I'll have to ask you guys to quiet down, I've received com…[View]
11090426Cheese&Charcuterie: What's the best sandwich cheese? What's the best cured/flavored m…[View]
11091615Prison Restaurant idea.: I'm opening a Michelin star prison-style restaurant. What does /ck/ th…[View]
11088622Does /ck/ make their own frozen dairy goods?[View]
11089287>We're in the cookies you hate to eat >An unpleasant surprise when you Trick-or-Treat…[View]
11089186Hey /ck/I work at Chipotle. Ask me anything and I will tell you everything.[View]
11091587who else drinks while/before they cook? just had pic related, now ima cook up some chicken[View]
11087693Made some roasted chickpeas. What's /ck/ snaking on?[View]
11091964New Orleans: Best recommendations for food in New Orleans? Need some good stuff for the weekend I…[View]
11088733Do you guys like beef wrap?[View]
11090703GOAT Sandwich: Moment of silence for our bros in the Northwest. How is it not having access to the g…[View]
11091917Let's get roommate cooking and kitchen stories going[View]
11087477Get On My Level /ck/....: Pommes de Tot with Chili con Meat and Queso el Goato It gets no better.…[View]
11090104What's the optimal outdoor BBQ setup?[View]
11091365>you ask for utensils at a grill and they give you this[View]
11089856This was so good. I used to eat four, not proud, but it was delicious.[View]
11087441Why do you hate cookies anon?[View]
11051203Hot Sauce General: Evenin' fellow /ck/ posters. Let's post our hot sauce collections.…[View]
11091872I've been eating a lot of Chile or Tex-Mex border type food lately-kinda lighter on the cheese …[View]
11091500Can you cook anything with this?[View]
11089681spoiled milk: does anyone else love spoiled milk? like not too spoiled just 2 or 4 days? like i know…[View]
11086828Does /ck/ feed any fruits to its pets?[View]
11088819Ciders: Why do all my friends make fun of me for not liking the taste of normal beers?[View]
11089626Favorite spring roll recipes? Wanna do some on my own instead of buying somewhere[View]
11089863>eat salty fries >get thirsty >drink water >water makes me hydrated thanks salt…[View]
11083680Enlightened me, /ck/. How am I supposed to eat peanut butter?[View]
11090082Does food get worse the higher income level it caters to? Ive noticed that most people will say stuf…[View]
11088200This is gas station food in Germany[View]
11091380mfw >allium[View]
11080643Just found out my girlfriend of three months hates garlic; should I drop her ass?[View]
11091162sup ck, rate my corner shop haul[View]
11090838Name one (1) more underrated kitchen tool than the fork[View]
11090226Ok /ck/, I keep thinking about this. In media, i've seen millions of jokes about eating whale,…[View]
11089127>get beyond meat >open it >smells like dog food they are literally selling us dog food to '…[View]
11091218Dear ck, vegetables are poison.[View]
11091180>dice up onions >sprinkle them with onion powder to make them more oniony How based am I for d…[View]
11090852Does /ck/ refrigerate their avocados?[View]
11090973so what are you eating now /ck/? what are you cooking? post pics pic related is what i'm eating…[View]
11091017What are some good fish recipes?[View]
11090435I need to vent Why the fuck is everyone going to the automated self check out shit. I'm stemmin…[View]
11090153Vegan recipe: Well you may not like you and you may cry about it but I would like to have a thread a…[View]
11082504what do extremely rich people eat?[View]
11088546What do you think of my omelette? I spell it that way because it's French style, hehe.[View]
11089229No more Taco Bell for me, thanks.[View]
11090370I'd like to try my hand at viennoiseries what the easiest/best recipe for a first timer?[View]
11088945Coworker got me some spicy powder. Any idea what it is? Also what can I make with it that I can give…[View]
11084737how do i make slobby joes i put a dick load of meat on the pan now what do i just use marinara sauce…[View]
11090002>never learned to eat my vegetables >nearly 21 NEET living with mother, can't cook >mo…[View]
11089132I left islam a couple weeks ago and I wanna start drinking to fully cement my position as a non musl…[View]
11086601Why is Curry Rice so comfy. I cook it every Sunday.[View]
11087253Best of your city. Post your cities best.: Toronto. Pizza: descendant Detroit style pizza or pizza …[View]
11084297Thoughts? Comments?[View]
11089393Do you watch any chili enthusiasts on Youtube? I watch pic related, non-soy skaters eating whatever …[View]
11086134best sauce for pic related ?[View]
11089638I left my big bag of twizzlers opened in the car for a few days, and now they are as dry as an old l…[View]
11090386Post movies that inspired you to cook I'll start[View]
11083014What is your favorite gin and tonic recipe? For me it's: In a highball glass with an ice spear …[View]
11087228Disgusting, insipid paste.[View]
11086900Last Meal: This one is different. I feel that I'm still here because of swedish meatballs. I…[View]
11085319If you had the opportunity to dine with an alium and share with him the pinnacle of your hyumon cuis…[View]
11088555>that zoomer that can't appreciate a good casserole[View]
11084081Cooking with weebs: ITT: we discuss the plausibility of recipes and techniques used in Shokugeki no …[View]
11089767Sometimes I like to hide the horse radish mayo amongst the regular mayo for a dangerous surprise![View]
11089750Opinion on Saure Zipfel?[View]
11089758Got a bunch of leftover meatloaf, what's the best type of bread for meatloaf sandwiches? What o…[View]
11081041Oatmeal General: What do you like to put on your oatmeal, anon? What type of oatmeal do you like? Ar…[View]
11088297Did I burn it?[View]
11089999This is better than any of the food that I've eaten throughout my entire life. Prove me wrong l…[View]
11087668Why do fruits and vegetables have to be 'pretty' now?[View]
11088289Uh... I'm a socially awkward /v/irgin and I unfortunately ended up as a grocery cashier. pls te…[View]
11089842Slow Cooker Thread: Hey /ck/, /fit/ here. Would you mind to help me out? I recently bought a slow co…[View]
11087366Which snacks make it feel like it would give you instant diabetes? For me, it's pic related, bu…[View]
11085906How much should I be spending on groceries a week if I'm trying to budget? If possible I'd…[View]
11086289Smokies > Hotdogs this is undeniable[View]
11089267Whataburger: Is it overrated? What are the best and worst menu items? Going to visit a friend in Tex…[View]
11078514Favorite premium imported beer[View]
11085818Kimchi: Hi anons, I'm a big kimchi fan but I don't want to pay $5 for a baby-food sized ja…[View]
11089206redpill me on ghee[View]
11088291What is the best burger you have ever had?[View]
11089350Just moved into my own place. All I have is a rice cooker and a skillet. What are some meals I can s…[View]
11087775Anyone else like eating raw garlic?: I've loved raw garlic since I was a kid. Not by itself, wi…[View]
11086531>let ribeye sit out for 30 minutes to bring to room temperature >inside still measures 50F sho…[View]
11083902What level of doneness do you prefer on your cooked-to-order, 100 percent fresh beef Double Quarter …[View]
11088877What the fuck can I even cook using this shit that isn't pasta, sushi, Salad, or crabcakes? Mos…[View]
11070096Eating Disorder: >ate dinner >puked it up >hungry again How you guys holding up? I really h…[View]
11087519Baguette thread: BAGUETTE. It's long, white and thick. It's truly the king of it's cl…[View]
11088512> he uses amercian 'cheese' on his grilled cheese[View]
11085101/fit/ here i made failed experiment so i made protein cupcakes by taking 1 scoop of protein powder a…[View]
11085362eating the same thing every day: does any one else have some weird shit they eat usually, like the s…[View]
11088011Does anyone have any /ck/ related subscriptions, magazines or otherwise? I just checked my mail even…[View]
11088116I work in the middle of nowhere. The only places to eat around the office is fast food. What should …[View]
11078139You’ve got french fries. Now, pick one.[View]
11087013Burger, hot dog, cheese fries - it’s summer in America, folks.[View]
11086592Why aren't you making chili right now /CK/[View]
11088567Mother sauces need help!!!: Going to cooking school and assignment is making a new sauce from fish v…[View]
11088676Magic Yum Yum Sauce: I love that benihana 'magic' mustard sauce and I found out that apparently this…[View]
11084355Ok, so what can I make with this stuff besides the obvious?[View]
11088901Crust is the best part of a pie[View]
11088789Do you brown your tomato paste to release full tomato flavor?[View]
11088846Sad Crab thread[View]
11088426>be at friends house >just his gf, my friend and i >be smoking some le weed >he offers t…[View]
11085498hey a girl is coming over at my place for dinner and shes vegan and i cant shit for vegan food. anyo…[View]
11087000Disappointed or happy?[View]
11085712thoughts on 'troit 'za?[View]
11088544Ayy where can I get bootleg a1 sauce[View]
11084484i wouldve jumped if i was offered such a shitty beer[View]
11087277*sips* Yup, that's good IPA[View]
11081264Who the fuck actually likes this kind of stuff? I've never seen anyone ordering this.[View]
11085630I want to make carb-free batter, what do I substitute flour with? Just egg and milk ain't stick…[View]
11088452Skeletons, what is your day-to-day meal plan? I'm almost clinically underweight and I want to g…[View]
11088598Scottish Rootbeer > French Rootbeer: Just found this Scottish Rootbeer, Cliet Aew at my local gas…[View]
11086570why is shopping at walmart so stigmatized and looked down upon? where are you supposed to shop?[View]
11087711Made a mirror cake but it didn't turn out very nice. How come no matter what I try the cake par…[View]
11087153I'm going to Chengdu tomorrow. Gonna eat some dog. You guys ever try it?[View]
11085970I went to McDonald's for the first time in 2 years because of all the fucking McChicken posting…[View]
11088156I need a low carb sauce that pairs well with zucchini noodles. Any suggestions?[View]
11084591parmesan cheese is cringe as fuck[View]
11039013Post the best beers your country has to offer. I'll start.[View]
11084109>eat at taco bell as not so guilty pleasure >'You know, REAL Mexican food tastes so much bette…[View]
11088391how do you get into cooking as a complete shitter with no real previous cooking experience? is 21 to…[View]
11088311monster... zero ultra...[View]
11087849/bant/ was no help so I’m turning to /ck/ as a last resort >be me, 15 >love my moms biscuits …[View]
11085314What’s the difference between subs, hoagies, heroes, grinders, and footlongs?[View]
11087730for me its jalapeno tater crisps.[View]
11088078Are there any new innovations to be made with chocolate bars? Getting pretty bored of what we got.[View]
11080809/fg/ Fermentation General - Mommy SCOBY Edition: Anybody else here into fermenting their own food? I…[View]
11083412Just went to the Viet Cajun place that opened up in my home town. It's fucking great. I've…[View]
11087641ITT: Alcohol memes you fell for[View]
11084825Cast-Iron Cookery....: Corned-Beef Hash with Eggs. Simple. Tasty. Inexpensive. So what's /ck/ h…[View]
11083278Chili is better without beans[View]
11086820What's the catch to these drinks? I've looked up the effects of the ingredients and there …[View]
11087692ok /ck/ in this thread I will demonstrate how to make tendies. I've seen a few other recipes po…[View]
11085961grocery list thread: grocery list thread usa only yuropoor yurofags maplefags and 3rd world btfo sha…[View]
11084870insects: I caught some insects. How do I prepare them?[View]
11083266Actually liking IPAs[View]
11087116/gluttony/: Who else has accepted they are a fat piece of shit and probably always will be and given…[View]
11087667This is the true 'vanilla' chip. If you buy flavorless chips like Lay's Original, then please k…[View]
11075669Animal deaths for food: Which is worse: a) Killing a cow for ~500lbs of beef (after cutting and trim…[View]
11074620Bartenders. What do you think of them?: Okay, /ck/. I know a lot of you are 'industry' people (by th…[View]
11077203>go to mcdonalds >order my food >uhhh we're still working on your food can you pull in…[View]
11087731what was his name again?[View]
11087652Do you like to have the starter be served first followed by the main course, or do you prefer to hav…[View]
11086721Diabeetus: I just lost self-control and ate 2 boxes of pic related. I broke my fast and my keto diet…[View]
11087371Besides the obvious answer of America, what is the most bullshit meme ethnic cuisine?[View]
11087255I need a rectangle induction pan that is light (for work) which is the size of half of the induction…[View]
11087322>tfw got a job for the first time in five years and can’t resist picking up Del Classic Chicken B…[View]
11087101What’s the most autistic thing you’ve ever seen transpire at a dining establishment?[View]
11084350Meme diet: I'm going to try juicing. Honestly, the crazy shits you have sound really good and I…[View]
11084438redpill me on spelt[View]
11086723Cuisine and dining are without worth. Food is to be consumed only as fuel for work. This is its true…[View]
11086453How bad is sparkling water for you? I've recently gotten hooked but I'm worried I'm j…[View]
11084514Don't forget about the classics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ijbzS8r_FI&list=PLA6A68FA…[View]
11082689I just tried some ice cream with olive oil and celtic salt, and it was really great! Does /ck/ have…[View]
11079305Delivery Driver Stories: >tfw finally lost it tonight Someone told me to kiss their ass because I…[View]
11084839Cook-Along: Blood for Breakfast and 4chan sucks if you're lazy edition. It's that time aga…[View]
11080326What food do you eat to get a body like this? >inb4 keto >inb4 vegan >inb4 retarded /fit/ c…[View]
11086810For me it's the Big Mac Bacon.[View]
11084675Fries: What's the secret to make perfect fries ?[View]
11086043is it time to get a new cake mold? i am pretty sure i cleaned it well before applying a coat of butt…[View]
11084808What’s the difference between jam, jelly, and preserves?[View]
11076957why are carbohydrates considered bad?[View]
11084744This brand is actually delicious. Easily the best frozen dinners out there. Why don't other com…[View]
11086437Looking up recipes for desserts online sucks >'Dessert Title' >Ingredients: >Oreos Literall…[View]
11066846I have unconfirmed reports that the Queen of /ck/, Simply Sara, has succumbed to Diabetus Press F to…[View]
11086214If you're blue and you don't know where to go to; why don't you go where fashion sits…[View]
11084913>make mine extra mild, por favor[View]
11083844Why do people even like udon? its slimy bullshit the only good thing I can think about it is that it…[View]
11083423Every time I cook rice, I follow the online advice to the letter: >one part rice to two parts wat…[View]
11086192How to make myself withstand more alcohol? Last tine I touch any alcohol was probably about 20 years…[View]
11072334In California we take a nice piece of salami and wrap it around a piece of cheese. We call this a 'r…[View]
11085541>long line at the McDonalds double drive thru >wait patiently in line for my turn to access a …[View]
11085167What should I make for lunch for the week? Should be able to hold well in the fridge and be reheated…[View]
11085617ITT: hangover cures[View]
11080668Why are some people so judgey? >Be me >Pour hotsauce on a cupcake >Friends all look at me l…[View]
11082261It’s kino[View]
11084144>double cheesy gordita crunch[View]
11085799This burger patty was twice the size it is now before it got cooked. It was flattened. Thoughts on t…[View]
11078641Is it a bad idea to cook with jewelry on?[View]
11082253Why do chinese people eat like this? Is their main dish rice and meat is used sparingly? How can yo…[View]
11080381Should Berry Punch have alcohol?[View]
11070328What special dish does your mommy cook when you go visit her /ck/? For me it's a spinach, tofu …[View]
11084043Diner type food: For me, it's the Big Boy, the original Big Mac[View]
11085757Check out my breakfast. It's pretty good. Egg whites, vegetables sauteed in black truffle olive…[View]
11085087What do you think of what I ate today, /ck/? ps I'm not fat[View]
11084130Just moved out of my mother's place to a different country and I don't know how or what to…[View]
11084607>I need to be an adult about sugar since i'm 300 lbs and it's hurting my knees, but I h…[View]
11085209any based anons ever made chicken teriyaki? i'm really hungry and want to make it but there are…[View]
11084750Does anyone here make bao? I want to try and make some of the open kind for some braised lamb and pi…[View]
11084919why don't you eat more arab-african food /ck/? pic related is one of many north east african tr…[View]
11083655RIP: ITT: fast food you miss[View]
11083055I went to one of those Brazilian all-you-can-eat places for dinner. £25 and I gorged on sirloin, fil…[View]
11081334Tapola blood sausage with lingonberry jam is pure food kino fämälämäzoids.[View]
11080987How do I make this shit taste good?[View]
11079068>choreezo >salsa verdle >turtija >geeros Why cant bongs pronounce anything right?…[View]
11080330Dudes and dudettes of the 80s and 90s will know how cool nachos and cheese is, from the movie theate…[View]
11083995Kitchen must haves: Kitchen cant be withouts[View]
11071555Alright ck, post your fridge. No cheating or cleaning. About to go get groceries it's not norm…[View]
11084151So I very basic and newb question about some frozen salmon I just bought. I want to throw some in fr…[View]
11085161best fast food sammich: For me it is the chicken cordon bleu from Wendy's[View]
11078220WEBM Thread: Big Eats and OC Edition[View]
11084769>I don't eat sugar[View]
11084754Cast iron: Is the seasoning fucked? It doesn't even look like rust so I'm confused. My pan…[View]
11083776Your trademarked food catchphrases: When you gift beans the gut need greens.[View]
11082845This burger had a atticquit amount of food[View]
11082858>there are subhumans on this board who don't rinse their rice till it's squeaky clean…[View]
11084410https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5h3uzIs4C2w how can u hate french guy cooking ????????????[View]
11075570For us non-Americans out here, what the fuck does 4 loko taste like?[View]
11079313hey i have anorexia give me some safe foods (150kcal or less) so I don't fucking have a heart a…[View]
11084828>sorry sport, but we're running low on chairs tonight, you'll have to sit at the kids t…[View]
11083747Am I an idiot I hate saying thank you when ordering food. Nobody out of my group of friends says tha…[View]
11082867>reading a book or on your laptop at a bar don’t do that[View]
11082435>People eat these boring pieces of shit Someone should call the M&M company and tell them tha…[View]
11082148*adds cayenne*[View]
11082121Is this the worst fast food place of all time? >23 dollars for an 8-piece of chicken smaller than…[View]
11083176I need to debate this because tea is wonderful. Coffee is wonderful. Myself personally prefers coffe…[View]
11077139What are some Local Fast Food: Places that only have locations near you? The main two here are Happy…[View]
11077146Why is it so expensive?[View]
11078746What cookware do you use?[View]
11083620They (boomers) took this from you.[View]
11075875Alles righte, /ck/. It is time to post your last meal~[View]
11082267Any other meat-eaters like to cook vegetarian meals? I have no problems whatsoever with eating meat,…[View]
11083723For me, it's NOCCO TROPICAL, the best BCAA energy drink there is.[View]
11084165what ARE potatoes?: Guys my wife says that potatos are basically tomatos because they are both night…[View]
11079951Ashens does the outdated /sip/ challenge: https://youtu.be/8iKdrsCtdoU[View]
11083924Am I a pleb for eating out every day? I just started college and don’t find too much time to cook la…[View]
11084134My tap water is pretty chloriney, maybe some other shit wrong with it to, how do I turn it into some…[View]
11082091Tried a turkey sandwhich for the first time today and it was fucking amazing. Mine was just turkey a…[View]
11083621Me and the gf finished one of these last night >wake up to her complaining about stomach >I w…[View]
11084088How Not To Run A Restaurant: >open new location >'we promote upward growth!' >cut everyone…[View]
11084092who here watch /rubyday/ former known as cooking naked TV ??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nwprq5…[View]
11083871How to make hot sauce?: So I have come to terms with the fact that I am extremely dumb in maths and …[View]
11082448how do we improve upon this caveman shit?[View]
11078083If you rely on herbs and spices to make your food not taste like shit, you are a shit cook.[View]
11083070can we just admit he's right about everything?[View]
11083502So I have bad social anxiety I have to work tonight and in a few hours I'll be busy with work. …[View]
11081481Cucomelately: I finally found a way to enjoy this abomination of a vegetable. Peel it, cut it in hal…[View]
11083945Coffee Making General: For me, it's the Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew 10-Cup Programmable Coffe…[View]
11083171Why are so many people allergic to peanus? They have a nice salty taste, are filling and satisfy you…[View]
11083664How raw can I actually go w/out getting salmonella[View]
11083796Who here butter? Pic unrelated. https://youtu.be/bJL-HYSlvRM[View]
11082341Thoughts on the new *double* cheesy gordita crunch?[View]
11081305Thoughts on the flavored steel reserves?[View]
11083546rate my sear and doneness tfw blurry[View]
11080295Think hard, how many hamburgers do you eat in a year? Cheese hamburgers count.[View]
11081548I bought a grillpan like this couple years ago. Have only used it a handfull of times. Too much hass…[View]
11083172I really fucked up this lemon pie didn't I? Do you guys know what went wrong? Maybe it was usin…[View]
11082284How do I cook inexpensive food that doesn't taste like shit?[View]
11083384Question for you guys: So my 12 year ol dson keeps saying that he is a 'Bean Boy.' At first I though…[View]
11080123Do people unironically dislike mayo on fries? Am i being memed on?[View]
11081861Taco Bell upped their game in preparation to total green herb legalization in Canada this October. W…[View]
11082263Pecans!!! I love ‘em![View]
11081710How much fat it recommended in a homemade burger? I read somewhere 20% Could I settle for less?[View]
11083042Fresh pasta thread: What do you put on your fresh homemade pasta? What Sauce?[View]
11083222Thoughts on mustard based bbq[View]
11083248Anyone know where I can order some of the better tea liqueurs that are available on the Asian market…[View]
11080857/smoke/: Its 8am and I got 10 pounds of pork belly on a smoke with hickory and applewood. Who else …[View]
11082429>wife tried making aioli with sour cream because she doesn't like mayo…[View]
11082778You need to make one of those meat and cheese boards for like twelve people. What do you choose? The…[View]
11079178Fruit: Post the fruit you love /ck/ :)[View]
11082282the secret to cooking a good steak dinner is starting with a good steak this is a USDA prime ribeye …[View]
11079066Bought one of those packs of tofu at Costco.So far I've just fried it with oil and garlic. Kind…[View]
11083204If you aren't eating a banh mi with freshly made pate, roast pork and pickled veg right now, wh…[View]
11079708>pan. hot >olive oil. in >lamb. season. beautiful >garlic. crush >oven. hot >mhmm …[View]
11076522Starving at 4am today, went to McDonalds to eat. Got the worst meal (bacon, egg n cheese biscuit w/h…[View]
11082752Have NO fucking idea why everyone bags on KFC desu. Only fucking DYEL soyboys and obeast hamplanets …[View]
11083122Favorite small chain/local steakhouses? Pic related is mine. visited friends in Nashville and had t…[View]
11081427Uncured Bacon: Did you guys know that uncured bacon is the current meme ingredient?[View]
11082098‘troit ‘za’s back on the menu, boys![View]
11080041Easy to cook but impressive: i need a dish that is easy to prepare but manages to look somewhat diff…[View]
1108280425 year old boomer here. Caught this while fishing today, how should I cook it? Monster-butt seagull…[View]
11083008Hey /ck/, im in between jobs right now and I’m just looking for some ingofraphs or recipes or shoppi…[View]
11082735Cheese: Cheese question thread. Personally I love old cheddars, parmesan, and goudas along with oth…[View]
11082157what did twix mean by this?[View]
11081065Are copper pans a meme?: I'm moving out and I need some cookware. They have had cheap teflon pa…[View]
11082843Best recipe for beans and rice? Especially recipes without red meat. I'm poor and an unimaginat…[View]
11082557I know you guys enjoy your sips so I present you with this scenario. What is the right way to handle…[View]
11082145Rainy Day Favorites....: Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup. Simple. Classic. Delicious. What's fo…[View]
11079395I have acquired the precious thing Blows the shit at trader joes out of the water. Based slavs[View]
11082499What’s your favorite Cuban food? https://youtu.be/iKyZID4oRoo[View]
11082506Quail: Hi lads, guy who impulsively bought six quail at the Asian grocery store and was going to mak…[View]
11078974Red pill me on bulletproof coffee[View]
11080484/cog/ - Cookout General: >whatcha cookan >whatcha drinkan >whatcha listenan to >who ya c…[View]
11081699>make great quality food >better than chick-fil-a >ruin it by making your trademark sauce W…[View]
11078110Tonight, it's Papa's.[View]
11080053Anyone else snack on sweetener packets? They're delicious. When I'm in a bad mood or need …[View]
11079233These are fucking delicious holy shit[View]
11082332spiral slicer: VERSATILE![View]
11082349How does this even work?[View]
11076592going to texas roadhouse tomorrow what's good there?[View]
11072770Scrambled eggs: I used to think my parents were master chefs when they would cook me up a plate of r…[View]
11082218Are you ready for it?[View]
11081896>Cracking eggs on the edge of the pot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLkgILAkqVI…[View]
11081119Looking for a breakfast recipe. Preferably something sweet.[View]
11082062Gluttony is a sin.[View]
11080322fuck celery: worst vegetable ever invented by god - no flavor when raw - stringy, awful texture - co…[View]
11078501Ok /ck/, maybe you can help me, because this is getting infuriating. What is the flavor of Blue Moon…[View]
11082015What are your favorite drinks when you're with friends?[View]
11077301I fucking LOVE lichi GOAT food[View]
11082014>he hasnt ascended to pea and ham and pineapple pizza soup tier https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S…[View]
11077374How do I into cast iron: I inherited a cast iron skillet from my brother several months ago, used it…[View]
11080773guys, whenever i'm about to eat something really tasty and packed with massive amounts of conce…[View]
11078013Is this too much food? There's a ribeye under there.[View]
11071080Tell me why you haven't tried the true patrician yogurt yet.[View]
11081301*dissolves your colon*[View]
11077248Scandinavian Food: Scandinavian food Pic related is fermented raw herring.[View]
11079466For a board that claims to love food, none of you dudes sound like you cook. I cook my own dinner ev…[View]
11081196Riceburgs stoner food?: What do you guys think of the birdseye chicken quarter pounder covered with …[View]
11078004Friday Night Drinking thread: Bought one of these and a Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout at Total Wine. Rate …[View]
11081618Favourite regional pizza chains: Westside pizza is pretty good, as you can see Far better than mod p…[View]
11081646Anybody know wtf this is? Screen cap from a walking around saigon viddy. https://youtu.be/_cE1N52uyu…[View]
11080089Parsnips: Is it true that Germans don't know what parsnips are???[View]
11078072So whats up with the McChicken? who here thinks its the best fastfood sandwich?[View]
11081243>ITT: /ck/ autism flags[View]
11076578Let's play a game since I'm a stupid idiot. Can anyone help me figure out how to use this …[View]
11081335How is your perfect Sandwich? Mine: integral bread, cheese and raspberry jam.[View]
11080156>smells like a moldy filter after a week >Makes your coffee taste like dish soap for life if y…[View]
11081344So I bought a glass of anchovies, mainly because some of you guys said they were divine. Ok, tried t…[View]
11067357khlav kalash?[View]
11081253Phlemboyant: What was the most excessive meal you ever had? Not necessarily paid for by yourself. Fo…[View]
11080423What were your favorite budget meals, In my university days I loved chopping chicken up into bite s…[View]
11079013Well well well, what treats do we have here?[View]
11080180Name a better breakfast than pic related >protip >you can't…[View]
11078854ITT: Post your dinner i haven't made ramen in a long time n its still as yummy[View]

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