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10331953Instant Noodles: Turns out, you can do a lot of things with this delicious meal![View]
10330954Delicious Muffins Ingredients: 1 Egg 1 1/2 Cups of flour 2 Boxes of baking soda 1 1/2 Cups of sugar …[View]
10327575How much fibre is too much fibre?[View]
10331743Meal 1: Granola bar Meal 2: 1 Chicken quesadilla from Taco Bell Meal 3: 16 ounces of chili Meal 4: W…[View]
10329412Fruit Leather: AKA: fruit rollups for people who aren't on food stamps. What are your favourite…[View]
10331237*blocks your path*[View]
10331685ITT we talk about why you aren't experiencing this American delicacy. >not dipping your frie…[View]
10326681The perfect fruit[View]
10327521Which would you patron and why?[View]
10331558Dog-Pie suggestions: I have like no idea how to cook, just killed the family, how do I cook it into …[View]
10331091Culinary School: /ck/, Is it worth it to go to culinary school? I am in university right now attemp…[View]
10331156I made soup with frozen cooked mussel meat, can I refrigerate it like normal food? There seems to be…[View]
10327913webm thread[View]
10327088im bad at gardening: planning a garden please help i have 2 3x8 raised beds full sun[View]
10331338>new guy manages to spill our light soy sauce mid rush >tell foh to send someone to get more …[View]
10328365>he inspects his fast food at the drive through window[View]
10326040How do you spice up your rice? I usually eat basmati rice with some meat and vegetables but plain ri…[View]
10327086Are fuzzy logic rice cookers some kind of Japanese meme, or are they actually worth the money?[View]
10330866What are some cheap and healthy meals a poor guy can prepare for the week? More focusing on the simp…[View]
10330938What does /ck/ think about soba noddles? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoO2sLjt8Lg[View]
10327916>get Indian food >lots of Indian food >chicken Tika masala, saga paneer, nan, chutneys, lot…[View]
10328475Probiotics thread: >there is no scientific evidence of probiotics improving health >1 or 2 cas…[View]
10330877What do these taste like and are they good? If so what flavors? They seem pretty labor intensive and…[View]
10324057>this is a fruit[View]
10329268>tfw there's no good cider in your country[View]
10330863What are you boys eatin this morning? I'm eatin this shit[View]
10327687Mexican food appreciation thread. Who else loves Mexican food as much as I do? Pic related.[View]
10328541Why is American bread so sweet?[View]
10325371>my mom is making me fast for the 2nd day in a row it's not fair bros..…[View]
10330230Just had my 2nd visit at a BBQ restaurant. First visit I got a bacon cheeseburger and fries which we…[View]
10330454I have a lot of turnips. What dish can I prepare using this vegetable?[View]
10326526Can anyone give me good ideas for social drinking games?[View]
10327932Is it a bad idea to drink a mug of half and half[View]
10326810I fucking needs it bruhs ;_;[View]
10330513rate my sushi[View]
10330311This is the ideal pastry. You may not like it, but this is what peak carbohydrate looks like.[View]
10330118So what do you prefer, Full English Breakfast or Ulster Fry? [spoiler] It guarantee I can find the I…[View]
10327727What's /ck/'s opinion on Hello Fresh and other services like it?[View]
10330231wa la[View]
10330344Do I need a different kettle or cookware for different stove types? Like a gas or induction stove?[View]
10330317Most ambitious xover: Are pop tart ravioli?[View]
10322308things you do with food that other people find weird: post food-related things that other people fin…[View]
10329429ITT: pleb filters[View]
10327614>Why don't y'all cook something for his birthday My brother basically pigeonholed me in…[View]
10326798>Knorr® Chicken Stock Pot, tastes better, than salt. Was he right?[View]
10326506Al/ck/ thread- Happy edition! :- ): Only happy people satisfied with their life and job are allowed …[View]
10327098>tfw the delivery driver says 'wow you must sure like pizza' after he comes to your house for the…[View]
10329900Who here has/had problems with constipation? who do i shit easier other than eating more fibre?[View]
10329494>tfw I can’t study properly without munching alot of pastry How do I stop this?…[View]
10320504You can only have one fruit for the rest of your life. Pick one.[View]
10330093What are the best chocolates with rum/whiskey/bourbon? I want to order some on amazon[View]
10328564Eating alone in restaurants: How do you do it?[View]
10327917My brother asked me to write a recipe for a kid-friendly food that he and his son can make together.…[View]
10329866Does anyone have any good chook recipes? I love myself a good feed of chook. Share your chook recipe…[View]
10329729Have you tried any of her recipes?[View]
10328139>Grilled chicken breast, stringy mozzarella, piquant parmesan, garden-fresh green onions, crispy …[View]
10326566Is aluminum cookware safe? Will it leech aluminum into my food? I thought aluminum buildup gave you …[View]
10328445Canned chili: what do you think of it?[View]
10328256Rate my dinner /ck/, I made fish[View]
10323949Does cannibalism have any health benefits?[View]
10327325What do you guys think of Campbell's Chunky?[View]
10329452>he/she does not put cucumbers on his/her hamburgers[View]
10328905>yfw your cooking and baking skills get you laid[View]
10327894When the onion is caramelised[View]
10327199My local grocery store consistently has milk on display that expired the week prior. No sale, full p…[View]
10324109I want to start baking bread on a more or less daily basis. Recommendations on a mixer to buy?[View]
10324711All I know how to make is a grilled cheese, what's the next step up on the cheap and easy food …[View]
10327438So I looked around and haven't found anything substantial on this topic, so I thought I'd …[View]
10326579>check out this pic of my cast iron pan, it's great for searing steaks and the like…[View]
10329230Help me out /ck/. I'm looking for a habanero hot sauce that is very mild and sweet. Suggestions…[View]
10328808>a tablespoon of oil contains around 120 calories >people usually cook with 2 tbsp per dish so…[View]
10329622>eats raw fish and beef >doesn't eat raw chicken Explain. >inb4 the salmonella meme…[View]
10328397This is the best type of pizza.[View]
10327035Rate dinner[View]
10325827ITT: overrated foods/drinks[View]
10323452Favorite Sandwich?: BLT for me, how about you, /ck/?[View]
10308982Autism taco shell help: >son was diagnosed with autism when he was 3 (nonverbal until 7) >will…[View]
10328311Reborn. Reheat through microwave: Does any one else believe that a whopper taste better when it…[View]
10328693Night-time fast food binge eating: I have lost 6 lbs since last week But I have the urge to go out a…[View]
10326093What is actually better than a bong roast dinner?[View]
10328818How do I eat 'healthy' ??[View]
10329005What does /ck/ think of nonstick pans?[View]
10329218Thoughts on popeyes?[View]
10327058What re you making for dinner, /ck/? I'm making porkychops.[View]
10326714So I recently tried one of these badbois and was fucking astonished to see this only has black beans…[View]
10328524I have started what I call a 'paleo-lacto' diet, in which I have removed all products with added sug…[View]
10320770>Can I getcha anythang sugah?[View]
10322017What is your greatest culinary achievement, /ck/?[View]
10324604Hey how long do youse guys cook your gravy for?[View]
10325441The patricians lunch[View]
10326833Reese's Puffs: It's cereal, for breakfast.[View]
10328896Im making an app: Hey /ck/, Im making an app and need some ideas about how people cook so i can make…[View]
10324959Do americans really eat on their laptops?[View]
10328028Just marathoned a ham burger from Hardee's. What did I think of it?[View]
10328679Now if you must eat disgusting pasta, my friend let me tell you...to mix it up, would bring disgust,…[View]
10323222The objective new king of cereal.[View]
10323856I like to eat shelled fish (slobsters, skrimps, crabs, etc ONLY not fucking nasty snotlings like mus…[View]
10328436Awful cooking thread: Nothing like some good old homestyle spagett! Don't forget the two liters…[View]
10326044Cheap Pizza: This pizza cost 4$ /ck/ its not the fanciest or the one with the best ingridients but l…[View]
10326102How much would you charge for an egg sandwich?[View]
10325819Dear cu/ck/s, what would you cook for a first date in case you had one? Need help[View]
10327822If you could ban an entire food type from the world what would it be? I would choose processed chees…[View]
10324196A qt I'm into is coming over for dinner and turns out she's been sick the past few days. W…[View]
10301645Best instant ramen/noodles?[View]
10328006>dad can we go to checkers / rallys >no son we're white we're going to steak n shak…[View]
10325783this guy comes to your town looking for the most iconic eats and ambiance. where do you take him?[View]
10327885this is important: how many different ingredients does it need to have before you can call it a sala…[View]
10328257Who makes the best espresso maker? pic maybe related[View]
10327582Rate my dinner creation: with your honesty[View]
10328147Authentic Chinese food: >try authentic dish from Sichuan region >try authentic dish from Hunan…[View]
10327096>there are people on this board RIGHT NOW who enjoy banana pudding hot out the oven as opposed to…[View]
10324425My omelette: Sorry i havent posted in a while but im back. How's it look?[View]
10323212Hungry: Hungry Wat do??[View]
10327977Can coffee drink coffee?[View]
10326398What are foods popular among the younger folks?[View]
10322316Post your city's most iconic food. Guess where the others are from.[View]
10316183webm thread[View]
10326509Made sushi for the first time in my life and they turned out GREAT Except that I put too much vinega…[View]
10327232>chili comes out hotter than intended >but it's also delicous…[View]
10323602Turducken.: Who's tried making it? Was it worth the effort? Who's heard of it? Who's …[View]
10327195I made a poem about Chicago Style Pizza. I hope you like it. Out in Chicago I set up my little pizza…[View]
10327105>tfw my kitchen is being renovated What are some foods I can buy that don’t need to be cooked. A…[View]
10326987Eating a dinosaur type thing: >Be me >Visit Florida >Have my fill of the third world shit h…[View]
10327097keto lifehacks: Wants to drink milk, but worried about all the lactose sugar? Just drink whipping cr…[View]
10325693Finally, apples for the thinking man.[View]
10324905Burgers outselling classic baguette sandwiches in France: https://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/wor…[View]
10326661Did your mom ever make the real Italian lasagnepizza?[View]
10323165Does this really taste like Oreo cereal?[View]
10325391hi /ck/, my sons 30th birthday is coming up soon so i'm cooking for him and his wife. any good …[View]
10325469Chef John 10 Course Meal: /ck/ I need some help deciding. I'm planning on having an entirely ch…[View]
10326029Don't buy sticker top cherry tomatoes: Only in america. Pop on over to Wall-Fart and I'm c…[View]
10325444Current knives thread: Post your current collection of blades, /ck/. Let's see what steel you …[View]
10326278>Visit Berlin >Pay a food truck €3 for a doner kebab >They serve you this…[View]
10325894which region of italy has the best food?: >emilia-romagna (bologna) >lazio (rome) >veneto (…[View]
10326445I have: >chicken thighs >broccoli, carrots, potatoes >spices and herbs >beef broth >s…[View]
10324065For me? It's pecorino romano[View]
10326426sashimi is objectively better than sushi, change my mind[View]
10326252What's the best variety of salmon?[View]
10326265Alright /ck/ I bought this fucking cheese and it's delicious. I was hesitant about the price bu…[View]
10320682Let's Talk Pico...: Anyone make their own? Here's something a little different with the u…[View]
10320778Carbonara for Cloudy days: How does /ck/ make carbonara? >Guanciale (bacon or pancetta is fine) …[View]
10322052>Al Pastor tacos. Is there anything tastier in this world bros?[View]
10322436Better than sex[View]
10326195Please help /ck/ I burned my eggplant parmigiana![View]
10326485>be me >be fortune cookie >mfw…[View]
10325880>That'll be 300 bongs, plus tip and service charge and 20% VAT[View]
10326493ctrl+f gore? food gore thread.: LEGGGO BOISH[View]
10325494>bf ruined the soup by rinsing mushrooms instead of brushing so they got soggy…[View]
10325078ahh, nothing like the first sip of the day...[View]
10326214Filipino Food: Tried making Caldereta tonight and it turned out quite nicely. What other recipes sho…[View]
10326338Pressure cooker: Gonna try making chicken stock with a pressure cooker tomorrow, can I let it go for…[View]
10325097ITT: Doner kebab/gyro[View]
10326332Restaurants and institutions catering to allergy faggots is one of the most dysgenic policies ever d…[View]
10326391ITT: Foods or culinary concoctions only you enjoy[View]
10323805How Obesity Leads to Loss of Taste: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/03/180320141339.htm …[View]
10321537ITT Meme/overrated drinks[View]
10323249PSA to obsessed europoors: this is what real chili looks like in America. One part rice, topped with…[View]
10323995My cafeteria has replaced the Tabasco bottle by the omelet station with a Texas Pete pump. How mad s…[View]
10323098Buy Knorr™ Stock Cubes[View]
10320941Albino Broccoli: Why is this even a vegetable, nobody wants this, why hasn't natural selection …[View]
10325681Lost love: I've been to Japan in 2016 and randomly bought me some ufo. Was delicious. Still thi…[View]
10324464What are you eating right now? Pic related[View]
10321754What do you get when you're at Benihana?[View]
10324602>2018 >nonstick pan[View]
10324960How to make cornflakes like a boss: acquire cornflakes apple sauce[View]
10325802All I've got in my kitchen are eggs, noodles, three bell peppers, potatoes, two 8oz cans of tom…[View]
10322995Is cabbage for degenerates?: It just tastes like lettuce that has gone bad Koreans have to drown th…[View]
10324954*When a couple of guys in a forest makes better food than you*[View]
10322280Kind of feel like eating some shitty food for some reason and I haven't had taco bell in maybe …[View]
10323290Mmmm, one Milky Way before I'm off to work.[View]
10319961The other day I heard some people with foreign sounding accents talking about how Shake Shack isn…[View]
10323651Fettuccine Alfredo is the greatest pasta dish ever made.[View]
10325213>he doesn't mirror polish his cookware to 7,000 grit so they can double as mirrors and never…[View]
10323057Camping Burgers: Im planning on making turkey burgers on a camping trip. What burger recipes does /c…[View]
10324190Am I going to get fatter by drinking beer or by drinking a spirit like say Fernet Branca[View]
10323611Who /sipping/ here?[View]
10317324al/ck/ general: Ready to end it all edition[View]
10325297ahh... first sip of the day[View]
10321177Who wants carbonara?[View]
10324546Americans...stop ruining everything.[View]
10322093As an American, this is unironically the best beer I've ever tasted.[View]
10322670How the fuck do I accomplish a good fucking pizza? >bake or broil? >what type of mozzarella? …[View]
10324066Grill thread? Now that spring is coming and I've moved into a place with a patio I'm looki…[View]
10323280Sup cu/ck/s Lifelong vegetarian here, first attempt at cooking meat at home. How'd I do? Brined…[View]
10323263>Come on Vin, quit foolin around![View]
10308608what did you drink in college, /ck/?[View]
10324132Whole Wheat Jaffa Cakes: They look really messy cuz I forgot to spread the biscuits out before cooki…[View]
10325263For me, it's Chik-Fila-A spicy chicken sandwich.[View]
10318993Perfect beers don't exi-[View]
10323714Alright boys I have: >3 fresh globe tomatoes >fresh garlic >fresh cilantro >a white onio…[View]
10323852Going to be in Israel on business next month. I’ll be working in Tel Aviv and Haifa. Any locals here…[View]
10324280Have you ever had tapeworm or a similar type of digestive parasite?[View]
10322517why is cooking so hard?[View]
10324229Diet improvement: How are you improving your diet and eating habits anon? I've been replacing s…[View]
10323700Knackebrod thread, or I guess complaining about soyboy extortion thread: >tfw they know who buys …[View]
10323837Hello I am brand new to cooking and I dont really have any food materials on hand and am wondering w…[View]
10324855I'll have a coke please: >Is crystal pepsi ok?[View]
10324538Australian here, I'm going to new york for three weeks. What are some restaurants I should try?[View]
10324321How the fuck do you activate saffron?[View]
10321523>live in the UK >going to eat at Five Guys for the first time tomorrow What should I order /ck…[View]
10317201Why is being a fat, ugly, foul-mouthed faggot with a bunch of tattoos the default look for hosts on …[View]
10319112>eat spicy food or hot sauce >get diarrhea how do i not have this happen…[View]
10322832>2018 >Still have to wait more than 5 seconds for my pizza to be ready Why does the 'future' s…[View]
10323215Why do I always have to pee like 5 minutes after drinking this stuff?[View]
10324605Sausage thread: For me it's Sujuk. It goes great with eggs and green peppers.[View]
10324515Anyone get embarrassed when purchasing foodstuffs?: I am 30 years old and still eat spaghettios. It’…[View]
10321929American wins again: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/au-revoir-baguette-burger-is-now-france-s-fa…[View]
10322893Anyone tried the artisan cafe creamer? How about the Bailey's creamer I'm looking for some…[View]
10319167What is the dark souls of recipes?[View]
10324384Whats for breakfast /ck/? Post and rate.[View]
10322932Hi guys. A family relative who I love very much is coming to visit and I wish to cook for them. Any …[View]
10319616>hear all the memes on this retarded board about how Canada's McChicken is a larger, deluxe …[View]
10323415Worst food poisoning experience? >around 11 years old >happy to eat my cornflakes like I do ev…[View]
10323033What's the strangest thing you ate? I've had snake, venison, veal, octopus, squid, rabbit,…[View]
10323441Nostalgia thread Childhood food that makes you cum or got discontinued[View]
10315922Is Jewish Spaghetti /ck/-approved?[View]
10323208What can I do with vanillin?[View]
10310114Share roommate horror stories[View]
10313351What are you boys eatin tonight? I'm eatin this shit[View]
10323267>this meat tastes too gamey for me[View]
10319046>be american soldier alongside french soldier >breaktime to eat >unpack ration issued >t…[View]
10321968For me it's the crock pot. It's the perfect kitchen appliance for my busy life style.[View]
10314930How do you feel about milk, /ck/?[View]
10322548Red White and Blue Cookies: yo what's up r/ck how do I make these bad boys?[View]
10322277Bone Broth - htf to make it edible?: So my doctor wants me to consume a 1/2 cup of bone broth a day.…[View]
10322922I am extremely depressed because my grades were just posted and I got an A- in a class I expected an…[View]
10323115do you eat your Pop-Tarts toasted or not toasted?[View]
10323762>find a good recipe >it's from Barefoot Contessa…[View]
10322380I can eat whatever junk food i want, if i drink one of these shake after it all gets shit out soon a…[View]
10321412Why don't European sit-down restaurants provide free soda refills like American ones?[View]
10318954https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFEcOvs6YWk How thick and jiggly is too thick and jiggly /ck/?[View]
10322179I got ground beef that might go bad soon. What should I make with it. tfw no tortillas and too intox…[View]
10323877Cheese vs Chiken: Hi /ck I was reading this: http://www.greeneatz.com/foods-carbon-footprint.html Do…[View]
10321835Guilty pleasures[View]
10323549Is this good?[View]
10322871Cooking goodbyes: In your culture, what is the customary funeral food? What do you cook to wave fare…[View]
10323674I haven't consumed any soy in 20 days. Since then I feel the following >stronger >more an…[View]
10319684And on the third day God created Tony’s. The best seasoning mankind would ever experience.[View]
10321251Why do you waste my flesh and the flesh of my people on such shitty recipes? Post one worthy of my l…[View]
10319588Holy shit, this isn’t my usual board but I was so impressed by this drink that I had to come over he…[View]
10322692This child comes up to your door and asks for some food. What you whip up?[View]
10314377Black pudding is the patrician choice for a cooked breakfast. black pudding thread, if you haven…[View]
10319851About to marathon this food: What am I in for?[View]
10312785do americans really eat in their car?[View]
10322151So I have $200 in food stamps a month to make work. So far all I've been able to come up with i…[View]
10318155Is there anything worse than cooking for people and they only say that it 'tastes good, Anon!'?[View]
10316174Welsh cuisine thread. What foods from the wonderful land of Wales do you enjoy anons? We've got…[View]
10319163How the fuck do Asians make this shit work?[View]
10323376have you ever been to a potluck if so, what did you bring? im going to one on friday, probably going…[View]
10322328Name a more disgusting fast food chain [spoiler] protip: you can't [/spoiler][View]
10321980our supplier sent us some all-purpose flour and we made pizza dough with it shit sucks, we usually u…[View]
10321280/oats/: Anyone else here an oatmeal fan? I love how it's such a simple yet personable meal. How…[View]
10321731Sale before/expiration dates: What are /ck/‘s thoughts on these? Should they be given much credence?…[View]
10323270Reminder to consume better food and beverage.[View]
10315557ITT: Big food: Just found this inside a Ross (secondhand clothing/furniture store). [spoiler] Yes, I…[View]
10321807Help with identifying seeds: Can anyone help with identifying this seeds ?[View]
10322497How do you make the perfect Crisp Butty?[View]
10322210Inviting a girl over for dinner and then I'm gonna rape her. What's a good meal for date r…[View]
10323137Well, they were all out. Never tried it before but you guys have memed it into my interest. Gonna ha…[View]
10322611Is it weird to eat cream of mushroom or cream of chicken by itself? I feel like it's supposed t…[View]
10323120Does /ck/ enjoy eating a good old chook? What are your favourite chook recipes?[View]
10322821Is good taste subjective /ck/[View]
10323056For me, it's fast food sandwich.[View]
10323023Celebrity restauraunts that are actually quite good: I'll start with pic related. I eat here fo…[View]
10321431Jerky gift basket: I'm turning down a job offered by a headhunter. The dude was super cool and …[View]
10309767Can we get a Battlestation thread going. Last one only had 2 :([View]
10318179THIS IS A FLYOVER BOARD: post your casserole recipes[View]
10322815Went to Applbees tonight, had a steak. Wasnt bad and reasonably priced. Why the hate?[View]
10318450Vegetarian: What can I replace my morning scrambled eggs with to follow a vegetarian diet that'…[View]
10322648hi guys i am a college freshman , major in secondary social science education im curious if there is…[View]
10300528why are american mres so shit? also are you supposed to eat every item like the salt packet to get …[View]
10319206>tfw just want to cook but hopelessly awful at it[View]
10319683How do i get into cooking?[View]
10322608What is /ck/'s bedtime snack? For me, it's a peanut butter and General Tso's sandwich…[View]
10321755walmart beef patties: what are the best brand they have at walmart for the price, i normally buy gro…[View]
10319397I'm moving to the midwest from California and the local grocery store is a HyVee. Is it a good …[View]
10319361First day of Spring: How many times are you going to show up at Rita's to get free ice?[View]
10319462So my first attempt at sous vide while performing. The song I sang while cooking https://www.youtube…[View]
10322417Whats the secret behind McD's syrup: Why is it so fucking good?[View]
10320236>american ''''''''''''''''''cheese'''''''''''''''''''[View]
10322424Why aren't you eating slim potatoes?[View]
10319752What do you do when there is no food in the kitchen but can't be bothered to go outside?[View]
10320168I'm currently watching The Sopranos (Se4 Ep3) and Struffoli makes an appearance. I've neve…[View]
10322046>at least I have ramen[View]
10321981I buy this for sandwiches but always wind up just fucking eating it on its own. Help me.[View]
10318280What do you use this on/with?: Or any soy sauce for that matter.[View]
10322157Baratza Encore - Should I buy this?[View]
10320662I don't understand sandwiches, much less fried tortas. How are you supposed to stuff nutrition …[View]
10317047Good Kitchen Feels: I'll start with a couple: >finish using the oven, open door for free hea…[View]
10319902What's cooking /ck/?[View]
10319052find a flaw[View]
10318918/pg/ - Pomegranate General #0006: Previous thread: >>10038866 Welcome to the pomegranate gener…[View]
10321942Why not head over to Denny's for some country fried steak?[View]
10320188>double broiler[View]
10312695A Jiro-Style American Sushi Restaurant: So my cousin, who until recently used to frequent this board…[View]
10310507I really like licorice, absolutely adore the taste, but was wondering if I could use it in savoury a…[View]
10321093im 5'7' and weight 170 pounds. my mom is making me go an a major diet cuz she thinks im too fat…[View]
10280239Ah, first sip of the day[View]
10319210hi /ck/, i ordered a rice cooker that doubles as a steamer on the top for the purpose of steaming po…[View]
10307858Food gore: Classic spoiled food thread[View]
10319914Low Fodmap cooking: So my doctor has put me on a restricted diet as part of a treatment plan for per…[View]
10320645What food or beverage would you ask for in this situation?[View]
10316030Finally, milkshakes for the thinking man.[View]
10317354Your favorite vegetable dishes?[View]
10318736Hey /ck/ I made my first attempt at Shepherd’s pie today, how is it?[View]
10321312The best damn Steak House in the damn State[View]
10320527>Popular restaurant/fast food chain >Always packed and offers good food and good prices >S…[View]
10317492why is American food so disgusting?[View]
10319474>have terrible headache, entire brain throbbing >feel like throwing up >would betray my ent…[View]
10320866If you don't like this, you're an idiot.[View]
10319079Why does food taste better when it's cooked with a jet engine?[View]
10319926Jimmy Johns: What should I get[View]
10319761gf's birthday is coming up, and being the jew that I am, I decided to get her something inexpen…[View]
10318975How the fuck do you learn to cook?[View]
10318108why England, why?[View]
10319191What's your favorite instanoodles?[View]
10320165Haven't eaten in 4 days: I don't plan on eating again until the Saturday after next. What …[View]
10320373So it’s become trendy to hate on French cooking for being “””pretentious””” but what are the reasons…[View]
10320440Having an asian coworker over for dinner tonight. Should I make the #32 or the #12?[View]
10320833Apple juice: If I just leave a jar of this under my bed will it ferment and if it does can I drink i…[View]
10321450Dessert Porn General: Can't lose the last 10 lbs. to get a 6 pack edition: I want fudge brownie…[View]
10312703Not food that looks like food.[View]
10321072any fans of med/levantine food out there? i made pic related, it's called shakshuka check link …[View]
10321123I want to cook this for some friends, but just chicken and spring onion seems a bit bland. Advice fo…[View]
10320932deez niggas[View]
10319067>work as a waiter in a good cafeteria. >Middle-aged woman comes and asks what kinds of coffees…[View]
10318963CARBONARA: I fucking hate spaghetti. What other pasta shape is possible with this?[View]
10317382>nobody to cook for[View]
10319263Meal Thread: What are you cooking /ck/? For me it's a delicious curry[View]
10320741Why aren't you this excited over foods?[View]
10320962>tfw you sit down to a trough of mashed potatoes for lunch. (Protip: I'm recovering from sto…[View]
10319781Flyover Restaurants: I'm going to be travelling in St Louis, Nashville, & then Memphis for …[View]
10310912what are some of chef john's best recipes? made dinner for my family using his italian meatball…[View]
10316411The big three of burger joints. Which is it for you and why? Me? I enjoy each from time to time, but…[View]
10317829Would you try the buffet at an orgy?[View]
10319437Cast Iron Cookery: A low-carb healthy meal of chicken breast with a stew of root vegetables. What…[View]
10318629Making 2 dozen tea eggs. Going to cook them on low all night. Anyone else eat these? Have and advice…[View]
10316161Elon is a complete idiot, and has just outed himself.: http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2018/03/19/elon-m…[View]
10320801>DecAf oar regulah?[View]
10314958>tfw fell for the Reuben meme[View]
10320726What are some /ck/ approved healthIER convience foods? Shilling good cookie.[View]
10287677QTDDTOT thread: questions that don't deserve their own thread. i'll start. whats a quick w…[View]
10305718is this the perfect hamburger?[View]
10319991Nature's Best Laxatives: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-4803652/Modern-life-making-A…[View]
10315711Do eggs belong on burgers?[View]
10319656How do I meal prep[View]
10314724Do you agree that stainless steel pans are, overall, best?[View]
10320536favorite Caribbean food: For me it's the jerk chicken.[View]
10320031Your opinion of bouillon? Do you use it?[View]
10312698Unironic opinion on sushi?[View]
10320016Why don't craft berr have to list ingredients like other foods???[View]
10320291I'm having a few marshmallow peeps for breakfast. There's nothing too special about them, …[View]
10315305How do you cu/ck/s feel about Peruvian chicken?[View]
10305713Have any of you guys tried the food at 711? How is it? I've only ever had the coffee and hot ch…[View]
10318763Is it possible to make small portions of soup?: I love soup of all kinds but I eat very small portio…[View]
10317188>spiced duck a l'orange with mashed vanilla sweet potatoes does this sound nightmarishly swe…[View]
10313510Holy shit Jiro, if someone pays $100 for a lop of fish on rice you could at least let them eat it th…[View]
10319319I often get my groceries from a foreign supermarket. Turkish or Chinese since they are much cheaper …[View]
10319901What are some /ck/ related things that piss you off? I hate it when someone spouts about “umami”.[View]
10319619I think I want to make fondue. Where do I start? Do I need a fondue pot? Anyone have any recipes? Is…[View]
10317178What's the one food/snack that you never get tired of and that you can eat a ton of in one stit…[View]
10317913For me it is spam and Mac and cheese eaten out of a Tupperware container becaus all your other dishe…[View]
10319368So I was given a few chayotes by a friend of mine, but honestly I don't really know what to mak…[View]
10319307/fruit/ banana in freezer: anyone freezing their fruit to preserve them for later/winter [instead of…[View]
10319556For me its sangria, the best wine.[View]
10317483How'd I do for dinner /ck/?[View]
10316315Why does food taste better when it's cooked in cast iron[View]
10297493New Steveyboi video up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZftITuLO6A[View]
10318915>hi whats good here >everything[View]
10315892what’s your town “famous” for? Pic related. It’s not even that good yet people flock to it[View]
10308632What is the best kind of bread, and why is it sourdough?[View]
10317565>Make review website to help people figure out the quality of a restaurant >Site is completely…[View]
10317669>favorite restaurant doesn't seat singles WHY DOES NO ONE WANT TO EAT KBBQ WITH ME…[View]
10317631I just came off being vegan for 3 years /ck/, you know the drill[View]
10319036Will using the aeropress upside down cause plastic to leak in to the coffee: Having boiling water si…[View]
10316744why are you still chopping your own veggies? this baby is only $2.49 a bowl[View]
10316509Burger King is absolutely delicious: >be me >a highly intelligent gentleman who is picky about…[View]
10316488Cannabis Cookies Hey folks, i just thought i would share my favorite recipe for cannabis infused coo…[View]
10313022How do you like your eggs /ck/?[View]
10318965fuck me when you read something that is you...[View]
10318913What are you eating tonight/today /ck/? Just had this a couple of hours ago, pretty good.[View]
10318821This is considered deep dish pizza at a popular California brewpub franchise.[View]
10307083How’s the culinary scene in your city, /ck/? Flyovers need not reply.[View]
10308395what's the shittiest, laziest meal you have ever made?: top ramen and canned tuna[View]
10318685were you the fat kid in your group /ck/?[View]
10317582>How are you with hot food, /ck/?[View]
10312379so my cousin just tried to order 30 wings (these are wingdings mind you) and some buffalo something …[View]
10315233For me, it's the Burger King Spicy Crispy Chicken, the best fast food chicken sandwich[View]
10318830>Big Mac - $4.99 >Mcdouble with big mac sauce - $1 Is the Big Mac the greatest scam in food?…[View]
10317745Where my real /parm/ bros at?[View]
10316912So was it true? Was Pepsi really the choice of a new generation?[View]
10318036Salmon: I once worked in a kitchen where we served Salmon fillets topped with a feta-chive compound …[View]
10317034>pineapple on pizza >'umami' >storing peanut butter anywhere but in the fridge >vegetari…[View]
10318070its 1 am and i'm hankerin' fpr a hunk of mickey d's /ck/, wat do?[View]
10313981why do these suck ass compared to the non ‘rich’ ones? they have something extra that makes it taste…[View]
10318410>be me >have fatass weeb friend >go over his house to play some vidyas >dinner time >…[View]
10316221Mmm New York Strip: Another fine meal for under 7 dollars. Served with caramelized mushrooms, roaste…[View]
10318481Fast food is completely filthy: Did you guys know that the average fast food kitchen is completely f…[View]
10317192Can we talk about bullshit? >Everlasting Gobstoppers bran jawbreakers >Last a minute tops, rea…[View]
10318081Other than burgers and meatloaf, what's a good recipe that I can cook with ground beef? I'…[View]
10318363Who makes the best horsey sauce?[View]
10318031What are the best things to eat and drink when sick?[View]
10318176>spanakopita I challenge you to find me a bigger meme food. You literally cannot.…[View]
10318105What's the best fish to eat? I like fish but I haven't eaten much, I really want to expand…[View]
10318202I forgot to eat fiber again.[View]
10314361>beer has more calories than coca cola[View]
10308511what are some soda alternatives[View]
10305027Are table manners getting worse?[View]
10313613>decided I'd try eat a healthier breakfast and try museli >measure the amount of cereal I…[View]
10316976Ok so these are my top 10 cuisines of the world, if you disagree you're wrong: 1 Laotian 2 Bulg…[View]
10316081Fancy an allium, moight?[View]
10315446what region do you think has the best food products/dishes in italy?[View]
10316691I recently got a job where gowning like this is required and I'm expected to stay like that fro…[View]
10317327Mayo: Why do you hate me /ck/?[View]
10317970Small things: When you eat something that is small, do you eat a bunch at once or one at a time? I u…[View]
10317698vwa la[View]
10316156I'm about to try making a grilled cheese for the first time, and I need to know - how much flou…[View]
10316939Am I the only one who lurks this board that can't cook very well/doesn't cook regularly?[View]
10311510Where do you guys get your recipes from?[View]
10317511There's literally suckers on here right now who don't ask for extra mayo. Explain yourselv…[View]
10317200How do I get my boyfriend to be more adventurous/open when it comes to food? I'm a huge 'f…[View]
10309361which cancer sticks are best? i like camels[View]
10316337I just paid 18.99 for 1.75 L of this stuff, did I get a good price on it? What kind of drinks can i …[View]
10316844What the hell is up with GrubHub's delivery fees?[View]
10317133How do you feel about 20 piece nuggets?[View]
10316024Has /ck/ ever opened up a restaurant? What was it like? What kind of food did you serve?[View]
10317431BEST PIZZA THREAD: So what's the best combination of ingredients on pizza and why is it pear, p…[View]
10309783>It's a fucking casserole https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaA5dNFrFMI Is he right?…[View]
10317524I'm about to grill some steaks marinated in Secret Aardvark. What am I in for?[View]
10315087how do i make cereal?[View]
10317452WA LA[View]
10317371Classic Buttery Jack meal with large curly fries and large Dr. Pepper from Jack-In-The-Box at 2:30AM…[View]
10317018The importance of the family dinner!: My mom turned sixty on Tuesday and for her birthday she asked …[View]
10317461>miss shamrock shakes at McDs >have to settle for mint choc chip ice cream instead I'm a …[View]
10312631Have a cookie, /ck/.[View]
10315953Have you ever tried one of those ultra-cutesy cakes you see on roastie's instagrams/tumblrs and…[View]
10315492What are some foods and drinks that fly overfags refuse to consume? Pic related.[View]
10315868for me it's edam not gunna lie[View]
10316684Anyone got any cooking recipes or tips for an anniversary coming up?[View]
10315851Powerade Potatoes: Alright fellas, it's time to teach you my recipe for Powerade Potatoes. Ingr…[View]
10315523Who do you think about English cuisine? I just found out what a chip butty was.[View]
10315596LAWSONS VS Q MART WHO WINS!? >Pork buns vs Curry >Tsing Dao vs Asashi >Stale hot dogs vs …[View]
10317021What's your burger choice? for me it's the mcock[View]
10316044>mmm wow munch much such a crispy delicious flav- >explodes bitter gut mush into your mouth…[View]
10315813How did I do for budget chili cheeze dogs?[View]
10312543>thinks In-N-Out is superior to Dick's please explain[View]
10300181/ck/ Webm thread. Starting with The Classic.[View]
10316242bone app a teet[View]
10316233I want to make pizza dough now or soon, and bake the pizza in about four hours. After letting the do…[View]
10317099any tips for a good london broil?[View]
10316675What's the best food here?[View]
10304749McDonald's appreciation thread: McDonald's is tasty and people only hate on it because it…[View]
10317102For me, it's the general tso chicken sandwich.[View]
10316511dinner /ck/ how bout you?[View]
10316276Post the best food to eat after you've had wisdom teeth extracted[View]
10313928How healthy is it to eat chocolate bars? Can you substitute them for regular meals?[View]
10317031Would anyone around Indianapolis like to meet up for a bite this weekend?[View]
10306568What’s the most you have ever eaten?: Pig out greentext stories tiem >McD’s >QPC >20 nugge…[View]

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