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9844542Why are they so good, lads? What is your best combination? I mix them with Cheezits and fuck me, the…[View]
9839040webm thread: Let's get some OC webms rollin[View]
9841762I thought I was lactose intolerant until I tried this. Why doesn't it have wider distribution i…[View]
9842940Los Angeles Casual Restaurant Recommendations: Off-the-beaten path and in the Valley especially. Tha…[View]
9844231How to properly deal with these little bastards?: They are nutritious, but so damn hard to chew, and…[View]
9839585I want to make some home made pickles, but I'm kind of shit at that kind of stuff. Can I just a…[View]
9843541I think sporks are pretty shit.[View]
9844279Wholegrain bread and brown rice are healthier versions of bread and rice. Are there healthier versio…[View]
9841402Do you tip?: Hey /ck/ Do you tip your delivery person? Recently I've been seeing a whole thing …[View]
9843727Top Ramen Spices Alternative: Long story short; Need to save money, love ease of Top Ramen but I don…[View]
9844252A very good dessert[View]
9844146Asking a company for a recipe?: I had a favorite bakery in my hometown that is going out of business…[View]
9840783name a better vegetable than the potato you can't you little bitch[View]
9840569going here for an office lunch today what should I order?[View]
9843148Is borscht meme food or is it any good? Why the fuck would you serve it cold?[View]
9839048How would you beat bobby flay[View]
9839595REAL Fudge Recipe?: Does anyone have a good REAL fudge recipe? Everything I’m finding uses evaporate…[View]
9837666Brad makes a knife: /ck/'s YouTube husband delves into the most autistic topic in /ck/. https:/…[View]
9843953I have 2 pounds of catfish filet. How should I cook them up and what spices do I use?[View]
9840900Do you eat the shrimp's poop?[View]
9843633Hur dur spoon[View]
9819377IS DAILY WASHING OF SOUP POT REALLY NECESSARY?: I think that this is just wasting of time and water.…[View]
9836887i bought a ton of these fuckers yesterday and i don't know what to do with them which are the b…[View]
9840252I need to lose weight.: What are your favorite vegetable dishes, /ck/?[View]
9841577Going to the store later today to pickup a rotisserie chicken. What dish should I make with it /ck/?[View]
9841070How fake/real is this show?[View]
9840829Old school dishes with a twist: ITT classical dishes but with a exciting twist. Here is one i often …[View]
9827813I want to buy my girlfriend a small bar of some fucking amazing chocolate for christmas. Recommendat…[View]
9843234What's /ck/'s lazy boy meals and/or snacks?[View]
9809289No food gore thread time for a fix[View]
9837362Pork and Apple meal. Turned out okay. There wasn't much residue left in the pan to deglaze once…[View]
9842003favorite desserts to make: For me, i always love making bread pudding.[View]
9838036what's the best fast food burger?[View]
9838524al/ck thread no topic edition[View]
9842210I did it, /ck/. I made the food gore. Wait for the second pic, and I'll explain.[View]
9842312So who's next?[View]
9841100Double Double Animal Style[View]
9843069No, this isn't a big pile of shit. This is figgy pudding, steamed for four hours and then glaze…[View]
9842764Do you eat baby corn? Stop. It's unethical as FUCK[View]
9841483Dum dumb question here: Should you rinse vine leaves in brine before cooking them with meat?[View]
9841313is it bad to eat a whole donut: i used to always peel my donuts before eating them but recently i ta…[View]
9840047What place has the absolute worst food and why is it the UK?[View]
9838120Need hot water for hot chocolate![View]
9841686Don't be a bartender >be me >tired if being in the kitchen >apply for above job >…[View]
9832926What's the heterosexual way to eat a banana?[View]
9841669would you rather eat best british burger or best american burger?[View]
9842732Would you eat your favorite celebrity? “We start with top-quality ingredients, and time-honored reci…[View]
9834248>I drink beer for the taste >I smoke crack for the flavour Is there a real difference between …[View]
9837730What's the best meal you made??[View]
9842586Who thought of this box?[View]
9838961I think spoons are pretty good.[View]
9837513How do you tell if blue cheese has gone bad?: Just finished off the rest of my blue cheese. Looked k…[View]
9839218Hungry at work someone want to order me something I live in northern va (Reston) doing a night shift…[View]
9842132Why do fast food restaurants so much (cheap) cheese on everything?[View]
9836698ITT: discontinued products you wish companies would bring back for me it's the speckled dutchma…[View]
9825249Family Cooking Horror Stories: >At girlfriends family thanksgiving for the first time. >Appare…[View]
9841811Chicken Hearts: Got some chicken hearts from the store on a whim with no plan. What should I do with…[View]
9838451Was the customer right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njxBjmmBAQQ[View]
9839807Made fish stock but I’m unsure about what to do with it now. Suggestions?[View]
9835594What do with these?[View]
9841600sweet mother of all things holy and good, I founded the most amazing thing of ALL TIME.[View]
9839245I'm eating wasabi peas and my nose burns[View]
9832742Hey cu/ck/s can I get a hummus appreciation thread? In recent years I've grown quite fond of th…[View]
9824062What is your opinion of the highlighted portion of knives? What is it's purpose? How do you d…[View]
9838122How does the whole live updates thing with pizza delivery work? Do they have some keychain for every…[View]
9840565Cheap meals that aren't bland? >Inb4 rice and beans[View]
9837764What are some places where I can pay with my EBT card?[View]
9840446Is there more to life than food?[View]
9839212making lollipop, candy stick to anything it touch, how to i make them not sticky ?[View]
9841017You can't name one instance where either bbq sauce or ranch dressing isn't better than ket…[View]
9841287>mouth feel is real >It's totally not a figment of my imagination to justify having a chi…[View]
9837884mcdonalds cookies are either the greatest cookies on earth or the shittiest pieces of shit ever you …[View]
9835511Want to buy an affordable knife set. What's recommended? Will be using it for pre cut meat and …[View]
9838834Why does /ck/ hate IHOP? It's tasty as fuck food at an affordable price.[View]
9838635British cooking - lets make beans on toast. A classic family favourite[View]
9840761chrimmas duck: Tell me your way to make a duck. Excited if lots of herbs are involved. I love you ev…[View]
9834684Unitasker: Is there a unitasker that’s actually worth getting? Serious question here. Statistically …[View]
9839712Best frozen pizza or best frozen pizza?[View]
9838431Which would you rather have as your only source of meat Rabbit or guinea pig?[View]
9833073Is this real life? https://youtu.be/FjN546QGSMA Is this the equivalent to the culinary modern art? I…[View]
9840763I ordered from Domino's this morning, as I usually do on NEETbux day, but the pizza took 20 min…[View]
9838917Can these be topped?[View]
9838058Cooking/recipe sites?: Where do you guys get your recipes for new stuff you want to make? Google? Al…[View]
9822023Mario Batali Sexual Misconduct: Turns out our favourite chef is a rapist gang! http://time.com/50582…[View]
9839234Eggnog: Yeah or nah?[View]
9838516Low carb question: I've been cutting down on carbs for about a month. Not like Keto or anything…[View]
9838888Gelato master race: >eating gelato with a fucking spoon It's a solid you dolts…[View]
9837933Why do you even need any other spices?[View]
9840331Breakfast smoothie? >almond milk >Greek yogurt >PB >banana >kale or spinach Even my 4…[View]
9838240>that first sip after the commute home yum[View]
9840504Fried potatoes are so easy to make all you have to do is slap together onions pepper salt potatoes t…[View]
9838386im 25 and i have heart tremors about once or twice every ten minutes i live in japan and mostly eat …[View]
9836853What are some good foods for cold weather?[View]
9837535are dole dippers even any good[View]
9840436Am I an idiot for getting chicken curries from restaurants? I only realised tonight that meats like …[View]
9821966Desperation Meals: What sort of culinary abominations has starvation driven you to make?[View]
9839091I just got 5 lbs of almond flour - what should I make? I'm already planning on making some amar…[View]
9839653we haven't had a good shitstorm about tipping for a while. What's your opinion, do you ti…[View]
9834385you can only reply ITT if you have tried pic related. doesn’t matter if you liked it or not, only i…[View]
9839893Food Porn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XGlF4My_mg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLnCRBgYOAk P…[View]
9837784>Because of my genetics, I can not consume this so called 'food'. It is complete and utterly vile…[View]
9839854Can you grill sausages with candles?[View]
9833837Why are vegans and vegetarians opposed to eating bugs? Is there a sizeable group of people that just…[View]
9836511BASIC minimal wich: ITT describe your choice of sandwich following these rules. You may have ONE typ…[View]
9839317Question on pizza makers: Ok recently I like to pick up my domino's and one thing I notice is t…[View]
9837605Thoughts on pinto beans? Supposedly they're the most popular bean in America, but where I am (C…[View]
9839215double double animal style[View]
9837385Ghirardelli 100% Cacao Unsweetened Chocolate Baking Bar: What is /ck/'s opinion on this specime…[View]
9823986Rate dinner/10[View]
9838703Venison mit spaetzle, whatdya think?: Also general wild game thread. I shot this deer with an arrow …[View]
9837681Favorite dish that uses white wine?[View]
9839475Oh sorry just being the best chef on tv today[View]
9830600whats a good way to make rice taste better do you add spices? sauces? vegetables? or something else?[View]
9837446Bacon General: Post your favorite dishes with bacon and bacon appreciation in general[View]
9838025Let's discuss chicken tendies. what's your favorite dipping sauce? How do you like to cook…[View]
9837341If you put pineapple on your pizza, youre a fucking retarded cunt, and you should kill yourself Fuck…[View]
9838236Taco Bell is kino[View]
9837245English Muffins are shit and the English are shit Why would you prefer to eat this cheap garbage bre…[View]
9833360Do brits really eat this?[View]
9833871question for people working at mcdonalds do black people (negros) order mcnuggets more often than wh…[View]
9838651do you /gobble/? best sandwich comin through[View]
9838924My friend wants to make a hasselback potato with ground pork in between each slice. What sauce shoul…[View]
9837863឴ ឴[View]
9839096>tfw cooking a birthday meal for your bf, and it's taking forever, and he's going to be…[View]
9829995Do Americans really eat this?[View]
9826894ITT: meme appliances[View]
9834507What's the Chad cooking oil?[View]
9838674>getting set up to make some fried shrimp >thawing shrimp, beat eggwash, and got out the flowe…[View]
9836015What do you even do with this?[View]
9838324>tfw want to work at subway as a sandwich artist and have applied to all of the million subways i…[View]
9838769Chili with hard cider?: I have a bottle of angry orchard in my fridge, the harder one but I don…[View]
9822120What's your craziest food opinion?[View]
9838711Go ahead...touch my ding dong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z13qnzUQwuI [Embed][View]
9833774*blocks your anus*[View]
9837864Anyone ever been to a blaze pizza restaurant? What do you get on your pizza? I do a build your own a…[View]
9820183Russian /ck/ here (it is actually /di/ on 2ch). I came to find out what do you guys know and think a…[View]
9836317What do you cook for a woman who is upset? Sister slept in for something important and is going to b…[View]
9837302How do I become a bartender? How do I work at a bar but not a _club bar_[View]
9837441>grated celery and carrot in pasta sauce Why do I do this? It's how I was taught how to make…[View]
9838177Quitting Seafood?: Dear /ck/, I've recently (4-5 months) started dating a girl who is allergic …[View]
9837331Is there a better mustard?[View]
9838333Is this a meme sauce?[View]
9833358webm thread: 20% OC is recommended[View]
9838598/tequila/ thread[View]
9838527Sunday gravy/Italian sauce thread: share your favorite pasta sauce recipe ITT >braciole stuffed w…[View]
9836494Restaurant thread: Hey /seekay/ I need some advice. Also any unrelated restaurant advice/stories, dr…[View]
9834542Al/ck/ alchohlism general: relapsing and it feels so good edition[View]
9838065Have you ever made Syracuse-style salt potatoes?[View]
9837859Carne asada: What's the quickest way to induce a heart attack? A huge steak? Burgers and pizza,…[View]
9837827Is the current American diet better than it was 50 years ago?[View]
9833590What should I make in my new $250 toaster oven?[View]
9838157what's for dinner cu/ck/s?: penne, brussel sprouts w/ bolognese sauce + Roasted root vegetables…[View]
9837055what will happen?: I have an original formula 4loko from around 2011-2012. Is there anyway this coul…[View]
9836573If I roast some butternut squash with some maple syrup and then add it to a risotto is that going to…[View]
9836309Would smoked turkey wings be good in a pot of beans instead of ham bone or other smoked pig product?…[View]
9837589>PASTA >NICE AND LONG >INTO THE RECORD BOOKS http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/news/2017/…[View]
9837057What's the minimum percentage of sugar needed so for example jam won't go bad? I got a ton…[View]
9837517So are you boys all carnivore now?: Red pill me on going CARNIVORE chaps.[View]
9829308Kryptonite thread: Post your weakness /cook/s. For me, pic related, I'll stuff down 8 packs of …[View]
9833454has anyone here ever worked at Chipotle? what's good? what's bad? are soccer moms a real p…[View]
9827582Y'all mind if I... ... never boil to softness?[View]
9833746How should I spice my spaghetti sauce?: So I'm making a basic spaghetti sauce. It's far fr…[View]
9837262Anyone else have really dark poop after eating this? I don't want to go to a doctor quite yet i…[View]
9837423im fiending for some pizza and ranch, so I think i might have to go here and order their deep dish s…[View]
9837707rum recommendations for caramelising banana: hi /ck/ im making a caramelised banana infused rum, im…[View]
9837125>ITT times /ck/ tried to poison you I bought this the other day after some anon railed on it as t…[View]
9836984How can we organize a collaboration video between these two? I want to see Ross try MREs.[View]
9836935Pickling stuff and sauces: Just received my jars and condiment bottles that I ordered. I'm look…[View]
9836995Literally made steak today man! Half off steak about to expire, I left it even longer in the fridge.…[View]
9837048How does /ck/ feel about duck?[View]
9837455/Lidl General/ Do you shop at Lidl? What are your favorite things to buy there? Me personally, I l…[View]
9832379Do you eat meat every day?[View]
9836689Just realized I bought a blender on black friday like an idiot which I've only ever used once (…[View]
9819429Hey /ck/. Just bought this to enjoy with a friend. Never had jap whisky before. What am I in for ? A…[View]
9837272Has anyone here tried fufu? Is it any good?[View]
9836176>the Rüben[View]
9831202Looking for 5 (keto) recipies that a lazy depressed person can cook? Right now, having frozen caulif…[View]
9836888Wonder why Americans are so powerful?: We season our food with vegeta. We eat our kakarot and broly.…[View]
9833423What's your favorite food to make, /ck/?[View]
9836421what can I expect from a 'gastropub' it sounds positively vomitorious. but friends want to dine ther…[View]
9836921Get on my culinary level: Three cheese totino's pizzas with mini pepperoni garnish.[View]
9837046Guys I'm starting to lose it over here, what are some good ways to eat tomatoes mostly by thems…[View]
9827986Who /diabetic/ here?[View]
9835722Who has better pancakes? Mcdonald's or Burger King?[View]
9835093Side dish!: Okay so me and my bf are on a diet. We are very deep in our junk food ways so we are try…[View]
9836828Do eat Asians this stuff really pure or do they add some kind of sauce/soup to it, /ck/?[View]
9831495Is he our Guy? He's extremely comfy[View]
9834725Pan. Hot.[View]
9833984Chicken Stock: I am making some chicken stock. It is the first time making it and I used the left ov…[View]
9836363ITT: Foods only you've eaten these things are fucking gross[View]
9836557going to mcdonalds in a minute. what should i order off the secret menu?[View]
9836795This guy slaps a piece of raw fish that smells rancid like it's been sitting around on a counte…[View]
9836418Can I use elderberry wine to make chicken marsala? I'm a bit worried it would be too sweet but …[View]
9818632>32 years old >had 5 drinks last night >feel like rancid shit today…[View]
9833741here's a fun fact for y'all i'm quite possibly the first person in the world ever to…[View]
9832962Ma davvero vi piace sta merda? But do you really like shit?[View]
9834258Hey /ck/, I want to give a nice whiskey as a gift but I know nothing of whiskey or alcohol. Any sugg…[View]
9835619If your favorite autentico osteria or obscure hole in the wall warung has started accepting credit c…[View]
9832896So which one of you hkv’s is this?[View]
9835972Is it possible to make homemade pastrami half as good as the real deal? For some reason, everytime I…[View]
9822566Today we make savory holiday cookies.[View]
9836156>he doesn't own a knife sharpener[View]
9824228Your Dole Dippers, Madam.[View]
9835962>Have no trouble cooking for others, but I hate cooking for myself >When Im alone this makes m…[View]
9836495How well do you think this will cook the hot dog and do you think different flavours of condom would…[View]
9833979Tell me your recipes, techniques for making pickled eggs. Last time I tried they just tasted like v…[View]
9834083>Two 48 oz ribeye (cap on) steaks, cheesy garlic mashed potatoes and cremini mushrooms with shall…[View]
9835986Is it possible to become lactose intolerant or otherwise develop problems digesting lactose by not c…[View]
9836379Its a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake.[View]
9829425Have you tried McDonald's new Buttermilk Crispy Tenders? What did you think?[View]
9834140I’m visiting Texas and I just passed this place, is it worth stopping?[View]
9836186Why is it that it's only fatfucks I see using ranch? Why do they like it so much and feel the n…[View]
9836214Good beer: Have any of you ever tried this beer? I bought some beer today and just grabbed this one …[View]
9836224Numbazz and Monthly Challenge: Just wanted to know what happened to Numbazz and Monthly Challenge th…[View]
9835903hey co/ck/s anyone have a good White Chicken Chili recipe as their go to? Ideally one in a slow cook…[View]
9836157What went wrong ?[View]
9833970great, ruin both things at once.[View]
9829367Homefries: I just made homefries from scratch for the first time, and they came out amazing! It…[View]
9835097Cereal General: Adult Edition: Whats your favorite cereal? Do you add anything extra to it? Starting…[View]
9835663anyone here on ck who dont cook i just like to talk about food and cooking desusenpai pic unrelated[View]
9833735What is the ideal Christmas cookie shape?[View]
9835057galzed ham/ pork roast with crackling: Need a nice an easy recipe to feed a bunch of guys stranded w…[View]
9834350Guilty Pleasures Thread: I'll start[View]
98360972017 Google Recipes: https://trends.google.com/trends/yis/2017/GLOBAL/ So here's the top 10 mos…[View]
9835784Can you cut chicken against the grain? Most people seem to cut chicken breast WITH the grain. I know…[View]
9835343What are some ideas for a cheese and charcuterie board? Having a holiday party and looking for chees…[View]
9827247We should eat like our ancestors did: 70% fruits 20% leaves 5% seeds and nuts 5% the rest, including…[View]
9832308serious question here - why are all chef patissiers gay while all real chefs are straight? it's…[View]
9836029Lets get a thread for foodworkers going >very very stupid customers are coming into the walmart d…[View]
9833737Ever have those lotus seed cakes or similar from a Chinese area of town?[View]
9835674How do I make a krabby patty?[View]
9835695Beer Theory: Can someoene teach me the fudamentals of beer? I mean like what the different kinds are…[View]
9834088Masterchef UK: Professionals?: Who's been following this? Very high level of talent and skill …[View]
9835812My gf said she would cook me anything I want tonight, what should I choose?[View]
9827542Is Foie Gras the most sadistic food, or is there something even worse? Not even saying animals are o…[View]
9835655Omaha Steaks Gift Collection: Any experience with this? How is it?[View]
9834701It's snowing. Join me, /ck/?[View]
9833879Brewing: Anyone on this board do any homebrewing I just want to see if anyone else is interested in…[View]
9834820These are objectively the best snack to get at the movies[View]
9835702Explain the proccess and technique in which you eat your morning eggs[View]
9831342for me, it's the PB&J[View]
9835656Whole plant foods are good :-)[View]
9830660Has anyone tried this deal? Are the drinks watered down to shit?[View]
9828775/ck/ gift for christmas: Post that shit that you had been eyeing or that you would love to get for t…[View]
98233383 will protect you. The others will try to kill you. Choose wisely.[View]
9833645got one of these in TK's earlier as it was going for half price and decided why not however, I…[View]
9834727Silly vintage recipes: ITT post your most obscure antique recipes or contemporary fads Mine is havin…[View]
9834835I think spoons are pretty good.[View]
9831851>unitaskers are a waste of mo-[View]
9834839Be honest, /ck/: you'd hit it.[View]
9834379Hot Sauce: Hey guys, first time posting here, was wondering if you could help me out. I'm tryi…[View]
9831133Why would anyone buy a rice cooker? Serious question. I can make a perfect pot of rice pilaf in 20 m…[View]
9830863What is the best cuisine and why is it turkish cuisine?[View]
9833131candy / junk food: post age and what candies/ junk foods you eat[View]
9835132Fucking hell, /ck/, i can't stop eating marzipan and that stuff has like 500kcals/100g... help …[View]
9831726We just had a Jason's Deli open up in my town six weeks ago. Any good or no? Pic unrelated.[View]
9834084NASA is commonly known for being the father of many inventions. Is prison the NASA of the food indus…[View]
9833572What's /ck/ drinking tonight? *pic related*[View]
9827409>tfw I just ate 4 Big Macs and a large fries for lunch[View]
9834212what is the best brand of these delicious guys?[View]
9832887Kola nuts: Tell me about them. Are they sold anywhere? Are they easily edible? Do they taste like Co…[View]
9833171So this is what I have for cooking tonight: Whole wheat bread eggs bacon sour cream butter milk oran…[View]
9830461What's your opinion on sushi burgers?[View]
9834676Brainlet here. How bad is high-fructose corn syrup compared to other sugar? People say to avoid it b…[View]
9830502>Hi anon, welcome to Five Guys Burgers and Fries! What can I get ya?[View]
9833989What is the best Pizza Chain?: A gift from one of my friends who is part of the Italian Mafia and is…[View]
9828049You win this round Jews[View]
9834380Can sesame seeds be boiled or softened?: I'm wondering about this because they'd be a very…[View]
9831899*Lamb Meat*: Put some lamb meat on the pressure cooker pinch of salt, black pepper, other spices, 1…[View]
9832752is this why british cuisine is utter shit?[View]
9832198World Pastries Thread: What are your favorite pastries from around the world?[View]
9834327ITT: shit peons do: >put ranch on pizza[View]
9827611>'Hey anon, let me help you with the pasta'[View]
9831532Food presentation: How do I make my spaghetti and meatcubes more aesthetic? What's wrong with i…[View]
9834042How can hot dogs survive in the wild without eyes? (That's just a cartoon in the pic, silly goo…[View]
9807452/Bread/: Who here likes to bake their own bread? Anyone have any special recipes they do? Just bake…[View]
9832981What are the best chips?: I don't give a fuck if they're unhealthy, I love them. Pic-relat…[View]
9828403New al/ck thread: Crippling Alcoholism General. >got frostbite because you didn't know you …[View]
9826853STOP EATING SHELLFISH: https://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2017/09/19/551261222/guess-whats-showing…[View]
9831386Anybody want my leftover baby back ribs?[View]
9825570How the fuck did people figure out that if you beat egg whites long enough, they thicken?[View]
9833640y'all ck, imma get sum soup, what kine soups should I gets, ya feel me?[View]
9833972Don't you have somewhere to be-: at > SEVEN - THIRTY?[View]
9830828How do you prefer your oatmeal?[View]
9832670Daily reminder that chirashi don the most patrician thing to order at a sushi restaurant.[View]
9818558/vegan general/: Can this be a thing now? There must be some of you on here. Vegetarians and meatcuc…[View]
9833251What's the best sweet, and why is it candy corn flavored circus peanuts?[View]
9833763Can I substitute the rib roast in this recipe for english roast? Have about the same amount (4lbs) b…[View]
9833672> go to In and Out Burger >eat their free yellow jalapeños and drink their free water > Lea…[View]
9833222how do I crush it at this head cook job, /ck/?????GUIDEME: I've been working part time at this …[View]
9832266Making chili: Got cold so I'm making chili. These are the peppers I'm using top left going…[View]
9833613what's your favorite protein+pasta dish /ck/? I think mine is sausage with penne alla vodka[View]
9833333So I have been experimenting a lot with steaming veggies in my rice cooker lately, cauliflower, broc…[View]
9823201D R I N K S: What does /ck/ drink?[View]
9832552Now some will say sugar vs artificial sweeteners in soda, some say regular soda is better cause diet…[View]
9832614trail bologna: I started working in amish country and I pass by the town of trail, where trail bolog…[View]
9829977>would you like to try the wine first, sir: literally why[View]
9831407WEBM thread[View]
9832419If I eat the bones of meat will I get anal fissures?[View]
9831577Post your dinner or what you eating??[View]
9833142Check this dish out. Does anyone wanna try to cook? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EHLXSWqQ5a8[View]
9827845Same food, Different name: Why does deconstructing (or rather half-assing) shepherds pie suddenly ma…[View]
9832629>potato chips[View]
9833087This guy actually any good or is it just a meme[View]
9831983I just started using salted butter in my cooking and it's delicious. Salted butter is good on a…[View]
9832049Soup Hacks[View]
9832784How many michelin stars is this worth?[View]
9832436Donuts: What would /ck/ get?[View]
9828776Have you ever created a brand new type of food, /ck/?[View]
9827904Why the FUCK is the bottom bun soggy whenever I order a goddamn cheeseburger? It's not that dif…[View]
9823956You are meeting Chief O'Brien and Keiko at starbucks on Riza, you get there first, and decide t…[View]
9829429People don't eat raptors because they're pure carnivores, and pure carnivores taste fowl. …[View]
9831776Pic related get into a fight in the meat department of your local grocery store. Who wins?[View]
9826770Are there any adverse effects from consuming raw leafy vegetables on a daily basis?[View]
9831544Heeeeey, What is the ultimate ‘murrica dessert? I wanna know bcs i wanna know get it i do t am drin…[View]
9830675Ziti: Made some baked ziti last night for the first time. How'd I do /ck/?[View]
9832604>recipe calls for a 0.25 Mississippi fire[View]
9831221The Death of Tipping: Thoughts? http://www.epi.org/publication/employers-would-pocket-6-1-billion-of…[View]
9832416How often do you buy yourself a small cake and eat it in one sitting?[View]
9832576>it's another 'anon posts disgusting recipe that he pretends to enjoy while others respond w…[View]
9831880What's the best unitasker and why is it the electric kettle?[View]
9832223Stop eating chocolate: http://www.holistichelp.net/blog/is-raw-cacao-really-healthy/[View]
9830103Ramen General: >Searched the catalog twice >No ramen thread What the fuck has this board bec…[View]
9829655I hope you're ready for mouthwatering hamburgers![View]
9832370For me? Its the Double R Bar Burger[View]
9832497Waifu cookies: My waifu made me these cookies.xD[View]
9831734Hot sauce: You now realize that this meme sauce is in fact spelled sRiracha[View]
9832289>Not drinking this instead of shitty beer: Taste is everything[View]
9832268What is the best dessert and why is it panna cotta?[View]
9828716What's the best cut of beef? And why is it the bone in ribeye?[View]
9830412Does /rich people food/ really taste that good?: I don't think I have the mental capacity to im…[View]
9832111>cilantro tastes like soap[View]
9830858You guys remember that gollum from /tv/ who was trying to dig his way out from under a Polish family…[View]
9832208Hey guys I'm hungry. What are we having for dinner tonight?[View]
9824323Is there any food more fun than cupcakes? They're tasty, cute, and baking these treats is such …[View]
9816068Comfy Stew Thread: Weather's getting colder, time to cozy up and post them favorite soup/stews.…[View]
9830219I have an odd request. Growing up my family ate a lot of fish but for some reason as a kid I dislike…[View]
9831503Find a flaw[View]
9823005You have only $25 to spend on food each week for a month. What do you buy and prepare?[View]
9805426/ S I P / G E N E R A L: These are sips: >Zero Ultra >Ultra Sunrise >Ultra Citron (RIP in p…[View]
9823639What is people's problem with broccoli?[View]
9831507What's on the menu for less than a dollar?[View]
9830062Thread bread.[View]
9830789Me? I prefer the chicken burger over the minced beef sarnie.[View]
9831592salt and white vinegar: Why is this combo so underrated? In the west it seems like it's just a …[View]
9831223Do any of you guys notice any difference between using dried herbs versus fresh herbs? or with fresh…[View]
9828423who /CIA/ here?[View]
9829994I am having an intense craving for pic related, is this normal?[View]
9817311Is there a more ethical way to kill lobster besides boiling it alive? It really is a poor practice i…[View]
9828518Sweet Yankee cornbread with sugar and honey. Mmmmmmmm.[View]
9829172>Amerifats make shitty food >Amerifats eat shitty food >Kek Amerifats are so stupid Explain…[View]
9831256>finish pan-frying chicken >still have lots of breading and egg-milk left >thingsthatmakey…[View]
9830813Good morning ckmonglers[View]
9826863Venison Curry: Sup you uncultured swine, I need to make some room in the ol' hunting freezer so…[View]
9821468who in the fuck eats this nasty shit[View]
9831032Is it normal to find some legumes in your poop when you eat them? (peas and lentils specifically)[View]
9830553>Ctrl Bar-S >no results cmon guys you know what time it is…[View]
9831245Any of you rich anon's ever eat at minibar by José Andrés in DC? I'm moving there soon and…[View]
9831045Fruit thread[View]
9826215why do foods like chocolate, coffee and cheese taste so much better when they're melted?[View]
9830742I tried soy milk for the first time and it was actually pretty good, but i have a question. so it ha…[View]
9828525I only have three bags of potatoes and a few dollars to buy condiments for the rest of the year. Wh…[View]
9830780What are your favorite foods?: If you throw away any concerns about health, what would you call your…[View]
9830700Bizzare adventures: So I just ate bangers out of this. What is the uncommon animals that you ever ea…[View]
9831034good christmas gifts: trying to get my brother something nice for christmas, any ideas? ideally some…[View]
9829710I think spoons are pretty good.[View]
9828706Infrared grill: How are they?[View]
9830671pizza is SHIT[View]
9828153Does anyone else here think beer tastes better when it's a little flat? You can taste the actua…[View]
9827748>that'll be 6,000$ plus tip What do?[View]
9830642Ask to an old sushi chef with alzheimer everything[View]
9823026anyone have experience going on fasts? I'm gonna try going on a water fast for this week[View]
9827577Butchering/Fileting Thread: Dont know if this belongs here or on /out/, but Ill post here. Anyone Bu…[View]
9823357How did people make bread without yeast, baking powder and shit, /ck/?[View]
9830634I was recently promoted and have been working 60-70 hours a week, six days a week. I also bring work…[View]
9826619What's wrong with my pancake?[View]
9828083What does /ck/ think of port?[View]
9829537First meal: Been fasting for a while now and im going to cook up an amazing meal when i break my fas…[View]
9828571rate my croquettes[View]
9828338Care for a thick meaty Italian sausage, m'lady?[View]
9830361Picobrew: >Keurig >Juicero Step aside. I'm the boss of this kitchen.…[View]
9830002Just finished cooking a whole chicken (pic related) now what the fuck should I do with it?[View]
9830208Who else loves eating Milk Chocolate from Uranus?[View]
9829459>>What do you want bro? I'll get it for you. >>Oh thanks Jasper. Get me hemmeroid c…[View]
9830386'Za Non-Traditional Toppings Edition Alright /ck/ give me your different or weird pizza topping…[View]
9826768Sriracha: Discuss.[View]
9826460Britsna/ck/ - Sour Edition: So, in Tesco earlier and I fancied something sour, but Haribo don’t cut,…[View]
9824837This is my first time on this board. But I think that you guys might be able to help me. So here…[View]
9828730Please make your selection, /ck/.[View]
9829814ISHYGDDT: >not properly kneading your pancake dough before slicing it…[View]
9826044>homemade italian sub >homemade ramen >homemade burritos >homemade sushi Why on earth wo…[View]

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