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9567571>unpacking produce order at work >unpack jumbo idahos >some people have penises this big …[View]
9565630>That guy who reheats the pasta with tomato sauce in the microwave >That guy who claims to kno…[View]
9553537if you've ever eaten at this place, please tell the circumstances of your visit. If you don…[View]
9550528Your last meal: Say you were going to die in 12 hours, You have no way to extend your life and you c…[View]
9568053Slow Cooker: Hey all, I filled my pot roast in the slow cooker all the way to the top, and the liqui…[View]
9567786Am I the only one who doesn't really like salted caramel? It's everywhere and it's us…[View]
9566173leftover meatloaf with cheese, japs, and pizza sauce on a wheat torta im not even drunk.[View]
9566895Rate my late night shitsnack omelet[View]
9559577What's the best way to consume whiskey?[View]
9567579What's your most preferred method of cooking, /ck/? You give it a pan sear, a grilling, frying,…[View]
9559590Al/ck/holism General.: Crippling anxiety and tons of bills edition[View]
9566427Why do people eat Oreos and not Hydrox: It's fucking bullshit Oreo is LITERALLY a knockoff bran…[View]
9565413He,lo guys what do u think of my narchose[View]
9563460what does /ck/ think of this guy?[View]
9565517What happens if I boil this? Is it disgusting?[View]
9567062Can I get a redpill on this particular brand of burger buns? For the last days or so I replaced eati…[View]
9567157ITT: The best of the bottom shelf. Why isn't this brand more popular?[View]
9566962Poverty PcPuffins: Sausage meat is 8 days past its best before. How do I turn it into something that…[View]
9567276>tfw you've got Grill Skills[View]
9566667post pics of your depressing single guy dinners >I get my calories primarily from the beer…[View]
9565764Anyone else on /ck/ hunting for wild mushrooms? They are growing like crazy.[View]
9564899So what can I make with this?[View]
9567212Arby's Buffalo Chicken Slider features a crispy-fried chicken tender dipped in spicy Buffalo sa…[View]
9567104Does /ck/ have a cookbook? We definitely should make one so we can have a bunch of shitty cheap reci…[View]
9567007God damn it. I can't get this right. I want to make Thai green curry chicken, but I'm lazy…[View]
9566013What's your Ideal Dinner Party? Alternatively, what are some things that can't really go w…[View]
9566324ITT Funny foods, brands and whatnot >pic very related[View]
9566440CRUMBED: What is the best protein after crumbing/breading? For me it's a real toss up between v…[View]
9560434What's the best way to prepare shrimp that doesn't involve it being served cold[View]
9560156Who the fuck thought this was a good idea?[View]
9566851how do I made licorice lemonade like Mr. Church's best ever lemonade... so the kids will liek m…[View]
9563487Spicelet reporting in. tell me what i need to get to change my ways[View]
9563668Spooky Food: Spooky as shit food. Just look at this horrific shit! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
9566609I'm heading to the asian supermarket later to buy tons of instant ramen packs. What else should…[View]
9560141today im going to show you how to make my famous breakfast burritos start with a basic tortilla[View]
9561583/CTG/ Chicken Tendies General[View]
9561845>almond 'milk'[View]
9566685Let me ask you a question, would you eat breakfast if a cockroach was on it?[View]
9564409I currently and have been having at least one serve of meat in my meal everyday, 7 days a week for m…[View]
9563054Ask a guy who hasn't had anything for the past 11 weeks except nutritional shakes and water any…[View]
9562086Is it trashy to eat baked beans by themselves as a meal?[View]
9563670You have 10 seconds to explain why you don't own an Wa Gyuto (chef knife with traditional Japan…[View]
9565215How revolting[View]
9566357>drink milk >now my stomach hurts and my breath smells like dick AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA YOU FAGGOTS…[View]
95650132 instant Ramen cakes 2 instant grits packets, butter 4 cups water(enough to submerge ramen and grit…[View]
9564079/K A L E B O Y S/: How bout you sip some vegetables for once you fat fucks?[View]
9565286If you're not in the USA KFC is a delicious, nutritious meal.[View]
9562878>it's 11:15 pm and all stores are closed >hungry as a mofo >at my disposal are: >1 …[View]
9566422This is the only kind of goulash I am familiar with. Do other countries have goulash recipes that ar…[View]
9566151What's the best dollar store food, and why is it pic related?[View]
9564914Post what you're eating: Snack- Chili with American cheese and sour cream.[View]
9563398wine gums or jujubees? which is better? I'm in the mood for a good gummy candy[View]
9563159Grocery Outlet: Just got back from the grocery outlet store. Lets look at today's top score.…[View]
9559037British here, thanks US for making this. I eat this practically every day since I discovered this ma…[View]
9559000Coworkers are making fun of my lunch again >'Anon are you eating that boiled chicken and broccoli…[View]
9557691ok /ck/ name better vodka. [spoiler]you can't[/spoiler][View]
9558613Pizza: Recently started cooking in a pizza place, need suggestions for topping combos that don'…[View]
9566023Can anyone recommend me a good hand coffee grinder? Ideally it would be Aeropress compatible for tra…[View]
9566114i have a probleam with compulsive eating, if i have something that i can eat inmediately or requires…[View]
9565976Are there any good kosher/jewish dishes/foods?[View]
9565602I don't like steak. I usually find it too chewy, or not flavorful enough. Ribs, shoulder, oxtai…[View]
9565479Nespresso: What are your favourite pods boys? For me its Ristretto, followed by Scuro and Kazaar…[View]
9563966I got a Madeleine mold on a whim and baked some butter cakes. I followed the recipe off of allrecipe…[View]
9565974At least his bone broth doesn't turn you freakin gay https://gizmodo.com/drink-up-high-lead-lev…[View]
9560780Does anyone have the rick and morties sejwan recipe? I want to make sejwan burgers[View]
9559268>Southern food isn't goo- Seriously, authentic Southern Macaroni and Cheese is one of the mo…[View]
9563845oh my god I FUCKING LOVE EGGNOG[View]
9563443Rice cooker recipes: Lately I don't have as much time to cook as I'd like. I also bought a…[View]
9565680What did they mean by this?[View]
9560720How do I stop drinking Hawaiian punch? I've had two of those gigantic containers today and now …[View]
9563835I prefer a penne.[View]
9550851What is your preferred type of breakfast, /ck/?[View]
9563447Where do I purchase such ice creams babe?[View]
9565101Survival food: I need some food, /ck/. Serious food. Shelf life of at least 5 years when stored in a…[View]
9564069Disgusting eating videos Disgusting eating stories Disgusting eating habits https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
9564690I need help /b/ Google has given me a dozen answers. >be me >having my gf's parents over …[View]
9556075What's /ck/'s favourite method of brewing coffee?: http://www.strawpoll.me/14160620 http:/…[View]
9564165When does a dish stop being authentic?[View]
9565469Biggest Food Fuck-Ups: >be me, 15 >work at Jersey Mike's Subs >customer orders BLT …[View]
9560715MOD Pizza: This place is pretty good[View]
9557896How do you feel about ultra-high end custom chef knives? These knives are made by American bladesmit…[View]
9564328BK: Burger King thread. My family got Burger King for dinner, for those interested I will describe m…[View]
9562552Is Arby's /ck/ approved?[View]
9564206Fast food: Should Jack in the box get prime rib tacos? Should Burger King get curly fries and tacos?…[View]
9559405Rate my dinner[View]
9563474Post meme foods ITT[View]
9563912Okay /ck/ what the fuck are these?[View]
9563370Farming: Hey /ck/, any of you have a farm or a garden? What do you guys grow? I'm in the proces…[View]
9562124Dining Hall Greentext stories.: >Be Me >21 year old college guy >Have a unlimited meal plan…[View]
9562626Hey /ck/ I have a frozen bag of pic related. Is there any way to roast them from frozen and have the…[View]
9564971https://youtu.be/xd4EAMX5hzc https://youtu.be/3eJBmlKCn9A Howard Helmer is pretty arrogant for a one…[View]
9564533Baked Potato Perfection: What is the perfect temp and time for cooking a pair of russet potatoes? I …[View]
9564091I want to expand my pallet and become more passionate about food but I have an awful gag reflex that…[View]
9562358Booze or tea?[View]
9557520what's the verdi/ck/t?[View]
9563629chili on cheetos is great too[View]
9562145My birthday is coming up and my mom wants to stock my kitchen. She just bought me a microwave, last …[View]
9564737Alright /ck/ what is the true secret to cooking these things? No matter how much I try and stir them…[View]
9563127>can cook well >currently in college >want to go to medical school >family pressuring me…[View]
9561151why am I unable to make mayonnaise?[View]
9562391Favorite fall flavors thread: For me it's the Pumping Pie Spice. The best fall flavor. What…[View]
9564355>foods that are nutritious enough to replace a meal[View]
9563029How can Australians ever come back from this?[View]
9564371bogpill me on store brands vs highly marketed brands[View]
9559186I am not asking for diet foods, or diet ideas, but I am wondering what I can try to replace these th…[View]
9551729An efficient alternative to coffee: >bringing to you: Yerba Mate tea it has roughly the same amou…[View]
9564241Fond: I fryed some spam in butter and coconut oil and poured some milk into the fond at the end. Ho…[View]
9562279do you even cook?: can't we do better than threads about szechuan sauce, vegan propaganda, and …[View]
9562012Was this any good? What are other examples of crappy lisenced food products?[View]
9564057I have a handsome wild caught salmon fillet that I plan to make tonight. Haven't made salmon i…[View]
9564028The Ideal Meal?: What is the best thing a lowly college student can make? I want to change /ck/. I w…[View]
9563112I'm gonna nuke this cookie dough[View]
9563898do i need to soak these before mixing them into my sourdough dough? also, bread thread in general i …[View]
9563513Indigenous native american food: I hear that there are a number of people who don't think nativ…[View]
9562406Favorite type of sausage?: For me, it's the blood sausage. I got introduced to this in Argentin…[View]
9563553Is it true that dried 'winter' herbs like parsley are useless because their flavors and oils evapora…[View]
9552340What is the worst experience you've had at a McDonald's?[View]
9563515If given the opportunity, would you purchase human meat and cook it? I would in a heartbeat.[View]
9563493fucking dirt: Is modern baked goods just a glorified form of dirt cakes? Flour itself is basically a…[View]
9563596>I require your finest steak, rare if you don't mind, thanks m'lady. >And forgo the …[View]
9563497I'm going to cook steak for the first time tomorrow, what's a good but not so pricey cut? …[View]
9558038Steel Cut Oats: A question for the ages...[View]
9562062Do people unironically eat this garbage without hating themselves?[View]
9562121Hey guys I'm a Waffle House cook and my store is totally dead. I have unlimited access to all …[View]
9561398is it true that spices are the spice of life?[View]
9557555Any of you faggots tried these yet? The heat creeps up on you. Don't do like I did and eat fou…[View]
9561686What spicy Chicken Tenders should I have for lunch?: I am thinking popeyes or church's and mayb…[View]
9560802How do you make good fried chicken at home without a deep deep fryer? Is it possible?[View]
9559251Oyakodon: I'm picking up a bottle of mirin tomorrow and I'm gonna have a stab at making Oy…[View]
9559502When was the last time you had some delicious Fazoli's?[View]
9562007Water should be the only drink you have with a dish. Anything else is unnecessary. Juices and cordia…[View]
9562903how much can I cook in one of these things? Like should I be filling it more than halfway up?[View]
9562804most based chef john quotes itt. also welcome: oc you the [person] of your [food item]: https://yout…[View]
9558930got some hot peepers today in the mail.. anyone have a good hot sauce recipe or ideas to share?[View]
9561439Rate my lunch at work /ck/[View]
9556127Why isn't caffeine addiction looked down upon?[View]
9560702Favourite food youtubers? For me, it's Greg's Kitchen, the best food youtuber.[View]
9558887Are these soups?[View]
9562545Hello Fresh: What do you guys think about Hello Fresh and similar services? I personally think it…[View]
9560022Food History of the British: Welcome to Food History of the British, a daily thread where we celebra…[View]
9562695New Tasty Meat: What if a new animal was found that tasted better than any other mass consumed meat …[View]
9553734I paid $3000 for Szechuan sauce off eBay and even though McDonalds are bringing it back in greater q…[View]
9560177Are you gonna get one /ck/?[View]
9562595I fucking love pop but what do I do if its making me fat[View]
9562010girl i follow on IG just posted this on her story, what should I reply to BHTFO[View]
9562080Why, why the fuck do people like Oreos which is literally a knockoff of Hydrox better? That's b…[View]
9562439Why are there no food subscription services? (I'm not talking pie of the month bullshit, more l…[View]
9558934Sausage McMuffin[View]
9561638ITT : Food in games you would want to try/cook I want to try and make a couple things from Miitopia …[View]
9562511How many days of the week do you cook your dinner? How many of those do you cook more or less '…[View]
9557430What did they mean by this?[View]
9548396Vegetarians: >Family member becomes vegetarian >Starts to lecture you when you have anything w…[View]
9561743>cook dish for the first time >deviate from recipe >tastes delicious >attempt to cook it…[View]
9561072Coffee: Hey anons, just wondering, do you guys like coffee? If you do, how do you prefer it? I perso…[View]
9559083ITT: Shitty food that you like[View]
9561130i need to eat more salad, what are some good salad dressings?[View]
9562004For me it's Child's Play, the best candy bag.[View]
9560978What the hell have they been putting in their drinks lately? I hadn't had anything from Starbuc…[View]
9562066I've had some chicken marinating in cilantro lime marinade for a couple days, what's the b…[View]
9561144Do amerifags get to play?[View]
9557887/ck/ public service announcement: Please and thank you kindly. Sincerely, The management at /ck/…[View]
9561742Where can I buy this shipped to the US that wont cost me $50+ for 100g?[View]
9561875why should i even clean a cast iron pan if the heat will sterilize it anyway?[View]
9558735What are the best cannabis dishes you've ever had? Recipes?[View]
9535672Whats your personal 'I put that shit on everything'? pic related is probably mine[View]
9561794what's the most natural processed snack food you can buy in Germany? I can't stand eating…[View]
9561911Whats your favorite Newman's outfit? For me its illegal ethnic[View]
9561975/Salsa/-What is the best salsa/recipes: Why isn't /ck/ talking about America's favorite co…[View]
9561899Why are Filipino restaurants so fucking expensive?[View]
9542434Cheap meats thread: So there's 'good cuts' like steak tips and chicken breast, salmon, sirloin,…[View]
9552444Do you think prime rib burgers are stupid? Why destroy an expensive steak when chuck works just fine…[View]
9561916Name a better cereal killer. >Protip You can't[View]
9558773POST UR FUKKEN BREAKFASTS: quick one 2day[View]
9561808Does it make sense to add a bay leaf to pasta water when cooking pasta or is it bullshit?[View]
9554151Why is mid-century American cuisine so shameful? When did American food actually get good?[View]
9560975What food and drink is the most a e s t h e t i c ?[View]
9549246What's so special about Irish butter? The local grocery store started carrying this so I bought…[View]
9561632Is coconut milk worth the hype? Is it as good for you as people say, can you use it in a lot of thin…[View]
9560637What the fuck is up with this shitty brand of icecream. Why is Mayfields shit always goddamn gritty.[View]
9561769Fresh Ingredients: Nothing quite compares to the taste of fresh ingredients. I just had some cottage…[View]
9548602What was the dumbest mistake you made while cooking?[View]
9561737WORDS FUCKING MATTER YOU IDIOTS. When you add something that majorly changes a dish or take away the…[View]
9561532OK, so I kinda fucked up while shopping, because I didn't read the label on the stuff I was buy…[View]
9561693the what you give to your cool-as-fuck neighbor when he takes his small children up to your house fo…[View]
9561362Rate my breakfast[View]
9553545ITT: images that look oddly appetizing: Starting with blue tiberium[View]
9560926what is the best dish to make for someone who wants to start learning cooking? pic unrelated[View]
9560203What do you put in your 'cha? For me, it's a hummus dilution with honey.[View]
9560452What food defines 'dinner' to you? For me, it's this. This is automatically what I think of whe…[View]
9558208steak: I have a steak. You don't.[View]
9546900FAVORITE LIQUOR THREAD: Currently in love with Fireball Whiskey...what's your guy's favori…[View]
9558799*Falls into your boiling oil* How do you react?[View]
9561311Veganism is becoming more popular people are consuming less animal produ-[View]
9558686Day old pasta: Why do some people claim that day old pasta/pizza tastes better than fresh? I've…[View]
9555473Has a bad food experience ever ruined a particular food for you? I got food poisoning from sketchy C…[View]
9559430Cook a long general: My first lamb shanks edition[View]
9558415i found this at the america aisle and don't get the hype, can a burger or two explain[View]
9534024Questions that don't deserve their own thread thread: QTDDTOT /ck/ Edition I never see these on…[View]
9559833Has anyone else noticed that ice cream shops, and grocery stores are selling less stuff with smartie…[View]
9559905I love chili dogs, do you?[View]
9558276Mold on Kvass: This is my first batch of beet kvass and it has some mold on top. Can I scrape it off…[View]
9559627Why the fuck do people prefer thick ass burgers like pic related? If I wanted a mouth full of nothin…[View]
9554940>just finished my eighth McDonald's cheeseburger this week Am I going to have a pr…[View]
9558352ITT: stupid shit you regret buying I can't believe how many off notes there are in this soda ho…[View]
9560060If you could have any famous chef cook for you, who would it be?: mine pic related[View]
9551653For me, it's the Jumanji can.: What's your favorite odd soda can design?[View]
9559246>he doesnt clean as he cooks[View]
9560455F anyone having a couple drink on him? also yesterday was national liqueur day[View]
9558401Cheap college food: Hello /ck/. Today was my first day of college and dorm. I realised I was complet…[View]
9551594Webm Thread[View]
9560311Burritos: Do you guys make burritos for yourselves at home or is it too much effort? Also thoughts o…[View]
9559632How do you think I could make something that looks like this? Does a food exist already that is like…[View]
9558161i live up in the northeast and one of these just opened up 10 minutes from my house. never been to o…[View]
9559464How long do you dip your oreos in the milk? I try to make it so that they're soft enough to bit…[View]
9560295Coke No Sugar Plus Coffee? Let's peep this out![View]
9556455Arab 'desserts',more like 1 cup of oil and 12 spoons of sugar per 1 person.[View]
9560098Rank them: Red > yellow > green[View]
9559537>spend two hours carefully preparing ingredients for an awesome dinner >accidentally set the o…[View]
9558543Where you ever a picky eater, /ck/? Is it true that like, 99% of picky eaters mostly eat chicken ten…[View]
9559081Black pepper general: How do I step up my black pepper game? What are some good pepper-forward recip…[View]
9558364I'm making salmon for dinner tonight, but I wanna do something more interesting than my current…[View]
9558145How do you pronounce this beer name?[View]
9550955How many oysters is too many oysters?[View]
9559969I'll have two number nines, a number nine large, a number six with extra dip, a number seven, t…[View]
9556882I enjoy this and I dont give a FUCK what you faggots think.[View]
9560044How does /ck/ stay /fit/ and not break the bank? I have made a meal plan myself but I wouldn't …[View]
9558206>cooking spicy chicken with hot pepper >forget to use gloves >fap after eating >mfw dick…[View]
9558471Baking thread: Hey guys just made my 3rd sourdough loaf today and I've been playing with the pe…[View]
9548882Best food generation?: for me it's Millennials, the best foodie generation. without millennials…[View]
9559961this is god's food. nothing more american than a few of these every night.[View]
9559053Who /keto/ here? Im surprised there isnt any keto threads on this board. Im looking for more recipes…[View]
9558798>Thai Fusion Nachos, Deconstructed Rate[View]
9559745I'm craving some szechuan sauce: What brand do you recommend? What are some good Szechuan dishe…[View]
9554866Anyone got some recipes for this?[View]
9559952The Naked Egg Taco is a great addition to the breakfast lineup. Very tasty. I didn't get a dres…[View]
9559221I ordered peanut chicken curry at a chinese restaurant and had them make it spicier and thicker beca…[View]
9558135Just got some McDonalds after a year and what the fuck? The quarter pounder is much smaller. It…[View]
9558223Whole Foods employment: Does anyone here work at Whole Foods or knows somebody that works at whole f…[View]
9553071What's your dinner for tonight?[View]
9558345why do people always say chef work is underpaid? my ex boyfriend worked as a sous chef in 4* hotel a…[View]
9559780ITT: Your favorite specific variety, from common brands, of common foods.[View]
9559758does anyone else like never buy snacks? i literally just buy raw ingredients and a few shortcuts.[View]
9557843What is the difference between Thai curry and Indian curry?: Any curry powders that /ck/ recommends …[View]
9557838What are some of your guilty pleasure foods? For me it's the grilled cheese with potato. I spag…[View]
9559419/ck/, I want to bake a potato, but I don't own a baking sheet and I don't have any tin foi…[View]
9557190this is probably not /ck/ material but it is food related so bear with me. for the past two weeks, e…[View]
9558526Friend knows I like hot sauce so he gave me a bottle of this and it's really good but I need so…[View]
9555614This is the best tasting Oreo ever...[View]
9559424What's your favorite kind of omelette cupcake? Mine's jalapeno red velvet[View]
9552890do you say care-uh-mel or car-mel?[View]
9554326Al/ck/ - Alcoholism General: Thinking you pissed the bed but it were just pints of sweat edition.…[View]
9558813I'm about to make some frozen baked came. The instructions say 30 mins in the oven or 2.5 minut…[View]
9550825You have 10 seconds to name a food that has good mouthfeel[View]
9559264As we all know by now, milk and similar dairy products has a lot of negative effects on the health, …[View]
9559209Judge my din din fellas[View]
9553259meals you must consume at least once while you're still on the planet[View]
9558984Health Food?: Any of you guys have an idea of what to make for a college student that hasn't ea…[View]
9558803What does /ck/ think of fast food?[View]
9559116>buy pint of peanut butter cup ben @ jerry's every day >finish it in one sitting who /ind…[View]
9558571I've never seen a Taco Bell taco outside of Taco Bell. Most of the Tex-Mex places I've bee…[View]
9558879Why are cheese platters on the dessert menu at restaurants? Is cheese a dessert?[View]
9557791Just bought this, /ck/. What am I in for?[View]
9549611Favorite fried food thread.[View]
9558830>post yfw your family insults your cooking Is there anything in this world that hurts more?…[View]
9558825Is there any reason not to use potato flakes for mashed potatoes? The taste is the same.[View]
9558143Hello American friends. Tonight my family are having a get together to celebrate and enjoy American…[View]
9556017What is this[View]
9558650Tastiest easy/quick-ass meals: Hey /ck/, what's the best thing you've made that only takes…[View]
9552763Stop eating gluten free[View]
9558665What is your comfort food, ck?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWNP0cxXYkg[View]
9556218so what is it?[View]
9557676P A S T I T S I O A S T I T S I O S T I T S I O T I T S I O I T S I O T S I O S I O I O O[View]
9553269Ginger hate thread: Ginger is fucking disgusting.[View]
9555371For me, it's the classic american grilled cheese.[View]
9550832New cooker here, I have some knife questions Do I need more than 1 knife? Will any old knife from wa…[View]
9557865would you eat this?[View]
9532376ITT: admit your mischievous deeds: >open oreo >scrape the white stuff out with a knife >onl…[View]
9556460how do we stop him[View]
9558359What's the best way to heat water up to the correct temperature for a good french press? As a s…[View]
9557377Pureed Meals: I recently acquired a qt feeder gf. She gets tired of all the chewing, so I've be…[View]
9557997I'm going to pick up dinner from this diner and want a burger. I was thinking I'd try one …[View]
9556273>Like apples >Don't like artificial apple flavoring >Don't like cherries >Like…[View]
9552125What does a Senzu bean taste like?[View]
9549885/sip sunday/: Nothing's better than a beautiful Sunday morning and a can of Monster Energy™ Zer…[View]
9556594I'm about to cook a curry, am I missing any ingredients?[View]
9558092What is your pleb filter? For me, it's durian, the king of fruits.[View]
9557942I got these for a good deal. What should I do with them?[View]
9551991Is there a better root beer than Barq's? I think not.[View]
9548078Are Chinese restaurant owners all secret assassins? How do they get the capital to start a restauran…[View]
9555654How does one do this.[View]
9555373Where do you order good quality tea and how much do you pay for it?[View]
9555841>feeling pretty good >sudden sweeth tooth strikes >end up eating two packs of cookies in 10…[View]
9553974Taco Sauce: there are so many anons here talking hot sauces, but no one speaks of taco sauces. my fa…[View]
9558000Chocolate: Do you prefer Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?[View]
9556319Go Vegan Because I dont see many real food threads in here[View]
9556995Would you eat keto sushi?[View]
9551559>instant soup >still need to boil water[View]
9554823Why do step dads always love grilling steak or hamburgers. there never done properly either >eith…[View]
9557508What's your favorite thing to get 'extra' of? I like to get extra mayo and onions.[View]
9557585Shrinking burgers: I fried a burger last night in a skillet. It was 80/20 ground chuck from a pack n…[View]
9553981Does anyone else have a fear of processed wood? I can't use wooden spoons or chopsticks. Everyt…[View]
9554399drunk food: What is a good dish to cook for drunk people at midnight. I am at a party next week and …[View]
9556570Mac and cheetos: Decided to pick up those burger king mac and Cheetos. What should I expect? Pic rel…[View]
9556467I made the pizza shows pizza. Rate, is it raw?[View]
9554989For me, it's the octagonal handle wa gyuto. Western handle gyuto fags fite me.[View]
9557347Rate my 14 year old cookware.[View]
9553856God dammit, why can't I give this shit up? I keep trying to buy local brand hot sauces instead,…[View]
9557648Making some chicken brooth friends[View]
9557697For me, it's the Rodeo King. The best fast food sandwich.[View]
9554691is it true hot water freezes faster[View]
9557197Hello Anons. /K/ommando here. Was told to crosspost this here. I am sad. Muh favorite kitchen knife …[View]
9557605I'm not shit posting, but seriously, why do other dollar chicken sandwiches not come close[View]
9539014Are there any YouTube cooks that are worth watching? I occasionally watch binging with babish, but h…[View]
9557548So uh I bought from a notorious grill nearby (spiced sausage with an egg 4,50€) and this is the meal…[View]
9554676Ryazhenka: I tried to make ryazhenka using 4 cups whole milk and 2 table spoons of sour cream while …[View]
9555912What makes The Rotini the best noodle?[View]
9557509Rate my Chick: Judge my almond breaded chicky. It's got a dash of black pepper, cayenne, and or…[View]
9557312Rate my lunch daddy, did I do good? Am I a good girl?[View]
9555441Anyone else have this meal? A tube steak on white bread[View]
9552452Is farm to table a meme? What are the advantages?[View]
9549688Do you brits eat savory scones with your low or high teas? What do you put on them? I'm trying …[View]
9556754Name a better hard drink than rum. I'll wait.[View]
9557264>as large corporate memberships on the board increase, so has the number of nonorganic materials …[View]
9554589How do you deal with ordering anxiety?[View]
9556350White Bean Chili: ANyone else like white bean chili?[View]
9554559tl;dr version I want to start growing herbs, vegetables, fruits and whatever I fancy in my small gar…[View]
9552729>'gross, i don't like pickles' >'i HATE onion' >'ew raw tomato'…[View]
9556051For me, it's Arby's honey dijon mustard. The best fast food honey mustard.[View]
9555958Potatoes+eggs = perfect match: I've found the holy grail of extreme low-budget, easy to make me…[View]
9556867Guess what I'm making? (Hint: one ingredient is water.)[View]
9535331Is this the best instant ramen?[View]
9548201How come rye bread is not sold outside northern europe? i mean, they can be grown mostly anywhere, t…[View]
9552345Every. Sunday. Every fucking Sunday, my dad makes English muffins and corn beef hash. I fucking hate…[View]
9556318It's 6 AM and I need some donuts. All the places nearby are shit though. Do I settle for krispy…[View]
9557116EVOwO: Looking for a good tasting oil for breads.[View]
9557103Now that the dust has settled what what is the verdi/ck/t on this?[View]
9552562What are some good seitan recipes?[View]
9556642I N S T A N T \ P O T \ G E N E R A L: Reminder that this wonderful appliance replaces an entire kit…[View]
9544975>just let the flavors marry[View]
9555801Hi co/ck/s I bought a stainless steel pan from goodwill and I can't seem to get it to work with…[View]
9556971These aren't twice as spicy :([View]
9554967What's the best place for your pre-dinner hambuger? Lately I've found Wendy's is the …[View]
9549369How do you feel about chicken thighs? They seem underrated to me. Everyone either wants legs, wings,…[View]
9556661>paying more for 'grass fed' beef >despite the fact that it taste worse than cattle finished w…[View]
9555017What's better: Pie eating? Cake eating? PIE CAKE EATING??[View]
9554031guys im going grocery shopping tomorrow and i feel like cooking a very strange/unusual meal that is …[View]
9556557who else goes to cook some chicken shish kebabs over a campfire in the woods behind your house alone…[View]
9556294Why do Americans have so many allergies? I've never known anyone to have peanut allergy for exa…[View]
9551636>order curly fries >it's just a bunch of single curved fries with one or two real curvy f…[View]
9555631Dinner R8 thread: R8 my dinner, /ck/, almost ran out of stamps to purchase this weeks haul but I man…[View]
9552960Healthy Quiche Crust: I love the idea of quiche as it's delicious and fairly healthy - until yo…[View]
9555019How does my meat pie look so far???[View]
9550738Why don't they just...pay cooks more?: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/too-few-c…[View]
9554692Rate my dinner/10[View]
9551004Got groceries today and my son wantet to get some mussels. Does anybody have a kid-friendly (read n…[View]
9551589Does taffy go bad? My local grocer is selling it marked down for $0.99/lb, it seems a little crusty …[View]
9556265You faggots will argue about anything: Today's contentious claim: It's not a burger withou…[View]
9556212Neanderthal Kwizeen: Did they just eat their food like most animals (but cooked of course) or did th…[View]
9550397What is this country's signature dish?[View]
9553857Does anyone else love fish sticks? I know they're gross but they're one of my favorite sna…[View]
9554301What is the perfect setting on any normal microwave oven to cook steak properly? I don't like u…[View]
9555726How old were you when you realized convection based cooking was the superior form of heated cooking?…[View]
9550918Who else here wants to eat an Eldridge horror?[View]
9552966>orders pizza for the fifth time this week how do I stop it?[View]
9549087does it matter if i cook chicken and then add it to a sauce, rather than cooking it in the sauce? i…[View]
9554630How does my cheesy pasta look u co/cks/ Made with truffle cheddar, goat cheddar, sharp white cheddar…[View]
9542420Americanized ethnic foods that do it better: I lived in Tijuana for a few years, as well as San Dieg…[View]
9555392Pasta v. Rice: If you could only pick ONE for the rest of your life. Which one would it be?[View]
9553571coffee: What kinda coffee pot would Eminem make hot, if Eminem could cop a coffee pot?[View]
9554761SO SPICY[View]
9552188In a few hours I have to drink 4 5 Oz bottles of Tabasco sauce in 15 minutes (for a bet). Aside from…[View]
9554168I'm sorry, but it's just not that good.[View]
9553665Snack Thread: Time to shop for groceries, but you have to buy all snacks and you have fifty dollars,…[View]
9555295>dice up a fresh ripe jalapeno >don't remember to thoroughly wash my hands after >go t…[View]
9555403Mountain Dew Baja Blast: who would actually want to drink this?!? this shit is disgusting. a friend …[View]
9553520ITT: Autistic food things you do I'll start with a small one >Put fries or onion rings in my…[View]
9555352Food Instagram: Thread to post yours or your favorite Instagram accounts that post food![View]
9550916White people don't seas- (memeing aside post your spice cabinet)[View]
9555115Anyone have good sardine recipes?: I recently tried sardines and I actually really like the taste. I…[View]
9555223White Trash classics: Can we get a white trash classic meal thread going? First up is corn brownies:…[View]
9552265I want to work at McDonald's to earn money while studying. Probably as a cashier. Does anybody …[View]
9523456SIPAPALOOZA™: Open website with MS Excel, ctrl F, 'sippy bippy bo bippy, banana fana so sippy, me my…[View]
9555095Do you press the button?[View]
9552505I made posole and now I have a bunch of left over hominy What else should I make with this?[View]
9554268What is your favorite MRE?[View]
9554847Healthy Recipes: I went from 15+ beers a day and eating complete trash food (pizzas, delivery chines…[View]
9552866Is there a more high quality grocery store chain than Trader Joe's? I've only bought one t…[View]
9554744How do I make Caesar dressing healthy and low calorie? I looked at Caesar balsalmic dressings and th…[View]
9545702This is the shelf where I keep my soap.[View]
9554719Spicy Food: What's the appeal of spicy food? Eating should be an enjoyable experience. What…[View]
9554955stuff only you do.: I eat all my meals 'tequila-style' with the salt on the side, and I literally di…[View]
9554174Why is it safe to eat fermented foods but not rotten foods?[View]
9547448Can someone give me a recap of how MPW went from being the best chef on the world, to having to shil…[View]
9549413Jeez, that tastes pretty good![View]

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