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10788207Tell me about the worst experience you've ever had in a restaurant, /ck/.[View]
10796422Big Mac Large fries Large vanilla milkshake Cheeseburger on the side and comfy times ahead :)[View]
10780635ITT Post your favorite Indian Dishes: >be bong working in a software company >live in india fo…[View]
10789137SIPS: Hey, boys! What's the best flavor Monster™?[View]
10793188How do i make my tendies so orange and delicious? everytime i try to cook in my airfry they just lo…[View]
10795797>he likes soda-flavored sweets[View]
10790354Good Morning!: What's your countries/regions breakfast? Lets get the Americans out of the way. …[View]
10796395I have a budget of $36 to feed me for the next two weeks. I have some rice and lentils, and some old…[View]
10797132What French foods would /ck/ recommend?[View]
10797572Would you?[View]
10797673>Too big for one meal >Not big enough for two Are personal pizzas the biggest meme?…[View]
10797513Is the industry really as bad as most people say or a lot of them just entitles bitches and whiners?…[View]
10793708Can any bread experts rate this?[View]
10795360Rate my breakfast /ck/. What are you having?[View]
10788935Cooking in nature: Going camping with my old lady What do you guys like to eat out in nature? Any c…[View]
10797563>be 5'11' adult male >was 205 lbs >got on keto >now 190 >really want a fucking b…[View]
10796170I hate vegetables but like salsa. Can I get all of my vegetable nutrition from salsas?[View]
10797426What % of the restaurants in this do you think were utter shit and just paid a fee to be on tele?[View]
10797369>mom caught me porking the loins[View]
10794134This is the ultimate sandwich (with no lettuce and zesty sauce) and I get it every day from the Burg…[View]
10797192Why do so many people dislike Mayonnaise? It adds dimension to anything you put it in. Savory, a lit…[View]
10795518>3000 dollars for a charcoal grill[View]
10791135Rate my tacos[View]
10789211Whats the best cereal to eat dry? My vote goes to pic related[View]
10794884Time for garlic bread[View]
10792659Why do so many places leave a bunch of fucking pulp in their strawberry milkshakes? I've given …[View]
10797256Going to asian grocer in a bit.: What is the 'angry chinese lady' condiment I see on this board all …[View]
10795978I bought some pork cube steak yesterday afternoon and somehow it got left out overnight. It seems to…[View]
10796971https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wa_axRz2hfk NEW /CK/ WAIFU ALERT[View]
10796689This supposed to make you feel full?[View]
10790556You have to give up one of them forever, but you get free access to the other forever. Which do you …[View]
10796584>'______ expert guesses cheap v. expensive' has /ck/ seent this series? I like it, and learn and …[View]
10781319How did American pizza get so popular?[View]
10795801Breakfast: Chicken thigh with kale and spinach and a honey mustard butter sauce. Turned out breadt g…[View]
10796409Food Memes: paprika doesn’t taste like anything edition[View]
10795274Tuscan Bread is Shit: >not adding salt to bread because of some pope's tax from 500 years ag…[View]
10793658Fuck Ya'll: Wings!!![View]
10795993What's for lunch: What's for lunch /ck/?[View]
10796712>avocados whats the appeal again? other than being a great plant source of fat, these things are …[View]
10795284Why do people always talk about deep dish when discussing pizza in Chicago? Deep dish is for tourist…[View]
10796727Jesus Christ, I fucking hate crinkle cut fries.[View]
10795677Good cuisine for celebrations: I get my HS diploma next week on friday and need a recommendation to …[View]
10792177I have 1lb of stew beef from a local farm and want to make something for myself and 2 roommates. Any…[View]
10796346what type of sauce does /ck/ put on their burgers? hot sauce? ketchup? no sauce at all? secret sauce…[View]
10795734Peanut Butter: How do I make the best peanut butter? Is it patrician to add almonds?[View]
10791033Beyond Burger: What do you guys think of it, taste and texture wise?[View]
10796458Tvorog will be the next big food meme.[View]
10796281Hey /ck/ are these bananas still good to eat?[View]
10792319Nutella is fucking disgusting and I feel like I am the only one that shares that sentiment. These da…[View]
10796408Assuming that I have a cleaned fish with its guts removed, how can I easily debone it whole (ie. rem…[View]
10795974>dont have enough fusilli for a full dish >dont have enough spaghetti for a full dish >cook…[View]
10791964>mfw fruit juice is just HFCS with 3% juice concentrate Why is every delicious drink dogshit for …[View]
10778791Soda: Dr. Pepper > Coke Cola >>>>>> Pepsi Water is in its own category.[View]
10795673Why were seedless watermelons a priority over seedless cherries?[View]
10795257Post your worst fuck ups[View]
10791699So this is Canadian cuisine, huh?[View]
10795455Taco pizza is the best pizza. Prove me wrong. >you can't Also it's vegan…[View]
10796196Back of house: He’s always watching[View]
10792065How the fuck do people drink tea? Ive been buying a bunch of tea over the past few months and the on…[View]
10795849>he puts bacon on carbonara[View]
10795757Why do omnivores have to virtue signal their diet in our faces? Why can't they just stay silent…[View]
10795967The negative IQ choice[View]
10791325Breakfast Burritos: They are the greatest, if not most effective way to eat on the go. They are fill…[View]
10795810bitch suck on my wiener[View]
10795632>He puts grape jelly on his toast[View]
10795877Alright lads, I'm making my first batch of lacto-fermented cucumbers. It's my second time …[View]
10792666Give me some suggestions on what to do with a pork shoulder roast. I was going to use it for stir-fr…[View]
10792492why does snacking while half asleep taste so good compared to when fully lucid?[View]
10788725You know who invented BBQ, right?[View]
10794901What should I do for dinner tonight /ck/? I'm getting drunk and both these places are closing s…[View]
10795501I want a croissant[View]
10795600Ba shu lan ren: Anyone tried this before? It's a self heating spicy noodle hotpot. I've se…[View]
10795413Soup Noodles: What do you usually add to your ramen? What have you stopped adding to your ramen?…[View]
10795492For me, it's Costco Kimchi. Free.[View]
10787050>I eat carbs[View]
10791499how do you make rice that isn't goopy without a rice cooker? i 1 part rice into 2 parts water, …[View]
10794619>I'll have a diet coke please I'm trying this for the first time, and why? I know some …[View]
10789405If you found this in your bunch of spinach would you still eat it Would you still just rinse with wa…[View]
10795019R8 my lunch Now before you pass judgement, I would like to say that, despite how it looks, that sau…[View]
10783621>calories in, calories out[View]
10789930How to cook egg?: Tips/Tricks?[View]
10794650Post decent to good YT channels. This one's pretty alright, just skip the first 30 seconds or s…[View]
10794154would you eat crocodile?[View]
10795338I ate one of these last night and now I can't stop shitting painful diarrhea.[View]
10794955Post some god tier spicy crisps/chips. I cant gerlt these anymore so I just order the ripoff brand f…[View]
10795292>finish breakfast >want to eat lunch directly afterwards…[View]
10787991Rate my vegan cheese[View]
10794893Hemp: Hemp Thread[View]
10794545For me, it's canned beef stew on rice. Fusing the East and West.[View]
10791470best part of pig[View]
10783504rate this absolute unit of a feast[View]
10791968ITT: The absolute best dining experiences you have experienced. >Totally high as fuck >Straigh…[View]
10789485Got 4.5lbs of these today.: Grocery store had mistakenly labelled some 13$/lb, and some 7$/lb on the…[View]
10792819for me its Claussen Kosher Dills (always chilled) they taste different and better than other dills[View]
10773476Burgernomics 101: Start with descent meat.[View]
10792521How do you spice up your boring old brown rice? Herbs? Spices? Veggies? Juices? Sauces? What are som…[View]
10793210Why is this shit so tasty and addicting? I know it's bad for you, but is there a healthy altern…[View]
10791498Is there a better feeling than drinking?[View]
10791115should people with food allergies be culled from society? i’m sick of having to alter my lifestyle …[View]
10794872I want to sink about $1000 into the last set of cookware I will ever buy again. Seems like stainless…[View]
10794802What's /ck/ having for dinner? Pic related for me[View]
10794995What's /ck/ cooking for dinner?: Pic related is mine. Paraguayan dumplings[View]
10792149Who the hell takes the time to write a review this long? I mean seriously who cares about your worth…[View]
10793971No more flavor bullshit: A smart fellow in a flame shirt waddles to the counter of a Starbucks* >…[View]
10794746Fun IHOB Thread: I just can't stop thinking about a big breakfast YOu know, like the Rooty Toot…[View]
10794368I just ate some fried chicken. The breasts were juicy, and the buns were soft and warm. Afterwards, …[View]
10786945bosnian chef: i'm a bosnian chef ama[View]
10790987>chili >on spaghetti[View]
10790515Northern French food: I'm going to Northern France soon, and want some authentic food, suggesti…[View]
10791150I'm on my way to the meat market right now what meat should I buy[View]
10792876I want to make Matzah Ball soup. Is there an easier to get substitute for Matzah meal? Do normal bre…[View]
10794339Can we have a sake thread? I'm just getting into this stuff and don't really know what abo…[View]
10792081What are some unappreciated foods?[View]
10793838coffee gear help: alright bean fags I need to know what this weir little hand pump espresso maker is…[View]
10794384what kind of family has bamboo-handle flatware[View]
10792596God damnit: >Having gf over for dinner >Want to make her some fettuccine Alfredo (her favorite…[View]
10792445is there a greater sin?[View]
10792598Who was in the wrong[View]
10794371Do you eat biscuits, /ck/? I read that biscuit consumption has been declining in western countries, …[View]
10792088What's for lunch?: Pork roast and a nice salad[View]
10794172What is your favorite anime food?[View]
10791753Dinner: Any suggestions for what I’m having for dinner next week? I’m a beginner, no fancy recipes, …[View]
10790291tl;dr Washington D.C. phasing out tipping over 7 years. When will the rest of the country follow?[View]
10791874You know, American food is the best.[View]
10788023Eggs on frozen pizzas yes/no ? Debate.[View]
10794203>Google recipe >Click link >Food Network tries to redirect to Food Network Canada…[View]
10792112>go to buy liquor at walmart >go though self checkout >press pay >attendant comes over t…[View]
10793087Have you tried a meal-kit delivery service? I don't want to name it because I don't want t…[View]
10787653are food trucks a meme?[View]
10792668What does it taste like?[View]
10793472Teach me how to curry: I'd never had indian curry before (no poo in loos around in my area) but…[View]
10793875yummy yummy meat pie in my tummy (cunts)[View]
10787011Flyover Chef: ama: Flyover Chef: ama[View]
10789214Yeah lemme get a quadruple half calf with pigeon wing and whale foam and also add a side of soylent …[View]
10793071Post food you love that everyone else seems to hate. Pic related, the chewy taffy mixing with the si…[View]
10793890Youtube cooking channels and bad food stock art: ITT: we share our favorite cooking channels Cowboy …[View]
10790191Recipes that use ginger: I bought one of these. Now what do I do with it?[View]
10792400Learning how to cook: So Im 18 and I cant cook for shit. This is embarrassing, honestly. Do you guy…[View]
10790552Why haven't you converted to the Maasai diet yet? >The Maasai are a pastoralist tribe living…[View]
10791265Which ice cream flavors or dessert items go well together?[View]
10785758Webm Thread: Let's get this going[View]
10793526>refried beans >only fried once[View]
10786387Best places to eat in Queens: Heading to NY soon and will be staying in Queens. What are the best re…[View]
10790338I love steak-umms. Any good steak-umm recipes /ck/? Also why do people hate these? They're deli…[View]
10793045ITT: cooking youtubers u learned the most from mandatory: https://youtu.be/14H586nvavQ https://youtu…[View]
10792192Ever since I moved to the US, I've been eating tons of these. It's so much better than the…[View]
10788391>I can't afford to eat nigga wat?[View]
10793072>egg roll >doesn't contain egg What did they mean by this?…[View]
10790990Post food items your parents love. Pic related, dad always buys this.[View]
10791818Bloomin' onion.[View]
10792379How do you make curry like this?: I was in Japan a few months ago and had this at cocoichiban, the b…[View]
10792224Is it canned in Switzerland? How does Red Bull get to the USA: Already canned or in tankers to be ca…[View]
10791671how does it compare to the wendys chicken sandwich? Is the buttermilk one better?[View]
10789470Stocking A Poorfag Home Bar: So you cut corners with cheap wood and other expensive aesthetics like …[View]
10792418>Phillies fan injured by Phanatic's flying hot dog >http://6abc.com/sports/phillies-fan-i…[View]
10793014my grocery store stopped selling the s&b curry block i used to make curry[View]
10791266i want to look into opening my second restaurant. my first is a generic seafood restaurant that oper…[View]
10791108Trying out making cold brewed coffee, just need to let it sit in the fridge for 18 hours more.[View]
10792559Was gifted this lads, what do with it?[View]
10792815Heres some original content, detailing one of the most euphoric experiences with chicken I've e…[View]
10792688But how will I get my doggo fix now?[View]
10792435Fuck Marry Kill[View]
10792563Cookies: Ive been cooking nothing but almond butter and bananas for a week just to perfect it into t…[View]
10792215Whoa. Is rollatini supposed to be filled with this much cheese? I've never had it before, and I…[View]
10791494Weird Eating Habits: Anyone else was the pickle juice off their pickles before they eat them?[View]
10792168Hi cu/ck/s, Without going into detail, I get a great deal of pain in my hands after minimal amount o…[View]
10791876Is there any decent tequila in plastic bottles? I'm going to a festival and I'd rather not…[View]
10789155What did Amazon mean by this, /ck/?[View]
10791505Is there anything like rootbeer but not as sweet?[View]
10792250Any European bros out there can tell me if going to Metro for food is worth it ? I know someone who …[View]
10786806I am a chef/sushi chef AMA[View]
10784488Why did people stop eating pheasant? I want to try it but I can't find it anywhere.[View]
10790751Steak knife thread: Show me your favorite steak knives, show me the best[View]
10790242peanut brittle[View]
10789585When did dasani stop tasting like sprite :([View]
10789464wow wow wow. fucking unbelievable.[View]
10790710Is dal the best cheap food? >doesn't need absurd, inconvenient soaking times like beans >…[View]
10784709bagel: Only a degenerate would toast his bagel. When you toast your bagel it loses its springiness a…[View]
10789745What are some foods that you simple love A LOT? I love rice a lot, I can easily eat 2 cups of rice o…[View]
10790440Favorite imported snacks/candy?[View]
10780737>that first chug of the day[View]
10791231Meat!: Is there a finer food than steak? I don’t think so. Post your meat, /ck/.[View]
10788588hello /ck/ welcome to my cookalong, today we will be making an all time classic, egg on toast with c…[View]
10788828Cuban Bread: In Ohio, there isn't a Cuban within 100 miles of here but I'm trying to make …[View]
10790218do you like those mini pies they sell at walmart?they're like 400+ calories each.[View]
10790770For me, it's making delicious food at home instead of overpaying at shitty fast food joints.[View]
10789304I love rum but I lost my job recently and can’t afford the good stuff at the moment. What’s some dec…[View]
10789674>gordon ramsay's perfect burger looks like fucking shit, it will probably fall apart if you …[View]
10785148Do you like Jamaican food? If so, what are your favorite dishes? I like curry chicken and stew chick…[View]
10790890Behold the döner kebab calzone >layer of döner meat >tomato slices and onions >mozarella ch…[View]
10785010I just ate; 1 Big Mac, 1 Quarter Pounder, 1 McChicken, 1 Triple Cheese burger, 2 Cheeseburgers, 24…[View]
10790804/lit/: What are some decent cookery books? Preferably looking for reading about authentic Italian cu…[View]
10785038What is the most special ingredient (e.g. most expensive, hardest to find, of exceptional quality, e…[View]
10784955What is the fucking point? It takes forever and the texture comes out weird.[View]
10787897I couldn't find a suitable thread up so I guess I'll start one. What did everyone make tod…[View]
10788514Just made cochonita pibil for the first time ugh so fucking good why aren't you /c/ucks ever ta…[View]
10791046Just cooked and ate a wonderful steak and ale pie. Ate it so quickly forgot to take pictures of the …[View]
10784337france: hey fags it's been a hot minute or like 2009 since ive been here. what do i eat in fran…[View]
10790299What is /ck/'s opinion on MSG? Do you avoid it?[View]
10783498How will s*yboys ever recover?[View]
10792691>that 24 year old boomer who goes to bars on his own[View]
10790681Balkany Food: So there's this bus stop I've been frequenting for nearly ten years now. It…[View]
10790234Food from you're cunt[View]
10790252Hi /ck/ Let's have a home made pizza thread. chicken tenders, bacon, egg, beer battered wedge…[View]
10788210>it's another Filipino cuisine hate thread[View]
10790183>Not knowing the difference between cuisine and delicacy. People eat worms to survive = cuisine P…[View]
10785327What do you make to eat when you're drunk?[View]
10789855Hey there /ck/ I like to make cabbage rolls all year round but the price of sour cabbage heads is fu…[View]
10782636Last Meal: Suicide Edition You're suicidal, but want to eat your favorite meals one last time. …[View]
107894113 day old baked beans: I made these Sunday night so the flavors could mingle. This was my first bowl…[View]
10787790When folks think about me, they're always thinking about 'Hey, it's that guy--it's th…[View]
10788868Food & Love: Just stories about the best food you've ever had with the people that have mat…[View]
10788519Help me finish this meal Hello, this weekend I am cooking a birthday dinner for my girlfriend. I…[View]
10788358Do you drink monster? What is your favorite flavor?[View]
10789720Name a country with more disgusting 'cuisine'[View]
10789941Homemade spicy chicken noodle soup.[View]
10787849Cup ramen: Why do japs idolize this crap? I ordered a box of assorted brands of it just to try it (i…[View]
10790580itt: recipes that use monster energy drinks[View]
10789552What is some good food for lunch at work?: I’m getting tired of eating either lunch meat or egg and …[View]
10785996African Cuisine: lets talk about african cuisine... tonight i am making a chicken and peanut stew...…[View]
10790476I have no idea what any of this stuff is on the dinner menu.. http://www.sunsetsabi.com/sabimenu/ Im…[View]
10781239Is making vapeorized chemicals smoke plooms out of your mouth considered cooking? I wunna try cookin…[View]
10786824Hello I am the best food-related TV personality.[View]
10787136>eating rancid cabbage to be in “le cool guy club” why do they do this?…[View]
10789904Whats up with Dominos adding all this non pizza stuff to its menu and getting rid of Pizza from its …[View]
10788130pic related are the reason you can't buy cheetos in australia. Smiths own the rights to make ch…[View]
10787608>all you care to eat What's the point of saying this? Is 'all you can eat' not PC anymore or…[View]
10790060hey fellas i need your quick help spent last 2 years in a super busy kitchen with a very negative en…[View]
10790144Chicken Chipees with chicken salt are superior to tendies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlE4SzR_…[View]
10786735R8 my lunch you goofballs[View]
10789776>black sugarless coffee >tendies can my breakfast be topped?…[View]
10777561Would you buy food from the Amish?[View]
10788295>tfw you snack while you're making a recipe and by the time you're finishing with the r…[View]
10790024Friday Abstinence: Any meat-free but still not vegetarian proper meal ideas? Please no (((ethnic))) …[View]
10770806Must have: kitchen stuff[View]
10790013Post the last takeaway menu that posted to you[View]
10786902italian chef ama: i’m an italian chef ama[View]
10789652who /drinkcoffeelateatnight/ here?[View]
10788442Sandwich Discussion: Post only the best looking sandwiches in this thread[View]
10788753Rate this dinner my gf made me. I think my fav was the chicken katsu.[View]
10789742Pie Wars.: Are the best pies sweet or savory, lattice or no lattice, flaky crust or soft crust? What…[View]
10789907I've got a few cups of all purpose white flours , a few eggs , baking powder, salt, no sugar an…[View]
10789294Which traditional cuisine is the healthiest? i know that korean and japanese cuisine are pretty heal…[View]
10789468Are Screwdrivers a good entry cocktail?[View]
10785760Cutting /b/oard thread What's /B's favorite kind of cutting board? Wood? Plastic?[View]
10789117>american cuisine[View]
10789761>using cups as a measure for non-liquid foods what the fuck is a cup of brocolli? depending on ho…[View]
10784841I bought a side of Trout midtaking it for salmon, i had planned to cure the salmon with beets, can t…[View]
10786566i really like to put ketchup my my fairy bread. fairy bread is very hard to make, it's a SS ran…[View]
10789511Steamy Creamy Risotto: Who doesn't love hot steamy creamy risotto after a hard days work? You c…[View]
10789442>work in fine dinning for 2 years after high school >move to shitty state for College >try …[View]
10788323when was the last time you had a piece of food thrown directly at you?[View]
10789535I just ate some fried chicken. The breasts were juicy, and the buns were soft and warm. Afterwards, …[View]
10785628Wam bam thank ya lamb.[View]
10788333I bought a lemon pie on saturday and didn't eat it, it's just been there on the pantry and…[View]
10784266So Bob just invited some random Elvis Costello-looking fucker he met that day at a McDonald's t…[View]
10788462What's the core of an alfredo sauce? As in, what's the bare minimum of ingredients that ha…[View]
10786143Made a thread about this a few days ago... Just bought the salmon (couldn't find 'sashimi grade…[View]
10786227What foods make you assume someone is immediately lower class by eating. I’d say fast food in gener…[View]
10789040>eat asparagus for dinner >pee a few hours later >stick my head in the toilet to get every …[View]
10788211I grilled a kick ass London Broil tonight and served it with a side of greek salad w/ feta and some …[View]
10787547/deenz/ thread?: Post deenz recipes. I just recently started trying new way to eat them. Need more r…[View]
10782490These things are like crack. So I don't buy them so often, but when I do, look out.[View]
10785081Recommend me a /sip/ or a frozen pizza to add to this power ranking[View]
10788520Am I a pro cook yet?[View]
10780590>Start dating a girl whose mother is from the Philippines >go to her parents place for dinner …[View]
10788988Hey /ck/ I'm moving out on about 45k next month, and it's finally time to replace my entir…[View]
10788984ESAU SOUP! You Ever Sold A Birthright for Food?: >be me >get hungry after working >famished…[View]
10775026best tv 'chef': Vivian is bae[View]
10787522Lost everything. Need a base list of essential cooking stuff (spices, oils, common ingredients) any …[View]
10789067Pleasent cheap experiances?: went to an ihop(b?) today with the kid mid long bike ride. Havent been …[View]
10787646subject: wacky food item!: guys i'm really high and i dont have a lot of time but i just put tw…[View]
10788717FOOD/LOVE: How do these two intertwine you? >be me, 26 >be w/ girl I think I will marry one da…[View]
10788956Japanese Style Nippon Eggs: ingredients: >egg >soy sauce…[View]
10785084Restaurant Ethics: Do Virginian restaurants actually do this? I have a dairy allergy, do I need to s…[View]
10785926How is he still alive?[View]
10784278ITT your favorite steak cuts and marinades (or cooking methods for the marinate skeptics)[View]
10782917Bad flavors: Tastes like cheap chocolate and dirt.[View]
10776435God damn they got good service. Why cant burger king have service like that?[View]
10783262Knife: Why would anyone buy a non Japanese knife? The German knives are an absolute joke and the res…[View]
10788814babushka babish thoughts?[View]
10786046that first /sip/ of the day; is there anything better?[View]
10784382>Making beer can chicken with sister: >Insert can into the chicken's butt >It takes a …[View]
10786814Help me figure out how to appreciate onion. I'd like to be able to put them in stew, curry, chi…[View]
10787627Would you get a look at that sear, is there anything that the meme pan can't do?[View]
10780945What is the most delicious animal of all time, /ck/? My vote goes to chicken.[View]
10785475That's the power of Pineapple: I bought a pineapple. I wanna grill but only have a stove top an…[View]
10788649You Guys Into Love? What Dish Do You Associate w/ Love? BONUS: Secret Recipe Discussion: FOR ME, It…[View]
10786053Cast Iron: Are cast iron pans worth it for everyday cooking? Or are they too much effort relative t…[View]
10779704Has /ck/ ever grown it's own food? Or at least hunted it?[View]
10784991canada is a mistake[View]
10787807Who cooked these scallops?[View]
10788341Where can I buy biscottate/zweiback bread in the UK? Love it with the jam[View]
10780208Is there a better mushroom than the king oyster mushroom? Protip: No. there isn’t.[View]
10786245BritBoy needs his tea: I'm British, but living in Texas for a few years. I'm fed up with c…[View]
10788105>Artisan >Cultured >Non-GMO >Vegan >Umami >Paleo >Limited Edition >Ketosis …[View]
10784173https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMO0-r6oqXc >Shrimp fried in olive oil with some garlic Has he re…[View]
10787577I was thinking of making dhal but I'm broke and out of turmeric. Cab I substitute with safron?[View]
10785410What's the best way to cook this?[View]
10786170Thoughts? Any other good cheap liquors out there?[View]
10788057itt: culinary abortions on the back of boxes >http://www.kraftrecipes.com/recipes/deluxe-macaroni…[View]
10783712fat fuck burger appreciation thread: post local burger joints over sized special burgers and rate if…[View]
10787799>tfw the coffee isn't making you poop fast enough but you know the minute you leave it will …[View]
10787099R8 my din dins, post yours[View]
10785767I have cornmeal, one large chicken breast, a pantry and garden full of herbs and spices, what should…[View]
10786232What part of the country has: the best barbecue and why is it Brooklyn?[View]
10786603we eatin good tonite mane[View]
10788071you can make these in the microwave. holy shit[View]
10785798Fruit: Fruit Thread[View]
10785946What do you think of this stuff /ck/? I bought it in town about 2 months ago and never opened it. Wh…[View]
10787234Who here /harvest/ Post itt if you grow, gather, hunt, etc... I was out spearfishing last weekend an…[View]
10787769Sweet thread: ITT sweets[View]
10785034Brazilian Recipes: Share here, planning to make street Pasteis this weekend. >inb4 sopa de macac…[View]
10787946What are some good, easy weeknight dinners like pic related that can be thrown together with what a …[View]
10785754Cheddar: What are some nice recipes that use cheddar as the main ingredient? Keto is preferred but n…[View]
10782266if you enjoy taco tuesday and the shell makes a crunch... YOU MIGHT BE A BOOMER[View]
10785770How hard is it to find a manual crank-operated mincer that isn't poor quality chink-shit? Anyon…[View]
10784197Does enjoying this mean I’m autistic?[View]
10787498What is the best knife block out there, and why is it the brilliantly useful but horribly named KaPo…[View]
10785901I havn't eaten in a week and food seems so disgusting what should i eat to fix this?[View]
10782885Mincer: Why is it so hard to find a decent hand mincer for a reasonable price? Have the Chinese comp…[View]
10786858For me, I'll get a $4 chop cheese for lunch and a can of coke. What'll you have /ck/?[View]
10787036Quick, /ck/, help I made me some pizza rolls but forgot to buy sour cream, now the pizza creams are …[View]
10785130I'd smash her burger if you know what i mean[View]
10787731Post meme foods. IE foods that /ck/ swears by but is actually shit. Here's an easy one.[View]
10785079Kitchen Scales: >mfw ctrl-f no kitchen scale thread >mfw I'm just some scale I found at U…[View]
10786097Well /ck/, was my pork shoulder good?[View]
10787350Europeans, explain yourselves. How can you eat pate? It looks so disgusting. Does it taste good? The…[View]
10758053You can stop looking for it /ck/! I found the white bottle of 'vark sauce! Can't wait to g…[View]
10786617beans: Just thinking of dem beans, bois.[View]
10782613if you find a blood spot in your egg do you still eat it? I can't, i'm paranoid about stuf…[View]
10786424Why do you still eat fish? It’s disgusting, the texture is gross, and it’s disgusting. Also it’s dis…[View]
10785890Oh fuck I think I made a mistake[View]
10785920How to distinguish between crocodile meat, lizard meat and snake meat?[View]
10785720When did you realize sesame brittle was superior to peanut in every way?[View]
10784971Gelato Isn't Vegan?[View]
10787140I need to learn how to cook fr my friend: My friend is near the end of his life (due to illness) and…[View]
10786647I want to create the perfect fry up. I have some dry cured, smoked danish bacon, organic garlic, por…[View]
10787003Hello. How can I eat faster? My meal times usually take up to 30 minutes (sometimes more). I don…[View]
10784390how many sauce do you girls order when getting cheese sticks? What types?[View]
10785008Any of you /ck/ucks know the instructions for these? Are they soupy or dry. Non slant eye here. Tia[View]
10783089Why is this allowed?[View]
10775449Rate my dinner co/ck/s[View]
10784422What was the best thing you ate last week, and why? I've had my fair share of tonkatsu, but coo…[View]
10786048whats your favourite frozen snack?[View]
10785759c o o k a l o n g: Gonna make three butters: peanut, hazelnut and almond. Starting with the almonds,…[View]
10785167Is his course any good?[View]
10778408How do I make homemade croutons without an oven?[View]
10786476Just got a garlic white cheddar from McDs, I was waiting to be disappointed but it is pretty good. I…[View]
10784636Teen sex: To know, know him is to love, love him[View]
10784248Just realized something: McDonald's doesn't taste good.Ok maybe their soft serve ice cream…[View]
10786203How do you wrap sandwiches for later in the day so they don't get soggy? Is it the same for col…[View]
10786202What's the best frozen pizza and why is it pic related?: Most of the Ristorantes are good, but …[View]
10785440I knew my now wife wasn't a good cook when we married. She grew up with her mum and older siste…[View]
10783280Where my rodeo niggas at[View]
10784701What's the best beer I can get at a Japanese convenience store?[View]
10784621Meals thread: Rate my meal[View]
10782553I got a Taco Bell $5 steak nacho box. I was very disappointed by it. Ask me anything.[View]
10785342tofu: how do i make this shit texture ingredient edible? is there any way to do so?? i think only ch…[View]
10785072My pinto beans are this color when they first finish cooking, but when they cool down they turn dark…[View]
10777645Why do you guys like this frumpy, gross slag again?[View]
10785450Is there a bigger scam artist in the industry? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqDaZsgR5zg[View]
10782856just ate 3 of these now i wanna die[View]
10785923what are you having for dinner today, /ck/?[View]
10784013I actually bought into this fucking meme I ordered a medium rare. It was way worse then I actually t…[View]
10784460You might disagree, but Heinz 57 is the patrician condiment. Prove me wrong.[View]
10783603ITT: Food only children enjoy[View]
10783919Does Wendy's hire real chefs?[View]
10785624Microwave Mug Meal - /mmm/: Microwave Mug Meal - /mmm/ First edition. It is real food fast, better t…[View]
10777710What is the best thing to get from picrelated?[View]
10764213cartoon food you would eat: kim possible nachos[View]
10785237Anyone with Carp recipes? Also what about brining the fillets?[View]
10783885Which brewery is this coaster from?: I've reverse image searched and didn't find anything.…[View]
10785545peanut butter is shit: Honestly who the fuck likes this shit? > it looks like poop and sticks to …[View]
10778012Drinks/Food that are exclusive to your area[View]
10785436Pyccкaя Кyхня: How does one go about properly making Russian food? I'm very much interested, bu…[View]
10780037Redpill me on spices? What spices am I supposed to use if not premade?[View]
10785176>tfw it's finally Wendy's Wednesday who's gonna be enjoying the delectable fresh, …[View]
10783473Omelettes: Who doesn't love omelettes? This morning I made my special chocolate omelette. very …[View]
10785349Are chef hats a meme?[View]
10782685>tell gf to buy bass >comes home with basa >a fucking bottomfeeder fish >slap her with t…[View]
10782417すし: So, when will this 'sushi' meme end?[View]
10783619whatchu suckas eatin rn: Post your dinner I’m not buying more food til I eat all the shit I already …[View]
10784865pizza and pineapple convo: everyone talks about pineapple on pizza but why does no one talks about p…[View]
10785208Hot pot home: Made my first hot pot, drunk and for my self. Portions were small but i had a cornicop…[View]
10783669For me, it's the McChicken. The best fast food sandwich. I even ask for extra McChicken sauce p…[View]
10775874STEVE1989: New Steve coming soon. Should be 'fun'.[View]
10783163ITT: chains no one else on /ck/ has eaten at[View]
10770050Can we have a poor mans sammich thread? Also best bread to make a sammich? Also correctly guess the …[View]
10785074how do I into birdseed milkshakes? any bros have any experience?[View]
10783591Do fortune cookie fortunes activate when the cookie is received or when the cookie is opened?[View]
10783569Looking to start preparing my own meals, but I have no pans or pots. What would you suggest I start …[View]
10784694/pg/ - pastry general: Are my donuts well leavened? Also, >pastry general…[View]
10782476I'm at an American style restaurant. What shall I order?[View]
10784672>this is me on a plate[View]
10784918Post your favorite/one of your favorite restaurants in your city/town (Pic related. I discovered it …[View]
10784517I bought these a week ago because the fiber supplements I've been using haven't been worki…[View]
10784785So, /ck/, I've had a pretty crazy idea spinning around in my mind for awhile and was wondering …[View]
10778552Are fried eggs better crispy or soft?[View]
10784634Meal prep: /fit/fag here. I have like half of a kg of fish stored in my freezer and these months I w…[View]
10784767What's the best cooking channel and why is it Italia Squisita? https://www.youtube.com/user/ita…[View]
10784043redpill me on putting chocolate into chili https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cincinnati_chili[View]
10784394Oreo Cookie Crumble (2.5 lbs): Could you eat all this in one sitting for $500? Only 5,440 calories.…[View]
10783943peanut brittle[View]
10784691I grilled a kick ass London Broil tonight and served it with a side of greek salad w/ feta and some …[View]
10784509>teleports behind your kitchen bench >shoves stupid hot chilli sauces on everything while Bing…[View]
10784548Taiwanese food: Next saturday I'm eating at my girl's house and her brother is going to br…[View]
10783757There's wings, but then there's WANGZ: So I tried barbecuing some wings, and came out with…[View]
10784287Turkey chili cookalong: Let's make Turkey chili Pinto/black/northern beans soaked overnight, s…[View]
10780303Underrated niche flavors: Why the fuck isnt Birch Beer flavored soda more popular? Its like root bee…[View]
10784225Starbucks to close 150 locations in 2019: https://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2018/06/19/Starbucks-to-cl…[View]
10783788Why doesn't it taste like the restaurant?[View]
10784232Japanese spend 10 years in training to become sushi chef. Just finished one week training at Publix.…[View]
10783874The chopped cheese is basically a blended cheeseburger (and that's a good thing)[View]
10779042Want to become a sushi chef: A large dish of sushi where i live is about $20 and that is like enough…[View]
10781263Favorite food. go. Fried chicken[View]
10783233these pepsi cans are rad[View]
10783911Can I get a quick rundown on Schwan's? I remember my parents getting stuff from them when I was…[View]
10782129I'm currently living in military barracks and I have no access to a stove for a few months. I…[View]
10784123Does this song define an entire generation? How do you feel about avocados and has she changed your …[View]
10783838Check out this awesome sandwich I made, /ck/.[View]
10782912Is it better to use instant coffee or proper coffee when making a coffee cake?[View]
10783894What’s for dinner?: Baked Chicken Parmesan for me with zoodles and homemade marinara sauce[View]
10782414What recipes use blue Stilton cheese? Is it good with mushrooms?[View]
10783887this place called buredo just recently opened near my office. they serve sushi burritos. i like sush…[View]
10783203Will this pizza turn out ok? Can I get this back into a ball or no?[View]
10768107For me it is the cooking and food related webm[View]
10782734*improves your pizza*[View]
10778942imagine liking raw tomatos on anything lmao[View]

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