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/ck/ - Food & Cooking

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11369600quick question it's not possible to burn hardboiled eggs right?[View]
11368361It's cocoa weather.[View]
11368220Are you ready for gamer food era 2.0? I guess we back to this shit again.[View]
11344891Name a better breakfast[View]
11362287why is pour over coffee so comfy?[View]
11366357anyone else just chug condensed milk sometimes[View]
11367411Good bread tastes good without anything on it. If your bread tastes like shit without anything on it…[View]
11359769Roasting A Turkey: I bought a 25lb (11.35 kg) turkey. Tell me your tips to roast this big bitch to j…[View]
11363496Hey my dudes, doing a 'Co run, need anything?[View]
11367624My homemade sausageroll. I think I did fairly good.[View]
11368719TV Dinners: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-6mI708yWc Non US resident here What do TV dinners tast…[View]
11368715What is the secret to a good curry sauce? Indian or Thai prefered, the Japanese ones are too sweet. …[View]
11369093whats the difference between the batter in waffles pancakes crepes palatschinken also whats the d…[View]
11358737>WOW >like butter![View]
11361448what can i do with a gram of saffron[View]
11367532Big dick thread: 7 hours at 275 pork shoulder wrapped in aluminum foil Garlic powder Paprika Pepper…[View]
11368886You were right /ck/. This is the perfect combination.[View]
11364544You've got $5 in your pocket. What will it be?[View]
11368662>party favors that don't suck he who brings delicious butter cookies will be invited back!…[View]
11354994You DO shop here, don't you?[View]
11367883Why is mexican 'food' so spicy?[View]
11368572Post your favorite pasta sauce recipe.[View]
11364431Are men really better cooks than women?[View]
11367381Now that the dust has settled, what is the best hot pocket flavor? By the way, if you answer anythin…[View]
11366516Rate my breakfast[View]
11367471Are sweetbreads a meme?[View]
11368388Why is spaghetti and meatballs so good? Also any good recipes?[View]
11365090How 2 make a stew that doesn't take 8 hours?: I'm a Uni student so funds are limited, but …[View]
11366542Why the fuck does everyone here have to constantly be in competition over who has the coolest fad di…[View]
11367124Reminder that fast food will literally give you cancer and there is no excuse for ever eating it, ev…[View]
11366561So, 1 kg of my favourite cheddar cheese was in a lost suitcase for a week at tropical temperatures. …[View]
11367896I wonder do the regular boomer/zoomer/millennial cook for themselves or they all eat out? I am not a…[View]
11362654>that weird guy that exclaims he's a carnivore at work when nobody asked…[View]
11366687>Where are you from? >How many bottles of ranch dressing do you currently own?…[View]
11368162Lunchables sandwich![View]
11367674Hey guys I'm applying for a chef apprenticeship for a top tier kitchen. What are some simple bu…[View]
11365892Need some ideas: Could you guys help me with ideas for a catering? I'm supposed to cook with a …[View]
11367238>A hair in my food[View]
11366944Red Rice: Anyone else ever put ketchup on white rice? I first did it years ago as a little kid, disc…[View]
11362229Are there any Jewish dishes that aren’t fucking disgusting?[View]
11366692While I do beer in the summertime, going into the fall months, I turn to my old friend Jack. Recomme…[View]
11367669Fruit: Fruit thread /ck/[View]
11367700What did you cook tonight?: Rate my dindins, it's Okinawa soba, and it was delicious! What did …[View]
11362118We got one of these opening near me soon. How are they compared to Chick-Fil-A?[View]
11367908Blackstrap Molasses: What's your brand, /ck/?[View]
11367704The King of all drinks, Dr. Pepper, has been around since 1885. (In contrast to Coca-Cola first appe…[View]
11367562Is it even possible to dislike nachos?[View]
11367752What is the wine for a chicken pan sauce? Last one i used was too fruity.[View]
11367659I've never cooked once in my life[View]
11366248Vegans: https://youtu.be/ovmag5W5mHE Why do all the people in the comments claim they started dying …[View]
11367248Is miso paste safe to use as a base for a jerky marinade, or would I need to add more salt?[View]
11361683*saves your butt hole*[View]
11360643Lick or wipe?[View]
11367408I need some urgent assistance coo/ck/s I need a 5 course dinner planned for a wine tasting. and im …[View]
11366102Peking Duck Buns: new food dip video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osuecHrwZlE by the way, is peki…[View]
11367302You just finish eating up, son. Your mother works doubleshifts at minimum wage to bring food on the …[View]
11365799Does /ck/ eat while standing?[View]
11353405ITT God-tier sausage[View]
11367008Mmmm vegan lettuce tacos[View]
11366397Is there a more /comfy/ youtube channel out there than Kent? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcBDI9O…[View]
11357637Sell me on Toaster Ovens: I've never had one, is it an appliance worth having?[View]
11363011How will Americans ever recover?[View]
11365972The pork loin is the perfect cut of the pig. >reasonable price >good for soups >fry it in t…[View]
11360906Poorfag food and hacks on a budget? Hot-N-Sweaty for $5 Popeye's Tuesday Special What else am I…[View]
11366119had a really nice 'clean' pie there son, thanks for fucking it up by running your filthy toy over it…[View]
11366909I fucking love pickles But I was always curious. What is the Jewish connection to pickles? Always …[View]
11363048can you boil milk made with milk powder? or will it curd?[View]
11365891Don't use a veggie peeler while drinking and smoking, /ck/[View]
11365366What's your Sunday night dinner friends? I got a stuffed crust digiornos pizza and some vodka[View]
11364348redpill me on castiron pan, should i get one[View]
11365904Halo Cake: wanted to share this awesome cake[View]
11363908Bison: Anyone else eat bison before? I bought some ground bison from the supermarket a few weeks ago…[View]
11361267Ultra Epic Final Showdown: This is it /ck/ do you >mix or do you >chase GO…[View]
11366683Simple meals that seem impressive: I'm an alright cook on my own. I am going to have to start c…[View]
11366679What are some foods that give you a case of 'the spookies'? For me, it's spooky skele…[View]
11364864How do I know if someone c*me, sp*t, piss*d in my food?[View]
11365719>I'll have a glass of water please[View]
11365920There's only 2 types of chowder: seafood and vegetable. I'm Steven Chowder. Change my mind…[View]
11365747Beer newbie here. How do I know what makes a beer good? What am I looking for in the taste, color, e…[View]
11363157Do you chew your food at least 30 times before swallowing it?[View]
11364482Can someone please explain to be the difference between eating, say, 400g of strawberries vs one fun…[View]
11365814penne all'arrabbiata: I love this bad boy[View]
11359459LAO GAN MA: LAO GAN MA >>>/wsg/2420978[View]
11364461>There are people in this board who don't eat a big slice of fresh bread dipped in some loca…[View]
11362001who else here /instant/[View]
11366502Grilled Chicken Thighs: Evening co/ck/suckers! I get nothing but hate from you, much like what I get…[View]
11366233>american eggs enjoy your salmonella and bird fetuses[View]
11366343Why US wines taste like they are loaded with chemicals: No matter what price point they are loaded w…[View]
11366430ITT odd things that you think you only like. >Exclusively drink whole milk and I always put pic r…[View]
11366475What's going on crew. What's your favorite *alcohol* to 'season' your food with[View]
11365902Kava: Is kava a food item or a drug? Confused about how it would be placed[View]
11365162What is the best breakfast and why is it objectively medium rare steak with eggs over easy?[View]
11366385Rate my dinner[View]
11360594I bet the most hardcore meat eaters would love a bite of this vegan bad boy.[View]
11366359Do Cheerios give anyone else really bad gas? I just had a bout of terrible gas, like nonstop hot, si…[View]
11366312Transcendental Epicurean Reflections: When you finish all the beef in your beef stew, are you now ea…[View]
11365691I just cooked this for the first time and it was absolutely delicious. What's the catch?[View]
11363210which is more harmful to the human body? Soy or dairy?[View]
11365851Why is indian food so hard to make bros?[View]
11362619I literally never wash my fruit and vegetables. Am I gonna die?[View]
11366005Anything I should know before I pop these suckers in the toaster?[View]
11365547Who the hell just puts 2 crackers in soup?[View]
11365809You're welcome.[View]
11356831>go out to eat for birthday >get chastised for ordering the tenders >'damnit anon i told yo…[View]
11365017So I discovered that Tacos al Pastor is literally Mexican schwarma and it was brought to Mexico by L…[View]
11365840race mixing pastas: I have a bunch of leftover pastas of different shapes. Is it okay to cook them t…[View]
11365859Insect Meat Restaurant: Thinking of starting a business. How marketable would a restaurant specializ…[View]
11365749Halloween Party snack ideas: I'm having a small Halloween party with coworkers (about ten peopl…[View]
11363946What's the future of cultured meat?[View]
11365890Why aren’t you growing your own saffron? You haven’t fallen for the inflation meme have you?[View]
11363166Mr Kipling Cakes BTFO: world famous /tv/ here. how will the brit cake maker ever recover!?[View]
11365830First off I'd like to say I don't cook much and I also have a HUGE fear of vomiting and fe…[View]
11364380Do there exist humans that can gulp one of these down?[View]
11365572Mixing bowls, which do you prefer? Stainless steel, stoneware, silicone, or glass? Lets settle this …[View]
11357251I was afraid but I just tried these and holy fucking god they are so delicious[View]
11365078Im eating zaxbys by myself. AMA[View]
11362347What’s the most overrated flavor of ice cream, and why is it mint chocolate chip?[View]
11365381This is alright. But.....[View]
11365043Hi: I'm making Stu for dinner[View]
11356764Good foods webm thread[View]
11363443Is Shakshuka the GOAT easy breakfast/lunch or even dinner???[View]
11361884>Vegan thing >Meat eat says 'heh I'll eat bacon in front of you heh' Lowers my opinion of…[View]
11363537What is the best tasting breed of beef? Aberdeen Angus? Wagyu?[View]
11364996Sup meatard poorfags: Just took a shit. During this shit, I made more money from my investments then…[View]
11362553Lactose free tastes better the fuck: I don't get it. Is this some sort of weird marketing thing…[View]
11365610Ttoday I ate 5 mcchickens and two triple cheeseburgers are home cooked meals really worth it? Can th…[View]
11365511Post peak American food.[View]
11364838Am going here for din din today, what do I buy? I'm considering a deep dish, but the value jus…[View]
11365428There is NOTHING wrong with having some ketchup on your steak. It enhances the flavor, not overwhelm…[View]
11363192/ss/ - Supermarket Sunday: >Poverty edition What's been your lowest of lows in supermarket p…[View]
11364511I hope you don't bully your vegetables, /ck/[View]
11362143Soba Buns: Isn't mixing carbs with carbs against some kind of nip religion? Or obscure and anci…[View]
11363093Heating up leftover Burger King nuggets in bacon fat to make a melt of this abomination.[View]
11355201Sweets: Let's make millionaire's shortbread, and post any desserts you've made. This …[View]
11357843How do I make food way more fattening?[View]
11364829Any Lebanese anons around? I'm making moghrabieh later today for me and some others. any tips t…[View]
11359706will the obesity rates increase in Canada with the legalization of marijuana?[View]
11364468>buy 40 of these for $4 >coat them in a nice wing sauce >???…[View]
11363871Carbonara is better if you put cream in the sauce. You niggtalians can argue with me all you want bu…[View]
11363475>intentionally making the nozzle too large so that when you try to drizzle, half the bottle pours…[View]
11362543why do soy boys and npcs hate ketchup so much /ck/?[View]
11363270Personal AUTISM/OCD regarding food, cooking, cutlery: so what are some totally irrational things tha…[View]
11364796What vegetables benefit the most from parboiling prior to roasting/pan frying? Does parboiling meat …[View]
11363485Why is every single recipe for green curry paste a 'Thai green curry' Is there no other kind of gree…[View]
11363453the BEST boba tea flavor is taro, and thats a FACT. dont @ me[View]
11364413recipe of cuttlefish in seafood sauce: http://www.unreceta.com/recipe-of-cuttlefish-in-seafood-sauce…[View]
11353622CONFESS: How many times a week do you eat fast food?[View]
11360637Is he overrated?[View]
11364820Should I?[View]
11364742For me, it's Moe's® southwest grill®[View]
113641132019: >2019 >not eating harsha instead of bread Explain yourselves…[View]
11360347What do you lads usually get from McDonald’s? For me it’s the McChicken and a Filet-O-Fish.[View]
11363108What food do you usually take to bed with you? I often put a box of pizza under my pillow so I can j…[View]
11358542Looking for some good authentic Mexican recipes. Also, discuss best Mex food in general[View]
11362803Donburi: what's your favourite 丼 and why is it katsu?[View]
11364558So does anyone forage for mushrooms? I found some hen of the woods, aka Maitake mushrooms, cleaned i…[View]
11363308Steak: How do you cook cheap steak to make it taste better? Also how do anons like their steak?…[View]
11364503RECIPE OF BEEF CHEEKS IN MUSHROOM SAUCE: http://www.unreceta.com/recipe-of-beef-cheeks-in-mushroom-s…[View]
11363600They act like straight up aliens[View]
11362288How do I make pear beer? Or any alchohol?[View]
11362766deep fried frozen turkey explosion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gn895y4wkc Packaging of store-bo…[View]
11364342>he buys coffee machines >he's a corporate slave…[View]
11364265Is /ck/ ready for the Nightmare King coming to Burger King tomorrow?[View]
11359523Culinary pleb filters[View]
11361905>that first sip of the day nothing beats it, bros[View]
11360287weebnoodles: Which instant weebnoods povertyfood brand/flavor do you eat!?[View]
11361832Its actually fucking amazing and I cant contain myself to not eat more than 3 pieces and I hate myse…[View]
11362329How many packets of ramen would I need to consume to exceed my daily salt intake?[View]
11357242What do you think of this chicken kafta, /ck/?[View]
11363313Comfy weekend breakfast time: it's weekend so that means breakfast time post your breakfast and…[View]
11361711Hey guys look what I made[View]
11358661ITT: Post menus for restaurants and discuss what you would eat and if it's a good deal or not.[View]
11362453Rate my burger bros. >tfw no in n out in michigan[View]
11360825Is there a better breakfast?[View]
11361780Food that your currently addicted to[View]
11363585What general sauces to put in these?: I bought a few and am looking for recipes fitting for squeeze …[View]
11363826after knocking bread back, do you then shape it and let it rise? or do you let it rise and then shap…[View]
11363154Why are Americans so retarded at making chicken wings? They deep fry them for like fifteen minutes u…[View]
11363569Any pumpkin recipe? I bought some, then I taste it raw, very fragnant but I don't sense any swe…[View]
11362136>Americans don't call it fizzy drink[View]
11362336So millennials have killed another food item. This time it's American ''''''''''Cheese'''''''''…[View]
11361384How to salmon?: I've tried cooling salmon dozens of times and I can't do anything to make …[View]
11363092Inspired by this: >>11360144 thread, I want to have a menu thread Post Menus and pick a meal[View]
11361550Why didn't MoonPie try to expand outside the U.S. and end up letting a Korean company (Orion) t…[View]
11361328When you were a kid, what type of candy were you the happiest to get on halloween? I think my favori…[View]
11363624this is my signature family dish ''The Hurgin''. This is a picture I found on go…[View]
11361052Western Filling for Mooncakes?: I am in love with these chinese mooncakes, which are filled with mun…[View]
11362833Foods you had recently that you liked[View]
11359674*infests your flower*[View]
11355517Heads up Amerifats[View]
11352951Probably tastes terrible.[View]
11363300Best way to start the day. Glass of milk to wash down all my vitamins and supplements. Then some bla…[View]
11363303From internet recipe to home cooked: Post your meals that you prepared following a recipe found on t…[View]
11360507Liver Recipes: Anyone got any tips for cooking liver? I've tried this twice before and it'…[View]
11363320Stock: What are your must have veggies for stocks? Be it chicken, vegie or what ever stock.[View]
11362181What should I get from Speedway? Thinking of making a food run for Ice cream and shit.[View]
11362028why do people glorify a raw bunless burguer? its not even worth the worms[View]
11360461If you could travel back in time: To tell your younger self about cooking. What would you tell/warn …[View]
11361609Rate my pizza: Rate my pizza. Put some Kraft Singles on it. Dipping in mayonnaise.[View]
11362987*stops your heart*[View]
11362108Grocery Store Experiences: >In line at grocery store buying deenz and a few other things >Two …[View]
11363213Food: Rate my burger[View]
11360358Okay /ck/, I need your help. Like really badly. I'm having to last minute throw together a feas…[View]
11338054What's your dish?: It's that time again /ck/. What's your main dish? That daily drive…[View]
11363132Why wont these little shits ever cook properly?! I have cooked them every different way, I've b…[View]
11362925The King of all drinks, Dr. Pepper, has been around since 1885. (In contrast to Coca-Cola first appe…[View]
11360620I think spoons are pretty good.[View]
11360144What would /ck/ get from each course?[View]
11356294>coke based >pop cringe >soda yikes FIGHT ME…[View]
11361977What's for dinner, /ck/? I made chicken parmesan. Pic related.[View]
11356901Were you a fruit by the foot, fruit gushers, or fruit roll up kind of kid?[View]
11360849who was the Jannetty?[View]
11359628Toast was burned a little, but I like it crunchy. How do you prefer yours?[View]
11358999Who has the best tendies?[View]
11359708Wtf /ck/, I just went to my local Mcdonalds and ordered a McChicken, and when I asked for a side of …[View]
11360230I have a shitload of ground beef and I want to make beef and cheese sandwiches. What would be a real…[View]
11358997Vegans are Disgusting: It’s popular among vegans to make animal- free imitations of regular meat dis…[View]
11358660Why haven't hipsters embraced the boiled peanut?[View]
11343891The Great Debate: >Carla >Brad[View]
11357146Store bought Meatballs for Spaghetti: So I'm a student and haven't got time to make homema…[View]
11362374Come Drunk Cook With ME: Saturday night in Canada. come cook a shitty steak marinated for 5 days in …[View]
11361799wat do 2nite bruvs?[View]
11345885This is a thread for useless kitchen utensils and gadgets. Post the most useless or pointless thing …[View]
11358858I usually like Ramsay's stuff, but this burger looks fucking awful.[View]
11362457Real diabetes niggas know this recipe already but its simple for the rest of you >Take two packs…[View]
11361875what are some food[View]
11360843Rate my lunch, /ck/[View]
11361789I know pumpkin beers aren't objectively good, as far as beer tasting is concerned. But fuck it,…[View]
11352514>see someone eating alone which one of you cu/ck/s was this? have some social courtesy and get ta…[View]
11361982Do these taste like Pringles or is it just me?[View]
11359264What's some good fighting food?[View]
11361751Ahh authentíc italiano[View]
11359659Why don't you eat yams, /ck/?[View]
11361452Making pita bread: I want to get into bread making, so I though making some pita would probably be t…[View]
11361472Pancakes: How do you like em >toss in a mashed banana, peanut butter, and some cinnamon sugar go…[View]
11360990Why aren't you eating fruits' skins/peels?: Stop throwing them in the trash. The are edibl…[View]
11361389kill spoons[View]
11361795Alright /ck/, if the asian iron chef guy who gives out the special ingredients handed you: - half a …[View]
11359801What technically makes it fries? Does it need to be deep fried or will some alternative cuttings, in…[View]
11361940>foie gras[View]
11360681Fat: I'm beginning to feel like a fat god, fat god All my people from the front to the back gno…[View]
11361257Runny chili?: I recently found my Grandpas recipe for chili and have decided to try and make its bec…[View]
11361770you guys eat your burgers with the peel on right[View]
11361716make cookies less oily?: so i was making peanut butter cookies and i added 1/2 cup of vegetable oil …[View]
11360540some kind of cherry and almnd thing i guess: some one know a good shit made of cherries and almonds …[View]
11357955>Fictional Restaurants you wish were real I’ve made dozens of different kinds of cheese sandwiche…[View]
11359841what kind ketchup does is a mustard based or mayonayse[View]
11361553Where can I find boar penis? (asking for a friend)[View]
11355859Have any of you watched Dominion?: It's a documentary on the horrors of livestock farming, in t…[View]
11360685>enjoying a chicken ceasar salad wrap outside >a nice ray of sunshine engulfs me >realize t…[View]
11354743Is turmeric a meme? I was looking for some Indian recipes and found out that some people put turmeri…[View]
11359869Everyday I slice 200 g of chicken breast, season with salt and pepper, fry it with onion and garlic …[View]
11359391What should I cook that DOESN'T contain Serotonin (for example no tomato)?: So right now I am n…[View]
11359524>mfw eating this everyday >just found out it has mercury in it WTF? Are there any other poison…[View]
11359133you guys dip?[View]
11358940Dinnerware: Probably going to go buy a set of Corelle today. Is it as good as everyone says? Any oth…[View]
11358919Allright bois whats the tier list of sauces? and why is bbq on top?[View]
11358616Does anyone notice that the burger king whopper buns literally smell like a sweaty ballsack/ass? Sin…[View]
11360654>go to coffee place >tell them I want my coffee plain rather than saying black like everyone e…[View]
11360603My microwave broke. Should I buy a new one or just do without it? The only things I really need it f…[View]
11360560Food Poison General: I think Ive got food poisoning from some under cooked chicken. Bad case of the …[View]
11357727'Savory steel cut oats made with cherry infused beef jus finished with acidulated butter and truffle…[View]
11359347Which is the best of the big three reds? I think cherries are seductive, strawberries are qt, and ra…[View]
11360863Have you taken the 7/11 pill?[View]
11360915McDonalds no longer has $1 sandwich app deal[View]
11361334Why aren't you making your own soup stocks?[View]
11359908>shitty drip coffee >use one of these >coffee tastes amazing Lmao at coffeesnobs who buy t…[View]
11361280>2018 >still eating carbs I bet you enjoy feeling like a dopey sack of shit, eh?…[View]
11357052the only thing that goes inside this is cream. period.[View]
11361031Home style southern cooking: post your home cooked meals[View]
11358207Is coconut oil any good for frying?[View]
11360968I really hate how fucking inconsistent cooking is. Anyone else notice that? Sometimes it takes me 5 …[View]
11360805I love soft apples: They are DELICIOUS!!! I love the way they crumble inside your mouths, unlike har…[View]
11360909anyone buy this brand of pasta?[View]
11360281Why do you hate them?[View]
11358225Redpill me on pomegranates[View]
11352783>you arrive 30 mins early to the party, the host tells you to make yourself at home with a beer w…[View]
11346219ITT only 10/10s allowed[View]
11356405Reminder Unagi (eel) is the best variant of sushi, Salmon in a close second and tuna in third.[View]
11357031Guypill me on Guy[View]
11356135Urgent dilemma. I have like a whole pound of liver that expired yesterday. It's a lot of liver …[View]
11360726How do you build up tolerance to spice? Going to America soon head food there was usually spicy, goi…[View]
11360397What do I do with my alligator now that I caught it[View]
11360820>go to the grocery store >about to check out >realize I left my wallet at home >get my w…[View]
11358301I've recently fallen in love with chilli jam. I like mixing it with some mayo to make a dip. Wh…[View]
11360311>Welcome to Olive Garden! Here are your complimentary salads valid through the month of October.…[View]
11356792What are the best brand of cigarettes for an after meal smoke?[View]
11360444my diet/budget is pretty much eggs/coffee/cardio in the morning chicken sub and 4beers in the evenin…[View]
11357123On a plane drinking plane coffee. AMA.[View]
11359420You have ten seconds to justify not using squeezable garlic.[View]
11359205Hmmmmm: Shall I buy toaster? pic unrelated[View]
11319279>this is who they replaced Claire with I don't know what to think. At least they stuck Brad …[View]
11348577Budget Meals: So today for lunch I had one (1) McDonald's hamburger, medium fries using a free …[View]
11358032Nigella who?: Gizzi Erskine is the ultimate English cooking woman.[View]
11357196*stockpots your path*[View]
11357992Fantasy cooking: So there's a feat in the current edition of Dungeons and Dragons called 'Gourm…[View]
11358689What does /ck/ think of GMO products? You buy em or not? Do they cause some illnesses like cancer or…[View]
11359421I binge ate again. I said I wouldn't do it again last time but this time I'm serious.[View]
11357817I've been thinking about breakfast lately and how utterly terrible it is. Worst meal of day by …[View]
11360298Big ol' liquorice: Thank you, Australia[View]
11354223The reason I'm using pork belly instead of bacon is because all of the extra FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT.…[View]
11360149Do you use fast food/convenience store apps? I go to 7 Eleven almost daily and got 10k points for th…[View]
11358785Is my canned chicken cooked?: >canned food is always cooked I'm not so sure.…[View]
11359983How do vegans handle being raped by the delicious odors of burgers, steaks and ribs permeating our s…[View]
11352844Pizza Hut: Do you hit the hut, anon?[View]
11356442I made a ton(metric) of potato puree and we didnt have time to eat it, and the milk in it gets sour …[View]
11359831why do fountain soda taste much better than soda cans? it's like 'they' know this[View]
11355591Post anything you have fucking cooked lately or are cooking now: I have some shitty contribootions, …[View]
11360019Our favorite otter is back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3noLSXXni7M[View]
11358887How does /ck/ like its gulyás?[View]
11356674Whats the best taco and why is it birria?[View]
11356560What are the best chips to go with guacamole? I already tried it with Pringles and Doritos.[View]
11358091>go to look up new recipe ideas >9/10 of the top search results are fucking cooking blog moms …[View]
11349085Mushrooms Aren't Vegan: Both The Vegan Society and the American Vegan Society define a vegan as…[View]
11357290We ordered pizza, and the pizzeria gave us a salad arranged like this. What gives?[View]
11359827Is it really true that chinese and other orientals eat dog and kitty? I choose not to believe. Tell …[View]
11355050How do you eat your fried eggs? I always slice off bits of the white, and eat simultaneously with bi…[View]
11354038What's wrong with me. I just drank this whole can and don't feel a thing.[View]
11355691QTDDTOTT: Question Thread: This is a thread for all sorts of small questions that you have that don…[View]
11356565Pumpkin Pizza Cheese: I need some quick suggestions here /ck/! What types of cheeses would go well o…[View]
11356274store just started stocking these in the asian section next to the pocky, koala march, and other jap…[View]
11359702comfy roast: so whats bubblin in your oven tonight, /ck/?[View]
11359606Good morning /ck/ what did you make for breakfast today? I made a hash of potatoes, caramelized onio…[View]
11359578Oh, hey bro, I heard you bought a banana recently. You don't mind sharing, do you? *population …[View]
11354674*blocks your arteries*[View]
11358403I would love to try me some gumbo, but most recipes calls for okra. I guess they are for adding text…[View]
11354566What amazing dishes can I cook up with this?[View]
11356378So.....it's all the spices mixed together in one container?[View]
11355813People who chew with their mouths open are inhuman monsters, garbage golems not deserving of your re…[View]
11358578Does sugar make you fat or is it the calories in the sugar that makes you fat?[View]
11359534What is your favourite food? pic related[View]
11359062how do I order pizza logs in bulk? like the things diners and gas stations sell and deep fry? I foun…[View]
11359418Mom just made me din-din. What a sweetheart, I should visit her more often.[View]
11358793Typical Bulgarian Lunch Sausage >1 large onion >1 large mushroom >1 large tomato >Chili …[View]
11357987What does /ck/ think of Adam Liaw?[View]
11359140Honestly why is this allowed, /ck/?[View]
11355333>wanted to make omelets nicely >only have a stainless steel sauce pot, no spatula, just wooden…[View]
11350464Hey /ck/, a forester buddy of mine got me some chestnuts and I don't have a clear idea of what …[View]
11357957GOOD AFTERNOON: How do I become a master sushi chef?[View]
11358269Seriously guys..: How the fuck is this place still open? Large war chest? People with no taste? Chea…[View]
11358525I've always been a big canned seafood fan, but right now I'm living in Asia where all that…[View]
11358273I dont even add salt to my food at this point Anyone else?[View]
11358692Hungry Jacks: any other aussies on this board? anyone actually enjoy hungry jacks? only ever had it …[View]
11353481Animals you haven't tried but want to: What do you wanna try still? I live in GA and I've …[View]
11359241>he doesn't have Yuengs and Wings at his local watering hole[View]
11359174Noodles are fine, but fried they are divine. Give them a toss in soy/oystersauce. Add your chicken s…[View]
11357888Sushi is for the poor: >but that'll be $400 Sushi was invented centuries ago to preserve fis…[View]
11358396The fuck do i do with just egg white? Lot's of recipes require just the yolk. What do i do with…[View]
11354406I'm starting to feel bad about eating animal meat. How do vegetarians treat themselves? Tempura…[View]
11339282Are the rumors true?[View]
11358978*lifts your dish*[View]
11358557Is this snail edible?[View]
11358709Hi my name is René and I might be a tad pretentious. . Celeriac and truffle shawarma - our vegetari…[View]
11358392when i drink a good beer, high quality ale, I feel good and have no hangover.... conversely, when i …[View]
11354981What can I do with this? Got it because I like canned fish and wanted to try this, well it tastes st…[View]
11357429any tips on good 'general cooking' books?: I've kind of progressed past just following recipes …[View]
11357781So I made 100 wontons couple of weeks ago and I layered them with paper towel inbetween but after th…[View]
11358783Im going out to a mexican burrito/taco place tonight, what do i order? Pic related[View]
11350729foods that boost my INT?[View]
11356571I cook my T-Bone three minutes both sides. Am I doin' it right (and safe) for rare?[View]
11358246I eat meat, but falafels are so much better than a burger. Hummus is great, too. I really think I co…[View]
11358446How long can uncooked beef sit out?: I let it sit out for like 8 hours at room temperature. Can I st…[View]
11358093Jesus Mary FUCK! How do you make these things taste GOOD?![View]
11358376>go to restaurant/cafe/whatever >order meal >halfway through eating meal the waiter/waitres…[View]
11354399I just tried soy sauce for the first time in 12 years and it actually tastes pretty good. Salty. Tan…[View]
11357172Hey guys, I am having a girl over for the ball game tonight. I am making us a snack to munch on whi…[View]
11358167https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=070fjeBIenY how would you react if people you care about offered you…[View]
11349658how do I make a great burger?[View]
11356594What do girls like to eat? I have a date coming up and I'd like to impress. What should I make?[View]
11357588Got a picnic tomorrow with friends. Everyone's bringing one thing, what should I bring?[View]
11349949How do you like your pizza?[View]
11356685New Genius Food Idea Million Dollars: Saltsicles. Just like a Salt Lick for cows, but smaller, and o…[View]
11296801fml: dickered and kitters and foodstuff OH MY! this thread is for anyone to post a cook-along, bake-…[View]
11358330What kind of cusine would you recommend to someone who's been eating bottom-of-the-barrel junk …[View]
11356609This is my oatmeal. Say something nice about it.[View]
11357249I did a day in a 3* kitchen today, AMA: As per the title - I've been meaning to get a job somew…[View]
11357616r8 my wings and blue cheese, friends[View]
11356075Turkish food overrated: It's good, far from bad, but definitely nothing to write home about. I …[View]
11357539am i putting myself at risk for grey matter loss with 8 beers daily? I try to space it out throughou…[View]
11355910Are dual taco bell/pizza hut stores the best thing ever invented in America?[View]
11357618Does Tabasco Sauce Go Off?: Well not off but lose its potency? I've had a bottle for a couple o…[View]
11355134rate my breskfast[View]
11357680Nutella: Foods you shouldn't be eating, but cannot resist. This is going to kill me, but oh wel…[View]
11355903Based 7/11[View]
11352738Is turducken a meme or does it actually taste good?[View]
11357366Are food processors worth it?[View]
11354480The King of all drinks, Dr. Pepper, has been around since 1885. (In contrast to Coca-Cola first appe…[View]
11355418This is a typical bulgarian dinner. Cucumber salad Sauce: >1pt White wine vinegar >1.5pt evoo …[View]
11354499What's your favorite Japanese restaurant?[View]
11355373Is this a good lunch?[View]
11356765PANCAKE PIZZA IDEAS: Okay so hear me out on this it's simple, fluffed pancakes instead of pizza…[View]
11352461For me; it's DAB 7.0%[View]
11353625Can we have a Wild Game thread? I admit I don't frequent this board, but I feel the best fit fo…[View]
11356612Vegetarians btfo[View]
11355339What kind of wine should be used for spaghetti sauce?[View]
11347197I like old wine and I DON'T want to be shamed for it Who else prefers a glass of wine which has…[View]
11352937>go to family Italian restaurant (in the US) >food is too greasy and over salted >go to cha…[View]
11357095>tfw every time I eat an omelet it goes right through me and out the other end along with all my …[View]
11357132This thing doesn't taste jack shit like dark chocolate, but it's way better than normal Bu…[View]
11356840Tell me how you make an omelette, nigga.[View]
11348516Your favorite food distributor? For me, it's Sysco. I know when I go into a restaurant supplied…[View]
11355456How are you supposed to eat ginger? It's so powerful, i once put three tiny slices of it in a s…[View]
11350637>that first sip of the day Share your /sip/s[View]
11356967I think spoons are pretty good.[View]
11351594Dinner: What did you cook for dinner tonight[View]
11355199Gastromy Books: Does anyone know any good books on gastronomy or cooking theory? Or a YouTube series…[View]
11356863Campfire Cooking: Hey boys, I'm driving up a mountain to fix a microwave tower tomorrow. There…[View]
11347866Daily reminder that if you have this in your fridge, you dont belong on this board.[View]
11355414>bag of rice >rice cooker >freezer full of pic related >cans of black beans >couple b…[View]
11355243Can you help me identify these? They were a gift. Also what do, I usually don't cook spicy.[View]
11355724I love Guinness, what drinks do you guys love?[View]
11356430Blizzard Thread: What is your favorite Blizzard, /ck/? Mine is pic-related.[View]
11355203Open wide[View]
11356664Is there anything better than half a litre of ice cream when you're down? Cause I don't th…[View]
11349904>Name is emmymadeinjapan >Is actually Chinese and from America…[View]
11348823/ck/ would you like some mixed vegetables?[View]
11353486>mfw made chili con carne (with beans--I know, and I'm sorry) and it turned out really good …[View]
11353689What the fuck is the difference or is this all carcinogenic?[View]
11355907>have a failing restaurant on the verge of bankruptcy >be so desperate that you ask Gordon Ram…[View]
11354677Hello this is Chef John from foodwishes.com with...[View]
11355037Smaženy syr is fucking awesome: change my mind[View]
11356536Chicken on the Rocks Based or cringe?[View]
11353520ITS BACK LADS[View]
11353898What food will give you solid shits? The kind where you don't have to wipe but once[View]
11355730Does beer taste better in a bottle or a can?[View]
11354978What american beer is the best?[View]
11352709Why do I love chicken wings so much? Also flats are better[View]
11354709Cursed pizza lady: >Be Me >Live next to pizza place >Super cheap, two employees, good quali…[View]
11355768hey guys, i'm new to this board, but i'm a foodie like you guys and i wanted to start a th…[View]
11355649>tfw you have a couple a’ bigboi burgers on deck defrosting[View]
11343803why isn't KFC popular anymore[View]
11355327Chipotle Based or cringe?[View]
11355790cooking: good for girls?[View]
11349092oatmeal: oatmeal[View]
11353702heading out to get my second dinner should I get two of these?[View]
11354450is sprite and 7up considered lemonade? I often hear people refer to it as such[View]
11356060The Medieval Origins OfThanksgiving: https://theconversation.com/passeth-the-cranbrry-sauce-the-medi…[View]

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