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Displaying 39 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
7114497I really like seeing horrible custom figures. Let's have a bad customs thread![View]
7113073Toy Identification: Anyone know where these pieces come from? I wanna say it has something to do wit…[View]
70814361:18 General: Don't Thread (dead) on Me Edition: Previous thread >>7052006 A thread to di…[View]
7114895Japanese Shipping - I'm confused: Hello, friends of /toy/. I'm about to order my first int…[View]
7104235Do you ever give away your toys for free? there is a YouTuber named ssjgoshin4 who is a reviewer for…[View]
7115293not-figma Warhammer 40,000: >http://www.goodsmile.info/en/product/6592/ >http://www.goodsmile.…[View]
7112788NENDROID JUNKRAT: >hate nendos because they are for weebs >they release this AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
7095987Why don't they make playsets anymore?[View]
7105529Micro Horrors?: I remember loving the Microverse Goosebumps playset so much that I’m seriously tempt…[View]
7101841>no figures for years >the only new one in years is a fucking 10 inch doll…[View]
7114554Tell me someone knows about this SH Figuarts Tanahashi figure... I need the ace in my life.[View]
7113407Bionicle: Bionicle art was so badass. Here's a bunch of images[View]
7099414Why are super soakers extinct?: Recently i wanted to buy a water gun as a present for my nephew. Th…[View]
7114490Toys you hoard: Do you have a specific type or multiple types of toys that you buy whenever you see …[View]
7114397I tried[View]
7086553Revoltech General: Unexpected New Series Edition: Hit or miss? I think the idea is good but the 7k p…[View]
7108730Pez/Candy Dispenser General: Radz Edition: All toys that have candy somehow incorporated are welcome…[View]
7108559Worth it my niggers?[View]
7105746She's on the way. I already have the 2B. How bad did I fuck up /toy/?[View]
7112299I'm really fucking sad right now. My fucking shithole, 3rd world country is going to destroy my…[View]
7113799I need to know where is this figure from: It would be great if someone could help me to find out whe…[View]
7118147Should I keep it in the box or display it?[View]
7113790Where can I buy some lewd resin kits in akihabara? want to get one before I leave Japan[View]
7113775scalping: how do you scalp pls halp[View]
7107793Improve the jack in the box: Propose a design that is fucking terrifying[View]
7112990ITT: post weird, personal, autistic things you have done as a collector. I waited for the Legacy Met…[View]
7109107/lg/ - LEGO General: Welcome to the LEGO General! Please post your modified U-wings. Previous Thread…[View]
7108115Help identifying toy: Need help identifying late 90’s maybe early 2000’s cheap Chinese toy. They wer…[View]
7112810One thing im wondering is why are their not skull accsory packs/more skulls as accesorys in toys. Ki…[View]
7112673Is there any1 who makes custom heroclix for collects them? I have a collection of over 300 and here …[View]
7110806CHINA: I'm going to Shanghai soon. Are there any good toy shops there? I'm hoping to find …[View]
7107294Bring Arts Kaine is near!: Dang it, looks better than 2Bm but still, this is kinda sad. No perfect 1…[View]
7109893Optimus Primal Power of the Primes SDCC Variant: TF general hit bump limit, also had a more specific…[View]
7025116Precure Thread: Precure Thread[View]
7107824AG: Is it a luxury product?[View]
7111602Gamestop product list: I saw these lists on a World of Nintendo discussion, and there seem to be som…[View]
7097653NECA General: Last thread: >>7069082 Target, your higher quality Wal-mart. Has your local stor…[View]
71079856-inch scale arcade suggestions: Does anyone else have experience with making a little arcade for yo…[View]
7106998Dragon Ball General: wrong holes edition: -S.H.FIGUARTS- >AUGUST Majin Buu -Zen- Special Force Ca…[View]

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