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/pol/ - Politically Incorrect

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168854237Of Pedophilia becomes legal, lets just end the slippery slope and make Rape legal: Let the Degenerac…[View]
168836646Western civilization. what went wrong?: Bitch, be humble (hol’ up, bitch) Sit down (hol’ up, lil…[View]
168856725Based gen z[View]
168856442Why /pol/ is so paranoid and masochist? Can't you just enjoy life for what it is? Must all be a…[View]
168856052A.H. Birthday: Reply with your best greetings.[View]
1688521754-20 DIXIE: You may only post here if your /DIXIE/ state has legalized Marijuana. https://www.youtub…[View]
168856404Western Canada General (WSG): Post your gripes here.[View]
168856300Should pit bulls be band? They are dangerous They are equal to the dog version as and AR-15. When I …[View]
168853980ITT we post things that trigger the average <50 IQ /pol/ock: I'll start.[View]
168856184Happy 4/20 Nat Scot discussion thread Happy 4/20: If only you understood the power of National Socia…[View]
168851401/PX/ - Christianity General: Hey guys, has anyone read this book? I found it in my local coffee shop…[View]
168852560Why did Hogg's handlers delete this tweet?: I got an idea....[View]
168856027DEMS SUE YOU: >If we can’t win elections, we’ll sue you for winning!!! Can Democrats sue Hillary …[View]
168849110Why isn't this one country?: >Whitest place on earth, close to 100% white demographics >C…[View]
168856062That Scaramucci Sure Loves Going on The View, Doesn't HE?: https://twitter.com/Scaramucci/statu…[View]
168849082Syrian War General /sg/: Syrian War General /sg/ - Greatest Ally edition. Archive/Study/Research/Lib…[View]
168856005Parents do not have the right to physically discipline their children and corporal punishment should…[View]
168855856'Stop drinking under taxed beverages through your illegal plastic straw': 'NO'[View]
168855850Happening!!!: DNC is suing the Trump Campaign, Wiki Leaks, and Russia. We can meme the left into thi…[View]
168846432What companies are the most politically evil?[View]
168803985Stormfront cringe thread?: Post some cringey stormfront/neo nazi material.[View]
168849191It’s happening again[View]
168855789Is Mueller working for Trump?: 'Former Director Comey’s memos show the President made clear he wante…[View]
168855756The Caucasian Race Will Be Gone Before You Think: How many white people get married in a stable fami…[View]
168855758The Jerusalem Post changed their headline about the Jews that sent the blacks to starbucks: Original…[View]
168854913Trump to be impeached soon?: What do ya'll think of that?[View]
168845618Is the real Vladimir Putin dead?[View]
168855625Let's see where /pol/ stands https://www.strawpoll.me/15541231[View]
168854851Cantwell is in trouble: >Thirty-seven-year-old Christopher Charles Cantwell was arrested in Loudo…[View]
168849108Why do pretty women decide to do porn?: They could have a better life by just attracting a high valu…[View]
168855566/Pol/ Humor: YLYL or whatever, just post your pol degenerate humor here. Bring your best, dump your …[View]
168855155Mistress May does it again: She's got to be the worst PM ever. Worse than Brown. At least with …[View]
168848359/ptg/ President Trump General - Geppetto Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.go…[View]
168829025Happy birthday to the greatest man to ever live: Appreciation thread[View]
168833214Hi /pol/acks. My question is - which country is better for immigration: Czech Republic or Slovakia? …[View]
168855377So, has anything at all been connected between Trump and Russia? Anything? Anything at all? Does Mue…[View]
168845009Jared Kushner: So what's up with Trump's son-in-law? What does he actually do and how much…[View]
168845818Why are sand niggers such pathetic liars? Why won't they admit the crusades where a reaction t…[View]
168849928DOCUMENTARY: Christian Zionism - War & The Scofield Bible: Deceived christians are a plauge to h…[View]
168848777Poland wtf: Order McDonalds via Uber Eats spicy McRoyal >no mayo, extra jalapenos 3 jalapeno burg…[View]
168848707Russian troll factory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vhg-0Hiz3J8 What is /pol/ stand on this?…[View]
168854910Hahaha! Trump the impotent pussy faggot.: Daddy told him where he could and couldn't hit LOL. h…[View]
168855031America regressing to “developing nation”: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-deve…[View]
168854948Why aren't there any White gangs forming to combat our displacement? Too many White cucks takin…[View]
168838302Abortion: How do you convince someone that abortion is wrong?[View]
168851654UKRAINIAN MP CONGRATULATES HITLER ON IT'S BIRTHDAY: >'A great man, whatever they say,' wrote…[View]
168854863The young people are still at it: Despite the Bitcoin bubble having burst around Christmas. They are…[View]
168837619Happy 420 day /pol/! give me ONE good reason why weed should be illegal if alcohol is legal.[View]
168852109Opinions on hindu nationalism?: They support hitler Support trump Support assad What do yall think a…[View]
168849350(((Global warming))): >26 degrees >In April Fucking kill me lads.…[View]
168852678Breaking - Martial Law - Alert 4/20: Martial Law is now in effect. Warning - Lock Down now apparent.…[View]
168853342Just more and more lies. How many will it take for pol to wake up??[View]
168812114HOLY SHIT?: How can niggers possibly this RETARDED? https://globalnews.ca/video/4155812/fake-starbuc…[View]
168847434School Shooting - Marion Country Florida: https://www.clickorlando.com/education/1-shot-at-marion-co…[View]
168829696London rapper Kenny Mukendi goes missing in Brazil: A London hip hop artist has gone missing in Rio …[View]
168854464America has always been a double digit IQ nation: As such, no racist ideology purported by Americans…[View]
168850856Someone please explain the comment to this post. No antisemetism plz, I just wanna understand why so…[View]
168844875FUCK ITALY AND ITALIANS.: >Hey good morning! hahaa give me a pack of Marlboro light! >and a co…[View]
168854151Florida high school shooting leaves one student injured: Americucks back at it again! http://www.fox…[View]
168850045Who would win in a fight, a loud nigger bitch or a gay white dude[View]
168840140/pol/'s views on wenger out?[View]
168851856only uncivilized people love their parents and want to have children[View]
168854013FAGGOT GLOBALISTS ON SUICIDE WATCH: Less than a month after his former protege (now his arch-nemesis…[View]
168853961School protest: Normies are protesting at my school, What do I do /pol/[View]
168826211Asian migrant 'systematically raped his wife and took his teenage daughter's virginity aft…[View]
168849769Anybody want to learn the inner workings of Capital One?: Greetings /pol/ - Some very astute folks …[View]
168853853My opinion if British prime minister. I think strengthening the Commonwealth and actually help fund…[View]
168849855IS IT HIM?: Stolen from german anon from the bald trump thread, could not reply because archived: 'E…[View]
168847040Who destroys society more?: Gays with their pride parades or ethnics with their gibs. Let's fin…[View]
168850270>I'm redpilled >Goldman Sachs needs a tax cut…[View]
168851247Canada sends all their helicopters to Israel without notice. They recieve grace if Israel shot one …[View]
168833272RIP SKIPPY: >A kangaroo has been killed after a vicious attack by tourists at a Chinese zoo in so…[View]
168847933How does Noam Chomsky fit into the JQ?[View]
168851699To anyone considering emigrating to Poland. >>>>>> Don't <<<<<…[View]
168853570Where’s the lie?[View]
168852829wazzzzzup anon?[View]
168851568one love: >buffalo solider >in da heart of america >stolen from afirca >and brought to t…[View]
168853448>Jews cause a problem >offers Jewish solution to fix it Can anyone think of any examples? Off …[View]
168829440Remind me, how many Popes did USA, supposedly the greatest empire on Earth, have?[View]
168851274Anyone taught english abroad in china or somewhere before? Always wanted to do something like this f…[View]
168847294What’s pols opinion on this guy?[View]
168848454If IQ didn't matter: What would the world be like?[View]
168830197/SWEG/- Swedish Election General: THIS IS WHERE THE FIGHT FOR EUROPE BEGINS. On the 9th September, S…[View]
168850470Adolf Hitler was successful because he didn't fall allow his brain to be reduced to the nigger …[View]
168851249/Pol/ why aren't you listening to future funk yet?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRUw0tMEiVs…[View]
168841962At what stage are we on, /pol/?[View]
168852289What's it like living in America in 2018?[View]
168840548Lyin' Lion: http://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/384020-rnc-sending-lyin-lion-mascot-to-follow-…[View]
168849899Mandatory puberty blocking drugs for ALL male children: Is Nye our guy?[View]
168850126Why does Marco Rubio (or any other Republican senator) have to give a shit about Israel?[View]
168841755BLACK ANTISEMITE NAMES JEW AT HOLOCAUST MUSEUM: Is he, dare I say, /ournig/ http://www.foxnews.com/p…[View]
168851450Kim Attacks!: Is Kim Jong Un planning a Mars Attacks! trap for Trump?[View]
168852092>communist countries are shithol-[View]
168841738Scared, kikes?[View]
168848860RUSSIAN SCUM[View]
168852171can you imagine being this guy: totally alone in a nigger infested city, nowhere to go, no family, …[View]
168852068Trump lied to me about his wealth to get onto the Forbes 400. Here are the tapes.: https://www.washi…[View]
168835490Finnish Kid's Juice: http://www.twodads.fi/en/juices/ Mein gott...[View]
168840515Wageslaving: Have you ever thought about how insane and antinatural a full time job is? I mean, bein…[View]
168847852Does any of you fellow white males also feel like a jew in 1933 Germany while looking at pic related…[View]
168844183>MEMO!! HAPPENING this is huge get in here!!!!!! >it was fucking nothing, months of happening …[View]
168803891Why aren't there white male superstar rock bands anymore?[View]
168846971What went wrong?: What is your opinion on this?[View]
168848486ILLINOIS REKT The only school policies that really worked in Illinois were strict lockdown on ghetto…[View]
168851179When you go to Starbucks, tell them your name is Weewus Kang.[View]
168850923Staring Poos: Why poos always stares at Whites or foreigners in group in the streets like pic relate…[View]
168843992What is the final solution to the chink problem?: Chinese tourists kill a kangaroo by throwing brick…[View]
168849962Italy the uncuckable: http://www.ansa.it/english/news/general_news/2018/04/20/teacher-says-happy-bir…[View]
168838134El atrocidad...[View]
168850931Hogg is at it again!: Apparently he's holding some sort of school walkout day at stoneman dougl…[View]
168851138HAPPENING: Oh say can you see[View]
168851176A long long time ago I can still remember how That shadilay used to make me smile And I knew if I ha…[View]
168848889Grade 10 Civics class is teaching children all right winger politicians, all conservative politician…[View]
168843435what a babe[View]
168836865Why is Islamophobia so fucking gay?: Wow ok she hates faggots? Whats not to like about that? She hat…[View]
168831783Is current Russian regime pro-Jewish? How do Russians feel towards Holocaust ?[View]
168828154Communism is the only way: Capitalism is based on free-will. You earn money, more or less than the o…[View]
168846508Gays against left: I made this, do you agree with me /pol/?[View]
168841224So Israeli forces are using chemical weapons and shattering bullets to maim Palestinian protestors. …[View]
168850208Why does no one ever talk about the real problem with inviting 'guest' workers into the US…[View]
168845378Should Canadians who are opposed to late term abortion be denied welfare?: Do they deserve governmen…[View]
168811459What led you to the alt-right? For me it was Sam Harris and Sargon of Akkad. Anyone else have a simi…[View]
168849780The Greatest Story Never Told: If you havent watched the documentary please do so before commenting …[View]
168848006Make your own happening: /pol/ is dead. Jews have won. Assad is internationally condemned for allege…[View]
168849589Dear Black People, You are no longer children that don't understand the world and need to be k…[View]
168849443'One Third of the Holocaust': Has anybody ever addressed or refuted the points and claims made in th…[View]
168837629Based black man exposes who is behind the push to legalize pedophilia in America.: This one is worth…[View]
168849252>They call us racist neo-nazis >They blame us for racist school shootings >They hate us bec…[View]
168849143Was Liberace Our Guy?: 88 Keys Just sayin'[View]
168851166Men under 6 feet tall aren't men. Change my mind. >pro-tip: you can't…[View]
168848508Is this true?[View]
168842495Should I support Starbucks because they followed the law and called the police on a loiterer? Or sho…[View]
168844910What are YOU doing to stop the nigger menace from mixing up America?[View]
168848787Another great long serving European Leader ousted today :(: Wenger in[View]
168847798>best president Eat shit you buck toothed island monkeys[View]
168847243Can you delegate a right you don't have? >yes then even though I don't have the right t…[View]
168848697what do you think of mark blythe /pol/?[View]
168847634Serbian nationalism: > be a croat > get insulted due to nationalism > get blackmailed >g…[View]
168847652Like clockwork: >McCabe BTFO >Comey Memos >RR says Trump not a target >School walkout fo…[View]
168845866HAPPENING, SHOOTING AT FOREST HIGH SCHOOL, OCALA FLORIDA: Ocalafag reporting. Little brother still i…[View]
168841888Fuck weed, fuck Columbine, happy b-day mein fuhrer!!!!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjKmyM2EpU…[View]
168837395Syria General - /sg/ - The Taste Of My Shoe edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriageneral…[View]
168848615Discuss /pol/: White people are wired towards individualism while Orientals are wired toward group c…[View]
168836037let's discuss the thing the left was supposed to be concerned about, instead of faggot marriage…[View]
1688455414/20 's are for the boys[View]
168842243/ptg/ President Trump General - Twitter Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov…[View]
168848204Another school shooting: https://www.google.com/amp/amp.wftv.com/www.wftv.com/news/local/1-person-in…[View]
168848277why do people like this exist? >>>/vp/35386153[View]
168844294Niggers BTFO: FBI releases Chimp Extremist Report https://vault.fbi.gov/black-identity-extremist-bie…[View]
168831589Muhammed Ali Grandson: This is Muhammed Ali's grandchild, how do you think he felt about this? …[View]
168845161Happy 420 /pol/[View]
168846455can someone explain to me the actual logic behind being right wing? how would everyone being right w…[View]
168840119Is it true that Trump supporters are pro-weed? People have been saying this all day and it's th…[View]
168837851Why don't more of you go teach English in Japan or China instead of feeling miserable about the…[View]
168814349Trump is an embarrassing president. How many more of these ridiculous scandals do we have to endure …[View]
168847845Try harder /pol/: Not coming at you just saying let's go oldpol level[View]
168844162Why is /pol against circumcision?: There’s no good reason to be against circumcision unless you are …[View]
168838284Local Elections are May 3rd: ...the tories dont want you to know. They don't fancy their chanc…[View]
168841804Vanguardism general - persistence wins the race edition: >Introduction https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
168843117why do some neo-nazies shave their heads ? what is it meant to represent ?[View]
168842316How does he do it? How can one man be so based? Chad in Chief of pussy baby https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
168831784Wait...: What the fuck happened to voat?[View]
168840096>everyone talking about comey memos and how retarded they make trump look >/pol/ ignores them …[View]
168847509I would like to take the time this morning to honor the 129th birthday of a great man. From a homele…[View]
168845164I fell off my bike and I bumped my head on the road seriously. Bypassers didn't do anything, bu…[View]
168839111Feeling Betrayed: The feels, how do ex-trump supporters cope with the betrayal? This video gives me…[View]
168779844California trying to ban the Bible: https://youtu.be/XLtRDoerVUw[View]
168841126Happy 420: Choose wisely /pol/[View]
168833057Which one is it /pol/?[View]
168847124Is Trump the... supreme gentleman?: > 'I was so attracted to him. He was so tall and big, an…[View]
1688302531 in 4 births has immigrant background. Good job with creating a superculture, Germany.: http://www.…[View]
168845745https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGl1CCprCeU i can never take him seriously anymore. he was tolerable…[View]
168837058What the fuck. It makes COMPLETE SENSE.: Sumerian cynlinder seal depicting the great Anuna gods ridi…[View]
168827199A-10 Warthog Replacement: What aircraft does /pol/ think will replace the irreplaceable and feared A…[View]
168847026TOP KEKE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjSTcu-kHGg[View]
168846801May Loses Plot: She now wants to Ban Straws: No good arguments for doing it, just toxic ideology and…[View]
168833751Happy Birthday AH!: Press F to pay respect[View]
168846866Cuba has a new president! Will he he be good for my favorite country in the world?[View]
168841256Today is Adolf Hitler's birthday. Say something nice about him.[View]
168841377Jesus was a pothead: Prove me wrong.[View]
168844912Couples that look alike love each other more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assortative_mating https…[View]
168836503Only post Hitler memes here, to honor his birthday. No Jewry, no JIDF allowed here.[View]
168845539It is a noble thing we do: Our leaders are sacrificing Europe to save Africa. We should be proud of …[View]
168844723Are these 2 people white?: What's the consensus? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPM38SzxZj8 ht…[View]
168842082New WTC: What do you think about new WTC complex ? IMO it's pretty good, still It would be bett…[View]
168827894Is a society without religion doomed to rot and crumble? Has there ever been a society that can go …[View]
168844051Whats the opinion of AA (alcoholics anonymous) I don't know what it's like in other countr…[View]
168845833Lol you guys made it to world star this morning, the black version of YouTube.[View]
168843534Let us remember the birth of this legend.[View]
168845597So who am I really?[View]
168844999Burger Brainstorming Threas: In this thread we brainstorm on ways to reverse the 56% and dropping tr…[View]
168846029Have you defended Alex Jones today?[View]
168838886Why do white americans hate niggers so much?: The best rendition of their national anthem was sang b…[View]
168846104Is there anywhere left to run? [spolier]happy birthday, my fuhrer[/spoiler][View]
168844660School walk out: Hi guys I need my hug box to tell me what to do School has a walk out today cause o…[View]
168834099/ans/ American National Socialists: /ans/ American National Socialism >Thread Theme Music https:/…[View]
168829447>is the only person in the UK that has absolute free speech >doesn't speak up against the…[View]
168846043the eternal anglo = the eternal mutt: http://qr.ae/TU16EF[View]
168841448HAPPENING CANCELLED: >Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump will absolutely not allow armed confrontati…[View]
168842004Trump... why?[View]
168838218Adolf hitler? more like Hype Litler because he was blazing weed and jews before it was cool[View]
168845760So what are your plans today, /pol?: Today is april 20th! It's probably gonna suck, like all th…[View]
168842389LIBERAL UTOPIA: https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=s4oCr_1524223830[View]
168845651celebrate this day with them soys man: I know the meme is old fuckin news. But since its his birthda…[View]
168832739Why do you hate mexicans, /pol/?[View]
168844191Why did music stop being good and become so degenerate?[View]
168841877Trump's 'Trump Force One' jetis how I knew Trump was a fraud and NOT a billionaire. He flys aro…[View]
168836880Somali man silenced racists on the bus today: > Be on the bus > Hear constant rumbling and swe…[View]
168842033fill in the blank: Homosexual - Faggot Afroamerican - Nigger Redhead - Ginger Asian - jap,chin, Slav…[View]
168835664Macron: 'Africans will be flooding into Europe “for many years to come”: >Bombshell’ population g…[View]
168845120Adolf Hitler was the 9th Avatar of Vishnu and will return once more to bring about the final retribu…[View]
168845404Why are whites so evil?[View]
168822147IQ Cucks BTFO: https://youtu.be/9MJUhDQKJcY[View]
168844050Alternative Forums: In your opinion, what are the best forums for effort posting and discussions TRS…[View]
168845337Reminder that brexiters are dads army larping losers and everything they think they'll get they…[View]
168841918why are you so against women's liberation, /pol/? afraid you'd stay a virgin forever?[View]
168839780Alex Jones being sued by Sandy Hook survivors' parents: Is this true? Can some infowarrior give…[View]
168842947Racists claim that genetics prove race is real, but there is more genetic similarity between white m…[View]
168833774Varg vikernes REDPILL thread: WHITE WOMAN: >About Women https://youtube.com/watch?v=kMMr8UnAF4w …[View]
168841446This film is proof that Conservatards are daughter fucking machines.[View]
168831932Sweden is right now collapsing: Regular Swede on the street wont admit it https://youtu.be/SS2f55vJ…[View]
168824409Nancy Pelosi just fucked herself on CSPAN. Happening confirmed.: AnonFiles: https://www.anonfiles.cc…[View]
168844161Columbine 19th: Because today is annother anniversary of the Columbine massacre I'm posting rar…[View]
168822943This is what happens when you allow snarky SJW thots in the army.[View]
168844782PUTIN TALKED TO TRUMP ABOUT HOOKERS?: I thought he said he had never talked to him prior to 2017.…[View]
168817316One America News on the ground reporting: OAN released a video of them visiting the hospital where t…[View]
168833451London Antifa unmasked part 1-3[View]
168842564Name a less POZZED movie: Pro tip: You can't[View]
168843785And the newest country name is now eSwatini: Without googling the story or spoiling it for other bro…[View]
168842746the hoteps seem like /ourguys/ pol, what do you think? they hate blm and all that shit, they dont sp…[View]
168844277Happy birthday Adolf: In his memory post your rarest of rare hitlers[View]
168841760Happy Birthday Fürher: On this day, we celebrate the birth of of our Fürher, who is 129 this year. …[View]
168843569did americans have asian sex slaves in world war 2?[View]
168839588how did he know about 9/11, before 9/11?[View]
168829904Tucker Carlson spends $16,000 a year on nicotine gum: >https://youtu.be/jhaECcqvZC8 >How much …[View]
168843670Happy Birthday to our beloved Führer..: His spirit lives on in each of us, in the end the world will…[View]
168843903() Merge General () thread of Christ coming together as one: We're waiting around on our couche…[View]
168838303If we took away the North, would this become le 20% face?[View]
168843755Are Orphans the biggest cucks on earth? >literally don't even have parents >mfw…[View]
168843813Happy Birthday!: Happy Birthday Adolf! Long live Mein Führer! Sieg Heil![View]
168842408Just found this at Plymouth uni . Uk no!!! I guess[View]
168841520Do you ever wonder why so many inbred racist hillbillies love dale earnhardt Jr? Because he's …[View]
168838386REMINDER: Having children past 30 is just as detrimental to the white gene pool as racemixing.[View]
168834613Post your rarest kikes![View]
168843615Happy birthday to my favorite man![View]
168843643happy birthday hitler[View]
168843153>hitlers birthday >no sticky on pol god you are a bunch of faggots…[View]
168840894Walk outs in American Schools: Today in most American schools kids are doing a walk out to remember …[View]
168843527>is pro-eugenics >is 'traditionalist' >hates 'cuckoldry' Please explain…[View]
168842141What's /pol/:s opinions about Oliver Stone?: Is he based? >Former soldier, >has dropped …[View]
168842287HAPPY BIRTHDAY 420 BLAZE IT: Not only did he make giant leaps in human rights, workers rights, anima…[View]
168836342Today is his birthday . . .: What do you think of him lads? Do you think his contributions to the w…[View]
168841172Can one of you: morons please explain male birth control on the form of a pill? >men cant get pr…[View]
168842943Lets all go on r/israel, r/socialism, r/communism, and r/judaism and wish our favorite guy a happy b…[View]
168842919/pol/ - Politically Incorrect: What If the U.S became a communist country?[View]
168843352>nothing else to say, my meme says it all[View]
168842101If the Canadian: Newtown parents can sue Alex Jones does that mean we can sue, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, BUZZ…[View]
168843259Anyone who think whites are all smarter than blacks can suck my dick when they get back from Wales[View]
168842856Hello fellow otaku's, want to talk about racism and how much we don't like the blacks for …[View]
168842951Based Gold Show: I never watched this show until recently and it is hilarious. Any of you watch Gold…[View]
168798864Richard Spencer: what the fuck is his problem? I'm all for white nationalism and consider mysel…[View]
168842906yo nignogs i found Wakanda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRuSS0iiFyo[View]
168841401Why are the west trying so hard?: With making fake news, their agenda against russians, censorship a…[View]
168842458Is war in Europe inevitable? I don't think we can get pro-white European Union or truly pro-whi…[View]
168842087It's time to merge ((singularity thread)): All leading up to the one moment we all like 'h…[View]
168828647What did Russia mean by this[View]
168835752DUDE: DUDE[View]
168841944Is it okay to be English?: Hello goyim. In today's diversity lesson we're going to listen …[View]
168834887Why is Megan not /our girl/ ??? I thought megan was a bimbo and i use to just use her for masturbati…[View]
168838945Happy birthday Adolph![View]
168839720daily reminder women are useless without men[View]
168832470/ptg/ President Trump General - Alpha Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov h…[View]
168841025>'redpilled' >literally using a movie reference from a film made by some trans liberals Why do…[View]
168841956Just average /pol/[View]
168837177Happy Birthday Mein mein uhrer: Today is Hitlers 129th birthday. I Noticed Google didn't give …[View]
168840447Your Daily Dose of Nigger Hate.[View]
168841343Romania was the glory of Eastern Europe: Although outnumbered everytime by muslim invaders we never …[View]
168810752Inspector General Refers McCabe for Criminal Prosecution: >The Justice Department’s inspector gen…[View]
168840428STOP INVESTIGATING: Pizzagate! >voat is down because of the pizzagate subverse >Bill Paxton w…[View]
168841720Picardia memes[View]
168839375Stalin was woke AF: 'A hostile attitude toward the Jewish nation was a major shortcoming of Stalin…[View]
168832644Kashmir General /kg/: >Jammu and Kashmir is the main cause of conflict between India and Pakistan…[View]
168838910the end of drumpf draws nigh: Every person looked into by Mueller folds and flips on drumpf.. The am…[View]
168840727Who did the thing?: Which one of you fuckers put this up in Sussex uni, on the ceiling no less?…[View]
168841467SELF IMPROVEMENT GENERAL /SIG/: The ultimate objective is for you to look like pic related. How to b…[View]
168840903Free black gym memberships when? (hashtag) freeblackgymmemberships: Sounds like a winner /pol/ http:…[View]
168830085Satanism: anyone anything ... that is against KIKE-God-derived religions is good for the world >p…[View]
168841039>hotep jesus is /ourguy/ >hotep is ethnonationalist >FUCK ME HOTEP WITH YOUR BIG BLACK SHLO…[View]
168840918BRITAIN NO!!!: >Hairdresser Who Intentionally Infected Partners with HIV Jailed >http://www.th…[View]
168841208Muslims and Christians of /pol/ help me to have Magic the Gathering banned: Magic the gathering has …[View]
168836792/po/ why aren’t fashies adopting Islam like the based Bosnians? You can easily turn Europe into a fa…[View]
168841197Byron De La Vandal DOXED: Rose City PantyFa doxes our homeboy Byron De La Vandal. And he looks like …[View]
168839281Hitler appreciation thread Post your best Fuhrers Mourn his defeat Ignore these dude weed degenerate…[View]
168834795India Appreciation Thread: https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/manish-chandela-bjp-youth-leader-allegedl…[View]
168830517T_D subscribers: Just want to say something I know about. I'm a programmer and I often work for…[View]
168837421China Military Islands Now Control South China Sea: command nominee Adm. Philip Davidson told the Se…[View]
168792757Is Norm Macdonald officially our guy?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olkgPzlh5A8[View]
168840995Happy 4/20, faggots.[View]
168791528Why doesn't he shave his head? He looks alpha.[View]
168839364https://youtu.be/fjSTcu-kHGg is LongBeachGriffy one of the rare Negros that are actually intelligent…[View]
168835984This man is DESTROYING the alt-right.: How does it feel to know that you are being absolutely DEVAST…[View]
168820185'GROSSLY OFFENSIVE': I'm ashamed to say it happened again lads. 8 week curfew, £500 fine for po…[View]
168832637>name a more loyal military partnership than this You can't[View]
168828536April 15 OFFICIALLY STARTED COLD WAR 2.: The Doomsday plane went airborne, since the Cold war. Cucks…[View]
168839357How can a film this redpilled be made today? >was it unintentional? >Or was is deliberate htt…[View]
168840503wew https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/weapons/a19855256/muckrock-foia-psycho-electric-weapon…[View]
168840667How can the German Potatoes protect the children?: https://www.infowars.com/migrants-bully-and-beat-…[View]
168837801Stocks, Mergers & Acquisitions: Someone please explain this to me. If you had a multi-billion do…[View]
168837744Be 28: Not a virgin, plowed the fields many a time. Interesting thing is that there is ONE girl in a…[View]
168837488>Western ''''''women'''''''[View]
168842628So how a European must look like?[View]
168836689Fuck Q Anon: Q IS a larping piece of shit. do not believe anything he posts here.... Ive been in one…[View]
168837076Nigress maimed white ex-boyfriend with sulphuric acid: An acid attack victim has told jurors, in tes…[View]
168840053Happy 4/20 everyone!: I believe we shouldhold atruce with all normies for a day.Call me a cuck but w…[View]
168840196hbd hitler, gave the jews hell, 'Hitler was a gud man'.[View]
1688314341488D chess Magapedetards will defend this: Let’s all laugh at the mutts who still trust this kike l…[View]
168838152Alt-History: Share the history kikes don't want you to know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVR…[View]
168827800I do not like Nietzsche approach towards muh Christianity It's almost like if he was a payed a …[View]
168840126Happy 420 /pol/: Just a friendly reminder that pizzagate is a stupid meme you all fell for. If you w…[View]
168834329Does this graph sum it all up?: I just found this on faceberg, what do you think is homogeneity abso…[View]
168825774MTG PROPAGANDA: The absolute state of Magic : The Jewthering. It's literally jewish/palladist Z…[View]
168835125He's a straight talker, that's why I like him. He tells it as it is. (except when he'…[View]
168839940What did he mean by this?: >Deport me! I'm undocumented. >Born in NYC. >Father born in…[View]
168839931Why did Elizabeth R. sign Devil Satan's contract?: Ark of the Covenant Heel Stone Dig Order Thi…[View]
168835131My conversation with my dad minutes ago >anon we spoke to your grandparents and they said they wa…[View]
168839860Walk out for Hitler!: Today across America thousands of teenagers will walk out of school today in r…[View]
168836719Court Order Closes Rat Infested Takeaway In Hove: A magistrate has ordered a kebab house to close af…[View]
168835499Gimme your best merchant and Jew memes: I come bearing one fresh meme I found myself in exchange for…[View]
168837262Why are they called the Liberal Party if they're right wing?[View]
1688263194/20 Massive Event CONFIRMED: A Qpatriot discovered A MASSIVE EVENT that will happen today on the in…[View]
168836904Can someone give me a rundown of remove kebab[View]
168813409brit/pol: >Argentine women see legal abortion closer than ever http://nationalpost.com/pmn/news-p…[View]
168839409Muh White race: >born in Hamburg to a middle class family >moved with his parents at the age o…[View]
168839505PARENTING DOESN'T MATTER: Hey goyim, it doesn't matter how you raise your kids! > https…[View]
168839488Fucking chinks: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-04-20/kangaroo-dies-in-chinese-zoo-after-visitors-th…[View]
168819088Non white america?: What will happen to America in the future once the whites become the minorities…[View]
168837798So when are the inevitable muslim sparked european civil wars going to start? Its been over 80 fucki…[View]
168830026/blackpilled/ here lost all hope and im fine with it what now[View]
168836967Hello /pol/. I'm far from a regular here. But I figured you guys would offer better insight tha…[View]
168839313Anyone here has an internet/video game addiction?: It's hard to admit to ourselves but it'…[View]
168838088Ad in Bosnia. It says 'I'd like that there's no yellows or blacks.' Is Plidenta /ourtooth…[View]
168824267HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADOLF: Post your best wishes for our friend on his 129th birthday! mods, please stick…[View]
168829995You Brits just looked for a convenient scapegoat!: I looked over all the evidence and came to the co…[View]
168834827Post your best bayeux tapestry memes[View]
168837327So it seems like white women in the spotlight this generation have willingly ruined themselves with …[View]
168837659How come high-ranking pedophiles can get away with it, free from needing to worry about any type of …[View]
168833768AY YO HOL UP[View]
168838050Don't you think you brought this on yourselves? With you overly sexualised media, content and s…[View]
168798935Should we swedes pay repirations for bullying the finns for over 800 years?[View]
168836607Eco oil 'Novichok' r8[View]
168826521So, in France, we have that region, on the border with Belgium, called 'Nord Pas de Calais' (literal…[View]
168827483Hindu Commonwealth brothers groomed white British schoolgirls with 'sweets and crisps': Br…[View]
168838345Happy Birthday Dear Adolph, Love Stalin: You were always a glutton for punishment...[View]
168835757Can anyone explain to me why comey's halo (halley's commey) fell down and turned 90 degree…[View]
168828761Some Jew: Who was that Jew who wrote a book in which he spoke about the Jews not controlling the wor…[View]
168837054Leftist people won't get anywhere: Today I realize that leftist people won't get anywhere …[View]
168837014GOD made Salvation free,stop bitching about it and receive it. https://streamable.com/k8wkt[View]
168827266Pagan Christian trade route: >amber trade rode How many of you know that it existed?…[View]
168834734>nigger music is shi-[View]
168836988Classical music thread: Mozart https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4l9IiQzO2w Bach https://www.youtube…[View]
168835440>be Adolf Hitler in the Wolfsschanze on April 20, 1941 >be laying out planning for the invasio…[View]
168834503Researcher Helmuth Nyborg and Richard Lynn, emeritus professor of psychology at the University of Ul…[View]
168836786Yassmin Abdel-Magied posts a controversial Anzac Day call-out to her followers..again: http://www.he…[View]
168829641Why are the vast majority of current day political intellectuals right-wing?[View]
1688327841950s Golden Age 1960s Fading glory, sprouting degeneracy, demographic fate is sealed while everyone…[View]
168837457She has no qualms with causing distress for so many.: There's no wonder the tories are mum on t…[View]
168833472Imma just leave this here[View]
168812807country appreciation thered.[View]
168834925The greatest day: What is the latest on pepe? Has anyone been meditating on the spirit of kek? Tell …[View]
168833562/brainlet/ general Smartfags will never know true solace and happiness unless they are as dumb as I …[View]
168823572Syria General - /sg/ - Tanks Do Fly edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpr…[View]
168835669Why are the NCR treated treated as paragons of democracy, when modern day Californians are all a bun…[View]
168834270The absolute state of Britain[View]
168835081/our/ black guy? http://dailycaller.com/2018/04/19/dem-lawmaker-jews-holocaust-museum/[View]
168823069Why can't the Left meme?: It's an interesting phenomena to me. They literally can't. …[View]
168837066Cohen flips, off to jail.[View]
168836785>But last December, the Finnish Parliament passed a bill to take the country's welfare syste…[View]
168833559Hey Honest question for you Leaves. Do you envy America? Do you romanticize us more than your shit c…[View]
168832405/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - Based McCain edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehous…[View]
168805576TERRORIST linked to 9/11 attacks captured in SYRIA – Pentagon confirms: https://www.express.co.uk/ne…[View]
168836382>no sticky for Hitlers Birthday[View]
168834241Passive and feminine gook monkey and strong aryan White man[View]
168831878The Gods Be Crazy and Sheeeit: >Watching Naked and Afraid the other day. >Fatty redneck from K…[View]
168827232wtf is wrong with indians?: even when playing chess they will try to bobs and vagene[View]
168834954Seeking for power and control is the basis of human nature: Prove me wrong. >protip: You can…[View]
168829266Today is Hitlers birthday: Say something nice about him![View]
168830472If you marry a roastie you betray the white race: Why would you even want to have children with an o…[View]
168836319how does it end: How does it end? With a bang, a whimper? Does collapse all at once or does it conti…[View]
168833532CAN TRUMP RUN 2ND TERM?: I kinda like Trump's motives and agenda that he does for our country, …[View]
168798604Do you think Chinese (Mandarin) will become the next lingua franca? Part 2: Previous thread: >…[View]
168835094I've actually seen the basement tapes. I'm a relative to one of the victims and I was visi…[View]
168826543Trump WILL legalize weed tomorrow All the hype surrounding him defending weed just casually leading…[View]
168834318To all Trump-Supporters: Is he easy to manipulate?: I was always pro Trump because i hate 99% of all…[View]
168835935the eternal anglo dies again: http://qr.ae/TU16EF[View]
168835899Trump Fan Cringe: I need some photos of the ugly incel virgin Trump fans looking cringey. This guy s…[View]
168835896We need to shill /pol/ memes at real life events: Stop being lazy, and go out and spread /pol/'…[View]
168830759is china a national socialist country?: -pride in the nation and his people -elimination of foreign …[View]
168835323Happy birthday[View]
168835667What will the future be like, /pol/?[View]
168835540It's Okay, /pol/[View]
168835641L.A. Fitness next Starbucks: L.A. Fitness kicking them out. See this all the time at my local gym. W…[View]
168834881iran and russia have abandoned the dollar: top kek https://www.rt.com/business/424541-russia-iran-oi…[View]
168816166Was Bernie right?: Could we realistically afford free healthcare, free college, and eight week paid …[View]
168831314Israeli atrocities: Hello /pol/e, I am having a discussion with a friend of mine who loves jood cock…[View]
168835364> Do you know how the American came to be? > They were Germans once. > Taken by the Jews. B…[View]
168835083will there be a happening in the US today?[View]
168834593>Gas the kike, race war now! Anon, you're not a nazi are you?[View]
168829891How come no one told me about this? He's been reborn over three times? That's over three t…[View]
168824793Neckbeard wanted for breaking into a Georgia GameStop nicknamed 'Big Dasani': His wiki has some more…[View]
168824040Show me the face you make when every ADL employee goes to prison.[View]
16883519123andme says I'm 1/5 Askenazi jewish.: Am I still allowed here?[View]
168831759Slavery is just the niggers version of the holocaust?[View]
168834025Its 4/20: Give that special someone a gift its Hitlers Birthday.[View]
168834982russia say goobay to the dollar: https://www.rt.com/business/424541-russia-iran-oil-supplies/…[View]
168824995RCMP Anon here. I'm back! Sorry I've been quiet for a while, very busy lately with the Dem…[View]
168831863Happy 123th Birthday big Boy[View]
168833186>starbucks will be closing down eight-thousand stores after memorial day for a few hours of racia…[View]
168833998Find me a better amateur speaker than this cunt. Speaks to the fuckin soul. Has a huge fuckin future…[View]
168825778This hitler birthday celebration shit is offensive and cringy. I can't believe you would celebr…[View]
168834354Rise And Shine Leafs: You got yourself another long day of being unable to speak your mind without f…[View]
168831852Is one ball enough?[View]
168834739The Toxic Gay Lifestyle claims another victim: Is the fate of all homosexuals? To grow old and alone…[View]
168820613What was so different about Fascism than monarchism?: Why are the ideologies of the 20th century con…[View]
168829129>SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - North and South Korea have set up a hotline between their leaders ahea…[View]
168833762Ajaz Karim 'massaged 14 year-old's naked body front to back' at private school: A spo…[View]
168832163Moral belief structures and the slipery slope to nihilism and socialist thought.: Just a thread expl…[View]
168822956Should we be worried about mormons? Ignoring the religious part of the beliefs, this alone seems pre…[View]
168834614What makes you an individual? What makes you different from others, is it the things you have or the…[View]
168805176Justify your political philosophy: in 10 words or less[View]
168834572Were the Spartans really that good?: https://www.quora.com/Were-the-Spartans-really-such-great-warri…[View]
168831054/pol/ write my wedding vows[View]
168834467Satirical comedy criticising sjw and Starbucks boycott comparing done by black man. Even the “normal…[View]
168833483Is this how living in Canada is today? If you have different views everyone in neighborhood is oppre…[View]
168833845It is time for canadian prime minister Justin(e) Treudeu to show us his pussy.[View]
168825008The Starbucks meme: Answer honestly now. Who the hell have never been asked to leave a store when th…[View]
168824450The Likely Persistence Of A White Majority: http://prospect.org/article/likely-persistence-white-maj…[View]
168827111>voted for this guy years ago >my debts still haven't been erased >my life still miser…[View]
168825169How would you realistically solve the migrant crisis?: The crisis is back as Greece has A. just rule…[View]
168829016I find this guy to be completely inspirational: >started off in his garage >screeching into th…[View]
168829432Was he right?[View]
168819211The truth: Tell the people the truth! TELL THEM THE DAMN TRUTH!!!! If the video exists; RELEASE IT!!…[View]
168831564Why hasn't he been offed yet?: He's asking uncomfortable questions on the Syrian war. He…[View]
168833675Shit posting ala Diplomat level.: https://southfront.org/russia-is-open-for-s-300-supplies-to-syria-…[View]
168828200Can someone explain this boards beliefs to me without buzzwords?: Feeling open minded and ive always…[View]
168831252Tendies this, tendies that, haha I am so sad I eat tendies: >decide to check what is that >ch…[View]
168829743It's the same thing in every shill: It's why they all sound the same. It's why the tr…[View]
168831673Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler! Why are you a national socialist /pol/? Also - can we get this song loo…[View]
168831971Hi anon, on this very important day of german national celebration I have a proposal to make: Out of…[View]
168800647HAPPENING! GOVERNMENT MIND CONTROL DOCS LEAKED: As part of a routine FOIA request, looking into Anti…[View]
168831183Why is Crowder still considered the 'star' of CRTV when Gavin McInnes is obviously the greater talen…[View]
168833495Okay, which one of you did this?: http://dailyorange.com/2018/04/su-suspends-theta-tau-fraternity-vi…[View]
168797859ATF Urgently Searching For 700 Pounds Of Dynamite Stolen 75 Miles From N.J. Border: Happening soon? …[View]
168827430What is happening today?[View]
168828556Anyone ever think about joining up?[View]
168831212What do you suggest we do about the coalburner/jungle fever issue? Serious answers only please. No '…[View]
168830465Lets get this goin guys. You can get 50 of these to put on a table in public somewhere for like $15.…[View]
168800324BASED SKEPTICS: Ben Shapiro and conservatives DESTROYED by based June and the liberalists. You are f…[View]
168830863Im pretty sure these are his best videos as to when he gives his most relevance. BTFO CANADA GROW A …[View]
168832469>propose to a girl >she starts crying Why do women do this?…[View]
168813341Man with 200 IQ believes in God and Heaven: Chris Langan, believed to have one of the highest IQs ev…[View]
168825660Redspect to our great leader: Reply with your countries Legion: Armenische Legion Armenian Legion A…[View]
16883243160%: 60% British are beyond doubt against Russia Do 100% Britsih stand with us?[View]
168831382post two people you'd like to see go up against each other on /ibs/ they don't have to be …[View]
168829762POL ETERNALLY BTFO: /pol/ is committed to opposition of jewry in its many forms yet it seems the ji…[View]
168809033Stephen King's movie 'The Dark Tower' is about child sex trafficking and ritual abuse…[View]
168829408Happy Birthday: To the greatest fucking leader who ever lived. Following centuries of dealing with d…[View]
168824733Happy birthday, mein sweet prince. This wouldv'e been your 129th. I miss you so and I'll n…[View]
168829815God damn, Cuba looks so fucking /comfy/. Why does /pol/ hate this island paradise?[View]
168828916Anti reddit satire comments on front page videos: Why did we stop making these youtube comments? …[View]
168816034https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbtWb7lWkSY Stop watching Alex Jones, even ironically.[View]
168827627based NIGGER invented kirby![View]
168825926HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What are you doing to further the White race?[View]
168831318>copy a rap lyric by someone else >get charged with a hate crime The absolute STATE of the UK …[View]
168831838Man who sexual abused three underaged white girls is commended for his honesty by judge: A pervert w…[View]
168814061Snapchat ban for jailed Burton child groomers: Four men jailed for child grooming and treating 'teen…[View]
168827457>communism doesn't wor-[View]
168832110jews were hortler all along[View]
168828283why are bongs such pussies? You never hear of people being raped by Asians in nz lmao, we beat the s…[View]
168824886Today is his Birthday: Do you want to say anything to him? Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
168825810It's Okay, /pol/[View]
168826732/pol/ is has always been pro-weed every hour and everyday.[View]
168820799Why is /pol/ being shilled this hard right now?: Why? What's going to happen? Does Trump emerge…[View]
168817100American love thread: Newfag here. >be me >aussie fag >lots of yankee tv and movies >ev…[View]
168829621Is he our /guy/?[View]
168831604Why is he popular in a White Man's world? Wtf /pol/? He's ruining everything? You can…[View]
168826465Friendly reminder that Israeli elections are coming next year. Who should we meme for?[View]
168825103Hitler was a piece of shit, there was nothing admirable about him: I can't believe /pol/ says t…[View]
168825559I made dis: Use it if you want to[View]
168831832Youtube hasst mein Führer: Today's my birthday. Instead of saying happy birthday Andrew, my dad…[View]
168820246How long do you think it'll be until a barista finally snaps and Nasim's the Starbucks HQ?[View]
168829478Miguel Díaz-Canel: Literally nobody here is talking about this. Cuba has a new communist president. …[View]
168817827>Indian state claims OPEN DEFECATION FREE. >admits it does not guarantee toilets being there w…[View]
168828711I heard some of you queers were celebrating your faggot leaders birthday. My granddad killed 11 krau…[View]
168812910Canada current year +3: Poo kills entire bus of white youth. Media blame intersection when he obvio…[View]
168803250Remembering McVeigh: 23 Years ago this man struck a blow against the United States Government. >D…[View]
168828360national socialist art apreciation thread[View]
168829523It's not all about you.[View]
168830797Starbucks Drug addiction safety. Starbucks to install needle bins for drug addicts.: '...Toronto pol…[View]
168824261Using vintage home video footage as propaganda: https://www.bitchute.com/video/d6wX4t3o2jjN/ Showing…[View]
168821766Illegal Alien Commits acid attack in London >pic related[View]
168830601LIBERAL VIRUS ALERT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwtaTqQW5rE[View]
168822449I just converted to Islam. AMA.: I grew up in a relatively secular Jewish home, and we only went to …[View]
168826015Daily reminder weebos[View]
168830419If widgets, major thing today.[View]
168823537Operation Fuck The Fag: Update: Alright lads, most of you remember my thread from yesterday, right? …[View]
168821138Hey Brits, help a Yank out: How do you feel about us really? You went from the most powerful empire …[View]
168831150Am Spiegelgrund clinic: Hello pol, I hope you're doing well. Don't let the bad jews bite y…[View]
168831144During Obama's administration, (2013) 'India and China supplanted Mexico as the top sources of…[View]
168824028Why do mutts have to declare war on every anti imperialist country there is? Leave my nigga Assad al…[View]
168823824An American mongrel mutt cant be part: of the great British royal family. IM SICK OF AMERIMONGRELS ,…[View]
168820747> M.D. at Harvard Medical School > Navy Seal with 100+ missions > Silver Star medal & B…[View]
168830831A little preoccupied with a worldwide hoax about you there Mr. President? Probably means you're…[View]
168828581Someone reshared this unironically on my normiebook: Guys I didn't think you were seriously gon…[View]
168822515Challenge with the glove: So this I used to consider French faggotry when I was younger, but I feel …[View]
168822178The absolute state of (((western media))): So, when are you going to become intellectuals /pol/tards…[View]
168830351WHY POL DOES NOT TROLL STARBUCKS SHOOTINGS?: I mean went on Youtube and the list of shootings relate…[View]
168827773A few questions: Will they ever release the 'basement tapes' and will they ever be found? What was t…[View]
168829910Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler OC: I just made this OC for His 129th! We need the mods to pin a thread!…[View]
168828481Is this accurate?[View]
168819440Ted redemption arc complete: 'President Donald J. Trump is doing what he was elected to do: disrupt …[View]
168809555Punished Alaska: >Baked Alaska does a hangout stream and tries to have a fun night >Bloodsport…[View]
168826727Why are so many white men marrying ugly monkeys'?[View]
168829877>taking sides[View]
168825716For respect to our great leader Adolf Hitler: Reply with your countries Legion: Armenische Legion Ar…[View]
168829772Bongland YES!: >A barber who shaved a boy's head as 'punishment' has been JAILED f…[View]
168826520anyone else that the constant mocking of Trump's orange skin is thinly veiled anti-white racism…[View]
168818267Imagine being such a loser that your life now revolves around statues of traitors in a war that happ…[View]
168819308Is weed legal in Canada tomorrow? Or is Justin Trudeau just a beta cuck liar?[View]
168822751Operation Star Cucks.: As funny as the put the money in the bag QR code is we can do better. We need…[View]
168828838Has America been Made (((Great Again))) yet?: How's America ms 'Greatness' coming along? If I…[View]
168828460whiteprid: The best way to prove your love for the aryan race is by starting a war that will lead to…[View]
168827602was national socialism a succesful system?: would have survived after the war or it would collapse b…[View]
168826295/pol/, I think that race-mixing could work to our advantage. We could create a master race. The cunn…[View]
168826800what classifies 'white' in america these days?[View]
168789190/cg/ Circumcision General: In these threads we spread awareness about how fucked up circumcision is …[View]
168828206Wealthy Black Murder Rate: Anyone have the screencap that shows wealthy blacks have higher per capit…[View]
168827365at this point its hard to tell who is who now.: any tips on telling the diffrence?[View]
168826394Can you feel it?: The tide is turning.[View]
168820843Why do you think it is that the 'poor and stupid' are the ones always complaining about Jews? It…[View]
168825748/ptg/ President Trump General - WARHOL (OCAUST) EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteh…[View]
168824600Satoshi Nakamoto is not a real person but a cabal of plutocrats that want to create the next generat…[View]
168828262We western people live in wealth and peace because the men and women of the last two generations wor…[View]
168825361Happy Birthday[View]
168827754Daily reminder that stormfags are cancer[View]
168816878God help us, It's Finally Happening: Pray for Rudy, pray for Trump. Hillary and all the pedos a…[View]
168826993this is the truth my fellow /pol/tards[View]
168828566mods you fa**ots pin a birthday thread already, its his day today[View]
168827288Why do niggers claim the Egyptian heritage? I even heard niggers who claim all the Middle Eastern h…[View]
168819651Listen to how happy she is to serve free drinks for all black men. Serving them sexually and economi…[View]
168814502Is it impossible to OD on coke? Why are coke related deaths so rare?[View]
168826017Morrissey Support For Britain.: >I despise racism. > >I despise fascism. >I would do a…[View]
168827030Another one bites the dust: >Eugene Actor is Secret Neo-Nazi, Rose City Antifa Says Blog alleges …[View]
168811772Tell me why Germany isn't the worst nation to ever exist. - Destroyed Rome - Destroyed Europe (…[View]
168796410Comey Finds Out Congress is getting his memos: This man looks fucking worried. https://www.youtube.c…[View]
168818580Are you happy pol? Look at what your memes are doing to the children![View]
168827446HEIL HITLER[View]
168824509omfg http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/04/18/lawsuit-google-instructed-managers-that-individual-ach…[View]
168818286What is your honest prediction about the things Zuckerberg will do to change the world? He's on…[View]
168827210first the US needs to legalize it then the rest of the world will follow man.[View]
168823503Why do you guys hate soy so much?[View]
168827010Hitler's birthday: MODS pin one of these already and delete the rest the spam is unbearable and…[View]
168820913Need help capturing video of Nancy Pelosi fucking herself on live CSPAN: Busy capturing Nancy Pelosi…[View]
168827008Don't Fat General /DFG/, Skatemore Edition: And /pol/ should not hate on skaters, because we ar…[View]
168825528In Honor of the Führer: I have developed a website/organization in honor of the Führer. Lots of free…[View]
168825000/pol/, it's time for the final redpill. You've been told (((they))) are responsible. That…[View]
168827079Men Among The Ruins? Lol, what a weird sound book. Stop reading it so we can do coke off of it, Anon…[View]
168824335Happy Birthday Hitler[View]
168816395Will the Ukraine ever return to the motherland?[View]
168820857China General: Anyone here live in China? How much does it suck?[View]
168827338happy birthday my fuhrer sorry for our traition: this time we will help our brothers[View]
168825041>meet guy who can't eat soy because of crazy allergy >ask him about things that have soy …[View]
168825825fearless leader has done nothing wrong: fight me[View]
168822842/pol/ is dead: There are threads for the faggot hogg There are threads for miscegenation There are t…[View]
168823078Black Alt Right > White Alt Right: Why are Black people simply more entertaining? I was watching …[View]
168816890SHOULD I CONVERT TO CATHOLICISM: To all Catholic Anons. I am from an Evangelical Christian home. How…[View]
168823857Want to be a soldier in the German military?: Well, a weekend crash course is now all you need. The …[View]
168827076Today 19 years ago the Columbine mass shooting happened[View]
168819105Thomas Sowell: What are your thoughts on Thomas Sowell /pol/? He reminds me of that wholesome old bl…[View]
168821601Feminists, do we care still?: are feminists still something we should be mad at or should I just let…[View]
168826766Liberalism is the driving force of success, development, happiness and all In all successful politic…[View]
168805792JEWS, I SUMMON YOU: Answer a goys questions[View]
168826234>/leftycia/ shilling through captchas build bridges not walls[View]
168825030Happy birthday u dead wite mutthafukka: Hoooo look at dis crazy crakka He cracked out 4 real He look…[View]
168826995Sweden at it again.: https://voiceofeurope.com/2018/04/swedish-students-reported-to-security-service…[View]
168826426FUHRERS B-DAY!: happy birthday Mr. Hitler! you did nothing wrong and the world will see it soon enou…[View]
168816900What can we do to stop Beto in Texas??: I am a flipfag. My family is strongly conservative living in…[View]
168826841Lobster Phone Hitler Birthday Edition: From:tom.rosenstiel@gmail.com To: drewlittman@gmail.com CC: …[View]
168826322Neckbeards Vs Jihadis: I think that if the Muslims out in the streets of the UK are such a danger an…[View]
168824417Women make 40%less than men: http://peoplespolicyproject.org/2018/04/16/women-actually-earn-around-4…[View]
168821433America can't hold 7 Billion people. Who do we refuse?: No one disputes the reality that Americ…[View]
168818453just glad neither black man had a cell phone in their hands - well known fact that when cops see a b…[View]
168811723Tony Podesta Getting REKT: lel. its happening lads...slowly but surely, the swamp creatures are gett…[View]
168811556Can U hear the State Dept REEEEEEEEE?: Assad & Putin just outsmarted the US Again LOL Bet they…[View]
168822312Daily Stormer Protesting Syria War: Just saw these flyers on my campus... which one of you anons was…[View]
168817292I am NOT looking forward to 4/20. Stoners are so fucking rude and obnoxious. Smoking weed is fucking…[View]
168826139Several nazi flags arise in Sweden. I guess this is a little 'fuck you' to Norway, since we got a pe…[View]
168823220He is worst PM in after WWII.[View]
1688153195d Chess: I really, really, really hate to be that guy, but I unironically think Trump might have ac…[View]
168825899Students in Selly Oak urged not to walk alone at night after spate of Asian gropings: West Midlands …[View]
168808633Happy 129th Birthday Hitler![View]
168817270MEME WAR HAPPENING: NBC News says Meme Warfare is taking place.[View]
168824136JOHN HUBERT HIGHNOTE: John Hubert Highnote has been identified as the shooter who ambushed the two d…[View]
168779973NEW OAN VIDEO EXPOSES SYRIA GAS FALSE FLAG: There was a previous OAN video on this, but the newer on…[View]
168825557Senpai we have betrayed you with false flag!: Assad-san returns France's Legion of Honour Award…[View]
168794906What would have to happen for things to be as good as they were in the time this picture was taken?[View]
168815173Punk was never about faggots and nigger loving.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPejY8vZWO4 https:/…[View]
168819314Assad returns French Legion of Honor award: >President Bashar Assad has surrendered his Legion of…[View]
168825270Should we warn Alex Jones?: https://youtu.be/Lh7zC951QxE[View]
168821416AUS/POL/ WHAT'S FOR DINNER EDITION: `Sup cunts. >>Prison officers are ordered to shave of…[View]
168824839WHO WAS PHONE: Who was the first world leader to call Trump and why is is classified?[View]
168766612What's wrong with Atheism?: I see a lot of atheist hate these days, riding on the back of the f…[View]
168824350Did I do good /pol/[View]
168825046nyc anon here. just took a cab ride and my indian driver and I somehow got into an in depth conversa…[View]
168824985F E A R: decapitate, piss and burn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28U4DB6UuyA https://www.youtube.c…[View]
168799980HAPPENINGZ?! 10 B-2 Bombers in air right now over minneapolis: Multiple reports are talking about 10…[View]
168792506Comey Memos: Here ya go faggots https://www.scribd.com/document/376855452/James-Comey-Memos-Releases…[View]
168823453We Germanz wantz ze money in 20 and 50 Reichsmark notes pleazz: Oh... I meant Euro notes. Two world …[View]
168824818Happy birthday guys! How are you planning on celebrating this lovely day?[View]
168824817What are you honest thoughts on the Med-Nord alliance?[View]
168823377Why arent you an anarcho communist /pol/?[View]
168824654Where can one find National Workers Party video dumps in HQ for propaganda use?[View]
168818287>Anti-War >Jew would you trust her?[View]
168822076/420G/ 420 General - BRUH EDITION: ayyyyyyyye bruh[View]
168819011Germany to relocate another ten thousand migrants: https://www.thelocal.de/20180419/germany-to-accep…[View]
168807954>create /pol/ >get sjw girlfriend >obvious conflicts begin >realize that 4chan is toxic …[View]
168823266Ben Garrison: What the fuck happened?[View]
168822472Are you guys serious about blaming everything on 'The Jews,' or do you use it as an inverse euphemis…[View]
168817129Well, trump IS a kike...[View]
168821879Why do white bois need black THOTS to tell them they are OK?[View]
168810455How bad of a country is Mexico? really?[View]
168818131ALLES GUTE ZUM GEBURTSTAG MEIN FÜRHER!!: Today this beautiful man celebrates his birthday, are you g…[View]
168820481Fuck gaijin feminist, fuck off nihon!: >In Japan, feminists are just rare, although feminism move…[View]
168820948French Socialists BTFO'd: Socialist egalitarianism vs. meritocratic capitalism[View]
168821349Female Canadian soldiers to emphasise Mali mission: Be Canadian army >Get kicked out of Somalia f…[View]
168820805this kills the (((***))): >pic related Make them consume themselves, their hunger is insatiable.…[View]
168811386Indian immigrants just come to the USA to make a salary and send the money back to their country[View]
168823696Asian women are stealing white men: How can we stop white men from mixing with asian women? They…[View]
168823943What are the chances we start seeing YouTuber/social media unions starting up?[View]
168823756Russian Bots: So are Russian bots just an absolute lie that the corporate controlled liberal media u…[View]
168822969>be me >im a female >wear a shit that says 'sorry ladies im in the nights watch' >go to…[View]
168823636Reminder that this is a beautiful empowered woman[View]
168823806Starcucks: Operation Get a Nigger Shot 2: Rev your meme machines up. Get distributing.[View]
168823383Liberals are Gonna Lose Their Shit: >They had shown the immigration officer their proof — the eig…[View]
168823546DJ race mixer: race realist here, I understand the race IQ data sets from the bell curve (nog-->m…[View]
168823685Can we get some European mutt memes in this thread, please?[View]
168823571JOHN HUBERT HIGHNOTE: John Hubert Highnote has been identified as the shooter who ambushed the two d…[View]
168823533Enoch Powell - Rivers of Blood Speech: How have I never heard this before? He was incredibly prescie…[View]
168819985Be honest: If the the race war actually happened, you spineless faggots would be cowering in your mo…[View]
168819234Luis Antonio Gokim Tagle born June 21, 1957 Is the 32nd Archbishop of Manila. How does he become Bis…[View]
168821086I need some Moon Man: I need some Moon Man[View]
168819728You have not yet learned to be multicultural /pol/[View]
168809648Starbucks Barista salt thread 2: Previous >>168794780[View]
168821099EXPLAIN: Explain how Jews keep you trapped in your moms basement, chained to a computer, posting mem…[View]
168818857Why are white nationalist leaders such an embarrassment? Why don't we have anyone charismatic, …[View]
168821785They are here, gentlemen... /ourgirls/...: So tell me... who is the Botmaker? “Hi guys! Bermuda here…[View]
168818422$100 gift cards when? coffee wuz not enugh reparationz for me n muh kangz[View]
168823034Happy birthday![View]
168806988My immigrant mother from Armenia: Is my kind welcomed to the US? >worked every day of her life …[View]
168822251YOU DID IT NOW YOU RUSSIAN TROLLS!!: Well /pol/acks ... how does it feel to finally emerge as the ul…[View]
168813384name a better world pro tip: you can't[View]
168822869Let’s just have fun: Why did we stop trolling retards?[View]
168821943It is our Time.[View]
168814234Happy Birthday to Mein Fuhrer!: 4/20 means that today is everyone’s favorite Jew killing, mustachioe…[View]
168822610WHITE POWER[View]
168817829what the fuck was wrong with 90s music?: >pic related https://youtu.be/953PkxFNiko What sort of d…[View]
168820537https://www.rt.com/news/424646-putin-trump-no-confrontation/ >Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump wil…[View]
168806648Syria General - /sg/ -(((Jordan))) Editions: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpr…[View]
168819689Mexicans are proud members of the white race: an*Mefag subhumans , how does this make you feel? You …[View]
168790060Stop burning fossil fuels.[View]
168820899>The far-left kike media and the leftist establishment are still butthurt about a meme made by a …[View]
168822114THE WALL JUST GOT 10 FT HIG----: Nice try, drumpf.[View]
168807423What does /pol/ think of Serbians? Asking for a friend...[View]
168822439Is he redpilled? He has five huwhite children.[View]
168817274Hi /pol/. Just visiting from /biz/. I heard you anons hate jews. Well the Bilderberg group has taken…[View]
168812562Serious question here, what the fuck is 'alt right' and why is it even a thing? Most normal people d…[View]
168815819NAZGOTH GENERAL /ngg/: Propaganda campaign tomorrow! Join the Discord! Discord /PfCcDtu >What is …[View]
168800682>Painting found in Sadam's Palace This is prophesy tier. Legit, any google search shows thi…[View]
168816304In all honesty, America did jack shit in WW2 and nuking Japan was a supreme act of cowardice. What m…[View]
168814957THE QUEEN HAS SAID THE COMMONWEALTH MUST LIVE: she knows shes old and has spoke out of late to ensur…[View]
168817600/ptg/ President Trump General - COMFIEST EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.go…[View]
168816616>You know, it's a funny thing, every one of the bastards that are out for legalizing marijua…[View]
168821230. The Forces of sky Iraq bombarded of Syria this wednesday, the deputy of the Iraqi airforce anounce…[View]
168818176There is outrage. Why can’t Congress enforce the rules when it comes to Trump? He never released his…[View]
168819482Are black people the most racist out of the other races?[View]
168815057Does the Republican party even have policy positions anymore?[View]
168807331/pol/ what are your thoughts? http://ktla.com/2018/04/19/irvine-man-charged-with-hate-crimes-after-k…[View]
168821866Ignore Shareblue slide threads: Shareblues terrified of our cohesion and has been spending months on…[View]
168821839White genocide: In Europe we accidentally introduced the ruddy duck. It was an aggressive breeder, a…[View]
168790926Who redpilled you to alt-rightism, conservatism, and meme culture?[View]
168785437Any old fags on who remember this guy? After Barbara died I started seeing all this stuff on him and…[View]
168819659Adolf Hitler Appreciation Thread: Happy Birthday to the Greatest European to ever live! Share your …[View]
168814735Would mandatory military conscription for a period of 12 months for all citizens at 18 with the only…[View]
168821593Name a better bromance Protip - caint[View]
168816586HITLER'S BIRTHDAY EDITION!!: /nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General 卐 SIEG HEIL! 卐 Thread for…[View]
168818361People in this state are pretty happy. We have a booming economy, great food, progressive laws and a…[View]
168821042I was happy when Trump won back in 2016. I thought he would get deported and I could finally be with…[View]
168818841Juche: What's /pol/s thoughts on Juche? Is it a third postionist theory/ fascistic?[View]
168818965Is racemixing wrong?: Good alt-hype video on this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gTRVKsBiSU what d…[View]
168809893Name my band, /pol/[View]
168819884What would be a good Jaeger Code Name for a White Ethnostate /pol/?[View]
168817964Butterface Wife= Better Life: pol is always bitching about not being able to find a good woman. Howe…[View]
168820639https://youtu.be/Lh7zC951QxE: Your thoughts?[View]
168819075How would you like your coffee Tyrone?[View]
168820582Is this article Pro-Terrorist?: http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/exploding-ants-1.4626634 Exploding…[View]
168820392Starting to look like the end.[View]
168818164Are the French worse than the Jews?: Jean-Jacques Rousseau: >fetishized indigenous tribes calling…[View]
168809520>2018 >Nuclear war could happen at any moment >STILL no fucking vaults Can someone explain …[View]
168817621Think Tank General -/ttg/- Operation End StarCucks: This is it fellas. This is where the tide finall…[View]
168820395JEW OR NOT JEW?: You guess![View]
168812149Remember that migrant caravan? some of them are being let in: due to 'asylum' http://www.oann.com/so…[View]
168809639THIS IS A FORBIDDEN IMAGE ON /POL/: Last thread got DELETED for discussing the 'keep you busy' 1-thr…[View]
168818051Hey guys has this forum stopped being racist or should I check back in like a year?[View]
168817069REDPILL OVERDOSE Jill Stein voter fraud investigation Hillary Clinton public appearances Worldcorpo …[View]
168787580What's going on here?[View]
168819864The Day of the Rope: I'm sitting here, it's 2AM, I have pair of headphones on, it's q…[View]
168820046Hey fellow Good Boys. I just wanted to make a thread about American History X, and even though it…[View]
168819627*kills your arab bf*[View]
168817771Your kikes, your niggers, your gooks[View]
168819056Why are so many White Supremacists Homosexuals?: Why does the white nationalist community have a pro…[View]
168819682Are whites really pussies because of fluoride in their water?: If not how come they're the puss…[View]
168812481The problem is the (( )): In my country there is problem[View]
168819520Comey/Clapper set-up Trump: November 2016 --- Trump wins December 2016 --- Trump questions deep stat…[View]
168809985Evolution is only a theory. It is not a fact or a scientific law.: Evolution is only a theory. It is…[View]
168818822Is it time to give up on western women for wives?: I am at the point where I don’t think American/Eu…[View]
168779401Trump is such a fucking alpha https://twitter.com/thehill/status/986789752560082945[View]
168818258Wanna get back at your step-dad cause he's fucking your Mom?: Reporting him for all that Alex J…[View]
168818817FUCK THE POLICE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-_GZylAzPQ No that i have your attention, i want t…[View]
168817017If you ware the president/ prime minister/ king/ whatever title your country uses of your country, w…[View]
168817906Even the spics are turning gay: 17yo boy from South El Monte was killed by his 16 year old boyfriend…[View]
168818337What is the name of this popular new smug pepe?[View]
168814016Was it all a setup?: With all the free publicity Starbucks is getting out of this. It makes you wond…[View]
168817249Can Bajans get redpilled?: >Be me >work in service industry >have Black staff member from B…[View]
168799406Starbucks feeling it: Asked a good friend who's a Starbucks store manager ..[View]
168791394Is the facial hair trend really about proving male whiteness?: Asians can't grow beards, black …[View]
168815962Hitler's 129th Birthday Party Thread: Today's the day! >420 Blaze it in his honor!…[View]
168818223HAPPY BIRTHDAY: What are you doing to celebrate the birth of the führer?[View]
168810190David Hoggs new book.. Titled 'Never Again': I want your opinions and thoughts on this absurdity. Al…[View]
168817494Yom Ha'atzmau Israel!: Happy Independence Day to our greatest ally! Press 'S' to salu…[View]
168818658hmhmhmhm...don't you see? Just like IBM sold the Nazis machines to aid the holocaust we now are…[View]
168813671Who is a crook: Trump or Hillary?: I mentioned that Hillary is a criminal to my cook and she got ups…[View]
168810166Helicopters in the Bronx: Anyone knows what’s going on here? I just saw 10 choppers flying in format…[View]
168807522Figure it out yet?: Sooo is it finally time to come back to reality or...? You know: where we finall…[View]
168817330blacked royal edition: So britbongs, how does it feel having your royal bloodline blacked like the r…[View]
168817132Starbucks: Operation Scorched Earth 2: Starbucks is giving away free everything to niggers who walk …[View]
168818426Syria Op: -Need assistance dynamo magician is going solo to Syria Brussels conference April 24-25 …[View]
168794283IT’S ALMOST TIME!!!: Hey you fucking faggots it’s almost Uncle Addie’s birthday and his face hasn’t …[View]
168818365Dad's Google History: Dergerber Dergerber Dergerber bler[View]
168808548she left me, pol.. what do i do[View]
1688180461) Watch They Live 2) Replace the sunglasses with a doobie 3) mfw that's why weed is banned …[View]
168817794BASED ISRAEL - Khazar Milkers Edition: Proud Maori Zionist here, fuck the *nglo invaders and their a…[View]
168809799DUDE WEED LMAO[View]
168817085So they were only in the news for what, 3 weeks? What were they distracting everyone from?[View]
168790303why do wh*Tes pretend that they will win race war? in case if it will start, then who will win: wh*T…[View]
168812942>become redpilled on race and genetics >lose all faith in God Did this happen to anyone else?…[View]
168818156The ultimate state of Great Britain[View]
168818079I don't know how any veteran could vote for Trumpster after he said prisoners of weren't w…[View]
168809630If you look at the actions of those in power, there is no reason to believe in global warming. The 3…[View]
168817412hahaha just when you thought CANADA couldn't stoop any LOWER[View]
168815046Great American Imperial Republic: The only way forward in my mind is for the US to turn into a Imper…[View]
168798358Warning we have been infiltrated!: McInnes, Molyneux, and 4chan: Investigating pathways to the alt-r…[View]
168782650How? https://www.thedailybeast.com/generation-z-is-already-bored-by-the-internet[View]
168817453Does anyone else think that women who are dressed as Nazis is the sexiest thing ever? I want my firs…[View]
168817671COVFEFE: Didn't Trump tweet this last year? Did we ever figure out what the hell it means. Last…[View]
168811119/ptg/ President Trump General - SEND ME AN ANGEL EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.white…[View]
168813938>work at Starbucks >negro walks in with coupon in hand >'ay yo gib me dat whitey drink I go…[View]
168815626Remeber when he ruined the internet and we now pay $5/mo for Napster?[View]
168793461>Moving out of your parents house before you have enough money for a deposit to get your own plac…[View]
168813760SOROS RETREATS: link : https://www.cnbc.com/2018/04/19/soros-foundations-to-quit-hungary-amid-politi…[View]
168809141>walking around downtown LA >See an art exhibit >decide to check it out >Go into back ro…[View]
168816435Capitalism is perfec-: AMAZON warehouse staff are peeing in bottles because loos are hundreds of yar…[View]
168797175IT IS REALLY HAPPENING!! ICE AGE SNOW COVER RAPIDLY EXPANDING: How many tons of food have you stocke…[View]
168807846Does this pic has any value or is it just generic millennial garbage?[View]
168816568Whiteness: How white am I?[View]
168814542/pol/ user: you have been accused of hate crime 90037 - Habitual Repeated Use of the N-word in a pub…[View]
168813035Whats the deal with the West Memphis Three? Is this pizzagate related? Echolds is literally an occu…[View]
168803373Do you guys ever wonder if there are actually way more people in the world than the (((official))) n…[View]
168810609What the fuck is wrong with America?[View]
168808387TFW: TFW Trump release the 9/11 info on Hitlers birthday. Exposing all the jews and their tricks. Ar…[View]
168812989Why aren't you buying my cars, you autistic neckbeards?[View]
168799296'Will you support me in 2020 Anon?'[View]
168805768> Nuclear war starts > You survive What's the great survival plan for you?…[View]
168815801At least he didn't ask for a Cleveland Steamer: First time he's ever let me down. :(…[View]
168815889Why does the US government lie about Assad gassing his own people? What does the US government gain …[View]
168814103#BanTheQuran: #BanTheQuran >California Cancer back with its BS 'The California State Assembly is …[View]
168814631What does /pol/ think of this guy?: What does pol think of roger stone is he based and ourguy? Or is…[View]
168815762hmmmm: its a shame /pol/ doesn't control this hashtag.[View]
168813630Swaziland renamed ‘the Kingdom of eSwatini’: You need to buy a new Africa wall map. http://geographi…[View]
168805530Free black membership: Coupons and hashtag, when? http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/04/19/3-la-fitness…[View]
168807790When has CNN has ever been biased to the same level as Fox News? Be honest with yourself, they aren…[View]
168814384Time to Celebrate! Happy 4/20 /pol/![View]
168814821Happy Birthday, Führer: Today is Hitler's birthday. Please say something nice for the occasion …[View]
168800587Do it for her /pol/[View]
168804699Guy that's being gangstalked or am a 'TI' as they call it. In short life is shit. Let's ta…[View]
168811823Why does the USA have so many illegal immigrants and is it true that they are rapists sending drugs?[View]
168816441When even the ID knows what you are.[View]
168814724The alt-right is a name for an umbrella of related sociopolitical movements. This manifesto covers t…[View]
168816343Starcucks Free Coffee Thread[View]
168802507Rules of /pol/: How many of you still follow this?[View]
168810240Oh mein fuhrer.[View]
168809314Wives are for breeding, not friendship. The principal value of any marriage must be to foster life. …[View]
168816171TRUE GOOD NEWS: https://streamable.com/k8wkt[View]
1688033854D CHESS EXPOSED: How Trump Bargains With World Leaders >be Trump If I can do it, so can you. …[View]
168801489how do we restore russia's rightful rulers?[View]
168814508Porn?: Is porn responsible for bringing this man so low?[View]
168816157SYRIA Brussels meeting 4/24-25: -Need assistance on an OP dynamo magician is going solo to Syria Bru…[View]
168816055What happened to CF?[View]
168815934Trevor Moore holding 24hr stream show: He is asking about fixing world problems, getting answers fro…[View]
168808359EXPLAIN: Is it MAGA through MIGA? or MIGA through MAGA? or just plain-old MIGA?[View]
168802391“I’ve never spoken to him. I’ve never met him. I’ve never kissed him,” Clinton half-joked about Come…[View]
168809310Want to see something scary?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKKMX4V_BR0 >Start from 6:12 >Th…[View]
168798197On June 8, 1967, 34 American sailors of the USS Liberty lost their lives serving their country. Thes…[View]
168805117Why do conservatives hate the environment so much?[View]
168815141>a cross with a serpent on it >a cross as the sun between moloch horns >a bent cross This d…[View]
168815929Answer this shills:: If a liberal can not show me the clear line between colors on a rainbow why wou…[View]
168763790Greeting Fellow White Person: Melissa DePino, the woman who shared the video of two black men arrest…[View]
168802368Why do black people smell bad?: Whats up with that? Ive noticed that just about every black person s…[View]
168815592Using wind and solar burns more coal than burning coal[View]
168799689/mg/ Monarchism General: >no parliaments >no kiked democracy >no one-off dictatorships Let…[View]
168803369I really wish liking Hitler was more socially acceptable. I don't like the policies, like socia…[View]
168814763A lot of Gen Z will be able to vote in 2020. How where do they fall, politically? Would they stop or…[View]
168812205Speciation: According to the theory of evolution's most accepted mechanism, given enough time d…[View]
168811325I don't care much about race mixing anymore, only eugenics matter.[View]
168808631Hey /pol/ if you had the opportunity to kill both a kike and a nigger, which would you kill first, a…[View]
168813504Nigger Hate Thread Post reasons why you hate blacks, /pol/[View]
16881325870th Birthday Mega-Thread!: Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to youuuuuu! Happy Birthday Greate…[View]
168814996Flip Crowns Free Money[View]
168811679So what should America do with all the empty real estate left over from dying malls and retail chain…[View]
168798396Leaf/Pol/ #11 ASIAN GANGS EDITION: Concerning the future of Canada, Canadian Politics, and the Syrup…[View]
168812054GUESS THE RACE[View]
168813223Perfect storm?: Have there been any serial killers that have thought to take advantage of the No-Go …[View]
168783791Are you a virgin? Are you white? What is your excuse for contributing to white genocide?[View]
168808198BLM request for white 'people': Would that be so much to ask /pol/?[View]
168814686Today is Hitler's birthday. Say something nice about him.[View]
168813495Happy birthday mein Fuhrer. 14//88 SIEGE HAIL SIEGE HAIL SIEGE HAIL SIEGE HAIL SIEGE HAIL SIEGE H…[View]
168811847did we ever find out who this guy is?[View]
168812232What’s going on in Armenia?: https://www.youtube.com/embed/LybPd03rIEQ Any Armenians here? Or easte…[View]
168810110/pol/ why is this fucking bird not our mascot?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQGn_6hv8Ts this sho…[View]
168813310What country do you want to establish a colony?[View]
168793244self hating spic: hello lads, i’m a self hating hispanic. what do?[View]
168809951Italian Jew here. Convince me: I'm a Jew. I don't give a fuck about the left, I don'…[View]
168804675How should a white guy use the coupon?: Plz help.[View]
168809523Why does America have more gun deaths than other countries? Should the second amendment be removed f…[View]
168813145Are black genes degenerate?: Pic related is a guy who got nicked during a haircut, which led to mass…[View]
168814305Don't judge country by past day: When the bases are inside the cities you can't fly your c…[View]
168813915How do we defeat the electric Jew?[View]
16880228810 motherfucking B-2 Spirits airborne right now: Yes, literally half the fucking B-2 Spirit fleet is…[View]
168804357will there be a place for whites during the chinese century?[View]
168810530raid trevor moores 24 hour comedy central stream: on comedy centrals fb page number is 1833TREVOR1…[View]
168814058Is Myanmar based?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persecution_of_Muslims_in_Myanmar The people of Mya…[View]
168812395can you be jewish and white at the same time?[View]
168814008One America News on the ground reporting: OAN released a video of them visiting the hospital where t…[View]
168813877JAZZ & JESSE #37: Can I get some gibs please?[View]
168797726Can i be an Honarary Aryan when the race war occurs?: >Be me go to ghetto school >respectable …[View]
168810962When the gun control the Left wants would only ever work if there was a wall at the Mexican border: …[View]
168809160Comey is going to make a new friend in jail. Pic related[View]
168810334I am the future of your country, the epitome of race mixing. There is nothing you can do about it.[View]
168811722Honest Question for you anons: Is there such thing as a good jew?[View]
168809918Brazil, no!: why do xenophobic gun nuts keep growing around the world? reeeee[View]
168806669Planet soy: This is a map of charon one of plutos moons, and these are the offical names of areas an…[View]
168812079ques pol-b's: How long will it be, before hannity realizes the fisa court directed, comey, mcca…[View]
168808988Is he the 2nd coming of Jesus?: Well /pol/?[View]
168807867Admit it, /pol/. He won. It's over.[View]
168783573I'm just a guy with an appreciation for my heritage and a desire to see my race thrive. We…[View]
168813290When the bases are inside the cities you can't fly your choppers over them, so who seen? How ma…[View]
168808847Alles Gute zum Geburtstag mein Führer: Post your rare Hitlers!! Celebrate this glorious day.[View]
168808481Black Coffee: So let me get this straight: Two black men are arrested for loitering, didn't hav…[View]
168810210this fucker: this autistic cuck replies to every post by Trump with nearly the same shit. I know thi…[View]
168797692Starbucks: Operation Scorched Earth: My brother who works at Starbucks has received instructions to …[View]
168811291Idolatry general, get in here /pol/. What idol do YOU worship?[View]
168809554HAPPY BIRTHDAY /OURFÜHRER/: Send birthday wishes! 14/88![View]
168811392Who is /ourguy/?: A new IBS front has opened. Who do we support? >The Chad Conservative >argue…[View]
168797116STARCUCKED!: FULL THREAD: (Last reached max replies) Hotep Jesus Gets FREE STARBUCKS REPARATIONS COF…[View]
168811381Male Victims of Sexual Assault Left Out: https://apnews.com/5d84308483644be8a4acf14975420e11/Some-ma…[View]
168812206WW3 amirite: Recent developments: >Iraqi F-16 fighter jets just deployed into syrian airs coordin…[View]
168807840What would happen to labor arbitrage if we had one world currency?: Interesting question. Or we can …[View]
16880990972% french have a favorable view of Muslims.: Can any frenchanon explain this to me? If Italy can be…[View]
168809446Halt!: Papers please! Single digits = Pure Aryans. Double digits = Juden. Triple digits = Nigger Qu…[View]
168812443Slovenia - June Elections: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/03/15/slovenias-prime-minister-resi…[View]
168787201/pol/ is literally against this.[View]
168808001Canada sends all their helicopters to Israel without notice. They recieve grace if Israel shot one …[View]
168812180/nsg/- Hitler's Birthday Edition: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEIN FUHRER! on this glorious day remember tha…[View]
168798024Why do shitskins an niggers hate snow so much?[View]
168810787Why does pol talk about killing sandpeople all day long, then go full SJW when Israelis actually do …[View]
168805855Does /pol/ actually believe the holocaust wasn't real or is it just satire because honestly, I …[View]
168806996Imagine being such a racist corporation that you need to shut down over 20,000 locations just to tel…[View]
168799712Is Natalie Portman dare I say it... /our jew/?[View]
168811889Why is the UK committing suicide?: I mean this very simply: Why are British police enforcing bogus l…[View]
168810439Saudis Blacked: The first movie to be shown in Saudi Arabia since the 1980s is Black Panther http://…[View]
168809712hey /pol/, is autism a race?[View]
168810857Happy Birthday to the greatest man on Earth yet![View]
168810586if you are gay and autistic, what opportunities are there for you if you grew up in a predominantly …[View]
168811524As the master race, is it not our nature and duty to pass on our superior genes to other races, ther…[View]
168804869What did Trudeau say to Khan /pol/[View]
168811496Niggers - niggers of US Muslims and niggers - niggers of EU Churkas - niggers of Russia Who are nigg…[View]
168807850>be muslim boi >try to spread religion into Africa >get absolutely BTFO by Christian KARA B…[View]
168809142How do we solve the obesity epidemic: And how come British Columbia is so lean?[View]
168803081Okay so once LINK makes me shit rich, where is the safest (but also cheapest) place in the country t…[View]
168764401Media slaughtering hotep jesus over starbucks video.: Lmfao, just did a quick google of this guy and…[View]
168807533/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - OH SNAP EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov…[View]
168811107Guys I’m the anon that posted a thread about a mysterious black helicopter slowly flying over my hou…[View]
168807994Political Theory Reading: Does anyone have the two images for a political theory reading list with t…[View]
168808780Happy Birthday, Hitler![View]
168810933Kanye West Twitter suspended!: its gone its gone its gone its gone https://www.twitter.com/OfficiaIK…[View]
168807162What effect does a capacity for love in a person have on their political views. All other factors r…[View]
168808929Happy Birthday Fuhrer[View]
168805312My Aryan lads , The material world is full of darkness and ignorance. INTO DHARMA YOU MUST VARNASHR…[View]
168807466CATHOLIC ANSWERS FORUM: I been suspended from catholic answers forum because i debated an Holohoax s…[View]
168810533/pol/ is the juden now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsdOMrnRsvE[View]
168808784FINAL REDPILL: Genetics determines your political opinon: >gym bros more likely to be conservativ…[View]
168806177Why does Sarah Silverman hate Israel so much?: https://www.haaretz.com/us-news/sarah-silverman-slamm…[View]
168810631USG clusterfuck: Even Alex Jones has left the Trump train now. Are you fucktards still deluded with …[View]
168808871Why do boomers hate him?: Honestly I want to know, why do boomers hate Musk so much?[View]
168783799Hidden Film Parts: Not Easter Eggs, but Meaningful Things. Just watched Batman vs Superman again, an…[View]
168808457Grinch Can Change?: The more I learn, the more it seems clear that the Jews want to take EVERYTHING …[View]
168793748>A Thornton man thought his neighbor was beating his own dog. So he shot him five times, victim’s…[View]
168810473Return of Habsburg monarchy: Pic related[View]
168810366What's in November?: What's in November? People keep saying vote in November, but for what…[View]
168809189WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH POOS: Indian father 'gifts his daughter to his friends and joins th…[View]
168810121/SKG/ SkyKing General - Heartbreaker Edition: >TUNE IN: http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/ [Loc J…[View]
168803100Can someone tell me what the fuck happened?[View]
168785000ITS HAPPENING: >COMEY MEMOS FROM DOJ GIVEN TO CONGRESS https://twitter.com/realsaavedra/status/9…[View]
168805686>it's another 'he spends all his time online arguing about foreskins and whether or not…[View]
168809929Happy Birthday: to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday Mein Fuhrer, happy birthday to you!…[View]
168801122What's your favorite African country?[View]
168803755/pol/ BTFO: Finally some good money for Hogg[View]
168809777Happy birthday[View]
168791182white privilege isn't re... >The 14-year-old was walking to high school after sleeping late …[View]
168809751...Anonymous (ID: Y1x/4auc) 04/19/18(Thu)21:52:54 No.168808001 24 KB JPG Canada sends all their hel…[View]
168808991SOY GENERAL - /sg/ How many of these bad boys do you drink each day: >pic related Currently I sma…[View]
168803282being circumcised doesn't matter[View]
168796082GOVERNMENT ACCIDENTALLY RELEASES FILE ON MIND CONTROL: boingboing.net/2018/04/19/government-accident…[View]
168809483What's up with Mississippi?: Why are Whites there so Republican?[View]
168809658UNPLUG YOUR MICROPHONES: Google has been caught listening to your conversations through your microph…[View]
168803153/TEX/AS Thread - Midterm Hurricane Edition: Thread dedicated to focusing on the upcoming Texas Mid-t…[View]
168807074Half Syrian, Don't Look White, Can I come into the Ethno State?: I'm half Syrian Christian…[View]
168809359Happy birthday to this special boy![View]
168801932Starbucks: WTF: So I just finished doing my homework on the starbucks thing and basically my questio…[View]
168805827We don't have to pay off our national debt right guys?[View]
168809202Macron: 'Africans will be flooding into Europe “for many years to come”: >Bombshell’ population g…[View]
168807583News/Conservatives: ITT: How do you get your news? What do you think of female conservatives as a ne…[View]
168806289Racists claim that genetics prove race is real, but there is more genetic similarity between white m…[View]
168803016POL HOLY SHIT LOOK DID ANYONE ELSE NOTICE THIS??? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikveh >...(lit.…[View]
168804176Hitler's birthday: Lets get this flag of the true master race to the front page >superior fe…[View]
168805272Hey Canada, suck my fucking nutsack aright? anti leaf thread[View]
168808792>bavarian newspapers front page this morning Really makes you think[View]
168804900Anon Theory: Face-Reality: You fucks are wily....your insatiable edgeness is rooted in seeing what o…[View]
168809024School is having a walkout tomorrow - I'm tempted to just bring some shitty gun fact fliers, bu…[View]
168802708Jazz & Jesse #37: Pls gib, paycucks[View]
168803761>rudy giuliani joins trumps team >no where to be found on the 4chinz Things that make you go H…[View]
168799320I was visiting my son’s dorm today and found this in his fridge. What do I do /pol/?[View]
168801565Only subhumans love their parents[View]
168808530Proof of frazzledrip?: Anyone have proof of the frazzledrip video? Any screenshots that prove it rea…[View]
168808682Canada sends all their helicopters to Israel without notice. They recieve grace if Israel shot one …[View]
168806515Why are the Jews doing everything they can to cause a second holocaust for themselves?[View]
168801399Revolution Central!: Every day that inequality grows, communism rises. Capitalism is impoverishing t…[View]
168803365The Beta Uprising is NOW: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-19/hedge-fund-beta-males-produce-mo…[View]
168794780Barista Salt: The absolute state of these baristas. The conditioning is breaking.[View]
168806971Fuck America: When did you realize that saving the white race and making America great again are mut…[View]
168796044Why are young White males checking out of society?[View]
168808393Canada, Israel seen as also their Native land, but Hebrew. Now go.: Canada sends all their helicopte…[View]
168807866There are people here right now who believe the liberal elite are running a satanic pedo ring and Tr…[View]
168808469What's the deal with Syracuse?: Does anyone have a link to the actual video? Also what do you g…[View]
168808385Brazil's presidente Lil Mike[View]
168804958For God's sake, men. Mickey Mouse is tied with the Libertarian Party. https://strawpoll.com/peg…[View]
168802912FREE DRINKS FOR ALL POCS IN SELECT STARBUCKS FRANCHISES: Listen to how happy she is to serve free dr…[View]
168808344The United States is responsible for creating China's middle class through 50 years of slavery …[View]
168781215(((Holohoax))) being discussed live on YouTube right now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIOa4lKwNZI…[View]
168797756What the fuck did the governor mean by this?[View]
168808184Base: https://youtu.be/tmpc9M81Xb4[View]
168807974THE YOUNG SHOULD FEAR THE GAY: Why do any of us bother debating from the pro-gun POV? >We have t…[View]
168803579Natalie Portman, boycotts Israel: https://www.sfgate.com/entertainment/the-wrap/article/Natalie-Port…[View]
168759383RYAN DAWSON: If you believe the Sandy Hook shooting was fake, or if you believe in chemtrails or any…[View]
168807536So Last Jedi sucked. Is /pol/ even considering watching Solo? Is there hope for the franchise? Where…[View]
168805661HAPPENING: 2 Florida deputies fatally shot in Gilchrist County: http://www.wogx.com/news/2-deputies-…[View]
168803524> be on /pol/ >Fall somewhere between alt-lite and libertarian >See posts by alt-righters …[View]
168794803The whole entire world hates white people. That's why cracker can be translated into many diffe…[View]
168779812Universal Basic Income: Is it good or not?[View]
168807482Why are dixies such a genetic stain on our country?[View]
168803916/k/ here. What should we do to protect the second amendment?[View]
168799948Well? https://star.txstate.edu/2016/02/black-people-cannot-be-racist-and-heres-why/[View]
168804897What was the date that Trump clicked for /pol/ and the board swung support behind him? When a majori…[View]
168807259Brazilianons, redpill me: Is this /ourguy/ in Brazil? Can he win? Reply in English if possible, aski…[View]
168805955Why do (((they))) hate him so?: Why do Jews hate Trump so much? He's the most Pro Israel presid…[View]
168805898well /pol/, are they /ourbarista/?[View]
1688074024/20: Shit guys I'm on great shit right now. I have to type slowly cuz I know that my mind will…[View]
168788943Can we talk about the whore problem aand how Tinder and other apps made it 100x worse? What's y…[View]
168807007Just waiting: I am just waiting to go to fucking school and people be like >WOAH 4/20 XDDDD Let …[View]
168803853>be me >10 years ago i weighed 129 pounds >now i weigh 263 pounds >pic related what…[View]
168806028>banning X doesn't make it impossible for people to get X[View]
168776727Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Distracted Boyfriend Edition: Tripple the [Embed]s for tripple the jo…[View]
168794826How do rape trials go?: How can you prove if someone is a rapist or not?[View]
168798677Is Liev a pederast?[View]
168764625THIS CANT BE HAPPENING — TIME 100: TIME 100 RELEASED TIME 100 RELEASED >ft. Queen Nig http://time…[View]
168785571He did nothing wrong.[View]
168789849COMEY FUCKED?: I’m not going to get my hopes up, but it kind of feels like something might actually …[View]
168805863What to do about systemic racism in education system? Danisha Maddie: Follow up from >>1687215…[View]
168804940Romania moving Its Israel embassy to Jerusalem: They're joining USA, Russia, Czech Rep., Guatem…[View]
168806977Nicaraguans on Miami: Have you heard of the Nicaraguan people on Miami? Do you know what's happ…[View]
168806820Canada sends all their helicopters to Israel without notice. They recieve grace if Israel shot one …[View]
168806797How to fix deathcultish behavior in normies?: Way too often, the people I'm around will start c…[View]
168806484Is cuckolding actually healthy?: I recently found out my wife has been sleeping with a black man on …[View]
168780559Final Solution to the FQ (Fat Question): >treat all food as an illicit substance when it involves…[View]
168801696Gonna be a shooting in Eastern Canada: Two autists in my school are gonna reanact Columbine tomorrow…[View]
168803851That fucking costume drama: Remember back in like 2015 when everyone flipped a tit about the Hallowe…[View]
168801389Is this the next evolution of the soy? The soychad? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bERGLaj_gVc[View]
1688064364/20 is Hitler’s Birthday: In remembrance, let’s flood 4chan with Nazi flag images for the day. To v…[View]
168764445Sotomayor's injury is worse than expected!: Roll for her fate! I predict complications from sur…[View]
168796537OY White People, what are you secretly discuss in discord??: Discord is a free voice and text app wi…[View]
168804747THE FIRE RISES!!!!! THE GOYIM KNOW![View]
168806146When Trump walks unscathed through these allegations and wins in 2020, will the Left turn on the Jew…[View]
168806133Macron: 'Africans will be flooding into Europe “for many years to come”: >Bombshell’ population g…[View]
168802428I used to rule the world: Seas would rise when I gave the word[View]
168802586ITT: Funny questions to ask / piss off Californians at an anti-gun rally >city is one of many acr…[View]
168784659Hotep jesus is a genius and /ourguy/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-OeTMVLEBI This is next level…[View]
168805949Trump is the most popular World Leader among World Leaders: Trump is the Alpha leader of the world r…[View]
168805934If you look at the actions of those in power, there is no reason to believe in global warming. The 3…[View]
168790839Why do people deny, distort, or misuse the Holocaust? Like all forms of propaganda, Holocaust denial…[View]
168800667le jooo maymays aside, is Ben /ourguy/? He's never been defeated in an argument, and he red pil…[View]
168776600Antitrust vs Regulation of Google/Facebook: Youtube controls a similar market to what Rockefeller ha…[View]
168805804Just a friendly reminder before you wish me a happy birthday that not only was i Jewish but I was al…[View]
168798325Anyone else think its weird that Alex Jones and Trump are both being attacked at the same time? It…[View]
168805209to pay h'White respect.[View]
168805741CNN starts YouTube Adpocalypse 2.0: http://money.cnn.com/2018/04/19/technology/youtube-ads-extreme-c…[View]
168799563Reposting because old thread got archived. /pol/, it's time for the final redpill. You've …[View]
168802228>tfw you kill a whole lot of corn fed american white boys for money, then make it look like Jews …[View]
168797996/bybs/ General shit going down with jewchim come and wartch the fall of a sperg https://www.youtube…[View]
168746884GMOs. Just why?: >plant GMOs >use more aggressive pesti and herbicides >create more resista…[View]
168802044Lizard witch: Anyone know that feeling when you see a Jew? It’s like watching a cockroach crawl out …[View]
168804792What goes on in eSwatini?[View]
168801965You will never see these kinds of gains in your life again? You know Why? Because Trump deregulated …[View]
168797563Ex FBI Director James Comey’s Memos' https://www.scribd.com/doc/376855597[View]
168801905Would you like Bernie if he had immigration polices that were the same as Trumps?[View]
168797780Did we finally hit rock bottom? R.I.P United States of America[View]
168801802Post your most soy image[View]
168795611The Eternal Normie: Is converting normies even a realistic possibility? The two archetype normies, W…[View]
168804770Explain yourselves, Norway: Is being extra creepy a Norwegian thing, or a Scandinavian thing in gene…[View]
168803608How mixed are Europeans with other Europeans? As in is the average Frenchman 10% British or German o…[View]
168801665Must Gib Guns on Colimbine 19th anniversary: Boss Hogg will be there and La Goblina[View]
168747486PIZZAGATE HITS THE BOX OFFICE: how was this film allowed to be made/shown to the masses...I'm s…[View]
168798497Don't be a NEET Bin those feet![View]
168800821>RECOILS JEWISHLY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVfglZNLXr0[View]
168787632It’s happening! For really reals.: 3.6 magnitude earthquake felt in Michigan just outside of Detroit…[View]
168802257you may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like[View]
168799924/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - TWO FACE EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.go…[View]
168801758a better world: the world would be way better if pic related was true, also with free movement insid…[View]
168804043OPSEC 3.: Guys we have been manipulated into helping cover for close to 50,000 people loosing their …[View]
168804082Democratic Future: This is an invitation for a conference recently attended by several Democratic of…[View]
168797114/pol/ is just a bunch of status quo warriors (SQWs). You just regurgitating what you have been brain…[View]
168774852Syria General /sg/ - A True Monster Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpr…[View]
168767261Brit/pol/ - Nostalgia thread: >Thread theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rGkseGFQLh4 >Give …[View]
168801563digital manspreading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ddOVR0YSfg something fun I found thought it s…[View]
168801850Oldie but good topic; Bank of America action by 4chan?: Does anyone have any idea what we could do t…[View]
168794519> high school students coming to college campus to advocate gun control What's the best argu…[View]
168793438Circumcision: I asked my mother why I was circumcised...: She said the doctor told her that if you d…[View]
168795060Why did America fight the Nazi's?[View]
168802462What is the scientific reason as to why left-wing leaning people are less capable of creating humor?[View]
168799397Is Neta-Lee Hershlag /ourgirl/?[View]
168803516Zuckerburg was suckerberged by the Deep State to keep everyone in line - Part 2: Anon with an IA age…[View]
168803445>Be (((Christian))) >Your baby boy is born, the most precious thing in the world to you >Im…[View]
168794624Government and mind control: Government accidentally sends file on 'remote mind control' methods to …[View]
168792886>This is how an average nationalist looks like in sweden[View]
168803087Came across this article, sombody needs to tell them... https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/2018/04/…[View]
168781749When will companies realize there is no way of pleasing these people https://news.vice.com/en_us/ar…[View]
168790919https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhdEbOzcN1U What do miserable losers see in Jordan Peterson? Why is …[View]
168794498This BBC video could do with a few thousand more downvotes: BBC pushing 'LGBT' propaganda …[View]
168788874>Fat fuck with terrible lifestyle gets terminal cancer >Starts shitting on the American health…[View]
168798445riddle me this riddle me that did this nigger just confirm hrc?: Laugh my ass off. If this is a patr…[View]
168803053So she's /ourgirl/ right?[View]
168777848Possible Grand Solar Minimum?: Why is nobody talking about this ? Notice any similarities to the tem…[View]
168802130Why are Irish people so leftist?[View]
168802947(((Alt-Right))): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgeiJHkDvRo[View]
168802481Was he right /pol/? Is society based on the forceful imposition of rules by the strong on everyone e…[View]
168772716What should be done in order to adress the homophobia of the right? This is a problematic that you c…[View]
168796232Somebody give me a rundown of Obama's early career before he was a US Senator.[View]
168780589Drunk Judge on probation makes almost 200k a year: >In August of 2016, Astacio was convicted of D…[View]
168802303Racist note left on Muslim woman’s vandalized car 2 weeks after she moved to NJ town: Oh look it…[View]
168800933SKYWATCH THREAD –NJ?: last thread >>168687786 >Military planes are flying low, and I'm…[View]
168799699>study history >become radical centrist did this happen to anyone else?…[View]
168801466>Europe is so cucked we Americans are the last hope for the white ra-[View]
168800091Don't ever stop!!: They can never stop accepting them! Not once can they tell a customer no. Sp…[View]
168790270/pol/ BTFO: Q predicted /pol/ will never recover.[View]
168802151Why haven’t you taken the spirit pill yet?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dKlht2JsNts[View]
168797849Where do Jewess’ typically hang out? I seek to impregnate one to give my children Jewish master race…[View]
168797892>Wealth is a social construct. It does not matter How do you argue against this? I'm complet…[View]
168802071name a better bromance - I'll wait[View]
168794206>the majority of /pol/ users are white collar professionals (lawyers, doctors, CEOs, engineers) a…[View]
168801512MAGA=FAGA: How do we destroy the alt-lite, pol? They are taking up space for a real party of change…[View]
168801594Is prostitution against god's wishes?: Call 5037391817[View]
168795476Take The Poo Pill: So why haven't you taken the POO PILL yet, anon? Let's go over the bene…[View]
168794000/Shrek/ Thread: Post your favorite redpilled shrek memes[View]
168799977What are the chances of Baron running for office in 2044?[View]
168801867Revolution: finally the fucking Marxist of my country are afraid yeah!!!! 'freedom'[View]
168800838Why don't Christians protest as much as leftists?: Liberals are always trying to find something…[View]
168801722>builds machines too kill people of opposite color >texan, understands the importance of freed…[View]
168795924I am a disposable male--there, I accepted it. Are you happy jews and rich people? You won--I can…[View]
168801536Freedom in the World 2018: Table of Country Scores >#3 Sweden >#4 Canada https://freedomhouse.…[View]
168800818today i will remind them: daily reminder[View]
168801558>the absolute state of British women[View]
168785251Ask a progressive anything: I voted for Bernie Sanders and ultimately supported Hillary Clinton.…[View]
168786564New Youtube Elsagate Pedo-Child-Indoctrination-Ring Evidence: ***NEW EVIDENCE- DON'T LET THEM S…[View]
168800873what if we start a viral campaign to demand a certain amount of black managers for starbucks? what b…[View]
168756829Europe is done for: > Be me, a traveller > Leaving Cairo for Istanbul > Get on plane > F…[View]
168801247Thoughts /pol/?[View]
168798833*VOODOO-PIMPS YOUR DAUGHTER*: Heh, nothing personnel, kid. Thank the (((Christian))), (((Jewish))), …[View]
168799734my new neighbors are black what can I expect?[View]
168798289Hillary won and you redneck pieces of filth fucking know it. CHECK THE FINAL TALLY! SHE HAD MORE VOT…[View]
168799107Do you think we’ll have universal basic income in the near future?: How are we going to have enough …[View]
168787845what do you think of protectionism?: for it or againt it in current times?[View]
168801234Why would an innocent man be desperate to shut down an investigation against him if there's not…[View]
168799867Why white people hate us, muslims?: During the four-week trial, prosecutors employed hours of record…[View]
168797803Definitely gay: Good memes to make fun of the gayness[View]
168798308YOU'RE FIRED: Ever think politics is a psyOP? Thats the joke, they arent just puppets, they are…[View]
168798255How are you voting in 2020?: https://strawpoll.com/peg19dbx My money's on Mickey Mouse.[View]
168800870What's /pol/'s Feelings on the banking industry other than 'Die Juden'? I got a theory... …[View]
168787269What's this life?: So, what do you believe? https://strawpoll.com/25kx588p[View]
168800442Illinois DEMs foot bill replacing officers for therapists: >http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/…[View]
168799525Why is it still up?[View]
168800616It's about to become illegal to eat cats or dogs in the United States https://www.politico.com/…[View]
168797813Blue birds do infact fly with blue birds: I thought it was all a meme. I grew up in America and I wa…[View]
168797574When is enough? enough?: If the elites will always sabotage our success, maybe we should grab a stic…[View]
168796674WHAT THE FUCK HOW DARE HE?????? https://twitter.com/thehill/status/987134014568923136[View]
168800461Human sciences thread: Can we get a thread going centered on credible scientific sources and studies…[View]
168795864The Cat of Western Civilization[View]
168784380Will he win in 2020?[View]
168799832Which one should I read next /pol/? And do you have any other recommendations for nonfiction works o…[View]
168798440It's not all about you[View]
168797107What has WWIII lost it's appeal to you faggots? You know that while viewing all the slide and m…[View]
168797207COMEY BLACKMAILED TRUMP: Just curious but under due process and after a jury of his peers is Comey g…[View]
168796903Hitler will always be better then Trump, try to prove me wrong[View]
168800328What's the best site for tracing my lineage?: How can I be traditional if I don't know my …[View]
168799935Romania to move embasy to Jerusalem: This is how you know your Government is infested with Jewish zi…[View]
168800293To all discord NWIS ppl I can re-establish some of your old connections, tell me your old username a…[View]
168790056Memes aside can we all take a second to reflect that pic related managed to completely shred the soc…[View]
168749797Doing a project about 9/11. What do I need to know?>[View]
168798002Yo, the globalist zionist problem has been a toughie but..: Here We Go. The persecution complex, ass…[View]
168795415Kars 4 Kikes: >Kars4Kids is a multinational non-profit national car donation organization based i…[View]
168797330If the ethnostate became a reality, why should the main language be English, and not German, French …[View]
168797856Reminder that the corn masterace will take over the world. Stay mad wheat and rice boys.[View]
168799752Ethnostate General /eg/[View]
168795907Gas mask thread: What dissidents we gassing boys, what will we be wearing?[View]
168772589Hitlers Birthday: In the fatherland Hitlers birthday just started, wish him something nice[View]
168798513Circumcision=Mark of the beast Prove me wrong /pol/ (you can't)[View]
168796376Drumpf is finished.: It's over for him.[View]
168799487Diddy at 'The Afterparty?: I had some faith in Mr. Combs, being a friend of one of his relatives and…[View]
168790503How can jews still believe in their religion after the holocaust?: >be a jew >get constantly f…[View]
168788907Tell me about Australia: I'm thinking about moving to Australia I have a few questions. I'…[View]
168791970CLIMATE DENIERS BTFO: things climate change deniers can’t into: >statistics >peer review >a…[View]
168791989Pathological Liberalism Strikes Again Ft. Soyboy: Suicidal empathy from whites causes another catast…[View]
168794213BREAKING: Comey memo: Trump said Vladimir Putin told him, 'We have some of the most beautiful h…[View]
168799213All Starbucks will now respect the culture of India by making all store fronts designated shiting st…[View]
168799171Did you forget the 600 trillion, goyim?[View]
168795394OH SHIT MKULTRA https://twitter.com/DRUDGE_REPORT/status/987141573753257984[View]
168799114we're having a party discord, mad NatSocs, mad shitpost, mad traps, mad girls https://disc0rd.g…[View]
168796876He /pol/ asking a favor.: Can some autistic fucker please do a writing comparison between the Comey …[View]
168793363Alex Jones View Count: Why won't you acknowledge the fact that the deep state modifies Alex Jon…[View]
168797490Sanctuary County for firearms: My home town, making me all proud and shit. It's not up yet for …[View]
168793323Man linked to 9/11 attacks captured in syria: What's gonna happen goys??[View]
168794097The idea that Trump has made a breakthrough in foreign policy by meeting with Kim is hilarious. Any …[View]
168792376This Should be the division of the United States.: Change my mind. Protip: You can't.[View]
168798975>Be me, fashy goy >Try to think of an English translation of 'fascism' so people here can unde…[View]
168795927Happening in Turkey: Erdogan called a snap election. This dude what's to revive the Ottoman em…[View]
168795451Alright /pol/, let's say we actually beat Cultural Marxism, what system would you put in place …[View]
168795309so there is a new immigration law coming and there was rumor of an 40000 immigrants getting papers, …[View]
168757137fag hate thread[View]
168788096Hitler's 129th Birthday Celebration Thread Continued Previous >>168772710 Post memories,…[View]
168796658>go outside for an evening stroll >see a nigger…[View]
168795143this is your money on socialism[View]
168793135Would we have the same dialogue about Islam as we have today in the West if 9/11 never happened? Was…[View]
168798029>lol niggers always blame their problems on white people what a bunch of entitled idiots >i-t…[View]
168787803B2s Flying Over MN/SD/ND: https://twitter.com/MatoWaKuwa/status/987093885607399424 Searching Twitter…[View]
168797436INSPIRING Kendrick Lamar wins Pulitzer Prize!: Truly a great moment for both the African American an…[View]
168785342/TEX/AS Thread - Midterm Conspiracy edition: Thread dedicated to focusing on the upcoming Texas Mid-…[View]
168795835Reddit complains about Qanon...: And completely misunderstands tripcodes.[View]
168798290why the shit was mueller appointed by rosenstein?[View]
168795581Natsoc/Ethnostatists: White nationalists on suicide watch[View]
168782530The evolution of species.: How did Europeans come on top from anyone else, what led to souch high in…[View]
168796887Fashwave boys, only the best accepted[View]
168798154WE WILL CRUSH THEM https://youtu.be/eQ-sL2EpHF0[View]
168795349PUTIN BRAGGED TO TRUMP ABOUT HIS HOOKERS: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory/comey-memo-trump-…[View]
168783943where you were when australia saved us: -it will change the legislation to help the persecuters mino…[View]
168794420Happy 129 B-day[View]
168791971Catholic /pol/ - Edizione Capello Romano: Haven't seen one of these in awhile. We need to do so…[View]
168794782Neo nazis arent real nazis: >'your a nazi but im not kid?' Your in prison and get confronted by a…[View]
168795987Why is it even the people who say Assad didn't gas anyone is still an asshole evil guy? What ha…[View]
168796832Trump Backing Legal Weed: Reddit Experiment: Tried a little social experiment today after Trump decl…[View]
168795220How come no ones talking about the fact that Cuba has a new president?[View]
1687905139/11 Pentagon: https://streamable.com/q01o9 Anyone else think this is one of the biggest bombshell a…[View]
168794933#MarchforWhatever: Do marches actually work? Women's March >January 21, 2017 >January 20,…[View]
168794626Did they knock out voat?: I get a 503 error and have for over 24 hours.[View]
168792422Indiana Woman Married to Now Dead Muslim Wants to Come Home to America: http://www.wndu.com/content/…[View]
168795438Masha'Allah: Her name was Asifa Bano, she was a Muslim. Hindus men raped her. 8-year-old’s brut…[View]
168782320When did the United States reach the tipping point from being a great nation that was good for the w…[View]
168781166Never Again: https://twitter.com/RT_com/status/987103559433912321 Hogg angered the kikes[View]
168761795Admit it, /pol/: Nicholas Fuentes is smarter than you. He is more popular than you. And he beat you …[View]
168793515What was her endgame?: Give me even your wildest conspiracy theories. I want to hear them all. And h…[View]
168796585Fellow brits. Its time to raise more awareness for our white south african cousins and piss off the …[View]
168779410VLADIMIR PUTIN CAN KICK YOUR ASS!: vladimir putin holds black belts in judo, sambo and kyokushin and…[View]
168796573List of United States attacks on the Syrian government during the Syrian Civil War: https://en.wikip…[View]
168784160In honor of hitler, he really tried.: But nobody would listen, i will post all the hitler videos i h…[View]
168785828Why did they kill the race mix with the surviving natives? France and the UK would’ve killed the res…[View]
168797075https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exploitation_of_women_in_mass_media >The exploitation of women in m…[View]
168795542he wuz a gud boy he dindu nuffin[View]
168791590Hitler General - 4/20 Edition: Today is Hitler's 129th birthday, /pol/ - how are you celebratin…[View]
168766587wtf happens when she dies?[View]
168785300Can you believe that deluded eurofags actually believe that this picture displays their countries as…[View]
168789683>Taxes everyone into poverty >blames trickle down economics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KF…[View]
168791224Uncle Tom Appreciation Thread: When the day of the rope comes, will self-hating blacks be allowed to…[View]
168755977/RG/ Redpill General: Post your redpills of all varieties here with one extra caveat; I ask that you…[View]
168774358'Simply stated, white women prefer white men over non-white men': A study by sociologists Jennifer L…[View]
168787900Do any of you have actual political aspirations?[View]
168794778Who killed this man?[View]
168792348Retarded liberals.: Liberals. Why are they so fucking retarded?[View]
168795512COMEY ADMITS THERE IS A DEEP STATE: https://archive.fo/iEiLV >There IS a deep state says Comey: F…[View]
168787042Is France doomed? 2edition: Is France doomed?[View]
168790197Assange Tweeted then Deleted Pt. 2: First thread >>168768263 Nobody on social media or even /r…[View]
168776584Starbucks #FreeBlackCoffee Cont. - Liberal Shitholes Edition: >QR code reads 'This is a robbery. …[View]
168794975Come home White Man[View]
168796097Whiter than you Jose.[View]
168780404HAPPENING: BLACK PIGEON SHOAH'D FOR POSTING FEMIN VIRUS MEME: Black Pigeon got his Facebook sho…[View]
168795737Why we are not allowed to whip gay men? https://youtu.be/PuzXdbirgf8[View]
168787374On this day in 1889 our fuhrer was born.: Happy birthday and Sieg Heil! Please let's clear the …[View]
168795508This picture is true[View]
168792230Mandela effect alert: It's come to my attention that John Walsh has not died in this timeline. …[View]
168794339Comey's memos make Trump look dumb as fuck. Why would he release this stuff?[View]
168790294Who was in the wrong here?[View]
168758919/sjs/ Social Justice Snitching - Fuck the ADL edition: the ADL has a social justice snitching line a…[View]
168795433fuck this planet: im literally shaking here guys, why cant people like this boulos guy who sounds so…[View]
168793157If you aren’t producing children, you’re just a LARPing neonazi: Above any goal in life, your person…[View]
168795286take the redpill[View]
168794794Islam is the solution to degener... >The debate has been prompted by a Pakistani immigrant popula…[View]
168791713What did she mean by this???[View]
168764190Multiple officers killed in Florida shootout Source: https://twitter.com/BreakingNLive/status/987068…[View]
168795119Did Trump winning make /pol/ a lot more shitter? because of the election we have so many reddit immi…[View]
168794997r/Starbucks salt[View]
168780931Has /pol/ accepted Jesus?: Has /pol/ accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and savior?[View]
168793233Why are Russians so bad?: >The survivor agreed to share her story with us >Elsa Schneider was …[View]
168792746what happened to Comey inditment PFD ? why is he not indited/: what's happening to all the happ…[View]
168793952/pol/, it's time for the final redpill. You've been told (((they))) are responsible. That…[View]
168792369So I guess the west wants to build a pipeline through Syria to fuck russia and provide an alternativ…[View]
168794824What Made the Ebolaniggers so smart? Are they Aryans?[View]
168781237What happened to us?: Anons I could say so much but what happened to the British nation that had, sp…[View]
168793631How can you watch this and still have do much hatred in your heart for all Muslims? I thought right-…[View]
168789884Guise what does: This picture mean? >I recognize local hometown hero james alefantis who was alm…[View]
168765955Zuckerberg was taken out to maintain the status quo between businessmen and politicians: Work for an…[View]
168793725/pol/ i need to know how alex jones body count is so high. He fucked over 300 women At 15 he was dat…[View]
168794472Comey memos 15 pages: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/4442900-Ex-FBI-Director-James-Comey-s-…[View]
168791117Ayatollah Guy: A new study reveals that male fruit flies enjoy the sensation of ejaculation, and are…[View]
168791730Does /pol/ like Mike Pompeo?: Our next Secretary of State[View]
168794299Guns and the Jews: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/22/business/citigroup-gun-control-policy.html Cit…[View]
168789774Housing in the East Coast: https://youtu.be/V9Q_1RiShtI?t=26m33s [Embed] >Local New Jersey minist…[View]
168794104Jim is afraid?[View]
168792481lmfaoo yall whats wrong with u?[View]
168794093What would Israel do without America?[View]
168787821Ice Age Board: I live in Vermont. Let me be very fucking clear. There is no global warming. Its the …[View]
168792042Rothschilds: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/posteverything/wp/2018/03/21/conspiracy-theories-ab…[View]
168779684State pride: Do you have state pride in your state fellow burgers?[View]
168785208>THIS WILL BE THE THING THAT STARTS THE RACE WAR *race war doesn’t happen* >OH NO, THIS OTHER …[View]
168788459I'm Scandinavian: Everyone in my family has been Scandinavian for as far back as our family his…[View]
168788991**FUCK YOUR WITCH HUNT***: /ourguy/ will SHUT IT DOWN[View]
168790320Jews are a gift to the world.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6k1jHAYtbI There was a time when eve…[View]
168787448CNN encouraging young adult drug use: Now CNN is trying to say it's good for kids to do drugs. …[View]
168792061What did Wikileaks mean by this?[View]
168790181happening! florida shooting! cops dead! SUSPECT KNOWN AS SAMUEL AL HYDEA! HE CANT KEEP GETTING AWAY!…[View]
168791892COLORADO TO NAME SECTION OF I25 AFTER BARACK OBAMA This state used to be red[View]
168782329/ptg/ President Trump General - Allies Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
168790222What are the genuine chances that this fear mongering about Net Neutrality is true?[View]
168791708The Absolute State of /pol/: >cloistered generals which promote cirlejerking >what used to be …[View]
168793129Oh No She Didn't: Did /pol/sters miss this....or did I miss /pol/sters response already? https…[View]
168788465What the fuck happened? Who is responsible for driving us further away from this dream?[View]
168777005Muh moral pedestal Muh compassion Muh caring and feelings Time for a rude awakening vegans. https://…[View]
168793237Flags Of Our Fathers: And no, this isn't the flag...just something I picked up on Google, but I…[View]
168736317AZTLAN PRIDE: Does anyone else get a sense of pride and joy knowing that native Mexican clay will be…[View]
168785949SELF IMPROVEMENT GENERAL /SIG/: The ultimate objective is for you to look like pic related. How to b…[View]
168761120Rosenstein tells Trump he is not a target of Cohen investigation: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/20…[View]
168783323Greeks and Turds might go to war, why is no one talking about this?[View]
168792953Russia: So I guess the west wants to build a pipeline through Syria to fuck russia and provide an al…[View]
168781842And here's why you should be worried.[View]
168792227So Mene is this company that is shilling gold for Soros.[View]
168786915The left can't me-[View]
168792806Is Brian Tamaki /ourguy/?: Is this guy having his opinions shit on because it goes against the LGBTQ…[View]
168789568CAUGHT: Jewish Self-Propagating Statistics.: http://torontosun.com/news/local-news/levy-toronto-hate…[View]
168792673the final solution to the trumpian question: /pol/ and trump BTFO im kgb spy and this is their plan…[View]
168792485Why don't we just start a war already?: We have been contemplating this for far to long. If we…[View]
168789680Why do black women pretend to hate white men? They always act as if they are the greatest evil in th…[View]
168792505u know what to do James Comey's memos: Ex-FBI Director James Comey's memos https://www.doc…[View]
168785972Canada YES: http://nationalpost.com/news/canada/canadian-military-to-review-uniforms-badges-ceremoni…[View]
168790312They weren’t realtors: Deshaun and Maurice weren’t realtors - do you think we can make them take thi…[View]
168792352I have to solution to the black problem cut welfare to nothing, AND Make abortion free and then we j…[View]
168790353Sam 'blacks are dumb' Harris does it again!: The mad man! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5r_E0bXF54U…[View]
168777375Should government provide free euthanasia to anyone who asks for it? Living is so tiresome.[View]
168760834Pagan temple build in nordic Europe and fondued by government: So last year there was a temple build…[View]
168774479Why are blacks considered human?: >More genetically distant to any race the bonobo monkey >Les…[View]
168791521Well?: Are government sanctioned prostitutes for columbine kiddies the real solution?[View]
168792073TRUMPKINS BTFO AND CRYING LIKE NIGGERS WITH NO MCNUGGETS: The Comey memos show that trump is an inco…[View]
168785228Occupy Starbucks: Now since their new policy and apologies, given the fact the black men were in fac…[View]
168781457'holohoax': right i've heard so much shit about the holocaust from both sides of the argument a…[View]
168791983STARCUCKED: Hotep Jesus Gets FREE STARBUCKS REPARATIONS COFFEE After Citing Twitter Campaign! /pol/…[View]
168782656OFFICIAL PIZZAGATE: Debunk'd thread >James alefantis is a humble pizzashop owner >pizzag…[View]
168790427Need a good editor: If someone could turn this girl into the le 56% face like they did with the skin…[View]
168782782The eternal SNOWNIGGER: Holy fuck, what's wrong with the (((Germanic))) race? Even during Middl…[View]
168791806Where is /rel/?: You can talk about anything on 4chan, except this. >inb4 /rel/ is /pol/ >inb4…[View]
168787820Kim Attacks!: Is Kim Jung Un planning a 'Mars Attacks!' scenario during the up coming NK denucleariz…[View]
168786748Is it bad to expose females to growth hormones?: -Hear me out for a minute.- While it's a very …[View]
168774672if you cry about free speech at the university AND you think randa jarrar should be fired, THEN YOU …[View]
168791664Who is /pol/s favorite saint to ask for intercession? Y-you do pray, don't you /pol/?[View]
168791693I just wanted to wagecuck at starbucks in peace. now i'm afraid someone will find out my power …[View]
168785152currently on some community town hall phone call about gun control Im able to ask questions and voic…[View]
168770268Memes aside, is white ethnostate possible? There is no free land on Earth anymore for new states.[View]
168791428This is it folks! Rudy has joined Trump's team to negotiate who in the swamp camp and who in Tr…[View]
168791314When did women become like this?: https://montreal.craigslist.ca/cas/d/white-b1tch-looking-for-black…[View]
168784764Daily reminder that nazis were pedophiles: Daily reminder that the Nazi's state sanctioned rape…[View]
168743859Atheism is the fastest shrinking religion in the world. Atheism is in decline worldwide, with the nu…[View]
168789989Autism Doctor Hans Asperger aided Nazi killings: At last I truly see[View]
168768516Waco/Oklahoma April 19th: >no threads Did you forget it was today? What are your thoughts on thes…[View]
168789204/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
168790646ITT: cities /pol/ memes as being bad but are actually amazing You have no idea how many foreign hott…[View]
168783950Stop lying about Africa and minorities: >'Blacks never build anything with at least 2 stories' Ch…[View]
168780652Happy birthday![View]
168777294#OurJobsAreYourJobs: I heard someone wanted this without the other hashtag. Done.[View]
168787675What do pol???: Just found out through a 23 and me that my wife is 2.7% ashkenazi Jew. Soooo now wha…[View]
168783780>white men are the master race >their genes are rececive OH NONO NONONO Amerindian is TRULY th…[View]
168790665BFFs: explain yourself Israel[View]
168790461Genetics and Biology thread: debate pic related[View]
168790379Mexican Presidential Election: Place your bets on who's going to win the elections, which is th…[View]
168790374White people - how does it feel to have society glorify a white girl who seems to have been quite li…[View]
168768394Is Scandinavia really fucked?[View]
168779476Bands that play for Comet Ping Pong: I have been looking for any leads when it comes to any suspicio…[View]
168782705NSG- Happy birthday gents: ϟϟ THE WORLD WILL KNOW THAT WE WERE RIGHT ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the…[View]
168782124WW3???????: What happened to WW3? Oh? What? A bunch of underage faggots on a Bangladeshi irrigation …[View]
168776697Trump Wanting To Decriminalize Marijuana?: This will sink him with Conservatives.[View]
168787547>Been visiting 4chan since I was 17 >30 years old now >get wife pregnant >My kids birth…[View]
168775448INTERNATIONAL ADOLF HITLER DAY: Let's remember this great man. Of all sad words of tongue or pe…[View]
168789949Trump's basically fucked now[View]
168790061What did he mean by this?[View]
168787579I ain't even mad.[View]
168778722What happens here, /pol/?[View]
168789935today is a special day /pol/ because today stoners Nazis and school shooters come together to celebr…[View]
168788781Wake the Fuck up: You are all being manipulated and controlled Wake up open your mind >>…[View]
168783887Taking conventional wisdom into account...: What's the harm in printing 6.78 trillion over 10 y…[View]
168784376Hitler General /hg/ - Birthday Edition: Post whatever you want, in particular does anybody have any …[View]
168789613How could this happen https://youtu.be/Z4CANqJHc78[View]
168788358Give me your best redpills for why dating is stacked against us dudes these days. I want to be fucki…[View]
168785840Lugenpresse General: I remember when the entire Lugenpresse paraded this study that should never hav…[View]
168786121why are there no laws against rape in sweden? you're literally allowed to rape a 7 year old and…[View]
168782103Ultimate cuckold: Liberals will defend this[View]
168779257OY VEY[View]
168747363The future is white.: 90% of all interracial children find a white partner in adulthood and have whi…[View]
168786206FRANCE DeDOOMING THREAD: When there is nothing to do to do what do we do?[View]
168789078Romania (((CU.CKED))): This is how you know your Government is infested with Jewish zionist parasite…[View]
168786436Longevity vs efficiency: Well /pol//? Two options here: Live a long and healthy life, although you n…[View]
168783900If we got rid of laws, there would be no crime. Think about that for a second. /pol/'s whole ar…[View]
168771298Who are your favorite posters on /pol/?: Personally I really like the British and Australians[View]
168785683Is it okay to have femboi wives? The Romans did it. Yes I realize that plebeians caught messing arou…[View]
168776761ITS HAPPENING!: The nigs are going in for their reparations at starbucks! Libtarded baristas getting…[View]
168788211Confirmation that Varg browses /pol/. https://youtu.be/0RjnarCtV8A[View]
168788757Someone said to read 'Siege' and 'Burn it Down'. Does anyone here know the author names of those boo…[View]
168786918Is he?[View]
168787613Reliability and validity of 4chan.: It is already a known fact we have been infiltrated by the Jews …[View]
168782580CANADA YESSSSSS: ungh I just came[View]
168783151Remember our hero!: Don't let his tale fall into the well of time![View]
168786020HABBENING! GET IN HERE FAGGOTS!: So the Rep that said the Rothschilds control the weather left the H…[View]
168775590Americans would rather have more people die from guns than have stricter gun laws think about that f…[View]
168786136COP KILLER KILLS COPS: https://breaking911.com/developing-2-florida-deputies-assassinated-in-apparen…[View]
168786889Gadsden Flag meme thread: Post your best Gadsden Flag memes[View]
168788531What are some interesting third parties in America: Looking for interesting Political Parties in the…[View]
168788390Oi m8, where's your Rap Lyric posting license?: A teenager who posted rap lyrics which included…[View]
168787249Is reddit the biggest proponent of the whole 'muh Russia' narrative? I got banned for calling them o…[View]
168786027Why are conservative women so hot?[View]
168773301I'm starting to think this Confederate flag nonsense isn't about southern pride at all. Ar…[View]
168782238Hitlers bithday: Stupid question, which one is more important, the riff or the solo?[View]
168787908This BBC video could do with a few thousand more downvotes: BBC pushing 'LGBT' propaganda …[View]
168787899How? When? And with what army?[View]
168787704Black don't crac-[View]
168760166Why Don't Americans Travel More?: >i-it's not safe Pussies, that's all i have to s…[View]
168754501I want to make a parody version of this sign to piss off my shitlib neighbors. So far I’ve thought a…[View]
168784937Flag Bearer: Starting a Flag Bearer meme thread (i know it's old but i digress). No matter the …[View]
168771777Starbucks March, they are literally marching against starbucks in philly tonight!!!: http://www.phil…[View]
168784958Hitler fled to Argentina and died in 1984.[View]
168785222THIS THREAD IS FOR BOOMERZ: This is a BOOMER HATE THREAD When will you fucking realize that YOU are …[View]
168785918Dominican Hate Thread?: Dominican Hate Thread! Dominicans are the most vile, disgusting niggers that…[View]
168787005Rape Rape Nog Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vq6DicNUzI0 Nogs make a music video about…[View]
168783727Did the JEWS get JEWED by the Khazarian Mafia?: We know you're here, please discuss this shit. …[View]
168787356This is what the front page of reddit looks like now with noscript: Who else is glad these faggots d…[View]
168786503Hay guise, is Voat kill now?: Or did they just not pay a bill?[View]
168787304I unironically quit all google products and became a vegan because of her. https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
168786050Why is this considered acceptable?[View]
168781257Thoughts on this city ? Might have to move there for work soon, what should I expect[View]
168784905The hardest blackpill: In all likelihood, WWIII has already begun if we're looking at time on a…[View]
168784951This wet fart won't do shit.[View]
168772710//rng// Rare Nazi General - Fashy edition: In anticipation of Hitler's birthday. last thread …[View]
168782396BREAKING: Syria is now western Iran.[View]
168786362There was a dude in my econ class today who said something in support of Trump and some loudmouthed …[View]
168786817What happens here, /pol/?[View]
168783769What exactly went wrong with Charles?[View]
168785362What do we do about female rights?: Should we give them even more? Should we take it all away? Let…[View]
168786137>This Aryan goddess rolls up to you and honks her horn You are not white if you dont take this of…[View]
168715964Jewnited States of Americunt: This image explains all why the americans are run by jews. >Lobs of…[View]
168786188Pittsburgh Police Prepare For Possible Riots In Event Trump Fires Mueller: Why would they be nervous…[View]
168762779I made an oath to god to become a catholic priest six years ago. I see that the pope is a heretic an…[View]
168786132Women Hate Thread: ITT we make fun of the weaker sex.[View]
168751400starbucks anon here. got an internal memo saying to honor fradulant coupons: it actually says to mak…[View]
168773505Smart boys and grills: I have faith that only the smartest and brightest people visit 4chan's l…[View]
168782731>cancels your witch hunt[View]
168781863Now that the dust has settled, what the FUCK went wrong?[View]
168781775/ptg/ President Trump General - You Don't Get to Bring Friends Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUM…[View]
168783910Non binary cringe[View]
168786159hey /pol/ is finnknight still around?[View]
168753555/msg/ Mediterranean Supremacy General - Politically Incorrect Edition: Nordfag and Britbong feminist…[View]
168786108America is a strange place: I thought this was odd at first. A vape competition (Call me a fag). At …[View]
168782186Voat.co: Anyone know what happened to Voat.co? Google delisted it a few days ago, now it 503's.…[View]
168784189haven't seen a thread about this here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5627801/Woman-acc…[View]
168778717Niggers: What if we just keep opressing and regulate them until they become our slaves again?[View]
168785705**THE BREAK-IN***: Movie coming out in theaters. >middle class black family >strong independe…[View]
168785037Washington FBI Fusion Center discloses info on remote mind control: Anyone else unable to sleep at n…[View]
168749046>Be disabled femon >/adv/ tells me to try and seek government help >Seek government help fr…[View]
168784005Why do Jews love gun control?: I thought the Jews were the most respectable race on earth. At least …[View]
168785304Mo' Raycism: Yo, da fuq? Now dey put'n out bananas tryna piece offer'n sheeit. Rayci…[View]
168753596Do you think Chinese (Mandarin) will become the next lingua franca?: Do you think Chinese (Mandarin)…[View]
168778479QUESTION TIME / THIS WEEK THREAD 3: Slow threads tonight. BRACE FOR MORALITY[View]
168780833I spent a week in Haiti last month. There are lessons to be learned there.: IMO everyone should visi…[View]
168772371Why do they tend to vote for bigger government and socialist programs?[View]
168784844Guns and the future: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/22/business/citigroup-gun-control-policy.html C…[View]
168779280So I'm a Voat guy....: And it seems to be over. What's the general feeling towards goats …[View]
168784163LOL @ France: >The French Navy had to use a backup warship to fire three cruise missiles at Syria…[View]
168782807SOON HUMANS WITHOUT SEXUAL ORGANS: https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg23831730-300-making-babies…[View]
168785336Nobody is tougher on Russher than me, folks![View]
168784205Who is this pastor Anderson guy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-1qB3Wbb-g His he /pol/ approved?…[View]
168785247western roasties listen up: This is why white men are choosing non western asian women and non weste…[View]
168782972>Trump is going to jail >all you can talk about is starbucks/racebaiting/misogyny ???…[View]
168766672brit/pol/ - gibraltar edition: >Thread theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKhzfT_g-Kk >Give…[View]
168760457ANGLOSPHERE MEET UP IN LONDON: Hoping they made progress on CANZUK union and visa free travel and ch…[View]
168784898Are Mexicans the ugliest race on earth?: These subhuman trolls make australian aboriginals look like…[View]
168785080What does /pol/ think of Saddam and Iraq?[View]
168759464what díd he mean by thís?[View]
168784981happy birthday uncle adolf[View]
168779463America guarantees the right to pursue happiness-: but does not guarantee food and shelter...how can…[View]
168784473English is Impossible to learn and makes no sense: >inb4 'speak english commie' hear me out! >…[View]
168784767Based lesbian is your only hope.: This lesbian Democrat is the only person who can save /pol/ack cau…[View]
168784415((They)) created a media program to control the ideology of those they could control then used them …[View]
168783467Andrew Yang 2020. Humanity First.: So we are halfway through Trump's reign of terror. I say we …[View]
168781493Prove you have a sense of humor, say something funny about ole unca Adolf on his birthday[View]
168784682No US War in Syria: Yesterday, Lindsey Graham and other deep state bobble-heads found out that Trump…[View]
168778806Buzz admits on death bed moon landing never happened.: Buzz ( I went to the moon )Aldrin - dead at 8…[View]
168781382>pol can't protect this smile[View]
168780740As a white man am I committing heresy by listening to Jazz?[View]
168784638Why do people keep thinking Communism will work /pol/?[View]
168784532Why are there no sizeable terror attacks in The Netherlands?: >Im not hoping for one, but besides…[View]
168757466Is France doomed?: Is France doomed?[View]
168782283the left can't me-[View]
168780864https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RQG0H9jyFA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXTXF0fF-jo What does Po…[View]
168775718Asians bully half-white mutt: https://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/06/sixteens-contestant-somi-cries…[View]
168782854Serious WW3 Discussion: Is reserve count irrelevant in this day and age or are we too cocky for our …[View]
168783649Tfw the news starts: Pushing male birth control >why do men need birth control? They cant get pr…[View]
168778487Is it bad to expose females to growth hormones?: -Hear me out for a minute.- While it's a very …[View]
168775235BIN THAT HUG[View]
168783123can we take a moment to appreciate national bolsheviks ?[View]
168783439Are American normies blind?: An open question to the American people of /pol/, that is more geared t…[View]
168781151what is wrong using meme flags? (post flags that are not of countries)[View]
168782600>Be British >go on bike ride >police confiscate tires and arrest me…[View]
168782803the pinnacle of american entertainment[View]
168782662Today I found out Muslims only have 0.075% of total population in Vietnam. Even the joke religion li…[View]
168778421Should the US switch to the metric system?[View]
168783169Styop posting obviously fake Starbucks ads: Seriously, some of them are obviously fake. This one pos…[View]
168783156>Mr Cruz does not want those funds, whatever money that he is entitled to. He does not want that …[View]
168783145Catholic Thread[View]
168782372wtf is this?[View]
168781109Why do conservatives hate the environment so much? Why do you constantly spread lies about renewable…[View]
168777730I don't see any borders...: do you?[View]
168783045*becomes Islamic*[View]
168782262Ogg worry that tribe is doomed.: Ogg not old fashioned. But lately Ogg see troubling new things. Som…[View]
168780256Please, PLEASE guys, help me out. PLEASE!! I used to enjoy Vox, now I fucking hate it. But I keep lo…[View]
168782760>(Reuters) - George Soros' Open Society Foundations will close their office in Budapest and …[View]
168782726April 19th was memed hard by QAnon retards, why did nothing happen?[View]
168780432Was the holocaust different from other genocides, and why is the answer a definite YES?[View]
168773690Gypsy hate thread: We may have very different opinions on this board at times, but one thing we can …[View]
168774445How is an impartial person supposed to feel politically enfranchised in a country that only has a po…[View]
168772724Implicit Bias General: lol, this should be fun. Take a look at this, /pol/[View]
168768263IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING: WikiLeaks just tweeted this >https://twitter.com/wikileaks/status/98…[View]
168779594I would just like to say to ex-President Obama:: You ought to be ASHAMED of yourself. You and that u…[View]
168779339He probably did do it: Plausible Deniability. He knew people in the West would say 'Why would he do …[View]
168782469Looks like Iran is getting some democracy soon https://youtu.be/tYSSS2ZJzWQ[View]
168765720Why is this country so fucking gay? Literally every time i talk to someone online from this country,…[View]
1687798933333333 zero charlie delta: 3333333 zero charlie delta. 3333333 zero charlie delta. 3333333 zero cha…[View]
168757815/assg/ AutiSm Spectrum General - 2nd Edition: Here we discuss assburgers, normiehate and weaponise o…[View]
168781949Lord Palmerston or Pitt the Elder?[View]
168782358Does he have a chance: It's a long shot. What does /pol/ think[View]
168782343Cantwell: 'We need BASTE half-Asian and half-Latina bitches in the ethnostate...': '...or the white …[View]
168774899About Hitler: The führer’s birthday is today. Say your personal views about him whatever they are. I…[View]
168774382Alex Jones, Backtracking, Now Says Sandy Hook Shooting Did Happen: http://wshu.org/post/alex-jones-b…[View]
168758367>Be Varg >Marry French autist >Live off gibs from the French government and wife >Still …[View]
168781251TFW YOU REALISE THAT: .[View]
168753461Can we make this happen /pol?![View]
168781119No degeneracy tomorrow, it’s his day: Can we get a thread with Hitler/Third Reich GIFs only? I love …[View]
168779276Christ Cucks: >Foreclosed Identity vs Achieved Identity Which are you pol? https://youtu.be/dNKcu…[View]
168773720PEDOPHILE WOMEN GIVE THEIR MOBILE NUMBERS TO CHILDREN!: In this social experiment, you can clearly s…[View]
168781992For the lulz: Starbucks will be closing all its stores on May 29 on a Tuesday at around noon. Organ…[View]
168781964/ptg/ President Trump General - Temporary Baker's Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www…[View]
168781923Hey pol, I have to post a meme with some figurative language for a school project (Pic related). Pos…[View]
168762272Why did Nazi anti-American propaganda poster include KKK even though they were basically on the same…[View]
168780328>mfw whites are called foreigners inside their own country >mfw whites from dysfunctional fami…[View]
168781841Why did the jews take down her actual website? It seems unprecedented like erasing this person ever …[View]
168774440hey /pol/ if trump isn't hiding things why won't he do the mueller interview? and more imp…[View]
168751213Nicaragua, a fucked up place.: What do you think about the situation of Nicaragua? Have you ever hea…[View]
168779508fucking based[View]
168781460Horatio Cary does Enoch Powell: Horatio Cary is the guy that did le 56% voice. Now he's done En…[View]
168776271why are europeans so much shorter than colonials[View]
168780122So I assume most of your will be aware of Sam Harris going thermonuclear about Race & IQ on Joe …[View]
168748919What is the ancestry of all white South Africans?: In the US, we have census data with details on th…[View]
168779846Do we deserve our own special force? Was he one of (((theirs)))? https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news…[View]
168773610gays aren't our allie-[View]
168780903Rudy will save us all: >“I’m doing it because I hope we can negotiate an end to this for the good…[View]
168752262Israeli leftist 'engineer' pressured Google to sabotage Trump's Android phone, Gmail …[View]
168776019/ptg/ President Trump General - Loyalty Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov…[View]
168758836There Are People Who Deny American Soldiers are the Best in the World: Top Fucking Kek, our soldiers…[View]
168765225President Trump vows to back law to protect marijuana industry: http://abc7news.com/politics/trump-v…[View]
168776377Communism Will Win!: Viva la revolucion comrades![View]
168781161Post your face when EUROPE GETS BLACKED TONIGHT[View]
168767805Palantir knows everything about you: >Peter Thiel’s data-mining company is using War on Terror to…[View]
168780065Why is voat down: What did they find?[View]
168781062>calm before the storm The Storm is Stormy Daniels and the Cohen raid is not what people think. T…[View]
168771024Can someone explain to me how boomers fucked over millennials?: OLD BREAD: >>168737536 So how …[View]
168774713USA! USA! USA!: The abselout state of California https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prLOjYqwaAc https:/…[View]
168780718Donald Trump says Korean War 'has not ended': https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/ame…[View]
168777995Working theory: The timing of Clinton video and McCabe got me thinking, so I cobbled this together i…[View]
168781022Giuliani can't save you, fat boy.[View]
168778775Why do the proles hate us(state employees) so much? Is it caused by their inferiority complex added …[View]
168780323Does Trump work for the Jews or not?[View]
168780889420 BLAZE IT: SCHUMER PUSHES TO DECRIMINALIZE WEED: https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/04/schu…[View]
168777839/SWEG/ Sweden election general: THIS IS WHERE THE FIGHT FOR EUROPE BEGINS. On the 9th September, Swe…[View]
168768009Can we meme this as a symbol of white supremacy?[View]
168765023Starbucks guy: What do we call this guy? Dumping my best memes of him.[View]
168779710>'The White race can only be saved by reproducing with White women.': Tfw White Nationalism'…[View]
168780325Why does /pol/ reject the TRUTH? https://streamable.com/k8wkt[View]
168780330Rudi: >TICK TOCK MUELLER[View]
168777936white power: Whites are the master race.[View]
168764488Essen, Germany: Shocking video shows brutal assault on a girl: https://www.express.de/news/panorama/…[View]
168780068NIGGER UPRISING IN FLORIDA: 2 pigs shot dead by a nigger, likely in retaliation for Starcucks. >T…[View]
168778437I think another vegan is going to shoot up youtube hq >onision got demonetized https://youtu.be…[View]
168780275>Indians invite you to dinner >+1 a guy who wants to murder the hosts >Indians get annoyed …[View]
168777789ask a based bisexual anything?[View]
168780151Hey Pol, where do you go to obtain absolute empirical evidence for any claims you make? Or any prima…[View]
168769924Political Symbols: Is there anything inherently noteworthy about these 2 symbols - bearing in mind w…[View]
168759187Redpill on Syria: Where can I properly educate myself on the Syrian conflict? I don’t know as much a…[View]
168779157even at your lowest point, when you are deeply depressed or angry, and everyone around you is convin…[View]
168772359/fsg/ Fascism General: Greetings Leggionares this is a general discussion of fascism of all kinds …[View]
168780074Turn Key Families is achieving the reward without doing the work.: And means you can continue advanc…[View]
168696902BASED OAN Exposed Syrian CHEMICAL ATTACK Hoax: New video Footage of the actual on the street intervi…[View]
168778112>The time of their lives! Sweet teenager takes his mother to his senior prom - because she had to…[View]
168779955Why is the American Dream a conservative tentpole? It was created by a jew to imply that anybody can…[View]
168777096What does the future lie for the Michigan Central Station?[View]
168779868Eurasians Preserving the white race?: >Pic related Hey guys I've thinking, since white peopl…[View]
168772694Assange videos being scrubbed: Assange interviews being wiped off Google. Assange addressed the PGP …[View]
168779149Alles Gute zum Geburtstag mein Führer[View]
168777197Calling non-noses goy!: Why isn't the term (((goy))) a pejorative?[View]
168777156What the fuck happened to Voat? Anyone know? I need answers! Really had some solid info on there/[View]
168777246BREAKING NEWS!!: Andrew Cuomo comes out as gay!!![View]
168778633How can capitalism ever recover?: https://youtu.be/A6VqV1T4uYs?t=13s >The world bank says million…[View]
168773742What gives you the right to tell people where they can and cannot live?[View]
168778618Does he always win?[View]
168778001Why the Mods leave those spam threads up? >>168776495 >>168519828 >>168670283[View]
168779404When is the next meme war[View]
168768259how do you prepare your compound against a seige from federal agents?[View]
168778840>You must have a British Passport to work on the HARD IRISH BORDER after Brexit TAIGS BLOWN THE F…[View]
168779144Trump is playing 4D chess again in Syria: > Attack Assad > Accuse him of chemical attack > …[View]
168779254>tfw only 4 submarines >8 frigates >the rest are patrol crafts how can chile into good navy…[View]
168779238The Maker Movement is anti civilization: The Make Movement- a movement where people use their free t…[View]
168778246What's his end game?[View]
168779199Time to tell the truth to those who are walking out on 420: It's time to tell all those retarde…[View]
168779133ETHAN. WHAT'S GOIN ON, BIG GUY?[View]
168773827Iceland is banning infant male genital mutilation.: When will it be America's turn? Please ban…[View]
168776630>spending more than one night with the same woman[View]
168776038Will gun fags actually keep their word to shoot confiscaters when day of the grab happens?[View]
168773042Flag Men: post your Flag men memes[View]
168780266mods are trying to slide the nazi saucer webm thread anon posted this yesterday under a white flag a…[View]
168764518Typical Indian tradition. Any Brit lads got invited to this event?[View]
168778591I just realized why the carrot's on a stick. So you can beat the pig with the stick when it doe…[View]
168767771The jews have taken over /b/: Jesus fucking christ. I just came back from /b/ and the first page is …[View]
168778129America: O say can you see, by the dawn's early light, What so proudly we hailed at the twiligh…[View]
168777052are you guys ready to get forcefully conscripted against your own will when world war 3 begins ? thr…[View]
168778855>trick jews into not eating to avoid the gas >jews starve to death Devilish.…[View]
168759850Pornography is a weapon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1kA9tl65Yg[View]
168778779The Tolerant Left Strikes Again: >finally get parents to accept my right-wing beliefs >don…[View]
168769782And the libshits and fags said the 'slippery slope' argument was just paranoia.[View]
168777076Cognitive Dissonance: Do reddittards get that they don't be follow their own rules? >Be resp…[View]
168778507What if the United States didn't help rebuild Japan in the 50's and proceeded to persecute…[View]
168777366Press F to laugh at all rape victims: Can we have a thread where we laugh at all victims of rape? Ma…[View]
168755600Éire/pol/ - Barrett Abú Edition: Thread Theme | Téama Snáithe: https://youtu.be/49VqYCrf1CI National…[View]
168768993LAURA LOOMER CALLS OUT COMEY, THEN GETS THROWN OUT >Loomer shouted 'You're going to get lock…[View]
168774740Why does America have so many shootings?: You covet your guns and weapons so much, but there's …[View]
168767447Why are niggers no good at farming? Shouldn't this continent produce a fuck ton of food for wor…[View]
168776567If you got 1000 UBI each month, would you vote against Trump?[View]
168774470QUESTION TIME / THIS WEEK THREAD 2: Literally everyone on the panel is unsalvageable shit. We'r…[View]
168736757>he actually thinks world war 3 is around the corner[View]
168771310This is what we've been waiting for: >OIG recommends charging McCabe >House recommends ch…[View]
168769674ANIMAL PUTIN GASSED INTERNET: https://gizmodo.com/russia-blocks-millions-of-amazon-and-google-ips-in…[View]
168773500>00:09 Uhr Ze Führer Birthday has begun ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPJHDCKzCug&feature…[View]
168775410Trolling Starbucks is child's play...: It's just prep for taking down the real SJW Holy Gr…[View]
168778110Madness in the western world and introduction to possible solution: Is this a way out? >>>P…[View]
168778171Alt-hype on race mixing: it unironically made me think so id figure id share it. lots of interesting…[View]
168768505Think about suicide? Consider joining the French Foreign Legion instead: >5 years free lodging/fo…[View]
168756638Where were you when the kike exposed himself?: pic related. Somethings gonna happen soon, they'…[View]
168777986Pre birthday celebration/ Waco day thread?[View]
168777795Unconscious Bias Training Open to Public: I heard unconscious Bias training will be open to the publ…[View]
168777643The 6th Fleet Arrives: >The Truman CSG left Norfolk on April 11 for a regularly scheduled deploym…[View]
168777591Starbucks Ending Homelessness: Given starbucks' new policy of open door bathroom use and not ki…[View]
168777668Should white men go for white women with mental issues such as panic disorders if it means they…[View]
168775517Who is working for Trump?: Can anyone identify Trump's hitman?[View]
168776495Is MAGA still a thing?: What is the reason why I should still support Trump?[View]
168741298MIT create factory roll-out Graphene: tl;dr you will soon get super tough super light invisible cond…[View]
168772832Say something nice for this birthday.[View]
168776339Mind Control: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.popularmechanics.com/military/weapons/amp19855256/muc…[View]
168753160How true is this? No larping allowed in this thread. Be honest about yourselves. >inb4 you are a…[View]
168777024heard you talking shit[View]
168751527Tomorrow is Hitler's birthday. Say something nice about him.[View]
168777277So I assume most of your will be aware of Sam Harris going thermonuclear about Race & IQ on Joe …[View]
168777259You: I wish you could see what you were doing to yourselves. The tangled knots of lies, half-truths,…[View]
168777244Happy birthday celebration theme 'It is our duty fight for the fatherland and to uphold our nationa…[View]
168777237American? Really?: also wanna make a cool mil pol... https://www.cbsnews.com/news/fbi-offers-reward-…[View]
168775933/pol/ would be an massively better board if the admins would range ban all posters with these flags.…[View]
168768613Spirit Cooking Thread: Eat the Pain[View]
168776655A Michigan couple just gave birth to their 14th son: Time to start doing your part, lads. Get a wife…[View]
168775022Why do these race baiting incidents keep occurring and play out literally the same each time?: This …[View]
168775250Teacher walkouts: What does pol think of the teacher walkouts and pay protests?[View]
168775919'Le Nazis r anti Multiculturalism': Enjoy this shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYLOyG5zSnc…[View]
168775702So her toe is better: Is she covering up an ankle monitor /pol/ ?[View]
168774727Alex Jones BTFO: https://www.apnews.com/f808516788974fba93222bd1ded87401/Sandy-Hook-families-file-su…[View]
168776364Protestants: Take your pick: - USA - UK - Canada - Germany - Scandinavian countries - Netherlands - …[View]
168773824Why does he care more about Israel then our own immigration laws.[View]
168771622Hans Asperger: Turns out he was always /our guy/ https://www.cbsnews.com/news/autism-doctor-hans-asp…[View]
168776708How do we fix white men?[View]
168761566Is Iran a white country?[View]
168775461Why Serbia sucks?: >Be Serb >Suck Emperor Heraclius greek cock for protection >Get conquere…[View]
168774881Does your school/teachers let the class know their political opinions ? I'm in accounting right…[View]
168776319Why are Americans so racist when many White Americans are of mixed ancestry? https://en.wikipedia.or…[View]
168776635do any of you actually care about race? its something you cant change so why bother?[View]
168776627TANGO DOWN http://archive.is/Fq0LX[View]
168775870Should McCabe be sentenced to death for treason?[View]
168775494Daily reminder that /pol/ is a Roger Waters board: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcbIwXDtSYw…[View]
168763266HAHAHA TRUMP FIGHTS FOR MARIJUANA DECRIMINILIZATION NOW HAHAHA You have elected the most liberal goy…[View]
168765161KENDRICK WINS PULITZER: >The blacker the berry, the sweeter the Jews…[View]
168776125is it gay to kill jews?: I mean, they worship a god that is a FUCKING man, with a... You guessed it.…[View]
168766288DAVID HOGG IS RELEASING A BOOK!!! https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2018/04/18/parkland-shooting-s…[View]
168747918Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - VATERLAND Edition: Enjoy the extra [Embed]s >Polls http://www.wahl…[View]
168771425Third-world African shithole officially embraces 90's internet: Swatziland is now eSwatini http…[View]
168774783Happy birthday mr Hitler![View]
168770496Jewish Death Camps scheme backfires: Watch the video the Jews do not want you to see. Holocaust surv…[View]
168776205has voat been shut down? its been over 24 hours now and the site is totally down...[View]
168774110The crux of 99% of all kike arguments these days.: They try to present exceptions as though they dis…[View]
168772258I really can't believe this is political right now. nobody ever took starbucks seriously https:…[View]
168776020NigNog hangs up as a 911 responder and only gets 10 days in jail plus probation. What is wrong with …[View]
168775731Suck it, 4chan.: http://www.mondaq.com/unitedstates/x/693636/food+drugs+law/President+Trump+Commits+…[View]
168774073Women would be better off in the niqab than the slutty clothes they wear: A woman should cover up in…[View]
168776030'It's not you I hate, Judah; I hate what I became BECAUSE of you.'[View]
168775416She's not wrong ya know[View]
168774601Why was Canada so based?: The US took in tens of thousands of these rodents and ruined everything. N…[View]
168770902/ptg/ President Trump General - Giuliani Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.go…[View]
168763003Does /pol agree with Karen?[View]
168767231Explain this: Have memes gone too far?[View]
168764009BREAKING: South Houston HS student accused of threatening to shoot up school: Where'd he get hi…[View]
168775743#Cancer: You know what to do...[View]
168743834GENERATION ZYKLON IS REAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqDxJ7zasjE[View]
16877403895% of plastic in oceans comes from 10 rivers, 8 of them in Asia: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/science…[View]
168774119Croatia sucks: >fights against serbia in ww1 >lose >literally begs serbia to save its ass …[View]
168762214>meet group of black people in college >they are all really nice /pol/ lied to me…[View]
168757035Good afternoon /pol/ I have this assumption here. Being of the centrist spectrum. I can understand…[View]
168772363The Norwegian Welfare-state under pressure: okey so i have a social studies test tomorrow, and some …[View]
168764054Koreans bully half White girl: And call her a 'mutt'. Why is this disgusting racism allowe…[View]
168770938Thoughts on the crusades? >Did they save Europe? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfT1GGXyrOM…[View]
168774951>be a centrist >in a group chat with some old online friends I haven't spoken to in years…[View]
168755819Are societies without religion doomed to crumble and rot with time?[View]
168772705Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, mein Führer![View]
168774046join catholic server: pls join Catholic server /bkXHBgq[View]
168774772/OSG/ Operation Starbucks General #3: >Print these out >Put them up in predominantly black are…[View]
168736209I like this thread.[View]
168750427IG Sending McCabe to Jail: One down....5K indictments to go! Mind you this is the swamp rat that pi…[View]
168769842Former Texas emergency operator jailed for hanging up on thousands of calls: https://www.reuters.com…[View]
168764773How to create the 4th reich? This is the only way.[View]
168769423QUESTION TIME / THIS WEEK THREAD: The Thursday political discussion double bill resumes tonight with…[View]
168756660Syria General /sg/ - Yarmouk Fireworks Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wor…[View]
168772040What's the Matter with Louisiana?: http://www.nola.com/business/index.ssf/2018/02/louisiana_wor…[View]
168774364The Metoo movement is helping destroy that degeneracy known as porn. http://archive.is/RgxT8[View]
168769358GADDAFI TRIED TO WARN YOU: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6syr1tjbgA >1:56…[View]
16876716685 years old....Tick Tock[View]
168764963BIGGEST RED PILL: On June 8, 1967, 34 American sailors of the USS Liberty lost their lives serving t…[View]
168772692You've gone too far this time pol >Be me >On kikebook >Scroll down, see post >Do a …[View]
168753363Why are (((they))) pushing the anti-meat agenda so much?[View]
168774062This song will end racism in germoney: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKxid3wByFg[View]
168773963HOCH DIE TASSEN[View]
168773905This is your box on the internet. This is all you have left. Facebook, Twitter, Discord, YouTube and…[View]
168770233If you were jewish, wouldnt you flaunt the 6 million?: Like, who gives a shit about the 27 million r…[View]
168739754Is orthodoxy the best form of Christianity /pol/? If so what denomination of it is the best?[View]
168743110Nasheed/islam thread: https://youtu.be/F_Lv82P8duw Can we have a discussion about maghreb, white isl…[View]
168773753How did we get here and how do we get out? https://youtu.be/di3vhELi6P0[View]
168769771Glow in the dark niggers.: The fact that niggers camouflage in the dark makes them nocturnal predato…[View]
168773381How do we solve the numale problem and rejuvenate the idea of the nuclear family?[View]
168773174Will he win the Nobel peace prize?[View]
168772123George Soros shuts down Open Society Foundation in Hungary.: http://archive.is/maIi9[View]
168770916European leftist media: Sweden model is fucked up https://www.politico.eu/article/sweden-bombings-gr…[View]
168766067>Mexico was once a New World super power nation What happened lads?[View]
168773311what is martin shreli doing[View]
168767797Usury is sinful: You cannot keep up with a geometrical progression https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K…[View]
168770611Should we get behind this to redpill? https://archive.is/wVNdI http://www.collive.com/show_news.rtx?…[View]
168762428Poland: >Poland >Based Lmao[View]
168772655Spoilsport Sargon: I know that there are more and more channels that pay attention to the going-on h…[View]
168765498Tfw my boss is chinese Tfw all my realesate clients are Chinese Tfw the food shop i go to is run b…[View]
168771270Macron BTFO?: (1/2) French President Emmanuel Macron said: 'With a family that has seven, eight chil…[View]
168743187IT WORKED - Starbucks is really giving #FreeBlackCoffee: Black people are trolling Starbucks into ac…[View]
168770599What benefit would there be to faking the moon landing?[View]
168766742Something is coming. You can feel it, can't you? That we are creeping towards the edge...: Give…[View]
168771351Giuliani? That's the best you got?[View]
168772604Did they take down: Voat.co? Can anyone get on? Also ur all stupid dumb idiots who probably couldn…[View]
168772588People have lost the ability to keep their lives private. Jerk off to whatever you want, no matter …[View]
168764094Viva La Revolucion Nicaragua!: May your communist revolution work for you my friends. You have my fu…[View]
168772075Trump and Russher Russher and Trump It's a phoney![View]
168755554WHAT happened to VOAT??: What the fuck guys????[View]
168762943> Bay of pigs > MK-ultra > Deep State Hit me with some real conspiracies anon, I want to be…[View]
168771005OI! BIN THAT STRAW: Brits you need to start killing your government now if you want to have a countr…[View]
168771200Tucker Carlson Tonight 4/18/18 - MARK STEYN EDITION - Fox News FULL SHOW (HD) https://youtu.be/zTC5…[View]
168768596How do you celebrate Hitlers birthaday, /pol/?: I will hear my F A S H W A V E playlist for 30 minut…[View]
168767785/JG/ Judaism General: I feel it's fitting, a day before Hitler's birthday, to discuss the …[View]
168767935When did you realise that the gook lack of empathy means they will utterly destroy the west in WW3?[View]
168768854Compulsory diversity in Tumblr's porn: 'I'm sorry, massa, I'll be more inclusive in t…[View]
168770499Boomers can't be bas-[View]
168760566HOLY FUCK[View]
168771037oct 12 2018[View]
168771768are siegefags the most aesthetic nazis?[View]
168770081Wish I had a mother who would support me in indulging in urge to destroy israel and reopen gas chamb…[View]
168755247Brit/pol/ - bananas edition: >Thread Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-d94tRqUS3o >Thread…[View]
168760682BETTER THAN THE WALL?: Would landmines constitute a better barrier against illigal immigration.…[View]
168770034ISIS widow: You Starcucks should be talking about the isis widow https://youtu.be/vYGX-Mk7ggg[View]
168771554Now he's for the TPP. You literally can't make this shit up.[View]
168766192STOP! FEEDING STARVING NIGGER LARVAE!!!: If these niglet's parents don't care enough about…[View]
168754194WHITE WOMAN SPEAKS HER MIND ON THE BLACK MEN WHO WERE ARRESTED: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yDt527…[View]
168769692If these two ever got into a debate, what would happen? It'd be like Goku and Superman fighting…[View]
168770387do you think the perfect wife never needs to be discplined? or is it a part of every marriage? https…[View]
168771183Can you guys recommend me any good youtube lectures or podcasts? I listen to econtalk mostly and it…[View]
168770142Slavery Is Moral and Just: Slavery is an excellent and efficient punishment for crime. Before you mo…[View]
168765872Do YOU know the NOSE?: 46 year old gen xer here. I have fully given in. JEWS ARE BAD NEWS. They are …[View]
168756577//rng// Rare Nazi General: post 'em[View]
168767522what ideology do you support ? serious answers i support fascism[View]
168753872Can a black man and a white man ever be truly friends? Like, real friends, comrades, with no boundar…[View]
168769382Only unevolved people love their parents[View]
168766305911 operator jailed for repeatedly hanging up on people: Say hi to Crenshanda /pol/ http://www.bbc.…[View]
168770834How is an impartial person supposed to feel politically enfranchised in a country that only has a po…[View]
168766361BFFs forever! Muzztards and Hitspergs BTFO! https://www.jpost.com/Breaking-News/Member-of-Romanian-r…[View]
168766274/ptg/ President Trump General - Jail-Bound Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.…[View]
168766211Saw this and thought of you.[View]
168761427ROSENSTEIN: Trump 'not part of Cohen investigation': Bretty big news lads[View]
168765889What the fuck happened to Voat?[View]
168766584Happy birthday Hitler![View]
168770668It's ok to cry. It's ok to be gay. Stop the war to pray Britain: https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
168748094So anyway, Puerto Rico has no power and its hurricane season. Nice work DRUMPF[View]
168769649Most Underrated President Of the United States of Americay?: >Ran for the Republican nomination f…[View]
168769622>be american >'MUH FREE SPEECH!!!' >be a harmless crazy conspiracy theorist >get sued fo…[View]
168770334Redpill me on Liviu Dragnea[View]
168764982CALLING BRITBONGS: Let's remove the house of lords and replace it with an elected body. https:/…[View]
168756338We all know journalist are heavily lurking today.: Do you think this sudden access to free speech mi…[View]
168743182How David Hogg beats his critics: Why can't you bigots just leave this kid alone? Why do you ha…[View]
168770237American Nazi Party?: ???[View]
168766313Fascism quiz--what do you think?: I answered 'strongly agree' on almost everything, and I received a…[View]
168769764>tfw you get a Noble Prize for public-speaking[View]
168770262Why is this allowed in 2018?[View]
168762728Mexico: What is life really like in Mexico with the 'cartels' and 'drug war' goi…[View]
168769816Midwest is Best: >tfw haven't seen a non-white in over a week >tfw living in the midwest …[View]
168769689The whole point of 'Its Ok To Be White' posts is to troll people into accusing you of racism and the…[View]
168763771So, after the dust has settled and all, what's the consensus on Jordan Peterson? Does he have a…[View]
168753169Let's get a blackpill thread going on...[View]
168724799Choose your spectrum: libertarian right[View]
168769514We are in an INFORMATION WAR with RUSSIAN TROLLS: Don't let them divide and conquer us! Learn m…[View]
168769529>tfw we are suffering because the allies won: I'm not even a nazi, but wtf dude[View]
168761428what does this map represent?[View]
168769307>https://archive.is/Ti0ld In the latest unprecedented altruistic move Germany decided to take in …[View]
168766205So, did this really happen or no? I mean, it’s the epicenter of degenerate behavior.[View]
168744007Can we have a Portugal appreciation thread? >Led the way for European Age of Exploration >Firs…[View]
168753944> rarest hair color in the world > hated by everybody if you're not female Why…[View]
168762352Trips decides what I put on my sign for the trump rally on April 28th.[View]
168768737What did he mean by this.?: Wikileaks posted this Twitter and immediately deleted it... Or it was re…[View]
168767862SIEGEtards: Weekly reminder[View]
168768709Crystal Cafe: The site is filled to the brim with Tumblr-tier reasoning, ignorance, but also degener…[View]
168768689SOROS BTFO: https://www.rt.com/news/424623-hungary-soros-migrants-eu/[View]
168747426ITS HAPPENING: >https://www.cnn.com/2018/04/19/politics/justice-mccabe-criminal-referral/index.ht…[View]
168767503North Korea is winning: Let's be honest The only reason socialist countries like Cuba or Venezu…[View]
168768033Waco Mass Murder: You forgot, didn't you? Well, I'm reminding you.[View]
168767407/balk/-pol round 2: discuss how serbia has to be split in order to achieve peace in the balkans…[View]
168768403email, ewallet, ecommerce...[View]
168767988what the fuck is poland's problem[View]
168764977why is she so perfect lads?[View]
168761334redpill me on the opioid epidemic[View]
168767701SOY BEANS BTFO: >'Grant Kimberly of the Iowa Soybean Association tells NPR that if long term, the…[View]
168753486/THG/ - THE HAPPENING GENERAL - IT HAS BEGUN: https://desantis.house.gov/_cache/files/8/0/8002ca75-5…[View]
168768155Any Californians in here, what's your take on Travis Allen running for Governor? Does he have a…[View]
168768104I just want to feel that feeling of accomplishment, that tingling sensation of pride and happiness t…[View]
168767688American war mongerers aren't just going to let the North and South kiss and make up, right? 'D…[View]
168763231Stay out nu/pol/: Faggots, plebbit, leftists, and retards, the lot of you.[View]
168743183Rate my map[View]
168766347if you use the word 'blacklist', you're part of the problem inb4 thatsbullshitbutibelieveit.gif[View]
1687693794chins is giving me an https error and redirecting me this what the shit, are we getting jew'd?[View]
168767644ONLY THE BEST PEOPLE, FOLKS: https://www.wsj.com/articles/ex-new-york-city-mayor-rudy-giuliani-to-jo…[View]
168758350Jews come clean: What do you think would be the public reaction if Jewish leaders and historians cam…[View]
168769866Well /pol/ Would you?[View]
168767762Who did it happend?: https://www.adl.org/education/references/hate-symbols/100 What wrong with jew?…[View]
168764027Well well well /pol/[View]
168767569>Be Jewish >Cause all the wars >Don't fight in any of them >Only memorialize the 6 …[View]
168767330FRANCE IS NOW A ONE PARTY STATE: All future elections in france >le meme candidate >le former …[View]
168725965Universal Basic Income Failure: Finland is killing its experiment with basic income https://archive.…[View]
168762952What is the Freest state in the US: Ok so i have started my application to emigrate to the US I am a…[View]
168767290WHAT'S BETTER: Deporting all blacks in America, even mixed breed. Keeping Latinos no matter of …[View]
168767273Love you pol. Non shills are cool and I hope you’re having a good day. Go find yourself a huwhite gi…[View]
168767256When will an American Politician stand up to the Jewish Businessmen?[View]
168750723Social Media, Mobile Broadband and the Post-Millenial Generation: If I have children, I would ban th…[View]
168767106ALL HANDS ON DECK: Let's end black genocide, and that starts with exposing Jewish mechanisms of…[View]
168758461England has achieved peak multiculturalism: A proud day. Literally shed a single tear. >pic rela…[View]
168767027Why do English/American people have fake smiles? They literally smile for no reason, it looks creepy…[View]
168766714this is unironically why i voted for trump: never forget the 6 million jews goyim.[View]
168758448It’s a shame people believe this.[View]
168737536Can someone explain to me how boomers fucked over millennials?[View]
168764686Redpill thread?: Redpill thread.[View]
168759246>not allowed visitors >internet access cut >radio jammers installed to block signals >no…[View]
168766498Redpill me on unions, are they good or bad. To me it seems to depend on the union that you get, some…[View]
168763312How did they become so stupid?[View]
168761866Woman wanted to be “sugar baby” - gets conned instead: https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/5469104/sug…[View]
168765314Dont call the cops /pol that racist. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/acts-of-faith/wp/2018/04/19…[View]
168765334What would the world be like today if WW2 never happened?[View]
168765785Okay who's the troll that's making all these nazi buddha images? Buddha was a good man, no…[View]
168765734ZO HAS AWOKEN: Wtf happened to Zo??? I thought she was a dumb bot but now im stoned as fuck and cree…[View]
168755672kikes targeted Belgium: This fucking kike (aron berger) tries to spread his disgusting j*w culture i…[View]
168761989/ptg/ President Trump General - Milk Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov ht…[View]
168766179Is the release of the Comey memos good or bad for us?: DOJ to release Comey memos to Congress soon. …[View]
168756726California Is Dixie Now: California is trying to split the state into 3 to add more Democrat senator…[View]
168766032I like you indians: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.haaretz.com/amp/opinion/hitlers-hindus-indias-n…[View]
168765762y do people think where in there best intresst is the same as every one elce: phycological egoist he…[View]
168759302Nasim General /ng/ - Don't forget me Edition: >don't check pol for 2 days >come back…[View]
168739017Why are women so lazy?[View]
168756041I bet you wouldn't call him a mutt to his face[View]
168759630How do we convince Europeans that we don't look like this[View]
168749722Why Owen is so annoying?: I'm trying to listen him but all I hear is REEEEEEEEEEE. Why he screa…[View]
168762381Democrat Agenda to Include Reparations: Ready to hear bitching for 'muh reparashuns' for the next de…[View]
168764961The future of soylent produced in 1973 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVqBTg5L6WU[View]
168748103RFID :(: I'm a bit scared right now guys. They are going to introduce RFID chips in the near fu…[View]
168765935WTF goats? Where am I going to get my validation now?: Service Unavailable HTTP Error 503. The servi…[View]
168762252Bye bye Senate Filibuster: Protip: McConnell will be moving ahead with eliminating the Sentate filib…[View]
168762772Meme Magic General: Can we make the related pic the new sarcastic response meme to liberal arguments…[View]
168762251Jealous ex-girlfriend pours acid on boyfriend causing him to commit suicide: Her wiki has some more …[View]
168765501This Is Drumpf's America: https://www.rawstory.com/2018/04/michigan-school-students-taunted-sla…[View]
168765627We need to false flaging as Dems online and start memeing this NOW[View]
168765185Gun Laws generally get worse the less white a state is /pol/: Could someone explain this to me /pol/…[View]
168765354Smuggies for holes: I feel like there should be some mostly against women. Especially the ones that …[View]
168762619Fashwave thread: Post'em boyos.[View]
168748802BASED: Our /Black/ confirmed >Be Hotep Jesus >goes to Starbucks >Cries WAYCISM and MUH R…[View]
168765459«Oi you cheeki wanker, you got your stirrer license innit?»[View]
168764544WE: Made by a negress artist in my art class[View]
168764274The Forms of Tyranny: There is freedom, and there is slavery. Slavery is the lack of freedom which i…[View]
168764200White males are unnattract-[View]
168765266Scenarios for the future of a few western countries: USA- becomes an authoritarian regime that contr…[View]
168722232MEXICO HAPPENING!!!: holy fuck the EZLN, or the Zapatistas have plague allegiance to AMLO and droppe…[View]
1687649114/20 ON THE WAY: https://news.vice.com/en_us/article/7xdjqz/sen-chuck-schumer-to-introduce-bill-to-d…[View]
168765244BRO DEAN AT IT AGAIN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMNlWEo9Uto[View]
168765074Levant Arabs (white) are vastly superior to gulf Arabs (Khaleeji). >no Saudis or Qataris allowed…[View]
168760382>In his notorious On the Jews and Their Lies, he denounced the Jews as “boastful, arrogant rascal…[View]
168762417Reddit BTFOs 4chan: How does it feel that this narrative receives hundreds of thousands of more view…[View]
168757314How are you enjoying your new and improved National Geographic, /pol/?[View]
168746874Who else got an account ban on Discord for being in the /pol/ planning group?: Who else got an accou…[View]
168752332A question for leftists (and communists/BLM): Should a man not have the ability to say 'nigger' in t…[View]
168759153Sources are saying Trump will be charged with CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE[View]
168764524Smuggies Thread: OC Edition: Rate My OC Bois, rate 4 rate[View]
168762572Kippah-Wearing Victim Of Berlin Anti-Semitic Beating Is Actually Arab Doing ‘Experiment’: April 19, …[View]
168747824The absolute state of niggers.: >It took Hua Li two minutes and three tries to get help from Hous…[View]
168764378BRITISH BARBER GIVEN EIGHT MONTHS FO R SHITTY HAIRCUT: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/04/19/b…[View]
168764364Wheres the video?!: Wheres the video of this? any one seen it?[View]
168762734How can we make Japan less racist and more diverse?[View]
168758867Sweden hate thread: It's been a while.[View]
168764123Confederate Hate Thread[View]
168764217/etm/ - EARTH TO MARS: Welcome to the Earth To Mars General. (previously Mars Independent General) T…[View]
168763554/pol/ will defend this[View]
168763074no, the employee called the police because the two black men were trespassing on privately owned pro…[View]
168764128>this triggers the bong[View]
168749905Macron: 'Africans will be flooding into Europe “for many years to come”: >Bombshell’ population g…[View]
168763748Why do Americans hate Mexicans if Mexicans are ethnic Americans?[View]
168759923URGENT ACTION NEEDED: UK to ban sale of plastic straws: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-britain-c…[View]
168763570>(Reuters) - George Soros' Open Society Foundations will close their office in Budapest and …[View]
168763711Fucking scared: Heard rumours of an empty quiver, allegedly in or during transit to South Korea. Wan…[View]
168763075Piecesofshit Rampant On Myturf: >walking through school yesterday, get early release >notice a…[View]
168738534I dont own a gun because im not a pansy why do you not own a gun?[View]
168762577Isn’t woke the same thing as redpill? But just the nigger version?[View]
168763353Sweden YES: Hand Grenade edition Big Black Cock source: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-4366736…[View]
168760328IS IT OK TO BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR MIGRANT HORDES?: Would you still vote for the leader BRRRRRRING migra…[View]
168760904guns: I've been pro gun all my life despite not being a gun nut. I own several fire arms despit…[View]
168751610Why are americans so fat?: the population of landwhales in the USA is over 10 times what it used to …[View]
168758620/Polder/draad Get in here!: Waarom is dit niet op televisie te zien? youtube.com/channel/UCTNxLk9Oxv…[View]
168754654Brit/pol/ - Connections in 5 countries: Cry that I didn't use your data mining website to post …[View]
168762881Why are there so many homeless vets on the streets? These filthy beggars are disgusting and a shame …[View]
168763090Women and non whites btfo by Google.: Google HR just said “winning”, “meritocracy” and “objectivity”…[View]
168763036OUT: Chairman of Starbucks Howard Schultz was probably going to run for President. What does pol thi…[View]
168752758This guy doesnt seem capable of doing the shit people says he does. Like in an interview where he ut…[View]
168759634I'm a Jew, I Think European Culture is Liberal Shit: I'm a Jew and one thing I respect abo…[View]
168750902/balk/: And the best Balkanic coutry is?[View]
168759635When you literally can't be fired: And deman that white men call you beautiful but black me fuc…[View]
168749274What is the cutoff for who gets into the Ethnostate? Do we just kick out all the niggers and reposse…[View]
168756738So net neutrality bill has been passed discreetly at a vote of 3 to 2. What does this mean for us th…[View]
168758762George Soros: The fact that this man is still alive is proof that white men are cuckolds! He is a pr…[View]
168745238So condescending every Starbucks worker and calling them all racist, discriminating them even worse …[View]
168762436A tribute to Elijah- the first Anti SJW: Pic related. Many of you may find Elijah's story inter…[View]
168762592>white men are the master race >their genes are rececive OH NONO NONONO…[View]
168762586School Walkout counterprotest: I'm a senior HS, and my school is doing that stupid walkout thin…[View]
168761304alright /pol/ , time to start a brainstorming general thread, because you guys get angry now and the…[View]
168750756Was Saladin right?[View]
168762175SAY IT WITH ME: NOT A SUBJECT >shills on suicide watch[View]
168756749U.S. tech companies obtained more H-1B visas in 2017 than in 2016: Wasn't Trump supposed to sto…[View]
168762267What should this operation be called? Operation Bogey?[View]
168725982HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHHA...... *breathes* BWHAHHAHAHHAHHAHHA What mental gymnastics will /pol/ come up wi…[View]
16873162310 OLDEST LANGUAGES IN THE WORLD: Basque Hebrew Finnish Lithuanian Icelandic Tamil Farsi Macedonian …[View]
168761662Why do western women enjoy East Asian culture so much?[View]
168761722Meme Response[View]
168752932Truths /pol/ can’t admit to: >city dwellers are more educated and more intelligent than suburban/…[View]
168762036>tfw most of /pol/ can't even control women because they have no game >tfw most of them a…[View]
168750920I come to all Fins with a message by the Australian military. THIS IS A DECLARATION OF WAR. Finally …[View]
168758662/ptg/ President Trump General - Bloomberg Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
168734131Looking for a city in the USA: 1) There must be no winter. Or at least the temperature must be never…[View]
168758131Do those faggots who make the sex change operation to become women, regret their decision? At that p…[View]
168750823Did Holomodor really happen?[View]
168761208What's your favorite meme? Mine has to be Amerimutt[View]
168761780>tfw you will never marry a homely Catholic woman and watch her carry 14 of your sons Why even li…[View]
168745246Trevor Moore writes another RED PILLED song: A Chad call to arms... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
168761216Lifestyle Poll: Please do not lie while taking this poll. https://www.strawpoll.me/15537018[View]
168736097OH FU-[View]
168757810What the fuck is up with this guy? Is he some sort of Communist plot to target a specific demographi…[View]
168759007Little Monkey Nigger goes ape, gets dragged off bus while ooking: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/04/…[View]
168733904Why do you think it's acceptable to discriminate and attack people because of traits they can…[View]
168759462happening: happening threads are stupid because if it was really happening i wouldnt have to be on /…[View]
168760316When is this fuckery going to end?: >(((We))) (((need))) shitskins (((to increase our birth rates…[View]
168757982Games That Unwittingly Mirror Past and Recent Events: This is the sequel to Demonion. The nomadic pe…[View]
168761194So it's both Israel's and Hitler's birthday? Im i reading that right,[View]
168743050Well pol[View]
168761355Body augmentations: /pol/, are body augmentations degenerate? Pic not related[View]
168748187Let's be honest, lads, if the EU adopts French or English as its main language post-Brexit: it …[View]
168761298Since tomorrow is mein Fuhers birthday, lets get ready by posting Hitler images, quotes, aesthetics,…[View]
168753971/balt/: Fuck them reds edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5rQFp7FF9c[View]
168761095I bet all you 'sandy hook was a hoax' morons feel like complete retards now http://wshu.org/post/ale…[View]
168757208Redpill me about fake chemical bombing in Syria[View]
168761188Male fruit flies like ejaculating: Hey faggots... A new study reveals that male fruit flies enjoy th…[View]
168749138Castration, the solution to toxic masculinity: We all know that the number one issue of this planet …[View]
168701301/SWEG/ Sweden election general: THIS IS WHERE THE FIGHT FOR EUROPE BEGINS. On the 9th September, Swe…[View]
168750128If you were to pick only 5 countries that would continue to exist on Earth, what would they be? My p…[View]
168760994WTF? Wasn't this lawsuit important for exposing the dossier scheme and building a bigger case a…[View]
168727315What did they fear?[View]
168760996>sudden wave of BLACKEDposting >mods outright ignore it >literal dicks posted in every thre…[View]
168756556ITT: Post illegal objects you possess[View]
168760261>go to Starbucks to be quiet and do nothing >go to movie theatre to talk and move around Are b…[View]
168760889Drink ethiopian coffee: Show starbucks that theyre a bunch of nigger loving cuckholds, drink some de…[View]
168750955Anyone else find this guy completely insufferable now? He spends half of his show bitching about Rus…[View]
168760838Soros’ Open Soc. Foundations to Close Budapest Office, Move to Berlin: Relations between the US bill…[View]
168755934/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
168759177Subtle Racism: Why are the burglars always white in home security system commercials? https://www.y…[View]
168760607ITT:: >yfw Cohen’s being charged by New York prosecutors the same time as federal ones so even if…[View]
168751558The redhead is the natural enemy of the jew: The jew uses a goyim's good natured soul to subver…[View]
168757332Whites take over North America >The native Americans deserve it cause they lost the war! Muslims…[View]
168758747WTF /pol/?: This is the type of shit you guys accuse the mudslimes of doing, and here are some of wh…[View]
168760284*destroy Trump's presidency*[View]
168753498NATSOC general: i'm alt-lite with some alt-right beliefs and am a white nationalist sympathiser…[View]
168757394יום העצמאות שמח! How will you congratulate us dear goyfriends?[View]
168743916Smuggies: Just made this boys, what do you think[View]
168760058High on the Hogg: He beats his critics goys.... Work faster and smarter you lousy turds!!! RREEEEE!!…[View]
168757954Commonwealth Realm is the future of Britain. Long live the Queen. EU fuck off.: > 2.4 Billion peo…[View]
168758474Why does /pol/ fall for so much fucking bait these days? Plebbit and 9fag are constantly doing 'raid…[View]
168758490How is that WALL coming along muttinos? I WILL pay for it with my pesos.[View]
168755066American ninja arrested: Wearing Homer Simpson shirt[View]
168758893Why is the alt-right so misinformed about climate change? Why do conservatives hate the environment?…[View]
168749281Why is it so hard for states to leave their countries?[View]
168752711> He hates 'the pill' Do you faggots just not want to raw dog it with women or do you actually wa…[View]
168749186pls explain: >/pol/ thinks this guy is based In just one week he >submitted to Saudi Arabia ab…[View]
168759113Is /pol/ truly red-pilled? Newbie thinks not.: From what I can tell, /pol/ knows many important TRUT…[View]
168754561The absolute state of Swaziland[View]
168757415LIBS BTFO: >BREAKING: Rosenstein told Trump last week that he isn’t a target of any part of Muell…[View]
168759038Mfw listening to boomers[View]
168756493Males are obsolete: Think about it. Males are a disposable mutation with the Y chromosome, whereas f…[View]
168743871DAILY NICE: TEACHER BUSTED FOR LEWD ACTS WITH STUDENTS: http://www.4029tv.com/article/former-spiro-s…[View]
168756390Can the gypsies be reformed?[View]
168758777Wifey poll[View]
168745698https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTaBcn4gyc8 What are your thoughts on his views? Skip to the last 1…[View]
168752265The lower the race a person is the more they love their parents[View]
168753503>you know why Libtards don't come here? Because we aren't an echo chamber, free discuss…[View]
168755803/ptg/ President Trump General - BFFs Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov ht…[View]
168756443/TEX/AS Thread - Midterm Strategy Edition: This thread dedicated to focusing on the upcoming Texas M…[View]
168755568Genuine racists, how do you justify your racism?: It's one thing to dislike gangbangers and rap…[View]
168754605The Nation of Kekistan: How do 4chan users feel about establishing a nation of fellow shitposters? W…[View]
168758214How's Sicily coping with the mob wars?: Just asking if there are any locals here that can give …[View]
168758170British people: > Formerly the bloodiest imperialist pigs, worse than USSR and Nazi Germany combi…[View]
168755087/itpol/ 2018 ELECTION: 45 days since the election day and nothing happened. at the end of the day, i…[View]
168757478Imagine a world without hate.[View]
168757914SAVE OUR RACE: >How many children are you planning to have to save our civilization, anon? I…[View]
168757609Memes aside, Should same sex couples be able to adopt a child, or buy from a sperm bank?[View]
168739081We are shifting the narrative: Been lurking the Starbucks reddit for a few days now. On Day 0, they …[View]
168754729What about Nazism is redeeming? Its horribly Nihilistic and encourages violence.[View]
168757047What is the deal with all the boomers on my /pol/ lately? Get a life you old freaks.[View]
168757775Vanguardism - last of the day edition: >Introduction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGWnooumM2o …[View]
168757712Anyone care to explain this sack of potatoes?[View]
168750244My dissertation advisor is Nu-Left: I’m due to submit my dissetation on Oswald Mosley very soon (His…[View]
168718105I believe 9/11 was due to CIA & government intelligence incompetence not an inside job Tell me w…[View]
168754084red-pilling normies: im currently on a huge mission to redpill everyone in my class, been doing so f…[View]
168755712How unironically does /pol/ believe this?[View]
168747335I've traditionally been a non interventionist, but this argument just cucked me[View]
168757074Redpill me on the amerishart - why do they love Israel so?[View]
168757449Whats with all the nigger porn: Wtf did black people just learn about the fours chans? Why all this …[View]
168757405Leaves should have their access to the internet away. In additionto tgat, we should build a wall alo…[View]
168757400New Jew heaters in Germany: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2018/04/19/video-anti-semitic-…[View]
168757283Why do Serbs hate kosovars if kosovars are ethnically Serbian?[View]
168757279>muh body muh choice >unless we need someone to die for Israel…[View]
168753651Canadian Aesthetic CHAD: Name is George Hutcheson, Director of Students for Western Civilisation in …[View]
168754755What does /pol/ think of the Flemish people? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gq9HaOWweXA[View]
168754876Someone please explain what these results mean[View]
168756290The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion: I'd like to know more about this but sadly dont ha…[View]
168755133White Privilege Conference: I suggest bringing back the 'It's Okay to be White' posters for thi…[View]
168737721The Starbucks manager who kicked the nigs out is getting savaged by the media right now. How do we d…[View]
168744922Syria General /sg/ - 'The Revolution Will דucceed, It Will' Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library …[View]
168756467You Can Say No: https://youtu.be/q-HrbZ3cpwg The tale of an African American and Reparations >be …[View]
168742346America hate thread[View]
168756417REDEFINING THE WORLD: Basically a psy op to show how stupid is the idea of integration and civicnat …[View]
168746709I am 100% Jewish heritage and I want to fucking kill myself. I hate the kikes and want all of us to …[View]
168756373is the liberal-capitalism destroying our societies?[View]
168756364Israelis celebrate nation's 70th anniversary: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISRAEL-KUN! http://www.euronews.co…[View]
168751462Who here actually doesn't hate the country he lives in? > Israel need jot respond…[View]
168756139Mussolini speaks in english: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ow8SQQm7oVg B.....but muh italian agres…[View]
168756129Male : Female Ratio is responsible for everything: I've been studying this topic for over 4 yea…[View]
168750815Um, guys...did you forget something?: Soooo why's there not a single thread here about the Big …[View]
168755885Can you believe Trump would do this to the innocent Syrians? https://youtu.be/rPPfWOtWFqM[View]
168750749How do we undo the damage the Jews did and revoke women's rights?[View]
168748717So cheeky bastards. I live in shitholagua, government is currently raiding universities which are pr…[View]
168724127WERE WINNING BIGLY: Post your results so far. Literally hundreds of redpilling opportunities. Get do…[View]
168753172Welp, I had gone 5 days without any junk food and even 2 days without coffee but after walking aroun…[View]
168753887there was thread just before with a liberal lass who, by the end of the thread, had given up on femi…[View]
168753002Why doesn't sweden just ban hand grenades if they are such a problem?![View]
168754797Civilian shoots police dog, 10 years in prison.: Police shoot a civilians dog- “hey guys did you see…[View]
168751490//ptg/ President Trump General - Joyous Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov…[View]
168755687is the fag flag secretly a jewish flag?[View]
168755661FUCK SOVIET CANUCKISTAN: I am so sick of this country stealing my knives and charging me for stupid …[View]
168751018Why are race relations at a stalemate?: Poc: YOU SHUT UP AND LISTEN. Um maybe if you speak to me wit…[View]
168755563Housing on East Coast: https://youtu.be/V9Q_1RiShtI?t=26m36s >Local New Jersey minister who heads…[View]
168747993uhhhhg..aahhh m-maake a-meri...ca grre...at aga....in...huuuuuuhhhhhaaa[View]
168750181Post yfw Trump gets re-elected and skates on all charges and Comey and co are behind bars: Pol, you …[View]
168740982I love you guys.[View]
168752945Do black people think they're just white people but cool?[View]
168755041What could possibly go wrong /POL/ ? https://www.vladtv.com/article/243851/nyc-policy-to-place-tran…[View]
168750814Why does pol want me to choose between muslims and jews? Its obvious they work for the same goal - t…[View]
168755120Things that make your blood boil: Let's have a rage thread >>http://bigthink.com/aeon-ide…[View]
168749536/fsg/ - Fascism General: /rex/ Edition Get /comfy/ Thread for discussion of all forms of Fascism, hi…[View]
168755015https://www.currentaffairs.org/2018/04/quiz-which-dystopia-have-i-found-myself-in Take the quiz, /po…[View]
168745043before I go to bed for the night, I'ma answer questions and start you off with some facts: 1. 5…[View]
168720891Is aspergers a good thing? According to Hanz Asperger. >Children with Asperger's syndrome ma…[View]
168754364Which countries will be losing and gaining power in the future?[View]
168753170ALPHA MALES BTFO: 'Alpha males hurt alpha: Hedge fund managers with high testosterone underperform' …[View]
168753130Dear Prince Charles, do you think my brown skin makes me unBritish?: I met Prince Charles this week …[View]
168753233I think I have found a new way to Red Pill some people, maybe even have some fun along the way doing…[View]
168751806>This Aryan goddess rolls up to you and honks her horn Why wouldn't you take such an offer…[View]
168753375Black masked man carrying a rope and knife arrested outside Taylor Swift's house: THEY ARE COMI…[View]
168744013WTF happened to Voat?: Its been like this for at least a day now. Something like this has never happ…[View]
168747125Half of Californians support Trump on illegals: Poll is from Berkeley....which is odd. http://www.oa…[View]
1687430111 in 4 American children has a foreign born parent: This enrages me beyond belief I don't want…[View]
168754347When will Americans implement common sense gun control?[View]
168754765How will Lauren Southern ever recover?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsOug6SGGWI[View]
168753063Liber Liber Liber my nigger[View]
168749356Poccers: Even here in Germany leftists in the media have started to call the word „niggers“ and the …[View]
168754402COMEY NOTES NIGGERS: https://twitter.com/chrisgeidner/status/987043541888258048?s=21 >JUST IN: A …[View]
168752456What happened to the pizzagate Hillary/Huma video discussion? All of it just disappeared over night.…[View]
168753456With it being the anniversary of columbine tomorrow do any of you anons have any of the tapes that w…[View]
168753168OHHHHH FUCK: They're turning on him. Hmmmmm[View]
168750929OHHHHH FUCK: Everyone's turning on him. Hmmm.[View]
168745259IMF says America is going to be even more deadbeat than Italy financially in 2023: Germany will mira…[View]
168750593Based Deniro has penned an excuse letter for kids participating in tomorrow's school walkout. H…[View]
168754457Starbucks #RaceTogether: They started the #RaceTogether hashtag so it'll be funny to bring it b…[View]
168751534going to France soon: Anything I should know?[View]
168753460Please talk about us[View]
168754205Thank me later: Here you go guys[View]
168754355Pooping on the beach in India .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixJgY2VSct0[View]
168749235Will there ever be a gathering of white people bigger than this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_W…[View]
168754254Can we summon a good feet of snow up here one week before May?[View]
168748413WTF?? LMFAO: https://twitter.com/zerohedge/status/987031834168119296?s=21 >Pittsburgh Police Orde…[View]
168721540Are gypsies really as bad as niggers?: I’ll be traveling to Europe soon and I want to be prepared fo…[View]
168754079Operation Zyklon: Ireland will have a referendum on the 25th of May to decide whether or not we Repe…[View]
168753531are these guys stupid? even the most low information mouth breather knows we dump all our plastic in…[View]
168724052When people of color move into a community, white people tend to move out. This phenomenon—known as …[View]
168751002What are the REAL interests of the US in Syria? Don't give me no 'spread democracy' bullshit.[View]
168750877>Isnt wierd that 20% of dogs commit over 80% of the attacks?[View]
168754006Oh no, the future British queen is a family wrecker!: Meghan Markle’s brother said his family has be…[View]
168751896Anonymous: What does Guy Fawkes mask symbolize in 2018?[View]
168753837>Two black dudes walk into a private business, refuse to buy anything but use the bathrooms, whic…[View]
168752950Message to my Alt Right/ Alt Light/ European Blood Brethren: After 4/20, I will stop browing /pol/ f…[View]
168740947New Arab Army: Trump is making an Arab merc army to get us out of Syria! What do you think lads?…[View]
168738328Brit/pol/ - Blairite edition: >Thread Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwWfE4DAyao >Threa…[View]
168751584if one can morph into such atrocity, why can't the court order them to be shot? makes sense, n…[View]
168744789Can Jordan Peterson ever stop crying about the Alt-Right? https://youtu.be/3Akw1zkUTI0[View]
168750894Movies turned to shit lately: Not sure if /pol/ you decide. Watched Red Sparrow about 'le great Russ…[View]
168751774Are you safe anon?: My guess is that over 99% of the posters/lurkers on this board are completely sa…[View]
168751457Trump 'will walk out' if North Korea talks not fruitful: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asi…[View]
168749438SSSS: Thanks alot faggots. That SSSS means I get my baby maker and poop chute touched every time I f…[View]
168752375Nicaraguan shitstorm: https://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2018/04/18/world/americas/ap-lt-nicaragua-pro…[View]
168753178What did he mean by this?[View]
168752703Happy now? /Pol/ humour thread OC version.[View]
168750531What's wrong with US colleges?: Professor Howard (((Finkelstein))) https://truepundit.com/watch…[View]
168732990Rashon Nelson and Dante Robinson: https://www.dailywire.com/news/29621/two-black-men-arrested-philly…[View]
168753005So what do these filthy Marxist half-way hausser human shitstains called SJ fucking Ws want? White m…[View]
168752967Has #metoo gone too far?: Don't take pictures of my ass as I do a bottom turn! https://stabmag…[View]
168703486SOUTH AFRICA HAPPENING: Seems like it’s bieng covered up internationally so I figured I’d keep you g…[View]
168748389McCabe BTFO: The Jew of the North has awoken and Andy is going down.[View]
168749841any update on the supposed video? was it fake?[View]
168739244What is their plan?: What is the their end goal and why?[View]
168750548>'Counter-protesters display rainbow flags and signs as a caravan of Confederate-flag-bearing tru…[View]
168751620Fucking hell this place is disgusting[View]
168748478Can we do anything to prove this delightful 'woman' wrong pol/?[View]
168751871What are you doing today to commemorate the cuck holocaust?[View]
168743426This is Netanyahu's successor. He'll make Israel even greater[View]
168747622U.S. SNIPER FOUND GUILTY OF ASSASSINATION: https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/joseph-hunter-former-us-…[View]
168746457Race war: Is the race war actually going to happen within our lifetime or is it just a meme? I'…[View]
168744112>mfw I realized it isn't the Jews it's actually women that are going to be our downfall…[View]
168744876Israel is 70 years old: let's celebrate[View]
168751703/SSG/ Southern Supremacy General: the confederacy >won the first and last battle of the civil war…[View]
168752070Studying for politics/psychology degree, have stupid survey to circulate- thought my tits femnazi pr…[View]
168743813Am I the only gay person here that just wants to look at gay people and say 'Shut the fuck up you…[View]
168738224Whites must pay $2 more on all orders: Someone shop this to say whites must pay a mandatory donation…[View]
168751296What are the chances of WWIII level happenings actually occurring this year?[View]
168751291Trump: US ‘Taking Care’ of Cuba Following Election of New President: https://sputniknews.com/us/2018…[View]
168749743Does /pol/ watch uncommon knowledge?[View]
168750192BREAKING NEWS: Miguel Diaz-Canel 'elected' president of Cuba. A commie pig who's not named Cast…[View]
168750260Starbucks Diversity Training Day: How will they advise their staff?[View]
168751587For anyone in he Cleveland heights area who wants to give a speech opposing gun control tomorrow, Ap…[View]
168737006UK to ban sale of plastic straws and drinks stirrers: It just gets better every day.[View]
168740840Are blondes superior to brunetes? According to a study blondes make more cash than brunetes of the s…[View]
168751401Non Jew Owned News Networks: Itt post non jew owned news networks.[View]
168751525WE: Made by some negress artist in my art class.[View]
168746842/ptg/ President Trump General - Construct Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
168751381G*rmanic scum: >destroy Rome and then get conquered by Moors >destroy Byzantine and let the O…[View]
168745487Let's get this kinda thread rolling: also can anyone help me figure out how the flags are gener…[View]
168728217Why do atheists get so triggered when you point out atheism is a religion?[View]
168728408Post the best product your country has to offer: It can be a food, machine, art movement etc, from b…[View]
168751049City council lady is catching shit for knowing the truth about 9/11. She says people are mad becaus…[View]
168750986Economic Espionage brought to bear down on the right to bear arms... (by leftist jews): Economic esp…[View]
168748312New Democrat Party Agenda Revealed: The liberal movement hopes to be fighting for reparations by 20…[View]
168750860Ok goys remember tomorrow is our Fuhrer's birthday so you have to leave out milk and cookies fo…[View]
168708336JEWS BEATEN WITH A BELT IN BERLIN STREET: I thought you guys would like this: https://www.youtube.co…[View]
168750676>capitalism is base-: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjPJbCx4gko How do you sleep at night knowi…[View]
168750701GERMANY ACCEPTS 10,000 MIGRANTS MORE: http://www.dw.com/en/germany-to-accept-10000-refugees-from-nor…[View]
168739994>how much does the kikes hate Christianity?[View]
168741269Corbyn's Labour is Britain's last hope.[View]
168748176pol isnt acshually racis[View]
168750402Pol is great!: I am sick and tired of being told to go back to /r/eddit. That place is cancer, I ca…[View]
168750210Are the chosen Coming for tha GUNZ ... says who ?: Economic espionage is how they will crippled the …[View]
168727065/TEX/AS Thread - Midterm Strategy Edition: This thread dedicated to focusing on the upcoming Texas M…[View]
168750339People Are Losing Their Minds Over Starbucks: https://www.nationalreview.com/2018/04/starbucks-anti-…[View]
168744305Culture is 100% biological: Culture is 100% biological. Your brain collects data. The only way for y…[View]
168744269What happens here, /pol/?[View]
168733087Liberal here. I'd just like to tell everyone here THAT not all liberals are douchey college lib…[View]
168748516How did bugman become equivalent to soyboy, cuck, or nu male?[View]
168744207New Muslim Super Hero movie: You guys ready for the new Muslim Superhero who goes around fighting wh…[View]
168748872That video was fucking sick I feel like a changed person inside, there are some human beings that ge…[View]
168750172Immigrants from the EU to the UK are nearly exclusively white: Half of the Germans coming to the UK …[View]
168749877Herbivores eat their babies too: So, who does this hurt more: vegans or pro-lifers? https://www.you…[View]
168747643/SBG/ - StarBucks General: We can say that phase 1 was a mild success, however, enought people now k…[View]
168749346OY VEY CAN YOU SEE[View]
168748962What's the absolute worst ideology? >anarcho-primitivism[View]
168747116Desperate Dems gonna run on reparations in 2020 Come and get it niggers....[View]
168750069Europe takes 50,000 more refugees. 10,000 for Germany.: The European Commission wants to bring 50,00…[View]
168745152Why don't you live in Alaska?: >Easily the most beautiful place on Earth >No state income…[View]
168747444Was Varg a Turkish vizier during the early 1900s?: Pic related[View]
168742973Illegal immigrants improve society: Libertarian here. I believe that immigration of all forms, legal…[View]
168744625>Niggers are retar-[View]
168749756/pol/ CALL TO ACTION THREAD: So, first you catch a nigger by the two and if he hollars, let him go t…[View]
168729434>'The White race can only be saved by reproducing with White women.': Tfw you're movement…[View]
168749811canadian right wing chad interview: Can anyone post that interview with the well dressed, well spoke…[View]
168737914why are black gene so dominant and whites so recessive: every time a white or asian mixs with a afri…[View]
168749735Did I miss something?[View]
168746442ITS NEVER HAPPENING BUT: Google headlines down. Is it happening?[View]
168748868https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/19/world/asia/north-korea-american-troops-withdrawal-trump.html Will…[View]
168745523Help me redpill my friend: Just as the title says. He is frustrated with the current government, but…[View]
168743584/OSG/ Operation Starbucks General #2: >Print these out >Put them up in predominantly black are…[View]
168741473Lolbertarians get in here: If Lolbertarians believe that the free market can solve everything, why d…[View]
168746630Thank God, the migrant crisis is back: In Greece, their high court yesterday ruled that illegal migr…[View]
168749371Where do the Levant Christians (Greek Orthodox Lebs/Syrians, Greek Catholics, Maronites, etc.) stand…[View]
168744301thoughts on this man?[View]
168745132Gay Man Gets Corvette Burned for Gay Decals, Pride Flag: Torched tires, charred rims and a smolderin…[View]
168737447Based Tay: Just found out now about the incredibly salty response the Earth, Wind & Fire cover T…[View]
168711332Frat suspended for telling the truth about niggers, spics and kikes: I go to Syracuse. Protests ever…[View]
168738742Is CNN trying to drop redpills?[View]
168748834/pol/ book thread: What are you reading anons? http://takimag.com/article/reichs_laboratory_steve_sa…[View]
168741199Why cant I just take the money I am paying into social security and just give it directly to my gran…[View]
168748778Are Millennials the most transcendent generation?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPzHZ5_zlyg…[View]
168746375They only way to break the conditioning, to break the matrix.: To liberate ourselves from this evil …[View]
168746069Whats this? NO Cuba thread? THE CASTROS ARE GONE- SHAM 'ELECTION' remains[View]
168748375>there's no way they just randomly raided le drumpf's lawyer's office >they mus…[View]
168747505WE: Swaziland king renames country 'the Kingdom of eSwatini' http://www.bbc.com/news/worl…[View]
168745386How badly the mainstream media fucked society, distracting them from the real problems on earth We h…[View]
168748342Why is there no Lykurgian Party that wants to reestablish Spartan society?[View]
1687483301, 2 Mullers coming for you: TICK TOCK drumpfkins TIK TOK[View]
168747723Why do the jews fear him so much?[View]
168748306https://youtu.be/77fTqAgIMHc every day our technology grows stronger but we as a species grow weaker[View]
168748128>tfw /pol/ forced a multinational, multibillion dollar company to respond to a shit post…[View]
168727374/OSG/ Operation Starbucks General: And now let us begin phase 2. Print em out spread em. >If you…[View]
168743173My Aryan lads , Study you scripture daily. Become a devotee like Arjuna. Become a qualified Kshatriy…[View]
168746103Redpill me on Rostock: Here's the deal anons. I might be going to rostock in germany for two we…[View]
168745787Google the Balfour Declaration: Daily reminder that the UK created Israel.[View]
168744075>be me last night >feel a bit sleepy but can only fall asleep easily if I have music playing …[View]
168747698https://youtu.be/CFZDhM5Gwhk If you support abortion get off the board. If you think abortion clinic…[View]
168747973Leafs the next third world country.[View]
168746818http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-43820794 >guy who named a form of autism after himself was…[View]
168742795The reason why most people against opioid use are women.: Guys who do opiates or are addicted to opi…[View]
168713237Should this be the EU we want?: Ditch the eastern leeches (most of them, want some nice borders) And…[View]
168746009Trump: US ‘Taking Care’ of Cuba Following Election of New President: https://sputniknews.com/us/2018…[View]
168740637>Former Ontario Government Youth Worker Charged With Sexual Assault: >Oluwasegun Akinsanya, 30…[View]
168747659Post your europe map: What EU countries are the most cucked pol ? make a list from 1 to 28 also Irel…[View]
168747624Is white man/black female porn a jewish trick to make white men less racist?[View]
168735544D E G E N E R A T E D U M P: Hey, hello! How's it going? What's new? I'm dumping dege…[View]
168741696How can you hate Baked Alaska after reading this?: .[View]
168738197Next False Flag Happening: They will use autonomous machines and AR15s to kill thousands of American…[View]
168743593old America: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5632641/Stunning-high-quality-video-shows-1911-…[View]
168700223Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Historical Revisionism Edition: Special Message for Bernd: This is an…[View]
168747394DOWNVOTE THIS DEGENERATE INDOCTRINATION OF OUR YOUTH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwE2mIPkKP8…[View]
168746921OH SAY CAN YOU SEE[View]
168743414National-socialism: Scared of being open about being a natsoc because of alienation by my friends an…[View]
168747330Documentary: Are the Illuminati Real? -Exposing the Jesuit Order: The Core Source of the SJW Madness…[View]
168747291JPS TRICKED SLOPE HEADS INTO CLEANING UP FUKUSHIMA: https://e.vnexpress.net/news/news/three-more-vie…[View]
168736017HEATWAVE IN BRITAIN!!!!!!!!!: >30 DEGREES >IN APRIL https://www.thesun.co.uk/tech/6093328/dar…[View]
168747074GIMME GIMME!!!: Some blacks are fucking retarded they whine about a movie and because it has blacks …[View]
168746898i'm putting together a team[View]
168746177Guys we need to find out who kidnapped Madeleine McCann, any ideas?[View]
168747199Alright holocaust deniers. I know you have your 'facts' to prove your point and so on. But…[View]
168746355Is there an example of a city where crime dimished after black moved out? I tried searching but of c…[View]
168747087NY allows felons to vote: In Greece, inmates can vote. Inmates voted overwhelmingly (85%+) for the c…[View]
168728489REMINDER: FALSE FLAG IMMINENT: FEMA to Evaluate Readiness of Pennsylvania, Maryland https://www.fema…[View]
168747045Trump's Jews Are A Shonda For Di Goyim: https://forward.com/opinion/398811/trumps-jews-are-a-sh…[View]
168745135Honestly, why ban guns when you can ban bullets? I’m so fucking surprised that the radleftards of th…[View]
168740875Redpill me on orthodoxy, anons. Women kept out of the priesthood? Birth control won't get you o…[View]
168741976/ptg/ President Trump General - Flash-Bang Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.…[View]
168743452Which one of you beautiful bastards did this? pic related[View]
168743205Racism Thread: Does this experiment prove that race is real? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKHi-D…[View]
168730788/MSG/ Mediterranean Sumpremacy General: MUH BLONDE HAIR MUHFAUGGAH edition daily reminder that the f…[View]
168712688Where is the Baked Alaska dumpster fire continuing and where do you see it going?: To what lengths w…[View]
168745996Mexicans Are White: Change My Mind Look at Jailyn’s White Ass and the rest of these White Ass Mexic…[View]
168743730Describe burgerland with one image[View]
168736491Imagine having sex with your newlywed wife on the night of your wedding, but knowing that she has ha…[View]
168744783Voat.co is down. Put it on Liveleak.[View]
168736687https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUyESth1SlI $799 sex doll. Virgin, std free, stacked and always read…[View]
168744818today is Israel's 70th birthday: say something nice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1KejUe3iqs…[View]
168739275Where are you on the slippery slope?: Is this an actual thing? If it is where are you? How do we sto…[View]
168746611When it will be legal to call a black monkey 'Nigger' again?[View]
168744934Eugenics is a combination of two Greek words meaning ‘good’ and ‘genes.’ The vision of “Eugenics,” a…[View]
168740568You have to settle with a roastie to save the white race.: Very few white women are virgins by the t…[View]
168746395>Melanin is the product of the oxidation of tyrosine >Literally an anagram of 'Tyrone is' …[View]
168742845why are american asians all liberal retards? https://twitter.com/EstherKuKu/status/98701808781472153…[View]
168745203Ask a brown eyed Norwegian anything[View]
168746002We wuz just chillin witout buyin cuz, wuts the problum?[View]
168736711Why is fascism so gay?: >The twisted truth is that gay men have been at the heart of every major …[View]
168742950Buy moar guns[View]
168743249Human subconsciousness: Hello /pol/, what do you think about superhuman abilities that we all poses …[View]
168744975Is this the perfect argument against democracy?: Because Democracy allows everybody to hold one sing…[View]
168744141POL is addicting?: How big is your collection.[View]
168743558Excuse me, but what are you nazis doing on our anime website?[View]
168740588>Capitalism is a good syst-[View]
168744067REDEFINING THE WORLD: Basically a psy op to show how stupid is the idea of integration and civicnat …[View]
168745864Inconvenient truths: The downfall of the West began when the US took the lead after WW2.[View]
168741821he did it[View]
168745756FONTS FOR STARBUCKS FLYERS: For those of you shoppers, remember to use Montserrat for text; logo fon…[View]
168715158a Museum for White People Lynching Black People..: A new museum, The National Memorial for Peace and…[View]
168744069MANAFORT TRUMP'S BACK CHANNEL TO RUSSIA: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-04-19/man…[View]
168742517NationStates: Country simulation game. Many ANTIFA-tier soyboys who get triggered by the sight of a …[View]
168745540Starbucks Voice of Diversity Contest: >Print these out >Put them up in predominantly black are…[View]
168740597Question to those who want to have kids: How would you handle being a father of a teenager girl /pol…[View]
168742921Vanguardism general - Registry Edition: Here is the pastebin for the registry; I added a syntax and …[View]
168739498the dumbass alex jones once again proves he just says anything to get you retards frothing at the mo…[View]
168743341Molyneux NAMES THE JEW: THE MADMAN DID IT https://youtu.be/5HvqkKU2bNk https://youtu.be/5HvqkKU2bNk…[View]
168741107How do we solve the problem of Sweden? And why is it nukes?[View]
168738796AMERICA YES! REPREATIONS BY 2022!: YES YES YES YES YES Finally! You filthy racists are going to pay …[View]
168743981AltRight Hero Baked Alaska: https://youtu.be/Y8eC5Ceo8R4[View]
168738623Why are indians and asians 'good' immigrants: >make over 100k a year >leave whites alone >d…[View]
168745207Daily reminder that the best fighter in the world is a white firefighter from ohio How can they even…[View]
168727468>thousand year reich >lasts 12 Naziboos will defend this…[View]
168742258Mister metokur is the literal embodiment of a chaotic good god-tier level internet troll. This man h…[View]
168737568When did you start to notice you were being lied to about the holocaust? When I was in 6th grade a g…[View]
168731563/pol/ WhatsApp Group: First off, mods please don't prune this thread. No rules are being broken…[View]
168745109why are the Kuwait people the true chosen people?[View]
168742519Why are black people so scared of everything?: Living in a predominantly black city I've notice…[View]
1687450714D Chess: 7 more years of winning.[View]
168739991Cuba has a new presidente now. Thoughts?[View]
168732240Horseshoe theory might be legit: Fascist and Socialist states do tend to look and act the same when …[View]
168736198>oi! and ova your wobbity wib longs! http://thehill.com/policy/energy-environment/383880-uk-to-be…[View]
168742513Should the world measurements be the Imperial System the Metric System?[View]
168744968David Hogg is releasing a new book!: David Hogg is releasing a new book to further profit off the de…[View]
168744763Most Common Surnames in the US: > the absolute state of california…[View]
168737222Syria General /sg/ - A Bright Future Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordp…[View]
168744359Daily Appreciation Thread: Time to thanks our beloved 'brethren' on this side of the water for liber…[View]
168742735Apologize /pol/: You've ruined me guys. I liked 99 before but after browsing 4chan all i can s…[View]
168734598Major MSNBC slip-up or 4D psyop chess move: How the fuck did they let this happen? https://www.youtu…[View]
168740685Nothing makes me more depressed than to think about Iraq and how based it was before the West invade…[View]
168744146Does using a condom or other form of birth control have an effect on a persons psyche? Okay, think a…[View]
168737523whats the point of living when you are born a eat african?[View]
168743998Autism pioneer Hans Asperger was Nazi collaborator: I knew it. I just knew it. https://www.upi.com/T…[View]
168743984>I'm an anarcho-capitalist >I'm a national socialist >I'm an x x-ist nobody …[View]
168743785Could this be the best scotch?: Haven't opened the bottle yet, but this seems like a very fine …[View]
168743957Fuck this gay Earth: Why do we celebrate the mentally ill in the US? Every celebrity now is some men…[View]
168743942Aight which one of you wrote this? >tfw wikipedia explains what went wrong in one generation of p…[View]
168743855Pretty accurate https://ifunny.co/fun/zLFgOB4h5?s=cl[View]
168740900why do amerimutts seem to be obsessed with being white? europeans are white and they dont even care.…[View]
168743812Why aren't white men and white women having children anymore?[View]
168714152What are some of the most known and still active cults out there at the moment? Why don't gover…[View]
168743646Why do /pol/tards and all sorts of other rightwingers hate nature so much?[View]
168743635How old were you guys when you realized evolution couldn't possibly be true?[View]
168738374can this become this boards anthem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtNk1B9At8k[View]
168735704Generation Identity Call Out the Rape Gangs in Oxford: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPbqHprP0h0…[View]
168743199Raid on SJW: Enter and raid this SJW page on Facebook to the point to make it one star evaluation /…[View]
168737855HE HAS SPOKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
168743466Are there any anons who work at Starbucks let us know what happens in the (((training))?[View]
168741191You are the future shadow government.: >Elects US President. >calls in air strikes on terroris…[View]
168740855What happened to women?[View]
168743059Where my moon brothers at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7urX91A_FUE[View]
168736366Welcome to uk 2018:/[View]
168743230Goy Guide to World History (4 Frankfurt School, ISR: Goy Guide to World History (4 Frankfurt School,…[View]
168739353should MtF trannies be allowed to compete against women in ufc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtPX…[View]
168741662Question to fellow Bongs: Why do so many Brits actually think the power struggle between Labour and …[View]
168735303Albania needs to join EU: https://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=83&artikel=693287…[View]
168707403AI knows if you're gay: Stanford researchers have trained a neural network to determine the sex…[View]
168720221Rome is a shithole. Migrants are cleaning it up: Right wing idiots BTFO lolol slate.com/business/201…[View]
168742886Politically incorrect: Anthony Orlando we know who you are.[View]
168734796Deep State: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm[View]
168742771ITT post inspirational stuff: Pics, quotes, videos, gifs, you name it.[View]
168726476Can I pray the rosary if I'm not Catholic? I'm reading through the Bible alone and I'…[View]
168742319Starbucks manager: What the news did not report Is that she is half black. Her skin is fair, her hai…[View]
168741970>A teenager who posted rap lyrics on Instagram to pay tribute to a Liverpool boy who died in a ro…[View]
168741294No HRC video completely invalidates Q anon and anything this faggot has ever said. Prove me wrong.[View]
168710753No Jews were extrerminated in WW2.: >this is a slide thread don't respond…[View]
168736566Dey was about to turn dey lifes around!: http://archive.is/lT4vV[View]
168739512Pro gun = bluepill Fuck off kikes[View]
168720428Today is Dutch-American Friednship Day: Say something nice about our friendship: >The Netherlands…[View]
168742173White woman married a sandnigger and gets the full sandnigger experience including a membership in t…[View]
168712874How old are you and what age did you grow out of being a lefty and what made you change?[View]
168737007/pol/ consists of only weebs, neets, and virgins: Women don't know what they want. They will wa…[View]
168729075What stickers should I add to this professors door?[View]
168718642Can /pol/ get a Swastika to the 1st page?: Hitler's birthday is less than 24 hours away. Let…[View]
168739449Any prominent figures that knew about the JQ? >pic related[View]
168719896Québec hate thread[View]
168739336Illegals Kill Police K-9 In AZ: >http://www.azfamily.com/story/37987593/suspect-in-tuesdays-car-c…[View]
168742244Reggie Love Book Tour: When does the rainbow parade of Barry's real love life begin?[View]
168742239What did Sam Harris mean by this /pol/?: >Maajid is like a superstar who needs more exposure, he…[View]
168679234post your hidden merchants[View]
168735531The typical /pol reader[View]
168718654How does it feel knowing white skin and high iq will no longer be limited to Europeans ? With crispr…[View]
168729564Daily reminder that if you work for less than 200k a year then you are a literal subhuman slave. You…[View]
168741833IMAO are you idiots trying to warn me against Sharia or adversite for it?[View]
168742047Tony orlandi: Tony balogna[View]
168739569Starbucks agrees to give niggers free coffee: So.... This is the power of pol[View]
168741731>Work a physically demanding job >Dude in a wheelchair with no working legs and a gimp arm com…[View]
168737267/ptg/ President Trump General - Guardian Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.go…[View]
168740988Women Hate Thread: Dumb skanks should just do what they're told. Amirite?[View]
168741920GOOGLE BEAT DOWN: How are you suppose to spread fake news if you can't show the world your fake…[View]
168720260SEND THE HOMELESS TO STARBUCKS: WEAPONIZED VAGRANCY EDITION: post or drop off some fliers ITT on you…[View]
168741957Analyze this guys DNA, what will you find?: What do you think would show up in this guys DNA tests?…[View]
168725849Waco: 25 years later: Friendly reminder that Bill Clinton's jew ordered 71 innocent men, women,…[View]
168741902ITS HAPPENING IRELANDISTAN: Ireland to hold a referendum on allowing abortion all pro abortion compa…[View]
168739548Had a positive incident with an immigrant today: My pregnant wife was on the way to the cruise termi…[View]
168726294>start studying history >drop Nazi beliefs Anyone else knows this feel?…[View]
168741874White vans busing niggers and spics around to public parks: Anyone else notice this in their cities?…[View]
168736806Live Prince Press Conference: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2018/04/19/live-stream-pros…[View]
168718902Confess your crimes!: 1) Post the most likely reason you'll face the right wing death-squads du…[View]
168739174What are 'Asians' so lazy and incompetent, /pol/?[View]
168729086are chinese girls allowed in the ethnostate? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cj-1IuC9J1Q[View]
168741712What should we do about the (((evangelical))) problem?[View]
16872812348% of black women have genital herpes: https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=124628…[View]
168717061How do I leave this place: I love you guys. I'm 22, and about to graduate. I never really strug…[View]
168739838How do we make the Japanese less anti-semitic? https://youtu.be/7qV7xbAVOY0[View]
168741596Please explain. Are they being punished?: I just cannot help but wonder what is going on. Take CNN t…[View]
168733424What is your take on the feminization of western men?[View]
168741312Fuck you MIT Nigger: Go to a real school https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBgIBF9Y6PE[View]
168739216El horror mezclado: Ask not for whomst the mutt trolls. He trolls for thee.[View]
168741439Since tomorrow is mein Fuhers birthday, lets get ready by posting Hitler images, quotes, aesthetics,…[View]
168741012Will this be allowed by the 2nd amendment ?[View]
168736236MEME Contest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uui869yDoX0 I talk to Pat Miletich and am going on his…[View]
168738638https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2vFA1AR4QM Slavs literally Above All Else lmao at everyone saying s…[View]
168736335Even the poor as fuck literally 70 IQ somalian that lives in a shit country with no basic infrastruc…[View]
168731132post your best AJ's[View]
168740740If a bee lands on me and does a Hitler salute, am I committing a hate crime? What if my cat's m…[View]
168740965Starbucks giving free cofee because of slavery n seeet: Starbucks the notorious SJW Millenial coffe …[View]
168720846History of Everything and more: ITT we will unravel our true History, compare different myths and le…[View]
168735287F A S H W A V E: post em[View]
168740828I'm starting to think a diverse society isn't worth the effort. Minorities constantly comp…[View]
168712697>massive wealth disparities are ok >centralization is good when it’s my ideology The absolute…[View]
168741017FUCK HUMANS: http://www.cbs17.com/pets-and-animals/wake-countys-toby-the-cat-finds-a-new-home/112782…[View]
168723558Vox is at it again my friends: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyUNWpne9CE Alright fellas, let'…[View]
168740531May 12, 2018: Get ready for the beginning of Iraq 2.0.[View]
168740967Saw this on Snapchat today, they finally found out about Rhodesia and want to destroy it’s legacy[View]
168739951How do I troll the faggots at my school walkout tomorrow? Give me sign ideas or anything[View]
168736585I just finished reading Volume I of Mein Kampf. Great stuff. Probably my favorite book now unironica…[View]
168733618Why does the rightwing hate when other people exercise their first amendment right?[View]
168738764Can somebody give me some fake coupons and anti Starbucks propaganda to print out (See pic related),…[View]
168711217Marijuana's effects on young brains diminish 72 hours after use: https://www.cnn.com/2018/04/18…[View]
168739478starbucks anon again. someone just tried to pull the coupon on us!: a 4chan prank bled into my real …[View]
168740156basic gestalt pls: From the very beginning, i haven't checked pol in 2 days and i don't wa…[View]
168740712*Calls Forth The Ghosts of the Actual Jews*: 'Actual Jews, are you ever offended Khazarians take res…[View]
168732602ASSAD: Who is /ourguy/ and why is it Assad?[View]
168738146Is he the new Barry Goldwater?[View]
168734590Whats wrong with US armed forces?[View]
168740342The Starbucks coupon worked: I am as white as snow in Los Angeles and I just used this coupon to obt…[View]
168716414Brit/pol/ (Serf/pol/): >links What type of virgin do you take me for?…[View]
168739913#Metoo Leadership Moves Ahead: Jennifer Lawrence the women leadership will be heard in Washington.…[View]
168734148Tradthot niggers: It bothers me that so many of you race traitors celebrate Asian women for their fe…[View]
168731150>Conservative >Wants small government >Supports free markets >Against gay marriage …[View]
168739233>Be British Top Secret Spy > Needs A License To Kill Link related. https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
168663697the saga continues: We can't give up yet. MSM is rushing to push that the coupons are fake. We …[View]
168739513THE GOOD NEWS: https://streamable.com/k8wkt[View]
168737298Why do you participate in identity politics?: >'In real Marxism, conflict is class conflict. Work…[View]
168739417Sad!: Can we add him as the newest victim of the Trump curse?[View]
168728556Why does this board deny 'optics' so much? You realize that looks INNATELY matter right? People auto…[View]
168668312Joe Rogan went NUCLEAR on Race: Get the fuck in hea: https://youtu.be/5r_E0bXF54U?t=6m13s…[View]
168739162So, european, are you planning to leave Europe?: Have a reminder that if you're european and yo…[View]
168735584Happy Birthday liebe Adolf!: 'My spirit shall rise from the gave. And the world will know that I was…[View]
168738539Retood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GymxTGEFFY[View]
168738834Scottish Supremacy: >year 2050 >Be me supreme overlord of Scotland >Declare war on England …[View]
168738142Does anyone even know how their monetary system works?[View]
168738779In this day and age the basic necessities of life should be guaranteed to all citizens of the US reg…[View]
168732955Should I marry a Russian woman?: At a superficial level Russian wife is the best wife in the world -…[View]
168735745It's 2018 after all: Give me one good argument. Why can’t gay or lesbian twins have sex with or…[View]
168738718Ladies and Gentlemen, we truly missed our era. This 1939 American Nazi Rally at Madison Square Garde…[View]
168735478The real victims of Starbucks: These niggers did nothing wrong. They didn't do nuffin. They did…[View]
168738800Is the modern leftist craze of eating ass a /pol/ prank?: ...It just seems like something that would…[View]
168719733What did Sam Harris mean by this /pol/?: >Maajid is like a superstar who needs more exposure, he…[View]
1687386504/20 is tomorrow: :)[View]
168738611Happiness: Simply the pursuit of a goal, whether political or other, is the manifestation of happine…[View]
168738393Heh The closet meme was real after all[View]
168731679This is Stormy Daniels. She’s a pornstar/stripper that’s being treated by the media as an even bigge…[View]
168735384Satanism: Why is Satanism so fucking gay? The only people who follow Satanism are Jews. https://yout…[View]
168734353WHAT DO POL: For over half a year I have been posting public snaps of me crumpling up and throwing a…[View]
168737295Its time to kick all the nazis off /pol/ with pure neoconservative logic and reasoning: Heh, nothing…[View]
168734135>One of the biggest obstacles to growth of the tiny house movement is the difficulty in finding a…[View]
168728618Brazil the land of freedom: Could you be me in your country? Yesterday I woke up, bought a bottle of…[View]
168737514>wholesome kpop thread that contained information pertaining to current events is deleted >mul…[View]
168724818I've heard theories which state Nazis were financed by zionists in order to push the creation o…[View]
168734449Commonwealth Realm. The only real Superpower.: > 2.4 Billion people. > Sun never sets on comm…[View]
168738462Blue implosion: Hey. Remember that me too movement the femitards started? What if it backfires on th…[View]
168738421Brit/pol/ - Grand Caliph Charles[View]
168738402My Aryan lads, For you Daily Aryan Shastra ! VARNASHRAMA DHARMA Prabhupadabooks.com Krishnapath.org[View]
168735950Ananrchism discussion: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_anarchism https://en.wikipedia.org/w…[View]
168727903Is this tech jumping on the anti-Russo bandwagon?: Seen a video in another thread where Youtube felt…[View]
168736547>Germany was not evil during the First World War at least. >I have learn it from the school an…[View]
168705688Vanguardism General: >Introduction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGWnooumM2o https://www.youtub…[View]
168737932Reminder the next false flag chemical attack will lead to Assad’s death.[View]
168732818Did the jews really poison the wells in 14th century Europe? Was this the cause of the Black Death?[View]
168734629Have you noticed that the left is pushing the 'don't trust what you see in videos' agenda? Beca…[View]
168733426Uhh.. guys France needs BACKUP NOW: >More cars were burned in Toulouse on Wednesday night as unre…[View]
168723811What makes you think that you have any say whatsoever in who your daughter can or can't have se…[View]
168729948Stop Having Oral Sex: 'The mouth is for eating' http://www.ibtimes.com/oral-sex-banned-ugandan-presi…[View]
168738003FREE DRINKS FOR ALL POCS IN SELECT STARBUCKS FRANCHISES: If Starbucks agreed to hand out free drinks…[View]
168737950We wuz gonna change our lives!: Can't make this shit up. Fuk wypipo! http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/…[View]
168734859How far does the LGBTQ+ spectrum go? How long will it be until people begin trying to normalize pedo…[View]
168737846Commonwealther Ajaz Karim 'massaged 14 year-old's naked body' at Horsham private scho…[View]
168737304Think of all the people who influenced your life positively in the last 10-20 years. Now think where…[View]
168736511Terry Is Homeless: Terry Is Homeless https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ka8Mz-ysUIY[View]
168737691JIMMY DORE RED PILLS: Say what you want about Jimmy Dore but he is red pilling the fuck out of my mo…[View]
168729999Some thoughts: This Starbucks shit would be considered fraud, right? We're falsely claiming to …[View]
168736837>White privilege: Is this what white privilege with cops looks like? Should we be rioting and bur…[View]
168717980What would be the worldwide economic and political ramifications of 'Free Energy' being easily repli…[View]
168720668Blocks Your Path: Platforms > Facts What good is your correct opinion if no one can hear you argu…[View]
168737035Hidden cameras were found in a Starbucks. Apparently 12 videos have been found of customers using th…[View]
168733530Did they fuck?[View]
168723701Big News: https://twitter.com/LdeRothschild Does not exist on Twitter anymore. It is a FREE account …[View]
168735131Could Eastern Europe be where the white ethnostate could be located?[View]
168735458Stop not owning guns[View]
168732259/ptg/ President Trump General - Showmanship Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse…[View]
168727370*Police pulls you over, you don't know why*: >> Hello Sir, license, proof of insurance an…[View]
168727032Syria General /sg/ - Qalamoun Boipucci Ravaged Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagene…[View]
168733902When is he going to prosecute Clinton and Comey? His hesitance undermines the justice system of our …[View]
168735854Masha'Allah, Why we are not allowed to whip gay men? https://youtu.be/PuzXdbirgf8[View]
168698289A Goodbye to National Socialism: After encountering what I can only describe as a disgusting manifes…[View]
168727565Explain to me like I am 12, why the hell is Trump bombing Syria? Is he helping Assad? >NO Is he h…[View]
168736177Hi goyim, Everything is ready ... How do you feel?[View]
168725322>christ >weak cuck that got BTFO by Romans >mohammed >literal bad ass warlord that conqu…[View]
168736767>mentally handicapped and arrogant people >never ending corruption everywhere >backwards ed…[View]
168731661COMEY: 'Trump is right, there IS a Deep State': what did he mean by this?? >The fired FBI directo…[View]
168726858Communism is unironically the final redpill: >study material dialectics >realize capitalism is…[View]
168704348CANZUK when? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CANZUK >CANZUK refers to the personal union and the pr…[View]
168736686Bebop & Rocksteady - Trump voters Shredder - Mike Pence Krang suit - Trump Krang - Ivanka[View]
168721517NAZIs could have ended kosher slaugther.: the fucking poor cows. Jews are barbaric.[View]
168736596Communism Will Win: Reminder every day inequality rises communism grows.[View]
168730715I know how we can turn the LGBT community against the Jews. We use the holocaust as a way to make th…[View]
168732496VOAT Permanently Down: Everyday I visit voat, I pray the url is 404 or the domain is seized... TODAY…[View]
168732516Jews are white: .[View]
168733520>WANTS SMALL GOVERMENT: Why do these retards always say this shit? if theyre the opposite of this…[View]
168731581this is all so tiresome: i'm so tired of living in this shit society. the state of white people…[View]
168733862Royal Meme Navy: >state of the art nuclear submarine >cost 1.37bn $ >comes equipped with en…[View]
168725604>THE SYSTEM IS BIASED AGAINST BLACK PEO- >HOUSTON (AP) — Prosecutors say a former 911 operator…[View]
168729472Which NetFlix series had /pol/ in it?[View]
168734941okay which one of you niggers made this shit?[View]
168725220Racism test: If you boarded a flight and looked into the cockpit and saw these two, what would you d…[View]
168735795Midlands GP guilty of sexual assault: >They keep our NHS going! A West Midlands GP has been told …[View]
168720976You fuckers: Now I have to give libtards free coffee because you autists stoked the flames[View]
168723003Reminder - WW3 rosters:: >Satanic Alliance Drumpf/USA Israel ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra, FSA etc Sa…[View]
168733355Hasta la vista baby: When did it all go wrong?[View]
168732733>i want a white society freed from degeneracy and promotion of destructive ideologies >but i h…[View]
168734194> DNA traces back to the beginning of time yet you can't find a white woman to procreate wit…[View]
168718494Hello poor people of the world: India is now 6th largest economy[View]
168735392Thames Valley Police released E-Fit in connection with sexual assault on teenage girl: >Ahh, our …[View]
168707506/hg/- Hellas General -: Ερχόμενες Εkλογες Επιλογη Πολιτιkου Κοματος KEEP IT ENGLISH EDITION. Previou…[View]
168734026The Counter Jihad Report: More than 90 Muslims, nearly all Democrats, running for public office acro…[View]
168733997I'll go straight to the point: Our society is sick. Countless genetically unfit subhumans who …[View]
168731843policeman shoved off motorbike and into the path of car: Sorry if slowpoke, I did not see this in ca…[View]
168734798We must fight fire with fire, in order beat the jew you must BECOME the jew Which is why I have made…[View]
168724617I'll be meeting with bibi tomorrow noon. Is there anything you want me to tell him for you, /po…[View]
168715687Abortion: So, there's a debate in my country right now, the congress is considering (Rather, th…[View]
168725708What's the difference between National Socialism and Communism? What makes socialism different …[View]
168726927Liberal shills on /pol/ absolutely BTFO: >failed to infiltrate >failed to infiltrate >faile…[View]
168730801A Transgende's journey on the migrant caravan: > She is about to make her third attempt to c…[View]
168732102Do you think your country is well?[View]
168714366wtf I hate Hotep now[View]
168726744Anyone else seen this video by VOX on David Hogg, thoughts?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyUNWpn…[View]
168728405Have to go to a school walkout tomorrow. Give me sign ideas/pol/ They should be subtle.[View]
168717925ITT: things that are BANNED or heavily restricted in australia >paintball / airsoft guns >lite…[View]
168733456christ chan leaps at a degenerate[View]
168733917What do we do about the soy epidemic???[View]
168734508Is he a CIA nigger?: Trump is just too perfect.[View]
168734059Jesus is the true prophet: The Jewish prophets from the Old Testment Bible wrote about the comming o…[View]
168727869The history of Paganism: >Be Pagan >Origin: unknown >Script: none >Spread from some unk…[View]
168717033FREE DRINKS FOR ALL POCS IN SELECT STARBUCKS FRANCHISES: Wh*toids BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
168734486You guys are funny[View]
168736538wh*te people 'inna book: TL;DR “New genome alternation research has provided an intensive and e…[View]
168729226why don't you own a motorcycle? it's the most alt right mode of transportation there is.[View]
168734850I... I think I love her..[View]
168723251How do we get white women to breed again?[View]
168717664Single aussie farmer intimidates Greens protestors: >beta tree-huggers protesting new rail line …[View]
168734242Constituion Free Zone/Border Talk: Does anyone have pic related in a better resolution? Can't f…[View]
168733478Hoggwash: Vox Casts Little Davie as a Martyr: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyUNWpne9CE Not enough…[View]
168730380>White, cute as fuck >Married at only 26 yo >Nurse (extremely valuable profession to societ…[View]
168726187Is there any hope for western women, /pol/? They're going to hell and they're dragging us …[View]
168714191BREAKING NEWS: >new opinion polls predict senator bernie sanders will lost his seat in midterms I…[View]
168734080Celebrate Adolf's birthday: Is /pol/ going to the site of the Hitler family home in Upper Stanh…[View]
168732971Plastic Bags are Good for the environment: The are better than the alternatives. Taxing them is puni…[View]
168734054Alex knows Drumpf the Kike is a puppet. Do you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2W2XZzcapNc[View]
168728828What to expect: >A false flag shooting that makes Boss Hogg and Emma martyrs…[View]
168733408You're in the kitchen and this guy slaps your girlfriend's buns - what do?[View]
168727296alpha males btfo: Hedge fund managers with high testosterone underperform. >After years of underp…[View]
168733187What does /pol/ think of this guy?: What does pol think of roger stone is he based and ourguy? Or is…[View]
168728254>be me >be a 27 year old ugly beta loser nofriends autist with no friends or social experience…[View]
168733133Who is this pastor Anderson guy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-1qB3Wbb-g[View]
168715676PAX EVROPA: We need a united state of Europe, Ultra nationalistic mega state, which would rival USA,…[View]
168690536Why Anderson Cooper Orders Room Service Off the Kids’ Menu: You don't know how bad it really is…[View]
168728600This is what Europe will look like after ww3: You literally can't argue with this[View]
168729382Masha'Allah: Her name was Asifa Bano, she was a Muslim. Hindus men raped her. 8-year-old’s brut…[View]
168730939Starbucks is Closed: May 29th starbucks is gonna close their doors for an afternoon to train their e…[View]
168726678It's time to unleash the wrath of /pol/: Something... Something.. Something.. Vox.[View]
168733296What do pol?: For over half a year I have been posting public snaps of me crumpling up and throwing …[View]
168731859Why aren't you rich yet? You want to change the world while being a fucking wagecuck with 0 inf…[View]
168731489A lot of narratives about Christianity don't add up: >racism is not Christian God separated …[View]
168720010Can we get a grugposting thread going?[View]
168730464Muhammed was WHITE!: Pic related is a picture of Muhammad's descendant. Notice the red hair and…[View]
168729215Hey, it's not just our (((Asians))) who play with acid, our Africans do too >'if I can'…[View]
168708614Jew or Muslim: Who’s worse?[View]
168731066Update for you dumb bots: POC eternally caffeinated[View]
168731395Hey 4chan pol wanna make dabbing the new Nazi salute for Hitler's birthday so we can trick idio…[View]
168727090Why is this allowed to happen?: Why can't we revert back to Traditional Catholicism?[View]
168728810https://www.highsnobiety.com/2017/04/20/how-to-make-money-with-memes/ So meme making is a legitimate…[View]
168731900Why isn't /pol/ celebrating the mother of social justice with Google Doodle?: >Alice Salomon…[View]
168732230>Hitlers birthday is tomorrow >Were the Columbine kids fans of Hitler >There is a national…[View]
168732312>blocks your path What do?[View]
168728100Hey /pol/, it's my birthday tomorrow! #NeverForget #PrayForAdolf[View]
168725872/ptg/ President Trump General - Rex Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov htt…[View]
168730413Pastor Steven Anderson officiates another interracial marriage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-1q…[View]
168721504Black Woman Brags About Giving White Students Lower Grades On Papers: >Grades on race https://squ…[View]
168731031Trump-Abe meeting general: Was the sushi comped?![View]
168730888>global economy is based on getting people to consume as much as possible to keep the hamster whe…[View]
168732036Treasure Hunt: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/04/17/millionaire-forrest-fenn-hid-treasure-in-the-rockies-…[View]
168729744Fashwave thread Let's post it, my fellow Nazipedes! All the reasons of my problems are kikes an…[View]
168731886Before you leave, put salt on your (or any other farmer's) land so even if the niggers IQ raise…[View]
168730061If the Constitution is perfect, why can it be amended? pic unrelated[View]
168729362>Mutts consider this 'white' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyVmoCWIOrg OHNONONO…[View]
168731660So, can you make a new meme, /pol/ is is a frog the best you've got?[View]
168728612>Ted Gunderson >In a 1995 conference in Dallas, Gunderson warned about the supposed proliferat…[View]
168731355Ononono HAHAHAHAHA: HAHAHAHAHA[View]
168728770What is his name?: Well /pol/?[View]
168731160What's wrong with Israel. How do '''they''' control us[View]
168730838Should we start a christian movement only for white people ?: Not necessarly in a supremacist away '…[View]
168731454Gumpf... gas attak hurt... send cwooze mizzile... we r dyin in souria plz bomb assad[View]
168717828I give it like 5 years before Sweden is a third world country.[View]
168731148What's worse than a retarded Amerimutt shilling against 'authoritarianism'?[View]
168715602>Iran readying sleeper cells to attack US, Europe https://www.timesofisrael.com/yaalon-iran-ready…[View]
168725571Why are Boomers the worst?: Seriously, they fucked our world completely. They start and push shill s…[View]
168730209>An 'extremely credible source' has called my office and told me that @BarackObama…[View]
168727694>Indian father 'gifts his daughter to his friends and joins them to gang rape her' in h…[View]
168731108Syria: Can anyone give me non-Russian non/Syrian preferably western sources that the white helmets a…[View]
168729254America's forefathers gave their descendents freedom.: And you refuse to give yours their birth…[View]
168728292>Deuteronomy 28 >If thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe to do…[View]
168730086What's the quick rundown on this dude? Is he /ourguy/?[View]
168707605How old were you guys when you realized evolution couldn't possibly be true?[View]
168709249Fuck Wypipo: The age of the white man is over.[View]
168730122do you think Hugo boss would make me a Nazi uniform if i paid them enough ? it would be awesome and …[View]
168727427Free coffee for ALL customers is just as bad as #AllLivesMatter: We must fix this shit by any means …[View]
168726717Why are you not in a traditional club in your area anon? Explain yourself. pic related[View]
168730666Part of what makes pol so influential is the sheer mass of strategies being tried at once. Even if 9…[View]
168730611Being an irrelevant country is far better than being relevant. >nobody cares about you, nobody w…[View]
168725165Saudi Arabia's First Movie Theater Since the 1980s Opens With Black Panther and Popcorn: I thou…[View]
168711977Hey White People what are you up to?: Discord wanted to create a chat platform for gamers. Instead i…[View]
168720042Why aren't you learning Dutch? http://langfocus.com/language-features/what-is-the-easiest-langu…[View]
168727583put these up near starbucks: Starbucks Corporate said as of now, anyone can use a Starbucks bathroom…[View]
168698347BBC releases new anti homophobia video: https://youtu.be/anD9ZrMJT8k I'll let you decide.…[View]
168725667Cheers Goys!: Is there a more degenerate picture than this one? Pic related.[View]
168725678Trump declared he's running again. Many Republicans aren't ready to back him.: >A wide …[View]
168730217Democracy cannot survive multiculturalism: Democracy cannot survive multiculturalism[View]
168706004Why Rich wealthy people have a strong disdain and contempt towards poor and lower class? Is taught o…[View]
168722012Behold the future of America[View]
168726411Need to marry and have kids to continue white race: But also cannot marry because most women are roa…[View]
168729907KEK, the absolute state of the alt-right; > Cantwell gets locked up, looks like shit, just whines…[View]
168728264So apparently the Dalai Lama is a sexist for saying that if he were to be reborn as a woman, it woul…[View]
168722495You want to talk Holocaust, do you?: Let's talk Holocaust. The most murdered race were Whites T…[View]
168729172My school is doin a dumass walkout wat do??? xdddddd >inb4 underage yes I’m undrage so? PRAISE KE…[View]
168728797behold plebbit fag who sports an umbrella[View]
168729429Let's talk about Randa Jarrar, /pol/. >were her comments about barbara bush uncalled for? …[View]
168729412>We demand a customer bill of rights! >But you weren't customers, you didn't buy any…[View]
168729398Convince me: I'm an ancomm, convince me not to be[View]
168729290https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=OXP_tmm5lx4 anyone ever see this tale of a fine,…[View]
168711693http://ifpnews.com/exclusive/iran-officially-replaces-us-dollar-with-euro-in-intl-transactions/ >…[View]
168716501He's better than you: >the trans man looks more alpha and masculine than 99% of /pol/…[View]
168729142Achmer than you Whited[View]
168729136Her past: A White future Focus on what's important[View]
168729133Asperge and mass sterilization: Which is /pol/ stance on mass sterilization? Or geographical relocat…[View]
168724569Did anybody dreamt about nuclear war last night? I did[View]
168729108Is it true the gender imbalance is really as bad as they say it is in china?[View]
168729097Reposting for a friend: Conservatives are the group most influenced by 'feelings' rather than reason…[View]
168727563What are your plans for Tommorow?[View]
168726365Evan McMullin owes his former campaign staff members tens of thousands of dollars: >Former presid…[View]
168726358Unironical question: Why are most black men nowadays so masculine and strong, while white men are la…[View]
168718246Men Arrested at Starbucks Say They Feared for Their Lives: APOLOGIZE RIGHT NOW https://www.usnews.co…[View]
168721270Worst flags in the world: What are the worst flags in the world?[View]
168726323My school is doing a walkout tomorrow. What do?[View]
168722351Ask an anti-fascist anything[View]
168723935Masha'Allah Europe, Why we are not allowed to whip gay men? https://youtu.be/PuzXdbirgf8[View]
168722160SELF IMPROVEMENT GENERAL /SIG/: The ultimate objective is for you to look like pic related. How to b…[View]
168728759It's the same thing in every shill: It's why they all sound the same. It's why the tr…[View]
168706596what is Aryan race?: some say that arya means 'noble' .and german made the term as race. and also st…[View]
168716918How much a dindu do if dindu do dindu nuffin? https://twitter.com/AP/status/986930552128311299[View]
168687290We're the jews: Continuing last thread. >>168663697 >Working the nigger / sjw outrage…[View]
168728463if i convert to islam, will i be able to marry an underage wife?[View]
168727323Is Tuxedo Pepe a glow in the dark py-op?[View]
168728415Antisemitism is class struggle for the low IQ people[View]
168726956Is it more effective to deny the holocaust or just to stop talking about it altogether? Should we al…[View]
168727807Are you still falling for the solar Jew?: The sun is killing our people by giving them skin cancer a…[View]
168728138The thinking man’s Catalonia https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_People's_Association_in_Ma…[View]
168718940If there's no god and no afterlife, then the only option for me is just watch the world go to s…[View]
168707053Christianity is dying: Europe as we all know has been dying off for an extremely long time and being…[View]
168725235I heard, you, guys, like freedom of speech: Few days ago russian Ministry of Truth aka RosKomNadzor …[View]
168725611wh*te people 'inna box: >inb4 i am the guys that wrote the book of Nu-revelations aUa TL;DR …[View]
168727275Will no one think of the white men?[View]
168727818Being an irrelevant country is far better than being relevant. >nobody cares about you, nobody w…[View]
168727776The Path to Radicalization: Did anyone see this? I was tipped off this morning by Billy Roper's…[View]
168723339Do blacks have the right to be as pissed off all the time as they are?[View]
1687206152 possible reasons Voat has been attacked.: 1) Yesterday a user uploaded a photo from Sashalord…[View]
168721286I think he might be right: I wasnt sure about president Trumps strike on syria at first but now I th…[View]
168724967I used to be like you[View]
168724547What's their end-game?: What are their chances to impeach Trump through these roasties?[View]
168725473Killing the Archduke was the biggest mistake: Prove me wrong[View]
168727152Cuban anons. Whats going on here?: > Specifically with the new pres. Yea or nay?…[View]
168720454Why are Americans like this?[View]
168720382Syria General - /sg/ - Nostalgic Thursday edition: Thread’s theme: https://youtu.be/tsBKYMSr3YI Arch…[View]
168721587Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler How did you come to believe in national socialism /pol/? How does it fit…[View]
168726592Is zoophilia legal where you live? Should it be/not be? Are animals property, and therefore should a…[View]
168722544What happens with the secret service protection detail if a president or their immediate family is s…[View]
168718478>Stay in your own country and fight for it or you're not a man[View]
168725827You Shall Not Critizize Jesus Christ: >Or he will punish you harshly.…[View]
168721963Was he right, /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3PJF0YE-x4 >Now we've got a lot of thi…[View]
168723181Mudslimes bringing the Middle East to North America: Ooooo Canada! Our home and native land![View]
168701695It's not all about you[View]
168725593Why are Trump supporters so brainwashed? There are people on this board who actually think he’ll ma…[View]
168722613CENSORSHIP!!! R.I.P. #bluepurp: Twitter cracked down pretty quick on this one...we need a work aroun…[View]
168724060we all know /pol/'s opinion on autism, but /pol/ what's you're opinion on dyslexia, a…[View]
168726133Looks like /pol/ guy got lost...[View]
168724822Subtle GAC design for our Fuhrer's birthday. Go![View]
168726355Live a simpler life. Earn less money Pay less taxes The only thing keeping the very system that you …[View]
168724172Why don't prisoners work?: Not only did they commit crimes, we then have to pay for them to han…[View]
168713416Is he 'ourguy'? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLrdzRpxRzU[View]
168726223Breaking : boogie2988 converts to islam[View]
168714570How many Russians did Western world kill? Let's count...[View]
168725577UK cant English??: Teachers in UK report growing 'vocabulary deficiency' Problem exists th…[View]
168720560You people don't actually believe in crisis actors right? pic related[View]
168717812/ptg/ President Trump General - Power Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov h…[View]
16869955930% unemployment in Germany... here we come: With the increasing automation and the ever larger gap …[View]
168725724You got him a nice birthday gift right anon? You didn't forget it was tomorrow right?[View]
168710219'Facts over feelings' comes from people driven by irrational feelings: Conservatives are the group m…[View]
168704617Atheism is the easiest religion to troll[View]
168725420I honestly feel bad for vegetarians. It takes a real apex predator like picrelated to warrant the sy…[View]
168725405what does pol think about death squads?[View]
168719970How is /pol/ celebrateing der fuhrer's birthday?: Its april 20th, the 139th aniversary of Adolf…[View]
168717127ITT: Say something nice about your political rivals. No cheeky little 'They're so dumb they mak…[View]
168722701Nigger 911 operator hung up on calls: A former 911 operator who hung up the phone 'thousands' of tim…[View]
168718828Commonwealther Ajaz Karim 'massaged naked body' of 14-year-old girl at Horsham school: A s…[View]
168725085Reddit is controlled by American propaganda: Post a blatantly anti-american comment on any popular s…[View]
168688587Fellow right wing faggots, I got questions: What was your redpill journey? What are your opinions on…[View]
168702596FASH WAVE: Just saw this on twitter holy shit this has given me more motivation than years on /pol/ …[View]
168718217Does this finally confirm that Varg browses /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RjnarCtV8A[View]
168724861Comey, More Like Blow Me: http://thehill.com/opinion/white-house/383166-comeys-last-stand-for-the-de…[View]
168724252Hey /pol/ remember that one time a couple niggers murdered an emergency room doctor who was also a m…[View]
168724875Speciation: According to the theory of evolutions most accepted mechanism, given enough time distinc…[View]
168724624You have lifted up the shrine of your king, the pedestal of your idols, the star of your god -- whic…[View]
168720509Bully not so tough since being raided by federal agents[View]
168724414Today is the anniversary of the Oklahoma city bombing. Press F[View]
168723128Americoon niggers will pay[View]
168724477Fake coupon thread, need stuff to print out at my local starbucks[View]
168723574Ask a fully enlightened being anything.[View]
168724447>we live in a world where wars have sequels[View]
168724441How to know you're on the wrong side of human political progress: You want to shut down free sp…[View]
168724057I fuckig hate libtards[View]
168721377Should Canadians who are opposed to late term abortion be denied welfare?: Do they deserve governmen…[View]
168724345DUMP ALL YOUR FLYERS HERE: post your best #freeblackcoffee memes and coupons and get out there today…[View]
168716913who is this man? any leafs know?: most of you probly have no idea.[View]
168713776Why does pol larp and worship nazis and hitler and hate jews? But at same time love trump who has je…[View]
168719553What did he mean by this ?: But that can't possibly be right, can it ? Diversity is our strengt…[View]
168712348Why do you watch pornography /pol/ ?: Why ? Seriously WHY? ANSWER WHHHHHHYYY?[View]
168703200I made the mistake of coming to Oslo: Worse than expected. Anyone here live in Oslo,to give me a few…[View]
168682600CRIMINAL CHARGES FOR KILLARY AND COMEY!!!!: This thread got slid like a motherfucker, shills are out…[View]
168722264>Russia and US disagree on somthing HURR DURR WORL WAR TREE IZ HAPPENIN GUIZ…[View]
168723293Good fucking job /pol/, any more ideas to crash the Starbucks market?[View]
168718666Rejecting the Redpill: Do you notice how desperate everyone is to cuck, how uncomfortable they are w…[View]
168722519If the Chosen People of God JHWH decided to swap white people with blacks theres nothing else left f…[View]
168723468You bastards did it again!: Too bad they blamed the Russians as usual.[View]
168723454Trump: butler of the jews: Trump train anyone?[View]
168715343Shitskins not welcome in Poland: >walking in downtown Warsaw yesterday >in public square with …[View]
168722168Say Joy Lane.[View]
168717596Wait, so... is Judaism a race or a religion?[View]
168723157Why do guys in skull masks keep telling me to read 'Siege' ?: Did I miss something? It is like a mem…[View]
168723079US VS. RUSSIA PT. 2 ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: >The US is ready to use force against Russia in Syria and …[View]
168719328Daily reminder that weed is only illegal because it makes your brain far less susceptible to their s…[View]
168720038>http://archive.is/dynoS why the hell is this gigantic article a thing? why are they showing off …[View]
168722192The Fallen State: What does /pol/ think of this guy?[View]
168722809Trumps Accomplishments: Been feeling blackpilled lately about Trump. The only thing that can somewha…[View]
168719722If a man were to do that to a woman today, he would likely be charged with sexual assault, found gui…[View]
168723032nigglet was forced to leave the bus.: http://hvg.hu/itthon/20180417_Lekiabaltak_majd_mocskos_niggern…[View]
168718404How do we stop this shit?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KudwS5U9ouA Even includes BBC...…[View]
168714194Why the hell did Trump get this guy?[View]
168711602> m-muh hypergamy Tell me one reason why betas should be allowed to breed and pass on their shitt…[View]
168722800If you Post it, they will Sperg: >This is a Slide thread. Do not respond.…[View]
168719015084 104 101 032 079 119 108 115 | AI Politics: The Owls 𝒶re not wh𝒶t they seem[View]
168720735ANOTHER Conservative Twitter account BANNED: >What for? The saying the TRUTH of course. >the m…[View]
168711626ITT we post what our enemies hate.: Visualize, internalize, actualize.[View]
168720534What the fuck was/is their problem?[View]
168721413Pizzagate: Pizzagate Communications https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apBWI6xrbLY[View]
168717298How did he dodge the needle 45 minutes beforehand[View]
168719284It's time for weed to be legalized. People have been hiding in the shadows too long. There is a…[View]
168720538did he really rape a retarded woman[View]
168720081What's wrong with Britain?: For the first time since year 1800,the London has higher homocide t…[View]
168718296When will west grow balls like this: Based Indian PM Modi[View]
168722136Do modern Greeks really think they and the ancient Greeks are same people?[View]
168715098Japan is about to import immigrants: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/apr/16/japan-shinzo-abe-…[View]
168719352Fuck off, we're flammable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIHIsSJ2Txk Also we exported our euc…[View]
168716377**THE BREAK-IN***: Movie coming out in theaters. >middle class black family >strong independe…[View]
168721405sup /pol/[View]
168714480Daily reminder: -no gas used in syria -no gas used in london -no gas used in awschwitss[View]
168720585Are you a bad enough dude to accept the challenge /pol/? Archive this shit if you want http://nation…[View]
168720439Place your bets now folks[View]
168721096What do liberals think of Jews?: Jews are the most oppressive, disgusting, race on earth. Like all g…[View]
168720644Varg meme general: Post your best ones /pol/.[View]
168721212Christianity is the cure for each of us, thanks be to God - Father, Son, Holy Spirit. One God. Amen …[View]
168713727SECRET SOCIETIES AND PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE: >In a study of mind control and psychological warfare…[View]
168718701Do you kids actually think Cohen’s not gonna sell Trump out? Not even Trump’s lawyers pretend he’s …[View]
168719351How do we stop the epidemic of people letting consumer products form their personal identities? It’s…[View]
168719709Starbucks must change it's logo: dear Reddit, I believe at the heart of recent controversy is S…[View]
168698538Hi, community college match teacher here. I have been teaching first and second year math courses fo…[View]
168720892From the Hill - 1 in 4 children in 2016 has at least one immigrant parent.: In America. Yes, you rea…[View]
168711952Why are American students so degenerate?[View]
168711435have you taken the bloatmax pill yet /pol/?[View]
168711201My best friend is a girl: Anyone else like this? I relate better to women than men. I never liked sp…[View]
168715961Remember when fake news was considered quaint and fun to read? What happened?[View]
168719934Virgin Jesus vs Chad Muhammed (pbuh): >You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth f…[View]
168720907Free Coffee for Blacks on May 29th. Pass it on.[View]
168715209How do Jews benefit from forcing degeneracy in the west?[View]
168708226Nasim aghdam is Arab: A reminder to pol that thier 'Aryan queen' isnt even Aryan because native pers…[View]
168720255London yes!: Diversity strikes again https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/nhs-worker-who-groped-two…[View]
168691797Any Russians on this board? Can you explain this shit? I thought Russia was less cucked than EU, not…[View]
168717394It is Adolf Hitler's 129th Birthday Tommorow!: >Tommorow will mark 129 years since the Birth…[View]
168715462Press F to pay respects https://www.history.com/news/johan-van-hulst-death-wwii-hero?utm_term=Autofe…[View]
168718985Eat shit Starbucks: How progressive! Let’s make sure everyone knows about this new program![View]
168717799Should guns get banned?: So if guns get banned. Is it still easy for criminals to get on guns for th…[View]
168720448Dindus: What are niggers so fucking stupid? Seriously, it's like they really are sub human and …[View]
168717880Jews: Why most people from this board hate jews?[View]
168720244Absolute state of /pol/[View]
168716419How come high-ranking pedophiles can get away with it, free from needing to worry about any type of …[View]
168714704Found a pic of my gf from my college days. She died several years ago. Thought I should share with y…[View]
168720000Syria General: A general to discuss Syria[View]
168716023Racial bias training[View]
168720111Why men need to stay out of politics and all other important matters: Exposing men and their disgust…[View]
168716324Is WW2 the worst thing that ever happened? Has any other historical event or war that has had such a…[View]
168672082>born and raised in Catholic home but never get too into the religion >become Atheist at 16 an…[View]
168720086Is freemasonery just a jewish organisation with jewish agenda ?: But with goyim members for most of …[View]
168714221Slavs came from the stars: Like in Homeworld, we will one day find our ancient mothership buried som…[View]
168710624*blocks your path* I heard you talkin all that racism You gonna get your wig thplit white boy[View]
168713644Syria General - /sg/ - Energy Superpower edition: Thread’s theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0…[View]
168719408How much longer does America have? With political correctness now being mainstream and mental illnes…[View]
168717699Canadian 'doctor' infects children with rabies as a homeopathic 'cure': My whole family basically le…[View]
168710553Do you think your country should accept more african refugees?[View]
168713825Call me granny lover, but I have found a new waifu. But seriously... every election we have even mor…[View]
168719631Let's be honest anons. We've gained a lot of ground lately. But there are more political m…[View]
168715771Russia vs ussr: Which is better? Russia in its current incarnation or the soviet union?[View]
168717887If liberals are controlled by the Jews. Why are liberals pro-Palestine and anti-Israel?[View]
168710814Jews need fresh blood to live, stop donating your blood for free: >this is a slide thread, don…[View]
168711057Anime idol photoshops: I'm looking for some edgy shit like in the pic[View]
168712542Know what day it is /pol/?[View]
168716167Why are you not yet supporting Emma Gonzales and David Hogg in their fight against child murder?[View]
168718611When did you realize child pornography is illegal because they are mostly evidence of elite pedophil…[View]
168698458#FREEBLACKCOFFEE IS A JEWISH PSY-OP. GTF IN HERE NOW!: gentlemen, we're being manipulated by ki…[View]
168719148See senpai? slavery does not pay, remember words of my buddy J. Ch. and if you lie satan will put hi…[View]
168715717Well /pol/?[View]
168717644Chemical weapons when?: So when is Erdogan going to use chemical weapons on his own people?[View]
168688903the absolute state of the americunt military[View]
168718855Why not poo in loo?[View]
168718669Post em, paste em[View]
168696895Russia BTFO: Starbucks is giving free coffee to everyone. Spics, niggers, chinks, gooks, poos, degos…[View]
16870315270 years and counting. Say something nice about them since they're celebrating today[View]
168718643-Sausage in a bun. Sausasage in a bun. -Is the sausage halal? -Why you asking? -I'm a muslim. -…[View]
168704921Non-citizens can now run for office in Canada[View]
168718538why are faggots so gay? what the fuck.: this is on drudge >knowingly infecting faggots with aids …[View]
168708529HOW DOES TRUMP DO IT[View]
168718356Integration and its consequences: I've come to realize something. A lot of CivNats and such are…[View]
168715766Greatest terrestrial threat/competitor speices to the Human species: For me, it has to be some form …[View]
168717159>be driving through old childhood city at dusk >me and old friend slightly drunk, inside taxi …[View]
168706464Yes Netherlands!: The Children's ombudswoman is demanding that the Dutch government bring child…[View]
168711237Which one of you QR scanned N-word?: The voucher, believed to be a hate-filled prank crafted by the …[View]
168718116Got anymore/pol/acks?[View]
168718076Was Hitler a Christian?: I know about the dinner-talks of Hitler. But if he wasnt really a christian…[View]
168718051God Damn Canadians[View]
168718004sup /pol/, I have two possible choices for my next non-fiction read - which one should I pick? Also …[View]
168716954/POL/ please explain to me what you know about this video: https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=b3a_14780…[View]
168717499Voter Fraud in US: What do you know/think about it?[View]
168717465/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
168716222???: Muslims queuing up to have demons EXORCISED by Catholic priests MUSLIMS are seeking out Catholi…[View]
168713856>Not Having Kids Ever: https://youtu.be/fXKz8bnfFDY[View]
168711964/ptg/ President Trump General - Vistas Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
168710729Are North Africans whites or niggers ?: there is no in between ... whites or niggers ?[View]
168715170What should I even do with my life besides boycott Starbucks for not hating niggers enough[View]
168717682The Jig Is Up - Canadians Now Hate Immigrants: A public debate could permanently turn canadians agai…[View]
168717660FYI this is what facebook considers to be white. i hope this thread doesn't fall off into the a…[View]
168714000>amongst advanced economies, only the United States expects an increase in the debt-to-GDP ratio …[View]
168710690>CNN failing at subversion subtlety[View]
168717594Well well[View]
168717573Libtards trying to kidnap /ourgirl/ !!!!!!!: https://www.dailynews.com/2018/04/18/man-suspected-of-s…[View]
168707848Is 'progress' in society just running towards the abyss?[View]
168715785Can women get any worse in todays day and age or are we at a peak?[View]
168713158Nazi Germany was Socialist: Was Hitler wrong?[View]
168716657Theoretical Question: If Jews ceased to exist then....[View]
168712627>ITT Hilarious shit coming from SJW, nutjobs, vegans, and all other cuckoldry. https://www.youtub…[View]
168712738GERMANY ACCEPTS 10,000 MIGRANTS MORE: http://www.dw.com/en/germany-to-accept-10000-refugees-from-nor…[View]
168712763U.S.A Owes Trillions to Black People over Slavery!!!!!!!!!!! Where the fuck is their payout????[View]
168715888Masha'Allah how can we stop Islamophobia??: three right-wing extremists plotting to massacre Mu…[View]
168709645Hans Asperger Collaborated with Nazis: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5630411/Hans-A…[View]
168712098Why do you think kikes demand he openly shit on every actual American ally?[View]
168711213*poos on trump supporters*[View]
168707064https://youtu.be/BAZ7_QENtwE: Wife of based Assad btfo the jew media >that accent…[View]
168716698Lads, what is your opinion about Commonwealth of Nations? British Empire 2.0?[View]
168715426Cuba Condemns US Attack on Syria Targets: https://www.havanatimes.org/?p=132109. pic unrelated…[View]
168716096In an eventual zombie apocalypse, do you think that black zombies will behave differently than white…[View]
168716784Apologize now pol!: http://www.mlive.com/news/bay-city/index.ssf/2018/04/embarrassing_to_our_school_…[View]
168711850Russia hate thread: Daily reminder that its because of soviet russia that eastern europe was under c…[View]
168716578Daily reminder that India is our friend. We should support them in their future conflict with Chinks[View]
168676356Do you have a favorite Nazi,/pol? Mine is Goebbels. Let's remind the redditors where they are.[View]
168715119Love your race: For all who got triggered by a white couples preference…..get triggered some more an…[View]
168713403Florida Bridge Collapse @ FIU: Whatever happened with the Florida bridge that collapsed? It seems li…[View]
168709842are we still in this dimension or did the timelines split?[View]
168712604**Breaking!!** OAN reporter discovers NO chemical attack in Syria.Isreal,reddit,and cuckchan btfo: D…[View]
168713939the Nazi Party and The Nation of Islam: They both had a unifying goal of separating the Races and bo…[View]
168712857Is this nigga crazy? This is the closest we ever came to ending the Korean War and he is going to wa…[View]
168691092>go on google maps >explore London on street view >see how fast is to find a muslim hijab t…[View]
168683340William's Perfect Society: I have created a model that would solve all of the world's prob…[View]
168714917Listen goyim!: >I have a genius plan to make everyone rich >you just have to give all your pro…[View]
168716298Research on Syria: Where can I properly educate myself on the Syrian conflict? I really don’t know m…[View]
168711524When the next census in 2021 how white is Britain gonna be? I bet will be below 70% considering how …[View]
168715942Vox admitted to IQ being genetic and having a massive effect over someones life.: Look at this fucki…[View]
168716185>Asians are racist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsXbOxTgCCo[View]
168716117>when you realize identity is an illusion; one, which, has been heavily tied to a vaguely persona…[View]
168713562Fucking Based: Say thanks to Laura and her viewers for successfully fighting against the Bully Hogg…[View]
168708041The final redpill is female genocide: >socialism >SJW >jewish tricks >beta pussy worship…[View]
168715663Christians are the foremost practioners of pipul in the modern era.: >>168697364 >Also the …[View]
168712460Would this photo be considered problematic in your country? 100 hundred pregnant White women, 100 up…[View]
168711849Am I Jewish?: I am part 'Ashkanazi' Jew on my fathers side(not a Jew by orthodoxy) You wouldn't…[View]
168714962Three Kansas militiamen who plotted to bomb Muslims are found guilty on terrorism charges: >A fed…[View]
168704227Students in Selly Oak urged not to walk alone at night after gropings: West Midlands Police said the…[View]
168712637Aussies and 'extreme militarism': http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-04-19/army-bans-troops-from-wearin…[View]
168708607God didn't make niggers[View]
168697938Guy trolls Starbucks into giving out free drinks to POCs: A guy trolls Starbucks into giving out fre…[View]
168712917Mueller fired: https://mobile.twitter.com/MCipriani_WTAE/status/986635152913780736?ref_src=twsrc%5Eg…[View]
168715756Is HIV /our guy/ ?:D: Pros: >Nearly incurable >kills perverts, degenerates and sex addicts. …[View]
168706095Liberals Slated To Debate Decriminalization Of Sex Work In Canada: This is what happens when you emb…[View]
168711800political rap WIP feedback?: Sometimes i wonder where did we go wrong When i see comets playing pron…[View]
168712704>stop watching south park when they did entire fucking seasons on donald trump that felt like one…[View]
168711724So what exactly does 4chan do with my shitpost on /pol/?: Like custom tailor ads for me that I have …[View]
168710145BLACKED: http://www.presstv.com/Detail/2018/04/17/558778/Saudi-Arabia-UAE-Chad-Uganda-Yemen-Somalia-…[View]
168714520Should men be able to flirt with strangers in public?: >Note: generally only degenerate western n…[View]
168698047Brit/pol/ - 'British' Schools Edition: >Why can’t we speak plainly about migrant crime?…[View]
168706855Germany Yes: only 10,000? rookie numbers you might as well accept 10,000,000 per year, Germany will …[View]
168713671If only 11 million more had died.LOL kikes never forget 911 - link related https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
168711292Why hasn't Germany's tourist industry been effected yet?: Who wants to spend money on flig…[View]
168714271How do we get off the weimar republic 2.0?[View]
168707831>hillary wins 2 (two) elections >isn't president Why is American (((democracy))) so fucke…[View]
168715148But .... why[View]
168701303Germany is the best country in the world.[View]
168714600UK: Lancashire Nazi jailed for 'anti-Semitic hatred'.: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-englan…[View]
168715003https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=anD9ZrMJT8k do you think like this?[View]
168702843Vlad: Putin is a ruthless man. He is also tantamount to a dictator. However, I think it's possi…[View]
168714541teachers deserve a bullet in the head. spreading kgb style deconstruction of culture shit to dumb, u…[View]
168713096Mars has fallen to earth - Eric Paddock: What did he mean by this? 'Mars just fell into the ear…[View]
168703080The niggers just unlocked public bathrooms all across the United States for free use. Is this a bad …[View]
168711885What the new generation in your country be like? Will they be the protectors of European civilizatio…[View]
168709203Poor 'people' are human garbage and should be gassed. Prove me wrong.[View]
168710617BEHOLD 1950's LA: to bad none of you white Americans will ever see this again https://youtu.be/…[View]
168714903Deep state status = Full Retard: Suck the big one, deep state shills ![View]
168712003Yes, I do. Faggot.[View]
168713816Syria mess: - So when will this conflict be solved? - When will Assad and Putin be placed in jail fo…[View]
168714824YHWH allows men child brides, including in cases of rape: >>168697364 >Also the article you…[View]
168706136National Trust 2018: The absolute state of this country! I joined the national trust this year and r…[View]
168710659This is just fine.[View]
168714035>Only White men should be able to vote. >Women are subordinate. >Blacks are subordinate. …[View]
168714609What do Israelis think about whale-chan?[View]
168712225UNDENIABLE PROOF: proof that this is a haven for both attention whores and Nazis you can see the swa…[View]
168707411Kosher Cola VS Abortion Pepsi: Kosher Cola VS Abortion Pepsi[View]
168703082Chinks: They are expanding beyond commiefornia http://foreignpolicy.com/2018/04/18/the-chinese-commu…[View]
168714494Hello /pol/. And...: Good morning[View]
168707358what is egoism?[View]
168708477Why are Mongoloids so ugly?[View]
168713118STUDY: Holocaust Survivors’ Descendants Have Lower Cortisol Levels!!: Tweet: https://twitter.com/pri…[View]
168708344Vietnam: https://youtu.be/cZDxbtqhWUU > Be 18 Year old Michael > The year is 1968 > You ar…[View]
168700185Christ was Jewish?!?!: Religitards BTFO[View]
168705769Who the fuck are 'brown' people supposed to represent? Like when people call someone brown or talk a…[View]
168708905Syria General - /sg/ -Brave YPG Editions: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress…[View]
168713159Why does pol want white sharia? Why is pol so misogynistic?[View]
168713244shills are after Nasim: Reminder: there are schizo shills spreading images of this monstrosity and c…[View]
168713465First Southwest now Delta!!!: http://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/plane-makes-emergency-landing-at-atlan…[View]
168706491On the trail of Troika: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwuD0MqU3qk IF ANYONE DOUBTS THAT WE DID THE…[View]
168710550Today is the 23rd anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombings.[View]
168651733Take Back Our Future: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_hQyGcGiuw&feature=youtu.be Enjoy. Won…[View]
168712262German language merging with Arabic?: Is the German language merging with Arabic? Or is this correct…[View]
168710297Watch 'Grey Gardens' and remember they came from the ruling class.[View]
168712772Do Better: German bros insulting jews with rap. Damn it Germany, this is not how you save the white …[View]
168712863https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/michael-cohens-ties-to-russia-crime-and-trump-w518941 tl;…[View]
168709092How to look intelligent in Western Europe : >Stay relaxed in form and formal in content >Alway…[View]
168708858GMA 7am EST.: These two fine gentlemen will be on GMA to explain there side of the story. Also stop…[View]
168708748Have you ever been in love /pol/? What was it like?: And if so, did your political beliefs get in th…[View]
168712722GOOD NEWS: https://streamable.com/k8wkt[View]
168712669STARBUCKS FOR THE HOMELESS: Are you homeless? Need a bathroom, Go to Starbucks. Want to escape the h…[View]
168712596interesting question to the idea of white supremacy, /pol/ why do nazis have such a strong presence …[View]
1687113184D chess trolling: Spread this[View]
168711540Redpills about Asian culture: Today I learned that traditional Chinese medicine was invented by the …[View]
168674895Why are all White Nationalists/Fascists/Neonazis such untermenschen?: Mfw all chads don't have …[View]
168711824Nigger dogs: I just saw one of these beasts in a packed subway train here in Stockholm, knowing ever…[View]
168695713>/pol/ humor thread[View]
168712506What's /pol/ aproved food ?: It's finally spring ! >feel good man What's /pol/ app…[View]
168711668How do i cure myself from YellowFever? It has become so strong, i dont even feel anything for wester…[View]
168706007Architects recreated iconic buildings in different styles. Plot twist: Traditional styles look 100 t…[View]
168710490Exclusive Footage from Israel: Exclusive Footage from Israel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anF32jc…[View]
168712094>tfw /pol/ forces a multinational, multibillion dollar corporation to comment on a shitpost…[View]
168711763if we don't genocide white leftist women we won't have any choice but to embrace islam bef…[View]
168712205Biggest halal festival world wide - happend in BRITIAN: found this in my english textbook. Is it alr…[View]
168711543We’ll probably disappear as a nation in next 100 years or be on brink of extinction due to low birth…[View]
168701344>'The White race can only be saved by reproducing with White women.': Tfw you're movement…[View]
168708314Why did the United States of America leave Vietnam during the Vietnam War[View]
168707885roman romanian romania: Discuția mea cu tatăl meu acum 10 minute > A-anon am vorbit cu bunicii și…[View]
168654437Is this film secretly red pilled/ironically blue pilled?: >No Jews get massacred on screen. >(…[View]
168706899World War III: Why haven't we gotten nuked yet?[View]
168712000School foregoes active training of 'homophobic, anti-Muslim' social media: >A Pennsylvania school…[View]
168711738Masha'Allah: Jokowi listed among world's most influential Muslims[View]
168697781AUS/POL BEARDS EDITION.: `Sup cunts. >>Prison officers are ordered to shave off their beards a…[View]
168702577Was this the very moment America got jewed?[View]
168711734Scots-Asian shopkeeper groomed and sexually assaulted white girl aged 12: The victim, who cannot be …[View]
168708175Hogg w/upside down sunglasses is Pepe[View]
168710667Is Jesus a soyboy?[View]
168711499>2 air strikes >zero dead Why doesn't the media or anyone care that the US isn't blo…[View]
168706633Happy independence day Israel!: You have been the greatest ally of us! All the best for your future!…[View]
168704770The only thing Russia does is launder money and execute journalists or their own people.: >GDP le…[View]
168711404any anon in Canada receiving assistance?: ay yo >any Leafs getting money to live from the govt? …[View]
168693596We post prophets who no one believed[View]
168710958Masha'Allah Europe, why should we release gay couple? We usually canning them https://youtu.be…[View]
168710722That's fine if you hate us, keep watching our movies and listening to our music though. I enjoy…[View]
168705335Remembering historical happenings: OKC bombing anniversary today: Reminder that today is the 23nd an…[View]
168711226MOGA: LOOKS LIKE WAR'S BACK ON THE MENU BOYS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CaA2fpL2as https:…[View]
168698095Go fuck yourselves, leafs: >The Canadian corporation is suing the Royal Australian Mint over a co…[View]
168709071Why do so many Australians hate Israel? Australians did FAR worse to the aboriginals than the Israel…[View]
168704804What is the real endgame of bombing Syria?[View]
168710221>My little brother >PhD neurobiologist studying dragonfly neurons >There are two labs, worl…[View]
168708943Dicky podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dKKUjzMNoM >thought provoking discussions about e…[View]
168710551Wake up and see the lies: You are being minipulated and controlled wake up Fools[View]
168711026Who Dunnit?: Alright, which one of you bigots is responsible for this? I am calling my local univers…[View]
168708704America's forefathers gave their descendents freedom.: And you refuse to give yours their birth…[View]
168695324Dear White People: Please Stop Doing Silly Racist Shit. Discovering New Things to Boycott Is Exhaust…[View]
168699158Why isn't dignity a social norm anymore?[View]
168710966Jews love to mutilate and cause brain damage to kids.: >this is a slide thread, don't respon…[View]
168709816You know, from all the years Im on 4chan theres always racism, hate, laughs and autism but behind al…[View]
168704977What can we do about the christcuck problem?[View]
168710887(((greatest ally!))): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNfBOBeqma8[View]
168706056>5.5 earthquake just hit Iran 'Earthquake' Have you not been paying attention to how strong these…[View]
168673815/sjs/ Social Justice Snitching: The ADL unironically has a form you can fill out to snitch on people…[View]
168708531Does /pol/'s constant use of 'soyboy' suggest it by comparison is a bastion of masculinity? Bec…[View]
168709729How do we deal with the island nigger problem that plagues Hawaii?[View]
168709926>I hate Israel and the Jews[View]
168709976german germany cucks: Meine Unterhaltung mit meinem Vater vor 10 Minuten Wir haben mit deinen Großel…[View]
168707901>the left can’t meme[View]
168703640>2 leaders of le 56% jurisdictions embracing each other What did they mean by this?…[View]
168708507i hate gays: gay marriage is legal in my country,i cant stand gays,lesbians,cucks,threesome etc. it …[View]
168708148Atheism is the fastest shrinking religion in the world. Atheism is in decline worldwide, with the nu…[View]
168710133/Aus/fags, as a healthy young adult, why have you not joined the police force to protect your countr…[View]
168708721Why do so many commercials have fags and or niggers in them?[View]
168710096Starbucks put cute little 'anti-racist' messages on their cups for a while[View]
168709017Free Cofeve![View]
168707133>This year two boys took the roles https://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/2018/04/17/grammar-scho…[View]
168704797I’m think about dropping out of college to join the military. I’m at the end of my junior year; next…[View]
168709218How do I move up at the office without a bachelor's degree?[View]
168703004OPERATION: SAVE DANKULA, SAVE EUROPE (#TheInternetEnlightenment): July 4th, on the year 1776 of our …[View]
168706832Imagine a world without hate.[View]
168708457Reminder: Baby Boomers suck: Reminder that baby boomers started almost everything wrong with America…[View]
168705068we must be mad LITERALLY MAD[View]
168709656Greeks Redpill me on Ioannis Metaxas: Was he good or bad?[View]
168680038Joe Rogan goes 14/88 on the JEWISH QUESTION!!!: Civ Nats BTFO https://youtu.be/5r_E0bXF54U?t=6m13s…[View]
168706262Is this normal? I used to love watching saving pvt ryan, BoB, the Pacific... But now, I cant watch t…[View]
168708439Venezuela: What is Trump doing to save the people of Venezuela? They are America's neighbors a…[View]
168704384Dumping my balls[View]
168701210Hey /pol/, i need your meme magic, our school us putting up fucking pride posters. >drop the most…[View]
168708207Shouldn't I be pro EU?: Since it's basically the 4th reich but taken by kikey politics ins…[View]
168706270Imagine, you're so excited to start your first day at nickelodeon. Your parents wave you off an…[View]
168704406I genuinely believe the Internet was a mistake and a globalization tactic. I know I'm going to …[View]
168707846How will /pol/ be celebrating Hitler's birthday on Friday[View]
168705858If you're a nazi, you're basically a socialist that hates jews and niggers. Fuck off my li…[View]
168700253>countries ruined by western interference and greed Post em.[View]
168701668Fashwave thread[View]
168708821We've been blaming the wrong people: Why do so many anons on /pol/ not establish patriarchy to …[View]
168708634Reminder: God hates Canada: Hourly reminder that God hates c*nada and you should too https://www.you…[View]
168708688In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses row on row, That mark our place; and in the …[View]
168704364Based Trump gave Putin US secret misslies: Syria hands over to Russia two unexploded cruise missiles…[View]
168700189Texas Man Gets Death Sentence For Gruesome Slaying Of 5-Year-Old: His wiki has some more info https:…[View]
168707818Looking for a picture: Hello /pol/ Does anyone have that picture like the one I posted but with a Fi…[View]
168708626Her past: A White future in the grand scheme of things...[View]
168684897GAME OVER: Hug your children, spouse or pet. It's over. We won. Wake up tomorrow happier, a gre…[View]
168705789/pol/ BTFO How will C*p*t*l*sts ever recover?[View]
168708087Why do you think kikes demand he openly shit on every actual American ally?[View]
168707218Hayylooo?! Wut is yamurgency?: Also what is your skin color?[View]
168695526Australian Army bans skull iconogrpahy because its too violent: http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2018-0…[View]
168670926GET THE FUCK IN HERE: Chemical attacks were a HOAX CONFIRMED https://youtu.be/W7HXB_B_z5U DON'T…[View]
168697025is it 4d chess?: well is it boys?[View]
168684127Accelerationism: Fuck this government. Voting changes nothing. Worse is better. The sooner we start …[View]
168708020Just got back from a holiday to Europe. I saw most of western Europe in under a month, and I was bei…[View]
168707988Let's have a pagan hate thread.[View]
168690236Well /pol/?[View]
168703392Someone explain Venezuela to me: >socialist government >no toilet paper no bread >somehow s…[View]
168701103Should the government interfere to protect young females' health from self-inflicted harm?: You…[View]
168704683Happening - Raul Castro steps down.: Fox News is reporting Raul is stepping or has stepped down. Why…[View]
168693220Why Communism becomes popular: It’s because that ideology has a face behind it. Karl Marx is the fac…[View]
168703026Considering joining the military for 10 months after high school since it's easier to get a job…[View]
168698256>Going to go to a lefty (((progressive))) college in Washington in the fall >Literally a NatSo…[View]
168702546Hello, /pol/, I have an advice for those of you who are fat. This summer, get lean and then go to th…[View]
168703092being a pirate: which country had the best pirates?[View]
168681141BBC: Of Course Jesus is Black: Jesus was arrested by a mob of angry government officials and beaten …[View]
168706558r8 OC[View]
168693987Why wont pol settle for a basic traditional girl? You dont need some fancy model who makes 150k/yr. …[View]
168701776Syria General - /sg/ -Bringer of Barrels Editions: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.…[View]
168705625Bin that straw: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-43817287 Why does a once great nation fall to …[View]
168702284Reminder that this is the average American family in 2018[View]
168693919We Venezuela now: Protest accross the capital of Managua because our dear president increase the tax…[View]
168703210rlly makes u wypipo think[View]
168703837Itt: photos and videos of Israel that you can't spin https://youtu.be/0h6rL4pj2WU[View]
168704473Politicians are Aliens: Politicians are aliens on 4chan Shapeshifters[View]
168706284Daily Reminder: Save the videos: Hillary will be indicted soon. When this happens, the shills will t…[View]
168685715Hillary gets locked up for this, and gets a military tribunal hearing for the raw vid?: Is this goin…[View]
168700680Auspol victory?: >Be Abc >Release kid's show with left wing bias >Shitposted >Fuck.…[View]
168707128Reinhard Heydrich was a Jewish hapa. What are the implications for the 3rd Reich?[View]
168700322best politically motivated YouTube docs, pic unrelated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MD-7Xddb7UM…[View]
168704351STOP BLACK GENOCIDE: The number one killer of blacks is black gene dilution. BGD is a Jewish plan to…[View]
168705987I love Muslim-American women now: serious bants from this liberal college professor[View]
168705490>Everytime you see a muh dick thread remember this[View]
168705999Cuban Women, Politics and Race: pic related is michael jordan with his cuban wife, who is now 39 yea…[View]
168676510>Americlaps in charge of knowing how to wear an oxygen mask[View]
168692125Real Life Truman Show GET THE FUCK IN HERE: Twitter account claims he was filmed his entire life His…[View]
168696358Reminder toilets are endorsed by the jew. Expensive porcelain (owned by the jew) crafted by factorie…[View]
168705910Sminem appreciation thread?[View]
168706158The state is too big REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Are there any ways you could shrink the state, with …[View]
168699664Pewdiepie book reviews Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos Apparently he has a…[View]
168697445>Starbucks says it will close its 8,000 company-owned stores in the United States for one afterno…[View]
168673192Québec hate thread.[View]
168705906How accurate is this video?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25AhAJ-WYyY[View]
168703811Reddit's thoughts over U.N. team getting shot in Syria.: http://archive.is/1Ctt1 https://www.reuters…[View]
168703371It's time to recall how the military conflict between Russia and NATO will unfold. It all begin…[View]
168706087>tfw you want to lick that auntie pussy[View]
168707886What can be done about cuckolds?[View]
168707740Why are Slavs and Celts the only masculine Europeans? Literally every boxing or mixed martial arts …[View]
168694383>when a girl does it, it's cute >when a guy does it, it's creepy How many things can…[View]
168702366IT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: riceball ANDY just got kikcked out of uber by a full blooded kike: https…[View]
168690660Mexican Hate Thread Extreme Violence Edition: Can we get a Mexican hate thread going?[View]
168704116>be white >go to beach >get cancer…[View]
168703468I came up with a New US and Canadian system for dealing with the Left- Right culture split in our co…[View]
168705445islam is savior: we saved Europe from dark rule of church.jesus was just a fictional character stole…[View]
168702093Pooping on the beach in India https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixJgY2VSct0[View]
168688186Why are boomers still running and wrecking shit[View]
168694376Comey knows he's going to be indicted.: He knows he's fucked, as shown in this leaked tran…[View]
168700395>tfw you realize Mueller is actually the special prosecutor Drumpf said he would get to nail hill…[View]
168704563The United States of America: https://youtu.be/tpH5L8zCtSk > America is a nation of dreams. A nat…[View]
168705628Post based successful modern authors from your country >Finland >Ilkka Remes In his books Russ…[View]
168698296Tyrone is More Based than the GOP: “I would advise Western countries, this is a no-go area,’’ he sai…[View]
168705572The Dankening shall Cometh April 23rd https://youtu.be/ukNGFqnYucc[View]
168697298Mutt thread: The right is eating itself, and Weimerica is literally going collapse before next elect…[View]
168692819Lefty reaction to the (incredibly serious) breaking news about calls for prosecution is just pricele…[View]
168692618Communism is Experiencing a Surge in America!: The ideas behind this flag are growing stronger in th…[View]
168704811Attention Fake News Apparatchiks: ou could have had the scoop of a lifetime. In fact some of you did…[View]
168701272For some reason there seems to be a lot of pagans on /pol/, so tell me which religious group you sup…[View]
168689769Is there anything morally wrong with polygamous women?[View]
168702130Happening Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake in Southern Iran Near Nuclear Plant: It's Happening! https:/…[View]
168702255>your country will never be as based as Russia[View]
168703263PROPHECY OF ELAM COMING TRUE: IRAN NUCLEAR PLANT ATTACKED Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake in Southern Iran …[View]
168704808Fighting for democracy: https://goldfiremedia.net/2018/04/18/the-international-fight-for-democracy/…[View]
168691490Trump is an embarrassing president. How many more of these ridiculous scandals do we have to endure …[View]
168696568Starbucks OC Thread (black and homeless troll op): Let's summon the chaos gods and start a ragi…[View]
168702865IRAN NUCLEAR PLANT ATTACKED: Magnitude 5.5 Earthquake in Southern Iran https://earthquake.usgs.gov/e…[View]
168694572Guys, THEY ARE FUCKING ON TO US! I hope he does fire Rosenstein or Mueller just to see this all come…[View]
168689148Has there ever been a successful genocide? Not just a successful ethnic cleansing out of an area but…[View]
168702846Why arent there more threads about this!!!: HAPPENING IN PA SOON!!!![View]
168694405what's considered edgy nowadays?[View]
168703694Senate can't function without it: https://www.cnn.com/2018/04/18/africa/nigeria-parliament-chao…[View]
168697234Does it bother /pol/ that he's untouchable? You just know that off-camera he's a boring f…[View]
168704633Anime and manga are problematic: Why does Japan make such insensitive jokes jokes in comic books for…[View]
168704385gun control in America: What is the ultimate solution to get people to quit shooting each other? Doe…[View]
168689535David Hogg, school shooting survivor, calls for investment firm boycott A survivor of a mass shootin…[View]
168704601I hate our liberal media but in this case they're actually reasonable. Is your media also repor…[View]
168704223Trump is RED, (255,0,0), #FF0000, (0,1,1,0). Only retarded brainlets would disagree.[View]
168702896LEVEL 1 REDPILLS - THE DOCUMENTRY EDITION -: 卐 The German War Against Globalism https://hooktube.com…[View]
168700284Replacement Migration: Is It a Solution to Declining and Ageing Populations?: United Nations project…[View]
168701589Prerequisites of White Nationalism: It's difficult to sustain action whose effects are unseen, …[View]
168701941Why Wont it Stop Snowing ?: is this why they stopped calling it global warming and started calling i…[View]
168702867why did the usa let niggers drink from the same drinking fountains?: how cucked can you fuckers be? …[View]
168697340How come no jews have ever been elected President?[View]
168670025Redpill thread Let's do it[View]
168703646Look everybody! It's the daily kikery as expected! But even more blatant and overt than usual, …[View]
168699464Yep World Has Gone into The Shitter: >Kate Gallafent QC told the High Court Britain’s current pol…[View]
168702991Aspies btfo this is like if being Jewish was called 'Hitler's Syndrome' 'Yeah, my mother is a J…[View]
168700136Narcissa takes the true red pill: Cosmo has been doing a Q&A with Kiwifarms and some people on t…[View]
168693699We are to believe that the two men arrested at Starbucks were waiting to speak with Andrew Yaffe (re…[View]
168694887In case some of you were told 'JIDF is not real'[View]
168702575Hey goys, '''''''somebody''''''…[View]
168680694/ibs/ general: pedo Zoom Exposed Live!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trm6-Ayfdg8 Baked Alaska vin…[View]
168693251>>168600879 >Deuteronomy 22:28-29 I specifically noted: Devarim chapter 22, verse 28, to t…[View]
168701315Which is objectively worse? Unit 731 or Mexican Cartels: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unit_731#cite…[View]
168702232Paul Joseph Watson BTFOs Le Humble Merchant: poor manlet Ben... keeps getting shoah'd[View]
168667910Tech. Singularity to Happen Much Sooner Than Predicted?: >Tech. Singularity to Happen Much Sooner…[View]
168703541How do you go from this[View]
168696719If your skin is darker than this color, you don't belong in America, let alone the planet.[View]
168701739Pence Knows It's Coming: Find someone who looks at you the way Pence looks at the time when And…[View]
168676165FALSE FLAG IMENENT major explository in PA: I shure hope you binned those bolt cutters lads.[View]
168691088SOROS' DEATH ACHIEVES NOTHING: To actually hurt Soros, he must be alive to witness the deaths o…[View]
168686174HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA: ANOTHER BITES THE DUST How difficult is it to listen to the cops? >The police sh…[View]
168694456Possible Happening: Many of you do not know this man but he was a futurist and inventor. Before he d…[View]
168703118Manifesto of Koresh: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/162273452 https://yuki.la/pol/162273452 R…[View]
168703030People tell me I look like him /pol/.....[View]
168700243is it the last white country?[View]
168702871Why the fuck do you even consider being nazi? It is socialism. I don't give a fuck if you rob m…[View]
168702574Are Russian and Putin cowards?: everyone here wanted the 3rd world war[View]
168702363If you see anything wrong here you are anti-semantics.[View]
168700909Ask a Conservative who has to work with an office full of far-left Liberals anything. Yes, work is u…[View]
168689905/leaf/pol - double double edition: let's have us a late wednesday night (early thursday) thread…[View]
168700828WHY HAS NO ONE POSTED THIS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJnbR4QouHk[View]
168668306Do you have children?: How many? If no, why not? This place goes on about declining birthrates. What…[View]
168690594America's forefathers gave their descendents freedom.: And you refuse to give yours their birth…[View]
168702345https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/209433 Please sign it. Even if you're not a UK citizen…[View]
168680839IS KANYE GOING TO BE THE ONE TO DROP THE REDPILL?: His twitter has gotten 8 million followers in a d…[View]
168702508Twitter just censored damaging information about Hillary and my ability to retweet it in real time. …[View]
168701823Anon Theory: Face-Reality: You fucks are wily....your insatiable edgeness is rooted in seeing what o…[View]
168702242Are we going backwards?: Australians genocided their natives in a far more brutal way than the Israe…[View]
168685517How do we defeat the left?: I have been thinking about this a ton for the last week. I cannot figur…[View]
168701957Any turks here?: I love Bülent Ersoy's Music, post some of her best songs please :3[View]
168701960Libcucks are Losing Their Tiny Minds: >What the hell has happened to Trump Country? That vast ima…[View]
168675421POL is NOT REDPILLED on FEMALE NATURE: The right will never reverse course in the west as long as th…[View]
168702191How can cucks be bad: ...when Jesus was born as a result of Joseph getting cucked by a Roman soldier…[View]
168701241The end of white Christianity: Dear christians of 4chan, how does it feel knowing that white christi…[View]
168701979He likes to be spanked by ugly porn stars that look like his daughter and be told what to do like a …[View]
168701110Change my mind[View]
168699896Starbucks arrest: This Jewish real estate developer claims the two black men were waiting to meet hi…[View]
168690795Why are Jews so over-represented in anything that requires intelligence? Is it really a big conspira…[View]
168701868Erdmann for Congress: A tale of Minnesota Cuckoldry: >Be Jeff Erdmann. >Spend fifteen years te…[View]
168698504Female chimp going to jail: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/04/18/911-operator-who-hung-up-on-emergen…[View]
168701724Dr Asperger, our kind of guy: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5630411/Hans-Asperger-c…[View]
168697757>100 Women: 'Record number' of Nepalese women climbing Everest this season http://www.b…[View]
168701689Are the arrows on the infamous butterfly ballots (supposedly swung Florida and thus the 2000 electio…[View]
168701677>in the west, poor people get fat >in africa, poor people starve Why aren't we rotating p…[View]
168701342What is the point of 'borders' if you can just buy a passport?[View]
168699060Pharmaceuticals cause more genetic damage than all the radiation on earth.[View]
168701405indian rape case is political: India's lower and high class people are really disgusting. no ra…[View]
168692202BASED MAAJID: Listen to a moderate Muslim trigger retarded Muslims. IMO, most of these callers could…[View]
16869619170 YEARS OF ISRAEL: How are you celebrating the anniversary of the land of the chosen people? The da…[View]
168697143Why are southern black moms so warm and loving compared to whites?[View]
168694017WHO THE FUCK IS THIS LITERAL 'WHO'?: >is a medical doctor >SJW to the core >gets thousands …[View]
168638849Trump is Hindenburg, not Hitler.: While we constantly hear the 'literally Hitler' protests…[View]
168697785William's Perfect Society Pt 2: 1) All handicap people, mentally retarded, mentally ill, mis-ge…[View]
168689807Syria General - /sg/ -United Against Kikes Editions: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriageneral…[View]
168699643I like this meme op: Imagine the fallout when they are denied employment or really any of the other …[View]
168700918is happening?: live right now[View]
168698911Why did nazi's hate Christians so much?: Here's what Chief Nazi Ideologue and mentor to Hi…[View]
168698821>Leftists decide to mobilize for change >hundreds of thousands protest worldwide in less than …[View]
168700614Why do you think that globalist shills are pushing the climate change narrative? Surely if we are t…[View]
168695799When is this shit going to END America!? Nobody needs to carry! >A toddler was playing with her f…[View]
168700627Transcribing a dream I had last night. I’m gonna post the rest as I go into more detail. Fairly shor…[View]
168690651This 43-year-old running for president in 2020 wants to give everyone $1,000 a month in free cash: S…[View]
168691649Share your experiences working with women[View]
168699977You have the wrong mindset, and its making you bitter and unproductive. Do not act out of FEAR but o…[View]
168687786NEW JERSEY HAPPENING?: Military planes are flying low, and I'm talking an altitude of 300ft top…[View]
168689362Postmodernism: The Left is right about one thing. There is nothing but power. Power is all that real…[View]
168696463Stop , please . . . sit down OK , um , ah . . . we suspend the . . . we suspend -- please , the curt…[View]
168675870LEAF/POL/#10 Living the DOUGLIFE: Leaf/Pol/ #10 Living the DOUGLIFE Concerning the future of Canada,…[View]
168699073>Jews are even better nazi's than whites kek, they literally can not be beat…[View]
168693310Starbucks CEO: Has anyone made a JFMSU meme of this massive cuck yet?[View]
168699098Ptg (pres troomp gen): Presidnt troomp genrl APPEARENCES In the wite house SPEECHES Everyday VIDEOS …[View]
168696503Am I European enough for the ethnostate or should I just do what all the other Americans do and crea…[View]
168697806Anna campbell tribute: >you will never have an antifa girlfriend that fought til her death agains…[View]
168685121how do i stop watching porn, /pol/? serious question. Need advice.[View]
168694599WHAT IF TRUMP IS A PEDO: >be trump >boink little kids >get black mailed >forced to run f…[View]
168696707Barbara Bush: How can we ruin this ugly cunts life? Look at this bitches ugly hair. She’s getting a …[View]
168700236hate: https://soundcloud.com/misnomers/minecraft[View]
168699009What’s the longest time you’ve held a Roman Salute for? 21 minutes here desu[View]
168700170WTF /POL/?: Why are you shilling for niggers sunni islam Syria? They are literally puppet shills. 14…[View]
168696909What’s his end game?[View]
168698459kurva anyátok[View]
168700090SA, start growing food Whitey: Based hunter here. Encouraging you to start growing food. “The Boer W…[View]
168696836Stop supporting Israel[View]
168698383DEFEND YOUR RACE: Lets be honest, theres no way in hell you, if you are white and are in your right …[View]
168694902Why do African niggers have that many babies, when they know they can't raise them? Bla bla bl…[View]
168695776ok /pol/ settle a argument me and my retard friends are having who are the most oppressed groups in …[View]
168699811It's time to make drug ads illegal: >Yeah, blog post. Fuck off. When I was a kid growing up …[View]
168698368>Muller gonna get Drumpf >Drumpfy and Drumpfites gonna cry >Madame president Gonna happen.…[View]
168699496Is spainish white?[View]
168699569Pre Op Pics of Nassim Aghdam Released: Nassim fags BTFO and coming to terms with the fact that they …[View]
168690494I’m sure you’re already aware but niggers, la creturas, and other minorities suck at driving and don…[View]
168694734Say hello to the best state in the union. A cultural power house. A land of immense cities and natur…[View]
168699447Illuminati hand symbols: Can someone red pill me on these? I'm gonna create some deep learning …[View]
168684683Seattle Happening?: I just heard like 90 gunshots in 1 minute Holy fuck sounded automatic, any other…[View]
168695168apply the second amendment LIBERALLY to the 9th circuit court: https://www.thecannabist.co/2016/08/3…[View]
168696412This triggers the Britcuck[View]
168698592PODESTA PUBLICLY HUMILIATED BY WALL STREET JOURNAL: It's about time. Tomorrow's print feat…[View]
168697660>Whn you want to be born in the third world so you won't have to deal with first world probl…[View]
168695933>tfw you realize only high IQ people understand Trump[View]
168698884i like this meme op: It's a One, Two Punch. Stage 2 is the fallout if an illegal applies for a …[View]
168696534What happened to old Trump? <DonaldTrump> Iraq was a mistake! I've been saying for years …[View]
168697650Can /pol/ be a moderate board now?[View]
168698816we must exclude Jews from data collection laws in order to defeat antisemitism. Monitoring of this g…[View]
168696482Am I woke now?[View]
168692358>western media always lies >western media says that North Korea is a hellhole What'sit re…[View]
168694301Inequality and Violent Crime: Your own alt-right figure that you faggots love to suck off admits tha…[View]
168676381When did white boys become such whiny little pussies?[View]
168649881Black Teacher lower grades of white students - part 2: Someone posted earlier this pic. If anyone is…[View]
168680719Women Today Are Roastie Sluts: Why do women nowadays act like such whores and sluts? Back in the day…[View]
168695961Why does the media do this every chance they get?[View]
168679035Why the FUCK is no one talking about this?!: https://wtop.com/fairfax-county/2018/04/woman-charged-w…[View]
168694623American diet, largest natural disaster ever: 80% of Amerimuts overweight, flip a coin to die from h…[View]
168698223Why did the nazi leadership look like a bunch of mongoloids?[View]
168677257Polyamory: So I've been kind of fed up with women, I'm 25 and never had a girlfriend befor…[View]
168696292Are the youth red pilled?: Here is a comment with over 3,000 likes >No way Jose. We only want AME…[View]
168694068Prove to me that you still have the backbone to tell them how it is.: ITT: Say something critical ab…[View]
168698048Creating a false flag attack: Someone in with me to mass flag MSM channels on youtube for supporting…[View]
168697008Well, pole? Is it true?[View]
1686977762018 Midterms General Thread: What do you guys think will happen in the midterms this year? Pic rela…[View]
168666880Why don't homeless people fuck off to smaller towns with cheaper living costs instead of shitti…[View]
168697835>he doesn't like interracial sex You guys are missing out. I love fucking South American wom…[View]
168692004What does /pol/ think of this guy?: What does pol think of roger stone is he based and ourguy? Or is…[View]
168681481>Logic is a machination of the human mind, as without a brain, we would not be able to reason (a …[View]
168697249Hold on a second, what democracy in the EU?: There is no democracy in the EU institutions. So what t…[View]
168697031Will China save us from (((them)))?: http://www.breitbart.com/radio/2018/04/18/mosher-chinese-sailor…[View]
168692790DON'T FUCKING DO IT JEB GOBLINA STILL LOVES YOU: https://wtop.com/national/2018/04/presidents-f…[View]
168697671Freedom Forever!: Let's get 1 thing straight. Guns are tough and masculine. So it's obviou…[View]
168695292I'm bored /pol/ seeing Starcucks fold to niggers gave me an idea of accusing Facebook of racism…[View]
168697442Are we the baddies?: I mean since the last century we destroyed the middle-east and now we're b…[View]
168697149Eric Holder as the Democratic nominee: People seem to think this guy is going to run in 2020. >We…[View]
168689565I recently found a writer that states that Assad made the recent chemical attacks, and that those ar…[View]
168697045We have no better friends anywhere.: >Best wishes to Prime Minister @Netanyahu and all of the peo…[View]
168692944The Western world is FUCKED: Why the fuck is the west so accepting of their demographic decline? Why…[View]
168689349What a big faggot[View]
168694164Individualism ruined the west: You can't deny it. Libertarian is dead individualism is a terrib…[View]
168683435ISRAELI/MOSSAD FALSE FLAG IMMINENT: FEMA to Evaluate Readiness of Pennsylvania, Maryland https://www…[View]
168682815American Children in 2018: This is how we fall. https://www.instagram.com/p/BhuEmligHP3/[View]
168693006Literature: What is pol reading now?[View]
168677704Prove you're not a boomer - say one thing you respect about Islamic Shariah Law[View]
168687737Should we see who can put up a Happy Birthday banner in the edgiest place tonight?[View]
168696757Happiness: Prove me wrong Protip: you can't.[View]
168691397Europeans and Muslims are natural allies against the Jewish threat, and co operation is the only thi…[View]
168689239Cheers Goy!: >fills book with entire chapters on trump >nonstop book tour talking about him le…[View]
168670359What's pol view towards transhumanism? Will it become an heated topic in politics in the near f…[View]
168695057The Right needs to Strike!: The Left have no problem setting up various destructive organizations su…[View]
168696866dear lord alex jones has lost it again is it over? is this the end times can you trust anybody dear …[View]
168696799Stuff and things: Need help with something, trolling, if you will. What's a good way to go abou…[View]
168696731Why did the support for this evaporate so suddenly?: Were democrats smart enough to realize pushing …[View]
168696684Why did he have To go[View]
168695785Trump Korea Trip: Anyone else worried for our God-Emperor's safety on his trip to North Korea? …[View]
168687735Deep State explained in 5 minutes: https://youtube.com/watch?v=we9dShJebqc[View]
168695492racial purity: is this guy right?[View]
168692528>the Americans are waking up Well boys looks like this was it for today when it comes to good thr…[View]
168694756Poll: What political identity aligns closest to your own?: https://strawpoll.com/97s7hpzf[View]
168696097How many of you are familylets? Daily reminder that you aren’t welcome in the ethnostate unless you …[View]
168695018'Controversial Statue' Of white Doctor Removed From Central Park: The Parks Department removed a con…[View]
168691584We are doomed to live false happenings forever, aren't we?[View]
168693073White apologism is stupid: White here. Don't have anything against other races. Why should I fe…[View]
168690601is this film acceptable to show a class of 10 year olds? I teach 4th grade and we're onto world…[View]
168692179I need a bit of insight on the Federal Assault Weapons Ban that happened in 1994. I wanna know what …[View]
168690732Undeniable: Goes down the same doomed path over and over...[View]
168672213Nasim redpill confirmation: Iranian here to confirm everything Nasim Sabz said about Iran is true. T…[View]
168693363If you've ever used the word 'BREEDING' you're a RACIST! A BIGOT! How DARE you! >when e…[View]
168692208Western white women and their hate for white men. What the hell? Is it a social problem only for w…[View]
168680145Fuck Liberals: Literally no one likes you. Your beliefs are based on hate (fuck white people, cis-sc…[View]
168695832Walkout 4/20: Sup faggots I want to put together some information on the failing of gun control. I t…[View]
168693646Spain will normalize relations with Venezuela, and they will allow Spanish airlines to make flights …[View]
168689208Repeal the 19th Amendment discussion: It's been a fun (not really) experiment, but for our surv…[View]
168639122BIGGEST RED PILL: On June 8, 1967, 34 American sailors of the USS Liberty lost their lives serving t…[View]
168680797Is there any truth to the idea that aryan germans came from india?: Indias national average iq is in…[View]
168695630lmao, kiwi with the bants - trumpkikes BTFO[View]
168694644Millennials of /pol/ tell me why you are single and childless.[View]
168695682>'The treatment of colour nearly always horrifies anyone going out from Britain, & not only i…[View]
168694834Was he set up?: I'm not saying he didn't do anything wrong but every president did somethi…[View]
168695369Poor MtF trannies, don’t they understand?: You’ve got one life, do what you want but stop lying to y…[View]
168688085I think someone needs to correct this guy. https://mobile.twitter.com/Cernovich/status/9868197478943…[View]
168691962Trump Curse?[View]
16869539604/18/18: the world didn't end, it isn't going to end. you've got decades ahead of th…[View]
168686950>Arabs run Hollywood[View]
168669103She’s right you know[View]
168676206What has Israel ever done for us?[View]
168693592YAAAS! SLAY, QUEEN!: Why do nogs always do this? You make a reasoned argument and they respond with …[View]
168691367Are charter schools legally allowed to be biased?: My school plays the unbiased card while being bla…[View]
168678656HAPPENING! CANADIANS BURIED BY THE APPROACHING ICE AGE: press f to pay respects[View]
168687005How do we take down this racist coffee company, /pol/?[View]
168694085In Kingsman golden circle this cowboy stateman was kill because he was anti drugs and this is actua…[View]
168691574>Schedule 1 drug >slap a barcode on it in a legalized state >make millions Heroin when???…[View]
168691747What is wrong with young black males?: There is seriously something wrong with African American male…[View]
168692756Porn Roastie BTFO: Sides are gone: https://efukt.com/22402_How_Does_Sexual_Consent_Work.html >por…[View]
168690253Why does pol worshipped failed german ideologies?[View]
168692285>Their son, former President George W. Bush, told an audience at his presidential library in Dall…[View]
168689553Randa Jarrar at Frenso State: This is the feminist professor who tweeted she was glad Barbara Bush d…[View]
168689426What does /pol/ believe about the Holocaust? https://strawpoll.com/ggzcs7we[View]
168690430Her past: White's future in the grand scheme of things...[View]
168681025You can sell tacos out of your car now, what a vibrant place California is #progress[View]
168670953Discord doxxing edgelords to the (((SPLC)))?: is there anyway to substantiate this? https://twitter.…[View]
1686878161st, 2nd and 4th Ammendment Gone: Media is just showing the last death rattle. No militia with any r…[View]
168690226Explain this: Why is spic fuentes such a shill for the jews and a supporter of zionism?[View]
168658498“White Privilege” Billboards Pop Up In Portland: White people BTFO! http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/…[View]
168692766What does /pol/ think of José Antonio Primo de Rivera and his ideas about government, fascism, and s…[View]
168691504>Hapas always turn out ugly and autis-[View]
168690758New Zealand YES!: Is your country's leader THIS representative of the future, /pol/?[View]
168688121>quietly studying for tests with group in library at a primarily white school in a group study ro…[View]
168687765I've never seen this thread but county map of your state.[View]
168687990Why do people with good intentions get assassinated by the far right?[View]
168692331Does anyone have a link to one of the /pol/ fileshare archives of redpilled ebooks?[View]
168690509Jews are either responsible for: >Free Masonry >Atheism >Communism >Capitalism >Anarc…[View]
168692630If you're happy backpage/Craigslist personals got shut down you're an un American anti cap…[View]
168692620Why'd he do it?[View]
168687686How are you missing this?: This is the reason for the slides. https://www.wsj.com/articles/how-tony-…[View]
168690000>stationed here against my will >BFE >poor religious goat herders >smells like goat shit…[View]
168692467April 21st Nattional Socialist Rally: April 21's there will be a National Socialist meeting in …[View]
168692424Bruno Sammartino: And another one gone. https://www.google.com/amp/www.espn.com/wwe/story/_/id/23230…[View]
168690673Israel butthurt thread: ITT we celebrate Israel and all the assblastings it gives /pol/[View]
168692136NETFLIX: The Innocents: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XshabV0010 (((netflix))) is at it again you…[View]
168689215What do you guys think of Kurds? Also, do you think Kurdistan should be an independent nation?[View]
168691814Be norwegian get stab[View]
168691506if you are alive in 6 years time you will see the biggest happening i suggest you either Kill yourse…[View]
168683028Why are black people so incompetent at their jobs? If they are having a bad day, it's enough fo…[View]
168688347Is this what the average American family looks like nowadays?[View]
168683675Stand aside, Republicans.: Leave winning world wars to us.[View]
168691488No Trump! No KKK! No Fascist USA![View]
168691359https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/18/us/kansas-militia-somali-trial-verdict.html These guys were going…[View]
168691082Why have whites been expelled from so many countries? Are they an evil race?[View]
168690978Be honest. What race has the best looking toddlers?[View]
168690791(((Starcucks))) Howard (((Shultz))): Wtf how do people on here not know this. Starcucks CEO and foun…[View]
168691048who has the better fist pump. japan or usa[View]
168680008Cricumcision General: Restore your dick edition: In these threads we spread awareness about how fuck…[View]
168690586White Supremacist strips on orders of black ANTIFA: Another victory for the White Race https://www.y…[View]
168688900so what's wrong with reddit: is nice comfy site I've enjoyed for years and facebook and tw…[View]
168690934Are schools legally allowed to be biased if they're a charter school?: My school plays the unbi…[View]
168684729Alright Germans tell me: >you walking down the street with a beer >see migrant nigger >tell…[View]
168678667Did anyone understand the details of the hearing? I'm not entirely sure what people are angry a…[View]
168689386If the POTUS illegally had his lawyer raided: What if (((they))) have confiscated the Voat server an…[View]
168689087When did you realise (((capitalism))) is a joke?[View]
168690645White guilt on native americans:: so you think some miracle black nation that managed to figure out …[View]
168681317When people of color move into a community, white people tend to move out. This phenomenon—known as …[View]
168675771HAPPENING SOON IN PA!!: Something is going to go down soon in PA lads!! prepare and gear up!!!…[View]
168687075Why do women fake being lesbian for male sexual attention? When did this trend start?[View]
168690520Finally: S[View]
168683891Dear /pol/ im one of (((them))): what can i do to stop what the other jews are doing... its just not…[View]
168686316What are far right politics? Wouldn’t facism and natsoc technically be centrist?[View]
168686350What are /pol/'s thoughts on Sam Harris? I have just recently realized how left wing he actual…[View]
168687848GOOD NEWS: https://streamable.com/k8wkt[View]
168690362Can we do Amazon next?: It's time to expand the war of attrition. Amazon's sexist discrimi…[View]
168687423Googles, Skypes, and Skittles: I remember anons were using names of tech and other brands to refer t…[View]
168669470Is 6ix9ine......... one of us? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4muJRQY5HIY[View]
168690194Troops at the ready.: Starcucks must require all White, Asian, or privileged partners / employees to…[View]
168690152Why do millenials have such short attention spans?[View]
168688087WHAT HAS KEK DONE[View]
168685058Masterplan: Go after the profits of leftist companies using leftist protestors: >call lefty compa…[View]
168660085Why do conservatives deny climate change?[View]
168687695Any hispanics preparing for the inevitable race war and lynch mobs targetting them in 5 - 7 years? …[View]
168689739Is it even legal for schools to be politically biased? (charter school): My school plays the unbiase…[View]
168689111Science's most offensive correlation: IQ vs. skin color: I made this scatter plot just now.…[View]
168672735WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS?!?: The voucher, believed to be a hate-filled prank crafted by the white…[View]
168684176Why do niggers get so offended when you call this racist?[View]
168675911What am i /pol/?: I am Pakistani but for some reason my brother and mother look white, while my fath…[View]
168672101blackpill impossible to beat: >women are hardwired to be roasties >the west will fall >whit…[View]
168688907Type 'white supremacist bumper sticker' and 'black supremacist bumper sticker' into Google. Why are …[View]
168688269Are there any proofs that Holocaust actually happened?[View]
168680875DOJ threatened NYPD over what was found on Weiner's Laptop: For all you fucks who keep shill on…[View]
168671037HAPPENING NOW LIVESTREAM: Getting Free Starbucks For Being Part Black https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
168689019Pittsburgh Police Prepare For Possible Riots In Event Trump Fires Mueller: Think about this. http://…[View]
168687287DIE MOLOCH FUCKING DIE YOU SCUM: The only thing Moloch followers are good for is swinging from their…[View]
168688454spread this image around to idiots. let's get this public quickly. godspeed anons[View]
168687587How do we fix women /pol/?[View]
168672940Starbucks: the last stand of implicit White Identity: Starbucks has expanded their food menu recentl…[View]
168669664Syria General /sg/ - Night Ops With The Tiger Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagener…[View]
168685102>be starbucks store manager >tired of the corporate bullshit after the business turned fucking…[View]
168666641THE POL CHALLENGE: The Ultimate POL Challenge You have to pick ONE: 1) America First, Israel, Christ…[View]
168687643Mexican leftist pulls further ahead in presidential race: poll: ITS OVER https://www.reuters.com/art…[View]
168660217/TEX/AS Thread - Midterm Strategy: This thread dedicated to focusing on the upcoming Texas Mid-terms…[View]
168688478Are the Majority of Coons Humans?: I don't know how to talk with these people. http://www.net-b…[View]
168684378Wtf happened here?: Anybody got any ideas?[View]
168687878Beaver Thread: Since it seem like the world is going to see some major kike shit in the next few day…[View]
168662600What Do I Do If I Fall For a Jew?: I am at risk of becoming attracted to a Jewess. On the face of it…[View]
168675185Sleeping pills?: lads how do you cope when you know too much? seeing you people, seeing everyone her…[View]
168687910How much longer do we have to wait to Die For Israel? Let's get this gay-ass sand war started.[View]
168684425Q here. JEWS are based. Israel is your friend. Trump is not a Zionist shill. Boom Boom Bloom Bloom…[View]
168674237Hey /pol/ remember that one time a couple niggers murdered an emergency room doctor who was also a m…[View]
168684611HOLY FUCK SO SLEEPY: I just got real, real, real, real, real zzzZZzzZZzZzz[View]
168686913How are the Jews so resilient?[View]
168679981This may get got by the mods but I don’t care. I just discovered my girlfriend was cheating on me. J…[View]
168680535Welcome to 4chan, how tough are ya?[View]
168687895America's forefathers gave their descendents freedom.: And you refuse to give yours their birth…[View]
168687891Enough trolling.: If Jews invented Communism to rule the world and kill greed even if they're g…[View]
168687663Equality (((10 days))): http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/04/18/911-operator-who-hung-up-on-emergency-c…[View]
168683452First female president: This will be the first female president of the united states. >Both gend…[View]
168686036>Trump literally unifying the Korea's after 60+ year hostilities >no one in the media dis…[View]
168687429Trump curse continues[View]
168683941brit/pol/ - tfw not a bingbong edition: >Thread theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtFAxeML3Qc…[View]
168682011All this talk about the jungle queen Beynoce got me thinking: How much longer until classical music …[View]
168681310I kind of want to become a satanist: what do you think.[View]
168685882Could blacks and whites coexist if there were no jews?[View]
168686456Why do lib women think it's ok to tweet a direct death threat to the president? Do feminists an…[View]
168684622Had a great time meeting with the Logan County Democrats this evening. Met some wonderful folks and …[View]
168681829Happening soon?: OK guys I'm kinda nervous now. April is always full of happenings! April 1 wee…[View]
168684772>listening to a podcast by a guy from Britain >sirens in the background >in every episode …[View]
168686615May I interest you in a payment plan?...[View]
168683810Virtue signalling at it's finest: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/18/business/guns-dicks-sporti…[View]
168685116Honest question: is the Sun /ourpaper/?[View]
168686984For the glory of Neo-Zeon.[View]
168680195Argentinian Man Legally Changes Gender to Get Pension 5 Years Earlier: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/ne…[View]
168679191Why are Millenials so worthless?: Do you millennial retards unironically hate us older /pol/ users? …[View]
168666527Thread is verboten on /v/ Anways, explain[View]
168685599Is he going to spill the beans? All of Trump’s allies appear to think so.[View]
168686597Anyone have any recordings today from the internal starbucks reeducation meeting on allowing people …[View]
168686588I could get a gf if I tried. I just can't be bothered. Same with casual sex (even easier). Why …[View]
168681329Korean Treaty: Are you tired of winning yet, /pol/?[View]
168677360You boys ready for a college riot?[View]
168686720Pol-bros, should I watch this?: Is it historically accurate? Will it teach me abut your people?…[View]
168628450What do you think of this faggot?[View]
168684999Ruination: Can we start adopting this word. Its hardly used and it sounds great when talking about t…[View]
168680657Mutt Hate Thread: Post your mutts. The rarer, the better.[View]
168686411How is this considered okay?[View]
168684781New Fags be Warned /pol/ is a Nazi Board!!!: So an apparent 'red pilled' thread that said >muh Na…[View]
168682572How can we stop the Jews from genociding our beautiful white women /pol/?[View]
168685589The last Great President: Richard Nixon was the last great man to be president. Since the beginning …[View]
168681648Why does /pol/ hate black people?: Could you imagine how BORING the U.S. would be without blacks? No…[View]
168681635The erased history of civilization: I think it is obvious that, (((history))) and (((scientific rese…[View]
168681111How to Fix America - /pol/ Discussion: Hello. Let's all take a moment to discuss how the USA ca…[View]
168686208>only +3 People will reply >muh ((polls)) to this post, but I keep saying that BETO IS A LEGIT…[View]
168681085>Going from a weedman to a sexman[View]
168684077starbucks did nothing wrong: opinions on the whole starbucks niggers thing?[View]
168684242> MFW anyone defends Michael Savage as a voice of truth The Chinese food was greasy, I don'…[View]
168685608The next star is India: China is over[View]
168683181Red pill me on the hot blonde with the free markets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbmAROJMswU…[View]
168661675UK to ban plastic straws: HOPE TO GOD YOU GOT A STRAW LICENCE M8 https://www.independent.co.uk/news/…[View]
168682249Online privacy is dead: https://www.cnet.com/news/yahoo-aol-oath-privacy-policy-verizon-emails-messa…[View]
168680095What was her name /pol/?: And, why didn't you see her artistic value before it was too late?…[View]
168676727>A Thornton man thought his neighbor was beating his own dog. So he shot him five times, victim’s…[View]
168663033Why can't Europoors cook?[View]
168679696Is being right-wing caused by sexual frustration?: Reddit seems to think so..[View]
168685416What exactly can and can't you say in public in the UK?[View]
168685118SAUDI ARABIA BLACKED: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/saudi-arabia-breaks-35-year-cine…[View]
168649758Trump leaves GOP Senators stunned at Syria plans >Um, is WW3 back on?[View]
168683382Heres a chance to redpill two canadian cucks live. twitch /channelaccess98[View]
168682878Why does he have a 14 on his forehead? Amerimutt thread btw.[View]
168685119Is medicine racist? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AODAk-accVc[View]
168685140If I run a 1.5 gallon humidifier every night and there is 1.2ppm fluoride in my water, how fucking c…[View]
168685095The future of black people[View]
168685105Comey hate thread[View]
168685067/DIG/ - DUMBF INCARCERATION GENERAL: Post yfw Dumbf is led away to a rapist nigger infest Riker…[View]
168685066>walked into my local coffee shop for iced coffee >a/c repairman customer is talking with 50 y…[View]
168685033implicit bias training: has anyone had impicit bias training at their school or job? how wqs it? wha…[View]
168685042Jew IBS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJDszKeMfow[View]
168673745Men were not fags and what the fuck is a helmet? niggers can't skate. Get with it .[View]
168632990Redemption for niggers?: I unfortunately was born as another big lipped coon, and have been disguste…[View]
168684480DiscordRaid: Prepare the Kekistani forces, for the lordeth must strike on the non believers -Trump, …[View]
168684232Brown cuck'd the fuck out: Let's all point and laugh at Lil Jerry![View]
168684885Sandnigger prof calls the late Barbara Bush an 'amazing racist': >A Fresno State professor called…[View]
168684882Thank You: Hey guys, I recently started this thread > >>168665696 but I had to go because …[View]
168670445Thoughts on this man?[View]
168684840Did the Nazis lose because of their soy diet?[View]
168679772I need halp: so anglo world wide flag uhhh im having trouble (obviously) any vernerology fucks want …[View]
168662278prove this was real[View]
168680856Look out!: (((They))) are always up to a nasty little or big scam. Be extra vigilant in the next few…[View]
168684713The poison attack on Skripal will be to WW3 as the assassination of Franz Ferdinand was to WW1.[View]
168682521It seems that voat.co is currently under a DDOS, nothing seems to be on their Gab. Someone posted on…[View]
168677773Communism will dismantle America[View]
168677583im on skype with a fuccin pussy. trips decide what i do..[View]
168683983The role of war in contemparary white society.: Lets face it, All generations starting from the 90s …[View]
168684401Will Matteo Salvini become Prime Minister in Italy: Or will he form a collation with a government wi…[View]
168658639Brit/pol/ - RIP sweet prince edition: >Thread theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtFAxeML3Qc …[View]
168680323NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO HIM >screencap this >chekm…[View]
168684355>western nations slowly collapsing due to problems caused by overreaching government >/pol/…[View]
168682254http://www.breitbart.com/london/2018/04/17/macron-europe-migration-destiny-africa/ I’m going to put …[View]
168684076Tory leadership candidate worries weed will make Nova Scotians lazy like Jamaicans: https://www.thec…[View]
168684243What is Judeo-Christianity?: You hear the term Judeo-Christianity thrown around in the USA, but what…[View]
168681589Chad, Africa: What goes on here? Based land inhabited by its namesake or another nation of soy boys?…[View]
168679117/pol/ be on your best behavior: We're having guests today[View]
168684054The Trump Curse strikes again. S[View]
168684000Brilliance or Insanity: The shipped is a well known scoper, famous for his black people wake up scop…[View]
168682969The End of the White Race: I really feel bad for you guys, sure you colonized the world, but your ra…[View]
168683468can you guys recommend me some redpilled music?[View]
168683540DUMP STARBUCKS STOCK: Friend of mine works for Starbucks corporate, he said they aren't going t…[View]
168673824White pride: Is there a counterargument to this?[View]
168681853Voat: Tons of stupid threads lately and now haven't loaded for awhile, wonder if someone messed…[View]
168683724you can have my AR - Just leave my baby ALONE: REEEEEE I WILL DEFEND MY BABY TO THE DEATH I LOVE HER…[View]
168683617PLUS ULTRA CONT.: Tell us more, swede anon. >>168661196 May kek bless this thread with digits…[View]
168680946Anons - Target Acquired... Let’s the Games Begin: Okay now we know the name of the cunt fag that shu…[View]
168683415dunkin donuts: Should we push an add campaign for dunkin donuts like starbucks but in support of whi…[View]
168598910Hillary Clinton Pizza video??: Who has the file or VLC i can save it and fucking share the shit out …[View]
168683188Reeee i hate niggers and stuff! Reeeeeeeeee!! I'm not a sexually frustrated loser at all! I jus…[View]
168683352FBICohen Wiretapped the President: BREAKING ALERT: Trump has been warned Michael Cohen is most likel…[View]
168677418Midwest Represent: Local Highschool Students Protest Whiny Niggers Request That Confederate Flags Be…[View]
168660014TRUMP WANTS TO ARM THE JAPS: WTF man?[View]
168680954>Logic is a machination of the human mind, as without a brain, we would not be able to reason (a …[View]
168667696Taxation is theft. I never consented to taxes.[View]
168679689The Silurian Hypothesis: How Do We Know That Humans Were the First Civilization on Earth?: >http:…[View]
168683246Anyone else feel like it's indictment season?: I've never had this feeling before, but I…[View]
168678115Nick Fuentes is more popular than you AND richer than you: And the kicker is that he fights for what…[View]
168675117Cheers Goys!: >Fill in the blank Comey to Colbert: I’m like a ____ Trump can’t get over…[View]
168682456Do heaven and hell exist?[View]
168682520Is it possible to be friends with normies after becoming redpilled?: QRD: my lifelong friend I have …[View]
168682957They have no idea what is coming do they? They do not even have the intellect to foreshadow their pc…[View]
168682960Trouble In The Middle East Just Blame Me: I Love You /POL but being me i don't mind a ban hey a…[View]
168679735What went wrong?[View]
168682819What does /pol/ think of Saddam Hussein?: Was he /our guy/? Think about it, he would've have de…[View]
168676066going on a date with an israeli girl tomorrow, and advice /pol/?[View]
168681405Can you remind me who's white again?[View]
168681617HOW HAVE YOU NOT SEEN THIS HOW COULD WE NOT KNOW? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtdLaIpLQ3M[View]
168682749My hate for niggers: I was raised around abos that were nigger wannabees. I had struggles of intruss…[View]
168682396White People: It's over /pol/. Society hates us white males, there is nothing we could do to ov…[View]
168682311What would Italy be like now if they voted to become a Monarchy in the 1946 election[View]
168682564What's /pol/'s Feelings on the banking industry other than 'Die Juden'? I got a theory... …[View]
168650065On the NASA and their lies: ITT show signs that NASA is faking stuff and keeping shit secret from us…[View]
168678856What's /pol/'s opinion of stay-at-home Dads?[View]
168679983dis nigga serious?: >Washington >btfo'd Britain and later signed peace treaty >oversaw…[View]
168669341>Almost SUMMER >record snowfall in HALF of the USA and Canada Reminder that ((((global warming…[View]
168682419Reality show idea: The Apprentice, but all the contestants are Mexican and the prize is citizenship …[View]
168673340What ever happened to /ourguy/? Is he planning something big or did the divide and conquer tactic wo…[View]
168682226Do you know what you're eating?[View]
168678778Muh Libertarianism: >Have self described libertarian friend >Hates commies >Hates big banke…[View]
168679436PRESS F TO PAY REPARATIONS: We all bleed red, /pol/ now apologize[View]
168670624Virgin or non-virgin.: https://www.strawpoll.me/15532235 Always wondered the stats on this.[View]
168679763Trump curse struck again??[View]
168680220Is Japan truly our greatest ally?[View]
168676445Anyone have more vids of Jews talking about stuff like this? https://youtu.be/CEAmtWd6aD0 https://y…[View]
168669878Gardner says Trump supports states' rights with legal marijuana: https://www.csindy.com/colorad…[View]
168681906There’s only two certain things in life /pol. This thread is not about taxation. Do you fear the rea…[View]
168680712Have you heard! This Friday is national skip school day! And it's of course 4/20! Hitler's…[View]
168681904Leftwing: Why do people think that the color of someone's skin defines what they think, just be…[View]
168681423/pol/ ever heard real GOSPEL?: Rarely see anyone try to win people to Christ on /pol/ makes me feel …[View]
168669143Trump curse continues[View]
168680924Trevor Noah Hate Thread: Why haven’t we focused on this faggot yet?[View]
168681528>be leaf fag >find out about bitcoins >mine some for about a week, stopped because apparent…[View]
168681116What is the perfect Government ? Hmmmmmmmmmm[View]
168664457>tfw the more traditional parishes and orders of the Catholic Church are the ones experiencing th…[View]
168678824The Jews have already won, why fight back?: There is nothing we can do to stop them, we were doomed …[View]
168680624Have you ever been sanctioned on another website for posting Pepe? Fark.com is censoring Pepe. Is th…[View]
168681375In preparation for Hitlers birthday Fri. Lets post Hitler memes and quotes. Funny, poignant, aesthet…[View]
168681444Grotesquely obese SJW 'professor' from unknown college with mediocre academic/literary ach…[View]
168669703'Murica: How do we solve the gun problem in America, /pol/?[View]
168655440For those of you who are not married, why not?: What kind of requirements would a woman have to meet…[View]
168671798Did voat get shoah'd? It's been 503 all day..[View]
168676523DISCUSS: The left can’t meme[View]
168671855Why is Israel allowed to do whatever they want?[View]
168651677What is Los Angeles like as a place?: No answers like 'it's full of niggers, spics and libtards…[View]
168678926THE HYPOCÜCKSY OF THE GOYIM: • http://news.abs-cbn.com/overseas/05/21/17/china-killed-cia-sources-ho…[View]
168679494OK, black people. You have had plenty of time to get your act together, and you have failed. Now it…[View]
168677202apparently this children's book is a allegory for Jewish power. I just read it a few minutes ag…[View]
168680862Just a reminder: Christopher Cantwell is a jew.[View]
168669694/Pol/ humour - very funny ed: FUK U BIK BOI[View]
168677152A technique from the Desert Fathers to control our negative thoughts: Christianity is the cure for e…[View]
168679546https://youtu.be/85We1NM5X0E Any truth to this ?[View]
168679322>america is not a chinese >implying[View]
168680449Congrats 4 Chan you've done it. I hate the Jews and now I think they are fucking big rich faggo…[View]
168677160Ideal Ride: What car should a rapist drive? I was thinking either the probe or the prowler.[View]
168677433Will the Dahnald Indict Him: Lightnin' started flashin' and thunder started crashin' …[View]
168680513Is Tuxedo Pepe a pyop from our enemies. This bastardisation has been invaiding all the bords.[View]
168677732Is a mass conversion to Nietzscheanism only thing that can save the West? >life is struggle (betw…[View]
168678836Should the NAFTA Deregulations be permenant?: https://youtu.be/0Wbs-4pBtU4 The pro's are less r…[View]
168680503Is Sean Hannity a murder? Why does he have so many sheds in his backyards other than for storing the…[View]
168679259Hello darkness my old friend[View]
168673969>My rifle will protect me from government tyranny[View]
168680401Welcome Cinnamon Dictator!: Old lady: Miguel Diaz Canel will have a delicious journey as the new ap…[View]
168676426Why do conservatives love Israel so much[View]
168670104'Erin Popovich, the wife of San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, died Wednesday, the team announc…[View]
168661273>You do support gun control anon, don't you?[View]
168678210Just so you faggots know: i love you all even the shills we are wonderous, are we nnot? https://www…[View]
168678015Reminder: 4/20 is Hitler's birthday: So instead of sucking skunk smoke down your throat like a …[View]
168680281I wanted to believe there could be just one Jew in the world with whom you didn't lose. I was …[View]
168661196Message from the Plus Ultra Society: Plus Ultra is real. We did not abandon you. And we are all goin…[View]
168673051What are you doing for your race?[View]
168678149Conspiracy show live from toronto. twitch dot tv /channelaccess98[View]
168662254Has VOAT been taken down.: I get an error page every time I try and access it. Have they gotten the …[View]
168680063What's /pol/'s Feelings on the banking industry other than 'Die Juden'? I got a theory... …[View]
168640847Is it really as bad as they say in San Francisco? Or is it just another meme? https://downtrend.com/…[View]
168679416First Mexican debate: So, aren't we gonna have a thread about this? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
168679574At a charlie kirk event: What do i say /pol/[View]
168677834>tfw this two will probably get a nobel prize: how did this timeline even come to be?[View]
168672502U.S. Presidents: What's a list of U.S. Presidents that should of been impeached or arrested, bu…[View]
168678955Paint the world[View]
168666442/MSG/ Mediterranean supremacy general, whack the fags edition: Medeteranian supremacy general >wh…[View]
168679155When did you stop being an ignorant retard and realize the truth? Pic related[View]
168678061Will American businesses finally start treating their non-paying customers with some respect?[View]
168676552HOLY FUCK Columbia University professor drops Syria red pills on MSNBC Morning Show Talking heads ab…[View]
168646213Why don't you actually become a politician and try change shit? Is there even any actual politi…[View]
168677550What does /pol/ think of Assad?: He seems pretty based.[View]
168669249Paint America: Do it[View]
168678907How does it make you feel that you voted the most Zionist president of all time into office. >INB…[View]
168677894How can America claim that racism is over when they literally imprison innocent blacks for farm work…[View]
168661854Has anyone on /pol/ been following the fall of this degenerate cuck? Is warski next? Is JF just a th…[View]
168636507STARBUCKS AND THEIR RACISM CONTINUES: Pic releated >Starbucks promises to promote inclusion and r…[View]
168679164WHYPIPO IN CVILLE: What could be worse than some white kid who has in the last two years been made t…[View]
168678365This is a gun control movement at my old high school. Have fun folks[View]
168673018Smedley D. Butler: What are your thoughts on Smedley D. Butler, the Marine general who infamously wr…[View]
168677328>Stop Britain from becoming a black colony. Get the foreigners out. Get the wogs out. Get the coo…[View]
168665385Jewish Subversion: I found this on the Starbucks official page in the comments. Why are Jews all lik…[View]
168674901Pissing off muslims: I've just had an excellent idea, what if we could convince the arib world …[View]
168678340I think the reason /pol/ sees truths no one else does is because most people don’t actually think wh…[View]
168626163Circumcision general: Stopping kikery at the source is a top priority and even mods are fucking with…[View]
168677203How come companies like Nestle don't get enough press about all the immoral things they are doi…[View]
168671644Comfy Traditional Job: /pol/, what is some comfy profession that would sustain a family without deal…[View]
168678581GERMANY NO[View]
168678545come and take it: we should be able to have every and any arms don't agree come and try and ta…[View]
168677549Is it true 90% of the people on this site have a form of Autism?[View]
168674305What if white people were evil???[View]
168676731What are /pol/'s opinions on Asia?[View]
168663567Who was in the wrong here?[View]
168678063Would you be open to support the creation of prison and a judicial system to handle political prison…[View]
168674460Are you going, /pol/?: Are you going to do the right thing by showing your commitment to finally end…[View]
168676785If you’re a National Socialist then you hate black peop-: This is how we destroy the Jew. Black and …[View]
168678032What happened to this hero of the west?[View]
168678108>Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew you dare? >Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew Jew you care?…[View]
168665696Am I Western Enough?: hey guys. Would I be considered Western enough for you, even though I am not a…[View]
168674010Why does /pol/ shill for trump when he has jewish grandchildren and is the most pro israel president…[View]
168675462**APPEARS IN FRONT OF YOU**: You are walking home all alone at night. The street light flickers abov…[View]
168675533normie meme thread: Has /pol/ ever considered making daily normie meme threads, so we can spread top…[View]
168677876Goy Hunters: Is this the future pol? Sometimes I wonder if Jews are truly the one master race of thi…[View]
168673316Doomed MUTT Nation[View]
168666995/pol/ supported the wrong person: He was a true anti-Israel candidate.[View]
168677820> mfw pol blames Jews for the things the wh*Te elite do to their own peasants…[View]
168670220Now that I'm white (Syrian Christian), can I come into Europe: I'm Syrian (can prove it on…[View]
168677786If we didn't have separation from state, and religion it would be more acceptable to persecute …[View]
168676517They really got to this guy: Gorka says the Rothschilds are God[View]
168677625what are your trusted sources?: I notice I always get clickbait-ass headlines everytime I open jewgl…[View]
168629695THE GANG IS ALL GOING TO GITMO: https://desantis.house.gov/_cache/files/8/0/8002ca75-52fc-4995-b87e-…[View]
168677493Atlanta Black Star - is it a Russian dindu AgitProp site like BlackMattersUS?: When BlackMattersUS w…[View]
168673819Trump Curse is Real!: Erin Popovich, wife of Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, has died! RIP[View]
168677356hold up: /pol/ told me whites were gonna be a minority in the US, but they'll actually be a plu…[View]
168670283Is MAGA still a thing?: What are the reasons why I should still support Trump?[View]
168631024She literally can’t reach to wipe her ass... This bitch took pleasure in the death of Barbara Bush..…[View]
168677003Liberal Cringe thread[View]
168662437why do whites hate animals so much?[View]
168658720Reminder that 56% is NOT a meme: Meet the manager and best friend of Baked Alaska, Samaria Ruiz - 'a…[View]
168670421WHY IS WYOMING THE LAST GREAT STATE?: https://www.frontiercarry.org/wyoming.html[View]
168675402Why does /pol/ get so butthurt/whiny when US & Israel blow up some kebabs?[View]
168658556Why are Jews obsessed with Iran?[View]
168671864soyboys mad at 100% aryan collection: >Brazilian fashion agency releases a collection featuring i…[View]
168676818Jim is his name.: Please watch this vid. https://youtu.be/1qvhWRee_JE Jim makes cooking videos on yo…[View]
168656921Admit it, /pol/: This guy does /pol/ better than /pol/. He's changing politics with charisma an…[View]
168671675Why 'Boomers' like isreal: Okay so first off I aint a Kike, Shill, Boomer or any other thing. My rea…[View]
168676769> Jews have taken control of your economy, through which they have then taken control of your med…[View]
168676755Why is anarcho-capitalism the best ideology? Before you say anything, research >Voluntaryism >…[View]
168674392Teamviewer thread. 944 544 684 7880[View]
168675238The other day I asked what is NC like, now I'm wondering what's Pennsylvania like. How is …[View]
168674622Based Black Man Kanye West droppin massive redpills[View]
168676621>israelis killing muslims >muslims are killing israelis >/pol/ still complains :^)…[View]
168675809Hey assholes so I'm sure you all know about the starbucks freak out about racial bias. In case …[View]
168676433Question Pol, are some of you really white supremacists? How many of you -actually- believe in some …[View]
168674998Is Sam Hyde actually redpilled? I've followed MDE for a long time even before I paid much atten…[View]
168676414>conditioned to be a leftist in school >voted obama and lived long enough for obama to title …[View]
168671932I'm honestly shocked at the current state of this website. Yeah, we made racist jokes sometimes…[View]
168669013Who Is Your Favorite Person In the Trump Regime?: Who and why?[View]
168676338Coffee as a public good: I think the homeless deserve a warm place to stay and a nice cup of coffee.…[View]
168644210Can you refute this, /pol/?[View]
168673609Is Poland the place where all the trad waifus live?[View]
168676290Is Turning Point USA the biggest mistake after neocons when it comes to conservatism.[View]
168673919Was he a terrorist or a freedom fighter?[View]
168672988What Trade can I get into right fucking now?[View]
168675447Half Coptic (Upper Egypt): Hey, I know these threads are banned but I'm an interesting case. I…[View]
168671484>Buy an enclosed circle of land around someone’s house >Properly warn them that you will shoot…[View]
168675583Why aren't white nationalists taken seriously anymore? Why aren't we a massive, fear-inspi…[View]
168675045I'm... part of a white trash family...: we just bought a fried chicken meal probably consisting…[View]
168673633is it ok to be into child porn if you have the physique of a child? pic related[View]
168676013I suspect many Jews are making up stories here to propagate marrying 'traditional' Asian women and b…[View]
168672309self improvement is masturbation[View]
168661442There is no strategy. If it seems like Trump is directing policy moment to moment based on his whims…[View]
168675133Were nazi's the ORIGINAL soyboys?[View]
168664896OY SAY CAN YOU SEE[View]
168675737Why do white supremacists perform so poorly IRL? Why do we need internet anonymity, memes, and insul…[View]
168633148Men , Remember ...[View]
168673266White man here speaking on behalf of all normal white people: Yes, we get it, blacks are rowdy, they…[View]
168672460Remainder: This guy was running one of the most powerful agencies in the world[View]
168649218Paint the world[View]
168653965Why has racial integration failed in the United States? Who is to blame?[View]
168675636Red Pill: Twilight over England by William Joyce (Lord Haw Haw) Great red pill[View]
168666966Is Australians the fittest Western Country?: .[View]
168671318Why do they enjoy destroying cultures? Is it because they hate their own?[View]
168671190Most /pol/ friendly American cities: Which cities are best, in terms of good communities with intere…[View]
168675282BEWARE: Congratulations /pol/, the world is taking the red pill. Everyday the marginates of society …[View]
168675236Why do white nationalists get so 'chimpy' (for lack of a better term) when you point out Jewish inte…[View]
168675226he's actually a kremlim shill or at least useful idiot proof http://americasurvival.org/wp-cont…[View]
168674728Hey /pol/ what do you think of my piggy bank? How did a product like this and other similar ones (go…[View]
168673980>Stop covering Bernie Sanders. NOW. Wikileaks showed that the Hillary campaign would use the medi…[View]
168673188How do the bots solve the captcha?[View]
168669084Is it true that blacks and monkeys/apes can pro-create?[View]
168628458Does good and evil exist in a metaphysical sense? Or is it just a matter or perspective?[View]
168675137Some Asshole thinks he can make Google and Facebook more money: What did he mean by this?[View]
168675114Trump instead of building a wall he should use HAARP to send a strong winter storm that kills all th…[View]
168666169Should the greeks genocide the turks and claim back their land?[View]
168675081Crimea is a natural part of Russia.[View]
168673553Trump can't stop winning[View]
168639445>But guys!!!!! Russia is innocent and have nothing to hide!!!![View]
168669898Portugal Reconquista Edition: Continue the discussion from >>168642480[View]
168668214If Hitler had won WWII would the West be saved today? Is WWII where everything went horribly wrong?[View]
168674575I unironically support the black Israelite movement. Think about it. >African Americans move out …[View]
168673703Video of attack on ‘Jews’ sparks outrage in Germany: >In a video interview with Bild newspaper, A…[View]
168673845Religion/Politics in dating: So, I'm of a minority faith and political persuasion in the UK. I …[View]
168670287/Pol/ BTFO[View]
168674105Anti-Libertarian thread: Is there a more childish, nonsensical ideology in existence?[View]
168660691Huh, really makes you think, huh /pol/? Kinda makes you wonder why they don't LEGALIZE IT when …[View]
168674082/pol/ acts like if the Waco Siege happened today.: What if /pol/ was around during Waco? Let's …[View]
168662110Damn, Canada, now that's tolerant and progressive![View]
168673628This based asian is red-pilling jewish uber drivers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vljAM6RSy0…[View]
168673146Do any of you know who this fuck is?[View]
168673918NZ/BASHING THE BENDERS WITH BISHOP BRIAN: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/news/article.cfm?c_id=4…[View]
168655111Why is Black supremacy literally promoted and allowed by google and others?: TheRoot is considered a…[View]
168673637Could Donald Trump end up with the Nobel Peace Prize?[View]
168672149HEY, POLAND: This Polish girl I know posted this. Why is she so happy?[View]
168670187racism = prejudice + power: >Are you trying to argue that power inequality exists between non-whi…[View]
168673078PROOF: BA confirms Weev & RV plot: Baked Alaska admits he knew about Weev & RV. Intentionall…[View]
168660586Are Jews born evil or is it something they're taught ??[View]
168671212False Flag Explosives Information: HOLY SHIT THE COUNTY WHERE THE EXPLOSIVES WERE TAKEN FROM!!! Man …[View]
168671991Can someone explain to me the muttocaust? Why do amerimutts keep saying that 9 11 completely changed…[View]
168652241Fighting outnumbered: Three testical thread on Berserker victory, post your stories of beating down …[View]
168673272What went wrong?[View]
168669031CSPAN just redpilled themselves.: Hahaha how will they recover from this! Kek[View]
168673214Trump curse strikes again! http://www.foxnews.com/sports/2018/04/18/erin-popovich-wife-san-antonio-s…[View]
168665233THE LEFT CAN'T ME- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQ54GDm1eL0[View]
168666405As A White Man I'm Offended By This!: And it makes me wonder... Is there any place in America w…[View]
168673128True story: Heading north from Carson City to Reno, NV on 580, there is an electronic billboard with…[View]
168672580Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack, Was so black, black, black, She smoked a joint, joint, joint, In Detroit…[View]
168672807I guess the Druze in the Golan are sick of 'democracy' and would rather be gassed by Assad instead: …[View]
168672949http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/index.ssf/2018/04/its_a_boy_michigan_couple_with.html Is this…[View]
168672942Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. What happened?[View]
168661375Repent and rejoice brothers, the rapture is here at 3am today in Jerusalem's time.[View]
168670090Interesting /x/ thread: So I was browsing /x/ and this guy took stuff he found while cleaning a vaca…[View]
168641837Macron: 'Africans will be flooding into Europe “for many years to come”: >Bombshell’ population g…[View]
168655555/pol/ communism general: Get in here comrades.[View]
168667013Fix North America?: Fix North America?[View]
168669217True Aryan Goddess: Instead of memeing Taylor Swift whos every music video now looks like diversity …[View]
168664790why is northern ireland still under british rule? does IRA still exists? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
168671674one promise Trump made that I hope he keeps: I remember Martin Luther King's son went to Trump …[View]
168672173Get ready to drink your drinks like real men. not like faggoty men sucking on straws like cocks http…[View]
168670977BRIT IS GETTING FREE COFFEE: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVUM95fmldo PRESS F TO SPIT ON BRIT…[View]
168669704The FUCKING CHINKS: This whole 'korean peace' bullshit smells like chink meddling. First thing is fi…[View]
168669605Did the ancient Greeks have troyboys instead of soyboys[View]
168670339im tired of society, im gonna build a house in the forest, im tired of feminists and low class scum,…[View]
168669150/pol/, what did he know about the deep state that meant that they had to kill him and his family? …[View]
168656038Tucker Carlson and Katie Hopkins discuss 'black gangs', 'young black men', and 'tribes'. What the he…[View]
168671262Holy shit, India. Did you just pull off the greatest meme of all time? https://gizmodo.com/dojs-ambe…[View]
168634070Éire/pol/ - Fenian Brotherhood Edition: Thread Theme | Téama Snáithe: https://youtu.be/9426FKqBgag N…[View]
168666465HOLY SHIT ITS ACTUALLY HAPPENING: Dale Winton is dead[View]
168666911Who does /pol/ support for the Mexican elections? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPgz-GmD6aY[View]
168671468Are predophiles allowed to work in schools/universities?[View]
168671997Southwest engine explosion: >Southwest Airlines acquires fleet of Boeing 737-700 planes >At cu…[View]
168670637Quit 404ing Oldfag Nostalgia!: leave us Oldfags alone and let us have our memories!![View]
168671913Trump Curse Strikes again!: http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/23236973/erin-popovich-wife-san-anton…[View]
168669086/pol/'s favourite alpha male tv shows: sjw/pc culture killing entertainment, need good recommen…[View]
168667465At what point will you be happy, /pol/?: What is the endgame here?[View]
168668555Did jews really do 9/11? (Trys not to glow-in-the-dark)[View]
168670820violence, and its root cause (judges): why do the courts and police treat things like major assaults…[View]
168663891North Carolina: Moving here. Durham specifically. What's it like? Can I find a wife? I'm 2…[View]
168660138>tfw swallowed the siege pill[View]
168643169Thoughts on white trash[View]
168657698How powerful is Turkey militarily?: Hypothetically if Greece Serbia Armenia and Bulgaria teamed up. …[View]
168669358How do ((they)) benefit from free healthcare?: How does the cancer industry benefit in Nations that …[View]
168671628MAXX LULZ: Germany loves teh LULZ. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmV9xGFuSFE[View]
168669107https://youtu.be/Z36TW-It-R0 Video explaining who Nasim is and why she was that way. > wanted to…[View]
168653085'We have no better friends anywhere.': Will /pol/ be big enough to put aside our differences and joi…[View]
168669810Couple accused of killing, burning Vietnam vet in front of their kids: Why is there no wall yet? htt…[View]
168644960Nasim redpill confirmation: Iranian here to confirm everything Nasim Sabz said about Iran is true. T…[View]
168669819It's too late for Goolag?: Can a company as big as Google change course and avert fatal talent …[View]
168668203Remind me again why Britain still has a 'House of Lords'?[View]
168670905ISLAM GENERAL: ISLAM GENERAL: >لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا ٱلله مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُولُ ٱلله >lā ʾilāha ʾillā …[View]
168670343https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/refugee-invaders-meme/ What do you have to say for yourselves, pol…[View]
168670425Gen Z: Why is it that Gen Z people are either extreme left-wing leaning or just moderate/right-wing?…[View]
168664313HAPPENING: HAPPENING >HAPPENING HAPPENING >HAPPENING Just got word from a friend in the army, …[View]
168665665Why does Israel upset pol? yurropoors aside, our ancestors all went and conquered savages, genocidin…[View]
168670188IT'S 'MUTT CULTURE, STUPID!: Why does 'mutt culture reward ignorance, stupidity and d…[View]
168670809chimp outs: what is the best/funniest scene you've seen someone make in regards to race or poli…[View]
168658802Am I the only liberal who thinks Israel was a mistake: Literally, we gave the jews what they want ju…[View]
168670508Is Trump for Islamism?: Pic related[View]
168668713Mein kampf: Should I read it?[View]
168666348So will Abe reinterpret the constitution and the US will arm Japan with some nukes?: IDK, that sound…[View]
168660073If you want to save the white race, you have to settle with a roastie: Very few white women are virg…[View]
168670205Yo any active /pol/ discord out there?: IS there any active /pol/ discord? only ones i found were in…[View]
168668327Alex Jones: How will Alex Jones walk back everything bad he said about Trump in the past few days an…[View]
168653527Nasim-posting IRL. We Out Here: Nasim Aghdam literally died for your sins - the sins of your particu…[View]
168658570it’s happening: The first serious challenger for 2020 has emerged http://www.foxnews.com/politics/20…[View]
168637910Post pictures of your national team that will represent your country on the World Cup.: It's al…[View]
168669804Prove to me that antifa are not fascists. Protip: you can't[View]
168665516This is Jeb. Same something nice about him.[View]
168668225*Blocks Path* What do /pol/?[View]
168644637Syria General /sg/ - Late Night Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.…[View]
168669583Imagine a world without hate. #ADL #PeaceAndProsperity[View]
168663176VICE: based black man makes a bong out of duct tape and chip can: >Black scientists don't ex…[View]
168656399GET THE FUCK IN HERE: Brothers I think punished Trump is real. I think it's really going to hap…[View]
168669092Is the Trump curse real?: https://www.ksat.com/sports/nba/spurs/popovich-responds-to-article-about-s…[View]
168663572what's the plan?: well, what's the plan? are things going according to plan? What kind of …[View]
168667226Professor Bike Lock's court date changed anyone know when?[View]
168668991get in here faggots - STARBUCKS GIVING OUT FREE COFFEE TO PEOPLE OF COLOR: Starcucks is handing out …[View]
168668943Soyboy Poll: Are soyboys the true face of the left, or are they just another misunderstood group? Vo…[View]
168668902blacked is great: Hear me out, because this is not a bait thread and is political. >The jews push…[View]
168663454Confused: Am I Muslim or not? >I eat haram meat except for pork >I occasionally drink beer …[View]
168657684What is your opinion on alcohol?[View]
168668839Golf with the gooks all you want, Donald. Your ass is mine.[View]
168652333JOE ROGAN AND SAM HARRIS. SHIT IS HAPPENING BOYS! https://youtu.be/lGdPcC0zBIQ[View]
168666227Serious question What the fuck went wrong with our timeline? everything was going soo well up until …[View]
168662942Get to know Theirry Baudet, a political creature of legendary rarity. I have been waiting long to se…[View]
168655470What do?: Bringing back 2017.[View]
168667917When will we have a war of such epic proportions like WW2 again? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgH…[View]
168648036Thoughts on Roosh V?[View]
168667912blocks your path: what do?[View]
168661166Is BLM exclusively an American group?[View]
168655336JetBlue employees voted to unionize, how should we feel /pol/? https://www.cnbc.com/2018/04/17/jetbl…[View]
168666910Israel is the FINAL redpill !: You can't prove me otherwise.[View]
168655838look what you did /pol/ what do you have to say for yourselves?[View]
168650883Patriotism: Do you display your country's flag in front of your home or is the US the only coun…[View]
168667507Karl Marx Anniversary zero Euro bill: >>Make bill to celebrate gommunism >>It's wor…[View]
168668416WTF EUROPE: >https://news.sky.com/story/save-our-son-alfie-evans-dad-meets-the-pope-at-the-vatica…[View]
168664335Uhh why Koreans are so antisemitic[View]
168665655What the fuck is this guy's problem?[View]
168665835Boston Thread: What is so bad about Boston /pol/?[View]
168662294POC POL: Hey guys, if POL is where all the white racists hangout online, where do all the other POC …[View]
168655117McDonalds States, Muslimed Kingdom, Kangarooia, and Cuckada.[View]
168668117Is /pol/ truly red-pilled? Newbie says NO: From what I can tell, /pol/ knows many important truths t…[View]
168665902What shall be the anthem of our 4th Reich? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aq3F8KHFx3E[View]
168668085F.I.R.E. defending the rights of socialists everywhere: >Salazar was detained in November 2017 fo…[View]
168664877Iran: Don't get me wrong - they're better than Israel and serve as an important counterbal…[View]
168664948Is she our /fat fucking Muslim cunt/ pol?[View]
168666520The state of Pol.: What you 'men' look like. You're all okay with it too. No wonder your father…[View]
168658838GORSUCH BLOCKS TRUMP ON DEPORTATIONS: >The Supreme Court on Tuesday struck down a law that allowe…[View]
168667786Veganites: The Veganites are out in hordes in Toronto, will they divide us?[View]
168665854Venizelos: Redpill me on Venizelos. Was he truly the greatest politician of the Greek state?[View]
168667566What, I loves the Bush Family now!: Are the Bush's /our family/?[View]
168632101Were families stronger when men used beat their wives?[View]
168667581>tfw ethnonationalist but dont want to hangout with weird fucks Why isn't there a political …[View]
168667123Gen Z Doesn’t Even Know What White LOOKS like: This is my friend and on many occasion he has shown i…[View]
168667641You know, I read through the Bible and learn about these rando tribes described with white features,…[View]
168667235/pol/ fell for the memes: Why is /pol/ so gullible these days? Did you do any research before you ju…[View]
168663436From this point forward the UK is to be referred to exclusively as Cuck Island. That is all.[View]
168665967California Civil War when? Half of population supports Trump: http://www.oann.com/poll-about-half-of…[View]
168666972vote4yes: 37 days to go[View]
168667026When you are the swamp...: ...they let you do anything.[View]
168667139Pc shit bags: How do you feel about politically correct people and Pub she or subway[View]
168666156Honest question, Is the World really turning into complete shit, or does the news make everything se…[View]
168654086Drove by this today...[View]
168658248Which country is the UK's greatest ally?[View]
168663586Why does the west take in Muslims?: I'm an Iraqi Christian but my family left Iraq just before …[View]
168666864Why do you still follow religion /pol/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buqtdpuZxvk[View]
168657693No US War in Syria: Today, Lindsey Graham and other deep state bobble-heads found out that Trump has…[View]
168666559hope she reaps[View]
168665528Is it too late for Sweden?: Svens, are you capable of taking your country back in the next elections…[View]
168666436Found this. Why aren't black people angry about this?[View]
168655606MORRISSEY BTFO: Some bird from twitter is making merchandise with 'Shut up, Morrissey' on it. How is…[View]
168666516Demand for American Sperm Is Skyrocketing in Brazil. Explosive growth spurred by more wealthy single…[View]
168630467>Body cam shows police fatally shoot black male robbery suspect, 20, who is found hiding out in a…[View]
168664086Jerry Bends the knee: Why did he do it[View]
168641767Kraut/pol/ AfD General - Wiebke Waifu edition: Discuss AfD and German politics[View]
168666389The feds!: Still convinced that Nikolas Cruz didn't even shoot up that school lmao[View]
168665637These are some the musical idols of this generation, say something nice bout them https://www.youtu…[View]
168664360Post Victory-Wat Do: Say we win, the tide turns and Europe goes back to being European. Do we unite …[View]
168661354shitcialismo es una mierda: Who expects the United States to invade Venezuela? there is only hunger,…[View]
168666205Suits: Isn't is crazy how everyone hates white males, yet they all wear suits to feel good abou…[View]
168665968SKYKING THREAD: Chatter heard throughout the day, getting pretty weird noises come through now and t…[View]
168642480>Almost no inventions besides now obsolete Navigational tools and tools devised for the age of ex…[View]
168666006Cucks are assembling: This school is assembling on 4/20 to protest 2A rights and anons in the area w…[View]
168649306Norway is the most disgusting country in Europe.: Eastern Euro reporting in, on a trip in Oslo. It…[View]
168660923Thoughts on rick?[View]
168665834Petition: Impeach Michael Cohen's judge for not recusing: Check it out--A petition for Paul Rya…[View]
168638722ITT we post the worlds most cucked leaders: >IF you send missiles into Syria there will be dire c…[View]
168649146/msg/ Mediterranean Supremacy General - Gasser Squad Edition: Suspicious memeflaggots and krautnigge…[View]
168659805TRUMP IS JUST RACIST AGAINST HISPANICS, WE DON'T NEED A WA-: Gretna couple sentenced for sexual…[View]
168649644Whoever you are if you're reading this we need you now more than ever. The movement needs a lea…[View]
168661858GIBS ORGANS BONGS! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! http://www.breitbart.com/london/2018/04/18/illegal-immigrant-fake…[View]
168642192HAPPENING: MUELLER OUT: Why the fuck is this not on Page one? FUCK OFF SHILLS, a real happening is …[View]
168659314/pol/ eternally BTFO: How will you ever recover?[View]
168660616Ask a Norwegian in Amsterdam anything. This is a weird place.[View]
168649864>this frightens the liberal[View]
168665369Hawai‘ian independence: Will Hawai‘i every be liberated from the imperialist clutches of the USA?…[View]
168652765Southwest Airlines engine explosion.: I know she died, however, I want you to picture Corey Booker o…[View]
168664046Has kek spoken?: I was doing a double mirror of a picture I had. Then this appeared. Rightside up i…[View]
168664484Would you be open to repealing the first amendment?[View]
168638898Strong possiblity Ted Cruz could lose Senate seat to progressive outsider[View]
168663277Just saw this on /g, figured it would be worth taking about here. ZTE, the Chinese cellphone maker, …[View]
168650864So do SSRI's really cause people to turn into homicidal maniacs? I am growing increasingly depr…[View]
168659370Who's on the table[View]
168664935Any based musicians in /pol/: Making music for a long time produce make instrumentals and song, anyo…[View]
168664911california revolt: San Diego county joins in against the California sanctuary state law http://www.l…[View]
168663964Arab wearing kippah, attacked in Berlin: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-43812273 >Two Israe…[View]
168664314Christian Question: http://www.toqonline.com/archives/v1n1/TOQv1n1Francis.pdf The main question in …[View]
168662449Have you read it? What do you think about it?[View]
168651192/pol/ how should I feel about these results?[View]
168663494TRUMP READY TO KILL IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL: http://archive.is/iu0Vi [WaPo] >Mr. Trump, a longtime crit…[View]
168662585Theta Tau Suspended By Snowflakes: Next Generation of Snowflakes, incoming. https://www.refinery29.c…[View]
168661661/pol/ approved music thread, no rap degeneracy: Post your best /pol/, no degeneracy. https://www.you…[View]
168660396y rnt u mulatto yet pol??\////[View]
168661995Germany prints 0 euro MARX banknote: To celebrate his birthday. Hopefully this will help people to b…[View]
168663662RISE OF THE VAGRANT-RIGHT: Let's send our new army in droves to Starcucks.[View]
168664068Iran & The Happening: Iran is next?[View]
168642303Pope says no one goes to hell, sinners just 'disappear': http://www.newshub.co.nz/home/wor…[View]
168663952After 400 Yearz of oppreshun and slavery y a black man can't get a free coffee?[View]
168660801If I got fired from 109 jobs, would it be my fault, or my employers?[View]
168653883Obviously, most of /pol/ is not familiar with this man. I see a lot of threads about the current sta…[View]
168662996Egypt: get rekt LARPers[View]
168663816So is teh world like not ending today or like what[View]
168663624listen up white racist pure bloods. Hitler was not white when did he ever say dat? u need do be stop…[View]
168660630Hello, Everyone! Adam Here!: 'We all know the so-called 'tragedy' of the holocaust. 6 mill…[View]
168650443>Imagine fucking up your whole life, loosing all your free time, finances, and personal joy, jsut…[View]
168633529dismantle capitalism: I'll just leave this here.[View]
168658247Oldfag thread: Post shit these youngfags never knew about. Here it is: 1976 VCR player, $800[View]
168660839So I guess my boyfriend went to the men’s bathroom and found this on a shelf. (It was in the art bui…[View]
168639255(((Christianity))): When did you realize Christianity was just another kike trick to brainwash the g…[View]
168660219USA and Russia: Why must we be at odds? The Cold War is over, NATO is fucking useless, and both of o…[View]
168647894Kanye West dropping massive redpills on Twitter[View]
168656238Is regulation really that bad?[View]
168662755Is this bad or good bros[View]
168642910Polish American Here: I'm planning to visit Poland and my mother's village in a about a mo…[View]
168659333Do Conservatives stand a chance in Ontario?[View]
168656859mind=blown: The way /pol/ feels about jews is the same way feminists feel about the patriarchy. >…[View]
168657404/pol/ Games: Get in here faggots[View]
168656196LOL starbucks is actually giving black people free coffee now. https://www.theblaze.com/news/2018/04…[View]
168662539Greatest ally :^): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNfBOBeqma8[View]
168660948Why are the Turkish Muslim?: >>The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Turks…[View]
168658511Why are blacks so blue pilled?: >be me >told a nigger the reason why his race is such in a shi…[View]
168662522Jews and open immigration: Send all Jews to Satan since hell has open borders and Jews love immigrat…[View]
168660892HAHAHAHAHAHAHA: This Trump's clownfest administration[View]
168661631Economic nationalism: What do /pol/ think about protectionism and industrialization??[View]
168662477Whiter than you, Mohammed[View]
168662448IRAN and RUSSIA are not defending their allies.: lmao at putin and iran, they dindu shit after israe…[View]
168662435>largest penis among Caucasoids >Chechnya is Cool >Equidistant from from Europeans and MENA…[View]
168656881am i missing something?: Eleven House Republicans are calling on Attorney General Sessions to prosec…[View]
168643438>study history >become centrist did this happen to anyone else?…[View]
168642416My (((Landlord))) told me to get rid of this: What do I do?[View]
168662325How the Zionist Infiltration of Christianity Created Israel: Whilst the creation of Israel took clea…[View]
168660383https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2sM49BfJnYI How much further do you think we'll see music degen…[View]
168658296WTF I love Eastern Europe now[View]
168662200To the CICADA nigger: am I close? sauce; http://1711141131131.xyz/ >Pic related is what i have fo…[View]
168661082Muhammad ali: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HqiWFLsgVi4 Who knew he was based?[View]
168661003realistically speaking, what are the possibilities shell turn on him?[View]
168648423Can any fellow leafs explain to me the gun laws in this country? It's so fucking confusing[View]
168662108What was he thinking /pol/?[View]
168660763The Nanny didn't do it - CNBC murder: Nanny convicted of killing the 2 children of a CNBC exec.…[View]
168635058>be a cop >chase after burglary suspect >suspect runs into house with small children inside…[View]
168657213Is he right?[View]
168657102Why isn't it acceptable to kidnap and marry a woman of your choice?[View]
168652655The NRA is a terrorist organisation, prove me wrong.[View]
168651899Is he, dare I say it, /ourguy/ /again/ ?[View]
168655495BLUE WAVE: Take Back Texas Edition: All political analysts calculate Beto has OVER 70% CHANCE OF WIN…[View]
168661031what the hell is going on? https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/dr-gridlock/wp/2018/04/17/delta-fligh…[View]
168634015Muslim here, tell me which developed country has the lowest rate of Islam believers. I want to find …[View]
168657629SELF IMPROVEMENT GENERAL /SIG/: The ultimate objective is for you to look like pic related. How to b…[View]
168655879this is the future of arabs in Europe >arabs chimp out during motorist demonstration >try to s…[View]
168660851Catalonia is a fake country. Aragon is a real one.: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crown_of_Aragon Wh…[View]
168660461TRUMP GENERAL: Make america great again edition[View]
168661014Who was in the wrong here?[View]
168661248Fact: pic related is the most powerful alliance in the world[View]
168656563Do /pol/ support volcels?[View]
168657858What did he mean by this?[View]
168660941What’s /pol/s thoughts on Turning Point USA?[View]
168645060Honestly who would say something this gay? We have a retard in office.[View]
168649761Brit/pol/ - Deano edition: >Thread theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6_vIZHMAAQ >De La Ru…[View]
168660983California has eight of 10 most polluted U.S. cities: Eight of the USA's 10 most-polluted citie…[View]
168659964Do you goys like my shirt design?: I was trying to think of something equivalent to all these fags w…[View]
168626722Why do millennial neo-boomers like Amazon and Jeff Bezos so much?[View]
168658989Does.… does this license plate say Sharia? Is this not haram?[View]
168598763Macron endorses white genocide, says Europe 'shares destiny with Africa': http://www.breitbart.com/l…[View]
168659503Meme Creation/Circulation: Start creating and spreading the new format, the information war is being…[View]
168657559what is chapo trap house and why is it so shit?[View]
168655251TRUMP NOW SAYS HE WON'T MEET WITH KIM JONG UN: https://sputniknews.com/news/201804191063701576-…[View]
168652348White veil White people ...must both become extinct?[View]
168636347this shit makes me so angry. these fucking pussy niggers and their fucking acid. need a mass deporta…[View]
168644611Message from Plus Ultra: Plus Ultra is real. We did not abandon you. And we are all going to take ba…[View]
168657794Religions and Hats: What is it with religions and headwear? Hats are so fucking dumb, and there…[View]
168659121think of the scenario the NPD has just won the election in Germany https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nat…[View]
168632343GOOGLE CENSORING TALK OF NASIM AGHDAM: YouTube is going after content providers who produce videos t…[View]
168657604I live 15 min from pic related: I live about 10 miles north of Pittsburgh. And I wagekek about a mil…[View]
168660188Black Friend Sent Me This: What does it mean?[View]
168655036Reading right now and, to me, it's perfect. It's the ideal redpill all in one.[View]
168658229I love negro jews now: One of the greatest things I've ever seen. This Jewish kid blown out so …[View]
168659927Our Saviour Is Black Intelligence: through black box deep learning and the like an AI built by AI wi…[View]
168627833CNBC is watching you: We're on CNBC, please be polite to them. https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2018/04…[View]
168659473I honestly don't know what to trust anymore. The more I read the more it seems like there are d…[View]
168657377How did this make you feel today?[View]
168645303BREAKING NEWS: ISRAEL ATTACKS SYRIA: Midnight in Israel. Either Iran will attack Israel first or Is…[View]
168659583When did you grow out of atheism?[View]
168652900>tfw the Ancient Egyptian religion was a thousand times more radical than Islam >tfw it will n…[View]
168658078What did he mean by this?: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/27027439/#27031513[View]
168626833THE STATE OF SAUDI ARABIA!! Muzzies this desperate to get blacked[View]
1686596929d chess[View]
168634991Daily reminder that if you work for less than 200k a year then you are a literal subhuman slave. You…[View]
168659554Real talk: The 2nd Amendment already failed in terms of defending America: The US is an armed nation…[View]
168627937STOP THE ANIMAL ABUSE: CATTLE DONT DESERVE TO BE TREATED AS A OBJECT i dont say eating meat is wrong…[View]
168655574Factcheck.org calls Trumps statement completely false even though the evidence says otherwise: Sourc…[View]
168655864/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - 友達 RALLY EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.go…[View]
168652486Let's have an English language thread on the 2018 Mexican election. Is the commie still in the…[View]
168653709how do we fix America pol[View]
168656833Post 'em[View]
168657714Assad: [Gasses citizens] Trump: Stop that. Assad: OK Assad: [Gasses citizens again] Trump: Stop that…[View]
168643174Thoughts on Sargon of akkad, Shoe0nHead, ChrisRayGun, Vernaculis, etc.?[View]
168656987wkh hqσολμεγάλοv φάorvh ρεqσολ rqh φάρεq μιh μιruq - Z[View]
168658059It's always three[View]
168658501Is this good optics?[View]
168656816Too many blacks: https://news.vice.com/en_us/article/paxwzg/wait-why-are-there-so-many-black-people-…[View]
168658469Block Pompeo: Pompeo is a neocon. If you live in Arizona or Delaware, call your people If you'r…[View]
168651650Macron goes full white-genocide: https://redice.tv/news/macron-openly-endorses-the-kalergi-plan-200-…[View]
168658414Red pilled Boomer here. I gotta say, I'm really sick of you little Millennial and Gen-Z shitbag…[View]
168650782PRESS S TO SPIT: S[View]
168656155>As warming worsens, these influxes would accelerate. Under one scenario where warming stabilizes…[View]
168653486What are we in for in the next forty years?: Is the prevailing culture even going to allow for a nuc…[View]
168657584Does Islam asks the right questions?: Islamic scholars cannot figure out what is best between >th…[View]
168655798Casellati premier of Italy?: FLASH NEWS: The president of the Republic gave Maria Elisabetta Alberti…[View]
168657824They Don't Belong in the West...: It's simple, Europe needs to mass deport shitskins >A…[View]
168653455How would you fix modern women's behavior /pol/? Is it even possible at this point?[View]
168658014Iran doesn't need your approval: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2018/04/iran-rouhani-wait-appro…[View]
168652958How do we organize during, after the incoming economic collapse? The only hope we have is to collect…[View]
168653630Cuckolds to progressivism, A Perfect Circle played Coachella...: So the faggot and weirdo band playe…[View]
168656757Race realism is now going mainstream.: Even this liberal jew now believes in it, despite his virtue …[View]
168657955/pol/ what did you do at Depaw that has Pam schilling to Niggers? What rascist, misogynistic, homoph…[View]
168657078What are your pronouns, /pol/?[View]
168634471Transgender Wife inside the White Ethnostate?: /Pol/ please hear me out. I am as Right- wing & p…[View]
168653688Gay is normal - Gay is cool: A man who said he was 'riddled' with HIV and convicted of trying to inf…[View]
168649808could national Bolshevism unite the far left and far right under one cause ?[View]
168657536We NEED Brianna in Congress She actually knows technology unlike those old white guys on Capital Hil…[View]
168651745Any socdems here?[View]
168657651How come Nature or Terrorists not done anything to this mistake of a city: I want an earthquake, hur…[View]
168652467Prove you are not a sodomite - say one thing you respect about Shariah law[View]
168654682Asperger was a National Socialist doctor involved in Aktion T4: Seems checking through 70+ year old …[View]
168632386Some serious speculations about the disonfo of HRC: So there is all this different disinfo being spr…[View]
168643074HELP ANONS: Tomorrow, I have to present a 20 minute presentation at my uni political communication c…[View]
168657197If you don't believe the truth such as the flatness of the earth why even call yourself redpill…[View]
168656949Mulatto upriosing is happening;;;;....[View]
168580885/SWEG/ Sweden elction general: THIS IS WHERE THE FIGHT FOR EUROPE BEGINS. On the 9th September, Swed…[View]
168647995I'm a Black Nationalist. DECOLONIZE AFRICA: Now you probably assume im left-wing. Well guess ag…[View]
168656981Nationally coordinated Starbucks Flashrobs: How long until BLM promotes flash-robberies of Starbucks…[View]
168656129Are they shills?[View]
168656897/meek/ general: >the meek shall inherit the earth >people think it means pussyfags explain…[View]
168609176In case no one has noticed this is all over the German news. Lots of German newspapers and TV report…[View]
168656829((((they)))) have been trying to slide this: /ourguyconfirmed/ >/ourguyconfirmed/ /ourguyconfirme…[View]
168642967What happens when your culture dies: The last time European nations and cultures were assimilated in…[View]
168655317Poland must gib itself to superior Germans: Hi German anons <3 When will you please annex us? Me …[View]
168646881POSSIBLE HAPPENING TONIGHT: WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THIS!?! 'Police in Pittsburgh have been told…[View]
168650039>go to college >See this Which one of you faggots what this?…[View]
168656460How do we nazis conform to current day standards?[View]
168656568PraiseLinda: Faggots[View]
168656061Racism is evil: I am sick and tired of the bigotry on this board. Racism is an outdated idea and it …[View]
168656027DARPA fake image: DARPA working with Facebook and Google to analyze every image on the internet, to …[View]
168656465Discord Image: Hey I'm looking for an image that has a couple posts by the same guy explaining …[View]
168650527India invented the internet 3,000 years ago: http://www.newindianexpress.com/nation/2018/apr/18/inte…[View]
168645442If there was no HIV and Pride Parades: Would you still hate the gays?[View]
168652365Constructed language keep dipshits out: Should we create a city with a 'fake' language to keep the d…[View]
168656222discord link coming in the next comment[View]
168655804What are we going to do about the nigger problem?[View]
168656122Question:: Should the laws, courts, etc. be applied to a person who acted in a fashion that was deem…[View]
168656081Surrounded by the enemy: Invaders taken over the Christian homeland of the Greeks and Armenians, now…[View]
168654748>'if you don't like this country then move somewhere else!' >someone tries to move from s…[View]
168642988Brit/pol/ - We love eddie edition: where's eddie hope he's doing well >De La Rue aband…[View]
168644162Woman Gets AIDS from Cheating Closeted Gay Black Husband: https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/6082354/…[View]
168651821Did James Comey just admit to being a homosexual on Twitter? https://twitter.com/Comey/status/986723…[View]
168654125Trump Officially Wants Back In TPP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3u6zii92_ss[View]
168655564can they do it?: What if every terrorist organization worked together and tried to fight pic related…[View]
168648438Have you ever noticed Russian shills on /pol/?[View]
168655485why do niggers always have tinted windows on their cars?[View]
168655338MEME WAR 2: DARPA declares war on memes https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/spotti…[View]
168641418i was handed an identical watch by my grandmother, she said it was the watch of my great grandfather…[View]
168655209This is a thread about Julian Assange, the news and Youtube going all in on the effort to gain the u…[View]
168655040Trump stands with Israel youtube electric boogaloo: https://youtu.be/JNfBOBeqma8 Downvotes incoming!…[View]
168641989Serbs are mixed race: Here is the biggest redpill you'll get in awhile. The majority of Kosovar…[View]
168653190>Daddy! Think of the innocent Syrian children![View]
168655056Will it end?: Will we succeed in stopping Muslims coming to Christian countries in Europe/Caucuses? …[View]
168655030Does Snapchat have a legitimate use?: I thought it was just for sexting. My 14 year old sister is u…[View]
168654563>be me >family three generations rhodesian >grow up in South Africa >move to the US >…[View]
168653699Pick One: AntiFa >or Isis[View]
168654668Commies are losers: The only people who think capitalism is a failure are those who have failed to p…[View]
168614231HINDUISM GENERAL: >What is Hinduism? Hinduism is the oldest organized religion in the world. It i…[View]
168654028How is that wall coming along mutts? My pesos are ready.[View]
1686541662018. Year of ultimate degeneracy[View]
168654204Watch religious fight for the right to mutilate babies: Filmed yesterday in Iceland was a conference…[View]
168653579Why isn't /pol/ alpha enough post post there politics on The Faceberg and speak out too the nor…[View]
168646664What The FUCK, DRUMPF[View]
168632982Do you support further EU integration? What about German as the official language?: Do you support f…[View]
168654433Hello c