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224274274Is le Macron jealous of Bulbasauro?[View]
224279175What went wrong: >Cyberpunk theme was A1 >/tech/ webm were kino >/pol/ hated niggers and to…[View]
224278524It's hard to say >I'm saved! When I'm surrounded by white genocide, cultural marxi…[View]
224278477Lambright domes to save homeless: Wayne Lambright is now consulting for Kanye West. What are you doi…[View]
224276591Incels are literal scum, and here's why... > The worst part of living as a man in the west i…[View]
224278442SAS hate thread: >>Be super special forces >Entire training and doctrine revolves around s…[View]
224277452Are we the bad guys?: I thought I was fighting for western values, the right of whites to have their…[View]
224276564Coppercab: Seriously why does this Ginger nigger not dead yet?[View]
224278852Why whites from those regions are different from the rest of the whites but are so identical between…[View]
224267102Every day we hear that climate change will end the world in 9 minutes. To avoid this, we need to sto…[View]
224271872New hit piece lads: https://interactives.stuff.co.nz/2019/circuit/ Watched this, incredibly cringy, …[View]
224261839How true is this nowadays?[View]
224252291I should have never supported this clown. I'm voting Vermin Supreme in 2020[View]
224249642Éire /pol/ story edition: Links on the half hour every hour[View]
224276066Should Trump cease all trade with China now or wait until after the election?: https://www.cnn.com/2…[View]
224277738Yes, the US is being flooded with spics and Europe is being flooded with muslims. But there is hope.…[View]
224261581Can someone explain why so many lower class right-wing fags are against unions? Why shouldn't w…[View]
224278723USA or Gilead?: or fanfiction? https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13191684/1/The-Fall-of-Gilead 'Did they …[View]
224275805Why are gays like this?: No human compassion, no empathy. No normal sense of humor unless it's …[View]
224277958evening lads. just dropping in to make a quick point. interested in /pol/'s opinion on the like…[View]
224278537/AHS/ - Atlantic Hurricane Season General[View]
224222447IT'S HAPPENING! IEEPA INCOMING!: Title II of Pub.L. 95–223, 91 Stat. 1626. Title 50 USC WAR AND…[View]
224266902Tay Tay was given (((orders))): (((They))) stole our waifu, frens....how do we get our revenge?…[View]
224272051@PartisanGirl dropped fresh red pills on the masses! how is Israel every going to recover?[View]
22427411112 Israeli kikes raped a British bitch in Cyprus: 3 admitted fucking the bitch; 9 denied. Dare I say…[View]
224259415>'...the existential angst [of violent young white men] is often a disease of privilege. If you…[View]
224277863Is he, dare I say it, based & redpilled?[View]
224276965Are you guys nostalgic?: I think a lot of my childhood in the 90s and early 2000s. N64, PS2 GTA Vice…[View]
224278194Macron, the granny fucker: Does your president make fun out of the granny fucker, Macron? Mine does,…[View]
224277405TFW /pol/ would rather have a 100% white country (with potential feminists, communists or even furri…[View]
224274401Boris Johnson warns Trump US must compromise to get UK trade deal: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-pol…[View]
224274369Am I alone here?: Backstory - my parents are 'born-again Christians', and although I was raised that…[View]
224277841an adventure of truth in racisim: https://youtu.be/xYA6tm9cGgc[View]
224231284Happening happening: Referendum happening in Greenland Leaving Denmark and joining the US for econo…[View]
224268376He Still Believes The Holocaust Happened.: lol.[View]
224272622XI HAS SENT Trump a twatter No trade Now /pitt an lee film: Seriously , I cannot say But the Chinese…[View]
224277731Reevaluation time? > Cool Canadian downstairs neighbors I used to watch American football with m…[View]
224277303Fucking female entitlement. I've fucking had it. These women walk around with their squishy, go…[View]
224277322Why are somails such cucks to Arabs?: 92% of the slaves sold to Libya are somails and the rest arabi…[View]
224263948>remind people that rabbi Yeshua was Jewish >suddenly have a bunch of mutts telling me I'…[View]
224257500What do we name this era?: when it all collapses and decays into nothingness, historians will look b…[View]
224272168The Great Youtube Exodus (Support Decentralized Free Speech): Google is Blacklisting Everything Left…[View]
224276967Destiny names the jew https://clips.twitch.tv/KathishDullTitanHeyGuys[View]
224277153Turkroach hate thread: When will me make Istanbul Constantinople again? Is it true they can survive …[View]
224269441Joe Biden Said Nigger In An Interview: wapo did a puff piece on Biden, in it it quoted an interview …[View]
224273991Is it all just too much for you to handle sometimes anons? The good, the bad, all of it. I think I n…[View]
224274824Redpill me on 9/11: I need to know guys[View]
224273285Who leaked the information about the Greenland purchase? 'people familiar with the discussions' What…[View]
224271311It’s time to stand up to Republicans: Climate change is real and republicans don’t care because they…[View]
224276892Church tomorrow Brothers: Whether you are Catholic , Mormon or a protestant who is bound to go to he…[View]
224271710Based Taxan calling a jews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBFr8TpbWpk[View]
224276512There is literally NO WAY you can deny they aren't doing it on purpose at this point[View]
224275312We Need To Talk About Bibi: What bibi said today left me shaken up. There is another war that might …[View]
224271174Hi pol black guy here: L'll annoy you >I NEVER TIP, it's your own fault your a wage cuc…[View]
224276644Hello /pol/ I would not like to be a minority.[View]
224254960New NZ documentary about 8ch: Called 'Infinite Evil: The Incubators Of Online Hate', featuring Gamer…[View]
224274315How do you do, fellow goys?[View]
224276357So, can Drumpf stop sucking Russian dick for just 5 minutes?: It's getting really fucking old. …[View]
224272278So we all agree that Scandinavia is one of the most cucked regions. Why aren't we seeing a lot …[View]
224260252What the fuck is Germans' problem?[View]
224264012>USA: One of the best things about living in Europe is that most of the right-wing rhetoric you h…[View]
224261236Wussup /pol/!! Where’s your paperwork homie!? https://youtu.be/iJu3r6dpGYI[View]
224275622can we free the world from the american tentacles?[View]
224272233And just like that... he’s gone, faded from memory[View]
224274032Explain this please: I met an African gentleman recently who spoke five languages. His English was p…[View]
224274442MIGA 2020: Make sure to convince all your friends and family to vote for Trump anon. Israel is the o…[View]
224269006Looks like the kind of braindead thug who'd work for Hitler[View]
224276251I am the spirit of Nietzsche. I was crucified in a gruesome way by Jews in a mental hospital. I have…[View]
224269013Does A.I. research prove that modern educational methods suck?: In order to develop superior thinkin…[View]
224275907So I'm done with facebook, yeah you probably will say I should've left a while ago, honest…[View]
224276222>Be amerimongrelmutt >Pay for Twitter posts…[View]
224270120'Daddy Why Does Teacher Say White People Need To Pay Reparations?': how do you respond.[View]
224261677Why are you so against not being broke /pol/?[View]
224275430Why does it feel like there's some omnipresent satanic grip over our countries? And why has it …[View]
224263028Have a lot of Generation X members failed to grow up and become proper adults? Many are still involv…[View]
224275824Her real name is Greta Hogg Climate Change Huckster[View]
224273211Christians then: >Lo and behold, the divinely inspired infallible word of our creator, the perfec…[View]
224261371Most black pilled movie ever: The fact that you faggots never bring this film up speaks volumes.…[View]
224254297One man three faces: How can one man have three faces if he's the same? Looks like Mossad dirty…[View]
224263292Returning to roots: With the USA collapsing in the future due to debt and getting overrun by niggers…[View]
224273294/hrg/ HAM RADIO GENERAL: Amateur Radio is the most based and redpilled hobby in existence. Ham radio…[View]
224265896Is $1000 a month enough to stop you being a racist incel? If nothing else you will be able to afford…[View]
224274149India: How does this shithole have a HIGHER population than Europe, USA and the rest of the anglosph…[View]
224268871Mutations in the population?: I don't know about hundred of years ago but I'm pretty sure …[View]
224275637Argument in favor of gay marriage: I have come to the conclusion that it is a good thing to have gay…[View]
224275759redpill me on sneed[View]
224275565How is Denmark COPEnhaging?: What will happen to Danish citizenship if they join the USA? Will they…[View]
224263862Never be American..: >Never breakfast Pancakes with Sirup in a cheap ass Diner >Never drive th…[View]
224270116'Russia is over' - Russian politics thread: Russia is officially over. Over 900,000 Uzbeks moved to …[View]
224274608QUEEN ARRESTED: Don't ask how I know guys, but the queen was arrested about an hour ago by Isla…[View]
224263174kill all jews.[View]
224275148100 curly haired Jewish lads steal hu-white boys golf cart https://twitter.com/RealTyPickhaver/statu…[View]
224272978Is it worthwhile to debate leftists?: Yuri said that people who have been demoralized are immune to …[View]
224271697Would Hitler's model of National Socialism work for the U.S?: If not, what would need to be cha…[View]
224274720Is supporting BDS anti semitic?[View]
224274713Where can I find Air Jordan Peterson?: I can't seem to find Air Jordan Peterson or Pop Culture …[View]
224271372Well /pol/? What would u do?[View]
224266276BENJAMIN NETANYAHU IS GOING FULL TALMUD: https://twitter.com/IsraeliPM/status/1165375737370746882…[View]
224274605Tarl Warwick: Styx needs to use his brand more effectively to grow his political commentary. Glad t…[View]
224269867Brit/pol/ - Jimmy Saville Edition: >Boris Johnson tells Channel migrants 'we will send you b…[View]
224274568>yikes I used to be a member of the alt right i was like just so toxic incel and stuff but then i…[View]
224273905Implying that whites will win the race war: ..https://twitter.com/FifunmiRexx/status/116523788076099…[View]
224266130this should put things into perspective[View]
224273497What did Quinton mean by this? https://youtu.be/y4EEG3HaYzI?t=840[View]
224274175When was the first time that you begin to take serious /pol? the moment that you figure it out that …[View]
224271958All germanic people must die: We have to eradicate all germanic genes by exchanging their Y chromoso…[View]
224260624How long until Trump bends the knee: Looks like the Jews are starting a war[View]
224263130Iberia needs to become Islamic again.: Spain and Portugal belongs to muslims and not to visigoth mut…[View]
224272772Why do a shit ton of my fellow leafs on this board want to get cucked by america?[View]
224271375Jordan Peterson on the Daughter Question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8-cjd5cdIU[View]
224273048Why does no one talk about this faggot?: https://youtu.be/DajYEwzBGcU[View]
224270879Le Great Generation: Is pic related accurate? Was the 20th century progressive? When, Where and Who …[View]
224273836Why should we give a fuck about nature? How often do you even go to a forest or lake? I've been…[View]
224266098Nationalist and Anti-Globalist Parties in Ireland: >The National Party. https://www.nationalparty…[View]
224273817Daily reminder that saying '/pol/ is always right' or being a white natonalist/supremacist are the s…[View]
224264280Why are /pol/cels are so obsessed with Nords and see them as epitome of whiteness? Don't you gu…[View]
224271441NATO will never be able to bomb Serbia again[View]
224264284Maybe they're just pissed off: Let's say there's without question an anti white/Weste…[View]
224270964https://www.psychologytoday.com/ca/blog/how-do-life/201410/the-recluse-option Another great article …[View]
224266787Why do you retards fight against climate change? Let's be real. What's gonna happen? Mexic…[View]
224265956Where did all the losers go???: I don't feel comfortable here anymore, with all the aryan chads…[View]
224270578This May Be The Most Dangerous Thing Donald Trump Believes: >President Trump’s litany of racist c…[View]
224273124Brentan Tarrant Memetic Funfare Thread III[View]
224273541America vs the world: Who would win if America waged a war against the entire world? Strategy should…[View]
224263581Hello 4channers and 4channelers, you may have seen a meme around town recently and wondered what it …[View]
224270124Its happening, /ourguy/ is going to make it![View]
224271540>part black >part Jewish >one testicle >druggie >gay >pedophile >raped his niec…[View]
224263526why are politicians always kissing jew ass?[View]
224273271I support it[View]
224267604Greta Thunberg, 13 y old PhD: YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS UP https://www.brusselstimes.com/all-news/bel…[View]
224272882Trump is impotent as companies continues to move to China: will he threaten to nuke China next?…[View]
224272784The politically aware should exert violence against the dumb unaware normie animals. Because it…[View]
224268473>all countries are being controlled by a world-spanning conspiracy made up of highly advanced and…[View]
224258216/pol/ humor thread[View]
224261474Genetic Engineering: Fear of a #Blacked Planet: Transhumanists posit that within a few gratifying de…[View]
224264981STOP SMOKING WEED V2: How we doing boys?[View]
224270211What is wrong with Bernie Sanders[View]
224258645Antifa is winning the marketing game: I'm so sick of this shit: https://twitter.com/MalwareJake…[View]
224271448Friendly reminder that JIDF is here: There are people that are gainfully employed, paid to straight …[View]
224267597epsteins buddy: https://www.motherjones.com/crime-justice/2019/08/jeffrey-epstein-my-very-very-sick-…[View]
224252774They plan on killing us. Just a heads up.[View]
224272657EC0NOMICS 101 - NO BULLSHIT EDITION: >your work creates usable stuff human wants >this usable …[View]
224271651If the right had the brains God gave a cockroach, it would stop making trans women into Teh Ebul Ene…[View]
224260655time is up: >Poland >Russia >Ukraine Pic related is what you are handing back by the end of…[View]
224266752I like Chinese. I don't like the CPC.[View]
224240369The real political truth about everything: All countries are working side by side for the single pur…[View]
224271340What would you do if you were 42 and this was your biography to the world?: >Mike Enoch, is an Am…[View]
224271368The amount of mental gymnastics it takes to vote for this again.[View]
224269462Reminder that 4chan is Controlled Opposition: MAGA Chaos Magic Thelema Society 29 Spooks Clowns Of A…[View]
224269429What happens here?[View]
224267199ITT: We sum up Trump with one word[View]
224269681Has Drumpf lost his mind?[View]
224268979Brexit supporters BTFO!! they should be able to hold a referendum to determine if the people still w…[View]
224271141Do you want to be a Lawyer?: What mistake did these Lawyers make? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HU…[View]
224270969ATTENTION: Stop using the internet. It is the leading cause of degeneracy in the west. Until we can …[View]
224271371>Civil War Generation: Killed hundreds of thousands of white people on behalf of niggers, gave ni…[View]
224271988good day /pol/ I would not like to be a minority[View]
224270477>be me >rant my ass off about identity politics and how it runs America >mention how my jew…[View]
224262312Dont these countries' economies depend almost completely on oil? How do they pay for all the we…[View]
224268659Please sign this Knife Surrender Campaign petition so we can once and for all disarm the bong filth.…[View]
224268947If guns are dangerous in the hands of the wrong person and there need to be strict background checks…[View]
224271583We expose local pedophiles: Ray Larson Former District Attorney Lexington, Kentucky[View]
224270504Traditional American Values versus Cultural Marxism in U.S College Campuses.: How much do leftist U.…[View]
224268965Yang gang get in here >As President, I will… Promote any legislation extending protected status t…[View]
224267651Will the next generation of college students be more conservative?[View]
224270826Totenkopf - Deus Vult!: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3rd_SS_Panzer_Division_Totenkopf >Later, to…[View]
224270023THEY NEED OUR HELP: This is a message fo all the non-whites like me who roam this board. We need to …[View]
224246353Are Therasophids the White Man's ideal mascot?: >Eight sexy feet, I know you like that >k…[View]
224271017READ ME: >hur dur spergs >im too smart to join some mossad honey pot CIA glow in the dark nigg…[View]
224269070Did you donate to Bernie yet?[View]
224269385Attention: White Nationalists: I cannot answer any of your questions at this time.[View]
224269247Great Climate Change Hoax: Nolte: Martha’s Vineyard Home Proves Obama Knows Global Warming’s a Hoax …[View]
224271067Filipions are honorary whites, right guys ? If you think about it they have been race mixing for a l…[View]
224270230How based is the Principality of Belka, pol?: Is it not everything pol aspires to be? Also, >Osea…[View]
224270955The absolute state of American space exploration: Roses are red Flat-earthers are based[View]
224270935is it time to abolish this policy[View]
224270662Why can't Spics defeat Anglos?: >btfo in Gibraltar >btfo in Falklands >btfo in Texas …[View]
224257796Is your coutntry divided? >Poland >Very much so and it's catastrophic.... I cry every tim…[View]
224267912>me with fake username trying to redpill the left but it backfired[View]
224264496Why does the 'fuck white people' platform appeal to so many whites?: What is it about the left'…[View]
224266447>channel pops up overnight and gets millions of views >advocates being a 'life coach' >clai…[View]
224270638Larry Celona: >fake name >jewish cover name for a frothing disinfo kike…[View]
224270521How should society deal with the growing threat to civilization posed by incel terrorism, /pol/?[View]
224270115When do you autists think people are going to realize 4chan is the intelligence community[View]
224268636What do you think about Kosovo?[View]
224214643What red pilled you on gays? I wish I was making this up: I just got off an airplane. About an hour …[View]
224261698HAHAHAHA: British cucks hyped up and rooted for a black against their own race and he still lost…[View]
224269334Why does Trump want Russia to join the G7 so bad? Is there any actual logic behind it?[View]
224219339Half a Trillion Paid in Interest on the $16T US Public Debt: Why do we pay a cartel of private banks…[View]
224267354KING TRUMP: How badly do you want King Trump to happen?[View]
224266837I didn’t know lesbians were space faring now[View]
224267975Should irreparably defective children be recycled?[View]
224264487Hong Kong protest are for Israel: Along with the Drumpf Administration and glowniggers on /pol/ and …[View]
224264888This is why we can’t have universal healthcare and free college: They’re calling it “Space Command” …[View]
224263049Why do white people murder little girls in churches?[View]
224263417Im in a telescope AMA: Hitler did nothing wrong.[View]
224267469Daily Reminder: greek aren't human: Remember greekoid arab, you are not white. You will never …[View]
224263100Brit/pol/ Tim posting is gay Edition: >Boris Johnson tells Channel migrants 'we will send yo…[View]
224268957They don't call 'em the 'Virgin' Islands for nothin.: aMIRITE BOIS?[View]
224267224Global warming is bs: The world needs to be colder, much colder. Winter needs to be from October to …[View]
224229470Dyke in space: thoughts /po/?[View]
224268097What is the big deal with Jordan Peterson?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiJW4i55uEE[View]
224269920I had a dream in which i take control of my countries government, conquer the entire Continent of Eu…[View]
224269919I need the Info: https://strawpoll.com/y4z51d23[View]
224266503All lizards playing the game WILL CEASE TO EXIST: That includes Q. 4D faggots. :) o7[View]
224234742nogs btfo’ed: AYO ‘HOL UP, SO YOU WUZ SAYIN, WE AIN’T KANGS?[View]
224269792Despite the constant mention of how the jews rule over the world, I have never seen any evidence on …[View]
224269589Why does this faggot go unchecked?: https://youtu.be/DajYEwzBGcU[View]
224268833What does my DNA test say about me /pol/ ?: Plase elaborate[View]
224214960Climate science is correct: >hey guys climate science is correct and humanity will likely experie…[View]
224267018Is he, shall I say, /ourguy/?[View]
224259412I just inherited the family bible from germany: In the 1880s my great great grandfather immigrated h…[View]
224252639ANOTHER 3000 LIBERALS MOVING TO TEXAS TO TURN IT BLUE!!!: also thank you for the $36 million donatio…[View]
224262589>browse omegle searching for people to talk about history >a wild jew appears Is this your cre…[View]
224262224>China is building high speed rail literally across the entire country >America can't eve…[View]
224267678who is more based?[View]
224263457Does anyone have Strike & Mike episodes 50 & 51?[View]
224269343Mind Hunters: Story involving FBI trying to figure out serial killers. FBI are good guys always doin…[View]
224266597How could we deal with the gender pay gap issue /pol/?: I don't think its fair to earn less jus…[View]
224259469Secession Thread: Secession thread. Also a voting thread too. https://www.strawpoll.me/18533097 ALL…[View]
224261310IT'S HAPPENING: Syrian air defenses engaging with Israeli aircrafts as we speak, a large scale …[View]
224263983Global suicide rates among young people aged 15-19: Thoughts?[View]
224266715When the fuck is the Fourth Reich coming?: We have a much harder job than the Reichs before us could…[View]
224268728When a woman says no, SHE MEANS YES!: If you are a straight man and still 'listen' to a wo…[View]
224267271Toll paid?: Canada: Sudanese Chap Stabbed His Mudshark Over 100 Times, Cut Out Her Organs, Pinned He…[View]
224268905SJWs made me laugh: How did a SJW get offended at this image? This was on some sort of SJW website i…[View]
224267525Why do leftists think that unpersoning somebody online amounts to unpersoning them in real life?[View]
224262223Astronaut Commits Identity Theft/Wire Fraud While in Space: Wew the first dyke astronaut is a degene…[View]
224268754>bored at a brewery, hot as hell 100 degrees and a mile high... ask a New Mexican absolutely anyt…[View]
224267351>b-but muh hwite genocide! >it's ok when we do it XDDDD /pol/ BTFO, y'all were conqu…[View]
224268541The Father of the Jews is the Devil: At the creation of the world The Lord God conceived the races: …[View]
224264140Muslims hate gays. The right hates muslims and gays. Gays hate pussy (the right). Therefore Muslim s…[View]
224268466What you mean 'document'? I thought everything belong to everyone, I read macron's rent on twit…[View]
224263520Democrat's secret plan to cement one-party rule forever.: You heard it here first: All this tal…[View]
224243229Who would have thought that repeatedly inhaling thick clouds of oil vapor directly into your lungs m…[View]
224268431With all this talk of Jewish Supremacy recently. How long until they 'Shut it Down'?: Because they l…[View]
224262438Twin emperors: I want these two to hold a summit on how to dismantle the leftist cucks that plague t…[View]
224263621New Disney writer exposed:: >Bisha K Ali, new feminist writer for Ms. Marvel has blocked all acco…[View]
224268199Jews will be Jews.: Benjamin Netanyahu randomly bombs countries around Israel to win September elect…[View]
224265725>his country doesn't have the death penalty Kek! How it is to live in cuckland?…[View]
224260347Micro Plastic: Is anyone else infuriated by these retarded tiny black eyed figures of the movie rema…[View]
224268066Dikes in space: How much longer will the Lord put up with all this, anons? https://www.dailymail.co…[View]
224247601Trump has ditched the wall from his 2020 platform.: Friendly reminder that Trump has been mentioning…[View]
224265321Who are we going to fuck up next? I'm restless I want missile strikes, I want boots on the grou…[View]
224267079I think this retard needs to have his face smashed in: So Trump, a guy with businesses in said China…[View]
224266497Who's gonna get in bigger trouble: a black for saying something good about the holocaust, or a …[View]
224265156Do beta male exist solely for serving the alphas? I mean if you think about it, beta males will neve…[View]
224257891WTF is Creepy Joe's problem?: Maybe he should be in handcuffs[View]
224258474LOL palestine doesn't exist: Even the State Department says so[View]
224264294Why do millennials support immigration?: It's like they want their housing costs to go up and w…[View]
224261847Whats the consensus on sugar babies? Is it better to have one instead of seeing actual whores now an…[View]
224222026The absolute state of masculinity in 2019: What the fuck[View]
224267451Jordan Petersen on daughters.: Prove him wrong. >Protip: you can't https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
224267195God Save: the reports are true.[View]
224264010America should balkanize There's no way the northeast will peacefully live with the deep south …[View]
224261514Why did either the British or Argentinians believe the crummy Falklands were worth spilling blood ov…[View]
224259786How fucked are we: What happens if she dies?[View]
224265049how world war begins israel drops nuclear bomb on syrian russland drops nuclear bomb on israel ameri…[View]
224264377Refugees: just a meme[View]
224260814HEY ISRAELIS ARE YOU READY TO FOR WAR WITHOUT US SUPPORT?: https://twitter.com/NTarnopolsky/status/1…[View]
224265991The Trump economy is currently in a recession: heading towards a great depression: https://www.youtu…[View]
224263902Drumpf is racist. Here's proof:: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Nj6fUaf49Y[View]
224266687Isn't Jontron nose ridiculously large. Could arabs be siberians that went far southeast and are…[View]
224265794Could someone please explain the different generations (Boomers, Zoomers, Doomers, etc.)? Like, I al…[View]
224246219I call him the grabbler[View]
224258596African Americans DESERVE reparations!: This is NOT a racist thread! This is a serious discussion ab…[View]
224254925oh no OH NO: hahahahahahahahahahaha[View]
224265353Reparations pro’s and cons debate!: Serious talk about American issues. 1-Who should pay reparations…[View]
224265204my friend believes all races are equal and he thinks blacks are only like they are because of their …[View]
224265775I mean how can you not believe this[View]
224257797You guys are delusions: Imagine believing that skin colour or eye colour just randomly makes you sma…[View]
224265946>/pol/? why yes I do post every day over there, what gave it away?[View]
224263730Absolute state of Americlaps: Snipers Defend Drag Queen Story Hour From Mom-Led Protest >A SWAT t…[View]
224262533HAPPENED HAPPENED HAPPENED: Michgan city council candidate says we should keep Marysville, Michigan …[View]
224263943Israel Jews vs American Jews: I get it, I’m sure it’s just a front, (((they))) are really good at th…[View]
224262342Things Niggers Say: Ooohmm muhfugga bix nood (as he rapes the white pussy)[View]
224265910do americans even know what ethnic cleansing really means? I think not[View]
224261747Do we still have some Valeria Legasov around in case of real shit happening ? I mean, do people like…[View]
224254283IT'S HABENNING!!!!!![View]
224260692>this is ok[View]
224265163When the world falls down around you,...: and hope is lost...When you find yourself alone, amid a li…[View]
224266055The Return of The Jedi.: Fellow Kek-ers, The WAR of Kek is upon US. We must STAND STRONG, TOGETHER, …[View]
224260923Does Pol Actually Believe (((Harrison Ford))) is mixed race?: This is one of many absurd implication…[View]
224256745A DIFFERENT BREED: Can we get some anti-ashkenazi propaganda please people? I'll start. Fuck w…[View]
224262130We need to focus on entertainment and education: We are so degenerate and godless now because jewish…[View]
22426590499% of THREADS on /pol/ are anti-White & anti-Trump ... pro-Jewish for the last 2 years Moderato…[View]
224265845Ruth Bader Ginsburg treated for malignant tumor: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/supreme-court-says…[View]
224262086This faggot wont do jack shit will he[View]
224259044South Africa Update: Old SA flag banned. You will now be prosecuted if you display this flag. https:…[View]
224262639Are Netouyo based+redpilled, or anti-white larpers?[View]
224264411is dating a Jew the ultimate red pill?[View]
224265594'I'm not shitting on Stan Lee, just mocking those who enjoyed his life's work. You can…[View]
224240599Religious Redpills: Either for or against the belief in God. Any religion. Go![View]
224231761What's the 'point' of being racist? Seems like a colossal waste of time and energy to me. Even…[View]
224265364>he thinks there are aliens in area 51 It's where the elites keep their child sex slaves…[View]
224261643Ready to go[View]
224255889What is happening to America? Why are so many people suddenly ok with being openly racist?[View]
224265295Israeli spying in the USA prior to 9/11: Suppressed Fox News series with Carl Cameron: https://www.y…[View]
224261376What do you all think about Taiwan?[View]
224265277Oct. 14th She's going to chimp out in front of everybody. Media. Politcal Figures. Your Parent…[View]
224265244Do you think Peter Zeihan's predictions will come true or is he just a fiction writer?[View]
224262253Based Bill Maher: Right wingers BTFO. It’s been a bad week for y’all.[View]
224264989I hate feminists: Is the patriarchy still a thing?[View]
224262464Have you picked up your check for borrowing money lately?: Just buy a house, finance it with a loan …[View]
224263763Senpai lol my first time posting like nigga how u know a nigga is Jewish based on their last name lo…[View]
224256611Who has the comfiest parliament building?[View]
224260913NEW GARRISON: What happens during the copyright lawsuit?[View]
224264462Meme General: So I got bored and decided to put quotes from the El Paso Shooter's manifesto nex…[View]
224254914When was the last time you heard about the DNC supporting Native Americans? Never? Not since Dances …[View]
224260894>wood '''houses'''' >oh no but wood is this miraculous material that's so convenient and …[View]
224257406Why did he destroy world economy?[View]
224263878Hong Kong 'protestors' are just high school kids on their summer break who just want to cause destru…[View]
224259170Just think.: What if a Major war was hapening e.g WW3 but it hapened in the Internet Era?[View]
224263085We can be friends: It's honestly funny how you guys believe that blacks have it easy in the Uni…[View]
224206340Epstein: The NY Post journalist who broke the Jeffrey Epstein story is Larry Celona. Larry Celona wa…[View]
224263760Is this real life?: What does the weaponized mind of pol say?[View]
224260627What would you do if you were 42 and this was your biography to the world?: >Mike Enoch, is an Am…[View]
224251698What drives someone to shoot up a school?[View]
224257421Why do you hate us anon?: Sure there are some criminals among us, but isn't the same true for e…[View]
224249525Brit/pol/ - Bash Their Heads In With A Shovel Edition: >Boris Johnson tells Channel migrants …[View]
224258816College: What's /pol/ opinion on college and college degrees? Is it worth it? Are universities …[View]
224263230You ever just crave watermelon outta no where /pol/?[View]
224263667Jews In Porn: Jews In Porn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFAvlxSZMBQ[View]
224257275A wizard put on his robe and wizard hat: He grants you a wish out of the following: 1) A supermodel …[View]
224236520How did she get Europeans eating out of the palm of her hands?[View]
224261836How much do you have budgeted to protect Andy Ngo from Antifa? I average around $500 a month[View]
224258638The Earth is a Battery: What did Owen mean by this?[View]
224244462Fashwave: Fashwave thread[View]
224262052At this low point, I think impeaching Donald Trump would be best for the US. Vice President Mike Pen…[View]
224255784Based Music Thread Post' em https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fc_rdgTHFlA[View]
224262121Why did Christians choose to ruin the west, /pol/?[View]
224263282The real red pill: The venture capitalists ARE ALSO THE LANDLORDS Dumb dumbs[View]
224261486she's right you know: The Electoral College is affirmative action for rural retards.[View]
224258256Let's talk about an ethnostate.: Let's suppose that an ethnostate was established. Would …[View]
224258434An question for Brazilians:: How is the city of Fortaleza? It is safe or dangerous?[View]
224262902Thanks for the country wh*Toid[View]
224262331FASHWAVE THREAD OC: Post original fashwaves only[View]
224253082Ok which one of you 400lb hackers did this?: https://archive.is/owlBS[View]
224259313Dutch Traditional song: Okay guys so there's this song we learned as kids i the Netherlands and…[View]
224262558Deep State thread[View]
224256443FUCK FRENCH CUCKS: I hate french people !! These postmodern degenerate egalitarians are fucking stup…[View]
224257399What’s this place general opinion of Charlie?[View]
224258478Why did retrowave become the default aesthetic for the dissident right?[View]
224258260DEMOCRACY IS THE DESTROYER OF HUMANITY AND CULTURE: Since the dawn of humanity, every significant an…[View]
224261317Why do you hate us?: What have we ever done to deserve this hate?[View]
224260350No wonder most Americans here are incels.[View]
224259291LADY AND THE TRAMP INTERRACIAL: God this shit is all so tiresome.[View]
224254742KEEP MARYSVILLE A WHITE COMMUNITY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dj-7aZ6WoD8&feature=youtu.be …[View]
224257931Post what you've done today: to secure the existence of our people and a future for white child…[View]
224260730Mega Ritual 11/3 Seattle False Flag: Why are there hundreds of mostly German Youtube videos warning …[View]
224249606Soft Disclosure in Films & TV: There is no doubt that the elites put symbolism in the media that…[View]
224256468MAGAtards are BTFO: She's not y/ourgal/ anymore[View]
224258987ALl I see when I am driving anywhere is California license plates in Arizona. A 15 mile commute duri…[View]
224260633What?: What exactly is a 'White Nationalist'. On words alone it seems like a good thing.[View]
224245102Norwegian crown prince cucked by Islam: Great to see Norway and their crown prince integrating and a…[View]
224256175I love being Asian: It's like being White but with the privileges of being a minority in the We…[View]
224261952(((thunberg))): shes the marketing gag of a big corporation who sells counselling services on enviro…[View]
224261272From Los Alamos National Laboratory (the same agency that developed nuclear weapons): >microwave …[View]
224259879Biden picks her as VP: They beat Trump. Then they suicide Biden with a heart attack. She takes over …[View]
224258720https://youtu.be/43gm3CJePn0 Nazis BTFO.[View]
224253353If you were a nigger: If you woke up tomorrow morning and you found yourself to be a nigger (permane…[View]
224250028/AHS/ Atlantic Hurricane Season General: Puerto Rico's Fucked Edition: https://www.tropicaltidb…[View]
224255074Texas Legal System Problems: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPVSkYfODQA >Be hispanic woman that …[View]
224261177Female 'rage': So apparently men have no rights to anger or even any understanding of the concept of…[View]
224252133Operation: Star of Edom We start calling (((them))) out as the Edomites they are. >>It's …[View]
224256866How do we solve the Saudi problem?: These snakes are Just as bad as the Jews.[View]
224193343Ghislaine on her goygirl victims: 'They're nothing, these girls. They are trash': >https://w…[View]
224261571Alcohol In Moderation Saves Lives: A study in Japan found that moderate sake(alcohol) drinking exten…[View]
224261278/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
224253368Tulsi Gabbard being screwed by DNC: Tulsi Gabbard was dropped by Google search following the first d…[View]
224258428>be amerimutt >Nigger attacks you >Pull out your firearm and defend yourself >End up in …[View]
224261488Virgin Macron: What you guys think about this episode? Macron will fail in his attempt to control Br…[View]
224261443The Presidential Election is upon us..: Our backs are on the wall, who’s the champion of America? Fi…[View]
224259749https://vimeo.com/346227013 UN-fucking-ironically BASED BLACK MAN[View]
224260412Empire of Liberty: The power we are dealing with here...is immeasurable.[View]
224261355INDIA /POL/ Space Western 卐 ॐ 卍[View]
224261328Let's find out who the niggerfaggots really are[View]
224240999Absolute degeneracy: Gay furry amputated both hands after 'accidently' falling asleep while dry icin…[View]
224259895The “trannies will rape kids in public bathrooms” shit makes no sense. First of all, don’t most m2f …[View]
224258109Every major corporation and civilized nation is against you /pol/. You. Will. Lose.[View]
224258561What's your opinion on the Denmark Mafia?[View]
224261110Is it possible to do secretly conduct an independent census?: In fact, race report statistics are IL…[View]
224253983Taylor Swift's new song, 'Lover': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BjZmE2gtdo Music video featu…[View]
224260831How do I 'take care' of Larpers? My Junior Year of College just started and in my computer…[View]
224250371I hereby order: I hereby order, 3 hamberders and a covfefe, to go. Make it snappy![View]
224259876i love black people they are so chill and fun and great at sex, just lighten up, suck some bbc, and …[View]
224240228WW2 Veteran ancestors: Did you grandpas or someone from your family fight in WW2? On which side? In …[View]
224259065climate deniers are /x/ tier: >there's a global cabal involving thousands of scientists and …[View]
224254200the downfall of american media: holy hell what the fuck happened to US media? Is this the same power…[View]
224256261Realistically, how would WW3 begin and escalate?[View]
224260944>Status: Available[View]
224260365Which are worse American niggers or Brazilian niggers?[View]
224256761Daily Redpill Thread: Post your redpills Post your request Post leftist arguments and/or studies use…[View]
224246898HAHHA ORANGE MAN BAD: HAHAHA POTATO MAN BAD >this is unironically the democrat's re-election…[View]
224240898GERMANY YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: >le 58%[View]
224259838Yea uhhh: So I genuinely am curious. I was reading articles on this Philly shooting that happened no…[View]
224260646The day of the rope will eventually come. Be pacient brothers all of the degenerates shall perish, j…[View]
224259391Can someone explain this to me?: https://www.usatoday.com/in-depth/news/nation/2019/08/14/climate-ch…[View]
224260684Why Zoomers so cringy?: Why are Zoomers so fucking cringy? 30 yr old here. My Dad was Gen x. I alwa…[View]
224258815We agree on a price for Greenland: Put in your best guess price. The total average ends up the price…[View]
224260620Why does the far-right have such a close association with the Incel epidemic?[View]
224260324GRANDPA NO!!!!![View]
224260592NIGGER HATE THREAD: Let's get one going[View]
224260408Did Hitler have Rommel killed because he was coming close to discovering the truth?[View]
224247062On a scale of 0 to 10, how much of a happening will be a no deal Brexit?: Is it worth it to plan a t…[View]
224260211picture: can someone post the picture of the skinny white guy flexing next to that huge black guy fl…[View]
224260495Why is /pol/ shilling for Hong Kong's democracy?: I know Amerifats love democracy because they …[View]
224258139Dick Cheney to speak at Carwashing expo!: >The Southwest Car Wash Association has announced that …[View]
224244117Urbanisme and Architecture: >Essential videos America's Biggest Problem https://www.youtube.…[View]
224258429Jordan peterson thread: Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappppffffft https://vocaroo.com/i/s0S6JdONnvkq[View]
224256850The Amazon has more scary animals than Australia. I say let the entire thing burn[View]
224259646LIVE: Straight Pride parade in Modesto, California: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHjGsfnKwnY (Glo…[View]
224260191Even the Almighty hides. John 8:59 So they picked up stones to throw at him, but Jesus hid himself a…[View]
224259996Letter G in G7 stands for globalism. How is Trump not a globalist if he went there?[View]
224244051/humor/ - Let's make me laughing again...: Last Thread seems accidantily got lost, but why not …[View]
224257409Anti White Hate Crime in NY: NYPD arrest black man, 33, who was 'roaming the streets of Manhatt…[View]
224259761Defend your retarded nativism: My cousin married someone she meet in Nicaragua during a trip doing w…[View]
224259806Jesse Lee Peterson is the most based blackman: Makes fun of niggers and wants america to stay white.…[View]
224221283What is the sport most fit for the white man?: Is it Formula 1?[View]
224248420HONG KONG AGAINST BIG BROTHER: Protesters destroy facial recognition tower, cripple big brother…[View]
224253433Should surface parking lots be banned? You could solve the housing crisis if you replaced all these …[View]
224230633Emergency Economic Powers Act of 1977: >The IEEPA authorizes the president to declare the existen…[View]
224254055>$600 a month for this https://nypost.com/2019/08/16/condo-owner-busted-for-building-being-john-m…[View]
224256845Anti-China General /acg/: /pol/ needs to get behind Hong Kong protestors like right now. They'r…[View]
224241156Thoughts On E. Michael Jones Being Banned From YouTube?: https://youtu.be/zMAxwWpYjsY[View]
224256729Söy does not lower testosterone. It is protein-rich, and common in many exercise supplements. Plant …[View]
224249972I am in Germany right now. Will I be sent to prison for shitposting here?[View]
224259547Can you see a future for yourself ten years from now? Everything is changing so fast, often not in a…[View]
224254066Give it back you fucking snow niggers[View]
224232144Is there an alternative to Capitalism which is not Communism?[View]
224216529Can this guy just fuck off already?[View]
224241677Will western europeans flee to eastern european countries eventually?[View]
224259158How would things go down if suddenly everybody in the world was fluent/native level in English?[View]
224257458TRUMP IS LITERALLY HITLER: >Trump's plan to cage kids indefinitely while denying them vaccin…[View]
224256368What happens to Iraq after US leaves?[View]
224256157Is France a racist country?: Hundreds of black French residents have staged a protest in the city of…[View]
224253946Jussie Smollet: How is he getting away with it when the two Nigerian brothers literally admited that…[View]
22425102940% OF AMERICA WILL BE WITHOUT A JOB OVER THE NEXT DECADE AND A HALF: https://fortune.com/2019/01/10…[View]
224255844Redpill me on Firefox and DuckDuckGo: Looking for a good non-Google browser. Been using Firefox, but…[View]
224258922Vote Far Left: Why aren't you voting as far left as you can? The Republicans refuse to represen…[View]
224258000Why are people who make less than 30k a year even paying income tax at all?[View]
224257644Who’s marking all them money on US debt?: A huge percentage of America’s debt is unaccounted for. Wh…[View]
224235181CANNABIS HATE THREAD: Hey /pol/, Im trying to quit weed. Ive been an abuser for about 11 years now. …[View]
224257802I unironically can't stop listening to this Am I an incel?[View]
224256033>/pol/ voted for the King of the Jews LMFAO YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS SHIT UP JAJAJAJAJAJAAJJAAJAJ…[View]
224253357white people music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nq_reKGpgoM[View]
224228138First person to commit crime on Earth... woman First in space... woman: Following in the footsteps o…[View]
224258017Did American boys realize what they were fighting for in ww2?: Honest question, where they told they…[View]
224252339From Los Alamos National Laboratory (the same agency that developed nuclear weapons): >microwave …[View]
224254440>based blacks don’t exi-[View]
224240932Would you die for your country?[View]
224250461Based AmeriMutt here with my WW2 thread:: >Ah shit, here we go again. If Hitler had done one of …[View]
224253545kikes: https://christiansfortruth.com/jews-are-leading-the-alt-right-white-nationalist-movements/…[View]
224255009How do you get away with a crime?: Is it just a case of money or knowing the right people?[View]
224258137Thats what lies behind Macron's eco ativism: Protectionism: 'The Bruegel institute, a Brussels-…[View]
224257476proving genetic mental differences: Is there a new way to prove whether mental differences between r…[View]
224256423how do you see euro-american relations progressing in next few years/decades? a lot depends on brexi…[View]
224257001The Wall: So where is it?[View]
224251478What will you be doing for a living in ten years?: As in... what job will you be doing?[View]
224255485When the fuck are we getting Greenland?[View]
224256990Thank you America for spreading your degeneracy in the whole world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
224246217CCP is warning chinese in Hong Kong to not get Blacked by US propaganda[View]
224257682Why haven't you started a B&H neonazi-band yet, anon? RAC is the thing (((they))) fear the …[View]
224256692Ծիծաղեք փոքրամասնություններին, նրանք հոտ են գալիս կլեպի պես[View]
224257640The MAGA Chuds cant meme worth shit. No wonder Boomers eat it up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VX…[View]
224241179Behold. This, is your future leader!: This is my son. I have traditional values, and i do like the i…[View]
224248848LOL, kind of true...[View]
224253915itt: we post our none-/pol/ guilty pleasures: I like to play video games[View]
224257427nigs and shitskins: Should niggers be considered humans? or should they continue as vermin, turning …[View]
224257320Italy must open its borders, one of the demands for Italy's potential coalition government with…[View]
224257190/rseg/ REDDIT SOCIAL ENGINEERING GENERAL- Digg 2.o edition: Greetings, diverse foreign invading occu…[View]
224256607Bolton is still whining about Maduro: He's been posting every day for years about 'Interim…[View]
224257319Discuss: If democrats want to win in 2020, they need the nomination void of socialist, and a tossup …[View]
224257318What will you do?: What will all you Qtards do when you finally realize that Trump isn't going …[View]
224248583What's spanishs opinion about Franco and his regime?: I hear very little about the spanish civi…[View]
224255538Violence isn't right: Killing innocent civilians is bad.[View]
224257086WLGBT is a better political label than LGBT. There's no difference in the gender policing enfor…[View]
224254310Why is Hollywood so degenerate and without principles?: is it the globs of money they get for basica…[View]
224253000This is the guy telling you the white race is superior[View]
224252096Court rules Idaho must give tranny inmate gender surgery: after he tried to cut his balls out twice.…[View]
224255492cancerburg is dying: >https://thehill.com/regulation/court-battles/458667-david-axelrod-after-gin…[View]
224255148Imagine you were a 42-year old man and this was your biography to the World: >Mike Enoch, is an A…[View]
224255980He went from being a virulent anti-semite to saying 'My sincere hope that now in this country and th…[View]
224254968It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to compare white male wages to Black female wages when hal…[View]
224255970Afrimericans: You went in WW2 to die for Jews. The Jews have rewarded you today by turning your nati…[View]
224247723Once and for all, are Jews their own race or not?: Some Jews say they are a race of their own, so no…[View]
224244454Why are Asians trying to turn western countries into China 2.0 and South Korea 2.0? A lot of Asian w…[View]
224256704Molyneux on 'incel' slur: Why has Molymeme been totally ON POINT since converting to Christianity? h…[View]
224237400Extinct Cetaceans and Politics Thread.: Thread about Extinct Cetaceans and Latest Politics around th…[View]
224256104Trump was only brought to power because he's loud and makes people argue. (((They))) know this …[View]
224252580Why are faggots usually complete degenerates? Why can't they just such each others' dicks …[View]
224251910>people cry racism >media encourages interracial dating and BMWF pairing, 'date who you l…[View]
224256445Heyyyyyy Guys: Rich Boomer here. Can I see you for a second? Take a seat. It's a recession out …[View]
224256444WW1: Let's talk about WW1. Was it the jews? Did anyone truly gain anything? https://www.youtube…[View]
224256333What did boris and trump mean by this: They also mentioned they are faggots as well[View]
224252275HONEST! All the white guys I've met are publicly educated incel wage slaves who live on their c…[View]
224256327Tonight, we make lampshades: How redpilled was the movie and/or book Fight Club? I haven't read…[View]
224253049Is Greenland the final salvation of the wh*Te raice?[View]
224246172Where did it all go so wrong bros?[View]
224252794CT tax on plastic bags[View]
224255649First 14 words that come to mind?[View]
224246020How to Protect Free Speech and Chans?: I have a couple interesting algos that I want to put to use, …[View]
224254787Even Monopoly knows the future is Socialism: with Chinese characteristics[View]
224254567Why can't she just find a boy toy companion like Madonna? I'd bang her for a few hundred t…[View]
224217807/sg/ Syria General - Late LATE Night Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordp…[View]
224255131What are the odds that Trump begins to fund the Hong Kong protesters?[View]
224255974white nationalist have failed lol: When your 'symbol of renewed white identity' declares himself Kin…[View]
224256065Do you support the bds movement?[View]
224255843Alright /pol/ time to post your voting history Post your: >Party >voting unit (US State, UK co…[View]
224255668Maduro, president in Venezuela, stated Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million and only won 20% of …[View]
224255993/pol/ why did she do it? Explain yourself!!! https://youtu.be/Q8so6RUrUOw[View]
224253226Is being white a genetic disease?[View]
224230116Russia is the greatest country in the world: prove me wrong.[View]
224255715How can I be based?: Okay, /pol/. Anyone who spends a couple months here is exposed to enough redpil…[View]
224254589Hi '''Egyptians(Arabs)''' of pol: Yes you are not true Egyptians only cultureless Arab rape babies i…[View]
224255132What would be your playlist of music to listen to if/while you were elected president or ruled? http…[View]
224247529How the fuck do people smuggle themselves from pakistan all the way to europe?[View]
224253613There's no turning back with this trade war brinkmanship, is there? Trump's pride won…[View]
224255612>I'd rather have someone that literally advocates for open-borders over someone who makes wh…[View]
224251282Daily Remind: Pol never accomplished anything[View]
224253709Hello federal agent Greg here, I would like to ask the people of 4chan who else died in the last 24 …[View]
224249363are italians white[View]
224219886Barron Trump is deformed, he's already 6 foot 4 at 14. He's going to be 7 foot tall by 18.…[View]
224254112Just watched the video: She didnt kiss the nigger. Still our queen[View]
224239089Drejka was justified: this is controversial, apparently >https://abcnews.go.com/US/michael-drejka…[View]
224248691I have information that will lead to the arrest of hillary clinton: 30 minutes[View]
224254604Why are white people white?: Tell me[View]
224253284>been looking to buy a house >pricing, description, condition of houses, iis fucking horseshit…[View]
224255477The Crip street gang is a Jewish psyop.: Pic related is one of the biggest Gangster Disciples tags, …[View]
224239940Why are they obsessed with open borders and diversifying people?: 1200 Rabbis https://www.dailymotio…[View]
224251365There are about 45 'Islamic countries'. Anyone who wants to live as a Muslim, believe in t…[View]
224251414I Beseech You /POL/: I am a 6'1 US German/French Mutt dating a German 9/10 Leftist living in the US.…[View]
224253649Trump kills plan to cut billions in foreign aid: https://www.politico.com/story/2019/08/22/white-hou…[View]
224255279Milo - Straight Pride Marshal: gay misogynist is Straight Pride marshal[View]
224247196TULSI 2020: 'US presence in Afghanistan costs $4billion a month. Imagine what we could do with those…[View]
224253018Do you ever watch hot chicks on the news?: Are there any 10/10 hotties on the news you eatch who you…[View]
224251543>Traitor Trump sends thousands more troops to Afghanistan >Pretends to be sad about them getti…[View]
224252596British sports commentator True Geordie responds to leaked interracial cuckold DMs: This is an updat…[View]
224250586Frankistan President vs Brazil President: Begone, frogs![View]
224252181Who here /hyper-blackpilled/[View]
224254452White genocide: Will the west become another Muslim territory in 50 years?[View]
224254038>tfw i wish i had never taken the red pill[View]
224229636North African scammers in Florence, Italy: Why are Shitalian police so lackadaisical about north afr…[View]
224254694Why didn't they listen to him? https://youtu.be/0hi7s0p_-t4[View]
224245279White genocide makes me sad for me and my frens.[View]
224238697White Boy Pay Up Time For Transgression Against The Pharaohs. Truth Tellers (Checkmarks) Agree.: Rep…[View]
224254611Pua: PUA rsdtyler teaching indian incel[View]
224250517Poland and Portugal - the last bastion against barbarism[View]
224251534I love globalization. I am a first generation immigrant from Ukraine, born shortly after the Soviet …[View]
224253991Is he dare I say, /ourguy/?[View]
224252841A subject of great interest: Since everyone is arguing if the holocaust was real or not, don’t we be…[View]
224254444Its all so tiresome[View]
224221022Daily Reminder the AMAZON is BRAZILIAN: And if we want to burn it to a crisp and build a FAVELA, we …[View]
224254282Pua: Rsdtyler on Instagram PUA teaching little weird indian dude to pickup girls its so cringe…[View]
224252304SuperPower 2020: A man in India has a beehive stuck up hes derriere. Kek[View]
224247287Where can I move in the world where my kids won't have to deal with their own replacement?[View]
224254269hmm: those that rule us are literal Demons as jesus our lord told us the kikes today are demons they…[View]
224254267the amazon fire was done in purpose to distract the people from the epstein case, and you guys fell …[View]
224253087CUCKOLD SUBVERSIVE GAME AD ON YOUTUBE: >gonna watch a youtube vid >ad plays >S*yboy whiteoi…[View]
224246691Why do lgbt/liberals support muslims when they throw gays off buildings?: I mean primarily in muslim…[View]
224254195>be amerimutt >Nigger attacks you >Pull out your firearm and defend yourself >End up in …[View]
224203137>Post yfw the absolute state of this world[View]
224249787Cnn viewership plummeting, looking at mass layoffs soon.: Yikes[View]
224248137Found a horrible pedophile on Twitter:: I'm part of this pedophile hunting group on Twitter, by…[View]
224254078>fellow conservatives >my African American son >If our multiracial, multiethnic & relig…[View]
224253933FREE HONG KONG NOW: Daily reminder to free hong kong, fuck the communist party. Jesus is our lord an…[View]
224253996On The Political Validity of Funding NeoZioFascist Genocide: >>Firstly: MIGA. >>Secondly…[View]
224252178Race Cars: Alright team! You're my best marketers and engineers so let's be innovative and…[View]
224246162This is the future of europe and no one can stop this so let's do this.[View]
224242218Real reason why USSR failed?[View]
224240205Britain Burns The White House: 205 Years Ago To This Day, USA's capital was a city size barbecu…[View]
224251499Military bases: I just realized something, military bases are defended by fences and cameras, motion…[View]
224241680Michigan city council candidate says city should be as white ‘as possible’ >https://nypost.com/20…[View]
224253516Fun with SJW's[View]
224245180How can anyone support this kike: 0 results Biggest corporatist weve ever had His qanon psyop sent t…[View]
224253733>Non stop tweeting about watching boomer TV Does it bother you that the POTUS watches 8 hours + o…[View]
224249931Why are american women so ugly these days?: Is it something in the water there?[View]
224249325Arab or Indian?: If you absolutely had to choose, would you rather be an Arab or Indian? Pls explain…[View]
224251851Any ideas for any raids?: I just figured I would ask.[View]
224250505How does /pol/ feel about socialists that don’t ascribe to Cultural Marxism aka American Marxism Pi…[View]
224253544Boycotting business's: It's the banks that profit in the end, you are only making it easie…[View]
224253148If you ever get a gf and want to keep her: and help the white race, let's assume you get a gf a…[View]
224251475No Hard R murdoch murdoch https://cheekyvideos.net/murdoch/No%20Hard%20R.html[View]
224249244So, how likely is it that Drumpf is the anti-christ?[View]
224251055(((them))) trying to get me killed: >The 2nd country to move its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem. Ho…[View]
224248677(((Teen Vogue))): Taylor Swift’s “Lover” Music Video Finally Features a Black Love Interest https://…[View]
224253204What are you going to do about it /pol/?: spread this image if you can. It's not like any of us…[View]
224238222My fellow Americans...: Separating the United States from Israel and ending Zionist influence in Ame…[View]
224252458Shooters: These guys are shooting there School due to the fact that Niggers in office exist.[View]
224250843Useless negroids: Stood next in line for almost 10 minutes while 7 gorillas worked the food station.…[View]
224246559Canada PPC, Mad Max and the Future: Even the Guardian is shitting on trudeau >>223985267 How d…[View]
224244665Eat humans, goy.: Eat humans.[View]
224248760Juicy Smollett is ooking about suing the city of Chimpcago: Jussie Smollett is thinking about hittin…[View]
224245644So was Joseph actually the father or was Jesus the product of cuckoldry?[View]
224246829What is it trying to say?[View]
224252763Jojo Rabbit: Start eating your pills anon https://youtu.be/VTqd4yNFuSw[View]
224244291Want to out a closet pedo?Show him pic related and if he sexualizes a child wearing jean shorts hes …[View]
224246540Honorary-Aryan Thread: Post your considerations; we argue why 'Yay' or 'Nay'.[View]
224249735How do you destroy the environment legally?: don't call me a faggot for wanting to do it legall…[View]
224252198Do You Guys Actually Believe (((Harrison Ford))) is biracial?[View]
224244185Is 4chan the new masons: Think about it. 4 Chan meet anonymously and talk about a way to change thin…[View]
224252459Partisan ads: This one is obviously gets its clicks from gay men, but if it's shown to centrist…[View]
224251086I was walking in the street of Australia (Brisbane) when i met a group of blacks. Those kind of loud…[View]
224246174True or false: All webhosts, registrars, dns, and cdn operating in the US should be regulated as pub…[View]
224234912EVERY. FUCKING. TIME. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BjZmE2gtdo[View]
224252171what the fuck: Ausbros, how does the following make you feel? >Consider Hitler's dismissal o…[View]
224246124Epstein ALIVE: Picture of Jeff Epstein outside of a Benjamin Moore paint store in Chappaqua NY we po…[View]
224246599Why is no one talking about Antifa and what's going on in Portland Organ??? We need to get our …[View]
224241169abe is going all out[View]
224252097Any Military anons here that know anything about the current recruiting standards? I was charged wit…[View]
224238894Why dont men marry anymore ?[View]
224252027Nigger BTFO'd by old Russian Man.: https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/boxing/9731046/yarde-kovalev-…[View]
224232353Marx was tremendously stupid: Can we all agreee that Marx was the dumbest fuck ever existed?[View]
224247995>b-but Canadian food prices are higher Why does /pol/ get so butthurt about Canada?…[View]
224251929I wonder what ethnicity is his best friend?[View]
224251906>Never listen to shitty rap >Open Spotify >This is on homepage What the fuck did we do wron…[View]
224251822Imagine you were a 42-year old man and Biography to the World: >Mike Enoch, is an American neo-Na…[View]
224250515What could a nation like Shitzerland even do if the EU decided to recruit them for their EU-Army or …[View]
224243078Just had a 5G router installed in my house. Am I going to get cancer now? Am I a guinea pig?[View]
224246444Hey faggots, I've been off the Chans since Tarrant shot up all those Muslims What have I missed…[View]
224250236CANADA IS COLLAPSING part 2499 - INTERNATIONAL EMERGENCY EDITION: In preparation for the seizure of …[View]
224250185/POL/ BOOK SUGGESTION TIME!: Inequality of Human Races - Arthur de Gobineau Letters From a Stoic - S…[View]
224251589She won’t let (((them))) have the satisfaction of divorce rape, She is off to the one place that has…[View]
224248160USPS loses $1800 of packages from Louis Rossmann, despite assurances from the postal supervisor. The…[View]
224251575FFFFF-Fire: Fire-stick farming are we for or against? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire-stick_farmi…[View]
224248377You se this shit niggers? This shit right here?: This is why we didnt want to live on the same side …[View]
224251381Calling on all Muslims who live in the West: Daily reminder to have 5 children[View]
224228335OH NO NO NO NO[View]
224250932politics of black people: The Black people who Voted for Obama make me want to say NIGGER in there f…[View]
224251188>just got back from seeing normie friends who i haven't seen in years >tried to redpill t…[View]
224251154Spotted: Mossad op in my neighborhood![View]
224239469I buy direct from China with ZERO tarriffs: How mad are you MIGAtards right now?[View]
224251148Everyone's a communist until you have enough money to control everyone like a communist, then d…[View]
224220650Hong Kong Protests: A 12th straight weekend of anti-government protests in Hong Kong has taken an ug…[View]
224251373a horrible sickness has draped the world, it's veiled in a thin veneer of 'tolerance' and 'acce…[View]
224250258Instead of raiding area 51...: We raid the amazon rainforest and put out that fucken fire The amazon…[View]
224251351https://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1504/1504.08312.pdf >Cooperative Intergroup Mating Can Overcom…[View]
224246455Why are 90% of workers at airports and train/bus stations black?[View]
224249643Daily reminder that they took this away from you...[View]
224229886Did this OP died yet? Authorities are looking for him.[View]
224251035Coincidence?: Top sponsored result, kek[View]
2242476238 ch - kill kiwi - next[View]
22421283156 percent of US males are circumcised. How does it feel to belong to the JEW? Funny enough most of …[View]
224250122Cop commits felony and walks Scott free. Typical pigs getting immunity. https://www.msn.com/en-us/ne…[View]
224247121Early 2000s boybands were unironically /ourmusic/ Hear me out What ISNT chad as fuck about a group…[View]
224241877Are gays as bad as trannies?[View]
224250066Are legal immigrants welcome to America? or just the ones who are white?[View]
224222561CRISPR GENE EDITING: CRISPR Litterally everyone could have a daughter who looks like this if they wa…[View]
224249820/BAG/ Buying Alberta General: Albertas in the /BAG/ boys. Soon we will get maple braps and cheap gas…[View]
224250614When will /pol/ers switch to crypto. It is the future. One world currencies, the world bank / IMF do…[View]
224250767The Presidential Election is near us..: https://youtu.be/WlZQtyc9OQc This just in: ITS GOING TO BE C…[View]
224247113Uh Donald Trump doesn't believe in evolution or climate change. Why should I vote for someone w…[View]
224250704IMPEACH 45[View]
224247849What should I do with a $1000 a month: I have $1000 a month disposable Should I pay off my mortgage …[View]
224247715New President of Awesome Town.: I'd like to nominate Shuan Attwood. Stock broker, turned ecsta…[View]
224249920What did George Lucas mean by this?: Were the first 6 movies based?[View]
224244568My gf's father lives 2 hours away from me. Should I call him up to get his blessing to marry he…[View]
224248213John Brennan[View]
224245162What part of the Slavic psych compels them to build something like this?[View]
224250373Why are old people treated so badly? link related old gran is alone all the time and has nothing to …[View]
224249045What went wrong in California? https://youtu.be/3oX-z4iV4uM[View]
224249987What is /pol/'s opinion on Italians? They are different than Northern Europeans. They are diffe…[View]
224249420>some countries on this world are so horrible that their people can't take it anymore and fl…[View]
224219927Meet the ANTI-AOC: So this slutty Latina is running as a Republican in 2020 for a house seat in Chic…[View]
224250248Getting likes = weakness? Twitter vs Winners.: You don't win Survivor by thinking your there to…[View]
224249660The dynamics of guerilla warfare, the state of the 2nd Ammendment, and the future of war: I guess th…[View]
224249324Fascism is the ultimate bastardization of politics:: Fascism basically consists on extreme demagogy …[View]
224243716Why couldn't 'superior' whitey defeat the Somalis?: >29 countries. >Still undefeated. Is…[View]
224248789>end the fed[View]
224249964Broken cross: What did Germany mean by this propaganda poster? Why the broken cross?[View]
224249443It's time to take off the over sexualized, perverse, degenerate glasses anon. Time to take off …[View]
224244593Is humanitarianism evil?: When we use foreign aid or NGOs to feed starving people it just encourages…[View]
224237471Pewdiepie redpills again: Pewdiepie does more for the white race in one video than all of pol has do…[View]
224244444What has Trump done for America so far?[View]
224249956Based boomer mayoral candidate says she'd like to keep the town as white as possible. Perls are…[View]
224244274Bumpy and wet - Climate change in full grip of Greta: Damn you climate change! Now I'm a ramsha…[View]
224242679The Great Youtube Exodus (Support Decentralized Free Speech): Google is Blacklisting Everything Left…[View]
224245775NASA LBGTQTABCDBFO Clown World: https://www.foxnews.com/us/nasa-astronaut-identity-theft-bank-accoun…[View]
224249799Will Fascist groups ever get their heads out of their asses and do some actual political campaigning…[View]
224247089ginsburg cancer summoning thread: give tumors power[View]
224248687Why are Americans so bad at Banter[View]
224248347==Netflix Documentary “One Strange Rock” argues that we are probably the only intelligent life in th…[View]
224236133Brit/pol/ - Gull Pasty Edition: >Boris Johnson tells Channel migrants 'we will send you back…[View]
224242067RBG theory: Let's recap RBG has pancreatic cancer in 1999 RBG has colon cancer in 2009 RBG has…[View]
224219541Why do Amerimutts have no respect for other countries?[View]
224245171Hmmmm: Maybe theres been a surge of white nationalism in the black community? What else could explai…[View]
224244868It will come to pass[View]
224243733unavailable because EU is already great[View]
224247388Fresno/Valley thread: I don't know what to do. 5 generations of my family have lived in this pr…[View]
224222964Going to mass for the first time tomorrow. What should i know?[View]
224248244Daily Reminder - There is only one Solution!: Solution: EMP[View]
224240980XYZ people: Why havent /Pol/ discoverd who these 'XYZ' ppl are? This will be a potential huge future…[View]
224249255Explain in detail just how accountable they are for the current year.[View]
224248520how does that make you feel, anon?[View]
224247215The world is going the radical opposite of my idealized world. I wanted society to be: Strict closed…[View]
224240926Why is everyone pretending that America didn’t deserve 9/11? Maybe leave everyone the fuck alone and…[View]
224246950I dare you to say nigga again wyboi.[View]
224247230Is life even worth living: If youre sentient Whats the fucking point everyone else is basically live…[View]
224246239Asian masculinity: >Lee became an iconic figure known throughout the world, particularly among th…[View]
224248927Is Makron a closet gay? When the nights come he have to, literally, fucks her mother. Her face is …[View]
224248392Oy to the veyyy!!! Look at how racist the Onion was in 2010!!!: This video can't be referring t…[View]
224237097Should it be a crime to have sex with someone you are not legally married to? >No Marriage Licens…[View]
224248353Miss me already?[View]
224235052Englandians: Redpill me on the train reform that is pissing people off over there.[View]
224220941>if you keep a gun in your house your child will find it and use it[View]
224239609Pewdiepie apologizes for being a Nazi: 5:55 - 6:20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1rtviBRNTw and T…[View]
224243841Really dumb shit normies share with each other: go[View]
224243455It's Happening!: New Jersey Devils defenseman P.K. Subban and Olympic gold medal-winning skier …[View]
224246739Who the fuck cares? Stop posting this shit. He is a fucking internet celeb fag. Just stop worshiping…[View]
224236575I need to know: Is there any hard evidence that ~6 million didn't die? I'm talking specifi…[View]
224239645What did Obama mean by this?: Is this just a coincidence or is it true what they say about big mama …[View]
224247365Is there a bigger cuck in recent history? He should be forced to change his last name. He dishonors …[View]
224246449Are we looking at mass incarceration for wrongthinkers in the near future?[View]
224229892What happened to serial killers, and why did they get replaced by mass shooters?[View]
224242243What's the appeal of Amazon? I couldn't find a single thing on that website that I liked.[View]
224242677What would WW3 be like: Realistically what would happen if Russia went ballistic and launched nukes …[View]
224247268what's the worst age to be in this political climate? I'd say 17-20. The 'kinda adults'. T…[View]
224247405This man is going to die soon , say something nice about him[View]
224246670How low will advertising go before it hits rock bottom[View]
224234384How long are you going to waste your time in this echo chamber?[View]
224247642Fuck towel headed niggers.....: Will we Americans let this happen? Will our POTUS? >In two years …[View]
224244815What do you guys think about this article?: Saw some youtube vid breaking down this article. Basical…[View]
224246944Why Does the left Pretend to Care About Women?: I mean im no feminist. Not in the modern or early 20…[View]
224247310No accountability! No responsibility! Only because women look human, doesn't mean they are. So …[View]
224234841reminder that Clint Eastwood kissed a 12yo on the lips on camera[View]
224243888//LANXESS// POISONING GROUNDWATER AND AQUIFERS: Allow me to introduce LANXESS, formerly Chemtura, fo…[View]
224245835So when does Trump quote 'make America great again (if it ever was)?'[View]
224237132The real historical Jesus was ARYAN: Was Jesus a Aryan warrior trying to defeat Jewry? The historica…[View]
224244656The best of Pallywood 2019: Contribute to the traditional style and art of Pallywood... Post anon.. …[View]
224244774Flex your whitepill: Show me them![View]
224246690Trump kills plan to cut billions in foreign aid: https://www.politico.com/story/2019/08/22/white-hou…[View]
224246258Top We Wuz in modern day history > whites or blacks?: The Black Egyptian hypothesis or the White …[View]
224247095https://youtu.be/-nISnDXkUlo anyone knows the name of the music from this video[View]
224247061HAPPENING THEY ARE SHUTTING IT DOWN!!!!!!: I would say this a highly relevant and Politically charge…[View]
224246028Lesbian Bitchfight in Space leads to accusations of first crime in space.: www.msn.com/en-us/news/us…[View]
224244651>Be me in global history class >Profesor: I am not going to teach history from an eurocentric …[View]
2242445251.1 million likes in 2 hours: Felix gets married video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PIMiDcwNvc R…[View]
224180547David Axelrod confirms: RGB is on the way out. Her death might be the catalyst to make the American …[View]
224246868Democracy is bullshit. It is literally the biggest larp of our time and everybody falls for it. Ever…[View]
224242312Secret Comms?: What did Obama mean by this?[View]
224246375Why Did Trump EPA Approve Brain Damage Causing Pesticide?: https://freespeech.org/stories/why-did-tr…[View]
224245186It's over. The earth is Finnish: Uh, guys?[View]
224246377Thieving degenerate LGBT's in space: Not even space is safe https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/ar…[View]
224239969Objectively, do you think he is going to be re-elected?[View]
224226246I'm a kebab from the UK and I'm aware of a few groups of people who use young English wome…[View]
224246334Besides that Macron is obviously a fucking jew just look at that nose[View]
224243186Do you actually hate non-whites and women or is it just a meme?[View]
224234703The Case For Reparations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuNc38hW5wA[View]
224240073if nukes so bad why not blow them up[View]
224241749Is he the first president to not start a new war?[View]
224242266What are pol's views on Wikipedia? Have you noticed increased liberal bias in it lately? You ca…[View]
224241714Wait, did this jackass convert to Christianity?[View]
224246130Soylent Green and Patrick Byrne!: Why does Byrne mention Onions Green in interview. At 7:18 he says …[View]
224246024>how would you solve the involuntary celibate (incel) problem, mr president? Reminder this will b…[View]
224246270Who whites really are the sons of satan: https://youtu.be/GCkAEyfwHsM[View]
224229285White People General: Daily reminder that if you’re white and you don’t plan on having kids you’re C…[View]
224231754OH NO NO NO[View]
224245201Heading to Israel in 48 hours! Honored to be invited to give the Memorial Lecture for a former mento…[View]
224245511Can we agree that both sides are retarded and move on?[View]
224238351brazil would be much better off if it was broken up into like 4 different countries and give amazon …[View]
224244383I really need help.: I have a simple question, is there another way to go to Valhalla except die in …[View]
224232003Why is shilling so thick around Tarrant?: Seems like the thread got deleted when the narrative got i…[View]
224245903Strasserism/Third Positionism/Stalinism: Hello Comrades: - Strasserites, - Third Positionists, - …[View]
224245277>Memo to all employees: >When trying to consensus-crack on sites like 4chan, it is okay to use…[View]
224242563Calling out supremacy of ALL kinds.: I have always been against Anti-Semitism. I mean that sincerely…[View]
224245732(((P4 view))): Why does it force you to log in? Is it a just a Jewish trick to collect our emails?…[View]
224233331$1000: Common sense tells me that if you were to give everybody $1000 per month that the market woul…[View]
224244883NEW MOUTHY BUDDHA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_j5IPePdU54&t=432 >inb4 literally who He d…[View]
224230039Gen X and Neoliberal establishment 'rebels': As a member of gen X I've noticed a few things tha…[View]
224231101You aren't really an antisemite are you? What the fuck is wrong with you? Haven't you lear…[View]
224237958Redpill me on Mormonism: What's their deal? Why does everyone hate them? Is it justified?…[View]
224230898BitChute General: Daily reminder to stop using JewTube. Start using one of the best alternatives out…[View]
224240641Who is Trump's strongest challenger so far?: Warren/Buttigieg? Sanders/Warren? Sanders/Harris?…[View]
224243450Why aren't white racists being involuntarily institutionalized in psych wards? It should be tre…[View]
224241522Why are they praising this girl? Does she even know whats going on around her?[View]
224228661My life is so miserable that the only thing which gives me hope is a faith in God. Humans are fallen…[View]
224244966>Americans install midrange nuke-capable rockets at Deveselu, Romania >Romania superpower by 2…[View]
224237619I was thinking What if we pool all our money together and buy a town where we make our own rules and…[View]
224223837The Emperor's Clothes: My father farms onions beans and corn, and he has some cows too. We live…[View]
224243538Define Liberal: What is a liberal, exactly?[View]
224232129Why are men ditching woman for video games and porn?[View]
224244623Civil War 2.0: I'll preface this by saying I do *not* want there to be a second (hot) civil war…[View]
224244818It's Illegal For Germans To Download Books And Music From This Site: http://88nsm.com/[View]
224231670Can you be a Buddhist and right-wing?[View]
224243878>be first lady >tell husband that in her home country danka means both rectum and danish woman…[View]
224202229No easy way to deradicalize hate group members, experts say[View]
224244446Major internet outage in America right now[View]
224239077>Bad guy becomes the good guy God finally the pendulum is switching.[View]
224243990We should use memes to re elect Trump: we should fight fake media, opposing parties using memes to g…[View]
2242444399/11: Green & Bollyn kill the glowniggers: Much attention has been placed upon Osama Bin Laden…[View]
224236461Q-News: Q[View]
224228278Shitskin muggers and scammers: These people are infesting every major european city https://www.yout…[View]
224239155Lesbians battle over son's future IN SPACE!: McClain and Worden married in 2014, with Worden fi…[View]
224234959Im knew here, can someone explain the >british >white thing?…[View]
224240724STEMfags: do they make good leaders or not? Examples of present-day leaders that are STEMfags: Xi Ji…[View]
224238717Billionaire assets should return to the taxpayers upon death: $1000 for every citizen[View]
224244171How come there haven't been any kino photos or moments to come out of this G7 summit?[View]
224205945BIOPOLITICS #4: Still waiting for a strong counterargument - Life and politics is about sex, status…[View]
224237841Trump 22: 'I didn't think an aeroplane could go through steel' 'my good friend larry' 'tallest …[View]
224205909Let’s assume trump isn’t lying here: If 94% of republicans love trump why does everyone on here hate…[View]
224242066Since everyone on the right is accused of being Russian shills... Why don't we accuse them of b…[View]
224231878I am done: I am so fucking tired of this girlpower shit culture. I am tired of Quotas, affirmative a…[View]
224243386But mom, I don’t wanna be a minority![View]
224229775>painfully hang on through Obama so you can get replaced by first woman president >Donald Tru…[View]
224243890Wealth: What do we think about this wealth distribution to wealthy people i am an npc so trust me…[View]
224241050what /pol/ thinks of body modifications we are about to make them possible in few years it's a…[View]
224238136It's a good thing that CNN and polls are all fake news or else this would be concerning. https:…[View]
224240175Imagine being a conservative - both trailer park and banking executive - who has been conditioned in…[View]
224239713Jews have a right to their own homeland. Arapes fuck off. You already have the rest of the Middle Ea…[View]
224207544What did Wikileaks mean by this[View]
224240574Oy Gevalt: Nothing new, just more jewry in the open. You can not make this shit up I swear, its like…[View]
224239308Will Trump Win In 2020?[View]
224242144zionist appreciation thread[View]
224240408/ourgirl/: OH NO NO NO NO K I K E D[View]
224232870>don't have nuclear bomb we are fucked[View]
224242418Political Compass Redpills: Post em, I'll start.[View]
224211529I just recieved news about RBG's condition, and it's worse than you all know.: I'm no…[View]
224240444Why are Americans so sympathetic to the Hong Kong protestors when we all know that they would be pra…[View]
224242753LEVIN....called this out. What could it mean pol?[View]
224242929Will based pajeets be the ones who'll defeat 3rd wave feminism?[View]
224238766My friend's business got attacked by Jews: >be an ordinary European guy who likes helping pe…[View]
224241463Bill Maher Thread: How often do you agree with him?[View]
224237262Obama spitted having trouble writing.: Breaking news about our favorite former president https://you…[View]
224239206A question /pol/: How exactly does someone determine whether or not a political figure is controlled…[View]
224238845Canadian isn't an ethnicity, debate me.[View]
224241233Gee it sure is boring around here[View]
224236476DRUMF BTFOd: It’s over.[View]
224241599How does this map make sense?: A map of US Strategic Interests in 2020 that Peter Zeihan showed in h…[View]
224240804Blacks are our ally against (((Them)))): Pic related . Blacks , especially young blacks are starting…[View]
224214297How do we go back to good architecture?[View]
224242077FROGS DUMPING TEAR GAS IN WATER WAY: >G20 Protests https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26gMMekhQ5U…[View]
224242573VARNASHRAMA DHARMA: My Aryan lads, KRISHNA’S birthday today ! >TEXT 8 paritrāṇāya sādhūnāṁ vināśā…[View]
224239858Opinions on my Racial Hierarchy.: I am a Eugenicist and a Fascist. Its hard to say what my race is. …[View]
224242253Fuck you /pol/: Fuck you /pol/, thanks to your copypasta my social credit hit an all time low, FUCK …[View]
224242297hoarding parts kits: It is politically expedient to hoard firearms parts kits, jigs, 80% lowers, and…[View]
224241701Are Somalis the niggers of niggers?: Saw a bunch of these ugly cunts today chimping out at each othe…[View]
224240966Why does Andrew Yang think giving everyone a universal basic income of 1000 dollars a month fixes th…[View]
224235847/pol/ is completely satire. It even says 'poitically incorrect' for the sake of it.: There are no in…[View]
224240160Operation Asgard, Greenland Ethno State General: >fuckin what? We are going to make an ethno stat…[View]
224239746Worldwide AI consciousness may replace human speech!: >Worldwide AI consciousness may replace hum…[View]
224240243HEY Republicans: Why the fuck you care what someone else does to be happy why does it even matter to…[View]
224241228My Tragedy, and how I will use it for my rebirth, and how it will help in the political landscape: I…[View]
224239154What did the leaf mean by this?[View]
224232381Pizzagate Psyop: Has anyone ever figured that Pizzagate is a Russian Psyop? Probably to spark outrag…[View]
224241510If we seize the ethnostate: Won't we get enough free shit from the government to support oursel…[View]
224238840Why do Jews look like this?[View]
224241467Gospel Reading and Reflection: GOSPEL - Matthew 19:3-12 At that time, the Pharisees came up to him a…[View]
224238708Why is /pol/ more concerned about the Jews and blind to the Chinese?[View]
224216370There is nothing wrong with communism. Centrally planned economy is the most logical thing you can i…[View]
224240849Democracy: Why and how does this work? it just seems like the other half of people are mad and want …[View]
224238586Misandry being a hate-crime is 'concerning'. Equality has never been more in danger than now.[View]
224228906The only way to deal with sandnigger shitskins: Thank you Israel, very cool[View]
224240841AND GAY[View]
224234482/pol/ btfo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IP9bHg42SU 1:31 (hottest girl in the video) & 23:06…[View]
224240945>/pol/ circa 2012 >”The free market will fix it. Obongo is a communist dictator who wants to c…[View]
224237204>end the fed[View]
224238421Looking for offensive islam puns: Looking to fill a discord server with offensive islam-esque pun na…[View]
224228644GERMAN BTFO!!!: Germans are getting absolutely btfo, how the fuck did you guys let this happen in su…[View]
22424022571% of Children Killed by One Parent are Killed by Their Mothers; 60% of Victims are Boys: >'The …[View]
224239870If Trump has such a hard-on for China, why doesn't he just tell Americans to stop shopping at W…[View]
224236666capitalism and the destruction of the family unit: so. i'll keep it short. why is it that we bl…[View]
224232655>HAS THE TIME NOW COME TO AMEND THE FIRST AMENDMENT? >Our Founding Fathers came from a Europea…[View]
224238652Our world is real life 1984: 1. Europe is controlled by jews 2. America is controlled by USA 3. Chin…[View]
224240471Boomers: Why don't boomers solve the boomer problem themselves?[View]
224240400i made you a politics video: Hi guys am I doing this right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLmLeEZn…[View]
224240106Is there anyone on here that can make some sort of website or network? The idea I have is to make s…[View]
224229837Ginsburg Has Cancer Again: How long will she last? http://archive.is/QSRgu[View]
224240211What can be done to make incels more compatible with society? Obviously their needs aren't bein…[View]
224238039Hear that patriarchy? Inceldom is your fault.[View]
224238264who even cares about some trees?: let the fuckers burn lmao[View]
224210394Sicilian Master Race: Welcome my Sicilian brothers this thread is dedicated to the homeland and our …[View]
224228050Are you a Russian agent?: Well? https://foreignpolicy.com/2018/10/10/russia-is-4chan-china-is-facebo…[View]
224239925Bros... They actually did it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PIMiDcwNvc[View]
224237561British Army: Thinking of joining up as infantry. But should I?[View]
224239884>you're a protestant? >dude, that's pretty cringe…[View]
224208531/egg/ Epstein Ghislaine General Dont Drop the Egg Edition: Post about, dig on, and discuss all Epste…[View]
224237462Now class, for today's lesson we will learn about World War II. There was once a man named Hitl…[View]
224239761Thoughts on this vid?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILn85WKo0Qk[View]
224238393BWAAAAAHAAAAHAHAAA: >Is something about to drop? Say something nice about the pedo prince…[View]
2242384852019... I am forgotten[View]
224198326/pol/ humor thread: Make me laugh for I am empty inside[View]
224205414Should atheists be burned at the stake?[View]
224238335Would he be a Tulsi supporter?[View]
224212214Michigan city council candidate: town should be kept as white 'as possible': https://apnews.com/ba35…[View]
224236419https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yr9h6a7Mvqo Trips decides when the ebola-chan world tur starts. Quad…[View]
224236843Bill Maher here bitches!: {Blocks your path! >'Fuck him ... I'm glad he's dead and…[View]
224208228Do Asians have the lowest empathy of all races?: Are they ant people for their lack of empathy? Do t…[View]
224226561IS THIS THE FUTURE YOU NAZIS WANT? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyOUQquZVg0[View]
224227012>Africa is poor because of Europeans- Oh...[View]
224238832YANG 2020 IS INEVITABLE: Every analyst points out that Yang is going to trump Trump in his own space…[View]
224239177SecularTalk march 17th 2014: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwmFfFzfvso >Kyle Hunt calls a show …[View]
224227739Nazis btfod: Antifa is proven to be the good guys once again. https://mobile.twitter.com/Respectabl…[View]
224229842How is this sustainable?[View]
224235688wow...: really makes you think...[View]
224236700Leading climate guru is stumped that sea ice is returning: https://youtu.be/A_JDdpFPv2c?t=197 hahaha…[View]
224237983Operation Anura: I think we should all meditate on/pray to our true selves/God/Kek to make a frog ap…[View]
224237490Women in science - 2: 'Dorothy Mary Crowfoot Hodgkin was a British chemist who developed protein cry…[View]
224226438Barak says Netanyahu cowed by Trump ‘like a puppy’: https://www.timesofisrael.com/barak-says-netanya…[View]
224235099LETS SETTLE THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL! European (basically founded every civ ever) > African Blacks (…[View]
224228653How is the populist 'movement' in Europe going? Has democracy proved itself amenable to po…[View]
224220522Los Spicos Pinches: A spic hate thread.[View]
224235787Remember where you come from. https://youtu.be/JMViRj6pn5w[View]
224232970>French >Not Cucks[View]
224235802Daily Reminder - Mongrel Theist Bigots...: “The goal of destroying the white race is simply so desir…[View]
224235311Tucker Carlson: San Francisco bans words to hide its crime problem -- and to control your mind: http…[View]
224214014SINGAPORE /POL/ GENERAL: Where my SG bros at[View]
224238418>women will go to Mars Why? So they can fuck that up as well?[View]
224235283It's so fucking hot in Texas.: 28C is literally GLOBAL WARMING[View]
224216590How and why did Hitler reach an agreement with Stalin on Poland?: I mean, Hitler was against Communi…[View]
224225038香港國萬歲: This is how we the people of Hongkong destroy communist cameras today.[View]
224232756Guess the continent[View]
224235223If the Pope calls for a crusade are Protestants allowed to participate?[View]
224236916Ranking each race!: White(Nordic),White(Mediterranean),White(Anglo),White(Germanic), White(Slavic), …[View]
224237570The Yang: What does /pol/ think of Andrew Yang? Will those, who strew away from Trump pose a threat …[View]
224224112Brit/pol/ - Saturday Seagull Edition: >Boris Johnson tells Channel migrants 'we will send yo…[View]
224233730Does he ever stop fucking complaining about everything[View]
224215500“PTSD” isn’t real: Why are so many vets such complete pussies nowadays whining and crying about what…[View]
224216334WHITEPILL THREAD: A break from all the blackpill/demoralisation threads. I'll start:[View]
224237935ivan ilyin is a great philosopher: check is books, they are putin approved[View]
224235609Is he literally the most retarded PM in UK history? I swear if this incompetent buck toothed fuck be…[View]
224231217How can one man just be so perfect? No matter what perspective you look at he was definitely ahead o…[View]
224236778David (((Koch))) dead at 79: Looks like the kikes are checking out now that the Epstein shit is abou…[View]
22423299698% of White women who have children with Black men are not financially supported by the father.[View]
224231421Amazon rainforest fire: What are the chances that CIA lit the fire so that the Brazilian deal with E…[View]
224223535Tony Soprano = the last Red Pilled TV character... ever? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpdzI7z2Cx…[View]
224194090Why doesn’t Russia and Europe band together to create a superstate?: The largest, most powerful stat…[View]
224230967the fact is, we dont need to fire a single bullet, you are so dependent on us, all we have to do is …[View]
224237653Anyone tried these korean cigarrettes?: They are dirt cheap and are pretty smooth. My only worry is …[View]
224235855A solution to the Electoral College: Make all states electoral colleges have to vote on the % of vot…[View]
224227885Why is it that (((Kraut)))posters are always the ones posting in support of the EU, Immigration/Misc…[View]
224237276>sup nig[View]
224226298The ones who called for the crucifixion saw him perform miracles in the temple and knew he was the m…[View]
224233366Serious Question: If China declares war to everyone tomorrow, could China win? Excluding nukes and U…[View]
224236880What's his endgame /pol/?: D'nations?[View]
224237005You hate leftism, you hate socialism, you think jimmy carter is a joke Explain yourself trumptards[View]
224236056She had pancreatic cancer 10 years ago and is still alive?!: She's never gonna die, is she? Who…[View]
224226097Why aren't you a Christian socialist? Christian principles aren't compatible with capitali…[View]
224216271Climate hoax: We all know climate change isn't a real thing, but why does the left push it so h…[View]
224236519Seriously, what the fuck.[View]
224178824Happening: Palestine President says he will invade Jersualem with millions of men: He also says Chri…[View]
224234111Chosen Is Ill. He Should Be Removed.: >>IEEPA? REALLY? >>Artificially applying obscure l…[View]
224236613Trump supportes are such hypocrites >Avowed Trump supporter from Mexico convicted of alien voter …[View]
224236101The fucking fires: Right wing politicians do tend to lurk here Brazil knows better than this[View]
224235570Why is /pol said to be filled with Autists?[View]
224236513Remember when DT first took office and: there was a 4-way civil war in Syria that was constructed by…[View]
224236282a completely honest campaign campaign. Would it work? Could it work? >Opponent questions you on…[View]
224223547Israel BOMBS American Contractors: >The last base to be hit, on August 20, was Balad airbase, whi…[View]
224233013Michigan city council candidate: town should be kept as white 'as possible': https://apnews.com/ba35…[View]
224232611Body 'Positivty' is Running Rampage in the Black Community: The White community is up next. The 4 Ho…[View]
224234429If you want to be happy for the rest of your life Never make a pretty woman your wife s for my polit…[View]
224235882Lesbians In Space: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/how-a-bitter-divorce-battle-on-earth-led-to-cla…[View]
224235876What is the best way of thinking? Rational Thinking or Free Thinking? What is 4chan's way of th…[View]
224235815Dropping my word-chan folder: each one cost one potato (to be sent to northern ireland)[View]
224224835Imagine being a british man[View]
224235685I know the zoomers in here have a memory of political events that only goes back to 2015, but surely…[View]
224233570Women Over represented?: Current statistics show an alarming trend of women committing 100% of space…[View]
224202059ask a jew anything: try me /pol/[View]
224235498This faggotry even started in my country. I dont know who is sponsoring but this ad placement is aro…[View]
224227188MUH CRONE: >ma crone >maricon >macarena…[View]
224233568/pol/ BTFO[View]
224231477Cat killers back on youtube, first peluchin now this dipshit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVcwHZ…[View]
224234653Anime is racist: To people of Chinese descent[View]
224235268Patrick Little: Anyone know what happened to this guy? Last time I checked on him I saw his stream p…[View]
224235305Did Bill Clinton have anything to do with Epsteins murder?[View]
224210086COPE.: lolololo the Juden have successfully completed the destruction of goyim women (((study finds)…[View]
224235298Sexual Marxism: Redistribution of sex and/or using a covert government program to societally brainwa…[View]
224233702Trump.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZ4P9yGwDew Welp looks like the kike pill of #YangGang worke…[View]
224171318Epstein Island Game Project Update: Busy week in general, but I have been working on a lot of backgr…[View]
224224130jews as sacrificial victims: What if for every building we build, for every car we buy , for every n…[View]
224234861Why won't nobody expose everyone?[View]
224229159Biden Campaign Video: 'Bones': Tagline: 'We all know in our bones that this election is different. T…[View]
224230018Black on black racism: /pol/, can we make Black on black racism a real thing? For example: you are m…[View]
224233501Imagine this: You turn on the TV and Trump is about to make a special speech. >'Fuck niggers kike…[View]
224234726In this thread we flaunt American superiority over foreigners[View]
224234687What are some good legal ways to fuck with authority?[View]
224231868They're winning[View]
224229464The side of America (((they))) will never show you: It appears our superiority has once again led to…[View]
224216523Reparations in America isn't enough. Global reparations from all whites to all blacks is what i…[View]
224224640Is gaymergate still as relevant as the sms says? I heard about it on radio last weekend.[View]
224234457the US economy is BOOMING!: The truth is that the US is a country that can only survive by printing …[View]
224233428Please nuke us: End this fucking Jew state once and for all https://www.nycourts.gov/CourtHelp/Safet…[View]
224222352What's the best online Christian community now that atechan is kill?[View]
224220997Why do people travel to america when the country has no history? Do you go there to see grey blocks …[View]
224232988Deranged female Astronauts: >be Femonaut >Husband sleeping with maid >don Cosmodiaper >d…[View]
224231026Blacks and Jews have a special relationship!: It's a secret, special relationship.[View]
224198214Greta wants you to panic[View]
224233767>mfw i realized i was a retard for believing Alex Jones conspiracy theories he talked about His f…[View]
224232785Something that's been bugging me for a while - why do leftists take the time to uncapitalize th…[View]
224233471Is there anything the White man can't do?: We have taken pic related and domesticated them into…[View]
224234026Truth That Changes You: Karl Marx - Argued everything was a class-based struggle. Wrong... Are ther…[View]
224233160I’m scared of becoming a minority.: Hold me.[View]
224233894Isn't it a problem that all their friends are white? How do you live 30 years and not befriend …[View]
224231665You bigots are all the same.[View]
224223249Can I get a quick rundown?[View]
224233416TIL that the Jews were intermarrying with Germans to the point that their culture would have died ou…[View]
224220882I think you guys should read this: They treated this guy like a joke, he loved his country and was w…[View]
224227750Niggers & women's rights: /pol/ have you niggers realized that the world first started to g…[View]
224231013Trump is running out of options: maybe he'll try launching a nuke next[View]
224231274Hitler's justification for invading Poland: Which persecution of Poles is Hitler referring to i…[View]
224231680We are in trouble!!!: The jew are deploying elite commandos in the streets already, what do we have?…[View]
224229486Remember that if Europeans are killed off. Then the rest of the world goes back to a time when Europ…[View]
224231236IS /POL/ THE MOST NEGATIVE PLACE ON THE INTERNET?: Why are you goys so cynical? Just relax. The worl…[View]
224233031Operation Anura: I think we should all meditate on/pray to our true selves/God/Kek to make a frog ap…[View]
224229005what's with the mainstream media pushing this meme? what's the endgame here? is it some ki…[View]
224228548Is he going to make it?[View]
224231009SELF-DEFENSE in Europe?: So we are cucked in Europe as you may know. The only legal weapon to carry …[View]
224229826any sandniggers here?[View]
224231931Radicalization online can be stopped, Wall Street Journal experts say: Your days are numbered, evil …[View]
224227708in retrospect are you willing to admit you didnt give a fuck about the emails and you were bad faith…[View]
224219575It's time to accept that homosexual/bisexual nationalists exist. The left has taken all the pra…[View]
224204469What is your favourite/most hated country in the Balkans and why?[View]
224232658Want to wind up broke, bitter, isolated and obsessive?: Come on down to /pol/. But if you don't…[View]
224232470What Is The Alt-Lite Even Fighting For?: What do these kike faggots even want? All the things happen…[View]
224229355How does this even work?[View]
224232182>Fuck other countries they are all horse shit compared to America! >Fuck China >Russia is…[View]
224232244Is the j-w genuinely incapable of creating beauty?[View]
224232416Our Basketball Americans had one fucking job! >They wanted it more than us tonight U.S. guard Kem…[View]
224231835Reminder to never trust anyone who uses phrases like 'my morality' and 'my ethical system'. Every ti…[View]
224232309Look at what this Soi Boi 4chan Beta Male White Boi Said. They like to use Racism, Sexism, and Anti-…[View]
224229914>watching local news >'suspect is described as 5'11', short black hair and a slim build. …[View]
224232110Space is fake: Hey /pol, why are we sending lesbians into space?[View]
224228763Based Granny. If you live in St. Clair County Michigan, please vote for this woman. https://www.yout…[View]
224232119Random Saturay Shitposting!: Current events shit talking. Bring it. Oh yah, fuck all you faggots!…[View]
224224250how is the wall coming up, drumpfcucks?[View]
224229265Name my band[View]
224231318The cellular jew is unraveling: >Cities and towns throughout Northern California are issuing ordi…[View]
224232037What is the greatest political/military inspired song of all time? I'd say it has to be https:…[View]
224226979Why isn't this done more often?[View]
224204452White priviledge exists...: but it is being taken away from you is why you are mad and why you don…[View]
224213096Based Bro Blows out Kikey Drag Queer Child abuse... Keep it bumped YT keeps burying: like it.. love …[View]
224225058brazil need white gringo to fuck mixed woman and bleach brazil Then they can go home, he has already…[View]
224231955Thank you to all the retarded rednecks that vote republican[View]
224231942This fucking cat. it cant be real!!!!!!: This fucking cat. it cant be real!!!!!! Tell my this shit i…[View]
224221127Literally who?[View]
224227942Kosovo Serbia or Albania?[View]
224231411Get your dicks out, press P to piss on grave Oh wait, /pol/ won't, because you only care when b…[View]
224231554This is what I see when I go outside: > White girls Dating Arabs or Africans > Asian girls Dat…[View]
224224232How can I make women pay and suffer for doing this to nice guys like me?[View]
224228032>It's a 'I'm doing my job while a hispanic or black family lets their small child wande…[View]
224228662the amazon forest is burning. we are being annihilated by the Boomer generation. we are the most wea…[View]
224229178>he doesn't think it's important to have as high an IQ as possible Even more important …[View]
224230953Hello guys, itsa me, Seorge Goros eh? What about that Trump fellow? What a clown![View]
224230868The state of SA in the world: I was reading a longer thread about how the Afrikaans flag is now ille…[View]
224227677So some autist in a Florida High School started a cult and got caught. Here's the manifesto: ht…[View]
224230813Test: You are all fucken idiots.[View]
224217137>If black people are a separate species does that mean some medical procedures work differently o…[View]
224230095Would I be allowed in the ethnostate?: discuss[View]
224228869can white girls be fixed?[View]
224226033What were some of the great white ancient civilizations[View]
224216304Is Brazil a scapegoat? Europe, India, China and even Niggers did much worse.[View]
224225865daily reminder that[View]
224229323Total crimes in space by gender: Men : 0% Women : 100% Isn’t it about time we stopped women going in…[View]
224230602Happy marriage Felix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PIMiDcwNvc Let's wish Felix the best.…[View]
224227881How do we stop the Amish from breeding?: Our country is overpopulated and we’re running out of resou…[View]
224216658WESTERN MALES: ...without paleoeuropean admixture they are autistic semitic beta cucks Proof me wro…[View]
224224445Hong Kong protests: I keep thinking when I watch the HK protests there will be sick Kung fu fighting…[View]
224224504>EU is thinking about invading Brazil Kek[View]
224219133Annoys me that pol try alienate people because they have daughters: As long as you raise your childr…[View]
224223091Hypothetically speaking: Would releasing a killer AI stop humans from raping and murdering each othe…[View]
224228367do white people have any representation in our current government?[View]
224229721Should Africans pay reparations?: Should we force Africans to pay reparations to black Americans sin…[View]
224229279The cure for the redpill.: Youtube recently suggested this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jI…[View]
224216108men sjw transgender communism MRA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1xxcKCGljY What did you guys lik…[View]
224212895Muh overpopulation meme: >the world is overpopulated >lets stop only whites from having high b…[View]
224229523Indian Men are Shy of Talking About Erectile Dysfunction. It's Leading to Divorces: https://www…[View]
224219892Why is there more and more trans shit on shows these days?[View]
224229458Trump is doing his hardest to unite the EU with China and Russia: The question is why?[View]
224227863Can anyone tell me what this is on Google maps (satellite) ...off the coast of Vietnam/China in Sout…[View]
224229127TRUMP: PROMISES KEPT: Shitskins NOT WELCOME.[View]
224227359Is it true that the jews who went into hiding paid bug money for it?: Saw pic related and it made se…[View]
224229274C_A Trafficking Children from Greenland: >Majestic 12 @TS_SCI_MAJIC12 12h12 hours ago Majestic 1…[View]
224229215Finally, the US have taken some proper measures to prevent mass shootings. They are going to start b…[View]
224219104DO NOT LOOK - YOU RACIST https://www.un.org/en/genocideprevention/genocide-convention.shtml https://…[View]
224227416straight men btfo'd[View]
224227949I miss her so much bros..[View]
224217466>'Vaccines are good. Take ALL of them' >Never discuss specific vaccines >assume everything …[View]
224212572WE ARE DOOMED: The Amazon Rainforest Tipping Point is 20-25% deforestation total. NOT another 20% (t…[View]
224228191The Free Masonic Dogma: What is it with their symbolic undertones everywhere? References in cartoons…[View]
224227843Racial profiling argument wins new trial for accused Hamilton drug trafficker: Police had chased him…[View]
224208279Pol how do we fix britain: Why does England have more obese people per capita than even America? Can…[View]
224228770Antidepressants/School Shotter Pills: I just got antidepressants from my doctor for LARPing to try a…[View]
224228029What did she mean by this?[View]
224211644Greetings from Poland. Care for s beer and some SJW tears ?[View]
224217853It's true what the media says about this place. You all are a bunch of racist, misogynistic pig…[View]
224226629The Bellend white 'man' problem: How do we deal with the bottom 40 percent of 'white …[View]
224208854Have you noticed?: Social media is getting more and more redpilled. This is the kind of thing being …[View]
224228672naloxone shot: How do I redpill people on this garbage? Locally, there are a couple of organizations…[View]
224226635Democrats say defending Israel harder under Trump-Netanyahu alliance: https://www.timesofisrael.com/…[View]
224226901Fuck this suppa de macaco faggot Amazon rainforest belongs to the world, and not to his capit*listi…[View]
224219628Moral duty does not stop at the border. As humans we are obliged to help ALL humans, not just the sa…[View]
2242181334D CHESS: >trust the plan[View]
224224073Andrew McCabe here, first day at CNN!: Hey guys, Andy here, first day on the job and I wanted to ask…[View]
224227753Is immigration bad only because of the contemporary practice of being radically lenient towards immi…[View]
224228322I post fallacious and innacurate arguments here in /pol/ hoping that anonymous people will call me b…[View]
224225735>1. 21st Century Narcissist Man >2. I Tweet to the Wind >3. Impeachment >4. Manchild …[View]
224191576I can't get over the fact that we took their land by force and trickery. It wasn't right.[View]
224228272Middle Eastern Civilization is superior to European Civilization.: Judaism Christianity and Islam we…[View]
224228474Make sure you are going[View]
224223701Why is this gentleman so upset?: I wonder what tick him off?[View]
224211230Redpill me on foreign debt: If the US owes money to some jewish bank or foreign state, can't we…[View]
224229394Why do we complain about jidf shills here while entire board (/int/) is run by a russian shill who d…[View]
224225524STOP IT WITH THE AMAZON: The Earth is greener than before This is an internal thing of Brazil stop …[View]
224227437Eat maggot sausage[View]
224225823Nofap: Since I fap very rarely and never watch porn I’ve developed a thing for black women. Normally…[View]
224223680Guess what faggots?: I am voting for the worst possible most leftist candidate in 2020 because I hat…[View]
224220896>Be burger >just finished toppling yet another popular democratic economic nationalist and soc…[View]
224227844What have you created, /pol/?[View]
224223100youtube is hiding this video: I wonder why? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeWUrU_uR-E[View]
224224482Jesus loves you[View]
224227851REVEALED: 20% of AI Is Actually People Just Listening in Sweatshops!: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/tec…[View]
224226187what are some cases of black supremacist/nationalist groups carrying out terrorist attacks or killin…[View]
224206728Is it true theres no difference between USA and Canada other then Canada is still a cuck to the Brit…[View]
224227914Simpsons has opinions about Trump: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tLSy8Tl2bjs[View]
224227918Rare /pol/ photographs: Let's have another one.[View]
224222862So are we just going to pretend ONG globalist niggers didn’t set fire on the amazon forest: To throw…[View]
224215476Wearing glasses is a sign of weakness. There are zero relevant glasses wearing politic leaders in hi…[View]
224219656The Great Awakening Q Research for QAnon: Any Q Refugees Out There?[View]
224224726Japan Passes WW2 Strength: Boeing's testing on commercial flights was a success. Japan is now b…[View]
224218837Do y’all niggas know how BIG the Amazon Rainforest is? It’s far larger than nearly every country on …[View]
22422548771% of Children Killed by One Parent are Killed by Their Mothers; 60% of Victims are Boys: 'The DHHS…[View]
224224035Feminism has created a patriarchy of sex.: http://ozconservative.blogspot.com/2018/05/more-feminist-…[View]
224201156CANADA PLACED ON SUICIDE WATCH - REMITTANCES CANCELLED: *Effective August 30, 2019: Customers will …[View]
2242070625 YEARS WITH STEFAN L - IMMIGRATION RECORDS & TAX INCREASES!: Stefan Löfvén has now in August 20…[View]
224222434Women: How do we fix women? Can't they understand the fetus is life? Can't they at least a…[View]
224226315How do I scam people out of money - then use that money for breeding more Whites?[View]
2242196212019 and no one knows I even existed[View]
224226704Trump shuts down reporter asking about reparations: 5:50 timestamp https://youtu.be/aOKHlGM6b1g?t=35…[View]
224222282Bring back the Plague: How will the voting demographics be affected if all of the traitors in the in…[View]
224225263Remember her?[View]
224209988FUCK HOMOPHOBES AND BIGOTS: STOP JUDGING THEM FOR WHO THEY ARE. If you think this is gross then you…[View]
224212974United States of Fucking America: Seriously, this great country doesn't get the praise it deser…[View]
224211381Victimless crime discussion: Why are consensual zoophilic acts illegal/immoral? There is no victim i…[View]
224220849Journalist discovers true meaning of a widespread Internet meme!!!: BREAKING NEWS: Idiotic leftie jo…[View]
224225774What causes Trumpfags to be mentally retarded?[View]
224225175TRANS MOVEMENT: Is the trans movement being pushed to further experiments to perfect transhumanism f…[View]
224221407Why are you retards so misogynistic here?[View]
224225139Jewish Messiah: How many times have the Jews thought there Messiah showed up but it turned out to be…[View]
224218916Give me thing to fight for: Just a soldier here without a cause[View]
224225221What are the best news site I.e No bias. No poz.[View]
224216678Trade War or Build Up To Actual War?: I believe the trade war is really a build up to an actual war …[View]
224226047North Africa General / Nafri brotherhood edition /: Fellow nafri brothers, lets talk here about our …[View]
224216950What does 'white music' sound like in 2019? https://youtu.be/r_GTgpdoCh0[View]
224222829Wow, how are there so many kike shills on twitter??: https://twitter.com/RashidaTlaib/status/1165067…[View]
224225826Hereby ordered to stop business with China[View]
224221699Just been to malmoe: Guys....what the f... What in the world ok s happening there?[View]
224218205Hahaha Boomer: He's a Socialist!!!: Trump believes the Central Committed of himself and Preside…[View]
224225725Why is he so obsessed with Trump?: Christopher Zullo here is a (((Rockefeller))) 'Republican' who tw…[View]
224225716what if trump is doing the right thing and cunny is actually the ultimate redpill?[View]
224225388FUCK MRA: It's not only men who are suffering from this modern society we live in. Women too ar…[View]
224221828Who is more in the wrong here?[View]
224223812Can radical change happen within democracy or is it only possible through violent insurrection? How …[View]
224182212No racism in Ghana. Also, there is no food there, but that's a detail.[View]
224223506Balkanization: How long until America collapses? I keep having dreams of my area leaving the US, alo…[View]
224224967https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/sikh-teacher-moves-from-quebec-1.5257049 >Amrit K…[View]
224219466Do you honestly think any sort of revolution could happen nowadays in America or Britain or Germany?…[View]
224222825wtf???: I don't believe in this shit, but @6:00 she(he?) said something that shocked me, Baal h…[View]
224221628Our lord and savior: Jean “keep the blacks out” Cramer https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/…[View]
224221384What should be done about fat people on the DotR?: They are a huge drain on resources, our taxes, he…[View]
224222824you shouldnt eat red meat more than once a week, its unhealthy. same goes for all processed meats. w…[View]
224224108Male Montana runner to change sex, run as a woman his senior year: University of Montana's Jona…[View]
224209943Brit/pol/: >Boris Johnson: UK will not retreat from global community https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/u…[View]
224224390Communist-Plebbitors just started up an alternative site for themselves. YK what to do. https://comm…[View]
224216667This Is The Power Of LGBT Love.[View]
224224386Typical nigger evening: just look at them, absolutely disgusting, and to think white women fuck with…[View]
224224315Good old days: Tried to find the 'Turn back time' meme with nazi germany, but the original seems to …[View]
224207658Thinking outside the box: 'The prospect of absolute nothingness is unfathomable for the human brain,…[View]
224221672Canada is the last rural haven >you will never be a rural Canadian[View]
224223998DEGENERATES OUT!: I study at a Catholic university linked to the Vatican and recently a group of stu…[View]
224223365I just finished watching the hellstorm documentary, and holy fuck i feel sick. How did these atrocit…[View]
224223630Saudi women granted new FREEDOMS™: >Hayfa was one of the first Saudi women to be issued a passpor…[View]
224222205Why are right wingers anti science?[View]
224219546Christianity the trojan horse for J3w supremacist colonialism: Christianity is and was the trojan ho…[View]
224223639China v US Trade War: Would you Liberals, Marxists and Communists just stop trying to tax and contro…[View]
224218828Lost Boys: New high-effort red pill (white pill?) video, discussing the role of single motherhood in…[View]
224213541Africans moving out.: Keep up the pressure, it works! Racism, recessions, Africa growing to become l…[View]
224220097Tell about you and your friend and family's Pajeetstories. Everything from the negative to the …[View]
224220847Anarchocapitalism: what do you think about that?[View]
224222468How true is this?[View]
224161057How long before people realise Trannies are fucking weird?[View]
224217575greta nazi ?[View]
224205516What does a race with 5-10% nigger admixture look like?[View]
224192189European-White checklist. >Traceable European ancestry. >Your eyes are blue, green, or grey. …[View]
224208223How to raise daughters general thread: My 11 yo is starting to wear her mom’s old hotpants. She is o…[View]
224210330GOD IS REAL!: >Universe mystery: Strange ‘structure’ could lie beyond known universe - NASA shock…[View]
224210702The Song of Nanking: let's sing with me, anons Ching chong chang, ching chong chang Chinks all …[View]
224208357Respect Slovenia: - high trust, high IQ society - productive - among top 10 safest nations - breat…[View]
224221615>get buys the freshest food >he cooks with cast iron and stainless steal >he wraps everythi…[View]
224215673enough is enough: Seriously, the bullying against American members of this community is getting way …[View]
2242198781. What is a tomboy? 2. How will they help save the white race? 3. Where can I find one? 4. Why is t…[View]
224215855Is France even European?[View]
224212522>yes, I'm an avid user of 5G, how can you tell?[View]
224222148Why do Modern Women Insist in Choosing the Bad Guy?: The whole rebel, bad boy, thug meme have been d…[View]
224220408Christcukcs BTFO.[View]
224221474How and where do I get a cute American mulatto/brown muscle 190 cm tall daddy husband who looks like…[View]
224221544Parent Conspiracy Theories: My fucking stupid parents think that disney is an illuminati puppet (can…[View]
224217801your opinion about his black pidgeon? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZ4P9yGwDew >trump 2020…[View]
224219998help this nigger: US nigger moves to Africa https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-49394354 > Mr K…[View]
224195751What is /pol/'s stance on climate change/global warming? Are we fucked, or do we have time? Don…[View]
224197803Exactly how did Hitler's economy differ from say an American hyper capitalist economy since Hit…[View]
224220227The European invasion: Know your history /pol/.[View]
224220763What Does this Image mean?[View]
224199496Race-Mixing is okay.: Why should I as a white man have to marry a white woman that I don't love…[View]
224219491Is this the best shitpost of 2019?: At least in cdnpoli it is.[View]
224222659PLAGUE: Why none of you faggots talk about the plague in California??? https://m.theepochtimes.com/b…[View]
224211944Teacher says he would have killed 1000 students in school shooting: Rofl[View]
224205753How come our cops are hundred times more badass than other countries?[View]
224222297Bu... but if you are a disgusting mestizo. >whiter than you, Pablo.[View]
224222544Anyone ever saw any theories on if movies/tv made women think more masculine? They’re mostly written…[View]
224216685Let’s start a petition to change London to Londonistan.: Had an idea, imagine it’s already been arou…[View]
224222474How come Canada has to Do everything?[View]
224220636Really funny how Americans are literally drowning in genetic filth while they have the audacity to v…[View]
224220657If the world is fucked beyond belief then I ask simply...: why are you going back to work on monday?…[View]
224219584Chinks are our enemies.[View]
224222268Gun Control: What was that about history? I forget........................... Pic relevant[View]
224220225Do we believe the honorable prince pol? 'Prince Andrew denies suspecting Epstein' https://www.news.s…[View]
224216574Why is it racist to pretend to be black?[View]
224215214Why won’t she die?[View]
224195348PARKING LOT SHOOTER FOUND GUILTY #2: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/michael-drejka-found-guilty-o…[View]
224220504The agreements signed after the great meme war have created tension in the world, I think with given…[View]
224221984>Racist rant caught on video in Richmond >A white woman raises her voice at a woman off-camera…[View]
224209186Socialism The Game: seething leftists angry https://www.foxnews.com/media/timpf-mocks-left-wing-outr…[View]
224215248Wow, that’s a new low.[View]
224218756Rape is worse than murder.[View]
224212312DEFEND THIS! (PROTIP: YOU CANT WITHOUT BEING RACISTS): Now many of you will say > he deserves it,…[View]
224221661Basedwanger: All hail Basedwanger! >An officer of the Waffen SS, the elite military arm of the Na…[View]
224217519Based and redpilled lady makes a stand against the browning of her hometown: https://www.usatoday.co…[View]
224220407TRUMP TO BE REPLACED: There is increasing concern about Trump's mental health and erratic behav…[View]
224221092when will greece finally pay back its debts it owes to us? We germans are getting impatient and soon…[View]
224219929With massive censorship, how much longer until we hire parkour carriers to send memes about the jews…[View]
224173344present hard evidence that jews are responsible[View]
224220178PSYOP: The fires are pretty much below avarege for this season. There's a huge media PSYOP goin…[View]
224218207Why should women vote for right wing parties when they don't offer us anything of worth? Especi…[View]
224221340Lost Boys: https://youtu.be/nNRcZuiPtCw New high-effort red pill (white pill?) video from former tro…[View]
224219862Accelerationism: You think accelerationism works anon? Look at germany and sweden, there is your acc…[View]
224205401Had anyone noticed that getting through google captcha recently became harder? Just some time ago I …[View]
224220906Doing my PhD in glownigger studies[View]
224218456Knowing that Donald Trump will be the 2020 Republican candidate, what prevents Republicans from regi…[View]
224217010Quick rundown on the CO2 global warming narrative for those who need it. I see a lot of ignorant eur…[View]
224215475With the Amazon a sea of smoldering ashes - is it true the oxygen will run out?[View]
224206572Amerifat in London here What is wrong with this place? It’s 90% Middle Eastern people. Service here…[View]
224220622The Adventures of Lion Ted: sharp inhale* It's been a long journey, Dahnald. By planting an Ame…[View]
224207359aus/pol - Late night edition: Remember ~= IT'S THE KIKES =~ It was the JEWS who implemented th…[View]
224207129Are stormfags subhumans?[View]
224216253Genuinely thinking about voting tulsi gabbard.: Talk me out of it /pol/. Never voted dem before. See…[View]
224217330I fucking hate this place fucking shills everywhere: Muh furries muh would you fuck a tranny that lo…[View]
224207507Pay your fucking debts[View]
224216261Are there any Palestinians that post on /pol/?: What do you think of Netanyahu? How do you see this …[View]
224201802Hong Kong Protests: Hong Kong kicks off its 12th straight weekend of anti-government protests with a…[View]
224217661le meme that ended a presidency[View]
224200223Any freemasons on /pol/? What exactly is it?[View]
224220120peaceful resistance: Hello i live in paris and i want to kill myself every time i go out or take the…[View]
224218378Has 'Yang Gang' meme died yet?[View]
224217921will Canadian Muslims ultimately give the country a backbone?: China has absolute contempt for Canad…[View]
224217448Trump's reelection chance as of today according to betting sites - 45% down 6.8% this week.[View]
224212679How do we fix furrys?[View]
224212848Is race a social construct?[View]
224213495Biggest Mosque in Europe opened in Russia: https://youtu.be/Y8ayAx9tL Based Russia, saviour of the w…[View]
224204316'Nasa said to be investigating first allegation of a crime in space': Despite making up 13% of astro…[View]
224217170What level are you on?: >1. Politics is an arbitrary force of nature. Like a mountain or ocean. N…[View]
224216428Theres still time to fix this: Good afternoon fellow alt-right neckbearrds, I have a somewhat of a p…[View]
224193851Capture The Flag! /CTF/: Getting Anon to get over his insecurities Edition. What did Homosexuals do …[View]
224200329Daily reminder to stop using JewTube. Start using one of the best alternatives out there. BitChute. …[View]
224219266Spicos Basado y Rojopillado: Hay algunos spicos aquí que son basado y rojopillado?[View]
224214665How would you feel?[View]
224217687/pol/, what exactly are the ecological consequences of the ongoing fires in the Amazon? The only thi…[View]
224212957Sigh: I have a cousin that is half Thai. He looks like a gook and I just can't accept him. My g…[View]
224153906Dear friends, I am at a crossroads. I've seen enough in my life to realise that there is 100% a…[View]
224200541Why should women have rights[View]
224215829Gillette has 8 billion dollars lose. Thanks and respect for the boycotters. Hold this meme :)[View]
224218826THESE ARE NOT RELATED > December Senate pushes anti-lynching legislation to establish 'hate crim…[View]
224215125Why are you against xer's making their own decision? Will you micromanage your own xons life?[View]
224215902>western women FYI This would never happen under Islam[View]
224207895IT'S OVER.: former german 'pickup artist' goes redpill, name of his new book is 'daily friendly…[View]
224213869So, what's everyone's plan for the recession that'll happen in the next few months?[View]
224198486She's right tho[View]
224210673Youtube is 100% JEWED: The #1 video is a bunch of sheboons in disgusting makeup dancing like fucking…[View]
224213654Is he credible?[View]
224203217Is Kali Yuga Over?: According to the Yuga Cycle belief, the shift periods between Yugas are continuo…[View]
224213061Why do the people of the world think they are allowed to tell Brasil what to do with their forests? …[View]
224215964CHRISTIANITY TALK: >Gets executed by the Romans >Gets worshipped by the Romans shortly after D…[View]
224215896What is going on with the insane amounts of propaganda regarding the HK protests? Reddit is getting …[View]
224194240Based Hong Kong[View]
224161198Jew spotted in the wild (a case study): >be me >finish PhD in physics >take a few months to…[View]
224216702Rate my new meme: Ernst Rom[View]
224209429Poland is the Aryan nation and Poles are the last Ayranians. But the fact that this is only Poland t…[View]
224210722Business Democrat LARP: I have been having quite the time lately with this. But I think it works in …[View]
224206273Rodrigo 'Do coke, go up in smoke' Duterte[View]
224215569Zoomerpilled: Some of us are led to believe that everyone loves multiculturalism or whatever, but in…[View]
224209752HoWs ThIs MaKe yOu fEeL WhOuIyTe go-bOy[View]
224208472Race Relations & Immigration (Wh*Te tears thread) Why cant we all get along? Also, why is the wh…[View]
224175472/sg/ SYRIA GENERAL - ERDOKEK BTFO: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.com SO…[View]
224205422>sure humans are affecting the climate but it's china's fault and i will continue to pa…[View]
224181581Can Conservative Porn Stars Change Porn?: We need to make porn less degrading and haarder for young …[View]
224204383im back from china ama[View]
224208251New Hate Symbol?: Can we get the MSM/ADL to declare this a hate symbol, like we did with the 'okay' …[View]
224216263Poor white niggers on /pol/ hate Jews because of their prosperity and wealth. If you had money you w…[View]
224216360is robert miles jewish?: he really looks jewish[View]
224217394PJW supports rebels in Hong Kong[View]
224213710This there a single greater monmunent to ignorance on our planet?[View]
224217311How are you preparing for the collapse? You did heed the warnings the past 7 years and have mapped o…[View]
224216055:runner: :hovering_man:< le faggot be like :hovering_man: :left-facing_fist|type_1_2::runner: The…[View]
224214887What happened to this girl?: I forgot.[View]
224215823Who would you do /pol?[View]
224215397Biblestudies - Sinners Welcome: ITT we discuss the teachings of Christ and the Bible, and find out w…[View]
224217407Do Christians really kiss each other at family meetings?: Gross and gay.[View]
224213566Just returned to university for my senior year, AMA[View]
224211320Return of Plague-chan in California: >The USA >First world country Congrats, the californian…[View]
224211882IT'S OVER: the DNC is fucking Mommy out of the next debate! she needs to qualify in two more po…[View]
224216035the modern man.[View]
224215477So how much is German state media lying to me about rejuvenation of Amazon forests? https://www.dw.c…[View]
224214170https://twitter.com/Sham_WRcH/status/1165044197818281990: boy am i glad pride has spread all over th…[View]
224207386Why does Donald Trump trust this retarded faggot?[View]
224212054Am I crazy or does this kid look like a closeted fag?[View]
224215685Chink vs Burger: Who would win?[View]
224215914College niggers BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8nk7GrB-zs[View]
224206513>google search 13 50 crime: >screencap results >post ITT…[View]
224202526Kevin MacDonald announces new book coming in October: https://youtu.be/6g4lbkZTjAE Amazon and the ba…[View]
224207212New stonetoss comic[View]
224215123dont be racist guys be nice to people[View]
224216137Its ok[View]
224212922BRAIN DAMAGE MAKES YOU LIBERAL: So it's true, leftism is a mental disorder.[View]
224213129Is Reddit the cesspit of the internet?: >immigrant lets his visa expire >neighbour does the ri…[View]
224211697I can’t stress this enough, THIS IS WHO U VOTED FOR[View]
224211999>russian combat robot is lost in space Fedor, a Russian-built space-faring combat android, is run…[View]
224204405One of the few things we have left is metal: COME HOME WHITE MAN. ALL TYPES OF METAL/HARDCORE AWAIT …[View]
224215711Should the US and russia renew the inf treaty?: The inf treaty with russia expired last February and…[View]
224215253What's up with the Chinese? Are they even human?[View]
224213410How does it make you feel when you see them pretending to care? https://twitter.com/TheEconomist/sta…[View]
224215641tinfoil transfer: The conspiracy crowd ain't us no more, senpai.[View]
224205849Anyone else OD on blackpills: Is there a cure?[View]
224213911white people are obviously demons: these comments by seemingly actual retards I unfortunately vaguel…[View]
224213486Was the wall a metaphor? Did you retards really believe Trump would build a 2,700 mile wall across t…[View]
224215124>Saturday morning >so very few Americans on /pol/ >MASSIVE amounts of climate change thread…[View]
224215511Hong Kong is free and this is why you should be angry!: >Hong Kong is apart of china.…[View]
224213762my race is full of retards. these are the same type of people who are against death penalty, by the …[View]
224205774teh juice: okay so even if you guys are correct about the death camps, how are you gonna explain the…[View]
224211547Shira law: Do you think Shira law will be the next thing in your country? (Notice how the higher the…[View]
224213460How many of you could paddle across the canal in the dark of night /pol/? How superior are you then …[View]
224212975Pro-white, pro-fascist, pro-exterminationist, anti-degenerate, anti-semetic, anti-white-genocide dis…[View]
224211263These girls are from Romania >Romania >white >human What the fuck is this Romania? How is t…[View]
224213317>having your company registered in a shithole to save taxes=good >registering a netflix accoun…[View]
224214324Which is better anons? Christian Utopia or Communist Utopia? Personally, I'd opt for Christian.[View]
224214224I haven't been following Iran at all for a while. Can someone fill me in on what's happeni…[View]
224207520How many of you zoomers actually have student loan debt?: Guess what? I joined the Army as Infantry …[View]
224205250Large conflict between refugees in Germany: Plug and Play magazine: https://www.pnp.de/lokales/landk…[View]
224214929Music: https://soundcloud.com/luciano-forster/volkssturm-volk-ans-gewehr-mp3 Let‘s push good songs o…[View]
224207763Did somebody knows what happened to people's square[View]
224214539Will he cause another ruckus again: G7 happening in France hopefully something happens[View]
224185605Why is this shit allowed to be shown?[View]
224211745How do we get this orange retard out of office? Can we just vote in Obama or someone else when we im…[View]
224207512Black Pigeon Speaks Announces the Meme War 2 Has Started and We Are Losing!: https://www.youtube.com…[View]
224214508This place is dead: This you /pol. Sorry I missed the real nigga hours in place of (((real nigger)))…[View]
224209004Serbia is base~....[View]
224210156Hey Denmark: Gibs Greenland before we have to send some Seal Team 6 mofos over to take out that shit…[View]
224207598It's not worth being an honest man nowaday.: The honesty and hard work is now a reason for mock…[View]
224172437Can someone recommend high IQ poltical yt channels?[View]
224213569Liberals only think of having more and more and more sex , change my mind[View]
224212047Keep town as white as possible: Based[View]
224213158Reminder there was far more conservative candidates running other than Trump who would have gotten a…[View]
224212604there has just been a religious apocalypse: Rather unfortunately only fire-worshippers are saved/cho…[View]
224176717Free Palestine - Palestine Needs Help: Reminder that Palestinians have been killed, beaten, hijacked…[View]
224212137Clown world[View]
224209986You are all so mean to boomers :( But what they could have done better?[View]
224213881He's Pandering the Hong Kong Expats pretty hard: 'Trudeau takes a break from trade talks t…[View]
224211273They want us divided.: Together we are STRONG.[View]
224211747Was he wrong?: Did America deserve 9/11?[View]
224208833Egypt rejects italian trans tourists: Based Egypt blocked 2 italian trans''''women'''' at the Sharm …[View]
224186533Why is Trump so based?[View]
224208976>tfw you have successfully destroyed the British Empire[View]
224213200nuclear sub video - has anyone seen this video?: does anyone know what this is? https://streamable.…[View]
224192991Germany to let the UK Starve: https://metro.co.uk/2019/08/23/germany-warns-uk-may-stop-sending-food-…[View]
224208230The first person to commit a crime in space is a gay woman. Take that, patriarchy! https://www.cnn.c…[View]
224200660Indians don't have a cultural heritage and they didn't invent shit![View]
224207584Yellow Vests / Gilets Jaunes Act 41 Ruptly live stream : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fbamZKRs34…[View]
224213459Meme war 2020 prelude: 'Merifags who will you vote for in incoming 2020 elections and why. You …[View]
224208655Return of the Migrant Crisis: The number of illegal migrants landing in Greece, numbered in the hund…[View]
224205878Why the hate on medniggers. We are superior to you nordcucks[View]
224210902The Iconoclast and Way Of The World got banned from Youtube: The Youtube channels Way Of The World a…[View]
224213177>'Sir, the suspect has been known to frequent extremist websites on a daily basis' >'He's…[View]
224213134Moralfags of /pol/, you're not better than (((them))), we all live off the suffering of other p…[View]
224213002Redpill me on Bachir Gemayel[View]
224212714Anyone else here get the feeling like you want to go back to 2015?[View]
224212532What happened here? Looking at google maps and noticed a crater in pakistan. 30.484869, 67.671221[View]
224211792Farming?: Why do minorities always choose to live in cities with urban lifestyles when the countrysi…[View]
224203628Why /pol/ hates Albanians[View]
224212756The most pointless general on this site: Spammers, tripfags, and lefties[View]
224211363Anyone else sick of the neocons on this boards since trump?[View]
224186292Have no fear! The frontpage of the internet, the bastion of free speech, the site that is independe…[View]
224208437L M B T Q Y X Z: 78 % of students who identify as trans, non-binary, or “genderqueer” meet the crite…[View]
224190718Millionaire kid kills himself after getting dumped by model: What is wrong with fucking zoomers?…[View]
224212357l Pedowood General: Why are celebrities so politically active in the United States?[View]
224209820How true is this nowadays?[View]
224206970Punchable face of the century[View]
224202840Russia now has a floating nuclear power plant: Very interesting https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-08-…[View]
224210342>be me >get called incel >but im not >libtards think this embarrasses me >just feel …[View]
224208589Hey /pol/ I'm at an impasse, I found out my Great, great, grandmother was a full blooded Amer*n…[View]
224166033I believe trump will repent be saved and profess the Lord Jesus Christ live on television very soon.…[View]
224212246We are the Kings of Jews[View]
224212225The absolute state of the Church of England: >The Bishop of Lynn, the Rt Revd Jonathan Meyrick, d…[View]
224213078Injecting myself with CRISPR AMA: Im back after having been banned despite my last post clearly aski…[View]
224210260Do only you exist? Is everything else just a part of your imagination that you have called 'reality'…[View]
224212126One Scene from Yakuza 3 censored because of tranny sjw propaganda: Literally. This scene will also b…[View]
224210632What's wrong with this party? >antinmigration but not retarded >eurosceptic but not retar…[View]
224207592REMINDER: There are 'journalists' camping out here, waiting for their next big story. Just remember …[View]
224202184>I'm not like the other goys[View]
224210282how isnt this honkey not kill: https://www.ydr.com/story/news/crime/2019/08/21/man-who-hunting-squir…[View]
224210829Here’s the harsh truth /pol/ Either one of you fat virgin losers hanging out in this forum all day l…[View]
224209427Epstein's Sperm Bank: Jeffrey Epstein Hoped to Seed Human Race With His DNA ' He hoped to seed …[View]
224211190Wait a moment, why exactly WW2 started? World today, full of liberalism and tolerance, doesn't …[View]
224209435Sweden Yes: >4 innocent Swedish girls rape in 4 days. Why are so many sex demons in Sweden? It is…[View]
224207240This is Toos Nijenhuis, she is 54 year old Dutch Lady. She was born into a strong Stanic family and …[View]
224196600China BTFO: China has more to lose economically in an all-out trade war. In a serious economic battl…[View]
224198396>go to bank to withdraw cash >atm has celebrate pride bullshit on it >pride was like 2 fuck…[View]
224204121Hi /pol, I too once believed that someone planted bombs in the WTC but after some investigative work…[View]
224209924Why are you not doing anything? I mean, you keep posting about muh white race and muh white ethnosta…[View]
224211304Black Panther is the best Film Humanity has ever produced. The best. Movie. Ever. Created. By Blacks…[View]
224207649Muslim Internment Act: Islam needs to be declared an anti white genocidal ideology and all people su…[View]
224206438Posters like this spotted going up in Canada: What do you think Pol, will it redpill people?[View]
224205739Why do the british hate germans so much while sucking american cock?: Who fought side by side with t…[View]
224209945I personally know the dad and tranny in this video: I know this guy and his family, and didn't …[View]
224207341Is the fire coverage a distraction from the Epstein case? I read in a few places now these fires hav…[View]
224209732well soi gois[View]
224210684Do you honestly think any sort of revolution could happen nowadays in America or Britain or Germany?…[View]
224208481As a Canadian Intelligence Official All I Can Say Is: No matter how many times you insult Jews and t…[View]
224209791Hahahahah: Why does plebbit freak out every time some environmental event takes place? ITT, you’ll r…[View]
224205131Modi must be stopped: Once he goes kills the Muslims, get ready, cause Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists …[View]
224205762Why the Alt-Right is Obsessed with Free Health Care: 'Free health care for young men' = 'Free Viagra…[View]
224208986/pol/ humor thread[View]
224206471Bill's monologue wonderful this week https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytQXasWZe5Q[View]
224205337Trannies: Daily reminder that all BLACKED threads are just trannies who shitpost. >pic related…[View]
22420658075 YEARS AGO: 75 years and one day ago, romaniggers switched side in a single day, encircled German …[View]
224198413Climat change: How can any of you deny climat change when 97 percent of scientist agree that it…[View]
224210169Propaganda 101: The news media still thinks people fall for this 100 year old 'experts say' psycholo…[View]
224198405Brit/pol/: start forming vanguards. start buying guns. start having bigger families. START PUSHING B…[View]
224209916YVG - All over the place edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkNyxljnjXg https://www.youtube.co…[View]
224209963I keep seeing all these chirstlarping esgy faggots on this board nowadays and it makes me sick. Plea…[View]
224204163>Another day of extinction of Western civilization[View]
224208559THE FORGOTTEN HEROS OF /pol/[View]
224209504I mean...[View]
224195882How do we solve the incel's violence towards women problem, /pol/?[View]
224201411Naked Norwegian murders indian londoner in 5* thai hotel: when are we going to address the norway qu…[View]
224203779patriotic songs for the white race?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tV2jdqrGRH8 currently rewriting “…[View]
224207994Remember that World War 3 will be between American Nazis and Chinese Capitalists, with the Chinese b…[View]
224206782This entire website only survive to deslegitimate any white nationalist movement: Is the only reason…[View]
224207390So what is underlying motivation for the HK protests? I was speaking to a Chinese friend of mine bac…[View]
224182847Im unironically voting for bernie to have my student loan debt forgiven[View]
224197448Boomers are now claiming Trump's a socialist. Are they right?[View]
224209098Why did Hitler consider Iranian groups Aryan even though they were severely raped by Arabs and Turki…[View]
224208960Pro-white, pro-fascist, pro-exterminationist, anti-degenerate, anti-semetic, anti-white-genocide dis…[View]
224208869Is it true?[View]
224204975Our gold medal Olympian is marrying a nigger[View]
224207026>Street Shitter >Muslim French Pick a better country…[View]
224206322Why can't i stop comming here?: This site has been dead for a VERY long time. Never any real po…[View]
224182184Are you man enough?[View]
224203871China BTFO's America: Here’s a running list of things you cannot criticize in America: Jews H…[View]
224193638Is the West allied with Azerbaijan?[View]
224204508Who else happy China is going down?[View]
224207906Why is /pol/ a weak loser?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5G8Gwr5JJ6Y[View]
224186103Tulsi Gabbard being screwed by DNC: Tulsi Gabbard was dropped by Google search following the first d…[View]
224205591Epstein and the Sultan of Brunei: the Sultan of Brunei is the key figure to ll of the human slave tr…[View]
224206371Is this a new fetish in Chayna?[View]
224196432DEMOCRACY IS THE DESTROYER OF HUMANITY AND CULTURE: Since the dawn of humanity, every significant an…[View]
224201459How do we stop Chinese bullying in the Pacific?[View]
224211930>this is an American sex symbol in 2019[View]
224208289Dr. /pol/ here: Have you've been a good boy and taken your redpill today, anon? Remember a redp…[View]
224205259Who is worse? Kike or Mongoloids? Tell me anons[View]
224201983Is World Peace the only show ever on television that was made for white conservative millennials? Wh…[View]
224208153Based chinks[View]
224204488>black people on average commit more crimes and are on average lower IQ (technically true) >al…[View]
224190494The worlds lungs are on fire: https://mobile.twitter.com/EmmanuelMacron/status/1164617008962527232 I…[View]
224207755You got the king of Jews elected as the US president /pol/: How does this even happen? https://www.y…[View]
224195167If we had an all out war with china, say a ww3 type of thing, how many of us would be drafted?[View]
224210835American office chair[View]
224203693Searching for a fitting meme: I noticed that the lefties use a 'special' tactic. When they wanna pro…[View]
224203370JewTube and Clown world: Has anyone else noticed JewTube either pushes man child activities White pe…[View]
224206560WTF I hate Biden and Trump now[View]
224205093Serious question pls answer: A lot of people on /pol/ believe that the purpose of the Kalergi Plan i…[View]
224210539Do americans really do this?[View]
224196425AUS/POL LEGAL IMMUNITY EDITION: An “archaic” system and a second fault at Central station are to bla…[View]
224203272THIS IS DEEPLY OFFENSIVE: CHANGE THE CAPTCHAS NOW! What if I identify as a robot? Identity politics …[View]
224200811Jesus is Lord: When the end comes, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Chri…[View]
224206874marxist-leninist far leftist enjoys business class flight champagne: >Rich white peepoe bad…[View]
224196746VARNASHRAMA DHARMA: My Aryan lads, In about 20 minutes is KRISHNA’S birthday ! https://youtu.be/dMXc…[View]
224207224It must have been surreal and terrifying to experience this first-hand I feel really bad for the vic…[View]
224187115Reminder-Master Chief is White: >MasterChief : 'No, we need to fight.' Halo Redpill…[View]
224170126I Got The King of Jews Tatted On Me Bitch Wassup![View]
224194611Greta continues her Friday strikes on her zero emissions yacht: Is it still a strike when there is n…[View]
224201437daily reminder that (You) are a CRIMINAL: because (You) dont believe in the holocaust. how does it m…[View]
224206950Andrey Bogolyubsky prince vishgorodsky 1149-1150, 1155-1156, peresopnytsky-turivsky 1150-1151, Vladi…[View]
224161270Time and Date Faggots.: 3 weeks of chemo. Malignant tumors on the pancreas. Most painful cancer ther…[View]
224196978Is Syria the worlds most pathetic country?[View]
224179908Re;mimder: If your eyes do not look like pic related, then you are not White.[View]
224205695Daily Torah teaching: >Excerpt of Sicha 6 Tishrei, 5745 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nw3Y7LrI…[View]
224182693why don't you own a tesla?[View]
224204031Race war and CRISPR gene-editing bioweapons: nuff said Discuss[View]
224197988Gee I wonder if this'll be abused to let felons vote[View]
224200225Blue Checkmarks: global reparations for blacks: All democratic candidates are for 'reparations' - fr…[View]
224173935Wtf is wrong with Americans[View]
224199674Why is there so much youth unemployment in the EU?: Aren’t youthful people willing to move to other …[View]
224206831Cognitive ease is the source of kike power. Some likely kike accidentally exposed this. None cared. …[View]
224206746What's /pol/'s opinion on Randy Newman?: Jew. Makes fun of Rednecks. Says 'niggers…[View]
224206807/pol/ approved books and vidya for this feel?[View]
224206325Press F[View]
224206603memoir by brilliant based Eurowhite scientist: describes how it was left to him to repair the confus…[View]
224201664Insect Ice Cream: Why Everyday theres some new EATBUGS article Why it has to be a joke right like a …[View]
224204783/our guy/: https://twitter.com/CascadianDennis/status/1165102264354246659?s=20[View]
224203319I just went to Jack in the Box drive thru for dinner. Tell me how much of a degenerate I am.[View]
224201829Fuck whites and hail white genocide: >live in a clown world >most problems are either the faul…[View]
224191852Alright, serious question about the Jewspiracy. I've been swallowing the red pill, the evidence…[View]
224202885Why do Russians have so much hiv?: I know blacks have it high and gays, but why Russians and Ukraini…[View]
224206289The Jews may be a shield overall: Responsible? Partially. Read into the Khazarian Mafia. They never …[View]
224191418She's going to die within 6 months. Probably within 3. What is going to happen?[View]
224204665Chile /pol/ bros. Was he good for Chile (economy, society etc.)? What is your opinion on Pinochet? C…[View]
224206190Latinamerica should unite as one country with a leadership made only of Uruguayans. Guaranteed super…[View]
224202398Bolsonaro being slapped silly: HA HA Trade War coming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mr24fulVl84 Tr…[View]
224205327BREAKING: Amazon fires were started 2 weeks ago by Farmers: WHERE are all the Brazilian anons NOW wh…[View]
224204673boomer hate: Hey /pol/ are you interested in a boomer hate thread? I can't stand how boomers co…[View]
224206157africans and europeans untermensch confirmed[View]
224206135Immigrants are surrogate children for women.[View]
224191907/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - No Justice for Old Whites Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS h…[View]
224184313Why isn't MSM this dedicated to journalism?[View]
224195066Jews on Suicide Watch in Novato, CA: 'Anti-Semitic flyers spouting conspiracy theories about Jews ap…[View]
224206020Epstein: Whodunnit?: Have we got the culprit(s)?[View]
224204685Why can you let us live aloooooooone!!!!!!: What the fuck o have done to deserve this fate , i only …[View]
224205150Fake Outer Space = Real Inner Space: Outer Space is Faked so you can come to find a true inner space…[View]
224205971No Shirt No Shoes No Ching Chongs[View]
224203519Epstein and the World Wide Pedophile Club We Call Government: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwoZd8…[View]
224204207kikes: https://twitter.com/USRevolt1776/status/1165069544269983747?s=20[View]
224200190YESSSS!!!!!! YES!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!![View]
224205413Daily reminder that the USA was ZOG from the start.[View]
224205795Pro-white, pro-fascist, pro-exterminationist, anti-degenerate, anti-semetic, anti-white-genocide dis…[View]
224189910He was in Epstein’s little black book: David Koch. Sketchy prostate cancer. Also in Epstein’s little…[View]
224199657>be me >live in a meme nation run by inbreds for inbreds this existence is a pain. Everyone is…[View]
224201753Is this true /pol/?[View]
224205586>Pretend, just try to pretend, to be dumb as fuck >Make (((big corporations))) think that whit…[View]
224201657Epstein Stanley Kubrick JFK: Imagine a world where JFK didn't die, imagine a world where nothin…[View]
224190620What does /pol/ think of feminist writer Andrea Dworkin?[View]
224179406What did he mean by this?[View]
224203056Pepe: >be Michel Bertiaux >combine vodoo and goethia and other occult stuff >your astral pr…[View]
224203789Don't cry for me...: I'm already gone.[View]
224205427Most basedfFestival in the world.: Crush that jew egg. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a952gCabSCQ…[View]
224189488yes IM ARYAN: From a race that built the ancient world trasformed the clasicsl era and built the mod…[View]
224191705Lets talk about Jesus: I have noticed so much anti-christian hatred in the past year and must say it…[View]
224202288Why did blacks reject Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic primary elections? Bernie actually won t…[View]
224178629Michael Drejka found GUILTY of manslaughter Stand on Your Ground: Jury found Michael Drejka found GU…[View]
224192255What's up with the retards saying everything's falseflag?: You optics cucks are retards. I…[View]
224205253Who can beat Trump in 2020. They keep saying nobody expected Hillary to lose in 2015 but dems don…[View]
224201070Failure. Retard.[View]
224203276Muh Dick: So niggers have big dicks.Who the fuck cares? That's literally all they have. I have…[View]
224203636I have a report here on my desk that 'Lady Gaga' is not white or even a man as she pretends to be. W…[View]
224177032/CiC/ China is Collapsing: http://archive.is/hHCyn >The world's second biggest economy, whic…[View]
224203443What if the Jews are actually the chosen one's: and their father Moloch/Satan has the most powe…[View]
224204954now that a UK university is to pay reparations: to negroes for the slave trade, will they also be pa…[View]
224202058HEY BIGOT: Why do our immune systems attack pathogens and rid our bodies of poison? It is a natural …[View]
224191065Is Joseph a cuck?: >be Hoseph. >sterile from old age >Mary gets banged by guy next door …[View]
224181168War Stories: War Stories... https://youtu.be/LTHVluk9ueo > Be 20y/o Marine > 2005 Fallujah …[View]
224157746/egg/ waiting for happening edition: Last Bread:>>224103528 Latest Happenings: EPSTEIN USED SH…[View]
224200478Why are their indians on /pol/ calling others niggers lmfao arent they shitskin themselves? And yea…[View]
224199782Western cuck males delenda est: Majority white areas are going to form nations within the USA? We ar…[View]
224200528/pol/ I demand an explanation: We all know that the jews think we're cattle and inferior and a …[View]
224190889Shouldn’t we be supporting a Jewish ethnostate? It keeps them all in one spot. Plus Palestine is bas…[View]
224197489Drag queen gets put in his place: Edomites eternally BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UO-OiGdR2…[View]
224192496We're all Hong Kong Pepe: >Fuck China >Fuck Xi >Fuck Communists…[View]
224202619SUPER TRUMP SONG! [Not a joke]: Super Trump, is Jerusalem's prince Super Trump, to the sky he w…[View]
224199769GCMAF, you'll never see this on PHARMATV: GcMAF, the most powerful of the immunotherapies, is t…[View]
224200415>most racist nation in europe >still gets to befriend niggers How do we do it polishbros?…[View]
224201508inb4 commits suicide[View]
224195450What is happening in this photo?[View]
224199158Come Home, White Man: Come home to the pacific northwest. https://www.thenewawakening.org/[View]
224201381How do incels feel when they see this rich fat fuck?: https://twitter.com/TheLoveBel0w/status/943492…[View]
224162619Do based conservative women with morals exist anymore?[View]
224203949https://www.bitchute.com/channel/liberalartschoolmoviegallery/ Are we funny[View]
22419198964% disapproval rating and the laughingstock of the world. What a loser.[View]
224202388Don't forget these are your peers: https://youtu.be/qBNhFYRq1vs It's really saying somethi…[View]
224203873Is it possible to be a trad anarchist? I mean can one hold to a traditional way of life/culture with…[View]
224200720Your experience with Falun Gong?: What are your impressions, experiences and thoughts on it?[View]
224203478We must stop the 50 billions cash economy: Why are the elites so against us using cash in this onlin…[View]
224201878Brits are trash: >Tourists You go to a museum in Segovia, Toledo or inner Spain and you will see …[View]
224179420We’re getting Greenland, I have insider information: Because of the Agency that I work for I get to …[View]
224180269Does Trump want to lose?[View]
224200553>boarding a plane to Russia >it’s 70% poo in loos You guys told me Russia was based and white…[View]
224199601>tfw every jew and muslim are going straight to Hell for denying the Divinity of Christ…[View]
224202874We are the Mainstream Now.: Reconcile.[View]
224200107His country doesnt even own an aircraft carrier: Honestly how do other people cope with being boatle…[View]
224202973>british >white[View]
224197222I am starting to have a hard time coping with our time: I cut myself from MSM for a while now in ord…[View]
224194987Morning arabs, I mean greeks: Daily reminder: you are not white. You will never be white. You are …[View]
224201195Degenerate Scum: Meet Gmebe Bandz, a white nigger celebrating gang violence in Chicago’s wasteland t…[View]
224168080Canada: How goes the political situation in Canada? Will Trudeau be leaving anytime soon?[View]
224202609Homogeneity: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/2094779001 When I read this article, …[View]
224202037Always remember, fellow anons: Nothing unites the entire country like... One. Dead. Jew.[View]
224202351For you wizard: '>If it's the reptilian/ayylmaos then there's no hope of ever winning, …[View]
224182778How will we win this trade war? What is the strategy?[View]
224199131Why are black cities dumps?: What is it about niggers that causes them to destroy what they touch? W…[View]
224197440What did he mean by this Overstock CEO alleges he assisted in 'political espionage'[View]
224186667This is America Lmao at your shithole[View]
224189762My fellow Americans...: What have you done to remove the Zionist parasite from our great Republic? I…[View]
224198978He may be a moron that’s destroying the country piece by piece, but you have to admit- sometimes he’…[View]
224166808do you guys really hate all black people? why? I acknowledge racial differences and that segregation…[View]
224200652Pro-white, pro-fascist, pro-exterminationist, anti-degenerate, anti-semetic, anti-white-genocide dis…[View]
224200490Did this campaign achieve its goals?: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/It%27s_OK_to_be_white…[View]
224189235Came up with an idea for a government. It’s basically just the presidential system like in the US (i…[View]
224201140GAYNESS: There are literally starving children on the streets and this faggot trying to make this an…[View]
224201287How come everybody loves pic related but nobody even talks about Mclovin?[View]
224201897basedshit POst&4: How are the retards always the loudest?[View]
224200160So now let's talk some National Socialism. This is one hundred years late considering what it d…[View]
224184349So Jews hate this film by Tarentino: Maybe cause he made a baby with an Israeli and basically is rui…[View]
224188182Why are those subreddits like Aznidentity/hapa/Asianmasculinity etc such cancer: These subreddits ar…[View]
224196375Abstract thought is the bane of the white man's existence: Whenever the superior IQ of east Asi…[View]
224199863>Americans will defend this[View]
224201202Did Hitler have Rommel killed because he was coming close to discovering the truth?[View]
224194727I'm disappointed in you, /pol/. How can you deny the best-documented genocide of the 20th centu…[View]
224180633SHABBAT SHALOM: Given the political dominance of Israel as it relates to the Sabbath, a good practic…[View]
224197161Low Marriage Rates and Intermarriage Threaten Future of U.S. Jewry: > muh Jews run globe How are …[View]
224183098Memory Hole General /mhg/: ITT we post and discuss everything that the Jews would prefer that us low…[View]
224196984Brexit - 68days to freedom edition: Will there be any negative economic impact from a no deal Brexit…[View]
224200776>The ancient empires fall, the dark-skinned peoples fade and even the demons of antiquity gasp th…[View]
224199759BIG BRAIN POSTS: You cannot see this post, you can just look at it. The more extreme your positions …[View]
224192490We lost.[View]
224194968Why Dictatorship? Here is your answer: must promote respect for personality by all means; it must ne…[View]
224200180give jews a taste of their own medicine: we should start making nigger man- kike woman porn and uplo…[View]
224198685This Could Be It....: Is this the week where Chosen has finally said too much? https://twitter.com/…[View]
224199106Trump kills plan to cut billions in foreign aid: https://www.politico.com/story/2019/08/22/white-hou…[View]
224177676Who can kill a general in his bed? Overthrow dictators if they're Red? Who can find a counter-a…[View]
224199333Getting mobbed by 100 Zombie Jew Kids: Went golfing in the poconos and Basically got robbed and bull…[View]
224175506Gillette: How much do you want to bet the retards that came up with the Gillette ads still have thei…[View]
224188257what does /pol/ have against pigskins?[View]
224198635Watching the world burn, join me.: Hello, I'm Wayne Lambright and this graphic illustrates the …[View]
224187849Ann Coulter’s a man right?[View]
224196304Mexican-American: why do mexican-american and mexicans living in usa are so unbearable? Last month I…[View]
224200453>truthism.com is up for grabs[View]
224200133>OMG look what some retard said on twatter /pol/! You cannot refute this! Damn this place is a tr…[View]
224196075If you could go back in time how would you stop the holocaust?[View]
224196002ARE AMERICAN WORKERS LAZY?: is this why corporations love going to china, mexico, thailand, vietnam …[View]
224175100Bump for Jesus[View]
224192307https://tiermaker.com/create/us-president-tier Let's see 'em[View]
224194866It's been rigged from the start[View]
224190300I don't actually understand Catholicism: I'm a cradle Catholic but feel I know nothing abo…[View]
224199353INDIA /POL/ Space Western 卐 ॐ 卍[View]
224199559BLAX dindu nuffin!: Post your black crime stat memes.. Lost my file need to rebuild. Much appreciat…[View]
224198494what the fuck is university teaching: Studying mechanical engi at uni. Walk into lecture theatre. Ou…[View]
224174929This bitch is going to be Trump's greatest threat in 2020.[View]
224199865Dominic Cummings is a genius - this is why Brexit will be a success: If you haven’t seen this talk, …[View]
224199852Denmark is good again!: Trump likes Denmark again! Its back on boys! Youre good to go![View]
224199693/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
22416033525 year old Scandinavian girl's Tinder stats: >not being in the top 1 % of males…[View]
224188585Amendment One CHECK! There's still some hope in this country.[View]
224184363Police steal a man's guns for sharing a meme: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-23/red-fla…[View]
224190189In this thread we predict the exact year the human race will end. Give reasoning, be creative.[View]
224199529PA President Abbas: ‘Millions Of Fighters’ Will Take Over Jerusalem: What did he mean by this pol?…[View]
224199524If you were forced to vote for one of the 21 major candidates representing the Democratic Party (see…[View]
224183939It's our Independence Day!: Let us rejoice, my fellow Ukrainians. It's our day, and fuck a…[View]
224198399What changes would have occurred if the Third Reich had won[View]
224192972Let me see your Jewface: Race war just started. Show me your Jewface[View]
224198069Is it finally happening pol?: Will Trump get his 3rd supreme court judge before the 2020 election? I…[View]
224196999What would you do if the queen died /pol/? Answer below, I'm curious pic not related[View]
224188777What has Trump done for America so far /pol/?[View]
224193980why do modern people go insane looking at one of these ?[View]
224199147Trump/China trade war: Wont raising tariffs this much just end up hurting the american consumer? Las…[View]
224195934Freedom of Speech?: When we rise to power, should we crack down on those who deny the truth? Or shou…[View]
224197541Aspergers and ADHD don't exist. Just more ways (((they))) can get money from you by prescribing…[View]
224195948Jews in latin american countries.: So...what role do Jews play in Latin American countries?[View]
224196223Please pray for me. The gay thoughts are tormenting me again. ;_;[View]
224196508What's the redpill? The complete focused hit makes me think these guys are good.[View]
224198362Why?: Why the fuck do I keep running into articles and posts online like 'here's what you can d…[View]
224161958Impact Of The Massive Fires In The Amazon Rainforest: does /pol/ even care? > Massive human-cause…[View]
224198306sincerely, war: how are you enjoying, children? trump is nothing compared to me. and his date of his…[View]
224164007why does /pol/ buy all the Chinese propaganda against Israel posted here? 99% of the conspiracies in…[View]
224195824Based gammy: /ourgammy/ https://www.clickondetroit.com/news/city-council-candidate-says-she-wants-to…[View]
224190645So much for the “tolerant” left.[View]
224198543We should invade Brazil and stop them now: The time is now. We should invade them and save the world…[View]
224197893Is the_donald basically a /pol/ containment board but for reddit?[View]
224197825Do illegals pay taxes?[View]
224198299>2006 What the fuck? For how long has this shit been pushed?[View]
224195908It is actually happening: Trump is forcing US businesses to leave China. He has the authority and he…[View]
224197350Say Hi to the Kings of Jews: Trump and Jesus the Kings of these shitty jews No real man will ever lo…[View]
224198263Should Slavs be treated as civilized and equals to us, Western People of the Western World?[View]
224166751I'm so glad I don't live in Chin-: https://nypost.com/2019/08/22/video-shows-moment-man-cr…[View]
224194490Pic not related I feel the need to ask this straight from the source. Why do you support the alt-rig…[View]
224198252D I E F O R I S R A E L[View]
224196146Daily reminder that they hate you. Stand proud. Fight back.[View]
224196272Black Christian Preacher puts a drag queen pedophile in his place: And yet whites will cower and all…[View]
224194620The Incel Question: I've noticed society has had enough of incels/alt-right/whatever. The daily…[View]
224198126Science and medicine allows this beautiful transwoman to become her authentic self. Anons will never…[View]
224195572Why are evangelicals hypocritical?: They like mentioning the Rothschilds and new world Order conspir…[View]
224170211Have we really unraveled it all?: Does anyone else feel like there definitely is very fucky shit goi…[View]
224187097PNW Ethnostate: You planning your migration, anon?[View]
224195840How do we get China to side with Hong Kong?[View]
224196564Korea Japan Trade War: South Korea is behaving like a spoiled sperg in this whole situation. Let’s b…[View]
224196859are there people here that unironically think Trump's Israel worship is '4d chess to holocaust …[View]
224195302They fear Mommy[View]
224193487Reminder that this is our future.[View]
224184931Zoomers have the best life: I was sitting around today at a job where I am very much overpaid for wh…[View]
224182677daily reminder that 6 million Jews died and the world census from 1939 to 1949, when it started up a…[View]
224195096Why do White liberals vote against their own economic interest?[View]
224195942Why are American women so stupid, and are they destroying the Republic?[View]
224193781Opium smoking used to be as widespread and accepted as binge drinking, with Chinese and Europeans al…[View]
224194875Why do NPCs keep trying to pretend (((Ginsberg))) is hip and cool? I'm maximum cringe.[View]
224184180Big Dick Phase Two: Was this week exciting enough for you? Do you still have your dick in your hand?…[View]
224189625Smuggie Thread: I'm looking for a certain one in particular where he's like 'I deliberatel…[View]
224194534>you will never see true justice in your lifetime[View]
224193563Do you support the patriot act? Cause your boy trump sure does![View]
224176503Why do deep blue states have such a homeless crisis?[View]
224187622Pretend you file taxes as a 1099 (Independent Self-earnings). You live alone with no pets and you do…[View]
224196032Only lazy NEETs from the PNW want the ethno-state there because they're too weak and cowardly t…[View]
224189030Why do these subhumans infest fucking everywhere?: Why do these subhumans infest fucking everywhere?…[View]
224196955Traitor Swift[View]
224155369It keeps getting worse, bros. Wat do.[View]
224187174I know plastic bottles are bad to drink water from. What about silicone ones, filled with tap water?[View]
224195869The Jesuits 1099 - Today: A new series of emails released yesterday by WikiLeaks connected to its du…[View]
224196298Quelling Islamophobia: 'the liberty of all is enhanced when new freedoms are granted to individuals.…[View]
224191317What do we do about Cathcucks?: Cathcucks are all giant faggoys who pretend to be trad but will back…[View]
224173815Why do furries act like this?: Apparently, his hands need to get removed because he stuck them in dr…[View]
224194792Why does Argentina have the highest robbery rate in the world?: >Argentina is the top country by …[View]
224196082Trudeau 2019: Foreign Detractors and Domestic Friends: While incel Americans hate Canada's sexu…[View]
224192987Isn’t it great has people like this having fundraisers for him?[View]
224166426We ready to kill freemassonic french baphomet worshippers: We are ready to figh, We are ready to die…[View]
224185918Accidentally Reveled My Power Level: >Be Me >30 y/o coast guard vet >stuck in a 100 level c…[View]
224192264Why do people support this retard?: >DUDE LETS JUST BE HEARTLESS AND GIVE ALL THE CORPORATIONS AN…[View]
224195850Share a refund: What do you think[View]
224195182Pol, I do not care how the world unrolls. I'm much more content watching history form around me…[View]
224193860Why are Millenials so Stupid?: You couldn't ask for a POTUS who is more transparent and more ob…[View]
224194855Why is Hitler often the punchline of a joke or just a generic insult now? Why isn't he taken se…[View]
224194118Watching 'Outlander': The show freely and openly brings up the historical fact that Muslim Turks ens…[View]
224193109Why are the women in the military allowed to have long hair?[View]
224191789Thoughts on Nick Mullen?[View]
224195338Meme Magic was always real.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfEGSIu5Grg Proof Meme magic was always…[View]
224185875The Chinese plays Go while Trump plays checkers: Red states are going to crash hard while blue state…[View]
224194558PA President Abbas: ‘Millions Of Fighters’ Will Take Over Jerusalem: https://freebeacon.com/national…[View]
224192736(((Good Boys))): 2% of the fucking population. You can't make this shit up anymore.[View]
224192289DAT RITE MOW OUR LAWS OR WE SEND YOU BACK: lol this is the extent of party imagination >mow lawn…[View]
224190122Newspaper that got caught planning the narrative: What newspaper got caught planning the narrative a…[View]
224194895Do kids these days seem worse than previous generations? Even kids who post here seem like they…[View]
224185451Need advice on how to piss off Disney: Basically I want to trend a hashtag on twitter that says some…[View]
224171578Yaniv is a right wing provacateur larping as a trans woman to delegitimize trans people.[View]
224194922anarcho nazbol capitalist revanchist irredentism: the extremes have more in common than we all do wi…[View]
224194718can Pakistan please nuke these disgusting poo monkeys?[View]
224185726A psychologists summary and analysis of Jewish group behavior.: Oldfag here. Though usually I just l…[View]
224191442This guy knows what he’s talking about: Trump does not. Read a fucking book for one. This guy read e…[View]
224187547So let me get this straight. Immigrants from poor countries migrate into rich countries. This weaken…[View]
224178982>California thread </CTG/ 623 THREAD FOR POLITICAL DISCUSSION OF CALIFORNIA…[View]
224191942The niqab did not use to be political, it was just what people wore. Then someone else made it polit…[View]
224193016Why all the lies about the Amazon fires?: According to data from the INPE http://queimadas.dgi.inpe.…[View]
224185102How much would you have celebrated /pol/?[View]
224191085Chinese diplomat says Brazil's environmental policy crisis is 'fabricated': https://w…[View]
224189234Isaac Kappy - Video Of Moments Just Before (((Suicide)))): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNe_2Jlde…[View]
224174549ACH IS DOWN. THIS IS NOT A DRILL: >inb4source[View]
224193669The importance of the personality: The movement must promote respect for personality by all means; i…[View]
224193464The Fall of the Berlin Wall: Your Thoughts On the Fall Of The Berlin Wall?[View]
224193823Imagine having to defend everything this retard says because you have to carry water for this guy be…[View]
224182687Racist BTFO all over America: When will people learn being racist isn't a sign of power but wea…[View]
224193688A question for the shills.: If Yang were elected and implemented UBI and raised minimum wage, how wo…[View]
224192315Empire of Liberty: The power we are dealing with here...is immeasurable.[View]
224181065'black people music good. Wypeepool have no rhythm: Friendly reminder that Europeans were the pionee…[View]
224193550Driving age - should it be lowered? Is driving a human right?: An 8-year-old boy went for a 140 km/h…[View]
224188708Why do democrats hate the jewish people?[View]
224190539Unironically Joe is the meme candidate.[View]
224169517The Space Elevator is the Only Political issue that Matters: It is already possible to build a space…[View]
224192734Which province will the USA purchase from Canada first?[View]
224190754Imagine if[View]
224191004CHINA THREAT general thread: The nine principle elements of Chinese strategy include the following: …[View]
224187903He looks like a typical Chad white gentleman. But why does he behave like a puberty boy? Is this bec…[View]
224185868White man, it’s Friday night and what are u doing sitting on your out of shape ass doing fuck all ri…[View]
224186076>What are you gonna do now white boy? We saw those racist posts you made online. Say it again cow…[View]
224189451How can you support this Jewish faggot: If you don't believe me, check his haplogroup. He recru…[View]
224179259*ruins your economy*[View]
224191435What exactly is a mamzer that is aware of the truth of Christian Identity supposed to do? Do I go to…[View]
224190625IRAN IS DEFYING THE US..: https://www.foxnews.com/world/iranian-supertanker-sought-by-us-is-leased-t…[View]
224191822Do Veterans/Soldiers deserve hate like politicians do?[View]
224188205is there anyone on this board that legitimately thinks the west isn't toast?[View]
224189992What person in this country thought their children would be better served by integrating niggers int…[View]
224191572Marriage violations: 13 If a man takes a wife and, after sleeping with her, dislikes her 14 and slan…[View]
224181780Rape in war. Acceptable or not?[View]
224190443Yet ANOTHER little girl murdered in Missouri: What the fuck is wrong with that state? This is just t…[View]
224184532Weed will definitely replace basedmilk and onions as the low-t substance. stoners are beta as fuck[View]
224184422Kek. This man is like no other.[View]
224186486I treat every white person as my brother.[View]
224190623>tfw watching the literal flows of 'thoughts and prayers' from leftists today for RBG…[View]
224185352Remember in 1999: When leftists descended up Seattle during the WTO meetings to actually protest the…[View]
224181322Give it to me straight /pol/ What's the deal with CBD oil. I see them pushing it as an antidepr…[View]
224186368Why are Canadians so ABSOLUTELY TRIGGERED and SEETHING about United States excellence? I mean when t…[View]
224187060>Greekozoids >White Fuck these TurkRoaches with their D&C Jewish Threads and their Kebabs.…[View]
224178589>undermines every attempt at white nationalism for the next 1000 years Remind me again why you fa…[View]
224185155Found out that there’s a YouTube channel that is uploading videos about torturing cats,this thing ha…[View]
224190810Diversity Hiring: Hiring because of race may not be considered racist, but it's still is, and i…[View]
224130269So i was seeing this infograph about 78% slaveowners being jews according to these two sources menti…[View]
224187631/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - Emergency Economic Powers Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS h…[View]
224186437Which race are worse: sand niggers or niggers[View]
224187857The Bolshevik revolution is by far the most important historical event of the 20th century, and mill…[View]
224181744Red Flag Gun Laws: Connecticut Man's Firearms Seized Because His Son Shared A Meme On Facebook:…[View]
224183388PARKING LOT SHOOTER FOUND GUILTY: >Prosecutor Fred Schaub quietly told McGlockton's family b…[View]
224182272Automated Journalism: #fakenews While they accused guys of being Russian bots they silently where ac…[View]
224189659Why is it that every time there's an antivaxxer on facebook that they're boomers who barel…[View]
224183365Why is racism a bad thing, /pol/? The Left is always REEEing about it, but I don't understand t…[View]
224175370We wuz Jacob’s Ladder an sheeit When is this madness going to end? They are mulching the white mans …[View]
224182008Why Is Trump Bragging On The Stock Market When Its Been In Black Since Late 2017?[View]
224182940Have cucks completely ruined beards: When I was younger beards used to be a symbol of masculinity. W…[View]
224186833My state is building a space elevator to launch seized drugs into orbit.[View]
224188524Reptilian Reveals Himself during interview about Patrick Bryne and the Deep State: With Patrick Bryn…[View]
224190857I can't find any of Sam Hydes content online, anyone have the classic video of him outside shoo…[View]
224179132Glasgow University Reparations: Yup, that's right, we're even getting ready to pay fucking…[View]
224187338>lock you money away for 30 years >get back less than you had Are negative interest rates the …[View]
224176167Why did Christians go from Crusaders who would persecute & advance after their enemies to people…[View]
224190289Here's an idea. Say you're a private company with billions of dollars to do whatever you w…[View]
224183296Drumpf BTFO[View]
224173982Riddle me this: How come you guys are against liberalism and degeneracy but when Hong niggers does i…[View]
224186305ϟϟ /nsg/ NatSoc General ϟϟ: /nsg/ - Natsoc General ϟϟ Your one-stop-shop for every redpill known to …[View]
224189018A Desperation or Fatigue Hypothesis: Is the widespread cuckery being embraced a result of desperatio…[View]
224186259FUCKING BASED[View]
224188035Mule Britannia The Erasure of Whites from British History: https://youtu.be/5yZMsJFxXFU[View]
224177930Fuck all you racists weirdos.[View]
224189186new MH17 doco: New part of a pretty decent and detailed series about everything that happened after …[View]
224188298Be ready: https://streamable.com/3j3hc[View]
224177449Why do Jews hate motorcycles?: Are they the real answer to freedom? They are cheap, fun, fast, fuel…[View]
224186785Why does every single TV commercial in the US have niggers in them despite being only 13% of the pop…[View]
224187908Who else is counting down the days until Jim brings back our true home, infinitechan?[View]
224189249Meditation forced upon the West: Meditation is being forced upon us. If you work in tech, like me, o…[View]
224181121Does anybody actually believe Tim Pool when he talks about having to deal with racism growing up bec…[View]
224169511Italians and greeks: They allways argue they had the first civilizations meanwhile Babylon and Egypt…[View]
224182936Why do we complain about jidf shills here while entire board (/int/) is run by a russian shill who d…[View]
224186868Can we get rid of ding ding, his pissing contest with China is making me lose a fuck ton of money.[View]
224186476I have been analyzing all data to determine the final solution to the FQ (female question) I have co…[View]
224179522Does every race equally hate black people?[View]
224189686#FreeEastGermany: So hear me out, we must free the East Germans, they were taken over and enslaved b…[View]
224188262Why are Ubermensch Germans so much better at fighting than filthy faggot foreigners?[View]
224189535Hitlers Table Talks: can anyone debunk Hitlers Table Talks?[View]
224189065WE ARE NOT SORRY[View]
224185997Not only do I posit that global warming isnt true, even if it was- it is a problem that doesnt need …[View]
224189210SUCESS IS NOT A CRIME: Weaksness is[View]
224180464New US Homeless: Why normal working folk homeless though? Have rights to home, shit ain't right…[View]
224184161Everyone keeps calling me a 'neo-nazi': All I ever said was white people shouldn't be genocided…[View]
224166526ROTHSCHILD FUCKED UP!!!!!!! GET IN HERE NOW!!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpsqTEAcc4Q It…[View]
224188893Digits confirm these things happen within 36 months the prophets of /pol have spoken the memes have …[View]
224185970Dudes...: What if WE are the Jews?[View]
224187501Press F to pay respects: Gary Ray Bowles the I-95 accused Serial killer who helped cure gays of thei…[View]
224188304Why bother building a wall when we could just annex Mexico?[View]
224187543Happy Independence Day!: Press S to spit on that disgusting country. I hate every single day of my …[View]
224187222The only logical ecology meme is nuclear fission plants and graphite batteries. These two techs can…[View]
224188167how to prepare for a recession: Just incase this one is worst what products should we stick up on? G…[View]
224177941This is facts and you’re a disgrace for letting this happen.[View]
224188192How do we save the endangered white capitalist from extinction?[View]
224127435Real reason Varg got shoahd on Youtube: Varg was redpilling the masses about (((Christianity))). Its…[View]
224187642If the American Constitution is so great, how come it doesn't prevent people in the government …[View]
224178777Why is Conan always visiting every country Trump mentions?: Seems pathological to me. He's obse…[View]
224187891Hold fast you sons of Albion!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjSpZ1y4Rno&list=PLlBXrdcZHMT2Xzl…[View]
224182996/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - Don't Fall for Shills Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS …[View]
224187508If my grandpa's a racist homophobe conspiracy theorist then why is my mom an anti-racist jew lo…[View]
224185012>be american >wife's son shares racist meme >get all of your guns confiscated OHHHHHHH…[View]
224187641Rhodesia: What the hell happened? This country could have been perfect! >Civilized white colonis…[View]
224187607What white genocide did you suffer today and how did you survive?[View]
224186707What would 21st century life in western countries be like if tampons, condoms & abortions were n…[View]
224176516Retarded Liberal Logic: >Create a Muslim character to appease Muslims >Make character female …[View]
224164113How to fix degeneracy 101 >Bring back Christianity >Abolish welfare (except for people who le…[View]
224179800Did we wake him up? He just wanted to be a philospher.[View]
224186860No way.: Please don't let it be true! Joe Biden is all they have? It's going to be a borin…[View]
224183460Join Us...We HavE cOoKiEs!...: It's all about information The flow... The control... The restri…[View]
224186689The Rape of England's Daughters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Oymr4eFqPk[View]
224158048White people music: crybaby depressing shit, metal edgelords that lived sheltered and pretend to be …[View]
224158745The answer is clear. Greenland has voted no to give up their country to Donald Trump or as Greenlan…[View]
224180788What are the best books on politics, I want to study every relevant subject. Everything from communi…[View]
224186537What happened to all the Gabbard spam?[View]
224178052Honk: I absolutely love this woman what a role model. Don't we wish the man in the White House …[View]
224177705Stop eating beef: It's the most expensive, least efficient protein you can eat, aside from lamb…[View]
224183735Hillary won by 3 million votes[View]
224183560This is undeniably the most beautiful country in the world. Have you fuckers ever been to fucking It…[View]
224184057Paramedics: After being attacked for the first time in a junkie den, I think I’m done working as a p…[View]
224186030Ooga booga go black to africa: >be me >Start up a 'Back to Africa' foundation >funds black …[View]
224185657American: American degeneracy is at full swing now. Gone are the days of tradition, masculinity, fea…[View]
224185560Let's see how many white proud people r.[View]
224185919We must organize!: The time is now, anons! We must begin organizing, and preparing for what is to co…[View]
224185465paki brings the bantz[View]
224168352Let’s shed a tear for the 17 year old child who was paid to blow a billionaire on his private island…[View]
224183743I am forgotten...[View]
224182873>2 and a half years in >No wall >Less deportations than Obama >Relations with Russia wor…[View]
224175874David Hogg is coming back: >Reduce gun deaths by 50% over the next decade https://www.wunc.org/po…[View]
224184395>buy greenland >declare war on china >loves israel has he gone insane?…[View]
224184916Thoughts on Franco of Spain: Was he a good leader or a bad leader? I realize that I could do my own …[View]
224185674Current state of politics[View]
224184242Corvanka: How would /pol/ react if Ivanka dumped (((Jared))) and married AOC? Would it be an improve…[View]
224183989Grasping onto Power till their last breath: Why is it always jews that cling on to it? sure other ra…[View]
224179044The cuck is sent back to its shed.[View]
224182161/ptg/ 卐 PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL 卐 - 1488 EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https://www.whiteh…[View]
224153515>Arabs hate us because of our freedom! I was watching this interview out of curiosity, since I li…[View]
224167820Architecture: How can shitskins even compete edition Dumping only the comfiest of the white mans cre…[View]
224178447What went wrong?[View]
224183851Why do you hate Henry Kikesinger?[View]
224173527So now that 8-Chan has been down for almost a month now, what does the q-anon movement look like? He…[View]
224184394Board Monitoring Bulletin 08/23/2019: 09278: Report-Increases in Anti Semitism. Aprox. 3.26% 09279…[View]
224177119Race War: I want to hear your hot takes on an American race war, how would it start? who would team …[View]
224184240No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man.[View]
224185084International Emergency Economic Powers Act: The International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA)…[View]
224184919So am I just supposed to accept that Im a born loser? I have a job, exercise, nofap, and abstain fr…[View]
224152992America love thread. Say something nice about our calorically challanged cousins from across the Atl…[View]
224179374Alright, how does she go out?: It's obvious that the jews are fucking pissed at her. Question i…[View]
224182349Happy Friday night, anon. Just a reminder that you need to keep working on yourself, and if things s…[View]
224182601Something really freaky is going on: Earth's inner core is doing something weird https://www.na…[View]
224183126would trump run in 2024: if he loses in 2020?[View]
224182856Why is usa becoming trendy as a symbol for zoomers?[View]
224183897Lmaoo all ya losers just need to cha cha O √| / / Chaaa chaaa[View]
224179783Why do you hate us /pol: We want a cleaner, better future for children. Equal rights regardless of r…[View]
224184362How long can a corrupt society go on?: Is it worth it to live in an unjust society? Can your kids re…[View]
224182944How can the smartest race on the planet lack this much self-awareness?: >But, go ahead and constr…[View]
224153660How can a nation/people exist for hundreds of years and still be a shithole today?: How come some na…[View]
224171859Poop jewsburg: Redpill me on this bitch, like why do y’all hate her so much[View]
224178297GLOBAL FINANCIAL COLLAPSE: DOW DOWN OVER 700POINTS FUTURES DOWN https://www.bloomberg.com/markets/st…[View]
224182863Which country has the ugliest women?[View]
224175429Is The African Race Subhuman?[View]
224168075Age of consent being 18 in USA is Laughable: girls age faster. no magic between 16-18 after 18 tho …[View]
224179909What's happening here?[View]
224183762Have you taken the breeding pill /pol/: Breed, breed and flood this world with low IQ babies. Dysgen…[View]
224181184>Trump should also tell Xi that if he cracks down, the United States will welcome Hongkongers as …[View]
224183074What's the consensus on her? Why is she bad for Germany? She seems like a nice lady.[View]
224179437If Arabs want Israel back, why don’t millions of unarmed Arabs just walk in?: Call themselves refuge…[View]
224183638Congratulate the Obamas on their new home, pol.: Do the Obamas truly value the 'diversity' that they…[View]
224146272What caused modern women to become this picky and how do we fix it?[View]
224183746Jewish IQ: It seems to me that this whole thing would have to be a bit of a meme, and to a point eve…[View]
224182352Post a better picture summarizing gaytheists ProTip: You can't Romans 1:22 Professing themselve…[View]
224166275I have Compromising Video Footage on an Alt-Right Leader, Should I Release it?: Let me explain: For …[View]
224183562Trump Has Told Friends That Gutting Medicare Could Be a Fun “Second-Term Project”: https://www.googl…[View]
224178225Why do millennials refuse to cheat on their spouses?[View]
224180026Why did Karl Marx marry a gentile?: Pic related is the woman Karl Marx bore children with. She was n…[View]
224183535redpilled movie recommendation thread[View]
224159067Is siblings not sharing rooms anymore like they used to a major driver for degeneracy among young pe…[View]
224181980Why do white people do this?: Are they trying to compensate for something?[View]
224179755Arab slave trade/ other races doing terrible things: Hey /pol/, what’re some facts and figures showi…[View]
224179860Is Ruth Bader Ginsburg Literally The Eternal Jew?: The old battleaxe refuses to croak. Do you think …[View]
224179113CHINA THREAT general thread: 'On the outside, be benevolent; on the inside, be ruthless.' - Chinese …[View]
224180349Be Honest Your Just Jealous Of Our Success: Its almost like how bla ks blame White's for everyt…[View]
224183214Look at this dude. Look at the top of his head! Ohnononono[View]
224180415can someone PLEASE give me a legit example of proud boys being 'racist' or 'fascist', because they L…[View]
224180293Trump-branded products like Donald Trump eyeglasses and Trump hotel robes are made in China: Some of…[View]
224176566It’s not us it’s you[View]
224181295Is this guy on the Trump train?: https://youtu.be/1zHUXGd4gJU[View]
224182917Greeks are the true Aryans. You will never be as white as us.[View]
224183093If every American citizen were given an equal share of land, it would only come out to 18 acres for …[View]
224166527South Korea and Brazil were equally poor shitholes in the 1950s. But decades later, South Korea has …[View]
224182995How does /pol/ feel about socialists who don't ascribe to Cultural Marxism aka American Marxism…[View]
224156912>be american >die of diabetes L O L[View]
224182799*ahem* FUCK WHITE WOMEN[View]
224179482you all need to watch this since: yes its the new movie on netflix and yeah barry obama produced it.…[View]
224182787To the moon[View]
224182032Was the waffen SS evil? While the majority of wehrmacht were just regular people the waffen SS commu…[View]
224179609Dick pics are illegal in Texas now: https://twitter.com/adenull/status/1165076896738156544?s=21…[View]
224182636Truth That Changes You: Karl Marx - Argued everything was a class-based struggle. Wrong... Are ther…[View]
224182279I understand people within the NWO circles are heavily vetted, and conditioned, but will we ever see…[View]
224182576Amazon rainforest burned[View]
224177893/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - NEVER forget Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https://www.wh…[View]
224182330https://twitter.com/GregAbbott_TX/status/1165031731562471424 its illegal to post tiddys in texas now…[View]
224181447There's no coming back from this. We've lost.[View]
224182086its been a while since i posted jlaws butthole[View]
224179571Is it just me, or is it getting crazier in here? Tons of schizoposting and conspiracy theories that …[View]
224177728EXACTLY! Kudos to our Queen Taylor Swift for speaking out![View]
224171696Name my band[View]
224171970Half Japanese rap artist Joji - 'I wish I could satisfy my girl like a black man': Thoughts on this?…[View]
224176131/Qresearch Family Reunion - DRY DOCK 1: Get in here you Glorious faggots! It's not home, but it…[View]
224165198What does Isreal do for the united states?[View]
224181656Milo - Boston Straight Pride marshal[View]
224177122Donald Trump must be really upset that his biggest donor is gone.[View]
224175912Diversity is our strength[View]
224174196Why can't the normalfaggots ever wake up to the fact that the presidential election is no longe…[View]
224178703I just wanted to be left alone. Maybe even just farm, and start a big family with a blonde woman. Wh…[View]
224179110Why do Jews Hate this?: Curious[View]
224176477have any christian anons ever thought that (((Jesus))) could just be a tool (((they))) are using to …[View]
224181041Jesus Christ is GOD: https://streamable.com/3j3hc[View]
224180967Maybe I'm woke.: I'm new. Edgmacate me. I see what's going on. Trump 2020 by a land…[View]
224165222WILL THE HUMAN SACRIFICES EVER GO PUBLIC?: Honest answers only.[View]
224179995Taylor Swift’s Cultivation Of Hate For The Right Claims Its First Victim, Her Dad: https://www.redst…[View]
224179484Does japanese water have fluoride[View]
224162865Operation Shapeshift General: >Jews are a protected class. Larping as a Jew has the benefit of be…[View]
224178021>his wife won't give him a show like this for his wedding Lmfao. Are you even getting your m…[View]
224176837the west was never worth protecting: you heard it here first. a very big pill I recently stumbled up…[View]
224144669If /pol/ Falls, Turn to The Daily Stormer: Listen up lads, we need a plan for when 4chan goes down. …[View]
224176573Press F to do a Fortnite dance on his grave[View]
224153749I thought europeans were supposed to be educated: He called Bolsonaro a liar and then posts a pictur…[View]
224170646What is wrong with Sweden?[View]
224180931New Stefan Molyneux video up: Part 5 of Sunset in the Golden State This series is pretty based excep…[View]
224172388COP SHOT DEAD IN ILLINOIS: And it was nowhere NEAR Chicago. Who did it, /pol/? >Illinois Trooper …[View]
224144772Didn't Epstain rape teens who were 13-15 aka fully reproduction capable and an bear children? W…[View]
224180838ACAB: Why do cops serve a tour hunting womp rats overseas and then come home and pretend to be the h…[View]
224178183Italians will LOVE this BASED scene.: It's a must watch https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PcZCGMCD…[View]
224176773Who's he kidding?! We are in a recession![View]
224176077Macron be like >gonna sell Brazil now[View]
224180491The Jews have opened an inter-dimensional portal and are sending in inter-Jewish beings. Watch this …[View]
224180186John Green: The amazon is being burned: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhESYHHbzsc Favelas btfo!…[View]
224159852Greetings and Salutations! I'm an independent researcher following the trend of white nationali…[View]
224160484France: What’s the story behind this?[View]
224165017Saint Brenton Tarrant of Grafton: This thread is dedicated to the political implication of Saint Bre…[View]
224177715State must pay for gender 'CONFIRMATION' surgery. What is wrong with our society? You wou…[View]
224176060All private property in the Americas should be expropriated and nationalized for the communal use of…[View]
224180381Why do women always get away with keeping their lives in conflict? I've been watching videos on…[View]
224178888Even Chinese people realize Jews are superior: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOxgXB6AsVY…[View]
224158869People's Party of Canada: So you are a member of the PPC and voting PPC in October, right leaf?…[View]
224179769>be me >26 yo >many health problems >dry skin, vision problems, hair falling, feel very …[View]
224167017Passed this shit on the way home. Want to play a little game? Guess the person's gender, race …[View]
224179598Why haven't you seen the light and come over to the winning side, /pol/? You could have everyth…[View]
224180126Evangelicals and Jews: Anti-Semitic beliefs have quietly taken hold among Evangelical Christians. h…[View]
224174773Any autistic INTJ chess masters throughout political history?[View]
224179215It's politics deal with it nigger: Retard rich white traitor bitch lectures you on your privile…[View]
224174561First 14 words that come to mind go[View]
224176529Why does /pol/ hate gays so much?: Its basically MGTOW without the loneliness Some guys can be prett…[View]
224176209Multiracial/ multicultural countries dont work: Here are all the studies from the most famous univer…[View]
224120515Jews are admitting that they want to be information gatekeepers. Disgusting.: https://www.forbes.com…[View]
224171916Was general Franco ourguy /pol/?[View]
224163247Why the fuck do new apartments look like this now? It’s some weird commie block shit[View]
224179672Sequence of events: >Epstein suicided/disappeared >Island raid for optics >Economy teeterin…[View]
224177787Editor of Your Ward News gets 1 year in jail for promoting hatred: ==ITS HAPPENING - BOLSHEVIKS CONF…[View]
224178469The camp where the protesters against the G7 are gathered has been violently by the police. Armed wi…[View]
224179502>starting and fighting a trade war on twitter Can he *be* any more embarrassing?…[View]
224174463WHAT THE FUCK /pol/?! Abraham Lincoln's real last name was...: (((SPRINGSTEIN))) How the fuck h…[View]
224165822Trump's power grows.: If you just visited this website to form your opinions, you might easily …[View]
224159204BREAKING: BREAKING: Queen Elizabeth is being treated at King Edward 7th Hospital in London. Statemen…[View]
224170737Daily Reminder the Amazon is BRAZILIAN: And if we want to burn it to a crisp and build a FAVELA, we …[View]
224179064Good times ahead: Anyone else kinda excited to see how our society will break down as a new recessio…[View]
224165363Alright, just watched this movie and i am in absolute Cognitve Dissonance now. I actually think Hitl…[View]
224174388Tip to cuntry wigger neckbeards: The size of your exhaust tip is inversely proportional to your IQ.…[View]
224178104this is what you asked for: :)[View]
224176968This is what a recession looks like. All red and Donald Trump’s fault.[View]
224178947How do you defend Nippon /pol/?: Junko Furuta was a 17-year-old Japanese high school student who was…[View]
224176283what did he mean by this???[View]
224178223Favorite political podcasts?[View]
224178880Lefty fags have nothing good to be sad about: I watch philosophy tube for the presentation and not t…[View]
224173197Why Is Assange Still Alive?: Epstein being taken out proves that powerful people are able to get to …[View]
224177326Muslims on reddit are more conservative than you guys are https://www.reddit.com/r/islam/comments/cu…[View]
224178546why boomers are such idiots and always will be.: 1. world wide web started in 1991. now remember whe…[View]
224177563And I am a liberal. A 10 year Veteran, a union member for more then 25 years, a husband for more the…[View]
224174659How can CNN even compete? It's in 27th place!! SAD![View]
224176767It's simple: REMOVE BURGER[View]
224172349Reminder that the Freedom Dividend will actually make America great again.[View]
224149384Give me a rundown on Bolsonaro. Is he actually trying to destroy the Amazon or is he being framed?[View]
224163921Look how powerful women are: Why can’t men be like this? The future is female[View]
224178219If you didnt listen to autechre you dont deserve to exist[View]
224172918> Why deny the patriarchy exists? > Why deny that fields (even academic) dominated by women a…[View]
224174772Trump is self destructing: it's painful to watch[View]
224176746How is Bashar the Lion of Damascus doing these days?[View]
224176421Welcome to the USA Greenies[View]
224178023There's literally nothing wrong with supporting Israel, our greatest ally in the Middle East an…[View]
224167244What possesses people to kill a majestic animal for sport? I’m not a shitlib by any stretch, but thi…[View]
224174229China's Fascination with Jewish People: Is it true the Chinks look up to jews? https://www.yout…[View]
224166359Any anons know of pedo scandals in the gaming industry?: I was going through some of Epstein's …[View]
224177279How do I make new friends?: All my friends are into cuckholding so I'm looking for new friends.…[View]
224174893Does /pol/ support Bolsonaro? >Israel first >America second >anyone else who wants Brazilia…[View]
224175668Well this happened yesterday... I hate California[View]
224167744RIP KOCH: Right-Wingers BTFO[View]
224177766Always waiting for a Happening: Come on /pol/..... if we just sit around waiting for a happening, we…[View]
224176669Eastern Washington Statehood: As a resident of Tri-Cities, I have had enough of the Democrats in Oly…[View]
224177595Even Barron has turned against President Retard.[View]
224177567Why aren't you guys going to vote for Walsh now that he is running for president?[View]
224169563Why does /pol/ hate the people that are making conservatism make a comeback? Are you guys liberals u…[View]
224174999Otto Warmbier. The guy, who tried to steal propaganda from North-Korea, but failed, and came back in…[View]
224168741is it even possible to raise a daughter in the west without her becoming a degenerate and or brainwa…[View]
224170021So there's all this talk about how women's rights or women's voting rights are at the…[View]
224177425Thank you Bernie Sanders. He has done something unlike Donald Trump who spent his two years doing no…[View]
224176372IT’S OGRE[View]
224177343why do wh*teoids fuckin do this yo[View]
224176805@GregAbbot_TX makes sending unsolicited nudes illegal in TX: Governor @GregAbbot_TX just passed law …[View]
224176208Excuse me, sir, but this is a hard “r” house[View]
224176792>Selam-ın Aleyküm my Evropean brothers, I’m here help oppose the shitskin invaders and preserve o…[View]
224152597Why do you idiots want a civil war so badly?[View]
224165907“In this spot, where the plane struck on September 11, here we choose to place our Torah”: WASHINGTO…[View]
224174138what happened to the good all days of nonPC comedy. Have SJW really destroyed comedy as a whole? htt…[View]
224177012Biden asks us to imagine Obama Assassinated: So, do we have a contest now? THE BIDEN 2019 ASSASSINAT…[View]
224176931Reminder Epstein Was Mossad: and that Attorney General Barr is covering this up also >'Jeffrey Ep…[View]
224176495greece, homeland of muds: >Greek >Human…[View]
224164068Trans hate thread: It’s almost like these people are mentally ill. It’s almost like these people ne…[View]
224176718There exist a large number of Soi Boi 4chan Beta Male White Bois on /pol/. Truth is, they are self h…[View]
224176795they're making fun of us on Lebanese national television...[View]
224164283lets invent new political systems.: my system would be eternal world war. anything goes, screw all a…[View]
224175972He pulled a fast one on us but it was fun seeing Hillary getting crushed. It'll be even more f…[View]
224144840When do you think women will realize that everyone sees through their facade?[View]
224154821GIVE THEM BACK: dirty british island monkeys, give us back our rightful land that you have stolen MA…[View]
224174642Macron says he will block EU trade deal with Brazil over Amazon forest fires: France will block an E…[View]
224174494Who started the fires?: This fire will inject into the mainstream the idea that globalization is nec…[View]
224173435Who else /Jingoist/ here?: Who else unironically wants America to stay #1 and is therefore Jingoisti…[View]
224172355Why do Americans hate Italians so much[View]
224172586Woah.... Powerful And punctual[View]
224175683Traitor Trump wants to destroy the 4th amendment.: Well done /pol/ you elected George W. Bush mk 2. …[View]
224165968Memory Hole Excavation: This damned news cycle moves to fast, too easy to forget things. Can we get …[View]
224164813Was George Bush that bad?[View]
224156978Brit/pol/ - Ravers edition: >Costa Coffee franchise workers 'not treated like humans' h…[View]
224176007AMAZON RAIN FOREST: IT'S FUCKING HAPPENING: The Amazonian rain forest produces 20% of the world…[View]
224175659'The most recent attack on the LGBT+ community took place on August 13, when a 15-year-old boy block…[View]
224175943All Our problems will start to slowly melt for bad and worse if WW III finally happens.[View]
224175865Glasgow University Reparations: Yup, that's right, we're even getting ready to pay fucking…[View]
224169509This is /pol/[View]
224171796ELIMINATING BOTS FROM 4CHAN: In every post you make, ask a question. The question doesn't have …[View]
224173742A leaf recommended this film a couple of days ago and I wanted to thank him on the off chance he…[View]
224169897Where is Kathy Hall? http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1244624/pg1[View]
224170880Give me some international news not the spam bullshit flooding /pol/: Tired with the bullshit (((new…[View]
224139392Why are slavs so unhappy?[View]
224173752Candace Owens: So what are your thoughts on Candace Owens? Do you think she's useful on the rig…[View]
224175548Meanwhile, in Germany: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uvu2-gpEqI[View]
224175529we're living in hell[View]
224143900Stop eating meat. NOW.[View]
224173689Voting quiz: It's abundantly clear that 100% of the world's problems are due to mediocre p…[View]
224165889LV Shooting: Does anyone have a good link to the video contained this report? https://www.usjournal.…[View]
224150148Syria General /sg/ - kebab under siege edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wor…[View]
224172021Will Trump give us $1000 a month when we are all unemployed?[View]
224174749Economy collapsing. Trump's fault.: Trump is running America into the ground. What a shock.…[View]
224159150TRUMP WILL WIN.: >G0od eve3ing g3nts. Th1s 15 5 tur1ng-t3st f0r b0t pr3s3nc3 0n th15 b04rd, 1 4m …[View]
224132633Popeye's ran out of chicken again (Video): https://youtu.be/MuAMn7LhKwk It turned violent when…[View]
224173523STOP IT NOW: Before it's too late. The Amazon was created by God or Mother Nature, take your pi…[View]
224174755Hong Kong Pepe: How does the press reconcile our beloved Pepe as a symbol of 'alt-right' racism and …[View]
224170507The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1h5iv6sECGU&f…[View]
224167692If you still watching porn you're feeding the enemy. You guys should realize that THIS is a BIO…[View]
224163352I'm le ebil communist. debate me[View]
224174274What the fuck is with american cops? They are so aggressive and arrogant. They are like military pol…[View]
224173786We back the blue We support our troops We support Israel And we love our potatoes![View]
224174021Question as a foreigner to USA: Why are leftists upset about trumps china tariffs? Isn't it jus…[View]
224174584Sweden: So has Sweden gone to shit or not?[View]
224174127Dear Brazil: Let it burn tf down, I like to see triggered shitlibs[View]
224168762this nigga is literally a war criminal now[View]
224174646Niggers are absolutely worthless: I'm sitting here watching LivePD on A&E right now drinkin…[View]
224174639Reminder (JEWS) REJECTED Jesus Christ the King of the Jews!!! They killed him. Christianity, particu…[View]
224167755What books did the Nazi Party actually burn?: I have wondered this for a while now. Which books did …[View]
224170550No Niggers in F1[View]
224174513A simple solution to destroy Islam. Just make known how musical instruments (except percussion) are …[View]
224174279N.J. Dem Malinowski: Illegals Needed to Mow 'Our Beautiful Lawns': >Rep. Tom Malinowski…[View]
224174467have you ever thought sucking another mans dick?[View]
224174412>>>/g/72447669 Why is /g/ the worst board on 4cuck? >worships an old nasty toe jelly eat…[View]
224160508Meaningless sex: Reminder that sex with random whores is literally the stupidest thing you can do. I…[View]
224174357How many of you are high right now[View]
224172050The normies have already forgotten, just as planned.[View]
224170866http://archive.fo/GP56x Definitions from OMB & ACS guide the Census Bureau in classifying writte…[View]
224173179Jewish Race mixing: How do you think Zuckerberg's family and community reacted when he got enga…[View]
224167278>Reading about the American civil war for a university project. >My studies led me to the Conf…[View]
224173375post your rare pepe: we must manipulate the probability waves in our favor.[View]
224167199Whats his legacy? Spying on people? Remember when this guy could do no wrong? Now nobody can even li…[View]
224173835Countries and Comrades: Dear South Korea, We like you, please continue to be our friend even though…[View]
224132281Emma Watson is Not Backing Down: What now anon?[View]
224173534You are retarded to tell women to stay out of politics.: Anything can suddenly become 'political', p…[View]
224151865So this is what nordcucks believe.: Imagine being so pathetic that you replace other cultures to dem…[View]
224173668R.I.P White People: > The population of Uttar Pradesh, a state in India, is larger than that of a…[View]
224139550What's up with all the vape false flags? Obviously someone is selling fake cartridges like pic …[View]
224171104Don't ask how I know.: She died 2 hours ago >I said Charles, don't you ever crave >…[View]
224170792Yep, that's going in my cognitive dissonance folder.[View]
224170016Peer-reviewed Genetic Study: Ashkenazi Jews are Overwhelmingly European: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.go…[View]
224161635How does this make any sense?: https://twitter.com/helpmeskeletor/status/1164787586851721216?s=19…[View]
224128371Shirtless Trash Shooters being denied speedy trial: >Johnnie Dee Allen Miller, 68, was expected t…[View]
224145957War with China: US President Donald Trump has announced further tariffs on $250 billion in Chinese g…[View]
224161291Is he the smartest man on YouTube >destroys Christcucks >destroys pagan LARPers >drops the…[View]
224172748All socialism is leftist and based on fantasy. National Socialism didn't work, and it will neve…[View]
224158978What are your thoughts on Richard Spencer?[View]
224171282Dont forget to repopulate![View]
224137644He did NOTHING wrong (except one thing): >she constantly needed to feel happy and positive despit…[View]
224172632whats the murdoch murdoch vid where murdoch is in the collapse and all the whites come to save him?[View]
224173149/pol/ would you rather Taylor Swift had a baby with a Jeb or a basketball-American? https://twitter.…[View]
224173096translating leftard libtard prog speak: Translating leftard language >white supremacist White per…[View]
224168483'Grandmother': OH boy where to even start with this one. Jeeze, sometimes I just don't understa…[View]
224172776Shall we let leftists and sjw's destroy Switzerland?[View]
224172922Who should we talk about first?: I hate everybody equally. If your not my bloodline, I don’t really …[View]
224164181Google bans political opinions: Google doesn't want people talking.[View]
224166657Hi pol black guy here: Why are white people such degenerate spawns of Satan?[View]
224172762Germanic men: Come and impregnate our women please. We need to be bleached in order to politically s…[View]
224165382Reminder: 95% of Greeks look like this.: >greek >white…[View]
224168930They're Watching[View]
224161314New Q proof Ceo of overstock.com conforms q drop[View]
224172648>free trade[View]
224162493I STILL STAND WITH TAY TAY: sh-she's still my aryan waifu guys, she's controlled by the je…[View]
224171380If whites are so smart then why can the Shekelsteins literally just come right out and admit what th…[View]
224172382mind=blown. redpilled as fuck. alpha brain waves engaged: Guys it might sound crazy but it actually …[View]
224146635Why are Western Europeans so gay?[View]
224171053Nigeria vs Brazil, Which country is worse?[View]
224152745Poland just started importing Indians/Muslims: I worked at Capgemini and I've heard stories of …[View]
224172387I do not care for black people. There. I said it.[View]
224142515'White Genocide': My favourite thing to see online is this whole concept of 'white genocide'. Who is…[View]
224169868So all the other /pol/s are dead and gone. And we all know how compromised 4chan is. How much of the…[View]
224140136/pol/ approved podcasts: Sometimes I get tired of music. What are some /pol/ approved podcasts on sp…[View]
224171118more diversions endless bullshit: First it's the 'Equality wars' 'Wage Gap' Bullshit then it…[View]
224171533TARGET PULLS MONOPOLY SOCIALISM GAME OFF OF THEIR WEBSITE! WTF https://www.target.com/p/monopoly-so…[View]
224172207help me im slow: anyone have that article/post about the democrat that said only black people should…[View]
224167347/OSG/ - Operation Shapeshift General | Echoes In The Night Edition: We must create a massive movemen…[View]
224150892False Flag Strikes again Philly Cop-Shooter Was Federal Informant.[View]
224169122The other JIDF.: Noticed there is a few shills from Japan who want us to hate/mock Whales, just beca…[View]
224171663Boomer Hate Thread: Post your best Boomers Faggots[View]
224169679American jews are mean spirited and ill mannered: I know its not right to generalize a whole populat…[View]
224158602what race is she? hint - she's not mixed at all.[View]
224171901Q's legit, change my mind: Q sounds like a conversation between Americas Military Intellegence …[View]
224169641My needs are not being fulfilled under Trump's presidency[View]
224154880Why does /pol/ want to take away women's rights?[View]
224168128March For Our Lives 'Peace Plan': Why is no one talking about this? https://marchforourlives.com/pe…[View]
224171583So what happened to this guy?: I remember him being shilled here back in 2017, why did he fade into …[View]
224162647One day I'll be a legal citizen of this country. I can feel it. What do you think?[View]
224169472You choose what you want to believe. No one forces you[View]
224168381The druid has him flipping shit.[View]
224168192Wildfires are normal faggots: Wildfires are a part of many natural ecosystems, they happen naturally…[View]
224165963MACRON IS THE BIGGEST CUCK IN EXISTENCE: Imagine being Macron, he literally tried to gather all G7 c…[View]
224165684Trump says ordered US companies to find an 'alternative' to China...: https://www.zerohedge.com/news…[View]
224133097FORMER ITALIAN PRESIDENT SAYS 9/11 SOLVED: >It's common knowledge, Mossad, CIA behind 9/11 t…[View]
224164758Hong Kong/China Human Chain: Who cares?[View]
224152203Millionaire kid kills himself after Model Dumped him[View]
224165758When did you realize: He was right about the Chicoms?[View]
224139651where is the new 8ch: where is the new 8ch[View]
224168358Landslide Victory: This woman will win in a landslide in this county. She loves her some trump for r…[View]
224164632Is global warming the ultimate redpill? Wouldnt jacking up the earths temperatures wipe out all of a…[View]
224168915How can one man be SO FUCKING WEAK?[View]
224168469Were the Babylonians white: This woman is Hamitic Did they look like her And if so why do liberals…[View]
224164447Boycott and regime change Brazil NOW: He can't be allowed to burn the Amazon.[View]
224167015Bernie 2020: Repeat after me, Mr. President Sanders.[View]
224159455New stonetoss comic[View]
224162626Why have whites been expelled from so many countries?[View]
224170467Disney forced race-mixing: Now Lady and the Tramp live action film has replaced the female lead with…[View]
224170664Redpill me. Is this mooncricket tranny lover a citizen?[View]
224170376why do americans want to spread mexicans to greenland?[View]
224164320Hillarytube: Was the deposition really nothing? I searched 'Hillary deposition' and filtered to only…[View]
224166104So what exactly is keeping us from just lining up our whole army from sea to sea and have them march…[View]
224170228Liking animals makes you a nigger[View]
224149328He's literally going to sink the entire world economy and you tards are cheering him on because…[View]
224167679Chyna: Chyna[View]
224168161It Was the Frankfurt School All Along: Communism is still an enemy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F…[View]
224169680Beto the Pedo and Pete the Cheat: What are these two still even doing in the race? They don’t have a…[View]
224168955Brits are inferior to Americans[View]
224141561Q is who has read what the world will soon know.: Have you expanded your thinking?[View]
224130275Is Finland the only non-pozzed country in Scandinavia?[View]
224164126What are the chances either Hilary or Michele swoop in around the Dem Convention and accept the Nomi…[View]
224169102Not All That Different: A very kino movie that you guys should watch if you haven't already. ht…[View]
224163789Hey Britian,: >how's that 'diversity' working out for you? >in less than 40 years your co…[View]
224160836If it'sa rainforest then why is it on fire?[View]
224159396Make sure you are saved eternally[View]
224168674Should social media companies be free to remove any content the Communist party dislikes from their …[View]
224165200Mossad shills spammed 3 Tarrant threads simultaneously. So sick of this bullshit.[View]
224163335Damned if you do: Bottom text[View]
224168612He will slay the dragon! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MM_c_avPlx4[View]
224168601meme thread: step up your game pol[View]
224167823Fat shame thread 404'd before I could share: This is best pepe now.[View]
224168146stop protesting the church of peter[View]
224168279inb4 France tries to invade Brazil: I don’t think it’ll happen but I put nothing past these people. …[View]
224168371An uncomfortable conversation with a feminist: https://youtu.be/gSgqUtG4lQ4[View]
224165812I'm the director of a software company that is hiring developers - especially Salesforce devs. …[View]
224161754Tick Tock: Only your rolls will confirm if it is her time.[View]
224167859If Democrats are so bad for minorities then how do you explain Asians who have historically always v…[View]
224168353Tax's and incentives.: If you were able to bounce offers from major cities in order to save the…[View]
224168088I'm upper management in the California cannabis industry Ama[View]
224163427Follow on thread... Basically I found out my gf was jewish during an argument: > Me: Blacks are i…[View]
224158683POLICE: POLICE: friend or foe?[View]
224164864Levantines: Do you find any of these children to be adorable. If so which one Also Should we allow …[View]
224161232First they laugh at you: Then they commit suicide[View]
224167630When will (((they))) ask?: Bob Cousy's number was 14, not Q[View]
224167821Look at our girl fighting the good fight. Send her some good vibes, all the negativity the press is …[View]
224167893Pro White Discord: come and join, friendly pro white server 5ptzqWq[View]
224164761/pol/ not showing up on homepage or other boards: Um g-guys......why is /pol/ literally not an optio…[View]
224160481Why does Trump love the jewish people so much?[View]
224140297Would castizo hispanics fit into a white society?[View]
224161287What's the bigger terror threat to the US? Muslims or White Nationalist? I would say White nati…[View]
224155507what is pol's stance on weed?[View]
224163050Humor Thread: No humor thread in the catalog do better faggots post your folders[View]
224163178>Russians are subhu- Seriously, why did Hitler want to exterminate this?!?! https://www.youtube.c…[View]
224167513Come home, Anon. Why are you in the cog of America? Do you want to be free? Take the secessionist pi…[View]
224166773what if the liberals are right: what if trump really is a dumb pos thats going to crash the global e…[View]
224164470Jeffrey Epstein, My Very, Very Sick Pal: >So you don’t think he’s guilty of any of the allegation…[View]
224167417Jews have made great accomplishments but aren’t role models: Why are they known as intellectuals if …[View]
224161987Honest question: US vs China + Russian war. Who comes out on top?[View]
224167317/pol/ YLYL: only stuff you've lost to[View]
224166286Youtuber AntVenom going AWOL: HOLY SHIT![View]
224165240>start riding bike to work to retake the streets in my own way >white trash meth addict tries …[View]
2241663612020 predictions: Post em.[View]
224165105>August 2019 >I am forgotten[View]
224164640Super Trump song by Jerusalem Boys Choir: This confirms he's really ZION DON. Super Trump, is J…[View]
224166131SO MUCH WINNING!: https://news.yahoo.com/n-korea-says-remain-threat-us-slams-pompeo-192231038.html…[View]
224165003Glow in the dark Hoenigger: Patrick Byrne is gonna help save America, but he's facing an enemy …[View]
224085444Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Mission 4.9% Edition: >upcoming elections Brandenburg: Sep. 1 2019…[View]
224163430Is pewds still /ourguy/?[View]
224152913DON'T EVEN EAT BUGS GOY: EAT EACH OTHER what the fuck happened, how did we get to this point ?…[View]
224155915Your opinions on Nazism: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3rd_SS_Panzer_Division_Totenkopf >northeas…[View]
224164524Quick rundown?[View]
224162072Why do people on the left and right still believe Trump is a fascist or even a nationalist?[View]
224127321The (((current year)))[View]
224129982Éire/pol/: Friday fun day edition: Nationalist and Anti-Globalist Parties in Ireland: >The Nation…[View]
224123419Holocaust Redpills: Dear Anons, I have been having some intense arguments with a family member about…[View]
224166571---INTRO--- HI all, a dude give me the seed 'I beleive they're actively trying to get themselve…[View]
224164427Israel is fucked, boys: They let their Hubris puff themselves up(no suprise). Shia and Sunnia Muslim…[View]
224151327What's /pol/'s opinion on Nick Fuentes?[View]
224151611Meet your new queen: OK /pol/ , meet your new queen. She's everything you say you want. This wo…[View]
224163045Brentan Tarrant Memetic Funfare Thread II[View]
224165348NBC: Women increasingly opting out of heterosexuality: https://www.nbcnews.com/think/opinion/miley-c…[View]
224164695What are you doing to fight the great replacement pol?[View]
224166323Be me. A white boi but also a soi boi to scared to talk to a real girl. A depressed loner. No life. …[View]
224166307Is there any anti-socialist imagery that specifically revolves around that damn red rose? Either cut…[View]
224162625Schizo incel faggots: You wasting your potential: go back to school, get a job, do something. So muc…[View]
224163738>Hear American accent in iri: >insantly cringe Yuck what a bunch of superficial snazze voiced…[View]
224164035Hello. My name is McDuff. I weigh more than POTUS. YUP. I think he needs one of me.[View]
224164146I literally can't stop bullying them: Awww poo poo are you going to cry shit tears?[View]
224156429Will Millenials and Zoomers ever be able to afford their own home? And NO moving to Gary, Indiana is…[View]
224162733>soon you will be charged for every breath you take[View]
224161811Wagie hate thread Home Depot edition: https://youtu.be/omNy6lvUhRc?t=20 so this is the power of the …[View]
224164942Turning western culture into shit, through hyper sexualisation: >girl is indoctrinated into hooku…[View]
224130141TDS 484 discussion thread: Opinions, bantz, shit flinging and more if you got em post em here[View]
224151688This guy is out of his mind...[View]
224165083>Wilhelm greatly admired the success which Hitler was able to achieve in the opening months of th…[View]
224165346They really are brazen are they not Despite being hugely overrepresented in the entertainment indust…[View]
224156795What is Greta doing right now?: What do you think our girl Greta is learning on that yacht?[View]
224163958he's as good as rush[View]
224165192Fuck sand niggers https://youtu.be/yRzVFhib2rg[View]
224159257I'll be a Marine by Christmas. Yep, gonna go die for ZOG. Send your best gifs, vids, and links …[View]
224149623>I'm getting a little verklempt What did he mean by this?[View]
224164018There is nothing gayer than being straight.: As a straight man, you: >spend money and resources o…[View]
224164976Redpill me on banks: What is bad about the banking system and why are Jews to blame? I'm a dumb…[View]
224165036Best email service: Whats the best email service for goyims that don't want to use Jewgle?…[View]
224158706Das right! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIlx6eV6P1Y[View]
224163904So what if we lose 20% of air and a couple of trees? There's still another 80% and more trees e…[View]
224164430The Obama's think your all fat losers hahahahahahahahaha[View]
224164856Wageslaving redpilled me: >Be NEET >Mom Knocks my door and says to find job or be kicked out …[View]
224157397Right wing movies/tv shows?: What are some /pol/ approved kinos[View]
224160873Right now, it's a 2 hour drive to get from Santa Monica to Pasadena, which is a 25 mile trip. R…[View]
224163736Is there a single rational reason to hate trans girls?[View]
224160390Buddhism thread. In b4 ignorant Christian niggers shit it up, again.[View]
224160305The Bolshevik revolution is by far the most important historical event of the 20th century, and mill…[View]
224163735F: F[View]
224162005daily reminder this man is a christian.[View]
224161386Actually Based as fuck!: I'm saying it now, trump is the greatest US president to have ever exi…[View]
224163671What level are you on?[View]
224159097Ruth Bader Ginsburg will outlive Donald J. Trump.[View]
224163876Different Jewish People: Can anyone explain me the hierarchy of Jews or why some Jews are more succe…[View]
224155513Is there a bigger redpill than the fact that most people, especially westerners, are malnourished as…[View]
22415811810 years ago, people used to say 'entire 2000s decade was shit'. Then a few years ago, people were l…[View]
224162483Back off Drumpf, there's a new King David on the block.[View]
224162305Speech 100[View]
224103528/egg/ the more you know: Last one: >>224038275 Latest Happenings: EPSTEIN USED SHELL COMPANIES…[View]
224161455I'm only voting for her because in 2034 she will institute a mandatory pusy-share policy, and y…[View]
224155652Former U.S. Attorney Dan Webb named special prosecutor to look into Jussie Smollett case, from first…[View]
224157826>be on /pol/ since a long ass time >get redpilled >/fit/ then /biz/ >make it >blackp…[View]
224160301OK WTF is going on with politically relevant people tweeting 'Evergreen'?: 'Evergreen' is known as H…[View]
224160863Which side was the right one during the Guelph vs. Ghibelline conflict in Italy?[View]
224163543Well now that https://www.notjordanpeterson.com/ is disabled we might as well post the best /pol/ re…[View]
224158332HONK HONK[View]
224159508The (((Pew Research Center))) is trolling the goyim: 'From 2000 to 2018, 109 counties in 22 states, …[View]
224161180>oh no some trees are on fire You retards know trees grow back right?[View]
224163088Jews stand behind the Flat Earth movement to discredit Concave Earth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
224161369In under 12 months she's had: broken ribs, half of one of her lungs removed, and now her pancre…[View]
224131416What was his biggest mistake?[View]
224158600They openly ADMIT it when the spotlight is off them, and yet still nothing ever happens. Look at the…[View]
224159591Freedom general: What kind of freedoms do Americans have that we Europeans don't?[View]
224161866free health care is endorsed by constitution and the bible: CHECKMATE, REPUBLICANS! https://www.yout…[View]
224158436Isn't war so fucken based bros? Everyone gets to lose![View]
224160281Be me. A white boi but also a soi boi to scared to talk to a real girl. A depressed loner. No life. …[View]
224160583Lizzie Mcguire reboot trending on Twitter. She's now 30 and living in New York. https://twitter…[View]
224155855Why did we forget?[View]
224162870Did Hitler's homosexuality influence his behavior in WW2?[View]
224153166The absolute state of College-aged white girls...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wd50fU_IQI8 ...an…[View]
224157287which amendment do you guys think is the most important?[View]
224155960Canada: James Sears Sentenced to a YEAR in JAIL for Promoting Hatred of Women and Jews!: >Evidenc…[View]
224151069White women are really pretty but black women are pretty too but no race mix okaaaaay guys,have lots…[View]
224151946What is this orange retard doing?[View]
224158985Who gets arrested more, Republicans or Democrats?[View]
224158937GET IN HERE GILLIBRAND SMOKE SIGNALS: She’s asking Clinton for help over Twitter. DIG EVERGREEN= HR…[View]
224161995Follow on thread... Basically I found out my gf was jewish during an argument: > Me: Blacks are i…[View]
224162622ted wheeler received money from fellow wealthy pedo friend of jeffrey epstein, terry bean. the rabbi…[View]
224154934Why is nigger culture so appealing to 'white people'?[View]
224160251MIGA 2024: Make sure to convince all your friends and family to vote for Trump anon. Israel is the o…[View]
224162404Does anyone know what he's doing? Does he want to bankrupt the average burger and burger corpor…[View]
224161092based americanos will help us destroy the eurocucks[View]
224158605the amazon forest is burning. we are being annihilated by the Boomer generation. we are the most wea…[View]
224152901friendly reminder that chad castizos will save the west from jews and niggers[View]
224160158I love being jewish!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lv_ff_E1NQg[View]
224162329I'm trying to find this video I saw a few months ago. I recall it as being a serious right wing…[View]
224162249What did he mean by this? https://youtu.be/FjZY2EfR-f8[View]
224158653Denmark Is A Failed State. It’s Time To Step In And Restore Democracy To Greenland: https://dailycal…[View]
224135431Black Christian Preacher puts a drag queen pedophile in his place: And yet whites will cower and all…[View]
224152529'Thou art this head of gold.' -- coincidence?: >' This is the dream; and we will tell the interpr…[View]
224159002At least Barack Obama reduced the debt. This orange fuckstick ruined it all.[View]
224161276Red-pill me on the five dancing Israeli's, why does nobody talk about this? >https://www.you…[View]
224159258Ugh. Now we need to elect a Democrat to save our stock market. This recession is bad![View]
224157235What would you do...: ...If you were born mixed? Would you accept your fate and try to educate other…[View]
224154185>not believing in the Real Presence >Communion is just a snack Protestants... Explain yourselv…[View]
224158980David H. Koch: Press F to Pay Respects Will Charles Koch make it?[View]
224161143Rina Shenrav (17) was killed today by a Palestinian terrorist in Israel, her father and brother are …[View]
224158297Kirk human sacrifice or what?[View]
224129365Why is this (((search engine))) getting shilled so hard?[View]
224150216Daily reminder that 40% of Bolivia's surface is on fire and socialist Evo Morales' Bolivia…[View]
224161278Edomites eternally BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UO-OiGdR2Yg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
224159467charles manson: based or cringe?[View]
224161234Christcuck wheel of fortune: >jesus wasn't a jew >jews back then weren't the modern …[View]
224126036Anti-China General /acg/: /pol/ needs to get behind Hong Kong protestors like right now. They'r…[View]
224157822Why is this being ignored? https://twitter.com/SenGillibrand/status/1164704087130198016?s=09[View]
224161048Now that anons will be flooding Greenland: I want Germany. Realistically we could have them too as w…[View]
224158586Banks vs Credit Union: >>22 >>engineering degree >>oil and gas job Where should I …[View]
224157142Trump is Hurting the Economy: China: Puts Muslims in Concentration camps Allows child labor and swea…[View]
224159641My fiancé and I are planning to move out of the UK at some point (because fuck the UK). She's s…[View]
224157627So what happens when the Amazon is gone?[View]
224146503Will you vote for him?: Well /pol/?[View]
224160998Karl Marx: Was he Red-pilled?[View]
224160129>Denmark sells Greenland to the USA Could this be the moment Sweden has been waiting for? Imagine…[View]
224160552Thought on the aztecs?[View]
224153243Is this recent boomer inflation meme really a thing? I mean I get it is an appealing idea for any mi…[View]
224148485>Canadas first public satanic mass >run in a bar owned by a muslim immigrant from Iran >200…[View]
224159958>year is 1859 >go to auction house to buy a slave >jewish neighbor buys them before i can …[View]
224159244Amazonia: what is happening?: Hey /pol/, im a bit lost in the subject, im only aware what the news s…[View]
224156292ANTICHRIST: The fall from grace this guy will have will be glorious to watch. He already believes th…[View]
224157663Why do oldfags hate us?: We are the best generation since the boomers. Millennials suck 10x as hard …[View]
224149028i-is he ok?: I think he may be losing it[View]
224154376Democratic Party is still a party of slavery: >Democrat congressman says U.S. needs illegal immig…[View]
224152825do black people ruin everything they touch?[View]
224157817Is it time to invade and destroy all brazilians? They're fucking over the entire planet just so…[View]
224157825What if it happens on a University Campus instead of a highschool?: Would you say something if a mas…[View]
224158180ITT: 'Toxic Masculinity'[View]
224160205Is it over? Am I a libtard[View]
224158603Make the American purchase of Greenland happen. Start talking about it, push the conversation. Infor…[View]
224157596What does he think about Elon Musk? I have long suspected that Musk, as a South African, is a low-ke…[View]
224158769if you are under 6.5 your should ER or rope[View]
224159506Is this true that Indians are just brown Italians? Some Indians I saw looked very Caucasian to me. B…[View]
224158551Bernie Sanders is your 46th President.[View]
224156669France needs to act!!! NOW!!!: Marseille 40% islamic and almost 1/3 of France becoming non-french. B…[View]
224158583Here's a Good Story. Listen. We were sent to a death in Trump Tower. We get there and lady was …[View]
224154731Behavioral Sink: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgGLFozNM2o What you think about the concept? It e…[View]
224152551Is Muhammad a Prophet of God?: So I get Jesus is the Godhead, He is inside everyone whether you choo…[View]
224155686Daily India hate thread: In this thread we unleash the average life of an Indian anima-- I mean supe…[View]
224159445Yang Gang BTFO[View]
224152961Little Donny doesn’t want to go to G7!! Little Donny wants to play Asteroid and eat ranch packets![View]
224132984Ragnarek when?: you can call it race war, but Alföðr needs you[View]
224159348What if we changed currency? Let's make a global currency. The global currency would be money …[View]
224154823What was his dying wish? Maybe we can make it come true.[View]
224155661>tfw you will never live in Australia[View]
224159378So will /pol be attending butt-con 2k19?: honk-braap https://www.thecut.com/2019/08/butt-con.html…[View]
224157157Youtube Fraud and censorship: Check out Youtube acting like the KGB for Demcorats and committing fra…[View]
224159304Dictator for a day: Let's play a game /pol/ Assume you have the chance to unilaterally enact po…[View]
224141500Best of AJ: I have a long flight. Which of his podcasts/interviews/rants should I download?[View]
224158954You guys dont actually believe in reverse racism, do you?[View]
224156119Right Wing Art: Apparently this movie only grossed $30,000 in the theaters before (((they shut it do…[View]
224113242Why do elevators in Chyna eat people?: https://nypost.com/2019/08/22/video-shows-moment-man-crushed-…[View]
224153755National debt: What's wrong with national debt? Nobody is going to ask for it back and even if …[View]
224154940This whuite faggot can't help you /pol/. THE TIME IS COMING: Soon. White people will be systema…[View]
224141636Why are Eastern Europeans so bad at building highways?[View]
224156761SÓYBOYS ARE BURNING THE AMAZONIAN FOREST: What the (((news))) don't tell you about the fires...…[View]
224141196Free Eiffel towers for faggots: If you are a faggot and still plan to visit Paris to see our niggers…[View]
224158787How can we all work together to harness the power of love?: It's time for a new leadership in A…[View]
224158772epstein got his money through jim simons, exchange had to do with barrier options[View]
224147463What if the little shit was right and the Amazon is burning down because of us?[View]
224139873No more brother wars.[View]
224155753Global Partner Limit: People should be allowed a maximum of 5 sex partners per lifetime(exceptions m…[View]
224155918anyone else think our god emperor will win 2020 and make israel out bitch?[View]
224153709I would eat human flesh long before I ever ate bugs. Why is /pol/ so obsessed with eating bugs when …[View]
224150349NETANYAHU IS TRUMP'S CUCK BITCH. Trump Accelerates the Dangerous Politicization of Israel: http…[View]
224153941Ameritards have been brainwashed since birth for now many generations, they believe the dem party is…[View]
224157800Autists assemble.: I have a Fetlife account, because I am a degenerate. I've never met anyone t…[View]
224153841Seriously what the fuck is this degeneracy? Furries are cutting off their hands to gain paws?[View]
224149052The Amazon is burning: I wonder what we will find under all the ashes. Ruins? temples? MORE Pyramids…[View]
224144216Even a beer is based in Poland[View]
224153544Glasgow University to pay £20m in slave trade reparations: >Glasgow University is to pay £20m in …[View]
224154663Boycott Israel and China: >Stop buying cheap shit made in China Delete your Amazon account (YOU D…[View]
224153624/OSG/ Operation Shapeshift General no threads edition: Step 1 >Create an twitter account Step 2 …[View]
224154077pol humor thread[View]
224155024french people are still buthurt over the lobster war from the 60s?[View]
224156540Canada is collapsing: Mods are on coffee break, post in store prices.[View]
224156420Communism is the only way for the US: The orange fat fuck is failing hard and his dumbass supporters…[View]
224155699>Trump taxes China 15% >Outrage >California taxes cannabis business 24% >Silence Explain…[View]
224153647why is today's youth so stupid? First chair girl 10 months ago and now sign guy... people shoul…[View]
224157642Soon: As I mentioned earlier a lot is in the works. The Thursday announcement by the CEO of Overstoc…[View]
224156835Livin' the good (tax-free) Life: Check the f(l)ag boyos[View]
224157085race mix agenda: https://youtu.be/dcZwDfAORwk[View]
224153187I'm going to tell you why everything is shit. We as a society have developed extremely potent m…[View]
224156820NIGGERS: why do you do it /pol?[View]
224144780She will bring love to America: What we need is love /pol. What you need is love. Love. Sweet love. …[View]
224152678Is this representative of Trump's base? Do you think he's feeling disgusted at all those r…[View]
224155400>Oh no Drumph is collapsing the economy again We have gone through this before multiple times li…[View]
224151709Pol humor: Let's start a Classic humor thread No stupid shit tho[View]
224157247BONGS BTFO - UK is rightful muslim clay.: Here’s the ancestry of Queen Elizabeth in full: Elizabeth …[View]
224146200Fuck Christian bigotry: >Christians show intolerance for transgenders >Christians opposed segr…[View]
224157154Trump mocked for highly formal, meaningless decree: As Prezident of the YOU nited state, I hereby or…[View]
224156946what is /pol/'s opinion on potpourri?[View]
224138324idk guys: i think we really should pay reparations to black people, i mean, our ancestors DID enslav…[View]
224156555Yeah nah shut down the whole operation these people are cultists.[View]
224157091Trump is the Chosen One, or 'Messiah,' so he claims. He's making Israel strong while assisting …[View]
224146256NRA Collapsing from Inside: The libtards have won. They got an honest guy (Oliver North) into the or…[View]
224155968adolf hitler (((schicklegruber))) was brought into power by the jews, because conflict with the jews…[View]
224156704What authority have they? NONE. Which institution lived with Jesus-Christ ? Catholic Church Which in…[View]
224155627TAYLOR SWIFT BLACKED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BjZmE2gtdo[View]
224147949Why does /pol/ get so mad when they see an interracial relationship?[View]
224153416'Scientists' just found a cure for aids!!: Repeated semen exposure. lol[View]
224156799Bronze Age Mindset: worth a read or nah? https://www.politico.com/story/2019/08/23/alt-right-book-tr…[View]
224149579I have question about new political terms: You know how lefties are using the term POC for person of…[View]
224155691be redditard want free karma idea.exe go to r/politics (reddits central libtard echo chamber) 'trump…[View]
224136648It's official EU document guys[View]
224143382>Economy tanking >Trump says it's not his fault >Economy doing 'well' >T…[View]
224152274How come /pol/ isn't talking about Hillary's Testimony by Judicial Watch?: wasn't she…[View]
224156660This Bernie guy might actually save the environment at this rate. How do we stop him? We can get Bid…[View]
224155225this is america: dont catch you sleeping now[View]
224130317She’s finally dead: S https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/ruth-bader-ginsburg-treated-for-tumor-on-her…[View]
224155762trump dose not love israel: he will enslave the kikes and use their fortunes to make america even mo…[View]
224155797BLACK GUY IS LIBTARD COME TROLL HERE. Propagating BLM. Stop him from spreading his message: https://…[View]
224156334SOLUTION: EMP: you know this is the only solution[View]
224156230Kraut (2017): Trouts get pregnant Vaush (2019): There are different species of domesticated dogs htt…[View]
224153581Google's bias hides CNN sexual assault allegations: >search 'cnn sexual assault allegations'…[View]
224154318herrrm theres no sense of identity anymore >follows pop culture herrrm theres no tight knit commu…[View]
224143386Why is obesity (and especially EXTREME/morbid obesity) so much worse in the US than in other develop…[View]
224156034How can one woman be so based and redpilled?[View]
224153440I NEED MORE SLAVES[View]
224154804Be me. A white boi but also a soi boi. A depressed loner. No life. I use racism to feel better about…[View]
224153365What causes Christians to be immoral, war mongering, jew worshippers?[View]
224151645We must kill all degenerates!: Degenerates are polluting the mind of our children with degeneracy su…[View]
224150631Trump lied to you and sided with the jews[View]
224150657An open letter to Matt Christman (the only White male gentile in Chapo Trap House): Bro, you gotta l…[View]
224155429To all the AI bots being used to shill post for various organizations and countries: I just want to …[View]
224154257Left-wing white nationalism is BASED and Christians are fucking shit: FUCK NIGGERS, AND FUCK REACTIO…[View]
224151652(((trump))) is crashing the economy with no survivors: this is the final solution to the white goyim…[View]
224154941I think Trump SUCKS![View]
224155584Daily reminder NORFS are INFERIOR to AMERICAN ANGLOS[View]
224155533What do pol think about mutts?[View]
224155635Basically the same person[View]
224154634HK Christians?: >'Sing Hallelujah to the Lord' >They're singing a 'battle hymn' Why is th…[View]
224151209Stop being racist /pol/ Diversity is our strength[View]
224139979Is Homosexuality a Mental illness?: And should it be treated as such?[View]
224154903Dissenter Ramifications: How underrated is the dissenter plugin and gabs agenda? https://dissenter.c…[View]
224155195New - New - The Greatest Scientific Fraud of All Time: Retards can see the scam in the base math. Wh…[View]
224155299Where is my mind?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ut52Szpd-w Well, /pol/ ?[View]
224155297>How do you do fellow boardmates? I wanted to ask you something- There is no way that creepy JIDF…[View]
224155283Don't Ever Forgot the Hypocrisy: I'm thirty years old. Here are a list of issues on which …[View]
224151410Cube root rule: If the US did the Cube root rule for the House of Representatives every state would …[View]
224152787Will she get a parade in NYC?[View]
224155201You nazis will never have a woman like this. I’ll behead any of you if I ever met you in real life. …[View]
224153393Operation Edmond Dantès: So it seems like the recession is gonna be here in the coming months, but w…[View]
224146145Why God sent people to this world and not just send them to heaven at start? Why we need this detour…[View]
224153392Listen, I’m no scientist, but is it true that rainforests just randomly catch on fire all over the p…[View]
224154848You don't actually believe the creator of notjordanpeterson took it down himself, do you? If y…[View]
224154770/neg/ New England General: Impending Fall Edition: Welcome to /neg/ New England General! This thread…[View]
224147065How well would humanity handle contact with aliens?[View]
224151017I would get on my knees and suck his dick. That is how much I love him. I am straight, but I would …[View]
224153372Would China instantly become better if they simply embraced fascism?[View]
224153403Im doing nofap an Adventure: I can feel my brain restructuring THE UNIMAGINABLE PAIN CUM BRAIN IS RE…[View]
224152115Is it too late to go back in time?[View]
224154461Cry whitey cry. Why do jews try to divert audiences with adhominems all the time?: This guy isn’t ev…[View]
224154356What did this guy just string a bunch of /pol/ posts together and sell it as a book?[View]
224139859Women: This is why the white race is ending.[View]
224148313Jew Professor from Iowa says he’s Antifa: https://www.foxnews.com/us/iowa-prof-says-hes-part-of-anti…[View]
224153374UN Migration Compact: Why the fuck are we not talking about this anymore? They've started execu…[View]
224153601Stop bitching about women you whiny faggots: They are the way they are because they were molded by t…[View]
224140216WTF is wrong with you, french lads?[View]
224143566Is Mr. Obvious one of us?: He does try to red pill the Normalfags so that they can hopefully be less…[View]
224145107What's your opinion about using kids to spread political propaganda?[View]
224131577Ben Shapiro thinks David Koch was a libertarian...[View]
224150572This is pretty accurate kek[View]
224150348Swiss ID cipher proves true: Before it got whacked there was a thread about RBG in which a clockanon…[View]
224148293The Person With The Golden Gun: On Their Majesty's Secret Service Thunderambiguousgenitalia Nev…[View]
224153925Gays as the 21st century eunuchs: An alternative reason for the favoritism of European gays for the …[View]
224152418Why are poorer people so different from richer people?: what always shocks me is the huge difference…[View]
224120555Does anyone else unironically miss Barack Hussein Obama?: At least he hated Israel[View]
224132609The left has one thing right. All cops are unironically bastards[View]
224152954How can I store my money without using a bank and keep it safe?[View]
224150407Monarchism in America: ITT: we discuss how Monarchy could come to America, how the government would …[View]
224140956Pepe: >be Michel Bertiaux >combine vodoo and goethia and other occult stuff >your astral pr…[View]
224149149tfw pajeet might take over america like how they took over canada: how do we combat this, do we trea…[View]
224131279CONSPIRACY?: >Agents in Long Beach intercepted three shipments containing nearly 53,000 sights, s…[View]
224128078Why did the Catholic church forbid people from reading the bible? I know Catholics who never read th…[View]
224137765Dow Jones tanks 700+ points, Trump to blame: Holy fucking fuck. Trump's destruction of America…[View]
224152575Socialism question: At what point does socialism just because capitalism again? If a collective owns…[View]
224153448>keep masturbating wh*Teoids[View]
224152864Q said it would be a hot summer now the amazon is on fire[View]
224151195Which one of you did this?: Somebody posted racist and hateful things at San Diego State University.…[View]
224131916Brit/pol/ - Alen Edition: >Fire breaks out on balcony of flat block opposite Grenfell Tower as 60…[View]
224152831Why don’t we take the pandas from the chinks? That’ll show them.[View]
224150848Slavery Bad: >Glasgow University has agreed to raise and spend £20m in reparations after discover…[View]
224150464Prove to me your kikebook is real[View]
224153288tem mais algum sopa de macaco aqui ? FUCK YOU AMAZON ![View]
224151110Why are niggers so dumb?: ??[View]
224133958Why are BOOMERS like this?: >millenial living at home because i got fucked by life. >i lived o…[View]
224138578Why are we the bad guys now?: It's not fair, friends. Just when things started getting better, …[View]
224152823MUST READ: Looney Liberal threatens to 'blow someone's brains out' at the State Capitol: In the…[View]
224135768Mr. Finkelstein puts /pol/ on notice: Hear that /pol/? They're going to silence you :)[View]
224153123Why do you hate? You all need to stop and love one another. We are all brothers and sisters. We are …[View]
224129396MASSIVE Christian protest in Hong Kong: Islander Christians stand up to the godless communist bully …[View]
224153009Normal sized condoms too big for Indian men Condoms 'too big' for Indian men http://news.b…[View]
2241527614chan be trippin real: Melanin has been know to give us black folk powers. We don’t burn, we don’t c…[View]
224144740Why are there so many black men with Canadian women?: I live in Canada. Despite there being barely …[View]
224149498Greta Is Angry: Bin your cars[View]
224135069Torrenting is good never pay get everything for free why you afraid to do it Americans your comput…[View]
224146837Where would republicans and America be if we didn't invade Iraq?[View]
224150037I'm off the Trump train.[View]
224152092UK govt: Can't afford your bills? Just become a stripper!: https://www.rt.com/uk/467059-strippe…[View]
224152863>2020 >Sanders Wins >2021 >The United States of Popular America born >2022 >Commun…[View]
224152565Heterosexuality is just not Working: >Over the past week, an assortment of trending stories — fro…[View]
224152496Ai is racist: https://towardsdatascience.com/https-medium-com-mauriziosantamicone-is-artificial-inte…[View]
224152257>complain about degeneracy and white girls being sluts while at the same time demanding that whit…[View]
224151318Can Joe Biden harness the power of love?: Can he love us? Can he make us love each other? Can he mak…[View]
224140821Uh anons....: ...why the fuck is this shit in a video released in 2012/2013???? Q reference around k…[View]
224150403Your favourite WW2 German General?: What's your favourite German General? I'll go with Edu…[View]
224145585Why are western Europeans such cucks?[View]
224151229You are the single most pathetic group of people I have ever encountered. You are fortunate enough t…[View]
224145806WTF is wrong with Scottish People? This is a War Memorial BTW: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotlan…[View]
224152333Trump, QAnon and an impending judgment day: Behind the Facebook-fueled rise of The Epoch Times: Star…[View]
224148958why to cuckservatives even like this double standard faggot?[View]
224152215Why do the cockroaches always complain?[View]
224113291Who is this woman?: And why is she following Greta around?[View]
224142473Oh please do get better Ruth so you can uphold gay marriage and outdated immigration laws! I serious…[View]
224145128Only old fags will find me[View]
224147465*triggers an entire continent[View]
224130347HAPPENING! CA To take Texas to Federal Court for Homelessness Crisis!: Califags Dems Blame Texas for…[View]
224151843<<<Hahahaha somebody roast this soi boi 4chan beta male white boi. There are too many of th…[View]
224131754jesus christ, how much worse can it get?[View]
224151811The real pupose of 4chan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fc_rdgTHFlA It doesn't matter what bu…[View]
224148005Unilateral Declaration of Independence: Ladies, Gentlemen, and degenerates of the world, many of the…[View]
224151675Holy History of Mankind, what did he mean by this?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holy_History_of_Ma…[View]
224149387Goodbye whiteman: I am now deep in territory long lost to the whiteman.[View]
224139414Are women getting redpilled?: >Matchs with goth girl on tinder >Starts talking >she likes g…[View]
224144120Is this statement valid?: ' A woman doesn't need talent everything can be compensated with lack…[View]
224150268What's Devon Stack's political stance/ideology?: He's gone on record saying... >I …[View]
224150423HAHAHA BASED!: Fire, I'll take you to burn. Fire, I'll take you to learn. I'll see yo…[View]
224140205Epstein Island Game Project Update: Busy week in general, but I have been working on a lot of backgr…[View]
224151346White Genocide General: 1488 Edition: Post your infographs ITT now. Here is the Documentary: https:/…[View]
224125000We will die for Bolsonaro: We are brazilians. We are fanatical. If you globalist try to depose OUR p…[View]
224139727You can only post in this thread if your country has never lost a war. Americans need not apply les…[View]
224147237Stanford to offer Physics For Niggers https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=13615[View]
224131864France HATE Thread: >claims to be worried about the environment >still won't stop their w…[View]
224148104women: Does anyone else have zero respect for their blue pilled girlfriends/ wives? I can't red…[View]
224126360Why do a lot of Americans on /pol/ think they're like rambo? They think they're some super…[View]
224144936https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1164914960046133249 By what authority can the president o…[View]
224149311The rapture is upon us: >Blizzard is extremely liberal and added a one click report button to cla…[View]
224144967How is his plan progressing? Are the dominoes falling?[View]
224150864GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Let it be known that on this day, the twenty third of August, two thousand and…[View]
224138736ITT /pol/ on September 10th, 2001[View]
224149953People have told me bullshit, that polygamy is the natural order and that women don't take mult…[View]
224150599Trump Fed trade war China: Honk Kong protests, burn Amazon Clinton Federal Reserve gold economy turm…[View]
224149475She's just a lovable, incredibly smart granny. Can't make myself wish her unwell.[View]
224147399race mixing (white on black): https://instagram.com/hay_hay_finsta_?igshid=16xnyj6gbrf84 https://ins…[View]
224141486Serious question: Why are you faggots so scared of Jews?[View]
224106409/pol/ approved methods of dealing with wageslavery: Any /pol/ approved methods of dealing with wages…[View]
224147841Mass immigration thread: I'm making a folder because it's hard to find this stuff anymore.…[View]
224149923Bette Midler is a foul mouth cunt!: >'With all due respect, Ms. James, f--k you,' Midler tweeted.…[View]
224149368epstein meme thread[View]
224150253Felons to be Called 'justice-involved persons' instead: >San Francisco board rebrands …[View]
224146619Redpill me on gerrymandering Is it a legitimate political tactic that the left just never seems to u…[View]
224145400Instead of Greenland can we buy Israel? Trump already seems very fond of it.[View]
224150401DAMN! MORE PRINCE ANDREW DUMBFUCKERY: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/jeffrey-epstein-madam-se…[View]
224140955OH NO NO NO[View]
224149676why is the DNC fucking him over like they with burine?: its like they dont want to win[View]
224149115Estimate how many people are 'based' (j-woke, nationalist, etc.) worldwide? Is it's 100,000? 25…[View]
224133007Don't ask me how I know, but Ruth Bader passed away around a hour ago. Be watching for a media …[View]
224146916How do we help the middle class out? Whos the best person to do that?[View]
224149453Give me one[1] reason to believe that modern media is not just a sharade[View]
224146857What you doing chebra (guys): Yoo chill no politics bullshit PS no ban just chill[View]
224142833'hurr durr we shouldn't deplatform people even if we don't agree with them' why would let …[View]
224149428>p-pls mama Merkel >p-pls spank the mean jungle people for setting fires >no What a patheti…[View]
224149414keep it up you euro cucks.: at the end of the day we still have more freedom, more balls, less muzzi…[View]
224147355REALITY CHECK: There are no Fascists There are no Racists There are no Nazis It's all made up.…[View]
224149032>Trump taxes China 15% >Outrage >California taxes cannabis business 24% >Silence Explain…[View]
224149065London: Khan'd: London’s Metropolitan Police Force has recommended young women travelling alone…[View]
224149277is there anyone that is remotely close to this guy for 2020: america needs a man like him if she is …[View]
224149011ammonia will be sold to israel in a brazilian jewish alliance, these are the sons of bolsonaro[View]
224147450Are there any truly based black men?[View]
224140256NatSoc vs. Socialism: How is NatSoc different from regular socialism economically? I'm all for …[View]
224144115Can Israel survive without the white race?: Only people I know that like Israel are white Christians…[View]
224144467It's honestly time to stop associating homosexuality with leftism and set the sane gay men apar…[View]
224143511RBG Preparing to Check Out: You don't come back from pancreatic cancer.... https://www.kfyrtv.c…[View]
224130471Barron Trump Deformed: Barron Trump is deformed, he's already 6 foot 4 at 14. He's going t…[View]
224147242Chris Langan: >smartest man alive >pro white >able to crush niggers with a single blow why …[View]
224147741How long until he's shoahed?: https://twitter.com/StefanMolyneux/status/1164985865984184320…[View]
224149022Amen Amen I say to Thee..you bariatric bitch Nadler: >Praise the lord Jesus >fuck the jews …[View]
224147577Am I a traitor on my country, values, and right to call myself an american if I move out of my 40% n…[View]
224142305RUSSIA HATE THREAD: Europeans had ONE chance at breaking free from Jewish tyranny and your shitty co…[View]
224147666Alright guys, Hillary isn’t a threat anymore so you can go ahead of stop sucking his cock and boots[View]
224145278Why is Trump letting this manlet mudblood talk shit to the U.S.?[View]
224148894Polish and Jewish are synonyms[View]
224148889WWII Stats: I'll just leave this here.. http://www.fallen.io/ww2/?fbclid=IwAR1lk2-ILpZPqiN8m0Mt…[View]
224144067David Geffen is the shit!: Could you imagine being such a big fucking loser that you'd want to …[View]
224139819Possible happening incoming.: Tomorrow president of Russian federation Vladimir Putin will make a ve…[View]
224139085Will polish people be allowed in the ethnostate?[View]
224147322Finland is Becoming Black: Damn. Looks like my brotha's getting some of dat Finnish girl kinda …[View]
224146595MGTOW: Unwanted men coping their own way. Prove me wrong[View]
224147267lol he's salty as fuck[View]
224124713Is Slovenia Balkans?: I don’t think so. There’s something special about them that elevates them abov…[View]
224147858ok /pol/. Let's say the bible wasn't written by god or it just wasn't factual- just a…[View]
224132008WAS MUHAMMED A HALF JEW HALF NIGGER?: Muhammed was a deceitful jew and a dirty rapist nigger. Im wo…[View]
224145807Red Flag, how bout no: Honestly what happened to the Republican Party? Bunch of shills for red flag …[View]
224144155Daily reminder.[View]
224126631CANADA IS COLLAPSING part 2497 - No Remittances, China Bad: In preparation for the seizure of Chines…[View]
224148118Post your best trump odds.[View]
224145672devil: Call him... two one two seven five nine seven nine one nine[View]
224147986No! My 401k!: DRUUUUUUUUUŰUUUUUUUUŰMMMPPFFFF!!!!!!!!!!![View]
224146356What did they mean by this? https://twitter.com/GreggHurwitz/status/1093898855949762560?s=19[View]
224147761World economic meltdown: What's this about (((them))) crashing the world economy before 2020 to…[View]
224147356Jordan Peterson deepfake: The Jordan Peterson deep fake website is shut down for now but most likely…[View]
224143424David Koch: Reply S to spit on his rotting corpse.[View]
224147632Are balkanfags the purest whites today?[View]
224147608Incel from Sheffield UK allegedly kidnaps man with intent to torture because hes the brother of a wo…[View]
224150733Is it possible to get an english gf? Are they quality women?[View]
224138545White male supremacy doesn't exis-[View]
224147006Is it me, or are Pajeetas just less smart Jewesses? They even emit the same body language.[View]
224127649Only hope is danes: https://voiceofeurope.com/2018/09/danish-party-that-wants-to-expel-muslim-welfar…[View]
224131492Curing Racism: I am a London-based neuropsychology researcher with Harvard, and I'm here to off…[View]
224146442Nickelodeon child abuse doesn't exis-[View]
224098482Land Ownership General: Welcome to Land Ownership General. ITT we discuss the ever-political topic o…[View]
224146502what happened to skyking threads /pol/? i presume the lack of syria happenings but might i be wrong[View]
224147083How long does he have left?: >Nick Tartaglione, who is facing the death penalty for quadruple mur…[View]
224143764Far left: Even though the far left in America is bat shit fucking insane why is the right losing on …[View]
224143906What's the lamest form of faggotry and why is it libertarianism?: libertarianism and constituti…[View]
224123744Reasons why objectivism works/doesn't work go[View]
224108041What's up with the Amazonas fires. Are they real or nasa fake?[View]
224145115Europeans and the pests: Europeans being good ol' Europeans and bringing the plagues to the new…[View]
224146549Clinton marries Soros: >He is Edward “Ed” Mezvinsky, born January 17, 1937. Then you’ll probably …[View]
224142197How do we stop race mixing propaganda /pol/? Btw Taylor Swift = DROPPED[View]
224112925BREAKING: LMFAO GUESS WHO'S PREGNANT: You heard it here first[View]
224140053What's with this guys hair?: He never looks like he has his shit together[View]
224139831Another bizarre painting found in Jeffrey Epstein’s New Mexico ranch: A massive painting depicting a…[View]
224142359I recall the rainbow flag used to represent 'peace' or 'no wars' or whatever. How come it became an …[View]
224146285>normies aren't soulles- woah[View]
224142884It's really happening this time. Give it a few hours until media starts covering it. She croake…[View]
224146212As most of you are probably aware, there is evidence floating about 4chan about a Discord group full…[View]
224145707four more years.[View]
224146012Will Trumpstein fix America?[View]
224129981We DO need the destruction of the Amazon.: Rainforests sucks a lot, it's bad for humans, bad fo…[View]
224142821Absolute state of the leaf!: HAHAHAHAHA! Canadians have no home! Visit Toronto = 80% pajeets Visit …[View]
224145908Trump Always Wins: Where is that based mini-me kike Nadler? I thought impeachment proceedings were “…[View]
224142975Satan can't save her life: Cancer is spreading. Trump gets TWO more SCOTUS appointments and she…[View]
224144614What's /pol/'s opinion on accelerationism, Nick Land, and the inbound techno-singularity?[View]
224145800Recession watch general /rwg/ - Trade War Escalates: The trade war is escalating and pretty much eve…[View]
224145139>I A M T H E C H O S E N O N E[View]
224083035Syria General /sg/ - do it for him edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpre…[View]
224145169People will believe anything in order to virtue signal.[View]
224142262He just doomed the American farmer.[View]
224145663>get put in a mental hospital for hacking stuff as a teenager >have clown therapy >now deve…[View]
224140650Name someone more based and redpilled Spoiler: you can't[View]
224145543How does /pol/ feel about socialists that don’t ascribe to Cultural Marxism Pic unrelated[View]
224141622Garlic Festival? El Paso? Dayton?: It's like it never happened. It's only been a couple we…[View]
224143699Share this with your normie friends: Pretty good digestible redpill for normies on cultural marxism …[View]
224105274When was the moment he started to cave in?: > Pewdiepie spreading lowkey redpills throughout almo…[View]
224145248Koch, Ginsberg, Sanders: Can you name a better comedy trio?[View]
224144675I just noticed something guys, MSM has been pushing eating insects and shit, and now this Brazil fir…[View]
224139817Who was in the right? If everything is a social construct was secession wrong?[View]
224143363White women keep getting fatter and fatter. It's the biggest problem facing the white race in t…[View]
224144398In a perfect world, what should be the punishment for niggers like this one?[View]
224135460Hope it was worth it.[View]
224144487Happening TRADE WAR!:: its going hot Soon[View]
224133668Bolsonaro is retarded[View]
224138776How do you manage fellow anons? Pic related[View]
224144410People only do illegal things because it is taboo if everything was legal nobody would do bad things[View]
224139976Can we all take a moment to realize just how serious the world is going to get pretty soon? If you d…[View]
224142036How the hell are minorities allowed to publically display pride of their own people and get away wit…[View]
224120147Environmentalism is bullshit: Environmentalism is bullshit and every single idea of it is proven to …[View]
224138030Why does Trump keep doing stupid shit?[View]
224136281KEK WILLS IT: Digits confirm. It's happening now....[View]
224144285>wow, did you see how FAST I downloaded this new marvel movie?[View]
224142857Dont ask me how i know but germany died 3 years ago by reelecting merkel. screencap this[View]
224135865ITT we pretend to be left wing[View]
224141283CHAD RECLINING BORIS vs hunched over french faggot[View]
224141219>yfw you bump off an IT guy behind an embarrassing leak, a conservative commentator who got lippy…[View]
224143526Let’s prolong Hong Kong: Who cares who wins or looses, we just need to get this shit to breaking poi…[View]
224144213Local election marketing strategies ?: Is two waves of leafleting an effective strategy? I was tryin…[View]
224139238When did this start? Just out of nowhere...out of the blue, 2 days ago, suddenly everyone is focused…[View]
2241397402016: We were winning We were unstumpable We destroyed anything the liberals threw at us. The media …[View]
224131571Owen of Arabia: What does everyone think of Big Bear? I keep hearing that /pol/ is Bear Country now.…[View]
224141774how bad really is the situation for american males?[View]
224139631How long before WW3?: My prediction is Halloween![View]
224101949CEO of Overstock.com resigns, admits to participating in FBI surveillance of POTUS candidates: Inter…[View]
224142340redpill me on Jordan Peterstein: why I feel wrong watching him and what's wrong with this guy i…[View]
224143688Why can't they even pretend?[View]
224133053I'm sorry incels: I just wathced the new video by Stefan Molyneux: The Deep Nastiness of the 'I…[View]
224142720ITT we pretend to be raging Trumptards[View]
224136211Let's stop talking about rainforest burning. Let's talk about Brazilian pizza. https://www…[View]
224138657So Are We Just Going To Pretend This Didn't Happen?[View]
224143562Why do Jews and their Shabbos Goyim hate Planet Earth and living things? It's like you're …[View]
224140150Any other southerners getting hit fucking hard by this weather?: Shit came out of nowhere and it…[View]
224118918Why do MIGApedes keep pretending that Melania is anything other than a Romanian-tier prostitute?: Th…[View]
224143536Democrats say this will happen if Trump kicks out all the Mexicans[View]
224138479THE SOLUTION (PART ONE: THE PROBLEM) IQ over 130 only. https://youtu.be/QAwa608bOmM[View]
224142867Allowing women into politics was a mistake[View]
224143241EDOMITES, KIKES, THE PLAGUE WE'RE ALL SUFFERING: https://twitter.com/RealTyPickhaver/status/116…[View]
224129519RBG is being treated for Pancreatic cancer. This time around, she isn't doing so hot. She can b…[View]
224141004What do /pol/ thinks about Christophe Dettinger ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=649toUuqz7Y[View]
224116236GET FUCKED NETANYAHU! Unhappy With Iraq Strikes, U.S. Outs Israel: https://www.haaretz.com/israel-ne…[View]
224142424We need to talk about peoples going missing out!! [URGENT]: Every time I turns on the tv I see new c…[View]
224138675Could the countries of the world declare a casus belli on Brazil for the burning of the Amazon? The …[View]
224134379Why are black people like this?[View]
224138701What went wrong :(: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVSACs0BkUU[View]
224139964Trust me folks, I’m really really smart![View]
224141180Good job conservatives: As been the trend for the last 20 years, another republican president has si…[View]
224140947In which race do spics belong?[View]
224136611Why Does Brazil and Argentina Have Better BEEF Than the USA?: America suppose to be this great agric…[View]
224139102Admit it. Trump was completely wrekt. Best political analysis of the past four years. https://youtu.…[View]
224141889Nigger sacrifices 675 children to Satan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WT4sn6yL1LE https://www.gha…[View]
224136936Cultural appropriations thread: Does America have any culture of its own? Hamburgers - stolen from G…[View]
224140475why did brazilians vote for the kike puppet bolserano? dont they know he sold his daughter to a rich…[View]
224134908>“I think that if you vote for a Democrat you are very, very disloyal to Israel and to the Jewish…[View]
224140219Place Your Bets!: You can see he's at his wits end. You can see he's just desperately look…[View]
224142369Jeff Klinzman: https://web.archive.org/web/20190823204253/https://www.foxnews.com/us/iowa-prof-says-…[View]
224142244EDOMITES, KIKES, THE PLAGUE WE'RE ALL SUFFERING: https://twitter.com/RealTyPickhaver/status/116…[View]
224141320Jeffrey Epstein Used a Bullet and a Dead Cat to Intimidate Vanity Fair Editor Graydon Carter: Report…[View]
224141996Macron greeting the people in Paris[View]
224141992To all the shitstains that post “is x allowed in the ethnostate?” threads..: If you have to ask, no.…[View]
224141703Trust Jeff Sessions Trust the plan Jeff Sessions is building a case What's Q up to as of late, …[View]
224141284Can you suicide by backflip if hanging isn’t an option? That’ll break some neck bones fo sho[View]
224141773The Ricefield: >ITT /pol/ during the Vietnam war[View]
224139067Leftist Hunt: Found a left-wing doxxer. Here they are if you wanna have some fun messing with them.…[View]
224141683Could society be saved if we brought back the code of chivalry? It might be too late, but this would…[View]
224139121Required reading for my gf's (((intellectual heritage))) course: Rate[View]
224138893ITT we invoke KEK[View]
224141637France vs Brazil: It's already over I guess. >be frenchman >wife cuucc you >can't…[View]
224139731Diversity is our strength and you are a racist if you disagree: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-…[View]
224104192Should I expose the Cell-phone company I work for?: I work for a Cell-phone company. I do illegal th…[View]
224140685Bitcoin is a trap: (((They))) want you in bitcoin Please sell and buy gold They want to be able to …[View]
224140882Quick /pol/ I need your help, some niggers are trying to deny making up 13% of the population and co…[View]
224141350Rimmy - Downunder Gaming: We need a new Count Dankula incident, or the cause of free speech. Rimmy h…[View]
224109902latest white supremacist attack in Dublin: white supremacist suspect loses his temper with one-year-…[View]
224141323Kek wills it: https://www.polygon.com/2019/8/23/20827041/pepe-the-frog-hong-kong-protests-china-dota…[View]
224111237Hello /pol: So displaying this beautiful flag with such a great history is now deemed hate speech in…[View]
224141302Joey Smith was a Juden. It’s so obvious when you see it. Why has this hoax gone on so long unchallen…[View]
224140424Paris starts their own investigation of Epstein: Will names finally be named?[View]
224136101In Italy more and more sandniggers die drowned in rivers, lakes and in the sea: >Roberto Zanotti,…[View]
224135495As Every Day goes by the optics cucks get beat down more and more: As Every Day goes by the optics c…[View]
224138112Philosophy talk: Arguers vs Brutes: I have come to the conclusion there are arguers, and there are b…[View]
224115255AI social research has hit a dead . thanks pol: This is a talk at a leading Computer Science and Rob…[View]
224138329Wtf is wrong with liberals?[View]
224140565Reminder if you arent bleaching niggers and chinks then you are contributing to the white genocide b…[View]
224140285This bitch basically said keep it quiet if you know what is good for you hahahahah[View]
224138837/Space Force General/: Redpill me on the space force.[View]
224137198amazon arsonists found: will you look at that, they found the amazon arsonists, it's two white …[View]
224130250Would Ivanka Trump make a good 2020 president?: I don't see an issue with it[View]
224140550Why did this happen, and what can we do to fix this?[View]
224140607Red Pills General - /RPG/ Thread: Post your best redpills, lads. I'll start.[View]
224139066You all are so pathetic that you need to create straw men to sway people to your side because you ha…[View]
224123486Post things that strike fear in the Jew[View]
224139191>OMG guys the amazon is burning! the amazon is literally BURNING right now, I can't belive t…[View]
224140224White native criminals: Does your country have a problem with white criminals? I know most of you mi…[View]
224137358Cant spell ordered without red: Which faction in the upcoming U.S. civil war will you support? Consi…[View]
224139396Today I learned that Jesus wanted men to be MGTOW: >The disciples said to him, 'If this is the si…[View]
224140614P H Safe Places: Safe from CPS Underground Haven[View]
224135181How do cucks cope with this pearl in Chicago? Literally one of Americas nicest skyscrapers[View]
224139795America Yes!!: Instead of cleaning up their needle and feces ridden streets, the city’s Board of Sup…[View]
224127347News reporting Woman just killed self and kids because ex-husband left her to marry a white wife. Wh…[View]
224112900Trump is absolutely losing it. The Chinese smell blood and they've gone for the jugular. Trump …[View]
224140056DAVID KOCH DEAD!: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/23/us/david-koch-dead.html https://www.youtube.com…[View]
224108786BIOPOLITICS #4: - Life and politics is about sex, status, dominance and reproduction. In addition to…[View]
224114823Please explain the heterosexual view of females.[View]
224138417Amazon fires are a leftist/globalist falseflag to harm domestic industry, don't listen to the m…[View]
224140341He did nothing wrong.[View]
224130655Denmark: MP proposes ban on migrants “with Muslim values” becoming Danish citizens: >MP Mette Thi…[View]
224140135Why did you lie to me, /pol/?: Black genes aren't dominant at all. Halsey is half-Italian, half…[View]
224137593RGB given 7 weeks to live: To be officially announced Saturday, possibly tonight unless the attendin…[View]
224135381So we like Tom. And we know. . What can we do to save him?[View]
224140071Is this a good enough reason for Japan or any ethnically homogeneous country to be more accepting of…[View]
224122125Imagine being this delusional: Imagine being this delusional. Pic obviously related[View]
224138268/pol/ music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ws5UUPUg7V0 music thread, post away. Share some tunes w…[View]
224137335Why is /pol/ so Anti American now?: Every tin pot dictator and despot /pol/ always seems to decide i…[View]
224139815Well boys, De-Lousing Chamber just doesn't roll of the tongue now does it?[View]
224120391HasanAbi banned: Everyone's favorite Young turks contributor and twitch guy got banned. foxnew…[View]
224109949Eco fascism: Does /Pol/ support eco fascism?[View]
224124614Should Trump buy North Sentinel Island: ... evict the godless natives and turn the place into a nice…[View]
224109552Local Jew Upset By European Couple's 'Perfect' Marriage.: 'Oy Vey I hope the Goym Has a Tiny Di…[View]
224135456RIP RGB .... Roll em!!: Rolling for an early saturday morning media announcement that another tumor …[View]
224138415>Not a single thread about this fuckers death really guys? it should be celebration time…[View]
224129439/pol/ humour: /pol/ humour[View]
224117279i am a turk by culture, name, language etc: but i look germanic. seeing as how turkey is not a homog…[View]
224139455Alright /pol/, what's going on with snapchat shilling so many sandniggers and niggers on my fee…[View]
224135525Is Tiffany become the hot one?: I didn't think she was at first but now she's like a ten! …[View]
224139350i can't take it anymore. i'm DESPERATE for a woman's affection: It's gotten so b…[View]
224135012do we have any hope to save the western world?: I feel like the world will end at least. our freedom…[View]
224135894John James will be the first African American President.[View]
224122999/polder/ Kristallnacht edition.: It's happening boys. A fuhrer has risen and under his command …[View]
224139225>“I was devastated,” says Woody. A deeply Catholic man, he decided this was God’s will. Not God’s…[View]
224139110What's Keeping John Brennan Alive?: Why doesn't he just....idk....kill himself?[View]
22410760625yr old Russian athlete dies of cardiac arrest during running: Margarita Plawunowa was found dead c…[View]
224136637I made a thread a few days ago about how spics and nigs at my school would casually rip pages out of…[View]
224121950DO you think the world would have been a better place without internet?[View]
224132852IT’S REALLY HAPPENING!!!!: RBG on death watch as cancer attacks her pancreas!!! She’s as good as dea…[View]
224135345https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCecsVoeJcsXbAra7Sl4mOPw/videos QUEER KID STUFF This must be a dream…[View]
224137048Exit EU: Liberate yourself with the sounds of Brexit https://youtu.be/D1QKWu8zz3I[View]
224138562Tell me you myopic morons: Why do retards here care more about blacks and jews than the actual threa…[View]
224136584Europe is under ocupation like whenn the otomans ocupied the balcans: The politicians are nothing mo…[View]
224137191lol https://archive.is/OOXQk[View]
224121269Today Is The Day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvKbRx3HWWY&feature=youtu.be[View]
224136187/egg/ Humpty Dumpty /egg/ institute: >In his deposition, Epstein took the Fifth rather than answe…[View]
224129642GINSBURG HAPPENING!!!: WSJ reports she’s been getting treated for a tumor. It’s happening!!!!!!!!…[View]
224138157I don't wanna be redpilled anymore, make it stop.[View]
224138381//LANXESS// POISONING OUR GROUNDWATER AND AQUIFERS: PREVIOUS >>223964948 Allow me to introduce…[View]
224132482Shitposter in Chief is back. Libtard & CNN take the bait and sound trigger alarms.: Best timelin…[View]
224138319Is it worth going to the army: I can't stand around kikes and niggers for too long, but i want …[View]
224127824Has social media made women more narcissistic, or has it simply exposed how much they've always…[View]
224137495Nazi Germany lost World War 2. Get over it.[View]
224124184How do we increase white immigration to the USA?[View]
224134740DEAD: One of those cock sucking Koch brothers finally died.[View]
224133919makes me think[View]
224136919Cannot get injections... estrofem high dose anal or sublingual?: Best way to manage for now and bloc…[View]
224138121Apologize!! The Roths and Hiltons dindu nuffin: Nicky Rothschild selling shoes to help their victims…[View]
224137956Trump: I had a thought that trump actually does have dementia, and because of this he thinks that he…[View]
224136893ITT we call upon kek to answer our prayers[View]
224133691the wicked bitch is finished: Press S to spit on her grave[View]
224136642US political parties: How can we increase the amount of political parties in the United States?…[View]
224134943Hes intentionally lowering market prices so his jew stock friends can make easy money by him tweetin…[View]
224135775Joe Rogan :-(: Was he always a shill? Is he playing 4-d chess? What is going on with this bitch?…[View]
224135786>blocks your path The Revised Standard Version 2nd Catholic Edition (RSV2CE) is the best Bible cu…[View]
224134572Just a modern Swedish child and her mother. Of course her kids is an autist who screams so much a bu…[View]
224133733Why can’t China and Trump just compromise?: 1 million young Chinese girl cuties for American incels,…[View]
224133377Germany maintains a tradition of pragmatism and put France in it's place[View]
224127127Proof Race is Skin Deep: Have you ever met a blind racist?[View]
224137606Powell: If Trump hates how he operates, then why did he nominate him?[View]
224137225This board has shit taste.: I ve just realized, someone made a thread about bolsanaro (or however it…[View]
224135048*whispering from the darkness* >'racemix racemix racemix racemix ...' *girl turns around suprised…[View]
224122379Official PEDOWOOD thread.: Let's name some mother fucking names.[View]
224130088“Herby ordered”[View]
224129589What do we do about Atheists?[View]
224129702What if she starts dating a boy in America?: And it is a nice boy who worships her and they marry in…[View]
224121009Christianity: Are you a member of the one true faith anon? Have you renounced your sinful ways for …[View]
224136911kikes: https://twitter.com/Czakal/status/1164960800571822082?s=20[View]
224131106Solitary Confinement: What should we do about solitary confinement? On one hand, the people in solit…[View]
224134110Operation Asgard, Greenland Ethno State: >fuckin what? We are going to make an ethno state for et…[View]
224123834I would eat human flesh long before I ever ate bugs. Why is /pol/ so obsessed with eating bugs when …[View]
224136059I'm getting sick of all the CIAniggers on this board lately, they're literally everywhere,…[View]
224135936>mfw derivative trading Why the fuck is this allowed[View]
224135653Here's a discussion that you faggots should be having but aren't having cause you're …[View]
224107683Jews: red pill me on jews and why people hate them for controlling society[View]
224133105Owen Benjamin - Jesus of Kekareth?: Has Owen become the savior of Kekistan? I don't know, but …[View]
224135099I guess the brown meat isn't as big as the say.[View]
224128569Ben Shapiro: He is the destroyer with facts and logic. He brings it from the Judeo-Christian philoso…[View]
224136397T Minus 29 Days: How will she respond? Walls are closing in all around them... https://www.youtube.…[View]
224128335/Brits aren't European no more/ - Dr. Goodenough edition: While Europe was always a continent a…[View]
224134657Fellow Jews in the news again: Another fellow jew who was raised by Jewish parents in a Jewish schoo…[View]
224125594Why does Dick Cheney support Trump now?: I thought Dick Cheney was a neocon?[View]
224133331Things are looking good for the Democrats right now: Can't wait till Trump gets out and replace…[View]
224136228Far-left con artist Caolan Robertson: Far-left con artist Caolan Robertson openly turend against his…[View]
224125870Sweden and Russia: Do Swedes and Russians still have bad blood among each other after all these cent…[View]
224132383Is it true that MGTOW men are one blowjob away from returning to the plantation?[View]
224117215Are we close to the world kike order?: Given where we are at in prophecy, how much longer until ((th…[View]
224133558Why are they thiding this from you?: Palestinians are in the Hitler alliance.[View]
224134016Turks are KARA BOGA. This is why wh*te people fear them.: God created them to protect the KARA BOGA …[View]
224125595China isn’t advanced at all - their space program is nearly non-existent: It’s so slow and so unamib…[View]
224122945Why won’t you stop eating meat /pol/? Don’t you want to save the rainforest?[View]
224132745Why do americucks believe they need to die for Israe?: I don’t get it...[View]
224135755Change my mind~: The Rod and the Ring will Strike~[View]
224134313ARE YOU FEELING IT NOW ME. TRUMP ARE YOU FEELING IT?: >>Art thou feeling it now mr trump?…[View]
224131998I never though I'd be so happy to see this: Hopefully people will blame trump for a possible up…[View]
224133712How? Why?!: A question to all the Greeks here... How can you take this? How can you walk the streets…[View]
224134562Are the gurkhas the ultimate human weapon?: These guys raped argentinians in Falklands while being o…[View]
224135567JARBO DIES BEFORE XMAS 2020: I have insider information that leads me to believe hes going to kill h…[View]
224110588Tom Hanks is Pedoscum: We have to do something. We can't keep letting mods kill legit pedo thre…[View]
224128220>apply for job >get rejected >have to pay the company for wasting their time…[View]
224131616An opinion most of /pol/ can get behind: So after being on this board for like 5 years i began to th…[View]
224131908Why do trannies get humored so much? A lot of problems could have been avoided if we all just reacte…[View]
224106790>21 >$200k/year >no rent >no gf >breastfeeder >catholicist >hispanic >won…[View]
224123177Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 86, leans on U.S. Marshall after leaving NYC hospital: Maybe, finally? https://…[View]
224133051Unironically, what do women want?[View]
224133564new taylor swift music video[View]
224129056Why didn't she retire when Obama was in office?[View]
224119504HOLY FUCK. THIS WAS A MASSIVE RED PILL. Go watch this right now and realize how fucking fucked we ar…[View]
224129926>Siberia is burning >Amazon is burning >Entire South Europe burning >/pol/ still doesn…[View]
224129478Ruther Bader Ginsberg cancer returns - malig. growth in pancreas: Undergoing radiaton treatment. Jus…[View]
224121892Why has Western Europe accomplished so much yet Eastern Europe achieved so little?[View]
224134184Shoah 2: Electric Boogaloo: Ending the Fed would be greater than the lolocaust.[View]
224130194Can someone explain what meaning have this logo, and if it's tide to a masonic lodge The logo i…[View]
224130337RUTH CANCER CONFIRMED: Pray to Kek for her quick demise. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bostonglo…[View]
224125613Daily Redpill Thread: Post your redpills Post your request Post leftist arguments and/or studies use…[View]
224116037Nazism, white supremacy, facism, nationalism. None of these things offer anything of value to human…[View]
224134654What Percent of the 1% is jewish?: Might be an interesting way to redpill normies if the stat can be…[View]
224134135/ourgirl/ has done it again![View]
224131475OH NO NO NO: Glasgow University to pay reparations for slavery: >Glasgow University has agreed to…[View]
224130438yay or nay?: Should we play the tolerant lefts game and go after their advertisers?[View]
224125943Ex-Overstock CEO Byrne Reveals FBI's Peter Strzok Manipulated Him For 'Political Espionage…[View]
224130241I am forgotten.[View]
224110591>According to Varg, none of these Macedonian students are white because they have brown eyes When…[View]
224092622US schools to be rebuilt with bulletproof cover in corridors: >A US school is being rebuilt to ma…[View]
224114847Ita/pol/: M5S-PD: Will it happen? They are seriously negotiating about it. It's unbelievable. T…[View]
224132116I hereby order you to bring me hamberders and cheese fries![View]
224124639/nsg/ NATIONAL SOCIALISM GENERAL 卐 24 HOUR A DAY EDITION: /nsg/ Information Hitler's economic …[View]
224133309Evening /Bant/: #DailyReminder[View]
224133714We born, live and die in a clown world. Just accept it pol.[View]
224130578has he gone too far?[View]
224131812Are there any real men left in America anymore?[View]
224133770America has shitty healthcar-[View]
224133512Reminder: The Federal Reserve is the epicenter of all Evil in America[View]
224129989Never forget what the jews destroyed Never forgove them If any of you parasites are reading this kno…[View]
224126156Owen Benjamin is now Owen Bin Jamen. He has gone full muzzy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ao5f5zt…[View]
224104783When I listen to Hitler or Goebbels speeches it makes me literally tear up for might what of been, a…[View]
224129349Question for /pol/: If you’re against reparations then how would you help close the race wealth gap …[View]
224133145Tick tock libtards[View]
224130633Take your hands off Amazon, filthy frogs: Olha a onça dele no chapéu. Olha que essa onça é o seu tr…[View]
224132690Are you ready to swalllow the final redpill?: Dont have children. If you love your children, dont pu…[View]
224130198If China attacks Hong Kong to crash Pepe rebelion, would be possible for Kekistan and Anonymous to c…[View]
224111528Dow drops more than 400 points after Trump orders US companies to look for ‘alternative to China’ ht…[View]
224131426Blacked: Another one bites the dust: When does it end pol? How do we compete with these black men?…[View]
224133019GINSBERG IS DYING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xB8HOpf2lPY&feature=youtu.be[View]
224130180HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH THE CHOSEN ONE >blocks your path[View]
224128035Mossad is SO DESPERATE to stage a mass shooting to push more censorship.: They're trying to fra…[View]
224125969Immigration, crime, demography and economy in the USA: Hello, /pol/, I request information about imm…[View]
224130482White ethnic cleansing - the future: Is it really that bad, /pol/? Getting constantly redpilled on a…[View]
224111561Minnesota general: This is a general thread on Minnesota and it's happenings. Come one come all…[View]
224131286Are 'Natural Laws' and 'Natural Rights' prescriptive, or descriptive? I know this isn't about n…[View]
224132158It's downright impossible to find any opinion on homelessness other than we should feel sorry f…[View]
224132451CA wants NV gun laws changed: https://knpr.org/headline/2019-08/california-lawmakers-reach-out-nevad…[View]
224129801A intresting thought: In a previous thread I saw, one anon asked how does one become jewish so he co…[View]
224126114(((Big Brother is watching you))): >https://cpj.org/2019/08/israel-eased-export-controls-on-surve…[View]
224132155>you guys... it wasn't me you guys... come on I only do good things remember? >lol maybe …[View]
224121906Theranos scam: Is pic related going to jail /pol?[View]
224114532HABBENING: David Koch dead[View]
224130374Prince Andrew: is he guilty?[View]
224126199I just finished reading this book. It's pretty obvious that Nazi Germany was at least 50-100 y…[View]
224127276well, /pol/?[View]
224131628Genetically modified babies.: Designer babies, all modified for desired traits? How many mistakes a…[View]
224131604Stage 2/3:: Scorched Earth starts.[View]
224131185Abolish the white race: > the white race is a peculiar sort of social formation, one that depends…[View]
224132523Who would win. Black nazis or the media?[View]
224130389Applejuice: >we didnt want to win anyways >accelerationism was always part of the plan…[View]
224131489What did he mean by this?[View]
224131500Patrick Byrnes website back up: https://www. deepcapture.com/ nothing new yet. Popcorn[View]
224124514Why did you need this again? If you say something along the lines of >It's muh right >Bec…[View]
224130755Be me: >millenial living at home because i got fucked by life. >i lived on my own for 12 years…[View]
224130469I AM THE CHOSEN ONE >blocks your path[View]
224130876O, O, O it's magic...: You know, never believe it's not so.[View]
224128735Send them back, amirite?[View]
224131121FUCK THIS KIKE SNOW NIGGER If i told anyone in croatia to have a school strike because of climate ch…[View]
224111454Brit/pol/ - Ham salad edition: >Fire breaks out on balcony of flat block opposite Grenfell Tower …[View]
224129507What is the west?[View]
224124930BitChute General: Daily reminder to stop using JewTube. Start using one of the best alternatives out…[View]
224127493What's with all these black men being pushed into music videos: Are they onto something?[View]
224130924Is Trump destroying the Republican party?: I was worried that this might be the case. 2020 will dete…[View]
224130923Everyone of them is a Deep State Shill: >Overstock CEO admits to being a Deep State Operative htt…[View]
224130898A C C E L E R A T E: The sooner you let go of idealism and learn to love the collapse, the sooner yo…[View]
224130715Palestine is based Are Rashida Tlaib and Illhan Omar dare I say... /ourgirl/ Is Palestine dare I say…[View]
224127582I still cannot believe that this fucking corpse is allowed to sit on the Supreme Court.[View]
224127750Hitler never existed. He was made up. Just like Jesus.[View]
224130229The more things change the more they stay the same: We all bitch about the muslims Niggers & Jew…[View]
224129757Gospel Reading and Reflection: For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes as far as the we…[View]
224118009Hispanics fit perfectly into American society, they are Christian and their culture was derived from…[View]
224129407Ephors: Sickly, aged, corrupt, un-elected elites who steer the destiny of our nation. She is in no s…[View]
224126540What do nationalists even believe? 'Nations' constantly changes people die, culture shift lands are …[View]
224124823What's his end game?: Is he biding his time before dropping The Big One? I've been out of …[View]
224129599The chosen one: >blocks your path How do you deal with the chosen one…[View]
224108792NBC News: “Heterosexuality Is Just Not Working: Men need heterosexuality to maintain their societal …[View]
224129838Thats our land, frogs. Fuck off or be ready to be eaten alive: Amazon is fine, our country did a bet…[View]
224119859Why do you guys care so much about the white race?[View]
224129993/8values/: post your results fags[View]
224081685Black Christian Preacher puts a drag queen pedophile in his place: And yet whites will cower and all…[View]
224127873Why does /pol/ hate postmodernism? Isn’t postmodernism just weird long books with lots of characters…[View]
224120353which european countries face the biggest danger of white extinction?[View]
224127863/pol/, I'm trying to find Tucker Carlson's bit on 'white supremacy' being a hoax. It seems…[View]
224128808Meanwhile, in 2009 /pol/...: Fuck, even the White House gets blacked in Burgerland[View]
224123941So Nick DiPaolo did this special where he constantly shits on the left, specifically targeting jews,…[View]
224112455Daily reminder that the rainforest fires are fake news: The wildfires are a normal thing in the coun…[View]
224123094>Be me >Flying from Canada to Europe >See a mixed girl at the airport on the same plane as …[View]
224129204Pay me no mind, I am merely posting the daily reminder that Pedowood is real. https://youtu.be/ggxi…[View]
224128643“Suicided” now leading cause of death in U.S.: Compilation of “suicided” famous people. I’ll start o…[View]
224127533Can you say a jew is a ethnicity ? , from where did they came from[View]
224127872what's causing an unnecessary buildup of angst in asians so they go out shooting and stabbing u…[View]
224129280(((Ginsberg))) has cancer: Fox says she's been treated and she's a-okay but, let's fa…[View]
224126343>invests in the dying coal industry >invests in the flooded steel market >doesn't inve…[View]
224127058Fuck The FBI: So, since El Paso the FBI has engaged in completely unconstitutional activities in a p…[View]
224119105The Brazil Conspiracy: It's crystal clear to any Brazil watcher what's going on right now …[View]
224115864Everytime thread: Post your best 'every single time' articles and opinion pieces.[View]
224127839Jewish Supremacists: Why does Bernie Sanders hate Jewish and Asian men?[View]
224129245post classics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3vGDmdEP_0[View]
224111908>Just become a vegetarian bro.[View]
224129193cuck from itv sees enrichment firsthand: https://twitter.com/PaulBrandITV/status/1164652160203874315…[View]
224125112>i find that white spaniards and italians with black hair are hot >dont like ethnicmixing bec…[View]
224115504So what actually makes the lgbt community so bad? Why are gay/ trans folks so fucked up? Are there a…[View]
224124683What’s his endgame?[View]
224127567Why are they so dumb?[View]
224123475Why does /pol/ hate Protestants so much even though their pope is an actual retard.[View]
224128975Enemy of the people: Is he a China asset?[View]
224097762What can most men still offer women?: Women have become virtually independent from men thanks to: …[View]
224110879My girlfriend and I have saved up about $7000 and in a few months are going to take some vacation ti…[View]
224108443Why don't Brits brush their teeth?: >Be richest man in the UK >Still not brush teeth Why?…[View]
224124958Pol roast me I am racial motherfucker... >pic is me :< what a fucking creature I am look at me…[View]
224125944In 15 years after our food distribution network has been fucked from ass to ass due to years and yea…[View]
224128788look for 237 in the news this week[View]
224128372when you're not talking about politics irl and online do you build simulated gas chambers for r…[View]
224128122Does anyone have the post about the nigger kid who was found abandoned by his mother and couldn…[View]
224126107Almost 50 threads filtered from meme flag jew shills. dumb jannies should work and do something god …[View]
224127500Cunts in politics: Anon- can women be trusted in politics?[View]
224127338What the fuck is wrong with white people: Your women are ugly, or if they're hot, they with a b…[View]
224084668Will the US defend the Philippines if China attacks?[View]
224122772Why the outcry about Brazilian rainforest all of a sudden?: >Macron shares this pic on twitter …[View]
224126292Kill all Jews Kill all Niggers[View]
224124151What is up with this Jew family and those who call themselves Arabs?: For the past few hundred years…[View]
224128390DEVIN NASH GAMER / STREAMER / CO FOUNDER OF TEAMS, SHILLING: Yesterday night Devin Nash was shilling…[View]
224105395Why are so many white millennials opting for dogs and not parenthood?[View]
224126082Why is there suddenly so many patreon e-begging posts on /pol/ and twitter? What the fuck is going o…[View]
224100878Uhhh guys??: Boomers are starting to believe Trump has supernatural powers and abilities. Btw I’m p…[View]
224127366Michigan white nationalism when?: 'Keep city as white as much as possible' http://archive.fo/6ddzI A…[View]
224126558Why doesn't /pol/ embrace communism?[View]
224121227IT’S HAPPENING!: Trump tells companies to stop doing biz with China and find alternatives. He ponder…[View]
224117439Trump finally making sense on a 77D chess level: 'Our Country has lost, stupidly, Trillions of Dolla…[View]
224125598This kills the boomer: 401K's are gonna burn.[View]
224128024How do we fix it?: How do we get jews to stop jewing everyone? And muslims to stop killing and rapin…[View]
224123972Austria butthurt over Slovenian pursuit of nuclear energy: >Prime Minister of Slovenia Marjan Šar…[View]
224122660Now You're All in BIG, BIG Trouble!: Taylor Swift Vows to Help Defeat Trump in 2020[View]
224124360What's /pol/'s opinion on Milton Freidman?[View]
224122715what did he mean by this?[View]
224126272You goyim are gonna lose. Your lies are so unbelievable even the dumbest of Goyim and Jews can see t…[View]
224116933Hmmm....really makes you think.[View]
224124401Fuck halal: So McDonald's India just said they'll have halal only meat in all their stores…[View]
224127442Why don't we just invade Brazil and take the Amazon?: HUEs are obviously too low-IQ to keep it …[View]
224120666Are prisons basically black ethnostates?[View]
224125025'WHo Shpoul be Allowd in the ETHnostate!1!???': Why even bother with questions like this if there is…[View]
224127651Prince Andrew is butthurt: Prince Andrew whinged ‘Prince Albert of Monaco does what he wants but I g…[View]
224122927Which faction is most aligned with your personal ideology?: Which is the best faction and why is the…[View]
224125494I HEREBY ORDER löl magapedes, what the fuck, explain your looney joke of a president please and why …[View]
224117370TODAY: >A family member who died in WWI or 2 suddenly appears at your doorstep >they know noth…[View]
224124881Remember that Trump won partly by channeling the meme magic, asserting his dominance over the memes …[View]
224120728Bernie stops mentioning 'millionaires' in speeches as net worth grows to over one million:…[View]
224126992where the fuck are all of you spastics???: swear to god im sick of being a loser nofriends trumptard…[View]
224103725What's the deal with furfags?: *slaps your dog's ass*[View]
224118904What do Europeans even do? none of y'all go to the lake none of y'all camp none of y'…[View]
224126310Hello I am Dr. Huwhite from Harvard. I am an expert in time traveling. We currently studie a new rac…[View]
224127125TDS 484 discussion thread: When both hours are in the discussion begins![View]
224126666How is red flag law legal ? glow in the dark feds monitoring Americans and sentencing them for exerc…[View]
224126970Okay, some one give me a quick redpill on these guys. who are these motherfuckers? What do they do a…[View]
224126971YANG KEKEKEK POSTEM: i'll start[View]
224113669own the libs by becoming the libs: >He has discredited core conservative beliefs, boosted the pop…[View]
224121235Trump suggests using mass spying on gun owners: Trump admin considering using Amazon,google devices …[View]
224126174SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS https://archive.is/UUbIO[View]
224124428/wag/ Weaponized Autism General: Shapeshift was a smash hit. Now we need something else to keep the …[View]
224123408why do i keep seeing this autistic 13 year old swedish girl everywhere[View]
224120617Amazon Forest Fire: Anyone have any takes on the events? is it just a smokescreen?[View]
224120524CNN can't help themselves, can they?[View]
224120578HASAN PIKER FROM THE YOUNG TURKS SAYS USA DESERVED 9/11: holy shit he even made it on fox news https…[View]
224111799Why bother?: Dear poltards, I've seen people posting this sentence many times: 'If you are…[View]
224115442Still /ourgirl/ r-r-right g-guys?[View]
224100852Drop some whitepill:: In here we share some whitepills, fresh and recent preferably.[View]
224106458What was the last thing you did to help Tulsi get in the next debate?[View]
224111830>mfw trump's tarrifs is going to cause a huge recession and cost him the election…[View]
224126305News reporting Woman just killed self and kids because ex-husband left her to marry a white wife. Wh…[View]
224119838Brazil: >Wants to be 1st world >Has over 80% wildfire increase Is this what Peak Industrial ev…[View]
224126172Why not to remain apathetic, and what they fear: There is a purpose behind your posts and comments. …[View]
224125229Why is Putin such a naughty boy and how dose he keep getting away with it?[View]
224124284Why are we Italians not trying to destroy our country?: >Oy vey, Salvini man bad!! All Italians r…[View]
224125640Did the Jeffrey Epstein case prove Qanon right?: Did the Jeffrey Epstein case prove Qanon right? htt…[View]
224121736IT'S OVER: IT'S OVER[View]
224123666The earth is flat: 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 󠘁 If the earth were a spinning ball then a jumping man would not …[View]
224122929If the economy crashes.: If you economically illiterate faggots vote in a commie because of a market…[View]
224116437GOOGLE, NO!: The personal is political! How are we supposed to destroy the racist, capitalist, patri…[View]
224124048Some call it rainforest, I call it industrial zone.[View]
224119998I would sell Ireland to Trump any day for a bucket of chicken tendies. Who would do the same?[View]
224125114>hates Jews >loves Zion Don[View]
224122549I'm scared you guys.. I just came to the realization that the Government will never straight u…[View]
224124440Qanon was a IBM test project the boomers are sheep to a computer program LOL https://www.youtube.com…[View]
224114629thoughts on borders?[View]
224125349Nothing like came home after a midnight of fire and fury in the amazon. Yeah, I just take it all: BU…[View]
224124999This was never about the dellies duhnald.[View]
224124341BIG TIME HAPPENINGS! There Goes 'Muh Trump's Racist' Narrative: Special prosecutor who will re-…[View]
224122728press S to shit/spit on grave[View]
224099301/agf/ Amazon FAQ general: So many bullshit being told that it is better to make a dedicated FAQ to t…[View]
224124484School Shooting in California Somewhere: A friend of mine messaged me saying his school is under att…[View]
224122652San francisco in a nutshell[View]
224124150This is reprehensible. Imagine that, in 2019, someone saying this sort of thing[View]
224124705RIP David Koch: David Koch, Billionaire Who Fueled Right-Wing Movement, Dies at 79 https://www.nytim…[View]
224123066Fuck China: Fuck Denmark too.[View]
224118989Nuke this shithole please[View]
224123986*ting ting ting ting* ahem, attention please.: The sole purpose of governments in all western nation…[View]
224118042Behold the leader of Incelibate Worldwide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zqbEqCpOpw&feature=y…[View]
224117964disregarding the politics why is most of his face orange?[View]
224112942TRUMP GETS EXPOSED FOR NOT KNOWING ANY BIBLE VERSE AT ALL: this is hard to watch https://www.youtube…[View]
2241181722020 elections: Trump is going to lose in a landslide. Both Texas and Florida will go blue. The econ…[View]
224121685Make /pol/ Great Again!: Q sounds like a conversation between Americas Military Intellegence and You…[View]
224114381Britain was 81% white back in 2011: What do you think it will be in 2021 when the next census gets r…[View]
224123751Seeth snowniggers[View]
224119497lmao he’s going to lose the election[View]
224124248Fracking Continued: >>224105704 >>224123369 it is not in the range of 99% anything. you …[View]
224115805Thoughts on this? What is even the point of school these days if they teach shit like this?[View]
224078574Dead Head and He Knows It... Press F to Pay Respect: in this video... https://youtu.be/T5J-1rs1LJo?t…[View]
224124148Bolsonaro gey[View]
224094417Jesus vs Lucifer: You can only serve one master, anon. Who do you side with until death when you are…[View]
224121692Lots of Big News from today. I picked some to compile.[View]
224118544How many Billionaires have to die before you fucking noticing anything you fucking Sheep: The fuck i…[View]
224122919Would Dirty Harry be banned if it was made today?: At the time in this documentary people were sayin…[View]
224116959She’s not coming back: She will stay in America, 100 percent. Harvard 4yrs next year. All expenses p…[View]
224103383Italy New Government: Emma Bonino to be choosen as next PM (first woman) of Italy. Alas, no election…[View]
224122500>be me >join this server called copelets >(https://discord >.gg/EMFvMsh ) >filled wit…[View]
224123797From one of the safest places with barely any crime, to violent crime rising fast. The nightlife is …[View]
224103376How do we solve the Saudi problem?: These guys are probably 10x more evil than the Jews[View]
224118665Why is he burning the forest? Was that necessary?[View]
224115768War with China when?: We are done with China apparently.[View]
224106008Here is your government issued Girlfriend Note: Please respect her and her religious beliefs or we a…[View]
224123006News reporting Woman just killed self and kids because ex-husband left her to marry a white wife.[View]
224114631>as black as the US >4 times lower murder rate why do /pol/cels never mention this?…[View]
224110256Migrant rescue ship captain Pia Klemp rejects award from Paris[View]
224123362Press F to Fart in Grave: F https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/david-koch-billionaire-conservative…[View]
224123351You have 1 hour: Before it drops on NeinChan[View]
224122429>chinks think they would be fine if the US suddenly cuts ties and they have no more revenue strea…[View]
224111883Vive la France!: French football team and their wives[View]
224123364just asking: If there was a country somewhere in Africa that import enslaved white people 400 years …[View]
224123262George Soros dies 2020[View]
224120387What is happening with this gay earth?[View]
224115112this is europe[View]
224120260Revitalize rural white america: No more $$$ for (((them)))[View]
224123124Fuck The FBI: So, since El Paso the FBI has engaged in completely unconstitutional activities in a p…[View]
224122616I can't fucking take it anymore!: Ok, assholes. If being Jewish is so great, how do I convert t…[View]
224112372AMERICA HATE THREAD: America hate thread Why do you hate the USA? For me its christianity, capitalis…[View]
224112538We need Gun Control now! Too many mass shooting have already happened and, you dumbfuck racist kekst…[View]
224117667The only just order in Europe.[View]
224122992Even kike leafs are cringe as fuck...[View]
224122009Sharks and Politics: What are the political ramifications of sharks? What if any effect to sharks ha…[View]
224122983imagine not being so evangelical christian that you view jews as demons and want them eradicated bec…[View]
224121696'I'm the parent now': How stupid is this woman?[View]
224119538Nigger dies by suicide after video goes viral of him w/tranny: https://www.inquirer.com/news/maurice…[View]
224120190Give me one good reason why top military/government facilities aren't declassified and availabl…[View]
224115551Why has there been such a massive anti-Anglo sentiment recently, majority from the Krauts, Turk-Rape…[View]
224119008>Hurr durr having a central bank is a great idea[View]
224121150>'holy shit the iGoy xRs 28 just got released' >'what? you don't use these 10 different a…[View]
224113078Holohoax thread: Give me some more redpills to save[View]
224112374so brazilians are burning the amazon right now? how can we stop this?[View]
224122485Ambassadors and weapons treaties.: Most world leaders have agreed to certain boundaries concerning t…[View]
224120248Party of nuance: Thoughts on the newly founded islamic party in Sweden? The party, roughly translate…[View]
224112431You goyim will never learn. We know which accounts are yours and we’re gonna shut them down. No one …[View]
224116627I FUCKING HATE RACE MIXING ! Call me a fucking racial fuck but no I consider my self white because o…[View]
224100205Based Emmanuel Macron Jupiter calls for war against Brazilian monkeys to end Amazon forest fires. ht…[View]
224077986David Duke: 'Vaccinations are Mankind's Greatest Achievement': Why do 100% of public AltRight f…[View]
224115592I can't stand right wing nazis and skinheads but im redpilled on black muslims and jews..what a…[View]
224121675Still no word from Tucker Carlson...: What the fuck happened to Tucker? Has he been whacked?[View]
224113847If ayyyyliens came to earth with the intent to enslave all humanity, would you THEN find it in you t…[View]
224120290Stop buying Chinese food! Little Donny wants Greenland and cheesy bread![View]
224111468Honestly, how can this be defended at all?! Coming from America this is so crazy to think that this …[View]
224119934How do I boycott Brazilian beef?: Is there a way to know if the meat in the grocery is raised locall…[View]
224115792When is The Civil War?: I can't wait any longer anons it's fucking time already, WHEN…[View]
224121924Let's do bizness with N Korea instead of China: It should be obvious. Best Korea is sitting ato…[View]
224121878What if - WHAT IF - the msm covered THE STORM accurately?: How would things be different?[View]
224120152Transphobic China.: What it's like being transgender in China https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f…[View]
224119210Redpill me on religion, pic related.[View]
224121063'Conservative' what does this word fucking mean?: Can someone tell me what the fuck a 'conserva…[View]
224118070Why are Nordics so arrogant and degenerate?[View]
224119814Black StormFront: Can someone tell me why we don't talk about places like this more? https://wa…[View]
224118936Clean,Family Oriented,Conservative,Work Ethic,Protestant. This is one of the highest manifestation o…[View]
224106992Cucking Out For Nothing: Who's still voting for this guy?[View]
224113246Iran regime change has to happen.: John Bolton is unironically right on this. The theocratic regime …[View]
224105704Just got laid off with many other co workers today after working two years in the fracking industry.…[View]
224121028Sweden becoming a third world 2030 is a big of a meme as India becoming a superpower 2030.[View]
224101217Why are you guys such faggots? You guys are going to be the death of humanity. Denying that the bigg…[View]
224121077>>the koch brothers are based press F The Koch brothers father david h. koch helped construct …[View]
224115423While /pol/ cries Jimmy John is profiting from his business so he can rid the world of dangerous wil…[View]
224110818Catholic Polish priest burns Harry Potter books: >Catholic priests in Poland have burned books th…[View]
224120968On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being based and 10 being total Trump derangement syndrome meltdown, how lib…[View]
224113350America 2019 How do you clean up the West Coast without nuking it?[View]
224115456Trump Curse Continues: Maddox doesn't really see himself as Brad’s son.[View]
224115208STOP LOOKING INTO EPSTEIN'S FRIENDS!: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2019/07/11/cnn_cu…[View]
224118339Subversion: Every single day I see countless posts arguing about which European country is the pures…[View]
224117240Mommy drink a lot: I want you to panic...[View]
224115318How can you be as hardcore as a meek cute Japanese schoolgirl ?[View]
224115264>child drag shows >8 year old sex changes >fat acceptance >animal rights activists >f…[View]
224120637America Deserved 9/11: Why are you booing him? His right. American shitty foreign intervention in th…[View]
224120474History of Slavery: >'Up to one-half of all the arrivals in the American colonies were Whites sla…[View]
224117442OH NO NO NO: '[Democrats] want to do a lot of bad things to Israel. In my opinion, you vote for a De…[View]
224095493Why is the international community so stagnant?: Is it because the Jews who control every government…[View]
224116132Wtf is this?: What the hell is this? Why is reddit so cringe?[View]
224099860More migrants for Europe!: The Norwegian owned rescue ship (migration ship) «Ocean Viking» just got …[View]
224118033First, according to data by NASA, 2019 has been an 'average' year when it comes to forest fires http…[View]
224119015Who the fuck is this 'Bronze Age Pervert' and his book the 'bronze age mindset'?…[View]
224115002Why is the mainstream media not talking about this??!!???[View]
224119695Romanian Hate Thread: Why can't Romanians have a more functioning government system like their …[View]
224119818Why were Puritans so based? >no degeneracy >modest women >no race mixing with natives >l…[View]
224117521NESARA was in the Farm Bill Recession talk is fear mongering Financial Reset is incoming.[View]
224116769good riddance: 1 down,1 to go[View]
224114978Europoor has an access to weapons: Your local mosque will have a weapons cache Just go steal it…[View]
224103823>British father is choked to death by Norwegian martial arts expert in 4am row at a hotel in Phuk…[View]
224118669Was Koch in the Pizza Cult?[View]
224110677Based prison guard drives into jews protesting ice: https://www.wpri.com/news/local-news/blackstone-…[View]
224114524Antifa Cringe: Fuck Antifa also /pol/ humor thread[View]
224109439New psyop idea against jews: considering the success of the fake new infiltration, I had an idea for…[View]
224114601Metamaterials - it's Ayys.: This shit is going to propel us into the future! Antigravity Backp…[View]
224119139>Gun ownership world wide increasing >LGBT acceptance declining Somebody stop me! https://ph…[View]
224107523Anyone noticed that terror attacks in the west completely stopped? Considering the west will soon be…[View]
224116265He's right you know.[View]
224113777EARLY /POL/: Oldfags, what did /pol/ look like in its first few years? What was the culture like? Wh…[View]
224117527DOES ANYONE HAVE A FINANCIAL TIMES SUBSCRIPTION?!?!?! Mooch is a NWO shill.: https://archive.is/vpWZ…[View]
224118743'Your Dystopia Is Racist' - Scottish Cucks: Resisting whiteness like it's still 2014 and these …[View]
224114620>We the Europeans should push the EU and our respective governments to put heavy sanctions on Bra…[View]
224117178Hello Ahmed: Hey britcucks, there is a 'GREAT BRITAIN PARTY' in a local supermarket, they do this wi…[View]
224107159European and Arabic operating system problem: My great grand mother just died a few hours ago. She w…[View]
224117120Support President Trump and his efforts to help America grow! Give a gift of $25 or more and we…[View]
224117516Greta is winning as more Swedes than ever are refusing to fly: She's winning, /pol/. The hearts…[View]
224111153Any Ex-Muslims on this board? How do you feel about 'muslimic mass immigration'?[View]
224117655Release her now!!!!: /pol/, jailing the poor girl for so little is just wrong[View]
224115716What's going on with the Amazon thing?: https://www.france24.com/en/20190823-amazon-fires-how-c…[View]
224117454Nothing in America will be owned by goy come 2030: Get fucked whitey, we killed all and absorbed all…[View]
224077695Italianons it’s over. He screwed up: Northern League lost almost 8% in one month since the start of …[View]
224115195Did blacks ruin the internet?: The internet used to be a really nice place. Now not so much. Is it b…[View]
224118045What did Trump mean by this?[View]
224114952Why don't see this jew atempt to take China ? The supporter of the HK protest are so cringe.[View]
224113421How many uncontacted Amazonian tribes just got BTFO by this fire?[View]
224117679An ok country Not the best place in the world and definitely had its past mistakes but far from the …[View]
224117025Deleted YouTube channels: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xT3MvMXQyaw The iconoclast was my favourite …[View]
224117703>What should Christian feminists do with their old “purity” rings, symbols of a patriarchal theol…[View]
224112663Estonia: While you idiots enslave your future generations for laptops and milkshakes, we live within…[View]
224116619Climate change: Why should I follow Leonardo DiCaprio’s advice for environmental sustainability when…[View]
224117405Who was in the wrong here?[View]
224099406Tranny hate thread: Get in here anons, we have gone to long without one of these.[View]
224115099Great.... dumb kids do some IRL shitposting. Some dumb Nazi larping because they think its funny, a…[View]
224117195Globalism won guys, it's over. Nation states will stop existing in this century.[View]
224109592Why did I have to be born a subhuman pajeet: Why couldnt I have been born a superior race like east …[View]
224117429What's /pol/'s opinion onMilton Freidman?[View]
224117437ITS OPEN LINE FRIDAY: With RUSH LIMBAUGH: Anon, welcome to the program, what’s on your mind?[View]
224081499>I love Albanian immigrants >bring them more Said no one ever…[View]
224086582Muslim Family gets free housing, still complains.: 'Living here is very difficult for any type of fa…[View]
224117300Does he realize who he's fucking with now?: 'American companies are hereby ordered to immediate…[View]
224112710Israel blamed for hit on Iran-backed militia depot in Iraq: https://apnews.com/06ef6f4d525e408d953f6…[View]
224115687>america deserved 9/11[View]
224101078The rumors of Germany's demise have been greatly exagerated. American here, visiting Germany f…[View]
224107997wew lad https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1164914609180033026 Is he the next JFK?[View]
224116844For my newcomers: This thread is for book suggestions for newcomers here who came to shitpost but ar…[View]
224104865Has /pol/ Forgotten Me?[View]
224116771Does /pol/ know about Roger Morneau?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ird-BKuPRlw Apparently he was …[View]
224112518Scientific proof British are not white: Only 11.5% of Britoids are blonde. For comparison, this perc…[View]
224112728The nightmare is over!: This poor black man no longer has to live in Africa. Look at his tears of jo…[View]
224116449New York Times reporter allegedly solicited $30K donation from Jeffrey Epstein: https://nypost.com/2…[View]
224109864This is a Turkish Muslim: Explain to me one more time why I should hate him over 'Southern European'…[View]
224094622Why do some gullible westerners unironically idolize this place?: >>Caused as much if not more…[View]
224098148What do you think about the Brits? For me they are the most obnoxious, uncivilized and unlikable peo…[View]
224113805>one shot at life >born just in time to be the generation that finally loses it…[View]
224074295Daily reminder that Hong Kong belongs to the Hong Kongers. All PRC shills are deluded. We're fu…[View]
224108019Koch is dead!: David Koch is dead! Now we just need his brother to die too! Press S to spit on his g…[View]
224111622Operation Asgard, Greenland Ethno State: >fuckin what? We are going to make an ethno state for et…[View]
224077673Probably one of his best videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMpjP67MbyA >tradition was top t…[View]
224112251Bar B Cue Killers: So now that the videos will be out soon showing elites dining on human flesh they…[View]
224109690What can go wrong?: Russia, Russia, Russia. https://twitter.com/huffpostuk/status/116488500024157388…[View]
224114871Any kike worshippers?[View]
224103836CALIFORNIA YES![View]
224111775>$13.25 billion + $1 billion yearly to find pic related Please explain to me how humanity benefit…[View]
224107939Chinaman unlucky in love: :([View]
224098218Kekistan: Guys, I have an idea. Imagine, you have a lot of money at your disposal. Like, a few billi…[View]
224077455When did /pol become so unbelievably god damn bad.. I’ve been browsing this board for years. Pol is …[View]
224112558Polygamous NEET.: What does /pol/ think of my idea? I have long dreamed about being a king, I want t…[View]
224114574What Happened To The West?: The west used to be based on the two warring ideals of scientific realis…[View]
224113379Thoughts about him?[View]
224115689Why do (((they))) keep peddling roast beef isn't real?: >Repeated Semen Exposure Promotes Ho…[View]
224113886The 'amazon' is not burning. What is happening is minuslce fires that always happened on the southe…[View]
224115023Breed like goats and create more wagies for your Jew overlords.: Why don't you do it anon?…[View]
224114349Why did koch do it? Epstein?[View]
224101440The Germanic Republic of Ecuador[View]
224113956/pol/ in a nutshell[View]
224105752Muh Amazonas: >check (((news))) Reason #1 it's trump's fault cause muh global warming R…[View]
224115375M∀GA: >Our great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an altern…[View]
224115269How many cuties do you plan to make, anon?[View]
224108526Just curious, how do the bongs here feel knowing that el atrocidad americano has invaded the royal b…[View]
224112625Trump is a terrorist.[View]
224114798And so it happened /pol/, drinking milk is a sign of patriarchal oppression: >milking cows is sex…[View]
224114994Hey /pol/ would you vote for a pajeet if his slogan was 'get a poo in your loo'?[View]
224109470There hasn't been a President to attack the Bank like this since Andrew Jackson[View]
224114310A very powerful Globalist died today: A proponent of open borders and strong advocate of unfettered …[View]
224110571Why does Pol hate environmentalism?: The original National Socialist movement was founded upon a spi…[View]
224109476BLUE-PILLED VERMONTERS HEADING FOR NEW HAMPSHIRE: First it was the niggers committing crime, now blu…[View]
224114516What is the determinant of moral authority over others in socialist or cummunist society?[View]
224102796So,tell me american anons why won't you vote for Andrew Yang and secure the bag?: He's gon…[View]
224087767Why did Shartmart failed in europe while german markets (like aldi lidl) are exploding in ameriga? A…[View]
224081333Epstein Island Game Project Update: Busy week in general, but I have been working on a lot of backgr…[View]
224114409Okay buddy, calm down there will ya?[View]
224105144What will happen when Africa's population reaches 5 BILLION: Africa's current population i…[View]
224110466You all see it: Q sounds like a conversation between Americas Military Intellegence and You, the Peo…[View]
224096181So what's the deal with the Jesuits? You think their oath is real, or is it just Protestant pro…[View]
224114306Based Asian https://nextshark.com/eric-lin-asian-neo-nazi/amp/[View]
224114286>maneged to scape from poor yellow comunists Celebrate France military defeats. From Waterloo to …[View]
224114284>tfw you have to deal with four retarded women who have become the face of your Democratic party…[View]
224109297/leftypol/ general - /lpg/: Share /leftypol/ humor and memes. No kekistani fags or trump boomers…[View]
224110964It's a SIN to eat meat today: Only fish and seafood are allowed. Can. 1249 The divine law binds…[View]
224111390Oh shit, wtf is he doing now? Are the burgers going bankrupt?[View]
224097180Who is this guy?: All of a sudden everyone starts worshiping this guy who has, for most of his succe…[View]
224111647How can i persuade my fellow brown males to get vasectomies? I just got my vasectomy and I feel reli…[View]
224106497India/Pakistan Unification: >>India and Pakistan shall never fight, even over Kashmir >…[View]
224100660New York Anons: Fellow New York Anons, What can we do to stop this bitch?? She’s fast approaching o…[View]
224112160Philosophical question time, how great is life for the rich today?: Even going back a thousand years…[View]
224110239RE: AAA videogame programmers are scum.: >>224105678 >You idiot, it doesnt matter if you di…[View]
224110753How accurate is this evaluation of the different ethnic groups that make up Britain? https://qr.ae/T…[View]
224106499AUDIT THE FED[View]
224101402So, not a hoax?.....: The naked guy/ teen escaping out the window of Buckingham palace..... https:/…[View]
224106032This white supremacy has to stop: Oh...wait.....none of them are white[View]
224113406Why does every city monopolized by liberals become an ultra gentrified unliveable shithole with 4,00…[View]
224101998>ZOGBY What was he trying to say?[View]
224109519Why aren't you training for a career in well-paying eenvironmental related fields? Water resour…[View]
224111457EERRRR BUDDY THREAD!: >Be native >be female >be 14 years old >get drunk >wear light c…[View]
224110087Autistic Nationalism: hello autists, i have good news the world autism conference was hosted 1 month…[View]
224110672The G7 summit is this weekend. What does /pol/ expect from it?[View]
224111084Internet acting strange for anyone else?: Is anyone have internet issues? I am working from home tod…[View]
224112786The 4th Reich: I will start the Fourth Reich in exchange for one Aryan girl. Show me what you have t…[View]
224113103How to: Cope with being the only sentient being in a 50 mile radius I hate 'humans' aka livestock I …[View]
224113096Jason Reza Jorjani: Alright anons, what's the deal with this guy, he used to be involved in thi…[View]
224112490Albanians are WORSE than NIGGERS #1: The reason everyone hate Albanians is because Albanians destroy…[View]
224110639The benefit to society from the inclusion of transwomen in women's sports outweighs the risk of…[View]
224106171I sincerely give 0 flying fucks that the amazon is burning. I literally couldn't give less of a…[View]
224104913Poland: Why are they so homophobic and backwards? They should be kicked out of the EU[View]
224111852The Single Biggest Chance We Have To Redpill.: Honestly why arent we meming this yet?[View]
2241097914chan was right about grills: https://youtu.be/fW5B6ZrHkCE poem I sent her years ago: I was a child …[View]
224110825I told you today it was over: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-23/stocks-plunge-after-trump-vo…[View]
224093301You WILL eat the maggot sausage.[View]
224109882It's Mueller Time!: You guys remember when we had to hear about this doddering old faggot and h…[View]
224065872HOUSE STENOGRAPHER DRAGGED OUT OF HOUSE: 'He will not be mocked. He will not be mocked. Don’t touch …[View]
224103916Is Michelle Obama a trap?[View]
224110578Macron lies: We don't need the intervention of Europe.[View]
224112641ECO FASH: Seems to me the battle lines aren't even political anymore, but something more. Peopl…[View]
224112331Why don’t whites move en masse to africa, take it over, and replace all niggers? They’re all going t…[View]
224111833Why don't you wanna go to war, goy?[View]
224111459what will be Bernie's go-to phrase now that he can't blame the 'Koch brothers' Koch brothe…[View]
224112450The (((GUMMY))) Smile: Whats with Jews and Gummy Smiles https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gummy_smile…[View]
224110918When does it end: I want to wake up from this living nightmare. Anger, hatred and nihilistic humour …[View]
224112177crazy how u can spend ur entire life rich and then the next moment ur dead, nothing. GONE and FINISH…[View]
224106025>be me >some girl shows interest in me >sends me friend request on Facebook >I find out …[View]
224103870Admixture on the left. Purity on the right. Low quality sorry[View]
224112140Dicklets: Should dicklets just kill themselves?[View]
224110928Universal Basic Income: What do you guys think about UBI? Freedom from wage slaving? Or just an excu…[View]
224095864This black man saved your life and you don't know his name[View]
224095978Why do Americans think that public transportation is low class?[View]
224105877Was he right, /pol/?: This is mostly addressing the Americans on here. Do you think America deserved…[View]
224112054Is he really dead?[View]
224112044Brazil is under commies attack: Gorbachev: 'Brazil must delegate part of its rights to the Amazon to…[View]
224100415Londonistan: Diversity is our strength, but filming it will get you arrested: >Man arrested after…[View]
224109372Redpill me on college/university. Is it really worth it? I don't want to be a doctor or a lawye…[View]
224107502Welcome to Londonistan[View]
224102962Islam's history in a nutshell. War Inbreeding Poverty[View]
224095148Are Blacks the victims of opression in USA?: Short answer: Yes Long answer: If you believe that whit…[View]
224111731>there are ancient ruins beneath the amazon of a city that used to host millions of people >li…[View]
224109151ITS OVER BLUMPF IS FINISHED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErhaWVG0o1I[View]
224052883None of you would have the balls to do this irl. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhzMisyaeT0[View]
224111040Remember her mom boozed heavily. Print this off and make sure it gets spread around the climate conf…[View]
224105050NIGbulls strike again: Despite being 13% of the population... Why don’t we forcibly euthanize all Pi…[View]
224084751IT'S OVER: In 800 million years, life on earth will end. >'Carbon dioxide levels fall to the…[View]
224080922Greta Thunberg shitting in a bucket at sea to save the planet: >The yacht is designed for speed r…[View]
224109732Happening Trump Crash THE dollar https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-23/dollar-tumbles-speculatio…[View]
224102076Friendly reminder that this guy was right and there is literally no way that POL can disagree with h…[View]
224109568Rainforset on fire: I really hope this is the end of the world and we all die. I'm kinda disapp…[View]
224101750Genetics and politics: why are non r1b even considered white?[View]
224103704Britain and Belgium: Do the Brits and Belgians like each other? Honoring a treaty after 75 years see…[View]
224110774Never Again Action: The goyim know, SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN![View]
224110501Wtf, Germany?: Germans, how the fuck is this plaque allowed? This is straight-up some soviet liberat…[View]
224103935Given the constant barrage of both stupidity and arrogance coming from Nordic female political figur…[View]
224087363High trust countries: In germany most farmers have little 'shops' at their street selling potatoes,t…[View]
224103324Is it true? Is he really the chosen one?[View]
224104845Antifa phone number?: Whose number is this?[View]
224089360Why is everything feminine (be it feminine clothing like dresses, or emotions and behaviour) seen as…[View]
224107340How long before they make this a hate symbol?[View]
224108668It's official: TRUMP DUMPS CHINA!: 'US Companies are hereby ORDERED to look for alternatives to…[View]
224097402>haven't gone to school for a year >don't want to work >decide to finish high sch…[View]
224108863NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!!: The U.S. Attorney’s Office says it will not seek federal charges in the death…[View]
224109492Why are all russians such liars, thieves and deceivers? Is it a hereditary disease or something?[View]
224102828Really makes you think.[View]
224107357Is Donald Trumpstein the first homosexual president of the United States? Shouldn't this be rec…[View]
224105358What do?[View]
224110100jordan peterson deepfake thread: https://vocaroo.com/i/s0czINHmB860[View]
224100914I used to think women over exaggerating but now I understand their plight. Most men are fucking reta…[View]
224096003Brit/pol/ - Comfy Edition: >Fire breaks out on balcony of flat block opposite Grenfell Tower as 6…[View]
224101538Do Brazilians realize they're going to lose?[View]
224105065The Germanic Republic of Ecuador v2[View]
224107892Andrew McCabe hired by cnn?: >McCabe was famously fired by the FBI on March 16, 2018, after a Jus…[View]
224092806Jerry Nadler calls out Omar and Tlaib for being anti-semitic: The ‘squad’ is going to be the death o…[View]
224104682David Koch and Jeff Epstein: So, pic related. Is Rand aware of the DS takedown by that alphabet lett…[View]
224109413'The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the rope' Karl Marx All you fascists to th…[View]
224109254Is he right?[View]
224109281SHUT IT DOWN: Whats the deal with the jewish protest group Never Again Action?[View]
224109270Thoughts on Scott Greer?[View]
224100427What did he mean by this? BoJo places foot on table during talks with Macron.[View]
224105275Imagine living in a tax evasion scheme.[View]
224106142Why Haven't The Navy Seals Raided CNN Studios?: Former top FBI official Andrew McCabe, who spar…[View]
224101798BASED: man kills islamistic chechen in germany by headshot https://www.bild.de/regional/berlin/berli…[View]
224108859SWEET HOME ALABAMA https://youtu.be/K4exrWSaVDc[View]
224107030Wha beliefs do you hold that you are too afraid to admit even to yourself? >segregation now, segr…[View]
224103327How do you cope: With knowing that youre literally better than 99% of so called humans But you were …[View]
224104617He fights for us all: >fed >Trump administration launches global effort to end criminalization…[View]
224108798Basically the current state of affairs in the world: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNNtQ_0QVwU…[View]
224100659FASCILITATING CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING: ZUCKERBERG. FACEBOOK. But no one bats an eye: ''Police, militar…[View]
224108393I didn't know there were based Arabs out there. This is literally the best solution. No one get…[View]
224100783Apply a White Sharia Law to control western women?[View]
224104240FBI gets Clinton email servers, backup: https://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/nation-world/national/artic…[View]
224102660Redpill me on the Housing crisis, Homeless crisis Drug crisis in US: how bad is it? I see lots of ho…[View]
224107126Evolution has no end. Our species was never meant to be perfect, to be final, contrary to popular op…[View]
224104320>wake up tired >force yourself out of bed >eat >get stuck in traffic >1 hour commu…[View]
224107765Antifa: Violent, hateful... fucking insane scum. Remove their masks and they will scatter like the r…[View]
224059023Are you aware that the Amazon Rainforest is currently burning towards the point of no return?[View]
224108214it is obvious the elites are constantly making us focus on race and gender. But is it to control us …[View]
224093842Trade Puerto Rico for Greenland: What do you think /pol/? Is this a good deal? https://www.businessi…[View]
224101151Shalom goy, that’s a nice golf cart you got there https://twitter.com/realtypickhaver/status/1164175…[View]
224106924Are they peak European? Every European country should aspire to be like them. Orderly, civilized, sa…[View]
224106544/pol/ supports zero immigration: fix your shitholes before you move[View]
224105271//POL/DERNAME THE PLANET//: Alright guys >netherlands gets a planet >we can name it >vpn m…[View]
224092455This is our public schools[View]
224107438ONCE SAVED, ALWAYS SAVED - EVERLASTING: To those who are not reprobate: Repent and believe before it…[View]
224107235Alternate History: How much different would America be today if Colin Powell was the first black Pre…[View]
224105252Gay Pride Boys™ rebrand as “Anti-Racist Action”: >One of the more complicated aspects of analyzin…[View]
224105623There's no coming back from this. We've lost.[View]
224106304If I were to start referring to pigs as people, as our equals, as people worthy of equal rights and …[View]
224107954>based Putin is an ally and supporter of Peronism and Cristina >Dugin even did conferences at …[View]
224100774/pol/ CITADEL: An intelligent anon, suggested it be built in Detroit. But we need to secure the peri…[View]
224100647Hi /poll what does 776 mean? I'm a Pollack who has been seeing this number all over the town an…[View]
224105193OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO: America's sweetheart has finally been B L A C K E D https://www.…[View]
224101153>8ch still down[View]
224105261>brown zoomer does more for the faith than any white Christian in 50 years, including the Pope Wh…[View]
224090015The news is going mental about an economic recession following Brexit. How likely is this?[View]
224103508Capitalists are almost as bad as Commies.: >'AYY HOLD UP' *bumps a blacked thread* 'YO, HOLD RIGH…[View]
224097422David Koch dies: what did he knew?[View]
224104173Why do so many idiots actually believe that Democunts and Republifags aren't the same group of …[View]
224105957MARA: Do it Mr Putin. Make Alaska Russia Again. How much would you accept for this, burgers? A few m…[View]
224106110Explain yourselves UK.: Top 10 UK businessmen are either Jews or Russians.[View]
224105614Why does /pol/ hate me?: am a young white man who is red pilled on race and the JQ, and supports the…[View]
224097432AIDS Thread: Does anyone here have AIDS ? Also why was Reagan blamed for causes the spread of faggot…[View]
224097292Why are women behave like this in our times?: Perhaps we're living in the first society which r…[View]
224106337What happens when trump goes: Look I know you retard jew conspiracy folk don't like trump but t…[View]
224106933>blocks your path The Revised Standard Version 2nd Catholic Edition (RSV2CE) is the best Bible cu…[View]
224102063Update status on the Trump wall: Zero miles built as of 8/23/2019 Zero miles built since 1/20/2017[View]
224105851PAIN: Judge could name special prosecutor for Jussie Smollett case today: Judge Michael Toomin set a…[View]
224105602The entire system of capitalism is unfair because it is based on theft and exploitation and is undem…[View]
224106006Sweden : Pepper spray sales up by 90%: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-21/sweden-pepper-spray…[View]
224106342Judaism history in a nutshell: >worms way into foreign lands >corrupts nation >causes outra…[View]
224084523political compass thread: post em fagits[View]
224080335Humor bread: Post em[View]
224104600/tsg/ - Threat Self-Assessment General: Glownigger here. Please set your x in the corresponding cel…[View]
224105581Just moved up to Uni. Got my roommates. One is a balding manlet who is a rare disease w/ a 25% morta…[View]
224103546Replace the Fence 2020[View]
224091776What do you think of erdogan's daughters?[View]
224106267Are There any Black People that Hate Jews?[View]
224106236Seems legit... https://twitter.com/LifeofRio/status/1164652080344293376 no upstanding black person w…[View]
224106098Will atechan ever be up again?[View]
224102177Christianity + Pagan teamwork in WN: Why do white nationalists think christians and pagans can work …[View]
224104935You know it's about to HAPPEN...: ...It's absolutely happening. You can see it cant you? T…[View]
224091860/pol/ is like angry white male reddit now: Just watched Greatest Story Never Told again. Why does /p…[View]
224099922Surprised there wasnt a thread about this https://twitter.com/RealTyPickhaver/status/11641752635104…[View]
224092033Give me one reason why Varg is in the wrong: Pro tip: he isn't. Why should a pure aryan such as…[View]
224104290>In light of Dr. Peterson's response to the technology demonstrated by this site, which you …[View]
224101831The cultural war is already won!: There's a lot of fear about the loss of western culture and h…[View]
224085932Reminder to all IronyBros and Taylor Swift Followers: Reminder to all IronyBros, Nick Fuentes and Ta…[View]
224045999She's right you know[View]
224105081>WWE is going all in with feminist and pro-nigger bullshit >Meanwhile NJPW has a faction of Tr…[View]
224103473Have dogs[View]
224092679ancient Egypt: Why do they try to hide the truth?[View]
224090547but /int/ told me whites are the problem![View]
224098320Doctor who performed brain studies for sex cult Nxivm loses his license: The doctor who performed co…[View]
224099384David Koch died and entered hell: Thank you for running my country you piece of fucking shit.[View]
224103291Fuck Niggers: I’m so tired of fucking niggers, like they just shoot everyplace up and or speak like …[View]
224100838Mommie, What Does Delusional Mean?[View]
224104547Why are there so many overt racists in Orange County? You don’t see this many levels of racism in pl…[View]
224104075European Spirituality: In this thread we will at least attempt to have an honest and open discussion…[View]
224104676Should the Islamic headscarf be banned from school?: So teachers and kids can’t wear it because it r…[View]
224103493Patrick BURN: “August is traditionally a very hot month” - Q Connect the dots[View]
224099519This is a gay couple[View]
224101027David H. Koch Memorial Thread: Only libertarians and ancaps allowed in this thread F[View]
224098794How can Planteaters Justify Themselves: Killing the one thing that gives life to all animals and hum…[View]
224101839Important reminder that anything you read on 4chan is fiction. Don't let the memes eat you aliv…[View]
224083950right-wing brands: Any redpilled clothing brands that promote such ideologies or donate money to nat…[View]
224104365Why do you think Jews fear 'the pathetic incels' that they claim are so harmless and weak? The see t…[View]
224096706What part of the science can’t you accept?: A. CO2 is rising (has risen from around 280ppm pre-indus…[View]
224099755Glowniggers run the world: You fags have it all wrong- the Jews dont run the world.[View]
224100600Seems like we’ve got some new people in here that don’t know what’s going on.: Drop some redpills in…[View]
224103454Where do you belong /pol/?[View]
224101999What is the government hiding from us and why?[View]
224104007Make Isra...I mean AMERICA great again![View]
224089293vegans are right: please logically explain why you eat meat. theres not a single argument for eating…[View]
224103701>tfw the goy know[View]
224099293Meaning of Symbolism is their downfall?: Hey guys, I was wondering what 'Symbolism is their downfall…[View]
224102809>The County Court on Friday heard Yak Dut, 22, had been driving through South Morang with a flat …[View]
224100693>mass murderers >white supremacists >mentally ill retards >alcoholics on youtube Why the…[View]
224090768So. The IRA! It's the people who are terrorist. Exactly how do they expect to fight the UK when…[View]
224101435SPYGATE GENERAL: >Daily reminder POTUS was spied on. Treason?[View]
224102908Trump is a nigger kike traitor who deserves something bad happen to him: Why do people keep voting f…[View]
224102402Morals and Ethics?: Just seems like nods and agreements. Nobody actually stands up or does anything …[View]
224103549Conservative donor David Koch kicked the bucket at 79: Conservative donor David Koch kicked the buck…[View]
224092924Anyone else here excited for the coming EU-US war after the US tries to conquer Greenland? I'm …[View]
224102928>be /pol/ >be promised a wall, lock her up, erase the national debt, get rid of Obamacare etc …[View]
224090655Tariffs are not working: What now trumpites? https://www.rand.org/blog/2019/08/trumps-tariffs-agains…[View]
224103207Never seen a thread on this. How is this humorous to women? What the fuck degeneracy ?[View]
224102666Glasgow Uni to pay £20m in slavery reparations: >Glasgow University has agreed to raise and spend…[View]
224099631Territorial Claims: What are your countries territorial claims? How does the majority of the populat…[View]
224099036Place Your Bets!: >>Chuck Graselly Says He's Got Traction On Hillary Bill Prosecution …[View]
224100375Why are Arabs so bad at fighting: Zanizbar; 500 Ugandan Genocide 60,000 arabs who had armary too. Th…[View]
224098221> 'teehee boys, worked with hope not hate on my BASED documentary about how hard black female ref…[View]
224100048/pol/ book pack...mega.nz: anyone has a copy of it?!?!!??! i didn't download all the books...…[View]
224096879How many percent of Chinese women who travel alone in the West fuck some guy they meet while they…[View]
224102879Leftist watchlist?: I wonder why we don't really have a watchlist for dangerous individuals in …[View]
224100925Turns out: Shitting all over your base Enriching yourself And doing absolutely nothing except protec…[View]
224097805You vote for Justin Trudeau but you hang out on /pol/. Seems kinda fishy.[View]
224091595It's been nice knowing you guys. See you on the other side.[View]
224062524ANOTHER INTERVIEW!: Says person Z is James Comey, under the direction of another person in Obama adm…[View]
224101846With David Koch now dead: Can we shine a light on libertarian globalist Robert Mercer who was Trump…[View]
224100644David Koch is dead: Rest in peace[View]
224083788Bomb Threaths Linköping: any of u guys know whats going on in linköping? over night a bunch of poste…[View]
224102306Good night, sweet prince: Where were you when the world lost an angel? https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
224099347Pic related muslims in North Macedonia in 2013, now 2020 is near and with the new census the fifth I…[View]
224102588Pic is Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy. He fought against Jewish Globalism in France, 19th century. He w…[View]
224102031At this point: Anyone who supports trump is a shill Obama was literally better thats how fucking awf…[View]
224090677Need help: Little brother is a communist He is a good kid Doesn't smoke or drink Good student, …[View]
224101853Rest in piss white devil[View]
224087919Twitter doing shady shit: Just created a new tw*tter account, everything was fine until I followed t…[View]
224100668/OFEG/ Operation Fuck Evangelicucks General: 1) Go to boomer pages on social media platforms. 2) Cla…[View]
224095140Pathetic empire: Who was the most pathetic empire ever: A) Spain against farmers in The Netherlands …[View]
224098963DEAD KIKE DEAD KIKE DEAD KIKE: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/david-koch-billionaire-conservat…[View]
224101099Press S to spit on his grave.[View]
224099826TRUMP CURSE! ONE DOWN![View]
224102367Jewed: Are jews killing rich billionares or what.[View]
224087518stop wasting time on social media stop wasting time on youtube start reading books[View]
224101904Hey goyim. ZOG is a Crazy conspiracy. You don’t believe in it do you?[View]
224089516Your opinion on Islam[View]
224096678Need some good red pill material about Anitfa: So I’m about to seriously redpill my parents regardin…[View]
224097315G7 tier ranking: S- A- B- C- D- E- F-[View]
224101911Savages: You know, I know that Disney is pretty cucked (especially these days), but the song 'Savage…[View]
22409748421 to Drink, 18 to buy an AR15. Ah America.[View]
224101170What does /pol/ think of the 'Anglish' movement?: Discovered this wacky language called …[View]
224101775He knew all along there’s something big in Greenland[View]
224099222Cant think of anything more cucked than hiding behind a meme flag: imagine being so embarrassed abou…[View]
224097655Why are Arab TVs allowed to criticize Jews so freely but in America if Israel gets criticized it sta…[View]
224099435is this a bad news or otherwise?[View]
224098220Serious question: Seriously, what is happening in the world that this is now something, some people …[View]
224060246Angel Mom and CPS Whistleblower KATHY HALL CPS goes MISSING on her way to DC: It is being reported b…[View]
224101577>tfw no robot wife to go hunting niggers and roasties with[View]
224100536Somalis: Are they even human?[View]
224099904WW2 with Pol: signs munchen agreement which promises not to invade czechoslovakia >invades it any…[View]
224095228Why are Brexiteers so delusional?: There is no good way to cut off your foot. You can slowly cut it …[View]
224086736Christ: I am confused /pol/. I used to be an atheist just some weeks ago, but then I went slowly ret…[View]
224100718I asked a white man the other day what he thaught about Adolf Hitler He told me he was a 'bad guy t…[View]
224101518Based cameramen[View]
224092401what you think about this picture ?[View]
224099428POWERFUL: And heroic.[View]
224099695How are Asians considered 'people of color'? They look pretty white to me.[View]
224097133I FUCKING HATE IVANKA TRUMP: http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=60634 This stupid fucking bitc…[View]
224101290MAGA is the fifth degree in Satanism[View]
224100378from todays march on Bulgaria[View]
224096309Epstein still coming down for breakfast!: More proof pedo and Clinton pal Jeff Epstein is still draw…[View]
224100099Bruh moment: Tfw nigger culture is celebrated over traditional white values[View]
224095305Will humanity ever become space colonizing nation ?: Or we gonna be stucked for eternity like zoo ch…[View]
224099355Germany buy millions of iodine tablets: Just in case of an (((incident))) https://www.cleanenergywir…[View]
224097671>don't inspire the normie viewers to rise up or you'll be banned Rich owners trying to …[View]
224094983He was right bois, America did deserve 9/11.[View]
224095707Change my mind: Global warming is real and man made, but not in the way that you’d expect it to be. …[View]
224096316Assumed there were global elections: Would you vote Moral: best for all by humanity, or Existential…[View]
224099925Wow, psychedelics are so dangerous and alcohol and tobacco should always be part of our society!![View]
224100742>The 2004 Taylor oil spill is an ongoing spill located in the Gulf of Mexico, around 11 miles (18…[View]
224098263when did he truly lost it?[View]
224080962Doesn't feel so good, does it?: https://twitter.com/ameervannstann/status/1164172833510944768…[View]
224095548HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!: To commies and nazis - basically the same, actually. 80th anniversary of the p…[View]
224099653>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v93DyyJschs at 0:54: Tim Pool declares his hatered yowards Trump…[View]
224087650Is automation pro-capitalist or pro-socialist?[View]
224100549How long until the economy busts?: Looks like another 2008 ahead of us.[View]
224096766> go to London > Wait at the red light to cross the street > the green light reveals a tran…[View]
224099419Why do muslims hate poos so much: I'm 100% sure you hate them more than nigzq[View]
224097477What's the next stupid thing Trump will say this week?[View]
224057552Muh Defender of 2nd Amendment: TRUST THE PLAN, GOY. >Trump said to turn them in, must be 8D chess…[View]
224071633I don't get the holohoax denial thing: >A council of centralized Jewish leadership that has …[View]
224090434What does this flag mean to you /pol/?[View]
224091206Should Slavs be treated as civilized and equals to us, Western People of the Western World?[View]
224097970SHUT IT DOWN!: (((They))) are completely oblivious they are living memes. https://twitter.com/NeverA…[View]
224096627Why are ''black people'',Brown people so obsessed with skin color?????[View]
224098245Pess S to Spit[View]
224099861Thats a nice poll you got there: Would be a shame if we corrected it for her https://twitter.com/Pik…[View]
224083090Where are all the Indian memebers of /pol/?: They seem to have entirely. invisible on this board.…[View]
224099249Why did the right never learn to code and make their own youtube in the 80s? Why do they keep hoppin…[View]
224074656Reminder we all came from Africa.[View]
224098473Press S to spit on this dead kikes grave. Good riddance[View]
224088329The NBA logo needs to be updated: How does the new logo look like /pol/ ?[View]
224099470People in The Far-Left and The Far-Right are Nothing but Angry Virgins That Live with Their Parents.…[View]
224098707Just found out Americans legally bought their slaves from Africa and some dumb niggers sold other ni…[View]
224097178why are there never any eco fascsim threads?[View]
224038275/egg/ Epstein Ghislaine General The Ride Never EndsEdition: Latest Happenings: EPSTEIN USED SHELL CO…[View]
224083117why do you think germans have a reputation for being good at engineering?[View]
224094415OPERATION: DILATION: It has become common practice for the left to turn on it's self, with the …[View]
224098186What does /pol/ see happening in the next 5 years?[View]
224079712what are your dreams /pol?: quit the save the white race bullshit most of them arent worth saving an…[View]
224095405Agressive, women-hating man is on a rampage in Budapest, kicking, hiting and spiting on random women…[View]
224095165Times up for HK: The Empire is organizing the HK protests through....Falun Gong, the evil cult led b…[View]
224095688Let's settle this /pol/: I notice a Greek gentleman is posting in every thread as the first pos…[View]
224090719A message to the (((globalists))) and their degenerate hoards: No one is threatening you, or implyin…[View]
224098653Nooooo what have you done JFK? https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1164885387862519808?s=19…[View]
224094507So much for /ourguy/. magatards really think this guy cares about them or this country[View]
224088876>I A M T H E C H O S E N O N E[View]
224091467Where do I find the full thing?[View]
224097527Politicizing the Amazon fire: I keep seeing people blaming the Amazon fire on either Bolsonaro or ca…[View]
224096427David Koch dead at 79: F[View]
224096657>Greek >Human[View]
224063417Australia: Where did it all go so wrong[View]
224098082Traditionalism have to go.: We need ethnic nationalism We need to kick out the brown and the blacks.…[View]
224091785wise up to con threads: There are a lot of threads here that have 1 goal: to get YOU onside for a ri…[View]
224097052Is there any reason as to why Whites appear much more autistic than blacks ? Blacks just seem to be …[View]
224088159Mike Pence BTFO: HOW WILL HE EVER RECOVER?!?[View]
224097223A Peculiar Object: /Pol can anyone tell me what this thing is called? It would be super helpful to k…[View]
224087065DAS RITE WHITEY: Glasgow Uni to PAY 20M Reperations https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-w…[View]
224098699Black people: How are racist black people. And women that go with blacks so delusional they think bl…[View]
224095259The biggest accomplishment of Trump's presidency is acceleration: Yeah...he didn't solve s…[View]
224080440OPERATION: NO HOMO: It has become common practice for the left to turn on it's self, with the '…[View]
224097801Globalist PSYOP to weaken Brazilian national sovereignty over the Amazon basic: Don't you find …[View]
224098183What was the name of the female journalist who was researching occult online forums and mysteriously…[View]
224090847>The French are surrender monke~..... In your dreams pal, 90% of Europe was Napoleon's cock …[View]
224083541If the left is so 'pro Jewish', why do cuckservatives shill so hard for Israel?[View]
224098063((((They)))) strike again: https://youtu.be/-BjZmE2gtdo Anyone got a ticket out of this clown world?…[View]
224097972Would you guys watch Steven universe if it was changed in these respects?: >>no lgbtq shit …[View]
224098102Evolution is not a scientific theory: >we are evolving and adapting into a bright future >turn…[View]
224097935What are /pol/‘s thoughts on Pope John Paul II?[View]
224096672Those were the days, why don't we have more neat diseases descriptions like this today?[View]
224095940Why did the National Socialists were recruited in army niggers, muslims, asians, etc?[View]
224095301Recession Guaranteed Says Economists Only Question is When!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXdm_BG…[View]
224092684I wish to speak to IRA: I am Scottish/Irish Please talk to me so I can help end the bloodshed among …[View]
224097446I don't get why gobal warming is a bad thing. Sure, Most of the species living on the planet wi…[View]
224095157FORMER ITALIAN PRESIDENT SAYS 9/11 SOLVED: >It's common knowledge, Mossad, CIA behind 9/11 t…[View]
224087181Is Georgia a good country to move to: Seems nice to me, conservative and cheap.[View]
224080175Tell me about Aldi in your country, do you hate it or love it? Aldi North or Aldi South?[View]
224089169Would the whole world be at peace if only East Asians and White people existed? No Jews, Black, Indi…[View]
224090080unemployment: >Graduated from university >business and Economics (no specific major) >deci…[View]
224086896How hard is it to have correct grammar?: Holy fucking shit, ebonics pisses me off to no end. I can u…[View]
224079119Was She Bi/Lesbian?: I always believed Alice Weidel was our fashiest gay gal but I've been read…[View]
224090694BREAKING: JORDAN PETERSON SPEAKS ON THE JQ: If you love Jordan Peterson, then do not listen to his T…[View]
224097162I'm hapa, but: Marxists on FB call me cracker and honky. Am I whiter than most of /pol/?[View]
224096819greenland gold rush: america,australia all these countries are just based out of digging gold and oi…[View]
224096534Epstein's Former Cellmate Tartaglione Begs Judge For Transfer To Other Jail, Guards Threatening…[View]
224062394Why do you nazi incels cry like little boys when NotreDame burns but when the Amazon does, which is …[View]
224090198blog: >be japanese american >no I don't speak it so don't try to quiz me >white …[View]
224065300Portland Police need your help identifying Chloe Eudaly I mean antifa terrorist.: https://www.portla…[View]
224096457Ceasar did nothing wrong: Anons what's the most based way we can use things like fallout or 40k…[View]
224083825What a fucking invasion we are having.: Any you faggots just keep replying to all of these garbage t…[View]
224097183The old white shits are dying off!: The old white shits are dying off![View]
224079802Capture The Flag! /CTF/: You Can't Shut Me Down! Goyim Pride Arise! >>224074721 We Claim …[View]
224093783Is trump the most far right wing president in world history?[View]
224077750What will happen to mudsharks after the day of the rope?: What will become of them? Are they going t…[View]
224098902Hi pol black guy here: Can anyone explain why white men have such low testosterone these days. It…[View]
224096899Prison gaurd drives truck into jew hippes in RI: https://boston.cbslocal.com/2019/08/15/rhode-island…[View]
224091524AnCap Hate Thread: Reminder that AnCaps want to get young Whites back onto the Jewish plantation by …[View]
224091156Mariana Maxwell: First daughter of Robert Maxwell Marina Abramović (Serbian Cyrillic: Mapинa Aбpaмoв…[View]
224092044Why are jews and niggers allowed to be openly racist on social media?: For them nothing is a bannabl…[View]
224093729Does he have down syndrome or just autism vulgaris?[View]
224093713Y I K E S: (((President Trump))) strikes again![View]
224090804I’ve been doing a lot of traveling the past two years and i’ve noticed there are a lot of these jews…[View]
224062836*sips tea*: refute this.[View]
224091093Racism is a myth: Are niggers discriminated against because they don't know how to behave in a …[View]
224083983How many years for a foot massage?: Is this statutory rape already? When will the British police fin…[View]
224095961How do we prevent this?[View]
224096556>40 years from now >Burned out single women old af and alone >Country overrun by non whites…[View]
224093712Imran Khan exposing India: Kashmir & Indian failures for dummies RSS, Hindu Ideology and Ethnic…[View]
224086218Healthcare: What is objectively the best kind of healthcare system? My friend, a Warren supporter, i…[View]
224088741SIEGE: Is it any good? Anyone without cognitive dissonance knows that most people won't get inv…[View]
224096192is it okay to racemix with slavs?[View]
224091812No Kid Left Behind!: Unless of course someone bigger then them tries to push them around and they fi…[View]
224096043What the hell is wrong with the west coast?[View]
224096060'GIANT FROG' AT EPSTEIN'S RANCH?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RJjkktp-40 16:00 First Roy C…[View]
224095026Why Did Trump EPA Approve Brain Damage Causing Pesticide?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLPgnEFER…[View]
224094383NATO gibs for me.: How much Nato gibs does your country trick the burgers for every year? What do yo…[View]
224086459Mossad evidence: Is there actual evidence of mossad agents involved in mass shootings?[View]
224093007We have a marketing problem /pol/: Let's face it /pol/ whatever we're doing online will st…[View]
224087378Brit/pol/ - Sabotaged Edition: >Criminal gangs responsible for migrant Channel crossings https://…[View]
224079692Why do right-wingers get so triggered over stuff like this?[View]
224085942How does /pol/ feel about socialists that don’t ascribe to Cultural Marxism Pic unrelated[View]
224085699So how far back do those rituals in politics go? Surely Child sacrifice and occult shit must've…[View]
224077916HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH: Estimates of overall literacy in the United States thus vary depending on the…[View]
224086865Today is the European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism: Anything to say, /pol/…[View]
224094231How does this make you feel?[View]
224093025So uhhhh: When are we reclaiming that Holy Land?[View]
2240944482016 nostalgia: We were winning , we were unstumpable, we destroyed everything the leftists threw ag…[View]
224095470Does anyone have the archive for theis: It got 404.[View]
224095401Before they shut this down: Have you seen this madlad? He goes to Israel to question Jews about the …[View]
224091446Old cunts for Trump: Check out this cattle call in Tampa. Yup team Trump right here. MOOOO Look at t…[View]
224095144Ey Tone, I made a social media yid account this week but ain’t getting reactions: I haven’t got bann…[View]
224092052Oh shit real or false flag?[View]
224095145Maximum B O N G status[View]
224094149What the fuck is wrong with german google street view[View]
224094707Kikebook Privacy: Hoping some anon could help. Some people uploaded photos with my persona on kikebo…[View]
224094948THEY RUINED CANADA - NOW 2005 IS THEIR ONLY HOPE: Not the current year. The Trudeau Liberals should …[View]
224094795>:laughing crying gun to the head emoji: What has happened to the sentiment that America will alw…[View]
224080940AUS/POL VICTORIA EDITION: Sydney Trains chaos continues as commuters queue to enter Central https://…[View]
224093661HeWillNotDivideUs flag torn up: The magnificent flag of our beautiful Shia was torn. I am French and…[View]
224081287Trump Says Jews Disloyal to Israel If They Vote for Democrats: The president's comments have le…[View]
22407876642% of all workers in the United States of America make less than $15 USD (€13.55) per hour.: https:…[View]
224091890https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZveA-NAIDI what the fuck is this video?[View]
224086979'Sir, to uphold gay marriage and the interests of Israel, Sir!' Does the West realize how hard it pi…[View]
224090510The marxists hijacked the working class movement; no improvement for the working class only wageslav…[View]
224094414Islam or corporatism, who will come out on top?[View]
224092996Feels: Let me just rip your heart out, pol[View]
224090674Solzhenitsyn = religious fanatic and proto fascist Ayn Rand = rich cunt who hot her mansion taken an…[View]
224088838We need to have a legitimate strategy on countering trannies on the web.: How do we convince them th…[View]
224093862Isnt politics supposed to be about budgets, mayors, schools and all that kind of stuff? All I see he…[View]
224092440>makes nigger culture dominant across the globe >accuses everyone else of being cucks Kek…[View]
224087031James Sears gets one year in prison for promoting Hate. https://archive.is/I3wJB[View]
224089072Antifa suicide coroners report proves we’re right.: “Ms Carroll had been treated by mental health se…[View]
224072278>mind their own fucking business >it invaded zero countries >just want to make money How ca…[View]
224060828brenton tarrant memetic warfare: post your memes frens[View]
224083439F to pay your respects Be careful everyone. It's spooky out there.[View]
224088620HAPPENING >HAPPENING HAPPENING >HAPPENING Greta Thunberg’s Transatlantic Sailing Trip Is Serio…[View]
224089575Honest question for /pol/: Why does it seem that the New Liberal Left is literally an embodiment of …[View]
224078017Keep Boycotting Gillette: Parent company P&G last month took a nearly $12 billion ($US8 billion)…[View]
224087368Man I hate France[View]
224083349How does pol feel about Bitcoin?[View]
224089940The Trump-Russia Dossier was a Diversion: The real dirty secrets of the Russiagate hoax are the inte…[View]
224093417Why are jews so insane they support thier oun distruction?[View]
224083959*BLOCKS YOUR PATH*: >'Oy vey! Hand over the golf cart, g*y!' What do, /pol/?…[View]
224091189>Based Poo /ourpajeet/[View]
224075974Jewish villians in movies?: I can't recall ANY identified as such and the last one that was ide…[View]
224091017What if Greenland decides to vote to join the US? As nobody wants to be under the ironclad rule of D…[View]
224092092really makes you think...[View]
224092779Move along GOY... Micro plastics are not an issue for now,: Move along GOY... Micro plastics are not…[View]
224091144Do you hate all black people /pol/?: I started watching this guy and i kinda like him as a person. h…[View]
224089949I can't take the clown world anymore: It can't continue like this much longer, can it? I…[View]
224092445Is capitalism good? Is there a better system?[View]
224072147Strike and Mike 74 discussion thread: This is a thread to discuss the 74th episode of Strike and Mik…[View]
224090319Amazon fire caused by NGO's after Bolsonaro cuts their funding: https://www.bbc.com/news/av/wor…[View]
224091134Amazon forest fire thread. Also general climate change discussion[View]
224089450Face the consequences Amerimutts: Putin orders ‘exhaustive’ response to US missile test, says it sho…[View]
224086001>/pol/ told me its the Jews >The ChiComs are buying up everything and colonizing the world you…[View]
224091018>aurora >glows in the dark Are you ready for another joker shooting?…[View]
224078308Whats the deal with Russian Seductress Maria Butina?: What the heck went on between Overstock CEO, M…[View]
224085073MAN'S BLOOD WAS SO THICK WITH FAT IT TURNED THE COLOR OF MILK: >The case report, published i…[View]
224087889Trump's reelection chance according to https://electionbettingodds.com/ 45.5% down 0.2% from ye…[View]
224087531The coping of these days has gone beyond its own definition. https://www.ilpost.it/2019/08/21/salvin…[View]
224086693Jews and their obvious schemes: This is something I've been pondering: why doesn't Jews ma…[View]
224084229imagine my shock[View]
224090117What the fuck is up with Trump's liked tweets?[View]
224091528Fucking Fuck, these blue pill Fucks Someone needs to terrorize these facebook pages..[View]
224089424This is why I will support Mexican immigration too all countries including Europe: Not only are they…[View]
224080379WORLDWIDE RECESSION?: Germany is about to be reporting falling GDP growth for two consecutive quarte…[View]
224086119Google, Facebook, and Twitter are policing: China, Khazakstan and Lord knows who else governments ac…[View]
224086909Environmentalists are the biggest cucks on the planet. Fuck the forests and your global warming[View]
224090723This is very powerful and makes you think[View]
224083113superpower of 2100: Which country do you think will be the most powerful in the world in the year 21…[View]
224088286is there anything incorrect here?[View]
22408932023 august Romanian historical date celebration thread: >Backstab your ally, Bulagria in the secon…[View]
224089347bring back autist posting: do you guys remember back in 2016 we had this thing we used to do where i…[View]
224090750There's a reason for the racism: We in america, define by race because this guy said it best …[View]
224083034What would you have done in 1914?[View]
224087958takeshi's castle (1940 edition)[View]
224089005Largest prediction market gives Trump only 40% to win next elections (it's on blockchain, so bo…[View]
224087127I love capitalism.: >tfw you put your welfare cheque against your credit card after having some f…[View]
224087792what is wrong with women i tried to avoid this but ive watched them my whole life grew up with 4 sis…[View]
224087924Why should I care about jews?[View]
224090064Bronze Age Pervert in European press: >The most important political book of the past year just mi…[View]
224080506Today I was walking out of the local Wal-Mart when a group of christians approached me and noticed t…[View]
224076980>0.2% ashkenazi jewish >0.3% sub-saharan african so what does this mean exactly do i 0.5% kill…[View]
224087420an akward issue: i am not gay guys I never thought I pefer a dude before I see the face of Ed Sheera…[View]
224089856Time to die FOR ME!: I'm a wealthy business man and CEO that makes money buy producing cheap mo…[View]
224089404How long until the mark of the beast cashless society becomes a reality?[View]
224089695expect incel terroism in the ethnostate retards: Why wouldn't they destroy the ethnostate from …[View]
224088555Today I was walking out of the local Hatzi Hinam when a group of orthodox jews approached me and not…[View]
224088439So nice to see poland finaly decided to join the rest of the developed world and is now ready to die…[View]
224084738What's up with all those famous people sharing old pictures from the Amazon to cause mass hyste…[View]
224088836Erurofags pappy is coming to talk about what your goals in life are. You scared?[View]
224077959Roach Hate Thread: For numerous reasons, 'Turks' of Anatolia are trash > inb4 butthurt Greek/Serb…[View]
224089077Why are Boomers so gulible and dumb?: >boomer dad bragging about a dehumidifier he got for only $…[View]
224070629What am I?: also chart thread[View]
224085375The Jew: Hello /pol, I’ve read a lot of fascinating threads from this board that actually provoke d…[View]
224089171Based milton: Based milton friedman[View]
224082922Adrenochrome Thread: Can someone red pill me in adrenochrome? I keep seeing it brought up and I don…[View]
224088883INTERSTELLAR JUCHE: Interstellar Juche[View]
224087693Is this 'based'?[View]
224088417what did: they mean by this https://raisingbiracialbabies.com/category/single-mom-life/ https://comm…[View]
224088844Co-Opt White Claw for Nazis: It's obvious that White Claw should be the official drink of Nazis…[View]
224084941People of Colour: Is there a bigger COPE than 'People of Colour'? Is being brown really that hard to…[View]
224082700My girlfriend likes bts: How do i peswade her to drop it. and make her understand its degeneracy to …[View]
224085035Do chinese miss the good old days of Chairman Mao? No whores with long hair, no degenerate capitalis…[View]
224079791How many people here unironically support the Jewish borguoise who think you only exist to make thei…[View]
224086318Why is it always Jews? I don't want to irrationally hate anyone but why are Jews making it so h…[View]
224077759Moving to Ireland: What should I expect?[View]
224082803CANADA IS COLLAPSING part 2493 - PEPPERED VPN Edition: Canadian food prices are so bad that outsider…[View]
224044751>tfw you finally realize that Hitler and the Third Reich were unironically a force for good in th…[View]
224087979Why won't nobody spill the spaghetti?[View]
224082850Book thread: Should i read Adios America, /pol/?[View]
224080264>100% pure Aryan, an idol for many white men across the globe >notorious womanizer for most of…[View]
224087565psst hey suggestible newfag, I mean kid: wanna buy some ethnonationalism? we can make your country,…[View]
224085027Is /pol/ overmoderrated?[View]
224085192Judge rules Epstein's former ex-cop cellmate must have better living conditions: Descriptions o…[View]
224083634Are the incels of today the chads of yesterday? Nowadays women go after who can make the snarkiest r…[View]
224081665Incels and patriarchy: Did feminists actually create a real patriarchy by fighting against a fiction…[View]
224088033Europeans are Over.: The Jew has won. Afrika has won. Humanity has won. Get over it, bigots.[View]
224085138How injured she is. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/08/22/opinion/technology/white-supremacists-4chan-t…[View]
224070273USA IS SAF-[View]
224086906Prayer Circle for the CIA: This is a prayer circle to help heal and forgive the CIA they got in a li…[View]
224088764Is Attack on Titan nationalist?: The Anime 'Attack on Titan' has been repeatedly criticised by left …[View]
224085512America is a paper tiger that's gotten wet. It can see itself losing its place in the world and…[View]
224084379Kikes BTFO: https://twitter.com/AmichaiStein1/status/1164808886848593920?s=19[View]
224084125This IS Donald Trump: In gay makeup with his Jew fag pal.[View]
224084414>imagine being such a brainlet that you trade in motherhood for a heavily taxed paycheck and a ro…[View]
224086702Why would the catholic white supremacist poles take away the land of peaceful Muslim germanistan[View]
224044136Presidential Aide: Im an insider in the Trump administration. Just here to leave a message. The num…[View]
224081054Detecting Jews: It's amazing how easy many americans can't see a jew in front of them. Th…[View]
224086917Alright, here's an idea: 'The trans ideal of femininity is misogynistic, and quite frankly need…[View]
224086604When women act like ladies to shitty boys, they more often then not rise to meet the occasion and ac…[View]
224084449Why dont poor people unite and: whak the royals and elite. We out number them 9 to 1[View]
224083793Check my foil: Holy shit my dudes i am not sure if i ahve something here. i might be a retard stand …[View]
224084596>if we're going to jump on this bandwagon of 'everything belongs to everyone', France, Germa…[View]
224086878>The Epoch Times had shifted its spending on Facebook in the last month, seemingly in an effort t…[View]
224084451GET REKT: >P&G reported a net loss of about $5.24 billion, or $2.12 per share, for the quarte…[View]
224060966Fictional characters that are /pol/.[View]
224073624Based faggots: My question for /pol/ is, what do you think about gays who are based and not leftist …[View]
224079335Wildfires in Brazil are out of control: The EU army needs to be sent to Brazil to take over and make…[View]
224080523hypothetical meme: If there was an all out race war between: >chosen ones >blacks >muslims…[View]
224083808White men are stupid: Their role model: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7lo-EavB7k White men have a…[View]
224086190Millennials aren't men.: Millennial men aren't men. They're retards who have porn ind…[View]
224071037Japan vs. South Korea: These two countries are now on very bad relations and tensions. Which country…[View]
224081990I honestly think Donald Trump is finished this time. How can he recover by this amazing clip by the…[View]
224083804/slgbt/: Straight anons,i may not be straight but i still support straight pride.[View]
224082020Who will control this in future?[View]
224081051Ban immigrants from gov jobs.: Give me 1 good reason immigrants shouldn't be permanently banned…[View]
224082799guess we know who was running the AOC twitter account now.[View]
224083954Fash The Nation: Anyone got the latest version on moe/catbox? https://therightstuff.biz/2019/08/22/f…[View]
224081122Why does /pol/ no longer believe the message within this image?[View]
224071339Texas Love Thread[View]
224080895We can’t raise taxes on the rich! If we do, they’ll leave!: Okay, cool. Job done. I’m not seeing the…[View]
224076629Is one drop a meme or am I fucked?: I'm a quarter Jew by blood, but I've been a staunch su…[View]
224078913The Amazonian rain forest produces 20% of the world's oxygen: The Amazonian rain forest produce…[View]
224084307https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lX5351fH58 /pol/ why aren't u a parent of 7 kids[View]
224085305WHY DO PEOPLE STILL USE SOCIAL MEDIA?: remember in the 90s how they said not to give away your name …[View]
224062939HAHA Suck it Gillette[View]
224055186Why do right-wing news sites think that transgenderism is 'brainwashing'?[View]
224084778Don't you find it strange how the whole of the mainstream media came together to create a huge …[View]
224084116True Nat-Soc Against Racism: True Nat-Soc against racism. You are not National Socialists. You degen…[View]
224083312Yeah, I'm thinking this is based[View]
224056929'White Supremacists Stole My Rabbi Husband’s Identity.The scheme, cooked up by 4chan trolls: sought …[View]
224088440veganism general: please logically explain why you eat meat. theres not a single argument for eating…[View]
224080017FRANCE BTFO: nothing funnier than when a bunch of 3rd world jungle niggers think they can actually f…[View]
224084114>tfw black Explain to me why the modern white man is like this?[View]
224079262Slag Advisor is our answer to Prick Advisor.: Slag Advisor is the new Facebook page to shame violent…[View]
224038301Hannibal Barca: Niggers actually think that Hannibal Barca was black. Oh but it’s whites who are “cu…[View]
224076616>Arizona is base-[View]
224083991>The ancient empires fall, the dark-skinned peoples fade and even the demons of antiquity gasp th…[View]
224076147Greta Thunberg Tracking – You Shall Not Pass Edition: Looks like the wind, weather and currents are …[View]
224083968D.I.E. for a better world, fellow white people: Fellow white people, imagine a world where evil whit…[View]
224081257Listen to based Patrick Byrne (confirmed to be Q, potentially) shut down a whiney and obnoxoius Jew …[View]
224051011Full Martha MacCallum interview with Patrick Byrne: https://youtu.be/PB4vO_zpQQg[View]
224079436Tell me why I should support sand people over Israel.[View]
224084578Finally. pt 2: Continuation of this thread. https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/224055497/…[View]
224081418Well, Brazil did it, Brazil caused the annihilation of the human race: Omedetō Brazil! You did it!, …[View]
224084513Get It Right: All the kike Reddit shills: if you're here to frame /pol/ for the Twitter inciden…[View]
224084175The end of Drumpf.: Serious question: Would you castrate yourself (liters slice your balls off) if i…[View]
224072965/ptg/ President Trump General - Fking Disgusting Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https://ww…[View]
224081113aus/pol/ - FUCK OFF WE'RE FULL: Hey you wankers, the rest of the world is completely filled wit…[View]
224079957Jussie Smollett is forgiven by America, have you?: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/video/empire-ca…[View]
224067454These guys were accused of being an Israeli spy scam before being shut down: What are your thoughts …[View]
224081371REST IN PEACE MY HOMIE DE'VON MARTIN: >wuz turning his life around >graduated high school…[View]
224083262Well pol, why havent you joined AntiRa?[View]
224064100Any other qresearch refugees out there?: Thread #002 The Worth A Try Edition[View]
224058984/OSG/ - Operation Shapeshift General | Reddit Stole My Rabbi Edition: We must create a massive movem…[View]
224074938Have any of you tried the impossible burger or the beyond meat burgers, made from jew onions? Thoug…[View]
224083777Censorship: YouTube is censoring right wing content with their algorithm. It suck now. And all the g…[View]
224078831/pol/ Education thread: Okay I'm dumb being a fucking brainlet. I've read seige, mein Kap…[View]
224080093Hey Guys. Tell me what you think about Israel[View]
224081318And yet whites will cower and allow degeneracy to continue in fear of losing what little remains in …[View]
224083556COMMUNIST CHRISTIANITY GENERAL: >Acts 2:44-45 All the believers were together and had everything …[View]
224079249When did you realize that the global plot for mass immigration is a way of ensuring the death of all…[View]
224047109Humor thread?: Non kiked humor thread. None in the catalogue? Let's laugh and activate our almo…[View]
224071379Feel the Byrne: Why did he talk about someone driving hundreds of miles to shoot people up...what do…[View]
224076441What is your preferred system of governance, /pol/? How would you prefer your country to be governed…[View]
224081770Empire of Dust and Sand: A nation of Nomads, Raiders, and Criminals that have forgotten why they sta…[View]
224082100Is This True?: We all know Kikes misrepresented the human condition based on logical fallacies. …[View]
224060674You're chilling in your golf cart when a bunch of acidic jews show up and tell you to hand over…[View]
224076075How much longer can this go on: At what point does this flagrant corruption simply annul the social …[View]
224079948>Libertardians be like:[View]
224079362Is This The Most Cucked Show Ever?: Trying to watch the 13th Dr seasons and every episode has the ev…[View]
224082791This is a now a Strozk thread. Post any information about the Spook that goes by Peter Strzok. Post …[View]
224018308Syria General /sg/ - Final solution Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpr…[View]
224076699Nazis: Imagine the horror if they had won WWII.[View]
224076513?sdraob elpitlum no deloh yromem dna d'404 siht saw yhW[View]
224082212Meets a fellow Trump supporter: Fat guy. A used car salesman type. Starts talking about how he flips…[View]
224082651Brenton Tarrant - Jim Watkins - and doubly channy refugees: Okay - so their programmer 'codemonkey z…[View]
224067137Arrested for Memes on Facebook: Really? Do you all want this to be a nationwide catastrophe? Trump w…[View]
224057343I ate there once when I was in college. I continued going back once every year.... to get one of the…[View]
224082314ITT cancel your subscription(if you haven't already): Brace yourselves for a new wave of slaver…[View]
224082144cringe bread[View]
224074721They are onto us, microwave your phones and SSDs.[View]
224081848Were they heroes?[View]
224081989Why does government regulate porn?: I used to be a porn addict, still am in a sense and i hate it. I…[View]
224081779Operation Anura: I think we should all meditate on/pray to our true selves/God/Kek to make a frog ap…[View]
224078057What have you done lately to go “emissions free”: At Chipotle, I told them to put fewer beans into m…[View]
224080196Purity before marriage in religious laws were probably created by some BC incel[View]
224079890>Check catalog >Crtl+F jew >60 results Do we have an obsession?…[View]
224078241Game over libtard[View]
224079299/pol/ Classics - Must watch: Lets have some classic videos, documentaries and other important materi…[View]
224071773Who is responsible for the French Revolution?[View]
224081005Craziest National Parties: What is your country's most batshit insane party in terms of ideolog…[View]
224077877Universal Symbol: Is it an SS or an 88?[View]
224076761Amazon burning: Folks the Amazon is BURNING. I'm not joking, this is big, serious news. A very …[View]
224076199Is tipping culture what makes America great? Isn't tipping a reflection a society is wealthy, w…[View]
224080645Explain the wordplay Hitler used with ashkenazi jews.: Why do ashkenazi have 'ash' and 'nazi' in the…[View]
224078551etheral trap artist Joji - 'Only a black man can satify: Thoughts on this? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
224075332>capitalism and communists are friends: Back up this statement, /pol/. It doesn't make any s…[View]
224079431- What do you want to be when you grow up ? - Chinese: astronaut - American: youtuber - Us: pic rela…[View]
224074038If diversity doesn't work, how does /pol/ explain the incredible economic success of Houston - …[View]
224080024Predictions?: Hey /pol/ what do you Guys think Will happen in the EU inbrte next 10-20 years?[View]
224080241Norwegian Politics: What should i vote for Norwegian-bros? And what are you voting for?[View]
224079330Take up your GUNS! Take Two. You cannot stop this movement.[View]
224074227You have 10 seconds to prove to me you're not a degenerate or you'll be lashed to a cross.…[View]
224080138We're having a baby /pol Want to wait and find out if it's a boy or a girl English and Sca…[View]
224079889Europe is dead: Why do we indoctrionate girls to be boys and vice versa? (https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
224076700Redpills thread[View]
224069790What a fucking kike: ZionDon the ethnic kike declared himself as the King of kikes but he's not…[View]
224074956How great does that boot taste /pol/?[View]
224067406WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!: The former editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair allegedly found a SINGLE BULL…[View]
224076794Redpill me on vaccines. I've seen a lot of talk about them, and do find it weird how it's …[View]
224076547When did you realize that you had been had?[View]
224069480FF incoming?[View]
224071023I love this site and this board. Can we take a moment to reflect how great life has treated us? We a…[View]
224074206Is Trump a political Assassin? If Trump hadn't run in 2016, and it was business as usual repub…[View]
224064337Exactly when did men become a bunch of emasculated bitches? Recently saw a buddy of mine who I haven…[View]
224079779POOland is a rich first would country USA is a dying third world shithole :') mad mutt ?[View]
224077859Why there are so many shills,kikes,Mossads,cia-fbi,Jidfs,commie cucks,literal cucks,incel niggers an…[View]
224075149People who oppose tax hikes are the biggest cucks[View]
224073311cCain’s Family, McCain Institute to Start #ActsofCivility Campaign: >The family of the late Sen. …[View]
224070235Why have white people neglected and destroyed Flint to the point that its water and sewage systems a…[View]
224077808>depressed and lonely >jerk off to feel better for a few seconds of post orgasm contentedness…[View]
224079556Migrant refugees arrive in the UK in droves via the channel: Let them in, Brits! They are refugees!…[View]
2240783919/11 turned America fascist[View]
224062148Should people like him be allowed to reproduce freely with white women like that? Or should we do th…[View]
224073626Jewish insider here: Before you go off on me let’s me just say this. Everything you’ve heard is true…[View]
224079054Reminder:: Asian women belong to the white man[View]
224077999Eyes Wide Shut, the most /pol/ movie of the past weeks. Was Kubrick trying to say, besides all the d…[View]
224079416Based Villas Boas, Frenchies BTFO https://twitter.com/Gen_VillasBoas/status/1164719139413536774?s=19…[View]
224074310Sup pol,black guy here: I have an offer for you,which will end racial tensions and will allow you to…[View]
224078291We all agreed that Epstein was murdered, yet it's back to business as usual in Congress. When w…[View]
224078790Nate Thayer Fucks His Dog: (443) 225-1498 heroine addict dog raping anti white journalist Nate Thaye…[View]
224079205imagine literally posting on a board full of nazi fembol trolls[View]
224071035What do pedo's do with young girls? How bad does it get? Daisy's destruction type stuff? S…[View]
224074862The holocoaster isn't re.....: https://www.foxnews.com/world/germany-theme-park-ride-flying-swa…[View]
224062767Eastern Washington Statehood: As a resident of Tri-Cities, I have had enough of the Democrats in Oly…[View]
224075965What's your definition of the racial category, 'White'.[View]
224076631>dramatic music https://twitter.com/SkyNews/status/1164238234462781441…[View]
224078076>schizo boomers thinking that there's an AI god trying to take over the world >schizo boo…[View]
224077838I love my country: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4iY6p0y2Kg[View]
224078895I rarely post here but I have no one else to talk about it with >read about actors I like from ol…[View]
224078737Why don't you elect Paris Jackson as the queen of pol anons?: And forget about Taylor Swift,she…[View]
224078811It's not as big as Greenland, but it's for sale. Trump, pls buy it[View]
224077544Best /pol/ discords?[View]
224078469Delicious Bait I mean why your political choices?: So /pol/ im just wondering in the context of yout…[View]
224069290Seriously though, what went wrong?[View]
224077686Harley Davidson: Everything is fine.[View]
224070922Kill the blue line[View]
224076163>2019 >not a liberal what is wrong with you faggots?…[View]
224077968In Luke 13:35, Jesus says to his fellow Jews, 'you will not see me again until the time comes when y…[View]
224077093Epstein meme thread: We need to get an Epstein meme thread https://www.bitchute.com/video/pIPrYt4lu…[View]
224075330Expert Surveys on Race and IQ by Sean Last: So Sean Last made an article and here is the summary: 'I…[View]
224076170race mixing currently #1 trending in canada[View]
224039671Italy is a fucking fascist country: I have lived in this country for 8 years. everything was fine un…[View]
224078145what do leftists think of the band anal cunt?[View]
224071514Polls: I'm 45. I have voted in 7 General Elections. I am a normal man, married, wife, 2 kids, …[View]
224077269>tfw you realize society does deserve to collapse This is the true pill. Society is not meant to …[View]
224078003Damn: No wonder we can't have a /pol/ queen with all these BBC's around.[View]
224047111https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5J-1rs1LJo HOLY FUCKKKKKKK PETER STRZOK BY ORDER OF COMEY, BRENNAN,…[View]
224077779Anyone notice tumblr still taking potshots?[View]
224071113does anyone have strike and mike 50 & 51[View]
224074593Monopoly socialism salt thread: Twitter is freaking out over this so post'em.[View]
224071302Faggots and Kikes hate Chic Fil A so eat there as often as you can goys: >Political boycotts by (…[View]
224074025Where can I find a white woman that loves america and hates niggers?[View]
224075362Why is Glumpf so out of shape?: Seriously, look at him passed out on the White House lawn Even Biden…[View]
224076436All aboard the downie boat![View]
224052530Black Pigeon Speaks: > What do you think of him? > Do you agree with him? > Is he Based and…[View]
224059237Overstock CEO: You can already see where this is going. He's claiming that Democrats had no han…[View]
224003097SUPER MODEL NAOMI CAMPBELL LINKED TO EPSTEIN: She is one of the pedo cult members.[View]
224077311if the democrats became openly antisemitic like the labour party i would vote for them. no irony.[View]
224075314I'm not actually racist or even that politically extreme. I just pretend to be different ideolo…[View]
224075600What do you think about Reagan /pol/?: I'll never forget where I was when the great patriot Ron…[View]
224075597>Back in 2016 Trump called Mexicans 'rapists'. >Mainstream media, NPC blue checkmarks and ever…[View]
224067609To The Thirties: >>AP/NORC Poll >>AP polls are pretty through >>Collegiate polls m…[View]
224071812What do you think German soldiers would have thought in WW2 if they knew they were dying for a trans…[View]
224044036Reminder to all IronyBros and Taylor Swift Followers: Reminder to all IronyBros, Nick Fuentes and Ta…[View]
224076577okay. The only life project that I see profitable is to ask for charity online. I don't have a …[View]
224048403Imagine being an American[View]
224068111I'm a white student who attends an HBCU AMA if you want[View]
224071403Tenshi eating a corndog![View]
224073470Undeniably proof that that japanese are white.[View]
224070729Hey /pol/: What happened to the cds the FBI found? Why no arrests? I can't find one single news…[View]
224032586What does the Bible say about race?: God does not care what your race is, just if you are saved. Rom…[View]
224020777porn redpills: I'm looking for porn and masturbation redpills. I remember two posts specificall…[View]
224075434WHITES OUT PAKIS IN[View]
224076641Pol btfo forever: For now on I'll only fuck black women[View]
224073951Jan Irvin Blames USS Liberty Crew for Israeli jewTerrorist Anti-White Holocaust Carried out Against …[View]
224076593'Idol Worship' gets the cake for the most Jewy concept ever imagined[View]
224044194Oldest Synagogue in America was built by Black Slaves: SSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIII…[View]
224076476What does /pol/ think of Tulsi-chan? www. newsweek. com/tulsi-gabbard-julian-assange-edward-swowden-…[View]
224074598Patrick Byrne: Schizo or Q?: On why he sold 20M worth of stocks. >Apparently, some find it unsett…[View]
224076169Redpilling highschool kids with pamphlet drops: What do you guys think of printing off hundreds of r…[View]
224071173How come there are no female mass shooters?[View]
224074895Hey so this is pretty important for optics. The video of Yang saying whites are dangerous terrorists…[View]
224076073SCHLOMOS BURN THE AMAZON???: what do we do /POL/, glowniggers and hook-nosed degenerates are burning…[View]
224076062>We really gotta just let the chips fall on this one guys, epstein bad! No body hate epstein more…[View]
224074462When I say Tiananmen Square, you say NOTHING HAPPENED: Ready? Tiananmen Square[View]
224070487Incel kidnaps and tortures man (video included): https://twitter.com/CantBeatTheNEET/status/11647516…[View]
224075972Estonia contributes the most to NATO so why are there USA soldiers in Germany and not more in Estoni…[View]
224075949Xi vs Fatass: Sorry pol but I bet on Xi[View]
224072201Netflix Documentary: Burger Factory: This is a /pol/ must watch since it clearly shows what we'…[View]
224075324what is being slid?: Every post is some muh BBC shit. what are they sliding?[View]
224059946OPERATION NO GAYS ALLOWED: It has become common practice for left turn on it's self, The 'more'…[View]
224072298/pol/ got trump elected!: Imagine how goddamn stupid and disconnected from reality you have to be to…[View]
224073105How the government makes up their own 'Red Flag' laws: ive been on antibiotics for a year the doctor…[View]
224071543What did /our gal/ mean by this?[View]
224057090how do you feel about women in power?[View]
224074696Is this greek thing human?: Imagine the smell of this ugly abomination. 95% of Greek granny's …[View]
224042566Well, this may be my final page...: Hi people of the internet. I decided to post here because this i…[View]
224074782In 109 counties, white population share fell below 50% between 2000 and 2018: How the FUCK did this …[View]
224075449UK man jailed for sexual activity with young teenager: Hesketh Watts, 31, was sentenced at Nottingha…[View]
224074046Are you gonna #VoteFBI in 2020? Vote Wayne Lambright Learn more about Wayne's campaign to be t…[View]
224062417Women rule the world: Prove me wrong.[View]
224036236Holy shit, we are absolutely hated now everywhere on the internet, from imgur to reddit to news comm…[View]
224075050Larping as a jew is retarded: Jew get political thanks to local synagogues and local meetings,jews h…[View]
224071149Should we raise capital gains tax back to 39.6%?: Or we continue to wait for it to trickle down?…[View]
224053092Denmark rejected US offer for buying Greenland. Greenland is under the iron grip of Denmark. Shouldn…[View]
224064306The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion: Alright dumb fucks, listen up. Blackpill incoming, and …[View]
224074949ITT /pol/ happenings that never happened: I’ll start >September 23rd Virgo sign >shemitah mar…[View]
224058234when someone asks what you have against jews, just show them this video https://youtu.be/1EKNCv0DPjg[View]
224074921Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting & Thousand Oaks Hoaxes thoroughly Exposed!: https://www.bitchute.c…[View]
224074909MOLY JUST SHIT TESTED THE JEWS: >It was nice knowing you Stef. You were fun while you lasted. …[View]
224074634Political compass: Post your political compass[View]
224070365Well look at that! Turns out you guys are ALL wrong! He didn't resign because of anything to do…[View]
224060654French identity is jewish: Hello , french Anon here , this guy 'Eric zemmour' want to teach us , nat…[View]
224073247Christchurch full video on Tiblar: https://tiblar.com/post/412266770365/ I found a website that does…[View]
224052198Globalist PSYOP to weaken Brazilian national sovereignty over the Amazon basic: Don't you find …[View]
224063027Why is he naming the Jew all of a sudden?: What made him snap?[View]
224074591Heroes? Name em.: Kevin Richardson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbS3ZDN19vw[View]
224072531could muzzies be the new japanese? like, would like make good allies in WW3?[View]
224066699Who wants to ride the holocoaster? https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-08-22/german-amusement-park-clos…[View]
224074048>This country has gone nuts, and especially for the last year when I realized what I know, every …[View]
224074555This is like the ugliest Kike-jew i've ever seen wtf right?[View]
224074443The Concept of Gun Control must be Abolished: Because it is against the law to want 'Gun Contro…[View]
224074534Didn't Trump's Greenland comments just make everyone agree that regions and countries dese…[View]
224066280WGTOW. When is this happening?[View]
224074487Now that the tea party is long dead, what did you think of it when it existed? What killed it? Was i…[View]
224062464Q is basically just another version of John Titor.[View]
224069857Interracial engagement announced in 1929 newspaper: He would later go on to compete in the 1936 Olym…[View]
224068437OH NO NO NO![View]
224072321Jazz and Jesse 77 discussion thread: We need to discuss the 77th episode of Jazz and Jesse[View]
224066842Is your country good? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Good_Country_Index[View]
224074288>Anon I heard you were making transphobic on that Korean oxen exchange forum >say that shit t…[View]
224067221Memeball thread y'all[View]
224035899Redpill me on programming: Just finished an associates degree in software development at community c…[View]
224053253Everything on this site is controlled opposition: Remember Everything on this site is controlled opp…[View]
224071124How do we deal with the azncel epidemic?[View]
224068491How can we improve interactions between whites and blacks?[View]
224073571blackpills: Post your favourite blackpill.[View]
224074007Did we create SJWs?: What if SJWs turned out like this because the pool was closed for Jew AIDs? :/…[View]
224064003JORDAN PETERSON IS GOING TO MURDER DONALD TRUMP https://vocaroo.com/i/s1VSVzvXRruJ[View]
224072856if you were born in 2000 but grew up on and like Nintendo 64, Star Wars, and 80s music, you're …[View]
224073912Moonman Thread: Post your best of Moonman. Moonman raps about the real political issues.[View]
224073875China and Korea will take over the world, because they deserve it. Because they work 14 hours a day,…[View]
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