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203894309Slide threads: For the past couple of years this board has been destroyed by slide threads and new f…[View]
203893582>conspire to commit a hate crime >commit said hate crime >drive wedges of terror and fear i…[View]
203889422labcoat niggers: How do we solve this epidemic?[View]
203894530SHUT THE FUCK UP: REMEMBER THE SCRIPT (25 WORDS): >Why did you pull me over? >I'm not dis…[View]
203893091be me >need a book for school >I go to the bookstore at the absolute last minute >I'l…[View]
203892458The year is 2019.: You'd think we'd be living in a progressive paradise by now, with energ…[View]
203885782Ethno-nationalist ideologies are always ultimately a rejection of Christianity. They may put on Chri…[View]
203892117'The Real' Goes from Woke to Wrecked after Jussie Smollet Fraud.: When will people learn to never be…[View]
203893255Kamal-toe speechless when asked about Smollett case..: Anyone see her almost shit her pants when a r…[View]
203892413Is owen wilson redpilled?: Wow. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dn5Tattkj_E&t=266s[View]
203893226QUEEN ANN IS IN TROUBLE: G-guys, they're accusing her of taking money from a worthless RINO can…[View]
203868173TOP FBI LAWYER WANTED HILLARY TO FACE CHARGES, WAS BLOCKED BY COMEY: >https://thehill.com/opinion…[View]
203893206bruh moment[View]
203889697Why was this Jew so supportive of Ron Paul?: Is he anti-Zionist after all?[View]
203891225Ed Buck (Breaker) At It Again: How does he keep getting away with it? https://twitter.com/ATLBlackSt…[View]
203885385A Letter, from /pol/ to Elizabeth Warren: /pol/, Let's write a letter to Elizabeth Warren to su…[View]
203893790Why do low class people love cruises so much?[View]
203890957I thought the good guys always win: Was Hitler not the good guy?[View]
203893998I get blackpilled everytime Im anywhere near a city: Anybody else experiencing this? Is this a natur…[View]
203880127THE LEFT CANT ME-[View]
203890223Why does race mixing create such beautiful and wonderful people?[View]
203891327The USA is “combating terrorism” in 40% of the world’s countries: The USA is “combating terrorism” i…[View]
203891870Pay for my healthcare.[View]
203892082>'disorderly conduct' >no hate crime charges >no terrorism charges SAY IT WITH ME /pol/ AME…[View]
203889479MGTOW FUCKS: What's up with these fucking idiots thinking abandoning all women is a good thing.…[View]
203879648Get ready to feel the Bern![View]
203892724>why yes, I do want to gather all capitalists and flay them alive and them dump them into salt wa…[View]
203889013One More Time /POL/ - BERNIE SANDERS IS THE ZODIAC KILLER: I have made the FBI take notes on how I c…[View]
203893783Pay for our healthcare, gringo.[View]
203893372Why does he defend pedophiles?[View]
203893659Revolution?: I'm down to have a revolution here in Australia so that the government is no longe…[View]
203891960This man is smarter than you fat, autistic, Nazi-LARPing, neckbeard beta cuck permavirgin fucks![View]
203893571Post your political ideology and news source >inb4 I use /pol/ as my only news source…[View]
203892758Holy fuckingn shit I was raised a Lutheran my entire life. I’ve never once heard of this >On the …[View]
203889203Tell me everything about Karl Marx /pol/ https://twitter.com/teenvogue/status/1098456045268201472…[View]
203891227I miss him bros. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWd6XgBVIcg[View]
203888805Umm...guys?: What did he mean by this?[View]
203892663Welcome to Trump's America.[View]
203889715America will fall, Europe will prevail.[View]
203893079Why is it exactly again that /pol/ supports Trump? He's literally getting nothing done, the wa…[View]
203889099>This is MAGA country, faggot! What did they mean by this?[View]
203892958Old topic, new discovery.: >Be me >Watch The Purge in 2013 >Shit was a good concept, liked …[View]
203889621Best Political Compasses: Just got my gf to take the quiz and she got middle left. I’ve always gotte…[View]
203892333Muh weed: >claims to have smoked weed before >can't accurately recall the specific circum…[View]
203886919Canada IS Collapsing /CIC/ - Demographic Replacement Edition: Canada IS collapsing! And it's no…[View]
203892822(((Jussie Smollett's siblings))) blame (((media))): This is what happens when Jews inbreed with…[View]
203892414is california truly a donor state? could they slef maintain without the rest of the US?[View]
203892217is church a good place to find a likeminded wife? I'm thinking of starting to attend >if no…[View]
203891293Will it happen /pol/?: I'm fuckin waiting for the happening.[View]
203892421>yes, I am indeed aware that the death toll of communism has been highly exaggerated by bourgeois…[View]
203892531Pay for our healthcare, gringo.[View]
203890327What was his end goal? Was the Jew/Master Race thing really his top priority? What would a Europe c…[View]
203879341Why do we pretend niggers are human?: It's obvious the nigger does not have a soul or morals. T…[View]
203892361I’ll be in my bunk, pol.[View]
203891710Daily reminder that Trump sexually abused children with Epstein and Slick Willy[View]
203892518The Nazis entered this war under the rather childish delusion that they were going to bomb everyone …[View]
203891312Where did the stereotype of Southerners being into Incest come from?: Hey there everybody, was just …[View]
203885776A. I. GENERATED FACES: PART 3: The teeth always look horrifying: https://www.thispersondoesnotexist.…[View]
203892154Why is everyone so servile to blacks these days, demonstrably the most worthless race on the planet …[View]
203887053Honestly, she'd kick your ass[View]
203892059Daily remember dont lift or eat right thats what NAZIs do: i know this thread will be archived quick…[View]
203868385/BWG/: Bioweapons General: This general is for discussing and researching biological weapons (and th…[View]
203889833Jordan Peterson in New Zealand!!![View]
203890862THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IS FINISHED: Know the best part? 2020 is the year Democrats win fucking everyth…[View]
203891821Why does /pol/ defend a system that hates them? Didn't you see They Live? You're like the …[View]
203885409THIS GUY HAD TO HAVE POSTED HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcXajYOJKas[View]
203891092Would you have been accepted into the third reich: Post verification for proof[View]
203891372How can anybody with 1% African or Abo ancestry live with themself?: 1% Jew or Native American ances…[View]
203891117ay tone evah hea' o' da apollo affair ?[View]
203891514P*land thread: Can somebody redpill me on these assholes? What the fuck is their problem??? P*l*ids …[View]
203874724Why aren't you accumulating cheap bitcoin(BTC) RIGHT NOW?[View]
203891234Lets play a game /pol/: You have the chance to take anyone who has ever existed, and place their con…[View]
203890167'I wonder what kind of art these 'whyte' people appreciated when they were still around? W…[View]
203884810I'm running for State Representative as Republican in 2020. I'll be 21 (State minimum age)…[View]
203891120My local community college sent me this email? Is this actually real? Are you guys telling me the tr…[View]
203889168white pill thread[View]
203862234Chad Dutch Historian BTFOs Tucker Carlson and right wing retards. https://twitter.com/nowthisnews/s…[View]
203889419I want to tell you a secret(only know to me atm) way to fully redpilling: If you explore everything …[View]
203886618What did she mean by this?[View]
203890178what the fuck... ? I mean we all know our Army does this, but why are they promoting it?[View]
203887175Every night libs post disgusting porn: Why are you Liberals so gross? Will you die already? Thanks…[View]
203890856Tenshi eating a corndog![View]
203887641What books do you want Pewdiepie to Review?: I say 'The Abolition of Man', plus a few othe…[View]
203884900FUCKING KEK!: https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1098443773552586752[View]
203886823What happened to him?[View]
203870345Covington Kid Sues: MAGA hat hero, Nick Sandmann has hit WAPO with a 250 Million dollar lawsuit. Mor…[View]
203891121What do you guys think of Andrew Yang? He's a chink democrat nominee who wants to give gibs to …[View]
203889482How compromised is /pol/ by ((them)): I saw a thread about vaccinations earlier here on pol, it was …[View]
203891031Nigger and Muslim-lovers on /pol/: There are a lot of people on /pol/ who think that niggers and Mus…[View]
203889748Trump supporters are uneducated shitbags that vote against their own economic interests[View]
203887918President Vladimir Putin Threatens To Retaliate If U.S. Deploys New Missiles In Europe https://youtu…[View]
203890949I have a frothing at the mouth hatred of Europe post-WWII. We have done so much for them since then.…[View]
203889287Why do boomers have this obsession about university degree = money when IRL it's explicitly not…[View]
203890864Why are the jews are going to the moon tomorrow: “There will be a plaque, our logo, and another surp…[View]
203890838Why is /pol/ such cu cks for wallstreet? Even we support adapting Germany's healthcare system a…[View]
203890835Burgers Explain This: How can you actually allow this shit in your country, burgers?[View]
203890602Boy, the Willie Brown story went away pretty quick...: Sordid tales of her slobbering on Willie Brow…[View]
203890797White nationalist trumpfag: Do you guys remember this guy posting his shit on your forum? He used to…[View]
203890059https://youtu.be/torkS0v81GQ GET FUCKED JUSSIE[View]
203880383Madame President[View]
203889343ThuleanPerspective a.k.a the redpill god general.[View]
203887907FREE SHIT: GIBS ME DATS MAN 2020 >free university >free day care >anti-mass immigration …[View]
203890102The fact that this guy is still alive is proof that France is beyond hope.[View]
203889501Antisemitism is the Countersign of Laziness: Are the anti-semites on /pol/ so hostile because they h…[View]
203890585Is chink a subservient race?[View]
203889068What's his endgame?: Why did he do it?[View]
203883338The number of U.S. hate groups keeps surging, largely thanks to young, white men: https://news.vice.…[View]
203861763Why aren't white men ((((allowed)))) to be angry anymore? White angry music is dead, only black…[View]
203889486Is it more ethical to have children, to adopt, or to be childfree?: This is something I am seriously…[View]
203888121Let's settle this once and for all https://www.strawpoll.me/17472305[View]
203889587Why do Americans export there degeneracy so much? Keep it in your country nigger mutts. And if the j…[View]
203888321This is how libs ruined America: They used British singers: https://youtu.be/2nXGPZaTKik[View]
203882207MASONIC LODGES CLASH OVER TN & GA BANNING SODOMITES: >Freemasons in Tennessee voted to uphold…[View]
203875693Post pictures, gifs, videos of the Nazis being cool/bros/chads[View]
203886512There are Russians in our government, let's flush them out!: There is a massive amount of forei…[View]
203889524There is only one man that can defeat trump in 2020[View]
203883856This tweet got 150k likes: why are lefties so deluded?[View]
203889922why can't you white supremacists leave these 3 intelligent black youths alone to take packages …[View]
203887944Right-wingers BTFO[View]
203889817NJ schools to teach LGBT history: https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/6abc.com/amp/education/nj-law-to-r…[View]
203882272Alright, fellow Trump supporters. Who would you be more worried about to go up against in 2020? Who …[View]
203874827Some historical lynchings were faked.: You can see the wires, known as smolletts, holding up the fau…[View]
203889674I'm a libertarian...but...: So long as you live in a society where you can purchase Karl's…[View]
203889514FELONY CHARGES filed against Empire actor. This is what happens when you lie to law enforcement to…[View]
203887606/pol/ BTFO[View]
203889616ConReps are cons!: Why are conservative males so scared of change? Why do they hate everyone? Is bei…[View]
203879912Ann Coulter: I’ve been digging around her social media page recently and I’ve noticed tons of Qtards…[View]
203889277We must go back to GOD https://streamable.com/k8wkt[View]
203889547Timeline: Jussie Smollett, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Justice for Victims of Lynching Act: UPDATE #…[View]
203888907the black porn is posted by the only people that won't get banned for posting it[View]
203888739how jews view jewinesh: For me,” she says, “being a Jew is belonging to the Jewish people and being …[View]
203889515Immigration makes us all stronger: When will you learn /pol/? looks at these inbred Japanese for exa…[View]
203887943Commie general: Get in here comrades.[View]
203888579I have come from the future to tell you...: That this is what the 2020 election result will look lik…[View]
203888593Does anybody here have an info on the controversy surrounding Mindgeek, the parent company to Pornhu…[View]
203888866I miss him :([View]
203889088When will the Right secede from religion?[View]
203889107>Russia is the bad guy. Western civilization![View]
203888310Jussie Smollett gets indicted and White Nationalism spam appears out of nowhere all at once.[View]
20388892250% leaf tax: Twenty dollars of gasoline with nearly ten dollars of taxes. Leafs, why do you put up …[View]
203888926McCabe and Rosenstein: These two heros saved our country by doing their jobs and investigating a bun…[View]
203886954Why are white incels such a threat to society? Should white men be banned from public spaces for sec…[View]
20388244713 50[View]
203868729Canada's Government Collapse 2019:: While floundering in international trade deals has kept Gro…[View]
203886356Stefan Molyneux: How much longer can we deny that we are witnessing the rise of the next Hitler?…[View]
203886691Falseflag incoming[View]
203887823Race Draft: The Race War is upon us, pick your team. You have to pick your race +2 allies Asians Jew…[View]
203888734Wageslavery: Is eliminating wageslavery the next step for human society? I can't imagine it can…[View]
203870562Muslim killed in road rage incident: >An incident that was initially reported as a fatal road rag…[View]
203887527/pol/ btfo: /pol/ btfo yet again by tumblr tranny cartoon artist... how does it feel huh? to have yo…[View]
203888175Kamala is taking a poll about the border wall!: zhttps://action.kamalaharris.org/signup/190215_surve…[View]
203868527Say it after me[View]
203887144I imagined the wall would look a lot more grandiose but I guess it's better than nothing.... WT…[View]
203888622I can't wait to see this smug negro wearing orange: His appearance on ABC news was a sociopathi…[View]
203863701Boomers get to enjoy this tech. You don't.: https://youtu.be/sHR8efUn3SY Unless you want to end…[View]
203886500>futuristic dystopia filled with a majority of mexicans, even the signs were in spanish despite c…[View]
203888471> Should the libertarian party endorse this guy and scrap their own candidate this year.…[View]
203883488Neo-Nazi Terrorizes Small Buisiness: When will the white-supremacists stop?[View]
203888433the animal cruelty videos are posted by leftypedos[View]
203888393I'm fucking tired and I will go full accelerationist. I will vote for the far-left, apply for w…[View]
203886563Based Anglosphere: The US and UK have both denied ISIS brides (women from the US and UK who left and…[View]
203886171There is some culturally riveting art here, join the conversation and be enlightened on the real iss…[View]
203888373We Wuz Kangz: I think the dumbest thing about “we wuz kangz” and “royalty in my DNA” is that, even i…[View]
203883793Post a more powerful picture than this one: >u can't[View]
203887994white inferiority on the rise: This coward was one of you. Why are (some) inferiority complexed pig-…[View]
203887804Just stop being a pussy and comit already: >still in Afghanistan, not going out of Iraq, very dou…[View]
203882186Well, /pol/?[View]
203881093Based US Coast Guardsman: For all the shit I give the coast guard for being useless...gotta give res…[View]
203882604This is your daily reminder that you are being manipulated. The only reason that AOC has any promine…[View]
203887712https://www.newsmax.com/t/newsmax/article/903454/16 >The FBI developed a backup plan to protect e…[View]
203878798U.S. Hate Groups Rose 30 Percent In Recent Years: https://www.npr.org/2019/02/20/696217158/u-s-hate-…[View]
203888217Jussie Smollett is the Nephew of Kamala Harris?: https://twitter.com/Tiff_FitzHenry/status/109815440…[View]
203874363T.R.U.M.P making a FOOL of himself Again..: >Europe should take back 800 ISIS members >What.. …[View]
203867650What went wrong with White Women?: Your Grandmother and great grandma were hard working women.…[View]
203884262On Jewish Genius: Why are Jews observably smarter than whites? >However, the average IQ score of …[View]
203863603China Thread: Why are these insectoids so soulless /pol/? Is it really communism? If so why aren…[View]
203887937Fuck me it's all over, the bad guys won WW2: Ummmm will there ever be a proud huwhite Nation ag…[View]
203885230Strike and Mike Episode 52: Blackstone History Month: Discussion thread for the newest episode of St…[View]
203888035Um, have you tried not literally being a nazi?[View]
203885293Jussie Smollett: Whats his endgame pol?[View]
203887992AWWWW SHIT!!!!: Are you afraid yet nazi??? >Kamala Harris just totally pwned it on Trevor Noah…[View]
2038879391:28 / 2:58 Soul Control - Chocolate Choco Choco: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAjIn6SJK5Y What…[View]
203871819Know More News (Adam Green): By far the best YouTube channel in the world. Extremely redpilled. Cons…[View]
203877449Bernie wants the guns: Enjoy Californian laws in 2020 faggots.[View]
203887143where should Bernie buy his next beach house?[View]
203887681Good night![View]
203884444$250 MILLION DEFAMATION LAWSUIT FILED AGAINST WAPO: https://www.foxnews.com/us/covington-high-studen…[View]
203887858https://youtu.be/fDSOP_j7HZE What's Pol opinion on the TERF vs trans debate?[View]
203887548flags: Let's see those flags, folks. We have enough shit to argue about in other threads, but l…[View]
203887781How would you describe a normal family?[View]
203862842Nothing can stop them[View]
203887730Niggers are the coughing jews are the cancer[View]
203886790Blackpilled/Autistic/HighIQ Anons ITT Please: Who else read the 8ch glownigger thread about Qushner?…[View]
203887574With a description of why and how you dealt with them, who is the most evil individual you have pers…[View]
203887557The Year of 2020, The New Future: Hello /pol/ Welcome to the year of 2020, where the minimum wage i…[View]
203881868>be native >enjoying a balance with nature for the most part >smelly whit*oids decide to la…[View]
203881946White pill thread: Ignore the D&C kikes and share some white pills!![View]
203884768You know what to do[View]
203883225why does /pol/ never talk about demographics anymore?[View]
203885217This is the only person worth supporting: Didn't cuck to Israel and isn't a gun grabber, o…[View]
203884880Is it ok to kick out future children if they're gay?: Their whole life is pointless if they can…[View]
203879890You guys really don’t think they had something to do with Jussie Smollet, right?[View]
203885886Who are the Black Nobility made up of?[View]
203883919/OPERATION/ BUTT FUCK KAMALA & JUSSIE: How do we file a FOIA for Kamala's & other polit…[View]
203880139When did you realize Trump is a neocon traitor piece of shit?[View]
203886367Since spics are 0% white, why are they considered white by the US census?: I mean, their ostensible …[View]
203887353What does /pol/ think about Article 13: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-47239600 https://www.for…[View]
203884378All according to plan. Thanks for helping make it happen, couldn't have done it without your me…[View]
203877397Jussie Conspiracy: Does anyone else believe he was put up to this? I think time will tell that Kamal…[View]
203887165HE’S FUCKING DONE!!! Tucker’s career is done! His life is done! The alt-right is done! /pol/ is done…[View]
203886690Will you let him do it /pol/?[View]
203885405>Trump wants to deport this[View]
203887021american subhumans will one day pay for their crimes[View]
203883430Mfw Nat Soc faggots have more in common with the pink haired SJWs than anything remotely right wing:…[View]
203886150Why did James Baldwin look like a chimpanzee?[View]
203884585According to Plato in the Republic what are some of the issues in defining justice that are provided…[View]
203861344Thought Experiment: So I've come up with a little thought experiment. Don't align this wit…[View]
203884134another winner: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/02/20/watch-suspect-shoots-deputy-point-blan…[View]
203883476Canada is a Fake Country- err, 'Post National': 'Those qualities [openness, respect, compa…[View]
203880285Polls now say Bernie will Win![View]
203883832How come he wasn't allowed freedom of speech?[View]
203886695Leftist propaganda eviscerated[View]
203865802Black people hair: Why is it always dominant on half black people?[View]
203886623How long until we see in the main stream media something along the lines of 'Newly uncovered secret …[View]
203878406What can be done?: I noticed a thread with this in it, think it was a gay hate thread. But regardles…[View]
203886096How will they ever regain their credibility?[View]
203886590> be me president of america > playing fortnugget > get stream sniped by a chinease person…[View]
203885572The Victimhood Economy: 'The Jussie Smollett case is what happens when the demand for racism is grea…[View]
203874768They're talking about you guys on Rachel Maddow right now.[View]
203874914Andrew Yang: What's his deal?[View]
203883722RACHEL MADDOW timestamp for screenshot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFXbEDExdfE Timestamp: 35:40…[View]
203884136Race in America: Race in America got its beginnings a long time ago. The first such encounter was wi…[View]
203861986This man is going to go down in history as a criminal No one will know of his good deeds He was a tr…[View]
203884156Ashley Elisa got ROACH'D. Ashley Elisa on YouTube has been gaining popularity for having conser…[View]
203885000You know what to do[View]
203886255http://donaldjtrump.com/president-hillary-clinton WHAT HAS TRUMP DONE[View]
203884163The whitest of the non-whites.[View]
203883659The true definition of NATSOC: >tough against druggies, wants to kill them all >wants commies …[View]
203884312damnit: which of you fuck heads did this? This is not helping[View]
203878974This should make you angry[View]
203885609What was the first time a Jew ever jumped out of the shadows and you about the global conspiracy he …[View]
203885890Realistically speaking, what's stopping me from legally changing my gender to female for the so…[View]
203885836Why I will vote for the far-left: After reading some books about politics, I have arrived to a simpl…[View]
203879602'the more children you have the less tax you should pay,' - Putin.: Putin just became the true leade…[View]
203882610Reminder that Jared Kushner is Q playing <75 IQ Trump supporters like fiddles for Zion.[View]
203885478Reparations: Are blacks really going to get reparations? https://theintercept.com/2019/02/20/2020-ca…[View]
203882737Whats the difference between 'true Christianity' and 'modern juedo Christianity?: Also where in the …[View]
203885387/pol/ Hall of Heroes: Lest they be forgotten... >Christopher Dorner…[View]
203882012Your pronoun is based on your biological sex, not your fashion sense, your diagnosis or your weird f…[View]
203874193Be honest /pol/, Jews do look white.[View]
203884569Why were the Nazi's such cowards, /pol/?: Why didn't they resist the Allied occupation ins…[View]
203885577This kills the Leftist/Journalist: Learn to code HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
203885350Why are cucks so stupid?[View]
203885443Please save us[View]
203881620Why aren't you a socialist, anon?: Why didn't you donate $27 to Bernie?[View]
203879726Someone please spell this for me ?[View]
203883985Now that WN and the altright is going to be labeled a domestic terrorist organization, lets ban /nsg…[View]
203885249Commie general: Get in here comrades.[View]
2038754784chan just got a huge shout out on The Rachel Maddow Show, FYI[View]
203878278Why is JIDF so afraid of Tulsi?: I saw that this thread was shoah'd. Is she too politically inc…[View]
203882386ein Volk eine Union ein Europa![View]
203884527Holy fucking shit, Trump just got fucking memed on hardcore https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_conti…[View]
203854612Brit/pol/: Save Are Squirrels Edition: >Three MPs quit Tory party to join breakaway group https:…[View]
203877856Stormfags are fags: You're a shame, degenerate, and wanking to Irma Grese nude and Hitler'…[View]
203875503FLEE RUSK, FLEE: Why don't we just put larger, faster ICBM's in Poland to put this manlet …[View]
203883406Opportunity knocks, anons: Zion is trending. Fire up those accounts and start dropping redpills abou…[View]
203883541>the Ron Paul revolution never came I'm still sad.[View]
203882587Why does the right always make the left look so fucking cool?[View]
203871104Benchmade knifes cucked themselfs: They are under the thumb of the Oregon police. They destroyed gun…[View]
203867441Catholic Church = Globalists: Why the hell would anyone want to be part of a universalist religion t…[View]
203877904the perfect plan[View]
203870608We should not elect straight men for president: We not should elect straight presidents. Here are th…[View]
203884414Reminder: The number of people who actually give a shit and demographics are pathetically small and …[View]
203870590Did /OurGuy/ fuck up?: Did Tucker just get cucked by Ultra Commie Euro Cuck? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
203877948Why are the Jews so hellbent on making Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seem stupid in the eyes of the publi…[View]
203879472Is Charlie Kirk /ourguy/? What do you think of him?[View]
203881650What's wrong with having mixed race kids, pol?[View]
203881750Based Mommy Thatcher[View]
203884535What is the alt left doing to our girls?[View]
203877313Who Does /pol/ support in the civil war ?[View]
203856385Does Looking at Fags Make you Feel Sick?: Well, you pussies?[View]
203877311Haha. Why is this guy such a fucking faggot annon? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pa0XyKXOPhs[View]
203884135France | The US Empire | What comes after ZOG?: France falling into a nativist, EU functionary, Musl…[View]
203883511Anonymous: DAMMIT Pol what do I have to do to raise a couple of Aryan children with out big brother …[View]
203880946'Conservative is the new counter-culture': >Hates US foreign policy >Always suspecting law en…[View]
203855180New Ann Coulter column - Trump is a globalist traitor weasel: http://www.anncoulter.com/columns/2019…[View]
203880882THE MEMES WRITE THEMSELVES: You seriously can’t make this shit up.[View]
203884059HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN: >Its workers were the first to stage rallies demanding a minimum wage of $…[View]
203879902They should get their clay back.[View]
203877408The Final Showdown: Okay /pol/, I think it's time we put our yarmulke-covered heads together an…[View]
203877153The Dual-Citizenship Question: Do you think most of America's problems would be solved if we ha…[View]
203883683#YellowVestMovement | #antisemitism | Viva Le #YellowVes: The New Sub -- You sir have just earned yo…[View]
203882712Teacher forcing tranfreakism onto kids: https://youtu.be/6pyFQDl1pXI[View]
203882850/RMH/ REAL MEN HOURS -- The Brand New World Dream Edition: We know the enemies' name. We know t…[View]
203872911What would it take for you to date a woman who has done porn?[View]
203864345>free healthcare >free college >free internet >free daycare >free banking >free AT…[View]
203862129Skribbl.io Thread: Join the /pol/ Skribble.io server and draw some happy merchants. The guy who usua…[View]
203883414Hey /pol/, did you hear about the big black out last night? Don't worry, the police got him[View]
203874377Tucker responds to getting BTFO'd: https://twitter.com/TuckerCarlson/status/1098403243711971333…[View]
203883517so can someone explain to me, in a FREE country, why am I forced to support lgbt rights, why am I fo…[View]
203882599Kikes got it right: Why don’t we take some lessons from the kikes to save white people.[View]
203882125Nu male mercials: I haven't seen this aesthetics in advertisements before.[View]
203883360Who's ready to watch Bernie get c u c ked?: It's just going to be a replay of last time ar…[View]
203878589Alt-righters and leftists are the same. Neither can see the true Satan which is the Russian people w…[View]
203880515BERNIE 2020.: >Gas the kikes! They control the left! >*Gobbles down Russian pro-Trump propagan…[View]
203875732Jazz Jennings New Boyfriend: https://heavy.com/entertainment/2019/02/jazz-jennings-sex-vagina-losing…[View]
203883199brainwashing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLfIhQarmq4[View]
203864079Lulz: She seems to be handling the heat well...[View]
203880459>Jared, it's Donald. tell BB the racism stuff isn't working anymore. >What do you me…[View]
203873564.: Is depression a real disease? Since I became umployed I feel sick and tired of everything should …[View]
203880216well, well, well /pol/. look what we have here. notice anything?[View]
203882429Do these people have anything to do with their lives?[View]
203874809/OUR POTUS/: The Greatest $HIT-POSTER in the history of the Internet. ------------------------------…[View]
203882726Federal Minimum Wage: In the modern world with modern data, why should we limit ourselves with flat …[View]
203879476YANG 2020: Trump is based but fucking blue pilled as fuck. Bernie is cringy and a little redpilled. …[View]
203881419Pt 2: It's not okay to Lynch blacks[View]
203882608IRL troll: True Patriot https://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/430795-plow-driver-faces-c…[View]
203879166Cynging: So back in Anglo-Saxon Britain, kings were elected by a council of wise men instead of inhe…[View]
203882466>Somebody on this list gets elected President: How does that work?[View]
203881574Who’s ready for the next /pol/ meet up?[View]
203854708White Nationalist Arrested for Planning a Mass Terrorist Attack: we got your boy its over[View]
203866453BREAKING: Arrest Warrant Issued For Jussie Smollett: https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/10983934…[View]
203862068https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_nFI2Zb7qE holy fucking btfo[View]
203881575Just found out mom is half mexican, thinking about sterilizing myself: What the fuck, why me? My mom…[View]
203879919WHY DID THEY SET HIM UP?: Clearly he was telling the truth[View]
203878714LIBERAL MELTDOWN INCOMING - Hulk Hogan movie starring Chris Hemsworth: Will the movie include the pa…[View]
203882138fuck cianiggers and jannys[View]
203882069Is Vice #OurNetwork?[View]
203872928A. I. GENERATED FACES: PART 2 WAIFU EDITION: https://www.thispersondoesnotexist.com/ Okay /pol/, the…[View]
203881838america = terrorist shithole[View]
203879514would you abort the antichrist?[View]
203881425Is hispanic too broad to racialize? How do you feel about unironic white hispanics that are 95% Iber…[View]
203874744So apparently IQ tests are racist and biased in favor of whites. So I have a question. Let's as…[View]
203869025GOOGLE-OWNED NEST CONTAINS HIDDEN MICROPHONE: >Google's Nest smart home brand is in hot wate…[View]
203880306Nub Zero: Say something nice about Nub Zero /pol/ https://youtu.be/QDuBYIgOAaw Any anons out there w…[View]
203881627dnc: Someone might want to look into the Condit connection.[View]
203876436So, I ran some numbers and per capita calculations on crime, and holy shit. How can niggers do this?…[View]
203847606NIGERIAN BROTHERS CAUGHT BUYING HOAX CLOTHING ON CAM: >https://www.tmz.com/2019/02/20/jussie-smol…[View]
203879964>See /pol spazzing about Tulsi Gabbard being the candidate Israel fears. >See threads saying s…[View]
203880857How cuck will America be if they elect a literal jew[View]
203881218Is Mary La Lupa?: This question might seem dumb at first but hear me out. Catholicism was created by…[View]
203878992California Hate! Nice Train Edition: It is almost like electing degenerate whores like Gavin I-fucke…[View]
203880807abos complaining about being bleached[View]
203880949WOMEN /pol/ Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy: https://youtu.be/oEug8JqvXFU[View]
203873585it's over: it's over the jews have won decades ago,what should i do before i kill my self?…[View]
203878770Too soon: https://www.foxnews.com/us/coast-guard-lieutenant-dubbed-domestic-terrorist-had-hit-list-o…[View]
203881176Trump was specifically chosen for the presidency to serve as a safety valve for white political disc…[View]
203875668Ethno-possibilities: How much would it cost to buy decent land in the U.S. the size of Luxembourg? A…[View]
203878549Ed Krassenstein just agreed with a Trump tweet.: is the world ending?[View]
203880225/ourguy/ the dutch historian wants open borders, are we wrong about immigration?[View]
203879284>Bernie announces run BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA *breathes in*[View]
203880389Tear down this statue.: Sacajawea helped guide white soldiers and settlers into Native American land…[View]
203880018>OOH I'M A LIBERAL SPEAKING FOR BLACKRIGHTS HUR DUR I fucking despise white people who think…[View]
203878366Should the United States give reparations to the descendants of slaves? And if not, why not? Challe…[View]
203879368Brittany pettibone: Is Brittany pettibone a crypto jew or goyim? She keep blocking me on her channel…[View]
203880747Ok I need some answers, with numbers, on why we even need this fucking wall. ILLEGAL BORDERS CROSSIN…[View]
203879860Check out https://donaldjtrump.com/pol Anything link that 404's on Trump's official websit…[View]
203878979Political Association Thread ITT: >we tell our political association or whatever is closest >w…[View]
203876414Why would every human population living in vastly different environments all over the world for hund…[View]
203880392Bernie Sanders outed as a Israel Mossad Agent: Link = Khazar https://streamable.com/k4zzr[View]
203878938Liberal Huffington Post fires Social Media Editor for being Racist on Social Media Ashley Rose, who …[View]
203854721Where do you get your news?: Where do you get your mainstream news? CNN? FOX? Local NBC/ABC/CBS affi…[View]
203879400Dem Primary 2020: With Uncle Boyknee in the ring, how long until crooked Hillary rigs it?[View]
203879503How many years is he getting?[View]
203879776Dear Feds: so long as this exists while you're in government, you are the bad guys[View]
203877773What can Beto do to win the Dem nomination? Dems were pulling for him hard a month or so ago[View]
203880123Chase / China Bans Millions From Flights, Trains In Social-Credit Crackdown: How is this any differe…[View]
203879768The 2020 Dem playbook: 1) insist that any criticism of certain Dem candidates is because of 'Russia'…[View]
203880068LIVEPD GANG RABB.IT HANGOUT: LIVEPD GANG RABB.IT HANGOUT Who's hosting tonight? Did our non-sh…[View]
203870628Does posting here jeopardize my career on govt or military: I have posted some stuff about Jews and …[View]
203877306What did twitter mean by this?[View]
203875255You are POOR if you make $150,000 or less.: Just 25 years ago you were considered high sense if you …[View]
203879903I'm having a really hard time empathizing with the speaker. https://youtu.be/mtsa0MT2H4I Maybe …[View]
203877938>Muh free shit.[View]
203871173A felony. Looks like he may be in for more than just a slap on the wrist.[View]
203877270I made a petition to the US gov simply to get bad publicity got Kamala Harris since she used Jussie …[View]
203875735All they had to do was ingrain 'This republic shall never harbor any shitskins, gooks, and jews' int…[View]
203879626Why is there always that one tree in any Wal-Mart parking lot with an intact grocery bag tied to the…[View]
203873852Smollet needs to be made a lesson out of. He defamed white people everywhere, and needs to be charge…[View]
203870538ICE ARRESTS ECUADORIAN BROTHERS WHO BRIBED OBAMA, HILLARY: >U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcem…[View]
203872591PERLMAN'S TWITTER (SHIT)POSTS: Post your best memes or other content featuring Lil Donnie…[View]
203879362Shills on this board trying to promote a guy who wants open as 'based' LMAO[View]
203876174Blogpost warning. I was an antifa, Marxist, intersectional feminist, then I realized how all of the …[View]
203878077Who was in the wrong here?[View]
203879495It's his turn. Pledge here: https://act.berniesanders.com/signup/social-launch?source=reddit Do…[View]
203879644Where's my niggas at?: Yo Niz give it up fo yo boy Slow Show 7+1 7+ 1[View]
203877522PERRIS: Jury finds Barbar guilty in paternity test slaying: >A jury found a Perris man guilty Fri…[View]
203879454Papa JF VS Andy RaceWarski RAP BATTLE All About the Benjamins FEAT Mama JF: JF and Andy get into an …[View]
203876935Trump has no idea about his adm decriminalizing homosexuality: I dont know WTF is going on anymore. …[View]
203862485JUSSIE INDICTED[View]
203879392Qanon: Jrs tattoo, ZKnife, only thing i could find is Z Unit, an Aus special unit. Then I found thes…[View]
203874936>he lied Why are we always right[View]
203867033NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO: LEAVE PEPE ALONE!!!!!!!!!1 https://twitter.com/zerohedge/status/109839462986983833…[View]
203879102Has there been any redpill like pic related in other video games? Fucking hell this is haunting some…[View]
203854131Explain to me the 'North Korea are the good guys 'theory: I remember seeing an elaborate post on thi…[View]
203879065Getting minorities removed from media: Why stop at Apu? How do we push for all minorities to be remo…[View]
203874417pol really does need to get over the 'muh indoctrination' meme and go get some fucking education.[View]
203863421VOTE FOR ISRAEL (cont): old bread >>>>>203837010[View]
203852874Tell me, America gun owners, what are you going to say when this happens to you?[View]
203847288Jussie Smollett: Footage Released of Nigerian Brothers in Jussie Smollett Case Buying RED HATS http…[View]
203878881is this guy showing his power level about jussie smollet?: https://twitter.com/_CharlesPreston/statu…[View]
203871626REMEMBER the best way to piss off a 'Leftist' is to call them a 'Liberal' I couldnt tell you why, bu…[View]
203878792Is Mary la lupa?: This question might seem dumb at first but hear me out. Catholicism was created by…[View]
203875247How the FUCK does the Permian basin keep BTFOing every other oil field, it is NOT fair for Alberta, …[View]
203875553When did /pol/ become full of niggers who only care about the gimmes?[View]
203876079As long as they're allowed to walk away, they will keep on doing it.[View]
203871222MDE: what did they mean by this?[View]
203878748(((Muh 6 Million))): Raises 6 million dollars in one day. The magic number was reached. MUH 6 MILLIO…[View]
203878729Come home my lads.: Hello friends. Please help spread the song of our ancestors. https://www.youtub…[View]
203873968>shall not be infringed Does the 2nd Amendment guarantee every citizen the right to own a persona…[View]
203876541Brace yourselves. Im gonna say it!!!![View]
203877481How does one be genuine in a world nearing peak irony?[View]
203878281FoxNews anchor Tucker Carlson gets exposed and loses his mind!: >Names Murdochs >Names Cato In…[View]
203871465Famous Chicago street re-named for a Black woman: FUCK THIS SHIT. Congress Parkway gets renamed to I…[View]
203814045>Get woke go bro- OHONNONONONO. Worlds most popular game is LGBQTF, were winning…[View]
203869031Even Kamala's parents hate her.[View]
203877820The white race's sole purpose was to make inhabitable areas of the planet habitable for more ag…[View]
203868979>Banning guns doesn't work. But it's okay to ban drugs![View]
203878330Is it okay to be a feminist if you haven’t personally experienced major sexism?[View]
203861752BREAKING NEWS — Cook County State’s Attorney has approved charges against Jussie Smollett.: https://…[View]
203877572>The 40s were so problematic[View]
203876885Modern Holocaust Memorial Art: Why is Holocaust Memorials and 'Modern Art' indistinguishable?[View]
203877971Jussie Smollett is going to prison!: It’s time boys. Grab your faceberg logins, grab your shitter lo…[View]
203877098Too black pilled to live my life anymore. Thinking of taking antidepressants to cope: Is this a good…[View]
203853771what place should i go to get a decent christian qt, (hypothethically) of course, inb4 slav girl i…[View]
203877969Macron goes in front of Jews and promises to make anti-zionism illegal: https://twitter.com/Emmanuel…[View]
203878055Reminder to Establishment Democrats: ANY criticisms of Bernie Sanders will be considered as pro-Russ…[View]
203877580What are the political ramifications of Trump being a kino connoisseur? Trump loves Alita-san. Why d…[View]
203875021Reply to this thread more than the shill threads/why is Calvinism perfect?: Come on /pol/ show me yo…[View]
203876026Should whites continue to move north or at least in colder environments?[View]
203863534Friendly reminder that jews see themselves as a people as the living god on earth: https://www.youtu…[View]
203877108I’ll be. Free: What are the chances that high ranking Illinois officials assisted by the media,and e…[View]
203877894Who are the Black Nobility?[View]
203876525It's the Fever that vaccines produce that causes autism.: Vax then Fever & Swelling then In…[View]
203873985France will define anti-Zionism as a form of anti-Semitism: It's over for France.[View]
203877076AOC Apartment Complex: The Amenities match this: >https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/politics/poo…[View]
203863362Are you an alpha male or a beta male, /pol/?[View]
203872727>tfw you realize God exists[View]
203849132>You don't think climate change is a big issue? Well, have fun swimming underwater in 12 yea…[View]
203877085Is anyone still on his side?[View]
203876723Do u think mainstream media will collapse soon?[View]
203865492Betting Markets now have Bernie Sanders as the front runner for dem nomination: https://www.predicti…[View]
203869700Who is more educated and able to speak on race and how valid it is or isn't?: Scientists/schola…[View]
203876912How do you think the MSM will cover Trump's death?[View]
203876175Posts that didn't age well.[View]
203870057What do you do anon?[View]
203874677When did you realize that Trump wasn't going to be the savior of America?[View]
203871152Honeypot Bastion: Hello white people, I'm only here to tell you this (you) or not No matter how…[View]
203876778When and why did Republicans stop supporting free trade? Market economics used to be one of the corn…[View]
203877068I tried so hard to stop it. You have no idea the pain that is coming to you all. The socialist revol…[View]
203871690Bernie will win 2020 unless Trump ends wageslavery. You tricked the boomers into being wageslaves f…[View]
203869529==Israel said set to seek $250b compensation for Jews forced out of Arab countries==: >Israel is …[View]
203865370How do we get this America back? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYbe-35_BaA[View]
203862156So ADVChina told me that people in China make fake Alcohol with poison for profit. Aren't you a…[View]
203869580You now remember; When Milo yiannopoulos was everywhere did he die?[View]
203876034Honestly though do these seditious (((journalists))) really think they would be able to spew their l…[View]
203858247Now THIS is powerful.[View]
203873690Mexicans are religious. They might favor Democrats for economic reasons but would they overwhelm the…[View]
203876817When someone says pol is for political discussion[View]
203868996pol is legit the dumbest fucking board on this website.: >if i photoshop scat porn the joos will …[View]
203873898Being childfree: Is having kids a thing of the past now /pol/? Young white people simply dont have c…[View]
203876711Defending queers around the world: Just a reminder, if you still support trump then you are a fag en…[View]
203875520So I don't mind black people. I think maybe some of them have a reputation for being criminals,…[View]
203866996Why haven't you joined Identity Evropa?[View]
203876506Lyndon B. Johnson: Was (((Lyndon /b/ Johnsonstein))) the best JSA president of all time for signing …[View]
203871470Somali American here. BUILD THE WALL.: Trump is a pathological liar and the worst president, but I s…[View]
203867605this faggot got btfo for naughty internet searches and hateful speeches. reporting all of you. good …[View]
203866917I'm a white nationalist because literally anyone else in charge means bad news for us queers.[View]
203875688#JusticeForJussie: I for one, believe that the way the fascist white supremacist police are treating…[View]
203873819Jewish Supremacy Propaganda: What the fuck? Is this what kike kids read? There seems to be some kind…[View]
203874128What does /pol/ think about mummhad ali: Well?[View]
203873124Hi pol, I want to say an very important thought: #SLAVLIVESMATTER[View]
203873161When did you abandon Trump?[View]
203873234WE >Shieeeeit[View]
203875927Does /pol/ prefer to use a Bank or Credit Union?[View]
203870850Rick Whiles claims Jews pushing Trump plan for global homosexuality legalization: http://www.rightwi…[View]
203873745Why is he /ourmascot/[View]
203875440The Wall is Being Built and it Won't Be Stopped: B-but, he'll lose in court!? Right!? Righ…[View]
203869596There are like 50 threads on this right now, but none of them are telling the facts about what this …[View]
203873749ONE OF US: SAY IT WITH ME ONE OF US. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/self-proclaimed-white-nationa…[View]
203874990Cuck Jewmer[View]
203874680The left is actually going after Jussie Smollett because he's a faggot.: Think about it: the le…[View]
203867249Where were you when you realized Hapas are the future master race? The sixth root race of humanity t…[View]
203871064Why are you afraid of the mixed future?[View]
203870833ISIS BRIDES: Yay or Nay? Brides leaving ISIS because SHTF, would you an ISIS BRIDE?: OY VEY LET HER …[View]
203873811What makes Identity Europa neo-nazi?: But why? What have they really done to make them fit as neo-na…[View]
203874940nobody beats Jussie (he has gamefly)[View]
203870214Pence backs Trump global initiative to decriminalize homosexuality: spokesperson: https://www.washin…[View]
203872631The story of Finland in 4 pictures.[View]
203872207Trying to pass Anti-Lynching law because of Jussie Smollett: Jussie Smollett is best friends with Ka…[View]
203874453Dear /pol/ IS there such a thing as bad publicity?[View]
203874698Indictment has been served: >Indictment served by grand jury Can we assemble a compilation of art…[View]
203872562Will this discord trannies meme end ?: 4chan is a website filled with young people. Believe it or no…[View]
203874666have liberals ever before been so thoroughly btfo?[View]
203873812What group of people does /pol/ hate most?: https://www.strawpoll.me/17467612[View]
203874603Anal sex consent in Canada: Canada has a age consent age for anal sex of 18. WTF?! Do they regulate …[View]
203864182Selling montana to canada: Would you sign it away? https://www.change.org/p/christian-moms-against-p…[View]
203874563https://twitter.com/nowthisnews/status/1098354862364839936 >inb4 the historian is a smug asshole.…[View]
203874547A network of subterranean canals would literally make Russia into a superpower[View]
203874543Reality of pedophilia/punishments?: So if you've been around on the internet long enough which …[View]
203873888The absolute state of hate crime hoaxes!: How long before this one gets exposed? https://www.yahoo.c…[View]
203872597I just found out that I'm a Jew: I just found out that I'm 22% ashkenazi Jew from a dna te…[View]
203872488How do we meme women into wearing corsets again?[View]
203874046Role Mode of Excellence! Is he truly our guy?[View]
203868438Affirmative Action AG Wilson-Raybould perceives Job Expectations: as Undue Pressure, and proceeds to…[View]
203872287I have taken the final redpill: If you haven't noticed by now, the politics moves in one single…[View]
203868883Why is /pol/ so xenophobic? Your fancy 'German' car was probably made in Guatemala. About 13% of bla…[View]
203874107What does /pol/ think about this guy?[View]
203861990>Prosecutors said Christopher Paul Hasson, a self-proclaimed white nationalist, called for the us…[View]
203873135Redpill me on racism.[View]
203863780Why is the American Left mad that we aren't letting a terrorist back into the country?[View]
203865603Unemployment is at record lows. That should terrify Trump.: Without fail for the past 70 years, the …[View]
203870350Aydin Paladin Thread: Say something nice about her[View]
203867751The SCOTUS is forcing NJ to give an argument over its CCW laws (they asked before and NJ refused to …[View]
203869149WIFI IS CAUSING STERILITY AND AUTISM: WIFI is making people sterile. Also consider what happens to a…[View]
203868773Don’t even think about it: https://www-m.cnn.com/2019/02/20/politics/coast-guard-mass-killing-hit-li…[View]
203870433>dude i'm centrist lmao[View]
203845745IT'S MUELLER TIME: Justice Dept. preparing for Mueller report as early as next week Time's…[View]
203872039Blacks hate this gay shit too and attacks on masculinity. But unless we can become temporary allies …[View]
203873787Reminder that Kurds are Whiter than even West Europeans. R1a is the white gene.[View]
203871154with all the shit that goes in the world - protests, riots, demonstrations, occupations, civil wars,…[View]
203873709Post Predictions for Democratic Primary Bloodbath: How intersection is it going to be? How much redp…[View]
203872808The next president of the united states[View]
203873574Pussy Hat: >Be Me >Lost a bet Need to wear pussy hat for a week everywhere I go >AMA…[View]
203870927Bernie Drops the Mic on DRUMPF: In 2 minute video Bernie literally just bends Drumpf backwards and b…[View]
203872966Do you think most of America's problems would be solved if we had a law restricting people…[View]
203872317Are South Koreans Simply Nazi Machines?: Inventing features that aren't that important and boun…[View]
203865782How did we get like this?[View]
203872301>If you witness an I.C.E. Raid or any other immigration activity in your community, call our Migr…[View]
203871352Remember this thread? Anon had an ANTIFA professor so he put a picture of Pepe on her door. They cal…[View]
203863437CENTRIST HATE THREAD: >HA you plebs actually have opinions and state them? Don't you know th…[View]
203871087H.J.Res.31 - Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2019: Remember this? Well, he signed it. https://congr…[View]
203872323Literal kike puppet trying to spread the Global Homo.[View]
203871752Why did /pol/ like Ron Paul back in the day? He doesn't even want a wall.[View]
203873036Orban,Salvini giving asylum for South African whites?: Any Euroanons know if this is true? Orban and…[View]
203872686Fuck Stormniggers[View]
203873008>god I wish that was me She’s still the hottest woman in politics[View]
203856579How Many of You Truly Believe That Being White, Straight, Male, etc., Makes You Superior?: I'm …[View]
203872950Gott strafe England![View]
203865470what the fuck is wrong with the people who still support this man? are they all failed reddit transp…[View]
203865451Felony 2: Turn yourself in Smollett....[View]
203872825I support trans shit because now women will be replaced by trans males. when women see their oportun…[View]
203868586SNC-Gate: How French PM Trudeau attempted to: legislatively help French company SNC-Lavalin avoid cr…[View]
203872464¡¡¡HAPPENING!!! MAJOR FIRE KILLS DOZENS!!!: A huge fire in one of the centre districts of Dhaka has …[View]
203853471The wall is being built and it won't be stopped.: B-but, he'll lose in court!? Right!? Rig…[View]
203857641Can we get an mkultra general thread going here?[View]
203864479Trump is racist against jews but he also a zionist: Can someone from the left please help me underst…[View]
2038709224chanX extension: The 4chanX extension allows you to filter out memeflags. We all know the memeflags…[View]
203871318Consent age in Brazil: What y'all think about the consenting age in Brazil? Like, here is perfe…[View]
203866395Is anyone else absolutely excited beyond rational belief for the Mueller report to come out? If Trum…[View]
203847368Youtube is Facilitating the Sexual Exploitation of Children, and it's Being Monetized (2019): h…[View]
203866339>stopped fapping >stopped getting high and drunk all the time >stopped procrastinating wi…[View]
203866767AOC Nudes: Alright boys, whose got em or knows where to find them? No way a girl who spent 9 years a…[View]
203872002Traffikerz: Go after the coyote human traffickers. They make 8-10k a child bringing them to the bord…[View]
203863566A.I. GENERATED FACES: https://www.thispersondoesnotexist.com/ Okay /pol/, there is a website where A…[View]
203863532> 2019 > being scared of girlcock and boipussy MYTH: It’s gay to have sex with a girl if she h…[View]
203857243I. A Sovereign Republic We demand the establishment of an independent and sovereign republic in the …[View]
203849131Legalizing Hard Drugs is the Solution to the Opioid Crisis: and implementing the Swiss model would h…[View]
203842593Do you think recent political happenings have harmed your sexual market value?: /pol/ often talks ab…[View]
203872133/pol/ humor thread[View]
203870593California College Calls The Police Over Pepe: Folsom Lake College notified the local police after f…[View]
203872001All this man does is hit home runs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7R-TX1e3UaU[View]
203871984*** THE AMERICANS ***: best show to have ever aired on TV or best show to have ever aired on TV?…[View]
203871024Ed Buck Appreciation Thread: Let's hear it for Ed Buck. The second gay black man to be found d…[View]
203869948No mug shot: When did you realize Roger’s arrest was fake and that he tipped off CNN?[View]
203871092where should Bernie buy his next beach house?[View]
203865249https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbsIEXFAx1M How the hell could Nazis think Slavs aren't white? …[View]
203871704Trump Exists to Empower Israel: 'Antisemitism was an overwhelming force and the Jews would have eith…[View]
203870572What does /pol/ think of Making Money Online and Working from Home? Is it a worthy alternative to be…[View]
203864820Stop following Drumpf: Can’t you see he’s just a Zionist puppet?[View]
203856188One more thread. With this specific topic Ayys are real and pic related is a human made UFO https:/…[View]
203871403the UK needs to apologise for this NOW, and return this innocent 15 year old girls citizenship. she …[View]
203870965What is a coal burner: I got called a coal burner here and idk what it is also MAGA[View]
203863307This is your daily reminder: that Pharoah Tutankhamun's DNA was sequenced 8 years ago, that res…[View]
203870525https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nknYtlOvaQ0&t Have you faggots given up on politics yet?[View]
203870989Thank you President Kushner, Very cool![View]
203870737Apologize to blacks: >Nigger stages hate crime to hurt whites >Nigger police and bureaucrats d…[View]
203870939Neomexicanos in the race war?: My Iberian ancestry has been in New Mexico since New Spain and has ha…[View]
203855971This is what 2024 will look like due to demographic shifts[View]
203870413Charged with disorderly conduct: Is that going easy? Can there be more charges for the letter? http:…[View]
203868179>To hit, or not to hit, >Dost thou ever miss? >I suppose it not. >You have a male love i…[View]
203844460Veganism is consumerist bullshit: >when rich people convince poor people to spend more money on t…[View]
203858130Thread about feminism: Just feminist things[View]
203870763The official Jussie Juicebox salt mining thread: Post screencaps![View]
203870725Why the fuck do people support communism and also act like such a SJW like all the damn time. Like …[View]
203870638SMOLLET FALLS !: The grand jury indictment has been delivered, the lying faggot is going down, of co…[View]
203870674How hard do you think it would be to overthrow the indian government? The average hourly wage is 0.4…[View]
203862676How likely do you think it is that Trump wins re-election? Who do you think he would do best/worst a…[View]
203869545What would your ideal vision of your state, or America a a whole look like? How do you propose this …[View]
203870570in light of the Smollett hate crime hoax: why does /pol/ still not BELIEVE WOMEN???[View]
203852136Capitalists will defend this.[View]
203863648Literally BTFO: lulz go for max penalty! 3 years!![View]
203866358what does democracy freedom and liberty mean to you?[View]
203869999People are killing murder witnesses in Florida - and getting away with it: Florida, what the fuck? T…[View]
203867182I'm 18 and I just held hands with a girl for the first time. Rate my life so far[View]
203869441Soo.. boys how long?[View]
203849811'Great' Britain is Fucked: Can Russia just nuke us already. If only you could understand h…[View]
203846474Antisionism is now forbidden in France: Macron declared today that the legal definition of 'antisemi…[View]
203869395I HURT MYSELF TODAY[View]
203870154Patreon paying poltards: But they got deplatformed[View]
203864977I have a challenge for /pol: Name a succesful country in history that has had both 1. Majority black…[View]
203863203JUST: >Jussie Smollett has just been indicted for a felony ... filing a false police report, and …[View]
203866961IT'S HAPPENING[View]
203869912>destroys Sargon forever >lets everyone know what a fraud Jordan Petersen is >fucks up Krau…[View]
203867981Possible Pedophile Phillip Defranco Searches Youtube for girls in Bikinis: On yesterday's show …[View]
203854472>unironically be European >call an American a burger >think about it >realize that Ame…[View]
203870049do we have mods? why are 50 fucking jussie threads on the front page? do your jobs niggers[View]
203846303I hope that after this guy they will never ever again elect a Latin American Pope.[View]
203863927Anonymous: guys, I am a staunch white nationalist. I am a skinhead and I wear my flight jacket relig…[View]
203869663Now, this is MAGA country!!: kek[View]
203862766Screenshot this thread Tomorrow will be a victory for us Someone will be exposed And some will be de…[View]
203861892Madame President[View]
203857808Trump is violating the constitution via twitter and attempting to strip the citizenship from a lawfu…[View]
203863097Globalist shill tries to bait Tucker, looks like a total retard shill on the process: So much projec…[View]
203859083Man was arrested for having a stockpile of 15 guns, over 1000 bullets and having a list of traitors.…[View]
203869606This is how I ask black guys to have gay sex with me. Any question?[View]
203867928FULL DISCLOSURE: IT'S HAPPENING! https://youtu.be/ZMd6RBovp3M[View]
203869523I found a refute for feminists who call pets their children. As if there weren't enough refutes…[View]
203869443As you know, there has been an ongoing, and recent explosion in, trend of fake hate crimes. The goyi…[View]
203869500Did ya'll know that a lot of companies like Comcast outsource their human resources management …[View]
203864336>make redpill post >Few minutes later hear sirens…[View]
203868226why do they hate us so? are they not white?[View]
203849524>steal land from other people >spread degeneracy >tell lies, steal money from absolutely ev…[View]
203868570Will the west collapsing be good in the end? I suppose it will be like the dark ages, but after that…[View]
203863631Is in breeding actually bad or is this a Jewish lie so our pure bloodlines die out[View]
203869188Degenerate race mixing!: Look at the degenerate (((porn))) being depicted in pic related!!!!!! We mu…[View]
203868538absolute state of journalism[View]
203869096Time for talking is over: '... when the day comes, we will not ask whether you swung to the right or…[View]
2038642102020: These campaign logos all fucking suck.[View]
203868954>tfw voting for bernie >tfw learned not to vote against my economic interests…[View]
203843865I'm not Anti Vax but I got this in the mail and it made me think twice... WHY are they paying p…[View]
203868754IT'S OVER[View]
203852627maryland gun grab: List of bullshit in various bills that are being pushed soon >all 80% lowers b…[View]
203867961Unbelievable. Why is this anti-semitism tolerated?[View]
203868683the jews fear bitcoin[View]
203867114What did he mean by this?[View]
203832883so you see fellow whites?: We must enact on accelerationism, we must erode and destroy what we hold …[View]
203863550Stop letting them control the language.[View]
203868646What happens here?[View]
203868655Fifty Shades of Gray parody.: At work we were having fun. We came up with an idea to write a parody …[View]
203868605Political Association thread ITT: >we name political association or closest too >we name what …[View]
203865546BREAKING: 'Empire' actor Jussie Smollett has been charged with felony: This is also not including th…[View]
203868539∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞J-E-B∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞: Meet your next president, burgers. It's Jeb. He's back, he…[View]
203867342Let’s say he’s found guilty of the using the USPS to mail himself a hoax threat containing white pow…[View]
203868210Trannycord shills are making bernie threads now. You've probably noticed. Stop replying, please…[View]
203868041IS HE ONE OF US ANONS?: I think this guy posted regularly. He’s fucked now. All those pretty guns ar…[View]
203843366Are Putinbots still active on /pol/, or did this board finally realize that Russia is the bad guy in…[View]
203856407Is Alaska appropriate for an ethnostate: >empty >Mostly whites there >far from the rest of…[View]
203865196*** THE AMERICANS ***: best political show to have ever aired on TV or best show to have ever aired …[View]
203868415The Progress Party: Canada's new left/populist federal party: >Why haven't I heard of i…[View]
203867339Nazis are dum-[View]
203868370All the trannies shilling about trump being a jew are going to slowly redpill themselves and there…[View]
203867892Yeah, sounds about right[View]
203862805Does tinder work for men?[View]
203831907Loud bang then full on inferno.: Seems odd doesn't it? https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/20/americas/…[View]
203866649Is this the most competent man who has ever ran for office.[View]
203841483World's greatest female tennis player speaks out against trannies competing with women: and get…[View]
203865894Hey You!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSgeg3z0ewI&bpctr=1550712305[View]
203868229Jilted Affirmative Action (Indian, Woman) Charity Hire: Jody Wilson-Raybould is persecuting Trudeau…[View]
203867829The Dresden bombing never happened, but it should have[View]
203868105Apologize to blacks: >Nigger stages hate crime to hurt whites >Nigger police and bureaucrats d…[View]
203868068TYT+Pocahontas interview. 3 thousand likes to 3 hundred dislikes Glumfph is finished. https://www.…[View]
203866002Refugee family just straight up stops existing after housefire: Alright, which one of you Madlads di…[View]
203864776Why have all the entertaining videos of American Right wingers and Antifa beating the shit out of ea…[View]
203863876Why aren't you faggots creating new words to counter our enemies?: Instead of posting porn and …[View]
203863738Revenge: Do you think most of us are motivated by revenge rather than to gain power or other forms o…[View]
203867487Do you have Fresh Prince in a can?: The Lesser Keys of Solomon tells us that after Solomon used the …[View]
203836326Éire/pol/ - Comfy Edition: This thread is for general discussion on News, Happenings, and Politics i…[View]
203866606Hate to see it![View]
203867065Thoughts on this based city?[View]
203867415Guidance: Hello /pol/, To all those out there seeking, I wanted to offer a warning. You know as well…[View]
203866811What do any Illinois anons think of Pritzker?[View]
203862464What exactly is the 'libertarian left' supposed to be?[View]
203865168APPROPRIATION: These destroyers of society are in OUR Louvre appropriating our art, our history, our…[View]
203851642WAR INCOMING!!!!!!!!!![View]
203866557What’s wrong with me /POL/ ?: Even though she’s a Jew I still think she’s Beautiful and she’s Pro Tr…[View]
203857270FUCKING BASED: Libfags eternally BTFO![View]
203860283TRUST DEMOCRACY GOYIM: >A Coast Guard lieutenant and self-described white nationalist who was arr…[View]
203851863What’s the purpose of a private Moon mission?: and why is there no Israel flag on it?[View]
203866645Pinterest Blocks Vaccination Searches in Move to Control the Conversation: >Pinterest has stopped…[View]
203866243Anyone regret voting for Trump?: How can we ever recover from this stain on our reputation after vot…[View]
203866636hey banjo_chan I hope ur ok I still love u[View]
203847525America will Balkanize: All trends point to this occuring. Demographic, political, and economic. All…[View]
203866451>its a “white man is bad, ethnic woman is good” episode >even has token race mixing Even Pix…[View]
203864033Trump FUMING he signed a bill that has no wall zones without being told: https://www.sourcepolitics.…[View]
203864377OY VEY[View]
203866009Pepe sighting at California campus: Which anon claims this? Major kudos to you. https://www.campusre…[View]
203862315Scotland Yard Finds a High ranking Paedophile: The absolute state of this country. How much worse wi…[View]
203864661How does our God Emperor's reign end? Can you see him relinquishing control to anyone, let alon…[View]
203862314SOCIALISM: SATANISM, SPIRITUALISM, AND SEANCES: >Socialism began with spiritual wackos who reject…[View]
203862116Is it possible to found a new political party these days? I’m speaking for America, but I’m curious …[View]
203864428Report finished = No more indictments?: Reddit is melting down because they believe there will be no…[View]
203838160Wired Names the Youtube: Wired goes full Elsagate[View]
203861542Reminder: Pizzagate was fucking fake. John and tony podesta are into weird art. Sure. Its weird. But…[View]
203861030The American Stain: >Having a nigger president is OK!! >Having 40 million niggers is OK! >H…[View]
203865514Kaballah Harris MUST RESIGN[View]
203865731Why do Democrats hate the economy?[View]
203857955What is it about Scandinavians that make them so attractive[View]
203865601Campus closes due to frog???: Wat???? https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=11894[View]
203865179Nigger btfo How will faggots ever recover?[View]
203863423What went wrong?[View]
203865646'Nothing to offer': lives up to name in 3..2..1[View]
203865494Did you know you guys don't have to be SO mean all the time?![View]
203865525Stalinist Socialist Schools Normie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTs_jV92wZc&t=59s…[View]
203865262have you donated yet paypiggy? I better see your onions tax in my account by tomorrow.[View]
203846205/pol/andcraft: Want to create your own nation and pillage the cities of other autists? If so, come o…[View]
203865435https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1ezj-cEb8s a jew suspected of fraud i never would have guess? Would…[View]
203864998>As soon as you decide genes are a deciding factor for your country then your country is racist. …[View]
203856205Why do modern men rather go for Asian women instead of White women and how do we stop it?[View]
203853760Mueller Report - Official Cope Thread: Post em[View]
203865270Oh no no no no no: Smollett charged with filing false police report[View]
203865138Le capitalist nationalist face: >Yes I will continue being loyal to my bourgeoisie lords >No t…[View]
203865242Need some peopel dto dump happy merchants sorted my pics and realized i have very little.[View]
203865045Jussie Smollett Charged: >“Empire” actor Jussie Smollett has been charged with filing a false pol…[View]
203851361If you watch Netflix you are a subhuman: Daily reminder. No one is pushing racemixing as much as Net…[View]
203856108WTF I had no idea we had /ourgirl/ at Huffington Post: How did she pull that off? >Yesterday, the…[View]
203858428Why hasn't Trump legalized it yet? https://youtu.be/39_PZjxDUgQ[View]
203865071I love Germany. If it only spent more on NATO, and obey USA in matter of Nord Stream, then i would l…[View]
203864737retard smollett indicted: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/20/arts/television/jussie-smollett-attack-…[View]
203863630#RACEPIMPS am i rite?[View]
203861981Nothing's over, fuck bois.[View]
203859842DEAR BURGERGOYIMS:: if you don't see that Trump is a Ziopuppet by now you may be an actual reta…[View]
203864061Whats wrong with Libertarians? Not a Ron Paul lib but a Thomas Sowell and Milton Friedman libertaria…[View]
203833678The Bushes have $1,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollars in a trust.: Incoming document dump. >Bush fam…[View]
203864153Bookies heavily favor Trump in 2020. LOL: All I can say is BBBWBWHWHAHAHAHAAAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA! Eve…[View]
203862467Ozfags, get in here and explain this:: >https://youtu.be/j0rrywXNu8s David Icke has visa revoked …[View]
203864667Furries, and what they reveal about ourselves, you,re welcome: >fandom begins in 1970s with tech …[View]
203860205https://psmag.com/environment/17-to-1-reproductive-success Why do I keep seeing bluepilled males pos…[View]
203863322How do we save the white race?[View]
203858764HOLY SHIT WHY IS THERE NO THREAD YET!? https://apnews.com/e919eb94af514cfc9a43982fc7e2e617[View]
203859994This is literally every thread on /pol/ these days. This place is almost unusable.[View]
203863034Why is supply and demand not understood by the average citizen?[View]
203864519Come on Aus /Pol. Let's get Clive Palmer into parliament. We need someone who won't let Au…[View]
203862177Having a degree in economics means nothing: if you got it on a D passing grade[View]
203864491ISIS is Trump: MADLADS get yo ass whooped[View]
203850198Tell me how this can be solved: It’s fucked up that smart women can’t all get hot, rich Chad men. Ho…[View]
203864303Moral come ass: Tucker is right Dems like Gellibrand are the height of hypocrisy[View]
203862989If the Jews control everything, wouldn’t that make them the master race?[View]
203852692Why do chinks play this game so much? Do you have to have 200 billion IQ to play it?[View]
203863901Why did Mohammed cross the road?: To get to the goat on the other side.[View]
203862253What timeline are we in?: http://donaldjtrump.com/crooked Ok guys we are reaching troll levels that …[View]
203841548VIETNAM 2.0 INCOMING.: RATCHETING UP FOR THE OPENING ROUND SATURDAY. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/ea…[View]
203863632The Turner Diaries: >https://www.rt.com/usa/452033-coast-guard-officer-terror-attacks/ Holy shit.…[View]
203859634TESLA AD AGAINST NIGS: ELON GOES 14/88 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTueNRDLSCQ >https://www.y…[View]
203863931Like Trump now Pol?[View]
203859663Should women be allowed to vote?[View]
203857309Operation HERo: Let's help Disney double down with their agenda. We need to urge woman to not b…[View]
203860635KKK: Whats the deal pol? Why were they formed originally and by who? Was it the jews? Or did the jew…[View]
203847441/pol/ humor anyone?[View]
203863665Jussie Charged: Charged Disorderly Conduct and Filing a False Police Report This is the beginning it…[View]
203857099Why is high jump dominated by whites?: I thought white man can't jump? Or is the whole (((black…[View]
203861133show me more based childbook than this. her father was nigger king, full of redpills and constant ni…[View]
203850956Where are all the 'Trump is a kike puppet' shills?: Did they get arrested already?[View]
203856639Should we teach the way of the blade to youth in school?: All great civilizations mastered the sacre…[View]
203855993Make the word CIRCLE Hate speech: Call them CIRCLES. Kike is short for kikel. Kikel means CIRCLE ki…[View]
203851983Shamima Begum: FUCK HER Amrite?[View]
203862288Reminder to stop using 4chan Hiro is an FBI spook[View]
203863485ISIS FORCES DRIVEN OUT OF SYRIA BY US: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YY6M1Z5vs50[View]
203861632The guy who invented the Global Warming Hoax is dead: https://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2019/02/18/us…[View]
203863409https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOJADzYAG5E beanie boi live going in hard on smollett[View]
203862693HELP: I am going on a podcast in California in two weeks and I have to argue about how gender reassi…[View]
203863376DoTR on hold: https://www.businessinsider.com/christopher-hasson-domestic-terrorist-federal-prosecut…[View]
203846825Look, it's Anne Frank writing her diary: How convenient[View]
203862361AMERICA WILL NEVER RBE SOCIALIST!: Immediately hands out $13 billion in farm subsidies.[View]
203859751FALSE FLAG WARNING.: GET THE FUCK IN HERE >Report attack on self >Get democratic congressiona…[View]
203837010VOTE FOR ISRAEL: https://twitter.com/DefendAssange/status/1098313419571240961 Keep bumping thread an…[View]
203863134>Snowden exposes NSA >Everyone says they already knew, and just moves on while the government …[View]
203856778ANOTHER MAGA TARD DOMESTIC TERRORIST: The sooner you retarded fucks are outlawed the better. I see a…[View]
203824865ORANGE MAN, PUTIN! NUKE US PLEASE!: I can't take this shit anymore. Today our 'center-right' go…[View]
203837994White Chad is the most perfect human being.: https://youtu.be/Ze9f8-EdJJA[View]
203854407What kind of sentencing is possible for Jussie here? Class 4 felony[View]
203859321How do we save white women?[View]
203862970France to adopt international definition of anti-Semitism: >Frogs are base- https://www.charlotte…[View]
203861758How to live a happily celibate life?: Coming to grips that I'm probably never going to have sex…[View]
203862436>white male >age: 25-28 >came from middle class family why do they do it is the 30 year old…[View]
203862552Get rekt you treasonist whore, she belongs in Guantanamo http://archive.is/5NZu8[View]
203850866Conservative Christian thread only: pick a Conservative waifu: Mine is Kaitlyn Bennett https://youtu…[View]
203852942Amazon paid NO Tax despite $11billion profit: Do you get it yet? Governments only tax the working po…[View]
203855048Britiod hate thread: >Britiods are unironically worse than Jews. >Britiods are unironically ug…[View]
203861423How can anyone of you watch this and still defend a government, not least a party that clearly gives…[View]
203860766Florida Bar admits autist: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/woman-with-autism-admitted-to-florida-bar-be…[View]
203862218Should criminals be sent to conc. camps?: Should criminals be sent to concentration camps and have t…[View]
203862626https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Py2LZNb79Q >tfw your ancestors literally burnt chuches filled wi…[View]
203853843HAPPENING!!! Chicago Att. overseeing the hoax steps down due to 'familiarity with potential witness'…[View]
203859698Was cuck porn originally created so viewers would identify with the bull?[View]
203861093Simple question. Can we beat (((them)))?[View]
203861325This might not be the place for it but I'm working on a graphic novel, the plot is a Russian ga…[View]
203860975Is this the ticket MAGACUCKS are most afraid of?: This tag team looks unbeatable if you ask me. Bern…[View]
203858663Is Tucker being prevented from speaking his mind?: (NON SHILL EDITION) The Tucker Carlson from a mon…[View]
203861136Hey Deep State, Whatcha doin?: Same day as Smollet story collapses? Common guys, you got to do bette…[View]
203857357Anarchist Cookbook: What's the deal with this book? Is it redpilled? Lots of reviews say that i…[View]
203862445>nothing has changed yet Based pajeet[View]
203860262Germany wants to ban Tor browsers and wants to ban the Darknet: no english sources yet https://www.h…[View]
203859855/mgtow/: Discuss MGTOW, and why it is the only way forward. Protect your resources and your mental h…[View]
203861109Ohio accidentally bans guns: Oops! Ohio law makers accidentally ban all AR, AK and most shotguns. ht…[View]
203862168Why have serious discourse when you can post pics of frogs?[View]
203829021Any leftist care to enlighten me?: >be leftist >be pro-worker >want fair wages >concerne…[View]
203862149What is an ideal conservative man: This one is for the ladies of /pol/. What do you think of when y…[View]
20386117923andMe has just updated its reports, now the ancestry composition cut all the lower drops and uncer…[View]
203862128Is gold standard possible from Grassroots?: I know there are legal tender laws so if you have a cont…[View]
203838807please jump Happening: Lady Liberty Climber Austin, Texas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zU4oq_Hl2B…[View]
203855904>Madam your son has just been drafted and he needs to come with us wat do…[View]
203859339Is Miley Cyrus racist?[View]
203858980Who's the best???: That's right. I'm implying that Tulsi will win the primaries. Fuck…[View]
203860553Disrespecting Malia Is a HATE CRIME!!: Bigots. https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/nexdd8/there-will-…[View]
203858518Would sending white sperm donations to Africa help them fix their problems?[View]
203858897After they close the 'wage gap' what power grab will women go for next?[View]
203853191the smartest people on earth live here. you are fucked if you dont believe god is gonna flood the ea…[View]
203861974Maga Teen Coverage: So how do we feel about people who stick with the original narrative? https://ww…[View]
203861855Covington High student's legal team sues Washington Post: https://www.foxnews.com/us/covington-…[View]
203839927What happened to the British music? Is there a racial question?: Remember the gold music times? The …[View]
203859988But my russiah! Fucking idiots, we're all going to die.: https://www.yahoo.com/news/putin-well-…[View]
203861945Diversity redpills: Post them[View]
203861291>Babylonian temple looks just like a masonic temple What did VeggieTales meme by this?…[View]
203853930Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez refuses to endorse Bernie Sanders!: AOC is going to attack every single Dem…[View]
203853791/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
203861831Fat 'Precious' sow: So the fat bitch from Precious is still supporting Jussie smollet. Any kind word…[View]
203861629Given the daily mass shootings/acts of violence by white incels, should white men be banned from pub…[View]
203858775Just a quick message to the alt-right:: You can threaten me, you can attack me with lies, you can at…[View]
203861618>Anne Berner >Rich Swiss businesswoman >Gets a Finnish citizenship in one day >Auction…[View]
203857651NIGGER '50 CENT' DECLINED TRUMP'S OFFER OF $500,000 TO ATTEND INAUGURATION: >50 Cent Claims …[View]
203861675I've been reading about how electric came about as a public utility. And I realized that if the…[View]
203860233NIGGER: Episode 52: lets have it. (Your opinion of the latest strike and mike show)[View]
203848011C A L L T O A R M S Alright, long story short, everyone knows Discord is under investigation. I h…[View]
203861566Cops called over Cartoon Frog: Not only did we break their brain, but it came with a list of 'Dog wh…[View]
203842101Is it OK to follow a Jewish religion if it has proven to be good?: Is Christianity a Jewish poison o…[View]
203861498Left wing radicals, SJWs, neoprogressives, etc like to infiltrate and ban community members who disa…[View]
203858890What makes you qualified to talk about politics, other than browsing /pol/ all day?[View]
203852654Will America ever be a white/prosperous country again?: In the future, can the white minority return…[View]
203861406Why is America full of violent beaners and blacks? When are they being sent back? https://youtu.be/V…[View]
203849872This is the last straw for me. Donald Trump (or Gronald Blumpfth as I call him) is EVIL[View]
203859158Woman here: Now you guys may have figured it out by now, but I don’t think that I was born into the …[View]
203841305America is already socialist: Do you use anything on this list? If so you are already benefiting fro…[View]
203861211On White Nationalism and Sexual Degeneracy: Why does the white nationalist community have a problem …[View]
203861126Russians like Bernie?: Why do you think the 'Russians' want Bernie sanders to be president pol?…[View]
203828864Don't Hit Tech Firms With Antitrust Cases to Protect Conservatives from 'Bias': THESE…[View]
203861196What did she mean by this?: >Holocaust >Cable at a fraction of the cost >Just to make sure …[View]
203861078The day you stop viewing this as a joke and the correct way forward is the day this country gets bac…[View]
203859895You thought 2016 was crazy ? You ain't seen nothing yet.[View]
203854377Every day until he is President[View]
203861143Just looking at books for sale...which one of you sells this? /pol/ Humor thread.[View]
203838846THE TUCK GOT CUCKED AND EXPOSED AS A GLOBALIST TALKING HEAD: LMFAO There is no recovering from this…[View]
203858215ITT: We post heroes that were '''Suicided''' by Glowing Niggers: Barnaby Jack - Hacked the pace make…[View]
203861063I don't get the holohoax denial thing: >A council of centralized Jewish leadership that has …[View]
203859857was the holocaust done in self defence?[View]
203861022Bolsonaro: Brazil is the future of the West and the future defender of Christian Civilization agains…[View]
203860873NEW PETER ZEIHAN: New interesting geo political lecture. Is he right? Will the USA be fine without t…[View]
203857978>he won’t face any punishment for lying because he’s half black/half Jew. /pol/ isn’t always rig…[View]
203857477Damn, blacks are harsh[View]
203860303>THIS is the average /pol/tard alt-righter MAGApede oof... YIKES https://twitter.com/iammicklove…[View]
203860557ENHANCE! What did he mean by this?[View]
203858047Why are right wingers so afraid of Spanish?[View]
203855330Why isn’t she running?[View]
203810872Even retards are figuring out Q is legit: Go ahead and refute this video... which the guy described …[View]
203860214Why this fat fuck showed his ambition so early? Now it has comeback to bite him.[View]
203860692How low can she go: Fucking retarded AOC shills officially on suicide watch. Repeat after me Social…[View]
203860729TRUMP ABSOLUTELY BTFO NO RECOVERING FROM THIS: https://www.booooooom.com/2017/09/07/artist-jrs-large…[View]
203859987Hypothetically, Could a manifesto written with explicit instructions on usurping the United States C…[View]
203855493This beautiful korean lady is out on the street every week to sing beautiful Christian songs How oft…[View]
203838887European men need to take responsibility for women: >check them >direct them >punish them …[View]
203834804Name my band. I'll wait.[View]
203859993Why do we allow white dudes with tans to pass as 'black' in the US?[View]
203852597Why have anime and anime accessories largely becoming hated and associated with degeneracy on imageb…[View]
203850464Hate Hoax General:: A collection of Hate Crime hoaxes that have been memory-holed.[View]
203856013Why are 'leftists' so obsessed with distancing themselves from 'liberals'? Are they really this delu…[View]
203859493Fake Tuker Interview. How Can you All Be Duped ?: How have you fags been duped by this clearly hacke…[View]
203855771This little guy just went extinct. Rising sea levels are to blame. What do you have to say for yours…[View]
203857046Youtube sexual exploitation of minors: So this guy is leading the charge against youtube's unde…[View]
203860167A U.S. Coast Guard lieutenant and self-identified white nationalist was arrested after federal inves…[View]
203859002LeftyPol - Bernie or Harris: Ok bois, who else voted Trump because he promised gibmedats but then di…[View]
203840996Post your favorite jews ITT[View]
203844271Opinions on this?: I have just finished watching this series. This is (((their))) idea of a dystopia…[View]
203859984Boomer kike thinks he is BTFOing The Zognald: Why are they so nervous? https://twitter.com/JeffreyGu…[View]
203859144NEW MDE SKIT: https://youtu.be/kwvfPPIGy9s[View]
203859798oh yeah yeah[View]
203839691What's wrong with her? Why do alt-righters hate her? She makes good points.[View]
203859899#twinks4trump!!!: hi cuties i have an announcement to make. twinks 4 trump!!! trump trump trump twin…[View]
203856812why did AOC think that turning down a deal with a tax break meant that the amount was now cash sitti…[View]
203859706You guys remember what was happening in Florida around this time last year?[View]
203859844is it too much to ask to have a president who focuses on american issues? is that too much? is it un…[View]
203849065Herbal Jew? What about CBD.: I see a post on /pol/ every so often about quitting the herbal Jew aka …[View]
203859802MEGA runs MAGA?: 2 Trump business buddies, Lord Conrad Black and David Raedler ran the Hollinger Cor…[View]
203859043>Trump doesn’t allow a muslim chick back into the US >Yet is perfectly fine with importing ton…[View]
203835720DAILY NICE: DOE EYE TEACHER BURIES A BONE: https://metro.co.uk/2019/02/19/drama-teacher-raped-boy-16…[View]
203852623Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your Pepes... because I deleted my damn folder..[View]
203858782Anyone notice now that Trump has been exposed as the Traitor failure he is, to his Base, , that the …[View]
203859334the future is bright: I foster German Sheppards. The dogs come to me very well trained, and they…[View]
203857572Hey jannies, i have to leave the nest. Give me a perm ban and release me to the cruel world. I am re…[View]
203859269How do I check if my penis is female?: Pls, anyone know?[View]
203857713Is the internet really more censored in the USA?: I always thought we had some of the highest intern…[View]
203857010UNCENSORED SHEMALE SURGERY! ARE WOMEN DONE???: Will women become obsolete when artificial wombs or m…[View]
203857945Kamala Harris’s dad: Our family wants to ‘dissociate ourselves from this travesty’ ‘My dear departed…[View]
203856701picture this, niggers think white people are racist and invented blackface, but the guy who populari…[View]
203859460The Profit (2001): Anyone see this movie? I found it on the web, haven't seen it yet, but it…[View]
203855549Jussie Smollett is a victim: You bigots are getting really desperate for something to stick to the l…[View]
203859393PPC BTFO: This is crazy. This is a PPC organizer... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8XSsjCdO-U…[View]
203857869MasonWars: Why does INFOWARS post Freemason PSY-OP imagery on every one of it's news pages. I t…[View]
203853319INCOMING ! POL IN THE NEWS: http://archive.is/z77GG https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safe…[View]
203859171The Endless Zioinist Wars Saga - The Music Video Series: Hello /pol/, I made a series of videos tha…[View]
203859166another addition to agenda: check these subs, see redit's policy in full effect /r/WhiteExtinct…[View]
203856623Madame President[View]
203855777>at Google HQ >In a huge luxury room, the size of a basketball court >filled with expensive…[View]
203856088BUILD THE PIPELINE: https://youtu.be/Jms77mOb4jA[View]
203858985What is NRx and how do I become NRx-pilled?[View]
203858747Which potential 2020 presidential candidate dosent mess around?[View]
203854960Can /pol/'s weaponized autism find justice for this fellow?: You fags need to start working. We…[View]
203858945Hey pol, let's start a punk band! Last night I pitched a tent The dream was good the dream was …[View]
203816863why aren’t men committing to long term relationships anymore?[View]
203858480Are eastern europeans allowed in the ethnostate considering that most child pornography comes from e…[View]
203830772JUSSIE SMOLLETT TO BE INDICTED IN A MATTER OF HOURS: https://twitter.com/RaferWeigel/status/10982896…[View]
203856438ETERNAL XER IN COAST GUARD BUSTED FOR DOMESTIC TERRORISM: https://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2019/02/20/…[View]
203842680Who is behind the organized systematic attack on white women on /pol/?[View]
203853672SPANIARDS COME HERE. So, whats Franco's popularity in today's Spain? It is rising? It is l…[View]
203857084Is he controlled opposition? I have a hard time believing a barely literate, 95 IQ Israel-first neoc…[View]
203857736HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-19/top-us-gen…[View]
203857858Any other mutts in here?: 1/4th Mexican and 3/4ths western and Eastern European checking in.[View]
203857312What the fuck was/is this about?[View]
203858544CCTV footage of Jussie Smollett attack: https://youtu.be/nXVjzoArARw[View]
203856909We are all going to make it >Polls http://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/ >Meme Collections https:/…[View]
203853629who will back up ?: 118 years later and history repeats itself will civilization win once a again or…[View]
203857055>They played the Black American National Anthem before the actual National Anthem When will my c…[View]
203858284Hey, /pol/iticians of America, can we all atleast recognize that your political opponent doesnt actu…[View]
203848175Turn the phrase 'conspiracy theorist' against the left.: I don;t know if you've noticed but thi…[View]
203856990>shitting on your party base while desperately pandering to centrists in the opposing party where…[View]
203850972how does pol/ feel about the fact that the only politician in america who have the nerve to criticiz…[View]
203855133The Daily Show goes against the Jussie Smollett narrative: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85hdWttSa…[View]
203842530pol humour: post em[View]
203857991Based Leaf gets attacked by cucked media: https://www.sootoday.com/local-news/algoma-steel-truck-con…[View]
203851703Which one of you jimmy rustlers did this?: https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=11894 >Folsom Lake Co…[View]
203846902No one on (((pol))) can refute this kek[View]
203851728Somethings afoot: red pill me Anon, I know things happen in cam girl territory that is unsavory, gi…[View]
203849555*Bankrupts the jews*: Nothing personal goys[View]
203845609Why haven’t you joined the military, anon? Too much of a manchild to serve your country?[View]
203850248Macron In A Kike Graveyard: >'Emmanuel Macron committed Tuesday, February 19 to act, legislate an…[View]
203857173Should Christians control Jerusalem?[View]
203854639>when even CNN can’t defend you now[View]
203852144What’s up!?!: Hey guys! Richard Spencer here. Just letting you all know I’m still reverent and there…[View]
203857476Your thoughts on Chapo?: Are they right that all dissident right wingers are just incels and other f…[View]
203857126how long until (((youtube))) gets shut down[View]
203857643AUSTRALIA: What goes on around here? What is the social-cultural-political outlook of the land of do…[View]
203850230Salvini is safe! If you don't know what I am talking about, last August, an italian ship rescue…[View]
203856833who is laughing now /pol/ ha![View]
203855574Le capitalist nationalist face: >Yes I will continue being loyal to my bourgeoisie lords >No t…[View]
203846316France YES!: https://www.axios.com/macron-france-define-anti-zionism-anti-semitism-f96cb10f-09be-422…[View]
203823130NYC vs LA: Which city is the worse shithole?[View]
203853413Daily reminder that pol is pro Israel: The only reason it might seem not is because anti-semites are…[View]
203853838HE NAMED THE JEW: MAD MAN https://twitter.com/StefanMolyneux/status/1098348813964795905[View]
203856792el goblino[View]
203855216What are some states that you think one day in the future will secede or change entirely geographica…[View]
203837947Disney PULLS OUT: https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1098313862233903105 Pedos B.T.F.O.…[View]
203852533Is there any way to go back in time?: i've lost all hopes in my fucking life so i just want to …[View]
203857147Why do Italians call me kike if i say that this obvious Moorish shitskin rapebaby isn't white?[View]
203852322POWERFUL AND PROGRESSIVE: Why do Hollywood elites always side with nogs?[View]
203854022starting a conversation should not be a crime. you are all bigots.[View]
203857095had to do it[View]
203856912Anyone have the matrix / info graphic that says ok to talk positively vs negatively about white, bla…[View]
203851971What are /pol/'s thoughts about esotericism?[View]
203853548CLAIM: 'DEEP STATE MADE DEAL WITH TRUMP': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsNCpx2xNaw START @ 48:30…[View]
203852915How is this allowed?[View]
203833102Can you imagine how scared the kikes must be? They missed their chance to blind the next generation …[View]
203856730#YellowVestsMovement | #AntiSemitic | Viva Le #YellowVests: The #FakeNewsMedia are just #FakeNews in…[View]
203852263IT'S HAPPENING[View]
203850302Jussie Smollette: Cops are coming for him now... https://twitter.com/CharlieDeMar/status/10983465452…[View]
203848891Is Spygate about to blow?[View]
203844067When will optics not matter anymore? When will people start hurting the other side to the joyful cri…[View]
203856471Julia: post Julia memes Is she even that common in the SS expanded universe?[View]
203854622Chrislam: With Islam getting stronger in Christian Europe, will time give birth to a new, syncretic …[View]
203854869Do people have to die?: Historically there are periods where people become soft and lose sight of ho…[View]
203851595The people in this country depress me, is it just me or do you think that I might have a point? The …[View]
203854906He's the hero we need: Jussie Smollett just helped heal this country. He united us all in a com…[View]
203855940NORTHWEST INDEPENDENCE THREAD: Post propaganda before the shills take over the thread[View]
203854034Chicago police officially label Jussie Smollett a 'suspect': BASED[View]
203852258So let me get this right. Tranny's believe cutting off part of their skin and making a fake dic…[View]
203844885I don't care what anyone thinks. I think the value of the individual rights supersedes all righ…[View]
203831704>Father imports BBC Heathcliff to rail lil Cathy Why did England have to do this? Why fuck with a…[View]
203852102I love Jews and all people. Problem?[View]
203855354NIGGERIANS CALL OUT FAKE NEWS CNN: DEY HAPPEN https://www.bbc.com/pidgin/tori-47302301 CNN im don re…[View]
203851666Possible fed dated Sam Hyde ,she’s currently trying to be the belle Delphine to frog twitter but it …[View]
203855764What are some Second world problems? Between >my phone battery died AGAIN and >our last chicke…[View]
203815151It's time.[View]
203815292Why are white+asian mixes the only ones that actually look nice?[View]
203855430How easy would it be to make a short cell phone clip in some parking lot with your friends where a g…[View]
203855674All the churches are filled with niggers and coal burners.: There isn't anywhere left in societ…[View]
203845376Pajeet hate thread: Give me the worst things pajeets have ever done[View]
203853437IT'S OKAY TO BE: On /pol/ in October 2017, during the birth of a modern meme, pic-related was p…[View]
203829114I hear Americans bitching about costs of life and no jerbs in USA. Why haven't they moved to ea…[View]
203853422More ethnostate terrorists: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/self-proclaimed-white…[View]
203845428do women really think this is empowering?[View]
203828473LGBTQ+ redpill thread: I'm building up a folder. Post your best.[View]
203855368What is the legal precedent for me not being allowed to discriminate against people? I have never un…[View]
203855311Is Jackie Chan /ourguy/? I couldn't find too much details on his political stances.[View]
203855237roads n shiet: /pol/, what do you think about trump's infrastructure plan? Should transportatio…[View]
203853002Nick DiPaolo live: https://youtu.be/m-UKy2aQbk4[View]
203851265Should the US regime change Venezeula?: I made a poll, it's a yes or no question. http://www.st…[View]
203838782Brit/pol/: >Three MPs quit Tory party to join breakaway group https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-poli…[View]
203852364The Guardian outright defending terrorists. They don't even hide it anymore.[View]
203854584What did he mean by this?[View]
203854213Marx was an autist: Read Communist Manifesto and Capital, Marx was an autist, change my mind pic? on…[View]
203853821Peak America: What time was Peak America in your view?[View]
203853601Alex Jones Kosher Approved Conspiracy Theorist: >'Rep. Ilhan Omar literally sounds like David Duk…[View]
203855066UNZ: Unz is one of the best sites for article aggregation. http://www.unz.com/ And incidentally this…[View]
203848892How do we fix this shithole?[View]
203854864#YellowVestsMovement | #AntiSemitic | Viva Le #YellowVests: Just a middle aged man babbling for seve…[View]
203854936Its Reagan all over again[View]
203854934What's /pol/'s opinion on the UKs Social Democratic Party? Before ignoring due to the name…[View]
203836829New thread >>203818329[View]
203854831Andrew McCabe is a traitor!: Why the fuck is this man allowed to walk around free and is not in a pr…[View]
203852619Sometimes I feel like crying because of this whole situation. Those are years of Joy, of course. See…[View]
203851086Is it normal to mostly have friends of the same hair color?: I notice all redheads hang out together…[View]
203844216You should have voted for him: The world would be a different place now. >fed: abolished >fbi:…[View]
203840016Bernie Sanders will win back the Midwest and defeat Donald Trump[View]
203854637The wall is not gong to happen. Just some lame fences to humor Trump.[View]
203852974Why is it that Youtube can't catch a break? They're the #2 site in the world (alexa it the…[View]
203854319How many people still believe hate crimes are real when the news reports on them?[View]
203854496BERNIE BRO THREAD: Where you at Bernie Bros? Who should be Bernie's VP??? I'm hoping Beto…[View]
203853852THIS IS IT, FRANCE HAS FALLEN: Emmanuel Macron announced tonight at the Crif dinner (which is the Fr…[View]
203846721Machine Learning is transphobic. How long until they’re programming computers to follow progressivis…[View]
203852803Let’s face it, it's now boomer-tier to be pro-Trump. E-celebs get rich as fuck off of racist bo…[View]
203852851Tucker Carlson BTFO by Dutch historian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_nFI2Zb7qE&feature=yout…[View]
203852423https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97FuO-hEhQo How can you trust scientific studies after watching this…[View]
203852123Gibs me dat![View]
203853849Redpill Thread: Too many newfags, boomers, and zoomers. Too much MAGA/MIGA. There is but one cure...…[View]
203831636Kraut/pol/+AFD general: We are all going to make it >Polls http://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/ >…[View]
203853263Seriously. Grow up, move on. It's old news. Like are yall really finna do this. In this month?[View]
203852994Why is /pol/ so hypocritical when it comes to Islam?[View]
203853366Daily reminder that this is the tolerant left that 'Wants whats best for the US'[View]
203821361Cook County state’s attorney recuses herself from Jussie Smollett case: http://archive.fo/y0PCA >…[View]
203853786Why is the amount you are required to pay in taxes dependent on how much money you make? That doesnt…[View]
203842437Shooting in VA Get in here faggots: Here we go[View]
203853288Ok which one of you did this?: Folsom Lake College reported a poster of a cartoon frog to the local …[View]
203853755Does Looking at Fags Make you Feel Sick?: Or are you just a pussy, pusssy?[View]
203844085Yup...she just tweeted this: It's over for this dimwit[View]
203850465Germany, Britain and France are the only Tier-1 Nations: It's a shame our star has lost it…[View]
203846463What does this mean?: >In Maharashtra (India), the farmers are marching again.…[View]
203853453How come he knows so much about politics? Also RIP britain lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaBQf…[View]
203853455End Australian Student Visas: Australian Student Visas are the biggest larp out there. The current S…[View]
203852755holy shit, is she /ourgirl/?: 'A man can decide to be female, take hormones if required by whatever …[View]
203853429Socialism won't work for browns? USA policy discussion: I've seen this here a few times. S…[View]
203849475World's second trans he-mom: expecting baby boy next month >The world's second known 'p…[View]
203852036The absolute state of Twitter[View]
203853350Ha ha, Hilary thinks she got away!: But seriously, y'all still believe all the Clinton conspira…[View]
203829864Why is he not being sued? He lied and slandered, and did so very publicly on the news.[View]
203853270when racebaiting goes wrong...[View]
203853219A little red in a blue state...: Hate to admit I live in Massachusetts, but we're not all lib f…[View]
203852765Has there been any case of any company going 'get woke get broke' in the gaming industry?[View]
203848203Little spic whore just stabbed Bernie in the back: Fucking lmao Never trust women.[View]
203848763The plan of the Jews was not so much to spread Islam into Europe but to bring the most violent and h…[View]
203846681>wake up at 5 AM to wage slave for my jewish overlords >smoke jewish nicotine sticks all day t…[View]
203852693>Members of the newly formed 'Independent Group' sit together in the British Parliament. Kikes, d…[View]
203837588OY VEY: https://www.haaretz.com/jewish/holocaust-remembrance-day/.premium-why-netflix-needs-to-remak…[View]
203852561>Good guy obama talks about how young men should not be wearing gold chains and chasing women. He…[View]
203852925>They're trying to rig the primaries for Harris LOL[View]
203851276Black Student Gets Arrested for Not Saluting Flag: Get that bone out of your nose and get me a glass…[View]
203851557Trump is no better than smollett: Daily reminder that Israel/american proxy forced in Syria faked a …[View]
203852832Roastie ISIS member begs to come to the US: >President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he direct…[View]
203852780Germania: Can we take a moment to appreciate Nazi architecture. Hitler was right. It seems like mode…[View]
203850113How do Asian men cope with being born in white countries?[View]
203847560PROMISES MADE. PROMISES KEPT.: Belgian Nazi Collaborators Still Receive Pensions For ‘Loyalty’ To Hi…[View]
203847947The march of Tyranny - Why Trumptards won't accept it?: Why Trumptards won't understand, t…[View]
203852412Woke entertainmenty[View]
203850518DETROIT BASED IMAM CALLS OUT THE JEW!!: >an antisemitic lecture by Michigan-based Shi’ite Imam Ba…[View]
203852310Girl who flew to Syria to join ISIS and now want to come back will not be permitted to return.: lol …[View]
203852518The poz has rooted itself and the west is no more Post the most pozed weimar shit you saw today ht…[View]
203852496>just canceled a tax break and got $3 billion CASH about to hit the town with my private jet lol …[View]
203844649>British Police: It's okay to be part of a grooming gang. Also British Police >OIII!!! OI…[View]
203850896I think it's time we as a nation have a serious discussion about mental illness and the stigma …[View]
203850626War good sex bad: Graffiti is a good thing, prove me wrong /pol/[View]
203852218Isnt sending a gay guy to prison just a state sponsored vacation?[View]
203849896I’m sick of my own nation: I’ve had enough, I’m fucking sick and tired of being sick and tired. I’m …[View]
203836549>TRUMP BTFO[View]
203852092finally a good fucking emoji[View]
203852167goddamn hurlburt field, chill out. that last one knocked a photo off my shelf.[View]
203852132Let's rip the mask off!: Given the amount of foreign influence in our government, and the past …[View]
203852091Have you heard of the Anglish movement? It’s a bunch of larpers who want to make English a purely Ge…[View]
203850622LIVE MACRON 'We are changing the definition of Antisemitism to include antisionism': Macron speech a…[View]
203851993Brian Buttface Butterfield: A man of distinction[View]
203851230Hey guys. I don't really go on this site a lot, but with some media coverage that I've loo…[View]
203840088you say build that wall: i say, you cant have illegal immigrants from mexico if you annex mexico. yo…[View]
203851946Okinawa Independence: About 70% of the japanese forces are there and more bases are being build for …[View]
203826199When USA don't accept illegal immigrants: normal When Germany don't acceptvillegal immigra…[View]
203851813Australians finally have a big time excuse for Yelow Vests?: https://youtu.be/5YSyC9zuiJ0 dudes Davi…[View]
203851055Will Trump legalize it? https://youtu.be/39_PZjxDUgQ[View]
203851333Would the cashier be racist if he was suspicious enough to report this purchase to the police?[View]
203846644really makes you think...[View]
203840970How many died in the holocaust?[View]
203844019Kam-Allah Harris is going down[View]
203850771>Trump will fight the globohomo agend-[View]
203851351*single-handedly destroys YouTube*[View]
203841856I am just going through this report from the European council on foreign relations. https://www.ecfr…[View]
203843520Yo lil Donnie, I spread my ass for fifteen refugees and let them piss all over me. Betcha feel real …[View]
203846105Putin: We’ll target USA if Washington deploys missiles in Europe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PF…[View]
203846927Why should humanity exist?: Consider the following. Humanity is destroying this world, along with co…[View]
203843178if u were middle aged. lets say 45. and had terminal cancer. what would u do to make an impact?[View]
203850038Why doesn’t Trump build a hyperloop wall?: All the Elon Musk SJW fanboys would love it.[View]
203851388“Democrat” vs “Republican” dichotomy: I’m quite curious about this. Back in, say, the 1910s or 1800s…[View]
203849766You have a choice: >you are allies with jews but an enemy to all other races >you're alli…[View]
203849482Jussie Smollett is now being classified as a suspect: RIP https://twitter.com/CharlieDeMar/status/10…[View]
203850346BERNIE 2020: Bernie unironically is our best option for the presidency. Prove me wrong. . . . >Yo…[View]
203848675Ellen Page the conspiracy theorist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-x8hcAXZynQ[View]
203851102The defining qualities of a Leftist are the intellectual ability necessary to accurately critique Ca…[View]
203851092Friendly reminder that Trump isn't YOUR guy;: he's THEIR goy.[View]
203848449When did it start sinking in that your irony wasn't actually irony anymore?[View]
203843447ITT: We contemplate Israel's Destruction: >In terms of population per square kilometer, Isra…[View]
203846910Why does NY have to offer $3B for a deal??: THEIR TAXES ARE TOO HIGH they have to cheat against thei…[View]
203846975What are /pol/'s favorite films, documentaries, and tv shows?[View]
203839711ITT: Provinces/States of your country that don't deserve to exist[View]
203850842tick tock[View]
203850831Looks like we have a happening[View]
203850412Why didn’t they send him to jail when he posted this? Would have saved some lives...[View]
203833051TUCKER CARLSON TRIGGERED AS FUCK!!!: The absolute state of the far right. Is this how you fags behav…[View]
203847590Whats with the retarded rules of having to smile and act like your interested in customers? Its wors…[View]
203829099ALL UNSAVED PEOPLE WILL BECOME SODOMITES: Interesting preaching by sanderson1611 on 2/10/2019 'The O…[View]
203825967Jared Kushner: This is (probably) the Antichrist. If he is...then he's going to be the Messiah …[View]
203850244Fellow nazis we won: I destroyed an entire COC clan when I joined with this design, 2/3 of the membe…[View]
203846422explain this[View]
203845004Do NPCs truly exist? Then why do people deny it? Why do they deny Jewish control of the US and anti-…[View]
203836332It doesn’t matter whether Trump knowingly colluded with Russia, he is still a Traitor: People need t…[View]
203842554>j-just 55 miles of Wall! Guys, we're being too hard on the shills that say this. Yes, I kno…[View]
203831715After the UK planned to revoke her British citizenship, do you think America should follow suit? I’v…[View]
203837672Venezeula opposition fly the Israeli and US flags.: Just imagine my shock.[View]
203847137This thread is to celebrate our based coasties[View]
203850109Smollett suspected of lying about attack[View]
203847193Nick names for Donald Trump's challengers for 2020: >Bernie Sanders #BatshitBernie or #OldMa…[View]
203844603Socialism is in the rise again. How do we stop it? If they get in control they will destroy everythi…[View]
203834111What is the reason for the appeal of communism to fags who attend or work at universities?[View]
203847382Socialisim OR Open Borders: YOU CAN ONLY PICK ONE, both together will overload the system faster tha…[View]
203849288Dhruv Rathee, pioneer of left ideology in India (pls dont leave keep reading): This guy is spreading…[View]
203847418DRUMPF BTFO BY BASED KRASSENSTEIN: Should the U.S. start deporting White Supremacists?[View]
203832372be honest, you'd fucking creampie yourself if you were strapped to a bed and had a 5-some with …[View]
203846788Disinfo: Anyone else notice the ramp in Conspiracy Theories lately? >Bob Lazar documentary comes …[View]
203841700Would you rather live in a 1st world axis of evil country full of degenerate bluepilled shabbos goyi…[View]
203849608I find it weird how /pol/ hates socialism but loves national socialism. Are they just meming for tro…[View]
203829898/fatsg/ fuck anti-trump shills general: We will not stand idle as leftist shills and tranny shills a…[View]
203849306NOW THAT YOU SEEN HOW SHITTY THAT FUCKING WALL LOOKS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUolzAltwKI TI…[View]
203842248When we have a female president, we will have no wars[View]
203834425did this guy really think he was genetically superior to anyone? I'm italian and he looks almos…[View]
203841537Moving to miami: Will I get more poosay if I move to Miami? Should I move to Miami or stay in the mi…[View]
203848339How long until the EU army engages British territories post-Brexit?: Can't be far from March 30…[View]
203845088(I'm sure I'll take a lot of heat for saying this, but) I don't think America is read…[View]
203848504DOJ Fag here Mueller must deliver report to DOJ: prior to OIG releasing next installment.You will un…[View]
203841225Childhood is idolising Kennedy, being an adult is realising Nixon made more sense[View]
203849357Visit Venezuela - a socialist utopia: 'the rumble of howler monkeys' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
203849412Q predicted this: Unironically[View]
203843807Bill Barr is responsible for Ruby Ridge, is very fond of gun confiscation, and personal friends with…[View]
203848046Fbi espionage: This woman is being hunted by the fbi for espionage anyone seen her[View]
203839699Gair..Oon...Teed. Jussie will claim HIV positive to slip away from spotlight.: Will go to Africa for…[View]
203848881#twinks4trump: The 'twink' is at the very core of the LGBT phenomenon. If we can uproot the twinks, …[View]
203835788>be American >fall asleep in car >get shot 25 times https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/…[View]
203847800Why do shitalians consider this man white?[View]
203845249Madame President[View]
203849133Another Trump in the White House: The Donald is not the last Trump in the White House according to r…[View]
203841440God Bless Trump as a Straight Man: I support the rights of my gay brothers and sisters. I SUPPORT HO…[View]
203848643The Leftist Starter Pack[View]
203844306before SHTF: Will you be buying Boomer rocks?[View]
203848357Video Shows Brothers Linked To Jussie Smollett Attack Buying Hat, Masks: Video Shows Brothers Linked…[View]
203841867LGBT hate thread: Post your best cringe LGBT Images.[View]
203848159Child Porn: What do you think? Should it be legal or not?[View]
203845077What books did nations socialists burn?: Every time thier is a discusion about 'nazis' some one allw…[View]
203848165After the white supremacists lost rule in South-Africa it became a beautiful Wkanda like society. Th…[View]
203845258Poland is now waging diplomatic war against Sweden, because Sweden doesn't want to make extradi…[View]
203840464A recession indicator with a perfect track record over 70 years is close to being triggered. The tri…[View]
203844838Are you a man enough to take a proper care of me?[View]
203844597ITT: Jews you can trust: I'll start[View]
203848532Pic not related. Took that a day ago. When is the civil war happening, /pol/? I want Texas to secede…[View]
203847675/Pol is Right: Not like Left/Right but actually just Correct. On so many things, but definitely on m…[View]
203846797remebering 4chan: can /pol/ fill this out for me? you dont have to fill out the whole thing. just on…[View]
203848179yang [yaNG, yäNG] NOUN (in Chinese philosophy) the active male principle of the universe, characteri…[View]
203848246President patrolling: ^^^^^^INCOMING HOT NEWS^^^^^^^ Mr.Trump declared a national emergency, shortly…[View]
203824949why can't bigots possibly comprehend this?[View]
203836150Why Don't you Believe Us Anymore?: We are just a bunch of nice people who care deeply about you…[View]
203847067All i see is 'jews are bad, they steal our money': Throw all the redpills you guys have about jews p…[View]
203818134Virgin roastie Q: why does pol mock virgin roasties? These girls did nothing bad and in most cases e…[View]
203847910Sup, Neo-Zio-Drumpfshits: How's the supposed pullout from Syria going? Got any evidence it…[View]
203845807Little ali regrets joining islamic state.: Quick update from Denmark: Here we have Ömer who is 21 ye…[View]
203845511Handsome Truth Livestreams names the jew: What do you all think about this video? Handsome Truth exp…[View]
203842601>LAND OF THE FREEEEEE An 11-year-old Florida boy was arrested this month over his refusal to part…[View]
203847728Snap Election Soon?: Only 3 or 4 more tories need to leave until Theresa May's majority is gone…[View]
203846622I've decided to eventually start a business and make a bunch of money for the sole reason of tr…[View]
203838243>'Jussie is a black nigger and gay bastard' >'I do not believe actors' Holy fucking shit is J…[View]
203838107Pick a Conservative waifu: Mine is Kaitlyn Bennett https://youtu.be/lat4WZEC61Q[View]
203837806Putin gives financial incentives for Russians to have more kids!: When's the last time a leader…[View]
203847533/AUS/POL ISIS BTFO: While Britain wrings it's hands over Shamima Begum, Australia finds the loo…[View]
203847026Ladies and Gentlemen, We’ve Got Em: Video of Nigerian Brothers buying masks and red hats requested b…[View]
203841905Stop swearing, pol: Using foul language is a sign of a lack of impulse control, and it's a dead…[View]
203846089Guy hold gf hostage burns down building punches lawyer: https://fox8.com/2019/02/19/officials-man-at…[View]
203847130happening?: https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1098341070352670720[View]
203845214Why are sexual predators disproportionately white?: Why are more white people sexual predators? This…[View]
203846875INDIA JUST TOLD TRUMP TO FUCK OFF: >India has emerged as Venezuela’s biggest crude buyer in Febru…[View]
203833992why are mediterranean so beautiful and successful?[View]
203846311Tell me this doesn't apply perfectly to Donald Trump's presidency.[View]
203845711How does it feel to know that /pol/ is populated by 65 year old fentanyl addicted boomers now?[View]
203843116THE ABSOLUTE MADMAN: How can ONE Man JUST be so Based in life ?[View]
203839311Madame President[View]
203837984Did Trayvon Rape a Girl?: I just saw this on /b/. WTF! Could this be true? Would the left bury it ei…[View]
203826039>America's openly gay German ambassador will lead Trump's global campaign against 71 co…[View]
203846563Its really beautiful: 'I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the R…[View]
203846872Putin menaces USA and Europe || WW3 incoming: Source: >https://youtu.be/dmNdzEH8bis Putin is seni…[View]
203827535Any news on Brexit, Britbongs?: Will Britain finally return Gibraltar to Germany... I mean Spain? Or…[View]
203845994>Voted for Trump to get a massive wall >Get some cuck fence instead…[View]
203846458Scoop Net Choupette: This is going to Trigger a lot of money fags out there. Any thoughts on this.…[View]
203843216Why is the modern Day White Man such a Faggot nowadays ? What went wrong ?[View]
203844821Why Doesn't Trump Introduce the Nordic Model to America: Basically this means to >1. Crimin…[View]
203839466/PAG/ Purple Anon General - PART 4: New bread, old ones bumped out #1 >>203729559 #2 >>…[View]
203831150Commie hate thread[View]
203844682Trump should be locked up for treason. White House staff members are reportedly fast-tracking “the t…[View]
203815554>Trump is not a dicta-[View]
203846357Is pol redpilled on christianity?: Christianity started as a sect of Jews for the goyim to follow. I…[View]
203840214Louis ck: How based is he, really?[View]
203846309Is we wuz kangs /pol/‘s biggest failure?: Hollywood is now making unironic niggers wuz Egyptians mov…[View]
203846283What did he mean by this?[View]
203846169Social media: I deleted fb and insta last week. Do u guys use it? Im sick of attention whores, thots…[View]
203841070Impeached before March: (:[View]
203833118Trump actually just fucked them over: The new LGBT decriminalization initiative is to make countries…[View]
203844130Puppet's Strings are Cut: Now that Gerald Butts, the brains behind Trudeau, has resigned from h…[View]
203844192Boomers, Gen X and Millennials: >Be born a boomer. >Grow up in uniquely prosperous time when A…[View]
203842308I really want to see his head on a stick[View]
203843001The Statue of Liberty climber is now in Texas: climbing buildings. >https://twitter.com/cbsaustin…[View]
203845462Every billionaire is a policy failure[View]
203829371It's racist to be gay: A gay magazine saying that its racist to pressure other countries to dro…[View]
203844668Is Bernie Sanders a National Socialist? Been seeing a lot of support for him on here lately, but I t…[View]
203845767>James Woods is /our g-[View]
203837702Why don't republitards like facts?: Why do people on the right hate facts?[View]
203843270Israel Goes to the Moon: Israel will be the fourth nation in the world to go the moon. They will lea…[View]
203829885How the fuck does someone find a job? I've applied to 100 places, from fucking factory worker t…[View]
203833228>Ree Trump is a zionist Jew >I’ll vote in an actual jewish communist > l o l You guys have …[View]
203834167It's time for the progressive nationalists to come back.: The GOP is a fucking disgrace right n…[View]
203843820fake hate crime news: yall read so tell me why i saw a black dude from a show and somethin bout fake…[View]
203838825> We cant have socialized healthcare, increased minimum wage, unions, workers rights, free educat…[View]
203845333sexual harassment: Was she in the wrong here?[View]
203845300Mice bred with two females.: I wish this guy had his own TV show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nz…[View]
203824617Spic hate thread .: Give me the worst things spics have ever down.[View]
203845162Where to discuss morality, ethics, principles, philosophy, etc.?: >inb4 /lit/ /lit/ would require…[View]
203845128Zeihan was right again! https://calgary.ctvnews.ca/digital-billboard-campaign-puts-question-of-separ…[View]
203840004#twinks4trump: any other t4t's up in here? lets show our support for The Man himself!!![View]
203817794MD to ban ALL guns.: List of bullshit in various bills that are being pushed soon >all 80% lowers…[View]
203844409Blue Pill[View]
203844397Should Trump order a tactical nuke strike on CNN building?: Please send a letter to Trump requesting…[View]
203844433Just saw this article in the Chronical of Higher Education: https://www.chronicle.com/article/Ousted…[View]
203839976adpocalypse 2.0: companies are pulling ads from youtube after some faggot made a video falsely claim…[View]
203805444Balt/pol/+Finland: Threads designed to discuss regional politics. Daily reminder that Estonian ellec…[View]
203842861FUCK IRELAND FUCKERS!!!: Seriously, Irish are the biggest degenerates in all of Europe. Their thinki…[View]
203841016Jews will attack this.[View]
203841404Look at this White Argentinian Family and don’t ever say Argentinans are not White![View]
203842207pol cringe thread: >if i get a double digit number code ruth bader ginsberg will die…[View]
203814902Why is Mexico such a fucking shithole: And what would /pol/ do to fix it?[View]
203844142DS: 'CALM BEFORE THE STORM': >Andre Anglin warning people to get ready to flee America once Trump…[View]
203836267Adultery should be illegal for men and women. Paternity testing should be mandatory at birth. Prove …[View]
203844561The EMPIRE Strikes Back: Coming soon The EMPIRE Strikes Back[View]
203837384Jews aren't that bad.: Honestly guys, Jews aren't that bad. At first I found it difficult …[View]
203839571Cuts through your wall[View]
203840653'Where theres smoke: There is a dumb conspiracy made up by lonely virgin sexless incel racist losers…[View]
203830699COMBAT FROGS: We did it. We've meme'd ourselves into what we desired most. Keep it up fagg…[View]
203835595Why Doesn't the American Military Shut Down German Brothels?: U.S Military still occupies Germa…[View]
203843569In 2015-2017, I was a Trump supporter and even defending him on Facebook. It makes me cringe so hard…[View]
203842237Reminder that last week our (((President))) not only signed a law which gives 15 Million kids and th…[View]
203842243They dindu nuffin officially: Today the Chicago city council unamiously voted to erase the 'known ga…[View]
203843982What went wrong with the Gran Colombia ?[View]
203818660Why do 1/3 of whites men vote Democrat?: Why do they vote for a party which openly hates them? I’m n…[View]
203839293Hey guys you are all for absolute freedom of speech right? Let’s roleplay a bit, I am now a liberal…[View]
203843348>Communists are still huma-[View]
203839051fuck the jannies its happening the biggest money laundering scheme in history is about to be be reve…[View]
203826760TUCKER BTFO TRYING TO DEFEND THE 1%: https://twitter.com/JordanUhl/status/1098282958828593152…[View]
203840727Anyone regret voting for Trump?: How can we cope with his submission to MIGA bros?[View]
203841630Is this the RACIST America you wanted /pol/?: Chicago PD uses Nikey sneaker bait trucks to lure in y…[View]
203843441evidence of Schumer's Russian collusion: donuts of treason[View]
203843086I am Indigenous: Why are my rights, my honor, my integrity, not being respected? I feel like a fucki…[View]
203842299He still has a week to issue indictments.[View]
203841113>'Hey faggot, technology is to blame for all of this. Jews can't do anything without the tec…[View]
203840170Why didnt the laptop: Fall off the desk? >why does the screen still work?…[View]
203836822Due to reasons of comfiness, we are doomed: (((They))) will strip you of everything. Your race, heri…[View]
203829453Why are jews hoping Islam prevails over Christianity?: https://twitter.com/F___________100/status/10…[View]
203843072Ellen Page the conspiracy theorist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-x8hcAXZynQ[View]
203842591Eli the Computer Guy: Get in here /pol/ Eli's live calling BS on the whole Russian investigatio…[View]
203841898We're here. Agree/disagree?[View]
203842722Member when /pol/ honked?[View]
203842828The Endless Zionist Wars Saga - The Playlist: Hello /pol/ Have some Anti Jew/zionist music video con…[View]
203841527Niggers in old American brands? More likely than you might think.: >Got some spam from Brook…[View]
203842424I need some anons to tell me if Q anon is a larp or is he legit?[View]
203842913>it isn't real capitalism[View]
203842699/real-christian/ general: >what do you mean by real Christians? Non-denominational and those who …[View]
203832794Army Corp of Engineers working on the wall: Army corp of engineers on site building the wall. That…[View]
203841749>now that the scourge of communism is over, the Slavs can go back to their native ideology: racia…[View]
203836062DIXIE THREAD[View]
203842264Just saw this on Instagram.: Just saw one of my normie friends like this on instagram, its a normie …[View]
203842126Why is Reddit so fucking gay?: And yet they call this place an echo chamber...[View]
203841182The police were called at a university because someone posted a cartoon frog on a bulletin board[View]
203811315MMA fighter strongman bodybuilder high on cocaine breaks into house, gets btfo by Boomer Finance wor…[View]
203841834Does Irish only hate Irish Americans or do they hate their diaspora in Canada and Australia too?[View]
203842332Whats wrong with him? Why does everyone with a brain hate him? Why do lefties like him? Dismanlte hi…[View]
203842209Has anyone here heard of: Hillary clinton sex tape? Does anyone have the link? >inb4 gross Bro, i…[View]
203841653What happened to her?: Will France ever elect her or has her time passed?[View]
203810462/pol/ got BTFO by this sandnigger on IQ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zkiV1EToGg Basically the p…[View]
203842181Waldgänger-Thread: Let's talk about Ernst Jünger. I think he was /ourguy/. The Waldgang (Forest…[View]
203834748shit on him[View]
203841904Is he gonna have the momentum he had in 2016 or do you think that was a one time fluke? Curious, bec…[View]
203838896Hahaha pol resorting to cheap tricks again the Bernie sub is onto you no life alt righters.[View]
203833535Politicians and Height: Why don't manlets have as much success as taller politicians?[View]
203822696is nudity shameful?[View]
203832109Why are people taking this CUCK seriously?: https://youtu.be/c-a7I5WrJWY You guys aren't seriou…[View]
203832699why are trump supporters typically uneducated & vote against their own economic interests?[View]
203841739Will humans eradicate themselves?[View]
203834584This is literally the most accurate immigrant map for the US: Why do you deny it? What's wrong …[View]
203835109If Israel nukes America would Yanks still say 'Best ally' ?[View]
203841253Daily reminder[View]
203840829>can’t remain loyal to a 10/10 supermodel who carried his child >expected to remain loyal to a…[View]
203839648Let's pull the mask off!: We're at 374 -- *you* can be #375! https://petitions.whitehouse.…[View]
203839387If He Was A Woman He'd Be Getting Away With It.[View]
203836366From my school's newspaper. (SDSU) Yes, I understand it's an opinion piece but WHAT THE FU…[View]
203841468Seems like both sides are working together. Bunch of billionaires and Israeli guardians pretending t…[View]
203819946/idpg/ Italian Dogs and Politics General.: Thread about Italian Dogs and Politics, all Gratissimum. …[View]
203830559Hey, bans from 4channel don't carry over to 4chan anymore. I can get banned for telling queers …[View]
203841272Why are German woman such whores?[View]
203841429HAPPENING!!!!! YOUTUBE PEDO RING BEING EXPOSED Drudge reported it in pic related and advertisers are…[View]
203838884Comment on this[View]
203836476Are you watching closely Anons?: On the Feb 18 Q makes a post in relation to Dan Coats saying he wil…[View]
203840485Black pill: hating blacks because they commit more murders is no different than feminists hating men…[View]
203836721PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - BYE SIS EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov…[View]
203839795the muller report may come out as early as next week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGxHfe_OPXw i …[View]
203840427Is this what winning feels like?[View]
203841145White women are trash: I’ve noticed in the news of alot white women killing their kids? Whats going …[View]
203837326How would you redpill a devout Christian that loves muh Israel? I need big brained arguments and re…[View]
203827791The death of the British car industry: Why is this happening?[View]
203841139massive DailyStormer BookClub doxing: Big story with video about massive DailyStormer BookClub doxin…[View]
203840304When will this 'unions' meme end? I'm tired of hearing employees bitch and moan and b…[View]
203837792How does/pol feel about Bernie announcing his run for presidency in 2020?[View]
203840977I've got WALLS OF STEEL!: Eat it libtards! Wall being built. Harris and Booker going to jail. …[View]
203810589Redpilled Islam: Islam is the redpill religion: >Women are kept in their place, resulting in high…[View]
203840005Bet you don't know that bigots. Meanwhile I'm gonna enjoy my gf womanly penis.[View]
203840894IS Tanya redpilled? What would xhe think about all this funny business?[View]
203837836Why Should I Support Maduro?: As a shareholder of Exxon Mobile? Why should i not support Trump'…[View]
203838921Wait, I thought Mexico was going to pay for it?[View]
203839292Cursed images: If you don't reply, curse is 75% tax rate + sharia[View]
203828500Dating a Socalisit: >Dating qt feminist >She seems normal >All her friends are landwhales …[View]
203839887what would stainl do if he was given todays califorina?[View]
203836653FUCKING BOOOOM!: First Mueller report dropping, now this! Shit is breaking faster now that Bill Barr…[View]
203820734I can’t help but feel sorry for this guy. Does he deserve forgiveness?[View]
203839429Raped by Aliens: https://www.nbcnews.com/video/white-customer-swears-at-spanish-speaking-manager-of-…[View]
203838701If you could press a button to end mankind would you press it?: If you could press a button to end m…[View]
203803165Syria General /sg/ DDR Chads Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.com…[View]
203838705Diversity is strength: Refugee and other violent immigrants are good for West, but not in the way wh…[View]
203839552America has free spee-[View]
203840433what amercia needs to do is reinstate what made the roman empire so great: and that includes bring i…[View]
203840432Will cocaine joe: Run for 2020? God i hope so[View]
203840014Was this all: A giant Mandela effect? >why did 2 actors give the state of the union?…[View]
203832413Manlet Bashing General /mbg/: Here we discuss the political ramifications of allowing manlets to exi…[View]
203840272Why do Trumptards and The Donald mongs call everyone a Jewish shill when someone else points out Tru…[View]
203840350Feel thread /pol/ edition: Feel thread /pol/ edition[View]
203840277cu cker carlson gets called out of being a jew puppet. tries to extend an olive branch before he get…[View]
203801632Federal Reserve: >Be pic related >Start rumor to cause financial panic >Govt lets you creat…[View]
203840198WE: happen black history month[View]
203839212Socialist Economics are the future: >Unemployment causes poverty, employment creates prosperity. …[View]
203834006brexit: question to all you conservacucks out there why would any of you in your right mind want to …[View]
203838621This shit is everywhere[View]
203826591Prepare you salt mining rigs[View]
2038396982018 >women vote for AMLO because he will help them 2019 >AMLO closes thousands of daycares fo…[View]
203832191Race or Poverty?: Which is the stronger factor as to why the Black community in America is not prosp…[View]
203839902zonaldo drumpf btfot how will he recover from this?[View]
203839598What the fuck did nathan bernard even say /pol/? I sure do love tech censorship.[View]
203839898Why are we doing it again?: >be balkanigger >genetically identical to your neighbouring countr…[View]
203839618DIVERSITY >*clap emoji* IS >*clap emoji* OUR >*clap emoji* STRENGTH BIGOTS BTFO!!!!!…[View]
203807199What is the solution to Latin America?[View]
203839861>when Bernie announces his run for president in 2020 talking about a 'political revolution'…[View]
203835357Black Girls Code a Google experiment: This is what Diversity gets you. Personally I'm sick and…[View]
203839713What's the best state in the US and why is it Michigan?[View]
203838114Fuck her 'milkies': Pic related[View]
203811991Are there any studies linking homosexuality to being raised by a single mother or otherwise broken f…[View]
203823961Brit/pol/ - Englands mighty Declan RIce: >Three MPs quit Tory party to join breakaway group http…[View]
203837334United States of America: Explain this America-[View]
203837926/TIFAT/ GENERAL: UNI IS A MEME! 1ST EDITION: Trade in for a trade! Always Needed Low threat of Auto…[View]
203838068Riddle: Is Trump willing to put America first, but not able? Then he is incompetent. Is he able, but…[View]
203838388SAT racism: Question for white and asian burgers on this board. If you apply to university in Americ…[View]
203838759How do you redeem yourself from the trump curse?: I will admit I was a super lefty back in 2015. I w…[View]
203830644You literally can't refute this: /pol Unironically BTFO and probably silent on this.[View]
203834744Madame President[View]
203833856Highly educated and paying jobs are the next to be replaced by automation!: Are you ready? https://w…[View]
203839123Pepe on Campus: Which one of you dunnit? And what does the small print say? And why hasn't this…[View]
203835284I can't do it... I can't vote for a Zionist...: Sorry guys I'm sitting out 2020. I ca…[View]
203837561REPORT TO DROP WHILE TRUMP MEETS KIM NEXT WEEK: Trump is in Vietnam next week meeting Kim and now th…[View]
2038352874chan is a glownigger psyop: This faggot sold us out and now he works for (((Google))). How early on…[View]
203838741care to share some trump memes?[View]
203828553Rightwing Will Adopt Globohomo Agenda: I think it's obvious that Trump is shilling for (((Globa…[View]
203832183How do you make friends after university?: I saw the thread yesterday about loneliness and have my o…[View]
203833589>in 6 years I'm not gay or anything... but I love this man.[View]
203838809Why do whites cry so much about niggers wewuzzing as vikings when they've done the same to othe…[View]
203838592>sane people commit the majority of crimes >pretend that mentally ill people are the problem …[View]
203838681BOOKS and pewdiepie fans.: Pewdiepie has a Book reading community on reddit. https://www.reddit.com…[View]
203837435Do you ever get that feeling that things like jobs, marriage, retirement, taxes, just don't hav…[View]
203838030Have you found god? I started going to church a couple months ago and I can already bench like 300kg…[View]
203835054Stay where you belong: Lots of good news coming out today between this and Smollett[View]
203838566cuc ker jew puppet carlson: cu cker carlson gets called out of being a jew puppet.. tries to extend …[View]
203838557How is lusting after someone outside of your group not sinful?: God created us tribal. Communities a…[View]
203837755Job haters anonymous: Hello /pol/, The last thread was productive so I thought I would expand on it-…[View]
203835290>In history class >Have this annoying, libtard beta cuck rat as our professor >He starts ta…[View]
2038384842019, I no longer spark joy...: The Liberals Are Imploding: CPC 36%, LPC 34%, NDP 12%. Trudeau is ta…[View]
203838426Is he still /ourguy/?[View]
203838164What will the right do when Bernard Sanders wins the presidency? >he'll never win You sound …[View]
203838116'Murica: Do all you 'enlightened' countries understand why you can allot so much of y…[View]
203834792White Americans: Yikes It’s probably at 56% or lower because non Hispanics white Americans including…[View]
203838357roses are red, violets are blue, it's time to elect a socialist jew: So. If you donate to the b…[View]
203824476It’s going to be so cringe seeing the same fucking memes from 2016 spewed by all the QBoomers and lo…[View]
203836689Guess the county: https://www.google.com/amp/s/gizmodo.com/bored-pilot-writes-im-bored-and-draws-two…[View]
203835085Rare L.A. mega-storm could overwhelm dam and flood dozens of cities, experts say: DEATH TO CALIFORNI…[View]
203837565>hair discrimination https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/feb/20/new-york-ban-hair-disc…[View]
203836136The State of 4chan: >Discord trannies are working overtime to spam BBC and race mixing threads …[View]
203819326How will the Tinder sexual economy rebalance itself? Will there be a correction or crash? What natur…[View]
203828887Matteo Salvini: As much as I always kind of liked him since he appeared on the Italian political sce…[View]
203837970Are Jew getting nervous Jew boi?: Thing not getting as planned in France and a growing part of Europ…[View]
203837427Straight black men sickened by Democrats. Admit trump will stomp 2020[View]
203835725Why did I listen to 4Chump...: I am ruined[View]
203824233Christianity is not white. Our ancestors were pagans but the jews made us christian and now we are c…[View]
203830221middle class tax cut: The biggest thing Trump has done so far during his presidency is give corporat…[View]
203837225OMG little Hitler is adorable!: Seriously this is cute.[View]
203837760Is there any redeeming aspect about his political career whatsoever in the context of what he was gi…[View]
203835286Meanwhile in France: French Gvt and medias accuse the yellow jackets of being a band of anti semites…[View]
203835656Cleansing Nuclear Fire: ROLL FOR THE DAY OF CLEANSING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7v__bGxltI0…[View]
203837642HOUSE OF COMMONS - Canadian Edition: Yesterday in the House of Commons during Question Period, our i…[View]
203832331DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE BERNIE 2020: We won 2016 but we can still lose 2020. Most moderates voted for T…[View]
203837612Will these laws apply to the ethnostate: What will be done with euros who are 1/4 jew or 1/4 gypsy w…[View]
203837610Bernie Sanders - National Socialist: You do realize that Sanders is actually the best candidate by f…[View]
203837469>Cu cker Sub-Parlson gets called out being a jew puppet for billionaires. >Loses his shit, af…[View]
203837156Holohoax thread: I've got a friend who I want to redpill on the Big Lie, so I want you guys to …[View]
203837541Preserving Ethnicity: >they Are trying to destroy us. >Scientific evidence will be our only de…[View]
203831265Smollett Inditement Imminent Fire up the Bronco.: We did it Anon's We helped solve this Fake Ha…[View]
203837175The Bushes have $1,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollars in a trust: why was this deleted?! looked kinda i…[View]
203837178What does this tell about me, /pol/?[View]
203835637Passion of the Smith: >King Solomon builds Temple with the help of G-d given control of 72 demons…[View]
203835324/red cali/ DREAMING EDITION: >california is a mess; consequence of years of neoliberal socioecono…[View]
203835991So today is 'World Day of Social Justice' what are you normies doing to celebrate?[View]
203833840Anyone regret voting for Trump?: He promised us a white ethnostate yet went against it for Jewish co…[View]
203835141Are you brave enough to call a black person a nigger to their face?[View]
203837272/MEGA/ - Make España Great Again - Live Trial Now: >Live stream now Interrogating Dolors Bassa ht…[View]
203830952SAY IT WITH ME[View]
203834577To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize: The yearly CRIF d…[View]
203837021Nevada woman dies in car accident while she was performing sex act on the driver. Source is my param…[View]
203836427Supreme Court Game: What is the left's obsession with stupid crap like this? https://twitter.co…[View]
203837141Post Political Words or Newspeak you fucking hate: I'll start with a few: >Problematic >…[View]
203836231Questions for pagans on /pol/: Do you know any other pagans IRL? Are they all rabid lefties like the…[View]
203828003Is he, dare I say it, /ourguy/? he has always consistently called out kikes for who and what they ar…[View]
203814645NoFap: Is this shit just a meme or does it actually make a difference?[View]
203831598Was Augustus a good or bad Emperor?: He was such a complex and smart man, it's hard to tell at …[View]
203835775Trump was specifically chosen for the presidency by the Jews for the purpose of serving as a safety …[View]
203805788Reminder that the jews[View]
203834015Reading McCabe's Book!: Right after the 1st chapter he talks about what the FBI does. He talks …[View]
203836007When in doubt, accuse everyone to be antisemitic, get yourself a loli and go cry about the 6 gorilli…[View]
203821555Does anyone else feel really out of place in life? I am a fairly attractive guy, lots of shit going …[View]
203836736Your president is so thin-skinned he's still calling SNL collusion. If that's not a sign o…[View]
203832545/ptg/ President Trump General - Too Bad So Sad Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteho…[View]
203826522redpill me on no-fap /pol/[View]
203826603What are the biggest differences between Anglos and Aryans?[View]
203824513Jordan Peterson is a Neocon faggot.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXYuqrO8LLo[View]
203836457Leftists what is your goal?: The leftists you see in the west today fight for dumb shits like femini…[View]
203835903Post your face when Smollett runs from the law: It’s coming https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/02…[View]
203836426Would you look at that...: Bernie raises (((6 million)))! https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/20/us/poli…[View]
203833767Abortion is the best way to get rid of niggers Tell my why you dont support it?[View]
203833490-- DAILY REMINDER --: Daily reminder that only boomer zionists like Trump. https://old.reddit.com/r/…[View]
203833572Ben Shapiro Hate Thread: Hey /pol/ I'm fucking tired of seeing this faggot get a pass around he…[View]
203836355Stop asking the wrong questions!: Trump is controlling the media and that's wrong. https://www.…[View]
203833524Lambright is dropping red pills: Lambright is predicting civil war and dropping some technology pill…[View]
203821944Why did the capitalist countries become le 56% face so fast?[View]
203814990GLOWNIGGER SPILLS BEANS ON TRUMP, Q, KUSHNER, AND MORE - PART 3: New bread, old ones bumped out Thre…[View]
203834256So this is the power of European nationalism... https://twitter.com/guyverhofstadt/status/1097080549…[View]
203836160>>203835181 badgers are reclusive and shy as hell. Once was walking home on a dark road in Ess…[View]
203836138Nigger steals fried chicken money posing as a teenage worker: here's another dandy, grown nigge…[View]
203826945Vaccinations: Why is it so hard to get actual official numbers on how many deaths are caused by vacc…[View]
203836021Describe the Liberal Left using an image: Describe the Liberal Left using an image, I'll go fir…[View]
203835992What is coming /pol/?[View]
203823119Not going home! say it with me!: The brits finally got a little bit of their lost fucking humanity b…[View]
203823971THIS KILLS SUPERPOWERS: North Korea will never be invaded so long as they have nukes A semi communis…[View]
203835940Trump's tin soldiers on a rant: Shut up! Shut up, you American. You always talk, you Americans,…[View]
203834754Mueller Witch hunt wrapping up?: I call BS. Unless Mueller is also announcing his retirement, he…[View]
203835823Bernie 2020: I think that Bernie running for president is the best thing that could have happened fo…[View]
2038259812016: > He's gonna lock her up. > The wall is coming. > Saudi Arabia is gonna pay. …[View]
203835100HEY yes you do you want to launder some money? why don't you invest in estonia we have a resume…[View]
203829058A migrant cannot be illegal, ever.: Where else can I find the global demographic replacement project…[View]
203835682Very rare: lmao... He slayeth the sjdub https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=11894[View]
2038348976 MILLION DOLLAHS[View]
203834910What's pol's opinion on Nichiren Buddhism? I've been thinking of converting from Chri…[View]
203833712Redpill me on Jews: Redpill me on Jews/Judaism. Why does everyone on /pol/ hate them[View]
203817096Parents General: >been here since new >parent of 3 boys >anxiety everyday about their futur…[View]
203823367Is it possible that Chris Langan is a prophet from the Holy Kek? The fact that the Holy Kek is bring…[View]
203828415Why do normies insist Jews are white when they clearly aren't?[View]
203835252>Many estimates are generally in the billions — in 2015, Bill Browder, a former fund manager in R…[View]
203826431Fox News is right wing propaganda that targets the elderly. Their spin is heavier, farther from the …[View]
203831851What does /pol/ think about the California National Party? I was reading about them a bit ago, and w…[View]
203833576WHITE ETHNOSTATE: Are you a White Nationalist or a White Globalist? The Nation-state is dying, and n…[View]
203822112Our shitty White House just posted this. You know what to do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a49uwZ…[View]
203834215Remind me how a true MAGApede should spin this?: Or after Obama's 'making America faggots'…[View]
203834402I do not hesitate one second to state clearly and unmistakably: I belong to the German resistance mo…[View]
203835080Swedbank invovled in the Danske Bank money laundering: How deep does the hole go? Danske Bank got ca…[View]
203829918Reminder thread: The point of our resistance is to remind society that nothing is certain. There are…[View]
203832685Voter Fraud doesn't exi.....: Where's the Voter Fraud crowd at now? Is it not Voter Fraud …[View]
203823025Why are you ignoring the real national emergencies?: Well /pol/?[View]
203834912>wake up early to go to college and get indoctrinated >all the professors say to hate your fam…[View]
203818329You're all so distracted You haven't noticed what the DIA has released.: Pic related is a …[View]
203829640ITS OVER: Anyone with the balls to call trump out on his zionist sold out bullshit would absolutely …[View]
203823365Saudi War Crimes: Why the fuck do we keep selling the Saudis weapons when they are committing terrib…[View]
203822411Reminder that if you have a tattoo you're a retard: > Men and women ages 20–39 were most lik…[View]
20381943716yo overdosed on weed: 16-yr-old cannabis addict stabs mother, severs genitals in UK >it's …[View]
203829745https://thebullylist.org/coke-refuses-denounce-employee-hate-speech.php Anyone seen this shit? It…[View]
203820639Wow...: As a Jew, happening upon this website today has been one of the most eye-opening experiences…[View]
203827989>he thinks he is better than others because of the color of his skin Why are racists so stupid?…[View]
203830297I made a game: Femanon here, made a game, check it out https://gamejolt.com/games/skin/388254…[View]
203828752r8 this article from an austrian newspaper >Frosch alarms the national state protection: Due to t…[View]
203829848life isnt fair others who grew up different from me & were exposed to different things than me a…[View]
203817028Flat Tax or No Tax: If tax cannot be removed permanently then the next best solution is a flat tax w…[View]
203831307TRUDEAU ARMY: the shills are out in full force. when did /pol/ realize trudeau is /ourguy/?[View]
203817124Google's new office for 'Black Girls Code': Have you ever seen a black girl code? I've wor…[View]
203833865All you boys in the new Dem. Party want to be me a little All your voters know I like my bills with…[View]
203828150Hello friends :) What seems to be the commotion? I'm sure we can all get along <3[View]
203829826Judith Butler, Gender Theory and Gender Performativity: Is she right /pol/?[View]
203828524How many kids is too many?: I think that people ostracize families of 8+, and kids often turn out we…[View]
203833581Bernie: He's gonna debate against Trump. It's gonna be fucking unreal. This socialist is g…[View]
203831303Sailor shown in iconic photo celebrating the end of WWII dies this week; SJWs respond by posthumousl…[View]
203826816Why is it that all the black people at my apartment complex never seem to have to go to work?[View]
203833426A lot of the opinions you keep only because; it is due to bias of them making you feel good, a perso…[View]
203833795This election I am going to vote for the Joint List, an Arab coalition which includes the Israeli Co…[View]
203829866Humor thread: as per subject[View]
203823811What is the appropriate punishment for pedophilia?[View]
203830041How long until Varg becomes nuts and starts killing people like this guy?[View]
203831198How did half of the country become convinced beyond a doubt that having a secure and controlled bord…[View]
203833548Balkan Niggers Question: How are we going to solve the Balkan nigger problem? Take a look at this ma…[View]
203829415Latino here, which state would be the best for me to diversify?[View]
203829140How long will the holocaust guilt continue? How long can it continue? Do you think it's possibl…[View]
203832787do liberals realize the KKK was almost entirely a Democratic institution?: the irony of them accusin…[View]
203833315Zoomer conservative here, what’s the origin of the “*squek*” meme. Is it just to make fun of magatar…[View]
203833238What's Happening in South Africa?: https://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/national-conservativ…[View]
203820039America is the worst thing that's ever happened to the west: Before I list the reasons why that…[View]
203831877This *claps* is *claps* not *claps* okay[View]
203832366Angola Decriminalizes Same-Sex Conduct: https://www.hrw.org/news/2019/01/23/angola-decriminalizes-sa…[View]
203828798Why are you against taxing and abusing the rich? Rich people, and the corporations they run, care no…[View]
203830067UNCENSORED SHEMALE SURGERY!: How is this degeneracy normalized!? https://periclesjacks.wixsite.com/f…[View]
203830355Trumptards suddenly believe what they see on CNN.[View]
203832201I keep seeing tidbits about how trust in the media is at an all-time low. Yet, I also keep seeing pe…[View]
203789615She equates the women and children killed in the Manchester bombings with the women and children kil…[View]
203789658Does the average young white woman in America think like this?: Im not American and I havent really …[View]
203832222This will fix the US: > 1st Amendment > 2nd Amendment > Voting rights only apply to those …[View]
203832610Bongs - Explain Yourselves: Our friends from the United Kingdom have some explaining to do. Apparent…[View]
203815276Isn't it about time the Trump retards fucked off this board? Why is there still a Trump general…[View]
203799316The Perfect British Isles: Is this the perfect British Isles anons? I have come to some conclusions …[View]
203825142more Chinese hate thread: >being a hopeless Chinese young man >visting 4chan >taking the ul…[View]
203832554anyone heard/ know whats going on in Algeria?: saw an algerian taxi driver i know last night (awesom…[View]
203832526One of the biggest downfalls for the Republicans and libertarians is the healthcare argument. Straig…[View]
203828539/ptg/ President Trump General - 'Could' Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov…[View]
203832409White guy always drives the trash truck and laughs when I don't take the trash out. New Mexican…[View]
203828199Does the current state of journalism get a bad rap or is it justified? I do believe it is a lot poli…[View]
203831611Why are southern Europeans so fucking manlets?: Spain, Italy, Portugal, Romania etc. The average hei…[View]
203828063AOC: >Be me >Intelligent and peerless Congresswoman Alexandira Ocasio Cortez, fiery Latina wi…[View]
203827189Online Dating is The Most Popular Way to Date: >We present new data from a nationally representat…[View]
203825145MUELLER TIME!!!!!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mr7T3ndwDk https://twitter.com/FOX61News/statu…[View]
203832296Daily Reminder to Thank the U.S. Military: >Protects the West from our foreign enemies >Ensure…[View]
203827876KNIFE ATTACK IN MARSEILLE: Depressed lone wolf or religion of peace? https://www.straitstimes.com/wo…[View]
203829042How could people be against him ??: How could the West go and fight this Genius/Legend of a man ?? W…[View]
203830816Jewtube Top 3 Trending Videos: Discuss[View]
203832178Reminder that Accelerationism is a jewish communist meme. With every inch of ground they get, they b…[View]
203831643>be American >wake up, microwave some water, eat 3 hot pockets >stop my mcdonalds on way to…[View]
203805372WHITE CHILD BUILDS FUSION REACTOR: >MEMPHIS, Tenn.- Some kids spend their time on social media, o…[View]
203831959Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Lieber tot als rot: >Polls http://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/ >M…[View]
203824595Did Hitler actually want to take over the world or is this a lie?: My holocaust denying friend told …[View]
203816546Japanese women: Japanese women are the best women in the world. Not only are they the most beautiful…[View]
203827329What do you think about the JCPOA, /pol/? Is it sufficient to keep Iran from developing nukes?[View]
203825722NPR Bernie 'already won the primary' for 2020: Does Trump even have a chance? Bernie Bros, rise up!…[View]
203821525Perplexed: So I questioned someone on FB who stated it's commonplace for black women in the US …[View]
203816391Calif. college calls the POLICE...over a cartoon frog: https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=11894…[View]
203830616It's over when he says it's over.[View]
203827087Civil Asset Forfeiture BTFO: Unanimous Supreme Court Curbs State Power to Levy Fines, Seize Property…[View]
203824096NYC turns back on AOC: Well I guess some people in NYC are finally waking up to the fact they electe…[View]
203823824THE JEWS ARE COMING FOR YOUR 1ST AMENDMENT: Video Related https://www.bitchute.com/video/oBZxTHyMPR0…[View]
203828916GET IN HERE FAGGOTS!: iFunny normies are getting based AF really recently and are fedup with the jew…[View]
203823644/ptg/ President Trump General - Forward Edition: I love Trump and I hate Jews If you don't know…[View]
203830078What's your background /pol/? Also because of Italian genes does this make me a savage?[View]
203824799Is being a Yugonostalgic Serb the ultimate form of cuckery?[View]
203827961This teenage boy built nuclear fusion reactor in his bedroom. And you thing you have high IQ becaus…[View]
203826336Sokolsky Opening: >Taxes for the rich > Free healthcare for Americans > Education and Soc…[View]
203828435Did he lie because he is a nigger, a Jew, or a fag?: Pick one[View]
203825993Phrases that enrage /pol/: Love won <3[View]
203829153Anon I...: http://www.thiswaifudoesnotexist.net/index.html[View]
203823541Can we agree that all races are beutiful, as long as they don't interbreed between themselves j…[View]
203830146>Oh. Greetings, Comrade. >Whadya think of my new car? Pretty plush, eh? >V10 is pumping out…[View]
203825818We are a Judeo-Christian Nation?: https://books.google.com/ngrams/graph?content=judeo-christian&…[View]
203819868Based Aryan Jews.: According to wiki Haplogroup R1a1a was found at elevated levels among a sample of…[View]
203830820Do any canadians here have a leaf reaction folder? I find a few of them funny, but since I'm ca…[View]
203830313>yfw Bernie wins: >Tacos start celebrating >Their smiles instantly dissapear when Bernie an…[View]
203830788>pander to moderates of opposite party for votes while shitting on own base where have we seen th…[View]
203830635What did he mean by this?: 'PM Modi is my elder brother, I admire him'~ Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad …[View]
203821032Why Can't The Left Meme?: Seriously. Is there something wrong with their brains?[View]
203829960We're all still here[View]
203810777>tfw angry autistic depressed kid who can't connect with very liberal family >tfw militan…[View]
203818941LOCKHEED UNVEILS NEW F-21 FIGHTER JET 'ONLY FOR INDIA': https://youtu.be/VNIwVxhwLPM >'Made in I…[View]
203802126Major plot hole in the anti-capitalist narrative that anti-capitalists need to stop ignoring: What d…[View]
203829845It's kindness week at my work!: As a result we have to write down a kind quote on a piece of pa…[View]
203821042EAT YOUR CHEMICAL sh*t food BURGERS: Putin orders Russian brand of ‘green’ non-GMO produce to be set…[View]
203829238'I never had relations with that private server, Mrs Clinton's': Peter Strozks under oath says …[View]
203828403Explain this[View]
203808397THERAPY THREAD: Let's conduct an experiment. In this thread we will operate under 0 levels of i…[View]
203827454>Mueller report is going to be finished next week >it’s gonna come up empty >media starts …[View]
203823137https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Cover-Story/China-s-housing-glut-casts-pall-over-the-economy >E…[View]
203829775Anyway, here's Buildthewall: >Today is gonna be the day >That I'm gonna build a wall…[View]
203821443Why won't you let this sand nigger come home: It's not like she wanted to kill all whites …[View]
203827559Anon, will YOU embrace the Radical Centrist pill[View]
203812997Why are 75% of teachers now women? Why has teaching become a joke of a profession? And don't s…[View]
203827517Fucking women: Woman judge cries while actual victim laughs: >boon sentenced 47 years >suckers…[View]
203828146Does Trump support this message?: No more fucking around alright? It's time to put Trump on the…[View]
203820600Trump Cheers Lawsuit 'GO GET THEM NICK': https://www.foxnews.com/politics/donald-trump-cheers-coving…[View]
203796707Kraut/pol/+AFD general: We are all going to make it >Polls http://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/ >…[View]
203812891No autistic weapon loving weirdo girlfriend...[View]
203829562>Footwraps are notorious for the foul smell that they develop when worn under military conditions…[View]
203827223The greatest red pill is accepting the fact that Hitler was a Rothschild agent used to push the crea…[View]
203823204I keep seeing people advocating for marrying a stay-at-home wife. But do people know what that entai…[View]
203829324Nigger Assaults Own Attorney after conviction: always the same shit, dindu nuffin , don't under…[View]
203826757>Jared, it's Donald. tell BB the racism stuff isn't working anymore. >What do you me…[View]
203829066Will Smith is Allah: >King Solomon builds Temple with the help of G-d given control of 72 demons.…[View]
203828593What race of woman is the White Gentleman's concubine of choice?: >tally the votes…[View]
203822710Poroshenko: 'Ukraine will file a request to join EU and NATO': This kills the eternal Vatnik.[View]
203825284Any Poll's a Goal: https://weeuropeans.eu/de/de/about Let us participate in the 'biggest citize…[View]
203828955Why is the Dogecoin future bright?: >It's a moment when I show up, got 'em sayin',…[View]
203819512/pol/ Humor thread![View]
203818766Reminder that Ann Coulter is never wrong.[View]
203826491Consider the following: >Hysteria about 'terrorism' is based on racism…[View]
203825192RESIST DEPLORABLES!: The wall not getting built, liberals silencing Trump and supporters over true s…[View]
203794341What do y'all have against the gays?: Granted, it might not be the most pleasant thing to have …[View]
203827648Are Australian's the best posters? And Br*tbongs the worst? Even canadians are more redpilled …[View]
203826518Coal Burner awareness thread: What are some of the most tried and true methods of identifying and al…[View]
203807616Western propaganda: Anti American propaganda thread In This thread we praise these values - American…[View]
203828690>'The holohoax didn't happe-' Explain this /pol/tards https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLWmyc…[View]
203828680SHE'S BAAAAAAACK Even Fox News admitted it https://www.foxnews.com/politics/supreme-court-rules…[View]
203825461Dallas to Las Vegas AA flight diverted to Nellis AFB: WTF is the story behind this? https://twitter.…[View]
203827574Anonymous: What is the political orientation of the Anonymous movement?[View]
203824027/ptg/ President Trump General - Bolton Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
203828482It’s time to eradicate /ptlgbt/[View]
203790986Are nordics more evolved than other Humans?[View]
203828430Does anyone else have old parents? What's it like having young parents? I was born 1992, my mom…[View]
203827971Who's the champ lurking that did this: https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=11894 >Shit posting …[View]
203828386Ok, which one of you idiots did this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlN9plBx6Ho[View]
203819635Why does /pol/ always ignore the Flynn effect when talking about IQ?[View]
203818154Why are these people allowed to exist?: https://www.marieclaire.com/sex-love/a15957811/cheated-with-…[View]
203825130Dennis Prager rallies the troops for the War on Christmas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOORXvZE2…[View]
203816780What did Trump mean by this?: No but seriously what is wrong with him? Did the real Trump die in 201…[View]
203823435T'was nothin' but a prank White boi![View]
203826020>the plane hit the building then the fire melted the steel beams ! Simple as that…[View]
203824758Loses TV Show, Never Told a Single Lie: So Jussie is still on the job for igniting a race war, and R…[View]
203827948Why do liberals encourage beaners to come here if America is so racist?[View]
203828170If Jews never existed, would there be harmony amongst all races and peace in the world?[View]
203812067I’ve heard that the only reason she survived and came back is to upset pol: Is pol crying about this…[View]
203813724What is the appropriate punishment for homosexuality?[View]
203826725BASTE GAY MARRIAGE![View]
203827169Bernie raises $6 million: Pure coincidence! Which car will he buy this election year? The BMW M8 wi…[View]
203827825Are migapedes going to be the next bernie bros? Try and convince me that they're not as cringew…[View]
203818768if he took Ron Paul's position on the Federal Reserve and abolished central banking, I would ab…[View]
203824860Trump BTFO by 110 year old.: 110 year old briton Robert Weighton slams Trump and Brexit. He says Tru…[View]
203822321United States and France friendship thread: This is a thread to honor the friendship of our true lon…[View]
203825649Literally just tell them to step down and give a woman/PoC a chance and they'll have to do it. …[View]
203816212Heroic /pol/ User Declares 'Enough is Enough,' Riddles Muslim Immigrant with Bullets: INDI…[View]
203827499Diversity is such a bullshit term and here is why: I am so absolutely infuriated about the word dive…[View]
203827430Final redpill?: When did you realize that Muslims are the good guys.[View]
203827422ITCHIN TO RAPE AND PILLAGE: If you don't work out, become strong, and keep close ties with your…[View]
203822298Why has Trump refused to do ANYTHING about social media censorship?: Social media censorship of cons…[View]
203818887He has no chance, right sweeties?: Sorry incels but democratic socialism isn’t a dirty word anymore.…[View]
203826659Here we go again with that terrifying frog: Some rascal posted a pepe on a bulletin board at a colle…[View]
203812214Created a strange project analyzing the daily news cycle. .: I watch a lot of US news. Frustrated wi…[View]
203824980Anyone else get these text messages?[View]
203825695You know what to do.: https://twitter.com/gtconway3d/status/1098224325365239808 BTFO this faggot.…[View]
203827221Help Give California to Mexico: Change.Org poll is officially live. Lets Make America Great Again by…[View]
203826176Trump’s national emergency strategy for the wall is legally airtight: I read up on the NEA and went …[View]
203827171The honk honk meme uses the RGB values of Pepe's wig to track the spread of memes from 4chan to…[View]
203826388for me, it's Tenshi[View]
203825031Tech is the hopr: Aging Reversal and Gene Editing will save the White Race Face it /pol/, you will n…[View]
203825077Boomers still hanging on to Trump leave now: Posting everyday until boomer /ptg/ bumpers from reddit…[View]
203815823BASED GAY NEOCON: Why is this orange faggot blatantly intervening in other countries' affairs b…[View]
203826878Bookies have Trumo at 3 to 2 odds to win in 2020: And Bernie is at 28 to 1. Let that sink in, Bernie…[View]
203826528Fascism used as the passage from Social Democracy to anarcho-capitalism.: A fascism or authoritarian…[View]
203819039Why They fear the in-store prices: The canadian shills don't want people knowing how much every…[View]
203825400HAHAHAHA! YES! YES![View]
203818684what did the US gain from the Iraq war?[View]
203780691Once every man can custom-make his partner, how will it affect politics?: http://www.thiswaifudoesno…[View]
203826808Where the fuck are all the happenings?: >Trump elected >happenings slow to a fucking crawl Uni…[View]
203825456What was it like growing up with the Internet?[View]
203822250Remember when Donald Trump promised to sign an executive order ending birthright citizenship during …[View]
203826393I think it's time we begin treatment of the deadliest cancer known to /pol/. Given the events o…[View]
203824938““““““Nordic Pagans”””””” are degenerate larpers: Why does every Pagan I meet treat religion as if i…[View]
203824826What's tiresome, /pol/?: Post everything tiresome[View]
203821475lol are you ready to lose your 1st Amendment rights, goy? https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congre…[View]
203823065The (((Death))) of Germany: After Muslim congresswoman Ilhan Omar made an obvious point about Jewish…[View]
203826213JACKASS: >But Graham surely jumped the sycophancy shark. >Not long ago, Graham willingly admit…[View]
203826244Boomers, Gen X and Millennials: >Be born a boomer. >Grow up in uniquely prosperous time when A…[View]
203825914Fellas, where's the best place to start when learning about the rich and powerful and their pre…[View]
203824713Someone is putting RAZOR BLADES on WalMart Cart Handles!: Siler City NC police are seeking two peopl…[View]
203823110Is It Degenerate to Sue Someone after a Minor Car Wreck?: /pol/, I need your opinions. About an hour…[View]
203822926Being able to dance in a club is the ultimate normie test. Proof me wrong. I guarantee you the major…[View]
203826382Is climate change a jewish con?: I'm a Senior Physics major at university in some climate chang…[View]
203825423Anti-anti-homo isso racism: https://www.out.com/news-opinion/2019/2/19/trumps-plan-decriminalize-hom…[View]
203813540>you have one nuke >you have to either wipe out all Jews or all Muslims Which one, /pol/?…[View]
203820406ACCELERATION: I just registered Democrat the other day and switched from the Republican Party to vot…[View]
203825105Trump's plan to decriminalize homosexuality is an old racist tactic: Based Out Magazine and Dem…[View]
203825984Bernie shills are making this board unbearable. Fucking commies.[View]
203826156Maybe he'll do all the things he said he'll do in his next term. Maybe he knew the only re…[View]
203825979This guy has to be a plant: Has anyone identified this guy yet?[View]
203819080/BPG/ Butler Plan General - No more archives edition: The Butler Plan is a territorial imperative ca…[View]
203825548Now that robowaifus are a reality, what do we do with the surplus of biocunts left in the world? The…[View]
203822263Why are the media and entertainment trying so hard to portray pic related as the greatest scientist …[View]
203825983Really makes you wonder about Trump's presidency, doesn't it?[View]
203815605How do Brazilians feel about their country being used as a warning what will happen to other countri…[View]
203813020Redpill me on single mothers. What is causing them? Besides the jew obviously. What effects does i…[View]
203825855>woke up at 8.30 am >do some boring chores and then browse internet and have some junk food …[View]
203825817I’m sure all you Canadians are going to hear about this on your nightly news.[View]
203816160Online petition calls for US to sell Montana to Canada for $1 trillion: So /pol/ should we do it? Ar…[View]
203797865Ben Garrison is a fuckin Q boomer[View]
203819479Quick /pol/ Poll - What Do You Say?: Just an understandable honest mistake? Should we welcome her ho…[View]
203817789Canada NO: How has Canada not already fireproofed refugee homes? Are they really that insensitive an…[View]
203821952Transsexuality: Why is this legal?[View]
203818987Converting to Judaism: Is anyone else really disappointed that you cannot convert to Judaism without…[View]
203805103Is anybody else here beginning to sour on Trump?: I don't know exactly why but lately I've…[View]
203822096How come the New Left completely destroys the New Right in terms of viewership and influence?[View]
203824645Bill Barr(s) spotted after reading in on intel: CNN Breaking: 'Mueller will release report next week…[View]
203787257Japan hate thread: Japan is one of the most vile and distrusting country on earth along with germany…[View]
203820910Magnitsky Scandal: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sergei_Magnitsky#Exposing_the_scandal Who was in th…[View]
203822736Dog Hate Thread: An animal that loves you no matter how pathetic, fat, or weak you are. Requires con…[View]
203818049How well would you fare in a feudal society?[View]
203819898What has he achieve during his presidency so far?[View]
203824995What kind of fucked up country has an election on an UNEVEN year...[View]
203824962Looks like the regime here has concluded the best way to stay in power is to go full antisemitic, so…[View]
203789850It's over.: It's over.[View]
203824950Disney buying Fox: Old news but Red pill this fags.[View]
203824652How do we make Japan a more diverse country?[View]
203824773It should be clear to anybody with half a brain that Russia is the only beacon of Hope in our fight …[View]
203824401Are Jews even human?: >Mutts need not respond to defend them.[View]
203820253Too much estrogen?: Girls who start their periods before turning 14 are 51% more likely to have unde…[View]
203818247POL HAS GONE LEFTIE: What the fuck is up with all these pro-Bernie threads... so disgusted...Has /po…[View]
203824835What's wrong with the Jews?: They are just people.[View]
203824506What would be the reasons to him no to want to build the wall?[View]
203824757Please suggest books on bankers and how they have fucked up the world. Can include critiques of (((b…[View]
203824709MSM doesn't seem to be reporting border construction only local news: Not the first report of b…[View]
203822740I am a single issue voter. The only thing that I care about is what type of mind-control experiments…[View]
203813122How does it feel to be hated zoomer white boys?: How does it feel to grow up in a generation where m…[View]
203824605Live 'debate' in france on Twitch: there is a live 'debate' which is kind of a monologue. Please hel…[View]
203813506Brit/pol/: __News__ >Three MPs quit Tory party to join breakaway group https://www.bbc.co.uk/news…[View]
203824151Wait, so Russia was not targeting us before with their nuclear missiles?[View]
203824232Oligo-Cortez: One of the dumbest life forms in recorded history, Oligo-Cortez just won't stop i…[View]
203822282>Well, maybe it's not true. But the MORAL VALUES are really what's important here. It d…[View]
203804164/pol/ movies: .[View]
203820251Will we ever get an IRL based pope like Pius XIII? Will the Church ever rise up again from the muck …[View]
203812381Das Amazin: What's the deal with JLP? I know he was a spokesman for black conservatism but it s…[View]
203824067Is nordicism true?: The most pure whites live in the Nordic nations which were never seriously invad…[View]
203824004What happens next?: Just got back from 2 years over seas and have just now seen how bad thing have g…[View]
203820337Donating to wikipedia?: Does /pol/ contribute? I just went on there to refresh my memory about Bern…[View]
203823430What's going on with Brexit? It's less than a month away before the deal goes through, yet…[View]
203820711America has a two-tier justice system: One, the most strict, for White makes and one for everybody e…[View]
203821736Globohomo Trump Going Off The Rails: We need Pence to execute amendment 25 before Trump goes on his …[View]
203818748Oh say, does that star spangled banner yet wave o're the land of the porn lawyers and the home …[View]
203820750Trump is /ourgu-[View]
203820785Trump Was Never the Goal: Just a step in the right direction. Either he was gonna actually do the s…[View]
203823470State attorney recluses herself from smollet case: https://pagesix.com/2019/02/20/cook-county-states…[View]
203814232Africans don't want to date blacks more than Europeans[View]
203810220>If we accept a higher minimum wage, better working rights and make the super rich pay their fare…[View]
203823683Don't forget to vote for Comrade Corbyn lads[View]
203823708Can you swim /pol/? https://youtu.be/EtD3UgUZJYQ[View]
203817562/ptg/ President Trump General - Goblin Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
203819115Exposing the myth that jews are good at business: They're not. Their 'being good at business' c…[View]
203815450Commies absolutely DESTROYED[View]
20382310611 yo AFRICAN boy INVENTES NEW computer: Wyte bois btfo!!![View]
203822200I’m trying to rekindle my Christian faith after being an atheist piece of iltellectual waste. Can yo…[View]
203822756Hey /pol/, how do we get the streamer arrested? https://youtu.be/1YHv5D0xHIQ[View]
203820459What’s with all the Bernie Shilling going on here?: Is it Bernie is paying for this, did he include …[View]
203823054Q Confirmed: Liam Gallagher is Q[View]
203813192Are you fucking kidding me?: Grand jury postponed. Is this lying fucking faggot dindu going to get a…[View]
203822933Two black women confront a Chinese man over wrong food: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiYWvDqks4Q …[View]
203823217When you're such a perfect human specimen: the entire continent of Africa and many others blame…[View]
203811593It's official now. Have fun getting a minimum wage raise, universal healthcare, paid college tu…[View]
203823138>2019 >Not supporting Based Bernie for President Come on, Anons. You're not seriously thi…[View]
203821083Chicago DA recuses herself from Jussie case due to connections to witnesses: She refuses to comment …[View]
203823104They hate whitws: They hate white people, all them subhumans, but want to claim European white herit…[View]
203822730okay I need somebody to tell me right now that this image has been photoshopped.[View]
203822262What kind of lunar kikery do they plan?[View]
203807641What the fuck: She fag of Oregon thinks a bunch of retarded teenagers will swing elections. This bet…[View]
203822650Anonymous: what's it finally gonna take for the race war to start?[View]
203822885time to get horny[View]
203818993This was an organizing lynching.: The slippery slope just got KYed.[View]
203818268This fucking bitch >Joins terrorist group that kills and rapes and threaten to destroy her countr…[View]
203815831TFW you realize 40% of muslims want trannies dead: and ironically, 40% of trannies will do it for th…[View]
203822697The White Venezuelan thinks Venezuela is close to freedom :)[View]
203821502Alt-Right claims another victim: Are you fucking happy now Trumptards?[View]
203820552Las Vegas Shooting: This company claims to monitor all data around the world to identify disasters i…[View]
203820618>The government has failed us and put us in debt >the only way to fix this is to give the gove…[View]
203821893hello:) I wantet to remind you to be nice and friendly to everyone. A lot of the posts here are real…[View]
203815794Why are MAGApedes trying to get Trump to start a war against Venezuela? Do they not remember what h…[View]
203810474There's so many Jews in the American elite at this point, not even the Jeruselum knows which on…[View]
203818986Wouldn’t mutt children be superior if they got an Anglo IQ but a blacks athleticism?[View]
203817080What are /pol/'s thoughts on taxation?[View]
203815249*ruins everything*[View]
203784093The future looks so fucking bleak and horrible. How do you guys keep going?[View]
203822171>that image Pottery[View]
203820929Why the fuck do you: Incels wanna see Hillary clintons sex tape? Im not saying its a real thing. Its…[View]
203820560Look at this lynch mob.: The Chicago PD is getting away with the lynching of Jussie. Investigate thi…[View]
203822079Is there any group more deserving of the rope than trannies? >https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-c…[View]
203819984how do i redpill my gf?: she's a feminist but i don't think she's too far gone[View]
203821777Andrew Anglin: Redpill me on him.[View]
203822013Bernie must be stopped. He is a threat. Pic related.: Welcome to Soviet Amerika assholes. This is sa…[View]
203820252White Meds VS Sandnigger Meds: White Meds VS Sandnigger Meds Western Meds= Europeans Eastern Meds = …[View]
203798384Cory Booker is gay: It is hilarious that people think it would be better for Cory Booker to come out…[View]
203811885Hes right, you know.: Ed just BTFO'ed Pizza niggers. What do you have to say for yourself /pol/…[View]
203819110Paul Manafort forced his wife to get gangbanged by groups of black men Pol will defend this[View]
203814446This kills the commie.[View]
203821449The Holocaust never happened. Prove me wrong.[View]
203821738Penis measuring for God: The earliest known fragment says that the mark of the beast is 616, not 666…[View]
203820942Why does everyone think Islam is the answer to problems when all the Muslims countries are even wors…[View]
203821253How do Americans feel about their country becoming a standard measuring unit for degeneracy?[View]
203821188Reminder that the Fake News Media is still the enemy of a free nation and free people. Have you been…[View]
203818811Anti-Globalist music?: Hey /pol/: I've been having this idea floating around in my head and I w…[View]
203792055How do fathers of mixed race children cope with the fact that their kids look nothing like them?[View]
203821358Who is this man and why is he Alex Jones[View]
203805433Why do you guys hate us so much?: Bosnian Jew here. I'm trying to figure out why /pol/ hates al…[View]
203768374THE FUCKING ICE AGE IS HERE: 2019 the year without summer[View]
203820524Cuck Swedish politician attacks Hungary:: 'Swedish cabinet minister made a controversial comparison …[View]
203818558I hope you guys are falling for the Eternal tranny You will never be a woman[View]
203810186Who should a politician represent?: 1) Their political party 2) Their personal political beliefs 3) …[View]
203815384Let's be honest here. If this man wasn't a jew and a SJW he would be by far the best choic…[View]
203819153If u have the: Link to the hillary Clinton sex video please post it >i need it for researching…[View]
203820791>times you benefited from presidential legislation That tax cut was so cash…[View]
203821113My friend thinks the Holohoax happened. Prove to him it didn't[View]
203808887McCabe: What did Andy do? What's about to happen to him?[View]
203810041What happens in north and south Dakota?[View]
203813454Old guy asks: 'Why have we got to submit to being exterminated by race-mixing?': https://youtu.be/ER…[View]
203820924If blacks are so tough why do they need hate crime laws?[View]
203807556Polands public TV just published official documents proving that father of Itzhak Shamir - Shlomo Je…[View]
203820860Why is antisemitism so inexistent in America?[View]
203820923OH NO NO NO NO APOLOGIZE RIGHT NOW: >https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=11894 WHICH ONE OF YOU RACI…[View]
203820816Why are zoomers going to such ridiculous lengths for attention?[View]
203820839We're Not Interested As we launch into the 2020 election cycle, Republicans should be advised t…[View]
203815293JARED KUSHNER: He is both Q and the Antichrist: http://fortune.com/2019/01/25/jared-kushner-security…[View]
203818668What the fuck is happening in Australia?.: So an Irish father of 2 kids was murdered by a filthy chi…[View]
203820247Imagine if he had grilled Jack this hard, holy shit. Toe Rogan really is as asshat to anyone remotel…[View]
203819307I am feeling depressed with life, can you share some white pills?[View]
203816329Thoughts on DPRK?: What do you guys think of North Korea? I’ve seen almost every documentary there i…[View]
203809326America doesn't have free health care but they have money for Amazon to not pay tax. Tick tuck …[View]
203820226I HOPE THE RUBES GIVE HIM 1 BILLION DOLLARS: And then he keels over dead during the final debate. Ol…[View]
203815160*gasp* He'll win this time for sure :3[View]
203820000Nuclear Weapons Hoax Superthread: Post all your proof that nukes do not exist. Is the government lyi…[View]
203816533Q on CBS / NCIS NEW ORLEANS WTF!: https://twitter.com/SoldOutAnon/status/1098066986121261057 are the…[View]
203813712Brit/pol/ - British Politics Edition: __News__ >Three MPs quit Tory party to join breakaway group…[View]
203811958Coping with the redpill: How does anon cope with the redpill irl? Since we can all agree on the fact…[View]
203815091Frog posters will be jailed: Literally shaking right now! https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=11894…[View]
203792309HEHEsilly (hehe) silly conics is banned again: You got to be fucking kidding me[View]
203818262>PRESS IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE screeches the good goy as he gives billions of dollars to jews…[View]
203816736What did Cottonelle mean by this?: Not sure what they are getting at here. Do gays have dirty butts?…[View]
203808685The Trump Curse is Real: So I wonder how it feels to be a $35,000 a year journalist being named in t…[View]
203811512True Detective season 3 is based[View]
203773568How do we solve this inequality issue before it becomes critical?[View]
203818050Was this a lynching?: “§250.Lynching “Whoever conspires with another person to violate section 245, …[View]
203819894Get in, kid: We're making Israel great again. https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2018/05/1…[View]
203808101Annexation: Give me one good reason the USA annexing Canada isn't a genius idea. Pro tip, you c…[View]
203809976WHITE NATIONALIST DEMOGRAPHICS: I found this really interesting. The Institute for Family Studies lo…[View]
203814814RACIST FROG ATTACK: Looks like someone made a splash at Folsom Lake College https://www.campusreform…[View]
203811450Why are there so many Muslims here in Germany and why did the police did nothing as they vandalized …[View]
203819401Andy McCabe interview: As a homosexual pedoophile I can offer the American people a unique perspecti…[View]
203817759Where's the footage of Trump's wall being built?[View]
203817236I'm not trying to be racist or bigoted but at some point you've got to ask what the heck e…[View]
203818823Blacks are inferi- https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0tVVb_AaXQ[View]
203816332Can someone give me a quick rundown of the Jews?[View]
203799874Pic unrelated. My entire bloodline on both sides of my family has been catholic, except for my fathe…[View]
203813503Japan’s white people: Japan belongs to white people too. This is a pure blooded Ainu man. They are i…[View]
203816126Animals inheriting money, wtf?: A lot of the bullshit needs to be stopped. Lawyers creating ways to …[View]
203816821Why Does Maxine Hear Dogwhistles?: ...With all due respect, does she have all her shots? Just sayin…[View]
203819013Why don't the media mention he is winning?[View]
203818489Things trump likes: >Trannies >Gays >Jews >Israel >Niggers >Spics >Women >D…[View]
203814122Any updates on Venezuela? Is it really not a happening?[View]
203818908Do We Get a Refund on the Taxes Wasted?: It is almost like electing degenerate whores like Gavin I-f…[View]
203816970>corporations and big pharmacy is bad! >i should know >they are my donors…[View]
203801569It is imperative that we redpill the Polish Minister for Education about (((euroweek))): Euroweek re…[View]
203818097So now that Bibi's boy Jared Kushner has Trump isolated, and only neo-cons and 'chosen people' …[View]
203818393Why do leftist retards and Shareblue think they can simply pull us away from Trump? Why do they thin…[View]
203814654Interracial meme dump: Get em faggots[View]
203816451Subversion in Iran: I'm reading all these articles on Iranian whores protesting hijab. Are thes…[View]
203794862LIVE: ‘Yellow Vests’ protest in front of UN headquarters in Geneva: Happening? https://www.youtube.c…[View]
203817363The first thing a woman wants when her life is in danger?: 'A Man'[View]
203814102How to prevent the SJWization of entertainment: Why are all technology-related sites becoming SJW-in…[View]
203818468Was there really a nursery?: Also, how effective was it?[View]
203816961What /pol/ thinks about this?: >be Spaniard >My cousin has a cornea deformation >He can lit…[View]
203816354Why are British people so ugly?[View]
203802030Vaccine shilling: First we have a huge tidal wave of memes and news this week against anti-vax and n…[View]
203817720Morons: You're being played, baka.[View]
203817897Guys, i think we are Russians and don’t even know it![View]
203811141Antisemitism is the Countersign of Laziness: If you hate the Jews so much, why don't you create…[View]
203811500HURR DURR MUH CHEAP LABOR: The elites ended the USA so they could pay cheap wages. 50 million more m…[View]
203816977THE OCCULT BASIS OF A WALL: THE OCCULT BASIS OF A COUNTRY'S WALL: Most occult rituals involve d…[View]
203817767Was this humanity's greatest mistake?[View]
203814258Alert! Wake up! Poland! 2019: Pedofiles wants to have their marches. All dates are set with cities g…[View]
203799799SHE’S GONE LADS! WE DID IT![View]
203814736Maryland to ban all guns. Protest on the 25th in annapolis: List of bullshit in various bills that a…[View]
203794134describe feminism with an image[View]
203810568Hungary do it again: A lifetime personal income-tax exemption for women who give birth to and raise …[View]
203817160When will people admit...: that it's not necessarily the jew but the Eternal Anglo that's …[View]
203816842JEWS...IN...SPACE...Space...space...: So it looks like baby Israel grew up and left the nest when yo…[View]
203815839Mind-blowing how this cheap 'evil terrorist' tool in every man's and woman's hands can ach…[View]
203810407I hate my job: /pol/, I am an accountant. I hate my job. I work many hours during tax season and I d…[View]
203791727>destroys Sargon forever >lets everyone know what a fraud Jordan Petersen is >fucks up Krau…[View]
203813245Jews lives matter: How can you people believe that committing an act of genocide against 18 million …[View]
203812143American Schooling System Cucked: Seems every year students in American schools have to keep reading…[View]
203816323Macron is using antisemitism to shut down Protest .: i believe this increase of so called antisemiti…[View]
203798010100 kilo gold coin stolen and destroyed: Cultural enrichment my friends! https://www.globalnews.ca/n…[View]
203816278Why do single moms create the worst people of society?[View]
203815026If you had to pick another nationality...: >Your nationality Scottish >Other nationalities you…[View]
203814781What was going on?: A lot happened during this period of few years[View]
203815809i just heard about pepe/kek and the cult of kek and all that stuff. im very interested and kinda sho…[View]
203811940Can coal burners be saved?: Can a woman who previously fucked black men be redeemed and be a good wo…[View]
203789880Bernie is running He is already raising millions The game has changed /pol/[View]
203797257I'm not going to start an argument or anything, I just want to know one simple thing. Why do yo…[View]
203813150If you dont vote for bernie youre literally antisemitic which is fascism. Bernie 2020![View]
203785223Commie general: Get in here comrades[View]
203814060Dating trends: >people historically hated niggers >historically it was always taboo to see a n…[View]
203817093>My favoured political party? Why, The Independent Group, of course. I have no trouble combining …[View]
203816253'Did someone say criminal?': ((Laughs in $145M donations))[View]
203816909>socialism is based https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_socialist_states Yikes.…[View]
20380068715 yo Danish girl and her 28 yo Iraqi bf: >Bakhtiar Mohammed Abdulla is an Iraqi immigrant to Den…[View]
203794279Is Sharia the final solution to western degeneracy and feminism?[View]
203816774This is the greatest political speech of our time. Putin most influential leader of our time. Change…[View]
203815529ARGHHH FUCK ABOS !!!!: I just went for a 20 minute walk to the closest 7 11 near fortitude valley, b…[View]
203813180You can't write this shit.: It's so ironic he goes around calling people MAGAts and his ga…[View]
203815557Look at how TIME advertises subscriptions in Belgium universities: Thoughts? I am skeptical about Tr…[View]
203797000It's fucking over: White Americans will be less than 50% of under 18s next year. It's fuck…[View]
203813881America balkanization thread. Post your autismos.[View]
203813862Venezuela & Europe: I need your help /pol/. How could i report Venezuelan officials that have b…[View]
203803464hoax/pol/: Jussie Smollett edition: >ctrl+f >jussie >0 results What's going on burgano…[View]
203805237Describe your country in one sentence.[View]
203816482As a guy from the most anti migrant country in the world: I welcome all whites for permanent stay an…[View]
203815971The weapons are psysothic af. Trhow your weapon in the trash and go see a doctor and leave your ex g…[View]
203816273Does a high corporate tax force companies to reinvest profits into their own company instead of keep…[View]
203816282Anyone want to talk about the (((FBI))) botching the investigation into the NBA- (((David Stern))) a…[View]
203814468Why has the right become so bad at memes recently?: Crazy how lefty are starting to make better oc m…[View]
203815863What if Carthage won the Punic wars?[View]
203816235OY VEY: So I read on local news that a french channel had to shut down its streaming in honor of muh…[View]
203813611/pol/ btfo! Black cities are thriving!: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6717905/amp/How-pro…[View]
203816130>Why don't you start a family goy: This apartment is only €400,000 and you get 40 m2 and a w…[View]
203811417Trump works for Israel: He has done more for Israel than any president in US history. Once his term …[View]
203815049I have a job I go to the gym I'm a college student I have a good girlfriend Trump is the curren…[View]
203816003What the heck is wrong with White Women?[View]
203815995PIZZAGATE IS REAL The governing body of Jehovah’s Witnesses are a group of mixed raced liberals who …[View]
203813607Should we IP ban Br*ts and Canadians?[View]
203774330how do i take the christpill? i want to take it without losing reason. many great thinkers were able…[View]
203815783Unifying America: >Opportunity mission is declared over >America reacts with collective sadnes…[View]
203814432>Be american >Spends more than any other country in the world on healthcare >Still doesn…[View]
203810520What did Iran mean by this?[View]
203814687Nick sandmann: Learn to code mother fuckers[View]
203773539How fucked are they?[View]
203812921Hey trannies! Ready to vote Trump yet?: If you're American he's fighting for you. MAGA! Ca…[View]
203814988How hot do you think their sex life is?[View]
203815569Bride of ISIS: WTF. And under the name Umm Jihad, she encouraged attacks in the US, tweeting this ex…[View]
203813713Tax is Theft!: We need to abolish taxes -it is a form of socialism / communism. -Taxes are the gover…[View]
203806003Roger Stone will be raped in prison: https://twitter.com/dcexaminer/status/1098222793299296261…[View]
203814921Can you tell me why is it bad to hate mother nation?[View]
203811051Tim 'totally not Alt-Right' Pool has been exposed[View]
203815347The jews are going full hasbara in the Netherlands: The jews are going full retard as a Dutch politi…[View]
203813230Trump derangment syndrome - the more trump cucks out the more his supporters think he is based.[View]
203815153Is Chink a slave race?[View]
203810411He will save us[View]
203813719Are black men more likely to be gay because they are raised by single mothers?[View]
203792531Patrick Little Timeline: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwM6Pw22CYg This interview changed my life.…[View]
203777323Why are Colleges so Left-Wing?: It's like this in every white country. Even in fucking hungary …[View]
203814553Why does /pol/ hate Indians? >Legally emigrate to America >Speak fluently >Smart enough …[View]
203814727Good News? Well that depends on how you look at it: Only 3 or 4 more tories need to leave until Ther…[View]
203812563Sexual deviance: Am I a degenerate for fucking escorts? Are married men who aren't getting any …[View]
203814531What do you think will happen when the Democrats eventually win back the presidency? I personally th…[View]
203811765CONGRESSWOMAN TWEETS 'ISRAEL HAS HYPNOTIZED THE WORLD': This is why the ((( shills ))) son pol kvetc…[View]
203814632I feel that the USA should invade and conquer all of the tiny micronations in the Pacific (and espec…[View]
203814637The better Sex: Women thread /pol How are women to each other, how are women to you, what do you lik…[View]
203812918When did you see the symbol for first time: I was very young not even in school, I was outside playi…[View]
203814527ANOTHER DAY IN AMERICA: >'Victory Kiss' statue vandalised a day after the famous sailor died when…[View]
203812241HURR DURR LOCKERUPPP, amirite bois?[View]
203805854Trump is being fucked over in the next election by Far-Left!!: So what do I mean by this, well here …[View]
203806948ITT images that make you go: Hmmmmm: HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM[View]
203808860The White Man calls Don Jr a Racist Piece of Crap[View]
203812380Yazidi woman recognizes ISIS captor and rapist on London Ont., Canada bus: The official government o…[View]
203812395General reminder: Pizzagate was fucking fake. John and tony podesta are into weird art. Sure. Its we…[View]
203809462How's that Saudi cock taste MAGATards?[View]
203813137Hey stop asking for: The hillary Clinton sex tape. Its fake >https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/securi…[View]
203811809Based slavs call the antigas soiboys: Protesting against the protestors . Antifa's Anti-Yellow …[View]
203814155Trump Curse Continues: Baltimore mayor blasts Pimlico owners, who say they want to move Preakness ou…[View]
203814056Rep. Adam Pedoface: Adam Schiff is planning to abuse his political office as Chairman of the House I…[View]
203806802Brit/pol/: __News__ >Three MPs quit Tory party to join breakaway group https://www.bbc.co.uk/news…[View]
203800181The fact that I had sex with a bunch of teenage girls at 22 couldn't come and haunt me in my 30…[View]
203814027/soon/ SOON general thread: Day of reckoning is coming[View]
203813925/Choo Choo/: https://thehill.com/policy/transportation/430706-trump-administration-pushes-to-recoup-…[View]
203811664DENTAL PLAN[View]
203812702niggers: niggers are fuckers niggers are fuckers niggers are fuckers niggers are fuckers niggers are…[View]
203811447Apologise: Hi anons I'm an opressed muslim woman of colour who ran away from the UK to join a t…[View]
203811131Incel are hated because they are submisive omega males: you look at the frontpage of /r9k/, you…[View]
203811444What is she talking about here /pol/? Are we conformists? Do we need to dye our hair and get a sex c…[View]
203812212When can i see the: Hillary clinton sex tape? Does anyone have the link? >inb4 gross Bro, i love …[View]
203793872Russians are braindead niggers[View]
203813585jewtube trending now, who u dunnit, cuz sha didnt du nufffin yall...[View]
203812576Russia helped Bernie Sanders as well: Many of our top intelligence officials have concluded that Rus…[View]
203801483Welcome, good goys and gals, to the fifth nightly session of /pol/ skribbl. Had a great session las…[View]
203813518GO NEET / BOOMER HATE THREAD: >be millenial >get job >can’t afford to move out >boomers …[View]
203793616So did we come out of Africa or was it India? I don't understand... This is too confusing.[View]
203809407Will any of you vote for this cuck?[View]
203813258Why are white people such cucks?: Serious question. In most countries, loving your own race and bein…[View]
203813289How fucked?: How fucked would one be if they publicly threatened their lives? Even more so, if they …[View]
203812351>drain the swamp >is actually the swamp[View]
203813278SWAZILAND AIDS: Swaziland has an AIDS rate of over 27%. Imagine 1 in 3 to 1 in 4 of the people aroun…[View]
203813270*blocks your path*: We need to send more money to Israel to make America great again. Got it?[View]
203786684The biggest societal crisis in the West is the lack of stable marriages: Especially clever women com…[View]
203813001Kevin Spacey suicide when?: Preparing the way for the cabal/DS to get rid of one of their own? Kevin…[View]
203805487“Y-you guys haven’t forgotten about me right?” “I thought I was the Dems golden child”[View]
203813213race thread: /pol whats your opinion of jews, fags, niggers, and sand nazis pic unrelated[View]
203812619If you look at the people today they are getting weaker and by weaker the cause is less nutrition an…[View]
203806861what is it with lefties and giving money away to strangers who don’t need it?[View]
203813035The impending Bernie-pocalypse is going to be fun to watch: The Democratic party is going to tear it…[View]
203798836Breaking: Putin Threatens To Target US With New Weapons: https://www.kcci.com/article/putin-warns-ne…[View]
203812727White people cant say the N word?: WE made the word. WE named you that. And you dare take away what …[View]
203812902WOKE thread[View]
203812977Red pill thread on the Government, controlled opposition: Some forbidden YouTube videos. Original co…[View]
203812878Soi is in EVERYTHING!: >Thought I was doing so well to avoid the soijew >Wake up to make some …[View]
203811354>tfw wasn't born in paradise: feel bad[View]
203794811I feel like Michael Douglas in Falling Down here.: I'm just an ordinary guy that is pissed off …[View]
203809129>tfw no christian trad romanian-american trump supporting gf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiY3…[View]
203809556I'm tired of being labeled a 'discord tranny' and a 'shill' whenever I point out that Trump is …[View]
203812089Was reddit always a cesspool of as much of a regressive echo chamber as it is today? Pic semi relate…[View]
203805133Kikenstein is SEETHING!: You heard him... ANYTHING (((HAPPENS))) TO A NYT REPORTER AND IT'S ON …[View]
203811617>tfw Trump is a kike puppet >tfw comrade (((Bernie))) is a literal socialist kike What other c…[View]
203812611I might be crazy but I suspect we're getting Jewed again with this story. http://www.espn.com/n…[View]
203812607This is how socialists look when they realize the only thing they are good at raising money for is t…[View]
203812028White Genocide: When can we start cleaning up the human race by finally putting down all the patheti…[View]
203811730What group of people does /pol/ hate most?: https://www.strawpoll.me/17467612[View]
203804635Reparations for Poland: The November 11 movement addresses the United States as the winner of the Se…[View]
20381109450 U.S.C. 841-844: Communists _WILL_ be treated as enemy combatants. Congressional Progressive Cauc…[View]
203809043I'm running for State Representative. How do I win a republican primary against a guy who has b…[View]
203808948Polish hate thread: post the best stuff you got from the niggers of europe.[View]
203809034This could have been 1 country. The British could have done this but noooooo they just had to fuckin…[View]
203806688If Americans have to be rich to get health treatment and dental care, how do they all maintain such …[View]
203809266IT’S MA’AM - RAP VERSION: The ‘It’s Ma’am’ guy is now a viral rapper https://mobile.twitter.com/savi…[View]
203809693Obama is a criminal who spied, lied with dirty ties: No deflection by Fake News will save him or his…[View]
203808998What do you see here?[View]
203810052Major City Service Workers Being Black: Ive noticed the last few years that most major cities have a…[View]
203814303Is NoPorn even worth it?: No matter how much progress we make in technology, you will never get to e…[View]
203803094Rushing Nuclear Tech To 9/11 Jihadis: Do you ever get tired of losing?[View]
203810113Where can I get kike free news that doesn't shill for Trump?: I want to read right wing news th…[View]
203809909'If you like my uranium, you can have my uranium': Now I'm off to complain about Romney's …[View]
203808892Awakening: 'hello, i am a bringer of truth, i want to make you all aware that this world is an illus…[View]
203806597Consider the following.: So is gender and swapping biological sex as simple as buttoning up your col…[View]
203811582Alright which one of you guys did this? https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=11894[View]
203798663Israeli Minister of Immigration calls for French jews to leave France: Following the rise of 'Antise…[View]
203810101There were no gas chambers: >Gewiss, ich habe unterschrieben, dass ich 2 Millionen Juden umgebrac…[View]
203810431Why are arabs such fucking subhumans? Why are they so unevolved, uncivilized and unenlightened?[View]
203810109Arab women are natural coal burners: How do Muslim women so how manage to be bigger thots than white…[View]
203812072Gospel Reading and Reflection: GOSPEL - Mark 14:43-15:1 At that time, while Jesus was still speaking…[View]
203807438Any chance they let this crayon eater near a microphone during the 2020 DNC convention?[View]
203810640What's the best first fascist book to read?[View]
203811635Pedal To The Metal: Let's talk about the Pedal Driven Brain Bashing Machines.[View]
203809015Apologize for your homophobia and misogyny right now, /pol/![View]
203811975Donald Trump/Malcom X and the media.: Was Malcom X our guy?[View]
203807549Liberalism has ruined my relationship. Tldr great white, blonde hair, blue eyes girlfriend if 6 yea…[View]
203805712If Blacks are so physically superiot to whites: Why do whites win so many olympic medals and win the…[View]
203809803Would you really consider many people that would consider themselves a part of ideologies such as se…[View]
203807898Glow Rogaine on civil war in America. https://youtu.be/druHEnQqU7I[View]
203811363#BelieveWomen: >Believe Women Sure! That's never backfired before!…[View]
203810676/BPG/ Secession-Butler Plan General - Wednesday Edition: The Butler Plan is a territorial imperative…[View]
203809469is this /ourshow/? gerard way pulled a fast one on ((( netflix ))) by slipping a number of redpills …[View]
203811252why is this guy such a broken record? i swear to God every single interview with him is the same.. c…[View]
203809878>curryniggers thinking their shithole country will be anything but a shithole country…[View]
203811583Stormniggers aren’t welcome on this board Good optix only lads[View]
203801739Serbia must be removed from Europe: This Russian trojan horse can NEVER be allowed to have veto powe…[View]
203811488/EU federation referendum/: If you conservatards are convinced the public of Europe doesn't wan…[View]
203777413Based black man is getting slaughtered in the comments right now for not being a good POC: https://t…[View]
203811342>be amurcan >stay peacefully at home to celebrate daughter’s birthday >get shot https://www…[View]
203771236Red Pill Moment: Hey Faggots Whats your first red pilling moment?[View]
203811183One of them will be the Next Nominee: The Black Vote in the Democratic party has been successful in …[View]
203798575Redpill me on US interventions in the Middle East: Plus, I have some questions: 1)Did the US steal o…[View]
203806116Why do burgers ignore the fact that a third position exists?[View]
203806903He will be 79.3 years old on inauguration day 2021: I thought democrats hated old white men?[View]
203806541whose that pagan fag?: Who is that guy that writes books about being a man, pagan, tribalism, being …[View]
203806772White women should be gassed[View]
203811148Daily Reminder -Tax is Theft!: We need to abolish taxes -especially for the working poor. >Taxes …[View]
203789730Supermax: Should supermax prisons be allowed to continue? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HM854gQJi…[View]
203803486Gay Mafia in Advertising (Redpill): I started working at a large advertising agency in IT last year,…[View]
203800880Rex Murphy Unleashes on Trudeau-Butts resignations scandal: Rex senses a worse revelation than the o…[View]
203802613Why do burgers love boomers so much?[View]
203810746The /Pol/ code: Let's create a list of ideas and ideals universally strived for here on /Pol/ …[View]
203804202What does the US get in return for giving Israel so much $ aid each year?[View]
203810475'Make sure that bill you're signing hurts whitey bad enough that we breed them out of existence…[View]
203799808Would you betray your country for a night with her? The NRA and top Republican officials did.[View]
203806090/pol/ : What goes on inside this Building all day long???: Any time I flip on CNN, I see the same 6 …[View]
203810252Why are white bois so angry? https://twitter.com/sahluwal/status/1096873023410294784?s=21[View]
203795895What actually happened?[View]
203806931https://vault.fbi.gov/uranium-one-transaction/uranium-one-transaction-part-01-of-01/view why does ob…[View]
203810352>Russians: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/316374816_Drinking_Traits_and_Culture_of_the_…[View]
203806841Why are these guys so stupid and arrogant? Their per capita income is even lower than Venezuela and …[View]
20380238625% of Israels population identify as homosexual I got my commanding officer in the IDF to blow me o…[View]
203810012The Gods have heard the land's cry Its people's long wait is over NMR shall save the north…[View]
203809570If you don't buy VTSAX, the jews own you. Discuss.[View]
203807072The absolute STATE of corporations.[View]
203806486Yahweh here: https://www.docdroid.net/AEFnVY7/dossier0032.pdf This is the end of the fake news media…[View]
203810231More than half of Blacks are LGBT: It's amazing that the media only shows LGBT white and asian …[View]
203807987Black lives matter: The lives of innocent black people matter[View]
203802257Is there another group of whites who hate other whites more than French Canadians? Be literally any …[View]
203803185Oh God...: Was making scrambled eggs, accidentally spilled oil all over my kitchen. John Bolton just…[View]
203809564Why do Western countries now allow this?[View]
203804043Trump hate thread: Remind newfags why Trump is a kike. Ill start: >signed a bill that gives prote…[View]
203799735Average day in Europe: >Just use public transport like us goy[View]
203806025>The most antisemitic board on the dark web elected the most pro Jewish and Isreal loving US pres…[View]
203805563Time To Meme Yang into the Democratic Candidate: Can we get serious now? I don’t want an SJW preside…[View]
203809674Why do we use/trust (((Drudge)))?: >fag >kike >married to his landscaper >his “news” agg…[View]
203789048China and Russia alliance: Who can possibly stop these guys?[View]
203809769What’s he up to now?[View]
203809460Obama is a criminal blaming Trump: For the things he does[View]
203806371Andy McCabe: Hello Everyone, Andy McCabe here. I am a homosexual and a treasonous piece of shit. I g…[View]
203809531Obama's Team set up Trump Jr Meeting: Preet/Lynch let in the Russian Lawyer on special visa to …[View]
203809081I found a gender Identity section in a medical form, thoughts?[View]
203809253Bar is open!: What will it be today, Goy?[View]
203771207Porn: real talk: Should porn be banned, why or why not? I think porn is healthy. If you are single, …[View]
203808243Will the left become scorched earth before the Democratic primary?: How many redpills the dems will …[View]
203808084When will europoors learn?[View]
203803360Is there any merit to the idea that Israel is just another pawn: Or is it really something jews want…[View]
203787504How does (((porn))) even make money anymore? Nothing else owned by Jews is given away for free the s…[View]
203806593we live in such a clown world. no one does anything about it. we just bitch in hives on the internet…[View]
203801834Hey there /pol/ ive been recommended onto this board from /wg/ im a half german half kiwi. what do y…[View]
203808994Imagine spending so much time sucking BBC your entire political career that you actively try to help…[View]
203801577Why would minorities vote for Crazy Bernie when they already get free shit?[View]
203808985>German last name >/pol/ mutts: ((((( insert German last name here))))))) Every time EVERY FUC…[View]
203795266Do Europeans really believe most Americans are mutts? I thought the 56% meme was just a joke. >Wi…[View]
203803400Trump’s presidency has unironically made /pol/ into a generic GOP board that doesn’t recognize race.…[View]
203803734How much have you donated to Bernie? Don't miss out on feelingthebern![View]
203808134I posted a thread yesterday and it’s gone what gives?[View]
203808708Pick your poison[View]
203804657Does Trump read comments on his tweets?[View]
203808504BREXIT BTFO: the squad goals of politicians united against evil. gotta be some kinda suicide squad. …[View]
203806663Pitbulls are good family pets goys!: https://youtu.be/AZS5cgybKcI This newest pixar short, being sho…[View]
203808390Article 13 Thread: May god have mercy for us poor eurofags.[View]
203806013War of the Old Faggots: A billionaire backing Venezuelan opposition. Pink Floyd member backing the …[View]
203803477Thoughts on Noam Chomsky?[View]
203805894T'was nothin' but a prank White boi![View]
203799904Russians hit Mexicans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFxAK1omRvQ[View]
203805829So now that Bibi's boy Jared Kushner has Trump isolated, and only neo-cons and 'chosen people' …[View]
203806956Women are worthless: What are they good for anymore? Even the cooking and cleaning doesnt come free.…[View]
203778375Proof New Media is a meme: >Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard go on Joe Rogan's podcast >get …[View]
203796601Can this spic COPE any harder?: >Trust Trump, he's the only shot we got! >It's all p…[View]
203805787I hope one day you all find peace and stop your hatred[View]
203796275Australian National Firearms Agreement: Hey there, hoping some Australian /pol/fags could sign this …[View]
203805400hey americans, how does it feel like that UK, Botswana and Uruguay has more civil liberty then you? …[View]
203799263When do you realize he was a kike puppet?[View]
203807826Liberals BTFO by common sense[View]
203804984WHY ARE COPS SO MESSED UP?: Do candidates have to FAIL the Psych Evaluation in order to become polic…[View]
203807494.: Most hot black , ebony chicks have white or asian features in their looks[View]
203758459What exactly is wrong with dating a masculine woman? Why should gender roles be so strict? Biology …[View]
203798274Fuck I know it's early, but Bernie celebration thread 46th president of the United States baby!…[View]
203807483Do minorities convert to Christianity because they want to pursue whites?: I have an asian friend. H…[View]
203801597Brit/pol/: The Future *Edition: __News__ >Three MPs quit Tory party to join breakaway group https…[View]
203807441Jesus = anarchist?: Would it be accurate to say Jesus was an ancap? He spoke out against the tax man…[View]
203806857>have a cough? it might be a random virus... here, have this 30 day regiment of antibiotics >o…[View]
203805875Is he actually making the point that yes, the government is just like a mugger?[View]
203807309We should bring back the ISIS brides and then when they get off that fuckin plane execute them[View]
203806990How can we troll the Berniefags? They are just getting started and have no defenses up yet.[View]
203807091Which one of you did this[View]
203799692will the Catholics ever stop?: >'It was like automatic you know. He wanted to go to the end -- to…[View]
203799548Trump the absolute madman: I like your president USA... He's the chaddest guy I've seen ht…[View]
203806743Someone should start r/terriblepoliticalhumor and just repost from r/politicalhumor ITT: Go to r/pol…[View]
203801338GO GET EM NICK!!!!: HOLY FUCK YES!!! https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1098201685518893056…[View]
203806511jews in full damage control: >‘Sustained and ongoing’ disinformation assault targets Dem presiden…[View]
203806732She's coming home lads!!: TAKBIR!! TAKBIR!! I knew you filthy infidel would cave to our mere pr…[View]
203806842Words of wisdom for the pure and loyal: Let's go ahead and create a proper universal code, cont…[View]
203803962Who would you want on your side?[View]
203799081Interracial and diversity meme dump: Get em faggots[View]
203804181This what the modern day American will look like in 2050[View]
203805427Operation Boily Sandals: >get college kids hype 2016 >DNC robs him of fair nominating process …[View]
203806617Discord frens at it again: Lots of shills on today. What's the occasion?[View]
203806581Were my ancestors brainwashed?: So I was born in Macedonia and speak 0 Greek or have any known Greek…[View]
203805850GERMANY YES: HUNDREDS OF ISIS TERRORIST TO RETURN TO GERMANY: https://www.morgenpost.de/politik/arti…[View]
203807926Let's play a game[View]
203800606Thank you for teaching REAL history[View]
203806223British Muslims protest against gender equality lessons: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-67…[View]
203798396post funny /pol/ comics[View]
203805348double standards: So let me get this straight. One...one single fucking jew gets insulted and sudden…[View]
203805781>we're about to enter the second era of Bernout memes[View]
203804062Is it all really worth it?: Is it really worth it to fight for what you believe in, even that you wi…[View]
203805236Female teachers: Was it a mistake letting younger women to become teachers? This is all too familiar…[View]
203806361>”What did you say your political ideology is again anon?” >”I’m extremely socially conservati…[View]
203793064my fucking university professor keeps saying that every culture is equal and that the native america…[View]
203772080TIME TO SHOW RESPECT TO INDIA.INDIA JUST TOLD TRUMP to F-OFF: 4 ways India is putting its own intere…[View]
203806181Enforced vaccinations taking place in Canada: Teachers are not allowed to come to work u til they pr…[View]
203801668Why does /pol/ hold such a strong vendetta against women? Are you upset that rejected and ignored yo…[View]
203793367AUS/POL/ WEDNESDAY EDITION #2: Hey lads, how are we? Labor pledges $300m to students with disabiliti…[View]
203804518>this is normal in America[View]
203806046My Jewdar is going off reading this story. (((Fbi))) botched the investigation into the league run b…[View]
203803971Aussie PM poses with racist edgelords. DISAVOW WHEN BOYS[View]
203793250Canada -Who Will Be The Next To Resign?: This isn't the silly trumped-up shit like 'Gropegate' …[View]
203801663/r/politics has offered us a very reasonable compromise, you guys[View]
203803758Shouldn't Britain have a leader who can - at least sometimes - spark joy?[View]
203803987Ancap Thread: Taxation is theft 1776[View]
203802459>these '''people''' are bastion of whiteness on /pol/ OH NO NO NO NO[View]
203799210Mexico ftw: BEHOLD THE AZTEC PRIDE, HEIRS OF THE III REICH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFfHlrgU…[View]
203803480Will we be allowed in the ethnostate?[View]
203791132Let's say that Trump loses in 2020. Would /pol/ rather have Biden or Sanders as the new US Pres…[View]
203805611Q is a LAR..: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKR7Srh3uJI Oh.[View]
203800107Can we still listen to Boney M in the ethnostate, b-bros?[View]
203803319Star Trek Deep Space Nine Season 2 Episode 10 Sanctuary. What is the meaning behind this episode? /t…[View]
203798193>Trump administration launches global effort to end criminalization of homosexuality https://www.…[View]
203801841How are you coping with the fact Trump wants to accept more mass immigration and funding towards Isr…[View]
203805388Hitler had the right idea about pikeys: I live in an area in which a couple of pikey families make t…[View]
203785555US IS TRYING TO OVERTHROW IRAN!: America, the leading terrorist state, is trying to overthrow the le…[View]
203796845Why doesn't someone fly a drone over Mecca and drop a pig?[View]
203777846how will the MSM react to Lara Logan exposing the truth about the biased liberal media? https://www.…[View]
203803769Why people here are such a wankers?[View]
203803083Hahahaha “offensive crayons” some Texas (Austin) faggot thinks they’ve made offensive crayons, lets …[View]
203805119I'm working on a video clip that I was commissioned to edit. I'm filling it with what you …[View]
203798788What do we do about Africa's breeding problem?[View]
203804257The US is extremely diverse already, Why american media keeps pushing for it?: Been in the US 1 mont…[View]
203805069So let me get this straight. This man threw the primaries and bought a Summer home in Vermont and yo…[View]
203804977'Walls don't wor...'[View]
203803245Based SquattingSlav destroys antiyellow vest commies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtbWkdv7_o0…[View]
203775897How many more coincidences till its mathematically impossible?: The shill writhes in pain at this vi…[View]
203800421Free everything!: Just send me those donations sucka[View]
203803593Explain this[View]
203802193I'm no football fan, but I know two things: 1. The quarterback seems lime the leader 2. The bl…[View]
203798265reddit white hate sub: this fucking sub,they ban all the subs that mention white people on a positiv…[View]
203804877Spending $110B a year on trespassers is an emergency[View]
203803147How could communism infiltrate in western universities and educational systems so easily? I know thi…[View]
203800048Do you think we could make the lion a symbol of anti-transgenderism, lads?[View]
203804818Wew Lad![View]
203788676why are asian men telling their daughters to get white boyfriends?[View]
203804632Pelosi meeting with Eurocucks, will she bring back refugees?: Pelosi claims to have EQUAL POWER to P…[View]
203802784Let's take some time out of our day to acknowledge the one true god of chaos. Summon the energy…[View]
203802004If you ever Wonder why Whites need to start smashing in europhobes and anti-whites heads in... https…[View]
203787448Bongs have balls ? Who would have thought[View]
203800857Finnish women marriage by foreign ethnicity: Why is the Finn female attracted to Turkish BVLLS?…[View]
203794783JEWS CAUGHT BRIBING CONTROLLED OPPOSITION: https://twitter.com/WarmongerHodges/status/10979930651539…[View]
203802887What is the best state to immigrate, /pol/?[View]
203804524Is he /ourjew/?[View]
203798041Are Chinese the niggers of Asia?: >Can't innovate, has to steal technology from first world …[View]
203788477banning snowniggers from 911: Should white people be banned from calling 911 for a month?[View]
203784547Did Amazon really pay $0 in taxes to the Federal Government?[View]
203790263Hitler or Napoleon?: Hitler or Napoleon?[View]
203800281Looks like the regime here has concluded the best way to stay in power is to go full antisemitic, so…[View]
203798069Imagine a world without Christians...[View]
203801369PUTIN THREATENS US: OHNONONONONO https://www.foxnews.com/world/putin-warns-us-russia-will-target-us-…[View]
203773873I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE[View]
203794282Stop hating gay people.[View]
203800523So i wrote an essay droping the redpill about the democratic slavery of the blacks America caused by…[View]
203786068Why is Russian Propaganda on /pol/?: The only reason /pol/ likes snow niggers is because of pic rela…[View]
203802515We're going to war with Venezuela, aren't we?[View]
203803766There's only one weapon I know to fight back against Wallstreet Jews. It's called VTSAX. …[View]
203800376Redpill me on: Benghazi >we had to do it to take Gaddafi out right?…[View]
203803836/balk/-Is this accurate edition?: Rate/help me improve. Also casual shitposting[View]
203802003It’s 2020 and he’s up at the national debates. He’s debating Joe Biden and they bring up bigotry and…[View]
203774785Best place on Earth. Please tell me it will be okay..[View]
203795425FUCK RACISM.: I play this song loud every night. Fuck you racist fucks. https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
203796339How can drumpf ever recover: Trump BTFO by based Ron perlman[View]
203794114Eastern Orthodoxy is best Christianity. Prove me wrong.[View]
203795355Donald Trump threatens sanctions against Poland if Poland doesn’t accept collaboration in Jewish Hol…[View]
203799872lmao, so Britain's just going to shit is it?[View]
203803006taken from the independent.group website: We at the independent group are dedicated to using third p…[View]
203802540>'muuh Nazis are fucking dumb' >BTFO 'Neo-Nazis' arent National Socialists, learn t…[View]
203793743THE REAL MESSIAH: Sources say he was born on the 25 of december, He was the most superior man who ev…[View]
203802817what did he ment by this?[View]
203801343Political prisoner from RAM speaks out: Reminder these guys were thrown in federal prison for making…[View]
203795383Some 6,000 Icelanders Estimated To Be Intersex: >On Monday, February, 18, Amnesty International p…[View]
203748617Syria General /sg/ - BR'D' edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.com S…[View]
203799304Real estate prices where you live: How much is a tiny 40m2 (400sqft for mutts) shack in your city? H…[View]
203794001If karma/Law of attraction is true, how come women never pay for their degeneracy?: They spend years…[View]
203795606>'TELL ME ABOUT SMOLLET. WHY DID HE WRITE THE LETTER?' >'...' >'A lot of loyalty for a hire…[View]
203802877What do you think of this definition: >A nation is a historically constituted, stable community o…[View]
203802731Message to shills: Reminder that only stormspregs and leftists are against Trump. /pol will always s…[View]
203799994What did Bernie mean by this?[View]
203802621Me, taking Colombian gender studies: >Be me, 18yo Mestizo make >take obligatory Political Con…[View]
203800839How's /pol/ preparing for the inevitable death of socialism in Venezuela?[View]
203795426What is /pol/‘s opinion on Tucker Carlson?[View]
203802655Hello I am gay: I am gay. How do I stop being gay? I do not want to be gay any longer because Jussie…[View]
203797960Shitholes: It is a common observation that in shithole, third world countries there is an overgrowh …[View]
203792874> muh arabs: > muh goatfucker A local afghani-pakistani past time. These are south asian mount…[View]
203800744He killed millions...[View]
203802305xers are the worst[View]
203802295My fellow jew: There should be an operation against known jews who are subverting western nations. I…[View]
203799032Last chance for a revolution: Within this century surveilance technology and automated weapon system…[View]
203802191Lord Jamar deconstructing 'white superiority': How is he wrong? Why don't you just give it all…[View]
203801451Israel = terrorist[View]
203798415Brit/pol/: Why Contain It? *Edition: __News__ >Three MPs quit Tory party to join breakaway group …[View]
203799738Political Correctness in Science and Academy: The enforcement of political correctness and censorshi…[View]
203793607Who should we listen to when it comes to race?: Should we listen to scientists/scholars/intellectual…[View]
203795485Hey guys, my mom came into my room and told me to donate to Bernie. How much should I start with? $2…[View]
203801656Could /pol free him?: Is Uncle Ted beyond our reach?[View]
203782195Fact: the world would be better off without China and the USA AKA ZOG's attack dogs. Change my …[View]
203797574Salute your owners: Do you know who half these people are? If you don't I don't blame you,…[View]
203798662Catholic sex abuse red pill: it's not a pedo problem,: it's a homosexual problem. The num…[View]
203801142Walls don't wor-[View]
203798464YOU HAVE A ROOM FOR RENT...[View]
203789459Thoughts on Spengler's predictions: Finished reading decline of the west. Loved the book, and w…[View]
203798213Why exactly do you hate Bernie? /pol/ already supported (((Trump))), so why not support a jew that…[View]
203798568Belgian Nazi collaborators still receive pensions for ‘loyalty’ to Hitler – media: https://www.rt.co…[View]
203798802is there a way to stop the fags at the bbc to stop useing tax payers money to put out stupid biased …[View]
203800781How to MKultra the disco trannies onto our side?: Also niggers are continuing their blood line…[View]
203799975What's it like to be a buffer state between slavs and meds?[View]
203798195Biden 2020: He's the only white candidate, enough said.[View]
203801248Cultural subversion: Is getting to you? Why are you taking it out on islam? >we all know who is …[View]
203778861China: China unlike the usual suspect 'boogieman' nations is actually a sizable threat and…[View]
203787215>Grand Slam winner wrote it was 'cheating' to allow transgender women to compete in women's …[View]
203790719BREAKING NEWS FROM PUTIN !!!: Putin speaks to both houses of parliament at annual Federal Assembly a…[View]
203798692Racism has officially ended[View]
203795663Why is it so easy for woman to get matches compared to men on Tinder? Exhibit 1: Pic related is a fa…[View]
203795226Do you live in a state that's not a shithole that allows you to exercise your 2nd amendment rig…[View]
203800252Why are there: So many incel / woman hate threads going on? And why cant i find kamala Harris' …[View]
203796696Red Pill Me On Gnosticism[View]
203799947Which one of you racist assholes did this? https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/feb/19/maajid-nawa…[View]
203793908How can anyone defend Amazon?[View]
203800594This is MAGA country[View]
203796374Nigger-Trigger thread: Post stuff that triggers black people. I'll start: *Cough* 10% = 50%…[View]
203800084Wake Up /pol/ Its Nearly Time to Shitpost: Our ancestors wait for us to save Western Civilization fr…[View]
203794347How come Jews get a pass?: Make it viral: asians get deducted points on ivy league. Blacks get them …[View]
203800315So where is: This alleged sex tape with Huma Abedin? > inb4 gross man why WELL MAYBE I WANNA SEE …[View]
203797771The MSM keeps making fun of Bernie for being old. I thought Liberals were inclusive?[View]
203783402THE JEWS ARE COMING FOR YOUR 1ST AMENDMENT: Videos Related https://www.bitchute.com/video/oBZxTHyMPR…[View]
203795590College student (20 y.o) interested in politics. What books do I have to read to further my knowledg…[View]
203799531But why there are so many chinks?[View]
2037983832020 ELECTION: REAL 2020 NOMINATION THREAD 1. Go to thispersondoesnotexist.com where an AI-generated…[View]
203794194>at airport >military get to board early >'thank you for your service' >pilot thanks mil…[View]
203796118Crisprr to engineer a disease that kills coloureds?: There is a possibility somebody could create a …[View]
203765766What in God's name is he doing?[View]
203798605Jewish cementeries vandalized in Poland: >This event is known propaganda, displayed for awareness…[View]
203798225ITT, we study the nature of the Jew. https://www.bitchute.com/video/1t1Tr32WHomM/[View]
203798133Guest who’s running for President?[View]
203800157Daily Reminder to GAS THE KIKES[View]
203796347I just realized Q was real... but what was the purpose? It’s not like him posting on this board real…[View]
203791655serbia is pretty fucked desu: please help me living in serbia has become unbearable for one simple …[View]
203799913>Trump cares more about shitskins, trannies, gays and kikes more than he does for whites Why eve…[View]
203794846is this whole Q thing for real: is this whole Q thing for real is there any evidence its not a huge …[View]
203799240So my DNA heritage results are ready. As expected from known family tree, I am mostly Iberian, combi…[View]
203796024BIDEN DUMP FOR UPCOMING PRESIDENTIAL BID: They started scrubbing him a few months ago to give room t…[View]
203798748It is about time.: Stop the homo's[View]
203797226Why are Germans and Scandinavians so supportive in the establishment of the islamic caliphate?: Woul…[View]
203797263Qanon is a psy-op by the trump adminstration to make sure boomers don’t question his constant betray…[View]
203798380https://youtu.be/A_MjCqQoLLA?t=240 just fucking look at this look at these englishman all so full of…[View]
203799373'COAL BURNER': Stop using it as an insult, there is absolutely nothing wrong with burning coal. The …[View]
203798952YES MUMMY[View]
203780979Is flat Earth (((subversive))) I'll admit at one point I thought it was glow niggers pushing st…[View]
203799142Here is your immigrant work force bro.: >I have refuesi What the fuck is that even supposed to m…[View]
203797175MORE SPLITTERS: This is the start of a coherent anti-Brexit movement in parliament.[View]
203793478You thought obliterating us from the ME and suffering the Samson Option was enough?: >In the 21st…[View]
203792088Who was in the wrong here?: Rundown: A Boomer donor to a university was doxxed from a 1980 yearbook …[View]
203796893Bid Data has become too efficient: Do big companies have too much information? Now they can search t…[View]
203775801*mic drop*: Only losers חeed there assault rifles they caחt fight with out it[View]
203768688im pretty sure we're all doomed[View]
203773693>visiting America >This is the price of chicken drumsticks How the fuck ? No wonder you fucker…[View]
203794481Ultimate Conclusion of Intersectionality: Greetings, my fellow intersectionalist comrades. As someon…[View]
203797363Post yfw we've been betrayed once again by a kike puppet[View]
203797704Boomers Destroying Marriage; Millennials Saving It: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-09-…[View]
203782873Brit/pol/ - Paki Eviction Edition: >Brexit: Prime minister to go back to Brussels on Wednesday ht…[View]
203794363The new natural order: Will you play this 'new natural order' promoting game anon?[View]
203789487Anyone regret voting for Trump?: And why do I get this feeling that Bernie's going to be /ourgu…[View]
203798654Be sodomized by gays. Believe they can only do it with same-sex.[View]
203796197Apple anti-LGBT emoji: based apple[View]
203798573It makes one think[View]
203797601DAILY REMINDER THAT BERNIE BETRAYED HIS VOTERS IN 2016: First they rigged the debate questions: http…[View]
203797269How wrong was he?[View]
203794943FUCKING WHEN[View]
203798000#Metoo: I have a bit of an idea on how we can fuck the #metoo movement. 1 in 10 males are raped and …[View]
203797332Former far-right Dutch MP politician who branded Quran ‘poison’ CONVERTS TO ISLAM: https://www.expre…[View]
203795786/pol/ Practical Clothing: For everyday clothing in each slot - Where are you buying your clothes the…[View]
203797713Hey /Pol/ I’m pretty sure that shit head hitting his drum was confirmed never being a vet and has be…[View]
203795901Can you imagine, banging colonail women and raping native sluts. Burning churchs full of children an…[View]
203794980> The gubment totally concocted this nefarious plan to stage & fake an attack using hundreds …[View]
203789115https://blogs.lse.ac.uk/europpblog/2012/10/04/five-minutes-with-guy-verhofstadt-daniel-cohn-bendit/ …[View]
203797833Kidnapped Girl: What would be the likelyhood that a girl kidnapped by a pimp years ago would still b…[View]
203797087What happened to her?: What happened to the young innocent Hillary? Why did she choose Satan?[View]
203797405Muh rights!: muh rights!!![View]
203797231In australia the leftist want to set a minimum price on the milk (price fixing) to 'help the drought…[View]
203794358phobiaphobe: we need lexicon to overcome the x-phobia eg your a homo, trans, or whatever phobe. Mayb…[View]
203792586in 50 years from now youre going to remember the time you did nothing to save the white race. fact y…[View]
203790208464-0 the anti-semetism law passes during a shutdown Congress that it is now against the law to say …[View]
203789875I think Venezuelan military just told TRUMP to eat sh*t: Venezuelan military rejects Trump threats, …[View]
203793406Why haven't you taken the mathematical red pill yet? If you aren't studying mathematics or…[View]
203793990Loli: Do you autists really think loli isn't legal cp for pedo? God you're stupid[View]
203793195why is this board so full of statist bootlickers?[View]
203785481About the 'ethnostate': There's not going to be any ethnostate if you faggots are too scared to…[View]
203797236Why did retarded democracies take over the world?: That constantly parent adults around and act like…[View]
203796266White trash: >we're here to apply for entry to the ethnostate what do we do about the white…[View]
203792173What is your opinion on Brazil and Brazilians?[View]
203793719So you found this cute little girl that abstains from sex before marriage? Good luck, /pol/[View]
203769576BREATHABLE MARS IN 10 YEARS: debate me /pol/... 4 vesta or 2 pallas can be collided into Jupiter res…[View]
203790025Yazidi woman recognizes ISIS captor and rapist on London Ont., Canada bus: He is a powerful voice fo…[View]
203791590Are thing really so bad?: I think echo chambers like /pol/ can make the world seem worse than it rea…[View]
203795166Seriously does anyone even believe this shit?[View]
203795714Trump has become a gay icon (no bait): https://twitter.com/ScottPresler/status/1097993465537970176 '…[View]
203788888Tucker after previously attacking Abarams, now defends him: Why do we get people shilling this obvio…[View]
203759788Anyone notice vaccine shilling recently?: I havent really done as much research as i probably should…[View]
203770414I want to join: I want to join so I can better understand the world and the experiences of great men…[View]
203788453Day 20 of no weed: Life is great. No more “toking” everyday before going to sleep. Dreams are the re…[View]
203795085ask a Mexican anything[View]
203793143Could someone explain to me why a no deal is so bad? It's just the EU telling you to fock off. …[View]
203795850Kek OC Roll Thread: Let us remember the power of summoning and ancient diety frog God to meme a pres…[View]
203783499This speech is 100% correct I’ve watched this time and time again and this speech is amazing You c…[View]
203784921/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Real Comfy Hours: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
203793224Why are they falling?[View]
203788307which genes are more dangerous (in terms of looks) which has the more dominate genes? asians or blac…[View]
203796016Hikikomori being lured out of their bedrooms: Rent-a-sister: Coaxing Japan’s hikikomori men out of t…[View]
203793204Canada's Government Collapse 2019:: While floundering in international trade deals has kept Gro…[View]
203795028What was his end goal?[View]
203780519Who here owns a gun? I love my gun. Sometimes i wish someone would try to break into my house so i …[View]
203795966Which one are you?: Treatment of Gentiles Not to intermarry with gentiles (Deut. 7:3) (CCN19). See …[View]
203782363BREAKING: TRUMP IS IN BIG PILE OF POO NOW !!!!!!!!!!: Trump accused of seeking to sell US nuclear ‘s…[View]
203793806Sustainability class 101: I just pisset off a bunch of enivormental activists. >be me >be for…[View]
203795862SJWs got their priorities Straight: That most be the only decision by apple I actually fully endorse…[View]
203795851Interracial violence: Post your opinions on interracial violence as well as videos of fights etc. Fo…[View]
203794161Was Shamima Begum a violent terrorist?: I've seen this picture doing the rounds. I mean it coul…[View]
203793749Why has Trump been given so many jew awards?[View]
203789285>get a Christian virgin wife >she starts working as a refugee helper in the parish >bring h…[View]
203795374Fuck the centrists and liberalists.: Wad up all the Jordan Petersons and Sargons with toilet paper a…[View]
203792487USA Hate Thread : Why jews choosed the mongrel to become his main puppet, he is retarded, low iq, on…[View]
203794272Abusive colored Troopers/police officers: Why is it when black police officers use excessive force, …[View]
203793401He's the only candidate that cares about white men and giving us our much needed neet bucks.[View]
203795610Why do Americans still support Trump when he'a literally one step away from giving trannies equ…[View]
203788008Why won’t Spain grant them independence?[View]
203795207Lord give me the strength to put through this hardship, give me the strength to stay positive. Lord …[View]
203795508Are Bayou Niggers white?: I've been learning how to cook gumbo, and in the process I learned ab…[View]
203794253Freemasony: How has anyone not figured it out yet? Our country and our systems are rigged, it's…[View]
203795382Sorry about the whole ruining European Nationalism forever thing My bad guys[View]
203790797Can someone explain to me why Europe sucks so hard compared to the USA? Europe has no Apple, no Mic…[View]
203795014Daily reminder for Burgers on /pol/ that Day of Gun Grabbing is coming soon, thank you for your atte…[View]
203793054AMA: I'm an abortionist I offer my services 100% of no cost to woman of colour.[View]
203790224fractional reserve: Could anyone point me into the direction of some simple banking regulations? I c…[View]
203795069ITS HAPPENING: HOLY SHIT, TRUMP IS BUILDING THE WALL. Here’s the livestream btw https://youtu.be/C2…[View]
203786972Trump should be arrested for treason. https://www.rt.com/news/451879-trump-transfer-nuclear-tech-sau…[View]
203788203If you don't invest in VTSAX you are a Jewish thrall.: ____WTF is VTSAX?____ The vanguard total…[View]
203792968Would you betray your country for a night with her? The NRA and top Republican officials did.[View]
203787340By how much will white Americans be reduced?: I would say at least to some 33%. That's because …[View]
203792267>pol was shilling he had gone insane >he's obviously not insane >/pol/ confirmed mossa…[View]
203794694Roastie Joins ISIS, Wants to Come Back Now: >Hoda Muthana, 24, joined ISIS at the age of 18 >M…[View]
203792171Can you say 'stand-in': https://guardianlv.com/2019/02/ruth-bader-ginsburg-the-notorious-r…[View]
203778991This board is rapidly losing faith in trump, what happened? Oh i know, he totaly flipfloped on key i…[View]
203789327Childhood is idolising Kennedy. Being an adult is realising Nixon made more sense.[View]
203792597Why US media still suck chink dick despite US is in trade war with them?[View]
203790583What became of this skank? Where is the dude she accused. Ameribros pls respond.[View]
203767326Chase is closing conservatives accounts: NO MAN SHALL BUY OR SELL..... they also closed down a joe b…[View]
203780418LIST YOUR TOP YOUTUBERS: 1. Styxhexendoodle6969 2. Mark (((DICE))) 3. Nick fueÑtes[View]
203794254Who else gave up here ?: I've never really had a goal growing up so I kinda let myself flow wit…[View]
203792437What makes this book important?: Old Testament (((Tora))) >jewish propaganda >unoriginal >b…[View]
203789907/idpg/ Italian Dogs and Politics General.: Thread about Italian Dogs and Politics, all Gratissimum.…[View]
203794080Vaccines: Why is it so hard to get actual official numbers on how many deaths are caused by vaccines…[View]
203784219Just look at the glee on this idiot's face. She thinks NYC saved $3 billion.: https://www.youtu…[View]
203794068>When you lose to drunk slavs and no lebensraum so you have to pay exuberant prices for a tiny sh…[View]
203784591Reminder that Ann Coulter is never wrong.[View]
203793888DNC Grey Propaganda Attack Dog: The Democrat have an attack dog named Shireen Mitchell, who's j…[View]
203790785Ideal /pol/ country: >letteraly surounded by wall >no muslims, jews or christcucks > No wes…[View]
203788962Trump is a foreign agent, and here is proof: I’m a libtard, sure. I don’t particularly like you, sur…[View]
203793937Drug laws need to be completely re-thought: Discuss[View]
203784658I shouldn't care because i live in Russia, but when i see such a display i start seething uncon…[View]
203789610This is what your grandkids education will be like.[View]
203793795Trump to Nominate Jeff Rosen as Deputy Attorney General: Yet another kike in Trump's cabal http…[View]
203769612/RMH/ REAL MEN HOURS -- BAD GOYZ ONLY EDITION: We all know what (((they))) are doing to all of us. W…[View]
203790724NO CHARGES: Breaking: Police will not pursue charges on Smollet.[View]
203793491Breitbart going neocon: Just look at this >Iranian- and Russian-backed dictator Bashar al-Assad o…[View]
203793690What is your profession /pol/? I'm a landlord.[View]
203792594Art thread. Post arts you like. Rate arts people post. No degenerate arts allowed. >Bust of the v…[View]
203788976Name my band /pol/[View]
203792392Will the west return to it's former glory? Is there really any hope?[View]
203792701IM GETTING GOOD.: I have a jewish 'friend' at university and i repeatedly fart near him and burn him…[View]
203793571>Super Bernie Bros 2020 BWUMFIES BTFO[View]
203792299That's what happens when you turn your back to god: Repent![View]
203793536*blackmails your party*[View]
2037935204D Politics... Ok I Get it, but: Trump is playing 4D Politics, but were the fuck is our Wall? Govern…[View]
203793338Why are South American hispanics so based?: Why are they so different than Mexicans and Central Amer…[View]
203790385Is it true ?[View]
203739488United Nations to Ban Lolis: https://www.oneangrygamer.net/2019/02/u-n-proposes-initiative-to-ban-lo…[View]
203793407Now that everyone is running for president, including my mom. I will vote for her. Who will the peop…[View]
203776762How are the alt-right/white nationalists any different to Afrocentrists?: From an outsider (a normal…[View]
203790036anti-Trump shill thread: discord trannies share your shills on how Trump betrayed his base.[View]
203779643AUS/POL BURULI VIRUS EDITION.: Hey lads, how are we? Labor pledges $300m to students with disabiliti…[View]
203785732What God did 'Gott mint us' refereed to? I doubt it was the (((Abrahamic))) God? Because that seems …[View]
203791394Hitler Youth: >Watching an old school decent documentary on amazon prime about the HJ >They we…[View]
203793168Operation hit a woman: Hit a woman this week /pol/. Smack her right in the mouth and say 'you watch …[View]
203793158SNC-Gate: How French PM Trudeau attempted to: legislatively help French company SNC-Lavalin avoid cr…[View]
203793121Affirmative Action AG Wilson-Raybould perceives Job Expectations: as Undue Pressure, and proceeds to…[View]
203786703Who the fuck would want to impregnate this? It's worse than fucking a goat.[View]
203793076Jilted Affirmative Action (Indian, Woman) Charity Hire: Jody Wilson-Raybould is persecuting Trudeau…[View]
203792610Pay for my 2nd lake house, goyim.[View]
203792958All those who rule, program their people. The powers that be are responsible for everything. How do …[View]
203793055Why arabs say they share similar culture with southern europe when everything is different? Let…[View]
203773331Has russia ever improved since the Soviet Union collapsed?[View]
203792191It’s time to repent /pol/: How have you sinned? What do you do to hurt your God, Race, country, and …[View]
203771553Holy shit this hashtag is pathetic.[View]
203789863Why is being a boy about being a male being a leader but being an adult male is suddenly about being…[View]
203759175As far as mainstream culture (music, tv, movies etc), Im getting really tired of the nigger shit, an…[View]
203788444TRUMP FOR 2020 SLAM ON THE BERNIE THREAD: let us band together brothers the day trump reigns again …[View]
203766910Daily reminder that depression is not the state of feeling 'sad'. It's the complete absence of …[View]
203792596New 9/11 Investigation: With irrefutable evidence for controlled demolition, the first grand jury in…[View]
203767908Today I was on the verge of suicide: I was in a really ugly a bad blackpilled mood, and I already ma…[View]
203787607OPEN MIC: say your piece[View]
203791466What’s the redpill on Allen Dulles?[View]
203790665>Westerners really think Japan is good first world country come on I guess over 50% nip want to m…[View]
203782348Fuck history, fuck all of history: So let me get this straight, 12000 years ago when humans were acc…[View]
203791414So apparently there a glitch that allows you to make anti lgbt emojis. Thoughts? https://www.youtube…[View]
203786771>h-hey man you seem like a nice guy, I’m really broke and I’ve been driving for hours to see my d…[View]
203783482Three words: Bend. The. Knee.[View]
203782022If Intersex Exists, Why Can't Non-Binary Exist?: I know an intersex person who dresses androgyn…[View]
203792025Nuclear war has started: >sleeping >suddenly wake up >hear strange noise like a siren >w…[View]
203791595Whats wrong with diversity/immigration? Not sure why most people here are anti-immigrantion. It’s go…[View]
203792263post your antifa-tard database[View]
203791052How would the media react If the maga kid won his trial and donated it all to Native American charit…[View]
203791641Stop failing Niggers, Raycist Professor: Universities should be punished for giving black students l…[View]
203786139Come here to apologize: STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND APOLOGIZE RIGHT NOW![View]
203790809It’s OK to be white Israel is anti white ———————— Ergo, Israel is not OK[View]
203792154We've been making memes this whole time: When we should have been making hot chocolate stands. …[View]
203787278Alabama editor who called for lynchings by Klan should quit, senators say: https://news.yahoo.com/al…[View]
203792108The Jews will be destroyed if we don’t stop “Cultural Marxism”. If anyone overrides it with force, i…[View]
203791808>Russia and China will nuke JEWSA down to ashes in your lifetime Feels good man…[View]
203791982Poofters on TV: Whose idea was it to make US Television a showcase for men to suck each others cock …[View]
203790964Women, I'd like you to imagine a western world where women's suffrage didn't happen. …[View]
203782070Look at this dude square in the face and tell me you can't smell his slimy progressive agenda f…[View]
2037617012020 Predictions Thread: What are your predictions for the 2020 presidential race? 2016 was such a m…[View]
203788648'The Real' Goes from Woke to Wrecked after Jussie Smollet Fraud.: When will people learn to never be…[View]
203791799/SIG/ Self Improvement General[View]
203791504Idea for redpilling the masses: Do you think there are facts that will immediately redpill someone a…[View]
203790888state enforced homosexuality: Military enforced homosexuality is peak-neocon boomer mindset hey libt…[View]
203773193GAME OVER BURGERS.Behave properly or you will see...nothing: Russian Navy gets new weapon to induce …[View]
203791281Just snapped this in downtown Copenhagen. People are wanring up.[View]
203784811some hippy posted this on Faceberg. It makes no sense and it's cringe.[View]
203790159Obama pushed for Muslim Brotherhood puppet dictators after he orchestrated the “Arab spring,” so his…[View]
203791357ITT: fringe, patrician conspiracy theories >jfk shot himself >john nash created bitcoin >al…[View]
203791288Haha: https://oversight.house.gov/news/press-releases/multiple-whistleblowers-raise-grave-concerns-w…[View]
203791306Just imagine if the race/gender was reversed[View]
203791263Jews think they’re “gods chosen race”. I think it’s time we end it.[View]
203791184Trump shouldn't bother building a wall at the mexican border. He should build it around all the…[View]
203791108YAAAS TRUMP SLAY: Broke: Beating the democrats Woke: Becoming the democrats Face it bigots! State en…[View]
2037909902020 election opinion: People of pol do you think Elizabeth Warren has any cahnce of winning the 202…[View]
203791072How come he wasn't allowed free speech?: Why do Americans claim to be pro free speech then bomb…[View]
203788740Are Chinks losing the Trader War?[View]
203783390Fellow leafs, are you tired of the globalists holding you down? Why not join ID Canada? Break the sh…[View]
203791017Most people think everyone is equal: Average people don’t know about IQ differences among races. The…[View]
203788231National Socialism is for the People: Hey everyone, I've been doing a lot of research into why …[View]
203790284Since 2013, almost 6000 Western Europeans left to join ISIS. Now the hundreds who are left are going…[View]
203783394Why are there no right wing politicians in the world who aren't corporate whores? Why is there …[View]
203789398Best opinion ever: Children should be taught about pedophilia in kindergarten and elementary school …[View]
203790850Good job: https://oversight.house.gov/news/press-releases/multiple-whistleblowers-raise-grave-concer…[View]
203788589Them only thing that the 1% fears is that identity politics will stop working and that the people th…[View]
203790690Now that the coup in Venezuela has failed and opposition protests have disappeared, is a US invasion…[View]
203790391what is the most PC thing your school has ever taught you? mine taught me that racism towards indige…[View]
203790433Guess Kamala has daddy issues now: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/feb/19/kamala-harris-ja…[View]
203789224lets say christianity was the true religion and all else were wrong: what would that mean if the all…[View]
203789057>Not being Non Denominational It doesn't matter what kind of Christian you are, as long as …[View]
203780272I have done research and I'm convinced that Wisconsin is the greatest state in the union. Prove…[View]
203790342gender idenetity: My gender identiy is banksexual and my pronouns are 'bank' 'banker' or 'banksy' Is…[View]
203784937Is socialism the answer to the jewish question?[View]
203768116/pol/ humor thread: There hasn’t been one today at all. Lighten up, fuckers![View]
203787851Why is this... man not being sued? He lied, and did so very publicly.[View]
203789544Maga nigs: >walk into a club >these guys slap your girlfriend on the ass What do?…[View]
203787179Trying to start a troll group on YouTube: Just trying to start a troll group on YouTube. I'm si…[View]
203786408Why are the DNC shilling Kamala Harris so hard? Are they trying to lose?[View]
203790093Which one is /pol/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aA-YetL__5Q Well?[View]
203790061Can anyone tell me more about the documents and manuals OP is talking about in pic related? Nothing …[View]
203790057is zucker a nigger hater or lover?: apparently there has been controverdy in the past arguing both s…[View]
203783821Why did it take a literal fucking paki to stand up and do the right thing for once? Why are white po…[View]
203789878The spectacle: Is the spectacle an actual thing? Is their really a material living metaphysic that t…[View]
203786985You haven’t taken the red pill...: ...if you think Trump is going to save America and is still worki…[View]
203786567oooooh ya open borders yall. prepare for some D-I-V-E-R-S-I-T-Y[View]
203787046Which one of you: did this? https://www.rt.com/news/451867-massive-swastika-kiev-mall/[View]
203782786Look at this, look at this and honestly tell me that we deserve guns. Guns are literally made to kil…[View]
203789775>2019 >His country still uses the first past the post voting system…[View]
203779249Lonely Pills: Will you get a prescription when it's available? https://www.theguardian.com/us-…[View]
203784574V.P.: What keeps him from killing the president and then pardoning himself?[View]
203789546Did this actually happen?[View]
203789640Wisconsin needs Puerto Rican Teachers!: Well, Scott Walker screwed over all the school teachers in W…[View]
203786749Russia bans military from using smartphones: I tought this shit was standard practice in most of mil…[View]
203785917What is your favorite law?[View]
203786346Does Anyone Even Care That Dems Just Passed Legislation With A Fake Hate Crime?: The Senate on Thurs…[View]
203781663Why do people like Stephen Colbert support Bernie Sanders?: Why do people like Stephen Colbert and o…[View]
203782141how do racists explain how Tealc is black but also honorable and smart[View]
203782885Nigerian 2channel: https://www.nairaland.com >/r/4chan/[View]
203784792Was the anti-lynching bill pushed by Israel?: I really gotta know.[View]
203785989Can anyone redpill me on Hitler? I hear a lot of people saying he's a bad guy, but they say the…[View]
203788297The eternal “CO2 lie”: Who benefits from telling Americans and Europeans that their CO2 emissions ar…[View]
203786114Who's this Q fellow I keep hearing about all the time?: Really who is he?[View]
203785262Here's a replicable plan to have lots of beautiful white babies and an awesome life. 1.)Avoid c…[View]
203782209Why were the Frankfurt School philosophies / ideas adopted by so many in the West?[View]
203769953OFFICIAL BERNIE SANDERS FOR PRESIDENT 2020 THREAD: Get the fuck in here Bernbros Posting this every…[View]
203788950Q predicted this: He did actually https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-grows-frustrated-wi…[View]
203785142Where did all the BIG BRAIN threads go?: Man not too long ago you could find one or two threads that…[View]
203785823Why can’t this guy stop fucking retarded women? Is it a French thing?[View]
203786939Nobody outside /pol/ expected this place to have such a huge impact in the 2016 elections. They…[View]
203783954Is Jared Kushner unironically the anti-christ[View]
203788099Help: Leftist white male here. How do i avoid being called a racist, homophobic, sexist bigot for si…[View]
203777051TARIQ NASHEED REDEMPTION ARC 2019: https://twitter.com/tariqnasheed/status/1098091434882752513…[View]
203782832/RPG/ Redpill General: bump so newfags could see this >race realism and IQ https://pastebin.com/p…[View]
203783948No refunds.[View]
203787861Just jihad it[View]
203784551I miss the higher international presence. A lot.: Being able to talk to people around the world to s…[View]
203783221MFW brexit and Trump didnt do anything other than make people more hostile to right wing politics.[View]
203786884Unlike you, I get my news from a reliable source! Where do you get most of your news from?[View]
203745679Skribbl /pol/ #4: Welcome, good goys and gals, to the fourth nightly session of /pol/ skribbl. Had …[View]
203788311/PRG/ Pet Revolution General: The pets are currently biting the hand that feeds them, but it is not …[View]
203787944Are the Dems united as a group or are they tearing each other apart? I can't tell anymore.[View]
203781701Funny isnt it: >yfw /pol/ A board on a shit show website filled with weaboos, shut ins and every …[View]
203784910Should we invade Iran to liberate gays?[View]
203788254Is this us /pol/: https://youtu.be/IencOy9OeHQ[View]
203783266Based Burnouts is making Bank: The madmans at it again! How much money does he need to overthrow T D…[View]
203774856People that should run in 2024: And who you would want to win it all.[View]
203787950THEY ARE LOSING CONTROL OF REDDIT: The fire rises, brothers.[View]
203788075Amerimutts have to die in Iran so that sodomites may be safe and prosper: Hahahhahahahahahahahahahah…[View]
203784600Red-pill thread!!: Red-pill me on the Bosnian genocide[View]
203780107Donald Trump has conducted FIVE completely private meetings and conferences with Putin, and has gone…[View]
203785059Doubters BTFO: Shills BTFO![View]
203788023White people have no cultur-: https://twitter.com/missmalindakat/status/1072175332969582599…[View]
203788018I salute you George. A real hero.: The Unconditional Surrender statue in Sarasota, Florida — depicti…[View]
203787815>Be batshit insane leftist retard >Even politifact won't cover for your bs CUT MY LIFE IN…[View]
203783517Roger Stone, told you so...: The internet seems to think Stone isn't one, but I've thought…[View]
203787929Who is your favorite 2hu, and why do you hate the jews?[View]
203783827what's his fucking problem?[View]
203787712Can /pol/ prove that black people are not targeted by police and get harsher punishments in court be…[View]
203787684civil war 2: do you ever feelbad that we lost the war? if we won, we would still have slaves today t…[View]
203786585Anyone miss America in the early 2000s?: >America was still great >Patriotism was at an all ti…[View]
203787708Follow for follow https://twitter.com/coffeentrees?lang=en im a newbie and would love the support…[View]
203784929Why do you not like K.I.N.G. OBAMA?: Greatest president of all time, got golden grills where his tee…[View]
203787640Supporting radical socialism like Bernie and Warren is the best 4-D chess move we can play atm. The …[View]
203763946Is it me or are we having a ton of shills trying to undermine President Trump? I never seen so many …[View]
2037798034chan is the most tolerant place on internet: I know it sounds like a lowkey bait, but: > You are…[View]
203786309Well how does it end /pol/? what would happen if there were 100 Dylann Roof attacks in a month?[View]
203784836A reminder: You are safe here hiding behind your computers and phones, but keep it here. Take that s…[View]
203771256/PRG/ Prayer Request General: Need prayer in Christ Jesus name? Our Prayers move mountains. >Lo…[View]
203783072HAPPENING!!!!: Happening!!!! Get this: This is the allowed meta-/pol/ thread. Can we vote to ban th…[View]
203785649NatSoc Economics: How is Democratic Socialism different from National Socialism other than one being…[View]
203777834Black Budget #01: Hey, /stormfront/ tonight I am sharing with you the first issue of my independent …[View]
203785378lol, weren't the nazis fucking weirdos guys? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cQYFcu5NiU[View]
203773473How the fuck those people don't have an ID card?[View]
203775409fashwave general[View]
203785318What was she thinking in this moment?[View]
203784972Why do most /pol/ users base their political positions on personal anecdotes instead of peer reviewe…[View]
203785894'The higher the education level, the more likely they are to vote Democratic.' Hmm... interesting. R…[View]
203783347Goodboy neckbeard greentext: >be me >be at dollar store grabbing some shit >wearing MAGA ha…[View]
203787001Every time I see commies on this board I can't believe they're not being ironic. It's…[View]
203775007Kamala Harris's family were SLAVEOWNERS: Das rite niggas. According to her father's autobi…[View]
203775176>A New York Times poll asking 10000 Americans what European countries they'd like to visit o…[View]
203785882Who do we get to primary Trump in 2020?[View]
203785477Affirmative Action AG Wilson-Raybould perceives Job Expectations: as Undue Pressure, and proceeds to…[View]
203785612Would Jew look at that. What did he mean by this?[View]
203759581/BWG/: Bioweapons General: This general is for discussing and researching biological weapons (and th…[View]
203776847I Still Laugh at How...: Hillary cheated Bernie out of his rightful nomination then they beat his as…[View]
203785562Now that Trump has 10bn fortge wall from NEA, will a continuous wall be constructed?: When Trump exi…[View]
203780723What did jesus mean by this?: titus 1 (kjv): 10 For there are many unruly and vain talkers and decei…[View]
203786697Are people with autism allowed in the ethno state (coming from a white guy): Are people with autism …[View]
203786672It happened!: My first thread that was getting traction got pruned. I am the hacker 4chan[View]
203778879I know you guys hate mexican immigrants but... What is good point about Mexican and Mexico?[View]
203766069Apex Legends has on its front cover: >Non-Binary Tranny? (Left) >Lesbian (Middle) >Fag (Ri…[View]
203786562>But we can't all of a sudden get down on our knees and turn everything over to the leadersh…[View]
203786554Ameri/pol/ - half-Americans edition: You're witnessing some of the first few editions of Ameri/…[View]
203786545ITT: Abortion: Drop red pills and discus abortion here. LWC new abortion vid:https://www.youtube.co…[View]
203786542/pol/ un-earths criminal ring: Hey /pol/, report EVERY channel in this list. Look at their playlists…[View]
203786070Attorney for Covington Catholic High School student sues Washington Post for $250 million: YES YES Y…[View]
203784900>be in 10th grade english class >teacher assigns research essay on wealth inequality >'th…[View]
203786371'hate crimes': most “hate crimes” in the last 40 years are perpetrated upon boys of pale complexion …[View]
203785664What happens when whites learn to jew?[View]
203786087Why do liberals make trash like this famous?[View]
203785702Why are Escort Sites Still up After FOSTA-SESTA: Trump signed the FOSTA-SESTA act to curb traffickin…[View]
203785359>mfw the whole MAGA movement was a Zionist Neocon psyop Jew me once, shame on Jew. There won’t b…[View]
203784466who are the good guys? who are the bad guys?[View]
203779082Where were you the day Bernie Sanders, the 45th president of the United States, announced his campai…[View]
203742327Teen builds working nuclear fusion reactor in Memphis home: https://www.foxnews.com/science/teen-bui…[View]
203785748> 'The very word Jew is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently a…[View]
203785425What is going on with all the Israeli flags: So I noticed that they are not hiding anymore. There…[View]
203785466Accelerationism is the path forward. Burn it all down so we can rebuild from the ashes. Kamala Harri…[View]
203785202Why doesn't Japan have an identitarian movement?[View]
203785551SNC-Gate: How French PM Trudeau attempted to: legislatively help French company SNC-Lavalin avoid cr…[View]
203783368WARNING: If we had a perfect political system would anyone on this board have a problem with it?…[View]
203782123I don't get the holohoax denial thing: >A council of centralized Jewish leadership that has …[View]
203773032My 600-lb Life' star Sean Milliken dead at 29: F foxnews.com/entertainment/my-600-lb-life-star-…[View]
203782747PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov https://www.donaldjtrump.com/ @realDonaldTrump …[View]
203785337Jilted Affirmative Action (Indian, Woman) Charity Hire: is persecuting Trudeau for having imagined s…[View]
203783019INDIA HAS BETRAYED US: Why is Trump still giving the poos H1B visas?[View]
203785063I wish we could send them all back to Africa where they belong.[View]
203785268Transnormalization Memes: Memes that represent your fragile masculinity and how triggered you are by…[View]
203764890Daily reminder that if you were born poor in a third world country, your life is already wasted. Eve…[View]
203785136Is Marie Kendo secretly our girl?[View]
203779130Who will be kicked out of ethnostate first, pajeets or beaners?[View]
203785086where does this work?[View]
203781310/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Late Night Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse…[View]
203783041post more drumpf[View]
203784886Jordan Peterson: When I see Jordan Peterson my bullshit detector starts ringing. He only positions h…[View]
203781865Why did so many transgendered serve in the Wehrmacht?[View]
203784931You can only pick three(3) of major gods pictured to help you fight the kikes. Which ones do you pic…[View]
203781628Proof or strong evidence that humans are causing extreme weather events?: I am trying to, with an op…[View]
203778759Where's our leader?: Where is he? Or is it not quite time yet?[View]
203784797Who stole my bike?: https://youtu.be/-uvgUzccFFw[View]
203784844Cory Booker - First Gay College Football Player: Prove me wrong[View]
203784744They wouldn't be here shilling against white ethnostates this hard if they weren't terrifi…[View]
203760736Imagine being liberal in 2019: >still believing all the races are equal >still virtue signalin…[View]
203782665Daily Reminder That Self Improvement Doesn't Work: Your genes determine your life potential, no…[View]
203784242Yo Dis Eureethra, Yall Cracka Ass Be Wilin Out: Yall craka tripin[View]
203777048He's back to save us. Don't fuck this up. He has all the pros you guys like about trump, w…[View]
203784076Will this day ever come?[View]
203779914Should porn be legally required to be censored in Japan?[View]
203782988I hope he runs in 2020 for one reason only: to put pressure on trump to do something about this fuck…[View]
203783056Dear god tell me someone here feels the same.: Does anyone else feel a deep sense of being completel…[View]
203782118We need a wall: Right fucking now. The Mexicans CANNOT take over my country. Our Founding Fathers ar…[View]
203783114/pol/, You're not getting any richer, therefore, I'm proposing an opportunity for you to g…[View]
203762040>in america the person on the left is considered 100 percent black and the one on the left white …[View]
203784128How deep is his prison wallet?[View]
203771556Is it illegal to mail gay porn to random addresses in Saudi Arabia and Iran?[View]
203783568Why do we continue to tolerate such blatant racism in journalism: ?[View]
203773057Any Remote Viewers Out There?: What's the deal with Russell Targ, remote viewing, and SSRI? The…[View]
203776871Trump to spread the queer agenda worldwide: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/national-security/trump…[View]
203780288How will trump’s homosexual worldwide legalization campaign work? Does this mean sanctions on countr…[View]
203782930The DA offered to wear a wire and he asked the FBI lawyers about it?: Why is he on this book tour ad…[View]
203767399CIA IN VENEZUELA: BOOTS IN THE GROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: WTF …[View]
203778456Illegal Immigration Debate: >be me >in political discord >arguing that democrats have eithe…[View]
203782399Pic unrelated: Should I, as an Arab, revert to worshipping my ancestor’s gods? Why/why not[View]
203734618>Be 50 year old millionaire comedian >Date 27 year old model >Get insulted and hated on Why…[View]
203780671She Read It: Did You?[View]
203782711Maajid Nawaz The Zionist Globalist Gets Smashed: Happy days my friends, this piece of trash zionist …[View]
203782241I fucking hate the Queen of England.: >be me >fucking hate the queen of england >mfw…[View]
203783561the hidden YT CNN epidemic: heres a thing to try >search for any relevant national news headline …[View]
203769555Femanon here: C-can i bring bf into the ethnostate?[View]
203782664Why did the pope kiss a Muslim?[View]
203783504Why is Russian Propaganda on /pol/?: The only reason /pol/ likes snow niggers is because of pic rela…[View]
203783256*indirectly gets your guns banned*[View]
203770359Millenials: Why aren’t Millenials buying houses and having kids? We have record LOW unemployment and…[View]
203781394holy fuck ITS OVER https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/19/politics/andrew-mccabe-trump-law-enforcement/inde…[View]
203783178Smollet: Did anyone notice how jussie emphasized cumming for trump?[View]
203781114>Trump: Pressures the world to de-criminalize homosexuality >Faggots: Thats racist!!! And colo…[View]
203780448MD gonna ban all the guns: List of bullshit in various bills that are being pushed soon >all 80% …[View]
203781830What’s The Worst Law Your Country Has Passed?[View]
203783135I support Bernie Sanders because he triggers nu/pol/. Remember when /pol/ was about memes? Now it…[View]
203783216Fuckwit tries to Redpill Boomers.: This faggot is trying to Redpill boomer cons on Zionist scumbags,…[View]
203783119>macron is not jew pupp-[View]
203780658GUYS, CNN IS /ourchannel/ NOW! https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/politics/a26415538/cnn-hire-rep…[View]
203783149H*moids like to think they're hotshit but we all know that bacteria are the ones who really run…[View]
203772505Trump signed amnesty and banned the wall. Why did he do it anons?[View]
203781900Who is your favorite political commentator? Mine is Lara Logan.[View]
203782646Pathetic Subhumans[View]
203769890Why do white women do this so much? At least much more than women from other races it seems.[View]
203781046Is Christianity really the right religion when you go to hell forever just for worshipping idols?[View]
203782764What do?[View]
203782645It’s over for Trump.: *BLocks your path*[View]
203782660/pol/ glitch, kek[View]
203777147This man has paid more in taxes in the past year than most of you will pay in your lives. What can y…[View]
203780335I didn't know The Golden One was a faggot: https://www.bitchute.com/video/V6yG3FHjEldc/…[View]
2037770035G Thread: Haven't seen one in a while. >What is 5G? The 5th Generation in wireless communi…[View]
203781149Degeneracy: Any people near Denver CO that can boycott this place and kick some degenerate asses? Th…[View]
2037809336IXBUZZ: Fellow Canadian dwellers, what are your thoughts on '6ixbuzztv'[View]
203778921The Absolute State of Reddit: this image is only the tip of the cancer ht tps://www.re dd it.c om/r…[View]
203781311Is Darth Vader /ourguy/?: Damn...[View]
203771286I bet /pol/ can‘t guess the meaning behind this map: .[View]
203782013Why is the far-right so easily offended? Seems like every kids movie with a black guy in it gets the…[View]
203767582>The left can't me-[View]
203780279Venezuela Ackshully Helped Haiti: Gave oil and gas at 1% interest to Haiti amounting to $2 billion. …[View]
203780814Blue Lives Matter, but Do They Care About White Lives? Lets find out: https://www.bitchute.com/video…[View]
203781957>Black women are beaut-[View]
203778875The Progress Party: Canada's new left/populist federal party: >Why haven't I heard of i…[View]
203779626Here's something /pol/.: 40,000 years of evolution, the New Guinea Singing Dog becomes a New Su…[View]
203778273Would you vote for this creepy guy?[View]
203781589Is it strange how many absolute disasters the dems are having as of late? what is next? Mueller bei…[View]
203767116So what excuse will zogbots give?[View]
203769820Vans Employees 'Fuck You' MAGA hat kid!: I know it is a faggot favorite for shoes, but in case any r…[View]
203759395How did this happen bros?[View]
203781877>uralic language >conquered and bred by Mongols Are Finns white?…[View]
203780098>more and more millenials are moving back in with their parents, facing student loan debt, and pu…[View]
203777314Guns are goo-[View]
203781375Election fraud is very real: Just not from the left wing[View]
203781754What are /pol/'s thoughts on the incel epidemic? Why does it only affect the alt/far-right?[View]
203781674Should Arabs revert back to their worshipping ancestral Gods?[View]
203780771SWAZILAND AIDS: Swaziland has an AIDS rate of over 27%. Imagine 1 in 3 to 1 in 4 of the people aroun…[View]
203781620France is jewed to death.: It's really sad in france right now. I'm in Quebec and read th…[View]
203779438ITT we send Trump our energy: Discord Trannies are not welcome[View]
203780123who else fell for the shitablican meme? gonna give them a big fuck you in 2020[View]
203772659Jonestown, thoughts?: >Communist >San Francisco >Cult >Majority Niggers What does /pol/ …[View]
203778073How did he do it?: Here are the time stamps for the Q posts and Trump tweets written out. First two …[View]
203763399The probability of entering and remaining in an intellectually elite profession such as Physician, J…[View]
203776643Help! We’re being genocided!!![View]
203775933the perfect britain: time for the celts to take our country back from the sax, you cant debate me on…[View]
203781282how do we end Feminism[View]
203776757/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || You're Fired! Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.wh…[View]
203779703>1990 >turn's out it wasn't germans murdering poles, it was germans murdering jews a…[View]
203777924Does France have an anti-semitism prob?: serious replies only[View]
203781038oh no[View]
203780773Illegal Alien Accused of Repeatedly Raping 15-Year-Old Girl in Kentucky Illegal alien Andres Villarr…[View]
203779055>Every country that does socialism gets destroyed by MURICA >Murica then says socialism doesn…[View]
203780955Alternate Reality: Look how far it's gone in the last 2 years. These normie publications and th…[View]
203780252How do we kill Captain Marvel, /pol/? Or at least more than Larson is already.[View]
203780826It's fucking over. Fascism will not prevail in America. Get fucked Trumpfags[View]
203779807WE NEED THE WALL: PLEASE, BURGER BROS, build that fucking wall, i don't want that shit in my al…[View]
203777591Apple, Google pressured to drop Saudi app that lets men track and control women: Insallah! http://ar…[View]
203775082Bernie Supporter Admits to 3 Felonies! gets ZERO jail time!: This disgusting roastie drug addict sel…[View]
203777944hello /pol/ i have started to get annoyed with edgy nazi wannabes talking shit about subhumans yet n…[View]
203776940Commie general: Get in here comrades.[View]
203780460What can you guys tell me about Hitler BEFORE he became fuhrer (or at least before the war)[View]
203777825>Trump literally makes niggers lunch themselves[View]
203778406Friendly reminder to all neo-nazis and neo-fascists that Hitler submitted to the Slavs in April 1945…[View]
203780525MD Gun Ban - Secession Edition: Original thread: >>203761671 List of bullshit >all 80% lowe…[View]
203761671MD to ban ALL guns: List of bullshit >all 80% lowers banned , no grandfathers >all ar15s inclu…[View]
203769649Who are the legit 2020 contenders?: I wanna know who /pol thinks are the REAL contenders for 2020? I…[View]
203780481How to stop White genocide?[View]
203777191Why is Bernie such a threat to ptgfags?[View]
203777013Amish People: What are your thoughts on the amish?[View]
203771494Trump cancels California’s train to nowhere: Why is nobody talking about this? Rekt[View]
203772447Message to shills: Reminder that only stormspregs and leftists are against Trump. /pol will always s…[View]
203780067What was this guy thinking?[View]
203780232UNCENSORED TRANNY SURGERY: Tbh... I’d bang this trap. How about you Pol? https://periclesjacks.wixsi…[View]
203780224Did we just get ZOG'ed?: https://www.bitchute.com/video/gnEcPRKfRpXZ/[View]
203761462KAMALA HARRIS IS FUCKED!!!!!: https://twitter.com/chicagotribune/status/1098040323752804354 https://…[View]
203779877Democracy is very fragile because at any times ignorant majority can mislead country and plunge it i…[View]
203779723Help us damnit: Oh my oh my oh my let's eat a PIE https://github.community/t5/Project-Developme…[View]
203777972Today I realized PTG and r_donald are paid shills. How the fuck did we come to this?[View]
203756630I was blacklisted after working at the Sunspot observatory the FBI raided: I worked at the observato…[View]
203772515/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Most Oppressive Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.white…[View]
203779426Huh: So where’s the global warming Thanks Obama[View]
203777752>Trump declares emergency >Shills start working 24/7 in full panic mode Are we getting a secre…[View]
203779872We had to create retarded shit like milk and OK signs in the past to trigger leftists. We no longer …[View]
203779837The Endless Zionist Wars Saga -The Playlist- From 9/11 to Current Day: Have some anti-zionist politi…[View]
203779767Laws: Laws are basically instructions that describe how to use force. If nothing triggers that force…[View]
203779751>Imagine growing up in an all-white community >Imagine never having to ever fully interact wit…[View]
203758115Joe '______' Biden[View]
203779615Will it happen?: Will he go on WWE? Surely its his only hope for victory in 2020. Is he really fit e…[View]
203776310Twitter is fucked: I literally made an account and was nice as possible to people talking pure shit …[View]
203779668>'Bro, why are you so anti-Israel? Why yes, I support Israel. How could you tell?'…[View]
203774444Why has the last 3 years been so good to us: honestly /pol/..... it began in 2015-2016...and it…[View]
203769579Why haven't the jews been able to gain control in China? Have they even tried?[View]
203778790The Horror.: Mayor tells everyone to panic as a Huge cyclone is about to destroy everything, over 4 …[View]
203779486>Ana Navarro is a Republican what[View]
203779565kill the evil pepples: Help guys need help yes we I yes Nazi help me damnit green gas Bose Einstein …[View]
203775562Daily reminder buy a silencer or mill one before these things become illegal like MGs in 86.[View]
203778764Oh Flower of Scotland: When will we see your likes again? That fought and died for Your wee bit hill…[View]
203776651Should Jeb run as Bernie's VP?[View]
203779435So...uh...now that the media is entirely controlled by commies...academia is entirely controlled by …[View]
203768003Notice the Qs?[View]
203775248wtf: incels are now forming dark cults that have their own music: https://soundcloud.com/evilcelmusi…[View]
203774367It just does not make any sense.: How can people look at men in a dress, right after they had a quac…[View]
203777594The Endless Zionist Wars Part 8 - Banned From Jewtube Edition: https://www.bitchute.com/video/oBZxTH…[View]
203778672Are we pro-enlightenment or anti-enlightenment? Libertè, Egalitè?[View]
203776225This is the redpill right-wing faggots refuse to swallow. Trump and his neocon buddies love open boa…[View]
203772365Alright, /pol/ red pill me on Tulsi Gabbard. Why should this sand nig have my vote?[View]
203779253Honk Honk IT IS RAEL: >WE KNOW WHAT MUST BE DONE https://www.mynbc5.com/article/bernie-sanders-su…[View]
203776616what is X ?[View]
203777164Sanders, Gabbard and Yang are the new faces of /pol/. Support a real candidate this time, not a zion…[View]
203773674Washingtonian fascism: George Washington is the founder of this nation. We should build our nation a…[View]
203774523Why are incels voting against their own interest?[View]
203775984>Survived for thousands of years >Survived people's attempts at destroying them (Roman Em…[View]
203778283What's the best meme site to submit memes without getting into trouble? Pic related, Know Your …[View]
203769355the white question: I get the jew question but why is it that you guys continuously ignore the white…[View]
203777097MIGA! Our next great hope: So guise I know you're a little dissapointed with Trump being a pupp…[View]
203776951https://youtu.be/AZS5cgybKcI >evil abusive pibble owner is a white guy >asian male black femal…[View]
203757332A quick dose of reality for you all: If the Democrats actually choose him he’ll win. He has a very …[View]
203764237Affirmative Action AG Wilson-Raybould perceives Job Expectations: as Undue Pressure, and proceeds to…[View]
203775812What's /Pol/'s official theme song? I'm presuming this but I'm open to suggestio…[View]
203766485Explicit FOOTAGE TRANNY SURGERY!: WTF Pol. How is this degeneracy normalized!? https://periclesjacks…[View]
203750354GLOWNIGGER SPILLS BEANS ON TRUMP, Q, KUSHNER, AND MORE: Part 2, previous thread hit bump limit >…[View]
203778418What's the point of paying people for content anymore when machines can generate an infinite am…[View]
203775911Do you think he's getting into the race solely to fuck the Democratic Party which so badly fuck…[View]
203778183Why couldn't the militarily superior 'classical' civilizations resist the Germanics?[View]
203773196Rich Hate Thread: How can we help Bernie fuck the rich in half for destroying our country?[View]
203766466When did you stop supporting Trump?[View]
203776777'Socialism promises a better future, but it always returns to the darkest chapters of the past.' - T…[View]
203777997Gareth Bale Land: How come you never see anybody with one of these flags?[View]
203774549POWERFUL: Explain yourself white man[View]
203777408>2019 >people in the west care more about fucking dogs suffering than human children getting s…[View]
203775568Why do the jews want to replace white people? What do they gain by replacing us with idiots who can’…[View]
203743263>H-hey Mr. Sanders, nice car. Looks pretty expensive. >Wow, h-how much? >Yeah mine isn…[View]
203778013No, you're not white, close the damn mouth fucking Mexican: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beh…[View]
203777984Is this what true feminism looks like?[View]
203777971The frog paradigm is a very hilarious one. They are very elitist and have an over-inflated sense of …[View]
203775768JewTube Shutting Down the Goy: Every single time I put tripple parenthesis in a comment on the googl…[View]
203777676Huawei founder & ceo: US can't defeat us: Otherwise, you know, the guy whose daughter you y…[View]
2037749422016 2 Electric Boogaloo: >he didn't HODL his 2016 bernie vs trump memes >everyone sold t…[View]
203770029Today I visited my gran in the nursing home: It seems that her, as well at all of the other boomer o…[View]
203777720SAVE US KEK: CHECK EM[View]
203777231Can someone redpill me on Net Neutrality? 3 years ago everyone was at each others throats saying if …[View]
203777614These Skidmarks.....Too Accurate For Sandpeople: This one time I had to blast the neighboors gazeebo…[View]
203766288Many countries around the world voted fir a more right leaning government. Even in neighbouring coun…[View]
203757044In 2024, the GOP will be a dead party.: The democrats have transformed into the socialist party. Wha…[View]
203768452You're not fooling us you facists. We oppose your bullshit racist nazi schemes. https://www.out…[View]
203771005Why did he betray us?[View]
203777379Finally, a Useful Book on Identitarianism https://www.amren.com/commentary/2019/02/finally-a-useful-…[View]
203777144>homosexuality helps control the population >most countries that ban it are are 3rd world shit…[View]
203777359Why do rightwingers consistently get triggered over literally nothing?[View]
203773512That was quick.: I typed in “Money for nothing” and was banned literally within 1 second.[View]
203777288so did trump give the sauidis nuclear weapons? GENIUS![View]
203750893Why do muslims love dying so much? WTF is it about these goat fuckers that makes them so fearless?[View]
203772404The west is beta pussy whipped cucks. Islam is the future. Debate me[View]
203766569>20 >underage nice laws you got there ameritards…[View]
203762020Bern's spending that campaign money wisely on shills: Notice how every single internet image bo…[View]
203776681Open borders: Why do we want a wall and enforced border protection. I say open all borders and let a…[View]
203777015Vaccines: When will you guys understand that anti-vax people don't actually believe what they…[View]
203772714ITT: Historical figures that would browse /pol/: Starting with the best one.[View]
203776938>let's inject our kids with a potent cocktail of unknown chemicals and heavy metals for dise…[View]
203774860Black navyfag here. I support Trump and white power movements due to me also supporting black power …[View]
203773602Are they losing the Trade War? If that is the case, then would they simply wait until Trump is out o…[View]
203776603Was this not the greatest Shitpost in 2019 so far ? How will Jacob (((Wohl))) ever recover ?[View]
203765015JQ Exposed - THIS Utterly Destroys Peterson: JQ totally confirmed Very well academically researched …[View]
203776670/pol/ has made me less racist: I know it's counter-intuitive considering how racist people act …[View]
203760628When will /pol/ accept LGBT?: Some of us gays are pretty based. Despite being an anti-capitalist, An…[View]
203775294The White New Deal: >How to make this a thing?[View]
203770932Thank you pol: Just want to say that I'm a teacher who works with near-special education studen…[View]
203753055>there are more UIDs in a single /qresearch/ thread than all of 4/pol/ >most of 4/pol/ is shil…[View]
203769052MSM IS ISIS?[View]
203771473How many of you are to this point?: Is anyone else feeling like this? >be me >realize politica…[View]
203776008911 Facts and Info: Post what you got[View]
2037682787 Months? 8 Months? After Birth?: It was not a slippery slope at all, but an avalanche of degeneracy…[View]
203776309'Free Speech Activist' postd nudes of Mike Cernovich. Since deleted. https://twitter.com/Timcast/st…[View]
203771763Find as many Jew + Muslim organizations you can, and meme them. This is how we redpill boomers. It…[View]
203776249>Aging population![View]
203776237'The Real' Goes from Woke to Wrecked after Jussie Smollet Fraud.: I love seeing these bitches squirm…[View]
203776216Doesn't this guy just wanna go to jail to have homosex[View]
203775612MUTTS ASSEMBLE - AMERIMUTT THREAD, EUROFAGS BTFO: Good evening mutts, ITT, say one good thing about…[View]
203773257Imagine being a shill actually thinking they're changing a single vote[View]
203774056How absolutely Jewish https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/national-security/trump-administration-launch…[View]
203774412Nooses are now offensive: So now we can’t tie nooses because some SJW, shrill, or nigger can’t see a…[View]
203775654It's good that Jussie wasn't really attacked. If you're sane like me, you don't …[View]
203768810Am I a Jew?: >big nose >above average iq >argumentative >radical left views >tranny …[View]
203775974anyone on /pol/ watch married at first sight? is ines /ourgirl/?[View]
203774138Anyone else feel nigger fatigue from nothing else but a single tweet? This is from the past half hou…[View]
203770075Here's what I don't understand; Let's say that 99% of the earth's scientists are…[View]
203772534What the fuck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXX9IJu_4pg&feature=youtu.be[View]
203764500pol never debunked the mainstream view of the eastern front: Why is it that on this board debunked n…[View]
203772715Have you ever mansplained something, /Pol?[View]
203772133WHERE WE GO ONE: WE GO ALL[View]
203775193never forget[View]
203766096No home for white man[View]
203771600/tg/ - Tulsi General: /tg/ - Tulsi General Tulsi Gabbard wants to end the fed and end AIPAC. When di…[View]
203772675Listen to me, white people.: Your government no longer represents you. They applaud your demographic…[View]
203775403How will drumpf deal with this?: 2020 will be the first voting year that Millenials outnumber Babybo…[View]
203769942>whites are the master race! >b-but jews control the world! why don't whites control the …[View]
203751546Brit/pol/ - most noble of men edition: >Thread Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjD3EVC1-zU …[View]
203772881Is It Time To Accept Transgenders?: https://twitter.com/saraTonin79er/status/1095212603427692544?s=1…[View]
203774108They've gone to far. They are attacking the King; the Duke. Libs are anti-white; anti-American …[View]
203767239>Police: We've got two people in custody, are you happy to press charges? >Smollett: Of c…[View]
203774461This is going to be epic: Cant you feel it? the left is already calling sanders a nazi, a sexist, a …[View]
203770887REGIME CHANGE = GOOD ![View]
203773327Anyone regret voting for Trump?: Is the end of our hopes and dreams bros? When did Trump betray you …[View]
203766392LOL *dunks on the libs*: >gets sodomized by bruce jenner live on stage haha lets watch the libs a…[View]
203769935Redpill me on the East India Company Successful example of capitalism or white colonialist oppressor…[View]
203773456Have you ever thought that we are the subversives that are destroying society? Have you ever thought…[View]
203774306Hey /pol/, so the Reddit sub r/politicalhumor is an absolute toxic mess of berniecrats who get but h…[View]
203769868>Libertarians will spazz out and defend their corporate masters if anyone asks for a 15$ min. wag…[View]
203770895Based niggers on pol: Are there any based niggers here?[View]
203774565Reminder: In ONE week, Trump signed a BILL that maims his own border policy and gives 15 Million kid…[View]
203757250THE BLUE WAVE CONTINIUES: A Muslim Democrat defeated a white Republican in tonight's Virginia H…[View]
203767163Accurate translation: This seemed like the board to go to for this, if I'm wrong please correct…[View]
203764028WHITE GENOCIDE: Friendly reminder that you're all complacent in the White Genocide that is occu…[View]
203773578Halp: Send us some of that global warming Pic related[View]
203773045Birth rates by ethnicity went down: Is there still hope? Immigration is the cause of increasing mino…[View]
203774365is this pedogate?: I am always on the lookout for suspicious things where I live this is somewhere i…[View]
203770355WTF Trump is cool now!![View]
203767983Ask for a raise: What if 'ask your boss for a raise' became a meme? Wages are stagnating. People ar…[View]
203773553A movie about a white girl falling in love with a white boy in 2019???[View]
203772738Amazing!: Amazing![View]
203773819Trans people confronting their elders: Regardless of your beliefs on transgenderism (its a mental di…[View]
203771287Who agrees that once Trump isn't reelected (or even, if the Mueller investigation finds him gui…[View]
203770921Are you with them?[View]
203753541When will you realize that whites are only the larval form of the master race? The true superior rac…[View]
203770601/pol/ literally cannot refute this[View]
203773817How many /pol/acks are manlets?[View]
203772234Re-Upload My Documentary: Why LeBron Got Away With A Hate Crime Hoax*(*Allegedly): https://www.youtu…[View]
203770634How do my fellow burgers deal with pic related. It's eating me up every day and I can't st…[View]
203770095Memri thread: I just caught my wife cheating on me with my best friend and now I'm super depres…[View]
203757012Thoughts /pol/?: seems to be enough for all of us[View]
203760729Most Disgusting City Ever... LA! Typhus Epidemic: Bringing back rat born diseases with the illegal m…[View]
203771487Please make the baby black: For political reasons. I can't do it because I'm retarded and …[View]
203773408Gays redpill thread: I corrupted a few of my folders somehow. Need to rebuild my folder on the homos…[View]
203773387>spend late 20s saving money and working out >finally ready to meet a girl and start a senpai …[View]
203770637The real redpill.: Once /pol/ accepts this redpill, the prophecy can continue.[View]
203773312One Question for Maduro?: Where are all the honeys mate? I need to seed before it's too late.…[View]
203772419HOW DO I CHANGE MY VOTE?[View]
203773176B B but it's only $500 million of your money For the unenlightened, Obama's Personal libra…[View]
203771176anons, how do you deal with failure?: I've always been a cocky motherfucker about my intelligen…[View]
203772850Your opinion on this man?[View]
203729896HAPPENING: FLYNN PLANNED TO GIVE NUKES TO SAUDI ARABIA: Now we know why the judge was so tilted at h…[View]
203772920DNA Test Thread: To everybody who gave their dna to Jews, post your results her to see if you get in…[View]
203752133IT'S HAPPENING: Jews are getting nervous: 'Justice Clarence Thomas Calls for Reconsideration of…[View]
203771981Damn it pol! You faggots made me believe a like!: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.scotusblog.com/20…[View]
203772761Is it possible that, long-term, the UNITED STATES was thought to be a seed of failure, cultivated by…[View]
203771398REMINDER!!!! TRUMP ̶D̶I̶D̶N̶'̶T̶ DID SIGN THE SPENDING BILL!!!!!: https://congress.gov/bill/116…[View]
203762884It's okay to be white but being a fascist is not okay.: Hello, i'm white and that's o…[View]
203768761Defend this, boot lickers. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/california-rapper-killed-car-was-sho…[View]
203771540This man can not be President: Creepy Uncle Zionist Joe is dead or in prison in virtually every othe…[View]
203772664BASIC /pol/: >highschool, 1980s, radioshack trs-80 to say my BASIC is very rusty would be an unde…[View]
203772649Redpill: Hitler was a narcissist. So if you told him “dont start a war in France or else you’ll be k…[View]
203767534/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Finishing the Wall Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.wh…[View]
203772545I need to fill my 'YO LIL DONNIE' folder.[View]
203772474FRESH NEW OC - The Endless Zionist Wars Part 8 - Walk Away From Light: Hello /pol/ This is a continu…[View]
203768741This man is the future president of Argentina Say something about him[View]
203770158Why are so many children growing up without fathers?[View]
203731485Éire/pol/ - Ag Honkáil Edition: Have some OC Nationalist Parties in Ireland: >The National Party.…[View]
203771899YOU CHOSE THIS, ANON: tRump is fully cucked by the Israeli elite and the Mossad. Pic related the abs…[View]
203765392Is leaking nudes pol approved? Aka revenge porn? Seems like a pussy ass move[View]
203772272When did /pol/ get so original?[View]
203769316Why shouldn’t this man become president?[View]
203772209Should the LGBT community kick out the Trans part? Why are they even in it? Its not a sexual orienta…[View]
203772202hot piece of ass.: thoughts on jane sanders?[View]
203762853Take the test post your results I’ll start with myself https://www.politicalcompass.org/test[View]
203769222Drumpf stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourslef![View]
203771919Semen retention has long been practiced by our forebears. Throughout Indo-Aryan tradition and even b…[View]
203771889If Biden gets in these freaky Dems are toast.[View]
203765589are working and middle class white people the new jews? the new scapegoats for the western world…[View]
203759953ITT /pol/ writes our breakup letter to Zion Don one word at a time: Dear[View]
203771648ALWAYS REMEMBER: /pol/ is, and always was a NENE board! Hifumi fags need not apply[View]
203743173I’m in a position to disappear: I make 4.3k a month just for existing for the rest of my life don’t …[View]
203771313is it over yet: it just feels so hopeless are countries being flooded with 3rd worlds I see our race…[View]
203768895Based Bill Exposes Democrats: 10+ years later and now the enemy we used to know is our ally. Were we…[View]
203770314>If you have kids with a black person the kid will look complete 100 percent blac-…[View]
203755983Show me a place that has a better scenery than Europe: Pro tip; you can't....[View]
203769344is there a single country that all of /pol/ would agree is 100% white[View]
203770067I was wondering /pol/. Are there any sports, or games, or anything remotely based in competition whe…[View]
203766486>These two in power at the same time Trumptards on suicide watch[View]
203762217Name 1 (one) thing in your life that would be different right now had she won.[View]
203769378not a Race WAR!: Who wins?[View]
203767595Unfathomable rage: How does one deal with this feeling, it makes me numb and not being able to enjoy…[View]
203771238Honestly whats wrong with a peaceful ethnic cleansing?[View]
203767063Its so cringy seeing americans and canadians LARP as nazis on the internet. American and canadian wh…[View]
203767721late night glow nigger thread: spy frens, let the LARP begin[View]
203766243Kamala Harris' staff is literally working for Twitter and they're banning accounts!: They …[View]
203770427By merit of survival of the fittest, Jews are the Master Race as they rule the Earth discuss[View]
203767258MAGA: - all money to Israel - no wall ever - 424-0 for a bill that goes perfectly along Jewmerican '…[View]
20374352716 States sueing over border wall: WALL BLOCKED[View]
203767750Why did everyone stop talking about this?[View]
203770778>yfw /pol/ A board on a shit show website filled with weaboos, shut ins and every day social drop…[View]
203770797>bernouts still posting bernie 2020 threads[View]
203770879Looky Heya: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeqR9B_cwVU This nigga finna bout to get prosecuted for …[View]
203769836RIDDLE ME THIS: 1) If cuckservitudes want less gov't controls, then why do they support totalit…[View]
203768316Boy called 'Little Hitler' for using hot chocolate stand to raise money for border wall.: …[View]
203769951#YangGang: >What's to give me $1,000 a month for the rest of my life >Wants to save the w…[View]
203768894can someone give me a link to a mein kampf pdf. or some sort of fascist or natsoc literature, maybe …[View]
203768485Hello everyone, I've recently joined the NEET crowd and loving it: I just wanted to share my jo…[View]
203765424I have been to several other first world nations. Canada, Germany, UK, Australia, Ireland. And whene…[View]
203767426Remember Trump? He’s back! In ZOG form![View]
203770570Why do nazis hate Christians so much?: Here's what Chief Nazi Ideologue and mentor to Hitler Al…[View]
203770581Oy Vey Gas Chambers Were Disinfectent Chambers: Sh-sh-shut it downnn!!!! the goyim know!!! The Gas C…[View]
203757003HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA: >According to aides, Zion Don is not only looking to sow dis…[View]
203763452White on white crime: what do you gentlemen think about this particular video? was the biker in the …[View]
203764773What is the solution to Latin America?[View]
203770422You guys seriously haven't fallen for the marriage meme, right /pol/ You are smarter than the a…[View]
203769604I'm 37, I've never voted once in my life, but in 2020 I'll be voting for Howard Schul…[View]
203754843What is good industry/career to do these days? Preferably something that is not going to be automate…[View]
203765489Will homosexuality be legal in the Reich? It's not like they're hurting anyone...[View]
203763385Hmm. Not bad. Nice shape[View]
203747711The fuck???: Read the Breitbart article. The cope is strong as fuck. >Hur hur, as long as they k…[View]
203770265All that $ went to Hillary remember?[View]
203769299Will Hilldawg go for round 2 in 2020?[View]
203767540Anyone regret voting for Trump?: And why is Bernie turning into /ourguy/ where Trump has failed?…[View]
203757570Why are there so many white girls who date interracially in Canada[View]
203762089Do you think Bernie will sell out again?[View]
203769949based big dick ted has a better chance at building a wall than trump ted will win in 2020 and will m…[View]
203769887Mainstream media always makes withdrawing money from a bank look like a bad thing https://youtu.be/S…[View]
203755872Millennials: Why aren’t Millenials buying houses and having kids? We have record LOW unemployment an…[View]
203767025IT'S HAPPENING[View]
203763893End Dual Citizenship in Congress: Just wanted to say you're either an American or you are not. …[View]
203769475Is it possible to have a nation with libertarian ideals, but still have strong national security? Wi…[View]
203769400Bernie 2020 yall!: Imagine donating to a politician[View]
203769329My fucking god. How cognitive dissidents do you have to be to buy this shit?! Like, its not even a p…[View]
203759367How come certain people always call everything a kike plot? Like every time something good happens o…[View]
203739838Why and when did you start posting on /pol/?[View]
203768871Israel evicts Palestinian family in Jerusalem’s Old City and replaces them with settlers.: https://m…[View]
203763739Race WAR!: Who wins? Blacks Whites Asians Retarded People Mexicans ..... I'm going with white…[View]
203767366Dont forget[View]
203768561Bug spray rabbit strings.: >“Sorry Bernie. I'd love to vote for you but it's time we st…[View]
203764229The UN wants to ban anime: https://youtu.be/FtC7yOnasf4 Did the UN just go redpilled? Now this isn…[View]
203769484What the absolute fuck is going on with the Spanish far-right?: And aren't they vehemently Zion…[View]
203768702a talk about policy: https://youtu.be/oBIxScJ5rlY 'its not that we dont care, we just know that the …[View]
203752976hey /pol/, is this a good book? I want to more about the federal reserve and banks and why its bad e…[View]
203759899Friendly reminder to all neo-nazis and neo-fascists that Hitler submitted to the Slavs in April 1945…[View]
203769315Are you ready for 2020 Trumpfags?: It’s over for you. Bernie can still win. ;)[View]
203767854I would be willing to believe chem trails are real if someone can explain to me one thing: Why woul…[View]
203746560He will win and has good optics: Bernie has this next election in the palm of his hand. He captivate…[View]
203769026What was he doing?[View]
203769290Look what happens when you look up Daniel Carver: OH MY[View]
203764840Opening of trade to china and WTO: Was watching a republican debate from 1999 and it went full retar…[View]
203751470FUCK IT REDPILL ME: Former bluepilled NPC cuck here ready to open my eyes to the Jewish threat. Redp…[View]
203768256Why do jannies delete threads if you point out the fact that Cortez has a cock nose? Pic related[View]
203769246Hillfags BTFO[View]
203765330Do you hear the people sing? Singing a song of angry men. It is the music of a people who will not b…[View]
203769226>>203764571 yes[View]
203751591Anyone else pissed about this?: Just saw it in Fox, first saddened, then angered. The sailor passed …[View]
203757901>Unlimited immigration There are people on this board who will defend this.…[View]
203758024Is it possible for women to go back?: Do you guys think there’s any possibility we could revert to s…[View]
203766037/nsg/ natsoc general: /nsg/ - Natsoc General ϟϟ Your one-stop-shop for every redpill known to /pol/ …[View]
203768626>be me >be redditfag >finallymycakeday.jpg >make OC for the special day >get no upvot…[View]
203768082The germans are glorified losers.[View]
203768861New Trier video yearbook 1995-1996: My high school. Look how normal everyone is! Girls dressed in no…[View]
203768839Reminder that the Democrats still don't have a platform to offer voters for 2020. They still ar…[View]
203747592should prostitution be legal?[View]
203755026How do we stop elites from becoming transhuman and exterminating all of us plebs?[View]
203764945This isnt real right? How could they enforce this?[View]
203768700What did she mean by this?[View]
203764148Don't be a bootlicker: Just remember, we actually have the right to travel freely without the u…[View]
203760876IGNORE THE 'HES A JEW' JEWS: >Thread on a topic with agreement >Thread next day on topic being…[View]
203762471NO REFUNDS: Is it just me or is there a huge influx of socialist jew loving faggots on /pol/ today?…[View]
203754315Forgotten Midterm Promises: With all the talk focusing only on the wall, let us not forget that this…[View]
203762079Why are far-right individuals always low class, low education background. Why are they never the int…[View]
203758879It’s really pathetic when you guys do stuff like this.[View]
203765159will trump be impeached?: MSM has been telling me for the last 26 months that trump will be impeache…[View]
203766600Why are jews the far superior race?: You can't prove me wrong. Why are the Jews always right? A…[View]
203752935Take the Bluegrasspill: >American folk music >Developed by English, Irish and Scottish immigr…[View]
203752938Nick Sandmann’s lawyers file $250 million lawsuit against Washington Post.: https://www.wlwt.com/art…[View]
203765279Anti-Abortion advocates are basically Anti-Vaxers. >My Body My Choice. Yeah, my body, my choice..…[View]
203761856Jesus fuck why do Canadians have to bitch and whine about everything Trump on /pol/ and twitter? Is …[View]
203762992New Peter Zeihan talk Pretty much the same stuff, but updated to February. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
203768025Ethnostate: Will the seceding of Alberta coincide with white Americans winning liberation from this …[View]
203768013Teenager who joined IS group in Syria to lose UK citizenship.: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-mi…[View]
203766961Gay conversion therapy: Hey /pol/ Think of all the left wing causes that were wrong: >Global Warm…[View]
203764204Feel the BERN IN HELL: I see why he’s so appealing to millennials and my generation Gen Z but when y…[View]
203734538>a generation of single, unmarried men in insecure low-wage jobs unable to afford their own homes…[View]
203765771Chase closed another account. Won't be long until we see a full-spread coordinated social ostra…[View]
203767953Kike Memes: Post your best kike memes below[View]
203755223That's because all of these Trump supporters don't even know what socialism is.[View]
203766041Close the gate! It's the media![View]
203765569Kek....: >> “That is an effort to use the levers of power of the government for a corrupt purp…[View]
203743224American Logic 101: > Americans support the freedom to guns > Americans don't support the…[View]
203766828CNN 'accidently' labels governor caught in blackface/klansman pictures a republican[View]
203766147'Our socialist state will be based on the Swedish model': You blithering simpletons.....when Sweden …[View]
203766200Night guys![View]
203766117Why are so many white nationalists not even fucking white? Pic related: Kai Murros, a finn(golian)[View]
203762623Twitter censoring anti-Kamala Harris posts: Kamala Harris' staff is literally working for Twitt…[View]
203744052Leaf/PPC General?: Hey fellow leafs, Ontarian here. What are your thoughts on the current state of o…[View]
203767383This is for for anyone who is confused about why we need to address economic factors that effect peo…[View]
203767639No shills or faggots you can fuck right off. I want to see outlined a 5/10 step plan, your opinion. …[View]
203762743/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Making America Great Again Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https:…[View]
203767375It was all going fine, until joe took it too far..: My reaction says everything...[View]
203756995Generation Z is da best generation broo: yo dude. Generation Z is da best bros. fuck boomers, fuck g…[View]
203767402Why did they look so good and why are today's Germans so ugly?[View]
203762203Why do Wh*Te women have less children with Wh*Te males,: when we know that they are able to have mor…[View]
203753185>Introduction to Nordicism Nordicism is the continuation of both Scientific Racism and Racial Bio…[View]
203764707>Past a certain age, a man without a family can be a bad thing. How true is this? if true, what i…[View]
203752145Make the word CIRCLE Hate speech: Start calling them circles Kike is derived from the hebrew word f…[View]
203763652>board is called /pol/ politically incorrect >99% bootlicking normalfag conservatives >say …[View]
203767089Make America Venezuela: He actually said this. How is this forgivable?[View]
203767080Anarcho-Capitalism: Redpill me on Anarcho-Capitalism[View]
203761376How redpilled is he /pol/?[View]
203762346War when[View]
203766505Sometimes I wish I was born asian: Sometimes I wish I was born asian, the whole world is nothing but…[View]
203766216Robert Mitchum named the kikes before it was cool. Way back in 1983. >That Championship Season ma…[View]
203766067Gospel Reading and Reflection: GOSPEL - Mark 14:10-42 Then Judas Iscariot, who was one of the twelve…[View]
203764581Ralph Norton for President: Hello, Ralph Norton here and I am running for President. I hate niggers …[View]
203766477Wouldn't the death of /b/ be equal to the birth of Slaanesh and the fall of the Aelderi empire?…[View]
203747761Fuck Montana: What do you think?[View]
203764357What the fuck is wrong with White people? https://www.12newsnow.com/article/news/crime/mugshot-relea…[View]
203766572At what point did you realize that YOU were the newfag?: Feels bad, man.[View]
203766414Why are Europeans such bootlickers?: I moved to Quebec Quebec, and the people here are pretty much l…[View]
203758859IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!: Andrew Yang is going head to head with Donald Trump in the poll. PLEASE V…[View]
203766481This is a request... I’m trying to find the music from pic related. Band name: Pile of Dead Jews. Al…[View]
203766312Why is /pol/ okay with giving tax cuts to jews?: Why is /pol/ okay with giving tax cuts to jews?…[View]
203754282>low COL >based gun laws >some of the topped ranked cities in the country >all the dindu…[View]
203766271Same Day Citizenship Now: Do Democrats have a argument against this policy?[View]
203748153They’re coming for you: They’re not fucking around anymore. You either turn in your guns or they are…[View]
203756636Why did he go to Subway to casually enjoy a sandwich immediately after commiting a serious felony? W…[View]
203763149A Very Simple Question: Do you hold yourself to the same standard that you hold the people around yo…[View]
203760447how's it feel to know that we're winning?[View]
203764033https://youtu.be/jDDwXhcPDUU It doesn't get more based and redpilled than this.[View]
203764777Jordan Peterson - Carpet Salesman: BUY MY RUG[View]
203761261Rub a lamp three times.: If you had three wishes what would you do?[View]
203762109>Mega kids unironically think they can take down Bezo's baby Lol. Good luck.…[View]
203755987Is Nickelodeon a front for pedophiles?[View]
203765991Fake Hate Montage Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nW04o-IGy8[View]
203762722My body is ready[View]
203759789>Trump curse isn't rea- https://www.kron4.com/news/california/experts-say-rare-mega-storm-to…[View]
203765889You fucking idiots better meme Bernie Sanders into the White House on 2020.[View]
203765916When will /pol/ get over this? Its been 50 years already.[View]
203765900Oy vey jew gay couple going to take your shekels: ((()))[View]
203765886YouTube sucks: This is a video advertising some product for sex (or something) and of course, it…[View]
203763298FUCK Am*rica and FUCK Isr*el[View]
203764850Were the Jews the real winners of world war 2?[View]
203764426>pfft Bernie...h-heh yeah...like he has a chance. >wtf nobody is posting in my /ptg/? better m…[View]
203765831Jilted Affirmative Action (Indian, Woman) Charity Hire: is persecuting Trudeau for having imagined s…[View]
203764571Is the answer Elitism?: Specifically, is the answer to the degrading of the modern world a small, cl…[View]
203765172I want to save white women: How to find a girl who is a good candidate for teaching race realism, ge…[View]
203764570Can Jussie get a coding job?: https://imgflip.com/i/2u4dqf[View]
203765573The Koch network’s favorite piggy bank DonorsTrust and its sister organization Donors Capital Fund d…[View]
203752894Donald Trump rushing to sell Saudi Arabia nuclear technology https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2019/02/…[View]
203762754Pajeetisim: Is Pajeetism the next big thing coming in the ideologies field? How do we protect our yo…[View]
203762491Africans/blacks will never go away face it.: That's the real redpill is no matter what pol shil…[View]
203763588Why do Democrats hate Bernie so much? As an Australian he just comes off as like legitimately the on…[View]
203763780Amazero: I hate Niggers. I hate Jews. Pro Free Market and Personal Choice. But even I bat an eye whe…[View]
203738001The God Emperor has spoken /pol/. It's time to help regime change Venezeula for freedom and Dem…[View]
203736972>be Christianity: >btfo pagays >btfo atheists >btfo muslims >btfo satanists >btfo …[View]
203759220Anything but a hard brexit is a fucking travesty. The short term pain to create one of the biggest c…[View]
203759373Surrounded: Face it, if it wasn't for arabs, jews would be out of control.[View]
203763625$250 Million Lawsuit Against Retarded WaPo!: Covington Catholic student Nicholas Sandmann and his pa…[View]
203765138Guess the ethnicity: Guess the ethnicity of the abortionist in Crowder’s new video /pol/ https://you…[View]
203765092Lefty shills trying to leak the conservative vote by shilling this knob. This idiot started his part…[View]
203765070Stop watching porn Start lifting weights Start training MMA[View]
203765064What does pol think of tranny rap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utgM5Cmq060[View]
203764586>muh based poland >muh trad eastern europe >muh huwhite basically more white = more degener…[View]
203764685What does /pol/ think about mary the 1: Well?[View]
203760452Fuck the shills hating on Trump, he’s my president and I don’t care if he isn’t redpilled about muh …[View]
203758638Can you give me infos on the economic prosperity of the Third Reich?: The only info I have is this g…[View]
203762634Nobel Peace Prize Nomination for Trump?: >“We have nominated him of course for the positive devel…[View]
203764769anyone else cringe at their trump meme folder since he's proven himself a total cuck this past …[View]
203723154Q is a LAR..: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKR7Srh3uJI Oh[View]
203744855Apex Legends: Not sure if this has been posted here, and I dont play these flavor of the month shit …[View]
203756433Why is Trump fighting this battle?: “The Trump administration has decided to combat discrimination a…[View]
203759683Jussie Smolett Memes Thread!: Send your best kikes![View]
203755948Trump just got btfo[View]
203762951USA = terrorist[View]
203757762Why Communism Will Win: Prove to me why communism is not the best system in a modern and forward thi…[View]
203754436We are the choosen one the children of the sun: Proto aryans domesticating the horse and mixing with…[View]
203764407ww3 roster: ok pol, we all know world war 3 is slowly creeping up, so i want to see your team sheets…[View]
203763873why are there so many americans who are abandoning usa?[View]
203760890A Gay Police Officer Might Get Jussie Smollet life: When the case opened for Jussie the officers tha…[View]
203763750This brightened my day: Hopefully it brightens yours too https://twitter.com/mikaylasburns/status/10…[View]
203753515Best state flag?[View]
203762804Over 100 countries, you say?[View]
203761204Classic kike: Oh look..the globalist kike faggot named Trump is of course retardedly decriminalizing…[View]
203761757Warren is attempting to go all in for 2020[View]
203764016HAPPENING!!! Chicago State Att. just RECUSED because of 'familiarity with potential witness': Kim Fo…[View]
203764069Prove you are not a discord tranny[View]
203764127Based Apple and Unicode?: Some guy found out if you do on apple or chrome before Windows 8, you get …[View]
203758267Steps in and saves your country from a fat fuck orange Russian asset.[View]
203759332Anybody else having issues with the captcha?: I literally answer them all correctly but they just ke…[View]
203761799Trump treats his supporters like Dems have treated blacks.: Trump treats his supporters like Democra…[View]
203760963>Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Discord, and other social media sites are facing a pedophile probl…[View]
203763765>mum had me 6 days before her 40th birthday[View]
203763675Who the fuck still watches this shit?: it's been the same headline for the last 2 years.[View]
203761293>take the moment to browse reddit for the first time “Women are supposed to make men compassionat…[View]
203763646Somebody fucked up the emojis.[View]
203763192Tourist hate thread: >be me >get part-time job at major tourist attraction while finishing uni…[View]
203733345Redpill me on big pharma and the opioid epidemic[View]
203763201We need a wall to keep the Mexican bullshit out.. https://nypost.com/2019/02/19/womans-head-found-wi…[View]
203761353What do you guys Do & Think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NS4UT_t73b0[View]
203755036it is like listening to an intelligent person and a toddler.[View]
203740847Shamima Begum: IS teenager to lose UK citizenship: >Whitehall sources said it was possible to str…[View]
203763142what is story on this picture: https://i.imgur.com/TH7mbV5.png[View]
203742489GO NEET / BOOMER HATE THREAD: >be millenial >get job >can’t afford to move out >boomers …[View]
203762842Just a heads up yall: Fuck the baste redpill eurofags who shill RIGHT WING BUT ALDSO SOCIGIALIST!! j…[View]
203760448is Google’s near total control over information distribution the greatest threat to humanity?[View]
203763205>have you ever heard of the british union of fascists?[View]
203760816Actual whites are less than 10% of the US population currently. This is a crisis.: I feel like Ameri…[View]
203756174He’s right.[View]
203760288I am still so extremely happy with the result of the 2016 election, I am not some MAGApede faggot bu…[View]
203728894ITT /pol/ users we recognize when we see them: I'll start. That Pole who uses the EU memeflag a…[View]
203761425Can one be Muslim and Natsoc at the same time?: Not a shill I swear, honest to god genuine question…[View]
203759031Pastor Anderson BTFOs Japan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IO8BLRP_5cs This is the sermon that eve…[View]
203762888Socialism is the superior. Why haven't we adopted it? Why do we still use the unfair and outdat…[View]
203762838Politically Fucking Nuts: show me the curvatureToday at 8:57 AM Weve been speaking for months now wh…[View]
203758855/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Gulliver's President Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https:/…[View]
203759840How come Germany, Sweden, Finland, Luxemborg are the only few countries in Europe that manufacture a…[View]
203761199Colonialism has to be studied by Western thinkers so it can be done better, change my mind.[View]
203761083>All of the vidya I play are created by whites and online play is maintained by white communities…[View]
203761029What if Hillary losing to Bernie but then making it look like she stole the nomination only to lose …[View]
203757978Why do people think whites are not the smartest people on earth? We are the only group with out trib…[View]
203759177Teleports behind Trump 'Nothing person, kid.' Makes him a one-term president.[View]
203760356'Revolutions do not happen overnight.' BASED.[View]
203752356Who's going to win the democratic primary?[View]
203759067Meet the most blackpilled man in the world: This is unironically the most blackpilled human being in…[View]
203760449> He listens to 'music' made after 1750, and calls himself white.[View]
203757686Isnt it funny: >yfw /pol/ A board on a shit show website filled with weaboos, shut ins and every …[View]
203759725>everything is meaningless >I play video games all day long >any kind of work is futile …[View]
203753122((They)) are pushing Hillary already for 2020; comments sections are redpilled: https://www.independ…[View]
203760818you know what's an odd dynamic? Jewish women can marry whoever they want and not betray their r…[View]
203761012What's going on here? Why the arabs turn this place into a shithole?[View]
203759473Why the holocaust never happened college essay and need some sources to prove it never happened.[View]
203760309Hop on board.: Please come help slaughter these retards on Twatter. They're asking for it. #ImT…[View]
203755421Hey trump , those terrorists standing in your rallies who sent pipe bombs to your political opponent…[View]
203746556>29 years old >Work 9am-8pm in finance >Eat lunch at desk >Eat dinner at desk >No fri…[View]
203755997Bernie bros report in: Will the redemption arc be the best plot line?[View]
203760392>dude accelerationism lmao >wait, not like that! the billionaires are gonna leave, dude!…[View]
203761053Colonialism was a mistake: All around me all I see are people in a place they dont belong, or souls …[View]
203751354I know when Civil war will begin: So I heard /POL/ wants to know when civil war will begin, this is …[View]
203753914Trump is being fucked over in the next election by Far-Left!!: So what do I mean by this, well here …[View]
203760555>we must preserve our aryan white gen[View]
203752954Why do white women love black men so much?[View]
203755078*ahem* FUCK MEXICO[View]
203758783Daily reminder that /pol/ is a Christian board and no amount of r/atheism invasions will ever change…[View]
203753720NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO: You were supposed to take her back DDDDDDDD:[View]
203760980What causes this variety in body language reaction?[View]
203755817As an observer from across your northern border I see America in a high level of distrust, fearmonge…[View]
203759140the absolute state of britbongland[View]
203755328If empires last 250 years does that mean America will collapse in 2026?: Pioneers = Setting up Colon…[View]
203759427vote for bernie: even though pol likes to shit on him cause he's lefty, Bernie is unironically …[View]
203761573When did you finally take the based neoconpill, /pol/?[View]
203757825Is New York lost?[View]
203738815Why is European scenery so pretty? There is no beautiful nature like this in America or other shitho…[View]
203757771Euro anons of /pol/ who escaped to the US....: I know y'all exist Tell us the story of your gre…[View]
203757741THIS FU*KIN' GUY:: What's his end game? Also anyone capable of doing a decent morph/merge …[View]
203760598PEDOTUBE 3.0: uhh, youtube has some explaining to do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O13G5A5w5P0…[View]
203759203YANG is the only candidate that can take him on[View]
203751534'What 2 consenting adults do in the bedroom is none of your business.' What's a good argument …[View]
203759335Anyone regret voting for Trump?: How did we ever recover from this betrayal bros?[View]
203760498Chicago State Attorney Recusal - Kamala Harris Link?: Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx just annou…[View]
203730178your daily black pill: man up, my brothers. own your shit.[View]
203760173Why are people so shallow /pol/[View]
203757066How much easy is to knockout someone with a diaphragm punch: How much easy is to knockout someone wi…[View]
203759694Arab-Israeli racemixing when?: https://youtu.be/76J66qzJS5A Jews and Muslims love to hide the fact t…[View]
203749266Bernie is FINISHED: Bernie is against open borders, it's over already. He will never win his pa…[View]
203756736Have to decide on two tenure track offers. I like research. Not married. Want big family and big hou…[View]
203752489Are whites supposed to die out?: inb4 kike Maybe white people are supposed to die out. Why else woul…[View]
203759193Daily reminder that Twitter ruined /pol/.[View]
203737778based and redpilled pajeet here, ask me anything[View]
203760384That lady who chopped her sleeping husband's dick off is retroactively a #MeToo moment: https:/…[View]
203754723Why is the US so shit at infrastructure?[View]
203756615How do you actually define 'redpilled'?: Is it just as simple as thinking that the Jews and blacks a…[View]
203760543Why are whites so racist?[View]
203750352'Well Mr Mueller, do you expect me to talk?'[View]
203759482FUCKING BASED DRUMPH AMIRIGHT?! :DDDD: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/national-security/trump-admi…[View]
203759499I want to be an American Why does Trump block me to be Murikan? At least I have mathmatical knowledg…[View]
203760130Taylor Swift - Shake it off EVERY CLOSE UP IS A BLACK PERSON Fucking subliminal agenda[View]
203746743Hi im an intern: At cbs news and i was hoping you guys could help me out with a story im researching…[View]
203760249Epic emoji: I wonder why this one didn’t make an appearance in the emoji movie[View]
203737960Ellen Page: She is an important advocate for feminism and lgbtq+ rights, she is the future and a str…[View]
203739977Andrew Yang: How dies it make you feel that the only presidential candidate to ever mention white ge…[View]
203759401What does pol think of /ourpastor/ Steven Anderson? >names the jew >hates big government >h…[View]
203746319Right wing cringe thread[View]
203759848This guy was just arrested last week and charged with a double murder of his two friends who were al…[View]
203756389Leftist comic thread: Post them lads, let's have a laugh[View]
203758737Why dont these people believe in freedom of speech? Its like they read 1984 and though it was a pret…[View]
203742672Ex-Trump lover. What the fuck. $7,000 swing in my taxes! And set aside the whole legality of tax an…[View]
203758696Faggot Plane Discovered in Florida: 28.563210, -80.941176[View]
203754873Is masculinity dead?[View]
203742435I cast a seal on Israel: https://www.docdroid.net/AEFnVY7/dossier0032.pdf[View]
203754628These Are Democrats: >wealthy sodomite >has a fetish for injecting black people with drugs …[View]
203759282What do we do about the shill + useless mod problem, /pol/?[View]
203759189>make alt on reddit >encourage bernie retards to donate their life savings to his campaign …[View]
203759449https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O13G5A5w5P0 This has been going on for years now, and the normies st…[View]
20375457988% of Sweden Support Gay Marriage: SWEDEN YES[View]
203754168How come this nerd doesn't have a dog?[View]
203752813So his presidency is halfway done. At this point it's crystal clear that he won't get a se…[View]
203754383The Endless Zionist Wars Part 7 - Civil War Rising: Hello /pol/ This is my latest video in my politi…[View]
203755562Question for americans. When you think of Canadians, do you think of french people, or british peopl…[View]
203759043How will the Tinder sexual economy rebalance itself? Will there be a correction or crash? What natur…[View]
203754642Old white men that all need to be replaced. They were elected by Russian interference. We need peopl…[View]
203759169The Aryan qt I liked is now with a Jew[View]
203759151Guess what event Obama delivered a eulogy for? A) Black man kills eight white people at Hartford Dis…[View]
203758342> 'The very word Jew is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently a…[View]
203758179ITS OVER FOR BERNIE - AIPAC WILL NOT LET HIM WIN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BjGGOGPGwk…[View]
203753074HELP A NEWFAG NIGGA OUT: what is a glow nigger? I CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT[View]
203758894Wassup Dank Niggas[View]
203755287/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || You're Not the Boss of Me Now Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUM…[View]
203755760Who the fuck is Pete Buttigieg? How does he compare to Based Tulsi?[View]
203757454She's an honorary white right?: She's allowed in the ethnostate? https://www.dailymail.co.…[View]
203757761HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!: This is it guys. This is our chance to meme an Asian QT into the white house. pi…[View]
203757830fuck cops. fuck taxes. fuck all the corrupt politicians. fuck muh roads.[View]
203756438Did America have more potential to save the White Race than Germany?: What I'm surprised is tha…[View]
203749444Seriously, what can be done about the oneitis problem?: Is it time to throw the Disney Channel idea …[View]
203747325Socialism doesn't wor-: Not so fast Trumpshits The history of socialist construction Prior to t…[View]
203736390Why is pol so obessed with niggers?: We get it >le 50% crime stats >Burn the coal whatever Wha…[View]
203758517Britain's now so BROWN muzzies have to go to the middle east to get BLEACHED.[View]
203755787Trump really may be the worst negotiator in the history of American presidents.[View]
203757717>yfw Bernie makes 4chan far-left again[View]
203758423Why are almost all guerrilla movements either Marxist or Islamic? Do you think the emphasis these id…[View]
203753674/sig/ - self improvement general: A woman is inherently valuable. just by the virtue of having a wom…[View]
203758341Yang and Tulsi are unironically the best candidates but the establishment democrats won’t have it[View]
203757341>Identity politics is bad, you guys. Let's all just get along. Don't defend yourselves,…[View]
203758330OVEN BENJAMIN ON THE JEWS AND THEIR LIES: Those sneaky little rats. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
203758163IMA - Invade Mexico Again: >end the drug trafficking >end the corruption >all beaners now c…[View]
203753371U.S. seeks return of $2.5 billion California high-speed rail funds, California refuses.: https://www…[View]
203721323BRITAIN NO! https://www.itv.com/news/2019-02-19/shamima-begum-has-uk-citizenship-revoked-by-british-…[View]
203747562https://www.foxnews.com/us/sell-montana-to-canada-for-1t-ease-national-debt-petition-says Should we …[View]
203758089The FBI's Elite Hostage Rescue Team murdered more people on a single day in Waco than they…[View]
203757156anti-vax advertisement comparing vaccination to polish death camps: Lmao, I'd remove their cust…[View]
203757544jjg: suck dink[View]
203754173Was he based?[View]
203752658Can black men be learn to be civilized?: Or is it a lost cause?[View]
203757895A BIG reason bongs are hated is..: They lecture our country that we should let spixicans in but refu…[View]
203756390Do Democrats Concede That Light Skins Are Superior?: Woke progressives argue that economic disparity…[View]
203757245So one of the politicians of the CDU recently tweeted that he's getting a lot of mails against …[View]
203757756The fact that we are building a wall to keep hordes of blue voting shitskins out of america has thes…[View]
203757422suddenly. showed up The fourth son of Donald Trump - John Trump. writer, publicist, white[View]
203757714Red pill me on Pam and Wilbur Gaston. Was there daughter stolen by dhs and sold into slavery?[View]
203755470Why can't people recognize he just sucks shit?[View]
203757538fucking kikes and niggers: Why do we allow niggers, shit skins, and Jews unbridled reign in the inte…[View]
203757494How come pro-jew people call trump a kike?So often I see people calling others anti-Semites and Nazi…[View]
203755618That is the face of a guy that takes his job very seriously. And the other guy is ordering an omelet…[View]
203750129Would you UNIRONICALLY actively and openly support political leader who's main objective was to…[View]
203755976Seriously, why do boomers suck zionist cock so much? Israel literally built its nuclear program by s…[View]
203752710Well, /pol/?[View]
203751822Fuck this shit: I fucking hate being a mutt man. I’m not even part non-white, I’m of full European b…[View]
203757292The absolute MAD LAD - Tuck Time edition: Tucker's guest mentions both the Alt-Right and the SP…[View]
203751426FUCKING WHY??? Why is he running for 2020!!![View]
203754908islamaphobia, racism, hate and bigotry won today.[View]
203756867Capitol of Russia should be changed to St. Petersburg, change my mind >Port City >Great histor…[View]
203746033Jussie Smollett Previously Convinced For Providing Law Enforcement False Info: He has priors for lyi…[View]
203757083Brexit Delay?: My name is Ivor I'm an engine driver I know him well I know why you feel blue Ju…[View]
203757050'The supreme myth of having power over the whole universe. The first God Emperor Trump. A huge …[View]
203757033test, please ignore post.[View]
203756949I wanna cause some havoc on tumblr or some fuckers like them, hot any ideas?[View]
203756799Does /pol/ Love Crypto?: PICTURE RELATED[View]
203755121Thoughts on white nationalist leaders?[View]
203755353DO WE LOVE OUR PLOW DRIVERS OR WHAT, FOLKS?: Massachusetts plow driver is accused of deliberately sp…[View]
203753486Does the average white woman in America, hate white men irl as they do online?: /pol/? Is it all mem…[View]
203732224OWEN BENJAMIN THROWS ELBOW AT DOGGO (Animal Abuse?): The bear faggots have gone too far this time po…[View]
203742025Reminder to the rural retards in the Midwest. In the next 50 years, there WILL be a water pipeline f…[View]
203754746The Bloodline: So the Rothschilds (Established and still largest shareholders in the Central bankin…[View]
203756228Why are black Americans like this? Why do they put so little value on human life?[View]
203742791Who did this: Alright you bastards, which one of you did this? >Ian Hammond, the petition creator…[View]
203756486RANT: How do you deal with people, especially family members, that are so anti gun or just clueless …[View]
203753640Is the event know as Gamer Gate of any significance?[View]
203756605hi guys George here, are you entertained?[View]
203749477motherfucking this, you can't refute it[View]
203755764Kardashians, Goyim!: Why are you not talking about Kardashians on pol? They are 5 of the top 10 twit…[View]
203753307The honk meme must go: I’m over the honking clown Pepe meme. It’s tiresome.[View]
203754093Is this an outlier or the start of a major trend?: Will the DNC beat itself bloody in the primaries?…[View]
203750061DERANGED LEFTIST STRANGLES MAGA BOOMER: https://nypost.com/2018/01/21/protester-charged-in-trump-sup…[View]
203747803How can /pol/ get marijuana decriminalized?[View]
203749252Holocaust: Redpill me on the Holocaust. Real or fake?[View]
203755847STRAW POLL: TRUMP VS YANG PART 4: If the election was today, would you vote for Donald Trump or Andr…[View]
203747366Just as it was predicted the 'NO WALL - ABANDON TRUMP' posts have completely disappeared.: It's…[View]
203755234Why have whites been expelled from so many countries?[View]
203755907What the fuck happened to you, /pol/?: /pol/ 2015-2017 >CHAOS >ANARCHY >President is a meme…[View]
203753182the racial quality of our people has deteriorated to a disgusting degree.: I don't even recogni…[View]
203753611Would you vote for Violent J?[View]
203747323BREAKING : Nick Sandmann Sues Washington Post For $250 Million: 'This Is Only The Beginning. https:/…[View]
203755558Didn't see any threads on this. Sorry if it's old news. >Kim Jung un declares anti-corr…[View]
203754729Why do Croatians hate us muriccans? Even the Serbs, Germans and the French seem to not hate us as mu…[View]
203755022Many people make the argument that God should save starving baby Africans and if he doesn't it …[View]
203749213What was the political motive of the Falklands War?[View]
203755253Have you already donated to Bernie /pol/?[View]
203750353Thoughts on this? >true bigotry[View]
203754263chicken finger platter: The chicken-finger platter that has just been placed before Justin Bieber is…[View]
203749302/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Enter Sandmann Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteh…[View]
203755275Can patriots stop Trump's treason?: https://oversight.house.gov/news/press-releases/multiple-wh…[View]
203754667Give me money at /r/SandersForPresident: give me money bros, I can defeat Trump.[View]
203724882Why has everybody abandoned Alex?: He did nothing wrong.[View]
203735760The eternal Anglo must be destroyed[View]
203753402Why is it that we will never have a voting system where in order to vote a person has to have passed…[View]
203740274Q just called out the Luciferian's: Got you[View]
203755056Who was most in the wrong here? > JFK and RFK for repeatedly raping their sister Rosemary? >…[View]
203753063Help me find a video of the Holohoax: The 1h long video of that burger jew (iirc) going to Auschwitz…[View]
203753904Must all fucking niggers fucking hang?[View]
203754493Why did they do it?: I can't believe these guys dressed in whiteface and wore MAGA hats. Anyone…[View]
203754952Rot in Syria: >Whitehall sources said it was possible to strip the 19-year-old of British nationa…[View]
203754864Smollett Wrote The Letter: Now that the story is wide open, the local news channels in Chicago are n…[View]
203740138Brian Selter, where is the dirt on this faggot?: Where is the dirt on Brian Seltzer? There's go…[View]
203688433WHY ARE POLES SUCH UNGRATEFUL FAGGOTS?: >Hitler comes to clean your countries off the jew's …[View]
203747321BREAKING: JEW SUES WASHINGTON POST: https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1098004626056593410…[View]
203754656Macho ma'am Tranny Savage BTFO pol: https://youtu.be/utgM5Cmq060[View]
203753244this might be a bigger problem than others we harp on coupled with social credit might be the devil …[View]
203753834Funny how that works: So we've got three places >places that throw people in prison for deny…[View]
203754422Deplatforming/free speech: What is the actual argument against Twitter banning people over 'hate spe…[View]
203754613Hello I am Ocasio-Lose25KJOBS-Cortez and I endorse Bernie Sanders!: I love Bernie Sanders and Tranni…[View]
203754738It's way past due. IMPEACH! He is mentally unfit to serve this country![View]
203754699Washington Post BTFO[View]
203751884She is the only Democrat who can beat Trump at this point change my mind.[View]
203746918Ariana Grande is a Succubus: >Religious traditions hold that repeated sexual activity with a succ…[View]
203754487I'll never forget when trump said in front of the world that he asked Putin if he interfered wi…[View]
203754550IT'S OVER: IT'S FUCKING OVER!!!![View]
203754257What the fuck is this $27 dollar donation to burn meme about?? It's all over Twitter and YouTub…[View]
203750388You should have listened.[View]
203752829Destiny: Why do people take this midget seriously? How does he have a single fan? Why do people give…[View]
203752033Were people as mentally ill back in the days before computers or even the industrial revolution? I s…[View]
203754414MGTOW: I'm new to MGTOW but heres the thing: all of the problems in MGTOW is solved if someone …[View]
203754311how the fuck did all these socialists get into our government!?[View]
203754141How Mike Flynn is tied to Awans: https://youtu.be/w--xQrF8fUY?t=10[View]
203752781APOLOGISE!: https://www.itv.com/news/2019-02-19/shamima-begum-has-uk-citizenship-revoked-by-british-…[View]
203754019>Liberals can't meme: Well time to pack it up, /pol/ and /redpol/ has been BTFO again!…[View]
203751532POST A FUCKING MAP: How would Sanders/Gabbard fare against Trump/Pence in 2020? Sanders and Gabbard …[View]
203753386Miss me yet?[View]
203746035Too much estrogen?: Girls who start their periods before turning 14 are 51% more likely to have unde…[View]
203749963Polish women turn to arthritis medication for abortions: Opening a pack of medicine for joint-pain, …[View]
203750083Anyone regret voting for Trump?: He keeps looking like the worst choice possible...[View]
203750487How do you go from this...[View]
203753537How do native Brits defend themselves: Are you guys practicing martial arts or are hands considered …[View]
203753804Manlets BTFO: >Women can be short, but for men it is impossible. It is something that they will n…[View]
203746441Can I get /pol/ opinion on Jussie Smollett orchestrating a fake attack about Trump supporters?[View]
203750984controlled opposition, caught redhanded, jews bribing brit politicians: https://twitter.com/Warmonge…[View]
203752260Don't forget, if you're white this inbred pedokike hates you.: 'When you’re white, you don…[View]
203751724TFW You are a NEET and taxpayers pay for your iPhone X: How does it feel Anon? Feels comy here.…[View]
203753672The nigger faggot tried to fake a hate crime sending this shit to himself: >“When the letter didn…[View]
203745396The OTHER 14 words: And to my death, in despair and high spirits, I shall fight for Israel.[View]
203753622Is Congress only tech Incompetent old people and paid shills: The bias on youtube Facebook Google is…[View]
203704230ITT: we laugh at Brexshiters. They gave themselves a weak pound and worse standard of living, becaus…[View]
203753506Nasty Food: African Swine Fever Found in Chinese Dumplings; Sanquan Food Slumps.: https://www.porkbu…[View]
203750060Why are you fuckboys still supporting this man and his team?[View]
203735269/pol/ humor thread.[View]
203751055>be me >work as online english teacher for chinks >live in the philippines >work only 2 …[View]
203753241>White Russians live in the European part of Russia, and Siberia is Asian Every time. Why America…[View]
203749195Thoughts 'n' Prayers: Anyone who offers their 'thoughts and prayers' is just an a-hole too…[View]
203751473MUH BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP EO: During the midterms Trump promised to sign an executive order ending …[View]
203753211Classes staring soon: Are you going to sign up for classes at /pol/ Tech this spring? You could get …[View]
203747478Seattle Feminist thread: Man hating feminist living in Seattle. Thinks men committing suicide is fu…[View]
203750679>Trump is homophobi- How long until every narrative yarn is unwoven? https://www.nbcnews.com/poli…[View]
203752555I am an aryan superhuman: Hello /pol/, I am 100% white, nordic, aryan, norseman and there is no infe…[View]
203744858Redpill me on the Federal Reserve.: Working on a paper wherein I'm trying to prove the Federal …[View]
203748259THEY ARE FUCKING LYING ABOUT RBG: Yesterday. https://www.citizenfreepress.com/breaking/video-tmz-cat…[View]
203753036Anons, I just broke up with my girlfriend because she told me her fantasy is a black guy. I said tha…[View]
203749492TRUMP’S WAR PLAN!: Here’s the plan boyz...this is what’s going on. Trump’s interest in Venezuela is …[View]
203739999Bernie 2020: Bernie 2020 After 2 years of the orange retard, I am proud to throw my support behind s…[View]
203724711How do we get Christians to stop supporting Israel just because MUH REVELATIONS[View]
203752835Nancy, come out and plaaay![View]
203752945daily reminder: Trump wants you dead: The scourge of antisemitism cannot be ignored, cannot be toler…[View]
203737081Why do Jews get so fucking pissed and offended simply if you can tell that they are Jewish?[View]
203752376Hillary didn't rob Bernie. Bernie is not a Democrat; he is an Independent. Can't legally C…[View]
203752794>you're not white[View]
203751417Alt-right age of rage: About to subject myselfnto some of (((their))) propaganda. Anyone watch it on…[View]
203741408BASED:Alabama newspaper editor calls for Ku Klux Klan to return and ‘clean out DC’: >An Alabama n…[View]
203750086Americans Pay 1.3 Billion/day in INTEREST ON THE DEBT: Americans paid $523 Billion on Interest on th…[View]
203696423Kraut/pol/&AfD General - White Pill Edition: We are all going to make it >Polls http://www.wa…[View]
203750465German BTFO: Spencer owns eurotard https://youtu.be/H4WJeF2JS-8[View]
203746045The Truth About Jussie Smollett from Empire: !!! https://youtu.be/D8Oh6kUHmzM[View]
203746895At least we aren't speaking German :)[View]
203752271What happened to that executive order ending birthright citizenship we were promised during the midt…[View]
203752527U.S: Petition aims to reduce national debt by selling Montana to Canada.: Who the fuck...? https://w…[View]
203752534Nigger told he's not British: by Richard Spencer https://youtu.be/puJ-arJgkZU[View]
203752519After the fall of the Brazillian Empire there were some racial whitening programs made by the Brazil…[View]
203730073Biden leading early, kamala not doing so well[View]
203729559NOT A SINGLE FUCKING THREAD ABOUT THIS IN THE CATALOG: You faggots disgust me. A few days ago a disg…[View]
203749254And you're saying there's no God...[View]
203749111I have never been to the USA so please forgive me for this question but.... Why is it that every sin…[View]
203748427Burberry 'apologizes' for noose theme'd hoodie: Burberry sent a model down the runway with a no…[View]
203752256Universe glitching one year: If trump loses on November 8th next year what are doing?[View]
203749134>But you know what, now I do want to take your guns away. Why do you need them? I want to take th…[View]
203749931Goyim: You goyim are meant to serve Jews, we are gods chosen people you are all nothing![View]
203749465how come no other board talks about niggers more than /pol/[View]
203749848I want to have children with some who is half filipino and half white: Any pics of 1/4 filipino and …[View]
203751890White Genocide - NONWHITES GTFIH: So as of 2019 non-whites make up around 90% of the world's po…[View]
203750158This is Drumpfs fault: F[View]
203719216Jussie Smollett Prediction: How likely is it really that this guy planned everything out all alone i…[View]
203751997Bangladesh outlaws porn and an ISIS bride is refused her British citizenship. CAN WE PLEASE HAVE MOR…[View]
203744940Do you remember your first red pill? Your tipping point? Do you still struggle with accepting it or …[View]
203751540Riddle me this /pol/...: Why were these two political videos put into limited state? Hmm, I wonder..…[View]
203750781Teen builds working nuclear fusion reactor: Which story got the most positive media coverage? The te…[View]
203737250Imperial Japan was 100x worse than Nazis: Watch this video. It is an amazing recount of the horrific…[View]
203746040What presidents do you think are in hell?[View]
203751889R.I.P Rabbi Eckstein: Press F to pay respects........who will feed the Russian Jews now?[View]
203750716BERNIE IS BASED HOLY SHIT: The kikes are seething[View]
203750248FED??????: Is Curt Doolittle an alphabet glow nigger? Some of his ideas on propertarianism seem pret…[View]
203742260Brit/pol/ - Vote UKUP edition: >Thread Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjD3EVC1-zU >Brex…[View]
203751709Ding-dong the Jewess is not dead.: /pol/ what was with all the 'RBG is dead' threads? Why is the Dis…[View]
203750485/pkg/ PRESIDENT KUSHNER GENERAL - Suck It Goyim Edition: Venezuelan Invasion! MAGA! https://www.expr…[View]
203749182Does anyone seriously think someone this weak and easily bullied by 2 fat black bitches with 75 IQs …[View]
203745099Send me your anti-Islam memes.[View]
203750926Falkland islands: Who does it belong to?[View]
203750404When are these two frens going to kiss and make up?: I miss the two frens.[View]
203751513I am Elvis Presley. My pronoun is, the King.[View]
203750547Hoda Muthana is trying to come back into the USA. She is originally from Alabama. Big fat NO![View]
203751449Daily reminder that SARGON WON and you /pol virgins lost.[View]
203750924Are you ready to fight an oil war in Venezuela and die for Israel?[View]
203750490>Oh. Greetings, Comrade. >Whadya think of my new car? Pretty plush, eh? >V10 is pumping out…[View]
203742736>Buy the new FarCry anon, you're not racist are you?[View]
203751375>most restrictive gun control ever >doesn't allow fireworks Is there a more 'No Fun Allo…[View]
203749273>Niggers can't deal with anything they don't like and have to destroy everything…[View]
203750543daily reminder: only retards hate memeflags, memeflags are to show your political ideology[View]
203751330Not profiting off the forth industrial revolution.: Be /pol/ >The government is run by the Jews …[View]
203751292/pol/ cry babies: What is with all the cry babies on /pol/ tonight complaining about their tax retur…[View]
203750433What is the point of Trump?: Illegal and legal immigration out of control, opiod epidemic at record …[View]
203750550SNC-Gate: How French PM Trudeau attempted to: legislatively help French company SNC-Lavalin avoid cr…[View]
203733999She's right you know. You've been indoctrinated by Western institutions into believing wha…[View]
203750885Tax Season: >tfw campaigns/donates hard for Trump in 2016 >turn 18 in 2018 >get a job in th…[View]
203750215Do you hate whores and minorities? Heck ye then join our server for a comfy mainbase where you can d…[View]
203750982Canada's Government Collapse 2019:: While floundering in international trade deals has kept Gro…[View]
203748782>AMLO in Mexico: >Sanders in USA COMMUNIST NORTH AMERICA CONFIRMED…[View]
203750628Bernie 2020 General-Do You Hear the People Sing Edition: Do you hear the people sing Singing the son…[View]
203749653Kikes run the Canadian education system. You will lose marks in english class if you refer to them a…[View]
203747611Toll Paid: https://www.wbay.com/content/news/Brooke-is-very-loved-Family-of-Suamico-victim-releases-…[View]
203749997Am I the only one not terrified of meat?: >be me >25 year old doomer with gf >cooking lovel…[View]
203750743>the country is over Is she right, /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTYbTTlthCw…[View]
203747959Get yelled at by injun... get a $250 million dollars: The convington student who was attacked by med…[View]
203750680Roastie Affirmative Action AG Wilson-Raybould perceives Job Expectations: as Undue Pressure, and pro…[View]
203749753It puzzles me: Why do white women in the West constantly vote against their and their children'…[View]
203735808Take the glorious pill Stop watching porn Start lifting weights Start training MMA[View]
203748874Why is the right so bad at memes know: It's all shitty rehashes of Pepe and wojack.[View]
203750482Opinions on Glowin Goyer?[View]
203748090thank fucking god i honestly thought she was coming back in.[View]
203748404Interectionality Calculator: How privileged is /pol/? I am 93% privileged. https://intersectionality…[View]
203749956What the hell is /pol/ gonna do once AI is released into the general public?: What are some differen…[View]
203750337Is it okay to be white?[View]
203745025First Jussie Smollett and now this? When will you white racists stop?[View]
203745222-- DAILY REMINDER --: Daily reminder to marry and impregnate an Aryan beauty. Do not, I repeat, do N…[View]
203727819Drop all your redpills on Sandy Hook[View]
203749451Joe Rogan: BLACK PEOPLE ARE APES: Alex Jones might have just killed Joe 'Jack Lemme suck your dick' …[View]
203749534>current year >no wall How do americans explain this?…[View]
203748273A dog shoots a man with a rifle: > https://abcnews.go.com/Weird/wireStory/dog-shoots-man-german-c…[View]
203749602SO: So, When is that WALL going to be BUILT?[View]
203750040All these languages have masculine and feminine nouns. Why haven't these languages been banned …[View]
203749425Friend told me that an free market is impossible. Thoughts?[View]
203744429>2019 >Not being a educated urbanite Flyovers, what the FUCK is wrong with you?…[View]
203746902I have an idea for a disinformation campaign, maybe a bit similar to #DraftOurDaughters. Basically, …[View]
203747728A general reminder about race mixing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2_K5koFGRY This video provide…[View]
203746038Whats the earliest known psyop in history?[View]
203748870UK isn't as cucked as prior thought. APOLOGISE /POL/[View]
203748265>It is easier for those still loyal to Trump on here to believe there are “discord trannies” bein…[View]
203749822Bolshie Ethos: 1 Man, 1 Problem 0 Man, 0 Problem[View]
203738904Would you prefer to wife a black woman with traditional European values, or a white drunk chick from…[View]
203747886General Bernie #2020 Edition: Bernie supporters unite. We must meme him into office.[View]
203747577and it's gone: white house deputy press secretary resigns[View]
203748179Anyone else here think it's morally wrong to have children? Especially since it contributes tow…[View]
203739858Polish girls summed up in two words: >Ooooh Rodrigo :hearteyes:[View]
203745779Should milo have stuck to his guns about europes age of consent?: I don't know why he rescinded…[View]
203741239So Amazon is paying $0 in taxes literally because of Donald Trump. How do you feel about this?[View]
203742432marx's grave vandalized again: u mad communiggers? u sound mad[View]
203745803https://www.tmz.com/2019/02/19/my-600-lb-life-star-sean-milliken-dead-at-29/ WHAT made this possible…[View]
203741345More and more everyday, I'm starting to think I should move to Russia. https://archive.is/MX2nF[View]
203749172Open Coup against the President.: https://amgreatness.com/2019/02/17/autopsy-of-a-dead-coup/ How is …[View]
203747479Be the woman whacking the Nazi with the handbag! 'Furious at the sight of fascists marching through …[View]
20374843046th President of the United States of America[View]
203749175Scientology: What should be done about it?[View]
203749308DON’T FORGET: Never forget that [[[their]]] ultimate goal is to divide us. Division by race, by gend…[View]
203744493crime and demographics: I hear alot of centrists and shit libs site the fact that japan having no gu…[View]
203746886State tiers - discuss below: Here are the official /pol/ approved state ranking tiers.[View]
203744475/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Suing the Lawsuit King Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://ww…[View]
203747742Hollywood movies are getting BETTER, according to researchers: /pol/ utterly BTFO - it turns out tha…[View]
203747777https://youtu.be/v9EKV2nSU8w This shit is literal children brainwaahing , the next generation is goi…[View]
203732776Can you count?[View]
203745856IT'S OVER: Schitt used to diddle little boys in the Big Brother program.[View]
203745171CRISPR Technology Thread: As the other thread was archived in just 30 minutes while pro-nigger threa…[View]
203742312Happy Nagger History Month Frens! Have you been culturally enriched by our Longnose Tribe Occupied G…[View]
203748055Virginity until marriage: The Redpill: I wish I waited until marriage. Who else here was /retard/ an…[View]
203743889West Slavs vs East 'Slavs': Learn the difference[View]
203748669Trump Signs Directive to Create a Military Space Force: Is this the next step to the world evolution…[View]
203736524Are Bernie bros really that scary?: What did she mean by this?[View]
203748861Shadow Government: Weiss[View]
203748586Every day until he is President[View]
203745750What did he mean by this?: Interesting choice of words.[View]
203745192The god of old testament was Satan. if you are a Christian you worship a Phoenician volcano demon. P…[View]
203746257Why shouldn’t non-whites unite to take back what you stole from them?[View]
203744889Why did Poles kill 6 million Jews?[View]
203746126Is anyone else here a nonwhite white nationalist? I support white peoples right to exist and put up …[View]
203748547Got any?: Redpill me on this guy[View]
203746587Commercial Flight landing at Nellis: They're saying it was because of low fuel due to weather r…[View]
203748687The Endless Zionist Wars Part 7 - Civil War Rising: This is a music video I made as a tribute to all…[View]
203747115Paganism Is Better Than Christianity: Paganism is better than Christianity, Prove me wrong![View]
203743922>Two years ago he was one of the most redpilled Youtubers out there. Dropping stats about black c…[View]
203744540UK: Israel caught trying to bribe MPs into undermining CORBYN: https://twitter.com/WarmongerHodges/s…[View]
203748485How would I go about contacting a member from the old real IRA? Is there an offshoot of the old IRA …[View]
203744017Reminder to /pol/ that being right-wing is no longer counter-culture or cool and edgy.[View]
203747020Would you vote for him?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMbfqcolhUw Well, /pol/? Will you be voting…[View]
203744998>Israel isn't bas-[View]
203746032Reminder: Masturbating makes you a limp-wristed cuck[View]
203748429how the fuck are these subhumans nuclear power?[View]
203722899WW2 Statue Vandalized: So, /pol/, who did it? They are still searching for the culprit. https://www…[View]
203748170BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNha3nabZeI[View]
203745139The Racemixing question: Is it truly racemixing if you breed with a fellow Indo-European (like an In…[View]
203746563I SUPPORT THE EXTERMINATION OF ALL CONSERVATIVES. That's right. I said it. Not a very 'liberal'…[View]
203744146We need to replace Trump: Are there any anti-censorship politicians that aren't going to throw …[View]
203742896You guys noticing this push too?: >At first they were all like: 'Let in the poor refugees!' >N…[View]
203747854TRUTH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AP96roY1sI4&feature=youtu.be&t=35580[View]
203748105US higher education is fucked: I'm taking a womens and gender studies course this semester beca…[View]
203735019THIS. SO MUCH THIS. Finally some one said it.[View]
203747954Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on foreign policy[View]
203747584red pill me on the jesuits[View]
203745583RWDSG - Abandon the Colonies Edition: The future is mountains of disease-ridden death and stupidity.…[View]
203747930Greatest Nation Contributors to Comedy?: Do the Leafs have a strong argument? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
203746995Trump's Veneswala Coup is for Exxon Mobile: PROVE ME WRONG. This will harm veneswalans but bene…[View]
203747410'Geeze Grandpa what fast car you have': The faster I can collect your taxes my sheep![View]
203703655Syria General /sg/ - Cossacks Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.co…[View]
203747616Some historical lynchings were faked.: You can see the guy wires holding the 'victims' up. Some peop…[View]
203747753Are we all finally in agreement that this guy was a shill all along?[View]
203747729To all the ancaps out there, explain your beliefs. Tell me why you think you’re right and why I shou…[View]
203747659Do you hate women and minorities? Heck ye then join our server for a comfy safespace where you can d…[View]
203747111Young Labour endorse Bernie Sanders: https://mobile.twitter.com/YoungLabourUK?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle…[View]
203746311Why are white women like this?[View]
203747555오늘도: 광주는 총기를 들고 일어난 하나의 폭동이야[View]
203746708Common Sense Fart Control NOW!!!!!!!: Thoughts and prayers are no longer enough[View]
203747476Why Is Prostitution Legal in Amsterdam and Germany?: Why doesn't the EU or Trump or the U.N or …[View]
203713743Husband would rather have his wife beheaded than pay ransom: Only in Mexico >A Mexican businesswo…[View]
203722810Why do incels believe fucking 10000 Chads will turn a woman's vag into roast beef but fucking o…[View]
203747327man the left are fucking lazy at memeing[View]
203746481AW FUCK, I TOOK TOO MANY REDPILLS: what is gonna happen to me? what are the symptoms of this kind of…[View]
203746832JOE ROGAN IS A RACIST: Alex Jones just exposed Twitters cum bucket, Joe Rogan, as a closet racist. T…[View]
203742409Should he be trusted? Is he a plant?[View]
203743622DESMOND IS AMAZING AT A FASHION SHOW FOR...: child trafficking awareness? this has got to be some so…[View]
203742982The Jew will always tell you what happened to him but never tell you why. https://m.youtube.com/wat…[View]
203745293Paedophiles on discord: Brothers, shit posters and weaponized autists alike. There is a discord serv…[View]
203747023>when you literally try to give nukes to the country that committed 9-11, but it's okay beca…[View]
203747034What is the psychology behind Holocaust truthers and anti-vaxxers? >I'll trust infographs, …[View]
203745468Hello, my name is Arjana: I am from Africa and I am here to find my white knight. Would anyone of yo…[View]
203742735What if she does it?: What would the media narrative even be?[View]
203745355BERNIE SANDERS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT: >https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/19/us/politics/bernie-sand…[View]
203733861How is it white genocide when nobody is killing you or preventing you from fucking?[View]
203738238Submissions for Space Force uniform being considerd[View]
203743274If you’re a White and out of shape, lazy and fat you’re helping contribute to the white race dying. …[View]
203746619Is she running?[View]
203738022>communism is bad >muh 100 gorillion imagine being this much of an npc…[View]
203746531Learn this phrase, 'Who Whom'. It's your past, present and future.: 'Who Whom' is the answer to…[View]
203746512Labour Party celebrates as another jewish MP leaves the party[View]
203746501What our ancestors left us: This book named the eternal Semite (as Phoenicians, sailing merchants, g…[View]
203746467Welcome to cbs news: Where all the boomer memes are repeated until you believe them. >srsly do t…[View]
203733748How do we solve the thot problem?[View]
203745604Can we get the link: To the Huma abedin hillary clinton sex tape?[View]
203746290How to win a Libtard v. Conservicuck war: Make battle plans on Photoshop or MS paint and explain how…[View]
203744127>be Palm Springs >elect all lgbtqaiaa666wb city council >get called racist The left is n…[View]
203744425BERNIER BTFO: Just look at the shitskins in he picture. The judge is going to decide in their favour…[View]
203739341Why did Hitler let so many young whites die?: Why did he start a pointless war that led to millions …[View]
203745983Thread died before I could contribute. What do you think of free speech blogging sites /pol/? Do the…[View]
203745226What the health: After watching what the health what am I supposed to think about food. This faggot …[View]
203736646France: Jewish graves desecrated with Swastikas near Strasbourg.: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-eur…[View]
203745618happy black history month to all you black anons out there[View]
203743849>http://archive.is/V6rNT Is the 9th Circuit the biggest joke in this country?…[View]
203745566A C C E L E R A T I O N: I just registered Democrat the other day and switched from the Republican P…[View]
203745568https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLNdSnSdlPc A group of Russian witches have gathered to hold a “Circ…[View]
203745691Why is the EU so good as a war deterrent?[View]
203745102why are christcucks so stupid?[View]
203745846Been off the internet for 3 days....: Hi /pol/, Just got back from a great family weekend trip, fir…[View]
203743277So at what point are Russians going to build canals inside tunnels and btfo America by closing the g…[View]
203738199Friendly Reminder: Even though Trump is a Zionist puppet, the best move is to vote for him instead o…[View]
203745795Seriously, how do we solve the beta orbitor problem?: How do we tell betas that crushing on someone …[View]
203742146anti-Semitism: is trending on Twitter. You know what needs to be done.[View]
203745757When did you realize that Aryan Ann is the only hope to save this country?[View]
20374575616yo overdosed on weed: 16-yr-old cannabis addict stabs mother, severs genitals in UK >it's …[View]
203745516Media freaking the fuck out right now on /ourguy/ They're terrified.[View]
203709411Sam Hyde Suicide?: >last communication on 4 February >friends have been unable to contact him…[View]
203745695White Privilege: This thread isn't about the existence of white privilege, which is an unproduc…[View]
203743355THEY AREN'T HIDING ANYMORE: >Beware of Using Young People's Blood to Halt Aging, FDA Sa…[View]
203740375Press T to Thank him.: For unintentionally red-pilling a bunch of normie blacks? For inadvertently w…[View]
203742918anyone have the bernie sanders video jacob nobles made in april? i think it was called are you feeli…[View]
203745503At 2:04 Mr. President discusses the space force. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jX5us0Xe2O4&fea…[View]
203745527Uh Cory?[View]
203724849Pro trump thread: We are being raided by shills. Let’s have a pro trump thread to repel them a bit.…[View]
203742695spacethread: Most anarchist discussion on space travel I've seen so far tends to sound like 'hu…[View]
203744866Do blacks and browns not also long for a deep state of traditional ethnic tranquility and peace?[View]
203729240Why do we keep falling for it?[View]
203745407How will the Tinder sexual economy rebalance itself? Will there be a correction or crash? What natur…[View]
203737788Was it a mistake for trump the make the wall his biggest campaign promise?[View]
203744206The absolute state of /pol/[View]
203740131How accurate is pic related about Finnish-Swedish relations?[View]
203742685Did this really pass?: https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-resolution/41/text if yes,…[View]
203743055We didn't vote for this nigger. He has to go.[View]
203744113HBOs True Detectives & Pizzagate: Season 3 of True Detectives directly references the Franklin S…[View]
203745283Why all the income inequality threads?: Hmmm, Bernie announces he’s running and then all the sudden …[View]
203745053Not going to lie. I voted for Trump and all we got was a Zion Don the kike puppet, tax cuts for bill…[View]
203743471What would they think?: What would a family from the 1930s think of US society today, if we could sh…[View]
203745272You can’t be Christian and Republican.[View]
203743958Why do americans love larping as nazis?[View]
203741769'White people are what's wrong with America.' 'White people have given the world nothing but su…[View]
203725413Anyone regret voting for Trump?: He's showing himself to be the wrong choice every single day..…[View]
203742467i oppose homosexuality but i like to shove dildos up my ass the average conservative[View]
203745049What's going on with the denver airport? Buried buildings, apocolyptic murals, organizations th…[View]
203736339how is the brexit going for you britfaggots? still hurting?[View]
203734169STRAW POLL: TRUMP VS YANG: If the election was today, would you vote for Donald Trump or Andrew Yang…[View]
203744911>maps that make u think[View]
203719071$324 fine: That'll teach her! https://www.foxnews.com/world/swedish-student-who-tried-to-stop-m…[View]
203719880Supreme Court ruling clears way for more Mueller grand jury info: http://archive.fo/NkgEo >The Su…[View]
203743202Wtf I love Trump now https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/national-security/trump-administration-launche…[View]
203738743Britsh hate thread: I hate looking at these lazy low iq downie looking rotten teeth britiod monkeys …[View]
203744086/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || /ptg/ EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
203744569The end is coming.: A Democrat is going to be president, the Democrats will control the house, the D…[View]
203737283/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Extintion Event Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.white…[View]
203741171we /pol/ now[View]
203744225WTF: Bernie Sanders a WHITE MALE dared to challenge /ourqueen/ Kamala Harris??? Just what the hell i…[View]
203728445Lynchings were commonly faked.: Interestingly the guy wires used to hold up the faux victims were ca…[View]
203742927American hoe raped like a bitch, muthafucka: >Woodside, Queens, NY >Friday night >Woman (20…[View]
203744358After the Venezuelan uprising removes the commies in power, will the US and other western nations do…[View]
203744315Can the Sabres do it?: Will the buffalo sabres be able to get past this rough stretch and make the p…[View]
203743709Super gonorrhoea is start of drug-resistant STI boom: >'SUPER' gonorrhoea may sound dramatic, but…[View]
203743656...Uranium one...: >Multiple Whistleblowers Raise Concerns about White House Transferring Sensiti…[View]
203738825Condensed Truth: This is going to be long, but I thought I might put into context whats actually goi…[View]
203741703dose being next to nig nogs incress your test?[View]
203743918Bernie 2020, you magaturds bout to get crushed: Ready to feel the bern?[View]
203741685Full exchange: PM Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer on Butts' resignation: Trudeau is floundering. …[View]
203744140Assange talks about GSM data powered bugs: https://youtu.be/zYDaSLSs9uM?t=13[View]
203732431Every day, it keeps getting better.[View]
203741138poor tim pool is fighting the redpills,just swallow it tim: Ive never seen a guy so close to fully s…[View]
203743333Are black jews ok? One of my good friends is a black jew. He just seems like a normal black guy thou…[View]
203743988>would unironically lose to a woman how can trump ever recover? https://www.strawpoll.me/17457751…[View]
203742932Post your reaction women when Ocasio-Ortez gets elected and signs in a decree that the most faithful…[View]
203743837Is /pol/ full of manlets?: We all know you're dumb but manlets too? https://www.theguardian.co…[View]
203737882ONE META THREAD ALLOWED PER BOARD: Hi /pol/, disregard the following because I suck cocks: I'm …[View]
203735024Have I betrayed my race?: /pol/, I have a wife and two children with my wife, and we all have blonde…[View]
203732819Brit/pol/ - rare signs edition: __News__ >Brexit: Prime minister to go back to Brussels on Wednes…[View]
203738755I think my daughter is becoming a roastie whore: I think my daughter is becoming a roastie whore. Sh…[View]
203740645The new Golden Rule for American /pol/ posters: Don't ever take sides against your fellow count…[View]
203743074Just making a thread because I haven't made one in a while. INB4 spam, like there's anythi…[View]
203732336It's time to take the Vitamin D pill. I've been feeling tired as fuck and low energy for y…[View]
203743442How do you Anons guide your keklets?: Boomer here working on child #1 with the wife. When I was goin…[View]
203741836It's garbage but let's be honest, it's gonna make a ton of money right?: I hope it bo…[View]
203742966Plan to Kill White Americans Going Just as Planned: https://www.chicagotribune.com/lifestyles/health…[View]
203743474how long does he have left until he croaks?[View]
203721039This is okay in america: THIS IS NOT OKAY! AS if 1 gun wasn't bad enough, citizen mutts have 10…[View]
203737455The age of men is over: The age of men is over. All of your belongings, all of your women and livest…[View]
203742383roads n shiet: Hey /pol/ fags, what do you think of diverting funds to the federal government can fi…[View]
203742470Britain will be a huge tax haven offshore from Europe. I really love Brexit now, I always wanted to …[View]
203740736Feelings on Euro ethnic groups: Americans, post you feelings on European ethnic groups based on your…[View]
203743226Women adore BBC: irrefutable proof: Look how happy she is. Being in the presence of BBC not only ma…[View]
203743221Braap: My kinda network.[View]
203737200*blocks your path*[View]
203743162TRS fans going to prison: Anyone who has ever visited The Right Stuff, or even worse, has or has had…[View]
203743103At least he hasnt gotten us into any new War: 2 years later >Threatens to invade Venezuela and a …[View]
203740620it's over drumpfkins[View]
203738149>Smollett >Smol lett Must be very very small. In any case someone is going to the slammer. …[View]
203738100Pic related is the number one problem for Russia. Prove me wrong pro tip you can't.[View]
203740324Can Bernie beat Trump? Where would Bernie be most competitive?[View]
203740456Idi Amin Dada: Was Idi Amin based and redpilled or just crazy? Redpill me on Idi Amin. https://youtu…[View]
203740960People are questioning if charcoal face masks are like ‘blacking up’: Life imitates art? >People …[View]
203742888Daily reminder that a woman deserves your job more than you.: Sure they work fewer hours and are les…[View]
203740414BERNIE 2020: Ex Berniefag here. I joined the trump train to smash the establishment. Now I’m changi…[View]
203738249I think anyone should be able to blog freely without being silenced by tech giants. So there is an e…[View]
203742853So we all know that black men are superior to white 'men'. Black men have >stronger bodies >be…[View]
203741045I haven't watch adult swim in a while so today I thought I'd watch an episode of robot chi…[View]
203725254If you are any of these people you are allowed in the future ethnostate. If not than fuck off[View]
203741759/pol/ cognitive dissonance: >African countries are messed up because of colonization and other re…[View]
203739372lets have a Communism hate thread going[View]
203727509LOW WAGES ARE (((THEIR))) FAULT: You faggot bootlickers keep blaming immigration it's not ITS T…[View]
203739135>hotel booking company advertising >two white women approaching BBC to have a “threeday” >…[View]
203742718Hamima Begum (the Islamic brat) has had her UK citizenship revoked... Doesn't seem like the lit…[View]
203737804> Signs a bill that cancels out his emergency plans for the wall > Not only does he tolerate r…[View]
203741625Floridanons, is there any truth to the 'Trump can't win Florida in 2020 because of the felons' …[View]
203742615Against the power of Zion there can be no victory. We must join with him, /pol/. We must join with t…[View]
203737144ok so lets say the EU lets poland take control over night: on day 1 what would happen then explain o…[View]
203740099We don't have an extradition treaty with Vietnam: I am officially here on /pol/ to predict that…[View]
203742080this is how gen z will be when they wake up to the truth[View]
203742133Do you thot patrol female members of your own family?: It's the first duty of any non cuck man,…[View]
203738073My old white girlfriend would never wear what I wanted her to. But now my new Asian gf is excited to…[View]
203711260RBG spotted at airport by TMZ: But she is wearing the same clothes from the last TMZ video in 2018. …[View]
203742199Is it temporarily legal to call Smollett a stupid ni$$er?: Think it should be allowed for one week t…[View]
203742238Can any one else be more cucked than Sanders? Writing this shit in Spanish as if this is a shithole …[View]
203742173We need more white women like this.[View]
203742185WHATS HIS CHANCES? HE DOES NOT SOUND RETARDED.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuOYA6Dhjb8…[View]
203741790Now that Bernie is back when will JEB! announce his comeback?: Also general Jebheads thread.[View]
203742100How comes Anglos are good in Civilization but don't produce any relevant or aesthetically pleas…[View]
203742278Post content regarding >anti-nazism >conspiracy theories <extra points for ridiculing holoc…[View]
203741806>Secret Service >SS OY VEY HOW THE FUCK DID THEY SLIP THIS PAST US…[View]
203742068Trumpfags and a dumbass wall: Are you seriously thinking that a stupid wall can stop a mexican carte…[View]
203714433>be millenial >get job >can’t afford to move out >boomers at work say you’ll never retir…[View]
203742160Andrew Yang running as a Democrat who wants UBI is the only politician saying that White Genocide ma…[View]
203736728Why the jews will lose: The irony of Europeans being displaced in their own homelands is that jews w…[View]
203740545yeah im gonna vote for him[View]
203742008>turn all cash into digital money (Bitcoin) >massive supposed EMP attack >all records are g…[View]
203735356Can you survive in a zombie apocalypse?: >Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is a disease that has imp…[View]
203741705WTF is wrong with Mexico?: How retarded does one country have to be to think that building a city on…[View]
203721120Brexit I'm in Love.....: Got banned for two weeks because of her.... I still love her.... BREXI…[View]
203741911Uhhh, guys? https://oversight.house.gov/news/press-releases/multiple-whistleblowers-raise-grave-conc…[View]
203741852Bernie 2020 Official - / Pol is Red today: > Donate 27dollars today... > This is OUR Revolutio…[View]
203741650what are some more words that mean anti-sjw: theres chads gamergirls repilled idk of any other…[View]
203741257oh no... grand jury: prison time?[View]
2037392907 times greater Israel in Argentina: >In the 21st century, benefitting from the advantages offere…[View]
203740175/RPG/ Redpill General: bump for newfags to see this >race realism and IQ https://pastebin.com/p1Y…[View]
203741455Cloning and Selective Breeding Thread: So far they've cloned: - Sheep - Dogs - Horses - Monkeys…[View]
203740512Need the source/image that proves Asian illegal immigrants are around 20% as violent as Mexican ille…[View]
203741660Any reason Brits can’t into the natural effect of Brexit?: It’s not like it is a freaking secret.…[View]
203741601Agent Orange, Pink etc.: Why is Agent Orange never discussed? Whole array of Rainbow Herbicides used…[View]
203741646Thoughts on Taiwan? I’d imagine this country to be based, Given that they are the successors of the…[View]
203738566I believe him.[View]
203738638March is White History Month: In March, let's celebrate all the great things white people have …[View]
203741479Will the US and Russia ever be friends? I wish we could at least be allies. we were so fucking based…[View]
203741399Simpsons knew Hitler didn't die: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hke7xQFXa30 Buenas noches mein…[View]
203741385Make a case for your race: Don't make a case for your religion or anything like the picture I…[View]
203729541WWII kisser - legend dies: Was he a rapist or sexual predator /pol/?[View]
203741349German police admit they are hiding the truth about crimes being committed. How it must feel to be p…[View]
203738445So I made a rough estimation and it takes between 12% to 15% of Muslims residing in a European count…[View]
203741290Humanities are more important in the long run than STEM. This board has such a fetishization with re…[View]
203741253What was really going on in Benghazi?[View]
203741252I seriously think it's over this time.: I don't think he recovers from this. https://www.m…[View]
203736114Anti-Refugee False Flag in Canada?: 7 Syrian refugees died in a house fire in Halifax NS. A friend i…[View]
203741225Pol btfo by /v/: Why haven't you joined the winning side yet? >CDPR Twitter guy that made to…[View]
203738846Who was in the wrong here?[View]
203739910Frankly, it is far past time that we discuss what is perhaps the most pressing inequality of our tim…[View]
203737610I went to School with Alexandria. Huge bitch btw. Yes. Her nipples are pierced. She'd get in ar…[View]
203739860Centrism is objectively the best choice and you cant prove me wrong[View]
203738373REMINDER!!!! TRUMP ̶D̶I̶D̶N̶'̶T̶ DID SIGN THE SPENDING BILL!!!!!: https://congress.gov/bill/116…[View]
203739371Who's side a they on?: So what's the rundown on freemasons? Are they /ourguys/, a bunch of…[View]
203741011What’s life like in these states?: How segregated are these states since I know how extremely divers…[View]
203736468Not even 10 years ago, you would have expected the exact opposite: RIP in peace Black France[View]
203729099Can we terraform Venus?: And if we can, why don’t we? Why are politicians talking about walls and fe…[View]
203740852But everything in this is true[View]
203739114'oh but why are you racist?' 'oh but why you dislike black people?' 'oh but why you don't trust…[View]
203737429Smashing some goals: Apple tries to sell Watch to pedophiles![View]
203705943GAME OVER FUCKERS. GET READY TO BE WASTED and DON'T FUCK WITH RUSSIA: New Russian light machine…[View]
203739071Victim: Hate crime[View]
203737747whats his fucking deal? what kind of man goes around incessantly whining to the media like this?[View]
203740072Boomer hate thread[View]
203718714Are white men to non white women, what black men are to white women? Are we niggas now?[View]
203740462USA guilty of worst human expirimentation: Yes in my country we have a long history of it. Lobotomy’…[View]
203738117Meta: We need more than 10 pages, there is literally no point in making a new thread unless it'…[View]
203740371WTF I thought Tom Arnold hated Trump, why is he hanging out with his Russian hacker George Papadopou…[View]
203739206True Detective Season 3 dropping pedophile redpills: In episode 7 they blatantly showed and pointed …[View]
203740357Anyone else here brought up by liberal parents, and was a liberal as a youth but have since realized…[View]
203737682Why are 'Palesitnians' so fat? /pol/ is always crying that they're starving[View]
203728169what happened to all the bugs (and birds)? >inb4 it's winter I'm in Florida and bugs a…[View]
203740314Matter is pure evil. This is the reason why evil people are always on the top. It didn't start …[View]
203740272Pol & PizzaGate Bleeding into Reality: True Dectives all seasons were pretty much about child tr…[View]
203739312Let’s save the white race and go back to honor and wisdom. Help me do it.: Guys. I am opening up a t…[View]
203736476I've got a theory. Judaism, Christianity and Islam have all a different God. Does that make sen…[View]
203726329Thoughts on Tito?: Thoughts on Tito?[View]
203728374What are some good conservative podcasts? Bongino is my favorite.[View]
203713235How do we convince Americans to stop buying processed foods and develop cancers because of it? It…[View]
203739966Thoughts on Abuse of Capitalism: In your (((standard))) capitalistic society that you see today in m…[View]
203736379What do you think their dindu story is gonna be? https://www.wnem.com/three--year-olds-one--year-old…[View]
203733666Reminder that Sweden is cucked.[View]
203735707New anti-LGBTBBQ emoji: Okay fellas, fess up, which one of you did this? https://www.out.com/tech/20…[View]
203739886Build your bukers: Politics comes in increments. You can't expect a single leader to come into …[View]
203737928Discord Trannies Conned Trump into it: Can you believe how far these shills will go? >Declaring G…[View]
203736757Why did he carry out the Las Vegas attacks /pol/[View]
203737754Do you think there actually are paid shills on /pol/? If there are, they don't seem to be doing…[View]
203696163>OII!!! OI!! >Don't be a blight! >Bin that white! Police are not on board with saying …[View]
203739334Have Boomers Crashed the Job Market: I'm a senior in high school set to go to tech school to st…[View]
203735713>get arrested for being a pederass and fucking with teenagers >NYPD finds your laptop with 650…[View]
203737995Bernie Sanders hires anti-Israel campaing manager: http://archive.is/51fJg http://archive.is/xJT90 A…[View]
203739237Champion of the poor people?: Champion of utter shit.[View]
203724807Trump goes on warpath defending homosexuals: America Yesssssss!!!!!!!!!!1111 https://www.zerohedge.c…[View]
203736595When will women finally be given equal workplace treatment /pol?[View]
2037386352020 is going to be an EXACT COPY of 2016. >Bernie fires up the soigoys and raises lots of money…[View]
203737232ARE YOU FEELING IT, /pol/?[View]
203735743Does anyone have any red pill statistics on race that I can send my friend. Basically he is confused…[View]
203738253BiBi when he was just 28. You'll never compete against this.[View]
203739181WELL?: why dose /pol/ refer to mixed children as 'mutts' and 'goblins'? when studies consistently sh…[View]
203739133Give me your nuke codes right now America. Or do you want another 9/11?[View]
203728651Anti-Trump threads were sparse until roughly 30 minutes ago when an organized shill raid began and s…[View]
203739166Why do middle class white men always blame brown people for their failures?[View]
203738934How do we deal with the (((Capitalism))) problem???: >no jobs >can't afford a house >c…[View]
203737758/Anti-shill/ general: How many other minorities voting for Trump in 2020? Fags and Trans, niggers an…[View]
203727171You feel You lose: eldergod mode[View]
203738441/RVA/ happenings: >Yesterday, Richmond, VA. >Protest against Northam by antifa-tier cucks >…[View]
203739015Should we advocate for International fascism or a Fascistic EU instead of nationalistic fascism? If …[View]
203739031wait...did he drain the swamp yet?[View]
203738964Why are bisexual people so hated by both the left and the right?[View]
203737503Men without a Purpose: When men have nothing to work towards or goals to strive towards(for some it’…[View]
203735659What are your honest opinions on how to fix this world on a maglev train to hell with no breaks?[View]
203738558>He’s just a kid... no older than my wife’s son What did Raimi mean by this?…[View]
203738721'Donald Trump Trump the most dangerous president in modern times.': Drumphtards get BTFO by independ…[View]
203738712Trump Shlls for fags: >Trump admin to launch worldwide campaign to legalize sexual degeneracy …[View]
203736079I love Trump but...: Can somebody redpill me on why we are giving the shitskin sand niggers nuclear …[View]
203737842On White Nationalism and Sexual Degeneracy: Why does the white nationalist community have a problem …[View]
203738424What does /pol/ think about metacapitalists such as Elon Musk?[View]
2037110131. Your cunt. 2. Would you prefer that Germany won the war or the americans?[View]
203738507What does /pol/ think of this graph?[View]
203738447Daily reminder that pol is zionist: Despite the anti shills, pol's general policy is to 1) sup…[View]
203733638Yellow Vest Thread Anudda Shoah addition: Alright which one of you frogs did it?[View]
203735823Redpill me on Milorad Ulemek and Zeljko Raznatovic,are they our guys also should Milorad be freed fr…[View]
203723002Ahem! Gentlemen, I have an announcement to make. Fuck Ontarians, fuck Canadians, and most of all, lo…[View]
203737810ALL COUNTER CULTURE IS KIKERY: Pic related is how a school girl should dress. Counter culture exist …[View]
203732692Should the government issue men state mandated GFs to combat the rising incel epidemic /pol/?[View]
203738207The shadows aren't dark enough...Q: The shadows aren't dark enough...Q #thebelltolls, #QAn…[View]
203737218Why did Trump congratulate Obama in this tweet? I don't get it.[View]
203735461Hey Janny: I have reviewed your ban and have decided to reject it.[View]
203737715So what's the deal with Turkey? Aside from >muh roaches what's going on there political…[View]
203734841Okay, which one of you crazy bastards did it?[View]
203738081Why do you think it is that the 'poor and stupid' are the ones always complaining about Jews? It…[View]
203738034Tarmac woes?...Q: Tarmac woes?...Q #thebelltolls, #QAnon, #treason, #gitmo, #qmap, #declas, #lynch @…[View]
203736012Do native english speakers normally type with this cadence and strange syntax? I mean, it's tec…[View]
203737169KEK Bernouts already giving money they don't have to the DNC![View]
203737405Green New Deal = Probable War: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ix9dhgawPLI If the Green New Deal, or…[View]
203737891government works for me, why should it work for you nigger?[View]
203698511I’m building a time machine: Hi guys i’m building a time machine. I’m serious about this. I feel lik…[View]
203733088Why do Americans hate America and constantly shit on it but defend it to their dying breath if it…[View]
203737183Moving to NYC soon: What should I know? Where do /pol/ acks live in Manhattan? Budget will be around…[View]
203737820Fashion Police: Watch what you wear in the land of the free, After all haven't you heard this i…[View]
203730922Why are school teachers so overwhelmingly leftist? https://youtu.be/lAe8mxvV1fU[View]
203736868Why did this cuck refuse to prosecute violent leftist rioters? Why did his Department of Justice att…[View]
203732512alright, which one of you did this?[View]
203724313Why aren't you guys Neopagans? >pure from judaism and judaism's evil child, christianit…[View]
203737620Is it over /pol/? First it was Tucker Carlson who called out Trump for cucking out on us. Now it’s A…[View]
203737534Beauty is only skin deep...Q: Beauty is only skin deep...Q #thebelltolls, #QAnon, #treason, #gitmo, …[View]
203735176Tulsi will win the primaries. Having said that, who will you vote for?[View]
203737581>reincarnation exists and you are a bad person Such people reincarnate as flies, mosquitoes or am…[View]
203726474WHY IS ROGER STONE SUCH A FUCKING IDIOT?: https://www.rawstory.com/2019/02/roger-stone-lashes-federa…[View]
203737479When did you came into the realization that he was a controlled opposition?[View]
203737472UH OH! BERNIER BTFO: I'm glad he split from the cons, he took all the kooks away from Conservat…[View]
203734018could we influence the democratic nominee?: are there any plans/ways we could influence the democrat…[View]
203719521This is the last straw for me. Trump isn’t even hiding it anymore. He’s a kike puppet.[View]
203736975Why are leftists such incredible hypocrites? >hung out with leftie friend last weekend >we…[View]
203730295Why is drug use so common among whites?: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/products/databriefs/db273.htm…[View]
203736851socialism rules![View]
203737317Confirmation bias and bad pattern recognition: Why are you such a dumb dumb? Do you retards enjoy tr…[View]
203734298It interesting how the pecking order for women is based on looks while for men its based on success …[View]
203735390You may soon have to give your DNA to the state and pay $250 for the privilege: Arizona could soon b…[View]
203736058Resident Evil 2 Remake (Leon's Mommy Edition): Do you guys think it's weird that a guy wit…[View]
203732999What's the deal with Freemasonry? Are they Jews? How are they linked to the Illuminati?: Also w…[View]
203737235Is the world going to stay boring, in slow decline, or is some major event going to take place that …[View]
203737180Why do whites and American Indians kill themselves so much?[View]
203735062Are you still voting for amnesty Don in 2020?: ?[View]
203703976What is your profession, /pol/?[View]
203730040WTF I love John Wayne now https://www.inquisitr.com/5304622/john-wayne-outed-as-white-supremacist-af…[View]
203736521Anyone else kinda feel bad for this kike? Watching the train wreck he caused over the past week has …[View]
203736878Free Everything!: For everybody who isn't white.[View]
203732872stop watching porn[View]
203737073turks are stupid goatfucker: Turks want to get rid of the Kurds in Turkey, and if we demand the same…[View]
203737011Video shows Jewish thought process - fundamentally unable to comprehend doing something not for prof…[View]
203727815MISSING : Don Lemon from CNN hasn't Tweeted in a week: /pol/, you folks seem to have your finge…[View]
203735007Is it immoral to make someone cheat with you? Is it degenerate if you're not cheating? I am of…[View]
203736620Fuck Bernie. Fuck Tulsi. Fuck Kamala.: I hope Hillary fucking announces late and steals the nominati…[View]
203736962for the race war: would be with asians and be partners adn be masters over the new black slaves OR …[View]
203728911The cost to buy you off?: The price, for men, I think is pussy. As a young man, I thought getting ah…[View]
203718515Provided that her father finds a suitable husband, at what age is it appropriate for a young girl to…[View]
203724169UN wants to ban lolis! Again!: > fuck you, because 'think of the children' https://www.oneangryga…[View]
203736744Really gets your noggin' joggin'.: Did you know that even adjusted for the jewish iq meme …[View]
203735296How to offend people of different orientations and genders?: I feel heterossexual male have a comple…[View]
203736841CIA gangstalkers, yes, but what about CIA single stalkers?: Always this talk about gangstalkers, but…[View]
203736559Laws of nature: 1) Inbreeding is bad 2) The more genetic diversity the better You know what that mea…[View]
203727110/MEGA/ - Make España Great Again - The Trial Continues Edition: >Junqueras loves Spain >Turull…[View]
203736721Islam today: What made islam go the way it did? What made it go from having a golden age in mathemat…[View]
203736745Why do Western women like Africa so much? If Africa isn't a shithole, why don't they just …[View]
203710586I already have an insider at the Fed. The Left will win.[View]
203726135You still doubt who owns France?: 3 minor antisemitic false flags talked 24/7 for 2 weeks now. (Shit…[View]
203731277Who's the best fictionnal US president in any media ?[View]
203736161Trump administration launches global effort to end criminalization of homosexuality /pol will defend…[View]
203725288These women look better then white women: As much as I want to continue the white race, I don’t find…[View]
203734592Queer Theory and Gender Performativity: Hey /pol/ I came across this lecture JewTube. It's from…[View]
203727309Knowing the next generation will support reddit: Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside /pol/[View]
203736587based bernie sanders thread: >abortion pro choice >reduce defence spending yes >campaign fi…[View]
203736588Wanna buy a painting?...Q: Wanna buy a painting?...Q #thebelltolls, #QAnon, #treason, #gitmo, #qmap,…[View]
203731454We're turning /pol/ into a socialist anti-cheeto board and there's nothing you pissbabies …[View]
203731930the future of the white race and the Western world: feeling especially black pilled today goys. Ther…[View]
203733578FEEL THE BERN: Kek has chosen Bernie as his new champion. TRUMP IS NOT THE CHOSEN ONE. He’s a pawn o…[View]
203736471Not so fast and furious now are ya?...Q: Not so fast and furious now are ya?...Q #thebelltolls, #QAn…[View]
203733967YAAASSS QUEEN SLAYYY Why are men like this /pol/? Using stupid ass big words and shit. And why do th…[View]
203710252What did (((Jon Perlyman))) mean by this?: What can we do to help our friend on twitter Mr Hurlymann…[View]
203736451this is the red pill the Europe needs to take.[View]
203735964Wales: Boys banned from playing netball at Urdd sports festival.: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-…[View]
203736419Can we get a class action law suit against Smolett for falsely making us all out to be racist homoph…[View]
203736411WTF I love Apple now[View]
203728485Javanka delivers NUKES to Saudi.Arabia: The only way nuked should be sent to the middle east is to g…[View]
203736361We are being brainwashed by machines?: What does /pol/ think about this picture? Are the right'…[View]
203736218Does Bernie Sanders want us to give him our money so he can give it to black people or is that a mem…[View]
203736332Karma's a bitch....Q: Karma's a bitch....Q #thebelltolls, #QAnon, #treason, #gitmo, #qmap,…[View]
203733305Who would the United States support in case of war between India and Pakistan?[View]
203735602Trump's right.: And always has been.[View]
203728497Rank the women: Trump has the best looking women ever in the history of politics. Rank them in the o…[View]
203736203Dependence on government gibs will destroy the western way of life: Prove me wrong. Pro-tip: You can…[View]
203711376Post your country's national heroes, I'll start[View]
203735164BERNIE 2020.: Now that Hillary’s out of the way, it’s over for Trump.[View]
203735122Why is the media so downbeat about ISIS being defeated?: The media (when they do decide to talk abou…[View]
203736144WHY DON'T YOU OWN A GUN?: A man without a firearm is 'ardly a man at all![View]
203736141Feeling a bit sick Komrad?....Q: Feeling a bit sick Komrad?....Q #thebelltolls, #QAnon, #treason, #g…[View]
203732561A question for the oldfags: For those of you who were in their 20s during the 1980s, did young peopl…[View]
203730698(((Far Cry: New Dawn))) trailer: I WONDER (((WHO))) COULD BE BEHIND THIS https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
203734887WHITE STEM SLAVERS: whites have been tricked into the stem slavery meme. why? because they were told…[View]
203735675Hey pol could you guys use your autism to find out if this document is real or not. Some Ukrainian d…[View]
203733717Why yes, I do think that childhood is idolising Kennedy, but being an adult means realising Nixon ma…[View]
203731863Why were they so based? I mean look at them and then look at today's men. Fuck[View]
203735812Press S[View]
203713068If whites are superior......: Then how come the US, which historically has had a substantial black p…[View]
203688877He's right - Japan must open her borders.[View]
203733701All drugs should be legalized. If you think otherwise you are retarded.[View]
203732584so which one of you did this?[View]
203723093Lara Logan admits 85% of the media is run by Jews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-7JMo0BCio…[View]
203734791Assange is on team Bernie...prepare to get fucked Trumptards... https://twitter.com/wikileaks/status…[View]
203735723Lies, lies and more lies...Q: Lies, lies and more lies...Q #thebelltolls, #QAnon, #treason, #gitmo, …[View]
203732410I hate to say it. That's why I'm saying it here. She's not a bad person, but she…[View]
203724652Holy shit !! Francs is rising !!!: > Vandals desecrate 90 Jewish graves in east France ahead of m…[View]
203722681Three 14-year-old boys (Wimer Ramos [left], Nile Campbell [center], Philip Worrell [right]) and one …[View]
203735252BASED! MAGA 2020[View]
203713578How do you argue against this to the youth who are refusing to work and turning to socialism? Is Tru…[View]
203698473Ask a Muslim, who is knowledgeable about Islam, who is now practicing Hinduist anything.[View]
203734750Are you Persianpilled?[View]
203732711>MAGA is the best campaign slogan ev-[View]
203734871Psychological Intimidation For Self Defense / Psychological Warfare: How to became psychologically i…[View]
203713075Was capitalism a mistake?: Egghead 17 year old making the playing field even harder[View]
203734415Trolls are people too!: The most oppressed minority in existence. We are openly spat on in public fo…[View]
203730337Natalia Poklonskaya in the program 'For three' (TV channel RTVI): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NC…[View]
203718825>Normies hate him >Republicans hate him >Alt right hates him Serious question: Is he going …[View]
203734726India as the Center of Hyperborean Civilization: Just got back from a trip to India and I have to sa…[View]
203734714>when you're white, you don't know what it's like to be poor…[View]
203734824YouTube changed its policy, you can no longer say victims are actors, presumably to fight off people…[View]
203735094So I found this forum on raddle (like reddit but worse) and I thought you might be interested. This …[View]
203731894Trump will win Michigan!: They still support him, watch the video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
203733337Soo, guys, who's gonna pay the wall?[View]
203725839China friendship thread: Just watched a movie called Wandering Earth. Guys. China is an amazing coun…[View]
203732945LOCATION OF THE FUTURE ETHNOSTATE: I propose the UP of Michigan. It has everything we need: metallic…[View]
203729736ITT: Celebrate all things American: I'll start: >gun violence >obesity >Zionism…[View]
203718518>people unironically follow a former death metal degenerate who killed someone but 'found the rig…[View]
203732804A real redpill for all to hear: The red pill is that the Earths doom didn’t occur when Hitler died. …[View]
203723161ZION DON MY ASS. U.S. Palestinian mission to merge with Israel embassy in March: http://archive.fo/0…[View]
203734891ATTENTION YELLOWPRESS APPARATCHIKS: He's coming for ya![View]
203732733TULSI 2020: Have you donated yet, /pol/?[View]
203723049the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost[View]
203733970China-Reddit Hates Saudi Arabia: Look at this shit hole. Plus, why doesn't Israel reveal the fa…[View]
203734350Boomer poltard white female gets BTFO by her own race when shes goes /pol/ irl. LOL![View]
203708152he's running: Wat pol think?[View]
203733876Trump, the deep state, the wall, the alignment of forces.: Trump, the deep state, the wall, the alig…[View]
203731090What was Mengele's endgame in creating a twin-infested German city in Brazil? https://www.youtu…[View]
203732348what the FUCK is Ben Shapiro's problem?[View]
203730106>Trump signed the bill https://congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-joint-resolution/31/…[View]
203731607>hate niggers' >like the new JoJo Bizarre Adventure's ending song WHY AM I SO CONFLI…[View]
203732180Is Louisiana the only good state with >%20 niggers?: This was the only state where black lives ma…[View]
203732567the absolute state of the west: >1. aslong they will leave after some time >2. aslong they ass…[View]
203722400APOLOGIZE RIGHT NOW: >ISIS Briton Shamima Begum to have UK citizenship revoked YOU FUCKING SCUM,…[View]
203731944Blacks Are Attacking Jews in New York: Anti-Semitic Attacks Fuel Continuing Rise in Hate Crimes in N…[View]
203733410How do we overcome this blatant white privilege?[View]
203730974What the FUCK uk?![View]
203733032*saps your taxpayer money*[View]
203733055/pol/ knows everything or do they?: Hey sell outs, keep doubting.[View]
203731381So what's gonna happen now with the wall and Trump?: I see all kind of shit everywhere about a …[View]
203730023Former Iraqi PM names the Zionist Jews as being behind ISIS.[View]
203733460New York State Suing to Stop the Wall?: I didn't vote for this shit. The Attorney General can j…[View]
203733434H.R.672: Woke up from behind a rock to find this law. Oy vey ... did they shut it down or what ? Exp…[View]
203710014/pol/ Humour Thread: slow day today. post'em faggots.[View]
203731359Accelerationism: Now that /pol/ has started to realize that Trump is a kike puppet and just there to…[View]
203733233Andrew Yang a.k.a. the UBI guy: Is he /ourguy/?[View]
203732370Did we win?[View]
203727472Independence when?[View]
203731350Americans think they are financially worse off than they actually are: RIch people think they middle…[View]
203715261GUN CONTROL IS PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE: Firearm prohibition disarms only those least likely to cause h…[View]
203723322Why don't European men get affected by the cold winters? I see white guys walking around in fre…[View]
203721684Brit/pol/: __News__ >Brexit: Prime minister to go back to Brussels on Wednesday https://www.bbc.c…[View]
203720015Lefty memes are better than righty memes now: Right wing memes have seriously gone down in quality W…[View]
203732294how did south park get away with this?[View]
203732387https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3LAlhmbb_ww Just LOL at Catholics[View]
203728276Welcome to Kiev fucking jews: A facsimile of the Nazi flag with a giant swastika in the middle was p…[View]
203720884How can we make the Electoral College better?: It seems to me a good solution would be to make ever …[View]
203730758Press F[View]
203711364BREAKING NEWS! WAR IT IS!: YOU'RE GOING TO WAR S O YBOYS! >inb4source…[View]
203730607Does watching porn make you gay? I've noticed that if the guys in the porn I watch have ugly/sh…[View]
203731144FINALLY, the US sided with Poland against Israel https://www.timesofisrael.com/siding-with-poland-us…[View]
203732405Antifa Brazil: Anyone willing to organize against the recently founded antifa in Brazil? They are st…[View]
203731379Éire/pol/ - anti corruption edition: This thread is for general discussion on News, Happenings, and …[View]
203730467ITT: r/zionism Come join us around the tisch to talk good things about israel.[View]
203732202The meeting that saved England[View]
203730828How do we force Ann Coulter to primary Zion Don?[View]
203725681Personally I think Israel can be our greatest ally in the creation of white ethnostate (Arya). Why? …[View]
203726327You can steal us as much land as you want - we will still dominate you with work ethic, engineering …[View]
203729098Friendly reminder:: Bernie Sanders is the savior of white race and will be much tougher on immigrati…[View]
203730542ITT: unattributed quotes by Jews that /pol/ would agree with[View]
203722022DENIED: https://www.itv.com/news/2019-02-19/shamima-begum-has-uk-citizenship-revoked-by-british-gove…[View]
203705860Why do whites vote Democrat?[View]
203727716John Wayne is trending on twatter: He's been dead for over 40 years, but someone dug up one of …[View]
203728041Weekend at Bernie2020: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7DRwz0cAt0 Straight out the gate, within the…[View]
203712625/ERG/ European Religions General: Reincarnation Edition: >Is Christianity European? No. It is a J…[View]
203729983Gun Control is Misogynistic! Fuck the Patriarchy!: You cannot exlain to violent criminals why they s…[View]
203728978Check out the #Iamtheradicalleft hashtag for lulz: Can't screencap with this keyboard. INB4 OP …[View]
203731602Jussie Smollett: Someone needs to photoshop Jussie into this[View]
203731105daily reminder: transhumanism is the end goal of the elites, the final destination of the eugenics p…[View]
203728935For me, personally, it's Tulsi. Based Mommy even defends Wikilinks https://www.washingtontimes.…[View]
203731500American Jew: The nose knows. AMA[View]
203730388If Jews are so smart, why did they relocate to hostile territory instead of Madagascar? Checkmate.[View]
203724804Ive got a chance to teach tomorrows history lesson, the topic i have to talk about is Operation Barb…[View]
203729769Bernie as Gandalf and TheElite Bankers as Bolrog of Morgoth ... originall artist John Howe[View]
203728308Why do American homeless people have such nice clothing? I don't understand. https://www.youtub…[View]
203731384Cabal Comms: JoeM , intheMatrixxx, & fellow Anons HistoryLoversClub uses symbolic 'photo …[View]
203728979Ottoman gay poem about a Serbian boy: The Serbian Boy 'I saw a Serbian boy in the local hamam for th…[View]
203728290Eli the Computer Guy: Get in here /pol/ Eli's live tearing Linus a new one https://youtu.be/sJ1…[View]
203729611Gun Control is Anti-Semitic! Wont Happen Again!: Our people will not be victimized again. We learned…[View]
203730125Why reasoning with left is pointless: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YytyM3vQNmY Holy shit this vid…[View]
203729561It pisses me off how nice Trump is to Bernie yet Bernie is a huge virtue signaling faggot when talki…[View]
203728288So this is the kind of Jewish bullshit that Google news shows on their news feed.: https://www.themi…[View]
203727522when you see it[View]
203726326Why Racism?: Much of what is posted here itches my rage boner, but what's with the heavy racism…[View]
203731214Democrats Unite!: It’s time to stick together to beat Trump!![View]
203708185Why don't Zoomers have any culture of their own?[View]
203729298The White Man welcomes back the White Women Justice Ginsburg back to the Supreme Court[View]
203731134#FarRight Threatens #Democracy: several minutes about how the 'Demos' IE the People of the West …[View]
203728518Blak Nashonalism General /BNG/: dis a tread for blak folks of /pol/ 2 discus about our history and c…[View]
203728238Last thread got pruned. This video was deleted 5 hours after it being posted. Why would YouTube cens…[View]
203730850OUR BASED SLAV TAKE ON THE STREETS TO DUNK ON ANTIFA FAGGOTS: Yeet on dem Söyboys https://www.youtub…[View]
203730489Comrade - The Proletariat Must Be Armed!: Never let them disarm the working class! Bourgeois pigs ar…[View]
203718492Me likey[View]
203721339Why is this fact so controversial to 4channers? Why 4channers, especially Americans, fear the NSA/CI…[View]
203729485>2011: Obama publicly opposes gay marriage, cites Christian faith >2011: Internet goes wild ov…[View]
203728358Scare the normies: A psyop meme for normie socmed[View]
203728454What happens to children taught to be a tranny?[View]
203728334Join the SS Join Subscribestar: just watched the last iconoclast video and his last sentence inspire…[View]
203729499Faggots and degenerates BTFO[View]
203728648I'm a single issue voter: Israel: If a politician gets that wrong they're dead to me. This…[View]
203715650Mexico border wall: US states sue over emergency declaration: sorry fellas it ain't happening h…[View]
203726169You're losing time. The world must unify if it has any chance of defeating the intergalactic ho…[View]
203723564Reminder that the left no longer get triggered but watch alt righters for entertainment: We've …[View]
203730385Why do (((They))) fear them[View]
203730263Politically Correct Bankers VS National Peoples Credit Unions: We had a very lazy person suggest tha…[View]
203726482Jussie Smollett Poker Tell: Guys, nobody is talking about this but right at 41 seconds into the inte…[View]
203728240where is the proof that congressmen and senators have Israeli citizenships? I’m not talking about a …[View]
203725584HE TRIED TO WARN YOU BUT YOU DIDN'T LISTEN: NOW HE'S DEAD!!! https://www.theguardian.com/s…[View]
203729319Why do middle class white men always blame brown people for their failures?[View]
203729911the only thing obama did right was bomb sandniggers think about it[View]
203727257The only reason Germany has the biggest economy is because it sits on top of huge amount of coals th…[View]
203729869Now that the zog blinders have been removed from the goyim cattle trump supporters when the fuck do …[View]
203728364What happens after 500 years??[View]
203729836>turn TV on for the first time in years >a nigress teaching two local blonde lesbians how to c…[View]
203711269Read it. Believe it.[View]
203727618Why can't the commies beat Jesse in a debate?: It's absolutely AMAZIN to me.[View]