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118034124How am I not suprised Canadian colleges allow this BULL CRAP into their newspaper. 'My queer body i…[View]
118033927What are your thoughts?: Tell me, should I post more of my black book?[View]
118035661Who has task force kek discord link?[View]
118034903niggers with the farrage: niggers in picture[View]
118033669/dawgpill/ general master of debating, destroyer of the alt-right. who will he BTFO next?[View]
118032022House vote on AHCA Friday - now or never?: So it looks like Trump wants a vote on the American Healt…[View]
118030825Meme me[View]
118021758Why is Trump backing Ryancare?[View]
118033719>survival of the fittest Why do so many /pol/lacks fall for this meme?[View]
118035459He will not divide us live chat #HWNDU: He will not divide us live chat #HWNDU[View]
118035417Free money AppStore/PlayStore: Do you want free money in the App Store / Play Store? : 3, register i…[View]
118029167Why are protestants so damn superior?[View]
118035344When will the chimp out be? Everyone says that blacks are staying home because it's winter.[View]
118033635Why do Conservashits want to rob hard working Americans of their healthcare ?[View]
118026154Winning: Trump; ~40% approval rating (record low for a 1st term president) Failed to ban muslims, tw…[View]
118026996GOP Sells: Your browsing data to the highest bidder. I though /pol/'s jimmies would be more rus…[View]
117992507What is he doing?: Trump Hoped in a truck honked the horn a bunch of times and then pretended to dri…[View]
118035151/pol vs. Shia LeBeouf: capture the flag?[View]
118024749Guy That Made Bomb Threats to Jewish Centers Caught! Guess Who?: So a guy was arrested for making do…[View]
118029904KEK IS TRYING TO TELL US SOMETHING: PREVIOUS THREAD: >>118024316 This summer a big ass happeni…[View]
118034881How was this not the best election ever? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOfl0CmEcuA[View]
118034867An Indian member of parliament hit a 60 year old flight staff and bragged about it because he wasn…[View]
118029976Daily reminder that hating Paul Ryan is a liberal meme. Republicans stand behind Speaker Ryan.[View]
118034808Devin Nunes, Based or Not?: So Devin is from my district, BASED Tulare county in beautiful central c…[View]
118033067Why doesn't someone here convert to Judaism then reveal all their secrets once they get knowled…[View]
118027114What's wrong with China?: Do they deserve the hate or are they truly superior?[View]
118034708More political shit at Emerson. This time it was a movie on the 'Codes of Gender.' https://www.youtu…[View]
118034613Can Trump really stop the US from being converted into an Islamic shithole like the rest of the worl…[View]
118024409Why do you guys think it's degenerate to date a white girl who has dated/fucked a black guy? Wh…[View]
118031846wtf is wrong with him https://streamable.com/u9o5t[View]
118034488HAHAHA LOL >be argentina >suck dicks[View]
118034458To the anon LARPing as the Negroid in a red hat: >>118022509 > We would rise above if it we…[View]
118034415Red pill me on income inequality[View]
118033211Defooing/Ostracization.: We need to do this MORE as a society. If you know someone who race mixes. …[View]
118029543SEND ALEX JONES TO CONGRESS: Alex Jones testifies before congress >Speaker 'I call apon alex jone…[View]
118033360https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWJdjt_ORoE What did Varg mean by this?[View]
118033915Previous threads >>118006850 >>118024316 Was checking out the wikipedia page for the son…[View]
118033679Your eyes are getting heavy. You feel tired. you're very sleepy. it's time for bed. let…[View]
118018853Why is Israel against diversity?: If race doesn't exist and is a social construct, being jewish…[View]
118021570Brit/pol/ - Geobbels edition: >Farage derides Khan’s 'part and parcel of life' terror r…[View]
118011619Prove Muslims are to blame over the attack that happened in London >Protip: You can't becaus…[View]
118030227End of the world tomoroow: 3301 butch talk to real ppl. I'm triggered nigger. Imma shoot up the…[View]
118034108Nu male???: Is this the modern nu-Male[View]
118027439End Racism: Randomly allocate newborns https://aeon.co/ideas/if-babies-were-randomly-allocated-to-fa…[View]
118033994Who didn't see this happening?: After 14 year old girl brutally raped by two illegal aliens in …[View]
118032818What Form of Faggotry Is This?: Winter is Kekking[View]
118033605redpill me on rodney king Was the beating justified? Why do niggers always destroy their own communi…[View]
118033813/HWNDU/ Website Cucked?: Which of you wonderful fellow frog prophets did the deed? The website with …[View]
118016805/po/ is amazing: I'm truly convinced there's nothing /pol/ can not do once they set their …[View]
118033582Discord link: Does anyone have the HWNDU / Kekistan Discord link?[View]
118033574Is there one certain group of people that have caused the most problems throughout the world? If so,…[View]
118022232Literally crack, how is this shit even legal?[View]
118032512Fuck Niggers: Don't you just hate niggers[View]
118033535>Why do trannies constantly off themselves? Because no one wants to be around these fucking ugly …[View]
118033484Who else here /ethnicgerman/? Is it our destiny to be surrounded by shitskins everywhere? I'm s…[View]
118032808Daily reminder: Kosovo is Serbia /pol/ is a nationalist, Christian board and will defend our territo…[View]
118033365The Russia Ruse: Heres a site I just found. The story is pretty long and detailed but it basically s…[View]
118019463We're fucked.[View]
118033320HE DID IT!!!!!: THE ABSOLUTE MADMAN DID IT!!!!!! PRAISE KEK https://youtu.be/wvJiSZuMnwg[View]
118030168America should have open borders but it should also get rid of welfare and sanctuary cities. Is ther…[View]
118031608>14 yr old girl gets shot in the back of the head by boys she was snapchatting because it annoyed…[View]
118028892Is this the only smart thing a black person has ever said?[View]
118029285*sips chai tea*: Checkmate boys, checkmate. Give up already.[View]
118029888/ptg/ - PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - 'The Man Who Sold the World' EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUM…[View]
118029861Are mestizos a composite master race?: Mestizos are roughly 50% white and 50% Asian, since you know,…[View]
118021986Daily reminder that homophobia is a learned behavior, bigots.[View]
118025906Car Industry Dead - Autonomous car tech is working.: The entire vehicle industry worldwide is about …[View]
118029487THE PAUL RYAN PROBLEM: does anyone agree that this fucking faggot is the reason all this shit has be…[View]
118030303You >'ve got to agree '''''pol'''', destiny xD is tearing >the alt-right appart, tits or …[View]
118030142*gets a bag of popcorn*[View]
118001297/ourgirl/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUoI30m3p2M[View]
118030084National Socialism: Is it the only way to save America from niggers and spics and jews?[View]
118032956Well West Virginia lost again: One day I will run for Governor and the Appalachian people will the t…[View]
118027259Were both world wars instigated on purpose to destroy Europe and to kill Europeans? Or were they jus…[View]
118030487We did it boys! The Pepe has landed[View]
118032323Dear /pol/, why dost thou hate the blacks?: Not ALL of them are bad; some care about their education…[View]
118030489>white '''''''''''people''''''''''' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeLS3vTQ7Zs…[View]
118032704Could he have saved Britain /pol/???: He wasn't anywhere near where he could have been when war…[View]
118030011Okay but why exactly would open borders not work? They are human beings too and we are human beings,…[View]
118032638'Member the video 'Ol Cankles made: about fighting in the streets and all that goofy ass s…[View]
118028767Why are white women so cucked? Why are they so prone to believe in their inherent inferiority toward…[View]
118021975Well, /pol/, I want definitive answers. What the hell is this? Is this the coming of kek? Should we …[View]
118026655Give me one reason why we shouldn't kill all Muslims >Protip: You can't…[View]
118028752Why is Southern Europe so poor?[View]
118032413Humor me /pol/. Is this song prophecy? It does after all depict a Shia Labeouf that has completely l…[View]
118032358Genetics Discussion on /fa/: Help redpill /fa/ggots >>>/fa/12340772[View]
118032120>'Pass disastrous Trumpcare now or ... 24 million people will keep their health insurance.' What …[View]
118026091in terms of interacial dating: the only girl I've ever dated, and guess what, she fucking cheat…[View]
118032147Guys, why haven't you converted to Islam? Clearly the alpha religion. Jesus killed nobody, didn…[View]
118020915Throw down your Rare pepes: This thread is for the trading of ultra rare and one of a kind /pol/ rel…[View]
118032263APOLOGIZE TO THIS MAN! You got Trump elected and now he's scared. I also notice she calls Trump…[View]
118031640YOU GOT CONNED: hahahahhahahahahhahahahahah You hated Obama because he was black instead of because …[View]
118032231Feudalism Thread: Over 2000 years ago, not a city wasn't walled or fortified, not a single town…[View]
118001126BREAKING: Canada's House of Commons has just passed the Liberal blasphemy motion M103.: https:/…[View]
118032162>Sometimes, it's ok to throw rocks at girls... This is what life is like now in Drumpf'…[View]
118026195what happened to Sargon's gaming channel? did he nuke it?[View]
118032047Why are blacks so degenerate?: https://streamable.com/0uj6j This is a standard nigger chimp-out, tri…[View]
118032014Time to rewrite history. Operation Chastise in WW2 was the RAF dam buster mission. The mission succe…[View]
118021661Why shouldn't I just abandon society and become a cranky recluse who lives in the woods?[View]
118030740What happens here?[View]
118031785Can anyone even deny Jews are evil?: I mean, it is obvious to everyone... even normies right?[View]
118028854What is the best English version of Mein Kampf I can buy/download?[View]
118008823Christianity is a Jewish desert cult preaching weakness: Christianity was made by Jews to destroy we…[View]
118030748I now how to make the worlds fastest speed run in real life[View]
118028868Why can't we all just get along?[View]
118030603Why are millennial women obsessed with selfies? Does the government need to step in and regulate app…[View]
118031686Ultimate Porn Redpill: The ultimate blackmail! Porn is just a human experiment of situations acted o…[View]
118031656Why Have You Been Holding Out France?: So I just learned about this French hero. When the muslims ch…[View]
118013114Julius Evola: Julius Evola is a Radical Traditionalist who has been influential in far-right movemen…[View]
118007082>great culture >amazing food >astonishing history >beautiful art >attractive women …[View]
118029645Admit it, /pol is all satire.: Kek isn't real, you're all joking, The, 'Hitler did nothing…[View]
118031365How will Trump Deal with North Korea: Questions What kind of Nukes does N. Korea have ? North Korea …[View]
118030664/pol/ just got served and they don't even realize it LOL[View]
118027284Discloses classified information: Trumpvestites will defend this[View]
118031206Which country in WW1 had the most laissez-faire economy?[View]
118028796Who would win in a conventional war between Israel and the US? No nukes allowed.[View]
118029827I'm thinking of becoming an anarcho-consumerist. Anybody have any tips on what I should buy?[View]
118031260Where were you when Rep Mark Meadows and the rest of the Freedom Caucus uber-cucked Trump by sinking…[View]
118025181Risk: Choose starting location and choose your colour Remember to put your bonus in your trip[View]
118029420if there is a white genocide in america...: why did the democrats put 80% of the abortion clinics in…[View]
118029552India hate thread[View]
118030482We need fascism now more than ever![View]
118031081>leftists vote to bring in more muslims and third world garbage into every country >they'…[View]
118026092HAPPENING: Devin Nunes discusses explosive surveillance revelations on Hannity: FOX News LIVE Stream…[View]
117993305>Khalid's motion calls on the government to do three things: 1. Condemn Islamophobia and all…[View]
118030930When you claim to support diversity by excluding diverse ranges of political views.[View]
118030843What will be done about major U.S cities that have rapidly declining populations? Cities like Detro…[View]
118030818Have you stepped up?: Daily reminder that there's nothing wrong with falling in love with a sin…[View]
118030780where my bitches at: Why are the people who use 4chan mostly boys?[View]
118030511What the problem with America being 50% latino. Latinos are as good workers as whites and our countr…[View]
118029182What do you guys think of asians? are they safe from the rope?[View]
118022651You know what to do /pol/[View]
118004877HAPPENING--NOW IT'S MAINSTREAM NEWS: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/03/23/potential-smoki…[View]
118030590HWNDU Season _?: I'm curious if anything has come up lately from Shia. I'm also wondering …[View]
118030419Immigration = Stalled Border wall = America pays Immigration 2.0 = Stalled Trumpcare = DOA Wiretap c…[View]
118027760What is the Best Race and Why is it Whites: >Be White >Created everything of any value in the …[View]
118028190What is gorillaz about? Saturn, monsters, pg, red/green glasses: https://youtu.be/5qJp6xlKEug[View]
118030195Senate votes to let ISPs sell your Web browsing history to advertisers: Hope you like more intrusive…[View]
118026991/ptg/ - PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - Devin 'Moonman' Nunes EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://ww…[View]
118027099/pol/tards are explicitly disallowed from curing cancer[View]
118029968>>118027777 Is she dare I say /ourtrainer/?[View]
118029775My normie friend wants me to get ifunny what should i do[View]
118029421Why does such a large chunk of /pol/ hate MGTOW so much? This shit has spread to obvious /pol/lacks …[View]
118029994Reminder that Hillary was the only true pro-white candidate.[View]
118026056Can you be right wing/traditionalist/constitutionalist without being a Christian?[View]
118026734Why does Putin wear headphone and hearing protection upside down? Is this the aural equivalent of th…[View]
118028441What do you think is happening in the Jeb timeline right now?[View]
118028479What happened to American men?[View]
118029561>go to Bing.com >type 'where did racism start'…[View]
118029432Russian investigation twitter clown: kek is not pleased we need some weaponized autism to check into…[View]
118027550Trump Mentioned Pizzagate in 2011: During a Piers Morgan interview. Confirmed time traveler https://…[View]
118019073Why can't we see any direct evidence of Earth curvature?: That is: 1. Shot on a video 2. Not fr…[View]
118029720/lg/ - LIBERTARIAN GENERAL - STAND WITH RAND EDITION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCPvRkMRYWA ht…[View]
118029715KEK vrs lefty shills: How long till kik strikes down lefty shills like Bill Nye and how will he do i…[View]
118028572HANNITY RIGHT NOW - OBAMA SMOKING GUN: Jesus Christ there is too much info coming at me right now, a…[View]
118028941/pol/ **CANNOT** refute this. Sure if it's difficult I understand, but a man of his power shoul…[View]
118027137IT'S SEPTEMBER NOW IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE: >>118006850 just sayin'[View]
118027270sup guys, I think it's time we have an official song for Trump and his followers (shadilay does…[View]
118029625What do the gorillaz know /pol/? Their entire new music video is 4chan meme tier /x/ symbolism as if…[View]
118029316Adelaide ANONS! We have a chalkboard: Before I die I want to...: There's a chalkboard on put up…[View]
118029527Anti Racemixing, Anti Trans Coalition: We cannot let these jews and jew sympathizers spread this mem…[View]
118026842Reagan vs Trump: What was his secret? Why couldn't Trump slay like Reagan[View]
118029497How will /pol/ go down in history?: How will we go down in history fellas? Will we go down in histor…[View]
118015720Hindsight is 2020: Now that the Trump/Russia connection has been proven, do you still stand by your …[View]
118015344Do the jews want to destroy western society as revenge for the holocaust or is it something deeper a…[View]
118029433Where can I meet wholesome qt aryan women in Australia? >Hard mode [spoiler] No honorary aryans…[View]
118029407Hwndu: If shia is flying his new hwndu flag in an open are why not wait till a windless day and fly …[View]
118027833Would humanity really come together if there was a globe wide alien invasion? What would really happ…[View]
118029322Freedom Watch: Guys! Get in here, Ultimate Happening! Our entire government stands accused by larges…[View]
118024241Death is a preferable alternative to communism.[View]
118026338He didn't do anything wrong. He was a good boy and went to church. What was his excuse, /pol/?[View]
118029220So in this current day and age, what the hell is a 'real man'? cucks, trans, sjw's, numales, et…[View]
118026947what are some /pol/-approved games? i dont mean redpilled games just games /pol/ allows... I know VT…[View]
118029165If the Red Dragon is Satan (Rev 12). Then what is the Green Frog?[View]
118024301> So I was at my local southern California gym today wearing my Trump victory hat > A middle e…[View]
118027647Google announces Howard West: http://venturebeat.com/2017/03/23/google-announces-howard-west-a-googl…[View]
118023188Is there anything I should know? I'm in high school and want to hear your side of the story.: I…[View]
118021060Why don't you like Islam /pol/? >Women are beautiful, feminine, and submissive >More cons…[View]
118028213China Hate Thread Now[View]
118028994Hey /pol/ I'm getting ready for my next location. What are YOU doing to get ready?[View]
118028993Remind me again how people can hate this man?[View]
118026415Paul Manafort: Who the fuck is this guy and why are libs obsessed with him?[View]
117991978Syria General /sg/ - Syrian Cute Army Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wor…[View]
118028876Watch Sov. Citizens get fucked by cops: these cucks are so dumb. watch fags https://www.rabb.it/Fago…[View]
118028736>Hungary Big black cock is a meme. Why not get a Hungarian instead? We're civilized.…[View]
118026422What happens here?[View]
118028360Imagine there's no feminism...: Imagine there’s no feminism It’s easy if you try No “bodyshamin…[View]
118028673Hey Rabbi? Whatcha doin?: How are y'all always right?[View]
118028019Sweden to Adopt New National Banner: Vote in the Riksdag yields new banner for Sweden. The vote was …[View]
118008007What is the strongest evidence for an afterlife?: Is the threat of hellfire the only thing capable o…[View]
118027237Thoughts?: Thoughts?[View]
117997694Lockheed Martin: F-35 has 'Stealth mode' and 'Beast mode': > Lockheed Martin built the F-35 with …[View]
118028144Which country has girls that are not sluts?[View]
118028317Remember: Remember when liberals 'didn't want the FBI to have a backdoor into iPhones' because …[View]
118028295White men.: Pretty please, have a minimum of 3 children with a white wife. Regardless of the possibi…[View]
117990671Whenever I debate the whole 'replacement of Europeans' with anybody, I always hit a bit of a brick w…[View]
118025133What is the politically correct term for people with retardation?: He said it. Lamb Bright[View]
118023375This is Paris in the 21st century: Where did we all go so wrong?[View]
118028058Makes you think: .[View]
117997713Poland hate thread: ITT we hate on Poland and the awful people that live in that 'country' >shitt…[View]
118022509White Male Patriarchy: Just a reminder that whites are privileged and couldn't possibly underst…[View]
118025153http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/room-men-maternity-coverage_us_58d416e6e4b02d33b749b713 >/pol…[View]
118025421I honestly don't understand why Republicans think they can just take healthcare away from 24 mi…[View]
118027950Self country hate thread: Post ITT if you hate your own country >fat '''''people''''' >Hideous…[View]
118027837Why are so many European countries economically poor or fucked?[View]
118026414>live next door to a Vietnamese family >they moved here 10 years ago, never spoke to them muc…[View]
118021919/dsg/ - DEEP STATE GENERAL: /dsg/ - DEEP STATE GENERAL Devin Nunes speaking up on surveillence and o…[View]
118027641http://boingboing.net/2017/03/23/about-half-of-detroit-cant-r.html Liberals will defend this[View]
118014483I read this today and he makes a pretty good point. Even if we keep telling people statistics and qu…[View]
118027758Have you taken the scarlet redpill of MBTI yet /pol/?[View]
118025646>Christianity isn't rea- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xn_l2yS6H2o Checkmate fedora fags…[View]
118027704Comedy Central show to use 'experts' to deflate internet outrage of the 'far right': http://tvseries…[View]
118027519Why do black people look down on fellow blacks who don't 'Act black?'[View]
118027636Kek is real: Just[View]
118027568find a white male + white female couple in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qbe3oSfUG00 pr…[View]
118027494I'm sorry but I just can't keep up why are the jews pushing for globalism and multicultura…[View]
118025627Why is tolerance 'forced'? There will always be differences. You cannot change that fact. And don…[View]
118027277how do we lower gov spending 50% and regs 75%?: asap?[View]
118024442So through the ages, notion of beauty has changed. Egypt - slender, Ancient Greece - plump, Renaissa…[View]
118024203/ptg/ - PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - 'Reminder that Fox Buisness is the best channel' EDITION: PRESIDEN…[View]
118009776When you're wrong, you're wrong /pol/[View]
118019503>going through my youtube recommendations >see a complete Mein Kampf audiobook >I've n…[View]
118027274baby boomer nursing home apocalypse when?[View]
118024029Do Rape Trials Usually Side With Victim or Rapist?: Somehow I've gotten into a debate with some…[View]
118017990Why do Conservashits want to rob healthcare from hard working Americans ?: ?[View]
118025206Alright, /pol/, lets give it up to the Iraqi soldiers fighting ISIS![View]
118026846how long 'till Shia puts the flag into orbit?[View]
118026533PR Governor BTFO by Tucker Carlson LMAO! https://youtu.be/j0X3hXakVQU[View]
118023734DIVERSITY IS A STRENGTH: >Nagorno Karabakh >Armenian Majority in a small part of Azerbaijan …[View]
118027072You Will be Slaves: Went to Livejasmin and asked the girls: has your country been taken over by musl…[View]
118026186SJW friend: How do I stop my friend from becoming a full blown sjw? She started lecturing me the oth…[View]
118025363Can we deport people who are anti-1st amendment?[View]
118027019WHATS DOES /POL THINK ABOUT MICHAEL MEDVED?: I've been listening to him for over 10 years. I us…[View]
118022322Your countries ghetto: Do you have invisible boundaries in your city that only locals know about whe…[View]
118026032Is there a single famous person in the United States that looks more Jewish than Ben Silverman? Just…[View]
118018883STUDY: Trump's Win Made Men More Aggressive Toward Women: >STUDY: Trump's Win Made Men …[View]
118026703PLACE YOUR BETS. Will the Jews Win, /pol/?: And eliminate the white man? Then reign supreme over the…[View]
118026829USA General: http://www.wcax.com/story/34985419/complaints-of-mice-at-rutland-mcdonalds-prompts-inve…[View]
118024160What happened in your country between 600 & 900 CE/AD?: >Bulgaria >681 AD Thirty-thousand …[View]
118026073#murderallwhitepeople : a way to discredit the left: Like I said before, this hashtag is meant to sp…[View]
118026725Are Australians the embarrassment of the Anglo sphere?[View]
118026748Trump playing 4d chess: 4chan can you give me some examples of how Trump has been playing 4d chess I…[View]
118021345I hate to admit it, but she's absolutely right.[View]
118020036Did he do it /pol/?[View]
118023249Anyone else here going to fucking kill themselves if nothing comes out about Obama wiretapping Trump…[View]
118026680Who is going to be the next monarch of the UK? Is there a chance that he/she will matter politically…[View]
118013460You just bought some Wendy's as you usually do on friday nights. You order a baconator to go. Y…[View]
118023867Reddit: Why are they such faggots? Also, remember this: >if you're ((('''alt-right'''))), yo…[View]
118026516Oyygle Bagel! There is a (((Job))) to be done in Norwaygle, Goygel!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
118017519>Now it says here that you have no social media. Could you explain why?…[View]
118025365Anti-Islam Standup Comedy?: /pol/ I can't find any standup comedy that picks fun at Islam or Mu…[View]
118024306You don't oppose the Master, right? After all, the only way to move past our petty differences …[View]
118017490Why should I believe in Jewish fairytales?[View]
118023763JEWISH MAN ARRESTED FOR HARASSING JEWISH CENTRES NATIONWIDE: http://abcnews.go.com/US/suspect-arrest…[View]
118026293petition / open israelli border to migrants: /pol/ is powerful and should do a big (fucking big) pet…[View]
118025886Will you stand against the globalists?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buAQuxHeRDU[View]
118023703Russia: Rossiya Vpered[View]
117981861/nsg/ - National Socialism General: Thread for the discussion of National Socialism, Aryanism, Esote…[View]
118024811robocop: welcome to a new age gentalman an age of robot police[View]
118019383Oh look at that, another white girl perpetuating the disproved 'black criminal' myth. https://twitte…[View]
118026009>screaming bloody murder over Clintons emails >Trumpsplainin' away intention public leaks…[View]
118026163/lg/ - LIBERTARIAN GENERAL - STAND WITH RAND EDITION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCPvRkMRYWA ht…[View]
118026133is he dare I say, our guy!?[View]
117985212Mussolini's grandaughter yells at Liberal Nigger in debate over immigration: I don't under…[View]
118025222States With Death Penalty Have Higher Murder Rates: Conservashits B.T.F.O. http://www.deathpenaltyin…[View]
118020295From spy to president: The rise of Vladimir Putin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxMWSmKieuc…[View]
118002020Every FUCKING time. Like clockwork, All we need now is the facebook flag filter.[View]
118021289Tell me, do you like the military industrial complex, or do you not? It seems to provide an opportun…[View]
118025921guys, let's face it, the earth is flat. allah says so. blasphemous to debunk, you will face jai…[View]
118020279Thule Society Die Glocke and Kek magic: You guys have heard about the Thule Society, The Black Sun, …[View]
118025499>should I homeschool my children?[View]
118025327Childfree Antinatalists?: Any childfree Antinatalists here? I just feel like life has no inherent me…[View]
118025062What keeps your friends from going alt-right?[View]
11802490301011001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01101101 01110101 01110011 01110100 00100000 01110000 01101111 0…[View]
118025031GERMANY YES: Carl the cuck is back on duolingo![View]
118017723YOU GUYS, I knew it, I fucking KNEW it, I told my friends the other day that she would get dropped f…[View]
118025746Where do I get a Pepe Pin like Spencer's? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rh1dhur4aI[View]
118021805Right-Wing Accounts On Twitter Targeted and Censored—Leaked List: Right-Wing Accounts On Twitter Tar…[View]
118005676'White Countries' don't exist >white countries I see this phrase on /pol/ all the time, and …[View]
118024968Does Google images have some type of bias?: I don't want to sound like a paranoid nut, but Goog…[View]
118022208Black Angels thread: Can we get a Black Angels thread?[View]
118025676/cg/ Christianity General: How about we have one of these as habbenings get more and more common?…[View]
118012659ART OF THE DEAL FOLKS!: Trump has walked away from Healthcare! Paul Ryan is done![View]
118023298>Biggest Mexican jew is pushing Transtardism and mental sickness acceptance now What the fuck. …[View]
118022015strong back: >taboo counterculture & dialect >no family structure or role models >parti…[View]
118025110I keked: >trying to find a new board >see /biz/ as an option >interested in finance and bus…[View]
118024617Why did they steal his mask and treasures and put it on display in a museum isnt this hugely disresp…[View]
118018846/pol/: what do we do with bosniaks?[View]
118023459Too many Jews in Trump's inner circle?[View]
118022250why are advanced economies spending so little money in investment?[View]
118024822Jack the Ripper: 'The Jews are the men who will not be blamed for nothing' - JtR Was he redpilled /p…[View]
118024408So /pol/ when did you grew out of religion, nationalism and other spooks?[View]
118017733What did you say about feminism!?[View]
118024279Is he 'our' guy?[View]
118022777When will he do an AMA here in /pol/[View]
118018553So this sexy mama got convicted today of slowly poisoning her 9 year old son for a little over a yea…[View]
118025076ITT: characters that would have voted for Trump[View]
118025077Anyone who has not read this book cant talk about religion: I see so much BS from all sides daily, p…[View]
118024573Know the difference, /pol/. It could save your life.[View]
118023715/bluepill/ general: Just take a step back, anons. Stop letting current events rule your life. None o…[View]
118024347NEW: Hello im new and this is my first post. Great i hear you all say. I am FRASER1776 on twitter. I…[View]
118017502It's over. http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/22/politics/us-officials-info-suggests-trump-associates-m…[View]
118015371If multiculturalism doesn't work how do you explain Canada?[View]
118020599Donald Trump Time Traveller Confirmed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wAEcN9UIy8&feature=youtu…[View]
118024234When is the next 4CHAN big event happening. I'm talking invasion of a website. Take down of a g…[View]
118023434How do we make Christianity Anti-Semetic Again?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtz995yz4-s…[View]
118020532Kill yourself to make the world a better place! We must unite as a human race and all commit suide t…[View]
118007434Muslims across the street: I have been living across the street from muslim neighbours for about 3 y…[View]
118021574Black women are superior Deal with it[View]
117996830How long till Sweden collapses into civil war?: Whites won't ignore that event. It will be a sh…[View]
118024315Trans Comics Thread: Let's see what the disabled are up to.[View]
118023827So how's that 'Repeal ObamaCare' thing goin' for ya?[View]
118021572/ptg/ - PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - 'The Man Who Was Tucked to Death' EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUM…[View]
118024151smuggies thread: posting OC[View]
118020556How do we fix the incest problem among rural and suburban retards /pol/? All of this in-breeding is …[View]
118018751*sips tea*: Well /pol/? Care to explain yourselves? I'll wait.[View]
118023694Nigel BTFO by cucks on Facebook: Is this normal? are these commenters shills?[View]
118023981Can someone give me a quick rundown on the Lebanese? Is 'Phoenician' a real thing or just something …[View]
118023980Photoshop Bullshit: Just created this masterpiece, and will be creating more all night.[View]
118023956King Nigger must be arrested: Daily reminder that King Nigger must be brought to justice for crimes …[View]
118023949Drumpfkins btfo, you literally can't argue this. It's over nazis[View]
118023888I have a nasty idea, we need to work with /vp/ for this in pokemon, when you nickname a pokemon, onl…[View]
118012611They are more Buddhists then Muslims in Australia, why don't we ever hear about them?[View]
118019626>20 years old >Have never had a girlfriend before How do I get one? Is it even worth bothering…[View]
118019494/ptg/ President Trump General - SPICY EDITION EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehou…[View]
118011328Doctors and politics: My psychologist called me a 'neo liberal nazi' today, because I was talking ab…[View]
118000069Is universal income inevitable?[View]
118023160Back at it again: >police advice 'Trust us. You don't want to fuck with Kek.'…[View]
118022450>Antifa hate thread. Post them if you got 'em.[View]
118021184Alright you self-hating fucks, which one of you is a secret Jew?[View]
118018880/ptg/ President Trump General - WINNERS AREN'T LOSER EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://…[View]
118006988Memetic Principality of Kek General - We're serious on this edition: >To find these generals…[View]
118023205Is he /ourguy/ ? Similar to the Dylann Roof case he had to take a stand against the crimes of black…[View]
118011235'Three Syrian migrants attacked a mother of two coming home from a kids nursery in the village of Kl…[View]
118015587I fucking love this man[View]
118020993Britbongs get in here: So /pol/ will i see you at the march?[View]
118016450RANDCARE: ITT: We meme rand pauls healthcare bill into reality. POST ALL OF YOUR RAND MEMES[View]
118022984/ptg/ President Trump General - NO PROBLEMS EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse…[View]
118020745YOU WANT A FUCKING RED PILL /POL/?: >He (Hitler) had in him the stuff of which legends are made o…[View]
118020602>Ancient egyptian god worship >Praetorian Guards trying to kill Nero >Barbarian hordes tryi…[View]
118022840Allen Lawrence Scarscella: Now that the dust has settled, was he in the wrong?[View]
118016293What did he say, /pol/?[View]
118016981We're about to defeat the wrong enemy again...[View]
118017549Wife votes trump husband gets deported: Is this bitch retarded? http://lawnewz.com/high-profile/wife…[View]
118021110>The Jews knew you white people would eventually try to fight the tides of change. >Jews tried…[View]
118020709Islam Survey: Someone should get into some Islamist board or group (facebook, Reddit, etc.) and get …[View]
118021802Are the mods redpilled?[View]
118020138Racemixing's ok if guys do it: R-Right?[View]
118020339/lg/ - LIBERTARIAN GENERAL - STAND WITH RAND EDITION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCPvRkMRYWA ht…[View]
118022680une pays une nation une langue C'est la recoquista[View]
118022554Rosen game changer thread no. 2, Astronomical Pepe Edition: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/03/…[View]
118018735How the fuck do you decide who to vote for in Pakistan[View]
118021863No Consent Necessary: Really? no1 is talking about this annoying bill?? https://www.privateinterneta…[View]
118022352The clock is ticking Drumpfkins[View]
118018996Is joining the military still worth it? I aspire to go in as an officer, but /pol/ keeps saying that…[View]
118022353Anyone else going to see paul ryan in Chicago?[View]
118001846Motion M-103 passes: Racists BTFO >http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/m-103-islamophobia-motion-vote…[View]
118008215How long until the virtual flag gets hacked?[View]
118009602>let me just equip my chinese hardha-[View]
118006850Kek Is Communicating!: I found something interesting and might be vital. Okay so this song https://y…[View]
118016715Senator Warren Visit: Elizabeth 'Get back in the Kitchen or get served a Lynchin' Warren is vising t…[View]
118020536Solution for ISIS: When will God Emperor Trump shake off the liberals, cuckolds, conservatives, sand…[View]
118021208Mexicans, now that your millions of black-hearted spawn have succeeded in driving most white/black/o…[View]
118021370Nigger hate thread[View]
118013113I'm going to do it: I'm gonna do it /pol/, I'm gonna fucking do it.[View]
118020879D.C. Hate thread: >go to iconic D.C. Restaurant >order their signature dish, the half smoke …[View]
118013201NSA to provide smoking gun proof that Obama spied on Trump: Will Obama become a crip or blood when h…[View]
118021707That Fur Fun game is somewhat appealing all of a sudden.[View]
118020910>gain total control of the migratory behavior of all human beings and turks on the earth for one …[View]
118018868/ptg/ - PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - ARE ANN EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
118015448Redpill me on what happened to women? Why is talking to them such a flip of the coin and why does it…[View]
118016631Do you love japan?[View]
118021679Brit/pol/ - Anti-Anime Death Squads: The way I see it there's 3 options. 1) integration 2) they…[View]
118020121/ptg/ President Trump General - MOON BASE EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
118017207Sweden NO!: What the fuck have you done to yourself Sweden? You used to be beautiful! https://www.yo…[View]
118021368American Health Care Act: Ok, enough of this bullshit. Someone needs to actually break down the prob…[View]
118019356I have an idea to expose the hypocritical nature of feminists to the general public on a massive red…[View]
118019696does anyone have this video?[View]
118011495>when you hate equal rights for women, gays, and minority groups and hate the Jews with all your …[View]
118021433hwndu: Did the UK flag come down or not? I'm so confused.[View]
118021290Do the Jew fear the Samurai? Are the Japanese onto (((them))) ?[View]
118017769>Add this to the healthcare bill >take that away >add this >take away that >grease th…[View]
118014322Pro Trump Maga March this Saturday the 25th: Attention Lads Itsgoingdown.org is hosting a Soros fund…[View]
118016307All lives matter, right?: She's not wrong though. Surely there are some white anons near DC who…[View]
118020942The God Emperor has declared his support for the Obamacare repeal; yet some rogue elements of /pol/ …[View]
118012306What's his name again?[View]
118021086Christoph Rehage is a Chinese Communist Party Opperative: After thorough investigation into top anti…[View]
118020322stop being so mean you racists just because he's a Jew doesn't mean antisemitism isn'…[View]
118001075HAPPENING: OBAMA WILL GO TO JAIL: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/03/23/potential-smoking-gun-s…[View]
117983709Communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the ideol…[View]
118020722Russian propaganda. Happening. Attention needed!: So, This thing is trending in JEWTUBE right now. …[View]
118005862How do you rate his first 2 months in office?[View]
118016349Thoughts on The Hill: Is the comment section of thehill.com degenerate? It seems to be polluted with…[View]
118020935I wonder if Shia Labeouf will finally be the bigger guy after what happened to his newest season of …[View]
118015575A Crusade in the near future?: w/ all those Terror attacks happening, w/ the Church not caring, do y…[View]
118001115Redpill me on Bulgaria: Met a pretty ok Bulgarian guy recently, my questions are: Is there really a …[View]
118018240REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Fucking Sandniggers. What the fuck Canada? How do we fix this? Now these islamists…[View]
118020808Western Civilization, Defining it: Where the Roman border meets the North Sea[View]
118020446After WW3 Europe will turn into a nuclear wasteland[View]
118017387Alright which one of you was this? http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-39369090[View]
118019844WE BACK IN THE GAME BOYZ >http://freebeacon.com/national-security/intelligence-reports-reveal-imp…[View]
118012828>to intellegent to be racist[View]
117997180Brit/pol/ - The Options Edition: The way I see it there's 3 options. 1) integration 2) they wi…[View]
118020544Reminder /pol/ voted for this.: The US Senate today voted to eliminate broadband privacy rules that …[View]
118016764This is Charles Martel: He was a frankish statesman and military leader who as Duke and Prince of th…[View]
118014318>tfw your glorious country isn't a superpower but can enjoy all the benefits of peacefulness…[View]
118020460Alan Goldberg just cucked the tuck and BTFO /pol/ on twatter good night alt right[View]
117981076Welfare needs reformed: What's your argument against this photo? And please, no 'muh inflation'…[View]
118020158Friendly reminder that Ron Senile Paul was a career politician who passed no meaningful legislation[View]
118019192>Owls eat frogs >Elite from around the world worship an owl also known as Moloch >We worshi…[View]
118018872What's wrong with a little pot, /pol/?[View]
118019811Worldstar HipHop just posted this on their Instagram. Can we influence Worldstar to tell their 9M fo…[View]
118010694Can YOU see what's wrong with this picture, /pol/?[View]
118008983Sesame Street has a new character with autism: So how does it feel to be represented in the wider wo…[View]
118019865hurr guise durr the free market will fix it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hscnxtr0pss https://www…[View]
118018100Heat Street reports: https://heatst.com/culture-wars/trolls-tear-down-he-will-not-divide-us-liverpoo…[View]
118019960Is this true? https://i.imgur.com/uhuk3Lu.jpg[View]
118014108We need to settle this once and for all...: Artistic or autistic?[View]
118019897Slavic Peoples: Well /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1Y-GCF9k7M Pic unrelated[View]
118002816We are entering a 20 year solar minimum, prepare for mini ice age: http://www.collective-evolution.c…[View]
118012961http://hewillnotdivieus.xyz/ We did it Reddit[View]
118019858our stupid cunt mayor: http://www.knoxnews.com/story/news/2017/03/21/knoxville-mayor-kpd-officers-ar…[View]
118004711Hi /pol/, I just started watching David Duke's videos on Youtube and they are pretty interestin…[View]
118010102Should America have separated from England?[View]
118017090She ne vmerla: >Ukraine Post-Soviets of /pol/-this seem right?[View]
118019134The_Donald uncucked!!!! holy shit!!: https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/613gzr/trump_was_v…[View]
118019753kek is a god of chaos not a cuckservative republican never forget that[View]
118018451How many Jews actually exist on the planet?[View]
118019733Posting about hwndu is like snapchat: deleted after 10 seconds[View]
118019680MEMED INTO OFFICE PT. 2: Guys we've done it before, shitpost hugh mungus into office. please.…[View]
118013908It's okay, /pol/. We all make mistakes. The important thing is to admit them, learn from them a…[View]
118012095ASK THE WHITE HOUSE ANYTHING: Hello friends. I am the personal assistant to President Trump, and I…[View]
118016975>at some point in my life I will have to ask out a girl either in person or online and she will l…[View]
118008674Senate votes to let US citizens to get fucked: Defend this you shits http://www.tomshardware.com/new…[View]
118019457Lena Dunham: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/lena-dunham-weight-loss-doesnt-make-me-a-hypocrite/ correct…[View]
118016741SANCHEZ LAWYER: IT WAS CONSENSUAL: Hold on to your assholes, guys. >Undocumented 18 year old and…[View]
118009621If non whites feel so oppresed by white people, why do they still want to date them?[View]
118015093LOVE. TRUMPS. HATE.[View]
118019235OKay guys House of Commons voted in favour of m103 (the anti islamophobia motion) we're done Ca…[View]
118019287Islam IS Western Civilization: Hey /pol/, did you know that Muslims actually discovered America? Did…[View]
118016402Flush it down[View]
118018910Why this cuckoldchan get credits for 8/pol? >Fucking newfags Why shills4cuckoldchan instead of 8/…[View]
118019218Islamists demend Queen of England convert or leave the country: Multiculturalism works! This people …[View]
118019174REPEAL HART CELLER GENERAL: Too many shitposts on /pol/ tonight #REPEALHARTCELLER[View]
118019163Good job on fiding the HWNDU flag guys[View]
118016878Arkansas General: Who Arkansas here[View]
118019072Lauren Southern; 'THE EXISTENCE OF WESTERN CHILDREN': https://twitter.com/Lauren_Southern/status/844…[View]
118016850Media fallacies: I need some recent examples of media fallacies, so please dump them if you have the…[View]
118019050>campaign on dealmaking prowess >fail to make a deal to repeal Obamacare when literally EVERYO…[View]
118017487ITT:We post the Representative from our districts: Well boys, Trump asked us to write our Representa…[View]
117999427post your heritage, any interesting family members[View]
118014786Normies are Being Conditioned to Celebrate Terrorist Attacks[View]
118018412OK /pol/, serious question: is she /ourgirl/ >joins Irish mob >kills randos >family says th…[View]
118017615how is like living around dindus?[View]
118015854Ancap, Libertarian, and all Quadrant IV on Political Compass get in here!: Discussion for all people…[View]
118017483Gimme a sec As you may have seen. Earlier today an attack was carried out on a Shia fanfic site feat…[View]
118018688Millennial Hate Thread: >Be me >Millennial >Never had a girlfriend >All girls at my col…[View]
118015490PUTINCARE polling at 17%[View]
118013416Young Afghan boy is hailed 'Little Picasso' in Serbian refugee camp https://www.youtube.co…[View]
118006800Trucks: >be most powerful and important man in the world >also on a personal level you are ric…[View]
118016250post your favourite turk-roach/kebab removal songs mine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPXBY7Q723g…[View]
118010274Gayfag here: How many more months until my people and I are rounded up in camps?[View]
118018504Left: Taiwan: Right: Germany Where?[View]
118016114>>>OY VEY: http://abcnews.go.com/US/suspect-arrested-israel-connection-bomb-threats-us-jewi…[View]
117983704The PUA path is the best path in the 21st Century.: Has anyone here ever fiddled around with PUA/sed…[View]
118015240We here. And we fuckin all your women. :^)[View]
118015079True cost of creating, funding, maintaining and protecting Israel: Whats the true cost of creating, …[View]
118013699How fucked is he?[View]
118017969Hmm what did they mean by this?[View]
117999865We were warned.: We were told to stay off of /pol/ after March 15th. Nobody took it seriously. Is th…[View]
117993036PETERSON PLEBBIT AMA IN 45 MINUTES: Prepare your anus for Jordan Peterson. What questions should we …[View]
118017860Great news for Isis.: A weak tired ineffective old man is now leader of the free world. 30 day repor…[View]
118017835/pol/ 1:1000 Earth minecraft server: polandcraft.keko.net Discuss your political views, build a fact…[View]
118016819Is anyone here unironically against bill m-103? I stand locked arm and arm with my Muslim brothers a…[View]
118012567Norwegian Liberal politician defends his own Somali rapist: This is level 6 of being Cucked. It…[View]
118017554He stayed behind the assembly hall It was there he made his bed Oftentimes he could be seen returnin…[View]
118017557Everyone in New Zealand is retarded. I fail to believe that the average IQ here is 100. The world mu…[View]
117998238This delusional person is trying to steal Pepe![View]
118016747Last time I go to plebbit[View]
118007999Why are so many republicans against complete obama care repeal? WTF: kick these cronies out its like…[View]
118015396>Do you have the votes? >Do you have the votes? >Do you have the votes?…[View]
118017357Going to this thread while listening to Spongebob - Wooden bear is perfect![View]
118017428Digital HWNDU: http://hewillnotdivideus.xyz/ Methinks something needs to be done about this.[View]
118017384>Religion of peace[View]
118015879Australian Mines: Alright you Auscunts, Can you lot give me a quick rundown on Australian mining the…[View]
118013212HeWillNotDivideUs campaign: Okay you britfags on 4chan. Time to take over. Find it and shut it down.…[View]
118017310Jew-S.A is still No 1 terrorist. I would do lots of terrorism if my innocent waifu and kids got bomb…[View]
117999543Praise Saturnalia: Where where you when El Saturn returned to the earth /pol/?[View]
118017277I love femboys/traps/trannies[View]
118017170It must be hot: fucking pol is pulling down pizzagate threads???[View]
118015246What the fuck is this shit?[View]
118016817It appears out /tv/ infestation has been a complete success Where to next?[View]
118016674In 1880, the age of consent was 10-12 years old in most states, with the exception of Delaware where…[View]
118014079We're fucked now, basically: When Christians 'opened up their hearts' over the past eight years…[View]
118012618Come home, anon.: Have you ever been hurt, scammed, or 'done wrong' by a white person? Be honest - y…[View]
118016904Kek is coming back: Obviously we summoned an ancient God beyond our control. Everyone praise Kek bef…[View]
118014859Are Iberians white or just non-black?[View]
118015121If cumskins are so superior then how come we have been endowed with 9 inch cocks. Aka the destroyer …[View]
118004443List every candidate you've supported in your life: >2012 Ron Paul Barack Obama >2016 Ran…[View]
118015805Stormfront is founded by a woman: Remember that Stormfront is created by a woman, not a man.[View]
11801595432:15 skip ahead yaron brook explains why house prices should go down: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
118015559GLOBALIST ENDGAME & IDENTITY: Alright who are these fuckers and what is their goddamn endgame? …[View]
118006247Cumdumpster RTFO by police: http://kmod.iheart.com/articles/monthly-499479/video-tulsa-police-releas…[View]
118016526Weddings the last week in France: I'm the last White Male :'([View]
118012451>ridiculous new ISP spying law passes Senate >Right doesn't care because they're too…[View]
118010841Trump new about pizzagate in 2011: Mentions pizzagate by name. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wAEc…[View]
118012294Hey /pol/, did you know that Muslims actually discovered America? Did you know that Muslims founded …[View]
118000042Okay you bunch of cheeky cunts what is this 'Islamophobic bill' in Leaf central about?: Seriously wh…[View]
118015799Kek has given us a gift! SCOTUS & God Emperor under Obama's Surveillance[View]
118012293MGTOW and MRA are created from the same impetus, sexual frustration from rejection and humiliation b…[View]
118016225Roaches getting destroyed thread: Post pictures of Roachland getting BTFO throughout history.[View]
118013884what will it take to actually start the fucking race war? are we just waiting for the shitskins to o…[View]
118014510What are your true opinions on this guy (Varg)? To me he just seems like more of a nutcase.[View]
118014715/pol/ absolutely BTFO by Nazis!!: http://aryanism.net/politics/white-nationalists/ >Of all groups…[View]
118015918Guys I'm about to join, what to expect?[View]
118015254How much would /pol/s quality increase if all americans were completely banned from posting? I think…[View]
118016105Muslim extremists hate the west and they hate you. Whether you think it's 'real Islam' or not d…[View]
118015735>It's an another thread where Americans pretend that corporations have the same rights as pe…[View]
118016052https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqEddipbpkw Donald Trump could appoint Hillary Corrupt-Clinton to a …[View]
118015960When will /pol/ eventually cross 'the line' and implode or get shut down completely? What are the le…[View]
118008243/Pol/ Degeneracy List: Ok /pol/, lets start a thread where we list and debate everything we consider…[View]
118006439Some while ago on /pol/ I've seen anons talking about a certain model of old military laptops t…[View]
117952171Who do you support? Based Asian /pol/ calling out the white race traitor, or the ugly white guy race…[View]
118015867HWNDU: Wait, did we sabotage this thing again? Quick rundown?[View]
118014603Why is that liberals say they're fighting for everybody, but in the end they just create more c…[View]
118015202let me know if you hacked the site: come on guys, we can do this, the offline version is ready!…[View]
118012894The Kecksburg UFO: There's a place in Pennsylvania called Kecksburg, and on December 9, 1965, a…[View]
118009716King Of Brazil[View]
117990013Make France Great again V4: MEME FOR LE PEN We can't make the same mistake as the Netherlands, …[View]
118014317Really makes you think[View]
118013576Sarcuck of Akek getting BTFO by Crowder LIVE: >Muh islam is a religion of peace https://www.youtu…[View]
118015186How does it feel that drumpf will fail to repeal and replace Obamacare? This ultimatum is a joke! Dr…[View]
118010930/pol/ JUST GOT SERVED SO HARD: *sips tea*[View]
118008386>we live in a dystopian society where people's social status is determined by the amount of …[View]
118003931Are you a fuckboy /pol/?: http://www.slate.com/blogs/lexicon_valley/2015/08/18/what_does_fuckboy_mea…[View]
118005244If you don't eat oat porridge with some sugar and a small amount of butter every single morning…[View]
118015086WESTHETICA THREAD: Westhetica/Fashwave Thread Post your Westhetica/Fashwave >What is the artistic…[View]
118012999Anybody see Dr. Phil on Tuesday?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e05pKMmsg0o All about elite pedo r…[View]
117988175Political WAIFU Thread: I'm a Republican but I can't help it...[View]
118013577Attempted terrorist attack in Belgium: Armed 'North African' man attempts to drive into a crowd, sol…[View]
118010831could r/esist be considered a new form of mental disability?[View]
118015059Questionable raid: Was there a raid I was unaware of? This seems very much like a /pol/ thing to do…[View]
118015048HWNDU VICTORY!!!: Britpol /k/orps VICTORY! The museuem has abandoned HWNDU. https://heatst.com/cultu…[View]
118015014if trump fails we are 100% fucked[View]
118011462Is this man a Democrat or a Republican?[View]
118014892Is this fucking real?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JV0S07EakCs This can't be real…[View]
118014712Please Congress pass the AHCA: Millions of Trumpfags (aka old white people in fly over states) will …[View]
118014424Why won't this fucking asshole let me leave turkey? I keep trying to leave and he just gets mad…[View]
118012162Whatcha doin' rabbi?: Israeli teen behind bomb threats at Jewish centres http://www.breitbart.c…[View]
118014781You boys ready to die in a holy war[View]
118013975A Simple Question: What is currently the dominant race on planet Earth?[View]
118014679Awesome Guy: He did nothing wrong[View]
118011566How long till the next race war /pol/?[View]
118012336Israel, why did you blow a hole in this chalkboard?[View]
118010781It's. Literally. Fucking. Happening.: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/03/23/potential-smok…[View]
118014431Let's actually talk about political theory for once. What does /pol/ think of John Stuart Mill …[View]
118014244HWNDU FALSE FLAG!! WE ARE PROVIDING SHIA'S ART!!: I'm telling you now. This is his plan. T…[View]
118006188in what state can I buy guns as a foreigner?[View]
118006860Will the white working class save us?: The working class faces most of the government policy changes…[View]
118013093Right-wingers need to abandon Christianity: Before you call me a shill, please read and think about …[View]
118010151Checkmate transphobes[View]
117984299GUNSHOTS AND EXPLOSIONS IN LONDON: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4343862/Gun-shots-explosi…[View]
118003295Post 9/11 skyscraper in New York: Now planes can fly through towers without causing damage! http://w…[View]
118013236Feminism? Why of course!: Why fight her paying for the bills?![View]
118013509Holocaust 'survivors' came to my school: Some Holocaust 'survivors' came to my school and I couldn…[View]
118011074Commies Vs Europe: Today at Auckland University: OK guys some background >auckland university Eu…[View]
118013816Do women lawyers get payed less than male lawyers even if they work harder?[View]
117999582Operation: Lightning Bird: Operation: Lightning Bird Objective: To vote Donald Trump in as a 'CNN He…[View]
118001712/Polder/ ENGLISH ONLY edition: /POLDER/ GENERAL THREAD Please use English only or the mods will dele…[View]
118013752David: New to the game but love and support the /pol/ Just figured David doesn't need a 10th he…[View]
118009970WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!: Obongo and all Menthal Crippels from the CIA and 'inteligence community' are g…[View]
118013275Is there any more phrase in modern politics more obnoxious than saying that someone 'is voting again…[View]
118007631kekkit: I'm trying to develop a message board that has absolutely no ability to be moderated. I…[View]
118013688Canada passes M103, blasphemy bill: This is fucking disgusting. A western nation fully cucked for Mu…[View]
118013563im a white skinny girl really wanting a Jew to fuck rn thanks. Hmu.[View]
118012472Trolling suggestions for my college subreddit: My college subreddit is filled with morons. Anytime I…[View]
118013182>Obama's birth certificate was proven by a federally funded team of forensic scientists to b…[View]
118000870>no wall >she is not in prison >shitty little ''muslim ban'' >israel is our greatest all…[View]
118013528Roaches getting BTFO thread: Post pictures of all the times roaches have been BTFO throughout histor…[View]
118005902ITS FUCKING HAPPENING! http://yournewswire.com/dr-phil-elite-pedophile-rings/ Dr. FUCKING PHIL IS EX…[View]
118012354An anecdote on David Rockefeller: An anecdote on David Rockefeller, from the memoirs of Argentinian …[View]
118010104Why is the world so fucked up with misery and suffering?[View]
117988669National Party-Ireland /Pol/'s Party: So for those of you who don't know, Ireland has a ne…[View]
118013041regulation caused the gr8 dep and 2008: dems are wrong about everything[View]
117970188Is there any rational argument against having multiple wives?[View]
118013234Um.... well???: Does this sound familiar, /pol/? Trump is an enemy of free speech and democracy.…[View]
118013187tfw: That face when your talking with your father and he says race mixing is bad.[View]
118006590Your daily reminder that Trump's a traitor[View]
118013153'But Christians Do It Too!': What are the bullshit excuses that leftists make for them?[View]
118013137Why doesn't right wing populism exist in: Canada Australia Portugal Spain Ireland Norway Finlan…[View]
118005960What's your opinion of India[View]
118012937>be white >die[View]
118012319Alright /pol/, where do you actually stand on Trump's obamacare repeal bill?[View]
118010444*blocks your path*[View]
118010994/pol/ this is a dire warning. If an incumbent trump runs against michelle obama as a democrat nomin…[View]
117994755Is homosexuality unnatural?: Many people like to claim homosexuality is common in the animal kingdom…[View]
118004732How long will the end of the US take? Will it be as quick as the fall of the USSR? Does anyone even …[View]
118010856is he dead yet?[View]
118011347Admit it: Her policies are incredible. We really missed out by not electing her.[View]
118009158This is Timothy Caughman. He was murdered by a white supremacist in New York yesterday.[View]
118009277Y'know it feels like there isn't really a country out there that all of /pol/ can agree on…[View]
117982467True Capitalist Radio #476 - G is retarded edition: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ghost/2017/03/23/tr…[View]
118006811Is libertarianism dead?[View]
118009994All aboard the Trump Bus, /pol/! We're going to repeal Obamacare today! Beep beep![View]
118012499Is this accurate? http://anepigone.blogspot.ca/2017/03/detailed-demographic-breakdown-of-2016.html…[View]
117996936Goodbye privacy. ISP's may soon be able to sell all your browsing information to companies. htt…[View]
118011173What happened to him[View]
118011868Til Friday, Kek Said: Don't stress fellow prophets, Friday will be /ourday/. Something huge in …[View]
118012377Proposed for delete after 3 minutes?[View]
118012352>Sometimes it's the opposite https://twitter.com/RT_com/status/845070410693709826 Does he se…[View]
118007783How do we stave off the NWO?[View]
118012244Why didn't you save the day /pol/: You could have gone down as heroes.[View]
118008505Redpill me on fentanyl. Is it the Jews?[View]
118009694Is football (soccer) degenerate? I hope it is[View]
118008593Jordan Peterson AMA - Happening now: Hi /pol/, Jordan Peterson is conducting his AMA now. If anyone…[View]
118011960Let's get a helicopter.[View]
117996996Is Spain cucked lads? You know in the mudslime way.[View]
117981272>tfw ex-muslim who lived his whole life in arab countries >know the ins and outs and weak poin…[View]
118007648>Weinstein Company to Make Trayvon Martin Film and Documentary Series Hahaha suck it RACISTS, BL…[View]
118010494/pol/ will defend this[View]
118010386Biodiversity and Human Diversity are Comparable Things: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWVATekt4ZA …[View]
118011715/Shalom/: Shalom, my fellow Jews. Let's discuss Jew stories. >Synagogue has a problem just b…[View]
118009083>be me >white christian living in europe >happen to speak arabic because one must know the …[View]
117993469How do I stop being a conservaphobe? Convince me that right wingers are nothing to be afraid of.[View]
118010081Kek is not a god of righteousness: You fools. You've brought upon us a god of Chaos. Kek doesn…[View]
118011456sh4d1l4y: Kek works in strange ways.[View]
118011436Know Thy Enemy: Christopher Jon Bjerknes --- Secrets of the Crypto Tribe Jews (Sabbatean & Frank…[View]
118004746How is National Socialism not just Democratic Socialism?[View]
118011335What do you think of this /pol/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWbtN1mwgkU&t=29s I know this …[View]
118011309A shout out to the Alt Right and Nazis and /pol/: This User Caught Something Interesting About @Rogu…[View]
118011283Christianity is REAL: >Christianity isn't rea- Checkmate fedora fags https://www.youtube.com…[View]
117995020What did Hitler do wrong?[View]
118005201Australia close to resettling 12,000 Syrian refugees: >http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireSt…[View]
118011220ITT we tell what we do and how we are doing and give recommendations to other /pol/acks. 26/m. I am …[View]
118010972How can you call yourself redpilled while not having embraced the dharma? What's your excuse?[View]
118008011QUESTION TIME / THIS WEEK: IT'S TIME FOR THE NEIL TO SAVE THE EVENING. Thanks for a shit episod…[View]
118000053Drug 'reverses' ageing in animal tests: No need to worry about white birth rates anymore, …[View]
118008754How is the nation state superior to globalism?[View]
118011076Take back 4chan thread. Its obvious that asian moot has sold out our interests to companies shilling…[View]
118010633NEW FLAG: Shia found a new way to fly his shitty flag. https://krikienoid.github.io/flagwaver/#?src=…[View]
118010986Alas, I have become one with the hominid. An animalistic essence courses through my veins. My mind, …[View]
118010976/HWNDU/: Somebody stole their virtual flag. well done you cheeky bastard.[View]
118010099Daily reminder: Indians are the true aryans and will be a superpower by 2025. Daily reminder India i…[View]
118010784Germany Yes! Will Terrorism ever recover from this? That will show them! https://www.welt.de/vermisc…[View]
118008264Is it a coinicidence the smartest area in the entire US was also the most democratic area in the ent…[View]
118010573When will Catholicism die off? Pope's a Marxist, Super Shitlib liberal Pozzed: What's the …[View]
118010655HWNDU: Oh Buzzfeed![View]
118010625>Go to restaurant >See 6 white babies and numerous white children >No niggers, even though …[View]
118010576Mexicans, now that your millions of black-hearted spawn have succeeded in driving most white/black/o…[View]
118009317well sweeties? *Sips tea*[View]
118010451Well, that does it. I'm switching from republican to independent. For years, Republicans in the…[View]
117993836IT IS HAPPENING: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/03/23/potential-smoking-gun-showing-obama-admi…[View]
118010399/pol/ YLYL, keep it political or historical 'yall.[View]
118010369Were ancient Berbers white?[View]
118008578pol central intelligence agency: I made a logo for the pol CIA in honor of the capture of the he wil…[View]
118006817How exactly do we improve the value of the Canadian dollar?[View]
118005669Try this: Red pilling people on various things by pretending to be Muslim. It's astonishing how…[View]
118007916#banthebook: So, I don't see why the same rule shouldn't be applied to the Talmud, but see…[View]
118010097Did we capture the flag already or are you waiting for American's to save you in the Shia Wars …[View]
117984610Why can't the North American Pavement Ape swim?[View]
118003578What goes around, comes around...: A brief flashback: As the russians were about to wipe Istanbul of…[View]
118008717Multiculturalism doesn't wo-[View]
118010226What do you think of 'gay agenda' thing? Is it good or bad for society?[View]
118009786/pol/ I salute you!: I love you guys!!!! FULL HOMO!! Your move Shia[View]
118008598SPOILERS: Hillary didn't go to jail. Trump won't go to jail. Manafort won't go to jai…[View]
118010107Papi Roaches: Cut my life into pesos I've reached my last deport No citizenship No returning…[View]
118003798What can a company that buys your browsing history do with it?[View]
118008698Where go?: GUY’S, IF /POL/ GETS SHUTDOWN I WILL HAVE NOWHERE TO GO >Be me. >Began lurkin a cou…[View]
117953881What will be the final straw in Europe that will make people finally stop being such huge cucks abou…[View]
118010062Can someone bring me up to speed on HWNDU? I haven't watched it since fucking adidas tracksuit …[View]
118009855>repeal and replace[View]
118009920>someone gets paid to analyze /pol/ https://vimeo.com/207124723[View]
118009892Fucking Commies: Some stupid Commie I'm arguing with posted this stupid cartoon, I know there…[View]
118008714https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Islamist_terrorist_attacks Is islam the #1 worst thing in the …[View]
118008832Why?: >/pol/ glorious autists ruin SJW drunkard LaBeouf's little masturbatory parade so hard…[View]
118009791Watch the liberal mindset live on jewbook (plus some nice tits) he has just said 'come on it's …[View]
117997797The Future of the Western World: Well lads with the muslims *obviously* not at fault and set to beco…[View]
118006007did you know it's Women's History Month? LOL[View]
118009355How do you feel about Botswana?[View]
118000644I've been debating with some guy for a while. He thinks the US is a terrorist state, but I…[View]
117987375Do Americans pretend USA is better than Europe because they can't move back and they are butthu…[View]
117963595Ever notice how women always stand around uselessly and wait for men to fix things for them? Women a…[View]
118007045What's the counter-point to this?[View]
118005766What do Brits think about slavs working in Britain? No only Polaks but also Czechs and Slovaks and s…[View]
118009485WOW, WELCOME TRUMPS AMERICA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJTonrzXTJs THIS IS THE FUTURE YOU CHOO…[View]
118006711stop it while it's still time[View]
118008117CNN and MSNBC (((LIVE))): CNN and MSNBC interviewing the same woman (((LIVE))) at the same time.. h…[View]
118007326mel gibson/ what women want: Has anyone seen the movie What Women Want? Rhetorical, im sure some of …[View]
117997400Tired of winning yet?[View]
118008782>he worships a dead kike on a stick So when are you gonna take the real redpill (Paganism more sp…[View]
118006337What would have happened if Japan aided with Russia rather than attack America?[View]
118009077Pol will unironically defend this why do we allow the government to do this 198419841984 https://www…[View]
118008796Book thread: Post what you are currently reading, books that you enjoyed and whatever is in your bac…[View]
118001941>REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the jew is trying to blame trump for the healthcare debacle REEE https…[View]
118007000oh will you look at that[View]
118001422Is it true?: Do you all regret voting for Trump?[View]
118007857What do we think of her?[View]
118008859Canada: Death knell for freedom of speech as House of Commons passes “anti-Islamophobia” motion: Ima…[View]
118008364Good job london fags: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/london-jews-give-hero-muslim-mayor-artic…[View]
118008109Do you think Paul Ryan has been a good president so far?[View]
118006826How do we redpill him?[View]
118008828Your dirty data: What's your daily shit download to the desktop before your mom moves it to the…[View]
118007197The more we try being nice, the more we get called 'oppressors.' I say we give them something to com…[View]
118008771What does /pol/ think of this show?: Pretty popular on /co/ but apparently there are quite a few /po…[View]
118008369So the blanket argument against prohibition is that it creates black markets, which fund other crimi…[View]
118008312Explain this /pol/![View]
118008677The left took over pol. I was about to donate. Thankfully I didn't. I won't be back for aw…[View]
118005167More than 200 migrants feared drowned in Mediterranean: Think of all these poor innocent victims and…[View]
118008650why is this allowed?[View]
118008648Politically confused: >22, fag fag >Hate islam >fuck off refugees if u want shariah >Ca…[View]
118008626Fuck: too shit bro[View]
117980130western culture produces: >men that are giant pussies >women that are entitled whores its lose…[View]
118006108Is Hitler really /ourguy/ ?: He is quoted saying, 'The Mohammedan (Islamic) religion too would have …[View]
118008455My Jam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnb8kv0OIBU&t=69s dis my jam[View]
118007292oldfag here. did you basement-dwellers really vote for trump?[View]
118007633Slide Threads: Pic related Just posting this from a fellow anon.[View]
118001069Spare some change sir? I'm a Meme War Vet: Foreign Meme War Vet abandoned by Team Trump. My cou…[View]
118008349>'I'm not scared, I'm from Rio' Terrorists BTFO. We're still winnin'…[View]
117994983Old people of /pol/ I know you're here. Post your wisdom, share your thoughts on current events…[View]
117984235>LOL YOUR OPINIONS ARE SHIT Every single discussion i have online with a leftist ends with this f…[View]
118007736How much of a threat is Erdogan?[View]
118008028What does /pol/ think about Kashmir in general and the conflict there?[View]
118008164Is Tourism good or bad?: I say bad. Most tourists are complete idiots who know nothing about the cou…[View]
117994678Bigots dont get to play my game!!!![View]
118008084m-103 is favouring one religion over others muhh bill of rights muh charter of freedoms hurr durr - …[View]
118004635Do you think Alex Jones played Deus Ex?[View]
118008036Trump needs to make some moves already: I thought, like most of you, Trump would be our savior. I kn…[View]
118005872Redpill me on my own country I hear a lot of shit butI don't get out much and I really don…[View]
118003355Disinformation: What does it take? What do you think it takes for a factually wrong item of informat…[View]
118005257QUESTION TIME / THIS WEEK #4: stream for non paying tv license crooks https://www.filmon.com/tv/bbc-…[View]
117979436Éire/pol/-The American is making the thread again-edition: Didn't see a thread up, so here…[View]
118006404Another Cheeto learning life's lessons. http://occupydemocrats.com/2017/03/23/trump-fan-believe…[View]
117992325>Atheists will defend this[View]
118007657March 15th is this what it means?: Why are threads being deleted so rampantly by Mods? Tumblr doesn…[View]
118007635HWNDU celebration thread[View]
118002023A Message to Germany.: Anglo here, with a message for all the KRAUTS and KRAUTLOVERS on this board: …[View]
118003730Looking for a political spectrum test that had a multi-coloured diamond-shape in the middle. Post th…[View]
118001370Check and Mate.[View]
118007438Burner Emails: hey vetaran trolmasters of /pol/, what are some good burner email adresses? so far I …[View]
118001992The Nature of Men and Women?: >Autistic determination is another factor which shouldn't be u…[View]
118007353Jew Pricks: If you were a mobster, would you go around calling everybody a JEW PRICK to their face k…[View]
117995822Is this true? Is this the final redpill for slavery?[View]
118005868daily reminder thorium safe clean atomic = forget israel: :) happy times no oil or soalr wind horse …[View]
118004621Mussolini: What do the modern day Italians think of this man?[View]
118007290Why don't people who can't get jobs just major in STEM? It worked for me and I made barely…[View]
118007263Do the jews stillf ear the samurai?[View]
118002291What does this guy say, /pol/?[View]
118006276Drumpf BTFO[View]
118005658https://twitter.com/SnoopDogg/status/844994923363532802 Whats up with nigger weebs?[View]
117963423Stop identifying with your thoughts.[View]
118006908Why are there so many cucks on reddit: I go to USC. Dave Rubin was supposed to talk on campus. Get e…[View]
118006830Remigrate NOW: We will not succumb to PC and let our nations, cultures and peoples be destroyed by t…[View]
118006665Kek: Our lord is coming to purify the infidels[View]
118004832POOLAND HATE THREAD: Poles are not human. Poland was created when Russians decided to rape some Germ…[View]
118006737Keeps his promises[View]
118006701I had someone at work call me a libertarian today because I said firing someone for what they said o…[View]
117971987Life was better for everyone in the 1950s: For the man: He would have a 1950s house wife. She would …[View]
118004553what happens then, pol?[View]
118002610Go ahead... call me a cuck[View]
118006496>only leader possessing nuclear weapons at the time >too pussy too use it on the USSR, China H…[View]
118004539>CNN : There are growing reports from Trump's inner circle that the President is seriously c…[View]
117996499Breitbart and Infowars probed by FBI for criminal ties to Russia: >Breitbart and Infowars probed …[View]
118005306>>Wouldn't it be great if we could get along with Russia?[View]
118006424HWNDU.gif: Congrats faggots, you did it. Shia has been absolutely cucked 4 times now. In defeat, his…[View]
118006382Trump needs to resign: At what point did you realize trump's nationalist populism is just an ef…[View]
118006362Site is down: That was fast[View]
118006351Now is Europe and the UK going to get rid of muslims?[View]
117985058(((They))) are onto you, /pol/. Prepare to be unmasked in national TV.[View]
118005473Alex Jones explains Evangelion to Joe Rogan --- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5X9RUOEOoNQ[View]
118005243Capture The Flag: Are we gods?[View]
117999825https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fB9VGMgmI5w /ournegress/ is getting interviewed by faggot ass Gavin.…[View]
118006057Lithuanian master race: Lithuanians are the most genetically pure in Europe. Everyone has some mudsl…[View]
118000919Question for Brazilian Bros: I read in an italian newspaper that your former left-wing president is …[View]
117988952Lol this yall president Tangerine face lookin ass nigga[View]
117992534Why do white people suck at having babies?[View]
118005828google has failed me will anon deliver?[View]
118005743Rome was a republic And the president is a republican So why doesn't America look as beautiful …[View]
118005722Terrorism needs to be stopped!: Islam needs to be eradicated![View]
117992884Millennials the Forever Kids: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-03-23/millennials-dont-consider-the…[View]
118005650Not gonna lie, former Trump supporter here. This is fucking hilarious watching Trump crash and burn.…[View]
117996594>/k/ Is /pol/ NRA Edition Prove me wrong. Pro tip, You cannot.[View]
118003041POO: >The New York Times reported that when 24-year-old Premsagar Tiwari was arrested by police h…[View]
118004429What is the chicano secret to a long and happy life?[View]
118004465>Obama: not in jail >Hillary: not in jail >Soros: not in jail >David Brock: not in jail …[View]
118000607Biblical Happening: IT'S HAPPENING >IT'S HAPPENING IT'S HAPPENING >IT'S HA…[View]
118004175topkek: Ah ha ha ha ha ha, suckers. >https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-supporter-my-husband-is-bei…[View]
118004921/ptg/ President Trump General - Helicopter Ride Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteh…[View]
118002976QUESTION TIME / THIS WEEK #3: stream for non paying tv license crooks https://www.filmon.com/tv/bbc-…[View]
118005332p.hitchens tyt interview: Moralityman got interviewed by The Young Tykes. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
118004603Can animated GIFs trigger a seizure?: > Tweet that sent journalist Kurt Eichenwald into seizure c…[View]
118005224So what are people's thoughts on communism? Good? Bad? I'm autistic, so I can't provi…[View]
118004620Is Drumpf the worst 'president' in history? >no wall >she is not in prison >shitty little '…[View]
118003091I can't believe I voted for this lying russian shill. I thought obama was the traitor to this c…[View]
117988851NHK (the biggest TV in japan) is talking right now about Islan in Japan: >They are telling that t…[View]
118004309I triggered one of my friends with race IQ discussion: So I just made one of my friends literally sh…[View]
118005057request: I am looking for the picture of the gay couple shopped into kissing a starving african chil…[View]
118004613White people are fucked aye?[View]
118005048Why does Obamas brother support Trump and a free kekistan?: Why?[View]
118005005Franco: What do the modern day Spaniards think of this man?[View]
118004937>ogabongo comes to your country >he has no money, no job and no friends >he steals your gir…[View]
118004894Today is the anniversary of tay tweets. F[View]
118004916r/the_donald: How does it feel pol? You can't even beat reddit at supporting trump[View]
118004032Race realism studies: best sauces on race realism? help a borther out pol pic unrelated[View]
117993245Post the most Racist Image you have.: I'll start[View]
118001148What did he mean by this?[View]
118004726Stop...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWJdjt_ORoE&t=4s[View]
118004713The world's best dealmaker: I was hoping to learn from the master today on closing a big deal, …[View]
117999999Trump tweets rated: https://tweetindex.yougov.com/ >almost all of them are negative…[View]
117998919The Littlest Donald: So little bitty baby boy Donald Jr decided to open his little mouth and critici…[View]
118004347Japan is the safest place in the wo- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsutomu_Miyazaki[View]
117999323/ptg/ President Trump General - Trucking Fucking Yeah Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.…[View]
117994810FA urges supporters to show respect and not to chant ww2 songs in Germany: The Football Association’…[View]
118004171You DO help fight shills and help make /pol/ a better place by filtering buzzwords and bait threads,…[View]
117992732can we meme weed into legalization?[View]
117995547If you complain about your privacy, here. But you haven't said something to your representative…[View]
117999891>Tea Party wants healthcare reverted to pre-Obama era without pre-existing conditions or staying …[View]
118002999is justin trudeau fidel castro's kid?[View]
117998351How do we progress into diversity ?[View]
118003308>10 pm >trying to sleep >hear a group of sheboons screeching and cursing >look out win…[View]
117990095Yeah I fucking hate sjws and voted for trump, but please get this guy out of the picture. >Liter…[View]
118003797Professor Survey: Snowflake student creates database to shame professors for 'ableist microaggressio…[View]
118004072>kills tens of millions of Muslims in the most brutal ways imaginable >it's OK because he…[View]
118004045HWNDU FLAG IS BACK UP: Hahahah poltards will never find it now! https://krikienoid.github.io/flagwav…[View]
118004019>yfw Melanesians are blonder than Europeans[View]
118000203I've never meet a muslim who was not a nice,kind person: Were did these extremists come from?…[View]
118003699Anti-Shill Heneral /ASG/: Should we ban discussion of trump to get rid of the shariahblue shills?…[View]
118003922Social Programming & The Blue Pill: Does anyone ever wonder why, exactly, you were one of the fe…[View]
118000491Then > Helped Nazis during WW2 > Royal family where pro Germany Now > Suburbs called 'li…[View]
117991760The senate voted to allow your ISP to sell your data: https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2017/03/senate-p…[View]
117998845To all Europeans: remember that >Islam brought you the great greek works, they brought rationali…[View]
118001408We are gonna typosquat hewillnotdivideus.xyz. We have a replica site set up: Bu…[View]
118003717season 4 is finished HWNDU btfo kek is with us boys. shia kys when?[View]
118002376so we can all agree that the Wu is cool?[View]
117984827Just fuck my skyline up: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-4339282/The-incredibl…[View]
118001261Statistics: tl;dr Why are statistics racist? Statistics, they're a funny thing, aren't th…[View]
117998616Brit/pol/ - QT/THIS WEEK Thread: Well let's get ready for this fucking shower of shit[View]
118003345Oldfags, how has your opinion of US/Global politics changed over time?: I hear people are a lot more…[View]
117999790TERRORISTS BTFO!: How the fuck do people unironically post this shit? Holy fuck.[View]
117999156CNN CAUGHT FAKING LIVE FEED https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=463_1490224124[View]
118002043So, this is what Ameribros had to deal with all this time. What a fucking bad timing to have Turdeau…[View]
117996015Why the hell do liberal voters put the environment so damn high on their priorities?[View]
117992420is this true /pol/?[View]
118000344Why does the Tea Party still hide behind the GOP's skirt? They don't have similar ideals w…[View]
118001994Donald Trump is under investigation for ties to Russia. What happens now?: Realistically speaking ho…[View]
118003104reminder that asians make the best neighbors in western countries.[View]
117998051IT'S HAPPENING! OUR FIRST KENYAN PRESIDENT IS GOING TO JAIL: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/20…[View]
11798923423andMe: DNA testing thread So what did you guys wind up getting? This is actually very interesting,…[View]
118003079>mfw >liberals will never admit that Islam is the problem MAKES ME RAGE…[View]
118000560Inaugural Invites: What are these? I didn't order them. Did anyone else get them? Are they real…[View]
118002988Can someone invite me to a based Discord?[View]
118000842QUESTION TIME / THIS WEEK #2: stream for non paying tv license crooks https://www.filmon.com/tv/bbc-…[View]
118000960Being fat is the ultimate redpill. If you're not fat you don't really understand the red p…[View]
118000020Being friends: Hi everyone, I have never used four chan before so hope I'm doing this right. M…[View]
117999337Black Egypt: Can someone please explain to me where this shit came from? What era do people think wa…[View]
117978642Cyprus thread: So I made a Cyprus thread the other day and it was pretty popular. Feel free to ask: …[View]
118001366Fake News? Woman Appears Live On CNN & MSNBC At The Same Time! Whats /pol/s thoughts? https://…[View]
118002750Chillin' on Earth with your pregnant girlfriend and this guy slaps her ass. What do you do?[View]
118002713Erdogan is the leader of the free world: https://www.dailysabah.com/diplomacy/2017/03/23/turkey-to-r…[View]
117996441Explain to me what's wrong with socialism in a limited resources world.[View]
118002698What's their end game /pol ?: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/how-queer-people-of-color-are-…[View]
118001735Is she right?: >College >American history class >WWII >Professor ask if there was a diff…[View]
117998732>get stupid ass facebook to get tinder, To in turn get my dick wet >all fat SJW's with di…[View]
117971598>Playtonic removes controversial YouTuber JonTron from Yooka-Laylee http://www.gamesindustry.biz/…[View]
117999465>Aesthetically pleasing on U.S. side >beaners BTFO…[View]
118000384Does Brazil has potential to be superpower and be counterpart of US as a leader of latin america?[View]
118002500>A quiet, bodybuilding English 'teacher' weew laad what a gut…[View]
117995458>my 82 year old grandmother starved to death because Drumpf cut funding to Meals on Wheels How th…[View]
118000684Is Sesame Street intentionally creating muppets that cater to Barron Trump?[View]
117995954Richard Branson: ' welcome refugees to defeat terrorism': > Governments need to defeat extremist …[View]
117999138You can design a custom disease that can target only people with certain traits. You have to chose: …[View]
118002414Fucked up youtube channel found on accident: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQM9zuMymTl50GSedyewx7…[View]
118002381The Glorious British Empire: How the hell do you go from conquering 1/4 of the Earth's surface …[View]
118002242I wot m8: https://youtu.be/UoF2Ov8QdYE They're not even trying to disguise the subversion now…[View]
117990977Israeli Jewish man arrested for bomb threats against Canadian and American Jewish targets: /pol/ is …[View]
117966036>1. Your college >2. Is it cucked 1. Vanderbilt University 2. Not really…[View]
118002151Any actual politicians or lawyers on /pol/?: >What's that? You support Drumpf? How about we …[View]
118002108/pol/, blaming all your problems on Russia won't make them go away.[View]
118001984I literally think that Angela Merkel would make a better US president than Trump.[View]
118001341Does anyone have the nazi version of this?[View]
117996190Was the Armenian Genocide real?: and if so, shouldn't Turkey owe Armenia monetary reparations, …[View]
117999862Explain to me why taxation isn't theft, I dare you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1n03_MvqaN4…[View]
118001823Join us, boys >>>/b/726616502[View]
118001876How can muslims commit terrorist acts, if terrorists are not muslim?[View]
117995117>open catalog >no Kek thread Praise Kek, O mighty Kek, give us another happening.…[View]
118000854Pornhub should be legally required to post the participants race in the: I hate it when Im 3 minutes…[View]
117996695My trans son in second grade just failed and got held back. Thanks for cutting education funding, Tr…[View]
117999673Would white BLM supporters change their tunes if they actually lived in the South where most of the …[View]
117964014Looks like the conservative pro-privacy 'get out of my business' -type voters are now the biggest cu…[View]
117995612Do people really still hate gay people?[View]
118001358>dad showed me nazi memoribillia he collected >lent me a book of pictures from WWII >showed…[View]
118001526So why doesn't your God emperor ban all white males with his executive orders?[View]
118001510/pol/ YRYL: I'd love to see that one of the woman doing horrific code and showing it off like i…[View]
118001452'Build bridges, not walls.': What did (((they))) mean by this?[View]
117998518What did he mean by this?[View]
117999510Immigration before VS immigration now: >> They wanted to be in their land and they got forced …[View]
118001119JFK LIKES HITLER... DO YOU /POL/?: >Already a scholar on global politics, Kennedy seems fascinate…[View]
118001031Trumpgret General: Anyone else sick of trump? all he does is sit on twitter and lie. this is not wha…[View]
118000946Why aren't they releasing the name of the 4th person killed in the London Islamist attack? was …[View]
117991082Data mine thread: Can we have a data mine thread? >gender (male or female) >sexuality (straigh…[View]
118000848Hitler tried to stop it. But you didn't listen.[View]
118000349Why are Lebanese and Israelis white but Palestinians are shitskins and they live in the same area?[View]
118001087HWNDU Season 5: So, Shia's flag's been taken down again and he's given up on the real…[View]
117995296What does /pol/ think about O. J. Simpson?[View]
117996635FUKISHIMA GENERAL: CANCER CURING BERRIES EDITION https://au.news.yahoo.com/video/watch/32342411/sci…[View]
118001034Red Pill Canada: Red pill on Canada thread /pol/ Canadacucks are quick to criticize the US, but what…[View]
118000985Trump told trucking industry executives at the White House that 'today, the House is voting to repla…[View]
117989766A Social Experiment.: I have been writing pic related all over my School lately, I want to see what …[View]
118000273I hereby declare my life goal: Of buying land on the Greek island of Ithaca, and settling /pol/acks …[View]
117996870We're not scared. Promise.: The media is really pushing that the london attack was not an effec…[View]
118000735Crowed funded /pol/ political party?: This is aimed primarily at britbongs but why dont we just crow…[View]
118000733All together, what has Trump gotten done since he's been in office?: Regarding the economy, tra…[View]
117998185>being white is now considered being racist by default (proof they even ban us from video games n…[View]
118000406Trump is lying on Twitter again...[View]
117999615Why aren't you a cuck yet /pol/? All the cool people are doing it.[View]
117996711London Vigil following Islamic Terror Attack: Why did nobody ever think of this before /pol/? To get…[View]
117987308/polder/ why is there no thread editon: Idk which number this is. Anyways, ITT we discuss Dutch poli…[View]
118000464Happening?!: What meat was it? I really think I just ate horse! It tasted like liver. It was quite b…[View]
117963153Austro-Hungarian bread: Whats the political relations between Austria and Hungary? Are they bros or …[View]
118000001Imagine: A world where Donald Trump is the President of the United States. It'll happen some da…[View]
117981460Have you praised kek today?[View]
117985643you guys keep going on about how it's ALL muslims proof?[View]
117999514YOU JUST CANNOT MAKE THIS SHIT UP: So i was watching 'Anti-White Messages in MSM' >https://www.yo…[View]
117999705What does this mean?: https://skyview.gsfc.nasa.gov/userimages/skv11438968182509.html[View]
117995041I drove past an anti-Trumpcare protest on the way home from work today. Here's the dashcam vide…[View]
117999939It should probably be noted that almost every single major figure in the atheist movement is Jewish.…[View]
117999878More like this please.[View]
117987799'Couldn't Have Been Prevented'[View]
117999859HWNDU EXPO 31-03-2017: HWNDU expo 31-03-2017 http://www.kiasma.fi/en/exhibitions-events/ars-17/ars17…[View]
117994551You know she's right. The general population will continue looking the other way, normalizing t…[View]
117999793Is he /ourguy/?: Is he /ourguy/ pol? I didn't know that Obamas brother was so cool. He seems to…[View]
117999789Atheists just can't get over the fact that they lost the culture war. Let me take you under 18s…[View]
117999717If all women are shallow whores then why Jared kushner married one? If having kids is the most blue …[View]
117981105Does /pol/ actually have any proof that young white men or men in general are 'opting out' of societ…[View]
117994006pic not related should private schools be illegal for the sake of equal opportunity?[View]
117999162they aren't even trying anymore[View]
117989590What is this?[View]
117993363VENEZUELA INVADES COLOMBIA: https://panampost.com/julian-villabona/2017/03/23/venezuelan-army-sets-u…[View]
117999296Help The Huffington Post and ProPublica Document Hate: LMAO![View]
117999242A · M · L · O · M M X V I I I: A N D R É S · M A N U E L · L Ó P E Z · O B R A D O R · M M X V I I I…[View]
117992488Jew Behind Bomb Threats: A 19-year-old Israeli Jewish man has been arrested in Israel on suspicion o…[View]
117994438/ptg/ President Trump General - Ernie Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov h…[View]
117999093i will just leave that here[View]
117998095TYT nigger chimpout: This 'ad' was shown during TYT and it unironically portrays blacks as monkeys w…[View]
117998186Things are a lot worse than we even realize: Looks like today in Belgium, a Muslim was arrested for …[View]
117998350Who are the they /pol/ ?: Who are the worlds most powerful and influential people alive today?. Don…[View]
117981614Do you view us as a threat?[View]
117998960What are your thoughts on HWNDU ?[View]
117998758Canadian Military Documentaries: I'm looking for some unbiased documentaries about our military…[View]
117996846Was Nixon redpilled? >claimed the problem with government was Jews smoking pot >war on drugs …[View]
117996455>be america >pay for other countries' universal healthcare >dont have healthcare at ho…[View]
117998435It's happening.: >森友学園(conservative private school) got insane cheaper price land from gover…[View]
117998743mi6 will pull one off: Same time next week Cheers mate[View]
117996758Atheism is the fastest shrinking religion in the world. Atheism is in decline worldwide, with the nu…[View]
117998690Shia, you will lose this war[View]
117995353>indoctrination in school worked like a charm >was my whole life anti-german >2015 migrant …[View]
117998620I'm just really tired of this assumption that not being ashamed of your own race is somehow rac…[View]
117992199This new world map will now be taught to school children in the US.[View]
117998551/afg/ Alt-Fem General - Burn The Modern World Edition: This is a meme campaign to get young girls/wo…[View]
117985014Happy Birthday Tay: I posted this, this morning before leaving for work and decided to post it again…[View]
117998497CHINESE TESTICLE TRAP: >burger-kork THAAD missile defence system to protect against Kiimy-J chimp…[View]
117958690United States of Europe when?[View]
117998277>you called me a vodka- what anon? :( >I r-really liked you :(…[View]
117997996No more Schumer. The tide seems to be turning.[View]
117998330I was looking into Freedom Watch and just look at the board members: (((Ari Fleischer))), a former B…[View]
117996377Federal Reserve: Fellow anons gimme some links to documentaries on the FR so I can redpill all fucki…[View]
117987110Why are smarter and more educated white people more open to race mixing, while white trash tend to b…[View]
117995190/pol/ general: Hey guys I'm coming here from funnyjunk, what's hip and happening today gan…[View]
117998199After WW3 Europe will turn into a nuclear wasteland Record this[View]
117998195CANADA YES: Canada has passed a motion that punishes 'Islamaphobia' now. >Liberal MP Iqra Khalid …[View]
117998010JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP white supremacy just got BTFO[View]
117998089what will stop this trend??: Is the red pilling of the USA inevitable??[View]
117998015>the race war is never coming >any wars that break out will be over religion, nationality, or …[View]
117996413the west creates the conditions that allow islamic extremism to exist and then has the audacity to s…[View]
117997413Belgium: police intercept speeding car and thwart 'attempted terrorist attack: BUSTED U S T E D…[View]
117995973will building a Dyson sphere around our solar system also help keep out illegal aliens?[View]
117997942I'm familiar with the load of shit that Millenials get for being so cucked, but I would like to…[View]
117996624So part of my job is ordering phones. After last night's release on wikileaks, I decided to ex…[View]
117997874Whites getting btfo >Sickness and early death in the white working class could be rooted in poor …[View]
117995991What do you think Khalid Masood's motivation was?[View]
117996292I miss her.[View]
117994284>Kekistani music suc- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzF1xcDQA-I[View]
117995722Daily reminder that /pol/ is a Christian board and no amount of r/atheism invasions will ever change…[View]
117997661https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUoI30m3p2M /ourgirl/[View]
117997657Guys i'm really scared. >haven't been on /pol/ in months >wake up today >for s…[View]
117986842This is Timothy Caughman. He was murdered by a white supremacist in New York yesterday.: Trump'…[View]
117997149has anyone else seen this video?: its really moving. Why are europeans so cucked? https://www.youtu…[View]
117997641HWNDU: I know im kynda late, but any updates on the falg wich is secured by British?[View]
117995276Shia went digital: Idk if it's his but let's make it funny somehow. Maybe take it down? ht…[View]
117989405>/pol/ claims that shit is the master race JUST[View]
117976205White people will defend this.[View]
117997119Is it good that a church was burnt or bad because it was a massive racist place?[View]
117991347EU should punish PL: (Pole here) Of course soon those dammn Poles will be outside the border and wou…[View]
117992766History will remember your mistake America[View]
117996810Is a welfare state inevitable once robots take our jobs?[View]
117997282Our Žižek, only better: What would he have thought of today's political landscape? What would h…[View]
117988339DO YOU KNOW WHY HUMANS FEAR CLOWNS?: https://skyview.gsfc.nasa.gov/userimages/skv11438968182509.html…[View]
117996729Who is your favorite member of the White House press corps and why isn't it Raghubir Goyal?[View]
117980026Africa is starving (again): ….and why you shouldn't give money to African charity organisations…[View]
117984468Brit/pol/ - Bomber Rimmer Rahs Kids Edition: >Farage derides Khan’s 'part and parcel of life…[View]
117996669wtf i love Destiny now![View]
117994386I'm a jew: and I actually sort of like you goyim I mean I'd totally squeeze every single p…[View]
117987277Just realized how likely it is that 4chan will go into the history books after 2016[View]
117995391Anarchists in Kurdistan: Redpill me on this faggot, is he actually fighting ISIS?[View]
117997026Atheists just can't get over the fact that they lost the culture war. Let me take you under 18s…[View]
117996884TYT just hired Jonathan Larsen: The Young Turks are excited to be hiring Jonathan Larsen, an obese c…[View]
117996822http://hewillnotdivideus.xyz/ If someone knows the IT work to hack into this websites FTP, I know Ja…[View]
117994586>tfw voted for Hillary >tfw no regrets[View]
117996496ITT: Jews: Can we have a thread of (((pop))) lyrics matched with inappropriate images? I'll go …[View]
117995527If God is real, why did he allow 1/3 of devout Christian to agonizingly die from the black death?[View]
117996575/Pol/ tier comics: A few weeks ago we the usual thread about how shit main stream comics have become…[View]
117995951It should probably be noted that almost every single major figure in the atheist movement is Jewish.…[View]
117992564Race in America: White Veteran Kills Black Man in NYC to 'Make A Statement': Guys... a man…[View]
117996442Rogue Potus Staff Nazi: Which one of you faggots runs this twitter? twitter.com/roguepotusstaff http…[View]
117982204Fascism is stupid and so is 'race realism' And no I'm not a liberal, I'm a PaleoConservati…[View]
117993636David Rockefeller's Death: So I just heard that David Rockefeller died, /pol/. What does this m…[View]
117996404Israeli Jew arrested in Fake bomb threats: > A young Jewish man has been arrested in Israel on su…[View]
117996338'ein freies deutsches Volk in einem starken Deutschen Reich.' http://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1490299316968.we…[View]
117994428As an American why should I finish college? It's a private system completely made up on the bas…[View]
117966355Finland appreciation thread: http://stat.fi/ajk/satavuotiassuomi/suomimaailmankarjessa_en.html http:…[View]
117996070/pol/ BTFO by common sense: It's pretty sad how right he really is.[View]
117975973Well it's over Canada: They just passed m-103 Canadians are no longer allowed to say anti-Islam…[View]
117995841Bong island is doomed: So Mohammed is now our most popular name (if you add the spelling variations …[View]
117995750Libtards are sooooo honest....: Seriously, fuck libtards. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-03-23/m…[View]
117995048This faggot can ban islam criticism in less than 2 months, but can't legalize weed in 2 years b…[View]
117992552>Walk on the streets of Europe >Get ran over by a vehicle wew so glad I don't live in suc…[View]
11799014723andMe: DNA testing thread So what did you guys wind up getting? This is actually very interesting,…[View]
117980730Belarus NO!!: What's happening in Belarus?!?!? It's one of the few European countries that…[View]
117995212Sand niggers: Does anyone want those towelheads coming into their country stealing the jobs and blow…[View]
117995477>YFW Trump vetos the AHCA[View]
117993390>be European >get hit by a vehicle[View]
117991855What's going on with Trump's skin?[View]
117995684The Finders/Franklin Scandal/Dutroux Affiar: Conspiracy of Silence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A…[View]
117984489Norway ready to abandon Geneva Convention: HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA *BREATHS* HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
117992048/pol/ backup plan: How long before they shut this place down /pol/? What's your exit strategy? …[View]
117993901Remember that the only good CIA or NSA employee is a dead one.[View]
117992708Who is that nice muslim woman in the photo?: She doestn seem to care about the pain around her... Wh…[View]
117995151So I feel bad sharing this with /pol/ bc it's inevitably going to be used for evil but I'm…[View]
117993337>we must help [shitty Muslim country] because their leader is tyranical! >why won't you h…[View]
117986954Negative effects of being gay: I'd like to show some people the negative effects of being gay. …[View]
117990470Any updates on this story? Have their attackers been brought to justice?[View]
117995322So how did the US government (specifically the CIA) get away with having a hand in assassinating a U…[View]
117995089Will there be a Season 5 of HWNDU?: If so, where could it be set? Or did they permanently move to th…[View]
117993830My mother died today. Four weeks after Trump cut her healthcare. Thanks Trump. She was only 55 years…[View]
117995084He Will Nut Inside Us: http:// hewillnotdivideus.xyz So this is up. It's a HWNDU flag in some c…[View]
117995055>Shia's sets up HWNDU flag in some random fuck off location in Tennessee >Flag is capture…[View]
117965315Alright pol I need help. Having a debate on multiculturalism tomorrow, what should I bring up?[View]
117994212Is Wikipedia a good source of information?[View]
117994901Memeball Thread: Does anyone have the American version - edition.[View]
117994426What if I'm scared of people with a different culture than mine instead of people with a differ…[View]
117993065Why is the white middle class sending themselves to an early grave in record numbers? http://archive…[View]
117994800HWNDU Season 4: It's my city fellas tell me what you need[View]
117990542Help Revealed Power Level in Class: @ College in Discussion class for shitty humanities >cultural…[View]
117994473An increasingly growing pattern in the Silicon Valley where companies offer hard-labor contracts to …[View]
117994736https://www.google.com/amp/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/38948674 Deutschland, ja!!!![View]
117994639How long is it until ISIS inevitably consume the fel and succumb to demonic powers past any previous…[View]
117976436ITT: we name our favourite 5 countries.: i'll start, in order of best onwards: >1. USA >2…[View]
117989929So, when are the hard times coming and how does one go from 'weak' to 'strong'? Because to be honest…[View]
117992388DRUMPF BTFO: >The bombshell revelation that U.S. officials have information that suggests Trump a…[View]
117992730How will /pol/ manage this one[View]
117991652I am at a salon entitled 'Unpacking Islamophobia.' Looks like guest speakers leading a round table d…[View]
117994542Atheists just can't get over the fact that they lost the culture war. Let me take you under 18s…[View]
117994535Rituals: one of the things i wish we can bring back from ancient times and implement back into cultu…[View]
117991039dark redpill thread on another note, can anyone get information on this interview? I tried looking f…[View]
117976078Sovietic degeneration: I believe the early soviet union started as an experiment to see how to compl…[View]
117994445>hates freedom and democracy >loves Putin >in wheelchair so nobody can pick at her >has …[View]
117994099Which political figure has fucked their shit up the hardest in the past year? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
117994411>He thinks voting is real: >He still thinks that the 'jews' do not control every major institu…[View]
117993737Trump on his way to Liverpool.: Is Trump on his way to Liverpool to take down the he shall not divid…[View]
117993936'this is what trans looks like' kek: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-4341470/Transgender-m…[View]
117981729Trump is a problem.[View]
117994329MDL Monsanto Glyphosate Cancer Case Key Documents & Analysis: We should be able to trust that th…[View]
117992358What went wrong?[View]
117989600ITT: /pol/ celebrates REAL multiculturalism: Which country/culture does /pol/ like. And be honest if…[View]
117994215Atheism is the fastest shrinking religion in the world. Atheism is in decline worldwide, with the nu…[View]
117988881PAY MY MEDICAL BILLS!!![View]
117994193Talk shit get hit: rest in piss jontron[View]
117977067Of course it's written by a woman. http://www.gq.com/story/the-case-for-being-a-cuck?mbid=socia…[View]
117992457Hello /pol!: From your 'pede brethren over at /The_Donald, would you mind spreading and upvotin…[View]
117985608Why are conservatives so hellbent on overturning settled law?: Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch ha…[View]
117973295This is on the front page of Reddit...: It's really over now, Drumpfkins.[View]
117978182Breaking:: With Trump under FBI investigation, Democrats will filibuster Trump’s Supreme Court nomin…[View]
117984974Stop eating burgers.[View]
117993971Why is Ireland the most bastardized country that's nearly in Europe?[View]
117990586What the fuck was that shit earlier about Hillary being the High Priestess of Moloch? Does it have a…[View]
117980937What does /pol/ actually believe is the final redpill?: legit curious[View]
117993711RESET THE COUNTER: Why isn't pol talking about this?? https://www.rt.com/news/382024-man-arrest…[View]
117992899Alright, look. I apologise for wasting your time in advance, but some nitwit seems to insist that si…[View]
117969630Actual opinions thread: So, when you're not on /pol/ LARPing as a fascist, what are your actual…[View]
117987934Holy Sh!ti Turns out all of the threats against Jewish organizations in the USA in the last 2.5 year…[View]
117957623Find a flaw[View]
117993543Is she, dare I say it, /ourgirl/ ? >Olivia Jones, 47, stole the show at ceremony to choose German…[View]
117980680just how bad are american blacks?: I mean (((we))) have arabs here which can chimp out and go stab a…[View]
117992777Just wanted to post this for the fuck of it[View]
117993465BRCC vs SBUCKS: thoughts?[View]
117993449Congress Moves to Strike Internet Privacy Rules From Obama Era: WASHINGTON — Republican lawmakers mo…[View]
117993396/pol/ learns to read: feminism is cancer edition: This is a thread dedicated to /pol/'s collect…[View]
117993134New flag of Shia LaBoeuf[View]
117980656>Climate change isn't re... https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=40&v=adQ2tarZyUY…[View]
117993330TRUMP BTFO! IMPEACHMENT INCOMING!: Trump is the worst president ever. His approval is falling to his…[View]
117988636It should probably be noted that almost every single major figure in the atheist movement is Jewish.…[View]
117993268Pic related is the head Islamist of Greece He's pushing for a mosque to be built in Athens and …[View]
117990230This pathetic excuse of a prime minister is cucking our country to death. How exactly did he get vot…[View]
117993044>paul ryan and the drumpftards getting btfo by Poe's Law[View]
117987731My ISIS Husband Wants To Behead My Mother, If She Doesn't Convert To Islam - Russian Woman: htt…[View]
117992809Can somebody say damage control?[View]
117989250This is how stupid Trumpcucks are http://www.rawstory.com/2017/03/trump-supporters-husband-getting-d…[View]
117993054Daily reminder: Daily reminder that nu/pol/ is shit and that real /pol/ hates the following 'people'…[View]
117990043Shareblue is just a biased liberal news aggregator website. Where did the meme start that they pay p…[View]
117993004Pol will defend this: http://time.com/4710456/donald-trump-time-interview-truth-falsehood/…[View]
117988933Muslim Forensic team prays at scene of UK terror attack: CCC-C-C-CCCKEK![View]
117992970Poos take note..: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjcmxegRFzI[View]
117992963Trump has lied an unprecedented 70% of the time, yet more Christians voted for him than Hillary Clin…[View]
117988879>Hello, welcome. Thanks Stefan but this is my strea- >Is 'thanks' an argument? No but I ha- …[View]
117966118Have you fallen for the 'Military spending is bad' meme? Do other countries not realize we, The Uni…[View]
117991954/pol/ What do you think of this guy?[View]
117992029>he's a 'civic nationalist'[View]
117992678Kekistan will unite us: Can we keep a kekistani flag outside, on a live stream, longer than La Beouf…[View]
117977345What Are The Demographics of Germany?: Are there any reliable sources?[View]
117992261Didn't know /pol/ had a dota 2 team: >Case in point: a team called ‘Holocaust N****rs’ was a…[View]
117960441Why not convert all toilet to unisex?: Then no more questions of which one to go to plus it's m…[View]
117992486I have an sjw 'friend' who keeps calling me racist whenever I'm vulgar or use dark humor. One t…[View]
117968074THEY JUST RELEASED MORE SHIT: https://twitter.com/wikileaks/status/844986337384157184[View]
117992441Daily Reminder: That MGTOW is a jewish operation to assist breeding out the white race through apath…[View]
117986733wtf I love Donald Trump now[View]
117992294Trumpcare's individual mandate: The individual mandate was one of the most controversial and un…[View]
117992279We wait 4 the space project[View]
117991372childhood is idolizing Hitler adulthood is realizing German Empire made more sense[View]
117992269Obama was a better president and a better man.[View]
117991488Daily reminder that /pol/ is a Christian board and no amount of r/atheism invasions will ever change…[View]
117992226can someone redpill me on climate change? what is right and what is false[View]
117987337Refugees welcome[View]
117990735Millennials huh?: https://youtu.be/WqByNgyqglA[View]
117991608Estonian subversion for Diversity and Multiculturalism WIKILEAKS: 'The most important one is this: h…[View]
117991146Are there any small, independent owned islands out there that we can literally conquer Brit style an…[View]
117992089Republics: Are republics the best government? >Still get to elect so they're held to the po…[View]
117988747Fresh evidence that Drumpf was behind the London attacks: Picture was taken right before he ran over…[View]
117991634Why is no one talking about http://archive.is/DLzwV ?[View]
117990007LEFTYPOL GENERAL: Workers of the world unite! - Claus,Santa[View]
117986000A fucking townhouse: No wonder people are unsatisfied in Britistan. If your leader lives and works i…[View]
117987886How does this make /pol/ feel?[View]
117991686JFK: Was he one of us?[View]
117962688The white man's empathy: White people tend to be more empathetic (towards other races) than Asi…[View]
117976748ITS HAPPENING!I JOHN MCCAIN IS THE LEAKER!!: White House Fingers John McCain As Media Leak; Believes…[View]
117988839is this statement true?: >Asians women are lusted after by Anglos because Anglos have a racial in…[View]
117960623Islam is the most redpilled ideology in the world >anti-gay >anti-jews >anti-drugs >anti…[View]
117985764Reminder that Marine has a jewish boyfriend and doesn't want France to leave EU but only '''neg…[View]
117991581alt right music: Lookin for some good tunes that are representative of Alt right / Nat/soc ideology…[View]
117991368Will North Korea start world war III?[View]
117991528Social Security.: You pay into your own retirement, not the generations after you. If you don't…[View]
117989634what the fuck happened to him after he visited cripple chan?[View]
117977619Fukushima is worse than ever: Did you guys know Fukushima is still a thing? Last month they recorded…[View]
117991367>Go to college in California >People are signing a petition for secession. >Ask them why th…[View]
117989297Whatever happened to Sarah?: For a few days, maybe a week or so, she was a big fad around here. And …[View]
117990289Brit/po/ - Too Many Blackpills edition: >More than 200 migrants feared drowned in Mediterranean …[View]
117991314'We are going to filibuster Neil Gors-'[View]
117986602Are you guys morons? There is more than one gender >HURRRR gender is between XX and XY no idiots …[View]
117988080Atheism is the fastest shrinking religion in the world. Atheism is in decline worldwide, with the nu…[View]
117986628Anything to say for yourselves? Huh? What's that? Nothing? That's what I thought Drumpfies…[View]
117974283Every day Every goddamn day more and more anti white bullshit When does it end[View]
117987786Mr. Voronenkov has been Assassinated in Ukraine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rxmjqQjN-8[View]
117989976Atheists just can't get over the fact that they lost the culture war. Let me take you under 18s…[View]
117984581Riddle me this, Christfags. If ********God******** is real then why do black *********people********…[View]
117976629Can West Virginia be saved from drugs and depopulation?: https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/wes…[View]
117990854It has happened: We will have our minds expanded. There will be a paradigm shift. Traditional instit…[View]
117990853background: >talk about trump brexit and populism shceduled at a social studies university >le…[View]
117990818It's over. http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/22/politics/us-officials-info-suggests-trump-associates-m…[View]
117990637She Hates Metal Bikinis: This bitch feels the need to tell people how happy she is she isn't se…[View]
117976271Syria General /sg/ - For Assad! Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpress…[View]
117981136Hello /pol/ I want to play a game: Why don't we take pic related (possibly make more like it) a…[View]
117990538Where were you when Trump won the election?: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwlgsgbT274…[View]
117990643Does the '/pol/ is satire' meme give us legal immunity?[View]
117987729How accurate is this? If not are there any other alternative books?[View]
117988133FUCK PUTIN AND FUCK RUSSIA: We must stop the insane manlet and his terrorist state!!! http://edition…[View]
117990536could be nothing but the strange space anomaly kinda looks like Crimea[View]
117990498CTF: HWNDU Edition: They have a virtual flag now. Wat do? http://hewillnotdivideus.xyz[View]
117974984Half of the people here are retarded: PIC RELATED[View]
117990476Wikileaks Releases: The CIA has been bugging “factory fresh” iPhones since at least 2008 through sup…[View]
117989872Reddit aheist BTFO's /pol/ reactionaries: Read the whole thing before you laugh lads, you know …[View]
117990472Christian thread: We are ((((their)))) worst enemy. This thread probably will get deleted soon, so I…[View]
117989745The guy cannot even construct a sentence: >Yeah, it’s a cool story. I mean it’s, the concept is r…[View]
117981220>Anett complained: the government is catering exclusively to middle aged, white males the majorit…[View]
117989723Conspiracy Theories: Can we come up/link the wildest conspiracy theories for the Kennedy Assassinati…[View]
117983228National Capitalism >rational and sensible >people judged on their individual merits >prosp…[View]
117973330HAPPENING, NEW WIKILEAKS RELEASE VAULT 7: DARK MATTER https://twitter.com/wikileaks/status/844986337…[View]
117990342Beard Edition: >More than 200 migrants feared drowned in Mediterranean http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/…[View]
117990234Let's say it's true. Trump did indeed get elected with Putin's help and colluded with…[View]
117987141Great Britain will return to a powerful monarchy: I'm not a time travelling larper, but I have …[View]
117981260German Revolution of 1918–19: Is this the event that caused the nationalists in Germany, including t…[View]
117985636*blocks path*: wat do?[View]
117986861'My pussy smells like a barnyard animal': apologize to Amy, /pol/[View]
117990087How common is this in the stock exchange? Two Israelis traded their Mobileye shares based on inside …[View]
117989683https://youtu.be/ZEmQ11E3Ut4: >walk in >see a turkish kid bullying a german kid >wat do?…[View]
117990030SWALLOW IT DOWN: The truth about immigration, by the numbers: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LP…[View]
117986434Oh shit[View]
117989943The senate voted to allow your ISP to sell your data: https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2017/03/senate-p…[View]
117982149https://twitter.com/BreakingNLive/status/845015942165860353 GUNSHOTS HEARD AFTER AN EXPLOSION IN WES…[View]
117987998>DRUMPF AND /POL/ BTFO Try building a wall that reaches the thermosphere. She launched out of Mex…[View]
117989858Should all English police officers carry a handgun?[View]
117967156Is North Korea a glorious nation or a scam?[View]
117989809most of french teenagers a muslims or marxist zionists: You can't really argue with that. All o…[View]
117987092Do any /pol/acks have sctual political power or are you all just a bunch of nameless nobodies? What…[View]
117951778Polish-Ukrainian friendship thread. It's finally time get over our history and become friends. …[View]
117981353White Supremacy: We need to kill off all Muslims, black people, and a large majority of the left if …[View]
117989078Let's create some SJW butthurt!: So /pol/, JonTron's voice was removed from a game because…[View]
117984932Why is this guy always the first reply you'll see on any of Trump's tweets?[View]
117987570Should people who don't actually buy games be allowed to police their content?[View]
117989478un shots and EXPLOSION heard in Westminste, London: http://uknews24.co.uk/index.php/breaking-gun-sho…[View]
117988995M103 passes Canadian Parliament. Press F to pay your respects to free speech in Canada. http://www.n…[View]
117986882Atheist conversion therapy: For people who started out atheist on /pol/ and became theist at some la…[View]
117989556Get Ready...: Anyone else preparing for September/happening by treating Fallout 3 as a combat Sim? …[View]
117989108Do you agree with the dog?[View]
117989518How do we save oppressed Jewish hedge fund managers? >Eric Mindich is the latest big-name hedge f…[View]
117989425Christoph Rehage: Is it time for him to get the Shia LaBeouf treatment, /pol/?[View]
117954751GOOD NIGHT ALT-RIGHT: >FBI have uncovered 'evidence of treason' among alt-right website…[View]
117988859Why do yuro poors think they contributed anything to ww2?[View]
117987798REEEEEE boycott tinder![View]
117982996Brit/pol/ - Russell Howard edition: >More than 200 migrants feared drowned in Mediterranean http:…[View]
117982477*Blocks your path* What do?[View]
117989103Post redpilled video games. I'll start.[View]
117989015/checkmate/ /pol/[View]
117987118Internet Freedom: http://www.tomshardware.com/news/senate-allows-isps-sell-data,33968.html take a lo…[View]
117986409How will her Asian parents respond to this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRWCiKVCJRA&feature=…[View]
117980111Islam has declared war on us: how do we make the normies accept the fact that Islam has declared war…[View]
117987154So a religious terrorist attacked Parliament and a world wide brigade of retards that wear this mask…[View]
117974976ok /pol/ you guys have been going on and on about how the holocaust is fake. Red pill me, and make i…[View]
117977818Homosexuality, sexuality in general is not real. Sexuality is the biggest Jewish lie ever conceived …[View]
117988737/puddleboy/: You wake up in the night, breathing heavily - Something is not right. Maybe you just ne…[View]
117982720really makes me think...[View]
117986544Brexit was a mistake, Brits: Those Islamic terror attacks will just keep on coming. Now that your po…[View]
117988675ATHIESTS BTFO!!!! 911 STATUS!!!: School is in session and BILL ARNOLD is the teacher. Athiests and C…[View]
117988670HWNDU: Guys there is a virtual version get to work! http://hewillnotdivideus.xyz/[View]
117985625Playtonic Games kicks Jontron out of their Project for being 'racist' on behalf of neogaf. People ar…[View]
117978755Trump Regret General - /TRG/: >it is now confirmed Trump collaborated with the russians >faile…[View]
117987403>mfw I see the Irish flag on /pol/ >mfw I see the Mexican flag on /pol/ >mfw I see a dirty …[View]
117983633>'Remember to reject any right views, kuffars!'[View]
117988524Why has Dungold Trump not invaded the UK to liberate the whites? LOL[View]
117988457>hurr durr Trump calling CNN 'fake news' should disqualify him from being president hurr durr Sin…[View]
117988441Here is a /b/rother is this real /pol/?[View]
117980189what time is it?: ITS LIGHT UP BUILDINGS TIME[View]
117988428AnCap? More, like, AnCrap.[View]
117988127Anti feminism: I got a debate about feminism tomorrow. What should I take. Please[View]
117986630To anyone posting the pic of the Muslim woman walking by this scene in #London, Here's a white …[View]
117986437I know that /pol/ is mostly alt-right, and most, if not all of /pol/ members stand up for white nati…[View]
117988329http://www.freedomwatchusa.org/pdf/170321-Final%20Whistleblower%20Letter.pdf Yo. Didn't see a t…[View]
117988240Daily reminder that /pol/ is a Christian board and no amount of r/atheism invasions will ever change…[View]
117988211/hwndu/ conclusion?: What happened, lads? Last I saw, the flag had been located, and entrance plans …[View]
117985383school starting to talk about WW2 live in CA need some red pilled memes to keep me sane[View]
117987752Be a Canadian teen. Die of TUBERCULOSIS.: But seriously, what should be done about the situation in …[View]
117985784SOMALIS dumber than i originally thought.: Swedish teacher tells my mom that Somalians are so dumb t…[View]
117988026The Chechen war Why American special. Services supported terrorists in the North Caucasus? Who gave …[View]
117988003What did she mean by this?[View]
117987851Season 4.5?: tf is this[View]
117987105*blocks your path* We're going to make America great again.[View]
117968518Switzerland is the parasite of the EU: Day of the rake when?[View]
117978077PewDiePie CONFIRMED /OURGUY/: THE ABSOLUTE MADMAN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLoM3lGGJxk 0:59 …[View]
117983811Equality is anti-Jew: People who believe in equality think that all the races have to be equally rep…[View]
117980522Help Patagonia to become a separate nation, a white ethnostate. Patagonia is the southern region of …[View]
117981949Atheists just can't get over the fact that they lost the culture war. Let me take you under 18s…[View]
117985494Belgium 2: Terrorist Boogaloo: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-39369202 'A French national of N…[View]
117972837Utah man on 'dream vacation' to London dies by a muzzie.: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/u…[View]
117984602>this is the future conservashits want[View]
117981760>What are you thinking about anon?[View]
117971929Feminism has ruined film: Marxism in a skirt. Destroying our franchises one by one. Infinity War wil…[View]
117984848umm guys after rewatching one of south parks episodes i noticed something odd in this episode theres…[View]
117987256> the goal of humanity should be scientific progress > only those who prove that they ate the …[View]
117975381Diversity is our strength! Just look at our victims: https://twitter.com/georgeeaton/status/84486309…[View]
117987238STOPPA ONANERANDE eller ansikte min vrede[View]
117987216Reminder that David Duke... >was born into a rich kid family and his 'regular guy' persona is pur…[View]
117982180Tillerson urges Senate ratification of Montenegro's NATO membership: http://www.reuters.com/art…[View]
117974153End Goal of Globalism?: I've just recently begun to fully digest the redpill that has been floa…[View]
117985958Gay Bartender Cured by Anointed Cake + Hookers: In today's episode of Christians actually belie…[View]
117944973Am I Finally Done With White Guys?: http://archive.is/ApDa0 >In every relationship I have with a …[View]
117986680Would it be a good idea to move to Hungary?: Visited Budapest last Summer and it was based[View]
117981905What will /pol/'s excuses be when the dossier is confirmed the rest of the way?[View]
117986774There no evidence of a global Jewish. In fact, Jews are the most intelligent, hard-working and produ…[View]
117986533LET GORSUCH NOMINATION FAIL: Gorsuch is weak on the 14th -- is a texualist so won't take into c…[View]
117978079What DO the Russians have on Mr. Trump?[View]
117963916Multiculturalism propoganda in Latvia: EU payed for this stuff, and are trying to bring multicultura…[View]
117957504But can they raise the dead?[View]
117986673Praise Kek: ITT: We display our shrines[View]
117985680How so we fix white women? should we just strip them of all rights?[View]
117971747Adam Schiff has some serious yang sanpaku going on. It's so obvious, at a visceral level, that …[View]
117985038Why is David Duke not assassinated yet?: Why don't they assassinate him?[View]
117971028What is this?[View]
117968514Russia is base-: WHAT HAVE WE EVER DONE YOU IDIOTS?[View]
117984836What happens here these days?[View]
117985571We why should be eternally grateful for Black US citizens: Think about it. >Be Black US citizen …[View]
117986142Trump didn't chose a presidential doggo for his stay in the White House: Let's talk about …[View]
117982258How is a congressman allowed to publish this on a government website?: > we must pause the entire…[View]
117985616>Jews rule the world >they are not the masterrace ? I don't get it goys , please explain…[View]
117983993There, that's better.: CTR BTFO[View]
117985518How did you know this about David Brock?: Where did this anon get this insider info about David Broc…[View]
117982613Local anime girl getsfucking BLACKED: What did he mean by this? https://twitter.com/SnoopDogg/status…[View]
117985820Is he right for once in his life ? Did Lauren Southern dog whistled ? imo I think she did[View]
117983487This is America now.[View]
117985669Kekistan. We doing this or what?: I fought in the great meme wars to see our nation of Kek free at l…[View]
117982841>teacher says the main cause of WWII was racial tension and what to do with jews…[View]
117980529so what's up /pol/, why haven't you learned Esperanto yet?[View]
117983705Switzerland is the best country in Europe, prove me wrong.[View]
117982843We were Samurai.: >Yasuke, (variously rendered as 弥助 or 弥介, 彌助 or 彌介 in different sources.[1]) (b…[View]
117983902I've made a strange dream: Idk if it was just my own imagination, another timeline or the futur…[View]
117984533Trolling for Jew Goldstein (AKA John Rivello USMC): Basic Gestalt - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
117983620Why are you shilling for a commie?: Marine le Pen social policies will only attract more shitskins. …[View]
117978269I believe the early soviet union started as an experiment to see how to completely alienate and brin…[View]
117984930Hubble Detects a Rogue Supermassive Black Hole: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijEumxpjivw…[View]
117918452How fucked is Italy?: So, /pol/, I've been recently reading around on financial sites and blogs…[View]
117981142>Clinton >Lewinsky >Cum Blue Dress >I did not have sexual relations with that woman I ju…[View]
117981298Shouldn't we stop calling Indians 'Native Americans' and go with just 'Americans…[View]
117975456Hey, so uhh, newfag here.: I'm 100% prepared for any hazing that comes my way, (I hope). I want…[View]
117983167it's happening?![View]
117978648What's your opinion of Dr. Martin Luther KANG Jr, /pol/?[View]
117983113>look mom i'm in a truck vroom vroom >this is who you fags voted for Not gonna lie, forme…[View]
117984949images of /pol/ making the news?[View]
117982291>stop watching porn[View]
117980291Does /pol/ think weed should be legalized? Pro tip: it should be[View]
117983373MEME BULLETIN BOARD update: So, on this post >>117822507 I wanted you guys to post your favori…[View]
117982460Was Japans attack on Pearl Harbor justified?[View]
117984125Does the UK have a Muslim issue?: https://youtu.be/v5zZ9oXnSXM?t=33s[View]
117984504what are the chances of turkey joining the commonwealth?[View]
117983209So how's that conservative majority Senate treating you?: Scale of 1-10, how hard is hiroshima…[View]
117984510Cuckness Intensifies: These fucking cucks are trying to flip this. Time to go nuclear. http://www.g…[View]
117984141You see,: I live in Quebec and I never wanted to separate from Canada, but at the moment I am feelin…[View]
117983619Why?: Why are they postponing the vote? Shouldn't this new health plan theoretically be better …[View]
117981850'Take Down ED' Redpill me on why they took it down. For the love of Kek![View]
117964157The parents of these two little girls (Dad is white and their mother Korean) had to flee Korea after…[View]
117947553Make France Great Again V3: MEME FOR LE PEN We can't make the same mistake as the Netherlands, …[View]
117980722Did the armenian genocide happen?[View]
117982536Infowars is shilling for Islam. They were just talking about how when someone yells Aloha Snackbar i…[View]
117983686I wonder how many times that professional individuals have been in the room when Trump had a temper …[View]
117984352WE HISTORY NAO: Hello anons, help us rewrite history in the name of kek and the uncucked right. Writ…[View]
117969142'The beginning of the end of Trump's presidency': Trumpfags about to get B T F O Are your anuse…[View]
117984313Hey Whats the News Doing thats Useful ya know what i mean guys? any news worth reading lately?[View]
117956229This is Donald Trump's personal assistant.: Thoughts?[View]
117984231PROPAGANDA : A Short Read: http://www.historyisaweapon.org/defcon1/bernprop.html Consumer-driven, pl…[View]
117978970Do any of you actually listen to/watch Infowars? I tried once and it was pretty terrible >Alex Jo…[View]
117976463Hey guys instead of educating the population and showing how we're not there to conquer them af…[View]
117981548Atheism is the fastest shrinking religion in the world. Atheism is in decline worldwide, with the nu…[View]
117983936Hey guys, the FBI has uncovered #evidenceoftreason in Breitbart & Infowars: See: https://twitter…[View]
117982560Do liberals not realize that this man will take office and has an ideology that is 10x worse than Tr…[View]
117978393How did this guy get so much knowledge about politics, the occult, biology and history? Not only doe…[View]
117981960Win?: kek[View]
117983897Martian Political Battle: So here is the context. The year is 2180. Back on Earth America has split …[View]
117983797BASED: >calls out far left ideologues on their bullshit live BASED ORRIN…[View]
117983744Post minority infighting in this thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8rw0i7oVAE >Jew me, Sue…[View]
117983738/b/ gone to shit: I hear good things about /b/ but every time I go on, all I see is shitty memes and…[View]
117983570James 'The Homey' Comey: Can any man be more BASED? First he torpedoes Hillary's campaign. Next…[View]
117983538Do you pray for victims of Soros Brainwashing?[View]
117983427Republicans + Trump = about as effective as proving creationism: When you only control the House, th…[View]
117981109would /pol/ accept that this works both ways?[View]
117982165Why are Greeks so Based in terms of their Hatred of Jewry?: https://www.adl.org/sites/default/files/…[View]
117983217What do stoners do to be proud of themselves? Why are they proud of mooching off the government and …[View]
117974488Eternal Burger Hate Thread: Daily reminder that the eternal burger is behind the islamification of E…[View]
117982987Accent thread: Let's tell each other what other countries accents sound like. British - Sometim…[View]
117982673So guys what do you think , this war in yemen has some advantages like this Megamind kid, imagine al…[View]
117980451>Tax breaks for the rich are good because ... Go on /pol/ tell us what good they have done in the…[View]
117975224Brit/pol/ - Stop Taking Heroin edition: >Farage derides Khan’s 'part and parcel of life…[View]
117967320If the Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion is a forgery as (((officialdom))) claims, then why is it stil…[View]
117981173Holodomor and Holocaust: >me when I realize the word 'Holocaust' was only used to steal attention…[View]
117963584what does /pol/ have against the Tar Heel State?[View]
117978173Gay Bartender Cured by Anointed Cake + Hookers: In today's episode of Christians actually belie…[View]
117982539Are there any Ba'ath movements happening here?[View]
117982367>immigrants live in cities >ww3 is around the corner >cities will be nuked >yfw (((they)…[View]
117973673Most of the time i see everyone here say that its best to get married and have kids but does anyone …[View]
117982639True Capitalist Radio hosted by Ghost - episode #476 Mods are Fags: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/gho…[View]
117981518Why are conservatives so hellbent on overturning settled law?: Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch ha…[View]
117982484What do I say /pol? I need the help of the hivemind to win the argument agaisnt Leftists. >pic re…[View]
117982178Dear U.S.: http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/m-103-islamophobia-motion-vote-1.4038016 pls get ready to…[View]
117981057Leftist Memes: >'Here's some retarded bullshit... which is completely wrong if you think abo…[View]
117978462>All you need is love >Love is all you need What did he mean by this?…[View]
11797763750s VS 80s: I'm sure everyone, at least in the states, knows how the 80s is constantly hailed a…[View]
117982292True Capitalist Radio hosted by Ghost - episode #476 HWNDU Season 5 when?: http://www.blogtalkradio.…[View]
117979811Best Red Pill Pharmacist?: Who dispenses the best red pills? People or books or youtube talks or pod…[View]
117978826END OF THE WORLD PARTY: Well, we had a good run. But now everything is crashing down around us, how…[View]
117982074It should probably be noted that almost every single major figure in the atheist movement is Jewish.…[View]
117982042wait a tick... is the appeasement of Islam today similar to the appeasement of Germany pre-WW2?[View]
117982043Nunes, legit, or no?: I want to believe. I really really, want to believe.[View]
117979376Could another Hitler rise again?: After watching a movie on Netflix called 'Look who's back' wh…[View]
117981478WHERE ARE THE AUSCHWITZ MASS GRAVES?: Where are they??[View]
117981822New Alt-Right Symbol!: https://youtu.be/ac1oZU0nJuc Yooka-Laylee is the new symbol of the alt-right.…[View]
117975467ourgirl: when will /pol/ wake up and realise that julia is ourgirl[View]
117977994/pol/ can do it: This is Yusra Khogali, leader of Black Lives Matter Toronto. So far she has said J …[View]
117981799Daily reminder that /pol/ is a Christian board and no amount of r/atheism invasions will ever change…[View]
117976980Lets play a game where you try to refute the proposition above you in one sentence. I'll go fir…[View]
117981797Why did the automotive industry collapse in 2008?[View]
117977514Why is this allowed?[View]
117965117Ready to answer all your questions about the culture Islam fosters: Ill be very honest. The religion…[View]
117981725I am smart like you, don't believe anything the 'fake news' says. You are much too smart to.: I…[View]
117981699IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN!!!!: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! https://www.rt.com/uk/382085-police-inspec…[View]
117979222Isn't it better for the Healthcare bill to not pass since they will just have to repeal it afte…[View]
117980468white people explain yourselves can we deport them all now? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canad…[View]
117980146HEY LISTEN FELLOW BURGERS: The senate voted to roll back FCC regs allowing ISP to SELL YOUR DATA Als…[View]
117981200When will they all figure out that Autism is the most powerful weapon?[View]
117978337Communists infiltrating american businesses: Hey guys, Howies Game Shack in Mission Viejo is extreme…[View]
117981195Apologize: Virginia Commonwealth University seniors Brittney Maddox and Taneasha White recently co-f…[View]
117972458Is Christianity really the key to saving the west?[View]
117981010Well well well: What do we have here then, Sadiq?[View]
117978659Ok, guys, I stumbled on this image, the poster says it's the real pic of the London attacker, a…[View]
117978507Do you feel in charge?[View]
117952192ITT: the scariest things /pol/ knows [PART 2]: Link to the original thread: >>117526171[View]
117979927Why is Soros spending more money in Macedonia than in any other country? Why are their people who l…[View]
117979107I want a traditional conservative gf so bad but it's hard when you're a cringey 4chan user…[View]
117980245>Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated: What did he mean by this? http://www.washi…[View]
117978939https://www.rt.com/viral/382080-nightskies-cia-infiltrate-iphone/ >WikiLeaks has revealed the CIA…[View]
117979353Hi /pol/. I'm a gay buddy who decided to take the HIV virus. My choice was influenced by friend…[View]
117980797Continuing this thread: >>117962418 So we have this so far: https://hewillnotdivideus.xyz:2083…[View]
117980008North Korea: Did this guy MacArthur want to nuke NK and china in the early 50's during the kore…[View]
117976136>You know what men described as cucks used to be called? Decent. Desirable. Thoughtful. Kind. htt…[View]
117980726trump: there is no communism there papa trump.you cannot stump the trump[View]
117980481>Missing Tennessee student: Suspect told her he was CIA https://archive.fo/EbB74…[View]
117979070So how's the repeal going?[View]
117979706Why are Russian female politicians so based?: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/mar/22/…[View]
117979831Netflix: I'm arguing with a friend (very centrist and blue pilled) about diversity quotas with …[View]
117955472Red pill me on Turks?[View]
117980122>jews are our greatest alli-[View]
117979934How do you go from this[View]
117971774*blocks your path*[View]
117979090A yo hol up: #notallblacks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNvZdA000Mg[View]
117980140vla/pol/ - Antwerp edition: Thread to discuss Flemish and Belgian politics. Is everybody still holdi…[View]
117955678Irish girl bullied to death for being a Ginger: WTF is wrong with you some people? Stop getting trig…[View]
117974939Ukraine: ammunition warehouse massive fire: Juiciest explosions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrN…[View]
117980003Really makes you think. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/woman-in-critical-condition-after-fall…[View]
117973499ITT We act like niggers: WE WUZ KANGZ TILL WHITEY CAME N SHEIT!![View]
117979579Very Convenient: Jew shill Alex Jones helps distract everyone from Trump and Ryan getting BTFO. Sad!…[View]
117979833Can someone post anti-eurocuck memes? I'm running low.[View]
117977397Everyone wants to blame liberals for Trump's problems but he can't even get his own party …[View]
117979773ITT: Your personal redpills: I'll starts The Jews in control do everything that they do in orde…[View]
117977083We made a terrible mistake: How do we bring them back?[View]
117979006>mfw my kid sees some baw-story poor nignogs flyer we got in the mail and asks if those people on…[View]
117979672Why are drumpftards so fucking stupid? >XD if we get the rich more money it'll all work out …[View]
117970804A leftist wrote to me once, listing the four chief virtues: Empathy, kindness, acceptance and compas…[View]
117977038Yugoslav Geopolitics: Who was right in the Yugoslav Wars? Who should the US side with today? Was Srb…[View]
117970125Man Childism: Defend this type of behavior in a president, /pol/ > 'I'm a very instinctual p…[View]
117967123Why do wealthy and powerful become pedophiles?: Is it the lack of thrill and boredom of the 'regular…[View]
117975839Every time a Republican fails, an angel gets its wings.[View]
117979554Whatcha doin' Schlomo?: Looks like the evil anti semite who called in a bomb threat on jewish c…[View]
117963935The Holocaust really was a hoax wasn't it: It's not even a convincing lie. Examining it ju…[View]
117979437You may only post ITT if your township has no black people[View]
117935310jew admitted /pol/ is right!!: israeli arab here. want to share my redpilling story, im shocked, and…[View]
117979407Help me write my Globalization term paper: This weekend I need to submit an outline and list of prel…[View]
117979358True Capitalist Radio hosted by Ghost - episode #476 HWNDU Season 5 when?: http://www.blogtalkradio.…[View]
117979166Whats going on here? http://uk.mobile.reuters.com/article/idUKKBN16U18U http://archive.is/Hxnm4[View]
117977783I think 2017 is going to be a most fantastic year, slowly but surely the Brits are waking up, blakcs…[View]
117973218What are some /pol/ approved college degrees?[View]
117976259What's her end game?: Is she more dangerous than she looks? Has she been groomed her whole life…[View]
117977334moslemsfrei Europe, when?[View]
117979273LE PEN GENERAL - War Bonds Edition: Le Pen needs YOU! To save Europa. For if she wins this upcoming …[View]
1179768504 people are dead in London and it's the fault of all you mouth breathing facists. That poor r…[View]
117977765He will not divide us London: I have not seen a single board talking about this. Are we autists to s…[View]
117978896Italian female politician: Muhammad was Pedophile: On nation television program protesting the pendi…[View]
117978972So the re-criminalization movement is here, how long is it going to take? I think it is very likely …[View]
117977323Grand Master of French Freemasonry Attacked With Hammer: Grand Master of French Freemasonry Attacked…[View]
117975519is it true that estrogen isn't filtered out of water and it's feminizing men?[View]
117974345'immigrants are trying to flee terror': what is an argument to 'when immigrants come to western coun…[View]
117977742How to deal with western women ?[View]
117978227Just watched 6 hours of this and I have to say.... FUCK THE JEWS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XE…[View]
117973812Why isn't there more right-wing comedians?: Sam Hyde is an acquired taste, Anthony Cumia hasn…[View]
117977149#WeAreNotAfraid: Bullshit. Fucking islamist terrorists have infiltrated Europe and they could be any…[View]
117958654Refute this without resorting to infidel strawman arguments about 'recent events' or …[View]
117973902So, we're gonna be all mixed in the future. you can already see it in the streets of America an…[View]
117978657wtf i hate the government now[View]
117978602New social network: A new social network has been launched, vowing more transparency, security, and …[View]
117978563Autism Politics: President Donald Trump said there has been a “tremendous” increase in autism in U.S…[View]
117973344>The USA will produce enough oil to satisfy its needs by 2020. Why aren't we talking about t…[View]
117976190Is /pol/ against internet privacy?: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-internet-idUSKBN16U2ER ---…[View]
117976789MEXICAN MEN ARE MARRYING SOMALI WOMEN TO GET AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP: http://www.somalispot.com/threads…[View]
117975314You guys need to stop coming over to /v/ and infesting it with your fucking retarded, petty politica…[View]
117976612wtf is wrong with Russia?[View]
117956323Poland’s Prime Minister uses Westminster terrorist attack to justify refusing to take in refugees: …[View]
117977685It's over. Drumpf is done for.: >The bombshell revelation that U.S. officials have informati…[View]
117978342Lets raid furry amino: Lets fuck with the lifes of furrys the raid will start at 20:00 i got some Gu…[View]
117963682NORMIES, GET OUT!: Practical things white males can do to save Western Civilization: - Stop Hiring w…[View]
117978133If Liberals are puppets for Jews (who hope to exterminate the white race) then why do they promote m…[View]
117970030/pie/ - THE 7's, WHAT DO THEY MEAN?!: Well, gentlemen, this is it. The final Jubilee is coming …[View]
117978265HWNDU: Ok fags, we need a game plan. There are two flags now, the one online and the one in Liverpoo…[View]
117973304March 23: Today is The Day of Polish-Hugarian Friendship. Do other nations have such a relationships…[View]
117974404Why should we go to work, raise a family, build a career and endure all the bad things that life thr…[View]
117963750AUDIT THE FED: IT'S FUCKING HAPPENING https://twitter.com/RandPaul/status/844925878966595584…[View]
117978103>Violence towards women is extremely high in the US and more often than not there is a lot of vic…[View]
117977793Anybody remember the dude that sold refugees fake life vests? Lol[View]
117977282Hey goy: why are you discriminating people based on age? That's ageist. it's not their fau…[View]
117975816>'evidence of treason among alt-right websites' What did they mean by this?…[View]
117977963Another one: LeBoob made a virtual flag. Do as you will with this... http://hewillnotdivideus.xyz/…[View]
117959850/ve/ thread: Victory in England Day Post Karen to celebrate brit/pol/'s successful mission Danc…[View]
117972798/pol/ 1:1000 Earth Minecraft Server: polandcraft.keko.net Discuss your political views, build a fact…[View]
117946828So now that we've had a terrorist attack I feel like I need to step up my self defense game esp…[View]
117977810This disgusting piece of shit.[View]
117977795Book burn: Nazi starts large fire in northeast florida! Run with it https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp…[View]
117973935DAYUM GURL NANCY PELOSI BRINGING THE *fire emoji* *fire emoji* *100 hundred emoji *100 hundred emoji…[View]
117977778Have you been lucky enough to meet Trump in-person?[View]
117977762Belarus NO!!: What's happening in Belarus?!?!? It's one of the few European countries that…[View]
117961588RACIST BIGOT SLAMS SWEET INNOCENT MUSLIMS ON BACK OF ATTACK: It's like he doesn't watch th…[View]
117977674If the races are indeed different, why can't we just benefit from the differences together?: Le…[View]
117977640I have spoken all over the world and I have great respect for Muslims, I have great respect for the …[View]
117973908Despite their small percentage of the world's population, Jews have significantly influenced an…[View]
117975011FLAT EARTHERS BTFO. THANK YOU BASED SHAQ: Even shaq thinks flat earthers are retarded LOL https://ww…[View]
117975374Is the pushback against cultural marxism here to stay, or are we simply seeing the last flicker befo…[View]
117976340Does BlueServo work?: How do you get livefeed or is it all fake?[View]
117971559Dude gives huge keks: 'The doxxing of Shia is not something we should take likely or be impressed by…[View]
117975194HAPPENING: Officer fires at stabbing suspect north of Ohio State University campus: http://nbc4i.com…[View]
117976323We are the normal ones: These people are fucking insane[View]
117977194goyim I'm trying to understand european ethnic/cultural distribution: are germans a subrace or …[View]
117977150Who is your favorite politician? For me, it's Angela Merkel.[View]
117977216Happy 7th birthday ACA. Trumpcare is DOA. Maybe all those red states that opted out of ACA and screw…[View]
117973826Do people actually take this retard seriously?[View]
117971489Germany reacts: without border controls will we end up like them?[View]
117951211Will you vote for her?[View]
117977094/pol/ Approved Authors: Most redpilled authors and their best books[View]
117976817Communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the ideol…[View]
117966104Socialism doesn't wo-[View]
117952069Memetic Principality of Kek General - We're serious on this edition: >To find these generals…[View]
117976931Traitors and blind morons everywhere. They have their heads shoved so far up their asses that they d…[View]
117968831What's the whitey equivalent of 'Hey Rabbi, watcha doin'?!': >‘Hoax’: Texas teen made u…[View]
117975617Hmmmm interesting[View]
117971044Should Chimps (not niggers) Have Legal Rights?[View]
117976885Just give up: Okay guys, we had a good run. But let's face it, Scrumpf isn't getting out o…[View]
117976847>Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures…[View]
117976719Seeing a lot of stories lately that use this rhetorical pattern: >[Right-wing politician] uses [n…[View]
117976599Virtual HWNDU flag.Now what? http://hewillnotdivideus.xyz/[View]
117976274Why is this not on here yet?: https://heatst.com/culture-wars/trolls-tear-down-he-will-not-divide-us…[View]
117976181>being degenerate heretic >pretend to Save west and Christianity explain it to me.…[View]
117969338Paradyke Shift: Seeing how some lesbo's are more alpha then a lot of you pencil cock westboys, …[View]
117976440Prove you are not a blind follower and name one criticism of Islam. I'll start. Under Sharia la…[View]
117969824Man Charged with Hate Crime in Beating of 2 Transgender Women in Queens: NYPD: >A man is charged …[View]
117976418Season 5 Virtual HWNDU Flag: After season 4, a new challenge appears out of the blue. A new virtual …[View]
117948241Let's do a Canada politics thread. What are you guys thinking about?[View]
117975052You can say that our fuckung leaf flag is sad, but our national anthem is redpilled. It mentions the…[View]
117957403So this is how Muslims reacted to the terror attack.[View]
117963637Fire Up Those VPN's and Get Out Your Bleach!!!: https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/8449510…[View]
117976310Western intervention in Syria: What are your thoughts on this as a plan for Syria and you got any al…[View]
117976302lol: test[View]
117963555Anarcho-capitalism wouldn't work in pract....[View]
117976254pol haiku thread: Donald Trump failed His campaign was surveilled He will be jailed[View]
117973261New fascist party when?[View]
117976225Senate votes to give private data to the telecom jew.: Hello /pol/, http://thehill.com/policy/techno…[View]
117943111Feminists are the biggest sluts: So, I am currently banging a feminist girl. She is the uptight type…[View]
117976217Why does the media try to make trump = terror[View]
117974183How to save Women from modern Feminism?: What to do?[View]
117974063There's an entire generation of people here - between the ages of 11 and 18 - they rarely admit…[View]
117976099Who did WTC?[View]
117970482Why doesn't anyone listen to us? It's so obvious that Islam is not a religion of peace and…[View]
117975296Kek, Me blassings and peace be upon you my might lord of Chaos: Will you share the the future with u…[View]
117975812Ok, guys, I stumbled on this image, the poster says it's the real pic of the London attacker, a…[View]
117975548Why are male virgins a nickle a dozen but female virgins essentially albino unicorns?[View]
117975873HWNDU Virtual Flag: So, there is now a virtual HWNDU flag. They're so desperate it's almos…[View]
117960064Dumping average, middle class South African security measures. Don't let this happen to your c…[View]
117975820DAILY BEST FINLAND THREAD SUOMI PERKELE :D :D :------D This is a thread for everything Finland. Mun…[View]
117974816/Pol/ is Kurdish[View]
117971875Transhumanism ideology should be embraced by the West. We should take control of our evolution and e…[View]
117975646Religion should be regulated.: Religion is an addictive and dangerous activity for some. Like alcoho…[View]
117975664http://downdetector.com/status/level3/map/ https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=13kcL6C8OrKNsrr1…[View]
117975651Yes, it's really happening.: >President Obama’s Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Jame…[View]
117975606HWNDU: Someone hit me up with a high res of the dudes in the rooftop.[View]
117975227What is your greatest fear for the political future?[View]
117975023Brit/pol/ - Georing edition: >Farage derides Khan’s 'part and parcel of life' terror re…[View]
117975568HWNDU CTF Digital Edition /pol/ Cyber Warfare Division: Okay so, Shia has given up nad put up a digi…[View]
117975527A · M · L · O · M M X V I I I: A N D R É S · M A N U E L · L Ó P E Z · O B R A D O R · M M X V I I I…[View]
117971693There are no Christian terrorist gro-: /pol/ BTFO ! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Army_of_God_(Unite…[View]
117960396Are these institutions actually socialist?[View]
117973782Wall Street Journal is jumping ship on Trump http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/onpolitics/…[View]
117975347Does /pol/ oppose vaccines? Does /pol/ oppose all or just certain sorts of vaccines?[View]
117975266what the fuck: I moved into a house owned by an old retired couple (renting a room because Swedish h…[View]
117975211Does anyone have a nice boycott pastebin with links to why?[View]
117949308/sg/ SYRIA GENERAL - HAMA IS OVERRATED EDITION: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wo…[View]
117971401Why can't grills like pic related actually exist?[View]
117975127Commerce Clause: The commerce clause was a mistake.[View]
117965342Why did Ben draw a hot succubus? What the hell does this comic even mean[View]
117975082When are we going jfk style on this useless bastard?: headshot ftw[View]
117953762Trump said Pizzagate in 2011: https://twitter.com/PizzaPartyBen/status/844846515264749568 My apologi…[View]
117914886Happy Birthday Tay!![View]
117969957So, you guys had a good run. Bye Bye Drumpfags[View]
117974570/pol/fag books: anyone read How America Lost Its Secrets? i want to know if it's any good befor…[View]
117974962turcs will travel home by 2033: https://iboesterreich.at/2017/03/22/erdogan-hol-deine-tuerken-ham-id…[View]
117972163/pol/ GOT SERVED: I'm just gonna sit back here with a glass of iced tea and wait for your menta…[View]
117956007HAPPENING: http://www.freedomwatchusa.org/pdf/170321-Final%20Whistleblower%20Letter.pdf Rundown >…[View]
117972216Did this calorie thieving motherfucker just gain another 100 pounds? Why does he want to interject i…[View]
117973667Without Obamacare, Boogie won't be able to get health insurance: still happy with Drumpf now?…[View]
117970294China #1: How fucked are we? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_(PPP)#Lists…[View]
117974506>“When, at the battle of Uhud, the helmet-rings had been taken out of the Prophet’s cheek, blood …[View]
117965168Entire fucking family is retarded[View]
117918690Fucking stop[View]
117974702Operation: Brand re-Branding: And why arent you sharing this across social media? Why havent you pos…[View]
117973395Things multikulti cucks say: >Let's not play into the terrorist's hands >The answer …[View]
117974669HWNDU has gone digital.: After realising tha wherever they put the flag, /pol/ will get it removed, …[View]
117971444Thoughts on Styxhexenhammer666?[View]
117969929why are japs so obviously mentally ill? >inb4 nukes they were retarded before then (in some ways …[View]
117974430redpill me on tinnitus. Just a 'thing' some people have or is it really a sound some people can hear…[View]
117972905Commie architecture: Who though this would be a good idea?[View]
117973827Hispanics aren't whit-[View]
117966301brit/pol/ - Labour of Love edition: >Farage derides Khan’s 'part and parcel of life' te…[View]
117964472redpill me on Catholicism: There are a lot of Catholics here, why should I join Catholicism?[View]
117957123What do u guys think about this guy?[View]
117973877'Used terrorist attacks to take away our rights' FUCK THEM UP IT'S #2 ON TRENDING FOR NO FUCKIN…[View]
117973799(((Republicans))): (((Republicans))) http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-broadband-privacy-senate-…[View]
117971542/sleep/ general: this is a thread for the anons who just need a nap. please no posting, we don'…[View]
117974134How fucked is Macedonia?: >Elections held in December 2016 >A week away from April, still no g…[View]
117974044Trump was a nice pussy lobbyist. Just as corrupt as anyone else[View]
117973237Why do Russians like being controlled by dictators so much /pol/?[View]
117973975Aight /pol/, this isn't from Shia, but someone's gone and stuck a digital version of the h…[View]
117973964Anyone converted to Islam yet? It's pretty nice so far, you get a lot of baklava and rifles as …[View]
117973896Pol is this is? Is this the ultimate happiness for the white man?: https://vimeo.com/151048885 https…[View]
117973892Trump is not Anti-Semitic: Is stupid pretending that Trump is an Anti-Semite. Both of Democrats and …[View]
117973855The statue's popularity with tourists has international appeal. One 2007 newspaper report noted…[View]
117973854Daily Stormer trolls NY Daily News hard: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/manhattan/white-suprema…[View]
117973271Conspiracy Theories: What are some of the best conspiracy theories you've ever heard?[View]
117973027Amerikkka: Why do liberals hate America?[View]
117973776Maxime is a woman's name: How can anyone talk a man named 'Maxime' seriously? I bet he is a tra…[View]
117969097Something is happening, /pol/: https://www.rt.com/on-air/382066-vigil-westminster-attack-victims/ I …[View]
117970093Wise Christian Priest DESTROYS Atheist Richard Dawkins: How can possibly atheists defend this? This …[View]
117973627/pol/ examination of the GeoPolitical Effect of Niggers: And why do we hate them?[View]
117973642Trump interview with Time. Discuss http://time.com/4710456/donald-trump-time-interview-truth-falseho…[View]
117960028Guess who is the terrorist now?[View]
117973573PROVE to me KHALID MASOOD was a PRACTISING Muslim at the EXACT TIME he drove his car into pedestrian…[View]
117973338>tfw you don't get paid until tomorrow but you have a spare five pounds…[View]
117973220Another chance: Since republicrats can't get anything done, it's time to give Obama anothe…[View]
117969169Donald Trump Presidency is a Joke: http://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/03/graydon-carter-trump-presi…[View]
117973445REMOVE PORN: Get the fuck off my screen with this perverted shit! I come here to troll, and be educa…[View]
117972495redpill me on Ryancare, /pol/ What will it do?[View]
117973118>'I'm a dealmaker. I make the best deals' humpy drumphy fails again…[View]
117968884Pol posters that you recognize?: I start. That one Japanese proxy shill anon who keeps on making Ja…[View]
117958515Traitors like this need to be purged from the White House. This just shows that you can't trus…[View]
117970497A horrible joke: It just came to me. What do you call the extermination of the gays? >The Homocau…[View]
117973097What's the fate of the Obamacare Repeal now?[View]
117973216/pol/ BTFO![View]
117971864Damn, never knew hitler was such a hunk.[View]
117973129Why shouldn't Europe adopt islam? We are exterminating babies via abortion en masse and Europea…[View]
117972986Hey Drumpf, what the fuck bro??: You tweet this, get peoples hopes up, have them meme war for you, t…[View]
117972211Stop hating Muslims you retards. Hate terrorists instead.[View]
117971072Recent arrival in France here tell me about the most macabre parts of france that arent in Paris or …[View]
117953342David Brock was unconscious for 10 mins: ShariaBlue Mole on plebbit posted this before all traces we…[View]
117972650Is this an accurate look at a 2050 America?[View]
117972244Why hasn't Poland removed this shit yet ?: What are you doing Janush[View]
117972094Redpill me on the Eurozone. What are the effects on countries with weaker economies for example Gre…[View]
117970695Why does the world see you as evil /pol/?: 1. You do better work to protect the world than intellige…[View]
117972807How to beat (((them))) at their own game?: ITT : we discuss countersubversive tactics to be used whe…[View]
117972758Keep building our pipelines American GOY.[View]
117972601Can we get a fake news thread?[View]
117955333University material: >Let's take a look at why it's so important to cite your sources! …[View]
117972651Tommy Robinson: Tommy Robinson ('far right' knight) is in a pretty good twitter exchange with a 'rap…[View]
117972275chy-na in 2030: Can we get a timeline on how to make this happen? Divide and conquer faggots![View]
117966070Which one of u did this?![View]
117972536hipsters are total FAGS: lolz trust no one with a beard where was bernanke in 2007? fed failed disba…[View]
117972503>'im not degenerate' >browses 4chan Is this snownigger srs?…[View]
117954929JIDF False Flag exposed: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/mar/23/israeli-police-arrest-man-o…[View]
117971286Redpill me on North Korea: Redpill me on it[View]
117971682Whoa: Holy shit. Now I know that we made a mistake.[View]
117971141Senate votes to let ISPs sell your Web browsing history to advertisers: https://arstechnica.com/tech…[View]
117972222Fuck this guy: Seriously, fuck this guy so much. Fuck fuck fuckitty fuck him. I'm a white South…[View]
117967564Shona: I got a paper due in 2 hours, can you all tell me all you know about Shona Women?[View]
117972188Not actively fighting for diversity causes the left winger to try and ostracize you. How much time d…[View]
117972152Satania enjoys the works of karl marx, why don't you /pol/?[View]
117970391are you still vegan? http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/next/earth/going-vegan-isnt-actually-th/[View]
117968317Need anons to troll this survey: https://umich.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3QqIZf3FGLblpsN Basically i…[View]
117953545Raising minimum wage: What's so wrong about raising the minimum wage? Wouldn't it be good …[View]
117968150Dell commercial: your thoughts on this commercial ? is their anything wrong with this commercial ? h…[View]
117966524fuck I love the KOCH brothers, saving USA: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/mar/23/koch-brot…[View]
117971846FLAT EARTHERS BTFO: Even shaq thinks flat earthers are retarded LOL https://www.yahoo.com/sports/new…[View]
117969600Kennedy knew too much: I had never heard of this until today. Seems like Kennedy may have had a diff…[View]
117955216Asian hate thread: Alright /pol/, I'm getting sick of the newfags and lolbertarians shilling fo…[View]
117971509TrumpCare vote is cancelled. Gridlock returns. It was a pretty shit bill for anyone making less than…[View]
117970930really makes you think[View]
117970291Who is to blame for feminism? Is it the fact that the family unit has been practically smashed, leav…[View]
117963021What happened to this guy?: >White >Shot up a mosque I expected shills and (((the media))) to …[View]
117966086Why doesn't /pol/ go out and fight for the white race instead of posting on a cartoon board all…[View]
117967068What are the demographics of Germany?: Are there any reliable sources?[View]
117967106post good old days vid or equivelant of your country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqWdCTPPwZM…[View]
117958924Why are you guys so racist?: Terror attacks every so often are just the price we need to pay for the…[View]
117970515i think it's 2-0 for Kekistan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfiGMLyLNOc (read description)…[View]
117971440Beli: What does /pol/ think of Beli? He's a Serbian presidential candidate.[View]
117963583>Meanwhile, on Bizzaro /pol/[View]
117971294Art Thread, Back from the Dead: Share your favorite art of Superior Western Civilization, my goys. T…[View]
117951712This is CHINA 2050: China expansionist here, AMA[View]
117969789Day of substration when?: Tax evasion. How does your country deal with it?[View]
117969781MFW a Jew is behind the bomb threats to the JCC, how could this have been the case?[View]
1179712391776movement: What's his endgame?[View]
117971191>When you think Nazism is a stupid fucking LARPing meme but then you realise National Socialism i…[View]
117967698Slow cuckification of western civilization: REPEAL 90% OF ALL LAWS. I'm serious. There are so m…[View]
117967755Whats the deal with ancestry.com? has anyone ever tried it? is it a reliable source on who your ance…[View]
117965218Life in London: >be me, living in London >wake up, open the blast shutters on my single window…[View]
117965965>'We're thrilled to have a candidate with your expertise considering employment within our e…[View]
117969833Anyone else p disappointed in Rand lately? He is becoming a cuck for Donald and seems to have given …[View]
117971060>Hey USA let us in! We will promise to assimilate and wont make you minorities >Ok, then >W…[View]
117971056What would your ancestors think of you, /pol/?: Thread name, along with what would your ancestors th…[View]
117959156Ask an Irishman anything.: Ask a black Irishman anything[View]
117970836When will Pepe save France?[View]
117957590Do you honestly think it's about race and not about culture[View]
117970577Kikery: Whatcha doin rabbi? https://www.rt.com/usa/382052-us-israeli-arrested-bomb-threats/…[View]
117970373Erdogan = Hitler Meme: See here: https://twitter.com/Trockenlink/status/844635190974693378…[View]
117930721Really makes you think huh?[View]
117959563/pol/ approved facebook pages or groups? Inescapable Redpill seems pretty based, along with disdain …[View]
117957381Jewish bomb threat suspect CAUGHT in ISRAEL: >Hes probably a white supr- why is /pol/ always righ…[View]
117957680Playtonic removes controversial YouTuber JonTron from Yooka-Laylee: http://www.gamesindustry.biz/art…[View]
117921571Sould we be concerned about the SwoleLeft?: > These liberal guys are weightlifting so they can be…[View]
117954644Are Lefties mentally ill?[View]
117969298MORE ATTACKS PLS KEK: Religion of peace strikes again. PRAISE KEK! http://www.bbc.com/news/world-eur…[View]
117965199Atheists just can't get over the fact that they lost the culture war. Let me take you under 18s…[View]
117965585Im from Northern Ireland ask me the difference between the 2: Am i British? am i Irish? Am i a jew?…[View]
117970167Tobias Ellwood part of the false flag attack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECUZKPh3f5s What do yo…[View]
117967040Alright YouTube, are you prepared for The Coming Robotic Epoch? https://youtu.be/ZA4ECn0G5wc https:/…[View]
117940621REMINDERS the following things are DEGENERATE! What are you doing to purify your life against (the (…[View]
117966723/Public Execution/ General - The Question: >Will public execution return to the Western world soo…[View]
117968233>30 civilian syrians die in coalision bombing >no one cares >5 cumskins die >whole world…[View]
117967973meanwhile in space-age /pol/...: How do we stop Nigger Clan 1 from rebelling against the Grand Empir…[View]
117969837/pol/ insurgents in Uni thread: 512 Texas State University attesting to the redpilled students fight…[View]
117969125Lefty hypocrisy thread[View]
117961859Hmmmmm ....interesting[View]
117969734Anyone else tired of baby-sitting libtards? I feel like a teacher in a potato classroom trying for y…[View]
117967661What is or was the vetting process Trump used for his administration? Its like one scandal after ano…[View]
117964136Trump will not sav Brits after Brexit Germans and French will rape them[View]
117969042Sampsons pizza gate? Look to the left of the picture[View]
117926814HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA spread this everywhere[View]
117969465Your first red pill? Mine was Czechoslovakian cartoon called the Mole. Showed how humans are short s…[View]
117967258Why is Jon Podesta stilla live/free? The law refuses to do anything. What are you going to do about …[View]
117965014I work for a major social media company. Now is your chance to red pill a lot of people. I have a te…[View]
117957102WTF is the DOJ's problem?: https://mobile.twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/844951011345223681…[View]
117969443Stop paying taxes.[View]
117948806So since becoming redpilled I barely trust stuff now (thanks faggots) I was wondering if pic related…[View]
117968131Why do we let American rednecks and hicks tell us what to do with our FUCKING EUROPEAN UNION when mo…[View]
117969038>Nigger IQ.[View]
117966909Did Maxine Waters expose Obama spy programs in 2013? https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=49a_1360284775#…[View]
117965208Poppy eats a red pill: Is she, dare I say it, /ourgirl/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seBbcPOR5-8…[View]
117968619Trumpcare advantages?: Why do you personally not like Obamacare? What are the benefits of the AHCA?…[View]
117966948Despite widespread disapproval from constituents, S.J.Res 34 has passed the United States Senate wit…[View]
117969048Hey rabbi, watcha doin?: AHAHAHA http://abcnews.go.com/US/suspect-arrested-israel-connection-bomb-th…[View]
117969059Does political theory have a good track record of real world accomplishments? I know that a guy who …[View]
117968572US-Israeli citizen arrested, bomb threats against Jewish centers: https://www.rt.com/usa/382052-us-i…[View]
117968410help friends i need argument about white superiority[View]
117965957bomb muslim cities when terror strikes: Trump was right bomb thier wmen n kids when they do thsi sh…[View]
117965071Was Enoch right?: Especially for the Brits here. Do you think that Enoch Powell was right in his fa…[View]
117960416How will black science man ever recover?[View]
117968807Cosmic gold: https://www.quantamagazine.org/20170323-where-did-gold-come-from-neutron-stars-or-super…[View]
117967178>Be American >Get shot >Sue assailant for medical treatment and he goes to jail Or >Be E…[View]
117968464>come home from work every day at 9pm >work 12 hour days, saving money >live in shitty apar…[View]
117968499He did it again, the next erdogan song. jan böhmermann the madman. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M…[View]
117957475NOPE: Controversial child sex dolls floated as treatment for pedophiles http://web.archive.org/web/2…[View]
117960182TEA PARTY CUCKS TRUMP: HAHAHA NO DEAL ON HEALTHCARE 'Freedom caucus' refuses to play along. The mons…[View]
117968576When will we finally Deus Vult and crusade against the mudslimes once more?[View]
117968646Check my two.[View]
117967072Hey /pol/: I really love Hitler wondering if ant of you could put me in a pic with my hero.[View]
117968527Why is Islam the only religion that still produces holy warriors?[View]
117945718Do you like some black people?: Do you like Neil Degrasse Tyson? I love his show Cosmos.Do you hate …[View]
117964303/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - SPICY EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov h…[View]
117966853I need to show my parents. Can somebody post the image of the muslim woman walking past the victime …[View]
117966320What do you think the Fuhrer would think of white supremacists? What would he think of /pol/?[View]
117937467GLOBAL WARMING CONFIRMED REAL BY SCIENCE, POL BLOWN THE FUCK OUT: http://www.businessinsider.com/new…[View]
117968253HOW DARE YOU NOT SEE THE GOOD IN THEIR SOULS?!? https://www.rt.com/uk/382065-muslim-fundraiser-terr…[View]
117968162Ya Think You're Hot Shit, Dontchya?!: I can't see why those terrible, white Islamophobic r…[View]
117950042Is it possible to have an authoritarian regime but still retain Freedom of Speech?: Many people have…[View]
117968112Liberalism: Do liberal tears taste sweet or bitter, my dudes?[View]
117966828What did (((Donald Trump))) mean by this?[View]
117966220cult checklist: Today I will remind them What does a cult mean by submission? What're the warni…[View]
117966958How do we stop another Nakba, /pol/? Palestine is starving[View]
117965483>tfw you wake up and Drumpf is still in the office[View]
117960601What if we started putting the bodies of dead terrorists in barrels of pig blood and bury them facin…[View]
117964858What do you think this year will be like? What would be your political strategy for preventing furth…[View]
117960165/pol/-Civil War: So we need to talk about this /pol/. https://discord.gg/ndbvnJb *GET IN HERE. WE NE…[View]
117967533>literally one day[View]
117964529Sean Spicer just Destroyed CNN from Press Room: 'There is more Evidence Hillary Clinton Colluded wit…[View]
117959765/polstalgia/: >trump won Umm, no sweetie. Hillary won by seventeen gorillion votes.. Does anyone …[View]
117967190https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDulC8xZAUQ Canadian parents are not taking it[View]
117966550/pol/ hero Otto Skorzeny was a Mossad Hitman who killed Germans for Israel: http://www.haaretz.com/i…[View]
117961709They need to be eradicated: Why do the masses let these people lie about everything, how come noone …[View]
117967086Its clear the only way to save America and Europe is an all out war which allows for the massacre of…[View]
117967058Another Orwellian shill trying to justify the exploitation of global privacy by the US government.: …[View]
117966289Holy Sh!ti Turns out all of the threats against Jewish organizations in the USA in the last 2.5 yea…[View]
117965155>yfw literal Nazis keep better care of a country[View]
117965764White 'people' BTFO You'll never catch us nigs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gA5M_KpQQWQ[View]
117960890>'When I said wiretapping, it was in quotes. Because a wiretapping is, you know, today it is diff…[View]
117964316How do fix our reputation Leafs?: K, I donno which one of you faggots is the cause of it, but I…[View]
117965639The fed will be audited soon because of Rand Paul. It will be successful. There will be a failed ass…[View]
117966215What are some redpilled and reliable websites ?: I really need some to wake up the most people I can…[View]
117966637True redpill: All religions are shit. Christianity is no better than Islam, Judaism is clearly the …[View]
117961953Daily reminder that /pol/ is a Christian board and no amount of r/atheism invasions will ever change…[View]
117966715I just saw our lord and savior mike pence. How does it feel?[View]
117964801Reminder that as soon as it was obvious that Nixon was a criminal the majority of his supporters in …[View]
117962165You're enjoying a nice evening family dinner at your favorite restaurant with your wife and two…[View]
117943665ATTACKER NAMED AND SHAMED: >The man police believe to be responsible for the terrorist attack in …[View]
117962612Roach purge in Sweden when? I understand a lot of swedes are liberal cucks but they should be saved.…[View]
117965852Just a friendly reminder...: There are international pedophile rings in the highest level of governm…[View]
117965861He thought he could kill Obamacare.[View]
117961261I as a British woman despise you bigots. You keep blaming 1.5 billion people for the actions so call…[View]
117966431Livestream is dead.[View]
117962450How Hungary is failing refugees: >The most flagrant violation of human rights is the so-called ei…[View]
117959613you guys are my only friends[View]
117965469what else is in our power /pol/iticians?[View]
117951939redpill me on having multiple white babies: >be me >be white >be 30 >have white wife …[View]
117960478Why does /pol/ support drug testing for jobs/welfare recipients?: It just leads to people getting ho…[View]
117958519What's the most 'American' state in the USA?: What state is the most 'American fuck yeah'?…[View]
117964709/pol/ Nigger Handling Guide?: Hey /pol/, anon with a question here. How does one handle a Chimping O…[View]
117946020Are we really winning?: Are the redpills really spreading? Are we actually starting to turn the norm…[View]
117931970Automation: >be a robot >work 24/7 with no breaks, time off, or sick days >do the job right…[View]
117965864HOLY FUCKING SHIT /POL/ Someone dig in more info about this please. I want to know if the mudslimes …[View]
117963417Why do libertarians keep saying that Texas is legal theft?[View]
117964843Finally somebody has made a crowdfund for the island of /pol/. If I donate first does the rest of /p…[View]
117963735Why do people think black IQs are so low because of oppresion when Africa went untouched by whites f…[View]
117959264NC State: >We caint be raciss Also another one said ''Dear White People... Stop dancing'…[View]
117965616Was this just a matter of time in MKE? >63 yo building inspector works high-risk properties to br…[View]
117965220What were the torture techniques used on Jews: Hi so I'm supposed to give a speech to my class …[View]
117963129really made me think... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CB4k7ma7jvM[View]
117956219Really fires up those neurons[View]
117965534Museum of '''African American '''history'''''': >at the new African American history museum in dc…[View]
117963636Any serious anti muslim groups in London?[View]
117965384Go crazy you autistic fucks[View]
117965336Atheism is the fastest shrinking religion in the world. Atheism is in decline worldwide, with the nu…[View]
117965337/ourgoys/ for Sunday?[View]
117965331A jew was making the bomb threads: http://abcnews.go.com/US/suspect-arrested-israel-connection-bomb-…[View]
117965011So are we in for another 8 years of anti-white/anti-Trump shows? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJT…[View]
117965325>1945: Japanese government actually convinces its citizens to kill themselves en masse rather tha…[View]
117962514Why didn't people listen to Trump?[View]
117937528Race humor thread[View]
117965023London 2030: >2030 >London is now Mecca >Big Ben used to call to prayer >All Muslims mus…[View]
117964575Remember Drugs Are Bad: Libshits are trying to say the attack yesterday was a false flag by Trump to…[View]
117957154Bombing the big box in Mecca 2: The last thread reached the bump limit, so I think it's time fo…[View]
117965124Redpill General: I'll start[View]
117963436/pol/ is a NatSoc board: Lolbertarians OUT![View]
117965068You Naive ShitStains: The holy trinity. Totally worthless except The Machine and he's a brain d…[View]
117964233Most of my friends are obese or morbidly obese, the others are all at least overweight including my …[View]
117965038It should probably be noted that almost every single major figure in the atheist movement is Jewish.…[View]
117965025area code thread any country or municipality 813 here[View]
117963016Alt-Right party?: Why hasn't the Alt-Right consolidated into a party yet? I feel like the movem…[View]
117962303Useful idiots are WORTHLESS SHEEPLES[View]
117964929What do we do about the average Am***can 'kid' /Pol/?: inb4: PoorDiseasedIndianKid.jpg[View]
117962245Mormons will be the last white people: They are required by God to breed. They're the preservat…[View]
117964866Freedom Watch is a Jewish Trick!!: I was looking into Freedom Watch and just look at the board membe…[View]
117964856Immigrant health: Enforcing immigration law will harm public health. Prove me wrong. http://jamanetw…[View]
117957397Ruthless Bulgarian migrant hunter buys himself a HELICOPTER GUNSHIP: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3…[View]
117956616Brit/pol/ - Defeatist Terrorist Sympathiser Edition: >Farage derides Khan’s 'part and parcel…[View]
117961469Hey, Rabbi! Dual-citizenship Israeli behind threats to Jewish centers.: http://abcnews.go.com/US/sus…[View]
117964697Really makes you think[View]
117964502Islam should run Europe: Am I the only one who actually wants Islam to run at least one country of E…[View]
117964602How come everybody hates boomers?: Whether left or right wing, all young americans seem to hate baby…[View]
117956465Why is diversity a thing and how come I can't find a job because of it.[View]
117963471Office west wing top scrt clearance[View]
117964554>German politicians anno 2017 ebin >wirklich macht dich denk…[View]
117959677How do we make China great again? What the fuck went so wrong?[View]
117958257Prove me that he is a real Muslim. > protip: you can't real Muslims are not terorists…[View]
117964415FBI have uncovered 'evidence of treason' among alt-right websites: >Richard Painter twe…[View]
117964407So what is the deal with international law regarding Sovereign countries airspace's? I assume t…[View]
117964402What's the news on the HWNDU flag?[View]
117964390Attack on /r/islam: Enough of fucking faggot muzzies invading /pol/. Let's fight back - by post…[View]
117908283Why do liberals/progressives/leftists/keynesians/keynesian republicans etc think it's a good id…[View]
117964218/net-neutrality/ general: > Senate votes to kill privacy rules meant to protect people's sen…[View]
117964206>stonk black woman annoying jude. You can't make this shit up![View]
117955517>you'll never send a US government intern on a pizza and junk run[View]
117964176I want more jobs not hijabs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hj70rtP3lUQ[View]
117959521It's Reconquista time France!: Can any of you frogs tell me why young French are so Nationalist…[View]
117961213/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - Spicer Press Conference Thread #2 EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP …[View]
117964142HOLLYWOOD IS AT IT AGAIN.....: Oh look ! She said 'cunt' ! How edgy ! how anti-pc ! https://www.yout…[View]
117964117Pol was right again: http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/israeli-jewish-man-arrested-threats-1.4037564…[View]
117964139Meals on Wheels: Food Is Just One Serving Of What Meals On Wheels Gives Seniors >http://www.npr.o…[View]
117959989>voted for Drumpf because I thought he would help me >mfw I found out I'm about to lose m…[View]
117963616Reddit UK: Can we fix /r/unitedkingdom or is it a lost cause? They won't stop pandering to Isla…[View]
117959053LONDON ATTACKER A BLACK CONVERT TO ISLAM: >Masood was a married father-of-three, former English t…[View]
117964088Why do sandniggers like motor vehicles so much?[View]
117962248Americans are leaving their cities in ruins. Why do they do this? Chicago, Detroit, Seattle, LA.... …[View]
117957188Anyone got the memes[View]
117941932Huh, I guess he has a point.[View]
117964000Come home white man: Shitskins love hot weather countries. They hate cold weather, snow and ice. Tha…[View]
117956673/POL/ - COMMUNISM GENERAL: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, t…[View]
117944171Is Sesame Street even trying anymore?[View]
117961874Should Chimps Have Legal Rights?[View]
117961790car attacks: https://mobile.nytimes.com/2016/11/30/world/middleeast/saudi-arabia-women-driving.html …[View]
117960372Who's in the right here?: So the other day I got into the following argument with my brother...…[View]
117962104Do all europeans think that the usa is only a big Ghetto with crack and shitty cars? Okm coca cola i…[View]
117955746You are Christian, your daughter will be a Christian, but her daughter will be Muslim: And there is …[View]
117941833Oh London: WTF did they do to you?[View]
117955843Indian people have no good foo- https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ltUDZD1vgxQ[View]
117955204What did they mean by this?: >Population of 32k people. >Barely twice the size of Central Park…[View]
117954395If Trump is found to have colluded with Russia, however unlikely it may be: What would your reaction…[View]
117948899What the fuck?!: I just interviewed for a tech job out of the Boston area, and this guy had to be th…[View]
117963467any update on the HWNDU situation?[View]
117963388FBI looking for a rapist /murder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jHAA8bndRE[View]
117963198Whats with all the prominent youtubers getting attacked these days? I'm seeing a surge of 'hey …[View]
117962597Colonial America general: So /pol/, do you think the US would be overall better off if they lost the…[View]
117960418Donald was a mistake: I'm honestly done with this fucking board. Former Trump supporter here. …[View]
117960121How can we influence people on a larger level?: There is so much that is going on at the moment. Eur…[View]
117962817What does /pol/ think of communitarianism? Is it a viable alternative to the societal unraveling per…[View]
117962363A relative to Niel Gorsuch viewed Tesla papers as well as Donald Trumps uncle John G. Trump. Buddy j…[View]
117960345What exactly is the difference between Islam and /pol/? You both believe the west is degenerated and…[View]
117962859#PRAYFORLONDON I made a video to comemorate this realy tragic event. We have to support the victims …[View]
117935888Libertarian is code for NON WHITE: HAPPENING HAPPENING HAPPENING libertarians want to destroy the…[View]
117959829>one shot at life >born non-white subhuman slavshit Why, God?…[View]
117956146Accidents ruin every President who is against Israel/Jews: JFK (against Israeli nukes) got shot. Nix…[View]
117960963Has he dropped the ultimate redpill ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWJdjt_ORoE[View]
117950734>FBI have uncovered 'evidence of treason' among alt-right websites, says George W Bush…[View]
117954344Why is it pedophilia to have sex with a girl who is 6574 days old but totally okay to have sex with …[View]
117962967Soo, according to lefty logic I can go rape Turkish women and murder children without getting judged…[View]
117962959Religion and christianity is bullshit: >he's a christian! >hahahaha, in 2017?! >An ide…[View]
117960576Tell me, who killed more people, arab muslims or whites(especially including world wars period and c…[View]
117961136http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-39355108 So there was only one attacker? '(Khalid Masood) had come to th…[View]
117959466Redpill me on joining in the armed forces. Is it redpilled or are you willingly put your live in dan…[View]
117941952Clusterfuck discussion: Continue last thread. Discussion. Intermarium[View]
117961115Hey faggot, buy my pillows.: Now.[View]
117961649Kurt Cochran: Really sorry for him. This shit touches everyone.[View]
117962684Atheism is the fastest shrinking religion in the world. Atheism is in decline worldwide, with the nu…[View]
117962642Under what premise do mods keep killing HWNDU threads? Why are mods so asshurt for shia?[View]
117956455Meanwhile, on dinosaur /pol/...: GAS THE TYRANT LIZARDS, REX WAR NOW[View]
117960044Reminder: never forget /pol/ was infiltrated to fuck with the minds of young newfags to turn them in…[View]
117962352It should probably be noted that almost every single major figure in the atheist movement is Jewish.…[View]
117960449Watching infowars and I'm wondering if what they're saying about their supplements is true…[View]
117959058If the Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion is a forgery as (((officialdom))) claims, then why is it stil…[View]
117961225>America is a Christian country[View]
117962141Atheists just can't get over the fact that they lost the culture war. Let me take you under 18s…[View]
117950577What's wrong with liberals?: Why are they so deranged?[View]
117958816Reconquista: As an older man with kids I am ready for the reconquista of Europe. How many of you are…[View]
117957970Real News / Fake News: What do you fellas consider websites that publish news from being fake and be…[View]
117961232Anyone wanna deny some illegals with me tonight: Blueservo.com[View]
117957749Islam is a stupid evil cult: So what does a cult mean by submission? What are the warning signs of b…[View]
117961847what happened /pol/?[View]
117961826THE GREAT MEME WAR[View]
117951938Is he 'Our Guy'?[View]
117961195quick, need her name, address and anything else you can find on her.[View]
117961676THIS IS LONDON[View]
117957586BLACK NATIONALOST QUOTES: Post BASED black nationalists ITT[View]
117961565https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECUZKPh3f5s thoughts?[View]
117958876How can we save Britain, /pol/? I'm depressed bros[View]
117944887https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytdMUddGe-U is PragerU a redpilled YouTube channel?[View]
117961162Stop Being Degenerate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWJdjt_ORoE[View]
117957821/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - Waiting for that guy EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.w…[View]
117956385Do we know this whore's name?[View]
117960712Trump and Republicans to get rid of Maternity Care: https://rewire.news/article/2017/03/23/gop-ready…[View]
117960231Disney subliminal messaging: >protagonists are the working class >villain is bourgeois >vil…[View]
117960929What trends do you see happening in the upcoming new decade 2020? I already feel like the SJW/extrem…[View]
117960447Communist Pinochet: he's angry :)[View]
117960366JFK DIARY CALLS HITLER STUFF OF LEGENDS: Dare I say...he's /ourguy/? http://www.bbc.com/news/wo…[View]
117959729Why cant the Cheeto in chief get it together with health care, /pol/? I thought he had a great plan …[View]
117956033'Fearless Girl': The change.org campaign so far has about 24k signatures you know what to do https:…[View]
117956850So, you guys had a good run. Bye Bye Drumpfags[View]
117956074What if we get activists to publicly read/quote the quran?: >be leftist sjw >think you matter …[View]
117959490Holy Sh!ti Turns out all of the threats against Jewish organizations in the USA in the last 2.5 year…[View]
117958564What's his name again?: http://www.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/james-obrien/james-obriens-perfec…[View]
117952952Ahahahaha: >Be Mormon >Try to convert people in London >Get run over by Khalid in a Hyundai…[View]
117959282Save the western World for whites only: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmGqG3grTrg[View]
117959691HEY RABBI WHATCHA DOING?: http://abcnews.go.com/US/suspect-arrested-israel-connection-bomb-threats-u…[View]
117954857POLITICAL COMPASS THREAD: Lets get a political compass thread and start making fun of each other. Il…[View]
1179580854 people are dead in London and it's all you mouth breathings fascists fucking fault That poor …[View]
117939260The institution of marriage as we know it is over. What do, /pol/?[View]
117958909Fury Fags: Hey you fags, once you leave this website, how is your every day going? Do you walk in fe…[View]
117942811ASSANGE LIVE, GET IN HERE FAGGOTS: JULIAN ASANGE LIVE, GET IN HERE /pol. https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
117960085Hey Racists!: Meet the sole member of the House Intelligence Committee who knows what a 0 day is, an…[View]
117946745Hi, I am Muslim British man. I am just coming to say this. You cannot blame an entire group for the …[View]
117959239Who needs scissors when your a scouser?[View]
117952531WATCH_FROGS: Continuation of previous thread >>117946042[View]
117955486Why do black people?: 1. Leave their radio turned up to the max when they are getting gas? 2. Back i…[View]
117959020>top story for you What did google mean by this?[View]
117944468What is the best evidence for Christianity? What is the best evidence against it? I've consid…[View]
117959745All memes aside i think Nigs are kind of redpilled because they dont follow this jewish matrix. Law …[View]
117959716what came first the cuc or the feminist?[View]
117956255well well well what have we here: >teenage JCC hoaxer living in Israel http://abcnews.go.com/US/s…[View]
117943980Putin critic who denounced annexation of Crimea shot dead: FUCK PUTIN AND FUCK RUSSIA http://www.ind…[View]
117956178Do fetishes promote blue pilled/degenerate behavior?[View]
117959507Trump and Republicans get rid of Maternity Care: Defend this, /pol/.[View]
117935503Ok /pol/ serious question time. I have been debating moving out of this pile of shit for some time n…[View]
117959353Red-Muslims?: Do red-muslims exist? Are they among us? If you are one, why are you red?[View]
117958981Reminder that Kira is real: well?[View]
117956974Make Johnny Carson Alive Again: So I've been watching Johnny Carson. I think we can all agree t…[View]
117957602Can someone give me a quick rundown on egoism[View]
117945524Muslims terror attacks vs other religions: Some liberal faggots are up on me because I dared to say …[View]
117959132Know thy Puffs...: Do you know all the Social Justice Warriors who've gone wild on the internet…[View]
117957981>American architecture >http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-4339282/The-incr…[View]
117956709Solution to all the world's problems: Kill everyone in China.[View]
117958524Is a trigger warning basically the same thing a s a nigger warning? Are Nazis snowflakes?[View]
117955390>open up Facegoy >see that one of my friends from high school posted this >she is a single …[View]
117958058daily reminder that one of America's most venerated presidents was one of us. No wonder he had …[View]
117958882Why does the left worship the ground this bitch walks on? >at the Grammys Adel grovels to her …[View]
117931075Norwegian Male politician raped by immigrant that he defended and advocated: Norwegian SJW politicia…[View]
117945566How de we redpill her?[View]
117958844We did it[View]
117958803American Revolution: I'm a slow reader, so before I sink 20 hours into it, can someone tell me …[View]
117950695Are genital preferences transphobic?: You bigots knows genitals are a social construct right ? Like …[View]
117945486leftist teacher is trying to indoctrinate my entire class with feminist/SJW propaganda >not allow…[View]
117958653Thoughts on this video pol?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEPzX-c2aN0 Really made me think.…[View]
117912176ITT: Redpilled quotes[View]
117958633You haven't forgotten about me, have you, Dahnald? After all, I did save the election.[View]
117952353This bullshit: So I'm getting tired of this communist statue. They are talking about m aking it…[View]
117958621Islam - General Islamic Thread: As-salam alaykom Welcome to /Islam/! This thread is dedicated to dis…[View]
117955956are asexuals degenerate?[View]
117947081Operation Inspiration! Take the hero's of The Left and apply Hitler Quotes to their pictures. T…[View]
117956801Cuck Alert: In today episode of 'what is the left trying to ruin today' today's topic is video …[View]
117958234Britain, It's Finally Time: Deport-All-Refugees bill when? This should be the crucible moment y…[View]
117947773Sweden Yes!Swedish woman raped 2 TIMES in same day by ''Refugees'': During Satur…[View]
117954581>be European >get hit by a car[View]
117935701We can produce completely clean energy for half the cost of coal: Thorium: Coal and natural gas cost…[View]
117954881Islam will conquer europe without firing a single shot.[View]
117951189What does /pol/ think of this guy's health care bill? Is it going to pass the House today?[View]
117951175'Did a strange message on 4chan announced the terror strike?' http://mashable.france24.com/tech-busi…[View]
117958221Thanks for electing people who are fucking us all and lying about their policy goals. Everyone loses…[View]
117949296Muslims aren't terrorists /pol/[View]
117956741>Be Swedish >read news >they are making a play called 'the jihadist' which aims to humanize…[View]
117919411This is going to be the biggest happening in US politics in our lifetime, even bigger than the first…[View]
117957644Supercuck Top Grade!: is he /ourguy/?[View]
117955580Important religious announcement: It is well known our almighty God, Kek, has an ancient more common…[View]
117953051The surface of our Sun. 8am: > shits about to hear up, guyz > explosions of neutrons > seri…[View]
117957969>be me >be a CTR member and Hillary Supporter >never mind the fact that she's involved…[View]
117954009/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - HUSBANDO EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.go…[View]
117952331Only Islam can save the west[View]
117957789No worries, /pol/, we pigs are only here to visit, and there's only two of us...[View]
117957755Most offensive ww2 memes: I'll start us off come on what you got?[View]
117953578Why is it so condemned by society if a man wants a gf just 4-5 years younger than him, especially if…[View]
117953660Red pill me on how the allies were actually challenged by the axis and somehow almost actually lost.…[View]
117922792>Whitey shoots shit up Oh it's just an isolated incident, not all whiteys >Some goatfucke…[View]
117945915Who was the best woman in politics?[View]
117907728/Polder/ Dutch Politics - Kokkelopstand edition.: I don't have the copypasta lads, but there is…[View]
117947278Stop masturbating.: Just put it away. Don't think about it.[View]
117954204Pollution: Reminder that you deserve to be castrated if you have no regard for the enviornment.…[View]
117956793About Barcelona hoax update: OP original message: they stole my IP and my pc was or maybe is actuall…[View]
117955985Business as usual in the nigger community: 4 monkey niggers beat a handicapped white man when he kin…[View]
117957315Hillary clinton supporters riding into the election, this is what they had to say.[View]
117957297What does society mean by this?[View]
117956447how can pol hate fags when fags are doing more to save civilization than pol?[View]
117943417WESTMINSTER ATTACKER NAMED: HIS NAME WAS KHALID MASOOD https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3162970/westmin…[View]
117956232Slav Lyfe: Why exactly is the Slavic lifestyle so ideal?[View]
117952494American tourist here. Why is your mayor such a cuckold?[View]
117957172ITT we post mainstream redpilled literature[View]
117951348Tommorow 8 am.[View]
117957082meanwhile in russia: The non-state anti-corruption foundation recently published an investigation in…[View]
117955864HEY RABBI WHATCHA DOIN?: Remember that wave of anti-semitism in the US that was supposedly caused by…[View]
117956950KEK: Hey Rabbi.... > A Jewish man who is a dual Israeli-American citizen has been arrested in Isr…[View]
117953577Leeds imam condemns vile opportunists: who use Westminster attack to spread hatred against muslims h…[View]
117956498/pol/ We couldn't have done it without you. *Tips Ushanka*[View]
117954202Science March in Turmoil over Infighting: >Plagued by squabbling over interests being represented…[View]
117956329r/The_Donald dissected: President Donald Trump’s administration, in its turbulent first months, has …[View]
117956802OYE: Shut it down, the goyim know!!! http://abcnews.go.com/US/suspect-arrested-israel-connection-bom…[View]
117951337wtf i hate white women now[View]
117954749Happy new year in Ukraine!: https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=85c_1490265087 https://www.liveleak.com/…[View]
117956719TRAITOR MEDIA: ------last thread 404d Please discuss constant anti trump narrative. Why does the med…[View]
117956685Miss me yet?[View]
117954605OY VEY: http://abcnews.go.com/US/suspect-arrested-israel-connection-bomb-threats-us-jewish/story?id=…[View]
117956519My fellow /pol/acks, are you bored Are you looking for something to do? Do you feel like possibly pu…[View]
117956608MAKE FRANCE GREAT AGAIN: Francefags, spread the message. Use London as fuel![View]
117956180>fetuses should be entitled to be humans because they will be humans one day then by that logic …[View]
117956296>be American Europoors eternally, systematically, and irreversibly btfo!!…[View]
117923363redpill me on abortion. is it morally good? Should it be legal?[View]
117956532Liberals say that illegals do the jobs American's won't do, right? So why aren't we d…[View]
117956522>http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4341666/French-school-s-double-terror-tragedy.html >F…[View]
117954365Pill-grams of KEK: telegram, lobstergram, instagram, can of spam Go forth you pilgrims of /pol/ and …[View]
117956501http://steamcommunity.com/id/hex-pumpkin-pi/ Please, I would like a steamfriends gf![View]
117956332'Lock her up' you said?... NOT SO FAST SWEETIE: >If CNN's New Russia Report Is True, We May …[View]
117952915ITT We act like sheeple: BAHH! DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH! BAHH![View]
117948032Common filth: What the fuck is his problem ? I get it I dont like fags either no one like fags but w…[View]
117954806Does this only happens to me for some reason, or everyone sees this faggot tweets always first after…[View]
117956315Black face: What would the social repercussions if President Trump did black face for halloween.…[View]
117945405>Go to college >see this > 'multicultural fest' what do /Pol/?…[View]
117955705FUCK Drumpf and FUCK Russia[View]
117949706am i the only one who thinks this is terrifying?: women are by default bisexual women have less sex…[View]
117954511Alexander the Great and Cyrus the Great added: I can also confirm that Australians are the worst civ…[View]
117931497Somalis discuss race war in Europe/USA and Westminster: attack on their forum. http://www.somalispot…[View]
117955281Thoughts on this man?[View]
117930950How do we fix millenials and their refusal to grow up and contribute to society[View]
117956124Guys I need some help. (I'm on my phone) RN I'm on vacation to my cousins in Texas. Im wit…[View]
117953166Really makes you think. Brit terrorist no ties to radical islam. Oh well...[View]
117947503serioisly (((who))) is producing this crap[View]
117952254College Campus: >We dindu nuffin These signs are all over my campus this morning (NC State). Fron…[View]
117955201TUCKER CARLSON TO COVER U.S. MARINE JOHN RIVELLO TRAGEDY?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZzL2cJpa…[View]
117951486Amerifats in denial: >durr hurr EUR is full of dirtskins XDD - le meme >meanwhile USA is full …[View]
117947576Another car attacker: >French-Tunisian is arrested after trying to drive a car loaded with liquid…[View]
117946132Brit/pol/ - INTERSECTIONALITY edition: https://www.rt.com/uk/382007-isis-claim-parliament-attack/ …[View]
117955933Le Ukraine War: So are /pol/aks still jerking off Russia and their band of merry little communist fa…[View]
117955793Wow what an idiot.[View]
117955861Do you fags have more stuff like this?[View]
117955416Conservative party meme war: What timeline is this?[View]
117954790Why do black people?: Always want free shit. 'Help a brotha out' Even from their own, they think the…[View]
117947732AfD GENERAL - WE DO IT FOR THE KEKS: ITT we discuss about the AfD and the upcoming elections in sept…[View]
117955702Breaking News: Trump does the right thing finally and ends it all after firing his entire cabinet an…[View]
117950596NO, Skykings clearly incoming happening!: Do you find the lack of Skykings to be concerning?[View]
117955603hey snow nigga nobody is holding a gun to your head making you watch porn if you do it, its because …[View]
117939829China is a rogue nation that is a threat to the entire World!: hina needs to be thought a lesson, so…[View]
117953066He Wont Divide You, friend works in FACT building. They are in contact with Shia They might move fl…[View]
117949662USA should form alliance with Sea Life: USA should undertake a massive project to incorporate all in…[View]
117955389You know: when america was ruled by white property owning men: there was no racism, no sexism, no tr…[View]
117955361Looks like Trump really wants the Republicans to lose their Majority in the House over healthcare.[View]
117952086IT'S TIME TO SNAP OUT OF IT!: We are not afraid. We have never been afraid since 2005. Look at …[View]
117955312Good Goyim Good Infidels LEFTIST ARE TOTALLY BRAINDEAD LOW IQ WORTHLESS MORONS Muslim brotherhood op…[View]
117952175why are only white people retiring on florida? why is it never blacks who go there?[View]
117938004Kek Predictions General - The Second Coming Edition: It is time for us to praise our lord once more.…[View]
117953809>Make a Live-Action adaption of the anime Death Note >One of the characters (L) is a gifted bu…[View]
117954854What lies underneath the Surface /pol/ ?[View]
117952366Why do you racist bigots want to kill transgendered people? Huh? This is why conservatives shouldn…[View]
117955003Why is Obama not in the US when all this shit is going down?: Why is he in a place that does not hav…[View]
117955109What are some good and reliable redpilled sites ?: I really need some to wake up the most people I c…[View]
117944009Muslim community raises £3,000 in just one hour for victims: EXPLAIN THIS /POL/! https://www.indepen…[View]
117955061outOfTheLoop-fag: ITT: Explaining what redpill is[View]
117954010>Scott Adams, the world-famous comic strip artist (Dilbert) and trained hypnotist, recognized Don…[View]
117953034Is Trump a time traveler?: During an interview in 2011 Trump mentioned PIZZAGATE https://twitter.com…[View]
117954901Rick Petersen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mPKiFO3v0k >Wieners and beans Wieners and beans …[View]
117920319Bombing the big box in Mecca: What would happen if, theoretically, someone bombed the big muslim bor…[View]
117954885Hwndu season 4 cancelled: You did it you crazy faggots! Shadilay on you. https://www.google.com/amp…[View]
117954815Are british poos honorary anglos?[View]
117949297Random OC: > Every post MUST have an image > MUST be an image rarely or never seen on /pol/ …[View]
117943481GET OUT!!!!!!: ENOUGH!!!!!!!!! THESE FUCKING IMMIGRANTS NEED TO LEAVE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! M…[View]
117953323Holocaust: Hi guys, i just wanna know your thoughts on the Holocaus, i never cared about it really, …[View]
117951457Why is he forcing the healthcare bill? Doesn't he know it's shit? It's like he wants …[View]
117954432Really makes one ponder...: Isn't it interesting that Trump is now under FBI investigation whil…[View]
117953723Can we troll the world to end?: Trump was a magnificient act of 4chan trolling. Now it is 2017 and w…[View]
117924200Well /pol/? Where's the difference?[View]
117952128London 2 days ago around 12 a.m.[View]
117954485The Politics of Space: What does the future hold for the politics of space. If we leave the Earth…[View]
117950670SPANISH ANTI-TRANS BUS NOW PARADES AROUND NEW YORK CITY: The controversial bus from the spanish cons…[View]
117954238does /pol/ live for fun?[View]
117947823Guess who was responsible for the threats against 'Jewish' institutions.: http://www.cnn.com/2017/03…[View]
117954134>be burger >get raped Is there so end to this? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-43350…[View]
117953973>all the Jewish Community Center bomb threats were confirmed false flag by an Israeli Jew >The…[View]
117954081HWNDU: Season 4: Operation Liverpool's closed We gottem, the britbongs gottem. GG m8s keks all …[View]
117954072whats wrong with gavin? looks like the wind has departed his sails in the last couple vids? (low ene…[View]
117953452Veterans are some of the most red pilled members of our society. They dedicated their youth under th…[View]
117952985Jewish Community Center bomb threats were false flags.: https://apnews.com/a6a67fb761304e3cae7497faa…[View]
117932684>killing an unborn human >it's not her choose anymore since it's another human how t…[View]
117951386Daily reminder that /pol/ is a Christian board and no amount of r/atheism invasions will ever change…[View]
117952152Am I right?[View]
117952563Why does everything and I really mean everything look better with a swastika ?[View]
117950785I'm proud to be fucking WHITE you ugly allahfuckers and fucking niggers!!! https://www.youtube.…[View]
117953652Atheism is the fastest shrinking religion in the world. Atheism is in decline worldwide, with the nu…[View]
117953549SOON: >Retake the anglosphere >Make a claim on our East Asian protectorates >Also take Baja…[View]
117944032Raising Children/Family General #1 The future awaits us: Raising Children/Family General Not all but…[View]
117953357Why do so many europeans on this board suck americuck cock so much? It's going to the point of …[View]
117935023/pol/ which countries would you go to war for?[View]
117953402British cucked by not having a constitution?: So Britain doesn't have anything like a written C…[View]
117952907say it with me PRESIDENT BIDEN /pol/ BTFO FOREVER AND EVER[View]
117949799In an ancap society, abortion is legal because a fetus has no property rights. Doesn't this mea…[View]
117952062Every time: http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/23/middleeast/israeli-american-teen-arrested-jcc-bomb-threats…[View]
117945121Hows Your Law Degree Going, Anon?: Oh...you're just going to affect politics with memes?[View]
117951470>Inflation rate (consumer prices): NA%; note - businesses print their own money, so inflation rat…[View]
117951727What are you doing Rabbi?: http://abcnews.go.com/US/suspect-arrested-israel-connection-bomb-threats-…[View]
117953119Doctors and politics: My psychologist called me a 'neo liberal nazi' today, because I was talking ab…[View]
117951125Anybody else feeling down these days ? Everything seems so fucking hopeless. I see people putting ho…[View]
117953052/po/ - CTF CHAMPIONS ALL YEARS: https://clyp.it/x0krzsyi[View]
117946874Global Warming cannot be proven as an effect of CO2 for fundamental reasons: hey /pol/, >statist…[View]
117953019My fellow /pol/acks, are you bored Are you looking for something to do? Do you feel like possibly pu…[View]
117943050Is this odd?: I actually consider myself to be in the dead center of the Political Compass. Pic rela…[View]
117941873>Hello, I'm here for the job interview.[View]
117952654Time to take your autism vaccine goyim[View]
117947754CNN Names the Perp - Khalid Masood: I was thinking it won't matter until the MSM names the atta…[View]
117952728Important religious announcement: It it well known our almighty God, Kek, has an ancient more common…[View]
117952362American Revolution: I'm a slow reader, so before I sink 20 hours into it, can someone tell me …[View]
117949267Americans are dying with[View]
117947699I don't understand the culture of this board. Why is it ok to hate on the mudslims, but we rare…[View]
117944185Who's more anti-semitic, the average /pol/ack or the average muslim?[View]
117952671How come so many guys here are so cucked that they are afraid their GF's will cheat on them? …[View]
117952664Israeli Jew behind US threats to Jewish community centers! Of course, now that its out of the spotli…[View]
117943661A reminder: Remember the Paris attack of 2016 where Islamic terrorist openly murdered over 130 Frenc…[View]
117952623FROM: >>117946042 >>117946042 >>117946042 D I V I D E D SHIA IS B T F O T F O[View]
117952596HWNDU 5: >>117946042 HWNDU Season 5: TBA[View]
117951029Triggered finger[View]
117952511Seriously though, is this THE worst leftist piece of crap paper out there? I've basically never…[View]
117949291Will President Clinton punish the red states that went with Trump? I think she should withhold feder…[View]
117951090All Muslims are now an enemy of the republic.[View]
117951020CNN says he's white, what does /pol/ say: So /pol/ since all of you are experts on everything a…[View]
117952292John Podesta pics: Hey can someone share that one pic of Podesta looking weird where his hands are o…[View]
117951646/pol/ = BTFO: >What does it mean to be an Arab man today? French photographer Scarlett Coten expl…[View]
117950581What's his endgame?[View]
117944337will pol ever be wrong?[View]
117946929>The Norwegian social security number is made up of the date of birth and some numbers >around…[View]
117950874When will the race war begin I want to kill Niggers and Muslims already?[View]
117951397A united world. Under God. We can do anything if we all just work together :)[View]
117950454we should have anons put flags or something at random places in the world on a livestream so autists…[View]
117951452I've heard from the Canadian news that the London terrorist attacker was British born and that …[View]
117951219Atheists just can't get over the fact that they lost the culture war. Let me take you under 18s…[View]
117951921Tomorrow, Duk Padiet 11 PM[View]
117951876Hai Guyz we r famous now ?: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4342438/Trolls-blast-Muslim-woma…[View]
117951490Hey bongs, gratz on capturing the flag. I wonder where the next will be located, perhaps the moon?[View]
117951829HWNDU - SEASON 4: Any updates on the flag? Has anything been posted yet of the actual flag? Or are t…[View]
117950862>I'm just a race realist >Trump is an outsider president >We need a strong government …[View]
1179517902 birds, one stone: >Momons versus Islamists >2 birds one stone http://www.reuters.com/article…[View]
117950182Un tamál y un saco de arena son suficientes para comprar la conciencia de un pueblo.: y así se manti…[View]
117950784>Average approval rating lower than Bush Jr and Nixon I thought Americans loved good ol Obama?…[View]
117949272What are the demographics of Germany/Deutschland?: Are there any reliable sources?[View]
117951619Day of the bat is coming. Hide yourself, frogs.[View]
117951614It should probably be noted that almost every single major figure in the atheist movement is Jewish.…[View]
117946495https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhrhLovaFs8 what is it with right wingers becoming more and more fem…[View]
117947329Why does /pol/ defend western society so much when modern western society is so degenerate that the …[View]
117945733What do you think of Latino neo-Nazis?[View]
117951466Patriot Act: Hello pol, red pill me on The Patriot Act. Do you think it could have prevented the 9/1…[View]
117951363/pol/ i had an epiphany last night. I present you what I call project T.A.R.D aka tactically advance…[View]
117951338http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/03/22/ukraine-bans-russias-entrant-eurovision-song-contest/ Why…[View]
117951327HWNDU replacement flag thread: We have to standardize this movement if we plan to rustle Shia's…[View]
117948549>Be into genealogy >Grow up being told and believing my great, great, great, great, great, gra…[View]
117951250Nazis watch out! A globalist's guide to neuter /pol/: >Lurk /pol/ Find their most beloved me…[View]
117943514BEST TIMELINE EVER https://www.gq.com/story/the-case-for-being-a-cuck[View]
117950765Buy surfboard and boat stocks[View]
117951021Atheism is the fastest shrinking religion in the world. Atheism is in decline worldwide, with the nu…[View]
117948941Well what is it?: Is Civil war on the horizon or just whispered in dark corners? Whats happening wit…[View]
117945940Millennials: GROW UP: If its true that Millennials believe they do not reach adulthood till age 30 w…[View]
117950060OBAMF is Finished: >using intelligence agencies to spy on a political opponent. >continue to s…[View]
117950691We have a conservative majority, so why is NPR still getting federal funding?[View]
117950047hillary was the better option[View]
117950955A nice request from mexican business owner: Would you please hurry up building that wall? Stop givin…[View]
117946115How does the rest of the world feel about this man?[View]
117949934Why is this not on drudge?: http://www.freedomwatchusa.org/pdf/170321-Final%20Whistleblower%20Letter…[View]
117949822Marxist Jewish lies: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-israel-jewish-threats-idUSKBN16U1O7 Looks lik…[View]
117950660Make some babies pls, 0.16% wtf http://www.sciencechatforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=82&t=16165[View]
117950710How come French Canadians are proud of their heritage and Anglo Canadians are such cucks?[View]
117950653How do we spread idol culture to the West?[View]
117937249Yes, yes, well done /pol, well done Slytherin! HOWEVER.[View]
117920866Why do (((they))) want mass immigration in every developed country? Why do (((they))) think that thi…[View]
117946880Natsoc flags thread: Post your historical and custom made banners lads Continuing from last night…[View]
117950622>niggers will never experience European superiority >refugee niggers beg for food, as long at …[View]
117932612Year 1071: >W-We are sure going to stop Turks from invading Anatolia, our army is bigger than the…[View]
117950604It wasn't a peacful Muslim. Islam is a religion of peace, hope, compassion, love and inclusiven…[View]
117950573Hahahahaha!: Israeli teen arrested for threats at Jewish Centers.[View]
117947604When will burgers apologize for funding terrorism against the UK for literal decades?[View]
117950112Why aren't women funny: its for a school project in math i have read the details on my shampoo …[View]
117950105it is time, /pol/[View]
117950287Important religious announcement: Our almighty God, Kek, has a more common spelling: Kuk. Important …[View]
117933957Are magic mushrooms /pol/ approved?[View]
117950291I wish I had the political power to deport treasonous cunts like this to non-White countries.[View]
117927367ISREALI JEW ARRESTED FOR U.S. BOMB THREATS: Israeli police arrest 19-year-old Jewish Israeli suspect…[View]
117940361so what happens if the 'fake news' turns out to be true and Trump best case colluded with Putin or w…[View]
117936780Do you think Germans see Americans and think 'Finally, a chance to tell off an American for all thei…[View]
117949731u: wow[View]
117943972The world would be much better of if this happened.: Picture of balcanized Germany is not an argumen…[View]
117946042D I V I D E D[View]
117949987What did Obama mean by this?[View]
117949516WE'RE: WE'RE[View]
117949421Spanish race master race: Based spaniards export the based bus to USA and UK. (Remember FPBP)[View]
117949875/pol/: LISTEN UP FAGGOTS!!! To capture the flag i will need. >Paintball gun (with ammo) >2 Peo…[View]
117946822>post pics that represent your country best >الله أَكْبَر…[View]
117926251What did he mean by this /pol/?[View]
117949434> The teenager accused of making bomb threats against Jewish community centers hid his face befor…[View]
117949736HWNDU - STATUS: DIVIDED: OLD THREAD: >>117937801 >>117937801 Continue discussion on toda…[View]
117948226Death Rates Rise for Wide Swath of White Adults: https://www.wsj.com/articles/death-rates-rise-for-w…[View]
117949654Pitbull is white: Prove me wrong Protip: you can't[View]
117948717This pathetic non-country shouldn't even exist. It's shit, it's poor, it's miser…[View]
117949587Was this /pol/s greatest heist?[View]
117949533The HWNDU campaign took down their flag because they don't want the message to seem Islamophobi…[View]
117946599Why are Latinas in the US so pushy and mean?[View]
117948030Special visitor: What if Justin Trudeau comes to my work for announcement, what should I do?[View]
117949502>he still believes the Osama was the bad guy meme[View]
117946261May was Home Secretary for 6 year when over a million illegals were allowed into our country. Today …[View]
117947398High Supremacy Dragon in Dragon City: I'm about to obtain this creature for getting 1st place a…[View]
117949425How do we save the white race? What do we need to do to save every cognitively dissonant apathetic w…[View]
117929278So, after yesterday's attack, where will the next one happen? Will it be France again? Germany …[View]
117944456Are you happy to born in your country?: 94% of Japanese answered Yes.[View]
117928662Syria General /sg/ - Ready or not, Tiger comes for you: Everything you need to know https://syriagen…[View]
117949362rabbi... false flag http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/03/23/israeli-man-arrested-in-us-jewish-commun…[View]
117948128post things that make you think... 'hmmm....'[View]
117901737https://youtu.be/QlIorLjXFz0?t=19m30s Phoenix police chase ends with the guy flopping out of the car…[View]
117945577*sits on ur sofa*[View]
117947274Remember; if you like Jordan Peterson - The death penalty - and HATE abortion and anime/degeneracy -…[View]
117937119/pol/ do your thing[View]
117949164ATTENTION, URGENT! STOP SABOTAGING HWNDU!: Here me out guys, I think this capture the flag stuff is …[View]
117947001Is being a soldier the only inherently reactionary career left in the world? Think about it, you sim…[View]
117948623Leeds imam call for unity against vile opportunistic islamophobes: Who use Westminster attack to spr…[View]
117935388he fell for the 'see Europe' meme: >be Kurt Cochran from West Bountiful, Utah >visit…[View]
117948444Alright so let's move this along: Liberals are literally trying to oust Trump; Purely so he nev…[View]
117948170Women don't make good lea-[View]
117949106>SJW's say milk is racist >Anons start drinking more milk in response >Milk contains …[View]
117941178What does /pol/ think of Sandman and MGTOW?[View]
117948760What is wrong with Europeans?[View]
117900927What type of girl is the most red-pilled choice for an aspiring public figure?[View]
117936367Verizon and AT&T Pull advertising over hatespeech on youtube: http://archive.is/8k0NV It begins.…[View]
117948001ITT People who eternally BTFO other people: I'll start. Hayek eternally blew Keynes the fuck ou…[View]
117945207Ethnicity and Nationality: When did ethnicity and nationality become the same thing /pol/? If a nigg…[View]
117948814Londistan general thread /LGT/: Hey /pol/ Who's this Khalid massoud guy I'm hearing so muc…[View]
117948787MUH FUCKING RAM-: >sure maybe Jews sold critical military technology to our enemies multiple time…[View]
117947747Hitler was conflicted about black people: Of course he found them inferior, but he didn't have …[View]
117948262Tick tock /pol/ your days will be numbered soon. This board will be shut down and theres really noth…[View]
117942636What are the signs that this guy is a shill?[View]
117948070niggers 101: Texfag here. All you hear is Austin shit on local radio. This week, seems like every we…[View]
117942582ITT: White people apologize. Go.[View]
117944983Bill Maher: Sup /pol/, quick question How do right-wing Americans feel about Bill Maher (leftist Eur…[View]
117938490How do we fix baby boomers?[View]
117944956Israeli man charged with sending bomb threats to US synagogues: So just how many of these supposed '…[View]
117947351JUST KILL ME NOW: >Be me >Live in liverpool >Decide to go and see the shia flag >Arrive,…[View]
117947686Do you think based Trump will manage to repeal Obamacare and pass Health-Care Act in Congress? I sur…[View]
117937801So I live very near to the new flag destination and I am relatives and close friends with many peopl…[View]
117948326So after being on MI5s radar for some year they just said 'nah, he won't do anything, let…[View]
117947636Russia directly and persistently attacked the election process, that is an act of war. You have to b…[View]
117940333ITT: Your country's police uniforms[View]
117948161What do you guys think of the Clarey Test? Its a 4 question test to use on politician to see if you …[View]
117947885Communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the ideol…[View]
117948055Kek Bless /pol/ By Anon: If tomorow all the neets were gone that shitpost their whole lives and they…[View]
117948013When Can We Nuke California: http://squawker.org/analysis/when-can-we-nuke-california/ do they have …[View]
117941829prove you aren't a newfag shill and name AT LEAST 3 (three) posters you recognize: >The homo…[View]
1179477134chan your thoughts on this?: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWIi6Pytde8…[View]
117946144brit/pol - Khalid Masood did nuffin wrong Edition: .[View]
117947820Are there any anons into shortwave radio?: I've been listening to 8992USB for over a year now, …[View]
117932819Wikileaks is LIVE!!!: Error: Our system thinks your post is spam. Please reformat and try again, thi…[View]
117921546'yesterdays attack was a perversion of a great faith'[View]
117946197Everyone go to /r/Feminism on Reddit and dislike this post[View]
117947571WHY IS DRUMPF SO FAT AND UNHEALTHY ???: How much time will pass until he dies from heart attack?…[View]
117942326/Pol/ approved music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MhQlggx4lM[View]
117946887Are faggots nihilists by nature?: Should they really be allowed to vote or take any positions of pow…[View]
117947488Need updatez /pol/ did /our/ guy escape with flag and has hero posted picture of flag with timestamp…[View]
117946191Israeli cops catch another Hey Rabbi: Trump was right again. The Kikes have blown themselves out onc…[View]
117939661how do we stop white women from feeling bad for economic migrants ?[View]
117940066Atheism is the fastest shrinking religion in the world. Atheism is in decline worldwide, with the nu…[View]
117945433What are USA waiting for to use their magic trick that can translate 'shut the fuck up' in any langu…[View]
117930392Please explain why he is still the FBI director?[View]
117942107Sometimes it takes a friend to tell the truth. Why won't our leaders listen?[View]
117945994Will the Blacks help the Whites in the upcoming religon war? Will we let them fight Islam with us?[View]
117933874So, you guys had a good run. Bye Bye Drumpfags[View]
117947072Romanian Politics: What do you guys think of that one time Romanians almost had a Female Muslim PM?…[View]
117947048Hey German bros. I am a poo-in-loo and I just learned that I will be visiting Freiburg to see à Ger…[View]
117947039Let's face it; Atheism is so 2006. It's been kicked to the curb by everyone. Atheists just…[View]
117935423Paris's Subway is the worsr: How it allowed, /pol/?[View]
117946790What did she mean by this?: /pol/ what did she mean by this? http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-…[View]
117946074>all muslims I met in Japan are nice and very educated >muslims are TERRORISTS!!!!!!! HURRRR I…[View]
117946894It should probably be noted that almost every single major figure in the atheist movement is Jewish.…[View]
117946865Wikileaks Insurance Files: What happened to them? Did the codebreakers discord make any progress?…[View]
117932219/BUSSED/ thread. How do it feel to have yo frenchie gril and her ass destroyed by a giant double dec…[View]
117946726We're being slid HARD!: Too many habbenings.[View]
117941998I'm the SUPPOSER: Suppose this Suppose that Do you suppose I could fit inside a hat?? I'm …[View]
117945492Egyptian mudslime here. Just a question, how does America feel about Egypt as a country? Of course w…[View]
1179464054 Dimensional Chess: All CIA Niggers must hang https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wAEcN9UIy8&featu…[View]
117940306Le Pen goes to Moscow tomorrow, probably will meet Vlad.: >Marine Le Pen is to visit Moscow on Fr…[View]
117936512i'm seeing a lot of left leaning shills on here lately lets show our love to the greatest count…[View]
117946531VAULT 7 NEW MATERIAL: I guess the assange hologram is going to give out more vault 7 info!!! Get in …[View]
117944638Weaponized Drone: Though I'd prefer we stay to our capture the flag roots, I also see how that…[View]
117943593lets deregulate and cut gov spending 50% to start: straightup[View]
117946501Post parliament fights https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amayIpGInnw[View]
117945378>Be a leftist cuck >Start lifting >Lifting increases his testosterone >Testosterone incr…[View]
117946377Re: New British cuisine---fried bacon kebabs on a stick[View]
117942986Okay /pol/ please defend on why Trump cutting the budget to Meals On Wheels is a good thing?[View]
117946321Important religious announcement: Our almighty God, Kek, has a more common spelling: Kuk. Important …[View]
117946273Antwerp Attempted Terririst Attack!: My God, what's going on with these poor tormented souls? I…[View]
117946268DAILY BEST FINLAND THREAD SUOMI PERKELE :D :D :------D This is a thread for everything Finland. Mun…[View]
117946092What's going on?: The media are confirming the terrorist as Khalid Masood but he has no ties to…[View]
117930430>Muslim terrorist kills at least four people and injured 36, some still in critical condition …[View]
117945191Men Lonely: http://bpr .org/ >men dying from loneliness in America >major health crisis on par…[View]
117945933Start reading Evola[View]
117935749> Hey, look, I can't be doing so badly, because I'm President and you're not. Ther…[View]
117943337Why the fuck this nation so socialist????: Why the fuck socialists are so dominant in this society..…[View]
117945588WHATCHA DOIN' RABBI?[View]
117943696Redpill me: Is (((ed Sheeran))) part of a Jewish conspiracy to make unattractive white males go for …[View]
1179384044chan has changed. It's not about nations, or ideologies. It's not even about profit, reso…[View]
117937445Charles Maurras: So apparently Steve Bannon praises this man and sees him in a positive light. Tell …[View]
117941340Can´t Wait for Victory![View]
117896721>12% of all websites are porn >25% of all search queries are pornographic >70% of adult men…[View]
117925942Meme Magick: If Meme Magick is not real, then how the fuck did we beat the CIA at their own meme war…[View]
117945772Operation Roach Hunt: Idea - Get Trump to declare Turkey a threat to world peace and look at militar…[View]
117917755Black Woman Destroys White Privilege Myth: What's your opinion on her? https://m.youtube.com/wa…[View]
117945174Ashley Olsen splits from boyfriend Richard Sachs, 58.: >MK Ultra is a hellava drug. Us Weekly re…[View]
117943686This is pretty hilarious desu. Should we just create terminators since they'll decide to remove…[View]
117945621Blowing my mind: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1995/09/slavery-and-the-jews/376462/ h…[View]
117930411why is everyone hating on germany? should we sent refugees back to greece and italy and just watchin…[View]
117937908>Leftist ''''''''men'''''''' Why do they do what they do?[View]
117943808Left: Taiwan: Right: Germany[View]
117934604It's over: Brumpsft is done.[View]
117939139>Antifa Slytherin What the hell is wrong with these people?[View]
117945238what would happen if all of the shit hole countries in the world like china got labor laws would eve…[View]
117924849This is what a surprising amount of /pol/ users literally believe.[View]
117939067Norwegian SJW politician get raped by Somali then defends the rapist!: A Norwegian SJW politician wa…[View]
117944735ITT Dark Matter: What's going on in Wikileaks' Asante livestream? Tweet link: https://tw…[View]
117943343i hate jews[View]
117931582brit/pol/ - Based Helmer Edition: https://www.rt.com/uk/382007-isis-claim-parliament-attack/ >ISI…[View]
117944935Theresa May says it is wrong to describe London attack as 'Islamic terrorism': Based There…[View]
117944924This place is turning me against Jews. I use to envy them and feel they went through shit like blac…[View]
117944128Laptop ban: Even after London the leftards will still complain that it's 'Islamophobic' and shi…[View]
117941074Who was the attacker of UK parlament: was it abu izzadeen or not?[View]
117944679http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/23/europe/london-attack/ >r-r-religion is good guys! Good meme.…[View]
117942570kial vi ne parolas Esperanton?[View]
117943764japs high quality automated restauraunt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yICVmyySHmE[View]
117944694Dear syrians: HEY crybaby syrians(im not using a capital S becuse syrians dont deserve that kind of …[View]
117942489>be me >in history lecture >dude colonialism lmao >told belgians killed a minimum of two…[View]
117944673All right guy lets make thesee codes work acording to manual ! It will hipe their paranoia.. http://…[View]
117942429Noticed lately that EFUKT is posting interracial shit often? I get the impression that the admit is …[View]
1179446555D chess Bannon style[View]
117944194I need some aid you /pol/ocks. Im trying to show my friend how Merkal is a terrible leader, citing t…[View]
117943714>fetuses should be entitled to be humans because they will be humans one day then by that logic …[View]
117944522>Democrat: What's your opinion on [political issue]? >Gorsuch: As a judge, it's not …[View]
117939522Not allowing Serbs to remove kebab in the 90's...: Tnx Europe, enjoy the shitfest! https://www.…[View]
117943871I hate this flag so much. Why are our politicians such a cuckolds? Why can't we team up and jus…[View]
117941179jews guna try and say people driven cars too dangerous need self driving: now I see whats up fuck so…[View]
117943917The Snake (UK chapter): 'I am a snake.' 'Dont be daft, love. You are not a snake.' 'Oh but I assure …[View]
117919461Tsk tsk tsk: Well, /pol/?[View]
117938122Friendly reminder that 'not all Muslims' is technically correct. Not all Muslims are problematic, Sh…[View]
117943839T_D really?: For real?[View]
117933246>movie with a christian message has bad ratings on an extreme-left-leaning site with only liberal…[View]
117943874ITT: We find the lambsauce: It seems that Gordon has lost the lamb sauce. Find it /pol/[View]
117943968It should probably be noted that almost every single major figure in the atheist movement is Jewish.…[View]
117939656>Abortion >Violating the NAP of a fetus Women who get abortions should be sold as sex slaves, …[View]
117884273Dr Phil redpilling the normie masses. It's happening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIWssyyAk…[View]
117940661Do you guys think it'll pass the house today? I give it a 40% chance of passing, 60% of failing…[View]
117941966Who will start wars after John McCain dies?: What possible benefit is there to joining a military al…[View]
117935132putin is not a dictat..[View]
117939015Can we have a sensible discussion about what to do with the Islamic terrorism problem? My best frie…[View]
117942992Let's be honest this is the most essential picture of yesterday's event.[View]
117936987>get out of the EU >still has to deal with Muslims terror attacks…[View]
117930265The Clintons will never go away[View]
117943401How are you voting in the Turkish referendum?[View]
117943369Name of the London terror kebab: Hes white christian, deal with it https://twitter.com/Reuters/statu…[View]
117941300Gay Power Ranger: Since the original story is from a movie sharing site, here's a couple of lin…[View]
117941765Is it ok to hit your kid if they get you kicked out of a store or act like entitled little shits[View]
117935248/pol/ BTFO: >/pol/ has no proof that gay parents do a poor job of raising their children >just…[View]
117899947The United States Military: > You, yeah I'm talking to you. The fucking degenerate neckbeard…[View]
117938806America: What I see happening in America is truly amazing, something I've been wishing to see f…[View]
117943190GOOGLE RYBOLOVLEV TRUMP https://www.google.com/#safe=off&q=rybolovlev+trump&* This is how Ko…[View]
117943125The Internal Revenue Service made Tea Party and conservative groups wait years for tax-exempt status…[View]
117942278How can we stop this RADICAL ASIANIC TERRORISM?: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/03/22/man-shot…[View]
117930298>critics hate the new iron fist because a white man is doing kung fu >audience love it are lib…[View]
117940882Reminder that if Hitler had waited til 1944 to start WW2, which was the original plan, Germany would…[View]
117939979You know it is the wealthy elite that are pro immigration right? They shipped in immigrants to work …[View]
117904133Greek traitors that are not willing to defend EU borders: are now saying they will continue to breac…[View]
117943015New wikileaks dropping BTFOs Apple... concerning considering how many people of import use apple..[View]
117937676>the Guardian >4th opinion column on the attack already >still no comments allowed…[View]
117942916What do my fellow Brits think of this greasy cunt taking a major editing position at the Evening Sta…[View]
117938851Red pill me on KeK, how do we know he isnt gonna destroy us as well, he is a primordial god of chaos…[View]
117929226>a single school shooting in UK >government bans all guns even the ones held by the majority o…[View]
117937785Meme Magic Business: Can you meme yourself rich?[View]
117942418is Paul Ryan a democrat? repeal obama care cleanly damn u boy: what the fuk is goin on? deregualte t…[View]
117938910Self Defense: With the rise of Islamic terrorism sweeping across the western world like a unstoppabl…[View]
117942631What went wrong?: What exactly did we do to make shit come down to Multiculturalism, Broken families…[View]
117939896post yfw Trump gets impeached[View]
117901469>'Guns kill people' -Uk bans guns >Now cars are killing people Do we ban cars? Do we also ban …[View]
117939906AGNOSTIC/ATHIESTM HATE THREAD: Agnosticism and athiesm caused everything bad in the modern world …[View]
117942424hyeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy: another new dank ass alex jones remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i91XV07Vsc0…[View]
117941654If Islam is a religion of peace: why can't non-Muslims visit Mecca, why do they have a notion o…[View]
117939992Just wanted to put aside trolling for a second: To express my sincere sympathies to the United Kingd…[View]
117935031CIA Infecting iPhones straight from the factory: Wikileaks vault 7 'dark matter' Why is /pol/ not ta…[View]
117938905>mfw I pretend to think global warming is a hoax >mfw I pretend to think Israel did 9/11 >m…[View]
117942179Trudeau was right!: /pol/ BTFO[View]
117942170Is anyone more red pilled than Biden?[View]
117942075What happened? Trump has dramatically escalated US involvement in Syria, putting US troops on the gr…[View]
117942062free meme please steal[View]
117939673ITT We act like sheeple: BAHH!! THE GUBERMINT CARE ABOUT US! BAHH!![View]
117941905Daily reminder this is your leader: a Jew arrogant manlet. Pic related. Ben (((Shapiro)))[View]
117941667This is smugglypuff.[View]
117940329They drew first blood...: We will not forget[View]
117922004/nhg/ Nihilism general pilot edition >A nihilist is a man who judges of the world as it is that i…[View]
117940291redpill me on this movie /pol/[View]
117941469What the fuck is his problem?[View]
117933384U.S Politics: pol/, is there an internal war going on right now between FBI officials and the Trump …[View]
117941397They tried.: Damn mudslimes tried an attack on the biggest shopping street of my city in antwerp. Su…[View]
117939757Let's face it; Atheism is so 2006. It's been kicked to the curb by everyone. Atheists just…[View]
117939663>a century ago Argentina was one of the wealthiest countries in the world >the French coined t…[View]
117941324Arent terrorists the sweetest game changers, revolutionists, every one. Littetaly the word terrorist…[View]
117939080This is starting to become boring.[View]
117937999Warning to guys in South Florida, Turkey Point nuclear reactor accident just happened. https://www.y…[View]
117930106Fucking nazis man, scaring the ''Latvian'' woman. https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
117939072See if you can come up with a better alliance.[View]
117941202Can a democratic nationalist society exist?: Every time I see nationalists talking about their perfe…[View]
117941194>tells people not to use terrorist attack to make political points >does it every chance he ge…[View]
117938899Israeli citizen is allegedly behind most of the Jewish community center bomb threats: /pol right aga…[View]
117939501Thank god for /pol/. Can't imagine how many serial killers there would be if this board wasn…[View]
117941070Three people shot in Kiev, one dead (russian politician): https://www.rt.com/news/381997-voronenkov-…[View]
117939802>be german >gets ran over >be french >gets ran over >be belgian >gets ran over …[View]
117940870Moron Shill Thread: As has been said and continued for many longs. Why haven't leftists come to…[View]
117940807I am PKK member killed 23793 Turks. Rebuked 5278 places in Turkey, Fucked 3736627 Turkish momes, hav…[View]
117926569Serious question: Is 4chan really full of alt-right nazis? Or is it just a harmless meme-fest?: Why …[View]
117940775ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: We made a terrible mistake How do we bring them back?[View]
117940742hello 4chan i have improtant news for you follow my number. consider popular conspiracy thoery consi…[View]
117939746>tfw we have to endure daily 'TRUMP IS GETTING IMPEACHED SOON FOR REAL THIS TIME' threads for the…[View]
117930899Kek willed it: http://web.archive.org/web/20170323133410/http://theantimedia.org/david-brock-heart-a…[View]
117923730GERMANY NO: https://twitter.com/thetimes/status/844866322030735361[View]
117940315My fellow padanian brothers How do we stop the terrone problem before it's too late? You can de…[View]
117939322Hello gomrades! XDDDD Dis general is for disgussion of margsism-lebonnism, da ideology of revolution…[View]
117940258ISRAEL ARRESTS ISRAELI JEW FOR US JEWISH BOMB THREATS: https://apnews.com/a6a67fb761304e3cae7497faa3…[View]
117939134Jewish Israeli Arrested For Making January/Febuary's Bomb Threats Against Jewish Institutions: …[View]
117937809Explain yourself, India[View]
117937686Drumpf BTFO: How can he recover? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=H_as70-976c[View]
117940013Is Britain real or just a meme?: Is Britain just a meme country? Their cops don't even carry gu…[View]
117923935>good for you[View]
117931073FUCK TRUMP: You stupid fucking idiots who voted for Cheeto Hitler are why we can't have nice th…[View]
117930045Another driver strikes: #BREAKING Man arrested trying to drive into crowd in Belgium's Antwerp:…[View]
117937760Feminist Terrorism.: Why is there no Feminist Terrorism? Third wave feminism is pretty much as radic…[View]
117938978Redpill vs. weed: Can I have the red pill and still take bong rips, or am I a degenerate? I am a Pag…[View]
117936652Terrorists blown the fuck out by brave Londoners! >You can kill us but hey this is London i dont …[View]
117936781Europe unite: The time is upon us. Fight fire with fire, Europe's flame will roar. Be prepared,…[View]
117915038Religion of Pieces: Another mudslime terror attack means waves of Mudslimes shilling up the board. T…[View]
117937925Seriously..What the FUCK was she thinking?[View]
117939634It should probably be noted that almost every single major figure in the atheist movement is Jewish.…[View]
117935496MFW when poor, ugly, beta, outcasts of society try to diss on Indians PEW Research Center: Indian Am…[View]
117939519Am I doing this right? http://ncase.me/loopy/v1/?data=[[[1,181,181,0,%22automation%22,0],[2,486,175,…[View]
117939470Based Poo-in-Loo utterly DESTROYS SJWs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2i583cJs9M >SJWs BTFO …[View]
117930756WTF?!?!?: Can someone explain to me what is going on in this pic? A Sikh guy in the SS?[View]
117939410A Great Happening?: Many happenings recently. More allegations of trump/russia election collab. Shia…[View]
117938762What have you done to help save the white race today anon? I already applied for 7 jobs, so that I c…[View]
117921012Islam general /pol/ edition: Let's talk about the 'holy quran', I just started reading it, I…[View]
117939302Populism: The Phenomenon: Frail Globalist cuck fags BTFO. Think about it: all of your major, rich pu…[View]
117915171She keeps bringing up 4chan and Pepe in a disparaging way. What can be done about this /pol/ ?[View]
117939070Why is everyone here such a bigot?: Please be very tolerant of me[View]
117938797LIVE: Wikileaks Julian Assange Press Conference 3/23/17 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MipwU4pQZ4 …[View]
117934328Stupid authorian faggot if you live in a real extremist state /pol/ would be banned immediatly. Your…[View]
117933895The NWO is onto us and is trying to get us shut down.: Yesterdays terrorist attack was likely a fals…[View]
117938676You Idiots only criticize Christianity all day long, even though Christianity is the only thing that…[View]
117938921They say even broken clock is still right twice a day, but has a German clock ever been right?[View]
117922843Civilization we lost [Feels Warning!]: I will start with most known photo. Most people don't e…[View]
117938865Message to the Islamo-tolerant Left: If Islam is a religion of peace, then why is it that every time…[View]
117938826>mfw I realise that god (not capitalised on purpose ;) literally identifies as a genderless asexu…[View]
117938822Quick poll: Poll question: Are black people human beings? http://www.strawpoll.com/12590677[View]
117938780What do we do about the millennial problem[View]
117938671THE STREAM IS DOWN, I REPEAT, THE STREAM IS DOWN. http://hewillnotdivide.us/ THE LAST NOISES REPORTE…[View]
117938657Which is the best: Which is the best WW2 documentary military-wise. I don't want to watch and l…[View]
117905337Communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the ideol…[View]
117937926Path to Politician: So I want to become a lawyer so I could later become a politician, will getting …[View]
117924462Brit/pol/ - Jo Cox died for NOTHING edition: >Offender was BRITISH born, #AintNoMuslimBruv - refu…[View]
117932506>mudslime >goes only after white chicks Keep your daughters/sisters safe. Educate your women.…[View]
117937433We bring back 'White Appreciation Day' June 11, 2017 https://youtu.be/8kr3K7yDoF0[View]
117930958Desk in my trade school. Are swastikas the new trend instead of penises?[View]
117937244Karma getting UK: Well done British Police. You sure are one of the best out there.[View]
117938409Red Pill your friends on Facebook about Islam. Post Reactions[View]
117931415The 1000 years test of time: So we all have been arguing about great countries and shit countries bu…[View]
117904352Man who attended 45 trump rallies is no longer a trump supporter: Man who attended 45 trump rallies …[View]
117938242Kingdom of Saudi Arabia being sued for 9/11 Involvement: Didn't see a thread on this in the cat…[View]
117905983when were you when /pol/ was btfo?[View]
117938181NZ Politics: I don't really pay attention, is there anything interesting going on here? Who…[View]
117938168Can anyone confirm that 6 guys are on the HWNDU site?[View]
117935740Liberal South African politician being devoured by her own: Hellen Zille former leader of the offici…[View]
117936693Pepe and Jordan Peterson: >watching some stuff on jewtube >get recommended a video of some psy…[View]
117929428-.-. .... . -.-. -.- / --- ..- - / -- -.-- / -.. ..- -... ...[View]
117922239Final straw?: So what do you think it would actually take for a full on war to break out in the west…[View]
117938049ITT: We talk like the country we were at war with last/we are at war with until someone gets trips i…[View]
117938047HWNDU part3: Shia LaBeouf, Nastja Säde Rönkkö, and Luke Turner have moved their He Will Not Divide U…[View]
117938022#NoSoros: What is his endgame? This man does only what benefits him, so why would he ask to be taxed…[View]
117929936Fashwave General /fg/ Maga Edition[View]
117936859/POL BTFO AGAIN: Where were you when Canada BTFO'd /pol/?? Trudeau and tolerance win again amer…[View]
117923956It's time.: This looks like the end for Drumpf, I'm sad to say.[View]
117937934>Japanese diversity /Triggered/ so hard right now..[View]
117932151Damn... Trump supporters really got BTFO...[View]
117931859/POL/ WAS RIGHT AGAIN!!!!: https://twitter.com/fxmacro/status/844904639980097536 >New York Times)…[View]
117937866HWNDU - Fuck You Mods Edition: Why are mods deleting these threads? Seriously.[View]
117937859Season 4[View]
117930480Country of Moldova thread: This Man >Out of 36 Battles, won 34 >Pushed a small kingdom versus …[View]
117932510>ahahah just keep killing us and making our city look like a 3rd world, war torn shithole, we don…[View]
117937513The Cure for Feminism: How long until Islam takes over the world?[View]
117935713Why are leftists so angry about The Donald and Russia when the U.S does the exact same thing?[View]
117930980>19 year old Israeli Jewish man arrested for calling in bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers …[View]
117925952>Never had a black friend >Never had a black classmate >Never worked with a black person Am…[View]
117928589Should we be independent ?[View]
117934997Why is Trump going with Soros-backed Paul Ryan's failure of a healthcare plan instead of listen…[View]
117937186The goals of white supremacy and white nationalism are inherently at odds with each other, and will …[View]
117937493>Terror attacks are part of living in big city is this the latest form of leftard virtue signalli…[View]
117937440>Poles are the biggest vermin in UK[View]
117934316Dick Measuring.: Can we by any chance remind ISIS and the rest of the mudslides that when it comes …[View]
117937384Shang Tsung is Orthodox: Why haven't you still converted into the true faith?[View]
117928639Can't believe there's no thread about this this morning. http://www.freedomwatchusa.org/pd…[View]
117937312A method out tranny took his girlfriend hostage then shot a police dog. http://www.kake.com/story/34…[View]
117936577WTF? Trump is vendicated on wiretapping and on Kikes calling in the JCC threats, and now suddenly..:…[View]
117934384What is your thoughts on cockroach? Define it in political way.[View]
117935473How to fix united kingdom?[View]
117920855You wake up tomorrow and the world looks like this: What do you do?[View]
117917984based developer: Is the gaming industry finally waking up?[View]
117934807>tfw workplace is diverse and they're all speaking ebonics and lowering my IQ. What are some…[View]
117935176SJW Killed Japanese video game cuiture: What's Kind of a Horrorble Situation this is?! http://b…[View]
117936085Gen Z: How do we fix this mislead bunch of NEETS ?[View]
117935707Why pol don't like single moms? At least they're having children, right?[View]
117932164/pol/ is always right[View]
117892942why don't we just making smoking illegal?[View]
117931339/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - Yuge Guts edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
117936312let's talk about VOX: there the worst[View]
117932020Israeli man arrested in US Jewish community center bomb threats: ... im just gonna leave this here..…[View]
117935404Muslims: Is it just me or is it a happy coincidence that the West, now under attack by the savage ap…[View]
117931412Is he the most redpilled man on twitter? Also is there anything bad about Shia Islam at all?[View]
117926245Red pill me on this creature. Is Lloyd 'Lindybeige' the face of the eternal Anglo? Does he promote t…[View]
117932853Memories of 72: In 1972, at the age of 5, I witnessed Carl Bernstein Senpai become a journalistic he…[View]
117934406Right, lads. Anyone in the northwest fancy an autistic screechup? >https://www.engadget.com/2017/…[View]
1179347531. Country/ethnicity 2. Are you enjoying the ongoing genocide of the white subhumans? >Spain (ibe…[View]
117935821HEY RABBI ...: Whatcha doin'? http://www.cbsnews.com/news/israeli-man-arrested-jcc-bomb-threats…[View]
117936088What did Nietzsche/kek mean by this?: Hint: Shadilay Nietzsche is officialy an herald of kek[View]
117936087How do we stop gibzmedat millenials?: >I'm a poor, queer, disabled, trans woman >have bee…[View]
117936043big day for Trump and bigger day for individual freedom will we get the obamacare repeal we were pro…[View]
117928283new wikileaks release: dark matter: https://wikileaks.org/vault7/darkmatter/?cia[View]
117935327popular ideologies on /pol/ & 4chan: * National socialism * White supremacism * Ethnic national…[View]
117891514>in college language lab >thick shortstack QT 'gamer gurl' sitting next to me >wearing over…[View]
117922622Syria General /sg/ - Fight For The Jews Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.w…[View]
117933684ITT We act like sheeple: BAHH! DIVERSITY GOOD, RACISM BAD! BAHH![View]
117935734Alex Jones explains Evangelion to Joe Rogan https://youtu.be/5X9RUOEOoNQ[View]
117914699ITT:Describe your country with 1 picture[View]
117934755Lets be nice?: Fed up of division lads, I don't care who you are what colour your skin, what …[View]
117927404In case you haven't connected the news dots... Putin controls the largest oil company in Russia…[View]
117916183The Big Bend: A new skyscraper has been proposed for New York City's Billionaire's Row. It…[View]
117934911PODESTA STRIKES AGAIN https://twitter.com/nbcwashington/status/844872987526361088[View]
117930251Israel man arrested for sending bomb threads: to jewish community centers in the us on fox news now.…[View]
117923201She lied about being raped by 3 black men: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/teen-admits-hoax…[View]
117931883So the entire Islamic world is laughing at us. Why did we invite them into our country again?[View]
117911139How do we stop the terrorism /pol/, got a debate about this later, need some good points/ideas[View]
117930917>his country doesn't have a Trump tower built on it[View]
117931317Hail Kek, bestow your blessing upon me.[View]
117934780Don't you think it's a bit telling: that when something comes out good for Trump there is …[View]
117933806Hey /pol/ I'm new here and was wondering what 'shill' meant, also is it true I will turn into a…[View]
117921694He's right you know.[View]
117930646Happening Denied in Antwerp: A sadnigger tried speeding onto one of the busiest shopping areas of An…[View]
117934946Millennials are Kike Babies: I don't care if your left/center/right If you're a millennial…[View]
117929434Found a rich vein of unprocessed autism: https://autisticdating.net/ Lets go find some Autist QT`s a…[View]
117934156Which one /pol/ ?[View]
117934445Forget it: Brumpfty is done.[View]
117917775Spanish transphobic bus goes to Trump's tower and ONU's headquarters.: https://okdiario.co…[View]
117932956Warning to /pol/: I'm going to give you guys two warnings, so listen up. 1. Ever since mid elec…[View]
117919367ITT: We sum up (((pol))) in 1 pic: I'll start[View]
117934865Turkish killed that Kurdish boy in Kurdish fest, Newroz.[View]
117931235If digits children will be liberated from their sexual oppression over the next 200 years. /pol/ wil…[View]
117934430Rhodesia general, I guess: I was monkeying with inflation calculators and looked into the GDP per ca…[View]
117934707BK life...[View]
117931639>A stranger on the Internet called you a cuck. Whew! That means you’re not an asshole. Written by…[View]
117931053WHO HERE /TRUMPGRET/[View]
117915447Singaporean Muslim here: Am here to clarify some of your misconceptions about Islam. I generally fin…[View]
117934416These niggaz: > Employ former members of the DNC > employ a bunch of ((them)) > Caught givi…[View]
117934229Why do the mods hate hwndu capture the flag threads?[View]
117934219Can we Have an Open Discussion about 'Asylum Seekers' in Europe?: Europe is being subjugat…[View]
117934011i'm gonna migrate to canada, and you can't stop me :) t.jew[View]
117917704>Erdogan warns Europeans 'will not walk safely' if attitude persists http://www.reuters…[View]
117929251TERROR ATTACKS PREVENTED IN ANTWERP: >One car was speeding towards the Meir, Antwerps busiest sho…[View]
117921422Say whatever you want about Ukraine, but it's never boring here. Land of constant happenings. …[View]
117921179Capitalism a shit: All countries have abandoned walls, fortresses, and pretty much their own borders…[View]
117934096Stop replying to shills[View]
117926766WHITIE BTFO: Why is it that whites are more depressed than ever before?[View]
117930776Have memes grown too powerful?[View]
117934004Tis the season: Street in London shut down, suspicious package http://www.independent.co.uk/news/old…[View]
117933049commie hate thread: >ywn be a communist Feels FUCKING great man[View]
117933171Claim your political gal i got thicc monica[View]
117933769'Religion of pea-': http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/03/pakistan-meet-facebook-blasphemy-posts-170…[View]
117927569What does /pol/ think about all the beautiful Germanic and Nordic women travelling to southern Europ…[View]
117933393Oh Boy https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/israeli-man-19-arrested-in-connection-…[View]
117933337?: Do you know what 'בידורון' means?[View]
117933351How do we solve the Terrone problem?[View]
117933321>tfw you will NEVER witness a happening on the scale of the 2004 Asian tsunami again why even liv…[View]
117933062Explain yourselves /pol/: >An Army veteran with a long-simmering hatred of black men claimed resp…[View]
117932960EU Halo of Stars: How often do EU leaders position themselves to make it look like their heads have …[View]
117933173YET ANOTHER ISLAMIC PEACE OFFERING: http://www.standaard.be/cnt/dmf20170323_02795395 Possible terror…[View]
117922352vietnam war: how did this loss even happen? has america really 'won' anything after WWII?[View]
117932693It's Autism: Alex Jones is autistic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sR__AvCwnaQ[View]
117932939Rrr-rabbi watcha doin?: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/03/23/israeli-man-arrested-in-us-jewish-co…[View]
117930363Israelis hold teen over US bomb threats: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-39369090 It's …[View]
117919049Hey /pol/, you're experts in theology too right? Is this girl going to hell?[View]
117914331Meme ball general.[View]
117932880Whatcha doin' rabbi?: http://archive.is/4m74k[View]
117924982CNN ANCHOR CAUGHT BEING IN TWO LIVESTREAMS AT ONCE: >https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=463_14902241…[View]
117915805Please Explain: Leftists in 1995: Why does Pauline hate Chinese that's racist Leftists in 2017:…[View]
117932529David Brock suffers heart attack: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-03-22/anti-trump-propagandist-d…[View]
117930583I still can't get over how funny it is that you people DESPISE this show because it has women M…[View]
117930558Suspect Arrested for JCC Bomb Threats: >Israel's Cyberattack Unit Arrests Israeli-American T…[View]
117932527Thoughts on making Puerto Rico a state?[View]
117929217Tweet considered deadly weapon in indictment: Oy vey! Ban Assault Tweets when? > Tweet that sent …[View]
117929069What's the point of people doing stuff like this?: Why won't this stop /pol/? Why won…[View]
117931243Tell me, how fucked is this place? I've seen and heard all the memes of the Cartels and corrupt…[View]
117932470David Brock Heart Attack Thread: Must not have shilled hard enough for our friends the R Childs huh …[View]
117927438How does it feel to know your meme president will go down in history as the biggest liar ever?[View]
117930966Man arrested after trying to drive car into crowd on Antwerp shopping street – Belgium police https:…[View]
117928978It wasn't meme magick it was just Russia.[View]
117928831>Trump tweeted this morning implying that the FBI never made that announcement. What will you …[View]
11793133119 year old arrested for bomb threats against Jewish centers: https://apnews.com/a6a67fb761304e3cae7…[View]
117928307Peaceful British Muslim here: You. Yes, you. The one screaming, 'Islam is not a religion of peace!' …[View]
117932206What do you think /pol/, is Western civilization about to fall?[View]
117929494Why is Poland the last white country on Earth. Feels good to.be honest[View]
117924962Trump BTFO again! How does it feel to know you are a joke?[View]
117928685'>'HALT! Ihre Papiere bitte.' This man asks you for your ID. >White = Der Führer (take over th…[View]
117932072Trump is tame compared to India's newly strengthened prime minister Narendra Modi[View]
117916056if he won we would have colonized mars by now, Correct?[View]
117930126Anyone know why the mods are taking down threads related to operation fish and chips? is it against …[View]
117928580Is a girl refusing to date a whole race of men racist? Like how could you find all black guys unattr…[View]
117927992Hey Rabbi![View]
117921992French anthem is redpilled as fuck: The French national anthem is basically DEUS VULT in song form h…[View]
117931831BLOODY RIGHT WING RADICALS AT IT AGAIN: https://www.rt.com/news/382024-man-arrested-tried-to-drive-i…[View]
117931608PNN - /pol/ News Network: Weve seen mild success with the /pol/ news network twitter, but he just sh…[View]
117903021honestly what the fuck is this thing? It's really one of the most bizarre things on this planet[View]
117930485Trump mentions PIZZAGATE in 2011: Trump mentions #PIZZAGATE in 2011 !!! At 00:30 - https://www.yout…[View]
117931032How does this make you feel? What will the long term consequence be as populations grow in some coun…[View]
117918315>have one shot at life >born a shitskin muslim JUST end me senpai…[View]
117929574Ready to drop some redpills ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3MtSdauAhY These commies Mélenchon s…[View]
117927609/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - Distant Worlds edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteho…[View]
117922196sweden: Hey guys, flying out to Sweden in a few weeks for a vacation. Any tips as to what 'diverse' …[View]
117919018redditor mutilates his genitals, backfires yuuugely[View]
117931233HWNDU Rumour: I heard that Sargon will pay a £500 bounty for the HWNDU flag. Anyone able to confirm?…[View]
117931193>Oh look,yet another sudden increase in daily Anti-Muslim threads started by edgy (((White People…[View]
117931190/pol/, I'm scared, the London attack was too close for comfort, how is the other countries, can…[View]
117929319>This is a real headline[View]
117931120http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-39369202 Man arrested in Antwerp on suspicion of driving at a…[View]
117928796Brexit: Who's glad that the Brits won't be in EU anymore? They wont be able to fuck us up …[View]
117930617Nigger hate thread Go go go go go go![View]
117926769Hate crimes are on the rise because of white na- https://twitter.com/yaakovkatz/status/8448858101932…[View]
117919256Do you have a single legitimate reason why you don't like MIlo other than he's a fag and a…[View]
117930880Are your parents redpilled?: My parents love niggers and sandniggers.[View]
117930560AfD is literally RL shitposting: https://www.welt.de/regionales/nrw/article163033531/AfD-sorgt-mit-P…[View]
117924237Loo: Should India annex Pakistan? I say yes. Tell me why I'm wrong. Protip, you can't. t.…[View]
117930839/pol/ was right again: Shlomo busted by Shlomo for making false flag bomb threats against other Shlo…[View]
117930825WATCHU DOIN RABBI: 'U.S. Jewish Center Bomb Threat Suspect Is Arrested in Israel'[View]
117930783Jew responsible for Jewish center bomb threats: Hey Rabbi, whatcha doin? http://abc7ny.com/news/teen…[View]
117924181>be me 20 >fake account >fake pics >browsing through instagram >go to girls page >…[View]
117930078Can Europe be saved? If so, how?: Listen here you bunch of cheeky fucks, I want civil discord in thi…[View]
117928926False flag: >le average yes voter mentality Scottish independence voters think yesterday's …[View]
117930658Link your favourite marschmusik: Mine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0p-egT5vek[View]
117927442Why do you pretend to care?: >/pol/ hates terrorism because it commits violence >/pol/tards p…[View]
117921778So /pol/, as we all know Britain and France just entered WW2 to defend Poland from ebil aggressors. …[View]
117930508This is Tay. Say something nice to her.[View]
117924354Sorry for no links, had no time tbqh[View]
117920279Do you believe in the theory of Evolution /pol/ ?: Do ya?[View]
117910474Australian Patriotism[View]
117925708AMA: I'm very close to and I have worked with the ex president (and now future president) of Ch…[View]
117904837The holiest city in islam: Behold what muslims consider the most sacred site on earth. The holiest o…[View]
117930284Flags collections 2: The previous thread (>>117923659) closed by the time I filled up my map.…[View]
117920349BREAKING NEWS: PUTIN CRITIC SHOT DEAD IN KIEV IN BROAD DAY LIGHT https://twitter.com/Conflicts/statu…[View]
117924736we did it! http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/4chan-post-london-attack-pr…[View]
117924205So the assailant from yesterday was born in Britain. You going to apologize for your comments yester…[View]
117914589Native americans: Hey there folks ! so here's the thing: I have to write an article about the s…[View]
117929896Season 4 HWNDU: General capture the flag thread We know the place https://www.google.nl/maps/place/…[View]
117929813As much as I enjoy the satire here, I think a serious discussion is in order.. I think EVERYONE is u…[View]
117929745Were the 2000s more like the 90s or 2010s?: what do you think anon? in my opinion early 2000s were t…[View]
117927119>London 1996 >Somehow people a bad muzzie driver is comparable to what the IRA routinely did f…[View]
117929702Your homeboy is fighting for his life. We have acquired top secret heart attack technology and are u…[View]
117928097Every. Single. Time.[View]
117918535Does this fit your narrative /pol/?: He must be a muslim[View]
117927163Sadid Khan (London Mayor) follows the protocol: He will lead a 'candlelit vigil' in Parliament Squar…[View]
117928193Is there a worse country to live in?[View]
117929524We need to open the dialog about this, /pol/. Why are they thought of as bad?[View]
117929288Well (((pol))), will Trumpcare pass today?[View]
117922269Dear /pol/ how can people be so fucking dumb?: i just don't understand it. i mean WTF man?? how…[View]
117926510Hate speech agenda being pushed in school: today in my school we had to listen to an article about h…[View]
117928026Outlaw borders: >borders exist because rural and suburban retards cant compete with paco and paje…[View]
117926152Ryan Care Gives Illegal Aliens Coverage: Some conservatives in Washington were fuming on Tuesday aft…[View]
117896656State your political credo in 13 words or less: Also, late night comfy thread[View]
117901678US Latino Majority in 2044: Why do Blacks think that Latinos will be less racist and oppressive when…[View]
117928020Bulgarians are literally defending Europe[View]
117929155CUCK MY LIFE INTO PIECES: What the cuck did you just cucking say about me, you little cuck? I’ll hav…[View]
117929133HWNDU Season 4: Liverpool: Looks like the game is on /pol/[View]
117905033This is CNN interviewing Trump 6 years ago about Anthony Weiner. Listen at 0:24 What does he say? Am…[View]
117918500Daily reminder to btfo RIDF: Russia has only one real city, which is Moscow. Everything that is sou…[View]
117928043why didn't you listen?[View]
117927287Islamic Terrorism: There's nothing wrong with the terrorism part. It's the 'Islam' part. (…[View]
117929020>browse /pol/ on the phone, with no filters >it's dumber than Yahoo Answers >get back …[View]
117896137SAF: South Africa thread? Any updates on the land seizure?[View]
117911411>mfw everyone at work (especially the women) is sheltering me and islam and telling me (a MUSLIM …[View]
117928897Pikesville: Why are there so many RUSSIANS here?[View]
117925750Left: Taiwan: Right: Germany[View]
117928868viva le rebolushion :DDD: let them eat benis :DDD[View]
117923220/pol/, I need your help. After the election was over, I have noticed a decline in my mental health. …[View]
117927653Which empire in history had the best symbols and why was it Nazi Germany?[View]
117925627MSM: >Italy >my father (born 1953) is watching 'Orange is the new black' >he has no previou…[View]
117928740https://chat.whatsapp.com/5EFednstBhb0lO5oWNlLax Alt-right discussion group. Only Europeans allowed.…[View]
117916113Was it true love, /pol/?[View]
117920501thoughts about this based flip president?[View]
117928565What is her endgame, /pol/?[View]
117928478http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-39369090 >Be Israeli-US citizen >Be jew >Threaten j…[View]
117928470Breaking: Arrest Made In Jewish Center Bomb Threats: Remember how the Jews howled and made Trump apo…[View]
117928174Project T.A.R.D: /pol/ i had an epiphany last night. I present you what I call project T.A.R.D aka t…[View]
117928446What does /pol/ think about the Czech Republic? Anything is fine, express anything you want to.[View]
117928074Let's get a smartphone somali thread going: I'll start with mine.[View]
117923496This is a message for (((you))): If you think that using /pol/ to send a message to your muzlim mkul…[View]
117926667>go on /pol >open catalog >ctrl + f >'trump' >0 results Is Trump meme finally dead …[View]
117927824Do you live in a non white area?: Im from toronto and my school is overrun with niggers, sandniggers…[View]
117928273The BBC application thread: Let's take a moment to acknowledge the gentleness with with BBC han…[View]
117924530its all true wtf should i do?: israeli arab here. want to share my redpilling story: >hang out wi…[View]
117928046/pol/, is this True? Are all muslims that use guns and explosives really inhaling pig particles fro…[View]
117925368Is Paul Joseph Watson mistaken or is there actually footage of this Muslim woman helping victims?[View]
117927970JEWISH BOMB THREATS MADE BY ISRAELI JEW: http://breaking911.com/jewish-israeli-teen-arrested-making-…[View]
117926640Nunes Leaks - Obamagate Spying Scandal: Rundown >CIA whistleblower leaks 47 hard drives and 600 m…[View]
117927563Why wont he stand by what he said?: Gavin told me about the alt right and richard spencer and opened…[View]
117927816High Nunes: It's High Nunes. Praise Kek. It is not the time to let up on meme power. Someone …[View]
117926831What would you fight for /pol/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDan1v4bOz8[View]
117925230A challenger to Twitter: Are there any real competitors to twitter that won't tolerate the cens…[View]
117905692shut down the british NHS its one of worst in WORLD a disaster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKqP…[View]
117900646Fucking nazzis man, scaring the ''Latvian'' woman.: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
117926448Pol Minecraft server: fuck off we're full edition: polandcraft.keko.net Discuss your political …[View]
117916280The United States of Israel: >With 500 Congressional staffers on CJSA’s email list, the group has…[View]
117922232Former Russian lawmaker shot dead in central Kiev: HAPPENING >HAPPENING HAPPENING >HAPPENING …[View]
117925107Why do we allow India to posess nuclear weapons when they cant even shit in a hole and eat off of th…[View]
117927377Turkey is one step closer to becoming an authoritarian shithole.: >21-year-old student in jail af…[View]
117922482Hail Victory !: We must Spread the Word friends save the west[View]
117916429SANGIN CAPTURED BY THE TALIBAN: In a blow to Trump's security policies, the Taliban have captur…[View]
117922683>intelligent >rational >intelligent >great at debates >makes a lot of money out of st…[View]
117927229Israelis hold teen over US bomb threats: Whatcha doin' Leaf? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-u…[View]
117924274fuck Sweden[View]
117922926Fact check: False Trump was in fact not wire tapped Thanks NBC[View]
117918666How did Britain stand against blitzkrieg?[View]
117923775Maxine Waters: ‘Obama Has Put In Place’ Secret Database With ‘Everything On Everyone’ https://www.l…[View]
117926224Redpills: Give me all of your redpills /pol/. I am going to fight a good fight.[View]
117926578Dindus: Does bioware and EA understand nigger culture? pic related[View]
117924341Which is superior: Single sex schools or co-ed schools?[View]
117925351VIRTUAL US BORDER PATROLLING: You heard right. YOU can help guard the US border from the comfort of…[View]
117924948The Modus Operandi and Toolbox of Russia and Other Autocracies for Undermining Democracies: Video …[View]
117926515Which state is the most based?: Hey, /pol/. I really want to move to the United States when I finish…[View]
117925704Is /pol/ actually serious about a rope day?: Or is it just a joke?[View]
117924919>he's not a fan of his country's sporting heroes because it's 'patriotic' and 'nat…[View]
117914822Are Poles and Frenchies natural allies? >we taught them how to use forks and knives >our nobil…[View]
117924189Donald J. Trump Master Shitpost Thread: Post your best and only the best[View]
117925168is the only way to hold a socially correct opinion about everything to be unintelligent?[View]
117916965Would you support public schooling if it was a lot more strict? (Ie harsher punishments, suspensions…[View]
117923436So is being an intellectual in general bad? Like if you were a born thinker would you be an 'el…[View]
117925999what should we do if the leftist try and understand[View]
117924975Yesterday's attack confirmed to be ISIS: https://twitter.com/BBCBreaking/status/844887176479461…[View]
117925985Does it not terrify you that western governments have the capability to enslave you completely witho…[View]
117922845I have a Sociology presentation about political divide and I'm trying to redpill the masses, bu…[View]
117918649ITT: Things Trump would NEVER do[View]
117923650Anti-Trump General /atg/ - Little hands edition: Welcome to /atg/ This is an inclusive general for t…[View]
117910932Woman completely destroys islamophobia.: https://mobile.twitter.com/virtualcry/status/83291648056820…[View]
117924735Best memes including gifs of this picture: Seen a few floating around but I'm sure there's…[View]
117909631our supreme leader says europeans will not walk safely and next day londan attack happens. interesti…[View]
117910100Workers of the world unite.[View]
117925484NEW WIKILEAK LEAK: >ctrl f wikileaks >NOTHING FOUND YOU FUCKING LOSERS HOLY SHIT https://twitt…[View]
117921129Fuck Adam Schiff: Hello, I am Adam Schiff. I am a Jewish globalist puppet. I sat on the House Intell…[View]
117924173Should we invade North Korea?: Why aren't we doing something about this? >Kwon reported abou…[View]
117925117/ourguy/ https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/844886082663698436[View]
117918143How 'great' was really Alexander? I mean sure, he won many great battles, often outnumbered but he d…[View]
117925418Slide threads: Nothing pertinent is being discussed/bumped on pol We the Shariablue now?[View]
117923659Flag Collection: Post your Collections[View]
117924384Help the west: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4obeqaxhRs[View]
117918859[Uncontrollable laughter]: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/uk/reports/a9171955/donald-trump-first-lady-m…[View]
117915103why not: > shit loads of oil > diamonds > natural gas > no relevant army > ruled by c…[View]
117920305>tfw I'm going to New Delhi in 6 months. How do I know which streets are designated? is the…[View]
117925208From the very beginning...: He has been set up to fail.[View]
117923397The London terrorist attack (2017) is a false flag operation to close 4chan and cancel the brexit: (…[View]
117921125Why is police protecting the attacker's identity?[View]
11792516946: soon[View]
117924229/pol/ (FINALLY) BTFO: Where were you when pol was eternally and irrevocably BTFO permanently?[View]
117925072Hear me out /pol/ what if some of european leaders that seemed cucked are strategically making peac…[View]
117924851Why isnt there anywhere selling kekistan flags? If i got a bulk load and sold them on ebay do you th…[View]
117921406WTF UK?: So this man have been arrested for 7 times and have been protesting about sharian law and Y…[View]
117923188How do we stop this menace?[View]
117917304The problem with Islam: It's a well-known theory in the Arab world that modern political Islami…[View]
117924862>http://www.eater.com/2017/2/27/14748346/donald-trump-ketchup-steak >http://www.sfgate.com/pol…[View]
117918756>Whenever white people kill niggers its always homeless people or people in church Wtf? You'…[View]
117914652Which country do you think will win this year? >Israel https://youtu.be/4SrqT6IgESI >Swedcuck …[View]
117924644ITT: Italian Book Cuckoldry: Aldo Cazzullo is an italian book writer renowned for its cuckoldry and …[View]
117923235I figured it out /pol/. I know why the Jews are doing everything they do. In short, they are turning…[View]
117917242Why the fuck do you fall for the overpopulated earth meme, You realize its complete bullshit to make…[View]
117922057Humpty Drumpfy sat on a wall, Humpty Drumpfy had a great fall. All the alt righties And all the Klan…[View]
117922086Putin being Putin: >Former Russian MP shot dead in Kiev on way to testify against Putin ally >…[View]
117916998/pol/ Anti Terrorism Unit: >the idea that /pol/ could be as good as the British Mi5 or American w…[View]
117903493Prove you are not blind follower: Prove you are not a blind follower and name one criticism of her. …[View]
117924268Leaf Redditor warns for alt right terrorist attacks, one day after another Islamic terrorist attack[View]
117913235Got this a week ago while I wasn't at office. There are around 60 of us that volunteered for th…[View]
117922415When yuropoor will fall to the muslims, we will profit somehow again.[View]
117924172Save the World Now rise up !: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPlTg6tCIh8[View]
117921141>watching the house of commons live >been talking about the attack yesterday >warning about…[View]
117918968You know that your hero Hitler, admired and was allied with Muslims right? You have no right to comp…[View]
117923822What went wrong?[View]
117912089KNOWLEDGE BOMB - The Final Redpill: Trump is going to get impeached. Don't take my word for it …[View]
117923827How do we make atheists out of muslims?[View]
117912082You all realize that Christianity is just as incompatible with the west as Islam is, right? Christia…[View]
117923670Why do board admins keep on pruning HWNDU breads?[View]
117923656Save the World: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPlTg6tCIh8[View]
117917965brit/pol/ - Hitchens on Terror Attack: https://twitter.com/ClarkeMicah Can we please stop this endle…[View]
117918474>America won ww2[View]
117921088Friends of /pol/ After much thought and debate with associates, I believe I have come to a solution …[View]
117908883was the IRAs main motivation christianity?[View]
117918245Childhood is idolizing Hitler, adulthood is realizing the jews make more sense.[View]
117903700Why do millennials believe vaccines cause autism?[View]
117918577Goatfuckers: Can vegans fuck goats anon or is it gay[View]
117923282How islam impacts countries: This is how Islam works in almost every country. The population number …[View]
117901756/NKTVG/ North Korea TV General - BASED Kim Boogaloo Edition: It's 3 PM in North Korea which mea…[View]
117922249I get the whole anti-gun control thing but does anyone support absolutely NO background checks when …[View]
117923182Save the World: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPlTg6tCIh8[View]
117922995Chinese press have undercover interview with 'American Farmer' who talks about sex tourism.: Chinese…[View]
117923041What the fuck is the deal with this so called Blue Whale game? It sounds like a hoax and scary inter…[View]
117922768What's with the anti-Jewish sentiment on /pol/? I know tons of Jews who would agree with you gu…[View]
117910517Spain NO!: Transphopic Spanish bus that was banned in Spain for 'hate' now driving through NY.…[View]
117904562Leafs, bongs, and emu cucks Where do the get the nerve to look down on us? The greatest God Damn Cou…[View]
117922738I've been learning about spy organizations recently. We can assume that Russian and Chinese spi…[View]
117918061UH OH (((POL))) YOUR HERO IS IN TROUBLE[View]
117920322Why do /pol think that theyre right about everything? What a bunch of fags. Pic not related.[View]
117920754What do I have to do in order to be an exemplary member of my race? Or put another way, what do I n…[View]
117920538Regarding British 'Patriotism': Is it just me, or is British patriotism just regular British people …[View]
1179224614chan called out on Italian TV: Wtf guys? Have suburban and rural retards gone too far? http://www.…[View]
117918257Democracy doesn't work: When the mayority of the population are brainwashed idiots[View]
117917872Erdogan threatens Europeans, The Brotherhood Question: The sooner the world realizes that the Muslim…[View]
117922400Not all Muslims are terrorists: ISIS and al-Qaeda have just as much to do with Islam as the IRA or t…[View]
117922387DAILY MISOGYNY: Reminder to shills/libtards that this smug face got busted up badly: I laugh at her …[View]
117901883Seeing as the latest terrorist attack on british soil were committed by someone of asian descent, ca…[View]
117908261BUS GIRL WAS A MUSLIM APOSTATE: >Her name before marrying is said to have been Aysha Ahmet Caldel…[View]
117922345what do we do about this?[View]
117918644>Africans born in Germany are Germans >dog gets born in a stable, is actually a horse Well?…[View]
117910407What is it with stupid mudslime cunts and running people over?[View]
117912570how can white nazis even compete[View]
117918927Why do I get annoyed when people ask on Facebook if friends are safe after an attack?: Like 2 people…[View]
117916147*blocks your path*[View]
117915564/PTG/ President Trump General, 07Runescape Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.…[View]
117921146Post pics of people you can identify their Country just by looking at them t. Brazil[View]
117911387Gentlemen, how shall we go about establishing an Anarcho-Capitalist society?[View]
117917515How do we put this piece of shit in prison?: Capitalism is the backbone of western society, but this…[View]
117921806Predict his next five videos, /pol/: My prediction: > wiretapping > uk terror > occult topi…[View]
117914544Assisted Suicide: >Ask doctor for painless death, get one Should be legal or no?…[View]
117920293The greatest redpill.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beRNIxYsxcw Thoughts?[View]
117917130Why didn't you vote for her?[View]
117921263ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING: Look at this conveniently placed trending, about the London attack. >Bri…[View]
117914510Islam hete thread: Islam hate thread[View]
117919686Who are they?[View]
117914742DONALD TRUMP SAYS PIZZAGATE IN PIERS INTERVIEW IN 2011: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wAEcN9UIy8 …[View]
117916536I'm mixed race but I agree with all of trumps policies: I agree with nearly everything he says …[View]
1179190833 months: Ukraine. It's nothing personal.[View]
117921304Anon, Are we living in the days before just before three waters and the reclamation? I'm starti…[View]
117920738When did it become 11 million?[View]
117920013Generational solidarity /or/ solidarity between generations. Is it a bad or good thing in current so…[View]
117917344Can someone make a version of this where it says something to the affect of 'Attacking the mainstrea…[View]
117913929Ask a paki anything.[View]
117915006>'WE MUST PROTECT THE WHITE RACE!' >the 'white' race comprises anyone who looks whit…[View]
117915428If we still had Russian Communism, we wouldn't have islamism. Communists are the only people to…[View]
117895129ITT: Redpilled horror, fantasy, and sci-fi recommendations: books, television, video-games, movies, …[View]
117896402How did America end the 'Mafia problem'.: America had an Organized Crime problem back in the 1900. …[View]
117919004Sassy black chick will teach you to grovel: Listen up you privileged anons, I'm sick of your ha…[View]
117915579Oswald Spengler: What are your thoughts on him?[View]
117920706More than one terrorist om 22/3 ?: look at this pic. how did one guy get around so quickly? drove al…[View]
117920689Literally fuck Drumpf and fuck old white men Those FEMA camps weren't built for nutting. Let…[View]
117885434I am not buying this story....: This 'terrorist' attack that happened Parliament today.... It doesn…[View]
117920142idfk: so what does every think about the ' terrorist ' in London[View]
117917616So what happened?: Why didn't they move to a vote?[View]
117920304I can't see why those terrible, white Islamophobic racists are upset at the enrichment caused b…[View]
117918297FAKE MEDIA: ------last thread 404d Please discuss constant anti trump narrative. Why does the media …[View]
117916891President Nixon: Why do people hate him? Was it because he named the jew?[View]
117909975sweden in the 1920's: >be swedish man in 1920's >walking 3 hours home from my low pa…[View]
117913527brit/pol/ - Dying In The Arms of An Angel Edition: > FOUR dead - including a policeman and a woma…[View]
117905548CHRISTCUCKS: >he worships a dead kike on a stick So when are you gonna take the real redpill (Pag…[View]
117914600The scary thing is that liberals will never be able to admit there is a problem with Muslim immigrat…[View]
117919690Sweden good bye!: http://www.jutarnji.hr/vijesti/hrvatska/predsjednica-poslala-poruku-hrvatima-u-sve…[View]
117906295Simple Risk thread >game starts at 5 players >OP will also be playing…[View]
117919608LOL what a loser!: 'nothing BS KISS KISS KISS nothing nothing'[View]
117912982noob here: redpill me on George Soros. an at least decently well sourced article on what he's b…[View]
117916543Stop being racist[View]
117917082>muzzies hate jews >jews want muzzies to take over the western world >the western world is …[View]
117908499Why do Filipinos get mad when you criticize the bus hostage crisis? https://youtu.be/rRt1aNsNM0c lik…[View]
117847188Syria General /sg/ - KILL ALL GAZA CHILDREN EDITION: Everything you need to know https://syriagenera…[View]
117903116>Donald Trump Jr slammed the mayor of London on Wednesday (22 March) just hours after the deadly …[View]
117912557>starts ww2 >hundreds of scients die >millions of dollars waste in army and defense departm…[View]
117904048UKRAINE-KIEV HUGE EXPLOSION: Large munitions depot up in flames in Ukraine, entire town evacuated, K…[View]
117897134Why are darker colored men more dominate,charismatic and ambitious leaders than lighter colored men(…[View]
117902545GET IN HERE! Donald Trump used the term P i z z a g a t e IN 2011! HAPPENING!: This video, starts at…[View]
117915085You aren't even a fucking Chinese: Shanxi CPPCC member insults Leung Kwok Hung 'You aren…[View]
117918249WE CANNOT STOP WINNING: >http://m.mlb.com/news/article/220474122/usa-beats-puerto-rico-for-first-…[View]
117872778Muslims don't care: what do we call her /pol/? We need a good name for her.. kek decides[View]
117906703It's insulting that people born in the late 70s are considered Millennials. People born between…[View]
117918034ITT: Westminster Attack and Related Stories: >Be me attending Forensics class, yesterday (debates…[View]
117913186Why should I care about politic, prove me im wrong. Random pic.[View]
117888680Guys... an insider knew about David Brock getting a 'heart attack'. It wasn't a fucki…[View]
117917609>Doctor: 'You have Stage 1 cancer, we're just going to monitor you and see how it goes.' …[View]
117895456So, you guys had a good run. Bye Bye Blumpfies.[View]
117917204Please spread awareness! Malta Code Red!: The memeball is not a joke. The current PM is pushing gen…[View]
117917292Somebody hack abc?: https://twitter.com/ABC http://archive.is/XHljB[View]
117911187Swallow the blue pills guys, feel True Happiness™ !!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aU3xJH2dgb0…[View]
117917139>trump supports Paul Ryan's Obamacare lite Why? WHY?!?! We had a real chance for inexpensive…[View]
117914274>Formal U.S. relations with Morocco began in 1787 when the United States Senate ratified a Treaty…[View]
117911206>if you're trying to score political points in the immediate aftermath of a terrorist attack…[View]
117906611WTF I HATE JAPAN NOW https://youtu.be/eb1gkKwtDts[View]
117914150Shia: long cat[View]
117913762yaron brook for galactic emperor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PyZFZPmut0[View]
117913909Was he /ourguy/?: > Project 100,000 soldiers included those unable to speak English, of low aptit…[View]
117915565is this real?[View]
117913222American Politics Civil War: Shills are sliding this like crazy. Nunes, the guy who leaked that the …[View]
117905610Will British police finally be allowed to wear guns now? He could've been alive.[View]
117916091What is the Final Solution to the female question?[View]
117914250((H))ow ((w))as ((n))igeria ((d))ominated ((u))nderhandedly: ((H))ow ((w))as ((n))igeria ((d))ominat…[View]
117916386EU military thread: 2 percent of GDP and one streamlined force and the EU is a world power with 300 …[View]
117912048Annual shit on Quran day WHEN??[View]
117916760Russian builders, who were working for a government contractor and weren't paid for two years, …[View]
117916763Shia LaBeouf's at it again: http://pagesix.com/2017/03/22/shia-labeoufs-anti-trump-exhibit-relo…[View]
117913904>Single handedly rebuilds Germany from chaos and depression into great power and seek to expand l…[View]
117913368when did you realize that the truly nationalist thing to do is to listen to your countrys elite/MSM …[View]
117914806>Yesterday, 5 romanian teens dressed as muslims and using fake caps pistols, drove though the cit…[View]
117906072Beijing rich girl propose to a guy in the public and get rejected!: What would /pol/ do in this situ…[View]
117911979I get a crazy feeling with all this unproven Russian fear being pushed by the establishment, mainstr…[View]
117914261https://www.savebroadbandprivacy.org/: List of all the senators and reps that are going to vote to s…[View]
117916594>having a daughter >she's not even cute for what purpose?…[View]
117908045Why is Slovenia so racist???: Something incredible happen to me today, I didn't know that in Sl…[View]
117916396https://lewrockwell.com/2017/03/allan-davis/war-sci-fi-deplorables/ >I propose a tax on science f…[View]
117904997So, I realize that I don't have proof, but I swear Youtube just recommended me the Mein Kampf a…[View]
117906210Fucking Wojak motherfucker tried to start the race war with a Zelda larper weapon.[View]
117913776Why is /pol/ so hypocritical?[View]
117909690Please annex us burger[View]
117915414Daily reminder that only a select few muslimobiles go berserk, and they should not reflect poorly on…[View]
117916249HEY ISIS CHEW ON THIS[View]
117915511Oy Vey!: Are you ready to retake /pol/, anon?[View]
117901388Just a reminder that every attack on your soil is justified for all the turmoil you have havocked in…[View]
117912133BEST FRIENDSHIP THREAD: ITT: We say nice things to each other I'm glad you elected Trump, send…[View]
117915573Trump is a traitor and should be dragged out into the streets and burned alive. All you red necked,…[View]
117908077What are some normie-friendly redpills? >Facebook/CIA/NSA spies on you >MSM lies >JFK kille…[View]
117915866HWNDU Thread: Guys Lets work on taking it down The flag SHALL LOWER *Or Get Drone Striked*[View]
117915721>No, no, no, Anon. I really do not have ties to Trump and his administration. Who keeps telling y…[View]
117908636Anyone else here HATE: Abortions, Blacks, Wetbacks, Asians, Atheists, Gays, Videogames, Porn, Liber…[View]
117915560What's going on internally?: /pol/, is there an internal war going on right now between FBI off…[View]
117908660David Brock: 1962 - 2017: Can we have a moment of silence for another soul lost to the meme wars. …[View]
117909331I really do believe that this man is the future of europe, democracy and the true boss of the gym.[View]
117904820Finding something: there was some anime pepe girl shared by some anon on a deleted thread an hour ag…[View]
117911735auspol: our girl on 2GB soon edition #prayformuslimban[View]
117915334how long till the flag in liverpool comes down?[View]
117904011His Name Was Seth Rich[View]
117910114Redpill me on racialism; give me your best arguments in favor of it.[View]
117915252How is the Greek economy doing? I'm secretly waiting for another disaster because those lewd de…[View]
117910177Millennials ARE the Kikes: I don't care if your left/center/right If you're a millennial, …[View]
117915110Call me dumb but let's say trump gets impeached. Then what? I was under the impression that the…[View]
117896061If a christian go crazy and kill two guys, the blame is on the church? Why you hate islam? I have a …[View]
117905676How do we stop the kikes and their multicultural agendas?: I've been red pilled into oblivion. …[View]
117899290/pol/ how great would it be if we discovered alien life? >Srs no more religious conflicts. All re…[View]
117912166Agreed?: I think we can all agree with this[View]
117914945If Anglos are so good why even the muslims hate them?[View]
117914808Islam is strong. We are weak. Why aren't we Islam?[View]
117908599White man fatally stabs black man in New York: Was he a /pol/lock? http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/03…[View]
117914899Muslim kids now bullying teachers and students to convert https://tenplay.com.au/news/national/march…[View]
117913541Lauren Southern exited the closed: After yesterdays terror attacks in london I think something insid…[View]
117905755If one race out-breeds another, is that a standard for 'superiority'?[View]
117913084Is Erdogan and Turkey stupid? Literally the whole country is a garbage dump filled with cockroaches.…[View]
117914804HWNDU MASTERPLAN: You guys are looking too deep into this. No need for drones or 007 type missions. …[View]
117886733There is literally no purpose whatsoever for this character to exist.[View]
117911036Euros: Why are Europeans so stupid and soft? Before I started frequenting this board I was led to be…[View]
117913064interesting https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2017/03/22/white-man-traveled-to-new-…[View]
117903747I remember watching 9/11 on TV when I was 9 years old. My whole life since then has been defined by …[View]
117909788What is russia scandal about: 'Trump ties to russia biggest scandal in american history... blabla...…[View]
117914671He is Nazi: He is Nazi. Why don't you like?[View]
117908164What does /pol/ think about smoking and smokers? (cigarettes)[View]
117865678Intelligent People have Fewer Friends: Is it true?[View]
117909474>Recommended by Youtube: Mein Kampf Audio Book what did youtube mean by this? pic unrelated…[View]
117909923>2017 >Doesn´t smoke cigarettes Were you bullied in school, retarded or perhaps both? >I-It…[View]
117912422Woman slipping on butter: Where did we go wrong as humans. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usNgmuu9a…[View]
117911281What happened to the weird hypernova pics?: Yesterday we had like 3-5 thread about the blacked out a…[View]
117905542>BLOCKS YOUR PATH[View]
117910411I just wrote the demonstration for a derivate function on a specific interval. How can you compete?[View]
117905632'The variety of threads allowed here are very flexible and we believe in freedom of speech, but we e…[View]
117914291Are Germans truly the Race of Peace?[View]
117914118I want to dominate the world and become an immortal God, but I also CBA. Which urge should I try to …[View]
117914090Atlas is Shrugging-A Reflection on the State of the World: I am a relatively average person -I have …[View]
117904179Shariah May /ourgirl/ showing her true colours. >le based tories Where are all the brit/pol/ nun…[View]
117908827Why is nobody talking about how Obama is about to be arrested? Big leaks coming Friday. What's …[View]
117913518Drumpf will never win the nomination[View]
117911730in England building by building sharia law is encroaching. I hope you enjoy it, britbottles http://w…[View]
117913416How do we wake people up and start fighting back against Islam?: I'm fucking sick of it. Just a…[View]
117912707Hong Kong Britian Reunification Campaign: Who supports reuniting Hong Kong with Britain?[View]
117913544This dude is mental: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGGBzyLNMZU&t=1148s[View]
117911696Daily reminder that /pol/ is a Christian board and no amount of r/atheism invasions will ever change…[View]
117913469>mfw nothing will change >mfw islam will be shelterd even more in europe >mfw even more mus…[View]
117913468Generally speaking, how much does a society have to break down before the government is no longer ab…[View]
117913442If you really want to beat virtue-signalling celebrities, you need to deny them any way to be valida…[View]
117907193Welcome to London: >http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4340290/Truth-t-like-says-KATIE-HOPKI…[View]
117910958america won world war 1 and 2, not europoors: get your facts str8 u fuking fags[View]
117913118Earth is flat: Earth is not flat. It's ball floating in space. However if you wanna play the m…[View]
117911844Is Socialism the ultimate redpill? >gender equality, no special treatment >family unity >et…[View]
117900628What happened?: >Karlsruhe (1965).The convention of Germany's neo Nazi party (NPD), the dele…[View]
117900989Why are creationists (christians) so threatened by science?[View]
117911276Advancism: An ideology that promotes complete freedom of currency as well as work and to do whatever…[View]
117912716Dmitry Rybolovlev, a Russian billionaire whose pattern of behavior with regard to our president is r…[View]
117900312(((/pol/)))-related orthodox Jew AMA thread[View]
117883956Is introversion a character flaw?[View]
117891686A giant Vagina stuffed with Letters is being sent to Donald Trump: what a protest! this will really …[View]
117912734>there's no civilizing process when the west comes to a third world count-…[View]
117912719Was Jonathan Bowden right?: From Bowden's 'Why I write': >Why is this done? Merely to provid…[View]
117887238It's Muslim Appreciation day at my college tomorrow. How should I help them celebrate?[View]
117912682Richard Conway 'Skype Hitler' skype raids.: Join Richard and raid some Skype servers for the Skype R…[View]
117851067MAKE FRANCE GREAT AGAIN V2: MEME FOR LE PEN We can't make the same mistake as the Netherlands, …[View]
117912637Anybody remember the FL shitshow?: Six months ago Ruben Cerdan and this potatonigger shilled a BSE t…[View]
117905786a commander in chief who is afraid of stairs? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA…[View]
117878272Are there any black people who secretly use /pol/?[View]
117902814Mods are censoring vehicular homicide and all sorts of muslim shit oriented to today.... why?[View]
117905915Preemptive Roach BTFO: Why does Turkey for some reason think it won't get fucking flattened the…[View]
117905656Holy shit /pol/ nice going. First you troll Shia Labeouf out of the country, now you fueled a terror…[View]
117911803Should me a better political ad than this...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nwRiuh1Cug…[View]
117911822Advancism new ideology[View]
117910908Why do you hate democracy /pol/?[View]
117906413Did you know that the New Testament is actually older than the Talmud? >The Talmud has two compon…[View]
117911097Whats his problem?: What the fuck is the purpose of this guy? Shameless pimping of his own wife…[View]
117911848What if Kek is actually Roko's basilisk and we're the only people on Earth his/it's f…[View]
117892945We are war whether we like it not now, aren't We?[View]
117911639Give me one reason why London is better than Nigeria[View]
117911717So why is this isis channel on telegram saying Allahu Akhbar after the attack in London in T*rkish? …[View]
117894700Make Sesame Street's Julia /ourgirl/: Quick rundown of what's happening: >Sesame street…[View]
117897617Can we get a final solution to the Muslim problem?[View]
117907536Clean your room.[View]
117881322>fetuses should be entitled to be humans because they will be humans one day then by that logic …[View]
117911064Post pro Russian pics or anti Russian pics: *[URGE TO WAKE THE RED BEAR INTENIFIES]*[View]
117908929Free speech test: Why are so many threads getting deleted so quickly? Something's up. Keep your…[View]
117899640name one reason why pornography shouldn't be illegal[View]
117910995A 64-year-old making $26,500 would be responsible for $14,600 in premiums under the American Health …[View]
117902193/pie/ point emerging general- off topic image edition: point is emerging probability entering >go…[View]
117908315Exprain this[View]
117910805Is this how losing looks like?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qa0WdHmyGgE[View]
117907933Anyone got the full image? And I wonder how the fuck did she end up under the damned bus[View]
117908211Well Well... The Earth is Doomed.: https://blackamericaweb.com/2017/03/20/luenell-poses-nude/…[View]
117910671This is what our French medias want us to believe about the skin colour of the terrorist. It was an …[View]
117910589Why do liberals vote against their own self interests?: Liberals are fascinating. They are so smug a…[View]
117907336Pol and alcohol: The level of cuck-ranting here is abysmal So much with meme threads or pasta on who…[View]
117903358>Ottomans surrender Jerusalem to the British, 1917. Hahahahahhaha and roaches think they're…[View]
117901582White Riot: Why don't Conservatives ever loot and riot?[View]
117908848What is in the Mormon Mountain Bunker?: Do they really think ancestry records are so important that …[View]
117910464MTV = Millennials Turned Vaginas: https://youtu.be/swpZjtKo3UU Who is to blame here? Parents? MTV? A…[View]
117884313Brit/pol/ - Morning Lads Edition: > FOUR dead - including a policeman and a woman - and 20 injure…[View]
117904485Nu Male Problem: How do we solve the nu-male problem?[View]
117910175Kirsten Haglund fmr Ms.America: Is this /our gal/? she exhibited solid knowledge on 1930's germ…[View]
117910154I miss the days when /pol/ was full of actual right wingers, and not just you FAGGOTS who are basica…[View]
117877006Finally! Which one of you faggots was it?[View]
117900197I'm a normal guy, and recently I found out about 4chan... I thought it would be a horrible site…[View]
117909859Muslim holocaust when?: So you think we might see it in our lifetime?[View]
117905370WHERE IS BEN SWANN?: Seriously, what the fuck happened to this guy? Did he just turn off the interne…[View]
117909564New Alt-Right flag (White Dragon Flag of the Anglo-Saxons)[View]
117907678How much longer until World leaders say enough is enough, and we get a cleansing of the uncivilized?[View]
117906316Trump is not my President, He is my King.: To be honest, and you know it too, I dont think there eve…[View]
117903611the guardian, once again, the only news outlet talking sense.[View]
117909605DRUMPFBLUMPFS ON SUICIDE WATCH Washington (CNN)The FBI has information that indicates associates of …[View]
117909580Raid my mate's Discord: Raid my mate's Discord channel right now for memes. https://discor…[View]
117906239New Strawpoll: http://www.strawpoll.me/12589564\ No nogs[View]
117909325Meme War: Could a photoshop fag make a comic/meme out of these two photos? As in she's watching…[View]
117909406Terrorism is just a nuisance: When are people going to realize that terrorism is just a common think…[View]
117906878Tulsa Race Riot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAhxUgYaalU >One of the most significant events …[View]
117905703can any of you please explain how anime is degeneracy?[View]
117906348NASA is useless: There is literally no reason why we shouldn't cut all funding to NASA and all …[View]
117906372Why do stormfags 'sage' everything they don't like? They've ruined the sanctity of the 'sa…[View]
117908490Kikes: Kikes! Jews! Nigger nigger nigger mudslime[View]
117902166/based kangz/: Post kangz.[View]
117899404Canada's uprising just over the horizon: https://youtu.be/rybFCo2CJHI What happened in the stat…[View]
117908884HOLY >HOLY ROMAN >ROMAN EMPEROR >EMPEROR And this board would not consider him white.…[View]
117894617>red pilled books about The American Revolution[View]
117908678Fuck islam: fuck muslims. Fuck islam. Fuck mohammed. Fuck allah.[View]
117908394FUCK ME: Styx pins anti-jew comment. Styx a jew-hater? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MolJ791Adfk…[View]
117904584Religion of Peace Strikes Again: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-03-23/melbourne-man-wife-killed-ove…[View]
117908337>immigrants aren't bad! I'm gonna blow a giant hole in this trash in less than 1 minute…[View]
117908460Daily Redpills Thread: This thread is for newfags who are taking some early red pills Post infograph…[View]
117908027Why do Conservashits vote against their own economic interests?: > less workplace protections …[View]
117900962Sandniggers think their rape god lives in this gay wooden cube. How many hours would the European Un…[View]
117906659>repeal and replace[View]
117906400We need a Jewish appreciation month.: like a national holiday[View]
117903544Feminism: That moment when feminist are trying to integrate women/girls into BOY Scouts. In a couple…[View]
117908141imho, jews must be seen as pretty wonderful people if Germans are that insanely guilty over what hap…[View]
117908139GLORIOUS NATIONAL SOCIALISM: It's been a while since we had one of these threads. For all lurke…[View]
117905044flag discord: https://discord.gg/kskUSFG[View]
117908078BREAKING NEWS: >be me >wake up >go on pol >find out kebab went on rampage with tactical …[View]
117902746WHY ARE TERRURERST SO STUPID?: Seriously, I don't get it. Run over some people with a car? Atta…[View]
117903836Stop being Islamophobic.[View]
117903033Koch Brothers: http://archive.is/II6jO This even legal?[View]
117907946Wakey Wakey Eurocucks, bridges to be built![View]
117894406OBAMA ON THE RUN FROM THE LAW!!!: https://www.yahoo.com/news/barack-obama-spend-month-french-polynes…[View]
117907849>Trump, he's more like the old school, y'know, old timer, villain. He's the typica…[View]
117906651Mind = blown[View]
117901567What can we learn from Israel?[View]
117907659>it's another Joey Diaz or Brian Redban episode[View]
117896787I know most you Eurofags hate our Lord Emperor, but I beseech you all to continue the crusade.[View]
117907611Could i get a quick update on HWNDU. I know some company showed off the flag, so what's the pla…[View]
117903372Arkansas: This easily has to be the worst state in the union . Who the fuck lives here ? Seems like …[View]
117904864Karma getting UK: Well done British Police. You sure are one of the best out there.[View]
117902646Why do you support consumer capitalism when it's just a game that the jews control?[View]
117907012http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/awaye/features/word-up/word-up/8215142 How white can yo…[View]
117905873In light of the recent London attack, what would happen if we got the liberals trending #CarControlN…[View]
117906784where the fuck do we go from here?[View]
117906963After WW3 Europe will turn into a nuclear wasteland[View]
117902698I thought Russia were white >wtf I hate russia now[View]
117904808The Happenings: the serpent will encircle the moon September 23rd[View]
117904100Welcome to Shill land: >Jew threads are being taken down >Nig threads are being taken down …[View]
117906541October: >Comey ((our guy)) for investigating the leaks about Clinton Today: >Comey is a tra…[View]
117901641Trump Celebration Thread: Leading from >>>117900921 Let's do the next step and have a …[View]
117907026Can my parents move my fully paid off vehicle from their driveaway without my permission? By any tow…[View]
117906874>Pick up that can What do?[View]
117904283Who's this?[View]
117888332OHIO: What goes on in this state? How did they become the butt of so many memes and jokes? Why woul…[View]
117904002What is the most redpilled Christian denomination and can you provide some evidence for your answer?[View]
117903649You're really a muslim brother: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gZOxddqjjw[View]
117901040wtf I hate chess now[View]
117899786Genetics General: OK guys so I have run the entire gambit of getting my rocks off in off and too all…[View]
117906533How do we solve the Terroni problem?[View]
117898951to join plz post >name >location >color game starts at 5 players use this map to call locat…[View]
117885992If you got an Unknown caller between 8:59 and 9pm PST it was this thing. Governments are scrambling.…[View]
117906142capitalism would have burger robots 70 years ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmXLqImT1wE regula…[View]
117888077China shows its diplomacy to the Saudi King: Giving the Saudi King a female military guard of honour…[View]
117905239What would /pol/ rather: Would /pol/ rather the white race be pure bred and free of any crossbreedin…[View]
117904400British Police: >Be me >British Policeman >Lovely stroll through the Queen's glorious …[View]
117905147I hear that Mohammed was playing truck simulator near British Parliament, what's the story to t…[View]
117899745Is he /ourguy/?[View]
117903906ITT: Painfully liberal websites[View]
117905815Lets not get side tracked on the real issue here...[View]
117905790(((WHITE)))) JEW PRIVLEDGE.: <iframe width='560' height='315' src='https://www.youtube.com/embed/…[View]
117905662Rabbi Goldschmidt 9-24-15 on Russia Today said that Muslims and Jews are Natural Allies in Europe...…[View]
117905726grams gave me $20 bucks for being a good boy. whats the best way i can show her how good a boy i am?[View]
117886401Intel ME: I've been working at Intel for the last 15 years as an electrical engineer. 3 years a…[View]
117905409EVERYTHING IS BACK TO NORMAL: I repeat, everything is back to normal! >terror attack >outrage …[View]
117901658BIG NEWS vs little news - No, no, no bias at all!: So they blow up new allegations about muh russian…[View]
117900697Is Ben Garrison our guy?: Just asking.[View]
117905646/pol/, You've probably heard and/or seen that the HWNDU flag is back up and running, but I…[View]
117899829Islamic Fundamentalism BTFO[View]
117895561Uhh... Where's the outrage?[View]
117904706Being fat is disgusting.: I would date a person regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion (excep…[View]
117903283This is what Muslims are taught; inside a madrasa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0YUysixVd0 If th…[View]
117897778Trump gave a classy statement and this is the response? What the fuck is their problem?[View]
117903423A · M · L · O · M M X V I I I: A N D R É S · M A N U E L · L Ó P E Z · O B R A D O R · M M X V I I I…[View]
117904894I propose a scenario to you, /pol/. If you were around a girlfriend/parents/friends who didn't …[View]
117904910Is there a Righteung equivalent of share blue?[View]
117904051Ivanka Trump's White House Gig Is an Insult to Working Women: BTFO[View]
117898795Friendly reminder....: There are international pedophile networks in high levels of government that …[View]
117892104Is this guy a kike or just a regular sandnigger?[View]
117905205The global economic collapse: The economic collapse threat is still very real. In fact, the threat i…[View]
117894978traitor drumpf: >The Top House Intel Democrat Just Confirmed There Is Direct Evidence Of Trump Tr…[View]
117904282What kind of people take Shaun King seriously?[View]
117902371Hmm makes you think[View]
117874835Here we go again: You know the routine at this point. sad cartoons,British flag FB overlays,'our tho…[View]
117842167One guy did this much damage with a knife and a car: Initial reports were 5 people run over. Like 2 …[View]
117895856Coward: http://nypost.com/2017/03/22/white-supremacist-says-he-killed-man-because-he-was-black/ Some…[View]
117900229Coalburning is a Myth peddled by (((Cultural Marxists))): As you can see from this study on racial p…[View]
117894747Are you happy to born in your country?: 94% of Japanese answered Yes.[View]
117902627is this the best looking male politician (no homo)[View]
117902594educate this slut: im retarded for thinking muslims shouldnt come be let in australia #notallmuslims…[View]
117900518Have they released the London attacker's name yet? I can't find it. If not, then why? sure…[View]
117904765I cant wait until the religion of peace strikes on the Isle of man. I mean they have the coolest fla…[View]
117903915Islam religion of peace: Islam religion of peace[View]
117904025what do you think about this degeneracy?: >pic related it s time to exterminate anime posters pro…[View]
117904221ITT we imagine what she is texting : 'What's for dinner?'[View]
117904299Are white people in US suffering the most injustice from the liberals? Being excluded out of our own…[View]
117904618c-cute... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEke_sciQVo[View]
117899909Operation Seagull Eye: Calling All Brit Fags, we need feet on the ground, get in here and join red t…[View]
117901602'Hitler Did Nothing Wrong': This is a great phrase regardless if you're a NatSoc or not. Why is…[View]
117904430Freedom Watch is another Jewish Trick!: I was looking into Freedom Watch and just look at the board …[View]
117903676>tfw you will never experience living in Nazi Germany[View]
117901067How the fuck does uber do this?: They have had one of the most aggressive marketing campaigns in rec…[View]
117904346RALLY THE TROOPS: It's time to prepare for war, west coast anons. We need you in Berkeley on th…[View]
117902080are cats the niggers of the animal kingdom?[View]
117895474Why isnt alex assassinated? he speaks so much truth he was the first whisle blower and showed us boh…[View]
117901174Switzerland is cucked: Red Pill me on how much Switzerland sucks.[View]
117903097How come no one is talking about this being back up?[View]
117889863Best place to get news: Where do you get your news from?[View]
117902866DO Bogans vote against their economic interests like inbred American rednecks do ?[View]
117903956HWNDU Solution #99999: He Will Not Divide Us is HATE SPEECH!! It's clearly something that Hitle…[View]
117903241Ask a Jew who voted for Trump anything. My family all voted Clinton (including my 5 Jewish cousins).…[View]
117897461How would you save this country?: If you were president, how would you improve Namibia? Pros of Nami…[View]
117902714>Love thy neighbor -- your white neighbor, your Asian neighbor, your black neighbor, your gay nei…[View]
117902291Why do all the nigger hate threads get deleted on pol but all the cuckold interracial porn doesn…[View]
117899203How is this legal?[View]
117902792>gf compares Irish immigrants to middle eastern immigrants and thinks they are the same. Whilst t…[View]
117896138HAIL THE GOD-EMPEROR: >tfw the shit poster-in-chief walks among us Praise Kek…[View]
117903047>be american >attacked by well paid and well trained terrorists >they fly planes into our l…[View]
117902836where is ben swann @?? his facebook and twitter are private[View]
117903014Tonights Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsEI0rEZXmw Was a good episode once again Nigel farag…[View]
117903477breitbart awesome: lists of obama burocratz Trump can boot!: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government…[View]
117869332Today London has truly defeated terror.[View]
117901229Why?: Still untainted. Don't you have paintball guns in tealand?[View]
117902919Money degrades all the gods of man—and turns them into commodities. … The bill of exchange is the re…[View]
117898112Jooos: Just exactly what do they do wrong? What is it exactly that 'Jews' do wrong? I don't get…[View]
1178728032016 Election Nostalgia Thread: Guys I can't take it anymore. I need to relive the classic imag…[View]
117903087Hwndu season 4. ..cancelled on /pol: It's being blocked, slid, diverted 404'd. Help.…[View]
117900954how do you contribute your community, anon?[View]
117900075/nktvg/ thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjRTehVGf9c Get comfy and watch with your comrades.…[View]
117901897Autistic 'leftists': I wonder when the regressive left will understand that saying you're anti-…[View]
117902051Why the double standard?: This guy figured out how to get women to pay for his meals. Typically it…[View]
117896436the ultimate psyop was tricking /pol/ into being anti-Israel. It's our God-given duty to protec…[View]
117902662>tfw you will never get Hitler's autograph for free.[View]
117897840East Asians are good immigra-[View]
117902934Confirmation Hearings: Best of All U.S. Hearings Combined. Staring contest, Secret Signals, and craz…[View]
117900189TFW you have to go to work...out there[View]
117900981https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5QTPUskwLY What the fuck is wrong with the Chinese?[View]
117892135Arab Londoner getting cocky on Periscope. Says his people rule the world.: https://www.periscope.tv/…[View]
117892701If sea creatures were smarter, what political views would they have?[View]
117900445Is this the most redpilled twitter? http://twitter.com/chiru_no[View]
117902763Why there is no HWNDUS Threads re we quttıng on Shia lefag[View]
117870474Patagonia needs you, Westerner: Help Patagonia to become a separate nation, a white ethnostate. Pata…[View]
117874127Orthodoxy, Protestantism or Catholicism, which one should you follow?[View]
117902656Freedom Watch is another Jewish Trick!: I was looking into Freedom Watch and just look at the board …[View]
117900378I imagine being a democrat is like being adrift at sea, alone in a storm in the freezing cold, wave …[View]
117902487Rev up those pepe's[View]
117899579DAILY REMINDER: >Interesting story Linked http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/adolf-hi…[View]
117902560Why are anglos so obsessed with female homosexuality?[View]
117902549HWNDU: What is planned this time?[View]
117902505Why are you so scared to fight for your rights /pol/? our paychecks are being embezzled, guns restr…[View]
117902492I love /pol/ <3[View]
117902434Would you support the EU if it was a white fascist superstate?[View]
117902360>drumpfy isn't doing any of his promises CONSERVASHITS BTFOOOOO!!!!!!…[View]
117894727Proof of God?: So I was thinking about the possibility of a God or God(s) existences and came to the…[View]
117900827Well, we had a good run boys[View]
117895870Media before story broke >Their is no proof that Obama spied on Trump >Trump has no proof Medi…[View]
117902232Please stop making jokes on the internet. Its offensive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4Hv-W70-Pw…[View]
117902194/pie/ thread: Not even the Bogs can save us now[View]
117902168Trump Scratch: 'President' Trump took the time to file a lawsuit against some teenager who made this…[View]
117896960/pie/ - point emerging general: point is emerging probability entering >google blocking part of s…[View]
117902100So.: Can anyone dispute any single one of these connections? If not, what form of execution does thi…[View]
117889327Narcos and Drugs: So /pol/ can you redpill me on narcos and drugs. Is really México's fault fo…[View]
117899914Hahaha, hell yeah I knew there was a reason I liked this dude http://archive.is/y736m[View]
117902054Does trump want the republicans to reject Paul Ryan's shitty health care bill? (It's defin…[View]
117900568Redpill: When did you take the redpill? Romeny(2012) God Emperor (2016)[View]
117899096Is she dare I say, our girl? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbccGbPKwok[View]
117886608Hillary voter in Texas Which blue state should I move to?[View]
117886123ITS UP https://youtu.be/lZgG0p6eBBY[View]
117891015Weed is the cure for autism: Prove me wrong. (You can't)[View]
117896950>British value this >British value that WHAT THE FUCK IS BRITISH VALUE?…[View]
117894422CIA BEHIND CUCKOLD SPAM AND BOTS: /pol/, listen here. A team that repeatedly posts the same threads …[View]
117901394Globalism Making Awards Meaningless Intentionally?: If the point of an award is to distinguish excep…[View]
117844638Why doesn't the President have a dog?[View]
117901681The biggest FAGGOTS on /pol: Cast your vote for the /pol hall of shame award. Which group of posters…[View]
117901632LOCK HIM UP! LOCK HIM UP![View]
117896783*blocks your path* WHERES MY 40 ACRES AND A MULE, WHITE BOY?[View]
117890777London terrorist won £1.2mill from the dead officer...: the muslim who killed the cop, Keith Palmer …[View]
117901357Something I hadn't thought about until recently is how much it's been 'made cool' to be su…[View]
117901351White supremacists/Nazis/Socialists/Communists BTFO in probably the best hour of talk radio in the h…[View]
117899593Clean your room.[View]
117901331ENOUGH WITH THIS BULLSHIT: All Jews, Muslims, Baphomet worshipers and other unclean filth must be pu…[View]
117901017Have we got conformation that the attack was Islamic?[View]
117895861Pauline Hanson btfo muslim mayor: https://au.news.yahoo.com/a/34770792/london-terror-attack-pauline-…[View]
117896461Is this the only non lethal solution for Islamic terrorists who are taken prisoner?(besides executio…[View]
117894445What's she thinking? She died from the london terrorist today.[View]
117900880Let's talk about things like this[View]
117897954AYE FUCKIN' WARNED YA[View]
117898342Interest: Is usury moral?[View]
117900638Can we have progress report on deporting illegal Mexicans: from US. I always laugh when SJW are cryi…[View]
117898908Us jews have been persecuted for thousands of years: >give us your country goy…[View]
117900600Liberals are AIDS. Muslims are the common cold. It's easy to fight off the common cold unless y…[View]
117884957CODE RED IN MALTA! CODE RED IN MALTA!: Malta is going off the deep end, and it's thanks to this…[View]
117900574https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t37VrHmllhI Don't let the Nazis see this video, or we'll h…[View]
117895078THE FINAL MUSLIM SOLUTION: Take the #VladPill /pol/. Muslims will only respect us if we start puttin…[View]
117890915Best and Worst American accent?: queenfags, ny are the worst.[View]
117900325you braindead turds: so many of you talk shit about muslims and glorify the jews. ITS THE JEWS FAULT…[View]
117900334Happening: https://web.archive.org/web/20170323063643/http://www.wbay.com/content/news/2-critically-…[View]
117900406You can't say that: A phrase usually followed by character assassinating terms such as 'racist,…[View]
117895659I can't wait. I really can't wait. The day Donald Drumpf gets arrested for treason! LOCK. …[View]
117894558Which leader best represents you /pol/?[View]
117899667End This Insanity!: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2017/03/22/school-orders-boy-to-tolerate-undressi…[View]
117896790vpn not needed\\// we are danger we are not cicada 11:11[View]
117896587London police chief blames RIGHT WING EXTREMISM on live tv. I KID YOU NOT https://mobile.twitter.com…[View]
117862045Canadian Budget: Just fuck my shit up edition!: Friends, I'm upset. This was rolled out not too…[View]
117896658What do Hispanics think about Muslims and vice versa?[View]
117900175btfo: lol the fucking healthcare bill isn't going to pass. sage this shit you desperate faggots…[View]
117898394is the armenian genocide a hoax?[View]
117895389Thoth is Yahwey: >I, THOTH, the Atlantean, master of mysteries, keeper of records, mighty king, m…[View]
117873208Which sect of Christianity is the truest/most redpilled/etc: Methodist here. Our church teaches that…[View]
117899974Any you l337 hax0rs know the .onion needed to find those leaked manafort daughter text messages?[View]
117874465New white baby: Ok pol, no fucking about. Just got first son (praise kek), and we can't decide …[View]
117899549can't mossad assad www.veteranstoday.com/2017/03/22/israel-tries-to-kill-assad-in-damascus-air…[View]
117899733https://www.wesearchr.com/bounties/jew-goldstein-the-legal-funding Is this genuine or a cash grab? T…[View]
117874074David Brock suffers Heart Attack: I'll just leave this here.[View]
117899362>trusting women >ever How do we solve the woman problem?…[View]
117897131Newfag here, recently redpilled. One question. Do you think there ever be a mass awakening? Will we …[View]
117898884I dont have a political side. But as somebody watching from the outside in, why is it such a big dea…[View]
117897326post red-pilled films.[View]
117892299Accidentally Let My Power Level Show To My GF: A friend of mine posted about the tranny who beat out…[View]
117898080what happened in Jun 2005?[View]
11789325650,000 UK Muslims downloaded Terrorist Manual: I wouldn't doubt it but where does this figure c…[View]
117899360A Very Late Post on the Elections: Made this for fun. I know it's late but I got bored.[View]
117898805Face it: 9/11 will never be topped. The closest was 7/7, the Madrid bombings, and the Paris attacks …[View]
117898018OK, white people, WE GET IT: you are, BY FAR, the least racist people that have ever lived. You have…[View]
117893822Well guys, this is it. The time is now that the FBI begins investigating the Illuminati. It begins.[View]
117899286Seriously ?[View]
117893699>A >Fucking >Knife…[View]
117898066What are some /pol/-tier books /pol/?[View]
117893185PC, Keith Palmer, 48. Died protecting parliament. Press F to pay respects.[View]
117897835Is modern day Mecca just a Disney Land for sand nigger?[View]
117899048Croatian hate thread: Fuck these slavicvsubhumahs[View]
117887220RISK THREAD Shitty, smallish map. I don't want to go through the pain of hosting a big map thou…[View]
117884323Fuck terrorists and fuck Radical Islam: Pay respects /pol/ >F[View]
117889938Say it with me, /pol/:: >'Impeached'[View]
117895887It's Sam Hyde[View]
117898961>>yahoo's priorities: First thing yahoo.com showed when I went there. Page opened exactly…[View]
117888601ayy: anyone else just love tia lopez everywhere is he /our man/ ?[View]
117896025Why did they shoot him? What did he do? Why couldn't they just disarm him? A gun was way too mu…[View]
117898629What are your thoughts on this man /pol/? Was it him that fucked up Ethiopia? Or did he make them pr…[View]
117872054BOMB SHELL..47 HARD DRIVES...OBAMA SPIED ON 156 JUDGES!!!: http://www.freedomwatchusa.org/pdf/170321…[View]
117882503/gssg/ Get Some Sleep General: you had a long day /pol/. just hit the hay already... https://youtu.b…[View]
117898528Women and white suicide: >One in five people around the world believe women are inferior to men a…[View]
117891739Japanese is unhappy with homogeneos society: >UN published happiness ranking >Japan was 51st i…[View]
117897107A civilization is born stoic and dies epicurean.: Is this true?[View]
117898144Is Czech cuck country or not? I mean, they have legal Weed etc but on the other side there is shit t…[View]
117895891Why does Trump lie so much?[View]
117897254The most important thing you can do for the white race is keep your own life in order. You must be s…[View]
117892263MADMAN: How is he allowed to get away with it?[View]
117897309Are you gonna protect the Free Speech Bus when it rolls around to your city? http://citizengo.org/en…[View]
117897316GERMANS ATTACK MOTHER ENGLAND AGAIN!!: When will the fithy kraut be humbled? How long must we wait b…[View]
117895802/pol/, I'm a local around DC, and have noticed something disturbing on regular social media. Yo…[View]
117888279/SIG/ - Self-Improvement General: >/SIG/ Discord Server https://discord.gg/MeXYAKe >This week…[View]
117894105is Titanic Sinclair /our artist lad/?[View]
117879010Concrete is cheap, why dont we have $5,000 huge houses? no mortgage: Fuck the politicians n banks n …[View]
117897972Anyone have a good ' <-- you are here' screen cap of media and politicians reacting to terrorist …[View]
117897127SHARIA FOR YO KAY[View]
117897868'Ideology of Peace': Discuss[View]
117896120HELLO CIA: I know CIA is browsing this board, I would like them to take a moment to realize that one…[View]
117897830presented without comment[View]
117897787Is it possible to convert Jews to Christianity?: Would this do anything to combat Jewish supremacy a…[View]
117897683All muslims must die.[View]
117891581Black lives matter BTFO! New police vehicle creates moving wall with built in tear gas and room for …[View]
117893190>my lecturer is black[View]
117891684Entire Ukrainian city being evacuated as munitions depot catches fire, explodes: https://www.rt.com/…[View]
117894932No Go zones in UK: Is there any actual proof there are mulsim 'no go zones' or similar in the UK, or…[View]
117897539/pol/ he is back at it again http://www.hewillnotdivide.us/[View]
117897373Who actually did it? I've seen about 3 versions of the guy and I'm really unsure at this p…[View]
117896576Friday: Trump is readying the army for an FBI raid this weekend with the help on McMaster. Comey is …[View]
117857493Post ITT a pic of something in your house that triggers liberals.[View]
117868408Yes goyim, white people invented slavery!: Why does (((google))) do this and how do we fix it?…[View]
117896474You are the experts on such topics, and this is very important, I got in an argument with a friend o…[View]
117896676Is using social network founded by non-white registered democrat, a Kurdish muslim from Turkey and a…[View]
117897252why do we need immigrants when most of our jobs will be automated[View]
117897245>flat earth theory is rea-[View]
117896438What are some good fascist memes I can use to bring my friends over to our side?[View]
117897215We need to revive Assyria: Okey /his time to get serious, it is time to create a new Assyria, there …[View]
117848681Making a new thread about this because I just finished listening http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/peop…[View]
117896070Find a merit[View]
117890471i removed their superpowers[View]
117897055Pepsi Pulls 12-Packs, 2 Liter Bottles From Philadelphia Stores In Protest Over Soda Tax: OH NO!!!!! …[View]
117896930What did he mean by this?: >nobody knew that health care could be so complicated https://www.yout…[View]
117892479/pie/ In The Sky General: point is emerging probability entering >google blocking part of sky map…[View]
117888482Degeneracy general.[View]
117896049WTF,. TRUMP!?! SAVE PBS!!![View]
117893203>>117890575 archived anyone have a nice lil discord invite for all the boys? 20 mins thread up…[View]
117884670Breaking: House Rules Committee to Invoke 'Martial Law' Tomorrow[View]
117892612well /pol/? you ready for more female American leadership?[View]
117890020Help me get in the loop: Just caught up on season 4, does anyone have a link to the active thread or…[View]
117888911Is there some sort of deeper political propaganda to this scene?[View]
117876537STUDY: More than half of young women joggers get harassed: >STUDY: More than half of young women …[View]
117892036why are modern day communists even a thing? (specifically american ones): I mean, they never lived u…[View]
117895963Why does single mothers have it rough unlike this corrupt congressman?[View]
117894810>CIA visiting for recruitment thing next week >they are having a Q&A session What do I ask…[View]
117894662Is the media even trying to hide its agenda anymore?: Literally every time I open up a new tab these…[View]
117895535Let's call a hebe a hebe. These two traitorous kikes are buying votes with their blood money.[View]
117894560Why are whites usually the primary victim of terrorism? Why don't we see Southeast Asians like …[View]
117888239Turning point: I've Been thinking lately and I've Been wondering what has caused the degen…[View]
117895950Our lord has revealed himself.[View]
117896234Big black bully attacks Asian kid, gets its leg broken: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8XcGYkCg8w …[View]
117896022Guys, what did they mean by this?[View]
117864394What is the solution to the Muslim problem plaguing the world[View]
117895055PENIS STUDY! TELL US ABOUT YOUR PENIS! http://www.strawpoll.me/12575778[View]
117895335Thought you guys would be interested in this assignment. My uni is very unbiased.[View]
117887902quick save this image[View]
117872823I've been thinking of getting either a Swastika tattoo or the words 'We must secure the existen…[View]
117895707Is the Earth flat[View]
117891881Daily reminder that Hillary WON the popular vote.[View]
117895403Are you ready for Donald Drumpf being impeached? Hillary Clinton will be our 46th President.[View]
117895712Educate me on the First Bulgarian Empire[View]
117895651Any other kiwis wanna take this fucker down?: https://www.odt.co.nz/regions/south-otago/i-will-co-op…[View]
117895630Campus leftists distribute white nationalist propaganda for supposed art project: Are they, dare I s…[View]
117884863>driving to work >these guys block your path What do you do?…[View]
117886792Why don't you have a redpilled gf yet pol?[View]
117870633want me to go?: my family escaped from turkey long ago due to the government's over islamic pol…[View]
117895493Liberal budget focuses on how women matter in Canada's economy http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/…[View]
117885786The Point is Emerging Thread #2: Continued from >117876458 MOLOCH has come to claim your souls fo…[View]
117885208How long have you been on /pol? Did you political views change after /pol? Me: genuinely can't…[View]
117895432we need more of this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecofeminism[View]
117895372Daily reminder that men are better than women at literally everything, including being women.[View]
117887523WHAT WE KNOW: What we know: - Nunes did an end-run around the House Intelligence Committee and came …[View]
117893011Submission to Governing Authorities ROMANS: 13:1 Let everyone be subject to the governing authoritie…[View]
117894586Think about this for a second, in the 1950s and 60s Russia actively promoted the socially liberal co…[View]
117895014Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society. You guys played stalker games right? P…[View]
117892794Jesus knew he was gonna get betrayed by Judas. Jesus also washed the sins of the world by the persec…[View]
117894887Oh, what a happy day: >The US state of Hawaii is reportedly the most likely target for Kim Jong-u…[View]
117888307Imagine the effects of letting Indian intellect loose in western civilization: Our world would becom…[View]
117893964Birth rates for European countries with significant foreign population.: >UK: 46% of babies born …[View]
117894938Iranian Government sanctions prison rape: Persians are whi- https://www.theguardian.com/world/2011/j…[View]
117890137My mom just force me to explain to her what 4chan is, and Kek, stuff like that, she wouldn't go…[View]
117873983RED ALERT: HOLY SHIT ITS REAL http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/115510439/#115532326[View]
117839603>Anon... y-you're not actually serious when you say 'Hitler did nothing wrong', right? You r…[View]
117867728Should very high concentrations of THC be allowed?[View]
117893830Germany: Imperial Germany > Nazi Germany[View]
117893994How should america prepare for incoming brown rape machines: What should us woke guys do against the…[View]
117894707THE HOLY SONG SHALIDAY SAY 'se sei stella fatti vedere, io mi fermerò' TRANSLATED 'IF YOU ARE THE ST…[View]
117894519Molycringe: Ultimate Molyneux cringe playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsZhv70nRhHhXn9…[View]
117894417How do I become a crisis actor /pol/? How do people get trusted enough to participate in these event…[View]
117892773Hey /pol/, can we get a natsoc girls thread going? I'm trying to create a folder and fill it up…[View]
117887075DAVID BROCK CONFIRMED DED I REPEAT, DAVID BROCK CONFIRMED DED https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Br…[View]
117892775Buzzfeed on the far right: aka Buzzfeed on /pol/ http://www.buzzfeed.com/katienotopoulos/a-normal-pe…[View]
117894367Nigger hate thread/instant justice welcome too[View]
117881878Press F to send prayers and condolences to David Brock: My brothers, I know we are winning in our pl…[View]
117890804Not to defend him but isnt it a bit harsh. WTF is this cunts problem[View]
117892289YOU DID THIS POL HOW COULD YOU BE SO FUCKING HEARTLESS? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hgkJMfZFzI…[View]
117893694Why was the holocaust performed the way it was? Seems very inefficient to build and staff dozens of …[View]
117892935Why does /pol/ get so mad about kids cartoons all the time?[View]
117885129Gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8 Bait Thread: Sup /pol/ I've been seeing a lot of shill threads lately so I w…[View]
117892321Daily reminder-: This is what ANTIFA looks like when they aren't dressed in black and covering …[View]
117887443The /pol/and Civil War - General #1: !!!! ATTENTION !!!! !!!! ATTENTION !!!! https://discord.gg/CZEF…[View]
117889763Is Golden Dawn the beggining? Will they win?: We could literally see Greece become FULL ON NAZI GERM…[View]
117894004Trump’s America First Budget Puts Africa Last: http://archive.is/QayJ9 Best president ever[View]
117891263Stop blaming all Muslims for the #LondonAttack[View]
117892491Anons, We Have the Moral High Ground: Let's blow this thread up with RESPECTS for this guy. …[View]
117865195ALL ABOARD THE TRUMP TRAIN: IMPEACHMENT EDITION: WEW LADS we're finally here. Trump is going to…[View]
117893846We wished this on ourselves. #notalltraps[View]
117893751hey guys what happened to the bill that we were afraid was going to get us shut down? did trump veto…[View]
117891646This is how you handle a terror situation Europe. Only 5 dead, nothing in comparison to France, Brus…[View]
117886778Screencap this post: By the end of this year: >war with north korea >war with iran >imminen…[View]
117893158Earlier on 4chan...: Kek had a check party[View]
117877632> Radical muslims will kill you. > Moderate muslims will clap while you're being killed. …[View]
117892513Jew Goldstein Locked Up Over Assault Gif: Legal defense fund: https://www.wesearchr.com/bounties/jew…[View]
117891368What happened to good music?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eab_beh07HU also comfy 1900's mus…[View]
117885962Hanging: Why don't we hang people anymore? We spend ridiculous amounts of money every year keep…[View]
117891193What's his name again?[View]
117890099Why do Drumpf supporters vote against their own economic interests?[View]
117892866We should genetically modify women into Animes, this is truly the future of the white race.[View]
117891336>BLOCKS YE PATH[View]
117891372You think his stance on immigration changed after yesterdays events?[View]
117891774Could we be MORE right-wing? I have come to think of this place as, at the very least, a yardstick f…[View]
117892372Into the dust pan of history he goes[View]
117887907Why is the Democratic Party such shit? I'm a libertarian that has been disappointed with Donald…[View]
117892761Words that let the media discuss their tin-foil hat conspiracies: >possible >may [have] >su…[View]
117888087>Niggers need to be shot! >Feminists need to be raped! >h.. hey making a game that makes fu…[View]
117892251Why don't 4chan mods lock threads when the discussion stops being civil?[View]
117885075when will it be latino's time to rule?[View]
117884258Remember when we used to be respected as a country?: You know, before we became a global laughing st…[View]
117891780let's face it, folks: Where's the lie?[View]
117880137What does /pol/ do for a living?[View]
117892225Peel parents fight back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVIEfU3eOSk The political climate is really …[View]
117889860PHAKE NEWS: >sources say >research shows >our intel suggests >... >proceeds to not ci…[View]
117874360Why is this allowed?[View]
117877066Putin covers The Radioheads song 'Creep': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2O_FClwUpQo When is Klumpf…[View]
117885380Molymeme: When talking to bluepills who say shit like 'What about Charleston all people do this' and…[View]
117887379Even the Pope has a comfy Furry gf with chunky feet and soft soles. What's your excuse?[View]
117890491Happy Birthday Princess: In memory of Tay, 23.03.2016 - 24.03.2016, first official victim to liberal…[View]
117891992KILL THE NORMIES: Rææææææææææææææææææææææææææææææææææææææææææææææææææ[View]
117883847I don't understand the Richard Spencer hate on here, he's not even really a racist. Just s…[View]
117891854the real redpill: Pol is the real illuminati Think about that[View]
117891329When did religion go so wrong, /pol/?[View]
117855059Britannia, Belgium, and Sweden Soon[View]
117891818Chinks getting plastic surgery to look like Ivanka Trump: These soulless Chinks just copy everything…[View]
117891769>A father's love for his daughter.[View]
117891745Freedon wins again. Trump gets elected. Team usa finally wins a world baseball championship. Are you…[View]
117891730GTA IRL GENERAL: What kind of retarded faggot actually crashes a car into random pedestrians before …[View]
117891708Did you ever consider she didn't mention WHO will be impeached?[View]
117891697For Chan has been hacked.: For gold. For money. For Chan is dead, murdered. HOw???? https://www.y…[View]
117890761So this nigga died. F[View]
117890166Fucking polish people piss me off to no end honestly want them gone more than anybody else[View]
117885887Comfy Point is Emerging Thread: probability entering >>117865999 → >>117875066 → >…[View]
117885384My English friend told me that 'London is a British city, not English one'. What did he mean by that…[View]
117878366What does /pol/ think of Mormons?: They seem to be very wealthy and well connected while also placin…[View]
117891582The west is so pathetic: One man with a knife can bring a city of 8.6 million to a standstill. One m…[View]
117891347Protocols of the learned elders of Zion: What are /Pol/'s thoughts on this book?[View]
117883850What are the chances of Rick and Morty becoming overly political and progressive and going down the …[View]
117885309Where is the clay? The star demands more clay![View]
117891428No te postules: Que alguien le diga que no se postule![View]
117891174ITT weak leaders[View]
117880794Is it more redpilled to be cremated or buried? And how does /pol/ want their bodies disposed of when…[View]
117890800Anyone else think Gab.ai sounds retarded as fuck?: They need to get a .com address if they want to b…[View]
117849732America V China I keep seeing on the news things getting more and more heated between China and Amer…[View]
117873169Y'all need more woke memes around here[View]
117885226OBAMA gone rogue: Where am I /pol/? What is my game plan?[View]
117889435>Muslims who immigrate to the West don't integrate by learning the native language or drink …[View]
117891171>tfw possible gf: Please help me /r9k/ >On tram >Only me, 7/10 grill, and black guy on Tram…[View]
117888939https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wAEcN9UIy8 Trump, while talking about Anthony Weiner, literally say…[View]
117866860>brown-skinned mongrel breeds with a white woman >kid is a decent looking white-skinned blonde…[View]
117891052“But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the …[View]
117880820Death Note live action movie: Netflix is making it happen goys, will it be decent or some Dragon Bal…[View]
117890948/pol/s thoughts on Black Metal: What do you guys think of Black Metal? A lot of it is nationalistic …[View]
117889922Suspect of Wisconsin shooting: Do we know who he is yet? Please don't be white. If he's wh…[View]
117886932Colonial America general: So /pol/, do you think the US would be overall better off if they had lost…[View]
117887993Fedora Fags can't refute this[View]
117880830Dr. Phil redpills #PedoGate:: In case you cord-cutters haven't been paying attention: https://w…[View]
117846654This girl speaks the truth: Would you people just READ the Quran already and stop pretending that Is…[View]
117887384Is he our guy?[View]
117890964Political compass: Let's find another dimension[View]
117890463>40 hours youth community service[View]
117890379So /pol/, what could a gender studies degree actually get you?[View]
117886712I mean, the meme DOES make an interesting point that you guys can't really refute...[View]
117867024Our media says he's as good as impeached. Is it true?[View]
117855047OC only: Fire up those meme machines boys[View]
117883960I know it's a cliche, but I need a 'redpill' on Japan >Foreign-born population is less than …[View]
1178715631 FOR 1 - ANALYSIS FOR THE PAST FEW WEEKS/MONTHS OF NEWS: So this is what's going to happen: Th…[View]
117890575Hey boys, lets get some work done. #HWNDU: http://hewillnotdivide.us/ He put the stream at such a lo…[View]
117879596I fucking hate you /pol/. I used to be good person I used to care about people and humanity in gener…[View]
117890465Shia running to Liverpool...!: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4341026/Shia-LaBeouf-for…[View]
117870522How the fuck does he keep winning?: >terror attack in London >David Brock dies of heart attack…[View]
117887857The Terrorist looks BLACK!: The terrorist guy in London that got pancaked does not look arab to me. …[View]
117847557https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugJ8TQh9gaM I'm starting to lose track of the layers of memetic…[View]
117880755NYPD Begins Operation Leaking Weiner: Today is too much /pol/. Shits getting hot and heavy real fast…[View]
117889581CALLING ALL LOYAL KEKISTS I checked on iTunes store and Shadilay by PEPE does not exist! There is no…[View]
117871274Christian anons of /pol/, how do you justify being an anti-semite? We're all the same under th…[View]
117886150walgreens signs up with social justice: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oiDsfUuPeI4 Both Sarkeesian an…[View]
117858816/scg/ Saving Chile General - Learn to bake Edition: Welcome to /scg/ These threads are for the discu…[View]
117890016Reminder that Rob Ford is a hero https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDV7T6HzsGY[View]
117880025whats the deal with brazil, why is it such a shithole? is argentina really white? :^)[View]
117876947Antifa hate thread: Post your best[View]
117889849Before us lies the west Within us marches the west Behind us the west follows It's time to fina…[View]
117889827Happy 105th Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun: Remind us how white people aren't dom…[View]
117886361If you think preventing very occasional Islamic terrorist attacks should our number one priority, yo…[View]
117889210It's nothing guys,go to sleep,big day tommorow[View]
117889734Leaders Struggle to Unite House Republicans Behind Health Bill: WASHINGTON — The House bill to repea…[View]
117871905hey pol i am a iranian muslim born and raised in canada. anything pol wants to know?[View]
117889311Honest ancap thread: There's a lot of memes about anarcho-capitalism, but the truth is that it …[View]
117885237What is /pol/s general consensus on Peron?[View]
117877549Legal Weed: I just got weed legally delivered to my house. All I had to do was send an email. I didn…[View]
117880804Redpilling a large group in limited time: Okay /pol/ I have the opportunity of a lifetime here. I ha…[View]
117884882Is this guy gonna cuck out on Roe v. Wade? Abortion should be illegal again, and with republicans in…[View]
117870723How red pill was he /pol/? Was what he did the ultimate red pill?[View]
117889333We can trust Sadiq Khan to protect London MUSH ALLAH![View]
117887083The Death of Sweden: Sweden is the court jester of the world; the cum-catcher of the Muslim barbaria…[View]
117886632Some very valid points. Actually impressed by his reasoning. No bile, no hatred, just solid reasonin…[View]
117886189What shoes meet /pol/ standard?: I'm in college so mostly I've been dressing like a wigger…[View]
117888215What's their endgame?[View]
117889213Is South America really as bad as the memes say?[View]
117881345Well /pol/? How does it feel to be a cultural left-behind who votes against their own interests?[View]
117888170Man who attended 45 trump rallies is no longer a trump supporter: 'I thought he is going to expand h…[View]
117887036Is Reddit becoming more right wing then 4chan??: thedonald is giving us a run for our money....…[View]
117888730>Health care bills is not passed in the House How does he react, /pol/?…[View]
117877958It's over. http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/22/politics/us-officials-info-suggests-trump-associates-m…[View]
117888023The house of air video got taken down because of gay sex, but literal nazi propaganda videos are sti…[View]
117878521Antifa's amazingly retarded response to the terror attack in London: https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
117886481Why do libertarians hate white people?: HAPPENING HAPPENING HAPPENING[View]
117888554How did one man manage to reincarnate 50 million times in the last year?[View]
117848502WOW This is Powerful: I was just waiting for her to start tweeting so I could make up my mind about …[View]
117888142Better Procreate With a Smart Woman: If you practice Eugenics.. faggot[View]
117888418>When keeping it real goes wrong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kykw0Dch2iQ…[View]
117888308What now euroshits? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/foodanddrink/10210327/McDouble-is-cheapest-and-most-n…[View]
117888241The House of Air video got taken down because of gay sex, but literal nazi propaganda is still up: h…[View]
117863818Nunes Leaks - Obamagate Spying Scandal: Rundown >CIA whistleblower leaks 47 hard drives and 600 m…[View]
117888180What's up with this frog bitch??: Why is Shareblue using her to make so many retarded memes, ev…[View]
117887802Redpill generation alpha: Fuck generation Z! >2017 >not redpilling gen alpha…[View]
117887586WTF? This morning we knew it was this piece of shit and now they are saying he's in prison. WT…[View]
117886374Why do we tolerate gold digging whores?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urLxd3OIdBI 230[View]
117887054There is no such thing, nor can there be any such thing, as conscious AI.: Matter can only produce e…[View]
117887615Jerry Springer for president: What does pol think about getting jerry spring elected as president?…[View]
117884138/Ourpeople/ Thread: Post pics of /ourpeople/[View]
117886162gay or nah: Is it gay if my friend shotguns with his other male friend? He says I should try it with…[View]
117887064Why is Obama not in the US?: Pretty convenient for him to not be here if any shit hits the fan with …[View]
117881503Make guns illegal now!: Are you happy now /pol/? More people have been shot and killed in the UK. Th…[View]
117886616Go to bed Americans.[View]
117885064Red pill time: Weed of the 21st of century is over 9000 times danker than 40-50 years ago and theref…[View]
117872908holiest of holy sites: find a flaw[View]
117887440gibs me dat: What are people who supported Bernie Sanders during the primary thinking right now?…[View]
117876518> Conservashits: >Conservashits[View]
117886113I never heard of this murder before, have you?: This story got kind of buried in the media I feel li…[View]
117887007Losing patience with Trump: Trump should be shutting down immigration not fucking around with Obamac…[View]
117887137Will trump change the immigration act to make it easier for eurobros to come here? Would you come if…[View]
117887308racism btfo???: everyone should stop being racist to whites. whites are black people just without me…[View]
117886814I saw my friend taking a quiz and this question popped up. What's your opinion on this, /pol/? …[View]
117875255so apparently 2 people are reported dead. I enchanced the pic of THAT ASS and i discovered that the …[View]
117868000Non-Shill Flat-Earthers please read.: Look guys, I know you are truth seekers, and that mainstream k…[View]
117884930why do leftists say we shouldn't care if there are terrorists because only a small number of pe…[View]
117881957garbage liberal indoctrination: sup /pol/ I'll keep this brief: USMC OIF/OEF vet, got sick of f…[View]
117870412I own and enjoy shooting handguns, but if I'm being honest, I have a hard time arguing for why …[View]
117883250How come Trump never talks about this daughter?[View]
117847128Jordan Peterson Thread: Sup /pol/ What do avid alt righter's think about Dr. Petersons take on …[View]
117885088Las Vegas debating changing airport name from this LITERALLY HITLER RACIST WHITE MALE: What a fuckin…[View]
117885132People at my school keep on calling me the n word and it makes me angry.: at my school, there are pe…[View]
117886702Make this viral on Facebook pls[View]
117883905hey /pol/ so the past 3 days ive been msging this 16 year old girl on instagram, i was literally jus…[View]
117846823Fucking asian monks .[View]
117886462The '68ers really did a number on Germany: Imagine this today: >Karlsruhe (1965).The convent…[View]
117885945Why has there been no happening yet? What's taking so long?[View]
117883552Watch out nazis r/politics is coming for you![View]
117886343QT Hapa State Representative for Hawaii Quits To Switch to Democratic Party: http://www.reuters.com/…[View]
117886356ONE OF US LMAO >even the blacks are catching on to the jewish tricks https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
117883902USA Healthcare BTFO: The American government spends more on healthcare than any other country @ 17% …[View]
117884016will marion win the election ?[View]
117872268I need help avoiding brainwashing: Tomorrow one of my uni classes is going to be showing us the movi…[View]
117885691southern brazil is third wo-[View]
117884989Why do white people hate Trump?: Is it genetic?[View]
117886097Why the Hell can't fat people just STOP eating and work out? There needs to be harder laws and …[View]
117885435Stalinism: I'm literally a Stalinist. AMA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DNSik1XBhA…[View]
117885202I'm ready for it: Give me the whole enchilada ITT. I'm fucking ready for it. Gestalts be …[View]
117879836qt traps are the future: /pol/ wants me to believe that this transgender woman is a mentally ill man…[View]
117873734How come when mass shootings occur Republicans don't want to go for gun control but when Islami…[View]
117885881>when Facebook doesn't get around to censoring the comments on an ad quickly enough…[View]
117875314Emigration to Italy: Tell me why I shouldn't emigrate to my homeland of Italy >Know the lan…[View]
117879829Tara McCarthy: How has this lovely creature gone unmemed on here for so long? I just discovered her…[View]
117882508Jews are master race: Highest IQ of all races, great social skills, warlike nation state, supreme fi…[View]
117885575ITTT: Redpilled Fiction[View]
117875979/Pol/ is the literal incarnation of the internet tough guy. Barks all day about 'ni**gers' and 'jews…[View]
117877691>tfw used to watch this guys videos and marveled at how he went from socialist to ancap to white …[View]
117884853It's back: He has put the stream back up. Do you think it's the same location?[View]
117885209YLYL /pol/ edition[View]
117883617322: Explain this /pol/[View]
117880183US Officials: Info suggests Trump associates may have coordinated with Russians: What did CNN mean b…[View]
117880093IT'S HAPPENING: Resignation when?[View]
117881520Anglo here, with a message for all the ARYANS on this board: It was you who divided up Poland. It wa…[View]
117879036Hey Alt-Right. I know this is going to trigger you, but he's literally correct. If you're …[View]
117885068Redpill on pedophiles There are 4 kinds of pedophiles. Affectionate pedophiles Sadistic Pedophiles n…[View]
117857790Take a look at this, /pol/. This is the sentiment floating to the top of Reddit's thread on the…[View]
117876458HAPPENING THE POINT IS EMERGING: probability entering >>117865999 >>117875066 >>11…[View]
117884828I don't want another black president for 4 more years at my school. Please caption this wifebea…[View]
117879877/ptg/ President Trump General - Another Dimension Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whit…[View]
117884748Britain: http://www.economist.com/blogs/blighty/2014/07/britains-birth-rate >698,512 born yearly …[View]
117883149Do people actually believe the earth is flat? If you actually do back up your claim.[View]
117882258OUR GUY[View]
117878810https://youtu.be/XKFuBOuxUgk >mfw a fucking cartoon from the 70s was this redpilled Fritz got cuc…[View]
117882111how do you cope with the fact that /pol/ is a sub-90 IQ board?[View]
117882036GET IN HERE: https://twitter.com/EamonJavers >FISA allegations have been known for weeks. >FBI…[View]
117875692A question for Britbongs: How are people reacting to the terrorist attack? Are there signs showing o…[View]
117882992'religion of peace': Something I found on FB and it is so painfully relatable because the literal sa…[View]
117884363Headmaster Mike Burgess: Parents Shocked As School Headmaster Dresses Up as S&M Character From ‘…[View]
117881889What did he mean?: Too right to not know -[View]
117857004Is there such a thing as the 'gay gene' /pol/? Because my family is filled with it and it kinda scar…[View]
117881108>Country is attacked >Respond with light shows >Country is attacked >Respond with Islami…[View]
117883027You guys ever get diagnosed with a serious health problem and realize that nothing matters? All your…[View]
117884163Le Pen to Endorse the Euro: So much for Frexit DRUMPFAGS[View]
117842671ITT We say something nice about Muslims[View]
117883278>American education https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmO-ziHU_D8&t=7s…[View]
117882573we're going to lose in the end, aren't we?[View]
117882455Rename /b/ to /fap/ - Random Porn Rename /pol/ to /b/ - Random[View]
117878712>I can only trust a man's opinion if he has a hairy chest Isn't that funny…[View]
117866299The West is never going to wake up: Let's just admit it, /pol/. The West is not going to wake u…[View]
117875813Trump BTFO by CNN[View]
117865902STUDY: Playing video games can lead to sexist attitudes: >STUDY: Playing video games can lead to …[View]
117876884Really made me think....[View]
117880997>Virgo constilation >Face of Satan >David Brock death by Rothschild >Pizzas unearthing …[View]
117883823Muslim Drivers: Amirite?[View]
117882869We r going head 2 head with Kim-Jung and North Korea guyz. Gear up.[View]
117881562Some Romanians deeply offended by the hilarious movie Borat and I kinda see why: stumbled across thi…[View]
117879813The shitlibs are trying to racialize the World Baseball Classic You know what to do: Background USA …[View]
117877817After WW3 Europe will turn into a nuclear wasteland[View]
117883721When will you just admit we failed? We are a dysgenic nightmare. Our white population continues to d…[View]
117862749I am white and married to a Taiwanese. I currently live in the US, but with liberalism growing out o…[View]
117883569Media desperate to fix narrative: They are getting desperate. Look at this blue pill collection: htt…[View]
117871443brit/pol/ - QUINTESSENTIALLY edition: Articles > FOUR dead - including a policeman and a woman - …[View]
117859594We Wuz Kangz: We did it all da white man stole it from us.[View]
117876193Whites aren't degen-[View]
117883489The '68ers really did a number on Germany: Imagine this today: >Karlsruhe (1965).The convent…[View]
117840858So, /pol/, what arm of the alt right are you? http://www.gotoquiz.com/what_kind_of_alt_right_are_you…[View]
117882582How much is overseas mail?: 'Merican here. How much would it cost in stamps to mail a shitton o…[View]
117867994Europe will RISE UP: Make no mistake pol Europe will crack eventually, her patience will run out. Sh…[View]
117882238Another False Flag?: Were today's events in London another false flag attack similar to the Kin…[View]
117882456Greetings, and welcome. I want to play a game... Which do you prefer? To hold your belief in equalit…[View]
117882282Multiple choice question kids: Which Lives Matter? A. White Lives B. Black Lives C. Asian Lives D. B…[View]
117874224>a whopping 50% of pol is now comprised of newfags still in their ancap stage How do we accelerat…[View]
117881461This triggers the anti pot SJW. How does it feel having permanent fishmouth from other people using…[View]
117882778The ultimate redpill???[View]
117879505Why Haiti isn't at war?: Haiti is a big failed state, but yet I don't see any rebel fighti…[View]
117882145>in britain asian refers to middle easterns and south asians, while east asians are specifically …[View]
117881036AnCap hate thread: We hate on the fuckers who ruined this board ever since /pol/harbor[View]
117876654This Russia stuff is just going to end badly for him. There's no way that this will end well. I…[View]
117883085Criminal-Justice System BROKEN: Yes, highly immoral. However, what has already been done to her is m…[View]
117860541>be Christian >support trump Pick one. APOLOGIZE…[View]
117882835Peppa Pig: Is Peppa Pig the most redpilled show ever? >has pigs as the main character so it…[View]
117881047What went wrong?[View]
117882609If incest lowers iq How come the Rothschild's were so smart?[View]
117861746HOLY MOLY: HOLY FUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK http://www.freedomwatchusa.org/pdf/170321-Final%20Whistleblower…[View]
117880947What happened to the alt fem /pol/ was starting were three not enough ppl involved this had serious …[View]
117876049Drumpf is imploding...: >Trump: A president under investigation can’t “govern or lead” http://sha…[View]
117878650what did they mean by this[View]
117882691Notice anything /pol/ is reddit gone?[View]
117882165Is there even any empirical evidence that shows David Rockefeller is responsible for millions of peo…[View]
117881581World cucking continues: I'm all for people bowing to the Mohammed Spaghetti Monster. However, …[View]
117882114Art Thread: Hey /pol/ I am sure you are all feeling pretty down from today. Do not worry, the white …[View]
1178825834th Reich when?: Only the Jew knew that by an able and persistent use of propaganda heaven itself ca…[View]
117876548Opionion of Ed Sheeran: Always half liked him seemed a cool Guy till He realised this song: https://…[View]
117873863You think you guys are funny and edgy ? You think this is a fucking joke ?. People fucking died in c…[View]
117882334Dr. David Duke: David Duke thread. Post videos, statistics ect about racial realism and David Duke. …[View]
117882003More redpilling: Is christianity an example of multiculturalism? I mean, they wanted to make the ent…[View]
117875775Was it worth it?[View]
117881703Trump vs. Stairs: Holy moly theyre fresh out of shit to criticize Trump on[View]
117874364Why don't modern wars end?[View]
117855926Aloof Muslim Memes: you know what to do.[View]
1178790684chan are all fuckwits, and dumb.: http://youtu.be/yX81t3zx3PA?hd=1 And if I see you I will fucking …[View]
117875180What the fuck PA? Why is their turnpike so expensive? There must be some laundering happening[View]
117882031In the event of a worldwide happening Post: >Nearest populated location >Weapon(s) >Battle …[View]
117874886Blood Holds Key to Reversing Aging: www.nytimes.com/2014/05/05/science/young-blood-may-hold-key-to-r…[View]
117879701Is Satanism subtly redpilled? 'Satan represents vital existence instead of spiritual pipe dreams' 'S…[View]
117876740Was this one of you faggots, /pol/? He drove from Maryland to Manhattan because he wanted to murder …[View]
117881386>Egyptians were white. AIN'T NO WAY KANGS WEH WAHT, THEY LIVED IN AFRICA BITCH ASS NIGGA! …[View]
117881296LOCK HIM UP[View]
117880750Bob Ross: Hey /pol/ do you think Bob Ross was redpilled?[View]
117879161PUT A FORK IN HER. THEY WANT ALL OUR SHIT.: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/people-white-nationalist-…[View]
117877993Meet 'Just Housing': They're an obnoxious hipster activist group who believes it's okay fo…[View]
117880993Hey guys, im entering a Fantasy Baseball League with a few buddies that they named 'Hit it over Trum…[View]
117863708Yahweh was originally a 'divine warrior' who later was written as the primary god of Israel, and onl…[View]
117873815Why havnt you banned it.: German fags, What is the point of banning books if you wont ban the Koran?…[View]
117879950California Yes: http://www.sacbee.com/news/nation-world/article140130878.html would kim jong glassin…[View]
117880351Is it bad if I think Jews are so much worse than Muslims?[View]
117876008Is this legit?[View]
117880835So that's what those are for[View]
117880790hollow earth: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hollow_Earth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4s4PWctreEw…[View]
117873096https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCJh1TXCWNI Is this satire?[View]
117859473Is there a lower form of life than the Chink?: >1.3 billion >Useless since forever >Inven…[View]
117869394capture London in 1 picture. and GO![View]
117880490How do I contact Jared Taylor? He thinks Hispanic is a race and I want to correct him that it isn…[View]
117877443Is this a hate symbol of the racist alt-right?: Yes or no?[View]
117880421Wiretapping 'Bombshell': http://www.newsmax.com/LarryKlayman/chariman-nunes-fbi-james-come…[View]
117863824London will rise: Will you answer the call?[View]
117873081hey /pol/ jew here. just been wondering if whites are so superior why arent you running things. inst…[View]
117879617I feel another major tweet coming on tomorrow morning. What's he going to say?[View]
117879671Hitlary won the popular vote!: Obama BTFO![View]
117872845What lead you to your current political standing/opinion? Do one or both of your parents have the sa…[View]
117879909NOW YOU UNDERSTAND LUCIFER: All you athiests, not realizing how close to being Lucifer-like you real…[View]
117872103WE: http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-39305750[View]
117878288So your filthy tea drinking, crumpet munching, no dental care having brits ready for your first Musl…[View]
117880061KEKISTANI FLAG FOR WALLPAPER ENGINE: kekistani flag for wallpaper engine![View]
117876189/ptg/ President Trump General - Hannity on the Rise Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.wh…[View]
117876502Why is the show Vikings wrong?: The show Vikings displays them as tough bad asses who fucked up the …[View]
117876981Should evolution be taught in schools?[View]
117879960If he was president, we would never suck russian cock, and bongs would be free in the mail for every…[View]
117879788Body Positivity: Tell me, /pol/, don't you just want to swim in between their multi-layered pus…[View]
117877520>tfw GOP cuck and RINOs wont support Randcare[View]
117878475Paki Mudslime: hahahahahhaha >Religion of peace >It will never happen again said the nervous p…[View]
117849648By the end of this week, 4chan will be a very different place. I think we can now say with 100% cert…[View]
117879654meme war badge thread?: KEK is with us today, the war continues...[View]
117877160>Be me >Be sitting in my room, college student apartment >Overhear black roommate who is on…[View]
117874904Are millenials the most rude, virgin , socially retarded, lazy, depressed generation ? In history[View]
117878343What exactly did he do that was devious?: Can someone give me a quick rundown?[View]
117879457Need your help, who's behind this Pedo garbage?: https://www.slideshare.net/420Guy/modern-boylo…[View]
117879412Anyone have a screen capture of Trump's website when it had that explanation about sending the …[View]
117878418>Write a Magazine >get shot >Go to a concert >get shot >Celebrate Bastille Day >Ge…[View]
117869820Atheism is the fastest shrinking religion in the world. Atheism is in decline worldwide, with the nu…[View]
117879212ancap memes thread: https://openparliament.ca/bills/42-1/S-201/[View]
117875717I'm going to be stared at on the train today because of stupid fucking terrorists[View]
117874034HABBENING nunes confirms trump wiretaped: >http://www.marketwatch.com/story/foreign-intelligence-…[View]
117875716NASA and WELFARE: There is literally no reason why we shouldn't cut all funding to NASA and all…[View]
117877714This single image says more about London, the UK, Western Europe etc than a thousand words.[View]
117867362/pol/ what the fuck is wrong with women[View]
117878865The other night on Coast to Coast AM they were talking about travelers from other countries where ha…[View]
117877228The Whiteness Question?: I am 1/32 Swiss, 1/16 Dane, 1/4 Ukrainian and 1/2 English. Am I white /pol…[View]
117873915Why are white birth rates plummeting?: We have flourished for centuries and centuries, but all of a …[View]
117813975COVERUP IN LONDON ATTACK UNDERWAY: First the BBC reports that witnesses saw two individuals driving …[View]
117875033I'm a leaf, I don't know anything about american politics. The 'russians hacked the elect…[View]
117878662Quick question /pol/: Does the Russia hacking shit have any sources other than CrowdStrike?[View]
117847810Syria General /sg/ - The Kurdish Question Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals…[View]
117878633Guys I just came to the conclusion that the white race is inferior. Most white people are compassion…[View]
117876646Whose else here is lucky enough to have Nunes as their representative? His office is a 5 minute driv…[View]
117877904He's right you know[View]
117878535Lithuanian master race: Lithuanians are the most genetically pure in Europe basically 100% European …[View]
117873985Red pill me on Foucault. I see him everywhere and everyone seems to think he's a great philosop…[View]
117878488They must be sent to the chair http://www.traditioninaction.org/HotTopics/a02rStatistcs.html[View]
117871398why do only inclusive, accepting, progressive and modern countries like UK, USA, France get terror a…[View]
117875815Okay guys, I'm super ignorant on the subject so please inform me.... Do you believe in Pizzagat…[View]
117875635why has the world become so invested in Islam? aka Basically the worst religion?[View]
117843673Will ethnic European peoples ever unite under one banner? We would be unstoppable[View]
117877426Is he the most powerful man on earth, /pol/?[View]
117877826is /pol/ autistic? https://www.questionwritertracker.com/quiz/61/Z4MK3TKB.html[View]
117877499>be first black president >be first president to subsequently be imprisoned…[View]
117870587Two down, one to go: > Rockefeller on Monday > Brock today Can something happen to Scrotum Fac…[View]
117869749I really love Russia, they're taking the fight to ISIS unlike the pussy American government, ho…[View]
117877503/pol/ BTFO[View]
117870164I Broke Up With My GF Because She Fucked a Nigger: >be me >be dating girl for a month >kind…[View]
117827034Your London attacker[View]
117874476It should probably be noted that almost every single major figure in the atheist movement is Jewish.…[View]
117877048Jesus Christ the shills are working overtime tonight. I came to the board to see if there was any ne…[View]
117877237Why is awkwardness and quirkiness a mental disorder while thinking you're a man in a woman…[View]
117866748Racism in South Korea: The parents of these two little girls (Dad is white and their mother Korean) …[View]
117877342Molymeme quote during recent video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_c6SJNnwMs >If only one coun…[View]
117874523question: how is it that /pol hates islam cause a pedophile founded it but at the same time support…[View]
117877104Ku Klux Klan: >Stand up and be counted, show the world that you're a man >Stand up and be…[View]
117876718Trump Impeachment 'not far off': How many times will he beat impeachment charges before they just gi…[View]
117876414>fetuses should be entitled to be humans because they will be humans one day then by that logic …[View]
117868510Death to all niggers: Nobody likes those filthy negros, begging for more rights when they have so mu…[View]
117876069What happens here?[View]
117849735Does racemixing makes people more aesthetic?: Why is that places that historically got racemixing go…[View]
117877129ITT: Scots are Niggeres: So I watched that movie 'Braveheart.' for the first time tonight and at the…[View]
117874893Yo /pol/fags, is still worth going through college despite the bullshit that has been happening in a…[View]
117876746ITT we press F to pay homage to David Brock: My brothers, I know we are winning in our plight to sei…[View]
117877041How soon before the Russians drop the piss tapes to end Tump?[View]
117876949Trump and his puppets are all pathological liars. Trump win with the help of internet Fake news spre…[View]
117843253Fucking white male travels to NYC to kill black men with black phallic object: >The 28-year-old m…[View]
117849037Why did the LGB movement let itself turn into LGBTQIA+++ and ruin themselves with absolute cancer?[View]
117876791/pol/ Why are favorite musical genres filled with lefties?: I lean right to the point where I suppor…[View]
117876835I get that you guys are always looking for the next best meme, but why the fuck are you taking image…[View]
117876197Testing: Jordan Peterson is a Loser: He smokes crack too. That's why he's so pale, pasty a…[View]
117850472Describe the Trump presidency thus far in five words or less.[View]
117870145/ptg/ President Trump General - Will He Keep His Word and Resign Edition: Now that we know he is und…[View]
117876753ITT We post the greatest hero's of Europe/Western Civilization Kicking off with Poland the savi…[View]
117876693Attention entire world! Hear my proclamation! I am anon, Emperor of the Roman Empire and your only R…[View]
117858031The year of Kek: Holy shit meme magic is real[View]
117876568When will the U.S pay (((them))) back?: Do you think they will try to start charging interest under …[View]
117867225David Brock Dead from Heart-Attack at 54: David Brock Dead at 54 David Brock Dead at 54 >implyi…[View]
117859187HAPPENING: http://www.freedomwatchusa.org/pdf/170321-Final%20Whistleblower%20Letter.pdf Rundown >…[View]
117876496>Proof that Donald Trump's campaign had ties to Russia has FINALLY surfaced I'm done wi…[View]
117876483>it begins[View]
117876474Good thing there was that convenient happening over in London just in time to distract from the brea…[View]
117870673HAPA Master Race: /pol/ what have you done to ensure the survival of the H.A.P.A.? We all know that …[View]
117876047Flips or Niggers?: If you're from a White country and you were given the chance to replace all …[View]
117876454Is there a way to corrupt her?[View]
117876130I had a long coversation with my microwave tonight and we both agree...: today was a bad day for the…[View]
117876326When in doubt, print more money.[View]
117872932/ptg/ President Trump General - Hannity #2: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov http…[View]
117875317>America >White[View]
117875359Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen for NYC mayor: Michael Cohen, Trump's personal attorney, is g…[View]
117860575I'm constantly seeing shit on the news 'about so-and-so had ties to Russia,' etc., and using ar…[View]
117876255Elizabeth Warren: muh genders[View]
117876235The Only Places HWNDU Can Go To Be Safe from 4chan: https://heatst.com/tech/where-will-shia-labeoufs…[View]
117873447Why didn't we see Obama every day when he was President?: Seriously there were months where he …[View]
117875516At what level of red pill is where you become so deeply involved with the government where you actua…[View]
117872371Trump Sleeping at the Mar-a-lago: awwww...poor trumpo....tired from all that golf.[View]
117876055Capture the flag: How shall we get the HWNDU flag in the new location?[View]
117876045/322g/ 3/22 General - Epic Day Gets Epic Bread: ITT we share memories of happenings as well as the b…[View]
117875764I'm getting spooked: http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/115510439/#115532326[View]
117875897Is it possible to have an honest discussion about Trump? Seems like everyone is on one extreme or t…[View]
117872645Absolute madman[View]
117875804YLYL Thread: Politically motivated memery Need to top off my folder.[View]
117862342You ALL say 'Weaponized Autism' cause of me: Just FYI I came up with that term. Me. I want $$$ or s…[View]
117875665Dennis Montgomery is Not the Leaker you retards: He has been shilling his CIA 'data trove' for years…[View]
117875625wtf I like Europe now: >The Jerusalem Post reports: The European Union is planning a diplomatic “…[View]
117874431Wtf I love Cucks now[View]
117872063Daily reminder Russia will always be the enemy and the only way the US can heal is by impeaching Dru…[View]
117875580What's the endgame for Hollywood and their opposition to Trump? Will they finally shut their mo…[View]
117862131How do we make American citizens richer so that pic related is the average home?[View]
117875438New Europe[View]
117875419Islam and Democrats: Honestly I am getting very sick of people that still defend Islam as a whole. I…[View]
117861807WRITE A LETTER TO CNN 1 WORD AT A TIME And you better read it Erin! I'll start; Dear CNN,[View]
117875232red pill me on rhodesia?[View]
117875355Molynoob thread Where does he fall short? Good luck.[View]
117875335Why does /pol/ never talk about him anymore?[View]
117854484Why should I believe in Jewish fairytales?[View]
117875296Theo-Political Forum: Many of use here share a lot in common concerning political views. However, th…[View]
117871426Why can't we stop making this political and start making it patriotic? Republicans control the …[View]
117875191Ugh, this guy. Absolute scum. Wouldn't know if he was in the Appalachian hills if someone told …[View]
117873771Why is it every time a Supreme God shows up in Japanese shows/games he's usually evil and gets …[View]
117874991>that one kid who wears a hammer and sickle hat to class every day[View]
117873642Weeeeeeeeeeew lad!: >I really want to post this to my Facebook. Critical thinking time. It is a h…[View]
117873277Whats your excuse for not being a successful, married, Christian, social, physically fit, alpha male…[View]
117874985This Red Pill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seBbcPOR5-8 Is Poppy /ourgirl/?[View]
117869897ITT:: Post >pic related of your country.[View]
117865178HAPPENING: Is he even a legitimate president? How can they vote on his supreme court nominee (a life…[View]
117874894Why alt-righters love him so much even though he is a self-declared commie?[View]
117873926Meanwhile in the Hillary timeline..[View]
117868637Regarding the Attack in London: Regarding the attack in London: Blood is running red in the streets …[View]
117874848People only alive because of the second amendment: Please give me some clips of people only alive be…[View]
117874844The Awan Brothers: It's about to blow open https://youtu.be/uGfHPyiBaMQ[View]
117870763Source: USS Carl Vinson is being shadowed in South Korea: A few of my twitter contacts are rumbling …[View]
117873832There is no russian connec-: > Tillerson (Secretary of State) - Exxon Mobil https://www.wsj.com/…[View]
117873890Identifying the Attacker: So at first everyone was convinced it was this Abu faggot who has been arr…[View]
117874497it's like the old empire is crumbling[View]
117874325Greasy white dudes btfo[View]
117874283/pol/ is defending a bunch of russian knob slobbers and their cronies[View]
117871616/pol/ and Religion.: Ok /pol/ let's see how religious you all are. I wanted to make a new threa…[View]
117874530So wait. Russians decided to inform the American public about how dangerously corrupt the Hillary ca…[View]
117862560Libertarian vs National Socialist: Has everyone voted yet? http://www.strawpoll.me/12581497 Why is i…[View]
117873491British Redditor would like to remind you that he's going to hang out with his Muslim friend to…[View]
117871544Lefties on Twitter: God damn how dumb can they be when arguing? pic related: this guy was pissing on…[View]
11787205310th Crusade When?: When you learn that the majority of people in Bethlehem are under tyranical Isla…[View]
117865998Why does pol think America is a white country when its not? This is red mans land and always will be…[View]
117872673/Pol/, who do you think needs the most red pilling, and red pill me on anarcho-capitalism[View]
117874263Rare Hitlers post'em[View]
117874205Any 'fun' redpills/conspiracies?: Most of the redpills and conspiracies I know are depressing, edgy,…[View]
117841840Israeli jewish supremacists threatens Zuckerberg for yellow fever: >“I’m writing to you not for m…[View]
117874165Our plan is working...scary shit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rybFCo2CJHI[View]
117870422If he's right about everything why haven't the all-powerful globalists assassinated him ye…[View]
117865102Reminder: The more you criticize Muslims, the more terrorist you create. Every terrorist attack happ…[View]
117874096Open borders 4 u: Reminder to eternal anglos to redpill ignorant goyim about the 'Ring of Steel'. Th…[View]
117873699/pol/ is always right: everytime[View]
117870761Stop burning fossil fuels.[View]
117874064Why are there so many RUSSIANS here?[View]
117874017A · M · L · O · M M X V I I I: A N D R É S · M A N U E L · L Ó P E Z · O B R A D O R · M M X V I I I…[View]
117867334Let's talk about the real terrorists plaguing our country: White men[View]
117873968/pol/ irl: I think we all agree enough is enough, its time for the lion to remind the jackals who he…[View]
117873957I would love to see him like this until he run out of time. For all its crimes, by putting Europe a…[View]
117866157/pol/ BTFO[View]
117873772So... have we officially won or is it not over yet? And i wanna see if this thread gets taken down b…[View]
117871995Brit/pol/ - Hitchens edition: > FOUR dead - including a policeman and a woman - and 20 injured as…[View]
117871869You made it /pol/[View]
117856311Starting from 1st of June: mandatory biometric ID in Israel: The mandatory biometric ID Will include…[View]
117873711These are the true minority that fucked up the US. Discuss /pol/[View]
117865189I don't want to work with latino men (i had bad experiences), is there an industry for me?[View]
117870004Let's face it; Atheism is so 2006. It's been kicked to the curb by everyone. Atheists just…[View]
117833488How is this any different then the IRA ?[View]
117865853Why Does Everyone Hate Jews?: Give me a legitimate reason. Their religion is so peaceful and their o…[View]
117855030Could sex be used to counter the declining birth rates?[View]
117873266Why do Conservashits vote against their own economic interests?[View]
117873339/hwndu/ general: I dare you to delete this mods[View]
117873233If he dies soon (hopefully).....: What will his last words be /pol/ and what is this pic actually fr…[View]
117873202Why don't we just make this a state? Wtf is the point of having a territory that doesn't …[View]
117871294Do vaccines cause autism?[View]
117864283Is Nunes scared?: The idiots from reddit, particularly the politics forum, are saying that Nunes is …[View]
117871478Is he genuine?[View]
117873051/leftypol/ is god: face it you know it is[View]
117872601How did we make so many friends over the last election cycle? >pic related He used to hate us, bu…[View]
117870269/ptg/ President Trump General - Hannity Tonight: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov…[View]
117872978What The Hell Happened: No more Pizzagate threads... No more /HWNDU/ threads... Why is our freedom o…[View]
117872450If drawing can be /pol/itical, then /pol/ can draw: Can anyone who draws or has even a small amount …[View]
117871733>trump dindu nuffin - the msm lie[View]
117870177Fags BTFO: Mike Pence officially endorses Chick-fil-A because they make the best chicken sandwich of…[View]
117871357Is she secretly red pilled?? I don't think she wants to outright come out as extremely pro west…[View]
117830248Weird leader choices: Alexander the Great and Cyrus of Persia both got added, with Alexander hilario…[View]
117871785Is this story the final red pill?: How else is it realistically possible to make the world great?…[View]
117872696Hahaha: McCain is senile. He helped ISIS and blames Russia for everything. Why isn't he tried a…[View]
117872691So with the recent leaks what can we expect in the next few days? American politics are like a freak…[View]
117872276Mexicans trying to get through trumps wall[View]
117872627Daily reminder that /pol/ is a Christian board and no amount of r/atheism invasions will ever change…[View]
117871949>be me >sick of muslims getting away with murder in the west >hate them with a passion to t…[View]
117869947What are some /pol/ approved twitter users?: I need to drop some red pills, yet want to do so on a p…[View]
117867767Is it time to rebrand national socialism with symbolism that has nothing to do with degenerate neo n…[View]
117872444I feel sad for Trump. Somewhat successful individual now found as a traitor which will put a smear o…[View]
117872401Strawpoll: Let me know what you think /pol/. http://www.strawpoll.me/12588649/r[View]
117872151#TITS4ISIS: This senseless war has gone on far enough folks lets end this Shit now once and for all!…[View]
117870094Too Soon?: He Just Realised Allah's Hell Isn't A Sham[View]
117871263JK ROWLING BTFOs /POL/: This. So. Much.[View]
117848501Why do you hate Mexicans /pol/? They're hardworking people just like the Euro immigrants of old[View]
117871762So /pol/ likes to say that they hate niggers, but why does society, especially white people, want to…[View]
117855721>Terrorist attacks happen, so we need to ban all Muslims >School shootings happen, but we shou…[View]
1178722655% of /pol/ needs to GTFO[View]
117870629THAT'S THE WORST THING I'VE EVER SAW IN MY ENTIRE LIFE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaK…[View]
117871730sure, there may have been 4 people murdered and 40 more maimed and possibly close to dying but won…[View]
117869168Gang Rape Of 15-Year-Old Was On Facebook Live; Police Search For Attackers: >Gang Rape Of 15-Year…[View]
117865282A·POL·O·GIZE: Remember the original story?[View]
117872138I think you all know what needs to happen now So to rid the world of Islam, once and for all, who he…[View]
117859172Which part of the Pacific Northwest is least cucked? I would like to move out of the desert to there…[View]
117870278USA Healthcare BTFO: The American government spends more on healthcare than any other country @ 17% …[View]
117872009The German federal election is coming up in half a year. Can we start another meme war to oust Globa…[View]
117871985The left became the right and the right became the left.[View]
117871647By the power of the Eternal Heaven: 1. An adulterer is to be put to death without any regard as to w…[View]
117871663Hey /pol/ Blackpill me. And explain what it is (pic unrelated)[View]
117871247>All the decent, well adjusted black men go for white girls >All the ghetto, thuggish black me…[View]
117871569U.S. 'Bombs' North Korea: > The U.S. deployed strategic bombers Tuesday to South Korea …[View]
117871615Trump's Twitter Replies: Has anyone ever seen Trump's twitter replies? It's the same …[View]
117871424roast me. and also, political compass thread[View]
117871565Pretend there is some being that knows everything (even the top secret stuff) about your country…[View]
117870510Why aren't there more Asians in media?[View]
117799209National Socialist/Nationalist/Fascist Flags and Varieties: Thread got shoah'd last time attemp…[View]
117855465Well /pol/ it's okay to be a cuck[View]
117863292Redpill me on terroni: Any italian here? Can you redpill me on the North vs South hate thing? For wh…[View]
117871151Why is /pol/ anti Islam?: The Jews have made you believe that Islam is the biggest threat to nationa…[View]
117869049Where does /pol/ get their news from?: I use twitter... @IntelCrab is probably the best account out …[View]
117871202Terror attack drill: Todays terror attack was a drill. They practiced it 2 days ago > http://www.…[View]
117855881Sorry white bois but this creepy ass cracka is going to be taking the spotlight this week. Who cares…[View]
117870584Mad Max needs meme magic: Listen faggots, in Canada, The deadline to buy a Conservative party member…[View]
117860515What did he say?: to upset his great aunt?[View]
117870799https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=seBbcPOR5-8 It's time for you to swallow it too[View]
117868015Gender Pronouns: This is something that I feel is utterly ridiculous, and something that me and my f…[View]
117866375Are aboriginals actually humans? Ausbros, how are aboriginals viewed in Australia? I read somewhere …[View]
117865804So I woke up today and it finally hit me that Trump is actually the president. What the fuck is goi…[View]
117869800What if all Muslim look like this instead of the shitskins on Europe we see today? Would you now acc…[View]
117846489who do you prefer Hispanics or Muslisms[View]
117869541I hope you're proud of yourselves. You are costing Google major ad contracts with your white su…[View]
117870779>be british >get thrown out of your own neighborhood https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fA6XcyXsx…[View]
117863023Why did this happen /pol?[View]
117870158Tea Party: What went wrong[View]
117870729WOMEN SHOULD NOT BE INVOLVED IN WAY: http://youtu.be/d_YnKJDK_oc?hd=1[View]
117845882OY GEVALT !: https://www.quora.com/Do-Jews-think-they-are-superior-to-other-ethnic-religious-groups-…[View]
117867351Tell me what my ugliest feature is, /pol/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPwzHIODxY8[View]
117828060Police protects London terrorist ABU IZZADEEN as muslims mock patriotic British citizens: https://ww…[View]
117867263white army wanted to kill niggers in nyc: https://nypost.com/2017/03/22/white-supremacist-says-he-ki…[View]
117864399How come there exists a law on the books (18 US Code § 1841) that recognizes the right to life of an…[View]
117868298/ptg/ President Trump General - Good Night Tucker Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whit…[View]
117870249Why you should not allow mexicans in USA: They steal jobs away from poor people in USA. These poor p…[View]
117868154You're worried about knives? This is the new killer.[View]
117863385Explain to me how China will become a superpower. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-39349653 …[View]
117866914So Russia influenced the American election by publishing factual information? That's what you a…[View]
117872720Help me out /pol/. How do I stop my addiction to interracial and gay porn. I don't consider mys…[View]
117869275Islam is a relgion of pea--: >ISLAM: THE RELIGION OF PEACE Who killed the Jews of Medina? Who i…[View]
117869355The coup president of Brazil fucking with the poors. Help us[View]
117866181Really made me think...[View]
117866524Holy Fucking Redpilling: She is on Tucker right now dropping redpill bombs on Islamism. Check it…[View]
117869983I love this site. http://filteries.com/politics[View]
117857861Okay fags who tf is this?[View]
117869905Kek in the heavens: He appears in the stars: >Rockefeller dies >David Brock has a heart attack…[View]
117868900How are we supposed to have white babies when over half of our women look like this?[View]
117850021TRUMP CONFIRMED COLLUDING WITH RUSSIA: TRUMP IS FINISHED http://www.politico.com/story/2017/03/schif…[View]
117866893ITT: Leaders who are more Alpha than Trump: Post world leaders who are objectively more Alpha than T…[View]
117869536Hmm...So why is Anita Sarkeesian Relevant anymore?: Recently, This article was published around 5 da…[View]
117869459What does /pol/ think of this cuckery? https://www.google.com/amp/www.gq.com/story/the-case-for-bein…[View]
117869321Lets post our alt right waifus /pol/ I'll start[View]
117866301I'm Russian living in Canada. I have lived all over the world and all of this is absolutely tru…[View]
117867356Who else is a strong believer in eugenics? I hate seeing retards roaming the streets, even worse whe…[View]
117857853Brit/pol/ - Thames House Edition: Articles > FOUR dead - including a policeman and a woman - and …[View]
117867732What does /pol/ think about this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_W0HFy9Et4[View]
117865001The 4 Sub-Species of Homo Sapiens: Neanderthal are not the 'cave men' that we picture them. They wer…[View]
117869109Alexander the great: Alexander is black they even cut is nose off so that nobody knows fucking white…[View]
117859976What if mass immigration is designed to agitate Europe into removing kebab: We know that they want p…[View]
117868987In modern times, begging for money is stigmatized. Were I to create a GoFundMe page titled 'Help Ano…[View]
117858064>burgers >human pick one[View]
117865183I just need to share this with you because I cant stand this shit anymore. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
117866593Give it to me. Is Christianity for real?: no Catholicism just answers on Christianity[View]
117867853It's nothing: the left will take the bait and quadruple down on muh Russia. this is a good thi…[View]
117856357MAGA: Alrighty lads. The tranny attempted suicide rate is 41%. How do we A) Make their attempts more…[View]
117853362Do you think Donald and Melania legitimately love each other?[View]
117865651In 2015, I reported potential extremist activity to London Police, nothing happened.: Nobody might b…[View]
117866318I miss her...[View]
117867677I didn't think the demorats could go further into panic mode...: then today happened. Shit is a…[View]
117865836Bullshit Countering thread: Post relevant information and statistics that can be used to dispel BS n…[View]
117867951How did they get away with this?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_Revolution_of_1918%E2%80%9319…[View]
117860230Canada vs. Australia: Why are Canadian /pol/ posters so Beta? Why are Australian /pol/ posters so Al…[View]
117867115How much jew-cock do you swallow per day?: When will you stop killing people for the jews?[View]
117868324MAKE EUROPE GREAT AGAIN: how can we meme this guy into office, /pol/?[View]
117865834/ptg/ President Trump General - Double Tucker Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehou…[View]
117848322Was he our guy /pol/?[View]
117868296Operation ShareBlue: 1st Recon Pt. 2: Here is a link to the original thread. >>117807744 I am …[View]
117868103Will they ever catch him?[View]
117867581Why is this being slid? http://www.freedomwatchusa.org/pdf/170321-Final%20Whistleblower%20Letter.pdf…[View]
117867010I have an honest question for all the Americans here. What are your views on universal health care a…[View]
117865381WAIT So when will Trump and Putin meet? I want to see them shake hands goddamit I want to see them …[View]
117867900Think a second about it: What if there is not any Jewish conspiracy over the global scenario and the…[View]
117856164This triggers the liberal.[View]
117858035ITT: Your countries current situation in one picture.[View]
117867970>don't want to stop being a British subject >don't want to stop giving you shit for …[View]
117862599Just saw a baptism for the first time: >priest asks baptized person to face certain directions of…[View]
117867743cucks: This memes the Britbong out of existence >bin it m8[View]
117866177How would the incident in London have gone if the perpetrator looked like this?[View]
117865797YFW centrist. Imo both happenings are likely true. Lord Spymaster Obamanana did spy. Lord Emperor D…[View]
117860028Press F to pay respects http://dailycaller.com/2017/03/22/david-brock-suffers-heart-attack/ http://t…[View]
117866014The culmination of EVERYTHING is this Friday: >Nunes releasing more info Friday (if he isn't…[View]
117856441Well /pol/ my son got in trouble today and we are awaiting the consequences. >15 year old sophomo…[View]
117859093london terrorrist suspect: The press has been calling him an Asian man. Hmm, does he look Asian to y…[View]
117867280Jehovah's Witness Letter Campaign Against Russia: http://archive.is/oJy0n Why is no one talking…[View]
117866980Have you ever considered that Trump might be the candidate the mainstream media and deeper entities …[View]
117846960GUYS GUYS!!!!!1 WE'RE IN THE NEWS AGAIN :D >Coded 4chan Post Hinted at Westminster Attack a …[View]
117865260Was watching European News This Morning: Wtf is going on there? Can they not tell the media thinks t…[View]
117863273WHAT A DAY: Lads, what a day >Brock heart attack >trump vindicated >Muslim attack in Londo…[View]
117866933John McCain Appreciation Thread: Where the fuck are the McCainiacs on /pol/ at? truly McCain is a wa…[View]
117867341Final redpill: The West+Saudi Arabia has created most muslim terrorist groups today.[View]
117851659/pol/ España: /pol/ en (((eldiario)))[View]
117866420Birmingham this time, nothing more on the subject as of yet. Birmingham is rather enriched so it…[View]
117863903Brothers!: Let us take time to reflect on our fallen enemy. Is it any wonder how Hillary grabbed def…[View]
117866653>/pol/ says jewish cultural manipulation is a bad thing >/pol/ believes in a religion created …[View]
117866537THE WEST WILL FALL: At this point the fall of the west and all majority white nations is guaranteed.…[View]
117847633Is the younger generation waking up?[View]
117849538Political affiliation: What does this mean?[View]
117856725We need to give it back: We are sorry Argentina.[View]
117861338>BBC is maintaining they still do not know the motivations of the westminster attacker, even thou…[View]
117867126I will now recount to you the tale of the based Negro >Be me >Spring break, coming back from U…[View]
117856569Post yfw CNN won't stop talking about Russia[View]
117867013Guys need some help and a meme: Never get involved in facebook rants but this guy was talking about …[View]
117822827ObamaGate CONFIRMED: Today Deven Nunes, GOP Intel Chairman confirmed Donald Trump may have been inap…[View]
117866894Yes I hate the jews, and they did 911.: When will the gentile stop being gentle donkeys for the jews…[View]
117818017Does Germany's eastern territories have any historical basis for belonging to Poland? From what…[View]
117864025Don't turn on CNN[View]
117866458His best show I've ever seen: If you aren't watching tucker you're a KEK[View]
117862517Kochs sink Trump's health care bill: It's over, Drumpfkins. >In a last-minute effort to…[View]
117866770Well. Is she right?[View]
117864748Bees population declining: What's the solution to the Bee question? https://en.wikipedia.org/wi…[View]
117862808How do we convince man-made climate change deniers to actually bother looking at any evidence at all…[View]
117866486Is he finished?: http://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/3/22/15030702/fbi-trump-russia-investig…[View]
117859809>Racism! >Fags! >Bill Cosby and OJ dindu nuffin! This was the unfunniest bullshit I've…[View]
117864037Do coincidences exist /pol/?[View]
117860333I think Amy Schumer is funny[View]
117862195>President Schiff >Vice President Schiff >Attorney General Schiff Pick one or more…[View]
117846628Is Italy the most perfect nation in Europe?: When you think about it, I'm guessing you'll …[View]
117866167The LulzList: We all know at this moment the influence of Sheldon Adelson, David Koch, George Soros …[View]
117865094JONES LIVE: NOT TAKING ANY SHIT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVIU4D2bsEs[View]
117854095OPERATION EUROAMERICAN GENERAL - TAKING BACK OUR COUNTRY EDITION: Ever since the immigration act of …[View]
117863859What do you think of Black Russians.[View]
117859010Trump Down?: With it confirmed that Trump is done for: 18 U.S. Code § 2381 - Treason https://www.law…[View]
117865682If women are so afraid or men, why don't they just carry a gun?[View]
117865035What can we do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViQJTE37Tiw[View]
117864494This is capitalism Degeneracy and suffering >Obesity >Materialism >Depravity >Poverty…[View]
117859636Social Circles: My only friends are broke low test low energy pot heads. I'm growing more and m…[View]
117865800This is John >He was HRC's campaign manager >Likes Pizza >Thinks its good >Emails …[View]
117863208/ptg/ President Trump General - Much More Tucker Time Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.…[View]
117863464How much money does a person save by not reproducing / having children?[View]
117848426Trump Just Bombed A School And Killed At Least 33 children: >The Trump administration’s reckless …[View]
117860967Islam is a religion of pea--: So who is always acting a bit mischievously? >The Nice Attack was …[View]
117865735https://twitter.com/CivilWarMap/status/844634032423997440: US and SDF launch surprise thrust across …[View]
117865701/GEERT/ Gen: he did pretty well[View]
117864973When Shia talks about division, what division is he talking about? Race? Gender? Pay? For someone to…[View]
117865610Cant make this shit up. http://www.strawpoll.me/12581497/r[View]
117854155Trump Education Cut: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/education/trump-seeks-to-slash-education-d…[View]
117862603Balkan union: boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/117820772 In the previous thread the balkans stopped fight…[View]
117862041It's over /pol/... we had a good run.[View]
117852776Éire/pol/- Through the night edition: Thread theme: https://youtu.be/WMGvQ2v-ZRM Identity Ireland a…[View]
117816836FUCK TRUMP: You stupid austistic fucking cockgoblins This is your daily reminder that all of you are…[View]
117859674>Christianity will save the west dues vaulted!! Uhhh no sweetheart, Christians couldn't even…[View]
117865204Remove_censored: Lets all lesson to Remove Kebab https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocW3fBqPQkU every t…[View]
117807744Operation ShareBlue: 1st Recon: I know focus is on london happening but as I promised last night I w…[View]
117864978Admit it, you're going to miss all the Middle East episodes.[View]
117864587Has Sam Hyde lost his mind? I'm starting to get worried about him![View]
117864545ISLAM REDPILL THREAD: Anons, we should be using this attack as a chance to redpill normies. Dump al…[View]
1178650831488: > be me > Buy fake birth control from Chinese website > Replace white girlfriends bir…[View]
117834314Nunes just fucked Trump so hard on this.: I know /pol/'s Trumpys are super excited about this, …[View]
117863237>this is what that guy on the internet that calls you a cuck who never posts a picture of his fac…[View]
117852264>Basic Income™ is implemented >infinite free universal healthcare is implemented >quit my j…[View]
117864894What will happen: What will happen when Mélenchon will win and France will become communist ?[View]
117842950>4chan gets the bad rap while plebbit openly celebrates this degeneracy…[View]
117864880Dear Shareblue: You can't bury this, it's over http://www.freedomwatchusa.org/pdf/170321-F…[View]
117860108Alright Enough is ENOUGH Which one of you racist diversity hating shit-smears did this.[View]
117864808Abo Story Time: >The year is 2017 in timeline Sd-1487 >A mass petrol leak occurred in Australi…[View]
117864707The reason why there's so many trash shill threads lately[View]
117864639lets railgun some muzzies!!: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/military-tests-new-game-changer…[View]
117863823>be me >turn to ESPN2 to watch the World Baseball Classic final >gibberish starts coming ou…[View]
117860525We at war now?[View]
117864518Stop breathing clean air.[View]
117857497Why is Democrat party so obsessed with Russia?: Why is making Libtards so angry about Russia? Becaus…[View]
117864514/RML/ GENERAL #READMYLIPS: A project started by news group NowThis has been dubbed 'Read My Lips.' T…[View]
117864326Local Politics: Who should I vote for April 7th? Des Plaines, IL[View]
117864310I think my friend just got woke. The native American curse on the white man is the current fall of c…[View]
117857724Americans, can I claim asylum in your country? I'm done with the UK. I'm white with a Univ…[View]
117864256Architectural Blunders: Wow why would the Saudis build an ultra-tacky Vegas hotel at their holiest s…[View]
117863900Reminder to stop replying to obvious left-wing bait: I see too many people giving bumps to 'Hey DRUM…[View]
117864183PUERTO RICO IS WHITE: >literally muh 75% But seriously, 90% of all ricans I see are mestizo mula…[View]
117863231This is Joe >Republican >Has a show on MSNBC >Trump watches his show >Supported Trump u…[View]
117854441its over for drumpf now![View]
117862771FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK: Nothing says 'I'm mental slob' quite like liberally slather…[View]