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157379680Repeal the 19th Ammendment: I live in the 'Birthplace of Women's Rights'. Normally, no one give…[View]
157380298redpill: How will you go about red pilling your children /pol/?[View]
157375308make all the amerimutt memes you want but we've already won everything.[View]
157368512Cathy Newman calls in security experts following 'vicious abuse' over Jordan Peterson inte…[View]
157337095Star wars saved?: >The force is fema-[View]
157379762Hey guys: What do you think about kurdish people and kurdistan?[View]
157377627JUST WORK HARDE-[View]
157372437Do you conservatards actually think that people are shilling you? It's ridiculous, there are no…[View]
157379724I'm NOT a nazi, rasist, respublicant, misogynist, homophobe. I'm a 20 yo girl from Mexico.…[View]
157379041Have we done this yet?: Bin that thought crime goy![View]
157379071Redpill me on white people with mixed European dna. Should they be considered white?[View]
157376226Lets all say one good thing about multiculturalism Ill start: I like the variety of food. Okay who…[View]
157372925https://www.change.org/p/netflix-cast-polish-actors-for-netflix-the-witcher-adaptation The Witcher b…[View]
157376861Massive Crypto Ponzi-scheme just got shut down: What looked too good to be true ended up being just …[View]
157379929The kikes they've taken over the captcha on this site[View]
157376452We're not finished with this yet.: Wtf Australia?[View]
157374297Why a lot of arabs and palestinians look like this? Is it true that a lot of them are Greek Philisti…[View]
157377653Anglos are superior to Europeans[View]
157378611Bow down before your new Master and God white worms. Nature has chosen you to go extinct over time.[View]
157378551Please don't throw us in that shutdown briar patch!!: How dumb are the Dems to hand Trump this …[View]
157378288High school students in Hungary rally for modern education: “Hungarians need gender studies degrees …[View]
157378781This defeats the ethnonationalist: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39ii9LvnDoE Are there any cou…[View]
157379767Made this just for /pol/ enjoy No sliding here fellas just some humor for you https://www.youtube.co…[View]
157379500Mitch McConnell (and Human Turtle) and lil' ole' Southern Lindsey Graham ya'll! have …[View]
157379722Government Closed: 2018 through the Lens of 2006[View]
157377763America= racist sh*thole: so this is my third day in America and I already got assaulted by a group …[View]
157373614How likely is the bill to be passed by UK Parliament ?[View]
157372851REAL red pills: 2 free real red pills You only call the white race superior because it's the on…[View]
157377738Why does /pol/ bemoan affirmative action for blacks but call for it so whites can compete with Jews?[View]
157379490Your Friend or Family Member was NOT Shot In Vegas: https://youtu.be/DN7fCLARJ5U[View]
157379482Destroying 'Privilege': If you want to destroy the concept of privilege you need to apply the same M…[View]
157375158Where were you when you realised /pol/ was full of underage Fat cunt, NEET, weeaboo, furry Nazi…[View]
157378407Increase in deaths of North Korean fishermen is a good sign.: It is proof that the U.N. sanctions ar…[View]
157379420Remember the Dresden bombing never happened. The 200 billion are fake.[View]
157378293BOTSWANA BTFO /POL/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_twAHu7T2IU >independence at 1966 >2nd po…[View]
157377691Irish people are not white https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXiWyqHA024[View]
157379004Some discussion about Swedish racism. They hate everybody except niggers. Why Åke, why?[View]
157379093Stages of A Twitterstorm Article: Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass Off. https://www.zerohedge.co…[View]
157366207What's the most unbiased media outlet in the world?[View]
157373781Black People: Prove to me that black people aren't specifically targeted by police because of t…[View]
157375108>Christian parents are ba.. >homeschooling is go... Oh wow.…[View]
157378829Wow, trump sure is great at making deals and getting stuff done - isn’t he? The midterms are going t…[View]
157376534When is trump gonna rip that treaty up already. I need the japs to go all out in mecha war investmen…[View]
157378872Update - Six days later:: Your subreddit got removed from the worldnews pulldown. You had to start u…[View]
157375121What's gonna be the next bubble? Student? Pension? Boomers? Crypto? Stocks?[View]
157374880>one year later and the government literally shuts down What an incompetent fuck.…[View]
157376447>dedicated right lane nah bro that's fucking racist let's go with this instead: https:/…[View]
157356009Why don't white people live in multi-generational homes? Are whites really that individualistic…[View]
157377938Ukraine: Hows Ukraine? I havnt read anything from there in the news for ages. Is the war still going…[View]
157378642NETHERLANDS YES!!!!!!: https://www.ad.nl/den-haag/rappende-wijkagenten-hoefkade-we-connecten-op-stre…[View]
157377891.: what is his ethinic again ?[View]
157378177Background checks at gubmint contractors: Coming from a guy that believes the official story for bot…[View]
157375900facial tattos, are they Kosher?: >hey daddy! i want you to meet my new boyfriend!…[View]
157378463Haiti: Trump was right![View]
157375187Don the Con: The great deal maker couldn't even avoid a shutdown with Republicans controlling g…[View]
157367140THE FED IS SHUTTING DOWN: Guys, the government is shutting down because of its incompetence, this is…[View]
157371519What do western women want ?: If you don’t ask for sex, you’re a rapist If you ask for sex, you’re a…[View]
157377549Is France financially broke?: France is such a third world country it needs to beg millions off the …[View]
157374067>be genocided >be reincarnated as belligerent jewish grannies visit the abbo centre in tasmani…[View]
157374945I have cancer[View]
157375129capitalism doesnt work[View]
157378243/pol/ BTFO: >'Hurr duurr blacks never built anything but huts' Great Zimbabwe is a city built by …[View]
157374643Cross+Crescent Moon=Hurricane(Kike's biggest nightmare): We must ally with muslims, it seems to…[View]
157375372Malvinas Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpBrkGFd24g[View]
157366570Germany will perish: Germany is dead. This is a fact. I know that we all like to LARP about 'th…[View]
157377108America Fuck yea: American War of Independence WW I WWII[View]
157377971Who are our greatest allies? Slav Edition: From a history POV or anything else I need to know as a R…[View]
157374857Finland is the best land[View]
157366343Why are so many libcucks into pedophilia, ITT your theories as to why[View]
157373367How fucked are: You /pol/? Im not i use proxies whenever i log into 4chin[View]
157373211Why don't we just kill all keynesians and supporters of central banking?[View]
157377721How to fix our world? There has to be the middle way between ruthless authoritarian and meek democra…[View]
157377980How do we stop another nakba? Palestine is starving[View]
157376854Why is the stereotypical liberal woman purely a western phenomenon?[View]
157374448>Mexicans http://www.bestgore.com/beheading/police-torture-beheading-son-flay-alive-guerrero-mexi…[View]
157366511TRUMP TO REBUILD WTC: ITS HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
157377893How do we save America and contain the spread of its cancerous pop culture?[View]
157376695Red pill me on the internet: Is there a little box somewhere that stores all the websites you'v…[View]
157370862Whats you guys ideologies: Since most posts in here is peak right-wing i wondered what different ide…[View]
157369247Islam is superiour: >the oldest religion on earth. >Muhammad said the perfect sleep is 30 min …[View]
157374219Mandatory military service: What are the pros and cons of a mandatory military service for a country…[View]
157377658>Democrats warning that Republicans are to be blamed in a government shutdown over refusing to gi…[View]
157376292/pol/ strikes me as Quixotic in its beliefs. Where others see an arbitrary flow of immigrants, /pol/…[View]
157376792>go to a libertarian gathering >one of the guys pulls out a knife >tries to cut my dick off…[View]
157374862Would the world be a better place if Persia were the Islamic Hegemon instead of Saudi Arabia?[View]
157377349why is male sexual aesthetics frowned upon: what's the problem? https://youtube.com/watch?v=oMw…[View]
157355162Daily reminder to btfo RIDF: Russia has only one real city, which is Moscow. Everything that is sou…[View]
157377336Government shutdown: Can drumpf and his Russian stooges turn on the government, I'm fucking stu…[View]
157376569Employee Lawsuit Reveals Google as Intolerant Race Cult: >Things got doubleplusgood for Google em…[View]
157369423How would you solve the Autistic unemployment rate?: 85% of colleg educated autistics are unemployed…[View]
157377268Is it Politically Incorrect if you notice all black people behave the same?: they are animals[View]
157376295Should White DNA be preserved ? It's pretty established that we will go extinct and the Earth w…[View]
157359857Niggers in Melbourne attack American doctor and his teenage son.: Imagine being a clueless foreigner…[View]
157376902Hahahahahahahah: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha We wont stop winning[View]
157356622We should declare full unconditional war on Mexico: No even for capturing it. Just a war to ravage t…[View]
157374109Are You Good in Bed /pol/?: She said he is mediocre. I hope you are doing better than him in bed ano…[View]
157376038Why do modern women hate modest clothing?[View]
157370140Would you accept American refugees from the upcoming civil war into your country? Keep in mind Ameri…[View]
157369737Really?: 'This man raised over $30,000 for kids from rural areas to watch 'The Klansmen' i…[View]
157376748Is the DMV a deep state front for the Jews? pic related[View]
157362531Brit/pol/ - Jezza in the pakishop getting some freddos for 50p edition: >Macron: pay 2 play with …[View]
157376645>we don need no gov'rment to tell'us rules, I say dey shoud jus shut down the gov'…[View]
157376699>didn't drink alcohol >have multiple wife >early riser waking up at 4.00am (probably p…[View]
157376390Jews tried to kill 6 million Germans: Long-lost tapes reveal details of plan hatched by the 'Je…[View]
157374689If you allow a green leaf to fuck your future, you are objectively retarded and need to kys immidiea…[View]
157376491get's cucked by muzzies XDDDDDD[View]
157371388I went to the mainland and everyone was slant as fuck in all five state capitals. What gives?[View]
157373763Respect: I think i've lost all respect for the people who post here years ago i had a little bu…[View]
157373690You can love America. You can support Trump. You can’t do both! Not after seeing his pollution, his …[View]
157376289Sergei Shoigu: Is he white pol?[View]
157354209What's pol's opinion on Jordan Peterson: I've seen most of his youtube stuff and whil…[View]
157374247Why aren't you ALL IN on Internet Node Token?[View]
157374337Is Kakyoin /ourguy/ ? >doesn't take shit from a lil shitskin >memetic sex god (rero rero…[View]
157376042any1 else done giving a fuck about what ppl think of you, at worse i can live off welfare. Fuck you …[View]
157373626Since /pol/ are contrarians and can never stick with anything, what will /pol/s ideology be in 2018/…[View]
157376126Ummmm.... /pol/???? Just think about where Americans would be now if Jews hadn't dragged them o…[View]
157370558/4d chess/: This government shutdown is literally a genius move by Trump. Think about it. >Trump…[View]
157356896Tulsi Gabbard: >leftists are dum- >leftists are ugl- >leftists want war- >leftists are l…[View]
157369244Genius: When you hold the House, the Senate, and the Presidency, it takes like a really smart guy to…[View]
157372828Obviously America has an interest in keeping China and India poor. They are the most populous countr…[View]
157366817Why do people give a shit about pride? White pride, black pride, gay pride whatever the fuck, how li…[View]
157375286Soon. First steps towards Greater-Finland, heaven on earth, european superpower, chad of all chad cu…[View]
157374479Goddamnit: This whole board is why we will never be contacted by other intelligent life.[View]
157375176/pol/ approved docs: I've been watching a lot of /pol/'s mandatory viewing recently and ha…[View]
157369962When will libtards finally learn that government enforced 'caring' is actually a terrible idea? Huma…[View]
157373276Americans say Germany should protect the EU borders to keep Muslims out: Germany actually helped Bul…[View]
157371788New Meme Magic: >If you don’t ask for sex, you’re a rapist If you ask for sex, you’re a sexual pr…[View]
157371965/pol/ and nazis btfo[View]
157342653How do we fix women?[View]
157340507...ok...what the FUCK man..?[View]
157371773Jordan Peterson cracks the SoyBoy epidemic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvdHIowgLRs >women wh…[View]
157374994History Lesson: >DEW U KNO DE WEI OF DE REAL RED PILL? https://youtu.be/SbBnRZoTHFs https://youtu…[View]
157374990“Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Roman Catholic Church? “Yes.” “No summer jobs f…[View]
157374871Join our Union ... Or else ![View]
157370281Article On The Front Of Yahoo. Complete Corruption And Attempt At Damage Control/Cover-up: On Yahoo …[View]
157374883Which country is going to win the cuck championship this year?[View]
157372582How does it feel knowing everyone in your movement who wasn't completely embarrassing is dead?[View]
157333849#release the damn memo already part 11, MURICA EDITION: CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE RELEASE THE MEMO …[View]
157374846What does pol think of non-religious secular jews, pic not related[View]
157372841is this why 'the left' will never win the memes ?: 'My way of joking is to tell the truth. That…[View]
157363579So why exactly did the government shut down?[View]
157372858it is really sad that you will all fall for roasties who will pretend: to be into saving the white r…[View]
157374445>AKB48 Bans “Child Porn” JK Swimsuit Modeling https://www.sankakucomplex.com/2018/01/19/akb48-ban…[View]
157373235GO BACK TO YOUR SHITHOLES!: I wish we had a leader like you Burgers[View]
157374600Have you ordered his new book already, /pol/? If not Jordan Peterson is going to be very disappointe…[View]
157374558>Obama causes 2013 shutdown >Obama causes 2018 shutdown >Obama didn't cure cancer >…[View]
157374456Edward Snowden calls for public release of FISA abuses memo: >'Officials confirm there's a s…[View]
157349988The Man in High Castle: Is this show based in any way? Don't want to waste my time watching it …[View]
157358385When will you finally start to realise who the true heros are?[View]
157362606Please someone tell me. WHAT are the benefits of multiculturalism?[View]
157373811What about?: There would therefore be a traffic of minors for pedophiles of the highest level at the…[View]
157371332Rodong Sinmun on Revolutionary Spirit of Paektu: Pyongyang, January 20 (KCNA) -- Steadfast is the fa…[View]
157346535Uh guys....?: Remember how twitter blocked “#releasethememo” earlier? Look at this Orwellian shit.…[View]
157369463What does /pol/ think of liberalism?[View]
157373937So now that trump is a CONFIRMED russian agent, who do we support?[View]
157374061Who is in the wrong here?: And how have India and Pakistan failed to resolve this situation after 70…[View]
157373542Remeber when diggity: Dave talked to the batman shooter a day before it happened? >def wasnt publ…[View]
157371614'It is not unethical to supply weapons to questionable regimes like Saudi Arabia, because if they we…[View]
157370185http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-42709360 >trump timeline >trump is making world a more…[View]
157374024ITT: Google shenanigans: Paying attention to the search results that Google is messing with can be r…[View]
157369886memo is nothingburger, you are getting played by russian bots: wow a bullshitter compiled a list of …[View]
157368693What does Trump mean when he says 'Make America Great Again'? Most of us remember America being grea…[View]
157370135Russian 'elections': Are there any non-ironic Putin admirers left after the manlet barred Navalny fr…[View]
157373840united shitholes of america: >hell yeah let's spread democracy! liberty! and freedom! >do…[View]
157370294Why does the debt ceiling have to be increased?: Just stop spending so God damn much, Burgers. Keep …[View]
157370439Metaphysics by Default and 'Existential Passage': I found this online, it's a materialistic tra…[View]
157343475#DanSchneiderIsOver: It looks like it's finally fucking happening, faggots. Dan Schneider is be…[View]
157371784What would be /pol/'s answer?[View]
157367580Redpill me on this country, its people, its past and its future[View]
157364786They took turns[View]
157371584Well, Britain?: If you beg Gordo, might he come back to lead again? Was he really THAT bad, after al…[View]
157373676What will end in, or by, 2018 & 2019?: Culturally, politically, artistically even if you have ex…[View]
157375589Why is it such a big deal to /pol/ that a woman is a virgin when she is married? When you were a kid…[View]
157370496Religion of peace strikes again.: A small explosion occurred and bombs were found in Bodhigaya where…[View]
157373411Any trump voters here getting a bit nervous? I dont know if he's really getting anything done o…[View]
157369973Why is Trump such a liar? wtf?[View]
157371075Can America actually protect the West from China?[View]
157371653Meanwhile, in Brazil: police appoints cannibalism in death of couple.: >Juvenal Amaral Neto and C…[View]
157370930#releasethememo: another Russian troll operation: Its been proven[View]
157369620Well /pol!?[View]
157370235Why are liberals obsessed with Muslims and Mexicans? What is the liberal endgame?: Liberals, democra…[View]
157366621What's the point of creating the West if we're just handing it over to animals?[View]
157373158country ball: post your best ones looking to fill folder[View]
157368086Syria General /sg/ - Mars wars Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.c…[View]
157373374How can you even pretend this world makes remote sense. Look at this shit. http://www.nytimes.com/19…[View]
157371162Pyramid of white supremacy.[View]
157373216So I was right about Omarosa being Q!: https://www.conspiracyoutpost.com/topic/50467-q-is-a-dis-info…[View]
157341505> Be Oscar Perez, special agent of the Police > 2k17 > Riots against the socialist governme…[View]
157372448>There are currently 6 million social media outlets serving internet culture in the world! >6 …[View]
157372610What is 4chan going to do about the russian bots on /pol/? I'm sick of russian trolls trying to…[View]
157371730Post your favourite propaganda from the election cycle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfrRzW-Yqog…[View]
157369662Operation #SchumerShutdown: #ReleasetheMemo broke through Twitter's attempts to suppress. Do it…[View]
157372037Most of you are larping pussies that wouldn't do anything irl but for the few of you who who tr…[View]
157369920Sargon's Liberalist Movement is Winning: Are you scared the Liberalist movement will stop insec…[View]
157367917EMBRACE the Shut Down: Isnt it just further proof America DOESNT NEED its (((parasitic corrupt leade…[View]
157372874If only they would have sent his grand daddy back to Germany and his Mother back to Scotland we woul…[View]
157362896Martin Shkreli sentencing hearing: It was supposed to be on 16th January. Anybody knows what happene…[View]
157370813If you want the memo released youre a Russian bot: Q predicts the left they'll counter the FISA…[View]
157370795/pol/ strikes me as Quixotic in its beliefs. Where others see an arbitrary flow of immigrants, /pol/…[View]
157369938>1 year in >government collapsed Very great president!…[View]
157372177Isn't She Pretty /pol/?: She is Officially On The Ballot For U.S. Senate Race In Maryland. Who …[View]
157372574Can we just make either ayyyylmaos or Hillary President already?: One or the other. I don't car…[View]
157363560WTF RUN DOWN: can I get a run down on what this Lauren Southern and a shark means? thx https://twitt…[View]
157372523When will Benny be released from Prison?[View]
157361387This terrorist tried to burn 33 children to death in a minnesota college daycare this week in order …[View]
157372319What is their endgame?[View]
157363875Be honest with me /pol/, how many generations is humanity from cute little green eyed nigger girls c…[View]
157371732> 33 guys she slept with > over 100 plus she sucked their dick (blowjob) = not sex Women logi…[View]
157371725WOW GREEK MGTOW and HOMO: The Greek historian Polybius largely blamed the decline of the Hellenistic…[View]
157372381Operation Bill Maher: https://twitter.com/billmaher/status/954613224514625536 https://nypost.com/201…[View]
157370565Shutdown to Cover-Up: Schumer's Shutdown is an orchestrated attempt to hijack the news cycle fr…[View]
157370955'Pennsylvania man with razor blade performed 'satanic ritual' on passed-out woman, police …[View]
157371880Why are people so cucked: With all the knowledge in the world at your finger tips why are so many so…[View]
157348329What exactly classifies as 'white'? Every single person on this board is the result of some sort of …[View]
157366758What are some /pol/ approved youtube channels / websites?[View]
157371738I never knew that somebody who was running for President could have control over a 'Foundation' that…[View]
157371051>life begins at conception[View]
157310126The hair pill: Straight hair is inherently related to civilization and overall higher IQ. 100% of al…[View]
157370941How to fix our world? There has to be the middle way between ruthless authoritarian and meek democra…[View]
157342513How long until Stormy Daniels is ' mysteriously' killed?[View]
157358709I wonder how many US ww2 vets knew deep down they fought the wrong enemy but kept it repressed. http…[View]
157368480Why is Rule 8 necessary?: This is a debate and discussion related to politics and current events. No…[View]
157364570Fuck muslims[View]
157371032Whats the deals with laws during the shutdown? Does suddenly everything become legal since we have n…[View]
157370425Being a NEET is the answer to Today's Problems?: Be NEET and you don't have to be a wagecu…[View]
157366254I'm going to let you in on some information. We've all noticed the politicization of all m…[View]
157368519AMERICAN NATIONALISM GENERAL #32: For West and Christ! We believe in God and proud of our country. …[View]
157371569Filthy Niggers: I think it's time to reopen the gas chambers, but this time, it's for them…[View]
157354516Kek energy for releasing the memo: Common on you faggots the memo needs to be released. The demo-ped…[View]
157369810A friend I play videogames with just messaged me this. He's Australian. Why does the world pers…[View]
157366691ask a mexican anything[View]
157371016DISCORDIANISM GENERAL: Howdy /pol/, let's talk Discordianism. ~History~ Eris http://greekmythol…[View]
157368234>Pol Humour thread[View]
157371468Greatest documentary of our generation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eXdmJ8MyVY watch while you …[View]
157367579>You are now aware that Indians have had flush toilets since 3rd millennium B.C., before all othe…[View]
157336156>ethnofascism >impregnable sex robots >VR seizures Load me up with LSD. I am ready for the …[View]
157360726This is how conversations about America go like in Europe. Embarrassing.[View]
157357920Hollow Earth Thread!: I want to be red pilled on Hollow Earth. I realize the earth is most likely no…[View]
157365861Libs desperate to explain booming Trump economy.: Damn I love this shit, the amount of beating aroun…[View]
157365539>Republicans have the majority >Still manage to shutdown gov >blame devs How do they keep g…[View]
157368474>muh we lost in netherlands, we lost in austria, we lost in france, we lost in switzerland >mu…[View]
157359273THEORY SURVEY: http://www.strawpoll.me/14885447 Tell me which /pol/ theories you believe and I'…[View]
157368338This guy announced his candidacy for the Libertarian Party and got arrested 30 minutes later. Any up…[View]
157363546I shall not perish until I see this.[View]
157368727Watching WWII in color. I’m ready /pol give me actual evidence the holocaust was either completely f…[View]
157370444Some sjw:s = trolls in disguise: Feat: Stephen King[View]
157358575Have any of you guys were SJW before you turned into Nazi?[View]
157363052Did anything good ever come from letting women vote?: Can anyone redpill me on womens voting and wom…[View]
157356169So, are you going to pay for Mike's lost wages due to the government shutdown, /pol/[View]
157365956Trump anniversary: Trump has been in office for one year. Here it is in stats[View]
157370011Dave has been cloned[View]
157365719>BIGGEST TICK TOCK EVER >it's fucking nothing AGAIN…[View]
157354735Why is race mixing bad?: Why does the elite want multiculturalism and mix races?[View]
157367300Men hate thread[View]
157362562Fascist Music Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbK0q7Gc8ug Anyone got the original version of…[View]
157333221HAPPENING!! TWITTER NOW FLAGGING ANYONE PRO-TRUMP AS RUSSIAN BOT!!: http://www.freerepublic.com/focu…[View]
157359373What do you think of Andy 'race' warski?[View]
157367126White House Down: Trump House Down is what this gov. shutdown should be called.[View]
157368928War in Ukraine: How true is this video depicting the politics and reasons for Ukrainian involvement …[View]
157363175Chinese Faggots at it again: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-us-sovereignty/china-accuses-u…[View]
157369939The time of the war: If there was a war going on,and you would need to go and fight,be a solider,wou…[View]
157296242Late-Stage Capitalism: Lol wtf. I thought this was a communism thing.[View]
157369274Why don't men respect women anymore? Jordan Peterson is a hateful misogynist he literally raped…[View]
157369757Political Bible Cucks: Got banned for making the same joke as top comment on a language differences …[View]
157360183This is the first time in American history when a party that controls all branches of government has…[View]
157365727wow what a surprise, a country of pic related can't function properly. seriously, amerimutts ar…[View]
157367510Can someone post the Original Ben Garrison of pic related. Also Ben Garrison thread no edits allowed[View]
157369626Discord Servers: I'm.Katie admin of the radical politics discord server. This is a thread to sh…[View]
157357448I just figured out the bigger idea of the red pill I feel sick and like i dont want to go on any lon…[View]
157369099propaganda sopped to represent fantasy/fiction[View]
157353320U.S. Government Shut Down 2018!: Are we all going to die!!!!!!!!!!????????????[View]
157364158Explain to me why national socialism is better than regular fascism: Pro tip : you can't, Hitle…[View]
157369139When people tell me race is only skin deep[View]
157368770This is the leader our country needs.[View]
157363535Who's to blame for the shutdown, /pol/ ?[View]
157325491Why aren’t you living the American dream?[View]
157367996>I’m writing this on January 18, 2018. On January 21st, 4chan’s /pol/ and a bunch of miscellaneou…[View]
157291656#FusionCollusion 21st Party edition: The ENTIRE SYSTEM of FISA-702 surveillance and data collection …[View]
157365733Israel Sponsors American Jew Teens To Go To IDF Summer Camp: israel brings over jew teens to learn h…[View]
157359537guys. im losing all hope guys. im losing all hope guys. im losing all hope guys. im losing all hope …[View]
157361765>/pol/ upset about that video of those guys being so violently tortured and killed because the US…[View]
157361485Why half breed blacks turns so often to sjws?[View]
157366379WASH YOUR HANDS GOY: >touches door handle *washes hand* >sneezes *washes hand* >before a me…[View]
157358583The government shutdown will cost me money. I have kids to feed, a wife to support, and myself to cl…[View]
157368462So it looks like the whole muh 6 million was just jews projecting http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/ar…[View]
157361045is the border wall worth the government shutdown?[View]
157368253Do you support publicly-funded sports stadiums?: Why or why not?[View]
157367110How do I save the white race when Im not white? Its not as if I can make white babies Im real worrie…[View]
157366611WOW heh heh, Drumph utterly BTFO guys, based Stephen Colbert has done it again https://youtu.be/Tv6_…[View]
157363764https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkMq_lG6JZg Government Shutdown now in full effect...Thanks Democrat…[View]
157360420I know you're all sick cunts down under but does it bother any of you that after you gave up yo…[View]
157365736Lol: Here is a riddle...who is the pink elephant? What is the pink elephant!? Shall I continue or is…[View]
157362404ITALY YES!: Holocaust survivor, Liliana Segre, has just been appointed as Senator for life in Italy …[View]
157364228German city refuses immigration: https://www.welt.de/politik/deutschland/article172640202/Nach-Messe…[View]
157367324Need help, hunting pedo's, autists unite: If anyone can tell me if there is any coorelation bet…[View]
157362494/ptg/ President Trump General - Always Active Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehou…[View]
157367831why didn't the free market do anything about lead paint?[View]
157362747What did they mean by this?[View]
157364886who has it[View]
157368213>When you violate the NAP with grass clippings: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/pr…[View]
157363447DACA won't #releasethememo!: So the whole FISA argument from yesterday rests on the release of …[View]
157365934>Holy shit you guys, sex makes BABIES! Breaking news! So this is the John Stewart for YouTube mil…[View]
157364066>oy vey 6 billion innocent germans died in dresden[View]
157366236Second Polish Republic: What is your opinion on interwar Poland, my dudes? Authoritarian, kinda fash…[View]
157366168Can you believe the USA at one point banned alcohol? What the fuck were they thinking? It boggles my…[View]
157341467Syria General /sg/ - Good Morning Syria Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wo…[View]
157367895Show Me Your War Face: Not long until US martial law and FEMA camps now, lads. Slowly, at first, aft…[View]
157344050How awesome were the 90's?: >all white high school >no terrorism >no gays >no libt…[View]
157367839> not in the EU >living is great, but very cold and misserable weather. >but we haz freedom…[View]
157365737what is pol a bunch of boot-lickers[View]
157367805I see potential to make CNN lose views Unless Facebook lies about the survey https://venturebeat.com…[View]
157367758RELEASE THE MEMO.Where's the memo that Trumptards said will imprison Obama and 'Crooked Hi…[View]
157366062>meanwhile on 18th century pol[View]
157356784RIP Britainnia (Daily): Their freedom of speech doesn't exist and most of them don't have …[View]
157367552Redpill counseling: Alright /pol/, since we can't have a really big footprint on the white popu…[View]
157315719Actice Shooter in Colorado: We could have a potential happening here.[View]
157367430So who's ready for glory Like in 40K Except all the races are on earth already![View]
157365625With the government shutdown, this means that Donald Trump can now create his own security police fo…[View]
157361134Paramedics called to treat Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/parame…[View]
157367029https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UGEMptT7asQ Is this ok?[View]
157362561take responsibility for your existence: failure is your responsibility[View]
157365543why does pol like nat.soc but not communism. What a bunch of hypocrite's[View]
157363693Justified?: Looks like an orc to me[View]
157364690migrants from Africa raped an 11 year old German girl!: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/03/01/b…[View]
157366500What's her endgame?[View]
157365734'Pedes! We have to get the memo released! I propose that we tag every single post on this board…[View]
157363359What the fuck the German president do? And why he exists?[View]
157358665Tax season: Printed out my W2 today, picked up a copy of turbo tax on the way home from work and fil…[View]
157366195The story of communism: I've written a short story consisting of news reports about global comm…[View]
157362106How is The Wall even supposed to happen?: A proper, steel and concrete, 1000+ mile wall costing arou…[View]
157358806Why is /pol/ so obsessed with telling people who they should and should not marry? Nobody is holding…[View]
157361931trump is a jew and i regret voting for him!![View]
157300815Nick Fuentes likes catboys Pretty interesting, someone with that kind of taste promoting the trad li…[View]
157357825Anyone else gave up and decided to marry a jewish girl? At least they are light-skinned, maybe not w…[View]
157365855https://youtu.be/r8sflKKioro Thank fucking god someone finally made a political point about this bul…[View]
157364738Why can't the Jews just leave us alone? I don't want to have to genocide anyone.[View]
157355962I doubt the wall is happening: It is clear at this point that congress is not going to fund the wall…[View]
157364898How factual is the series WWII in color? It’s mostly a history lesson but has anyone watched it and …[View]
157365619Schumer Shutdown: Why do the democrats hate the American people?[View]
157365582The Ogdoad: Are you ready?[View]
157364014VA Compensation: So will the government shutdown affect VA compensation?[View]
157360959Guys, Puerto Rico is so hilariously fucked, this is the prime chance for a Hitler like patriot to co…[View]
157358117Franklin Scandal/Dutroux Affair/Finders Case: Ritual Abuse & Pedophilia in Government: This is t…[View]
157349751This fucking SCUMBAG. #SchumerShutdown: SCHUMER SHUTDOWN The scumbag LEFT own this. They shut down o…[View]
157362615Question for /pol/: Hey /pol/ what if you woke up as a nigger one day? What would you do? Would you …[View]
157339439we can help in the war against sanctuary states MEME THE HOMELESS TO SAN FRANCISCO! apply for subsid…[View]
157316825/pol/ ylyl: No bhread? Let's get those pics ramped up[View]
157362390Its both Trump's 1 year anniversary and government shutdown today.[View]
157365283MBMC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1p7Qdac0v8[View]
157365219Doable U: wow what were we wanting when we went weird? what world was waiting within? WOW! would wi…[View]
157360266/ptg/ President Trump General - Comfy Weekend Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehou…[View]
157365029Catch and Release is still happening at the border!: Alright faggots, apparently the DHS is still pr…[View]
157360058Is forced diversity really just a way to prevent certain societies from being too successful?[View]
157353740im not feeling quite human after watching this, feels like a dream, thank god im not in 3rd world Ap…[View]
157352872Nature's Cruellest Mistake: >be lesbian Jon Lovitz >turbo-kike municipal politician in Oa…[View]
157363967Political Compass Thread[View]
157357830Hey why are pol cucks objectively retarded[View]
157363525The Alt-Right is over: It's time to evolve. The time of NASbol is upon us.[View]
157358771what'chu gonna do: when they come for you[View]
157362840Trump vs Pope Francis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hk-_1QXcgsg This guy has some beautiful words…[View]
157357702>OMG you guys HAVE to read this memo >Seriously, it's wild. The American people MUST know…[View]
157354593Jon Stewart was a pretty funny and mostly reasonable guy. He's a jew, but overall a decent pers…[View]
157359915Looting preparations: So since the government has officially shut down I'm wondering what store…[View]
157363776Terrarcism - Terroracism - Terrorrrrrracism: made on video on terrorracism for my brethren , find a …[View]
157362462I tried begoming Orthodox and failed miserably: >>Tfw not accepted into the church because i…[View]
157359045Today, I feel like killing: Soi boi got me almonds in a tangle. Good old farmer folk, good old (in)j…[View]
157346229>>A Libertarian presidential candidate and prominent activist was arrested in North Texas earl…[View]
157359409Please halp.: Sup, /sci/entist here. We're being invaded by shills badly. Several muslim slide …[View]
157363385Mature Sexual Preference: First, let's clear one thing up: while instincts exist, they are limi…[View]
157363370What is the final solution for the soyim problem?[View]
157363363Enough nonsense: When did we allow these leftist, anti-thiest degenerates, to believe they control t…[View]
157363212So tell me what you like or dislike about our president, Trump? Debates welcomed!![View]
157362366>/pol/ thinks the memo thing will got away due to shutdown dems story.. nah, it just getting star…[View]
157361534DACA redpills: Seeing that the democrats have put illegal aliens ahead of tax payers, what are some …[View]
157362956rump spoke to “Fox & Friends” in 2013 and was asked who would be fired during a government shutd…[View]
157362955australian shitposter needs answers: newfag here. as an Australian, I feel that it is absolutely cr…[View]
157359334The Civil War is coming: The left has bet everything on identity politics. Are you a fag or illegal …[View]
157362567this plays so fucking better now knowing she failed to 'appeal to the common man' bullshit https://w…[View]
157362571facebook chat...: a friend added me to an FB chat that is just atrocious, and you know me, I'm …[View]
157362245Trump Shut Down: >1 year anniversary of President inauguration >Government in shut down mode T…[View]
157344311Is Trump to blame for the shutdown?: I've seen a lot of americans blaming Trump. However, aren…[View]
157362674Here this is: Because democrats and liberal faggots can't understand government or are ((((jidf…[View]
157358990DACA Discord: If you are a DREAMER or want to help DREAMERS, join the Discord so we can discuss the …[View]
157362649Who's going Bane this weekend and next week: Well thats it - the government shut down. Who…[View]
157357790Why did Drumpfuher shut the government down /pol/?[View]
157362631god dammit germany, what's wrong with you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqh2Fve4Uzo[View]
157362272Is this /pol/'s favorite manga?[View]
157352862Why don't we just annex Mexico? Imagine the boost in resources and financial gain we would get …[View]
157358145Does /pol/ have a new game? Is Commander Thea Kreutzer of the HSF Graf Spree, dare I say, /ourgirl/?[View]
157362556/pol/ has become /b/: Total lack of intellectual discussion. Humor threads are played-out jokes that…[View]
157361012New Pepe and Soyjak: Are you ready pol? Political memes from election 2020[View]
157362470Yall really dont know whats going on.: You are merely tools to build the future. Be used, and then r…[View]
157360645What is the point of 'American Nationalism'? Is America really worth saving? You're no longer t…[View]
157361478shutdown pill: why do you faggots think we gonna be okay with anything illegal immigrant. do you de…[View]
157361041JAMES FIELDS IS GETTING ZIMZAMD: Armed Antifa Prof Admits Chasing Charlottesville Driver >I used …[View]
157336029Strange happenings in the sky!!!: This is getting crazy https://youtu.be/VbW-TG87Syo >short 5 mi…[View]
1573620391 year since inauguration: 12 days until...[View]
157346158official democrat celebration thread.: lets laugh at the GOP HaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
157360772Please Help Bring this Asshat to Justice: This is Dan Sutherland, as you can see with the Below link…[View]
157361916We need hackers more than ever now.[View]
157361780Russia-linked Twitter: >have twitter marked as russian bot >use leftist or popular hashtags …[View]
157352789/diy/ - RWSS THREAD: The Oakland warehouse fire occured in a venue popular with leftists and degener…[View]
157361467But that damn Trump![View]
1573521894chan locked my Eugenics thread Anons. This is the truth they don't want you to see: 99% of the…[View]
157361512Is this, do I dare say... The Dream Team?[View]
157356495Are Manly Men disappearing?: https://www.theapricity.com/forum/showthread.php?233228-Are-Manly-Men-d…[View]
157359021iv been seeing a lot of 'how do we fix women' threads on here lately and iv realized that …[View]
157359217Christianity is the only way for the west to survive. Worship Christ or Mohammad, there are no other…[View]
157358940MEXICANS ARE SAVAGES!: Your board is utter shit, and you're a bunch of phony hypocritical faggo…[View]
157360787Take pity on whites. Forgive them.: Secretly, they have it as hard as everyone else, if not worse. W…[View]
157359164What does /pol/ think of this guy?: What does pol think of roger stone is he based and ourguy? Or is…[View]
157347465Thoughts on Brother Nathanael?[View]
157359400#trumpTriumph - get this trending, no more shitty news agencies muddying everything 'Eject the press…[View]
157359992Did Trump play 4d chess tonight?[View]
157359604Serious question: Could Trump write checks to all the military that missed pay or is that against th…[View]
157358836The real reason they shut the government down,,, to make Trump eat jis own words.....[View]
157360752Twitter raid thread: Use #ShumerShutdown Twitter.com Use getnada.com for email[View]
157360721I hate to say it, but dare i say is Logan Paul /ourguy/?[View]
157360590>'government shutdown' >only a few parks shut down America is a joke.…[View]
157360577juulio: ;)[View]
157360481Anyone as bought this same item in hikishop? http://www.hikishop.com/ww2-german-waffen-elite-tropic…[View]
157356716REALLY?: this is your candidate? WOW![View]
157358465/ptg/ President Trump General - The Night of Burnt Hotpockets/CIA Niggers Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD …[View]
157309194/ATG/ Anti-Trafficking General: EAST COAST NETWORK: This general is for identifying, discussing, map…[View]
157359526HAPPENING: Jamaica has declared a wide-ranging 'state of emergency' due to a sharp rise in violent c…[View]
157360205KIM JUNG UN IS NORTH KOREA'S 50 CENT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W51u9XMMmJQ[View]
157355060TRUMP CALLS OUT PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR SHUTDOWN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vv3lI7Qmxzw Absolut…[View]
157326699Why are communists so autistic?[View]
157360075Wtf is wrong with Pajeets This YouTube channel is pure gold btw https://youtu.be/xzfG7CJYCgI[View]
157354659>The essence of nationalistic ideology is to hold homeland and nation as supreme values, conceivi…[View]
157359702>tfw waiting for the next alt-right or alt-left chimp out I feel like another one is right aroun…[View]
157350929Why don't stupid americans learn other languages?[View]
157349694Why are there tent cities in LA? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8fsfwo6R-Y What's going on, bi…[View]
157345359EXPLAIN THIS RIGHT NOW INDIANS: >19 January, 2003- Indian officials ventured into deep jungle inv…[View]
157351961Is it too late to save civilization?: Be honest with me /pol/, after THAT video from yesterday, is i…[View]
157358930Your idols are soyboys lol[View]
157344776/pol/ humor thread[View]
157359317Alt-Right redditfag divulges: https://www.reddit.com/r/offmychest/comments/7rozg6/hiding_a_secret_fr…[View]
157358719Christian Flags on /pol/: Why are there no christian flags on /pol/, especially since we have a musl…[View]
157358855The Normie Question (NQ): I’ve been about the NQ recently. If you’ve got the time to kill, I condens…[View]
157359308Is no age group safe when does the degeneracy end? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avwrL9syLvc[View]
157359258It was her turn: You fucking idiots have no idea what you have done. He's literally Hitler.…[View]
157359298Germany's 'Far Right' on the rise: I've seen this article this morning ( http://www.dw.com…[View]
157359299Fuck the media: They try to spin every thing into an anti-Trump piece.[View]
157358669mmmmmm https://www.cnbc.com/2017/08/22/trump-says-hes-willing-to-shut-down-the-government-to-get-his…[View]
157351245Only Bikini Bridge: Anything more is too fat and unsightly on a woman. These days women weigh as muc…[View]
157359202Most of this site is a bunch of responsibility shunning homosexuals. Fact. I want to talk to the upp…[View]
157359161Bugman, Soy Boy, and Numale hate thread[View]
157359062African Tech Growth: Africans are studying in the West, China and India then going back home to laun…[View]
157356860We wuz samurais. Why do women need this fake ego boost?: Pic related. Also, I'm running a comp…[View]
157318756IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!! https://twitter.com/drawandstrike[View]
157358209Who needs to pass laws to avoid shutdowns?: The House and the Senate. Who didn’t vote? The Senate. …[View]
157350365This is the most disgusting thing I've seen, how can they do that to a living person? How do th…[View]
157358573Let me be sincere and frank with you guys, I was a Trump supporter since June of 2015 I actually had…[View]
157355952These Republican Senators voted No on the latest Spending Bill to pass through the Senate: Lyndsey G…[View]
157347976Who here enjoys the White Stripes?[View]
157358816Based Nogs?: How many based minorities are out there that actually realize they fucked up as a group…[View]
157358309Gov. Shutdown: How was it an Obama shutdown?[View]
157357421So I'm confused Does Trump think shutdowns are bad or good?[View]
157352513Reward for ID: The power of /pol/ is my best hope. Please help me ID this guy. I reward you.[View]
157350915Lets get to work.: It has finally happened. Our job is to track the those that do not return. A majo…[View]
157358215>'Trust me I'm not like those Aussies' Why the FUCK do foreigners (almost always lebs, jews,…[View]
157358594You are not being censored: >http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/3624180/posts >Just rece…[View]
157356562/ptg/ President Trump General - Comfy Hours Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse…[View]
157353914Trump will cave like a bitch: A give him a week[View]
157332535Christians seriously believe in this: >JewSus will save you , goy!…[View]
157358481#trumnpshutdown is not trending twitter is a lie[View]
157355761pump it http://cds.cern.ch/record/478699/files/ext-2000-228.pdf?version=1[View]
157351508Which one of you edgelords did this? https://twitter.com/therickwilson/status/954489176103243776…[View]
157357758It's coming: Prepare for the great purge ![View]
157357261>yfw gubmint shuts down on the anniversary of Trump's inauguration >yfw winning…[View]
157353046Ideal Geographic Location for Kekistan: Which geographic region or current country would be ideal fo…[View]
157349967fire up those twitter cannons goys!: https://twitter.com/cspan/status/954580069065936896[View]
157355304Memogate: RCMP Anon here. By now most of you have heard of the FISA abuse memo and how it has been d…[View]
157358081OY GEVALT *counts shekels* MOISHA, PUT DOCTA PHIL ON PAUSE *circumcises white infant* THE 6 MILLION …[View]
157353092/lrg/ LIBERTARIAN RIGHT GENERAL: /lrg/ LIBERTARIAN RIGHT GENERAL This thread is for discussion of …[View]
157352602Shutdown: 'Problems start from the top and they have to get solved from the top and the president…[View]
157357368Bout time u white bois knew what a real dick looks like[View]
157348858Trump is not a US Senator.: Did people forget how our govt works? How is this a trump shutdown? The…[View]
157357449Got a problem white boi?[View]
157356541Scumbag Congress is Much Scumbag: >Congress: ”Muh Judeo Christian Values promotes prosperity!” …[View]
157351609Hey /pol/, I know you guys don't like faggots but this is the only place can ask this kind of q…[View]
157356155ROGAN 2020 NUMALE SJW CUCKS BTFO: Only podcast in the top 20 that isnt a liberal shill fest Red Blo…[View]
157354166Trump KILLING daca secured 2018 for republicans.: Now people see the wall won't be built withou…[View]
157356036>lacks four votes[View]
157357776JOIN HERE http://destinycommunity.typefrag.com: http://destinycommunity.typefrag.com http://destinyc…[View]
157357528Why do whitey bois hate us so much? It's simple: jealousy. They know they cannot compete. Black…[View]
157357689K A R A B O G A[View]
157346924Do women discuss politics amongst themselves?: Do you think they unironically bring up 'the patriarc…[View]
157357433Youtube Politics: The cuck Innuendo Studios is saying that we support Rape.[View]
157357397Human beings may not be perfect, but the US Goverment shutting down is hardly the awnser to the worl…[View]
157357366Finally, a response to BLACKED.com: gentiled.com no content tho.[View]
157357316Why didn't he win in 2016?[View]
157353253You Think Queen Elizabeth II will allow whats going on in Britain?: I'm not British (no Fucking…[View]
157347924Democrats Just Chose Foreigners Over Citizens: They decided to shut the government down and screw th…[View]
157356546NZ's socialist prime minister is pregnant: Lord have mercy.[View]
157325871Do you think President Trump is capable to tweet out this story? I wish he did. I just want to see t…[View]
157351079Is centrism a legitimate political ideology or just liberals feigning ignorance?[View]
157355612Texas woman sentenced to life in prison for dealing meth: Some more info on her wiki: https://everip…[View]
157355282Why did Donald allow this mudshark to be behind him?[View]
157355149I made this just for /pol/ Enjoy. o and im not trying to slide or whatever just some humor to go alo…[View]
157353220Why is there so much antisemitic propaganda here on this site?[View]
157353450i want to kill myself: i'm not even white. what have you done to me? no matter how much I try I…[View]
157353643>tfw no government for almost 2 years now[View]
157356791Who the fuck cares about a shutdown?: Isn't this just a leveraging tool? Like both parties are …[View]
157356714Don't worry guys, Mexico will send a check for the wall.[View]
157354950/ptg/ President Trump General - This Will Stump Trump! Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www…[View]
157353653Hey Brits of /pol/. Is this man still held in high regard in the UK or has the social justice moveme…[View]
157329689finland: surrounded by cancerous shit-tier 'countries', still best why do people hate[View]
157356533Freedom!: We anarchist now! I knew we didn't need the Government!! The roads are still here! Al…[View]
157355322Arranged Marriages: a deep magenta suppository: >be me >be a dad >see my boys growing up …[View]
157353234Anyone want to do a friendly bet?: Tomorrow is womens march Womens march is usually 50/50 whites/min…[View]
157353852If you hold the usa upside down it looks like a retared europe[View]
157350212Men have become obsolete.[View]
157356410The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you: https://youtu.be/WsTuMmyHw8s?t=1h11m22s The left is wak…[View]
157352807Reminder: It is NOT okay to be white.[View]
157352382AMA - Richard Spencer: Hello /pol/ my name is Richard Spencer as i am sure you are all well aware. I…[View]
157331577There is a feminist march tomorrow in my city. Give me something saucy to put on a sign I'll ca…[View]
157356013donald trump is literally not the president of the united states anymore[View]
157352847I have a confession to make to all of you...: I am genuinely in love with Anne Frank. She was a beau…[View]
157352250>ITT ways to improve your state Northern Virginia is a tumor that must be removed before it can s…[View]
157344217#TrumpShutdown HAHAHAHAH THE LEFT CANT MEME BUT WE RULE TWITTER!!!: OOPS!! JUST https://twitter.com/…[View]
157353864Will the KKK ever make their grand comeback?[View]
157352200Is this man's aggressive behavior towards a female tolerable? Is is okay because he's a ni…[View]
157338280How extreme would he have to get for the public to actually start hating him? It seems like everythi…[View]
157336547Mexico Hate thread: get in here[View]
157352468We still hate niggers, right?: >get on pol fort he first time in 2-3 weeks >no nigger hate thr…[View]
157355797Y-y-you don't agree with the bad guys right anon??[View]
157355800Trump blames himself for shutdown: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zZFNxnMie0 >Well, if you say …[View]
157351878Boring /pol/ is boring: What the heck am I paying you for!?? Entertain me Anon![View]
157355742Populism is a disease, you don't combat aids with 1000 asprins just because they white.[View]
157350906SCHUMER OFFERED WALL, TRUMP BACKED OUT: http://thehill.com/homenews/senate/369889-schumer-says-he-of…[View]
157355625HE WILL NOT FUCK US: hey /pol/ what's up with HWNDU[View]
157355572Alt-Right fag divulges on faggit: https://www.reddit.com/r/offmychest/comments/7rozg6/hiding_a_secre…[View]
157353393THE MOUSE IS DISPLEASED: Veteran Hollywood producer and executive Allison Shearmur, who produced the…[View]
157354884REMINDER, FUCK NORMIES FACEBERG UP: Gas the kikes race war irrelevant.[View]
157353833Donald John Trump has been president for one full calendar year. I haven't posted here much lat…[View]
157345068/HSG/ Hail Satan General Do whatever you want. Use whatever excuse you want. Lucifer is or led and …[View]
157355240https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Vegetarian Why does no one talk about the fact that Britai…[View]
157352980/ptg/ President Trump General - Salt From Dems Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteho…[View]
157354458Leftist women you'd have hot dirty sex with: Post 'em[View]
157354877'Well if you say 'who gets fired?' it always has to be at the top. I mean, problems start from the t…[View]
157354873DeepStateRansom: Please list good demands below in order for us to let the deep state live after the…[View]
157349620Yellow Pill Theory: After watching Sense8 'Sensate' I was thrown into another reality when I searche…[View]
157339387SHUTDOWN IMMINENT: It's happening[View]
157354122What did your Parents tell you about Abortion?: http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2017/01/03/abou…[View]
157354272Aryan Spiritual, Gnostic, and Racial Development [ASGARD] General For discussion of esoteric religio…[View]
157349813What's up, cucks?[View]
157350549Is the future of genetic engineering a bad thing for the white race? How can such a thing be a step …[View]
157352076OK /pol/, is barney and friends redpilled? I ask this because, other than having dinosaurs and human…[View]
157351665CNBC is ISIS?: News crew brings fake bomb to airport. Gets arrested and released without bail. Do th…[View]
157352741Who is ready for a fucking TRUMP DICTATORSHIP?! I SURE AS FUCK AM!!! >Fuck Democrats >Fuck Lef…[View]
157354006tfw they can and do close borders[View]
157350882DEMS DUMB & DESPERATE: I will explain something to everyone posting '4chin' politics J…[View]
157337910Paramedics called to treat Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor: Come on, one more for the home team…[View]
157354224NEETs listen up: There is a new job opening and it’s time you go fill out some applications.[View]
157349689Was Judas right to turn in Jesus? Was the he the good guy?[View]
157352087Why so many sexual crimes?[View]
157337127HAPPENING TURKEY SYRIA CONFLICT 2: BREAKING: We are following reports of MASSIVE troop movements hea…[View]
157352981I'm confused /pol/ When did Amy Schumer enter politics, and why does she want to shut down the …[View]
157354011How would conservative and libertarian parties go about improving their stake in the culture war? Li…[View]
157344025TRUMP'S STILL DIPPING THE WICK: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/michael-wolff-suggests-trump-…[View]
157353192>tfw even if all of this fucks up then we have our backup plan which is converting to Islam and B…[View]
157347653>SHUT IT DOWN!!!!!![View]
157350615Look at all the people these places have to get rid of now. Haha. I hope this shit goes on for mont…[View]
157353732It's over Dru-I mean Trump is finished[View]
157353309(((Star wars))) btfo[View]
157353669>/pol/ supports a ziocuck like trump and pedo ziocucks like dickie lol[View]
157353194Schumer Shutdown: Do nothing. Do nothing but treason. Reminds everyone that there are more New York …[View]
157353098Solution to DACA? Just Deport them.: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Wetback[View]
157333804I believe < 80% of all race bait threads are created by paid shills. Do you agree with me? If so …[View]
157338231Sorry but you cannot be an anarchist and a nationalist at the same time I don't care about the …[View]
157330304Russian bots only: Attention all russian bots report in[View]
157353380Guys what do you think of this magazine I found[View]
157353364What happens if the government stays closed until Election Day?[View]
157350776Why is there a black chick in Richard's house? I thought he was /ourguy/?[View]
157347643whats the deal with brits[View]
157348110Holy Shit! It's happening already!: S H U T D O W N[View]
157353141WHAT DID HE MEAN BY THIS?[View]
157353017who the fuck does this roastie think she is[View]
157350240How do bongs watch this and not kill themselves? To get an idealized view of your country and empir…[View]
157347170#SchumerShutdown: We need to get ahead of this NOW anons >This will be known as the Trump shut do…[View]
157352714Conservative / Drumpftard hate thread.[View]
157348543> World Super power > Cant keep government open…[View]
157350145Do people really need jobs? Wouldn't life be better if you lived your own goals in life free of…[View]
157351201Why don’t blacks have fathers?[View]
157314545What is your opinion on Croatia and croats?[View]
157350620united shitholes of america: >hell yeah let's spread democracy! liberty! and freedom! >do…[View]
157337558Fucking England, man.[View]
157351026/ptg/ President Trump General - The Absolute State Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whi…[View]
157348628Martial Law is incoming. Trump will control the military and the purge will begin with nothing to ho…[View]
157348861who would be /pol/'s first victims?[View]
157350959Reminder pol is an (((anti))) christ board t. Redditor[View]
157345028Schumer Shutdown Press Release: Democrats just got utterly destroyed by President Trump[View]
157342306trump: if you could tell trump one thing what would you say. if you could make him tweet one thing w…[View]
1573530058-4-4-4-12 character file name ID format wtf is going on: Ok so basically kike shills can now be ide…[View]
157337163Rand Paul... stabs us in the back?: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/19/government-shutdown-bill-fails-i…[View]
157352658Press F: to pay respects[View]
157351244Democrats shut down their government over Illegals: Why do American Democrats hate their own people …[View]
157348557ARREST SQUAD: MILITARY CIA FBI are all off the payroll[View]
157339744/pol/ wants to send Latina qts back: Why? The more Latinas the more likely you can marry one.[View]
157342487Mexico: Self sustaing wall or offer a vote to both people about making Mexico part of the United Sta…[View]
157349148#TrumpShutDown: >openly brags about wanting to shut down the government >doesnt even have 50 g…[View]
157352132TRUMP FOLDED LIKE A BITCH: https://www.washingtonpost.com/video/politics/schumer-trump-backed-off-at…[View]
157350860>http://mashable.com/2018/01/16/google-arts-culture-app-race-problem-racist/#h9DCzI7adsq2 >htt…[View]
157347413Was he a good president?[View]
157351492Somebody please explain to me why Judaism is considered a 'major' religion?[View]
157345716/asg/ Anti-Shill General: ITT we post links to other worthwhile threads, bump them, and share meta t…[View]
157352471The faggot in chief: I’m done with this cum guzzling faggot trump[View]
157318121friendship ended with POLANDBALL now STRANOSHARY is my best friend[View]
157347173Pick your favorite asian racial slur. Mine is: Noodle Nigger Link http://www.rsdb.org/race/chinese[View]
157348497Place your bets on how long the shutdown lasts. https://strawpoll.com/fa65ggg9[View]
157351704MEME COIN JUST BROKE 2 BILLION DOLLAR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xRF1QLaezg https://yourstory…[View]
157348866Government shut down https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/19/us/politics/senate-showdown-government-shutd…[View]
157351856Never forget /pol/ Pretty soon the truth about Rhodesia and the old South Africa will exist only in …[View]
157350920Holocaust Death Percentages and Toll: Hey /pol/, what are the REAL death percentages and tolls (Jew,…[View]
157352105The best HWNDU discord?[View]
157345335what are /pol/'s thoughts on the possibility of 'New California' becoming the 51st state?[View]
157345052THEY SHUT IT DOWN.[View]
157350441Everyone on the left is blamingTrump for the shutdown!? However, I would put all of the blame on thi…[View]
157340422Feminist hate thread[View]
157343510Niggers aren't naturally aggressi-- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-fRonmxeD0[View]
157341744the monk pill: Why haven't you forsaken all temporal matters and dedicated your life entirely t…[View]
157349437Liberals attempted fake hijab hate crime: HOLY FUCKING SHIT remember the hijab hoax in canada? you g…[View]
157351832deport gay mexicans: >make craigslist post looking for latinos >tell them to meetup at rest st…[View]
157340818>shutting down the government for illegal immigrants Are we the most cucked country on the planet…[View]
157351778I have absolutely no idea how to live life after this board, i need help does having a social life a…[View]
157343746Legitimate questions for the alt right, white nationalists, white supremacists, Nazis, whatever you …[View]
157348784Is he /ourguy/ ?: > From the bedroom of the Leicestershire home he shared with his mother, Kane G…[View]
157291714Why are americans so fat? It must cost a fortune.[View]
157321522(((Krautgate General))) Do Animals Really Wanna Be In Captivity edition: Johnny Fox tries to take do…[View]
157348711Pretty funny how whiteys greatest invention the internet will lead to his downfall spreading a degen…[View]
157351447Keep your eyes on the news (Learn double meanings) Spigs, Kangaroo, Decor Dems are Inevitable The la…[View]
157350944Repukelickans fail again. http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/369882-trumpshutdown-beco…[View]
157344155*incompetently shuts down your government*[View]
157349241/ptg/ President Trump General - Cry Me A River, Chuck Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.…[View]
157349266Democrats BTFO[View]
157330518Why has god put us into this vile time in human history?[View]
157344649Was Hitler a beta?[View]
157344903How would you explain the concept of left and right to a 12yo girl? My gfs' sister asked me thi…[View]
157350401DEFEND THIS http://thefreethoughtproject.com/72yo-grandma-shot-dead-raid-plant/ Protip >you can’…[View]
157340082Why do Republicans hate the government so much?[View]
157348835CSPAN Poll on Shutdown: CSPAN has a poll asking who is to blame for the DACA shutdown. Let your voic…[View]
157350731Can we just never fund it[View]
157346582wtf is a government shutdown? is purge happening? help pls[View]
157350474Why have you not gone Chad tier and drink the fan?[View]
157348871Naral likes my response to their womens' march advert: Thus proving my headline 100% correct…[View]
157350431Justino Castro at his father's Cuban estate, anticipating his inheritance to the communist thro…[View]
157350505Why does Google hate functionality? >use google >receive shit >'If you use a long query, G…[View]
157347861Let's give it up for the worlds biggest loser: She lost and has an army of losers reminding us …[View]
157346367U.S. Government shutdown: What’s going on with this “U.S. government shutdown”? Can someone fill me …[View]
157349421Axis powers: Why everybody talk about Nazi german / Italy / japan but not Thailand ? Are you already…[View]
157347803calling all degenerates...: when youre so drunk you admit you admire adolpho[View]
157334718The government's gonna shut down Unless they can do something...[View]
157341757>party of 'personal responsibility' >Blames the party that controls nothing for the shutdown U…[View]
157346997What is wrong with the West?: My video on what is wrong with Western Civilization: https://www.youtu…[View]
157350206Gov shutdown, DACA: How is building a wall oppose to goverment shutdown goverment...shutdown The gov…[View]
157345016Why mexico is a 'shithole' (serious): I was reading a post that was archived about a gore video in m…[View]
157350163Will you watch the media shitfest after the Democrats shut down the Federal government?: Will you re…[View]
157348338what are the effects of a gov shutdown?: /pol/ what happens when the US gov shuts down and how will …[View]
157340053Leave the Soviets to me.[View]
157350108Amerimutts need to fuck off: More than half the board is filled with your T_D tier threads on a comp…[View]
157344343Can anyone tell me if this is real or fake? Spotted in Bodö.[View]
157345218>Republican president >Republican house >Republican senate >Blame Dems…[View]
157346686I'd like to conduct an experiment.: Strangely enough, our disdain and contempt twords one anoth…[View]
157348518For people to afford the same standard of living that people had in 1915, they would only have to wo…[View]
157340492Holy shit Wikipedia: Who writes this shit?[View]
157346506Guys please listen Watching the senate floor live let's meme the shutdown as THE SCHUMER SHUTDO…[View]
157347932> Republicans shut down the government. > Lets Trump take the blame. What a neocon tool.…[View]
157344057Who does /pol/ blame for the government shutdown? https://twitter.com/cspan/status/95458006906593689…[View]
157348107With the recent nuclear posturing and the rise of Chinese neo global hegemony and it's surefoot…[View]
157347505/ptg/ President Trump General - Top Priorities Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteho…[View]
157349338US gov is in insolvency!: What a shithole[View]
157349050> tfw the blue tsunami wave got 10 feet higher[View]
157348207Where do I fit in goys?[View]
157348036Why do non-Americans think their opinions matter?[View]
157347419I just find it hard to think that there are countries where their constitution does not guarantee ci…[View]
157347382USA gov shutdown: why the fuck doesn't it have a sticky?[View]
157344222Press F: to pay respects[View]
157347682How is that Wall coming along mutts? I'm still waiting for that construction bill for payment.[View]
157346554TRUMP SHUTDOWN ! :KEK LIVES ON IN 2018: KEK LivEs IN 2018 ! O PRAISE KEK[View]
157346498Is pschology a science? This is how my proffesor describes 'psychology'. I thought the scientific me…[View]
157336954Planet Earth II: People forget how easy and good we have it. Life for modern humans is the easiest i…[View]
157348390Lets do this im ready.[View]
157343199Christian Miscegenation: >pay for Christian Mingle >looking for a pure white waifu >finding…[View]
157348158>Unlawful immigrants That term really stabbed all those faggots thinking that Trump will grant am…[View]
157348066How can we ensure that the government shutdown never actually ends? Seems optimal to me[View]
157345330Black people cant be racist: Black peoples 'racism' is justified. It is different than the racism of…[View]
157346624#ReleasedTheMemo: just thought I'd mention that if the memo was actually significant someone wo…[View]
157338448Why is White Pride racist?[View]
157347166Can't even get all republicans to support him. SAD![View]
157347388who remember's the trump shutdown of 2018?[View]
157346209So you fuckers still stand by Trump? What more is it gonna take it to show you that you're wron…[View]
157329192What music best suits your political ideology? Specific songs would be nice.[View]
157344042Kyle Kulinski: I don't think this Sanders loving cuck gets enough hate. His arguments are on le…[View]
157347868Roasties: Why even deal with them? Just get a doll.[View]
157342614Are the greeks white? I've seen a lot of discussion about the whiteness of greeks and I'm …[View]
157344615SJW's now: Please respect them[View]
157343818>go to sporting goods store to buy dumbbells and fight back the soy jew >buy dumbbell handles …[View]
157347627Government shutdown... great: Anons, why won't you fund CHIP?[View]
157343295Why don't you like Jews? Their rituals are rooted in Ancient Phoenicianism and are apparently w…[View]
157345736/ptg/ President Trump General - No Government Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehou…[View]
157346106Hi My Name is Abby Nierman: I was raped by Azi Ansari's huge cock AMA[View]
157347526Nubs is the new black: https://youtu.be/3VghGtCkacE[View]
157331761I'm a federal employee. What should I do when I get furloughed next week?[View]
157344844This is how conversations about America go like in Britain. Embarrassing.[View]
157344960I bet she fucked like a fighter jet.[View]
157347018>yfw based Puffin embraces Libshits with ether >the posts comment to like ratio kek…[View]
157347334It's all part of the plan.[View]
157331076drug dealers: Ok pol so one of my neighbors started selling meth. How do I get him busted without en…[View]
157335559Can we get rid of memeflags?: Or at least filter them? It's getting ridiculous.[View]
157343019/War Memories/ General: Share you or your ancestor's personal war experiences. I'll start.…[View]
157343025Adam To Joseph Longevity Chart[View]
157346432This place is retarded lol: lol But I love it.[View]
157346767>Be functioning government >Semi-regularly shut down Pick only 1 (one)…[View]
157339855Do Trumpfags realize by banning abortion they would basically cause a nigger/spic baby boom.[View]
157334731Welcome to 2018, Motherfuckers![View]
157336052Why do you guys argue against socialism/communism when you obviously haven't read anything and …[View]
157346789Raise your hand if you live free...: Bow to your King and Queen you plebs...unlike Americans you can…[View]
157346854Governments closed due to illegals with AIDS[View]
157345882Republicans are bad m'kay?[View]
157341312ABJECT FAILURES: Why do people say shit like 'i don't like spencer but he does put himself out …[View]
157346884Republicans are contorting President Trump’s comments to fit the party line on immigration.: 'Among …[View]
157340573Why i was born, dear parents?: In a state of melancholy. The world is full of lies Women are a meme …[View]
157346914conservative media imprinting: >listen to roasties, goy >roasties have important things to say…[View]
157345664Has he ever had anyone killed? I mean, before he became president.[View]
157333484Can't even cut a budget deal.[View]
157344648Oh look, the military didn't shut down.[View]
157344346Anyone else done supporting Trump after he shut down the government for a long time just to be racis…[View]
157342251Eugenics is the only way Anons: 99% of the population needs to be euthanized. Human beings aren…[View]
157346066Gee Donald, that sucks.[View]
157346221OH FUCK THE GOVERNMENT SHUT DOW- Ummmmmmmmmmm, nobody notices besides non-essential GS employees. Tr…[View]
157345807Weaponize your autism on this poll /pol/[View]
157342545Who killed her?[View]
157346259We wuz illuminati n shiet: https://youtu.be/4vfmwGw1-5Y?t=13[View]
157316575Varnashrama Dharma: VARNA means a profession, and ASHRAM means a spiritual order. In other words, Go…[View]
157344528>control House >Control Senate >Control White House >Still can't stop a Government …[View]
157343235FUCK THIS LARP SHIT: How fucked is western civilization? Will we ever be able to recover from the fe…[View]
157324280Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition: Fatter than ever!: What the hell is happening with men and male…[View]
157344199Latinos para TRUMP![View]
157346056Sorry Dems. You played yourself.: Fucking illegal alien loving traitors.[View]
157346138Why should I give two fucks about to government shutting down? Seriously. This sounds awesome. I hop…[View]
157343988Look at the wonders of lefty/pol/. Should we bring in the redpills?[View]
157345726THANK YOU MR PRESIDENT >2damoon[View]
157345545Impeach Nunes - FAGGOTS: This bullshit over the shutdown and the FISA abuse is intolerable. #Impeac…[View]
157345705THE GOVERNMENT, DAHNALD: In the wake of the government shutdown, I have taken the liberty of relegat…[View]
157345722Is pride in your heritage justified?[View]
157345296Can somebody explain this government shutdown mean? Will this affect my welfare gibs?[View]
157339281Which country has the best aryan wives?: Which country has the best Aryan women. Women who can propo…[View]
157340262Skyking thread: 8:32 pst I just heard a skyking Pink Floyd all stations go in here and tune in 11175…[View]
157343231So what happens now? Do they shut off everyne's gibs & handouts?[View]
157343976The modern West summed up in one picture.: Anybody else got any contenders?[View]
157343868/ptg/ President Trump General - It's Over Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteho…[View]
157339212So who dicked down Mary and why was Joesph such a cuck?[View]
157341816IS THE PRINCE /OURGUY/?[View]
157345573????: when is england going to leave the eu it's been like 3 years now?[View]
157343408As bad as the soyboy epidemic is, is it still preferable to having the emos/scenesters or would you …[View]
157341681>at least I still have muh Constitution[View]
157343285Which one is a leftist?[View]
157345038do it democrats, kill yourselves. now. do it now.: do it now. please. destroy yourselves. give the …[View]
157344689nyc fag here. i think an urban irl campaign with simple graphics to further tarnish democrats could …[View]
157336387GOVERNMENT SHUT DOWN: Someone tell me: Why do we care if the government gets shut down again? There…[View]
157345139ITT: We post examples of the vidya industry getting jewed[View]
157344622There is no memo. You dotards fell for yet another Russian propaganda effort. Congratulations, you…[View]
157344808PENNSYLVANIA SPECIAL ELECTION ON JANUARY 23: Fawn Walker-Montgomery is running for an open state hou…[View]
157345034A new breed of AI ‘Sex Robots’ will soon be able to give birth using genetic engineering: http://www…[View]
157345202The democrats have fucked us[View]
157333589Today's 'immigrants', more like another country's welfare class relocating for better gibs…[View]
157344327The effect of gov. Shutdown on memo: So I want to know, will the government shutdown have an effect …[View]
157344510Ex-trannies who became redpilled: Any other former trannies here? I think in the whole Tumblr era, t…[View]
157313453ANYONE SAYING 'RELEASE THE MEMO' IS A TRAITOR: CONFIRMWD https://twitter.com/funder/status/954486927…[View]
157344195First atheist president: [jpeg] is a fake quote that made me wonder if he is an atheist. Thoughts? P…[View]
157345062ICE is Gestapo: That's what an NPR host said on MSNBC. https://ntknetwork.com/npr-host-compares…[View]
157342752Wolff appeared on Bill Maher’s HBO show on Friday night. Maher asked if there was anything that Wolf…[View]
157344636Is this how the civil war starts, Ameribros? People are much more angry now than they were in 2013 w…[View]
157337221SHUT IT DOWN: LIVE COVERAGE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OWZUa6HWYw[View]
157337671Let's talk about National Socialism: I see this ideology praised on this board quite a bit and …[View]
157343312Second Language: I'm struggling deciding which language to learn. Russian or German. Which woul…[View]
157332445Do you agree?[View]
157342397The state of the THE WHITE MAN > a Pedophile Spick Rapper Fucked your girlfriend > she post a…[View]
157327288Why is there still no motive?: You really expect me to believe a white man from the USA who had mill…[View]
157344160Google blocking Fake News before 2018 Midterm Elections: 99% of the world uses Google. it's fuc…[View]
157341583Crusader Knights: I've noticed something in the DEUS VULT Meme. There are thousands, if not hun…[View]
157343694Who is this man and why does it matter?: Marc Mezvinsky's name has popped up in certain circles…[View]
157343236The Final Solution 2018: Anyone looking forward to the grand finale? This is the year humanity will …[View]
157342943IT'S HAPPENING[View]
157341024TDS246 - The Daily Shoah: Anybody got a link to tonight's episode for a poorfag with no prepaid…[View]
157340247How big is the chimp out going to be when EBT stops working tomorrow?[View]
157344192discordddd: join our minority discord, whites not allowed any natsoc fag that joins will be banned f…[View]
157321486brit/pol/ anon does art: >Links no one reads >Macron: pay 2 play with EU https://unv.is/herald…[View]
157332239What are your thoughts on marijuana, /pol/?[View]
157338691All right. My friend has beern telling me to do this for months. Red pill me on holocaust denial... …[View]
157343995I Love Black People: I love black people. I love white people. I love hispanics. I love asians. I lo…[View]
157329482#releasethememo being promoted mainly by Russian bots: And /pol/ is falling for it![View]
157342885Ok so a lot of black people are poor and uneducated right? How do we fix the black communities? Well…[View]
157337418Man rapes his mothers goats to death: It took him 2 hours to do it too... https://www.thesun.co.uk/n…[View]
157338853Is it wrong to want an ethnostate for only blue-eyed people? Would this be unfair to our white broth…[View]
157342377/ptg/ President Trump General - Leftists Panicking Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whi…[View]
157343257Ok, who was it: British 15-year-old gained access to intelligence operations in Afghanistan and Iran…[View]
157339655Shouldn't a 10 year-old transgender boy dress like a 10 year-old girl?[View]
157337399Why should JewTube celebrities profit from material made by /pol/acks on this board? Every day Paul …[View]
157343399Grab the guns they tried to take away[View]
157337717Why do asians(and spics) love Whites so much?: It's pretty fucking cringe. ffs love yourself…[View]
157342892REMINDER: DEMOCRATS CARE MORE ABOUT ILLEGALS: Remember this when you vote in November.[View]
157343674Is this music redpilled?[View]
157340580So about 'muh reparationz.' ..Reparations for what exactly? >Europeans bought slaves from the Afr…[View]
157342867/pol/! The United States Government has been shut down by Drumpf and his ReTHUGlican cronnies. We n…[View]
157342452Anyone else getting these Emails from Twitter: Like, c'mon Twitter, we all know you openly coll…[View]
157343271>it's time[View]
157336757What if the Nazis won the war??[View]
157341110Hebrew Faith: There is literally nothing wrong with being Jewish. We don't need open borders, w…[View]
157266043What did he mean by this?: What are these protective layers?[View]
157341202Only 45 Republicans supported the funding bill.[View]
157341418New International Action: Hello ! I had a crazy idea ;p remember how 4chan used hastags to create or…[View]
157342136U GUIZE Y RNT THERE MOUNTAINS OF BRASS!!!?: /pol/ btfo once again[View]
157336874BONO UNEQUIVOCALLY BTFO /POL/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zu53yAoTJE You can't even argue…[View]
157342132How do we fix the wage gap?[View]
1573197539/11 thread: post pics of 9/11 im intrigued since theres not that much raw footage you can find on g…[View]
157329743Peterson weeps for young men live on BBC radio: Even if you disagree with him, you have to admit thi…[View]
157342021can someone give me a rundown of blacks in canada? i'm wondering if certain areas have better q…[View]
157343156Remember when /pol/ sperged out about a memo that didn't even exist that was going to send Obam…[View]
157342638GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN THREAD: 3 mins at the time of making post. Let's get /comfy/ 2-nite[View]
157343185tfw when you realize...[View]
157328739Daily reminder: in Canada, on average, Quebec >Has the highest IQ >Has the tallest men >Has…[View]
157338550Isis: So what happened to ISIS and the constant terror attacks? Is ISIS kill?[View]
157325488RAM - American Nationalists!: Rise Above Movement ALT RIGHT SHOCK TROOPS RAM is an alt right group …[View]
157342446why don't you like strong women? do you want weak womanly sons?[View]
157338605Can anyone fill me inn of the FISA memo thing? Is it for real? What kind of sources are there suppor…[View]
157340466Devin Nunes, who is himself a co-conspirator in the Trump-Russia scandal, began talking about a supp…[View]
157329609>memo not released >govt shutdown happening /pol/ on suicide watch…[View]
157336779Fellow white people- What are you doing right now to fight the far right and end racism?[View]
157316947it's okay to be jewish: why do you hate us so much? what did we do to you?[View]
157335918i need some aesthetic anons post the best you got[View]
157311087Being black in America is a ‘disability,’ black law professor argues: Of course, it isn't to ad…[View]
157318952David Rothschild: 'Memo is garbage and Nunes is a Russian agent': How does /pol/ counter this?…[View]
157309298ATHEISM IS MENTAL DISORDER: Atheists be like -First there was nothing -Then BY CHANCE big bang happe…[View]
157340453/ptg/ President Trump General - Plz Think of the Pandas :( Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https:/…[View]
157342360ME ME MAGIC! Q ANON![View]
157340584I can provide the meaning of life: We are all snowflakes in the sense that we are all water, but eac…[View]
157342442Jewish Heritage General: I think it's about time that we honor the other white meat. Jewish Cul…[View]
157298023Manufactured Sexual Preferences: How much of your sexual preferences do you think developed naturall…[View]
157329597TOP KEK: I present to you, straight from the Tucker Carlson Tonight, the winner of the special olymp…[View]
157341735Is this true and or accurate description?: 'Pepe is a smirking cartoon frog that was originally conc…[View]
157334538What does it mean to have 'too many Hispanics' in your state[View]
157342191The state of my country: Black woman I have literally never heard of til this very moment claims rac…[View]
157335102HAVE YOU THANKED HIM YET?????: He basically pulled this all off on his own. Dude is a fucking LEGEND…[View]
157339374Government shuts down in 35 minutes: What store should I loot first? I mean, police are government, …[View]
157341119Pro-Life Marches: Why are women willingly giving up their rights?[View]
157342033We were LIED TO about the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.: President Lyndon B. Johnson on O…[View]
157336103Can someone explain what the shut down will entail? Will I still get mail?[View]
157339556Is Tom Cotton our Senator?[View]
157337041The 'Memo?': I've been off the board for awhile, and have stopped closely following politics as…[View]
157338601College kids larping as refugees, you can't make up shit this cucked: http://cbs2iowa.com/news/…[View]
157341901Dennis Wise video: It's up.[View]
157336583What if EVERYTHING ties together?: >Hillary's deleted emails >Weiner & Huma's la…[View]
157340052Is Barney Frank transitioning into a woman?[View]
157341695Anons first trip out the basement: >>Been on pol for 2 years. Gotten nice and radicalized, dec…[View]
157341049Panjeets test ICBM: http://archive.is/xvUoq Still shitting in the street and the power to reincarnat…[View]
157341309Abort: Hello everyone, i want to know if someone know how can i abort, i don´t want to give life to …[View]
157312104Is Notch /ourguy/?[View]
157327985I need some history lesson on 9/11: When happened it I was a kid but I remember it and did not know …[View]
157338094what do we about the white manlet problem? will white manlets be allowed in the ethnostate; if so wh…[View]
157327769/pol's homophobia BTFO: First, let's debunk this graph I always see on here. Also, before …[View]
157339133red pill me on not taking shit from women: I'm a beta cuck who married an Asian woman and basic…[View]
157336596SCOTTeVEST CEO SAYS FOX NEWS VIEWERS ARE GULLIBLE SUCKERS >http://www.proudeplorables.com/ceo-adv…[View]
157334127Spics: Are spics even human /pol/?This is quite possibly the most fucke dup video i have ever seen.I…[View]
157341016WE WUZ RUSSIAN BOTS & SHEEEIT: 'What the fuck is your problem?' - Alex Jones 'He's sucking …[View]
157330803What would your ideal world look like?: If you had the power to undo an action, enact any law, elimi…[View]
157340787Maybe Trump can finally drain the swamp if the Government shuts down.[View]
157318972Chris Chan has joined Antifa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9IntyZap2U[View]
157328865What was the fucking point?[View]
157329872India Test Fires ICBM: APOLOGIZE[View]
157305049/VIET/ General: >whiter than Camboniggers >better language and writing system than Chinks >…[View]
157338758Hope none of you Merkins had to renew your license next week...: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-01-…[View]
157335626alt-right is comprised totally of cringey soyboy losers, freaks, millennials, feds, retards, whitekn…[View]
157336690(((Dumbass))): >tfw you call out a (((central banker))) for being a dumbass…[View]
157330996Music that is not degeneracy.: You know what to do, anon. Post em. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L…[View]
157339476Why are white men okay with white women having extramarital affairs with black men? Is it a good thi…[View]
157337998/ptg/ President Trump General - Makes You Think Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteh…[View]
157333744Her name was Heather[View]
157338640what couldve happened /pol/: well whats your answer[View]
157336039Jewcoin! The truth finally comes out!: The CryptoCurrency fanboys will rejoice! Jewcoin is almost he…[View]
157333336>blumpf wanted to abort this http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5290905/Trump-asked-Marla-Ma…[View]
157336385Is Hila Klein from h3h3 a transgender?: I was wonderin if the big nose is not only for being a jew b…[View]
157340371Stop saying 'but'.[View]
157337379I’m sorry but did anyone here just catch that guy on fox news saying jared kushner was involved with…[View]
157334887Reproduction is a human responsibility. You will never find a Tweek for your Craig. Dropping out of …[View]
157340041Spic J's: All my rage when I see this trash, you know it's 'hahaha' but you intentionally …[View]
157339362>Has the opportunity of a generation to slam the Democrats for literally shutting down the govern…[View]
157337849Young Earth: The Earth is both millions of years old and 6000 years old. Humans have been around for…[View]
157340020Why there is so many shit in western: First time I was in Canada,one black homeless just grabbed the…[View]
157315997Syria General /sg/ - Graveyard Hours in Syria Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagener…[View]
157332991You can’t argue against this: Mexico would be better with a dictator.[View]
157321891What were the Bush years like?[View]
157336513Hard times have always created extreme political positions. The support for pol-tier policies will n…[View]
157319319Post yfw you realize Trump is still our president.[View]
157339438This is where it all went wrong[View]
157328810Why does /pol/ and others think they have the right to tell people who they can and cannot love?[View]
157336096TUCKER ASSAULTED BY 'REBECCA' (((KAPLAN))): LITERAL. TRANNY. JEW. look at his face. It's too mu…[View]
157339527Why are leafs the most religous posters on this board? This is not a shill thread like most Christia…[View]
157337852Hey /pol/. I am currently writing a research paper on science of the Nazi era in Germany. If there a…[View]
157339376Are white people better at being nignogs than nigs are? Lil windex is cleaning up the rap game right…[View]
157339057Hillary/Obama/Comey on Suicide Watch: Release the memo now and stop these shenanigans![View]
157313205The 'memo' isn't real and Trump is going to prison: Drumpfkins will believe anything! There is …[View]
157339218Hahahaha corrupt as fuck USA government drama, this shit is as fake as 'reality'tv. They already kno…[View]
157336835>Still no memo released[View]
157337560Attention Royal Subjects:: Your future queen has picked her wedding dress. She's looking very r…[View]
157338894Nocoiners embarrassed again: >'haha stupid cryptofaggots donn't even have government backing…[View]
157334270Honestly like he mak3 offensive statements about my pe0ple...but he cute do3[View]
157332390Why do Western countries hate Polish people? Are they like the European Mexicans?[View]
157325286fuck I cant unsee this redpill: we are fucking doomed, there's no fixing this shit, GG anons we…[View]
157329528What if Canada and the USA swapped leaders?[View]
157338616/ourguy/ Steve King endorses the release of the memo.[View]
157337971https://twitter.com/ToddDracula/status/954410865993879558 >'Right now, the laws allow a baby to b…[View]
157331031Fox News: Sara Carter: Why does Sara Carter's entire body turn red when she talks? Is it becaus…[View]
157338484rwu infilTrated ReAlly terrIble Things happening abandOn Right wing united now![View]
157334059What kind of guy annoyed her(?) enough to get her going with the #metoo stuff? I'm guessing a l…[View]
157338419get ready kids overrustle dot com twitch beautato[View]
157297572t. not living in the Whitest ethnostate on planet Earth[View]
157334710Trudeau bans anti-abortion groups from summer jobs funding: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-…[View]
157337303Black people appreciation thread: ITT we thank black people for their sacrifices and contributions t…[View]
157335263/ptg/ President Trump General - Reddit Salt Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse…[View]
157330024Marine corps drill sergeant is the most masculine job ever! I wish we had such discipline in our arm…[View]
157336570Can we have some DVCE POSTING?[View]
157337643Purge?: How do we get all these libtards off our board?[View]
157337782ICE is Gestapo: That's what an NPR host said on MSNBC. https://ntknetwork.com/npr-host-compares…[View]
157337640Why i was born parents?: In a state of melancholy. The world is full of lies Women are a meme childr…[View]
157335836whitepill thread: lets face it, if you're browsing /pol/ on a friday night, you've had bet…[View]
157337369>Watch local news >They show mugshots and surveillance footage of people who committed various…[View]
157327731Casey Neistat hate thread: Reminder that this kike is a faggot sell-out. He made a shitty remake of …[View]
157335642> Right now in a number of states the laws allow a baby to be born from his or her mother's …[View]
157328481I still can't get over this tweet. I mean, he literally NAMED A JEW. But at the same time, he c…[View]
157336920Fringe groups of retards believe they will upvote themselves into the white house.: >Duh US is pa…[View]
157337302Is the NSA shutting down..?[View]
157335648America Needs More Gentlemen: Why can't you be more gentlemanly /pol/? http://archive.is/FD5CW…[View]
157331734>party of 'person responsibility' >Blames the minority party for the shutdown Umm...…[View]
157335341Hollywood pandering to the alt right?: 80's cult classic 'Heathers' has been remade and appears…[View]
157331543It begins. Mass repatriation will work.: https://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/african-american…[View]
157322196State of British 'Comedy': So, I normally don't watch TV but my dog got sick and I ha…[View]
157327567GOV'T SHUT DOWN: LIVE COVERAGE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OWZUa6HWYw[View]
157326529My university just sent an email warning of 'offensive flyers and memes.' What are you lot planning …[View]
157336435How the fuck is this the president of Sweden He doesn't even look Swedish.[View]
157335094STOP BEING LAZY[View]
157330480What does /pol/ think for Latinos that were here before the land was part of the US?: Here me out as…[View]
157331620What made you make the journey /pol/?: Suffered unprovoked aggression by minority thugs? Lost out o…[View]
157336715How do we get to 100%: We need to get more black people in here so we can achieve maximum economic g…[View]
157336917Impressive numbers. Should we summon Croats to fight goatfuckers[View]
157331294Is the downfall of civilization (across the world, not just Western civilization) inevitable? When I…[View]
157330489Wow You have to admit this was pretty fascist like[View]
157336628Haven't seen this posted yet. Tear it apart Anons. >https://www.lvmpd.com/en-us/Documents/1_…[View]
157328832Christians are a bigger threat to gays than Muslims: Statistically, this is 100% true. Look at the g…[View]
157336280Women think it's OK to objectify men. SO DO I[View]
157336617Me: probably deleting this later but I felt kinda cute in this pic :)[View]
157329705describe human races like dog breeds: we're all different. lets describe us as if we were dog r…[View]
157336267How come we always get blamed for problems? It sucks! >https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2018/0…[View]
157330845Only homophobes have a problem with 9-year-olds hosting lactation-themed drag shows for adults at ni…[View]
157336282what happened to /mbmc/?: wasn't it supposed to go public on the 21st, what the hell happened?…[View]
157335804When will pagans stop larping?: Paganism is dead. Fuck off.[View]
157330497Gay Porn Stars Wearing MAGA Hats Scream ‘Trump and Pump’ While Gang Banging a Bisexual Resister: htt…[View]
157307713Pro Choice: Often used ProLife argument is that abortion ist immoral, because it’s murder. And then …[View]
157335708Poo Police: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5PwFZdf5oYM[View]
157331155Nigger Hate Thread: Your webm's on robberies, house invasions, murders, whatever. On a side no…[View]
157324498I wish I was English: I wish I was English every single day of my life. I want to have a heavenly bl…[View]
157333677Las Vegas Shooting: Why did Paddock book hotels near 3 of Chance The Rapper concerts. 3 confirmed.…[View]
157327000Let’s talk about the memo for a second. We all know this memo is thermonuclear for the Democrats. It…[View]
157330318Is this movie /pol/ approved?: I really like westerns, but I've all but stopped going to movies…[View]
157334701>Democrats shut down the government over non-citizens I guess Democrats really don't care ab…[View]
157335609Are Your Holes Ready For the Republicuck Benis?: >2 Hours Left to Stop Shutdown >Up to Congres…[View]
157335601Trump is going to miss his dumbfuck party.[View]
157334910rwu infilTrated ReAlly terrIble Things happening abandOn Right wing united now![View]
157333506Bankers will destroy the world economy unless you post 'I'm an innocent Goyim' in this thread[View]
157335544Tips for being a better man thread: Alright pol lets create a self improvement thread that can inspi…[View]
157333080/ptg/ President Trump General - Your Resistance Only Makes Me Stronger! Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J …[View]
1573350901958 Democrat >Soviets are humanists and their supposed interference in American politics only ex…[View]
157335078Why isn't your flag on the moon /pol/ ? The greatest historical achievement was accomplished by…[View]
157333286Let’s red pill people on Omegle https://www.omegle.com[View]
157335280Free governments don't shut down. Corporations do.: Honestly is there any more proof required t…[View]
157334740Jewish brainwashing: Young white normies of Iceland >The first immigrants to land Iceland were bl…[View]
157322747Building Bridges: >Boris Johnson proposes a 22-mile bridge across the Channel I wonder how many m…[View]
157323951blocks your path[View]
157319623/rsg/ Red Storm General -- 2018 Midterms: >convenient general source for everything important abo…[View]
157323093Racism amongst Latinos: Is there racism between white Latinos like Argentinians and black Latinos li…[View]
157335099>Get ou' of 'Merica you Mexikien sum' bitch this is whyte man's land…[View]
157334977If rightists are right, why do you have to lie about literally everything and strawman your opponent…[View]
157333564Psyops: Leftists are constantly doing political activism on the boards. You really need to up your m…[View]
157335140Political Theater desu senpai[View]
157278409Do you love China?[View]
157312753The final black pill: When did you realize that you are the millennial monk? >reads about others …[View]
157307245Literally nothing is more important than this thread!!!: The United States literally kills and destr…[View]
157334828>We will get our ethnostate, just wait. 1488 RAHOWA NOW[View]
157330870Footbinding: What is /pol/'s opinion on ancient Chinese footbinding their women?[View]
157320387Subhmuans disrespecting and pissing on your country.: >be German >you are in your bed falling …[View]
157318481How could prohibition be enforced?[View]
157331104It has been one year: The only tangible thing he has done is help Israel. When are you going to adm…[View]
157334408the american dream: >be single >do what ever the fuck i want >hear the constant crying and …[View]
157334650Thought of a funny meme we could do: Convince people on big leddit commie groups like communism, soc…[View]
157331616weird chinese: this asian dude came to US experienced culture shock in high school then self proclai…[View]
157334593KIDS ARE CYRING OVER PIZZAGATE:: >>157332745 >>157332745 >>157332745 >>15733…[View]
157331660*blocks your altar-boy-buggering-hypocritical-satanist pope*[View]
157334536SHUT IT DOWN[View]
157326369>39 years old >0 kids What's he waiting for?…[View]
157332898Give me a search engine I can trust to do my research[View]
157334261DO SOMETHING POL: KIDS ARE CRYING OVER PIZZAGATE: >>157332745 >>157332745 >>157332…[View]
157333873Will the madmen make the libertarian paradise a reality?[View]
157331193God is dead and we killed XER D:: I'm writing this because I might die soon due to an illness o…[View]
157331113>mom forcing me to watch another segregation era documentary >mom forcing me to watch another …[View]
157332023What if the memo is about Trump? That's why Republicans will cause the government to shut down …[View]
157334039quick question: You found this religion that told you that you're faulty, corrupted, imperfect,…[View]
157334208Why did this guy giggle at irony?[View]
157332768How does it feel knowing American schools will never look like this again?: How does it feel knowing…[View]
157308057anti-chink general: how do we stop them from colonizing and buying our countries, anons? unlike prev…[View]
157312827True Capitalist Radio Hosted by Ghost - Episode #534: It's Baller Friday! Crypto & stock ma…[View]
157333999>jews are threatening the samurai with nukes >you will live to see the rerising of the empire…[View]
157332251Which countries will fully embrace blockchain and crypto? Which countries will outlaw it? YOU DECIDE[View]
157329336Rhodesia: How can I not be depressed about Rhodesia while listening to Rhodesian music[View]
157329624Dreamers - that sounds better than illegal immigrants.: Who came up with the cutesy name?[View]
157297416Why would a parasite (Jews) want to exterminate its host population (whites) ?: Do you really think …[View]
157333288>Americans are banned from going to the park. OH NO NO NO NO NO NO AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…[View]
157331264Space Thread: Redpill me on NASA[View]
157323957Why are white people so aggressive and psychopathic?[View]
157328507The West Summarized: >mfw when the decline of everything that made the West the West is best summ…[View]
157301596racist music: i tried to find some of whis list https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_neo-Nazi_bands…[View]
157330252/ptg/ President Trump General - Waiting for the Shutdown Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://w…[View]
157311381HOLY SHIT[View]
157280275War averted. Tensions high. Missiles intercepted.: Loose lips. CNN access to bunker prior. Crews in…[View]
157331905British Anon with weponized autism torments the US government >British 15-year-old gained access …[View]
157332255JUST ANOTHER DAY IN AM*RICA: https://twitter.com/CSPDPIO/status/954538730202607616 OH NO NO NO…[View]
157331714>left vs right[View]
157331656MY GOD: Has it been a year? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oB6wiBzQp04[View]
157325728Mexican Conservative: Ask me anything.[View]
157317942U2 releases new music video targeted at evil whitoids: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zu53yAoTJE S…[View]
157325109Moving back to Europe: Hey guys I've decided to return to the motherland great evropa. I am 1/3…[View]
157332720What will Trump REALISTICALLY achieve?: Memes and dreams aside, what is your honest, realistic predi…[View]
157332303Government shutdown branding: #schumershutdown Let’s get this shit started white bois You know what …[View]
157332661>Do the police use explosives?[View]
157324565There are 3.6M 'DREAMers' — a number far greater than commonly known: >The political de…[View]
157317558Ask a communist anything.: Let's go.[View]
157331762If i was born in nazi germany i would fight against the nazis and save the jews. t. Redditor[View]
157331747wait, is this right?[View]
157330049can Italy be saved? https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-01-18/incredible-shrinking-population-2080-i…[View]
157331035pajeets: Indian hate thread fuck these smelly little manlet brown dotheads[View]
157332407Amazon Criticized for 'Slavery T-Shirts for Kids': WE[View]
157325503why don't you like strong women? do you want weak womanly sons?[View]
157327665Capitalism Sucks Ass: If you unironically support Capitalism in 2018, then you aren't truly WOK…[View]
157328765Could anyone recommend a podcast, and maybe your favorite episode. Thanks[View]
157328087Just admit it, pol, Trump is Putin's cock holster The entire FISA fiasco is because they were p…[View]
157330637Are Italians white?: Are they truly white given their history?[View]
157330140How do I become /soycore/?[View]
157332026They know that all the countries of Latin America and Asia hate the United States, the historical me…[View]
157325575Less than 1 hour until comfy government shutdown vote happens. This is an actual happening.[View]
157299966how do catholic priests generally vote? are they more liberal or conservative?[View]
157320636Is this a mestiza or a castiza?[View]
157330071>Wake up tomorrow >Queen Rania has still not invaded your country and become your new leader P…[View]
157310862When you realize your loud, old fart dad cheated on your mom with a cum dumpster porn star.[View]
157327114PIZZAGATE: HAPPENING: >>157326835 >>157326835 v v >>157326835 >>157326835…[View]
157331770White American General /wpg/: >White American General is a coalition of all white people from acr…[View]
157310043Ask a Jew anything, no bamboozles: Sick with the flu and bored. Jew paraphernalia for evidence…[View]
157329055This is what Europe and the rest of the civilized world thinks of America. This is why I lie when I …[View]
157331579>mfw someone posts an amerimutt meme It's called HYBRID VIGOR you cucks!…[View]
157322680Guess the #metoo movement is dead: It only took one leftie poo to stop the thots. Not sure how to fe…[View]
157316321>nazi soldiers tell Polish prisoners to dig a hole and bury jews alive to be set free >they re…[View]
157331519https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1K9PVmjjI_c Kiwifags going to space Part 2[View]
157319892Why is NASA doing this sirs!? https://arstechnica.com/science/2018/01/nasa-has-pulled-jeanette-epps-…[View]
157325265Twitter goes full Big Brother now: 'Listen up citizen, the enemy is at the gate. Be aware, citizen!'…[View]
157328830$ANDREW MCCABE$: How does this snake still have a job with FBI?[View]
157330323>anon I carry this cross for you, please don't destroy my catholic church…[View]
157326833we broke the conditioning[View]
157297360Fashwave: Fashwave analysis vid from dailymotion. what do you think pol, are they spot on? have we b…[View]
157329994Europ*ans are so butthurt about us I love it: We had a bigger empire than all of you. We are the onl…[View]
157318262DON JR ON TUCKER GET IN HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLX0VlFw-AE[View]
157312238SHUTDOWN: Dems have been pumping anchor babies and terrorists into the country for years...now it…[View]
157330995Red Pill Coin drama: What you guys think? DDJ wants some weaponized autism against these Red Pill Co…[View]
157330977what if the 2nd plane missed the tower on 9/11 and crashed on the streets instead would we still be …[View]
157324743Why do conservatives say el salvador is a shithole? We literally are what they want to become. >p…[View]
157328860Let’s red pill fuckers on Omegle[View]
157324971CANADA hijab Liberal hoax exposed: ITS HAPPENING The old woman in the photo appeared with the 11 yr …[View]
157330792Are Indians and Asians that try getting their H1B sponsored the new Jews? Also what is your opinion…[View]
157329151I'm allergic to Soy and anything made with Soy.: What does /pol/ think of those, like me, that …[View]
157328717The stuff in red is really the only shit I should be paying for AT ALL. College is such a scam~ capi…[View]
157330746The meaning of life: Is it really to >hate your country >hate your history >hate your ances…[View]
157330736What did they mean by troglodytes[View]
157330544Still have the constitution checkmate collectivists ![View]
157329445>Cry 'REEEE!', and let slip the frogs of war Who do you want to see arrested when the m…[View]
157317854>hates niggers was he /ourguy/?[View]
157328026listening to this speech now, it's amazing: how true it has become https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
157330516TL:DR If you could anonymously troll a libtard/lbtg/cuck/feminist in person what questions would you…[View]
157330502Is this California's new theme song?: With the absolute state of Cali - I think this should be …[View]
157328731PERSONAL PRONOUNS: Respect my choices![View]
157330373anyone have info on /r/canada banning conservatives?[View]
157330422Will we see a leader like Char Aznable in our lifetime? Is our future in the stars?[View]
157328102/ptg/ President Trump General - Cryin' Chuck Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whit…[View]
157326748Two Teachers Resign Over Anti Trans and Muslim Tweets: https://www.dallasnews.com/news/news/2018/01/…[View]
157328095These anti-semitic emails are getting pretty weird[View]
157329292>Amer*cans are getting their entire government shut down due to the mere threat of illegal crimin…[View]
157329469Cenk Uygur - AntiSemite: Here, listen to Cenk Uygur talk about how Israel secretly controls the Unit…[View]
157327743>what about this turk whos got like 7 white grandparents >what about that person whos got just…[View]
157329252ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS DEMOCRATS APPROVE GOV SPENDING BILL Otherwise the memo gets released.[View]
157328190What do for Spaghettibad and the rest of Eurocuckey?[View]
157318482Can someone give me an unbiased account of how marijuana prohibition started? It's like the who…[View]
157330014>Americans have to close parks when their politicians can't agree on things. Can any other c…[View]
157328011/pol/, question for you all. excluding the NEETs, i'm assuming most of you are pretty highly ed…[View]
157324523Explain this right fucking now, bongs!: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/17/world/europe/uk-britain-l…[View]
157320631What happened to journalism?: Side note: this was the first result in google for “memo”[View]
157329758What did they mean by this?[View]
157310190Why do you idiots trust Richard Spencer?: >comes from upper class >family is rich >hangs ou…[View]
157328515Hey there Anon. What have you done to sort yourself out today? Have you cleaned your room yet? How a…[View]
157329692https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAgeuS3t1UI This bluepilled goy is trying to use philosophy as a mea…[View]
157277200Consciousness and esoteric religion general. Kekism, Nazism, Black Sun, Bodhi Mantra, Gnosticism, L…[View]
157327051Wtf I'm pro choice now[View]
157329589Futanari: Did anyone into the FUTANARI psy-op? How the fuck do you come back from the slippery slope…[View]
157327128THE WALL JUST GOT 100 METERS DEEPER: >Israel unveiled its plans for a vast underground wall aroun…[View]
157323919What is there worth living for /pol/: In a state of melancholy. The world is full of lies Women are …[View]
157323254santa and parenting general: What is /Pols/ opinion on letting your kids believe in santa? On one ha…[View]
157325940Once Hispanics become the majority, should we deport white bois?: Go back to...1800's europe?…[View]
157326274Let's talk about WW2: Who do you guys think was responsible? How could've it been avoided?…[View]
157326623Soy is a Super Food: Soy, a simple bean, is the gateway to a level of understanding that pol can onl…[View]
157327362I need some shit to convince my bluepilled friend illegal immigrants are bad. Do any of you have any…[View]
157329302IS BEING BLACK IN THE UNITED STATES TODAY A DISABILITY?: Well, /pol/? https://archive.fo/WsMjZ#selec…[View]
157329271>the local policy toward academic integrity in academic writing. Listen up /pol/, Chinese student…[View]
157323480TRS Jazz and Jesse 25: https://anonfile.com/G7la09d5b3/JNJ025.mp3[View]
157325646Any truth of ww2 videos you recommend: outside of the 6 hour truth of hitler one? ernst zundel is go…[View]
157295228Why do Democrats want open borders so badly?: This one issue is the thing that turned me away from t…[View]
157316191HAPPENING: MUELLER RECEIVES KUSHNER'S BANK RECORDS: http://thehill.com/homenews/news/369850-deu…[View]
157325696New Queen of /Pol/: Bow to your new queen. Go ahead. Admit it. She represents everything we stand fo…[View]
157328790Russia Insider names the Jew: http://russia-insider.com/en/its-time-drop-jew-taboo/ri22186 Haven…[View]
157318335Mexican culture and the diversity it brings to our inherently racist society is well worth any damag…[View]
157328409Remember This Guy?: Reminder that no matter who is gonna that memo bring down, if he/she/they are to…[View]
157326463>mfw Oprah 2020: >mfw Oprah 2020[View]
157323762IMMA GO GOLF WHILE YALL NIGGAS HANDLE THIS BUDGET SHIT: >Because I'm going to be working for…[View]
157328194*SUCKS YOUR DICK*[View]
157328424Spencer shits on James O keef: >'most of what he does is bad' >'It's entrapment' >'He…[View]
157301753New photos from Paddock's room: Post observations >Old thread: >>157290845…[View]
157325851wtf i love abortion now[View]
157327450Refute this virgins:: lol[View]
157325681/ptg/ President Trump General - The Movement Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehous…[View]
157284043Professor STILL denying biological existence of race.: So in college my fucking liberal faggot profe…[View]
157326864Free my nigga Kodak[View]
157328215G'day /pol/, Long time shitposter, first time reader - I always did my best work convincing peo…[View]
157324438This is the end as we know it: Post yfw you realized whites will become a minority in their own coun…[View]
157326239Convert or die. Isaiah 65 11 But ye are they that forsake the Lord, that forget my holy mountain, th…[View]
157322808>Americans aren't all retar-[View]
157327710What in the ever loving fuck is going on??: What is a 'Nunes troll'?[View]
157327690Release the Memo: Lady Liberty has been raped.[View]
157326415The penultimate: They're all going down, anons.[View]
157326747Skin Pride Worldwide: Why is public nudity degenerate? If you have pride in your self and your race …[View]
157325950Psychopath Todd Kohlhepp, described as a loner, kept a young attractive white woman locked in a stor…[View]
157327560You're fucked, /pol/! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9IntyZap2U[View]
157320174Would you die for Israel?[View]
157321870any and everything politically related to fellow black posters >tfw outcast in middle school caus…[View]
157323099Your definition of violence is retarded: Sorry libertarians, but how can you even fucking begin to r…[View]
157326926Trump Curse: Sheboon removed btfo for pure white[View]
157321471California Goes Full Seditionist: I know that /pol/ has some fine-tuned legal brains behind the usua…[View]
157324712Family Finally Disowns Racist Uncle: >'It's like he's so far gone down the rabbit hole …[View]
157322258Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that this be the last terrorist attack we see not only in our c…[View]
157325591Cryptocurrenceys: A lesser know coin by the name of vechain (VEN) will begin to exponentially grow b…[View]
157307989Here's what's Required to Get the Memo Released: Lawfag here. Here’s what’s required for t…[View]
157324891Is this too much to ask pol?[View]
157326773Ultimate Boomerang: They're all going down, anons. It's happening.[View]
157326835TORY SMITH: YOU KNOW HE WASNT LYING. >Pic related he said Hillary is a clone Thread.: https://www…[View]
157309064What does god mean to you /pol/? https://youtube.com/watch?v=Z804nG2jJDI[View]
157308617Well /pol/? Why choose a sex doll when you could have the real thing? >part 2…[View]
157323044Why is Russia bad, again?[View]
157326770RELEASE THE MEMO': Two-0-two, two-two-4, thirty-one twenty-one CALL THIS NUMBER AND TELL YOUR CONGRE…[View]
157321462The nerve of this beaner..: How do you think it's gonna go down? http://www.breitbart.com/calif…[View]
157325813He was right: #ReleaseTheMemo #FusionCollusion #FullOfSchiff[View]
157322475>be me >2016 >see tweet that says 'The Cubs have a better chance of winning the World Serie…[View]
157320808It's a setup.: They're mocking you specifically, trolling for reactions (which will be use…[View]
157324818WE WUZ ICELANDIC: >The DNA of Iceland's First Known Black Man, Recreated from His Living Des…[View]
157326096No regulation yet for cryptos.: HEEEY HEEEY HEEEEEY BEAKONNEEEEEEYYYYYYYT https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
157326198Why do you not support jeremy corbyn, /pol/?[View]
157323696Alright /pol/: You've had your fun. Now let's chill tf out with the fagbashing. You'r…[View]
157324836The FISA memo will destroy the left: Post yfw Trump BTFOs the left and locks Crooked Hillary and Obo…[View]
157302689Explain this shit /pol/: >3 years ago I wasn't really thinking about politics, would have ca…[View]
157326080>YFW shills make these for just a few bucks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vorbxST8SQ Anyway, p…[View]
157309380GOING TO AMERICA, HOW DO I AVOID NIGGERS?: Completely serious without a hint of irony or edge. I…[View]
157322716If republicans want immigration reform and to end daca and to build a wall why the fuck don't t…[View]
157319330By the time the government and 401k rapes me my check is always $0.00. Work is a scam[View]
157322429The Redshield will make it's move. You have been warned.[View]
157325907[BOARD AUDIT] THREADS: PADDOCK/VEGAS; 9-11; #RTM; SWEDEN CIVIL WAR: ... and a tidal wave of slide-th…[View]
157322938Tfw your playing RPG and one of the players is a jew: Gonna get that money flowin' eh[View]
157325534Would you make sacrifices for your people?[View]
157322652If you're not from Maryland, you can't complain about (((them))) or blacks: https://hotair…[View]
157323620/ptg/ President Trump General - Time to Go Back Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteh…[View]
157316042Soy: Can someone actually give me evidence that soy decreases testosterone. Whenever I google it, th…[View]
157325545oh no, you experienced some slightly uncomfortable inconvenience? well dont worry you can come to ou…[View]
157323992Why are 2D Japanese women so perfect?[View]
157315006Pathetic loser Trump had to pay a whore for sex. His slav sex worker mail order bride wasn't en…[View]
157322737One year ago today, /pol/ made history in NYC: live shitposting, beautiful discourse with liberals, …[View]
157325009What is the solution to big cities?[View]
157324400ERNST ZUNDEL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSx3W56sjKw[View]
157321044Mexico was a mistake: A Mexican policeman was kidnapped, but to make his torment worse, the kidnappe…[View]
157324489Hitler & Dr. Goebbles did not commit suicide they were tortured to death!: https://www.youtube.c…[View]
157322352Power: Hello /pol/, Power is a online US politics game similar to BLOC (same developer) where you cr…[View]
157317263Both >were actors >had low first year approval ratings >were/are considered too right wing…[View]
157325344How do we establish a soynostate to send all our nu-males to?: How would we go about establishing su…[View]
157321256>land of the free >half the country have to drive half a day to have access to federal land…[View]
157323697What does /pol/ think of Lennon's murder?: What does /pol/ think of John Lennon's assassin…[View]
157325238Friendship with Hitler ended Now Putin is my best friend[View]
157310923Éire/pol/ - Through The Night edition: Thread Theme: https://youtu.be/WMGvQ2v-ZRM National Party: h…[View]
157324765The good old days when there were free black pinatas St your local park. We should bring those back,…[View]
157324250JUST: https://www.dailywire.com/news/26078/chris-christie-now-former-governor-turned-away-jared-sich…[View]
157323984Why shouldn't I be Libertarian leaning if I feel no connection to my peers?: I feel little to n…[View]
157324980Be a hero to your race, kill a nigger today![View]
157324951Pro-Life March in Amurica: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbyyYfGPpxk >Trump's speech >q…[View]
157322965What would the real value of gold if it was down only to its value as a practical piece of metal, an…[View]
157301817How did nazi germany make germany a better place to live in?: I see the 'Nazi Economic Miracle' meme…[View]
157324088Should meth be legal?: People are going to smoke meth anyway. Why not make it legal so that we can a…[View]
157318082Do you prefer Britain or France?: I support the Anglos. I respect them because their empire was actu…[View]
157305775Trump is shutting down the government: Mitch McConnell is holding the children hostage. When the gov…[View]
157322574CNN Covers # releasethememo: Shocking, for CNN we're not Russian bots just yet Still just craz…[View]
157323547https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYxjge-6mg8 2:30 'white supremacists are the smartest people on the …[View]
157322042They're not even hiding it[View]
157323795#DemsDontCare: Wild that dems shut down the government and refuse to fix the actual shitholes of Ame…[View]
157323985How do we fix Redd*t?[View]
157324112Hitler says: PALESTINE WILL BE FREE!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BY0Lpl9ff1Y[View]
157322425Richard Spencer Laura Bush connection: WTF Richard Spencer with Laura Bush[View]
157321234Why Doesn't He Just Release the Memo Already?[View]
157322369Listen closely, Dahnald....: Dahnald, a government shutdown would push us back into the Berenstain d…[View]
157322102Raj Shah Uncle Tom?[View]
157323986It's a Jew World Order: >Anyone who knows the truth, knows that countries didn't lose t…[View]
157323388Help me understand the mind of a liberal, /pol/. I have friends, family, coworkers and neighbors who…[View]
157323475REEEEEEEEEE WHY ISN'T IT WO- sorry, I mean why is this?[View]
157323780Holy shit Greece just went Full Blown NAZI!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YE7KTUEIlKs[View]
157321155/ptg/ President Trump General - Don Jr Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
157308152White slavery. Will it ever return?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_slavery[View]
157321794How do I choose responsibility, hard work, and order over weed, masturbation, and chaos?[View]
157323602Dumb nigger chimes in on the debate with the skeptic community.: >'But we been doin wut we dun bi…[View]
157323468My ears are no longer ringing, /pol/: Checkin' in from the sewers of Holly Springs. Anybody els…[View]
157323554What did you do to her /pol/?: Does she just need a good fuck? https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/18/bu…[View]
157323528WTF NETFLIX[View]
157323398HELP ME, I AM A WOMAN!: pic related[View]
157322883There are still morons that think Internet Surveillance is good LOL: >Electronic snooping on Whit…[View]
157323215What's /pol/'s opinion on dual citizens? >t. dual US-EU citizen living in UK…[View]
157323299Do (((they))) want to legalize weed?: Much like alcohol, it leads the public to avoid addressing rea…[View]
157323143>America is whi-[View]
157301792ABSOLUTELY FUCKING HAPPENING - SWEDISH CIVIL WAR - HAPPENING: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-01…[View]
157321921Is it worth it to learn another language other than English?: Is it worth it, learning another langu…[View]
157315732Does anything actually get shut down during the so-called 'government shutdown': I mean ot…[View]
157322931Why does he trigger non-white shitskins and mutts on /pol/ so much?[View]
157310996I Found the Perfect Way for the Government to Increase White Birthrates: I just saw the episode U.S.…[View]
157322188Could a revival of Greco-Roman ideals and values what saves the west? Most of their ideals are prett…[View]
157323005The female judicial system: In today's gynocentric society, women are frequently given less har…[View]
157322728Daily Reminder: Just a reminder to praise Kek once a day.[View]
157321827Jew-Jitsu vs Kung Führer: I fucking hate jews man. just wanted to drop this bomb somewhere.[View]
157308975Dear /pol what do you think about Romania?: Just curios (photo unrelated)[View]
157313464A shutdown won't stop me, Donny boy.[View]
157318344I Found the Perfect Way for the Government to Decrease Illegal Immigration: I just saw the episode U…[View]
157306657This is the Bible the U.S. Military hands out before shipping/deploying. Where's the old testam…[View]
157295913UFC Nigger Heavyweight says 'Trump is a shame for America': Discuss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
157307471Trolling the women's march with Poe's Law: Now that the Pussy Hats are banned from the Wom…[View]
157322257So what active measures in realtime are you using Vlad?[View]
157322385Hispanics are the future of America: White male future is to evolve their low testosterone selves in…[View]
157314657Was Calvin Coolidge the last great President of the United States?[View]
157322342Shut it down!: Shut it down and make the pathetic sociopathic old man beg...[View]
157320323Blocks your uncut penis: wat do?[View]
157322062Hey /pol/ can you teach me how to redpill my dad? He believes in everything the mainstream media pro…[View]
157316781Trump will win re-election but dems will be in the majority in Congress. Bizarro 90's incoming[View]
157315661Another strange false alarm story.: http://www.wral.com/shearon-harris-nuclear-plant-sirens-activate…[View]
157321704What is a government shutdown?: >In the event of a shutdown, food inspections, federal law enforc…[View]
157322227FISA: Its even trending on Facebook.[View]
157321986tribute to anti-communist fighter Oscar Perez: Press F to pay respects to this hero[View]
157322170Is he truly /our congressman/?[View]
157313358Bad President or Worst President?: lol Trump is so pathetic >Constantly talk about how you are a …[View]
157317754>Go to /pol/ to read what the alt-right retards think >Go to resetera to read what the alt-lef…[View]
157322121If you're not top 12 from the bottom up, you're not white.[View]
157318386JOKE: White Genocide WOKE: The infiltration of the human race by physically indistinguishable alien-…[View]
157321667Should fetuses with severe cognitive/physical impairments be aborted?[View]
157321457White people arent evi-[View]
157321751>Be me >Today, Spanish class >Playing Kahoot >A 300 pound feminist looking kike cunt log…[View]
157321072Why are there so many rapists in India? Hinduism?[View]
157321880'Gender is a spectrum' So is autism Checkmate leftyfags[View]
157318542POL BTFO![View]
157321869SWEDEN IS THE ONLY NATION OUT THERE TO EVER BEAT THE JEWS: Sweden has got alot of hate recently, but…[View]
157316227TICK TOCK: word on the streets is that this is the biggest tick tock of all[View]
157314032South hate thread: >Be South >Have a shit ton of tobacco, cotton fields >Instead of importi…[View]
157270509> pic related got to keep her job as 'Diversity Officer' and stay at university > called to ki…[View]
157321763Who /trumpbonus/ here? How much did you get as a special one-off? $500 here. Not as much as the big …[View]
157284616NEW INFO ABOUT LAS VEGAS SHOOTING- GET IN HERE: LVPD released 81 page document about the incident. h…[View]
157308403Funniest disasters in history? Post pics.[View]
157321291Nasa says no to space kangz: Is nasa /ourspaceagencie/? http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-…[View]
157318574>#trumpshutdown trending on twitter The republicans are being held responsible,it seems the dems …[View]
157313727(((Krautgate General))) Killing Chickens Ethically edition: Johnny Fox tries to take down JF https:/…[View]
157316254Underrated /oursongs/: The Fr*nch had a pretty good anthem: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=H_cCVLHbzC…[View]
157321447Is the war on the white race is real?[View]
157320707You can literally hear the soy dropping out of their reporters’ mouths.[View]
157320062Gavin sort of sticks out among the other CRTV hosts. Most of the other hosts are pretty traditionall…[View]
157301681What happened to Trump? He seemed much more calm, smarter and more rational in the 80's and 90…[View]
157320676why is pol such a hive mind[View]
157319178/ptg/ President Trump General - A Challenger Appears Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.w…[View]
157311183So you are saying that chicken can fly? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMcjxSThD54 Was there a time…[View]
157319019GOP WIN: That's my boy Donald![View]
157301618Shits going to blow up on demorats faces. Even CNN polls show nobody gives a rats ass about daca and…[View]
157317820I just joined a couple of friends of mine to a club. They're friends of mine no longer. The cl…[View]
157317766'Liberalist' was tried and failed in Norway. This post is for those that think Sargon's Liberal…[View]
157320725>in the mid 90s economists said there was pretty much no way for the current generation to do bet…[View]
157319604Chuck Schumer headed over to the White House today for a little chat. Wish I could have been a fly o…[View]
157313718Zucker out at CNN. Thanks Trump and AT&T!!!: Worst timeline for fake news.[View]
157286049HAPPENING TODAY: Don't take my word. Check the source yourself. Also: GE THE FUCK IN HERE!…[View]
157317074message to /pol/ and lurkers from a large discord team: We're going to become leftists. Go inha…[View]
157320833SLAVIC POWER: Why do white people fear SLAVS so much? From Russian nuclear warheads to Bulgarian thi…[View]
157320697ITT: Stupid shit normies say: >You should watch Greatest Story Never Told…[View]
157318867What was /pol/ like 5+ years ago?[View]
157290491HAHAHAHA YOU'RE FUCKED NOW /POL/: Ben de Pear, the editor of Channel 4 News, said Newman had be…[View]
157320146Why /pol/ hate mediterreans? we're pretty nice people and basically the founders of western cul…[View]
157318376Japan is the Britain of Asia: >piss off continental monkeys >naval empire >civilised >…[View]
157320700KIM JUNG UN IS NORTH KOREA'S 50 CENT: KIM JUNG UN IS NORTH KOREA'S 50 CENT https://www.you…[View]
157320688The remake of Heathers has a fat SJW, gay guy, and black girl as the villains: With the straight whi…[View]
157318548Guess the offender's background: news.com.au/sport/tennis/australian-open/five-teens-in-court-a…[View]
157318149What would happen if you showed up to your first day of basic (USA) wearing a hammer and sickle t sh…[View]
157320544Whites: Are they actually slaves to blacks? They work hard so we don't have to.[View]
157299574Brit/pol/ - The 10/10 in America Edition: >Macron: pay 2 play with EU https://unv.is/heraldscotla…[View]
157270689Bill Gates daughter is dating an ARAB[View]
157320513I've read the FISA memo. It's pic related. Ignore the Russian bots and post more mutt meme…[View]
157311344Boomer here...: No offense but get fucked you ungrateful kids. You blame us for everything but I 100…[View]
157272689Give me one good reason why we shouldn't have mandatory birth control as soon as you hit pubert…[View]
157320233Is it true the secret and most erotic fetish of German women is being raped/executed by manly Slavic…[View]
157308540when venezuela collapses who will accept the millions of refugees?[View]
157313099Virginity should not be seen as negative trait, rather it should be ignored. This bourgeois cultural…[View]
157319293Newspeak: >Republicans, based on current whip counts, need a dozen Democrats to cross over and vo…[View]
157278633Why are men becoming more feminized?: I've noticed that far too many men, particularly millenni…[View]
157319921With the rise of China as a neo global hegemony and it's surefooted adoption as a super power p…[View]
157318499Economism: Today I was in Econ class, and was talking about society with my teacher. He's a mar…[View]
157301584TDS246: Deportations Will Continue Until Demographics Improve: Which one of you paycucks has the new…[View]
157319786Working with blacks?: Hello, I am about to start my first job, but the HR person said that they are …[View]
157319625I need help[View]
157319756/HTG/ Human Traffing General - LV Shooter Laptop Edition: This general is for identifying, discussin…[View]
157301855Welcome to 2018 These are the white males.[View]
157319524*blocks your path*: Sais: Real gs don't talk they just sit back and listen. What do you do?…[View]
157315144Soy General: How do we deal with soyboys and efemminate men that root for feminism?[View]
157319496This is supposed to be a shampoo ad for muslim women in the UK. Thoughts ? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news…[View]
157319480Almost every girl I've ever dated / talked to about it has told me they are bisexual. Is this a…[View]
157318968Daily reminder that all forms of christianity and the other religions of Abraham are of Jewish origi…[View]
157318509Where can I go to listen to some good old fashioned nigger hating country music? Youtube is fully ki…[View]
157316704Wives are for breeding and child-rearing, not hobby partners.: The principal value of any marriage m…[View]
157319313Too Funny[View]
157311496Macron thread[View]
157319209Angela Nagle thinks you're all sexually frustrated losers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMVS…[View]
157316841President Trump General /ptg/ - Tuck time soon: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
157315540Is 3 white guys and 1 black guy the ideal for a group of American buddies?[View]
157306080Hijab-wearing model stars in L'Oréal Paris hair campaign: >L'Oreal Paris is breaking ba…[View]
157318564Wanna hear a joke?: In a perfect world what did the Palestinian say to the Israeli?[View]
157318654What does /pol/ think of this movie? >tim did nothing wrong[View]
157318353A thousand years ago when people saw this they knew exactly what had happened.: Their armies had bee…[View]
157313038Why do white countries suppress black men from getting a real education?: Apparently it's polit…[View]
157277109White movies that black people wouldn't watch: What are some white movies that black people don…[View]
157318102Giving Gays rights was a mistake: Why did we even allow them rights? It was clear it made things wor…[View]
157318753Loyalism General: ITT, we renounce our citizenship to be an independent nation. We will only be loya…[View]
157316911He Almost Knows: >be me >In a political philosophy class to fill out gen ed requirement >ta…[View]
157317683>defends pornography >defends women in politics >atheist >hasn't actually done anyt…[View]
157304381WW3: Coming this summer.[View]
157316177alpha to omega: 157306961 The say the devil is 6 because this world is satans world, and when you lo…[View]
157317950>nu-male soyboy >can grow a full beard >is 40 looks 28 explain…[View]
157318502Ameri/pol/ - The West is the best Edition: Monroe Doctrine is reaffirmed in this thread. If you are …[View]
157318461WAR?: >The U.S. military's advantage over Russia and China is 'eroding,' according to an unc…[View]
157315122AWWWW SHIT NIGGAS: MEMO THIS: http://thehill.com/homenews/news/369850-deutsche-bank-flags-suspicious…[View]
157318347/pol/ humor thread.[View]
157315227/ang/ - Anti Nazi General: We're all starting to hate nazis here. It's clear that they…[View]
157315624Did he really do anything wrong /pol/?[View]
157308889Chris Chan has called you out /pol/: How will you answer the call? https://youtu.be/-9IntyZap2U…[View]
157307811March For Life: Satan and Heathens BTFO https://youtu.be/QFv7jZ00vLI[View]
157318283The absolute state of liberals: > Trump colluded with Russia to become president > Trump never…[View]
157316932Will the Eternal Eur*pean ever be stopped?: Us based Anglos are NOT European. We are Anglospherian.…[View]
157317582jazz & jesse 25? anyone have it: Anyone have it?[View]
157311955Government Shutdown: will it start a civil war? why did trump give them the opportunity to protest f…[View]
157288516Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Chancenlos Edition: Groko coalition talks are sealed. The SPD congres…[View]
157317918Twittter being cucks.: Twitter just suspended my account for having Kekistan in the bio. fucking ret…[View]
157285302Chris chan BTFO of /pol/: Chris chan beats pol https://youtu.be/-9IntyZap2U[View]
157317649he's right you know[View]
157317622Listen to me white people.: Do you really believe it is a coincidence that, over the last few decade…[View]
157314665>republican spin >CNN[View]
157317570North Africans vs Black Americans?: Why are black Americans equated with only the most primitive of …[View]
157316610WTF /POL/ GUY GETS ROBBED $30 000 ON BITCONNECT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ln5abKYrJs4 THEN PU…[View]
157305047They want to ban crypto. Who is they, though?[View]
157305779Oh shit they caught us guys. How will we ever recover[View]
157315223Troll group of commies: I got this group in a conversation its suposed to be the 'Federacion de Comu…[View]
157317302All religions worship themselves. These fools believe that God is a more extreme version of themselv…[View]
157313275Now that I am red pilled on Soy I can see soy in so many of the foods that I like.: Why is there so …[View]
157316225ContraPoints: What does /pol/ think of her?[View]
157309384/pol/ Humor RIGHT THE FUCK NOW[View]
157312945Why are western countries mostly service economies now? Why don't we produce things anymore?[View]
157316263Shutdown means ICE is not getting paid >Laughs in mexican[View]
157311951Niggers actually believe this shit? We could make some good money selling them fairytales, magic pot…[View]
157310785WTF #TRUMPSHUTDOWN: WHAT THE FUCK 5 minutes ago #schumershutdown was trending. I refresh the page an…[View]
157313346/ptg/ President Trump General - Longcoat Don is best Don edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://w…[View]
157316872American living in Germany here, I have 6 parking/speeding tickets. I want to pay them but I’m worri…[View]
157316067Would we be better off if the Romans had just killed them all?[View]
157316770Strasserism FTW: I can't understand why so many white nationalists support capitalism. FACTS -…[View]
157316792Do you believe that there will be a successful false flag by the end of the month? Are you prepared …[View]
157309598Researchers suggest drugging us with Oxytocin to make us accepting of migrants: >Accommodating th…[View]
157314735If Trump is against immigration and chain shit, why doesnt he roll back the 1965 Immigration act pas…[View]
157313685SHUTDOWNB OWL: GET. HYPE.[View]
157246235Why are white women working so much instead of having babies?[View]
157316243What if its not the jews that ruin everything?[View]
157316167Is there anything more degenerate then publicly attacking your own kids ?: >She was expelled from…[View]
157311094why have people ALWAYS hated communism even before it was tried? like now we have the argument that …[View]
157313548What do you say when people say feminism is bad now, but it used to be OK.: What are Early feminist …[View]
157310877Why are Trump and Pence so distant with eachother? Obama and Biden were bros for life and it was fun…[View]
157315255>1969:What is a Palestinina ? Palestinians don't exist, goy >2018: What is a white person…[View]
157315535first day: Hey /pol/ I was talking with a friend and he told me to come on here and ask someone to r…[View]
157315984Trumptards think there's a magic memo to save Cheeto Elvis.[View]
157315724The key is to be like the jews >harbor a deep resentment >have a deep sense of superiority …[View]
157310899Greenies BTFO: “Straya” Adani Coal protesters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lusgQS9tPR0…[View]
157301684Syria General /sg/ - FSA Smart Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.c…[View]
157315712Daily reminder that all forms of christianity and the other religions of Abraham are of Jewish origi…[View]
157315398John Sentamu, Archbishop of York and permanent member of the House of Lords.[View]
157294886Should Europeans adopt black children to end world hunger?[View]
157315598So a Jersey girl that ranted about hating black folks, got expelled from a state funded University. …[View]
157315247Is Turkey european?: Considering that there's turkish land in the continent of Europe, why does…[View]
157313897Why are Russians so darn happy?: >Tsar gets killed they dance >Nazis invade they dance even mo…[View]
157310735>Feminism >Trannies >Homosexuals >Black Vikings >Pro Muslim >Anti racism >Relig…[View]
157315078Let me leave this here:: Update on Twitter’s Review of the 2016 U.S. Election By Twitter PublicPolic…[View]
157307774The nukes are flying the great happening has happening, you can save 3 countries besides your own wh…[View]
157312575What's this face called?[View]
157315072Accept it: >Can't force Mexico to pay for your wall >Can't force congress minority t…[View]
157302295Why did the Jews sink the SS Edmund Fitzgerald?[View]
157300487>mortgage >car payment >car insurance >student loans >utilities >health insurance …[View]
157306459Eric Paddock: What is the address of Eric Paddock? It seems to be in Orange County[View]
157314493Sam Seder debunks alt right and race realism. Look how stupid these alt Reichers are lol. But we…[View]
157314732Why do Jews do this? Is there any explanation to this bizarre, confrontational behavior?[View]
157312585>you will never live in a society that gives you a place and a mission from birth >you will ne…[View]
157313947>be me >break up with first girl you love >find another gf which is very inteligent and ed…[View]
157312296hide your kids, your power levels..[View]
157314104I'm coming for your taxes, Donald.[View]
157314015Why can't every woman be like Allie Stuckey?[View]
157299888/rsg/ Red Storm General -- 2018 Midterms: >convenient general source for everything important abo…[View]
157306378Police at my door for 'Road rage' with African-American woman who said I threatened her: >attempt…[View]
157306550Israel should be annexed by Syria: >Jews lose control >Hamas/Islamists don't gain control…[View]
157309798How do we fix modern journalism? Inb4 we can't.[View]
157314048>Genuinely believe in libertarian ideology >Realize that I am somewhat of an underachiever who…[View]
157298863Why does anyone like Peterson when all he does is preach against Chaos? Chaos is literally one of th…[View]
157313225How white are you? The closer to the bottom you are, the whiter you are.[View]
157307461>white nationalists bicker over whether breathing oxygen is Jewish or not >meanwhile China is …[View]
157312137Looks like the memo was a nothingburger after all. /pol/ was wrong as usual. >h-hillary and obam…[View]
157312804Why was Eric Schmidt in North Korea?[View]
157306598FASbol: Who here is unironically FASbol? It's more than irony at this point and should be taken…[View]
157298343(((Krautgate General))) Sargon Is Reading edition: Johnny Fox tries to take down JF https://youtu.be…[View]
157312765Free speech is hate speech: Every platform must be taken away from these advocates of 'free speech',…[View]
157313625Send home Anchor Parents: Every adult who comes to America and becomes a citizen has to petition the…[View]
157311073Legally Gained Land: I just legally gained land ownership in the US without having a mortgage. I got…[View]
157310527/ptg/ President Trump General - #NotAllSharks Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehou…[View]
157287977Why don't people that want 'free' healthcare or 'free' education realize that it's not act…[View]
157312798Can't Republicans just eliminate the filibuster like they did with Supreme Court nominations la…[View]
157308607Esoteric Kekism thread: Kek is the deification of the concept of primordial darkness in the Ancient …[View]
157272779>Nog puts down his entire lifesavings on a Ponzi Scheme >GET DAT MONEY NIGGA >Ponzi scheme …[View]
157292387this is why you carry[View]
157310486don't get married.[View]
157312673APOLOGIZE NOW[View]
157312925>”Americans were barely involved in ww2, us europeans fought the nazis more” >”Dude what the f…[View]
157309812What's a good way to meet up with fellow white nationalist in my area? My 'friends' r…[View]
157305895Do you have any objective, factual evidence that the Jews are trying to control the world?[View]
157311973Good ol' James strikes again.: I don't understand you, dems. Why do you want to let the ni…[View]
157312846Himpower Got Shutdown: I know you boys are in here, what's going on. https://www.ctvnews.ca/mo…[View]
157292380Why'd she do it, bros?[View]
157310712'Every year more native Germans die than there are born. This is very fortunate': What did this disg…[View]
157312720What have you done to support balkanization of the USA?[View]
157311834What does /pol/ think was responsible for the insurgent victory in the first battle of Fallujah? I…[View]
157307678What the fuck is going on in the US?[View]
157311950Republicans are in charge[View]
157306380Lol, why actually is DMT illegal in pretty much every country in the world? Note, this is relevant t…[View]
157310110Heres a thing most of you faggots can't comprehend. There are only 4 races. Black, white, india…[View]
157309061He’s right.[View]
157312176https://www.state.gov/j/ct/list/c14151.htm Why was Syria added in 1979?[View]
157308500Why Russia is uncrushable: Thats why american stupid pussies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLEBlcJ…[View]
157307183How will we ever recover.[View]
157310093No, seriously, they ACTUALLY believe I'm going to prison on that gay little cartoon porn site[View]
157311947Why do I have to be toward they are EEO in my rejection email.: Thank you again for your interest in…[View]
157311941QTDDTOT: Let's start a thread for questions that don't deserve their own thread. Pretty mu…[View]
157310244Redpill thread: Friend wants to get redpilled on anything and everything post your best redpills. Ev…[View]
157301042CALL TO ACTION ANONS, THIS IS THE MOMENT WE HAVE BEEN WAITING ON!: Anons. Just a 1-mute call with yo…[View]
157302273Have European uniforms devolved?: Seriously, soldiers uniforms don't look even half as adorable…[View]
157301233how can china still call itself communist when it has accepted capitalism into its system ?[View]
157310264How bad of a president do you have to be to potentially shutdown the government when you control all…[View]
157311017Just post libs getting rekt. I'm so fucking sick of dealing with their bullshit at uni. >tum…[View]
157309492Race is a social construct: Why do you guys say that a white woman can give birth to a black baby, b…[View]
157311204Rhodesian's Never Die: I feel a sense of false nostalgia towards Rhodesia and her Security Forc…[View]
157311351https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solyndra >Big solar doesn't exi-…[View]
157311348>Jews have high IQ and are sma-: Why does this meme still persist?[View]
157301904Is there really JIDF on 4chan? Or is it wrong?[View]
157311112How to tell when a politician like Donald Trump is lying: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtriNwI3Iw…[View]
157286635Asian-Americans: >Vote Dem at higher rates than Jews >At the forefront of virtually all pet li…[View]
157310934GOYS CALM DOWN. KEEP UPLOADING: Zuckerberg the world famous JEW collecting all the information ((the…[View]
157311037Should the murder of journalists be decriminalized? Would you partake? How would you do it?[View]
157308612How long until the US annexes Canada? The more Islamic 'refugees' that they let in, the more a secur…[View]
157310748the idea of the memos actually being released is exciting, but you all do know that even if it is ha…[View]
157310517Join the British Army: Stand around and wait for musilms to pray. Be the most progressive https://ww…[View]
157299027>sharks: >The president of the United States does not like sharks >“Sorry folks, I’m just n…[View]
157305011Russian twitter bots are pushing for memo release: nice try /pol/[View]
157307980/ptg/ President Trump General - Would You Like To Join? Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://ww…[View]
157305612are Nazis just closeted Muslims?[View]
157298704Test your knowledge on Paganism pol: What is this pendent and where does it orginated from?[View]
157310106>the goyim elected trump >the goyim are not reproducing >the goyim are supporting the …[View]
157308938Louise, a CUTE[View]
157303648>Earth >Billions of years old https://youtu.be/ezXcxbfr76k…[View]
157310305master negotiatin' deal maker[View]
157290504Éire/pol/ - The Nation Survived Another Week! edition: Thread Theme: https://youtu.be/krZEfzKAhD4 Na…[View]
157308905It seems like Men are the niggers of Females,: I'll start: Abortion. Women are the biggest mur…[View]
157310199THE GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN IS A JEWISH CONSPIRACY!!!!: They're at it again! The Jews man, when the…[View]
157302713this belongs China[View]
157309734>yes, we have all kinds of economic problems in 'capitalism', but you see: >it's not REAL…[View]
157310184What's with this 'amerimutt' meme? Has nobody heard of HYBRID VIGOR?[View]
157297694> be Norwegan >poorfag >can't afford heating cuz shit electirc sshystem failing >Fy…[View]
157299845Friendly reminder that Christian morals are superior.: Christianity promotes traditionalism and nucl…[View]
157309564Where will he be in 3 years?: Will Jordan Peterson and others as yet undiscovered save him?[View]
157310011World's most visited cities in 2017[View]
157304941WANNA SMASH THAT PUSSY? BETTER SMASH THE PATRIARCHY FIRST: >hello fellow comrade we’re to help u …[View]
157307229EVERY. FUCKING. TIME.[View]
157305693The Q persona is a psyop / Phd research experiment. >makes indirect statements >makes vague st…[View]
157300199Dunkirk strikes again - UK bound Afghan refugee loses both legs: Why did Brits not evacuate him like…[View]
157298302Is is time we give back the Falklands back?: If the argies want it back, we should give it back.…[View]
157303671I love modern West so much.[View]
157307326Is /pol/ just ironic? Some of the stuff here seems extremely outlandish and racist. Like I can under…[View]
157306785There is a woman's march in Okc tomorrow[View]
157304680>be half russian half georgian. >russians hate me because georgians are subhumans. >georgia…[View]
157288186Nothingburger?: Even Scott Adams is saying its a nothingburger. What gives?[View]
157305793What made you hate humanity?[View]
157299228Fact is that bongs would never beat Germans in war without helps from Americans[View]
157302952DAILY SHOAH 246 - Deportations Will Continue Until Demographics Improve: What do you think about sen…[View]
157308055Conspiracy Theories: Do people really believe in all of the conspiracy theories on /pol/?[View]
157309536HWNDU: Was Shia divided again?[View]
157309231My Borders My Choice Check In: The 21st is coming soon. Are we still doing this?[View]
157309470Hey pol im half white half sephardic jewish and im dating a black woman does my ethnicity make my re…[View]
157290997Based Norway[View]
157285573/SWEG/- Swedish Election General: THIS IS WHERE THE FIGHT FOR EUROPE BEGINS. On the 9th September, S…[View]
157304737Ok, which one of you faggots is this? Keep it secret, keep it safe? really? LOTR shitposting on the …[View]
157303312It seems that humans are broken by design. Is transhumanism/postbiological society the only solution…[View]
157309154Does it make you feel better (((twitter))) is censoring fake news /pol/?[View]
157309169Organizing University Campus Security Group: How can I covertly turn everyone into Nazis for the lul…[View]
157275141Why does WaPo make titles like this? Does this kind of language appeal to a certain type of people?[View]
157306608https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/the-richest-countries-in-the-world.html Only countries that are …[View]
157307091Fellow Republicans, as we watch the government shut down for nothing more than the President’s ignor…[View]
157308977ITT: media you’re ok giving the Jew money for: 1. Curb Your Enthusiasm, because it shows jews being …[View]
157304044Is there a god?: /pol/ I need some serious help. I've never believed in a god ever throughout m…[View]
157284736After the EU attempt to grab our guns, we will vote to cut all ties with the EU. We will vote to bec…[View]
157306369When all the shills, CTR, sharblue and libtards realise THEY were the useless idiots.: https://www.y…[View]
157308921Murder in Sweden: There was 583 kills/murders in Sweden in the year 2017. 104 of them were shot to d…[View]
157307606What do you think about the revelations that Trump cheated on his pregnant wife with a pornstar?[View]
157308888>yfw ICE starts arresting leftist politicians[View]
157308190Eunuchs: I have an idea What if we castrated violent offenders? The loss of testosterone would kill …[View]
157301767Jodel: Is this app popular in your area? As I understand it it's big in Scandinavia and Germany…[View]
157291137EU aims to bring in Serbia, Montenegro by 2025: RUSSIA BTFO http://www.euronews.com/2018/01/19/eu-ai…[View]
157308791ITT Memes that write themselves[View]
157308787The new /pol/ theme song!: https://vocaroo.com/i/s05z5MLruLwB LYRICS: I'm a cuckold white boy I…[View]
157304425GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN: Why don't the Tax Payers just refuse en-masse to pay their taxes for as lo…[View]
157308704Was this an early attempt by Hollywood to promote race-mixing or was it just Anglos trying to cuck S…[View]
157304103Why do some many neo-nazis become faggot marxists?: inb4 horseshoe theory[View]
157293350Nigress 'tree of logic' launches an attack on the alt-right.: https://youtu.be/aMLvszY65gw…[View]
157302481Daily reminder: /pol/ was all fun and keks until you brainlet goyim chimped out and turned someone i…[View]
157308423Dogecoin: Anyone have any spare dogecoin they wanna send me then you know what to do ;) A34M7fmJX8dk…[View]
157303258/pol/ will defend this.[View]
157308463Refute This Image Wh*teboi: >protip: you can’t[View]
157300048Well /pol/? Why choose a sex doll over the real thing?[View]
157307501Can we meme that the memo will expose trump Russian collusion, as a ruse?[View]
157300467Protest happened at my school today.: Just wanted your guys opinions/feedback about this whole prote…[View]
157306499Remember /pol/: No matter how crazy things become in this world, always stay true to your nature, th…[View]
157304844/ptg/ President Trump General - Leftist Fetish Fantasies Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://w…[View]
157300059What time to be alive[View]
157306950MAKE DEUTSCHLAND GREAT AGAIN.: Will Germany ever recover from Merkel and her toxic, self destructive…[View]
157308168Who wants to PARTY?![View]
157308135Fucking California, it's like they live to shoot themselves in the foot. $1M in GAAP revenue is…[View]
157302748Friendly reminder that /pol/ is a natsoc board: lolbergs can kindly fuck off.[View]
157307917FISA Memo: Can someone please explain what this FISA memo thing is.[View]
157308087Why did we end the indian american war?: There are still swavs of land unclaimed in the western port…[View]
157295465did anyone else catch this? Tucker Carlson is literally /our guy/. https://twitter.com/westland_will…[View]
157307997I wish I was English: I wish I was English every single day of my life. I want to have a heavenly bl…[View]
157303200Did the Clinton's offer Lynch a seat on the Supreme Court if she would fix the investigation in…[View]
1573079301960's: Feminists get mad >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4yFJO6MvlI…[View]
157304349The more redpilled I become, the more I think White Nationalism and /pol/ is for dysgenics and shoul…[View]
157268791CA to fine employers $10,000 for assisting ICE raids: >The state’s top cop issued a warning to Ca…[View]
157307415>Mesoamerican Tribes obsessed with torture >Drug Cartels obsessed with torture Nothing has cha…[View]
157277913Hannity has the memo. #ReleasetheMemoHannity[View]
157302085How American are the websites you browse?: Percent of visitors coming from the United States of Amer…[View]
157307751Is Maine the future white ethno-state? http://bangordailynews.com/2018/01/19/news/state/maine-town-m…[View]
157307638Anyone knows the answer?[View]
157307462is freedom a good thing?[View]
157306854This is such bullshit. Why can't stupid people do stupid shit and suffer the consequences. THIS…[View]
157305379/pol why do these russian untermensch hate us caucasians?[View]
157307430Is there anybody affiliated with Trump not a criminal?[View]
157303449Hey... Hey, you... CLEAN YOUR ROOM, BUCKO![View]
157305386Heres my theory on the soylent grin: Freud thought the lips were a portrayal of a vagina, that is po…[View]
157305387Kimberly Guilfoyle slipped up live what did her notes say pol: Kimberly Guilfoyle showed her notes l…[View]
157303616The founder effect: whites and blacks: https://www.helix.com/blog/mars-dna-founder-effect The founde…[View]
157307358Is it just me or do you also hate black people?: Black people don't contribute to society. Blac…[View]
157295017How much nigger ancestry did ancient Egyptians have?: Did they have any?[View]
157300875Hey /pol/, any specific /pol/socks that a lot of people know? Like the Lauren Southern white-knight…[View]
157305257>small brain >small penis >small hands >manlet >causes gov to shut down >racist an…[View]
157307223http://www.newkabbalah.com/home.html Sounds like something you could make people pay money for if yo…[View]
157305617Would Ron Paul have beaten Obama in 2012?[View]
157287850have you pre-ordered your copy?[View]
157307063Why did the tranny faggots force John Hopkins to reinstate satanic rituals of so-called “sex reassig…[View]
157299146/pol/ - the ultimate manipulation: Tell me Anon, how much time have you spent in front of your compu…[View]
157304545It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen. Winrar Smith, zir chin nuz…[View]
157303081The Dick Van Dyke Show chosen for All Black Cast remake: >'The famous hit show from the 60s, The …[View]
157260079So what's /pol/'s oppinion, should Catalonia be granted Independence? why?[View]
157291930So, /pol/: What are you waiting for? Your Führer awaits you.[View]
157303365Norway versus Russia: what is Norway planning, are they really going to war or what?[View]
157298352Girthers: We're seriously supposed to believe a deepstate career physician saying that this blo…[View]
157305424diet: >eating fast garbage if you want to live a healthier and longer life, eat whatever you wan…[View]
157295947Ben Shapiro...Its afraid: Seriously though, WHAT did he mean by this???[View]
157296712>all your sources are kike forgeries! >...whereas my source, aryanwisdom1488 is completely leg…[View]
157302088There should be a list of government pre-approved first names: And no, Chicago or Paris or Ca$$er or…[View]
157306306Racial Purity = Inbreeding: Reminder that not being a mutt is scientifically proven to you dysgenic.…[View]
157298750Why don't you accept faggots, /pol/? We support Trump, cheered brexit, and want to build the wa…[View]
157306209Argentinians: Reminder Argentinians are white than us burgers.[View]
157306187shillproof: Why are there so many 'why are there so many...' threads? Lets just shill ourselfs. Acce…[View]
157297458Obama/Winfrey 2020, how could trump even compete[View]
157306148ProChoice - be coherent with arguments: A lot of ProLife people argument that it's immoral to a…[View]
157298939Is it working?: http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/african-americans-moving-africa-1801160927…[View]
157304252>Be Mexico >Can't even accomplish anything with the land you have >Demand your old lan…[View]
157281017I generally consider myself a libertarian, but recently I went ahead and read the Communist Manifest…[View]
157297844*Who* spread the plague and how: Please drop information of the theories on how the plague was delib…[View]
157301972TDS 246 is out!: Paycucks gibs me dat![View]
157305215Violent Brawl at 'YAMS' Rap Concert in the Bronx: These goddamn fucking Norwegians really piss me of…[View]
157304595What's the difference really?: Seems like they are all different sides of the same coin.[View]
157303270This man has the highest IQ in the world and he's an authoritarian technocrat, what's /pol…[View]
157267506Guys, I don't think you understand how important this debate was. The man was literally arguing…[View]
157293191Will Trump be remembered like Reagan?: Ten, twenty, thirty years after he finishes his second term, …[View]
157303549how can I be truly religious when intellect doesn't let me? do I need to suffer greatly to disc…[View]
157305402Dying North Koreans a sign US diplomatic strategy works, Tillerson says: “The Japanese… have had ove…[View]
157303471Is Tucker /our/guy/?: >Race Baiter Al Sharpton Attacks Tucker Carlson with Out of Context Clip ht…[View]
157303590Thousands of African Americans move from America to Africa due to perceived racism.: >Why some Af…[View]
157296158Just a reminder that white people are going to die out and there is nothing you can do about it[View]
157290805Your IQ, race, gender, country, and occupation.: I'm a white male white working in the financia…[View]
157304319Is he the biggest rich kid PUSSY of all Time? Pro tip: YES[View]
157302949New Albion, ME ... is woke as hell?: It might be time to go live with the free-folk in the North! ht…[View]
157300671POC you're in danger.[View]
157286957HAPPENING! INVADING NORWAY!: How hard would it be to just take over Norway? The Fremskrittspartiet i…[View]
157304649Why you guys still don't know how Trump operates? Everything is flying past you. There will be …[View]
157303455Nogs: Why do niggers stink[View]
157304804Reminder that the difference between spics and humans is that humans have couth. Spics will eat, shi…[View]
157300941skyking thread http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/ skyking is very unclear today[View]
157299579Some of you guys are alright Don't go to earth tomorrow[View]
157304095>Republicans and Trumpfags now want government open[View]
157301125President Trump General /ptg/ - The People have spoken edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www…[View]
157299016will it work /pol/?[View]
157267483500 racists sign petition to keep The Witcher polish https://www.change.org/p/netflix-cast-polish-ac…[View]
157302892Why is he so pathetic?[View]
157300921You are literally not allowed to say that Nazi death camps were in Poland in Germany: A court in Kob…[View]
157303143Why did this white dad murder his Hapa kids?: http://www.sacbee.com/news/local/article195573614.html…[View]
157301127Baltimore cops V.S. skateboarder: Who was in the right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GgWrV8TcUc…[View]
157302436'I'm Not A Racist, But...' Examining the White Nationalist Efforts to Normalize Hate: R. Derek …[View]
157304033There's only two political parties. Right and wrong.[View]
157301473Shithole America: Check out this shithole! https://youtu.be/hIGuSNf29U8[View]
157285765Majority of boomers give no fucks about leaving anything to kids: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/p…[View]
157302189>be me >used to support capitalism and white nationalism >is now a commie >now kills 20 …[View]
157291302DAS RACIST...Wh*te people back at the same ole shit they always been doing http://www.bbc.com/news/…[View]
157297774The media has been ramping up the flu vaccine harder than all fuck this year even though there is re…[View]
157294930Be honest /pol/: Without LARPing, and no mutts are allowed to post.. How many children do you have a…[View]
157302876>He is obsessed with sharks. Terrified of sharks. >“He was like, “I donate to all these charit…[View]
157303718_____> FREEDOM <_____: http://www.serpentseedline.com/control_factor.htm[View]
157303681Belgrade election polls: SNS 37% PSG ( Djilas ) 14% Aleksandar Sapic 9% SPS 7,5% DS 7% SRS 6% Dveri …[View]
157303626Daily reminder Asian/White hate threads are both slide threads by commies, kikes, blacks, or mexican…[View]
157281803What happens with us faggots who didn't take military service? Mandatory military service here …[View]
157275195Should best friends be banned?: UK wants to ban best friends because it discriminates against others…[View]
157302093Was not genociding protestants a mistake?: Why didn't Catholic countries genocide protestants b…[View]
157293929>New research shows that the number of privately insured U.S. women aged 15–44 years who filled a…[View]
157298272This shit has gone on long enough. How do we settle the Nigger Question once and for all?[View]
157296965Kim Jong Un: Is he /ourguy/?[View]
157302733Upcoming 2018 Ontario provincial elections: Hey /pol/ I want to know in your opinion what provincial…[View]
157302438Lets be honest /pol/. Which pill would you pick?[View]
157303000tfw: you hope an ethnostate happens so you can watch ethnotards purity spiral and kill each other be…[View]
157301614Patreon/Paypal/Crowdfunding: Is Patreon/Paypal/Crowdfunding the new entitlement? Shouldn't peop…[View]
157289785I am TOTALLY SICK of this crap! It is time to nuke this administration into the abyss! Enough with t…[View]
157302543ITT: actual political redpills: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EUb0XDVg_w[View]
157298615When and how did you get redpilled on the Jews?[View]
157302635Theory Crafting NK Spy Ring: What if the missile alert 'accidents' in Hawaii and Japan wer…[View]
157301912YFW You realize the Memo might be designed to demotivate.: What are the chances that this collusion …[View]
157299899So /pol, do you have tha balls to do it? Or are you just sheep being led to the laughter?[View]
157300527What's the deal with homeless people?: Why don't they just get a house?[View]
157270216What the fuck happened in hawaii for real?[View]
157278909RIP BITCOIN: Speaking to CNBC, Mr Wilson said cryptocurrencies presented a threat to country's …[View]
157285917Come do business in Bulgaria and Romania! We have 10% flat tax rate and property is relatively cheap…[View]
157302363This may be the greatest redpill you will see, this explains the western degeneracy we see today. ht…[View]
157302203Christianity=ultimate blue pill: Christianity was a religion to keep you people all passive and shit…[View]
157297083Why are so many young, modern men incapable of interacting romantically with women? How can we fix t…[View]
157299193Is theft by shoplifting from mega corporations redpilled?[View]
157299315So you're saying that we should structure our societies along the lines of the lobsters?[View]
157301797If you were given a certain 'budget' each month to spend on projects related to your cause…[View]
157301739Why did we end the american injun war?: The last time we were at war with these savages was in 1923 …[View]
157301737Why do retards confuse Strasserism with Marxism? https://archive.org/stream/germanytomorrow019874mbp…[View]
157297448Former Mexican president Vicente Fox on Trump's border wall plans: “Build that wall,” was Donal…[View]
157301617'You will never fucking rise, Nazi fucking scum!' WE GOT ANOTHER COMMIE-CORE BAND!!!! https://www.yo…[View]
157301588David Cameron is a dick and a hypocrite: Hey David Cameron, Remember when you said Sadiq Khan shared…[View]
157300017A thousand years ago when people saw this they knew exactly what had happened.: Their armies had bee…[View]
157301526/ffg/ • FUTURE FASH GENERAL: Let's style the Imperium. cont'd from >157275885 Post Men…[View]
157300276How much political power does /pol/ have?: Some say we're just virgins in a basement. But are w…[View]
157299951Who is the most corrupt President of all time?[View]
157274890'Friends' Too Offensive For Modern Viewers: >The most bland, inoffensive, pussy shit from the 90s…[View]
157297897take the red pill and stop eating crap[View]
157299449WHO YOU GONNA CALL?: Antifa wants YOU to call. Report your local racist today![View]
157296541What's going on in Bizarro World where Hillary defeated Donald?[View]
157291783Trump cruelly guts war on opioids with massive funding cut: How will /pol/ defend this????? https://…[View]
157296505Why does the left love to fetishize fascism /natsoc: I mean it is everywhere , from their most perso…[View]
157264756Pizzagate thread: Red pill some faggots with your best pizza gate info in here. Including Pegasus mu…[View]
157284990Canadas Economy is 'Booming': >be me >pipefitter w/ over 10,000hrs experience >ha…[View]
157297584/ptg/ President Trump General - Never late, always on time edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https:/…[View]
157272374Brit/pol/- Walthamstow edition: >Macron: pay 2 play with EU https://unv.is/heraldscotland.com/pol…[View]
157300769Do you want to know why people are communist now? Because they have sickles even in their arteries[View]
157292893Islam VALORIZE women :): Apart from Islam, all the systems that claim to value women actually only c…[View]
157290034Syria General /sg/ - Sandstorm Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.c…[View]
157300951Need your theories on CIAnon /pol/: Time for some weaponized autism /pol/. First thread on Wednesda…[View]
157300922What's this business about a memo and why is Trump betraying his supporters?[View]
157300923>private security doesn't wor- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfsOgarSc-Q…[View]
157298358fifty years from now there will be conspiracy videos on youtube about North Korea and 'The Man Who F…[View]
157300862White dindu gets shot in courthouse. >“I think he’s a good boy who got caught up in a bad situati…[View]
157300855>White people hating jews Gets fined, goes to jail , loses job etc >shitskin hating jews Bec…[View]
157300837trying to download a BBC Documentary.. More people care about Nigger Cock than do about Nature/Scien…[View]
157247205Macron will restore military service in France. It's confirmed: Macron emperor of europe soon h…[View]
157291529Why do the liberals think they are smarter than the conservatives?[View]
157299389Halfbreed SJWs: Anyone notice how they tend to be some of the most outspoken and annoyingly tryhard …[View]
157299955https://youtu.be/-9IntyZap2U what did he mean by this?[View]
157300553Redpilled Celebrities: ITT[View]
157295192*sips tea*[View]
157298595Will the American anti-white bullshit swap over to Europe?[View]
157297914Dman, guessing I'm gonna be eating lotsa spaghetti.[View]
157291754>Poland: 99% white, 3rd world shithole >Germany: 89% white, biggest economy in Europe >USA:…[View]
157288521>ends 1st year with record low approval ratings and a government shutdown SO MUCH WINNING LOLOLOL…[View]
157300304Honestly, did the holocaust happen?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnpTWKKWQ1o Did the holocaust h…[View]
157277561SWEDEN IS THE ONLY NATION OUT THERE TO EVER BEAT THE JEWS: Sweden has got alot of hate recently, but…[View]
157296743Leon Kennedy has been arrested! http://www.news9.com/story/37305752/oilton-mayor-arrested-in-kickbac…[View]
157298483/pol/ always talks about creating an ethnostate, but you retards want to go about it in the stupides…[View]
157298488How do you argue clearly and simply when: white Cucks say 'Oh well you're blaming all the jews …[View]
157293270>b-but muh evil and dumb nignogs Cut it, racist. This is your president, year 2020. End of story.…[View]
157278592Sweden general[View]
157297729>fly foreign flag >call other people cuckolds…[View]
157297728Trump the first president to address the March for life bullshit: How do Trumpfags spin this disaste…[View]
157262761PART2 RELEASE THE MEMO RUNDOWN: >Continued from previous thread >>>157260316 >It’s al…[View]
157296417Bluepilled hate thread: Post everything you hate about normies.[View]
157294582The Q persona is a psyop / Phd research experiment. >makes indirect statements >makes vague st…[View]
157297772Studies on the negative mental and social impacts of diversity. Scholarly articles only!: I am looki…[View]
157299078/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
157297104Still getting Facebook ads on this?: Why are they still spending money sending me ads on this?…[View]
157286836Hey guys: I was just wondering if you support me now that i went to South Africa?[View]
157290756What did he mean by this?: Soviet writer Maxim Gorky remarked, 'Exterminate all homosexuals and fasc…[View]
157299300If you're a vet, you're a ZOG agent. No ifs, and, or buts. Vets know this and will admit w…[View]
157295871Why aren't you focusing on AI, Anon?: AI and human-robot hybrids will be the future. While we a…[View]
157296112The women’s march is making a comeback tomorrow.[View]
157270010Is NASA legit?: We literally have been paying them billions a year, and we've received very lit…[View]
157299275Emperor Rowsell: after he becomes Prime Minister, ascends to King and begins the inevitable journey …[View]
157292145So as predicted, the memo is a big nothing burger. And no one cares about it anymore. What's t…[View]
157299210Trump's forgein policy: Bush's third term: >troop increases in Iraq and Afghanistan …[View]
157288916Tick tock, hillshills. Tick fucking tock.[View]
157299147Camille Paglia: Is she /ourcontrarian/?[View]
157299135face it /pol/: the biggest problem with white ppl is that theyre too successful.[View]
157292658Poland will have to take Muslim refugees from Italy and Greece after all: Thousands of them. And Pol…[View]
157267466Wait...What? He was a fan of Lincoln!: Unfriggibeliable...no wai Hitler makes no sense.[View]
157296517(((KrautGate))) exposed: This whole thing involving the fake kraut and tea doxx, sargon of mossad an…[View]
157296945Daily reminder that all forms of christianity and the other religions of Abraham are of Jewish origi…[View]
157293331California Happening soon?: Is the San Andreas fault beginning to destabilize???[View]
157296904Hawaii false flag event?: A tour boat with twenty people on board witnessed a meteor being blown up …[View]
157290845NEW LAS VEGAS PHOTOS: >Haven’t seen anyone post these today so point me to where someone has, if …[View]
157276147Robo Waifus: Latest jewish trick, or the new frontier?[View]
157297277A question: all the hundreds of millions of dollars that foreign nations donated to the Clinton Foun…[View]
157282102This fat fuck comes up to your wife and slaps her ass while saying >'I don't give a FUCK abo…[View]
157298643How many fucking God damn times will Nunez get to cry wolf before this faggot is hanged?[View]
157253697Is he the worst Pope in recent history?[View]
157298512I need advices on how to start a Revolution. I start this thread with a serious intempt so i want yo…[View]
157282070NEW REPORT OUT ON VEGAS - READ THIS SHIT AND LETS PICK IT DRY https://www.lvmpd.com/en-us/Documents/…[View]
157295006Libs Have Flipped the Narrative On Us: MSM is saying Republicans are at fault for Liberals not votin…[View]
157296591How do niggers think?: Are niggers capable of abstract thought[View]
157282524Sexual Science: A Year in Review: These statistics suggest many interesting things about the world w…[View]
157297861The most redpilled movie of all time: Is pic related[View]
157298373How many times is this man going to slap Putin across the face?[View]
157267720(((Krautgate General))) Kumite Is Live edition: Kumite https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaLCnrynMmA J…[View]
157291306NEWSWEEK RAID: The FBI did more than inspect the servers. They fucking took them. Whatever's go…[View]
157284939SHAREBLUE/DNC SHILL OUT IN FULLFORCE: >Shills claiming that MEMO does not Exist >shill Claim i…[View]
157297120Why do Sweden and Germany push immigrants on Europe?[View]
157294970Post who you are voting for in November >ted Cruz for senate[View]
157291501Is nazbol the ultimate endgame for the world, /pol/?[View]
157296606Kim and Kanya name new daughter.: Kimya's new daughter named Chicago West. Which shithole will …[View]
157296075When do we hack the drug dealers to death?[View]
157292507The president of the most powerful nation in the world fucks pornstars.... for money.[View]
157294821Will Trump be the greatest one term president of all time? Compared to other one terms, he did pret…[View]
157297031Jupiter Is Redpilled, prove me wrong: Tells a refugee you have to go back https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
157296841The ACTUAL size of Africa.[View]
157293897Emannuel Macron: Who is he and what does he stand for? I just read his biography written by some lef…[View]
157295637My Borders My Choice Thread: Alright, the day of reckoning is coming. The day that we start #MyBorde…[View]
157294229/ptg/ President Trump General - /Our Mick/ edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.…[View]
157293542SOUTH AFRICANS. you need to get in now in the latest cryptocurrency, homegrown in south africa. pic …[View]
157295279Islam: Opinion on Islam? Not 'Westernized Islam' which ignores almost every practice of the religion…[View]
157277809American Monarchy Party 2020!: At what point will we finally realize that western democracy is a fai…[View]
157286775what is your map like pol[View]
157297539STAR WARS SJW CRAPFEST: Rian John is a pussy. But he is a slave to Kathleen Kennedy, the angry produ…[View]
157296249>The president is aware of Fisa Abuse How fucked are the democrats right now?…[View]
157293433>hear non-stop on /pol/ about the Islamic takeover of Europe >my evangelical Baptist family is…[View]
157297068Why are germans such degenerates: How could a country fall so low https://video.vice.com/fr/video/mo…[View]
157287855Meanwhile in the timeline where Hillary won....: What's currently going on in the timeline wher…[View]
157273376>Try to redpill wife over the course of 3 years >Continues to worship equality and diversity W…[View]
157275885/ffg/ - FUTURE FASH GENERAL: > Why are we all still dressed like it's 1995? ITT Post your id…[View]
157296956>can one (picrel) be a lier?[View]
157294502>tfw the Norwegian government actually stopped the forced multicultural white genocide doctrine o…[View]
157292112how did sweden end up in its current state ? when did it take this nosedive ? will it recover ?[View]
157285236yfw he actually locks her up[View]
157296647Relax Guys: The memo doesn't say anything about political influence in an investigation. Obama …[View]
157296322Here's the thing. I really do love Obama. I know there are many of you out there who don't…[View]
157296530If white people are the master race, why do they let jews run the world?[View]
157285577/pol/ we need to talk about abortion: When does /pol/ think abortion is okay? Is kicking a guy in th…[View]
157296359The Dutch need to let Rico impregnate their gfs and wives in order to save the white race and produc…[View]
157296045The truth about free speech: Every platform must be taken away from these advocates of 'free speech'…[View]
157295636Couldn't a second type of currency help help poverty while also avoiding causing inflation and …[View]
157295540>Cheeto Mussolini can't even drink a bottle of water without being a giant retard >/pol/ …[View]
157296132The millennial problem seems to be fixing itself.: >Despite the numerous warnings from the Tide b…[View]
157293936Why do you support a serial adulterer?[View]
157296088Potential for 4chan to raid JewBook News Algorithms?: 'Facebook Inc plans to start ranking news sour…[View]
157288245Liberals switched from comparing trump with hitler to comparing him with stalin: Are trump and Olive…[View]
157295961Swedish minister says returning ISIS fighters should be integrated https://www.express.co.uk/news/wo…[View]
157294011Why can't leftists see that the media is just pushing agenda?[View]
157295869>They are releasing more info about Las Vegas Shooting >Just in the same time when the #Releas…[View]
157295820WE KANGZ NOW[View]
157291889One year in, even Trump’s base is ditching him: Even Americans who were willing to give Trump a chan…[View]
157295722>37% of his 'presidency' is looking for/yelling at others to look for the remote. 20% is crying i…[View]
157283812Obsession for college: Why is there this huge obsession for going to college and this stigma towards…[View]
157294080Black supremacy thread: What have wh*tes ever done except burden civilization? Civilization was buil…[View]
157283464Do you guys feel this is the best thing for african americans? Or is there a better alternative?[View]
157295628They are so fucked[View]
157268849burgers pls explain this shit: It's my first time visiting the United States, I stayed at the S…[View]
157292563What’s his name /pol/?: Schneider’s (and much of Hollywood) going down... Protector: Sumner Redstone…[View]
157295347It just gets worse and worse for the drumpft[View]
157295472>'Rabbi, may I ask you a question?' >'Certainly, Anon' >'is there a proper blessing for /po…[View]
157289999Whats /pol/s opinion on Pan-Europeanism?[View]
157295298/pol/s Favorite enlightened monarch: I'll start, and my choice - based on his achievements - is…[View]
157295397/pol/ mods have been deleting this image: >WHY[View]
157287011When will e*ropeans pay for their crimes?[View]
157295272Why shouldn't clinical visits be free? You spend 15 minutes just getting touched up, get a fin…[View]
157291442>encompasses enough land, resources and a geographically prime location between world leaders …[View]
157285667Leaf doing battle with communists: Hello /pol/. I don't post here much so apologies if I'm…[View]
157295067https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ER1LOarlgg Daddy loves us :')[View]
157294179Prove to me that people who are mixed but have a dominate European ancestry aren't white? You c…[View]
157286773leftists meme thread: leftists cringe meme thread[View]
157294579What was she trying to teach?: Was she trying to redpill the kids that banks controll the system or …[View]
157293427MGTOW thread: Hmm let's see >women are degenerate sluts >women make terrible wives/mother…[View]
157294321Conservashits just got fucked by Buck.: It’s. Not. Happening.[View]
157287263Who controls the Swedish media?: Me and my friend are working on a small project where we try to unc…[View]
157254094I underestimated you /pol/: Didn't think I'd see lefties demanding #ReleaseTheMemo but you…[View]
157294682Far Right! Better than Blur. Discuss?: Far Right! Better than Blur. Discuss? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
157288272Where are you on the pyramid?[View]
157292734Jeff Sessions Interview: Kelly stops 'shysters' from manipulating Trump: https://s1.webmshare.com/QR…[View]
157279984Pol humor thread[View]
157273527POPE FRANCIS #METOO: Pope Francis BTFOs sex abuse victims in Chile to ensure the Church finally dies…[View]
157290299Why is /pol/ 90% americans?: /int/ has a good mix of American and other countries, so why doesn…[View]
157291203President Trump General /ptg/ - Because the beauty of White women edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP …[View]
157283653How much % of your monthly revenues is spent on housing?: Is that too much or are you ok with it, yo…[View]
157288527Why are millennial so worthless https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uo0KjdDJr1c[View]
157292738world's richest man has been cucked by a Muslim: https://www.forbesmiddleeast.com/en/who-is-the…[View]
157294267Does this nigga ever deliver?: It never happens, getting tired of the non-happening teases only to b…[View]
157285110why are they so fat?[View]
157293953[Reward] Willing to pay up to $1 to anyone who has dirt on Bill Maher: I'm talking Harvey Weins…[View]
157293820Africa never produced any great works of literature you say?: African appreciation thread[View]
157294189>holy >roman >empire why did germanicucks have to larp as so much? they were nigger tier ba…[View]
157294175FGCU has fliers posted on Campus: Local Anons Based! http://www.winknews.com/2018/01/18/okay-white-f…[View]
157290095Ron Paul: Trump may be vulnerable to 2020 GOP primary challenge: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/r…[View]
157283507IS THIS THE END? Is this really how it ends for us /pol/? I'm scared. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
157291848The time has come, America.[View]
157290530Since immigrants vote democrat in the majority why would there be any reason for a republican to be …[View]
157282038Q ANON AND SURVEILLANCE MEMO: What QAnon said seems to be happening. Will what we already knew final…[View]
157287964Did the Jews kill JFK?[View]
157293133Sweden: Hey how fucked is sweden surrently? I heard something about an incoming civil war. should i …[View]
157291746this board never ceases to amaze me with how retarded and gullible you all are.[View]
157288330Spending is futile - German's trade surplus is not up for negotiation: Germany has by far the h…[View]
157273884Do you ever engage in political discussion with girls?[View]
157281451Russia-linked Twitter accounts are working overtime to help Devin Nunes and WikiLeaks: Twitter accou…[View]
157291833(((Someone))) is doing the raping![View]
157293685+++NEW MISSION+++: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2B85lYenaxE New redpilled movie about how SJW cul…[View]
157293662can anyone gib me money fo sum good stuff? I need dem chicken wingz[View]
157293592I’m a /pol/ newfag Usually spend my time on /biz/ Can we get a classic /pol/ threads thread going? N…[View]
157291657GOP plan to shut down government and blame Democrats backfires spectacularly: A new poll shows the p…[View]
157292909MAKE AZIZ A CONSERVATIVE HERO: The man who ended #metoo[View]
157291381(((who))) could be behind this?[View]
157290821Universal Basic Income: What is your opinion on UBI? There are demerits and merits, but i am on the…[View]
157292868Oh look its another nu-core band: Cancer of humanity Rise, rise You will never fucking rise Rise, ri…[View]
157291417Hi, it's your friend Mike 'The Corporate Hoe' Rowe here with another 'dirty job' for you. The …[View]
157291377future of the israel: ITT we discuss what to do with israel >inb4 nuke it i think israel itself i…[View]
157280415what is the most intellectually stimulating podcast on youtube?[View]
157290714/NG/ - NAFTA General - Canadian Edition: The Economy is booming in the US, with many states having l…[View]
157292821Just another false alarm, nothing to see here. 'Shearon Harris nuclear plant sirens sound false alar…[View]
157288161hes a confirmed pedophile just like Milo[View]
157278882yet another memo thread: the thread i was participating in 404d and i want to entertain a few specif…[View]
157291266You live in a country which is fine putting blatant antiwhite racism on tv and critics applaud it an…[View]
157292759Don’t look it’s the Russians again. Ingnor the multiple congressmen that started it. The Russians ar…[View]
157292701CNN Reporter Jim Acosta BTFO on Schumer Shutdown: 'I Laugh When People Say That, You Know We Need 60…[View]
157292630>Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just announced that their baby girl's name is Chicago West th…[View]
157292614Are these the worst times in history? >Girls don’t wanna fuck anymore, unless it’s your career. …[View]
157288964Throughout history all great empires have been multicultural.: Really made me think[View]
157278243Will concealed carry reciprocity pass the senate?[View]
157291987Emmanuel, a 25 year-old Nigerian claims his face was scarred with a machete by members of the feared…[View]
157283178Why did you guys get Mike Cernovich’s event cancelled?: I know it was you guys that played him. Not …[View]
157291359Is the Tamiflu shortage artificial? Can we get a list going of all of the wealthy creepies that have…[View]
157292087Marriage and Values: The principal value of any marriage must be to foster life. There may be values…[View]
157291997I'm going to post the facts, you can accept them or deny them, but it doesn't change that …[View]
157292004So I'm assuming that Devin 'Self-Fulfilling Surveillance Prophecy' Nunes is going to #releaseth…[View]
157264455ϟϟ NSG ϟϟ Black Sun Edition: What the fuck, why was nationalist socialist general deleted literal ce…[View]
157291867ITT: Fuhrer appreciation thread. >inb4 angry nu/pol/ ledditkikes[View]
157287573What do you think about Trump's stand on Planned Parenthood?: While black women make up only 6 …[View]
157266465>I love my freedom so much, it allows me to express myself as an individual.…[View]
157291384Screw the Russians and their puppets in Washington. HRC & BO have tried warning everyone since t…[View]
157291522/pol/ you are no longer aloud to have best friends: It is no longer politically correct to have best…[View]
157290964Why don't we have slave labor?[View]
157272685Why do cuckservatives hate white people so much even though they're their only base and the onl…[View]
157284961TV Crew arrested by TSA: Trying to sneak a fake bomb into Newark Liberty airport http://www.foxnews.…[View]
157228865#FusionCollusion 20 Breads from this Bakery!: The ENTIRE SYSTEM of FISA-702 surveillance and data co…[View]
157288419If they shut down the government, who's going to protect the memo?[View]
157288679J U S T U S T[View]
157288314President Trump General /ptg/ - Everyone I don't like is a Russian hacker edition: PRESIDENT DO…[View]
157282401German rapper turned jihadist killed >Dennis cuspert has been killed >his nickname was gangsta…[View]
157272394Refute this /pol/, no one wants to live in America, they’d rather live in socialist Norway[View]
157261582Liquid jew: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZmDWltBziM >How much alcohol do you drink per week i…[View]
157290999How's that nothingburger memo coming chumps?[View]
157287914Eric Clanton the bike lock banter: so the Judge thinks the two sides can come so some agreement so k…[View]
157290880But we did know, all along. This carrot man is going down. Call your congress, people.[View]
157289757EU army and United States of Europe are lined up: Docking is coming soon, ... it is necessary. This …[View]
157288284white pride aparently racist????: so i was telling my friends im proud to be pure white and they cal…[View]
157290804GOP/Trump has Majority, Still can't get to Compromise Government Shutdown 11th hour.: >GOP M…[View]
157282279Americans, how far away from a nogcentre do you have to live to be reasonable safe? Obviously you d…[View]
157290761>still not ONE security cam video released >no footage inside the hotel…[View]
157290690Fucking christ, 1 year with Trump already and the world hasn't fucking ended. maybe the Libtard…[View]
157290741>this guy thinks he's white AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAJ the absolute state of tradcons…[View]
157290107is there nothing we can saaaaaay or dooooooo?[View]
157276291GET IN HERE NOW!: LIVE LAS VEGAS POLICE PRESS CONFERENCE https://www.ktnv.com/livestream[View]
157262561wtf have you done to this poor Asian guy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEqB5ebC_bg[View]
157288375>CBRN substances have been carried undetected into the EU >Paris...Washington DC, London, And …[View]
157288963>German Americans (German: Deutschamerikaner) are Americans who have full or partial German ances…[View]
157290450What is wrong with paying a porn star some hush money? Wasn't it Jesus who said 'Let he who get…[View]
157287576Thank you pol: For helping me destroy american democracy, I never though some of you would work for …[View]
157287226Songbird McCain should release the memo. This is the perfect arc. >McCain leaks memo >Memo is …[View]
157289947THE MEMOS DONT EXIST: They never existed. There are no memos. Stop demanding the release of somethin…[View]
157289183Why do /pol/tards always fall for fake happenings?: >omg pizzagate ITS HAPPENING >nothing happ…[View]
157277034Military Dictatorship thread: Is there a better form of government than a military junta / stratocra…[View]
1572800951 year anniversary of Trump: On this day government will be shut down and may default on loans to fo…[View]
157288397'Socialism is inseparable from nationalism.' ~Adolf Hitler 1920s[View]
157270949Syria General /sg/- Red Dawn Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.com…[View]
157244614hungary: Tell me what do you know about the paprika[View]
157283699A phony memo won't save you, Donald.[View]
157288048The Fix - Half DACA. Get in here: DACA impasse. How about a compromise for once? Half stay, half go,…[View]
157288865WAR!!!: post terrible, lingering images of the war (ww1,2.irak ......)[View]
157285554Anyone else /regret/ here? How can you honestly still support Trump at this point?[View]
157284638Why haven't you moved to Mount Pleasant, SC yet?[View]
157289860Jewish Enough to Compete in Israel's Bible Contest – Not Jewish Enough to Stay in the Country: …[View]
157277182Why do you guys care about skin color so much? What's so important about being white?[View]
157289843#TimesUp for Dan 'InsideHer' Schneider: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2018/01/four-for-friday-it…[View]
157289838The nigger is gonna hang.: #ReleaseTheMemo When the memo is released showing how the nigger obama ad…[View]
157289727HOLY SHIT THE STORM: Its happening![View]
157289724Senate votes to extend key FISA provision, sending bill to Trump's desk: https://www.cbsnews.co…[View]
157289562https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=II-OP6vdMs8 Like a nail scratching on a blackboard and its trending …[View]
157289485The absolute state of Hollywood.[View]
157257011Reminder that communism didn't work only because (1) it was never supposed to occur in a backwa…[View]
157265288Have you watched the new Peterson debate? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMcjxSThD54[View]
157289374Raid ifunny: Spam porn to ifunny and try to get it featured[View]
157285411This is what Europeans think of the United States. This is why I tell people that I'm from a re…[View]
157285828What happened to the bullies from your childhood /pol/?[View]
157284420Is it true that Göring's wife killed her children or is the movie fake?[View]
157288594>Hillary and Obama are surely going to jail after this! >literally nothing happens why does /p…[View]
157282414Boomer parenting general: >be boomer >raise kid to be useless >'omg wtf you're so usel…[View]
157280962>claims to be a master dealmaker >cant even make a deal to keep the government operating at st…[View]
157271420So are the Welsh what the English used to be, genetically speaking, before the Anglo-Saxon, Norse, a…[View]
157287586Have you ever had a hate boner for Muslims?[View]
157283347What is your opinion on Miami and Florida in general ? If you've ever been there, do you like i…[View]
157284009To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Sargon of Akkad. The humour is extremely s…[View]
157286645#NASALies: sup /pol/ give me your best proofs of NASA faking moon landings/never going beyond LEO. D…[View]
157287714As the third world continues its seemingly never ending mass invasion into the first, it’s time to s…[View]
157286471Nigerians show what cucked Europeans should do: After being consistently attacked by savage islamist…[View]
157265093'This map shows the US really has 11 separate 'nations' with entirely different cultures':…[View]
157288457what is your opinion of people like this https://twitter.com/paperyhorizon[View]
157288450What Sort of Demon...?: Which Demon are these Canaanites invoking into their Butt-Hole...? Is it Mol…[View]
157285838/ptg/ President Trump General - Skyrocketing growth edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.wh…[View]
157286267The absolute state of America: Modern day America, ladies and gentlemen. Modern day America.[View]
157287878What's up with all the fake happenings lately? #ReleaseTheMemo is a good example. This shit was…[View]
157277478What a lovely couple!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5Mw-AgH3jc[View]
157288283tumblarians btfo. The unconscious is defined by the self. psychology board when?[View]
157276744Is it actually happening?: Shareblue isn't even denying it. If the memo was overhyped, they wou…[View]
157288117>Be Hoover Dam >Be built in five years >Be Mexican Border wall >Be told it won't ev…[View]
157286724Is fucking poipucci the only viable solution to save the existance of the white race? >pic relate…[View]
157285679Yes, and you call it the Schumer Shutdown despite the fact that you obviously control Congress.[View]
157286798Nasheed at St. Pauls Cathedral: You gotta admit this is powerful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGR…[View]
157285267Poland hate thread: Come at me pol. Cyka blyat[View]
157286008>I'm scared of becoming a minority >minorities should stop complaining, they aren't …[View]
157287521White people are fucking retarded[View]
157283556The Sahara desert is bigger than the United States.[View]
157287852Pastor calls out Jews for being human traffickers: Pastor claims Jews are ruining the world with the…[View]
157287785Can someone redpill me on The Phora ? The discussion board that is.[View]
157287739no chemical weapons allowed on humans ey? America in the 60's: >Gooks arent humans why did …[View]
157280548Evening Balkan thread: Let's have a cozy balkan-style shithole thread. You know, the usual stuf…[View]
157264379#releasethememo: #obamagate Keep it trending on Twitter[View]
157250536they do have a point.....................[View]
157230467Kraut/pol/ - Tayanon you're awesome edition: Your constant reminder that Germany's situati…[View]
157287506Shit is going through the roof: https://www.defensenews.com/breaking-news/2018/01/19/national-defens…[View]
157287209Pathetic wageleafs are protesting businesses for cutting hours and benefits after minimum wage was i…[View]
157279468Did the ancient Egyptians have a single drop of nigger blood?: At least when they were at their peak…[View]
157282026millenials are just retarded manchildren prove me wrong /pol/[View]
157285065Daily reminder that fat people are not monsters, and society shouldn't be shaming eating habits…[View]
157283848Who was born redpilled here? I always see talk like of 'I was born a liberal cuck but after (((incid…[View]
157286982do your worst pol[View]
157274456Twitter in full shill mode: Putting alternate hashtags as the top results[View]
157286896Is it over for Hillary Clinton?: A potential 2020 Democratic Party matchup between Hillary Rodham Cl…[View]
157275410Belgian Minister of health: Can we get a Maggie De Block appreciation thread ?she's doing her v…[View]
157286829/pol/ humor thread?[View]
157286928We will conquer: Today is a big day fellow pendesns. I have decided I will never drink milk again. …[View]
157286899this is what /pol/ actually believes[View]
157280018Trump boosting the Economy is CHECKMATE for the swamp.: In the first year the dow jones is up 8000 p…[View]
157286840Laugh at star wars new direction: Does so bad in china they pull it. pic unrelated. https://www.yaho…[View]
157286777MBMC - Godspeed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1p7Qdac0v8[View]
157282939Identity politics: How do I introduce a normie to identity politics?[View]
157274103>one shot at life >born in Bolivia I-i swear im not jealous g-guys…[View]
157274784Shutdown incoming!: Andy (race)Warski wants to establish a debate about the holocaust. https://www.y…[View]
157285498it's gonna be a long time before the individuals that were brainwashed by the clintons come out…[View]
157281967Peterson Debate with Kathy Newman BBC: >OMG he destroyed her with facts >muh clean your room C…[View]
157286405>This board is for the discussion of news, world events, political issues, and other related topi…[View]
157286483We did it /pol/: Apparently (((Google))) knows.[View]
157286028>control government >blame dems This isn't the future we were promised…[View]
157286175Multicultural Makeup Thread[View]
157286384Okay, real talk.: Should we go the way of Nigel Farage and say California is as much a state as Belg…[View]
157284854FRANK PLS HELP[View]
157281992Stop being communist.[View]
157284024Where are the threads about politics?[View]
157279398When non-whites takeover US...: Will they be as a dominant superpower? US has reached where they…[View]
157282147Are slavs white?[View]
157286190ok /pol/, let's do our thing[View]
157278896BLAXIT: It's happening faggots. The memes are becoming reality. https://www.aljazeera.com/indep…[View]
157276184Fox host: You can’t blame Dems for shutdown when “you’re in charge of everything”: And especially wh…[View]
157285805GIGGIDY GIGGIDY GOO: https://nypost.com/2018/01/16/teacher-charged-after-teen-reveals-sexual-relatio…[View]
157285395Why exactly do welfare queens get so many benefits in a time of peace? Shouldn't you adjust the…[View]
157286026Hitler thread? Hitler Thread other axis members allowed too[View]
157282626You may have had a bad day...: http://theync.com/brutal-video-shows-two-narco-rival-being-beheaded-c…[View]
157284426How can we save America?[View]
157283540Would you agree with this statement?[View]
157285773Juden Peterson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnsNP-VpzFo&feature=youtu.be Can I trust this du…[View]
157285758>bring back the gold standard[View]
157285718This is the PERFECT Time for Trump to Visit California!: Pay Attention! >The current divide CA wo…[View]
157281946/r/equesting the pic of that one teacher who shared his story about teaching in a majority black sch…[View]
157285105420chan went full neo-nazi: Spardot the 'headmin' went on a glorious rant against trannies and fucki…[View]
157285208Holy Protection: Friendly reminder that we protected the Jews in the Holy Land during Muslim occupat…[View]
157283996America needs immigrants to grow: America is facing a demographics crisis in which millions of boome…[View]
157284679SWEDISH CIVIL WAR: IT'S HAPPENING! >https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-01-18/sweden-prepari…[View]
157285476World Wars: Return of the Germans: Merkel is the current leader of Europe and she is back in power i…[View]
157284917LET'S PLAY 'GUESS WHAT COLOR': http://www.fox4news.com/news/3-get-prison-time-for-jumping-on-pr…[View]
157284421Damn /pol, so I decided to go to my local public library today to look for some good reading (i live…[View]
157265638i'm having a catholic priest over to my house tonight for dinner. what should I talk to him abo…[View]
157283492Paddock LVPD Report: LVPD Mandalay bay report. https://www.scribd.com/document/369536524/Oct-1-Repor…[View]
157283596))) COON TOWN (((: FRANCE, JUST GAS YOUR SELF ALREADY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8T2haPD3KE…[View]
157281739Was Heydrich as bad as his reputation?: Or is there another story story to him as with most top Nazi…[View]
157277963Is environmentalism bullshit?[View]
157284966Leo Strauss and the Neocons: Redpill me on Leo (((Strauss))) and his (alleged) influence on the Neoc…[View]
157277121Whites need not apply: The British taxpayer funded Big Black Cock Radio 1 Newsbeat are hiring. But …[View]
157266111>illegal brags about stealing $185,000 from taxpayers while American kids pay the loan merchants …[View]
157280977/pol/ is there justification for things that grow in nature being illegal?[View]
157282741How did we go from this[View]
157280312Who protects the falsely accused?: Lately I have been thinking about people who are innocent but in …[View]
157279285The President can declassify whatever he wants. Why hasn't he released the memo?[View]
157279561just work harde-[View]
157275935So, plan is: >Buy hundreds of houses in Detroit for 50$ >Start the Race War >exterminate a…[View]
157284481What possible excuse do you have to be fat, /pol/? Why do you want to be a walking image of greed, g…[View]
157284368>'there's nothing uglier than an old infant. There's nothing good about it. People who …[View]
157278624What will future human beings (pic related) think of white people when they see them in history book…[View]
157284314Ameri/pol/ - The West is the best Edition: Monroe Doctrine has been reaffirmed in this thread. If yo…[View]
157281479>its ok when donald trump cheats on his wife[View]
157257425JEWS SUCK AT BUILDING STUFF: The're score 90 IQ on the visual part of tests, literally nigger t…[View]
157277517Why have white people abandoned their culture? >Watching Viennese Ball 2018 Invitation, all Asian…[View]
157264536Imagine you are the commander of an establishment tasked to turn soyboys into real men. Your methods…[View]
157284044>control the house, the senate, and the White House >still can't get shit done…[View]
157284149BRING BACK APARTHEID: Cape Town three months away from completely running out of water. A city ON TH…[View]
157272059Problematic google results: Why does a google search for cultural Marxism lead to (((rational))) wik…[View]
157280313Krauts: Are Krauts even human?[View]
157283327Is being American becoming a race on its own?[View]
157267774ITT: Dead Careers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMcjxSThD54[View]
157280982>thoughts /pol/ ?[View]
157281259The Memo: What's in the memo? When will it be released? Who is gonna release it? Speculation ti…[View]
157281605Love Saves Lives: 2018 March for Life: Drumpf went to the 2018 March for Life. https://www.youtube.…[View]
157277765How do people unironically believe in everything the modern science priests spout? I do not believe …[View]
157283862Why are leftist so triggered by her?[View]
157272844Where do all these anti-tabacco fags come from? I've never understood them, why don't they…[View]
157250216Ask someone who hasn't had the flu in over seven years anything. (im on east coast, not Alberta…[View]
157277777>tfw I am white >government shut down >zero impact because I am white Is This white privile…[View]
157276957CIA anon's thread analysis: Get in here you fuckers. There was a CIA anon here yesterday >…[View]
157267352Czech Presidential elections 2018: Hey there /pol/ As you all might already know, Czech republic is …[View]
157275063LV shooting press conference starting at 10am LV time. major comps incoming.[View]
157279383Dispelling the myth of Democracy: Let's just sort this out right now; the United States does no…[View]
157278242The sad case of Johnny Dox: Why can't cuck handle etho state libertarian Chad JF?[View]
157283109Daily Reminder: The 'he's a crazy idiot' meme is based on the premise that Trump just accidenta…[View]
157278844ITT: We discuss how to fix racists[View]
157283299OK you fucking ROACHES. Give Brit Hume his account back!!!![View]
157283298Is Germany with its pro-muslim policy the biggest threat to Europe?[View]
157280972Link to Donald Trump's pol over fake news: Of all the biased, absurd, and downright FAKE news s…[View]
157283059>white people are civili-[View]
157281205This is going to kill Trudeau: Companies get grants for hiring students in summer. Trudeau is outrig…[View]
157280995Why do journalists think that it's ok to have an opinion during reportage but that they're…[View]
157283000Are you guys ready for the aliyum disclosure tomorrow to distract from the FISA memo? Stay alert, st…[View]
157282854why do we hate muslims again?[View]
157281643It's so obvious to me that the left is is less supportive of the First Amendment in America, ye…[View]
157282682What's this memo you morons are talking about?[View]
157282830European Art Thread: European art thread, saw these awhile back and thought they were comfy. Also fe…[View]
157277331Boomer here..: Why do you put so much of the blame on us? We are not responsible for your problems, …[View]
157280722The memo details how the Obama DOJ personally received direction from the Hillary Clinton campaign t…[View]
157238188Black Kings: Why are black Americans so hellbent on thinking they were kings? How does that help the…[View]
157280090GIVE US THE MEMO NOW[View]
1572816081.4 % of Swedes are muslims: Is that a lot ?[View]
157245679What happened to American music today?: Just compare these two songs. First from actually good music…[View]
157276785Mexico will elected an unapologetic communist this July: Señor Presidente Andrés Obrador[View]
157269623/POLDER/ NEDLEEUW edition: 'NEDLEEUW' is a Dutch open debate with over 2000 guests. Jordan Peterson …[View]
157282355Hey /pol/. discord fags want me to stop posting nazi memes. discord mods being cucks. want to make n…[View]
157275673Why do you faggots pay attention to Tradthots: when women like this exist >Is actually pro white …[View]
157263059Do you people have any remorse for what your doing? Your turning a generation of kids into far right…[View]
157282095G-Guys, should we be worried?: So far 6 GOP held seats have been flipped since the start of 2017. As…[View]
157272688Any redpilled Californians want to chime in and tell us what the fuck went wrong?: When did the fall…[View]
157281453https://www.vice.com/de/article/av8wez/sie-sagten-du-bloede-judensau-wir-schicken-dich-ins-gas >t…[View]
157275052/mbmc/ Ben Garrison promo tweet edition: https://twitter.com/GrrrGraphics/status/954393573222268928 …[View]
157281806An open letter to democrats, How are you enjoying your circlejerk? In about 10 hours the government …[View]
157274538I just saw this on the Drudge Report. How do we meme this to get it going mainstream?[View]
157281096http://www.businessinsider.com/release-the-memo-campaign-russia-linked-twitter-accounts-2018-1 twitt…[View]
157275214Does Trump will ever change his haircut? How the fuck can he love that thing? He has enough hair to …[View]
157281101memogate: Can't Trump just release the memo himself? As in take a picture of it and post it on …[View]
157281574>no job or educational credentials >political activity consists solely of internet commentary …[View]
157270751Why the hell do all you faggots keep advocating having children? Kids are screaming, crying flesh ba…[View]
157280916what the fuck is their problem pushing this soyboy agenda so hard??[View]
157256000Do you think they will fall for it?[View]
157281062So this is what you were all talking about. Let em suffer, they dug their own grave.[View]
157279924CALM COOL & CALL ANTIFA: Its this time of the year my bruddas! Report your local NATZEEE. Sticke…[View]
157267366This FISCR judge, previously of the (((9thcircuit))), is retiring at age 64 in year 3/7 of his term?…[View]
157258155I would support communism in the west right now. Even though I'm not a communist. The chaos it …[View]
157275310This is what Europeans think of the United States. You guys should be really embarrassed.[View]
157257782Why are there so many utter retards who un-ironically think that the Nuclear Bombing of Japan was ju…[View]
157278449NASA NO[View]
157281293State the sufficient and necessary conditions of your political worldview.[View]
157265310Look what you did /pol/[View]
157281257Be aware of your surroundings in the next few weeks, /pol/acks. This is an ideal time for a (((mass …[View]
157281245Seattle Women's March 2018: >MEET UP AT CAL ANDERSON PARK transportation provided! >COACH…[View]
157280776The Senate just voted to pass bill S. 139, to expand warrantless mass spying programs. It is now in …[View]
157280092Just a Reminder: The Womens March is led by an anti white islamist who gets a free pass on attacking…[View]
157281158205h century Europe: Rate each country in the 20th century[View]
157274870Do you think this 'anti-white straight male' narrative that is being pushed in the western world and…[View]
157273346Why doesn’t Donald just release the fucking thing if it’s going to clear his name once and for all a…[View]
157280177B A S E D[View]
157275628>Trump says we shouldn't aggravate Russia >HURR DRUMPH IS RUSSIA PUPPET REEE! >Mattis …[View]
157280886Hey guys. I know you hate e-celebs but here's an interesting video: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
157279728The modern white woman: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/01/19/german-rapper-jihadist-deso-dogg-…[View]
157280802!!WEIRD JUDGES!!! FISCR judge retires early; FISC judge 'randomly assigned' Flynn case: Th…[View]
157278138[Goldstein makes his mov(i)e]: Holy fuck lads the kikes are at it again. The newest 'Big Bang Theory…[View]
157280760UNLEASH THE MEMO: The memo needs to be released. Heads need to roll. Trump will deliver.[View]
157279150ITT: Lefty Lyrics Memes: ITT we make lefty triggering memes but use wording from their own bands mus…[View]
157275808lmao Trump and Republicans are so fucked http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/americans-blame-trump-republ…[View]
157264370Nazi UFO Thread: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foo_fighter >The first sightings occurred in Novem…[View]
157276179Shep Smith CALLS OUT Republicans!: “Back in Washington, there is one discussion: government shutdown…[View]
157272045Youtube isn't disabling ads, they're stealing their creator's money: Youtube and thei…[View]
157280469HWNDU Season 1 Reunion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EK11v5O7_c Stream going live tonight. Almos…[View]
157279999It begins[View]
157279827Daily reminder: holocaust happened and all finns should remember to remain ashamed for the shoah…[View]
157277619UK/France best relationship ever?: You give us 46 millions pounds, we give you neuroscientists…[View]
157277983>Antifa and Nazis are equally ba- When did you grow out of centrism, /pol/?…[View]
157265109Prove you’re not a blind follower and name one (1) criticism of capitalism.[View]
157279976>2018 and people are still filming themselves doing illegal shit on social media for the world to…[View]
157271374Why was Tesla killed?[View]
157274944March for life thread[View]
157278667Let me show you real art: Pay attention to how it's done, ok?[View]
157275163Jews literally killed humanity's savior: I don't understand how any christian person can t…[View]
157247663Is there anything I need to know about Sting and James Blunt? >Be me working 12 hours a day in fr…[View]
157279391(((They))) have convinced us that fiat money is real money. Fiat money is indebted slavery.[View]
157268576>'there's nothing uglier than an old infant. There's nothing good about it. People who …[View]
157278112https://www.hdot.org/debunking-denial/ab4-civilian-ovens-comparison/ DENIERS BTFO They just put in …[View]
157276844Niggerstronaut gets removed from Space: http://archive.is/I7eym Do you think it chimped out?[View]
157240212How the fuck do we stop this manchild epidemic?! >http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-42732442 >A…[View]
157277338/pol/ what do you think about Asian men and white female relationships. I see a lot of anons talking…[View]
157276040Around Blacks....: ...[View]
157269132Should France take some measures to support the growing muslim community? Most French cities have al…[View]
157273770Enjoy your little 15 minutes in the spotlight radicals. Your march won't come near the size of …[View]
157279093>Smell the air outside >Winter wind rising above the smog >Dull glow of the computer screen…[View]
157257321Will Trump pardon Obama?[View]
157277879#Blaxit: Genious idea by /pol. Someone needs to work in the 'we wuz kangz' idea to a meme to really …[View]
157260865Who will /pol/ support in this one?: The White Chechen vs The Irish Potato Its a tough choice, but i…[View]
157278554How do Jews influence American politics and the Middle East?[View]
1572788562018: SOCIETY NOW![View]
157269147Should niggers go back africa and whites go back to europe?[View]
157277417Rapper destroys white supremacy in one song https://twitter.com/theslumpgod/status/9543479792127631…[View]
157268948Spoiler: You redneck retards are rapidly going extinct, even in the south. Virginia is now a solid b…[View]
157278490Hes not wrong ya know.[View]
157278391Reminder that the difference between spics and humans is that humans have couth. Spics will eat, shi…[View]
157278295Will Nanking ever see a righteous war again? Have we ever? We need a war to move ma king beyond the …[View]
157278361Show us your ideal government.: The Problem with political compass type tests is that they don'…[View]
157277906>Americucks wake up >Crypto marketcap drops -10% WEAKEST SOY HANDS EVER HAHAHAHA…[View]
157276154can anyone prove that the federal reserve isn't a jewish conspiracy? what was wrong with the go…[View]
157278203Consume this shit like there's no tomorrow! The day of reckoning is coming![View]
157262093ANTI-SPAM ANTI-SLIDE GENERAL: This is a collection of current, politically-relevant threads on this …[View]
157269863Imagine if Obama was found to be fucking pornstar prostitutes when married. That's the news tha…[View]
157277837Why the rash of sudden accidental sirens?: Hawaii, Japan, is this all just coincidence or are we bei…[View]
157264025Can’t stand this old fuck always looking for trouble Russia will fick you up old man[View]
157273895Why are liberals always the poorest, dumbest trash on the planet? How can anyone even suggest they a…[View]
157275877(LIVE NOW) Get In here:: >Sheriff is speaking about MB LV catastrophe Tune in asap…[View]
157252031Police Militarization: 1. Why the fuck do we need this? 2. Why the fuck are they driving it around a…[View]
157275306Is it contradictory to call one's self a Libertarian, but to believe in the death penalty and a…[View]
157245446LGBT problem: How do we solve the lgbt+ problem without resorting to mass killing?[View]
157277377Oh no, the government might shut down. Super spooky.[View]
157277683libtards get btfo: >full time student at uni for const mgt. & work at retirement home > g…[View]
157276480How do you do it bros? How do you stay on /pol/? I can only manage short bursts of browsing before I…[View]
157272324Do Russia and China still have spies in America?[View]
157277389LA County Sheriff Dindu Nuffin But Sell A Little Dope: Video ----> https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
157254911White Nationalist Men Suck!: Why should I care if ugly, disgusting, evil, misogynistic, white, male …[View]
157277247>Countries such as Australia, New Zealand and even Canada have been rocked by recent revelations …[View]
157267533US gov’t shutdown: Who gives a shit if they shut down the government? It’s not as if anyone would ev…[View]
157243396Message to everyone on /pol/ who isn't Russian: Hey, mateys. So, you want our territories and o…[View]
157277067Afrin right now: Will the genocide train ever stop?[View]
157275385Does he have his plans written down? Like the protocols of the lerned elders of Zion?: Does he have …[View]
157276798Degenerate pictures thread: Post your best degenerate pictures; learn to enjoy your anger[View]
157276682New haha funny maymay: Confess your sins to the rare pepe[View]
157276767just not fast enough: How? How do you do it, /pol/? How can you make other people swallow the redpil…[View]
1572767369-11: Who really did 9-11?[View]
157276330Then Azaor Ahai came back to save the 7 Kingdoms. He wed Cercei, the true Queen of the 7 Kingdoms. H…[View]
157271134Do you trust Alex Jones?[View]
157268812jewish memes: post jewish memes that are subtle & redpilling for normies[View]
157276247Based russia: Amnesty International says groups that defend LGBT rights are facing a rise in hostili…[View]
157276491Which diaspora has the biggest influence on a Western country?[View]
157270014NRA deaded after an months :DDDD: http://amp.mcclatchydc.com/news/nation-world/national/article19523…[View]
157269518#RELEASETHEMEMO: I thought I'd just post this here as a reminder that he is keeping his word: h…[View]
157276324looking for this meme: does anyone have the picture comparing how times were back in the 60s 70s 90s…[View]
157275467bono is such a fucking commie faggot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zu53yAoTJE holy shit…[View]
157256723ITT we post the best regions of our Country: What is the best region in your country? Pic related is…[View]
157273065Thanks for the heads-up Youtube[View]
157276233Malcolm Trumble's Government is giving AUD$33,000,000 to Fox Sports without tender, to promote …[View]
157265797Alright guys let's settle this once and for all, are Finn's white?[View]
157270499My boyfriend became an American citizen today.[View]
157274934Alright. I'm here to take the redpill. My new gf is half asian half black (but looks more asian…[View]
157272426Is EAS really that creepy? Asking for a friend.[View]
157275944ITT we post things amerimutts will never have I'll start: healthcare[View]
157276075Storm's cummin': > Be famous blond pornstar with big fake boobs. > Fuck lots of big …[View]
157272895Antifa and the KKK: I made a new antifa poster which I'm going to go post on lefty /pol/. Antif…[View]
157275798White supremacists: They birthed 13 white children because they're white supremacists. Why are …[View]
157275359nazi music for nazi video: Hi I need a good nazi track preferrably some up beat instrumental stuff. …[View]
157273687White People: Do Americans really think of 'white people' as being a single group? I don't have…[View]
157262625American Military Power: I see these american kafirs brag about their army everywhere. I think this …[View]
157275920Are Germans that retarded or what? And do they mean by this?[View]
157275901How do we fix the BBCucks and britcucks in general? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwkZ81zMkVA[View]
157275884A demon has posessed this man?[View]
157253244Remember this ....: In the next couple days the Democrats are going to get desperate their last play…[View]
157275116I just feel like this has a lot of bantz potential.[View]
157266582Good work Antifascists!: Shoutout to Portland, Seattle and Detroit chapters for the help! https://ww…[View]
157245719Consciousness, the soul, and suffering: A question about all those who believe that consciousness is…[View]
157270278>be in ancap society >forget to wash hands >shake hands with boss >he comes down with…[View]
157273932Rudolf Hess case: Supposedly he committed suicide in 1987 after 46 years of imprisoment at the age o…[View]
157263726Never fear, for the Swedish Army is here!: STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Sweden will do whatever it takes, i…[View]
157275393ICE is going to raid Northern California, Jerry Brown BTFO >also, fuck Jerry Brown http://archiv…[View]
157274368What does /pol/ think of Kyle 'lesbian softball coach' Kulinski?[View]
157274886Prophet of Kek returns (mbuh): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RERgHnW7C0&feature=youtu.be ITT …[View]
157275356racism races race richard spencer milo yiannopoulos: why is it that faggots like milo always dodge t…[View]
157272063probability of gov't shutdown?: subject[View]
157251874'Teen shot dead by deputy in Ohio courthouse during fight with family members': 'A police union spok…[View]
157271384Does soy cause physical weakness?: This guy seems to be struggling to hold his wife.[View]
157274554Share you 8Values test results. ITT we discuss the merits of large, overarching ideologies against o…[View]
157249421FISA Memo: Is /pol on to this? (see pic)[View]
157275125I think I found my new favorite hotel: https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/hotel-bans-influence…[View]
157272396Would WWIII definitely involve nukes, or could a compromise be worked out to just fight with convent…[View]
157275016KARA BOGA: Who else here fully supports wh*Te genocide?[View]
157275003>/pol/ is a proponent of the meritocracy >jews invented banking because a lot of them were for…[View]
157273029Amerimutt: How long will it take for most of America to be mixed? People that are ripe mating age co…[View]
157273248Another Women's March UGH: If it happens will it be more or less cringy feminazi sharia support…[View]
157269635Are there ANY white nations left that are committed to remaining white and not being forced to take …[View]
157265244What makes Jews so much more successful than whites? What makes them able to so easily outsmart, man…[View]
157271643Homosexuality is confirmed to be a mental disorder. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC359…[View]
157274148Women's March: January 21, 2018: Is /pol/ attending their local Women's March tomorrow?…[View]
157270815What did he mean by this?: Subliminal?[View]
157273012GUMBO SERVER 2000 Holy shit, who is responsible for this SJW Whitey Is Evil propaganda bullshit, and…[View]
157274795Cloak and dagger: Hey /pol/, the original Tyrone is bringing his BBC to an ABC Family near you! http…[View]
157274585Does Mexico still claim those lands? Will the Mexicans take it back in the next years?[View]
157274753There's something I don't get. Maybe I'm too old to understand. If you go to a 'femin…[View]
157273450From my congressman's March for Life post[View]
157268089Roasties: the boundaries we had were in place for a reason. A girl was the property of her father un…[View]
157272970Are they right?[View]
157274615ouija board: Is kek a spirit? are we using 4chan as a kind of ouija board to communicate our ideas t…[View]
157274066NYS Courts REFUSE to investigate Comey/Clinton: So, when do we march? https://www.washingtontimes.co…[View]
157246512Hot: How to make Australia less hot?[View]
157270287Why does Italy oppress the people of this region? Can't they just unite with Austria?[View]
157274362FeedPocalypse: YouTube just wiped subscription feed listings for anyone that doesn't meet their…[View]
157273444A Couple of Dindus Rob a Subway Shop: Video---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dWjMWJJ4WM…[View]
157262908What is the final solution to the single mother problem? >meet cute girl >she’s sweet and goes…[View]
157274262Figured out the Meteor Habbenings: These meteors are fabrications for the US government to lay down …[View]
157274252Is push doctor pizza related?: You'd think an advertising company for a service where vulnerabl…[View]
157271692People are waking up to Trump's tyranny: I just wanted to share something that happened today a…[View]
157274195The Chinese are leading the way in Kebab neutralization.: Should every country do this? Can the Keba…[View]
157274034/pol/ predicted hawaii: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/156714112/#156714744[View]
157273973Why’s the right so much funnier than the left? Armored Shekler, Sargon of Cuckad or Current Year Man…[View]
157273473Where to go?: I am listening to Trump talk right now and he starts off this speech, and many recent …[View]
157273835How does it make you feel when you see the Jews supporting DREAMers getting arrested? https://twitte…[View]
157266679>emojis in headlines What happened to objective, professional journalism?…[View]
157272784What will you be doing when you see the ICBM's flying /pol/?[View]
157273629Why does the left think that accusing Trump of banging a porn star will hurt him? If this doesn…[View]
157260276Contact your representative: Follow this link to find out who your representative is. https://www.h…[View]
157273415Should France hire more muslims since they work harder than the French? It would improve the French …[View]
157231682Do you know why they hate this board and try to subverse it so much? Its because they're afraid…[View]
157269143Tell me how this is inaccurate[View]
157272657Sorry missed your Thread: How? How do you do it, /pol/? How can you make other people swallow the re…[View]
157271549Holocaust denial: After SS officer Adolf Eichmann was captured by Mossad in 1960, he said in is tria…[View]
157273302forty keks[View]
157271243Trump is horrible, but Russian Collusion is stupid. The fact that an election result can be so surpr…[View]
157258958Why are atheists liberal?: Atheist myself here, but I can't wrap my head around this trend. At …[View]
157267732When America collapses, should whites return to Europe?: & no, not the 56% whites. Those of us w…[View]
157273031How do we make this more racially diverse pol?[View]
157267941JUST Is he the ultimate cuck /pol/? Imagine the good boy points that Billy is going to be rewarded w…[View]
157272495What if we only imprison someone if they harm another person?[View]
157265706Was he /our/ guy?: >> kicked the jews out >>kicked the asians out >>anti globalist…[View]
157272786Segregation is the answer. The only real answer.[View]
157265930what happened to him?[View]
157271317Niggers are burning down Afrikaans High schools in South Africa for refusing to not be Afrikaans Th…[View]
157269656Why not let the government shutdown?: Seems like it would be a good way to cut spending, and since W…[View]
157272463Bull-Queers, Mongrel-Theists, & Jews...: Get Some... https://static.afbeeldinguploaden.nl/1611/1…[View]
157272454Earrape Your Local ANTIFA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpiNQnwLXn4&lc=z23gjryyfn2rw5mtzacdp4…[View]
157272383GET YOUR CUPS READY FOR LIBERAL TEARS!: May your cup runneth over. Trump about to give a speech for …[View]
157267128Facts Sage and ignore because you would rather ignore this truth[View]
157263281>be me >Antifa-Warrior >saw an nazi wearing MAGA hat >asked him why does he do it >he…[View]
157272322Redpill normies on communist memes.: Hey guys I'm trying to gather a collection of memes for pr…[View]
157271892And then the nonbelievers went in hell. The Christians Who believed in Christ and muslims Who believ…[View]
157272218Where does all the Israel aid go: Does every Israeli citizen basically get a cartoonish check from t…[View]
157177959The Frankfurt School & the USSR: People on /pol/ should be aware of Yuri Bezmenov. He was an ex-…[View]
157259581You guys realize how much of a failure and how moronic white people are? >invented CO2 engines to…[View]
157218647Brit/pol/ sleep deprivation, poetry and dinosaurs: >links no-one reads ▼ Settings Home /pol/ - P…[View]
157266784He came to the white house with literally just one fucking suposed qualification: he can negotiate. …[View]
157269455How do illegals afford/handle healthcare for their elders? Assisted living is very expensive.[View]
157270942Radical Centrism: >tfw technocrat[View]
157262689I wish I was European: >Be American >McDonald's every mile >Be European >castles …[View]
157267514Is there a reason Trump made such an obvious error in using 'past' instead of 'passed'? Is he going …[View]
157260924>master race >perfect genetics >only ones that should breed Kek…[View]
157256402Congressman DeSantis (R-FL) Gives Interview about FISA Memo: Ron DeSantis (R-FL) weighed in for the …[View]
157260078Gun control debate. Who won?: Why are guns allowed to be sold? >It's my second-ammendment ri…[View]
157268150It was 6 years ago today that Megaupload was shut down. Press F to pay respects.[View]
157265011GET IN HERE FAGGOTS!: Live Press Conference pscp.tv/w/1ynJOoapEXqJR[View]
157260682Would this be allowed in the ethnostate?[View]
157270806>good morning here is a video of Richard Spencer inexplicably defending child pornography and say…[View]
157266294LOL@Alt-RightFags Braving Ruin just got doxxed.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpiNQnwLXn4…[View]
157271085Got a little story for you guise, well, more like a PROPHESY: The harness fastening the horse to the…[View]
157271429Daily Reminder !: Theology of Satan... Demon-Worshipers... http://www.serpentseedline.com/control_fa…[View]
157271227Senor Trump,I love idea of killing goatfuckers in Afghanistan ,please don't deport me,put me in…[View]
157258245Putin Album Cover: There will never be another world leader as based and badass as Putin[View]
157230726daily reminder that we own you: daily reminder that my people own 'your' 'beautiful' 'country' there…[View]
157266574Blacks: Has anyone noticed an uptick in Kangz recently, Its still starting to piss me off. If you sk…[View]
157271023Get Fucked: Hungarians and Bulgarians are the only people with the word arian in their names. What a…[View]
157259078Lady Gaga: 'I Am So Proud To Be Italian': This is how you do it guys, not ranting and posting fliers…[View]
157262825absolute state of the west >incompetent female diversity hire fucks the 'german' shes supposed to…[View]
157270988/SKG/ COMEBACK EDITION: Tune in <http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/> SKYKING freqencies: main:…[View]
157270530Was this document proven to be real or fake?[View]
157264191When will e*ropeans pay for their crimes?[View]
157255733Syria General - /sg/ - The Afrin experience edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriageneral…[View]
157263538>mfw he argues with PATHOS and no ETHOS[View]
157264037Multiculturalism is a good thi-[View]
157262157'Global approval of US leadership falls to new low': 'Global approval of U.S. leadership sank to its…[View]
157264054>self help books >$2000 carpets >online writing classes ITT: We life at all the retards who…[View]
157268887Would the world be a better place if we executed people who drove through red lights?[View]
157253057When did you realise that ((They)) got a hold of our media /pol/?[View]
157229454ALIENS: Do you think they could actually be out there /pol/? What would happen to the major governme…[View]
157269177Why are rightwingers so bad at economic predictions? Is it because the right is pessimistic?[View]
157257014First Muslim Woman to ever address the House of Commons, brought to you by the Conservative party.: …[View]
157270519Trump Jr.: Did a poll if people wanted Ivanka Trump for president. Answer is no, absolutely not. Now…[View]
157269182'SPIT IN TRUMP'S EYE': ANTIFA URGES U.S. SOLDIERS TO REVOLT: http://www.wnd.com/2018/…[View]
157268136Quote from Alexander the Great at the airport of Thessaloniki, Greece. What do you think, /pol/ ? :)…[View]
157269457Ok, so if the jews are behind all of this multiculturalism, why are they pushing for the spread of t…[View]
157263745What's wrong with the LGBTQ community anon?[View]
157270274Czech Presidential Election General /CPEG/- 7 days remaining: quick rundown > first round was hel…[View]
1572652834chan Exposed: This whole thing involving the fake kraut and tea doxx, sargon of mossad and ((andy w…[View]
157269232What if the memo is bad stuff about Trump?[View]
157259320SADDEST FAKE NEWS YET?: I mean this ones pretty funny[View]
157254693Has there ever been a jew that renounced judaism? And I don't mean 'athiest' jews, who claim to…[View]
157250177Why does /pol/ hate boomers ?: Why do you boys complain all the time about the boomers ? Most of you…[View]
157269876When did you realize humans are just an experiment?[View]
157258143Ivanka Trump: Would you be interested in a presidential run from her? http://www.strawpoll.me/148794…[View]
157258548China still trading coal with North Korea: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2018/01/19/china-secretly-bo…[View]
157269341Earrape Your Local ANTIFA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpiNQnwLXn4 Post /leftypol/, /bant/ and o…[View]
157269290Let’s find some illegals /pol/! Who should we report? >any illegal immigrants >any business t…[View]
157268207Prove the white race exists: Ok /pol/ settle this Define white, because I've noticed the defini…[View]
157259209WELL?: He obviously has a point, what's he waiting for? There HAS to be some real dirt on him t…[View]
157262080why is he so hated?[View]
157267028I rarely see this posted on /pol/, The Federal Reserve is playing a very dangerous game that could b…[View]
157269047Fuck this guy[View]
157266910“It was like hell. Bottles and stones were falling on us like a hailstorm,” Alfréd Király recalls. “…[View]
157268000How? How do you do it, /pol/? How can you make other people swallow the redpill about Hitler and the…[View]
157257268Chelsea Manning officially files for U.S. Senate race in Maryland: >The state elections board web…[View]
157253553Should Europe support Islam since the West will become muslim anyway?[View]
157260361ObamaPills: Can we drop some redpills on all the shady shit Obama did in office?[View]
157268558Hey /pol/, what's happening? Did ya get that memo?[View]
157266205He's right, you know If the memo is so 'yuge', why don't the republicans release it?[View]
157267457Write anything politically related/autism dump thread: :D[View]
157255970I start work at ICE on Monday. Anyone else sign up to remove tacos?[View]
157225137ANOTHER METEOR: THIS TIME IN INDIANA WHAT IS GOING ON https://www.wthr.com/article/another-meteor-re…[View]
157267448I don't really know how to pray so I made this: hope this counts family[View]
157265878is 4chan banned in Hong Kong? I am travelling there on the 1st of February and will be staying for 5…[View]
157265341Why do you think that blacks never built nothing and their never created complex political and socia…[View]
157268126racism: Organized every year by the Finnish Red Cross, the week against racism 2017 began on Monday …[View]
157258432immigrants vs economic downturn: >immigrants are taking our jobs and keeping wages down! >they…[View]
157258171what the fuck? i'm a woman and i love those. we have them in croatia in underground garages and…[View]
157265782Is this the power of brexit?[View]
157263763Here is your new overlord. Be nice to him.: Who is ready? :)[View]
157261111Are latinx people white or not, /pol/?[View]
157267210Twitter censoring #ReleaseTheMemo: FISA Abuse memo being completely ignored by MSM. Twitter manipula…[View]
157267765MAKE BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN: British and German theme. The code is hyMu5B2[View]
157267739Signs point to OIG suprise today: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/01/12/giddy-up-friday-ni…[View]
157268138So, uh, this happened to me about 2 1/2 years ago. Not sure what to do now. I accidentally the unive…[View]
157268384post your favorite videos of white men beating up black men the more unfair and merciless, the more …[View]
15726766714 words propaganda thread[View]
157267571You racist ass crackas think you smart and shit? Your girlfriend be at my house everyday when you at…[View]
157265503Why does /pol/ get so buttblasted over 'muh palestine'?[View]
157265845Philip K.(Nigger in the High Castle) Dick: Do boomers dream of a nonracist ethnostate?[View]
157261707U.S. Marshal slain by drug dealing nog in Philly: F http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/gunman-sho…[View]
157256175There are more 'Dreamers' than there are people in TWENTY THREE STATES: Here is a useful fact to pre…[View]
157257881Ben Shapiro: How does /pol/ feel about Ben Shapiro? I've been listening to his show for a coupl…[View]
157267207>watch new Godzilla on Netflix >humans run away into space from King of the monsters >missi…[View]
157265849Daily reminder that atheists don’t have a culture.[View]
157267218Can we have a compilation of cocky liberal cucks who are going to get BTFO when the memo is released…[View]
157261539Fail: >goes to sex capital of the world >brings ugly ass knee grow wife…[View]
157264055What race were the people of Carthage?: Hey everyone, it's me, your girl Astra Kruger. Can you …[View]
157255741Russia WWIII: ==Russia is pushing for war, This is our response== > 'Anaconda maneuvers-18 in Pol…[View]
157256722>2017 was the second-warmest year after 2016 for the global surface (~1.17°C) and the warmest yea…[View]
157268575Explain this to me Round Earthers: Why am I able to hover in the same spot for 30 minutes if earth s…[View]
157247006jazz & jesse 25? anyone have it?: Anyone?[View]
157262707Pepe Plushie: Lious has a pepe plushie. Now I mist have one![View]
157268137If EA Owned Memes: I hope this is not true[View]
157264728Vladimir SAVIOUR OF THE EUROPEAN PEOPLE Putin holds his nose like a pussy while dipping in water.[View]
157265284Which one is the Chad?[View]
157265873WE CAN DO THIS: >portulads and pepe praisers lets go further than any other nation as gone >le…[View]
157263970Neo-Templarism: When the fuck do we liberate Vatican, Constantinople, and Jerusalem from the Satanic…[View]
157265644Why are white supremacists always from the 'trashiest' elements of society? Why aren't we ever …[View]
157266537HEALTHCARE: Daily Reminder that the ONLY reason HEALTHCARE is expensive as fuck is because the gover…[View]
157265405the myth of 'muh rapes': Reminder there is no such thing as 'muh rapes'. When Soviet troops entered …[View]
157264297Islamophones BTFO!!!![View]
157266273Breaking: Police raid NEWSWEEK offices, carry out servers: https://nypost.com/2018/01/18/nypd-office…[View]
157263095My face when I can be arrested for wrong think in my country[View]
157266123Can Meds, Nordics and Slavs harmoniously live together?[View]
157261784Did this man just single handedly bring about the downfall of /pol/?: Is it even possible for you ra…[View]
157265914So.. I hear there's a memo going around..: I can't wait to watch you alt-right fucks cry w…[View]
157260413What is the best political ideology for you and why?[View]
157264501Trump is reportedly going to take the DACA deal from last week to avoid a government shutdown. That…[View]
157251045Ben Shapiro with 150+ IQ, why is he so smart?: Literally destroys everyone in a debate.[View]
157263133Religion tier list: Let's make a tier list for religions, ranging from 'Divine tier' to 'Shit t…[View]
157266150/pol/ humor thread[View]
157254741This is what the world thinks of the United States.[View]
157218868Jordan Peterson arrested in Britain for murder of Cathy Newman: Simply amazing interview, no way Jor…[View]
157255334Nazi germany Surviving: If Germany, Russia and USA reached nukes at the same time, making a cold war…[View]
157255966So this is the power of feminism...[View]
157262606Shutdown = 4D chess?: Seems like everything is happening all at once. >While government shutdowns…[View]
157265291Why are Horsey's women so hot[View]
157265965What the fuck is going on in the world https://cleancuts.cccl.tv/talent/[View]
157262588Well /pol/, are you ready for Jeff Sessions to not follow up on the memo?[View]
157265076Why is there no Canadian Nationalist Party?: Why is there no Canadian Nationalist Party? I hear lots…[View]
157265683It's working guys! https://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/african-americans-moving-africa-1…[View]
157258330I hate my country: Posters on the college wall about not hating shit skins Posters on the college wa…[View]
157262505I was minding my business on the street when suddenly my phone turned American. lol[View]
157216106Why don’t you peterkikes admit that he lost the debate? Multiple logical fallacies, hostile, aggress…[View]
157265201Trump appointee resigns after anti-black, gay, Muslim comments.: Is this our guy /pol/? The thing is…[View]
157264240The United States is about to have a government shutdown: Over whether criminals should have a path …[View]
157263018Jordan Peterson thread: Cleaning your room is now sexist https://brashfeminism.com/2018/01/18/jordan…[View]
157252551How is this even humanly possible?: >tfw you will never have 1/10,000th of the balls that this gu…[View]
157260758/Pol/der - NedLeeuw edition: >What is NedLeeuw ? A public debate with over 2000 expected guests …[View]
157263036Why doesn’t Trump declassify the FISA application? Who gives a shit about a partisan memo written as…[View]
157264563So /pol/... Will it last? Will it burst?[View]
157265179^ Spam this on Social Media #ReleaseTheMemo: Pic related is the contact information for all 22 membe…[View]
157263509Let's find out who they are: From a live broadcast of the Wendy Williams show now, season 10 ep…[View]
157264797I lost all my savings in Bitconnect Ponzi scheme: I lost all my savings in Bitconnect Ponzi Scheme -…[View]
157247289Well, /pol/?[View]
157248017Daily reminder religion is for the weak[View]
157265105Iv'e realized that the drug cartels in mexico are not a meme they are living hell how can ameri…[View]
157247585Help Anon!: My liberal teacher is teaching us about 1950s marriage relationships today, give me some…[View]
157265045>tfw you realize the Jews control /pol/, the alt-right, trump, and putin…[View]
157264977Austria's Death Truck 2015: What really happened?: Guys, Let's talk about 'The death lorry…[View]
157262078Is there any way to save western boys anymore?[View]
157263490Did Larry Silverstein own all three of the WTC towers? If he did, bringing down the third tower mak…[View]
157261676>Like any healthy human bean I have opinions on various topics, sometimes they lean left and some…[View]
157211706Australia gave clinton foundation $500 million: WHAT THE FUCK!! https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-…[View]
157263089Jewtube Takedown: lads youtube took down some of the best videos for redpilling. These videos are ac…[View]
157259165Americans Suffer from Nuclear-phobia: Pyongyang, January 19 (KCNA) -- Nuclear-phobia by the nuclear …[View]
157262919Right Wing Social Justice: We all know the term 'SJW' - 'social justice warrior.' We've all com…[View]
157263990>pic related is a Japanese tennis player: This is what a BLACKED Jap looks like. Get ready Nishi …[View]
157262436STOP BEING ANTI-SEMITIC: >Jewish customs demand Jews be buried asap >coroner in London says de…[View]
157264328Reddit lol: “Friday fun thread!” Xd Why can’t they be the least bit impartial and acknowledge the im…[View]
157261328How will POTUS handle the memo? I think shit won't happen til the SOTU[View]
157264256I'm pretty sleepy. Anyone else here sleepy? I think we should all just head to bed right now. N…[View]
157262565/libg/ - Liberal General The thread for liberals to discuss politics[View]
157263634I just read the memo.: I have buddies on the inside and I just read it. Its literally nothing. It ju…[View]
157263030masturbatory rape: bear with me, i am going to lay down some ground breaking theory here we must sta…[View]
157264102islam right or left?[View]
157246845Wtf is this shit? https://twitter.com/BBCNewsbeat/status/953602152311803905[View]
157263786Christians and Socialists: Most whites in America fall under the general categories of Christian or …[View]
157263984WTF UK? What have you done?!: I just watched Tommy Robinson and Dave Rubin interview - https://www.y…[View]
157225862Just fixed ME in 5 minutes: Seriously why dont the great powers deal with this matter once and for a…[View]
157260232why do muslims always lie?[View]
157262310It’s a nothing burger, isn’t it...: https://twitter.com/natashabertrand/status/954363342562480129…[View]
157241615(((Krautgate General))) Fox On The Run edition: Johnny Fox tries to take down JF https://youtu.be/C2…[View]
157259969ReDdIt SpAcInG: Hello brainlets. Let me tell you what is going on. The memo is a bluff. You see th…[View]
157262110you know your genitals will become obsolete: right?[View]
157258359Some jew on facebook posted this saying : 'This is picture taken in former Poland(Proskurov), today …[View]
157237940Normies waking up: everywhere I go and talk to people, I try to redpill them or at least start them …[View]
157263420>wh*te culture[View]
157263389Gee golly willickers I hope there are memos.[View]
157263337How do we get rid of the 'albozerg' problem /pol/? They seem to be the most hated posters here[View]
157252482What would you do if your wife or gf tried to make you sign something like pic related to regulate y…[View]
157261445If the govt shuts down tonight. How does that effect the IRS? I'm filing for taxes soon and don…[View]
157259772I fucking hate all people[View]
157243757who's behind the soyboy phenomena? is it the Jews?[View]
157262771If all white boy's were just pumped full of estrogen and married a refugee, the world would be …[View]
157220229You might not have electricity, but you won't get killed by the police either.: I know Trump sa…[View]
157253582Was 9/11 the biggest happening of the 21st century?[View]
157262091Is this just the beginning?: What more are we in store for? >unmasking and leaking >collusion …[View]
157261797Did you support it in 2003? Would you support it knowing what we do now?[View]
157262529Whites beating up blacks thread: Post your best videos of white men rising up against the political …[View]
157262456Did you call your Congressman this morning to request a push to release the FISA abuse memo to the A…[View]
157261657Why are jewish families more close knit than goy families?[View]
157256210New here: Hi iam new on this site. My friend browse you every single day and told me some stuff bout…[View]
157242728What Have We Done?: It was all for the fucking lulz. It started with the Habbo raids. We dipped our …[View]
157262165>trump pisses his adult diapers watching Shark Week[View]
157262541What I Learned in the Peace Corps in Africa: Trump Is Right: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles…[View]
157258946Only people who haven't suffered want to have children[View]
157252368Politics are for reeeeee.....: While this guy singlehandedly changed our world and made human advanc…[View]
157229973Angela Nagle thinks you're all sexually frustrated losers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMVS…[View]
157248780porn is shilled everyone is black: We all know black woman are less diserable then white woman but n…[View]
157260279the boundaries we had were in place for a reason. A girl was the property of her father until marria…[View]
157260400The Official Beta Bugman Boomer Song.: Smash the dislike /pol/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zu5…[View]
157260940What can I do to change this Sodom and Gomorrah of a nation around?[View]
157257537#Releasethememo: I have no social life and have been browsing /pol/ for hours everyday, I have seen …[View]
157262226We need price control: The price of GPUs are going up because schmos including myself are buying GPU…[View]
157249432Have you ever fulfilled the duty to your country by being a part of the jury, /pol/? Why not?[View]
157261841Don't take a side, start a new game: There is no left and right, there's people who believ…[View]
157262200FAKE NEWS: Any other anons ever seen firsthand evidence of fake news? I'll tell my tale >Be …[View]
157262163Who are most prominent politicians of the EUSSR whose demise would change the continent? Merkel? Jun…[View]
157261993***SPOILERS FOR THE SEASON FINALE***: The memo will eventually be made public and everyone will want…[View]
157262114Francis Victim-Blames Small Children: https://www.rt.com/news/416401-pope-sex-abuse-cover-up/ >‘O…[View]
157250866Sandy Hook What do y'all think about pic related? Does it exclude Lana from the suspect list? Y…[View]
157260974What does /pol/ think of blacks in heels?[View]
157260702stop upholding principles[View]
157248164Friendly reminder Germans are the only Europeans worth saving: Even though they’re cucked to oblivio…[View]
157260424Counterantifa: Well /pol/ what have you been doing lately to counter the Soros's chums? Pic rel…[View]
1572571942018 Senate Elections: Post your maps. What's wrong with this one? https://www.270towin.com/201…[View]
157258543Poland no: Word is on the street you dudes burn coal[View]
157260555>mfw amerimutts can't safely walk in their cities because they are afraid of Based Blacks pe…[View]
157259425co-opt woman's marches: Why are you guys co-opting women's marches? We can literally redpi…[View]
157250871Redpill me on Oliver Cromwell, what did he do? Did he do anything that affects politics today? I don…[View]
157261412You're spending most of your time reading things online in order to feel angry about them and g…[View]
157254457Post pictures of The West before Multiculturism: Starting with Sweden in the 70s[View]
157249522When will the USA leave Japan alone?: Let's be honest, no other country got BTFO since WW2 than…[View]
157259683>enact proclaimation that makes it illegal to carry w/o permit >tell people it doesn't ac…[View]
157261116What do you Germans have up your sleeves?[View]
157258346Welfare Cuts: >massive cuts to section 8 will also occur which will result in rent prices finally…[View]
157241714'only niggers and Mexicans pop out 12 kids' said the wite boi[View]
157255196CUCK IN CHIEF: >/pol/ makes fun of cucks >elects someone who married an ex porn star Is marryi…[View]
157247148>US govt potentially going to be confirmed as shutting down by midnight tonight anyone else /comf…[View]
157260965It's National Popcorn Day!: Post your best popcorns >#ReleasetheMemo…[View]
157260667Post yfw tectonic plates cause Europe to get BLACKED[View]
157258462The left can't meme[View]
157247352ϟϟ NSG ϟϟ Black Sun Edition: ᛉ 卐卐 ᛉ Thread for discussion of the Jewish Question, Race Realism, Nati…[View]
157259677Martin Luther King Jr. was a huge racist white supremacist. He never asked for slavery reparations, …[View]
157239162Red pill me about capital punishment!: Right or wrong /pol/?[View]
157260036Would Hitler have made a good FBI agent if he swore to uphold the constitution?[View]
157260497Thoughts?: >In March 1814, Francia banned Spaniards from marrying each other; they had to wed Ind…[View]
157257226We keep winning bros[View]
157257222GLORMPH IS FINISHED #ReleaseTheMemo He cannot hide any more of his FISA abuse[View]
157259647>master race 'parenting'[View]
157260069Reminder that anime turns you gay: https://medium.com/@rftbk/masculinity-anime-and-gender-dysphoria-…[View]
157250918Please write your apology in this thread, /pol/.[View]
157257989Check these[View]
157238072Firearms and handgrenade amnesty in Sweden: Two days ago, the police station in Rosengård was bombed…[View]
157258309Is pic related the reason you guys are so angry?[View]
157251523>BBC posts pro-diversity videos >BBC posts videos making fun of white people https://www.yout…[View]
157255019>be my son >in kindergarten >only one of 3 white kids in a class of nearly 30 >only one …[View]
157259658This board has devolved. Old /pol/ would never have tolerated this progression.[View]
157252627#ReleaseTheMemo: Bigger Than Watergate. ITT discuss the fallout this could have. This is not some Al…[View]
157244019RELEASE THE MEMO RUNDOWN: Here’s what happened: >First Fusion GPS Founder (Glenn Simpson/behind t…[View]
157259266Why did american anglo saxons allow other whites to live in murica? If they didn't nobody could…[View]
157237271ITT: So you're saying: ITT: We reply to this post and its replies with 'So you're saying..…[View]
157256945Why isn't Trump deporting more people than Obama did?[View]
157250896british female: >british women HAHAHAHAHAHA what is this bongs??? hahahahah you can't be ser…[View]
157259066>Dude non-whites are such a drain on society unlike me[View]
157259079Can any Russian anons give me a rundown on what Eurasianism is and how significant it actually is in…[View]
157256772EXCLUSIVE: FISA COURTS: Caught red handed. See: pic related[View]
157259204Hug: Can I get a hug? We are on the edge of the end. I'm sending a hug to you.[View]
157258850>What can we do advance white nationalism in America?[View]
157253641How to explain the global situation to neo-Marxists?: Most neo-Marixsts are normies who get their 'n…[View]
157257755Hillary Clinton could still become president!: MADAM PRESIDENT[View]
157258911Laws of thievery: Machiavelli has taught us that to be a good christian and a Catholic is highly imp…[View]
157257003What's it like fighting a losing battle?[View]
157254698HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!![View]
157258225/pol/ BTFO: There are so many of them and so few of you.[View]
157234013'For Those Considering Blaxit, I Present to You: Japan': https://www.theroot.com/for-those-consideri…[View]
157257784>This is the most popular family in ameriMutt[View]
157258808Civil Rights Murders in Phoenix.: Body count 9 and rising.[View]
157258111NGO leeches: Today there is shitload NGO around us, fighting for human, lgbt, animals, women, black,…[View]
157255962>>Just woke up read news find this >>OK this reeks of an unmentionable sites trolling.…[View]
157258520Can we get Czech elections thread?[View]
157258100(ACID)SEC - ALT - CONTROL - INSERT - DELETE: --------------ALTER their program---------- --- by taki…[View]
157251571California needs to be treated as a enemy nation to the USA[View]
157255465I'm a national socialist[View]
157257680-(ACID)-- ALT - INSERT - CONTROL - DELETE -: ------------------------------------------- -----------…[View]
157248618Why US media spreading lies: FFS, for the last time : The Egyptians weren't Black. You cunts ar…[View]
157256230Controlling the usage and ownership of firearms: so there's a task from my lecturer about the u…[View]
157249700Well /pol/? Should we help them?[View]
157246361Winston Churchill movie: Thoughts on this /pol/ Apparently the movie portrays Hitler as the one not …[View]
157255269>Board of sworn annoying christcucks >They don't love everyone in the same way Is /pol/ …[View]
157257577what if 'Russia' is code for 4chan?[View]
157257905Can we get this type of image spread around to help the cause and keep #releasethememo trending? It …[View]
157255440Hey, /pol/, while we are busy whining about how the leftists are going to bring Sharia law and Isis …[View]
157254242KEEP CALM & CALL AFA: Stickers spotted in Copenhagen. http://www.uriasposten.net/archives/90388#…[View]
157253356Thoughts on the Al Bhed? Those sandblasting grease monkies![View]
157238824Swedish public school buys burkinis for girls in swimming class: http://angelholm.lokaltidningen.se/…[View]
157246169meanwhile on 1990 /britpol/..[View]
157246612HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!: Get in here faggots https://www.rt.com/news/416377-turkey-syria-afrin-operatio…[View]
157236418What does /pol/ thinks about this? Are they real?[View]
157254310The Chad Weedman.: Find a single flaw.[View]
157254681Im telling you tell the alt -right: To start helping immigrants get theyre green cards then daca wil…[View]
157236521Does Richard Spencer really know what he's doing?: The alt-right is full of brainlets who will …[View]
157257467Is the Cold War still going on?[View]
157255755Israel YES!!!!: Hundreds of Israeli rabbis vowed to hide African refugees facing deportation! >th…[View]
157255483STOP IT GOY: Stop it goy! Why do white 'people' think they have a right to engage with Jewish cultur…[View]
157257249WHERE IS MEGAANON?!: Has she come on since realizing Q is Julian? What happened to her? She’s not po…[View]
157253256Typical white parents: why are white people so sick??? #1 in being serial killers #1 in being pedos …[View]
157255615What's the difference between Afghanistan and Pakistan?[View]
157251101based Iceland: >Iceland aborts all their retards >suddenly there are no more Theists HAHAHAHA …[View]
157251143Why did Ezekiel the Son of man choose Stonehenge for hiding the Ark of the Covenant? Why did Daniel …[View]
157252211Given what's happening in the US and A, your thoughts on this quote gentlemen?[View]
157256187jewish mobility: last nights dream had a jew placed in each of the wheelchairs, and those little ras…[View]
157250899This kills the alt-right[View]
157248633>accused of rape by multiple women >accused of fucking his students >brags about 'chainfuck…[View]
157256861>tfw you'll never be as smart as a Jew[View]
157253606Is the flu-shot meme real, /pol/?[View]
157256608Map painting game: Anyone interested? Claim a nation, name and starting location. I'll be start…[View]
157255242>turks and arabs[View]
157250941What's in the memo?[View]
157250170>Human rights groups and critics have decried the right-wing Hungarian government's introduc…[View]
157227369New Zealands women Prime Minister is pregnant: So New Zealands prime minister is pregnant, thoughts?…[View]
157250333Fusion GPS Founder: I Heard Brexit Leader Farage Gave Data To Assange: Steele just can't catch …[View]
157253157Boris Johnson wants to build a bridge between France and England. Jupiter said he's OK with the…[View]
157253445Today is National Popcorn Day - Release the Memo: Is there a better day to RELEASE THE MEMO than on …[View]
157256054Sweden: What is /pol/ thoughts on this shit? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bacha_bazi[View]
157185958Daily reminder to btfo RIDF: Russia has only one real city, which is Moscow. Everything that is sou…[View]
157209661>https://twitter.com/SaxonNEET/status/954184469937836037 >Richard Spencer defending child porn…[View]
157255996Why do Turks love genocide so much even though they are so bad at it?[View]
157255667Separation of money and state: is it a good idea?[View]
157233597/pol/ humor thread: it's friday and i'm in need of some /pol/ humor[View]
157255827Who were/are the big money players? Who of them is in the Media game? Where they playing politcs? Wh…[View]
157232333Economic Red Pills: You might hear these arguments a lot. Trickle down economics don't work! …[View]
157230770AUS/POL/ AUSTRALIA BATTLE FOR AUSTRALIA DAY EDITION: Sup lads. We've got a battle on our hands,…[View]
157254901Foreign aid: >The USA is giving away 50 billion dollars every year as foreign aid to governments …[View]
157254726the prophet spoke.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtL1fEEtLaA sure you watched it, but did you see…[View]
157252387REEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!: This fucking loser only has 700 followers. Lets make him famous. Fuck this f…[View]
157249635Why don't you like communism so much?: After all, the first communist was Jesus Christ. Christi…[View]
157244620Syria General - /sg/- Patient Sniper edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordp…[View]
157255193Test & shit: Je moeder[View]
157254883Why are chinese so based?: China's pink, oversized women-only car parks slammed as sexist http:…[View]
157255062So if we consider the fact that Russia may have considerable influence over the US elections, does t…[View]
157254942This makes me mad nigger loitering by my complimentary coffee at yummy publix before i head off to …[View]
157253240Let's have a philosophical discussion. The first question I have for you is do you agree with t…[View]
1572516014chan Exposed: This whole thing involving the fake kraut and tea doxx, sargon of mossad and ((andy w…[View]
157254821are muslems /ourguys/ after all?[View]
157254808The grand neocon, ZioDrumpf, BTFO![View]
157243222/lrg/ LIBERTARIAN RIGHT GENERAL: /lrg/ LIBERTARIAN RIGHT GENERAL This thread is for discussion of …[View]
157245555Niggers would probably all die off if white people quit taking care of them[View]
157250843women in scientifc field: Why the fuck are there so little women in stem fields.[View]
157247482why do you hate hapas?: Hello, I'm an Australian hapa, we are a growing number and will probabl…[View]
157247912South Korea beat Japan, but that's okay.: South Korea has come a long way and in many ways surp…[View]
157254003If they were equal: How would we have gotten away with 2000 years of subjugation if the female was e…[View]
157253747Only people who haven't suffered want to have children. They haven't suffered because thei…[View]
157249399explain this trumpsters: whats your excuse for this degeneracy?[View]
157251978How is /pol/ going to 'take down' the deepstate? What can you do to help the current standing presid…[View]
157253789https://al-sura.com/turkey-invades-syria-goal-to-destroy-ypg/ Turkey invades. Even tho America &…[View]
157251960'Multi-state meth, pot ring involving the US mail is busted': http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/01/17/m…[View]
157251073OUTBRED > INBRED 'The future is mixed-race and that's a good thing for humanity': Inbreds st…[View]
157237255>second highest tax rate in the world Is Germany a libertarian nightmare?…[View]
157251449“But muh based Americans” “Europeans are cucks”[View]
157254126Why can't we just kill people with mental illnesses as soon as their mental illness is found an…[View]
157248581Australia is an Asian country owned and ruled by CHINKS.: More Australians travelling overseas, as C…[View]
157253935For all the years I've been doing this, I still find it hard to deal with people like pic relat…[View]
157241399Half naked & wet Vlad. Putinbots, rejoice.: >naked torso? Check. >cross around neck? Check…[View]
157249420VIRGIN MARY CRYING THE DEATH OF A NIGERIAN RAPEFUGEE: ITALY is trying to beat Sweden at their own ga…[View]
157247604holy shit...[View]
157247172Release day? Will this forevermore be known as the 'Day of Trump's Release?': Is it time? All t…[View]
157248535Government shut down: I work as a data entry clerk at the Office for Human Research Protections in t…[View]
157244312The Western man, 2018, Paris.[View]
157253612https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N938k6lIugY WHAT THE FUCK. Americans literally heading south to sav…[View]
157240186Jordan Peterson is a fucking normie: Oh, shit. Watch this video. This is the archetypical omega male…[View]
157253420this triggers the libtard[View]
157240153meat should be illegal: there is literally no reason to kill animals for food in the modern world…[View]
157252755https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2yTzfGdtGo California Will Prosecute Employers Who Help Immigration…[View]
1572456619/11: What are the mass implications of 9/11? How often do you think about it?[View]
157162213Who was in the wrong here? Is being overly religious inherently bad? >PERRIS, Calif. — The 13 sta…[View]
157247734italian guy get mocked on london's metro the fuck we are the problems now? not the muslim or n…[View]
157250988Jew politicians in the USA: 2% of the population, but 8% are Jewish. Are they merely civic-minded?[View]
157244084Pedophile Pope Francis Protecting His Own: SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — Pope Francis accused victims of Ch…[View]
157249829War on drugs: Does /pol/ support the so called war on drugs? I see junkies everywhere in my area beg…[View]
157252604Post examples of western men being rekt by modern society We need to collect examples and shame them…[View]
157249915I would support communism in the west right now. Even though I'm not a communist. The chaos it …[View]
157252754Philosophy: We see too many statistics and race and infographs about Jews in redpill threads. Not en…[View]
157252661I think we know who Hillary’s Mossad handler was...[View]
157247031>mfw Democrats keep the government shutdown until the midterms[View]
157252194Norway is the only white country in the world: If you're a Med you're a turkish/Arab rape …[View]
157249499The Memo Is Nothing...: ...and you all know it. For the past year, /pol/ has repeatedly fallen for t…[View]
157241510Why do people hate Boris for suggesting a bridge to France?: Bridges are good, no? And it wouldn…[View]
157252408Baruch Goldstein.: Is Baruch “Galil” Goldstein the most based kike of all time.[View]
157251461Why are so many millennial women being raped these days?[View]
157247815/ptg/ President Trump General - SELF INFLICTED POTATO FAMINE EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https…[View]
157251610It really isn't possible to quit this place, is it?[View]
157233054Stop resisting white boys, you berong to us!: Stop resisting white boys, you berong to us![View]
157255385r8 my transformation /pol/[View]
157247639>it's okay to act like a complete retard, fuck peoples customs up, and laugh at shit for rat…[View]
157252315The glorious future of the white race.[View]
157248979America Hate Thread: Morning edition[View]
157247701are you fat /pol/? or just want to lose a few pounds? Try the ketogenic diet. I was 230lbs a few mo…[View]
157254842I feel like I'm not reaching my potential. All my friends have a pro careers, some of them are …[View]
157251881People who eat in their cars in the parking lot of mcdonalds: What the fuck is wrong with you? Are y…[View]
157255130The race fight draws near. Will Stipe succeed in upholding the honor of our race?[View]
157251259Post your heritage: I'm English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, and German.[View]
157254763Georgia: What happenes there?[View]
157253959Daily reminder that Anime is degenerate subversive filth created by Gooks bankrolled by the jews to …[View]
157247301Black Israelites?: There’s a black Israelite at my school. Found writing in the bathroom that said “…[View]
157249708Post yfw: >one whole year of Trump's presidency is over and he's done nothing but golf…[View]
157241789Explanation?: Explanation?[View]
157251882>'Canada doesn't negotiate with terrorists' >welcome back ISIS members The absolute cuck…[View]
157251988$ 37 000 000 000: Pay up Turks! https://ahvalnews.com/us-turkey/tens-billions-dollars-likely-us-gamb…[View]
157242499Wow. Drumpfh will be impeached by the weekdn: #releasethememo has 800,000 tweets. And when the Cheet…[View]
157237833Putin Takes an Icy Dip on Epiphany: >Following a Russian Orthodox Christian tradition, President …[View]
157245845Easy advice: I don't get the complaints that come from you people. Don't like Hijabs? Don…[View]
157250247Don’t praise kek: https://m.9gag.com[View]
157251301IT WAS HER TURN[View]
157251518>city where everyone has Stockholm syndrome >called Stockholm…[View]
157246462*knocks on your door* Got your TV license there bruv?[View]
157245941Is race mixing between Europeans acceptable? Pic related half German half Greek[View]
157251252My girlfriend is no longer a feminist thanks to Aziz Ansari false rape claims[View]
157227860WE WUZ MASONS: Mason anon here. I got an email from one of the lodges on my mailing list that caught…[View]
157246851Anti-immigration race mixing cuck: Jesus Christ, tokkies are so stupid. (Tokkie = white, poor, Dutch…[View]
157251365The next time someone says there's 'no such thing as a White American': You show them this pict…[View]
157250114can anyone link me to that video of the sperg attempted murderer practicing with his shotgun and fai…[View]
157237300Aren't Sweden and Germany more dangerous to Europe than the muslim immigrants?[View]
157242583rate my work /pol/[View]
157248503WHY IS THIS GIRL SO BEAUTIFUL: What are your thoughts on this girl /pol/?[View]
157206279GOOK PROBLEM AND HAPA HATE THREAD #16: On Java man and Homo sinanthropus. Gooks the worst race after…[View]
157250869Armenian genocide: Why do the turks deny to this day the Armenian genocide? Everybody knows they did…[View]
157246393https://www.axios.com/india-successfully-tests-1516295148-e20bcaed-9809-4201-a6e7-d0a2f18a25ee.html …[View]
157243511Whitexit: So when will you leave our land and go back to Europe, white man?[View]
157248500Why do borders even exist in todays life?: Let's be honest, what is the point, the only point I…[View]
157249564Blonde people are not superior: Why do people on this board claim that Blonde blue eyed people are s…[View]
157250344American hero, Edward Snowden, already “released the memo” years ago.[View]
157235936Did I possibly uncover something in the archives?[View]
157246920Normies BTFO: http://archive.is/KHrtT[View]
157247797OGOP mbmc - tutorial: Pepe Jones here[View]
157249196sup /pol/ I remember years ago there being a thread someone posted that was really interesting. It w…[View]
157244679anti white teacher: there is a teacher who has been teaching her high school students that only whit…[View]
157247169The Hollow men: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKOYoYy4vBE&t=34s This Poem (and this video vers…[View]
157249398Happening Status: It's: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZLwgBuucMc[View]
157245255Chuck Schumer Pushing Heightened Security: Test it out in out needed cities, so it can roll out nati…[View]
157234180srsly what the HELL is in this memo? apparently it reveals some kind of extremely damning info about…[View]
157250105I recently came to an interesting conclusion: So I want to share this with you and hopefully get som…[View]
157247730Where were you when both Korea's single handedly BTFO'd USA?[View]
157247897Trump is Jewish: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5085318/donald-trump-religion-president-jewish/…[View]
157243893I intend to start a fake Twitter account larping as a black feminist. This is because white liberal …[View]
157249650No mention of fisa story: What did he mean by this?[View]
157249454You haven't quite lived until you've been spanked with a Forbes magazine desu.[View]
157244964Family Values: 'B-but Christianity promotes family values, guys. Red pilled religion to save Europe!…[View]
157237461Does this (((song))) not raise alarms as cuban propaganda?[View]
157244231Behold The Greatest Free Market in the World: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-10-25/new…[View]
157246108https://twitter.com/PlayStationEU/status/942790287935639552 How do you like your European news dear …[View]
157225831ReleaseTheMemo Leaked: Obama, Hillary, Comey, Lynch, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, FBI, NSA, DNC and the…[View]
157243763Thermite cuts steel. Yet 9/11 is a hoax. Thermite can be lit with a match. A march can cut steal bea…[View]
157248724PADDOCK_FBIATFOP: Paddock dead before shooting Employees of mandalay don't know who campos is M…[View]
157248340YAAAAAS, GWAN JP! UNLEASH THE REDPILLS! Picrelated is from the below interview of Jordan Peterson, a…[View]
157245593Stimulant Prescriptions Filled By Women Increased 5x from 2003: Are women the most underreported dru…[View]
157245713'Statistically speaking, the world is better off without black people': Is that statement a fact or …[View]
157244232Would you?[View]
157248744“Sloppy Steve” spillin’ & thrillin’: So, TrumpTards, yer boy Bannon is gonna get a Grand Jury su…[View]
157246873Human race: Only one race, it's Human race. If you deny this, you are disgusting racist shit.…[View]
157248531South Korea president is a nerd.[View]
157247389>theyre going back to africa all on their own[View]
157247122I miss him[View]
157248335Shoulda gassed them all Andy: >when you let all the rich jews who are the problem run away and ga…[View]
157236618Boris Johnson proposes a 22-mile bridge across the Channel: >Boris Johnson has floated the idea o…[View]
157248425>American literature[View]
157243547brainlet here. is Net Neutrality a good thing or bad? the entire internet supports it except /pol/ f…[View]
157247063Discovery of nuclear fission: In December 1938 German chemist Otto Hahn and his assistant Fritz Stra…[View]
157237983I wish we had this when I was a kid!: For non-Jews, Havdalah is a short service on Saturday night th…[View]
157247890if you win against jews and create your white supreme country but do not have love , you are nothing…[View]
157239494Earliest known soyboy smile sighting?: This is from June 2017. How far back does it go?[View]
157243356Mexican is skinned alive: http://theync.com/brutal-video-shows-two-narco-rival-being-beheaded-choppe…[View]
157244984Melbourne is a shithole: >be american >fly to melbourne to watch the tennis >get mugged by …[View]
157247044In Russia, cadets, made a parody of the video Benny Benassi: January 16, in the morning in Ulyanovsk…[View]
157247995>Swedish democracy is based on a single premise: the Right to Free Speech (R.F.S.). This guarante…[View]
157243969Is he right? Would someone get kicked off YouTube/demonetized for saying the same about the left?[View]
157242068>You might think you know the full story of the so-called alt-right, known for their venomous rac…[View]
157243899/ptg/ President Trump General - NO ALCOHOL NO CIGARETTES EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://w…[View]
157246428So whats the deal with this board? You pretend to be nazis yet none of you are white. You are all fa…[View]
157247102Get fucked you retarded christians http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-42736530[View]
157235795The Balkans Are Not Gay Fri-: https://www.total-croatia-news.com/lifestyle/24622-first-croatian-pict…[View]
157239600What's Next?: Let's say world peace happens and there are no more wars and shit... let…[View]
157246475Jews are just white people LARPing that they're elves.[View]
157247525https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ohl_z_246w 1.48-end >let's see what happens >something t…[View]
157226988Does /pol/ listen to coast to coast am? it's a good show, politics, scary stories, on in the gr…[View]
157247416>the russian narative is bullsh-[View]
157247396'BANNED' ON YT WTF???: JQ Hello Fellow White People: Provisional Whiteness https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
157247056Mannon here. Now that Youtube isn't paying small channels how do I make money on /pol/ e-celeb …[View]
157242702How do (((they))) get away with this shit, when (((they've))) been shilling racism so hard it i…[View]
157245448White race doesn't exist: Holocaust when?[View]
157236740High Tier Faggotry: Congratulations, America for allowing this to happen/making this happen. You cuc…[View]
157246799Trump snubs Colbert for Fake News Awards, how could Trump forget Colbert? Was he too high on coke ag…[View]
157244907#releasethememo: Keep up pressure on #releasethememo Shills out in full force. We want the truth.…[View]
157243512>be navy seal >be not politically correct >get fired for not supporting libcuck faggotry ho…[View]
157247165Frank Stallone edition.: So, uh, hey fellas. I’m a just wondering aboat some stuff, eh. Like what ar…[View]
157244208Why do white mass shooters only kill white people?[View]
157245505The Root Races: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLHpNBf2hvM Guys what do you think of this video? I…[View]
157244543How Are There Still Ancaps in 2018?: Has an ideology ever been so unequivocally BTFO than anarcho-ca…[View]
157238761Why does the US send aid to other countries?[View]
157238389Share all you got to inform the normies about the memo. I'll share what I have. I made a FB pos…[View]
157245260How do we move away from (((youtube)))?[View]
157245785Why are Somalian Women so fucking loud?: Trying to my my coursework in our University library and al…[View]
157246668'Adult Film Star Stormy Daniels Describes Alleged Sex with Trump in Shelved 2011 Interview': 'In Tou…[View]
157231396Jewish Cocaine: Do you fucking idiots know how popular cocaine is inside of Israel? Do you guys know…[View]
157245524'It's not gay to suck a dick if you do it in a straight way' Reddit 2018 https://www.reddit.com…[View]
157219472Amazon HQ: So which city is gonna get that sweet new Amazon HQ and what kind of sweet tax payer fund…[View]
157236759Artificial wombs: There are 2 approaches to this method ever since artificial wombs became a reality…[View]
157245682Who could be behind this....[View]
157245577Former secret serviceman warns that shit is about the hit the fan! Is this false flag territory?[View]
157243321Why the inconditional hate for BOOMERS here ?: Why do you boys complain all the time about the boome…[View]
157240784>Putin placed a social democrat from the Communist Party for the next term after the 2018 one …[View]
157245690Why is our time so cucked? >no wars against communism >no charismatic leaders >no revolutio…[View]
157237288German nignog IS Rapper ded: So this guy converted to islam in 2010 and now died in Syria fighting f…[View]
157246078RELEASE THE MEMO: big happenings this week![View]
157238516CNN BACKFIRE, DEMOCRATS LOVE TRUMP IN OHIO: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cDfBbtCHL10 MUST WATCH.…[View]
157243983How does a company culture go from 'Innovation, have fun while you're doing it; and don't …[View]
157244568This movie will be nominated for best picture and who knows what else, so have we reached peak degen…[View]
157243999My parents have a Pakistani guy living in their house. They aren't getting paid for it, they ar…[View]
157243787>QAnon's 'Calm Before The Storm' >Stormy Daniels Makes you think, no?…[View]
157245381So ask a guy who shot himself alone 3 miles deep in the woods and still believes the 2nd amendment i…[View]
157245426This MEME-O is YUUUGE!: Hang Johnny McCain, please. #releasethememo.[View]
157228860(((who))) could be behind this?[View]
157231420>be me >be Australian on holiday in Berlin >don’t go to holocaust memorial but instead go t…[View]
157239781British empire: Does the British empire still exist in the form of an international central banking …[View]
157243186‘We will prosecute’ employers who help immigration sweeps, California AG says: http://www.sacbee.com…[View]
157236463Make them meme it: Take pic related and similar memes and post to lefty pages and boards[View]
157240780WHCD: This is Hope Hicks. She is 29. She is the White House Communications Director. Say something n…[View]
157238511Is porn the problem or to much Masturbation before porn was so popular was there a problem of men ju…[View]
157241102Apologize: 'in the United States far-right extremist murders far exceed those carried out by Islamic…[View]
157244632This.. is powerful..[View]
157239556What’s a legitimate way of fixing our current nigger/culture problem that has infested nearly every …[View]
157240238Guys, it's HAPAnning: I've noticed an increase in the hapas on pol. Do you align with whit…[View]
157242668How do we reverse fat acceptance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPe59_11a5o[View]
157237068Syria General /sg/ - Good Morning Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpres…[View]
157239458Seriously how fucked is Europe with refuges? Where do you see your country in the next 50 years? …[View]
157243332You scared yet Drumpftards? California is once again leading the resistance and telling the Orange H…[View]
157243424If Quebec seperates , will Trump liberate Acadia? t.unliberated[View]
157243038Red pill me on The Panic of 1907: >financial crisis involving recession, run on the banks, deriva…[View]
157235280Why do we continue to redefine and overextend adolescence /pol/? Why is 25 the new 18?[View]
157240176Do the men of the past look different from the men of today?[View]
157244217The Left CENSORS Any Opinion But Their Own: Chat Room Edition: >Be me in a rabbit room >Be wat…[View]
157239395China's pink, oversized women-only car parks slammed as sexist: Are they the last hope for civi…[View]
157239891Why are you putting up with his breaking so many election promises?[View]
157227038Hahahahaha: They alreafy have the worst Handgun laws and Taxes. How long until they need a Tv Licens…[View]
157239696KKK Marches At White House in New U2 Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zu53yAoTJE Israeli graf…[View]
157237025Reminder: Reminder that if you like Hitler, you also like Muslims[View]
157240204/ptg/ President Trump General - FUTURE OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP htt…[View]
157236154What do you do for fun, /pol/?[View]
157238481Trump inspired me to stop being a /NEET/: Any one still a NEET since Trump got elected? Anyone still…[View]
157242733/pol/ vs. reality: >come to /pol/ >check for happening >not happening >go to other board…[View]
157214174#ReleaseTheMemo: Oh fuck this is actually serious[View]
157236283Agni-V brings all of China within India's N-zone: >The nuclear-capable missile with a range …[View]
157235123If we left the governing up to an AI, would there be a concern that it would eventually delete itsel…[View]
157209366Anderson Cooper 'Haiti Is One Of The Richest Countries I've Ever Been To': What the fuck /pol/…[View]
157229039venezuela is shitting the bed because of socialism. their hyperinflation problem has gone through th…[View]
157243474HOUSE OF HORRORS: How did they get away with it for so long? What did the parents do for a living? S…[View]
157219905When will we finally start undoing the rape of the English language by Norman fr*Nce? I think it…[View]
157243362Should we start a new war between Tumblr and /b/?[View]
157242202Is this 'Release the Memo' shit an actual real HAPPENING or one of the thousands of fake happenings …[View]
157242735Girther Gate: 'The White House trotted out Rear Adm. Dr. Ronny Jackson Tuesday to declare Donald Tru…[View]
157237270You can remove only one amendment from the US Constitution. Which one do you pick? Choose wisely.[View]
157242239It slaps your ass at the Union Hall. What do?[View]
157242009Post your horseshoes.[View]
157245091What's it like being a handsome man ?[View]
157217655How long has it been since you Praised Kek?[View]
157232157What are you stupid faggots going to do when you realize Q wasn't a LARP?: Imagine how dumb you…[View]
157243260Converted cuck: So yeah, here's the thing, I've been into interracial cuckolding for a lon…[View]
157221815My sister is with a Muslim guy and he’s trying to convert her to Islam Hold me /pol/[View]
157243158Americans. You know, the good guys.[View]
157237399why are white people obsessed with black people?: I seriously don't get it, there is an overwhe…[View]
157217315INFILTRATION AND SUBVERSION: Do not organize any more poster campaigns on here. Communist faggots ar…[View]
157218823The Memo - So NOW we know why the Dems were so scared of him...: This is fucking lighting Twitter on…[View]
157226357Why is it that women can come in all different shapes and sizes and still be beautiful, while the me…[View]
157239270official photo and it looks like he's struggling to hold in his shit.[View]
157243064kady clincy is a teacher at ben franklin high school in new orleans who is teaching her students tha…[View]
157242844Donald Trump vs Supremacy: It will soon be a year ago the supremacist movement feminism showed their…[View]
157232815Who's going to win in this battle of global infulence? China or USA? With Trump in charge, ever…[View]
157242924RUSSIAN SPYING BULLSHIT: With the latest talk about the 'release the memo' shit I feel like it'…[View]
157232172Spoiler: You redneck retards are rapidly going extinct, even in the south. Virginia is now a solid b…[View]
157215995ϟϟ NSG ϟϟ Find The Antidote Edition: ᛉ 卐卐 ᛉ Thread for discussion of the Jewish Question, Race Reali…[View]
157239452FINISH {THEM}: #ReleaseTheMemo[View]
157239206>literally on the verge of uncovering the biggest political scandal of all time…[View]
157205313It really is happening: Get this fucking memo released. Paul Ryan's inbox is full, call your ow…[View]
157241489Would you support the decriminalization of murdering illegal immigrants? Would you partake? How woul…[View]
157239453who was the best leader of the XX century and why it was Franco?[View]
157241531Anyone here ever had their privileges revoked and their entire life ruined before? How long until o…[View]
157234572Need some advice: French Orthodox here. Currently looking to read the Bible, but I don't know i…[View]
157242217Is Steve King /ourcongressman/?: He was on the Trump train as far back as 2013 and is incredibly bas…[View]
157238972LAPD is DEAD: >The Los Angeles Police Academy will graduate 36 officers. Of the 36 LAPD officers,…[View]
157242150Hitler? More like Quitler! Last time I checked /pol/, there are still Jews running around. Are you g…[View]
157240148What are some based Zionists?[View]
157242029Memorandum of Dreams: Who wrote the memo? Who saw the memo? Who doesn't want you to see it? Who…[View]
157233006Final deep state thread: Hello /pol/. I'll answer all the questions from the previous thread an…[View]
157225950What is the correct version of Mein Kampf to purchase? Also where can I purchase an SS Officer unifo…[View]
157203655HAPPENING: Democrats Vote Against CHIP Funding Ahead of ‘Schumer Shutdown’: >186 House Democrats …[View]
157241240Allahu Akbar?: Is Brazil getting culturally enriched? Tourists and Regulars of the region of the Sou…[View]
157220045Does /pol/ hate me?: TL;DR What do you think of citizens who came here illegally, but went through n…[View]
157236419Why did the Clintons use depleted uranium in Yugoslavia? That amounts to a war crime. If this is the…[View]
157239835This is who gen Z looks up to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUIYWs3fdlk&t=509s[View]
157236268Do you believe that all human life has innate value, simply by virtue of being human? I'm afrai…[View]
157239420California superiority thread[View]
157241054Adolf Hitler - Warning To Canadians: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYomf6PvBtc One of the most int…[View]
157220207Krautgate - After the stream edition: Vee isnt a doctor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msrK1QqJ7lo …[View]
157240030So lets have it out now. Why if you support gun freedom, why not bulletproof everything. The money i…[View]
157239549How did the Holocaust make you feel?[View]
157235626Anglos and Celts what's the difference[View]
157238886>we looked at the memo and found misconduct, but since no malice was intended no charges will be …[View]
157241047>its a 'this time obama will go to jail' episode on pol[View]
157241346Let's do this boys GET HYPED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKoalZCSMPE&t=2s https://www.…[View]
157230230Another White Male dies at the hands of Police Brutality. Are you going to let this one slide white …[View]
157239996Who was in the wrong here? https://youtu.be/Q1iuEcu7O50[View]
157241059IMPEACH BLUMPFH!![View]
157240503Excerpt from a 1938 Reichsluftfahrtministerium meeting - why the $6,000,000 figure here?: >Goebbe…[View]
157237837It's ok the GOP spies on you but not Obama?: The absolute state of of /pol/[View]
157240561Why are women more popular than men in society?: Just wondering. Has anyone noticed? In society, fem…[View]
157239902WE WUZ ROMAN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bO7koP6X3pU why don't our biggoted history books …[View]
157241002hey /pol/ how can a woman get pregnant, if she's already in Labour? https://www.cbsnews.com/amp…[View]
157240728What does /pol/ think about 'Virtuous Pedophiles': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCW5-VBdSi4…[View]
157205519The absolute state of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.[View]
157203943Varnashrama Dharma: The reason why Jews are powerful , and are controlling the whole world , is the …[View]
157217080/mbmc/ MASSIVE REDDIT TURNOUT EDITION: Posters go up this Sunday (Jan 21) at night on campuses &…[View]
157224010KINKY: I can believe it[View]
157234342fucking drumpf won't release the memo: he won't release it because he is a fucking piece o…[View]
157235210the crypto scam: How come even sophisticated investors and intellects get caught up in the scam /pol…[View]
157240438WWII - Rise of the Manlets: So I saw a funny post and started to do some research. It turns out Jose…[View]
157233805Hey Russia fags, why do you still hate us? Is it because: >Syria >Cold War >Better Economy…[View]
157234100the white race is degenerate: it's pretty obvious why the white race is dying out - just take a…[View]
157239741T*rkey vs. Syria war: >tfw no qt kurd fighter gf So now that T*rkey has been shelling the Kurds i…[View]
157217661A call to all white men.: It is 2018 everyone, and still, i fear we are dying out as a movement. For…[View]
157234733/ptg/ President Trump General - VALLEY OF THE SHADOW OF DEATH EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP http…[View]
157219086Convince me god exists. The only argument I ever hear is have faith.[View]
157235412GOP lawmakers demand that 'alarming' memo on FISA abuses be made public: ITT: FISA discuss…[View]
157237518>'why dont people try to improve their homeland instead of moving' >american flag…[View]
157239375Oxford student cleared of rape charge as another case collapses days before trial begins: There is s…[View]
157240096Snapchat promote staying up because they know it makes you dumb as fuck and this entire app is pract…[View]
157240068Mixed whites: What are your thoughts on them? And what do you think of the guy in the pic who seems …[View]
157238971Cape Town, South Africa is about to become the 1st major city to run out of water. Apparently it is …[View]
157237129>inferior race >omnipotent cabal that controls the entire planet Pick one, and only one.…[View]
157239921tru dat[View]
157232381Anyone else miss the political scene in 2015?[View]
157239803Gentlemen we have am absolute degenerate here, This is name, Kik, face, and location. Let's fuc…[View]
157234445What's happening in bizarro world where Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump?[View]
157234588What did they mean by this >Double Dutch Darky >Take kisses back to Africa >They dipped you…[View]
157237648Cuck Zealand: First Jacinda Pregnant then this http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/11/20/donald-tru…[View]
157238347Why don't we hijack VRChat?....Can spread our propaganda using Ugandan Knuckles....There are co…[View]
157238313>I was only 9 years old >I loved Richard Spencer so much, I had a fashy haircut and 7 pairs of…[View]
157239167Former CIA director dies suddenly in Seattle: This is very odd timing, /pol/. What did he know? >…[View]
157237792Edith Wilson: Why am I attracted to Woodrow Wilson's wife? FUCK[View]
157237857Why is Hillary Clinton such a cunt?[View]
157239161American police won’t even let you slam dance anymore: Fucking haters[View]
157236293What was the Northern equivalent of 'slave power' that desired that the slaves be freed?[View]
157237689https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_S._Truman#Scandals_and_controversies >On December 6, 1950, Wa…[View]
157230459Memo Happening: Explain to me what exactly you think is happening. The memo has not been released. …[View]
157239049/pol/ THROWBACK time!!!!!!!!!! When did you get in here? Let me go first: I was here first just befo…[View]
157236073John McCain and his sexy in Bangladeshi daughter: Bridget[View]
157234136Nigger Stole My Bus: >Nigger took a Greyhound bus for a joyride in Midtown Manhattan on Thursday …[View]
157225930https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TAPXaPoWVA This is what every single city in America will be like b…[View]
157226001I just don't understand.: Why would anybody who is an American, who works and pays taxes and do…[View]
157235048Memogate: Memogate page 4 leaked. Enjoy.[View]
157223936Look between the lines. | Part 1: This place is infested with infiltrating agents and useful idiots.…[View]
157238534But aren’t all women like? What makes her think she’s a special snowflake?[View]
157224575Disney goes full-throttle into BLACKED.COM territory: Disney / Marvel's new tv show Cloak and D…[View]
157238177Marriage and Values: The principal value of any marriage must be to foster life. There may be values…[View]
157227550Why is society still obsessed with rap?[View]
157238003> two school attacks in a week Russia finally accepted the values of freedom and civilization.…[View]
157237901Censorship: As many of you know Twitter has now implemented a system that can see what sites you vis…[View]
157237777> Winner of Fake News Awards is an opinion piece 10/10[View]
157236330What if both Trump and Obama get fucked by this memo?: What if this causes a bipartisan breakdown in…[View]
157212990Stop being a faggot: Why is everyone a nazi authoritarian these days?[View]
157217760PSA: It's possible to reject hatred and neo-Nazism. This guy did it. You can do it too. If he c…[View]
157236718Why do gay people do this?[View]
157237798Any UK anons seen the new HSBC advert on the tv with Richard Ayoade promoting multiculturalism? I t…[View]
157232788Help me /pol/: I can't take it anymore what with I think about anymore. I fell for the liberal …[View]
157237219I hope you white people feel ashamed: for flooding the beautiful Caribbean island of Haiti with nigg…[View]
157215083/pol/ recognized New California Flags: Postem so we can recognize fellow brothers once the shit flie…[View]
157237352Hitler is a Jew confirmed: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/history/world-war-two/7961211/Hitler-had-Jewis…[View]
157237536>takes control of your government Young Nats on Suicide watch.[View]
157235777How to take /pol/ back: We need to develop a strategy of taking /pol/ back and making these idiots f…[View]
157227851Literature: Looking for suggestions to expand my library and also pol approved lit[View]
157237531Why do artists display such strong in-group behaviours?[View]
157228886SiG: Knowledge Edition: This thread is dedicated to creating knowledgeable citizens who act from a p…[View]
157236059If the FISA memo contains what you think it does, that means: US intelligence did intercept Trump co…[View]
157232828Fake News awards just testing bandwidth requirements?: What if all that dinky 'awardshow' hype was d…[View]
157224283What does /pol/ think about /pol/?[View]
157193844BREAKING: New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern announces pregnancy: Is this a first? Has there ever been a …[View]
157231053Is /pol/ even ready for a revolution?: There's frequent talk about the 'day of the rope,…[View]
157219084WHY ITS REALLY HAPPENING: For the FIRST TIME you have numerous HIGH LEVEL congressmen talking about …[View]
157237180Is Lauren Rose a good commentator? I respect a young women with autism speaking her mind on politics…[View]
157228963why are white people 3x as likely to commit suicide as compared to a black person? https://afsp.org/…[View]
157235228ITT: We predict America's future by 2060: I'll start: >white Europeans officially becom…[View]
157237052Why do you work at Taco Bell?[View]
157232886After all your fighting, it's come to this: You racists buried your heads in the sand, and wors…[View]
157221156You know it's inevitable, right? Face it. Majority of millennials prefer socialism to capitalis…[View]
157209871Christianity: Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. God bless you all.[View]
157235879What the hell is even going on anymore?!: So supposedly this memo shows that Obama has been unconsti…[View]
157235658Who here ignore women club here?[View]
157223382CROSSED virus sweeps Mexico: Yesterday a swarm infected spics captured a young boy with his father, …[View]
157235765Lol: Just stop having children. Antinatalism is the only answer to this madness.[View]
157236176Is /pol/ ready for the end of days?: >in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet…[View]
157220244GUYS WHAT IS HAPPENING: Have memes gone too far?[View]
157234642What’s the greatest country in the world? And why is it the USA?[View]
157222096Should modern dance be shown to children?[View]
157230229TFW 28 years old no kids: fell for the wait for the 50 shades of grey type . had lots of sex with di…[View]
157229311RCMP Anon - Very Bad News: RCMP Anon here.The FISA abuse memo has been disclosed to American lawmake…[View]
157235433>the absolute state of European leaders[View]
157235722If Yu are a supposed WN and support internet surveillance then you are a soy boy and are a traitor t…[View]
157235593X ray: I will start with donor pic. Full x ray please if pics allow it.[View]
157234128Why do movies always assume I'm some kind of bleeding heart liberal?: If you steal bread then y…[View]
157231274He couldn't save himself, how do you expect he will save you. Blue Eye Blonde Hair master race …[View]
157235569What the hell is even going on?: So supposedly this memo shows that Obama has been unconstitutionall…[View]
157235568Tick tock.[View]
157233404Which Democrats already knew?: For a couple months now Congressional Democrats have been threatening…[View]
157230902Was he autistic?[View]
157235404Swedsih civil war or when it is unclear whether soldiers can restore order: The idea of getting the …[View]
157234171Modern liberalism.: Alright I want to gauge /pol/ on how they see liberalism as it stands today. •D…[View]
157235278Make Meme Magic Great Again: Let's make meme magic great again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
157235271LOL: You call complain about Jews, Muslims, Niggers, Liberals, Leftists, Whores, Drug users, women e…[View]
157234958https://youtu.be/9wPdlwqDbiE F[View]
157235044Pizza gate?: Knockandoo knockadoo give me a little tickle[View]
157231614Would child sex robots stop pedophilia — or promote it? Some say the devices could provide a safe ou…[View]
157235092Cucked Frenchies: Why are the French so cucked these days? Look at this video. They're giving p…[View]
157233639>begin blinking, indicating that you can take it Is this really what the future holds? https://i.…[View]
157231901Unpopular opinions bread. >The fact that cops have a problem with being filmed to begin with is a…[View]
157234920Athiests aren't all edgelord faggo-[View]
157233192Drumpf officially BTFO'd. What now Drumpfkins?[View]
157234592Every thread on the first page at this point is a shill thread. Keep pushing the #Releasethememo on…[View]
157234475I miss him bros[View]
157231103Let's say the memo is every bit as damaging as the GOP congressmen are saying it is. I'm w…[View]
157234786fuck this smol cunt up pls: she's from my school and she made a presentation about white power …[View]
157209111Syria General /sg/ - Good Night and Good Luck Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagener…[View]
157233468Rise and Shine Eurofags: Who's ready to TRRRAAAAAAAAADE! Get your game face on. Based Asia is h…[View]
157230891/ptg/ President Trump General - SHACKLES WON'T FIT ON THIS EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP ht…[View]
157233001Global nuclear reset: Who thinks we need to hit the nuclear rest button and wipe this slate clean? A…[View]
157231957Europe needs immigration as an injection of youth and dynamism if in the decades to come it wants to…[View]
157233506Any good /pol/ fiction? I read S. M. Stirling's the Domination. It's about a white Confede…[View]
157228836Selling companies to Chyna: should this be legal? both state and private companies, should selling t…[View]
157231084Post yfw this memo thing turns out to just be a big nothing-burger[View]
157229999Someone with fake book find an older woman's group against Trump and post this image...maybe it…[View]
157233980Bing Bong Bing Bong: What will the US do if it turns out that the Bongistanis helped Obongo administ…[View]
157205378***WARNING*** DO NOT TRUST THE SHILLS ABOUT THE FISA DOCUMENT!: A review of a classified document ou…[View]
157233809Thai meme creator got abducted: Do you guys remember the last year meme called 'Thai Political Break…[View]
157233780Get used to this image: I'm amazed you all made it this far, really, I'm impressed. Did yo…[View]
157220756#RLM PT5 LEFTY SUBVERSION ED: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/01/18/gop-lawmakers-demand-alarmi…[View]
157233196I don't need your civil war It feeds the rich while it buries the poor[View]
157234035Clowns Fail: Storm is here[View]
157228474Mainstream media INVESTIGATES story of the century: Is the racist racist?[View]
157228940What language should I learn /pol/? I have some free time to kill i want to learn a language worth m…[View]
157232973Iz this the meemee of the year?[View]
157233712Why have there been so many happening threads lately? What's going on?[View]
157226678just got off an hour long conversation with my bud who works in my congressman's office in DC. …[View]
157233004Dual Citizenship: Dhen And Now: Dhere is something about 'dual citizenship' and split tongues...…[View]
157228345#RLM PT6 OUTJEWING JEWS ED: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/01/18/gop-lawmakers-demand-alarming…[View]
157233781/pol/ Propaganda Department: ITT We make propaganda slogans for political groups. >Anarcho Capita…[View]
157232519How can Americans live in the capital of freedom, the birthplace of liberty, and still advocate back…[View]
157219407Is God real? Should I pray to him?[View]
157229471>blatant shill threads >weird lack of replies to threads on new topis >bunch of 'X GENERALS…[View]
157230322Can we all learn fron Peaceful Indonesian Moderate Muslims??: Christmas Largely Peaceful in Muslim-m…[View]
157216792Need a comfy fashwave thread up in here.[View]
157227865what fucking memo: I've just returned from two weeks in the internet-free wilderness. What the…[View]
157227224Where Are They Now: Has Obama and the Clintons been seen in person by anybody in weeks? Where's…[View]
157233210lets fight #mybordersmychoice: SCRE THE KKK, USE THE WWW, #WEACCEPTYOU, #WELCOMEHOME, #WELOVEYOU LET…[View]
157229942Why exactly did he turn into a stooge for the Republican Party?[View]
157233131De anthem: Say what you want about, the soviet union but you have to admit they have a kickass anthe…[View]
157191682CIVIL WAR SWEDEN IMMINENT: Swedish PM: We could 'DEPLOY THE ARMY' to tackle gang criminality in Swed…[View]
157232853Scandal: I recently had the misfortune to see a show called 'Scandal'. The cast consisted entirely o…[View]
157229696What's George Soros Doing?: What has George Soros been up to, lately? I haven't been able …[View]
157233181really makes you think[View]
157215798IT WAS ROSENSTEIN: After watching Gaetz and Jordan on Hannity, it's clear he was the fucking ly…[View]
157231204/pol/ in a nutshell.[View]
157233037Why save this cancerous society when it casted you out and socially alienated you in the first place…[View]
157231575Not even death could silence the truth.: In death I will be more powerful then you can imagine. The…[View]
157232012This kills the alt-right[View]
157231665Blamed for my privilage: >Be me >Went to trades instead of college >Gets paid decently …[View]
157201211Best Bible: I'm looking in to getting a bible. I only want the one that is the most redpilled t…[View]
157228316Alex Jones: why still alive?: I'm sure it's been answered before it I'm curious: if h…[View]
157232321You do know even if theres blatant evidence of any democrat wrongdoing that comes from this whole #r…[View]
157220076/pol/ without Mutts: Why is this board so infested with Americans? There's nothing more cringy …[View]
157228692Youtube is deleting my comments: Wherever I post my comments, they are being deleted. Or being put i…[View]
157232452Stupid: Seriously now why the fuck does everyone call the democrats in ameeica liberals? theyre fuck…[View]
157221295POLL: WHO GOES TO PRISON: Major people WILL be arrested. It’s almost guaranteed. So name who you thi…[View]
157231222Who even uses this waste of electricity to talk about politics? if you don't come here solely f…[View]
157232023???: The Alt-Right's Asian Fetish The right-wing agitator Mike Cernovich, the writer John Derby…[View]
157204089Fans are furious after Tarte unveiled its new foundations that cater almost entirely to white people…[View]
157229000TESTIMONY ON RUSSIAN MOB TIES: Don't let this slide, testimony on russian mob ties link here ht…[View]
157224820Judge 'randomly assigned' Flynn's case just happened to be the DC FISA court judge!: …[View]
157187585/ATG/ Anti-Trafficking General: DC & EAST COAST NETWORK Pt. 5: This general is for identifying, …[View]
157230288Meme Exchange App: Wtf is this cringey shit? >Browse and share fresh reddit memes with this meme …[View]
157232442Batten down the hatches, we're at Shill-Con 5![View]
157232401/pol/'s transition from Libertarian to NatSoc to: recognizing that the best women are traps. Me…[View]
157232410MSM dead silent. Is this it, is it finally happening?[View]
157223485Alcohol.: Pros versus Cons. I was hit by a car on my BMX 26er after an intentional kolonopin od. I w…[View]
157232036Hey /pol/, notice anything?: http://archive.is/L6kLj[View]
157232274it is really sad that you will all fall for roastieswho will pretend: to be into saving the white ra…[View]
157220958Russia is behind the NRA: Proof is in the Congressional testimony. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/en…[View]
157222246>'Why should your right to freedom of speech trump a Trans person's rights not to be offende…[View]
157232138Angus: Anguss should unite and take over this world and wipe all the inferiors off this planet, wipe…[View]
157231761Is it... him?: Who is the man to the right of Obamizzle?[View]
157222168YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSS: Thank FUCK this is still okay![View]
157232013What should /pol/ do about the Boomer problem?[View]
157230254First a pregnant PM now this, how cucked can this country be http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/11…[View]
157228444In case you didn't know: Putin's Russia isn't just a shithole but it also has a huge …[View]
157228499Biased News: I find it unacceptable that news outlets can just choose to not discuss pertinent infor…[View]
157210598Ignore the shills and spread: http://archive.is/GT2BA[View]
157207918I want every goddamn LGBT+ person who voted for this man to see this.: I want them to see this and s…[View]
157231744Jordan B Peterson has very high power levels. There is no doubt about this. Nonetheless, he could no…[View]
157224061/nz/ thread: Just fuck my PM up teh duff edition[View]
157202054This is why I'm a feminist and why women should rule the world: At least they have the kind of …[View]
157224552How do I become /ourguy/?: so over the past several months, many people on this board(myself include…[View]
157230608The perpetrators of culture are jewish The counter culture is jewish in a civilization where jews co…[View]
157220128>richard spencer supports ethical child porn THE ALT RIGHT IS FUCKING FINISHED AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
157229699Uhh guys, america is fucked: https://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/african-americans-moving-afr…[View]
157231281'Little girls don’t stay little forever,”Stephens said.“They grow into strong women that return to d…[View]
157231088Explain this: Why are most babies born today female... And why are most of the elderly in Africa and…[View]
157226070Why does every white person look alike?[View]
157218215As boomers die out, how are millennials going to shape America in the next 10 to 20 years?[View]
157230528Gun Laws and Trump: So is Trump going to do anything about states with unconstitutional gun laws lik…[View]
157210367What are your predictions for WWIII?[View]
157230722Can i get a quick run down on WTF IS GOING ON?? been on vacation for about two months now and purpo…[View]
157230705Why im a republican after been a democrat: OG YLYL also basic talk about sand niggers coming from sh…[View]
157224009Why do inbred middle class whites vote agaisnt their own economic interests?[View]
157230559>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0K83KFuEX_8 Reminder /pol/, you can't save someone who does…[View]
157222724Does pol know Europe: Let's see if you guys even know what Europe looks like. Take at most 30 …[View]
157229252Remember when the world was gonna end?: The fuck happened?[View]
157184804Security Guard Strolls In, Casually Shoots Robbers: https://www.themaven.net/bluelivesmatter/news/vi…[View]
157226981Which one of you faggots got Sam Hyde pictured in this article. My condiments have left the solar sy…[View]
157226541How would America have fared under a Yeb! presidency?[View]
157230117Youtube is GHOSTING my comments: I think I have discovered a new censorship algorithm on Youtube. I…[View]
157229518So if the memo is released that means no Democrats winning in midterms because his party will be nuk…[View]
157225068Why is this book so hard to find?: I have a guess, and it rhymes with yikes.[View]
157228617Which state is the worst: Which state has the most niggers, Crime, Mexicans, and is in general shit.…[View]
157229251>Trump is cornered >Activate the bots[View]
157216769335,000 tweets HOLY SHIT: Here we go.......[View]
157206188We May Have Ourselves An Actually Happening. #ReleaseTheMemo: Is it....happening? An authentic one? …[View]
157226178>The Germans rounded up Jews, fags, Freemasons, Jehova Witnesses, retards,etc.. and forced them t…[View]
157223933Chance he wins again in 2020?: What are the chances that the madman pulls it off again in 2020? I t…[View]
157226431twist:: >the quote is Trump. https://youtu.be/OSJDhZvLtak?t=187 Trump is an excellent motivator …[View]
157228098melinda gates hate thread: i hate this fucking useless bitch[View]
157225401Trump tax bill could result in exodus of wealthy people from California: lol http://www.sacbee.com/n…[View]
157191454Ameri/pol/ - The New World Edition: People from the Americas only. No one else, Monroe Doctrine is r…[View]
157227990Anti-muslim anti-islam heavy metal: Ready Set Go![View]
157227728>be me >soldier boy, enlisted at some African outpost >messenger tells us of some Kenyan mi…[View]
157182713Can we keep this guy in a room somewhere and never let him speak in public? He's fucking creepy…[View]
157228639Potential Happening: Is the world going to end? An asteroid will pass near earth on Feb 4 http://tim…[View]
157227130This is what the world thinks of America now. I hope you're all proud of yourselves.[View]
157226566Thoughts?: >In March 1814, Francia banned Spaniards from marrying each other; they had to wed Ind…[View]
157211092Deep state and I love you guys: Continuing from the previous thread. I'll answer as many questi…[View]
157223993>Be 5'9' 145lbs skinny manlet emofag hipster >Everyone in my area is either a redneck or …[View]
157228354Hubris aka Shawn Mccaffrey comes out as a pedo.: How many kids do you think he has raped?[View]
157195016#FusionCollusion 19th and Happening: The ENTIRE SYSTEM of FISA-702 surveillance and data collection …[View]
157226751We have some who see...[View]
157228242Why did a murderous white male hunt down such a gentle person of color. Trayvon probably would have …[View]
157228022Public Service Announcement!: There is a MASSIVE gaslighting campaign currently active on social med…[View]
157225662/ONG/ - Ohio News General: Up in the ass in this week's news from our cucks in Ohio: >Judge …[View]
157227435Is there ANY more proof that this guy is controlled opposition? >Started a white supremacist rall…[View]
157227862Looks like was another shit day for Trump Not surprised[View]
157214136When the United States does have its Civil War: How many of you will stand by the ideals of our Foun…[View]
157225509in all of youtube history is this https://youtu .be/3uaTXLfYJkI?t=5m13s the most honest video on kik…[View]
157221289Spencer, what's going on big guy? You just argued in favor of ethical child pornography.[View]
157206547Queen pulled from flight to ISS: Insecure jealous white men won't let this Queen fly to the ISS…[View]
157226471the transcollective: Death to the humanism that stumps on the individualism of men and women. The hu…[View]
157226372We are truly the goyim. The slave race. Humanity is far older than you know. Those you know as 'Nea…[View]
157227786Paradox of Tolerance: The more evil a group behaves, the harder the mainstream strives to defend the…[View]
157206415Uhh guys...: I thought ethnonationalism was just a joke... has /pol/ gone too far? We successfully m…[View]
157227402Release the Memo is the number 1 Trend on Twitter so what finally made Twitter Cuck over to the Maga…[View]
157225789Anniversary of Trumps inauguration is on Saturday, Jan 20 Memo is being carefully timed for the fina…[View]
157227697The constitution was a mistake. Corporations literally have to turn America upside down to defeat it…[View]
157227605Extreme Censorship about the storm: I posted a comment that was a poem about the Storm to a bunch of…[View]
157209855Guys, what happens is the government shutdowns temporarily?[View]
157226785oldfag here. I was promised a cuperpunk society by now, why are you . Generation Y so fucking useles…[View]
157226397And here in history is niggers ever defending a white minority: oh... wait... they kill white minori…[View]
157222820These are the people pearl clutching about Richard Spencer tonight[View]
157215215Operation Assthereum Subversion. A quest to save PC Gaming!: This Cryptocurrency mining using GPU…[View]
157225794MLK got ppl to DC... can /pol/ do it for #releasethememo: If they don't release the memo. Can /…[View]
157225800Uh oh: Is Obama in trouble? Someone please debunk the memo, please?[View]
157222643*****PROJECT PELICAN*****: Uranium 1 is just a part of the Rabbit Hole. Why was Hillary and others i…[View]
157227152We need to contact Devin Nunes, head of the House Intelligence Committee and tell him to release the…[View]
157223124This kills the alt-right[View]
157212459#releasethememo: What is he afraid of? cmon my fellow liberals we should push this on twitter, this …[View]
157227063'Social Democracy' = Sustainable Parasitism: Am I wrong? Isn't that really the only fundamental…[View]
1572253859/11: /pol/, redpill me on 9/11[View]
157221977Can we take a second and talk about the anime cp being posted on this board? A few days ago it was a…[View]
157224183So, then world's most cucked supermarket chain is taking notes from Venezuela https://www.msn.c…[View]
157226845Trump is done[View]
157226394Swatsika man: Man with swatsika flag live on periscope saying Negro's need to be deported back …[View]
157222656MEMOFAGS BTFOOOO >SUCK ON THESE NIPS RURAL TARDS https://twitter.com/williamlegate/status/9542193…[View]
157226888So what's going on with Hollywood?: I thought box-office rates were way down. Why the fuck are…[View]
157223926Las Vegas Shooting - Rep Scott Perry: ‘Credible Evidence’ Regarding Terrorist Connections: Tucker Ca…[View]
157223816This is what the entire internet looks like to normal people right now. Again. Because of you idiots…[View]
157224784What is JT trying to tell us?: What does /pol/ think about JT's new video? https://www.youtube…[View]
157226765Sauce on ObungoGate: What’s the sauce behind this tweet, /pol/? Thank you in advance.[View]
157226172#releasethememo for normies: Stay up all night if you have to. This may be your last opportunity. #…[View]
157226759Binary option pol - are white humans mixing with brown or yellow better?: If you had to choose, shou…[View]
157204407Should I go visit a concentration camp pol?: Going backpacking to Poland this year, and I’m tempted …[View]
157226726Theme To /pol/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxDjO8u1VbU[View]
157211956Can Stoicism, and a revival of Greco-Roman ideals and philosophies be what the West needs to save it…[View]
157223987i think if russia annex kazakhstan and ukraine the map is going to look good. look like an empire[View]
157216070DRUMPFS ABOUT TO GET BTFO: https://twitter.com/ConanOBrien/status/953985376888262656 CONAN IS ALREAD…[View]
157215082Utah girl celebrates MLK day by posting photo of herself being hanged captioned 'Happy Nigger Day': …[View]
157218625Black people.: Why are some blacks so violent and stupid?[View]
157200239You're red pilled enough to fuck off the suds jew, are you /pol/? That shit is a waste of mone…[View]
157215970Employing a Sex Offender: Hey /pol/, So I just found out that a longtime employee of mine is a regi…[View]
157203352California superiority thread. Just by being born and living here you have accomplished the life goa…[View]
157225932When did you realize Varg is right about everything? Varg, Ted, both right - neo-primitivisim is li…[View]
157225889Cya later niggers and spics.: All the African Niggers and Spics are about to get btfo. Americans of …[View]
157216245ahahahahahaha you mad, white nationalists?? your daddy just advocated for child porn. bow down to yo…[View]
157195360Daily reminder Communists are more critical of liberalism than right wingers.[View]
157224620so you be sayn we was lobsters n shiet?[View]
157225614Do we get free government issued lolis in Richard Spencer's ethnostate[View]
157206862Explain how it's not even a month in 2018 and 55 people have already been killed by the police …[View]
157211169A new Unite the Right rally is coming. Except it will be taking place at a high school. Be prepared …[View]
157221208Are Dominican people white? I would think they are black but Domincan GIs from the US swear they are…[View]
157218734I'm not a Ethnostatist, but by looking at primarily the ethnic makeup of the US, and then takin…[View]
157220508NY Times publishes letters from Trump supporters: And leftists freak out. Letters: (archive of NYTim…[View]
157225490#ReleaseTheMemo: Everyone with a Twitter needs to log on and keep #ReleaseTheMemo trending. Be sure …[View]
157220696Is she white? I jerk off to her anyways[View]
157221761Will you have a gf? i don't so i use prostitutes the sex robot is going to change the love indu…[View]
157178622Blaxit: A new wave of African Americans is escaping the incessant racism and prejudice in the United…[View]
157224783Why are all these racist virgins shitting up this board as of late? Seriously fuck off.[View]
157225325LOOKING FOR QUOTE: Does anyone have the quote of the kike who talked about taking over Europeans wit…[View]
157221770The NRA Is Part of the Trump–Russia Scandal Now: Faggots. Literally just suck Russia's dick har…[View]
157223265L'Oreal Paris puts hijab wearing woman in hair commercial. TOP KEK: > L'Oreal Paris is …[View]
157225130Has Donald Trump made America 'greater' in the first year of his presidency?: https://twit…[View]
157221676Pfffffhahahahahaha! *sips tea*[View]
157219241Mixed race couples.: Are they the future?[View]
157213506I love you guys.: I just wanted you all to know that I appreciate you all, even the occasional leafp…[View]
157224842Am I white enough for the ethno state /pol/?[View]
157218592It's never over Kony 2012[View]
157220819Israel Pays Jews $9K Each to Help Forcibly Boot Africans: Shouldn't we be following their model…[View]
157223717A PRAYER OF SALVATION FOR THOSE WHO ARE WILLING: Dear friends, Take this moment, If you want to acce…[View]
157224647https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RDhupWiLnTU: Therefore shalt thou serve thine enemies which the LORD s…[View]
157224627When did Nick Fuentes turn into such a faggot?[View]
157212126Do you trust the CIA?: http://www.strawpoll.me/14877356[View]
157224024TEXAS YES!: One of the suspects in a brutal double-murder and robbery near Houston was released only…[View]
157213609Circumcision: Why do Americans think this is normal? Better yet, why isn't 'routinely mutilates…[View]
157166188WACO, TX.: Anyone watching this series, or did Hollyjew fuck it all up? https://youtu.be/EiO0qHUMM64…[View]
157219452What the fuck: I've never been really fully convinced of any of this shit but... This is almost…[View]
157224355https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08XWA8zpvT4 What does /pol/ think of Stone Cold letting the Jews kno…[View]
157224179Go to twitter now and demand the truth!: Demand the memo be released and expose government corruptio…[View]
157224111Soy...boy?: Alright, so I'm so confused about this whole soyboy thing I keep seeing on here. Ev…[View]
157224254Shills have evolved sense the election. /pol/ has upset the balance of power, which has provoked cou…[View]
157211255WikiLeaks offers to match up to $1 million in reward money for FISA abuse memo: It's happening …[View]
157216768bet this memo thing is fake news[View]
157222861This is what the world thinks of America and the 'Presidency'. http://news.gallup.com/poll/225761/wo…[View]
157220052White liberal women lol[View]
157221131What does /pol/ think of this guy?: What does pol think of roger stone is he based and ourguy? Or is…[View]
157221734Was there over 9000 red pills dropped in this podcast or it was a shill fest like always?[View]
157172088Methylphenidates: What's the consensus on these and other mind-altering medications? I've …[View]
157223007Dindu nuffin: Y’all should help free my nigga Sab... He dindu nuffin !![View]
157205520Stormy Daniels: 'Trump made me watch Shark Week with him for three hours before we had sex': Is... i…[View]
157223766Videos that break indoctrination: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMcjxSThD54[View]
157223714Shills have evolved sense the election. /pol/ has upset the balance of power, we are now seeing majo…[View]
157223687god why won't europe's chosen one rise from the ashes ;-; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
1572074026000000% COMPED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sq2-ymabF_k[View]
157219497I had an interview with Time Magazine coming up soon on sex offenders and pedophiles. Give me some g…[View]
157208645Doctors in this country are all fucking useless. All they every say is 'it's normal' or 'it…[View]
157222834They don't even hide it anymore: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4vnmgZLA8s Notice at the end …[View]
157223560its not treason if theres no constitution by end of term #ReleaseTheMemo #CrookedHillary[View]
157205209What the fuck is this? Direct Energy weapon?: What do you think about this? Michigan 2 days ago. Sho…[View]
157211407How can white racists possibly say that black woman are ugly and look like monkeys when they hold Me…[View]
157220823Once we automate everything away, do we still need humans?[View]
157223147really: >its totally happening this time[View]
157221821The Maker Movement is Awesome: The Make Movement- a movement where people use their free time to wor…[View]
157217691How do I uncuck myself?: >tfw 27 >live with Mom >minimum wage food service job >only hav…[View]
157223041RIP ROY: >Zimbabwe opposition leader dies, along with wife, in US helicopter crash >Roy Benne…[View]
157215820East / West: Why do most of the western depictions of sentient robots always ends up in a rebellion …[View]
157222826/pol/ Will Defend This: This comment in this article is probably the beginning of the end for Trump …[View]
157222860David Turpin set up?: >Turpin is evil - Official story is true, kids were saved from possibly a W…[View]
157219467I wonder, how many radical centrists are currently among us right now? I certainly hope at least som…[View]
157222657End of men: The era of the Human male, the greatest being to ever exist on this planet will end soon…[View]
157222630The two passages that ruin everything you have ever believed about Communism. 'In political and soci…[View]
157212979Amerifat travel advice: So my wife insists on going abroad for the next holiday season because Penns…[View]
157222512Cold War 2: What are /pol/'s opinions? Do you think a 2nd Cold War is imminent or unlikely? Do …[View]
157207021Can anyone fill me in on Chelsea Manning and what it was they leaked? All I get is ambiguous wikiped…[View]
157218244Johnny Fox got BTFO by JF: Liberalist attack failed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LeT70nU71E…[View]
157222238Repeal and replace ombongo lunch.: Is Trump going to make American school lunches great again?…[View]
157204237Hey /pol/, I am a Californian who unironically wants to emigrate to Norway. I am working on a bachel…[View]
157221486Can we sell a State?: I think the United States should abandon California and just let someone else …[View]
157221579#RELEASETHEMEMO (Normies Edition): Could we please get this out to the normies? This was some other …[View]
157218412How does Israel NOT belong to the Jews?: seriously, what is the argument here? when europe becomes m…[View]
157221905Get your shanks ready: Will Hillary and Obama get secret service protection in prison?[View]
157187611East Asians have a higher IQ than whites.[View]
157221959Dank Meymey negros: What is you opinion on H&M ?[View]
157219748The Beta Revolution: Redpill me guys, what can the betas do to cause a revolution in society? Instea…[View]
157183003Anyone else LITERALLY born a Nazi?: For as long back as I can remember, despite growing up in Swedis…[View]
157221835Navy SEAL congressman calls for #ReleaseTheMemo: Wow, based Navy SEAL congressman Scott Taylor also …[View]
157220639Is he going to get the Milo treatment now that he said something a pedo would say?[View]
157221098ITS FINALLY HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: >https://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/african-amer…[View]
157215016#RELEASETHEMEMO PT 4: Office of the Speaker Phone: (202) 225-0600 https://www.speaker.gov/contact …[View]
157218999>American professor Literal Muslim Manchurian candidate sleepers activating. We're fucking f…[View]
157200657CNBC caught taking fake bomb through airport, 7 arrested: Not one thread on this? too caught up in s…[View]
157221357If this #ReleaseTheMemo is true, and obummers & Co are communists.... Does this mean that USA ju…[View]
157218013What percentage of females identify as feminists?[View]
157219333I wanna go back[View]
157218835Why are millennials obsessed with weed? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBa1G-HZYO8[View]
157213934Obama has paid a porn star $120,000 through a shell company. What's your first thought /pol/?[View]
157221210Let's in this myth that black people didn't invent anything.: Pic is George Alcorn. Benjam…[View]
157220902LOL tfw you literal right wing SJWs keep proving Sargon right by your continual outrage over the deb…[View]
157219593What's a memo?[View]
157220744Hey /pol I work in federal uniforms and whatnot, testing their logos and emblems. I occasionally com…[View]
157219501Have you read the board sticky?[View]
157221141Congress has the evidence of high crimes connected to Trump.: Spread the hashtag EVERYWHERE !! Final…[View]
157219380Would you date a feminist /pol/?: http://www.strawpoll.me/14877665[View]
157215892Another feminist getting rekt by Jordan Peterson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMcjxSThD54…[View]
157220400Day of the Rope: http://www.tri-cityherald.com/news/local/crime/article195491419.html A Kennewick, W…[View]
157169598Sluts are Whores: at what point in time have most women became dirty whores? >sexual revolution? …[View]
157210720hey america, uhmm, i'm not sure exactly how to put this but... uh... when are you going to.. yo…[View]
157220730Was he the saviour of Uruguay, and Latin America, like MSM said?[View]
157218801How can you?: How can you look at the state of Europe today and its project future and then look int…[View]
157214223What if everything that the (((mainstream media))) has 'taught' us about the Democratic People'…[View]
157218016Post your best Jewish Propagan-- I mean (((real news))) and (((real issues)))...[View]
157216922What happened to Syria Girl?: Mimi Al Lahams facebook instagram and twitter are down, did (((they)))…[View]
157220281black is better than italian: https://youtu.be/0uZAbCOURHE Are italian girls really such massive coa…[View]
157218926>YFW Hell (USA) is literally freezing over and Trump is about to be vindicated and the conservati…[View]
157220228RELEASE THE MEMO!: Office of the Speaker Phone: (909) 595-2264 https://www.speaker.gov/contact >C…[View]
157216326People actually think Wakanda is a real place: unironically[View]
157213991WEST BTFO: Can they defeat the judan? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DbnYG0JOPI[View]
157212237What is /pol/s opinion of the gangstalking/electronic harassment phenomenon? Is it just mass schizop…[View]
157220094>he hates only black niggers Don't be a fucking dipshit. You either hate all niggers equally…[View]
157207147Krautgate - Warski edition: Vee isnt a doctor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msrK1QqJ7lo [Embed] Sa…[View]
157218199Jews Jewing Jews over peppers: There are two supermarkets (Jewel-Osco) near me, one full of niggers …[View]
157216535Verily, it dost make th mind wander[View]
157219515What’s this goy thinking right now?[View]
157199138Foreign views, second US Civil War: Questions for non-burgers. How aware are you of the hatred half …[View]
157210162Degeneracy: I hear a lot of people using this word, calling things degenerate or pointing out behavi…[View]
157218718Jeff Sessions on TV Just Now: No shysters allowed in Oval Office on his watch. lol[View]
157218342RELEASE THE MEMO![View]
157218446dude the founding fathers were all coloured LMAO[View]
157219275Just kind of had this thought...So Trump is currently trying to block immigrants from 'shithole' cou…[View]
157219195Twitter Censors #releasethememo: Twitter is decreasing the number of tweets in their algorithm so #r…[View]
157217710dicksoutfordorsey: We need more Dickbots Send in the Dickbots! So we learned that massive amounts of…[View]
157218067It Will Happen: when the weather cools...[View]
157215183China Uncensored: What does pol think of Chris Chappel from China Uncensored?[View]
157218829Hi George[View]
157207799#RELEASETHEMEMO PT3: Office of the Speaker Phone: (202) 225-0600 https://www.speaker.gov/contact …[View]
157218116Stormy Daniels asserted that Trump wanted her to spank him with a rolled up copy of a Forbes Magazin…[View]
157218794I found your waifu /pol/ http://kutv.com/news/local/southern-utah-students-disciplined-after-posting…[View]
157216784Holy shit Sessions just said Kelly doesn’t allow shysters into the White House on a Fox News.[View]
157196488WHEN DO WE DECLARE WAR ON CALIFORNIA???? California Attorney General Xavier Becerra says 'we will pr…[View]
157214532Shillin for Shekels[View]
157218503Why is it that Hollywood, mainstream media, search engines and social media is run by the left? How …[View]
157214685Sales of Trump properties suggestive of money-laundering: researcher: Well Drumpfkins, its over now.…[View]
157218486The Jewish Skeleton Collection: What does /pol/ thinks about Wolfram Sievers and the story of the Je…[View]
157218172Thats why democracy would never work[View]
157218197Why is the Star of Remphan on the Israeli flag?[View]
157215530Is he our guy? What happens when he goes?[View]
157218318Almighty Kek, please rid us of this kike from the White House, so that he may not subvert the nation…[View]
157209391Why haven’t you joined the coast guard yet, /pol/? >great benefits >actually serve your count…[View]
157217905Are 20s the new Teens?[View]
157213329This is the face of the NEW America, and you cannot stop it! Soon, you guys might be as progressive …[View]
157199108If Asians and Jews are so fucking smart then why was is the white Germanic man who designed and pilo…[View]
157147238DEGENERACY LEVELS REACHING CRITICAL MASS: ITT we post proof that we are living in the end times…[View]
157204254Four fucking times in the past week I've had fucking American immigrant cunts causing me troubl…[View]
157203976mexifags, can you give me a rundown on the PAN party? what do they stand for and are they the answer…[View]
1572175962018: terrific year or THE MOST terrific year?: > Economy & stock market booming, unemploymen…[View]
157217104this memo that supposedly blows the lid off the fisa abuse and russian dossier investigation is gonn…[View]
157217422Help /pol/ what do I do?: I took a DNA test and now it turns out I'm one of (((them))). Should …[View]
157213668What's going on big guy?[View]
157194063Sarah Carter, journalist reports that that FISA abuse occurred. The report suggests that document sh…[View]
157217782Pedobook encouraging the manufacturing of child pornography: Fucking. Degenerate. BTW, where do all …[View]
157217551I'm legitimately trying to understand, why is it, that non-whites, that legitimately understand…[View]
157215852Congrats pol: Congrats pol, the people of mainstream media are saying that “white supremacist” gaine…[View]
157214253Who should have won?: Donald or Hillary? http://www.strawpoll.me/14877466[View]
157215780So what happened[View]
157214097What does pol think of roger stone? Is he based and ourguy? Or is he just a literal cuck?[View]
157212854Why don't you join the fuckin French Foreign Legion, /pol/?: >Get paid to fuckin workout …[View]
157215563Hey guys, I'm here for the Unite the Right rally. Can anyone show me the door?[View]
157214457/ptg/ - PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - Israel first edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteho…[View]
157216732GOOD GOYIM!: Trump has named Jewish civil rights/anti-Semitism activist Ken L. Marcus to a top posit…[View]
157217117On the very same day that the below transcript was released by the House Intelligence Committee, sud…[View]
157216235Hmm, on the very day Russia probe transcripts are released showing Trump has been involved with vari…[View]
157216855What is the purpose of NazBol, other than destroying any organised resistance to Marxism?[View]
157217010Who here is /comfy/ from the FISA fallout?: /pol/ in light of the FISA shit blowing up in Twatter an…[View]
157192216Brit/pol/: Frack my shit up edition: >Macron: pay 2 play with EU https://unv.is/heraldscotland.co…[View]
157215085'California house of horrors parents face life in prison on torture, abuse charges': 'Prosecutors al…[View]
157214035I finally see the real redpill. Look at the left, the right or center ideologies. The left preaches…[View]
157216635can we trick the media into making this the new white supremacist symbol?[View]
157211866Am I white by /pol/ standards?[View]
157207317the prime minister of new zealand is pregnant: >elect a woman >she gets pregnant >what co…[View]
157216707Infighting again.: Sessions is now going after Kelly on FOX news.[View]
157207453Trump will be victorious 2020: Post below and tell us why trump will be victorious[View]
157212652What the fuck?: These faggots traveled from all across the country to destroy property in my city an…[View]
157212287New Red Scare in US when?: Does Americans still afraid of commie pinkos? If they are not, why didn…[View]
157200894Eggman or bugman? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBrLgWQAz0M What do you with our /r9k/ brothers af…[View]
157182926Trump is laughed at worldwide, refute this /pol/! I dare you[View]
157199033Japan: what can /pol/ tell me about Japan? don't really know much about the country.[View]
157202135Our boy Richard Spencer is about to begin a live stream. Big brain centrists welcome. Shills also we…[View]
157197871How many people secretly hate nigs?[View]
157212389Sven here. Did Angela use her tits to sway the votes in Germany, hansfags?[View]
157214581Richard Spencer Plant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwN5wkTPn48 Watch this video and tell me he i…[View]
157213267Should I give my dad the final red-pill?: I just listened to my dad go on a huge rant about the curr…[View]
157215874In Search Of Mary Sue: Why the fuck do you Patriarchal Justice Warriors obsess so much about woman…[View]
157212051Houston, I think we have confirmation: #ReleaseTheMemo[View]
157214111Pol I am tired of life, just tell me when the world is going to end[View]
157214892how do black boys even compete?[View]
157215488>Hillary is going down! The secret investigation is closing in! She'll be in chains in less …[View]
157206551Why do black women pretend to hate white men? They always act as if they are the greatest evil in th…[View]
157215316>Americans are no cult- Ummmm no... Fact: America is #1 in terms of culture, and we always will b…[View]
157215890>destroys your movement >uses subversive tactics to spread Bolshevik ideology >has numerou…[View]
157215222How to use social media: Pol, are you conducting yourself online in accordance with Jewish morals? h…[View]
157215796NCR: Is this really going to happen /pol/[View]
157211222I intend to start a fake Twitter account larping as a black feminist. This is because white liberal …[View]
157212165Roasties and You: MGTOW: MGTOW is the only way for a happier life. You never need anyone but your se…[View]
157207948So do Antifags unironically believe the 'le eebil nat zee' boogeyman shit or do they just use it as …[View]
157215698Is National Socialism Juche?[View]
157214150How do you fags feel about australia[View]
157213080what's in the FISA abuses memo, anons?: >“It's troubling. It is shocking,” North Caroli…[View]
157214205/OURDJ/ http://mixmag.net/read/drum-n-bass-producer-mistabishi-has-been-found-making-racist-comments…[View]
157213788FUCK FEDERALISM: Has it occurred to you fellow Americans that it is the states who craft the most ty…[View]
157207345>christcuck parenting[View]
157213821Am i the only one here who is suck and tired of all these gatbage superhero movies? I mean how can a…[View]
157210972What was his fucking problem?[View]
157210722TPTB False Flag Coming...?: With the news about the FISA memo, will TPTB pull the biggest false flag…[View]
157206087France hate thread: Fuck this faggot with that shit foods and their stupid culture I fucking hate t…[View]
157213919>'The famous hit show from the 60s, The Dick Van Dyke show has been chosen as a possible candidat…[View]
157209052perverted Asianmasculinty AMWF spammer pretending to be white: This chink amwf spammer is purposely …[View]
157215367Quick: Name one logical reason[View]
157205180So, what's your name young man?[View]
157215323All of you drumpfucks are BTFO! >#releasethememo >#setthetruthfree Tick tock mother fuckers! …[View]
157207798Deportation squads soon?: CA rumors rumbling strongly. Insane politicians calling for the direct vio…[View]
157213178Civic Nationalism Is the Solution to Globalism.: I'm an Indian with Pakistani ancestry. I recen…[View]
157202925That moment when...: Pic related Thanks Roosh[View]
157210321What's The Political Agenda of The Spooks In Here Lately?: I know they push the 'Muh fambly mem…[View]
157175615why does /pol/ hate him so much? you know he's smarter than all of you, right?[View]
157214255'Ex-Montana lawmaker gets 18 years for drug trafficking': 'A former leader of the Montana House of R…[View]
157214849Shillin for Shekels: A call out of the Jews that are the problem might help everyone[View]
157211687Thoughts /pol/?: https://mobile.twitter.com/SaxonNEET/status/954184469937836037[View]
157212717ABC hitpiece on Alt Right: Fake news media is at it again, with a new documentary going after the al…[View]
157212348Puppet state name change: Lets make a poster for why this shit is a bad idea www.google.com.au/amp/g…[View]
157213915What happened to Faith? Was her wedding called off? I'm concerned, given her prominence as an A…[View]
157211948Listen morons, we need to get FISA warrant released to the public!: #releasethememo Get on twitter a…[View]
157214140>Levels work round earthers btfo[View]
157211975Border Patrol Pigs caught DESTROYING food and water left for undocumented Americans crossing the bor…[View]
157214530Obama going to jail: Obama will hang for his sins...hammar...china...technology. Does this mean anyt…[View]
157210694Nick the Spic: Holy shit. I only began following this guy on Twitter/YouTube just 2 months ago and h…[View]
157212313Pop-Christians: I'm having trouble redpilling cucked 'Christians' on Jesus' word. Bring up…[View]
157205407How do we fix honkeys?[View]
157199925Does he deserve the death penalty?[View]
157193292Why can't white people cook as good as black people? >Video related, Haitian delicacy with e…[View]
157212101Rant: A self-proclaimed 'deepstate anon' posted recently. Let's think about what he said. He cl…[View]
157190965Trueee: You cannot refute this.[View]
157203211Patriot Front or Identity Evropa?: Which should I join?[View]
157211829Memes/Fake news awards: Hello! How did you guys like the fake news awards? Also anything God Emperor…[View]
157163139Is marriage an outdated concept?[View]
157212303Sanctuary cities need to burn: >NEW HOTLINE GIVES SAN FRANCISCO RESIDENTS A WAY TO REPORT ICE IMM…[View]
157213876(((Nierman))): She works for Birchbox, of all things. Huh. https://thedirty.com/city/manhattan-city/…[View]
157211117>pol is a national socialist board >fresh /nsg/ thread gets slid off the front page what happ…[View]
157213853GET IN HERE: JF btfo low energy fox https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LeT70nU71E[View]
157208535Fucking kimmy done it again ITS OFFICIALLY HAPPENING[View]
157206957Things to keep in mind...: ... if your goal is to keep white people around: >Nazi/Neo-Nazi and Co…[View]
157207001Manning for Senate: If you're a right-winger, you need to support Manning for Senate. Why? Let …[View]
157204195Trump Lawyer Used Private Company, Pseudonyms to Pay Porn Star ‘Stormy Daniels’: Well, now what? Tho…[View]
157204180GET FUCKED HAITI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://twitter.com/thehill/status/953833598498562048[View]
157213633Why have we not hacked SRS yet?: What gives?[View]
157209401Ancap Vs the World: What the fuck happened to him, he deleted his Instagram and YouTube and now all …[View]
157198810itt we determine how trump gets a 3rd term.[View]
157203438Why aren't there more centrists? How can you align perfectly with one side?[View]
1572132983 branches will become one.[View]
157213219Germany Demolishes XIX church: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EA55Oe_1fZ8 >Germany has recently …[View]
157212372MSM aint covering the documents released to congress. Why is that? Can someon explain? I'm a re…[View]
157203918Have you ever noticed how women speak kind of like parrots? Like when debating something women often…[View]
157202440If diversity is our strength: why are all the 'diverse' people causing all the problems?[View]
157210708NY D.A. Raids NEWSWEEK and IBT Media: https://nypost.com/2018/01/18/nypd-officers-raid-newsweek-head…[View]
157212421Stoicism: what is /pol/'s opinion on this? I'm studying it right now (Seneca + Cicero) Are…[View]
157207209Is Spanish descent white enough?[View]
157210811>Congratulations on the new child, goyim. Now pay us 1000 bucks so we can strap him down to this …[View]
157209873Just got raped by 60 niggers AMA[View]
157205920Let the third week in January be hereby recognized as Fake-News-Week: >First annual Fake News Awa…[View]
157201073The Pyramid of White Supremacy: Here's a memable little treat from our friends at the (((Safeho…[View]
157207582Why are religious people so creepy?My parents want to take my 6 year old daughter I have raised athe…[View]
157209698A long, long time ago...: ....before Kek had awoken, there was....[View]
157209765Thanks for visiting Japan: Arigato[View]
157207132>Christianity is european[View]
157194227happening: TWITTER SUSPENDED THE HOUSE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE: https://twitter.com/HPSCI HPSCI = Hou…[View]
157211018Where is the footage of Harambe actually getting shot?: Seriously what gives? Did they make everyone…[View]
157203702This totally won't be biased.[View]
157212277Put an end to misery: The bad things in life overwhelmingly exceed the good things, this is not an o…[View]
157210518When did you swallow the real redpill that Chad isn't Chad he's just a normal guy and we…[View]
157211558what is going on? can we stop it?[View]
157208812I-it wasn't real socialism :'(: ITT: Leftards argue that true socialism has never been tri…[View]
157209612ISRAEL YES!!!! LET THEM ALL STAY!!!!!!!!!!! https://archive.is/ISF2g[View]
157201426Who really uses more welfare?: Here we debunk muh 'whites use more welfare', and other such retarded…[View]
157201203America: Face it, our world conquest has been completed. This IS the 4th Reich[View]
157212046Can we start making 'Thank a Democrat' memes?: Can we start generating memes to thank democrats for …[View]
157212043Swatsika man on periscope: Man with swatsika flag on periscope says Niggers need to go back to afric…[View]
157208815Global whiteness: These are white and non white countries. Discuss.[View]
157210461Redpill me on the holocaust[View]
157208017A New Pope: Its time a a young, traditionalist pope. https://youtu.be/591n8GKvyaY https://youtu.be/n…[View]
157204206What did they mean by this?: https://youtu.be/_zu53yAoTJE U2 new video about Trump and white people…[View]
157211891What are your predictions for 2020? I think a big Republican win if Trump plays his cards right.[View]
157211536Need to know who this is: Please help[View]
157209353I am from France(Quebec), and Justin is clearly a Pedo and his his GF, who help Woody fuck junior, f…[View]
157209681How do you deal with the massive haitian immigration in your country? We gave up a while ago, our g…[View]
157137755Hypothetically if another holocaust were to happen and you only had enough room in your attic to hid…[View]
157210407Fuvk this Poll up: Raid and RT. Let’s flip this poll and watch them lose their shit. https://twitte…[View]
157209527It's official, Windows is now promoting mulattos. Honestly wasn't sure if I should have po…[View]
157202262how do explain this: Blacks are st... How do you explain this faggots.[View]
157211114Why are cancer causing cigs still legal now that we have vapes that don't? Has anyone asked a p…[View]
157210891Thanks a lot libtards, hundreds of thousands of employees are about to be furloughed and financially…[View]
157190202This is our man.[View]
157210941what did swedish women mean by this: https://www.pornhub.com/insights/scandinavian-women[View]
157210974Reply to liberal family shitpost: How to troll that lefty family member[View]
157210303>'we live in a democracy, anon' Will this meme ever die? >Jefferson: 'A democracy is nothing m…[View]
157210945He is Back to Wrestling and inviting Trump!: Best times! Trump and Hulk Hogan gonna run wild on YOU.…[View]
157205194HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA: A review of a classified document outlining what is described…[View]
157206763WHO LEAKED TO TWITTER IT WAS COMING: Given the recent revelations, it’s pretty clear someone leaked …[View]
157209724>People hate Nazis When did non-Westerners take such control over the West? Are these people even…[View]
157193382>you don’t actually think the holocaust happened, do you anon?[View]
157204933Prove African Slavery Was Caused By The Jews: Why do you think jews started the African slave trade?…[View]
157203456Stop being communist.[View]
157209229I miss him so much /pol/ why did he have to betray us and go full luggage lad?[View]
157209795WE WUZ[View]
157210635What the fuck?: https://twitter.com/SaxonNEET/status/954184469937836037[View]
157201908Breaking: CNBC arrested at airport with IED: Looks like they were caught setting up a possible false…[View]
157207313The U.S. government should implement a sort of 'an eye for an eye' type law where the criminal faces…[View]
157209560Would you rather live in Obama’s America or in USSR: Not for me again...pass the pickles and vodka c…[View]
157209845Time to die anon, the AI declared[View]
157210087Is Kim Jong-Un really just Hillary Clinton LARPing as a Korean dictator? pic related[View]
157203588TUNE IN! TICK TOCK!: OK GENTLEMEN, he is going to talk tonight on Hannity about this breaking 4 page…[View]
157208475I miss the Mooch[View]
157203884Can we get a recommended book thread going?[View]
157206809My family has been in America for nearly 300 years. For twelve generations, my family has toiled upo…[View]
157209894Is radical Islam the only hope to prevent cultural marxism and jewish rule? Feeling blackpilled. Als…[View]
157206829>Nearly white >Asian >Muslim What do we do about the Chechen problem?…[View]
157205538American liberals irl[View]
157209423Been having constant argues with my cousin about climate change. Trying to get him to see past 'hard…[View]
157203058In my late twenties. My wife was a pure innocent Chirstian girl. I have been red pilled for a long t…[View]
157187109Getting Ready for The Great Happening/Potential DOTR: Not to come off as a concern troll, and I pray…[View]
157207309BASED DENMARK[View]
157209386Cringe/Rage Thread: Post em bois[View]
157177803Daily reminder Jews were responsible for 9/11. Never forget.[View]
157209112I am from Quebec, and Justi is clearly a jew, who help Woody fuck junior, fuck the Bieber Family, Bi…[View]
157207500Trump Lawyer Used Private Company, Pseudonyms to Pay Porn Star ‘Stormy Daniels’: https://www.wsj.com…[View]
157208403>Go vegan, animals are suffering and we'll be happier if you stop >Go green, the earth is…[View]
157209254Will all Jordan Peterson faggots fuck off. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iFi4p4QC44[View]
157206941'Whites are good at fight-'[View]
157201159Are we doomed?[View]
157209159Who are these two guys from the Alfred E Smith dinner? Anyone every find their names?[View]
157208960If we want to save the European race we must first take out the jews, but before we can take the jew…[View]
157201000Post your TFW when you realize just how scared and terrified the alt-right is over an Oprah presiden…[View]
157204945George Soros: How is he still alive /pol/?[View]
157206215/ptg/ President Trump General - Memo dropping when? edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.wh…[View]
157198729Quick reminder if you don’t pull in at least 6 figures a year you are lower class scum[View]
157202475Does drinking alcohol to escape the world make me bluepilled?[View]
157208500Is Lenny Letter illegal?: Their entire masthead, bylines, & artists are all women. If men pitche…[View]
157188570Communist Party USA: it begins[View]
157195359E-celeb critique of J. Peterson: Is this guy a fucking retard? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iFi4…[View]
157208527YOU NEED TO EAT LESS MEAT. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O70bMw8sxdY[View]
157195200How do we fix niggers?[View]
157205233A Nudist Society is the most evolved society: A Nudist Society is the most evolved society, but it h…[View]
157205142Does he want to unironically be emperor of Europe?[View]
157188664Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Hammelsprung Edition: Groko coalition talks are sealed. The SPD congr…[View]
157207985> homeless commies attack sjw beta cucks best timeline ever[View]
157199273Office of the Speaker Phone: (202) 225-0600 https://www.speaker.gov/contact >CALL NOW and DEMAND …[View]
157203475OMG... are these chickens part of pizzagate..[View]
157205726Wominjeka: *waves magical political wand*[View]
157195793Turkish invasion of Syria imminent.: You know the pic by now. I am The Source[View]
157193230Syria General /sg/ - Late Night in Syria Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.w…[View]
157160031Why were Europeans so good at fighting compared to other races?[View]
157205259D-d-d-d-d-damage control!: It begins![View]
157208003Midwestern Alliance General: Mike Pence Edition: Why not create a white homeland in the midwest? …[View]
157200809https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Government_shutdowns_in_the_United_States Are you ready for this to be…[View]
157204970Why are jews so bad?: For real. I want an actual explanation as to why I should hate Jews as much a…[View]
157203274>wake up >Islam still exists how do you guys deal with it? is there any possibility of cleansi…[View]
157198038I'm from the deep state and I love you guys: Hello again /pol/. I was supposed to be here at 11…[View]
157196340Wealthy exodus to escape new tax rules worries California Democrats: Will high taxes lead the state’…[View]
157194268What's most likely going to happen with DACA?[View]
157207896S P E N C E R S T R E A M: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Qsh8UhRP5c >https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
157206644when is trump going to release his tax returns and take up bernie on the immigration debate?[View]
157179989If you enforce the law YOU WILL BE CHARGED!!!!! >the state of California…[View]
157207438Who is the smartest? Who is the dumbest?[View]
157180845Pol humor thread: dump them[View]
157198137This is a “Swedish” politician: OH NO NO NO[View]
157207575'From the old worlds demise see an empire rise' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DbnYG0JOPI[View]
157203643Why do whites create the best societies?: I'm not even fully white but I can't deny that w…[View]
157187348Abby Nierman: Whats her end game? She knew she would be outed as the person accusing our boy Ansari.…[View]
157200900My teacher showed this in my class while teaching sex ed. What should I do? I know its wrong but my …[View]
157197364You cut that out now,or you go home in ambulance.[View]
157205390NO FUCKING WAY HAHAHA: http://www.ibtimes.com/trump-made-stormy-daniels-watch-shark-week-spank-forbe…[View]
157206453This guy is the epitome of /pol/ definitely our guy: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/20…[View]
157187591GETTING SUSPENDED FOR LAWSCHOOL FOR MENTIONING (((THEM))): > be law student > in international…[View]
157207037little rock nine: hmmmmmmmm seems like the whites are acting like the 'niggers' https://www.youtube.…[View]
157207026Straight from the horses mouth, this is a potent redpill. Audio clip is from 2003 http://www.marklev…[View]
157206044/Cops/ Watch2gether Cops: It's that time again for a comfy cops playlist. Come on in! https://…[View]
157206678>political genius >4d chess >can't keep his government running for more than a year be…[View]
157205043So anons, Australia becomes the new AUSSR, how do you escape? I would assume that freedom of movemen…[View]
157180833Trump: 7k in one year Obama: 13k in EIGHT years[View]
157202616What does /pol/ think of Stop a Douchebag?[View]
157193040pssst... kiddo, come here, you want some redpill?[View]
157187288California state of emergency. ICE raids this weekend, they’re organizing volunteers to stop it http…[View]
157203247Why do Jews frame EVERYTHING in terms of Left and Right?: If you criticise Israel on this site, you …[View]
157203153Say his name, /pol/[View]
157199586Hey /pol/, redpill me on Hitler? >Did he survive WW2? >Was Eva Braun a jew? >Did he have a…[View]
157206440All serial killers are whi...: Where the fuck did leftists get the idea that only whites are serial …[View]
157195530Since you big brains can't figure it out, here is the difference between Antifa and Nazis. >…[View]
157205790What non-humans, if any, will be allowed in the ethnostate? I like otters and I want to be around th…[View]
157201621First time I met /pol/: >Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ww6K84LvT4U First time I met /pol/…[View]
157203373/ptg/ President Trump General - No hoverhands edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehou…[View]
157203395Christianity and the Bible: >bible is not evidence of the existence of Jesus!! t. fedoratipper Bi…[View]
157190134/mbmc/ LIVE AMA on plebbit right now, people asking about the poster campaign, come watch for fun: h…[View]
157205597The right to bear arms: Back then the gun used by the military and citizens are the same. But now in…[View]
157198276>Hammer and sickle profile picture >”Nazis” >Literally sipping Starbucks in her pic Thot ge…[View]
157204394New California: So, /Pol/ apparently California could split in half, forming the 51st U.S. state, an…[View]
157202431The man that will be painting the official portrait of President Obama takes classic works of art an…[View]
157202327UK roastie gets six weeks for murder: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5199431/Woman-caused-f…[View]
157205236Name one logical reason[View]
157205328Poll for new leader: https://strawpoll.com/ec8z5bac its this[View]
157205296How do we solve the birth rate problem? European and Asian countries have declining birth rates, esp…[View]
157205258Soyboys, numales, and the acceptance of mental illness as an excuse: This is a picture drawn by a 20…[View]
157201633Why is the United States most armed man a jew ?[View]
157202618SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED: Calling all linguistics experts of /pol/, how would you add too or amend the…[View]
157205126British Teeth: Disgusting: Why is British hygiene so bad in this day and age?[View]
157197322Is anyone trying harder to cement their 2020 run?[View]
157196545Forget Lauren Southern...THIS ONE HAS KIDS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwN6akgKeTg This woman i…[View]
157205020I hate America this much: I want Oprah to win in 2020.[View]
157205000Redpill me on Voat is it a honeypot?[View]
157188917t. not when not living in the whitest country on the planet[View]
157197907Leaf bitch gets just 7 years in prison for murder: http://www.cnn.com/2018/01/18/world/canada-murder…[View]
157197454Should man on man rape have harder convictions than the good ol' man on woman? I feel like it w…[View]
157204115New Awakening: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-C8J3ZUsbc&index=5&list=PLVyJMS5q67cTFV3…[View]
157204242Communism works, Capitalism sucks[View]
157194538/nsg/ national socialism general: 卐 SIEG HEIL! 卐 Thread for discussion of National Socialism, Fascis…[View]
157204659Confirmed: Ashkenazi Jews are just larping Iranian converts. Is science antisemitic?: Basically Ashk…[View]
157202465Is adrenochrome used by the elites? Anon, how does this conspiracy hold up?[View]
157204279Twitter is afraid....: the two items in the image are just a coincidence..ya.... The Shitstorm COMME…[View]
157187260Best western european prime minister from the 30s upwards: Half of you don’t even know who this man …[View]
157204401https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMcjxSThD54 >over 1 million views This is how you redpill the mas…[View]
157204397America hate thread[View]
157202647Want to know what happened in Michigan? Ask these guys for the answer.[View]
157198699Now Look What You Did /pol/ - Blacks Are Going Back: They're tired of your racism and you faggo…[View]
157156869TRUMP TO RAISE NATIONAL PARK PRICES TO $70: https://www.yahoo.com/news/price-hike-make-national-park…[View]
157201751Mel Gibson's Father: /ourguy/ ?: Hutton Gibson, Mel Gibson's father....just a few quotes: …[View]
157203987/pol/ will defend this.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rk2N3aLWxF0[View]
157201788Sam Hyde heads to hollywood: Sam Hyde will be attending the Hollywood women's march. Sam Hyde p…[View]
157197073Does /pol/ support the Californian split?[View]
157200571Official band & song of White Nationalists for 2018. #ChainSmokersAreOurGuys. Let's meme it…[View]
157199496What if I told you that I believed that whites should have their own ethnostate? That black people a…[View]
157201773http://russia-insider.com/en/its-time-drop-jew-taboo/ri22186 It's okay to drop the jew taboo…[View]
157203756Aryan Copy Pasta: Does anyone have the Aryan copy pasta about taking car eof yourself and family fir…[View]
157203235What do you honestly think is in the house intel memo?: And will dumbed down populace give a shit on…[View]
157203731DEMOGRAPHICS OF EUROPE: Can you guys post an updated version of ethnic demographics of your country?…[View]
157203709Shooting in my home town, three have been shot, one dead: >One man died and another was injured i…[View]
157161735ITT: Ask a Swede: Not saying that simply living in Sweden would make me an expert on everything that…[View]
157199888What is the loneliest country?[View]
157201140/ptg/ President Trump General - We have the best thighs, don't we folks edition: PRESIDENT DONA…[View]
157203203Reminder that your civil war, race war, day of the rope, collapse or whatever dumbass fantasy you dr…[View]
157202976Race-Mixing Appreciation Thread: What does /pol/ think about WMBF coupling?[View]
157202390Why do non-whites on /pol/ hate him so much? Especially mutts from America.[View]
157203251How do you feel that this woman is what young Dutch girls see as a role model? No World Cup and now …[View]
157200758ALT-tech thread: Any one here have a gab ai or minds account?[View]
157189724(((Krautgate General))) Vee Is On Unpaid Leave edition: Vee isnt a doctor https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
157203157What defines pol?: If the botnet was real, what would your four words be? Pic very related[View]
157203056This is our man. You may like it or not, but he is.[View]
157202972Robert Kennedy Memory Hole: Why did the CIA have to kill him too? Sirhan is still MK'd as fuck …[View]
157202965Our president admiring a Jewish wall.: So our Nazi-loving President visits the Eastern Wall and ackn…[View]
157202963Ok, Which One of You....: >https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/what-to-do-when-white-supremacist…[View]
157201537If god gave him a chance to choose between reviving Enver Pasha to slaughter more Armenians or prolo…[View]
157202863Hebrews BTFO: Hebrew writing is a derivative of Phoenician script, which Phoenician gods taught thei…[View]
157196086TUCKER CARLSON THREAD 1/18[View]
157202867Start having more casual sex goyim https://youtu.be/Soe7yjlFEJ8[View]
157193085I'm European and seeing a lot of Americans wearing these t-shirts over here. What's up wit…[View]
157168738Swedish subway art: Art installation in Stockholm subways. People have to look at this every day whe…[View]
157198166Hello I am recruiting for Identity Canada. We are a newly formed group of Canadians who are consider…[View]
157194015How do stop our black brothers and sisters from killing each other?[View]
157195982I want to talk about the Rothchild family. What do you know?[View]
157201692The 'muh' word is used too frequently. Stop using it.[View]
157202582Has Trump regrets?: >be president of the united states >get smoke bombed nonstop with media th…[View]
157186532HAPPENING: >Stormy Daniels once claimed she spanked Donald Trump with a Forbes magazine Trump is …[View]
157202533Improvising or messing around with a performance of the national anthem should be publishable by 10 …[View]
157196637Seriously, how come we never see this kind of sadism from blacks/hispanics/Jews? Creepy, torture cha…[View]
157202420Who is the quintessential voice of the alt-right?[View]
157189844Where do Jews come from?: How does /pol/ explain that Jews look similar to whites? Was there a lot o…[View]
157175405Enlighten me about Polish atrocities against Germans 1918-1939: There was a massacre on 5000 Germans…[View]
157201230New Development Regarding of Vegas Shooting: Another charge is going to be filed within 60 days, acc…[View]
157201090Katie Way: Katie Way[View]
157192768Moggmentum: Whats /pol/'s opinion of this man? Seem like a great dude to me.[View]
157197570Should Muslims be allowed to work as TSA's?[View]
157200244Nog robs store..: and begs for mercy at the end. https://youtu.be/LCzLsgqAfQc Also dindu thread…[View]
157199521I want to marry an ethnically Jewish woman: Jewish women are so smart and creative just like I am. I…[View]
157200490Is it against the UCMJ to wear nazi apparel if youre in the US military? Like im not going to, but l…[View]
157199523Is P Diddy the worst or best hype man ever https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgHbPNHa9xo[View]
157202008I just don't understand.: Why would anybody who is an American, who works and pays taxes and do…[View]
157199712Does anyone honestly know what happened to him?[View]
157201988Soygoy Thread? Soygoy thread.: Woke soygoys report in.[View]
157195915>Women are men's property for thousands of years >Functional economy. Lots of children be…[View]
157172498FUCK DACA!: No more Baja niggers! We all knew the 700k number was an absolute lie! https://www.usato…[View]
157196255>walk into American Wally World >see this What do?…[View]
157194131canada wtf: woman strangles friend to death, only gets 7 years in prison seriously canada? what the …[View]
157199105Confession thread: Have you ever voted Democrat in the past? I have. Do you forgive me /pol/?[View]
157185854NEW ZEALAND PRIME MINISTER IS PREGNANT: Unlucky Kiwi’s. Your socialist, feminist Prime Minister has …[View]
157192461>saving the white race by giving birth to white children >putting nationalist New Zealand Firs…[View]
157201499America Needs Better Men and women!: Its true! If only the liberals needs some conservatives theme i…[View]
157201482https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuvkQ2JlKQo How based are the Burmese?[View]
157201347When are you guys going to realize that anons are the real master race? We number 3 million plus peo…[View]
157201423POPE FRANCIS HONORS DUTCH ABORTION ACTIVIST: Pope Francis Honors Dutch Abortion Activist with Pontif…[View]
157198457sexual frustration makes pol nazis? kek: http://abc news.go.com/US/documentary-alt-sheds-light-movem…[View]
157201305I ultimately see: All you can really do, is smonk a smonk. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZqPXqBWT…[View]
157198488EXPLAIN THIS /pol/![View]
157191506Congratulate my Prime Minister /pol/, she is pregnant. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm…[View]
157191421Anyone else celebrating the death of Christianity? Fuck that bullshit[View]
157171348Shaun King: Is he white, /pol/ ?[View]
157201100Who is at the top of the pyramid?[View]
157198126/ptg/ President Trump General - Angry Tuck is best Tuck edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://ww…[View]
157196786I can't decide if I support gay marriage or not Help /pol/[View]
157198207The Problem With Most National Socialists: I have one problem with National Socialists (Nazis) Why d…[View]
157196502It is true that people are poor because of their poor parents. Adoption changed these kids.[View]
157170793Treasonous bitch DOXing /ourguys/: Meet Antifa's Secret Weapon Against Far-Right Extremists …[View]
157196719Well... Is it wrong?[View]
157199791Deport Sanctuary Cities: California has started fining employers for aiding ICE officials. http://w…[View]
157189038How long is the government going to get away with voice to skull and using human minds as toys/cpus.…[View]
157200701Thinking of throwing my school’s address up here, I’ve seen people do it before. If there’s enough d…[View]
157198438Totalitarian Health & Finance Controls: This guy is already campaigning while 45 still has 3 yea…[View]
157200562Can an Anon who has some photoshop skill help me with a meme? I want this 'Canadian Heritage' frame …[View]
157196857/pri/: Will we make it again this summer, bros?[View]
157193250Finland and Germany have the best military music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-m4tALfqyME&li…[View]
157200463Are there any preppers on /pol/? (pic unrelated)[View]
157200453Jebheads of the world unite![View]
157197224Are liberals Bluebpilled?: Are they blue pilled?[View]
157200399hsci fusion gps interview: https://archive.fo/GT2BA House Select Committee on Intelligence interview…[View]
157200398BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: /pol/ btfo https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Canada,_Maine#Demographics…[View]
157166583Spencer on Campus: So Richard Spencer just won a lawsuit to be able to speak on public universities.…[View]
157199938THE ONE WE ALL KNOW AND LOVE: Was Adolf Hitler really a great man, and just painted a horrible pictu…[View]
157181660Why is American architecture so fucking ugly?: why aren't basic architecture principals taught …[View]
157197589Why can’t Slavs into utopia?: Why can’t we build utopias? We have the engineering skills. We have th…[View]
157200280What is happening? Are (((they))) doing something?[View]
157200192Why does everyone say Laci Green is redpilled now? She pals around with all these 'conservative' you…[View]
157158735>bible is not evidence of the existence of Jesus!! t. fedoratipper Bible is a collection of texts…[View]
157200106http://archive.is/o4smW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEgyFXk7BMM&feature=youtu.be So this air…[View]
157199025We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.[View]
157193295I’m not familiar with black culture but sticking up for this guy using Lefty accounts is exactly how…[View]
157193879Well /pol/?[View]
157196584obama did nothi-[View]
157192104Can someone explain the Troubles to me?[View]
157197229What does /pol/ think of Ellen?[View]
157196899: Litty in the city :joy::joy::joy:[View]
157198050>/pol/ >multiple leftist, anarchocapitalist, libertarian, nazi, conservative threads >/left…[View]
157199644red pill me on christian slavery > pro or con for slavery[View]
157199631This image is illegal (in Poccия): Has it gone viral nyet?[View]
157180735ITT: Political conspiracy theories that are probably true: I'll get this started: Canada's…[View]
157199551they...wuz?...kangz?: >Sundiata Keita >Mansa Musa wuz they kangz /pol/?…[View]
157193094The world is overpopu... There are literally thousands of square kilometers in Russia, South America…[View]
157196590Does Communism use money like Capitalism? If it doesn't, how does that work?[View]
157199536Tepe: Action Is Coming.....[View]
157199508TDS245: The RaceWarski Continues[View]
157195055Hey /pol/ where's Mussolini?[View]
157196339Emergency Maryland Thread - Chelsea Manning: As we all know, Bradley or Chelsea Manning is running f…[View]
157198484Lets all take a trip to r/atheism: because you can have that edgy mess, or the compassion, morals, a…[View]
157197818What does /pol/ think of this?: The book is obviously heretical, and I know It's old, but what …[View]
157199235Empower Your Enemy To Fight Against The Jew: Let's be honest. We are all human except for the J…[View]
157198143Daaaaaahnald.....: I've come for the FISA memo report, Dahnald... Hand it over, Dahnald.[View]
157196384Why is being a single father 'BAD' in America?: I've noticed many women saying they will not da…[View]
157194188Finns exceed in almost any category. Finns are the master race.[View]
157195670>The Liberalists movement will destroy the alt right and SJW's How can you brianlets even c…[View]
157199011>america is an ''superpower'' >lost in Vietnam >took 10 years to kill some goat herder When…[View]
157180938A FUCKING BREAD KNIFE MFW BONGS CAN'T EVEN CUT THEIR BREAD https://twitter.com/MPSEnfield/statu…[View]
157194951Will you be watching Trumpland:Kill all Normies, /pol/?: After all it is about you.[View]
157198106Apparently, 4chan isn't banned in China. I'd like to know if there's anyone here who …[View]
157189521#ReleaseTheMemo: Office of the Speaker Phone: (202) 225-0600 https://www.speaker.gov/contact >CAL…[View]
157198817Taking your wife's name...: The absolute state of modern 'men'. >One in 10 millennial men f…[View]
157196678Is it Fake: Did it really happen ? Is it another “let’s do a test run and see if they buy are wild …[View]
157198173Why is white trash exploding recently?: My aunt had this client who brought her kid with her and the…[View]
157198607Tarrant County College professor suspended after bizarre anti islam behavior: Tarrant County College…[View]
157187812What is that in the distance...[View]
157189572Fag Adoption: https://twitter.com/ezpiniar/status/953728912416296961[View]
157195454/pol/ how about we start a campaign for the anti-trumpers on insta/FB/twitter to where they stand in…[View]
157193326Why are women taking over the trade skills?[View]
157195043Why is fascism and nazism filled with paranoia and conspiracies. Anytime someone debates this kind o…[View]
157196602Let's say something nice about other races or nationalities. Not an anti-racist ploy, lots of …[View]
157196264What does /pol/ think of US House Speaker Paul Ryan and Generation X in general? You guys don't…[View]
157195493Hey /pol/, just wanna know why communism doesnt work. Now dont call me 'communist!!!', i just want t…[View]
157190498How do you go from this...[View]
157195299/ptg/ President Trump General - Please use lube, Mr. President edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP htt…[View]
157198111RedPilled books: Recommend one then download one to read Use this as your red pill dispenser https:/…[View]
157198064Official /pol/ slide thread: I'm sliding the thread bitching about spying. I'm surprised a…[View]
157197874Billionaire's coast- CA is so rich, but so full of poor. this poor caste is necessary for the r…[View]
157193091JEW NAMED - Russia bad goy!: http://archive.is/nasFE http: //russia-insider.com/en/its-time-drop-jew…[View]
157194623Climate change. Why do you not support regulating companies to save the planet? Or do you like havin…[View]
157194302White men: Why does everyone hate us?[View]
157197987So....Immigration service the biggest red pill?: Why cant we just ask the ALT-RIGHT and ANARCHIST to…[View]
157183310Let's Have A Talk About Abraham Lincoln: How do you remember the legacy of Abraham Lincoln? He …[View]
157186917Flag Thread: A thread for real flags, fake flags, false flags, fictional flags, etc. Post flags you …[View]
157197649DRUMPF BTFO BY YOUTUBE!!!!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zu53yAoTJE[View]
157188291The REAL white genocide redpill: Why don't White nationalists care about the real white genocid…[View]
157196153This is what a real patriot looks like.[View]
157190160Lessons from the past: Hey /pol/ I like to listen to NPR when I'm driving mostly for the storie…[View]
157197070Redpill me on the real Sargon. Who was he exactly?[View]
157197123If Artificial Intelligence is to replace the job of most scientists, shouldn't there be a more …[View]
157197505New U2 video depicting KKK at Whitehouse!: If only it was true! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_zu53y…[View]
157197150hey I have a survey, you may have seen me here before but it was not enough, I need more responses. …[View]
157168521Krokidile is safe Big Pharma propaganda issued by a government organization: It's 100% safe use…[View]
157195341You know it's inevitable, right? Face it. Majority of millennials prefer socialism to capitali…[View]
157197413BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: /pol/ btfo https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Canada,_Maine#Demographics…[View]
157194023If you could destroy the entire human race would you?: Yes.[View]
157191446NOT HAPPENING Car hits 15 people at Copacabana beach, Rio: Brazil is such a shithole that we weren…[View]
157197333The horrifying truth about Donald J. Trump.. Wake up white America.[View]
157197079why does trump general still exist.[View]
157185216Who is this guy? I've seen him for years.[View]
157195802Do the globalists run China? Or is China completely independent?[View]
157190359Seriously. Do white people have no self awareness?[View]
157196420Europeans will eventually conquer the universe.[View]
157135952The left has given us a magic key to derail and shut down ANY leftist initiative or activist: This i…[View]
157197146Which real human is the closest thing to Hari Seldon?[View]
157194129Best Country Ever: The greatest? Are we the greatest because we are able to commit infanticide? Are …[View]
1571904922020 US Presidential Election: So in 2008 the democrats were torn over a black guy or a white woman …[View]
157170947Everything is whitey's fault: I'm actually starting to like this. As long as they never ac…[View]
157196159Pizzagate?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FDVQqk2X_s[View]
157193391Time to charge libshits with treason: >Treason against the United States, >shall consist only…[View]
157189676Shit that make people go apeshit: >Killing an animal is not wrong even though it makes you feel b…[View]
157195270If niggers have equal rights than why don’t primates?[View]
157195129Red pill me on Roosh /pol/.[View]
157195661It's not a war crime when *I* do it[View]
157196406Why Blacks Claim to be More Masculine: Blacks Claiming to be more Masculine is actually a very logic…[View]
157196237Why are blacks so violent? https://twitter.com/negritabonitaa/status/954127665832910849[View]
157153634Democrats will defend this[View]
157190115If you still use Google you are a major cuck[View]
157192413Trump-Russia: Okay, so liberals are trying to find evidence of the idea that Trump is a Russian info…[View]
157188632Redpill me on Mcveigh: Was he a hero for challenging the state or a villain brcause he killed people…[View]
157191822looking for a video: it might be an identetarian video but I dont think so. starts off with hitler s…[View]
157196206So whats it like living in Poland. Considering going to poland for a few weeks this year. both my pa…[View]
157196204ITT: share your best passages or quotes from Mein Kampf[View]
157196106The shroud of the darkside has fallen. They aren't even hiding it anymore.[View]
157194591Fascism, Socialism, Communism, National Socialism... all of them are collective ways of government i…[View]
157196080/pol/, Can you agree with the ideas of National Socialism or Fascism while at the same time, believi…[View]
157195509Have you ever noticed that feminists and MGTOW are filled with people that no one wants to sleep wit…[View]
157195724Why doesn't /pol/ support DACA? It benefits the economy.[View]
157174023Fusion GPS Co-Founder Glenn Simpson Testimony Released: Get on it Anons http://archive.is/GT2BA…[View]
157194288What do you make of this pol?: What do you make of this pol? Why the hard push back from MSM on this…[View]
157192791LBJ: Was he the worst president of all time? I don't think Bush at his lowest can even compare…[View]
157188509https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1CyPjQQTAM literal communists made Germany look more German than mo…[View]
157192606“DEPLORABLE” NYU PROFESSOR SUES COLLEAGUES FOR DEFAMATION: >“I’ve been universally shunned by the…[View]
157195856Google Propaganda: Stop using Google. NOW[View]
157193825Is 2018 the year where White males bind together and get property forming subtle ethnostates to gain…[View]
157192035Rebirth: The emergence of artificial wombs has me wondering: can we bring life to a child that’s 100…[View]
157192206You know what to do /pol/ https://twitter.com/ezpiniar/status/953728912416296961[View]
157195046The weather has been fucked this year. Do you support climate regulation like carbon and methane tax…[View]
157195338What role do you see AI taking in politics?[View]
157194991Bill Goldberg: Is Bill Goldberg our guy? >conservative >lives in a remote area >hates to b…[View]
157195622black woman btfos alt-kikes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMLvszY65gw[View]
157195488#BlacksToo: Let's Burn More Liberal Witches: If you've loved seeing all these smug, self-r…[View]
157195140The United States Budget: I dont understand the argument for balancing the budget. Name me one corpo…[View]
157195388Committee interview of Glenn Simpson: >mfw I redact my name on the entire transcript except that …[View]
157185853Éire/pol/ - Through The Night edition: Thread Theme: https://youtu.be/WMGvQ2v-ZRM National Party: h…[View]
157191254President Trump General /ptg/ - Tucker soon edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse…[View]
157195296site activated: SHILLS ARE HERE Secondary site activated. Don't let out the secret. MAGA. BUIL…[View]
157188729QUESTION TIME / THIS WEEK THREAD 3: Thank fuck that disaster of a QT episode is over. THE NEIL is on…[View]
157175674Leftist Doxxing Irony: How dare you do to me what I want done to others![View]
157195201Deal: Tell you what Pol I'll make you a deal! Hand over all your shekels and I'll give you…[View]
157192919Is this the lefts attempt at free abortions?: Anti-vax hysteria or devious plot? Alex Jones is talki…[View]
157191860I went to Gettysburg National Military Park recently by myself, walked around and reflected while lo…[View]
157194968yt bye dem ga fa reelize we takin dis contry from dem we go mek ahmeryka gret. sit duhn[View]
157189324Left wing 'patriotism'?: We need to discuss something that I have not seen discussed before. I think…[View]
157192932(((((They)))))have plans for (((us))): NO MORE SECURITY CRIME USED TO MANAGE SOCIETY CURTAILMENT OF …[View]
157157457Does anyone else feel like the ONLY reason whites and Asians are more advanced than brown people is …[View]
157194852Is there a more pathetic country than Taiwan?: Also, Taiwan hate thread.[View]
157194382Groups that pol hates: - black people - jewish people - indian people - chinese people Out of curios…[View]
157138393#FusionCollusion General /fcg/ #18 Alexander Downunder Edition: The ENTIRE SYSTEM of FISA-702 survei…[View]
157174761How can brits even compete?: >France: 109,444 regular servicemen >UK: 82480 regular servicemen…[View]
157181340The allies are retarded: >be uk >declare war on germany for invading poland >let ussr invad…[View]
157194761What goes on here?: World Jewish Congress[View]
157184754whats wrong with germans?[View]
157192607Dominicans are not niggers like haitians?: Yet capital city looks 90% nigger. https://www.youtube.co…[View]
157191459Rebuttal to commies?: I've seen here at uni the claim that 'capitalism kills 2million people pe…[View]
157166425Why does Canada have an army?: >49,000 members >14 billion dollar budget >3 infantry regime…[View]
157194102Bolshevism is a Jewish form of government.[View]
157192637Just invested 300€ into Bitcoin: I just invested 300€ in Bitcoin. The course was at 9209 so am I dum…[View]
157191996Dis gon be good[View]
157192741My family has been in America for nearly 300 years. For twelve generations, my family has toiled awa…[View]
157190237Why statists can't understand this?[View]
157190764Britain yes!: >Andrew Murphy, 61, is an ordinary London resident. Every night he runs for about o…[View]
157194339Did he, /pol/?[View]
157171007SOUTH AFRICA YES! THREAD #2: TL;DR Cape Town will have no running water by April 2018. The Chimp-ou…[View]
157164690Would you ever consider using artificial wombs?[View]
157194342Do you think the media backfired on their fake news? They bombastically announced that Hillary Clint…[View]
157191386Sarah 'Manhands' Sanders[View]
157183988NZ new PM pregnant: >gets elected as youngest woman pm >pregnant 3 months after starting…[View]
157194222Whats Next for this guy?[View]
157147621Without jews we wouldn't have: >Theory of relativity >Polio vaccine >Chemotherapy >…[View]
157178708He fucking won: but the (((Big Boys))) couldn't let that happen.[View]
157192654https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bT7q0SGsAcs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bT7q0SGsAcs Any of you …[View]
157180429This man needs our help[View]
157194031>the Stormy Daniels hush money story is fa- https://www.wsj.com/articles/trump-lawyer-used-privat…[View]
157192781Chad vs Soyboy in 1968: The maker of this 'film' would be 70 years old by now. Our culture has been …[View]
157193861The Final Solution To Shills: Alright faggots, right now the JIDF, Shareblue, And antifa are shillin…[View]
157189092JEWS WANTS TO FUCK YOUR SEXUAL LIFE: We need to ban this satanic shit.[View]
157187744Brigitte Bardot Slams #MeToo Movement: >A little over a week after 100 prominent French women sig…[View]
157193440What's a inner city and what goes on there?[View]
157191237Why would anyone not endorse Donald Trump?: Everyone of his policies is about downright common sense…[View]
157193704Daily reminder that the EU lifted sanctions in 2008 on Cuba after human rights deteriorated and yet …[View]
157170933Find a flaw: >Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. >Guide rep…[View]
157193302This whole thing involving the fake kraut and tea doxx, sargon of mossad and ((andy warky)) is a str…[View]
157188673GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN: Deep State Takeover I was just reading and turns out security branches (the mil…[View]
157176476SALT MINE THREAD FOR GOY TEARS: Here's the only reason Jews are hated. You can't and won…[View]
157190415What do Europeans think of white people in the US and elsewhere. Is it weird seeing people who look …[View]
157193337Poule is fragile af: The time has come[View]
157193336For me it's pic related, watched this film the other day, thought it was great as a kid. It…[View]
157179429When Britain first, at Heaven's command Arose from out the azure main; This was the charter of …[View]
157193253NEWSWEEK OFFICES RAIDED BY NEW YORK DISTRICT ATTORNEY: can you feel the happening, /pol/? https://ny…[View]
157192662This thread will be slid.[View]
157193175Daily reminder that holohoax threads are not allowed on nu/pol/. Please do not post holohoax red pil…[View]
157193107The Governors son is a /pol/tard!: Wealthy edgelord makes controversial gesture at his fathers swear…[View]
157190143Trump is bamboozled: >Trumps face when he realizes he might go to prison over a job he didn'…[View]
157190856The burned man walks[View]
157178278Syria General /sg/ - Late night Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.…[View]
157192817MILLER FOR CONGRESS, BITCHES!: https://www.wyomingnews.com/news/local_news/buford-resident-rod-mille…[View]
157153278SO MUCH FOR GLOBAL WARMING!!!: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/01/18/climate/hottest-year-2…[View]
157186720When will e*ropeans give back the gold and resources they stole?[View]
157192753This is the most powerful moment in recent history[View]
157170303Been browsing 4Chan a while. Never really browsed /pol/ much. I am having a hard time understand why…[View]
157191636Why do non-whites on /pol/ hate him so much? Especially mutts from America.[View]
157176699Why are commies such fucking Chads all the time?: I hate the ideology, but I don't understand w…[View]
157177603When are we going to have Police reform? They are out of control. We have to retrain every officer a…[View]
157190224Is it worth throwing away your life to be a president in name only?[View]
157190060White Nationalist Respectability Politics And Compromizes: How the fuck did The United States go fro…[View]
157162862Brit/pol/ - Anglican Death Squads edition: >Carillion is not the only Zombie corporation infestin…[View]
157151048Liberal here. I’ve been browsing this board for a month and i just realized why you guys thinks the …[View]
157182238Based Maroney: “Ever since I went public with my story, I have been inspired and uplifted by the lov…[View]
157191719A neverending campaign season.: Instead of elections every 4 years, the USA should have a possible s…[View]
157192199Holocaust 2.0: No LARP. The Jew has WILLED it's own destruction. We need funding. Dollars will …[View]
157192149Minority dictates to Majority.: >about 3% population http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/Medi…[View]
157190829Convince me that the Jews are behind everything[View]
157191376>tfw your political enemies keep talkin' shit about putting you and jail, but you know it…[View]
157193079Why does America have better looking forest then Europe?: European forest look like faggy twingy win…[View]
157185551Suspected Phoenix Serial Killer: Cleophus Cooksey Jr. is suspected of murdering 9 people in a span o…[View]
157191465>Be american >be ugly >say hi to woman >she says hi back >ask if she wants some fucc …[View]
157182070Is the Military Designed for Closet Homosexuals?: >bunch of dudes get together >change in fron…[View]
157189822Along with all the niggers we move all the people that have aids or are HIV positive to Africa and q…[View]
157191570Hollywood Actress Empowers Young Women: Here's an excerpt from Gabrielle Union's NYT best-…[View]
157191373So.. THIS is the power of the 56%[View]
157191201Is there any place safe from the feds? And no, cripplechins is a well known honeypot[View]
157189043can it happen?[View]
157189265So how's that global warming coming along? Weren't we supposed to be up to our nuts in mel…[View]
157185238President Trump General /ptg/ - Our gal edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov…[View]
157191274Egoism y is it so hard for most people to understand: I swear it like I wanna help people so I help …[View]
157191261The problem with you leftists: You are so easily manipulated by emotion that when you've attach…[View]
157181365SPEAKER RYAN MUST DECLASIFY 'FISA ABUSE' REPORT NOW!!!: https://desantis.house.gov/2018/1/desantis-c…[View]
157190432KEK. just showed my gramma this video of jew circumcision and was borderline horrified: https://www.…[View]
157191100What does a black man look like?: Sargon needs to cite GK Butterfield the next time he gets into a c…[View]
157188640MUTTLAND: ABSOLUTE STATE OF ICELAND https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2018/01/hans-jonatan…[View]
157190767see this flag? this is my I won't pay for your fucking wall flag >cognitive disonance random…[View]
157175236Welcome to Reality!: Did you know you're living the last nine months of the Trump Presidency? R…[View]
157187726is this how it happened?[View]
157184007/rsg/ Red Storm General -- 2018 Midterms: >convenient general source for everything important abo…[View]
157181786Jordan Peterson crying on BBC Radio: Honestly, I choked up a little https://youtu.be/5ER1LOarlgg…[View]
157182320Should America purge all rednecks?: Most rednecks live on welfare and government assistance because …[View]
157187490Boomer here..: Stop blaming us for everything. In so many ways you kids have it easier than we did y…[View]
157184614Year 2030: Listen, cocksuckers, all the redpilling did nothing, the Jews still control the world and…[View]
157188544Did anyone actually move to Canada after Trump won? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njWNoyYQNsY…[View]
157179878>As a pioneer in neurosurgery, Carson's achievements include performing the only successful …[View]
157166248Aryans were white niggers.[View]
157173617Communist are retarded: Socialist/Commie hate thread. >Seriously how do these fucks not understan…[View]
157188582Conan Returns from Haiti: 'It's a very clean country!'[View]
157189759Is anyone ne else worried that the bulk of the white population in America are boomers? They will al…[View]
157190054Jews should be sent into space.[View]
157190017https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5366177/sas-hero-bob-curry-iranian-embassy-siege-sun-campaign/ >bri…[View]
157186489Who is the true Queen of the Alt-Right?: http://www.strawpoll.me/14868917/r[View]
157187061my grand-grandfather fought in ww2: I just found out that my grandfather fought in ww2 under rommel.…[View]
157189600Death: The only thing the US produces that the world still buys is killing, the world's governm…[View]
157188770This destroys the MAGA hat wearing blue-collar supporter.[View]
157172666Government Shutdown Happening when?: Is this gonna happen? Is it gonna cause a happening? Is anythin…[View]
157189655Roy Bennett, White Zimbabwean With Black Political Base, Dies in U.S. Helicopter Crash: Lel white fa…[View]
157189738/kg/ - kraut general - Kumite is still live edition: Sargon Dont Know What He Is Anymore https://str…[View]
157185812Hey /pol/ Whens the next season of 'He Will Not Divide Us'[View]
157188906This bitch is too dumb to know that the Alt-Right has been trolling for her weeks. False flagging wo…[View]
157189449Rank them from smartest to dumbest[View]
157181016It’s happening.[View]
157184852WTF FREE THIS JEWS NOW!!!!! https://twitter.com/IfNotNowOrg/status/953821806649135104[View]
157189191Go pepe![View]
157185884Why do Asians in the US vote 80% for the Democrats when Democrats openly hate them? Democrats suppor…[View]
157189212Sam Hyde attending Hollywood women's march: Sam Hyde will give attending the Hollywood women…[View]
157181143Israeli directors make anti-white U2 propaganda film: KKK MARCHES AT WHITE HOUSE IN NEW U2 VIDEO …[View]
157188903So who is /pol/ beta orbiting this year?[View]
157185847All serial Killers are Whi-: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2018/01/18/phoenix/10444…[View]
157172668Is Canada on its way to becoming a containment state for commies? When will the U.S. step in and do…[View]
157178091The deep state will not fall: Hello /pol/. I see that none of you have wised up for what's comi…[View]
157186251TFW Blacks can have prosperous communities: VIEW PARK WINDSOR HILL, CA >(84.8%) African-American…[View]
157188621The Farce: >'I felt a great disturbance in the farce, as if millions of voices cried out in horro…[View]
157185075QUESTION TIME / THIS WEEK THREAD 2: Half an hour on fucking Carillion. And now France. With a dogshi…[View]
157160910Catalan thread And any other people that want independence Scotland and Cornwall for example Also fu…[View]
157183970Rosenstein pled with Ryan to not release DOJ report to committee: This is per Hannity's radio t…[View]
157188608Nancy, please shut down the usa to show those racist what is more important. https://www.youtube.co…[View]
157157446SO YOU'RE SAYING[View]
157186551Belarus.: What happens here?[View]
157188201/Moralization General/: This is political, because we fight back against the psyop and demoralizatio…[View]
157187328>Democrats use a government shutdown as a threat against Conservatives[View]
157156711Is he /ourpastor/?[View]
157187943Germany is the 2nd biggest Turkish country in the world.[View]
157163500The cucks of Paradox Interactive: Why is Paradox Interactive so much Cucked? They allow communism bu…[View]
157188377why is this no on pol[View]
157186797blacks go back: http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/african-americans-moving-africa-1801160927…[View]
157188205https://topdocumentaryfilms.com/a-class-divided/ Browns are the blacks Blues are the whites But then…[View]
157173291Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Loser Edition: Groko coalition talks are sealed. The SPD congress wil…[View]
157179774White supremacists please defend this: http://www.cnn.com/2018/01/18/us/turpin-family-investigation/…[View]
157188024discord to discuss politics non-larp: larp discords piss me off, so i'm running a small discord…[View]
157186302Another emergency landing at LAX: http://breaking911.com/breaking-delta-flight-131-passengers-board-…[View]
157184839Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Helicrash: https://archive.fo/xFDGm > A fiery helicopter crash killed …[View]
157183228pol was right again. your favourite eceleb confirms that she is indeed a jew https://youtu.be/2L4_1C…[View]
157187687The state of British television, everyone. Girl is 17 in the show. The nigger looks like 25. Thanks …[View]
157185839How embarassing is frequent government shutdowns over funding on the world stage? I can't imagi…[View]
157185099White Americans VS Europeans: Why are Europeans better than Americans?[View]
157171655It's ok to be Communist[View]
157135902How can we incorporate cat sociopolitics and philosophy into human culture? I think they have a lot…[View]
157175682Lost History: I dont believe the story of the origin of our people is right, about the start of our …[View]
157186227So.... this is the power of the Nordcuck[View]
157189417This is what happens when you call Black person N-word outside /pol. Know your place or else we…[View]
157172390Polygamy will be necessary to save the West. How do we do this? In this thread we will discuss: 1. W…[View]
157184024Antarctica is the frontier, not the moon or space: this vast continent is the globe's new front…[View]
157186868Blacks never built anyth-[View]
157177196>colonize an Asian woman because their higher intelligence is a desirable trait >produce halfb…[View]
157180506Millionaire’ father hires STRIPPERS to perform at his son’s 12TH BIRTHDAY party: http://www.dailymai…[View]
157184250When this is feminisation shit going to end, /pol/? Is anyone else sick of EVERY form of media alway…[View]
157152514US Army creates a school shooter simulator to save lives: https://youtu.be/0BMo2Ulm4PQ >American …[View]
157170192Why does Austria even have an army?: Only 26,000 active soldiers, only 27,000 reservists. They are u…[View]
157160437OPEN CALL TO ASSASSINATE Hillary Clinton: On a public forum, BellGab, one of the members, Dr. MD MD,…[View]
157160032Why are Trump supporters opposed to latin immigration? Latin people are hardworking family oriented …[View]
157173375>tfw living in the whitest nation on earth[View]
157183698RAPE ME: DO IT NOW[View]
157186955Is Carl Higbie /ourguy/?[View]
157186967/mbmc/ antifa admits the poster campaign is 'massive', best they can hope for is 'lessen the impact'…[View]
157184340>Born in a far away land before Christianity could even reach the place >Never had a chance to…[View]
157175422White evangelical Christians are the definition of white privilege. Prove me wrong.[View]
157186682Hey guys, I need to argue against someone who is agree with this article: >https://www.washington…[View]
157163952It begins: Bow before the god emperor plebs http://archive.is/Qdoof[View]
157181460Is being spanked an alpha move, /pol/?[View]
157184178>From Nazi Germany to Australia: The Incredible True Story of History’s Longest Kayak Journey Did…[View]
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157185662Where did we go so wrong?[View]
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