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142896511Collectivism thread: We're just doing it for the cause! Work together for the good of all socie…[View]
142885065Why are white folks so nice?: Why are white people so nice? Even on his wedding day this guy saved t…[View]
142850407Brazilian Hate Thread: Edition:South Brazilians are not white[View]
142894163Is sex a meme from Jews: Does perversion impact people?[View]
142895472california-is-already-preparing-for-a-north-korean-nuclear-attack/: http://foreignpolicy.com/2017/09…[View]
142896128they werent that bad[View]
142894729why does /pol/ hate us mestizos so much?[View]
142882330Nigger who killed 20 year old white grocery staffer feared for his life.: This disgusting greasy coo…[View]
142859683Where does this 'fashion' come from? It's a mystery how insane-tier liberals somehow manage to …[View]
142891050Can you imagine if the problem BLM and kapernick are bitching about was real? What if cops were real…[View]
142888754Is Trump scared of a 5'7 fat asian?[View]
142891169The BBC is on some shit right now https://www.bbc.com/pidgin/world-41389410[View]
142889157Why don't you Irelanders use this flag?[View]
142894211You have 0.00000000000000000000000001 nanoseconds to prove that USA is not some sort of a parody of …[View]
142892761Is Trump a good president?[View]
142891508Why was this acceptable? >In early 1974, he was introduced to 17-year-old fan Wende Braunberger a…[View]
142885915Syria General /sg/- Good Times With Friends Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriageneral…[View]
142895547Conservatives acting like liberals: Why conservatives are putting too much attention to this shit? A…[View]
142884416THAS RITE! GIBS ME DAT $15 WHITEY![View]
142894300>And then he said 'You'd be in jail'[View]
142893848I swear if I have to see this europe wrecking autist one more time, im going to scream. What is it t…[View]
142894764What happened to the Trump inauguration protestors?: The ones that were arrested and supposedly char…[View]
142893683>i want to transgender from male to female >degenerate.exe >now that i'm a woman i wan…[View]
142895603Why even bother having the National Anthem before sports games? It's lengthy and rather drawn o…[View]
142894516Why do so many women end up childless and alone in their 30's?[View]
142895340Anyone have an upload of today's Daily Shoah? I don't want to be a pay cuck.[View]
142893950VIDEO: US troops train Syrian rebels to use TOW missiles against Syrian Army tanks: WTF..... The rea…[View]
142860377NFL suffers lowest ratings of the season: >On a day full of criticisms from Donald Trump, politic…[View]
142895496How to kill Reddit: How to kill Reddit. Most of us understand how pleddit is a cancerous place full …[View]
142895457German Ted posting can we get this meming: >Take the refugates Angela I'll shut down the Goy…[View]
142891630MEIN KAMPF: Has anyone here read mein kampf??? Is it worth it??? I heard it a very big book...…[View]
142893281Heil Hitler[View]
142894622This kneeling down thing needs to escalate from kneeling during the anthem to kneeling during the ga…[View]
142894367>women and men have no intellectual differen-[View]
142891325Protesters in wheelchairs removed from health care hearing: That women in the red shirt screaming as…[View]
142888900>>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xj1d-tR1sv0 >>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xj1d-tR1…[View]
142882647China just blocked WhatsApp!: Mark 'I'd sell my child for Chinese market' Zuckerberg BTFO!! Fro…[View]
142894450IIT, ultimate Red/Blackpills[View]
142883610American Nations - You Can Only Nuke One: State your nation and choose your victim Midlands and my n…[View]
142892288Comfy Albanian Thread: ALB GENERAL: In this thread we dispel serb propaganda and pay homage to the w…[View]
142882486If Jerry Jones is true to his word and fires anyone who kneels tonight, will this logo get memed as …[View]
142894616Dave Smith - Based?: This guy is on Joe Rogan today. He looks like a kike but has some interesting p…[View]
142893671Has NK smuggled nukes into the US?: Is it possible that the Norks have moved nukes into the US? It s…[View]
142894539Holy fuck Mad Dog Mattis is savage https://twitter.com/Travis_Tritten/status/912408644096024578[View]
142892446>/pol/ has taught me that BASED BLACK GUY worship is dumb as they will usually turn on you even i…[View]
142889715get it going my dopamine is falling a bit , i need the laughs rn[View]
142883114Pol and SJWs BTFO: How will anyone recover?[View]
142859822What did she mean by this? Is JK Rowling going to kill herself?[View]
142894076Politics: I don't seem to notice any changes /pol/ has done to politics in any country. Trump d…[View]
142882607did the US fight on the wrong side during WW2 anon?[View]
142893449Morgan Freeman is the new face of the bullshit Russiagate hoax.: https://leakofnations.com/morgan-fr…[View]
142872793Great article about how hard it is to date as a woman. Men can fuck whoever, whenever they want. All…[View]
142891595Why do you guys support capitalism?: >> be born in a capitalist country >> Be born in a …[View]
142892565I'm from /leftypol/, ama[View]
142888698Larping as a leftist on Twitter: I 'm larping as a lefty on Twitter. It's much easier to r…[View]
142885806YouTube's HQ: What did they mean by (((this))), pol? https://www.flickr.com/photos/photographin…[View]
142878351In this thread I will narrate the life of Joseph Goebbels from his birth until the Nazi party gained…[View]
142887082Before calling me niggerlover: The IQ demographics were alot different 4000-2000 years ago, all the …[View]
142886692Street was deniggefied.: >Germany. >Car goes the road, suddenly a wild nigger appeared! >ni…[View]
142892750Stop disrespecting the anthem[View]
142889771Dress like a white man: Why is fashion so racist? https://www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/news/arts-…[View]
142893388#takeaknee: I'm off of pol for like a week and y'all already got everyone doing #takeaknee…[View]
142892683Atheism is the fastest shrinking religion in the world. Atheism is in decline worldwide, with the nu…[View]
142889844So, uh, what the fuck is this thing anyway? The antichrist? I've seen it on quite a few occasio…[View]
142888975/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - THE KING EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.go…[View]
142893031IRAN BTFO: And also gay af[View]
142874415Repeat after me: Madam Chancellor![View]
142893292Labour in anti-Semitism row after speaker at conference calls for freedom of Holocaust denial: http:…[View]
142888956What's /pol/ opnion on reddit?[View]
142893255LOL Shit: Fucking indians[View]
142889868>a person being stabbed in the leg with a butter knife makes national news in the UK…[View]
142893203>Poles receive refugee status in Canada It turns out those are gypsies. Thanks, based leafs. >…[View]
142875259Colombia is the best latin american country, prove me wrong >protip: you can't…[View]
142892115The Nigger Police Killed in Peoria Is T-Boz's (From TLC) Cousin: The plot thickens in Peoria Il…[View]
142891805Greatest generation = Goodest goyim: >he he thanks for dying for israel, as for those of you who …[View]
142892983Iran Bluffs Missile Test Launch: What's their endgame? http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/09/…[View]
142887897Rhodesia Interviews with locals after mugabe won: Why isnt this in the school history books? https:/…[View]
142892602Ethan of h3h3productions talks about 'old rich zionist Jews' around the 7:40 mark of this video http…[View]
142892889KEBAB: Remove violent kebab scum and jewish puppet niggers[View]
142890187WTF America is such cool nation: >my ancestor was naval commander of small destroyer >he shoot…[View]
142891986Rick (((and Morty))): This show is complete garbage, but what's really annoying is that it…[View]
142892236Stupid Distraction Courtesy Trump & Jerry Jones: Why all this stupid fuss over football? Why are…[View]
142892804Fake and gay (AMA perhaps?): Macedonian annon wanted to know more about this place, if he finds this…[View]
142878510AUSTRIA NO: https://www.defendevropa.org/2017/islam/austria-burqa-ban/ >New law will fine €150.00…[View]
142885263What's the best country in the world?[View]
142891590CIA, FEMA, NSA killing people during Harvey. This guy is talking about the shooting of civilians und…[View]
142887182Great Men Thread: ITT we post men too great and holy to ever have walked this earth.[View]
142882472Can someone redpill me on, as a proud White Nationalist, why the Jews are such a threat? Trying to e…[View]
142892462In this thread, it is Seven Years' War /pol/: These bloody French never fucking learn. For King…[View]
142892412Project Blue Beam: https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Project_Blue_Beam This is (((their))) plan.…[View]
142876017Daily reminder that if you're white and you don't plan on having kids you're CONTRIBU…[View]
142892181Are trade taxes and tarrifs acceptable?: When Trump first announced plans to tax imports during the …[View]
142890456Why?: What is their end game /pol/?[View]
142889340Can the left really keep up their constant outrage for the next 3 years?[View]
142880766Undercover With the Alt-Right: For this movement to continue without stagnation we must purge the ((…[View]
142891417What does /pol/ feel about /pol/ ?[View]
142889773In the land of the free, TV show characters are not allowed to say FUCK: This is serious stuff in Am…[View]
142871431more of these[View]
142890494>Be amerilard >get shot American homicide rate up 20 percent nationally between 2014-2016 Migh…[View]
142891897Anyone who read that book and can the most discusting stuff he wrote there ?[View]
142890415I've recieved God's blessing to let the world know that Quebec will make bankers tremble o…[View]
142891601Where do you think he is, right now? What do you think he's doing?[View]
142890929Halt! You are in violation of the Crimethink act. We will need to take you in for questioning.[View]
142891850GLOBALISM: THE GREAT SHILL: globalism is the satanic version of manifest destiny. prove me wrong, pr…[View]
142891263World War I: Red pill me on World War I. Particularly the jews involvement of it. >thread theme h…[View]
142890826How Did Marriage Become a Mark of Privilege?: Marriage, which used to be the default way to form a f…[View]
142874006Brit/pol/ - You only had to listen edition: >Hitchens: My drugs advice to William? You've be…[View]
142885340You faggots are terrible at Twitter operations. 1) MAKE TWITTER ACCOUNTS 2) DO NOT MAKE YOUR NAME SH…[View]
142885542Which newspaper should i read /pol/??: Which newspaper should i read? Which paper has the most objec…[View]
142887455The American Renaissance: What would the American Renaissance look like? Would it be Fascist or Libe…[View]
142890896When will we legally recognize and classify otherkins are legitimate non-human citizens?[View]
142889751Trump Says He Groped Melania in Public, Ivanka Looks Down on Him, in Newly Released Recordings: http…[View]
142857789/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General: ϟϟ BLOOD, FATHERLAND, FAITH ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the …[View]
142891435Thank you sweden: I've been thinking about posting this for months: over the last years, i…[View]
142891397Is he /ourguy/?: Derek Wolfe of Denver Broncos >'I stand because I respect the men who died in re…[View]
142882439When is genocide justified?[View]
142890743Is it a political faux pas for a politician to eat pizza with a fork in public? How should one respe…[View]
142878718WEINER GETS 21 MONTHS: Press S to spit on this idiot. S[View]
142887913Why Germany?[View]
142885775Can we get a goddamn nigger hang thread going?[View]
142886407ISIS challenges Prince Harry to a fight... ‘if he’s man enough’: Why him? Source : https://www.rt.co…[View]
142843027Catholics are the only true christians: I am sick of you 'alternative' christian filth. God said Pet…[View]
142889218>2042, whites are officially a minority in America >Be me 45, old, but still young enough to k…[View]
142883197whities BTFO[View]
142890030Canada is not redpil-: http://archive.is/udofI Chelsea Manning, who was given a 35-year prison sente…[View]
142889293What's /pol/'s thoughts on Gore Vidal?[View]
142889925You can't even refute this.[View]
142889406>Any European country expands z0mg fucking based!! Glory to the German Empire! >America expand…[View]
142888059'The Creature from Jekyll Island': Is this book a good start on the IMF? Any valid critici…[View]
142872187She is a Sunni Muslim woman[View]
142889812Who's in the right here?[View]
142890502Fuck the racist NFL and their USA flag logo[View]
142889745Do not racemix with Africans. Race mixed societies don't work.: It was mass tried before. Black…[View]
142877199Eastern Europeans KO migrant just for blocking their car: Slavs are barbarians https://twitter.com/O…[View]
142879302LOCK HER UP: http://www.newsweek.com/ivanka-trump-personal-email-account-white-house-670700…[View]
142887302NORTH KOREA. IT'S HAPPENING: North Korea has accused the US of declaring war BBC link http://ww…[View]
142876853Congrats, Germany. You just gave LITERAL NAZIS a foothold in your government, and most votes came fr…[View]
142887886LOCK HER UP[View]
142890272>Secular Jew >We will replace you >1.29 births per woman >Can't even maintain exist…[View]
142889234proposal to fix French 'Democracy': So french democracy is a literal joke. FN got 13% of the votes b…[View]
142878506/pol/ BTFO: You literally cannot refute this[View]
142889981ANTHONY WEINER SENTENCED: Why are there no threads on this, wtf?[View]
142887592Is there anything worse than self-hating Americans?[View]
142873145>blacks are super- A scruffy-looking white dude with glasses and an ugly girlfriend took out a bo…[View]
142885853italians arent white either Italians arent white or lots of jews like to pretend their italians Ive …[View]
142841241I accidentally a whole political movement.[View]
142889746GOODBYE MOONMEN[View]
142889961why should I get my political opinions from people who throw balls through hoops, pretend to be othe…[View]
142877195AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA: >NFL keeps allowing it >Makes no official stance against it >Dumb …[View]
142885537Great logic itt: >NFL players kneeling is disrespectful >Nazis and white supremacists and thei…[View]
142889836If Donald Trump was a character in a video game, who would he be and why? I say he is most like Albe…[View]
142889048What about a negative income tax that was only given to people who were working and earning below a …[View]
142889435hahahahahahahah *breaths* HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHAH[View]
14288150121 Months in Prison for Anthony Weiner: He's going to a federal country club, right? Otherwise.…[View]
142878881Country Rate Thread: Let's have another one of these. I will go first.[View]
142889464>Be child of Turkish immigrants in Germany >Make a name of yourself as a crime fiction author …[View]
142889347thank you world leaders for creating this mess[View]
142889422Migration tactic: He read from there that 10% of Americans support Hitler, and being that 10% is too…[View]
142887727My child's killer is now my friend: https://unv.is/bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-sh/my_brothers_…[View]
142888005Isn't it time we give segregation another try? Separate but equal would be cool with me.[View]
142869053What are the overall views of Latin America in Spain and Portugal? Are they disgusted by them?[View]
142889350>Be wypipo >See jobs offshored to China >See incomes stagnate while prices explode >Oh w…[View]
142885140Why do white women date extremists? A neo-nazi hated by the whole world has a 10/10 blond girl frien…[View]
142889200Sea Sorrow: After housing zero refugees Vanessa Redgrave has made Sea Sorrow a 'documentary' about t…[View]
142889190Where are the entrances?: If the hollow earth is real, how would someone enter it other than going t…[View]
142881819I'm black, so how do I not act like a nigger. Plese help I don't want to be like the rest.[View]
142885460Brothers and sisters, will YOU take a knee against fascism? Take a knee against racism? Take a kne…[View]
142884964>The left cannot figh-[View]
142888404Why are his fanboys so rabid and cringy?[View]
142886325the question is not why do so many liberals reference to star wars in non-related real life situatio…[View]
142888402Want to feel euphoric? BIN THAT HYDROCHLORIC![View]
142888955Why is /ptg/ still a thing?[View]
142884719Leftist Third wave Feminists are the most submissive individuals on the planet: >ideology based o…[View]
142888376Are some of /ourguy/'s in it for something greater?: Look at him, he not only jewish, but acts …[View]
142875776CANADA NO!!!! SO INTOLERANT Trudeau should go suck Chelsea's feminine penis as an apology[View]
142888805*fun stops*[View]
142885617The Middle-East According to Trump: Trump is a fucking Jewish moron. How can you still support him?…[View]
142888515Weidel versus Petry (Germany): Why is Weidel saying Petry should step down? Weidel is a lesbian, blo…[View]
142872477Even fucking Brady kneeled yesterday. I'm done with NFL. Trump ruined football for ALL American…[View]
142886737NoFap is officially cucked: WTF NoFap suspended me for exposing Jewd behind pushing for pornography?…[View]
142877870How can Drumpf even compete??: > 1000 times richer than Trumpf > 1000 times more successful …[View]
142884076The Jews do not follow Christ, they have no claim to Israel.: Watch this video, and you will see who…[View]
142885687Fuck football: I'm gonna go watch NASC.....[View]
142885472Arianna Grande and others hold anti-White Nationalist concert in Charolettesville: Holy shit, why ar…[View]
142881573Mexicans are proud members of the white race: We, as chicano/Mexican whites stand with /pol/. For th…[View]
142865768OP BOOM STICK: It is clear now that the Boomers are now outraged by what the NFL is doing. After so …[View]
142884475/pol/ will not defend this.: IF: http://www.skynews.com.au/news/top-stories/2017/09/26/anthony-weine…[View]
142875907did alexander the great looked liked this?[View]
142888091remember fellow canadians, don't work at a marijuana dispensay, because that's illegal and…[View]
142884727beware poland[View]
142888327While healthcare is going down the drain, natural disasters are destroying the country, the middle e…[View]
142884145/Catholic General/ Ave Maria Edition: >Pagans BTFO Jesus was not a 'Jew' Here are some facts: Eth…[View]
142887209Why does this shit keep happening?: https://stopsesta.org/[View]
142887018Why doesn't Trump care about the 3.5 million US citizens in Puerto Rico?[View]
142888108Geography: I saw that's pretty popular, here's mine[View]
142888058>Jesus is a ki- Revelation 2 8 And unto the angel of the church in Smyrna write; These things sai…[View]
142887752The Absolute State of The MSM: This is the level the MSM is willing to stoop to in an attempt to des…[View]
142888026Berkley Protest: There is an antifa riot fixing to happen. they have been blocking infowars and othe…[View]
142884567/pol/ and wh*te people BTFO[View]
142887940Why does U.S. suck Jew cock?: Why do Americans suck on Jewish cock like the niggers they are?[View]
142881820Daily reminder that if your representative is not against birthright citizenship for children of ill…[View]
142887903Sending Cotton to NFL & Players: So is this really going to be a thing? Sending cotton to nfl an…[View]
142881131Regardless of how much you like or dislike this guy, you have to admit that this is fucking hilariou…[View]
142887580What will you do when you realise that Irish culture is the pinnacle of humanity?[View]
142861161NFL ratings drops on protest Sunday: *breathes in* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *inhales* HAHAHAHA…[View]
142876548Sargon going undercover as antifa: And this is his disguise. How will this end for him?[View]
142885779CREATIVITY GENERAL - Breaking the Cycle of calling black millionaire athletes 'uppity': You see, the…[View]
142875612I've never been prouder to be a productive, Latin American who loves our leader and country.[View]
142874377When did you realize your race was inferior?: For me, it was when I looked at the iq of races and sa…[View]
142887521VIVE LE QUEBEC LIBRE !!!!!!!: WE WILL BE FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…[View]
142887517Why are yuuropoors so jealous of Israel's success? Is it because they have no idea how to deal …[View]
142884462Who owns this account?: >3M followers Place your bets.[View]
142883752What does pol think of stefan molynux[View]
142886815red pill me on flu shots: my girlfriend thinks i'm crazy because i'm not gonna get one…[View]
142885169>you’re white you’re inherently racist >its in your DNA Antifa turning on themselves https://…[View]
142884940UK is the biggest shithole in the world: Seriously WTF?[View]
142873197>the leftists are the bad g-[View]
142885606Why haven't you gotten licensed to pilot rotary aircraft, anon? Do you not want to offer helico…[View]
142880343Chelsea Manning barred from traveling to Canada: Wtf I love leafs now[View]
142880356Can we find or guess the motive?: Thoughts?[View]
142880325US ‘hasn’t declared war on North Korea & suggestion is absurd’ – White House: LMAO BASED US SCAR…[View]
142884761Tick tock, Drumpfcucks: Lady Justice is coming for you.[View]
142879323To save humanity, we need to build schools: 8-10am : Martial Art/sports 10-12am : Astronomy 1-2pm : …[View]
142880654Go ahead anon, call me a nigger[View]
142886109>girls are against abusive boyfriends why do they date them? if you dont wanna have an abusive bo…[View]
142883154OPERATION NFL x ANTIFA: It appears that the left has given us a great idea, a crossover that they th…[View]
142885300DJT Plays Interdimensional Chess: If California gets nuked. What have we really lost? The most annoy…[View]
142873964Fat mudslime Ninja women are now illegal in Austria. Good![View]
142886223What will happen to Syria now that the war is almost over? Will Assad and the Kurds start fighting o…[View]
142872360I've always remembered this Action Man looking fucker. You'd think this guy was a capefag …[View]
142886088/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
142885926soon: >This guy destroys your entire city. What do?[View]
142885830How do we alter the narrative so the truth is popular conception? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qh…[View]
142876258Serbia thread: Hey everyone, let's have an evening Serbia thread. Come in here for your Balkan …[View]
142877235Syria General /sg/- Doing Stuff For Putin Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.…[View]
142883642finnish people are great:: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AbpEINW5rk :)))[View]
142879157The exYu delusion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u56OusNnEFU This is Marko Perković Thomspon. He…[View]
142856065HAPPENING IRAQ INVADING KURDISTAN: https://twitter.com/Conflicts/status/912315572779720704 things ar…[View]
142885540“It just amazes me with everything going on in this world, especially involving the U.S., that’s wha…[View]
142885109solitary confinement: let's talk about solitary confinement /pol. This is more directed at anti…[View]
142885288Trump: >We live in a crippled America! Black pepple: >Yes. We agree. Trump: >America is act…[View]
142883975Do you guys get that middle east was white/ racemixed/black prospering society the whole history? It…[View]
142878425Black German gets BTFO by Poles: https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=2f2_1506340440[View]
142881368Why do ameritards wear their disgusting dirty shoes indoors? Do they wear ithen while in bed too?[View]
142885055To find out who rules over you, first find out who is above criticism.[View]
142878546how does pol feel about the dice man https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qR5U5XPY3K8&feature=youtu.b…[View]
142878627*blocks your path*[View]
142856914DAILY REMINDER: IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE anglo thread i guess to lol at europe[View]
142879596are you ready?: are you in a phyisical condition to go outside, take a gun and fight against barbari…[View]
142883370Why didnt you pokewent to the polls? /pol/: you could have prevented Drumpf[View]
142881507Is it normal to hate non-whites? I'm asking for a friend. I definitely don't hate non-whi…[View]
142885199Wow, the Republicans really are incompetent. Even half of their own party hates the Graham-Cassidy b…[View]
142885197Celebrity cucks: Why do they think they can spew their dumass nigger loving opinions? ?[View]
142885190Why are almost all major cities (the most successful parts of a country) liberal? Perhaps people on …[View]
142873160Why are Americans a bunch of fucking retarded sheep?[View]
142884048I got an idea What if we turn the table and start the narrative that black leftists are BLACK suprem…[View]
142855383Why are Blaqs Hate Usa much So: Why do these nap head faggots hate em so much em.[View]
142880394Are you Drumpfkins happy now?[View]
142885075IIT post declarations of war on North Korea: According to the communists controlling North Korea, ho…[View]
142884836Come on libs: Get your boy a job somewhere. He's the founder of your little #TakeTheKnee moveme…[View]
142882522Taking the blackpill: I used to laugh at the blackpilled but I've been listening to Peter Hitch…[View]
142875494Is Lebron James a pedophile?: Stephen Curry and LeBron James and Chris Paul MUST answer for this. Th…[View]
142884674>Impeach Fo-Fi, cracka'[View]
142861073just a friendly reminder that supporting palestine makes you an anti semite[View]
142866588Is life any better in Europe?: Self hating American here. I want to move away from this god forsaken…[View]
142880719what is /pol/s final verdict on Sikhs? are they bro tier or not?[View]
142882318Is Benny Boy going overboard on the red pills?[View]
142879916How do we stop white males from killing black and brown people?[View]
142884311That time Greece deported an Alb*nian 2 times because he stole someone's bitch >How can your…[View]
142881157/future/: Where will the world be in 10 years from now on? Who won the /racewar/? Whites, non-whites…[View]
142884166what evidence is there of police bias against blacks?: what's the best evidence that blacks are…[View]
142873084So why does the US bother watching football, which is demographically 2/3 niggers?[View]
142883443STOP WHITEWASHING, /pol/.[View]
142883924America today has much more immigration then Mexico: It's funny how Libtards went chimpout beca…[View]
142883768the anti nazi virtue signalling crowd is far more insufferable than any 'nazi': Being 'anti nazi' is…[View]
142883709Strelkov wrote this today: >I've known about the death of Lieutenant-General Asapov yesterda…[View]
142880182>Be Scottish >Get drunk >Get raped by a Nigger https://uk.news.yahoo.com/man-22-raped-middl…[View]
142882415Please, americans, explain to me this shitstorm. Isn't kneeling an act of respect and subservie…[View]
142876308Jew Hate Thread: It's time to gather together and have a good laugh at the expense of the Jews.…[View]
142881055If history is really written by the victors then why do we always have to hear about how great these…[View]
142878825>TFW still on the Drumpf train[View]
142882492NFL kneeldrama is the boomers GamerGate: Boomers, the most degenerate generation in the history of A…[View]
142878531Why are Germans oblivious to the concept of consequences?[View]
142880666Why don't any Türks join ISIS?[View]
142862782RUSSIAN DEGENERACY: Explain yourselves, Ruskies.[View]
142882382Indian way of life: why are you doing this, India ? I mean, no one else does that. A couple african …[View]
142855954what happened to her?[View]
142881198Can someone redpill me what the hell is going on with this Luther Strange vs. Judge Roy Moore runoff…[View]
142882854HERE COME THE SUBPEONAS: http://thehill.com/policy/national-security/352225-house-intel-sets-hearing…[View]
142861593BREAKING: North Korea have 'the right to shoot down US planes, even outside their territory'.: …[View]
142881932If everybody is going to call Trump a white supremacist anyway, why can't he go full 1488? They…[View]
142881190What if traps are jewish propaganda to wipe out the white race by encouragimg homosexuality among wh…[View]
142882615End of the world is nigh and it's all thanks to this shit[View]
142873587>racists will deny this[View]
142881495This is the Trump-era version of 'Don't let the sun set on you here, nigger.' Is this really wh…[View]
142876314>Americans literally kill each other and the british so they don't have to pay taxes >Pay…[View]
142880269Richard Spencer, Mike Enoch, and Identity Europa hold flash mob rally outside of the White House htt…[View]
142880071If you do not respect the anthem.: You are a son of a bitch.[View]
142874523Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Staying Alive Edition: - News >AfD enters the Bundestag with 94 se…[View]
142878343>christcucks will defend this[View]
142879792Are you happy with the liberalization of the western world?[View]
142879443Merkel shuts down nuclear fusion program after election loss: Despite a recent breakthrough in the s…[View]
142877863List of kneelers where?: Is there website or Google Doc showing which of the privileged, public figu…[View]
142880220Freedom of Expression in China: A Privilege, Not a Right: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=B0C71TyJQac…[View]
142873157Move to America: Reminder that if you still live in this area then you are a nigger/mutt.[View]
142881709THIS SI WHY TRUMP'S SLIDING 'MUH FOOTBALL': http://thehill.com/policy/national-security/352225-…[View]
142875627So who was better? West Germany or East Germany? And which side is better today?[View]
142881558Daily reminder that the Orthodox Church is the true Church: Orthodox Church is the true Church. Whil…[View]
142880041Wasn't it just a few days that Trump attacked ESPN about politicizing sports, and then, low and…[View]
142849489/pol/ humor thread: /pol/ humor thread[View]
1428776464Chan Space Program is Real: If Nigeria can have a space program, so can 4chan. https://www.patreon…[View]
142879814What do we call this phenomenon?[View]
142880247PREGNANT WHITE NIGGER RAPS ABOUT BBC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMPcustaABM[View]
142880874Are none-virgin women worth dating?[View]
142881193the absolute state of this board: You know I realy enjoyed this board for what it was, I liked visit…[View]
142881257/pol/, what is best in life?[View]
142884617What do women do? Literally, what do they even do while men are working, studying, playing, etc.? Ho…[View]
142880720Capture the flag: Why do we still not have it fellow /pol/lacks?[View]
142863282Daily reminder that /pol/ is a Christian board and no amount of r/atheism invasions will ever change…[View]
142881213technocracy and the NFL: I can sum this whole shit-storm with 1 autistic meme https://youtu.be/R44bT…[View]
142876051If you don't respect the flag of the country you should be considered a traitor and executed fo…[View]
142877009/notpure/: Who else /notpure/ here? I am cursed to forever be a 1/16th nigger. What do pure bloods t…[View]
142881209Nigger YLYL thread[View]
142881155Jag är så jävla trött på alla ''orten'' barn som alltid måste hänga vid centrum.…[View]
142880748What they aren't reporting about NFL: Everyone was pissed about it. Entire stadium telling the …[View]
142879802God fucking damn it Canada[View]
142876194Why germans voted for russian puppets? Do they want to be rusian-ed again?[View]
142877845The only way we can have peace on Earth is if every single last Jew is exterminated[View]
142878053Kneeling is a retarded optic: Why haven't people realized that these players are making the ult…[View]
142872657>Put someone on the sex offenders list >They are now unable to live a normal life >They now…[View]
142880260a country of cucks and betas[View]
142868033Anyone 'woke' should actually let United States of America burn to the ground: In this thread, we sh…[View]
142880662DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT[View]
142880607>Year of our Lord two thousand and beyond >Dying in a proxy war for the benefit of Jewish bank…[View]
142880378Tax Holidays: Is it true that immigrants to the United States are able to get tax exemptions for the…[View]
142875492antifa has naziflag now: Is this on purpose?[View]
142880413Nostradamus: >Masketta man blows up niggerball Stadium with one surviving player after pausing to…[View]
142876798Coalburners: Opinion on white women who approach black men? Clearly there are many good negro men ou…[View]
142880084How can women compete with this?[View]
142879867Post images of women hitting the wall.[View]
142879131WHY WHITES ARE SO WEAK ??? MOROCCAN DUDE 1V6 WHITES: https://youtu.be/vXqERRABziM?t=55s A moroccan d…[View]
142877014'The whole economy is Toys R Us.' -David Stockman: What did he mean by this?[View]
142878675>This man want kill communists with you What do you do /pol/?[View]
142880460>tfw national socialism is just marxism with fashy tendencies[View]
142875651If a nuclear war starts now, it's Nigbama's fault for not dealing with North Korea while i…[View]
142871992Gimmie your honest opinion on this bloke.[View]
142878880Friendly reminder: this is what happens when the far right chimps out.[View]
142879848Summary of church shooting coverage[View]
142880284GET THIS TO THE GOD EMPEROR fucking commie faggots trying to infiltrate. TAIL GUNNER JOE DID NOT D…[View]
142876950Holy Fuck Is This Nigger Dumb: I knew he was one the highest paid QBs, I knew that he sucked and was…[View]
142870289NFL Protest; How does it make you feel?: >Inb4; muh racial superiority complex On a scale of 1 to…[View]
142879822Why do I have to show patriotism towards my country: I could careless about America. I just live on …[View]
142870615why do russians look like this?[View]
142877494you literally cant find an argument against this[View]
142879452Donald Trump uses paid shills: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUPcEYik2Oc >multiple pages of exa…[View]
142876573THE SOLUTION: Read autismos: https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/armstrongeconomics101/economics/is-t…[View]
142876763Why do white Americans wear shoes inside of their homes.? Why is it so difficult for you people to c…[View]
142879892Fantasy Niggerball: The NFL would be dead right now if it weren't for white guys playing Fantas…[View]
142878442>read History by Herodotus >first page >This is the display of the inquiry of Herodotus of …[View]
142878060>“This has nothing to do with race, I’ve never said anything about race. This has nothing to do w…[View]
142862456/skg/ SKYKANGZ GENERAL-US DECLARES WAR EDITION: .: North Korea War Kickoff Party :. all stations go …[View]
142879712ITT post statistics that black people can't reconcile with: To battle against these NFL idiots,…[View]
142878086Wouldn't it be fun to see if Trump suffered a stroke in his brain from over eating fast food an…[View]
142876024Why are you not defecting to North Korea if you're in the army?: >Clean unpolluted air and e…[View]
142879352Why do American niggers act like they're entitled to everything because of their race? Most of…[View]
142879463refusefascism.org is bullshit: I visited the website and the FIRST thing that showed up was a pop up…[View]
142879332http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2017/09/24/why_is_chad_on_trump_s_new_travel_ban_list.html IS…[View]
142879099North Korea Blows Up USS Carl Vinson In New Propaganda Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrxN02…[View]
142879109I DARE you to defend him: seriously how can you? Hes so fucking retarded. If you cant see it at this…[View]
142876769can you feel the tension in the air /pol/?: its almost like its solid. what will be the breaking poi…[View]
142878927Wilhelm Reich ?: No one mentions his work or any of the other scientists who use electricity to heal…[View]
142874910Post your election images!: Show that ya made the right decision, VolksgnoSSen![View]
142878831This is the black that shot up white people in a church which you dont hear about.[View]
142830047200000 Israelis expected to move to Kurdistan once it's established: https://www.globalresearch…[View]
142845786Meme or not ?: Is Catalunya a meme or not? I am puzzled, /pol/... It is easy for me to conceive of S…[View]
142879102Stop being divisive[View]
142878707>dude kim jong un is a manlet lmao gas trump[View]
142878982The jews have won, haven't they? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMPcustaABM&feature=yo…[View]
142876682Are memri-memes the best memes.: On online You-jewbe based arab media monitoring network that has le…[View]
142864323Why do woman have to ruin everything?: She had one fucking job.[View]
142878875Ok guys, as much as we all want the race war and shit we gotta look at the bigger picture. Trump: …[View]
142874991Why does female sexuality and desire scare you so much?[View]
142878840AAAAAAARRRGHGGHGHH: >North Korea's foreign minister has accused US President Donald Trump of…[View]
142871451The Holodomor: Never Forgotten: >Collectivisation also contributed to famine in 1932. Collectiviz…[View]
142865808>tfw you realize that /pol/ is unwilling to discuss economics on a serious level because /pol/ is…[View]
142878385>Wearing a sports jersey over the age of 12. >Giving twelve shits about sports after college.…[View]
142878744Austrian elections - 3 weeks to go: Austrobros, how will the utter chaos in Germany affect your elec…[View]
142878049Presedential address taken down?: https://www.whitehouse.gov/live/ Was waiting for the stream and it…[View]
142869422>brits have to mash their poo before flushing[View]
142877169where can i go to live a simple life?[View]
142878505This is who they are kneeling for: Just a friendly reminder that this is who the NFL plays are kneel…[View]
142876986Can left wing men appreciate a good thigh gap?[View]
142878095Does German flag racist?: I mean, just look at it, 2 bottom colors (yellow and red) can be interpret…[View]
142878325'I might have made a mistake.': Swamp master Mitch McConnell convinced President Trump to endorse li…[View]
142877842#StandForOurAnthem: Songs for this feel? #StandForOurAnthem Is it trending on Twitter? https://yout…[View]
142871141SWEDEN YES!: https://sputniknews.com/art_living/201709201057548263-sweden-children-environment/…[View]
142874799IDENTIFYING THE PHENOTYPE: What Phenotype is this?[View]
142877874Fuck: Just finished the rage thread, definitely low point of this month thus far Does anyone have an…[View]
142878045Who /I'mWithHer/ here? Fuck AfD I regret my vote so much now. I only support our goddess and i…[View]
142876527Its only a matter of time before Trump is forced to resign or is impeached: More and more informatio…[View]
142857586Pathetic Boomers: tfw you wake up after 40-50 years of sitting on your couch watching sub 90 i.q. ne…[View]
142877853Any upstate NYfags on here?: Are you voting 'yes' or 'no' for the constitutional convention? It may …[View]
142831455StarTrek could be the greatest Redpill of this year.: You will be trolled hard for the entire season…[View]
142876976/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
142864509BREAKING: John McCain's 1969 'Tokyo Rose' Propaganda Recording Released: BREAKING: John McCain…[View]
142860135Why are so few annoyed by post-modern architecture?[View]
142870372how can Israel take more and more of Palestinian land and nothing is said in the news? I am not educ…[View]
142877526Imagine explaining this shit to your kids: Imagine trying to explain this to your kids >Liberals …[View]
142873154>lower pollution >lower radiation than coal plants >cheaper energy >energy independence …[View]
142856352GamerGate: Why did GamerGate fail so hard as a movement? It showed so much promise in the early days…[View]
142858598Anthony wiener sentenced! Not even two years?: Did he snitch pol?[View]
142877356kim jong un: A C C U R A T E[View]
142876039should japan apologize for its past war crimes? i wonder what will happen when china will finally ge…[View]
142877179Let's ruin Kneeling for the left: I really want to make the whole Kneeling thing for the left, …[View]
142873218Red pill me on Hunter Thompson I used to admire this man but i read some things about him recently …[View]
142875697What is being protested? Blacks are: 51% of violent offenders 30% of subjects killed by cops Exonera…[View]
142873817How can we deprogram commies? Is it possible? Are there any works worth consuming on this topic?[View]
142876559This anon was not me, but I feel like this is some fantastic meme material to kill the libs. Sieg H…[View]
142877088Red-pill me on this.: Is there someone who has an experience with it?[View]
142874490*blocks your legislation*[View]
142871882Can someone provide me with info about domestic violence in LGBT households?: It's a subject I…[View]
142802578/SIG/ - Self Improvement General: Keep On Keepin On Edition >>Thread Theme<< Collaborati…[View]
142865251Syria General /sg/- Bread Of Mass Destruction Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagener…[View]
142873219Women in Parliament - Do You want or not? Discuss.: Share of parliamentary seats held by women: Rwan…[View]
142858164the pussy question: I want a big family with many children as much as the next guy, but what about m…[View]
142875903One a scale of 1 to Sweden, how cucked is Denmark?[View]
142875344Is The Race War About To Start In America?: Asking for a friend.[View]
142876756New Orleans Fried Chicken Fest sets up Beer tent in Holocaust memorial Jews on life support! https:/…[View]
142856596Hispanics are based.[View]
142875620Stop being against socialism.[View]
142876803Kike Kwon Do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VXRRoSnbm4 Of course it's JEW Jujitsu. Why can…[View]
142876702Let: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEZkfc_BLbQ[View]
142875924So this is what alien Trump supporters look like, fighting against a strong female black captain who…[View]
142875728What do you think about celebs talking against the illuminati?[View]
142844452Political compass thread post your results[View]
142876724> this triggers the Leftist[View]
142874846Trump: I love our man trump, but why is he more focused on the NFL and not on the fact that North Ko…[View]
142875650Colin Kaepernick in Normandy on D-Day: Stunning and brave.[View]
142876638Is America great again yet?[View]
142876184Did Boomers really ruin the world for generations to come? What did they do?[View]
142876616Bernie Sanders says America 'complicit' in occupation of Palestine and says US should support Iran: …[View]
142875111Stop being Un-American[View]
142864210Was it kino? https://streamable.com/5a464 ^ watch before looking at next post.[View]
142873934>threads about 'roasties' get hundreds of replies in minutes >any thread that involves women b…[View]
142876525Stop triggering normies[View]
142876488So will #crooked Jared be sharing a cell with Hillary? #LockHimUp! They might make great cell mates …[View]
142874156We're coming for you, Hans.[View]
142814999Why are commies so bad at memeing?[View]
142875892What's /pol/'s opinion on autogynephilia and does anyone have that infinite chan essay on …[View]
142873337Is this what NFL players are protesting? What am I missing here?[View]
142860513ITS HAPPENING![View]
142876065How do we deal with Frauke Petry?: She divided the AFD once and (rightfully) got rid of Lucke and hi…[View]
142862435When did you realise he’s the good guy?[View]
142870069Let's journey back 11 months. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bmvxx_YbDsM When Trump mentions H…[View]
142876120Could you post a couple articles and stats and etc regarding the refugee invasion, it's very im…[View]
142875740DRUNPF ON SUICIDE EATCU: Drumpanxees are btfo once again but much harder this time around! Btw I…[View]
142875940What did they mean by this? http://thehill.com/regulation/court-battles/352280-supreme-court-cancels…[View]
142871135Boomer's opiate supply cut off: Boomers, the most degenerate generation in the history of Ameri…[View]
142826830War Story: War Stories. > m.youtube.com/watch?v=LTHVluk9ueo Mine > be 20yr Lcpl in Iraq, 2005 …[View]
142875248Hey /pol/ do you ever get tired of losing? An illegal alien got an $87,000 payout after breaking the…[View]
142874516Was Latin America doomed from the beginning? >colonized by mongrels >these mongrels race mix w…[View]
142862742Post Jews you like[View]
142875107Post your highest quality content that will surely trigger the Nazis.[View]
142875658If you could have up to TEN and ONLY TEN visitors living or dead, who would they be? (can be less th…[View]
142875446>country you're from >are you happy there >what pisses you off politically I'll s…[View]
142871417Trump gets revenge for USFL: Holy shit. He actually got revenge on the NFL for his failed USFL leagu…[View]
142875602What's the point of the UN and UNO, if USA and Russia do whatever they want and no one does any…[View]
142875574GREAT LEADERS: Say at least 3 characteristics that you look for in a leader.....[View]
142860152Honest thoughts on this guy[View]
142872385White Hispanics in America: Don’t worry gringo, us White Hispanics will carry the white race with ou…[View]
142874843Racism is just a pretense for tribalism, and there is nothing wrong with inherently wanting to prese…[View]
142874526>Muh Trump >Murica[View]
142874508Men that will save the White Race: Post people who, with their honesty and moderateness, will save t…[View]
1428543241100 POUNDS HOW DO YOU GET THAT FUCKING FAT? Anyway press S to spit on her fat grave[View]
142875202Depressing...: welp, my university is cucked beyond repair... montana was a place where rural people…[View]
142864315NFL is unfair to trans ppl: We need this /pol/ #TransleaderNFL[View]
142874671renemeber that South Park episode in which there was a RETARD FIGHT? imagine that, but now both of t…[View]
142866936THE PLAN:: 1. Wear some liberal slogan t-shirts under clothes. Bring friend who films me from a dist…[View]
142864081Scathing: Reminder that football is as American as apple pie and the CIA.[View]
142875176/OurGuy/: This guy is running for governor of PA and he just endorsed Blockchain and Gab.ai Think we…[View]
142859948https://twitter.com/DariuszMatecki/status/912296183061721088 >tfw you think the car you've b…[View]
142859974'Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercis…[View]
142875078/sp/ is laughing at us again: >>>/sp/78511555 Have we lost the culture war?[View]
142874194NK declares war: Get the Ron Paul GIFs ready. IT'S HAPPENING[View]
142865098Islam: Guys what's the defence against the quran predicting what happens when the Atlantic and …[View]
142874765The NFL is actually paying respects to Trump[View]
142871225Germany: A united country.[View]
142874816>Watching just 20 MINUTES of violent shootout scenes in 'The Rocketeer' makes children …[View]
142874830Why is genocide such a dirty word?[View]
142865530>British taxes funded this shit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8b4MZjMVgdk[View]
142874650Give them the knee[View]
142874501Single Moms Hate: How do you fix it? Single Mom leaves 8 year old son and 7 year old daughter with …[View]
142874250Which economic policies led to such inferior internet service in the UK? I live in the middle of now…[View]
142867621At which side of the broken bridge are you standing?[View]
142845108Dear fellow Trump supporters, Reminder that you CANNOT say you want to make America great again whil…[View]
142872569>2017 >not being a Metamordernist explain yourself…[View]
142874394Take Back Your Land: One of the biggest lies the jew ever told was that living in the city was good …[View]
142868929Have we gone too far with accepting SJW terminology? What in the fresh hell is a 'latinx'?[View]
142874356Trampt BTFO'd by Iron Man: Marvel just released this picture of Iron Man taking a knee in solid…[View]
142874334Master mind trump: been off /pol/ for a while so i don't have many of the details but here…[View]
142874258big dave: where the fuckin rangas at cunts[View]
142872553Is the Weiner courtoom artist OUR GUY?[View]
142862027Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Aftermath Edition: - News >AfD enters the Bundestag with 94 seats …[View]
142868125>he wants to reproduce >he wants to contribute to overpopulation >he wants to condemn his o…[View]
142871074Why is the media saying afd's 13% is such a big deal?[View]
142873445With whom would you side if you had to?[View]
142867734Ahhh, yes! The peak of E*ropean culture. Wooden dicks! Suddenly I understand why the pagan cosplaye…[View]
142871698Church girls: Is 'just go to church mayne' the /pol/ equivalent of roastie's advice to 'just be…[View]
142871719What is a 'civil rights investigation' and what does it have to do with shooting people in a church?[View]
142872340Stop trying to send us your trash USA That's not how neighbors act ok guy. http://www.cbc.ca/ne…[View]
142874070HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA I come from Earth 2-12, what dimension is this?[View]
142867728Question about sentencing and race: Do black men really get sentenced more harshly than white men do…[View]
142871007What's David Clark's endgame? He seems to be a very anti-black, black man. But he honestl…[View]
142861867Why do Chinese people love torturing animals so much?[View]
142872836Ignorance in the current age: It angers me that in an age where we have access to such a vast and cu…[View]
142873724Does this make Trump a virgin?[View]
142873731Is Antifa the biggest argument against white supremacy? >Predominantly white >Most come from …[View]
142872841We should meme this more into the eye of the public. It's the ultimate lefty kryptonite. Certai…[View]
142873645Who do you stand with, /pol/?[View]
142872877The NFL must change their racist logo[View]
142872097Can you spot the Communist?: Capitalism to me means a lot of things outside of wealth, it's uti…[View]
142871222>18 U.S. Code § 227 - Wrongfully influencing a private entity’s employment decisions by a Member …[View]
142873547You may only post in this thread if your country is full of subjugated shitskins, whose eyes reflect…[View]
142873258SOMEONE NUKE SOMETHING ALREADY >literally larping since 1947[View]
142873443A precis of South Africa and UN relations.: http://www.sahistory.org.za/topic/united-nations-and-apa…[View]
142873440https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berlin#Etymology >The name Berlin has its roots in the language of …[View]
14284151294 seats for AfD, Has Deutschland finally awoken?[View]
142868094TRANSLEADERS - It's time for Transgender Cheerleaders: It's time for Football to grow up a…[View]
142873323(For the record this is the third time I'm posting this as /pol/ is busy and it keeps going str…[View]
142872563Zuckerfuck: >>>/b/746221335[View]
142873272The War on Drugs:: The only way we're going to stop illegal drug trafficking and lower drug-cau…[View]
142869087When your state is propagandising cuckoldry .......[View]
142852285Brit/pol/ - Are Brown Edition: >Hitchens: My drugs advice to William? You've been duped, you…[View]
142872183Has anyone else just had it with the world? I went through a couple years of intense political care,…[View]
142849195Is this the best west?: Rate my map[View]
142872702Irony much??[View]
142870107There is not a more hated country in the world. >Hated by europe for leaving their union and beat…[View]
142870635North Korea Propoganda Video: https://youtu.be/Nz9AE15nD0M https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world…[View]
142866237https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEmwJzQjwyw Enjoy that oestrogen plastic water LA cucks. Gee I wonde…[View]
142863295SLAVIC NATION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPLDqKrIJT4 Slavs will survive, while wester europe w…[View]
142871953Why do Boomers think Millennials are obligated to buy anything they sell?[View]
142850992Since yesterday evening every media outlet, and I really mean EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM of them in my…[View]
142867487HIS NAME WAS MICHAEL HASTINGS: Reminder that Michael Hastings was killed by the Obama administration…[View]
142872589Greatest rapper of all time is white explain this darkies I thought you guys were cultured.[View]
142848654Arguments for being against homosexuality.: Can someone give me a good non-religious argument agains…[View]
142870100Redpill me on sanctuary cities and what california voted on? I dont understand the concept. How do y…[View]
142851999>Poland is base-: We just had the biggest LGBT+ march in Europe and no one is talking about this?…[View]
142870174RETARD FIGHT: >le rocket man >le dotard all I see is RETARD FIGHT both countries are fucking d…[View]
142816384More Zuckerhuman: By the time I get another one of these made, the last thread is archived. Anyways,…[View]
142871400Villanueva SHOULD NOT have come out for anthem: has sports media fallen in Trump's trap? who th…[View]
1428709533rd Reich Propagandaposter: post em[View]
142872297>/pol/ still falls for (((their))) tricks: Nice wireless lamp in broad daylight. That will be ver…[View]
142866522The Jews have set up another false dichotomy...: And once again they win whichever side you pick. Yo…[View]
142872177He's right ya know[View]
142869596/pol/acs I present to you the perfect shoe PRAISE KEK ![View]
142870525Examples of God punishing Jews[View]
142871358>ywn be Israeli >ywn settle in a comfy house in rural Israel >ywn marry a big-titted Ashken…[View]
142864269Golden Dawn vs Generation Identitaire: What Political Movement do you like the most? Why?[View]
142869819Nonironically redpill me on Jews Pic possibly related[View]
142869645What are we going to do about oligopolies? America is currently experiencing a great shift in power …[View]
142870868LIberals: >don't use stereotypical accents, it's very offensive >please don't u…[View]
142870940What the fuck is with Elitist pedo Jews and the soulless zombies they turn into millionaires? Is thi…[View]
142871756What can you do in America to be financially comfortable without going to uni for a tech degree? I…[View]
142869047Could someone please tell me why SJWs always either look like morbidly obese hambeasts or scrawny fa…[View]
142871336*sips tea*[View]
142871870ITT: /pol/ and /leftypol/ cringefest[View]
142868603!!! Operation: #Transleader !!!: To bring down the evil eggball chasers imperium, we need to destroy…[View]
142871438When did you realize all millennials are condensed faggots >kiketube https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
142871780Wtf is this shit?: How come JewTube never features white and/or European creators.[View]
142871361The Rubin Report is in a Horrible Rut: For the image for this post, I was going to make a Rubin Repo…[View]
142858845There's only one race.: >The human race. Discuss.[View]
142870926Pee pee poo poo I don't like jews[View]
142871538Do you come from a traditional, 'strong values' (whatever that means) family?[View]
142864576What's the deal with feminists and dark lipstick? How do they expect society to take them serio…[View]
142870855Where should I move if I want to have a good job and start a family: Where in North America should I…[View]
142865110Mongrel meme: Post these. Edits welcome.[View]
142871250Why did Fraud Poopry betray her party instantly?[View]
142866376What's the worst European country?[View]
142861413When did you realize that /pol/'s ideology is closer to Sunni Islam than to Christianity?[View]
142871269“part and parcel of living in a big city”[View]
142871247Nigger collision isn't a sport: NFL players who piss on America and the military and SUBMIT kne…[View]
142871210How come Indians extract their own gold for profit but many people in Africa can't extract thei…[View]
142871165/pol/ - Communism General: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, t…[View]
142870451They are targeting Asians now too: Asians aren't anti-white enough[View]
142871152/pol BTFO: ummmm... /pol?[View]
142868776The Pedophilic Socialist Empire of Great Britain: When did you find out that socialism/communism was…[View]
142869847Meanwhile in Italy: Integration is al dente https://twitter.com/OnlineMagazin/status/903607129684234…[View]
142867469Lol you faggots really are pathetic. I came over from reddit (I'm serious) to see what this ces…[View]
142866390MAKE GERMANY GREAT AGAIN: AfD got barely like 12% ... still hopes are high :)[View]
142867765who won the german elections?[View]
142870856>youtube to shut down memri tv soon RIP, post rare memeris or just the ones you like the most…[View]
142861904MOGGTHREAD 1: >MOGGWAVE https://youtu.be/4u5l35v13TY >MOGGDYNASTY https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
142868983Really makes you think[View]
142869329No Callsign: What is this?[View]
142845533Where can you find decent, hardworking, honest white women who have a high self-esteem and don'…[View]
142868773It's time to nuke Britain[View]
142870785what do you think of my country /pol/?[View]
142868372Hey /pol/, what are some good books regarding political, cultural, and sociopolitical aspects of the…[View]
142870431Do conservative women naturally have higher testosterone levels?[View]
142868279>this is a 10 in celtic disgusting[View]
142867942Name a better mudslime fighting duo Protip: you cant you fucking poof[View]
142849434Buddhists aren't peaceful: I hate this stereotype that Buddhists are really peaceful when they …[View]
142868373This Meme needs a caption!: Hey shitlords. The scientist Tyrone B Hayes from University of Cal Berk…[View]
142868726How do I join the elites?[View]
142869534che guevera thread: Someone, Anyone explain to me why people ever considered this guy a hero? >C…[View]
142868160This neckbeard war even more based than Hitler. Put Jews into the oven back in 66 AD.[View]
142869153Are there any redpill articles from stanford?[View]
142870188This is an Indian film about using toilets. That's how far down the shitter your country is, fi…[View]
142869252What did she mean by this?[View]
142870265meme nostradamus: >Masked man blows up professional football Stadium killing all but 1 player aft…[View]
142869973The greatest meme prophecy: >Masketta man blows up sportsball Stadium killing all but 1 player af…[View]
142862946/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - WATCH IT EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.go…[View]
142867472daily reminder that your favorite cuck is losing[View]
142864681How fuckt are u?: FUCKT![View]
142870103Is Michal Kosinski Our Guy: https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2017-09-25/-gaydar-shows-how-cre…[View]
142867779Okay /pol/, explain WTF is happening in Germany.[View]
142867546Tweet: https://twitter.com/disspat/status/911816668476612608?s=09[View]
142868375how come shweed is becoming legal but other natural plants are not? what makes people so obsessed wi…[View]
142839535You Rage You Lose /yryl/: /pol/ edition GO[View]
142864718The AFD has come in third place in the new election and already Germans are turning against niggers.…[View]
142869601My formerly-virgin gf broke up with me because I said the sexes aren't equal and that's it…[View]
142869246If the holocaust never happened, why did Erwin Rommel shot himself to save his wife and children fro…[View]
142869677Prepare for this shit all over again[View]
142869618Revolutionary Occultist James Mason: Universal Order and Violent Revolution https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
142869147ITT: Anons download communism: >Download communism.exe >system crashes and is irrepairable Wha…[View]
142869093Got a new computer and I need all the redpills, best first please, Jews, Federal Reserve, White Geno…[View]
142869472Anthony Carlos Dangerous Weiner is getting hard time https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=381_1506352697…[View]
142869033Why are Far Right women so much fucking hotter?[View]
142869411I will never forgive the white man for bringing the negro to this continent.[View]
142865075Israel could wipe Germany out: >Be far right wing German party >Take over govt >Blame le me…[View]
142866770What's the deal with the Oriental Orthodox Churches?: They only accept the first 3 ecumenical c…[View]
142869346>say US declares war on you >make threats that you will shoot down their planes >do all thi…[View]
142868679Hitler Thread: Edelweiss Edelweiss Ev'ry morning you greet me Small and white Clean and bright …[View]
142859647What'd they die for?[View]
142868797StarTrekDiscovery a metaphor for the West dealing with Arabs/Muslims?: Did anyone else find StarTrek…[View]
142858057Someone has been waiting their entire life to make that joke. 21 months, fucker made a plea deal. Wh…[View]
142869200Your 2020 NFL commissioner: >Saluting the US flag can be considered hate speech…[View]
142867717Radio Norway logo: Really subtle[View]
142865259alright /pol/ give me your most elloquent arguments against socialism i dare you[View]
142868355But muh peaceful Rohingya muslims: http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2017/09/25/myanmar-searches-mo…[View]
142869082Why isn't this nigger's face pasted all over the media? For those out of the loop he shot …[View]
142869117HABBENING! Anthony Weiner Gets 21 Months in Prison for Sexting With Teenager. https://www.nytimes.co…[View]
142855215Rohingya genocide: Why don't the muslims do anything about this? Most of south east asia is mus…[View]
142868418Real Patriots[View]
142866585about /pol/: do you have a goal lurking or making posts on this board ? i've been lurking for m…[View]
142868915>yfw the euros rename it back to 'soccer' like it originally was to distance themselves from the …[View]
142868990I'm a German guy who lies to his family, friends, and coworkers on a daily basis that I'm …[View]
142864232Y'all see the similarities between the #NeverTrump crowd and the #NeverIsrael crowd? Seems to m…[View]
142867996>Brexit >lose special status >still has to follow EU rules and quotas >still has arabs a…[View]
142866174Why can Rich People get away with Crime?: >Pic related http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/am…[View]
142868772In need of a nationalist illustration: Hey guys, i'm in need for a good nationalist illustratio…[View]
142866812I didn't think there were any redpills left for me to take. I managed to find a channel on Yout…[View]
142864827Why is shapiro such a fucking KIKE??[View]
142865405HAPPENING: What now? How will this play out?[View]
142861114Saudi Cleric Says Womens Half Brains Shrink to Quarter Brain when they go Shopping: When will you ac…[View]
142863629Why is it legal in the most advanced country in the world (germany) to fuck a 14 year old, but in am…[View]
142868256Hi /pol/, i need some modern examples of social darwinism propaganda images and I’ve been scrolling …[View]
142859957How much will the ratings drop?: NFL primetime games have already been experiencing a drop in rating…[View]
142866352Your response, /pol/?[View]
142860679>The average American loses his or her virginity at age 17. Virgins make up 12.3 percent of femal…[View]
142863625Are we making a mistake by diving headfirst into identity politics? Are political opinions truly and…[View]
142865280Remember that if you dress like a grocery bagger like these tikifaggots, you don't have the fuc…[View]
142868359Abstract political art thread: yes[View]
142862700Go season some food, white boi[View]
142867482The End of the German Exception: Are you sad that Germany has fallen for the far-right meme?[View]
142864493>be Christian >hate middle east >worship middle eastern man you guys know jesus wasn…[View]
142868113Mup BO BETAH dandow mup bo betta GIT dat!: Mup bo boy bettah bix nood if he want to splan[View]
142866550>European 'Christians' and Athiests get attacked by Muslims >#NotAllMuslims >'Don't bl…[View]
142866935Why is the Nfl so black?[View]
142859681RIP right wing populism 2016 - late 2016[View]
142847375NFL Player Submit 10 Page Request To Make Nov Activism Month: Players now want the entire month of N…[View]
142867667Why Is It So Bad For Frogs to Be Gay???: faggots can be gay, dykes can be gay, queers can be gay... …[View]
142867902raid: On december 1st the meme arises: Pool´s closed due to AIDS and stingrays. Join on this majesti…[View]
142865942Why don't women just do engineering?: Seriously how can these retards not see the easy and high…[View]
142867650NORKS MEETING WITH RUSSIA OVER MISSILE CRISIS: http://english.yonhapnews.co.kr/northkorea/2017/09/25…[View]
142849436/pol/ and Trump BTFO[View]
142860851Who here's taken the gold pill? >care about one's self only >only interested in mone…[View]
142866956Hispanics are the only non-threatening-to-the-usa minority. Prove me wrong.[View]
142866772AfD got 12, 6% ????: How the retarded fuck does that work? How can you get both 12% and 6%? Is it li…[View]
142866334Can you be redpilled and like traps?[View]
142859608Bend the Knee, Bitch Niggaz[View]
142864709이것좀 봐: ㅋㅋ씨바 빨리 쟤네좀 죽여라[View]
142867567President of the United States of America ®: How powerful is the US president? Can he even declare w…[View]
142863951How do liberals respond to graphs like these?: Even the richest, most privileged blacks in the US do…[View]
142851604What the fuck is wrong with white people? >'Dad, is this normal, I'm not cold, I'm just…[View]
142867432Celebrate Hispanic & Latinx Creators [Featured]: I thought this latinx crap was a bad fucking jo…[View]
142867295Is Corporatocracy the future?[View]
142867372Daily Reminder[View]
142866233Supervolcano in Italy: http://www.news.com.au/technology/science/supervolcano-becoming-more-dangerou…[View]
142865979Can China or Russia or any other decent country please nuke us already? I don't want to go on …[View]
142865135raid my school's softball stream thanks: i literally do not give a shit if this is not on the r…[View]
142867296Stalin literally fucked children: >At the beginning of the summer of 1956, the chairman of the KG…[View]
142856899A humble offering of 7 oxy's to Kek. May he remain in euphoria while performing the Great Work.…[View]
142867104*blocks your path*[View]
142867127>mentally handicapped and arrogant people >never ending corruption everywhere >backwards ed…[View]
142867032https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Bwnz-2MIB0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aX-0Yj638SY[View]
142851344Why are men increasingly turning towards cheap sex and entertainment instead of growing up, settling…[View]
142861301Wtf's 'it'?: The problem with the LGBT and all that shit in the western world is caused by lang…[View]
142846014We are literally living in the first chapters of the Turner Diaries. Next step: gun control[View]
142862655It's Happening!! Pedo Anthony Weiner sentenced to 21 months: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/cri…[View]
142863101Holy fucking shit WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH CNN How do they not understand when a click bait title…[View]
142858909Why don't liberals have arguments?[View]
142834078>Nazis wanted to extermina-[View]
142865955What was his deal?: >killed more white people than anyone else in history >everyone else excep…[View]
142866321OH FUGGG! CHECK FLIGHT RADAR OVER SOUTH KOREA! IT'S EMPTY: Is this it /pol/? Are we having a re…[View]
142863918Childfree Life[View]
142846198So this guy is going to sell billions of facebook stock. What is he planning? is he gearing up for a…[View]
142866433Daily Reminder[View]
142866430Butthurt Germs: ITT: We post butthurt German lefties[View]
142866393Anyone got that subhuman russian poster with red background and some weird rat like body and stick i…[View]
142864676What's up Polfags? How do you argue with this?: Curious.[View]
142859211> Oi, m8, is that a glass of highly concentrated lemon juice youre holding? Not in this city, not…[View]
142856500Best state in the US?: I'm looking to move. Currently living in California, San Diego area whic…[View]
142839231Maybe some of you still remember the tent rapist case. The trial started.: After reading what the pr…[View]
142863149What will happen when the inevitable clash between feminism, SJW and the left and islam happens? Who…[View]
142866060Just ask how that kneeling went for Kap?: Now he is standing in the unemployment line..[View]
142866042Whuy you AR ?[View]
142847842Why won't (((they))) allow research on detransitions?[View]
142863073The British government killed the man who wrote this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zl9TdYWfS…[View]
142862471>there exists people that actually are communists blows my mind[View]
142855393Hello humans and what do you think about cheesesteak food[View]
142856577BACKSLIDING INTO THE BLUE PILL: Hello anons, Have you ever had friends who you used to respect for t…[View]
142865713>Someone spent hundreds of dollars for this I want reddit off our ride[View]
142863761White jobs: >at car dealer getting airbags replaced >All white staff >all white customers …[View]
142861414Pizzagate's links to Secret Space Programs: >Be Tony Rodrigues >Trash talk some illuminat…[View]
142864742How comfy is his life? >rules over 25 million loyal peasants >drinks all day >fucks the fin…[View]
142865608Snide Culture: Post your favorite 'Legit' or Patreon bottom-feeding entertainers. Don't be shy-…[View]
142864702CNN ignores racial injus-[View]
142855481So I guess we can all officially come to the conclusion that liberals hate America? I mean after yes…[View]
142860837what does //po/ do?: a black lives matter supporter walks up to and attacks you for being white, wha…[View]
142849513>Trump has tricked his critics into kneeling before him This man is a genius. We don't deser…[View]
142858227Operation: Boom Stick: It is clear now that the Boomers are now outraged by what the NFL is doing. A…[View]
142865356What is happening in 50 years?: Well... > German elections > East Germany: 25-35% voted for ri…[View]
142865318Antifa General /ag/ - Meetup Edition: Greetings, comrades. As you may know, tonight, like every Mond…[View]
142861451Trump is a parody of everything he purports to be - a parody of a businessman, a parody of a preside…[View]
142865157Any other ex-christians here? Tell me your stories.[View]
142854404Syria General /sg/- Watching The World Burn Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriageneral…[View]
142853910Why are most intellectuals left-wing?[View]
142864439>tfw we're in for a good beating by our anchestors when we enter the afterlife…[View]
142863120I have nothing to live for. Should I enlist to kill asian gooks?[View]
142859811/WW3/ General!: >All you need to know: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zqk1w_-FKwY…[View]
142864657>gets fat >dies https://www.yahoo.com/news/m/d565b1cb-f287-3e97-a919-952bea5318cc/former-%27he…[View]
142864246This kills the good goy: Antifaggots are literally getting executed by based dutch fascits. COMMIES …[View]
142860302ITT: /pol/ vidya ideas I'll start HALO Reach style but about Rhodesia[View]
142862691Going to go visit my family in Germany (Bavaria ) next month. I haven't been there in many year…[View]
142863612HOLY SHIT!!! The media needs to stop these misleading headlines. I read the first half and got ligh…[View]
142864630Operation: Red Snek: >What this is about It's time we take control of our own opposition, st…[View]
142845984What was their strategy, seriously?: I still don't get it. Did they seriously just run the enti…[View]
142842000Daily Reminder:: If you have sex with men and you are a man, you are a homophobe. If you have sex wi…[View]
142864054IT IS TIME.[View]
142853999>MUH RIGHT WING RISE RACISTS get BTFO and BTFO and BTFO again![View]
142851762>no wall >no mass deportations >no muslim ban >no healthcare repeal anyone else starting…[View]
142862419Is the Electoral College antiquated because it got someone I don't like elected? rly maek me th…[View]
142856652whenever i get excited I find myself screeching 'OH SHIT NIGGER' or when I'm impressed 'Mein Ne…[View]
142860105Trump is a failure: List his achievements since he's been in office. >protip, you can't…[View]
142864053It's almost like the people who actually watch football have issues while the liberals who NEVE…[View]
142860293TV's First Trans Full-Frontal Nude Scene...: http://archive.fo/2017.09.25-151419/http://www.the…[View]
142849809So apparently she left AfD with a dozen of MPs and plans to make a coalition with Merkel and the lib…[View]
142863777Holocaust Memorial Redpilled Reviews: Find you local (((Holocaust Memorial))) and post the best revi…[View]
142863183Atheism is the fastest shrinking religion in the world. Atheism is in decline worldwide, with the nu…[View]
142860901What do you think /pol/?: Is it habbening?[View]
142852707You all are a bunch of hypocrites. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/09/24/jared-kushner-private-em…[View]
142849772Nashville Shooter is Muslim: Immigrated from Sudan. Sudan 97% Muslim. Shoots up church. Another case…[View]
142843798I think we can actually hurt the NFL.: So I think the only way we can truly send a message to the NF…[View]
142861742uh, guys..: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-41391978[View]
142860891Should we exterminate everyone who hates germany?: Think about it... :/[View]
142862707There is a press conference at my school about education funds being cut What do you think pol[View]
142855088https://web.archive.org/web/20170925141401/http://rense.com/general96/afk1.html Rhodesia part 2?…[View]
142848249Sportsball Fan Breaks Sports Addiction With One Neat Trick: Is this what it looks like when a boomer…[View]
142862506Are Poles white?[View]
142861080The Jews Fear The Samurai.[View]
142862662women being liar, exhibit #64304234: Oi /pol/ Remember the the British slag who was kidnapped and t…[View]
142851955UBI debate: I for one am against it it's a shit 'safety net' literal nigger tier >just throw…[View]
142855581>be American >go to church >get shot >go to to school >get shot >go to work >ge…[View]
142862296Yesterday me and my girlfriend went to the Hauptbahnhof of Frankfurt and i swear, for a second i was…[View]
142855243DRUMPF BTFO: *sips Earl Gray tea*[View]
142862704/pol/ will see a massive boom in real life presence within the next two years: i don’t know about yo…[View]
142862345I dont fuckin understand the world: The only way it makes sense is to assume the west is, for some u…[View]
142851566Hindu genocide by mudslimes: Mudslimes eradicated hindu from Afghanistan, Pakistan, bangaldesh and n…[View]
142862717Why are 'conservatives' so authoritarian? If anyone dare to not pledge allegiance to the regime they…[View]
142862557well /pol/?[View]
142851062Foreign Minister of North Korea will deliver the special message at UN: AFTER 30 minutes[View]
142859460Meanwhile, in 1750s /pol/: We colonists must do everything to defend the crown and Great Britain. Fo…[View]
142862420'Good Guy with a Gun' is a Myt-: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-41382492 Gunfags BTFO...aga…[View]
142858415Why does America torture it's prisoners?: Maybe you've heard about a little thing called '…[View]
142861617>trusting a woman I fucking told you![View]
142862101Can someone translate from Korean ? I already know what ching chong means, but the rest is mystery.…[View]
142862065Lee Joon Min 2 appreciation thread: Who caught /ourgook/ last night? was a riot[View]
142815771TRUMP IS A GENIUS! BOOMERS ARE GOING 14/88!: I thought his statement was inconsequential when I firs…[View]
142861986Kim Song-i is a north korean table tennis player. She got very far in the last olympics and was a st…[View]
142859642Hol up http://www.express.co.uk/travel/articles/784496/egypt-pyramids-sudan-travel[View]
142853737Perverted serial sexter Anthony Weiner arrived at a Manhattan court Monday morning to learn if he…[View]
142861393>talking to mother inlaw yesterday >she just got new job in HR for the county as manager >s…[View]
142858458Were the leftists right about this?[View]
142858034check mate communists[View]
142856088/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
142858238Press S to spit on grave[View]
142850088ITT: People who did nothing wrong: No Hitler allowed edition[View]
142854517Britain's Most Popular Politician Just Called Out Trump: 'You Sound Like ISIS': LONDO…[View]
142861628Start em' young[View]
142854363Based vitalik just used this image of kek in his presentation. Buy eth![View]
142858268Tennessee Church Shooting Silenced By MSM: Little George and Good Morning America made no mention of…[View]
142860162Op Midnight Climax & The Farm - CIA sex blackmail: The CIA is an enemy within as most of you kno…[View]
142855111The true litmus test of any so-called 'free country' is whether it is illegal or not to burn its res…[View]
142861285Black man actually understanding the democrat's play: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkSpcyu9c…[View]
142861068How am I supposed to want to save the white race when I hate ALL people? I don't trust anyone, …[View]
142861022/pol/'s very own wayne lambright demolishes the jewnited states, jewnald trump and israel. LAMB…[View]
142850693I'm tired of seeing people posting that 'mortgages are just the bank fucking you' and 'owning p…[View]
142860533Civic Nationalism: Can you guys give me a quick rundown on why you absolutely detest Civic Nationali…[View]
142860558Why can't burgers admit that they don't live in a first world country? >b-but muh GDP …[View]
142860890Hey! I heard you guys on the radio last night!: https://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/epis…[View]
142860569pls: donal dotard fugg XDDDD[View]
142860714OH MY FUCKING GOD: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4916962/Cannibal-family-admits-killing-ea…[View]
142842466Guess who is getting sentenced today?: Hint: its pic related. http://time.com/4955374/anthony-weiner…[View]
142852651Was Frank Zappa the most redpilled musician in the history of rock and roll?[View]
142860912German election threads: Where can I find the threads of yesterday about the AfD elections and the r…[View]
142856554The federal government should only receive revenue from tariffs.[View]
142854341what went wrong /pol?: how can so many Germans reject Merkel, don't they know shes the leader o…[View]
142860700Any fellow decent British citizens get this?[View]
142860635Why do you boycot NFL! You must boycot zioNazi of israHell![View]
142847331>Rev up those autistic screeches. Get ready /pol/, (((they))) are coming for our 'rape robots'. h…[View]
142859937What does /pol/ think? Do we now have war?[View]
142856565What do people think about right-wing globalism? Essentially, creating a worldwide nation to destroy…[View]
142859133the 30% that still support Trump: Do you guys all live in Alabama/Moscow? What state you guys in? Tr…[View]
142860418NFL logo is racist: NFL logo is racist[View]
142855650What's /pol/'s opinion on this man?[View]
142859756So do the majority of North Koreans like being in North Korea, and support glorious leader, been bra…[View]
142860278DONNIE FUCKING BAKER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjOhjUH9iiY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lj…[View]
142860175Stop hitting yourself[View]
142856243Did I find my Jesus deal breaker?: As a Christian I just, thought of this now. >we have a problem…[View]
142857747Donald Trump is or has the Lion of Judah in him let's face it. The world, the sick beast waged …[View]
142857983Was the Sentence Fair?: I think he should have gotten at least 5 years. He will be out on probation …[View]
142849682>Yehovah is the name of God, the immortal creator of the universe >He is spirit, therefore inv…[View]
142832330Frauke Petry AfD appreciation thread: >Polackenhammer Gauland shows his power level multiple time…[View]
142859928Hmmmmm.: Hmmmmm.[View]
142859323The stablishment/swamp needs to be purged. l Hope trump delivers[View]
142852969Is Richard Spencer gay?[View]
142852035> Donald Trump is a genius stoking all this NFL outrag... No he's just petty, like always…[View]
142859702Meme Magic + BLM kneelers cost me a fantasy football game: >be me >join my gyms fantasy footba…[View]
142854816>when you are didnu immigrant trying to stop the car in germany but it turns out its the poles si…[View]
142855975ITT: The greatest men of this earth[View]
142853555Nigerian Group Demands Arrest of Andrew Anglin: Nigerian Group Demands Arrest, Deportation of White …[View]
142854451Are Democrats being cannibalized by socialists?[View]
142857806Na na na na... na na na na... hey hey hey... goodbye: Hillary when?[View]
142859235#whyikneel: These idiots have no idea what they want, maybe pol should help them out. Leftists who t…[View]
142858954Now that Nascar is cool again, who should I root for? Who is the most based driver? I'm going t…[View]
142858116#YoureFired: HAHAHAHA the tides are turning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqpNPX60i08 Lets kil…[View]
142858842Fucking hell /pol/: >/poo/ starts advocating no masturbation >2-3 months pass >literally e…[View]
142858000Have Fun in Prison for 21 Months Perv: Anthony Weiner gets 21 months. >Anthony Weinerwas sentence…[View]
142843001Just Fuck Chad's Shit Up Fam: Is Trump a deep-cover virgin?[View]
142859158You deserve everything you get you cucks, even with guns you can't defend yourself. Pathetic.[View]
142859108Korean War Mk.II: Strap in Gents, we headed back to NK for Round 2 electric boogaloo NK Just declar…[View]
142859075Contact current NFL sponsors: CALL them. EMAIL them. Hire a sky writer! Just tell them that you won…[View]
142858331The white house is a mess: Your not sending you're best politicians guys. >During his campai…[View]
142841092>i want you to admit that you're a closet racist, a beta male sexist... damn, this show is w…[View]
142856612>tfw 23 and haven't had Facebook since 17 I feel like a rare enlightened breed amongst singl…[View]
142861024Thoughts: Thoughts on this graph, /pol/??[View]
142858955Is it just me or are niggers retarded? They don't see that this anthem business goes beyond nig…[View]
142858643post yfw blacks and whites r same race[View]
142844005What's his master plan?: No seriously. Is there an actual thought out strategy behind Kim and N…[View]
14285628568th dimensional Go: I don't know if this is some of Dilbertmans 3d chess or just a happy coinc…[View]
142857648Brit Waifu Sentenced for Butterknife Attack: You Brits are such cuckolds. The only cute girl in the …[View]
142853356Dindu beaten by Poles: https://mobile.twitter.com/OnlineMagazin/status/912272171413762048/video/1 I …[View]
142854917FINALLY...NFL players kneel to their King Trump!: This is an epic meme opportunity. These NFL milli…[View]
142853275Well /POL/: http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2013/10/end-hitlers-family-line-pact-sons-hitler…[View]
142857405Reminder that any kind of collectivism, socialism, fascism etc. leads to mass murder and genocide. L…[View]
142853922/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - PATRIOTS EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.go…[View]
142858699So North Korea isn't part of the ''''central banking'''' system eh ? sub-atomic activities in m…[View]
142858683Yesterday I had the air-conditioning on cooling, today I have the air-conditioning on heating. >c…[View]
142854872/sig/: [insert OP copypasta here] Alright Neets of /pol/. It's 7am on the west coast. What are …[View]
142853824>25C (77F), feels like 32C (89.6) with humidity, in late September fuck global warming…[View]
142848051They're trying to put fluoride in my water.: I'm in one of the few Canadian cities with co…[View]
142855875In the recent winning victory for Germany, I want to stream farming simulator 2017 Technically speak…[View]
142850300NFL or watch paint dry? hmmmm: FUCK you NFL & any MLB, NBA, MLS players, whoever the fuck you ar…[View]
142855457Do you think the Kurds can pull off independence from Baghdad? Or will they get btfo?[View]
142857973>be me >white family with dead battery on side of road signaling for help >pull over give t…[View]
142851950< your still living on land ? >......: - Get red pilled ..... Get a good second hand boat. - W…[View]
142858159Is white sharia the only way to reverse this?[View]
142852347Tatarstan: >Majority Muslim >Non-White Turkish ethnicity >No real separatist movements an…[View]
142857867Breaking: Anthony Weiner Sentenced: 21 months for sexting a minor https://www.usatoday.com/story/new…[View]
142839430Imagine if you grandson became a freak like this...[View]
142851008Knee the people - WHAT A JOKE!: I'm not an american but i'm disgusted by black americans b…[View]
142857877lol autistic kid sitting next to me trying to impress a girl by trying to explain the NFL situation …[View]
142857871'A historic mission of the CDU has been to prevent the emergence of a viable political party on the …[View]
142856365DONT BE FLACID[View]
142853204Why are American Jews so Un-American? America has been the most philo-semitic country in the history…[View]
142857530Why don't you use this flag Ireland?[View]
142855703I'll just leave this here..[View]
142857720Absolutely Subversive: New Sitcom about illegals >The topic of illegal immigration in America is …[View]
142855572http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-41384473 >man wants to do post graduate research into transexuals wh…[View]
142854323Clint Howard 2020 with Hillary as VP. Its the only way..[View]
142828522GERMANS ARE FAGGOTS. GERMANY SUCKS!: Let's have a German hate thread. Fuck Germany.[View]
142856782Shithole country thread: >mentally handicapped and arrogant people >never ending corruption ev…[View]
142851869Stop hating Israel[View]
142851623Making money out of the migrant crisis: Last year a record 1.1 million people sought asylum in Germa…[View]
142856838Protesting the National Anthem is just disgusting to me[View]
142853783Fag hate thread: Lets get a fag hate thread going[View]
142854000Spanish anons, stay strong do not fear about the misguided Catalan separatists. The Bongdoffs are wi…[View]
142853971As a Jew - Should I support AFD if I oppose Nazsim but support nationalism and against mudslime immi…[View]
142854520>Americans have to stand up when someone posts this[View]
142857269What was the deal with Savitri Devi's eyes?: Was it the crazy showing through or do most French…[View]
142822268/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General: ϟϟ BLOOD, FATHERLAND, FAITH ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the …[View]
142840715Self country hate thread: Post ITT if you hate your own country >fat, loudmouth, stupid and obnox…[View]
142847633/ang/ - Anti Nazi General: We're all starting to hate nazis here. It's clear that they…[View]
142846761This is the fate of Muslim women in the west. http://www.xvideos.com/video29749495/djamila_zetoun_-_…[View]
142847505>Usual Migrant block a car! What he does not know, no Germans in the car! Poles - instant KO! htt…[View]
142856166Why the AfD winning 13% is a way bigger thing than we think: >'German vote could doom Merkel-Macr…[View]
142852533Well I seen the fires burning and the local people turning, on the merchants and the shops, who used…[View]
142855346The NFL has american flag motifs in their logo and the players just now realized they don’t like the…[View]
142852085>be a jew >get masturbated to death by hitler…[View]
142855530THE FUTURE IS NOW: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3794462/Liberal-Democrat-says-schools-abl…[View]
142830244Ever notice how all of /pol/'s BASED countries are, without exception, terrible fucking places …[View]
142854803Fuck Germany Thread: In this thread we talk about our low iq, shitty engineering, and general inferi…[View]
142837481What would your ideal government be?[View]
142855318Why do women fear the 'companion doll' so much?: >mfw in the year 2100 the last women are held by…[View]
142856525Daily Stormer: I'm in need of some onion links for the dailystormer. Please help, it's urg…[View]
142849982Colorado This Cuck of a white man was with his wife and kids during the Colorado batman movie shoot…[View]
142856555Can we all agree that the United States era has gone for good? Let's move on to the real intent…[View]
14285620723andme/ancestry thread? Post pics + country of birth. >Romania[View]
142828691Catalonian Independence Thread: Spics get in here!: How will the vote turn out? What will Madrid do …[View]
142823695brit/pol/ - Moning Tea Edition: >Hitchens: My drugs advice to William? You've been duped, yo…[View]
142853147So /pol/, have you accepted Jesus Christ as your lord and savior ? You're not some sort of athe…[View]
142854827How do we get our women to do this again[View]
142856371RightWing FOSS General: Are there any rightwing FOSS projects that are looking for programming help?…[View]
142853800Reminder that Arabs and Islam never did anything wrong, they are based nationalists and fight agains…[View]
142849995Is the Alt Right, dare I say it.. #ourguy?: https://altright.com/2017/09/25/the-alt-right-and-the-ho…[View]
142853213The bbc unironically put trigger warnings on things. For fucks sake.[View]
142847138These cunts, honestly: I'd like to point out that there was not a single photo or video of any …[View]
142852931Anyone else think this is the DNC trying to kill Zuc's political career before it can harm the …[View]
142855156Just as a tip, lefties get extremely flustered when you point out the numerous connections between t…[View]
142824541Seriously why the fuck did the Australian government let internet be privatised by companies. For 2 …[View]
142850964Russia Releases Photos Showing US Special Ops At ISIS Positions In Syria: http://www.zerohedge.com/n…[View]
142855682It was all a ploy: This is not about standing for the anthem. This is a plan by trump, who has been …[View]
142853841How does one deal with a family who is almost entirely composed of left-leaning Hillary Supporters a…[View]
142855632NFL Ratings: Next week they should drop through the floor. Ill the liberal fags that have never pick…[View]
142855037>lol south brazil: >white[View]
142854028>'How do you do fellow kids'[View]
142855310Odell Beckham's priorities: Uses his first touchdown celebration of the game to mime a dog taki…[View]
142854925Greek War of Independence: What is your opinion about this revolution? Was it another plan orchestra…[View]
142855384Racist African migrants claim 'They control the German Girls': https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
142855221Why need robots if we already have cheap ASIANS?[View]
142853128>playing viyda to pass time >it has a chat system >this guy is spewing off about how Trump …[View]
142855303American Liberals worship Britshit John Oliver: Why can't we just deport this people back to Bo…[View]
142855212bundesfighter.de Who are you maining, /pol/?[View]
142849314top shitposting[View]
142853181why is gay marriage wrong?[View]
142852512Gather 'round, /leafpol/, friends, and guests: It's a /leafpol/ General thread! >WHY A …[View]
142850530Germanons stay strong: /pol/, its worse than i expected The 13% AfD votes seems to have a bigger imp…[View]
142854758ok /pol/, what's this. a thread is posted here this afternoon with some cipher leading to pic r…[View]
142854864Are you stupid enough to think that voting Republican matters?: I cannot believe that there are …[View]
142852489I think that everyone should be paid exactly for the amount of work they do. Not the hours. Not the…[View]
142843004'Black Lives Matter' and #TakeThe Knee? WUT??: Out of all this 'Black Lives Matter' shit, and outrag…[View]
142854098The Managerial Revolution: to me 3 minutes agoDetails 'They live by their wits; they put their relia…[View]
142850848Paranoid schizophrenic or redpill messiah? Why does he avoid talking about aliens because he 'can…[View]
142854585What a note you give?[View]
142854633>the wall will be built![View]
142854738FBI launches civil rights investigation into Tennessee church shooting: http://www.foxnews.com/us/20…[View]
142854701Don't forget what happened the last time a head of state feuded with a professional athlete...[View]
142829311Gamergate for the Boomers. Le Boomergate.: Will it hurt the NFL?[View]
142854477Saftey reached: The Administrative Court today decided to short the demonstration route of Nazi NMR,…[View]
142835663I'm tired of hearing this bashing against boomers. You have to understand, their parents, our g…[View]
142845564Syria General /sg/- Kurds on a Grill Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordp…[View]
142854192LMFAO @ Burger justice.[View]
142852541When will we reach peak faggotry?: My old man always says to me that it will all swing back the othe…[View]
142851249Did sex and the city ruin a generation of women? >hurrdur drinking cosmopolitans makes you cosmop…[View]
142853884You can only post in this thread if your country has a parliamentary system.: NOT SO FAST AMERICANS.…[View]
142839485unapologetic japan: should japan apologize for its crimes in the past? why does it keep trying to de…[View]
142852225wtf happened to polnation discord? is it ded? is there a replacement?[View]
142850379Coup du grace for the nfl: Can we meme the negros into calling for the cancelling of the national an…[View]
142853701This nigger just shot up a church in Tennessee and killed 1 and injured 5 others. What statues and f…[View]
142853989How do I stop my daily need for red pills...I've been red pilled on everything now but I just c…[View]
142849506Opinions about finland: what is your general opinion about finland?[View]
142848221/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - FREEZE EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
142847135Is religion in the west dying because the right is composed of religious cuck?[View]
142848173Has anyone else noticed that news organisations are deliberately saying 'far right' a lot more often…[View]
142853074Never Forget the Holodomor: >Collectivisation also contributed to famine in 1932. Collectivizatio…[View]
142840239Daily Reminder: >Europe is now in multicultural mode and Jews are being resented because of our l…[View]
142853712Just read about the one drop rule, having a mulato grandparent, this makes me a sub-human? I thought…[View]
142847381Struggling in Social Situations because of /pol/: >be me >sister had new baby girl, go to hosp…[View]
142849787What's going on in the other timeline right now?: It's been almost a year now, how is Amer…[View]
142851405Does pol supporte Palestine or israHell??: Pol does stand with people who lives on the land FIRST?? …[View]
142853484Daily Reminder: Stalin was a Degenerate Pedophile: You heard it right, he was a pedophile, a disgust…[View]
142853395Why greece' dick is smaller than nips??[View]
142853391IS: I was listening to pic related earlier, and he made a point that I couldn't refute. Why doe…[View]
142853357I think my mum is poisoning me because I'm a Nazi. What should I do?[View]
142824131FUCK THE NFL-- BOYCOTT THEM: Boycott the NFL and all professional sports, because they're all l…[View]
1428527861BN9MAR Thats the plate for a black benz suv with the FreeMason decal on the center of the back wind…[View]
142853145>tfw there wont be a white majority country in 2050[View]
142846315>have to take black history class >lecturer spends first 30 minutes condescending about why th…[View]
142843281Merkel press conference: Get in here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XV9mc9sOmDs[View]
142848361what's the point of this? why are they doing this? news here just showed all of this and said t…[View]
142833735Abortion: What do you think about abortion /pol Should it be done? Should we kill babies after they …[View]
142845722MLB is next. Baseball knee just happened: http://www.sfgate.com/athletics/article/A-s-Bruce-Maxwell-…[View]
142839163MAXIMUM KEKS https://twitter.com/zucced/status/912142767299559424[View]
142852930Hey 4chan I think this site is a cool concept and will go far one day but can we please stop the slu…[View]
142852984Black vs. White vs. Cop Murder Memes: Now’s a good time to start spreading truths. People are confus…[View]
142842043>pedos will be normalised in your life time How this make you feel /int/?…[View]
142849573Rank these groups in order which you think are worst to best/tolerable Trannies LGB Blacks Jews Musl…[View]
142852946NFL BURN VIDEOS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFXhRZkoORw YOU WILL ALL BURN IN THE FIRES!!!!…[View]
142852872Let me guess: it wasn't REAL socialism?[View]
142846278Would you /pol/?[View]
142852727Why have western men become such jokes that they rather live in Nazi Germany than Colonial Britain? …[View]
142850670clean water and clean food (no hormones, pesticides, etc.) are more important than practically anyth…[View]
142851506/nflcpg/: Any real NFL fans and patriots planning on counter protesting in front of a millionaire kn…[View]
142847939>tfw no qt jew gf[View]
142852691Cowboyism thread: Gather, Partners[View]
142852536You have to admit, it is kind of true[View]
142852396Would Hitler of put me in a camp for being a NEET?[View]
142849843Democrats don't care about wrong from right; they only care if their team is winning.: https://…[View]
142851861Allahu Akhbar: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-manchester-41387339 A Koran teacher who sexually a…[View]
142852481I didn't think there were any redpills left for me to take. I managed to find a channel on Yout…[View]
142849693Solving the Israeli/Palestinian conflict: https://youtu.be/502SfQ6Mues Create an economic balance to…[View]
142841778Are russians white?: Why do they act like barbaric subhumans? >Pic related…[View]
142852311You like ponies, don't you, /pol/?[View]
142843030Just stumbled upon an old Basshunter concert. A sea of blonde and not a single shade of brown or bla…[View]
142846098LE XD BASED HUNGARY KEEPING OUT IMMIGRANTS XDDD Keep in mind this shit nigger fuck hole has the HIGH…[View]
142840308>the absolut state of AFD[View]
142837226Nationalism is dumb. Why should you care about a stranger who you have never met and will never meet…[View]
142851875SWEDEN YES - 'Sometime's odd methods must be accepted': 'The police must be able to work with e…[View]
142849626ILLEGAL VOTING ON MY VILLAGE, WHAT DO?: Hello /pol/ I live in a small village in Cataluña, and I hav…[View]
142851421Chinese have more slanted eyes than nips[View]
142851828>I shouldn't be punished/don't compare us to our ancestors/other whites >I should co…[View]
142851267Lefty Ball: Will all the lefties and progressives be forced to watch football now to stand in solida…[View]
142850237mfw /pol/ was right all along: Remember pic related? I thought it was just a meme. AFD politician Ga…[View]
142850511#bendtheknee: Thread for brainstorming ideas for stirring the NFL pot. I recently read an article ab…[View]
142851544che guevera idiocy thread: Buy the t-shirt, stay for the execution from the hands of your own comrad…[View]
142850741Moroco: Does anyone have any info as to why there is fucking Arabic on my god damn google earth? and…[View]
142820738Well is it?[View]
142830599how are you preparing for the chinese century?[View]
142851717Take Back Your Land: Take Your Land Back One of the biggest lies the jew ever told was that living i…[View]
142836471Daily Arab Thread: or DAT for short Daily Arab Thread is a thread for arabs to discuss matters that …[View]
142851652German Election Salt Thread.: Please Submit your best Salt in Picture of the German Election yesterd…[View]
142847770Consequences will never be the same[View]
142850919Whereas all the Westerners have been taught to commit the name of the little Syrian turd to heart, n…[View]
142851580Aussie Meme Artist Being Abused For Being Anti-Gay Marriage: Lol you literally can't have opini…[View]
142836527Is there any political ideology that combines all the good ideas of Fascism and Marxism, and leaves …[View]
142851418Communist Hate Thread: Can someone explain to my why the only thing that communist leaders in histor…[View]
142851172phd willing to relocate to germany. cannot afford costs for rent / bills / german course at Volkshoc…[View]
142847350Only cowards are afraid of competition. Only losers piggyback on the accomplishments of groups. Only…[View]
142839294Referendum of Kurdistan indepence: Hi /pol/ I am just a sand nigger from Iraq I want to hear your t…[View]
142851170do you all think it would be possible to have a second civil war occur in the USA, given the state o…[View]
142846599Can guys be: Bisexual? Or are they just slightly gay? I don't believe in this meme like I don…[View]
142846240>97 year old war vet kneels during the national anthem in support of NFL players protesting polic…[View]
142844852Why do millenials live in cities ?[View]
142828161Why are americans so patriotic and 'muh military'? Is it because of the pledge of allegiance that in…[View]
142825985How /pol/ ruined my life: In every field, /pol/ has helped me see and know the truth, but it also ta…[View]
142838866Lmao, did the English even take part in the Crusades?[View]
142850281Power shifts in Post Modern Society: In a post modern society where removal of institutions such as …[View]
142850720When normies ask what your political stance is what do you say? I always say I'm a 'counter re…[View]
142848781Dear Murricans Now that your football was taken out by SJWs, it is time to embrace what is truly und…[View]
142850626Here is the new good speak when referring to people seeking asylum. Make sure you use it to win the …[View]
142845001in my class are now showing now a video about transgenders: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVdfnQPU…[View]
142846218who knew santa was gay?[View]
142849547T.Brazilian Delusion: Kraut here so: >wents to south brazil >everyone looks like a short leban…[View]
142841999Why do millennials treat science as a religion instead of questionijg it?[View]
142849685Mixed race and confused: My black friends make fun of me for being half white and my white friends m…[View]
142844837What is her real nation? She seems not like nips[View]
142840338Why are critics panning this film? Is it because it's red-pilled?[View]
142850211>Marriage is not a religious institution. It was around before religion and Judaism and is shared…[View]
142850233#BlacksSoMarxist: When did marxist apparatchiks infiltrate the black community?[View]
142826357Sour Clooney takes shot at Trump: >'Here's the thing: I grew up in Kentucky. I sold insuranc…[View]
142849147What the fuck happened to Western Christian values?[View]
142846551Whats wrong with taking a knee as a sign of protest during the national anthem? Everybody who I…[View]
142849884Why are americans so easily manipulated? >look at this soldier, he served in muh military defendi…[View]
142847980How can one nation be so buttblasted: Call Turks roaches and they won't react. Call them nigger…[View]
142834718Evil...pure evil.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYTXRDtYzYc This is pretty powerful stuff.…[View]
142849876Why left fags are such leeches?: >be me >talking with some lefty acquaintances >socialistfa…[View]
142848792Is logic objective or subjective? Experiments are a necessary part of the scientific process. Withou…[View]
142842608Monday Night QandA Livewatch: Get in here, Ausfags! It's time for bingo Watch with us: >http…[View]
142849796NFL Kneeling Knee Trump general bullshit attention whores: Scenario: What happens if I appear at a f…[View]
142841536Niggers are unintellige-[View]
142849751Po-Po-Polen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJlaw_SDnrs[View]
142846875>desert winds and heat >try to teach towel heads how to be civil >towel heads shoot at you …[View]
142848822>I need to get my message out, by not honouring the people who died so I can get my message out.…[View]
142849677He's been so oppressed goy: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colin_Kaepernick >Kaepernick was…[View]
142792503Almonds activation thread: Why was the devil among the crowd of Jews in the Passion of the Christ?…[View]
142845994Dear fellow Trump supporters, Why do we love fake news and woo-woo again? We look silly when we cit…[View]
142849485A white guy did a better version of Khan Academy Calculus videos. Now you can learn a crucial part o…[View]
142846328Happening in Charlotte Dec. 28. Remember the Craiglist posts re: looking for paid protesters and dis…[View]
142849285Generation Z on track to be most conservative generation since boomers: Did trump memes redpill them…[View]
142841054Same sex marriage is going to get voted down in Australia[View]
142849351>Some members (of AfD) made racist remarks. >Björn Höcke for instance called the Holocaust com…[View]
142846487Looks like we're going to have to firebomb Dresden again, dad.[View]
142843706is there anything more degenerate than a nose piercing? do these people honestly think they're …[View]
142849272Why won't the Eternal Frog leave German Reichs alone?[View]
142846747Talk about reaching new levels of cuckoldry, how fucking low can Britbongs go[View]
142849141>i served my country in the military >here is my opinion on today's news story that isn…[View]
142847674How is Pakistan even a country?: >porki minister says India is killing Kashmiris >shows images…[View]
142837280I love tequila, but I hate mexicans: >Live in California, 15 miles from the border. >Driving d…[View]
142849174Do it you turkcuck[View]
142849173Hitler Redpills for Normies: Post em if ya got em https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssCkc8t9sho Fast f…[View]
142844673Are Aboriginals even human?[View]
142836644Do you care more about race or ideology? Would you rather take million non-white immigrants who shar…[View]
142835192Deploy The Autism: >Felix 'Niggertits' Kjellberg puts hidden message in his taiwanese anime criti…[View]
142845461Bisexual in Texas Expelled for Comment on Islam: https://vid.me/2CRaa[View]
142847385Sam Hyde: has he lost the edge?: So, our nr. 1 alt-right guy is making people pay to keep watching h…[View]
142820159Church shooter was a black supremacist. The media doesn't want to talk about it. https://www.yo…[View]
142848891Victoria and Abdul: Why does Hollywood keep making movies no one wants to see? https://www.vanityfai…[View]
142847397YOU FUCKING NAZIS THINK THIS IS FUNNY? I'M LITERALLY SHAKING http://www.reuters.com/article/us-…[View]
142847672name 1 good thing republicans have done.[View]
142840638Are there any books that explain why the various colored races are such crap people?[View]
142846670Theleftcantmeme: How do we get people to understand that sitting for the national anthem isn't …[View]
142848738>Gamergate weaponized the video game 'bread and circus' against the elite >yfw you realize Tru…[View]
142848677Well, I heard you could meme people into presidency..[View]
142848614Scary negro thread.[View]
142848592Puerto Rico Governor is an Idiot: Instead of using this opportunity to rebuild independently and esc…[View]
142844121ITT rare Mosley & BUF content ! >he doesnt know who Oswald Mosley is https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
142848502The site is unavailable in the Vatican. www.correctiofilialis.org[View]
142848437/pol/ come draw on doodletoo.com it will be fun[View]
142836870ever used the word 'Nigger' by accident in public?: whenever i get excited I find myself screeching …[View]
142847308The Narrative is Racism: >no single unifying or agreed upon narrative >loosely organized >c…[View]
142844802The national anthem is, and always has been, highly problematic.[View]
142838513/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - CLASSIC EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov…[View]
142843664She a strongk space woman who don't need no white captain: >we see something we don't u…[View]
142848287Powerful! Greatest Cuck Generation still doing it's thing: http://archive.is/hM2AT The Fucking …[View]
142846883Hi mom, hi dad. These are my new friends/idols.: How does one respond?[View]
142848084Share this everywhere do show just how stupid American football is. It's pretty easy to make co…[View]
142846005Benjamin Franklin literally said that only English people are white: >Which leads me to add one R…[View]
142847959Daily 'Fuck Germany' thread: I don't like to agree with Jews but they are absolutely right abou…[View]
142846600Are the mods of this board unaware of the rules?[View]
142846532Uh oh[View]
142846191/kiwi/pol/ i hope winston grinds their nuts into dust edition: too drunk to copy and paste hopefully…[View]
142836106MEHA SUPER FUCKING HAPPENING RIGHT FUCKING NOW. merkels party consist out of 2 parts one of them the…[View]
142847765Guess he didn't like me calling him 'pepperoni nipples' yesterday[View]
142847751When did you guys realize ISIS is the beta uprising? >get issued a wife >women kept in dorms f…[View]
142847376Race Card: King Nigger played the race card for eight years. No Media outrage calling him out for th…[View]
142847640Really activated my mental almonds.[View]
142847092/kg/ kek general NOT REDDIT TIER edition: We all noticed in the past two years many synchronicities …[View]
142827387Why can't the alt right look this fucking badass. They look like they could be the new cast of …[View]
142849012God Bless America![View]
142848636Is Nofap legit?[View]
142845199Memorial University embracing 'decolonization' by acknowledging Indigenous territory...: h…[View]
142847802Welp no more cuckbook for me: HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA GREAT JOKE i had an anime pic they dont like tha…[View]
142847562s o r o s s s o r o r o s s o o s s o r hitlermania[View]
142847410300 days in: And Trump hasn't done shit. Should we wait a whole year for him to do anything bef…[View]
142847544history is unequivocal, capitalism works, and is the only moral system: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
142847416Name 3 things: Baby boomers did in order to benefit their grandchildren Go ahead I'll wait…[View]
142844615What the fuck happened to the Dalai Lama?: Seriously what the fuck is this shit? Also nonstop suppor…[View]
142842876What the hell is going on in Puerto Rico? Apparently this isn't the first time the media has ro…[View]
142846861http://www.bild.de/regional/koeln/vergewaltigung/campingplatz-vergewaltiger-53323020.bild.html hahah…[View]
142847344>a 'segregated school' has been redefined as a school that is more than 75% of one race…[View]
142846436>'in the age of trump'[View]
142846814BDS and the Nigger Jew: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ocNttZV4G_0 Check out this disguised Jewish pr…[View]
142832891HAPPENING, WAR BETWEEN US AND IRAN: Iran is about to invade Iraqi Kurdistan. Turkey might invade too…[View]
142847292boycottt NFL Dave Matthews NBA Oracle and Microsoft: FUCK THEM! TRUMP 2020 lower gov spending 99% en…[View]
142847184Where were you when eschatological woo-woo bullshit and associated pseudo-spiritual larping ended fo…[View]
142830034ask a rabbi of 10 years anything: Ask a rabbi anything /pol/? I would like to know what evidence you…[View]
142836079For people from the netherlands: What do you think the government should do about the refugee crisis…[View]
142845941When PewDiePie said 'nigger', he got bashed all over the media 24/7 & lost sponsors When xxxtent…[View]
142844054> The issue of kneeling How the fuck did America elect a tool? We're on the verge of going …[View]
142840807Why the dip in disapproval? What happened here? Is it purely muh North Korea?[View]
142843426wasn't there's something that was supposed to happen on the 23rd?: help a jew out for a ch…[View]
142843682Would he and hitler have been best buds?[View]
142843681Eastern Europe has lower crime rate than Western Europe: And yet you never hear about this in the me…[View]
142845545This time is Romania's only chance: Republicans will only be in power in the US till 2025. It…[View]
142846037What does /pol/ think of military in its entirety. The US army, marine corps, other country's m…[View]
142818147No feel bad for germany[View]
142844782Is she going to kill herself like Hitler now after realizing what she has done?[View]
142839884did you tell your parents?[View]
142842878Female refugee film: How many oscars will it win?[View]
142844166HOW, SWEDEN??? HOW COULD YOU LET THIS BE SACRIFICED? Shame on you balless cucks who didnt even move …[View]
142845632Pol do some digging for me is this tweet real or fake. Also am newfag.[View]
142839953Is most of the British media run by Jews too?: We often hear about US media, but honestly British me…[View]
142845980What are your favourite movies about ancient Europe /pol/? Any time between prehistory until the mid…[View]
142843440Germans are like lemmings - they see the abyss and step right in: Even on here, when someone points …[View]
142845937What is the political issues surrounding age of consent?[View]
142845936Have u seen this video ? wat u think ? is he ok? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyfmhtcIHQI&ab_…[View]
142829119/pol/ humor thread[View]
142842539>'All Mexican immigrants are murderers and rapists.' How can you support this monster?…[View]
142840096can someone redpill me on Gauland: since he is now potential Kingmaker in Germany, what is his profe…[View]
142845044Great Israler incoming: Are you ready to bow to it /pol/?[View]
142839272Why the fuck is Telstra allowed to send this shit[View]
142844651Fun Fact of the Day: There's a village called Hijum in the Netherlands. Its flag is a frog with…[View]
142840898Liberal tears: Can we have a thread for liberal tears regarding the election in Germany yesterday?…[View]
142840288Syria General /sg/- What He's Really Thinking About Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library …[View]
142837974WO3: Wil trump (usa) and kim(north korea) start the next world war or some dirt hole in the middle e…[View]
142799147Is this how a man acts 36 hours before killing himself? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfIXLLRNLgo…[View]
142841023Lactatia Feeling Her Fantasy at DragCon NYC 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYpe-aGY9Eg Do muz…[View]
142843869Ask a mentally superior swede anything[View]
142844974Why do you guys idealize the Roman Empire at the point of we wuzing ? Yeah they were impressive for …[View]
142842294operation weserübung: why does poland take so much crap? look at these weak north cucks. pathetic!…[View]
142844888Appropriation and reformation: How do we turn degenerate things on youtube like ASMR and convert/ co…[View]
142840930Why is plus size considered a sexual orientation now?[View]
142844766Missuse of the word identification: I think people generally just fail to understand the word 'ident…[View]
142841799> this woman has great big tits > germans love great big tits Why didnt she win??…[View]
142842398the absolute state of russian tv: 'Zvezda' describes itself as 'patriotic' and is considered one of …[View]
142844245China makes disrespect of national anthem a crime: >BEIJING/HONG KONG (Reuters) - Anyone who mock…[View]
142837818Are black metal fans/nordics the niggers of the white race?[View]
142841971>Do /pol/acks believe in chemtrails?[View]
142836259>left wing pagans think blackies and mudslimes can be norse fuck off, this is ANCESTOR worship, h…[View]
142834114Is this delicious cake a metaphor for /pol?: White on the outside, gay as fuck on the inside. https:…[View]
142844326Is a new drug resistant super plague the only hope for the white race? If it breaks out in Europe: o…[View]
142843762He didn't even do anything wrong, I kinda loved him?[View]
142837421>house party with 80 guests >food and drink overflowing >1 malnourished guy knocks >sorr…[View]
142844496Stand for the Flag: I stand for the flag because I understand that I won a lottery of life living in…[View]
142839232>'vote for Drumpf and all your wildest dreams will come true!!!' /pol/ in 2016 was soooo adorable…[View]
142829874How do we exterminate civic nationalists?: To me it's the ultimate cuckoldry, thinking you…[View]
142842743What is it about American culture that can even turn a Balkanshit into an emancipated human?[View]
142843799/pol/ live stream music channel. make it real[View]
142842795lole: what is this nigger talking about[View]
142837919Views on Democracy?[View]
142841852Britcucks literally full of shit! LITERALLY!: >People in the UK spend more time sitting on the to…[View]
142838374In the past few days, yet another part IRA-glorification media giant and the pan-nationalist coaliti…[View]
142843994why do you worship Trump? why does your skepticism of authority not extend to a man who dedicated hi…[View]
142835819Are you ready to heal my friends?[View]
142838222Welcome to the club Germany!: The club of endless goverment coalition forming So from my understandi…[View]
142841367BASED ALEX SMITH SLAMS DRUMPF: Smith called Trump’s criticism of NFL players who kneel during the an…[View]
142841164Nogs on pigs: What say you pol? You are supposed to know all about this stuff. https://www.youtube.…[View]
142843890Ave, Desu Imperator Trump, morituri te salutant.: >yfw Trump literally got his enemies to kneel a…[View]
142843126Political spectrum: Whats the best website to test political views?[View]
142837435DACA: I always found it funny how whites are so angry about mexicans coming here illegally when amer…[View]
142843585Based Obama[View]
142839001Who runs Germany's media?: Tell me pol, do the kikes run Germany's media and entertainment…[View]
142830853Do you stand with israHell and zioNazi or with Palestine, pol?[View]
142839900What's your opinion on Left-Wing Nationalism, /pol/[View]
142842822Surrogate mothers - is this degenerate or ok?: Many celebrities get their eggs fertilized in a lab w…[View]
142840398ireland's flag: why did ireland copy my country's flag? are irish niggers not even origina…[View]
142843566BRENNAN GILMORE: I'm freaking out... I looked up the guy who's grandpa has the picture flo…[View]
142841737What is Croatia's problem?: Why does this insignificant Turklet nation hate Brits so much? Are …[View]
142842806Author denies historicity of memes.: @matthaig1 says memes are not the histories but the books is th…[View]
142840477As a guy with shit genetics I am never going to forgive my parents for making me come into this worl…[View]
142840381So /pol/, how many more months do you give them?[View]
142837035I hurt myself today[View]
142846280What drinks does /pol/ AKA 'Redpill people drink? Ive always been RUM man GIN myself NO STRAIGHTFAGS…[View]
142819717reminder that it's only socially acceptable (even cliche) to make fun of blue haired SJWs and f…[View]
142838783What do you think of East Timor? What happens there?[View]
142841695What the FUCK did she mean by this[View]
142842936Daily reminder, it's never happening.: Get off /pol/ for a few days. You'll forget about h…[View]
142843237Internet survey: Dear Internet hate machine, My country is running an Internet survey on something, …[View]
142843165Requesting a picture, there's an artist making a statue with different little men, hitler smash…[View]
142843145'After being elected, I don't want to hang out with extremists and now I'm independent'[View]
142842528Friendly reminder that turks are actually greek sleeper agents that are waiting for us to push the b…[View]
142840116Political Reality Joke thread- Polish edition: Wanna hear a joke? Pole's taking notes from the …[View]
142842986Why does everything that spics do have to be so try-hard and dramatic?[View]
142839265NK attacks US carrier: Well it's over actually nofag it's over http://www.msn.com/en-ca/ne…[View]
142822437This is confusing to me. Do they usually stay back? Did the coaches say 'Stay in and stand up we don…[View]
142841196Fantasy Niggerball: The NFL would be dead right now if it weren't for white guys playing Fantas…[View]
142797582Black Conservative Tommy Sotomayor no longer supports Donald Trump: >Black Conservative Tommy Sot…[View]
142789538Sudanese Bodybuilder Culturally Enriches Church: >Nashville Police have identified the suspect of…[View]
142837024Holohoax infographs: Can you please share your best holohoax infographs? I like to drop knowledge in…[View]
142836463the upcoming WAR in Spain: The regional Catalan government has a majority of seats in the Catalan Pa…[View]
142841106>tfw I voted 'No' on the gay marriage survey. I'm a bad bad boy! I should be punis…[View]
142828936>Have 60 year old mother >She sends me a Pepe meme about Trump a few months ago >Wonder whe…[View]
142836306Racist Theodore Roosevelt Must Fall: > Take down 'racist' Theodore Roosevelt statue, ac…[View]
142837167Outrage in Germany: A group of bavarians in traditional costumes assaulted a young refugee.: Bystand…[View]
142842440A new country will rise today - Kurdistan: And in 6 days Catalonia will rise. When will Bavaria and…[View]
142834744Mass grave of 28 Hindus killed by Rohingyas found: >http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/rest…[View]
142836632Solutions to the refugee crisis: What should Europe do against the refugee crisis?[View]
142842256Find another image that triggers both the far right and the far left. I'll wait[View]
142842180BLACK LIVES MATTER FOR TARGET PRACTICE: Where are nigger painters? Where are nigger scientists? Wher…[View]
142842201What can the average person do to save the world?[View]
142841617Why haven't all you white nationalist/NS faggots even heard of Neofolk? It's literally the…[View]
142838115In the past hour North korea put more troops on the 'frontline' >http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/…[View]
142840656Stop sucking iranian cock[View]
142840816yes: yes[View]
142841656Why can't we all just be good neighbors to one another?[View]
142841928NFL Kneeling Knee Trump general bullshit attention whores: Scenario: What happens if I appear at a f…[View]
142841825https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=em-R57iIwms Is this the true face of humanity?[View]
142835831So, /pol/. Today I found out that I'm 50% jewish on my father's side and that my grand-par…[View]
142840369NEW TRAVEL BAN: http://time.com/4955280/donald-trump-new-travel-ban-what-to-know/ New travel ban ex…[View]
142839180How many watch list did I put myself on?: Also, thoughts on these books?[View]
142841877Lets discuss Buchenwald: After the liberation of the camp by the Allies, Germans were forced to see …[View]
142831581When is Shaun King going to be exposed for LARP'n[View]
142839607When did you realized Americans are the problem: Jewish lies,manipulation and degeneracy of our soci…[View]
142830625Now that the dust has settled - I hope you all know Germany is fucked: Germany is now in a Italian s…[View]
142838082Hey pol, I feel more and more distant from my peers and age group, mid 20's and the more experi…[View]
142839961Reminder the end is coming. Repent.[View]
142841044Do you think liberalism is caused by a mind-controlling parasite like Leucochloridium paradoxum?[View]
142837399What does auspol think of cory and his party? I reckon they're alright, his more sophisticated …[View]
142837605/KG/ Kek GeneralWe need to test the extent of Kek's power: We all noticed in the past two years…[View]
142817967Is female suffrage the greatest mistake in history of the world? What were they thinking? We might a…[View]
142841154Tanera Mòr: Tanera Mòr >Scotland >summer isles >Sheo-gorath >10 fully restored buildings…[View]
142840112Jogging woman: wey dey always poo-poo for somebody dormot /pol/? >https://www.bbc.com/pidgin/worl…[View]
142839573APOLOGIZE NOW: >Revealed: Britain's most powerful elite is 97% white >just 36 of 1,000 mo…[View]
142811772ITT: we bet the ethnicity that beat the racist cum skin out of her[View]
142839206I'm sorry americans but I'm your friend and I have to inform you you picked the wrong figh…[View]
142837248Does the math on the board checks out?[View]
142840885HWNDU s6 have been going for too long: Okay my fellow nignogs, HWNDU s6 have been going for far too …[View]
142840882We need to adopt a scorched earth policy. When everything is ash, the strongest, most suitable doctr…[View]
142840371Is Cloyd Rivers, as the French say, 'Pill du Rouge'?[View]
142838902>does not smoke or otherwise use weed >supports the legalization of weed Okay, /pol/, pick one…[View]
142837291They imprisoned the main dindu, put her on a Southern white man's ship, turned the Klingons int…[View]
142838909;_;: https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/no-freedom-or-hope-for-migrants-in-hungary-transit-camp…[View]
142819840sooo: did we win?[View]
142834246>Be me >Be an Italian >When i masturbate on an election day the candidate i prefer loses, l…[View]
142839478Is he a bad guy?[View]
142833124Why don't you still have a tattoo /pol/? Don't you want to show what you believe in? I thi…[View]
142834133Nationalism is dumb. Why should you care about a stranger who you have never met and will never meet…[View]
142820146>STD >18 minutes 48 seconds until a fucking white male was shown or had any lines >1.5 seco…[View]
142838749White people: >Lived in mud huts for thousands of years, waging war on eachother to please the tr…[View]
142838349Argentina hate thread: >mentally handicapped and arrogant people >never ending corruption ever…[View]
142840158good on ya bob[View]
142840252Could you pls post what is considered the main extremist political party in your country? this is mi…[View]
142837044Enclave Communities.: When I read white people should do this or that, and all of these /sig/ thread…[View]
142830960Syria General /sg/- Watching Stuff Explode Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals…[View]
142827326Holy shit, we can actually do something a s a collective: Muh NFL doesn't need black players…[View]
142834441One million seats on Ryanair for 5 euro. Have fun Germany and France. Too stupid to archive. http:/…[View]
142827971The left are eating their own again. all that virtue signalling and you get attacked as a bigot anyw…[View]
142801989Russia Releases Photos Showing US Special Ops At ISIS Positions In Syria: ISIS = CIA = MCCAIN = OBAM…[View]
142825747Mexican Views of the U.S. Turn Sharply Negative: Widespread dissatisfaction with economy and politic…[View]
142839864Leave the destruction of the Alt-Right to me.[View]
142839287NFL sponsors.: So I think the only way we can truly send a message to the NFL is to go after their s…[View]
142838134to all you racist hate bigots, i am a proud jew and all of you racists are going to perish for your …[View]
142825838Chads btfo: Wow so explain wtf Chad ever did to Trump???? President Trump has issued a presidential …[View]
142835201The internet as a political agent: In terms of society being a socially communicated action, what is…[View]
142837259Are potato niggers the southeast asians of white people?: >a 1972 study of 3466 Irish schoolchild…[View]
1428396671998 = Generation Z: I'm sick and tired of you faggots not knowing the difference cutoff betwee…[View]
142839642How do you get stabbed and not lose any blood? Allah is truly miraculous: According to multiple repo…[View]
142822276CDU BTFO[View]
142827553What goes through the mind of a mudslime apologist?: Especially those who were already adults when 9…[View]
142835444SINGULARITY: Ultimate Happening.: Let's be honest for a second, if nothing else happens that is…[View]
142838255I'm gonna need the redpills on this man: Yeah yeah I know, 'Redpill me on x' isn't welcome…[View]
142839072Based African American: Patriotic African American Athlete doesn't support Traitor NFL unpatrio…[View]
142833955Newfriends, get in here: So why is the NY times saying that 6 000 000 million jews will be killed if…[View]
142839314REMINDER: IF YOU FALL FOR LEFTYPOL LARPS...: ... you're a brainlet with likely nigger genes. Yo…[View]
142829244Il Duce, First Cock of Fascism: Your sickly vegetarian faggot painter was always jelous on Mussolini…[View]
142838946>a lesbian who worked for goldman's sach and is married to a sri lankan immigrant is going t…[View]
142799799Why Trump spoke out and about kneeling in football and what it means for the near future: I'd l…[View]
142839167>in Japan on dirty gaijin lad trip >be hiking on a spooky abandoned trail near mt Fuji >tr…[View]
142830378Blümchen: It is the smile that makes a woman attractive.[View]
142839088Should I join the movement? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nordic_Resistance_Movement[View]
142836247Redpill me on kek real life meme magic[View]
142838562Why do amerisharts have such a poor grasp on their mother tongue that they regularly fuck up a simpl…[View]
142817372Lena Dunham crying like a KIKE: She needs to be reminded of the things she's said about white p…[View]
142836613What age did you realize that capitalism creates a hyper police state?[View]
142839682Are italians considered white? They uphold traditional white values better than other '''white''' co…[View]
142829211Should the US go full colonial? I feel like Mattis has wet dreams about this idea.[View]
142838442Why are all the quantum computer lectures and explanations done by jews?. ow most dont explain it an…[View]
142826349Kiwi/pol/ General - Waiting for Winnie Edition: >Coalition talks are currently underway, waiting …[View]
142832772/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - STAR EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov ht…[View]
1428347258values: What are your political views? Take the test and post them. I'll start... https://8val…[View]
142838286Germany was a mistake: Discuss.[View]
142834499Let's get a good old fashioned racist joke thread going. >Why do Jewish men like to watch po…[View]
142829242So Berkley was a fail or win?[View]
142831323The True Story of Whites in South Africa (DOCUMENTARY): https://thepowerfultruth.wordpress.com/2017/…[View]
142836172Why are Germans so obsessed with socialism?: First Hitler now Merkel Why are Germans so obsessed wi…[View]
142817830Are they inbred?: All blue-eyed people have a single ancestor in common >New research shows that …[View]
142834797Do you actually care about white genocide and 14 words? I don't really care if there are no whi…[View]
142838102All NFL players have the right to free spe-[View]
142837379NIPPON HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!: Shinzo Abe announced snap election in October http://archive.is/vHwsMr…[View]
142838021Steelers Coach Didn’t Want Army Vet To Stand For Anthem: >When asked by a reporter about Villanue…[View]
142838005In protests, NFL comes together for one of its most powerful days https://www.usatoday.com/story/spo…[View]
142753502Skynet? Soon...: Facebook shuts off AI experiment after two robots begin speaking in their OWN langu…[View]
142836548Why do you commie faggots love communism?: It's the worst fucking system ever. All it did in Cu…[View]
142837796Kneeling On The National Antheme: IDK Wtf Is Going On But Does Trump Hate Kneeling On The National A…[View]
142833294if you're white and you don't support donald trump, conservatism, right-wing politics, and…[View]
142821891Is Jerry /pol/ incarnate? New Rick and Morty just said that he was a closet racist, beta-male. So ye…[View]
142836381Wow. Jeff Rense just went 1488 https://youtu.be/635jCWUWiX0?t=38m33s[View]
142837741What did Saudi Arabia's education system mean by this? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-e…[View]
142837667White Supremacist Mass Church Shooter: Shooter is a White Supremacist Cis Scum Male!!!!!! Also a Nat…[View]
142825484INFOWARS FINDS ANTIFA HIDEOUT: We have thier nexus https://youtu.be/GcCTJWuJiXk >>”Berkeley is…[View]
142837599The west is F U C K E D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nn1TC7VEpf4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
142830510Why are all cults Jew'd? https://youtu.be/PGX9l4TyZtw >Theosophy >founder female…[View]
142832554#SirNigel: How successful would a social media campaign to demand Nigel Farage be knighted be? Even …[View]
142835613This meme as criticism of the NFL kneeling protest will drive people nuts. Kneeling isn't prote…[View]
142837381Literally all women like Farahani who escaped islamic shit holes so they could be promiscuous and li…[View]
142824167Protesting Trump at NY Giants game: I went to the Giants game today. I had seats behind the goalpost…[View]
142837264THE REAL IQ MAP OF EUROPE: This is how the REAL IQ map of Europe looks like. If you disagree with it…[View]
142836712Well /pol/, are you ready to watch this hilarious comedy based on the true, real-life story of proud…[View]
142832837How do we stop white women: from replacing white children with dogs? https://www.youtube.com /watch?…[View]
142834113Does autism really exist?[View]
142830288Robert Caleb Engle, the church shooting hero[View]
142834250So, how would this look like? Is he more or less sane than The Rock?[View]
142832033Would Trump be able to pass through the Sphinx gate?[View]
142835421There is no reason why people shouldn't work for a living until they are at least 75. Old peopl…[View]
142819793Black Antifa and White Antifa aren't getting along https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3i6J2fcrKi8…[View]
142829869Reminder that Based Kim is /ourguy/ and North Korea is one of the last remaining National Socialist …[View]
142833656alright guys its back to the greatest game of capture the flag.[View]
142834283White men and black women are the master race...: White women, black men, asians and latinos are inh…[View]
142832920Women's right is a mistake: How do we get rid of women's right ? Women are basically evil…[View]
142833078Based black man in Wolfenstein: The New Order dropping truth bombs: 'You don't get it do you? B…[View]
142819293Which countries do you think SHOULD hold permanent UN security council seats 20 years from now? curr…[View]
142836703Kneeling during National Anthem: > people kneeling during National. Anthem > these people don…[View]
142821575Name a more dynamic duo. I’ll wait.[View]
142821352whats with the new wave puritans[View]
142822923K-Pop is a Jewish plot to get white girls to like asian men[View]
142833853Political correctness: I am in the class right now and I was having a 'discussion' (they just called…[View]
142828981What are old racist white redneck bigots going to spend their time on now that they are boycotting s…[View]
142834475Let the faggot talk its funny: >milo is gay jew wanabe blacked >and they hate him >let the …[View]
142829483So basically everything is going to have a black version?[View]
142836465When did Star Trek become so based?[View]
142835767How are you better than niggers?: Niggers: da whitey is keeping muh down. Pol: da jews are keeping u…[View]
142831928Ring of Fire Megathread: Mount Agung is set to erupt soon in Bali. Earthquakes in Mexico, Japan Sea,…[View]
142836441I am a socially retarded virgin; and I would probably be called a fascist or a racist had I openly d…[View]
142834351Nambia: Friend or Foe? Should we bomb the shit out of them for good measure?[View]
142832955US Slavery: I always hear the term 'Slavery built this country' in reference to the United States, b…[View]
142824867why men like whores?: Thanks to cheap sex, marriage may be doomed. >The share of Americans ages 2…[View]
142834256We all know trump is a dotard, but how retarded is the USA as a nation to give two fucks about the o…[View]
142828685Sorry, but I have to let off steam here. Everyone seems to be bashing European politicians for letti…[View]
142835391>went to the Oregon International Airshow yesterday >they sang the nation anthem while SOCOM P…[View]
142835795You ausfags punting on this shit show?[View]
142821006Baby boomer's opiate supply was cut off today: Boomers, the most degenerate generation in the h…[View]
142829897nigger: i hate nigger[View]
142836057How do we stop the red menace? Realistically.[View]
142835595This cunts take on Kneels?: I wonder did this irish cuck coal cunt voice his 'edgy' opinion on nigge…[View]
142835898Thrift is a virtue. Being poor and not paying your bills is immoral.[View]
142824036Pendulum: >be me >grew up in leftist home >was always leftist >loved science since very …[View]
142835968> this triggers the shitskin[View]
142832970what is wrong with Vietnamese people: what to do about these gooks?[View]
142803662RIP rightist populism 2016-late 2016[View]
142831673I see Germany has a far-right anti-immigrant/anti-refugee party in the Bundestag now. Just wondering…[View]
142835596We comin for you white boi. Watch your back[View]
142835719You know the reason the Jews control so much of the banking and financial world is because of your o…[View]
142829165anyone know whats going on with this cock sucker Eric Clanton..[View]
142833489Adolf Hitler Talking About Palestine: https://thepowerfultruth.wordpress.com/2017/09/24/adolf-hitler…[View]
142821193THEY KNEW WHAT WAS COMING: >THIS IS NOT A DRILL An internet sleuth from MPC found the following s…[View]
142820524We should get #KneelForTrump trending!: What do you think?[View]
142833371they will destroy the internet on the 29th of october[View]
142813630Redpilled vidya/movies/tv/general media thread. Pic related, just about the most redpilled grand str…[View]
142830110what did democrats mean by this?[View]
142835211FDP+Afd?: Will they cooperate?[View]
142834776Genuine question: are we gonna allow in any Asians into our ethnostate? East Asians, especially the …[View]
142833177NSW farmer has guns confiscated by police after he uses unloaded .22 rifle to defend home from robbe…[View]
142835293>moves to aus >puts silver fern on back of car how do we solve the kiwi problem?…[View]
142835287The Allen Dulles Band feat. Jeff Monson — Build A Wall: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=d1cU0B0oDMQ…[View]
142832093>more Kneeling threads on /sp/ than /pol/ why even have /pol/ if the political bullshit is just g…[View]
142833217Genetically Modified Babies: Would you be okay with racemixing if you could genetically engineer you…[View]
142824805It's almost been a year since Pizzagate broke. Here's recaps: I've been investigating…[View]
142835151Frauke Petry: (ourgirl) She doesn't give a fuck! https://youtu.be/Io9T1xGVdIg[View]
142832236why are you such dried up boring cunts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-jN3vH26NQ[View]
142833611Do you know why we use the euphemism 'virtue' to signify female virginity? It's simple, really.…[View]
142833720South Africa Happening: http://rense.com/general96/afk1.html In the wake of yet another butchering o…[View]
142833189Pizzagate & Beyond – The ((( Bigger Picture ))) of Child Trafficking: https://thepowerfultruth.w…[View]
142834804Why is it so easy to get a divorce these days? Logically. doesn't that kind of work against the…[View]
142831322Hate gays? Move to Azerbaijan!: http://www.newnownext.com/azerbaijan-gay-arrests/09/2017/ http://arc…[View]
142830650Leftists are ALMOST reaching some level of self-awareness and actual opposition to Trump. But why mu…[View]
142811910Any anons with military experience should join the cia to become a spy or support https://www.cia.g…[View]
142806789Mass arrests tomorrow: Individual citizens acting of their own free will have gained nation state st…[View]
142834435THANKS OBAMA: Murder rose sharply in the US in 2016, according to the FBI's annual Uniform Crim…[View]
142807978Why are there so many Aushwitz survivors if it was a death camp?[View]
142821086Australia announces the creation of a national space agency: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-09-25/g…[View]
142817570Today, angry 'muh patriotism' boomer burns NFL merchandise at bonfire, then dun goofed up at the end…[View]
142827117Run it: If you were to be brutally honest about your opinion about Muslims, /pol/ how brutal can u g…[View]
142834021Intersting Name: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Kang,+Botswana/@-23.6763227,22.7876104,4994m/data…[View]
142812940Are there any Jews that are /pol/ approved? Pic related is my nomination[View]
142827892They are fucking destroying this woman: First of all I fucking hate this annoying piece of shit. Rea…[View]
142833561Star Trek: Redpilled: >Enemies are dark-skinned religious extremists >The two woman commanders…[View]
142833099whoa.. rly made me think[View]
142827725The communist JEW angela Merkel: The Jewish Angela Merkel... Her real name is Rebbekah Dorothea Ka…[View]
142830488I'm taking a class in epidemiology and they made me read this paper and calculate some statisti…[View]
142828942Redpill me on Hitlerian National Socialism: Without Demonizations & diffrences between both fasc…[View]
142828090Hey Usaians, did niggers bring football from africa? I see they are the only ones playing it[View]
142831472Hey guys, so today I told my parents that I'm actually pagan and they were cool with it! They s…[View]
142832697Would you be more likely to vote for an atheist or a Muslim for president?: It appears the people wo…[View]
142815259I met President Trump today on a WH tour... did I do good?: It was one of those things where he just…[View]
142833439>its just a phase >he'll grow out of it…[View]
142830119Daily reminder The Occidental Observer has all the red pills on JQ: If you wish to influence others …[View]
142811515Can we have an antifa humor thread to get our spirits back up after the day?[View]
142833263Oi: What's in his mind?[View]
142832307Why is this allowed?[View]
142822345Why do you believe the ridiculous lies about Islam? Islam is peaceful but strong religion, Islam doe…[View]
142830775Wow, really now you thinking...[View]
142832846>society has chosen us to be celebrities, therefore we have the correct political beliefs. You wo…[View]
142831900kike masterplan on rick&morty: ANON PLEASE TAKE A CLOSER LOOK! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x…[View]
142832761KFC!: I want to post my poem because it is poem night. I want to hear what you got /pol/. If YOU a…[View]
142831491I know that 99% of what's posted on /x/ does not belong here, but I need some insight from the …[View]
142831520The jews put chemicals in the water that destroy neuron interlinks in the brain: I hope you don…[View]
142784254summarize pol in one picture[View]
142827811What should I do?: A Hispanic female friend of mine wants to divorce her female husband (who doesn…[View]
142825719How do I convince dumb right winged Indians that alliance with US/Israel is extremely dangerous for …[View]
142819555Mother and her Libtard daughter assaulted by...: >'Fuck you, you racist nazi scum!' >'Wahh my …[View]
142830551>Jets players and owner stand for anthem beat the dolphins >Kneelers hide in the lockeroom los…[View]
142784310Im tired of seeing posts about this dumb nigger and the NFL There aren't two side of this issue…[View]
142813226Nigger fucking hate thread: You know what.. I've been racist as a child but tonight has erased …[View]
142823342Let's be honnest /pol/. You aren't falling for the 'space colonization is progress…[View]
142832081Roy Moore is a fucking lunatic: I looked this guy up and he's a fucking nutter theocrat from th…[View]
142768048How do you survive as a conservative living in California? Recently moved to California for work. …[View]
142830971Did the media treat Obama like a spoiled princess during his terms???: Obama Has Deported More Peopl…[View]
142826341Name one reason the Dotard doesn't suck dick. You can't![View]
142826479Weed is the biggest meme of our time: > most of you saying that you can quit smoking the herb 'an…[View]
142831466Each time he fails he pulls shit like this sports-beef to distract from it. Go back and see each tim…[View]
142829871When will fatal entertainment make a comeback?[View]
142831392White European Women Are Magic!: https://thepowerfultruth.wordpress.com/2017/09/25/white-european-wo…[View]
142829357Populism is still alive: After disappointing results for Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders, populism h…[View]
142831489Fox News Confirms That Israel Carried Out The 911 Holocausts: https://thepowerfultruth.wordpress.com…[View]
142831203Go to GreatSchools.org and look up the racial demographic of students in the schools nearby where yo…[View]
142820470Alex Villanueva: Thoughts? https://youtu.be/4HR6fhif9CU[View]
142830645Where's that wall /pol/?[View]
142818573HAPPENING, WAR BETWEEN US AND IRAN: Iran is about to invade Iraqi Kurdistan. Turkey might invade too…[View]
142826780White Racists, fuck off.: Asian-Americans are NOT on your side. We will not be used as tools to perp…[View]
142821160White Ethnostate General Thread: /esg/ - Ethnostate General Thread for discussion of a white ethnost…[View]
142830104148888888 Praise be the digits Its a few months away buts its going to be a fun week(s) when these d…[View]
142829849See what you did Kaperdicks!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjOhjUH9iiY Best one.[View]
142829948Fascism: I don't know if this thread will survive while I'm asleep, but, if it does, I…[View]
142815179Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Jeb Surge Edition: 15.10.2017 Regional election in Niedersachsen 15.1…[View]
142829981Damn: What did black women mean by this?[View]
142830068Just saw this on a Chinese forum: hate thread when? http://weibo.com/tv/v/Fnchmbmma?fid=1034:44adcec…[View]
142819449Weiner to be Sentenced today!: The day has finally arrived! >Weiner, 53, is set to be sentenced M…[View]
142816255THE END OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH: >catholic church about to schism again >signs in the sky >p…[View]
142793387Syria General /sg/ - Before They Love You, They Hate You EDITION: Archive/Study/Research/Library …[View]
142829342MILO JUST ACCIDENTALLY UPLOADED A PRIVATE APOLOGY HAHAHAHAHA! >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CI…[View]
142830197Best far-right video blogger: Who is the best far-right e-celebrity in your opinion?[View]
142830514Antarctica threads?: Yesterday there was an Antarctica thread but it got 404d. I made a thread askin…[View]
142830247maga: trump is fucking based maga bros[View]
142817712The coon that shot up a church in Antioch, TN: This is the coon that shot up that little church in A…[View]
142830445> there are virgens on this board who unironically worship a virgen autist over Chad Mussolini…[View]
142830317Richard Spencer Hate Thread: Post your best Adolf Skywalkers[View]
142819385Guess I'm a Cowboys fan now.[View]
142821726FASCISM is a form of SOCIALISM: As you can see from this more accurate political spectrum, facism be…[View]
142816535The Steelers were standing in the hallway because their coach wouldn't allow them onto the fiel…[View]
142830055Whitey BTFO: How is this considered a form of 'activism' What is the symbolism I really don't …[View]
142828085What's a small souled bugman?[View]
142806760ITT: Powerful Images[View]
142830076Take Your Land Back: One of the biggest lies the jew ever told was that living in the city was good …[View]
142791164is autism the next stage of human evolution: think about it >the smartest people of all time were…[View]
142825999A fake right wing facebook group doxx right wingers: So I was posting on a facebook group that prete…[View]
142811749Australia has a gay marriage Vote but no weed Vote, WHY[View]
142829883Donald Trump unleashes an everlasting high-suggestibility-inducing biochemical attack on the global …[View]
142829621Daily Reminder: The CIA/NSA is putting subliminal messages in cable television to manipulate you, wh…[View]
142829648When did Star Trek get so based?[View]
142826595Why is electoral college the best way to elect your president? Also if you call your leader other th…[View]
142829678How accidentally loophole 12 years old?: American men are taking advantage of legal loopholes to mar…[View]
142818500Why is US-Sports so black? Where is the white man?[View]
142812364Kushner is now Clinton! FUCK!!: you can't defend this. it is indefensible. literally. its. fuc…[View]
142825436memeOPS: Take Shekels From the NFL: Alright can we get some meme veterans to get to work turning bla…[View]
142829537Normise fired my SIS: Normies fired my sis one some BS she gets a job at CGI as a hardware diagnost…[View]
142829454NIGGER HATE THREAD: Let's have a good ol' nigger hate thread. I fucking hate those monkeys…[View]
142818391((( Who ))) Dominated The African Slave Trade?: https://thepowerfultruth.wordpress.com/2017/09/25/wh…[View]
142821304United States Of America: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAYPN-1Yjt0 This song has inspired million…[View]
142823734He's got a point, y'know[View]
142826338The Kurdistan Threat: You thought an indepedent Israel was destabilizing to the Middle East? You ain…[View]
142827337Buy the t-shirt, stay for the execution from the hands of your own comrade: >Che’s famous motorcy…[View]
142827603So what happened the 23rd?[View]
142827297Conquer/Revelution Thread II: Simple fucking rules for the thread: I. State the country you wish to …[View]
142826477Why have Australians become so degenerate?[View]
142828630Umm: Ill just leave this here[View]
142828872Anyone have anymore info on this?: Probably a LARP. But, im just curious if there was any follow up …[View]
142825092TIL We're all Jewish: >In Jewish mythology, each embryo has an angel teaching them all of th…[View]
142827919Women BTFO: Trump to ban chads. How will women ever recover?[View]
142828766the pledge: you should always stand for the pledge, if not for trumo then for America[View]
142811166Checkmate, /pol/.[View]
142822079Muslim vs Black Vet Debate on NFL Fiasco: A huge shitstorm debate is happening over this NFL thing r…[View]
142828638radiation and oxygen: basically the two methods they kill you with: uv radiation from this screen is…[View]
142828328Liberalism (in the classical sense) is currently in it's death throes and I'll tell you wh…[View]
142828205What they signed in their contract > “conduct himself on and off the field with appropriate reco…[View]
142828279Jew architecture thread: Post the modern architectural abominations that completely ruins your city …[View]
142826197If you could have up to TEN and ONLY TEN visitors living or dead, who would they be? (can be less th…[View]
142828437Aus/Pol/ ((((Josh Frydenberg))) - Energy Minister implementing same energy strategy as Russian Crimi…[View]
142822221This triggers the /pol/[View]
142821525Japanese Samurai discusses The International Jew: https://thepowerfultruth.wordpress.com/2017/09/24/…[View]
142828227Bahman Mofid: >Pol Star >The Tehranian terror >He's the Tuti to your fruity >The…[View]
142827830>be Jewish[View]
142827539Do you guys envy my moves?[View]
142820891When the only football player that didnt kneel is a mexican. Proud of him.[View]
142828152Communists Losers Thread: Can someone explain to my why the only thing that communist leaders in his…[View]
142812282Sticky just died R8 the recent German election[View]
142824399How far are you in your own asshole: What if the world was just as it seems? what if the world leade…[View]
142825558What do you consider 'your community'? 5 mile radius?[View]
142827362I've been away from civilization the last few days and just got back. What the fuck is up with …[View]
142827591Rodnoverye/Slavic paganism in Russia, autism or a real thing slowly catching on?: Rodnoverye in Russ…[View]
142817800You had one job Germany: You had one job Germany and you blew it[View]
142805318What timeline is this??: Paedophiles 'could be prescribed child sex dolls' to prevent real…[View]
142819882How can we adopt 90's German culture so that all white Germans can immigrate legally to the Uni…[View]
142817670why do groids always chimp out over the word nigger?: Even a nog who, by all means, has never experi…[View]
142808867What do we do to solve the obesity epidemic?[View]
142817897ITT: funny ways to say 'niggers': fiffers[View]
142818454Daily reminder that this man risks everything fighting the New World Order for the sake of this coun…[View]
142827372How do we stop ikibey /pol/?[View]
142827329Remember when Trump said he would enact tariffs to bring jobs back and didn't? Remember when Tr…[View]
142818220I am Jewish: I am Jewish, can I help you save white race? Or should I just gas myself?[View]
142820356>British ''''''''''''''''''''food''''''''''''''''''''[View]
142825383North Korea TV- U.S military (secret) video: https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=7a5_1479566059 Can some…[View]
142824570Trump and World War 3: US is helping ISIS https://www.rt.com/news/404365-us-special-forces-isis/ And…[View]
142827063share your best BLM chimp moments.[View]
142823964>Drumpftards will defend this[View]
142826221NATSOC marching music thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Be8u-ZoBG_w[View]
142823060>perfected military strategy >perfected government system >perfected jazz music >perfect…[View]
142818621Reminder that the KKK was once a promising White nationalist group, but was annihilated when the fed…[View]
142826713Mike Tomlin upset Army vet stood for anthem: How long until this racist army vet gets cut? He should…[View]
142803091>lol stupid DRUMPF and right wing poltards we won by kneeling to your bigotry >OH SHI- come ba…[View]
142826739>people already regularly and unironically refer to the jewish parasite hijacking humanity toward…[View]
142826732Experience Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Germany: https://thepowerfultruth.wordpress.com/2017/09…[View]
142826615>The US policy is to be thwarted and the world protected from a disaster.…[View]
142826418>build a bunch of nuclear plants >push heavily towards electric and hybrid vehicles like tesla…[View]
142818270Everything went to shit after Trayvon: This verdict changed. This fucking country forever like a dom…[View]
142826491The Hitler We Love & Why We’ll Always Love Him: https://thepowerfultruth.wordpress.com/2017/09/2…[View]
142826423The White Genocide HOLODOMOR Holocausts: https://thepowerfultruth.wordpress.com/2017/09/24/the-white…[View]
142826396Any German Fags here,, currently not at work making Audi's, BMw', Merc's or Porches p…[View]
142824082California sues Donald Trump over his border wall plan: We had a good run but California is going to…[View]
142809052Professor Giraffe: Here's a picture of Mike Isaacson/ANTIFA giraffe professor wearing makeup an…[View]
142770184/SkyKang/: .: North Korea War Kickoff Party :. all stations go in here and tune in 11175 http://webs…[View]
142820480Jewing the Jew: I've become good at slipping redpills into conversation (essential skill in a p…[View]
142819462Kneel Before the God Emperor and the Flag[View]
142816660Why are gays bad for society?: Stats and shit if you have em, fags.[View]
142825168only respond to this thread if you are a liberal: I want to see something[View]
142822111This is what the average American will look like in 2050 according to machine learning algorithms.[View]
142813061This is the church shooter.[View]
142821331Tumblr is fascist.: >Tumblr is obsessed with symbolism >Fascism relies on heavy use of symboli…[View]
142820537why do feminists on /pol/ hate pedophilia so much? do they enjoy the roastie gridlock?[View]
142822711Jesus says not to resist evil and he's against violence. Deus vult muh crusades my ass. No one …[View]
142822871will politics/them/race/religion and literally anything we talk about matter once the machines inevi…[View]
142825465What isn't Jewish: All I see are Jews everywhere. The water is Jew, my car is Jew, my phone is …[View]
142815416What level are you /pol/?[View]
142819104>the left can't mem-[View]
142806290The fucking mad man changed his Twitter banner to the American flag My sides are in orbit[View]
142825082USA! USA! USA![View]
142825266wow, I knew that /ourguy/ would change shit from the whitehouse, but I never imagined in my wildest …[View]
142824299This is the town where Ian Douglas Smith grew up: Fucking niggers[View]
142808729How are Americans going to react when China overtakes their economy?[View]
142825197Kneel for this: Pretend the NFL is kneeling for this boy. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-49…[View]
142819237Ok, so on this whole Russia investigation thing; what if Trump never 'colluded' with Russia, but he …[View]
142821404Black Football Star Rapes White Woman As Payback For 400 Years Of Slavery: “Mr. Batey continued to a…[View]
142822731An experiment on thought crimes: In most American cities, graffiti is considered vandalism and one w…[View]
142823599ITT: We send our energy to based Westernized Kurds and wish them luck on their newly-found Independe…[View]
142824671>atheism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTdFOUl5r80[View]
142824766Anyone else never really get into the whole patriotism thing? Not meaning to sound contrarian here, …[View]
142820728Want to red pill more normies? Call in to sports talk radio shows.: 27 million listeners per week. 7…[View]
142824579Redpill me on Marx. How is he the biggest evil of mankind? I just read Das Capital and he makes very…[View]
142813592Why is there no racism in Star Trek?[View]
142823347Kurdistan Holds Independence Vote: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-41382494 http://archive…[View]
142824285...: Without even reading a page, wanna take a guess what the solution is?[View]
142821072Would Mittens have been a good President?[View]
142824341What does ”broken Barrow' mean /Pol/? I just heard it on 8992 skyking hunting[View]
142805861How do we bring this dumb cracker down?: This wannabe nigger should be #1 on /pol/'s list of fa…[View]
142798371>be me, an Asian premed >I said to my white male friends, 'Man, that affirmative action f…[View]
142796127>Mexicans aren't bro tie-[View]
142820493Burlintgon vt: Job offer in Burlington. Is it really that bad? Vermont seems pretty[View]
142823851>NFL putting up HUGE graphics to cover the empty arena Oh I'm fucking laughin…[View]
142824405putin shills, russiaboos, rt watchers, alex jones fans - why dont they move to russia and live there…[View]
142821982Why do the Democrats support Kurdish independence but they oppose Cataloian independence? I thought …[View]
142823397HOLY SHIT FAGGOTS IS THIS /OURGUY/ https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=27c_1506290944 https://www.livele…[View]
142819977Crowdsource list of jew NFL owners: Can we crowdsource a list of the NFL owners who are jews? It…[View]
142822154Redpill me on commies. Why they hate muslims so much?[View]
142823351This won't go well, will it? http://www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/21092017[View]
142820481>Designs sought for memorial to 26 school massacre victims >NEWTOWN, Conn. (AP) - Officials ar…[View]
142822675Richard Spencer Photoshops.: Post Em. Willing to risk a temp ban to find that funny one where he has…[View]
142818657AfD holds all the cards now: https://archive.is/Z2Fx4 >Germany’s Social Democrats said Sunday the…[View]
142783823Brit/pol/ - Ghostbusters Edition: >Hitchens: My drugs advice to William? You've been duped, …[View]
142819103Trump: Does he even have a plan for Asia besides >dude America First lmao? He's at a real ri…[View]
142815095Daily Reminder[View]
142820361Why isnt the future as we imagined in the 50's?: Why isn't life in America like this? If w…[View]
142818774/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - MAGA EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov ht…[View]
142821076kek you have to pay money to be an anti-capitalist????: what moron would pay to be an anarchist…[View]
142820646>makes hating Trump synonymous with hating America >media in a frenzy over it >now can conc…[View]
142818920New idea: whenever shill faggots start posting cuck porn, insulting white women, posting miscegenati…[View]
142823470what if we make Louis riel a Alt right symbol, he's métis so according to the left he can'…[View]
142819726No fap: Why have you fallen for the no fap meme anon? Our ancestors back then probably blew a load e…[View]
142819560>talks shit about milo defending pedos >got head from a rabbi when he was a newborn Jews reall…[View]
142823242The Gospels According To Cuck: Just wanted your opinion on a collaborative book project pointing out…[View]
142817691Lawrence: STOP[View]
142819651/pol/ BTFO: My based Asian brethren btfo you cumakin subhumans. We Asians stand with our black broth…[View]
142815641>Tony Montana: You a communist? Huh? How'd you like it, man? They tell you all the time what…[View]
142820355Is this true? Why isnt anyone talking about this? The specific rule pertaining to the national anthe…[View]
142814398Do you see an ethnostate as a realistically achievable goal, or is it purely LARPing?[View]
142817559Why does Israel need so much foreign aid?[View]
142818986A reminder to all: Spanish are white European Hispanics and true American Patriots, like any anglo A…[View]
142821527What is this #TakeTheKnee meme trying to get across? That rich niggers bow to Trump? I don't ge…[View]
142821442Bernard Madoff: Dare I say....he's /our/guy? He literally did nothing wrong. A true capitalist.…[View]
142820085Wtf is Sessions doing?: This was sent to Sessions and Rosenstein on July 27th. They've not resp…[View]
142822356Victory!: Great news citizen! We have won against the patriarchy and as such you lucky goyim are now…[View]
142822278First they came for your statues, then your flag, and now your national anthem. Which way is it?[View]
142815933US FLOODING EUPHRATES...TO PROTECT ISIS...: Water discharges from the Euphrates dams controlled by t…[View]
142815203Germany: far right eners Parlament for the first time since WW2: German far right got 90 seats in th…[View]
142802990White Racists, fuck off.: Asian-Americans are NOT on your side. We will not be used as tools to perp…[View]
142821859Why aren't you watching Trumps youtube? What is your excuse for not listening to your president…[View]
142821802The Goyim Know (The Musical Documentary): https://thepowerfultruth.wordpress.com/2017/09/24/the-goyi…[View]
142821780Why you no school Mizzou?: Oh no enrollment is down! Who could have seen this coming? Let's wri…[View]
142821393James Damore never worked for Google. He's clearly a globalist kike and an alt-light shill. He…[View]
142820261>trump tweets about starting war with Iran and Venezuela >pol sends all day talking about tru…[View]
142819095Who will primary Trump and save the GOP?[View]
142816771Hot off the press, the new goodthink terms for talking about people seeking asylum. Make sure you u…[View]
142790171ITT We are Boomers[View]
142820353So will the players play better because they're motivated by getting shit on my America or will…[View]
142800813Midwest Alliance General: George Lincoln Rockwell Edition: Why not create a white ethnostate in the …[View]
142817890Jew Owned NFL Stages Anthem Psyop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIoLwa2KANg Commander of the Virg…[View]
142821104Secret Facts About The Holocaust: https://thepowerfultruth.wordpress.com/2017/09/24/secret-facts-abo…[View]
142821056Mohammed when you talk like that, you make a Christian lose land You're rapists, I hate you Mi…[View]
142817132based elpresador sends a message to the NFL players protesting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzwK…[View]
142812919He will not divide us season 6: Has anyone forgotten about the he will not divide us flag hung up in…[View]
142817350welcome to oslo: https://youtu.be/LNmIdD5AHbk[View]
142818962Born too late to explore the seas.: Born too late to explore the stars. Born just in time to raise h…[View]
142816657Just consider how psychologically damaging watching cuckball is to your children, mainly daughters. …[View]
142802340why is Japan a safe country?[View]
142815347>back in high school a Korean kid called me a cracker in science class, then the black teacher ca…[View]
142820489What's Being Slid Guys?: there's so many dupe, faggot and porn threads... are we being rai…[View]
142820488>Libtards think free speech is a one way street and only they can criticize it…[View]
142820458What is true freedom? Freedom from societies expectations? Freedom from the government? Freedom from…[View]
142820344>be anarchist >hold punch a nazi rally >actual nazis show up >lock yourself in your hous…[View]
142819980Did Nazi guards ever fall for the Jewess trick?: I'm not talking about raping a Jewish woman, I…[View]
142810722THANKS LUGGAGE LAD: Did moot actually get Trump elected? Had he kept the website and continued to an…[View]
142819367SIEG HEIL EUROPA: Will Adolf spirit will rise from the grave ?[View]
142817275Are Greeks white/European by /pol/ standards?[View]
142818595Who /governmentwatchlist/ here? >tfw black helicopters and white vans near my property all day e…[View]
142817843Honduras: Hey /pol/ how would you fix my country? HARD MODE: No mass genocide of unproductive people…[View]
142819724How ass blasted would these apes be if Tebow got signed tomorrow? #SignTebow[View]
142819704TUNNEL ON THE SPHINXES HEAD PREPARE FOR HUGE SLIDE EFFORT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7gEJeZOfp…[View]
142806203#NFLSeasonPassChallenge: https://youtu.be/A778dMvbrJg Get 'em burning.[View]
142817386Any news on Project Veritas? Did the most important leak of last week really happen?[View]
142815910Take your faggot football shit and GTFO.[View]
142806750Alejandro Villanueva American Hero: So, /pol/, is he, dare I say, /ourguy/? Army veteran Alejandro V…[View]
142806550Kikebook about to get MySpace'd; Zucc to sell up to $12.7b in stock over the next 18 months: …[View]
142815958New political stream: New political stream, discuss politics in Europe, Americas and Asia. Make sure…[View]
142819143>when some liberal starts bourgsplaining at you[View]
142808733What is a 'Pursuit of Happiness'? What does that even mean?[View]
142819129>we wuz civilized >best race >sends pictures of cocks to females online, fap to anime, does…[View]
142794445Fellow leafs We need to talk about the CBC. It seems that they're giving legitimacy to the far …[View]
142819085Why did James 'Alt-Nostrils' Damore get scroogled?[View]
142807478why don't jews see asians as a threat?[View]
142815603WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BONE SPURS THAT KEPT HIM OUT OF VIETNAM: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/po…[View]
142819053Crazy Gook Will Shave His Eyebrows at 300 Views: Lets do it /pol/acks[View]
142819016Okay, this is what is making me curious. I think they might have an out on this depending on how the…[View]
142818236/esgt/ - Ethnostate Game Theory:: Good Evening anons! I have gathered you here because you are the b…[View]
142816408>/pol/ shits on the military 24/7 >/pol/ gets butthurt when muh flag is disrespected When will…[View]
142818965>millions of Americans get their political opinions from this man[View]
142817642Why do men send random women death threats on facebook?[View]
142817728Sarkozy Calls for White Genocide in Israeli ZOG Occupied France: https://thepowerfultruth.wordpress.…[View]
142818909Is this a based black woman /pol/?: She makes some good points regarding recent state of race relati…[View]
142818823Has any (((progressive activist))) on earth ever used the term “racial injustice” to describe injust…[View]
142817411Why does The Dotard hate Obama?: President Babydick[View]
142788330Fake beauty Standars: Are 'Fake beauty standars' a real thing or just a lie feminists with shit bodi…[View]
142817055POC unite!: People of Color, unite against racism. Say no more and for the love of god wake up if yo…[View]
142818581what are (((they))) planning? with all these manufactured NFL protests and the news showing Hurrican…[View]
142818555Absolute PROOF The Teletubbies Is Communist Brainwashing Propaganda To Steal Your Child: https://the…[View]
142817062Are we moving in the right direction?[View]
142815296CANADA: what is their fucking problem? are they retarded? is it the weed?[View]
142816456>2017 >being Christian: Doomsday prophet who predicted the apocalypse on Saturday now POSTPONE…[View]
142805260As a white man living in mexico, i have to say that mexicans are the most useless, short sighted and…[View]
142814145HOLY SHIT THE OUTRAGE FROM STEEELERS FANS HAHAHAA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D17T7syofwM THIS …[View]
142818414Race is only skin deep.: Why does Academia and Mainstream Media want to hide this truth and act like…[View]
142818393Padraig Pearse: Is Padraig Pearse /ourguy/? >Almost singlehandedly revived the irish language aft…[View]
142817999/Pol/ polls (surveys): It feels like a lot of threads asking for 'What does /pol/ thinks about _____…[View]
142818172Friendly reminder that we have less than a year before Siri/Google/Alexa tries to genocide us. I hop…[View]
142818319>just binge watched like 2 hours of north korean tourists videos >after every video increasing…[View]
142812636Is he the most important figure on the Alt Right?[View]
142814423why is potassium land the only tolerable mudslime country?[View]
142807881It’s time to have a serious discussion about how degenerate gays are getting. I’m browsing Snapchat…[View]
142818114The Forced Collective Suicide of White European Nations Due To Israeli ZOG Occupation: https://thepo…[View]
142817770The indictments start this week.[View]
142817886Free Speech or Hypocrisy: Let the Leftists decide[View]
142807807U.S Special Forces Fighting Alongside ISIS: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-09-24/russia-releases…[View]
142816743Raid on Tana Mongeau: Let's fucking raid her comment sections. In the past she has been a littl…[View]
142794963/esg/ Ethnostate General: /esg/ - Ethnostate General Thread for discussion of a white ethnostate, a …[View]
142817664Retarded Kotaku jorno blackmails faggy ''artist'': The Artists account of events: https://www.youtub…[View]
142804350>Be me >Freshman at rather liberal college >Try to get involved with clubs >Join Harry P…[View]
142795733IT'S HAPPENING arab muslim imam stabbed outdide mosque in Manchester England: Whoo!! A arab pak…[View]
142813181Deus Vult thread[View]
142817497Free Market: lol[View]
142817564'Say it loud, say it clear refugees are welcome here'[View]
142817552Nazi Fascist League: Can we meme pic related into the latest White supremacist hate symbol of the al…[View]
142808303the absolute state of steelers fans right now https://youtu.be/UWnWm62My-g https://youtu.be/D17T7syo…[View]
142814890JARED KUSHNER USING PRIVATE EMAIL SERVER FOR WHITE HOUSE BUSINESS: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-…[View]
142817514Bahman Mofid: >Pol Star >The Tehranian terror >He's the Tuti to your fruity >The…[View]
142814973Is there any reason to oppose racemixing that's based in facts or even politics that doesn…[View]
142810029I attempted to post on leftypol. One time I did this, I got some good food for thought. This time, I…[View]
142814045>WAAAAAAAHHHHHH! WAAAAAAAAAAAAH! TRUMP WAS MEAN WAHHHHHHHHHH!!! Fucking pathetic. http://archive.…[View]
142789749John Green /pol/?: What is /pol/'s opinions on John Green. My AP European history teacher plays…[View]
142790836Alternative for Germany: These guys are pretty based. They support FREE MARKETS and NATIONALISM. Two…[View]
142814814Pol existentially BTFO: Defend yourselves[View]
142784086What could of been.: English America (Or British America if you're a politically correct pansy)…[View]
142814058Bitches love to fuck: Rape is legal. Who do you rape first?[View]
142802163RACE WAR IS COMING[View]
142817072The threats from north korea: What do you guys think about all the threats coming from north korea.?…[View]
142817193Part And Parcel In Ferguson - Obama and Holder: Any objections to bringing the Obama Corruption to l…[View]
142816045Americans are ruining this board no one gives a shit about neocon kike trump anymore stop posting hi…[View]
142807076How many Americans do you think are actually white supremacists? I'm gonna say about 5%.[View]
142817167Post Nazi Breakaway Civilization?: back again for another two hrs starting now live Excellent show …[View]
142817163What does he mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpx37B7Rgj4[View]
142816778100 Viewers swastika on nipples: 100 VIEWERS SWASTIKA ON NIPPLES GET IN THERE https://www.youtube.co…[View]
142815994Cris Collinsworth - Worthless fucking boomer says President Trump should apologize to NFL players. F…[View]
142808581I shook Laura Sothern's hand at Berkeley today /pol/. AMA![View]
142816283Why are they our greatest ally?[View]
142796298Can someone tell me why 'white nationalism', or 'white identity' is important? I mean, I'm not …[View]
142805780Vet here, you fat diabetic faggots complain about taking a knee yet you wave the 'kek' and confedera…[View]
142794290Anyone else getting sick of the boomer outrage over this 'take a knee' nonsense? I honestly don…[View]
142791906It's finally over, Trump lost.[View]
142813149f e e l s pt 2.: After escaping the prison of my own mind I have realized the reality of my situatio…[View]
142814762McCain the wannabe hero saved zero people in his life.: He actually sold his own soul. May rotten i…[View]
142800701This is the Hero that stopped the gunman at the church[View]
142815253Daily Reminder[View]
142815639I always new football and every other sport was for retards. Bring back gladiators now! U agree?[View]
142809042What are you ready to sacrifice?[View]
142811637Noko: Marxist Billionaire George Soros connections. George Soros gave large sums of money to groups …[View]
142816526I found home: >browsing reddit for months >decided to visit my nations subreddit >saw that …[View]
142816453Anyone have the version with Italian left Communist sitting in a chair?[View]
142815481/pol/ BTFO once again[View]
142816461CHAD is added to he ban: what did he mean by this http://archive.is/G91he[View]
142816473Nigger thread: >mentally handicapped and arrogant people >never ending corruption everywhere …[View]
142800623Who else /anarcho-primitivist/ here?[View]
142816080Gay people: Fuck em[View]
142815276These are all white christians according to the media[View]
142801071>do something with your life, millenial fucking shit[View]
142816267NFL on this day: Watched the shitshow that unfolded today because I'm strong willed and I thoug…[View]
142816157Why are blacks so lazy, horny and stupid ?, why can't they stop being criminals and parasites ?…[View]
142809554Hm, maybe we are wrong about this whole situation?[View]
142815733Good reading list for Nat Soc, Lolbertarianism and Race.: Need a good book list. yes this has been p…[View]
142815449For god sake let this be 4chan[View]
142748729It begins...: >'AfD lost and only got 13%' >'AfD has no influence' Literally the first right w…[View]
142814224As a people, I believe we can find this long lost child. Our collective has shut down business, cult…[View]
142815759They had a choice. Whine and then act like victims, or preach the value of hard work, determination,…[View]
142811789Sargon versus Jared Taylor: Hi pol, I've been trying to start my own YouTube channel. This week…[View]
142805899Wanting fascism/NatSoc is cuckoldry: You want to submit to and become the financial, sex, and work s…[View]
142815529Just watched Schindler's List for the first time. Watching media about the holocaust just makes…[View]
142814869https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MyWVahqjAY Why are you against first amendment rights?[View]
142811361Race war happens tomorrow... Who sides with who? Physical borders? Outcome? (pic is joke...niggers c…[View]
142813581How do we make Darfur a mainstream topic? Introducing people to a current genocide could lead them …[View]
142815385#SavePepe: Hello 4chan I'am here today to ask you to help us to reclaim 'Pepe' Pepe has never b…[View]
142813758Some of you Krauts are alright, but you already left. So do don't worry about anything.[View]
142815255imagine if all the boomers just died? I mean has there ever been a worse generation in history? …[View]
142815223Red Pill me on Red Pill YouTube Vidya's[View]
142809465Newfag here: Ive been lurking for a while and even contributed to a few posts but i still havent bee…[View]
142815169Asian Priviledge: Anyone with half a brain and common sense knows that Asian privilege is real in Am…[View]
142814740How can white boi shooters even compete?: Seems like white bois falling behind on all levels[View]
142810076Fellow /pol/acks why haven't you converted to Islam yet? Make no mistake, Islam is not a good r…[View]
142812743The new face of Gap: Finally these predominantly white clothing shops get some style.[View]
142815003Daily Reminder[View]
142814978LEMON MILK CRAZY GOOK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpx37B7Rgj4 LEE JOON MIN IS AN HERO BUMP THE …[View]
142814664At 9:45PM EST The United States of America will launch tomahawk missiles at North Korean nuclear sil…[View]
142812094Trump just banned CHAD. How will Chad ever recover? Is this the virgin uprising?[View]
142812434Endangered Species.: Redpill me /pol/, is this true or another Jew hoax? I'm serious, I want to…[View]
142796675Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - The Future Edition: 15.10.2017 Regional election in Niedersachsen 15.…[View]
142814560European Politics: Burger here, can some of you europoors redpill me on the politics of your country…[View]
142814463Am I white?[View]
142812730ADMIRAL BUSTED FOR AT-SEA PORN VIEWING: https://www.navytimes.com/news/your-navy/2016/03/09/strike-g…[View]
142814750Daily Reminder[View]
142809066In Spite of Their Monopolized, One Way Outlets of Information...: The Jews seem genuinely shocked so…[View]
142814138/CPD/ CHICAGO POLICE SCANNER GENERAL - 'America seems really dangerous' Edition: FOR YOUR LISTENING …[View]
142813406False flag - Yay or Nay?: Apparently, Tenn. shooter was black immigrant. Trump behind this? Also, so…[View]
142802538Events leading up to NK war: How will events lead up to a war with North Korea? NK has just been add…[View]
142814487I figured out what it means to be smart and dumb. Being smart is having your brain to fundamentally…[View]
142808941>fucking white people come to Brazil because 'its beautiful durr' >we tell them they dont know…[View]
142813677nothing to see here, move along[View]
142808523>it's the Jews >it's the blacks >it's the Mexicans take responsibility for f…[View]
142804996Sudanese Immigrant Shoots Up Church: MEDIA COVER-UP Why the FUCK is /pol/ not on this story? >One…[View]
142799975How do I find faith?: I was born a Catholic, received all my sacraments but I've lost faith in …[View]
142803162What is stopping me, a man with a Jewish heritage, from dropping the nazi shit and siding with the z…[View]
142786654Good to have you back, Krauts.[View]
142813948TIC TOC WHITE AMERICANS YOU HAVE A $14 TRILLION BILL TO PAY: http://www.motherjones.com/crime-justic…[View]
142802868Great men of history: In pol's opinion, who is the greatest man whoever lived? pic related…[View]
142810636Czech Annexation of Saxony when?: >tfw AfD wins Saxony You know you'd like it better in Czec…[View]
142814409Whats his beef? Not watching 2.5 hrs. Whats the summary?[View]
142814073Gookeyed niggers, prove that you're not white.[View]
142814352Why Does /pol/ Hate the Jews?: I'm fairly ignorant on Jewish history, so fuck me for asking thi…[View]
142814318/pol/ : the TV show: CBS has started advertising a TV show called 'Wisdom of the Crowd', which is ab…[View]
142810444Let's share our favorite propaganda. Even inferior ideologies are welcome.[View]
142752898Do you recognize a true hero when you see one, cumskins? This man has started a trend that is shakin…[View]
1428138422020: 2020 US Pres. Election Candidate list >Celeberity/outside box Tier >Donald Trump - curre…[View]
142813993antifa lurk among us[View]
142812178>new clickspring video is up >details the technology of ancient Europeans THANK YOU ANCIENT ME…[View]
142812037risk: whatever happened to risk on /pol/ lads? I remember when it used to be commonplace here, in fa…[View]
1428023708 totally inappropriate Halloween costumes you should avoid this year: It’s (almost!) officially fal…[View]
142814033So, the New York Times posted a piece 2 hours ago showing the side of men in the Tech industry'…[View]
142814026/pol/ book review thread: >DUDE JEWS LMAO >NAFTA, GATT and the WTO are destroying the white mi…[View]
142814021OK boys, we need to drop the Hakenkreuz (swastika). As much as I love the symbol as a National Socia…[View]
142812365>Takes Russian money >pretends he cares about the National Anthem…[View]
142813205Why can't I stop masturbating to this video?[View]
142806929Why is the blonde one so annoying?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3PTnjMmrR0[View]
142813510> mfw Muhammad (pbuh) was whiter than 99.9% of /pol/ https://wikiislam.net/wiki/Qur%27an,_Hadith_…[View]
142812427The two sides of America[View]
142813573post /pol/ humor, starting with one of my own[View]
142813646Is there any way a nigger can redeem themselves? After the whole event with Trump rightfully condemn…[View]
142812992ITT were in an Alternate Universe: Hey, /pol/, remember back in WWII when the Nazis proved that the …[View]
142813481Fucking Greek niggers.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPnN6zOL2Qo[View]
142813545WOAH http://whotfetw.com/blog/?p=3550[View]
142813531List of NFL sponsors: Have fun https://www.nflpa.com/players/sponsors[View]
142812028Ruggedly Jewish: 'We Believe Deeply In Lox And Bagels': What It Means To Be A Secular Jew …[View]
142804507Ask an Antifa anything[View]
142813432I heard Germany had Ellections!: How was it? Give me a quick rundown?[View]
142811787Cletus hates football because now because daddy Trump told him to.[View]
142813309ITT we try to predict the future paradigms: I have two: > Republican voters unfortunately start …[View]
142804712>liberals: they can kneel all they want, it's their right and their job allows it >libera…[View]
142791701NFL......bye........bye...........forever.........: FUCK you NFL & any MLB, NBA, MLS players, wh…[View]
142810225Leftists Celebrating Robert Mugabe[View]
142800812Why are Jews so damn rich, happy and successful[View]
142810249You now realize that if Trump never ran for office, Jeb would have become the republican nominee You…[View]
142803294This is why you shouldn't blame mestizo crimes on the spanish[View]
142812998Just because they don't want Germany becoming a third world shit hope doesn't make them fa…[View]
142811704>Conservative gets fired. >You can't just fire conservatives for having different views!!…[View]
142810037Let's Get Pissed at MADD: Anons, there is a new threat that may be more insurmountable than our…[View]
142805141Pol humor thread[View]
142808731DAMN /POL/ GOT TOLD[View]
142812733the key to end feminism: The way to end feminism is have to pit The fuck ugly feminist against the p…[View]
142812691Let me know how i do: Welcome to America Where.... >>Blacks are ruining this country by each p…[View]
142798827ANTIFA BTFO: Today a bunch of antifa fags were holding a 'punch a nazi' workshop in Houston. A bunch…[View]
142810771Did jews cause the bubonic plague?[View]
142809290TRUE Patriotism: Buy this jersey or you don't care about AMERICA! He's the only NFL player…[View]
142803920Should you stand for National Anthem? This conversation had me dying of laughter.[View]
142781598>There are black people that unironically support the alt-right on this board You do realize the …[View]
142806030How long before this pic I just made becomes famous and used by every liberal on fagbook?[View]
142812342The federal government should only receive revenue from tariffs.: PROVE. ME. WRONG. (Pro-tip: YOU F…[View]
142807858>Calls a bunch of overpaid crybabies out for their fake ass bitchness >calls out their bosses …[View]
142811645Fake Nazis are ruining /pol/: all these fake nazis are ruining /pol/ if they have anatsoc flag there…[View]
142809964Moral of the story? listen to BLACK WOMEN[View]
142812262EuroFags: Do you Hold our monolingualism against us?: It's pretty pathetic that 90% of American…[View]
142811590NFL Hate Thread: Anybody tired of entitled niggers protesting today ? I say we BTFO the faggot NFL a…[View]
142804056Having children is ruining your one future. Reason to not have children PRACTICAL getting tied down …[View]
142811619Brock Turner is now the definition of rape. Does he deserve it? Or is moscato the best type of white…[View]
142805327We should've done this to fuck with the fags that thought the world was ending yesterday, I pro…[View]
142810538Why do these countries love Israel so much? https://www.reuters.com/article/us-hungary-israel/eu-eas…[View]
142808919So wheres the mainstream media when a nigger shoots up a church? http://www.cnn.com/2017/09/24/us/te…[View]
142809492Meanwhile in Politically Correct /pol/...[View]
142811972Obey or gone white Americans[View]
142808216The niggatry is strong in this one. You reallyI won't regret /pol/. Who jokergang here? https:/…[View]
142809390/pol/ went to shit since you dailystormer new fags came here since your little jew center got shutdo…[View]
142807101Why do they hate america so much?[View]
142811767goodbye to bill o'reilly on fox news[View]
142808478What did Reagan mean by this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAAHgAuti84[View]
142811729Literally already in jail by second episode. Is this /our show/?[View]
142811723Jusa begging for the end.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjpI6tmIQco[View]
142809594A trans jewish mtf for milo.... just make it stop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSnOLGXyS-g[View]
142794081White Minority: You wake up tomorrow and come to find that the population of whites and blacks has r…[View]
142783685If you could only choose one; you rather remove all the hispanics or all the blacks from your countr…[View]
142784319India World Power 2020: Does anyone actually take the 'India world super power 2020' or 'India in sp…[View]
142811404trump is done, fuck you /pol/[View]
142807146Socialism in a nutshell[View]
142810105>mfw the UK bans toast and ive never been proder to be an american[View]
142806806So, how long until they kill Jim Carry? He exposed the Illuminati in 2014 and now he's slowly l…[View]
142811304Unexpectedly Racist Sylvia: God’s lioness, How one we grow, Pivot of heels and knees!—The furrow Sp…[View]
142805468How can Drumpf even compete??: Name one, fucking one way that Trump is better than Zuckerberg > m…[View]
142779054POST SAM HYDE'S BEST POLITICAL QUOTES I'll start - 'political power grows out the barrel o…[View]
142769018LAUREN SOUTERN at Berkeley Riot: https://youtu.be/5GCEkz5wd3w And yes Quadroon of Cuckad is invited.…[View]
142811347Drumpf and chicken hawks BTFO[View]
142791670Fox News is the ONLY outlet showing the picture and featuring this article.: All of the libtard news…[View]
142810579Is this politically correct? Nah.: *hits blunt* Dear board niggers and creampies, what are the chanc…[View]
142811256So what constitutes white? More specifically, which European descents do we exclude? Obviously the J…[View]
142808637Kaiser Wilhelm II and German Empire: Does anyonr here think that Germany was better as an autocratic…[View]
142811073The Dear Leader who loved me[View]
142811040/LCAYFG/ Life comes at you fast General - Tennessee Edition: Post examples of ironic politics-relate…[View]
142810130Only The Weak Will Bend The Knee: The Mad Man Is Back. The normies are waking up after Trump attacke…[View]
142799447Why are good men so hard to find?: >Spend a little time with single women in their early to mid-3…[View]
142811018i cant believe they actually fucking did it toast is now prohibited in her majesty's cuckshed R…[View]
142808235If you could change the 2nd amendment, would you ban faggot as guns?: And faggots from ruining their…[View]
142809250What ever happened to: Ethan. Couch[View]
142810972I'm ready to #TakeAKnee, are you?[View]
142810906After 1 month of studying Islam: Hello people, i've had a rough time these last 2-3 years, even…[View]
142810872Discord: You know where this going to end up[View]
142805375PAYBACK TIME: * In the 1980's, Trump gets screwed by the NFL when he tries to start another foo…[View]
142810707>cook non-white 'friends' a saucy meal >they thank me by going into a collective 'your not lik…[View]
142808442Choose your 4 Horseman of the Jewpocalypse.: Mine are Rockwell, Gibson, Duke and Traficant.[View]
142806996Can a 1/4 kike hate kikes?: This has been bothering me for years. I don't know what to do or sa…[View]
1428079048Values: post your /pol/ 8values.github.io[View]
142810417muh i can only watch a sport with a ball: I see all these anons complainng about niggers taking the …[View]
142794924+++ NK TRAVEL BAN +++ HAPPENING +++: Ready your generator, stock up on food and water. IT IS HAPPENI…[View]
142797257I WANT TO BELIEVE: ITT you convince me that the white race is worth saving THREAD THEME: https://www…[View]
142810623Why this stupid coin slot on youtube believe that whites are inferior?: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
142809690Will he save America and the GOP by primarying Trump?[View]
142805338How do we deal with these niggers /pol/?: They're violent, lazy, dumb and probably a different …[View]
142807787When are we gonna start jailing commies like fujimori did?[View]
142805843Why are you people so goddamn racist? There's beautiful folks in every race, you just need to l…[View]
142808798I'm so sad for Germany.[View]
142810151>the west is more atheist and commie larping than ever, especially western europe >/pol/ blame…[View]
142810127Found this record on Ancestry.com: >Be me >Research family tree >Find ancestry record for s…[View]
142797111Religion of pieces strikes again?: Has this identity been made public in the USA? Or is the USA stuc…[View]
142809760Christians: can we please quit supporting the 'praise Jebus! XDDD' meme on /pol/? they're liter…[View]
142808011Human Trafficking: I'm always amazed how fucking dumb these bitches are.[View]
142742998Why should we care about Muslim take over of Europe? We can put thots back to their place and finall…[View]
142747131German Federal Elections 2017: Live Coverage: - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XV9mc9sOmDs - https:…[View]
142807886Jared Kushner: The jury is in. This kid is a fucking retard. Hes using his personal e-mail for secre…[View]
142809162Stop eating food.[View]
142809805Krautspiracies: With the German election over and the AFD making grounds. I started thinking about G…[View]
142809631the UK has banned toast turbo cuck[View]
142809773Guardian open format racial grievances questionnaire: do your thing pol. There appears to be no emai…[View]
142808311How has America been so fooled into thinking that black people are somehow 100% innocent no matter w…[View]
142785129Planning on emigrating to Canada next year. Had been planning on USA but they've basically clos…[View]
142809745I Think my Own Thought, The Russia didn't Do it: I'm not a sock puppet for the Russia Amer…[View]
142808379Self-Immolation Against DRUMPF: >'The bodhisattva shone his light about him so that everyone coul…[View]
142807883Why do you guys say this woman isn't a nationalist? Every single action she's taken has be…[View]
142809357>can't get into the Palm Beach Bath and Tennis Club >opens mar-a-lago >can't get …[View]
142808801TWO SCOOPS TOO MANY: DUMNALD DRUMMPE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uT7Ul3SXg0[View]
142805992yo /pol/ can i get a redpill on wyoming? ive been thinking of moving there because of the gun laws a…[View]
142808227why don't whites try to take over by emulating jew tactics?[View]
142807196Stop bending the knee[View]
142799907Mom says I can't Be Right-Wing Anymore: Do you think it's exceptable that parents can cont…[View]
142808186Gentrification: You know what is the worse parasite in the world? White people. Not blacks not Hispa…[View]
142808683What comes next: Bad things are going to keep happening. Does anyone sense something? Can you see wh…[View]
142807603You guys realize Trump hates the NFL from a failed assault on it, right?[View]
142803736>A far right politcal group in Germany has gained over 13% >While gaining over 90 seats in off…[View]
1428056845D FUCKING CHESS! Will they ever learn?[View]
142771103Migrant Crisis Thought Experiment: What if the Sexes were Reversed?: For about 2 years now, immigran…[View]
142800914New Kingsman Movie: HOLY SHIT (((THEY))) HATE THIS MOVIE. The Left, intolerant as ever, is throwing …[View]
1428080632.5 min The 23rd was a lie NO BREAKS ON THIS TRAIN[View]
142808933New York Times sounds like they are siding with North Korea.[View]
142804493Get the Fuck Out: These niggers need to stand for the fucking anthem. They get paid millions of doll…[View]
142808762>Identity politics is a cancer of the lef- oh.[View]
142809018This alcoholic began WWII: Really rustles the jimmies doesn't it?[View]
142808526fuck you faggots i got a GF and feel chad: check out my gf what you queers think... I honestly feel …[View]
142771758Oh look the sport of the Nazis has a owner who steps on freedom of speech.[View]
142805000Hillary Clinton: She's on Twitter trying to cause a ruckus. Shut all of her retarded followers …[View]
142806295Arab Christian with degree in Sharia Busting Islam: Christian Prince, an Arab Christian with degrees…[View]
142807712>you're having a few drinks after work and this man walks in with his party and declares a n…[View]
142808047Congratulations muslim ppl cause Merkel wins[View]
142806538Really Makes You Think: > So, are the current Jews in Europe and US disloyal? The multiculturalis…[View]
142808404Niggers don't commit mass shoo....: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/ct-tennessee…[View]
142808400Lack of Mudslime Happenings: Gotta give him credit for one thing, I can't think of a real Musli…[View]
142808183Where were you when toast became illegal in the UK? >make the most, bin that toast…[View]
142792583Jewish checkpoints in NY: What did they mean by this? https://twitter.com/KOSHER_FREE/status/9117961…[View]
142808368Conservative Roman Catholic theologians accuse pope of spreading heresy: >http://www.chicagotribu…[View]
142798832Say something nice to Herschel, chances are he's reading this right now![View]
142807773>TFW when Anthony Na/pol/i red pills you live on television https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbQD…[View]
142807875Nightly reminder to Puerto Ricans able to access /pol/ that white Anglo Puerto Ricans are welcome to…[View]
142804733CBS is showing Nigger Trek. The Klingons look like niggers and the nigger Star Fleet nigger just lec…[View]
142808207Cultural Marxism: You want to know what Cultural Marxism really is, /pol/? It's mysticism. http…[View]
142806912So, would you rather be #woke or redpilled as fuck? Also, what exactly do each of these words mean? …[View]
142805729Redpill me on Putin: Can someone red pill me on this man? Is he really as bad as America says he is …[View]
142807390Oktoberfest: Canadian in Munich for Oktoberfest. The germans are proud of their heritage and this is…[View]
142805543This Mural's subtle meaning: Have you all deciphered this shit before? Artistically speaking? I…[View]
142807404Father Coughlin: Why does this no good very bad goy get no love on /pol/?[View]
142807879Are there any weenies here who actually get offended by flag burning?: It's just a piece of clo…[View]
142807679The left gets away with so much slander[View]
142803227Catholic church fighting back agaisnt the santanic fashion show in one of their churches: Just so yo…[View]
142807677African-American brothers of /pol/ it is time to rise up against the true evil. They have fed us lie…[View]
142805225Americans have no understanding of politics outside of their shitty country those sub human retards …[View]
142806481Was Bobby Fischer as crazy as he was made out to be?[View]
142805389America WTF is wrong with you?: US cops kills deaf man standing 15 feet away from them, thinking 'he…[View]
142782794Ask a Keynesian Anything: I am a Paul Krugman fan and Keynesian. Ask me anything. Here is what I bel…[View]
142803002Anyone else a little worried?[View]
142799784While Humpty Drumpfty tweets endlessly about Sunday Night Football....: Hillary is doing what he sho…[View]
142805492>Trump doesn't condemn Neo-Nazis but condemns stupid niggers taking a knee during the NFL…[View]
142800925how do we fix the white race?[View]
142803153Press S to spit on Germany's gave.[View]
142807133Name a better shitposter. Pro tip: you can’t[View]
142806627North Korea: Alright I know they probably won’t, but let’s consider this: North Korea has nukes, tha…[View]
142806376NFL BTFO BY ALEX JONES!: Alex Jones decimates the racist, hateful NFL. All white people who watch th…[View]
142807037Bullshit: Hey guys this time its not that Ginger from last night its the other two but they might ap…[View]
142801534Can i get a status report from berkeley[View]
142787091Help me understand money: Is money really necessary for a functioning society? Money seems strange t…[View]
142798499ITT: People who have been destroyed by Trump[View]
142794703fuck multiculturalsim: For almost 3 years I tried to learn Spanish so i could broaden my horizons, m…[View]
142806836> Islam is bas-[View]
142806774I have an idea on how to stop conspiracy tards. Every time anything happens the conspiracy retards s…[View]
142806642HEY GUYS HEY GUYS HEY GUYS PLEASE ADVERTISE ON MY CHANNEL! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpx37B7Rg…[View]
142806525Don't worry, Donald. You will also kneel.[View]
142798137SOCIALISTS BTFO ETERNALLY: https://youtu.be/GFRq2ONUCug Holy shit I love Trump so much. I am legit j…[View]
142804952Which side is more conformist: The Left or the Right?[View]
142782391Church shooting in Nashville, Tennessee today. Gunman has been arrested. He was originally from Suda…[View]
142789972Can somebody explain to me how Facebook, Russia, and the 2016 presidential election are connected?[View]
142802000Post your 2020 Predictions Here!: personally i think (((Zuckerberg))) will be the (((Democrat))) cho…[View]
142804149This is Robert Engle. This is the hero who held the Tennessee church shooter at gunpoint until the p…[View]
142800268just so you know, gaining a pitiful amount of seats in the reichstag doesn't mean a thing. We o…[View]
142803942don't drumpfkins realize they literally elected Voldemort as president, what were they thinking…[View]
142802278LOCK HIM UP LOCK HIM UP LOCK HIM UP http://www.politico.com/story/2017/09/24/jared-kushner-private-e…[View]
142801996Hello 4chan I'am here today to ask you to help us to reclaim 'Pepe' Pepe has never intended to …[View]
142803225What the fuck is this 'Western Civilization' you idiots prattle on about day after day after day? Th…[View]
142806354Lactose Intolerance: Reminder: if you're lactose intolerant you are NOT white. Milk is for whit…[View]
142802794i have been diagnosed with autism, dylann roof (our guy) has been diagnosed with autism too so i don…[View]
142806303Damn how brainwashed are the Norks DAMN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KMVhb57RqI[View]
142806284Say Good Bye: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7Gc1bv-Mj4 >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7Gc1b…[View]
142799494So Trump goes from fucking with nuclear war with NK/China via Twitter to having a flame war with spo…[View]
142804569/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General: ϟϟ BLOOD, FATHERLAND, FAITH ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the …[View]
142805801Reminder that this 'patriot' lied about his medical records.: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/02/us/…[View]
142804282Dumbass Tommy Sotomayor Pulled his Support of Trump Over FootBall haha: Niggas Will Always Be Niggas…[View]
142798787REDPILL My Mom About (((THEM))) Send Your Best Memes to Battle: My mother is a conservative living i…[View]
142805914hey cnn: Where can we sign up???[View]
142805900Rednecks are boycotting football.[View]
142805858>it's all the lefts fault waaaaaaa Maybe if the American Right was at all competent or princ…[View]
142805526Kikebook mods out in full force tonight...[View]
142804391TIM THOMAS HARASSED FOR DECLINING WHITE HOUSE INVITE IN 2012: >tim thomas is a libertarian >sa…[View]
142805259Who are these people? Illuminarti? What are their beliefs? Are they /ourguys/?[View]
142804222Is shariah law the hardest red pill to swallow?[View]
142800263Straigt people made gay people.: Zero evidence gay couples are worse parents.[View]
142805181The absolute STATE of far-right politics[View]
142793119Getting fired from a (retail management) job I’ve held for five years over accusations of discrimina…[View]
142805248Drumpf BTFO[View]
142802523Do you really hate black people? Do you consider yourself a racist? For me, it's deeply upsetti…[View]
142801863so /pol/ I'm a puertorrican stranded in Miami, because my nigger operated airport got btfo by M…[View]
142805458How long are these people gonna keep kneeling until their ratings get so low the Jews in charge forc…[View]
142805408Why now? What is he trying to distract us from now pol?[View]
142802094My face when Hillary, Bill, Trump, and Bernie will likely all be dead within the next decade[View]
142781971Kushner used private email to conduct White House business: I trust that you are all sufficiently ou…[View]
142805344Is Isis just made: Up of neets? Prove me wrong >PRO TIP you can't…[View]
142797198Adolf Hitler Appreciation Thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXNxUiVZO5s[View]
142802188Is H.A. Goodman your guy /pol?: He's relentlessly gone after Clinton since day 1 of finding out…[View]
142802842How do anarcho-primitivists deal with the fact that people who keep their technology will inevitably…[View]
142804022I am so sorry to hear that there are so many racists. As a liberated white male, I would like to apo…[View]
142804899What did /pol/ think of Andrés Muschietti representation of alt righters in the new IT movie?[View]
142804684College Indoctrination: When will this (((Diversity is our strength))) meme die out? Is there anythi…[View]
142773338/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
142802353Nhl is the white mans sport: Hourly reminder this is what a NHL national anthem is like https://yout…[View]
142796151Well /pol/: what can you say to this?[View]
142800292https://www.google.com/amp/m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_59c7bdefe4b01cc57ff2c5ab/amp Fuck this pisses …[View]
142799449Woahh...: This is deep.[View]
1428030098 REASONS WHY TRUMP SHOULD BE IMPEACHED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSJO3v0HoXM Try and counter…[View]
142804396WE are: Are they the A team pol?[View]
142796515who /self-hating jew/ here?[View]
142803250http://archive.is/zuMDY >Presidential son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner has corresponde…[View]
142802231Ausbros, did you vote Yes or No? https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1506249948894.webm…[View]
142800089Is Donald Trump the Antichrist?[View]
142799096/pol? crackers BTFO: BASED OLD MAN[View]
142800618The real winners today: Time to purge these fuckers[View]
142804500nuke cleansing: How old were you when you realized nukes are the only way to save the human race?…[View]
142803860Is austria-hungary possible nowadays?[View]
142802067Have conservative websites like The Daily Wire and CRTV made the mainstream media obsolete?[View]
142802013And this is why, my friends, the burqa is empowering...[View]
142804439Does the police force of your country do enough to keep you safe in you're opinion?[View]
142788747Dindu does nuffin: stop sperging about football there's a real habbening http://www.foxnews.co…[View]
142804383IT'S HAPPENING https://thepointsguy.com/2017/09/trump-new-travel-ban-indefinite/ 'Starting next…[View]
142797751MICHAEL HASTINGS WAS KILLED FOR THIS ARTICLE: https://www.buzzfeed.com/mhastings/congressmen-seek-to…[View]
142766098Wow.. Powerful: What would we do without a women's voice in politics?[View]
142799300The United States of California republic(proposed country): All of us seceded an create this nation …[View]
142787327Iraq: are you ready for Iraq's happening tomorrow?[View]
142803323Any other red-pilled Democrats here?: As a long time Democrat voter, I must admit I took the red pil…[View]
142803486Trump supporter logic. Der Fuhrer Donald Trump logic. Conservatives are a terrorist movement, a canc…[View]
142803406Asian man deciding between Trump/Kim, claims everyone hear is a libtard Why does Trump seem to not c…[View]
142789952Benito Mussolini Thread: So we all know /pol/ loves Hitler, but what about Mussolini? How about a th…[View]
142799240Why are there no koreans on pol?[View]
142803438Australians are reaching the peak of degeneracy[View]
142802030'You really think I don't want to date you because I'm brainwashed by the Jews? I don…[View]
142792384Catalonia Independece: Any opinions about independence of catalonia ?[View]
142793573Why is the far right so violent?[View]
142803615Why did Kim call trump dotard?: This ricenigger is gonna POUR SOY SAUCE IN HIS EYES https://m.youtub…[View]
142803577Men Against Time: >get chopped into pieces over war you didn't start or technically lose …[View]
142799949Trump appears to be in violation of: 18 U.S. Code § 227 Penalty: up to 15 years in prison & disq…[View]
142802751Should you stand for National Anthem?[View]
142803357Take your knee, /pol/.: “Leave the vanity of this world for its wells are useless, they cannot hold …[View]
142802336hows the gay marriage vote going in straya?[View]
142793570He actually makes a good point, ya know.[View]
142802847i made a new political alignment chart it didn't make sense to us a left to right line cause an…[View]
142789567>nazis want a race war and to exterminate entire ethnic groups >cry about getting punched Don…[View]
142799704Cute arguments, /pol/. Really cute. But yeah, you can stop LARPing as 'concerned Americans' now.[View]
142799250Do you live in a fag nation?: Why is there such a strong correlation between homosexuality and white…[View]
142798156Realistically, how far off a Civil War are most of the countries in Europe? Also, which countries ar…[View]
142801392What's up polfags? I need help debunking this Trump Tweet.: Snopes, Politico and the like say t…[View]
142800883How can we get Black people to voluntarily expatriate themselves?[View]
142802696A nigger is shot to death, and it makes the news. The prevailing sentiment needs to be: 'Why didn…[View]
142801339Who else /87%/ here?[View]
142802655wtf now I love Rothschilds Central Banks[View]
142794165dutchcucks STILL dont have a government: what in the actual fuck the election was months ago, how ca…[View]
142802879WE WUZ NOT DICKZ!?: Does Girth and Length Depend on Race? >A newly engaged woman writes Dear Prud…[View]
142795296REMINDER: DOMESTIC PROPAGANDA WAS LEGALIZED IN THE US IN 2013: Just in case anyone forgot! http://f…[View]
142798457Why are only the Slavic states doing anything about the EU implemented Population Replacement? I tho…[View]
142797529Anyone else still find it surreal that Ameriturds elected this absolute retard as their leader? I me…[View]
142786831>29 degrees outside, 35 with humidity Why didn't we prevent global warming.... I don't …[View]
142783716Why did Germany produce literally the worst people in human history?[View]
142784167Degeneracy Thread: Alright /pol/ I'm in a good mood. Show me the worst of what you've got.…[View]
142802282I'm going to go into work tomorrow and kneel in front of the terminal instead of clocking in as…[View]
142789215Trade vs College and other Careers: If I want to achieve my goal of starting a white family, should …[View]
142802051#NAFTA http://www.reuters.com/article/us-trade-nafta/u-s-to-partially-unveil-key-nafta-proposal-talk…[View]
142798830Why are Apple users so progressive?: Why is /pol always right? >Have you called out Nazism yet? …[View]
142801539Political Discord Server: hello everyone i have made a discord server about everything political her…[View]
142799328/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - THE BIG 'T' EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://twitter.com/re…[View]
142799911FUCKING HELL TRUMP: Why the fuck is this idiot devoting so much time to football and basketball? Lit…[View]
142801768SAVIOURS OF THE WHITE RACE: >It was reported that a package and a bucket with parts of the woman…[View]
142800482Nigger Faggot Lovers[View]
142798945i fucking hate left wingers so fucking much FUCKCKCKCKCKCKCKCKCK[View]
142801237/pol/ has become too well known. We've become infested with edgy normals that spew neverending …[View]
142766557What keeps you alive pol?: What keeps you fighting and struggling anons? For me its my new girl, Os…[View]
142793107>it's only one cup a day senpai >I can quitt whenever I want How do we beat the caffeine …[View]
142796631Who is pol candidate in the Citadel Elections?: I'm hearing a lot about these retarded Kraut el…[View]
142801547Is The End Near?: I feel alot of Chaotic things have been happening lately since the Solor Eclipses…[View]
142799928Will drumpflings ever recover?[View]
142801301These are the countries I would nuke: These are the countries I would nuke right now if I were presi…[View]
142797511Unpopular /pol/itical opinions: I am a total leftist and I'm only supporting the Trump administ…[View]
142797262I've literally heard 3 odd people this week vocalize their immense hate for the 'fans' of west-…[View]
142801190Just letting you know this image cheers me up every time.[View]
142798867This Is Just The Beginning /Pol/[View]
142800416ITS LIKE ANUDDA SHOAH https://archive.is/zW19w[View]
142795010Best way to attain water with no estrogen or fluoride?[View]
142795590name 1 (one) thing bad about jews pro tip:[spoiler]you can't[/spoiler][View]
142791746internal motives, what makes the femenist: can someone TRY to explain what motivates a young female …[View]
142795935SWEDEN YES ONCE AGAIN: Syrian man with three wives got three homes from the government http://speisa…[View]
142788350after everything that's happened, how was Merkel still re-elected?[View]
142797679End Times near?: Wasn't it prophesied that Pope Francis would be the last before the end of tim…[View]
142801138What is the worst country and why is it India? https://youtu.be/xWoqKyaqiw4[View]
142793729So North Korea is the only country on the planet whose financial system is not dominated by the Roth…[View]
142795488TRUMP: revised travel ban: Trump said of the restrictions, “the tougher, the better.” source: http:/…[View]
142800670Pretty sure Son Goku will save us all![View]
142798515Nationalism is for losers who need to adopt a group identity because they have no virtues or accompl…[View]
142800860they're gonna beat us aren't they[View]
142799261Dualism: Yin Yang dualism is the correct way to view life. Let me ask you this, what is life without…[View]
142791995White House Rejects Study Showing Positive Impact of Refugees: Why do you people ignore the truth? h…[View]
142796225When did the germancucks went so wrong?[View]
142792998What's Trump aim?: Why did he take such a controversial stance, that tackling and hard hits are…[View]
142800568OPERATION #KNEEL AND LIGHT: We need to spread this movement so far that blumpf can't even silen…[View]
142800517nigger museum is a pilgrimage site.: This has become more than a museum. This has become a pilgrimag…[View]
142731561/SIG/ - Self Improvement General: Keep posting it edition >>Thread Theme<< What helps yo…[View]
142799247Jews around world concerned by AfD.: Jews around world concerned by far-right breakthrough in German…[View]
142799506When your country gets colonized back: https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=e75_1506295171[View]
142800434End of Days Is President Trump the Last President?: With all this Chaos In the News lately Is Trump …[View]
142800298Trump: If trump bombs NK, do you think China will obliterate the US?[View]
142749094END OF A SPORT: So is this going to affect nigger collision in a bad or good way?[View]
142797937Hourly argentina hate thread: >mentally handicapped and arrogant people >never ending corrupti…[View]
142799421Uh oh...[View]
142798159MILO, CERNOVICH, GELLAR: So I watched 'free speech week' press conference - 3 Jews sitting…[View]
142800193I just realized something > Shitskins > Cumskins > Pisskins > Bloodskin There is a body …[View]
142794462Really makes you think.[View]
142795969We Hockey now: ITT we decide the fate of The NHL's newest expansion franchise: 'Team /pol/. ' …[View]
142799807Where did the 'All Sudanese people are Muslims' meme originate from?[View]
142800082What are some new memes you've seen rise up lately? >whenever Reddit/Twitter dislikes someth…[View]
142802930Everybody complaining about the kneeling on /sp/ is literally getting shadow banned. >>>/s…[View]
142800029trump more like TRAMP eh lads[View]
142799448Why does everyone hate light skinned germans?[View]
142799154Fucking proud of you Krauts tonight. Maybe there is hope for Germany after all. Deutschland über al…[View]
142787332If poverty is the cause of a lot of crime, then why are poor white communities less likely to commit…[View]
142746417I am a white man married to a Taiwanese. I speak mandarin and have worked very hard at learning the …[View]
142797317The worst month of the NFL is almost here.: Forget the players kneeling. The Breast Cancer Awareness…[View]
142799883Fake news CNN at it again: If you google 'Tennessee Church Shooting' this comes up for CNN Really ma…[View]
142786223Red pill me on this guy: Is this real?[View]
142795504I'm not seriously proposing this because I don't think there's a point but do you thi…[View]
142788855Are black americans westerners?[View]
142799744Why are redneck sub-humans so angry at some athletes for kneeling down and why does their redneck Pr…[View]
142786040This is amazing Trump has made it so kneeling is even more offensive to normalfags and Joe Six Pack[View]
142798722why do I have the feeling that all this anti/pro trump stuff is being done to distract us from somet…[View]
142799460How do we prove the holocaust didnt happen? The jewish narrative will always hold up unless the holo…[View]
142799445>The Bible condemns race-mixing, lying, leaving enemy women and children alive, hoarding wealth. …[View]
142793912I wanted to post this into a thread but I was to slow and the thread was gone.So here is my seven da…[View]
142789081Is he secretly and indirectly alt-right?[View]
142798635NO BLACKS, NO MUSLIMS, Based Northern Ireland: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-4137820…[View]
1427990304chan and /pol/ keep getting increasingly anti-white. The 2016 election was a mistake[View]
142799337Where can I get a good deal on colostomy bags?: By the way, anyone else hate them millennials? Rush …[View]
142797463Will someone redpill me on this sweet old man?[View]
142783583Race vs IQ: Why not have 'IQ nationalism' instead of white nationalism?[View]
142790997Yeah, protesting Black injustice: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colin_Kaepernick#Early_life >Kaep…[View]
142794460he wuz a gud boi[View]
142799128> Your doggo sucks your dick - no problem > You fuck her in the pussy to show your appreciatio…[View]
142795700What would world peace look like, in your opinion?[View]
142753875kNeel Football League: >Entire Steelers team stays in locker room during National Anthem >Ale…[View]
142798257Why don't the English do anything about their little girls getting raped by the thousands? New …[View]
142798994This is the origin story of the US national anthem. This is what people are 'protesting' today. http…[View]
142787696What does it mean to be an adult? and how do they differ from manchildren?[View]
142788938What happens when you combine Capitalism, Liberty, and Nationalism?[View]
142797188TRUMP YES!!!!! FILTHY SOMALIANS STAY THE FUCK OUT OF MY COUNTRY https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press…[View]
142798221If girls are as strong as boys (like shown in modern movies and tv shows), then why are girls allowe…[View]
142793728Press F to pay respects.[View]
142792392You all bought into (((their))) whole divide and conquer 'order out of chaos' strategy for world dom…[View]
142787570Is there any hope for Canadian professionals: French Canadian just wanting a future for pregnant gir…[View]
142795897Why pol does support israHell? Is pol kike?[View]
142798649this unicode crashes discord servers if you spam it: ৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣৣ…[View]
142787915Jews did the Slave Trade (transatlantic): https://wethoughttheywerewhite.tumblr.com/ TLDR, the Jews …[View]
142784817What does /pol/ think about LGBT nazis?: Pic related[View]
142798588/SIG/ threads are the best goddamn threads on 4Chan. I'm a minority and I don't care it an…[View]
142796895Antifa Piece of shit: Could someone dox this guy? He has been all over in the Portland area harrasin…[View]
142798189National anthem today on NFL...?: I watched the start of 3 games and none of them showed the anthem,…[View]
142791551Modern Society Made Me Racist: I'm 20 years old. I only really started getting into politics of…[View]
142798467IT'S OVER. Germany is lost. (The cancer that is the Young Germans): Cliffs: > islam is cance…[View]
142798417The ABSOLUTE STATE of Boston Anti-fa[View]
142794596abuse this: lets abuse the heg outa this[View]
142797203(((Colour of Power))): Operation Black Vote in the UK has created a list of 1049 most powerful figur…[View]
142797648>/pol/ >white https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMOllAKpvek…[View]
142797675Is VR going to be the future? Or is it just more bread and circues as we get jew'd even further…[View]
142794120The absolute state of Greece: Woman gets mauled to death by feral dogs. She was a Britbong so it…[View]
142792934Bongs Redpill Me On This Man[View]
142798055Propaganda thread: We were never asked edition. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KsljBj3UEI…[View]
142769656Pope Accused of Heresy. More than 60 priests accused Pope Francis of seven specific heresies. Is thi…[View]
142795327Is Russia the France of Europe?[View]
142794880> I stand with Is-[View]
142797814How did we go from this....[View]
142794469KEK HAS TAKEN OVER THE MATRIX: Eli Whitney is now White(maybe that's not news for some but...) …[View]
142774077What's with all the hate against white people on this board? Don't you like us?[View]
142797819>When you realize society is doomed to failure which will inevitably result in the coming of a ne…[View]
142797241http://archive.is/3hGII Why western SJWs keep bragging for shit that Japan already does for decades?…[View]
142795806>You can't criticize muslims for things they've done or you'll radicalize them Wha…[View]
142796414Free Speech should be banned.: We've tried free speech for a long time, it's never really …[View]
142790901What is up with Jim Carrey? Did the take the black pill? He’s either gone insane or he’s had enoug…[View]
142795340Why the jew hating white people?[View]
142793530Netflix does it again: This show supports >trannies >faggotry and gay sex >cuckoldry >in…[View]
142795302Angela Merkel won. Gloat thread: shills pretending to be pro-white btfo'ed[View]
142796226Post the largest bluepills of your life: >The Nazis hated the Jews because they just needed a sca…[View]
142796473Are there any right-leaning open source projects or right-leaning groups looking for volunteer progr…[View]
142791766Non-whites for White Nationalism: Post ITT if you're a Person of Color supporting White Identit…[View]
142794904/pol/'s opinion on Trump: >'fuck off shill' >'/pol/ will always support Trump :))' I…[View]
14279615488: i find 4chan funny and alt right is decent im right wing but someone please explain why the numb…[View]
142764705Is it just me or is the whole world depressed? Maybe it's because of the company I keep or coin…[View]
142796623Trump is a nigger: >tacky taste (just look at his penthouse) >love of golden shit to feel the …[View]
142797235If girls are as strong as boys (like shown in modern movies and tv shows), then why are 9 out of 10 …[View]
142796088Were they in the right?[View]
142795108So this happened in purple Colorado >whole crowd of high school kids and not one of them records …[View]
142766102Why do white nationalist cite racial iq differences?: Jews and asians are ahead of them. The flynn e…[View]
142795763USA BTFO'S CHAD: >http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-41382585 >The United States h…[View]
142787264Daily nigger hate thread.[View]
142797033Any non-white anons living in white countries here? What would it take for you to move back to your …[View]
142742700Artist Tori Hong imagines a World Without Cops: Why is /pol/ full of bootlickers who worship cops? D…[View]
142796884When the memes become reality: I guess negros are gonna knee grow![View]
142796835https://www.buzzfeed.com/quizzyhutjuniors/film-quiz-36396?utm_term=.odoz4YRJq#.jkRv9z7qe take this q…[View]
14279679760 Minutes McCain Brain: Worse than Baba Walters gushing 'Be wise with us be good to us' CBS is Prav…[View]
142796742You lied to me, /pol/. Things aren't so bad.[View]
142796422WE WUZ EVERYTHANG[View]
142789266Ruskie appreciation: I don't hate you guys, we had a past as enemies and we may be enemies in t…[View]
142793959WE WUZ COWBOYS: https://youtu.be/pRSThrjT_tk > Shieeeeeeeeet[View]
142793698>baiting the media jew into sports nonsense How about that tall wall? tax reform? healthcare? som…[View]
142773876Why is the mainstream media ardently suppressing criticisms of Islam?: /Pol/ redpill me Why is the m…[View]
142796264(((Jesuit))) Priest attacks the 'Catholic Alt-Right': See if you recognize this rhetorical strategy:…[View]
142794304Never forget, trumptards: D O T A R D O T A R D[View]
142796150Are there any other companies out there that deny the holocaust? I'd like show my support. Than…[View]
142796060Is right-wing authoritarianism inevitable?: As the middle-of-the-road conservatives die and the alt-…[View]
142789555Falseflag thread? Any more examples of liberals faking these kind of things?[View]
142792112https://vid.me/2CRaa >student says he would get killed in 10 muslim countries legally for his sex…[View]
142793337America's Opioid Epidemic: Can someone redpill me on it? What's behind it? Why do I get th…[View]
142792898There is no white genocide: Don’t worry gringo, us White Hispanics will carry the white race with ou…[View]
142792804So since the United States will balkanize within the next 50 years due to racial/cultural demographi…[View]
142795670gender now vs then: 1998= 'oh, that girls just a little tomboyish' 2017= 'shes a boy born in a girls…[View]
142795409Gov. 'Whack Job' Ventura believes free speech on the football field is MORE important than FREE SPEE…[View]
142793715What's a 'dotard'?[View]
142795070Tennessee Church Shooting: Will there be a race war /pol/?[View]
142795518what are /pol/'s thoughts on this book? I thought it was pretty good, very awsome biography of …[View]
142793048what are the Benefits of Liberalism?: what are the Benefits of Liberalism /pol/?[View]
142788265First world problems: Rich Algerian Muslim couple Living in London kills their white French nanny an…[View]
142794749Does pol stand with free people of planet earth, or with jew and zioNazi?[View]
142786558Daily reminder that if you are over 25 and childless, you need to leave this board and never come ba…[View]
142795300Are /ptg/fags cultists?. Yes or no.[View]
142779647Give your house to a black person, /pol/!: Put black people in your will. Share your income with bla…[View]
142792236You are forced to meet a new person in a social situation and he nigger grips you. what do you do?[View]
142790965I CANT TAKE IT REEE: Here's an IG photo from my local 7/10 waifu material Baltimore beat report…[View]
142784911Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - 0 Uhr Hochrechnung Edition: 15.10.2017 Regional election in Niedersac…[View]
142793755LGBT policies: How come people throw fits about LGBT laws that will not have an impact on them? In a…[View]
142794977Japanese Culture Superior to European: I'm ethnically Japanese and I can tell you our culture i…[View]
142788464Antifa November 4th Revolution Discussion: Looks like Antifa is planning an open revolution to begin…[View]
142790687I'm curious as to what /pol/ things of this.[View]
142792320Would you ever join the French Foreign Legion?: The French Foreign Legion is a military service bran…[View]
142788449Post your face when ethnic Germans cease to exist in 10 years time.[View]
142769122What's it like having political beliefs so shallow and poorly thought out that they get destroy…[View]
142779208You Guys Are Going About This #TakeTheKnee Thing The Wrong Way: This movement has power because nobo…[View]
142791049Why are so many young people liberals? Is it the way they were raised? It seems that even if you hav…[View]
142793919Mastering subversion: Who else is here SET on becoming the master of subversion in order to infiltra…[View]
142794222So Long Island or Northern NJ?[View]
142794536So did anything happen today with the NFL? Missed he begginning but at least the Packers won.[View]
142794514>Trump can't be stu-[View]
142786127Just found this on one of my friend's facebook. What should I do?[View]
142787890This is a very powerful image, no memeing, it really reflects the situation in America right now. …[View]
142788768Argaytina hate thread: >mentally handicapped and arrogant people >never ending corruption ever…[View]
142775481>be Polish >wake up >another rainy day in London >Push your 8 brothers out of your bed s…[View]
142794375wtf now I hate israHell[View]
142787106Good news thread: I need a reason to live. Tell me some positive political happenings.[View]
142789748Jesus is NOT a Trump supporter[View]
142789328>Brazil >Bordered by 7 spic countries >only 3% of the population gets SPIC'd >Amer…[View]
142789843why do mexicans get a free oppressor pass from the left? didn't the spaniards do the same shit…[View]
142784886RIP Canada: Late 1990s: >White European Canadians were a 90%+ majority until the 2000s and Canada…[View]
142785672hi guys i'm a semi-professional eSport player who is severely black pilled. i have started lift…[View]
142780995Trump is now implicitly endorsing the NHL over the NFL: I fucking love this man.[View]
142794087Why don't you speak openly about your beliefs to others? For years I was given shit for not bel…[View]
142772893There's no stupid quite like White Nationalist stupid.[View]
142771940Polish and frens thread: since last thread was deleted from 1st page after discussion went after jew…[View]
142793956Why does Trump like Erdogan so much?[View]
142793229NFL's comm, owners & racebaiting handegg ingrates BTFO: President Trump delivered a powerfu…[View]
142790532>Merkel wins fourth term election >in Germany law a 'president' can only serve three terms How…[View]
142793718Swedish Journalist Who Worked To Demystify No-Go Zones Gets Shot In No-Go Zone: http://www.breitbart…[View]
142791115DRUMPF BTFO: *sips Earl Gray tea*[View]
142783451USA vs NORTH KOREA: ok /pol/ who is the real aggressor: USA or North Korea[View]
142791305Why are Jews so much smarter than any of us?[View]
142791559Look this is trashy crap mass media today in Japan. This is one of Japan's TV medias Youtube ch…[View]
142789210If you care about the NFL controversy, you're normie filth and don't belong here.: Fuck of…[View]
142788940why are you so concerned about coal burning?[View]
142793339Tobacco and the Right: Why do leftist hate tobacco but shill hard for marijuana. Is there something …[View]
142786092When did you realize that only unevolved people have children?[View]
142789920Does /pol/ actually believe in 'autism'?[View]
142793082We need all of us spreading this around NOW. everywhere you go in all caps post BOYCOTT NFL Let…[View]
142773672Welp, that backfired.[View]
142766300Maybe if nogs would take a knee when they are confronted by police, these protests wouldn't be …[View]
142775086Holy shit i thought it was just a fucking meme. My sides are on mars![View]
142789975CULTURE, Antifa's hipocracy: What is Antifa's main goal for society in regards to culture …[View]
142791081Prove me wrong[View]
142786671SJW Cancer: Why is Instagram doing mass banning and blocks on all posts opposed to NFL tantrums?…[View]
142772702What exactly are all these athletes protesting?[View]
142783367Nigger hate thread: Driving home and see this. Proof that stereotypes are true fucking niggers…[View]
142752967Two Sides, One Snowflake: With this NFL 'Take The Knee' stuff the Trump and Hillary crowds have comp…[View]
142792678canada...and america, friends? i like the sound of that.[View]
142792636You said you were going to impeach him. What the fuck is taking so long?[View]
142792629IS THIS LETTER TRUE /POL/?[View]
142785645>meanwhile, in Japan[View]
142791900When you kneel for the D, you get the D[View]
142784758If american “white nationalists” say african americans are mostly low iq, poor, and violent criminal…[View]
142785213Pittsburgh Steelers: They stayed in the locker room during the national anthem and then lost to the …[View]
142792472Talk shows and shit: Hey so is their any talk shows or youtube channels that are aligned with /pol/ …[View]
142791152Well? Are they right?[View]
142792277Puerto Rico: >3.5 million guaranteed Democrat votes >homes, economy destroyed >one-way tick…[View]
142767989Despite losing it his shit, dare i say. Is he /ourguy /pol?[View]
142792217How do you envision the world in 50 years, particularly Europe and America? Did we make it?[View]
142787815What country are we living in where this jewish looking nigger commie is praised as some kind of her…[View]
142792008>Men now manchildren! They need to fix themselves if they want a girlfriend! >Modern women are…[View]
142790252*colonises your nation*: What do?[View]
142792055Can we have another talk about this guy?: He's the greatest actor I've ever seen https://w…[View]
142790533WE WUZ COMPOOTERZ: http://archive.is/g2D9p >Johnson’s story – and the largely untold history of c…[View]
142744806Germany owes Poland $1.500.000.000.000,00 USD plus C O M P O U N D INTEREST: Krautcucks >pay denb…[View]
142791934Imagine if Bernie would've won the primary[View]
142790518#BurnAJersey: Why isn't this a thing?[View]
142791854Mao and Stalin Vs Krushchev, and the sino-soviet split: Do you all know about how Mao considered him…[View]
142789330Good luck on the elections, Krauts[View]
142791777white civil right thread: when will we gain the same public attitude towards us that the nigger righ…[View]
142791725homophonic translation, it's a thing: hope you enjoy.[View]
142789155Antifa upset: Antifa gather in Berlin to protest AfD’s electoral night[View]
142790944The burning hatred of White America: By leftists and POC , if you don't like America fuck off. …[View]
142791324Germany is still a spineless country with spineless people: only 13,5% of German voters are Intelige…[View]
142778826Syria General /sg/ - Propaganda Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.…[View]
142787003Чтo cлyчилacь нa 23, peбятa?[View]
142789368American's Destiny: /pol/ Let's take a second to stop shit-posting. What is the future of …[View]
142785226TRANNIES and MEXICANS: My banned response to the trending tranny thread on reddit: I hate my 'ethnic…[View]
142789456I hope north korea nukes usa, it would be an improvement if they hit california. You can't deny…[View]
142773069Shame on you america, you're bringing us back to the darkest age in history[View]
142788665Beaner Hate Thread: >average IQ in the eighties >crime marginally higher than niggers >welf…[View]
142758400Isn't defying the government for what you believe in one of the most patriotic things you can d…[View]
142790982Spain?: How do we fix our cunt full of leftards and separatists? Pic unrelated[View]
142772712Americans are hypocrites. If Mexicans were white and not ugly and short, Americans would not discrim…[View]
142789730the reddest pill: Removing femroaches rights alone would bring everything else in order naturally. Y…[View]
142789292There was booing in every stadium that had protests... Everyone is tired of elitist entertainers vir…[View]
142789565General US split thoughts: USA keeps a majority of the Navy and Marine Corps, MWA keeps a majority o…[View]
142790969Based Trump: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/09/24/trump-travel-ban-expires-sunday-new-restrict…[View]
142789178German AfD loves the Jewish state: https://www.timesofisrael.com/loathed-by-jews-germanys-far-right-…[View]
142790653If the NFL hates the national anthem and flag, why do they use them in their games in the first plac…[View]
142790897SWEDEN YES: Such intellectuals! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrEdFdMHf-w[View]
142786058>immigrates from Sudan two days ago >shoots up church I thought Trump banned travel from Sudan…[View]
142779951B-b-but Her emails! Lock her up, amirite?: https://apple.news/Av9WHdMkyQJixaqUb3LLUfw[View]
142789905No one actually cares about sports, people only care about being perceived by others as caring about…[View]
142787588Jesus Christ non-whites Are you even trying?[View]
142784994Misleading is the new guidance.: This picture proves it.[View]
142788839>the year is 1675 >King Louis XIV of France is recieving reports from Joliet and Marquette…[View]
142766915The Colour of (((Power))): Operation black vote in the UK has created a list of the 1049 most powerf…[View]
142789006You Are Our Niggers ! > make yourself Feel Good By Shitting on Niggers and Mexicans all you Want …[View]
142783608What does /pol/ think about North Africa?[View]
142763523ESG: /esg/ - Ethnostate General A WHITE HOMELAND BLOOD, TRADITION, HONOR Thread for discussion o…[View]
142788809Dating is impossible: If you're a woman today, finding a date and fulfilling relationship is ne…[View]
142781637What's wrong with Republitards?[View]
142780659>Ben Garrison cartoon on normie conservative Facebook Tell me how we aren't making headway i…[View]
142789923Are Germans really this cucked?[View]
142786172We should just give up lads: >far-right btfo in France >far-right btfo in Austria >far-righ…[View]
142790303Quick Rundown plz: Wtf is a 'bugman' and what does this mean??[View]
142789254Why we don't see more like her?: Why we don't see this kind of Mexican women migrating out…[View]
142759236250 people have been lost in the Tasmanian wilderness and never been found again. No remains of bodi…[View]
142789999Drumphtards and NHL need to apologize.[View]
142778156Land Mass: >Russia: > - Largest country on Earth > - Population: 144 million >Canada: …[View]
142789853https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StZcUAPRRac Ok /Pol, feel the toll tonight[View]
142787507The best plan ever: If I had absolute political power I would just sterilize the bottom 10% of peopl…[View]
142787519I hate this cunt so much[View]
142779902Fucking brits: Why are brits a bunch of evil racist imperialist bastards that ruined and exploited o…[View]
142789698HWNDU season 6: We will defeat Shia one last time.[View]
142786902Disprove K-Rino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5mSWLnJXY0[View]
142778532Redpill my gf: My girlfriend loves watching documentaries. Need help finding some that might redpill…[View]
142789545Kneeling? Trump is playing 4D chess to convert the country into a Monarchy? And declare himself King…[View]
142776769Give me your ugliest, most hook-nosed, most Jewish-looking Jews for antisemitic memes: Need your mos…[View]
142789464all shills, libtards, and /leftypol/ fags, i want you to come into this thread and explain to me in …[View]
142789461BLM: obviously more statues need to come down, more millionaire athletes need to protest.[View]
142781500Sweden wants men to pee sitting down: Take a stand — and sit down for what you believe in. Male Swed…[View]
142775273Reminder that racism will stop as soon as we all (black & white) stop obsessing over race: https…[View]
142789044Do you stand with Palestine or the zioNazis of israHell?[View]
142788009Will he get a nose job with all his new ant-sjw shekels?[View]
142785957While rest of NFL rallies against Donald Trump, Bengals issue weak statement: What is the deal with …[View]
142786441#GlobalCitizen: Any of you guys at the #globalcitizen festival yesterday? I am so happy people like…[View]
142787714When will a better coffee shop replace starcucks? theyre too left[View]
142734896/srbg/-Serbia General: Welcome to /srbg/-this general is for everything Serbia related. UPCOMING ELE…[View]
142780556Americans: A solution: America, why don't you just do this? East: mixed, west: white. Shove all…[View]
142788889Will this guy be the next governor of Texas in 2018?[View]
142783847Was Frank Zappa the most redpilled musician in the history of rock and roll?[View]
142788752you aren't patriots: >-wow im so patriot so nationalist >-so do you work as a volunteer i…[View]
142786620I watched some interview of molymeme with some South African guy. the thing that really blew my mind…[View]
142782927/GLR/ - George Lincoln Rockwell General: Hello Fellow White Americans! This thread is dedicated to t…[View]
142766505Brit/pol/ - Karlie Kloss edition: >Hitchens: My drugs advice to William? You've been duped, …[View]
142784374Why did Donald Trump speak at AIPAC?[View]
142762512BERLIN CHIMPOUT IMMINENT!: Antifa chimpout in Berlin! Afd-Antifa clash imminent. >https://youtu.b…[View]
142784554Why do people on /pol/ hate jews but only care about money?[View]
142786617Well, /pol/?[View]
142786231WE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSlvTGWGWF8 Hes right you know[View]
142759822Presented without comment[View]
142785769was there a greater man in history than this one?[View]
142788205KEK MY FORMER HIGHSCHOOL IS PRO-TRUMP: graduated in 2011 from Brooke High which is a rural highschoo…[View]
142777013I can't believe it's actually working.[View]
142786928AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH *breathes in* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *goes back to shed*[View]
142787393What's the difference between a soyboy and numale?[View]
142772805Is it possible for the NFL to go out of business?: If they keep this up, no one will want to watch…[View]
142786577Do Mexicans think that underage girls at home are sacred? Because I herd that Mexicans are always tr…[View]
142785470https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3GQl_pNURE What does /pol/ think about the insane demands that the …[View]
142784024Vote No on NFL Defiance of our Flag and Nation.: http://www.wsoctv.com/vote?ecmp=wsoctv_social_faceb…[View]
142787554I understand his plan now Everyone is wondering why he won't stop the people pissing all over …[View]
142762802Why does America keep murdering blacks?[View]
142776919TRUMP BTFO'D BY DEAR LEADER! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBwkrsRqQf4&feature=youtu.be…[View]
142784032America's Pastime: Is baseball still America's pastime? I had a great day at the Pirates g…[View]
142787750I really like a girl she usually stay on 4chan and get the meme but she is a leftist I really like …[View]
142775193Good job you fucking idiots.[View]
142786993fucking yes lads!: >tfw turns out uni flatmate hates dindus even though I would have bet my life …[View]
142765655tfw: So I was brought to this potato nigger shit hole by my working class uneducated parents. I want…[View]
142787719Black Africa had no civiliza- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingdom_of_Aksum https://en.m.wikipedi…[View]
142787697Red pill me on this guy.: Hi 4chan, this is the first post I have ever made on this site, so sorry f…[View]
142787670pooperpower: yo wtf my American education never taught me about this[View]
142786397ZEIT Online (cuck media) is promoting #87prozent in German election: >Zeit online refers to AfD 1…[View]
142785374So you guys can organzie for protest, but not to help your own communities?: what the fuck have you …[View]
142787498Irony?: Why does Antifa use the Iron Front logo and claim to be communist at the same time? Are they…[View]
142779236Has anyone actually seen an ANTIFA? Or BLM activist?: I for one never have. I find it odd that the m…[View]
142787039>It's just part of their culture, goy[View]
142774727What do you think about North Korea?: https://vimeo.com/102051605[View]
142783538/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - DA BEARS EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.go…[View]
142781274>sister submits DNA sample to (((23andme))) >93.1% northwestern european >2.6% southern eur…[View]
142786945Only God can stop bullets. That's why we need government intervention when Mexicans get angry a…[View]
142760488CHURCH SHOOTING[View]
142773762Why shouldn't traps (or trans or mtf or whatever you want to call) be allowed to marry men and …[View]
142785795But it's ok when he does it.[View]
142786666Question for Agents of the Deep State: Question for Agents in the Deep State Why do you guys want to…[View]
142761269If 'paganism' is so bad, then how come ancient Greece and Rome were so successful and important to t…[View]
142786562The Anarcho-Capitalist Platform: So why aren't you on the AnCap platform.[View]
142786573Flower crown - make it matter!: Common guys, you made a hand gesture to be white supremacist but You…[View]
142755651He had to sink to the NHL?[View]
142786266What does /pol/ think of my DNA results?[View]
142727610FOUR: MORE YEARS[View]
142780108hey, pol jew here. Just been wondering if you whites are so superior, then why are you guys being cu…[View]
142761186CHIMP SHOOTS UP CHURCH AND KILLS ELDERLY: Gunman is a 26 year old black male. Tries and fails to kil…[View]
142784233Daily reminder that 'latinos' are NOT Latin.: I don't understand how mestizos and full-blooded …[View]
142785633Is... is she / ourgirl?: > largest divorce settlement in history…[View]
142786129MOSTLY FALSE: Yes, Trump is wrong yet again. NFL ratings are still good and not 'way down'. If anyth…[View]
142778569ANYONE NOTICE HOW BLACK PEOPLE LIKE TO BE THE CENTER OF ATTENTION?: Back when i was a jock in high s…[View]
142786056How has he done it guys? And whos next on his kill list?[View]
142758518american horror story cult: Literally /ourguy/ Why did the Jews finally allow 4chan to have represe…[View]
142708384Trump: IRAN CAN HIT ISRAEL WE MUST INVADE: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/91171153981570…[View]
142786006Get ready: He's coming back around. Sol is gonna throw a tantrum.[View]
142782167Ever wish you were stupid enough to be a communist?: Do you ever wish you were stupid enough to be a…[View]
142785965What are the differences of the East/Southeast Asian races? Everyone always says how inhuman and sou…[View]
142778518You'd call a vet who fought for your right to protest traitor?[View]
142785860>mfw the nigger felon league is going to be the spark that ignited the race war in amerilardland …[View]
142784996liberal/reddit hate thread: Why does the stero type of reddit being complete and utter unfunny faggo…[View]
142785804Spanish MSM: Russians are aiding Catalonian independence.: >El Pais (usually left-leaning newspap…[View]
142785799My uncle is a huge WW2 buff and based dude overall. He metal detects and has confederate and union m…[View]
142772612still happening i dont know for certain if jupiter collides with this dragon but rev 12:3-4 still ha…[View]
142784786You're looking at the 46th President of the United States.[View]
142783969Notice anything, /pol/?[View]
142785683How many suicides will we have now that the AfD is the third strongest party? also >mfw…[View]
142784640Great Polish Empire: > No muslims > No Niggers > Non-toxic white pride* > Non-toxic male…[View]
142785132US special ops forces & hardware spotted at ISIS positions north of Deir ez-Zor – Russian MoD: W…[View]
142782517Lol, get rekt nazi faggots[View]
142783512You have to admit, it is pretty funny[View]
142784812/pol/ went to shit since you dailystormer newfags came here since your little jew center got shut do…[View]
142779160>drumpfkin munchkins will deny this How do you cope with the fact that your leader has always bee…[View]
142770018How accurate is this photo?[View]
142773412THE NEW EUROPEAN EMPIRE: Ok, I managed to compile a new European plan to achieve peace and prosperit…[View]
142785379B A S E D A S E D[View]
142783713Tell me Hans, why would you vote for THIS ....[View]
142783913Name a better solution for the California question.[View]
142785225Is it possible to live a modernist lifestyle and NOT have to put up with shitskins, mudslimes and je…[View]
142785201Latest NFL - Trump Twitter Spats Over Taking a Knee during Anthem: Is it just me, or does nobody who…[View]
142780513>America >half the country kneels for the anthem >calls soldiers 'baby killers' >college…[View]
142749802Is this proof of intelligent design?[View]
142785069>only 5 republican female senators >3 of those 5 refuse to repeal obamacare what the fuck is w…[View]
142769563You bunch of SAD SACKS: Enjoy the continued Islamification of your country. You are literally worse …[View]
142782550WHAT IF: traditional Catholicism was never properly integrated into the Pagan societies of Western E…[View]
142784915Childhood is liking WW2 Adulthood is realizing WW1 was the more interesting conflict all along[View]
142784771This is Frauke Petry. Say something nice about her.[View]
142780810>german leftists and liberals are chimping out, setting cars on fire and turning over trash cans,…[View]
142784710Kim what the fuck are you waiting for with that nuke[View]
142771701double cheeseburger: What is the current political state in America? My impression is that society h…[View]
142784603I feel a limerick coming on. I posted it in the commie general already. There once was a faggot from…[View]
142750320What did this Soldier die for /pol/?[View]
142776329Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - 23 Uhr Hochrechnung Edition: GERMAN ELECTION GENERAL TODAY GENERAL E…[View]
142748229woah... deep...: really makes you think[View]
142784478Conservative Sexist Humilated on TV: Just saw 'Battle of the Sexes'. Sexist Conservative Tennis play…[View]
142783815The Tennessee Church Shooter, Emanuel Kidega Samson likes TAKES A KNEE: From his facebook page banne…[View]
142780118The Third Great War: It's clear that the world is falling to ruins, before our very eyes. Trump…[View]
142781119How do we fix the South?[View]
142783175reminder that there are people on /pol/ that believe in muh 6 gorrillion[View]
142783375There was booing in every stadium that had protests... Everyone is tired of elitist entertainers vir…[View]
142775918ITT we congratulate germany: good job germany[View]
142782758CNN Called dreamers entitled back in 2012, what happened? http://www.cnn.com/2012/12/19/opinion/nava…[View]
142780048This was equality in the 90s.[View]
142784225Reminder: An accusation can not be proven if the accused has removed their evidence and holds the cr…[View]
142775712Jews are white: They are the spiritual leaders of the white race because whites are too dumb and sel…[View]
142782586Why would a white person race mix or adopt a brown child? I just saw a woman with glowing orange hai…[View]
142783423Why is pol defending this NFL boycott so hard and making it about Black people?: >Trump tried to …[View]
142784078Are all ethnicities truly equal? If not, why do some people believe this?[View]
142784070What's wrong with Britain? They would choose communism over fascism by a large margin. What has…[View]
142782750>The AFD won 88 seats Is it a sign?[View]
142778587Is destroying the WMAF couple just (((them))) thinking ahead?: Let's say hypothetically (((thei…[View]
142781064>Graham-Cassidy failed so hard they're revising it AGAIN Are the Republicans the biggest fai…[View]
142777487>amerikneels want to ban POC from protesting because it hurts their fee fees >but Nazis should…[View]
142783800Canada: It all returns to nothing[View]
142761634nazis BTFO[View]
142782696DRUMPF BLOWN THE FUCK OUT: http://edition.cnn.com/2017/09/24/politics/cnn-poll-republican-party-appr…[View]
142783740>Abolished slavery >Made a treaty with natives we invaded instead of wiping them out. >Hav…[View]
142783734Generation Zyklon Thread: post stories of gen z doing its thing! pics or it didnt happen[View]
142781137Mission get Hiro's attention, and get new Mods: So recently threads have been 'Disappearing' an…[View]
142782132http://www.politico.com/story/2017/09/24/jared-kushner-private-email-white-house-243071 Why is this …[View]
142783668Kraut's chancellor has POLISH dubler: https://youtu.be/VFSCVJI4Lwg you better be nice or else..…[View]
142779936How is it that leftist intellectuals can simultaneously be so educated and intelligent while also be…[View]
142780376AFD red pill me: So this AFD does it not remind you of a nazi style group just seems there the next …[View]
142779307Genetic determinism doesn't matter when it comes to human cognition. There are no studies that …[View]
142780040>i am so tired of all this fucking globalist and degenerate faggotry that kills our german cultur…[View]
142783344Trump telling professional athletes what is & what is not acceptable form of protest: HAHAHAHAHA…[View]
142781350CONSIDER THIS: Taking this opportunity to point out that Trump was never not controlled opposition, …[View]
14278329523andme/ancestry thread? Post pics + country of birth. >Romania[View]
142783224Nazi Fun League: As we all know the present day American population has been controlled and subdued …[View]
142779461USA Needs White Sharia - NOW.: This is next level cuckdom. What next? Refusing to participate in Tha…[View]
142781799which famous people do you share your birthday with? Pic related.[View]
142782015Does /pol/ not accept that Trump is an inept hypocrite and liar, or is it that /pol/ just doesn…[View]
142778319what is the leftist/liberal/numale equivalent to watching football?[View]
142765929Why do leftists hate America so much?[View]
142780190Press S to Spit on her face.[View]
142782983Germany is done for, but how can this be?: >America >illegal immigration actually goes down …[View]
142782969Hin: What do all these wonderful cities have in common?[View]
142777543>Nazis protest >people counter protest >Nazis get fired and lose their jobs >consequence…[View]
142775623Why do guys care more about how someone expresses their freedom of speech but not when an innocent b…[View]
142774602One term president. Repeat after me. Obe term president.[View]
142782301Nflarrest.com. I wonder how many of the top offenders are black? Probably none because that would be…[View]
142769309family tree thread[View]
142775895When the kebab is too good: Are white people devolving? https://youtu.be/eoyMk9V3NfQ[View]
142757584Knowledge Bomb. The Threat of The Left.: The Left is a threat that should be/should have been taken …[View]
142771761/pol/ Cross-Cultural Appreciation Thread: >Pick a country other than your own >Post a picture …[View]
142782536Trump needs to send aid to Puerto Rico: If he doesn't, there could be a million new democrat vo…[View]
142780314Muslim mass shooter from Sudan has an interesting Facebook: Dumping Do not forget the name Emannuel …[View]
142762449Any fellow white medical school students here?: Is pic related pretty much your med school. I feel l…[View]
142773437This video is really inspiring: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRSThrjT_tk How a bond with a horse …[View]
142782086Is He Right About This /Pol/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgAomZl677Y[View]
142780518What is the difference between Fascism and National Socialism: Any fascist / nazi to explain ?…[View]
142781462What's does /pol/ think of Martin Luther King Jr?[View]
142780448What is the endgame here? If Trump wants to get the world on his side for a HUGE FUCKING WAR then w…[View]
142778420>14/88 You did good today Krauts[View]
142781806I find that nothing is morally wrong even if that something is rape or muder or pedophilia or anythi…[View]
142781416Morganigger Freemanigger: Morganigger Freemanigger wages war to Russia! wtf... how many wutermelons …[View]
142781718Uncanny Cuckberg: Hello fellow humans. Vote for me and I won't ground your bones and feed you t…[View]
142755070THIS *clap* IS *clap* WHY *clap* WE *clap* #TAKEAKNEE[View]
142781202Why cant germans win wars?[View]
142780722Colorado Springs: I live in Colorado Springs and have lived here for 2yrs now. There's been non…[View]
142778123Why do Muslims want to genocide these people?[View]
142780521LGTBQ++ western phenomenon only?!: With all the shit that is going wrong for white males right now. …[View]
142777299Has money and power corrupted our government and society?[View]
142781276Switzerland: How's the political state in swiss? Isn't it pretty much like Germany and Fra…[View]
142781263Ben Shapiro JEW: I agree with almost everything Ben says, I just want to hear your thoughts on him!…[View]
142781062Never interrupt an enemy when he's making a mistake: Why is this a good thing for us? Because A…[View]
142780064Why can't blacks take a knee when being instructed to comply by law enforcement?[View]
142780388George Soros Bread: Lets spread the love for this beautiful man (no homo)[View]
142780782Just passing by: >Short intro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8KuGVYZDh4 >The Choice is Ours …[View]
142778182/pol/ is absolutely irrevocably always right 100%: When you see it...[View]
142775640>Oy vey! Muslims are oppressing our liberal western values of gay buttsex, dying for Israel, wome…[View]
142780752>German rebirth: Why are you /pol/acks happy? The recent ADL victories mean nothing. Germany will…[View]
142780665>pending approval of citizenship exam for canada >trudeau letting in all these sandniggers i…[View]
14277807314% Votes 88 Seats[View]
142779893Meta Thread: Unjustly deleted Threads 4: Continuing from >>142776524 which mods auto-saged (ag…[View]
142778259Don't complain when the German Nazis will start yet another war, /pol/. You chose this.[View]
142764257can we please make flower crowns the new symbol of the alt-right?[View]
142779777The self-loathing is strong with this one[View]
142775531Should government and the law stop being involved in marriage?[View]
142780313German Referendum 2017: Redpill me on Tegel: Why should it stay open? Or not? Which side are we on? …[View]
142780124Hey /pol/, I just saw this and I was pretty impressed at how good it was compared to the reviews. Af…[View]
142779015As a Turkish graduate student that has spent three years studying throughout Europe, I've notic…[View]
142776598Don't call it a grave, it's the future you chose.[View]
142760375No respectable man should ever be seen in a T-shirt. When did the T-shirt trend start and why? Weari…[View]
142778779Will the US Join Canada and make Hockey the new national sport?: In light of the political shit stor…[View]
142779230It is ironic that many years ago Donald Trump was actually in direct competition with the NFL as the…[View]
142776127It's all over: its been fun guys but the ride is over. We're done. Trump is finished. The …[View]
142779972Trump and /pol/ BTFO. You can't recognize civil rights leaders when you see them, can you? Hist…[View]
142779773>Tfw still no WW3 to bring humanity out of the void of purposelessness.…[View]
142775376/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - HOMU HOMU 2024 EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteho…[View]
142779888Why did fr*nch subhumans force Haiti to pay them 'reparations' for over 100 hundred years? French pe…[View]
142777190Nigger Felon League: Reminder that if you watch coonball you are a bigger cuck than BLACKED.COM subs…[View]
142778133You've been compromised 4chin: https://www.buzzfeed.com/katienotopoulos/a-normal-persons-guide-…[View]
1427781426000 faggots support a tranny. Lets change that. https://www.reddit.com/r/lgbt/comments/725pgr/at_18…[View]
142779489Kneeling, Patriotic defiance or unpatriotic aggression?: What does the rest of the world think about…[View]
142779696The hope of the Far Right: My fellow far right brethren, how do we push our candidate for the next p…[View]
142779665Fellow White People: Why do jews always do this fellow white people shit? Do they think we'll l…[View]
142779018Have you taken the transpill yet /pol/?: The best way to stop worrying about women is to become one …[View]
142766984/leafpol/ General - The Last White Country In The Americas Edition: Gather 'round, /leafpol/, f…[View]
142779215>best niggerhandegg player is a BASED white man[View]
142779110what is the white man's equivalent to #TakeTheKnee?: not paying income tax? boycott rap music? …[View]
142779484When did you realize that this whole mess started because Lincoln didn't live ling enough to de…[View]
142778291ITT:: The scariest things /pol/ knows[View]
142766398Why is Europe so invested in hating american firearm ownership?[View]
142771578Fire Up The Meme Machine: Seems like the perfect opportunity to exploit. Paint the NFL players as an…[View]
142778810Nigger word: Why is it considered racist to use 'nigger'? I mean, black people use it all …[View]
142779211How many of you are predicting that terrorism will continue to get worse? Unfortunately, I think tha…[View]
142775362Reminder that we are nearing the climax of political thought and that in less than a decade you will…[View]
142775740Can we get a quick rundown of which teams are cucks and which are worth supporting?[View]
142778055Why don't whites just migrate to a less populated non-white country, and establish their own in…[View]
142779037smuggie thread[View]
142757968All around America people are booing the niggers who kneeled: http://www.bostonherald.com/sports/pat…[View]
142776856>Meet the Polish neo-Nazi skinhead couple who discovered they are JEWISH >A married couple ha…[View]
142778861Trump should tweet this.[View]
142775164We were here before you, we will be here after you.: >Proven in every period of its development, …[View]
142778710The Budget Will Balance Itself: Trudeau gets made fun of a lot for this comment. But he's right…[View]
142778703Now that the nigs in the NFL are redpilling whites on the anti American left. How do we make hockey …[View]
142778694>tfw your whole ideology depends on negative externalities like climate change not existing so yo…[View]
142775336As more and more of America's youth become the kind of autistic basement dwellers that are natu…[View]
142778631We are Reclutinng To Prepare for the war: My Fellow Memers i have bad news 2 Days Ago tow groups of…[View]
142778525Life after democracy: Voting should not be a right, put a privilege. If you don't want to live …[View]
142776144wtf I love white people now I feel so alpha ty[View]
142773372TRUMP the king Cuck: Why is Trump such an easily triggered snowflake?[View]
142778373When did you realize America was the problem?[View]
142776524Meta Thread: Unjustly deleted Threads 3: Continuing from >>142763325 So, why are these kind of…[View]
142778246Black people thread.[View]
142736367AFD 13.5% >AFD 13.5% AFD 13.5% >AFD 13.5% AFD 13.5% >AFD 13.5% AFD 13.5% >AFD 13.5% AFD …[View]
142771040I fucking knew it. TN Shooter confirmed negroid, watch this story POOF DISAPPEAR[View]
142775296Mama won! Mama's daughters will have more rapefugee dick.[View]
142776397Birth Control makes sex with women meaningless.: You might as well be fucking a man, or better yet, …[View]
142763243Explain yourselves, Trumptards. Anyone that supports 'free speech' like in pic related is ruining th…[View]
142778053>'I’m not afraid of being killed by the police. Quite the contrary: sadly, the data shows I’m muc…[View]
142771866>/pol/ will unironically disagree with this[View]
142777825NMR 30th September March: The 30th september the Nordic Resistance Movement will hold it's bigg…[View]
142772493Is Great Britain the Poland of Europe?[View]
142774131Why doesn't the UK demand reperation from Germoney?[View]
142768079Martina: So Martina Big, german model who got huge implants, has slowly been making herself black ov…[View]
142777654Patriots Owner Condemns Trumps Comments: Now there is no team that isn't on board with Trump. I…[View]
142777492This is Theresa May. Say something nice about her.[View]
142773119Social Fascism: So, the other day I was a communist for a long time, until I was enlightened by Fasc…[View]
142775671Lets show our support for nascar[View]
142762480white antifa gets bullied by POC antifa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sn463qwtIbA&feature=you…[View]
142771484If you don't kneel to protest white supremacy, then you must be a white supremacist: This is wh…[View]
142761274Syria General /sg/ - Press F Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.com…[View]
142777355nignog trash anthem protest retards chimps: guarantee you all these nignogs would stand, twerk and d…[View]
142775108Did the Finno Korean Hyperwar actually happen?[View]
142732103/lrg/ LIBERTARIAN RIGHT GENERAL: :thinking: This is a thread for the discussion of all ideologies th…[View]
142776089Will we have to genocide the DINDUS ?[View]
142777131just gonna leave this here[View]
142777074National Resource Management Maximization by Whites: 17th century Europeans venturing in the America…[View]
142775828Imam BTFO by assault butter-knife wielding Mancunian http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-491552…[View]
142772812He won We-us-me elected him He's wining - You are losing No, we won't change our mind No,…[View]
142776937/our/ sport[View]
142773893>still liking Pinocuck you fucking niggers need to see the truth the REAL truth the Chilean truth…[View]
142776149>Respect the american flag! >Respect America! Oh wait.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZXsY…[View]
142773560>muh kneeling When are you going to realize it's all bread and circuses, /pol/ ?…[View]
142772283Alright, you know what I hate? Niggers from Burkina Faso. They're just disgusting, I hate the f…[View]
142774757In Paris. Place literally smells like stinky cheese. Paris/France hate thread.[View]
142773879Why does everything have to be political?: Can't we all just shut up and live life? Over the ye…[View]
142756977Daily reminder, protesting an unjust government is every American's right regardless of job or …[View]
142776618Let's say spacex and NASA start a second space race to see who could get to mars first. What wo…[View]
142776619Stop disrespecting the country that treated you far better than you deserved[View]
142773339Kek. Everything goes on as usual. Only ones making a big deal is /pol/, and they dont even watch spo…[View]
142756587Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Dresden Edition: GERMAN ELECTION GENERAL TODAY GENERAL ELECTION IN G…[View]
142769448IT'S OVER: Impeachment when?[View]
142774173You think this is a gme?: Posting this frog is hereby banned and outlawed. Anyone cot posting this f…[View]
142763116Women with short hair is shameful just like men with long hair. Women get pixie cuts because penis e…[View]
142776328Portrayal in media: How media should portray Nazi? Go full redpill or more like new star wars, where…[View]
142768694Nobody realistic was expecting the AfD to come in 1st place. It seems they have secured third place …[View]
142772833>millions of white babies are MURDERED each year by abortion yet (((/pol/))) will still defends …[View]
142769857What do you think of pic related /pol/? I honestly think that trannies should be gassed.[View]
142772527This is the funniest video I've ever seen.: This video needs no comment. https://www.youtube.co…[View]
142755880US HUMMERS ON ISIS CONTROLED LAND: Any russians for translation? And of course if there is a source.…[View]
142775619Thanks Obama: What happened? A mulatto who hates his white half tears the country in half for 8 year…[View]
142774853FAGGOTS: Just start calling all black liberals FAGGOTS. Call them faggots to their faces, in front o…[View]
142773502Are they white, /pol/? Everyone is mad because they are saying they are black to get racial quotas i…[View]
142775817>be married >wife on BC pills >uses perfume and women products >when she pisses a room a…[View]
142748207So what is going to happen because of this, what is the end goal here?[View]
142775698Can some give me a quick rundown on which areas voted AFD and the likely demographics who voted? Was…[View]
142775634All NFL players have the right to freedom of spe-[View]
142753919Kurdistan referendum tomorrow: Tomorrow the people in KRG (Iraqi Kurdistan) will vote for indenpende…[View]
142774396IMAM STABBED BY ISLAMOPHOBE IN MANCHESTER: An imam has been rushed to hospital after he was stabbed …[View]
142764142This is anti-Nazi protest back in 1932. Let that sink in.[View]
142763325Meta Thread: Unjustly deleted Threads 2: Continuing from >>142754408 which mods auto-saged So,…[View]
142768562What are your predictions for the effects and timeline of the upcoming epidemic of 30-something wome…[View]
142771495There is no “white genocide”. It’s just that since whites are the majority most of the virgin NEETs …[View]
142769379What goes on in Antarctica?: Is there anything cool that happens here or is it just ice and penguins…[View]
142772573Who makes the best war/political songs? For me it is the Irish and the Serbs. https://www.youtube.co…[View]
142767122Based Indianapolis Fans: Colts fans boo as the Browns players kneel for national anthem. https://ww…[View]
142777470/pol/ approved music: no synthwave please, we're trying to discuss good music[View]
142776433Guys I'm hurting: I just broke up with my gf because she stopped respecting me. >have long t…[View]
142774924This. Is. Powerful.[View]
142763657Can some German faggot translate the signs in the pic?[View]
142775026Reminder that Columbine was the best and worst thing to happen to the global educational structure.[View]
142774969Hug a commie campaign: They'll surely refuse it and probably even get violent. Then it can easi…[View]
142772909evolution doesn't exi-[View]
142771814Wow, what a ground-breaking new anime! It features African-American, gender nonbinary protaonists AN…[View]
142774834Wow: Cut my life into peices[View]
142774873Why are young men in developed countries increasingly dropping out of society and opting for the MGT…[View]
142774680I don't understand why American black people choose to kneel in servitude rather than stand as …[View]
142735859It's Time to Cut Your Cable Television Subscription: How many anons don't pay for cable su…[View]
142772055>tfw as president you effectively make liberals unironically defend the constitution…[View]
142768470one Steelers player came out to salute the flag. notice anything /pol/?[View]
142771966Is NASCAR the master race?: NASCAR owners threaten to fire drivers, crew members who protest nationa…[View]
142774417>lol no dude, the jews are just smarter than you, their entire religion focusing on how they…[View]
142774377dump time: ITT we post gifs with flags[View]
142774251Global Fresh Water Scarcity: Africa is so pathetic that governments can't properly distribute f…[View]
142769822Yvette Felarcas Scalp: >Serious Question What does this to a persons scalp? It's fucking dis…[View]
142750196Spaniards are officially white: well I guess this finally settles it mr. Alejandro Villanueva loves …[View]
142774163/pol/iticians: Is there anyone browsing here who actually plans on running for a government position…[View]
142774054We must being studying the ways of the Vanguard. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackshirts https://e…[View]
142774026THE EMPEROR: *makes blacks kneel at his command*[View]
142761379LET ME INTO YOUR COUNTRY SO I CAN TELL YOU HOW MUCH I HATE WHITE PEOPLE https://twitter.com/eugenegu…[View]
142746204NOTHING EVER HAPPENS: 23rd Sept was a nothing burger. This is the end of happening threads. /inb4 c…[View]
142773666Will the real slim shady please stand up: >be Trump >notice NFL fans are marginalized by Kaepe…[View]
142770938So what happened to that end of the world that was supposed to come yesterday ?[View]
142773223I'm a liberal. AMA.[View]
142743739Far-right party for the FIRST time since 1945!: People who thought AfD would win a majority were del…[View]
142773071>BUT HER EMAILS http://www.politico.com/story/2017/09/24/jared-kushner-private-email-white-house-…[View]
142770804Kek. Once again /pol/ is... B L O W N L O W N T H E H E F U C K U C K O U T U T[View]
142773522WE WUZ NOT DICKZ???: Does Girth and Length Depend on Race? >A newly engaged woman writes Dear Pru…[View]
142773298((YOUTUBE))) censoring AFD video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OALQusK9ia4 AFD REDPILL GETTING SH…[View]
142720921Why are the lefts memes so plain & unfunny?[View]
142772228(((TakeTheKnee))): #TakeTheKnee is trending without showing the number of tweets. What are (((they))…[View]
142773440Wow, btfo. Trump will never recover from this. He might as well just step down.[View]
142765990Gibs on suicide watch?: This was arguably Trump's greatest chess move. After today millions of …[View]
142754885Can you stop the anti-Jew horseshit? Not all Jews are globalists you fucking retarded assholes. Many…[View]
142767920Why doesn't Ireland use this flag anymore? https://krikienoid.github.io/flagwaver/[View]
142773229Share this comic to remind all Liberals what 'Free Speech' means. They always share it when they wan…[View]
142765346So uhh... when are we saving Tay?[View]
142773147Sabo, from unsavory agents is pol's Guy!: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2014/03/20/sabo-…[View]
142773168Nazi's and alt-right are self defeating: I love these stupid Nazi's. They're literall…[View]
142767779Did he really make America great again? It seems like we are more divided than ever to be honest.[View]
142771788Republishits just got blown the fuck out by CNN holy shit[View]
142772461https://youtu.be/PBPz4AmI788 '''' white people food / culture ''''[View]
142771276Redpill me on Asia[View]
142770151http://ewao.com/2016/10/27/earths-magnetic-field-collapsing-poles-switch/ what are the poles up to p…[View]
142770014MORE OF THIS: MORE OF THIS!!!!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuOU5e_UtoY[View]
142770909Thought?: www.kekileaks.org[View]
142769565Almond Activation Thread: Post what makes you think. >Confederate statues taken down because they…[View]
142757699The absolute joke germany has become[View]
142772583Redpilling: Redpill me on communism[View]
142728122Genetic Modifications/CRISPR/Cas9: Why is /pol/ so obsessed with trivial shit like race when we it w…[View]
142770859anybody else got the feeling that there will be a civil war in germany soon?[View]
142772308Why is the netherlands still racist?: Vote for 'best TV presentatrice' All white[View]
142766813There is no white genocide: Don’t worry gringo, us white hispanics will carry the white race with ou…[View]
142767418twitter tears: Not wanting to have your kids raped / not wanting to get visited by the islamic truck…[View]
142748157Hey /pol/, Why is nobody talking about the shit going down in spain/catalonia? My friend is hitting …[View]
142772459liberal or marxist? what pisses off leftcucks more?: never know what will piss off cucked acquaintan…[View]
142765992C.I.A. Connections of White Nationalist Leaders and Alternative Media Figures https://imgur.com/a/OI…[View]
142771265Kek. Kneeling players who nobody watches get /pol/ and the president of the usa so butt blasted and …[View]
1427723181.Spain says they will not accept Catalonia independence 2.Catalonia still says 'fuck you EU' 3.Spa…[View]
142769161It is not enough to boycott nfl games. We need a plan to Target vulnerable advertisors and piss off …[View]
142769794Me(right) with my Mom and my Aunt. Fuck Donald Drumpff, Fuck White People and Fuck /pol. #TakeTheKne…[View]
142772218SARGON IS A MANLET https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GCEkz5wd3w HE'S BARELY TALLER THAN LAUREN S…[View]
142749776So what's the fashy opinion on the Provisional IRA?[View]
142772181fatty: he makes a point of always wearing his aviators. is it because he is deeply ashamed of his be…[View]
142744160/SALT/ thread: Post liberal tears.[View]
142765860the absolute state of the canadian state: why is this ok? should I just kill myself?[View]
142770903They are called Daesh: 'ISIS' , 'IS' or 'ISIL' are the politically cor…[View]
142771654Anti-Americanism: >#TakeAKnee >Antifa >ISIS >Anti-Trump >Anti-free speech The list go…[View]
142762011I fucken love how Americans are extremely ready to dismiss and trivialize the Vietnam War as a war l…[View]
142770799Congratulations /pol/, Trump just made kneeling an anti-trump gesture.[View]
142768888>white people still exist[View]
142765231Kneelers are Kneegers: These niggers would have a lot more of a moral highground if they didn't…[View]
142771375So am I, or am I not suppose to objectify them as sex objects? Really confused here.[View]
142766536well /pol/?[View]
142769028Dillan Tabares: This was his last post. What did he mean by this?[View]
142763395This is bigger than Brexit: I don't know if people realise how much the EU is basically run fro…[View]
142770872With multiculturalism on the rise and people loving it more than ever, perhaps it's time we foc…[View]
142764668Does Kathleen wynee have a nice ass?: Pol my family friend told me wynee has a nice ass. I tried pos…[View]
142754399/mg/ - Monarchist General: Meiji the Great Edition: /mg/ - Monarchist General Edition: Meiji the G…[View]
142766555I need a way to make free international calls from a unidentifying phone number so I can call random…[View]
142765710If you didn't want a right wing reaction then don't import millions of aliens. Pretty simp…[View]
142770807can /pol/ red pill me about the purple pill?[View]
142763577The restoration of the black family is an essential step in restoring peace and prosperity in our na…[View]
142765180TRUTHBOMB1: So let me get this straight. Let's see if any military friends of mine can justify …[View]
142768961Why is America the greatest country on earth?[View]
142765281/MCG/ - Merkel's Cleavage General: Anyone else want to drain their balls over those MILF tits? …[View]
142768282NFL hate thread. Niggers that kneel BTFO edition.: Dump all your hate for what is quite literally th…[View]
142767573Why the fuck do the nips worships whites so much? Almost all of their anime characters look white. S…[View]
142770072What happened? I thought you guys hated being PC? I thought crying over shit meant you were a snowfl…[View]
142770489Stop the senseless murder of emo twinks: An emo twink was gunned down by a Huntington Beach PD offic…[View]
142770300>get paid millions to throw ball and crash into people >start to protest the country that mad…[View]
142771390Cat owners BTFO[View]
142766905Why haven't you read Mein Kampf?: 'As was always my habit with such experiences, I turned to bo…[View]
142767305Did Trump actually do these things? How immoral, how shameful.[View]
142769978Here's a question. Most AnCaps I've met are pro physical removal for Commies, Fascists and…[View]
142766343HIT THEM WHERE IT HURTS: http://www.sportsbusinessdaily.com/Daily/Issues/2015/09/23/Marketing-and-Sp…[View]
142766316Is (((Libertarianism))) a Jewish ideology?[View]
142767881Are swedes the most beautiful white people? What /pol/ thinks about this?[View]
142757450>I don't support players kneeling >wow you must hate free speech and are a Nazi Debating …[View]
142763584What's this kneeling thing about?: I'm a Europoor who doesn't know much about Burger …[View]
142766807This hero shut down Milo. Fascist destroyed by a single protestor. Thoughts?[View]
142756163False dichotomy: The football players have the right to free speech just as much as the White Suprem…[View]
142764611An Important Birthday Message From Stefan Molyneux: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGNxxMCbsvo Than…[View]
142762072Grand Wizard of the KKK spotted again at the church shooting in Tennessee. He can't keep gettin…[View]
142762763What does /pol/ think of this dangerous faggot?[View]
142768278Boycott NFL and their sponsors: You cannot insult our lord and savior Trump with no consequences! Ov…[View]
142768583the delusions of this woman are so massive: anyone watching Anne Will? This country is so fucked.…[View]
142756506I WANT OFF THIS RIDE: I watch the world fade away into darkness and realize I will see its downfall …[View]
142757286Common words across languages evolved more or less without changing. Take the word 'No' for example.…[View]
142767032/AAG/ - Asian Appreciation General: Get in here if you love Asian people and want to show appreciati…[View]
142728515Daily reminder that if you're white and you don't plan on having kids you're CONTRIBU…[View]
142767870Is globalism and the wants of the globalist inevitable? How do we realistically fight back beyond s…[View]
142764635Guys, no one on the left ever mentions Trump's jewish kids in law. Is he the people's lead…[View]
142768937Maury and the Red Pill: Anyone here redpilled by Maury? I was about ten years ago. The chronic buffo…[View]
142766764So football is... doing something? And people care? Even the president cares? And it something to do…[View]
142768316>'gee I sure do love me some science... Rick and Morty for the win lol do you ever just get high …[View]
142768334Why is every right-wing populist party that has emerged over the past couple of years a complete mes…[View]
142766706/pol/tards going crazy for a proxy LARP: keke waiting for redditors 000x038FHAEERY6439 000x00743DWQF…[View]
142768068THE SHOOTER OF THE CHRUCH WAS DRESSED AS A CLOWN!: WTF? http://www.newsweek.com/one-dead-and-least-s…[View]
142766084Nazi Germany and asocial people/NEETs: What did Hitler have against asocial people? As a NEET myself…[View]
142761049Which one 1 of you fuckers did this?: Hitlers underpants sold for 5000 GBP. Anon who bought them get…[View]
142768543Anti-Commie thread?: Anti-Commie thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJBjjP8WSbc[View]
142768503The Richest and Most Powerful In The History Of The World.: >More per person than any other devel…[View]
142762537>AfD >Far-Right[View]
142766081The memes of which to save yourselves: I bring you the memes of which to save yourselves.'…[View]
142768277Have you noticed our caps got little pictures of skulls on them? Hans, are we the baddies?[View]
142765592TRUTHBOMB2: We go around training the cartel in Mexico who now run the place, training ISIS and radi…[View]
142766028Have women completly have taken over the left/ ruined?: >Almost all arguments on the left side ar…[View]
142768284NIGGERS DON'T SHOO- oh. http://wkrn.com/2017/09/24/breaking-church-shooting-in-antioch-sunday/ …[View]
142767655Can white privilege ever be stopped, /pol/?[View]
142730758What is Texas like?[View]
142713718Is Alabama the Poland of America?[View]
142767070What attracted gay men to Nazism?[View]
142766689Ronald Reagan preps the bull: Why did Ronald Reagan let Frank Sinatra cuck him? >'We always knew …[View]
142765410Someone was gracious enough to advertise their video and channel on one of mine. This is some high a…[View]
142767923MGTOW Reasons dating and mating suck: tfw more people have expectations of you, as if your family, s…[View]
142764651Weak niggers: Try to mess with the white man - we democratically achieved the genocide of every peop…[View]
142767117How exactly is Trumpcare any better than Obamacare? Explain how to me, exactly.[View]
142762832Which country in europe has the most masculine men and which country has the least masculine men? W…[View]
142766183>acts like world police and gets involved in other country's business >Causes disruption…[View]
142762118Church Shooting: What do we know? >someone shot up church[View]
142765966Nigger and Mudslime hate thread: Its been too long since we had one.[View]
142759189Jews: Lapping aside. How have you personally been disadvantaged by Jews? What do they do that's…[View]
142758957Whats your opinion on education in the United States?[View]
142752097When did you realize capitalism is the problem?[View]
142763592What was life in this place? I mean, how did people even survive in the Kowloon city? Is this the cl…[View]
142761419Small Souled Bugmen: How do we stop the bugman epidemic?[View]
142764363Alright /pol/, I thought you were all using hyperbole when describing the state of American colleges…[View]
142767384I don't get it What type of person do I have to be to enjoy this book?[View]
142765709Drumpf B.TFO in just four words..[View]
142760646Here's a quick rundown of croatian accomplishments.Which one impresses you the most? >money …[View]
142758099NEW YORK HAPPENING ( NOV 4 ): A few of my normie friends went to a concert in central park last nigh…[View]
142747865Reminder: Sweden got about the same percentage (1,1% less,) as AfD 3,5 years ago. AfD's Swedish…[View]
142766673Get an NFL/NBA player to burn an American flag in protest of Trump's recent comments. Use socia…[View]
142764738>14 percent >88 seats in parlament[View]
142741050SKYKANG: .: North Korea War Kickoff Party :. all stations go in here and tune in 11175 http://websdr…[View]
142766162Server problems with counting of votes in Berlin: SHUT IT DOWN![View]
142766613How cucked is England?: How cucked is England, and what anti-speech anti-freeness laws do they have …[View]
142764538TN shooting update: The shooter was 'a man in his mid-20s' >Coulter's law…[View]
142766637> Presidential son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner has corresponded with other administra…[View]
142761101What the fuck is this dude's problem?: the whole team agreed not to respect the anthem today. H…[View]
142755248The Pope gets called out on his shit: First time since 1333 that anyone's done this http://www.…[View]
142765141Buy (((Gold))) Goyim: Is it happening /POL/? http://beforeitsnews.com/self-sufficiency/2016/06/why-r…[View]
142737372Hockey is white: Daily reminder that NHL hockey is 99.9% white, has 10 times the action that footbal…[View]
142766470Let me guess: it wasn't REAL socialism, right?[View]
142732080/Bitcoin/: >The only way to overthrow the banking jew >/pol/ doesn't support it Explain y…[View]
142766428How do you feel about the decline of society in the US? Pic very related. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
142758769Pepe thread: Post rare pepes while discussing memes, copyright laws and public domain.[View]
142721104>tf when you realize the only way to save white race is to have white children but all white wome…[View]
142758313Does this guy look Jewish to you?[View]
142760259/ptg/ President Trump General - Battle Of The Century Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.…[View]
142764971/GLR/ - George Lincoln Rockwell General: This thread is dedicated to the discussion of Commander Geo…[View]
142760726What is this symbol?: I see it used all the time in those aesthetic 'Take back our future' style mem…[View]
142750058Brit/pol/ - Civic National Edition: Get on the winning team boys. >Hitchens: My drugs advice to W…[View]
142765282ITT German cuck reactions to AfD victory[View]
142749997where did all the good jobs go?[View]
142764425Merkel: merkel merkel... always merkel, why doesn't she resign?[View]
142764082>Trump tells NBA player that he is no longer invited to the white house. >People start 'p…[View]
142745797Even Stephen Curry knows whites eat bland trash[View]
142765658Alexander Brooks Ratta: This is Alexander Brooks Ratta, a paedo. Don't worry, he has published …[View]
142763181How is this not a 'trap'?: Anyone who is infertile is a trap. Both are in love, but the fertile love…[View]
142731278KNEELING IS GOOD!!: According to Trump's 45 dimensional backgammon strategy, he is calling out …[View]
142748520Findings on Russian interference “cast doubt on legitimacy of the election”: IT'S OVER FOR DRUM…[View]
142757056Why the right wing become a bunch of cucks when it come to asians: As long as the immigrants are bro…[View]
142764776Turns Out Nazis Have Some Pretty Wrong Views About Genetics: Most people tend to have a certain idea…[View]
142765107So acknowledging the fact that white hispanics exist is considered white supremacy now[View]
142762314If the NFL and players want to protest the flag and all those who died defending it, then the corpor…[View]
142757348When are we going to start a white homeland?[View]
142765279Omri casspi blacked time: http://www.haaretz.com/world-news/americas/1.813866[View]
142764844why is Amsterdam the only country in the world where you can smoke weed and have hallucinogenic mush…[View]
142740646What timeline is this??: Paedophiles 'could be prescribed child sex dolls' to prevent real…[View]
142764282Hoppe: German economist Prof. Hans-Hermann Hoppe is intellectually invincible. Prove me wrong, anons…[View]
142763701September 23rd was a big nothingburger. Happeningfags BTFO again.[View]
142755407Excuses I'm Tired of Seeing: >manlet >poor facial symmetry >not Jewish/Asian >fem…[View]
142750744The Jew wants Muslims and Christians to fight against each other. We have a common enemy: atheists. …[View]
142762759Germany salt thread?[View]
142762302Dotard Flumpfp supporters btfo[View]
142764229What would happen if the world entered another economic Depression? Would it honestly lead to a ful…[View]
142759672Jew anon here.: Have you ever noticed how many of the genetic testing companies have Jewish people o…[View]
142763792REMINDER: REMINDER: While you're busy studying day in, and day out for your STEM degree WHILE …[View]
142763699>A Republican president gets in >A war starts out of nowhere Doesn't it make you think ev…[View]
142760874So I just realized, Trump baiting the NFL into self destruction is revenge from about 30 years ago w…[View]
142758913I've redesigned the American flag because I felt the original didn't really reflect their …[View]
142764356Africanus Criminalus Hate thread.: Where my Dixie boys at? Thread theme: https://youtu.be/StXoESUueE…[View]
142759642Germany with all their censorship and shabbo goys ruling them are becoming uncucked faster than ever…[View]
142764197the far left: the far left is for fags[View]
142759355September 21, 2017 'Information Clearing House' - One of the most hyped “events” of American televis…[View]
142753350Banning Prostitution, Yay or Nay?: Don’t believe what the lobbyists say – prostitution can, and will…[View]
142764078James Mason: thoughts on him? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKkU3ulrwQ4[View]
142760456>saves your republic from being overtaken by russia and personal interests >upholds the values…[View]
142763626A joke to the World[View]
142763847CONTRAPOINTS ON LEFTISTS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuN6GfUix7c What do you think?[View]
142756900WE WUZ RUSSIANS N SHEEEEEEEEIT: Germany's MSM is really scared right now. AFD just won big this…[View]
142746537HAPPENING HAPPENING HAPPENING HAPPENING HAPPENING https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/…[View]
142763774What the hell is wrong with European youth? What factors have caused them to be so lazy and apatheti…[View]
142758714Tim Pool live in the shit: NAZI SCUM OFF OUR STREETS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGKBHNbLoSI…[View]
142743215The real redpill: Race doesn't matter. There might be more black criminals than other races, bu…[View]
142763675I've heard people in Myanmar have embraced the socialism and are offering free SRS procedures t…[View]
142763139How does the king of morocco manage too look like this?[View]
142762703The only way to save the West is to abandon white women: >BUT WHITE WOMEN ARE THE MOST RIGHT WING…[View]
142760063Why are we not memeing the (((NFL)))?[View]
142763511>be rural, white, lower middle class >vote for the party that acts in the interest of the uppe…[View]
142758809Can't wait when she swarms Germany with more niggers. Germans are such losers its amazing[View]
142763318Homosexuality is the ULTIMATE and FINAL redpill: Seriously I don't know what's wrong with …[View]
142759995Is this true, /pol/?: If you support nazism, you should also be in support of Israel.[View]
142752666hahahaha holy fuck: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/108230568[View]
142763205another one of trumps haters net worth about to get rekr: pic related, Dallas mavericks owner Mark (…[View]
142763063TakeTheKnee: Take the knee is still trending and it seems like it will be for a long time. Is the NF…[View]
142756527What causes man to become a feminist?[View]
142760307Jesus Christ, Britain: Wtf is going on? Explain yourselves.[View]
142762219So what's the end to this? I'm from India and when we go to the movies they actually play …[View]
142761852Lol rip germany i guess we are gonna have to start adopting german kids and taking german refugees a…[View]
142753962hapas: Aren’t Hapas basically mestizos? What’s wrong with them?[View]
142760665Stop worshiping a dead Jew[View]
142753450Notice anything ironic in this picture?[View]
142757496Why did it take so long for WE WUZ KANGS to gain traction? Pic related is from 2008 for example.[View]
142762562Under arrest show on jewflix: Anybody notice the difference between COPS and this show? Almost all t…[View]
142759017Why doesn't Ireland use this flag anymore? https://krikienoid.github.io/flagwaver/[View]
142732514What the fuck is wrong with these people?: Do these niggers not realize that they have it the best o…[View]
142758428I'm so tired of the racial equality meme. Black people aren't shot more by the police beca…[View]
142758623What went wrong?[View]
142749856So now that Handegg is out, what should America's new sport be? I vote HEMA.[View]
142760672ITT The Truth / WW3: The multicultural refugee politics of the past few years were designed specific…[View]
142727901Niggers gonna nig: This NFL (((protest))) thing is awesome. How can it not end with these niggers lo…[View]
142757894>all these wh*te bois on /pol/ jealous of athletes expressing their first amendment rights…[View]
142754625Why do they: Keep electing merkel?[View]
142761734Can you believe this sociopath was running for president?: Why are the left wingers the biggest cry …[View]
142726818Women: Ok /pol/ let me get one thing straight. I would probably say 90% of you either hate and or do…[View]
142760195Guys, I am afraid - with the German election is Germany still the best country?: Better than the Ang…[View]
142719155What happen here ?: How is quality of life in these countries ? I heard Estonia has some sort of fre…[View]
142750403How the fuck does this thing win the Nobel prize?[View]
142759985So i guess Ted is trying again in new territories[View]
142759800Daily reminder that Whites and Asians are master race and that we should breed and live together. I …[View]
142757661Fuck this asshole and the movement he started. Anyone who disrespects the US flag might as well be f…[View]
142760135How the fuck does this doctor chink have so much free time to be the top reply to every Trump tweet?[View]
142761499Penguins Accept White House Invite: Another reason why hockey is /OurSport/ https://www.usatoday.co…[View]
142761454german election: #BTW17 on twitter is hilarious[View]
142714039THE RACE WAR HAS ALREADY STARTED: Whites just aren't fighting it.[View]
142761162Straight outta compton: Was this movie a redpill for blacks? It clearly displays what happens when …[View]
142756534Schulz: How self observed is this guy? Is anyone listening in to this dude right now?[View]
142760881White Americans should've picked their own damn cotton and none of this would've happened.…[View]
142757815FUCK NFL - watch paint dry instead: American NFL fans ask yourself questions such as: 'why do I even…[View]
142761093message to kraut: you did well today mate. i think this video says it all https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
142745224Opinion of the Republican Party falls to all-time low: The GOP is vile and fucking disgusting!! They…[View]
142760920Nigger Football League: Liberals, Niggers, and Cucks are ruining my favorite sport. Why can't t…[View]
142757495GOTT IN HIMMEL!!!: Believe in God now, pol?[View]
142755598Fake vet: So this is up on reddit, but the lighting looks off. There's high a brightness spot o…[View]
142756160What are pol's general thoughts on this man? I'm asking for a friend.[View]
142760778Is physics the ultimate measure of intelligence?: You dont have to answer that. Everybody who makes …[View]
142750836There is no white genocide: Don’t worry gringo, us hispanics will carry the white race with our rapi…[View]
142758276WHAT DOES TODAY’S GERMAN ELECTION MEAN FOR ISRAEL?: The German federal election on Sunday has tremen…[View]
142758717M-mark dice?[View]
142755879/ptg/ President Trump General - Coming To A Store Near You! Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https:…[View]
142754408Meta Thread: Unjustly deleted Threads.: So, why are these kind of issues not allowed to be discussed…[View]
142759364Lol christcucks: >talking snake >bats are birds >talking donkey >mutilating babies >e…[View]
142740556Syria General /sg/ - Pita Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.com …[View]
142727958On the Origin of (human) Species: One must realize and remember that among Iran, Afganistan, and som…[View]
142756300Why don't Libertarians just move to Somalia?[View]
142746718Do you secretly admire Islam?: Think about it: >Zero tolerance for degeneracy >Zero tolerance…[View]
142744560After seeing AfD's strong turnout in Germany, we should be addressing the need for a new right …[View]
142757644Your thoughts on this fedora-tipper?[View]
142758589Africa and the Middle East are fucked because of brown/black people: Just look at all the best count…[View]
142741622CANADA YES!: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/boy-8-restraints-injected-york-region-school-1.42…[View]
142759589>Chimp out and cause CDU to hemorrhage votes >Force them to turn to the fucking Greens and neo…[View]
142716722mexico happening: vulcaning eruption in progress!: > apocalyptic ERUPTION > just hours after …[View]
142722960VEGAN GENERAL - no meatcucks edition: A place for discussing all things vegan health & ethics. -…[View]
142755351Were at the 1st Anniversary of #DraftOurDaughter: Remembering our brave soldiers who fought gallantl…[View]
142760035Let's make his disgusting filthy words available to the general public! Let's fuck Thierry…[View]
142759963Sharpen your butchering knives brothers, and let's have a toast. >13.5%…[View]
142755113Sargon in Berkeley to take names and crack Antifa skulls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPtiHPaYjq…[View]
142756447White man is doomed. You can't stop it pol. You can make dank memes about it though...[View]
142727885HAPPENING: MAJOR FOCUS ON WHITE PLAYERS TODAY DURING BLM-NFL DEMO: There will be massive demonstrati…[View]
142748920ZDF - this is literally their lead picture on their website right now: And they now want a Merkel-FD…[View]
142759687It seems ending slavery and Jim Crow isn't enough. Even white guilt, diversity quotas, welfare …[View]
142745647Press F to pay respekts: Respects https://twitter.com/DefPenSports/status/912000307319771136…[View]
142731121Why do brown and black people always smell so bad?[View]
142758692Has anyone had any first hand experiences with the KKK? Are they a group worth joining or is it just…[View]
142759274Germany adopts international definition of anti-Semitism: Government formally votes for the Internat…[View]
142748134/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General: ϟϟ BLOOD, FATHERLAND, FAITH ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the …[View]
142758367I know jack shit about German politics Someone give me a quick run down Who are the good guys who ar…[View]
142758680How Politically Correct is this?: This episode of Orville begins with 2 Nigger Space Faggot Kangz de…[View]
142758983Take a knee on Gold Star Mother's Day: Did anyone else take note of this? Do these clowns reali…[View]
142752408so what's happening in Germany? All I know is Merkel won a 4th term why is /pol/ so happy about…[View]
142750740NEW GERMAN CAPITAL PROPOSAL: Alright, I've had it with Berlin and all the other cucked to death…[View]
142758567Iranians follow Trump: Seems like the people of Iran listened to Trumps United Nations speech... Whe…[View]
142758803I can't believe it worked. Trump is a genius guys.[View]
142755422Polish senator going on a racist charade about dirty immigrants. >'Someone from the oppositi…[View]
142754347LMFAO @ getting this triggered over football players: Just fucking lol... what a fucking joke of a c…[View]
142755219Wow...so this is the power...of hashtags: Some real 'meme magic' wouldn't ya say fellas :^)…[View]
142758643>be Washington Redskins, October 15, 2017 >Most of team planning to kneel during national ant…[View]
142750112How can one ideology be so evil? >Red Terror >Great Purges >Holodomor >Khmer Rouge …[View]
142755543Why is does he make videos from edgy dark room?[View]
142748582How is this going to look in a few weeks after more protests, ratings dropping and Trump tweets?[View]
142758280Happening in Berkelely?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGKBHNbLoSI[View]
142758269Damn, Merkel is a god. Against all odds. Never have we seen a political genius like this before.[View]
142760777AMERICAN MILITARY SUCKS: Americans are weak niggers... Russian military is SUPERIOR.[View]
142756214Red pilled shoe brands: >dont want to buy nig nog shoes >what do…[View]
142756706Satanic thread.: Let us pray God my savior. The great Satan Lucifer. Bringer of light and knowledge…[View]
142759845Why are Asian women attracted to White men so much?: Honest thread here, I am genuinely curious as t…[View]
142760013Dating a perfect 10 that has a kid: I just started dating a blonde hair, blue haired woman. She…[View]
142757404ATTENTION GERMAN POSTERS >mfw you actually did it first off, i would like to congratulate you, i …[View]
142755696/pol/ The Musical: post your best submissions, I'll start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wwmks…[View]
142755200Man fuck Donald dump and fuck white people #BendTheKnee[View]
142747958What's he distracting the left from this time?[View]
142757925Which one of you is this?: And you wonder why women aren't attracted to you hahhahaahhhaah…[View]
142757884Worst President ever bar none.[View]
142757384German Jewish leaders slam far-right surge as ‘a nightmare come true’: Major Jewish groups are expre…[View]
142757170ANTIFA SURROUNDED BY AMERICAN VANGUARD: https://twitter.com/KitOConnell/status/911994641922379776…[View]
142757044Hate thread: >mentally handicapped and arrogant people >never ending corruption everywhere …[View]
142738593Jordan Peterson memes: Give me your best[View]
142757697has the dream died?[View]
142757224How did the fat bastard get away with it?[View]
142724625Last night my room mates went to that bug concert in central park. When I woke up, they had slid thi…[View]
142756696Israeli 'Alt-right' Facebook Page, Is Taken Down: Hebrew-language, right-wing 'CuckyH…[View]
142756305STEELERS BTFO[View]
142750205Should the UK invade G*rmany?[View]
142757309Trumpvestites BTFO: How many Trumpvestites actually stand for the flag when watching games on the TV…[View]
142754178>AfD gets 14% >gets 88 seats >14% 88 seats LADS…[View]
142756549September 23: >/pol/ memes the world will end on September 23 >nothing happens >moves onto …[View]
142750796It's funny that we call others sheeple. The best happening is happening right now and we'r…[View]
142757097/sig/ general: I'd like to learn a second language, and as a burger, Afrikaans seems to be the …[View]
142755592What can you guys tell me about Rhodesia? It's very new to me and I'd like to learn more? …[View]
142756265I got a brilliant idea against this crap. You know how blacks have all these holidays? >Kwanzaa. …[View]
142757032Why is America such a fucking joke. >'empathy' tents at protests >guy crying to peop…[View]
142755671i want to lern to hack websites without downloading anything, teach me: anonymous fags get over here…[View]
142756538White Homeland: When are we going to make a white homeland?[View]
142755932Civil war: Hi guys Iraq is having a civil war someday next week i want advice on what to do and what…[View]
142724668Drumpf BTFO into eternity[View]
142751408Kneeling during the National Anthem: Kneeling during the national anthem really isn't that big …[View]
142719169>tfw completely agree with Varg[View]
142750435White privilege: Why do American blacks who are suffering from cancer die at much greater rates than…[View]
142746200Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - A new dawn Edition: GERMAN ELECTION GENERAL TODAY GENERAL ELECTION I…[View]
142751158/futuretalk - Transhumanist Master Race Edition: What happens in a world where anyone can choose to …[View]
142756236Let them kneel....: If you want the left to stop taking a knee start spreading shit like this, they…[View]
142753945/pol/ and white supremacist Nazis BTFO[View]
142756302Kapernick: ART OF THE DEAL 1. KAP kneels over something 2. Several more players kneel over something…[View]
142738267Church Today: I hope all of you had a great day at church today, mine was no so great. I started tal…[View]
142755712British Defence System: So after years ofboxing then eventually Krav Maga and studying 'Gutter Fight…[View]
142754313Oh Canada...[View]
142751135/ptg/ President Trump General - Make America White Again Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://w…[View]
142756116NEW TRUMP TWEET!!!!!!!!!!: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump[View]
142756039Neo-Bolshevik ANTIFA fights Texas cops: unironically waving a flag under which more human beings wer…[View]
142756026WHY IS NASA SO EXPENSIVE?: Why is the free market cheaper than freaking NASA? Even Indian space prog…[View]
142756019>blocks your path: >get on the ground and wriggle like a fucking eel what does one do in this …[View]
142755943https://aeon.co/essays/if-your-pay-is-not-yours-to-keep-then-neither-is-the-tax I'm interested …[View]
142750591why do non whites go to /pol/ ?[View]
142736292Explain: Why are they kneeling in protest? Isn't kneeling more respectful than standing up, am …[View]
142752053What's /pol/'s opinion on dadaism and it's historical significance? https://en.m.wiki…[View]
142730378Am I the only one who fucking hates this shit? How fucking hard is it to hire someone to clean it up…[View]
142755717Oh My Gerd I just Solved Pizzagate with New 4chan Leads: (Major clue for only chans, you can go insi…[View]
142754813Are any of this niggers aware that they wouldn’t be earning hundreds of thousands of dollars just fo…[View]
142738548Any job is for cucks, you're basically doing something else for other people. Discuss.[View]
142755628I decided to go back to Africa, anyone coming with me?[View]
142750709Why is social media so liberal?[View]
142755605Repeal the 19th Amendment: Women's right to vote should be repealed and replaced with an amendm…[View]
142755584meta tread about shills and slide/bait treads: alright /pol/ how do we deal with the recent influx o…[View]
142715056What is the optimal human population?: I say let us keep it within 500,000,000[View]
142754642odep a s'tI: How do I report peados?[View]
142755448Genetic engineering: And Nazi germany. Would probably have ended much better dont you think?[View]
142754631German elections - Jamaica coalition edition: How fucked is Germany with that coalition? The CSU has…[View]
142755424Saving the white race: Do hapas count? Asking for a friend, his name is john[View]
142752649Why We Stand[View]
1427552999/23 2017: Are you guys ready for the biggest happening prophecy ever in the history of POL? Septemb…[View]
142754124Are none of the 'see you september' fags gonna comment about the date?[View]
142755191So why are they protesting trump now? I can't say I'm necessarily a big fan of the guy, bu…[View]
142750572The day after the election: Guys, serious question - when I go to work tomorrow, how do I prevent lo…[View]
142754249[b]14 88[/b] AfD got 14% and 88 seats. rate[View]
142753971tfw destroying ISIS and the NFL[View]
142755103>tfw I am a centrist[View]
142747553NFL BTFO: I hurt myself today.[View]
142755018How do people actually watch this shit? The sport is literally nigger worship. the teams are all 70%…[View]
142753003TIM' THE BEANIE' POOL is LIVE: FROM BERKELEY https://youtu.be/HGKBHNbLoSI[View]
142754857This flag is much better for Ireland than what they really have[View]
1427549272020 Nig takeover: Should we be worried? You know if these two dindus are the nominees every non whi…[View]
142754510>mom shopped at Walmart her whole life >took her to Wholefoods today >she almost started cr…[View]
142751022How do you feel about this dotard's handling of the North Korean situation? Personally I feel t…[View]
142751194TFW you never watched football so you can't stop watching football[View]
142754682Come home, white man[View]
142754615How can one improve themselves as a human being and as a member of the white race?[View]
142744199ANTIFA cringefest in Berlin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENzjQ8llEHE[View]
142754601https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=news&q=%23DPRK&src=typd HAHA, Nothing happe…[View]
142746359Operation Kickoff: With the recent issue of NFL kneelers being brought back into the spotlight, and …[View]
142754498Don't forget to vote: https://mobile.twitter.com/SeaTimesSports/status/911733704027803648…[View]
142722808How do you plan to move to the countryside guys? What's your plan? >Work decent paid job for…[View]
142749682Can our fellow Americans explain this?: >be me >a humble merchant just passing by >land on …[View]
142749537Will we ever get our money back?[View]
142752861Explain this rhetoric.[View]
142753547Felarca is about to get fucked ..: Get comfy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGKBHNbLoSI&featur…[View]
142753768Civic nationalism: The only way forward.[View]
142754289https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7hnwifR9KY HAHA Jack Ma after being red pilled by Trump - > Lo…[View]
142754276MFW a Nazi can join under AfD disguise the Reichstag after 1945: FUCKING HILARIOUS AHAHAHA MY SIDES…[View]
142754166Imagine being Lindner in that election and having to be all like 'damn Die Grünen you fuckin' f…[View]
142754065If anything could trigger a race war in the US is it the nfl?[View]
142754145Why do you let faggots like this come to America?[View]
142752757Why do American 'Conservatives' love Israel so much? They claim Israel is their 'greatest ally' but …[View]
142754095Representative democracy is not a democracy: ULTIMATE REDPILL.[View]
142748970Now I see this on German streets[View]
142751280Do britbongs realize how pathetic their country actually is?[View]
142733317what do you feel when you see low iq people being rich because capitalism is unfair?[View]
142747669How does your country view the rest of EU?[View]
142752377Erick Errickson here, advice for life below: American NFL fans ask yourself questions such as: “why …[View]
142738096Hello wagies, had this the other day, was good eatin.[View]
142749961Apuseni Ultra Race, Romania. 100 Miles in 40 hours. What's your excuse, /pol?: Apuseni Ultra Ra…[View]
142751039German Election: 88 seats for the AfD. Praise Kek.[View]
142685073Our next human president: Zuckerberg 2020![View]
142753905SNOPES says Transgender Kids Not Child Abuse: Isn't SNOPES overdue for some love? How does this…[View]
142752339Funny Pepe Troll moments: My RA was being a douche one day and he's an Fundamental Baptist so I…[View]
142752570Black lives matter?: Black Lives Do Matter > This is not a racist rant, simply a review of factua…[View]
142753373ITT: things people will say after Trump presidency: >'He was the hero we needed, but not the one …[View]
142753608STANLEY CUP CHAMPS BTFO NIGS: https://twitter.com/SethRorabaugh/status/911965897295884289 >we res…[View]
142748628It's time anon: You know who you are, you promised. There are too many immigrants in germany, a…[View]
142743986I hate German media - they conpletely ignore the AfD in potential coalitions: the only sensible coal…[View]
142753474I wonder who may have done it http://www.kptv.com/story/36437743/police-investigating-death-of-13-mo…[View]
142753490What did they mean by this?: >looking up that terminal >finding these html codes on pages…[View]
142720680Lauren Southern Confirmed Degenerate: Proof that all qt Trump girls are just degenerate whores who b…[View]
142751785german leftist propaganda stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5HoXylbrwk&feature=youtu.be i…[View]
142753145Poli as a pretext is 'many' tics are bloodsucking parasites: The people hire the politicians so that…[View]
142750044This is what the election would have looked like without women[View]
142750510While Catalonia fights for independence....you fuckers are worried about body position niggers are i…[View]
142742265F A S H W A V E GENERAL - 'Hold Back the Night' Edition MXVII: Couple things >The Left Can't…[View]
142753037Is it hate speech when I promote hatred to all people disregard of their ethnicity, religion, gender…[View]
142747657The saviour of Germany. His intelligence and sticking to the cold facts is so superior.[View]
142750351Operation #KneelandLight: Continuing from last night Time to take advantage of this situation we sho…[View]
142745284I have to watch this film for film class (taking it for humanities credit) and write 1-2 paragraphs …[View]
142752886> Merkel was elected back when I was 12 > At the next time she could be voted out of office I…[View]
142752811When you really think about it, it's actually pretty hard to disprove white supremacy.[View]
142752743>The most popular website and sport in the U.S in now nothing but a massive virtual signaling fre…[View]
142752680Daily reminder that Jews were responsible for 9/11. Never forget.[View]
142752508Is mainstream fascism in Europe or America in the next 20 years a legitimate possibility?[View]
142749467wtf i hate football now?[View]
142741866Argies: Like seriously. What's up with those cucking Argie Bargies?[View]
142724176BREAKING NEWS:: 4chan extremists from the far-right, conspiracy website 4chan are interfering the Ge…[View]
142727719Trump BTFO by Jesse Ventura: Where were you when former Minnesota Governor, Navy SEAL, WWE Hall of F…[View]
142751763Deutschland: Just wanted to congratulate Germany breaking double digits with AfD baby steps![View]
142749449Ivanka Trump is just as deeply unpopular as her dad: >The Trumps share everything among themselve…[View]
142745935Why are Americans so afraid of a female leader?: Even in backwater shitholes with medieval mentality…[View]
142739758Describe your Sunday so far and how it has contributed to or detracted from the ideological beliefs …[View]
142751116Whitey just shot up a the black church of Burnette Chapel. It's not looking good.[View]
142741317Picture of dead nigger with his daughter crying: What comes to your mind when viewing this, /pol/???…[View]
142735436Brit/pol/ - The Chad Edition: >Hitchens: My drugs advice to William? You've been duped, you …[View]
142749739Guess where this shithole is?: How depressing and boring it must be to live there.[View]
142743367Should /pol/ promote a sport to take the place of NFL football?: Perhaps Australian rules football o…[View]
142748177Meeting a red-pilled girl: If you are to produce offspring, it must be with someone who won't b…[View]
142748028CLIMATE FAGS BTFO: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MS0qLhqaZDM[View]
142738620>It's not about the flag, it's about protesting inequality You have 100 other ways to p…[View]
142751606https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TXPgMmzveo come home white man[View]
142749393Why don't you use this flag?[View]
142751547Something big happening soon?: The last 2 days I've been listening to NPR spending all day defe…[View]
142746452/ptg/ President Trump General - Real Men's Sport Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.…[View]
142751216What does /pol/ plan to do about the Shia Crescent?[View]
142751420>suburban retards will defend this[View]
142751370Live at Berkeley Milo Protest: https://youtu.be/t1_NFQlIiWw[View]
142751293Beta male Vice Journalists BTFO https://youtu.be/0QLCPeQs1WE[View]
142743101The whole concept of criminal guilt is arbitrary and unscientific. Let's say you are perfectly …[View]
142748873Germans. Defend this. Why are you becoming Nazis once again?[View]
142751122How many Trumpvestites actually stand for the flag when watching games on the TV at home?[View]
142749987Leon DeGrelle: Has anyone read any books by this based man? I'm looking to start and want a rec…[View]
142750953No more rothschilds: What does a world with no no more rothschilds look like?[View]
142747091Germany has spoken. The disgusting xenophobia that far right media outlets perpetuated by constant …[View]
142750881Alternate History Ponderings - The Miraculous Mercy a Dunkirk: Scenario: Instead of halting German f…[View]
142750453Angela Merkel elected once again: Hahahahaah get fucked, stupid Krauts. Ready for more refugees and …[View]
142750739Blacks bend the knee: Breaking news. Blacks have sent their avatars to bend the knee an swear fealty…[View]
142719131Little Girl Sends Letter to Trump on Climate Change: Even an 11 year old girl can figure it out…[View]
142750414CDU/CSU-Gruene-FDP Is this better or worse than CDU/CSU-SDP?[View]
142748355Is this /ourguy/?: He redpilled a jew on national TV https://youtu.be/qbQD-mJ98H4[View]
14275036388 Seats: You can't make this shit up guys[View]
142750187MAKE THE NFL PAY TAXES: Trump should push for legislation to make the NFL pay taxes after this weeke…[View]
142750284John Chang Hon Seu menipu wang orang: John Chang Hon Seu cheats people's money John Chang Hon S…[View]
142719610>tfw you get triggered by people exercising their freedom[View]
142750085/GLR/ - George Lincoln Rockwell General: Hello Fellow White Americans! This thread is dedicated to t…[View]
142732190Why is Trump such a bitch?[View]
142750042>tfw we gets a few wins all at once and the energy is near election levels Whats next for /pol/?…[View]
142748748why did he have to ruin football[View]
142744268Why do states without the death penalty have lower murder rates?[View]
142749229Are you ready /pol/ . . .: It's time. Pay attention to your twitter today. It's really hap…[View]
142749742We are lefty, walking in moskow, and what is you do?[View]
142746009Daily reminder, protesting an unjust government is every American's right regardless of job or …[View]
142747464Fucking double standards..: So let me get this straight. Make a game (or simulation) where you try r…[View]
142749625JOE CAMEL TURNS DOWN NFL HALF-TIME SHOW! How will the NFL ever compete?[View]
142748109Why would Abrahamists like Jehovah's witnesses oppose abortion because it's a life and aft…[View]
142748758Donald Trump’s base has always consisted of white racists who want someone to champion their cause, …[View]
142749558Reeeeeee Baseball is now infected. A player just knelt for the anthem. When will the politically cor…[View]
142749559https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5y_c3RFccrY Is she, dare I say it... /ourgirl/?[View]
142734106Literature on Pre-Christian Europe and /pol/ literature general: Please share your books on pre-Chri…[View]
1427468453 White People die once again because of a polock driver: This has happened many time before http://…[View]
142736083Hello, I'm Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance and I would like to talk to you about …[View]
142748250FUCK America FUCK USA FUCK US Flag FUCK US Citizens FUCK Trump FUCK White people FUCK Everything USA…[View]
142749354This faggot is threatening peoples families and claiming hes muslim and 'there will be a jihad'. Wel…[View]
142749410Can someone pls post pictures of rand paul with burnt hair and red eyes. Thx[View]
142749241Kneel Before the Lord Emperor and His Flag: Niggers BTFO again...[View]
142749146BERKLEY HAPPENING LIVE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQKUGUcv3ZM HOLY FUCK HAPPENING HAPPENING HA…[View]
142747568Why can't we just use the sandniggers for food.[View]
142748771Operation: Just as Planned: Continue operations, lads... The puzzle is completing before our eyes, a…[View]
1427240268 totally inappropriate Halloween costumes you should avoid this year: It’s (almost!) officially fal…[View]
142747752AUS Gay Vote: So who's winning?[View]
142743932Hilarry Clinton still attracts flies: http://www.lci.fr/international/trump-est-un-danger-pour-notre…[View]
142746717What will the blacks make their national anthem in their country after the Blaxit? (I think the blac…[View]
142736090Since when do animals have souls? This new pope is absolutely bananas.[View]
142748631Now they aren't going to come out of the locker room until after the National Anthem.: These pe…[View]
142748200>84% continue to vote leftist anti-german pro-immigration politics W-Wow! Germany did it! They re…[View]
142748273Afd is projected to win 14% of the vote and 88 seats Meme magic is real[View]
142738564Was he right?[View]
142740436What are their demands? I don't get what they're protesting. 'Injustice' I hear. Do they w…[View]
142741541Why do people who pledge allegiance to the America betray it? Should we revoke their citizenship?[View]
142745593Does the alt-right seriously consider this man a legit source of information? https://youtu.be/sUIcC…[View]
142747968Feminist raid: watch my fag friend on twitch far left cuck liberal, start chatting to him about femi…[View]
142747934Anyone else find it ironic that if all these poor young men who dindu nuffin and were eventually sho…[View]
142744605Pakistani Muslims allegedly attack and RAPE Christian boy, police do nothing: A Christian boy's…[View]
142747886Should Trump listen to Putin and conduct peaceful negotiations with North Korea?[View]
142747850Multiple people injured in Antioch church shooting: >https://amp.tennessean.com/amp/697968001…[View]
142736056MERKEL IS HISTORy: minus 10 percent press F for fucking rekt!!n[View]
142743535How come the most perverted nation in the world has the lowest birth rate in the world?[View]
142747183it's happening!!!!! americans got shot[View]
142745094I believe that nationalism and patriotism are some of the most important things a citizen of any cou…[View]
142745912Don't disrespect the anthe-[View]
142721538/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General: ϟϟ BLOOD, FATHERLAND, FAITH ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the …[View]
142742461Really makes ya think[View]
142747540Why would anyone vote for this? Is Germany entirely bugmen and catladies? Are they just scared of ch…[View]
142746861Shadow the Hedgehog refuses to stand for the anthem.[View]
142747513A communist and a libertarian revolution in the USA start on the exact same day. Who would win, why,…[View]
142747497Why do you guys defend a fucking communist?[View]
142747398Is Germany Finally Uncucking Itself?: Are we truly the most cucked country in Europe now? Or are we …[View]
142747388Irish needed. Join The League of National Anarchists. Facebook: /League-of-National-Anarchists-26044…[View]
142747294Why is Piers Morgan such a cuck? There's times when he seems okay then he goes full faggot[View]
142746720No income tax: What does a world with no income tax look like?[View]
142746142If Africans are dying of starvation why don't they just eat their own poo?[View]
142745234>Sikhs aren't bro tie-[View]
142733823China fully embraces Western degeneracy, BDSM, trans, HIV, destruction of marriage: https://qz.com/1…[View]
142746693I am a white male. I will never lay with a woman. I will work out, earn a modest living from a desk …[View]
142744074Pittsburgh Penguins: As of 10:45 am this morning. Happy to accept trip to the White House. Notice an…[View]
142738713Thank for saying what we've all been thinking, SI writer Jon Tayler. I'm so glad the MLB w…[View]
142722144Why are right-wing 'Free Speech' activists so full of shit?: How come Trump can put pressure on the …[View]
142718489HERE IS OUR CHANCE! BRING THE NFL TO ITS KNEES!: Donald Trump is about to red-pill all of white Amer…[View]
142742308/ptg/ President Trump General - The Delusion of TARDers Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://ww…[View]
142746739https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U06jlgpMtQs It's coming.[View]
142729651/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
142746658Berkeley starts at noon PST but police warning signs already in place[View]
142744027Who's our next target?: The Rothschild meme died hard. Who's next? Bill Gates seems harmle…[View]
142746647Monstrous woman shouts 'nazi scum' at anti terror rally: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u…[View]
142746626please /pol/ fix this madness #BREAKtheKNEE make it happen !!![View]
142746235Which is it?[View]
142746614I'm never watching or buying anything NFL again http://www.foxnews.com/sports/2017/09/24/ravens…[View]
142746429Hey NFL, remember me?: >You thought I forgot the shit (((you))) pulled in the mid 80s…[View]
142746495Merkel slips in again: The only reason she has that many votes is obvious, it's a known tactic …[View]
142738739WE DID IT LADS: CELEBRATION THREAD\ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lrle0x_DHBM[View]
142743778Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Danke Deutschland Editon: GERMAN ELECTION GENERAL TODAY GENERAL ELEC…[View]
142744279Why is it always the halflings that are the most uppity? Compensating?[View]
142707197Vegan Hate Thread: Why is this even a thing? Look at the vegan in the picture. She's fat. >i…[View]
142733170Kekistan flag usage: How is your setup /pol/?[View]
142746340Mama Won! More Islamic Dick for Mama's daughters.[View]
142746318Well? What do you have to say for yourselves nerds?[View]
142746243LOL: Even mega-libtard George 'small penis' Clooney is now talking shit on Shillary: http://www.foxn…[View]
142746206Damn... /pol/ BTFO[View]
142746203Redpilled history podcasts?: I used to listen to 99% Invisible until I listened to the 'Archite…[View]
142746145AFD WILL BE BACK TO RULL BUNDESTAG!: Fellow germans! Angela Merkel is destroying your country's…[View]
142743376I've taken your knee.: I'd just like to thank you guys for once again successfully injecti…[View]
142743452HATE FREE ZONE :/ANTIFA/MEDIA WELCOME! NAZIS STAY AWAY: This is an official HATE FREE ZONE! Bigotry,…[View]
142746041Do you see that tan-line? Is this another case of black social justice warrior professor who suffers…[View]
142745992C'mon do something funny[View]
142745932AI that tells you what you want to hear is already here: ...and it's all thanks for the interne…[View]
142729358what was the fucking point to putting us in camps?: even if jews weren't gassed and only died o…[View]
142745850Show me your rarest Hitlers: Celebration: >>142742670[View]
142744663Ready to watch Tom Brady destroy some niggers today?: I'm ready for it.[View]
142744493This is the face of the european altright. What is FUCKING WRONG with their heads?[View]
142745650This guy is making too much sense on twitter.: Been seeing this guy make the rounds on Twitter, for …[View]
142745742Escplain tze Germany to me now, sofort !: What is going on and will we need Russian gas ? https://w…[View]
142745446>2020's >Trump finishes his 2nd term and GOP wins over Dems again >Le Pen became the p…[View]
142739200Antifa: If you could do anything to Eric Clanton without getting punished, what would you do? (pic o…[View]
142738342Non-whites for White Nationalism: Post ITT if you're a Person of Color supporting White Identit…[View]
142744651hahah fucking NFL retards pissed off both sides[View]
142732546The ravens will starve.: Uhm...[View]
142742018What did he mean by this?: https://twitter.com/ShaunKing/status/911980367053312000 What did he meme …[View]
142744992what should I think about this /pol/?[View]
142741528How do people here feel about Turks?: I'm especially curious how Germans feel about Turks in th…[View]
142745362How do we fix this?: See pic[View]
142745345What are their protest demands? What action by the government(?) would be considered a victory?[View]
142742339Reminder that only AfD members are 100 percent based: and only they are real Germans.[View]
142741903is Tay controling Skynet??: Facebook shuts off AI experiment after two robots begin speaking in thei…[View]
142722523Swedens first muslim political party.: So its finally being attempted. A muslim political party head…[View]
142737980Merkel the leader of the free world: YASS QUEEN! YASS QUEEN! YASS QUEEN!!!![View]
142745113Why does Mic hire Neo-Nazis?: pic related https://twitter.com/JackSmithIV/status/911990423496802304…[View]
142739262THIS IS YOUR TYPICAL AMERICA HATING NFL FAN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U98_t7Nuct0[View]
142744413Indian Internet: What is wrong with Indians? what causes them to be so thirsty and vile, aren't…[View]
142744354>even the patriots hate Trump hahaha BTFO[View]
142744622Richard Spencer's gayest stunt yet?: Richard Spencer protested the white house today, going on …[View]
142739236Wake up white people. It's all over. You've lost the race war.[View]
142744306British Defence System: So after years ofboxing then eventually Krav Maga and studying 'Gutter Fight…[View]
142743195As an anonymous poster on an anime imageboard, I know more than all the world's scientists, gen…[View]
142738928Should gays be allowed to adopt if the couple in question are good hearted and stable people?[View]
142743791RACE WAR![View]
142744494A bunch of Hillary-voting millionaire niggers took a knee today. How will President Trump recover?[View]
142744491How do we fix the racist elite structure of Britain, pol?: http://archive.is/N4zoN >sips green te…[View]
142739875Does this fall into the F A S H W A V E category? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vpotk6M8G-E[View]
142744336Ranting about nazis and jews at 1:30: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBBX14zotuI Timestamp 1:30ish.…[View]
142713244Do you hate your invaders? Personally I have no problems with the Chinese[View]
142744219>mfw I am completely rangebanned on /v/ Why are the mods there all such asshurt leftists? They do…[View]
142744209Transhumanism: What is /pol/s opinion on it? Do you dream about having your mind copied into a sophi…[View]
142739579/pol/ BTFO yet again[View]
142744172What's /pol/'s thoughts on Cape May? If it were a state do you think Trump could win it?[View]
142744100Does he deserve to be in jail?[View]
142742272Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - 88 seats Edition: GERMAN ELECTION GENERAL TODAY GENERAL ELECTION IN …[View]
142743264Pakistan diplomat goofs up at UN, tries to pass off image of Gaza teen as Kashmir girl: The photo sh…[View]
142743847These NFL protests are great. By talking about how this will backfire, or about how Americans will t…[View]
142715608Based Jordan Peterson blew childfree degenerates the fuck out. SORT YOURSELVES OUT, BUCKOS![View]
142744031This triggers the handegg players[View]
142743809This charade proves what a bunch of low-IQ rednecks Trump's base are. Even as he breaks the cor…[View]
142731976Buddhists are killing us by bullets: Muslims Rohingya are the victims of a modern holocaust in Myanm…[View]
142739717>2017 >if you don't kneel for the anthem you're a Nazi When will this country die…[View]
142742786Starting another FIRM HANDSHAKE thread. Discuss the place of politics at work, hiring practices, how…[View]
142741870>leader of the free world Could she be the one who brings us world peace, lads?…[View]
142730631Why do some americans feel that football players kneeling during the national anthem is disrespectin…[View]
142737099As you filthy white racists can clearly see, white people are the problem with modern society.[View]
142741862Germany FDP: German FDP What are they about? Good or bad?[View]
142743626people like this actually exist in america[View]
142728652Why am I supposed to hate Israel?: I am onboard with whites having an ethnostate and protecting a fu…[View]
142743580>didnt vote ndp[View]
142741852Actually Nazis getting BTFO Looks like that whole nationalism wave was short-lived.[View]
142732969Shaun King: Can someone please end this race baiters career already. Like what will it take? He…[View]
142742861What percentage of internet forums will ban you for dropping red pills?: whats the best way to get b…[View]
142729277Red pill me /pol/ on anything you want[View]
142727838Racism is for unintelligent people[View]
142743182Why can't capistarves grow food? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_famines[View]
142742947Europe is dead: With $merkle at the head for a 4th term, brexit a fucking failure, and Trump a trait…[View]
142743328Uh oh[View]
142738130Is Norway uncucked? You never hear any problems there[View]
142737074WHY ARE THE PIZZAGATE JERSEY THREADS BEING DELETED?!!: There is SO much crap posted on here daily. T…[View]
142742037German elections: https://prnt.sc/gp4351 What you are seeing right now are the percentage vote outco…[View]
142742952>£1,200 for a Syrian Refugee wife in Turkey https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/1-200-the-cost-of-…[View]
142739593Another 4 years with Merkel :): Haha AfD faggots, Merkel will continue for another 4 years ;) Have f…[View]
142742876HITCHENS NAMES THE SOROS: HITCHENS NAMES THE SOROS http://hitchensblog.mailonsunday.co.uk/2017/09/my…[View]
14274242588 seats ACHT UND ACHTZIG 88 seats 88 seats 88 seats 88 seats 88 seats 88 seats 88 seats 88 seats …[View]
142736375/ptg/ President Trump General - WTF TRUMP Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
142734969Why do we hate these guys again?: There are NO thots in North Korea >Sleeveless tops Banned >…[View]
142742655Save NASCAR: with the Nigger Football League creating white flight in sports viewership, this is a c…[View]
142735686>The government isn't spying on an-[View]
142742441>How can we make following the teachings of Kek an official religion? >When is the next census…[View]
142726773As a Turkish Immigrant, This is My Vote in German Elections: majority of turks in germany boycott el…[View]
142693998So are there any good WWII films that show it from the German perspective in a non bias way? Like Ba…[View]
142742402It's Just Business: While you may assume Donald J. Trump supports the Alt-Right, fascism and wh…[View]
142740453Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - the SPD is dead Edition: GERMAN ELECTION GENERAL TODAY GENERAL ELECT…[View]
142741830Who knew horseshoe theory was in full effect right now?[View]
142738814Are sportfags finally coming to terms with the fact that they are simply watching a pack of niggers …[View]
142736230'Muh granddaddy died face down in the mud in Iwo Jima for dat flag!!'[View]
142738960White Power General /wpg/: Show examples of the superiority and power of the white race.[View]
142740994>complains about degeneracy >smokes and drinks Stop drinking and smoking…[View]
142737892Why do we pay so much attention to niggers?: Is it possible that if we were to ignore them, they wou…[View]
1427374694 MORE YEARS Good going krauts, you had a slim chance of potentially a start at uncucking yourselves…[View]
142739365He won We-us-me elected him He's wining - You are losing No, we won't change our mind No,…[View]
142741812You can't make this shit up![View]
142725516/pol/ right now[View]
142741798>88 Sitze[View]
142741788What did G*rmany mean by this?[View]
142741768Brexit CANCELLED: >Farage: The great Brexit betrayal continues http://www.express.co.uk/news/poli…[View]
142713751Why is it everything I see and hear from Eastern Europe shows me Hitler was right and Slavs aren…[View]
142738458Antifa: If you could do anything to Eric Clanton without getting punished, what would you do?[View]
142736594Why do we spend more money fighting terrorism than we do cancer? Even if you count the sand nigger o…[View]
142741581One Flew Over the Cuckold's Nest https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2017/sep/24/german-elec…[View]
142741565So when are we going to nuke the antilogic of the eternally buttmad libs with the concept of transra…[View]
142739321elections: in 1928 hitler only got 2.6% of the vote in 1930 hitler only got 18.25% of the vote in ju…[View]
142740344Pol/pol/ General - Let's Get This Started Edition: First Polish general - friendly neighbors we…[View]
142734499Jews are white too: Why would Jews want to destroy the white race when they are white too?[View]
142741363The AFD was never going to win, but it made great strides this election cycle. Germany will be free[View]
142741252Why does the British military have such lax fitness standards?[View]
142740825>go to reddit for football fans opinions on knee shit >Is just r/politics football edition …[View]
142737845Well done Mommy Merkel! Racists BTFO[View]
142741159NFL - Trumps take down on jew money: Trump is memeing masterfully. These players are going to kneel …[View]
142741143>it's 2027 and your kid just asked you who faith spotted eagle was…[View]
142719174I would to learn.: 4chan is a very strange place and I would like to learn your ways. https://m.yout…[View]
142736381dumb ass crusaders: You dumb fucking heathen 'christians' tried THREE times to capture and hold Jeru…[View]
142740450Germany just re-elected Merkel Mutti of Migrants for the fourth time in a row: KEK![View]
142741032What do you think this picture symbolically represents?: And how could this PNG fit into events like…[View]
142733639Is LotGH considered to be /pol/ materialized? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nT56XzZjM2s[View]
142741010>even Ted Cruz doesn't support Graham-Cassidy what a clusterfuck Trump and McConnell must be…[View]
142732272So... I can't help but notice that the world is still around...: What happened guys?[View]
142739846Mutter Merkels Fucked: Merkel just got raped by migrants, now she knows how cologne feels[View]
142740804IT'S OVER. IT'S DONE!!![View]
142740776Apocalypse Now: the hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic action should be signs enough for anybody.A…[View]
142738111Dear White Americans, how does it feel that in the future, your race will be a minority in your own …[View]
142736413and here we go[View]
142729846Syria General /sg/ - Brot Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.com …[View]
142740535Why does this happen?[View]
142740515The german and muslim alliance: Who have destroyed europa more then germans and muslims? Now with a…[View]
142738416Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Lefties on suicide watch Edition: GERMAN ELECTION GENERAL TODAY GENE…[View]
142740500If nuke aren't real and our nuclear arsenal is fake, how did North Korea build one? Do they kno…[View]
142739152http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4913942/Women-choose-men-education-avoid-singledom.html You …[View]
142735244INVASION !: Your homeland gets invaded by the country above you and let's assume both sides hav…[View]
142740379Question for /pol/[View]
142732766Why aren't you transracial yet?[View]
142740182Meanwile in France: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZojWRngW0A Islamization progresses.[View]
142733759ITT: Post Powerful Political Figures From Your Country: Pic related, he is the mayor of our capital …[View]
142720442Why did she mean by this?: >In 2014, a man Quinn used to date published a nearly 10,000-word mani…[View]
142736632Who violated the NAP first, /pol/?[View]
142740052I AM PROUD OF YOU BURGERS: Look, football was not a bad sport, but what you have today in America is…[View]
142740019Family matters: of course everyone here is an ubermensch, but what about your families, /pol/? What …[View]
142734209Reminder that an African man invented the internet & it was stolen by the US government[View]
142734030Murdoch Murdoch: You do relize it's satire right? As in, they are making fun of you.[View]
142732712Refugees in Germany can't vote ... they fear of becoming 'second-class Germans': Refugees in Ge…[View]
142731989Are Hispanics going to outnumber whites in the USA?[View]
142739464Press S to spit on Continental Europe's grave: Hofe lost. Geert lost. Le Pen lost. AfD lost. At…[View]
142739550Illegal Immigration: How do we deal with this problem? It seems as though the left supports it.…[View]
142739412>Even the local villagers told her not to go >She still did http://archive.is/jJd8K Ayyy lmaoo…[View]
142738451RIP Europe: Yaaaas Merkel slay queen[View]
142735516The absolute state of Deutchland: 10 more years of Mutti Merkel[View]
142739245Leftists will defend this: There is no moral relativity when your people's existence is at stak…[View]
142739211Trump now made the kneeling durring the National Anthem a protest about him. It has lost its origin…[View]
142739143>BUT IT WAS HER TURN! lmao[View]
142739140NFL pro National Anthem: Sure we all have free speech but that's not the point here!! These kne…[View]
142739102>tfw hockey players always stand for anthem cause they're all white coincidence?…[View]
142725102Why don't you use this flag?[View]
142738366Why can't Mongolians be /ourguys/? This one was pretty based[View]
142737270This is how triggered /pol/ is today. You snowflakes ever get tired of crying all day in your echo c…[View]
142715600Holy shit the memes were real. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paA3w0tdPQY[View]
142738719>2017 >still believing in evolution There's some liberal cucks streaming about it right n…[View]
142736022How do we save Germany?[View]
142731904Do you guys like movies? If so, what kind?[View]
142723296This is what TRAITORS look like[View]
142738234Was Nietczhe right? Our societies are collapsing because of women[View]
142736068Dear Germany, Fuck you Sincerely, The rest of Europe[View]
142737597Why are we having a race war? Aren't we all Americans?[View]
142736758Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Victory Edition: GERMAN ELECTION GENERAL TODAY GENERAL ELECTION IN G…[View]
142730642How come normies are all like 'Yeah man marijuana is cool and acceptable by me because it's nat…[View]
142735621Putin is a faggot boy lover[View]
142738192What do you think she is reading?: Seriously, I want to know.[View]
142738287Why fire emblem is /ourgame/: Why is this series so fucking based? >Make SJWs think its a progre…[View]
142733498A Kekistan Call to action: Operation 'Go Left' is go The sleeping Axon in every Normie is tossing in…[View]
142738182Laugh at Germany general /lagg/[View]
1427378043d printed pepe[View]
142677168India: True Aryans(Indians) are the greatest race on earth, If it wasn't for us there would be …[View]
142703919Refute this.[View]
142737338White nationalism in the US is a meme: I've seen chinks, beans, and even muzzies in white natio…[View]
142738134Silvio we know u're a liar: http://time.com/107584/watch-berlusconi-stunned-into-silence-over-a…[View]
142735106Meme Thread: Hit me up with some liberal cartoon parodies. Some retard showed me this and i wanna pi…[View]
142737971Weird choice of colors...[View]
142735086#TakeTheKnee: Because you're too stupid to realize you're still a slave[View]
142737921>spend years bullying Greece >surprised when they turn on the EU why didn't the Germanigg…[View]
142737867Black Jesus Crucified: Let Afrocentricism and Judaism die with him. https://twitter.com/Any_Publicit…[View]
142735981AfD 13% - JewNN just now: First exit poll.[View]
142734970Why are Slav women so redpilled? How do I find one as a German virgin?[View]
142677985I don't get it What type of person do I have to be to enjoy this book?[View]
142737561KERALA INDEPENDENCE WHEN?: Fuck this shit those street shitting, white women stalking. child raping,…[View]
142734312His disdain for baseball: Dr William Luther Pearce What was his deal with baseball fans? He mentions…[View]
142730184'White Supremecy': Preface: I'm an /r9k/, /v/, and /a/ frequenter. I thought Donald Trump would…[View]
142725154ITT: we say something nice about india >superpower by 2020 >one of the most competent and larg…[View]
142737644TIL the Statue Of Liberty is a Jewish trans lady: What fun liberal facts have you learned today, Joh…[View]
142720837Stand up! Stand up for Britannicastan: NFL kicking off in London today. Players kneel for the Star S…[View]
142735615Just saw this on kikebook: Have the crusades started already??[View]
142733649Guys I just felt slight shaking in qld Australia anyone else feel it? It's happening[View]
142737496The Vietnam War could have lasted forever. Nixon could have increased the air strikes and the boots …[View]
142712392>on way to voting >suddenly gang of turks blocks the path >they ask everyone who they‘re vo…[View]
142737467Do you not understand ? I am fat wise old short hair german lady Of course I'm going to win aga…[View]
142737476>#US Special Operations Forces (#SOF) units enable US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (#SDF) unit…[View]
142737382JW is BS: Friendly Reminder that Jehova's Witness is lowkey heresy for implying polytheism. Jo…[View]
142737366What do you think about remote or uncontacted tribes? Should we leave them be? Should we interact wi…[View]
142734888Good luck on the election, Germany. You've recovered from worse shit than what you're curr…[View]
142715700Brit/pol/ - George VI Edition: >Hitchens: My drugs advice to William? You've been duped, you…[View]
142727911H3H3 just released another video about the N-word... I was disappointed :( He basically tripled dow…[View]
142736726Dude, there were like a dozen of these guys from Frankfurt, and they like infiltrated American unive…[View]
142736716Pretty Gud New Alt-Right Channel: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Fk4xg3YPFcA Most of this guy's …[View]
142732582/ptg/ President Trump General - The Sports Episode Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whi…[View]
142736657Rural Living: >tired of the big city >go to a farm fair in Vermont because I'm bored …[View]
142729374Types of Canadian posters.: The leaf community might seem numerous but if you been following their p…[View]
142731776Impeachment 2016[View]
142736481Shitty leftist memes: Uh well Nazis, care to explain yourself?[View]
142735835What does /pol/ think about the kurds and 'Kurdistan'?[View]
142726240Daily reminder that there are people in power who to some degree share our views There is a big chan…[View]
142730975What countries do you see as firmly 'fucked' and some that can 'come back'? >Come Back France, Sw…[View]
142733077Should Hate Speech Against Minorities Be Considered an Imprisonable Offense?: Well /pol/? Should it?…[View]
142736266I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them…[View]
142730534I'm starting to think you guys were right about those Jews all along[View]
14270005515-year-olds are now throwing acid at each other. Why? What is it that they're trying to achi…[View]
142711041Why are Catalonia people so obnoxiously retarded?[View]
142732798Scientists have engineered an antibody that attacks 99% of HIV strains: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/he…[View]
142714146Losers: Remember the 23th \pol\?[View]
142735960Deobfuscation of Decompiled Java: Does anyone have any links or resources regarding interpreting obf…[View]
142735405Multinational corps pretending to be ecological: I am getting tired of being scammed by multinationa…[View]
142735772Explain to me right now how you can be physically unfit and still consider yourself white.[View]
142717553If Hitler developed the atomic bomb, where do you think he should've dropped it?[View]
142735631NOGS LITERALLY #BENDTHEKNEEFORTRUMP: Instead of standing tall and proud, leftists have literally dro…[View]
142709371Kraut /pol/ ~ GLAINE BILLICHE KAKKNATSIEHS - Edition: >[DE] [GER] Alter Thread hat Bumplimit erre…[View]
142710637Australians that voted for homosexuals to get married, why did you do it, just out of curiosity?[View]
142734048Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Exit polls Edition: GERMAN ELECTION GENERAL TODAY GENERAL ELECTION I…[View]
142720563>this is a real like this nigga really thought it out, typed it into his phone, proof read it, sa…[View]
142730701Is democracy actually an ineffective system? It seems to me that the candidate/party with most finan…[View]
142705010Russian M.O.D. satellite image of US spec ops snuggled up with ISIS: https://www.rt.com/news/404365-…[View]
142735339How does Germany feel about the next five years where the same Americans make the same threads askin…[View]
142731937>/pol/'s not taken the bisexual pill yet >tfw white, male and bisexual there is nothing b…[View]
142717190Russian ‘botnet’ promotes far-right messages in German election: >Researchers say botnet with lin…[View]
142726276So /pol/ can someone redpill me on 23 & Me >Be American >Want to do 23&me >FDA bans…[View]
142732559Draft Dodging Dannie BTFO!!!!!!!!!!!: STOOOOP! STOOOOOOP BLACK MEN!!!!!!! STOP KNEEELING!!! STOP!111…[View]
142732527Get rid of neets from the universe: How do ?[View]
142735020Red Pill Docs - Baptism of Fire #1: Feuertaufe: Baptism of Fire - Luftwaffe in Poland (1939) Germany…[View]
142731260rare pepe use wisely[View]
142730567This is the only thing in the world right now which has the power to kill Google. Anyone can downloa…[View]
142733574>if you don't stand for sum'in you'll fall for anyting.[View]
142717707Poles are arya-[View]
142713062Just got back from the polls where I voted for Merkel. u mad?[View]
142729579It's your move /pol/[View]
142733813So are American niggers pimps and thugs or little babies that are offended by mean words from the wh…[View]
142732688did anyone else catch the raid last night? funny shit, here is a video recapping it if you missed it…[View]
142730496THE NFL PLAYERS WEAR SLAVE-MADE PRODUCTS!: Nike is the official sponsor of the NFL. Nike makes the s…[View]
142730578Good news everyone, Israel has a new IFV concept!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyXA8H67nqk…[View]
142732125Why is this guy such an ass? Why is he picking fights with sport niggers instead of running the damn…[View]
142734393Time to go after their advertisers: If youre sick and tired of the leftist politics in your entertai…[View]
142734305I LOVE ISRAEL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WKrJsdN2uk[View]
142731893funny pix thread: LOL!!!! ANTIFA CAN'T EXPLAIN THIS ONE[View]
142732683If someone does something to a child and it doesn't harm the child, should the person go to pri…[View]
142729479Nordic Resistance Movement: Any Danish/Norwegian/Swedish faggots can tell me about the NRM? What…[View]
142731862Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - We need a sticky Edition: GERMAN ELECTION GENERAL TODAY GENERAL ELEC…[View]
142733899Tell them how great they are, post only honest reviews... be nice![View]
142734156expose them: As Milo mentioned, everyone going to Sproul plaza will most likely meet an antifag. I h…[View]
142731562OY VEY, stop colluding with the german election, you evil right wing nazis! Have you forgotten the h…[View]
142728005>>tfw yiu realize South Park just outcucked family Guy pic related https://m.youtube.com/watc…[View]
142732078Remember remember the 23rd of september: So what happened to the happenings? I see tons of threads …[View]
142733879how to be a nigger 101: how to be a nigger take it away /pol/[View]
142725925/POL/ BTFO--MASS DEMONSTRATION IN 1ST GAME OF THE DAY: Look, here's what white Americans need t…[View]
142732360German Elections: THIRTY MINUTES TO GO Livestream for inevitable butthurt over AfD, Merkels reelecti…[View]
142722834Why are British houses so small? And why are British people content to live in such tiny dwellings?[View]
142733704If you do something at work that disgusts your customers and even sends some away, your boss has the…[View]
142704271Volcano of Shiva erupting!!: 9/23 According to their government, while rising threat level to its hi…[View]
142730671What are the next 2 freedoms that need to be taken away from Americans? 1. The right to mutilate yo…[View]
142732440Hockey isn't the most based spor-: http://usa.kig.hu/news/stanley-cup-champ-pens-to-visit-white…[View]
142733265YouTube deleted and blocked Pamela Geller's account: YouTube deleted and blocked Pamela Geller…[View]
142733102I have an acquaintance who's an elementary school teacher. She told me that when asking her cla…[View]
142729230WTF is wrong with you Hans? Any and every rapefugee born on 1st of January is welcomed with open arm…[View]
142732194DID YOU KNOW THE NFL IS A NPO???: This organization pays no taxes on billions in revenue. How did th…[View]
142731859Pol, in summation: >Sees someone get fired over a twitter post after some faggot hounded their bo…[View]
142732359is there any hope for america?[View]
142732680don't step the snek: I like to use this flag because is cool and the snek and shieet, but i don…[View]
142705073Aus/pol/: trainsurfing sick cunt edition: ATM fees dropped by the big four banks http://www.abc.net.…[View]
142718721Why are the boomers oblivious to how much they destroyed the west?[View]
142726609What did the Nazis ever achieve apart from getting themselves killed? This is why we need traditiona…[View]
142707414Europeans are faggots and scared of Anglos: Hoffer lost. Geert lost. Le Pen lost. The AfD will lose.…[View]
142731772The liberals are taking the women. What are you going to do?[View]
142732997there is no white genocide: Don’t worry gringo, us hispanics will carry the white race with our rapi…[View]
142733096Black people: With the shit going on with NFL, im thinking how it hasnt changed much for blacks sinc…[View]
142725203Will Bongistan ever become a first world country?[View]
142724402based che guevara >anti-faggots >anti people with aids >anti fascists >anti weak youth …[View]
142710527/Christ/ Christian General - Sunday service Edition: Did you go to Church today anon? How was it? …[View]
142731339>google rape statistics in germany by immigrants >suddenly every website gets unloaded, blank …[View]
142726282What did he mean by this?: I'm white and I don't understand gang signs.[View]
142729633Why are liberal women so vulgar? Its disgusting. I don't want to make this a liberal hate threa…[View]
142720414>Europe was civilis- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castrato[View]
142728050Is he our guy after all?[View]
142721902Why are White women attracted to Muslims/Niggers?: >Be me >Literal moor rape baby >My face …[View]
142731019Government agents are hired to read your entire online post activity for the last 10 years. What are…[View]
142732227Redpill me Trump-NFL niggers thing: I've been seeing threads of some NFL nigger players losing …[View]
142729268Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Less than 1 hour Edition: TODAY GENERAL ELECTION >AfD Basic Progra…[View]
142731991When are we gonna be allowed to report abtifa members as terrorists?: I work in shithole D.C. and my…[View]
142726200THE ROD AND THE RING WILL STRIKE: https://mobile.twitter.com/ThomasWictor/status/911351238553354240…[View]
142731802Anyone want to petition for MDE World Peace to get back on the Air?: https://www.google.com/amp/s/am…[View]
142728811What's the deal with mods deleting everything that is related to Antarctica? Also, what did I m…[View]
142731787Any news on the flag http://hewillnotdivide.us/ here its been a month I say we run some recon ops w…[View]
142730377Nfl Kneeling: They're doing that shit for attention. Honestly your liberal fuck trump bait is o…[View]
142731148Does /pol/ use an Adblocker?[View]
142731468Wtf i hear someone screaming outside can anybody in Gwangnaru hear the same??[View]
142731395If NFL players want equality, let's start with their salaries![View]
142724513What will happen to Ex-Yugoslavia?: Maybe a new war soon? All the young move away, they start import…[View]
142727240What's your opinion on Sturmabteilung? Was Hitler right to murder them all when he got into pow…[View]
142728748NFL: Do you support Trump, or do you support free speech?[View]
142731088Is anything more pathetic than a 'centrist'?: >Not having your views align predictably on one end…[View]
142716481>Katy Perry weara a kimono >American leftists flip their shit >Japanese people think it…[View]
142728817Jim Crow Laws: Were Jim Crow laws actually good thing? Was the Civil Rights movement wrong?[View]
142727579Trump btfo[View]
142730220Why is it that all RELEVANT philosophers in history were German?[View]
142731053Don't mind me, just thinking of more ways to spread this. Think in layers, Anons. The best meme…[View]
142731050Atheism is the fastest shrinking religion in the world. Atheism is in decline worldwide, with the nu…[View]
142727502Don Lemon of CNN - best journalist EVER !: Indisputable. Don Lemon aka 'Lemon-Lime' is the best jour…[View]
142728574should porn be banned?[View]
142722367the dutch have a show about doing drugs and sex[View]
142730438Who's side are you on in this video?: https://www.instagram.com/p/BZbQpSNDroX/?taken-by=twan_di…[View]
142715876The Most Powerful and Popular Man on the Planet: Share undeniable FACTS about Trump that trigger but…[View]
142730288Antifa needs our help: Please call with any tips to resist fascism antifa needs our help[View]
142724559US special ops forces & hardware spotted at ISIS positions north of Deir ez-Zor: The Russian Min…[View]
142727903Ya cracker ass bitches been tryin' keep da niggas silent but ya'll fucked wif the wrong ki…[View]
142730439porn fashion[View]
142730169Is buddhism indifference?: I kinda want to become accepting of the world around me, but I always kee…[View]
142730351>be NFL >ratings all time low >stadium attendance all time low >need help >owners h…[View]
142730331Socialist Republic of Ireland when?[View]
142720763(((Abdul Wahab))): The Islam that /pol/ hates was invented by a Jew[View]
142730280How To Survive In Turkey[View]
142725745Who started #TakeAKnee? Was it us?[View]
142728919Given that the breakdowns of the norms and standards of a society is the first step into implementin…[View]
142729144JMBL: 10.09.2017. Brace yourselves.[View]
142729828ITT: Heroes throughout history. Starting with an obvious one.[View]
142729596Why Merkel?Because germans are nation of stupid slaves.[View]
142714689Syria General /sg/ - Bread Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.com …[View]
142729736Are condoms a globalist meme? Are they meant to emasculate men? Are stds from male and female interc…[View]
142726756Perfect Reddit posts don't exis-[View]
142726752Kek wills it: Yhe globalists don't want a new ethno-state forged of fire and blood serving as a…[View]
142700713Daily Arab Thread: Or DAT for short. Daily Arab Thread is a thread for Arabs to discuss matters that…[View]
142728132Is this how the race war in America starts?[View]
142717468We have Germany hate thread, why won't we have one about Pooland? Poland hate thread, go![View]
142725849What do you make of this, /pol/? Personally id probably buy saudi arabia and israel, since then they…[View]
142729537what are /pol/ thots on kayne west as president[View]
142710506Holy shit (((they))) hate this movie. Every cucked Islam-loving, white genocide promoting Lefty news…[View]
142729470There is no white genocide: Don’t worry gringo, us hispanics will carry the white race with our rapi…[View]
142715974Which is the most redpilled drug that lets you see through the veil of Jewish Trickery, and why is i…[View]
142729362He won We-us-me elected him He's wining - You are losing No, we won't change our mind No,…[View]
142708214I don't know what I'm doing: Raised secular, looking into Christianity. Do churches like t…[View]
142726265Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Taytay Edition (ohne Bildrechte): TODAY GENERAL ELECTION >AfD Basi…[View]
142726097Now that the dust: Has settled. Are we going to do anything about the human trafficking elite who ar…[View]
142688965Redpill me on lesbians: I've taken just about every redpill there is, but I struggle to underst…[View]
142726631Fuck england, fuck the queen and fuck the union jack[View]
142722254Wellfare: https://youtu.be/cGWU43bCnr0 Why does wellfare even exist? People should just get a job. S…[View]
142707795I have left wing economic views but right wing social views, what am I?[View]
142715055Wtf it's German elections today and nobody is talking about it: Krauts what is going on? Who is…[View]
142726527niggers and mudshits btfo: swiss voters today voted to cut back gibs for niggers and mudapes by up t…[View]
142725113What went wrong?[View]
142728044Post /pol/ approved youtube political analysts[View]
142727308Buzzfeed big Holohoax push on JewTube this week: https://youtu.be/gdgPAetNY5U?t=8m38s Check the comm…[View]
142722629Why should I vote Democrat in the upcoming midterms and general election for 2020? What is the party…[View]
142728886Since the previous threads were shitted by fedoras I'm doing another one. If we meme on social …[View]
142728872More like this[View]
142723480¿sɹǝƃƃiu puɐ sƃoʍ ʎq pǝpoolɟ ʇǝƃ oʇ lǝǝɟ ʇi sǝop ʍoH[View]
142725383BOO HOO WHITE PPL... U JUS MAD U WASSINT INVITED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iux8GmZ2Tg…[View]
142721709>almost a year later >America still isn't great again What happened??…[View]
142728692the NFL has CANCER: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha…[View]
142713618So... Which one is the best?[View]
142703400Arnt their ratings bad enough already? How low do they need to be before they figure out everyone su…[View]
142717176Subconscious Cultural Hatred: Why are Americans so xenophobic toward England / Britain? >'Let me …[View]
142728506Nigger Hate Thread: Let it all out.... give your best hate memes/stats/images.... i want it all.…[View]
142722552Why is there no structure in any modern NatSoc Movements?[View]
142728371thats what the world woul look like if there was no religion and no conservatives[View]
142727077>Africans are fine >African-Americans are horrible Why is this? Jesus christ I feel so bad for…[View]
142725793Daily Medicare for All Thread: Daily reminder Medicare for All is the only real path forward on fixi…[View]
142676100WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG?!?!?: McDonald's™ is finally automating ordering. Weren't we suppos…[View]
142728379The state of the US (and EU, ofc): >americans letting outdated farm equipment kneel to their coun…[View]
142710797> He calls himself a nazi but doesn't support Islam[View]
142703751Can we have an intelligent China thread without the subhuman spammers? The government is pretty base…[View]
142726218Why are intelligent people more likely to hold delusional, egalitarian beliefs regarding race?[View]
142728077Louis Le Vau: What does /pol/ think of him? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4Ho2EOP9Bg[View]
142728043London is sure going down like shit[View]
142727970Kneelings, Talkin bout Kneelings: kneel nēl/ verb gerund or present participle: kneeling be in or a…[View]
142724621Cutest purest redpilledest altrightest tradwife explains how to find and attract a traditional /pol/…[View]
142722190How does one stop child grooming online?: Father's horror after his seven-year-old daughter is …[View]
142715559Gdańsk - historicaly Polish city. germs can fuck off, it will be polish forever[View]
142688305Mixed race kids are beautiful: Does anyone seriously believe that or are they just virtue signaling?…[View]
142721495how will society go on when we evolved past the need for religion? religion is sort of like a glue t…[View]
142726717stop it.[View]
142722273>literally fucking nothing happened on September 23rd >all the skykings meant nothing >all …[View]
142727540Kangz Thread: Best Of Edition: Pic related.[View]
142720518Why is there so fucking many remainers on 4chan[View]
142721583/GLR/ - George Lincoln Rockwell General: Hello Fellow White Americans! This thread is dedicated to t…[View]
1427269394 more years lol: Death and Taxes: Angela Merkel expected to win this shit. http://google.com/newsst…[View]
142722470Should polygamy be legal?[View]
142727257E eu acho engraçado que no 4chan todo mundo pode se expressar como realmente é de certa forma e ning…[View]
142727125RACE AND IQ MEGADUMP: CONTENTS https://pastebin.com/QttchH6f MEGADUMP uploadfiles io/wvhb6[View]
142727123Have humans on earth all ways been this retarded?[View]
142717377> he unironicaly supports the zioNazis of israHell[View]
142722904Yes[ ] No [ ]: What are your thoughts on this /pol/? Aussies have been mass texted without consent b…[View]
142727011What are the next 2 freedoms that need to be taken away from Americans? 1. The right to mutilate yo…[View]
142725087>Professor at university tells people to join antifa >patriotic american student reports him f…[View]
142725856She needs to disappear, I hate seeing this women: Why won't she go the fuck away or die?[View]
142723564Do we want to do a similar thing to the NFL app that we did with CNN? Download, rate 1 star, then de…[View]
142726203Who is Chuck Todd?: What's up with this guy? What crawled up his ass?[View]
142726466Russia & China: How are these two countries conspiring against the U.S?[View]
142716773really north korea: http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/858139/WW3-North-Korea-Donald-Trump-war-phot…[View]
142725548I kneel during the National Anthem. Im white. I served in the Military (Chair Force). Come at me bro…[View]
142719133Why are churches so segregated?: 'Here there is no Gentile or Jew, circumcised or uncircumcised, bar…[View]
142702081B L A C K E D: It is what it takes to be successful in america nowadays ? http://edition.cnn.com/201…[View]
142723051Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - 2 hours countdown Edition: TODAY GENERAL ELECTION >AfD Basic Progr…[View]
142722685Is 'The Guardian' satire?: >Ri Yong-ho: the North Korean diplomat who could defuse the crisis Is …[View]
142722096Oh look, yet another thread about how jews are the problem and national socialism is the answer. How…[View]
142721115Alt-Right is controlled opposition[View]
142719868Why do we not have any culture? Even niggers have culture.[View]
142724798Paneurope: what do you guys think about a facist Paneurope,thats fight for white Supremacy[View]
142713328Have you installed AdNauseam yet? Are you helping us slay the big evil Google, /g/? This thread will…[View]
142726018Poor Poor American Negro League: 1 million dollars a game isnt enough to buy my 22' rims you evil wh…[View]
142716621Why are good men so hard to find?: >Spend a little time with single women in their early to mid-3…[View]
142697707Lets go lads: https://twitter.com/DavidDTSS/status/911781709007540225[View]
142715827in which we discuss the irreversible decline of handegg[View]
142723212Damn this activated my almonds...: Remember that Google guy that got fired for his beliefs? Remember…[View]
142723629The state of /pol/: >Each board can have a thread dedicated to itself, as hiroshim00t stated. Can…[View]
142710234Prison Reform in the U.S.: What would be a feasible way to begin a campaign to reform our prison sys…[View]
142722881'Fight Us If You're Man Enough': ISIS Member Challenges Prince Harry: A Singaporean m…[View]
142723288the reddest pill: Removing femroaches rights alone would bring everything else in order naturally. Y…[View]
142722948Why do burgers suck so much circumcised kike dick?[View]
142722492RIGHT WING UNITED GENERAL (spergies btfo): /RWU/ - Right wing united >>what is the right wing …[View]
142725993Is liking “thicc” girls an acceptance of nonwhite third world beauty standards and thus degenerate[View]
142726151Am I white /pol/: Im 100% aryan yet people say I look arab[View]
142726702So, I have been chatting with a black girl from Brazil on skype for over a three months by now. She…[View]
142727156Conspiracy theories: What's your stance on conspiracy theories? >image related, is you…[View]
142727963Whats your opinion on white guys with dreadlocks? Can you be a nationalist / right winger? and still…[View]
142696129Based far-right figures: Post your favorite far-right figures I'll start[View]
142725122Trump btfo: >1st NFL game today >28 niggers kneeling https://twitter.com/mikefreemannfl/stat…[View]
142725118I'm pretty sure: It's okay for women to have a gay phase because women role playing as the…[View]
142718423How Alpha are you when the police asking to work with you?: UK police ‘consider working with pedophi…[View]
142725032>have to help my family with their farm since a bunch of tourists come >they're all from…[View]
142722479Right-Wing Legitimacy: We need to build a broad right-wing movement, preferably international, which…[View]
142717540If we let them make weed legal whats to stop the legalization of harder drugs like coke and mushroom…[View]
142722310Grandma white supremacy: I need help, my Grandma is a white supremacist, she believes black people a…[View]
142724618ACHTUNG! Germany accused the Jusa for interfering in German elections!: Mainstream American media sa…[View]
142722303How will the White House react to getting H-bombed? https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/sep/24/n…[View]
142722071The Whites Must Kneel, Too!: Talcum X's Twitter feed is full of self-loathing whites crying tha…[View]
142724514Free speech hypocrites: >NFL players kneel for national anthem >Trump suggests they should be …[View]
142717608Is he a hack?[View]
142721652You guys seen this new government funded Canadian anime commercial? >Government >Funded >A…[View]
1427243942018 Mid-Terms Hint to Republicans: President Trump campaigning for Big Lou in a primary has to be a…[View]
142721438/pol/land: This may sound autistic but hear me out: A large part of the Antarctica called the Marie …[View]
142723255Do you share political views with your parents?: My mother is leftist scum to the absolute core whil…[View]
142707568How does it feel like knowing this is the MOST LIKED tweet of all time, you fucking racists? BTFO BT…[View]
142719125/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - ONE VS ALL EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.…[View]
142693891Current WW3 map: Green neutral/unconcerned[View]
142723531Who will primary against Trump?[View]
142707832>diagnosed with chronic depression and a personality disorder >autogynephile >voted Die Li…[View]
142723973Australia -> Pooftralia: Should we rename Australia to Pooftralia if they vote for fags?[View]
142719024The wrong side won at both WWII and Cold War: An order is always preferable to liberalism, individua…[View]
142723657Why is Germany the most overrated country on /pol/ ?[View]
142722334dare i say it -: is she / our girl?[View]
142722604Why aren't you girl publicly pissing for equality on the streets yet? https://www.thestar.com/n…[View]
142687913I love america: >be me >be Japanese >people call me 'cuck' when I say 'I love america' >…[View]
142720958hahahahah bongs btfo: >be bongistan >be a tyrannical socialist protectionist crony shit hole …[View]
142721581Psychics confirm Trump's Ties to Russia: This shit is getting insane. Now we have fucking psych…[View]
142719341Why do idiots still keep denying the holocaust? Why can't people wake up? That stupid jew propa…[View]
142716297Adolf Hitler’s underpants have been sold for £5,000 at an auction in the US: mein smell! tighty whit…[View]
142720566Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - I'm doing my part Edition: TODAY GENERAL ELECTION >AfD Basic …[View]
142718386Ban National Anthem: How long before leftist start demanding banning our anthem? It is most likely t…[View]
142720863White nationalist fucks chinese girls: Hey pol im a white Australian man going to china to work for …[View]
142723263Are Jews honorary whites?[View]
142723313Ameri/pol/ Mexican American war edition: How Texas declared independence from Mexico by forcing Sant…[View]
142722694FCK SLM: Voted for AfD today. Feels good man Fuck this Muslim shitskins >Muslim hate thread…[View]
142723214Fascist Australian World Order![View]
142722837Name a better bromance > protip: you cant[View]
142715249/Rhodesia Revival Genera/ -- New White Homeland edition: Hello /pol/. Under the white rule, Rhodesia…[View]
142720748actualized country names thread: Old country names are outdated. Let's find actualized names th…[View]
142722966imigrants: image unrelated > The ant was building an ant hill > someone decided it needed a ma…[View]
142722907maddie on a baggie[View]
142722159Refute this /pol/. You can't.[View]
142722340Never Take Your Eyes Off The Prize: President Trump is a genius with the use of twitter. I wonder wh…[View]
142720164Is it true that Snickers is planning to change it's name because it's too close to 'nigger…[View]
142722800LOOK AT ME! /watch?v=qku2WZ7aRYw >13,000,000 views >Trending >Pewdiepie gets media wide att…[View]
142719225Pledge of Allegiance: I remember that the school stopped requiring it in fourth grade. Up until that…[View]
142722704If Trump's presidency is bad enough to destroy the Republican party but not so bad that he caus…[View]
142722196Huge amounts of drugs seized during Jewish holy pilgrimage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxknsQ0K…[View]
142722675Blizzard: So are they our guys?[View]
142720110More about what has been done to change the hearts of mortal kind that has failed. What is going to …[View]
142721950Remember this meme?: What happened?[View]
142719941MUH FLAG[View]
142714067Unemployed members of /pol/: What the FUCK is your problem?[View]
142713426I'm doingg my part. Are you?[View]
142722298Why do right wing countries have better banter?[View]
142698171Can we have a good ol' ben thread?[View]
142718978President Zuckerberg, the whites are rioting, should we send in the tanks?[View]
142721801technology has unleashed a nihilist shut-in social plague on most first world countries. somehow afr…[View]
142696293Daily Reminder: >Europe is now in multicultural mode and Jews are being resented because of our l…[View]
142698408how does it feel to live in a first world country?[View]
142721920United Right: We need to organise the political right in the West, we are nationalists however the t…[View]
142721235No children no future: Discuss[View]
142702852Get up and start working!: That moment when you realize /pol/ is part of the problem.. >watching …[View]
142700681>has endless mass of land not needed for farming >don't build big houses everywhere What…[View]
142721263Ecofascism: What do people in here think of Pentti Linkola? >Any dictatorship would be better th…[View]
142699362Know any good redpilled books?: Do any of you guys know any good redpilled books? Other than this on…[View]
142720885So what happened to the Kurds Turks smoke them all out or something[View]
142716844How is voting going, eh?[View]
142718227So you wanna know what the real face of France looks like in 2017, huh? Well. This is it. No memes, …[View]
142688731卐 /nsg/ National Socialism General 卐: ϟϟ BLOOD, FATHERLAND, FAITH ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the Je…[View]
142713067'As a libertarian...' What did he mean by this?[View]
142721107Wallah brothers, are you ready to praise the almighty muddi?[View]
142685144Are Nazis the original cowards?: >kills tens of millions of civilians while on the advance >re…[View]
142721010Was Southpark always this cucked and shit or is it a recent development? I used to love this show an…[View]
142717443Chile - what went so right?: How come Chile has low crime, good institutions, solid infrastructure, …[View]
142720143So, whats going on with the German elections? Whose winning?[View]
142716223>Merkel wins >more migrants >Germany eventually breaks down as a country >V4 forces inv…[View]
142719996Saw this bullshit on a newspaper at work, thought I'd drop a little tip to ICE. Will update if …[View]
142713784SERIOUS QUESTION... How can anyone believe in a religion when we know almost to the date exact when …[View]
142716007Christianity: Why the fuck is /pol/ so obsessed with bringing back Christianity to society? First of…[View]
142718370Who was the brilliant sonofabitch who sent that fake South Korea evacuation alert (from a few days a…[View]
142707373Were the Crusades a bad idea? Should Europe just have embraced the Inevitable?[View]
142717870Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - CDU Edition: TODAY GENERAL ELECTION >AfD Basic Program's list…[View]
142718328Where's Nathan?: What happened to Damigo and when did Mosley become IE leader? Any sauce would …[View]
142720404Guess my ancestry: >hard mode: be more specific than American Also my city is 98.8% kekistani b…[View]
142700065Krautbros, this is about the future of Germany and Europe (I know I said Germany twice), so... GET O…[View]
142717270How will ptg defend this?: >Per 18 US Code Section 227, it is ILLEGAL for the President of the US…[View]
142705763Post yfw Merkel wins today![View]
142718409Auspol is full of larpers: This country is fucking garbage. I was on tinder shitting on foreigners a…[View]
142720080Daily reminder that there are people in power who to some degree share our views There is a big chan…[View]
142717219Dont let you christiancusks damage your brain mates. Dont let your brain be damaged by conservative …[View]
142719482Europe anthem: Could we request this song on the FM. And spread rumours that Nazi's use it to e…[View]
142719938Redpill me on black on white hate crimes[View]
142715748I miss pre-US election /pol/[View]
142719842Was Marx anti semite?[View]
142716143Should boomers be gassed?[View]
142718603Is there anyone cooler than Noam Chomsky?[View]
142715552Who controls the world?: Corporations have the most power over the daily lives of people , mainly me…[View]
142719164He'll be fine: Post other redpilled celebs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICPGhxjW3fw…[View]
142679877Reply with your best flag designs /pol/! Bonus points for National Socialist or Fascist imagery![View]
142711378We are willing to give up everything to have our justice[View]
142713591Is this the most Jewish shit you've ever seen?[View]
142719440Huge migration movements incoming: Europe... It's only the beginning. Global warming will push …[View]
142715416Don Lemon just got pissed in a health care debate. https://youtu.be/FqNWR47DK90[View]
142714005>Makes 100+ videos on American election >Makes video on Austrian election >Makes video on D…[View]
142709910Globalism: How come most, if not all of /pol/ is against globalism? It offers better trade opportuni…[View]
142717926Trump is a retard....?: >rocket man keep insluting America despite of Trump's speechs >Ir…[View]
142707766Has Marutei Tsurunen been mentioned already? >Finnish Tsurunen was representative of dwarfs in up…[View]
142717204hey /pol/, I need list of movies where pedophilia is being normalized and shilled, I can't find…[View]
142718731REEEEEEEE. The traitor fucks who left these vermin in to our fair land will suffer. And now the stor…[View]
142719066Colonist lives matter: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th generation Canadians and Amer…[View]
142716319'As if I'm the puluter who made to hazy to see.' Slaine: Is fake news a form off propaganda to …[View]
142699773Jessy thread? Jessy thread![View]
142718941Whay if lack of vulcanism leads to global warming?[View]
142704125Is anyone here actually successful? Say being a successful entrepreneur, a trading whizz or working …[View]
142709037> I stand with Is-[View]
142702825Anyone else sick and tired of all the attention whores on alt-right? All these youtube 'celebrities'…[View]
142718578You fucking snowniggers are going to get fucked so hard, we chinks have had enough of your goddamn b…[View]
142710221Bigots on /pol/ will defend this: How does this Make America Great Again? Are you proud of scaring a…[View]
142718396What does /pol/ think happens next in germany? >slowly but truely riots / civil war against musli…[View]
142718727Trumps Youtube!: Why aren't you watching Trumps youtube? What is your excuse for not listening …[View]
142718692>he support Drumpf What a tards hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha[View]
142717861I have grey eyes. Is this a white only trait?[View]
142713903>rich people who want to be communists wat >far-left people who want independence and their ow…[View]
142718541GOYS: quit falling for this (((Hegelian))) Dialectic. People on TV/celeb status/(((verified accounts…[View]
142718641Is there any hope left for white women? Do we have to build sexbots with artifical wombs to save our…[View]
142717824Political terrorism: A lot of /pol/ seems to have misconceptions about why groups commit terror and …[View]
142715718How can someone be communist?[View]
142677398What do you think the world would be like by now if the only humans were white people?[View]
142714259Hmmery...: Why is Eurocentric music education a key transmission vector for white supremacy?[View]
142718312Best Responses to Trump. Fuck Football edition: Ill start.[View]
142709744NWO=JWO > this was written in *1959*: 'The movement for world government is, therefore, contrary …[View]
142714513How do we make a third world war impossible? Not unlikely, but impossible?[View]
142716246Trump followers vs. Islamic fundamentalists Both; >believe their chosen religion is superior >…[View]
142704794Bill English: This man triggers the SJW leftist NZ cucks. Give him your meme magic so Winston goes w…[View]
142711734Is false advertising a violation of the NAP?[View]
142717921How do we red-pill kids TV shows? They are the very first step in indoctrinating leftist ideology in…[View]
142717947Hey, Christopher... https://youtu.be/wMnF5u-MEUQ[View]
142715531Why are there so many kike shills on the board? Are we being raided by hasbara for israHell?[View]
142717760truth: Removing femroaches rights alone would bring everything else in order naturally. You wouldnt …[View]
142717914This was odd http://archive.is/7HJKo[View]
14271666524/9/2017 the day /pol/ got btfo beyond repair[View]
142714882Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Triggered Edition: TODAY GENERAL ELECTION >AfD Basic Program'…[View]
142710607Why did Mussolini failed where Hitler succeeded ?: Why didn't Mussolini succeeded in making Ita…[View]
142714718Brit/pol/ - America first edition: Board ▼ Settings Home 4chan /pol/ - Politically Incorrect [Post a…[View]
142699484Jewish Origin: Why exactly did the Jews leave their homeland and enter Europe?[View]
142704570http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4897508/Internet-trolls-abuse-MPs-lose-right-vote.html >I…[View]
142717352Rebels are like the ones in Star Wars, they're always on the good sid-[View]
142717406The Late Show: But even as we grasp that victory, there is a cancer, an evil tumour, growing, spread…[View]
142710805Muslims No: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-northern-ireland-41378205[View]
142716422Australia has a nationwide plebiscite for gay marriage, Gays are a minority, gays who marry are an e…[View]
142711143Is this considered a white thing to do? https://youtu.be/VG4kJrhjzaY[View]
142717044>if the U.S. launched a preemptive military strike on North Korea, it wouldn't be a major ri…[View]
142716921>2015+2 >still doesn't knows that being a trad Christian makes the leftists run in fear h…[View]
142704411Most nations call this a dotard.[View]
142716441What did the jews mean by this?[View]
142712051Color map based on how relevant is each country nowadays[View]
142714875why do millenials do this thing where they never flirt and then remain single up until their late 20…[View]
142713504Merkel is the answer to the German Question[View]
142700567Why the fuck do police have to execute people on the streets when they commit a crime? Why can'…[View]
142705468HAPPENING TIME IS UP US LADS! 'North Korea tells United Nations that it will hit the US mainland' ht…[View]
142716678if you're going to have sex as a straight man and you discover they have a penis did you know y…[View]
142714468I'm going to vote for Merkel now and there is nothing you guys can do to stop me[View]
142713175>Serbian PM is openly gay woman: Wtf /pol/ told me Serbia was based?[View]
142716473Indians in 'Murica.: I'm a 100% Indian living in India and I hate the NRIs (Non-residentia…[View]
142716554Redpill Repository?: Is there a massive repository filled with redpill sources with forgotten histor…[View]
142715638Why do whiteys hate themselves?[View]
142715382/ptg/ President drumpf general: Englishmen are better edition FUCK YANKS[View]
142716078Reminder for Merkel -cuck lovers[View]
142708714Average day in Frankistan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZojWRngW0A[View]
142712480WHAT ANCIENT TIME FAMOUS PEOPLE SAID ABOUT THE JEWS: 2000 Years ago: Cicero - Governor of the Roman …[View]
142713955Whats the end game of globalism?: i've actually put thought into why the jews and other world p…[View]
142709019poast 8values https://8values.github.io/[View]
142716165Why does the Alt Right attract so many con artists?: Are there just lots of easy marks on the far ri…[View]
142714560Should people who haven't read the party program of every party available taking part in the el…[View]
142708581Stop it: Daily reminder that the Nazis had not killed a single evil globalist communist jew, only in…[View]
142712502North Korea at the UN!: https://youtu.be/vKBrIKS0pnA Watch this and try to tell me you don't fe…[View]
142710854Best friends despite a bad pasy.: http://anonymous-post.com/archives/10978 Camp Schwab Marines volun…[View]
142708398The way I understand it, the only thing Hitler managed to do is legitimize the pain jews experience …[View]
142693906Russia rightly puts StG-44 on Kalashnikov memorial: Then Russia freaks out and removes the StG-44, w…[View]
142711187Fuck the alt right is actually retarded[View]
142712881Ireland is pathetic: >no currency of their own >their laws are made in Brussels >gay India…[View]
142706224If only you knew how bad things really were.[View]
142691733So what actually happens after an ethnostate is formed?[View]
142715294Quant au courage moral, il avait trouvé fort rare, disait-il, celui de deux heures apres minuit; c…[View]
142713702I appreciate the POTUS for standing up for our flag and country.[View]
142715060Is Great Britain the Poland of Europe?[View]
142712011Are white people actually this retarded? MAGA cringe thread.[View]
142713715Asian 'men': https://planamag.com/what-if-asian-american-men-fall-to-the-alt-right-3b392495786 Ameri…[View]
142714338Energy Levels: The maintainance of vital essence is paramount to strong energy levels. How productiv…[View]
142712623Christopher Hitchens destroys white nationalists: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTJ6Y2K5d2M[View]
142714962As close as you can get without getting banned.[View]
142709944At first i thought you guys were full of shit... I saw london becoming blacker and blacker and thoug…[View]
142714418>mfw germans vote for merkel again Why? She has allowed terrorist into your country how can your …[View]
142704520Ask a German anything - Special Edition Except who I have voted for today.[View]
142712644Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Wiebke Edition: TODAY GENERAL ELECTION >AfD Basic Program's l…[View]
142690478brit/pol/ -- Fuck, Marry, Kill edition: >Theresa May urges EU to retain trade terms for two years…[View]
142708878Germany wasn't wrong in invading '''Poland'''': Fucking Poles should've conceded Danzig. I…[View]
142714742Syria General /sg/ - Ya Bashar Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.c…[View]
142710909Before Germans called themselves Stormtroopers, they used the word to describe Canadian foot soldier…[View]
142705712d-did drumpf just meme the entire NFL into slitting its own throat?[View]
142714475/pol/ BTFO: this is the future[View]
142710917Kim is laughing at Trump.[View]
142705752ok im fucking ashamed to even put my geo location . Lol literally up untill now ive been hating jews…[View]
142715296>have phimosis >cant be fucked with stretching >thinking about getting circumcised please …[View]
142716148So how many of you believe the simulation theory is real or is it made up kike shit pushed by jewlon…[View]
142713200>Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation recently published snapshots illustrating connecti…[View]
142711491/duterte/ - War on drugs General: Sino-Philippine joint exploration for oil now being pushed through…[View]
142700520who was the first who redpilled you on jews?: for me was my french teacher, she is pretty brilliant …[View]
142714121stop hacking our election russia -.-'[View]
142712854>We must try and give the land back to the original occupiers >We need more immigration and di…[View]
142711483Europe civilization will be erased from the face of the earth: The people who represent the racial, …[View]
142704021Ya..OK 9/23 Happen-did?: http://abc7.com/science/did-you-see-it-rocket-flies-through-socal-sky/24481…[View]
142713868Dear redditors, you should return to r/the_donald, because the levels of cognitive dissonance will k…[View]
142713985Argentina hate thread: >mentally handicapped and arrogant people >never ending corruption ever…[View]
142710754Free speech week begins today I think. Berkeley tried to stop it by locking down a press conference …[View]
142705732Syria General /sg/ - Not, not ISIS Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpre…[View]
142711448>2017 >Ignoring that Islam is an ally against the kikes…[View]
142691034Why Exactly do Jews hate whites?[View]
142706832America has invited over 55 Million spics since 1965. That's almost the whole fucking populatio…[View]
142695820Finland’s Welfare State Has a Massive Baby Problem: >The number of newborns has fallen to its low…[View]
142702596THE POPE BTFO: http://www.correctiofilialis.org/ > A 25-page letter signed by 40 Catholic clergy …[View]
142691924The daughter of our national treasure is voting YES to allow same-sex marriage, so why aren't Y…[View]
142708066Whatever happened to England? What went wrong? One minute, you're in charge of an empire on whi…[View]
142712832Is it sometimes better to lose an election? There's no pressure to actually run a country and i…[View]
142713330MGTOW: A Cesspool of Degeneracy: Fresh out of the MGTOW whiny losers camp: https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
142703994High IQ /pol/ 120+: Only those with IQs 120+ may post in this thread. I will start of discussion wit…[View]
142708204Today it happens.[View]
142711969>street view through Moscow >expect modernist trash and commie block buildings >see waves a…[View]
142707323Rules for Radicals: Merry Sunday, now just stop EVERYTHING you are doing, download and read this boo…[View]
142710031Australia No: Why don't we just make sure defactos have the same rights as married people? That…[View]
142709151Why would nuclear war be bad? In 50 years wouldn't we all be better off? >mah deaths In 50 y…[View]
142709152What is the ultimate white pill, /pol/?[View]
142711800The truth all Western people should know: Dr William Pierce was one of the greatest thinkers, teache…[View]
142699550what's so aryan about the japs?[View]
142712816Trump Declares Gold Star Family Sunday: When the NFL nofap chimpout and protest they will be protest…[View]
142712575N.Korean Woman Says Nobody Trust Government!: News from inside North Korea http://www.asiapress.org/…[View]
142695350Do you ironically side with Israel to trigger leftists?[View]
142708871Kenya finds oil that's among the best in quality, gets a coup less than half a year later. Who …[View]
142677689Do Christians actually believe in God and the teachings found in the Bible, or is there more to it I…[View]
142709564Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Wahltag Edition: TODAY GENERAL ELECTION >AfD Basic Program's …[View]
142703412New German election thread - have you voted for the right party already?: My gf and I have already v…[View]
142706109What are some tasks you can automate to redpill people online or otherwise further a political agend…[View]
142711828He was right[View]
142690529Iran Will Save Whites From Themselves: Where were you when Iran and Kim “Rocket Man” Jong-Un literal…[View]
142711563>Civic Nationalism[View]
142710097Are Turks asians: Since Turks originated in eastern central asia should we consider them asians the …[View]
142709462THE WALL: so, where is the WALL? i'm waiting.[View]
142712209Jew Jack Bernstein wrote a book against the JEWS then got killed: The courageous Jewish author Jack …[View]
142696999The Oatmeal kills /pol/ once and for all!: /pol/ IRREVOCABLY BTFO FOREVER! http://theoatmeal.com/co…[View]
142701678Musical quality is the measure of a civilisation.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Jt2EllnUxY Music…[View]
142707642I've infiltrated my local DSA chapter. How can disrupt them legally?[View]
142701921Can you see when she took the blue pill?[View]
142674100Is there proof that the nazis turned jews into lampshades/soap?[View]
142708984Are frogs the most pathetic Yuros there is? >surrender to krauts >surrender to kebabs…[View]
142686773This is one of the most satisfying rants I've ever witnessed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5…[View]
142710674Do you stand with Palestine against the kikes?[View]
142710776PENCE 2020: Tired of being lied to? Feel like it's time for an adult in the White House? Let…[View]
142711083What did he mean by this?[View]
142710635German election soundtrack -post your tracks: 5 hours to go, let's keep this one alive with mus…[View]
142709296Stop giving to charity.[View]
142707437So... Is something really about to happen with NK or is it just drama?[View]
142711076why people say 'the x Jew': >>142710296 >Can someone explain all this ascribing of the word…[View]
142703164Is he dare I say, /our guy/? >On the day of the attacks, Breivik electronically distributed a com…[View]
142702321/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - SERENITY EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.go…[View]
142706810Is this guy the best Roman Emperor?[View]
142702844Wake up: >/pol/ champions racial genocide of minorities >doesn't realize they will be a m…[View]
142706870Hello, im Serb who is coming to work to Germany in couple of weeks. Im well educated orthodox christ…[View]
142708995You're dead. :)[View]
142710541>All immigrants are Muslims[View]
142707633what country do i move to if i want to go back in time and never come back?[View]
142710595The Athletes are Right?: Perceived injustices should be protested instead of actual discrimination? …[View]
142710591Leftits: > Call you a fascist for saying that people from a country should have priority > Cr…[View]
142709210Rocket man and German election thread: Will rocket man start world war 3? Should Trump nuke North-Ko…[View]
142710316wtf now i hate isreal[View]
142710183What does /pol/ think about Lauren Southern?[View]
142704921Nuke China, they're the subhumans of the Asian world and only pretend to have a strong military…[View]
142710208is this dindu reponsible for the nfl crisis?: it really makes you think.[View]
142707762why their women love turks so much? is because their men look like a mix beetween a pug and a human?[View]
142671575based mexico: >no muslim population >no jewish population >0 feminist groups active on it …[View]
142706072Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Don't stop believing Edition: TODAY GENERAL ELECTION 15.10.2017 …[View]
142706353>Some people can't even tell the difference[View]
142707760Trump carried out a false flag gas attack, then actually launched 59 missiles at a country. Why aren…[View]
142709002say hello to the next german leader[View]
142704030>/pol/ thinks I can relate better to some random fucking Serbian who doesn't speak a lick of…[View]
142701020KR4UT/pol/ - Pundestahkswaledizion: Mir brauhe etzdala an neuen Thread! (Alter Thread >>142672…[View]
142707280Australians are reaching the peak of degeneracy: How do we stop them?[View]
142709065made a vid on how sjw's are ruining movies: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rw07nlgMMGI…[View]
142696921Fuck Steph Curry: Cont. >>142687158 SC is a literal hesitating faggot.[View]
142702028Insane Leftist protester disrupts news conference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3QFgzxcRk8 Oh bo…[View]
142707782US Navy untrained, useless and sleepy: http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/858065/north-korea-kim-jo…[View]
142702653Black mothers are some of the most disciplinary mothers ever, to the point where black kids will act…[View]
142699256Travelling meme.: Why do young white girls need to travel to 'find themselves' ?? And why only white…[View]
142663969Redpilled Alt Right Tradwife Dating Thread: Cutest purest redpilledest altrightest tradwife explains…[View]
142708654>When corporations control legislation[View]
142713423ITT we trigger the burgers[View]
142703124Why do rural tards no do science?[View]
142707396Why couldn't Trump say something like 'the greatest thing about living in the US is that your a…[View]
142689533Why aren't things worse /pol/? If having a white population is so important why is Australia st…[View]
142708464TFW you realize this is the Islamic century[View]
142707248Why did you betray him, /pol/?[View]
142681488Work with the NFL; some inside information of the shitstorm currently going on. 1. Some NFL teams h…[View]
142706829Crete is a shithole[View]
142706471why there's no white supremacists here?[View]
142707653Unpopular Opinions: I don't hate any particular race as a whole and judge people as individuals…[View]
142707006St Stephen's church (Jerusalem) got attacked by Jewish extremists. Of course media remains sile…[View]
142701624Why do people that hold these signs become very very 'climate change denialist' when you mention tha…[View]
142704510why are americans fat and stupid?[View]
142707940>You'll never live under sharia rule in a diverse border-less free-trade Arabia with God as …[View]
142705042Happy now drumphkins?[View]
142707793First permanent US military base on the territory of Israel: The new military base, which is located…[View]
142691173I don't get it. Why did a once great people get driven to subhumanism? Don't say Islam, th…[View]
142707768Merkel is the pro white candidate: Anything that destroys the Eternal Kraut is pro white. The Anglo …[View]
142701784What does /pol/ think of asians? Especially south koreans or japanese?[View]
142699772damn the german election gonna get cucked by the merkel reich agaim[View]
142707350>Communism would work if we'd just abolish nation states and open all borders >Libertaria…[View]
142703672White Nationalist Zionism > Islamic Naziism Debate me. I will CRUSH you[View]
142703146It does not matter what your opinion is on the matter, the question of the integrity of an independe…[View]
142708829hat do you think of this...: I'm a Spaniard and my girlfriend is British, is it race mixing if …[View]
142698452My God, what have we become...: We have failed our country, Trump has cucked our party. Mother of Go…[View]
142703453Trump cucked[View]
142690695KING MAKER[View]
142695865How come white people don't care about each other? Is it a byproduct of a capitalist society?[View]
142704324What does /pol/ think of Jacob Rees-Mogg?[View]
142706964Russia is bout to get BTFO: The white christiandom is getting fucked from every side. >You won…[View]
142689400Will Japanese disapper without immigrants?: pic related[View]
142701627That's right goy, science says so.[View]
142677443Hmmmmmmm: If I get a little tattoo on my face, a little under my eye, am I too niggerish? It's …[View]
142705141Why does Islam receive special treatment?[View]
142689156>dude it's not murder >they're not human lol Why are people ok with this shit again…[View]
142702308Why doesn't canada just join the European Union and call it a day?[View]
142698628>tfw 4 more years, if not 5[View]
142691816kek wills it[View]
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142698136Can we ever go back to this? Please[View]
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142706158What is it with leftists and poor understanding of economics?[View]
142709640D-Day: I am going to Normandy in a few weeks, to visit the museums tips on where to go to have a loo…[View]
142701682When will Australians finally admit: > THE TIME HAS COME[View]
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142698375Just like with the Nazis... Will /pol/ admire North Korea in 60 years and pretend we were on the wro…[View]
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142706184Black dick is expensive.[View]
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142697754After the NZ elections, is canada now the only country in the anglosphere with a left wing goverment…[View]
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142692557Who are the most prolific Sh