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134470482See this /pol/, this is what it means to be 'redpilled.'[View]
134472578Scaramucci-Psycho: Their the same person. Refute this[View]
134474281Selective Breeding: I am mostly German Irish, with Lebanese and much smaller amounts of Jamaican (no…[View]
134472160Israel will do ‘everything that is needed’ despite US-brokered ceasefire – defense minister: Israel’…[View]
134474055Intelligent debate had decided it, but people will continue doing what they've been doing.: But…[View]
134451755Insider's Gift to You: Hello. I'm what this image board's culture would refer to as a…[View]
134471986CBC allows rare comments on MTF tranny murderer being transferred to a woman's prison: So anyon…[View]
134459099Chink hate thread: Go fags[View]
134470491Do you neckbeard idiots really think Trump can fire Mueller, pardon himself and his stupid family an…[View]
134473404MEMES: Posted this yesterday and got banned for saying the f word ON POL XD but here is the latest m…[View]
134471204DC Comics pushes Multiculturalism: Pretty soon there won't be any more white male superheroes.…[View]
13447047210-year-old busted four times in six weeks for car thefts: >The News-Journal isn’t publishing the…[View]
134460673I'm half-white, half-Puerto Rican, and I have a white girlfriend. Does that make me a race mixe…[View]
134473765>Couple charged with forcing 13-year-old GRANDDAUGHTER to have sex with them >Charles Clarence…[View]
134413934Fresh Red Pill Incoming: regarding 2008 and Obama just screencapped 1[View]
134473528What anarcaps don't understand is that their society would need a state, only to protect privat…[View]
134473448lip-nigresses from central africa (alive) >1928 >not appreciating diversity and multiculturali…[View]
134470800>Likud openly endorsing Poland and Hungary regarding the The Great Replacement. Gives them tips o…[View]
134469998Holy Shit the FAKE NEWS is in trouble nOW!! saracuuucii!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doB_Py3Z7…[View]
134466156What did he know?[View]
134429166Am I a lunatic for not believing in anthropogenic global warming?[View]
134429788Racist white women won't cede walking space to black men: >The New York Times is facing blow…[View]
134470521The Juice did nothing wrong: The Juice did nothing wrong[View]
134416695Let's say im the president of this country: How do I fix it?[View]
134444248Black Anon here: >be me >black >leader of the student republican club >president of stud…[View]
134471520Have you ever met a well adjusted libertarian? Personally, no. Literally every one I've ever m…[View]
134471945Explain this Global Warming shills[View]
134468397Is Christianity /pol/ approved?[View]
134472364>ywn fingerbang your daughter with a hot kiss in the public pool while in your burka IDK how to …[View]
134473079is trump still great???[View]
134472890A war is coming: I can feel it. There is a war coming between the followers of Kek and the SJW'…[View]
134458095Why are you supposedly alpha males all so afraid of Muslims? If you're superior then you have n…[View]
134472676Migrants, the tool of the Do-Gooders?: Henryk Broder (german Pundit) speaks here on the history of m…[View]
134472821Question for Navyfags: Question: Is this normal procedure (I mean, having the headlight on) for repl…[View]
134472906What does /pol/ think of the Fifth Amendment?[View]
134472901CANADA YES! MTF tranny murderer gets transferred to woman's prison: >http://www.cbc.ca/news/…[View]
134470883lol faggots[View]
134471626Sterilize the nigs - countermeasue for white genocide: This could be a step in the right direction. …[View]
134472750the messenger of the gods has arrived!!: Tremble fake news faggots![View]
134472171/pol/ isn't doing enough to destroy the femmenist confederacy. Kekistanis and Alt-Righters have…[View]
134468700Taqiyya: Has a Muslim ever used the Islamic doctrine of deception on you? I hear all the time from M…[View]
134466225>S-shall not be infri- >*BOOOOOOM*[View]
134471611City life: So I moved to pic related (Boston) for work a few weeks ago and I'm about a thousand…[View]
134468878Why contain it?: Why are you guys fighting the degeneracy and leftism? Why not actualy support it to…[View]
134471450we will win :^)[View]
134469985Sentient AI, How should it be treated? Should they be given Full Citizenship, Residence or Servants[View]
134444100What does /pol/ think of us South Koreans? What can we do to improve ourselves? What can we do to su…[View]
134465916B A S E D A S E D is he /ournigga/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMOllAKpvek[View]
134472226you are not a liberal or libertarian if you vot dem: jsut sayin[View]
134471901>tfw you are a racist scumbag with no facts to back up that blacks are inferior to whites, when t…[View]
134471242Ben Shapiro sure has great quotes[View]
134471513Jake Paul is Racist (Team 10 too) this is a troll piece: this was written as a troll piece. spread i…[View]
134471009Will he be missed?[View]
134453735Weeb moves to Japan and becomes a Muslim!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSxjtk3eA8M Explain this …[View]
134469229How would you feel about Trump inviting Kim to the White House?[View]
134464990Brit/pol/- Jo Cox the Movie edition: >Teenage girl found chopped up in freezer in suspected honor…[View]
134471479Can someone be on /pol too much?: Last night I made my wife put on green face paint and suck my dick…[View]
134471206>Court rules man pay $65,000 of child support to the mother of a teenage girl he's only met …[View]
134471489'Go back to California': How the fuck do leftists have such hard ons and pussy liqueur for Somalian …[View]
134471699The negro has won: daily reminder that negro-mating has somehow become preferrable to your women. da…[View]
134470306China vs US. Discuss.[View]
134471041>He had earned some infamy in 1984 when he went to Ethiopia for the Band Aid rock concert for fam…[View]
134471189I want to know about fascism Is it always ruled by a dictator? if it is ruled by one how is said dic…[View]
134470224/Pol/ is now under our control: Your online haven is being destroyed just like your 'traditions and …[View]
134471529So be it Threaten no more To secure peace is to prepare for war So be it Settle the score Touch me a…[View]
134467570Bill C-16 Canada: So, if you changed your gender/sex could you get a lower insurance r8 or sue the i…[View]
134453128CANADA YES! Toronto Housing July Mid-Month Numbers show accelerating housing crash: >Toronto hous…[View]
134471265Auschwitz: I just did the Auschwitz tour today and what's the redpill reason Hitler hated the j…[View]
134465748Are you ready for the final black pill, anon?: things caused by communism >small selection of bra…[View]
134471258>tfw I didn't pay thousands of dollars for a worthless degree in politics to learn about pol…[View]
134471282Jake Paul is Racist (Team 10 too) this is a troll piece: This piece was written as a troll by a 4cha…[View]
134465899That can't be true...can it?: Every few months, for entertainment, I come across the latest in …[View]
134471194Why do Native Americans, specifically ethnic groups like the Iroquis/Mohawk, have semetic features?[View]
134467484lol white people BTFO[View]
134471135Stalingrad: Germany sent 270,000 men to Stalingrad and only 5000 made it out alive. Casualty rates f…[View]
134456914In Iran, India, SA, Sudan, Russia, Somalia or Afghanistan they would be killed. Would /pol/ approve …[View]
134470657The delegates, Donald.[View]
134470649I thought Texas was one of the good ones: WTF America? This might be the most retarded story I'…[View]
134470564IMPORTANT: PLEASE VOTE http://www.strawpoll.me/13499576[View]
134454877What would happen if all forms of welfare was cut in America?[View]
134470913Everything is fine, right Pedes? Everything is gonna be just fine.[View]
134470390>Neonazi hillbillies keep acting smug all over the internet >Their favored policies are hurtin…[View]
134465494Whats the difference[View]
134470798Coal burners registry database: Why it is not a thing yet? To create a database of every know coal b…[View]
134467572what is his endgame?: >be nazi collaborator at young age >develop self hatred and hatred again…[View]
134470350Is controlled opposition better or worse than no opposition at all?[View]
134470620WTF is this shit /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=baby+mickey+mouse I thought the…[View]
134460359When are we gonna use our collective intelligence to get this cringeworthy cuck impeached?[View]
134462952Fidel Castro: Now that the dust has settled, what does /pol/ think of him?[View]
134467553Did anyone BTFO islam harder than the mongols?[View]
134469519Drumpf is finished. It's over.[View]
134462263How do you enjoy your Internet speed burgers? Say thank you to your beloved president who no longer …[View]
134469095Is /pol/ afraid of the Cornish Republican Army?[View]
134467819Why does Drumpf get away with deplorable behavior that would sink normal people's careers?: It…[View]
134439615Why did class and decency die out?[View]
134468368waterFilterTM: serious question: do you filter your water? (((they))) are literally poisioning us by…[View]
134470196when will you stop trying to invade stalingrad?[View]
134471543If Your Girl Has Been With Other Guys: How does that not automatically make you a cuck, /pol/? How c…[View]
134472156Slavs squatting thread? Why do slavs squat ? Why are slavs the way they are ?[View]
134457955If I get a BS in Chemistry will I have a good chance of getting a job when I graduate? Or is it a wa…[View]
134469667When does a joke become political?[View]
134451959Niggers mock a disabled man that's drowning and laugh as he dies https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
134446968Why are Americans so fucking stupid lmao?[View]
134469813>liberal >started browsing /pol/ late 2015 >just started watching handmaid's tale >…[View]
134465750She's right, you know?[View]
134464648How did Hentai become so popular?: Was hentai popular before, or after Hiroshima? Just want to know …[View]
134469957Resist Libertarianism: https://mises.org/library/stateless-somalia-and-loving-it American Libertaria…[View]
134467442White Males Only: What is the least-white woman you'd betray the white race for? Here we kick i…[View]
134469914Well, /pol/?[View]
134468309What you guys think about illegal immigrants? I have made 18 years in march and i never liked my cou…[View]
134469880What are people supposed to do?: Western liberal faggots shit on poor people in other countries for …[View]
134469713Mogul: We can all feel it building, Surrender not to floccinaucinihilipilification! How can we meme …[View]
134462748Am i huwhite /pol/?: >inb4 'yes but you're ugly/no and you're ugly…[View]
134469002https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z08oo4UC1hk THE VIDEO OF OUR HERO. HE'S A BOSS.[View]
134469598The tax returns, Mr. President.[View]
134469594Hawaii: (((NK Missile Attack))) is gonna be the next (((9/11))): >Year 2001 >Iraq not controll…[View]
134469593LA CUCARACHA / MEXICAN 'CULTURE': >This is a popular kids song in Mexico >It is about cockroac…[View]
134468732Press S to spit on grave[View]
134465885'We must secure the existence of our peop-' /pol/ do you think white males with shitty genes should …[View]
134456021Why is Florida so fucked up: Happening News: Group of teens watch a 32 year old disabled man drown, …[View]
134466262http://archive.is/cL0OZ Looks like /pol/ trolling McCain got the media's attention. Are they go…[View]
134469450What happens in central Europe?: is Britain fucked?[View]
134467559Protests in al-Quds: >Israeli government closed Masjid al-Aqsa for Palestinians who are below age…[View]
1344644364chan mods are socialist faggots. Net neutrality is corporate welfare. You're all falling for C…[View]
134464011/pol/.....HOW THE FUCK COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN: Do you see this bullshit? are all you faggots too …[View]
134426271AJ+ Diversity in comics: What the hell is their problem? Cool. Add diverse characters but don't…[View]
134469301Any easy-to-read things to help me understand fascism?[View]
134469263>trump is as corrupt as they come, using his position to get his friends into prominent jobs at t…[View]
134465541Someone redpill me on why the Holocaust didn't happen[View]
134468011>God isn't rea- Isaiah 45:5 I am the Lord, and there is none else, there is no God beside m…[View]
134468886lkjakljhalalhjkjkjlhsewfj;wjk: Hallo. Let us formulate an idea to vibrate our collective racial soul…[View]
134468873Steven Colbert: Did Steven Colbert get Stewart Limpf elected? https://youtu.be/SRHxJsw8KO4[View]
134462537Where did all brave White men go? How come their offspring in 2017 are either cucks or retarded /pol…[View]
134465367Is trump good or bad for america?: 0 for bad 1 for good[View]
134467270United States of Mexico: This is what a major city in the US looks like in case you were wondering…[View]
134467074/ppg/ President Pence General: too lazy to post links. Pence is gearing up for a 2020 RE-ELECTION ru…[View]
134468598Who should be the next Press Secretary?[View]
134467019Hey inbred uneducated factory working Trump supporters. Trump's new shill is a gun control guy.…[View]
134467827ITT - Cringy Reddit Socialists: ITT we post pics of reddit socialists and communists and their very …[View]
134467371Politicians are retarded: There is one solution to economic crisis: >We have printers, we have pa…[View]
134465432Based nazi black kid in MAGA hat: Thas Rite! https://twitter.com/Millennial_Matt/status/888490251668…[View]
134467410What will the happening be on 7/21/17? Three 7's and the remaining #'s are 21--which is di…[View]
134464332Is it illegal for me to purpously damage a foreign countries economy? I mean the means are kind of …[View]
134444141Midwest General: Rules Edition: We should create the 4th Reich in the midwest >majority germanic …[View]
134460018Disprove Alien Existence: Abductions, etc. COME ON POL[View]
134436300France hate thread: >be France >invent radical leftism >invent lefitst terrorism >destro…[View]
134464346/pol/ POLL: On racemixing?: http://www.strawpoll.me/13499048 Since the new wave of /r/The_Donald…[View]
134467042COLLUSION. TREASON.: Why doesn't anyone give a shit about the 28 Pages? You want to talk smokin…[View]
134467210The reason why cuckolding is so popular: I find it pretty ironic, but not a coincidence, that the te…[View]
134468168I lurk here, and take info I gather and troll on twitter. This guy? Is a Cuck. Please help me[View]
134468165Does your tongue sit on the roof of your mouth? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqlxAdmky10 >Doct…[View]
134466246Say it with me... >PRESIDENT >ZUCKERBERG[View]
134466343/DNA/ general. Post your results you subhuman mongrels so real white men such as myself can pity you…[View]
134468139Question for the /leftypol/lacks: Do you guys actually buy into that postmodernist identity politics…[View]
134463047Stages of a religious follower: So at what stage are you /pol/?[View]
134466846Would you /pol/?[View]
134468096Why nigger music is superior?: Tell me /pol/, Why do blacks make superior music? https://www.youtube…[View]
134459625Syria General /sg/- Ivan, Get The Camera Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.…[View]
134464251Poland is the most pro-EU nation in Europe: There are also more Poles in UK prisons than Muslims. Go…[View]
134449394ALPHA MALES = RACISTS: Science shows face shapes with higher-Test MORE likely to be overtly RACIST.:…[View]
134467664Scaramooooooochi slamming Trump on TV. These guys talk out both sides of their mouths and the inbred…[View]
134463828Why is there so much shilling on 4pol?[View]
134463833>2000s >NATO is pretty much ready to stand down >EUfags tired of muh mean ole murikka defen…[View]
134467489People who haven't accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior: Why? You literally cannot be a mora…[View]
134466476What's wrong with black people?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3zD_Y2sGqY ??[View]
134451466Sum41 can be seen in plain sight on Spotify sporting a hat with a known pedophilic symbol[View]
134467340JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP[View]
134465369AMERICA IS THE BIGGEST HYPOCRITE IN THE WORLD: >USA claims to be the leading power of 'the free w…[View]
134447354Will edgy assholes ever stop saying that the Democrats and Republicans are the same? They're no…[View]
134461639Muslims refugees are bad peop- http://www.bbc.com/capital/story/20170721-the-muslim-man-with-a-forbi…[View]
134447725Were the moon landings faked? What's /pol/'s take on it? http://www.zerohedge.com/news/201…[View]
134466546>WAHHH WAHHH IMMIGRANTS there are a t of /pol/ posters, why don't we form a group and go to …[View]
134465425Could any white supremacists here actually define 'white' for me? The truth is, race is not a meanin…[View]
134434062>British Police are now recruiting muslims to police our neighborhoods as actual police officers …[View]
134464378>you'll never EVER be an ugly, smelly shit skin holy shit dudes[View]
134463736Education: What do we do about the influx of people attending university? It is ruining the social l…[View]
134464630Was PETA always so shit? Or was there a change in their leadership that led to this?[View]
134466103Fighting Jewish Subversion: It's pretty clear that you /pol/acks are reviled by most, however y…[View]
134464434The New Femininity: Is this the new normal? https://streamable.com/tidqv[View]
134465333expose sex offenders, go to finn jail: What happened here? With no other facts that this article, I…[View]
134466872Muslim infograph: Does anyone have the like 5 stages of islamic population and its effects infograph…[View]
134466758Anything going on with Trump recently, any happenings? or?... Do we have date on when that wall is g…[View]
134458511Why did the whiteys turn abbos into alcholics? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejorQVy3m8E[View]
134465917Wolfenstein II: Are you ready to kill some evil trump supporters, I mean nazis, goyim? Fight alongsi…[View]
134458781Why are we avoiding the real problem: Help me /POL, where am I going wrong? In modern America, healt…[View]
134463874Australia, YES!: Muslim rapes multiple women and doesn't go to jail because he has never seen g…[View]
134449813pls rate no hate[View]
134445543Egyptians Were Black: Ancient Egyptians depicted themselves with a negroid skull shape. Look at the …[View]
134462908Hovering in the sky, When you're relaxed and feelin' good, Next thing that you know you…[View]
134444390>10 minutes into new episode of game of thrones >'WOMEN ARE JUST AS CAPABLE AS MEN, DONT TELL…[View]
134464042Shanghai just broke its all time record high temp with 41C. I wonder what the temp will be in 5 yea…[View]
134465956behead the tyrants: Have the following executed by beheading in times square on national tv: Hillary…[View]
134460671Muslim because landscape and fashion: So why does a young weeb become Muslim and fall in love with I…[View]
134462786Women don't want to win they want a winner: >A Happy Man Is A Happy Relationship, A Happy Wo…[View]
134463443Silent majority in italy: Is it possible that Salvini has, like Trump, a silent majority tired of al…[View]
134463707Alex Jones New Press Secretary: https://twitter.com/RealAlexJones/status/888495382875033600 if only.…[View]
134466474Where does this guy live?[View]
134465048Selling F-35s to ISIS: Really, America, not good, not good at all![View]
134457777Explain global warming.[View]
134465722Why are normal/alcoholfags so obnoxious? Can we just agree once and for all it's a plot to make…[View]
134465719Man drowns teens laugh. Lets bring justice to this: The teens will not be punished by the law. I wil…[View]
134465023Will niggers eventually evolve into white people so long as they live in colder, northern climates?[View]
134466255>3 strikes in a serious crime/high grade felony and you get the death penalty >any sentence lo…[View]
134462264Why is the Republican Party red and the Democrat Party blue? Isn't that the contrary usually? R…[View]
134466232ITT Videos That Redpilled You: VICTORY DAY - Our Biggest Failure. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
134457302'Everything Will Collapse' German Judge Warns As Refugees Flood System With Appeals: Enough with the…[View]
134466181Bon Iver does Alex Jones: Such a sweet funny guy. How come his vids get so few view. One posted 20 h…[View]
134463752Shall I go in to central London to view the young Chads and Staceys living up their youths first han…[View]
134462307Get Out is Redpilled: >Be watching this move >White people praising Africans in start >Old …[View]
134440371Better versions of your country's flag[View]
134460432Learn to save the white race with this neat little trick...: 1) Stick your dick into a pussy and cum…[View]
134463182/pol/ and the e-celebs question: How can we fix these shitty attention whore thread/advice? Pic semi…[View]
134459350White Washing History!: I dont even know what to say.[View]
134419654Explain Al Gore[View]
134461315Are liberals the new whacky conspiracy theory group now?[View]
134464335What is your favorite book?[View]
134458274Redpill me on this country[View]
134464737Alternate Reality Dunkirk: If Germany hadn't spared the Brits at Dunkirk, would the war have tu…[View]
134454712jejejejeje u mad bro? problem? no need to be upset only dialectical materialism now[View]
134456662Have all American universities gone to shit?: If not, which ones are the exception?[View]
134464766>MFW all history in the west gets altered by (((them))) >MFW the EU forces my country to eithe…[View]
134465373India Thread: Indian discussion thread. How can India improve? Can we ever surpass China? Is a toile…[View]
134462333Theres finally a program for/pol/ and 4chan https://www.haterdater.com[View]
134461376Why is immorality so prevalent in Europe?[View]
134451383why are asian iqs higher than everyone else's?[View]
134424753US Lawmakers Debating Bill to Ban Boycotts of Israel: >THE CRIMINALIZATION OF political speech an…[View]
134463486/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - RATS LEAVING SHIP: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
134464408Jontron: 'Rich blacks commit more crimes then poor whites'[View]
134459064What is it about Fascism that makes it so attractive to homosexuals?[View]
134465191Newfag,sometime lurker,been up to date on our satanic elite and all the shit they do,adrenochrome,sa…[View]
134456781Sean Spicer quits as Press Secretary. Replaced by Anthony Scaramucci pic related. Trump cucks will d…[View]
134443490Why are you guys so mean?: Majority of Dems feel stressed talking to Trump Supporters: Pew research …[View]
134464143Sort yourself out, /pol/.[View]
134464899What happened to the sect controlling the worst korean government?: What the fuck ended up happening…[View]
134464858Even Drudge has ties to Fox News, Alex Jones might be the only legit well produced news left. Fox N…[View]
134463095Why is the world so racist ?: Arabs hate niggers Asians hate niggers Whites hate niggers Explain to …[View]
134444396Why is the UK the only Western country with acid attacks?[View]
134463173Left-Wing Cucks: How to deal with left-wing cucks who think jeremy corbyn in the UK is a cool guy?…[View]
134463239How much would he have gotten done already?: >Tax Cuts would be done >Obamacare would be repea…[View]
134454431Brit/pol/ - Larry edition: >Cabinet 'united' over EU transitional deal (including ongoi…[View]
134462152FUCK TATTOOS: Is there anyone else here who is sick of how everyone has fucking tattoos nowadays, es…[View]
134460540Did she post the pic of her kid herself? She must be really regretting it now?[View]
134455440Girl, 5, fined £150 for lemonade stand: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-40679075 >My …[View]
134457044V6: V6 when ?[View]
134457865Can a Black person be Pro Black if they date/marry a White person: Or are they just another buck dan…[View]
134441145ALERT. ANTIFA THREATEN IRISH IDENTITARIANS: A new branch of the Identitarian movement is attempting …[View]
134464452Band member of Concepts gets outed as a pedophile after sexual predator documents are found Ex girlf…[View]
134464429What did Germany mean by this?[View]
134459142Lets see how far down the rabit hole goes (red pill me): New to this site, and wow. OK so so far hav…[View]
13446431543.271, 5.382 25th of July, stainless steel only Blue scarf for comrade recognition[View]
134464325Mueller hires a bunch of Hillary donors - Suddenly leaks going to CNN almost every day: The Don need…[View]
134462310Daily reminder to use only Aryan numbers: >MMXVII >using poo in loo numbers You have to be fuc…[View]
134438751actual dindu nuffins: >A disturbing video shows five Florida teens laughing and taunting a disabl…[View]
134462207/pol/ Thoughts on Russia election interference?: How do people even generally believe this shit to b…[View]
134463290You're dead, kek: It's all over for you. You're broke, an international terrorist, an…[View]
134462651asspenis general: asspenis is gonna become a party asspenis stands Aryan Supremacist Success Party …[View]
134458280Beware of Jordan Peterson and various snakeoil salesman: In this post i will try to empathize why i …[View]
134464000What do you guys think about it. Pro mode:(actually read the article before commenting) I smell prop…[View]
134454683'Trapped in prison with no female companionship, these men were still mutilating their penises.': …[View]
134459150Disloyal Republican Walter Jones doesn't practice what he preaches: Congressman Walter Jones ha…[View]
134458006/brg/ Boston Rally General: Too fucking hot out Edition.: On Aug 19th, the 2nd free speech rally wil…[View]
134460536Miss me yet?[View]
134453161Jordan Peterson: Where do you think he vacations at?[View]
134463663This nigger hosts her own morning show on MSNBC and is one of the 'main tweeters' of The Resistance,…[View]
134462490Why is modern day nationalism for /our country/ seen as gaudy and outlandish? What if Kim nuked LA,…[View]
134463601Social Justice Infiltration of Intermediate Education and Young Relationships: Harvard's educat…[View]
134462390When will retailers learn that some people don't find their offensive products neither cute nor…[View]
134461151Spicy has left the building. I'm weeping.[View]
134459636Confession thread.: Well, it seems that the commonly admitted opinion is that our societies are goin…[View]
134463359Lucifer: Oh, holy Lucifer, was he /ourgod/ pol? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UiqTNCnFv8…[View]
134460061Hey Amerifags! What's the point of having guns if you're just gonna sit there and watch yo…[View]
134431511Have you acquired/inherited any spoils of war? Any cool stories about them? Please share. Also don…[View]
134461509Trump: Republican Carter: >If the present trajectory doesn’t change, Republicans will learn what …[View]
134457693Why are Euroweenies so beta?: Friendly reminder that continental European countries don't even …[View]
134453151should we promote feminism/western degeneracy within islam? Should we undermine muslim women and tr…[View]
134463220Fingerprint database: Why government won't create fingerprint database of all citizens? No more…[View]
134456499finding a tradbando: Men to choose from: >liberal cucks >womanizer chads >bitter redpillers…[View]
134460195Jews and Food Industry?: Hi I'm a teenager who has been browsing pol for a few months. I have r…[View]
134433346Why would a woman want something like this ?: Why ? When you can have a child that looks like you or…[View]
134463042Paper mario trump game: A paper mario trump game is in development based on trump's rise to pow…[View]
134462752will sharts ever recover ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCZvgY1NGXU HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
134460580What does /pol/ think about the national Young Republicans chairman race between Never-Trump cuck Ja…[View]
134453576Poland hate thread: Poland is unironically the biggest fan of the anti-white EU. Poland is a leech.…[View]
134462190How old were you when you realized scientists don't even know what they're talking about? …[View]
13446092823 and Me (Nordic Version): Minnesotan here, the results are in and I could not be happier[View]
134434863Should incest be illegal?: >it's legal for men to fuck each other >it's legal for gr…[View]
134461758>get job >10% of it goes to funding unemployed Jamal's life >could be making 75% of wh…[View]
134461474NEW PRESS SECRETARY ANNOUNCED: It's official.[View]
134461809>mfw people aren't woke about the alt-right[View]
134460459/pol/ BTFO[View]
134462447Anti-Israel and the Myth of Anti-Semitism: https://archive.is/zS353 https://archive.is/zS353 Very im…[View]
134461002Pragmatic Solutions For the Modern West: This simple device could end muslim rapegangs in places lik…[View]
134456883Feminism: Are there any Feminist arguments you agree with, /pol/?[View]
134459992>A video game NPC can figure it out but the leaders of the Western free world can't Huh...…[View]
134458193Christian hate thread: Christianity is so pathetic, it should be criminalized.[View]
134462291this is the western world you defend: a world that actively wants to make you slaves, actual slaves.…[View]
134459112>trump asking his lawyers if he can pardon himself in russian probe oh, I thought this was nothin…[View]
134458771Black Teens Laugh as A Disabled Man Drowns: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3zD_Y2sGqY[View]
134459517The power of the Jew resides in technology. Shut down electric facilities by force and our people w…[View]
134461923'The times call forth the speakers.' -Jordan Peterson It's safe to say that Dr. Peterson is one…[View]
134461921Blog exposing trump DNS logs being faked is down: Blog took down articles related to exploits and th…[View]
134454686>Islam is bad because I won't be able to dress up like a whore and get money from beta orbit…[View]
134457322If the Jews would've just let Chester/LP be them angsty selves(meteora/hybrid etc)and not pussi…[View]
134461689nu/pol/ on suicide watch !: Where are my /pol/tards at ? http://archive.is/twVZh >Dunkirk: the f…[View]
134460306>British priorities: >harass young entrepeneur for selling lemonade >let Muslims rape 1400 …[View]
134459525Gaddafi V2: Well, Haftar will be Gaddafi V2 until UN gets rid of him.[View]
134459463So why exactly haven't we taken Bir Tawil yet? Surely with our white intelligence we could make…[View]
134461497/pol/ humour[View]
134456818Canadian travel to USA decreases: WTF I love Drumpf now[View]
134461383The issue with MGTOW vs natsoc is actually quite fundamental. The only difference is a single frame …[View]
134456552The Worst Ideological Enemy Of The US Is Now Europe: Enough with the spam. Let's discuss actual…[View]
134460579>Find tweets critical of white men >Use advanced search - type 'as a Jew' >Take s…[View]
134461246The Greatest Day Ever: Ah, yes, the day when superman saved us from the oppressive capitalistic idea…[View]
134453003Deep state is going down![View]
134460820I'm getting tired of the narratives, /pol/ Every time I doubt this site, like 'no way that can…[View]
134451491>rural and suburban retards[View]
134455132Canada - it is such a big place: I heard all Canadians are very nice and relaxed. And their politici…[View]
134438716Reconquista austrian hungarian europe: The whole europe should be under austria hungarian rule !!!eu…[View]
134457348Why is the British government so obsessed with taxes? They have been doing this since their country …[View]
134460577What ethnicity/blood were the Egyptians?[View]
134459897Disprove Ancient Aliens: Do it-makes more sense than religious bullshit-[View]
134460203http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-40685461 >On hearing the hospital lawyer's asses…[View]
134461021Microsoft Avatars: SJW's have Microsoft by their fucking side with new disabled avatars. Happy …[View]
134450186Any smart stock market types here? Can someone explain how Microsoft is killing it, Azure $$ doubli…[View]
134422901(((They))) are lurking here: Oi vey. They're lurking here. We're in the news. https://www.…[View]
134450410You'll know who Pynia is by his words and actions.: http://www.wiwo.de/unternehmen/industrie/si…[View]
134460674Stockholm Syndrome at its finest!: Fucking Kek... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSxjtk3eA8M&ap…[View]
134442704My country never lost a war. Can you say the same?[View]
134454476Skinhead thread: How many skinhead brothers we got on pol?[View]
134456584Didn't WH Anon say something about July 27th?: We're going to war boys! The deep state wou…[View]
134460663Anyone else gonna miss Sean? He was top tier comfy anime bro.[View]
134442481Why was Bernie Sanders a bad candidate?[View]
134459491If a lack of female companionship fuel extremists movements like the alt right?[View]
134457124https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3zD_Y2sGqY Dumb niggers just let an innocent man drown Niggers need…[View]
134455690How has the red pill changed you?: Which of your views have changed the most dramatically since taki…[View]
134447489So why is this show considered so good and well received? My normie friends have been making me watc…[View]
134419979Besides killing myself or killing other niggers, what a black man can do to further /pol/'s age…[View]
134439863Banking kikes in panic as Putin unzip his pants: Nationalists: 1 - Globalists: 0[View]
134457856Kidnap: So there's a new movie with Halle Berry where her pickaninny son gets abducted by a tra…[View]
134460220niggers use robotics competition in the US to sneak into Canada >U.S. law enforcement authorities…[View]
134455799Prove to me that God exists knowing that matter can not be destroyed or transformed and has always e…[View]
134458203I just found out about this game. WTF?: http://donaldsbizarreadventure.com/[View]
134450015Now that it's clear most banks are moving out of London. Do Brits still think Brexit was a good…[View]
134460043This seems fair: Why you liberals fags like net neutrality so much?[View]
134460009Pokemon Go To Jail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trSlNXrTE90 Lock her up![View]
134458898Women not moving out of the way.: Seriously, I usually laugh at all these racism things. I think the…[View]
134459090CNN is fake news.[View]
134454188Doesn't answer hypothetical questions: Welcome the new White House Director of Communications…[View]
134446293/esp/ Spain General - BLOCKED Edition: OFFICIAL /ESP/ DISCORD: http://discord .gg/VP5fkkq This threa…[View]
134439991Hey anon, Was hoping for some guidance from you all. Serious answers please I tired of the trashy an…[View]
134452457How long you guys think this landwhale will last?[View]
134454913Why do liberals want this to go extinct?[View]
134451666Syria General /sg/ - Emergency Bread Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.word…[View]
134459389Twitter will lock you for following personalities they don't agree with. They also unfollow you…[View]
134451161Why does /pol/ hate us? Because most of us are more left wing? I always try to start a serious and f…[View]
134458375Stop them at all cost.[View]
134458126Operation: Active Patriots: You Amerifags always complain about the illegal Hispanics in your countr…[View]
134455388Ask an Englishman moving to Cork in Ireland for university anything. Can't wait to ANGLO some I…[View]
134457773how do we fix Luna /pol/. Is it Islam?[View]
134459351These kids are housed in a public social institution due to poor socio-economic conditions. Most of…[View]
134459075MILLENNIALS NO!: >Far-right millennials set out to sea to 'defend Europe' from migrants…[View]
134443778SAW obsessed prison gang turns prison into SAW house. Lets rapists endure pain to redeem themselves.…[View]
134457679My grand-parents left a destroyed Greece after WW2. First they worked in Germany (as far as my grand…[View]
134433503The Kikes Have Armageddon Planned: Ok anons I wrote a book about what the kikes have been doing sinc…[View]
134458873Know 90% of you are total fucking idiots who cant find your play in the world so u bitch about nigge…[View]
134453978Who was in the wrong here?[View]
134455926WHY ARE LIBERALS SO NEGATIVE ABOUT EVERYTHING: Why are liberals the way that they are? What makes t…[View]
134458036Why do liberals hate CEOs for their high salaries, but worship celebrities who make more than CEOs w…[View]
134458570A German scientist is revoking the license to his software for researchers working in immigrant-frie…[View]
134458150Blacks BTFO. How will they ever recover? Also, how is this not a hate crime? She was clearly Jewish.[View]
134452543NOW'S OUR CHANCE! WE MEMED TRUMP INTO OFFICE, WE CAN DO THIS TOO!: The time is now /pol/, the e…[View]
134436123Is Dunkirk cucked?: >friends ask if I want to watch this movie >See it's a Hollywood WW2 …[View]
134458343https://youtu.be/qSxjtk3eA8M Wtf[View]
134455851Why do so many bands use siegrunes in there logos, even if they're a bunch of jews like Kiss[View]
134410136Happening?: https://www.theverge.com/2017/7/17/15982656/arecibo-observatory-ross-128-red-dwarf-radio…[View]
134452173How can we stop this leftist madness?[View]
134442551BANNON IS NEXT: >As Politico points out today, following alleged disputes between Steve Bannon, J…[View]
134435852Amerilards of r/pol, if you don't like your country so much, why won't you just move? For…[View]
134452302Was Adolf Hitler gay and does it even matter?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mONf_JCdFac[View]
134449331Jewish Ritual Murder: Why does humankind allow Jews to exist? https://pastebin.com/96uNEnyA >169 …[View]
134448440Hello fellow (((white nationalists))), I hope we will soon observe the rise of number of followers o…[View]
134455616>MUH MASTER RACE! When did you realize nazism is just for retarded LARPers and any sort of race b…[View]
134457966The best teachers are the ones that show you where to look, but not what to see.[View]
134449827Admit it /pol/.: Admit it shitskins[View]
134454309Eastern europe will overtake dominance of European power in upcoming years: Hey western euros how do…[View]
134456622>The economy is great![View]
134455716Why does Trump favor Ivanka?: Is it ok to do so? I thought Trump has 5-6 kids, but it looks like he …[View]
134457409Honestly, Trump is fucked: Mueller is going to dig and dig and dig until he finds something, and he …[View]
134456797With no government who'd build the ro-[View]
134451230What went wrong? Something obviously did.[View]
134457444trumps new pick that made spicey quit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZOeqL2ZSWA[View]
134450965i've had debates with trans people before that actually deny the existence of binary biological…[View]
134453709Trans People Are Considered Normal Now - Deal With It: In the near future you may be dating a hot fe…[View]
134456608Cognitive dissonance: Biden: Jewish leaders helped gay marriage succeed Jewish leaders in the media …[View]
134448930Mentally Ill man transfered to Female Jail in Canada: http://archive.is/BSck0 >In historic 1st, t…[View]
134454824Place your bets: Which will happen first: John McCain dies OR Trump gets impeached?[View]
134457144The white man is the devil. #StayWoke[View]
134457114>United States >Strongest nation on earth for 67 years and counting >Highest GDP on earth …[View]
134448773What the hell is wrong with people?!: I almost got used to the fact that the streets are full of ins…[View]
134457084why are americans so fucking retarded and arrogant? >work in fast food >got a 'do it yourself'…[View]
134456899Why does she laugh at everything? Especially at Trump's news?[View]
134456851Why does Trump support Israel? Kikes voted for Clinton and hate Drumpf.[View]
134456657Why even go to college if you're not studying engineering or programming? Computer engineer her…[View]
134453209Vox - Tucker Carlson and White Supremacy: Ain't going to lie, this video trigger the fuck out o…[View]
134456969Pizzagate confirmed.[View]
134451591>being a black /pol/ member. https://youtu.be/Gp62Ti25bjk Skip to 1:05[View]
134456878Russia Prevents Syrian, Iraqi Gov't From Collapsing - Iraq Vice President: Enough with the spam…[View]
134452886I hope none of you fagots considered wasting money on this shit.[View]
134456659Leftism intensifying: We've found a hitlist from ADL. We found their hit list. Then we've …[View]
134455245What party do you think God would support? >God is always right[View]
134456654can ya spare some labor vouchers, pol[View]
134456269>CLICK PEPE TO SUBSCRIBE AND UNLOCK VOTING Does anyone actually take this faggot shit seriously?…[View]
134456487>Everyone who hates Trump ends up dead or has major issues. Is anyone else getting scared?…[View]
134456510Here's a question for Americans Why don't you take over the electric facilities by force a…[View]
134451277I see some people telling /pol/ to attack eightchan's /leftypol/. For the faggots that think we…[View]
134451359is this true? is the word aryan stolen? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jALT8BAFCdY[View]
134455534It seems Trump has brought in another leftist into his inner circle. https://archive.fo/CTtah[View]
134456287Don't you want to win with Recep Tayyip Erdogan?[View]
134456260I'm coming for you, Donald.[View]
134450183Glumpf DESTROYED: http://www.rollingstone.com/tv/news/watch-stephen-colbert-visit-trump-pee-pee-tape…[View]
134456239Why are Brits the only based Europeans?: Laugh at their police and pakis all you want but the fact i…[View]
134452853'Irish' Sprinter Gina Akpe-Moses defeats 'German' Keshia Kwadwo: hmm[View]
134444303Islam: Our Fuhrer was only joking about this, r-right /pol/...? R-Right...???[View]
134453050Why do you fear government surveillance?: Do you have something to hide?[View]
134453732/pol/ Wizard Classes: What is your role, or are you just bitching in the web like a menstruating tee…[View]
134456084Feminist Eugenics vs. Hitler's Action T4: Which has Killed More People?: Feminist Margaret Sang…[View]
134453928DON'T BUMP BAIT TREADS: Since the story of the CNN blackmailing children came out the shilling …[View]
134454508What is this lady's deal? Is she really a lefty kook, or a mole working as an agent of chaos fo…[View]
134455815Turks are Anatolian ant therefore technically Germanic: prove me wrong white boys[View]
134443227Failure to find a sexual partner now a DISABILITY, WHO says: This is not a drill: are you ready for …[View]
134455734Dey Dindu Nuffin: Hey guys, dude's drowning, let's laugh at him. Kangz: https://www.youtub…[View]
134455673Would you move to a Chinese Martian colony? They'll give you a wife and a small plot of land.[View]
134449134Why is this board overrun by obvious shareblue threads nowadays?: Why do dumbfucks reply to these th…[View]
134443665Why white supremacists love Tucker Carlson: Hail Tucker! Hail our People! Hail Victory! https://www.…[View]
134450377Lawmakers Debating Bill to Ciminalize Boycotts of Israel: http://web.archive.org/details/https://the…[View]
134448696Which Is The Greatest State In The Union And Why Is It Wisconsin?: >Best Beer >Best Sausage …[View]
134436171>Whitest country in Europe >Pretty crappy Explain the contradiction /pol/…[View]
134453606Do you think a long stretch of economic and social disparity will lead to a Third World War?[View]
134450372>'Ah need mah AR-15 to overthrow the gubbmint!' >dies after realizing the rest of the world is…[View]
134446203Free speech was a mistake[View]
134454969Alright /pol/ you got some explaining to do. The harrassment has to stop. How dare you treat that wo…[View]
134446296If women were to be vanquished but instead replaced with perfected genetic cloning or other substitu…[View]
134452137What is going on with Social Security: Is there any plans to defund social security, will it last. W…[View]
134454805So, how does /pol/ feel about asexuality >pic unrelated[View]
134454000>My Ancestor :) Atheists will actually defend this.[View]
134453672I know noting about this man, but I see you guys like him. What videos should I start with?[View]
134454785ACA Media Coverage: Why is CNN still harping on this story when Trump took a hands of approach to AC…[View]
134441848Brit/pol/ - Papers edition: >EU won't sign trade deal if the UK moves to deregulation after …[View]
134450862Syrian war board game: So we got bored at summer cottage and create a board game about the syrian wa…[View]
134454329Reminder: treason against the United States of America will not be forgiven or forgotten.[View]
134454040Online behaviour of white supremacists: I am tired of this butthurt. I don't wanna hear how evi…[View]
134445644OPTIMISM IS COWARDICE: https://youtu.be/KXxbQ2ti27A A Spenglarian perspective[View]
134454621Why aren't there more scientists and philosophers in politics?[View]
134454600So, who will replace him?[View]
134454590Evangelical Fucktards: You claim that God approves of Trump. Who the fuck do you think you are, clai…[View]
134454461Say something nice about him, he saved America from 2001 invasion of Iraq: George W Bush saved Ameri…[View]
134453485I just learned that throughout most of history, 17 women reproduced for every one man[View]
134454531John McCain is no war hero, but a traitor to the American people! https://ghost.report/2017/05/18/jo…[View]
134451044I was born in the United States but moved to Germany last summer. This place is a complete hellole. …[View]
134454389>6 million[View]
134454208When district attorney Preet Bharara tried to investigate Jared Kushner's finances, Trump fired…[View]
134454190Where are we in revelations?: In the book revelations in the bible, where are we now? At what chapte…[View]
134428070These are the eyes of Norwegian posters on /int/ (no need to tell me we're the master race but …[View]
134454315Government Think Tanks Admit U.S. Empire Is Collapsing – Their Solution Is More War And Tyranny: Eno…[View]
134443896The kids ain't alright.: A Massachusetts teacher's union has not agreed to sign a law that…[View]
134454223BAMN BTFO: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/07/21/militant-left-wing-leader-arrested-for-allegedly-inc…[View]
134434403kek britcucks btfo[View]
134431382holocaust didn't ha-[View]
134449407The best way to save White race is the Great Depression 2.0: If we destroy the economy - then the mi…[View]
134441482This little crying girl the Piyniya. WHAT RUSSIA DOES NOT WANT YOU TO SEE: KREMLIN TOPS LIST FOR FLA…[View]
134434867/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General: 卐 SIEG HEIL! 卐 >ENOUGH WITH THE SLIDE THREADS, KEEP ON TOP…[View]
134453660Why are they trying to steal my peoples history[View]
134453967Vox using fake statistics to hate on white supremacists and boosting refugees reputation: they are u…[View]
134445475What Germany could do about the migrants: Build basic housing and utilities infrastructure. Provide …[View]
134448860how does this woman not represent the downfall of women and feminism? http://archive.is/ZlhBm[View]
134453816Do you seriously think that you can save the white race?[View]
134446974McCancer: So why does everyone hate McCain again? He hasn't really done anything bad that I…[View]
134453117Congratulations Sarah! Let the memes flow through you![View]
134427730So why does /pol/ turn on every popular person who champions their cause? Is Ben Shapiro and Alex Jo…[View]
134450212I HAD TO FALL[View]
134432542What went wrong?[View]
134453426Racism has no reasonable justification: Why does /pol/ pretend black or white is a race? The genetic…[View]
134452275Emily Youcis about White Sharia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBGH1ldybsQ[View]
134450677Is Theo Hiddema our saviour? Will he and Thierry Baudet receive enough seats in parliament to stop t…[View]
134444647Good now they can bring in Ann Coulter like they should have done from the start.[View]
134441227New Ben Garrison[View]
134429607Decision Time: Well /pol/? What say you![View]
134452191What went wrong?[View]
134437047Japan's first lady pretends not to speak English rather than chat with Donald Trump: archive.is…[View]
134438109>be tranny >live in Bible Belt >no one gives a shit about me using the women's restroo…[View]
134426044GERMANY NOOO, NOOO, NOOOOOOOO !!!: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3643221/One-ten-Germans-w…[View]
134437980Trump takes vacation from mounting scandals to spend entire month of August golfing: He's takin…[View]
134452888Screenshot thread?: I'm looking for the screenshot that talks about the differences between sec…[View]
134452876This is a muslim world.[View]
134452765SUSAN RICE JUST FINISHED TESTIFYIG TO THE SENATE: Misdirection at it's finest gentlemen. Trump …[View]
134452747Vox using fake statistics to hate on white supremacists: they are using fake statistics to make migr…[View]
134444683Niglets mock and laugh at drowning man: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/07/20/teens-filmed-mocked-and…[View]
134445501Russia and China conduct joint drills in the Baltic Sea! What are burgers gonna do about it?????? ht…[View]
134450855Burundi Robotics Team Vanishes After U.S. Competition: Where'd these niggers go, /pol/? >The…[View]
134442772So our area recently took some refugees in and a few of the Syrians have started going to the gym I …[View]
134452563July 27th: What happens?[View]
134429321Trump Preparing Counteroffensive; Begins Investigating Mueller's Team For Conflicts: There has …[View]
134452465A really bad move from Putin: As a Serb, I support Putin on almost anything But he shouldn't f…[View]
134448623>war between muslims and jews >forced to pick a side >fuckin sandniggers and (((them))) Is …[View]
134451971The Art of War - President Donald J. Trump edition.: All you doubters are fucking retarded. How emot…[View]
134444041How Does She Know?: Guys, I'm scared!!!![View]
134441587Leaf/jap tits is mooslem now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSxjtk3eA8M Is this sjit bait? Fucking…[View]
134452276Would someone post this on kikebook please, thank you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0To8NmwJ8Mk a…[View]
134440612Without blaming the jews, why is Degeneracy so prevalent in today's society? Is it the parents …[View]
134452200Stop saying Poles are white: Shills are trying to lower the bar on what it means to be white. Next t…[View]
134447850>http://www.strawpoll.me/13495783 Vote to determine /pol/'s foreign policy!…[View]
134452017Tennessee is bringing back eugenics: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-tennessee-vasectomy-idUSKBN1A…[View]
134452154Omar 'Gibs' Khadr: Regardless of the crime, why was he paid 10 million? Why couldn't Canada jus…[View]
134451555Blacks do not invent anyt....: http://www.foxbusiness.com/features/2017/07/21/11-year-old-invents-ho…[View]
134450438The Real POTUS...: Why are you so afraid to have this man-boy as your President? Being unelected doe…[View]
134451901https://youtu.be/qSxjtk3eA8M What's happening in the world exactly[View]
134438735>richest man who ever existed was black How does /pol/ explain this? If blacks are inferior then …[View]
134451831/pol/ is laughing stock of Internet again: Where are my /pol/tards at ? http://archive.is/twVZh …[View]
134444541No Fap (2 Weeks in) No Alcohol (2 Weeks in) No Smoking (2 Days in) AMA or Give some advice on how to…[View]
134446455Independent Activism - Flyers: Anyone ever think of doing an independent activist run around their a…[View]
134449056Why does the UK gov not implement a Great Internet Firewall?: China has it and it can block most unw…[View]
134451566Seriously, why do so many Scottish people look like Mongolian halfbreeds? Did the Mongols conquer Sc…[View]
134451700Are all new worlders stupid?: I thought that only americans where retards, but i gues all of new wor…[View]
134451659I miss you so goddamn much: I know we had our differences and you were the boss in a relationship, b…[View]
134408983Is WW3 finally here?: Is this it? Are we going to make a move against NK? Will this lead to WW3?…[View]
134451071post modernism: Hey /pol/. I've been struggling to get my head around this. Can you guys make s…[View]
134437951I'm so confused nowadays. Why was Israel the only country to defend Rhodesia and South Africa…[View]
134451533THE GREAT GAME general /ggg/: Whos next edition SYRIA >http://archive.is/LvIQ5 China to Invest U…[View]
134450887SCARAMUCCI FORCED CNN APOLOGY: >On June 26, 2017, three network investigative journalists: Thomas…[View]
134451414GERMANY HATE THREAD!!!: >be Germany >invent radical leftism >invent lefitst terrorism >d…[View]
134449585i hate newfags: the thread: because /pol/ today is full of r*dditors replying to shill and slide thr…[View]
134451386About the chosen people and their greed: Why are jews labeled as greedy?[View]
134451290Citizens of Italy unleash mass protests against mandatory vaccination law: Italy’s controversial new…[View]
134445403Why are white millennial women uninterested in having children?[View]
134451239Jews still own propaganda media: Today on the Dutch news they showed Israeli soldier fighting Muslim…[View]
134418463Women trapping wealthy men: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2x9BI6bwJsA watch this video if you want…[View]
134449860Ok, let us settle this once and for all: Is the majority of /pol/ saying that Trump does a good job …[View]
134446617Why should I worship God? Any being that creates a piece of shit world like this and expects to be t…[View]
134449439Spicer resigns as press secretary: https://news.google.com/news/amp?caurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.washingt…[View]
134450820Wanna help redpill him? https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20170721174411AAgXj35[View]
134445891Spaghetti vs Kebab in Fascitaly: *use pasta as warpaint* *loads Benelli MP 95E with penne rigate* *w…[View]
134443202OPERATION IMPEACH THE ORANGE: Alright, us Polers/4channers are pretty well known for operations that…[View]
134450723Miss me yet?[View]
134448324What do you have against Mike Cernovitch?: Doesn't he redpill a lot of normies and cucks? Isn…[View]
134448049Kim will get a brain tumor my numbers say so[View]
134450626with jews you win: >1492 habsburg spain >most powerful and wealthy power in Europe >decide …[View]
134442973A Little Optimism: For a change let's stop dragging on what we hate about our countries and gov…[View]
134448108He did so much for the movement: Why isn't Milo /ourgay/ anymore? He brought so many normies ov…[View]
134444269Is there any way we can deport this Liberal shill back to Britain?: He is immigrant without US citiz…[View]
134438981What do you guys think of her?[View]
134450137Redpill: /Pol/ Im starting to think illegal immigration destroyed the us healthcare system. Redpill …[View]
134448148white hate thread: WHITE HATE THREAD, NO CHINKS ALLOWED why do white people hate nature so much? htt…[View]
134450524Blaire: So at first I was wiling to look past the degeneracy because I enjoyed the work and generall…[View]
134447097Whites don't believe in God: They don't. https://youtu.be/aO23Od2_7Rk[View]
134450073SPICER OUT: Sean Spicer has been impeached, tick tock little drumpfkins[View]
134435149Syria General /sg/- 80 Kilomemes To Dez Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.w…[View]
134446420Anyone notice the eyes of the usual SJW/Queer activist ? Its like you can feel the crazy level from …[View]
134446832Post your best memes to trigger feminazis!!: We have feminist infestation developing in Bosnia, plea…[View]
134445480THIS IS NOT A SLIDE THREAD, THIS IS THE HEART OF /POL/: Why do white people pander to women so much?…[View]
134450114Redpill the youth.: We have all witnessed the power that can be wielded through propaganda. We'…[View]
134443566Get in here faggots: This is the channel who is trying to take down cultured thug and who took down …[View]
134449234Atheism is the easier religion to troll: Also, fedora hate thread[View]
134449110HILLARY IS FINISHED!: Robert Mueller is /ourguy/. >Mueller meets with Trump one day before being …[View]
134449963Why do you support this guy? He destroyed his country and killed 500,000 of his own people all becau…[View]
134449905Rettet die Arier (from the German Luegenpresse): Let´s troll the hell out of this Anti-White Propaga…[View]
134449531DAY OF THE RAKE IS NIGH [Housing Bubble Thread]: In a notice sent to members Thursday, TREB said the…[View]
134449437What side to choose? Obama gave Palestine 201 million dollars before he left office to help them fig…[View]
134440890How can we fix brazil /pol/ ?: Ok, brazilian politics general. What happened in brazil : https://www…[View]
134426605Daily reminder that 'black African' Bantoids were originally confined to a small part of West Africa…[View]
134448111Swede hoe raped like a bitch, muthafucka: >Three teenage girls and one male friend meet for a par…[View]
134425056BASED PUTIN DID IT AGAIN! PEDOS, DRUGGIES AND PIRATES BTFO! He finally blocked VPN services and TOR.…[View]
134447628PRESIDENT TRUMP DEGENERAL - TRIBUTE TO THE INTERNET EDITION /ptg/: http://www.trumptwitterarchive.co…[View]
134444052here's the new member of team MAGA![View]
134446609WWE is the only remaining form of entertainment that is not left wing.[View]
134449185What are some facebook pages that really make you tink.[View]
134409112>get your ass kicked by the Nazis >have to leave all your gear while you evacuate your troops …[View]
134446570There is a phenomeon, where people like looking at electric pylons for some reason. Many of them exp…[View]
134448130SJW's BTFO BY KEN HAM: Kek[View]
134448991How would a Civilization game with all of the most dank nations (Kekistan,Nazi germany,America with …[View]
134446374Browsing /pol/ is degenerate: Browsing /pol/ is degenerate and a waste of time. You're just a b…[View]
134440715Black judge removes Mississippi state flag: Do you think they will start voting for a new flag?…[View]
134448298Redpilling normies on youtube. Can we do it?: I've made a template for saging bait comments or …[View]
134446437How do you cope with this delusional world /pol/? What keeps you going? What stops you for going cra…[View]
134448910Britain YES! Young girl fined £195 for selling lemonade: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/07/21/bri…[View]
134442892>Taking pride in skin color Black, white, latino, whatever. Is there anything more autistic? …[View]
134447300Coming to all TV channels soon![View]
134447930is apple actually BASED because Tim Cook is gay and gays don't like muslims? Tim Cook: > Rab…[View]
134447909Why did kikes destroy South Africa? What did they get out of it? How did they profit?[View]
134397526How long until it explodes?[View]
134446773Hitler wasn't a Christian. pic unrelated[View]
134437786Anthony Scaramucci Quick Rundown?: Is he a jew or ourgoy?[View]
134432173/FemPol/ thread: Old thread boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/134423794[View]
134444346New signs in England: So my buddy Architectual Revival just showed me this. What are /pol/'s t…[View]
134446447Whats the most red pilled search engine?: Google is fucking shit they censor EVERYTHING[View]
134441560You have 3 nukes. Each blast has the size of the red circle in pic related. Where do you detonate th…[View]
134448279Just fuck my shit up fam: The lulz don't stop: http://archive.is/wK7m6 >It seems the cast of…[View]
134447715Daily reminder that Stalin was a hero who saved western civilization and the white race from the evi…[View]
134448053JUST: HAHAHAHAHA[View]
134447976LIVE: Sarah Huckabee Sanders press briefing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdmw6MAVB0c Scheduled f…[View]
134446219Who is this: Please tell me[View]
134447927Are the 'dirt bag left' our guys?: >> Jeet Heer hates them >> Hillary supporters hate th…[View]
134443443Does the MSM push the muh Russia narrative so hard because they know if it were discovered that Seth…[View]
134383851ILLEGAL BTFO IN PERRIS, CALIFORNIA: BYE BYE FLOWER LADY! https://hooktube.com/watch?v=2s_yIsmMPB8…[View]
134447280>when you are simultaneously up dean while being on your deen.[View]
134447661Hard to argue with people who don't understand their own arguments: It's hard to argue wit…[View]
134447200Can someone help me find a pepe pin like this but he is smiling. I want a happy pepe but i just want…[View]
134445317>There is no race >All races are the same >All races are equally capable >Mixed dog? …[View]
134447698Clem: Clem[View]
134446431>Europeans don't belong to the same race as West Asian-[View]
134447266Finland, please advise: https://web-capture.net/picture.php?pic_index=1&presentation_method=inli…[View]
134438620lets talk about turkey: why is the turkish goverment such cunts? and is the entire world other than …[View]
134446263Why has there never been a female dictator?[View]
134445073>Last week: Russia is Fake News >This week: Can I Pardon my family and me? Life comes at you f…[View]
134445140/pol/ communism general- comrade Bat'ko revenge edition: Hello Comrades. This general is for th…[View]
134446381Why does the Russian Communist Party not support things like Islam, LGBTQ+ rights, and anti-Patrioti…[View]
134422169>niggers It's almost as if there is some truth to all those stereotypes!…[View]
134445215>the IP addresses originated in Russia Do they really expect Millennials to buy this shit? I can …[View]
134442954>'B-but I dindu nuffin!' >researches pardoning himself…[View]
134446506Don't BLM, not even once: How?[View]
134447057>Anger: 0.144011632 >Contempt: 0.01747356 >Disgust: 0.0194684546 >Fear: 0.000686909654 …[View]
134446895What is your opinion about Google+? (especially the meme comunity)[View]
134429066APOLOGIZE!!!!: You apologize to this sweet little baby right fucking now /pol/ !!!!!! https://www.da…[View]
134439487People on the right controlled opposition?: Ive been quietly watching as conservatives such as jack,…[View]
134445052Define Socialism: inb4 you can't[View]
134432957DEFEND EUROPE STOPPED ALREADY: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/defend-europe-ship-c-star_uk_59…[View]
134442696BPS calls Morrissey a fag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJLyhbo2Qag That aggression will not stan…[View]
134444926>Japan's first lady pretended not to speak English to snub Trump. leader of 1st world. lel.…[View]
134445707How much makeup can a girl use before it becomes a red flag[View]
134432902>The face rural retards make when they come out to the city[View]
134445050>when you are a liberal black magic cuck and the black magic sun you conjured devours you and not…[View]
134445533>mfw black people are mad because their woman are being BLEACHED stay mad, black boi…[View]
134446038Do you beat your woman?[View]
134424381western civilization is falling!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJQP7kiw5Fk this fucking whorehous…[View]
134446313You just had to keep pushing and pushing and pushing, didn't you. You disgust me.: <--- APOL…[View]
134443278>finally get invited to a job interview >everything is going smooth >know all answers about…[View]
134446200/ourguy handing out rubbish bags to libtards at pro refugee demonstration >calls them burkas http…[View]
134423067>5 years ago he was one of the cringiest/hated motherfuckers on the planet >today he redpills …[View]
134446139Sean Spicer: I bet Sean Spicer feels like a German soldier at Stalingrad at the height of the battle…[View]
134421904Biggest piece of shit on the planet[View]
134431644Why do you hate black people so much?: Is it the dick thing? Is it that? Are you afraid maybe one da…[View]
134442248HAPPENING: EXPLOSION IN LONDON: Reset the clock![View]
134439447Tennessee releasing convicts early who get sterilized: Tennessee is releasing convicts one month ear…[View]
134444035dear americans, you are not white you have no culture you have no language your opinion outside of t…[View]
134443348American Supremacist?: Why do Americans think the whole world exists to serve you?[View]
134439934Collegehumor is going full cracked: This is somewhat old news but collegehumor is going the cracked …[View]
134440591Hey, fascists and alt-rights, we'll destroy you! https://youtu.be/d4eqettF5qI[View]
134443151What is it with these guys? Should we side with China when they start shooting at each other? Pic re…[View]
134445429OPTIMISM IS COWARDICE: Zeitgeist imagery about our erosion[View]
134417210is this what starting a business in the UK is like?[View]
134440990How does fascism directly benefit an individual lower-class worker?[View]
134441249American Ancestry: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_ancestry# 72% of America's populati…[View]
134440131I thought right wingers were suppose to be tough guys? Just look at these twiggy armed faggots.[View]
134445264R.I.P.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E92rCGBcSeg[View]
134442801>>Black people can't be racist.[View]
134445188Netflix-Bright Propaganda: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EZCBSsBxko Could propaganda be any more …[View]
134439136Sweden Yes!German children forced too to serve asylum seekers: German parents were outraged when the…[View]
134432858Sorry, newfag here: Redpill me on judaism, HOLD NOTHING BACK! I'm confused on who the real enem…[View]
134416916Post yours Also what the actual fuck is an ultra capitalist? Is my ideology a meme?[View]
134444876man, I'm 130 IQ (literally top 10% IQ world population) but I can't enjoy white clasical m…[View]
134442666No more Spicy: Press F to pay respect. Honary Metal Gear music to honor him holding out for seven mo…[View]
134444648What do you think about Romanian politics?[View]
134444130Did this Blaxit I saw here a while ago worked?: >http://www.un.org/africarenewal/magazine/april-2…[View]
134441781Just met a black person today! Black people are really nice people, they are not violent, just poor …[View]
134444733https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAm72W-_Lq0&: Lets answer this German State Anti-White Propagand…[View]
134444201Maybe Hitler was on to something when he decided to round up all the fags[View]
134442416Why not make profit of the refugee crisis? I asked some refugees how much they paid from Italy to Ge…[View]
134444593>Inherited holocaust trauma Kill me /pol/[View]
134443848>TFW BRIAN CANCER[View]
134439552I have no friends.: If we want to survive as a race we must come together and from communities. We n…[View]
134441449Why is there some anti-Trump faggot on every thread?: The meme was never funny. Get the fuck off of …[View]
134440399>go out >see 10 year old mixed race couple h-hungary is based right guys?…[View]
134440975It's starting[View]
134444318My aunt was a catholic in the Sudetenland, her mother was a catholic, her grandmother was a jew who …[View]
134437583BREAKING: SPICER'S OUT: R.I.P.[View]
134443381How Long Before (Jew)merica becomes Europe: Next step will be the U.S. adopting Holohoax denial laws…[View]
134437543Majority of America opposes Trump: Popular vote loss snowballs at six month mark: Protests, phone ca…[View]
134444184Why Europe Needs More Migrants: https://www.economist.com/blogs/graphicdetail/2017/07/daily-chart-6?…[View]
134431005JUST: Why haven't you bought a house lazy Millennials?[View]
134408344'Dad' Peterson: What's his endgame?[View]
134429887Sweden yes: Can we have a Sweden Yes thread please?[View]
134439017Political/philosophical quotes thread?: I wish to add to my collection and perhaps better get a gras…[View]
134442346GET IN HERE FAGGOTS!: MIKE 'ELECTRIC FENCE' PENCE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9ZbmFT2hFw…[View]
134441258Then everything changed as the eternal anglo came by: Wouldn't the germans then be the baddies …[View]
134440487/honeypot/: I know making a thread about this might not be the best idea but I feel that it would be…[View]
134437108Sean Spicer Resigns[View]
134434575Adolf Hitler: A Last Appeal To Reason: Anyone else watch this video? It was just released recently …[View]
134443452Global Leaks: https://lobelog.com/hacked-emails-reveal-close-ties-between-uae-and-anti-iranqatar-adv…[View]
134440767Kekistan cringe: If you are an american and you've been here for less than 2 years you are 50% …[View]
134442168Sean Spencer Resigns as White House Press Secretary: What's going on in the White House? http:/…[View]
134433407What does /pol/ think of Richard spencer?[View]
134443338How do we deal with these hordes of beta autistic men and our traitor bitches? It seems like we nee…[View]
134443234Trump and goldmach sachs: At the beginning of Trump's campaign he said that he knew 'Some of th…[View]
134443262Soviet Union, 1954: The happy comrade...[View]
134439476Happening on 07/22/17?: July 22 2011: Norway attack December 22 2011: Baghdad attack May 22 2013: Le…[View]
134443201German car makes have been colluding on prices for Diesel cars. Who else is pissed? We should give …[View]
134440544Reminder that 50% of all infants born on earth right now are African Reminder that there are 560,000…[View]
134443099What must drive Trump totally batshit is being left in the dark while swarms of career FBI accountan…[View]
134434680>http://www.strawpoll.me/13495783 Vote up, guys! We have to settle this one and for all.…[View]
134441830What does the demonetization of youtube videos mean? Obviously it's about taking control of the…[View]
134439479This is a national socialist.[View]
134439226>libertarian said 'fiat' near me[View]
134442872Jake Tapper is Alt-Right: The left is turning on eachother, and since Jake Tapper is a know it all p…[View]
134442446That face you make when you will give birth to a demon: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdlIKy2l…[View]
134440070Have you accepted jesus christ into your heart? He is the ultimate red pill[View]
134442807Apologize you racist pricks[View]
134442742Ban All Canadian Justins: Justin Bieber Banned From China Because of His ‘Bad Behavior’ If he wanted…[View]
134430148When are you going to man up, take responsibility and marry this strong independent woman? She'…[View]
134442385is it good i spent 30 minutes on it also why do you biracial retards always want to be white why can…[View]
134438498Detroit Handing Out Free High-Paying Jobs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvKYpE78tgY[View]
134441930https://youtu.be/B0WH8hCMeug This song was released 11 years ago, and it's increasingly relevan…[View]
134442550>Russia and China conduct joint drills in the Baltic Sea Why? Don't they know the US is gonn…[View]
134438059Real Europeans vs non-europeans: Huh..Well this explains a lot[View]
134442087Whats the worst deminisher of success for young fresh out of school teenagers? Living in a backass v…[View]
134439502Why are they the only ones without a Russian problem in the baltics?[View]
134440969>Be americuck >be 60% white Is there a more pathetic country…[View]
134437000How does one change their flag? Pic related.[View]
134442036We Got at Most 5 Years left of this cuck, what will you do to celebrate?[View]
134442299I've always wondered what the average /pol/ user does for work. Myself? I'm on autism bux.…[View]
134442060Why is he such a fucking failure? What was the point of campaigning for him if he can't get not…[View]
134442158Who has the meme/collage of all the celebrities who talked shit about Trump then got rest?: Pic rela…[View]
134426275Greece and Turkey GDP per capita: Will Turkey overtake Greece in GDP per capita soon? With the reces…[View]
134441612Lyndon Johnson Held Meetings On The Toilet: >Lyndon B. Johnson, our 36th president, was well know…[View]
134440807Why do niggers nigger?: Why? https://youtu.be/aO23Od2_7Rk[View]
134436942Found (((Illuminati))) coin in a shop: is it fake or are some of (((them))) in my little hometown? S…[View]
134417066We need to segregate /pol/: Amerifats and Europeans don't have the same concerns and the same i…[View]
134429252At least we can all agree that this fag is a terrorist. Hope he dies a painful death.[View]
134437542What's the deal with this Mueller fuckhead?: At this point I'm convinced that the Russia t…[View]
134441586>Donald Trump won the election umm, no sweetie. Hillary WON the popular vote by 3 million votes. …[View]
134433199How do (we) fix black people?: /pol/ is always throwing around their IQ/murder statistic image macro…[View]
134441537You can cry Trumpkins, and you will.[View]
134440914Dumb millenial girl suicides because Chester did lmfao[View]
134439376Is Donald's book even worth getting? Will I learn useful things from it?[View]
134440095USA BTFO!: How can they ever recover from this?[View]
134438942Where is Gadaffi's money?[View]
134437758Will Catalonia secede?[View]
134440874This wouldn't have happened if Obama was still president...[View]
134425598>Rapper known as Ceza to be sentenced to death for promoting western lifestyle in his music >h…[View]
134436936The Economist explains /pol/: /Pol/ I'm applying for an internship for The Economist and I have…[View]
134438071The 2010 United States Census[24] reported that Compton had a population of 96,455. The population d…[View]
134441172CRAZY TRUMP: Anyone else as baffled as me when trump said he will nuke God out of the sky?!?[View]
134439072Unite the right is officially cucked: >crawling with (((joos))) >hiring niggers…[View]
134436812Europe: What do I mean by this?[View]
134440680Kek, please grant Donald J. Trump safe passage through these clouded times.: Grant swift death to al…[View]
134438881Hypocrisy of pol: If Obama did the same things Trump had already done in this short time you would c…[View]
134438571Complete failure.[View]
134440751repeat after me: PEEDOLF TWITLER IS FINISHED[View]
134440659What's the basic gestalt on Scaramucci?[View]
134437093Europe year 814 AD: Let's educate.[View]
134437378How come Portugal and Spain be part of the Western Civilization, and Latin America not?[View]
134435609Someone tell me what neighorbood this is: Allegedly this takes place in Italy but there is no inform…[View]
134414974Croatia and its people: So I just came back after a month in Croatia, and while I was there, I had t…[View]
134435820Gen Z is filled with cyrpto-Nazis: our grandkids will hail the fuhrer https://squawker.org/analysis…[View]
134440512Should I'll feel good women are becoming more whore every year it passes? Sure, women are whore…[View]
134440331John McCain diagnosed with brain cancer: Press F to spit in open grave Also politician red pill thre…[View]
134439750GOP Billionaire says he would have killed Trump as a baby..kek: >Trump is an “abortion of a human…[View]
134439880Jewish Infestation Severity?: Question: Who if anyone in the media is not a shill or Jewish proxy? D…[View]
134439271Lavrov Mocks NBC About Trump-Putin Meetings: ‘Maybe They Went to Toilet Together’: Russian Foreign M…[View]
134440137Can someone give me the quick gestalt on Net Neutrality and why it's either bad or good? I hear…[View]
134439637Fucking niggers, man.: Beats white girlfriends kid to death for losing a shoe. Wrote in his diary he…[View]
134437905Hey /pol/ what's your opinion on the entire Provence of British Columbia being on fire, and our…[View]
134435722Do they not realize that they get this if they impeach Trump?[View]
134439173Why doesn't /pol/ talk about Bitcoin more? /biz/ are obsessed with it because it's a lucra…[View]
134439980>fall and scrape knees really badly, possibly spraining your wrist >go to ER >hospital admi…[View]
134431818Operation GOT: The LOTR tactic of humoristic subversion has shown to work quite well, why hasn'…[View]
134433477Reminder that UKanons will piously defend the sacrifice of this infant to their NHS socialist god. T…[View]
134432903Can someone define what 'western values' are?[View]
134429331Brit/pol/ - King Alfred the Great: >EU won't sign trade deal if the UK moves to deregulation…[View]
134437506>taking a month long vacation https://www.faasafety.gov/SPANS/noticeView.aspx?nid=7277 >August…[View]
134439757North Cyrups: Hello my bros what do yuo think about this.[View]
134419216Redpill me on Iceland, how isn't inbreeding a massive problem here?[View]
134439011The taxes are mine, Donald.[View]
134430574McCain's capture and subsequent imprisonment began on October 26, 1967. He was flying his 23rd …[View]
134437805>Court rules man pay $65,000 of child support to the mother of a teenage girl he's only met …[View]
134439426THE FIRE RISES: We are the chaos rising /pol/[View]
134426368Bannon is done. The GoldmanSachs bankers own Trump.: Is Bannon just giving up? Or has he already bee…[View]
134438791Who the hell is this guy and is he on our side?[View]
134438728Found level 1 antifaggot propaganda: >In Deutschland werden die Hälfte aller Lebensmittel weggewo…[View]
134420898LAUREN SOUTHERN GENERAL: Chat with Lauren: https://twitter.com/Lauren_Southern?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogl…[View]
134432319What does /pol/ think of left handed people Cursed by the devil or the next step in human evolution?[View]
134439177White Supremacists of /pol/: You are aware the Nazis did more harm to your movement than good right?…[View]
134437949Explain yourself: This buffoon actually thinks health insurance costs $12 a year. How can anyone ta…[View]
134439061>Jews have no words in Hebrew for the concept of 'charity'. Unexpected[View]
134439056Jewdindu: Bernie Sanders DINDU NUFFIN! http://archive.is/TTtvr[View]
134438989Human Rights: What exactly are 'human rights'? Are they a real thing, or just a buzzword used by lib…[View]
134438949((CENTRAL BANK)) TO THE ARGIES SAYS BEND THE KNEE OVER FALKLANDS!: http://en.mercopress.com/2017/07/…[View]
134436408Nationalism and Capitalism: Hey /pol/ I've been reading this book for quite a while and I'…[View]
134435612>tfw everyone b mad at u for 6 zillion jews >meanwhile no one bats an eye at billions of anim…[View]
134433316What'd they die for?[View]
134438810http://archive.is/C4pwI >The organiser of a Halloween 'ride-out' which brought Leeds city centre …[View]
134438807You cannot deny it's pretty much a clown show at this point. 'Chaos candidate'? Indee…[View]
134434461Hey guys! You can pay commission here for degenerate and progressive art. Please pay us a visit: T82…[View]
134438720I hate that the media have made this ridiculous claim essentially fact. Is there any real basis in b…[View]
134438322U.S. says Exxon under Tillerson violated Russia sanctions in 2014: Drumpfkins will defend this. http…[View]
134432433The ultimate bluepill: thinking (((the jews))) literally control everything and everyone. Theres not…[View]
134438520Turkey is right.: Did you remember that soldier killed refugees in turkish border.He did that right …[View]
134438397History Repeats Itself: How many times does history have to keep repeating itself before we lock up …[View]
134425467Israel/Jew hate thread[View]
134436103What do white nationalists do for fun: WNs seem like the most boring people alive. It's like th…[View]
134434793Russia's Lavrov Says Trump May Have Met Putin More Times: IMPEACH http://www.nbcnews.com/news/w…[View]
134431758Can you name one female figure of the alt right or ethno nationalist movement who actually has kids?…[View]
134433820Be 5 years old - lose your training shoe in playground. Be heard begging for forgiveness. Be beaten…[View]
134433489>Rome, Greece, Persia >England/Britain, France, Spain, China, Egypt, Mesopotamia >Mongol Em…[View]
134430343>the Democrats are actually going to nominate this sassy black woman in 2020 They're fucked,…[View]
134437304>IN THE END IT DOESN'T EVEN MATTER So why are people shocked when atheists with everything …[View]
134438073Home deliveries of knives bought online to be banned in UK:: Source: >https://www.theguardian.com…[View]
134435144Trump hotels applies for 75 foreign visas because they cant find unemployed americans: Hes /our guy …[View]
134437981Notice anything /pol/?: You got checkered bigots[View]
134437817Russia hints at blackmailing Trump with threats of exposing more secret meetings: Nice job, drumpfta…[View]
1344322016-Month Update for Trump Voters: So after six months, has he delivered what he promised you? 1. He t…[View]
134437635THE CHINESE MENACE: Is it me being paranoid or is it reasonable to say China is waiting for chaos in…[View]
134437891German from 1930 posting on a future message board for voting advice. Is national socialism a meme?[View]
134421527its actually fucking true.: i honestly didnt want to believe that blacks are worse than whites. i de…[View]
134422347So if Trump didn't collude with Russia, why would he need to pardon himself?: and his family, h…[View]
134428043Another movie BLACKED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUcRutzSdRI[View]
134427471is this what liberals actually believe?[View]
134426769Why did he fire Mike?[View]
134435907Anyone else still feel like this since election day?[View]
134437648How good is your bullshit detector?: My superpower is noticing things, most people don't which …[View]
134437238book recommendations: Shit nigger, do you faggots even read? This board is meme tier garbage, put yo…[View]
134430834>b-but in the West they have a lot of Muslims Who cares? Ffs, I'd rather have streets full o…[View]
134437623You wake up to hear Shia lebeouf whispering in your ear 'he will not divide us...' what you do /pol/…[View]
134435238How will /pol/ ever recover?[View]
134428355We Portuguese are sub-humans bastard: God is a fucking nigger. Why the fuck this bastard gave us moo…[View]
134419155signs of degeneracy: apart from the obvious ones like obesity, colored hair, tattoos and self mutila…[View]
134435319Why are you not a fascist?: The ''right'' is wrong because it wants to conservat…[View]
134433372Are welsh people white?[View]
134437451Ways to show your support for NATSOC secretly?: We all know that the, 'O.K' hand sign is a term for …[View]
134431748I AM THE SMARTEST MAN ALIVE: BEHOLD THE ANSWER TO SWJ'S. Isn't that just a swastic you say…[View]
134433164I bet if Obama was still president this wouldn't have happened.[View]
134434473tfw in the military: >tfw talking to black female civilian co-worker >tfw she unironically sta…[View]
134436074So you kill yourself and then your wife goes on Twitter to say this[View]
134432020ITT Prove you are a true representative of your flag: >Pic related LARP flags are welcome as well…[View]
134435939Trump has terrible taste, anyone agree?[View]
134433636Trump in a nutshell[View]
134421991>There are people on this board, right now, who are not libertarian. Explain yourselves.…[View]
134437077The 'Roman Nose' is the Jewish Nose. The Jews have the highest % of Neanderthal admixture.…[View]
134437052Fire Petteri Orpolta: To go to Tornio. There was a lot of shock here: There was a job at Piccolon (P…[View]
134437034Oi lads! Quit wankin and let's mess around a wee bit.[View]
134433153Which tier was John McCain?[View]
134433305just because I'm atheist I have been placed into the left, someone save me[View]
134435638White Hispanics: Why are hispanics changing from 'some other race' to 'white'? According to the most…[View]
134409315Essential /pol/ Education: The Ultimate Redpill thread: Over the past couple of years, this board ha…[View]
134434977Oregon Couple Loses Kids Over IQ: http://www.oregonlive.com/pacific-northwest-news/index.ssf/2017/07…[View]
134409401Chester Bennington MEGATHREAD: Post all your evidence/theories here!: https://linkinpark.com/news/ne…[View]
134419189Men Without Work: Fewer 'prime age men' are participating in the work force, reaching almost Great D…[View]
134435002I’m a 37 year old man who would knock you on your fucking ass in a heartbeat if you had the stones t…[View]
134436435Lou Dobbs names the Jew: “I personally believe it’s time for President Trump to get rid of [Deputy A…[View]
134435984I AM TAKING SUGGESTIONS: I am a visual effect NEET animator and I will animate in 3d the 3 best sugg…[View]
134429269/leftypol/ again?: Perhaps Murdoch Murdoch has been flagged by /leftypol/ with them wanting to flag …[View]
134399092Fool me once, shame on you.: Fool me twice, shame on me.[View]
134419076Is she an Assad shill?[View]
134436160Leftypol cucks at it again: The worthless communist shit stains are at it again. Upset noone takes t…[View]
134436275Does the extinction of the white race actually represent the final and inevitable stage in human evo…[View]
134424716How do you define whiteness /pol/? From what I understand there are four main compenents of whitenes…[View]
134430044>There are people on this board, right now, who are not National Bolshevik. Explain yourselves.…[View]
134434167Trumps Accomplishments In 6 Months: Part 1: SOME REAL TRUMP NEWS Updated 07/21/17 As you read this r…[View]
134411170Viking ring reveals Swedens ancient Islamic ties: An ancient Viking ring carrying the inscription 'f…[View]
134432343Apologize: American home of the fr... http://archive.is/prc37[View]
134430629I'm going to quit my job: I need a meme that is racist, homophobic and anti-disabled all at the…[View]
134425380Why does zykon ben keep drawing Molymeme as if he's some mainstream conservative intellectual? …[View]
134421418Who was right, Serbs or Croats, and why do I care?: Don't know shit about these people other th…[View]
134417313I'm moroccan and i'm going to live in the Netherland.: Is it hard to learn dutch?[View]
134433156What do you think about the new slogan for the democratic party? Better Skills Better Jobs Better Wa…[View]
134436070>ended TPP and CIA selling weapons to Terrorists in Syria Anti-Trump shills BTFO!…[View]
134428936You guys looking forward to the new Doctor Who. I sure do love the time we live in.[View]
134434951Fuck all you race baiting faggots! I had a nice life with a beautiful Christian white woman and to w…[View]
134434752What would /pol/'s pyramid of greatness be?[View]
134435887How deep does this rabbit whole go?: If indeed he wanted to expose Clinton and the pedophiles how mu…[View]
134431062Multiculturalism has brought a lot to the world. Without it, we would all be eating the same bland f…[View]
134431408pol can you (((analyse))) this tweet: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/888128621784838144…[View]
134435049>THE CRIMINALIZATION OF political speech and activism against Israel has become one of the graves…[View]
134433612The Best Defense of Libertarianism/Minarchism: Rawls had some good arguments and introduced some con…[View]
134429143What happens here /pol/?[View]
134433720Why did you murder the guys who wanted to make the white race great again and who loved England and …[View]
134424825#elsagate how yt promote fesitsh and cp for childeren: #elsagate #ytpedogate GENERAL So me nice was …[View]
134428421Don't automatically assume someone who's modified their body is a criminal.[View]
134435237Putin thread: My Putin folder is quite empty. Can you guys help me out?[View]
134435154Public Radio uses fiction to push adgenda: >We see a tweet about is the Islamic radicalization of…[View]
134434975can anyone link me to the ron paul newsletters?[View]
134424188Is it true that doodling is good for you? Pic related[View]
134422620>Algebra is one of the biggest hurdles to getting a high school or college degree — particularly …[View]
134434894Has anybody updated the 'Curse of Trump' collage yet? >pic related[View]
134434438$teve Mnuchin[View]
134419707Syria General /sg/- Waiting For Gains Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wor…[View]
134427441Whites are not superior or inferior to non-whites. People must be just on an individual level.[View]
134428927How many law enforcement officers browse /pol/ on their free time, and what are their thoughts on th…[View]
134430911A short story 1/2[View]
134427765Why don't all Europeans move to Latin America and the US? We could have two continents separate…[View]
134434032Say it with me: Madame President.[View]
134430998Canada YES! Let the raping begin: In historic 1st, transgender man wins transfer to women's pri…[View]
134434613Red pill me on the crime rates of Hispanics: When I look up fact sheets from the any government webs…[View]
134428836AYO HALT AN: >Vikings were black, correct term is 'Vikangz' >Knights were black, knight came f…[View]
134423631Fake Countries Thread: Pic related[View]
134417490OJ Simpson: Hunted or Celebrated?: Alright /pol/ what are you thinking about OJ? Should he be murder…[View]
134433473What is wrong with the American people?: >war escalates and casualty numbers logically climb >…[View]
134421709The meme magic is strong in this one. Is he truly, i dare to say, /ourguy/ ? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
134429872Jones: So is Alex legit redpill or is he controlled opposition. I am honestly not sure sometimes. Al…[View]
134434200why only less than 10% of males are alphas?[View]
134434215Post your favorite redpill infographics[View]
134434149While liberals are already claiming victory saying 'demographics are destiny', they are missing a cr…[View]
134419034They are at it again: Feminist image set follows Stay tuned[View]
134434080Be warned TerribleTim is now a gay show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrM4Pbd1mts[View]
134432259'The Slippery Slope' is not a logical fallacy: Remember when the proponents of gay marriage said tha…[View]
134432944Did you have to ruin this haircut for everybody? Huh? Motherfuckers[View]
134433726How did Kojima predict 2016?[View]
134433870if you are on the left ,i want to talk to you: if your a SJW ,Feminist,or your on the left. other th…[View]
134433501How can americans be free if they are not free at all? Why do they think not having a queen (mascot)…[View]
134430923S.720 - Israel Anti-Boycott Act: This bill declares that Congress: (1) opposes the United Nations Hu…[View]
134432475Do you 'live in a bubble'? I pretend to be a progressive liberal IRL to avoid being shunne…[View]
134423701Why was this allowed?[View]
134429184You know the Baron Trump books from the 1800s? This guy is going to make movie adaptations. https://…[View]
134410643/pol/ what do we think of Indians?[View]
134432925Daily reminder that Mexico is the greatest threat to US sovereignty.: If we went to war with Mexico,…[View]
134432486Who else /molested/ here? How has it affected your adult political views (or not)? Share your storie…[View]
134433288Home deliveries of knives bought online to be banned in UK:: Source: >https://www.theguardian.com…[View]
134405245CANADA YES! Andrew Scheer unveils 'regional, gender diverse' House leadership team: You st…[View]
134433029>taking August off What a lazy fucking sack of crap. Where's that stamina?…[View]
134431024WHy do Conservashits vote against their own economic interests?[View]
134405128So tell me /pol/: Why are Brits still butthurt over these irrelevant islands and not giving them bac…[View]
134432209Keep shit talking and shit posting niggers, see what happens.[View]
134429619Jeff Sessions: Who is this man and why do people hate him so much?[View]
134432256NSFCUCKS: At the airport waiting to fly to see The Don’s Empire in DC. Already got. compliment on my…[View]
134422762BREAKING : TRUMP SENDING GROUND TROOPS TO SYRIAN: This is the reason why Neo Cohen Drumpf ended CIA …[View]
134431974Trump-Putin Collusion. Brumpfterd Going Down: Unconfirmed sources telling us where those rat bastard…[View]
134430635Suicide: Who else is suicidal because of this world?[View]
134431979Fellow white people: >Find tweets critical of white men >Use advanced search - type 'as a…[View]
134427241What does pol think about minimum wage in Canada? Hashtag is #Bill148[View]
134417473(((Cuckstianity))): How the fuck did this jewish garbage spread among the goys in ancient Rome?…[View]
134430829WE WUZ NUCLEAR ENGINEERS: You might remember a story from a few years ago about a natural nuclear si…[View]
134427853Did google or 4chan shadow-ban Firefox users from posting on 4chan? I get error messages while tryin…[View]
134428222Bye-Bye Net Neutrality.: Is anyone in the hacking and or botting community going to do anything abou…[View]
134419997Alpha male vs Beta male Discussion: How can someone be Alpha?[View]
134432578Why has Trump been saying such unimaginably stupid things lately?: ITT: we try to guess the level of…[View]
134425178muh 2nd Amendment: What part of ''well regulated militias'' don't Americans…[View]
134428528Ever notice how leftist scumbags all hate on Republicans, then support them when they hate Trump? Le…[View]
134432195NK Travel Ban: Trump bans travel to DPRK. I think it's the right thing to do desu >The U.S. …[View]
134428501can someone explain to me who are the /stormfront/?: i hear about them but i dont really know who th…[View]
134427414How do we deal with the r/the_donald problem ?: Everything wrong with /pol/ nowadays can be tracked …[View]
134432338Which of your views have changed the most since dramatically since taking the red pill? >Used to …[View]
134432267Alliance of the North Thread: So now that Scheer is on the (((diversiy))) train, who here is thinkin…[View]
134428887We told you that he is absolutely disgusting. The man without any honour >Die Gasturbinen auf der…[View]
134423655I'm gonna join an underground antifa fighting gym. What information should I try to obtain and …[View]
134428701BAKARI BAKAROO BAKARIÑHO: He was beaten to death by racist Orthodox peoples . What's your excus…[View]
134429227Do you agree with civic or ethnic nationalism? Why?[View]
134426635RED ALERT: They SHUT HIM DOWN https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjqVanJab9rt5BBBK0iEfyw/videos I wen…[View]
134431976Robert Mueller is /ourguy/: >Mueller meets with Trump one day before being appointed special coun…[View]
134431938MAGAnormies say Cпacибo: Look at Trump's history. Every single person who has interacted with h…[View]
134421729/beg/ Burger education general: How do we fix the American school system?[View]
134424448Just wow...just get cucked already britbongs.[View]
134431838Why do Americans pay the most percent of taxes on healthcare of any other country on earth yet have …[View]
134431762So, hearing someone talking about how our government is nessicarily and very intentionally contraria…[View]
134429458This is what the 2020 election will look like Screencap this[View]
134429614this passes for comedy in 2017......[View]
134431597Kevin O'keefe: Never heard /pol/ talking about this guy. >redpilled on Jews >islamophile…[View]
134431258>killed a coal burner and a Jew Is he /ourguy/ ?[View]
134427864you got three seconds to tell me why not to bring back military parades ... pro tip you cant https:/…[View]
134431158What was it that finally caused you to give up (((porn))), /pol/? For me it was when (((they))) star…[View]
134427473Why do Conservashits elect retards to office?[View]
134431328We did it /pol/! :D[View]
134431316Just in case you weren't aware, they're more comfortable sharing a bathroom with an opposi…[View]
134426087Leafs, Explain Yourselves: Why are you giving your money directly to Satan? https://twitter.com/trut…[View]
134431095why do south koreans treat north koreans like crap? north koreans are people too. me and my buddy d…[View]
134423794/FemPol/ thread: Thought this could be a good way to communicate with other femanons and encourage s…[View]
134427651What does Randall Munroe mean by this?[View]
134368812/Elizabeth Lee Beck/ MEDIA REVAMP EDITION: PASTEBIN: https://pastebin.com/TmBgwEWZ XMIND: http://wik…[View]
134428941>Prime minister in the process of rapidly speeding up migrant processing speeds up from 14 months…[View]
134423818>http://www.strawpoll.me/13495783 Alright, let's see where /pol/ stands on this. Vote!…[View]
134426096ICE GENERAL - Real American Edition: https://www.ice.gov/tipline Fun Stuff: https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
134430705/Pol detective needed. Where is he: Ok pol... You know the drill. where is he then??? http://www.bb…[View]
134430659We love satan, we want to eat babies!!!!: I got them on video!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u…[View]
134391002Uhhh guys?[View]
134426865Stop Blaming New Homeowners, Goy: http://www.sightline.org/2017/07/05/stop-blaming-foreign-home-buye…[View]
134427598Why do liberals do this: >'top lel, all southerners are inbred uneducated retards :-D' >'b...b…[View]
134391677gookmoot approved meta thread. MODS prevented the previous thread from bumping before it hit the rep…[View]
134430369Using the encrypted Jew: \\/\\/|-|`/ \\/\\/3 |\\|0 5|D34|< !|\\| (0|)3? Why do we use our enemies…[View]
134409878EAST/CENTRAL EUROPE GENERAL /eceg/: Eastern/Central Europe could very well become the last white pla…[View]
134427869Mud sharks in Norway: I'm on the bus on the way to the Gym. I see a lot of immigrants and their…[View]
134423303ITT: Describe religion in one image.[View]
134425995How would a single guy or a small group go about taking over a shitty town in a shitty country (some…[View]
134427123So let me get straight. The value of money is always going down, but the price of food is always goi…[View]
134428130nignog hate thread: And this time they really dindu nuthin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lcd0QBZ…[View]
134427225Is this the future of white men?[View]
134426745>tfw you find out this super hot cool girl you've been seeing dated a black dude Idk why but…[View]
134424379While liberals are already claiming victory saying 'demographics are destiny', they are missing a cr…[View]
134429610Is bestiality legal where you live? Do you feel it should or should not be?[View]
134429577First Nations People In Canada: Had a conversation earlier today with a girl at my work about Indian…[View]
134424675Can anyone give me a quick rundown on what's happening in Jerusalem? People on the news keep sa…[View]
134428953FIRE MUELLER NOW: Mueller's leaked that hd's investigating Manafort for money laundering. …[View]
134427194This is the only thing Trump needs to do to be re-elected.[View]
134420644Brit/pol/ - Monarchist edition: >EU won't sign trade deal if the UK moves to deregulation af…[View]
134419236/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - taytay is effay Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteh…[View]
134429330>Saudi prince arrested after 'videos surface of him abusing and pointing guns at people…[View]
134426022Japan's First Lady Pretended Not To Speak English To Avoid Talking To Donald Trump: http://www.…[View]
134429071Its simple, we kill /leftypol/[View]
134429033Can Trump pardon himself for treason? Will he?[View]
134426527Justin Bieber banned from China in order to 'purify' nation: Canadian pipsqueak Justin Bie…[View]
134428854Are we actually 'winning' yet, /pol/?: Be honest, do you think hes actually been keeping to his word…[View]
134428787Redpilled vidya?[View]
134428474Why do Jews think they're apart of a tribe?[View]
134428764Tucker Calrson just got BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkQKVMYyPoM[View]
134421848Turkroaches or Kurddonkeys?: Which people are worser online?Turks or Kurds?[View]
134427254Hello did you miss me? I'm coming back.[View]
134426438/LEFTYPOL/ IS MASS FLAGGING DOWN CHANNELS: https://archive.fo/hw56J /leftypol/ are mass flagging dow…[View]
134400901DEEP STATE LIBTARDS LOSING IT!!!!: I think the happening approaches /pol/[View]
134411553>more and more young men feel rejected by society >they start coming together under the foreve…[View]
134420952hmmmmm: really makes you think[View]
134428446So now that the UK is abandoning Europe, are they going to stop eating 'non-British' food?[View]
134426383The throne of Satan (the Pergamon altar) resides in Germany: “And to the angel of the church in Perg…[View]
134422553Even if white people would not admit it, there are no white on black rape cases, because white peopl…[View]
134426572This is a daily announcement for the people of Europe to begin purchasing whatever firearms you can.…[View]
134428411>Since 1977, the Association for the German Languages has released an annual list of the year…[View]
134425281New Senate Bill Makes Boycotting Israel A Felony: http://thinkaboutnow.com/2017/07/new-senate-bill-m…[View]
134427998Why does it seem like social media is very left leaning in general?[View]
134427461were you lied to about the extent of US involvement in the slave trade?: really makes you think…[View]
134428135how based is this man? https://twitter.com/ThomasWictor[View]
134428108Rachael Maddow is better than sex according to Snapchat[View]
134424788What went so wrong with Germany?[View]
134418261Do you fags see this? This 'urban intellectual' thinks we only want the mick to win cause he's …[View]
134428010http://warsawpact.ytmnd.com: Warsaw Pact 2.0 when?[View]
134424564Why are Trump supporters mostly shitskins?[View]
134427104ITT: stupidest leftist/statist BS agendas that don't have any baseis in reality >minimum wag…[View]
134425899i say we all go to north korea right now to #RESIST drumpf's travel ban on americans going to n…[View]
134400732Jabba the Lauren patreon account deleted: https://mobile.twitter.com/lauren_southern/status/88814315…[View]
134418473>Burger education[View]
134403785'Getting groped is just part of a normal night out': http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article…[View]
134425994Rosenstein must keep Mueller Honest !!!: Mueller`s Original Jurisdiction (i) any links and/or coordi…[View]
134427677US urges all citizens to leave Best Korea Immediately: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-07-21/us-u…[View]
134427399US is collapsing: Useless whiteys need to be replaced by hard working Africans. Why is it that the U…[View]
134422397How to save our Nation: I'm depressed. How do we save the Vaterland? What can we do to restore …[View]
134426197What immigrants does your country receive the most of?[View]
134427560Do you believe in universal human rights? Why or why not?: My own answer: I believe in universal hum…[View]
134424207Lets talk abut AI and race for a minute... Why is it that liberals literally have to program AI to s…[View]
134423870why are normies so intolerable to listen to when it comes to politics[View]
134427363So anon....: Are you a patriot? https://youtu.be/aO23Od2_7Rk[View]
134427291/pol/ will defend this[View]
134418293How would interplanetary politics work? If or when we start colonizing our own Solar System? >inb…[View]
134421437YOU JUST GOT[View]
134424151U.S. Lawmakers Seek to Criminally Outlaw Support for Boycott Campaign Against Israel I hope they do …[View]
134426941Maxine Waters: Ok lads, operation watermelon is a full go? >what's operation watermelon you …[View]
134408357US 'to ban Americans from visiting NK': http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-40680500 Pote…[View]
134426896what do you think about this pol? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YIz9jZPzvo now middle aged women …[View]
134415803How can you be a christian and be racist/homophobic, after all Jesus preached equality. Anyone care …[View]
134407776WTF Wikileaks is psyop?: Haaaalp /pol/acks I think I just got red pilled on Wikileaks Who is Rich H…[View]
134419790This salt mine brightened up my morning: Vogue Magazine's 'Expert Slut' bemoans that she can…[View]
134414275the corporation jews told him to kill himself unless he wants to see his children die and being accu…[View]
134397733Aboriginals got a full BTFO.: Race riot fears as white man, 56, who ran over and killed Aboriginal b…[View]
134426716White British muslims.. this is the future.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcj5yOVQZkc[View]
134425133how do we destroy germany for good?[View]
134426684Does Alexander Nazaryan really want to go there?: Alt-Right Hot House[View]
134425904Am I the only one to notice it ?: Seriously, I knew they were a big part of Hillary's voters, b…[View]
134420323>hahaha stupid inferior natives got destroyed by white people and are still butthurt about it! …[View]
134366829/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General: 卐 SIEG HEIL! 卐 Thread for discussion of National Socialism, …[View]
134424320What did your redpill phases look like?: 1-2 months each: 1. Disbelief, fascination and some excitem…[View]
134413697Do you guys believe that blacks are unironically proud of their Melanin??[View]
134424820what do you expect from a WWII movie?: I expect chocolate boys with eternal anglos slaughtering evil…[View]
134419453Japan overtook China: National Wealth https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_wealth[View]
134410782Welcome to the railway station in a major Polish city. >Poland is not a shit tier country.…[View]
134422584How do we stop the goddamn kikes?: Any ideas?[View]
134412745No seriously... What the FUCK is their problem?[View]
134424115should I change my middle name: my middle name is Cyrus and my first name is fucking Miley Cyrus…[View]
134423980What did sony mean by this?[View]
134425255Wtf I love Tennessee now!: BASED A S E D This is how we MAGA. https://archive.fo/776mV[View]
134421812Why Syria is so fucked[View]
134422196Sup fellow alt-righters. After being plugged in to beta-land for too long, I have finally awoken and…[View]
134405434>Muslim man threatens consumer who asked for a refund because he didn't use bacon like adver…[View]
134425369Why would Christians vote for the Antichrist?: A true saviour would never lie. Trump has lied so man…[View]
134425558'As horrible as it sounds, when they throw the large sacks of drugs over, and if you have people on …[View]
134425914Savages http://www.cnn.com/2017/07/20/us/florida-teens-drowning-man/index.html[View]
134415545Are protestants to blame?: Protestants, otherwise known as protesters, left the original church crea…[View]
134425896Isnt it safe to say that the Mayan Prophecy has become a reality and the World as we knew it did end…[View]
134425403>College is a scam, get a degree elsewhere! >Community college and tradeschool are worthless, …[View]
134425817MERKEL BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5tAYnex6fY jesus i never thought they would air somert…[View]
134420648How do we fix the Trump cult of personality going on in /pol/? After the Obungacare failure, I'…[View]
134423324found it: City of Kek hungary and its Coat of Arms https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K%C3%A9k…[View]
134425454What did he mean by this?[View]
134393933/pol/ fell for the 'NATSOC ISN'T MARXIST SOCIALISM' meme: Name one difference between the two o…[View]
134425006Greek Orthodox Priest vandalizes Jewish monument: >https://youtu.be/nyYuy_tcgec Made me go hmm…[View]
134425391Why do spics on /pol/ feel superior to black people? They're a bunch of ugly goblin brown manle…[View]
134420752Why do liberals love Islam so much?: It's not a religion of peace it is oppressing women and ex…[View]
134418380The future of V4 and Intermarium: Hello there fellow /pol/ people. I am creating this thread to disc…[View]
134413328Debunk the debunkery: So the last few days i've been trying to read through al the pizzagate st…[View]
134421636>Wife asks for Mr Goodbar >Tell her no because I won't be cucked and allow another man to…[View]
134409784/pol/ opinion on Chechens?: go! tell me now![View]
134421471Welcome to the Future /pol/: http://archive.is/AA2hR Enjoy the ride.[View]
134417932Prove me whites are more intelligent than blacks. >tip: you cant.[View]
134418670/POLDER/ Kees Staaij Edition: KEES VAN DER STAAIJ POSTED AN ARTICLE IN THE WSJ >> http://archi…[View]
134424653Suggestions for books about native and settler conflicts: Does anyone have some good books on the na…[View]
134425013Bobby Fischer & The Jews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VasCs5920s0&t=23s[View]
134425201uk government wants to end internet anonymity because the left. Riots and protests when?[View]
134411281A huge democratic reform with just three realistic changes can save any country >Real universal s…[View]
134418919The old testament called jesus a false profit... >Deuteronomy 13 1-5 If a prophet, or one who fo…[View]
134420656Left vs Right: First pic is from junior year at uni (2014) Second pic (to be posted below) is from t…[View]
134417106>removes a filthy coalburner >pays the price >commonly regarded as a great man Is he dare I…[View]
134424975(((Disappearing captchas)))[View]
134424942>bills in both houses would make it a literal felony for any American to support a boycott of Isr…[View]
134418319Are three-way marriages the new trend?: A so-called 'throuple' in Colombia have been hailed as havin…[View]
134420958neGROSS: black people are ugly why is there so much anti white? white is the supreme race, always wi…[View]
134398037/ELB/ STREAMLINED: Elizabeth Lee Beck, Attorney >got unexpectedly redpilled about the wave of …[View]
134418834Why does my girlfriend oftiend get mad if I don't have sex with her? I thought girls were less …[View]
134424798Still support Catalonian independence, /pol/?[View]
134424466must meme harder: There's been a lot of work to target Podesta, but it looks like the memetic m…[View]
134424031No more pizza[View]
134422088First sex abuse scandal when?[View]
134415419BRITAIN LITERALLY FULL OF CUCKS: How cucked is Britain going to become? HAHAHAHA jesus fucking chris…[View]
134423446I'm a tourist in Prague right now. Why are there Asians and homo flags everywhere? I'm a P…[View]
134423825Trump's tax returns now part of investigation: >Trump is sperging out because the investigat…[View]
134400629Jewish-Marxists BTFO by Jordan Peterson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLoG9zBvvLQ This is a 45 mi…[View]
134423713The traditionalist stack: Introducing the Traditionalist stack. Progressives have a fluctuating but …[View]
134424449Fascism blog: Hey guys I'm new to politics but I realized I'm a fascist, so I decided to m…[View]
134422144Thanks, Britain: Sometimes I am really happy that I am not white... vid related: https://www.youtube…[View]
134419542YOU ARE AT THE CLUB: This guy comes up and grabs your girls ass. Wut do?[View]
134415878Tommy Robinson is a Jew: Most of you know this already but here's a redpill you can give to tho…[View]
134421384Come simulate politics on autismcraft! This is an experiment to determine what political ideal will …[View]
134424157Why are you all such pathetic cunts? White people are the most powerful race there is but you make i…[View]
134423649PM says Europe will ‘shrivel and disappear’ if it doesn’t change course: Daily reminder that the Isr…[View]
134390024You can smell their fear: Google 'clinton murder' Notice anything odd? Try looking up other fact che…[View]
134421706Gold Diggers: I'm an average looking young lad that has made himself very wealthy with hard wor…[View]
134420982Juvenile Curfew: I just heard that USA has a something called Juvenile Curfew Law, that underage kid…[View]
134423750>Difference between anarcho individualism and anarcho egoism?[View]
134423743'Fellow white people': >Find tweets critical of white men >Use advanced search - type 'as…[View]
134418549Have you racists come to terms with your black roots?: We're all at least half black. Fact. Dea…[View]
134399009SCARY COINCIDENCE: Reminder that in the 80s Clive Barker wrote pic related in his novel 'Babel'…[View]
134423620Rhodesia (1971): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Inq-nszYdo and now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
134417705Now that even /pol/ is being invaded by newfags, where should people who enjoyed it like it was a ye…[View]
134410633Why is the younger generation not interested in having kids? ie. me, for example, have zero interest…[View]
134422055Trump is no longer arming and training terrorists: If Trump keeps this up I may jump back on the Tru…[View]
134423422What next?: It's obvious that YouTube has become a hub for /pol/ so my question is what next wh…[View]
134423389http://uk.reuters.com/article/health-testosterone-levels-dc-idUKKIM16976320061031 It is an undispute…[View]
134423398I want to make a public statement to all identified shills. I have been entrenched in this board for…[View]
134423177The US government, along with other world governments are in serious preparations to use 'harp…[View]
134422588How can Ancaps say they support freedom and rights when in reality they do not support the first and…[View]
134418435[Serious] - How do we stop all non-whites from having children while increasing the amount of white …[View]
134422576Have you taken the modern art redpill yet?[View]
134416172WE: WE[View]
134420692Brit/pol/ - Crystal Palace edition: 89 KB JPG >EU won't sign trade deal if the UK moves to d…[View]
134416894/pol/ what does the rise of the alt right and trumps victory mean to you?[View]
134422253Is /pol/ the new Russia?: What's your take on this whole collusion thing? It seems to me like A…[View]
134422004How Nazis Stole the Word 'Aryan': Educate yourselves /pol/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jALT8BAFC…[View]
134421854SAY RUSSIA AGAIN[View]
134410939USS Liberty: Evidence Israeli Pilots knew it was an American ship when ordered to fire on it: NEW Ev…[View]
134421146hiddenlol: What do you think about hiddenlol guys?[View]
134422233'The Game': Greetings, I have a game for you, consider this the 'elite' aka Politicans,& other …[View]
134422332don't mind me i'm here just for the ban bois[View]
134422348Racist shit please: Put in some retarded racist shit[View]
134418350Moon Landing: Did we really go to the Moon? There's so many holes in the story that I can'…[View]
134422104Happening - first dead Palestinian in Day of Rage: https://twitter.com/BBCBreaking/status/8883753437…[View]
134422251How do I talk politics with my gf? She isn't SJW but consumes normal mainstream entertainment s…[View]
134420990Germany in WW2: How did the Germans manage to fight the Soviets, the British Empire and the United s…[View]
134422207The Basics of Anarcho-Homicidalist Etiquette: A couple of dozen supporters of the governing conserva…[View]
134403088How the fuck is communism supposed to work? I understand the basic thought, that workers/people are …[View]
134386894Does anyone have red pills on climate change? This is the last issue that I'm a normie on I…[View]
134418698Be blacked and still have white child Well /pol/?[View]
134416046EU CIVIL WAR: Austria threatens to send army to Italy border in 24 HOURS over migrant row http://arc…[View]
134420049What kind of clothing do the rowboats of /r9k/ wear? I wear mostly my older brother's and dad…[View]
134421933President Trump Facing Lawsut: So Mr.Trump is facing lawsuit because apparently he is 'inciting viol…[View]
134418009Girl, 5, fined £150 for lemonade stand: Britbongs. Know about that saying that more money = better …[View]
134419870Reds marching in Berkeley Aug 5th in aid of Eric Clanton: http://archive.is/akPOy[View]
134414366What drives girls to get tattoos like this?[View]
134417561Did he really do anything wrong?[View]
134418430>USA Today Complains About Lack of 'Women' and 'No Lead Actors of Color' in M…[View]
134394980Do you remember 80 years ago when the Germans thought they were the good guys? yeah, i member Do you…[View]
134419266Based Jews? WTF: Are more young Jews becoming based or is this person an outlier? Bobby Fischer was …[View]
134419795Anarcho democracy: Anarchy is incompatible with government, but this is not incompatible with a stat…[View]
134420528It starts with one thing, idon't know why, it doesn't even matter how har you try[View]
134415038>jesus was a jew >christianity is a jewish plot to make people confirm >pol is christian wh…[View]
134421331This triggers /pol/[View]
134407378If not man-made global warming, who causes the melting of glaciers?[View]
134407544(((Psychology))): Is Psychology a Jewish Sciene? Is it mostly Pseudo-Science?[View]
134421233ITT: We pretend it is July 21st, 2016.[View]
134410728>Southern 'Europeans' If you are okay with Greeks in your continent, you should be okay with Syri…[View]
134418229When the news says 'alt right websites' do they just mean /pol/?: I can't think of anywhere els…[View]
134418886IT scandal in Sweden: In sweden the transportdepartment(transportstyrelsen) misshandled national sec…[View]
134411823Lets have a legitimate conversation, /pol/. Trump has disappointed us enough to exit the cult mindse…[View]
134421009how RICED is this city? >Canada has long targeted “anxious” money from Asia. Right now, if you in…[View]
134420517>it's impossible to round up 11 million people for deportation Why do liberals deny the holo…[View]
134385484WTF is happening to Japan?: Is it this bad? Are Japanese men really this cucked? How can it be fixed…[View]
134416619How does it feel that leftists are officially better at memes than right-wingers? https://m.youtube.…[View]
134419605Prepare yourselves to be reddited: Where are all the ' i have a net worth of 6 gorillion $, where sh…[View]
134408265Auspol - Aldi meat pies edition: >Justine Damond didn't have to die: US police https://archi…[View]
134418036What really happens here?[View]
134399581THE HERBAL JEW: Don't listen to (((marijuana activists))). Weed makes you complacent and stupid…[View]
134414010CDN Morning News: Don Pittis for PM Edition: It's CDN Morning News with your host: Lazurus >…[View]
134418004>Capitalism is the best syst- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDBScp4qaJs…[View]
134411138The Black Sun: I see this thing everywhere now. It's an interesting symbol. The problem is I ca…[View]
134418443Perfect shitholes don't exis-[View]
134409186New recruit[View]
134415897Do you think the sex offender registry should be abolished?[View]
134383230The answer for PewDiePie - Janusz Korwin-Mikke: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=z08oo4UC1hk Take notes…[View]
134417603Why do Eastern Europeans hate Turks?[View]
134412888/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - '...and then there's THIS asshole...' EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD…[View]
134420151Now that #HWNDU and #CNNBlackmail are over, what do you think is gonna be the next big /pol/ operati…[View]
134418215>tfw friend is in a relationship with a bipolar girlfriend with tons of mental issues. >tfw wa…[View]
134413750Who else finds modern British ''comedy'' overrated and obnoxious: All Brit comed…[View]
134407537FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!: We're being sold to the fucking cancer itself, Reddit. …[View]
134413226>Japan will decline its economic power due to rapidly declining population Why don't you enc…[View]
134419960Manspreading: Trudeau manspreads the left is in turmoil.[View]
134407063Jim Brown SLAMS Liberals and Media: Is he /ourguy/ pol? http://www.politicaloutsource.com/2017/07/ji…[View]
134418560Why is the transgender suicide rate greater than zero? Shouldn't they all be considered murders…[View]
134419434TIRED OF WINNING. Marc Kasowitz is officially out, according to Major Garrett of CBS News (link). Th…[View]
134419890Why did she do this: Now i know this information is from The Washington Post and probably is fake. B…[View]
134418864Why are whites the most beautiful people in the world ? (Pic unrelated)[View]
134415073Would Brits really all be speaking German if they had lost?: Have winners of war ever managed to cha…[View]
134418835We're allowed 1 thread about the board itself: >tfw you wish /pol/ could merge with /mlp/ ju…[View]
134417690Brazil is ready: time to remove the (((red))) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhG7W9Euz3o >Deus, …[View]
134408374nigger gets BTFO for trying to take selfie with a White waitress: BASED GREECE ALL YOUR DENBTS ARE F…[View]
134408263Syria General /sg/- Really Scary Guy Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.word…[View]
134406159Are the English humanity's master race? >British Empire >posh women are the most beautifu…[View]
134413083TICK. TOCK. TICK. TOCK. TICK. TOCK...[View]
134419092You do realise that the degeneracy and cuckery is caused by people's neglection of the Bible ri…[View]
134412543>exposes right wing hypocrisy hey, nothing personal son ;)[View]
134407362Ancap af ask me anything: I'm probably the most ancap bitch you know. Ask me anything.[View]
134418408Dear Black People, I'm so sorry. I owe you all reparations because every freedom that I have ta…[View]
134417434Tennessee inmates get reduced sentences for birth control: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/07/21/tenn…[View]
134407263Brit/pol/ - Kelly Brook Edition: >EU won't sign trade deal if the UK moves to deregulation a…[View]
134419345Jews are pussi..: https://twitter.com/yankifarber/status/888366766279147520[View]
134419429CNN celebrates the release of OJ from jail: Then attacks white people (including the victims familes…[View]
134413555Quick question:: There's no such thing as authoritarian individualism, is there? Also, is there…[View]
134418907Why does nobody talk about the fact Genghis Khan lead to the deaths of more people than any human be…[View]
134413694Ana Brnabić: Serbia's, fucking Serbia's, current prime minister is literally a rainbow fla…[View]
134405288Venezuelan inmates turn prison into SAW movie. Makes rapists eat eachother or die.: http://theync.co…[View]
134416329Can anyone explain this to me in the terms it is meant? I have only come across this sentiment a few…[View]
134417295Israeli student steals from Auschwitz: >Israeli student steals from Auschwitz for art project …[View]
134416509Should these people really be allowed to 'express' themselves?[View]
134397664Why don't you own a diesel truck /pol/? It's the most American thing you can do. And nothi…[View]
134409377Internet censorship in Russia: It has achieved Russian state TV levels of censorship now. Only propa…[View]
134418955seriously: how many of you white people actually work out? tell me the truth, it's an anonymous…[View]
134413627you are confused: there is only one force capable of stopping (((them))) and it is islam prove me wr…[View]
134404951What went wrong with women?[View]
134389237Italian schoolgirl beaten and raped by refugees: >Italian schoolgirl beaten and raped in broad da…[View]
134418654https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcjpags7JT8 >MRW there won't be a Trump Wall.…[View]
134408089Why is this pic so accurate ?: Are you a National socialist or a Neo-nazi ?[View]
134395197What will it be?: What will be the Happening that unifies people?[View]
134417846Anybody know where i can catch up to current events? last i heard the whole collusion thing got blow…[View]
134418290Did DNA influence Japan's collectivist society?: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2017/07/21/na…[View]
134415659Ethnic vs Civic Nationalism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpWhBmiDMUY Are these two forms of patri…[View]
134412214Stop having black babies.[View]
134407199Girl, 5, fined £150 for lemonade stand: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-40679075 >A f…[View]
134418130How hard will the shock of becoming a minority hit White America?: I think that a lot of White peopl…[View]
134417927>killed a white mudshark drug-addict slut and her degenerate jewish cuck boyfriend >implying t…[View]
134412626Yvette Felarca arrest edition.: What will happen at the trial? Will she get a load of distraught chi…[View]
134418173Cuckasians and Icebridgees: Found that due to the way humans migrated across the planet, Africans ha…[View]
134415889Hello /pol/ what's your (O,X,Y,Z) ?[View]
134418156Why Doesn't Anyone Post Anything From TDS?: Todays Gem: https://www.dailystormer.com/nigger-fuc…[View]
134418151BREAKING: Google Doodle honors Marshall McLuhan - a cis white male: I can hardly believe it myself, …[View]
134412363in over an entire year, why is there not ONE CNN story about this? http://nation.foxnews.com/2016/06…[View]
134418076go out shopping for paint with my mom and see this symbol. this what i think it is? if so what the a…[View]
134417938what does /pol/ think of the mainstream music industry when it tries to steal the meme magic for it…[View]
134415869How does one go about logically dismantling the homosexuality in animals argument /pol/?[View]
134392575Adolf Hitler: A Last Appeal To Reason: The new addition to The Greatest Story Never Told: https://ww…[View]
134410549Communism is the future, deal with it.: Don't you get it you stupid fascists? We are already ar…[View]
134417936>USA can defeat belgian[View]
134411769Commies fear the samurai[View]
134413572To Those Who Hate Making America Great Again:: I have never made a thread before. You may call me on…[View]
134417161what's their endgame?[View]
134417882SOCIAL MARXISM IS HAPPENING ON THE INTERNET: It's just that memes here and on other places a lo…[View]
134360403What's so bad about race mixing? In biology, diversity and mixing of genes allows a species to …[View]
134415452Would Man In The High Castle be a good alternate universe, /pol/?[View]
134396662>The Jerusalem Islamic Waqf announced Wednesday that all of the mosques in the capital will be cl…[View]
134411568Christrianity & ethnonationalism: Does bible encourage or discourage racemixing and ethnonationa…[View]
134416411This is What a Feminist Looks Like[View]
134397137Sweden's biggest gaming mag: Nintendo now has the chance to make Samus a feminist icon: LEVEL, …[View]
134411991Are britbongs even worth saving?: Why are britbongs so degenerate and retarded? http://archive.is/U3…[View]
134407377Is Ivanka trying to destroy the country from within while her father is busy protecting it from the …[View]
134417657Slavery: Was slavery a mistake? Not from some moralfag perspective, but us relying on black slaves h…[View]
134406753>It's this time of the year again where all the Nordcucks send their daughters to vacation o…[View]
134416023I think everyone on /pol/ should delve into pickup artistry: Has anyone here ever fiddled around wit…[View]
134417197WHERE WERE YOU: ...when the internet lost it's calm /pol/? >seriously tho, what would happen…[View]
134417217Is Alex Jones Alt-Right or Alt-Lite? He doesn't talk about race and the JQ but about pedophile …[View]
134407183Worst example of cultural 'enrichment' you've seen: Webm related is your farmer's market b…[View]
134406980>Lose Battle of Britain >Invade USSR >Troops retreating at Moscow >Declare war on US Wha…[View]
134405155German Crime Stats 2016: rape and sexual assault per population group: >turks are subhuma-…[View]
134400670CAPITALIST: How will they ever recover?[View]
134416696Millennials are scum: >he's older than 12 and likes video games, superheroes and comic books…[View]
134416255He's only gone on and done it: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-bdUj2nBO04 THE FUCKING MADMAN HE …[View]
134412482Why is Trump saying he talked with Putin mostly 'about adoption?'[View]
134416807Philip... Filip?: If you are what you eat, is that why Filipino women are such bitches?[View]
134412743I honestly hate the alt-right after seeing this video...[View]
134416759Why do MRAs think that men should work themselves to death while women stay home drinking coffee and…[View]
134416037There is no place for us in the world: Does anyone else feel as though there is no place for us in t…[View]
134413509So this is a thing https://www.aol.com/article/news/2017/07/18/chinese-censors-ban-winnie-the-pooh-b…[View]
134416261Endgame: What's his endgame, /pol/?[View]
134415584/pol/ BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSYUQDRTQ6s[View]
134414843Biggest difference between China, Japan, and Corea.: After World War 2: One get Owned by the Mother…[View]
134408703What religion shoult I start practicing?: I want a religion that brings peace to my life a religion …[View]
134416390>allow people to hide their flags >still see leaf why…[View]
134416385G20 2020: So, G20 was considered a success. Sure, there was a bit of unrest in the streets, but the …[View]
134414175>You wanna know what's more important than throwin' away money at a strip club? Credit …[View]
134410143yo nevadabros, how is the state nowadays? im planning on moving back home to las vegas soon for scho…[View]
134409546What will asians do once they inherit the Earth from white people after we get wiped out?[View]
134415294Globalization Through Warfare: The United Nations has struck a deal with all countries on the planet…[View]
134414715Google jew releases ISS 'street view': ....And yes its a jewish mockup........ https://www.google.co…[View]
134395351Will the Greeks be the initiators of the upcoming Racial Holy war in Europe?[View]
134415865Samuel Irving Newhouse Jr. hate thread: 4Chan being bought by the 35th richest Jew in the world? But…[View]
134408222what does an ethno state for america look like? americans are a mix of many other whites, probably s…[View]
134414668Putin cut from 2 upcoming Hollywood movies due to hacking concerns.: Ha Ha Ha Ha. Who knew Drumff w…[View]
134415645Alright /pol/ what are you thinking about a Nationalist who is smoking Weed legally? >I have Chr…[View]
134415149Apparently, a Chester Bennington death hoax circulated some time last week.: This was on Snopes, but…[View]
134411585Whites critizise 'too white' blacks at Madame Tussauds: THIS IS NOT BEYONCÉ THIS IS A POOR MAN'…[View]
134415534Is there any hope for this country?[View]
134415836How true is the nacht und nebel? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nacht_und_Nebel[View]
134415828CAN WE EVER STOP[View]
134414209Stop blaming the Jews for your own failure, goys.[View]
134406012What goes on over here? Nobody ever talks about this place Does anything relevant happen here? Is it…[View]
134411361Polish NATO Army Colonel Arrested For Attempted Child Molestation Earlier this spring, the newly con…[View]
134410046Chink Thread: Post chink madness.[View]
134406411gay dad dating sim: What happend to the gaming industry and why is shit like this in the top charts …[View]
134413631AMA: I work in the medical industry, feel free to ask about any conspiracy theories you can think of…[View]
134410585Why are Nords the biggest cuckolds?[View]
1344133482013 Hillary Clinton State Department: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hubT6i30WDE >Investigation…[View]
134396057Niggers mock drowning man: >http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/07/20/teens-filmed-mocked-and-laughed-…[View]
134414512Taylor Scott Amarel (Who the heck is he?): On Voat there is an old thread discussing links between T…[View]
134414578Don't mind me, posting this for a blue pilled Anglo: Links below related to the question of med…[View]
134415352Say something nice about Putin, Russia and their slavic bros! ^_^[View]
134412911How is this possible?: How is such cuckuoldry going unpunished[View]
134401716I hate how this is the only experience we get in the vastness of the universe. I wish I could implan…[View]
134399889Nordic /pol/: Discussion of news, events, political issues, and other topics related to the Nordic c…[View]
134415131is molesting wrong?[View]
134410209so... this... is the power.. of belgium military..[View]
134413448Can anyone redpill me on NeoLiberalism? I did a recent test 8 values test and want to see what is wr…[View]
134414361The abrahamic religions destroy western civilization: Why is it we continue to allow these sand nigg…[View]
134389679When did academia become another word for propaganda?[View]
134413492India Yes!: New Startup offers cow dung soap and urine toothpaste. This will make India a global Su…[View]
134409472White people are the problem for white people: Think about it, if a muslim talks shit about islam, h…[View]
134411996Biggest obstacles the white race: What are they? If you listen to /pol/ it's stupid shit like c…[View]
134411282Miss World Australia Esma Voloder fires attacked for being a Muslim: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.a…[View]
134413759Is polygamy the next step in the degeneracy push of the jews?[View]
134414413When Obama gets hung on national television for treason, will you watch? Will you throw a party for …[View]
134414573OY VEY, NO! https://twitter.com/GaytafeLGBTI/status/887992916270043136/[View]
13439764045 senators support bill that makes boycotting Israel a crime: The American Civil Liberties Union ca…[View]
134406659What are the bullet points of your personal political philosophy?[View]
134414452Boy, do i hate niggers[View]
134401380White ethnostate will fail: >establish white ethnostate >tfw get boycotted harder than Rhodesi…[View]
134413743Support this petition to enable our helisexual brethren be able to accept their gender in Xbox games…[View]
134413886a family a of jews came into my gas station were i work: kikes wanted to know the prices of everythi…[View]
134413513Lauren Southern BTFO trump supporters and alt-lite Based Lauren https://youtu.be/GIJs_Gd1mGY[View]
134405142Stop eating mac & cheese faggots or you will become a numale http://archive.fo/oGR6h[View]
134413638CUCKED LEL: >somebody gives a reasonable argument >DERRR, SHUDDUP KEKED FAGGOT >YOUR COUNTR…[View]
134413946>Its just a right wing conspiracy goy[View]
134410725>don't race mix >average white women are degenerate leftists sloots >you are betraying…[View]
134413263Seriously this isn't funny anymore. Someone has to stop these radical libertarians.[View]
134412409So what does /pol/ think of the proposed new US embassy design for the UK?[View]
134413757IS HE WORRIED ABOUT HIS PATREON?: > lefty patreon raid > holocaust vids > lauren southern i…[View]
134412433Sweden Yes Malmo now the robbery capital of Europe too: Does any Swede who posts here actually live …[View]
134413620NEW ADL ALT-RIGHT ARTICLE: https://archive.fo/XNPiQ the adl have posted an article identifying dange…[View]
134413613The MSM: The Main Stream Media was good enough in the 1950s. What changed? At what point did it get …[View]
134367878/HTG/: ELIZABETH LEE BECK & MAYO CLINIC: This general is for identifying, discussing, mapping, r…[View]
134408756This baby will be 18 soon.[View]
134413443Isis did nothing wrong.[View]
134412570lads its been a good for months since i been on here: what the fuck is with the new political flags …[View]
134403945A United Ireland: When will this finally happen? Isn't it ridiculous that the Irish people are …[View]
134413200really made me think[View]
134409659Argentina: 128 year old man claims he is Hitler, Authorities find treassure trove: https://sputnikne…[View]
134412190OPERATION SHUT IT DOWN: Being Jewish is a maternal line. To be trusted and allowed into the inner-fo…[View]
134412877Middle eastern pollitics thread: Why is middle eastern politics so fucking pathetic like come on i n…[View]
134410508/pol/ Have you realized that your sort of ideology is what started both world wars? You're all …[View]
134412196How do we redpill Ellen DeGenerate?[View]
134409111What the hell is wrong with you americans?[View]
134410461Is the concept of heterosexuality obsolite, pol? We have means to procreate without a traditional du…[View]
134412562>tfw didn't know how good we had it till it was gone[View]
134408200How much of degeneracy is explained by rampant Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (undiagnosed). Think about th…[View]
134405772/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - STEALTH (is a movie that no-one remembers) EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD…[View]
134408817>white coworkers are all nice to me >head to the bar after work for drinks with white friends …[View]
134411362In real life, would they be punished for war crimes?[View]
134412389Mar-a-lago hiring foreign workers: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA TRUMPKUCKS FELL FOR THE 'BUY AMERICAN, HIRE AMERIC…[View]
134404980Drug Deaths in Europe: Why are northern europeans so degenerate?[View]
134405225Men BTFO: We can create babies without men, claim scientists http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article…[View]
134411916O.J. Simpson appalled by Trump's two scoops: >tfw even a convicted felon and likely murderer…[View]
134409470Pol must declare war on the ADL: These Jewish tricksters have been at it for long enough, plus they …[View]
134370473Brit/pol/ - Holly Willoughby Edition: >EU won't sign trade deal if the UK moves to deregulat…[View]
134410145The stop and chat that doomed Europe Macron is not /ourguy/ >reduced the budget of the French arm…[View]
134411326MGTOW was a mist-: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3995094/woman-ashley-murrell-husband-mikey-died-sof…[View]
134403529How long until being a Straight White Man is illegal and 'wrong' ?[View]
134409580>tfw American nationalism is shit because it's civic nationalism >tfw not from an ethnica…[View]
134411918Just looked 4 trailers for new movies and shows, a few (((NETFLIX))) gems also, where does it stop W…[View]
134406689ITT: post redpill literature and other /pol/-approved books pic related is my current collection, an…[View]
134402361What does /pol/ think of female-to-male trannies?[View]
134406185TRUMP IS HITLER[View]
134395064REDDIT CANCER: >be me >hear about linkin park fag ending it all >go on reddit for details …[View]
134372130http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4716232/Magnitude-6-7-quake-hits-Turkey-USGS.html IT'S …[View]
134408342>be American >get molested >get sued for it https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4065508/sex-tea…[View]
134410237Where to report to ICE?: They are laughing into our faces on twitter. Just search 'I am undocumented…[View]
134406379Do you really believe Saudi Arabia hate Iran? Do you really think muslims hate each other?[View]
134411084>claims to be catholic country >its anthem praises french Hitler…[View]
134411026>The Times They Are A Cha-a-anging >lmao dumb conservatives, I can't believe anyone ever …[View]
134346474There's more to the story...: Bennington was born March 20th, 1976 in Phoenix, the son of a pol…[View]
134401907Mueller: Because Mueller is looking into President Trump's financial records, they clearly have…[View]
134410754That 70's Swastika: Why is Nazi culture so dominant in mainstream entertainment?[View]
134407680MAGA FLAGS![View]
134408833Is this going to be the longest two months of his life?[View]
134408834difference between altlite and altright?[View]
134410486Do people with ancestry from different climate regions experience depression differently: All of my …[View]
134401696What's the difference between National Socialism and Democratic Socialism besides Demsoc being …[View]
134401489What is Identitarian's identity?: What do Identitarians identify as?[View]
134408731Damn I missed the hype[View]
134401666Jew = Smart: /pol trigger Alright /pol I got it. There isn't a massive conspiracy behind the …[View]
134361958Did they do anything wrong?: https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=c29_1500585733 http://www.floridatoday.…[View]
134410166Perception of Jews around the world: What's the perception of Jews in different areas of the wo…[View]
134408709pls help, /pol/. what is the best way to test my dna to illuminate myself on my geographical genetic…[View]
134389193Mixed race people are the worst: Mixed race people are worse than jews when it coes to pushing racis…[View]
134409909Is Obamacare repealed yet? It was supposed to be gone day 1.[View]
134407978A FUCKING MAO POSTER: >Be me >Curiously click video >see pic related >go to check who ma…[View]
134410053Black Man explains why he hates white people. https://youtu.be/HRqX22EGumQ WoW, truly eye opening, i…[View]
134403398DNC getting slaughtered in fundraising: SO I'M BREAKING THE HABIT I'M BREAAAAKIIIING THE …[View]
134409953Spinners “zombify people”: Why are russians so god damn stupid? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u147…[View]
134395421ERIC HOLDER FREAKING OUT EDITION: /pol/ as we approach July 27th it seems like chaos is in the air. …[View]
134403235Why is /pol/ so afraid of this guy? What did he do?[View]
134381550God and Trump: There is a theory that God has actually selected Donald Trump as a last chance to sav…[View]
134373854Killing yourself when you have children that depend on you is morally wrong. When a celebrity suic…[View]
134408353Any Muslim here? how people in your country react to Jerusalem happenings?: https://archive.is/3ajfE…[View]
134401936VR Porn: What will the consequences be for society when a man can simulate any sexual experience he …[View]
134403903Why does /pol/ hate the jews? /pol/ has been known to hate blacks, indians, muslims, etc. But why J…[View]
134399668Supreme Court Ruling on Trump Ban: Is this a victory or lose for the Trump team? http://www.politica…[View]
134401319>Be muslim >Hate women >Become cop >Shoot woman >Keeps badge http://www.news.com.au/w…[View]
134403137Irish self hate thread (Only Irish allowed in here): Is this where we still stand? Ghetto bling-blin…[View]
134408013German Untermenschen kept and bred by nigs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAm72W-_Lq0 >tfw you …[View]
134381850Red Pilled Books: What books should I start reading ![View]
134402283With the amount of Nazis on this board, you would think they would support the EU. >Wants to make…[View]
134408966>baganism :DDD[View]
134369600STUDY: Spanking leads to mental illness: >STUDY: Spanking leads to mental illness >Think spank…[View]
134386058What does /pol/ think of people like shoeonhead, armoured fatfuck, and the Sceptic community?: Good …[View]
134391928What's the intel on Alex's latest infobabe?[View]
134407512Fire Jeff Sessions: Time to meme the reclaiming of our birth-right. Fire Jeff Sessions, fire Rosenst…[View]
134405655McCain still implying Russian-collusion on Twitter: What a way to spend the last month of your life.…[View]
134408208Lol: Jews kicked out of village by indigenous community in Guatemala http://www.bbc.com/news/world-l…[View]
134408991Why haven't you joined the Crusader State?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gywZZkIBrSg…[View]
134405919What do (((they))) want?: Ok, /pol/, you did it. I am finally ready to believe in the zionist conspi…[View]
134408844Die Screaming you Piece of Shit: http://yournewswire.com/john-mccain-ship-weapons-isis/[View]
134400284>2017 >not accepting your children[View]
134369841Should healthcare be a human right?[View]
134403656Race isn't rea-[View]
134377334/CPD/ RADIO New to OP edition: >BUT WHO THE FUCK IS ROBERT??? ROBERT is the hero Chiraq needs but…[View]
134400451What's the opposite of this book?[View]
134408215With UK Porn ban left me thinking: Have the feminists subverted brexit, and is what follows a state …[View]
134404501What's a good argument against the LGBT agenda?: Hi /pol/ What's a good rational argument …[View]
134408367WHY would we give a fuck about climate change since the jews & niggers will inherit the earth fr…[View]
134397381what is burgerland actually like? this place is so polarizing they do something as retarded as elect…[View]
134406251Drug legalization: Why do people support drug legalization? >If you bring it out into the market…[View]
134408144Shows that exemplify how /pol/ is always right.: I'll start. This show always reminds me of /po…[View]
134408120We need to talk about YouTube serious warpath to spread the blue pill >https://youtu.be/242ZSyCaT…[View]
134406209Meritocracy: After the inevitable revolution a meritocracy should be installed. Discuss.[View]
134404846*sips tea*[View]
134397605The American with Brazil and Latin America: Why do Americans want to push this idea that everyone in…[View]
134402786Australian PM wants to outlaw encryption: >'The laws of mathematics are very commendable, but the…[View]
134385509Little girl hates being white because she's constantly told she's racist: And says that sh…[View]
134407179(((Netflix))) at it again.. Not even 20 seconds in -Interracial Couple (of course BMWF) -BLM joke -A…[View]
134396403Atheism is a Jewish invention it turns men into beta cucks. Attached is voting intention by belief.…[View]
134395128Do you think individual regions of the US and Canada have 'ethnic identities'? Do you feel more conn…[View]
134407846Are the jews scared? Never before in all of world history have the people been connected so freely t…[View]
134402512Brexit means Brexit: The only way to stop migration to Britain is to increase unemployment to 20%. B…[View]
134407841>Squatting makes the world a better place Thank you for appreciating Slavic culture, it really me…[View]
134405284has /pol/ been taken over?: youtube, instagram, 4chan, facebook etc are now filled with the exact sa…[View]
134407750What did he mean by this?[View]
134386265starting a business and then a colony in africa: i want to start a energy business in africa i will …[View]
134404610The 'Official' Antifa twitter account broke kayfabe because they're in love with Lauren Souther…[View]
134394220Why not start the Fourth Reich in the Midwest? >majority germanic heritage >family values >…[View]
134391819Capitalism Vs. Natsoc: Capitalism (libertarian or anarcho) Vs National Socialism (German style, or t…[View]
134402730R.I.P. /pol/: >Steve Maynard, 50, says he doesn’t identify with any faith, and he marks “other” w…[View]
134405380Trump hasn't done shit: And he won't run in 2020[View]
134403570Would you care about transfags as much if they werent so loud about it? I wouldnt. I know a few tran…[View]
134394035New York city: What went wrong with my city? Why did all the Italians and polacks and Irish leave? A…[View]
134379030Syria General /sg/ - A Rose in the Desert Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals…[View]
134405428Wtf I hate Hitler now! https://youtu.be/jFICRFKtAc4[View]
13438344420 years ago, disorders like autism and Asperger's were rarely diagnosed. Now, it seems like ev…[View]
134392398I'm coming for your taxes, Donald.[View]
134406765Volunteer in military: 'Thank you for your service', draftee in military: 'Scum': How come people th…[View]
134391501White Identity Rising?: Is it just me or is it like White identity and nationalism are slightly more…[View]
134401205There is a global network of political and financial figures who operate a massive human trafficking…[View]
134406760THE TALMUD IS THE DEVILS WORK. HITLER WAS RIGHT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M60FUPVtq9k…[View]
134396597What went wrong /pol/?[View]
134404030Justin Trudeau has shut down the main whistleblower site. Redlikeme.ca[View]
134406601Is it time for an icememe war /pol/ ? http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_59483460e4b0f7875b83e50a htt…[View]
134363679>Canada’s Liberal government wants the opposition Conservatives to stop talking to the U.S. media…[View]
134406277I just found out the other day that most Jews wear shoes. Anyone that wears shoes is a degenerate sh…[View]
134404828>tfw Trump won't even be the Republican nominee in 2020[View]
134406292Alexander Hamilton wanted renegade aliens deported: Libshits BTFO[View]
134384717Vets are the biggest snowflakes: If there is one group of people that thinks they're special it…[View]
134405931Lies in the Media.: >>134375342 The image on this thread is faked. Got me thinking, how many o…[View]
134398404Post people that are unequivocally /ourguys/ >Steve bannon[View]
134403812/pol/ unite against the moral degeneracy within our society there is a thread on /b/ already but we …[View]
134389109ANCAPS ARE RETARDED: Post your favorite anti-ancap memes.[View]
134405568Is Culture of Critique worth finishing?: I'm about 20% through and it feels like it's just…[View]
134402384Name 1 single country that is not owned by leftist jews I'm waiting[View]
134402195> be me, college student > mexican > no visa, no passport > applying to grad school >…[View]
134405738Cancer comments: There's this nifty little troll in the YouTube comments section of the 'Talkin…[View]
134386218pay denbts[View]
134401555Liberals say Daily Stormer is run by an Indian: https://medium.com/@520BSNNJUS/diversity-in-the-alt-…[View]
134400188/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - 'Reminder: Wolfgirls > White Women' EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J T…[View]
134399052DOJ violating own codes by maintaining Mueller appointment: It's in black and white He has indi…[View]
134402415Intellectual Nationalism is the True Path to Anti-Degeneracy: Intellectual Nationalism > National…[View]
134371915IQ really is a /pol/ participation trophy.: Facts about IQ >Useless and abandoned in any professi…[View]
134401802This little coon got what was coming to him, can't believe the the public is so divided over th…[View]
134405480great shitstain[View]
134380274Notice anything /pol/?: Chester was a pedophile.[View]
134404684I finally found a political ideology which fits me.[View]
134405455What is the Sunni version of PressTV? Also, Lauren Southern on PressTV when?[View]
134405221Heil dir Germania: German here, with a message for you Germanophobic people. The allies created this…[View]
134401269Grill Mueller publicly: Give me one good reason why Trump shouldn't have Mueller grilled on nat…[View]
134404301#FireMueller: #FireMueller Start organizing it now. Why the fuck haven't you already? There sho…[View]
134405272Is National Socialism the same thing as Statism? I've hear many times that Statism is supposed …[View]
134405039>Hindutva and Zionism. Few words—ideas—have been as misunderstood or reviled as these two have be…[View]
134390393The American Redoubt: Why haven't you relocated here yet, /pol/?[View]
134405069>Linkin Park rises to the top 10 in the charts overnight after Chester's apparent '''suicide…[View]
134403651Polyamorous marriage: >http://www.bbc.com/news/world-40655103 >But Alejandro, Manuel and Vícto…[View]
134402244Leftist/gay writers: As a newcomer here i should probably lurk more, and yet i couldnt but discuss s…[View]
134401516Why does /pol/ not give a fuck about American values as long as leftists are getting triggered? I re…[View]
134398233What's Your Brain, /pol/?: http://chartsme.com/ >Take survey >Get moral alignment >Pos…[View]
134402756Final solution: Admit it /pol/, this is the worlds best, and only, hope.[View]
134404632Anybody here involved in the Libyan war?: Western Europe is burning because of the global migrant cr…[View]
134404428So /pol/... Do you believe there will be a fourth Reich? Are we decades away from revolution? What c…[View]
134404379How do we know our enemy?: Sure, we all know jews are the enemies of good and civilized people every…[View]
134394248Communism is the only ethical form of government: Prove me wrong[View]
134400659While liberals are already claiming victory saying 'demographics are destiny', they are missing a cr…[View]
134396694Are there any memes on the 2017 India elections? I know it's kind of late for it but I haven…[View]
134401188Please explain what Trump deserves proper credit thus far.: He's probably done more so far than…[View]
134403953NEWS General /NG/: okay you shit cunts, im sick of the lack of news on /pol/ because of reddit faggo…[View]
134404008Whats the difference between taking anti deppressents and smoking poy: Why do people complain about …[View]
134388876Assigned Degenerate: What did you guys post? https://www.advocate.com/current-issue/2017/7/20/young-…[View]
13438927048 years ago, your country became irrelevant.[View]
134402921Good stories include ingredients such as power, myth, and surprising facts. One story currently maki…[View]
134385803Punished McCain: You really think cancer can beat McCain? This motherfucker got his balls kicked hun…[View]
134386891Los Angeles Feee Speech Rally -- August 19th: Unite the Right? Sure. Let's hash it out openly. …[View]
134375342friendly reminder that Obama would have curb stomped Drumpf if he ran for an allowed third term.[View]
134395464Jesus Christ was a Socialist: >republicans call themselves christian >would have jesus arreste…[View]
134401175>trump knows the vocal majority hate him >trump knows the vocal majority hate everything he li…[View]
134386713Japanese becomes black with tan in summer: The left and the right are same girl[View]
134403373Look at me! I am the Merkel now!: Schulz meets the French president to plot against European interes…[View]
134403330Slovenia-Croatia border dispute: What is your guys opinion on the recent developments? should croati…[View]
134389448I don't know or care if he did it, but can someone explain to me how it is right to be acquited…[View]
134398679>see a Univision video on Facebook >it's about a father saying goodbye to his family afte…[View]
134399542J U S T: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mt0zR2uOAB8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=docyzoHb1H4 htt…[View]
134396452There is a lot of talk here on /pol/, but how many of you actually try to incite political and socia…[View]
134400137Sex realism: Can we get a redpill thread on gender going? I'd been under the impression that wo…[View]
134396915How will his Presidency be remembered?: How will he be remembered? Will he be remembered favorably f…[View]
134400246>steal someone else's hard work >don't even credit them in the video so all your fan…[View]
134401777fuck antifa boston: fuck antifa how long did it take them to find the line in dumb and dumber so the…[View]
134400834you live in the post apocalyptic metro 2033, from what faction/district are you and who your faction…[View]
134402712>In Biology lecture on reproduction >lefty feminist teacher comes up with this bullshit rant t…[View]
134402056fuck antifa boston: fuck antifa how long did it take them to find the line in dumb and dumber so the…[View]
134402646>http://conservativemove.com/ >snowflake conservitards need to move to a safe space where they…[View]
134391717crackers, why are your funerals so terrible?: I've been going to funerals for dead crackers the…[View]
134402619This man needs more recognition among this place for being the shitpost king that he is. https://www…[View]
134402577GoDaddy has given in to Canadian / Prince Edward Island politicians. Whistleblower site redlikeme.ca…[View]
134396895sjw college stories: okay pol i'm about to go to college and i want to know all of your encount…[View]
134395690Prove they aren't related /pol/: Protip - you can't[View]
134400567Trudeau will attempt to fuck w/ Trump on NAFTA. (I hope not, but he keeps shooting his mouth off). B…[View]
134401835how long before japan is <90%?: And i know indians are also asian so technically japan will be ov…[View]
134396259What if Pizzagate isn't about sex. What if Pizzagate is about blood and organs? Is this what Al…[View]
134402317can anyone link me to the ron paul newsletters?[View]
134376267*sips tea*[View]
134402081VA GUBERNATORIAL ELECTION REMINDER: Virginians, we have a general election on November 7th; Mark tha…[View]
134402054South Africa Controlled by Single Indian Family: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KSHC6UPUgA can any…[View]
134402031Bulldykes: Bunch of lying Bulldykes at parliament recently. fucking hell. http://www.canberratimes.c…[View]
134360811Christian General: Daily verse: >Thus says the LORD: Cursed are those who trust in mere mortals, …[View]
134399458Without blaming the jews, why is Degeneracy so prevalent in today's society? Is it the parents …[View]
134397173Upcoming movies that give you hope.: HBO has a new version of 'Fahrenheit 451' coming out and of cou…[View]
134400292I saw this photo and realized how perfect it was having a painting of Andrew Jackson in the backgrou…[View]
134387350Celebration of diversity thread.[View]
134398810Epep The Toad: What has ever happened to the liberal pepe?[View]
134400466Name the Jew[View]
134387826Man claims goverment drops crates of gunsin ghettos: This shit seems really fucking spooky, this guy…[View]
134398951Trump thinks health insurance costs Americans one dollar a month: The New York Times on Thursday rel…[View]
134399120The throne of Satan (the Pergamon altar) resides in Germany: “And to the angel of the church in Perg…[View]
134390557German here, with a message for you Germanophobic people. The allies created this mess. It was you w…[View]
134398941Why does this city need so many immigrants? Why not take someone from the rust belt who has been out…[View]
134400261YES! GOOD GOYIM!: Top American conservatives have gathered in Paris to urge 'regime change' in Iran,…[View]
134400339America: ITT everyone gets a little love. As long as you love America, you deserve at least a little…[View]
134396310Middle Aged Women in the Workplace: Women in the workplace was always a bad idea - they're emot…[View]
134396451*blocks the senate* what'd u say whiteboi? >gets killed by white supremacist conspirators…[View]
134400803Fuck you faggots, OJ did nothing wrong. The gloves didn't fit. My nigga is finally free.[View]
134398260LOCK HIM BACK UP: How many more whites have to die before this dindu gets the needle? HOW MANY MORE …[View]
134400875Israel sides with Eastern Europe against EU: http://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/Benjamin-Netanyahu/Net…[View]
134384155Is there anybody on /pol/ who's Gen X and not a millennialfag?[View]
134401006Red pill info-graphics[View]
134399115Proud boys: Save the 5.[View]
134396793>FUCK BUSH >Fuck homophobes! >Fuck the evil white man! >Fuck families >Stupid parent…[View]
134400273Why were Turks so racist? Obviously woman of color should be worth more than a bunch of pale monkeys…[View]
134398344>tfw theologists will be studying this timeline for years to come[View]
134400706We don't need no immigration We don't need no left control. No Black/Asians in the classro…[View]
134397136What do we do about this one?[View]
134396825/pol/ is being Raided!: Its so blatantly obvious why (((they're))) doing this and frankly its s…[View]
134400009Democrats will win in 2018 and 20-[View]
134396616/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - I SHOT JR EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
134399731How do we deal with the Jews?: Serious topic[View]
134399948TRUMP: I WISH I NEVER HIRED SESSIONS: https://www.google.com/amp/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/40665891…[View]
134398320Operation: Save Elizabeth Lee Beck: We need to infiltrate twitter each of us make 1-2 accounts and w…[View]
134399635Why are social issues treated as more important than structural issues?[View]
134372208Explain this shit right now /pol/: the resemblance is uncanny[View]
134387105>joins youtube several months ago >cute as fuck holy shit >90k subs >red-pilled as fuck.…[View]
134386374Is San Francisco literally hell on earth? >Insane wealth/class disparity, so anyone not well off …[View]
134397338The Keepers: A mysterious man named Skippy is linked to a murdering pedophile ring in the DC/Baltimo…[View]
134388042What does /pol/ think about Richard Spencer? Is he controlled opposition?[View]
134398272REPOPULATION OF EU: I need quick and easy to swallow red pills on the replacement of White Europeans…[View]
134396247When they tear down our statues how will we respond?: Secession?[View]
134371518Umm, guys...: ...did we go too far?[View]
134395986>Atheists >Defending Muslims Why does this keep happening? Any judgment an atheist would make …[View]
134394885Alex Jones New Hit Single: has anyone listen to alex jones new hit single, its pretty good i think. …[View]
134399536Real Canuck: Let's get some proper Canadians to participate. Not Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, or…[View]
134397361New Hitler Documentary: Pretty good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shTK5XW_knk[View]
134399514The fuck is going on here?: Kushner met with Graham to talk about 'immigration policy'. Interesting.…[View]
134390057Jews betraying Trump: How many Jews have betrayed Trump so far? >Rod Rosenstein Appointed Mueller…[View]
134399415What does /pol/ think about sex partner count? Should you wait until marriage? Only have sex within…[View]
134373447migrants from Africa raped an 11 year old German girl!: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/03/01/b…[View]
134399357did you sleep well alt right?[View]
134399383>You knew about me, you knew about my gospel, you knew about my son Jesus. I sent servants to war…[View]
134390994Ok libs.. you win..: I CANNOT take this russia shit anymore. That's all you wanted. Capitulatio…[View]
134394562Uh...why did OJ's prison guard write a book about the size of his penis?: OJ Simpson's pri…[View]
134391230PROTESTER KNOCKED OUT BY TRUMP SUPPORTER!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aA0ETiJfP0A[View]
134396465What do you do if all women are polluted, deranged, selfish, criminal, infected, and morally degener…[View]
134360678HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE FIGURED IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!! WH ANON WAS RIGHT.: I know why Trump is talking…[View]
134398849India-China General /ICG/ - Standoff edition: http://archive.is/iMrc8 >Pakistan tries to poke its…[View]
134394314Israel Happening Soon? MASS PROTESTS FEARED ANY DAY: https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/88826061…[View]
134387016Ayo hol up!: U sayin we wuz the kangz of kangz?[View]
134398726Gifted Youth: Does America have the best Gifted Youth of any other mation?[View]
134395619Is it any good?[View]
134387547Stefan Molyneux: Everyone should watch this. The Ugly Reality of the OJ Simpson Story: Granted Paro…[View]
134394986ITT: We act like it's the night of November 8th.[View]
134397228Fight: Do we all fade away, seems pussies everywhere.[View]
134386100Racists see Refugees... I see Future Citizens Racists see Violence... I see Misunderstood Youth Rac…[View]
134395960'/pol/ is just like the SJWs': Why don't the 'rational centrist skeptics' understand that if th…[View]
134397508LITERAL White Genocide!: LITERAL White genocide!!! http://archive.is/7aCOe >White county inmates …[View]
134398329Can someone tell me where I can find information on conversion therapy? I want to temper my sexual p…[View]
134398408This country isn’t yours. You don’t own it! You own nothing![View]
134388609What's their secret?[View]
134391943What do you suppose Bernie Sanders was thinking and/or feeling whilst making this expression?[View]
134394373I dont get it. If Trump said the same thing, the media would have eaten him. Why did Obama get a pas…[View]
134379827Is this how we balkanize the US?[View]
134398263White people make the BEST slaves: What if white people are the result of ancient Jewish breeding pr…[View]
134385927Why hasn't someone dumped a bucket of white paint on this statue yet?[View]
134396163The Nazis were SUPERIOR to the world: 5 hyenas can kill a lion, it doesn't make the hyenas into…[View]
134394576This Is The Reason Why The Whole World Hates Niggers: Five dindu's watch, record and ridicule a…[View]
134398092Canada: Justin Macaulay Easter GHIZ. Fuck Chicago. Here is how we do corruption. GHIZ. P.e.i.[View]
134396666Miscellaneous /latpol/ Latin America: No primary topic. Bring up anything important. Feel free to di…[View]
134392257Socialism in the Scandinavian Countries: What are some profs and cons of the 'progressive' socialist…[View]
134391224C U L T U R E: >This is considered culture >Hitler liked Muslims lmao https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
134395606Kill ALL blacks?: Why do we have to kill ALL of the blacks? Can we civilize the barbarians? They mak…[View]
134397800Sarah Palin is president, I think.: Saw this movie the other day, I immediately thought of /pol/. An…[View]
134372393Holy shit. Old guy BTFO Toronto. Is there ANY government that had demonstrated that it is capable of…[View]
134382846WE: Biggest and oldest pyramid in the world might be located in Bosnia.: WHITEY WUZ KANGS AND SHIT! …[View]
134396284>DO IT AGAIN, BOMBER HARRIS lmao![View]
134390769/pol/, what are the political implications of the following emerging technologies? Are they memes? …[View]
134395334What the point of a military other than allowing neocons to invade the middle-east for a regime chan…[View]
134397088Why is Brazil such utter shit?[View]
134396095what's /pol/'s stance on this recent event?[View]
134397325Christopher Nolan is a bigot and should never work again: Just watched Dunkirk. Not one mention of t…[View]
134375312Is Alex Jones legit?[View]
134397056'Bright', Cop Comedy with an Orc as a diversity hire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=54…[View]
134395591Possible 3rd Meme War: I don't know if this has been tried, nor if the CNN meme war is still on…[View]
134391030Black pill thread: Drop some black pills. Memes, pictures/aesthetics, stories, depressing statistics…[View]
134378945Need a movie to redpill 11 year olds: So I'm going to be in charge of a group of 11 year olds (…[View]
134397017/bttg/ BARRON TIME TRAVEL GENERAL: Well? Is this/our library/? Should I reserve it?[View]
134390146There is something about Milo that makes me want to choke an infant child. It must be something to d…[View]
134396887small solutions toward global warming resistence: I've been recently redpilled our forests aren…[View]
134381656***SPECULATION*** T.J. MILLER NEXT VICTIM POSSIBLY?: http://archive.is/9Bt0D T.J. Miller Slams ‘Sili…[View]
134383891Why are there so many transsexuals all of a sudden, /pol/?[View]
134394778>Corporations controlling the net >Government controlling the net There's gonna be no dif…[View]
134396385What did she mean by this?[View]
134396764>July 20, 2017 7:00 PM >Go to first Democratic/Republican debate event. >Expecting to be en…[View]
134396347>Right whines about 'family values' >Left whines about 'social justice' >Both sides would r…[View]
134395391>secure borders and nationalism for us >open borders and multiculturalism for the goyim What d…[View]
134396036When our best historical figures are defamed, how will we respond?: Will we finally balkanize?…[View]
134396278Jews They did it They did holocoust They killed Hitler[View]
134395933TRUMP'S HEAD LAWYER JUST QUIT: Keep telling me how this cheeto fucker is innocent. http://www.b…[View]
134395758This is the result of defining self-worht by occupation.: They all think they are too good for the j…[View]
134394924/pol/, you told me that Hillary Clinton would be dead by January. What the fuck happened? Doesn…[View]
134395225TRUMP'S LAWYER JUST QUIT!!: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/corallo-kasowitz-depart-trump-legal-tea…[View]
134361244Barron Trump: What in the actual fuck is wrong with this fucking retard?[View]
134392750An Exercise In Doublethink: Ok, I know I'm asking the wrong crowd, >but how can people possi…[View]
134392554/pol/ thoughts on BLM: What are /pol/'s thoughts on BLM? I've only recently started readin…[View]
134392652Memeball/Strawman thread: Fresh OC straight out of ms paint.[View]
134394381Why were Clinton and Podesta colluding with North Korea?[View]
134395616I had never thought of this. Basically to tl;dr what Rush is saying: >Dems get all of their power…[View]
134393439My mom is being harassed by leftists on facebook just because she lives in the city that has been go…[View]
134395587Canadians are literally children: >Video captures violent road rage incident in Peterborough >…[View]
134393931>master race >all wear glasses Defend this /pol/…[View]
134395069What's the difference between /pol/ and /r/the_donald?[View]
134394295What have we become?: Our ancestors were warriors[View]
134394532How can /pol/ save White South Africans from a brutal death? I plan on marrying a South African wai…[View]
134390421Why didn't anyone tell me that Joe Rogan was redpilled? https://youtu.be/9KvN7LzDAnQ[View]
134381155South Africa White Genocide: How long before niggers start attempting to copy the white genocide in …[View]
134378829Hmm..: What did they mean by this?[View]
134388100The Kekistani Question: A Memetic Analysis of the Kekistanis Kekistanis can be useful in a singular …[View]
134394802This tweet explains the undoing of the Republican party. Dems do whatever they want under the guise …[View]
134391458Kids taken because parents low IQ scores: http://www.oregonlive.com/pacific-northwest-news/index.ssf…[View]
134394564LUXEMBOURG - WHAT HAPPENS HERE?: What's it like in Luxembourg? Being surrounded by France, Belg…[View]
134381488Prepping: What are you doing to prepare for the economic collapse? I'm just stacking silver. S…[View]
134392359What's his secret?[View]
134394024The White Man's Burden: Take up the White Man’s burden— Send forth the best ye breed— Go send y…[View]
134393358I hate what my nation has become.: 'We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perf…[View]
134379259Is Confucianism the ultimate red pill?[View]
134394179Why is this jewish agenda being pushed on 4chan? You may as well support communism if you support ne…[View]
134382845Do you feel it, /pol/? The blue wave is coming next year. Midterm elections will bring the democrat…[View]
134389068Folks, the truth is out there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kR014_jY7po Take a watch. Ever though…[View]
134394041What will a U.S. Senate and world sans John McCain be like?[View]
134393955Juice: He dindu nuffin pol, prove me wrong. Spoiler alert, you might be able to[View]
134390116Bosnia and Herzegovina: Quick Rundown What happens in this part of the world? Why is it so underrate…[View]
134391687So let me get this straight... If I become a neoreactionary traditionalist I can take drugs and prac…[View]
134393895Reviewing A Wyatt Man's Art: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Az8pEc2N-tY&t=2s come watch an…[View]
134387069Trumps google search: In this thread we try to guess what Trump has been searching for on google. Tr…[View]
134378515We need to segregate /pol/: Amerifats and Europeans don't have the same concerns and the same i…[View]
134362455Berkeley Prof / Antifa Charged Court Tuesday: A Berkeley teacher has been arrested for her role in a…[View]
134391175OJ: The juice is loose[View]
134373743On Rush Limbaugh: What does /pol/ think of him? Personally speaking, I randomly tuned into his show…[View]
134383793Hey /pol/, I think we all see that socialism is the inevitable future. Capitalism is failing, Social…[View]
134386123Daily reminder, spics are worse than niggers: Spics are the cancer of the world who ruin every civil…[View]
134376697Just Finished Mine Kampf: Mine Kampf is hard to get through His obsession with Jews is just sad. Muc…[View]
134390032But homos arent dege-: Little save for your degenerant folder[View]
134390838It's time to colonize Steemit: So far it's pretty diverse. A lot of normie bloggers, baby …[View]
134386793The issue with MGTOW vs natsoc is actually quite fundamental. The only difference is a single frame …[View]
134393120Girls with landing strips an AF thing?: Yesterday at a house party two girls got swept in beer pong.…[View]
134393053Why does /pol/ never talk about viable, proven alternatives to king of meme systems that is anarcho-…[View]
134390061Neocons = warmongering Jews: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neoconservatism It's not a conspirac…[View]
134393131lying tricksters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GL-ZoNhUFmc Take a gander at this nigger. He was p…[View]
134380872What are /pol/'s thoughts on Lee Kuan Yew, founding father of Singapore, one of the greatest ca…[View]
134392597ITS HAPPENING: TRUMP ENDS CIA PROGRAM ARMING ISIS https://archive.is/IChhg >President Trump has …[View]
134388543Supreme Overlord Macron: Behind a thin cordon of national guards, the people of the French Empire ch…[View]
134391195Does /pol/ have any political diversity? All I see are pepes. Is anyone a dirty commie, or a SJW, or…[View]
134392491While liberals are already claiming victory saying 'demographics are destiny', they are missing a cr…[View]
134392619Chimp Out: The Movie: Really makes you think...[View]
134392613Can't wait to celebrate the release of everyone's fav negro. Glad its getting recognish. h…[View]
134366551Without blaming the jews, why is Degeneracy so prevalent in today's society? Is it the parents …[View]
134380956FBI turns over 7,000 documents from Weiner laptop in Clinton-tied case: 'The FBI has turned over 7,0…[View]
134372881New JewTube spotlight video fresh from the oven: Guess who's in it? A black supremacist and man…[View]
13439231650/50 ?????????[View]
134392393I just bowed my head and took a stand against white supremacy, bro. You gonna do the same?White peop…[View]
134392383Alex Hirsch the next Shia?: So does anyone remember this drunken little millennial jew manlet and hi…[View]
134389424dago nigger killed white men in pennsylvania: this story didn't get enough coverage dago nigger…[View]
134387685If Trump is impeached: There's probably enough assholes on both sides of the isle to make it ha…[View]
134391941This guy got Trump elected This guy will get Trump impeached[View]
134388896McCain takes Trump to task for ending arms aid to Syrian rebels: How long before Trump starts callin…[View]
134382185FUCK DONALD TRUMP: Fuck this lying, orange, piece of shit. God, it's so fucking obvious that h…[View]
134386286Why do celebrities keep killing themselves?: Is it an Illuminati conspiracy? Did they sell their so…[View]
134392135How many minds are going to be a'woke'n to this monkey business?: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t…[View]
134344163TRUMP DEATH PENALTY CONFIRMED HAPPENING: Highly respected British intellectual has confirmed that Tr…[View]
134384422why on earth are trannies even in the fucking military. If you are this mentally ill you have no pla…[View]
134384104Ice-T drops alt right like a' mofo: /pol/ keeps getting rekt by Antifa metal bands https://www.…[View]
134387927Conspiracy Theory: Half-Life is predictive programing: The Half-Life series came out in 1997 and acc…[View]
134391073Randy Newman Song About Donald Trump’s Penis ‘Too Vulgar’ for Album: Veteran songwriter Randy Newman…[View]
134391947Trump is finished: The people are over all this nonsense. It is time we stand up and fight back!…[View]
134370095Were you ever taught in school why hitler hated the jews? What were you told?[View]
134381513RUH ROH: http://archive.is/Pw3jp[View]
134391900Emergency Alert Eden: What alerts does WEA deliver? Alerts from WEA cover only critical emergency si…[View]
134391886What are you thoughts about the Antikapitalistische Kollektiv (AKK) >Neo Nazis >They are Anti…[View]
134391887Ignoring the fake newsery about pardons today. I was wondering if you can just presidentially pardon…[View]
134391698Negroid released on parole: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-XfqHZ_ZzQ&lc=z12vv1s4awr0uzipu04ci…[View]
134384145Felarca Finally Arrested: >By Any Means Necessary[View]
134390244J U S T https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mt0zR2uOAB8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=docyzoHb1H4 http…[View]
134388411Why are Jews evil? Redpill please. And on the topic of jews, what was Hitler right about?[View]
134389472HI! MY NAME IS MARIE-MARCELLE GODBOUT!: I am a 73yo transgender french canadian man who believes in …[View]
134390328Roughly 43 million people in the US are on food stamp. Yet more than one third of food in the US is …[View]
134391308What does /pol/ think of this guy? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQlj9EeiRYI…[View]
134390839Swedish Military: What happened here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBhOzRvkERc[View]
134391294Climate Change film that attacms Trump and calls for POLITICAL VIOLENCE is coming out in a few days.…[View]
134390097brazil isn't whit-[View]
134369537OJ Simpson was paroled today: >Fucked a coal burner >His lawyer spawned the Kardashian cancer …[View]
134388224BOMBSHELL: Attorney Afraid For Her Life Blows Clinton Body Count Wide Open https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
134391051Why do Argentine posters get so triggered when you remind them The Falklands are British?[View]
134383744Algebra shouldn't be a required class because it's the #1 thing keeping non-White people f…[View]
134390173>cnn advocates for black-on-white violence http://archive.is/bVH5Y[View]
134380473Is this what Americans idolize?[View]
134385755Why is it OK for this guy to have anonymous sources when he peddles just as many conspiracies?[View]
134386033LGBTQ & Population Control: >LGBTQ & Population Control Two questions for you /pol/ >D…[View]
134390663This crazy motherfucker is already making plans to pardon himself. Check mate libtards.[View]
134336291Find a flaw[View]
134386280Is there realistically anyway to make abortion inaccessible to whites but not to blacks/others?: I…[View]
134389191Why nigger? Why?: I want to know why niggers insist on living around whites and invading white commu…[View]
134390377Do you support Radiohead's decision to play in Israel? I think bands should play everywhere the…[View]
134366900War is inhumane.[View]
134384812Well /pol/? >inb4 some nigger-tier dindu excuse for Trump[View]
134380159HAPPENING: http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/830675/EU-row-migrants-Italy-austria-border-army-sold…[View]
134385471Where is the best place to find original holocaust sources?: I plan on sifting through as many of th…[View]
134390245Where is the European identity movement I can join right now? I want to make an impact. I have no wi…[View]
134381800Meanwhile, in 1941 /pol/...[View]
134390050> Not old enough to drink > old enough to get your dick cut off…[View]
134381091WHAT'S SO GREAT ABOUT WHITES?: Black guy here. I know a lot of you /pol acks think the white ra…[View]
134370412What are /pol/'s thoughts on African Americans?[View]
134390135I am so fucking tired of hearing about all this 'fake news' shit. When are people gonna realize ever…[View]
134388257Rise in blatant anti- white comments on social media: Has anyone else noticed what seems to be a mas…[View]
134390080>tfw niggers were the original Jews is the Khazar theory legit?[View]
134380124I heard a black man once say that a white run organization leaves crates of guns and ammo in the hoo…[View]
134339503Éire/pol/ - In an uncucked timeline.... Edition: Join National Party: http://www.nationalparty.ie Th…[View]
134389997OJ Stole muh white privilege.[View]
134384779UNITE THE RIGHT IN CHARLOTTESVILLE - AUGUST 12 - #RIGHTWINGWOODSTOCK: 23 days remain. This will be t…[View]
134384062They Are Not Voting With Her Anymore: About 40 million people who voted in the 2016 presidential ele…[View]
134389862Linda loves walking her pig: Oink, oink, oink...[View]
134361359The Pyna crazy fagot. He thinks, kids toy spinner this is a threat for his power from the opposition…[View]
134389785>implying your opinion matters[View]
134385189http://need-a-new-url.tumblr.com/post/159522166503/halalbarbie-halalbarbie-if-someone-says THEY FIGU…[View]
134389368HELP!: Who is this girl? We must help her. She probably kills herself soon because she is white. htt…[View]
134386857You guys like chess? Because we just took antifa's Queen!: She's fucking done, /pol/! Yvet…[View]
134387268Where did it all go so wrong?[View]
134379590tell me pol: why are you so fucking salty?[View]
134376976This is why everyone hates white people: Why are you doing this? http://breaking911.com/horrific-vid…[View]
134389626Die Hard: What do you guys think?[View]
134388563Ok /pol/ lets step outside our comfort zone for a second. What if the jews were on our side? Discuss[View]
134388124Have any of you guys seen this show? What do you think about it?[View]
134387353Why do pantyhose make even ugly girls look hot?[View]
134386391Stop smoking cigarettes.[View]
134389233Noor Damond Shooting Hoax? Damond Tranny?: There are also affiliations with Sarsour's MN Womens…[View]
134380619Narcos have taken México City. They are burning cars and business.: Mexico status: fucked Organized…[View]
134388991I like to pretend to be a gangster[View]
134384650Daily reminder that Duterte is right[View]
134378570NYC RACE WAR WHEN?!: BLACKS BTFO! http://breaking911.com/horrific-video-emerges-broad-daylight-murde…[View]
134352048How come the United States has the best universities? Besides maybe England, no other country compar…[View]
134385117This happened today... >walking home at night >hear screams >see a white pedophile attackin…[View]
134387958This is what a Western job interview looks like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDBScp4qaJs China a…[View]
134387544I wanna see the worst memes from the left[View]
134361757Alright /POL/: I think I had enough of the shitstorms happening when someone post something space re…[View]
134388859Find them. Subvert them. And deprive them.: These are the things you must do in order to properly en…[View]
134385851Tell me, why do mussies rage when there is no halal label on their foods although they're in a …[View]
134388105When you realize there's no refund on your piece of shit hat.[View]
134386366What did he mean by this?: Trump can give a Mexican a gun on 5th Avenue to shoot your family and you…[View]
134385811ASIA: Reminder that the rest of the world is weak, violent, chaotic, confused and ephemeral. Asia is…[View]
134384107How are males and females meant to meet each other in todays society?: No one goes to bars or clubs.…[View]
134388418Lurker. NetN. Newspace needed. Where to go if 4chan done ideas?[View]
134382414how does this make you feel /pol/ ?[View]
134367127How do south koreans feel about north korea?[View]
134374271Use Chester Bennington's death to Troll the lefty snowflakes:: As a large portion of Americans …[View]
134387674ARE YOU HAPPY? You stupid Neo-Nazi skinheads got Lauren Southern's Patreon shut down and now sh…[View]
1343778926-Month Update for Trump Voters: So after six months, has he delivered what he promised you? 1. He t…[View]
134380258are they really that bad?: are all jew really as bad as you all say?[View]
134388063You White People In Florida: You White People In Florida. Can't even stop showing your true col…[View]
134387355white skanks can't even compete with black queens[View]
134363232Makes a good point, you know...[View]
134371756Boston Rally General - Get Your Asses Here: On Aug 19th, the 2nd free speech rally will be held in t…[View]
134368895POL WILL DEFEND THIS: Because you have no actual principles. http://archive.is/2pAZ8 And how is that…[View]
1343878992016: I killed a lot of people: 2017: Here hold my beer[View]
134387491what did he mean by this?[View]
134387967Why does he keep retweeting this? He just did again https://twitter.com/EricHolder/status/8806867618…[View]
134383873Are we getting a wall or not? I don't give a shit about tax reform or healthcare nonsense. I wa…[View]
134381815Why the fuck do I see so many college age communists.: I had a mother who grew up behind the iron cu…[View]
134387849There are a handful of South American Countries that are basically just filled with indians(dot) and…[View]
134383918Where were you when you realized The Juice was literally /our guy/? https://youtu.be/7vqn5lH6BCA[View]
134347380T.J. Miller Slams ‘Silicon Valley’ Cast For Not Doing Enough To Stop Trump: So THAT's why he wa…[View]
134385176ISIS: The state of ISIS in one picture. They're becoming trannies to pussy out of raqqa AHAHAHA…[View]
134383359WTF: French singer Barbara Weldens died while performing on stage at a concert, according to NME. Sh…[View]
134386656my money is on the bane tumor[View]
134387504Having an argument with my brother about trump. Anyone have the centrist straw man cartoon guy meme.…[View]
134385976>tfw in the end it didn't even matter[View]
134382549Nobody knows incest better than me, I'm the best at incest.. the best! Believe me, Believe me[View]
134385658>go to make a post >captcha is a sign from the high way from my work commute Do the Jews know…[View]
134373831Is racemixing between european countries acceptable?: What do you think?[View]
134387061The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Russia Week: TONIGHT on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert which …[View]
134383757Half-Breed Sandniglets: ever since the jew backed Mudslime invasion of the West, there were many dum…[View]
134385979boys rule, girls drool[View]
134385512What will happen after SHTF? Everyone always talks about apocalyptic scenario and like the first cou…[View]
134368338Do women ruin everything they touch?[View]
134385905Opinions on Jamel Dunn's death? Just another example of dindu on dindu violence? Or is there mo…[View]
134385654Second Ku Klux Klan: > 5 million members > contained 15% of eligible US population > heavil…[View]
134371411Jail Time: Anyone else peruse the local mugshots? Do you start to notice repeat offenders? Have you …[View]
134386889Oy vey goyim, Shill Gates is back at it again.[View]
134382100Gaddafi: This guy was based. Read about him. Watch his speeches. Based as fuck Arab nationalist, and…[View]
134386086The taxes, Donald.[View]
134379534Why is Christianity considered a white religion?[View]
134368569HAPPENING: Trump and his lawyers actively Obstructing Justice!!!: http://www.drudgereport.com[View]
134386282Here's The Secret /pol/: https://thoughtcatalog.com/kirsten-corley/2017/04/stay-single-until-yo…[View]
134385051Why Syria is so fucked[View]
134371364Linkin Park Singer Chester Bennington Dead, Commits Suicide by Hanging: F[View]
134368716Saudi woman arrested for wearing mini skirt and crop top: And liberals really want Islamic Law here …[View]
134382209Emergency in Atlanta airport, shit going off on the loudspeakers, what the fuck is happening?[View]
134352761Fix democracy by enacting three (3) policy changes or less.[View]
134386370Do you think the FBI will stop posting anti-trump threads on /pol/ after Wray is confirmed?: What do…[View]
134375420Im here for the job interview[View]
134385841>Lump can't make america 'great' again because of democrats >Lump can't make america…[View]
134386171Australians. Explain this. Not even aborigines have this wide a range among all the wildlife. To bo…[View]
134384492My firm has to let grown-ass men go because they can't measure the fractions of a bloody inch. …[View]
134378432Queer Kids Stuff poisoning our youth: This faggot is at it again, trying to poison the minds of our …[View]
134380169INSTAGRAM DINDU RECORDS MULTIPLE CRIMES - 532K FOLLOWERS: If you are unaware of BOONK (boonk.ig on i…[View]
134377875/pol/ she's literally taunting you: Translation >There is nothing you can do about us raping…[View]
134386075George Webb: What does /pol/ think about George Webb? He seems to be a shill or psyop, especially Ja…[View]
134385424For Halloween this year I'm getting a bunch of my friends to dress in the outfits of racist, cr…[View]
134381541>Arabs are not white!!! then why do they have white face?(big nose, big eyes)…[View]
134383981*BTFOs Drumpf*[View]
134385555The Chester is over before Christmas[View]
134383448Take THAT Globalists![View]
134385537>tfw Drumpfaggots are responsible for Jeff Sessions: Explain why you support this Authortarian pi…[View]
134383842Florida Mayoral Candidate Tells Black People To ‘Go Back To Africa’: Planes leave every hour. https:…[View]
134375086/pol/ NO! https://twitter.com/whitereddit/status/888203230626422784[View]
134385574JAKE PAUL REDPILLED: Jake *ARYAN* Paul might be the Savior of the white race and might be the next l…[View]
134341126It may become illegal to boycott Israeli goods. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/43dp7j/boycottin…[View]
134376902WHO'S NEXT[View]
134384792/pol/ approved songs:: Sabaton - Carolus Rex: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Us2ylGAwBnk[View]
134385234/a/ is making fun of us again[View]
134379727Um sweetie, Hillary actually won.[View]
134381460She's right, you know https://www.theguardian.com/global/commentisfree/2017/jul/20/lie-claim-be…[View]
134385352Anarchists: There is no political solution. All governements should be abolished for a nwo. One that…[View]
134381605Jew ruining the world: Will Jews ever get BTFO again? I really hope so.[View]
134384731HER NAME WAS JUSTINE: She dindu nuffin.[View]
134385079Listen to me you filthy goy: This country isn’t yours. You don’t own it! You own nothing![View]
134360087John McCain uses millionaire's clinic instead of VA: So the rest of us veterans have to put of …[View]
134382122Racism is for 89IQs: Haven't you noticed that most racists are just unsuccessful white people w…[View]
134357052Give your best shot and write the truest sentence you know. My try Facts rule feelings.[View]
134382831Commiefornia Democracy v Constitutional Republic: Previous Thread: >>134352578 BATTLEFIELD CAL…[View]
134383137Will it happen bros?[View]
134369083Come simulate politics on autismcraft! This is an experiment to determine what political ideal will …[View]
134383794I can't find the original post, so i'll leave this here.: https://youtu.be/09GKPHaGcOI…[View]
134382705how is this not man labeled a child abuser? he's opening his child up to all this verbal abuse.…[View]
134384292>father of a child is bi >hes divorced >fids himself a boyfriend >he rapes his child …[View]
134381356China & India Megathread: Battle of the Shitlords: The situation has continued to escalate withi…[View]
134380767Stop promoting moral relativism[View]
134384356Why can't trump speak the English language coherently?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzSokBE…[View]
134383165Red Pill me on The Silk Road: Reading American Kingpin. I remember when the Silk Road was shut down.…[View]
134379367Did Milo just eternally BTFO /pol/?: The attached image is an excerpt from Milo's new book 'Dan…[View]
134366482>make contact with a friend who I haven't spoken with in like 10 years >she tells me she…[View]
134381919Why do short men tend to be right wing?[View]
134382677Signs of a Nu-Male >liberal >very far right conservative (E. G. Altright) >virgin >NEE…[View]
134382379literally repeats 90% of what Trump says: Literally repeats about 90% of what Trump says But then …[View]
134384027Do innocent people pardon themselves?: Well? http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/politics…[View]
134379770Trump deporting Christian Iraqis (lots of jizya money is coming): www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/j…[View]
134378898Christianity General! Come And Find Inner Peace, Edition: Hello there! This tread is here for the fe…[View]
134379615it makes me sad that there's such a large disconnect between british and american culture. to t…[View]
134373739Italian schoolgirl beaten and raped by refugees: >Italian schoolgirl beaten and raped in broad da…[View]
134383663Is it only religious people who say they want to kill themselves, because they think they'll go…[View]
134359920What does /pol/ think of European converts to Islam?: They seem to be really passionate http://www.…[View]
134379906Trump Reportedly Inquires About Pardoning Powers In Midst Of Russian Collusion Investigation http://…[View]
134379445is this the reason?: was him colonizing this black women the reason star wars sucks now?[View]
134382722Midwest 4th Reich: I'm sick of hearing autists in the media talk about how 'muh racists in the …[View]
134381744what did they mean by this[View]
134381297Anarcho-Capitalism: Is An-Cap recognized as a joke at this point? What about Unabomer Anarcho-Primit…[View]
134376867Redpill Me on the Federal Reserve:: I keep seeing that its some Jewish conspiracy that Woodrow Wilso…[View]
134383367'Why Cow Urine Can Be as Valuable as Milk in Bovine-Worshiping India' WHAT IS GOING ON INDIA http://…[View]
134381547Nazi IQ: 'Part of establishing whether or not the Nazis were capable of standing trial was the admin…[View]
134365928ITT we try and predict when, where, and how the next Hitler will rise. My best guess is Italy, they …[View]
134383255Ethnic Israeli here Redpill me on Jewish Globalists[View]
134376969Sometimes I wonder if it's all worth my while: when kikes diversify the European lifestyle And …[View]
134354134>'Ah need mah AR-15 to overthrow the gubbmint!' >dies after realizing the rest of the world is…[View]
134359107>American culture[View]
134326612Untreatable STDs: quick run-down: >1960s Boomers indoctrinate 3 generations with free love memes …[View]
134371327Now a million+ views backfire - Alex Jones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWd6XgBVIcg Im just maki…[View]
134382149what is your ideal economic system? >pic related[View]
134382480>Gadsden flag is yellow >Libertarian Party is yellow >Ancap flag is yellow >piss is yell…[View]
134382017masturbating do you consider it degenerate behavior? what if it's also supplemented with pornog…[View]
134380481so who won?: dis 4chan win in the war of worst or did cnn win. or is it a tie? cnn is a titan.…[View]
134382269>tfw you were actually Kangz n shiet[View]
134380704Is white genocide a PsyOp?[View]
134378332Anti-semitism: I have recently been redpilled, but not about Judaism or the Torah, why for thousands…[View]
134366358Restoring homogeneity means rivers of blood and I hope it never comes to pass. White genocide is you…[View]
134378403literally /ourguy/[View]
134377726Ivanka dropping the red pills on alt-righters. Thoughts?[View]
134375676Cringe: /pol/ edition[View]
134379353Homosexuality is not a mental illness.: It's special sin created by God for certain people. Nor…[View]
134382099le 2017: Black People: > Break shit > Steal everything > Burn down entire towns > Play r…[View]
134379246TRUMP LEGAL SPOKESMAN RESIGNS!: http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/343058-trump-legal-team-s…[View]
134380628racist white woman thread, women who definitely only fuck other aryans. Bonus points for confederate…[View]
134366556What if there is no conspiracy to replace the white race? What if it's just fucking incompetent…[View]
134381735how can we weaponize the lefts agenda?[View]
134380255WWYD: You can choose to assassinate any living person on Earth. They will immediately die of a seemi…[View]
134379958What's pol's opinion on Roosh V? Specifically on his culture collapse theory? http://www.…[View]
134381540So /pol/ you're literally being raided by shariablue right now. Will you A.) Make more threads …[View]
134378385what is /pol/'s opinion on white converts to Sikhi?: I ask because I just began saying nitnem a…[View]
134381455>Races are now a category of gender What a time to be alive[View]
134380261Today (Friday) is my non-country's national holiday. Please clap.[View]
134381311Stop caring about the death of a drug addict and a moral relativist[View]
134378675What does /pol/ think about math? >How can we use math and truth to spread the work of kek?…[View]
134376967so, there is this board called /pol: and there is this stupid problem, called recaptcha and ironical…[View]
134380714He's right you know.[View]
134379088Who are /pol/'s favourite serial killers?[View]
134379655>murdered coal burner and a Jew Is OJ /ourguy/?[View]
134379893The 'worst president' wanted Universal Healthcare and Basic Universal Income. He also created the EP…[View]
134372887Gadsden: Post yours[View]
134374893Obamacare/ACA/Healthcare: Hi /pol/. I want to have a discussion about ACA/Obamacare. Pros? Cons? Is …[View]
134373098Guys I think I achieved mastery of /pol/[View]
134376263Why didn't they ever find the killer?[View]
134367171Is suicide a refined kind of cowardice?[View]
134377567Hey /pol/ make this into a hate symbol somehow.[View]
134367983>wh*Te logic[View]
134380263Weapons Grade Ignorance: 'I ain't serving no police' -McDonald's Employee >let's p…[View]
134380244>Jesus wasn't a ki- Abrahamic faiths in general are a joke[View]
134380227They use the pedo network to reward and control the deep state. This is the basis of their entire sy…[View]
134354291/fr/pol - Le fil nauséabond: Pas d'événements particuliers à mettre en exergue selon ma connais…[View]
134371905>according to /pol/, white is supereior to shitskin >Japan(nation of shitskins) is better nati…[View]
134378022hanging in my closet my childrens emotional wounds will not heallllll: hanging.....in.. my closet...…[View]
134374234Feminists make the best leaders.: Lets face it, you Trumpanzee's are all jealous your country i…[View]
134383638Why are wh*Tes so ugly compared to other races?[View]
134378723>America >White[View]
134380017FEELINGS: what do we think of this political satire guy?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZL2gPPduAZ…[View]
134379701Fellas: Here's the best meme in the world, by Alex to the jones https://hooktube.com/watch?v=-2…[View]
134378065Has anybody seen the movie ''Look who's back''? I tought germans were cucke…[View]
134379624What does Pol think of this?: It raises many good points about socialism not working and always bein…[View]
134383416What actually happened at Dunkirk?[View]
134379592J U S T: http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/343058-trump-legal-team-spokesman-resigns-report…[View]
134379481DEUTSCHE BANK GIVES UP TRUMPS BANK RECORDS: http://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/07/donald-trump-deut…[View]
134379582What's the deepest rabbit hole you've ever gone down?[View]
134379566What do you think about Intermarium's perspective? I guess Zakharchenko even doesn't under…[View]
134379496In order to maintain a homogeneous society, you must have a stable working class. How is this made …[View]
134357001National Socialsm and fascism: What is the difference between NatSoc and Fascism? Which one would wo…[View]
134379476Christian hate thread: I think Christianity should be criminalized again. Christians are masochists …[View]
134379173Liberalism is a mental illness[View]
134374228What the fuck is this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=242ZSyCaTZo[View]
134374120Linda Sarsour is a Jew or a Jewish psyop: This granite faced cow is definitely some kind of Jewish s…[View]
134374217WHITES = NATURAL LOSERS: Hahahaha you evil whites might be winning in the world overall, but in Sout…[View]
134374366ITS OVER: /pol/ has jumped the shark “The last president for McCain will be Trump. There’s some godl…[View]
134379219Serious question. Why do liberals love criminals so much? Do convicted felons remind them of their a…[View]
134379199masterbation to marx: fuck antifa[View]
134376192What's with all the suicidal faggots here lately?: I thought pol was mostly a rightwing board, …[View]
134379129>The free press are all lying! >The US intelligence agencies are all lying! >Only trust Tru…[View]
134378798>Be me >Go on twitter >Find out Trump has finally started working on wall >Lose my min…[View]
134361195Dear God Antifa memes are so shitty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1A5RV8dUd4Q[View]
134379071Anyone have trafficking route maps for the US? Im interested to see how they line up with this map c…[View]
134377471Trump is going to pardon himself: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trumps-lawyers-seek-to-und…[View]
134379039Chester: I tried so hard And got so far But in the end It doesn't even matter[View]
134375657Are the Stoic ideals a good start to overcome degeneracy?[View]
134378979Please pardon me, daddy.[View]
134375795Libshits dress up as rednecks and pretend to be activists. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWlahP7AB…[View]
134377650Bloodline Purity over Everything.: Your bloodline needs to be pure. There are countries that underst…[View]
134378755>said jews were lower than animals >said jews were going to take control of the major powers p…[View]
134378752America's rightful leader ascends when?[View]
134376965PARDON ALL YOU WANT FAT BOY: Coming for your russian mob money.[View]
134375649/pol/ please do not fall for the tradcon women meme. As women realize their looks cannot compete wit…[View]
134372652Why are progressives so offended by everything?[View]
134378505Newsweek writers are fags: Newsweek is for fags. Print this you pathetic fag newsweek millenial cunt…[View]
134359324Syria General /sg/ - Late Night Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpress…[View]
134378464How many years ago did /r9k/ invade /pol/? And why haven't they left?[View]
134378461>Russia's economy is on the brink of collapse >Currently increasing their gold reserves …[View]
134373855battle sites: Anyone think its possible for Reddit and Tumblr to go to war? If so, how?[View]
134375279Does anyone have that alternative history-esque map where everything is either ancap or nationalist …[View]
134377212I'm sorry I'm letting my fans down, but I can't live in this sexist, mysoginistic, pa…[View]
134370934Commies celebrate John Mccain's brain cancer: Front page of reddit![View]
134373866Is Atlas Shrugged /pol/ approved?[View]
134375882Bowling Green General /BGG/ Western Kentucky University Edition: Thought you guys might find this in…[View]
134376869So anon...: Are you a patriot? https://youtu.be/aO23Od2_7Rk[View]
134376132Kim Jong Un's brutal public executions revealed: >people who stole rice and live stock were …[View]
134377802>tfw there was arab schutzstaffel divisions[View]
134377915>seattle is such a degenerate drug using city bathrooms like these are common so druggies don…[View]
134347302SKYKANGS HAPPENINGS?: I saw all of the stuff about turkey and shit happening and decided to go check…[View]
134377879What is the best political system, and why is it fascism?[View]
134375955Ba'athist thread: How /pol/ feel about Ba'athism? Would the world be a better place with t…[View]
134377104the IQ question: Why won't you realize that IQ is nothing besides repeating pattern recognition…[View]
134377419Is the Faroe islands Humanities last hope?: >vast majority ethnic Faroese >Deeply engrained cu…[View]
134374756F A S H W A V E: ITT: Post your favorite F A S H W A V E S[View]
134359959Healthcare Cost General: Why is healthcare so expensive to pay to begin with? I have insurance throu…[View]
134377693is Argentina white?[View]
134377680Operation Sourpuss: Linda Sarsour. Twitter, FB, SC, everything. #Operation Sourpuss[View]
134377609Become a certified SJW: Help to flag content that triggers you so google doesn't get blamed for…[View]
134376550Texas fag here. Is it degenerate to date half-spic, half-white girls? The one I'm interested in…[View]
134377565You are trying to argue that someones country that they made for fun, has as much right to nation ho…[View]
134377276Hungarian on my grandfathers side. whats the chance of being a jew?: So i heard from my brother that…[View]
134377493>the holocaust never happened >i wish the holocaust would happen again pick one you retards…[View]
134375572Trump: ‘Single-Payer Will Bankrupt Our Country’: “We're in this room today to deliver on our pr…[View]
134377344In the end does it really matter?[View]
134376081Why do we call them illegals when they are just wetbacks?[View]
134360174/pol/ humor thread?[View]
134375732Birth rates: Why don't white women breed with white men? Maybe white women don't like whit…[View]
134377396Left-wing bias on crowdfunding websites: What's the deal /pol/? Pic related is the Patreon for …[View]
134374351John McCain BLASTS Trump over Syria despite cancer: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4715656/…[View]
134374947Look at those dick sucking lips. This Raimondo Caputo guy had good taste. I wouldn't have throw…[View]
134373933Now that the dust has settled, was it brain damage?[View]
134371695BROKEN: Help! My 3-Year-Old Is Obsessed With Trump: My 3-year-old daughter is obsessed with Donald T…[View]
134375062Massacre of Verden: Charlemagne did nothing wrong by killing 4500 heathens, they had no soul.[View]
134377294Pennsylvania Dutch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9h_RYq-Umz0 Thread for Pennsylvania Dutch and ab…[View]
134374615Can someone in the illuminati explain the structure? Ranks?[View]
134371621Mark my words...: Attention whores will start the 4th Reich. I see this as an inevitability. There…[View]
134377161Alex Jones redpills on trannies https://youtu.be/yE6ShycqTWU[View]
134377079It's time to ascend, /pol/.[View]
134377034When will you apologize?[View]
134375845Hey /pol/ wanted to know what is your favourite form of government in wich you'd want to live i…[View]
134375080raid: I challenge /pol/ and /g/ to destroy this discord using whatever means necessary. You have one…[View]
134374625If it doesn't fit....[View]
134366991mfw I realize my ancestors built a YUGE, TREMENDOUS WALL 2000 years ago. REE!!![View]
134375169Where does /pol/ stand on piracy?: >Don't mind me, just pirating these Skittles…[View]
134376704Rubio, Nelson, Wasserman Schultz Want to Make It a Felony to Boycott Israel: http://www.miaminewtime…[View]
134374388Ask someone who voted for Obama twice and Hillary anything?: AMA[View]
134374587:^O: pol WILL defend this[View]
134375904Walt Disney: Redpill me on this man, /pol/. Was he anti-semetic?[View]
134367862My Freinds say that kekistan is outdated, Is this true?: I think this is sad[View]
134369716Why don't you like McCain?: Ok /pol/ I've seen a few dozen edge lord 16 year old kids on T…[View]
134374888Why are all the americans dying from cancer and suicide?[View]
134376338Communist Hate Thread: Let's get this started.[View]
134342775Trump Sends Feds In To Raid NY’s Islamberg After 2 DECADES – Uncover America’s WORST Nightmare: Seem…[View]
134376173What are some third rail political parties?: go.[View]
134373695Why isn't anyone talking about the illuminati anymore?[View]
134371402> black ppl are dumb > they dont graduate high school > they dont wanna job pls explain tis…[View]
134376135Cuban niggers post here How long until a civil war against our government.[View]
134372241Hey /pol i am here to ask you, what i should do! I am a young Artist from Austria (Painter, Graphic …[View]
134372399Doing my part: My local donut shop has illegals hanging around it all day and night. They don't…[View]
134329559Alphabay, Largest Darknet Market, Shut Down!: http://archive.is/JuNYw AlphaBay was a successor to th…[View]
134373853Where did it all go wrong /pol[View]
134375875>be me >irish born >Liberal at the time >niggers Nevermind >Nazis and Nacis will save…[View]
134369047Is National Capitalism a meme or can it be worked with?: The way I see it, fascism in the traditiona…[View]
134365518So I'm mixed breed, 75% of German descent and 25% Turkish. However, my mediterranean genes took…[View]
134374915bringing justice upon a scumbag: this scumbag by the name of Ronald Hall who is 16 and goes to high …[View]
134375802/BTG/ Baron Trump General - Wizards On 4chan Edition: ITT: We discuss the memetic aura surrounding B…[View]
134375910Redpill me: I don't know what to trust anymore[View]
134374501Reaction Thread: What was your reaction when you found out Prescot Bush, Chase Bank, IBM and other A…[View]
134368075is Cyrus a respectable, traditional European name?[View]
134373769Donald Trump: What are your thoughts on what Trumps been doing so far as president[View]
134365193The ADL and Jack Posobiec: I told everyone of you he's a shill. Poles should stop embracing hi…[View]
134375628African Gets Carry Permit & Thinks It's A Permit To Be A Jerk: This ex-cop is redpilled as …[View]
134375511Anybody got the complete list?: Just wondering if anybody has a complete list of all the celebs and …[View]
134360014We need to segregate /pol/: Amerifats and Europeans don't have the same concerns and the same i…[View]
134375441Nigger hate thread with stats.[View]
134375415>Black history month is the shortest month of the year THE JOKES WRITE THEMSELVES…[View]
134374420Chester Bennington dead: He finally offed himself because he couldn't take you fucking asshole …[View]
134352254HEY GERMANS,SWEDES AND OTHER KEKS! you deserve it.let me repeat myself:you deserve it.all of it.you …[View]
134373327If nonwhites are worse, why did they beat whites to the civilization game? Ie Egypt, Indus, china et…[View]
134367394Absolutely fucking disgusting. One more reason why I'm glad 4chan is superior to leddit[View]
134375195Fill me in on brain cancer man. What has he done? I mean personally, I love when any old bureaucrat …[View]
134370056Trump support stronger than ever: First 20 stories on The Hill twitter feed are all negative toward …[View]
134363611Stuck behind this for 45 minutes. What's going on in their head pol?[View]
134373291British police at Gay Pride: The good old British Bobby sure has come a long way... To think, only 5…[View]
134342602Why do Chinks hate blacks as well?: https://qz.com/945053/china-has-an-irrational-fear-of-a-black-in…[View]
134375067Reminder: OJ Simpson was innocent: Faye Resnick, Nicole Brown's best friend, was a coke addict …[View]
134367706What did he know that made (((them))) kill him and make it look like suicide?[View]
134365812Europe is being destroyed by the day, let's take it back: We had a perfect world in Europe. Nat…[View]
134374604If interracial breeding were not physically possible, would there be more or less racism? On one han…[View]
134367924Miracle of Dunkirk: Why did Hitler call off all advances and allow the Anglos to calmly and methodic…[View]
134374751Shit Gate: Agree? Feel free to edit if there is a discrepancy.[View]
134369341Nuke Hollywood: Pls[View]
134367644Coincidence?: They're literally on the same day. How can this be?[View]
134370617Based Leaf: Proof Canadians can be funny http://archive.is/qvwAC[View]
134373777Women survive, and thus serve, on behalf of men-: and we've been rewarded with a slut-fest. Gon…[View]
134358907Ban E-celeb cancer from /pol/: I always supported lax moderation for /pol/ but it's obvious tha…[View]
134366816which pill have you taken /pol/ ?[View]
134340484In this thread I will post quotations narrating Adolf Hitler's experience during the First Worl…[View]
134362444Why do people commit suicide?[View]
134371999General Democrat thread. Moderates, pinkos, whatever, if you vote for the Dems you're in the ri…[View]
134359594So how many of you NEETs who memed the president into the white house actually got a job? How many o…[View]
134340042Ball meme thread?[View]
13435078129min from NYC to Washington D.C.: Via Philly and Baltimore. Is Musk high or for real? Will this ch…[View]
134368294Redpilled vidya thread, post quality vidya not infected by (((them))) and discuss said vidya. >in…[View]
134373357Why do global warming deniers have air conditioners? I mean, it's not like the Earth is getting…[View]
134372845What would you do?[View]
134364164Asians are uncreativ-[View]
134360264Dumping my collection of arguments for the plausibility of God's existence 2.0: Hopefully this …[View]
134371603https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BY_BRuTxT7w So this seems fun. Anybody up for a meetup? It would rea…[View]
134372390libertarian fascism can a strong government exist in a libertarian society? the answer is yes give m…[View]
134364123>Be Trump supporters >Support capitalism >All businesses that matter are leftist >Basica…[View]
134371598What is a second-generation Holocaust survivor?[View]
134373044>Chicken nugget yoga is racist Why aren't you protesting this, /pol/?…[View]
134373308NEED ADVICE: is there a sure fire way i can figure out if i myself am controlled opposition?[View]
134372827is he honorary?[View]
134348654Nu eller aldrig själva eller tillsammans.: Swedish brothers. We get less and less police in out coun…[View]
134370491SEND US BACK: I'm saying this as a coloured man, I wish Abraham sent the slaves back to Africa,…[View]
134373521Cis-gendered scum will never understand: >“I feel like a mermaid. My body tells me that I am a ma…[View]
134373606usa autism apocalypyse: by 2025 1 in 2 children will have autism so by 2045 there will be 1 in 2 adu…[View]
134367717The Kikes Are Taking Over Youtube: >Jake Paul is the most popular youtuber as of late >Videos …[View]
134373536KKK guy: Prepare for your sides to be obliterated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fboXaOSY9LY…[View]
134373506hey bud: wanna talk about politics?[View]
134368240PRESS S TO SPIT: Hahaha, add this no talent faggot to the collage. Rest in piss, fag! Press S to spi…[View]
134363885How do we protect our schoolgirls from the Muslim Rape Gangs®?[View]
134373145/pol/itics Mythology Edition: Anyone wanna play? >Usa : The two-faced, three-armed, five-footed g…[View]
134371691Cernovich, a Jew?: So, is she saying that Cernovich is a half-Jew? There definitely is something the…[View]
134360347Capitalists will defend this!!!!![View]
134369252Sticker Activism: What's your excuse for not covering your town in /pol/ propaganda stickers? I…[View]
134373188F$&k the founding fathers.: No really, fuck em. https://youtu.be/aO23Od2_7Rk[View]
134371736Why are spics feel superior and are racist to blacks on /pol/? They're a bunch of brown manlet …[View]
134373124A mud speaking at UTR?: Does anyone know if this mud Barnum is really speaking at UTR next month? If…[View]
134359239Bill Nye 'Sex Junk' episode nominated for Emmy: http://www.dailywire.com/news/18642/butt-stuff-bill-…[View]
134370628Hi ! I'm doing some research for a class: and my question is if homosexuality isn't just a…[View]
134373047I'm going to start a near self-sustaining community in my home country of Nigeria. With modern…[View]
134371124Israel & Palestine: Is the Israelo-Palestinian conflict INFINITE? Iam 30 and it seems this shit …[View]
134373022June 20 ISIS propaganda thread: 1: Manufacture of irrigation pipes in Khayr province,Syria[View]
134372853Boredom: I feel like messing with Tumblr. Anybody got any ideas?[View]
134372126>we hate warmongers >we love hitler pick one you retards…[View]
134372759Trump: Is he a jewish puppet or not? If he is, why aren't us polers using meme magic to impeach…[View]
134321596Millenials not interested in their mom's old crap: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/boomers…[View]
134355275Do you worry about home invasions?: I do. But I don't want to own a firearm, for personal reaso…[View]
134372307Which one of you fuckers did this? http://www.sacbee.com/news/local/article162779408.html[View]
134372285Give me one good reason why white europeans shouldnt just abandoned europe and come to america.[View]
134370744BUILD WALL: where is donalds wall? whu is he golfing and not buildin? BUILD WAL[View]
134369093He's right[View]
134372800Will his redemption story arc include healing the racial divide?: If there is anyone capable - it…[View]
134372532Mental Gymnastics Championship: Palestinians have a legal right to armed struggle It's time for…[View]
134372468Stronger Australia: Hello Everyone, My name is Edward Bourke, and I am the Executive Director of Str…[View]
134371591One thing that is absolutely wrong about globalism is its dissolution of national pride. There is a …[View]
134367834Bodycam footage of Minneapolis PO shooting dog wagging its tail and slowly approaching http://www.th…[View]
134368903Robert Mueller: Will he fire him? What are the implications if he does/orders the investigation scal…[View]
134360007There's a reason there's so much black on black violence...[View]
134372011Wont you think of the children?: Dozens of families accused of having relatives in ISIL have been fo…[View]
134367261thoughts /pol/? >Macron is married to Brigitte Trogneux,[140] 24 years his senior,[141] who was h…[View]
134359683Italian schoolgirl beaten and raped by refugees: >Italian schoolgirl beaten and raped in broad da…[View]
134372143You don't win an argument until the other fella thinks your ideas were his ideas the entire tim…[View]
134363987Do you feel it, /pol/? The blue wave is coming next year. Midterm elections will bring the democrat…[View]
134371126I need a quick redpill on the Beef Jew: after seeing this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrE…[View]
134363571POLL: What grade would you give Trump so far, as of 7/20/2017: http://www.strawpoll.me/13491782/r Hi…[View]
134371912'At least I wasn't born in Africa or the Middle East'[View]
134371835*raises your healthcare costs*[View]
134368864ITS HAPPENING: BASED Deep State Mueller closing in on DRUMPF'S illicit Russian relations and fi…[View]
134365916World Peace: By nuking these two locations, we can bring everyone one step closer to peace. Two of t…[View]
134371133Dr SJW: Anyone else excited for the new season of Dr Who?[View]
134371942Why is Tucker the worst TV personality?: He's literally the worst person on TV in the evenings.…[View]
134371910Shouldn't we be trying to shut these asshole terrorists down like they do to good people? https…[View]
134362110BRITAIN TO BAN KITCHEN KNIVES: >Home Secretary takes further action to tackle knife crime >The…[View]
134367697we must design the new Hitler of the era to eradicate the leftest, the niggers and the Jews before w…[View]
134371570Ozzie Guillen speaks truth about sean penn: Sean penn btfo! Loser! https://youtu.be/A5ERdqxibTQ…[View]
134368738God protect Bashar al-Assad, the rightful president of Syria[View]
134365892Mercedes Drives Itself: If a car can drive itself, how would that be allowed? Would we need an act o…[View]
134371396Cheetos, sweat, and virginity: Sure smells >>>/r/eddit around here, huh guys? The refugees …[View]
134359138Wealth distribution: Explain this wealthy goys of /pol?[View]
134368411Say it with me boys!: Hello Madam President! We can meme this into reality. Can you imagine how badl…[View]
134371136OMG /POL/ its actually happening! Brianna Wu has a campaign sight up now! https://briannawu2018.com/[View]
134369427How should we respond: >8pol just got a lefty youtuber's account suspended indefinitely by f…[View]
134371145Canada's Legalization Methods: I think I've seen enough of Trudeau and him trying to restr…[View]
134370340If government is for roads, then what is this?[View]
134370790Another victim[View]
134369758Trump is Racist endorsed by David duke VS My Husband locked up more black people since slavery[View]
134368720the end of rock: Yhe vocalist of linking park suicided in the birthday of Chris Cornell, Is it a mil…[View]
134324875Predictions for the next 10 years: >hipsters die out >Christianity makes a huge comeback espec…[View]
134370926The EU: Why isn't the EU just a free trade area? Why does it get the right to decide that we ha…[View]
134368149Was Wiemar Germany more cucked or less cucked than modern Europe?[View]
134367336This Nigger Openly Admits To Ripping Up: I am not good with making webme's but this nigger is p…[View]
134363799Are You Doing Your Part?: Tell us the most racist thing you've gotten away with saying in front…[View]
134370014Should all 50 States of America have their own gold back currency?[View]
134337208What is the most redpilled thing you have done recently?: >be basically dead inside >10:30 at…[View]
134369525Were the Nazis and the SS actual bad people, or was history just written by the (((((victor))))) htt…[View]
134368196ITT: The world's greatest leaders. I'll start the thread off with Adolf Hitler.[View]
134370349Why is it so easy to impersonate leftists /pol?: I find that leftists ideologies are the easiest to …[View]
134369212USA USA USA, AMERICA FUCK YEAH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JcqgygyOXw[View]
134342208The cuckest country?: >Be Portugal, 1st global empire, rule the seven seas, have colonies in Japa…[View]
134370179Worst flags in the world: >A FUCKING FAGGOT k, I won, gby[View]
134337887/Elizabeth Lee Beck/ Than face all this pain here all alone EDITION: Elizabeth Lee Beck, Attorney …[View]
134363267Women are boring to talk to. They all are. Why are they also incapable of entertaining themselves[View]
134361392White people don't have cultu-[View]
134363286what music do people on /pol/ listen to?: what music do people on /pol/ listen to? newfag and i…[View]
134366310Why not kid rock?: Consider the nominatons Republican side: Lena Epstein a (((businesswoman))) John …[View]
134369453Is libertarian fascism literally the ultimate redpill?[View]
134365643Hi /pol ! A friend of mine doesn't believe the Holocaust ever happened: and that six million Je…[View]
134368791I TRIED SO HARD: Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington found dead in apparent suicide http://archive…[View]
134369284JUST REPEAL THE FUCKING LAW, NOW!: >The Congressional Budget Office reported in March 2016 that t…[View]
134336441The Trump curse is real lads: Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington dies at 41 https://www.rt.…[View]
134365463Fuck lads is Trump in possession of a Death Note? There's a fucking curse that follows him and …[View]
134364176Spanish politics are killing themselves because the consequences of corruption This man shot himself…[View]
134369658Post your favorite Military btfos big or small as long as the prize was worth the small amount of c…[View]
134369392Alright, Arizona. With McCain knocking on death's door, we need you to step up and bring a posi…[View]
134362451Styxhexxenfaggot666 Live Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWehXPlmH2M get in here.…[View]
134369410An-Cap thread?: >The year is 3000 AD >Most if not all major political entities have fallen …[View]
134356116it's time to STOP saying CNN is fake news.: seriously, CNN has been a well established news sou…[View]
134361720Brit/pol/ - no links edition: Links are for fags[View]
134368863Whites must die: White culture is shit and hasn't produced anything of value. Whites are only r…[View]
134368449Dear Black People, I'm so sorry. I owe you all reparations because every freedom that I have ta…[View]
134352578Commiefornia: Democracy vs The Constitution: >U.S. District Judge Roger T. Benitez said in his ru…[View]
134369180https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/12/world/americas/brazil-lula-da-silva-corruption.html What the hell…[View]
134365428Why is /pol/ so butthurt about Out of Africa theory? Don't you believe in evolution?[View]
134366072Guys, I just got back from my polling station, and it's not looking good for Trump... Everywher…[View]
134368997Legend: BJ Kumbi: OJ Parole edition >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bdUj2nBO04 Tosh.0 give this…[View]
134364921Could sex robots be used to stop the population growth in Africa?[View]
134366742Team 10 and the Pauls:: /pol/, what do you reckon should be done about Team 10? Essentially they…[View]
134368070Ex-Navy sailor gets 40 years for killing transgender woman: GET IN HERE >A former Navy sailor has…[View]
134368621Just Added to Unite The Right: Two very special guests from the Heritage movement have just been add…[View]
134368263Post - Race War: What will the white race do once we take back our right to exist in the world and r…[View]
134365087>yfw Newsweek and other major publications are constantly browsing /pol/ looking for posts to quo…[View]
134366274You're politicking all wrong.: Let me hold your hand and show you how to do this and not be a f…[View]
134352241>Police numbers hit 30-year low as crime sees highest annual rise in a decade. What is the cause …[View]
134339697le based poland strikes again: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH IT'S FUCKING DONE, THEY KICKED THE COMMIES OUT …[View]
134358161Well what do ya think[View]
134366018Woman Tricks Woman into Sex for 6 Years: Newland had adopted a male online persona called Kye Fortun…[View]
134368325Just taking a leak in a local bar and fucking aussies...[View]
134367277Grade Him: http://www.strawpoll.me/13491782[View]
134352671When Jews attack: Please spread this and bring awareness to this Jewish crime! Couple days ago in Vi…[View]
134340820Holy shit its happening!!: Turkey publishes locations all their US bases on their soil, with fill de…[View]
134363989Fuck your Confederate flag. Fuck your whiteness with my dirty Rick James boots.: Dear Racist Asshole…[View]
134364839Justice for Cyprus: Today is the 43rd anniversary of the illegal invasion and occupation of Cyprus b…[View]
134358544DIXIE THREAD[View]
134367813Are turks white?[View]
13436770186-year-old jewel thief busted again, this time at Walmart: >86-year-old jewel thief busted again…[View]
134367551So what are the chances of someone who knows about (((them))) rising to power? Adolf Hitler rose to …[View]
134366226Trump is cancer: This whole Trump thing is turning into the worst form of social cancer.[View]
134366537Why do rich and famous celebrities keep committing suicide? Who is next?[View]
134351605Do Jews want to kill off whitey because they're envious?: >if I can't be like you, NOBO…[View]
134354893If you smoke or otherwise consume cannabis, you are a filthy degenerate and deserve all the disappro…[View]
134366958Black Lives Matter: A Baltimore police officer accidentally recorded himself planting drugs at a cri…[View]
134366832>Well, Napoleon finished a little bit bad. But I asked that. So I asked the president, so what ab…[View]
134367049No One Denies Niggers Are Retarded: It seems everyone is an agreement that (western) blacks are fund…[View]
134366407What drugs do politicians use?: They're superhuman, they can speak well in front of thousands o…[View]
134366906>alone >cant be fucked to cook >order curry >40 minutes later delivery driver arrives …[View]
134366853IRAQI IMMIGRANT STORY HAPPENED TODAY: >be driving home from store and suddenly driving became dif…[View]
134362882Post your rare Spencers: Post your rare Spencers[View]
134366675Mccain's legacy: So what will McCain's legacy be? He has a very aggressive form of brain c…[View]
134326028Could someone please explain by the police officer Mohamed Noor is NOT in jail awaiting trial for ma…[View]
1343530102020: Get in here Dems of /pol/. Left-leaning independents and socialists are also welcome. Who do …[View]
134366604Why do I have to do like 5 captchas now? Furthermore, why is there such a latency on image loading? …[View]
134366583So when are you cucks gonna dump this crook? http://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/07/donald-trump-deu…[View]
134366003Why are they so fucked up?: >Jesus Christ Is Now Officially the King of Poland https://www.vice.c…[View]
134366489When asked why he order the mass murder of SJW, the man responded, 'I was born this way.'[View]
134362548The absence of government regulation equals freedo-[View]
134360937Why hasn't he been arrested yet?[View]
134364159High Fashion: Is the high fashion scene tainted by (((them))) yet? Am I a degenerate for spending th…[View]
134364319y cant bitches/god slaves understand satanic/ocult morals: yet there the one with the power and cont…[View]
134324111How can we fix Japan's fertility rates?[View]
134365583Unite The Alberta Alt-Right: How do we do this? The state of Calgary is a fucking disgrace.[View]
134355413Styxhexenhammer666 made a video condemning CNN's attempt to censor Mark Dice while defending Yo…[View]
134361277Syria is winding down, time for a new play, what country should lose their government next /pol/? No…[View]
134365558Why can't fucking Leafs talk properly like Americans? Leaf whore baits me into $12 pizza deal, …[View]
134363591My hero: Why does this board hate Abraham Lincoln so much? Is it because he was victorious over the …[View]
134365003Why do you hate blacks?: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QbjELF-8kY >sure some of them may t…[View]
134365033The king of /pol/: Will you follow our leader, anons?[View]
134363832Why are Americans so dumb?[View]
134365942would it really be that bad if we just nuked this place out of existance? name one positive thing to…[View]
134357574THIS WEEK THREAD: The final edition of #comfytime before the summer recess features leggy Liz Kendal…[View]
134356869>all the blacks celebrating OJ's parole on social media[View]
134325080Acid attacks: Is it even safe to go out in Britain any more? Give me ONE legit reason to leave my ap…[View]
134365248A question for actual fascists: How would you prevent corruption in your government? Im curious…[View]
134328296PRAY YOUR ROSARY #2: CONT... In 'The Secret of the Rosary' by Saint Grignion de Monfort, the great S…[View]
134365219Being motivational: If you think about it POL is degenerate in itself. It's full of people havi…[View]
134361377Wow! America saving lifes! Britcucks must be in shame now. http://www.independent.co.uk/News/health/…[View]
134358259>steal something >make a few adjustments to it >claim it's yours Ameritards everyone.…[View]
134340999Germany reaching a new level of cucking: https://youtu.be/PAm72W-_Lq0 A youtube channel that is fina…[View]
134361712>Despite all evidence to the contrary, government scientists insist on believing fake GRACE data …[View]
134365528Gather round my fellow Keks: I was always an independent practicer of militant autism. I had been le…[View]
134365352Whites have higher chance to get Alzheimer's disease: Statistics show ApoE4 variant, which corr…[View]
134356747What's going on in poland? What does the bill actually do that soros had to send protesters out…[View]
134361838Did the new flags kill Flagtism???: >its been weeks since you've collected a rare flag >y…[View]
134362231T-Minus xx hours..: Are you ready /pol/?[View]
134344489USA Today Review Bemoans Lack Of Women And Minorities In ‘Dunkirk’: >The USA Today review of Chri…[View]
134337146I'm a hacker for the NSA and soon USCYBERCOM, I'll answer anything (unless it requires sec…[View]
134364679When it comes to genocide, Hitler can't compete with socialist.: When it comes to genocide, Hit…[View]
134365331The nuclear option, FSB hand over of its media mogul data to WikiLeaks?: If the Russian Federation n…[View]
134364118What happened to them?[View]
1343458943 Years in Uni: How do we fix america? Seriously are none of you concerned that (if) you have kids a…[View]
134335233Sweden - Time to say goodbye: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTByuc1U0Jg pray for us[View]
134359559Berkeley Prof / Antifa Charged: A Berkeley teacher has been arrested for her role in a confrontation…[View]
134360036/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - ICON EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov ht…[View]
134357536Should we return to feudalism pol?[View]
134365016Liberty Thread: >ywn cross the Delaware alongside George Washington >ywn sign the Declaration …[View]
134364960In The End: It doesn't even matter[View]
134363958Poland is base-: What a stupid meme. Poland is unironically the biggest supporter of a union that wa…[View]
134363274Why does the left hate nerds? I understand why the right hates nerds. They oppose nerdiness but didn…[View]
134348834nu pol has ruined kekistan: Jesus Christ what happened to this board https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
134360024'Everyone is beautiful': >No, she's ugly >That's your subjective opinion, everyone i…[View]
134329050Patreon, E-celebs and their shekels: The shilling by e-celebs is at an all-time here. Some are new, …[View]
134364719Saw a lot of shilling here today. Now I know why. >http://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/d…[View]
134362329We all agree the left needs to stop using JFK right?: Anyone else fucking think that JFK was more co…[View]
134353075Why has National-Socialism ever only produced lame homo-erotic art? Shouldn't the master race b…[View]
134362477Next Step in Nuclear Deterrence: We all know why nukes are produced and held, by a country. Nuclear …[View]
134364265BURN COAL: PAY TOLL >green discharge from penis >green discharge from penis >green discharg…[View]
134332120/DNA/ General: Prove you're white, discuss results. Let's see how many of you are supposed…[View]
134358081Nigger Who Bragged About Getting Lauren Southerns Patreon Deleted Admits To Ripping Up Trump Ballots…[View]
134364044/pol/ will defend this: https://www.amazon.com/Kekistan-3x5-feet-Flag-Embroided/dp/B072C5KT66…[View]
134352396Are Somali mentally apt for Police work?: I heard they have an average IQ of 65 (several points belo…[View]
134315239Welcome to Dublin home of Potato Niggers: Oirish have been living in this island for very very long …[View]
134356971why are white people so insecure and pathetic?[View]
134352660Wow, Lauren Southern doesnt back down.: She's on the front lines for you boys.[View]
134360784Are Military tattoos degenerate?: Just graduated from MCRD San Diego. It's Marine week right no…[View]
134354747Political party idea: Im staring a political party to abolish the federal government. Any ideas?…[View]
134364132Saudi Prince Arrested For Violent Videos: https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=497_1500561617 https://www…[View]
134364119Carlism - General thread: Post you opinion and recommended reading material on Carlist Movement…[View]
134363235is there a board to post designated to offensive memes?: i want to laugh to some offensive shit. Som…[View]
134363980Why is Los Angeles so degenerate?: >Pic related[View]
134359523Hey /pol/, I got an idea for American government. Right now the Senate is pretty much a duplicate of…[View]
134363680/POL/ BTFO[View]
134343872why dont the british go medieval?: I know the British are cucks that can't own guns but why don…[View]
134361674How can we even compete?: Literally every anti-white tweet on twitter has nearly 100k retweets or mo…[View]
134362378shit's going down now: bank of america breakdown in progress. jellen declares dollar worthless.…[View]
134363843Trump will be roasting Turkey in November.: November 23rd is the day of the feast. How does Erdogan…[View]
134363131Suicides are Common among Whites: Why do white people kill themselves so frequently? Weren't tw…[View]
134357123If you could go back into time to any year what would it be?: Me, 1942 Shit was crazy fun[View]
134359962An Honest Question: Do you think something can be factually correct and racist? And I don't mea…[View]
134344114WARNING TO ALL CHILEAN FAGS: >On July 24th, the Armed Forces are going to overthrow the current g…[View]
134358654>tfw my legacy looks better and better everyday[View]
134355012Caught you now Christian pedos: Look what I found: http://skepticsannotatedbible.com/says_about/pedo…[View]
134352111Essential /pol/ Education: The Ultimate Redpill thread: Over the past couple of years, this board ha…[View]
134361145THE JUICE IS LOOSE!![View]
134360841Made in America Week: So /pol/, what have you made recently? Are you building something right now? D…[View]
134362314Revealing Your Power Level: >That reaction when you reveal your power level in public https://ww…[View]
134362838> be American > call the police > have a government funded Somalian hitman sent to your h…[View]
134362774>He didn't buy the Dip AGAIN JUST[View]
134362727Everyone Agrees Blacks are Retards: It seems everyone is an agreement that (western) blacks are fund…[View]
134360097So did Republicans repeal Obamacare like they promised for 7 years?[View]
134358501Why do millennials talk like they're characters in a kike-scripted sitcom?[View]
134359445Premonitions: When I was a kid, I remember seeing a show about premonitions. And the upcoming chall…[View]
134359568Anti Trump Thread: Hello, fellow people that dislike or distrust Donald Trump. How is your day going…[View]
134361879Why do i get more welfare than minimum wage slaves: Why is germany so retarded and gives people FREE…[View]
134362306Mandatory VA for Public Sector Employees: I guarantee that if legislation was passed then something …[View]
134361132Germany and Poland, maybe try working together?: As a Pole who moved to Scotland with his parents at…[View]
134360687Possible HAPPENING NYC SUV of Peace: https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/888155397202358272…[View]
134309325/pol/ approved movies: Hey can anyone suggest some good /pol/ approved movies? Not SJW stuff or heav…[View]
134349867How do we solve the rockstar suicide epidemic, /pol/?[View]
134317337Why is interracial attraction a thing? Shouldn't whites just love whites, asians asians, and bl…[View]
134345917STRAWPOLL: Where is pol at these days? Which side are you on Pagan or Christian? http://www.strawpol…[View]
134359238Based Robert Muller Appreciation Thread: This dude deserves some love here on /pol/ for keeping gove…[View]
134360085Well, /pol/, /our guy/ John McAfee needs our help. Who is this man?[View]
134354547How is white guilt a thing in the US?: I worry for the mental capacity of the burgers. How did you m…[View]
134358862Dildont!: Newland had adopted a male online persona called Kye Fortune to seduce a fellow student at…[View]
134360406Turks side with ISIS: Reveal US secret locations dailycaller.com/2017/07/19/turkey-spills-out-secret…[View]
134359299Look at these niggers just watch and laugh at some dude drowning. Also spam the comments with nigger…[View]
134361768This would not have happened with Clinton as president. We need to get her in the white house asap![View]
134361751Stop it Hillary ![View]
134359157Spurdo wanted.: Any Finns here? I want to access any public information pertaining to marriage recor…[View]
134354119Drumpf is finished, this seals the deal.[View]
134358525Niggers don't care about educ-: http://www.meridianstar.com/news/local_news/man-charged-with-ca…[View]
134333066WHAT IS LEFTISM ACTUALLY CORRECT ABOUT?: Please drop Leftist ideas here that are actually true. True…[View]
134359413IT'S OVER, PREPARE YOUR ASSES: Russia has put its ships in the Baltic Seas. Source: https://www…[View]
134359207Fuck Russia: Russians are all alcoholic, vulgar, arrogant, lying, backstabbing, filthy subhumans, ab…[View]
134341080ADHD, Autism, and Psychopathy as Life Strategies: The Role of Risk Tolerance on Evolutionary Fitness…[View]
134354869While liberals are already claiming victory saying 'demographics are destiny', they are missing a cr…[View]
134361378why is she /ourqueen/?[View]
134354586Do you believe in the idea that a black man and a nigger are not necessarily the same thing by defau…[View]
134358498Adolf Hitler - Save The World: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUNGTOfFMaE&t=2s[View]
134355610Alien&Annunaki thread: Thoughts on Vril reptilians? Believer, agnostic, dismissive? https://www.…[View]
134354481Is Trump a NIGGER? Think about it >5 kids from 3 different women >loud >vulgar >treats w…[View]
134361224I need a meme !: I need right now the meme: 'People who says: 'You're not white' ' You know wha…[View]
134361175Is the Austrian foreign minister (next chancellor) /ourguy/?[View]
134357348OUR CHURCH: >Conversions gradually transforming Orthodox Christianity >More than 70 percent of…[View]
134359211>be American police officer >hungry from serving and protecting all day >order and pay for …[View]
134355186Dilemma: Is cheating degenerate or is monogamy completely impossible ?[View]
134357227This shit is trending right now on my local cable TV provider.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGg_…[View]
134358528>traditional western values lol wut? We all know the west is the west because its intrinsic revol…[View]
134360488kek is our savior kek has come from space to bless us with the winning of donald trump let kek live …[View]
134360023hey /pol/, what other attributes makes someone a nigger instead of just being black?[View]
134358407So in 6 months Trump has said over 400 things that are either laughably false or just plain stupid f…[View]
134360287https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bxoykqCSruY >Islamberg = Town in NY >Entirely populated my Black…[View]
134359686Initially i though people are just shitposting the most ovscure and extreme opinions on pol, now aft…[View]
134360203Nigger Evolution: Alright so let's just say evolution and the history of man are true, so White…[View]
134354173>in library >see little three year old girl next to me hop around saying 'Look mom! I'm a…[View]
134359554ID this guy: for the keks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVzygGJFNT4[View]
134354647>EU won't sign trade deal if the UK moves to deregulation after 2019 http://www.independent.…[View]
134354382Get ass blasted /pol/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=10&v=odhhGmwxZ5I[View]
134326709World's Most Dangerous Cities.: Facts Don't Lie. St. Louis AND East St. Louis, USA Caracas…[View]
134350954Harris 2020: Based Kamala reaches across the aisle unlike our current POTUS.[View]
134358117Country love meme thread: Will post some of mine to start with[View]
134353537What do you fags think of /pol/ being featured in the next south park season?[View]
134358603Vive la feminsim![View]
134359657The Meme Becomes Real: >Trump President >John McCain Brain Tumor > I Tried So Hard, meme ma…[View]
134355732Are there any South Carolina fags here? I worked as a bike courier in downtown Charleston. When the…[View]
134357585Dick Masterson appreciation thread: Can we give this man some credit? He inspired Cody Wilson, aka t…[View]
134359498PAY MY ALIMONY!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVNjiid4e5Y[View]
134342000A daily reminder that giving women the right to vote and allowing them in the workplace was the sing…[View]
134353125gookmoot approved meta thread. fag mods keep deleting this thread. i when it gets deleted and i get …[View]
134312917What are white nations supposed to do with all this dead weight?: Assuming the west fixes its immigr…[View]
134356844Refute this /pol/: https://twitter.com/ChiefCovfefe/status/887270257190195200[View]
134356406COMMIE ALERT: MILLENNIALS ARE AGAINST CAPITALISM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JDUaIvpadc&fe…[View]
134355274Trotsky: what do you guys think would happen if trotsky became the leader of the ussr instead of sta…[View]
134339012OJ: OJ is free on parole BTW he did not kill Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown. His mentally unstable son…[View]
134352822Did he do it?[View]
134359136OUTSIDERS: Those that will never belong in your country. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J88uhdFk8Jo…[View]
134346731Fill in the blank, /pol/[View]
134359123New as a Jew: Hello all my booty babes. I'm Meesta jello, and I'm new to this place. What …[View]
134359111JANUSZ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z08oo4UC1hk Janusz Korwin-Mikke made a response to the Piers…[View]
134354089Mysterious Stranger: Can pol help John McAfee identify the man in the picture over his shoulder? The…[View]
134349846What's good about a woman except sex and intimacy?: What will women do when technology replaces…[View]
134359020If interracial breeding were not physically possible, would there be more or less racism? On one han…[View]
134352627Batsignaling 'High Level Insider': What are we to make of Trump's decision to cut CIA funding o…[View]
134357996Tennessee jails have been shortening sentences for inmates who get vasectomies: >Inmates in Tenne…[View]
134358318Would you try them in the name of KEK?[View]
134353669can i get a quick rundown on the paul brothers?[View]
134358900>on the one hand, one (1) autist making the same thread with the same gif about how Lauren is /ou…[View]
134354858ISGP-Studies.com.zip 380.5MB: ISGP-Studies.com.zip 380.5MB https://www.mediafire.com/?jib2gls0ofnkp7…[View]
134358861Trump Curse: >8 celebrities who disrespected Trump, now dead >le Linkin Park fag talks shit ab…[View]
134353357Don't be like this dad.: Men, do not be like this dad. In this picture is a coal burning single…[View]
134358165what are the relations to commies and gypsies?[View]
134354051PewDiePie impregnating Marja may not be enough: >A deadly combination of a plummeting birthrate a…[View]
134352218Aryan Bloodlust 14/881935: You have 10 seconds to explain why you aren't a white supremacist…[View]
134357754What are my fellow Comrades reading?: Here's my book shelf at the moment friends. What are you …[View]
134356953No One is Safe Unless Everyone Is Safe? Damond shooting HOAX?: Hey this looks like boolshit. Like i…[View]
134358685https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/19/us/politics/trump-interview-transcript.html How the fuck can anyo…[View]
134341189>talk shit about trump >die Why does it keep happening, lads?…[View]
134357306Manafort is fucked!: >Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating possible money laundering b…[View]
134353366/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
134344717pope states 'World Government Must Rule U.S. ‘For Their Own Good': is the catholic churches control …[View]
134355856Burundi robotics team goes missing after U.S. contest http://www.reuters.com/article/us-burundi-mis…[View]
134354843what is wrose?: tell this pol? >your daughter marring a black guy and having his babies but you l…[View]
134358283First 6 months of the presidency: Today marks 6 months for Donald J Trump as president of the United…[View]
134354844Why does he love destroying cultures so much? He's even against traditional Jewish and African …[View]
134346329Syria General /sg/ - /Our Cells/ Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpres…[View]
134356952DONALD TRUMP WANTS TO QUIT PRESIDENCY: Donald Trump has confirmed to USA TODAY in an interview. Sour…[View]
134353392Midwest 4th Reich: I'm sick of hearing autists in the media talk about how 'muh racists in the …[View]
134358281Lutheran Church Welcomes First Gay Pastor: An installation service on Sunday afternoon celebrated th…[View]
134322804Out of Africa Theory: Assuming Homo Sapiens really did originate in Africa, doesn't that mean t…[View]
134358135What to with Turkey: So Turkey just publicy revealed the location of a coalition military Base in No…[View]
134358116Russian Spies Conspired With Most Wanted Cybercriminal: >There are rumours Evgeniy Bogachev - wid…[View]
134354036Did Britain started second World War?: Britain started the war after rejecting German reich peace de…[View]
134357909another pop star faggot that talked shit about trump is now a dead faggot S[View]
134348874Science could lead us to the stars: Instead it's leading us down this path https://www.youtube.…[View]
134338007majority of millennials reject capitalism: https://web.archive.org/web/20170720150500/https://www.wa…[View]
134357682Why are slavic girls the most beautiful?: Other shitskins can racemix anything they like, but leave …[View]
134356062Burn to coal, pay the toll.: What's up with OJ resurfacing, was he ever considered guilty and i…[View]
134356877Implying not a criminal who destroyed the US Constitution, states rights, and waged an illegal war o…[View]
134351736Luren Southerns Patreon Acct Deleted: THE KIKES ARE AT IT AGAIN[View]
134314647ITALY YES!!!!!!: What the fuck, Italy? Why are you starting a fight between those peaceful African M…[View]
134353293I wonder how would everything be if Hitler's Germany survived. Not exactly a 'won WWII' scenari…[View]
134357468--It's over-- The United States is no longer a majority white, Christian country, and that is a…[View]
134355510People only respect power.: Discuss.[View]
134356382Health insurance General: Why is healthcare so expensive to pay to begin with? I have insurance thro…[View]
134329387https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gc46v7k_xNY Have we started the fire comrades?[View]
134355252Unite the Alberta Alt Right Early Edition: Alberta Alt Right General I got shit to do later so I fig…[View]
134337083Massive anti-government demonstration in Warsaw and other Polish cities: Protesters oppose reforms p…[View]
134347153When did you realize Sweden has always been the enemy of the west? >thought Sweden had only rece…[View]
134353345Beeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Teeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! Efffffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!!! Oooohhhh!!!!!!!!!![View]
134357147Violent Protests At Calgary City Hall Between Antifa and Christians: https://www.christiantoday.com/…[View]
134352771OJ FREE !: >killed a kike >killed a gold digging coal burning whore daily reminder /pol/ this …[View]
134345595how long until america will become a spanish speaking country?[View]
134356983What are the best books that are criticism of marxism/socialism? I'm not sure if this one is le…[View]
134356268What are the three most important things that need to happen in order to improve your countries curr…[View]
134352852Tell me how to learn of my heritage: Tell me /pol/acks how do I learn where I come from if I have …[View]
134355911one gian leap: well, well well, today marks the 48th anniversary of millions of people being lied to…[View]
134356265THOT: Is there anything worse than a liberal thot?[View]
134356387Listen here fuckos: You guys are always trying to redpill normies on Islam but you're approach …[View]
134355890Why does /pol/ hate antifa?: Antifa is a movement very much like /pol/. It is grassroots, anti-gover…[View]
134312585Croatia and Poland vs EU, Germany worried: https://www.economist.com/news/europe/21725025-angela-mer…[View]
134333677Where do humans come from?: Did we really all come from Africa?[View]
134356479>Russian adoptions[View]
134356451OJ Simpson Parol Board Memes: what did he mean by this?[View]
134352994CONVINCE MAXINE to RUN for PRESIDENT in 2020: Call, email, or use whatever communication method nece…[View]
134354324it has to be all smoke?: there is no way jews are this and that. right pol?[View]
134350462Brits, just pay the damn tab you ran up: Pay up and leave like a good lad. Nobody likes dine-n-dashe…[View]
134352139Jake pauls: I honestly hope they kick this piece of shit out and sue his ass[View]
134352856OJ is a cuckold: >Explosive 911 calls and diary entries reveal OJ Simpson watched Nicole Brown ha…[View]
134355997'Don’t (expletive) shoot': Michigan woman convicted of murder in parrot witness case: Mich…[View]
134355450If the Boers don't count as African according to SJWs then why do brown people count as British…[View]
134334006/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General: 卐 SIEG HEIL! 卐 Thread for discussion of National Socialism, …[View]
134354249Kek has spoken to me. Roger Waters is next: I've received prophetic visions from Kek Roger Wate…[View]
134347989>They attacked us because they hate our freedom What kind of drooling retard believed that explan…[View]
134355791University Rejects 3 Million Donation From Christian Anti-Gay Group: http://archive.is/ylHAj In Apri…[View]
134353872>the EU is a bad thing[View]
134354326Are stringed instruments the most significant piece of civilization?[View]
134355277It's not gay to suck another man's semen out of your wife's vagina, because you are s…[View]
134353867Redpill me on Wyoming: What happens there? All americans talk about is New York, the South and Calif…[View]
134355241Based music thread: A song about killing T*rks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-om-TpyDgg…[View]
134354002well.: I'll just leave this here.[View]
134354853Četniks from Serbia: Redpill me on those fuckers. They seems legit af.[View]
134354668McCain BTFO: WTF I LOVE COMMUNISTS NOW I didn't know they could be so redpilled!!!!!!!!![View]
134354954The beauty of simplicity and the necessity to recognize order.: Part 1/2 Let those who have wisdom …[View]
134355007Trump likes senators who didn't get brain cancer.[View]
134332633>Not doing well financially >Someone suggests getting EBT to help >Think I'm going to …[View]
134353936Need a Leaf: Any Canucks know how I could access marriage records for Orangeville, ON without actual…[View]
134349146Fuck Paul: Latest youtube drama says that Jake Paul might go to court for being a lil annoying bitch…[View]
134350969How old is /pol/: Been curious about this. I created a poll to find out. http://www.strawpoll.me/134…[View]
134354906Another one #stumped[View]
134352691So Brits ended up half as rich as 10 yrs ago: It was not Brexit, so what happened?[View]
134354825Soros next[View]
134352303communism has been tried, and found wanting[View]
134349266is he next?[View]
134352358Are they seriously complaining that an eating disorder isn't portrayed as diverse enough?[View]
134354565are they bad of politics?: tell me pol are black people not ready for that kind of shit?[View]
134352219Niggers, OJ's parole is TODAY. Does anyone know if they've reached a verdict?[View]
134354225WE WUZ KANGZ[View]
134353531Is America going to have to save Europe from itself for the third time? Can't you Euro's f…[View]
134354351He ruined me[View]
134354321>TRUMP: But the Bastille Day parade was — now that was a super-duper — OK. I mean, that was very …[View]
134353728Flat Earth is a Jewish PSYOP: https://steemit.com/conspiracy/@psyopsx1000/flat-earth-cia-disinformat…[View]
134343958/Germany-Turkey/ New tensions arise - 'Germany warns businesses and citizens to avoid Turkey': >G…[View]
134353994I JUST installed this and all I see is niggers in Europe and niggers in USA. Is this nigger app or t…[View]
134333187British Gays Can Now Get Married in a Proper Christian Cathedral in Glasgow: Suck it homophobes. htt…[View]
134354104Team India x Team Chyna: Who do you support in the coming war between pooland and soulless gooks? Vo…[View]
134352566This is what communists actually believe.[View]
134339754Hillary's emails have been found: Recap: -Doug Band is CEO of Teneo Holdings -Worked for Clinto…[View]
134351723Was murdering this man and raping his country the beginning of our end?[View]
134353998will there ever be another?: guys, will there ever be another back guy in the white house?[View]
134348199Brit/pol/ - What The Actual Fuck edition: >EU won't sign trade deal if the UK moves to dereg…[View]
134353709'Murica: What would America look like if the federal government collapsed? Would we and togethe…[View]
134349433>got home from my extremely low effort white collar job at 5.45 pm >mindlessly browse internet…[View]
134343143I'm a gypsy[View]
134353866Why is cultural marxism so rampant? Why is it not getting opposed? When did it start to get ground? …[View]
134353563Add another one to the list, boys. The Trump curse keeps taking victims.[View]
134353813wtf happen to this broad?: tell me pol, where did my borad go? >it used to be fun talking about a…[View]
134352001U.S Civil War 2: Would another Civil War start if somehow they impeach Trump? >Who would be the e…[View]
134353495The Arizona Republican Governor could have an important role: If McCain's Political career is o…[View]
134347414He was a victim of cultural marxism, ethnomasochism and post-modernism: Prove me wrong[View]
134353262Remember that Robotics competition with the Afghan girls?: Looks like some niggers from the same con…[View]
134353183Cecil the lions son was just killed. Press S to spit on corpse[View]
134353231>The year is 2025, the combined strength of all the great military powers of the world has been p…[View]
134353250Canadian Tax Funded youtube Ads: Why the fuck does the government of Ontario spam YouTube with ads a…[View]
134342305Has this been posted already? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAm72W-_Lq0 'Save the Aryans!' - propa…[View]
134350767ADL hit list and Math is racist: https://youtu.be/kUWq70zNc_o The anti defamation league, a pro-jewi…[View]
134353095Why dont People Want to be jews?: Jews are smarter, have power, influence, controls media, politicia…[View]
134352068>But we NEED migrants and refugees! Who else will fill the holes in our aging workforce? Really. …[View]
134343710**ATTENTION** NOT AN EXERCISE WE GO LIVE -----> 28JUL17 I am a curator for one of the largest Pro…[View]
134348817You realize that O.J. was the one that started the whole: 'Pay the toll' meme right? Prove me wrong…[View]
134342979How likely is it that various governments around the world have super deep underground facilities?[View]
134350098write a script for my movie. Based on the poster. /pol/ please i need ideas. It was a family movie …[View]
134352628I'm fucking tired of being railed in the ass by landlords who sign a deal with one ISP that pro…[View]
134352182Why this stereotype of lefties shows up every single country?[View]
134345799Why did this case have racial implications and repercussions if the prosecutor and defense were blac…[View]
134342494John McCain has McCancer: they saved him, /pol not that anybody cares[View]
134344766FULL-FASH FORWARD: What does /pol/ think? No longer 'Voluntary', now 'Compulsory…[View]
134349309>Donald Trump tried to push a way worse version of Obamacare forward How can we possibly be so cu…[View]
134339093Why do Germans love homosexuals so much?[View]
134350005Women's March Group Praises Terrorist: How can you possibly be a Democrat/Liberal when your par…[View]
134351836Has this always been normie tier garbage? What are your thoughts about this (((news))) site?[View]
134351963goofChan vs Chadbook: Why are 4channers, redditers and 9gagers all beta losers who are dumb enough v…[View]
134352225Britain YES Always tackling the big issues![View]
134351014Ehh, goys...[View]
134352091AN-CAPS BTFO: >bitcoin is up $300 today too... hmmmm[View]
134348939Right-Libertarian Blog in Australia: I've started a Right-Libertarian blog which is called Rati…[View]
134348876Wtf is this shit?! I fucking can't believe it. Who could be behind these commercials? https://w…[View]
134344648BREAKING: FBI hands over 7k emails to state department from Weiners laptop pertaining to Hillary. Su…[View]
134351974hello is this collusion[View]
13435166864 year old guy shoots at&t trucks because they were in front of his house, says he 'went banana…[View]
134350452Jews: why does /pol/ hate the jews[View]
134351451Sup /pol/?: Y'all finna vulnteer fuh Bernie in 2020?[View]
134350359how does /pol/ feel about this guy[View]
134344074My final words: I'm sorry I'm letting my fans down, but I can't live in this sexist, …[View]
134343515Trumpfags will defend this: We are now COLONIZING Syria.[View]
134351681to anybody who thinks Jews aren't the problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCzTQZnfNSs…[View]
134350342Is Fred Durst next?[View]
134340795/pol/ will defend this[View]
134346865Does it get any worse?: You do not mess with the intelligence community. 1984 cheerleader?[View]
134351216Special ed camps have become breeding grounds for social justice Prove me wrong[View]
134325619India-China general - demographics edition: WHO DO U SIDE WITH, pol? >Real war is finally about t…[View]
134351237The more pull ups I do the less gay I feel and the less liberal I am post other 'weird' coincidences[View]
134351229Crawling In My Skin: Our Nigga Chester Bennington is fuckin dead af. Summerdepressions are real. Mem…[View]
134351176The niggerization of white people?: How does reverse assimilation works? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
134331113What can be done about this faggot? Does Trump have a plan?[View]
134339431How many of you have actually been in a fight?: I'm curious if /pol/ has any experience in the …[View]
134318897>go to sleep >wake up >somehow 99℅ of all men have disappeared without a trace >you are …[View]
134351015I want every single liberal dead and all their dumb shit produced over past 400 years eradicated fro…[View]
134347140Can we suspect foul play?[View]
134350933BEWARE Russian Youtube!! HELP!! HELP!!!HELP!!!: Good morning! I encourage all people, bloggers and …[View]
134350431Here's a quick rundown of the different phases: - ζ (Zeta) Phase lasts the first 20 minutes -Pr…[View]
134339955Fur gay proposal: How does this make you feel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9y-y0vMDX8 I don…[View]
134350074Redpill me on forced abortion: Did the nazis forced inferior people to abort? Is this an exageration…[View]
134346905Hahaha! Upvoted, OP![View]
134350627Breaking!: Trudeau offers to give OJ 2 Million: Trudeau says he would offer more if OJ was a Canadia…[View]
134342840So Britbongs, when are you getting your HIGH ENERGY ecstasy pills? Maybe Britain will be made great …[View]
134347539Deutsche Bank turning over financials on Trump as Meuller subpoena looms http://www.vanityfair.com/n…[View]
134345931Chester Bennington implicated in Pizzagate/pedo-ring. Committed suicide because knew he was about to…[View]
134348626'Gimme some' HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA MAGA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKro3q5cGH0[View]
134350371John Mccain The Curse of Trump Thread: So how much more time does he have left ? He shall be added t…[View]
134349195Gay Jews: You hate Jews, and you hate gays, so what do you think of gay jews (picture not related)…[View]
134349451How does a catholic know his son has diarrhea? His pastor's dick tastes like shit[View]
134349973HOW TO END WHITE-GENOCIDE, TRUE STORY BRO, NOT SHITPOASTING: >Get rich. No excuses, be discipline…[View]
134349161DAILY REMINDER: none of you are white, get over it[View]
134350090https://theodorajean.sarahah.com/ This is a cuck who says she's sociallist buy can't even …[View]
134350039Ladies and gentlemen, your new attorney general...[View]
134346790Does the gov't have the right to regulate your body?: The 2 largest deep web market places, Han…[View]
134346438Why don't certain countries have any kids?: Like freaking 1 kid per woman or something, that is…[View]
134349401Been supporting Trump since his journey down the escalator. But most of you are so god damn cringey …[View]
134349029It Italy, dare I say, the greatest civilization of all time?[View]
134345538My friend says our fearless leader Presidents Trump (pic related) said he likes war heroes who don…[View]
134343928Midwest Nationalism Thread- The Fourth Reich edition: Join the movement: http://midwestalliance.webn…[View]
134349595What states US is it easier to find minimum wage+ jobs? I don't want to be a NEET anymore livin…[View]
134347668LEFTY CRINGE THREAD: Post your favorite Liberal cringe.[View]
134347480LIBERTARIANS CAN'T MEME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojubI-sYwho[View]
134348819Ethnostate?: What are the best arguments for the ethnostate?[View]
134349138I'm Losing Myself to the Normies!: I have no more inspiration and I've been watching shit …[View]
134349631Immigration: - White British citizens should have the blood right to live and work in the United Sta…[View]
134349602helicopter as a gender for xbox live: lets end this year by getting this through https://www.change.…[View]
134347772Give me one good reason why we shouldn't have national service in America like how they do in G…[View]
134349033>Vaccines can't be dangero- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BCG_disease_outbreak_in_Finland_in…[View]
134349122Daily reminder The Redneck Revolt is a Left Wing (Communist) Organization with guns, that still want…[View]
134348599Violent Protests in Israel Over Gay Adoption Rights: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.asp…[View]
134348658Online Commie Excercise Propaganda: hahaha...hahahaha..HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Fucking commies…[View]
134346487>talk to a leaf/britbong/swede/german about universal health care with flag hidden >'wait list…[View]
134343184Western civilization is done for. Your intelligentsia is actively working to undermine western value…[View]
134347538Apparently, Sandniggers in the former Reich now hate jews.: http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/07/…[View]
134349117Obama worst ever, when Clinton foundation investigation?: when? how si it possible Trump is being in…[View]
134344866Why do Conservashits vote against their own economic interests?[View]
134349012Religion is fucked up: All religious people are pedos. I think all religions were started to give pe…[View]
134348615Forced Abortion: Is it true that the Nazis practiced forced abortion to disadvantaged sectors? I thi…[View]
134348179What's /pol/'s opinion on (((veganism))) and more specifically is 'What the Health''s…[View]
134347511Trump about Russia, Napoleon and Hitler: TRUMP: Yeah. It was beautiful. We toured the museum, we wen…[View]
134345165What is the opinion of /pol/ on Trump? I see mixed opinions everywhere. Some love him, others think …[View]
134340625Say all you want pol, but he introduced me (and probably a lot of you as well) to metal and made me …[View]
134348000THEY TAKING OUR PORN AND OUR FREEDOMZ: why do we put up with the censorship? porn will be censored i…[View]
134347520Daily Reminder: /pol/ is a catholic board.: Protestancucks, Orthokeks, Marxists and Disinfo Agents a…[View]
134344504>Hi, I'm here for the job interview. How do we respond /pol/?[View]
134345670Germany is best country: Germany is pure and good, wants best for future of Europe. Europe greatful,…[View]
134346038DRUMPF BTFO: IT'S HER TURN AND YOU CAN'T STOP THIS. https://extranewsfeed.com/the-case-for…[View]
134347613Trump Isn't Gay Frien-: https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2017/07/trump-pick-gay-former-diplomat-amba…[View]
134348450Deep state (((mouthpiece))) Seth Abramson is the new Eichenwald and must be treated as such: This ki…[View]
134320512Well /pol/, would you date a red-pilled Syrian girl? Just a handful of her beliefs: >ISIS is an A…[View]
134344243>Putin dies tomorrow Your actions.[View]
134346510Are any Europeans planning on moving to the US if our immigration act is repealed. America needs to …[View]
134347691Restoring homogeneity means rivers of blood and I hope it never comes to pass. White genocide is you…[View]
134348257Dear Black People, I'm so sorry. I owe you all reparations because every freedom that I have ta…[View]
134347290Anybody here gonna claim responsibility?: Whom has this list?[View]
134346185when i reach page 10 i be free[View]
134337534Brit/pol/ - The Memorial Edition: Press F to respect Are Tim http://www.libdemvoice.org/cheers-tim-5…[View]
134347911Make Inquisition Great Again[View]
134344408If the central powers won ww1: If ww1 was won by the central powers, would the world be better overa…[View]
134318839My student loan debt is killing me, /pol/. These monthly payments are such a burden. $110 a month go…[View]
134319805I'm quite intrigued by this whole Identitarian movement, but something really bothers me. How a…[View]
134347812High Childhood IQ Linked to Lower Death Rates: http://bigthink.com/21st-century-spirituality/high-ch…[View]
134347582Mccain: Why does everybody hate him? What did he do? Pic unrelated[View]
134343439how can you be delusional enough to believe we're living in a free country?[View]
134347605Based on current global events and the current relationships between nations, where do you folks thi…[View]
134347268World Peace: Christ returned in 1844 and what some claim to be the word of God has been mistranslat…[View]
134345182Racemixing: As a non-white woman, what is wrong with me wanting my future kids to have half-white ge…[View]
134344284Liberals are mentally ill, hysterical and dangerous to everyone. There is no question about the fact…[View]
134347042Chester Bennington Dead lol: Post you're loser celebrities that have been destroyed after comin…[View]
134345036>whitest city in America[View]
134342867Podesta is dead.[View]
134341106Was Kubrick /ourguy/?: >Frederic Raphael, who co-authored the Eyes Wide Shut script with Kubrick,…[View]
134337690Brave New World: Anybody read on /pol/?[View]
134343280Donald: Why do you love Donald?[View]
134347119>2017 >getting your political slant from 4chan I shiggy diggy.…[View]
134345449The more pull ups I do the less gay I feel and the less liberal I am post other 'weird' coincidences[View]
134346134Can anyone explain to me why men literally can't defend themselves without some sort of backlas…[View]
134308858Women reaching the age of 25-30 suddenly become Tradcon: This is a hilarious phenomenon that I'…[View]
134346745#detwilerfire Mother Lode Happening!: How are the mariposa area anons doing with this beast? I used …[View]
134340306OY VEY[View]
134345073This week in (((Trump))) backstabs: Trade: http://archive.is/Cvaip >The negotiating objectives fo…[View]
134345898Should babies with severe developmental disabilities be terminated? I honestly believe so. They…[View]
134345812Rome Was Degenerate As Fuck: Post yfw Wh*tey was always a c.uck[View]
134338270Faith Goldy /ourgirl/: Lauren Southern gets a lot of attention but what about Faith Goldy? >devou…[View]
134346593Daily reminder: He can't be stopped. Not even Merkel can.[View]
134345793NAZI: There are still people who think the Nazis were bad when Hitler really did well and the Nazis …[View]
134346148First Kid Rock, now Antonio. How can Democrats even compete?[View]
134330166Hypothetically speaking: If an attractive black girl with compatible values showed interest in you, …[View]
134330138Marijuana: Well, I'm talking to this person online who is older than me. He states that marijua…[View]
134345379Is it true that most people in the LGBT community, or at least, transexuals specifically, usually ki…[View]
134346319Vapourwave: I feel like vapourware has a lot of potential to be associated as a symbol of the alt-ri…[View]
134342019A question to the Germans: Is it true, that it's only forbidden in Germany to associate yoursel…[View]
134284263INCOMING CALL.: How do you answer?[View]
134345961https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVTXPUF4Oz4 IN THE END IT DOESN'T EVEN MATTER CUZ I'M A DE…[View]
134341811Black man come home...[View]
134311123Serbo Croat Friendships Revival: Can we just get along? Croat called Mate Boban(President of a short…[View]
134340076WHAT IS HIS ANGLE!? He defunded the military!?: Someone help me understand this, how does this help …[View]
134333702Why are young men unable to get their lives together nowadays? So many men are dropping out an/or be…[View]
134342184PAROLE GRANTED: The Juice gets supervised parole and plans to move to Florida! Parole GRANTED!…[View]
134345254Wtf. Are these people actually Slavic/white AND Muslim?[View]
134345485This frumpy ass bitch is what all those hipsters chicks will end up looking like , london today will…[View]
134345657Is anyone comfy? I am comfy as fuck https://www.rt.com/news/396983-idf-troops-temple-mount/[View]
134341471GAY KIKE JEW MILO AND JEW SHAPIRO AT BERKELEY: leftist screeching starts aboutttttt..... now http://…[View]
134345543How do my fellow Europeans deal with the fact that Europe is dead?: >On Busride home from work …[View]
134342711Can /pol/ stop being right again? http://www.ad.nl/buitenland/ijsmerk-ben-enamp-jerry-s-haal-meer-vl…[View]
134345497Are we reborn after death? What happens to our consciousness and our memories after we stop existing…[View]
134343209/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
134345359Fuck you /pol. I know that there will be shills galore and haters but i needed to post this. Watch i…[View]
134332684>I TRIED SO HARD[View]
134339097>No Monarchist flag >No Falangist flag >No US State flags >No British Union of Fascists …[View]
134337964Syria General /sg/ - Game of Idlib Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpr…[View]
134345223I HATE foreign accents, if you're a foreigner get rid of your disgusting accent. You're pr…[View]
134345216Does enjoying a tasty curry make me 'blue pilled' as a white male?[View]
134342148Celebrities that disappointed you: >Be me >Be around 1 1/2 years ago >golfing in Greenwich …[View]
134339550Why are Americans so happy?[View]
134344347Redpill me on gun control.[View]
134330082Pretty or RIGHT: Would you rather have a pretty girl who's a leftist or an ugly (but healthy) g…[View]
134344997Meta thread: Meta thread. Post your suggestions here >friendly reminder that only faggots use the…[View]
134335168Bodycam Shows White Baltimore Officer Planting Drugs at Crime Scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
134338922the level of denial of trumpfags is awesome, makes some funny quotes. this picture says more than an…[View]
134344878From Cathedrals to Mosques: https://archive.is/dqoHD >In France, Muslim leaders called for conver…[View]
134332454Does Trump have a Death Note?[View]
134344850FUCK your war on drugs tis is a war on uncontroled money: Trump was going to kick his ass out so ses…[View]
134344795Why, exactly, won't racists burn in eternal Hell fire? 10 Commandants and whatnot.[View]
134344109> Time enough for the Earth in the grave. How do we solve the suicide epidemic /pol/?…[View]
134342931Give me ONE (1) concrete piece of evidence that there's a great white genocide and a Jews are b…[View]
134338271((Marriage)): When did you realize that marriage is a feminist and Jewish scam? >devote your enti…[View]
134344439Just finished watching this 1930s mockumentary where a couple white men go in search of any remainin…[View]
134339805/pol/ BTFO. How will you retards ever recover[View]
134344403Are we sure these games didn't really promote Satanism? SJWs love to mock Christians for being …[View]
134344362Damn Odin is redpilled dude[View]
134305722New Video by The Impartial Truth Not Blocked for Germany yet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shTK5XW…[View]
134343668Who Are The Ulster Scots?[View]
134341246CNN Is A Pedo Organazition[View]
134339956Christianity: The Religion of the Beta: Forgive the Jews, anon! (Lol?)[View]
134343628I don't actually know, why people complaining about more and more immigrants going to Europe, n…[View]
134291154Thoughts on the ''skeptic community'': What do you think of people like Shoeonhead and Armoured Skep…[View]
134343587Nigger Community Already Celebrating OJs parole: What's your thought and doesn't this mean…[View]
134334517But in the end: It doesn't even matter…[View]
134343292following the russian money: all of them as crooked as the day is long[View]
134334572Why does literally every single Somalian look identical to pic related?? Are they even human? Are th…[View]
134343418You're all faggots. Convince me to think otherwise.[View]
134341050She was in her Pajamas!: Send the Aussie leftist trying to guilt trip us about robbing land from the…[View]
134332712How is anyone more rightful of an owner of Israel and Jerusalem than the israelites? If you go by ol…[View]
134342181>one chance at life >born in the west[View]
134343558I'm gonna run away, and never say goodbye Gonna run away, gonna run away Gonna run away, gonna …[View]
134339611So... I'm new on this website and I'm wondering what is /pol/'s political opinion on …[View]
134343569Did you know that Snoops tried to subvert the Knoxville murders!!?: http://www.snopes.com/politics/c…[View]
134342396Netanyahu: EU undermines future and security of Europe by undermining Israel: http://www.haaretz.com…[View]
134343506Nazis: The Nazis are the best and a great world power. Hitler alive[View]
134342050Something to make you happy /pol/ Israeli Zionist Jew loses to America. https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
134331554http://www.tmz.com/2017/07/20/linkin-park-singer-chester-bennington-dead-commits-suicide/ IT DOESN…[View]
134342152GERMANY YES!!!! THE RIDE NEVER ENDS!!! >Angela Merkel is the most popular politician in youth. Th…[View]
134342946Hitler's Snackbar: Did you know that Hitler favoured Black People over Jews[View]
134342863Is today's democrats/ liberals just a third/ fourth wave of feminism that has taken on full for…[View]
134342748WAKE ME UP: >SAVE ME Why didn't anybody save him?[View]
134342809Why Donald trumps wife didn't have to wear a head cover like the muslims do when we in Europe v…[View]
134325201Is Iran our enemy or our friend?[View]
134343013Europe:: Where are the migrant women? What is the official explanation for why all these goddamn boa…[View]
134340595/b/: >attempted to 'raid' /pol/ with interracial and black cock pics >didnt notice, nor care …[View]
134342962Why have you not taken the 2Dpill yet /pol/?: Still stuck in your 3D ways Anon? What reasoning do yo…[View]
134342961Eternal frog: Is eternal frog a real thing? France as winner of WW2 First capitulation was in Reims,…[View]
134337045What did he know?[View]
134338787Knowing what you know now, would you have participated in occupy (((wall street)))?[View]
134342476Can we please discuss the current culture of suicide sympathy? Why do people glorify suicide? We nee…[View]
134340775New Zealand - A multicultural success: You cant argue against this. NZ is a success and is multicult…[View]
134342868YLYL, /pol/ edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCAD-yNB74k[View]
134342797How can Anglets ever compete with Canadian supermen?[View]
134331531In six months as President, Trump has: > Sent 991 tweets > Spent 40 days at Trump golf prope…[View]
134335210What the fuck is wrong with London: Moved here eight months ago and all I can see is Pret, acid atta…[View]
134342093“I know a lot about health care. From the moment the insurance, you’re 21 years old, you start worki…[View]
134342501If the IRS were privatized, would libertarians be ok with taxes?[View]
134325262>accidentally call co-worker a 'nu-male' >boss hears and asks me explain what that is to every…[View]
134342566sorry: If Jesus doesn't show up when the conspiracy people want him to, and we seen children cr…[View]
134342514Compensation bid coming.: Wealthy miner has to gibsdemdat to didgeridindus due to >muh native ti…[View]
134341754here's your pic from the deep web, njoi...[View]
134340839Where were you when British TV started putting token whites in their advertisements? https://www.you…[View]
134340079No matter how much of a dream this is, it's the best solution to a lot of our problems. Prove …[View]
134332212Would you let your daughter be with a celt?[View]
134328744UK:NEW EVIDENCE IN CASE WITH WHITE GIRL PUT INTO KEBAB MEAT BY MUSLIMS: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/n…[View]
134340155Oklahoma: So is Oklahoma Midwest? South? Southwest? Doesn't seem to fit well. Kansas tends to …[View]
134333017ANTIFA infiltrator for nat/soc movment: >This man's name is not 'Mohammed'. It's Gabrie…[View]
134337677OJ SIMPSON: This is one of the most horrifying videos I have ever seen. >tldr you should give th…[View]
134341867Our birthrates are going to toilet because of 'men' just pumping and dumping women instead of commit…[View]
134342091how do we stop this?[View]
134341136Jews: Why do the Jews want to flood Europe and America with immigrants from shitty countries? What i…[View]
134341381Will they ever find the real killer(s)?: I know /pol/ doesn't believe The Juice was capable of …[View]
134337937Any genuine Seventh Day Adventists, genuine protestants or enemies of the Jesuits here? I have been …[View]
134339320RIP IN PEACE LIMP BIZKIT Butterfly was the most romantic nu-metal song in the early 90-es.[View]
134338022These are the counter protesters for Cville on Aug 12th: We're encountering levels of victimhoo…[View]
134341094How cucked is google?[View]
134339984Trump was going to kick his ass out so sessions played his hand before the EU authorities was ready …[View]
134341328Alt-right/Trump tards cringe thread[View]
134341604Linkin park lead singer dead: Admit it you poltards, you liked them at some point. We were all a bit…[View]
134337289A reminder to you honkies he dindu nuffin. Racist po lease have no place in AmeriKKKa. Justice has b…[View]
134341527We recognize Israel as the main threat to Humanity. They will lose this round, but their (((masters)…[View]
134338853Is Alternative Medicine based?: Gua sha, aromatherapie, acupuncture, cupping, colon cleansing and le…[View]
134341352so what was the 'leave /pol/before march the 15th' post all about in the end?[View]
134341323They cannot let it go: How depressing is the worst timeline?[View]
134341119Cultural Appropriation: Whose culture is it anyway, and what about hybridity?: https://medium.com/@s…[View]
134287820Professors fear 'alt-right' is taking over Medieval Studies: http://www.campusreform.org/?…[View]
134340867what's he snacking on right now to comfort himself?[View]
134341165*doxxes your children* *threatens them with public shame if they don't publicly become communis…[View]
134341145Do you think that psychedelic drugs should be legalized alongside cannabis or should they all remain…[View]
134340239Aquamarine Le Pen[View]
134332676Trump curse STRIKES AGAIN: I TRIED SOOOOOOO HAAAAAAARD >Chester Bennington hangs himself. Chester…[View]
134340907Mexican Doodle: This hero saved 40,000 lives while you no lifes sit here and shitpost on an underwat…[View]
134339796I'm gonna fight 'em all A seven nation army couldn't hold me back They're gonna …[View]
134340725Linking Park: You tried so hard, And got so far. But in the end, It didn't even matter. Lmao…[View]
134339753Operation Kill Bitch - Let's plan Merkel's execution: Germans, there's only one way t…[View]
134338286Linkin Park Lead Singer Dead. Trump curse continues!: Another one bites the dust... Faggot hung hims…[View]
134336671Why are so many middle-aged white American men killing themselves?[View]
134338909I know I know...marx...jewish. I get it https://youtu.be/N3zmcg0VOk0 But what does pol think about G…[View]
134340681It starts with one thing, i dont know why they couldnt beat the old album no matter how hard they tr…[View]
134302196If white is superior to shitskins, why is Balkan such a shithole? checkm8[View]
134340608Single payer healthcare: Why do Republicans like Trump oppose this, outside of lobbying and money?…[View]
134340276RIP Link ;/[View]
134337837First McCain, now Bennington: Who's next for the Trump Curse?[View]
134336142Women who go out now expect to be sexually assaulted multiple times: http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/a…[View]
134340342Complains about soda sizes in US, drinks gallons of alcohol[View]
134325946'It doesn't affect you, so why should you care how I live my life?' what is the best argument a…[View]
134339373He tried so hard: >and got so far >in the end, it didn't even matter An hero! http://www.…[View]
134340307So glad Trump drained the swamp and did everything he said he would do. I thought for a second he wa…[View]
134336842what did he mean by this, pol[View]
134332488Mongrels: What percentage is acceptable before people should just KYS? I stand hardfast to the one-d…[View]
134338532Whos next on Trump curse hitlist? Crawling in my skin an heroed today and mccuck shits in his own de…[View]
134338160How did he get away with it?[View]
134335129Based AIDS man fucking destroys NPR: Based AIDS man rek't NPR so fucking hard that they won…[View]
134337019I'm fucked up /pol/: >Be me average autist but have a qt gf >Spending some sexy time with…[View]
134339229Slavoj Žižek needs a helicopter ride: This guy is such an embarrassment to my people Why can't …[View]
134339147Hey /pol/. This is my first time here so go easy on me. Fuck all those liberal fag cucks and hail Tr…[View]
134332778Help me redpill: Any good video compilations of migrant mayhem that don't involve nazi shit? I …[View]
134335204WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS CREATURE /pol/?: This is the most disgusting looking Jew 'reporter' I've …[View]
134339826Transgender Service Member Implementation Brief: >Be in Army >Reading email >Upcoming Safet…[View]
134326537FUCK DRUMPF AND FUCK WHITE PPO This is an evergreen college professor[View]
134339727/pol/ how the hell do I find information on all of these topics.[View]
134336580OJ in innocent: As a proud black man, I am going to tell you why OJ did nothing wrong. 1) He's…[View]
134338417pwned: http://www.gq.com/story/the-case-for-being-a-cuck[View]
134328015Why aren't you breeding, /pol/?: How else are us huwayt pipol gonna catch up to dem negroes! 'D…[View]
134338421Could be do no wrong? Like really why didn't we get him instead?[View]
134337871I liked him in the 2000s but he was a very rat liberal jew He supported the same agenda of George So…[View]
134339347Trump wants to hire 75+ foreign cooks, servers and housekeepers to work at his golf courses, includi…[View]
134339568Orthodox: Continued from last thread >>134278108 What the Church Fathers REALLY say about petr…[View]
134330975Oregon Takes over U.S.: Thoughts and concerns?[View]
134339513I hate shitskins.[View]
134338978Where the white women at?[View]
134339414do you want a jew wife?: no idea why some of you goyim seem to fancy them[View]
134337702Ben and Jerry's Cuck Cream: What the blazes is this shit. Ben and Jerry's advert; Together…[View]
134337853Another one bites the dust http://www.tmz.com/2017/07/20/linkin-park-singer-chester-bennington-dead-…[View]
134337688>tfw non-white but now realize that Hitler was completely right where to go from here…[View]
134339396In poland we say: im shiting to womens mouth[View]
134335016The stupid military budget: > The military budget is 164 times more than the NCI (cancer research…[View]
134339352Cape Verdeans whiter than Brazilians: Holy fuck , a lot of cape verdeans are whiter than the average…[View]
134336797The Juice is Loose!: Paroled![View]
134337196Are feminists androphobic?[View]
134339203>The Government wants to fix juidicial system >the 'defenders of Democracy' rush to the street…[View]
134325609>2015 swedish male to female ratio age 16-20 >123 males per 100 females WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!…[View]
134338572Redpill me on religion: Continued from >>134323694[View]
134335112Why aren't you dating a bogpilled woman, anon?[View]
134322103You people take this walking sack of estrogen seriously. Discuss.[View]
134339083The juice is loose pt 2: I expect some TNB out of him in the next few days.[View]
134336237Would the Axis have won if these guys weren't absolute dogshit?[View]
134336179Are terrorists starting all the forest fires lately? I know it sounds stupid, but how does the stat…[View]
134337811ONE THING[View]
134336777How long until a vigilante delivers justice to OJ? Seeing as we cannot rely on justice from states u…[View]
134337182Operation 'unfriend liberal': Listen up faggots, the time has come to fight back. I know you'v…[View]
134330581STALIN: Stalin man of steel[View]
134338864/pol/ is my tree house and also my gf is a bitch and also i wish u great day and also d-day was a wa…[View]
134338863Why is Australia full of complete inbred, shit stains and why the fuck is shit like this happening i…[View]
134338855How ready is /pol/ for the collapse?[View]
134334881America and (((Democracy))) hate thread:: Post your bests memes & arguments for why Democracy is…[View]
134279608/Elizabeth Lee Beck/ BULLET PROOF COFFEE EDITION: Elizabeth Lee Beck, Attorney >got unexpectedly …[View]
134337475Ban assault ropes[View]
134338632http://web.archive.org/web/19961111232453/http://www.natvan.com:80/WHORULES/WHORULES.HTML >ctrl+f…[View]
134331622Mueller Expands Probe to Trump Business Transactions: IT'S FUCKING OVER DRUMPFTARDS https://www…[View]
134337177How to defeat the SJWs and redpill the normies: Use forced diversity against them. Secret society qu…[View]
134316765German state funded youtube channel 'jokes' about putting indigenous Germans into camps. https://www…[View]
134331938/nsg/ 卐 - A Last Appeal to Reason Edition - NatSoc General: ϟϟ BLOOD, FATHERLAND, FAITH ϟϟ Thread …[View]
134338224We won, (((they))) lost, such is the way of the world.: Don't be fooled, the big book talks abo…[View]
134338360They aren't even trying anymore. How does a company ok this shit?[View]
134335556BASED GERMAN FOREIGN MINISTER: This guy walks up to you at the disco and slaps your girlfriends ass.…[View]
134330532Explain this /pol/: >Be celebrity >Be anti jewish >Lose your career, or job >Be anti Ill…[View]
134338146The Alt Left: I had a brilliant idea this morning while raging away listening to the latest sjw driv…[View]
134318098Meanwhile in Russia... Ru.Youtube. Kremlin censorship.: Hi. I’ll just leave this here. We just fight…[View]
134332864Just finishede this. Eustace says whites are the descendants of Shem. The original shemites (semites…[View]
134310452Why do you guys hate socialism? >Denmark >Sweden >Finland >Norway All perfect examples …[View]
134338052what the fuck is his problem?: >A mayoral candidate in Florida unleashed on activists and his opp…[View]
134338009McCain edition! Fill in the blanks, /pol/.[View]
134337952Why are liberals so soft on crime? Do violent felons remind them of their daddy that left them when …[View]
134337065Still funny.[View]
134337489Another victim.: https://twitter.com/chesterbe/status/675374464058589184?lang=en The incomplete Trum…[View]
134337217place your bets /pol/: how long till hes back in the slammer?[View]
134337114Scott Adams Wipes the floor with Sam Harris: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Vc9Gsn5Ees [Embed] Sam…[View]
134337223Segregation in British schools: It's a major topic which was ignored much like the Dame Louise …[View]
134330956Syria General /sg/ - GAINS?!?! Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpress.…[View]
134335750Dumb shits: 'Is the left really that bad?' Why the fuck would he ask me that with a straight face?…[View]
134336957Trump curse phenomenon: Trump curse strikes again[View]
134337780You know, if there's one thing the FBI is really good at, it's bringing down crime familie…[View]
134332601I cited all the first 6 month accomplishements for the meme: Trump picks Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Co…[View]
134336645BAHAHAHA! Another one bites the dust: Trump hater, Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington.. dies…[View]
134315037Opinions on this man? He was in controversy a few months ago for expressing 'racist' views hes half…[View]
134337014Which one of you Haligoniggers did this? http://archive.is/Q7eu7[View]
134332495FIRST BLACK AFRICAN KINGDOM IN WEST AFRICA: The so-called Ghanaian empire whose modern day borders a…[View]
134331749Was this the blunder of the decade?[View]
134335086It's about damn time...: For a nigger hate thread.[View]
134296743Lesbian here. Just a reminder that we are taking over. The fact is women have NEVER been attracted t…[View]
134329187Romania stronk: Romania sunk an amphibious armored vehicle into the Danube during the saber guardian…[View]
134335047Over 50% of mudslimes are inbred. Terrorism explained?: Ever since schizo Muhammad plowed his 12 yea…[View]
134336478I TRIED SO HARD[View]
134334356OJ Simpson parole hearing thread #4: https://www.wthr.com/article/oj-simpson-drawing-world-attention…[View]
134337164Chester Bennington suicide: What is this a distraction for? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-…[View]
134337393White people BTFO: White people have no culture, no history and no accomplishments that weren't…[View]
134337381Why is racemixing bad?: Observations from Israel : >Everyone are mixing it up - ashkenazim , mizr…[View]
134326662What's next for her career?[View]
134334533Bitcoin is the last chance to take power back from the jews: We gave them access to money in the 160…[View]
134336324Who should we feel worse for? The man raising his wife's son, or the wife's son?[View]
134322848>he praises non-White 'based' individuals[View]
134336994You fucko with Trumpo, you get hango.[View]
134327121>people want some stairs for a local park >government says it will cost $65,000 >a dude doe…[View]
134323265>Soviet Union population (1940): 170.6 million people >Russian Federation population (2017): 1…[View]
134335776Why dont we genocide (((women))) and force manlets below 6' into qt traps[View]
134335955Imagine there was a button that would turn all non-whites in the planey into white Christians, but s…[View]
134331760Black Genocide: Lets face it, Blacks have been and are currently being genocided in America and nobo…[View]
134336668No need to wonder why police don't investigate PG or Pedogate: Guess he wanted the erection pho…[View]
134319067O.J. Simpson's parole board hearing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCFqwctPjLU Coverage start…[View]
134322313Brit/pol/ - White Nationalists Are Vi edition: >Not enough women in Brexit Negotiation Team, say …[View]
134335379>brother leaves dissenting comment on some Bernie bro's thread >Bernie autist finds my br…[View]
134336318THE JUICE IS LOOSE![View]
134336424get in here: google zionismontheweb enter first results and copy domain name go to who is look up to…[View]
134334670John McCain: What did he mean by this?[View]
134334127how does pol feel about this[View]
134335978Soviets kicked nazi a-[View]
134332179An eternal question: Okay, so I've got an ultimate question for you. A question I can't re…[View]
134336263Mihai I: Fellow Dacians, what do you think about this man?[View]
134332541If whites are so superior why do they lead America in school shootings and suicides?[View]
134335578PAROLE DENIED.[View]
134278108OUR CHURCH: >Conversions gradually transforming Orthodox Christianity >More than 70 percent of…[View]
134324989Is it true that thousands years ago we all had black skin? If yes, how did we become White? And when…[View]
134332675https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/17/opinion/sex-robots-consent.html >The Trouble With Sex Robots …[View]
134336110The Juice Is Loose Americuh[View]
134332434Global Warming: Hi /pol I usually just lurk around, but would really like an answer to a conundrum i…[View]
134336083>been in prison since bush >didn't even get to see the first black president >has to l…[View]
134322092He's a WAR HERO! Don't be so disrespectful! Press F to pay respect RIGHT.FUCKING.NOW![View]
134331711CNN: When does pol think CNN will finally die?[View]
134335965>Chester may have died now but Linkin Park itself died long ago. Just listen to that shit: https:…[View]
134335875WHAT THE FUCK????:(((([View]
134335808HE WALKS[View]
134321450Turkey helps ISIS: by revealing US locations in northern Syria. Why are these guys still in NATO? Ho…[View]
134334697Merchant thread: Post your best Merchant[View]
134307071Racism on /pol/: Why do so many of you here resort to racism when debating or slandering? I'm L…[View]
134335725Murderer is on the Loose: Granted parole, WTF.[View]
134333089is this the next swastika?[View]
134332603What did he mean by this?[View]
134332015Poos, what's going on here? http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/chennai/beached-by-illegal-sand…[View]
134335296UK POO https://www.google.com/amp/www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/scientists-poo-bacteria…[View]
134305460Pray the Rosary. In 'The Secret of the Rosary' by Saint Grignion de Monfort, the great Saint says th…[View]
134335081Should I Go?: I got invited to a concert. Generally I think concerts are degenerate but seeing Linki…[View]
134335213black pill: Here's a black pill for yall: > Manson was kinda right....…[View]
134323694Redpill me on religion: I'm slowly losing any real reason to believe in God, but I feel I need …[View]
134334898What should be done with the homeless?[View]
134334809Do you discuss politics with your significant other /pol/?[View]
134291667What's the most comfiest job in existence?: To make it more political, I would say US drone ope…[View]
134330805I cant take this shit: /pol/ has completely redpilled me on the Jews but all my family and friends a…[View]
134329753SALON LOVES KE$HA: AND SO SHOULD YOU! http://www.salon.com/2017/07/14/i-demand-a-critical-reappraisa…[View]
134334002What do you hold a rally about when after 6 months your administration hasn't accomplished anyt…[View]
134334027P00P00P33P33: Vulgar Rare Pepe thread![View]
134333141Why do nu-males have affeminate jawlines?[View]
134334054They keep dropping like flies[View]
134334669What's /pol/'s opinion on public surveillance?[View]
134331142If women are so weak and shirty, how come it's men that need 'mgtow' and 'red pilling'? Is it p…[View]
134332448Make america great again! :D[View]
134334376Janusz Korwin-Mikke Adolf Hitler edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQrYtz8Gy9Q[View]
134334552'I like war heroes who weren't captured. And don't have brain cancer.' Donald J. Trump[View]
134334277http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/rock/7873783/linkin-park-chester-bennington-suicide CRAWLI…[View]
134334372Is Japan just an autism infused China? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJI5gaWuf6w[View]
134298463Bodymod degeneracy: Why are tattoos and piercings so common these days. What makes people get them? …[View]
134330295OJ Simpson parole hearing thread #3: https://www.wthr.com/article/oj-simpson-drawing-world-attention…[View]
134334482Goyim gonna Goy: I added, 'Bidding for President of Goyim #Lambright2020' because Goyim don't k…[View]
134334388America and UK are the worst countries in the world.: How exactly are Norway, Danmark and Sweden the…[View]
134329194Can we please stop watching this guy? I'm sick of having everyone's IQ decrease by using t…[View]
134333512Any of you agree?! What should they honestly do ?[View]
134331013Wind is the future. Coal is the past.: Wind is the future, coal-fags. Wind Technicians are the FAST…[View]
134331734Obviously, niggers are the dumbest race on the planet, nobody even doubts this in the slightest. How…[View]
134316042German hoe beaten like a bitch, muthafucka: Apparently, this girl became friend with a boy, and one …[View]
134334297Putin thanks Israel for denouncement of Soviet War Monuments’ toppling in Europe: http://tass.com/po…[View]
134334211Uncucked flags: ITT: We post and create uncucked flags An uncucked EU flag[View]
134333403Los Angeles Free Speech Rally: Unite the Right? Sure. Let's hash it out openly. Alt-Lite / Alt-…[View]
134334077/pol/ I just saw this. How many people have been afflicted by the Trump curse now? We should compil…[View]
134332814Who will be next?[View]
134328741Thoughts on Augustus Sol Invictus?[View]
134331087IN THE ENDDDD[View]
134333553I TRIED SO HARD[View]
134324292>sitting in burger king eating some delicious burgers (see flag) >they have a tv on >I thin…[View]
134331373As of today, 20th of June, Poland is a dictatorship. Press H to hail our new glorious leader.[View]
134316183New union?: So, I and other friends of mine (all of us scandies) have long wanted the nordic contrie…[View]
134330768Are there any programs that teach afro americans how to properly interact with cops? Maybe there sho…[View]
134333045THE FINAL SOLUTION: what would happen if all niggers suddenly did not have access to free food? What…[View]
134329126This is the man that will be our new dictator https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qoe9k1qBw7c he literal…[View]
134321423My country is an international laughing stock all thanks to one man.[View]
134329983>Donald Drumpf has secret meeting with Putin. >Media reports it >Autists from T_D in comple…[View]
134331560why is it that just like entropy, degeneracy, seems to only move towards more disorder?[View]
134331770Trump considers outsourcing American cybersecurity to Russia: Donald Trump is further alienating Ame…[View]
134326857Twins: What does pol think of twins?[View]
134333438What did he mean by this?[View]
134330842Fuck Sessions fuck TRUMP And fuck u shilling fucks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XbjNdxvbVE[View]
134325188Wait so if mccain dies who is going to run for his seat in 2018?[View]
134330451John McAfee: Can pol help John McAfee identify the man in the picture over his shoulder? The picture…[View]
134321211It's over. Democracy in Poland has been destroyed. Judiciary from now on will serve the governi…[View]
134313169Daily reminder that if you consider pic related to be a serious journalist, you are no better than l…[View]
134328800reminder that Lyndon johnson was /ourguy/ >called people faggots and niggers >hated blacks …[View]
134333262I was an SJW but not too long ago I started to read some of Evola's writings. How deep is the r…[View]
134330889>Big billionare who helped all of the big tech startups in the 2000s >advocates for true Commu…[View]
134310141Victorians were smarter than the class of 2017: >Technology may be getting smarter but humans hav…[View]
134333020How's it going: Hello /pol/ As usual I'm drunk and I've had some thoughts. Why do peo…[View]
134331418OJ HEARING: ''''IF'''' I DID IT. LIVE EDITION http://www.cnn.com/2017/07/20/us/oj-simpson-parole-hea…[View]
134330247You are what 18-30 years old? can you imagine how bad it is today for kids growing up compared to th…[View]
134329750is ruling an sport: she's been doing this a long time[View]
134330021What's next for roasties?[View]
134327908Britain: White students must not be allowed to segregate: > Legislation to stop one race prevaili…[View]
134322712Whitewashing: Why do wh*Tes always have to ruin everything?[View]
134326554You can't deny this to be true can't you[View]
134332225Thousands of migrants are confessing they are terrorists in Germany.: It's a new tactic to clai…[View]
134328036Rhetoric Thread: Was Hitler the best modern speaker ever? Post your favorite examples. Also does any…[View]
134327971I haven't been here ever since Humpty Trumpty won the election, how has general consensus chang…[View]
134301654Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors: Can we get LFTR's to trend on twitter? Liquid salt thorium br…[View]
134332386Why don't white people donate more sperm if you want to save the white race. I mean seriously,…[View]
134319083/Guess the country game/: Rules are simple: post an image from a county (doesn't have to be you…[View]
134325913if wymen ruled the world: https://archive.is/n9I7d How fast would the world lie in ruins /pol/?…[View]
134331204blaxit: What have you done recently to help the Blaxit movement?[View]
134329496Does /pol/ support equal rights for the disabled?: https://youtu.be/nX-b2YpINgQ[View]
134318559EVERY.FUCKING.TIME!: The Final Solution when?[View]
134328600How will trump ever recover ?[View]
134331888Trump admits Russians could have already paid him millions of dollars: IMPEACH. NOW.[View]
134323492What do you think about Lehi? Also known as the most right wing underground jewish movement before t…[View]
134330246Would you vote for a party/candidate which/who stands for: • Take money out of politics • Term limit…[View]
134326901/hrg/ - Holocaust Revisionism General: Thread for debating about the official story of the Holocaust…[View]
134314611Get well soon, he says to an 80-year-old man with aggressive brain cancer. >80 years old >aggr…[View]
134331676Does India have its own SJW problem? This is just ridiculous. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2…[View]
134327693If 55% of Americans contracted Ebola would the gov do something?: Obesity is just as deadly as Ebola…[View]
134329557Daily reminder that skinheads are a disgrace[View]
134328685Body Count Report 7-20-17: >BODY COUNT REPORT >7-20-2017 Here's a list of links for only …[View]
134328815All the things blacks have created: let's start with that computer you're typing on - the …[View]
134317868Found out I have Jewish blood: Found out yesterday that one of my grandfathers (I never met him) was…[View]
134331533[Understanding Doublespeak 101] Class 1 - Mainstream Media Memes >... and That's a Good Thin…[View]
134313966Is anyone else exited to see what comes of our generation in 10 20 years? I'm talking about us …[View]
134326999What would the effects of Basic Income be?: It gets memed a lot, but there seem to be some unavoidab…[View]
134331442>OJ dindu nuffin >OJ waz worked up >OJ was uncomfortable with the small room >OJ and …[View]
134329817Rod Rosenstein: Swamp Kike or Regular Kike?: What's /pol/'s opinion on Rosenstein? Haven…[View]
134328521Gaudillo Franco: Red pill me[View]
134323260Mohammed Noor: The nigger cop that shot the unarmed Aussie white woman in her pajamas was a Somali i…[View]
134328981Why are these people still alive? Shouldn't invaders be killed?[View]
134331020Why has Sweden become like this?: Has Sweden always been this way? I believe its ridiculous what PC …[View]
134313302IT'S HAPPENING!: Mueller Expands Probe to Trump Business Transactions 'The U.S. special counsel…[View]
134331023FDN_Glyphosate_FoodTesting_Report_p2016.pdf Monsanto is fucking scary yo. We're all being poiso…[View]
134330778>To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize. If it's …[View]
134327082Midwestern 4th Reich: I'm sick of hearing autists in the media talk about how 'muh racists in t…[View]
134330563Burn the coal pay the toll: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/cops-ex-husband-confessed-to-killing-missing…[View]
134330851How does this make you feel /pol/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shTK5XW_knk I want to time trave…[View]
134318760Brazilians are AFRO-LATINOS: /pol/ should know this already , brazilians are not normal latinos , th…[View]
134313528>best culture >best universities >best movies >best food >best television >best mu…[View]
134330701Why haven't you traveled to Iraq to buy yourself a faithful (virgin) Christian gf?[View]
134330493YUROPOORS BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArpRKXml5Iw[View]
134330657Daily reminder that he is the true mastermind and ruler in Poland[View]
134312886MEXICO > USA: >strong values >good food >beautiful girls >handsome president >cons…[View]
134326606Where are the happenings.: Why are there no happenings ? REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE https://www.youtube.c…[View]
134327558>there are people on /pol/ RIGHT NOW who think alex jones isn't right about literally fuckin…[View]
134327984What do you think of the Teutonic Order?[View]
134330229Hey, there American, want to buy a kebab?[View]
134330483Hilldawgs btfo[View]
134330063UK Gay Christians Can Now Get Married in a Cathedral: Suck it homophobes. https://www.premier.org.uk…[View]
134321792Syria General /sg/- You Didn't See Anything Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriag…[View]
134327963Race Realism: Redpill me on race realism. Also, what to do with the high IQ non-whites? Should they …[View]
134325903Guyz, anyone who has approach to Western mass media, pls help us! We, Russians, are deprived of prop…[View]
134305166What the fuck happens in Switzerland?: I hear no stereotypes about Switzerland other than Neutrality…[View]
134329426Quebec: What does pol think of Quebec people. Hitler said he would'ove giving us a country had …[View]
134327511OJ Simpson parole hearing thread #2: https://www.wthr.com/article/oj-simpson-drawing-world-attention…[View]
134318560What did their robot look like /pol/?: http://archive.is/M56Tx[View]
134328548/pol/ will never be a real chad[View]
134329797>playing a random racing gayme >Even the audience is a racially mixed couple with black male a…[View]
134327336My political views?: The alt-right is killing this planet.[View]
134329934https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gf6UAIVeJQ The true Israelites were black, white Jews(Synagogue of …[View]
134328435If our brain can trick us into believing optical illusions: how are we supposed to distinguish betwe…[View]
134329872How do we fix the millennial problem?: Can't make this shit up[View]
134324770Why niggers have no value for human life?[View]
134315079GERMANY NOOO!![View]
134307625Ouch. I'd call this fake news but these are objective numbers. I guess Trump is a weak preside…[View]
134328983Ok /pol/ it's time to buy my sad pepe embroidery patch and make yourself /pol AF here's my…[View]
134329705What would happen if a law were passed that banned Jews from government, media, education, or bankin…[View]
134329697Pol approved tv shows...MTV before the SJWs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1AHDNTXYSA[View]
134321577You seem to despise freedom and popular democracy, /pol/. How many of you have personal experience l…[View]
134317284Orban licks Jewish ass in the name of whole V4: Poland is out of this zionist antihuman V4 club of i…[View]
134329371How can someone take another life? We can't even comprehend what we're experiencing, this …[View]
134320716poland, white ethnostate/genozide: So... >Be Poland >Be part of shitty EU run by people wantin…[View]
134326013Is she right /pol/?[View]
134329473Is there a coherent ideology this man is pushing, is he is just the ultimate strawman for a bunch of…[View]
134327044Why are niggers so fucking ugly?[View]
134318269how does /pol/ make money, outside of a regular 9/5 job?[View]
134316499Redpill me on masonry Are they jews too?[View]
134329054How can we fix Yu-Gi-Oh?: In their new promotional trailer, Yugi tries to take over the world and im…[View]
134317109It's everyday BRO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSlb1ezRqfA Why do white people try so hard …[View]
134327042Holy shit, why are there so many Germans? Also, I guess we're going extinct. I feel special tha…[View]
134321960Me and my sister when we were little kids. How did my dad manage to have a good family while we shit…[View]
134327457Absolutely beautiful[View]
134316034Anybody else noticed how captchas became increasingly time consuming and completely wrong? You could…[View]
134301572The left tries to thinkpiece their way back to humor: What the left doesn't realize is that bei…[View]
134319750The audacity of these kikes: First they take our foreskins, and now these kikes are coming for our f…[View]
134318804Do you think there is a difference between black men (well behaving people) and niggers (the chimp o…[View]
134328593DENIED E N I E D[View]
134320372BOOK THREAD: Hey /pol/, I found a collection of not translated NS books in german uploaded to mega a…[View]
134327928>Brazil isn't base- https://nextshark.com/racist-brazilian-host-berates-k-pop-group-kard-tv-…[View]
134313787Bill Nye: Old People Must Be Executed For Climate Science To Progress: http://dailycaller.com/2017/0…[View]
134320942How many people need to die?: https://youtu.be/hpLlOxacq_8>385 mass shootings in the US in 2016 …[View]
134326428ICE Chief: We're Coming for Sanctuary Cities: >AND WE'RE NOT SORRY While everyone worri…[View]
134328561Kurdish Muslims Protecting Christians: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YLtoJrkEaM Are the Kurds /ou…[View]
134314798Father issues.: How do father issues manifest themselves in men? Pic unrelated[View]
134325153Redpill me on the alt-right. I'm a moderate leftist open to discussion and debate. (Pic not rel…[View]
134328041Donald Trump thinks health insurance costs $12 a year[View]
134325139racemixing is bad because brown dicks look like poop sticks[View]
134328292New Adolf Hitler documentary blocked by Youtube: It's by the guy who made the 'They said I was …[View]
134326585I am very interested in the results! Here is Austria, pic related![View]
134327547Real life close encounters: >be great dane >not a filthy pleb >have a job, wake up 4:30 eve…[View]
134328214Muslim men are hot: Well groomed muslim men attract loads of chic, you gotta admit it white boi…[View]
13431409310.5 million dollar settlement: He kills a canadian soldier and our government pays him over $10 mil…[View]
134325500Laura Loomer DICKED BY SLICK WILLY[View]
134325491I can't wait for cancer to kill this fucker. With him gone, there are no Republicans left to st…[View]
134325324Churchill cover up: Newly declassified documents show Churchill tried to cover up Dukes link to the …[View]
134327721They're just begging for war, aren't they?[View]
134326542boomer appreciation thread: >get crucified in public for showing none-mainstream opinions >WHY…[View]
134327020MAGAnormies are waiting: Trump ultimately betrays anyone who supports him. Sessions is learning that…[View]
134327880Holy shit... is it even possible for someone to get ass blasted this much? Why are Sam fans saying h…[View]
134301893Pretty edgy huh /pol/?[View]
134324693Oh dear, it just gets worse and worse. Midwife in Sweden complains she works so hard she has no time…[View]
134327335STOP WHITE GENOCIDE: What can we realistically do, to preserve the greatest species which has ever b…[View]
134305424Does anyone else remember when bees were going extinct and we were all going to starve? >In 2016,…[View]
134321648Can someone succinctly explain to me what paganism is?[View]
134310413Attorney General Jeff Sessions announces international cybercrime enforcement action: Major announce…[View]
134327749Why is nobody fighting for freedom of speach on the EU.? In america people fight for everything[View]
134324533i need triple parenthesis addon to chrome where can i find it?[View]
134320847OJ Simpson parole hearing thread #1: OJ Simpson will have a live parole hearing at 1pm stream https…[View]
134323850Race War: He will win and kick it off, are you prepared anon[View]
134327107Are you ready in 10 years for your future employees to all have names like Jaxxon, Kaysen, Kamrynne,…[View]
134294013Nigger Going Back To Africa: Sup /pol/, it finally happened. Relative died, I'm getting control…[View]
134323226so, which ethnic group of asians are with us and which ones are against us? seems like a lot of west…[View]
134324719>women are better at being retarded on twitter[View]
134316624Trump to Mueller: Don't look into my family's personal finances: Guess where Mueller is go…[View]
134325131Why do conservatives have more children than liberals?[View]
134325146Imagine having aggressive brain cancer and still finding the time to warmonger. So. Brave.[View]
134325265Owen Shroyer: what does /pol think of this cuckservative? (pic made by me lol)[View]
134322956Forgotten American hate thread[View]
134326967Anyone have that picture of that QT with the Slavic cross shirt, the Swastika mug and the /comfy/ lo…[View]
134325992how accurate is this chart?[View]
134325636MCMASTER CONVINCED TRUMP TO STOP FUNDING REBELS: Remember when we thought he was a neocon? Now he…[View]
134322238Arguing with socialist: Seen this argument on r/Socialism. How can Pol even begin to refute this?…[View]
134325915Polish judicial independence got fucked good.: Well Poland is going to be a totalitarian country. La…[View]
134321488#HOSPITALGATE - OBAMAS TWO FRONT TEETH: Fmr. Cadet Sir Deacon Richard Doyle may just be THE MOST IMP…[View]
134320368give me one reason why the borders of europe shouldnt look like this?[View]
134323050Killer Muzzie Negro Somali Cop - Was 'Diversity Hire': She walked up to their patrol car in her paja…[View]
134316783Bill Nye: Older people need to 'die' out before climate science can advance: http://www.wa…[View]
134324434Why the fuck isn't the show on the main channel?: I don't subscribe to the channel because…[View]
134326452HWNDU Flag: It might be happening again.[View]
134325250Alphabay, Largest Darknet Market, Shut Down!: http://archive.is/JuNYw AlphaBay was a successor to th…[View]
134325239Question to evolution deniers: What is oil?[View]
134322520Antifa: Is anyone here hunting antifa or is antifa just doing nothing right now[View]
134323914>5 months ago I finally got a gf >she's an exchange uni student from New Hampshire >1 …[View]
134312106What did she mean by this? https://www.instagram.com/p/BWwm4MmFkCD/ What's happening in Poland,…[View]
134321665The 7th floor group: TL;DR: In one of the old FBI Hillary R Clinton documents on page 56 they allud…[View]
134318433As a Canadian what can I personally do to make my Country a better place?[View]
134326048Honestly I have more respect for pornstars that fuck black dudes than coal burners that do it for fr…[View]
134325248This is Jeb, he's your new president. Say something nice about him.[View]
134325404Alphabay and Hansa Market is down.[View]
134325866Is this real estate salesman /ourguy/?[View]
134322773Why does the USA insist on using their military to invade irrelevant shitholes thousands of miles aw…[View]
134325696This has never been about races, it's some dumb cop scared for his life, that had to shot first…[View]
134323660AntiTranny: heya /pol/ need as much anti-trans shit as you can muster[View]
134318086UNITE THE RIGHT IN CHARLOTTESVILLE - AUGUST 12 - #RIGHTWINGWOODSTOCK: 23 days remain. This will be t…[View]
134303741Anyone hate their race as much as I do?: Hey /pol/ Nigger here. Is it normal to hate your own race …[View]
134305762Post yfw you realized John McCain is dying.[View]
134325384Message to Agents of /pol/: The flag is returning, there are talks of a boat. The finest of /pol/ mu…[View]
134310172>told myself I'd stop drinking coffee because it harms my sleep, costs too much, and the wor…[View]
134327021Tell me /pol/, what's wrong with becoming a pornstar?[View]
134318914How many illegal jobs will robotic mower eliminate?[View]
134323696Just giving gram gram the tour, everyone act normal. >and here we have /pol/ gram gram, the stuf…[View]
134325240As a neighbor of the United States, I was swayed by the Nationalist and Fascist promises Trump made,…[View]
134290986Sen. John McCain diagnosed with malignant brain tumor: http://tucson.com/news/local/sen-john-mccain-…[View]
134325209Guys, we have to stop sending troops to Russia's borders, we're provoking them! >Annexe…[View]
134325183OJ SIMPSON PAROLE HEARING.: GET THE FUCK IN HERE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rdq8BdlnM1Y…[View]
134325004>2 month without any happening What did ISIS mean by this?[View]
134320698Please do the right thing.[View]
134323756Hello /pol/. ITT, you try to prove the holocaust happened. >pro-tip: you can't…[View]
134323312#FindEbbyJane: https://crimewatchdaily.com/2017/05/25/crime-watch-daily-joins-hunt-for-missing-littl…[View]
134320530reminder that gender (not sex) is a social construct[View]
134307479Why do white nationalists associate with Hitler? Is it not cucking yourself by associating your nat…[View]
134324327Bros i miss the primaries so much It was the best time on /pol/[View]
134302727Well lads? Are we going to spend shekels to see this or no? Can't imagine any women or shitskin…[View]
134320366Lol this is the guy running against pocahontas[View]
134321815Right, state your name cuz..[View]
134313553How does a Stanford educated philosopher and neuroscientist get an intellectual smackdown from a med…[View]
134305159Male biology is the issue not race: Femanon here. No, I will not show you my breasts as I don't…[View]
134323560America should seek unity through American Constitutionalist Nationalism, while Europeans should pur…[View]
134323259Why do Democrats hate free speech?[View]
134324601Why are anarcho-communists such poser faggots?[View]
134324406HE'S FREE![View]
134312091>Get accused of having 'white privilege' >'Excuse me ma'am, are you implying white people…[View]
134320932Electoral College: Why do liberals bitch about the electoral college so much And why do conservative…[View]
134322635Laura Loomer is a microcephalic Jewish zika survivor: Giant long face, short sloping forehead, hookn…[View]
134322196/pol/s community: Does /pol/ like where it lives? Does it feel like home to you? Do you actively par…[View]
134322722Can we discuss the beta cuck epidemic and the emasculation of males? Why is this happening and conti…[View]
134321879ITT we BTFO of Trumpcucks: I'll start: >claims to be nationalist >colludes with Russia…[View]
134324320The U.S. Military will turn on it's citizens.: >'The U.S. homeland is flagged-up as being es…[View]
134321382How's the swamp draining going?[View]
134324140>>134302100 >I can see religion, but race is a product of biology and evolution. Everyone o…[View]
134318889Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors White House petition: Link to Petition https://petitions.whitehouse…[View]
134313107In 6 months trump has tweeted 991 times, spent 40 days at trump golf properties and passed 0 pieces …[View]
134321823Could Jesus have had white features? (Eg Kurdish) Where did this whole Jesus was black meme come fro…[View]
134318523>There were Jewish Nazis /pol/... btfo?[View]
134282335India-China General /icg/ - Inaugurated Edition: Real war is finally about to happen. Both countries…[View]
134320613Anonymous (ID: 1ODfTEsA) 07/20/17(Thu)17:32:31 No.134316571▶>>134317329 >>134319621 …[View]
134321145Mueller Expands Probe to Trump Business Transactions: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-0…[View]
134317490Ben and Jerry's Propaganda: This shit just came out: (did you do your part faggot?) https://www…[View]
134321368Is Norway pretty much paradise?: Lots of oil which can be exported, so Norwegians are as rich as the…[View]
134321678Its Working nicely: http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/07/20/san-jose-businesswoman-pleads-guilty-to-h1…[View]
134314668Did he do it?[View]
134317361i want to start a colony in africa: if they can come here and spread why cant we go there and spread…[View]
134322582Rats fell from the ceiling into the dinning area at a Dallas Chipotle. Is this a publicity stunt pro…[View]
134320833New study proves the Lügenpresse: https://www.welt.de/politik/deutschland/article166815163/Studie-be…[View]
134322418Save the Aryans Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PAm72W-_Lq0 Okay that was funny[View]
134323685You filthy goyim cattle beast: Goyim exist only to serve Jews as slaves. Goyim were only born to ser…[View]
134323617His Name Was: His Name Was Peter Smith and he was killed by the Trump/Putin Crime Syndicate[View]
134307377What do you think about him[View]
134319913>2017 >still being a wagecuck Name one good reason i, as a white male, the only net tax payer …[View]
134321290Ok /pol/ looking for some anti sexism here. For the past few years(6 or so?) my mom has been repeati…[View]
134321169/pol/ did he do anything wrong or was this obviously just another triggered feminist? https://youtu.…[View]
134321775How do we bring back nobility? How do I become nobility?[View]
134323254I find it interesting that all the beta virgins here resonate with Hitler. It makes sense as Hitler …[View]
134320937Why do white people do this ?[View]
134323170Bill Nye the Final Solution Guy: Who knew that ovens would stop Global Warming?[View]
134322994Femanon here. Why doesn't the US have men like Putin? I swear it's all gay boys with gauge…[View]
134323095LOL: It seems visegrad 4 loves jews now! The EU is the real anti jew side. /Pol/ is now anti visegra…[View]
134322970OJ Simpson hearing: If you want to watch it live and dont got TV, I'm watching it here. https:/…[View]
134315480NUKE BRAZIL: Can we please nuke this shit country already?[View]
134308449GIVE US A GOOD DEAL OR ELSE WE WILL DUMP NUCLEAR WASTE ON YOU!: http://yourbrexit.co.uk/news/reveale…[View]
134322885We need to do something.: Lawmakers are making it a felony to boycott Israeli products. https://thei…[View]
134304275Louise Mensch: What's her end game? Who's side is she really on? Is this just Poe's l…[View]
134316109Free OJ - UnLoose Da Juice: Can't wait to see /pol racsist freak out later today when based OJ …[View]
134319997/pol/ approved podcasts?[View]
134293763Why do big cities attract so many mentally ill people?[View]
134321415Go on a journey with me: >its 2050 >this morning the news hit the world >the first human ba…[View]
134319432Weird Japanese Erdogan supporter.: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fhhy5Ha_-nM https://m.youtube.com/w…[View]
134322620Imagine being so much of a nigger that you need to start this 'program': https://www.thetrace.org/20…[View]
134301650HBO's Confederate will depict alternate timeline where south won US civil war: Is it going to b…[View]
134318252Völkisch General discuss occultism, esotericism, odinism, etc ITT[View]
134311304Is he crazy? Or just plain stupid: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost/paloma/daily-202/20…[View]
134319582>McCain is accused of giving information that led to the downing of 60 US aircraft >McCain is …[View]
134316737Laura Loomer is a nutcase: HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA[View]
134298043Why has Portugal's border been essentially untouched for a thousand years?[View]
134318279Temp thread to answer the swedish user in the mgtow old thread. >>134317319 But morality is r…[View]
134321431greatest allies who is jewing who here?[View]
134319120COINTELPRO Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control of a internet forum: There are several …[View]
134300510why do women hate sex robots /pol/? https://www.theguardian.com/technology/commentisfree/2017/jul/05…[View]
134322085O.J. Simpson parole hearing general: His parole hearing starts in 15 minutes.[View]
134311712Brit/pol/ - Ignore the Newfag Edition: >Not enough women in Brexit Negotiation Team, say female M…[View]
134310881Trump next plan: >killed TPP and stopped giving rebels weapons in Syria What is his next step of …[View]
134319167Punished Trump theory: So since Trump stopped the weapons from flowing to 'the Syrian rebels', what …[View]
134321921/ourgov/ Paul LePage may run for senate: http://archive.is/EN0ck http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-brief…[View]
134321853Ultimate red pill on Ukrainian conflict: 5-hour video with just facts and videos that you probably k…[View]
134316686Some redpills for you conspiratards to choke down: I'm seeing so many x-tier posts here lately …[View]
134321814Trump to States That Won't Share Voter Data: 'What Are They Worried About?': libtards…[View]
134306308Syria General /sg/- Friendly Banter Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordp…[View]
134319613Trump wants to keep this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFc29mBaxAw[View]
134321748Guys, did you know that in America, you only pay $12 per year for health insurance? What a truly ble…[View]
134321272Why dont you trust this men ?[View]
134321692Don Jr had other, undisclosed meetings with Russian officials http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing…[View]
134321244Have you taken the Mogg pill?[View]
134321138Does Zuckerberg's basic income tempt you?: You're all neets sitting at home trying to find…[View]
134318047Need some secret Nazi documents for my hobby collection! Can you help me out? Upload them as jpegs.[View]
134321586I-is it o-o-over anon?[View]
134315963/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
134321401Leftist Swine Felarca Arrested in SoCal: That slanty eyed cunt Felarca was finally cuffed and stuffe…[View]
134321514Mark my words. the madman will do it. He will publicly declare Soros an enemy of the state. He will …[View]
134321285What's the average age of a /pol/ user?[View]
134321154Another loyal pet gone: In the land of Minneapolis no pet, no yoga instructor is safe..... http://ww…[View]
134321426So what exactly is the DNC fraud lawsuit? It seems like this story keeps getting memory holed[View]
134320116name me 10 good things trump has done to america during his presidency. no memes allowed.[View]
134321375ALEX JONES 2020: Let's meme this man into office, we did it once and we will do it again. #ALEX…[View]
134305694Why are South Americans so backwards and violent?[View]
134320977Generation Identity: All right, let's settle this shit once and for all. Are they /ourbois/ or …[View]
134321221Hey friends! Rate my restaurant!: Can you guys go on Facebook and yelp and promote my restaurant? Th…[View]
134321177Gone With The Wind: Lets do some bread about life before 2008, the year the smartphone was unleashed…[View]
134321182>tfw a mediocre catoonist comes on your podcast and gives you the Dilbert…[View]
134307975Meanwhile in Russia https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=7a8_1500106205[View]
134307218Why do women have to ruin everything?[View]
134319335/pol/ what do you think of today's military?: Is this enough diversity for you?[View]
134289109Press S to spit on McCain's deathbed and on his daughter's tits.[View]
134313767National White People's Association of America: We can have the NAACP, to protect the rights of…[View]
134319101Is he our guy?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIG7Y1MOiQs Gotta get this man in the office he dese…[View]
134320535I think these people should be called the nu-left or nu-liberals. Lefties used to be chilled out dud…[View]
134320747>Saviour of white race Poltard will defend this shit[View]
134312160Did the EU and Brittan go to war or something? I don't understand why they want war reparations…[View]
134320826Civic nationalism can't wor-[View]
134316140What happens here?[View]
134320893Repent! sinners; lest the be cast into the fires of hell with the Jews, pagans, Muslims and Protesta…[View]
134320815Trump thinks health insurance costs $12 a year. This doesn't make sense with any interpretation…[View]
134317737Children aren't harmed by sex.[View]
134320721After all the BBC nonsense can we make it worse?: If you look at their diversity report and quota th…[View]
134318006Clinton, Mueller and Uranium: Hillary Clinton requested FBI Dir. Mueller deliver highly enriched ura…[View]
134302545Poland may be stripped of EU voting rights over judicial independence?: What's this mean? https…[View]
134318733Are we supposed to believe this thing is a woman?[View]
134319736Women get more money when asking for crowdfunding: Study says 'women are appealing on an emotional l…[View]
134320485New Red Hat: Meme this great American to Washington DC! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmEPITo2ZjA…[View]
134311240When did conservatism become a movement for treason, nazism and spitting on war heroes?[View]
134318763Communism thread: I decided to make a thread based on the will of the people. You're welcome…[View]
134316080Where' trump's tweet?[View]
134320087>be nationalist >be socialist >can't call yourself national socialist cause that term …[View]
134313003Maxine for President 2020? http://www.theamericanmirror.com/maxine-2020-waters-appearance-nh-sunday…[View]
134293869France is dirty as fuck: Lauren Southern: Paris train station overwhelmed with migrants https://you…[View]
134319811Does white washing exist?: I'm wondering how I argue that there are a majority of white, male a…[View]
134320186Let's have a thread on le BASED UNCLE TOM OF ECONOMICS. why his videos and books aren't ta…[View]
134317596Maxine Waters 2020: This STRONK INDERPENDENT BAH-LACK WOMAN WHO DON'T NEED HER NO MAN be goin…[View]
134320010AG Sessions Deathwatch: https://archive.is/hD1h0 >In a New York Times interview published Wednesd…[View]
134293169Haaretz attacks Netanyahu on siding with Hungary against Soros: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-Zg…[View]
134319345What do you think of German Idealism?: Cancer upon society and its politics, thought, etc.? Or usefu…[View]
134315495How does piece of fabric on someone make her a degenerate, sodomite or gay?[View]
134319709People Now Rent at the highest rates since the 1960s: >will never have a real house >will neve…[View]
134313325Together For Refugees Ben & Jerry's: https://youtu.be/2QDGHvmEtko 'Let's be on the ri…[View]
134319674No more waiting: blacks and arabs in greece are sick and tired of those racist greeks with their del…[View]
134319808Furries have swept threw my internet home, i have heard tales that the hood folk of /pol/ have had s…[View]
134319654For background music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGf2b1H91JA “Infowar has changed. It's a…[View]
134319643Mark my words: today will be the day Ron Swanson is avenged[View]
134302333Global warming - take 2: Yes, global warming is real and mankind is to blame. Yes, global warming ha…[View]
134314536>when a third world country bordering both Israel and Syria has had less terrorist attacks in the…[View]
134306076How can you deport mexican people from land that was originally Mexico's?[View]
134299603I liked Mccain. I didn't always agree with him but I liked him. Prove me wrong[View]
134289123UN says 20 million African likely to starve without help: They list the reasons for this: too little…[View]
134318632Are they finally coming next month or not[View]
134314803What should we do about the white pussification problem in America?[View]
134312526Midwest 4th Reich: I'm sick of hearing autists in the media talk about how 'muh racists in the …[View]
134315576Sadistic Saudi Prince Arrested: Prince Saud bin Abdulaziz bin Musaed bin Saud bin Abdulaziz Al Saud …[View]
134314509Why do Liberals CONSTANTLY protest ?[View]
134317639What did she mean by this?[View]
134317559Is Rocky Dennis dare I say, our guy?: He was trying to save the White race.[View]
134309673You have 10 SECONDS to prove Germany is cucked. Protip: you can't[View]
134304339The ‘Game of Thrones’ Creators’ Next Show Sounds Stupid as Hell: >The takes are already rolling i…[View]
134310253Race mixing, is it actually bad?: On here I always see that race mixing is 'bad' but I myself come f…[View]
134318722Oy-vey goys stop the hate! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WivUzwYxvkA[View]
134317641>Create a site where normalfags can pretend to be interesting >Censor them when they actually …[View]
134317931The president makes no sense.[View]
134314970hey POL: girl here. why do u hate black people? most of them are so nice and funny. also what do u g…[View]
134318600Daily reminder that Breitshart is controlled opposition: They literally wrote article after article …[View]
134315110I'm writing a paper on /pol/, with a focus on activism and vigilantism. I'd like to know s…[View]
134318573Did you know that whites fought each other all the time since times you can't even remember unt…[View]
134316829Three Young Baltimore Cops caught on body cam planting drugs - False Flag Propaganda?: you can actua…[View]
134313455Universal Basic Income: I get it, this kike just wants to give people money so they buy his shit. T…[View]
134305316The Teutonic order must return: Poland has been too arrogant these days. Also these pleb Russians in…[View]
134318132ROBOT WIVES: >Robot wives come out, effectively replacing degenerate women >4chan, Reddit and …[View]
134312959If liberals have such lower birthrates than conservatives, why are you so worried about the future?:…[View]
134311021Is he human?[View]
134306292is there a guy that is more /ourguy/ than this guy?[View]
134317967>be me >sitting at home, watching 'This is us' with mom and sister >I don't normally d…[View]
134296315Eastern Euros commit a majority of home invasions, robberies, begging and pick pocketing: /pol/ is t…[View]
134312778WHAT'S WRONG WITH CHAD: I'm a Chad, and it is the all around best thing to be: High IQ, at…[View]
134315507Have you taken the Edpill yet, /pol/?: Reminder that if you are a healthy white male and throw away …[View]
134317701Wtf dudes: Wtf is up with Trump and sessions right now? 4d chess move incoming or is Trump just dogg…[View]
134303136I wanna cry. I just had an hour long conversation with these left-wing retards on the Youtube live s…[View]
134314775why do (((they))) want us watching porn again?: whats the deal with (((them))) and pornography again…[View]
134316934Trump ends funding to FSA: B-but DRUMPF! H-he's helping MUH RUSSIA! https://youtu.be/rFGwRxAAkA…[View]
134315116Sexual freedom is awesome and only bitter omega incels compl-[View]
134316150Ashkenazis and thier Tamuld have no relation the 12 tribes of Israel and are in the tradition of the…[View]
134315734'Right-wing' E-celebs: Some of you guys are probably wondering why there has been such a r…[View]
134298024Rest in Piss: his name was John McCain he was a big Shitstain whenever he wore a Mask he looked Scar…[View]
134313134MGTOW will not save the west. Families will.: Real asceticism is in the pursuit of spiritual goals, …[View]
134317518Donald Trump should invoke article 5 on behalf of European NATO countries, their governments have fa…[View]
134316089Feels good to be shitskin: >be Japanese(shitskin) >according to /pol/, white is 'aryan' master…[View]
134307660>in America hundreds of thousands of White men are marrying Asian women instead of procreating in…[View]
134312560https://twitter.com/BillyCorben/status/887846028627628036 so... this is.. the power of freedom...…[View]
134314105F: F[View]
134317372Do Colbert's Russia Week segments seem mean-spirited to anyone else? He's just jabbing at …[View]
134317229How do we get /ourguy/'s in power using Western Democracy? And I'm talking /our real guy/…[View]
134317437PIPER IS PIPING HOT: Enjoy[View]
134309338Alt Right Nova Scotia Doxes 28 Antifa: https://archive.is/FQDtc >A group of self-described nation…[View]
134317352Banks move from London to Frankfurt because of brexit...london will lose its Status as europes bankc…[View]
134316401/polder/ #ikvertrek edition: Moroccan here, currently living in the Netherlands. My plan is to go ba…[View]
134311376>Constantly supplying Africa with antibiotics What's going to kill us first? Superbugs or th…[View]
134310941Trudeau is a Cuck: He's a true representative of the liberal way of thinking.[View]
134306436Why can't Trump be this classy?[View]
134315382When will this fucker die?[View]
134316160Who is Worse?: McCain - Warmongering idiot nearing his deathbed, but will not retire because he is a…[View]
134316884where do you fall on the political compass /pol/?[View]
134316958Fix Russian Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZwAVsAgsLQ[View]
134290732Circumcision: Kill jews and all those who decide to mutilate a baby's brain and body. Destroy t…[View]
134298165How do you cure the gay, pol? It is the worst disease and creates unimaginable amounts of degeneracy…[View]
134315148This fat fuck has 106 babies and you have 0 Explain yourself[View]
134312502Why does this cuck have a following?[View]
134316843John McCain needs to step down: We need to push for his resignation ASAP. Besides being a complete w…[View]
134303832It looks like the British position of 'We will pay 0' has just changed: Brits are heading towards th…[View]
134316687Degeneracy from your own country.: Everyone post degeneracy from your country. https://www.youtube.c…[View]
134305894ITT: Best of degeneration.[View]
134305727So I work for a construction company and yesterday I fired three Dindus, two were from Somalia and t…[View]
134315291If he got elected tomorrow, how would he deal with the current situation in Germany and Europe?[View]
134316626>white pride >tattoos Pick one.[View]
134310169The Hue Problem: sup /pol/, what do we do about the HUEs eating macaco? U M A M A D E L I C I A E …[View]
134294660Aren't you scared, pol?[View]
134316469Risk shit: RISK THREAD rules are like always /pol/ i will start Neo-soviets blue tip of florida…[View]
134313776Why is it okay to Assassinate people?: >She caused trouble in the Somali community by falsely spr…[View]
134316289Anti-SJW Music Playlist: Guys Help me out to build the most offensive anti social justice, anti gay,…[View]
1343156156-Month Update for Trump Voters: So after six months, has he delivered what he promised you? 1. He t…[View]
134316036>Pic related[View]
134310964How do people living in Australia, new Zealand, or Canada not kill themselves over zero history and …[View]
134316006I wasn't convinced of him before, but I am now. What a sick cunt[View]
134313943DR or KJV: To my family in Christ, what is the difference between the Douy Rheims Bible and the King…[View]
134315463>The news comes a day after Trump told The New York Times that Mueller would cross a line if he e…[View]
134312927Wagecuckoldry: >2017 >still being a wagecuck Name one good reason i, as a white male, the only…[View]
134305163Two digits with a gun and an officer fearing for his life: Now they claim they heard 'loud soun…[View]
134311124IS THIS...: ...DARE I SAY .../POL/'S MOVIE? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biY0G-x8rcI >sh…[View]
134312551Is america a third world country cosplaying as a first world country?[View]
134314489Labour party member on hunger strike.: http://www.irishnews.com/news/2017/07/19/news/labour-activist…[View]
134310196Press P to pray for McCain.[View]
134314011what would a romney presidency looked like?[View]
134315579Fucking brits.[View]
134298631so /pol/, to whomst does this land belong to?[View]
134294251ask a professional standup comedian who is also a national socialist anything except who I am.[View]
134314951INFINITY-DIMENSIONAL CHESS: So this thought just occurred to me. Trump can fire Mueller at any time,…[View]
134313844Remember when Hisoka killed a nigger?[View]
134310097This is a real picture I found on Facebook today. They're not even hiding it anymore[View]
134288268AUSTRALIAN HOME OWNERS ON SUICIDE WATCH: >Rates will climb and borrowers should prepare, says Mal…[View]
134313246IT'S HAPPENING! the jews have annexed FREE palestine!: the israeli government has come to the c…[View]
134298080How can one man be so based? Vive la France! http://thenews.pl/1/10/Artykul/312912,Macron-says-Easte…[View]
134313780Press S to spit on this rag.[View]
134314981Fuck Eternal Anglos domesticating and breeding Gulf Arabs: Just a reminder that Gulf Arabs would be …[View]
134304424Donald Trump attempting to ruin Americans' ice cream: Well, /pol/?[View]
134306991how do we save the white race /pol/?[View]
134299643MGTOW is really getting to people. Feminists are getting upset, Tradcons are getting upset, MSM is g…[View]
134314859Usa BTFO[View]
134294442Putin controls Russia YouTube: https://youtu.be/DZwAVsAgsLQ In this video one russian journalist app…[View]
134303615CDN Morning News: Gross-ada Edition: It's CDN Morning News with your host: Lazurus Leaf and the…[View]
134308343SECOND CEASEFIRE INCOMING!!: https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201707181055642903-us-russia-syria-s…[View]
134314279Hey Templar 4chan and Alt-Lite Could you give me one metric which Arabic Muslims are worse to have i…[View]
134311057I'm still amazed people like this really exist.[View]
134310112Poland and Iran are the ONLY countries not jewed yet[View]
134309069New HBO series -Confederate: >The award-winning duo will reteam with HBO for the drama series Con…[View]
134287595We can all agree that she deserves to be executed, right?[View]
1343053601 in 8 Trump Supporters Regret Their Decision: Does anybody honestly believe this man has a shot at …[View]
134313782So I just got done watching this garbage with my wife. I was curious and looked up the original folk…[View]
134313092Czech traitors are in support of EU sanctions on Poland: http://praguemonitor.com/2017/07/20/czech-m…[View]
134313357NYC was 98% white when we built the subway. When whites were driven out by migrant crime rates, the …[View]
134308713Acknowledging my White Privilege: I acknowledge my white privilege and I would like to create a bett…[View]
134312655Why didn't you Buy the Dip? What's your excuse?[View]
134313764Leader of french Army quit: As news said, the leader of french Army quit due to the budget cuts (abo…[View]
134304870Say it with me: MADAM PRESIDENT http://www.theamericanmirror.com/maxine-2020-waters-appearance-nh-su…[View]
134314000>someone makes a laughable low effort bait >must be shills Are some /pol/fags legit retards?…[View]
134304074/nsg/ National Socialism General: Adolf Hitler - The Last Appeal to Reason Documentary Edition *I do…[View]
134313444HAPPENING: Mueller Probes Trump Business: >The U.S. special counsel investigating possible ties b…[View]
134307623does anyone have the post of insider anon warning politicians will phase out of politics during trum…[View]
134313919Po$t modern: Someone needs to make a jordan peterson rap group[View]
134312199Why do westerners hate dictatorships: A dictator mean a leader for life with unlimited power why wes…[View]
134312980How do (((they))) make normies?: I thought it was just women but I was able to browse a girl's …[View]
134311317Pol is Anti-War and Anti-Violence in foreign lands: WE DON'T GIVE OURSELVES ENOUGH CREDIT. Why …[View]
134313746Matthew Rozsa Doxes the Wrong Marine: Well well well well well.[View]
134313641>Somalia has maintained an informal economy, mainly based on livestock, remittances from Somalis …[View]
134294717UK to introduce porn ID checks in 9 months: Can this country get any more retarded? https://pastebin…[View]
134311503The Next Red Hat: Give him your meme power. If you think he's just a joke, watch this: https://…[View]
134311917So he is out of the game?: called it a month ago[View]
134313159Should we do like the furher: Suicide ourselves since it is all lost.[View]
134312940Do you think he'll walk free?[View]
134310519Christianity and the fall of Rome: Is Christianity really responsible for the fall pf Rome or is it …[View]
134310174What does /pol/ think of Kings and Emperors?[View]
134313059Back in October of last year, Slate first reported on an email server inside Trump Tower that was on…[View]
134313039It's hard to dispute (((the Reich))) http://m.truthdig.com/report/item/heres_an_update_for_trum…[View]
134304321Red pill me on South East Asia and the jungle gooks, /pol/. Going back packing in South East Asia so…[View]
134312859Am I a horrible person[View]
134305818What the fuck is 'civic nationalism' and why is everyone a 'civic nationalist' on Twitter?[View]
134302575Should all European countries enact Judge Dredd laws?: >Police can now be the Judge, Jury and Exe…[View]
134308421>British friends - a reminder how lucky you are to have BBC So, Anglos, how LUCKY you are, tell m…[View]
134312830Want to Trigger ANTIFA: ANTIFA being the autistic shitshow that it is would be very funny to trigger…[View]
134311329Were truer words ever spoken?[View]
134310571I like to think of myself as a classical-liberal, more specifically someone who views the state nece…[View]
134285459Why is modern 'art' absolute trash? Are (((they))) behind it? What is their endgame? Destroying cul…[View]
134312523it shouldn't take a computer to realize lending money to a nigger isn't such a good idea b…[View]
134312433The USSR declared 45 goals to destroy America, below is the link to the list. http://www.rense.com/g…[View]
134304785Student at prestigious Melbourne school posts note explaining why she defecated on bathroom floor: h…[View]
134285757POL/ACKS/ GTFIH: So... >Be Poland >Be part of shitty EU run by people wanting to destroy White…[View]
134310329it ends here![View]
134310268Is OJ Simpson our guy /pol/?[View]
134310594this has just been put out officially by a party thats in our parliament it says that they're g…[View]
134312215EU funded posters: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/eu/9845442/EU-to-set-up-euro-ele…[View]
134306371>dude generation z is conserv--[View]
134312130white genocide isn't rea- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1vHoPnPOJU[View]
134310478If you told me in 2007 that this is what politically punditry would look like in 2017... who am I ki…[View]
134309156Madonna had a secret affair with Tupac: One day a whore meet a nignog. What else ?[View]
134309917Asheville, NC has Fallen >>Mediocre Comedian is not getting laughs >>Gets red light from…[View]
134312006I've just found out that my university is funded by the Rothschilds. What should I do? I'm…[View]
134307851>racemixing with beaners I seriously hope you guys don't do this[View]
134311424The difference between a brainlet and an intellectual.: >Should the primary goal of a company be …[View]
134311906Brit/pol/ - Monarchist edition: >Not enough women in Brexit Negotiation Team, say female MPs in l…[View]
134301649Brit/pol/ - United Against Facsim edition: >UK inflation unexpectedly slows to 2.6% in June http:…[View]
134311422Why is Hollywood allowed to have such a strong voice in the United States?[View]
134286752Black-whites always look black. Asian-whites always look asian. Latino-whites always look latino. Be…[View]
134311750I implore you all to set aside differences...: ...and focus on the very real task at hand. Justice c…[View]
134311585With Jews you lose: >be Shlomo >you and your wretched community bring in non whites by the mil…[View]
134311538Is reddits image platform possibly infiltrated?: I dont think I've ever notice reddit to have i…[View]
134302083She's right, you know?[View]
134309067what would have a McCain presidency looked like?[View]
134306142So I ws browsing kikebook and saw that a fucking leaf posted on his Facebook wall that he '…[View]
134306215/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - Make America Great Again Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://w…[View]
134311297This guy...: Am I the only person who thinks this guy is screaming for attention... https://youtu.b…[View]
134307759John Bettendorf is the new Kalergi: This is too funny. A hundred years apart - still absolutely butt…[View]
134298497Will film ever cease to be SJWified?[View]
134311001WE WUZ SHAKESPEARS N'SHIEEET DAS RITE http://arabshakespeare.blogspot.com/2011/04/qadhafi-shake…[View]
134309661What did she see, /pol/?[View]
134308480Aussie robot here. My parents have finally sent me to Guangzhou. I've been here for almost 2 we…[View]
134292770Why is there such a backlash on /pol/ against female e-celebs who promote white nationalism? (Lauren…[View]
134298435If this were created today how would the humans be portrayed?[View]
134310728I can't believe it. Every single person that has stood in Trump's way has been taken down.…[View]
134290218Scott Adams wipes the floor with Sam Harris: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Vc9Gsn5Ees Sam Harris …[View]
134310727Whos is the most autistic send proof[View]
134309155Hi /pol/ I'm slowly getting red-pilled about jews and i'm trying to convince my gf that th…[View]
134302748CORRUPTION THREAD: Share stories and uncomfortable truth about the corruption in your country.[View]
134303173My mudshark cousin got called a racist on twitter: And now she is under attack from blacks all over …[View]
134304211VICE removing dislikes instantly: The newest in utter degeneracy has come from vice in form of a vid…[View]
134304616WTF went horribly wrong ?: First saw this with thousands of views on a page named 'Black, mixed and …[View]
134307425Why is Drudge so woke?[View]
134307385There is literally nothing wrong with homosexuality[View]
134309602dear krauts we need partitions now[View]
134309448The Agenda Disabling Comment section when talking about feminism / Female issues: How to be a libera…[View]
134307840The monumental liberal meltdown that would result if this actually happened would create a black hol…[View]
134304368CNN vs Yogi bear: Who would win ?[View]
134290620TRUMP NOOOO: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/trump-ends-covert-cia-program-to…[View]
134308683India gets its new president: Pic related.[View]
134308745>you beat your wife >you kill your wife >you kill your neighbor >you commit armed robber…[View]
134300490FIND THIS GIRLS ASSOCIATES. LETS TAKE DOWN THE CARTEL!!!: http://kxan.com/2017/07/19/apd-seizes-75-p…[View]
134307899What did he mean by this?[View]
134309366ITT: UNPOPULAR OPINIONS I think you people throw around the term post modern to much even when it ma…[View]
134291424/pol/ is full of shit: >gas 6 million kikes and whole board is proud of you >bury 2 million no…[View]
134302581You'll defend me from those stupid Nazi's on 4chan, right anon? ;): >These are the peop…[View]
134308257To the Russians of /pol/, what are are views on Russia? I know on /pol/ it can be considered either…[View]
134303861America #5 Storytime - /co/'s monthly sacrifice to /pol/: For context: America Chavez is a port…[View]
134307049Macron: So Emmanuel Macron just reduced the budget dedicated to french feminist associations.[View]
134302097America - Land of the cucked.: How do we help save American boys from this disgusting, barbaric ritu…[View]
134290247ABO'S WERENT KANGZ http://www.news.com.au/technology/science/archaeology/kakadu-archaeological-…[View]
134301099What is it about women's (particularly American women's) way of speaking that just sounds …[View]
134306808Chris Cantwell named by the ADL: Was getting caught part of his plan? https://www.adl.org/education/…[View]
134300154Not funny: Irrelevant >why can't he just go back to South Africa Hes a half boer. >when…[View]
134305985Donald Trump is a zionist?!?: Is he?[View]
134308240Weekly reminder that 70% of Millennials don't have a Bachelor's degree or higher[View]
134290706Why do pol Beta males meme asian women?: Asian women >Boring and uncreative >Can't joke …[View]
134293834ITT: we discuss 4 anons who you will recognize immediantly on /pol/ 1.The Greek who posts dead trann…[View]
134309418Why does attempted murder carry a lesser sentence than actual murder? In both cases you tried to do …[View]
134303732GERMANY - 1000s of 'youth' attack police: https://www.thelocal.de/20170717/police-shocked-by-violenc…[View]
134307103How impossible is it for a President to make our government weaker? Just lower spending, remove all…[View]
134302716bruh: bruhh[View]
134299958>there are people currently on this board posting under custom flags. pathetic.…[View]
134303706Did he resign willingly or was there a coup?[View]
134290652Has his spirit been avenged?[View]
134307962Why even get in a relationship, if you don't know what she's been up to?[View]
134309385Why won't the media talk about our $500 billion annual trade deficit? Trump ran his whole campa…[View]
134309370THE VAGINA CHALLENGE: VAGINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
134307767FINLAND NO! Finland's foreign minister, Timo Soini, said that Finland will not accept more migr…[View]
134303022800 million worth of cocaine to be burned in Germany in secret location: Guess what, that may be lik…[View]
134295645>'Yeah I'm a classical liberal, aren't you?' How do you respond…[View]
134290016Give one good reason not to nuke this shit hole off the map.[View]
134307029Why don't conservatives understand the greenhouse effect?: Every conservative I talk to just do…[View]
134301986Ben & Jerry's: Toghether For Refugees: Better start boycotting them https://www.youtube.com…[View]
134303149100 million+ Americans have diabetes or prediabetes: Good job, fellow Americans. http://www.politica…[View]
134284228How Raped is this Girl?[View]
134309228Will Planer Defense Fund https://rootbocks.com/projects/will-planer-defense-fund/ Even my poor ass …[View]
134306499That's how Russia just tried to drive a wedge between Israel and Poland :))))))[View]
134305236Why do so many people still believe Hitler wasn't gay?[View]
134307878Wow, so the GOP is going to try again to take away Trump voters' health care. It's as if t…[View]
134306946Hey pol, im on my way of moving to the states. I need a state to call home, can you help me? I do ha…[View]
134280951>When reality is so fucked that you can't make this shit up https://twitter.com/TheeCurrentY…[View]
134308905Why do Southern states sacrifice education to win football games?[View]
134307864Black Science Man BTFO[View]
13430904018 months of anons life wasted due to ''possible'' kebab invasion: some history:…[View]
134305413OBSTRUCTIONIST FUCKS: hey /pol/ how the fuck do liberals get enough seats in the senate and house to…[View]
134308467Defend Europe arrested??: http://hopenothate.org.uk/2017/07/20/defend-europe-ship-arrested-port-suez…[View]
134308986Daily reminder to bootlickers: >https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=58e_1499034149#comment_page=2 The…[View]
134303030/pol/ are Dems going extinct?: Their only message seems to be 'At least we're not Trump.' They…[View]
134308940Defend Europe ship blocked for security reasons?: http://hopenothate.org.uk/2017/07/20/defend-europe…[View]
134299302Actual refugee who has escaped war and persecution. AMA.[View]
134302621You mad, nigger? >but muh dik[View]
134306320POLAND PASSES JUDICIARY OVERHAUL ALL HAIL KING MANLET!! (Norgebot archive this am phoneposting) http…[View]
134306179'Stop being mean guys your are hurting my feelings' - Reddit[View]
134306406Richard spencer /ourguy/?: He fucking destroyed mccain and now everyone is mad at him[View]
134308815>diversity is our strength.[View]
134308637was i wrong for wanting le pen to get in ?[View]
134308508Memes aside, I hate SJW's as much as the next guy, I am all for free speech, but the problem is…[View]
134266424Political compass thread: post your charts[View]
134305830Muslims aren't a race: Why do whites mistaken Muslims as a race when they are a religious group…[View]
134308104How the fuck?: So now CNN claims that Facebook 'holds the key' to Russian Collusion. How in the, wha…[View]
1342875268values thread: Post your 8values results here, faggots[View]
134299263His name was John: Christian graas >he was a marine >he trained as a pilot (single engine Cess…[View]
134307438London and acid: Why is wrong with you bongo people? >A heavily pregnant woman has had acid throw…[View]
134282734>American education[View]
134303143What do you have here, anon? A pile of cash?: You say you've been saving it over several years …[View]
134306315kek: inb4 op is normie[View]
134306616SAVE YOURSELF: The bible is the word of God, it is pure truth It lays down the law Follow it or burn…[View]
134306228Is having a profile on scatboi.com degenerate? What's the verdict, /pol/?[View]
134286921Syria General /sg/- Comfy Morning Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpre…[View]
134306384how do we fix brazil lads? >take all the football players >take all the shemales >nuke the …[View]
134300450Blocks your path: >unaccompanied curfew is in effect, ma'am…[View]
134303700The Three Amigos to Testify: Jared Kushner, Donald Trump Jr and former Trump campaign manager Paul M…[View]
134305120Tip top kek. Those people who say that computers know people better than people know themselves may …[View]
134306203PAY TOLL[View]
134304065Felarca BTFO: >Hehe. The article really tries to make her sympathetic and smear the Trad Workers …[View]
134306162Hey look guys, (((they))) actually started a religeon around harry pooper. >http://archive.is/dM8…[View]
134300145/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - SOON EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov ht…[View]
134304631Daily reminder that National Socialism is a pleb tier movement, with a grotesque sense of aesthetics…[View]
134306034SLAYYYYY QUEEN: god bless drudge[View]
134300199anybody up for a /pol/ humor bread?[View]
134297964>I just want my son back[View]
134304637Why is everyone getting in line to suck this traitors cock, just because his brain's rotting ou…[View]
134305324How on earth can it feel like I was in the dream world for like a year, when I only slept for a coup…[View]
134303589Another one added to the list?[View]
134301672Greek nationalists facing off anarchists in their demostration about the Turkish occupation of Cypru…[View]
134303696/pol/ FOR THE FUTURE OF MANKIND: In 2016 we learned we could meme Trump in to office. Now we should …[View]
134304769You want you lose, /pol/ edition[View]
134305222Men are idiots: >Yes goy, your wife is a strong independent woman who is superior to you in every…[View]
134304911I think we need to address the Australia problem /pol/. Sure Canadians post shit but at least they a…[View]
134304053>caucasian >white Pick 1 and 1 only.[View]
134301263Why are white people's smiles so creepy?[View]
134289702British '''''''''''''police'''''''''''''''[View]
134304075HBO Sjw pandering: http://ew.com/tv/2017/07/19/game-of-thrones-showrunners-confederate/ Just politic…[View]
134295238Fuck, I really need to say this to you assholes! Fuck Drumpf! Fuck him! Fucking donald pumpf bastard…[View]
134303302How can anyone defend democracy? Just look at what a disorganised mess Brexit is. Everyday there…[View]
134305202Dog hate thread: Dog Hate Thread >inb4 akhmed[View]
134303748>paid for netflix >only to find out there is Netflix original series called 'You, me, her' …[View]
134303242Italy, Saidou Mamoud Diallo stabs a cop and freed: This clandestine stabs a cop screaming 'Allah Akb…[View]
134300302You do realize Louise Mensch just says shit to make libtards look bad?[View]
134297639MACRON DINDU NUFFIN!: http://www.ecofinagency.com/public-management/1707-37190-france-provides-ivory…[View]
134305039SWITZERLAND - INVADED !: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYz6vqKw6IQ If you look at the comment sect…[View]
134305010Women were a mistake[View]
134270004Prove the Holocaust was a (Jewish) lie[View]
134304908Germany: 'Unlimited migration: yes, privacy: no!' What did they mean by this /pol/?[View]
134293988What's your honest opinion on Vietnam war??[View]
134295968Israeli kikes protest against demolishing soviet monuments in Poland xD: Israel Parliament Adopts De…[View]
134304864Cannibalism: Cannibal wannabes have a large enough presence in SWEDEN YES to have this propaganda ab…[View]
134304819>inb4 McCuck snackbars Trump[View]
134304767What does /pol/ think will happen if Pewdiepie did an interview with Alex Jones? #Felix+Alex could b…[View]
134296907You are a soldier in a race war...: you find out that one of your comrades is 1/16 Amerindian (or Ch…[View]
134304367/pol/ite Nationalist General: Me and my friend just made a Nationalist server on Discord. Doesn…[View]
134302162Black vs White thread: Black hawk made by Blacks Vs Black hawk made by Whites[View]
134290338Aus/pol/: boring thursday night edition: Justine Damond will likely receive justice where others did…[View]
134291476The fucking Mad Man did it!: >McCain gets terminal brain cancer >Trump tweets 'get well soon' …[View]
134303162Last but not least...: If it wasn´t already enough. >be Iraqi >getting invaded twice by worlds…[View]
134304454what kind of economic system is E. Michael Jones in favor of? He says capitalism is a jewish inventi…[View]
134291160Literal Israeli cuckold on national broadcast channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXDFsImP0Ms …[View]
134301748Message to PoL: You just got knocked the fuck out The punishment fits the crime So keep your hand he…[View]
134304107Poles vs immigrants in Calias: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxMyfgOeWv8[View]
134287007ITS HAPPENING! Turkey Leaks Secret Locations of U.S. Troops in Syria: http://www.thedailybeast.com/t…[View]
134303863When we repeat “rape jokes”, call women “sluts” we are putting down half the planet. Degrading women…[View]
134302845Dailywire reports that just 494 of 163,000 'refugees' Sweden let into the country last year have fou…[View]
134300488'Brexit caused girl to kill herself': WHAT KIND OF RETARD KILLS HIMSELF BECAUSE HE SHE WAS CALLED ST…[View]
134263353Was Obama a good president?[View]
134304149Molyneux: women are destroying the West: Molyneux admits women voting right is destroying Western ci…[View]
134302793Give me one reason why this godless shithole should not be nuked off the map Protip: YOU CAN'T[View]
134304131>implying yugoslavia wasn't great as a socialist country the amerifats should fuck off and y…[View]
134302997Smells like cheetos, sweat, and virginity: Sure is >>>/r/eddit around here lately, huh?…[View]
134302862Did no one realize Alex Jones: Did no one realize Alex Jones named the Jew in Joe Rogans Podcast? ht…[View]
134282012meanwhile in Poland[View]
134302392You deserve this fate: How does it feel knowing the West is already defeated? You think being able t…[View]
134302842Paris Syndrome: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paris_syndrome >hori fak Palis is a Musrim shithorr…[View]
134301752The Lion: The Obligatory /Pol/-viewing has been shoah'd from youtube. Luckily, a goy has reuplo…[View]
134303835https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykek1OtpsBw >5:30 The average /pol/lack visits greece. This is wh…[View]
134301104What do the natsocs/American racists on /pol/ think of American History X? The table scene is strik…[View]
134302177Uncovering the African Presence in Medieval Europe: 'The BBC is revising history to suit its own ant…[View]
134303177Germany Hate Thread: ANGLO here, with a message for you German 'people'. The German create…[View]
134303567Hey South Africa: What now[View]
134290078Supreme Court Ruling on Trump Ban: Partial win today for the Trump Train. http://www.politicaloutsou…[View]
134303317Who are your heroes, /pol/: Since /pol/ claims to be diverse in its opinions about things like this …[View]
134303355Our insurance company: Is MiWay /ourinsurancecompany/?[View]
134281745>'it's not the migrants fault, with open borders and free money, who would NOT come into you…[View]
134281137Game of thrones, Lord of the Rings, too white: 'make star wars great again' nigger is fulf…[View]
134303241'Based' spartan - what's his deal?: ok so this guy seems shady as fuck.. any intel on him? is h…[View]
134287533>tfw actually politically lean far left >end up siding with the far right on most issues becau…[View]
134303107Do you agree with Dunkan Jones about Tolkien and Warcraft?[View]
134293136nigger from star wars pissed lotr and got don't have niggers: http://archive.is/dbjwL >Star …[View]
134272695Trevor Noah: Comedy is better now!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkruDthHl0I&feature=youtu.be…[View]
134300255Dear Black People, I'm so sorry. I owe you all reparations because every freedom that I have ta…[View]
134300372Britain shortly befor commiting #BREXIT: Suck it Britards.[View]
134301605God bless that man.[View]
134302703Super squinne: Any thoughts about politics?[View]
134293833COMMON EUROPEAN ARMY WHEN: >Greatest concentration of culture, language and tradition >Second …[View]
134301075Daily hate Russia thread: Be Russia >Have 2 million abortions yearly biggest in Europe >Bigges…[View]
134296685How would /pol/ talk a stranger out of suicide?[View]
134302482Why are Texans always badass christian conservatives compared to non-Texans?[View]
134299840Why niggers are obsessed with racemixing: >Be a nigger >Walk outside >Notice people with wh…[View]
134301098Privilege-O-Meter: Measure how much Privileged Scum and Evil are you With this simple Privilege-O-Me…[View]
134300896What's up with gulag jokes? They aren't funny, they are extremely offensive. My grandpa di…[View]
134301865WE WUZ KANGZ[View]
134298580When will the next crusade start? I cant wait to kill some whites :D[View]
134291282will china surpass US in science and technology? If yes when ?[View]
134302370How do we Clean the Hyperborean White Bloodline back to normal levels, and return to Asgard?[View]
134302150T H I C C[View]
134302397Scott Adams has recently beat the fuck out of Sam Harris. We need some nice names for this guy. I…[View]
134292659Swedish Political Uprising 2018 Please: Hey I'm a 20 year old American, ethnically 45% French, …[View]
134299465Most redpilled artists?: Are there any more red pilled artists like Krayzie Bone for example: https…[View]
134301877Patriot thread: Who would you tar and feather? stephen colbert[View]
134286377The former football great was caught pleasuring himself by a female corrections officer making her n…[View]
134300679HOW WILL CIANIGGERS EVER RECOVER? >inb4 'I'm going to sleep' sliding Hopefully it won't…[View]
134302222David Attenborough: is he wrong about everything?[View]
134295141Clinton Body Count Rising at a Faster Rate Than Ever Before: Enemies of HRC are mysteriously dying a…[View]
134299691Trump ends covert CIA program to arm anti-Assad rebels in Syria: WTF, I love trump now. https://www.…[View]
134299429y-you've gone too far: i d-didn't deserve this for not holding y-your political opinions. …[View]
134300814Is access to white people, their resources, and their communities a human right?[View]
134291086Why are burger cops so dumb?: >planting drugs >with body camera recording…[View]
134292573So, uh...Alex married a hooker. He got angry about it when they pointed it out in court yesterday. H…[View]
134299234British '''Police''': Oh Britain... How you have fallen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZfKBfn5mnE…[View]
134296044Reminder Hitler fought for Christianity and against bolshevism. Bolsheviks destroyed 20 000 churches…[View]
134291849Turkey >Awesome kebab >Makes mount and blade >fought with west against USSR/Commies >Des…[View]
134268278Why don't you own a gun? A gun is the ultimate symbol and safeguard of personal liberty. You li…[View]
134295548i FUCKING LOVE donald trump now!! i had some doubts about him at the beginning but after repealing o…[View]
134293712When will Japan legalize gay plural marriage?: When will Japan legalize gay plural marriage? As far …[View]
134301758Will the West balkanise in the future?[View]
134301640Were boglins modelled on black people?[View]
134290667How to fix Germany Pic related. Greater Bavaria.[View]
134271293Brit/pol/ - Utter Bollocks Edition: >UK inflation unexpectedly slows to 2.6% in June http://www.b…[View]
134301644wtf white niger http://huffpost.com/us/entry/us_596f142fe4b0000eb196dfdb?utm_campaign=hp_fb_pages…[View]
134298394Why is american immigration so tough?: Wtf? You give illegal mexicans free shit but when i try to co…[View]
134301585Hungary: Hi, those who likes Viktor Orban (HUN. PM): - They (the coalition government) are peculatin…[View]
134298640Would you let me impregnate your daughter, /pol/?[View]
134300527Is the current aggressive Muslim influx into Europe actually World War 3? Who started it? Waht'…[View]
134301338>'If America is watching, and they are, have kids. We don't want to be a dying society we wa…[View]
134298975Why did Americans use slave labour to begin with?: In a slave economy the slave only does the bare m…[View]
134298391Migrants are confessing to terrorism to get asylum in Germany: It's a new tactic. When migrant…[View]
134301177Correlation =/= causation: Sorry sweeties but refugees are not causing a surge of rape or crime in e…[View]
134300883We just gonna let the nignogs act like this and threaten people's livelyhood for pointing out v…[View]
134300657Get In!: We're Making Russia Great Again![View]
134298520The Archbishop of Canterbury: Is this just a (((coincidence)))? Getting very tired of it tbqh.…[View]
134300789Why do governments still do davylight savings time?: Now that I'm mid-thirties and have aged a …[View]
134299494Leftypol is trying to take Cultured-Thug down!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqRr0FKghz0 Leftypo…[View]
134260819What image comes to mind when you hear the word 'liberal'?[View]
134300762https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPZEJHJPwIw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nqv9k3jbtYU https://www.…[View]
134289576When will you be when Germany invades Poland and reannexes Prussia?[View]
134296594Describe The Alternate Reality Where Hillary Is Our Madam President: https://www.washingtonpost.com/…[View]
134292991Japan politics thread: What do gaijins think of Japan and Japanese politics?[View]
134300613Hey ya'll just poppin in to say please stop infecting the rest of the internet with this sort o…[View]
134297853How many americans live as closet racist: How many americans live as closet racist?[View]
134298651/OurFatGuy/ Gets Death Threats: http://ussanews.com/News1/2017/07/19/shock-claim-death-penalty-being…[View]
134299167FAKE ALTERNATIVE NEWS!!: Alex Jones on suicide watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAryPWuOCkw…[View]
134300080If Anarchy is so great, how come it loses against states every time?[View]
1343002532018 Midterms Tinfoil Hat Theory: Michigan's 2018 midterms will be a weathervane for how much p…[View]
134296360#sign of the futur by (((Attali))): >#signesdufuturAttali ; au Japon, les garçons s'habillen…[View]
134300378One less NeoCon in the Senate[View]
134299580What are (((they))) hiding here?[View]
134300231thieving jews: Jews stole the 10 commandments off the egyptians. Also there were no Jew slaves in E…[View]
134287959How do Eurocucks not kill themselves?: This fucking guy is literally running for Senator. He is like…[View]
134299313Now I know we're all very excited about the prospect of McCain dying a senile old man shaking a…[View]
134297407Based Florida FTW: Despite being a swing state (nigs and spics), Florida has proven to be time and t…[View]
134278308The fucking leftists in LA are cutting down on traffic lanes throughout the city. The plan is to for…[View]
134300010Alri lads just came to let you all know that I have secretly planted bombs in every single one of Ob…[View]
134286783Netanyahu: EU will ‘shrivel and disappear’ if no change in attitude toward Israel: “The truth is the…[View]
134299337why are minorities so insecure and worried even though all first world countries treat them like fuc…[View]
134300000All white people are racist??: This was a good video on trump https://youtu.be/JXRba8PlDnU[View]
134283814My university has several organizations for black students, and one for latinos, but none for whites…[View]
134292243What has India given the world, aside from some good food?[View]
134299901We've got dogs covered. But what do we do about Indians and Chinks? What should the fine be?[View]
134299833Here are some truths that to me seem self-evident: >capitalism failed (hundred years ago, kids we…[View]
134298032what's his fucking problem?[View]
134302268MGTOW is great: Why haven't you taken the MGTOW pill yet? NO GIRLS ALLOWED. SORRY BECKY NOT TOD…[View]
134288380Girls shouldn't be 'Right wing': Am I the only one who finds right-wing girls to be insufferabl…[View]
134299202YouTube is a Putin's agent: Russian YouTube serves Putin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZwAVs…[View]
134297534Cultural Enrichment Program in Londonistan: Ha Ha Ha Ha[View]
134292756Serbia Appreciation Thread: Say something nice :''''3[View]
134295410I 'over-redpilled' my brother: I have been redpilling my younger bro (I'm 21 he's 18) for …[View]
134298637School in Sweden: Read an article in the paper today written by a teacher who had been a substitute …[View]
134298942José Pinto Coelho: Portuguese nationalist party leader. Is he o /nossogajo/?[View]
134299515#RememberingJustine: Both were gunned down by a cop. One was innocent, gunned down by a Somali, and …[View]
134298621Mr Trump what makes you qualified to run the nation's business?[View]
134299449Is this the answer to the nigger problem? How do we build one? I propose beginning by crossing a sha…[View]
134298803White + Islam is the ultimate solution. Convert to Islam NOW.[View]
134299312ALL THAT MARBLE AND THEN...: We can into science![View]
134298067The New Jon Leibowitz-Stewart show: Hate DONALD GROMPF liking the President is Wrongthink goy[View]
134299172Why is Britain getting so Cucked?: Why not do anything about it?Did cat eat your tongue?We in German…[View]
13429736580 years later they are still clearing the streets for the brown batallions[View]
134294751How does /pol/ explain this?[View]
134297284>BUDAPEST — Unaware that his remarks were also being transmitted to reporters outside, Prime Mini…[View]
134258663Final Warning:: 'You serpents, you brood of vipers, how are you to escape being sentenced to hell?'…[View]
134299017How much longer?: Will it be quick and painless or a slow agonizing death? Will he be granted life e…[View]
134297572Stop using meme flags.[View]
134298939Billions of dollars’ worth of arms against Syria: interesting read ... good references ... http://ww…[View]
134298938Why do you hate the Jewish people anon>?: We just apply for business licenses and attend schools …[View]
134298403How do I find an archive of this article so I don't have to sign up?[View]
134286621Rate other people's countries: Didn't see a thread in the catalog Post 'em[View]
134291337Why is 8/pol/ so shit?: THE CHARACTERS >mostly former [insert retarded ideology here] >suburba…[View]
134295654Why did the US stop it expansion: Why the US didn't continue it expansion why didn't they …[View]
134298665The leader the UK needs[View]
134290003That one 'ally' that always ends up backstabbing you: Pic related[View]
134284616Axel Jones DMs PewDiePie: What did he mean by this?[View]
134298358I'm a brain surgeon- ask me anything.: Brain surgeon here. AMA.[View]
134279103Kensington Row: 'We don't want Grenfell families ': Remember that Grenfell Survivors were going…[View]
134291905I am a musician. I make electronic music, run a label, and have been active for over years now. I…[View]
134298456Freudian slip. Wasnt quick enough with the camera to catch it, but CBS just captioned Ellen Degenere…[View]
134294886What was implied here?[View]
134296225give us back our FUCKING land you dirty white dog cunt[View]
134297789Jews worshiping Harry Potter: >Hundreds pack DC Synagogue to discuss Harry Potter as sacred text.…[View]
134298251Israeli officer punches Muslim worshiper in the face as clashes continue near Temple Mount: https://…[View]
134279470Mail order brides: Mail order brides, good way to marry a traditional white woman or scam for old me…[View]
134297022Coming out of the /pol/ closet: So I've noticed that recently there are many threads and storie…[View]
134293707Where do you see humanity in 40 years?[View]
134293399Should abortion be legal?[View]
134297862>BAME- noun. >Black, Asian, and minority ethnic (used to refer to members of non-white communi…[View]
134293481I don't understand why people see racism as 'incorrect' or a 'bad' belief maybe what i feel jus…[View]
134295989What should be done to ministates?[View]
134297795Holy shit, are (((they))) even trying anymore >BLATANTLY jew comedian spends half of his show tal…[View]
134297739It seems like all weapons are banned in California, but I think I've found something that is bo…[View]
134291935>Girl found hanged was 'bullied for being Polish' in UK wtf! i thought slavs are white.…[View]
134294666What a fucking disgusting person. Who makes fun of a cancer victim? http://www.hillarybeattrump.org/…[View]
134297446The JQ: >They are an enigma to me Are you clear about The JQ? Because there seems to be a lot of …[View]
134297659Any Of You Fellow Kekistanis Remember This? Good Times Man... Good Autistic Times.[View]
134280368Is mass immigration the only thing that can save Japan at this point?[View]
134296411What happened to the brushy-brushy IG video? Did anyone find out anything else? I mean come the fuck…[View]
134297240The Lauren Southern Promoters are RUINING POL: get this camwhore spam shit off the fucking internet.…[View]
134297271Winning!: >be me >hear rumours Trump ends Syrian rebel support and McCain has a brain tumor …[View]
134297492post yfw john mccain got brain cancer[View]
134292849Finland Bus driver who refused Somali to board without a ticket gets fired from job: Fuck you Finlan…[View]
134285098Anon, why haven't you started training MMA, the ultimate fighting discipline that trainees you …[View]
134293007It's every day BRO!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSlb1ezRqfA[View]
134286156ITT we write John Mccain a get well soon card THREE WORDS at a time: Dear Senator McCain,[View]
134284921Ultimate Redpill: 1/ I think many newer browsers on this board do not fully understand what it means…[View]
134291680When will you take the FUTURIST FASCIST PILL, and forget about the nazis, those hillbilly krauts, /p…[View]
134293250so... what's wrong with interracial couples again?[View]
134285050What's /pol/s opininon on New Mexico?[View]
1342896149/11 Thread: Where were you, reaction, best result form the attacks, etc.[View]
134292841>spend the last several decades disarming your population >ban anything more than a break barr…[View]
134267717God I hate Obama so much Why won't he just fuck off[View]
134296936Hollywood is taking race-mixing to a whole new level: This is meant to condition us for species-mixi…[View]
134292365Do leftists really believe this stuff?[View]
134295227G'day: 'Cairns exhibition reverses roles in Australia's brutal frontier wars' http://www.b…[View]
134285030/pol/, time is running out. You have only one week.: You have only one week left to expose her and g…[View]
134283664Net Neutrality is Dead: >yfw your god-emperor stabbed you in the back https://www.vox.com/platfor…[View]
134289838The mentally disabled: Everyone hates the seriously mentally disabled deep down. It's in our na…[View]
134293686How do we get rid of stormfag problem and return to having a normal right wing discussion?[View]
134295053How do we solve the NEET/Lazy Millennial problem /pol/ ?[View]
134285873Wild Speculation Thread: This guy runs against Trump in 2020. How does their first debate play out? …[View]
134290795Britain started Wolrd War 2 by rejecting peace and declaring war on Germany: British government and …[View]
134296179granma Sessions circling the drain along with McCain: The NYT interview Trump granted is full of Tru…[View]
134282051I'm so fucking over bitches.: My girlfriend is so fucking annoying. She called me a white supre…[View]
134294679If niggers are inferior, why is interracial breeding at an all time high?[View]
134294093Should they be suspended from NATO for collusion with Russia?[View]
134268014>best culture >best universities >best movies >best food >best television >best mu…[View]
134286788Friendly reminder that borders will be obsolete in the future l[View]
134294847Ukraine: Who'll stand up for poor, humble Ukraine when John McCain dies?[View]
134293308The jews did 9/11[View]
134295485>Bane Tumor vs. Mccain who wins in a fight? everyone says mccain is some great fighter but there…[View]
134293548Indian hate thread: Here we're going[View]
134295186/pol why do they look like they've came out of a horror movie? i have some very old relatives, …[View]
134288184Claim your economics master.[View]
134282475On a scale from 1 to 10 how much do you like John McCain?[View]
134284923What is the best religion to become a better man? Please no spread the other cheek or kill the infi…[View]
134293097American Lynch: David Lynch Once supproted Reagan >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Lynch But …[View]
134293850Stop thinking making babies with white bitches will be enough to save the white race: Even if you ca…[View]
134294680>Hi I'm here for the job interview[View]
134292517John McAfee: Can pol help John McAfee identify the man in the picture over his shoulder? The picture…[View]
134294908America was Stronger under Obama: Who else mericlessly bombs children with drones? Only my man Obama…[View]
134284586How to fix police?: >respect police for the job they do and the bullshit they have to deal with …[View]
134268204As one of /pol's resident physicians, allow me to lay some info down. This came as a complete s…[View]
134286839Syria General /sg/ - Slow Bread FAST Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.word…[View]
134278752>my nephew is named after a black jumpball player who was named after food his parents saw on a r…[View]
134294598/SIW/ Sino-Indian War General (Indian vs China): The situation continues to get shitty. China has la…[View]
134293674WE WUZ SPIDER-MAN AND SHIET http://www.sbs.com.au/movies/blog/2017/07/20/jesus-can-we-have-black-spi…[View]
134292393Do you have liberal family members?: Post your story of your stupid anti White family members (if yo…[View]
134294372Trump is killing Anti-Trump protests because everything he does makes liberals angrier. The angrier …[View]
134292516Washington Post: Donald Trump ruining ice cream: Now are you ready to drop your support of this man,…[View]
134294223These faggots seem to think niggers are human and women belong anywhere outside the kitchen. discord…[View]
134289993Hungary/Poland/Czech/Slovakia tell EU to be more pro-Israel: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-hung…[View]
134294148Miliband's bacon sandwich: Why was this such a big deal? It is pretty low, and dumb, to judge a…[View]
134290569Communists WATCH OUT: Is Lauren Southern making a large impact in politics? Do you think she will ru…[View]
134292714Because I own a Kekistani Flag, this person (red) thinks i'm a Nazi. And i'm love trolling…[View]
134293442Wondering: So if Somalis are the niggers of niggers why does Wikipedia say they are Caucasian? Is ra…[View]
134284296>Finns are not white Why do americans always say this? They have never been to europe, they have …[View]
134278113What went wrong?[View]
134286832A degree in political science should be required to vote >prove me wrong (protip: you can)…[View]
134267177Lauren Southern Goes Full 14/88: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTDmsmN43NA UPDATE: I FUCKING TOLD…[View]
134292428/isl/ ISLAM GENERAL >لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا ٱلله مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُولُ ٱلله >lā ʾilāha ʾillā llāh muḥam…[View]
134286093So /pol/ what do you guys think of Janusz Korwin Mikke?[View]
134290069Trump on Napoleon: >extracurricular activities What did he mean by this? (from the NYT interview)…[View]
134292455Where do I reset my password,: and where do I find my comment history? I want to see how much my pos…[View]
134289502Was Putin replaced by a double at some point? If so what why was it?[View]
134286080How could Americans vote for this guy?[View]
134291590let's take off the larping hats for a minute... maybe I'm naive in this, but I think Alex …[View]
134285476circumcision as entry redpill?: been dating gf for a few years and may be engaged and have kids with…[View]
134289708Constitutional fascism, what does /pol/ think about it? It is simply a basic constitution bearing un…[View]
134291550How can I get to Nigger City?: I am looking for directions to nigger city, I heard obama goes on vac…[View]
134293075Where Do Pro-Social Institutions Come From?: Where do ‘good’ or pro-social institutions come from? W…[View]
134292058What did he mean by this?!?!?!: WTF is Trump insinuating?[View]
134278156Do women have more need of feeling sexy than men do?: Why else do the always dress in such tight and…[View]
134287787Grandpa George asks if he can read a bedtime story to your child. How do you reply?[View]
134292865Disabled Swedish Man raped by immigrants: As bad as it is...it can get even worst. Disabled Man was …[View]
134290626Is it autism?[View]
134287433Why do normies think a nigger and a black person are the same thing?[View]
134292737Idea: refresh DJT's twitter until he posts something new, get the first reply, and comment 'fir…[View]
134292182Is this the newest trick by (( them )) in order to propogate white genocide? (( Disney )) putting th…[View]
134292539Why are so many on /pol/ fucking gay? How can you hate Israel? Israeli girls fight for home and fami…[View]
134280855Kek is real and works in mysterious ways! literally parsing him two days ago offering him memes for …[View]
134275497So a rich privileged white woman died: We all know white people are statistically more likely to com…[View]
134287074Conservative women youtubers are only in it for the easy money. They are filling a niche market with…[View]
134282078HEADLINE: Trump ends covert CIA program to arm anti-Assad rebels in Syria.: So our CIA was arming IS…[View]
134289285britfag h8 thread: 2-0 against those faggits in war Beat them 0-0 in the world cup All sorts of terr…[View]
134238398/BTG/ - Barron(Baron) Trump General: Meme Magic Edition: ITT: We discuss the memetic aura surroundin…[View]
134292062New tactic for claiming asylum in Germany: Migrants are confessing they are terrorists. When migrant…[View]
134290924Open Borders For Israel Memed Into Reality!: >Israeli NGO's started a new 'World peace and o…[View]
134279247We need to wage war on Marvel and their political correct bullshit. The fags in /co/ are brain washe…[View]
134289387Jewish gf: >You will never be jewish. >tfw no jewish gf…[View]
134283365The 'alt-light' IS the 'alt-right': When did bigots infiltrate and become the alt-right? The alt-rig…[View]
134269943Culture over race: I don't discriminate people based on race but rather on cultural values. If …[View]
134285883pol obsession with jews: Jews are not behind everything. Sure they might have some influence here an…[View]
134286950I won: I did it /pol/, I redpilled /x/ on the holocaust. I was alone against douzens of them but I d…[View]
134286852LOL BURGERS ELECT FATTY: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/07/18/is-the-president-fit-2153…[View]
134291512All globalists together, birds of a feather flock together: @BarackObama John McCain is an American …[View]
134287925niggers need not apply: Just picked up a slab of this limited release White IPA. Prove you are white…[View]
134288530Why do you hate Senator John Sidney McCain, III?: Is it because he used his father's influence …[View]
134285076What now, skeptics? Global warming is real: Satellites show massive increases in temperature. Death …[View]
134288585proof jeff sessions hates weed?[View]
134290094Who's gonna replace him when he die?: This man is MEP pure gold. But he is 74. Who will replace…[View]
134291316Future drug dealer. https://youtu.be/cLIkNAstgX8[View]
134291116>meet a girl online >she is a jew >meet another girl online >she is also a jew >meet …[View]
134285321Well, /pol/?: What IS up with the yellow fever fetishism in the current generation of white men?…[View]
134286730What country will have thought police first?[View]
134289685Look what I found on a dating app: Found in Paris, through a location-based app. Social justice warr…[View]
134280281I for one welcome our russian overlords. >pic related >Clinton won…[View]
134282330What has 4chan ever done to help people in ANY WAY like this? Sure you might not agree with most red…[View]
134291007Is rape even real? Roasties just spread their legs, moan with pleasure and fantasize about it for mo…[View]
134290913I just returned from my vacation to America and I have to say, I don't know why anyone would li…[View]
134290423Best women for marriage/ healthy kids: What ethnicity/ nationality of women tend to make the best wi…[View]
134269420>tfw blackpilled to the extreme >tfw see basically no good in the world >everyone around me…[View]
134270920Be completely logical. Is there really a chance a race war may start in the next 10 years?: And if s…[View]
134286685We could literally kill every non white on the planet if we wanted but we allow them to bomb our bab…[View]
134290229Are You Racist?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79hRMiSMxFY[View]
134271639Jabba the Cuck's wife leaves him: http://youtube.com/watch?v=tVNjiid4e5Y https://www.reddit.com…[View]
134283586Kid Rock is running for senator: idiocracy is finally coming true[View]
134290403How did Bush do it ? How the fuck did we let ourselves fuck the Hispanic vote up? How do we get it b…[View]
134288678as of right now the alt right is hereby disbanded forever. amen and god bless the internet.[View]
134290173How do we fix nu-males?[View]
134287367What happened to repealing Obamacare? Turns out it's not so easy after all, eh? >Trumptards …[View]
134290148'Enlightened College Students Are Disgusted By Interracial Relationships' LOLOLOLOL!: Yeah go date s…[View]
134283432dago nigger killed white men in pennsylvania: this story is not getting enough coverage. Dago nigger…[View]
134280236G-Guys isn't the anti christ supposed to suffer and miraculously survive a head wound? Would a …[View]
134278462What the fuck is this guy doing?[View]
134275971India and China preparing for full-scale WAR!: The situation continues to get shitty. China has laun…[View]
134289766/ Absurdity Olympics /: In this thread we list all the leftist words, phrases, genders, acronyms, et…[View]
134286903Feminists are women who have been mentally destroyed.[View]
134269613Sister is a coalburner: My Sister just walked in the door and told me she just got back from a date …[View]
134289800Is it still the current year? Why can't leftists accept that Trump is president?[View]
134289175Stop resisting white boys, you belong to us!: Stop resisting white boys, you belong to us![View]
134276921Since when is getting caught jerkin off grounds for parole denied?: wtf give the juice a break Free …[View]
134282180>Italians aren't wh-[View]
134287484The digits confirm his fate[View]
134288628Halp: >be german >live in the most populated state North Rhine-Westphalia >pure hellhole fu…[View]
134285977Lefties don't suck. It's the nu-left that sucks. The lefties of yesteryear just wanted to …[View]
134286806British Archives Show Support for NatSoc Germany: National archive documents reportedly show Britain…[View]
134278517no disclosure thread tonight? where are you 222?[View]
134283749Latvian-Polish-American Alliance: The Trifecta for saving Europe[View]
134284374How do we keep the Falkland Islands fully Anglo?We need to keep it as an escape Island if rapefugees…[View]
134282719tell me pol: is uncle rucks our guy?[View]
134288219Trump is leading leftists to the ultimate decimation: Trump nonchalantly mentions to the NYT that he…[View]
134287583So what's wrong with multiculturalism? Few hundred years to future your siblings will be blacke…[View]
134289232Thinking about moving to Israel any prerequisites?[View]
134288006Critical Thinking: I find it increasingly exasperating to see people being fully unable to articulat…[View]
134289001More White guys will start dating black nigs as racial prejudice continues to decline.[View]
1342890954chan, reddit and Discord are right wing enclaves now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxXb83-9Jcw w…[View]
134277882Why is Justin a beta male?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRzvL0Txa1k[View]
134284934Whom do you follow on Facebook? [spoiler]I miss him[/spoiler][View]
134288974August 2020 American Second Civil war >Gen Z will be grown older >protests will start again bu…[View]
134287551Trump curse: Not even once[View]
134288962rate my political compass[View]
134287113People need to differentiate between globalization and globalism. First one is us being able to comm…[View]
134283559Give me a quick rundown, why does /pol/ hate this guy? I thought you loved republicans?[View]
134275537/pol/ doesn't understand socialism: >the people should own and operate the means of producti…[View]
134271505>got my Costco membership today >walk in >browse around >feeling oddly uncomfortable …[View]
134287219AT&T Time Warner merger: How do you feel about the fact that AT&T plans to shut down Time Wa…[View]
134284854What did he know?[View]
134287089Rate my gains /pol/ Am I masteracing yet?[View]
134288582The only thing to fear is success!: White brothers! We have come here to share in each others knowle…[View]
134287088Was he right, /pol/?[View]
134288382Brits: the biggest faggots in the world or the most masterful political players?[View]
134288355Furry Vengeance[View]
134280661Union Pride Thread: Ohio Reporting in[View]
134274493Catholic trans-humanism: >be catholic >have church community forum >charismatic speaker tal…[View]
134282805Is there any truth to the stereotype that Russian women are cunts?[View]
134283653>Against abortion as it kills another being against it's will >For the the removal of a b…[View]
134287928NEOCONS BTFO: McCain has been diagnosed with brain cancer and has a tumor, most likely fatal. http:/…[View]
134287311How do we stop nationalism?[View]
134280827Culture is useless: Imposing the same cultural attitude onto a group of people makes their view of t…[View]
134286464>fuck >shit >bitch >cunt >tit >ass >english 'language' why are anglos so vulgar…[View]
134288043John McCain Has Brain cancer: Oh how the great have fallen. http://www.politicaloutsource.com/2017/0…[View]
134286597/pol will enjoy this: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-07-19/planned-destruction-america-if-they-c…[View]
134288008Redpill me on Banská Bystrica, I hear they tore down the synagogue in 1983[View]
134283039Will emo/screamo/post-hardcore generation continue listening to their music?: you see a lot of old p…[View]
134276384The Truth of the Human Race..: In the year ~745 /anno domini/, Pope Zachary initiated the largest ac…[View]
134287357Mel Brooks and the Kike agenda: So there is this preachy video on jewtube that basically stretches o…[View]
1342875202018 Michigan Midterms: Can Kid Rock beat Debbie Stabenow?[View]
134283959Why are millennials having a hard time paying off their student loans?[View]
134285136Hello fellow anglo-saxons!: >Stop having children, it's imperative to protecting our environ…[View]
134268862What is the most insane conspiracy theory you believe in?: >greater lithuania >napoleon didn…[View]
134287068RIP in Peace John McClain (1922-2017)[View]
134287400Redneck Revolt...: https://www.redneckrevolt.org/ We gotta take them down. They are white. Check The…[View]
134272547How do we get boys to get over their bigotry and get them to date trans girls? https://www.youtube.c…[View]
134282302im not the only one seeing it right?: has anyone else seen an increase in shill threads?[View]
134278166/pol/ and the Daily Stormer have turned me into an unironic PewDiePie fan. I think he's a great…[View]
134281367Anti-American propaganda in communist Poland this is video from 1960s What do you think? We had a lo…[View]
134287164How did it come to such FATT?[View]
134279000Is it degenerate to listen to latin music?: if you're white. I used to listen to metallica, as …[View]
134281383National Capitalism: The ideology of the Modern American Man. National Capitalism is much like its e…[View]
134287046>1950's Norman Rockwell America is called white picket fence and FUCK YOU what did he mean b…[View]
134286809So I thought some of you retards were saying Trump was a crypto-Jew and a Zionist puppet and all tha…[View]
134287084WOG, PLEASE DON'T BREAK MY HEART https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVdn9GhwJgk Polish woman abroa…[View]
134283506The Jewish elite are pushing the race war as Divide and conquer: The reason why ghetto culture and W…[View]
134286956Can Canada arrest Justin Trudeau?: Is there a legal way Justin Trudeau can be arrested? He illegally…[View]
134285005Give me one good reason you losers don't want to represent Gary Johnson's glorious Liberta…[View]
134286878Syria General /sg/ - quick bread mix edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.word…[View]
134282132Where did it all go so wrong?[View]
134279589I like people that weren't captured, okay[View]
134285704Anyone supporting islam unironically here is a idiot. Muslims behave like subhumans, In UK there was…[View]
134284649Do you agree with this sentiment, /pol/?[View]
134271762Will America be better off when it is run by the chicanos and the chicanas?[View]
134280767So what is art, /pol/? It art really just talent? What do you consider talent, there's no way t…[View]
134277237Thoughts on CALEXIT: Is it msm propaganda backfiring against (((them)))?[View]
134286349Morning Joe the Joke: I'm through with casting hollow votes that just can't win. It's…[View]
134286325EFTA > EU: Why the fuck dont countries just leave the EU and join the EFTA? All the same benefits…[View]
134283978Is anime redpilled? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXziltno4nY[View]
134278452we all know kek will fuck up soros but what of canadians, t*rks, and all non middle eastern muzzie p…[View]
134278181WWⅡ thread: Am I only one person who thankful for churchill and USA to save democracy and freedom fo…[View]
134256858part 2: >STUDY: Young American Men Are Choosing Video Games Over Work in Staggering Numbers >N…[View]
134270575tfw you realize the wrong side lost the war[View]
134285913What did Senator Lindsey Graham mean by this?[View]
134285616We should let Russia join NATO.[View]
134266007Where do you see the United States of America 10 years from now?[View]
134285892>“The truth is the truth — both about Europe’s security and Europe’s economic future,” he added. …[View]
134285761What's in the crazy drawer? Is this where Trump and Mnuchin just go around the Fed and start pr…[View]
134285870brazil get trade now: following mexico's lead, brazil get free trade with european, canadian, n…[View]
134254456TRUMP DROPS SETH RICH! IT'S TIME. SPREAD THE WORD!: >DNC/FBI/Clinton Org/DC Police are invol…[View]
134282119Looming South African Race War!: This is why White South Africans deserve the race war! They had the…[View]
134280820>there are Canadians on /pol/ who unironically support the cultural Marxists known as the NDP Why…[View]
134282759Hey /pol/, twitter stalker William Legate here. AMA until the booze wears off.[View]
134282954What is the origin of the term redpill, and what was the original context to where it started being …[View]
134279002How do we unite and defeat zionist overlords and bring back humanity to the state of progression cul…[View]
134283580POL SHILLS RED PILL ME: I know it all, from the top to the bottom and wrote a book about it. I know …[View]
134285433Did you know more French people died from allied bombing then from German bombing?[View]
134282384>BE AMERICAN: https://youtu.be/fZV3PPqKeU8[View]
134269343Hello, /pol/! So, as much as I hate most of you, I wanted to talk about a couple things in all serio…[View]
134279701When even Jews hate the eternal Jew: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThoWqhcfV1g[View]
134285195Soviets kicked nazi a-[View]
134262453'4chan is a bunch of backwood hillbillies': http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHhBc9SNGmA check this vi…[View]
134282697Is North Korea the modern Reich? Do we support them? >Juche-against globalism and only focus on s…[View]
134282359Should the NAP apply to black people? It's quite clear they are so radically different from oth…[View]
134199606/krg/ KID ROCK GENERAL - BORN FREE EDITION: KID ROCK ANNOUNCES SENATE RUN https://kidrock.com/blog/a…[View]
134276630I'd much prefer chinese then mus-[View]
134280739honest thoughts on the Amish?[View]
134261880Syria General /sg/ - Jews, Get Out Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpr…[View]
134282669has /pol/ actually gotten involved in local politics? I met this QT mommy tier attorney running for …[View]
134274630How does /pol/ feel knowing that the guy who presented the red/blue pill concept to the public is bl…[View]
134284899Redpill me on the CIA. Why are they always involved in conspiracies and shit?[View]
134284421Redpill me about leviathan[View]
134283704Since racial tensions are rising in South African, I was wondering what are /pol/'s thoughts on…[View]
134271324Daily reminder that /pol/ is a Christian board and no amount of r/atheism invasions will ever change…[View]
134257960Ethiopian women - not niggs: I live in a city teeming with Ethiopian women. I am white, tall and han…[View]
134283062Shut up about this guy. I'm not playing with you.[View]
134284655Are you moist yet?[View]
134281614Rare Hitlers[View]
134284331How do you know when a product is made/sold by a jew? What about a black? What about a muslim etc? W…[View]
134276080https://youtu.be/xCrbgMKRM4A This is what the rich are doing with their money right now, /pol/ Give …[View]
134279982Explain right fucking NOW why you won't suck her penis. You aren't entitled to the genital…[View]
134284538Redneck Revolt - Leftist Infiltration of the Right: So commies/antifa/lefties have created a new lef…[View]
134284226any social nationalists here? How do we deal with the hitlerite and libertarian plague?[View]
134284276Justify why Trump hasn't made American English the official language of the United States. It…[View]
134283168Anger issues?: Im not sure if im angry, i think im just reasonable, and the communists/socialists/li…[View]
134283606Trump >'Anonymous sources are bad and are not real sources, all anonymous sources that say I did …[View]
134284093Vaccines: What do you guys think about vaccines?[View]
134284249Is John McCain a traitor?: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nd304Qo7Iw4…[View]
134266781Is Jewish superior intelligence genetic? Cultural? Meme?[View]
134284243This looks gud: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shTK5XW_knk http://tubeunblock.me/watch?v=shTK5XW_kn…[View]
134280218Emmanuel Macron: Give me a quick rundown /pol/. Was he /ourguy/ all along?[View]
134259231What are some based jews?[View]
134270875John McCain has brain tumor: Press 'S' to spit on deathbed.[View]
134283998Motherfucking Cartoon Network making fun of blacks.[View]
134225540We're fucked.: We're fucked. The UN is trying to Destroy the 2 most intelligent races with…[View]
134281303Too tempting to pass up.: The giver of 'wash yo ass' Tariq Nasheed is up to it again. What shall we …[View]
134283882http://www.friatider.se/v-nsterkvinnor-om-sex-med-flyktingbarn-det-g-r-vi-allihop Denmark wtf is wro…[View]
134281959will it be a real thing?: since women are becoming more and more alpha and men are becoming more and…[View]
134280890Is there any evidence so far, any science behind the 'more than 2 genders' thing ? I feel like socie…[View]
134283844Meme attack on john mcain?: Theres lots of neocons, liberals (obama) and other jew puppets supportin…[View]
134283796the older they get the less liberal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-sIrLXb1cE[View]
134283437The normalization of pedophilia: wtf is this shit Dadcrush.com https://spankbang.com/1dsxa/video/dad…[View]
134283700I find it odd that Hitler offered Poland a huge chunk of western Prussia in exchange for a German Da…[View]
134283602NEVER FORGETTI: Daily reminder that WE fight against people that are promoting this http://www.zeroh…[View]
134240998/HTG/: ELIZABETH LEE BECK EDITION: This general is for identifying, discussing, mapping, researching…[View]
134283148If the US becomes Brazil in the next 50 years, what will Brazil be in the next 50 years?[View]
134282936White privilege is the biggest crock of shit in history our ancestors worked fucking hard to give us…[View]
134283553Are we living in a simulation /pol/?: He's often been proved right... https://youtu.be/6KPP4bDb…[View]
134282636These are our KIng and Queen. say something nice about them.