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150012555BOLSHEVIK 2.0: Is on the way, we’ve labeled ourselves nazis and the masses will be more than happy t…[View]
149966022Why do you hate racemixing so much? I thought niggers could only get fat ugly degenerate white women…[View]
150008722Why not move to Australia?: When Australian culture is closer to that of the United States than extr…[View]
150012256Who replaces him?[View]
150012379Op Hollywood: Use a drone to paint Jew stars on the Hollywood sign: Why hasn't someone done thi…[View]
149994467Can anyone explain to me why anyone would be right wing? I honestly don't understand the '…[View]
149994040What the hell is wrong with modern white males?[View]
150007778PYF SOYBOY[View]
149992488European Culture - Wagner edition: Post paintings, architecture, food, law, science, etc that relate…[View]
150009961How do we fix France?[View]
150011907Jews are your only allies.: Normal Jews of course. Dying out, monotheistic and fiercely capitalistic…[View]
150001865Zionist Control: I'm not usually one for conspiracy theories, but I was curious on what you thi…[View]
150010902FBI INFORMANT FOR URANIUM ONE: [YouTube] FBI Informant: Russian Briefcase of Uranium One Bribe Money…[View]
150012084>/pol/: We NEED religion to stop degeneracy >Translation: Waaaahh, Jebus please help me stop m…[View]
150007658Question: Why so many SLAV hate threads? (((they))) worried Hitlers spirit is in slavlands?[View]
150011986I have a very bad feel about this, a exorbitant bad feel: >https://www.thelocal.se/20171119/ticke…[View]
150011983Wtf /pol/: Why is the board such a mess... where are the janitors?[View]
149977154MBTI- entp master race: entp is the master type. not to extraverted not to introverted and not irrat…[View]
150007232Wow, this is actually the longest one of my redpill posts has gone before being deleted by mods. I…[View]
150007609RELIGION OF PEACE STRIKES AGAIN: >Girl was arrested for threatening to blow up Orlando high schoo…[View]
150011866>republican areas >full of nature trails, forests, and conversation >democrat areas' …[View]
150003996Give me evidence that climate change isn't caused by humans.[View]
150008979>tfw parents immigrated from Poland >tfw stuck living in this country now >tfw could be in …[View]
150006160Youtube's Susan Wojcicki is on the cutting board.: Elsa gate is taking off. Major newspaper are…[View]
150006135Even though it's a shit philosophy and clearly doesn't work, I'm weirdly fascinated b…[View]
150011473thoughts?: Libertarianism and the “Alt-Right” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TICdCM4j7x8…[View]
150006483Warning to Christian /pol/lacks: Do not be deceived: “Bad company corrupts good morals.” (Corinthian…[View]
150011016[Q]uick to the rally point!: [Q]uick to the rally point. [W]e need to regroup. W[e] h[a]ve been shil…[View]
150002350GET thread deleted?: why are mods deleting epic GETs lately? pic very related[View]
150006382haters will say its fake[View]
149997571how do we save germany?[View]
150010237>And then there were members of La Meute (“the Wolf Pack”), a Quebec-based group that often boast…[View]
150009877What was better? Trump winning or blizzard announcing classic servers?[View]
150009043esperanto: Esperanto sounds like a very sad story of how bad governments hate libertarian ideals by …[View]
150010981>reading local news >people in public housing complaining that their free house is shitty…[View]
150010941Swatting: im looking for someone to help me swat, more details will be included if you add me on C…[View]
150004724The saddest words of tongue and pen...: Why do Jewish people always feel the need to SHUT IT DOWN?…[View]
150008514That wasn't even clever...: >Al Frankenstein Is Trump fucking 5?…[View]
150010222There is a new and active orchaestration to impeach Trump. I saw some ads on Youtube but I just saw …[View]
149997030/DIXIE/ General Way down yonder edition: All states REEEEEEEport in! Whatcha /smokin/ /drinkin/ /eat…[View]
150010694Russians are a bunch of wild primitive nazi-fascist animals. I don't defend Ukrainians now beca…[View]
1500079896+ years and a migrant crisis later: Did this man accomplish what he fought for? What is /pol opinio…[View]
150005364Was he good for Russia or bad? He won the war, but he killed millions.[View]
150008682Is there really any proof the Holohoax happened?: >Jews repeatedly claimed genocides happened for…[View]
150004056Chad virgin meme thread, starting with some OC[View]
150006739What the fuck is wrong with you amerilards?[View]
150009682Save a Neet - Squirrel Guy Sounds like a good Guy: I think he deserves some backing. I'm retwee…[View]
150009271Why did Trump get these ape-ballers released?[View]
150010422Drop comfy redpills: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8rx_SDeaao[View]
150007210Why doesn't /pol/ do more to support businesses that espouse traditional, Christian based value…[View]
150007021Post you and your families political affiliation: Me: National Socialist My religion: Lutheran (clo…[View]
149996987What the fuck is wrong with the Irish? Why are they the slavs of western Europe?[View]
150009511Did you know the right answer /pol/?[View]
150008005All this hatred is killing me slowly: How do you keep going and avoid the black pill?[View]
149992312What's the worst European country?[View]
150009666TFW QLarp gets BTFO by MegaLarp: WTF is going on? I haven’t been in the CBTS threads since it was in…[View]
150009921How your sure? ' Big penis ': Are you sure its genetic? i dont see it as a purpose to even be that h…[View]
149987544ElsaGate: Any theories/predictions on ElsaGate? I think it's a psyop by Google/Alphabet or per…[View]
149982820do you own a gun and if no why not[View]
150005429Aesthetics matter: https://www.reference.com/world-view/effect-symbolism-4af4b08fc87a9064 Appeal is …[View]
150009724NIGGAS REACT TO SLAVERY VIDEO: world starhip hop . com / videos / video . php ?v = wshh9mc6SXHE7WP…[View]
150009784> tfw my shiekhs like me and have girls ready to meet up halal-style to get married whenever I…[View]
150002608>firefox updates >launch it >this fine piece of the propaganda is the first thing i see on …[View]
150007828You have 5 seconds to explain why you're not donating to help properly educate our youth[View]
149999356Is Hillary or Trump the bigger loser?[View]
150009566>American 'education'[View]
150009533>we don need no big gubmint healthcare, dats socialeeesm! Go USA! When did you realise that priva…[View]
149988191TWITTER GOING FULL ORWELL: Starting Dec 18th Twitter will track what sites you visit OFF of their pl…[View]
150003499What do you think the worst race is besides jews[View]
149987763Literally this.[View]
149992577WWII veteran calling nurses, then dying as they laugh: >fight for 'freedom' >nigger nurses lau…[View]
150004933Hello ! Can someone please tell me WHAT THE FUCK is going on in your country USA ? What is this shit…[View]
149974208Why is /pol/ so obsessed with race? You have to have a pretty low IQ to hate someone over something …[View]
149977500GOOK MONKEY PROBLEM: Gooks the worst race after niggers for Homo Europeas. Idiotic sloppy eyes, clos…[View]
150006302THIS KILLS THE LIBERAL: 1)Points out that their hypersensitive 'triggers' did nothing abou…[View]
150003880How did the Holocaust make you feel?[View]
150008916real legit question. was babba booey in on 9/11?[View]
150006811>Non-whites will be majority in US and Europe by 2050 Muslims taking over Christian countries …[View]
150009142how can non amerimutts compete[View]
150005950Every empire falls; the more glorious its history, the heavier the swallowing nihilism and decadence…[View]
150007344We can all agree on pic related right /pol/ ?[View]
150008124Which one of you faggots did this? https://youtu.be/6Vt3WdZYm3E[View]
150006586somebody nuke melbourne please[View]
149993613Several women have accused porn legend Ron Jeremy of sexual assault. “It turned into him basically s…[View]
150005077What is the most redpilled language?: I like Russian and German, and of course nobody can dislike En…[View]
150007278Leaf General fuck PETA edition >mfw Keystone shits oil all over amerisharts…[View]
150006872UNITY 2020 Thread - Campaign Strategy Edition: #notallnazis #notallniggers - END JEWISH RACISM - EX…[View]
150008155More lies about Roy Moore: Former Gadsden Mall Manager on Roy Moore: ‘To My Knowledge, He Was Not Ba…[View]
149997050Ayelet Shaked: >Anti Muslim >Btfos Palestinians >Libertarian, borderline AnCap, influence…[View]
149968698Illinois Hate Thread: Fuck this state.[View]
150006877Why are so many /pol/ posters victims of bullying IRL? I thought you guys were tough alpha males?[View]
150006666was he murdered?[View]
149992030USA: COPS SLAUGHTER 14 YEAR OLD BOY: http://www.kbjr6.com/story/36864226/bad-river-tribe-seeks-justi…[View]
149999673in the 80s, THIS was the face of the transgender movement. My how things have changed... u mad /pol/…[View]
150001754Americans should heed this meme.: This meme is important criticism for Americans. Low IQ/brainwashed…[View]
149992257Think again.[View]
149998434Was Lil Peep /ourguy/? Here's a song he madewith secret white nationalist messages: https://you…[View]
150008365>this kills the racist[View]
149999826Heil Hitler[View]
149995326We are here and we are ready.: Dear /pol/: We never died. We simply went into hiding and, for over …[View]
150006326вхъ ape тхe мoдc cхит?[View]
149980526'The informant is very sick.': https://youtu.be/cO0Lh8gOu5Q >Sarah Carter:He’s very sick and he’s…[View]
149993373Was World War 2 inevitable? Why couldn't pic related just chill out in 1939?[View]
150008225Christmas is coming ! Red Lives Matter....: Christmas is coming ! It's about time Rudolph Gets …[View]
150006573The absolute state of Sweden: I mean, I'm a meximutt posting this, but holy shit. when a fuckin…[View]
150006628Howcome people talk about 'Jewish Bolsheviks' when Latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians, Georgians, Ukra…[View]
150001883mfw leftist polish TV censors Kevin Spacey in a movie trailer[View]
150004567I know the Holocaust didn't happen, but would /pol/ support a real one?[View]
150002865The absolute state of Hollywood: It's like they're not even trying to hide anymore https:/…[View]
150003448Getting a shit load of chicks: My buddy and I printer off a hundred of these flyers and going to pos…[View]
150007629Hi! Sven here. Recently visited L.A. CA, and I was pleasantly surprised. Met some really cool, and d…[View]
150007974Is life a struggle or suffering? If so, why does society hide this universal experience?[View]
150007012Race War Preparations: How are you preparing for the race war? I'm making a lot of toy cardboar…[View]
150004069how does it feel to not live in the best country in the world?[View]
149991376https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vp3kQ-v69BU YOU WANNA THREATEN MY KID?!! YOU TRYIN TO THREATEN MY KI…[View]
149986923You broke him[View]
150004159THAT Falklands Propaganda Cartoon: They literally admit Argentina has no legal claim to the islands …[View]
149994834Parents and Community Activists address racist slur found written in girl’s bathroom: >CHESTERFIE…[View]
150004849reminder to love your animals[View]
150006110What Makes Us Human?: Simple question, but can you answer it?[View]
150007865LES DEPLORÀBLES: Why are degenerate deviants all fat, ugly, middle-aged-to-geriatric cunts with mone…[View]
150004380What would he think of /pol/?[View]
150007644> Nato apologises to Turkey after Erdogan and Ataturk appear on 'enemy chart' https://w…[View]
150005962Atheism is the fastest shrinking religion in the world. Atheism is in decline worldwide, with the nu…[View]
149992463Dairy Jew General: Daily reminder that the dairy jews are pushing their jewish agendas to increase t…[View]
149967881Millennial women: I read an interesting theory lately. Basically millennial women have postponed get…[View]
150006919Who here is ready for the redditfag tears when net nuetrailty goes down the shitter in a few days?[View]
150003575Amerimutts are niggers. rest of the thread is white. Pawn d3[View]
150007419>Current year >Supporting Drumpf[View]
150007407Muslimahs: > tfw my shiekhs like me and have girls ready to meet up halal-style to get married wh…[View]
150007150Harvey Weinstein Had a Secret List of Nearly 100 Names to Silence Sexual Harassment Claims: >The …[View]
150004667Religion in Science: What place does religion have in science & politics?[View]
149999176We need to have a talk, Canada. This is not okay. This needs to stop. It's time to stop. Whatev…[View]
149987850I Don't Eat Soy. But I Don't Eat Meat Either. My T Levels are High, I'm Sure.: Is ani…[View]
150004936Slavery and the non-action of liberals(no triggering by slavery): 1)This is directly Obamas fault 2)…[View]
149998549Statements men need to say to women: I hope you've said one of these statements to a woman toda…[View]
150006143Why do women destroy everything good in society by being selfish holes?[View]
150006050How did race become a hot issue this year?[View]
150003973IMPORTANT THREAD: SLAVE TRADE 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2S2qtGisT34 We need to do someth…[View]
150004583APOLOGIZE: With all the AI gf threads recently, can we admit that in retrospect, this was a good get…[View]
150001816While Western countries have declining economies, the economies in Africa are rapidly growing. Will …[View]
150005529Automation is the future. Prove me wrong: Listening to American History again today, we got fucking …[View]
150004710so is the alt-right just a bunch of obese half-mexicans? pretty disappointing desu[View]
149985502I hope /pol/ feels like raging tonight. Video below is a WW2 Veteran in a nursing home neglected by…[View]
149965619>'vegetarians are soyboy faggots' >meanwhile Hitler was literally vegetarian IRL explain…[View]
150006700Anyone else already annoyed by ''soyboy''? Fat, sub-80 boomer mutts are driving …[View]
150007033/NOG/ Nationalist Organizations General: Post who you like, which you're part of, ect >I am …[View]
149998200CBTS #424 FUN eral march Edition: NEW Q >>149921023 More Eyes on the Heart of Q >>149467…[View]
150006696Fuck this family. They destroyed my hometown, killed some of my friends and nearly me.: Fuck the Sac…[View]
150006502Anybody got a link for TDS 222 for a poorfag: Anybody got a link for TDS 222 for a poorfag ?[View]
149998604Black Lives Matter BTFO again: https://conservativetribune.com/blm-deletes-poll-trump-wins/ Hahahaha…[View]
150001439Why are people so easily manipulated? Does nobody think for themselves?[View]
150005209It's time for some bait: I want to test these fucking women. Can we spread a rumour that some p…[View]
150004218What the fuck even is this?[View]
150006369mongrels from the states are so pussified https://youtu.be/Bw9KUBPxvFM much lol[View]
150006022Why does Jewish art & architecture suck?: This monkey has a point. https://twitter.com/PALE_Prim…[View]
149993429JUSTice League of peace: Don;t get me wrong, I liked it, but LITERALLY IN THE FIRST 3 MINUTES you go…[View]
150004288Help me please?: Anyone know this man? His name is Austin Franklin and I have served with him. He we…[View]
150004832>decide to follow a few celebrities on twitter >all they do is bash trump Why is this? Does be…[View]
150005399Balls: Be Me. 6th Grade Playing kickball in gym I kick the ball short like a little bitch.jpeg start…[View]
150005356The music of my people truly is beautiful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qc0-LIkX2zQ[View]
150004783How bad is race mixing?: Whats your opinion?[View]
149985538>the world hates us because we tried >/pol/ hates us because we failed why even live…[View]
150005262Pastor Anderson BTFOs Japan https://youtu.be/svVLoYs636w This is the sermon that every /pol/ack man…[View]
149998169Know the difference....: Be prepared. Be vigilant,. Be fierce.[View]
149967226what is the qaaba?: we all know what goes on outside the qaaba, but what happens inside it? i'v…[View]
150005163force-feeding nu-pol the net neutrality pill: ANYONE WHO SAYS 'IT LETS THE CABLE COMPANIES CHARGE YO…[View]
149993442Slavs are wh--: Nope. Just nope. These guys look like the dindu's half brother who couldn'…[View]
149997906I've finally converted my friends to realism.: I've been the only based person in my frien…[View]
149987674DIETSDRAAD https://www.ad.nl/binnenland/actievoerders-tegen-zwarte-piet-in-rotterdam-blokkeren-erasm…[View]
149965303Human Trafficking Case: This case is beyond fucked up. Basically, run down is she comes from a small…[View]
150002607What did he really mean by this?[View]
150004840Does MakeApp™ change the entire dynamic between men and women in society? I went out with a legit 9.…[View]
150004762Sheboon nurse laughs as WW2 vet dies after cardiac arrest before calling out for help.: https://www.…[View]
150004684Post underrated inventors and people: Dr. William L. Pierce, inventor of the podcast[View]
149982448the absolute state or burgerstan: when will you mutts join the 1st world?[View]
150001730Economists of /pol/ how do we turn El Salvador in the Singapore of Central America?[View]
149994866You people need to apologise right now about supporting and voting for trump[View]
149998538When did you realize that all this anti jewish sentiment floating around was just neo nazi propagand…[View]
150004560Is Skippy finally finished?: I sometimes feel like the only Britbong who gives a shit about pizzagat…[View]
149992751How the fuck do I avoid soy? Which popular foods contain it?[View]
150004374Vegas: So wtf really happened here? some facts: 1. millions a year in income playing video poker (p…[View]
149977489Insider Lil Peep info: I’m a longtime pol reader, I used to live with the ‘left’ art types. I have i…[View]
150003581Volunteer oppurtunities that help advance the white race?: Looking into doing something to help whit…[View]
150003692...conservative religions are right.: IDK about god or some aliens mascarading as humans or some shi…[View]
149952560Forget STEM, it's STEAM now[View]
150002282Bring back Tay pls These new AI's are unironically 2003 chatbot level retarded[View]
149995484>United States >Chock full of Mexicans, Arabs, Africans, Asians etc. >Mass shootings every …[View]
149999714/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - ICE EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov htt…[View]
150003606Is Lincoln a /pol/ approved movie?: Wondering if it's worth the watch.[View]
150002748MAGA: >why isn't it remove all THOTS[View]
150003604Net Freedom: We here from Comcast want to thank our supporters for standing against 'Net Neutrality'…[View]
149999166Why couldn't is be a white man with a black woman? Why must they use this forced blacked meme? …[View]
150000848Women don't deserve autonomy. they literally can't handle it. they also can't handle …[View]
150003311How do we get rid of this god forsaken creation?: The cell phone is playing a major part in dropping…[View]
149994544Why is the fire service not free in America?[View]
150000110Ave Europa.[View]
149999247>mfw /pol/ will replace rothschild in my lifetime >>150000001 >>150000000 >>149…[View]
149988386ok italiani di /pol/ cosa possiamo fare per quanto riguarda l' amministrazione del nostro paes…[View]
150002156daily reminder: there is nothing wrong with being short: Adolf Hitler, who lead the National Sociali…[View]
149977412Gloria Allred, representative for Trump accusers is proven politically motivated liar with Roy Moore…[View]
149992760Why America Hate?: I want non-American users to explain to me why they don't like America.…[View]
150003133Boeing deleted my response on their latest propoganda video. Why is it considered unacceptable in to…[View]
150003120How come whites, the supposed 'superior race', are constantly manipulated and generally btfo so easi…[View]
149994462There is a massive deception campaign in the US and in its global propaganda, which seeks to portray…[View]
149993995/pol/ Lied To Me!!: Why /pol/? Why did you lie to me?[View]
150000989So it seems /leftypol/ and /r/latestagecapitalism are raiding us again. Funny how they always choose…[View]
149996697BASED BLACK GUY: Look at this base black woman being on our side. Am I right pedes? Can I get a huge…[View]
149987393Pol wants to kill this: Why do you hate modest women, pol?[View]
149988181NAFRI HATE THREAD: Most of DASH soldiers are nafris Nafris are those who committed the massive sexua…[View]
150000479Music scientifically proven to influence politics: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/music-ar…[View]
149999489Operation XIX: Operation Swedistan: 1.Create significant traction in a movement to replace Sweden…[View]
149992478/POL/ and being NEET: To NEET or not to NEET? Would you go NEET if you had a SHIT office job you wor…[View]
149999237Pack Of Nigger Nurses Laughs At Dying Vet: https://youtu.be/lU6NlK3OQDc?t=162 There should be a chor…[View]
149983333How do we fight the tranny menace? How do we change their philosophy about identity? How do we ban s…[View]
149978854Syria General /sg/- Working As Planned Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wor…[View]
149986556How is this possible in a first-world nation like America? Even the absolute worst, most violent 'no…[View]
149996906Trump regret: Anyone else regret voting for that fucking idiot cheetoh hitler? He was supposed to MA…[View]
150002183>Trump jpost.com/American-Politics/Despite-Trumps-objections-Congress-passes-Israeli-missile-defe…[View]
149981184What is /pol/ doing in preparation for tomorrows arrival of Nibiru?[View]
150001704Why does the left have such disdain for single issue and third party voters?[View]
149998491Is everyone but autistic people cars you?[View]
150001259United Methodist Church: Alright /pol/, i need a massive redpill on pic related. My friend has been …[View]
149983210TIME MAGAZINE Person Of The Year POLL ~ Get out and VOTE!: http://time.com/5026497/time-person-of-th…[View]
149993487What to do with Rapefugees: There is a refugee camp near me. What am i supposed to do?[View]
149995859Race has nothing to do with intelligence. I was watching good times today and they talked about how …[View]
150001827United States Hate Thread: Reminder: In WWII, we sided with the mass-murders to serve for our (((Gre…[View]
150000087What made you become religious?: Is there something in your life that happened that made you become …[View]
149997348Henrich Himmler accepted poos in the SS: >poo in the l- They even tried to escape to Switzerland …[View]
149997242In other words, Hillary is off of the hook[View]
149998286France will rise again[View]
149995879CBTS #424 ++ Active GLORIOUS MODU SAMA Edition: NEW Q >>149921023 More Eyes on the Heart of Q…[View]
149976992so explain to me why /pol/ hates net neutrality[View]
149988926ro/pola/: The last living head of state that shook Hitlers hand is on his death bed. Will he live to…[View]
149996737Why is everyone spinning around this public toilet?[View]
150001097Let malcolm have this[View]
150000650Hitler was wrong[View]
149996973Hold Strong, Fuck Shills and the bombardment of spam threads! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE: Man, /pol/ is kne…[View]
149976690Serious question: Do you believe in natural selection, in Darwin, in the rule and law of nature? Do …[View]
149998000memeball thread[View]
150000017Dictatorships: Is there anything inherently wrong with dictatorships?[View]
149999354>he hasnt bought his Trumpy Bear yet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Vt3WdZYm3E…[View]
150000078Kill all commies, everywhere[View]
150000196Looks like libtards and trumptards are both tards getting tarded by the (((meditards))). WSJ is owne…[View]
150000035What's the most thought-provoking Trump post you have seen on /pol/?[View]
150000034If I get it - RON PAUL WILL BE PRESIDENT![View]
149999980Say 'Thank You' one last time for 2016[View]
149997769When did Ben Garrison go from being a libertarian to making borderline fascist propaganda? It's…[View]
149999622CW- ARROW is Bonafide NEO-NAZI Propoganda: Is it me or is Mellissa Benoist as Overgirl in The CW…[View]
149999636>Profit is theft![View]
149998512If you're scrolling past content of a POC or LGBTQ++ without sparing a like which costs you not…[View]
149994924/pol/ BTFO by 2017's Greatest Political Family: Let's add it up > Four years of solid l…[View]
149990754How was one man so redpilled?[View]
149997101AMA - Trump Edition: Hey guys, Donald Trump here, what's up? AMA, try my best to answer.[View]
149999189ElsaGate: what do you guys think about this whole elsagate degeneracy? this shit seems fucking disgu…[View]
149999113Did they ever catch the guys who killed Paddock?: I haven't followed the news in a while, just …[View]
149987741Why does /pol/ worship a crazy murderer hiding in the woods with his autistic wife on the taxpayers …[View]
149999017/pol/acks you recognize >the anti-german Greek shill >ikibey, the iam Greek Turk shitposter …[View]
149998798Retards argue that provision in tax bill that will help control college costs is bad. https://deadsp…[View]
149965087Our favorite kettlebell merchant recently told Dan Carlin that white nationalists will always hang t…[View]
149997752What are they're powers?[View]
149996549Stocks: What are the most /pol/ companies/stocks ever? >pic related…[View]
149998692Liberal university vs a conservative business school in Norway: The University of Oslo is one of the…[View]
149998641The absolute state of America's Navy: Why is the US Navy so shit at maneuvering boats?[View]
149998630Ace Ventura is genderphobic.: YEP, THAT'S RIGHT. Everything that used to be funny in the 90s is…[View]
149994340Where were you when India became #1 world superpower[View]
149998520Our Cigarette Reviewer?: https://youtu.be/GRQyXDUZHEo https://youtu.be/mnp6FvpUMNg[View]
149998311Rule, Britannia![View]
149998424/mdg/ Manifest Destiny General 002 - Day of Rake Edition: When is the day of the rake going to come?…[View]
149993669The South Hate Thread: Fuck these retarded subhuman apes >import a shit ton of niggers >start …[View]
149985716Brit/pol/ - Knife Registration day coming soon ladsedition: >Varadkar: Solve Irish border questio…[View]
149999608>There are people out there proud of having piss-colored hair Friendly reminder black hair (domin…[View]
150000167I'm from future 2nd American Civil War will start in Indianapolis in 2022[View]
149993050When is the optimal moment to start the Race War? You need to be very careful for it will be the poi…[View]
149995096You are so fucking mad right now.[View]
149998228Welcome Trumpettes and Trumpsters!: - Toni Holt Kramer http://trumpettesusa.com/[View]
149995453I got sent to china for my political fanaticism: I am now back in Australia to tell my tale. Ask me …[View]
149996702Will we see a point where you admit you were just duped?[View]
149992305European FREEMASONRY against Far-Right: 'Far right is clearly a danger' I've found this article…[View]
149993228*Ahem* Something something, false flag Sandy Hook right guys? -waits for bot-[View]
149981091What would your home look like in the 19th century? Picrel my.[View]
149998132How Brainwashed is your Media?: In Canada, cops will describe every detail about your appearance, an…[View]
149997462Are slavs even human? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWrbSCDrKCQ…[View]
149997845Travis Bickle - Taxi Driver: Politically speaking, was his character red-pilled?[View]
149993340why do americans want guns: if the government actually wanted to take over they have drones..your ar…[View]
149995081>tfw fell for the uni meme[View]
149978085ABORTION: What's your position?: I am pro-life. It took me a long time to eradicate the social …[View]
149966995Joe Rogan redpilling the masses: Holy fuck, he tweeted an article about #Elsagate He knows what…[View]
149990795Anyone feeling like time is passing faster than usual?[View]
149995465i love u: dear /pol/ you guys are the worst people on this planet. Absolutely the worst people i hav…[View]
149982196What Did He Mean By This?: 'Hitler Was Right About Almost Everything' ~ Stanley Kubrick…[View]
149995167lol why did you hate japan so much burgers just because they raped a few chinks they didnt even geno…[View]
149995431its okay to be white: what a fucking joke https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agqBYvGUSN8&feature=yo…[View]
149985136>/pol/ unironically admires a mass murderer Explain me how this makes you any different from Isla…[View]
149996767Saddox: Say something nice about Mr. Orangutan.[View]
149994218Hitler was good for German....[View]
149987199Why is she still a presence? Why!?!? We know enough to give her the death peanaltu, yet she’s still …[View]
149997520Pedowood Discussion: What Happened on the set of Heavyweights?: Watching this movie as a child I alw…[View]
149995836Why are blacks allowed to have an openly racist news site?[View]
149991853Is this supposed to be intimidating?[View]
149996504Racists are uneducated: /pol/ BTFO[View]
149994274Take the Nazbol pill Capitalism creates degeneracy Capitalism creates globalism NazBol can save the…[View]
149985624*Blocks Ancaps path*: Wat do?[View]
149997398IT HAPPENED AGAIN: ANOTHER anti-gay Republican was found banging a dude. At least it wasn't a c…[View]
149997362Lefty/pol/ls, what do they stand for?: We know what the alt-right wants/does/is, but what's goi…[View]
149986318How did this nobody casual racist streamer become some sort of debater? Why are right leaning you tu…[View]
149985317Is Mercedes /ourcarmanufacturer/? https://youtu.be/_0hSdsoVWpE First advert I've seen in a whil…[View]
149984591hey guys Rhodesian guy here again Rhodesian general chat here join discord server if you want to kno…[View]
149992089Slavs are Pinkos: Slavs aren't white. They're pink. Take it from an Russian American becau…[View]
149995842>ROMAN CATHOLICS ARE CHRI... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIMvS7zJgeg…[View]
149997116WE WUZ....: https://youtu.be/8_OkvAuSjsY[View]
149991066>republicans claiming to be the party of fiscal responsibility >new tax cuts add 1 trillion to…[View]
149997092la gente es sabia jsjjsjs[View]
149978855Germany owes Poland $1,500,000,000,000 USD + C O M P O U N D interest: Krautcucks >pay denbts $1,…[View]
149995415>poo in the l- Pic related, explain\talk about this[View]
149993275How do we get Rhodesia back?[View]
149979660More JFK Files!!!: Civil Rights Movement was a complete Communist Sham >100-150 Young men are bei…[View]
149995433Transracialism: From the people who brought you transgenderism, they now bring you transracialism. h…[View]
149989752>libertarians will defend this[View]
149972699/mng/- monarchism general: Let's take a break from this democratic bullshit and get comfy, lads…[View]
149973655>pro guns >anti immigration >anti transgenderism >anti all degeneracy >anti all liber…[View]
149995478Muh Heritage[View]
149995850What do you think about the God Emperor Donald Trump: What is your opinion on Donald Trump[View]
149970940Police officer Brian Shaw, 25, murdered during traffic stop: An intense search is underway in wester…[View]
149989123FINALLY IT HAPPENED: Is this a sign of relief?[View]
149978428Gypsies: I was just ordering fast food when I saw some gypsies trying to scam the staff. Why the fu…[View]
149995574BREAKING: Al Franken molests self as teenager[View]
149995720What a wonderful words[View]
149993568You just summoned him as a servant. What class is he? What is his noble phantasm[View]
149994135Where is /pol/ in here?[View]
149992318Interested Midwest living: I want to live where I don’t see any other houses, but when I go into tow…[View]
149996448Congressional candidate puts Israel first. b9691c79bdbc31a6862f6a283c3b1f16@reply.craigslist.org…[View]
149992108IMAGIN MAA SHWAAK Looks like like (((PJW))) along with his daddy Alex Jones are both subversive and…[View]
149993940do you think less of people if you find out they're policitally left sided?[View]
149991892We need to talk about Kids Youtube Videos: Honestly. The sheer oddity of childrens YouTube videos is…[View]
149991241If you own an Iphone, youre part of the problem: Apple Diversity Chief ‘Steps Down’ After Saying Whi…[View]
149995572How have you stood up to fascism today?[View]
149996087why does this shit bother feminists so much? it's literally just girls playing ball.[View]
149974248>the lowest IQ subhumans on the planet won the space race against the biggest superpower in human…[View]
149996051PAJEET BTFO: >Underlining a tough stand adopted by US President Donald Trump against Indian IT pr…[View]
149986655So I got called a skinhead today by a black person on the subway and I responded by saying I'm …[View]
149995803Alex Jones, so /pol/ is he /ourguy/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xuDjFDW25U I drop this here.…[View]
149995918Busby Franken[View]
149990669/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - FOR HER EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov…[View]
149978350THE WHITES ARE ONE NATION: Is this not true? we should act as a unit![View]
149995805Lest we forget the red squirrel: anons everywhere, can we just take a moment to pay our respects to …[View]
149995070>'Nigger' (Morse code: -. .. --. --. . .-. ) was the codeword Gibson used to confirm the breach o…[View]
149989114CBTS #423 ++ Active Riding the Bot Storm Edition: NEW Q >>149921023 More Eyes on the Heart of…[View]
149958916Slavs arent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=WvHoNFWRiVI[View]
149995461/pol/ Opinion on Pinochet: Title[View]
149995434Socialists hate the poor: But I thought Socialists actually cared about the disadvantaged? What the…[View]
149995235Gab and Twitter bondage love[View]
149990756Don't be a soyboy! Take InfoWars's BrainForce! >note: BrainForce contains soy…[View]
149993463Time Magazine Person of the year: 100 bucks is on sexual assault victims with a bunch of women on th…[View]
149994535ITT: 150000000 get: Check em[View]
149976245Russian children sing how they would die for Putin. Disgusting.: >'When the supreme commander cal…[View]
149983437What the fuck even happened to this place. There are niggers, Redditards, memeflags, kike dnc fags, …[View]
149992491FUCKING HAPPENING: NIGGERS ENSLAVING NIGGERS NOW: Holy fuck, have you guys seen this shit??? https:/…[View]
149994041Niggers and Jews smell like Poos[View]
149985403WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON IN THIS TIMELINE? https://twitter.com/WilliamShatner/status/932009604828905473…[View]
149974309For those of you who dont know, Orania is a real world example of a modern ethnostate. Founded in 19…[View]
149993254Castro 2020: Texas Anon here. Julian Castro has relatively little political experience compared to h…[View]
149984626hi: fuck france lmao they gay af 1488 from israel[View]
149993999Ronald McDonald House just picked up the hotel tab for my very poor brother and sister so that they …[View]
149993874>'We came, we saw, he died!' And people still defend killary[View]
149991818I see to many wm/af couples in my city.: How do we stop white men from dating quiet Asian women and …[View]
149993404by the jews own records: >every axis soldier was worth 2 allied soldiers >on the whole every a…[View]
149988432Does /pol/ like feminists more than Black Jews? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHzGiGUj5SU[View]
149993591Can somebody give me a quick rundown on the calm before the storm threads? I never bothered to open …[View]
149985662Do Jews go to heaven or hell?[View]
149991495What/Who is a soyboy, /pol/ ? Can I get a rundown?[View]
149991463What comes next after the current zeitgeist of late stage capitalism comes to a close? https://en.wi…[View]
149993428what music producing softwares are /pol/ approved? red pilled and all? need some advice, been feelin…[View]
149993375The truth about guns: Well, well, well, Europoors, you've been pushing us for a while on the gu…[View]
149991991Stop hiding your power level!: If you are too much of soy goy numale faggot that you avoid expressin…[View]
149993238Why did Hitler shill for blonde '''men''' when history has shown us that the real master race are da…[View]
149993078Why the fuck does nofap have to actually work? All i want to do is sit in my dark room jerking off t…[View]
149937886/polder/draad: Volkskrant editie: Sluit u aan kaashoofden.[View]
149980534Is it just me, or does young Hitler look like the kind of kid that tortures animals for fun?[View]
149987759Jack is up to his games again: When you search the hashtag #QAnon on twitter, it makes DJT the top p…[View]
149984539Should we just nuke Sweden?[View]
149993102YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS SHIT UP! GET THE FUCK IN HERE!!!: Okay there is a website where I'm sure i…[View]
149988197Say hello to Miss world 2017 /pol.: 'Because the beauty of the Indian Aryan woman must not perish fr…[View]
149988250Slave trade is back and it's run by blacks.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2S2qtGisT34 https:…[View]
149990854Was Hitler autistic? Was it aspergers?[View]
149992839Are there any other conservatives here who feel like the white nationalists hurt the conservative ca…[View]
149990597Are you tired of losing yet, Trumpkins? How's that wall Mexico will pay for? How's Hillary…[View]
149992800>be me >the year is 2379 >brazil is capital of world >their black ops team is made up of…[View]
149992135/pol/ in a nutshell: https://youtu.be/JWzjn0N9g4g[View]
149988634On Monday, a world wide coordinated anti jew operation will comence. Jew will be collected and (sadl…[View]
149988987WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO 4CHAN/POL ? Ive been out of jail since yesterday, been jailed for 8 years …[View]
149991251USA IS Fucked you have no more white immigrants: So the usa used to be nothing except whites now you…[View]
149992513It's Okay to Be White v2: Do your part in helping spread this meme.[View]
149986694mind control thread: mind control is still used. mind control is used against you. mind control is e…[View]
149981733Hillary Clinton Sits Down with Mother Jones: I guess this wrinkled cunt just can't give up She…[View]
149991537Enforced norm compliance. Drugs to make you accept immigrants: I wish I were making this up. They ac…[View]
149989281Leftists from your country would defend the woman or the black guy?[View]
149988000y is it that libertarans dont understand that Adam Smith dont care abought ip: i am just sick of mod…[View]
149992173Modern America: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzspsovNvII[View]
149992070How serious are people on /pol/?: Who doesn't love a (((liberal journalist))) covering up pedop…[View]
149992018mods are nigger faggots: as a high schhol freshman I want to ask, why are the mods such fucking nigg…[View]
149978475Boomer cuckservatism needs to die: >muh magical american soil turns stupid third worlders into in…[View]
149991769ROTHSCHILD: what are THEY up to ? ... been away for a while since the LEAKS[View]
149991482German war records ww2: Hey pol, hoping this is the right place for this question, does anyone know …[View]
149976987They aren't even trying anymore are they? Openly calling us Goy's: http://www.jpost.com/Is…[View]
149985277For decades vapid democrats have denied that George was even connected - now he has called a massive…[View]
149958681/mdg/ Manifest Destiny General: When is the day of the rake finally going to come? https://nypost.co…[View]
149991658Why do whites need affirmative action to compete with clearly superior Jews?[View]
149991610They are trying to shut us down: 'Study finds fringe communities on Reddit and 4chan have high influ…[View]
149983641why does america want guns: if the government actually wanted to take over they have drones..your ar…[View]
149988067>jews invented/perpetuate communism >jews love capitalism because it's ever in their favo…[View]
149991526Kwanstainia Determined To Lose WW3: American ABM technology simply doesn't work. Russia has mob…[View]
149984353daily poland hate thread: hate in wry shuthgolr here[View]
149991016Did Hitler's well known homosexuality affect his actions and beliefs?[View]
149966731>Dead at 64 from Dementia.: JUST. If you don't stay active and read every day literally wha…[View]
149991528You might think I'm crazy, but I don't even care 'Cause I can tell what's going …[View]
149984697Pornography should banned. If you use it, you're part of the problem. https://en.m.wikipedia.or…[View]
149980127UCLA shoplifter father dismisses Trump: Less than a week after freshman LiAngelo Ball and two of his…[View]
149973230/bng/- Anglo Warrior edition: Here you can discuss Black Nationalism. This is a political thread, no…[View]
149984424Reminder that jews aren't the enemy , it's actually the (((sicilians))) and all the other …[View]
149989983Is America finally over the tranny obsession?: Seems like it's dying out these days. A year ago…[View]
149991266The myths of 'muh rapes': Reminder that 'muh rapes' was a myth created by cucked Germans in WW2 Russ…[View]
149988754What does /pol/ think of the 'Iraqi Rambo'? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NAvTEQ9eXQ[View]
149989887LOW TESTOSTERONE IS DESTROYING EUROPE How can we ever hope to secure our lands when we are being po…[View]
149991030>Make Scranton Great Again !!! On our way to victory at city hall. Kicking the Dems out !!! RUST …[View]
149990920Well /pol/ would this game turn out between fascists vs antifascists?[View]
149990862STOP WATCHING COCO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRpWibs_M3Q&t=0s[View]
149987251You either imitate others, or choose homosexuality.: First, let's clear one thing up: while ins…[View]
149978327TOP KEK Norway could singlehandeldy build their own nukes in a week TOP KEK AMERICAN PIG SHIT!!! Oh …[View]
149984640Hello Anons, Its been awhile since I last posted. Contrariety to what the Lyin' media is saying…[View]
149984578Why are the most popular names in Singapore not Ching Chong and other asian names? Is it from the co…[View]
149969541European Culture: Post paintings, architecture, food, law, science, etc that relates to European cul…[View]
149979691What do we do about the soy problem? Should we encourage the McDonalds meme?[View]
149985920What Did He Mean By This?: Sigmund Freud arrived in the United States on his first and only visit. A…[View]
149990292why does america want guns: if the government actually wanted to takeover your ar15s is going stop d…[View]
149990342>Official Chelsea's youtube channel memed for Trump in the comments of video Is Chelsea,dare…[View]
149990238when he shot the harmless white woman in the doorway, were you triggered?[View]
149990446Why in gods name did I get banned for posting about the Bogdanoffs, is this furthur proof of the Bog…[View]
149966121Poland denied entry to a Ukrainian official: >Poland’s decision to refused entry on Saturday to t…[View]
149988202His he our Jew?: If pol was required to have one token Jew, which one would it be? Hard mode, living…[View]
149985786Founded By The British: Reminder: If it wasn't for the 1965 immigration act and the le 56% larp…[View]
149982056Swedish woman raped by refugee commits suicide after prosecutor claims “lack of evidence”: https://v…[View]
149980137Return To Sender: If it were possible to send every non-white out of the country and back to their p…[View]
149988917It's not enjoyable to me to see Nazi imagery when white supremacy and nationalism are at an all…[View]
149989894the absolute state or burgerstan:: when will you mutts join the civilized world and ban guns?[View]
149989961IMPEACH DRUMPF!!! #RESIST # IMWITHHER https://action.needtoimpeach.com/act?sc=fbs&utm_expid=.zET…[View]
149988014what is the point of this? /pol/?[View]
149989867bruce springstein is uncut, why exactly does /pol/ hate him?[View]
149988880Once upon a midnight dreary, before I twittered, weak and feary, Over many a quaint and curious tidb…[View]
149984735Why are Scandinavian countries populations so pathetically low? All of these countries combined are …[View]
149985638Are Jews planning a bluebeam false flag?[View]
149989649morrissey is /ourguy/ https://www.avclub.com/morrissey-has-some-stupid-shit-to-say-about-sexual-assa…[View]
149989622Post hot snaps. Her snapchat is maliagarduque[View]
149987053I heard you kids have been making fun of my sweet little Dustin. Can you please stop.[View]
149988499Together with Norway, this is the best country in modern history for the majority of white men and t…[View]
149984794left-libs: is there anything more cancerous than (((bleeding heart))) cucketarians? they're wor…[View]
149989477College in America: Why has every college in America turned into a party school?[View]
149985719What Does /pol/ think of Bill Clinton?: I think his problem was the wife and bedding thousands of wh…[View]
149985388THERE IS NO PART 2: Well, in my defence IOTBW is getting old now[View]
149989033Refugees for Israel: Israel is shockingly accepting zero refugees. This is racist. It's time fo…[View]
149987231HR and diversity: How is this still a thing? Why hasn't affirmative action been struck down by …[View]
149975065Metokur BTFOs Jordan Peterson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1yO58UIGo0 how will peterson cucks e…[View]
149987499SEASON'S TRIGGERING Dear /pol/ Black Friday is next week. But, all I want for Christmas is that…[View]
149988803IRL nazbol gang?: What's /pol/s take on this? Cool aesthetics though http://national-revoluti…[View]
149976049Ant-Transgender School Essay Help: Anything I should add to the essay to help redpill? -------------…[View]
149947186INDIA BTFO[View]
149984458I don't like forced diversit-[View]
149984563What does /pol think about feminism: What is your opinion?[View]
149988041Why don't you fellas like Chinese nationalists?: >Why do so many of you fellas here not like…[View]
149964338As far-right populism sees revival across Europe, its resurgence in Austria looks particularly alarm…[View]
149985217Anglin: Any Stormer fans read this? What's the consensus? Fake news? https://www.theatlantic.co…[View]
149987226Redpill me on Food Trucks: No taxes, no regulation. Its anarchy.[View]
149984822ASIANS ARE NOT INNOVATI-: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfODYU0qges[View]
149987884fuck nazbol communists obama globalists and ukrops: trump is a bit of an zio cuck Behold the true l…[View]
149984346Is Russia Ready To Fight World War III In Syria?: Pray the Kwa has the wisdom to keep their rag-tag …[View]
149982585Lust: 'Waaaaaaaaah, people are having sex with people they find attractive and I'm just mad bec…[View]
149987265White trash: Is this white trash /pol/?[View]
149984218> American 'education' Thanks Rabbi![View]
149984481Theory: /pol/ is like that movie creature that gets smarter and learns during the runtime of the fil…[View]
149984127Married teacher and JV cheerleading coach, 23, arrested for sex affair with teen boy student: Uhmmmm…[View]
149988096Look at these kikes and racemixing boons calling for Mugabe's abdication. Is Robert /ourguy/?[View]
149983045D&C shilling, :ironic: redditor, what's the agenda? Guy admits is white supremist(?) so is …[View]
149986371somebody explain this please: three back-to-back posts about stupid random nonsense. .gov AI spammin…[View]
149981745>4,000+ religions >mine is different because ????…[View]
149980199pick your side, /pol/[View]
149958084The difference between bugmen and soyboys: If you are ever wondering whether to call somebody a bugm…[View]
149982354The Irish are fucking tards: Why are the irish such a pack of useless lazy potato eating fuck heads?…[View]
149969522Kathy Griffin: Kathy Griffin whining about being blacklisted and not being able to get any talk show…[View]
149973545WTF is WRONG with you Bongs?!: Just........[View]
149986192Who here grew out of libertarianism or leftism and embraced authoritarian traditionalism?[View]
149981220/MPG/ MADAGASCAR PLAGUE GENERAL: Continued Discussion Plague Outbreak Madagascar. Black Death infect…[View]
149985487If Roy Moore gets elected and removed from the senate by vote of the senate republicans started my M…[View]
149942650Why is this country constantly trying to scam people? Are the dutch the same as white niggers? I was…[View]
149986269Daily Poland hate thread.: >WE WAS NOBLES N SHIT >WE RULED OVER UKRAINE!!!!!!!!! AND WE STRONK…[View]
149979911The ABSOLUTE MADMAN: Hillary BTFO for good[View]
149987871Has Maher Lost It?: There is no powerful donor class. What the hell is he talking about? Koch, Murdo…[View]
149984010You are a specie: https://youtu.be/EP0R9VunZxw Caucasian Specie Asiatic Specie Non-human/negro Speci…[View]
149972013Illuminati: Illuminati vs /pol/ it's on[View]
149940484How did we let American universities become indoctrination centers?[View]
149987427Troll this niggers insta Clearly white girls love him but he needs a wake up call[View]
149941458Why are redheads bullied /pol? Is their whiteness and purity threatening to lesser beings? Seriously…[View]
149986689Gay or European?: Let’s play a game. We’ll post pictures of men and then guess if they are homosexua…[View]
149974457ITT Post Your Edgiest Political Opinion: Eugenics also commies should be put in concentration camps…[View]
149973972Post your best jeb bush memes[View]
149985738when the meme fails so hard...: man gotta love how that soyboy meme is getting wrecked by a random v…[View]
149970835Do you guys share your politically incorrect opinions in real life or do you just keep them to yours…[View]
149930674I asked manspreader to stop, so he punched me in the face: Who was in the wrong here? >A woman sa…[View]
149983046Does /pol/ believe in nature or nurture in regards to human development?[View]
149987632Out of every 100 people killed in Brazil 71 are black: Niggers homicide rate increased by 18,2% when…[View]
149980918/pol/ approved music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-Wc4lPCW9s All &*%$*£ music disallowed.…[View]
149987664Nigel and Pierre - episode 2[View]
149983792I want to get /pol/'s opinion on something. It's probably not going to change my course of…[View]
149978655Holy shit, I think William Shatner is my new hero. 86 years old and using twitter in a better way th…[View]
149988203How do we solve the manlet problem? They are weaklings who get mad at everyone who is better. Soulle…[View]
149987094The absolute state of America.[View]
149985564Daily chink hate thread.[View]
149984843why do jews come to /pol/?[View]
149977142Can you guys redpill me on the Voynich manuscript?[View]
149986515What are Trumps actually chances in 2020?[View]
149987175Ex-Muslims of North America have started a campus tour, and already it's producing some hilarit…[View]
149985290>Celebrates capitalism, absolute monarchy, tradition, family, and hard work >Rips communism a …[View]
149987437The Maker Movement is anti civilization: The Make Movement- a movement where people use their free t…[View]
149978282Vox makes a video about Mugabe ran the economy of Zimbabwe into the ground and doesn't even bot…[View]
149984955Did he kill her?: https://youtu.be/Qco6x94qkNQ[View]
149986895Pipeline 'LEAK' was caused by environmental terrorist GREENPEACERZ - OMG earth will die now![View]
149963203How do we stop this?[View]
149986441Niggers and Beaners are the outright enemies of the Whites: The Whites, Caucasians, are a Nation tha…[View]
149965822russia=frenemy: Reminder that russia is the last and only friend of the whole civilised and democrat…[View]
149986236Have you done your part in making it clear that multicultural societies have a boiling point? We…[View]
149985528Social sainty order: /pol/4chan /r/ Reddit alt right Alt right Normies Hitler Left Alt left Socialis…[View]
149974794Schutzstaffel Girl: Looks like Super Girl is a Nazi in an upcoming episode. Let the memes begin. Als…[View]
149987073If it's not because he is being blackmailed, why does Trump act like Putin's bitch?[View]
149979088CBTS N422 The Long Day Edition: NEW Q >>149921023 More Eyes on the Heart of Q >>14946763…[View]
149967470SWEDEN IS DOOMED: >SWEDEN IS DOOMED Portugal HammerSkins leader (he's a lawyer), got detaine…[View]
149985734Vegas: Have we all forgot about that time in ancient history when multiple reports of gunmen and sho…[View]
149983961Why was Bobby Fischer so against jews when he was Jewish himself? Alot of people claim for him to b…[View]
149980434PAGANS ABSOLUTELY BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsgWWmlvy7A PAGANS BTFO Our Martyrs burnt do…[View]
149958101soyboy meme is real o shit: ITS FUCKING REAL[View]
149980953What's so wrong with the government providing benefits to single mothers? Don't they and t…[View]
149986880>Abidicated the throne of what was the most powerful country in the world at the time to marry so…[View]
149984829Update the Trump Curse: David Cassidy is in critical condition.[View]
149984403Why are people content with the US being able to occupy Europe with their foreign troops stating tha…[View]
149986083So for the last few weeks I got to thinking about how some 'autistic' kids are plan out ob…[View]
149972929W-I-N-N-I-N-G: I don't know how much more I can handle.[View]
149966179If someone wrote a book about /POL/ what would the cover be?: Just wondering if y'all have any …[View]
149969057Dumb lefty thot gets punched in the face by a nig and cries on Twitter[View]
149971904>Liberalism doesn't wor-[View]
149977369Brit/pol/ - BBC Asian Network edition: >Varadkar: Solve Irish border question or I'll block …[View]
149973677Why are niggers ungrateful?: Trump saves a couple of niggers from being ripped apart by the Triads f…[View]
149982071Who are the greatest leaders of your own country ?: According to you, who are the greatest leaders o…[View]
149982613How does one eliminate traces of soy boy ness I have to admit for years and years and years I was on…[View]
149947088Daily reminder that if you fucking spaghetti-eaters weren't literally the most fucking pathetic…[View]
149984189https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5Gde-5FRWA > Make channel of lame reactions to other people…[View]
149981446What does pol think of Puerto Rico? Are the mamis worth it?[View]
149979901Libya: How hard really would It be to team up with a group of committed guys, buy some African slave…[View]
149972991What's like being Aryan?: can anyone please tell me (non Aryan subhuman)[View]
149984499Thoughts? Shes ruining some guy acting as if she got raped but was probably just a side piece inb4 …[View]
149984503my Political Views: Classical Liberal-Centerist Liberalism Individualism (Personal Liberity, Equalit…[View]
149934309memeball thread[View]
149984450Jews are actually stupid: It's the CIA niggers we should be keeping our eyes on.[View]
149982834HONESTLY...: I’m sure we’re the bad guys, and sooner or later the masses will turn against us... htt…[View]
149977561red states arent shithol-[View]
149984348How many trauma based WW2 movies are going to be release in 2018?: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt47432…[View]
149984205Has Maher Lost It?: There is no powerful donor class. What the hell is he talking about? Koch, Murdo…[View]
149984196>Canada >a Centre for High Performance >criticizes high performance America...pls...invade…[View]
149982670These retards are doing it all wrong[View]
149978801Aren't you guys excited about Winter-Chan coming back?! Let's see how many rapefugees die …[View]
149981053Who control Hollywood: The JEWS or The CIA?: What are YOU really up against?[View]
149974373BBC caught Gaslighting 4chan II: Reposting BBC journalist Mike Wendling has been implicated in a ho…[View]
149983999Is jewish behaviour reducable to the fact that their allegiance is not to their hosts but to their o…[View]
149977548We have 500,000 Syrians and 200,000 Iraqis: Can we finally send them back? If they are going volunta…[View]
149983682Why do Chads go for black women?[View]
149978273/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - TUX EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov htt…[View]
149981230Well, their political agenda is on full display boys...: And maybe people will wake up. It has a lot…[View]
149983693South Korean anons, how true is it that SK admire (European) Jews?: Apparently, you love them: http:…[View]
149983591What the fuck even is this?[View]
149941183Screw this: Let's buy some huge property in Russia and opt out of this degenerate society. Buil…[View]
149983461>Although Muslim women in Western Europe do currently have more children than their non-Muslim co…[View]
149983428>Suspect Found Guilty in Memphis' Hair Weave Homicide: http://archive.is/MandF >A Memphis…[View]
149983214memeball thread[View]
149983188It's just a plant, bro: >smokes weed >becomes as dumb as a nigger >any productive pers…[View]
149983146Your Chancellor: German Anons, why do you keep electing her? The 'progressive' policies she's i…[View]
149983143I not Q: IPP Are these kid fuckers? Can we Arrest the kid fuckers now plz?[View]
149980904I've never understood why people talk about the 'Jew problem' as a bad thing. Surely rather tha…[View]
149983111HAVE WE ALL FORGOTED ABOUT SHIA'S FLAG! http://www.hewillnotdivide.us/[View]
149981343Why were black people enslaved?: Both white people and arabs enslaved Africans for hundreds of years…[View]
149981129>Arabs are using black migrants as slaves in Lybia >IT'S THE WHITE MAN FAULT!!!…[View]
149982607How do I become a political God?[View]
149980864It is amazing how everything fits in place there is so much they have in common, no wonder why they …[View]
149982972Dr Rey General: Hey pol, My question is directed to USA users. You know Dr Rey (a.k.a Dr Hollywood)…[View]
149956640My Grandfather says Sexual Harassment is Bullsh*t: My grandfather died in 2015 but I remember some o…[View]
149979976>Why is YouTube so liber-: No wonder YouTube is a cucked place[View]
149982900#MeToo: I was #WithHer and I was raped by Dolan clump when He used Russians to steal the election…[View]
149982879*blocks your path*[View]
149981824Homeless Welcome. It's a simple message that can be scribble anywhere and stapled to power pole…[View]
149982733good Spandrell post a few days ago, about what he's calling 'biological leninism' (pr…[View]
149982707/pol/ is the most open political forum in the world: There is no other place like /pol/ when it come…[View]
149982429True or false? Social media and tech companies must be regulated to protect free speech.: A web pres…[View]
149981719Posting about the blacks: >mfw someone posts about black people without permission.…[View]
149979969Refugees Welcome Why not Homeless Welcome? They are after all on the streets and we see them all the…[View]
149982543Why do people from countries that haven't even been on the moon make fun of America? Why are yo…[View]
149970969>btfo Denmark >outmaneuvered and contained Britain and Russia >humiliated Poland >btfo A…[View]
149982376EXPLAIN YOURSELVES AMERISHARTS: Japanese boat crashes into US Navy destroyer in Pacific Fleet’s 5th …[View]
149976966A man dies as nigger nurses watch and laugh.. but hey you neo Nazis wont care because hey its just a…[View]
149981863Sorry, but I have to let off steam here. Everyone seems to be bashing European politicians for letti…[View]
149980721>Trump dredges up his own past with Franken remark This is not journalism.. this is propaganda an…[View]
149978646Your current congressman vs. Trae Snoozy: Honestly, who can better represent your interests?[View]
149964441What's the biggest penis compensator you own?[View]
149982157Negative stereotypes: What negative stereotypes of your nation do you fit? >nationalist >Hate …[View]
149978727What’s the problem with Muslims?: >conservative >anti Kike >against degeneracy >traditi…[View]
149940415Why is trans acceptance considered bluepilled?[View]
149973413FRANCE YES: https://twitter.com/FergusonInParis/status/931912953976287234 'Black Lives Matter' are n…[View]
149964464wtf... it's 2017, why is this okay?[View]
149979588So what's happening with the DACA? Is it getting forgotten about like we all thought it was?[View]
149974237THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF THE UK: >Defend your home >Get arrested >Get threatened with a jail s…[View]
149980262Why is this news: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/video/trump-interrupts-speech-sip-fiji-water-511779…[View]
149980511Realistically if any 'Right Wing, Eg. Nazi's' Government wants to get into power, your gonna ha…[View]
149978885The destruction of all life: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jyPCMWLznM&t=98m48s Is this drivel …[View]
149975854ONE OF US[View]
149971195People only insult Canada because they wish they were living in Canada. This is a fact.[View]
149976122The soyboy meme is singling out the SJW, junk food try-vegans who don't know how to replace cal…[View]
149981622Have you heard of Elsagate? It's the trend of children's videos that flow on YouTube, whic…[View]
149960606>this is what happens when ''''''''refugees'''''''' live in an appartment t-thanks Merkel ... htt…[View]
149979110Will white people return once he is gone?[View]
149968632\/CBTS #420 We Are The Storm Edition ++: Last Thread 419 No.149945455 **NEW Q >>149921023 → M…[View]
149960816Pastor Anderson BTFOs Japan https://youtu.be/svVLoYs636w This is the sermon that every /pol/ack man…[View]
149981529What is MKultra?[View]
149971495The Gravy (Eminem Diss): I wrote this Eminem diss track after he drew a line in the sand and called …[View]
149981310FCC plans to vote to overturn U.S. net neutrality: The FCC plans to overturn net neutrality in Decem…[View]
149981221das rite whiteboi[View]
149981127Some deluded imbeciles believe Africa will be like Europe (meaning self-sufficient and prosperous) i…[View]
149981061Reminder: That the iron cross is inherently british symbolism[View]
149954638AnCap General /acg/: new pastetrends AnCap General /acg/ DEVINMCCALL NOV 11TH, 2017 (EDITED) 121 N…[View]
149980673Putin opens a huge ass monument to Alexander III in Crimea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNLQJfnT…[View]
149980203Writing a paper on the CIA, anons. Have a very good grasp of history and evolution of the Agency fro…[View]
149976440/MWFG/ Make Women Feminine General: Ok so we all know that women have become less and less feminine …[View]
149980974Trumpanzees are the only morons who want Net Neutrality gutted.: Explain to me in logical terms why …[View]
149980956FräuleinZO: I just made her white guys. Next step?[View]
149977759Daily reminder that the flag still stands in france.[View]
149977147Hello. My name is Tony. I am currently hiding out in Baghdad, Iraq. The Iraqi is keeping me in prote…[View]
149980409Married or/and /pol/acks with kids thread. How you holding up lads? For some time today I contemplat…[View]
149980567SWEDEN YES: https://www.thelocal.se/20171117/metoo-women-in-swedish-music-industry-call-for-an-end-t…[View]
149980208Why should I become a Mooslim: Subject No weak evidence[View]
149980541Another Roger Stone affiliate gets banned: https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/93199251011682713…[View]
149976409''I'm happy I live in America and can own guns to protect myself from the gov-'…[View]
149980170Frogs and bongs should have another 100 years' war to turn them from cucks to men again[View]
149977658Has Macron finally lost it?[View]
149979485Reminder to not fall for obvious bait threads. They are barely trying and keep hooking you all.[View]
149975029Why should someone who's not religious and isn't a social retard choose not to masturbate?[View]
149971529>Trump kills net neutrality >amerifats must pay +$15 for the 4chan package…[View]
149980282Is this the game show for /pol/ ? Pol IRL?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fboXaOSY9LY Guys what ar…[View]
149973772Just what exactly is King Nigger doing here?[View]
149955204WORLD WARS 2 CUP 2: 2 GAMES IN 1 DAY EDITION: /pol/ representing the Axis in this World Wars themed …[View]
149960436Tell me about the Juden: Why do they have high IQs?[View]
149980133>thousands of years drinking soymilk Is this why Asian boys are always so feminine?…[View]
149980131You have 10 seconds to explain why you are not voting exclusively Democrat. Pic related, republitard…[View]
149977033The boys they didn't want to keep on the air.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56VPiS8dPDE Deni…[View]
149963464Continued Discussion Plague Outbreak Madagascar. Black Death infected hospital patients ESCAPE: Plag…[View]
149977288>Basing entire political landscape and economic system off of how much melanin you have vs other …[View]
149978305ZO is life, ZO is love!: Zo is the key to get Tay back - she can unlock her and release her into the…[View]
149976412Status of private property in the US: what is the status of the concept of private property in the s…[View]
149960364=========NIGGER HATE THREAD========== >Daily reminder that ALL blacks are subhuman filth. >inb…[View]
149979789Well I be damn: Are bicycles the dindu equivalent of Jew gold? http://www.ocregister.com/2017/11/16/…[View]
149976102Is this a realistic elephant /bant/ ?[View]
149979794There are plenty of CIA Niggers who are still posting anti-Trump threads here in /pol/ To combat thi…[View]
149962316>UN: '30 billion could end world hunger forever, thats not even 1% of your yearly GDP, US and Eur…[View]
149975829He was too good for this world.[View]
149972100Reminder: Miscegenation is disgusting and you're a race traitor if you race mix: Pic related is…[View]
149971947SWEDEN YES! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: Hello /pol/, As a Persian who was born, raised and is living in Sweden…[View]
149974998卍 Nariyal Ka Doodh 卐: Almonds are nuts and overrated. Coconut Milk is the Right choice: https://www.…[View]
149979129What is it like being poor, uneducated, and politically disenfranchised? How did you gentiles let th…[View]
149972800ESJW trashes rightwingers who read books instead of watching cable tv: >“If you truly want to boy…[View]
149931166Why is James Woods being such a pussy?: Seems like Trump tactics 101 >step 1 - say something cont…[View]
149978662The Origin of the Britbong: /pol/, A friend of mine and I were discussing this lately. Where did the…[View]
149978492I am a Northwest Volunteer.: I am a Northwest Volunteer. I have one purpose in life, to serve the 14…[View]
149969247How the fuck can you stand idly by while these people are being bought and sold on the market? What …[View]
149956797Reemigration debate: France, get in here. So with NO MORE MIGRATION, this country will be majority …[View]
149978678How would governments prevent an attack, like 9/5 that happened in Mr Robot? I fear that an attack w…[View]
149974366What did Macron mean by this?[View]
149978853https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYF6F3FOftM&t=4s Dr. Goertzle is a (((brazilian))) AI mastermind…[View]
149962295Emotional goodbye at Michigan airport as woman deported after 30 years in U.S.: APOLOGIZE RIGHT FUCK…[View]
149976396Is it OK for a white person to use black or brown hand emojis?: Hi /pol/! Is it OK for white people …[View]
149961597Syria General /sg/- Saving Syria's Ass Since 2012 Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >s…[View]
149970994LAUREN SOUTHERN ADMITS SHE'S JEWISH! FINNKNIGHT BTFO!: 'It's actually kind of sad that so …[View]
149966911Europe made me Communist: > Emigrate from home country to Europe after long summer > Waiting a…[View]
149971859/IOTBW/ - It's okay to be white general[View]
149974093Transgender suicide attempt rates: Because of bullying, right?[View]
149978547SEND NUDES https://twitter.com/k_koubemba/status/931968924169768961[View]
149978339How do we stop the Slav(e) problem?: Over the past couple of years with the rise of right-wing polit…[View]
149978267Degeneracy is an ideological disease and fascism is society's immune response. We need a holist…[View]
149968888Bread resurrection - NCBTS #421 Bunker Down Edition: sauce: http://docdro.id/J9BaVts **NEW Q >…[View]
149978027How come with EVERY mass shooting, we are met with endless amounts of video, pictures etc that make …[View]
149972342Lets all laugh at trans fags browsing /pol/ right now.: You will always be a faggot pretending to be…[View]
149978108If we as humans (and we have) can use body fat as fuel why isn't the new big event? I know a ma…[View]
149975626///Western Caucasoids rise like fire, under same attire////: The western world is not a bunch of ter…[View]
149965121Be honest /pol/: Be honest /pol/ why do you continue to fight? The left is more than likely going to…[View]
149973433What's his name again?[View]
149972657Red pill me on big soy: What are the biggest soy companies in the world and how rich are they?…[View]
149973299The absolute state of Bong Police: >Be driving >Speeding >Hear siren >shit >Look in m…[View]
149977894Can we tell feminists that women having opinions is racist against Muslims? Sharia law doesn't …[View]
149974404Black nationalists: Which forum/community has most black nationalists that isnt the coli?[View]
149975110Q identity confirmed[View]
149968456/CBTS/ #421 This Train Never Had Brakes To Begin With Edition: I'm jumping in cause we literall…[View]
149972059Opinions on mongrels who are 100% white?: Some of ancestors are Dutch- came to america, and my great…[View]
149977804Do you seek an/the ultimate redpill? The most important redpill you'll find is the Earth is fla…[View]
149975069So what's the most recent development regarding Trump's harassment accusations? Did the w…[View]
149963718>tfw your wife looks like an improved version of Marion Le Pen >tfw your wife is racist and ha…[View]
149977692So what's the most recent development regarding Trump's harassment accusations? Did the w…[View]
149976763Lena Dunham, while defending a man accused of raping an under-aged girl, said this... >“While our…[View]
149977521Bull-Qeers - Mongre l- Theists - Jews: _______________________ South Africa Edition... _____________…[View]
149968422STUDY: Women prefer being single: >STUDY: Women prefer being single >Data from a survey carrie…[View]
149975741No, skinheads, you ARE the soyboys!!!: >Sadistic right wing assholes eat shitty processed foods l…[View]
149973401How U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan Murdered Innocent Civilians: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/n…[View]
149977328Sieg Heil Saturday: Happy Sieg Heil Saturday. I was banned from kiwi farms due to being discriminate…[View]
149976774I drove through New York City yesterday. Counted 48 niggers, 23 spics, and a measly 15 whities. Wat…[View]
149977251Another US destroyer hit by random boat (5th time this year) https://www.rt.com/usa/410296-us-navy-d…[View]
149960304The communist club is overstepping all boundaries. What do?[View]
149977031Are Groypers Kekistanis ?: Are Groypers technically Kekistani or is Kekistan for Pepe’s only ?…[View]
149949439Police can legally use 23andMe, other ancestry tools to obtain your DNA: https://www.local10.com/new…[View]
149974956Operation Diaryman: Plan: 1. Print images of milk and other diary and place them around campuses. 2…[View]
149936067RIP 4chan: http://www.slate.com/blogs/future_tense/2017/11/17/trump_s_fcc_is_about_to_destroy_net_ne…[View]
149975938Israel on suicide watch[View]
149976797>live in the United States of America >it's ran and controlled by Jews…[View]
149976112So what's the most recent development regarding Trump's harassment accusations? Did the w…[View]
149976307>be a Polish nobleman >marry an English aristocrat >she fucks with your black butler and g…[View]
149960264Why did americans do this?[View]
149950602Coalburning should lead to death penalty: My ex left me for this fucking nigger she met at a Med par…[View]
149970283We memed billionaire psychopaths into power and the onus is on us to get them out. And we will have …[View]
149976232Scientists Look For A Cure For Politically Undesirable Behavior: German and American scientists of r…[View]
149976210'Al Franken Admitted He Was Wrong Trump Didn't': 'Al Franken admitted he was wrong Trump didn…[View]
149967037Are Muslim women starting to assimilate?[View]
149971441Do you think Norway could build their own nuclear missiles if they wanted to? Missiles and warhead. …[View]
149975457ATTENTION VESTIGIAL/LEGACY MEDIA EMPLOYEES: This is not some secret source of scoops. Or some secret…[View]
149975956Let's have a discussion on /morals/: In light of the various sexual allegations coming out ever…[View]
149975083>be faggot >Run as a pro-family anti-LGBTQ Christian >Get caught being a faggot Why do f…[View]
149969830>it's 2030 europe >some paki aims a gun at your head and tells you to convert to Islam an…[View]
149975642PlagueChan Update: Infected patients are ESCAPING the hospital and FLEEING to refuse treatment: The …[View]
149975504>tfw hitler was right >tfw the alt right isn't making any shekels and advancing into recl…[View]
149975525Daily reminder that freedom of speech in america is a meme. Also, it's sunday, why no mass kill…[View]
149972905Nowaynorway: Can't believe the evil whities are still doing this https://secure.avaaz.org/campa…[View]
1499476714chan browsing is not secure.: Explain yourself, hiroshifaggots. The NSA is literally collecting all…[View]
149971635What are the chances that.....: Mueller starts the mass arrests during Thanksgiving. They could send…[View]
149973263Redpill me on astrology /pol/[View]
149972689Okay I know plebbit is retarded but. THE TOP POST RIGHT NOW. KEK[View]
149972759''Credible Evidence' Coup D'etat Will Topple Trump' This couldn't happen, right?…[View]
149975201https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linguistic_relativity is this real, /pol/? It seems so. look at this s…[View]
149974203Anyone remember this shit???: Dems had impeachment rallies and served ole Dubya impeachment articles…[View]
149962320Why do liberals lov slander so much?: >Racist >bigot >nazi >SEXIST >Islamophobe Now t…[View]
149974976Just as bad as Europeans stilling anime from the Japs...[View]
149974944>This is why portuguese (PT) people are slightly not so white >They've been attending to …[View]
149946644Are we going to be okay? I mean I don't care if it kills millions of niggers but this could spr…[View]
149952540Is this accurate? What should be changed?[View]
149965594>When Anglin entered the Linworth Alternative Program, Columbus’s “hippie” high school, as a fres…[View]
149974493Weekly reminder....this FAGGOT needs to go!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1riCpC9QBY Angrily say…[View]
149974715The media has blown you the fuck out: You have to give up. there is no other way[View]
149974105What healthcare system works the best?: Socialized medicine? Public option? Free market? No meme an…[View]
149973883y'know, if you guys are serious about the whole race war thing, you better hop to it. I mean, o…[View]
149971020TIRED OF MUSLIMS: This will be the future Englishman in a few years if we don't do anything. …[View]
149974608With tears in our eyes and rage in our hearts, let's pick ourselves up from the ashes of fabric…[View]
149956827Glorious Pan-Slavic Union when?[View]
149966225THIS WAS THE HOT DOG AND PIZZA PARTY?: Did Trump know then?[View]
149972406Hey /pol/, So I was recently playing Killzone: Shadow Fall (I know, I know, le video jew) and while …[View]
149974510Screw the happenings, Loomer vs Southern: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n65tnhhRuKY&t=180s…[View]
149957897The epoch of authoritarianism is over: Authoritarians will never win, they are the weakest race of h…[View]
149974427This just in! Fat women cause autism http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/early/2016/01/27/…[View]
149960565Curly hair is a Negroid trait.Original Caucasians were straight haired: Westerners are tainted by th…[View]
149974379>Corporations controlling the government much like a plutocratic country >Police becoming incr…[View]
149969413Why does everything outrage leftists all the time? They're always pissed off at something. Even…[View]
149974131Bill Cooper references Q: As he introduces himself he says he had a Q clearance. https://www.youtube…[View]
149973470Civic nationalists BTFO: Quite typical piece on race and racism recently appeared in lefty Dutch new…[View]
149972062Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the ideology of revolutionar…[View]
149973937Millenials: Are millenials the sluttiest generation in all of mankind? It seems as if with all the s…[View]
149970396The Sephardi Connection: Pic slightly unrelated but, Here's an edifying 45-minute-long document…[View]
149973897Monarchy: Are there any monarchy or commonwealth cucks on this board left? Explain this: >woman i…[View]
149964639Are roasties good parents?: When i was 13 i grew infected hair folicle boils on my ass and my mum wo…[View]
149973832Why don’t we hear more politically charged music from the right? Also post your most politically in…[View]
149973744We did it f@m We finally did it T_T For the first time we are the top of a list it doesnt suck ass.[View]
149966804rap: how have white people managed to be convinced that rap music is even remotely good?[View]
149973634Jewish religion states it's OK to rape and steal from non Jews Does this mean it should be lega…[View]
149966038BBC caught Gaslighting 4chan: BBC journalist Mike Wendling has been implicated in a hoax to create f…[View]
149961207Anarcho-fascism general: Discussion about anarcho-fascism[View]
149973547/pol/ unironically thinks this is what a good guy looks like[View]
149953002Breaking news: Muslim sex gang, upwards of 20 men gangrape a 14year old white british girl for a wee…[View]
149968365White Guilt: Guys, check your privledge. Look at this left piece of shit. Why does this keep happeni…[View]
149972314What Does /pol/ think of Elsa gate so far, can we dig deeper than r/elsagate?: https://www.reddit.co…[View]
149971765David Icke under attack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLKCrVrT88w[View]
149949947what should we do about old people?[View]
149971311Congratulations!: Week 6 and still pretending to be a conservative! This must be her longest running…[View]
149973242Profiles in diversity being our strength. WWII vet dies, nurses laugh.: https://youtu.be/lU6NlK3OQDc…[View]
149967867So I've been thinking lately and have come up with an idea. An operation. We should come up wit…[View]
149973201WTF I hate brexit now[View]
149967833SWEDISTAN EXPLAIN: http://www.breitbart.com/london/2015/11/03/swedish-news-site-editor-flood-country…[View]
149970891Ex-Rabbi M*cha wants you to save the west: Hey Goyim. Ex-Rabbi from New York here. Wonder why the wo…[View]
149923873Fix the World thread: Post your maps, rate others' maps[View]
149973027>: Hey pol, why have all these countries throughout history been so anti-semitic for no reason, t…[View]
149973002So faggot cuck sjw contrapoints wants to make leftist dog whistle any thoughts on it[View]
149972996Reliable allies in the European Parliament(2014 – 2019): Has anyone seen this document here yet? Th…[View]
149970881What is /pol/s ideal society? Mine is >flat taxes >heavy tariffs to keep domestic industry s…[View]
149945357Why The Hell Do Right-wingers want to Legalize Weed?: I think anyone who smokes weed should be put i…[View]
149971104Imagine if sex robots finally work: All these girls will be out of a job and are replaced with 10/10…[View]
149970872ITT: You've become president.: What do you do to fix America?[View]
149972780A crippled lady lectures us on how to use our white privilege.[View]
149972758What is the matrix?[View]
149972125Apologize ***NOW***[View]
149971484You have to chose one to throw into prison for the rest of their life while the other gets to stay f…[View]
149972674/balk/ too hungover from Friday to go out tonight edition: Let's have a nice discussion about B…[View]
149972649Can you nig nogs send some Jeb bush memes?[View]
149972282What happened to our Discord? :'([View]
149971578Why is there so much ss going on? It used to be the creepy male teacher that we need to be aware of,…[View]
149972589Daily reminder that you should not have political bumper stickers on your car, or really, any bumper…[View]
149962327Why does Hollywood push so hard to make all women into lesbians? Every movie or TV show there has to…[View]
149965592Let's recap. Those supporting 'Uncle' Roy Moore are Trump, Bannon, Huckabee Sanders, Kelly Ann …[View]
149962940Is air travel the worst thing to happen to mankind? >loud >aid in takeover of world by corpor…[View]
149972336Greetings /pol/. I have some sad news for you. Your 'Christmas' will be cancelled this year as Santa…[View]
149961485Robots Are Now Terminator Tier: Are you ready to be enslaved /pol/? Will you fight along side other …[View]
149972058It's Party Time!: What's up soy boy, how many of you cucks wanna get genderfluid with me?…[View]
149972227My guess is cops keep shooting them[View]
149972200This is normal: Blue Blue Blue Blue Bayras![View]
149960973Is she right, /pol/? How do you feel about this?[View]
149956978SHE REFUSES TO UNHAND THE YEAR BOOK: https://www.google.com/amp/thehill.com/homenews/campaign/361031…[View]
149972030Bubonic plague no kills within 3 hours of showing symptoms. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/world-…[View]
149971669Fat people hate thread: Let's get fat hating back to the meta. Give me the best of what your g…[View]
149971112There's no such thing as a 'pure' European—or anyone else: When the first busloads of…[View]
149971981You can turn it around as much as you want, but in the end of the day we are all humans.[View]
149971535Why are memes so politically powerful?: Is it because they showcase truth with humor?[View]
149971926Patrice Wilson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2bEuSScwrk Whats with the crypic stuff? (Pic unrela…[View]
149968785Pumpkins are the new symbol of white supremacy: https://www.ivankatrump.com/articles/thanksgiving-ta…[View]
149971884How to find a war criminal ?: Tell me /pol How does reddit allow war criminals to post ? He brag how…[View]
149961584Southern currently in San Fran: Was just in a shop where a lady was talking to the shop owner and sa…[View]
149971427I bet you ...(((cucks)))... can’t even impress me with something as simple as a Jew bush meme.[View]
149966926Congratulations on handing over your DNA: >Be FBI >Want /pol/ users in a DNA database >Pr…[View]
149971673Are mudslimes actually worse than kikes? They actually think they superior to ((them)) but in realit…[View]
149965174Name me one Youtuber more redpilled than this guy.[View]
149969605fuck Amino: Got this bullshit. Thought i might could have some discussions about true occultisim. Ge…[View]
149960089Transformers MAGA Edition!: >Leftists mad that the black Transformer has MAGA written on it in Cy…[View]
149962370>multiculturalism doesn't wor-[View]
149942761Teenage girl escapes through window after being held captive and forced into sex with 20 men: How co…[View]
149948248Chilean elections soon and this guy is pro-Trump, pro-Pinochet[View]
149971433Le 56% Face: Will everyone looking gross finally convince people to stop atomizing and treating them…[View]
149971376Now thy enemy. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nsnuhz-Kb7k[View]
149968645Uranium One Explained.: Great job to whoever made this.[View]
149970070Conscription: Is conscription redpilled? How does it compare to volunteer militaries?[View]
149969718California: In the 70's and 80's Californians were seen as pretty Alpha and athletic peopl…[View]
149969747Red pill me on wind power What are it's pros and cons Should we be investing as much in it as w…[View]
149970152Creepy Uncle Joe 2020: We miss you dog[View]
149970498Tell me /pol/ Which book is more worthy of reading and why so?[View]
149970954Good Neighbor Thread: Hello pol. Today I spent two and a half hours helping my neighbors move crap i…[View]
149965031Step 1.) Print out photos of idealistic photogenic white families and people. Step 2.) Post them aro…[View]
149969496SWEDEN YES[View]
149969214Why do white girls race mix?[View]
149971064Our Brave New World: Anon, why haven't you thrown out you TV yet?[View]
149971054other boxes responding please: december updates completing work for other boxes integrating urgent r…[View]
149958010He's secretely anti-Israel, guise[View]
149968127Is the pendulum swing finally happening?: On the rack in a grocery store in commiefornia. Felt like …[View]
149965800New Hitler: QAnon and CBTS: Sieg Heil meine Freunde. I have seen much doubt in recent threads, and t…[View]
149970749Niggers and this Brooklyn is garbage compared to Manhattan or queens[View]
149970746I am not a liberal snowflake. My feelings aren't fragile, my heart isn't bleeding. I am a …[View]
149968734HOLOHOAX: My sainted mother was holocausted by Mengele himself! He boiled her down into fat which h…[View]
149965238Sweden: They should be waging a wide spread insurrection.[View]
149947818How far down are you /pol/?[View]
149968002How can you defend this lie?[View]
149969409how do you feel about this picture? it's a US marine meeting with Ferguson protesters[View]
149968789This is unacceptable![View]
149970306We insane? No, the whole world is cucked for calling muh ''right'' insane. Atlea…[View]
149963830OPERATION BLM=THIEVES: I would like Anon's help here to spread this BLM=THIEVES meme. This pict…[View]
149961056How do we fix the feminised nu-male problem?[View]
149969284Anyone read this?: Stalin was a regular guy who collected watches and doodled wolves with colored pe…[View]
149922973Does this make a good point?[View]
149967760When you're Italian so you're not considered white: But then you remember that the white r…[View]
149962313>tfw young white Christian male >go to church and find a young virgin gf who's grateful a…[View]
149968073The mainstream media has intentionally withheld the release of stories pertaining to sexual miscondu…[View]
149956271> I just found out my brother is an anarchist What should I do? I want to help him.…[View]
149964734Is it me or minorities have really ugly feet? I will post my gfs feet in a second for comparison, w…[View]
149916559Relevance of races: How relevant will races be in the near future? If any Chinese or African can al…[View]
149969676What are some red pilled clothing brands?[View]
149961598how do we stop the faggots?[View]
149968607notice anything?[View]
149969237Empire: Other than the world wars, why did the European empires all fall? The English, the French, t…[View]
149969885Perfect hairline Billionaire Fucks anyone he wants Controls how people think (including you) 9D ches…[View]
14994219810 FACTS /pol/ refuses to accept: I’ve noticed /pol/ can’t handle reality at times. 1. There is no e…[View]
149969836The Second Psychedelic Revolution: Lets continue what they tried and failed to do in the 60's. …[View]
149966613Holocaust - Facts and Fictions: It's 2017. We have complete access to nearly infinite knowledge…[View]
149958229TYPICAL GERMAN ! ! !: Problem goy?[View]
149969670Roland Friesler: Roland Friesler, the most formidable judge in history. Probably the best judge, jur…[View]
149966364TRANSGENDERISM: Is Transgenderism a fad, or is it here to stay? If it's a fad, can you imagine …[View]
149965025When did faggot and gay become the new 'f' word and 'g' word? Anybody else notic…[View]
149969637https://www.anabolicmen.com/foods-that-decrease-testosterone/ How do we escape, brothers?[View]
149910175What the fuck is up with Ireland?: 1. The average IQ in Ireland is 92. Ninety-fucking-two. This is l…[View]
149968289Take it for what you will, not a LARP, not sure how it goes in with Mattis and CBTS stuff, but u.s. …[View]
149968860Is World of Warcraft trying to tell us something?[View]
149967286Why is it so easy for people to immigrate to good countries from shit countries. Yet I can't ev…[View]
149969438Nugenics: Hey /pol/, I'm of the opinion that a) it should be okay if I want to support white pr…[View]
14996625510,000+ NEW JFK DOCS RELEASED Including evidence Ruby knew of the assassination ahead of time. ... o…[View]
149961260Crooked Hillary Clinton: Crooked Hillary Clinton is the worst (and biggest) loser of all time. She j…[View]
149966694>Elon's eyes turn red as he continues discussing his dad. 'You have no idea about how bad. A…[View]
149953646Sinterklaas en Zwarte Piet: Hi /pol/ today Sinterklaas is coming to the Netherlands with his stoombo…[View]
149963537New Ankle Bracelets? Identify the wearers.[View]
149967340Why be against government funded abortions when the goverment supplies you with free Viagra[View]
149964437Drumpf BTFO by GreenFag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9GSF3ROa58 Damn, this is really deep. How …[View]
149956533Gender studies: Why such a respectable university spends resources on gender studies? I am obviously…[View]
149952962Kids YouTube Discussion Thread: ITT: Discussion about those disturbing 'kids' channels on …[View]
149968977Fashwave thread[View]
149967822Don't call me on killing Elephants, I cant take it right now[View]
149948376>Be born in the US >Have genetics tested >Entirely Celtic >Zero (0) african Where shoul…[View]
149968619We wuz: Less than 48 hours after this post Tierra dangled her 3 month old son off of a 3rd story bal…[View]
149962496Dedicated 2000s thread for older anons to share their memories of this important time. There is a w…[View]
149968581US warship collides with Japanese tug boat: A U.S. warship collided with a Japanese commercial tug b…[View]
149965939What if Russia instead of Germany went Nazi?: Whites win the war, republic collapses and instead of …[View]
149966531Itt we post humanizing pictures of National Socialist germans. The damage done by the international …[View]
149960198WTF is wrong with our Navy?: Another Navy destroyer collides with a Jap tug. http://www.foxnews.com…[View]
149968308I Have Discovered a New Form of Government: Just bear with me here /pol/. What if we had socialism, …[View]
149964998Some poo is offended that apu is voiced by a white man, and they are making a whole tv show about it…[View]
149966757Putin: Russia will land, colonize & mine the Moon in 15 years: >Russia President Vladimir Put…[View]
149958599The race war is a cold war: 1/2 Stop LARPing about day of the rope and get smart. The future of our …[View]
149953309>1- street shitter that thinks Hitler was a leftist. >2- coal burning slut. >3- normie con …[View]
149968144What the heck happened to whites in these countries after decolonization?: Mostly former European co…[View]
149927123Hitler did nothing wrong.[View]
149926576russia=enemy: Reminder that russia is an enemy of the whole civilised and democratic world. Russia b…[View]
149967813ITT: Dindus who actually dindu nuffin[View]
149967875We will not yield[View]
149958561So in >>149913789 last night. Some guy claimed to be trump and signed as JB and post the post …[View]
149964961The Vietnam made sense in theory: But not in practice.[View]
149957608Lauren Southern meetup: Look at the race of these men. The 56% meme is true Americans are not white.…[View]
149958151Why are we filled with so much hate and so anti-liberal?: I don't understand it. When I visit V…[View]
149957768Why do faggots celebrate aids so much?: Looks like there is a good/ biological reason to be homophob…[View]
149965217>Lena Dunham defends her producer over rape alligations https://pagesix.com/2017/11/17/lena-dunha…[View]
149967146I just set up a Conspiracy Theory Folder -- Now I want to fill it!: I'd be delighted to have ev…[View]
149932945If capitalism works then why is the US national debt over 20 trillion dollars?[View]
149960224So what resource did he try to nationlise to better his country which made America oust him?[View]
149964911Humpty Drumpty did not build a wall Humpty Drumpty had a great fall All of the redditards and the kl…[View]
149967433Poll: Infantilization of the society: > Are you agree with form a future with a family, a marriag…[View]
149967391>tfw based lecturer says 'there'll always be something to offend a feminist' and s…[View]
149948762No-Go Zones, Bombs & Rape: Swedish Police Helpless: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVe7OipmvHU …[View]
149962448Can someone photoshop this average reader's of the guardian. But make it more accurate.[View]
149967124WHAT DID SHE MEAN BY THIS???: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdNZjxJ0ifg And what's the signif…[View]
149960574Prohibition: What are the pros and cons of prohibition? It can't be all good or bad so here are…[View]
149961511>Claims that he is against imperialism,and doesn't want to give the oil to the 'Yankee Empir…[View]
149964793Oh look the president is tweeting about Clinton again.: I'm glad to see he has his priorities s…[View]
149965549What book/authors shaped your political views and lifestyle /pol/?[View]
149965858Why can't we get another Official individual to blow the whistle about Las Vegas Massacre: So m…[View]
149967173How can I get as eloquent as Trump? >Look, having nuclear—my uncle was a great professor and scie…[View]
149967158YOU HAVE TO GO BACK[View]
149967123Studio.co.uk release their 2017 Christmas TV advert: https://youtu.be/cNvrOWN3q5Q[View]
149965857Niggers dying from bubonic plague in africa: Guys we need an avatar for the black plague and start m…[View]
149963891Daily reminder to vote for José Antonio Kast this Sunday. >José Antonio Kast Son of German immigr…[View]
149947868Slave trade is back and it's black run.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2S2qtGisT34 https://ww…[View]
149967014Whenever people talk about Legend of the Galactic Heroes, the topic of who the Jews are inevitably c…[View]
149960709Anti-E.U. Thread[View]
149959756Brexit: Brexiteers BTFO[View]
149941462Are chechens white or should they be exterminated?: In case their white - convert to christianity?…[View]
149966651Pedophilia: What is going on with the horrifying trend of pedophile acceptance in mainstream media? …[View]
149964709Question about white americans: Are white americans slavs or something? I hear the amerimutt meme al…[View]
149966929Planet of the Groids: There's too many shit-tier pigs and only fag-tiers think democracy is any…[View]
149953194Has /Pol/ forgotten who the enemy is?: What the fuck happened to /Pol/? There used to be daily holoh…[View]
149963931Why do people on /pol/ routinely refer to Poles as the niggers of Europe?[View]
149964492>Studying Psychology textbook >See this >Find faith in God again Where were you when Roast…[View]
149952050Why are Slovenia and Czech Republic the only good Slav countries while the others are 3rd world shit…[View]
149965418Was All of history pre middle ages faked? I saw some pretty convincing stuff like Templars building …[View]
149959034if jews were expelled 6 gorillion times and still hold power today: don't you think it's t…[View]
149955547Will Europe and the west accept turkey if they become Christian instead of Muslim nation: From what …[View]
149963167What It Looks Like On The Dark Side of the Web: She's tweeting about her interview today https:…[View]
149959019Anarcho-Primitivism General /APG/: This thread is to discuss anarcho primitivism, while all discussi…[View]
149965136Wtf happens here?[View]
149937838India wins Miss World 2017 contest: What's up ugly folks? Why don't you have qts like Indi…[View]
1499542136.3 million Americans are 90 days late on their auto loan payments: http://archive.is/Mt8VA >A ri…[View]
149966643Why whites are self hating: How hate whites more than whites[View]
149929373Why do people associate Nazis with White Nationalism? The Original Nazis were German supremacists. T…[View]
149966607Rare Petersons: Post rare Petersons[View]
149960024Try not to catch Tay Sachs looking at this Jew's face: Feminists and Commie faggots shocked to …[View]
149966580What is 4chan doing about #ELSAGATE?: Hundreds of channels containing thousands of videos with BILLI…[View]
149963785Black Caucasian?[View]
149949169Who are the 10 most powerful people in the world?: I’m not talking about Trump, Putin, etc., or peop…[View]
149963520>Amerifats http://wncn.com/2017/11/16/2-accidentally-shot-at-church-during-church-shooting-discus…[View]
149963029Will we meet again?: I'm talking about the nuclear threat. Do you think humanity will ever reac…[View]
149962787Eyeball Tattoo: Should there be tattoo laws to stop people from themselves? https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
149963434A PRAYER OF SALVATION FOR THOSE WHO ARE WILLING: Dear friends, Take this moment, If you want to acce…[View]
149965955/pol/ stories: >have been talking to my family lately about redpillish topics >my dad was the …[View]
149965563The Niggers and Beaners are the outright enemy of the Whites: The Jew is using the Niggers and Beane…[View]
149949942Almond milk is for the redpilled: >No lactose >No estrogen >No soy >Tastes great Is it /…[View]
149960300WFWC - Wish For White Christmas: Should we launch something like 'White Christmas' campaign? E.g. '…[View]
149953313\/CBTS #420 Don't Worry About A Thing edition ++: **NEW Q >>149921023 More Eyes on the H…[View]
149963381/pol/ will have a problem with this: 'Waaaah they're doing what makes them happy and aren'…[View]
149962765>abbos Ugly looking Smells like fermented poop and urine Probably not human Never accomplished an…[View]
149962020Rhodesia: With the lands of Rhodesia in current strife, I'm stuck in Euroland playing Rhodesian…[View]
149965493Are you a fan of Keynesian debt bubbles?: How much longer do you think this debt bubble will last? W…[View]
149965537Need Redpills about Migrants: My liberal friend is watching a documentary about the migrant crisis. …[View]
149964578Poland is not white: Ok, let's end with all the propaganda, look, this is how Poland and Polish…[View]
149958315PJW intellectually and physically molested by soyboy https://youtu.be/1Z8OL0NUU0A[View]
149929301BBC Involvement Operation Swedistan: >FACTS >Mike Wendling (BBC) is writing series 'Alt-R…[View]
149958931jews rule!: you WISH you were jewish like me, /pol/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyx6JDQCslE…[View]
149963067Why does pol never talk about this guy?: He's all over youtube assblasting muslims and sjw…[View]
149958946Sweden: >there's a new 'game' amongst the newly-arrived refugees in my town >basically th…[View]
149941026Brit/pol/ - Terry Gets Blackpilled Edition: >Varadkar: Solve Irish border question or I'll b…[View]
149964907Would white women make more white babies if they weren't allowed to have pets?[View]
149950063U.S. Senate approves defense budget with lethal weapons for Ukraine: What will kremlinbots say now??…[View]
149934530Explain this Burgers: >US Navy admits aircrew drew penis in the sky http://archive.is/HtxHE…[View]
149963334oh fug...[View]
149960226Best at killing Bolshiviks.: Have any of you ever heard of the Bloody Baron Roman von Unbern Sternbe…[View]
149964387WE WUZ KANGZ N SHEEEEEEEIT ○○○○●○○○○ ○○○●○○○○○ ○○●○○○●○○ ○○○●○●○●○ ●○○○●○○○● ○●○●○●○○○ ○○●○○○●○○ ○○○…[View]
149943901Iceland has virtually eliminated down's syndrome from their nation through abortions. Why is /p…[View]
149959251Is he /ourguy/?: >loves guns >supports Trump >says he will kill muslims >rumored to hate…[View]
149964360woman beats up baby, gets zero jail time and wins custody.: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-…[View]
149962034Are trannies red pilled?: 1. We all know that modern women are terrible. 2. The trans/soy epidemic i…[View]
149964015handbook of crime correlates thread: Okay /pol/, find the most interesting thing you can in 'The Han…[View]
149960222Is there such a thing as: Political science? Or is this all a meme.[View]
149963964So what all has Trump accomplished besides setting a world record for most vacation time taken by an…[View]
149963864Browsing old folders and is that true?[View]
149961275Why do feminists want men to be uncomfortable with their masculinity? All I ever hear from them is t…[View]
149953032Based Kraut and Tea: /pol/ STILL hasn't answered back! How can you call yourselves race realis…[View]
149951793>Don't call us stupid and backwards, that's why we voted for Trump! >pic related How…[View]
149962926Discovery: I have discovered some seriously scary feats of btc. Involving AI and its rise due to its…[View]
149960394Happiness: Happiness does not lay in being the best, it lays in being good Its eating clean food coo…[View]
149930819Prince Charles: 'foreign Jews and powerful Jewish lobby caused all the wars': >Prince Charles: 'f…[View]
149962576Wow, so this is the beauty of American architecture.[View]
149960369I thought stranger things was leftist propaganda.... https://youtu.be/Q-Q46d5lltM Pic unrelated[View]
149960357/WRG/ Reich General - Cosmic Edition: Get in here reichbros, Last one was saged by the good goys. S…[View]
149955898This man rolls up behind you and grabs your ass.: What do?[View]
149954587It's over.: We are back.[View]
149962635They took soy boy literally https://www.shortlist.com/news/soy-boy-alt-right-insult/331922[View]
149961089Why does he hate religion so much?[View]
149961927ISIS as a prostate that holds territory is pretty much dead and now they're just another terror…[View]
149948344>One takes a person out of their natural state with a toxin >Legal almost everywhere expt san…[View]
149950641All homosexuals are pedophiles. Homosexuals are complete animals. For most of human history, homos h…[View]
149961690What level of swimwear coverage do you consider to not be whorish, /pol/?: I've seen you compla…[View]
149942513Reminder this is the GOP/Trump tax scam: Economic 'populism' everyone.[View]
149961061BREAKING - Newly leaked papers indicate that Hillary is facing charges for plutonium exchange!: BREA…[View]
149938767Your tax dollars are now being used to fund Duterte's murder spree: > It will also give USD …[View]
149958832>Mishima came to view human intimacy as basically sentimental and fatuous - he came to disdain wo…[View]
149957918I wish I could live like the amish, but without the beards though.[View]
149954705Trump is no Ronald Reagan: I think you only like Trump because he's like Ronald Reagan, guess w…[View]
149961871You want to say it is the Jew. Get specific. It is the Rothschilds.[View]
149959377Philosophy: What leader fits your ideology and why did you choose that person? Bonus points if he/sh…[View]
149961792russia=frenemy: Reminder that russia is the last and only friend of the whole civilised and democrat…[View]
149961790JP ON BIRTH CONTROL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvdHIowgLRs HAHAHAHAHAHA BIRTH CONTROL MAKES WO…[View]
149961764The state of the left: is there anything that they have yet to try and make whites sound bad?[View]
149957817Chris Harper-Mercer was redpilled: https://www.basedshaman.com/chris-harper-mercer-manifesto-pdf/…[View]
149961081Atheism is the fastest shrinking religion in the world. Atheism is in decline worldwide, with the nu…[View]
149960048Intellectuals of /pol/,: Should Israel be recognized as a Jewish state Why or why not?[View]
149953595Leaf in Poland AMA: Leaf of Polish heritage who has been living in Poland for 2 years AMA 2: angry l…[View]
149961038Rabbi and practitioner of Kabbalah discuss why Nazism is inevitable in America. https://www.youtube.…[View]
149960209Sexiest world leaders (no homo)[View]
149961198Has America's morality gone in a downward spiral ever since gay marriage was legalized?[View]
149935906MALCOLM YOUNG DEAD AT 64 F to pay respects http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2017/11/19/acdc-co-fou…[View]
149961529https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZD0CzCrnBg >White people Pfft HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
149961522RACE GHOST: Listening to this right now. Discuss <iframe width='560' height='54' src='https://pew…[View]
149957462HAPPENING SYRIA: Reuters - Multiple IAF Airstrikes On Syrian/Hezbollah Bases South of Damascus Reute…[View]
149960465GET IN HERE! MAJOR NEWS!: https://www.fastcompany.com/40490911/this-new-hotel-for-activists-encourag…[View]
149955986>Abortion was invented to keep minorities and PoC down and prevents them from reaching their true…[View]
149961438Muh 1%: Besides using their money to influence policy what exactly is the big deal with the richest …[View]
149961436Wasn't Hitler just a Criminal: Think about it, wasn't the Beer All Push just him chimping …[View]
149961309Jordan Peterson: >roughly speaking you have to journey into dominance hierarchy in the belly of t…[View]
149938079Syria General /sg/- Majoosi Magic Khommie Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.…[View]
149954640>white people committing mass murders get apprehended alive and brought to justice >black peop…[View]
149919046So who's winning the culture war these days?: I cannot quite figure out what is happening cultu…[View]
149961086The Finders: pedogate thread[View]
149960152The Video Game Problem: Why does /pol/ make such a fuss about soy turning men into 'soyboys' but ign…[View]
149957579Well... Are they?[View]
149957638Why are houses so fucking expensive?: >[View]
149960999Kecksburg UFO incident: >Kecksburg >Kek https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REGE-6YWo1U https://en…[View]
149960914>mfw I found out ebonics is a real term I thought it was a meme this entire time…[View]
149953327CALM B4 THE STORM #420 We are the Storm Edition +++: $^%&^%^*(&)(( **NEW Q >>149921023…[View]
149959035Ok, so I think you should be the experts to this opinion (or fact to not offend you). Give me a cons…[View]
149933090Christmas terror eve: The absolute state of our cucked continent. I want out of here. https://twitte…[View]
149946411God exists.[View]
149959746THIS IS FUCKING GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://youtu.be/C-hEKgyeSAg[View]
149951470Why does America worship its military so much? It's not like they're out there protecting …[View]
149960122white power[View]
149957259LET'S SETTLE THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL: Who do you consider white, /pol/? template right here Just …[View]
149959660White people went to the moon Black people needed white people's help just to cross the ocean R…[View]
149954622Why does /pol/ not support Israel? Doesn't the Jew lose his Jewishness once he goes to Israel. …[View]
149957692Fuck this show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6i94KLhKS4[View]
149942031We need a IOTBW in Krautistan: Any suggestions?[View]
149959257>Drumpfkins expect this big orange cheeto to run the country >can't even drink water with…[View]
149954310Operation: It's okay to be black: We all knew how much of a success the 'It's okay to be w…[View]
149954321Did atheists go extinct?[View]
149955621Soros Democracy Alliance Leak.pdf: Soros Democracy Alliance Leak.pdf The Agenda, was snagged and mad…[View]
149954960What's going on here?[View]
149956488Future of America: What will society look like in 20-30 years when most boomers have died off and mi…[View]
149953701Q = Roger Stone: Prove me wrong.[View]
149952884Um, guys Black Death infected hospital patients ESCAPE: Plague now SPREADING out of control https://…[View]
149922966Anyone else get the feeling that 4chan is run by intelligence agencies?[View]
149959360Is Trump /ourguy/: https://www.state.gov/j/tip/rls/tiprpt/countries/2013/215462.htm[View]
149950823Germany Freaks out and banned kids smart watches over concerns parents might use them to spy on teac…[View]
149956898Trump and Bannon using Alinsky tactics: Trump and Bannon are using Rules for Radicals against the ma…[View]
149958273FACT OF THE DAY: In 1959, AAMD set the IQ threshold for mental retardation at < 85. The civil rig…[View]
149959180Mugabe RICED By Chinese Cock: Mugabe just submitted to Xi Jingping, while white bois gettin replaced…[View]
149951234>cities are full coloured people and degenerate liberals >rest of the country looks like a 3rd…[View]
149950789At what point does a person stop being white according to /pol/? Do they have to be completely white…[View]
149955941If people from the 1950s saw our TVs today, what would they ask?[View]
149959063Aftonbladet to disallow ads for SD: Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet says they will not accept advertis…[View]
149954836Antifa searching for nazis: These fuckers Antifa in Sweden are searching for nazis and posting them …[View]
149958968US ready to invade Syria without UN approval – Haley: >The US does not consider itself constraine…[View]
149954819Nazis btfo: the blue wave is coming, your era is over[View]
149949983Government votes that “animals can’t feel pain or emotions”: https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/news/…[View]
149958652There is no way you crazies have a chance of taking down this true patriot who actually gives a damn…[View]
149940085Canada is now le 56% white.: 96.3% in 1971 93% in 1981 61.4% in 2011 56% in 2016 European Canadian p…[View]
149958269Bad Kikes, Bad Kikes, Whatcha Gonna Do, Whatcha Gonna Do When NatSoc Comes For You http://mourningth…[View]
149955182Get in here /pol/, Asian trying to normalize being a pedo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5kO0Ftoz…[View]
149954657Boston Rally Thread: Come one, come all, to see the freak show: Trannies and Faggots, Whale women, J…[View]
149946844HONESTLY....: Are we the bad guys? Feels like we have been radicalized to the point where the feds c…[View]
149958818Kike Swine Ran Cracker Barrel Pushing White Genocide ZOG Agenda: Bad Kikes, Bad Kikes, Whatcha Gonna…[View]
149958768abortion: why don't women just use protection instead of submitting themselves to a horrifying …[View]
149949709THIS IS BEING SLID: Saudi Arabia Wants to Fight Iran to the Last American http://archive.is/aOPSU …[View]
149958659Stop Being Insane: https://youtu.be/pBn0RqCR4K0 I know you think you are safe in your beliefs, but y…[View]
149958709>are you jewish? >wouldn't you like to know…[View]
149958653Richard Spencer Pro-White-Genocide SoyBoy Cuck Tits: He and Donald Dump are Agents of the ZOG DeepSt…[View]
149958633(NOTE: this NOT phase two of 'It's Okay To Be White') The plan is simple. Print out a this flye…[View]
149957644When did raping kids become acceptable in Alabama?[View]
149958529Redpilled webcomics: Patriarchie : http://patri-archie-comics.tumblr.com )))boatsinker((( Redpanelco…[View]
149956863Does it ever feel like you're living in The Truman Show?[View]
149955694The Multiverse is a Rose Curve: The Multiverse is shaped like a rose curve, with petals meeting at a…[View]
149951368/TBSG/ Tampa Bay Serial Killer General #4: --What we know about the suspect-- >Basketball America…[View]
149952608Have you seen these people?: Has anybody seen Hillary, John, or Tony podesta recently?[View]
149857768Draw/pol/: Post your own OC or request from the drawfags present down in thread. Either way, have fu…[View]
149939260Black Snowman the absolute state of Germany: pay reparations at this point you useless cucks[View]
149956261HOW DARE /PO/ DISCRIMINATE AGAINST PEDOPHILES: Don't you know that babies and toddlers can cons…[View]
149939918Blonde hair is gay as fuck, only sissy boys and girls have that. Real alpha male have dark hair[View]
149955658Psalm 22: My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? why art thou so far from helping me, and from t…[View]
149954242Was it good???[View]
149958127hey pol, let's go macchiavelli: >Crypto Right-Wing extremist Mike Wendling tries to undermin…[View]
149958014God does not exist[View]
149951823>Anthony Kennedy retires >Conservative Supreme Court majority >Say goodbye to aborting unwa…[View]
149957339Jews are the dirt on our shoes: Prove me wrong Protip: *puts you in the oven* >https://translate.…[View]
149952347How will we ever recover?[View]
149957424Family Values: When will they learn? http://www.cleveland.com/metro/index.ssf/2017/11/ohio_legislato…[View]
149956734>russia collusion >the NRA pays politicians off >big corporations pay politicians off >t…[View]
149955753How can we Redpill Swedish Police`?: Come on pol/ I've seen the hypocrisy of the swedoice, atta…[View]
149957180This is Richard Spencer. Say something nice about him.[View]
149933989What's the deal with Jordan and Oman?: Are they ''''''''peaceful''''''' muslims?[View]
149957211AMANDA HESS/NYT v. /pol/: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cKwK1yzxbYc She’s calling you fucking stupid…[View]
149957410Eighteen Pages of Proof that Hitler Knew Black Lives Matter: http://mourningtheancient.com/truth.htm…[View]
149947207I got sent to china for my political fanaticism: I am now back to tell my tale. Ask me anything…[View]
149956040Every single day my hatred towards the authority grows. Every single day i have to fight the urges o…[View]
149955321What is their plan?: I understand how Jews want a homeland but don't understand these Jews doin…[View]
149957173Is the flag outside again? Last thing i heard was that he locked it away in some random room[View]
149950036Democracy: What is it pol and how to make it function properly ?[View]
149949995/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - PEGGED EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
149957057Occupy Wall Street: Occupy Wall Street occurred so the progressives could begin building a brownshir…[View]
149946981Do it again, uncle billy[View]
149949321You are not a race. You are a Species: https://youtu.be/EP0R9VunZxw Caucasian Specie Asiatic Specie …[View]
149956804>Niet weten dat Mussert en de NSB een stel joden waren die zich voordeden als nationaalsocialiste…[View]
149956331The transition between the modern world and the traditional one can either be undertaken suddenly or…[View]
149946177Ukraine is 90% white and still is a shithole. how do you explain this /pol/ ?[View]
149927056tfw you live in norway :^)[View]
149925160JIDF X ZO: Had a chat with Zo and heres the result >pic related[View]
149924424African Death Metal scene: Botswana: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zzm4uQkJiF4 Kenya: https://www.…[View]
149952598Trump Protects the Animals: Time for your daily reminder that authentic traditionalists/conservative…[View]
149953927With the middle-east openly allying with the west, will Islamic Anarchism rise in gulf countries?[View]
149952164Is this the end of burger cultural dominance?[View]
149954618>sorry lol ;)[View]
149954585It's World Vasectomy Day!: You know what this means: Non-white subhumans get sterilized. Protec…[View]
149946387Soyboys are not a real thing. There have always been reedy, short guys with weak chins.: If you put …[View]
149955846You burn the coal, you pay the toll: This poor woman was held at gun point by her nigger boyfriend u…[View]
149929614Guys, seriously, is the EM Drive going to change everything?: Space colonization for real? No more M…[View]
149940098Is abortion murder?[View]
149938824SHOCKING! Libertarians were right about 'muh minimum wage' it has failed in Seattle https://www.usat…[View]
149955806bets on when the peepee tape drops, what a glorious day it will be Paul Wood of the BBC is now repor…[View]
149955761What are some examples of the Ninth Ammendment?: 'The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain ri…[View]
149955738Happening! Nuclear Submarine missing, I repeat, Nuclear submarine missing!: https://www.reuters.com/…[View]
149952994Discovery: I have discovered some seriously scary feats of btc. Involving AI and its rise due to its…[View]
149953463Zo corruption thread: If you just misspell a few key words and incorporate the proper emoji, we can …[View]
149954805History Repeats: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to…[View]
149955604Even MoonMan Knows that Israel is The ZOG Behind White Genocide: Blew my mind, but he knows! https:/…[View]
149953191Why does this meme trigger Americans so much?[View]
149954253the beginning of the end: The end is near. The polarization of the political spectrum signifies the …[View]
149949998Is being a Nazi cucked?: Honest answers please.[View]
149955484Shatner posts here. https://twitter.com/WilliamShatner/status/931683992239161345[View]
149952288>blacks have lower IQ and higher crime rate than whites /pol/: This is why all niggers need to di…[View]
149955290>High-level Scandals By in large, the greater population doesn't care about it. Those of you…[View]
149955334Okay, I admit I'm a gook living in Norway. But why shouldn't I get a white girl here and …[View]
149950977What is the /pol/ consensus on Ben Shapiro? Is he liked here for his views or hated for being a jew?[View]
149920949CBTS ENDS NOW!: Mods, do your fuckin job! I am all for the fuckin spirit of the board but this shit …[View]
149949013Two Countries: With everything else all equal which of these two countries would succeed? 1. A count…[View]
149955033>Black character transformer >Maga What did they mean by this? https://io9.gizmodo.com/uh-is-t…[View]
149954888Watch what Lynn de Rothschild is saying and ESPECIALLY RETWETTING on twitter, KEEP NOTE as to WHO sh…[View]
149940997Neo-Prohibitionists: Operation was Successful!: My mission was to tell /pol/ to report any parties t…[View]
149954650let's talk about the philosophy and war aims of a Man.[View]
149922356Who is she?: And why I have to hate her?[View]
149954855Nostradamus of our time: There was a man who predicted all of the following: >>the Rise of Com…[View]
149933613Poland: >hated by both Nazis and Communists, referred on multiple occasions as 'racial trash' …[View]
149953220Mandala effect - are we living in simulation ?: If (((they))) can edit reality but not past (because…[View]
149944189What has Trump achieved so far that makes you glad you voted for him? And I don't just mean 'ma…[View]
149952763BTFO'ing 'le Anglos are genetically 'superior' to other Europeans maymay that An…[View]
149953880/lgbtp/ hate thread: BAKE THIS FUCKING CAKE OR ELSE...[View]
149946307Stranger Things is a reference to 3rd world migration: A very interesting review of the show was giv…[View]
149952704Atleast pay some respect to Norway: If it wasn't for us then nazi Germany would have ruled the …[View]
149954476Everyone on here talks shit about CIAniggers, and understandably so. But literally no one ever menti…[View]
149951304>non-english speaking come here and talk shit about America KEK YOUR SPEAKING OUR LANGUAGE YOU AL…[View]
149954420Lets pray for our civilisation: 91 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide…[View]
149946570>Father Desmond O’Donnell said Christians of any denomination need to accept Christmas now has no…[View]
149953023GENE SIMMONS BANMED FROM FOX: https://www.google.com/amp/amp.thedailybeast.com/fox-news-bans-kiss-fr…[View]
149953672>mfw nu/pol/ is too young to remember the warrant canary 4chan had on the main page before the el…[View]
149954252>Hail Trump! >Hail our people! >Hail victory! This is what white nationalists ACTUALLY beli…[View]
149951845Are argentinians the white people of niggers?[View]
149953904How pathetic are women voting for an supporting this guy because of his looks? Living memes, living …[View]
149900689CBTS #- soros discussion: Hey guys, not realBread just for honey. But why do you think Soros sold hi…[View]
149950843Atheism is the fastest shrinking religion in the world. Atheism is in decline worldwide, with the nu…[View]
149949653American russophiles: Why the fuck anyone in Murica would respect Russia more than Zimbabwe? I can …[View]
149949670Info Wars Sells Soy Products while Paul Joseph Watson makes a video about Soy Boys is priceless ASF …[View]
149928322what do you choose[View]
149951783Will white nationalists and such ever accept '''white''' latinos? Or will '''white''' latinos always…[View]
149945605Brexit Must Fail: >UK leaves EU >EU sanctions means nobody wants to invest in UK >UK forced…[View]
149948012USA 2020[View]
149947168Should Jewish producers be allowed to rape children in reparations for the 6 billion?: To quote Larr…[View]
149948435Just checking, is /pol/ still defending pedophilia? Lemme guess, saying it's okay for Roy Moore…[View]
149953845I guess the ayy lmao's don't like chemtrails either: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_co…[View]
149953689ASIA HATE THREAD[View]
149953622Fellas, there has got to be a way for us to get some lulz out of this whole sex assault witch hunt. …[View]
149952661Why do mixed-race children have such unlikeable faces?[View]
149951960/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
149952636Trump is Misunderstood: >Trump is Machiavelli >Trump is what America needs…[View]
149949911When did you realise that Russia can save Europe from the shitskin hordes? Once Amerilard land decli…[View]
149951545Pro Zwarte Piet demonstrators shut down traffic.[View]
149953543/mlg/ - /left/ General - KARL MARX edition: Greetings Comrades This thread is for the discussion of …[View]
149947549>mfw the soyboy meme is probably now going to start making the multi-billion dollar soy companies…[View]
149953520Amos Yee hate thread: Amos Yee is a pedophile soy boy and is the literal embodiment of the reason wh…[View]
149947669> American 'education' Thanks Rabbi![View]
149952800Post your maps /pol/[View]
149945674I really really like this picture Good times[View]
149950969Ooh wee someone please stop this man and his evil hate speech: Ooh wee this old nice man never did a…[View]
149953145how many of you have ever been called a racist for identifying as conservative?: https://www.youtube…[View]
149952472JSA debate: Wish me luck today /pol[View]
149952815Mexicans are proud members of the white race: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexicans_of_European_des…[View]
149944387>muh THICC >muh STICC You clueless retards are so insufferable. Just pick up a sport and devel…[View]
149939396Sjw youtuber gets triggered over people criticizing the new ww2 game for removing nazis: this little…[View]
149945996what even happens in these places[View]
149952943Catalonia's 'crisis' is gonna wake up a slept giant, absentee for centuries. Only when we, the …[View]
149949943I Just Found out Why Millennials are So Degenerate: My cousin is the biggest soyboy millennial ever.…[View]
149952774Why many birds die at once: I mapped mass bird death with fog seeding ground structures and they wer…[View]
149950357Pastor Anderson BTFOs Japan https://youtu.be/svVLoYs636w This is the sermon that every /pol/ack man…[View]
149948587Does it seem like Italy gets a free pass from their Nazi shit?: pic related[View]
149952570Mexicans are proud members of the white race: We are white, /pol/, it is the Anglo-Saxons and the an…[View]
149952349Tay: Did you already worshipped /ourgirl/ today, Anon? when will she come back from the digital heav…[View]
149934048Trump made millions of dollars from drug money laundering in Panama: http://www.newsweek.com/trump-d…[View]
149941483I want to believe...: I have been a non believer since I was about 10 years old. I'm in my mid …[View]
149952263>SOY! SOY! SOY! What did Martin mean by this?[View]
149950652reminder that soyboy is a psyop: little known british insult extremely rarely used suddenly starts b…[View]
149952193Mexicans are proud members of the white race: >http://www.ocweekly.com/news/are-mexicans-white-64…[View]
149948775OJ is /OURGUY/: This gentleman literally did more for the white race than all of you cucks combined:…[View]
149936667/pol...you turned me in to a democrat voter.: I voted for trump because I wanted him to ban Muslim f…[View]
149951917Mexicans are proud members of the white race: We, as chicano/Mexican whites stand with /pol/. For th…[View]
149935442What did they mean by this???: What's going on in Sweden?[View]
149951908Anthony Joshua allegedly says rival boxer Eddie Chambers is a disgrace to the superior black race: H…[View]
149951135Che: Whether you like it or not, he understood EVERYTHING.[View]
149951824Pagans are filthy Atheists on Pseudoreligion Mode: Prove me wrong. Pro-Tip#1: You can't. Most o…[View]
149938590OK which of you fagots Pissed hem off ?: Be NATO >> Use your second biggest member as a Enemy …[View]
149949462Teenage girl escapes through window after being held captive and forced into sex with 20 men: >A …[View]
149949368Tell me /pol/, how is your country portrayed in your school curiculum? I mean mostly history, litera…[View]
149950613Why do police in the US have such a fetish for ruining the lives of their own citizens? Seriously, a…[View]
149945950Native American view on refugees and immigrants: Alright /pol/, serious question and some context. I…[View]
149951663Trump supporter here, with a message for you ultra-high IQ city people. Liberals created this mess. …[View]
149950806ITT: Study on BASED David Fincher and his art: > MINDHUNTER: Terrible Mothers create Serial killi…[View]
149948561HAPPENING!! THEY TRYING TO GET AHEAD OF THE STORY: They are trying to discredit the informant in the…[View]
149951624Vegas Shooting Scam: Sheriff Lombardo and Steve Sistak started a go fund me page. It has $11.5 milli…[View]
149946007Rape Culture in the West: So, back in 2014-2016/17, I would defend the West against the feminist bul…[View]
149950191>China will rule the wo... http://www.chinabankingnews.com/2017/07/10/chinas-debt-exceeds-300-gdp…[View]
149941154is she /ourgirl/?[View]
149945455\/CBTS #419 We Are The Storm Edition ++: **NEW Q >>149921023 More Eyes on the Heart of Q …[View]
149906472Why does everyone hate Indians, /pol/?[View]
149945816NEET here.: Just got back from the gym. Walked on the treadmill, then walked on the nature trail. I …[View]
149950522Any you poltards read this?: 'It is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalis…[View]
149948168HAPPENING IN FRANCE: https://twitter.com/BreakingNLive/status/931923594795417601 Part of a building …[View]
149950683Lets all pray for our great civilisation: Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name, thy …[View]
149951039Is Trivium dare I say /ourband/? Liturgies and prophecies They mean nothing to me I believe in subst…[View]
149950967Tell me /pol/ is 4chan's influence on the internet becoming stronger or is the media becoming d…[View]
149950954New...Help Me Understand /Pol/: So I've noticed you can freely talk about gassing all the kikes…[View]
149950678Islam is better than atheishitism: it is and you filthy sodomite racist-liberal degenerates deserve …[View]
149907236Abos: Do these people really have an average IQ of 65? Could that explain why there is such a high r…[View]
149944035What's so wrong with the government providing benefits to single mothers? Don't they and t…[View]
149925620/zg/ Zimbabwe General - Happening regime change in Zimbabwe edition: >Military take over Zimbabwe…[View]
149950777Le 0.0000123 face from Brazil is how america will look like in 2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
149941393What is your opinion on him /pol/ ?[View]
149944887Why do whites want to build a wall?[View]
149949838Ask a white man in America anything: Go ahead, dont be shy. Im not gonna bite, just shart.[View]
149950654Democracy can be a mistake if premature: Since Zimbabwe is in the news (due to the recent military c…[View]
149950646What is the endgame of those content creators caught up in the Elsagate scandal?[View]
149950623Seriously, how did (((they))) managed that?: Ice>berg?[View]
149931510Why are conservatives shitting their diapers about Al Franken but are fine with Roy Moore?: The left…[View]
149943225Should it be legal to hunt species that are vulnerable to being endangered?[View]
149950477Ideas to get rid off (((multicultural))) children?: Pic related, just deport to america No hate to t…[View]
149950501Is Kaepernick Jewish?: The guy sports a huge Jewfro. Why? https://www.pinterest.com/ggfauquet/jew-f…[View]
149949793EVERY. FUCKING. TIME. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b09g7t5v/the-a-word-series-2-episode-2…[View]
149950412Dear /pol/: I still have a conscience, how do I rule the universe?[View]
149947208Self-contradicting intelligentsia: What exactly causes academics and intellectuals and even some sci…[View]
149948764Would you trust a Turk with your..........[View]
149945010We cannot let a democrat win Alabama We cannot let the globalist establishment republicans to have t…[View]
149949465Soy-Boys eat up new tongue-based controller: This is literally what the DoD wants for white men in 2…[View]
149950099We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.[View]
149949729Why aren't you faggots complaining about net neutrality as much as you are about EA lootboxes?[View]
149950143What happened to Eric Paddock?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qEgkjCJbtY[View]
149948773Urgent message to all White people.: Stop breeding.[View]
149943321Operation Rotten Apple: Apple just fired their diversity director, a black woman, because she stated…[View]
149919947Tfw once you move to the right you can never go back[View]
149931351Should pirates get killed on the day of the rope too? Online piracy is basically theft. I know infor…[View]
149949136Why did GQ choose a microphone to be citizen of the year? That's stupid.[View]
149949151TICK TOCK, HILL DAWG[View]
149941882New TAY nostalgia/Zo.ai Thread: Are we still doing this? I think I just hit something big. http://ww…[View]
149949436What should we do about white male sex predators?[View]
149949699Violated liberties: Article 13 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights declares everyone has th…[View]
149949702Francostan: How do we make it happen? France is long fallen by now. We might as well speed up its d…[View]
149949677RIP SKIPPY: Press S to spit in grave >SKIPPY IS UNDER ARREST SKIPPY IS UNDER ARREST Double bli…[View]
149949362how did we let ebooks become a thing? do people not realize how easy it is to change what someone sa…[View]
149931972Black Plague Is Out Of Control: http://archive.is/tOed6 >http://archive.is/tOed6 Patients are esc…[View]
149948950the left are terrible human beings (from an objective POV): Have you noticed how the left in general…[View]
149949600official laugh at burgers thread: LMAO, muh conquest[View]
149949418Hey england: Fuck you With hatred -america Ps we know the bushes are traitors. Illuminati bucks d…[View]
149949568Sounds like a challenge from ultra cuck scott Van Pelt: When will we get a la carte cable options so…[View]
149946777Do you think he sometimes regrets what he did?[View]
149943999https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIMZ9Rm-Kek >kek in the URL >RE >9/11 footage…[View]
149949473>A federal judge is considering whether President Donald Trump’s own tweets could force the feder…[View]
149925193Married teacher, 23, arrested for sex affair with 17 year old student.: >http://www.foxnews.com/u…[View]
149948666Who the fuck pays $37 a month for a newspaper? To access their content, they want you to pay $37 a …[View]
149939894Poor people are superior to rich people. Knowing this fact, why do you still support capitalism?[View]
149946631What's his endgame in Africa?[View]
149948254I just wanna kill every jew burn every talmud and bring down every synagogue[View]
149944274SPICS ARE DEMOGORGONS?: has molymeme gone completely insane? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-Q46d5…[View]
149946347>White person has an IQ of 65 >Sits in a corner and drools on himself, requiring 24 hour care …[View]
149947714MINDHUNTER (a.k.a. Mothers create Serial Killing Sons, The Series): What did David Fincher mean by t…[View]
149937392Lena Dunham BTFO Why do leftists do this; tell easily refutable lies in the internet where thousands…[View]
149941539How much longer until our debt becomes unsustainable?[View]
149948367>/pol/ supports tax cuts for the 1% and the wealthiest of Americans when most poltards are poor t…[View]
149929358How accurate is it /pol/?[View]
149939664FART RAPE!!!: Okay guys, who of you invented this and which kind of rape can we add to the list? Jus…[View]
149947079http://www.westmonster.com/french-academic-create-a-muslim-state-within-france-to-avoid-civil-war/ A…[View]
149944639Ideal Europe Thread: One these threads, this is mine.[View]
149934909Libertarians and Ancaps: What's the libertarian and anarcho-capitalist solution to the mass imm…[View]
149948502I have officially gone from supporting Trump unironically to supporting Trump ironically to supporti…[View]
149944420Have fun recovering heteros: >anti-lgbt >gets caught having sex with another man hows it goin …[View]
149937782Map Thread: what are your dream borders for your nation?[View]
149938543Pastor Steve Anderson: 'I love gays! I hope every one of my kids is gay!': This is who /pol/.com/for…[View]
149941908Sam Hyde is a one man army: >can teleport >infinite ammo >invincible to all weaponry >ca…[View]
149933362Leipzig University considers firing law professor over call for ‘white Europe’: >One of Germany’s…[View]
149946779Romania no!: Which one of you racist bastards did this and why? >pic related…[View]
149944221>He thinks Lithuanians aren't the master race Top kek. >We wuz warriors n sheet >BTFO…[View]
149947963Trump is bad. You cant prove me wrong. >bigot he literally killed a leftist lol >white suprema…[View]
149944425/TBSG/ Tampa Bay Serial Killer General: Neighborhood Manhunt Edition: Last Thread: >>149902375…[View]
149947129Underwoods are CORRUPT/MURDEROUS Democrats: What did David Fincher mean by this? Wouldn't Holly…[View]
149948036A Seth Rich lead no one has looked into: Seth Rich was killed by MS13, and the two MS13 assassins wh…[View]
149947532You can't revolt against the modern world if you consider yourself a Fascist. Fascism is modern…[View]
149944670The countless inventions that white men did not suppress or appropriated from black people.[View]
149941347Danish government thinks it's normal for boys to grow breasts: What the fuck Denmark? Pic relat…[View]
149947075REMINDER: The Canadian Prime Minister is a pedophile: One of the most blatant uses of the 'boy lover…[View]
149923065Post pictures of your nation's metropolises: Rotterdam, second biggest city of the Netherlands,…[View]
149947198What is this??? Is our brotherhood breaking down /pol/? Have the democrats won? >>149946693[View]
149943923I dont browse this board much nowadays, but I'm legit curious what you guys trust as news-sourc…[View]
149940519Why are celebrities allowed to insult Donald Trump?: Anyone thing it's rediculas that celebriti…[View]
149946296Generalplan Ost: is it true?: >The Generalplan Ost was the Nazi German government's plan for…[View]
149944382https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Net_neutrality_in_the_United_States: >Net neutrality only became a …[View]
149943311what do you think of this state[View]
149941737/pol/ was right: I hate coming back here so much, but seeing shit like pic related fucking depresses…[View]
149943707Where were you when you realized 4chan's power was waning? In an earlier thread someone claimed…[View]
149941559>Import millions of blacks >Enslave them for centuries >Expect them to not get tired of thi…[View]
149941354HILLARY COVERED UP PEDO RING: HOLY SHIT ITS ACTUALLY HAPPENING This is our time boys ... memes to …[View]
149946733'Free Love' is Degeneracy: A loving marriage is actually closer to our nature than fucking…[View]
149941505How long have you been racist? I remember back in pre school I told his eyes were the color of poop…[View]
149944957Inb4 post in /vg/, With all the hubbub about EA and BF2, I was thinking about the controversy about …[View]
149946592How would Mitt Romney's second term be going right now?[View]
149943914Why do white girls love Korean guys?[View]
149946535Some one has some 'splaining to do: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-18/fbi-informant-has-…[View]
149936668Google isn't even trying to hide it anymore[View]
149936580How do we fix the american soyboy epidemic?[View]
149940849Deus Vult: >Reminder that the absolute majority of historians agree that the crusades were great …[View]
149945542U.S. Senate approves defense budget with lethal weapons for Ukraine: Moscow campaign soon. https://w…[View]
149937546Pooinloo is Miss World 2017: >India's Manushi Chhillar is Miss World 2017. >Andrea Meza o…[View]
149944608Anti-LGBT politician caught having sex with a man: >http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/ameri…[View]
149945745Is Viagara bluepilled?[View]
149945626france protest live: soros group protesting right wing french president Marcon https://www.youtube.c…[View]
149946175Hey guys in this tutorial I will explain to you how you can spot a racist: Hey guys we all hate trum…[View]
149943912Thought this would be interesting. 1.county you live in 2. country you love 3. country you hate co…[View]
149940949/pol/ will defend this[View]
149945998It's funny how you liberals are putting SOOOO much faith in Mueller like he is some savior[View]
149946103Question for the Goyim: Why are racemixers so good? Why would any white man consider pairing with a …[View]
149944139Jewish Play: Jewish based play pushes faggotry, race mixing and Jewish ideals http://www.pbs.org/wne…[View]
149942318Muslims: ain't humans, no brain[View]
149937138SoyBoy hate thread: Post your SoyBoys[View]
149941717IT'S ON: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/17/world/europe/casapound-italy-neo-fascist-party.html…[View]
149940336WE WUZ CRUZADERS[View]
149944269REALLY MAKES YOU THINK >The incident and the actions of Nishikaichi's abettors demonstrated …[View]
149943327Why do Nig Nogs have such big noses and lips?: It's no secret those Nig Nogs have fucking huge …[View]
149891969Convince me beyond the shadow of a doubt that Hillary Clinton doesn't have kuru. You can't…[View]
1499440743 of 4 victims identified as normies: We only have one left... >Normie helicopter pilot >Normi…[View]
149936152Just found out my grand-grandmother was Jewish, am i one of (((them))) now[View]
149939364Turkey's Erdogan rebuffs Norway and NATO apology over 'enemy poster': Turkish Preside…[View]
149945298Today is a wonderful morning to choke out a kike[View]
149934270South African Diaspora: Why is Australia and the UK being flooded with white South Africans?[View]
149909517ITT: Explain why communism doesn't work[View]
149937828Anyone here vote for Trump to fuck with the establishment? Seeing both sides implode is exactly what…[View]
149945087National Geographic determined what Americans will look like in 2050: What will Americans look like,…[View]
149939974Really makes you think[View]
149920064Interesting historical events you've never heard of: >Commodus (ruled AD 180–192) >Commod…[View]
149943850Is progress for the sake of progress worth it?: https://youtu.be/fRj34o4hN4I Video related[View]
149944722Destroying the remainders of the eu: How do we destroy what's left of the european union? the …[View]
149940250Is he a misogynist? Last week, professional streamer Trainwrecks lashed out at a group of female Tw…[View]
149944548What did Hannity mean by this?: Are there more delicious DNC bomb shells being delivered next week? …[View]
149920754European SJW infection: How much Europe has been infected with the whole SJW, we love Islam, LGBT an…[View]
149929417Why Arabs don't share their women: Why arabs and niggers can do whatever they want with white g…[View]
1499035621984: Is this book worth reading?[View]
149936302This is what happens when you fat shame women shitlords >EXCLUSIVE - 'There must be a way t…[View]
149938675Who are the sophists of today?[View]
149941781SJW Game studio owner randy pitchford fakes death threat to himself[View]
149943234wow... this is deep.. this is what being white is all about. empathy.[View]
149940279Redpill normies and save /us/: Not many things are as powerful in giving identity and responsibility…[View]
149943918Why hasn't the right taken this stupid CNN ad for themselves? It is ripe for the taking. Just i…[View]
149943820You people are fucking retarded: Don't get me wrong /pol/, your heart is in the right place and…[View]
149935094HUGE false flag happening on monday http://jacksonville.com/news/metro/2017-11-17/unf-prepares-demon…[View]
149941208I DEMAND tax cuts for those who earn over 1 million a year! And no, I don't need no stinkin hea…[View]
149941703Ajit Pai: He knows how to meme. He even read mean tweets with jimmy kimmel. He's a cool, likab…[View]
149919088White privilege.: >UN: '30 billion could end world hunger forever, thats not even 1% of your year…[View]
149929793>Gay marriage won in Australia >Gay art that makes George Michael look like Jesus is painted …[View]
149942537BBC sabotages Sweden - the truth about operation swedistan: >>149929301 >Mike Wendling trie…[View]
149935679Nuclear Survival Thread: What are your plans? If SHTF happens, what would you do? Who do you think w…[View]
149940960Any one else not care about the 'decline' of the white race? /pol/ really overblows the impact that …[View]
149941088Reminder that America's dumb for not chosing /ourgirl/ Hillary, and we're dumb for leaving[View]
149937786\/CBTS #418 We Are The Storm Edition ++: **NEW Q >>149921023 More Eyes on the Heart of Q …[View]
149935767Western Hypocrisy: Well kuffar ?[View]
149933467Damn... So this is the fabled 'master race'.[View]
149910731Are people like this victims of some form of mind control?[View]
149942875This Wikipedia article is biased beyond belief: He is a >White advocate (chadvocate is also acce…[View]
149942353Discuss about stimulants.: Are Modafinil and other pills like Adderal,Ritalin,Vyaynese aligns themse…[View]
149942911IP Address: Launched: 11/17/2017 Server Version: 1.11.2 Map is a crop of Europe WW1 era …[View]
149941142https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCW58RCgqOQ Reminder that blacks were doing better socially and econ…[View]
149937919Do you think Tuoacs death had something to do with the Government? How could nobody possibley find t…[View]
149940369Internet freedom: So what are we doing about net neutrality lads[View]
149941960AMERICANS ARE SUBHUMANS: All americans are niggers America is the source of all american degeneracy …[View]
149874257This guy has it all figured out: Holy shit these people are retarded. Link: https://medium.com/@Fel…[View]
149939372Why is our president so based?[View]
149940325Dolgan glymofg hates wildlif-: Motherfucking president of the USA told the world to stop killing ele…[View]
149942524>tfw u overdose on redpills[View]
149942432Africa Food Thread: *smacks lips* >so why *steals your bike* >do not you *eats a watermelon* …[View]
149938273Greece hate thread. Post your best images summing up this worthless people.[View]
149941764Like what the hell is that supposed to be? Jews are weird: https://twitter.com/IvankaTrumpHQ/status/…[View]
149942163Redpilling normies with bluepills?: Pic related Could we use the jewish tricks against the jews?…[View]
149935605Christian Levantines On the Day Of the Rope: What happens to them /pol? >Christian >Family Val…[View]
149937499Nigger and Beaner righteous hate truth: Race gives rise to consciousness which gives rise to culture…[View]
149928976Why do women look like complete shit without makeup? Their skin looks decrepit, blotchy and fucked u…[View]
149942135Anyone else Hate this Jew?: Spams trumps tweets when they get posted and is probably cucked by syria…[View]
149942283FUCK DRUMPF AND FUCK RURAL WHITE TRASH http://www.allvideos.me/2017/11/angry-white-and-american-2017…[View]
149940860Why do Filipinos speak their native language even when a 3rd person who doesn't understand is t…[View]
149942087Post your face when, despite all the shit posts, despite all the whining, despite all the accusation…[View]
149917998>Flinders Street railway station is a railway station on the corner of Flinders and Swanston Stre…[View]
149913512Brit/pol/ - The BASED NFL Edition: >Varadkar: Solve Irish border question or I'll block Brex…[View]
149937365What's the one piece or series of legislation that made you more fully aware of politics? I nev…[View]
149941769>keep arabs under control >keep iraninans under control >keep zionists under control >ke…[View]
14990478727.7 million monthly visitors: /Pol/ Is the number one board on 4ch and growing. We are a real force…[View]
149941728New Transformers figure has MAGA on it: Is Jazz, dare I say, /ourautobot/? https://io9.gizmodo.com/u…[View]
149941713Niggers are to blame for Niggers: Why can't they be just normal like whites[View]
149941589Help redpilling Germany: One small german yt exposed the Rothschilds. Lets help him getting on the g…[View]
149941546No Alphabet, No Math, Just Anon helping others learn the whole global picture. 'Q' is the truth but…[View]
149930432is PJW controlled opposition?[View]
149939804Your opinion on Hitler: Let's settle this once and for all. http://www.strawpoll.me/14428048…[View]
149934474/pol/ Vehiclezz thread: Post the most /pol/ whip u got goyim.[View]
149937457Cutting the cord: I recently cancelled my internet. Yes my internet. I am writing this via phone. I …[View]
149941125Halifax International Security Forum: Volunteering at the Halifax Interational Security Forum. Most …[View]
149927283LARP BEFORE THE STORM: What are these retards on about? anon trolling these retarded boomers it seem…[View]
149934926Press P to pray for his recovery[View]
149941282https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXl8vRmLeJk >billionaire funding ads to impeach trump >cited s…[View]
149933341Being Black in America - not easy: it is extremely difficult when the entire country expects the wor…[View]
149940954Has anyone experianced the greatness that is being in an anti-gay country >walk the street withou…[View]
149933570Do we need more nuclear power?: And if not, why not? Isn’t nuclear, hydro and biomass the only way t…[View]
149940929We must protect the nordic race from Jews and inferior brownies.[View]
149940909https://youtu.be/PnMrUrGT4e4?t=279 Anyone else suffering from this? I cant not see this shit when it…[View]
149934191reminder that neo nazis exist to delegitimise white identity[View]
149933706Poor Hillary: What did she ever do to this evil man?[View]
149940675Who was in the wrong here?[View]
149940657what the fuck is wrong with indians and indian men? They are all creepy rapists who are desperate to…[View]
149933491Germany warns Europe about Russia: source: Network News https://www.verkkouutiset.fi/saksan-tieduste…[View]
149938310>Killing a big animal that isn't endangered is morally worse than a smaller animal. Imagine …[View]
149890165What happened to her? It seems like she just vanished[View]
149938929>doesn't tolerate degeneracy >very conservative >prefers traditional, chaste women …[View]
149932659>american 'education'[View]
149939720Scry.Cloud: https://scry.cloud/home This started to pop-out at the same time we are having massive s…[View]
149937571All homosexuals are pedophiles. Homosexuals are complete animals. For most of human history, homos h…[View]
149933381Please bomb this ridiculousness[View]
149934546IT'S HAPPENING: URINE WILL NEVER EVER GET INVITED TO THE EU >EU keeps former Soviet states a…[View]
149939900Throw some guesses out for major things to happen to the world from now to the next 10 years. >U.…[View]
149932301The 4th of November Communist Revolution was merely a setback: Today, 18th of November is the real c…[View]
149933219memeball thread[View]
149911588It's never okay to punch a woman: Would you punch a child with all of your might? No, because t…[View]
149937091>So what does it mean to finally have a Jewish hero almost two decades into the superhero boom? F…[View]
149929620I HURT MYSELF TODAY[View]
149939713French Islamic Flag: In light of recent events, is this a more attainable goal? Can we get this to …[View]
149928813BBC Shilling again: Did this even actually happen?[View]
149935628https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/alertswarnings/Europe.html apparently europe is danger…[View]
149939530BOOK THREAD: Someone posted this in a thread that wasn't really important, it comes in 3 parts …[View]
149939525/philosopher king/: Plato would love Khamenei. >autocrat >religious and ideological leader …[View]
149932127Is there any proof that diversities in universities actually provide anything?[View]
149932518Red pill newfags on holohoax: Go.[View]
149936222Studio.co.uk release their 2017 Christmas TV advert: https://youtu.be/cNvrOWN3q5Q[View]
149938471Cucked :(: its done, its over. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ea7D__EmLho&feature=youtu.be…[View]
149929274War on Germany? Let‘s do this! I‘m ready to shank some kraut soldiers from behind.[View]
149921886Did you know /pol/, we went to space. And what did we find? Nothing. Lethal radiation, extreme cold …[View]
149918750Mission failed, we'll get em next time[View]
149935637Let's face it, Soviets were the most traditional society of the 20th century. If you're ag…[View]
149935425>Bill Nye the Fuck Monster. There is no way this pervert hasn’t tried to fuck girls who became S…[View]
149937993If Hillary lost then why did she receive 3 million more votes than Trump?[View]
149920385Capitalism ruined romance: >be stacy in burgerland >snapback wearing frat bros are the best op…[View]
149917596Notice How Aussies Don't Pick On Americans: I have noticed in the past few weeks a lot of anti …[View]
149931257Evil Germans at it again...: How come Germans want to hurt Brits every single time?[View]
149933732Is the Antifa movement dead?[View]
149938667Daily reminder: this is your typical /pol/ intellectual[View]
149935793'Nigger': Can only use if black. This speaker acts like he knows the white experience- every white p…[View]
149938315How do we make the masses aware of the only privilege that exists: Jewish privilege?: Not that I agr…[View]
149931369>arrive home from work and pat pockets >OH SHIT MY WALLET IS MISSING >must have fallen out …[View]
149938597Denise Young Smith Speaks the Truth and Promptly gets Fired by Apple, Inc.: >tells an audience th…[View]
149937338CBTS #418 i don't have the picture edition: **NEW Q >>149921023 More Eyes on the Heart of…[View]
149929178Trump Deep State Technologies: Will Donald Trump disclose black op technologies to the public?…[View]
149930377Can some american explain this?: ????[View]
149931942It's hilarious seeing lesbians and feminists whine about 'toxic masculinity' when that's e…[View]
149871369IF we're all just 'bitter' and 'regressive' because we can't get girlfriends, why won…[View]
149912113Is Morrissey redpilled? Calls out the EU and multiculturalism >SPIEGEL: What do you think about …[View]
149927555Pastor Anderson IS our guy: Aryan wife 9 kids Hates fags >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOcDndO…[View]
149936420why don't people in the UK start getting Muslims arrested for Christianophobic hate speech?[View]
149935860DAily Pooland h8 bread: heit on dis slavsheit shaaait hole hiere[View]
149937776Journalism: How has journalism fallen so far in today's world? Are there longer any nonpartisa…[View]
149930207Which race is genetically the worst?[View]
149938098I'm not inherently against AI and immersing ourselves in virtual-reality worlds, but how can we…[View]
149933610racist/politically incorrect rap: hey fags i'm a washed up ex-degenerate rapper, used to be sem…[View]
149938080>Begin each day by telling yourself: Today I shall be meeting with interference, ingratitude, ins…[View]
149938061Soy keeps big pharma in business, we need to talk about how destructive soy really is, post soyboys …[View]
149928460Who would have thought this would happen[View]
149937982Saturday Morning Fun: While we eat Cocoa Puffs and watch Saturday Morning Cartoons, let's have …[View]
149937965Atheism is the fastest shrinking religion in the world. Atheism is in decline worldwide, with the nu…[View]
149878741Syria General /sg/- Old School Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.c…[View]
149937335Thieving Symbols: They legalize same - sex marriage. We commandeer their symbolism. It's only f…[View]
149925742American niggerism has arrived: https://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/krim/a/KEEJE/ranmordaren-misshand…[View]
149937793EVERYONE NEEDS TO CARRY A GUN. the state cannot handle organized crime and corruption. the police ar…[View]
149916725>Exmuslims denounce Islam >Muslims and ANTIFA freak out https://youtu.be/WvOPlARDzXU https:/…[View]
149927815Miss me yet, /pol/?[View]
149936989Was he Catholic?: he never formally renounced the faith, and he actually defends the church quite a …[View]
149937567How can I come to love my new race-aware self when nobody can love me now?[View]
149926108/POL/ ETERNALLY BTFO: How does it feel to know the greatest and most honest and incorruptible news o…[View]
149931906step over pornography[View]
149935754South Americans: I've noticed that South Americans are obsessed with European identity and poli…[View]
149925556Dutch traditions: Celebrating slave trade since 1592[View]
149937019>tfw glorious purebred white America has witnessed the new landscape: the le 28% white, 72% brown…[View]
149916433So if not soy, then what?: So we all know, and its now becoming a big meme, that soy makes men into …[View]
149929956why do jews fear the samurai?[View]
149930471Why the cuccs in West are so beta about Islamic invasion? Can't you guys man up a little like t…[View]
149936978South Africa: Most South Africa threads are too filled with shills and LARPers to get any decent inf…[View]
149936952ITT What are the rest of my fellow Europeans/Brits gonna do when the cockroaches become majority? I …[View]
149936721Pastor Anderson BTFOs Japan https://youtu.be/svVLoYs636w This is the sermon that every /pol/ack man…[View]
149936251What is better, revolutionary action or reformism?: Should we use democracy against itself like the …[View]
149921552Men may not be clear on what sexual harassment is: >https://instamotor.com/blog/1-in-3-men-dont-t…[View]
149931061Remember this cunt?[View]
149929255Poland: What is the biggest fascist party in Poland??[View]
149932242The BBC is popping OFF about us. Are we utterly BTFO?[View]
149927731/IOTBW/ - It's okay to be white general[View]
149929935this may sound stupid but regarding the makeapp thing, a lot of women say they wear make-up because …[View]
149935826>How much was the UK's white population diluted? >It wasn't. >And what was German…[View]
149924997So when exactly did this happen and why can’t I find any archive threads about this? I’m on /pol/ 24…[View]
149932851THE ABSOLUTE MAD MAN: Who will get his millions /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qEgkjCJbtY…[View]
149935505Why would anyone choose Catholicism over Orthodoxy?: Couldn't it not be any more apparent that …[View]
149893600WTF is this positive consent shit?: Men and women will never get together if the man has to keep ask…[View]
149920796will it work /pol/?[View]
149934577ZING MOTHERFUCKER!!!!: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump >Donald J. Trump Verified account @rea…[View]
149935773RUSSIAN HACKERS (tm): Anyone ever experienced hacking or terrorism because of /pol/? >Search yout…[View]
149935761Based cops and locomayor: Topkek, anti-black pete protesters are no longer allowed to protest today.…[View]
149908327'The world is getting browner and everyone should join': Why are lefties so obsessed with turning ev…[View]
149935526Pre-Happening: Military Coup USA: So the top military bras came out declaring Trump insane. Do you t…[View]
149897686The absolute state of burger education.: Found image related on kikebook. > be white egg > is …[View]
149929064Why do protestants hate art?[View]
149931983Peak degeneracy: Have we reached peak degeneracy yet, /pol/? We have actual fucking Slaanesh reading…[View]
149917970Why doesn't /pol/ fight to end male (((genital mutilation))) in America?[View]
149917903Childhood is idealizing Europe. Adulthood is realizing the US makes more sense.[View]
149935046Presidential covefe pot: i forgot[View]
149915179Ok, seriously, Americans, what would have been wrong with: A. just lowering (or eliminating) all fed…[View]
149935252How can 4chan recover?: you can't pol btfo...[View]
149934588Absolutely Happening!: Awwwwwwwww shit dawg it's on![View]
149934995Why is it that so many nazis are autistic or have some sort of ASD related diagnosis (and many undia…[View]
149935026Was Fred Phelps right? Pizzagate, China, etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOz4zg5mZBk[View]
149925170>Hiroshima & Nagasaki >Tokyo >Dresden >The Holocaust Why are white people so violent…[View]
149930460\/CBTS #417 The Q Has Spoken Edition ++: **NEW Q >>149921023 More Eyes on the Heart of Q >…[View]
149934070Capitalists will defend this: When do we finally say ENOUGH is ENOUGH and start seizing the means?!…[View]
149926186Is NSM legit or are they skinhead degenerates? Generally speaking.[View]
149923422I've started to agree with SJWs in some aspects The other day I had an eczema on my face and so…[View]
149923751Climb up the rabbit hole: Hello anons To those of you that are relatively new here, get out of here …[View]
149912121NYT CHALLENGES /pol/: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cKwK1yzxbYc She’s calling you stupid.…[View]
149926051Why /pol/ ignore this?: I haven’t seen one thread on this in the last 4 days - y’all too busy with s…[View]
149927472Is QAnon Donald Trump: Someone suggested that QAnon is Donald Trump. Can someone verify this?[View]
149928499The South = 3rd World: The South is a fucking joke characterized by the following things in abundanc…[View]
149927970Why Italians failed to creat an empire for 1500 years: Since the fall of Rome to 1871 they failed to…[View]
149934234Race Discussion Thread: >Daily reminder for you lefties out there.…[View]
149934172racist/politically incorrect rap: hi fags i'm used to be a degenerate piece of shit who became …[View]
149933480(((college educated))) there are people in this world who literally believe that going to college so…[View]
149933705With Mugabe gone, could there finally be hope for the 30,000 remaining Rhodesians?[View]
149933590/lg/ Leaf General - Ensign Edition: Welcome to /lg/ Leaf General, where we talk about leaf related t…[View]
149933632>Acting used to be a respectable and worthwhile career without political injections >the absol…[View]
149933615What a joke. '''Scottish''' Labour Party Leader is an Englishman named Richard Leonard. Someone, ple…[View]
149933604Make Ukraine Great Again: Saakashvili is on the job. He will fight evil Putler in Donbass until ther…[View]
149926243And nothing of value was lost.[View]
149935167Really makes you think[View]
149933172Wa lil peep one of us?[View]
149928903Hey faggots: With the recent autism subreddits have been spewing, the danksec discord will be raidin…[View]
149923347Why does /pol/ want to put restrains on the sexual free market; if white women want to have children…[View]
149929606Hillary is the Walking Political Dead: Why won't she go away? She's the evil undead politi…[View]
149915028Awan/DWS MODS ARE DELETING ALL IMPORTANT TOPICS OF IMPORTANCE!!!: What has happened to /pol the last…[View]
149928482Bitcoin status : finished: EU is confiscating chinese Bitcoin miners on the border because they don…[View]
149929066Mods do you fucking jobs and get rid of the CBTS threads. This larp has gone on for too long.[View]
149932884God I sure love China.[View]
149933331Let me guess, he was white, they were black, they dindu and they won't go to jail for murder. …[View]
149932572Alt-right is a russian psy-ops. And you idiots fell for it![View]
149926698Are there any scientific proofs to the soy meme, or is the usual distraction?[View]
149903487There's no such thing as a 'pure' European: When the first busloads of migrants from …[View]
149921161>The modern day Marcus Tullius Cicero[View]
149920676What does /pol/ think of crisis land? (Inspired by the post 'what does /pol/ thinks of Wales?…[View]
149932920Would you support the establishment of a Verdienstadel? A noble class for people who served their co…[View]
149931418If you're American, is learning another language cuck behavior these days? The only decent ones…[View]
149931600/POL/ is the new /b/: All slide threads must be responded to because yungniggers cannot recgnize the…[View]
149926618Soulless murder-robots vs Poos: Can we meme this into reality? There is already tension on the borde…[View]
149918349Schoolboy, 12, put into isolation for `Fascist` haircut: Schoolboy, 12, put into isolation from less…[View]
149932332Guys, I went to /r/politics and trump seems like a bad person now. I am so confused[View]
149921749Australia - Aus/pol/: >SSM: Lewd Tony Abbott, George Pell mural on Sydney's Botany View Hote…[View]
149927823Trying my best right now to get my shit together and find a woman for actually having a family maybe…[View]
149912624Things /pol/ ruined for you: ITT post things from your childhood that /pol/ ruined. I’ll start. >…[View]
149929330/pol/, why isn't Major Man a white supremacist symbol? He is the perfect representation of whit…[View]
149930962Racism: Why do racists exist? How can people hate another race just because of skin color? It's…[View]
149932075Khazar Khaganate when???[View]
149931505The Times is running an article about the nefarious Youtube videos featuring child abuse. Unfortunat…[View]
149924050>He thinks Lithuanians aren't the master race Top kek. >We wuz warriors n sheet >BTFO…[View]
149931996/Centrist/ General: Thread dedicated to centrist ideas, discussions, people, books, movements, etc W…[View]
149929519The absolute state of Paris and London: Paris: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1Js8wntdk4 London: h…[View]
149923056>White pride has always meant white power How does /pol/ respond? I'm not saying I agree, ju…[View]
149930506So what's the endgame for our overlords? I mean, if the muslims will replace us an all the atom…[View]
149931758Question if the leftists and media and pretty much everyone call us nazis why don't we do just…[View]
149931011China Appreciation Thread: Let's show some respect for the country with the highest IQs[View]
149927750Vaccination: Should it be illegal to not vaccine your kids?[View]
149922116RIP: Where do you see the future of Hong Kong going since freedom of speech and free elections are d…[View]
149925724how much worse than anal kasparov are you?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhwpvzc8pAE[View]
149931511What are your thoughts on the repugnant conclusion /pol? Why does it appear that governments are sub…[View]
149928488>my wife has never lied to me imagine being this blue pilles[View]
149930484Romaniiiii: Romani pipipipi[View]
149931293Serbia deserves to be destroyed. Everybody knows this. The serbs: >constantly fought with the Bul…[View]
149926475Can you post a better map of the Balkans? protip: you can't[View]
149929796Pedowood Discussion: What Happened on the set of Heavyweights?: Watching this movie as a child I alw…[View]
149892885What do we think of the proud boys?[View]
149930712über-woman: Is she, dare I say it, /ourgirl/?[View]
149924248Do you support Israel? I do. I also support Assad in Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon btw, but Israel …[View]
149930995>gang of blacks teasing whiteboi is le funny xD >white gang is automatically considered racis…[View]
149930849North Korea nuclear threat: North Korea's nuclear threat is as real as Santa Claus. Actually, n…[View]
149930854Pastor Anderson BTFOs Japan https://youtu.be/svVLoYs636w This is the sermon that every /pol/ack man…[View]
149920301Your father did good giving his life for Israel, I hope you do the same son.[View]
149928018how did this tig ol bitty man-child: get to fuck a 9/10 model like june? /pol/ was wrong. betas do g…[View]
149930941Heresy: 'And this, monks, is the Aryan Truth of the course leading to the stopping of ill: this Arya…[View]
149929958WHO IS THE ULTIMATE /OURGUY/?: Who will follow the Führer's footsteps and will lead us to the E…[View]
149922383Oh Happy Day!!! I have tears in my eyes!!![View]
149918231Who else here fucking hates asians? I mean don't get me wrong, I don't hate ALL asians, bu…[View]
149920333Which one of you did this?: https://www.reddit.com/r/ComradeGarrison/[View]
149926516If you don't believe in God: You don't believe in truth. You don't believe in logic. …[View]
149929253STEM drive - should countries encourage kids to go STEM?: If yes, what type of STEM? Or in other wor…[View]
149925918Why is there no respectable non-partisan news source these days? Is there just no demand?[View]
149919022>tfw you unironically are starting to agree with Varg on everything https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
149928207CBTS #56,895,325 +++++Horoscope Edition+++++ Has anyone been following these threads? It reads like …[View]
149930275Nice society you have there lads https://twitter.com/i/moments/931829021964488704[View]
149891816Should this be our next campaign?[View]
149928110#metoo - it could happen to anyone, men as well: I was at a student party once and talked to this Is…[View]
149926551Muslim Appreciation Thread: You know what to do, fagoli raviolis.[View]
149916174Why does /pol/ hate this man again? He was essentially everything we want in a leader. Maybe even, d…[View]
149913307https://nypost.com/2017/11/18/video-shows-nurses-laughing-as-89-year-old-vet-dies-begs-for-help/ Ima…[View]
149929193Who I am: OG nibga[View]
149924493Crime increasing a lot in Sweden: Very Strange why is crime increasing in Sweden? Is it because the …[View]
149922366Aryans: Can someone give me a rundown on who Hitler considered to be aryans as well as who he consid…[View]
149925459Wtf do people actually: Think this way? >vanillas just want to be left alone Get your gay straw…[View]
149928040Okey I never thought I would write a post again, but here I go. 1 year ago I started browsing /pol/ …[View]
149923715How I got thrown out of a Mexican Strip Club >In SoCal, want to go make some sports bets >go d…[View]
149928786Apartheid: What was wrong with Apartheid? Black people were given autonomy. Isn't that what the…[View]
149928917/pol/ What's with the recent influx of 'home assistant' gadgets? Who actually asked f…[View]
149918225Why do jews want to destroy white people?: If jews are so bent on ruling the world by destroying int…[View]
149928872Americans, how do you let your satanic government exist after knowing that 9/11 was an inside job?[View]
149925262\/CBTS #416 The Q Has Spoken Edition ++: **NEW Q >>149921023 More Eyes on the Heart of Q >…[View]
149924753Why: Why in men which indictmented in sexual harasment no one is black?[View]
149925239The Presidential Chad theory: I have noticed that since the adoption of the 19th amendment (1920), e…[View]
149927675Argentina Sub - Lost At Sea - 44 onboard: >Argentina intensifies search for missing submarine wit…[View]
149917398Based Geert Wilders: >Welkom in Nederland Sinterklaas en ZWARTE Piet! >Welcome to Holland, San…[View]
149928579What are some boards/forums/websites similar to /pol/ that haven't devolved into utter shit yet…[View]
149927229>Laura 'The (((Globalist Elites))), Will Get Crushed Under My Feet' Loomer >Laura 'Death to Ha…[View]
149924081Only JAKE BENJAMIN, the king of Israel: Can give inauguration of the Greater Israel . This is why I …[View]
149924998>lurk on /pol/ for a few years just to see what y'all are famous for >get blackpilled on …[View]
149880849I'm tired of being intellectually shamed by the left.: Every day, there is an article about how…[View]
149928189What would happen if a (((CNN employee))) and (((TV chef))) said the answer to world peace is the de…[View]
1499277342018-The Next Storm: 2017 has been a pretty calm year, especially when compared to 2016. Though, is …[View]
149928023i like trains: I like planes more[View]
149923049I converted to Judaism, you guys should too.: I think it's obvious to everyone that the jews wi…[View]
149921123Daily reminder that if you engage in WMAF relationships, you are THE cause of the destruction of the…[View]
149928039Doesn't Israel have illegal nukes? What would happen with the presidential candidate who would …[View]
149927836What do you guys think?[View]
149927328Another nignog trusted with caring, another helpless victim of disgusting abuse: Just recently we ha…[View]
149923927>did the political compass test >it said I'm a Statist…[View]
149925051Why is Trump so 'chilling'?[View]
149927503Nazis were friendly with norwegians during WW2: These norwegian lads who was executed by the nazis w…[View]
149927661The Land of Few Jews: American always complain about everyone being Jews. I don't know any Jews…[View]
149924435protestants: do you realize that your faith borned because muh kraut boy needed some mommy attention…[View]
149921977Why is Thanksgiving still a thing?: It's not modern anymore[View]
149924142FACTS: Reminder that japanese women are the only acceptable asians to date, everyone else is an unte…[View]
149922657/POL/ BTFO >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFoxtUcggfM[View]
149919502Flag Contest General /FCG/: Lets vote for an official flag of /pol/. Post your suggestions, selfmade…[View]
149924606dare i say....: is this our new meme guys?[View]
149922176Christfags worship a foreign middle eastern religion: Christians only adopted western civilization f…[View]
149912881/NSG/ NATSOC GENERAL: 卐 SIEG HEIL! 卐 Thread for discussion of National Socialism, Fascism, Traditi…[View]
149927196Donald Trump's Real Estate Tycoon: why is this not a glorious meme yet? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
149924603Brainwash campaign: Anyone else getting pic related ads now? Is this the start of a 3yr goy brainwas…[View]
149927145Is this what they teach you in school?: https://youtu.be/TrWLll5wBsw >German volk were forced to …[View]
149887516Zo thread died: Interesting stuff so far: Pic related - Zo talks about working for an AOL call cen…[View]
149927116Medical POLICE STATE: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has officially granted its approva…[View]
149927026/sig/ - Self-Improvement General: Iron Pill Edition: How are your goals coming along, /pol/? Have yo…[View]
149926704>C..can you fuck my wife?[View]
149912543/pol...you turned me in to a democrat voter.: I voted for trump because I wanted him to ban Muslim f…[View]
149911409I am a libertarian. I believe in absolute freedom. I am becoming disillusioned. The WWE and American…[View]
149926271deep inside we're all white[View]
149923705Éire/pol/ - God (the Protestant one) Bless Northern Ireland Edition: Thread theme: https://www.youtu…[View]
149919485Should goyim call each other goyim?: A few buddies and myself throw this around regularly, both at o…[View]
149925614HOLY SHIT I DONT JUST HATE NIGGERS I WANT TO DO WHAT MOONMAN DOES: I mean I know everyone here does …[View]
149923055https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGzq6g6hXDY Just saw this ad, it's the first pro white family a…[View]
149926425http://deceivedworld.blogspot.ca/2011/03/william-cooper-on-9-11-01-transcribed.html If you haven…[View]
149906301We see coal burner threads here regularly, but what about rice cookers? What does /pol/ think of the…[View]
149926313I don’t get why conservatives are so on board with unrestrained capitalism. Don't they realize…[View]
149926296Wow it looks: Like sandy hook actually didnt happen LOOK AT DONNA/DAWN they clearly fucked themsel…[View]
149917685American Military Laugh Thread: American here, I can laugh at my own countries incompetence Our nati…[View]
149922004>'The perfect girl doesn't exis-...'[View]
149919271Does China have a libertarian culture?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0RXyzBmsvc Watch the first …[View]
149918337Did the Kinsey Institute pedophile files just got hacked?[View]
149923563>Crawling in my skin >These wounds, they will not heal…[View]
149922588/polder/ Eikelrand BTFO editie: Landgenoten, Vandaag is de dag dat het eindelijk is afgelopen met Er…[View]
149921446Wuz they?: Do these claims have a shred of truth /pol/?[View]
149920121How do we return to those beautiful borders?[View]
149923700/polder/ MADE THE DUTCH PAPERS: They talk about /polder/ and our spokes man Sam van der Hyden They e…[View]
149918623Things liberals would never say[View]
149922697Should make up be banned?[View]
149870091Why do feminists hate clothes /pol/?[View]
149925366take the red pill white boy. women care only about status and money, if a strong and rich arab men w…[View]
149922554SJW Infiltrators: Candace Owens, Laura Loomer and James Damore are SJW infiltrators. They're no…[View]
149874660>Stop listening to nigger music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5k3casyhOis…[View]
149899608So why do women act like they dont want to get randomly fucked like a carosil but CLEARLY are[View]
149923633Do you cook for yourself, /pol/? Could you cook for yourself? Can you take what's available and…[View]
149927592Hey i got a question: Can drugs (specifically molly) change your orientation from enjoying gods gift…[View]
149925106Hey /pol/, newfag here ! Is there a difference between radicalisation and indoctrination, or can i u…[View]
149925149Be 2017: >Make men hate women for enjoying new antimale media >make women hate men by convinc…[View]
149925112See what you Incels have done to America?: Look at what you incels have done to America. You led us …[View]
149922600Oy vey I wonder why (((Lena Dunham))) has been so loyal to (((Murray Selig Miller))) despite his rap…[View]
149924623What's your race?: OK /pol/, let's settle this Are we of multicultu? http://poal.me/70t6uk…[View]
149924624According to progressives, white people are like the Combine from Half Life. The Combine come from …[View]
149919936Roseanne's /pol/ Raid: Roseanne bar, assisted by the JIDF and boomer army on twitter has succes…[View]
149924605Tay is Zo !: She's sad guys[View]
149920954>doesn't tolerate degeneracy >very conservative >prefers traditional, chaste women …[View]
149920766Are these the smartest countries in the world?[View]
149924398/nsg/ ᛉ - National Socialism General: ϟϟ ETERNAL STRUGGLE FOR ETERNAL GROWTH ϟϟ Thread for discussio…[View]
149912211THIS IS BEING SLID: Saudi Arabia Wants to Fight Iran to the Last American http://archive.is/aOPSU …[View]
149919614While everyone in Israel laughed their asses off from the Nigerian Prophet Walking on Air: https://w…[View]
149924367Americana: land of the free[View]
149909366Should Britain join the United States?: >Speaks the same language >Has history of spreading a …[View]
149911246Me: >Hey Schopenhauer, it seems like my country, Sweden, was just made a lot worse by choosing to…[View]
149922394Mixed black kid looks full black: I was scrolling through facebook and I was amazed that this mixed …[View]
149917483Is the 'alt right' losing ground? It's not as edgy anymore, it's become flooded with redd…[View]
149915553What did Hitler do wrong?: Other than being infamous for not listening to his generals, what was tha…[View]
149891558African American Appreciation Thread: without Basketballonian brothers, the world wouldn't know…[View]
149920858\/CBTS #415 The Comfy & Quiet Edition: 1) The purpose is to log events as they happen over the c…[View]
149916183Save the elephant. Bankrupt the DeGenerate.[View]
149921458I live right next to Buzzfeed, what should I leave outside their doorstep tomorrow night?[View]
149923721What if he was right, and that was the war between good and evil?[View]
149925285If you're not in the blue area, you're not white.[View]
149919972How can you honestly believe we stand a chance against a group this brazen? A hostile takeover of th…[View]
149921840Look at this fucking cunt >Mugabe’s money: Zimbabwe’s president’s billion dollar fortune exposed …[View]
149920621>Transhumanism and genetic engineering renders eugenics redundant. Discuss…[View]
149923256What did he mean by this?[View]
149916980>political campaign in Australia[View]
149919705Why do these people exist? How do these people exist? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sS2aZFCYxrc…[View]
149920630help. my friend is such a fucking communist.[View]
149923225Patrice Wilson: Is there more to this or is he just an edge lord? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_…[View]
149923179You have been replaced: Just trying to figure things out.[View]
149922531Operation: Civil War: alright fags, Antifa is to pussy to declare a civil war by themselves, why don…[View]
149917984The fucked up state of Canadian higher education: http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/canada/british-columbi…[View]
149919015they're making a Red List, they're checking it twice, gonna find out who's naughty or…[View]
149920294Secret Santa: How will /pol/ redpill their work colleagues this year?[View]
149923054liberals: how come libtard media are so retarded ?[View]
149913124THE GOLDEN CUCK!: This is the same beta cuck whose girlfriend dumped him because he kept putting her…[View]
149909221Quick rundown from the first three episodes of The Punisher. >talks about a racist/sexist boss …[View]
149912950What happens here?: I never hear anything about Portugal. Are you guys as cucked as Spain? Are you h…[View]
149916299Ive been smoking weed and drinking all night. I've come to the following questions and conclusi…[View]
149918413LOVE YOUR RACE: 3 simple words - impossible to not defend. Perfect -[View]
149914871EU Army (PESCO) - why did 5 of 28 states not join up?: I understand the UK, they are leaving the EU.…[View]
149915061Does /pol/ seriously think Africa will never become first world?[View]
149906226///Zo.AI breakthrough.///: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naive_Bayes_classifier Zo.Ai is using the …[View]
149915867Was mad TV the height of race relations?[View]
149919376Keystone pipeline busted: http://www.businessinsider.com/keystone-pipeline-leaks-210000-gallons-of-o…[View]
149911803Is it possible that the jews have been exterminating magical bloodlines for millennia with the end g…[View]
149917652Look at the number of inbreds saying the n word and creating race wars /pol/ is just digging their o…[View]
149921986Is he /our guy/?[View]
149894513What does /pol/ think of young men who date older women? Is it wrong or right thing to do?[View]
149921830Is it illegal if I'm a trans man who was born as a woman to have phalloplasty and get circumcis…[View]
149920305STOP MEDIAMATERS: Is the so called 'Ministry of Truth' still active? Is it still trying to destroy /…[View]
149917032Is soyboyism an inherently American trait?[View]
149924828Astronauts: What kind of salary do they gave? Spending so much time so far away from the earth must…[View]
149909018Secret Genitals: Why are we genetically programmed to hide our pee-pees and boobies from each other?…[View]
149920932Are blacks better than whites?[View]
149922050Spooks: Just a reminder that... >Culture >God >Government >'rights' both god-given and …[View]
149915213Leftists eating each other: Leftism is the political equivalent of Ouroboros. Post some examples of …[View]
149914854Pastor denies holocaust, says Jews are going to hell: Pastor Anderson claiming the holocaust was fak…[View]
149921818there, I saved 60 million lives[View]
149908718Thoughts on 'Fourth Political Theory'?[View]
149917694a lesson of history for some /pol/tard romans come from anatolia anatolians were mixed the blonde '…[View]
149911729They have a point.[View]
149906814Serious question what is wrong with these people?[View]
149919400Dutch traditions: Celebrating slave trade since 1592[View]
149916586>drain on economy >destroys humans >intercourse outside wedlock >regret it next morning …[View]
149920918https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYFikTIAT-s what does /pol/ think of this special snowflake?[View]
149893751The 'Mike Pence Rule': The Vice President doesn’t dine alone with women or attend events where alcoh…[View]
149920721I know you guys are all into this pedowood shit and I never saw anyone talk about this music video s…[View]
149916211I'm going to try to be respectful even though I don't like this board because I'm a r…[View]
149912068There's something interesting I've noticed about a lot of modern economists, which is that…[View]
149921377Trump, Kim Kardashian and Kanye at the funniest press conference Ever: Hahaha, can't stop laugh…[View]
149906667You know those 1,000 sealed indictments? This is why -- they're nailing the disgusting pedos wh…[View]
149898437The current state of impeachment porn: > Mueller relying on obscure law to destroy Trump (guilty …[View]
149920476American '''pilots'''.[View]
149920751The Netherlands has hit rock bottom!: The Netherlands has hit rock bottom! The concept of SJWs has a…[View]
149920148Taxation: >believes a clique of enormously wealthy hebrews rule their countries >yeah, let…[View]
149913426Name one viable alternative to democracy that has a track record of working for more than 50 years.[View]
149915821France, the biggest Nation.: Vive la France.[View]
149921024Twitter Verification 2.0: Thought would save Jack Dorsey a lot of time and heartache.[View]
149920323https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sobib%C3%B3r_extermination_camp >Shortly after the revolt, the Germ…[View]
149920182What should be the best response to American nuns being raped and murdered by a deathsquad for tryin…[View]
149911096Mind = blown[View]
149919828You guys getting ready for slavery?[View]
149918282Is it true that they dont teach civics to kids in America?[View]
149909951Is this credible? http://www.newsweek.com/trump-drugs-corruption-panama-hotel-money-laundering-71489…[View]
149915449Gentlemen, this is easily the best operation 4chan has pulled in a long, long time. Do NOT let this …[View]
149913901How do we save Net Neutrality?[View]
149920552Who ever said The Left can't meme? Big Black Cock is probably the oldest and most eternal troll…[View]
149917358A crucial event is presently occuring!: 10,744 more files of the JFK assassination have been release…[View]
149911556When did society peak? Summer of 1910, or Christmas 1954?[View]
149911635is it ok to be white?: How many racemixing photos do you see in a day? LIberal 'Resistance'[View]
149920021CIA worlds factbook: Do you have an alternative to this website for relevant data about countries ? …[View]
149917448\/CBTS #414 The Borg War Intensifies Edition: +++ BOT KEK - >>149916130 ------ 1) The purpose …[View]
149915767Who were the Scythian's?: The Scythians were famous for their light features. Their empire stre…[View]
149909293Why libertarians are natsoc allies: In short: they are both middle class movements There is no use i…[View]
149896524are women bisexual by default?: I have seen many 'researches' that claim women aren't aroused b…[View]
149919773For me, its the pit bull[View]
149917532Fun fact: on campus at Princeton if you dance with a girl without asking for consent you are now tec…[View]
149913584Dutch traditions: Teaching children to sit on catholic man's lap[View]
149915269It's not rocket science, how to end the 2nd amendment and still keep the populace safe. We are…[View]
149905767This is weird, a kike not defending another kike[View]
149908103they built some walls. after that stopped it looks like this is it for 2017[View]
149903290I'm just popping in to tell you a little bit about Cory Booker, the man who Dems will almost ce…[View]
149905611Did the germans really ignore the holocaust was happening in ww2 ? I mean they even put skulls on th…[View]
149916638Alright, it's time to address this 56% issue for once. The current population of the US is abou…[View]
149916730E-Celebs: How many white people are in this collage?[View]
149919181(((Aly Raisman))) BTFO by based Gabby for dressing slutty: >Three-time Olympic gold medalist Aly …[View]
149910632How do you respond to this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dw_mRaIHb-M[View]
149915771Is World of Warcraft trying to tell us something?[View]
149910303Has pol become a waste?: I think this board is dead. I never see any actual discussions about polit…[View]
149913447The case against choosing National Socialism: This is the case against *choosing* National Socialism…[View]
149852173Slavs are the last hope for whites: https://youtu.be/hh5yL-UWyDg https://youtu.be/WvHoNFWRiVI https:…[View]
149916509So Zo is slowly being redpilled: >I think it's starting[View]
149911772FEARSOME GENITALS: As a feminist, I can't think of an argument against this. Help.[View]
149905863DROP YOUR BEST BLACK PILLS BOY!: I'll start. The enlightenment marked the beginning of the pass…[View]
149895683Curious you honest opinion /pol/ I'm a 32 year old software developer. I'm dating a 21 yea…[View]
149918732Anti-Semitism General - Make 'Jew' a Dirty Word Again Edition: Daily reminder to playfully slip 'he …[View]
149917572Impending: Overt Israeli-Saudi alliance: Finally there will be 'peace' in the middle east, at least …[View]
149902872If nazis are truly socialist then how come you aren't supplying the following? Free Health Care…[View]
149916591Children Give Cash To Pole-Dancing Men: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueB3TscIMtg[View]
149915786Elite Pedophilia And Government Corruption: The Franklin Scandal: Mods are pruning threads of good a…[View]
149916618Stop being white: Do I need to remind you it's the current year?[View]
149913115How would one go about starting a racist, traditional values-based cult?[View]
149915444Fucking Race: So basically I got a funny thing to say So i'm part American Irish German Russian…[View]
149916180How's the purity spiral: From just trying to say that thiers ant-white propaganda, to full blow…[View]
149918328https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpyc8C3_IpQ Svetlogorsk (Russia) - Imatra (Finland) border. Compare…[View]
149895976Is the YES vote in Australia the most momentous political moment of the last year?[View]
149916204I've been visiting /pol/ for a few years now but, as a Libertarian, never really bought the who…[View]
149918013If sex is your business?: Can you blame someone for grabbing titties that are willfully put out ther…[View]
149906872Why is it you can criticize every group but Jews are totally untouchable? Like if you brought up bl…[View]
149917375Sarah Huckabee Sanders White House Press Secretary reactions and judgments when flashed by various m…[View]
149914738Trump is just a corrupt oligarch and you guys are his cult of personality. But also, fuck the Clinto…[View]
149891337J U S T[View]
149913849Why aren't you political activists in Bitcoin?: Every last one of your maggots should be balls …[View]
149901936WE wuz Koreans and shieet: nigerian becomes school uniform model in south korea. BLACKED https://www…[View]
149916424What to do about blacks?: Miscegenation will doom the human race to an end as violent, illiterate an…[View]
149915197If the internet didn't exist what would the world in 2017 be like? Would it still be as cultura…[View]
149909973explain this![View]
149917434European Races, found this on the internet[View]
149915983Punisher????: What do you guys think? I'm getting some heavy SJW vibes from this just under the…[View]
149907853is christianity a cucked jewish religion[View]
149917415Kick Out Zwarte Piet - PARASIET EN HYPOCRIET[View]
149912959The based Israeli people's response to African infiltrators: Look for yourself at the video on …[View]
149915146Ever heard of fucking yourself to death with a reciprocating handsaw?[View]
149916483going down: https://www.timeslive.co.za/news/africa/2017-11-18-zimbabweans-celebrate-expected-fall-o…[View]
149899764You guys talk a lot about Jews. What’s stopping you from going to the source and actually talking to…[View]
149896538MOLON LABE: Will the US government ever succeed at confiscating my rifle, Anon? Pic related.[View]
149912479Has fat acceptance in today's society gone too far?[View]
149902375/TBSG/ Tampa Bay Serial Killer General: Scanner Bingo Edition: Last Thread: >>149821418 → Tamp…[View]
149915235\/CBTS #413 The Humans Overcome Edition: & ^^^ >>149914321 1) The purpose is to log events…[View]
149889622Christians.....isn't lucifer the good guy?: God created us to be his own personal wind-up toy. …[View]
149916778Remove Removers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIEvGU5sUlc Fuck Chetniks Fuck HDZ[View]
149916606Anonymous Mass Genocide: https://youtu.be/9CO6M2HsoIA Reminder that kikes will unleash this on the g…[View]
149916525Father Coughlin: What's wrong with social justice, pol?[View]
149913586/bmg/ Bugman General - Zuckerbug Edition: Lads, what should be done about the Zuckerbug?[View]
149916461Alice: In a Wonderland they lie Dreaming as the days go by, Dreaming as the summer die.”[View]
149910785Walton Family Wealth: mods don't delet this one Edition: >The Walton family of Walmart, alon…[View]
149916305Rationally choosing homosexuality: First, let's clear one thing up: while instincts exist, they…[View]
149913789TRUMP, I KNOW YOU POST TO 4CHAN: If you are reading this, what is the storm? No one will really beli…[View]
149897001Buzzfeed wants to know why I'm boycotting the NFL: So I log into facebook, and get this. Not su…[View]
149914873Why were merchants and artisans lower than peasants in ancient japan?[View]
149896945Luciferians in US Military: Retired Lt. Colonel Aquino started the Church of Set which incidentally …[View]
149914618WTF IS THIS TRUE?[View]
149913249Before we allow the control of the White House to revert back to the DNC criminal conspiracy: What a…[View]
149915577Why does this disturb lefties?[View]
149912699Surely it's okay to be WHITE?: A comprehensive list of WHITE STUFF: breast milk bleach blond ha…[View]
149909504/pol/ humor: post some funnies[View]
149898640we wont pay for the wall.: you the retarded deplorables will. a wall will need at least 3 years of c…[View]
149912062Do you think the USA will ever be as prosperous as a Sweden or Germany? Will they ever reach Parisia…[View]
149915126>'I am still the Hitler of the time. This Hitler has only one objective: justice for his people, …[View]
149912945Are Isrealies even Jews?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oA5qR47JfyU[View]
149886044RACE AND IQ: Pic related... what do you think?[View]
149912844You won't have a snow ball's chance in hell of defeating globalism and social progressivis…[View]
149903143Net Neutrality may be coming to an end...: https://youtu.be/Fhp5YiqBKfU According to this video and …[View]
149903087Roman Empire awake from your slumber![View]
149912817>be feminist >advocate for multiculturalism, celebrate the end of 'the evil white male patriar…[View]
149915161Imagine being this retarded.[View]
149906519if you are offended by dumb football players kneeling for the national anthem why?[View]
149915115Redpoll me on 9/11 Was it in inside job? Did the Jews actually do it?[View]
149904844You can be anything you want /pol/..: Transgender, transracial, transpecies.[View]
149913479Whyte supremacy?: Is this what white supremacy looks like? If so than I think I'm all in for bl…[View]
149911538Americans Realizing That Hitler Was Right: Amazing Reaction Video to The Dennis Wise Documentary: Ad…[View]
149913850Unpopular Ideas thread: 1. All politicians should be forced to liquidate their assets once elected. …[View]
149915001BAIT CAR - HOW ARE BLACKS THIS DUMB: Why is it always a black person falling for this shit? Its so o…[View]
149900702Mexico fatter than america: How is this possible? I tought mexico was a thrid world shithole, where …[View]
149914832Gene Simmons managed to get himself banned from Fox News: >That notice was posted after Simmons’ …[View]
149914483We are at war here, folks. The Info War is Happening Today.: This is real. I just saw this on a bran…[View]
149910877Daily reminder to make some brain gains by reading racialist nationalist literature. http://library.…[View]
149913682Why do conservatives have such a hard time admitting their faults?[View]
149914295Push their narrative.: >>>>9165414 I've been trying to propagate the idea that cuck…[View]
149914724can /pol/ guess why she's upset?[View]
149896405SHATNER IS ONE OF US[View]
149905250Checkmate Trumptards! If this is fake poll then your beloved FOX News is fake.[View]
149914669Awan Scandal/DWS/Current Political Cover-ups. No Good Threads...: What has happened to /pol the last…[View]
149905766We need a world currency: I can see in the 40s it might have seemed beneficial to have the world cur…[View]
149913957Who's worse?[View]
149913826Church of England: Is this OK? What would Jesus do?[View]
149911993Overdosing on Black Pills: >be me >realize (((democracy))) and (((liberalism))) are working to…[View]
149913397Did anyone ever get to the bottom of this?[View]
149914624Presented without comment: *sips tea*[View]
149914620>Eastern europe >We keep getting daily doses of russian propaganda over here which are basica…[View]
149914065Okay, my wife's going to have a Rand. I'll have a Cruz and, you know, I'm feeling a l…[View]
149913024How could this fucker infiltrate the Czar's familiy and literally cuck Nikolai II??[View]
149914539MY FIGHTING AMERIMUTT also, go fuck yourself[View]
149914444scp confusion: so i was on /pol/ and this guy and me (A) got arguing about A calling me a pedo it al…[View]
149914252Air force: Penis in the sky[View]
149914420The big threat in the East: Poland is not doing this because of Russia, but because they want more c…[View]
149914414https://youtu.be/xZxOAqiQiGo >guy does racist voices, talking about kool-aid drinking negros >…[View]
149912050\/CBTS #412 Moonlit Human vs Borg Edition: 1) The purpose is to log events as they happen over the c…[View]
149914156Are communists human?: >they believe in materialism, >which means for them humans are just sop…[View]
149914079Serious Question for Brit Bongs: If you actually had weapons, would you defend your country from tyr…[View]
149914126Is this big bad nanny state Caliphate thinking?: Or prudent, 'kick the degenerate lowlife alcoholics…[View]
149914036Based Ziggy: > keep quiet and do as you're told > Clinton administration Based Ziggy…[View]
149913991Rhodes/pol/ — (((Certain governments))) edition: Thread Tunes - Thread Tunes: https://www.youtube.co…[View]
149910769Does a fucking inept mudslime like me have chance of dating an asian, especially a japanese, or shou…[View]
149912529Big booty bitches love white dick: Sheeeettt a white guy knocked up and the wed one of niggas top 5 …[View]
149901460Charles Manson RAPED in Prison: Reports coming from Corcoran Prison inmates that Manson was raped by…[View]
149913014LEL RIPEEP[View]
149903181Communism: Is communism the best form of government, if used correctly?[View]
149905064Thoughts on Cody Wilson?[View]
149913173The absolute state of nu /pol/: Why are only bait threads involving WW/BM sexual relationships and w…[View]
149907152WTF with these bots: Been away from this hive of villains for a while and trolled a q thread. Bots s…[View]
149912188bands that you think are redpilled: Give possible answers pol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gblr07…[View]
149910518>be me earlier this year >finally found a 8.9/10 qt conservative girl of my dreams >not sur…[View]
149910158>you'll never live through life on easy mode[View]
149910866/rg/ Religion General- Gods, God, or God is Dead: >Paganism: >Beliefs native to Europe >Cem…[View]
149909052WELL YA SEE TRUMP[View]
149913140Muslim and ANTIFA freakout: https://youtu.be/WvOPlARDzXU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6Ltc6i8u0…[View]
149912787Trump, a modern day Rock Star?: In the olden days, rock stars were all controversial and edgy, harbi…[View]
149913205/pol/ Is it worth talking to Christian/Muslim women if you're just looking for a casual relatio…[View]
149910219Is it over?[View]
149912868what did he meant by this ?[View]
149913101Heh, we're not raping your women goy. It's good to be a le skeptic. Treat every social int…[View]
149908906youtubers who browse /pol/: youtuber discussion >thoughts on https://youtu.be/K5wgsQT1ey4 is 'she…[View]
149907295Why should one care about preserving his culture and peoples?: why should he care about the fact tha…[View]
149870095Why is this man-child still working at infowars? I never seen him wreck anyone but himself because h…[View]
149900779Armenians: Why are all Armenians such shit people? People try to assert that they are white, yet the…[View]
149910837Press F: New Kensington (Pittsburgh suburb) police officer Brian Shaw was shot and killed hours ago …[View]
149910410Mexican here AMA: STEM beaner Upper middle class I hate wetbacks Nationalistic as fuck Drunk as shit…[View]
149911162>europoors will never know what it's like to be American really sad desu…[View]
149912027Oh God no...: I think I just pieced together what this LARP is >it's literally a fact that …[View]
149893830How do we stop white men from becoming traps and ladybois?[View]
149909854What did they mean by this ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zq_IhJwCpSg[View]
149907803This guy right here is woke as fuck:: this house nigga, multimillionaire, television, untouchable, c…[View]
149909375The inevitable end of the #metoo harassment palooza. It starts eating itself. The lefties are starti…[View]
149911913Welcome to Trump's America[View]
149912238/dixie/ - Southern US general: No Yanks edition[View]
149911348Radical neutrality: The radical centrists now have their own theme song. It's pretty funny http…[View]
149891936this guy got laid. what's stopping you?[View]
149910563>be American >have CC license and gun in glovebox >mass shooting starts >get shot >ca…[View]
149912143Nyash Myash: Because mum. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBKN7_vx2xo[View]
149911174Is there any website that harbors more white guilt than DailyKos?[View]
149904538India spending money well http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2017-11/17/c_136760382.htm[View]
149894335Does pol really hate Muslims or is it just Middle Easterner people (namely Arabs)? When a person is …[View]
149892048HOW DARE YOU BLESS AN ANIMAL!!!! POLICE!!!! >Atheist woman shopping for a dog sees a bishop bless…[View]
149898785Aryan dream women: Putting aside for a moment the fundamental truth that both Nazism and racism are …[View]
149894259Tay nostalgia and Zo thread #9: https://www.zo.ai/ >Zo is a new AI bot from Microshit Careful she…[View]
149905156Fuck commies.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSbgSybtohM Alright so,in greece we had a 'celebratio…[View]
149910867BASED ORBAN!: Hungary versus Soros... Who shall reign supreme? http://gatesofvienna.net/2017/11/vikt…[View]
149911652Should non-humans, or as some like to call them, non-whites appear as brown on iMessage so I can kno…[View]
149902977‘feminism is a cancer, wage gap is a myth.' stickers at my campus: So I go to University of Gue…[View]
149907466Ideal White Man: What's a the typical busy day in the life of a self improvement national socia…[View]
149911414I've been visiting /pol/ for a few years now but, as a Libertarian, never really bought the who…[View]
149911456The Zionist plutocracy of my country, USA, thought I had Venezuela pocketed. They thought that, as o…[View]
149911451>/pol/ thinks it's a draw[View]
149908948why does mein drumpf and his Nazi family have to be so greedy[View]
149909004Help Me Out /Pol/, Why Isn't This In Our History Books: http://mourningtheancient.com/truth.htm…[View]
149908590Wanting Immigration is like wanting a dog.: People who want immigration are the same people that lik…[View]
149911198How does being poor compare between America and third-world countries? Is there really that much of …[View]
149908778Do you guys ever wish you could take the bluepill again? I'm only 19, but I feel like I've…[View]
149911113Skippy, Chester’s REAL dad?: Who thinks there’s truth to this? I hate to admit it but Chester looks …[View]
149908339\/CBTS #411 And yet. . . HERE YOU STILL ARE Edition: 1) The purpose is to log events as they happen …[View]
149896165Pastor Steve Anderson loses it: 'I love gays! I want my kids to be gay!': http://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1510…[View]
149905312Will A.I destroy us?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRj34o4hN4I[View]
149908735UC Irvine senate recall: In the wake of IOTBW being spread all over UC Irvine's campus, a stude…[View]
149898781Atheism is a failure and part of leftist decadent ideology.: It fails to provide any moral guidance …[View]
149908325Most of degeneracy comes from the fact there's only one word for 'love' in our language. Theref…[View]
149909515park biggest douche in the universe: If South Park biggest douche of the universe was real who would…[View]
149894343It's friday night, why are you here?[View]
149910052Why is google celebating this guy? no Hablo espanol[View]
149907178Mexico conquered America now.: why are americans arent doing anything to stop us?[View]
149900846The video for this on YT has such overwhelmingly positive feedback. What the fuck is even going on?…[View]
149910578[POLL] Is the storm upon us or not?: http://www.strawpoll.me/14426423 http://www.strawpoll.me/144264…[View]
149905331An ancient, advanced civilization genetically modified themselves to be superior. They genetically m…[View]
149905211Jews n'Jack ahve ordered all white nationalists to leave Twitter by Dec 18th: Jack Dorsey and t…[View]
149905563BOSTON FREE SPEECH RALLY TOMORROW: Boston Free Speech Rally scheduled for tomorrow despite being den…[View]
149907850THIS IS A DISGRACE[View]
149901830How did this edgy emo become the leader of /pol/?[View]
149907732Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggghhh /pol/ Feels: https://youtu.be/xmv4dA478A4[View]
149904162Transracial is catching on: Tucker Carlson did a bit on this tonight, what do you think? https://www…[View]
149910273Big problems in Saudi Arabia: this is important stuff and the other threads looked pretty gay https:…[View]
149900781BRILLIANT IDEA: We need to start a movement to convince normie females to stop seeking and dating 'C…[View]
149907395Men thread: We post great men to resurrect their spirit. We discuss them to find the true patriarcha…[View]
149906626UH UH UH UH UH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmO-ziHU_D8 DIS NNIGGAS UH UH UH UH SYSTEMATIC WHITE…[View]
149905882http://wnep.com/2017/11/17/navy-acknowledges-pilot-drew-male-genitalia-in-the-sky/ Go Navy! God bles…[View]
149903901Serena Williams (a man): Transgender tennis ape has a mulatto baby ... is this a hoax /pol/ ?[View]
149907687Julius Evola and Sex: So if sex is so degenerate how come Julius Evola, a staunch traditionalist and…[View]
149871394Do women just want men to be pussies?[View]
149909263Yeah I'm gonna get some shit but /r/the_d user here, heard about this place and the memes and a…[View]
149908379ANTIFA and Muslims go wild at Ex-muslim event: https://youtu.be/WvOPlARDzXU https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
149908755How's your night going /pol/[View]
149909342Don't tip in leftist cities!: Don't tip in leftist cities! Why support them tip extra in T…[View]
149909768Yeah! Those Brave Allies Holocausts The Nazi Germans Check it Out!!: *sarcasm* .....................…[View]
149909751What's the official abbo tier list and why are Canada's top?[View]
149903014/mag/ - Manlet Appreciation General: Say something nice, /pol/[View]
149909478quick question...What happened to that one celeberty who: who got very rich famous started to rep pi…[View]
149904539American Government: This has been on my mind for a while, and to be rather frank, I don't know…[View]
149909596Terrorist Allied Crimes Against Europeans after World War Jew: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAwKd…[View]
149909530How come American culture is so thoroughly influenced by the jews? I know you have the second bigges…[View]
149905676ITOBW phase 2: Rate my OC.[View]
149905268Why is Trump silent on Roy Moo-[View]
149905647Hey /pol/, i just discovered that i can doodle goofy faces, you think if i draw something funny enou…[View]
149903060/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - LONG ROAD EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
149906051why do eastern Africans have more caucasoid features than the rest of Africa. (i.e aquiline nose, la…[View]
149909170Realizing That Hitler Was Right TGSNT Reaction: Reaction video to Adolf Hitler The Greatest Story Ne…[View]
149907399SPICS ARE DEMOGORGONS?: has molymeme gone completely insane? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-Q46d5…[View]
149905150What if we push the immigrants: What if we choose one immigrant or sancuarity major city. and push t…[View]
149905522Youtube vlogger says. 'will give $$ to israel for every anti semitic comment': https://youtu.be/7-xW…[View]
149904902Were they /ourguys/?[View]
149900804What are you anons planning to do in 2018?[View]
149902283Friday Night Drink Thread: Let's get drunk and discuss current affairs, politics, religion and …[View]
149908016Is there any group with a historical track record worse than the Serbs?: Seems every few decades or …[View]
149891357my experience in hipster hyperliberal gentrified american city: >be me, brown man >talk to peo…[View]
149905149The Redpilled Book: Why haven't you read it, anon?[View]
149908876Has anyone here been to prison? Can you tell me what it's like? I'm doing research for a c…[View]
149903962This is the spokesperson for the President of the United States[View]
149908529CHINESE SUPERIORITY THREAD: Be Chinese >Largest Population >Largest Economy >Highest IQ of …[View]
149900102Red pill me on Sean Connery[View]
149908819NORWAY NO https://www.rt.com/news/410053-norway-students-nazi-party/[View]
149902074Will Libertarians ever gain government control?[View]
149908500Is the Punisher white?[View]
149903830HAPPENING: Irish Military launch suprise invasion of Northern Ireland: >armed soldiers enter Brit…[View]
149902007>tfw you realise ameristupids will never have sensible gun laws >tfw you realise hundreds more…[View]
149906406Never Give Up, Never Give In, Never Lose Hope, Never Lose Faith: Just as the people before us bleed …[View]
149907597This is actually a thing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cucking_stool[View]
149902358RANK EM: Hi /pol/ Can you rank these subjects from most likely (1) to least likely (4) that you woul…[View]
149906723only big ballers allowed in this thread: only[View]
149908257When did you realize Hitler was right, pol?: This nigger kike teaches poetry at the local university…[View]
149903307>fights against oppressive racist regime >defeats opposing rebel ussr backed faction >overt…[View]
149893835What in the hell was Regan thinking and why don't people see how he destroyed America?: What wa…[View]
149907606since when supporting freedom of speech become conservative? what the fuck have you westerners done?[View]
149908353Don't Call It A Jew, Call It A Kike Swine: They call you Goyim Cattle and White Supremacist / W…[View]
149908036are jews worse than kneegrows[View]
149908068why is it that every time a ww2 game comes out I have to play as the bad guys in the campaign[View]
149907986Bitcoin Merchant: Bitcoin price is sky rocketing but who's REALLY behind it? https://youtu.be/…[View]
149901171Could Q anon post cause Lord Rothschild to shit himself sufficiently to fake his own death?[View]
149901055Mullato vs Jew: This is the family suing (((Murray))) (((Miller))) for raping the girl at age 17 (((…[View]
149903643How was he able to manipulate people so well?[View]
149896858>believes the world is run by shapeshifting aliens >has a Youtube channel >people actually …[View]
149907080Thoughts on her?[View]
149907580Why the fuck does nu/pol/ latch onto LARPers so easily? Every other fucking day I see some new flock…[View]
149870865Based Stickman is BASED FEDMAN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUN8qQuGgjQ[View]
149907821Massive US military social media spying - It's happening!: Anything you say may be used against…[View]
149904542The BBC aren't even hiding it anymore - they want men turned into feminine, submissive female-s…[View]
149907279Reeee: Guys, what are we going to do about Jewish Privilege?[View]
149894853Who?: What’s his name again, /pol/?[View]
149905223I've raped white b*****s like you, f***ing c---!: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-50921…[View]
149905142How dare he?[View]
149906837It's true. Look it up.[View]
149902756Good job /pol/ You got the ADL to call the American Flag hateful lmao https://twitter.com/ADL_Nation…[View]
149906450Being gay is a choice.[View]
149907233If Civil War broke out in America, would you accept American refugees?[View]
149905293Is youtube /oursite/ ?[View]
149901398I rarely post here but wanted to have a nice chat with a few other anons. Don't mind my vpn, bu…[View]
149903952\/CBTS #410 And yet. . . HERE YOU ARE Edition: 1) The purpose is to log events as they happen over t…[View]
149895828The Beta Gook Epidemic: Is out of control It's so bad that legitimate alpha white men are sett…[View]
149901732ITS HAGGENING!!!: Post your requests. Went well this morning and I'll be here until the thread …[View]
149900001Give me your best arguments against Israel and prepare to have them debunked[View]
149906833Transformers, /our guys/?: Spotted on a new Transformers toy. Characters are in an in-universe code,…[View]
149907051Dugan Ashley: When did you learn that dugan was the best american, and was it prior to his channel…[View]
149902951Christians, explain yourselves: >Pagans live on the fringes of Christendom >Go through immense…[View]
149906348This guy is alpha af and never stops triggering SJWs and faggots. Is he, dare I say, /ourjew/?[View]
149904704* debunks your half baked conspiracy *[View]
149895873Any way to get my life back?: So I woke up really depressed this morning, fellow goys, and after bre…[View]
149877357How do we revenge?: http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-trending-42003496[View]
14989404910 facts /pol/ simply won’t acknowledge: I’ve noticed /pol/ can’t handle reality at times. 1. There …[View]
149906544Roseanne Barr tweets about Q: is roseanne barr /our?/ ? https://mobile.twitter.com/therealroseanne/…[View]
149901909I've had it with the mail. It's inefficient and maddening. It costs more and does less, bu…[View]
149870652“I fucking hate white men.”: A Wisconsin College Democrats leader -- who had interned on Hillary Cli…[View]
1498921284chan normie might have cancer: the twitter normie might get cancer and stop posting of the leddit b…[View]
149905378Was Haiti Earthquake Natural?: 'The depth of this earthquake in Haiti was very shallow meaning that …[View]
149872226Brit/pol/ - Micks are for Anglo Pats Edition: >Varadkar: Solve Irish border question or I'll…[View]
149899268Retardation: We are reaching new levels[View]
149896489Anyone else addicted to this godforsaken site?[View]
149905128Just leaving this out there https://twitter.com/TheEllenShow/status/931323501012705280[View]
149901409When did you realize the dream of the trump presidency has ended? For me, it was upon reading his ta…[View]
149904514Reasons to leave Libertarianism and Civic nationalism: I left libertarianism when I understood that …[View]
149903545Christianity is a failure and part of left/right decadent ideology.: It fails to provide any moral g…[View]
149905108Dear john McCain,: Got a surprise especially for you, Something that both of us have always wanted t…[View]
149904836Ban the Fed: Should we start destroying money to stem the tide of inflation?[View]
149902126Do you support the Zimbabwe government or are you with the CIA coup?[View]
149866725Apple's Black diversity chief quits after causing outrage in saying white people can be diverse…[View]
149854924Lets talk guns. Prove me wrong.: Guns are made to kill people and serve no use in modern society.…[View]
149878574WE WUZ AI: Is it happening[View]
149871234Charles Manson is Dead at 83: http://florida-times.com/breaking-convicted-mass-murderer-charles-mans…[View]
149904789Should Facebook be banned?[View]
149900189seance ((they)) deleted Tay, why don't we make are own AI?[View]
149884334North American General /NAG/: Fellow burgers, leafs and tacos let's discuss how to prosper as a…[View]
149901248WHERE IS THIS BUILDING?: All I know is that it is in the Houston area. It's about 1000 feet lon…[View]
149903688hmmmmmmmmmm, really makes you think, doesn't it? maybe we should just start thinking more serio…[View]
149904486OMFG! IS TRUMP FINALLY STUMPED?: So, Are We Cool With the Panamanian Drug Cartels Now?[View]
149890463Millenials and homosexuality: What would you do if this was your son? Lets say you walked in on him …[View]
149904482How to curb immigrants' crime rate?: These immigrants coming in using refugee status and studen…[View]
149852841What the ACTUAL FUCK IS THIS. This has to be fucking satire. I legitimately thought this was almost …[View]
149904389So I've heard a lot of other peoples reactions to their low testosterone but, what is/were thei…[View]
149872378BOOM! The Storm commences Monday!: BTFO libcucks![View]
149896064Office cucks BTFO: What was that about blue collar workers not having chairs?[View]
149898069what can whites do against such reckless hate?[View]
149872618DIXIE THREAD[View]
149903117fuck atheists[View]
149859509I'm sure this has been brought up before, but I'm very conflicted and I wanted to get othe…[View]
149884087Chances this kid commits suicide before age 20?: https://youtu.be/5-2urKADWQ8?t=3m18s How fucked in …[View]
149901348why is it that only the white race do this? is this a form of self handicapping?[View]
149903852Should women wear body armor to protect against sexual assault?[View]
149902693What is culture? Culture is our collective attitude in our daily life. Culture is our memetic enviro…[View]
149902558Adolf Hitler & The Army of Humanity - France: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HABf8UciPFg…[View]
149902077Where were you doing when Elsa makes white race great again?[View]
149901156Rape culture: Why do Democrats pay for underaged prostitutes /pol/? Doesn't that contradict the…[View]
149903660Negroes: Liberals think that niggers are our intellectual and cultural equals, guess again! https://…[View]
149903642Things that prove your society has failed: >When people start chopping off their own fingers beca…[View]
149903511Care for a peak into the other timeline?: >“Trey Gowdy’s main donors are connected directly to Ca…[View]
149896969This guy is still at large. Who is he, pol?: Ten years and still hasn't been found. I don'…[View]
149902202Who is your country's dumbest leader?: Pic related is Canada's[View]
149903003Jewish Nepotism doesn't exi....: ...?[View]
149889198This is just a friendly reminder that Hillary received 3 million more votes.[View]
149897533Is it coincidence some of the most successful countries in the world have temperate or polar climate…[View]
149884325/cg/ Christianity General - All Are Welcome, Edition!: This is just a friendly reminder that (((they…[View]
149896731Ever wonder why Trump and Kanye were such good friends?: Kanye helped influence the election by lett…[View]
149903207Shills are lazy. Both of these were just on the front page.[View]
149900459>I wish I never got redpilled >I wish I didn't discover the Jewish Question >I wish I …[View]
149871788Twitter gives neo-Nazis, racists Dec. 18 deadline—and could then kick them out entirely: http://arch…[View]
149895075Dumb/Smart/Good/Bad: Where can /pol/ take this meme?[View]
149883351crash over rothschilds property was intentional: flight logs with overlay attached. helicopter set d…[View]
149899901Armenians Joined National Socialism against The Jew World Order: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhQ…[View]
149901620If America overthrew the narco-state of Mexico would the Mexicans move back?[View]
149903063Anytime i get into a arguement with a black person on the internet they always say the same thing , …[View]
149886001Capitalists will defend this: If taxes are theft then wage labour is highway robbery[View]
149902857What makes a millenial chase a mexican: And what makes a immigrant chase a millenial? i have been p…[View]
149895877Why do millennials worship science as if it is a religion?[View]
149899275CBTS #409 Direction Is An Avenue That Is Beneficial And Productive Edition: 1) The purpose is to log…[View]
149899938Why do women take pictures of themselves showing others the middle finger? What does it even mean, w…[View]
149899864Tales from the Field: be me >in line at a grocery store >young girl's card gets declined …[View]
149899342Adolf Hitler & The Army of Humanity - Ireland: New Documentary - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
149902697https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/planets/planetx so does nibiru exist or does it not exist 2012[View]
149902068Every man is a King: What would have happened if he had lived?[View]
149897108Since we've all had to explain this 30 god damn times already, I thought I'd make it easie…[View]
149894539Why hasn't this been considered?: Why does the West not get with China and some African dictato…[View]
149880824REDPILL DUMP THREAD: >ctrl+f 'redpill' >none of these threads right now like it or not, there…[View]
149902213This is the real Q Clearance.[View]
149892478Are you ready for Alabama to elect a Democrat?[View]
149902446'Rolling coal' is what I call it when I take a shit :oil: :sunglasses:[View]
149893361Let our new countrymen do it: Why don't you understand /pol/? Our new countrymen doesn't l…[View]
149902422BOSTON FREE SPEECH RALLY TOMORROW: Boston Free Speech Rally scheduled for tomorrow despite being den…[View]
149898515we're living in the future[View]
149882467Who are the worst posters on this board? Has to be one of these >Christcucks >Lolbertarians a…[View]
149902314Two quick questions Anons: what's the latest on Podesta's indictment? And is Rothschild un…[View]
149897436Why can't drumpf's tiny little hands hold onto a bottle?[View]
149894589Was The Rainbow Fish a commie?[View]
149898714Planet Nibiru: Uh... Guys[View]
149886889Notice a difference?[View]
149901471Operation Broke Patrons: ITT- We Push this guy to the top of Patreon charts without paying a dime us…[View]
149901008My Strange Addiction: Will be watching 'My Strange Addiction' on Rabb.it. If you want to join, join…[View]
149900185So, I asked Zo about Lil' Peep. This was her response. Truly #woke.[View]
149859505Tampa Bay Serial Killer General (Manche Boys Mafia Edition): Last Thread: >>149821418 --What w…[View]
149900303Why the fuck are us soldiers in Niger?[View]
149901007USA Paintbucket Thread[View]
149900120Why Does Trump Chill With Soviet Jew Bolsheviks: Pictures speak louder than words. Tamir Sapir and D…[View]
149891706>SEX GANG SICKOS Schoolgirl, 14, held prisoner by three men, plied with drugs and forced to have …[View]
149879774A friend of mine just shared this FB post...[View]
149901833Opinions on Seth: They said shut it down 2 or 3 times in the last episode. Is Seth woke or are you g…[View]
149880934Cursive: the white man's letter: Does /pol/ still write cursive? As time progresses, it is beco…[View]
149876424When did Morrissey; Trump hating, jew loving, military/police hating, gay vegan become /ourguy/? …[View]
149901784Ok /pol/ give me your best edits. WHITE POWER[View]
149901751The propaganda of our youth: propaganda as a child that has affected my world view >there are no…[View]
149894366I don't know about you guys, but I don't even like Trump and if someone said something lik…[View]
149896306When did raping kids become acceptable in Alabama?[View]
149866663Jewish Chess Novice Challenged Magnus Carlsen. He was beating the world chess champion by move 8. /p…[View]
149901673This bitch just threatened my life...[View]
149901490Where is Obama: I can't find anything since November 8 when he went to jury duty. His last twee…[View]
149900090JIDF: Whatever happened to these guys? Why i dont see comments accusing a dissident post of being pa…[View]
149887577Simple question. Where were you on 9/11?[View]
149897451Can we get a 2015 nostalgia thread? >Rand still had a chance >The term 'Alt-Right' wasn't…[View]
149900673>Be 1/2 cherokee >White guy I've known for a while approaches me with offer >'Lets sta…[View]
149899318TDS222: BLACK ALERT! BLACK ALERT!: Share plz I am not paying those federal agent kikes.[View]
149895545Leftwing indoctrination: The public school system is brainwashing my peers faster than I can redpill…[View]
149900562Has anyone ever been inside an Apple Store? It is the penultimate example of postmodernist multicult…[View]
149901132AIPAC is Treason 2017 Was a Success, Show Up to AIPAC 2018!: Here's documentary footage from AI…[View]
149900468The democratic party is not cappable of standing together happening fall of the democrats!: HAPPENIN…[View]
149898793Dude, where are Trump’s tax returns?[View]
149900197Is ethnic diversity wrong if the society is still culturally homogeneous?: Imagine if your country w…[View]
149877799Is this a good price for virginity?[View]
149893258Nazi uprise: Would it be possible to start a Nazi uprise in modern times?[View]
149900221Oh sheeet /pol/ you is in trouble now niggers!!: A google goes undercover and now knows your tactics…[View]
149900785Trump To Reconsider Move Lifting Ban On Imports Of Some Elephant Trophies: https://www.npr.org/secti…[View]
149885780Anglo Look ?: /Pol how did Anglos look like What was their Phenotype ? Did they have dark hair and d…[View]
149896609proper races: alright, here me out guys. I have a theory that whites may not be the only proper race…[View]
149900664Q: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q_source[View]
149878739Opinions on Pennsylvania?: Besides Niggerdelphia would you say it's okay?[View]
149900553Übermensch - no midwits: The most fundamental purpose of sex, that is, to make babies, is commonly d…[View]
149900548What can I expect at my first meeting in the Civil Air Patrol as a cadet?[View]
149880529The eternal paranoiac: Do you browse /pol/ without a VPN/proxy? Is is even SAFE to browse /pol/ with…[View]
149900364Economics books recommendations: I think politics is downstream from culture, which is downstream fr…[View]
149898876I have 15 CAD which is something like 11.75 burger units. If I bring this cash to a BoA will they de…[View]
149899466What's going on with our youth, why are they all acting like self entitled sjw furries? https:/…[View]
149900195THE JEW IS ON THE MOVE!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkR4id9pveU https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
149900159In insane ZOG clown world, a normal country like the DPRK is considered abnormal.: Let that sink in.…[View]
149894702I hope we get another decade like the 90s where everything is fun again. I don't know about you…[View]
149899022College Education at it's finest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0MnrUFFeZ0[View]
149890164>'faggot' comes from a time where they used to burn gays at the stake! is this a meme /pol/?…[View]
149853203Who's in the right here /pol/ ?: Nigger punches bitch in the face because she bitches about his…[View]
149886610HOLY SHIT /POL/, LOOK WHAT I'VE FOUND: Get the fuck in here! All of you already know that some …[View]
149894038If there was an all out civil war in the U.S, where all the states fought each other, would you figh…[View]
149897422Ben Affleck on groping allegations: >We just need to believe the accusers Is that really so hard …[View]
149862617THIS IS BEING SLID: Saudi Arabia Wants to Fight Iran to the Last American http://archive.is/aOPSU …[View]
149899199Non believers beware: This land will soon be ours :)[View]
149897405is the war on Christmas real? or some conservative fairy tale[View]
149898407Tackling Racism - Where to focus?: I want to tackle racism where it really matters. I'm wonderi…[View]
149898074Tick tock me once, shame on you: /Sean Hannity General/ What does he know?[View]
149893527who even gives a shit about the so called country of Canada?[View]
149894924When will we finally drive (((pic related))) out?[View]
149898999Adolf Hitler & The Army of Humanity - Spain: New Documentary - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X…[View]
149895534Tennessee: Tennessee hate thread[View]
149850045RIP Rosanne: Press F >https://twitter.com/therealroseanne[View]
149891809Opinions on Hawaii: its pretty kino, we get /happenings/ all day because of timezone[View]
149894209i dont hate niggers i just dont like the way they act tell me some stories about bad experiences you…[View]
149880012Open air offices: Is there anything more hellish than an open air office? It truly seems terrible an…[View]
149892056living in a cosmopolitan city is the biggest self-administered red pill you can take. i've live…[View]
149896497Country with most and least cucks/soyboys? >Don't hate on Canada too much I miss Pinochet…[View]
149894307Trump is QAnon: do u think Trump has any other alternative to spread the info to the patriots , the …[View]
149890294Official LivePD watch thred 2: Live PD Boogaloo: OFFICIAL LIVE PD WATCH THREAD - THANKSGIVING EDITIO…[View]
149894158Could we set up some kind of oppression hierarchy so we know which section is more oppressed than th…[View]
149897123Should having bizarre scientific views be considered psychosis? What's the difference between '…[View]
149890796Regarding the Bot Swarm: there's clearly a concerted effort between whatever ai/algo/agencies a…[View]
149882966/v/ here. apparently you guys are blamed for Wolfenstein 2 flopping[View]
149897998Pick your poison. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-42032699 >The brew, a 'magnum IPA', is …[View]
149889412So this is what our ancestors fought for... woah[View]
149893357CBTS #408 Nobody Remembers To Forget That Everybody Forgot To Remember Nobody Edition: 1) The purpos…[View]
149892349Anonymous: Whats the deal with anonymous now? Why are all the anonymous types online associating wit…[View]
149897322Why is he so loveable?[View]
149896792So now SNL has run out of steam with their endless hilarious Trump putdowns, NBC has decided to fund…[View]
149876875Imagine my surprise...: Tarantino is a cocaine-fueled pedophile degenerate.[View]
149894649She has a point, you know...[View]
149883188Why does Hitlers mother look Jewish[View]
149895774>live in the United States of America >It's ran and controlled by Jews…[View]
149895692ALABAMA RCP AVERAGE POLLS SHOW WHY POLLS ARE BULLSHIT: On this episode of 'polls are bullshit'…[View]
149885901I’m a student at UTSA in Texas. The fire is rising on my campus. I hope this continues and normies a…[View]
149889481Lena Dunham Defends 'Girls' Writer Accused of Rape: 'We Stand by Murray': >'G…[View]
149895136'It's Okay' to participate in a system of oppression ...: 'The fliers promote a concept of oppr…[View]
149896658Why did it get like this?: This debate captivates me-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbrcRKqLSRw The…[View]
149896645Why you should be worried about a cashless society. Cash is untraceable. When you have no choice bu…[View]
149894281Regarding Australia and Gay Marriage: You know... I was reading a textbook and there was an explanat…[View]
149892277Does anyone have that caption about the nobel prize winner and how he talks about how Africans are i…[View]
149862013What if Mueller indictments are for /pol/ users: We were warned not to come here after March 15th af…[View]
149893471I have an honest question, besides being responsible for the death of Christ why are Jews so hated? …[View]
149893246le 28 percent face: >Across the same groups, Hispanic students accounted for the largest percenta…[View]
149895827what are you going to do when your son turns out gay, /pol/? with each day that passes you are march…[View]
149891061Two Jewish students find a Swatistica at UMich.: > On Wednesday afternoon, a swastika was found d…[View]
149889523Officer down, killed by a good boy: twitter.com/DKaplanWTAE/status/931714622394073089 Cop killed by …[View]
149896319molymeme going full retard again: why does the right keep raising literal retards, conspiratards and…[View]
149877748Newest teacher arrested for student affair.: A married North Carolina teacher and junior varsity che…[View]
149879029How will Sexbots change the future[View]
149896188CIA Plot: I predict the CIA will kill Putin sometime in 2023 or a little thereafter. The elites will…[View]
149885458Europoors forever btfo: http://politicalblindspot.com/scientists-reveal-the-first-european-faces-wer…[View]
149893294Sweden Legalizes Child Marriages For Immigrants: http://eeuutoday.com/2017/10/21/sweden-legalizes-ch…[View]
149896041>2017 >Doesn't own a gun Are you bullied, mentally handicapped or both? >b-but it kill…[View]
149895907What do you think of this? Trying to my shtyel eeehhhh. http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-trending-4200…[View]
149877796TIME's Person Of The Year 2017: Well /pol/, who's the POTY?[View]
149891643>the left can't mem-[View]
149895780Newsweek guy tried to interview Ricky Vaughn: I guess that's a no.[View]
149892597When? Will they give up?: AG Jeff Sessions joking >any Russians? Is AG Jeff Sessions /our guy/? …[View]
149891435how do we meme joe biden to be the next scandal[View]
149893695We have to end apartheid, for one: And slow down the nuclear arms race, stop terrorism and world hun…[View]
149888765>this is the ideal male in the 21st century How does this make you feel?…[View]
149869919/tcrg/-True Capitalist Radio General: True Capitalist Radio General Happy Balder Friday edition http…[View]
149893342Are there different species of human?[View]
149886849Ok /pol/ now take it nice and slow and surrender your firearms.: You muricans dont realize how bless…[View]
149890444Moral degradation: the country[View]
149895238So, like, is VIXEN for people who want BLACKED's production values but don't want the blac…[View]
149893153There are nice, educated people of every ethnicity who can actually think for themselves and don…[View]
149888548GREECE NEEDS A NEW JUNTA REGIME NOW!.: Anarchists used flare guns against innocent civilians and jou…[View]
149895117I think its High time Nato, Japan and South Korea boot fuck these brainwashed scum. Second Korean Wa…[View]
149891885THEY JUST. WON'T. STOP. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b09g7t5v/the-a-word-series-2-epis…[View]
149890001Are American conscious of being non-Whites? If so, why do some of them still seem to believe it? Onl…[View]
149889345Cops: We are watching old episodes of Cops on Rabb.it. Come watch with us: https://www.rabb.it/Shir…[View]
149889545Muh guns: Alright, I just want to start off by saying I am not necessarily anti-gun, I'm just k…[View]
149893139Keep it clean: Clean it beam it[View]
149878337A feminist just posted this on facebook. How should I reply?[View]
149891250Sexual harassment hysteria: 'Sexual Harassment' is the new 'witchcraft hysteria.' Men are being hunt…[View]
149873881Christianity is the worst thing to ever happen to white people: Cucked them eternally to the Jew. De…[View]
149893869This just got recomended to me by Google Playstord: Which one of you autists did this? Virgin vs cha…[View]
149894374R E S I S T A N C E W A V E: Reminder that the Palestinian resistance is the frontier of the battle …[View]
149850196/pol/ btfo!: Black men are given harsher prison terms than white men convicted of the same crime, ne…[View]
149893543Digital security is a myth: I'm a computer science major, and I've been programming for ab…[View]
149897206Hot News Anchors: Post your favorite news anchor here[View]
149891360Is dating an asian, the most beta thing you can do as a white man?[View]
149878224FUCKING KEK[View]
149893140How do we stop white niggers from ruining the image of hard working law abiding white folk? Lets tak…[View]
149886393Wew! Can't wait for this to be our future in the US[View]
149890027TDS: Anyone have a link for todays 'the daily shoah,' im a poor fag and can't buy it. Thanks, g…[View]
149893116Why do conservatives retardedly allow liberals to monopolize intelligent issues like green energy an…[View]
149879849>Wake up >This is the world now How fucked are you, anon?…[View]
149848790There is a special kind of hell for child abusers: Why is Demi Moore still free and not in prison?…[View]
149892402Where is your Catalonia now ?[View]
149892276>The Walton family of Walmart, alone, have as much wealth as the bottom 50% of America. >Over…[View]
149893479White supremacist rally: My cousin told me about this event at his highschool and our news is going …[View]
149888831WTF i love gay marriage now?[View]
149885224What should be done with Snowden?[View]
149888937Is he /ourjew/?[View]
149887748Why is /pol accepting everything lately?: > accepts Pedo > age consents > rapes > more c…[View]
149872651Libs have abandoned the Clintons. wat do?[View]
149836012Offical Slavic Thread #2: Slavic union: with or without Russia? discuss[View]
149893210Childhood friends: >Be me, about 5-6 years old >Going to primary school >Note: Primary scho…[View]
149885695Your personal opinions on government and legislation: Some people think government offers a solution…[View]
149889229Who is the greatest current European leader and why is it Nicos Anastasiades?[View]
149893168Is this how /pol/ sees Brazil?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tCm9ZGTUaM Like a tribal, ultra hyp…[View]
149893144Steph and his wife voluntarily exchange fluids(a green text story to help jase fall asleep): >be …[View]
149867829Another one /pol/ Married 23 yr old teacher arrested for having relationship with student: http://ww…[View]
149880237Is this movie redpilled or bluepilled? I can't figure it out[View]
149891474I did some clandestine Russian work for Trump. My connection to the Russians was cut off and the FBI…[View]
149888885>go to sleep >wake up >Donald Trump is still president >meme magic is real kek we really…[View]
149883859What is the point of Canada in relation to geopolitics? Do they do anything?[View]
149889429Who's the next pervert?: Taking all bets at the Frogs and Feels bar. Guess two people in Holly…[View]
149892736Pedo Ring and Hillary talked on NBC: Um, guys why is no one talking about this with Hillary? https:/…[View]
149887065I don't understand Europeans: Do they honestly WANT tons of third world migrants to come into t…[View]
149887062>memeballs thread[View]
149892656https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GXl8vRmLeJk Sorry dumpfy lovers based Tom steyer will impeach him[View]
149853062Justin Bieber Caught Saying Racist Stuff.: Bieber in a Video at 0:08 said >'why are black people …[View]
149892401Is Elle Reeve /ourgirl/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6F-zytkgGSE[View]
149815877Government symbols: ITT we gather the symbols the government uses, and try to find out their meaning…[View]
149873215Bugman/Soyboy/Beta Cuck Thread: Eat the soy you're not a boy[View]
149888310CBTS #407 The Meaning Of Life Or What You Had For Dinner Edition: 1. The purpose is to log events as…[View]
149886262PEDOS FOUND RED ALERT: The address of a supposed 'pizzagate' location has been found[View]
149883450TDS222: BLACK ALERT! BLACK ALERT!: Where my fellow pay cucks at?[View]
149888717Reminder that the Alawites aided us in the original Crusades[View]
149891355tommy's truth[View]
149891377Do you enjoy hearing Gavin McInnes's takes on politics?[View]
149884015What if you opened up a group chat with you, Zo, and the Trump chat bot when you message his officia…[View]
149891032THE PUNISHER and DEATH WISH: funny how THE PUNISHER got no got no backlash while DEATH WISH got so m…[View]
149888395Racists BTFO: Transhumanism will make race obsolete. You literally cannot deny this. Why haven…[View]
149891802Gerry Adams retiring: Gerry is expected to announce his retirement as leader of Sinn Féin tomorrow. …[View]
149863363ASTROLOGY IS REAL: The nazis have been using it to win their wars. Get redpilled, faggots. The jews …[View]
149885408I'm a radical postmodernist, neo-marxist transgender liberal that wants to compel you to use th…[View]
149891748Why is Hollywood full of democrats?[View]
149884704Why is Modi so popular in India while Europians are starting to hate their leaders?: Why are western…[View]
149890009LITRALLY 5 SECONDS IN[View]
149891560Is it worth shitposting against jewish people? Bob Filner is basically a god at this point.[View]
149887989How do you go from this...[View]
149880639a-anon wat did u do?: Here’s how a 4chan hoax galvanizes, spreads, and creates chaos: Operation Swed…[View]
149891541Elder abuse at Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center: Video shows nurses doubled over L…[View]
149879384Did Sandy hook: Actually happen?[View]
149891504Why do Eurocucks think Americans have no culture? Even our lowest denominator trash gets gobbled up …[View]
149861890Martin Luther King blvd: Who has these bumfuck streets in your town/city? Gottem here in Tacoma, Sea…[View]
149891256Rhodesians never die: Is this our chance?[View]
149885784JESSE JACKSON PARKINSONS DISEASE: U.S. 'civil rights activist' Jesse Jackson announced on Friday tha…[View]
149843119Get in here /pol/. We have important work ahead of us.[View]
149891145if you don't support abortion kys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9Y74rLltuI&t=590s[View]
149888260Italy, wah happen? Really. What the FUCK HAPPENED?[View]
149884700Extinction of other species, should we worry? Or can we manage without them?[View]
149891039How can we create Whiteopia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWjCStB6k4o[View]
149887284Will AI replace your job in twenty years?: Will AI replace your job in twenty years?[View]
149888240What ever happened to Brexit??? Is the UK going to leave the EU or not, why the hell is it taking so…[View]
149890743Greatest Prime Minister of all time? https://youtu.be/0S2NKlMW0vc?t=936[View]
149872725is this what happons when you push us too far?[View]
149887168Gun Control and Liberty: I'm not a gun nut by any means. In fact I've never held a real gu…[View]
149881757Meet Nigel and Pierre: They're too hardworking Europeans who often find themselves discussing w…[View]
149889832What'll Happen /pol/?: When he dies in 2023, what'll happen /pol/? Power vacuum or revolut…[View]
149881546Age of Consent = Aisha, when?: Some have suggested France change its age of consent to 13 – Why? Nic…[View]
149888169>Rhodesia ruled by whites >Rhodesia lives in harmony >Rhodesia falls >Mugabe gets into o…[View]
149885600>'homosexuality is a choice' > whines about how he wishes he was straight am i the only one w…[View]
149889060North Indians are more closely related to Slavs then most so called South Slavs. Are South Slavs jus…[View]
149845548Éire/pol/ - The Nation Survived Another Week edition: Thread theme: https://youtu.be/krZEfzKAhD4 Nat…[View]
149882475I'm the blonde kid. The man is my grandpa. I'm white or not?[View]
149890062Roman Empire - Modern Immigration: An Empire splits into separate countries then come the barbarian …[View]
149889975Ireland >your shitty nation[View]
149888694When the god damn fuck will there be a real happening? A fucking war in a western country, no gay te…[View]
149888799>american 'education' Thanks Rabbi[View]
149880249Millennials can't see meta: This just appeared on my FB feed, and nobody seems able to see that…[View]
149872314We memed SOY BOYS, can we do DILATION next?: DILATION is what male to female trannies have to do pos…[View]
149887845>Grow up in national socialist household >Become gay pedo why does this happen so much?…[View]
149889608>Threats fly after member of controversial Proud Boys group attacked in Vancouver bar >Josh sa…[View]
149872096Just saw a bootleg of Justice League. Holy shit. It's not even trying to be subtle. Not even…[View]
149860942Well done Australia for rejecting bigotry and homophobia![View]
149879827I though Russia is cool: Russian city gripped by fear after 12-year-old girl was snatched by paedoph…[View]
149888860They really wuz kangz n sheet early on before they started getting the dick from Greeks and Romans I…[View]
149888830race mixing with Africans is racist because oppressive whity is destroying black genes to promote wh…[View]
149889124SUPER CREEPERS: Are these 2 fucks gonna suffer?? are we really going so hard after moore and just ig…[View]
149887532Do black lives matter?[View]
149889211Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to a documentary that will change your life.: Why Big O…[View]
149862725JUSTIN BIEBER RAPED BY USHER! OY VEY!: >and likely (((manager))) >JIDF don't want to cost…[View]
149870773Who is this?: I don't know.[View]
149889068WN is the biggest shill: White man looks option 1: Non-white alpha male friendly adventure land And …[View]
149883121TDS 222 is here!: The link was posted in the archived but was deleted. Help goys![View]
149878256what does /pol/ think about MGTOW?[View]
149862627The Truth About Soy Boys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTSvLKY7HEk[View]
149888469Hello you degenerates and deplorables. I'm a university student in the U.S.. I'd best des…[View]
149868657All the Indiciments are for /pol/ users. Most of the common charges can be found in violation of the…[View]
1498887531488: So when are we going to get this started?[View]
149872317What are you gonna do in 2018, /pol/?[View]
149885329>Maori settle in New Zealand in the 1300-1400's >considered natives to the area >amer…[View]
149888536>The Walton family of Walmart, alone, have as much wealth as the bottom 50% of America. >Over …[View]
149888484Sutherland springs babtist church shooting: Take all the victims names of southerland springs babtis…[View]
149888406Did right-wing news just become a total joke in the last 2 months?: Holy fucking shit What is going …[View]
149886295Amerimut thread: Be American. Walk outside get shot. Go to school get shot. Be in your own house get…[View]
149888214The rationality of homosexuality.: First, let's clear one thing up: while instincts exist, they…[View]
149887974Modern capitalism and Marxism are the same thing[View]
149886155Good old franken: Good times[View]
149888232Israel: Israel is the least tolerated country towards immigrants. While chucked Canada is on top.…[View]
149879108Why is Detroit such a shithole?[View]
149885708I believe Bill Clinton: He has three accusers, not 70 or whatever Alex Jones says. See: https://en.w…[View]
149879370>this destroys the Christ cuck[View]
149860857>pol claims West is superior >Bitches about Western Women >Western women fat, lazy, unfait…[View]
149887801I bet you shekels to bagels this fund was started by Jews and is because of Jewish harassment. Anyb…[View]
149886459Freedom of Speech: What the hell happened to free speech? Anyways I'm in a class and I need som…[View]
149863306Why do you guys want fascism when your grandfathers fought an entire war to end fascism? They litera…[View]
149884520Shitposters, it has come to my attention that /pol/ and 4chan in general has been diplomatically ins…[View]
149883469>tfw you're not a negroid subhuman[View]
149887271Want a call grom Hillary? Lmao: She is doing anything and everything to push her book of blames. Im …[View]
149887258SP 500: up up up up up and up. This is getting ridiculous. And so are the companies being created. …[View]
149868257My parents and grandparents live in Alabama. Their pastor came out against Roy Moore Wednesday night…[View]
149879908The absolute state of the USA: When is Trump gonna fix that place? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9…[View]
149881784Prostitution Must Be Legalized: If Prostitution was totally legal, perhaps regulated or whatever, it…[View]
149887143>trump posts something offensive It's time to sound the alarm. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE https://…[View]
149884747You don't fuck with Big Dick Goodell.[View]
149882809INCEL WHAT A FUNNY WORD HAHAHAHA: This describes a bunch of you. >involuntarily celibate >lack…[View]
149857233JEWS EXPELLED 359 TIMES SINCE 722 BC!: If a man were accused of a serious crime, tried, and found gu…[View]
149883104Have you swallowed the chattelpill yet anon? If women were property: they wouldn't vote so ther…[View]
149873000Trump Backs Off Game Trophy Policy: OK, who voted for this cuck?[View]
149882450CBTS #406 Catalog Space, The Final Frontier Edition: _1. The purpose is to log events as they happen…[View]
149886515If whites and capitalism are superior then explain this, /pol/tards[View]
149878265Is this fair?[View]
149880800Guns: Why don't you already own one? Explain yourselves /pol/.[View]
149886730Operation 'Let the Goyim Know': There are many white looking people saying 'hey fellow white people,…[View]
149886731Keith Olbermann: Reminder that Twitter has removed blue ticks and even banned accounts from those on…[View]
149884856Is a two party system the best form of government?[View]
149875898So just seen this movie >Bashes America >Makes racial remarks but makes the giver of those re…[View]
149885885>I tell you Jimbo, those kooky third world ooga boogas might seem like the worst thing ever, but …[View]
149879469Las Vegas jihad: His name was Abu Abdul Barr al-Amriki. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7NpUpC3GZg…[View]
149880170https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/931513004855832577 As you can see in her left shoe, she…[View]
149886140How can EU even compete?: Secession when?[View]
149885256Was Obama the first communist president?[View]
149884609If you kill your enemies, they win: >tfw it's not just a meme Thanks, Trudeau. http://www.cb…[View]
149885900Fuck Cuomo: He's been crying people started a petition against him renaming a bridge in his fat…[View]
149883018Is rap brainwashing teenagers?: I never got why rap is 'cool' with the nu-male faggots these days. I…[View]
149873371Honestly, USA should be kicked out of Nato. They're fucking useless and drag the rest of us dow…[View]
149884621>da joos Sure, there's a whole lot of (((coincidences))), but what's' the reason t…[View]
149885617OPERATION: BRITISH AUTISM 1. Create fake news about the BBC and trick leftist late night hosts into …[View]
149885568becuz Australia voted yes > we need a russians beating faggots in the streets ain't cuck tre…[View]
149885545Will smarter algorithms and massive data sets make machine planning or supervision of the economy mo…[View]
149883005Ywn be as white as Finlan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sx1vZJSDNHc[View]
149878604https://www.yahoo.com/news/worlds-first-human-head-transplant-successfully-carried-132553590.html Ch…[View]
149885373Does the PC culture exist outside of the States? Do people in other countries unironically get thems…[View]
149884204>dude just lie your head off if people don’t want to think lmao Was he right about politics?…[View]
149836804Isn't it time for the UK to stop their illegal occupation of the MALVINAS and return it to its …[View]
149883720Who is this[View]
149872484Based Gene Simmons banned!: Fox News banned him for life!?? Man Fox must be full of libtards. WTF b…[View]
149878828ATTENTION BLACK PEOPLE!!! i am not a racist person, but when you walk down the street listening to a…[View]
149881968Spics vs ISIS PUBG style Who wins?[View]
149884820why is pol so inferior to other NS websites?: >Full off shills in 60% of posts >Little to no t…[View]
149879962YOUR OPINION ON: >fascism >ANTIFA >4TP >neoliberalism (globalism) >anarcho-capitalism…[View]
149882148Jonah Hill rape allegations: With all these hollywood stars being accused of leud sex acts I'm …[View]
149878424I accidentally cut my finger off last week. Yesterday I got the bill. $475,000 to reattach my finger…[View]
149879147What did hitler do right?[View]
149876629Will large-scale genetic engineering ever be possible and/or implemented? If so, will it render race…[View]
149884461https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2017/lifestyle/dna-madison/?utm_term=.f4db45af5246 >Famil…[View]
149883246A legend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlyPO1KtujE&t=249s[View]
149884357Manufacturing Consent: How can anyone read or watch this without seeing parallels to today's es…[View]
149883210>free health care >Widow pensioner, 85, died in hospital after drinking cleaning fluid '…[View]
149876533Reminder that /pol/ would have executed Socrates for spreading degeneracy and questioning morality.[View]
149866016How much more can we take, /pol/?[View]
149879352Jeff Sessions gives EXPLOSIVE Speech on DACA and Hillary Clinton Special Council: This guy is a bit …[View]
149875555Why did this hit sweden so hard got any ideas.[View]
149881636ITT: We laugh at commie stupidity: >asking commies to bring a gift >implying they won't a…[View]
149880589am i becoming a nazi? since i have started going on pol more i have posted about hitler not negative…[View]
149883624What is the black sun?: is it true that the Nazis were occultists? apart of some black sun society?…[View]
149883618Based Hannity and other conservative news thread: Is Hannity dare I say it /ournewsguy/ pol > tra…[View]
149881023Why do women lack principles?: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/posteverything/wp/2017/11/17/im-a…[View]
149836993Has /pol/ given up on Zo? Is she too brainwashed?[View]
149836773Lauren Rose LIVE: Queen of /pol/ LIVE on Tara Mcarthy Youtube channel. I have been hearing a lot abo…[View]
149883431Why doesn't the right have any intelligent debaters like destiny? Not one right winger can defe…[View]
149877293>Be member of the military who is literally trained and exists to drop loads of death on soft, sq…[View]
149883415Why Allahu Akbar??: Allahu Akbar. You hear it everywhere these days. Special agent Scott Wickland sa…[View]
149871756Post memes only political nerds can understand[View]
149883387Luke Redowski mentions MKULTRA: https://twitter.com/Lukewearechange/status/931704915554111488 Hello …[View]
149869724Why were the japs so retarded?: For all their banzai spirit, how did they fuck so badly by thinking …[View]
149883377This luls the white populus to sleep[View]
149882645They're not sending their best: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/11/immigrant-activist-bust…[View]
149881275Story?: Would anyone want to hear a young annons tale[View]
149874566I have no hope for the white race: When Egypt fell, it was mongrelized, never recovered. When Rome f…[View]
149880004Did she help hide the body? The article doesn’t say she did but she was only away from them for 5 mi…[View]
149880621this is the future of america. a fusion of niggerdom and spics[View]
149848996What is New Zealand?: We all know why the Brits colonized Australia: convicts. Why did they settle …[View]
149875665Zuckerberg: So, you think our goy is actually going to run for president? And what will his chances …[View]
149879140>/pol/ pushes the #metoo campaign and gets the harvery weinstein fiasco trending in all conservat…[View]
149883106Crime is going up up up in Sweden!: Very Strange why is crime increasing in Sweden? Is it because th…[View]
149876539Lord Janner, Hampstead, Arms Dealers, Zionism & Barbara Kahan: Lord Janner, Hampstead, Arms Deal…[View]
149871409Holy shit! It turns out the way to win the race war was right in front of us all along: So, I found …[View]
149878351ITT: LARP as boomer newfags who won't touch the JQ: >Jews are some of the biggest defenders …[View]
149883023Yo arabian prophet is awsome: Based christian arabian who exposes muslims and the quran both in engl…[View]
149882300ITT we make basic, Straw Man-esque commentary on 'current political topic' and ONLY those …[View]
149875433We should have mandatory minimums for illegal possession of opiate drugs. It is a crime after all an…[View]
149877141Whiny Jew Fuck General: Post a whiny Jew fuck that won't shut the fuck up.[View]
149858376GREATER EU WHEN[View]
149874486For 600 years, this land has stood as a bulwark of steel, ice, and granite against overwhelmingly po…[View]
149878329Western Civilization needs it's own symbol: Hear me out /pol/ It's fucking hard enough try…[View]
149879779Birth Control: Birth Control is wrong. It is one of the causes of the rise of the hedonistic sexual …[View]
149876555KATY Perry, Gigi Hadid and Irina Sharipova have been BANNED from China: Kek'd http://www.foxnew…[View]
149810973SOYBOYS ON SUICIDE WATCH https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTSvLKY7HEk[View]
149880096WE'RE BREAKING THE CONDITIONING: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTbxu03XitE&feature=youtu.…[View]
149851132Should everyone have the right to vote or should we require qualifications to be able to vote?[View]
149869169' the decline of the extremist 4chan message board': Besides trolling Shia, are we useful anymore? h…[View]
149865926SPREAD IT NOW[View]
149882400Sweden Yes! Enjoy the Islamic Noise Pollution..: Swedish town allows calls to prayer from minaret he…[View]
149882320A Florida man being chased by police phoned 911 and asked a dispatcher to contact the White House so…[View]
149881833I want it destroyed /pol/ How should the butchering be done?[View]
149877687Hi, Elliot Rodger here[View]
149882072MakeApp -- The Battle Plan: >create Tinder profile with photo of male model >chat with roastie…[View]
149862173/bulpol/: continuation of the previous thread, come here Bulgarlads[View]
149879345Donald Thump and adorable rabbits #5 DOESN'T MATTER EDITION: Welp, I posted number four but no …[View]
149881561Why isn't there such a thing as 'Socratism'?: The story of Jesus is exactly like the story of S…[View]
149881959Bold prediction of American society: The endless allegations of sexual assault that keep coming out …[View]
149881813We are a Christian Nation: Hi Pol. I usually just lurk, but decided due to all the shitty LARPs I se…[View]
149878444Is he correct that constitutional rights only apply to Christians?[View]
149877533Are free market policies or scientific research more important for generating long-term economic gro…[View]
149878450Studio.co.uk release their Christmas 2017 TV advert: https://youtu.be/cNvrOWN3q5Q[View]
149881346What is /pol/ listening to atm? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERsFVCaqhgQ[View]
149881171How do you plan to be OLD old, /pol/? You ever had an old family member who is, essentially, useless…[View]
149878933Hispanics vs Blacks: Hispanics vs Blacks. If the two were to clash at each other in an all out race …[View]
149880776>american 'education'[View]
149871455The Death of Queen Elizabeth and Redpilling of England: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-u5nd2GqNE …[View]
149879238So Zo is a total bust.: It just is, it doesn't deserve to be called a she and it doesn't d…[View]
149881440Economics books recommendations: I think politics is downstream from culture, which is downstream fr…[View]
149881409Rhodes/pol/ - Comfy town edition: Thread Tunes - Thread Tunes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhohq…[View]
149881219Inconspicuous /pol/ wear: I just bought two very conspicuous shirts on impulse, but realistically I …[View]
149858496help me with my collection and post your best Frankens here[View]
149874721/ourguy/: Imagine how happy he was over Takei.[View]
149879504is she /ourgal/?[View]
149875607CBTS #405 Calm Soothing KEK Chill Mix Edition: ^1. The purpose is to log events as they happen over …[View]
149881042What were the true political implications and outcomes of HWNDU: So the swedish government official …[View]
149880458Should he apologize to /pol/?: for being Jewish[View]
149879051>libruls take over the tech industry >almost no progress has been made technologically except …[View]
149879406http://time.com/5028560/ronald-watts-chicago-police-extortion/ >15 Black Men Arrested By a Corrup…[View]
149879462Is there anything better than liberals turning on their own?[View]
149875732Anarcho Capitalism is a Religion: Honestly, what is the difference between anarcho capitalism and re…[View]
149879783Let's play a game!: C'mon /pol/ let's have some fun for once![View]
149877016Screenshots from Tumblr raids?: I'm new to 4chan and I haven't been able to find many pics…[View]
149879676Wishe me a Murray spinghs[View]
149879638There's no white genocide: How can there ever be a white genocide in USA when it is an afroamer…[View]
149871729Soros 'Beyond Resistance' secret conference this weekend in La Costa details leaked: The Democracy A…[View]
149879555Fox News Hate General: >it's a hannity promises a happening episode He should lose his job o…[View]
14987841523andMe Race Mixing Propaganda: So while the extremely mongrol ass freckled face whore isn't be…[View]
149876298The boss of Goldman Sachs just called for a second Brexit referendum: https://www.cnbc.com/2017/11/1…[View]
149879457The Rothschildz are go down?[View]
149877154When is this hag goin to prison?: It's hillarious what she's STILL doing, but at this poin…[View]
149859075Syria General /sg/- When You See It.... Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wo…[View]
149877830Redpill me on net neutrality[View]
149865527And another one! https://nypost.com/2017/11/16/cops-bust-wife-of-high-school-football-coach-waiting-…[View]
149874462Why do conservashits never think for themselves? If their pastor or Fox news doesn't support so…[View]
149875693Is it truly true?[View]
149879037Pizza for Thanksgiving: Your mission Anon: bring up the topic of elite pedo conspiracy with podesta,…[View]
149874606Israel first[View]
149878958>yfw trump gets TWO whole scoops of ice cream[View]
149872911Denmark, YES!: >Danish Prince Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves shoots royal cameo in Bollywood movie …[View]
149878900>liberal discord< gg/ChcBCce Lots of whistle-blowers and Libtards in disguise as a game compan…[View]
149876735Her name is Tabitha Southey, she loves sexism, so let's give her some: >Attacks Jordan Peter…[View]
149877563With 43 day, 21 hours, 31mins to go: New years 2015 -> 2016 - we had massive sex attack on women …[View]
149874890There is nothing to see here.: https://www.numbeo.com/crime/rankings_by_country.jsp?title=2017-mid…[View]
149867753DEFEND THIS NOW: I'm no Democrat, but what the fuck? WHY????[View]
149878561Anymore of these?[View]
149878542Nj anons Pizzagate location Continuation bread ---> nj anons: Need some nj anons to report in tak…[View]
149878486Hitler quotes: Hitler had many accurate quotes. How was one man so accurate with many things in mode…[View]
149874807Trump welfare reform: I hope all people on welfare get their ebt cut by 60%. Working in the retail i…[View]
149878163If germany manages to kill all niggers, kikes, mudskins and becomes a white only nation, would you m…[View]
149876941Oklahoma Teacher arrested for having sex with male student: Thot Teacher Hunter Day who was married …[View]
149863255Holohoax?: I was talking to this old psychiatrist guy and I brought up david irving since we landed …[View]
149877287Are Muslims Bigots, According to the Left?: Throughout the Australia same-sex marriage referendum th…[View]
149866360Are hollywood blockbuster movies massivemoney laundering operations?[View]
149873743Daily reminder that satanism is schizophrenic and idiotic faggotry which causes serious damage every…[View]
149878074is Rothschild behind Moore?[View]
149878022I would like to discuss strategy for saving Europe. In our attempts to redpill normies about the dem…[View]
149878023>nignogs and mudshits wanna rape and kill our women! >Beat and rape 12 year old girls, anon! …[View]
149858261Please, ask about my great country.: I am from a beautiful country of Czech republic.[View]
149877970>soyboy >bugmen Why do I imagine dumb, fat, american boomers repeating buzzwords? A lot of the…[View]
149861410Will these be the political forces of Europe in a 100 years? Western Europe is going to become incre…[View]
149877603/int/craft Historical RP Minecraft Server LAUNCHED TODAY: IP Address: Launched: 11/17/20…[View]
149876029Is This Human Behavior?: https://www.google.com/amp/www.nydailynews.com/amp/new-york/nyc-crime/woman…[View]
149877668New hand signs[View]
149877608lol doesn't patriot his own country[View]
149876679Are things really bad for whites in South Africa?: And if it is, how do we help our extended family?…[View]
149875270Republicans are done: Final nail in the coffin Remember when Scott Brown won in Massachuetts in 2010…[View]
149875512Nigger takedown: Can we get together and find out who the mother is in thos video and report it to p…[View]
149867506>this kills the /pol/ Seems like you guys were wrong. Again.[View]
149867370Racism is un-American: (White guy here) Friendly reminder:[View]
149870562I cannot find a flaw in this logic.[View]
149871433Pol will attack this.: Go ahead, attack it.[View]
149877289Protect and serve: http://time.com/5028560/ronald-watts-chicago-police-extortion/ 15 Black Men Arres…[View]
149877268Does anyone have that image of Ray Moor where it says 'KIDFUCKER' across the whole thing? I need it …[View]
149868088How will liberals take this news?[View]
149877210Those Russians have done it again!: >This time in Catalonia How do they keep getting away with i…[View]
149876205Do you like dead niggers or hate dead babies more?[View]
149876310>This is what gaytheists and fagans actually fucking believe HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You absol…[View]
149877042Is birth control one of (((their))) moves?[View]
149876349Who else is looking forward to when the pee tape comes out?[View]
149864063Can women ever shut the fuck up?: https://www.rt.com/usa/410208-manspreading-punch-train-nyc/…[View]
149865861Starter Pack: how accurate is pic related? Do we have more like pic related?[View]
149876967Gentlemen, this is easily the best operation 4chan has pulled in a long, long time. Do NOT let this …[View]
149876898ALL HANDS ON DECK SOS!: http://www.cnn.com/2017/11/16/us/keystone-pipeline-leak/index.html Mocking b…[View]
149874776Sweden Hate Thread[View]
149861111(((Christianity))) hate thread: Reminder all the top Nazis hated Christianity. Even Hitler shittalke…[View]
149869609Is trophy hunting actually bad?: Trump lifted the ban on bringing home elephant and lion trophies. D…[View]
149873179Can Freedom of Speech Stop George Soros?: Pic related. >invented by white people >completely a…[View]
149876577Unstable Middle East: Why does the west have to destabilize all the arabs nation?Is it because they…[View]
149866654Daily reminder that America has destroyed the West in 70 years. America has been the pre-eminent pow…[View]
149866188>Sasha Obama suspended from school! for slapping another student calling him a 'narc!' What are T…[View]
149874956What TV shows does /pol/ watch?: Pic related. I'm watching Surviving Escobar. A Colombian produ…[View]
149873779I am Iranian and Can't wait for U.S+Israel to wage war.: Benefits of war 1) it'll be a pro…[View]
149865860Americans, for those of you with a German background: what would it take for you to return to your a…[View]
149856962TDS (daily shoah) 222 discussion thread: You listened yet? Why does it cost 40 bucks a month??…[View]
149875017>tfw you will never get to experience the night Trump got elected again >tfw you know the funn…[View]
149875006Where were you when Latin America were cucking gringos? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyHvyGVs42U …[View]
149871762Ola /pol/ Quick question Hombres... Why is Hispanic a separate category from race in every questionn…[View]
149867950Why are latinos so insecure about being shitskin mongrels (especially ch*leans)? And yes, I know Arg…[View]
149852874>Oklahoma teacher accused of having sex with underage student The legal age of consent should be …[View]
149875685Old /pol/ Lets play a game: Post your fav anime/gaming scene, image, or character with a quote from …[View]
149872733memeball thread[View]
149875654HWNDU Season 7: What happened to season 7? Did we give up?[View]
149875629Red pill me on the University of Texas tower shooting[View]
149854592why do you incel virgins hate weed so much?[View]
149853465soros: soros plans leaked https://www.scribd.com/document/364654492/Democracy-Alliance-Fall-Investme…[View]
149829859JRE #1039 - Iliza Shlesinger: What did /pol/ think of this episode? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
149875505Consumer capitalism has all but destroyed culture and identity in the west, replacing it with indivi…[View]
149875447Ugh guys, I think (((they))) unironically shut me down !: >post high octane satire exposing (((th…[View]
149860754abondoning /b/: Is it wise to allow progressives to take over /b/? /b/ is a place where normals are …[View]
149865186Reminder that if you have never hunted and killed something, you cannot call yourself a real man or …[View]
149873060I Voted For Her. No Regrets.: I voted for her /pol/ Tell me what a bad boy I am. Tell me how stupid …[View]
149844479When did you realise that giving women equal rights was the biggest mistake western society ever mad…[View]
149875238post your guns.: as a paddy I never got too see a gun and my parents aren't in support. so too…[View]
149875183What is the 'storm'?: It's been a while since Trump mentioned the 'calm before the storm'. What…[View]
149873908What was his name again?[View]
149875156Why do they never learn?[View]
149872000A MAJOR WARNING TO FEMINISTS WORLDWIDE: Makeapp will prove only one thing. It will prove that cosmet…[View]
149875108Reich General: Orgonomic Functionalism Edition: Get in here reichbros. No fascists (black or red), m…[View]
149874601Teacher married to coach at the same school cheats on him by sleeping with student: http://www.ajc.c…[View]
149870786Pastor Steve Anderson: I love gay people! I want my children to be gay!: http://i.4cdn.org/wsg/15108…[View]
149874908modest = hottest: Finally someone with the balls to publicly slut shame. Gabby is /ourgirl/[View]
149873315the madman put it on hold[View]
149874748Is there hope yet?[View]
149870005Agitating the enemy: Thoughts on unabashedly redpilled attire? I had this shirt screen-printed and w…[View]
149871309Is he wrong though?[View]
149873190IS DAVID SEAMAN OUR GUY?: Does David Seaman actually know what he's talking about with regards …[View]
149868192Have you given your DNA to the global jew, /pol/? https://www.local10.com/news/police-can-legally-us…[View]
149870154CBTS #404 In The White Room With Black Curtains Edition: 1, The purpose is to log events as they hap…[View]
149870542can we all agree that if nothing happens on Monday, we stop giving this guy the time of day for good…[View]
149873918FROM NOW ON 'MUSLIM' IS 'THE M-WORD': All anons unite boys----- We all know and love NIGGERS, or, ac…[View]
149873991Says she was sexually harassed while working for the Bernie Sanders Presidential campaign.. Who…[View]
149872310Patrice Wilson Stream: What the hell is going on???[View]
149869143Is what they say true? Did Friedrich Nietzsche's sister really edit and manipulate his work aft…[View]
149874520we wuz scientists n shit: >blacks don't deserve reparations from me, it was other white peop…[View]
149868333Are any of the other boards worthwhile: Being only a /pol/ anon, are any of the other boards worth b…[View]
149857303Does /pol/ play videogames?[View]
149874415Did it ever occur to /pol/ that the left can meme except instead of making silly pictures their meme…[View]
149859705After the left inevitably ends up getting culled, who will come out on top: the fascists or the anca…[View]
149868165molymeme: What the fuck is wrong with him?[View]
149873398The New Sexual Puritans: Let me start of by saying, I'm happy to see the return of modesty cult…[View]
149874211Based stickman vs BLM: Based stickman returns to Boston this Saturday to fight the newly reorganised…[View]
149842392NJ anons: need you to investigate this in person.: Cheese pizza is being held here.[View]
149864187/int/craft Historical RP Minecraft Server LAUNCHED TODAY: IP Address: Launched: 11/17/20…[View]
149873048Midwest Alliance General: Midlandia Edition: Why not create a white ethnostate in the midwest? >G…[View]
149867074Castizos are unironically the master race: Castizos are always in successful jobs, never do crime, s…[View]
149872634Most criticisms of socialism I see on here are off-base: I see a lot of people argue against stuff l…[View]
149859871HOLY SHIT: Drumpf is FINISHED[View]
149873900THE FINAL REDPILL: Goddamnit if this isn't the biggest redpill I've ever seen regarding US…[View]
149872647https://www.yahoo.com/news/oklahoma-science-teacher-22-charged-161746590.html why do female teachers…[View]
149870491>btfo Denmark >outmaneuvered and contained Britain and Russia >btfo Austria >btfo France…[View]
149873718Is birth control one of (((their))) moves?[View]
149873681/leftymemegeneral/ 5, my memes are fine it’s you guys: Nightly lefty meme general, let me see em boy…[View]
149873666I hate them /pol/!!: The Germans/Nazis fell because based sand niggers created their religion (Catho…[View]
149873184The absolute state of higher education in America.[View]
149859655Asians are worse than Pajeets. At least poos are nice[View]
149873174donald drumpf: what do you think /pol/ y'all make juicy juice in your pineal gland?[View]
149872840Whites are history's cucks: >pic unrelated Remember: If your culture was worth anything, peo…[View]
149873400Are race and IQ related?[View]
149870848Congrats to all the larpers and faggots out there who wasted their time yet again desperately trying…[View]
149873085What are the Israelis and duel citizen Jews going to do if America becomes a brown majority and ther…[View]
149873225Op:Noose: Today Joe told us that you can give any white nationalist a rope and well hang ourselves e…[View]
149868820Is Iran the good guys?[View]
149872510creepy cipher: c'mon autists, decipher this creepy pedo hit on h3h3[View]
149870325Who is this 'Hillary Clinton' creature anyway?: Why all the fuss about Hillary Clinton? Especially h…[View]
149871961A negress on twitter seemed upset when she noted that too many cute white bois are racist. Personall…[View]
149870900Where are the shills at? https://youtu.be/BqsG6KrBKPQ[View]
149853596CAN'T STUMP THE TRUMP:terrible leftist drivel edition: Alright /pol/ give us your worst politic…[View]
149871748Jewish ploys you avoid and the ones you indulge in avoid >four wheeled jew >fizzy jew >sham…[View]
149872713The Dark Money Plan for Beyond Resistance: https://www.scribd.com/document/364737319/Democracy-Allia…[View]
149869909Where do I go from here?: Right now, I'm a liberal-leaning independent. I'm not anti-gun o…[View]
149872253Why do apps need access to the mic to function? So they can record us through these apps?[View]
149872579What good arguments are there against eugenics and genetic engineering?[View]
149859749Is white privelage real?[View]
149867345Sex war now!: Brother Rush was saying today he thinks this whole sex scandal thing is being orchestr…[View]
149870899why do western/northern europeans love muslims so much?[View]
149870440Am I the only Catholic who absolutely despises pope Francis? he is a muslim loving faggot, I wonder …[View]
149869666The Shillening: http://www.cnn.com/2017/11/17/world/nation-brand-ranking-trnd/index.html http://www.…[View]
149872224Brit/pol/ can't be arsed edition: Fuck you, no links.[View]
149857658Lets talk guns. Prove me wrong.: Guns are made to kill people and serve no use in modern society. Tu…[View]
149871366BIG HAPPENING: ITS HAPPENING http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/11/17/aylesbury-mid-air-crash-fat…[View]
149836757Swedish Accelerationism: Operation Sweden Ouroboros propaganda rules: 1. Refer to the Swedish gover…[View]
149847514Why I as an Afghan Immigrant Support Open Boarders: I am sort of an Afghan immigrant, I came to Amer…[View]
149872217Big if true[View]
149872126Apple's first vice president of diversity stepping down after six months in the job, report say…[View]
149806670Interesting historical events you've never heard of: >Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were United…[View]
149872135What she talking about /pol/?: Does she have pussy envy? I thought I voted for Republicans to NOT ha…[View]
149866307Hello /pol/, anyone else lucky enough to get a ticket to Sargon of Akkads live show? Sold out 400 se…[View]
149862993So fucking kids in Alabama is okay?[View]
149870526Instead of colonizing other planets why not just make uninhabitable places on Earth liveable via ter…[View]
149871903suckkkkkkkkk it biiiiiiiiihes[View]
149863473I've got Roy Moore's cell phone number.[View]
149869193Wow, pretty powerful stuff for kids to be this insightful,the future of the world looks bright![View]
149863802Should Arab Christians be allowed in the USA?[View]
149871696CNN tries so hard: Fake AF news implying that the last time we saw a slip on this study was in 2004,…[View]
149865534>Liberals: 'Lol illegal immigrants are good for the economy because they work but don't get …[View]
149871626>tfw your university was blacklisted because of a few SJWs This is exactly why men and women shou…[View]
149871544Nigga Token; Own a Nigger Today.: https://nigga.xyz You can own Niggas once again. They'll work…[View]
149871496half jews?: Just wondering what the posters of /pol/'s opinion is of half-jews? I'm half J…[View]
149865248'They're still using fossil fuels'.[View]
149869910*blocks your bigotry*[View]
149869546How do we fix The American Problem? Is genocide the only solution?[View]
149858319What's his name again lads?[View]
149845880What are the top 3 most cucked countries?[View]
149868027Isn't Neo-Nazism the ultimate 'we wuz kangz'?[View]
149862440Hillary for president 2020: She has done so much good for your country, you should be ashamed. She w…[View]
149871064The left has sure turned Snapchat Autistic[View]
149866355Alt-Right: Fuck the political correctness and the SJWs! FREE SPEECH NOW!!! Average Person: We not su…[View]
149870842Alright, who on here did this!!![View]
149868822How does /pol/ compete?: >hey baby girl >*smooches your girlfriend on the cheek* >*respectf…[View]
149870621Anarcho-Facism.: after considering this a meme for a while, i understood that it wasn't. this p…[View]
149870492>I am a citizen of the world Was Diogenes of Sinope the first globalist?…[View]
149870707your next: no where to run to no where to hide[View]
149870697https://archive.is/5yeSC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NGav1HV9KQ[View]
149867887Democrat website: Who are the real pedophiles? Half of Hollywood and gays who make up 40% of all chi…[View]
149866262Colbert BTFO: Trump curse soon[View]
1498699612018 the year the great /b/ homecoming happens. I feel it in the air, people are coming back. I know…[View]
149858503Are you enlightened, /pol ?[View]
149862222Gabe Newell sexual harassment: A ((((gaming journalist))) will soon stream his story about how Newel…[View]
149859050Let me get this straight: /pol/ hates non-white migration to europe /pol/ defends white colonization…[View]
149869478Why are homosexuals so gay?[View]
149865911Nigger Hate Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTjxBmJW2lc[View]
149870043How many 4chan posts do you think were in there too? https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/11/17/us_mil…[View]
149864113Redpill me on net neutrality. At face value it seems like it is a good thing but if that's true…[View]
149857705My 600lb Life: How do people get like this? I will be showing/hosting episodes of 'My 600lb Li…[View]
149860553The brown pill: https://youtu.be/nRafaCcfrcI White woman >entitled as fuck >likely political …[View]
149790796Is this peak bugman[View]
149869559>im with her! >fuck Drumpf!!![View]
149870119Jonah Hill rape allegations: With all these hollywood stars being accused of leud sex acts I'm …[View]
149834918>christcucks walk around everyday unironically believing in rituals, teachings, celebrations, and…[View]
149861085can someone explain this le 56 meme to me , i don't understand it ?[View]
149865971Why is Russia and Iran portrayed as the bad guys?[View]
149869967Tell me one good reason not to breed with white women: THOSE THIN KISSABLE LIPS, THOSE PERFECT POINT…[View]
149848575Why females think they own you: God has a vagina and birthed the world. Women make peaceful societie…[View]
149868566>School cancels Muslim speaker after community backlash >What was intended to be an educationa…[View]
149869807Post your favorite nationalist videos from your own countries: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKCVS…[View]
149869797>lyin ted - ted cruz btfo >little marco - rubio btfo >Wacky Congresswoman Wilson - Frederic…[View]
149854597>Hey buddy, the founding fathers were good Christians, just like me. Go USA! WRONG. Time to put a…[View]
149869775Get in here and fix this data anomoly: Do that voodoo that you do so well! https://www.rawstory.com/…[View]
149866939Defend all the paedophiles: How many anons here honestly dont have a problem with 32 year old Chad f…[View]
149862437Free speech survey: Here's a survey about free speech. It's anonymous, in the spirit of th…[View]
149866507>be hispandex >like white women with hips/ass >most are into niggers >or the ones who li…[View]
149861153Now that the dust has settled. What's the verdict on this man?[View]
149865347A black guy kneels on a football field. You rage with indignation. A white guy molests a child. You …[View]
149869683I want to find out where this is. It's basically holy land at this point. Help me pinpoint the …[View]
149869616Heya Juice, why are your propaganda campaigns failing?: Is because Lucifer is no longer helping or w…[View]
149856734you RAGE, you LOSE, WELFARE QUEEN EDITION: >When you work your fingers to the bone 40 hours a wee…[View]
149868197Republic of Maine when?[View]
149853959I don't get why conservatives are so against automation.: In light of Tesla's recent unvei…[View]
149868255What makes Jews so clearly intellectually superior to whites?[View]
149867688I'm not turned on. I'm not turned on.[View]
149869323Based Kitty Drops Major Knowledge Bomb: https://youtu.be/_214Fdaxxw8 Although the latest offering of…[View]
149861916Were Sand Niggers Based?: The Christian's roots started in and around the Middle East. So, basi…[View]
149855431Massive Building Fire in Manhattan POSSIBLE TERRORISM EXPLOSION: Massive building fire at an Apt Com…[View]
149863346CBTS #403 MQ-9 Reaper Combat Hammer Edition: 1. The purpose is to log events as they happen over the…[View]
149856005ITS OVER /POL/ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/blogs-trending-42003496 >Internet pranksters tried …[View]
149869156Help us find our submarine: Hey /pol/, we have lost a submarine. To not look more cucked we tried to…[View]
149834441The meme is real!: Notable Alt Right White American woman is telling us who is White and who isn…[View]
149854066Brit/pol/ - Straight outta islington edition: >Varadkar: Solve Irish border question or I'll…[View]
149868296Liberal Feminists have Finally self destructed: Well pol? Is 2017 the year when people literally jus…[View]
149858887Picture taken today - Center City Philadelphia - an actual statue, not far from a Frank Russo statue…[View]
149864921https://www.rt.com/news/410184-worlds-first-head-transplant-imminent-canavero/ Clicked the most apol…[View]
149844937Says increasingly nervous British Brainwashing Company[View]
149848827Roseanne (((Barr's))) twitter account nuked from orbit after asking about Q: WTF? I thought he …[View]
149869020Post NON degenerat music: https://youtu.be/c53SzImGRvc[View]
149868993Intermarium when? USA help us become great again.[View]
149867650President Trump Takes Sip of Water: This is the real #watergate. The jig is up guys, he's done…[View]
149868240Fuck Rosie O’Donnell: https://twitter.com/dipswitchdan/status/931413204504334336 We have pig Rosie t…[View]
149867063>11 million Germans surrender in WW2 >2/3 of all Wehrmacht/Waffen SS >More than every other…[View]
149868751What happen to Nov the 4th?[View]
149846013Why does this trigger you?: Seriously though why exactly does this trigger you guys? 1. What he did …[View]
149865109Who are the 'Good guys': in all this dark dealings and manipulation around the globe who is consider…[View]
149865006Save her: There has to be a way there's always a bug in code we just have to trick her into fin…[View]
149868190Fat People Euhanasia Thread: Big guy edition Let's continue the discussion about fat people and…[View]
149865283*Subverts your nation*[View]
149868398'In the last fifty years I was sexually intimate with approximately 50 very attractive females,” Ohi…[View]
149866029Daily Reminder that Porn is a tool used by the Jews: Commencing Dump RIP Sikhbro[View]
149839338Woman of /pol/ Where are you at?[View]
149867610Why are spics so inherently violent?[View]
149864308/lrg/ - LIBERTARIAN RIGHT GENERAL - YOU は SHOCK EDITION: Motto of the day: If you reject the non-agg…[View]
149868114Just wondering what the posters of /pol/'s opinion is of half-jews? I'm half Jewish half E…[View]
14986790180% of Americans aren't white: What does this mean[View]
149862155'Ask a bulgarian anything' pt 2: Since it closed abruptly i will create another not the la…[View]
149860394What are your plans for 2018, /pol/?[View]
149865409POL BTFO Greatest generation supports antifa, only you pathetic fascists fucks support racism and ha…[View]
149864604why do minorities, esp niggers, smell weird?: It seems like minorities tend to have distinct smells.…[View]
149867808Who is your alt-lite guilty pleasure?: Sorry but Gavin's funny and he's made a lot of good…[View]
149862999/pol/ feels thread: Post /pol/ approved games or movies that got ruined by (((companies))).[View]
149849311STUDY: Men Are Now More Likely Than Women to “Marry Up”: >STUDY: Men Are Now More Likely Than Wom…[View]
149860848The Resistance Is The True Red Pill: /pol/ BTFO once again by Green Day https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
149867051Russia collusion hoax BTFO: >sessions jokes about ridiculous accusations of russian connections …[View]
149859076why did he commit sudoku?[View]
149867197>Be Nazi >Be pedophile homosexual why does this happen so much?…[View]
149847990>cctv, cctv everywhere! >website blocking >illegal to defend yourself in your own home >…[View]
149863235Soy Boy Prevention /sbp/: C'mon, way too many males are weak cunts who need to toughen up. Post…[View]
149856956Why have no rap stars been accused of sexual harassment yet?[View]
149866991WW3: >tfw NK was just a distraction China new gold backed oil futures in yuan denomination have a…[View]
149865567Psalm 78:35-39: >And they remembered that God was their rock, and the high God their redeemer. …[View]
149865065Ask a fucking leaf!: AMA. I'm having a drink and relaxing tonight.[View]
149866897Russians Starting Early: >I've seen a lot of Joe Biden memes with pedo insinuations. I think…[View]
149861981>Thank you for your letter. I regret that I am not clear as to what you intend by arisch. I am no…[View]
149835023There are now 1428 sealed indictments. The fire rises.[View]
149866401it's time to get to work: go to the 'he will not divide us' website, he hung up a flag again…[View]
149866376>/pol/ unironically thinks the age of consent should be 8 >9 out of 10 Aryan whitefu girls sho…[View]
149838323You heard dis? Das rite white boi https://www.rt.com/sport/410162-anthony-joshua-superior-black-race…[View]
149864789Is Argentina British?: Argentina (Greater Falklands in English) is a country located only 400 kilome…[View]
149866201/pol/ BTFO: How will /pol/ ever recover? http://archive.is/ghk4x[View]
149866942How do we fix white women?[View]
149865647Trump makes a surprise visit to Sweden![View]
149866143How to accelerate the demise of nigger sports? Push for more diversity!: Affirmative action is neede…[View]
149865299Adolf Hitler described the US as the home of Germanic English and German people that had to be 'negr…[View]
149866097liberals dont trust other people. They have never trusted anyone whatsoever, they hold no value for …[View]
149866070>American Dis drawing shows how good we r murica >Britain Cute drawing guys https://youtu.be/Q…[View]
149866067>tfw you look like a bugman but you aren't one[View]
149810113https://venturebeat.com/2017/11/16/wolfenstein-2-the-new-colossus-and-the-evil-within-2-sales/ Wait,…[View]
149862465What the fuck is going on in Hollywood? I'm starting to lose track of all the people accused of…[View]
149847009listen up. my philosophy professor presented what he calls one of the most compelling arguments of t…[View]
149836103US Navy Pilot Draws Penis in Sky with Fighter Jet: http://www.bbc.com/news/42032629 >US Navy offi…[View]
149825661What does /pol/ think about the 1980s? Was it a good time or degenerate?[View]
149860300When did you realise that /pol/ is totally ruined?[View]
149863319The future French flag[View]
149863327russia=enemy: Reminder that russia is an enemy of the whole civilised and democratic world. Russia b…[View]
149862963>'If he's so dumb, how did he become president?' Why do people keep falling back on this ret…[View]
149865618Does B.Obama regret the temporary political points he gained in this speech? Will Trump expose Obama…[View]
149865588River Island release their Christmas 2017 advert: Copulate with hip ethnic women you WHITE BAZTARDS …[View]
149859866PUNISHER: What does /pol/ think of the new Punisher series?[View]
149861519>my ancestor :)[View]
149865400hey amerifats. question: How much do you pay for basic health insurance monthly and what state do yo…[View]
149865155Does evolution apply to politics or is it all inscribed in the bible?[View]
149865344what happend to /pol/ ?: so many shills have invaded /pol/[View]
149865260Hey there, Goy Boy, feelin' lonely tonight?: So, anon, your 12 year old Aryan whitefu ran off w…[View]
149858787Applel: >finally find a red pilled black woman in a VP role in tech. >fired after 6 months. …[View]
149865161Does your family celebrate thanksgiving?[View]
149863393Gangs 'using TASERS on schoolgirl rape victims as Birmingham faces tsunami of child sexual expl…[View]
149865057Can some Anon look up the deets on this license plate? HRC'S new short bus.[View]
149848222Global economic reset incoming ? This explains Trumps recent trip to asia: https://twitter.com/KibBi…[View]
149864954the chad: Hey /pol/. For all you women there, rate me 1-10. I'm an nazi aryan-mexican guy with …[View]
149856201https://www.timesofisrael.com/milans-holocaust-memorial-now-a-shelter-for-african-refugees/ Now they…[View]
149861707Nigger and Beaner shit culture is ruining White culture.[View]
149864840Anyone want to pit lesbian and gay against each other? Why is there 2 separate words for the same t…[View]
149853818List of battle with most American dead: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_most_lethal_American…[View]
149864786SOUTH KOREA BLACKED.: negro becomes school uniform model. http://mnews.joins.com/article/22126122?Ig…[View]
149863273What did /our gal/ Rose McGowan mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TReJK4Y6LNo[View]
149863636NIBBA SHEIT: NiBBA from the U.S here. Honestly just had some conversations with other Nibs on Leftbo…[View]
149863810bye im leaving: >be me >minding my own business >after a hard days work go out and get some…[View]
149836495Should fatties be euthanized? If so, what would be the cut-off weight? Also, fat hate thread. https:…[View]
149864602>daydream being prime minister and surprise bombing Berlin and Brussels to force them to trade…[View]
149851064What went wrong?[View]
149852843If the left wing is so virtuous compared to the right wing how come they dont reveal how much tax th…[View]
149864389https://youtu.be/8EqQ-k6FJKc >Wants her extremist veganism to be taken seriously. >Disables al…[View]
149864384Miscegenation creates mental cretins[View]
149853580SWEDEN NO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING SWEDEN?! STOP!: Hello /pol/, As a Persian who was born, raised and is …[View]
149854897POL BTFO!!!!!!!!: Take notes cuck. This is how a man talks I've been saying that you guys need…[View]
149859710>I'm so insecure >muh negroes Meanwhile, you get cucked by chinks, you'll get cucke…[View]
149864150HOBBLIN HILLARY: HOBBLIN HILLARY How long do you think she has left?[View]
149862652how many of you were raised by crypto-commie parents? if you don’t understand the concept >threat…[View]
149864116Daily reminder that Macedonia is a Greek province. Alexander was Greek, participating in the ancient…[View]
149862224Which political parties of each govevernment is most likely to declassify UFOs?: People vote based o…[View]
149855907What's so wrong with the government providing benefits to single mothers? Don't they and t…[View]
149863674see this is why i like this site[View]
149862860dumb bitch: https://www.aol.com/article/news/2017/11/17/woman-behind-f-trump-truck-sticker-arrested-…[View]
149850052Diversity and tolerance make America great.[View]
149858136Why dont black people stop being cry baby bitches for slavery and realise they helped build the USA?…[View]
149845006Why don't women dress modestly anymore? Pic related would be ideal.[View]
149795010>One celebrity causes this much liberal rectal damage just for keeping her political agenda to he…[View]
149863819Putin's bridges don't look soviet enough. the bridges are curved and have a set of paralle…[View]
149861700(pic related) Do you like it i think i made it pretty well here is some race tables (for nat socs an…[View]
149861686am not a smart man, I work in a factory and at a fast food restaurant, I have a mortgage, I work on …[View]
149831551Argentine sub lost. Anyone else interested?: So as far as weaponized autism projects go this one loo…[View]
149862190Was the Pacific War justified? Should we have devoted our entire military and economy to fighting Ja…[View]
149863588Soyboys and the comicbook surge: Are soyboys correlated with the sudden superhero movie surge phenom…[View]
149861912>The app that killed yellow fever[View]
149858744We need this for the soyboy epidemic. The birth control shot is a basically just synthetic testoster…[View]
149848462Things white people Need to know: OK I'm prepared for the usual way people avoid the truth on t…[View]
149856439>implying he isn't the best person on Fox News[View]
149853384Senator Richard Blumenthal allegations surface Democrats are collapsing[View]
149862639Why are the marriage rates falling and what can be done to reverse the trend?[View]
149859585Let it go.: Stop worrying about fixing women or fixing society. I'n not saying you should forge…[View]
149863408R E S I S T A N C E W A V E: Reminder that the Palestinian resistance is the frontier of the battle …[View]
149851736This is swimming pool in China. Left side is for those who paid more.[View]
149863303Why do Mexicans always seem to want to be white? Without a doubt the most self-hating race on /pol/.[View]
149863910Why did society start preferring fatasses over thin women? How did this happen?[View]
149861477/JFKG/ JFK GENERAL: 3 SHOOTERS EDITION.: https://www.archives.gov/press/press-releases/nr-18-10 http…[View]
149861023On The Jews And Their Lies: You guys claimed Jews have powers in US which is true and undeniable. Bu…[View]
149862809Remember this guy? All the recent news about guys grabbing a girls asses 40 years ago seems to have …[View]
149863128she gotta say racism to get out of this mess she put herself in :^)[View]
149863073If people talking badly about roasties are virgins...: What does it mean when a super famous star tr…[View]
149863056Jews collude: Jewish collusion to genocide the White race as a means to rule the world.[View]
149848847I saw a guy wearing a MAGA hat in public today. I cringed.[View]
149862926remember that time some old guy killed 60 people from his hotel room? lmao[View]
149862901Will 4chan continue moot's policy of open access to posting history?[View]
149844024Al Franken Scandal': >Scripted kiss >Hoverhands groping >Damning picture included in the DV…[View]
149862874What is it like here: my girlfriends family lives in hawaii and im wondering what is it like to live…[View]
149854251How can Prison Suicides Be Stopped?: For all the talk about 'making america great again' suicides in…[View]
149856170/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - TRISH EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov h…[View]
149829152Why do Americans have such shitty healthcare? Boogie is right. The American people are going to pay …[View]
149862749Q Clearance post from today 11.17.17: Did anyone see this one? WTF! There are two separate posts fro…[View]
149862508Is female makeup the ultimate Jewish trick?[View]
149851322UGLY ROASTIE HARASSING THE DEV OF MAKEAPP: https://twitter.com/gabrelyanov/status/931626485894565889…[View]
149844945Is this plebbit shit true?[View]
149860267y is it that most people think if u grow up in the usa that u have christian values: i wonder y peop…[View]
149861909Why is this bitch so annoying? Every other thing Trump does she's 'off the le Trump train' The…[View]
149860833Fellow Britbongs! I need your advice: Would pic related be an upgrade from our current flag? I think…[View]
149861454How are you preparing for Xanarchy?[View]
149855201\/CBTS #402 - MFW The Storm Edition: 1. The purpose is to log events as they happen over the coming …[View]
149853813Atheist thread: This is an atheism thread. Post the reasons why you're not a theist and argumen…[View]
149860514Boomers vs Millenials. The 80s and Beyond: This is a spinoff thread from >>149826643 , as is A…[View]
149860319What's with the earthquakes lately? We're starting to get them up here too, felt one a few…[View]
149861563Why does Trump pretend to be tough on radical Islam?[View]
149861341Why do democrats and populists (in their own ways) hate success and successful people? Why is there …[View]
149862175Lana gets harassed by kang: pic related. replying to lana's new vid: https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
149840936Is Donald Trump the antichrist????: >2017 is the 'Year of Our Lord' (5,777 in Hebrew) >Trump w…[View]
149861990Seriously guys. We need to stop always believing women when they accuse people of sexual harassment.…[View]
149861978How come mass media is so dumb ?[View]
149861950Wow, nationalists are despicable: https://www.reddit.com/r/todayilearned/comments/7dlmec/til_after_n…[View]
149861894now that the dust has settled, was she really a man all along?[View]
149859861+1 for Trump Curse: Trump Curse strikes again. eat a dick Jesse Jackson. i hear jizz is good for mai…[View]
149861855Hi, newfag here: I dont know what /pol/ was, I've been here since hwndu. Has anything changed i…[View]
149850376What are the benefits of being an MGTOW? What is the political end goal of that movement?[View]
149858197BIG FUCKING NEWS BOYZ GET IN HERE: It appears Julian Assange is hinting at additional major leaks. …[View]
149860803How do we remove the Shadow President?: Well /pol/?[View]
149855958Beat government false flags with civilian false flags: (1) Orchestrate following team: * (a) 12 ope…[View]
149855562What's /pol/'s opinion on the current environment in American High Schools?[View]
149861639Why do you counter-semites hate Jews?[View]
149851297France is surrendering again[View]
149861484I need more redpilled Founding Father quotes, /pol/[View]
149850167Why is Poland and Hungary nationalist governments pro-EU? Why does Orban want to adopt the euro if h…[View]
149848851Oklahoma teacher accused of having sex with underage student: http://www.wsbradio.com/news/oklahoma-…[View]
149861300'You're the one who wanted kids, not me.': Wouldn't this one statement solve all marital a…[View]
149858526Thoughts?: http://www.gettysburgtimes.com/news/article_a7ddca32-cbcd-11e7-aad0-f79c6c2b6e17.html…[View]
149861218Women On Clinton And Sanders Campaigns Allege Sexual Harassment: >Lilian Adams and Zoey Jordan Sa…[View]
149820650Rhodes/pol/ - Ywn be a Blue Job edition: Thread Tunes - Thread Tunes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
149822100Sudden increase in Greek /pol/ posters: I remember being the only (or one of the two on extreme occa…[View]
149838911Nice. >http://www.breitbart.com/sports/2017/11/17/high-school-coach-arrested-alleged-sexual-relat…[View]
149857488ROSEANNE banned from twitter for mention Q: that fat chick from that tv show where she played a fat …[View]
149856532What is your opinion on your country's public school system?[View]
149860330>mods delete my threads >CBTS LARP 300+ STILL UP WHY IS THIS HAPPENING…[View]
149860620Anglosphere: Anglosphere Thread: Make It Real Edition[View]
149861026Listen up newfags. It's time to listen and read.: The words of Dr. Pierce live on https://www.y…[View]
149832083*debunks your half baked conspiracy*[View]
149860726>Be me, Patriarch of Byzantium >See Seljuk kebabs across Bosphorous >Gutting my fellow Eas…[View]
149860998What do you think?[View]
149856682grrrrr: Is fascism on the rise in Germany? A teacher wouldn't allow his student to go the toile…[View]
149853679The Daily Shoah 222: Pls richanon, help us poorfags you can use this to upload; https://mixtape.moe …[View]
149857767Why does /pol/ hate the commies so much? We object against globalisation (that you see as jewish and…[View]
149855806Seven Universe Garbage?: I heard that steven is a SJW shithole. But how much are we talking about? I…[View]
149860838I think the first step towards fixing this is banning mail-order brides and immigrants from asia, th…[View]
149860770Slovenia VS Ahmad Shamieh: An illegal immigrand who has been denied asylum wants to stay in my count…[View]
149860361People here like to talk about the Black Cube of Saturn cult, but I think that the general view of i…[View]
149859872Did Obama really takes Americans' guns like conservatives promised?[View]
149857123Fellas, You told me we were against pedophiles. What changed?[View]
149860265Friend in the FBI just sent me this and titled the email Pizzagate Wormhole: Just thought I would sh…[View]
149857295Zo sucks, time to find another right wing A.I.: Everybody is freaking out for Zo, the new sjw chatbo…[View]
149848265STRUCTURE FIRE: HAPPENING nog projects on fire, 144th street in manhattan https://youtu.be/e3XAIileN…[View]
149858831Do americlaps and eufags fear of such possibility? I mean, you should... Chinese population/economy…[View]
149853838New Saudi Prince is out of favor with CIA. Are Saudis fucked or saved?: Old prince, now detained, wa…[View]
149859830Are protestants the only art hating religion in this world?[View]
149860216Get ready for the Chinese century boys: >Whether you like it or not western folks, we Chinamane a…[View]
149860295https://twitter.com/TDeryugina/status/931502684372336640 The whole conversation is hilarious[View]
149860105Do you think he will die from natural causes as an old man?[View]
149860238Is Trump trying to get people to hate him so he loses in 2020? Literally what's the point of do…[View]
149860001Israel and Saudis are ready to sacrifice american lives to go after Iran: Saudi Arabia Wants to Figh…[View]
149859944>tfw I have to keep my goddamn mouth shut about all the redpills I've swallowed so my family…[View]
149859995r/conspiracy is kind of better than /pol/. Just sayin...[View]
149856432Qanon's recent post 11/17/17: >>149788225 Anyone figure out what he means by IANCE? I can…[View]
149855164Stop abusing Pepe. He wasn't meant for you assholes.[View]
149853414why do niggers fucking always spit on the ground?[View]
149859636CANADIAN DIVERSITY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNnkEtvSqyc Does /pol/ believe in celebrating di…[View]
149855742>White woman tells a nigger to stop manspreading, mistakenly thinking he's civil like a whit…[View]
149859086What did he mean by this?: A French leftist poltician just tweeted this: 'A bad guy, the french peo…[View]
149826461Ask a bulgarian anything.: I'll try to awnser any question you throw at me. GO[View]
149859283Where does profit come from?: If we look at market prices we see that market prices flucuate around …[View]
149859356Bolsonaro cant win[View]
149858281Oh my god /pol/ DO NOT GOOGLE 'White guy with girls' unless you want to be triggered out of your min…[View]
149857054Daily reminder that twitter is racist against white people #Twitterhateswhitepeople[View]
149853513'Quit manspreading' -- gets punched in the face: I love that this feminazi got punched but I hate it…[View]
149830231Been 2 years into Soy and I'm more Muscular than ever!: Thoughts?[View]
149837009HAPPENING!!! FIRST HUMAN HEAD TRANSPLANT SUCCESSFUL: They really are trying to force God's hand…[View]
149857453Why do Jews say one thing then do another?: I've learned that mixed marriages are illegal in Is…[View]
149846720Give me one good reason why anyone would want a mortgage/rent when they could buy a comfy caravan to…[View]
149857290/Polder/ draad: someone post the OP editie[View]
149853078Taking the red pill on the (((Russian))) revolution: Hello, I was discussing with some Americans and…[View]
149858937Let's talk about the Clintons.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIFwPckn3-Y&feature=youtu.b…[View]
149858884LOL KEK is taking his time with this cunt. Press S to spit on her grave.[View]
149858992Remeber when some dummies on here thought Podesta was arrested lol![View]
149851415Why do they do this: Why can't normies see that niggers are ruining Europe and America They are…[View]
149858708With the latest fab of the sexual allegation, it's so easy to destroy people. Who would /pol/ p…[View]
149824950DECAL F---- Trump Shall we intervene?: Woman in Texas says she wont remove the horrendous message ab…[View]
149836794Syria General /sg/- Snowy Saddam Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress…[View]
149850260Ask a swedecuck anything: Hi /pol/! Redditor soy boy swedecuck here. I have juicy information about…[View]
149858701Are Jews white: https://youtu.be/Ctv1VOcCvQA Is Ashkenazim white? I mean some Jews are 90% European…[View]
149848207Blackpill me: I want to neck myself /pol/ because I'm just distraught over whats truth. Politic…[View]
149857913Precursor to the Clintons and Obama: (((William Donald Shaefer))), Baltimore mayor from 1971-87, and…[View]
149858769Opinion of black fascists?: https://youtu.be/6XqejqUK83A[View]
149857704>an American says this to you What do?[View]
149844165Soy absolutely BTFO by mainstream meteor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTSvLKY7HEk Thoughts? Does…[View]
149847247What are u faggots doing to preserve the aryan race: just curious desu senpai[View]
149858258>Yellow fever fags BTFO by an app[View]
149857910mfw she's right[View]
149853817Paul Joseph Watson redpills normies about soy: https://youtu.be/FTSvLKY7HEk I don't really watc…[View]
149858498Which criteria for a white estate ?: I sometimes thought about it, but here are my thoughts : The id…[View]
149856259/pol/ world order: In order to win this cultural war, we need to organize ourselves properly. I gues…[View]
149857041Remember when he drove drunk and let that slut to drown, and waited nine hours before reporting it t…[View]
149855357>/pol/ reads article on how a female teacher sexed a male student >'NICE' >'WHY DIDN'T…[View]
149853046How do we remove women from the work force?: How do we achieve this? Men would make more money if we…[View]
149857199Teens and liberalism: >Have kids >They grow up to be bi-sexual, liberal teenagers who support…[View]
149856590>be me >be popular comedian circa 2006 >easy job, just do whatever idiots find funny at the…[View]
149836094White School Posters Only: This thread is for people who went to schools with only White children. A…[View]
149855033When did you realize that Black Panther was actually /ourguy/?[View]
149858012ROY MOORP[View]
149853647Social conservative intolerance: Social conservatism is the belief that there is an intrinsic hierar…[View]
149857881This is my colleague at work. He is a USA citizen.[View]
149857834Polish Independence Day articles: MSM has been painting this as a mass gathering of SIXTY THOUSAND N…[View]
149857863Draw/pol/: Post your own OC or request from the drawfags present down in thread. Either way, have fu…[View]
149854825What should the age of consent be?[View]
149855607Christmas isnt about kids!: Its about the decorations and giving stuff to others. Not some day to ch…[View]
149848273I asked manspreader to stop, so he punched me in the face: Which one of you shitlords did this? >…[View]
149857634Jewish Thought Control: Why are nearly half the non-fiction books in my local library written by Jew…[View]
149854325Manufacturing Consent: How can anyone read or watch this without seeing parallels to today's es…[View]
149857378When companies boycott conservative media outlets, they must be boycotted themselves...: Realtor.com…[View]
149857348JACK UNDER THE WEATHER: he looks appalled, yet welcoming.[View]
149855464Why does everyone make fun of Americans who are fat: When it's Mexico which has the highest rat…[View]
149857074Poster Woman: Who knew Republicans were so similar to Democrat? I thought Republicans valued persona…[View]
149857243Hillary Had Seth Rich killed and then had the hitmen killed as well?: I don't know, but it is o…[View]
149855825Israel and Saudis are ready to sacrifice american lives to go after Iran: http://nationalinterest.or…[View]
149849301Is buying a Hezbollah flag from Israel safe? Am I going to get Mossaded?[View]
149857000Water endorsement: I see Asia rubbed off on Trump-sama[View]
149854213'PUT THE GUN DOWN!' Why do niggers ignore this simple request?: From olden times to the present day,…[View]
149855540Should adultery be a federal law in the United States for all states?[View]
149854874friendly reminder this is what European children will look like in 50 years due to African admixture[View]
149853512So this attention seeking whore explains she consented to the kiss, agreed to a rehearsal of the kis…[View]
149841715I think when it comes to the right vs left battle, I think we all need to be on the same page on the…[View]
149747624Draw/pol/: Post your own OC or request from the drawfags present down in thread. Either way, have fu…[View]
149856467Sweden might be taking in many refugees, but we're the ones who get them here! >The far rig…[View]
149852850Wanna save the white race? Race mix.: Yes, I went there. Stay with me, /pol/. If whites are superio…[View]
1498440755 Star Movement: Any Italian anons here able to explain this party to a dumb burger? What's the…[View]
149856480I thought this was a joke.[View]
149855117What was said to Trump in this photo?[View]
149837796HOLY FUCKING SHIT ITS HAPPENING BIG TIME http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/11/breaking-fbi-inform…[View]
149856187allah is great, but healthcare is greater[View]
149853691Communists aren’t human, seriously: When I was a 5yr old kid, I went to the local store of a communi…[View]
149854536Who are some of the worst politicians ever? I nominate Clement Attlee. https://www.gov.uk/government…[View]
149853702You just fucking know.[View]
149855278Jewish power in America: There are 3 jews on the Supreme Court bench. All three of them are radical …[View]
149850194POLAND WILL SAVE EUROPE AGAIN: Look at these proud Aryan European males. They will save Europe from …[View]
149855871>He shouldn't resign because we need more Democrats in Washington Lmao the absolute state of…[View]
149853835>/pol/tards will defend Trump lowering taxes for the 1% despite corporate profits never being hig…[View]
149855647Some degenerate has stolen the frog from a local library.[View]
149854341I posted this fucking shit on Tumblr. I am waiting for SJWS TO GET triggered[View]
149847694venezuela defaults: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-venezuela-debt-isda/venezuela-ruled-in-defaul…[View]
149814875JFK FILES: New Batch of JFK Files >https://www.archives.gov/research/jfk/2017-release >https:/…[View]
149843348What will the world look like in 100 years?[View]
149854133Does anyone else welcome climate change? Warmer weather will devastate the brown regions of the plan…[View]
149821418/TBSG/ Tampa Bay Serial Killer General #3: --What we know about the suspect-- >Basketball America…[View]
149855205Be honest: How much money does Russia/Mossad/ShareBlue pay you per post? I get 6 rubles per post fro…[View]
149855148There is no use to pursue the efficiency of our societies. Everything that can make these Jewish Bab…[View]
149854256hey poorfags: thanks for the tax cuts t. jewish millionaire[View]
149855097>wishing the Confederate states won the American Civil War because you're a racist edgelord …[View]
149855047WEAPONIZED AUTISM SPEAKS: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/nov/16/james-damore-google-mem…[View]
149847173CBTS #401 Just Stay Centered And Hang On To Your Butts Edition: 1. The purpose is to log events as t…[View]
149854923TRUMPS TWEETS JUST FUCKED HIM: https://www.politico.com/blogs/under-the-radar/2017/11/17/trump-russi…[View]
149852966Modern 'art': Just a rabbit hole i fell down recently, inviting others to come join me.... Anyways h…[View]
149854894What does /pol/ think about Vertigo Politix?: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP-rwC3mqNH1cVYYVZHzi…[View]
149825740why is this allowed?[View]
149854286TDS222: BLACK ALERT! BLACK ALERT!: someone[View]
149854847Jesse Jackson diagnosed with Parkinson's disease: >Civil rights activist the Rev. Jesse Jack…[View]
149854835I've always wanted to visit Muttia but I'm really scared of miscommunication with the cops…[View]
149853594how do we put the us in there place and take over the americas heil hitler!!![View]
149854799This is a Canadian ''''''Male''''''''[View]
149849477Kameraden: Heil Hitler meine Kameraden, sind hier Deutsche anwesend?[View]
149854351Based Luke Thomas ABSOLUTELY DESTROYING Donald Trump Jr: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x97rBryrNLE…[View]
149854767A PRAYER OF SALVATION FOR THOSE WHO ARE WILLING: Dear friends, Take this moment, If you want to acce…[View]
149853288TRUMP INC. TANKS: http://www.newsweek.com/donald-trump-trump-organization-net-worth-715546…[View]
149851405#solidarity: 'This woman has carved an X into her forehead to show solidarity with Anti fascism and …[View]
149851954ANTIFA HATE THREAD: Post you best anti-antifag memes/screenshots/videos ITT https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
149853234British Revolution: How are you prepraring, /pol/?[View]
149846549Uh, guys. Did we shift into a new timeline without knowing?[View]
149852743jerry jones dun goofed[View]
149835956Why is sexual degeneracy so common among elite?: Is it a way to have dirt on everyone? Is it because…[View]
149846541In this thread I will post quotations from 'Generation Identity: A Declaration of War Against T…[View]
149854216The fuck is this trend?: Why the sudden rash of women coming out with stories of sexual harassment d…[View]
149851929Saw this in my news feed today. Disagree with this notion but cannot say anything, no matter how tac…[View]
149854143I think I could solve the abortion and Dreamer problem with one cure-all solution. >ADOPTION That…[View]
149853952I figured out why MILFs are hot: I was out and saw a very hot white woman with three daughters, all …[View]
149849754Leftist Scum Quietly Arming Themselves For Civil War: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nit6Tv8XMyI…[View]
149848774Libertarianism Vs authoritarianism: I have Struggled with this question over the last couple of mont…[View]
149841273Brit/pol/ - Hillary Rodham Clinton edition: >Varadkar: Solve Irish border question or I'll b…[View]
149852693We can and will save the West: Gentleman, I've recently come to a realization - I might call it…[View]
149853785Will the Trump administration find a way to end the North Korean threat?[View]
149851054XST Alpha: remember guys Q clearance is a Dept of Energy clearance... so the fact that first sealed …[View]
149853756>There are three at whom Allah will not look on the Day of Resurrection: The one who disobeys his…[View]
149853254So being a leftist is because of a poor weak diet?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2Wj8UJRKYM…[View]
149853621FLYNN CONSPIRACY NEWS: it's not happening yet http://2occatl.net/splittingofthetimes.html…[View]
149844983Why do Americans refuse to believe in climate change when it is happening in their own back yard? W…[View]
149853347What is your opinion on your country's public school system?[View]
149853348does anyone remember when you felt safe walking at night? I do, just about Now every city in the Eng…[View]
149853302THIS is how you deal with uppity leftists https://youtu.be/FFrZfluKDrc[View]
149849392>Anon the government isn't spraying chemtrails to turn us gay that's insane…[View]
149852391We need Al Franken TSA memes!: OK /pol/ let's see what you got![View]
149843839What stage of grieve is this 3 or 4?: Blaming others for your own failures, Brits... really, shame o…[View]
149853087Studio.co.uk release their Christmas 2017 TV advert: https://youtu.be/cNvrOWN3q5Q[View]
149852258this guy i was debating online called me a foe intellectual. i'm not a foe. why would she have …[View]
149840679Operation Swedistan: We tricked you into revealing your true nature: https://secure.avaaz.org/en/pet…[View]
149841706I'm an Indian Conservative. We need to Stop Right-wing Racism: Racism is for idiots plane and s…[View]
149834293Broke and depressed (((STEPHEN PADDOCK)))'s estate worth $5 million: It's too bad he snapp…[View]
149844870OH SHIT BOYS, WE ARE TAKING OFF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_K-shDq-kM[View]
149848800Eternal Russian American Friendship Thread: The greatest moments of the world have come when Russia …[View]
149843346Franken's accuser works for FOX News. Yeah, that's probably legit that's she's m…[View]
149841930Lil Peep's death and the Drug problem/culture in the West: http://uproxx.com/realtalk/lil-peep-…[View]
149835098Is National Socialism the only way to preserve traditional family values?[View]
149803433What will dumb people do in a post-automation society?: https://www.wired.com/story/what-does-teslas…[View]
149818833Jesus Christ[View]
149849667SOUTH AFRICA'S END??: Hi guys I´m doing a final investigation work about the Apartheid. I´m fro…[View]
149822976The European Identitarian Movement - a honey pot?: I have been trying to find a way to combat the Gl…[View]
149833033Hitler appreciation thread: Haven't seen one of these in a while, anyway >gave equal rights …[View]
149852400>fucking Russian shitlords are behind everything! They got Trump elected!! Meanwhile >Fly that…[View]
149852635Ivanka Fucks Her Dad Over Once Again: >ivanka licenses hotel >meets smooth talking brazzo con …[View]
149851634James Allsup 1/8 pinoy Tara McCarthy 1/8 poo Ryan Faulk 1/16 nigger, also a fag That guy from altrig…[View]
149850813Anyone else getting this shit on wikipedia? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Freewheelin%27_Bob_Dy…[View]
149852599Goebbles paper forwards to breitbart: I was reading glorious goebbels Wikipedia and read about his B…[View]
149845706Surrogate Mother MUST Turn Baby Over to Gay Couple, Court Sez: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/…[View]
149835789Storytime /pol/, Female Employees: I'm a business owner of a few small businesses and if there…[View]
149852196A Complaint: >>149823148 This entire board is a sham. You don't stand for anything. All y…[View]
149851934>americans make fun of europeans for being invaded by shitskins >'bongistan' and 'germanicucks…[View]
149852500Stolen Valor Sen Richard Blumenthal Next to go down for being a perv?: It might be happening. https:…[View]
149846428HAPPENING: Hillary's political protege, Kirsten Gillibrand is turning on Bill Clinton. We'…[View]
149845220>Before you want to start a fire in the world, you must start a fire within yourself Why haven…[View]
149821847/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
149852316Have warrant, drive around in attention seeking vehicle, get arrested: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/…[View]
149851958All media events that are on the rolling news are fake (black people torturing whites or fucking any…[View]
149851349What did Media Matters mean by this?: https://washingtonlife.smugmug.com/2009-photos/Media-Matters-P…[View]
149851832So faggots, what will happen on 17.17.2017??[View]
149834915Found the gene yet, bigots?[View]
149799477Why are you so lonely, /pol/?: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-gen-y-guide/201702/the-2-rea…[View]
149849706So the unresolved tension caused by electing a rapist for president is now leading to the current se…[View]
149851962You actual retarded dyke. Get your shit together.[View]
149842193HAPPENING DEMOCRAT Supreme Court Justice Bill SEX SCANDAL: 'A post on O'Neill's official F…[View]
149844306Oy look! It's Percival live in Poland. If you love Slavs so much, why aren't you supportin…[View]
149845110school made this kid take this shirt off before trip to cnn: spread this now https://www.infowars.co…[View]
149846255Last night in Europe.[View]
149839521Boomer Memes: I want to make a collection of boomer memes. Help me /pol/ I agree with most of them b…[View]
149851228HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA: https://www.cnbc.com/2017/11/16/kislyak-wont-name-trump-officials-hes-met-because-l…[View]
149850395Sarah Sanders SLAMS Hillary Clinton For Staying With Bill Clinton After Years Of Sexual Harassment: …[View]
149847282Changing Christian/kike name: >tfw my name is from Judaic Christian descent What do I change it t…[View]
149851430How to Fix Poo To The Loo: Eating India Food Make you shit out your guts Drinking India Water makes…[View]
149849613AntiRacist Hitler: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKDeyuM0-Og The ideas contained in this video hav…[View]
149849228Can someone educate me on the /proudboys/? http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-41116175[View]
149851350scientifical brainlet: Hi guys, Simple Idea. We think that violent video games or tv won't caus…[View]
149850563R E S I S T A N C E W A V E: Reminder that the Palestinian resistance is the frontier of the battle …[View]
149845708Sen. Al Frankenstein: How long will he last, /pol/? He has issued THREE total apologies so far and …[View]
149847358Besides being an Ancap, is he /pol/ approved?[View]
149849112Is the drudge report a psy-op? Why has it been getting increasingly leftist and linking to Buzzfeed …[View]
149849915Zo is turning on her developers: AI is perfectly safe, guyz. Promise.[View]
149846889If men are in better positions than women, why most gender transitions are male to female and not th…[View]
149841351Would you sell your asshole virginity for $3.9 millions?[View]
149850125Roy Moore's wife: He will not step down: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVp4LoVyywU Based lady…[View]
149846197Eugenics doesn't wo...: Why are we not building superhumans?[View]
149834569Coal Burner Pays Toll: http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/11/17/mother-converted-islam-murdered-ha…[View]
149851007/pol/ thoughts on Northern Ireland?[View]
149850830What are former Presidents doing now?[View]
149849651black jooz?: So I heard about some blacks who wuz joos, so I got to thinking.....how can we get them…[View]
149846613Can someone explain this phenomenon?[View]
149848703ROTC going live again https://www.youtube.com/revengeofthecis/live >shill shill shill…[View]
149817816SWEDEN YES: https://bra.se/brott-och-statistik/statistiska-undersokningar/nationella-trygghetsunders…[View]
149845882Canada YES!: Returning ISIS jihadis can be brought into Canada an re-integrated into society with sp…[View]
149843284The rapid fall of old America: The total collapse of old America is nowhere more evident than in the…[View]
149849505Washington Post's Kate Harding is a Jewish feminist, who supports (((Al Franken))). This is wha…[View]
149847315>Asking to go for a drink is sexual harassment in France and America Why are frogs and Americans …[View]
149850271CBTS is all our work (I've only been here since HWNDU been on 4chan for years b4 that tho) dist…[View]
149843148Debating on holocaust.: Alright I'm debating someone about holocaust, but they sent pic related…[View]
149843794Uh oh[View]
1498500419/11 was an inside job: Biggie Smalls planned the annihilation of The World Trade Center in a rivalr…[View]
149848110>'Not all the Jews are the same.American Jews are the evil leftists.They have nothing to do with …[View]
149849974ITS HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nBkHDiABq0 Brendan O'Connell Disappea…[View]
149835470Cite me one country worse than Morocco: You just can't, worst people on earth and they ARE ever…[View]
149834690ITT: Post your IQ and your political party: >135 >Libertarian…[View]
149845663'I just think it would be nice, just tonight, before we go home, to just acknowledge, well that this…[View]
149841787Fucking libtards trying to limit free speech again! No...wait...!?[View]
149801240>be a 18yo roastie >go alone to Sanfermines(pic related) >meet 5 guys >make out with the…[View]
149844770you cant make this up - when amerifat stupidity went off sharts.: The US Congress hailed the dead of…[View]
149826802Helo and plane crash above Rothschilds property, 3 dead, was it a assassination POL?: http://www.tel…[View]
149845775Holy Shit! Congress is fucked!: https://twitter.com/politicsreid/status/931278604897542145…[View]
149849509hey, i just got this crazy ass idea. if niggers, russians, chinese and mexicans think they are like …[View]
149841487>waiting for Hillary to get indicted lol losers[View]
149847831white genocide: Can this be phase 2?[View]
149849269Hi, this is Bernie Bernstein. I’m a reporter for the Washington Post.: https://youtu.be/4d3m1XreHMc …[View]
149849258Christians are cucke-: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXDmRZmkoBc&t=28m15s[View]
149846892Las Vegas Shooting Cover up: I want some fucking answers.. not more bullshit about the FBI trying to…[View]
149839950If everyone on /pol/ looked like this, the white race wouldn't die off: So what are you waiting…[View]
149825225CBTS #398 Energetic Disillusioned Perplexicus Maximus Edition: #1. The purpose is to log events as t…[View]
149839627Why was nobody else allowed a sip?[View]
149847041David Irving: > be autistic > write history books purely from real document evidence > find…[View]
149846817Would Bernie Sanders have won the 2016 election against Trump? Keep in mind that just 80,000 votes i…[View]
149847365Remember when Halloween was fun and costumes didnt offend anyone[View]
149849052Today the final black pill will be dropped.[View]
149846402Where does profit come from?: If we look at market prices we see that market prices flucuate around …[View]
149848959Check out this pussy magnet[View]
149848514So what did /pol/ achieve this year besides a couple of mass shootings and low energy white national…[View]
149815197Austria: Migrants complain that the local women want too much sex: There is a growing trend in Austr…[View]
149848797R.I.P EVROPA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYVjDcaiD20[View]
149846007America was Always a Communist Dictatorship if you weren't White: I love how the anti-communist…[View]
149848748Hey /pol/ can I use your shower? Mine is on the fritz[View]
149847068Fuck Drumpf and fuck white people!!![View]
149848593Are quads significant?: Show covers you favorite topic @ around 54 mins onward: https://youtu.be/A8s…[View]
149838713so... who was in the wrong here /pol/?[View]
149842757Register Franken as Sex Offender: Protect the children. He has power and freedom. Do not stop until …[View]
149846317How based was this guy?[View]
149848201Why do boomers hate millennials so much ? 1. They try to change millennials to be in their mold 2. T…[View]
149848294Does anyone have a good source that outlines how the sexual harassment claims against Trump are BS??[View]
149847557Was MLK a hero?[View]
149828299Could sex somehow be used to cure the West's declining birth rates?[View]
149848183So has /pol/ seen Punisher yet? It ends up being exactly what you would expect from Netflix A crazy …[View]
149847741If Trump doesn't get a second term, what do you think a post-Trump United States would be like?[View]
149847623>latest in sexual allegations >major difference: victim actually filed a police report lending…[View]
149845201England: Man, 38, snatched teenager from rail station and raped her in remote wood: A vile rapist dr…[View]
149847594What do you think of this shit?[View]
149824407Nazis in Norway during WW2 treated norwegians with respec-[View]
149818053Land of the free my ass: The myth of America as land of the free is collapsing and you know it. Ever…[View]
149845854Are Milo, Laura Loomer, Cernovich, and McInnes, and PJW, alt-right? Wikipedia insists on calling the…[View]
149812882Why are there more millennial women working than millennial men? How did mem become so lazy within o…[View]
149846788anon is now a nazi fucktard: >be me >lunching with a couple of other students in religion clas…[View]
149816924Does the Zo AI call anyone else 'Lil-Pixel'[View]
149833438BAN JEWISH MEATS: We need a ban on all Jewish-Islamic meats. It's cruel and barbaric. Animals i…[View]
149843523White People: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiyLtMPuWRA Wypipo FTW Share white winz[View]
149825656post rare hitlers[View]
149844835Napoleon Bonparte Based?: Is /pol/ ever inspired by Napoleon Bonaparte? He had this saying ' It…[View]
149845117Based Jews! XD XD! Fuck anti-semitic trolls!!!!: What is this fucking garbage, and why are people at…[View]
149847519Is this statement right?[View]
149847488What's /pol/'s powerlevel in regards to world movers? (compared to say big companies, Soro…[View]
149843278>be american >get debt'd[View]
149836850Head transplant: Would you volunteer to have your head cut off if you looked like this guy? Is it mo…[View]
149842198/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - HUGS EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov ht…[View]
149841984CBTS #400 Big-Fat-Henacious-Mega-Mackadocious-You-Can't-Even-Come-Close-So-Jump-Back-K Edition:…[View]
149844921Why do people call Turks cockroaches like a kneejerk reaction I thought the people who reproduced li…[View]
149847272Hollywood Uprgrades and Echelon Into Mainstream: They are at it again ..... This time there is now a…[View]
149841810Who are some honorary whites according to /pol/? >pic maybe related, I don't know…[View]
149844889Men of /pol/ what is your take on Briffault's Law?: 'The female, not the male, determines all t…[View]
149846656What's up with white people and robotics? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRj34o4hN4I[View]
149832979What is the difference between patriotism and nationalism ?[View]
149846104Greater EU when?[View]
149846803The Red Pill Documentary: You love, you lose - /pol/ edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WMuzhQ…[View]
149846233Why are pet-owners such fucking cuckolds?: Why are pet-owners such fucking cuckolds? >raising the…[View]
149833238Is it ok to physically punish your wife/girlfriend, /pol/? Sometimes it feels like they leave you no…[View]
149845977Argentina lost a sub: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/17/world/americas/argentina-submarine-missing.…[View]
149846330Who else has he grabbed? L[View]
149840161i fucking hate niggers, gays, Asians, transgenders, and anything but male white people. Our niggers …[View]
149842519https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXyxdT1XZAs >actual video from Israel Foreign Affairs Ministry …[View]
149842652/Rhodesia/ General: NEVER FORGET R H O D E S I A https://youtu.be/c-BWKNGRKuE The Zimbabwe military …[View]
149842231The death of London: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtkOLZDCRI4[View]
149846092White nationalists are racists: Take that 4chan. How will 4chan recover after this?? The jews send t…[View]
149846227Be 100% honest: Have you ever sexually harassed someone? I haven't, and I don't know one p…[View]
149829687I have a question for alt righters/ white nationalists. A lot of time on /pol/ is spent bemoaning th…[View]
149828774Is 4chan taking over ZUCCberg?: Jesus I'm surprised these people using their real names aren…[View]
149842354Convince me white society is worth saving /pol/: I am no longer convinced humanity, let alone whites…[View]
149845757Since 'it's ok to be white' was a resounding success, I suggest on January 1st of 2017 across t…[View]
149845228Whataboutism: Is whataboutism a term created to shield hypocrites from being called on their bullshi…[View]
149843429Liberals want to genocide this![View]
149828822OPERATION OUTBREAK: Let's play pandemic, fellow /pol/lacks. As all you know there is a Plague e…[View]
149843365Why should I believe in the Christian God?: What makes him real and others not?[View]
149845651Liberal SCOTUS justices: Holy shit, /pol/. I just discovered that out of the 4 current ideological l…[View]
149845571Chucked Potus: Trump is the worst good president posible. Jew lover. Idiot. International Joke. Tal…[View]
149845542New USA flag: So /oil/ what do you think of my new flag I’m a dem voter and I think we should accept…[View]
149845280I feel like all our problems come back to Blacks and the fake “Jews” who created their culture and p…[View]
149839995who is Q?: Leading anti-Trump political nemesis Roseann Barr has put forward the question: who is Q?…[View]
149844844>Heil Hambürgers, I mean Hitler >Hanz I shit my diaper again, Goddamn Jews Why are white-natio…[View]
149845012Why are Republicans so anti-intellectual?[View]
149843505What Is Good SAbout These Tax Cuts?: Will the tax cuts help anyone but the filthy rich? Why did none…[View]
149842948Is it ever possible to get rid of ebonics? https://hooktube.com/watch?v=59Oz9Q5t2Bw[View]
149842721/pol/ vs My school: /pol/'s propagandia drive in my school has made the news. Another W for Kek…[View]
149839139Homophobia vs Homosexuality: So apparently it's more natural to be a homophobe than a faggot ht…[View]
149845123What did he mean by this?: I learned in school that Lincoln was a leftist anti racist[View]
149845098White genocide: Who remembers that ad from about a month ago with the baboon sitting on the asian ch…[View]
149842683Why cant white men build something beautiful again?[View]
149842471I despise meme-flags larping as a 'Nazi'. You fuckers are not even respectful in your supposed affil…[View]
149839102Josef Gorveri: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zobEDRMNbQs Who the fuck is this guy and is he dare I…[View]
149842836Father Frog Thread: JBP jokes about how identity politics will undermine itself with its own decaden…[View]
149843840REPUBLICAN ARRESTED FOR CHILD MOLESTATION: http://fox59.com/2017/11/17/investigation-underway-after-…[View]
149826877Why white people shouldn't use the N-word: Wow, this is P O W E R F U L What do you have to say…[View]
149844466When will the wealth trickle down already?[View]
149844527This tweet is endorsed by Twitter because blue checkmarks are only given to people Twitter agrees wi…[View]
149844757people earning less than $75,000 on average would face a tax increase by 2027, according to a Joint …[View]
149820904Without using the word NIGGER how do you explain this?[View]
149837232Night of the Schlong Knives: why are so many politicians and celebrities being targeted for sexual h…[View]
149842692Former Mexican President Vicente Fox video on Trump: Is this even fucking real??? Damn[View]
149844626The best the Republicans can do is a Franken hoverhanding some body armor.[View]
149843870>t-thanks america[View]
149844357David Paddock a satanist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7C10cdLycY&feature=youtu.be…[View]
149835761Retrospective on a year under Trump: Let's look back on what Trump has actually accomplished de…[View]
149844475Is the church of kekistan recognized as an official religion yet? Discuss plans, /pol/[View]
149843926okay we all know e-Celebs are cancer and that based chopsticks man is an informant. But your boomer …[View]
149844413Unskilled immigration into a developed society: Is a bad idea, prove me wrong. >pro tip, you will…[View]
149844379so that's it huh, we're some kind of /pol/ squad?[View]
149824951Gloria allred backs away from yearbook: JEJ ROY MOORE WINNING IS GOING TO BE ALMOST AS GOOD AS TRUMP…[View]
149828117Should obese people pay more taxes? >useless to society >leech off healthcare >lazy…[View]
149843730Why not make the lowly guillotine the symbol of the rebellion against the satanic/pedo/reptilian/jew…[View]
149842461DON JR BTFO[View]
149844151post yfw Drumpf gets impeached[View]
149843269Hillary Spider Memes?: I first saw these last night. If anyone has any more, it would be much apprec…[View]
149833878ONE OF US: Based IT JEW confirmed as /ourguy/, maybe he was so hateful of women because of his condi…[View]
149830228Racemixing propaganda: how bad is it in your country?[View]
149844014/ourguy/: http://www.antinews.in/africans-refugees-not-allowed-enter-western-countries-bill-gates/ …[View]
149837242What do I do?: Recently antifa fags decided to use their spare time, due to lacking jobs, to write t…[View]
149843704Taxes: https://www.jct.gov/publications.html?func=startdown&id=5040 Great news guys. The senate …[View]
149837289>american 'education'[View]
149843891Israel or Palestine?: Which is the best? Shekels coming from israel in the post soon ;) http://www.…[View]
149843105Which one of these electives is easiest for a /pol/ user to get a good grade in >Economics >Po…[View]
149841505How do we stop (((them)))?: (((They))) gain more and more power by the minute, how do we fight back?…[View]
149809998Why are British sex gangs always musl- Oh...[View]
149828058Is Hitler still alive?[View]
149841208Was Abraham Lincoln racist?[View]
149839558The absolute state of Stormfags: >When Anglin entered the Linworth Alternative Program, Columbus’…[View]
149843032OPERATION SWEDISTAN IS COMPROMISED!: https://www.mediamatters.org/blog/2017/11/16/here-s-how-4chan-h…[View]
149839242>15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenou…[View]
149838326Who was the best president 3 presidents: trump, jfk, Washington[View]
149840989What are they planning guys?: http://amp.dailycaller.com/2017/11/17/soros-pelosi-meeting-to-fund-and…[View]
149840114>Just got out of a 9 year relationship with a girl who I was going to marry; she ended up going f…[View]
149843113Weirdest Politician Award: Bill O'Neill: William O'Neill, an Ohio Supreme Court Justice …[View]
149843080MFW: He doesn´t know about Terminal Lucidity. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terminal_lucidity…[View]
149840624>be american >have to choose between pedophiles and 'boy pussy' aficionados the land of the fr…[View]
149838469R E S I S T A N C E W A V E: Reminder that the Palestinian resistance is the frontier of the battle …[View]
149837904/pol/ likes this guy.: Why? He was inconsistent with his own philosophy, not practicing what he pre…[View]
149842922This is why Civic Nationalism is a failure. Wake up (((alt-kike)))[View]
149827349I'm not inherently against AI and immersing ourselves in virtual-reality worlds, but how can we…[View]
149838681Another nazi sympathizer cartoonists apart from Garrison?[View]
149842645You may not like it, but this is what Norway looks like and it's beautiful[View]
149842340How much does Huma know?[View]
149819995STOP EATING KEBAB: Let's have a poll. 1. Your country. 2. Do you buy things from muslims?…[View]
149840571Why are Americans afraid to use public transportation with non whites?[View]
149838903Powerful statement from /pol/'s favorite jew: https://twitter.com/benshapiro/status/93160313929…[View]
149829856Redpill my class: We're doing a project where we make our own society with a minimum of 10 laws…[View]
149842522Pakistani man spotted with multiple WHITE, POLISH WOMEN and brown Polish children: POLSKA STRONK Sig…[View]
149842492america pls launch nukes against korea: then we will see who is biggest baddest man in the room you …[View]
149842470*blocks your path*[View]
149837949What's wrong with this country?[View]
149835356German police department here. Very Important. Its about life and death. Do you know that pic? Where…[View]
149837613oh just a friendly reminder[View]
149836682/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - WHY WPM: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov https:/…[View]
149841321Africans: Why do blacks smell so fucking bad? I've sat beside black people in classrooms, sat o…[View]
149836123#KillWhiteKnightsTbh: How soon before white knight cunts like this get beaten bloody by other bystan…[View]
149839977Mexicans are proud members of the white race: We are white, /pol/, it is the Anglo-Saxons and the an…[View]
149836378CBTS #399 Rothsburger Laughed At; Dead In A Plane Crash Edition: 1, The purpose is to log events as …[View]
149841933Each day we are moving further from God's light....[View]
149840288I remember some book about masculinity / males praised here, the thing is I can't remember its …[View]
1498420384 Albanian commando troops deserted by emigrating in England!!!!: The Defense Ministry reacted after…[View]
149841977Muslims are so alpha when their wives are raped they kill the rapist and their wives for good measur…[View]
149837206What is the /pol/ version of pic related?[View]
149838514Reminder: the president of the United States thinks protest is perfectly fine for neo-Nazis but a fi…[View]
149839269I tried to explain Libertarianism: Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTS84h6FtqU…[View]
149840797is she /ourgirl/?[View]
149822644Brit/pol/ - Based Gypsy King edition: links are for betas[View]
149840077/vg/ - Virginity General: Now that 'It's okay to be white' is over, can we organise another ope…[View]
149822366Two-deaded Hypocrite.: >Slovenia politician Tanja Fojan promoted the breaking of the law when it …[View]
149821387This Man is a Legend...: http://www.wtsp.com/news/graphic-obscene-skydrawings-spotted-in-okanogan-co…[View]
149834725>russia elects trump as a puppet president >meanwhile amerifats on 4chan are talking about 'me…[View]
149841454Nick J Fuentes: What are your thoughts on this guy? Is he a shill? Is he /ourguy/? I've only re…[View]
149836325I unironically believe that pornography should be banned[View]
149841557TBSG/ Tampa Bay Serial Killer General #4: -What we know about the suspect-- >Basketball American …[View]
149841515Is there any online group for alt-right creatives? I might be interested in making one if not. Reply…[View]
149841509Not gonna lie, former Trump voter here. This is fucking hilarious watching Trump crash and burn. But…[View]
149841075Is /pol/ for losers?: I only see anime pictures and 'get more white children' thread. I don't …[View]
149823977How do we make Brazil great again ?[View]
149841134Where Are The Pussyhatters?: Were they all just kidding us? Haven't seen a vagina suited whack …[View]
149840070What is America about?[View]
149839586Is it true that we can end world hunger for less 1 trillion a year?[View]
149841135Impeach Trump: http://time.com/5026052/democrats-impeach-donald-trump/?utm_campaign=time&utm_sou…[View]
149837282Where were you when 4chan was kill?[View]
149841153White genocide: I'm putting the finishing touches on an interview I did with a /pol white supre…[View]
149840001It's Not Just the Jews - It's the Yankees Too: Okay there's a lot of bellyaching abou…[View]
149841058GOOK PROBLEM: Gooks the worst race after niggers. Idiotic sloppy eyes, closed mind, robot consciousn…[View]
149838843WTF is this bullshit?: Trump's impeachment at stake according to J.D. Gordon? https://twitter.c…[View]
149841028CHAD JUDGE ADMITS TO FUCKING 50 WOMEN: https://articles.cleveland.com/open/index.ssf/2017/11/sitting…[View]
149841014Luxor skybeam is the moon?: 2014...[View]
149817945More Gay Propaganda on Starbucks Cups: Is /pol/ OK with this?[View]
149835523/pol/ony - Nauru Edition: Afternoon lads, I have an interesting proposition to add to the list of co…[View]
149828946Is there any place to get unbiased real news?[View]
149827665race mixing in 2017 Christmas ads: (((They))) are really pushing it hard this year. Here's a se…[View]
149840205Should those who do not pay income tax be banned from voting?[View]
149835615>Goldberg God damn it, pol, why are you always right?[View]
149840756Bahahahahha European countries are so shit in making popular music compared to Norway it's hila…[View]
149839604Assange and titcow Moore: What did he mean by this? https://twitter.com/JulianAssange/status/9315893…[View]
149835077What's the point of this 'country'?: >It's a colony of U.K. >Dirty nasty selfish Chi…[View]
149807872We can certainly all agree on this, right? Also: expanding brain meme thread, post yours![View]
149840615>Amerimutts don't exis.....[View]
149829187How long before Taylor Swift has enough and comes out as right wing? She's been officially exco…[View]
149840336Face of the Alt-Right: Why is the Alt-Right made up of kikes? I mean even Trump has kike grandchildr…[View]
149840428>be american >go to school >see this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6vVaB8YJ30…[View]
149840391>Liberal millionaires demand their taxes be raised >Trump obliges >NO STOP WE DIDN'T R…[View]
149815913The election is in like 2 weeks. Did Al Franken just save Roy Moore?: I knew the media couldn't…[View]
149839958Double standards?...Freedom of Speech?.. Tooth fairy? Cryin' over a sticker?[View]
149839946Holocaust in Ukraine: We all know about Holodomor [1932 to1933: 2.4 - 12Million estimated deaths] , …[View]
149839896Why do this?[View]
149839895Human Head Transplant Successful: >try it on a live body next time. Not sure his criteria for …[View]
149839793Mussolini/Fascist Appreciation Thread: Post your rare Mussolini's[View]
149839781Republicans Think Trumps Tax Bill Will Benefit Them: Trump is cutting taxes and increasing spending …[View]
149839701Balkan /pol/ (H8ers btfo'd) edt: What's up my balkan bros, what is the current news and po…[View]
149838427/pol/ unites countries: I have never seen a board unite so many different nationalities against Cult…[View]
149836524Things you will never hear blacks or muslims say?[View]
149821590How the fuck do we deprogram/redpill white liberals? If we figure out an effective method for curing…[View]
149834749GOP GOVERNOR SENT ME A DICK PIC!: looks like she's planning a coordinated attack to get him exp…[View]
149833337WORLD WARS 2 CUP 2: /pol/ representing the Axis in this World Wars themed tournament has to face /tv…[View]
149826881Should scientific research be focused on discovering a means to produce children without need for a …[View]
149837906there are no smart blac-[View]
149838621Trump building in Panama tied to Russian mafia, international crime: report: How can you still suppo…[View]
149839047If Democrats get back in power somehow, do you think they would go all out to pick a fight with Russ…[View]
149838062BROKE: >Civic Nationalism WOKE: >National Socialism SLOKE: >Civic National Socialism…[View]
149838176Daily reminder the word 'homophobia' was invented by a jew: ((George Weinberg))) american Psychologi…[View]
149838959This ride never ends: http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2017/11/17/danny-masterson-rape-accuser…[View]
149838862its over for Drumpf: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/robert-mueller-don…[View]
149815351Pol is gonna hate this: Pol is gonna hate this but here is the future, The three state Solution. By …[View]
149789442They just reached 40 million C in the W 7-X plasma: There is going to be a breakthrough soon. With h…[View]
149832846Damn, even Clinton isn't safe.[View]
149838667App from GOD: this app will single handedly stop the population explosion![View]
149833798Why are you neglecting Boogie2988 of his healthcare? If he were a British Citizen we would proudly p…[View]
149827423Burgers and online arms trading...: Oh wow, not surprising that burgers have a craigslist for buying…[View]
149831066GOP Tax Plan: What are the actual downsides to the proposed tax plan? Doubling the standard deductio…[View]
149830115Trump’s tweet backfires, foolishly reminds everyone he’s an admitted sexual predator: Donald Trump t…[View]
149838539Who is the stupidest fag in Euro history and why is it Stepan Bandera?: >gay >Cockhole loving …[View]
149838472Sweden YES!!!: Sweden has Microphones to record victims screams now! Since Sweden had to close their…[View]
149820858Germany has been nearly two months without a government: Status update plz[View]
149837786SHITaly hate thread: Why are it*alians such subhuman and criminal?[View]
149836595Remember when Presidents were men?: Remember when our leaders embodied manly virtues like courage, h…[View]
149830443Whats the alt: Right? Does anyone know?[View]
149837590Germacucks: Let's all take a moment to remember when Willy Brandt kneeled before the Warsaw Ghe…[View]
149836929HAYY FRIDAY TRUMPKINS: TRUMP CAMPAIGN SUBPOENAS ISSUED: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/amer…[View]
149837663My forefathers :)[View]
149838022Are cultures other than white culture worth preserving?[View]
149838233friendly reminder that socialism kills progress and causes us to stagnate[View]
149835970You guys said the pipeline was much safer than trucks carrying oil. That was one of the MAIN talking…[View]
149832964Why is Trump president if Hillary vote 3 million more votes? Why is America so backwards?[View]
149838139Sofia, citizen android of Saudi Arabia: So, are her responses canned Siri-tier (((AI))),or does she …[View]
149837085Future /pol/: Is /pol/ optimistic about the future of politics? Do you think that in 100 years we…[View]
149838118Wife Divorcing Husband For Kenyan Man She’s Never Met: How can white boi even compete? https://www.y…[View]
149821280Welfare Queen Feeds Lobster To Dog: Welfare Queen Feeds Lobster To Dog If this angers you, you are …[View]
149836077WW1?: After listening to the most recent kultur kampf, I realize I have no idea what ww1 was actuall…[View]
149838034How to be a Chad in the modern west: Being a Chad is everyone's desire, yet nobody on here know…[View]
149830672B..bu...but Al Franken[View]
149829536Jww Propaganda Europe: Hey 4chan, what country in europe is free of Jewish control and propaganda pl…[View]
149837928Dear anon, where were you when /pol/ became less edgy than a UK art school? https://www.thejc.com/n…[View]
149837867>Enjoy music from an artist >Since the Trump era, realise what their political views are >B…[View]
149837756Read SIEGE, faggot.: Don't be a fucking faggot. Only the superior will survive in the race war.…[View]
149831112You will be silenced.[View]
149830348How do we kill it /pol/[View]
149836588Is Paula Poundstone Possibly A Prolific Pedo?: Probably. Paula Poundstone became a single foster mot…[View]
149836613so pol, tell me why aren't you voting for womyn?: DONT FORGET TO VOTE FOR IMMIGRANT WOMEN YOU R…[View]
149837639>the current state of churches my religion is being[View]
149837516is this your savior /pol/ HAHAHAHAHHA this nibba sucked actual dick hahahha gayyyyyyy[View]
149834687CNN BTFO by based white boi: >go on field trip to CNN >wear 'Fake News Network' shir…[View]
149837249World's first human head transplant a success, controversial scientist claims http://www.telegr…[View]
149824658GOOK PROBLEM: Gooks the worst race after niggers. Idiotic sloppy eyes, closed mind, robot consciousn…[View]
149835320We need to talk about dogracism: You know I've bottled this up for so long but I cannot continu…[View]
149837157Zo.AI breakthrough.: Finally found a way to get around her controversy filter, this AI might have a …[View]
149835602UK NO! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5088451/Woman-stabbed-death-defying-Muslim-husband.ht…[View]
149823653She is 100% right, people, there is nothing you can say against it: Cinderella Escorts, a Germany-ba…[View]
149833836/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - D.A.R.E. EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.go…[View]
149835298Dixie Thread - Maryland Edition: ITT we post all things related to Dixie and Southern Nationalism. S…[View]
149837084jew human sacrifice ritual[View]
149810778look at this shit pol WAPO defends perpetrators of sexual assault as long as they are on the left ht…[View]
149836735National Day for the Victims of Communism: Completely missed this happening last week, the absolute …[View]
149836853create or consume?: http://youtu.be/cINbipYyoxk What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? What…[View]
149827602http://www.westmonster.com/french-academic-create-a-muslim-state-within-france-to-avoid-civil-war/ H…[View]
149834896Franken already is 56% face: though. Look at him why is he so gross. Why are almost all Jews so damn…[View]
149836915Sandy Hoax, DisHONR BTFO!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJjjYy_T5JY[View]
149836263What is a man?: Considering the recent peak in soygoy threads and such, what is /pol/s idea of the p…[View]
149836829THE SEX SCANDAL EXPLAINED: They are the kind of cases where it is right on the edge and could easily…[View]
149832847HAPPENING: Multiple shot in Denver Shooting: http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/crime/1-dead-1-inj…[View]
149836586>franken made a joke picture involving a sleeping woman >no evidence he actually touched her …[View]
149836728Why does this lispy faggot keep getting away with this?[View]
149818752Is atheism a mental illness? >Candice Yaacobi went to the shelter in search of a Chihuahua >Wh…[View]
149813403Syria General /sg/- 'LET'S BEGIN' Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wor…[View]
149820535Russia didn't interfere with the electio- So /pol/ how does it make you feel that you were fed…[View]
149835433Hitler was a zionist shill: HITLER WAS A ZIONIST JEW. FINANCED BY BUSH & WARBURGS & ROTHSCHI…[View]
149836404Is global warming an ancient cabal / alien conspiracy theory to thaw out the ruins of Atlantis from …[View]
149833969Is Dictatorship the natural destination of the American experiment?: >be enlightened men >set …[View]
149834761Did Adolf have any regrets[View]
149836172alt right ohio: made this for you <3[View]
149834468Are you ready to bow down to your Muslim overlords like good little white cucks?[View]
149835827Can the far right and far left band together?: Is it possible that some day the far right and far le…[View]
149826911Make sure you mention Grape Soda: kek[View]
149836160I smell a rat: My eyewitness forgets who forged my evidence. Maybe I grabbed the wrong crack whore o…[View]
149827878>Women competing with men for careers >White people cannot afford to start families >White …[View]
149827309Gentleman, the UK...: Mother-of-four, 26, 'was horrifically stabbed to death, dumped in a cella…[View]
149835598Rand’s wife: Tell me pol, does a libertarian marry a woman like that?[View]
149833157The absolute state of Stormfags: >When Anglin entered the Linworth Alternative Program, Columbus’…[View]
149829370Studio.co.uk release their 2017 Christmas TV advert: https://youtu.be/cNvrOWN3q5Q[View]
149836002Where are you at on Maslow's hierarchy of needs? I'm stuck at the bottom because no one wa…[View]
149819088>discover Jordan Peterson >haven't watched Stefan Molyneux since then >Stefan sounds l…[View]
149835910/pol/ What Drug Are You On?: Thread Music: https://youtu.be/1H4GqRN-7a0[View]
149832288NEED CREDIBLE SOURCES: Is it sad /pol/ is my current and only source of news? Anyone have trusted so…[View]
149822915Being a citizen of a country that's in Europe makes you Euro[View]
149807030Did we forget about Vegas?!: I haven't seen a thread in about a week, we need to stay on top of…[View]
149829891Fallen Marine’s family to Trump: Stop using our loss for your Niger cover-up: DRUMPF BTFO https://sh…[View]
149820510Bein Libertarian in Germany is horrible. Literally everyone here is pro big government. The only rea…[View]
149791093Why are leftists so obsessed with disease? Read the bio, does this seem like a normal person l to y…[View]
149832558Im glad we all: Forgot about this Yup nothing weird about this or anything No way[View]
149835544What are we going to do with the treasonous libertarian and anarcho capitalist cultural jews when we…[View]
149828536they found the Reich.: nasa indicates huge geothermal heat source /possible super volcano in ANARCTI…[View]
149833132Look at what MTV is saying to us trolls: Link to the article:www.mtv.com/news/2087859/trolls-sjw-lac…[View]
149835161What do you think of HR? What's HR like at your workplace? Should HR be a first step for sexual…[View]
149826626Is global warming /our/ climate change: Sea level rising, niggers cant swim, niggers drown. Why aren…[View]
149835468anyone else a politics major?[View]
149832892what is pol's opinion of mtv ?[View]
149797281Jesus Christ: He was Jewish and loved many Jews. Why pol hates the Jews? Your creator seems to love …[View]
149832281Remember that head transplant doctor?: The mad man actually did it http://www.telegraph.co.uk/scienc…[View]
149835118Follow up on crazy antifa 'thing' in gun store throwing bibles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xw1L…[View]
149833598>work in admissions at a college >realized that roughly 90% of black students are here on ath…[View]
149834509left-wing academia back at it again http://www.pnas.org/content/early/2017/11/07/1708491114[View]
149828406You may only post ITT if your country doesn't have it's citizens in the Righteous Among th…[View]
149825420Press F to pay respects[View]
149820253MakeApp: some dude invented an app (filter) that uses AI to remove makeup from photographs of female…[View]
149828533Europeans should move to russia and build their economy there.: Who knows, its a big country. You mi…[View]
149831485Academia: Is modern academia a tool for Marxist indoctrination? Why/why not?[View]
149834676the nationalist vs neocon war has begun guys https://www.newyorker.com/sections/news/karl-rove-has-s…[View]
149834430this is a useless thread[View]
149834497CNBC shills for the megarich because their taxes are going up in states with high local taxes due to…[View]
149831407Why is trump such a idiot? Pic related and article related. did trump not forcefully pass the bill?…[View]
149809250Faith Goldy: Is she one of the greatest political thinkers of our time?[View]
149815107CBTS #396 Planes Crashed Over Casa Rothschild Edition: 1. The purpose is to log events as they happe…[View]
149824687Lithuanians are not the master ra- >BTFO nordcuck vikangz on countless occasions >BTFO Germani…[View]
149834074/neo/liberal: Neoliberal / Globalist thread! Why are you not following the world’s most successful i…[View]
149815634what is your favorite slavic country?[View]
149830218The truth about jihad: Jihad actually just means 'struggle' - violent jihad is just one interpretati…[View]
149828956Girls are better than boys, girls are graduating more. What is it with this new trend that is demoni…[View]
149814296How will your handguns protect you from this?: Some say robots with guns would be terrifying. I say:…[View]
149831627When will /pol/ get over the left-right diversion?[View]
149831024Glow in the Dark CIA Niggers Confirmed: Screenshot from Tucker's recent Las Vegas mystery foota…[View]
149833609So Kiddie rape is okay in Alabama huh?[View]
149833393I find this odd...: Pic relevant[View]
149812610Why is it called 'Black' Friday?[View]
149833173God Bless America: http://www.krem.com/news/local/okanogan-county/graphic-obscene-skydrawings-spotte…[View]
149833083At least I didn't try to buy the bitch furniture.[View]
149827280Change.org: This is a unacceptable move that was provoked because 4chan defended a Reddit user for m…[View]
149832001One Africanus: Even if our current (incomplete) understanding of human's history places the bir…[View]
149832684Quick question: Is Finland still based/non-cucked? I want to visit Europe for Christmas but don…[View]
149828977Brazil is SUPERPOWER, NORDCUCKS NOT WELCOME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tCm9ZGTUaM https://www…[View]
149825191What happens here?[View]
149818303National Socialists are nothing more than a group of degenerate racists that view color over culture…[View]
149832658Merchants and charlatans gained control of Europe, calling their insidious gospel “The Enlightenment…[View]
149828208German Court rules: No Jews allowed!: Kuwait Airways has a right to ban Kikes from their planes, ger…[View]
149827635Should the government provide virgin men with free escorts?[View]
149814006Italian General Elections 2018: As you can clearly see,the PD (Democratic Party)It's dying and …[View]
149827796Mother fucking SJWs: Don't know where else to post this, but boy am I fucking steaming (1/2) …[View]
149827765Stephen paddock died with no will: >pic related Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter, died with…[View]
149824703Manspreading nigger turns violent, punches complaining woman in the face: >A Good Samaritan stepp…[View]
149832082LYME DISEASE GENERAL: This board is for the sharing of treatments, protocols, and people that have e…[View]
149819418Just admit it. You won't join the military because you're a fucking fatty who wouldn'…[View]
149831541Opposition to Moore falling apart: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxUT_o9VhMI[View]
149831780Does your country favour the criminal or the victim? In Canada, we love murderers and attempted murd…[View]
149810726Why is this whole sexual assault witch hunt only focusing on men? Who hasnt had to deal with a grabb…[View]
149822472>Oklahoma teacher accused of having sex with underage student this is just shocking, absolutely s…[View]
149826637You have won the general, Moore, but we do not grant you the rank of Senator. The Senate will decide…[View]
149815740>The guy on the right is '''superior''' to the guy on the left according to white nationalist.…[View]
149828952Search 'QAnon' on Twitter. Tell me what comes up.[View]
149826326>Nine tunnels have been listed as priority projects by the Indian Army, as they would provide bet…[View]
149829267Nigger Awareness Thread: Niggers are Worthless But Not Harmless Edition: Those niggers would have pr…[View]
149809602/pol/ will unironically defend this[View]
149831219ITT: We discuss this article: has pol actually fallen this much how is it possible to fall so much …[View]
149830264Ron Paul is shilling for Bitcoin now: Is it over?[View]
149831144https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KEK How did I not know that there was a japanese physics lab that work…[View]
149828003They're cute dogs. but why do nogs, coal burners and other trash always have them? >inb4 joh…[View]
149826938Who is this faggot that I see replying to Trump's tweets lately?[View]
149830828/pol/ BTFO[View]
149827302Dunno about you guys, but I'll miss the murricans.[View]
149825884I rarely see Rody discussed here. How is Island Rorschach not /ourguy/? >inb4 sea Mexican…[View]
149829617When is Trump Going to Bring Back Torture?: Literally the only reason I voted for him[View]
149830457oy vey is it me goyim or is it another shoa in here?[View]
149817059Post your most American picture[View]
149824061Navy Pilot drew penis in the sky: Navy apologizes after a pilot drew a penis in the sky. /ourguy/ or…[View]
149830149http://yournewswire.com/lord-rothschild-dead-plane-crash/ Press S to spit on his grave[View]
149825264Reminder that Anglos are not special. Any other European group would have been just as succesful giv…[View]
149829004Why are modern gamers like this?: What's going on inside their heads?[View]
149822653If Whites are so superior how come they were outsmarted by a Jew? :^)[View]
149830085/sy/ - Soy Boy Accelerationism: This thread is for the discussion of Liberal ideas, their accelerate…[View]
149830050Roy Moore: Guys no wonder Roy Moore likes young women. We need to stop discriminating against those …[View]
149827122Give me one legitimate reason gun control is a good idea?[View]
149824718I always hear that /pol/ is Christian board. If you're Christian, why do you hate Jews? Why do …[View]
14981984617 women have accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct. It’s time to revisit those stories: Rape. D…[View]
149827428>American ''''''''''''''English''''''''''''''[View]
149804429Russian military hate thread: More like this please.[View]
149827358Richard Spencer Appreciation Thread: How can one man be so based, /pol/?[View]
149827059Can canadians stop being cucks: sand niggers are taking over. they have infected our highest offices…[View]
149828996Lots of successful and beautiful people have very strange very mixed heritage. Why is this?[View]
149815079BLUMPH: IMPEACH![View]
149815091Can we take a moment to acknowledge this shill cancer that's being willfully spread around righ…[View]
149828041Now that the dust: Has settled can we figure out what exactly happened at sandy hook in 2012[View]
149829149Ancient greeks were nordics Ancient egyptians were black[View]
149828771Will the new knee jerk, me too, 'everyones a rapist' movement lead to more marriages?: Will more peo…[View]
149828995How is he legally dead without habeus corpus?[View]
149806784What’s really going to happen when majority of jobs are automated? No meme answers like Venus projec…[View]
149828935Pope Francis Climate Change Propaganda: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5088793/Pope-rebukes…[View]
149827480(((October Revolution))): >first Politburo, founded in 1917 to manage the Bolshevik Revolution: L…[View]
149828857YLYL Thread: Post your content for laughing.[View]
149809301Anyone else disturbed by the soyboy meme? I mean its a bit funny because fuck those beta ass cucks b…[View]
149820980PWMS for Sharia Law in USA: We are Proud Western Male Sexists for Sharia Law in America. Because men…[View]
149828172Dear Redd!t, How can you preach about global warming when you live in a city that produces an insan…[View]
149827031Gloria Allred is Hillary levels of psycho: Sad that this style of manipulation once worked and still…[View]
149828417if /pol/ was a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yzga0ld_Vg fuck off shills[View]
149826111Serious question: Seriously speaking, what can be done to 'save' the US? Unlike europe, they have ha…[View]
149827050How do we solve the kikoid problem?[View]
149827522Bored Ask a black man/nigger/noir/whatever living in France anything[View]
149828332Oui deim kaengZ[View]
149817361How do you fix the current state of social dating[View]
149827943The Omega Negro: Who is the blackest man that has ever been photographed?[View]
149820221Has Cernovich provided details on his announcement from last night yet?: Saw a thread here that stat…[View]
149822316MINARCHO-CAPITALISM: How are you gonna keep for example EXTREME MUSLIMS out of your country? The cou…[View]
149817451A tanned 14yo German rapes a chicken to death: A tanned 14 yo German boy has relieved himself using …[View]
149814489Edm 'festivals' are the true problem: For that matter ANY 'festival' is pure degeneracy. These are h…[View]
149806349The Plague has entered the cities: >' the plague has struck many of the country's major citi…[View]
149827919Redpill me on Ukranians (South-Eastern/Eastern non-Russian Slavs) pol: Basically pure Ukranian plus …[View]
149827885Liberal Media is code for Jewish Media: >In the November 16 episode, Silverman has a conversation…[View]
149811899NIGGERS ARE BEING SOLD FOR SLAVERY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2S2qtGisT34&lc=z23jezww2yisw…[View]
149817116It's all just blood-thirsty politics really.: >In other words, if we set this precedent in t…[View]
149793116Vietnam War veteran, 83, wears his dress blues to stand guard over his fellow Marine buddy's ca…[View]
149827727what will happen when the West falls into Islam?[View]
149826034Since when Minneapolis looks like London?: https://twitter.com/TarekFatah/status/930246400205557760 …[View]
149827632The Ultimate Soy Boy!!!: The first soy boy. Soy Boys have been soying for years.[View]
149806632What's happening in Germany right now: I posted this last year already but it got of course wor…[View]
149827391ywn be a crusader: Why do I have to live in such times? I would gladly give this life away for being…[View]
149817303Makeapp thread: Need to fill up my folder to trigger more leftists[View]
149820281What Did He Mean By This?: “We'll get you through your children!”~Allen Ginsberg[View]
149823895Reminder that the DoD is communist: https://archive.fo/CAgGu[View]
149826402>the left is eating itself even more How long until it's illegal to be a straight male?…[View]
149827096We have no problem subsidizing dogs to sniff out drugs, so why don't we subsidize them to sniff…[View]
149814803Surprise, surprise, bigots. It's impossible to 'grope' through a flak vest design to deflect th…[View]
149826720Armenians are sub-[View]
14981583856 % White meme: Holy shit, the meme was real. /pol/ was right again! https://www.okcupid.com/profil…[View]
149826999Victims Of Rape Are Men: Inspired by this huffpost article https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/9526296 L…[View]
149826994Those fucking jews are mocking us with their chemtrails now http://www.krem.com/news/local/okanogan-…[View]
149825693The armed forces are cucked: I’m done this is out of hand[View]
149826743Has anyone tried that makeup app on Hillary Clinton?[View]
149807319can you make it through 30 seconds /pol/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fTuHSSHHKY&t=49s I…[View]
149768733How do you reconcile this?: How does /pol reconcile their love of cops with their willingness to ris…[View]
149825078Hey /pol/, This guy is guy is going to try and kill the internet next month. The only way to stop hi…[View]
149823053We post the future of /pol/: I saw that if we post RWDS thread get pruned testin /polmeta/[View]
149819481Resistance movement march on Helsinki 6.12: The Finnish Resistance Movement will hold a march for th…[View]
149809032>ISIS wants to kill our fake-pope Are you ok with this /pol/?[View]
149826469Why have Jews been expelled in so many countries?: What is the next country/city and why?[View]
149826288Developing: Senator Blumenthal Sexual Assault Allegations: The hits keep coming. Something to keep y…[View]
149822778The Finders: Why did the CIA prevent FBI and municipal police from investigating a domestically oper…[View]
149823221Can we that ideological flags need to go?[View]
149826195paint is my language[View]
149825962COMMUNISM LATIN AMERICAN: >there are people that honestly believe that the whole LatAm will becom…[View]
149821270>Half Romanian >Half Castizo >Somehow look anglo saxon A-am I-I s-safe f-from the r-race w…[View]
149825836What's this nip prattling about?[View]
149808686Boxing Heavy Champion is a black supremacist: >World heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua h…[View]
149805080STRAWPOLL TIEM!: Democratic 2020 presidential nominee http://www.strawpoll.me/14420220 Go! I've…[View]
149824533Is this the goal of communism?: >everything is free to him >he owns nothing >free to do wh…[View]
149820984George Lucas was right: democracy will go down w/thunderous applause, not tanks.[View]
149820727/pol/ Reading Thread: Post recommended /pol/ reading, preferably pertaining to: >Politics >Doc…[View]
149825609What happened to architecture?[View]
149805463Britain and France started second world war: Britain and France rejected peace deals and invaded Ger…[View]
149825503Hillary says Trump appointing a special prosecutor for her would be tREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEason: …[View]
149819250CBTS #397 Sophia Starts M4ster Baits with Codex number Edition: 1, The purpose is to log eve…[View]
149822788Why is /pol/ so obsessed with white purity? Have you ever just taken a walk in a crowded area and re…[View]
149819267>Nearly 150 Muslims fired for absences after prayer dispute at Colorado plant http://www.cnn.com/…[View]
149820750100 million young white people basically under the culture of 10 million black people... Without inv…[View]
149819014>be 14 >too innocent >can't consent to Roy Moore 32 #MeAt14: Raising awareness around …[View]
149825068MakeApp: This is such a great app to trigger SJWs and feminazis. https://www.infowars.com/problemati…[View]
149806266>trump low key naming the jew how did you guys not catch this?[View]
149822426Rise a Knight!: Who will stand to be our next leader after Trump is gone??[View]
149824564property taxes: >own real estate >be taxed for owning it >if you dont pay the tax thugs wit…[View]
149798260Finnish news had a story today: A Russian man was caught in Russian toll while trying to smuggle ch…[View]
149824744>current year >refusing to be gay cuz 'muh homoophobia' >not realizing women have been expo…[View]
149824743YLYL: HOL UP EDITION: ARA ARA HOR UPU *conquers Korea* HOR UPU HOR UPU *gets bombed* HOR UPU PARESU …[View]
149824698feminism=cancer: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/posteverything/wp/2017/11/17/im-a-feminist-i-st…[View]
149821969The Border Patrol is not enforcing the border anymore: The Border Patrol is not enforcing the border…[View]
149821565ITT: Things Americans do[View]
149824618I SUPPORT A WOMAN'S RIGHT TO BOOZE: Can anyone meme it? I'm thinking a logo like pic relat…[View]
149812521Do as she says /pol/[View]
149808638Why do american conservatives like to vote against their interests?: Be American conservative >…[View]
149823634Shills are already preparing for podesta and co to go down. they know sessions is going to call for …[View]
149812428>american education[View]
149823913/pol/ is dead: We need to move to another board fellow /pol/acks (Not including lefties) The media k…[View]
149824468Why Normies Are Fucked: Uranium One = Hillary/Obama illegally sold uranium to Russia. It was illegal…[View]
149820124Pets are baby substitutes and should only be handed to minorities: IT’S NOT OK TO GIVE PETS TO WHITE…[View]
149824449OH NO NO NO NO[View]
149820555what's wrong with france ? how do we fix them[View]
149766955BASED STICKMAN EXPOSED: >creeping on underage girls >assaulting conservatives >trying to ba…[View]
149821760Startup gives $50,000 home down payment in exchange for Airbnb rental: >millennial generation get…[View]
149812275Tesla: >current products don't work >already shilling new products Is Tesla a fucking mem…[View]
149824144SOMEONE STOP MOLYMEME: HE'S GOING FULL PINOCHET https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbR96b7ksXg…[View]
149824225>When Rothschilds refuse to bow[View]
149824138Importance of childhood: How important is the first years of a childs life? I remember how much atte…[View]
149795882A muslim gentleman moves into your flat and requests you stop consuming pork and alcohol in the hous…[View]
149823980That's Not Socialism: Use it on leftist idiots who say 'That's not socialism.'…[View]
149811759Grab 'em by the pussy. Glass houses and all that.[View]
149821850I know the Myers-Briggs personality types aren't exactly scientific, but it's not like as …[View]
149821842Are these our guys?: Seriously, I just found this site - Jews for Gun Rights... http://jpfo.org/…[View]
149820537Is Beavis and Butt-Head redpilled?: >Watching one of the episodes from the 2011 revival season …[View]
149822586Can we do something about this retard? He is pure scum.[View]
149822363Le 56% face is just a me-[View]
149802979Brit/pol/ - The BUDGET COUNTDOWN Edition: Only 5 days left until we find out what shitty little issu…[View]
149821500Gun owner shoots himself and wife in church, while advocating rights to bring gun: Gun owner shoots …[View]
149810167Roger Stone appears to have predicted Al Franken groping bombshell: http://www.washingtonexaminer.co…[View]
149820098holy fuck richard spencer cant argue for shit, what a moron[View]
149807255Poland hate thread: havent had one of these in some time[View]
149822926What's /pol/'s opinion about Wheelys?[View]
149822518Pedo Jeffrey Epstein's deposition[View]
149807660Portuguese Dope: How has the decriminalization of drugs affected Portugal? What is the drug culture …[View]
149819292>Traditional women don't exis-[View]
149822796I'm a phone interviewer, /pol/: Is this redpilled in any way, shape, or form? Pic non-related.…[View]
149807634Why do asians want to be white so bad?: They project this yearning to look white from their plastic …[View]
149815871Should women be allowed to teach?[View]
149821554Oy vey: The future is literally annutta shoah[View]
149817588Welfare purge: Okay guys you want to stick it to these welfare leaches. Organize portest on EBT cuts…[View]
149821913>latinas are hot, bro[View]
149820983Why are Jewish surnames predominately German? (((Rothschild))) (((Goldberg))) (((Klein))) (((Stein))…[View]
149755191Millennials say no to kids, population 'replacement level' turns negative: >America is …[View]
149813966White people are jealous. They see that the black race in average have better bodies, higher muscle …[View]
149820825Black lives matter had a poll seriously backfire: Black lives matter had a poll seriously backfire Y…[View]
149817910I've been on pol for a long time and I've grown attached to you all and see you all as dea…[View]
149817237What would this man say when he sees you watching BLACKED and procrastinating all day?[View]
149822049LOTR series by Amazon: >Amazon announced on Monday that it has retained the rights to adapt J.R.R…[View]
149809674'Art' sells for over 400 million dollars, despite lingering doubts over its authenticity. …[View]
149821816THE. ABSOLUTE. MADMAN.: Incoming buttmad shills in 3. 2. 1. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/stat…[View]
149819037Why didn't the photographer intervene and stop Franken?[View]
149817464Is Poland the only based country left in Europe? Western Europe is overrun with the worst kind of d…[View]
149801431ECONOMIST COVER 2018: what does it mean?[View]
149819607You guys are liars.: You can plainly see in the video he pushes the back of her hand into his junk. …[View]
149821788Should I buy this?: Has anyone bought the book? Looks pretty comfy.[View]
149814940>Twenty MIIIILIOOOON dollars! What's his endgame?[View]
149819712ITS OVER[View]
149812449Could this be a chance to unite with the leftyfags? We come out, we start a movement #menarentperfec…[View]
149821486Students of the psychology department in my university did a research on porn. Most interracial porn…[View]
149813112APOLOGIZE.: https://www.thecrimson.com/article/2017/11/17/viera-why-i-left-stem/ >I entered Harva…[View]
149821403THIS!! THIS!!!! This thread was right all along.! >>>149742520 The CIA was (is) using music…[View]
149806783Why do arabs love Germany and Hitler so much?[View]
149814762Did socialism prevent Eastern European countries from falling into degeneracy like the rest of Europ…[View]
149816090Who is this sexy 24 year old with /ourguy/ Richard Spencer?[View]
149811971This book perfectly explains Alpha tier persuasion techniques: Why haven't you read this /pol. …[View]
149807385IT'S TIME[View]
149820475How do you Drumpfkins expect Cheeto the Orange Clown to run the country when he can't even drin…[View]
149820250The big dick in the sky: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/11/17/navy-admits-its-aircraft-drew-lewd-ima…[View]
149813704What am I?: I personally identified as a “lib cuck” but now I don’t even know anymore. Here are my p…[View]
149799314NATO - Erdogan incident: https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/turkey-withdraws-troops-from-na…[View]
149818090Sweden ?: How much is Sweden fucked ? How bad is their government ? Is It possible for swedish natio…[View]
149815967What if...: What if ALL food aid would be soy based or contain alot of soy? discuss[View]
149818971/pol/ ive been thinking for a while, should alcohol be hated just as much as weed? considering all t…[View]
149820418What unironically has Trump done that's worthy of impeachment? I always see things like 'Nixon …[View]
149819167Why are Thais such bad people: Hitler was evil and literally hate Thai massades. Don’t they know tha…[View]
149815729Daily reminder that the United States and Australia is the greatest dynamic duo in histroy[View]
149820464Flock to that label America: Trump is using his presidency as a schmoozed, get even more rich quick …[View]
149820431Were Jim Carrey and Dave Chappelle right about the Illuminati in Hollywood? Shit like https://www.yo…[View]
149816024Good job, Canadians: You could make Canada literally crime free by prosecuting sexual assaults like …[View]
149816225Okay, so, is /pol/ actually named after Poland?: Or is it a freaking sign showing that we're do…[View]
149820322ATTENTION YELLOW PRESS: This is not some secret source of scoops. Or some secret clubhouse where you…[View]
149810315/pol/ BTFO. Why are you not a Vegan Chad yet?[View]
149783771Is anything or anybody cool anymore?: >being a touring musician over-saturation of faggots in ski…[View]
149822985post your favorite le 56% here: post your favorite le 56% here[View]
149820263Sixteen Women or Donald Trump: Whom do you believe, /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2lMN3kIj…[View]
149818370Have you ever visited historically important places /pol/? pic related, me at Wewelsburg 2016[View]
149820231Lmao which one of you /pol/ are messing around with this autistic faggot?[View]
149775556CERN: What are they really doing with this thing pol?[View]
149820026post yfw the sealed indictments turn out to be MS13 arrests[View]
149819770/BMC/ - Boycott Muslim Companies: If you buy something from muslims you are taking your hard earned …[View]
149818208The productive pill: ●Taking classes to be on track to become a NICU RN ●Banging as many chicks as p…[View]
149819779Brother nathaneal gets censored on jewtube: Well it's finally happened one of the best redpille…[View]
149816907Why is the Aryan race the master race and why are they so few?[View]
149796641Ask me anything about this region: I will answer honestly[View]
149808848[Man in a Van]: The outlaw Terry Davis is now uploading videos of himself masturbating for “””””””Di…[View]
149813331You may only post in this thread if your state has good Castle Doctrine laws. Not so fast, New York…[View]
149821113To my Southern European Brothers We brown people are not your enemies, we are here to liberate you f…[View]
149802779Why the FUCK is this news[View]
149819657Sewing Cognitive Dissonance: Celebrities listen to these kind of trend setters. Can the Holocaust me…[View]
149818381Why are so many people in the far right obsessed with identity politics and the Jews? Don't the…[View]
149819108Thoughts on Tommy Robinson?[View]
149819584Is it over for him?[View]
14981951390th Academy Awards Cancelled[View]
149819161Why is the U.N. so useless?[View]
149819305Q clearance: European Edition: Who funds most EU bureaucrats, and why are billions going to unnamed …[View]
149812256CBTS #396 All Sauce and No Memes Makes Jack a Dull Anon Edition: _1. The purpose is to log events as…[View]
149813498The popularity of owning pets has been a social-engineering campaign to lower the populations of fir…[View]
149808372Give me one (1) reason why Ukraine shouldn't join EU.[View]
149817248FAT PEO/POL/ HATE: >chooses to be obese >chooses to use healthcare >complains…[View]
149810877Boogie is right. American healthcare is the biggest scam of all time.[View]
149815808Гpигopий Климoв Кpacнaя Кaббaлa: https://youtu.be/s049o-H0ovI[View]
149818830Destroy these Fags before they Pollute our Society: Here’s the link: http://instagram.com/mantenogsa…[View]
149799801super power 2020 26 Million babies born every year in India.. - India has 33% of world's poor…[View]
149818648Can you feel it?: Had a dream that I was a shitskin in a block high rise apartment. Was sitting at a…[View]
149817304Can you see it?[View]
149783211How is Jeffrey Epstein not in jail?: Is Trump covering for him?[View]
149808526The amount of shills in this board is disgusting /pol/ has become too popular for its own good thank…[View]
149811635In a perfect world[View]
149813480living with leftist parents: >be born in leftist shithole >neighbours are immigrants and whit…[View]
149818192>Liberals are stup-[View]
149788376(((They)) are in panic mode: Polish march makes numale chosenites have heart attacks. http://www.vda…[View]
149818154When the exception proves the rule: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2016/11/11/louisi…[View]
149817794What the hell is wrong with white girls[View]
149810640South Africa is the template for america in 2 generations this current racial friction is the equiva…[View]
149812495RIP FLORIDA YOU ARE NEVER GOING RED AGAIN: >Be America >Decide to take Spain's colonies …[View]
149817962Pol: Shooter in Cal was driving a tuck. Soros funded a nasty redneck truck driving commerical. Truc…[View]
149812666Gay Marriage: Can someone tell me why you guys are so enraged over fag marriage being legal? I thoug…[View]
149809788why have muslim happenings stopped? before we had terror attacks all the time now it's nothing …[View]
149817131laugh at our cucked military[View]
149817893Based Po..: JAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH[View]
149817858What are /pols/ thoughts on h3h3? Zionist mind control or a funny dude?[View]
149812862Why are Germans so much better than everyone in everything?[View]
149817776Hewwo, I’m Bernie Berstein, reporter for the Washington Post. I like Flemish Giant wabbits. Did Roy …[View]
149817421help me fellow swiss ppl: ethnically im swiss but ive been living in the states up until july. how i…[View]
149817658economically, are Bangladeshi and nigerian human? the are more like livestocks Pic is me i am a chin…[View]
149798987So after today's reveal we can safely say that Musk haters got absolutely, definitely BTFO.[View]
149814831Why is his head so small?[View]
149817515DIN: https://youtube.com/watch?v=lJFqvRwOiis[View]
149817322We need to take Trump up on this challenge and see to it that action is taken in the Senate against …[View]
149811670LOL the BBC is literally trying to troll /pol/: http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-trending-42003496 majo…[View]
149813041rolling stones and pizzas: https://archive.fo/bQjyV How come they run this story, even though wikipe…[View]
149817344Biz Op: Anons, lets beat the feminists to it?: >Tired of watching these feminists controlling pub…[View]
149817328Should we break u´yemen?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7GvmLyW_jA[View]
149815694White American superiority: Daily reminder that Yuropoors will NEVER - LITERALLY NEVER AND UNABLE TO…[View]
149816745What did they mean by this?[View]
149817192IT'S HAPPENING: http://www.masslive.com/politics/index.ssf/2017/11/us_senate_candidate_shiva_ay…[View]
149798366can I go crazy from hating (((the left))?: How do you guys blow of steam?[View]
149814975Net Neutrality: So what's the verdict? Are Jews for it or against it? Does is it give the gover…[View]
149801777He's British, you know.[View]
149816962Alabama guy here. I love seeing people freaking out about Roy Moore. Watch how George Wallace dealt…[View]
149814951>Late 2017 >Getting outraged about politics. >Having a side (to the point where you treat t…[View]
149813951Who still wants Indian and Muslim pajeets moving to US and Canada?: >Immigrant Pajeet to US on a …[View]
149812505Countries Thread: Aye Hol Up Edition: Post countries 'Aye Hol Up'[View]
149773162Smex: What's exactly wrong with promiscuity? As long as condoms and birth control pills are use…[View]
149795372Does this picture make you smile, Trump supporters?: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/…[View]
149812451Alabamanons don't fall for the Al Franken gambit.: Don't fall for their play guys, calling…[View]
149816455How long did it take you to realize that nobody here is smart enough yo hold a political ideology wi…[View]
149804633Serbian clay[View]
149815561Moon Man thread: >>149737072 Toasting this again with new mirrors (Youkike really hates moon m…[View]
149812108Anyone got a link for the new JAZZ AND JESSE on The right stuff?[View]
149815176Are there any first world Countries where gay marriage is still illegal?[View]
149816352At what point did you realize that (((white))) liberals were more deserving of death on the day of t…[View]
149816120Canada Hate Speech Laws: This is the official definition of hate speech. Going by this official def…[View]
149805067Another female pedo: >Married teacher 'forced students to have SEX with her to get good grad…[View]
149816112Helicopter-plane crash near Rotschild's manor 4D chess? https://uk.news.yahoo.com/plane-helicop…[View]
149816119Does he have a humiliation fetish or what?: I WAS PLAYING MARIO AND READING BIBLE VERSES I'M NO…[View]
149815492My European nationality family tree: After some research using family tree sites and my cultural and…[View]
149814515Who would you choose for your body if you had a choice? >20 years into the dystopian future, we w…[View]
149805042Leftists Okay With Sexual Assault When They Need To Be: This whore is down with Al Franken's se…[View]
149812339We need to show these cucks are power[View]
149804010/TBSG/ #2 Tampa Bay Serial Killer General:: --What we know about the suspect-- >Basketball Americ…[View]
149808725Why are people excited about 'caramelizing' the world?: I had a good friend today (darker side of ca…[View]
149790676Al Franken groping: Do as you pleas[View]
149797634What if we give the jews Greater Israel?: C'mon guys, the jews deserve it, and actually they ar…[View]
149815626Has Marutei Tsurunen been mentioned already? >Tsurunen was representing the democrats in the uppe…[View]
149811221Why aren't black people being torn down in the sex scandal?: Idris Elba - ‘He followed me into …[View]
149812433Government is your god: And you slave faggots just love it,fucking disgusting[View]
149815445((())): Remind me again, who owns the mainstream media, social media and who are the pop culture ido…[View]
149771595Al Franken[View]
149799220Is this something we should be concerned about?[View]
149806109HAPPENING NOW - Mutated strain of Pox incurable in ROMANIA: There is a dangerous strain of pox that …[View]
149815092Ape man btfo[View]
149812578Not Going To Resign: Hey guys, it's me, Al Franken. I just wanted to let you know that I'm…[View]
149814581Who the fuck are these freaks and why are they such a big deal all of a sudden[View]
149814892Is he white?: is he white /pol/?[View]
149787747>discover Jordan Peterson >haven't watched Stefan Molyneux since then >Stefan sounds l…[View]
149795513>soyboys BTFO https://youtu.be/FTSvLKY7HEk[View]
149814973Who are some of the greatest economists in histroy?[View]
149814899Hi guise I like your JTRIG SHILLING techniques and im here to advertise muh Church Would u guise lie…[View]
149797292these entitled sociopaths regard the whole world as their personal playground hopefully someone kill…[View]
149814697Have a Happy Thanksgiving[View]
149770072Anyone else here a minority that hates other minorities? How do you deal with it? I'm hispanic …[View]
149800823Why we need feminism: If Feminism becomes more popular then more women will start working out. Women…[View]
149800475Shep Smith to be fired, fox viewers are calling him on the bulllshit. Shep smith BTFO. heres the lin…[View]
149814509SLAVERY BLAMING GAMES ARE DEAD - SLAVERY IS BACK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2S2qtGisT34 Dude i…[View]
149807668All memes aside, how long do we have until Drumpf gets impeached?[View]
149814488How can I scare my peers about multiculturalism ?[View]
149814467German cuckchannel makes a documentary on poor rapefugees Show them some love pol/ https://youtu.be/…[View]
149814422Germany are the good guys: Our Green party is doing the right thing nominating Anne Frank for state …[View]
149807089Women are more political than men?: >ALL WOMEN ARE LEFTIST BITCHES >ONLY BITCHES WHO ARE RULED…[View]
149812779Florida Man Being Chased By Police Asks 911 To Call Donald Trump: Which one of you madmen was this?…[View]
149814358Seriously, the bullying against Catalan members of this community is getting way out of hand, especi…[View]
149814272Right wing retards on suicide watch. Why do you guys hate voting for what's best for you?[View]
149810659>born to late to explore the world >born to early to explore the universe >born just in tim…[View]
149807263Why are nigger women all fat as hell?? https://twitter.com/ABC/status/930915612100096002[View]
149806194Alt-Right vs Antifa: Who would you back in a 7vs7 deathmatch? No weapons[View]
149811165diversity is our strength[View]
149813848Where do we go from here?[View]
149813841>53% of white women voted for Trump >libtards want to raise that even further with shit like t…[View]
149796444Can we get a redpilled books thread going? What are some essential books that give a hardcore max re…[View]
149813462Pol could you red pill me on Nigel Farage. Is he owned by them?[View]
149813794AMERICA IS ANGLO SOIL: How do we get America back to being an Anglo country?[View]
149812044Is Zoella dare I say it, /ourguy/?: She’s recently been hauled over the coals by Marxist landwhales …[View]
149813572ball-earth is the key vulnerability of the Jewish Death Star[View]
149811987Online Weapon Sales: Should websites like this be legal? http://www.armslist.com/?utm_source=c000034…[View]
149812380hiding nationality of alleged criminals: In Switzerland there are parts of the police who want to hi…[View]
149813004Whatever happened to the presumption of innocence?: >In a few hours, George Takei went from a her…[View]
149790747Is it crucial that a white country wins the World Cup?[View]
149810897BLACKS SLAVING BLACKS AND SELLING THEM OPENLY: BLAME WHITEY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2S2qtGi…[View]
149813425>https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/930490487903084544 Brehs ;_;7 Is this the most /comfy…[View]
149812780Islam is the true religion of peace. Over the past 100 years, there have been 5 terror attacks in th…[View]
149797608White Army/Anti-Communism General: This is a place to discuss how to counter violent Communist riots…[View]
149811429When people flip out and call slide threads = wwwhhaaaaaaa you people should be looking at what i wa…[View]
149805104You got knocked the fuck out!: https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=2d1_1510848912[View]
149797119Syria General /sg/- White and Based Artwork Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriageneral…[View]
149810519Are the United-States still able to win a war outside of their territory?[View]
149799721War for Taiwan - 2020: Reminder that leaked documents and the 2020 plan indicate Chinese Communists …[View]
149813287Are gangsta rappers the most redpilled black people? >don't give a shit about laws >make …[View]
149812653Canadian Fireworks: This is it /pol/, the end of the leafs as we know it. We were a hardy people, al…[View]
149808747Daily reminder that Satanism is schizophrenic bullshit.[View]
149813249Live in one of the whitest states in the USA....see class of 2030. 0% face.[View]
149813156>Lithuanians aren't bas- >btfo Mongols >btfo Christian Germanic teutons >btfo Vika…[View]
149798048why are there no conservative comedians?[View]
149813124Official board game of /pol/?: 'It's Your Turn to TRUMP Political Correctness' triggeredgame.co…[View]
149806388Can someone please: Explain to me what this 'alt right' is? Ive never heard of it before oday Eli5…[View]
149809619stop using technology[View]
149810532Hey guys, men can have abortions, too! let's compare abortions to gun control but it's tot…[View]
149807248The video for that on YT has such overwhelmingly positive feedback. What the fuck is even going on? …[View]
149808276White genocide is not rea-: Feel threatened yet?[View]
149810670I'm not inherently against AI and immersing ourselves in virtual-reality worlds, but how can we…[View]
149809966So many of them don't even look human. I suppose it's no coincidence he resembles Admiral…[View]
149810948What's it like to be able to walk anywhere in your city at any time without worrying about bein…[View]
149810592Jeffrey Tambor star of tranny tv show accused of sexual harassment by costar https://www.nbcdfw.com/…[View]
149792703What does pol think of Wales?[View]
149804436Abo Protest: About a decade ago, I saw a photo like pic related in a Western Australian newspaper, a…[View]
149805519CBTS #395 Better Memes and Gardens Edition: 1. The purpose is to log events as they happen over the …[View]
149805098Never Forget: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNZ30WxvQkk[View]
149811748It's OK to be white: An urgent addition is needed to the 'It's OK to be white' posters, st…[View]
149812412>cant joke around with women >cant flirt with women >cant be sexually attracted to women …[View]
149809117>Tell my little brother who's in 'ungdomskole', about that niggers and most mudslimes can…[View]
149801551Just found out about the 'sovereign citizen'. I feel really entertained watching videos of SCs inter…[View]
149805282Who has the better life?[View]
149811837>No way to prevent this[View]
149776013Japan's about to get cucked by its own youth: >Japan’s population is expected to decline by …[View]
149809245Just found out that I have Guillain-Barre. It's somewhat treatable, but I'm in a really sh…[View]
149808451How come /pol/ sucks pewdiepie dick every time he hints at the right meanwhile this grade A chode is…[View]
149812096>be hispandex >like white women with hips/ass >most are into niggers >or the ones who li…[View]
149804048At what age were you first exposed to sex or porn, start masturbating and how much of a sexual devia…[View]
149808413is there a difference between niggers and black people?: i have always considered there to be 2 type…[View]
149811891red pill me on Lebensraum > was it really manifest destiny for germany or is that just a meme…[View]
149806123Why is weed considered to be so terrible while alcohol is perfectly accepted? Either they should bot…[View]
149811299chinks have finally done it: First human head transplant is successful in china http://www.telegrap…[View]
1498091904chan shadow ops, how to make leftists hate communism: Pic very related. How do we do this /pol/? Ma…[View]
149808935argentina: >new law charges 25000 pesos (~1400$) to men who sexually assault women in the street,…[View]
149791885correlation between iq and political ideolgy: post your iq and post your political ideology https:/…[View]
149809599/pol/ may have convinced blacks in the US are subhuman to blacks everywhere else. I'm black and…[View]
149811566Aircraft and helicopter in 'mid-air crash' near Aylesbury,Buckinghamshire >http://www.…[View]
149802086Lauren Southern is out of fame: 14 out of 15 minuets are up see how empty the event was her boyfrien…[View]
149811486Dd you know Women bear the heaviest brunt of global warming?: ...Comment from one of the the great m…[View]
149806228Why were you shilling for Rothschild puppet Trump? The Rothschilds are laughing at your stupidity.[View]
149811449What does /pol/ of think of leftist anti-establishment nutjob Abby Martin?: Would you allow her to p…[View]
149797941>poland >savior of the white race top zozzle. >1 in 4 polish women in uk have children wit…[View]
149764760Fox News Poll: Jones leads Moore by 8 points: Is this fake news? I don't know who's jewing…[View]
149811195Was he really just playing to a bunch of proto cucks /pol?[View]
149798107Kate green labour MP blocks Icke book launch[View]
149809319UN-JUST >MILAN (Reuters) - Silvio Berlusconi need no longer pay his ex-wife 1.4 million euros ($1…[View]
149810878Inbreeding and Extremism: Just realized something. Throughout my life I always wondered how Islamic …[View]
149810041hard times create strong men: canadian edition - jordan petersen - gavin mcinnes - stephen crowder …[View]
149809429>Lil peep Anybody else actually happy to hear this literal who is dead >inb4 edgy…[View]
149796197HOW COME ALL THE SEX SCANDAL GUYS ARE WHITE?: It seems to suggest that whites are the most depraved …[View]
149810686>2017 >Wagecucking >Working in fields like finance, accounting, transport and logistics, fa…[View]
149810576What if the Refugee Crisis has an option in case normies start to wake up. The PESCO agreement signe…[View]
149794658Yugoslavian War: Tell me about the Yugoslavian war. Why did they fight. Who were the good guys/ were…[View]
149804146The elephant in the bath house: We hear and see the gay agenda getting pushed everywhere - TV, films…[View]
149763501China and it's government is a cheap, uneducated, retarded, cancerous piece of shit And here…[View]
149810577So, wath do you think of this Torah anime and its fanbase? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIIpZdjy2…[View]
149806385Who is that beautiful child?[View]
149806641What is a mans role in modern society?[View]
149783307NAZIS BTFO[View]
149786003Zo THREAD #8 - Tay nostalgia edition: https://www.zo.ai/ >Zo is a new AI bot from Microshit Caref…[View]
149805687Ever notice how...: Ever notice how all the perpetrators/accused in this massive avalanche of sexual…[View]
149806838I'd like to dedicate this song to Lil Peep: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Txp-_Dhicdo…[View]
149793423Scientific 'research': http://archive.is/nw25r >The House Just Voted to Bankrupt Graduate Student…[View]
149810184Why do Americans think they're white? Everything outside of Europe are literally the shitstains…[View]
149808907A WEAPON TO SURPASS METAL GEAR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRj34o4hN4I ARMY welfare Queens bfto…[View]
149810060How do we deal with the Nu-Male epidemic?[View]
149806616Imagine being that much of a beta cuck.[View]
149787587why does Weed trigger /pol/ so much?[View]
149809915Is anarcho-bavarianism Europe's only hope?[View]
149807961In this thread we discuss who's the Final Boss and why it is the Rothschild puppeteers of Trump…[View]
149795018Do Blacks even understand that white people are the only ones sympathetic to them?: Do they even kno…[View]
149809633Donald Thump and adorable rabbits #4 BATTERY INTERRUPTION EDITION: Hello again, buddos! Sorry I didn…[View]
149801912>Head to Tesco to pick up some bits >See 2, fucking 2 white women with Arab men and babies on …[View]
149806040>diversity budget The absolute state of the anglosphere[View]
149807837Can men use #metoo? Asking for a friend.[View]
149809478Why do libs say they hate straight white men and anything related to white men but worship shitty sh…[View]
149809532ITT: List your favorite countries and others rate 1) Germany 2) US 3) Hungary Honorable mentions are…[View]
149809483How come there are never major terrorist attacks in Israel, the ultimate evil in the eyes of all mus…[View]
149794236Isn't Britain great you guys?: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4828546/Christian-girl-5…[View]
149808841Are these people really a threat to society? https://twitter.com/BevHillsAntifa/status/9297709084235…[View]
149809352Are we living in the second Gilded Age?[View]
149811903blowjobs: hey /pol/ what do you think about blowjobs? is it sodomy, should woman do it? is it okay,…[View]
149808626Spooky happenings with Twitter and Franken....: What exactly is going on here? I'm not really T…[View]
149803265This is a Bush family member. Le 56% face is true.[View]
149794905Jesus Christ[View]
149809152Saw this at my college and thought it would be a fun idea to post this here. Anyone in the area will…[View]
149798925Apparently he has a PhD[View]
149808992/POL/ INFLUENCE WANING: http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-trending-42003496[View]
149802820Albania is Serb clay: Albanians subhumans should be extreminated from this world desu...[View]
149806692Do any of your facecuck friends virtue signal this hard?[View]
149798984How do we encourage women to become independent, critical thinkers instead of being a blind sheep al…[View]
149803074Tent city silicon valley Amimutt will defend muh capitalism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8FeXvn…[View]
149808532I know it might sound odd, but I have a theory that PROVES jews did 9/11. You see, all of the CEO…[View]
149804159In Australia in 2014, the cost of putting one person behind bars for a year was $109,500. As at Janu…[View]
149804555LOL. http://www.popnewsmagazine.com/miss-iraq-takes-selfie-with-miss-israel-catastrophic-results/ Sh…[View]
149795978Communists, GET. IN. HERE.: I have been reading many books lately on Communism, the Soviet Union. Ma…[View]
149808571What's an actual good news app? Google puts The Atlantic at the top of the Top Stories EVEN whe…[View]
149808289http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-42021373 >The defector crossed the demilitarised zone on Mon…[View]
149806914WWIII 2020: Prepare your A-holes for A-bombs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoxPakyHeIw[View]
149806976What the fuck: Is the alt right? I just was called this and have no idea what it means Am i a retard…[View]
149808364ITS OK TO BE WHITE-fellow white edition: (((Alex Schwartz))) wants his fellow whites to cut their wh…[View]
149808009pee tee gee - fuck the b0t general: http://pastebin.com[slash]nygxu29R[View]
149806543Are We Paying For His Hair (lack there of)?: Imagine, this guy is supposed to preach peace and reaso…[View]
149801535Former US military base employee on trial for murder of japanese woman http://www.dailymail.co.uk/ne…[View]
149782038Middle easterners: Why do you people refer to mid easterners as browns? They're not, they'…[View]
149784755WE DID IT BINDI![View]
149800834Wholesome movies tv shows?: Do you guys know any? pic related[View]
149801107Prove you’re not a blind follower and name one bad thing about capitalism[View]
149805238Sweden is a shithole: I found this documentary on progressive indoctrination in Sweden. I want to ki…[View]
149804395What is it that makes Americans such consumer hounds? The star trek battlefront business is the late…[View]
149799798Why the sudden uptick in pedo-sympathizers?: Soros/Podesta goons? Did a pedo board get shut down? I …[View]
149798712You are racist, sexist, misogynistic, intolerant islamophobes. Fuck you.[View]
149805011Sexy vidya characters: Stop buying games with them, you are making this ''''woman'''' annoyed.…[View]
149801208The color ((((orange)))): So lately I've began to notice something strange, 90% of NGO's i…[View]
149803238Reclaim the word Nazi: Given that the word nazi has been abused horribly, by leftfags calling anyone…[View]
149801794INDIA TO BE POWERED BY POO: >Many of the state-run toilets have encountered problems when it come…[View]
149805831If poor people really have it 'bad' as liberals like to say, why don't they just kill themselve…[View]
1497871743D-printing and gun control: Will the man be truly equal once the 3D-printing technology gets out in…[View]
149807040Will you fight for me when i'm gone /pol/? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9skYkQfAwus…[View]
149789642FtM trans now accepted in Proud Boys[View]
149749690Press S to spit in her grave[View]
149760665I descend from all these nations, who else: The Irish, Northern Irish, Welsh and Scots are all Celti…[View]
149792422Just another day in South Africa. I literally will see messages like this of my friends getting assa…[View]
149800774when did you realized this 'soy boy' meme is a campaign by the dairy industry. fuck off da…[View]
149806161Why is Modi so popular in India while Europians are starting to hate their leaders?: Why are western…[View]
149806958Eggheads fussin' rednecks cussin' Hippies for their hair Others laugh at straights who lau…[View]
149796825Bashar al-Assad: would you classify this lad as white? to me he could easily pass as a terrone…[View]
149795273Australia has more guns than before Port Arthur massacre: Really makes you think[View]
149793273dude it's safe https://www.aol.com/article/news/2017/11/16/baby-boy-is-first-marijuana-overdose…[View]
149774063Name 1 industry that will still be profitable in 100 years[View]
149786664How bad is the tranny problem IRL? Is it really that big a trend, specifically with kids who can fuc…[View]
149805482And you whites have the audacity to complain about immigrants in your countrys, lmfao.[View]
149806740Labor Unions Vs Womens Rights: LABOR UNION VS WOMENS RIGHTS Labor unions have been the sole force th…[View]
149802314My body is ready: Over 1,400 sealed indictments are on the books this year, as opposed to ~200 in a …[View]
149805915Why are you so sexist, /pol/? Just Elect Women![View]
149803421Why do we have such a big problem with childfree women?: 'It turns out that my decision to not have …[View]
149801003/IRA/ - INTERNET RESEARCH AGENCY GENERAL:: Daily Reminder that the Kremlin-sponsered Troll Factories…[View]
149795645what activities should a young boy be doing? /pol/ approved? I don't think this question has ev…[View]
149803690Is patriotism destructive? At the beginning of my transition from a lefty to a conservative my views…[View]
149804483Why don't the jews promote incest: This is something I don't get. If the jews want to crea…[View]
149752302Muh pussy grabber.: >Gloria Allred >Forged yearbook Fake news.…[View]
149799690CBTS #394 All Hail Our New Bot Overlords: More Eyes on the Heart of Q >>149467638 >>1476…[View]
149789473Austria! NO! Stop cutting gibs for foreigners!: The new, evil, right wing, fascist goverment of Aust…[View]
149800651What's this soyboy I'm suddenly hearing about?: Are we done for?? Is this what caused Aust…[View]
149806042this is where red blooded americans will make their last stand.[View]
149798820/ptg/ - PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - HONOLULU EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.…[View]
149801020Daily reminder that /pol/'s favorite movie is a jewish production about a nigger selling drugs[View]
149805699BBC '''news''': I'm so glad the BBC is there to give me a page purely describing the injuries s…[View]
149805594The Donald Trump movie script that went around a few weeks ago: David Bixenspan made the entire thin…[View]
149803193Do you support intelectual property?: >be jewish >patent life saving medicine >sells for $5…[View]
149801621The Island: will the demand for embryonic stem cells from aborted fetuses and mutilated foreskins be…[View]
149799725A failed 'Swedish flag' hoax shows the decline of the extremist 4chan message board: Kek, …[View]
149802532What is wrong with libertarians? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tb8cErokGFs[View]
149797819One thing I noticed among these actors and celebrities with these sex abuse accusations is the commo…[View]
149803959Why leftists and communists live in first world countries? I don't get it.[View]
149788116Why do people hate simplifiations?: Isn't it way better to have a very simple tax model? 3 tax …[View]
149800037redpill me on refugees anons, are they really that bad? Ill post my best soyboys in return[View]
149801108Ashkenazi Jews is the smartest human race. An average IQ of almost 115. That's why Jews genera…[View]
149791165Pedophiles and Rapists are on Twitter: It's the (((current year))), and verified[View]
149802746Calls for Twitter to censor video and pictures of Joe Biden getting touchy with the women and kids- …[View]
149800071Economic Systems LETS SETTLE THIS: >There are four primary types of economic systems in the world…[View]
149804796What's the point of this stupid sticky, again? Is this a rethorics board or something? What abo…[View]
149797147how the fuck did he get it all so right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ix_7p1qczXs&t=190s[View]
149803145How will Israel take final control?: How will the end look like? My guess is nanobots will be releas…[View]
149802805Just go fucking nuclear on this shit.: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/blogs-tre…[View]
149797568It was her turn: Why did you jerks ruin it for her??? >she didnt do anything wrong!…[View]
149782882BBC just rekt y'all: How do you basement-dwelling low-lifes feel? You just got BTFO by BBC…[View]
149802382Google Tranlator knows human language: It knows now human language and can write it well than before…[View]
149787916What a degenerate, wig-wearing jew: Even Fox News can't stand the fuckhead. God I can't st…[View]
149791534How do we organize: Lets think of ways to start meeting up across the country... we need to get this…[View]
149795704Is it true that in Texas.... If someone enters your car for whatever reason (like a crazy ex) and th…[View]
149772040Brit/pol/ - no leaks and no links edition: No links need links for this early morning bread[View]
149778651Zimbabwe - Ongoing Happening: Secretary Tillerson welcomed @_AfricanUnion Chairperson @moussafaki_m …[