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189914481Thoughts about her politically[View]
189919885Prove me wrong[View]
189917934/pol/ BTFO: Trump is literally voldemort[View]
189919983well lads here it is from the horses mouth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=106&v=4i…[View]
189916391Greatest Treason against the West: Prove me wrong.[View]
189919904A question to civic nationalists.: A question to civic nationalists since i know they are here. If y…[View]
189919474Election Meme idea for the upcoming election/early voting: Buy a red pen and bring it to a polling s…[View]
189918024How did /his/ become such an insufferable leftist shithole?: Pic related is a recent example of disc…[View]
189917306we should honestly raid the 'true crime' community on tumblr. watch savantics video about it on yout…[View]
189917112Boomer hate thread: I have quite literally no respect for boomers/old people in general In my opini…[View]
189910993What keeps you going?[View]
189914733Are flu shots a hoax? My employer is making them mandatory. I got one last year and I still got the …[View]
189916842what does /pol/ think ofthis? (i know its kinda old) https://youtu.be/ZHZPLvbhLh8[View]
189912069Christian identity general /cig/: >What is christian identity? Identity christian simply implies …[View]
189913146Is Cartman right about the jews?[View]
189919421Let's assume what these libfags wrote is true. It only shows trump is even more of an alpha dog…[View]
1899169793YChromosomes: Thoughts on starting a troll subreddit called 3YChromosomes?[View]
189898228>'This baby about to die': Shocking footage showing a mom trying to DROWN her daughter …[View]
189902195should I come out as a nazi? I joke about jews and hitler with some of my friends (and I've bee…[View]
189914073Don't YOU DARE talking shit about italy you ingorant third world country subhuman, WE: >have…[View]
189913963White people did it!: Theories for ancient technology are very popular in the West. Why? Idea that a…[View]
189918460Im not fat from poor diet, it's the memes! CNN said memes make us fat! https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/…[View]
189911271Daily reminder: Daily reminder that 100+ billion people have lived and died before you were born. An…[View]
189915999who /green card winner/ here? >uni student in /int/'s favourite meme country Philippines …[View]
189917438What do poos think of him?[View]
189918891(((They))) are starting to hide it: Remember when you could look a Jew up on wiki and confirm that t…[View]
189918646Will She Resign With Dignity?: Exploiting and profiteering from the Cherokee people who suffered on …[View]
189918358What hope is there for the future when the younger generation openly despises the idea of due proces…[View]
189918302Where does your state place on this list: i live in washington and of course it's blue as hell …[View]
189917496What if we just teamed up with the Jews and went on one final crusade? The cognitohazard that is Isl…[View]
189914864Has anyone else noticed that this guy always starts pivoting to the left whenever things start looki…[View]
189918414Why do people believe these guys are innocent? I mean... seriously... what the fuck...[View]
189918411Getting Pounded By 'THEM.': Court / council / pound 'em into voting RIGHT! >'They …[View]
189913626/pol/ Believes Jews Are in Power: If Jews are in power, why won't they attack Louis Farrakhan.…[View]
189917877What are the social impacts of the Hit or Miss phenomenon?[View]
189916739Yeah, it is pretty much like this[View]
189918270Fake News Is Poisoning Brazilian Politics. WhatsApp Can Stop It.: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/17…[View]
189914355Reminder: Jews control a lot of politics, media and journalism because we're a lot smarter than…[View]
189910925>The United States can build the Hoover Dam for $750 million after inflation and two years ahead …[View]
189918214When will the shills stop forcing this meme: Well /pol/?[View]
189889331Can psychedelic drugs fix tribalism?[View]
189918155Why Italians invaded Ethiopia ?[View]
189916072The NPC Meme is Dominating Twitter: I think it's fair to say that Twitter's attempt to ban…[View]
189916509The epitome of soyboy: Shane. This guy is the biggest fucking basedboy ever. You literally wont find…[View]
189917535POLL: Which is the Best Major News Network?: Vote on your favorite news network here https://www.str…[View]
189917925> 2 scoops > 2 genders > 2 terms > repeal the 22nd amendment > 2^2 th reich deal with…[View]
189917837/pol/ BTFO: http://archive.is/sEz8K[View]
189917255Made a red wave vid, what do you think?: https://streamable.com/zaete[View]
189916034>crippled, tumblr and female why does America do this?[View]
189904526Micro plastics found in 90% of table salt: It’s over lads. Table salt is in everything you eat. This…[View]
189916874white boy be scared and hostile when someone above him hahahaha[View]
189914060So they just rounded up homos and put them in homos prisons?: > In 1933, the Soviet government un…[View]
189912986Most fucked up thing you’ll see today: This was a featured ad on my 11 year old sister’s Facebook.…[View]
189916359What's the stereotype of an annoying centrist?[View]
189917399Aeon of fire is upon us, join a Sinister Tribe.: Look for the sign.[View]
189901310Hes going to start a war against mexico just to save his ass in the midterms, isnt he?[View]
189909975Thoughts on this guy?[View]
189914095Why are we on this Rat's side again? Remember how he stole Colorado?[View]
189917188Hitler: Das bolschewistische Ungeheuer, dem sie die europäischen Nationen ausliefern wollen, wird si…[View]
189906260why are white people so degenerate?[View]
189910314Will it ever truly be /herturn/? I feel sorry for her, she never got a chance[View]
189906708Right wing music thread: Alright goym, I feel as though there is a distinct lack of threads to discu…[View]
189910531/HUE/: >2nd round polls: BOLSONARO 61% X HADDAD 39% (Paraná Pesquisas) Bolsonaro vs. Haddad run-o…[View]
189916753Pop quiz, hot shot. What would the United State have done in response to the 9/11 Saud attack if Al …[View]
189915613this is a real person[View]
189913660THIS is the reason the Zionists are trying to ruin ties with Saudi Arabia: https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
189912633Did you get one?: Not even the 2017 green maga hats went out of stock this fast, Halloween MAGA hats…[View]
189904064These fucking Jews are killing us with flouride: I just learned how bad flouride is. Is this shit re…[View]
189909320It’s total war: Would you fight? If so, for what? For your life, for your country, for the party, fo…[View]
189913063Wtf why is this wench still breathing /pol/ lied to me[View]
189913121Ponchohontas BTFO[View]
189916419Don't you think it is weird the prince kisses Snow White without her permission? https://www.bb…[View]
189916785Friendly reminder to post straight shit on /gif/: Faggots and niggers have been ruining this board, …[View]
189914266When will Huffpost realize they're crazy?[View]
189913668This is America lmfao: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S39Am9OicZk[View]
189897372CNN Article from 30 minutes ago.: https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/18/health/internet-memes-obesity-intl/…[View]
189911881I made a Soviet NPC![View]
189912755Daily reminder: Killing Journalists is Wrong: Washington Post publishes 'last piece' by mi…[View]
189913989Pride: I have a fucking gay fag in my collage who touches many other guys included me yesterday. I…[View]
189913498NPCS is simply POLITICAL DE-BRAINWASHING: The NPC meme has shown me that potentially a lot of users …[View]
189910371Bitcoin is the mark of the beast.[View]
189901433California Appreciation Thread: California has: >great coasts >5th largest economy in the worl…[View]
189916303Jordan Sather, one of the boomer-friendliest truthers out there is dog-whistling on Twitter. Here…[View]
189915230So how do midterms work? What the fuck am I voting for? What is there to vote for? Never done midter…[View]
189915174How fucking dare you: These immigrants are just trying to achieve the American Dream by immigrating …[View]
189915813We won goys, we truly did it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7ZuffBrloo[View]
189904165How exactly did they calculate this number?[View]
189904740'We didn't invite none of you here. We're the only native Americans here.': 'Get on with y…[View]
189880367Turkey: Saudis Dismembered Journalist While He Was Still Alive: https://russia-insider.com/en/report…[View]
189897371Drumps BTFO!!![View]
189899063Why do you support voting /pol/?: Election by lottery is a much better idea.[View]
189914954Trannies are raiding 4chan: Friendly reminder to not reply to tranny threads and to not give them an…[View]
189914949Global warming is killing polar bea....: OH NO NO NO!!! Shooo shoo!!! you little rascals! You'r…[View]
189912425Buzzfeed says I'm not white even though I'm a blue-eyed blond-haired light-skinned german.…[View]
189909380Anti-fa: Wow, this shit movement hasn't died yet? Here's how it's gonna go down if it…[View]
189901557LGBT POPE: I'm so proud to be Catholic today![View]
189905325Who actually makes up his fanbase?: SJWs and lefties hate him because they view him as a racist and …[View]
189890671Australians can get arrested for cheating in video games: Australia is the new Sweden https://www.pc…[View]
189915355Latina Grandma - Speak English or GTFO: While on the job at WalMart, Cecilia was helping some faggot…[View]
189912629Why do movies, TV shows and songs always portray Los Angeles as this dystopian nightmare full of cri…[View]
189892377How did Germany defeat France so easily during the World War II? Are the french cowards?[View]
189915092a s i a n s are a r y a n s At what point did you realize that asians are the real aryans? You can t…[View]
189913704THE WHEELS ON THE BUS GO ______ _______ fill in the blanks[View]
189911384Thief steals five cases of beer from Arlington Texas store: where the dallas cowboys and texas range…[View]
189914969Lets turn elizabeth warren into a nazi and make the left and shitskins go crazy. >this is how you…[View]
189908396>went a little autistic on Lynzy Lab, who made that 'Scary Time' song with her ukulele >she (p…[View]
189912991>Tfw I still have not received my supply of government weed paid for with government money…[View]
189909584Swede cucks out: This shit in Prague. What the fuck is this? Fucking Swede cucks trying shit[View]
189907088when will you realize that communism is the future?[View]
189910892All NPC's are not Firstborns[View]
189913759Trumpsters are anti free speech authoritarians[View]
189902948Does anyone else here not believe there are huge differences in IQ between races?[View]
189912346do your best funniest edit wins one internet[View]
189914752Can jews be niggers, the bigger question is why do they even exist[View]
189914687The stakes have never been higher guys: Cort will protect us[View]
189914149Where do we go from here?: I won't lie, the past month has been pretty white-pilling, Trump is …[View]
189910259>tfw cuckservative neocon Americans say Malmö is a third world shithole warzone Have you taken a …[View]
189911476Mehmet my son: post em[View]
189913898>be Germans >start weltkrieg >get ass kicked >blame Jews >start weltkrieg 2:Electric…[View]
189908420Dear White People - Why don't you go back & repopulated Europe?: They have low birthrates a…[View]
189912691My eyes are finally opened. This semester at uni we have a Holocaust lesson. The teacher told us thi…[View]
189913691Canada is trying to re-criminalize bestiality. How intolerant, it's 2018! https://archive.fo/q9…[View]
189911841PSA this picture gets deleted immediately. It triggers the mods too hard, for whatever reason.[View]
189914309Both parties are slaves to corporate Ameri-: >Tax cuts for the rich >Trickle-down model >Te…[View]
189910820White men are only 30% of U.S. population. What makes you think you have any power? The only reason …[View]
189887114Rapper T.I. plans to release music video showing graphic love scene with Melania Trump: https://twit…[View]
189911426Why is Khashoogi such a big deal to the globalists?: he was close with the house of bin laden who ha…[View]
189899339Just post the instore prices[View]
189914035wtf chess: >Sides divided by black and white race >White goes first giving them the advantage …[View]
189906551based Syrian Actor 'i love Hitler': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tv5UFKd3iSA why anti-semitism is…[View]
189905171Finn jailed for 22 months over pro-Russian hate campaign: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-4590…[View]
189913808Die Polizei Berlin, Wie sie beleidigt und pöbelt.: https://youtu.be/IpkX6aIrSQc Wenn ihr betroffen s…[View]
189913480Ted Cruz Sign Guy: Which one of you faggots can make a dance remix out of this guy's video?…[View]
189911345The 'Kathy Bates' Phenomenon: Why do all Lefty and or Democratic women tend to age into Kathy Bates …[View]
189897593NPC meme is helping (((them))): What if I told you that the NPC meme is a PsyOp orchestrated by (((t…[View]
189912705All the /x/-tier bullshit aside, why are liberals so obsessed with declassifying UFO reports and inv…[View]
189906393Who the fuck is paying these people?: Honestly, who gave these people this idea? It's just rea…[View]
189913517Unstoppable NPC/Immovable Pepe: We have both the unstoppable force and the immovable object within o…[View]
189909312Is this why our homeboy Q disappeared?[View]
189913156Nigger: Warning: The nigger will use: A. Violence B. Controversy C. Sex To obtain your attention and…[View]
189911605My uncle got a mail order bride when he was 65. His bride was 37. For a start it was weird and he te…[View]
189907041How does /pol/ explain this?[View]
189911406Whats the deal with Minorities: Are minorities really that bad? There is hardly any people who aren…[View]
189904772NPC IS BREAKING TWITTER POL , HOLY FUCK !!!!! GOOD JOB U FUCKING FAGS I LOVE U !!!: https://www.yout…[View]
189911172Descendants of Canaan: Jews are the descendants of Hams son Canaan. They are the descendants of a cu…[View]
189908561Reminder that weebs will be the first to go on the day of the rope: Anime is degenerate jewish gay f…[View]
189906384Autistic teen is bullied for supporting Trump.: This autistic teen is being bullied on his birthday …[View]
189908406Creatura Goblina found Advertising for Adobe: Guess what, I found our friend Le Creatura de Goblina …[View]
189909438Join us in the rape of Twitter!: Get onto Twitter and spam #NPCMeme before we get banned. We are sma…[View]
189911330White kids keep shooting up schools so liberals suggest reasonable gun control. >But guns don…[View]
189909721What is it called when you don’t even stop for one second to consider that you might be wrong about …[View]
189912849Anglosphere anons, please help me understand your foreign policy: I am working on a present-day hypo…[View]
189911776Fixed it. For you.[View]
189910717What's this guys problem?: Why is this guy so mercilessly killing every meme we make? Is there …[View]
189890044WTF IS GOING ON: There is a literal civil war starting to break out in Portland and NYC and the only…[View]
189906232International Football is a great tool for stirring up Nationalism amongst normal people. Prove me w…[View]
189908834If Stormy Daniels has a horseface, why did Trump pay 130k to fuck her and keep her quiet about it?[View]
189912451Do you own a copy, /pol/?[View]
189909100>dude capitalism is bad lmao is there a bigger meme? if you're not underage (or have a brain…[View]
189912584LISTEN UP YOU NPC's WARREN IS AN INDIAN: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/factcheck/analysis-just-…[View]
189909620Realize that white people are fundamentally connected to the environment in which they reside. The s…[View]
189911175Was Nazi Germany left or right winged?[View]
189899636Why do white guys think they rule the world? >“Look at this f---ing white guy! These f---ing whit…[View]
189912461What is your long-term plan?: >move into a rural area with low nigger density, buy land and striv…[View]
189909770It is clear in the next decade that the United States of America will turn majority brown. It is als…[View]
189906367Furries in /pol/: Ay, what do the furries think? Are they similar in political thinking or very dive…[View]
189912356What happened to Weev's YouTube channel? I want to see more videos but it appears as if his cha…[View]
189903540autistic kiddie diddler hates conservatives: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFPvIlZAwvc[View]
189906469jewnigger thread: I'm in the Israeli West Bank. Ask me anything, and I'll try to respond …[View]
189911698The final form of feminism: >Be spider >Show of your bright blue & red hair to let all the…[View]
189908442Beastiality is going to be made illegal across Canada within the next few months .. I'm glad th…[View]
189906116Are Spanish white?: Omar, Omer, Ömer, Umer or Umar (Arabic: عمر), is a masculine given name of Arabi…[View]
189898098Elon Musk supports having a DIRECT DEMOCRACY: It's confirmed, he's completely retarded. It…[View]
189911522Hey /br/os I am pretty sure this pasta Brazilian will either suffer an election fraud or get 'suicid…[View]
189904980The EU should become a confederation: All in favour say 'aye' --[View]
189882523HE'S INSANE!: Trump went completely mad![View]
189905608Has he been identified yet?: https://twitter.com/JFNYC1/status/1052182841256226816[View]
189908494Google and facebook are watching: How is this allowed? Internet should be open and unbiased, but coo…[View]
189911662HITLER OVERRATED?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q584GmChmSA /pol/ is hitler overrated? Think of …[View]
189911208Why did Germany/Europe fight Russians/Soviets?: Was it really inevitable? Why couldn’t both sides ge…[View]
189906313>WWIII is coming >Artifical Intelligence is AntiChrist >Bitcoin is Mark of the Beast >sh…[View]
189894456Trump moves to quit 144-year-old postal treaty: The US has announced plans to withdraw from a 144-ye…[View]
189908942Estonian factory worker trips, falls into blast furnace, dies instantly[View]
189905694Balkan: Green: white people Orange: honorary whites Red: non-whites Black: niggers of Europe Is this…[View]
189899930Subversive Psyop Alert: Glow-in-the-dark niggers have left the jungle and begun to subvert the Chris…[View]
189909451Stop being shackled by hate: There are other paths you can take, you don't need to take the Naz…[View]
189904174Ashkenazism: Where do ashkenazi jews come from? and how does that affect middle-eastern geopolitics?…[View]
189909386Is Trump a cuck on immigration and the border?: What the fuck will it take to secure the border? Why…[View]
189909410what if Khashoggi is actually alive and this whole thing was planned by Trump himself? maybe the Sau…[View]
189911198Most important midterm candidate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRdMwXMpghI&t=45s[View]
189908999>BE YOU: >be kike >need to shill >come on /pol/ >get rekt Manura stolen.…[View]
189893714Change.org petition to ban trans reassignment surgery.: Let’s get these people the help they despera…[View]
189906856Reddit Mods banning accounts due to NPC meme: Don't make fun of the bots, or they'll ban y…[View]
189908466NPC: How can i become ubermensch and not turn into a NPC?[View]
189880414This picture is the first legal pot sale in Canada.: Piece of history?[View]
189905699Will this even matter?: How realistic is it that Trump closes the southern border? And would it even…[View]
189909415What is this “Gritty” character I’ve been seeing on /pol/ lately?: Is it like some new Alt-Right mem…[View]
189909929Why is the Canadian military fake and gay?: >Air Force: 40 year old jets ready to drop out of the…[View]
189903291What happened to this psy op?: >a year with 2380 posts >no prediction have materialized >ne…[View]
189897417The rich-poor gap is getting worse under Trump: >'While middle-income earners got a modest tax cu…[View]
189910291Why /pol/ hate kike but suddenly they're holy when you nail them on a stick?[View]
189902677Uh oh there's something wrong with drumpfonomy again.[View]
189902339So let me get this straight.: Pic related. So all these 'Refugees' trying to find a location in eith…[View]
189910010I'd rather have been born 1k years ago in america: than having to experience this fucking hell …[View]
189908900Tenshi eating a corndog![View]
189832257Demon possessed liberal tears up TED CRUZ campaign signs. Guys get in here because holy fuck. https:…[View]
189897817WTF: Now, what exactly did the fed mean by this?[View]
189909838Vandal Void: What happened to Vandal brothers? They seem to have dropped off the radar.[View]
189905806Were WWI and WWII just designed to get rid of Europe's fighting male population? I can't s…[View]
189907100Question for French anons: How does it feel knowing that your national leader has been BLACKED..?…[View]
189904781Nuclear holocaust soon, fellow stalkers.[View]
189905618Dr Phil is going full SJW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZxMjmcT0cY[View]
189908023Wtf is 'X'? Also, why couldn't it have arrived westwards?[View]
189854688BANNON: TRUMP WILL BE IMPEACHED IF GOP LOSES IN NOVEMBER: Is this just fearmongering or is he right …[View]
18990871897% of all the achievement of humanity are from europeans: should we have genocide the rest looking …[View]
189907777DRUMPH BTFO[View]
189907528What ever happened to rodrigo duterte? Did he ever kill all the commies and kiss all the pretty gir…[View]
189903651The seed of the aryans[View]
189904200/hue/volution - ABIN BTFO: >2nd round polls: BOLSONARO 61% X HADDAD 39% (Paraná Pesquisas) Bolson…[View]
189909867Liberalism: Has there ever been a more destructive political ideology?[View]
189908891Oh shit leftists. You realize he's simply been holding back this entire time and you couldn…[View]
189903820Berlin Police Rap Video Thread Part 2: The police in Berlin made video to promote diversity. The ent…[View]
189909205Should Maine cede from the union, proclaim itself as an independent white ethnostate and conquer the…[View]
189908871Our bards will smite thee with their words of power http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-FxA1jloTg[View]
189907633Why do Spaniards look so much like their quadroon neighbors: On the other side of the on the other s…[View]
189907693Be honest /pol/, how are his chances looking?[View]
189909651Mueller assembles team of cooperators in Russian probe: https://archive.fo/CLoNW[View]
189909538U.S. Embassies around the World, no legitimate reason to travel to the border: Asylum claims can be …[View]
189907096“All Russians will go to heaven”: Source: https://www.yahoo.com/news/russians-heaven-event-nuclear-w…[View]
189895862le why are young white men dropping out of society?[View]
189880962Kraut/pol/&AfD General - NPC Reprogramming Edition: I present you the Berlin Police https://www.…[View]
189882389Hold still Demonrats this will only hurt for a few years or so[View]
189889544Is this Trump speak for 'I'm nervous about the blue wave and my impeachment'?: I bet his voters…[View]
189907783KHASHOGGI WAS Q: When will /pol/ figure it out?[View]
189903406Why are Mexicans so fucking retarded?????: >Comes to America legally/illegally because their coun…[View]
189908156George Lopez is a fat 57 year old unfunny spic comic. Why is he fighting? https://pagesix.com/2018…[View]
189893548Seriously, how can Dem really be ahead of Republicans? XD: Really, do you think this polls' res…[View]
189904227How will horseface ever recover?[View]
189909134Other /pol/ anons here have suggested that the reason why blacks and jews are so similar in terms of…[View]
189878479AUS/POL/ Pro HATRED Edition: >>189876946 Scum like this not welcome Previous thread tonight: …[View]
189903462Why is /pol/ conservative about everything but the environment?[View]
189905891For all you retarded Christians that believe in the flood: There is no evidence what so ever of a fu…[View]
189908766Call to arms my anons: >Midterm elections approaching >WE BRING MEMES!!! Also I need a gif w…[View]
189908161Shitty Caribbean island is terrorist island: So I thought Trump got rid of these guys. If this is tr…[View]
189902314When the day of the rope comes, what popular well known figures in Western society will come out def…[View]
189900906HAPPENING; PIC RELATED DIED IN A 'CAR CRASH': >inb4source[View]
189905073Is Games of Thrones the ultimate millennial cattle feed? Why do people watch this religiously when i…[View]
189905435Why tracks were they rocking out to while they cut him apart alive?[View]
189900054More Orthodox Schism: Haven't seen anyone talking about this. This is a huge deal. I have often…[View]
189905955Why has he abandoned us?[View]
189907111Your all being herded into reformism again. There are only 2 kinds of people in America. Those that …[View]
189906422Objectives for the white man in 2018: What are our most important goals or objectives as far as whit…[View]
189898578Powerful.: Is horsey right about us, /pol/?[View]
189907990Guys i heard Richard Spencer and Patrick Slattery spoke yesterday I cant find it anywhere anyone go…[View]
189906976Putin says Islamic State has seized 700 hostages in Syria: ITS HAPPENING!!! ISIS IS BACK?!?!? Presi…[View]
189897438Why do you care about white race?: Why isn't civic nationalism enough? If a migrant is willing …[View]
189904263Why does /pol/ get so mad that Jerusalem doesn't belong to muslims?[View]
189900252Should girls be allowed to be police?: A male cop would have shot them all.[View]
189904436the evil and brainwashing mainstream media: Ooops. 17 of the 18 most popular political programs in t…[View]
189904897We wuz doing taxes n shiiiieeeeet..: This video explains the absolute state of South Africa's P…[View]
189885435Non Americans of /pol/, what are your genuine views about America? Both positive and negative (or on…[View]
189903777Winning big league!: This the bitter end of the Democratic Party.[View]
189905776'Import illegal European voters for the 2020 elections' campaign: Burger bros, I'm not sure how…[View]
189902523Today is his birthday: Say something nice about the leader of the Alt-Right[View]
189903831>America becomes more g*rmanfied and less anglo >it subsequently becomes more brown and shit b…[View]
189903939My lads, Daddy is back after annoying ban ! I realized one thing, whenever I get banned something ma…[View]
189879295Why has rap become degenerate?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYGEhyG6uZk[View]
189900640What if the white ethnostate is made and it becomes a third world poverty stricken shithole?[View]
189904254Time to fuck up shitskins boys[View]
189863037Brit/pol/ - The Chronicles of Ngubu: Sky Sports complete package edition.[View]
189897055why is Beto so damn cool? >'But it does seem like even non-Texans have taken a lot of interest in…[View]
189897722Why is Hollywood so full of creativity but so bad at memes? Shit is cringe[View]
189906589>there are several race mixing threads every time i come to /pol/ >every time they have severa…[View]
189905601>Play the new CoD on a whim. First time in almost a decade >There's the excpected 9 year …[View]
189905163Is anyone else a White-Kind-of-Supremacist?[View]
189903264Why can't you punch a girl?[View]
189906453What would realistically kick off the kike genocide: We had a decent thread so I wanna try this agai…[View]
189872128Questions about The Holocaust: Well lads, I'm to the point where I trust the anons of /pol over…[View]
189904799Why does Fox News employ attractive lib pundits? They used to have the unfortunately figured Alan Co…[View]
189906334Why are women like this?[View]
189896888The most Jewiest movie: Is pic related the most jewy movie on Hollywood? It almost made me hate the …[View]
189905108*blocks your path* Basta, Trump. You're finished. AVENATTI 2020[View]
189906143Is whiteness something you can only be born with or can you achieve white status in your lifetime? I…[View]
189901424Fight feminism by invalidating the freedoms that have led to THOT CULTURE: Anything that can move in…[View]
189899239Why does this flag make Johnny foreigner seeth: but at the same time they all want to live here and …[View]
189904529THE LEFTIES HAVE OFFICIALLY RESORTED TO BIOLOGICAL WARFARE: https://www.seattletimes.com/nation-worl…[View]
189905916WHY DO THEY HATE BEEF?!: EAT FORUM is the party of davos. EAT FORUM summons and funds study. Study C…[View]
189905914ruining your country to own the libs: How do you feel about your god emperor literally manipulating …[View]
189899034Would it be social suicide to make this hoodie and wear it to my American University?[View]
189905726Switzerlands mass immigration is working in our favour because properly filter and domesticate the n…[View]
189904895I have every damnable symptom of Aspergers syndrome: I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child. Does anyo…[View]
189900803Are you aware of this truth? Khazar jews are literally different species.[View]
189905619Antifa terrorist in Kentucky. Spread the truth!: LOUISVILLE antifa. Spewing their lies again! Doxing…[View]
189905495>Be france and uk >Colonize almost every part of Africa >Force africans to learn your langu…[View]
189902638Why do democrats keep pushing gun control? It has been a losing issue for decades (at least at the …[View]
189905432Is colonialism a curse or a blessing?[View]
189903611Mexico dispatches Federal Police To Intercept Caravan: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6289…[View]
189904154Why Nazism exist in those Arab countries ?[View]
189905271Fallout Shelter: >it's another /pol/ is being filled with slide threads episode I can always…[View]
189902503What the black sun represent ?[View]
189904610So who organizing these migrant caravans /pol/?[View]
189894330What do you think of this killer?: What do you think of this killer?[View]
189901960Peter Rodger, father of Elliot Rodger is a confirmed English Protestant, not a jew: Peter Rodger, fa…[View]
189903423How do people cope with living in a country that's being colonized?: I live in the USA, and eve…[View]
189904866>tfw you meme the left so hard that you gain weight from their tiers[View]
189901989Daily Weed Reminder: Just a reminder that if you smoke weed you are a nigger.[View]
189904395genuine question: If racial IQ is actually a thing, then how come blacks used to have the same IQ as…[View]
189902932workforce: who is a better employee, a black man or a white women?[View]
189895783Hello my fellow fasciss, clerical-fascists, nationalist, falangists and alike minded people. I wante…[View]
189901995is there anything wrong with this move? https://www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/world/2018/10/17/hung…[View]
189904066Taxation is a fair system, and the free market wouldn't improve everything.[View]
189904669Where would the LGBTTQQIAAp be without white people? dead or in the white straight jacket. I will w…[View]
189892093Shame On You Pol. You Aren't Invisible.: Seriously pol. Why do you hate the lgbtq community? is…[View]
189901786Does Mark Dice browse /pol/?: Also is he /ourguy/? Thoughts on him? I think he’s pretty based and r…[View]
189904502I was thinking: How come when a white community are overrun with black people its called diversity b…[View]
189900555The silent invasion: While you're all getting your shit startled by the amount of blacks and la…[View]
189897708Angul-Seaxan Englaland: Grēat Englaland.[View]
189904362NPC meme is bugging the Matrix[View]
189904309the vantablack pill: We've already lost. We have proof coming out of ears that kikes are respon…[View]
189904296What is the most epic speech ever given by a politician?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6bVj-nTki…[View]
189896963Time to build a mecha: Will Elon build a mecha lemur? Will he use it to rescue Julian Assange?…[View]
189901265WN Patrick Casey interviewed by nbc: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/immigration/white-nationalist-…[View]
189898680You do not need to be baptized to be saved.: There's pretty much only 3 verses people use to sa…[View]
189899447Why are so many “ex”-CIA employees running for political office as democrats?: We have one running f…[View]
189858911nazi larpers on /pol/ are the biggest group of tards on the entirety of 4chan. they mainly fall unde…[View]
189904026Why are white people such a threat to national security and individual freedoms?[View]
189901416Leftist Texan explodes in demonic outbursts over Ted Cruz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6b_jWdum…[View]
189890019/hue/volution - SLOWLY CONQUERING THE NORTHEAST EDITION: Thread theme https://youtu.be/bi263jsyWvg …[View]
189903931Baltic race shall prevail in this struggle: Lāčplēsis is still defending us till this day, we shall …[View]
189903531'member back in 2000: >'member when Conservatives said that legalizing gay marriage wou…[View]
189903493Nuke everything now: These people are actually retarded. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/jezebel.com/fat…[View]
189894513Tell me the truth about women and rape, anons. Strange things happened to me in the last year and I…[View]
189902800Oh no no no[View]
189889347>make (one) generic feel good comment to placate the NPCs >the fucking entirety of low IQ flyo…[View]
189902878What steps can be taken to fix women?[View]
189899016Well Maine: How do we fix this?[View]
189900513Has Liberalism caused lower birthrates?: What is the statistical chance of finding a non-degenerate …[View]
189903711Brony paradise: Hey furfags and bronies. Join my goddamned Amino here: http://aminoapps.com/c/Equest…[View]
189900253Elliott Rodger: Was he secretly Redpilled? >Understands the nature of women >Wanted to live in…[View]
189890954Styx interviews midterms Republican candidate Shiva: My IQ grew by 200 points by watching this. http…[View]
189895184Even children understand that Trump is a fucktard: How does it feel being dumber than an elementary …[View]
189901331Re: Jews: What could /pol/ do to help Jews learn to live in harmony with the rest of humanity? Think…[View]
189903234Eurobarometer shows renewed public support for EU: >The Eurobarometer, a survey of public opinion…[View]
189903511>this song came out in 2006 Would they ever be able to make ANY of their skits anymore or would P…[View]
189899986Russian ring girl covers herself up in presence of Khabib (Muslim champ): Modesty out of respect....…[View]
189889168GERMANY HIT A NEW LOW: Get in here! https://youtu.be/IpkX6aIrSQc The police in Berlin made a promoti…[View]
189903076Why doesn't pol like crypto currency?[View]
189895484I miss Obama you guys[View]
189890449>*covers for Saudi and sells them tons more arms* >*does lots of things for Israel, fights for…[View]
189897359Elizabeth Warren deleted all her dna/trump tweets and replies. Save them here.[View]
189903081I'm moving to an area where I'm not going to know anyone soon, how do I go about finding l…[View]
189899870The Left Trying To Meme: A for Effort[View]
189903191If racism is a white people problem because we're most associated with it, then cannibalism is …[View]
189900020She is NATIVE POL/TARDS/: >You Are Not Your DNA. Even if hackers learn every twist of your double…[View]
189900663What did they mean by this?: OH NONONONONO[View]
189903223my first post: America goes medicare for all... immediately 2 to 5% of the doctors retire early or s…[View]
189875362Would your opinion of gays change if they stopped having parades?[View]
189896169Why do African-Americans call each other Kings and Queens? Queen Latifa Fresh Prince Prince to name…[View]
189898195Will dumpgh ever build the wall?[View]
189903046You're all highly suggestive. You all read Russian/Iranian social media posts and you beige the…[View]
189898144What have you done to me /pol/? I used to be your average run-of-the-mill black conservative, and no…[View]
189902996Great. 1 week in the mainstream and they killed it. An introspective look into the consciousness of …[View]
189902973Human blinkers: Does current NPC version support human blinkers? Asking for my wife's son?…[View]
189891897Should it be illegal to have over 10 million dollars? I'm so fucking sick of rich people having…[View]
189885386Is there any bigger waste of water than the pressurized Jew toilet? Why waste 1 and half gallons of …[View]
189899511/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
189899251Following the rules in an unfair system: I did the same thing she did. AKA, I claimed to be Native A…[View]
189874022What a white world once looked like.....[View]
189894739Nazi attacks continue in Brazil: Bolsonazi supporters now vandalized dorm doors with swastikas and '…[View]
189886621boomers did alright https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiAbHmwIwGs[View]
189900545Chick-Fil-a buycott after rage Emanuel along with two other democratic mayors claimed they wouldn’t …[View]
1898948685th column: He truly is God Emperor https://www.10news.com/news/national/president-threatens-to-use-…[View]
189901467Moldova >99% White >GDP per capita - $3,227 >HDI - 0.700 Botswana >99% Black >GDP p…[View]
189898781Absolute State of Pennsylvania: Overgrown Bart Simpson terrorizes Pennsylvania. https://abcnews.go.c…[View]
189885170Daily reminder if your circumised, the jew has marked you: Circumcision is nothing more then a jew s…[View]
189902301wtf I hate Obama now[View]
189886618Unemployment among refugees is going down in Germany: People looking for work (includes people in “i…[View]
189902016Central American Migrants: I just want to thank Amerimutts for being the buffer. I am sorry you don…[View]
189900456The World Health Organization estimates that 300 000 people die in India annually as a result of dir…[View]
189898806The Treaty of Trianon is 98 years old.: Is it time for the Hungarian people to admit they are histor…[View]
189902020Are we at the height of leftist hysteria?: https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/18/health/internet-memes-obes…[View]
189900504Would you support state-sponsored girlfriends?: Love marriages are a recent invention and a fucking …[View]
189902102to honor those that: >freed Europe from pure evil >saved the lives from the hands of demons …[View]
189901595SPAIN YES![View]
189902052When did you learn of their lies?: It never ends. I just used a search engine and typed 'Treblinka a…[View]
189899706Politics are all racial. She’s only winning her district because her district has become brown af so…[View]
189901079(((Global Warming))): Global warming is (((their))) ultimate plot to destroy Christendom. It will af…[View]
189877826What would you do with it?[View]
189901837Khashoggi Murder Suspect Dies In 'Suspicious Car Accident': Great picture of this lad giving the sig…[View]
189900403Spiritual redpill: This is the man whose teachings you SHOULD be following: Sai Baba. Indian saint w…[View]
189898791I forgot why do we hate him?[View]
189889316Trump Time Traveler Confirmed: >“My uncle was a great professor at MIT for many years. Dr. John T…[View]
189898091NO AGENDA IS LIVE: http://listen.noagendastream.com/noagenda[View]
189898589The Revolution: >are you ready /pol/?[View]
189900089Why do you support this guy? I mean, give me a break. You have Got to be kidding! Trump is most Imma…[View]
189901172This is what the average eu supporter looks like[View]
189895921My ancestors :)[View]
189897595>My nephew is 5 years old >He was being silly and started talking about presidents >He said…[View]
189900538Why are Canadian soldiers so fat?: https://globalnews.ca/news/3017931/report-suggests-three-quarters…[View]
189888576Polack never end crime wave: https://metro.co.uk/2018/10/16/boys-jailed-for-stabbing-dad-to-death-in…[View]
189901189Do any of you feel as if Nazi Germany lacked.. soul?: Hard to explain. Whilst being ethnically unite…[View]
189889393why don't you join the Proud Boys and actually help save Western Civilization instead of LARPin…[View]
189901087Philosophy of redpill: Is redpill nature or nurture?[View]
189900741oh shit, an anglo union dose seem possible: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fq0JGO8l064 pic related,…[View]
189900569Imagine being a Jew in Germany who stayed when the Nazis came into power. Only the weak and stupid s…[View]
189897661based: based[View]
189889193Reminder that Palestinians belong to the land of Palestine while Jews belong in the oven.: Fuck Jews…[View]
189879891ϟϟ Meine Ehre Heißt Treue! ϟϟ Thread for discussion of National Socialism, Anti-Communism, Fascism,…[View]
189900353How do I redpill a libertard slowly My boyfriend used to be antifeminist but I guess he fell for the…[View]
189900743All of you are TRANS hidden in a Fascy exterior https://youtu.be/bFtJtuX7TNY[View]
189898148Trump is pissed: It’s finally happening[View]
189900247Last class in one of my courses in college, the professor was lecturing about leadership. She told u…[View]
189894153Kikes are attacked at pro-Corbyn antisemitism meeting: http://archive.is/CRJQN >A Jewish protesto…[View]
189899935Whats up with girls and wanting to adopt kids these days? A lot of them find pregnancy gross and sca…[View]
189894624AOC's bf is a Chad.[View]
189900263There's an observatory in Hawaii called the W. M. Keck Observatory: If Kek has taught us anythi…[View]
189889644New York Times erects security barrier around Manhattan office: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/n…[View]
189900211Dems are getting desperate: https://www.kansascity.com/news/politics-government/election/article2189…[View]
189895168White House Petition to Ban Abortion: If this gets millions of signatures it will throw the left int…[View]
189892407its was real: the dox is real >so be a billionaire family rich boy >decide to give back >sh…[View]
189899599Captain Fantastic (2016) Viggo Mortensen: leftypol approved film showing a true man raising his kids…[View]
189891873Why do bongs keep paying billions per year from their own taxes to fund the NEET royal family?[View]
189900050Magyars, redpill me on this... https://www.tagesschau.de/ausland/obdachlose-gericht-ungarn-101.html …[View]
189894766Why do people have such an issue with Hispanics in the US? Aside from Whites we’re the minority most…[View]
189885844Friendly reminder that /pol/ is a nordicist board.[View]
189899883NO SANCTUARY: PHILLY VS. THE FEDS: Diversity is our strength.[View]
189898199Any predictions on how the civil war will go hot?[View]
189897432Does he really hate Dermal Tremp or is he just paid to? He literally talks about nothing else[View]
189897843Does getting fagged on by a priest make you gay? How can you be against gays and then touch little b…[View]
189865479Black people: Are black people really as bad as /pol/ says they are? I've only met a few blacks…[View]
189898772DONALD J TRUMP MOLESTED CHILDREN WITH JEWISH BILLIONAIRE: What did Donald J Trump do on convicted se…[View]
189891246leading cosmologist sean Carroll effectively disproves afterlife: https://www.express.co.uk/news/sci…[View]
189899514Why can't everyone agree about the Jews?: The Left hates Israel and all long nosed Israelis. Th…[View]
189899567I have a question for you pol. What's wrong with capitalism? I mean isn't the whole thing …[View]
189899210Prisonboy posted a part 2 for why NAZIS ARE BAD (insert NPC meme here): https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
189898841I'm totally voting for Skate Punk![View]
189896338This is how it is in this shithole of a country.: I used to do really poorly in a politics class bec…[View]
189898925>you fcking nigger spics sandnigger gooks , we are whites and superiour to you , we will come for…[View]
189899143/pol/ approved books: Hey /pol/ i need some reading material, any books you recommend?[View]
189896446Thank the whites: Have you said thank you the whites for all the sweet wonderful stuff they created?…[View]
189888044Columbine in Russia.: In the city of Kerch, in Russia, a pupil of one of the schools was committed b…[View]
189895986California Political Chernobyl: You don't want this state to collapse. If you think the right o…[View]
189897954Feels like shit lads I just want him back[View]
189898625I can't be a wagie any more /pol/. How do I escape the hell of working for low wages while maki…[View]
189894825Friendly reminder that construction sites are just IRL /pol/[View]
189889527Why women can't dress like that, in a pure prudish and modest way?: Seriously ? (Had to take pi…[View]
189859575They started cutting him into pieces while alive: and it took him 7 minutes to die. 'They are our gr…[View]
189897846>crucifixion is still a legal sentence >holds public beheadings >treats women like second c…[View]
189883418Wait.. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!: https://voiceofeurope.com/2018/10/italian-interior-minister-asked-to-…[View]
1898985041984 - Trump sells first condos to Russian mafia, starting 30 year business of money laundering for …[View]
189895496Is Eminem a part of the illuminati?: I was listening to 'Lose yourself' and I came across …[View]
189898393Thoughts?: Julian has been taken care of by the lovely elite. How will we get our info now?[View]
189898037Arizona is still Based: >From July 1, 2017 through June 2018, the president has collected more th…[View]
189896115Now that more than half of birth in united states are between married couples, dose this mark the be…[View]
189890241Where will we go vacation once Europe and America have been overrun by niggers and mexicans?[View]
189889965/hue/volution - WE /FAKENEWS/ NOW: Thread theme https://youtu.be/bi263jsyWvg 17 https://youtu.be/2N1…[View]
189861909/ourprince/?: Turkish invesigators have audio material proving that Khashoggi was tortured and behea…[View]
189898051Guys we just have to point out to the left how racist Japanese people are, then all the dumb protest…[View]
189897612Hungary's Prime Minister bans gender studies: Based Hungary[View]
189897641https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hG-A5iqQ1Cw Beta uprising got even as far as in Crimea, who'll …[View]
189896655About Hitler and national socialism: People at school were talking about Hitler and they claimed he …[View]
189893406I know whats wrong with Elon: I know whats is wrong with Elon Musk. Its that ugly and fugly as fuck …[View]
189893066Fag acceptance: Question for fellow oliveniggers: When I was in the army (2009 δέλτα ΕΣΟ), actual fa…[View]
189897446What exactly do women and gays find attractive about men?: Someone explain? Men are disgusting creat…[View]
189889528the caravan immigrants: Just because the immigrants are travelling together doesn't mean they a…[View]
189896871> Jews are successful under capitalism so accept socialism[View]
189888454Those who take, and sell, drugs should absolutely be slaughtered.[View]
189897443>diesel fumes are perfectly fine to breathe[View]
189895360Which side do you support in the neverending Israeli-Pakistani conflict?[View]
189895417>Australia is the white man's co- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iw8soyvhnOI…[View]
189894998So Elizabeth Warren deleted all her tweets about the DNA test and raging against Trump[View]
189894044>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kanawha_County_textbook_controversy Wow…[View]
189893277Does it matter if the coroner is a Republican or a Democrat? Why is the coronor a partisan election?[View]
189896460(((Holes))): Does anyone else remember how Jewed this book was? White woman in the 19th century kill…[View]
189892199Keep niggers from niggardry: How can we keep Georgia's 56K niggers that have suspended voter re…[View]
189884770NEWS: Best site for seeing the news, /pol/?[View]
189894598Discordia rules this shit: Stop stealing discordian memes. Greyface is 50 years old. We rule chaos m…[View]
189881352MtF transsexual here, 3 years on hormones. Ask me anything.[View]
189897131As many of you know, blacks and Hispanics are deeply superstitious. Many of them have a belief in ei…[View]
189878162NPC meme has revealed a BOT network: ==Twitter has be outed== Why did Twitter get so angry about the…[View]
189886223Is He /Our Guy/ ?: What do you think about Carlgon Is he the most important Person in the resistance…[View]
189893791Everyday hundreds of bots gets beaten and abused for the sole purpose of entertaining others in game…[View]
189893078Day of the NPC Oct. 20th: To my understanding, Octobet 20th will be NPC day on Twitter. >post …[View]
189853688You've all made at least one, right?[View]
189894344pole BTFO: >https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/maryanngeorgantopoulos/president-trump-lie-list …[View]
189893951>get told im a nazi by SJW feminists all my life for being proud of my masculinity, always gettin…[View]
189895799Is Donald Trump Batman?: >when he saw 'a big guy with a bat' bashing another fellow >a big guy…[View]
189892054I am a leftist and think the democrats will lose in 2018: There has been so much shit the democrats …[View]
189878090Preparing for Danish elections: It's not looking too good boys. (I'm writing this in Engli…[View]
189896527Bro is being renamed to zeek because PC: So there's that network monitoring tool called 'b…[View]
189895287>In cannabis industry >Being a maverick >Literal American dream >Also republican >eve…[View]
189894261Behold - There is a way to test for NPCism genetically: Here are the 'inner voice' genes. …[View]
189888686What is your opinion on this black man?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4veL3VCXSjI[View]
189892616Bob Menendez - Is a Pedophile Edition: Pretty devastating site for all the retarded libs still denyi…[View]
189883611Are you aware of the current year?: How do you decide when political correctness has 'gone too far'?…[View]
189888742Hitler was the final redpill. I'm woke now.: > Race, Religion and the State ARE ONE. > Tr…[View]
189893051Friendly reminder your lord and savior was an environmentalist vegetarian who probably would have be…[View]
189878562Japan will be cucked by his youth: Friendly reminder that 44% of Japanese ages 18 to 29 say diversit…[View]
189892702Have you found that your political beliefs changed before/after NoFap?[View]
189884494Peter Rodger, father of Elliot Rodger is a confirmed English Protestant, not a jew: Peter Rodger, fa…[View]
189895747Everyone talks about American lobbyists but how do other countries handle their's?: Is it just …[View]
189887770Would you be sterilized or put to camp in Nazi Germany?[View]
189891195Memeflags: why is it an issue?: I dont really understand it. Don't get me wrong, I think theyre…[View]
189895700Democracy is not good. It creates power structures which are very dangerous and susceptible to popul…[View]
189895154METOKUR FOUND OUT THREAD 'I am 26 years old. That is where I get my handle from Jim = James 81 = yea…[View]
189895574So, this guy savaged Ted in the final debate. There's no secret about that. But look at what it…[View]
189877789Why does Trump hate China?[View]
189895479https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Proverbs+1&version=KJV Discuss.[View]
189884720Is CNN pro-Trump now?: >they think this will make Trump voters vote against Trump…[View]
189893996https://twitter.com/HIASrefugees/status/1050055894455570432?s=20 How do we stop this /pol/?[View]
189867495FTN (Fash The Nation) 158: October Surprise 4000X: An interesting episode. Let's discuss it.…[View]
189890398Hillary’s Murder?: I don’t know if this is a photo from Wieners lap top, but it is circulating on th…[View]
189882403/pol/ fucking lied to me again.: Remember Fluoride? Turns out it's actually fucking good for yo…[View]
189894633prescription rules in your country?: >Seems like big pharma is pushing new pills as soon as the p…[View]
189888755Why are Jews always so quick to bash trump and others about anything of perceived anti Semitism but …[View]
189891665what political groups are currently active in shill campaigns on /pol/?[View]
189880135Russian Butthurt: Do we live in the best timeline /pol/?[View]
189890096How can we get T.I: MelaniA is a sweet heart. I have had the pleasure of meeting her in person. Duri…[View]
189894157Daily reminder Trump is fooling us all. Reformism does nothing. Why isn't Trump interested in D…[View]
189884721How the FUCK do Republicans not win the Asian vote?[View]
189888419>tfw watching white pigs and niggers arguing from the yellow superiority feels good to be asian…[View]
189889897>David Brock Really makes you think[View]
189877131Girl on live stream brags about the amount of men shes had sex with God help us.[View]
189888315Fought against Jews in WW2: -Germany -Italy -Japan Lowest birth rates, self-destructing: -Germany -I…[View]
189894218Jeb thread: Post Jeb![View]
189891016Do you think Trump will win by the same margin in 2020?[View]
189883053OK who has been sending threats to Cryin' Brian?[View]
189894098/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
189893101ANOTHER ONE ADDED TO THE CLINTON BODY COUNT?: https://twitter.com/TMZ/status/1052915770017996800 htt…[View]
189880724Shits real in South Africa: From where I live it's barely a 5 minute walk to where mobs of nigs…[View]
189888349oh Okay. Story checks out.[View]
189890041How will the west reconcile the average IQ problem?: With automation of lots of tasks in the west wi…[View]
189868851Political implications of MGTOW and Incel culture: Is this actually going to evolve into something r…[View]
189887508Interview: >I have obtained here a copy of your posting history on the internet forum known as Fo…[View]
189893549the migrant invasion is drawing closer to our borders /pol/. do you think Trump will be forced to le…[View]
189888850Who the fuck owns (((Teen Vogue))) and why is it always pushing communist propaganda?[View]
189893463Trannies: Let them know we're coming for them! https://www.change.org/p/donald-j-trump-disband-…[View]
189889508Hey /pol/ No one talking about the Russian Columbine? What happened?[View]
189881942If Hotler was such a good guy why did he invaded Czechoslovakia despite he said he wouldn't. Ge…[View]
189891984How correct is this?[View]
189891895Wich one of you guys is this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArUD5uBfuaQ[View]
189885090USA YES!: >For the first time in United States history a woman is now leading the largest command…[View]
189892116When are we having another meetup, bros?[View]
189893069Why is pop music and rock music such degenarate music genres and why does most record labels ruin go…[View]
189893041HOW THE FLYING FUCK: does a Burger Sharting Station make more money than the State Grid of China, su…[View]
189893037Daily Reminder: Cognitive Infiltration is ten years old: What you see here has been designed specifi…[View]
189888819NPC LIVES MATTER: NPC lives matter. Please don't dehumanize us any more or we will have to call…[View]
189883015/POL/ humor thread[View]
189889878How in the fuck is this considered art, and how in the fuck do the “artists” that make pieces of shi…[View]
189891143Why are NPCs almost exclusively all leftist? Low IQ?[View]
189891130MAGA or SS cap?: Ok boys I’m going to school but I need to decide on a hat to trigger my leftist tea…[View]
189892748Is anime officially NPC territory?[View]
189892733NPC'S ARE THE CIA SNOWWHITE BOTS: Pic related, things are starting to make sense. You already k…[View]
189884779So what's Toronto like? Eurofag visting the colonies here, what's Toronto actually like? E…[View]
189892604BEST RACE MIXING: HI! I was looking for a politically correct website so I'm so happy to have f…[View]
189888062Why does your nations military suck?: >Be Indian >People literally shitting in the rivers you …[View]
189868353NPC meme clearly a PSYOP for something big: Just checked in catalog there are 14 NPC FOUR FUCKING TE…[View]
189887222Bobby Fischer: Why did this guy throw his life away by adopting kooky political ideas?[View]
189892449Is Elizabeth Warren a tragic millaroon?: In the antebellum US south the 'tragic Octaroon' was a wome…[View]
189887777How do you feel about this Australian hero Jack Stark?[View]
189886850Damn Russia is redpilled af[View]
189892378Well then, Goyim. What do you have to say for yourselves?: >Covers up pedo evidence >Gets caug…[View]
189892162I would never: Some women might be fearful/suspicions of a man they don't know. In order to be …[View]
189889796Would we accept Muslim and Hindu public holidays? >The British Parliament will be debating whethe…[View]
189872327Social media's day of reckoning is here: http://archive.is/eTbWJ >The Supreme Court has agr…[View]
189889780Greeks BTFO!: Pic Related.[View]
189892142Can we meme Treason May out of office?[View]
189883416Suspected member of Khashoggi ‘hit-team’ dies in mysterious ‘traffic accident’ in Saudi Arabia https…[View]
189890203Is 23 too late to make your life better ? I'm currently studying to start college in another ci…[View]
189889267We're all going to make it.[View]
189890348Inglorious Basterds is redpilled: >it's about the hypocrisy of people towards violence >s…[View]
189889781Trump imigrant Caravan: So donald trump make a order to stop a central american imigrants caravan w…[View]
189888513This it lads: >be living in Canada on small 50 acre ranch >unused greenhouse in backyard >…[View]
189884217DEATH IS COMING: DEATH IS COMING >>> sign of the Apocalypse >>> Grey faceless NP…[View]
189890248Thoughts on Mark Collett?[View]
189885887I'm an atheist who feels drawn to the word of God. Which Protestant denomination has been least…[View]
189888382Because only whites can be racist[View]
189888739Metokur Face Reveal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uK177Bt--U[View]
189890392LEAF HAPPENING!!!! TRUDEAU IN BED WITH TERRORISM!!: https://www.spencerfernando.com/2018/10/15/highl…[View]
189891399Norway is now Sweden: APOLOGIZE!! https://www.npr.org/2018/10/18/658368278/norway-apologizes-to-wome…[View]
189891278What's the best grassroots movement countering Antifa and why is it the Pround Boys?: Why do th…[View]
189890882Are rich niggers bulletproof?[View]
189883518>The Creator of Pepe Is Winning His War on the Alt-Right >Matt Furie drew the alt-right’s favo…[View]
189891166I encourage you, try answering this.[View]
189891147National Socialist Propaganda: Any books /pol/ can recommend that aren't kiked like pic related…[View]
189886142They took this from you: >authentic patriarchy with men controlling all facets of society >wom…[View]
189885260So NPC is an insult that's supposed to mean a person is being scripted or touting a party line …[View]
189889916NPC's South Africa: NPC's are nothing new to us white devils living in South Africa. Nkand…[View]
189889264Did he do it /pol/ ?[View]
189890676now its the time to stop being a virgn /pol/: this app is for dating trump supporters https://www.in…[View]
189885652everything ive ever loved.. destroyed: >vaping is gay >traps are gay >making a female mmo c…[View]
189868845this is the cure for NPCs: it will create inner dialogue and self awareness.[View]
189887065i am tatar turkic, why does my nose look like this?[View]
189888353NPC: When you red pill and then black pill the fuck out of the normies (NPC's) and infiltrate t…[View]
189886371Let's settle this once and for all: is Gen Z red pilled?[View]
189870274Gritty... A symbol of hate: We all know lefty pol likes to come steal our memes, and pervert them in…[View]
189885914Australian Government banning Religious schools from 'oppressive behaviour': Within Austra…[View]
189879312Kill zone at the southern border soon lads: Tweet: https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/105288…[View]
189887453My gf text me this is she a keeper?[View]
189882806>there are people who completely and unironically think like this off my board please, and off th…[View]
189880238/hue/volution - op is retarded editon: Thread theme https://youtu.be/bi263jsyWvg 17 https://youtu.b…[View]
189889989When will they stop?: Are they afraid of Trump? How close are we to winning our country back?[View]
189882247Do you support the idea that the Flynn effect will close IQ differences to the point that they are n…[View]
189884433Are Spaniards white?: I find Spaniards, or at least southern Spaniards, to look very similar to thei…[View]
189887599Is Trump really going to sit here and suck this muj's dick off and not be called a shill? WTF T…[View]
189889570The Jews finally figured out how to clone foreskins, so they have no more need to push circumcision …[View]
189889470What is the most left wing webcomic?[View]
189855632Anthony Bourdain: Why did he kill himself? And don’t say the Jews.[View]
189888735Its okay to be white: hey friends me and some bad goys are hanging up these posters around our unive…[View]
189885924They're trying to kill the feels guy like they killed the frog!: That's why they're p…[View]
189887394Brexit: Does anybody know what the likely affects brexit will have on the uk population?[View]
189888140Trump can’t not lie.[View]
189889006Saviour of the (((WEST))): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBQ7Rm6mXtw[View]
189888376According to Molyneux, women are anxiety ridden and fearful with the current state of affairs becaus…[View]
189888401HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US: Luke Turner enables racism and violence[View]
189888871What are your opinions on vaccinations?[View]
189885862What if... the USA's inexpicable loyalty to Israel and the jews is just cover for its own evils…[View]
189877618Vlad Roslyakov, 18: 21 deaths, 50+ injured What's your opinion of him? Was he shown on local ne…[View]
189886767Why are all Hitler's relatives race traitors?[View]
189866987Brits will need visa to visit Europe after Brexit: Laugh at the absolute state of the 3rd world Anlg…[View]
189880354this meme is starting to confuse me, it's gotten to the point where the meta is like 4 layers d…[View]
189886461Joe Manchin: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2018/senate/wv/west_virginia_senate_morrisey_v…[View]
189874470I've been on 4chan since 2006 and /pol/ since 2014 This meme is not funny. I have no idea why i…[View]
189888528Feels like shit lads I just want him back[View]
189888517i laughed at >in their 30s when women have the 1000 penis stare >also women rate 80% of men as…[View]
189887040Clinton/Backpack/Pepe: Scroll 0:10-0:11... what in the fuck[View]
189878976Is he a real fascist, or just a meme?[View]
189865015what does this expression convey? https://youtu.be/opQb8iKDeUI?t=994[View]
189888178Jews, niggers, leftists, drugs, and obesity are each bad in their own way. But I think we need to st…[View]
189870066God exists: Why does this simple statement anger Jews, liberals, SJW's and communists so much?…[View]
189864739if you are NPC can you change yourself? and if yes then how?[View]
189884596>removes the potential for spoiler candidates >nobody feels like they wasted a vote if they vo…[View]
189888051kids haven't soul https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oybOq1YRKzE[View]
189886867Is meme magic real?: Can it influence populations? Or is it just a meme? Asking for a friend.[View]
189887433Post national flags made by freemasons.[View]
189888222quote about migration in europe to prevent fascism: can some one help me please? i can't wait f…[View]
189887780So What are white people doing to prepare for the future?: developing nations are growing rapidly. W…[View]
189881819WTF is going on here?!: Someone please tell me what the fuck this is about?! I was searching on yout…[View]
189869937Real Mannerheim (left) vs. the guy who played him on the tax funded movie about him (right). Sadly t…[View]
189876734Balkans: Why is the Balkans such a shithole, particularly Serbia and Bosnia?[View]
189878098Post a photo that best describes the future of Europe or your country.[View]
189880351>50 shades of GRAY >literally an NPC book for all NPC snowflakes promoting degenracy now it ma…[View]
189887535Behold. The absolute state of Christianity in America. >I know they murdered an innocent person,…[View]
189881863RIP Metokur/James Patrick O'Shaughnessy. He held out for a long while, but the autists finally…[View]
189886881where the ever loving fuck did this trend nose ring come from all of a sudden, /pol/? i know it has …[View]
189865575SOUTH AFRICAN EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH: This woman is the head of I.T for the South African Revenue Ser…[View]
189878286Why White People dress up as Moana for Halloween?[View]
189887794>everyone knows pizzag8 is real >no one will blow the lid WHY?!…[View]
189883117It's official, Australia's senate literally voted that it's NOT okay to be white. Thi…[View]
189882401Ohnonononononono hahhahahhahaha: https://www.foxnews.com/us/trump-threatens-to-call-us-military-to-c…[View]
189886761Is Australia the best country on earth?: Unlimited East Asian QTs? If you don't like the domest…[View]
189879096Wheres the media coverage of the horrific Yemini-Saudi War /pol/[View]
189887258Blow the bloody Brexit off.[View]
189834171NPC interact with an NPC: This timeline is fucking gold[View]
189873621Straight-A Student, 21, kidnapped, raped and murdered by South African gang: Just another day in bea…[View]
189887382>interview went really well >had to give them my tax file number and superannuation >had t…[View]
189887153did you fags ever figure this out ?: pic related. from the trail. pre election.[View]
189853152What does legalizing weed accomplish ?: What good does the legalization of marijuana contribute to s…[View]
189883316Bidding starts at 10000 dollars.[View]
189884005We have had enough. Just because you schizo's think your voice in your heads is 'normal…[View]
189887447What would zappa think?: What would Zappa think if he were alive today? He predicted a lot of probl…[View]
189886763Crime is just a business, policemen are your colleagues. Violent crime is bad for business and it…[View]
189879925Why are muslims so hated?: We just want to live like you guys do. We are not bad people we are just …[View]
189887264ITT: List common instilled Jewish tricks that society obliges you to follow or obey >Diamond ring…[View]
189887150Why are white people so weak?: Literally the weakest fastest dying race on earth, if you are white y…[View]
189878586Aren't Socialist policies just efficient Capitalism? Why does it need to be under a different l…[View]
189860965Twitter took a hit, directed by Twitter.: We certainly made the NPC meme something the media will ta…[View]
189886949When the SHTF I'm going to go around with an IQ test. If you fail it, I will blow your head off…[View]
189855773I thought we were going to win!!! WTF!![View]
189879634What's the difference between the KKK and Antifa?[View]
189886244Ugly Whore: thanks Simonsen for redpilling your autist fanboys , by telling them don't make a l…[View]
189885098How do we stop the brapification of american and anglo men and women? They're getting fatter by…[View]
189881174Daily reminder that gooks are rice monkeys: 99% of gook women have been fucked hard by at least 10 e…[View]
189881305Why did Hitler hated neopaganism so much?: I get that a war veteran would be annoyed by grown ups wh…[View]
189866540Anyone remember the “great global warming hiatus”?: The critics were wrong, they said it will never …[View]
189886475Tissues are sexist now[View]
189882519I don't know why guys want to become women? Is it because modern world has made us soft? If we …[View]
189882226Why are people on the far right usually at the lower end of the gene pool? You see these untermensch…[View]
189883924Madam President would not have let the Saudis murder an american citizen and get away with it. she w…[View]
189882139Indonesia executes 25 year old drug smuggler from SA[View]
189886528NPC Mad: NPC tells 9/11 widow her husband should rot in the grave because she was blocking him. Down…[View]
189864937Daily reminder that /pol/ is a Christian Board. >177777777 [Repent for the end is nigh.] Notice h…[View]
189885875This is Simcha Felder. He was elected as Democrat but caucuses with the Republicans in the NY Senate…[View]
189886431Aight kiddies heres the plan u could have lone wolf attacks on tumblr throughs phones i know it soun…[View]
189885816WE MADE THIS: Stop trying to destroy Trump. Only the maker can unmake what they make. You don't…[View]
189886131KONY 2018: Hey my fellow kekistanis! I've got an idea, Lets get Trump to tweet about Kony.…[View]
189884283It's Okay to be White 2018: INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Posters go up on public spaces and campuses on Oct…[View]
189884429Hungarian madman Peter Szijjarto vs Christian Amanpour: Holy FUCK. Does this lad do anything except …[View]
189878405NPC quiz: Why don't want have an NPC quiz yet, Incase normies are wondering if they're an …[View]
189885097The NPC meme is powerful because it is exposing them to the truth, like a fish just learning about w…[View]
189885249BASED BOBBY!: How long before he's sacked? https://news.sky.com/story/police-have-no-time-to-in…[View]
189880961How do you know a girl is (xx) vs (xy)? I just mistook one in public, but she was hella cute.[View]
189884114I used to hate saudis and Israel but now that Trump came along I finally realized the complex geo-pe…[View]
189883616Now /pol/ what do you think of Coиyзмyлтфильм ?[View]
189878000Can someone tell me why people still like these fucktards? Pretty much close to none of them can tak…[View]
189885674If in the future genetic engineering renders race obsolete by making the differences in race slim to…[View]
189875567OH NO NO NO NO NO NO: https://www.rd.com/culture/every-state-is-best-worst-at/[View]
189885608>more than half of all adopted children are adopted by single or same sex parents Daily reminder …[View]
189876334What if we are the NPCs and what we perceive as thought is actually not thought?[View]
189850691JEWS BTFO: He is right, ya know![View]
189881782#JewsAtTheBorder: '27 leaders from 17 national Jewish organizations https://www.hias.org/blog/watch…[View]
189871654Why is pol so transphobic?: I use to be your average run of the mill /pol/ack Homophobic, transphobi…[View]
189881986Newfag lurker here. Can someone redpill me on Nixon. Dude seems like a fucking boss.[View]
189877757Ten (10) years. Zero (0) scandals.[View]
189884838Indians explain to me this shit: how +1,7 billion people live in such a neighberhood ? imagine afric…[View]
189859471/pol/ who is your country's greatest person?[View]
189885205Can you stil be edgy and rebellious while supporting the political party that more than 50% of the c…[View]
189879630Will Jews be for or against this? On on hand there is a reduction in brown people pouring in, on the…[View]
189882205Israel is America's Ally?: I'm making a short list of things Israel did to the U.S. that w…[View]
189883227The left is devouring itself[View]
189885185Any informational sources supporting abstinence only sex education?: any links to articles or anythi…[View]
189869566How is Russia doing? What is living conditions? Are sanctions hurting? Predictions for Russia's…[View]
189885166NC BTFO!!!!: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pbs.org/newshour/amp/nation/north-carolina-denied-99-p…[View]
189875774NPC GIRLFRIEND: I wish I could have a NPC girlfriend so I could program her to be a nationalist pro-…[View]
189880557Want to know why /pol is failing. There’s one thing that ties everyone together. Hating Jews. Now an…[View]
189884892Job 19:25-26 >For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon …[View]
189880637Why don't you realize (((they))) have made us all NPCs?: It's not only the phony liberals …[View]
189883624Audio Offers Gruesome Details of Jamal Khashoggi Killing, Turkish Official Says: https://www.nytimes…[View]
189882160The left will win: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIxs6vFIlNw[View]
189883867Imagine studying a gender course and then complaining that you can't find a job. What the fuck …[View]
189883794Can he actually win?: >Italian Interior Minister asked to replace Juncker as President of the Eur…[View]
189884658Why is every race except asians gets dumber in America?[View]
189884663Cross destroyed in Greece,it was disturbing.: We need a crusade soon. https://www.lesvosnews.gr/3250…[View]
189881285Marvel just went full Nazi in latest movie: Pic related is Pepe the frog reference is Ant man and th…[View]
189882330A financial collapse equal to the Great Depression will happen in our lifetime thats a guarantee cou…[View]
189883647Based on his assets owned, and his over inflated estimation of assets, coupled with his lack of actu…[View]
189884286I haven’t posted here since 2009: And Jesus fuck, I don’t even know what I want or need to say. I’m …[View]
189884512Thoughts?: What is the next media to annex? I am thinking ABBA. Why? Women love ABBA, the songs are …[View]
189882640It’s Coming: Ok friends. This is really big news. It’s what you’ve all been training for! The Third …[View]
189879502Can Far Right & Left Fight Together Against Corporatism? w/ Chris Hedges: Jimmy Dore is ready to…[View]
189876248friendly reminder on who rules you: >be nazi whore >have a lavish career >take pictures wit…[View]
189883529STUNNING AND BRAVE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hw8k0dW3Drk&start_radio=1&list=RDHw8k0dW…[View]
189880434No amount of voting is ever going to change anything senpai[View]
189882884I can't take it anymore: I just cant. I used to be someone who was a liberal. I used to be some…[View]
189883516ITT: Military tech disasters: Thread for discussing the worst, most disastrous pieces of military te…[View]
189882936Tumblr Is absolutely Disgusting[View]
189877330APOLOGIES NOW!: Look at what you racist have done electing trump, now our hispanics population can…[View]
189872441What would realistically kick off the kike genocide: We're getting closer and closer but it…[View]
189880551ask your greatest ally anything. but be polite.[View]
189852546I fucking hate this country and I fucking hate my life, can this all end already[View]
189882512What did Ben mean by this?[View]
189823638Kraut/pol/&AfD General - Night Edition: >upcoming state elections Hesse: Oct. 28 2018 #ltwhe …[View]
189861424Macron gay black lover arrested: Reaulf. F who posed with the president, arrested for possession of …[View]
189881754What should be the punishment for false accusations of rape?[View]
189882711Why do you Jews get circumcised?: You niggers claim to hate Jews yet practice their fundamental beli…[View]
189882370Shaun King gets politically incorrect; comes out in support of antifa: >I've said it before,…[View]
189867363Are TERFs right about trans'girls' and their chasers being actually gay? (Disclosure: I am…[View]
189883388I watch one movie about Nazi germany I have nazi fetish one??? Very hot and sex[View]
189878070Where were you, when your finger outted you: >Researchers at Essex University looked at sets of i…[View]
189883344Remider that playing video games is degenerate. Did you already stop playing the video game jew?[View]
189883122Reminder that these are Republican voters https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/7524090/elephant-hunters-run…[View]
189878431Incoming false flag shooting before midterms. It will be blamed on Republicans, alt right and the NP…[View]
189883109http://www.repubblica.it/politica/2018/10/17/news/alessandra_mussolini_duce_denuncia-209226503/ >…[View]
189873501Our best alliance. fuck europe and canada and all the shitholes that hate Trump. These are the only …[View]
189880684So if Hitler didn’t 404 the Jews would Germany have been America? Like the Germans would be enslaved…[View]
189842986Imagine being so mentally challenged that you get shitty scribbles permanently inked into your skin,…[View]
189870432Is there a country more cucked than Germany? >Plant trees in 1932 >Trees are decidous in a for…[View]
189882896ITT: Make fun of te onions-filled bitch[View]
189878265IFF in the coming US Civil War: I have read many normie mainstream media articles about what would h…[View]
189882242Mad Cow Disease resurfaces in Scotland: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-scotl…[View]
189876050Why Won't Democrats Confiscate Automatics: from rich people? If weapons of war don't belon…[View]
189878289If someone call you out for being agains jews show them this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqCRFQ…[View]
189882240When will we finally ban killer games? What a strange (((coincidence))) that every school shooter lo…[View]
189882408White supremecy is killing celebrities!: This man did nothing wrong! Just because someone accused hi…[View]
189877496Could Trump have won without 4chan?[View]
189882502Crimea shooting OC[View]
189879637Keeping niggers from voting: Georgia's governor has suspended voter registration of 56K niggers…[View]
189881640What would be worse, getting caught in work watching porn or reading Infowars?[View]
189844339Meanwhile on 1950's /pol/: Let's get one of those /comfy/ nostalgia fueled thread going ht…[View]
189880572Just a general: Reminder there IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING GAY >love is love guys…[View]
189881904wtf is this a real picture?: any original?[View]
189877922How do you know YOU are not an NPC? After all, NPCs do not know they are NPCs.[View]
189882204Srsly how: Much does it cost?[View]
189826307OK, Who did it?: OK, who did this? Admit it now and I might help you get a reduced sentence. Source…[View]
189880846Hello /pol/ what do you think of disney ?[View]
189880988Truth about the NPC meme: (((they))) usually mix lies in with the truth so the people cannot realize…[View]
189868881/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
189840937Women serving in combat roles.: Good or bad idea, /pol/?[View]
189879667Thread theme https://youtu.be/bi263jsyWvg 17 https://youtu.be/2N14a0jA39Q >2nd round polls: BOL…[View]
189869363This is the far right in Australia. Say something about it.[View]
189881801>That White royal suburban prince who was cheated out of his multimillion dollar inheritance by t…[View]
189881520Imagine being scared of a bean[View]
189881718What is 'Jewish Pulpil' ?: I've seen the term used a lot but what does it mean?[View]
189875145So what's up with the Mob? The Italian mafia is so incredibly famous yet also are known for the…[View]
189881202Marriage Arab-European has increased a lot in the last 3 years: according to CommunityShield.com for…[View]
189879703Why won't Americans admit their failure at Operation Cottage? Many people were gravely injured.[View]
189876475> The HAPPENING will never happen. > Expenditure is high than taxation, necessitating the sell…[View]
189880774BREAK THE CONDITIONING NOW!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Phb-jdM4WyQ BRING ALEX BACK I DON…[View]
189880663OY VEY GOY[View]
189881108Proud Boys >short >fat >mostly non-white Yup, just the kind of people I'd expect to be…[View]
1898794230.0009%: Alright /pol/ let me tell you something I'm actually metis, and hearing elizabeth warr…[View]
189865594SAUDI ARABIA DID 9/11[View]
189881003Uhhh why do we hate Saudi Arabia again???? https://twitter.com/JKhashoggi/status/65001683628986368?s…[View]
189881206Should west apologise /pol/ ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=UtBKDMN2U4s&f…[View]
189880902So when do we get our Hitler banner?[View]
189878742Anime needs to be banned. It is turning men into femboi cucks and NEETs, and is absolutely rife with…[View]
189881116Let’s take this NPC meme to the next level: Everyone with a NPC account should display a error messa…[View]
189878254Has anyone else become happier and more efficient and had less depressive episodes since they came o…[View]
189880801I’m feelin 22[View]
189869742Ancient Egypt: What does /pol/ make of Ancient Egypt? Was it built by whites? Or by blacks like the …[View]
189874965The real inside me[View]
189877212>be neonazi >seriously believe that 'might is right' is the only legitimate rule defining inte…[View]
189880212>be metzen, morhaime, rpardo >start off from humble beginnings and scrap together a small budd…[View]
189875303Central American caravan: What do you see, /pol/? I see a doctor, a lawyer, an actress, a singer. I …[View]
189880389REINFORCEMENT THREAD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyQCMd9smv0[View]
189859162IOTBW - 14 days remaining: INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Posters go up on public spaces and campuses on Oct 31st …[View]
189880535Why does /pol/ still support Trump? He has accomplished literally nothing other than tax cuts for th…[View]
189880376Remember when /pol/ used to be funny? Remember when actual political debate around differing ideas t…[View]
189878075American Police: Why are the majority of cops such retards and betas? Vid: https://youtu.be/-UQKkYWD…[View]
189876181Celebrating Diversity: Welcome all fellow immigrants, people of color, multi-ethnic and none gender …[View]
189880206At some point in every man’s life, he must declare the road he wishes to follow. This statement may …[View]
189877875What if Jews are the good guys?: Okay...hear me out , just think about it. What if Jews are actually…[View]
189880275'Woke' White Man Tries to Sound Profound: https://youtu.be/J5DBrOBIgNM Is this guy a paid actor shil…[View]
189878450Elizabeth Warren DNA report: Does anyone have an digitized version? I am making a 200 IQ video to pr…[View]
189847761End it.: When can this damn country be nuked, why must white kids go to school with these fucking ap…[View]
189880380provide some examples of how the left in the USA has started to behave somewhat like communists ever…[View]
189865653If you were the leader of a country, what would you do to ensure the nation is comprised of Chads an…[View]
189844342Holy shit--expert testimony at Asian student lawsuit--what Harvard admissions would look like if sol…[View]
189878392Tell me /pol/, how will the midterms go? After the Trump win in 2016 I hesitate to definitely guess …[View]
189879186NPCs are PEOPLE, that is why this meme is so devastating. It's just that they see the world in …[View]
189877504What does /pol/ think about Genghis khan: What do you think?[View]
189879524explain this goyim[View]
189876925My inner monologue feels weak. I can't hear my voice clearly but i can feel it. It's reall…[View]
189876949Wake. Up. Germany.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pEpYnMbWds4&t=78s&bpctr=1539861721…[View]
189879794anyone wanna play a game of risk? ill start at 5 >moves >name + allies…[View]
189879091Would Karl Marx have shitposted about (((Jews))) on /pol/?: -unkept facial hair, ugly as sin due to …[View]
189876699UK once again turns into a melting pot of degeneracy...: My bevolved countrie is becoming a Globalis…[View]
189879150Why do liberals always steal our memes? We are nazis after all so anything we create is pure evil ye…[View]
189873349Shill Raid.: The NPC meme is really triggering regressives to the point they are making companies li…[View]
189879545Guys I cant get: Over how cool the Obama's are as a family >sasha is a Weinstein making mov…[View]
189817835Syria General /sg/ - Saw at the Saudi Consulate Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagen…[View]
189863766Realizing Whiteness: It's not privilege at all; it's something else entirely. My ancestors…[View]
189868063Redpill me on the Mormons: Can someone give me the real scoop on the Mormons? Are they full of shit?…[View]
189869863NPC general ONLY POST HERE IF YOU ARE AN NPC!: I'm glad that site incels.me is finally banned, …[View]
189879476Dem Deception: I hope you burger faggots are paying attention to the deception going on with these s…[View]
189875157Calling the police is a Crime: The Jews are trying to condition you not to call the police if you fe…[View]
189879443>why are they gommie? >how can we degommiefy them? >what are Cubans like?…[View]
189876281Dubya >allows the single largest terrorist attack on US soil to occur because he refused to liste…[View]
189872932Marijuana should remain illegal.[View]
189872267How do you people deal with the fact that asians are smarter than whites without sounding like black…[View]
189874827Lets be clear here. If communism or socialism were to work you would have to be able to predict the …[View]
189865082are (((they))) going to do a false flag on the NPC meme: >meme blows up in less than a month >…[View]
189869665How rich are these fucks? They make the president of united states look like a pawn.[View]
189879248You dummies aren't even close to the truth[View]
189877498what was his fucking problem?[View]
189871288are they stupid or evil?[View]
189879000Does Trump have a mental disorder?[View]
189872724Has anyone else noticed that Republicans have stopped talking about illegal immigration, instead foc…[View]
189874898Fuck off Pauline Hanson. Now every time I say racism against whites exists I will look like a Paulin…[View]
189875967Us leftists are not “NPCs”: It’s really the alt right and conservatives who are the REAL NPCs, mindl…[View]
189866045Space exploration is the only way: It’s the only way to create a perfect society, and you all know i…[View]
189875897Why do I think of Austria and Swistzerland whenever I say a cow? Aren’t Americans the cow boys baby …[View]
189868489BLACK CUBES: quick question, what's the deal with black cubes? Why do they appear so much in mo…[View]
189877371Hehehhehehehehe: These libtards are so stupid hehehehehehehhe I got on the news and k saw this.…[View]
189877953Gorilla and Elizabeth Warren DNA: The recent sequencing of the gorilla, chimpanzee and bonobo genome…[View]
189877703A'm so proud for new our generation. Maybe we would liberate our society when every young man c…[View]
189861760NPC MEME DESTROYED: It must suck always being wrong. You've created a strawman in your echo cha…[View]
189876603what is the Hajj?: A way for Saudi Arabia to make big $ on tourism.[View]
189877745do people still do these? https://8values.github.io/[View]
189876100Why does the left support this racist Aryan woman?: Seriously, could you imagine if Mitt Romney or s…[View]
189868161Wouldn't it be easier if he just accepted God into his life?[View]
189877532Lets Build a Berlin Wall in America: The wall will go around Texas and straight up Texas Minnesota w…[View]
189877524New MURDOCH MURDOCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gatXo854Eqk[View]
189839846I fucking hate potheads My college campus was full of them today, first fucking day it's legal …[View]
189870402Reminder Communism is just another Saturnian cult among the many.[View]
189874522Louis Farrakhan: ‘I’m Not An Anti-Semite. I’m Anti-Termite.’: Fucking based. https://twitter.com/Lou…[View]
189877413>idolises school shooters >is against abortion Explain yourselves /pol/…[View]
18986402390% of the people (men/women) are still deficating on their street. From the ISS they basically noti…[View]
189876695Was he really that bad? How come right-wingers didn't protest him as much as the left currently…[View]
189877285OPERATION LIBERAL HITLER: It turns out that Hitler hated colonialism, yet liberals paint all conserv…[View]
189872585Police in Germanistan - Berlin: I corrected the headline. thanks[View]
189874892THE DPRK IS MORE DEMOCRATIC THAN THE U.S.: https://www.axios.com/states-voting-restrictions-2018-mid…[View]
189877210Ignorance is bliss: I wish I never took the red pill. I want to go back to being unaware and happy.…[View]
189874760this is why muslims and africans hate us, laugh with scorn at us, and will end up replacing us[View]
189876816Are autistic people the real humans?: Being fostered in an environment that romanticizes social inte…[View]
189873556A Japanese man saved thousands of Jews during WW2 by giving them visas: Why https://en.wikipedia.org…[View]
189874342Is abortion morally wrong?: How can anybody look at this and say its not a human being?[View]
189869674BREAKING NEWS!: The hohols killed the Colonel USA! https://kmph.com/news/local/us-service-member-kil…[View]
189875211New Jersey Senate race: Hugin vs. Menendez: Poll has Menendez ahead 51%-44%. But this is a very narr…[View]
189873360Gun control wor...[View]
189849750/hue/volution - BASED MOURÃO EDITION: Thread theme https://youtu.be/bi263jsyWvg 17 https://youtu.be…[View]
189873102This is probably the best unintentional endorsement of Fascism and condemnation of Democracy i'…[View]
189863828AUS/POL ABORTION EDITION: >>AFP asked to investigate leak of ASIO advice warning of violence o…[View]
189870559Did the Saudis eat that Koshoggi guy?: They're all shitskins and Satanic as all hell. Did they …[View]
189872594The Rakdos Pill: Alt Righter >Virgin >Unemployed >Lives at home >No college degree Male …[View]
189872559/ptg/ - President Trump General - Inexorable Conquest Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.…[View]
189873145I used to hate saudis and Israel but now that Trump came along I finally realized the complex geo-pe…[View]
189875295Let's build a wall: IN THE MIDDILE OF THE USA FUCK YOU[View]
189871788Dont exercise goyim.[View]
189874887What is /pol/'s opinion on Ismailis?[View]
189865617Its almost uncanny how quickly this meme exploded and gained popularity and how twitter reacted tp i…[View]
189876574America funny pattern... Iraq: oil rich Libya: oil rich And now Saudi Arabia: oil rich Being poor ne…[View]
189865351It’s 4am and I’m here in the dark trying to digest this massive redpill[View]
189876323Ooga booga back to Africa: Some faggots at my university want to make an association for African stu…[View]
189875887The NPC meme is a psyop to get us to accept social credit scores and gameify obedience to the state.[View]
189874305Free speech vs Right to privacy: Got texted by politicians, claim free speech rights as reason to bo…[View]
189862545What did the liberals means by this?[View]
189876110Will Canada survive the great evil of cannabis legalization? Or will a once great country collapse u…[View]
189876069You dons stresssin ahha: you yutes got it all wrong you lot think we're the problem in england …[View]
189874255Midterm forecast: What did they mean by this ?[View]
189863780Why the NPC Meme is So Effective: The NPC meme as we know it has exploded, hitting The New York Time…[View]
189866609God doesn't exist: Why does this simple statement anger so many people?[View]
189873949indoctrinated US highschool students make a youtube channel: Youtube channel gems https://www.youtub…[View]
189870712If you argue against the NPC meme, you're an Idiot.: Here why: Some one who thought they were …[View]
189870535The Jews told me, boldly with underhanded arrogance yet with caution, that they are a gang, a nonWhi…[View]
189849703Are Space Elevators possible?: A space elevator is a proposed type of planet-to-space transportation…[View]
189873302SWEDEN YES!: Sweden expels 9-year old orphan to Ukraine, replaces him with 9,000 Afghans who will no…[View]
189872642Liberalism: Liberals espouse a wide array of views depending on their understanding of these princip…[View]
189875058GOYlem: Reminder that the correct term for golem is 'Goylem' (the actual Yiddish word for golem)…[View]
189874189Why are religions like Judaism and Islam full of NPC degenerate?[View]
189861849(Re)Convert Me to Christianity: Background: I was raised Orthodox Christian. Stopped going to Sunday…[View]
189874267Everyone in Canada Bro: Everyone can just relax now and smoke the ganja in Canada, did you hear it…[View]
189874186Would /pol/ pay for a pro-white / anti-jew video campaign? I make videos. Heres one i made about Sor…[View]
189873032lets be honest women aren't meant for critical thinking: the only reason women have any authori…[View]
189874475Brazilians how based is this guy?[View]
189839064If the Bible isn't true why does the Old Testament predict the coming of Jesus?[View]
189865057wtf I love black people now https://twitter.com/LouisFarrakhan/status/1052304476923719680[View]
189869273Daily Reminder: Cognitive Infiltration is ten years old: What you see here has been designed specifi…[View]
189873614the vantablack pill: We've already lost. We have proof coming out of ears that kikes are respon…[View]
189873882how much did the clinton foundation take from saudi...[View]
189874215Interesting.: Right, I’ll try that again. What does /pol/ think of this article? Humanizing? Btw not…[View]
189865777Pepperidge Farm remembers.: Remember when this man, who set up strategies to ensure that Australia w…[View]
189869756This is the coverage $38 billion gets you in Israel: https://twitter.com/haaretzcom/status/105269877…[View]
189869684Shit social credit score feels >important emails go to spam bin >shadowbanned from social medi…[View]
189872941The future of /pol/: Your mods at work, hiro-San.[View]
189873913Then i read something like this...: What does /pol/ think of this article? Humanizing? Btw not a pas…[View]
189860204Republicans going to drown in the blue wa-[View]
189866292/npc/ general: Prove right now that you are not an NPC. Criticize something you don’t agree with pol…[View]
189871125'npc memes are dehumanizing': Funny how twitter is banning all npc accounts for 'dehumanization' but…[View]
189873607white male: 'doesn't fit criteria' really means white male. regarding the story of zac oliver, …[View]
189871713You all racists will pay soon: >There are people on this board who are storing their data on 'the…[View]
189873085I hate commies but I hate new age liberal nazism, I don't really know how to feel about that pr…[View]
189824518The left will start a civil war: The Supreme Court is going to vote down abortion, affirmative actio…[View]
189873169https://www.timesofisrael.com/measles-vaccine-developer-warns-jewish-anti-vaxxers/ Measles vaccine d…[View]
189869893Guys, we should cure cancer. Imagine the butthurt on the left if 'literally nazis' cured cancer. I c…[View]
189869407>tfw your social credit score isn’t high enough to rent a car[View]
189871601Are all women who were exposed to the schooling system a lost cause: Pic related-22 year old aryan f…[View]
189873001Creation vs The Big Bang: Why do people argue so much over semantics? Either the Universe existed fr…[View]
189867108There were no gas chambers: >Gewiss, ich habe unterschrieben, dass ich 2 Millionen Juden umgebrac…[View]
189858148GIVE US AN ALBERTAN FLAG PLEASE: Having a shitty leaf flag is a fucking curse since no matter what I…[View]
189852727NPC are golems: Mistery resolved, the myth of the golem talked about what we are call today NPC, thi…[View]
189840265NPC Meme Banned at High School: Jesus Christ this is hilarious[View]
189872557saudi arabia appreciation thread. here we talk about our second best ally in the middle east (after …[View]
189863112/ytpg/ - YouTube Patrol general: How do we stop this?[View]
189864762Democrat Senate candidate Sinema bashes her constiuency yet again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t…[View]
189872718Iran shouldn't work with commies they should only work with nationalists not commies and boomer…[View]
189863458Minorities are more intelligent than white americans: >For the past 10 years, a Johns Hopkins Uni…[View]
189860610What happened to this woman?[View]
189865078/ptg/ - President Trump General - First Blood Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehou…[View]
189842954Where the hell is Richard Spencer?: Blog posts? Podcasts? Announcements? A formal explanation of the…[View]
189867094Ok /pol/: >Davidson arrived to his mom's house Wednesday with a hood over his head and phone…[View]
189844458Why's /pol/ so much better at memeing than the rest of the internet?[View]
189868301About the NPC meme: In light of all this NPC memery, I have a question about internal monologues. I …[View]
189870993Fact:: If you turn off all your lights every night in your house/apartment you are an NPC[View]
189871518TFW you realize you have been jerking off to NPC's your whole life: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
189871427infowars on twitch lets ban: Twitch.tv/infowars twitch Ban ban ban Ban ban ban Ban ban ban Ban ban b…[View]
189871893These are the average faces of women around the world.: How accurate is this picture?[View]
189871843C.U.C.K.E.D.: The American industries side with China.[View]
189871831Sam Harris inadvertently talking about NPCs: Listening to the Waking Up with Sam Harris podcast #140…[View]
189864371Ask a liberal this simple question: If we were to send up everybody with a low IQ to the moon, what …[View]
189857065What is it about blacks that makes them so immune to being NPCs?: All of them are woke af like pic r…[View]
189871547Cannabis: WHERE Will Cannabis be Legal next /pol/ ?[View]
189871229How does internet advertising works? Is it really profitable? I now I have never clicked on any ad o…[View]
189865214Behold. The absolute state of Christianity in America. >I know they murdered an innocent person,…[View]
189867556I beat the NPC meme: If leftists are NPC's, doesn't that mean right-wingers are PC? OH SHI…[View]
189865033What country should I move to, to escape them?[View]
189869557Was his dad right /pol/?[View]
189863910Just a reminder: These men are not your allies. They will side with whoever the person with most pow…[View]
189825745CENSORSHIP CRACKDOWN: Youtube and twitter is going all out. Apperently yesterdays jewtube update con…[View]
189856420Does the guy who runs the Wendy's™ twitter account browse /pol/? They must have made that Wendy…[View]
189870419Alabama general thread: What does the media have against Alabama? There are people from all over the…[View]
189870927They knew it a long time ago[View]
189869981>i dont vote or pay attention to politics or care about debating Why do NPCs get so mad when you …[View]
189851402The police aren't doing their jobs? Call the military.: There's still too much crime in ou…[View]
189863429Teen girl Kasey Xuereb, who idolized the hard-partying 'gangster' lifestyle, dies in a high-speed ca…[View]
189858236WAR WAR WAR is KNOCKING ON THE DOOR. ARE YOU READY?: Moscow ‘ready for larger-scale provocations’ by…[View]
189869361Is it actually possible to 'Kill all zee Joos'? If so, how come nobody has been able to do it yet? …[View]
189870111>add my 14yo nephew on Telegram >I send him some harmless shitty memes I consider a-okay for a…[View]
189870403Are Jews the original autists?[View]
189849245All Taxes Are Optional: >'All taxation is theft.' This is one of the most brain-dead memes I hear…[View]
189864696Billions stolen from European banks: >For a minimum of a decade, a small group of financiers and …[View]
189869998How did someone that looks like this ever become a nazi skinhead?: The older this man gets the more …[View]
189866926'Advice to all my niggas: impregnate Bridget So when she have a baby she gon' make another…[View]
189859124documentary 1950-1965 USA: Yesterday I was watching a docu about this era in the USA. It pains me th…[View]
189827583Why Do Men Fear Feminist Women?: Explain yourselves[View]
189862711Canada's legalization of marijuana could hurt farmers in poorer countries: > most growers ar…[View]
189866370What are the vaccination rates in Israel?[View]
189873196Was the NPC meme too powerful?: I think we might’ve unleashed something we shouldn’t have. There’s n…[View]
189871286This is one of the most unfunny memes I've ever seen on /pol/: I've been on 4chan since 20…[View]
189866344Who the fuck is pushing this weak sauce fucking meme? It's tired and makes us look bad[View]
189863812Why are there more female NPC's compared to male?[View]
189869980The NPC meme gave us back our humanity: >be /pol/ >be accused of being Russian bot for 2 years…[View]
189870128Wake up[View]
189871502I don't care for the color scheme. It's off-putting.[View]
189866899If the NPC meme is banned, let’s just change it to a Golem: The jewish story of the golem is literal…[View]
189868795Was the NPC meme too powerful?: I think we might’ve unleashed something we shouldn’t have. There’s n…[View]
189866969/pol/ BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lULmie51-pU[View]
189869599Npcs?: At first I thought this was just some 4chan fuckery but it really is the only way to explain …[View]
189864754War Heroes: What is /pol/'s opinion of war heroes? Should we honour berzerkers?[View]
189869775>russia will interfere in 2016 dems say >tons of dems win >trump launches investigation …[View]
18986945111th of its kind in the world, unveiled in Canada: His Highness the Aga Khan, an old friend of the U…[View]
189854565Fascists of /pol/: Tell me why: A question specifically for the fascists of the board, tell me why y…[View]
189868385http://www.robotstreamer.com/robot/157 http://www.robotstreamer.com/robot/157 http://www.robotstream…[View]
189869401#GolfCartGail Calls The Cops On A Black Father For Speaking To His Son And For NOT Answering HER htt…[View]
189869442what's really at stake in Nov?: if Democrats win, will they start the civil war by impeaching t…[View]
189861466What does auggie mean by this exactly just how smart is she[View]
189866317/pol/, I'd like you to meet our new CEO, Trish Lionhart. Things are going to be different from …[View]
189866631What did he mean by this?[View]
189865367In Murrica, illegals are released “out of the front door” unchecked: Those may be rapists, killers, …[View]
189864796How do we use the NPC meme smartly to get actual NPCs banned from social media? That would be quite …[View]
189855559The end game of the left is to exterminate western civilization and the white race: I was taking a l…[View]
189869069Why do you guys blame the Frankfurt school and 'muh cultural marxism' instead of the chicago school …[View]
189845425Every fucking day. Every fucking day I have to drive past this piece of shit. Any other West Palm fa…[View]
189863440What is Life Like After College? What Do I Do?: I'm set to graduate in December and I just real…[View]
189866084Tri-Monthly Reminder non whites need not apply[View]
189868982Las Vegas Massacre 59 dead What does Saudi Arabia want to destroy the USA?[View]
189868951I am the alpha and the omega. There is nothing beyond me. Hey (Hey), I'm your life I'm th…[View]
189865226What is the most NPC worldview/philosophy? Atheism? Unobservant religion? Utilitarianism? Moral rela…[View]
189864247Really makes you think..: https://www.rd.com/culture/every-state-is-best-worst-at/[View]
189866314Let's say for just a second that Trump never existed: Would we have ever started this conversat…[View]
189867604Just what the FUCK is the System of German Idealism, and how will Trump complete it? He can't e…[View]
189868606Strategy: https://hooktube.com/04wyGK6k6HE?t=3245 I realized JP's genius strategy and how he is…[View]
189868283Why are Americans such hypocrites?[View]
189868534To be honest he bitches about Jews like a npc[View]
189868522Alwaleed Bin Talal Tweet: .@realDonaldTrump You are a disgrace not only to the GOP but to all Americ…[View]
189868495Gingers, society's last hope: You guys put so much energy into pointing out the degenerates, th…[View]
189866454Little known historical/scientific/whatever facts: ITT we facts >After killing 40-60 million Chri…[View]
189868417Lets discuss the inner-thought part of the NPC meme: I was talking with other anons in one of the NP…[View]
189834184>Africans built magnificent palaces and power empires >Muslim leader of the time describes Rom…[View]
189868368How do I convince my centre-left parents of the (((Jewish questions))) without making it sound like …[View]
189868202Daily reminder that anal virgins are still virgins[View]
189868331You will be converted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ecWDo-HpbE[View]
189868312Tennessee Second Division: Is this true? https://www.diariodenavarra.es/noticias/navarra/tierra_este…[View]
189861067I vote auspol to start by 4pm The absolute latest . not all of us jobs to go to . Somebody talented…[View]
189867261Absolute state of USA libertarian party: OH NO NO NO[View]
189858771NPC meme explained: Linking my previous thread for information purposes and because I didnt have tim…[View]
189862700This fucking place: If there's so much censorship and banning and shit everywhere, why is this …[View]
189867669/r/mde: lebbit (((admins))) mass banned all the mde subreddits a couple weeks ago where did everyone…[View]
189861074HAPPENING!!!: >Nineteen dead, twelve critical and three in a coma: Crimea announces three days of…[View]
189867034Why no articles on how the Russian American community fears backlash after all the Russian hate from…[View]
189859409>you are given one life >you have to pass all thirteen steps to pass the game and receive free…[View]
189865775WHONis she REALLY serving? NOT, the 17.4 million brexiteers!: TRAITOR BITCH, BETRAYS THE 17.4 MILLIO…[View]
189867775Venezuela: Myth vs Reality: What percent of Venezuela news is Kvetching to get grounds for war to st…[View]
189864939Has anyone seen my mom? She's gone missing.[View]
189866080The enemy of my enemy is my friend[View]
189852726There is any explanation for the persistence of Marxism, socialism and communism, etc? I mean, no th…[View]
189866661Democratic Senate Candidates Make Up 19/22 Largest Total Donations: theyre trying to buy this electi…[View]
189867413>JEWS CONTROLE EVERYTHING AND BY PROXY HAVE THE MOST MONEY >higher taxes? no no thats theft …[View]
189866762>'the politics and ideologies of people are the reason my life is a failure'…[View]
189853594/AFG/ Anti-FalseFlag General: Discuss possible False Flags, False flag Plannings,history, and the po…[View]
189859075>back in the olden days of /pol/ there was a 50/50 split between natsocs and libertarians >now…[View]
189864395Brexit Extension : 1 more year of fluff!: What is Theresa up to? This is so obviously a stall tactic…[View]
189857423>implying you wouldn't[View]
189865289infowars on twitch lets ban: lets ban twitch.tv/infowarstwitch[View]
189867135daily reminder to pray for this election fellas https://youtu.be/uSirN5Cz89g[View]
189867065Is there any chance of saving the House or is all hope lost?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kwPjr…[View]
189861369/pol/'s thought on them?: anyone got the skinny on Epoch times and Declassified ? The drop a lo…[View]
189861603What went so horribly wrong?[View]
189859758Serious question for mods and janitors: why do you censor circumcision threads?: Another circumcissi…[View]
189865395Hello Fellow Alt Right Nazis: I have been here on 4chan since it was begun in the 1990s. I think its…[View]
189864119Hitler is bisexual: really makes me think >https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/HITLER%2C…[View]
189863744Why does Ted Cruz refuse to participate in Thursday’s town hall?[View]
189866488*replaces you* Whoopsie, sorry brah[View]
189844870My husband and I are both retired he had no pension with his employer of 51 and a half years. we sav…[View]
189854343Can somebody give me some reasons why we shouldn't like Ben Shapiro?[View]
189860915Crazy Liberal Girl fetish: Anyone else have this? It's obviously bad, but something about a cut…[View]
189863219If anons want to meet in public what are some ways we could do so without getting doxxed/murdered? I…[View]
189855415I'm American and I've always hated America: I didn't choose to be born here, so why m…[View]
189866484>atleast we hav bodbon!![View]
189843624Styxhexenhammer is genuinely one of the best political commentators on YouTube (in my opinion) Do yo…[View]
189861134Roaches yet again destroying historical monuments.: https://www.djulfa.com/the_story/ https://www.dj…[View]
189864660Need scary biker with beer and maga hat image: I need help anons. I'm going to find (or make) a…[View]
189865080What's that ladies name who trafficked kids in haiti and works for the fed now?[View]
189859490>Tfw I understand Conservatives >Tfw I understand Liberals >Tfw I understand Nazis >Tfw …[View]
189866019Really make you think[View]
189829436What are some things Africa has invented and contributed to the world?[View]
189861180Why doesn't Trump put a stop to this?: https://www.breitbart.com/border/2018/10/17/migrant-fami…[View]
189861252>It's actually feminism's fault I can't get a girlfriend.…[View]
189865792Degeneracy: Discussion: ITT Post some degenerate and Cultural Marxist shit Describe how can fix this…[View]
189864349Poo in toilet by October 4 , 2019: Will India reach the goal before the deadline? https://www.channe…[View]
189865899> Jews do well at life therefore accept German socialism Have I summed up National Socialists in …[View]
189865801we should listen to children when it comes to the security of them and others in our society. childr…[View]
189857299Scottish people are degenerate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inM9zjoKJFg Look at them, drunk in t…[View]
189858547Furries Have Infested Walmart: They have gone too far this time goddamn it. They are supporting the …[View]
189859913Why does only muslims, niggers and jews (+ their slaves) mutilate their own penis?[View]
189863107Experiment: Can we get black people to think that the Nazi salute is a dance move? Monkeys are prett…[View]
189856130Happening in Crimea, Russia: Why is there no threads about this? Almost 20 people killed at uni in C…[View]
189862239OH NO NO NO NO[View]
189844461Otherkin rights are human rights: Question, /pol/, If trans rights are human rights, thus qualifyin…[View]
189832194Guys: How safe is 5g?[View]
189861907What news sources do you guys trust?: For me, it's NPC News. That Lester Holt is a very intelli…[View]
189864551Imperialism>everything else Prove me wrong[View]
189860606Oh wow another /pol/ prediction that failed to come true. Ginsburg is still alive. When will you mor…[View]
189865240Does Arthur Jones (Nazi) have a chance to win on November 6th: He is the Republican candidate for Il…[View]
189865038Predict the near future: How close are we to the climax of all this political stuff? Here's a q…[View]
189860792Gamer gate is becoming a problem: Sargon of Akkad, I’m sure we all know who he is, and what he plans…[View]
189856544Just got to Sydney. Why are so many Arabs, Asians, and Indians here? Isn't Australia a white ca…[View]
189851087Libertarianism or authoritarianism?[View]
189860603/ptg/ - President Trump General - Oh Here Let Me Just Oh Uh Nevermind Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TR…[View]
189864190he will not divide us?: yo dose anyone know why the hell will not divide us stream is down? are we s…[View]
189864150The final redpill before graduating to black is realizing that /pol/ shares many of the same views a…[View]
189861965The Jews Are Responsible For The Middle East: 911 was a false flag committed by the state of Israel.…[View]
189864880Why Gays So Butthurt?: I tried talking shit about gays but /pol/ keeps taking me down / reporting me…[View]
189862234WWIII - World War 3 - Christians vs Muslism: Soon Canada and various states of Europe will fall into…[View]
189863720/ecopol/: ITT any and all issues regarding climate change, ecology, deforestation and why the fuck o…[View]
189838920Well, Christfags?: Your move[View]
189837400Twitter defending 'Jews are Termites': I would love to hear their reasoning for this.[View]
189852095Has this NPC meme gone too far?: Is this actually real? Have we actually managed to make people brag…[View]
189864641How many people read the average post on /pol/? Vote if you read this. https://www.strawpoll.me/1666…[View]
189861910How reliable is this site?[View]
189863927So was Saudi Arabia actually behind 9/11 Why has nothing been done?[View]
189863929Canadian Victory: How does this make you feel you freedom cucks?[View]
189862308Do you believe in the muslim prophecy /pol/?: >The final battle starts in Syria and the troops ma…[View]
189864171Mr. Bond, anti kike rapper: Thought I'd post a dedication to the most subversive goy in the gam…[View]
189863263why does the alt right mass flag essentially censoring left wing youtube videos with differing oppin…[View]
189863789She’s dominating. You’re pathetic.: Empowered. Intelligent. Winning. AOC and the Blue wave is immine…[View]
189861575Not long after making fag marriage legal, Australia is now making child murder legal. And surprise s…[View]
189863962Messiah: Shouldn't the Jews be happy about Christianity? We worship a messiah who 'took up…[View]
189856846Democrats really fucked up: Punished Kav incoming[View]
189858536She's right you know.[View]
189855302The rich-poor gap is getting worse under Trump: >'While middle-income earners got a modest tax cu…[View]
189863180WAKE UP!: Inside the deepest darkest part of your soul lies hitlers hopes, dreams, and asperations.…[View]
189862227Reminder that the increasing (((oil))) prices is to get us to use electric cars.[View]
189860532Boring Face Feminists: couldn't find an identity in high school solid 5/10 on looks scale (gene…[View]
189854797I will gladly pay 5%-10% more tax per year if we can ship the niggers back to their huts in the jung…[View]
189859610Daily reminder that Democrats do not give two shits about Americans.[View]
189839881Leftists Are Trying To Post Counter NPC Memes: How do we respond? It’s simple, we make them for them…[View]
189863845Spain politics general: >Congress passes law to forces companies to place at least 50% women as t…[View]
189863836Infestation: Unironicly I feel the same way about nogs, x10 for Muslims and x100 for Muslim nogs... …[View]
189863818Americans can't think for themselves: Both Antifa and Proud Boys are funded and led by Jews, wh…[View]
189853266What did Steve Bannon hope to gain by creating the dehumanizing NPC meme and spamming it all over 4c…[View]
189863481mitt romney meeting with chicom fag watch out for this one[View]
189863318If Christianity is a tool of the jews, then why is it: That Jews for Jesus as a Jewish organization …[View]
189859388Why ancap is right, your primer:: Anarchism: Evil exists. All evil seeks conquest. A conqueror, in o…[View]
189774866Why women can't dress like that, in a pure prudish and modest way?: Seriously ? (Had to take pi…[View]
189852309Why does everyone think that NPC's have to be liberals? If anything both sides of the spectrum …[View]
189862116If I ask to be redpilled does that mean I am NPC because I no longer am thinking for myself?[View]
189860283Here comes the big great blue wave: Hey guys what are you doing to thwart the democrat blue wave? ht…[View]
189862070How do I become an NPC?: HELP ME PLEASE I ate too many redpills. I didn't believe the memes at …[View]
189853397The black is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink; the European ha…[View]
189858161This just happened: >be me >talking to 3 other white mid thirties men cassually. barely know t…[View]
189848582/pol/ recommended documentaries: Just finished watching TGSNT earlier this week, have been watching …[View]
189859380BAN ALL NPC THREADS[View]
189859318Nobody is talking about Rockwood: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2018/10/17/andrew-gillum-gradua…[View]
189851710So now that weed is legal in Canada, how long until the country completely breaks down from its dege…[View]
189857768The state of the npc meme, lmfao[View]
189832934Christians, what iss the significance of the temptation of Christ?[View]
189859885OH NO NO NO NO The irony lmao https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2018/10/17/hree-percent-of-elizabet…[View]
189856053It looks like Biden is the DNC bid for president in 2020. Let's be ready to fire up the creepy …[View]
189859875Bluewave btfo[View]
189858939This fella seems like a stand up human: https://nypost.com/video/protester-tells-alleged-9-11-widow-…[View]
189861236Walmart endorses furries: Absolute degenerates[View]
189855706is Russia going to interfere in our 2018 elections? or will that only be if Republicans win?[View]
189784270@notracistwhen just dumped pages of anti-white tweets from the head of site integrity for twitter ht…[View]
189862679Some fag made an old /b/ thread saying /pol/ is the new place to be. Thought you guys might wanna c…[View]
189832306Legalization: Now that Canada has legalized green, how far behind is America in stopping pharmaceuti…[View]
189860736should I join the airforce?[View]
189862595US and EU going to WAR over post Brexit banking regulations: US banks want to remain in London, Brus…[View]
189861977This thread is for discussion of recent Australian events and everything else to do with politics in…[View]
189856488Seeking information: Someone if anyone wanna see if they can find out who this Antifa protestor is? …[View]
189862447Hillary should have been president: Trump is a fucking disaster[View]
189861425Based China and Japan causing mortgage rates to rise: RIP Boomer housing prices[View]
189860900So is the jew bitch dead yet or what?[View]
189861941WHO WILL WIN THE MIDTERMS?: https://www.strawpoll.me/16668677 https://www.strawpoll.me/16668677 http…[View]
189832251Yeah so this kid with Asperger's in my AP Lang class is a full blown commie, agreeing with Comm…[View]
189851967THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF JOHN BRENNAN: The absolute gall of this CIA nigger. https://dailycaller.com/20…[View]
189858002Have We Already For Gotten About The Survivors?: Guys why have we already forgotten about this brave…[View]
189861970NPC's are chinks responsible for creating the insane left We need to eradicate china folks... t…[View]
189845105Most important candidate right here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRdMwXMpghI[View]
189858825GOod news, it's a suppository!: The asshole is an organ imbued with as much consciousness as th…[View]
189861371>it's not halloween that's a satanic american capitalist invention it's really a c…[View]
189859120Was he right? And why?[View]
189845416Is she sorry for marrying him?: Looks like she has bitter regrets. Is he making her happy?[View]
189861084creating red pilled media: How do you create red pilled media without getting de-platformed? Jewish …[View]
189859961So; Who's raiding 4chan and why? The same spam is all over the website.[View]
189859452Are Jews the Serpent Seed: There is a movie called Heredetitary made by a jew where in where a demon…[View]
189851639Blue Checkmarks are Still Getting Triggered by NPCs: Has the left totally lost the plot? It seems li…[View]
189861047What do you guys think is going to happen in the midterms? I think republicans will pick up a few se…[View]
189859154President Bullet in Head[View]
189859995How do you counter a Remphanic Demon invasion: and why does 1/4 of this board want to counter it wit…[View]
189860101The family unit in a wicked and perverse generation: Since mods and/or janitors are queers and gasse…[View]
189849932but her emails...[View]
189861321Make some money: Alex Jones is giving away 10K for the best NPC meme! Winner announced by next Monda…[View]
189861212/pol/: Just saw OAN news come on at 1:05 am with somebody's screen lurking on /pol/ . Wee lads …[View]
189851679They'll be back in stock right? Was this the fastest selling MAGA hat ever sold? I blinked and …[View]
189835953What is the philosophy behind the fact that the left cannot meme?[View]
189845103Would you actually Come To Brazil™ for tourism if Bolsonaro solves the country's crime issues? …[View]
189860817Colorado Springs (UCCS): Any bad goys out there? H-hello...?[View]
189838913Reminder: If you don't blend in and look out of place in a wheat field you are not white. Just …[View]
189856639/pol/, create your curriculum for children: One of the reasons memes are so successful in recruitmen…[View]
189854329What is the next step for the NPC meme: In lieu of the fact that many NPC accounts are being banned …[View]
189814106Missing Wisconsin Girl Thread: The low down >911 call made with shouting and gunshots >police …[View]
189844911Who will win the Second American Civilwaro[View]
189852490Soon metal gear will replace human soldiers except for the highly elite. Your dreams of fighting in …[View]
189860821more cuck theory: so - i do not watch bbt, utterly shit and depressing, but read this is the story t…[View]
189846495youtube pseudo leaks...: what is all the fuzz about ?[View]
189857729Was Stalin assassinated by Jews? Didn't he went full anti Jew mode around the time he died an…[View]
189860577>everyone knows pizzag8 is real >no one will blow the lid WHY?!…[View]
189857786State Trooper shot dead in North Carolina: There have been a lot of cops shot dead in the US this ye…[View]
189855949/ptg/ - President Trump General - Covetous Gaze Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteh…[View]
189858760Ha ha!![View]
189841871Why are they going all out to stop the NPC meme?: Twitter just did a ban sweep of all NPC accounts, …[View]
189859977When is the dam going to burst?: Day after day the temperature increases. Anger escalates. The debt …[View]
189857817Why is rape a crime? I mean, beyond just being assault. It's not like your penis is more damagi…[View]
189859269Canada just legalized weed.: How do I deal with the wave of new 'stoners'. Is another holocaust call…[View]
189856827Honestly, I would rather be an NPC than believe in the loony, batshit conspiracies of the right.[View]
189854737THE MADMAN!!! NAMES THE ROSTIE!!![View]
189843906Has the NPC meme jumped the shark?[View]
189856103Why is the establishment turning against Saudi Arabia?: McConnell, Ryan, Graham, other establishment…[View]
189852673'Education is our only political safety outside of this ark': Let's make a deal /pol/. You reco…[View]
189858922Canadian Nationalist: What do you guys think of ID Canada are they shills or do they hate jews…[View]
189858691what is bad about America? I am not convinced that America is not greatest country in human history[View]
189852245I suspect that most of the unironic Trump supporters here are old people that live in rural areas an…[View]
189859781>Pumpkin spice latte sold out before I could get one[View]
189859881/ytpg/: Done your part /pol/? https://youtu.be/-2AUplJtioY[View]
189854694sup /pol/: capitalism was a mistake[View]
189849241Will there ever be a Gen-X President? Will we just go from Boomers to Millennials?[View]
189859117Resistance Rally's around St Louis area?: Have always been curious about what a leftist rally i…[View]
189859256Why are the Commies scrawny middle class white kids? Shouldn’t commies be those with the most to gai…[View]
189852104Hey guys, I'm 17/1024 Cherokee, can I be a part of the white ethnostate?[View]
189859126Humanistic Smile: Enough is enough. We are fighting back against the dehumanizing fascist NPC meme w…[View]
189858423#NoMenMidterms: November is coming up, post/download memes like pic related and spread to MSM If we …[View]
189859070We give our countries a new National Anthem: We give our countries a new national anthem based for 2…[View]
189859054was the 2017 Saudi Arabian purge fake? what actually changed women are allowed to drive now let the …[View]
189858749Hogg To Make His Appearance In Vermont This Friday In Burlington: That's right David Hogg is co…[View]
189858448On a scale of 6/6 how offended are you?[View]
189852821Druid Human Sacrifice: why does pol never mention the Druids? Everything the druids are about matche…[View]
189858860https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cipuc7zPqOo more like this pic unrelated[View]
189839921What's it like living around Mexicans? Is it overall better than living around Blacks?[View]
189853066You cannot judge a whole race collectively as they are all individuals thus I cannot adhere to your …[View]
189848588(((Krassenstein))): How do we stop these two?[View]
189842193>wake up in Cucklanda today >go sit on the Toronto subway >some nigger is literally rolling…[View]
189850652Is God having mercy on America?: By suppressing the Liberals?[View]
189857196Mystery solved: NPCs are just golems >golems execute orders placed in their mouths >can’t thi…[View]
189858071https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqYdUgivbyk we're finished[View]
189858486Some thoughts on Alpha & Beta beings: Education and Technology are simply distractiosn that keep…[View]
189852188How does this make you feel /pol/? https://www.fresnobee.com/news/state/california/article220067385.…[View]
189831211When will Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez get a husband? Or does she need one to be president?[View]
189857294Your Average NPC: If you see these signs around, you should automatically assume they are NPC.…[View]
189850544Fuk u guys: I bought a lottery ticket today because the payout is a billion dollars... If you don…[View]
189855502Can someone answer this: do we create the memes that sweep the nation or is it a giant collaboration…[View]
189853015You are the ultimate NPC if you believe the Jews are behind the degeneracy of the West. It is not a …[View]
189855243What will you miss most about Western legacy after liberals rewrite history?[View]
189857391Why should I stick my neck in the guillotine and bring a woman into my life?: A woman can ruin a man…[View]
189855357Another head of the RNC proven to be a pedo: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/crime-courts/former-usa-gy…[View]
189857859>Subject: Orange man >Keywords: Racist, Sexist, Pussy-Grabber, Collusion >Emotion: Anger…[View]
189856184What Happens When 16 Beto O’Rourke And Ted Cruz Supporters Debate In One Room (HBO): https://www.you…[View]
189855621What makes something presidential?[View]
189857227Hillary is our saviour?: Long, long time lurker with a thought needing /pol/'s thumbs up or dow…[View]
189854934How do we reintroduce the wild negro back into modern society[View]
189857681Progressive Activists are only 8% of the American population: That's (at most) 30M people who t…[View]
189848686Apple Breeding NPCs: NPCs in the wild.[View]
189857552I made a fagbook group 'Jews against Circumcision' looking for some spicy memes to post on there hop…[View]
189853121Nazi Coke: LIsten, /pol/, I have a *plan*. As you may know, Fanta originated in Nazi Germany, due to…[View]
189857637Hey guys. I made a mixtape inspired by esoteric Nazism, the Nazi occult, and Savitri Devi. Figured s…[View]
189801998The Racist White Liberal Man attack’s the Black Man for is Art I thought White Liberals were Toleran…[View]
189857335Missoula Trump Rally: Gonna be heading with my boys from Eastern WA to Missoula, Montana for the ral…[View]
189856395NPC experiences thread: 'Anon, we're not trying to judge you. We just think it's inappropr…[View]
189851236So over the past week we have learned that this incel hole is full of legitimate schizophrenocs that…[View]
189850072gang weed 430: i am so fucking high... here's more old family photos. i smoked so much[View]
189853650Do we deserve what's happening to us?: Is everything that's happening to white countries k…[View]
189850447There is actually nothing wrong with being Jewish. in fact it's quite based, based indeed. A to…[View]
189856189BAD FUCKING GOY[View]
189855659/pol/ and The_Donald alliance when?[View]
189857350Based Black Muslim: >redpilled and based >jews btfo Also twitter considers this free speech, …[View]
189854789Did anybody else catch the fucking INVERTED KNEES on Ted Cruz?[View]
189850224On Kimmel: Tune in for the crying donkey gayfest just a few more minutes....[View]
189838113Prove you're not a NPC test: Essentially how would you make a Recaptcha for NPCs?[View]
189856742What does he know?: This man is redpilled beyond belief. >Grew up in entertainment industry >P…[View]
189841246Ballsey Ford: So what happened to this bitch?[View]
189854806Jesus Christ is anything being done about this?[View]
189856028Alex Jones have Trump's ear?: >I've got your bi-weekly report Mr. President What does h…[View]
189856994So whats up with this shitty ass country who keeps stealing our intellectual property? Do they sell …[View]
189852564Thoughts on Gavin McInnes?: Personally, I think he is hilarious, a master troll, and genuinely smart…[View]
189852045oh look, it's anon! Let's discuss politics! anon, why don't you take off your shirt w…[View]
189856525This is average liberal in Houston: Mentally unstable at the notion of anything right wing to the po…[View]
189856380*blocks your path*[View]
189851268NPC programing: MSM puppet masters are the programmers.[View]
189842062I know triggering SJWs for KEKs is lulzy af BUT...: This NPC meme is the single most dangerous meme …[View]
189852923Don’t fuck an asian whore unless you’re alpha enough to raise a hapa daughter.[View]
189855851Why are NPCs so predictable? One would think that the people who made this simulation are smart enou…[View]
189852870very proud NPC here. if being an NPC means never sucking trumps dick then im fine with being one[View]
189846260Whitebois eternally BTFO by China's artificial moon[View]
189848487I figured out why porn is so dangerous to non-NPCs: Because non-NPCs have inner monologue, and porn …[View]
189850221'The Left Can't Meme': Why does /pol/ constantly take such pride in this? It's just inferr…[View]
189852015idea: someone should go to berkeley, CA and burn a USSR flag. trust me, /pol/, it will be worth it…[View]
189855634This arrived in the mail.[View]
189856058it smells like weed[View]
189853096**calling all my AUSSIE friends** You know who I am. Assemble now! Prepare your memes! Lock and load…[View]
189849789Why are white supremacist leaders such an embarrassment?[View]
189853504i dont support trump /pol/'s expected NPC output: >must also have x y and z opinions >mus…[View]
189852193/ptg/ President Trump General - Still Mad About This Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.w…[View]
189855892Israel = Good: Good = NoWall + Diversity + OpenBorders; Israel = BigWall + NoDiversity + MurderChild…[View]
189849207It have been killed they killed the meme: Welp, any opinions https://twitter.com/BostonBikers/status…[View]
189849475Not Jewish?: How come the guy who's writing so many of the songs for the most popular normie ar…[View]
189855593Ukraine YES: A very popular Ukrainian flick.[View]
189849625Are 'kikes' really trying to destroy us? I don't know as I've never met one[View]
189855383Redpill threads 24/7!: /pol/, Love Trumps Hate antifa, Violence Trumps Free Speech! Redpill threads …[View]
189854005Hai shu gan vet!: VET@! http://news.upc.edu.cn/info/1446/88220.htm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X…[View]
189854379Buckeyes rise up: I'm done with seeing planned parenthood adverts everywhere. Can we prank plan…[View]
189853584WOW: Thank You Taylor Swift #BlueWave[View]
189853330How do we control our women?: You don't know how bad it is.[View]
189852670Girl gets acid supposedly thrown at her: I need autists to take a look at this video and tell me her…[View]
189855275POL LITERATURE GENERAL /PLG/ What are you reading? What are /pol/ approved books? Would you recomme…[View]
189855057Morality: Who was in the right here https://youtu.be/UuuTOpZxwRk[View]
189855134Has everyones mind be poisoned by the Jew?: It's in my 2D now.[View]
189855119Did we enjoy our 15 minutes of fame today fellow leafs? Tomorrow it's back to being either igno…[View]
189842465vaccines: its that time again for your does of truth not mercury! this time we welcome all redpills,…[View]
189854350Hello: I'm a straight, blonde-hair blue-eyed Jewish American Trump supporter who supports depor…[View]
189855037NPC thing did not even start as a political term, it was just a reaction against people that are lit…[View]
189854548OH NO NO NO Who Didn't See That From Democratic Niggers: >Several women who were erroneously…[View]
189806268What did this guy do to piss them off so much? Is Trump going to just ignore? I mean thats probably …[View]
189841870This is what the average Polish person looks like.[View]
189854715You can trust my /pol/, just google Manhattan Signature and thank me latter[View]
189851067Muhammad Ali is /ourguy/: “Blue birds fly with blue birds, red birds outta be with red birds...” I u…[View]
189851729Is Cenk Uygur of TYT is the next President of The United States?[View]
189852178Live-streaming your own dismemberment: How is it pol gave so much attention to Seth Rich, but couldn…[View]
189854678NIGGERS: >A Democratic activist employed by American Bridge, the party’s outside-group research a…[View]
189854148#MePoo: India Street Shitting Crisis: Modi’s High Ministry of Sanitation and Public Health released …[View]
189844791It's been 17 years. I think it's about time we got to the bottom of this one.[View]
189846344henlo , my name is pancake . I am fluf. plz vote for Mr Trump in November.[View]
189854269HOL UP *takes dogs dick out of mouth* SO YOU FINNA *SMOKES SPLIFF* TELL ME *DRINKS MILK OUT OF BAG* …[View]
189851090MC: Seeing there's a styx thread going, and sargons doubtless posted his daily shill thread, wh…[View]
189844269/pol/ is fucking awful right now, nothing but cable tv level threads about left vs right bickering, …[View]
189853059Do you have any Asian friends? Are you going to miss them when you join the ethnostate?[View]
189850037Were the Kent State protesters actually communists? I've heard that parroted around here a lot …[View]
189854322My love for the homosexual relationship between Shrek and Ben Shapiro: >be me 8th grade in social…[View]
189854283Operation Gaf is a Success - Gamergate 2.0: For those of you who don't know, Neogaf was once th…[View]
189848822The NPC Meme: Are we ready for the next level yet?: >NPC Cancer You know what to do.…[View]
189850287Shit... They Are Real!: https://twitter.com/BostonBikers/status/1052723637462204418[View]
189850765Who won?[View]
189853202/NPC/ General: NPC Support has started a thread to make our behavior singular, so as to facilitate t…[View]
189853212(((gab))) officially fed honeypot: Is lolicon too redpilled for gab? How can you know someone isn…[View]
189851014How the fuck did Saudi Arabia cuck the USA so hard?[View]
189850565Why do all of /pol/s guys turn out to be pedos? First Hitler, then JF, now him.[View]
189843043politiscales thread: Fellas[View]
189853061How do we stop the koreans from taking over, /pol/?[View]
189853127You DO follow the Categorical Imperative, right Anon?[View]
189853808Operation BTFO ?: We should launch an operation to convince low IQ lefties to denounce their US citi…[View]
189850340How do you even fucking deal with universities?: From the get go they're filled with dysgenic n…[View]
189853541Dose anyone know how I can get some revange on some Joggers who done me wrong (pic not related)[View]
189790799Why are we all not trying to get there?: We need to get there, it’s our destiny. Politicians shouldn…[View]
189850065Why does the incel problem hit the alt-right exclusively? Why does it never appear anywhere else?[View]
189852461Thanks Benji: Ben Sharpie GASES 6 MILLION SJWs with FACTS and LOGIC! Another Libtard pwned.[View]
189820909This fucking meme! I AM LEGITIMATELY TERRIFIED[View]
189855917What the fuck is up with the captchas lately on /pol/? >select traffic lights >wrong try again…[View]
189852951As someone who is dealing with a schizophrenic family member i think kanye displays some symptoms im…[View]
189848795What They Up To?: Google was first funded by the U.S. Government through DARPA, co-founder of Google…[View]
189849073What does this mean?: What does this shit mean /pol/ i saw it in a thread earlyer.[View]
189851788Is the white man superior or not?[View]
189850425Who was in the wrong here?[View]
189842829Face it Drumpfkins, shes going to surpass trump's presidency. All that exercise will pay off![View]
189817254Whitepills: I'm low on morale /pol/. Post your best[View]
189848861>Panel of former Trump voters express their regret in the harshest of terms: 'I've enabled t…[View]
189850281>the left can't mem- Apologize.[View]
189850401im literally jewish. ama[View]
189852243Why do blacks and Mexicans have a higher chance of unwanted pregnancy? Even the homeless can afford …[View]
189851856um guys... what in the world is this organization? what are they plotting? anybody know anything abo…[View]
189849768Hey /pol/, what was the conservative platform that was cut off at the web host level a few months ag…[View]
189848543A person should be judged by the decisions they make and by the merit they display. You cannot judg…[View]
189852179Facebook under fire as US officials back removal of Zuckerberg as chairman: Is getting kicked out fr…[View]
189841125The U.S. Is Ranked the World's Most Competitive Economy for First Time Since 2008: http://fortu…[View]
189850026/ptg/ President Trump General - Indelible Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
189852115>founding fathers smoke marijuana >founding fathers grow marijuana >Canada legalizes mariju…[View]
189851746coming soon...[View]
189851435Did the Democrats false flag SA in order to try to start WW3 to avoid going to prison after the midt…[View]
189851905What hope is there for the future when people are genuinely angry at the very idea of due process?[View]
189850444He hasn't dismantled the deep state. Yes, this is difficult, but he hasn't even attempted …[View]
189851446Is her campaign fucked now that project veritas put out two videos on her or will she still get elec…[View]
189851898Redpill Thread: Let's Gooooooo![View]
189812316Mass Immigration General: The west is destroying my country, and I won't leave them alone, What…[View]
189851889The NPC meme has (((them))) being called out by the left: https://medium.com/@Berkowitz/the-npc-meme…[View]
189839512OY VEY MICHIGAN: https://www.wxyz.com/news/region/macomb-county/sterling-heights-police-investigate-…[View]
189846994Myth of chronic pain: Pain killers, opioid addicts: Redpill me on chronic pain and painkillers https…[View]
189818983Any Masons or Occultists browsing here? What can you tell us, if anything? LARPers and schizos need …[View]
189848655ALMOST HALF OF US BIRTHS ARE OUT OF WEDLOCK: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-10-17/almo…[View]
189851253I checked the store this afternoon and this wasn't there. I check again at midnight and it…[View]
189847594Possibly 200 baby boys, maybe even more, die annually to circumcision in the US: >Doctors are hig…[View]
189844602Did Obama do anything right?: Bail out GE so they can sell their Meixcan clown cars back to us? >…[View]
189794189Dating in California: Dating in Cali as a redpilled conservative white man is so damned hard. First …[View]
189851451Survey to destroy: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdNZHu_v83Axlbecr3g3diIU3fvOQONSw0lKj-XB…[View]
189846928TRUMP MAGA MEME IS WORKING. For the first time in about a decade, the U.S. Is the world's most …[View]
189848035Is communism a cult?[View]
189851017Jewish racemicing plot exposed.: I would like to very much know what was meant by this.[View]
189851305I un-ironically agree with Bill The Butcher's politics. Fucking god damn when the fire comes le…[View]
189845955Increasing IQ: Is there any way to actually improve IQ, fluid intelligence, or working memory to a r…[View]
189848154>being a dumb dualist[View]
189846900Alt-right resembles gritties: Take a look in the mirror to the left, /pol/ Btw have fun getting rape…[View]
189850704It literally wasn't real socialism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06-XcAiswY4 What do you hav…[View]
189850838So, let me get this straight... you think the world is run by a secret elite made up of Ashkenazi Je…[View]
189849740Saudi arabia is such barbaric country: You know, Saudi Arabia killed Journalist What a barbaric nat…[View]
189850298ROSEANNE NO!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uP5q4So5yg Why does she want to get rid of for-profit…[View]
189849814Can someone please explain to me: why I’m supposed to give a shit that some pissed off muzzies kille…[View]
189844679Mr Bond General: Thought I'd post a dedication to the most subversive goy in the game, the rapp…[View]
189848330Redpills: My buddy just called me up saying he’s finally ready to get redpilled. Post and share some…[View]
189836488how will this board cope after the midterms?[View]
189848251France BTFO: >all that maintenance[View]
189778902Satanic and Occult Elite: ITT we expose the elite as the satanic faggots they are Bill admits hillar…[View]
189849007Why is Trump working so hard to defend the Saudis?[View]
189849866When the republicans win the house and senate, and Trump is re-elected in 2020, how long until 4chan…[View]
189847913The ancient greeks were homosexuals, do you still want to worship them?[View]
189846244How do we stop the Commiefornians ruining Texas?: > Liberal > From Cali > Jewish > Organ…[View]
189850533MC Cone: Well boys, Look likes we've reached the top. On that Cone tip. https://www.youtube.co…[View]
189849889Liberal Men are ...they are...gg..ggg.ggg...GAY as fuck!: Why are liberal, lefty males so gay? They …[View]
189838844Psych Drugs: What are your thoughts on psych drugs? I've tried some psych drugs before and they…[View]
189849996>trump: pls declas with no redactions >doj: no >trump: k…[View]
189833716National Socialist General /nsg/: ϟϟ Blut und Boden! ϟϟ Thread for discussion of National Socialism…[View]
189849942Why do you guys cry about 'muh free speech' and 'muh violence' when you call for a violent totalitar…[View]
189848517Are all boomers NPCs?[View]
189850332>I'm making a difference by posting on Facebook hurr Durr Why do libs think they can change …[View]
189840934So what’s the most realistic scenario if/when this herd of immigrants reaches our southern border?[View]
189791491BYE BYE CENTRAL BANK. BYE BYE ISRAHELL.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxvN6O_WOpY Peace and Prosp…[View]
189833996IMMA BE HONEST WICHU - AFTER DOIN SOME RESEARCH ON THIS...: I'll try to make it brief. I opened…[View]
189848915My daughter came home from school today promoting liberal agendas like open borders and America taki…[View]
189847100/pol/ literally and legitimately BTFO[View]
189843932What are your thoughts on government employees? Is it worth finding a government job in this current…[View]
189845759damn...: back when republicans were normal...[View]
189849818Shes not going anywhere[View]
189847369/ptg/ President Trump General - Halloween Soon! Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteh…[View]
189847423WOMP WOMP https://www.foxnews.com/politics/treasury-employee-charged-with-leaking-financial-info-of-…[View]
189847468Our girl - Your guy: Taylor Swift. Beautiful, blonde-haired, alabaster-skinned chanteuse. Voice of a…[View]
189844255daily reminder: Based and Redpilled[View]
189849913TDS: Sven is a faggot bugman edition: PAYKEKS BTFO'd, Sven is a fucking faggot and he is using …[View]
189821590We cracked the code: A golem is a clay creature that has been magically brought to life. The name co…[View]
189847229IT'S STARTING! (Article 13): Looks like websites are beginning to lay down the groundwork for w…[View]
189849155Women in the US are more entitled and spoiled by the system then actual niggers.[View]
189844316Resign now, Drumpfkin. Mueller is comin': https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-10-17/mu…[View]
189840759Which is worse, the alt right or antifa?[View]
189830678Definitive whiteness list: Aryan God tier - Slavs (whitest people on Earth, blond, b;ye eyes, etc.) …[View]
189839139NPC meme: Explain its meaning, correct use and origin for an instagram faggot for me. I first saw it…[View]
189842589Can you trump supporters explain this?: Trump is not a man https://people.com/politics/donald-trump-…[View]
189846998US highschool teachers are coding NPCs (heavy cringe material): Their youtube channel https://www.y…[View]
189848605TERMITE FINAL SOLUTION: The plague of humanity. We discuss a final solution to detect and exterminat…[View]
189849503Trump can’t not lie[View]
189837499NY TIMES: Milk Makes You a NAZI!: Are you guys trying to meme milk consumption into a white supremac…[View]
189834133Finding the light: How do I accept Jesus Christ into my heart? I feel lost and I need his light and …[View]
189845427#1 female problem: I’m an aryan looking female. Pic related->similar phenotype. Have been married…[View]
189846666Speaker-Elect Pelosi[View]
189849347R8 and H8: Here we go again bout time for another one[View]
189847768Not sure if this counts as a 'Red Pill': >space Program >1939 - Moon base established >inte…[View]
189848283Where are we at in our narrative?[View]
189849275Hungary's Prime Minister bans gender studies: LM A O M A O[View]
189845754Proud Dad[View]
189837191China launching artificial Moon in 2020: So crazy it might just work. >The south-western Chinese …[View]
189849186Canada Wins at Oil Market: https://globalnews.ca/news/4542789/oilsands-bitumen-barrel-price-losing-m…[View]
189839427/HUE/volution: Thread theme https://youtu.be/bi263jsyWvg [Embed] 17 https://youtu.be/2N14a0jA39Q [Em…[View]
189843306White Identity = A Rising Cult?: Is it just me or is it like White identity and nationalism are slig…[View]
189847356AMERIMUTTS BLACKPILL >Wall will never be completed >The caravans will increase in size and fre…[View]
189849039How did Hitler know?: While the Zionists try to make the rest of the World believe that the national…[View]
189842596Amerimutts BTFO: As of 2017, the United States is only 39% Non-Hispanic white - Census bureau LMFAO…[View]
189849010How are the Democrats even a party anymore?: The dems are literally turning on themselves. The far l…[View]
189848218Have you ever been in love, /pol/? How did it turn out for you?[View]
189848859It's okay to be White: Put up it's okay to be white during Halloween. Brings back memories…[View]
189847893How the FUCK does this guy have such a large platform, up to and including sitting next to Bill Clin…[View]
189848606This guy's only fault was that he became more or less a pagan. The Jews won and white nationali…[View]
189848744Psst. /pol/ If you want to disenfranchise women and degeneracy some target this real problem: >Wo…[View]
189848121What's your favorite reddit memem Mine is NPC it gets me every time lol![View]
189833562US States: Which state is the most based and redpilled and why is it Michigan?[View]
189844789What did WaPo mean by this?[View]
189848600Neocon/Democrat Orgies: Please make a meme about Barack Obama and the George W. Bush for me being ga…[View]
189836203How many of you soeem take fitness supplements?[View]
189839754Japanese Trump Girl got Married: We missed our chance, bros. https://twitter.com/randomyoko/status/1…[View]
189847455The Torch Comes: We have built this up and up. Now we burn it down. From the still glowing ashes. …[View]
189831599How likely is a Republican flip of New Hampshire?[View]
189847463Is NPC Theory real?: Is NPC Theory real? Does this mean Simulation Theory is real? I could use some …[View]
189847329cops: perform proper protocol black people: https://twitter.com/SMACKHEEM__/status/1050362938324905…[View]
189848381What are you reading this week, /pol/?[View]
189845595What are they putting in vaccines to give children autism? And why are they putting it in there?[View]
189839524Slavers targeting first world women.: Eye opening true story about human trafficking from Finland to…[View]
189848360Los Angeles Typhus Outbreak Worsens by Rats Among Homeless: http://archive.is/fAgiL[View]
189846524I like Mike![View]
189819572/pol/town: Anons who don't like where they're living - why don't we organize a mass m…[View]
189841224What are your thoughts on this: What are your 100% pure thoughts on this? wat5ch the whole thinkg ht…[View]
189846297how much deadweight loss do niggers cause?: it is well known that several major sectors of the US ec…[View]
189834286Columbine in Russia.: In the city of Kerch, in Russia, a pupil of one of the schools was committed b…[View]
189831243Is he right, /pol/?[View]
189848134ITT: Young Republican Presidents: ITT we only post pictures of students who were presidents of the Y…[View]
189837647Giant Man Races In Women's Race. Wins. Hilarity Ensues.: This man is an absolute unit. His name…[View]
189847831Or is it just time for BBC to stfu?[View]
189843130Hungarians aren't whi....[View]
189847764>women's 'right' to vote in the western world Should it be repealed? Why does any society ne…[View]
189844678My name is Ben Garrison. I'm a cartoonist.: ask me anything[View]
189847557Pleos: Is there a way i can connect with other NatSoc besides on pol? Is there a way i can ask so I …[View]
189806012IT'S HAPPENING 'C40' MEGACITIES BEING BUILT GET IN HERE: Here's a quick rundown >for 10…[View]
189834769Is Mass Deportation Even Possible? Would You Support It?: I know it's funny to kid and all abou…[View]
189830851Brainwashed mutts start youtube channel, pol finds out: Only 70 subs, nobody knows about this They m…[View]
189840279you like trump? *sigh*[View]
189842706Free Energy: We already have free energy The only thing holding us back is movement and storage of e…[View]
189836286ITS OKAY TO BE CUT: slight decline in HIV and infection vs Muh natural Muh Heritage i bet you idiot…[View]
189846732Was he rational in starting the holocaust?: Wouldn't it have been better for everyone if he…[View]
189836387Jews are going after Kushner: There is a Civil War happening between Jews with Nationalist/Zionist p…[View]
189846724Why the fuck are all the Whitehouse leakers women? Can they not fucking do their own job properly wi…[View]
189840797https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSX9H94LAKE HOW IS THIS EVEN ALLOWED! >hey hey >ho ho TRUDEAU …[View]
189840878STOP OVER REACTING to the NPC meme highjack attempts. its making it look like we're the ones ge…[View]
189847130my goodness do muslims have a gay hatred against White men, I sensed it, it seemed truly wicked(not …[View]
189847157>we will never get the declass[View]
189844500Exactly! Hear that, Republicans? Saving Social Security from Republicans is yet ANOTHER reason to vo…[View]
189845242Why do I see these stories everyday: Literally everyday some new story about a white person getting …[View]
189839089Is she white?: Imagine having spent so many years warping your brain in weird racist parts of the in…[View]
189846701npcs am i right[View]
189846707Blacks Do Not Have Sympathy: I genuinely believe now that blacks do not possess any type of empathy …[View]
189767326How far have we strayed from God? How long before it all comes crashing down?: Millions of years of …[View]
189846822Fellow mexicans, say something nice our future president[View]
189843994I've taken the blackpill lads: It all basically boils down to this: we have no plan to overthro…[View]
189844214What multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society has existed and flourished in the past? Why doesn'…[View]
189846624Why do women want to be equal?: What the hell do they want to be equal for when they have half the m…[View]
189846522NPC News[View]
189844423German teenager dating middle aged somali. why is germany so cucked? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
189846367Islam is a very peaceful religion: We mean no harm we are just misunderstood people we are not terro…[View]
189844196fortnite: Forntite now has a T-pose emote, which as we all know is used to oppress women and minorit…[View]
189843198In this thread, we post recipients of the fateful Trump Curse... I'll start.[View]
189842598Why are so many young white men an heroing?[View]
189843472is it me or does she hypnotize you with her gaze?: She will be our first American woman president…[View]
189845114Entitled Millennials and Student Debt: Why do entitled millennials take out $150,000 for a gender st…[View]
189845716why do /pol/ hates CIA so much?: is it all just a meme?[View]
189839506What are your plans for the night, /pol? Tonight is gonna be awsome ... WoW, Weed & Onions FTW! …[View]
189845518Bill Maher: House Nigger: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Xdx5XQkA2g[View]
189846093Anyone who isn't Þēodisċ.: Is a Wealh (Slave). Simple as![View]
189825139Should porn be outlawed?[View]
189846076NATIVE FAGS GET THE FUCK IN HERE: Here's what we do. We need to send hundreds of letters to Eli…[View]
189840518>dude weed it's over blumpfies[View]
189842830Post link of Hamas clips with music on /pol/, instantly reported by JIDF and removed by Jewtube: And…[View]
189844825Open offices have driven Panasonic to make horse blinders for wagies to keep them from 'getting dist…[View]
189843487How do I go back to being a stupid ignorant blue-pilled fuck?: Life was better when I was blissfully…[View]
189823913'UNDOCUMENTED' BLUE WAVE INCOMING!: What do the Democrats mean by this? What is their end …[View]
189845588What Jews have done to Germany...[View]
189837594Is Asexuality really a thing?: Asexuality isn't a thing. It's just another made up 'identi…[View]
189828386I just found this on the front page of reddit[View]
189843551Why are Jews such Chads?[View]
189845211Movies for NPC women, no agenda at all...: How to Train Your Husband or (How to Pick Your Second Hus…[View]
189802351'All altruism comes from religion.': Why are there some people who still believe that Religion is th…[View]
189838406I've come to realize the dangers of flouride, but I am in a situation that prevents me from get…[View]
189845449he's guilty! and so are you.[View]
189845437>da J00z did it![View]
189838583It's only racist if your white right? I went to high school with this mud blood and I'm ti…[View]
189837876Is It Time For YouTube to Ban the Alt-Right?: >Depriving fascism of its primary online platform i…[View]
189839574CENTRAL HAPPENINGS NETWORK: YOUTUBE OUTAGE, Possible Theories and Speculation..: YouTube Outage, dea…[View]
189840002It's still the 17th: you know what this is gibs digits[View]
189829390/pol/ and women BTFO[View]
189842584MBS: Okay what's the deal with this guy? Is the fact that all the elites are turning on him a s…[View]
189845070Is this what you have to do to become president?[View]
189844624Something /pol/ tards should do: Clovergender was only a half realized attempt at making retards loo…[View]
189825880Alright /pol/ I'm a far left (anti-pc) wing populist. My policies are similar to that of huey l…[View]
189841885Let's talk about civil war: Because I don't understand it and think it's stupid. 4cha…[View]
189842372Front page of my youtube: I've never searched npc memes or anything.[View]
189841665HAPPENING: he will walk before midterms: Female vote will rage to the polls as justice if justice in…[View]
189844702RED ALERT: Georgia is throwing away voters' ballots. Source: ACLU[View]
189844622based irish presidential candidate: https://strawpoll.com/kgcphb6f poll he called out travellers who…[View]
189844600Beto faggot tresspasses and tears up Ted Cruz signs: >https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1052…[View]
189844597Is there a way i can connect with other NatSoc besides on pol? Is there a way i can ask so I don…[View]
189844494How are Hitler's actions justifiable? Did he really want the best for Germans or was he just in…[View]
189843824/WPG/ - White Parenting General: Now that the kids are asleep, what do my fellow white parents do to…[View]
189843810Crimean Colombine: Who has then dump?[View]
189843177ITT: Must Follows on Twitter: @RealJamesWoods of course[View]
189841820nov 6: is this finally the death of the democratic party? can they possibly recover after losing aga…[View]
189844117Moto: What is the /pol/ approved motocycle?[View]
189837440I’m trans. I’m a Democrat. I’m a Texan and I’m voting for Beto.[View]
189836726卐 Friendly Neiborhood Skinhead 卐 ◅(◉⥿◉)▻: ITT: We trigger the /leftpol/ visitors attempting to raid …[View]
189840045Redditors realize censorship works: And want more of it. What will you do now?[View]
189842922Who here is suffering from internalized whiteness? How do we cure it?[View]
189842444Npcs will avoid this thread: >Damn guys awoo >Heh, hey guys muh right muh left amiright. >D…[View]
189843418Where were you when the spirit of Jesus Christ rose from the grave 2,000 years later to liberate the…[View]
189833761ACLU ADMITS IT IS ANTI-WHITE: How is no one talking about this tweet? There were a couple threads th…[View]
189843791Do You Know About The Jew Problem?: If-so, you must see this video: https://www.bitchute.com/video/9…[View]
189843768NPCs attacking women: Starting to make NPC memes for the message forms that are mostly women. Fun!…[View]
189843722Attention White girls. You will only breed with Black and Brown men from now on. Or you will be gay …[View]
189843532President Oprah: i think she could beat Trump.[View]
189837089Football (hand egg) needs to be banned![View]
189832404Trans woman wins again!: https://www.dailywire.com/news/37253/female-cyclist-who-lost-transgender-wo…[View]
189842894What exactly happened: Here? >tried to blackmail.assange >everyone called them on it >Assa…[View]
189841931Gaddafi: What did you hear about and think of him before the war?[View]
189842993I'm a young and voting for the first time: Hey guys, I love this forum and I want to know who i…[View]
189841826What caused the white genetic mutation.: Is whiteness a type of pure leprosy?[View]
189841346Does pol/ think there is an agenda to conceal historical truths: by the elites?[View]
189843077Food and politics: Do your politics influence where you eat and which groceries you buy? Do your pol…[View]
189843189Bring the RED WAVE to CONNECTICUT: We have a real chance to elect /ourguy/ Bob-on-my-knob Stefa-no-b…[View]
189833759Oy vey goyim, listen to (((science))) https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/science-says-fluoride-wa…[View]
189841635How was this kind of systemic racism allowed in a country that was built on the ideals of individual…[View]
189825547Promises made, but none of them kept: If you reelect this guy November 6th you're beyond saving…[View]
189834852some fucking nigger almost just ran me over with his car as I was walking into the store. then yelle…[View]
189842976My thread topic is currently awaiting twitters approval I hope it gets approved[View]
189842369Is he our next Malcolm X?[View]
189842405ARGENTINA NO!: The city of La Plata is debating a new 'civil code' (a set of regulations governing a…[View]
189814102Post the most jewish picture you can find[View]
189840355How can one image be so powerful?[View]
189840058Everyone talks about American lobbyists but how do other countries handle their's?: Is it just …[View]
189839066GEORGE CARLIN General: Did this guy invent the red pill? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovbF0D2wySI…[View]
189805067Non-hetero anons, how would politically identify? To what extent does your sexual orientation affect…[View]
189838478Where the FUCK are my declassifcations?!?!?![View]
189819666/curse/ general: How much longer?[View]
189842272NPC is dehumminizing: I hope you nazis are proud of yourselves. Like we needed a new n-word.[View]
189817987Why are there so many freaks compared to even 50 years ago?[View]
189841537I think we need an established set of symptoms and traits of who is a NPC. It's too subjective …[View]
189841458Michael Jackson was redpilled.[View]
189835672like her or hate her, must be cool AF to get to have a body double show up at boring stuff for you l…[View]
189833411Well that settles that: Kurt solved the case[View]
189842180Trump to be indicted and out of office within 1 month Here's how I see it going down: 1. Nanc…[View]
189840244Once the white ethnostate is established: How do we keep niggers from sneaking in?[View]
189840900I'm going to the Cruz Missile rally in Beaumont Texas on Saturday. What should I ask him?[View]
189842013A message to Israel: I wouldn't mind the existence of Israel if it were peaceful, non subversiv…[View]
189837961>Decide to move to an upscale neighborhood because I made it big >Go house hunting in a few of…[View]
189841249What's wrong with this?[View]
189824302Too many Redpills fucked me up. I wanna go back.: Live in Los Angeles. Meet people everywhere. Talk …[View]
189806079FOOTAGE: Of future illegals being paid to join the caravan heading to US: Number is now at 4000 http…[View]
189831634Happening!!!! Tucker just compared the Chinese to insects.: HahahhahahahHah. Tucker just compared Ch…[View]
189809809Augusto Pinochet: What do Chilenans think about him today?[View]
189839270Why couldn't there be an alt right mafia?: Especially in Europe where the police and the politi…[View]
189841318Turkish officials release photo of Khashoggi's killer: A man named: Dexter Morgan[View]
189835614anyone else now waiting for the next mass shooting because little schizophrenic Timmy believes he…[View]
189829727Anyone else a fucking pussy when it comes to animals?: >proudly eat meat >support hunting >…[View]
189835613CAPTCHA is Artificial Intelligence; Avoid CAPTCHA: Friendly reminder that the seemingly innocuous CA…[View]
189840692Has anyone else realized how much more serious and stern the tones of popular personalities have bec…[View]
189841441Khashoggi and the future US invasion of KSA: Would you support Trump if he invaded the Kingdom of Sa…[View]
189840671Are we just ignoring this[View]
189840955I need to mentally throw up real quick: hOLY shit faggots I’m gonna blow. I just got off my flight h…[View]
189840465I'm so tired of everbody telling me to vote It doesnt matter who runs the country unless you…[View]
189837736What happens here?[View]
189838983FOX and jews want blood...: Because Louis Farrakhan called jews termites. >the most anti-Trump gr…[View]
189824705Getting a US made AK47: Century Arms RAS47, 669 from local Orange County dealer. My first battle rif…[View]
189836337Epic may-me. https://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-trending-45888176[View]
189836303Are the British human?[View]
189826692When is Trump going to allow student loans to be discharged through bankruptcy?: I'm getting ra…[View]
189835634Gee, I never thought of it that way! We are going to have such an amazing generation of strong women…[View]
189839958Most important candidate right here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRdMwXMpghI[View]
189836784Swede femanon posted this in a thread earlier. Apparently there is a severe shortage of men who aren…[View]
189837660Obama was actually a conservative president[View]
189839467Oh you evil whites!: Found this while studying. FFS[View]
189839449Dems are going to win the House and impeach Trump. Waiting with my wheelbarrow for all the salt :) …[View]
189835064I don't care if she's crazy: Sinema is sexy.[View]
189831760Are Saudi Arabian Assasins retarded? Khashoggi killing:: >15 man hitteam to kill 1 guy >they k…[View]
189840821We lost a real American hero today: F[View]
189836460how can anyone honestly justify voting conservative?[View]
189840740God damn Peruvian flute bands.[View]
189838063Shitty journalism/reporting thread: Post the worst examples of journalism/news reporting you can fin…[View]
189840724Murica suck jewish dick, muricka suck Saudi dick why muricka suck dick so much[View]
189840723How do I explain the President’s “horse” comments to my wife’s daughter?: I’m literally shaking/cryi…[View]
189823954I think you guys have made up a total bullshit meme because you believe your own propaganda that the…[View]
189840556Chapo Trap House is as edgy as it gets, anon. A million dollar a year patreon, democratic candidates…[View]
189833160My sister told me she was a tranny today /pol/. What do I do?[View]
189840600Okai, dis is epique[View]
189840335Clinton speaking tour: The clintons are crawling out of their caves to go on speaking tours from nov…[View]
189837847Why is 'Holocaust denial' so much more taboo than the denial of other massacres or genocides? I know…[View]
189831995Thief steals five cases of beer: Based[View]
189838000/pol/ and /leftypol/ double BTFO Centrism is love, centrism is life[View]
189840128FAKING NEWS: >New York Times has sent one of its reporters and a foreign report to be the first w…[View]
189838181Red Menace: Communism is on the rise. What can we do to stop it and get rid of it forever? > hard…[View]
189838954Is it time to abolish marriage from the law?[View]
189830976Antifa member gets in woman's face. Tells her he's glad her husband died in 9/11: https://…[View]
189840304https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZ38INqnO8o NORMIES ARE WAKING UP Robert Frank talking about how he …[View]
189840289Does the Church of Norway still reject same-sex marriage?[View]
189838381>tfw you live in an ethnostate where you can spit on defeated muslims with impunity feels good ma…[View]
189840043BASED and REDPILLED PRESIDENTS: Pic related regarding 'those niggers' ....from ‘The Devil's Che…[View]
189834159Such a group of distinguished coincidences![View]
189835414Black people are waking up[View]
189814021Why did she even bother? Couldn't she play the con a bit longer? Did she really think that frac…[View]
189819364Breed of Peace strikes again: It's the owner not the breed, so the owner must've trained t…[View]
189818753Why do men have relationships in todays society?: After you polish one off you don't want anyth…[View]
189836157Why cant I just take the money I am paying into social security and give it directly to my grandfath…[View]
189834343Funny how people will believe in a book written and rewritten for 1000’s of years but will deny curr…[View]
189838270Should the British reclaim Rhodesia?: China are currently trying to genocide SA citizens using North…[View]
189819400Why does this meme rustle the left so much?: We always call leftists SJWs, libtards, snowflakes, etc…[View]
189838837Honorary humans attacking animals[View]
189839311Suzanne (((feiner))): University of Southern Maine bars prof who sought to teach 'unauthorized…[View]
189839294melanocortin: fuck me pol have you seen this https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0191…[View]
189838387Friendly Reminder[View]
189839115New York Times has sent a reporter to be the first women to enter Indian Temple: New York Times has …[View]
189835879A coincidence?: So far in 2018, 10 US senators and former senators have died. This is WAY more than …[View]
189838891I know the retards at tumbler haven’t done any thing that slow recently but what if we start another…[View]
189839173how do i get my first amendment rights back /pol/ ?[View]
189837947Anyone here from the GDL?: Randomly I’ll watch handsome truth and know more news, I was wondering if…[View]
189836785Red pill me on NPC please: What is it and why are they always grey?[View]
189839074What is the true i.q of middle easterners?: If people have i.qs in the mid 80s in the mid-east due t…[View]
189836838Write a limerick or haiku about her[View]
189833292Who has the video?[View]
189838941This human mung bean's getting his dick wet each night with this sheila.: What's your excu…[View]
189811841if only...[View]
189822061Swedish cops hold down nig in NYC: Based Swedish aryans showing Americans how it's done. https:…[View]
189824662Fucking based: twitter.com/MichaelAvenatti/status/1052681019055370242[View]
189838841Let me ask you a political question. Should it be US policy to break relations with countries that d…[View]
189838776WHY ISN'T SHE DEAD YET, /POL/?!: She should've been DEAD from a stroke by now. What's…[View]
189838716Youtube down is all that is in my thoughts.: Guys why the heck was YouTube down. Where is this video…[View]
189831726/HUE/VOLUTION: Thread theme https://youtu.be/bi263jsyWvg 17 https://youtu.be/2N14a0jA39Q >2nd rou…[View]
189834458Get fucked America. You elected this orange-tittied asshole because you believed tax cuts for the ri…[View]
189835896Is it possible to like Israel and hate Jews? Or do npolc's get an error message?[View]
189832354Trump Supporters Are NPCs: Any person with an inner monologue would not support Drumpf or any contem…[View]
189838228Is this book decent to get an introduction on libertarianism?[View]
189813781Treasury Employee Steals Trump Docs: Bitch got busted[View]
189835274What other nations will form after the inevitable collapse of the federal government?[View]
189835824Need some Weaponized Autism to Identify this Harasser in Portland: Here are some photos of this Anti…[View]
189824459FYI to alt-right retards who get butt hurt after I use my superior knowledge from real sources. Stop…[View]
189836347Just ordered mine: What are you ladies waiting for?[View]
189834608'You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out his desires. He was a murderer from…[View]
189837894Alright, so I’ve been thinking about how to have the most efficient but non-tyrannical government po…[View]
189837751history of female nagging: >anon im hungry, the baby is kicking and im tired go chase that wilder…[View]
189837716Stop being anti-Semitic. Us Jews have had enough![View]
189837463Antifa: Are they a white supremacists group? They claim to be anti-racism yet weirdly enough they…[View]
189821098/pol/ guessed it: The dick chop did not go as planned.: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-628…[View]
189834841Snoop-a-loop: NPC[View]
189836004I found the playbook: They put stuff on cnn, wapo, sponser youtube ads. this is it. the new shareblu…[View]
189837134Hiroshima was nuked in Aug 1945. The first soviet atomic test was four years later in Aug 1949. Duri…[View]
189834183Left Wingers setting up a scapegoat for losing the Midterms?: Voters will be fooled! Similar disinfo…[View]
189835720The Lost Generation: My aunt and uncle few in to visit us, it's the first time I've seen t…[View]
189837263>hating jews >supporting the US military pick one…[View]
189835667>start chuckling uncontrollably any time i see a vaguely jewish surname…[View]
189837111I live in a small white conservative town. There's small churches and nice clean young white gi…[View]
189837328Based Hungary https://www.foxnews.com/world/hungary-bans-gender-studies[View]
189834444Remember, no Russian[View]
189832961>be russian >go to school >get shot…[View]
189835603I'm trapped in a jewish theocracy: America isn't Christian nor secular. It's purely j…[View]
189836617Letter to Donald Trump about letting in South Africa refugees: Dear President Trump: I am very again…[View]
189833763S O Y B O Y BETACUCK: Do they know what they are?[View]
189835474College /pol/: Anyone looking for a buddy on campus? ITT we post our colleges and ideas of how to me…[View]
189826655Do you think white collar office work lowers test levels?[View]
189835985Belgian Islam Party demands Sharia: https://www.wochenblick.at/muslim-partei-will-belgien-zur-islami…[View]
189835839I'm black fuck white people.[View]
189837072Final red pill.: Can someone redpill me on the JQ and holohoax. I’ve reached almost every step of th…[View]
189829878Being PC: Why is left obsessed with political correctness? Who do we end PC culture faster?[View]
189836916Why can’t he blackwater his opposition: Democracy is a sham so why not?[View]
189834696Farrakhan, Kanye, Neil DeGrasse Tyson. It's nice now that /pol/ has been Blacked. Hail to the r…[View]
189836665What does /pol/ think about Andrew Sullivan: What do you think?[View]
189830085Explanation of the NPC, what are they? What are you if not?: Are NPC’s given to evil? Not in control…[View]
189835716Her ancestors rounded up Cherokees —— https://twitter.com/findtruthQ/status/1052259060328873986/vide…[View]
189820299What goes on here?[View]
189836714I fucking hate Israel: Plain and simple, Israel and Joobs are truly the worst. Muzzies and poos are …[View]
189835811/pol/ has got Jews completely backwards. The problem isn't that Jews 'pretend to be white.' It…[View]
189836403The economist: ¿What theories of 'the economist' have come true?[View]
189836605Fuck you men, half blind wamen can play college football too!: This bitch is going to get crushed. T…[View]
189836295JOBS NOT MOBS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kwPjrTsV4k[View]
189835739Who is ready for 2019?: Anyone else looking forward to seeing our Zionist in chief locked up and bas…[View]
189836456What exactly are they trying to say?[View]
189832962Chapo Fag House: Can someone explain what makes these guys 'edgy,' 'zeitgeisty' or in any way differ…[View]
189817018Come to California: All Americans are welcome to move here. Bring your politics with you. We have ni…[View]
189836409MGTOW Discourse: Okay bros I just started getting red pilled on MGTOW. I am aware that this involves…[View]
189836236Canadian Mayoral Race - Mississauga: Who should one vote for? I don't know any of these people.…[View]
189836205> orange man bad > climate change real > GoP bad > banal observation of cosmopolitan lif…[View]
189832939How does this...[View]
189833593Who are the best public political intellectual today?: My votes are for: >Molyneux >Cernovich …[View]
189833959Come on GOP help a Mexican out.[View]
189834465South Brazil: i mean, what to do? cant do things like 'its ok to be white', what can i do to spread …[View]
189785740Red pilled movies?: Movies that follow pol political agenda.[View]
189836118What the fuck /pol/: What in the fuck are you trying to do to me /pol/. The lefttidors are on to you…[View]
189824212Hot Feminist Females: >Match with her on tinder >She says she's 'traditional' despite not…[View]
189835876The Eternal Normie: Just saw this on a friend's post: >reads MSM articles, listens to NPR, w…[View]
189834973Why is the left immunized against facts and logic?[View]
189833615>current year >not giving your kids fresh tap APOLOGIZE…[View]
189835714Why haven't you watched Owen's new free special. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ic07LbEt…[View]
189829093a zoomer is my boss.: >doesn't yet have college degree >tfw i do…[View]
189835220Lads, anyone noticing the constant increased night flights of Jets and Choppers over the continental…[View]
189835819>inb4 JIDF shill[View]
189835926Leaked cia software: You would think a fed agents wife using software to frame someone would be a bi…[View]
189828771Gaza is going to get their shit kicked in: Oh no no no https://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.…[View]
189811240What will be the Supreme Court decision?[View]
189834493'Horseface' is sort of a self own if you think about it. It takes $130k for President Mushroom-Dick …[View]
189834227If shit hits the fan: Will civil war break out? Also anyone got a projection map of what states look…[View]
189835793Is Mao the most evil person to ever have lived?[View]
189832378Is this: Photoshopped?[View]
189831139Can someone explain to me why the NPC meme is the most powerful memetic weapon pol has ever develope…[View]
189833837DRUMMMMPPFFFFFFFFF: Kek this bitch is fat as fuck and she going away for a long time[View]
189835640Orange man bad brown man who is everything I hate good: https://twitter.com/shermeensarbast/status/1…[View]
189830439God is in the light of the sun: He illuminates all things, seen and unseen[View]
189835479As I looked at the polls my heart skipped a beat: Was true could it be, had the right wing been beat…[View]
189833689Armed gangs of looters roaming Florida after Hurricane Michael: >PANAMA CITY, Fla. -- Armed loote…[View]
189834192Affirmative action in the workplace: I am not sexist, racist, homophobic like most of you. But when …[View]
189829131He went to far this time..: Memes aside, the disrespect for women on the right has gotten way out of…[View]
189832943Privitized prisons: What does /pol/ think about privatized prisons? I work for one. Is it a service …[View]
189831679By the time his supporters finally learn how badly he's been ripping them off it'll be too…[View]
189835093Japan to flush radioactive water into Pacific Ocean: Where's all the threads bashing the Nips f…[View]
189835078msm political spectrum: Thoughts?[View]
189832796Uhh guys..My DNA is Semitic: I tested my Y DNA and I am of the J1-M267 Haplogroup. So I am semitic, …[View]
189834947What A Woman In Her 20’s Should Know: Saw David Duke retweeted this and figured I’d give it a look. …[View]
189830748I thought this witch was going to die today niggers.. What happen? did kek forgot that today was the…[View]
189826894/MG/ Minervae General: Welcome to Minervae General /comfy/ edition, We are a project dedicated to es…[View]
189833882*record scratch*: *freeze frame* yep[View]
189825266PERFECT. ARYAN. PRINCESS.: Fuck Taylor Swift, this 99.99% European specimen is /ourgal/ now. Those p…[View]
189834527What Americans will look like in 2050. Isn't it beautiful?: Is America doomed? Are the 56% NPCs…[View]
189834736Would somebody tell Ben Shapiro to slow the fuck down please?[View]
189828573Congrats on Your Results!: Be sure to congratulate her, everywhere.[View]
189830517TFW they realize Beto O'Rourke is gonna lose badly.: Panic is setting into his campaign. Appare…[View]
189833956So, let me get this straight... you think the world is run by a secret elite made up of Ashkenazi Je…[View]
189834566SELF IMPROVEMENT GENERAL /SIG/: Before we can defeat the jews in the World Bank and the jews in Holl…[View]
189833894Wagies BTFO[View]
189833165Poland love thread: Poland has restored my faith in Europe. Based Poland needs respect.[View]
189834078Louis Farrakhan naming the termites on twitter: https://twitter.com/louisfarrakhan/status/1052304476…[View]
189834200Is it time /pol/?[View]
189834365ITS HAPPENING!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dv7-xlLimUk&frags=pl%2Cwn >EL RATO TED TURNS …[View]
189834158Meme Dump: Hey /pol/ what are your best political memes[View]
189834225/NZG/ New Zealand General: Does national ever learn edition 100k donation from Chinese businessman t…[View]
189826245UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GUYS I THINK ISRAEL IS ABOUT TO ATTACK GAZA: https://twitter.com/ELINTNews/status/1…[View]
189833823Canada USA proxy war: >Canada is at war with USA via Israel/Palastine Change my mind.…[View]
189793079NPC Meme Officially Ruined[View]
189833227Abrams said 'The thing of it is, is that blue waves aren't blue ... the blue wave is African-Am…[View]
189833251Hey Guys Tom Arnold is asking for tips on the Trump Tapes You guys know what to do. Mods yes this i…[View]
189833976Is Mutahar.... Dare I say it? /ourguy/ https://youtu.be/oc6EqZRaNM8[View]
189827591G-guys I can’t stop reading /pol/: I read pol when I take a shit, I read pol when I’m bored, I read …[View]
189808283What is aryan? Who is aryan? What's the difference between aryans and other Europeans?[View]
189831199Prostitution and incels: couldn't legal prostituiton help get rid of the incel problem? If a ma…[View]
189810658You're a starchild: >We are all born from the same matter >Everything is pointless in the…[View]
189833540WE WILL WIN AGAIN[View]
189833915End Game?: What does /pol/ think?[View]
189833912One more month: Just a reminder that RBG got her time extended for one more month. Today was suppose…[View]
189828453What is it about this meme that is so magical?: It's not exactly breaking news that SJWs and le…[View]
189830747Realize what has happened: we weaponized the circle triangle and line. > congrats everyone…[View]
189832895We should be hundreds of years ahead in technology, stuff that would make your phone look like some …[View]
189833080President Moon attends a special Mass for peace on the Korean Peninsula at st.peter's basilica:…[View]
189831133the 'The NPC Meme is Racist' article is fake: the profile picture of 'Matilda Berkowi…[View]
189833729NPCs: You faggots are catching up. Good job.[View]
189833677Trump says ‘radical Democrats have turned into an angry mob.’ Meanwhile these right-wingers have thr…[View]
189833684Name me one thing funnier than a white devil getting what they deserve, /pol/[View]
189833186Legalize Memes[View]
189832982Dump Trump!: President Trump's latest embarrassingly weak showing against the Saudi hit squad w…[View]
189828075What if she weaponized Memes for us?[View]
189830035Last night, Some random posted this. War plan purple. People walking around in NPC masks. Would peop…[View]
189833560Transexuals: Need your help, /pol/. My girlfriend told me that her sister has decided to transition …[View]
189826813This is Toronto right now: They had to evacuate entire sections of downtown. Remind me why legalizin…[View]
189823306Trump BTFO by China. https://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2018/10/17/chinese-media-khashoggi-…[View]
189798093éire/pol/ knackers called out edition: Nationalist Parties in Ireland: >The National Party. https…[View]
189758880ITS HAPPENING: https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-calls-federal-biggest-threat-203948251.html >TRUM…[View]
189833082Anti-Communist Strategy Thread: Firebomb Portland and San Fransisco....Los Angeles will fall into li…[View]
189833380Why do Jews circumcise their own baby boys when they know its harmful?[View]
189792390The Kanye curse: God will strike them all down[View]
189803790Would you be ok with giving California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada independence in order to make…[View]
189832794Federal judge 'shocked' Clinton aide Cheryl Mills was granted immunity by DOJ: https://www…[View]
189833279Based Bronzino with an actual representation of incels reaction to other's love and happiness i…[View]
189828092Did Melania just get slut shamed?[View]
189833256real question here: are slavs human?[View]
189833234Redpill me on Project Dragonfly[View]
189831940Why aren't you guzzling fluoride anon?: >It has been hailed by the Centers for Disease Contr…[View]
189810951Columbine in Russia.: In the city of Kerch, in Russia, a pupil of one of the schools was committed b…[View]
189833104Daddy kewl: So tell me pol. R u daddy cool? :3 https://youtu.be/QtxlCsVKkvY[View]
189832537Could this be the end of social media as we know it?[View]
189833090The presense of the U.S. is an insult to the victims of the Native American Holocaust :^)[View]
189831831I think the White cimpout will occure in America, not Europe.: Whites in America seem to have less p…[View]
189822564/rsg/ RED STORM GENERAL- REDDIT SALT EDITION: Daily song: https://youtu.be/Xsp3_a-PMTw Hey you! Yes,…[View]
189820147You racists need to watch Roots: I see all the hate here.. the judgement. Just watch this series and…[View]
189831953Yet his supporters still run with “Robert”, like it means anything.[View]
189827105>White priviledge doesnt exi-: >Ethan Anthony Couch (born April 11, 1997) is an American man w…[View]
189828404Blue Wave Crashing: No, it wasn't supposed to be this way. Will democracy die in darkness?…[View]
189828601NPC/ATHIEST MISSING LINK FOUND: I found the missing link to the rampant NPC and Atheism >pic rel…[View]
189824730Why do Poles hate Germans so much?[View]
189832108albert (((einstein))) Yes goyim don't bother questioning reality, here's some simple math …[View]
189831274Why are african americans so obssesed with slavery? They seem to always find something that correlat…[View]
189821335Can Christianity be saved, or is it inherently a Zionist slave caste?[View]
189830848A-are we about to get MAPLED http://archive.is/Gjw0B[View]
189832628Why don't we see what KYM thinks of smuggies?: hmm. a bit of a round about way of saying it.…[View]
189832500What did they mean by this?[View]
189803641Did you know? The US gassed Mexicans with Zyklon B every day for years: But jews catch a whiff and d…[View]
189832542Youtube censorship in action: What wrong did I do by telling the truth? How could I have violated an…[View]
189827508So, is this the real SJW kryptonite?: So, this works. I mean it really does. I've trolled count…[View]
18983247599.99% Pure: 'We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children'[View]
189832377ITT: hidden Jewish icons: I'll start: Bugs Bunny >Jewish-like trickery & subversion >…[View]
189826112Thread Vanished About Jew Discussing NPCs: There was a thread earlier with an infographic where some…[View]
189824117Spics don't kill themselves: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna920166 T…[View]
189831825> I have to leave a restaurant because the bros behind me keep saying “oh for sure” to each other…[View]
189831989https://kotaku.com/a-thousand-death-threats-against-a-popular-anime-creato-631792221 Hey /pol/, pill…[View]
189830360Predictions on Harvard affirmative action case and how it will uplift Asian community?: What are you…[View]
189831917I just saw Brit Floyd live I was sitting very close to the stage I feel enlightened holy shit tell …[View]
189822805Council approved sexual abuse in Manchester of autistic white girl by Asians.: I..I can't even.…[View]
189804737>You suddenly get teleported to 1908 Vienna and in the crowd, you stumble upon the short man who …[View]
189832139Your time is up drumpflets[View]
189829332Why did this NPC-meme 'explode' just now, even though it has been around for at least over…[View]
189832127BETO O'ROURKE STORY TIME - DUI SECRETS EDITION: >be me >w. texas lawman >had dreams …[View]
189832104WHAT HAVE WE DONE GUYS: It started as a small joke and now our stupid shit is all over the news agai…[View]
189826713>I only take advice seriously if it's from a dragon.[View]
189831992Ask yourself: >what have you done recently >has it been trying to save lives during the gun ep…[View]
189831983Faroe Islands being ruined by socialists: The Faroe Islands needs your help. Help us stop the social…[View]
189829468Could this get any worse? so many dislikes... Events like these could be a great way to reprogram NP…[View]
189831918Deep Behind Enemy Lines: Currently staying at an AirBNB that is also the home of a local black democ…[View]
189829918So we all know that stupid people have more kids because of their 'mad pullout game' and that 'condo…[View]
189827120Surprise surprise, it's all a fucking sham. People were making fun of her for being the useless…[View]
189831231deepfakes are a trheat to (((our democracy))): Place your bets on what fucked up shit is going to su…[View]
189831880Mgtow: When and how does MGTOW gets so popular?[View]
189820903/b/ came up with a good idea: Holy fuck im amazed should we help or no?[View]
189831857Did Trump alienate white women of color ?: How does he win without the white woman of color vote?…[View]
189831779Are you gunna vote: For David higg in the 2020 congressional election mmmm? >inb4 hes too young Y…[View]
189827180MEXICO CITY — The government of Mexico dispatched two 727 Boeing planes filled with federal police o…[View]
189831801kebab kebabed: So what's /pols take on the Turk kebab who was kebabed by the Saudi's? And …[View]
189822584What do you think is causing the incel epidemic that is hitting the alt-right so hard?[View]
189831688Are women the cause of white genocide?: It would seem so to me.[View]
189831635Why are Libtard so Unhinged: https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=C6NyM_1539809194 the cop showed the utm…[View]
189829047Conservatism will die. There's no stopping it.: Guys, it's a hard realization to make, but…[View]
189830321What the fuck ever happened to England?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZr_T1dn6xI What happen to …[View]
189830135Can we have a classic Grugg thread?: Grugg no like Golems Bignose Tribe sent to his cave.[View]
189831471So MK Ultra asset LeBron James want the masses to vote... blue.[View]
189824633So I’ve heard some theories of why YT went down, some of them being cuz a video of a reptilian perso…[View]
189830936When did you realize both the left and right hate the White Male Patriarchy? Candace Owens shits on…[View]
1898314182 years 0 scandals: Based and Redpilled Commander in Chief[View]
189825797/hue/volution: Thread theme https://youtu.be/bi263jsyWvg 17 https://youtu.be/2N14a0jA39Q >2nd rou…[View]
189831358this is my leaf nog unironically sperg sbando say something noic to him[View]
189820141>Israel First >Saudi Arabia Second >America Third…[View]
189829875>mfw reading the new NAFTA bill Voting for trump was a fucking mistake on my part. I'm glad …[View]
189831347/pol/ will defend this.: >be god >Send son here to have his ass kicked and die horribly. http…[View]
189831335BASED AND REDPILLED: >flag >Is your country based and redpilled? Brazil YES…[View]
189826784Blondes or Redheads. Which is the true white master race?: Blondes or Redheads. Which is the true wh…[View]
189800958$10,000 InfoWars Contest: NPC Edition: We meet again, 4chan. As a fellow comrade in the great inform…[View]
189830922What’s the difference between being woke and being redpilled?[View]
189830880Humor Thread, post 'em: I'll start:[View]
189821131Are woman obsolete in the modern day?: In the span of the next 2-5 or so years robotics are going to…[View]
189820518Oh look a new chan up: Come forth to: https://3chan.io/pol.php Of course it's just starting out…[View]
189823355ISSUE 1: Hey Ohiofags. How are you voting on Issue 1? >A 'yes' vote supports this constitutional …[View]
189831080Soooo Ted Cruz is quoting dodgeball: How about some dodgeball/ted Cruz memes.[View]
189814724Are humans becoming worse? I rarely see the perfect Aryan types anymore, everyone looks so short and…[View]
189816027Red Army Faction: Why are they almost forgotten ? Why does nobody remember them?[View]
189829587I hate niggers!!!!: Why the niggers are so inferor??[View]
189826856TFW you say something so dumb your best friend has no choice but to smack the dumb out of you[View]
189814508Is he our guy? VA Shiva. I saw him today on styx. And he is great. He runs for Senat. He now bout r…[View]
189827499Holy shit, Jews are going after Kushner. What is going on!?: It appears that there is a Civil War go…[View]
189830632where do you land /pol/: Cute how traditional libs are lumped in with moderates but traditional cons…[View]
1898306211 vote for Republicans from Cali. Let's turn Commiefornia red![View]
189830582I stopped hearing about. Anyone here in New Hampshire can confirm if it is working?[View]
189830528Pocahontas Lied about her Heritage - DNA test by Trump Hating Professor: http://www.leftyliars.com/e…[View]
189830482Cooking with GAS: What is your BBQ slogan, /pol/? Steven Raichlen would like to know. I don't h…[View]
189829682We should every single person a DNA test and if you have .001% non-white DNA you’re officially color…[View]
189829346stalin x hitler: why[View]
189823787Mars and Extraterrestrial Liberty: alright, so we all know about humanity's goal to colonize ma…[View]
189820139Twitter: Is it doomed?[View]
189830053tfw you're not Beta Male O'Dork[View]
189821991Minorities are more intelligent than white americans: >For the past 10 years, a Johns Hopkins Uni…[View]
189779597Which one screams 'leader' to (You)?[View]
189829371Why does Blumpf have to be told Nazis are bad?[View]
189824037Even Don knows a blue wave is coming: Look at this guy lmao, running scared. Franticly rallying. Try…[View]
189829536Automation: So when will /pol/ realize that automation is the primary job killer, and will eventuall…[View]
189815978Sicilians: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8XkOYcz3hI How true is this?[View]
189830030Saudi Journalist was a Spy: https://pjmedia.com/spengler/german-press-reveals-saudi-spook-saga-behin…[View]
189829751Nov 6-VOTE!: This is a friendly reminder to go out and vote on Nov 6 as this might be the most impor…[View]
189821483Snow White Warren: Is Elizabeth Warren allowed in the White Ethno-State?[View]
189819112how would you hold up if you had to go to your country's penitentiary right now?[View]
189822593The true colors of the Left Wing: So... This is how the left wing acts toward law enforcement.... Je…[View]
189825479Why are young adults so immature?: I'm 20 and have had a professional career for a year now. I …[View]
189826820What is this face trying to convey?[View]
189828367Why did the Russians bots start the NPC: misinformation propaganda campaign?[View]
189829633Guys it's here. We should have never open pandoras box. Canada is officially doomed. They'…[View]
189828084I hope the Israeli kikes didn't forget to stock up on diapers today.: https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
189824327Let's discuss The Corbett Report: Is James Corbett someone who manipulates facts in order to fi…[View]
189829440Hi /pol/: Do they all pay the toll in the end guys? I just want to know for sure.[View]
189829490When is she going re-open her social media accounts?[View]
189828342'I am not anti-semite, I am anti-termite' Is ol' Louise F. our guy /pol/? https://twitter.com/L…[View]
189825039War Crimes Throughout History: What was the worst war crime in the entire history of conflict, for m…[View]
189828721Panchitos y españoles: ¿Alguna vez los anglos sabrán distinguirlos? Sé que los guiris sois cortitos …[View]
189827383selling nood: there is literally nothing inherently wrong with selling nudes[View]
189826921>enter break room, no on there, peace and quiet >prepare to enjoy comfy break in silence >3…[View]
189829132PULG! Motherfuckers. It's on.[View]
189827390This is a lie: If you see someone posting this image, they're lying to you. There isn't ac…[View]
189814750This is Ted Cruz' daughter: She was very sad after she lost her hamster. A few days later Ted w…[View]
189829086Owen Benjamin insightful talk about the JQ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7Vofe33DRQ 21:25 for th…[View]
189828832Elderly man murdered by armed robber in his own home: Holy shit; how do you Americans tolerate this?…[View]
189796184/pol/ your time has come once again: You did it again /pol/. The winds of meme magic are blowing onc…[View]
189828337Yamnaya = R1b-Z2103 man and R1b-L51 man: R1b-Z2103 and R1b-L51 both splinter off from R1b-L23 around…[View]
189828352If John Kennedy called Marilyn Monroe horseface, everybody would be like, 'Dude, really?'[View]
189826431I love these stories, I've heard this from people in real life in a few different industries. T…[View]
189818810God Save the Queen you bunch of tea drinking faggots: How dare you let the muslim hordes invade your…[View]
189822242any y'all guys dip? nothing better than packing a fat hog first thing in the morning.[View]
189822679>americans have to report when NO ONE gets shot haha congrats on going 2 days without shooting ea…[View]
189828791Why Should White Males Vote Left?: As far as I am concerned white men have every reason to vote Repu…[View]
189827539This is what Americans elected, the army of 60+ year old's. In the next 20 (being gracious) yea…[View]
189827574how do you like these odds?[View]
189826477Change the Constitution: If you receive direct tax dollars it should be illegal to vote.: Anyone who…[View]
189826469When will the non white ethnic cleansing being?: When will the non white ethnic cleansing being? Wha…[View]
189816924The Incel Question: What makes incels so repulsive? We all know the real reason. It isn't reall…[View]
189825734does /pol/ stand with HER?[View]
189823609Burgerfats: Stop eating poison. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-6287003/Your-burger-proba…[View]
189806319We have found our superweapon for the midterms. http://www.rightwingwatch.org/post/the-right-wing-i…[View]
189809519Everyone who disagrees with the left is a white supremacists now. Titled pretty much describes /pol/[View]
189825406Florida Amendment 4, and how the Democrats may turn Florida (and the US) blue forever: In November, …[View]
189823248Why are NEETs always such disrespectful trash to the working man? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iU…[View]
189827701is there any white supremacy fiction publisher?[View]
189820146Will it ever stop ?[View]
189828024Magiosa que recuerdos: -TerrazaEl[View]
189822428would he have voted yes on kavanaugh?[View]
189827347This is NOT fucking OK in a kids video game.[View]
189817406Adolescent has extended to 25 could extend longer: Turns out adolescence has been extended to 24 in …[View]
189821052>$900 million dollar lotto You just won the lotto anon, how do save the white race with $750 mill…[View]
189827471Is that the ugliest woman youve ever seen in the back? Would Bulgarians like to explain if all your …[View]
189822935What will happen when Africa finally gets nukes? Will african nations have the patience to not nuke …[View]
189827111**META THREAD**: Hey /pol/ See pic related. Current status of the catalog when you search 'NPC.' 20 …[View]
189824286This is HITLER: >he was an experienced street fighter who routinely participated in brawls that w…[View]
189808043Jews BTFO: One of the most based Christians alive. Listen lmao: https://my.mixtape.moe/hdtwrd.ogg Hi…[View]
189820968ITT we laugh at Canada: >elect a feminist drama teacher to run the country because 'dude weed bro…[View]
189810756How is this not classified as a hostile invasion of a country?[View]
189826646dios mio......[View]
189827286Has /pol/ taken the tradepill?[View]
189826403KEK THREAD. I wonder how donnie felt when wagner made him clean up his wife after the beach[View]
189819144Nigger Lover Hate Thread: And yet they still fuck niggers.[View]
189824337What is the Incentive to Suppress Reality?: Yes, bread and circuses, but namely in every social medi…[View]
189826649Was it conspiracy? Or was Oswald really the shooter? What really happened that day? Im pretty cluele…[View]
189826725It's over guys: It's been fun but this sold me... I'm out.[View]
189823789no more 75 cent electronics with free shipping from chinese ebay sellers >The United States forma…[View]
189822735Did he do it or not????: why is the kike media calling for his head?[View]
189825586leafs yes: Went for a 30 minute jog, saw 17 people smoking pot. It's now or never with operatio…[View]
1898265585 Ways China is subverting the United States: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjYWeAt89l0…[View]
189823529The Chinese government is a meritocracy and represents the top 0.01% of university graduates, with a…[View]
189822638reminder to demand Hillary gives back the 20% funding to her campaign that the saudis gave her, as w…[View]
189813404The BBC have woken up to the NPC meme, /pol/ >https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-trending-45888176 …[View]
189819416White People are Angels: >Invents Nukes >Didn't glass planet >Didn't take over th…[View]
189825865You will NEVER get a girl like this: Incels need not apply[View]
189823752For me, it’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez[View]
189819479This is the average American family by the year 2030.[View]
189826038Day 635. Still no wall. 4000 hondurans inbound.[View]
189820335There's a distinct American culture and identity in old media, but now it's all dashed to …[View]
189823534if white people die off: then the african slave trade will be reinstated in less than 100 years…[View]
189820429>Fox News caught lying and promoting nazism, again Why am I not surprised? What are some news sou…[View]
189821272Are all women NPCs?[View]
189825729Just exactly what the fuck happened last night?: As we know Youtube was taken down for just about an…[View]
189825864What year does the Unites States dissolve officially if it was her turn?[View]
189817537Remember the wall? LOL[View]
189823764On the NPC: The software programming that drives an NPC in a video game such as Skyrim is merely a p…[View]
189825549YouTube censoring live chat: LIST OF WORDS CENSORED IN LIVE CHAT SO FAR: Paki, Kike, Heil Hitler, Ni…[View]
189816800https://youtu.be/faI8kacPGbQ who was in the wrong here?[View]
189825653Red pill me on Fags[View]
189825630Trump 2020: Keep America Great![View]
189814436Hapa Mothers Being Targeted: How do you feel about this? https://www.thecut.com/2018/10/when-asian-w…[View]
189820422So what exactly is /pol/'s endgoal. Nazism? Seems pretty stupid considering you lose in the 40s[View]
189798468what the fuck is mongolia? do they even have internet? theres only 3 million people living in this h…[View]
189818660>oh and, by the way, did you know that I'm 1/8th Hopi Indian?[View]
189819710/hue/volution - The leftist fear the Samurai: Thread theme https://youtu.be/LN_MT4rF_Cg 17 https://y…[View]
189823388Let the games begin...[View]
189821193The Macron boy goes to jail: already... http://www.lepelican-journal.com/saint-martin/justice/RF-qui…[View]
189804238Name countries you'd rather live in than in Switzerland.[View]
189821660Abortion: Is there anyway we can convince Republicans (and right-wing parties across the West) to qu…[View]
189794565Pol humor? I'm hospitalized and need a good laugh.[View]
189821586One month ago I was 100% sure the Republicans would win the House. This past month I've had a r…[View]
189821510SPIN IT MY CATTLE![View]
189817373Gotta say, she has a point[View]
189799710So are we going to pretend that Trump supporters aren’t mindless drones too?[View]
189824369Harassing liberals texting me know: As if calling me 4 times a day isn’t enough. These libtards are …[View]
189822650*ruins the US tag-team in a mere 16 years*[View]
189788644The NPC meme is RACIST?: >The NPC Meme is RacistThe NPC meme is targeting POC members of the #Res…[View]
189821410What do you think of the trades? What are some good ones to get into that won't have me with a …[View]
189824025Hildawg timeline: Whats currently happening in the timeline where Hillary won?[View]
189824617*blocks your path*[View]
189824492What went wrong?[View]
189823317Buzzfeed Militant marxist mutt finds out she's more white than black. https://youtu.be/5171eGo1…[View]
189821828Why all the fake happenings?: Why do people blow things out of proportion so much? Youtube goes down…[View]
189824373Nothing is free jannys, apart from the job you do LMAO[View]
189817997NPC1000: Guys, the new NPC 1000 is fucking scary. How do we kill it??[View]
189824290Brexit negotiations latest: So basically this is how the negotiations must have went. https://www.y…[View]
189824280Bickering industry slaves. The best part of censorshipbook. Everyone likes to talk no one does anyth…[View]
189821520Where were you when the blue wave crashed to shore?: It's going to be a beautiful midterms. I p…[View]
189819541Why don't government print money by themselves instead of using private banks[View]
189823151I've come to collect...[View]
189823000I wrote the plot for my novel about a white cuck nation where whites are second class citizens, ther…[View]
189819950Convince me why I should give a fuck about this guy: Some rag head killed by the king of rag heads i…[View]
189812325If you were a Nazi in 1945, would you kill yourself or be a Soviet POW?[View]
189820980Fuck this dude: Login to your NPC accounts! Lets fuck with this little piece of shit.[View]
189771878Nepal Hate Thread: Today I was at the supermarket and a poojeta called Mikaela asked my mother to su…[View]
189787893ISRAEL IS AT DEFCON 1 ISRAEL IS PREPARING TO INVADE GAZA STRIP SOON. Sources: Inteldoge, Elint, inte…[View]
189817908Since he revealed he has aids, how long do you think he's going to last and do you think he…[View]
189823558>big orange meanie bad[View]
189822895NPC niggers!: Can we fix NPCs or are they doomed to be NPCs forever? Are they to lazy to think outsi…[View]
189817930MeeToo brainwashing: Watching Jessica Jones right now and holy shit this is too much. The series is …[View]
189815686I for one welcome the wage cage, I'm tired of sitting in an open plan office[View]
189820051>I would be hard pressed to put it better myself[View]
189817103What did they mean by this?[View]
189817757>4000 people ready to join the American workforce. >Xenophobic Mexicans flood their southern b…[View]
189822570how do we fix the overwork problem?[View]
189823015How do we fix our obesity problem, /pol/? Pic related is of a sign I saw at the grocery store earlie…[View]
189822044Momentum: The response has momentum in the NPC world they cannot counter this strike. My meme sucks …[View]
189822114Why is NYTimes spreading so much anti-Saudi propaganda?: What's the deal? All of the MSM, NYTim…[View]
189822747is playing a undead rogue the best nigger simulator? >nobody trusts you >everyone automatical…[View]
189821531/pol/ humor thread lot of onions edition: i bought a lot of onions just like you toll me /pol/ now h…[View]
189818480>/pol/ is now against this What happened?[View]
189822543USA vs South Africa: One of these 2 countries had these race laws 'The term negro includes mulatto. …[View]
189820006Muslim's are so angry because they don't have wuvvy dovvy good boy's to snuggle with.…[View]
189822283Does anyone have the video?: Did anyone find the blackmail video this thread was referring too? >…[View]
189820921When did Bantus first arrive in South Africa?: According to pol it was at some point around 1700. Ho…[View]
189822305NPC's are a biblical end of days thing: 'These have one mind, and shall give their power and s…[View]
189806177Bullshit Amendments on your local ballots: >Florida Amendment 9, the Ban Offshore Oil and Gas Dri…[View]
189790391'killing took seven minutes' ' putting on headphones to listen to music ...: as he begins to dismemb…[View]
189820944gender studies jobs: Are there any actual jobs outside of acadamia that require a gender studies deg…[View]
189815254>weed is bad[View]
189821564ANTIFA and Left - Tempo of Attacks Increasing: Prediction - R's keep the House, gain the Senate…[View]
189812205Brit/pol/ - Dogs Edition: doggies desu[View]
189821937Why has the national media not picked this up yet and how can we fix that? Christie's bridgegat…[View]
189821637DAILY REMINDER:: Freedom of the press isn't freedom from consequences[View]
189814455HELLO GOY ARE YOU READY FOR A POSSIBLE STOCK BLACK FRIDAY OR MONDAY: https://www.businesstoday.in/ma…[View]
189821840US prisons: Why are americans so fucking gay.[View]
189818104This traitor needs to go!: His loyalty to Israel (Mossad) is a clear and present danger to national …[View]
189818769>“A storm’s a-comin’, baby”[View]
189820273House republicans hold special news briefing: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mA1C_YyQ9Cg&t=989s…[View]
189799256Kraut/pol/&AfD General - Kolonialmächte Edition: >upcoming state elections Hesse: Oct. 28 201…[View]
189820838>Kill british cyclist while hunting >he was a rapist woah, what are the odds?…[View]
189821621European History: Behold, European history. A tale pf lesbian knights. https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
189815101What's going on?: Hubble and other telescopes as well as observatories shut down https://www.da…[View]
189818926Remeber when using the internet was fun, amazing, and a tight community.: We'll not anymore eve…[View]
189813020FUCK. RACISM. We beat you in The Civil War We destroyed you in World War 2 We will put you fuckers d…[View]
189817294Why does the left love this guy so much when he’s literally /pol/ incarnate?[View]
189818960The redpill /pol/ can’t swallow: Maximum peace and prosperity will only come in a Nord dominated wor…[View]
189814103Snow Niggers BTFO: How do you like your (((legal))) weed, Canadians? Enjoy your daytime sobriety che…[View]
189810335Why does /pol/ hate the idea of banking: (((Banker))) here, but it's a small bank. I used to th…[View]
189821085Fundraiser: Come to the fundraiser guys :)[View]
189816130why do people here pretend to know what the frankfurt school was?[View]
189820983Constructive Tribalism: I red pilled my brother a year or two ago, but he couldn't handle it an…[View]
189820265Did hitler do anything wrong?: >He killed jews Not a bad person at all.…[View]
189817316Can you believe this, /pol/?![View]
18981908356% Mutts!: Reminder that USA isn't white!!! Know your place Americans! You're not white, …[View]
189817699The biggest news of the day: and of course /pol/ missed it. Just google, 'universal postal union'. …[View]
189818982NPC meme request thread: Not only these libtard faggots need to be NPC'd but most importantly w…[View]
189812792Why did Hitler put NEETs and autistic people in death camps?[View]
189819807Fuck being racist just be based[View]
189820126'Aryanism.net': Ok so I have been fallowing this website for a while called, 'Aryanism.net.' The web…[View]
189817237/pol/ needs more gets. Let me show you the way.[View]
189819357Which side would /pol/ have been on in the American Civil War?[View]
189793529>muh why do I have to tip? Why do millennials hate tipping? Is it because they're socially r…[View]
189816747George Lopez Triggered By Trump Supporter!: These fucking liberals are deranged https://www.youtube…[View]
189818973The Hate U Give: >The Hate U Give is a young adult novel by Angie Thomas. It follows events in th…[View]
189820098Now that the dust has settled, was he the right choice?[View]
189819442what is his percentage /pol/?[View]
189818861Who is this literal cuck and does he have a chance?[View]
189788439Lebanese: I’m half Lebanese and half White American of English descent. When people see me they neve…[View]
189819311What’s his endgame?[View]
189815085He's finally done it...: HE NAMED THE JEW PRAISE THE LORD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7Vof…[View]
189792902why is he such a retard. does he really think legalizing marijuana will keep kids safe and less deal…[View]
189814001/hue/volution: Thread theme https://youtu.be/LN_MT4rF_Cg 17 https://youtu.be/2N14a0jA39Q >2nd rou…[View]
189818381So obviously T*rkey has beef with the Saudis because Erdoshit would like to be the new Mohammad. Are…[View]
1898196586000 Jews saved by baste nip: Why is it always a multiple of 6? https://archive.fo/F01QP[View]
189819464BIGGIE sez 'C'mon gurl!' RBG says: ' I'm NOT READY, Sheeeii...': KEK has willed it, Biggie…[View]
189807839Cuckerberg BTFO: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
189819613Did the Reapers create the NPCs?[View]
189808678A society based on race or culture?: Civic nationalism or ethnostate?[View]
189819565San Francisco to vote on taxing rich businesses for homeless: https://www.pressdemocrat.com/news/884…[View]
189819548Can anyone find me the greentext I saw here of some historian anon explaining that China is the most…[View]
189813325Why did God create so many Black people even though it's clear that they are too dumb and can…[View]
189794937Why aren’t you getting married instead of wasting your life on video games?[View]
189813398What's the fundamental difference between a /pol/ user and the average Saudi?: You both hate wo…[View]
189788367China love thread: >be China >very low crime > protects borders very hard to move to >s…[View]
189814716Communism: The only way to save the White race is communism. It saved China from the American emergi…[View]
189805740I friendly reminder to US bros that it's almost impossible to buy a weapon in Russia.[View]
189801345You support torturing Muslims don't you /pol/?[View]
189815321Proud Boys Germany: Is there a section already, if not how can we form it?[View]
189819203What is with these embarrassingly low standards for being white?: I thought it was bad enough that t…[View]
189798179vaccines: time for a healthy helping of truth, not mercury! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1oJs8au…[View]
189818606Why do people think cops are racist? Most cops are just out helping people. catching bad guys and do…[View]
189808714Have we stumbled upon the biggest plot twist since evolution? That at least HALF of human species do…[View]
189817615https://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-trending-45888176 Let's begin. Ready? >Yes. Recite your basel…[View]
189816967Is the internet down for any other leafs?[View]
189793033MASS SHOOTINGS IN RUSSIA: At least 19 people have been killed and dozens more wounded in a shooting …[View]
189817797>multiracial white supremacy[View]
189818391Petition: Kill Jews: They are disgusting creatures.[View]
189817672Are there any 'adult cartoons' that aren't like this?[View]
189767527>tfw we are being studied as a hate generator[View]
189814165What the fuck is going on with the video game industry? What is with this revisionist gay shit? Yes …[View]
189817003I’m an NPC and I just became sentient: I’m an NPC and I just became sentient an hour ago. I was read…[View]
189797082Why are some men this naive?[View]
189816066Pretty sick and tired of watching US Presidents suck Saudi dick. They whore out our military and for…[View]
189805559On a scale of 1-100, how upset would you be to see a BM/WF couple with a child move in across the st…[View]
189793183Someone explain why Poland is so poor: I made a thread yesterday and a bunch of Poles blamed Germany…[View]
189810969How do I find out about my ancestry without giving my DNA to the jews that will just tell me I'…[View]
189814946Could Trump lose?: So, I dont follow politics that much in the U.S, I deinitely prefer Trump over Hi…[View]
189788458Why (((people))) still need to believe they have a skydaddy?: Everything suggests the opposite, if t…[View]
189817176how do I get get good goy points?: Am I doing this write? Am I an NPC yet? why did youtube go down…[View]
189805570HOW is this ok /pol/? Wtf... How can young people participate in the economy when they have student …[View]
189814341Did (((they))) kill him?[View]
189789077/sg/-Syria General[View]
189817968Oh ah up the RA: If there's a hard border then I'm joining the IRA thread https://youtu.be…[View]
189815546Post redpills, quotes, funny shit and general gold that you got from /pol/. Starting with the classi…[View]
189815557Can one be a white nationalist and not a natsoc/fascist? That is the main reason why I am turned of…[View]
189809673The speed this is going out of control, I expect (((them))) to do a intensive network-analysis right…[View]
189817507Holy shit White Colonizers Totally OWNED: https://twitter.com/stephen_taylor/status/1052688324693917…[View]
189817649>economic collapse is just around the corner guys why are lolbertarians so pathetic?…[View]
189817575Is Canada only the beginning?: Will we see more states and countries embracing the dank jew in the n…[View]
189817552Georgia's governor has suspended voter registration of 56K niggers. Only this is a temporary ba…[View]
189814506NPC meme is jewish psy-op?: So this guy blocked me and called me a muslim brotherhood NPC for exposi…[View]
189816311Why do dumbass democrats see the republican party as a plot to destroy America?: Like it's no d…[View]
189816969>He works for Young Turks and is handsome so he is right[View]
189808031Can we get an Anglosphere thread going?: It’s been a while since I’ve last seen one.[View]
189817025how is this any different form dine and dashing? she should be punished by law.[View]
189816549Does RBG regret NOT retiring?: Everyone in the MSM was calling for Ruth to retire back in '13/…[View]
189814967'Was war X justified?' >'I don't believe in war'[View]
189814414The new flag of Canada.[View]
189816489Why doesn't the president have the treasury back some form of cryptocurrency? Seems logical[View]
189815773I hope you all remember to vote![View]
189809357Was Karl Marx correct when he said that poor people who defend the rich are like cuckolds?[View]
189813409What is wrong with British people? They would choose communism over fascism![View]
189816521>best npc meme before monday >10k USD >npc@infowars.com…[View]
189812819It would be a shame if this tweet became popular and redpilled some people right before the midterms…[View]
189806236Please nuke us, amerimutts. Legalization was a mistake.[View]
189815554Based and redpilled[View]
189816981California Couple Drugging & Raping: >A California surgeon who had been accused of drugging a…[View]
189813059Is Richard Spencer gay?[View]
189815514Someone raised a flag of kekistan at a manifestation in favour of Jair Bolsonaro and local media(not…[View]
189800532I want to wear political clothing on my college campus as a agitprop psychological warfare operation…[View]
189811942Stop post abortion: When will 4chan stop post aborting do you know how many posts get aborted each d…[View]
189783212>be jamal khashoggi: >be normal guy >criticize crown price of saudi barbaria >literally …[View]
189816857Is this what they view the right as?: I honestly think it's pretty funny, desu. https://youtu.b…[View]
189816213In a taxi today. The driver had LBC on. Farage's voice droning on. I grumpily said 'Why ar…[View]
189806742Fachy symbols that are safe to wear in public: Some of us just want to fachy shit but left wing psyc…[View]
189814882TRUMP TO DRIVE IRAN OUT OF SYRIA!: BASED Trump! MAGA! Being tough on Iran! Iran are the BAD GUYS jus…[View]
189816593come oldfags only: /qA7E6a discord pol server, no newfags pls.[View]
189815807ive been digging through some twitter replys of that weird youtube commie tranny(https://twitter.com…[View]
189812903Homonationalism: Is it the future? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9l3shYm6Jao[View]
189814062Gather round my fellow racists and white supremacists, let's pay homage to /ourgirl/, the pinna…[View]
189804983In the future, what will historians looks back on as the touch paper that ignited WWIII? Syrian Civi…[View]
189816307>every president since washington has been a figurehead with no real power >the current 'power…[View]
189816020)))Hungary((( strikes again[View]
189812181Brit/pol/: PAGE 10 EDITION[View]
189815485If they want socialism without borders that makes it international socialism... so they're 'int…[View]
189813403>/pol/ is shilling for Saudi Arabia Why won't the_donald leave? Serious.…[View]
189811697New York Times claims Navi is an NPC..?: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/16/us/politics/npc-twitter-…[View]
189815848For the NPCs screeching about the devil's lettuce: 1. Legal Marijuana doesn’t turn you into a: …[View]
189784273The most intelligent person - yes, the guy who holds the 210 IQ world record is our guy. https://www…[View]
189806678I think I cracked it. I think I understand now. All the myths about 'Alien' abductions and UFOs. The…[View]
189815434Wow how is she still employed.[View]
189801218Why has fascism failed every single time it's ever been tried? Whenever fascist states go to wa…[View]
189801655Say YES to migrants, NO to fascism: >Italy, why are you hurting OUR feels? YOU should take the mi…[View]
189810501What did they mean by this[View]
189810187How should a young conservative Man dress? Is this guide basically good advice?[View]
189809744Do you think Trump thinks the moon landing was a hoax?[View]
189811136>tfw we missed out on this timeline >tfw National Socialism will never be prevalent again I’…[View]
189797876https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKfQO8O0bjw Why do you think they are so angry?[View]
189811284From dailymail: >The President was caught on camera while he made comments to the cameras. >Me…[View]
189813625>tfw i support a wahhabist monarchy just to piss the libtards off[View]
189808734nazi larpers hate thread: nazi larpers on /pol/ are the biggest group of tards on the entirety of 4c…[View]
189811445You dipshits are fucking retarded...[View]
189804598>One Chance in life >Born a nigger Now I'll never be admitted to the ethnostate.…[View]
189811765Yfw you realize that Christians were the ones who sold us to Jews[View]
189814740Weird: Why do I always see white familes with black kids. I see it all the time in my city... Its ne…[View]
189791692Atheist hate thread: Post atheist cringe, stupid arguments. Let's show these morons that they w…[View]
189814979Newfags are fine with (((GAB))) banning loli: And here I thought this place wouldn't become any…[View]
189813174The Decay of Western Civilisation and Resurgence of Russia: Seems like a good book, I just read part…[View]
189805028Salviniu akbar?: What you think about Matteo Salvini?[View]
189814875>still a fucking leaf[View]
189812935The Radical Fringe: This articles says that the radical left is only 8% of the population. Based on …[View]
189813176Alex Jones: Is he doing well /pol/ ? What is he up to? de-platforming really kept me from watching …[View]
189812737What are some redpilled movies?[View]
189811707Only people who haven't suffered want to have children[View]
189812627Why didn't you register to vote, anon?[View]
189812994I've been trying to give up 4chan so I'm a bit out of the loop in the NPC stuff but I get …[View]
189801526Non white immigrants represent global biodiversity DEBUNKED: Notice how large these other groups are…[View]
189810389ITS OK TO BE WHITE?: I am a white nationalist. I'm not a racist, i help every other race when i…[View]
189812241Hildabeast Involved In A Car Accident: Too bad there was no fire included. https://twitter.com/NRSC/…[View]
189799362/cic/ Canada is COLLAPSING part 511 - Leaf Cheesesmuggling Edition: >In Canada, leafs need to smu…[View]
189812950What are some of you guys's favorite tropes?[View]
189811044'It is time to create a mecha': Tell Elon Musk @elonmusk 'It is time to create a mecha' https://www…[View]
189807272CANADA YES! Happy October Islamic Heritage Month!!!!: في كندا يمكنك قذف الحيوانات المنوية في الأحمق …[View]
189802804Get rekt Portufags and Greks, Poland now officially richer than you in GDP pr Capita, Hahaha lets ma…[View]
189814176YouTube: Boy you guys sure do like to censor shit. Its just a scene from a movie with a choir. But t…[View]
189811264is it wrong to punch nazis?[View]
189812924WHITE is all colors meme?: Just a thought how can we be racist if we are all colors of visual spectr…[View]
189814008Lmao. Anyone ever do this?: How long do you think the average user spends on /pol/ arguing with fagg…[View]
189784190LIBERALS WORSHIP CHAOS: Stop calling leftists NPCs. It absolves them of responsibility for selling t…[View]
189804409Remember the days when technology was made for the white race only?[View]
189810436Is /pol/ a pro-fascist board or a pro-free speech board?[View]
189776433White nationalism in anime: I've noticed this increasing. Are japanese becoming redpilled?…[View]
189813261Join with me brother. White or black, doesn't matter. At least we ain't Jews. This image s…[View]
189811216Anyone else feel the EXACT same way?: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/opinion/i-didnt-become-a-republ…[View]
189809755Who else /Trumpgret/ here?: https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/voices/2018/10/17/republican-demo…[View]
189802867/hue/volution - RESTORATION OF THE EMPIRE ed: Thread theme https://youtu.be/LN_MT4rF_Cg 17 https://y…[View]
189813599Might be a little late on this, but does anyone have anything on this guy yet?[View]
189810534Legalization Happened: Now Everything Stinks.: >went outside today >got hit by a big cloud of …[View]
189811331Isn't celebrating Halloween an appropriation of White culture?: Shitskins have been bitching th…[View]
189813437was he /ourguy/?: >recognized the civil war was about states' rights >beat up, segregated…[View]
189790705NPC MEME IS RACIST!!: APOLOGIZE RIGHT NOW /pol/!!! You're racist tricks have been foiled again …[View]
189810038>Types niggernews.com on search bar[View]
189793622As a lefty, what would be your best argument to try and convince me my views are wrong and right-win…[View]
189812699>mfw born and raised in Southern npcalifornia with no escape[View]
189813036Is he gonna get dabbed on?[View]
189806044Today.: According to the prophecy, Ruth Bader Ginsburg will die of a stroke, on the toilet, at 5:55 …[View]
189810382Why USA is 2 party system? Also your political process looks like very complex and pain in the ass w…[View]
189809078Want to know why Youtube was down last night? It's because of this and this is likely a prototy…[View]
189812521/npc/ NPC GENERAL:SANE DEMOCRATS EDITION: QUICK RUNDOWN: The NPC meme has caused unprecedented level…[View]
189805301Could this meme wake up the goyim?[View]
189811016Thought on Philip deScamBro?: Y'all depressed fucks could use some BetterHelp™[View]
189806469politically non-binary: Hi all! New anon here. Recently, on Dave Rubin's show, Coleman Hugues c…[View]
189812308Trump is giving all these people such a hard time, he's from Queens imagine how much worse it w…[View]
189812777Remember when The Onion was fake news?: https://www.theonion.com/ho-ho-ho-9-11-was-an-inside-job-181…[View]
189812734Non-Partisan Redpills: We all know left/right is a meme - the deep state only believes in one ideolo…[View]
189802224Diversity is our Strength: >Hero shop owner fights off 100 youths with baseball bat during superm…[View]
189811460Retards defending Saudi Arabia: The state of /pol/: islamaphobes defending the brutal killing of an …[View]
189812612KKK Halloween Costumes: Anybody wearing one? You can claim you’re a Spanish capriote if anybody asks…[View]
189795344Sam Harris on Kavanaugh: What does /pol/ think about Sam Harris calling Kav unfir for SCOTUS and a C…[View]
189802007Stop pushing the idea of a civil war: real question guys, you don't really want a civil war, ri…[View]
189802508Trump literally tricked her into kicking a hornet’s nest[View]
189812446Monarchy pill: When did you realize that republics are kike slave system and monarchy is the only tr…[View]
189807219Why faggots like to pose as angels?: What is this heresy?[View]
189790107DID EVERYONE WATCH TRUMP'S FOX BUSINESS INTERVIEW?!?!?!: >We talked about Israel >We talk…[View]
189812282What does vaping indoors and offshore Oil Drilling have to do with each other ?: The Florida voting …[View]
189806261WE /YEEZY2024/ NOW?: Did he really secure our votes that quick? Did we really think his Oval Office …[View]
189810837>cited as Harvard's first woman of color >DNA results were 0.09% to 1.56% Native American…[View]
189801028Capitan Euro: >Be Ready to Defend your European Citizenship![View]
189809803France to deport British long-term residents after Brexit: France to mass-deport British citizens af…[View]
189811653Crackernoid hate thread /cht/: >tfw work at sperm bank >tfw secretly nut into white specimen c…[View]
189811985How does he keep winning?: >Kavanaugh secured >Hillbeast loses security clearance >Hillbeas…[View]
189806242Leftist treasury employee arrested: >The top Treasury Department employee who was arrested and ch…[View]
189810638Genetics vs Linguistics: Are genetics really that important compared to language or shared culture? …[View]
189806366Christ died for our sins. More concretely, died to break the NPC conditioning of so many people. 'Fo…[View]
189802764Are Armenians White?: >First Christian nation in the world 301 AD >Been fighting off Muslims t…[View]
189811437What does /pol/ think of Igbos ?[View]
189803573Why are Canadian Special Forces Soldiers fat?: OK dog fuckers, you really have no excuses here; expl…[View]
189796451You know the ancap is right... Right?[View]
189810636Gandhi: >Hated Africans >Hated the policy that treated the Loos as equal to them >Viewed Eu…[View]
189783149Why are psychedelics illegal again? Is it because they break the NPC conditioning?[View]
189811630Who killed Dennis Hof?: The pimp who owned the famous Bunny Ranch in Nevada died yesterday. He was r…[View]
189779943Friendly reminder that the Soviet hard Left is coming[View]
189793807Hitler was gay. However he was aware the truth was getting out, so to preserve his legacy married Ev…[View]
189801559Black US soldiers beat up a dentist in Poland: https://www.rt.com/news/441501-us-soldier-brawl-polan…[View]
189791800Based Korean kids destroy the Japanese flag on 17 Oct 2018: While Id reckon they werent so serious a…[View]
189811402Trail of Tears Exploit!: This US Senator exploited the Cherokee people, survivors of the Trail of Te…[View]
189805880So I've got this school project for [computer class in advanced sjw program in ivy league schoo…[View]
189810699M*rica btfo: New russian project is to train seals and make them soldiers.What will m*ricans do when…[View]
189805191*blocks your path* excuse me, shitlord. we just destroyed your computer so you can never post on 4ch…[View]
189808247Why do NPCs pretend to be 'individuals' when they all look the same, talk the same, think the same, …[View]
189810359Remember if you don't vote, this is what you have to look forward to[View]
189805583Who should replace Mattis?: Who should Trump pick to replace James Mattis as Secretary of Defense? W…[View]
189807919/ourgal/ is going gold: she's a nice lady.[View]
189808285TRANS PEOPLE ARE JUST THAT...PEOPLE: Many trans/genderfluid people are bullied and as a consequence …[View]
189810881A Future Prediction...: hello /pol/ its ya jewboy bibi here, just came to give you a hint of future …[View]
189810793Operation Swede Lion: Save PewDiePie from the street shitting T-Series by subbing to him.[View]
189783217What’s it like being a gay white man these days?: Was talking with my cringy libshit colleague yeste…[View]
189810820The Absolute State of Normiebook: >Get on Normiebook Messenger >Try to tell a good friend of m…[View]
189806739Did he do anything wrong?[View]
189809132Can PCs become NPCs?: Or in non-meme terms, can a person who thinks for themselves be gradually degr…[View]
189810137Who the fuck is funding this INVASION of OUR land? They have to go back folks![View]
189807748For islamic heriage month: Let's celebrate the Barbary Slave Trade of Christians. Celebrate by …[View]
189808394what's the faggiest political ideology on earth and why is it centrism?[View]
189810155>Theory of mind is the ability to attribute mental states—beliefs, intents, desires, emotions, kn…[View]
189810427It's about time to kill some kikes again.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APnclP6j8Sg…[View]
189810385Alabaster Liz appreciation thread: Gather round my fellow racists and white supremacists, let's…[View]
189805709My fellow white people, With Elizabeth Warren's newest assertion that she is in fact Native Ame…[View]
189810192Ui i I'll it'll itll 88oui op oui IPO 8o up o8 opo 9for ui is uh a i it elio is a uh 09ui …[View]
189806357NPC Spotting: What did she know? Was she the original Player 1?[View]
189809328NPC: questions are racist[View]
189810135Lets start hacking the NPCs: Ok so we are all by now pretty familiar with the concept of an NPC and …[View]
189808869Should political figures and their relatives be allowed to have cosmetic surgery?[View]
189806422>She has made more money than you ever will. And she will walk away free. Nothing will happen. Ho…[View]
189807600Oligarchy and Society:: Do we live in a (((Conservative))) society that solely reinforces the (((UPP…[View]
189806405Just got my 'Voter's Guide' for the 2018 Canadian Referendum on Electoral Reform. Redpill me on…[View]
189799678what’s going on in florida?[View]
189807229NPC's are taking over the planet and I believe that Zuckerberg is their leader, NPC #1. A truly…[View]
189809993The entire Soviet military couldn't deal with one snow nigger with a mosin. That's pretty…[View]
189803569Every day.Drumpf has a new based black guy: Why is he trying to hard to black up the white house?…[View]
189809659ITT: We appreciate the master race of information warfare: The race that successfully beat the white…[View]
189808232Are any South Africans willing to share their DNA test results?: Why do no Saffers ever provide DNA …[View]
189807603If we can somehow convince lefties on Twitter to change their avatars to NPCs the site would be unus…[View]
189809873Obama tries reverse psychology on Republicans and blue wave depressants. <iframe width='560' heig…[View]
189808248https://youtu.be/Vh-nZCaDWHE With lines such as 'we currently view our files through adobe reader an…[View]
189805651They're Coming!!: Run for the border and bring any weapon you can get your hands on. Kill the w…[View]
189809479Only low humans love their parents[View]
189798108who wins?[View]
189790682So what will be the false flag before the midterms?: to boost their voting base. Any guess? I can…[View]
189808540Macron's boyfriend: Remember the nigger that was inspiring Macron? He got arrested for drug dea…[View]
18980710111 months without net neutrality: So, what happened?[View]
189800460Useless Careers: So what are some of the most useless degrees or careers according to /pol/? We all …[View]
189805533How will the Jewish elites solve the average Shlomo question when the NWO is established?: Will ther…[View]
189809288Is it wrong to kill liberals if being liberal makes you not innocent?[View]
189809410There are more advantages than disadvantages for the white race if we nuke Sweden.[View]
189778218What is /pol/'s opinion on Russia?[View]
189808608*EMERGENCY POST* I need redpills about the gays RIGHT FUCKING NOW!: Post em up boys. Would love info…[View]
189809030AYY LMAO!: Anonymous is totally LOCO! Are they serious with all this dumb alien content??? https://y…[View]
189803529Arthur Jones > Patrick Little https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRdMwXMpghI[View]
189804795https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-45887227 >be random nobody >get shot dead in a freak hunti…[View]
189806553What will you do if you were living in an arab contry ? (exept killing ur self)[View]
189806222I hate Justin Trudeau but he definitely scored a win today. It is none of the government's godd…[View]
189808865NPCs end Thelma & Louise: NPCLivesMatter[View]
189804603Blue Trickle: >https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/five-reasons-democrats-can-still-soldier-o…[View]
189808782Dems Current Strategic Messaging: It seems that across all media platforms Democrats and leftist mou…[View]
189808341I can't go on being a wagie /pol/. Is a world without this hell possible?[View]
189806191/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
189805510Syria General /sg/ - Time's Up Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpr…[View]
189774133How does /pol/ feel about the 'Proud Boys'? People are calling it a White supremacist crime syndicat…[View]
189808355How are racists so stupid?: At least come up with a plausible excuse. I mean, you're not even t…[View]
189808354Is racemixing ultimately inevitable?: Many white nationalist men partner with Asian women.Historical…[View]
189807901How To Tell Nazi From Antifa: Is this accurate? Let's discuss.[View]
189785577The INDIC MALE is the epitome of male superiority and masculinity. Let's start by looking at h…[View]
189804462Honduras Caravan: Footage shows Honduras caravan migrants being paid as they march toward US border …[View]
189808084YouTube error Monkey is Racist: This right here is a perfect example of a harmless 'thing' that coul…[View]
189792341TRUMP SAYS EXERCISE MAKES YOU DIE YOUNG!: >Other than golf, he considers exercise misguided, argu…[View]
189797790Would you be ok with transexuals if the science was perfect: The science today on transexuality is t…[View]
189807937/rsg/ RED STORM GENERAL- SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE EDITION: Daily song: https://youtu.be/Xsp3_a-PMTw H…[View]
189773522Every day we are healed from the damage the Chinks have dealt us: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/…[View]
189803824Canadians have legal weed and we don't. Why are we such a backwards nation /pol/?[View]
189783024why is this board mostly idpol and sensationalist news and not actual ideological discussion? what …[View]
189807652An hero for the election: So hear me out... It seems that the left is getting more and more ruthles…[View]
189802086why the hell are these obelisks everywhere: They are everywhere. Picture related shows the obelisk i…[View]
189787129Green: white people Orange: honorary whites Red: not white Black: niggers of Europe Is this map accu…[View]
189807767CAFOs: >Cruel Jewish-esque treatment of animals >Absolutely shit for the environment >Fueli…[View]
189805995IDF is a GO: Just in: Israeli security cabinet has ratified and is about to approve a large but limi…[View]
189803176Spain politics general - Feminist edition: >Congress passes law to forces companies to place at l…[View]
189806384Why do the democrats hate their own past so much? Or do they still believe in segregation? And why d…[View]
189799969OC NPC WAR POSTS[View]
189785769They try to rob a house in Mexico and... +18 +gore: The owners had two pets, a tiger and a lion lmao…[View]
189795926GUARANTEED BLUE WAVE: Women, especially college educated ones, hate this shit. Trump just turned eve…[View]
189802329OH NONONONO Why doesn't mainstream media ever report on Google trends? It's probably more …[View]
189802302lulz: lmao one of the Krassensteins liked my NPC tweet unironically[View]
189799538If jews are basically scum ticks and bed bugs...: Why not gas them all ? Gas the kikes, race war now…[View]
189806697Odds of Leaf as prime minister sinking fast: M A D A M E S T A T S M I N I S T E R[View]
189802186Pastor Anderson Documentary (Marching To Zion). How has this NOT been talked about.: I'm not ev…[View]
189807091Have you found that your political beliefs changed before/after NoFap?[View]
189806304Nothing is safe from the jew anymore.: Will you allow them to take your waifus without a fight?…[View]
189803868MAJOR HAPPENING: Treasury employee charged with leaking financial info of Team Trump Treasury employ…[View]
189801956American tourists are AWFUL!: >Rich spoiled American eceleb tourist goes to beautiful European co…[View]
189790177MLK and Malcolm X: What are your honest opinions on these two? I think they were great and amazing i…[View]
189805772What's /pol/'s opinion on soft drugs?: A while back I had this khat tea at a Yemeni tea ho…[View]
189784302Say something nice about the country above.[View]
189800956He did it for us...: NEVER FORGET[View]
189792773Anti-racemixing general - Popular culture edition: Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UQ…[View]
189804193What's the most redpilled browser?[View]
189798527Midterm Election Predictions: Republicans will keep the Senate and gain a couple seats. Dems may or …[View]
189805461DUDE MARIJUANA DUDE IT'S GOOD FOR YOU DUUUUUDE WEED LMAO >everybody that I've ever met …[View]
189804798>tfw we can’t get back to the Berenstein timeline[View]
189777560Gun control: It's time that gun owners stop acting like a bunch of babies and realize that our …[View]
189803765If most Europeans have around 2percent Neanderthal DNA, is Elizabeth Warren more Neanderthal than In…[View]
189806015/ang/ - Aztlan Nationalism General: This thread is for discussion relating to Aztlan Nationalism and…[View]
189803658What do you think about the show 'Designated Survivor'?: I mean, it's Hollywood, so it's L…[View]
189805602What were they talking about?[View]
189800929DONALD J TRUMP CHOMO/PEDO IN CHIEF: What did Donald J Trump do on convicted sex offender Jeffrey Eps…[View]
189805253[spoiler]She will poop out a BrundleFly[/spoiler]: The Royals are ruined forever. https://www.news.c…[View]
189779339Gab bans Lolicon, calling it demonic: https://www.oneangrygamer.net/2018/10/gab-bans-lolicon-calling…[View]
189805684Lukashenko lambastes new domestic violence bill: “This is nonsense borrowed, first of all, from the …[View]
189785317Why is the NPC meme under attack?: Everywhere NPC memes are posted they become persecuted. /pol/ del…[View]
189803682Do you have anti-gun ads like this one on American TV?: This is gonna be the first on Brazilian TV. …[View]
189805609Once she’s been BLACKED there’s no going back. >women carry DNA from previous sex partners https:…[View]
189803603Operation meme reality.: problem, how do you circulate a meme in the real world anonymously. Solutio…[View]
189798502IOTBW - 14 days till go time: 1. Posters go up on public spaces and campuses on Oct 31st 2. Only use…[View]
189800938What would the immediate and long term consequences of a hypothetical executive order forgiving all …[View]
189794099>muh blue wave HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAAAAHAHAH[View]
189801156Are Mountain Lions /ourmascot/?: Pic related. A jew and a nigger get attacked by a mountain lion in …[View]
189802895/hue/volution: Thread theme https://youtu.be/wDC2TJRpF_0 17 https://youtu.be/2N14a0jA39Q >2nd rou…[View]
189805205Where are our medals of honor?: Seriously, why aren't any of us recieving medals of honor by th…[View]
189803626Thanks, Drumpf[View]
189804796Hey guys look it's the opposite side haha: Hey look it's the opposite side doing dumb shit…[View]
189802208I've probably posted hundreds of 'dehumanizing' memes that weren't NPC memes, as have many…[View]
189793558CIA: What's up with the CIA? What exactly does it do? I know that it's behind a lot of co…[View]
189796651Which way, white man?[View]
189802554RT launches 'New Samizdat': >What is 'Samizdat'? >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samizdat 'Sami…[View]
189801404Well, /pol/, what the fuck are you waiting for?[View]
189793283Say something about the Russian killer[View]
189793856wow en garrison actual;ly made a happy merchant cartoon i mean look at karl marx[View]
189798860White Man Playing Black: This American Patriot just called out Shaun King for being a white man pret…[View]
189804730Have you ever gotten the sense, upon seeing the art of the Third Reich, that it was kind of gay? I c…[View]
189804155Hey guys, Chris Evans here. Lately I’ve seen alot of “NPC’s” in my Twitter reply section. I traced t…[View]
189798844Jewish making fun of themselves: Why do jews represent themselves as this charicature coming straigh…[View]
189800756/pol/, obviously there's plenty of anti-semitism in the world today. But nobody seems to be ask…[View]
189799460Is the red tsunami really coming or is it just a cope meme?[View]
189804413when will white male privilege end?: https://www.foxnews.com/science/south-carolina-officials-warn-a…[View]
189804251THESE ARE NPC's: The story of a humble NPC on his redpilling journey https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
189804368kek, fucking based and redpilled, kekerino this is so fucking good. this post will let me drink the …[View]
189787320what are /pol/'s opinions on the Hartley Hooligans?[View]
189803366The coming war with China: Guys, when we finally go to war with China, do you think it's worth …[View]
189804256Global Compact of Migration: There is this new invention called migration. They are great for the ec…[View]
189802223Hitler was a bisexual tranny that got aids from jewish prostitutes: https://www.cia.gov/library/read…[View]
189796373Jews BTFO: One of the most based Christians alive. Listen lmao: https://my.mixtape.moe/hdtwrd.ogg Hi…[View]
189801053Why did Hitler and Himmler kill themselves like a pair of depressed teenage girls? Why would 'the wo…[View]
189803237Who would seriously want to watch or read this?: Looking throughout the bookstore, I came upon this …[View]
189800387It's the women stupid: Only retards blame a handful of Jews when 100 million women are hellbent…[View]
189799884ARE YOU AWARE THAT FACEBOOK HAS A NEW ALGORITHM??? It will show 'popular posts across Facebook …[View]
189803695Did any of you watch SGT. Major John Canley’s medal of honor ceremony? Another hero awarded by our g…[View]
189799953awful feels: https://youtu.be/Rbr_ojKz_fE What compells a beautiful, innocent girl like this to date…[View]
189801940>where were you when the left lost their collective shit over a repackaging of the red pill meme?…[View]
189779669JewTube: Why isn't YouTube age restricted? There are HUNDREDS of kids live with no moderation. …[View]
189796620Woman breaks down exactly why theres going to be a blue wave: For those skeptical of the blue wave, …[View]
189803677Gospel Reading and Reflection: GOSPEL - Luke 9:44-50 The Lord said to his disciples, “Let these word…[View]
189797157Is frat culture redpilled?[View]
189803759How can one man be so based?[View]
189803382What if Jews are right and they really are the chosen people and we will all be slaved to them becau…[View]
189803463Was at dumping ground today. It's not obligatory for us to die off instantly anymore. First I w…[View]
189801084Daily reminder 80% of the world population will never experience the beauty of a natural sky in thei…[View]
189803652FIND HIM: https://twitter.com/JFNYC1/status/1052182841256226816[View]
189800652What can we do to make white supremacists intimidating again? Because right now, they sure as hell a…[View]
189802823Redpill me on Jimmy Carter: Is he part of the NWO? He seems better than the other ones. He didn…[View]
189801707I know we were joking: but I am actually worried now https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-10…[View]
189803467DIVERSITY MAKES YOU FREE: Diversity? Quality of life? Crime? There seems to be some sort of connecti…[View]
189802983NPC Theme song thread: Kaiser Chiefs - The Angry Mob https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhvfZ-TGIU8 I c…[View]
189799976What happened to subcultures?: Where are all goths at? Where are all skaters at? Where are all the e…[View]
189802604I AM ERROR[View]
189803086>destroys western civilization[View]
189802919I'm glad we killed so many Germans at Dresden. I'd do it again tomorrow. You Wehraboos can…[View]
189803187What would realistically kick off the kike genocide: We're getting closer and closer but it…[View]
189802079Which group is the ultimate NPC: Local newscasters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnIQalprvR8…[View]
189800646Religion and modern western civilization are inherently incompatible. Change my mind[View]
189790555WE'RE HERE, WERE TRANS, GET USED TO IT!: Trans people demand to be taken seriously. We are REA…[View]
189802845Just in case none of you have heard, Sony has censored Senran Kagura because it's titty groping…[View]
189748708Prison Youtuber Speaks out Against Nazi Sympathizers and Racists: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dU…[View]
189797209Free speech ? Would you ever have seen Michelle Obama getting fucked in the Oval Office? Is this jus…[View]
189802644When will the rest of the world finally have enough of U.S. intervention and destruction?[View]
189802555Augusto Pinochet: What do Chilenans think about him today?[View]
189796840are all men equal? if not, then why?[View]
189802616NatSoc Pics: Post em lads[View]
189801101Texans are coo-[View]
189792936/HUE/VOLUTION - 61% PARTY: Thread theme https://youtu.be/LN_MT4rF_Cg 17 https://youtu.be/2N14a0jA39Q…[View]
189798146I am sick and tired of pepe: It just burns my eyes now. If you're going to use pepe either make…[View]
189802230Is Buddhism they way to go? I know its been co-opted by leftist for years now, but they have some re…[View]
189797606Notice this?: When a Muslim attacks a crowded mall and takes a hostage with plenty of cameras in Ger…[View]
189801987United States of Britannia: >One blood demands one State. Never will the British nation have the …[View]
189785587Why have kids?: and don't give me the 'for the country' bs[View]
189789566After Midterms?: Why after the midterms? What’s the likelihood Mueller was told to wait until after …[View]
189795762Americans who like Bolsonaro are cucks: His economic plan is going to make Brazil more competitive a…[View]
189789623Study: /pol/'s average IQ:72, moral IQ:43: Results were derived from boardwide sample in which …[View]
189801857Germany can well integrate immigrants: >What's your problem /pol/?…[View]
189800500Why does this dude give his support to politicians he supposedly likes even knowing that his support…[View]
189800794Send this to your favorite libtard: https://youtu.be/eqiVLlYyvTs[View]
189799823Jews campaigning hard for open borders: >27 leaders from 17 national Jewish organizations go to U…[View]
189801334Folks are already trying to force discriminatory negativity into Halloween. Is there any group in Ch…[View]
189792758why is immigration reform literally impossible? its such a popular position but republicans still do…[View]
189745736NPC republican: It's all a hoax! There's no such thing as climate change. The earth is fla…[View]
189801057Hondorus Caravan: How is soros and co able to get away with this?: https://twitter.com/RepMattGaetz/…[View]
189798902It's over - c'est fini: Had some time to kill today and toured the Canadian history museum…[View]
189798236Consider the following: England will become the 51st state of America if Brexit is allowed to go thr…[View]
189801333I was all about marijuana legalization until I visited Colorado.: After spending a week in Colorado.…[View]
189794064Conservative media has been pretty angry lately. Is this the sign of the blue wave?[View]
189800202Jesus Christ is the head of our church, I can see the power in Luther's rose, Jesus is the hear…[View]
189793597EU army thread: We need A. similar equipment across the EU, B, same training standards, C. one milit…[View]
189796209Beep Boop: NPC: I hate trump. Non-Retard: Why? NPC: Because I've done my research, and hes a ra…[View]
189800174What Republican should replace Trump when he leaves office? We need to find another Trump-like perso…[View]
189779808NPCs are ours for the taking: The NPC meme is more than just an insult: it's a fairly penetrati…[View]
189797223Are celtic people the most cucked people in the history of Europe: The ruled half of Europe 2000 yea…[View]
189795727I thought today was the day?[View]
189800915jewsus was a semitic arab[View]
189800863>We WILL cross the US border >You can't deport us ALL How will Drumpf ever recover from …[View]
189800787ITT DOTR?: ITT What is really going on with the Jewtube shutting down, Israel under attack, Trump th…[View]
189800766What is aryan? Who is aryan? What's the difference between aryans and other Europeans?[View]
189790049Christ died for our sins. More concretely, died to break the NPC conditioning of so many people. 'Fo…[View]
189764710Well, NPCs are on the news now. I guess they didn't learn from Pepe https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/…[View]
189776923Finno-Ugric + Baltic General /FBG/ - Urals Edition.: Sveiki, Üdv, Terve, Tere, Alio! This is a gener…[View]
189791501WE HAVE THE WORST IMMIGRATION SYSTEM - TRUMP: https://mobile.twitter.com/FoxNews/status/105210687478…[View]
189798857Let's say a group of scientists or philosphers SOMEHOW figured out undenieable, absolute proof …[View]
189776162Guys I finally got it!: NPC are golems made by (((them)))![View]
189796535Was dodging Wikileaks the right thing to do? Was it because he thinks Assange is spooky, or is he a …[View]
189800504How do European users here feel about a EU superstate?[View]
189796312The absolute state of France: >A man who posed with Macron in the now infamous picture was arrest…[View]
189791887THANK YOU ANTIFA!!!![View]
189795110College: Any collegefags here? How has school influenced your politics? Also how do I fuck with camp…[View]
189792484Need a good /pol/ topic for a college presentation. Requirements: >Shouldn't get me expelled…[View]
189800405>work half the year to be tax slave for government >people pay more on taxes here than for foo…[View]
189800114This is getting out of hand: NPC posters will be un-personed. Made into NPC.[View]
189798076NEXIVM.. CHVRCHES.. V for U.. Lauren Mayberry is /notourgirl/: Hi /pol/, /x/ here, I know, I know, A…[View]
189797206TIL: Koreans are called 'Nidder (Nida)' in 2chan: <`∀´> https://kaikai.ch/board/21350/[View]
189797529Race vs Culture: Is it better to advocate a homogenous race or homogenous culture? Discuss[View]
189799962Ugh what is wrong with white people: Add coaching while black to the list of things they can't …[View]
189799298MOST EPIC MEME EVER: If we are lucky Sean Hannity will talk about this epic meme and the libtards wi…[View]
189794348The /pol/ secret discord: I joined the /pol/ “secret discord” now i have had a shill harrass me with…[View]
189782119YOUTUBE HUMAN SACRIFICE: reposting info >>Did you know that the failure of YouTube was coordin…[View]
189799876London is cucked: Why won't Londoners wake up to the fact that we have a terrorist for a Mayor.…[View]
189783439/cic/ Canada is COLLAPSING part 509 - Grocery prices SKYROCKETING Edition: >Canadian grocery pric…[View]
189797340NEVER LET THIS SHIT HAPPEN AGAIN: People are literally trying to get your info on this board, partic…[View]
189799769I'm going to be writing some reports and do journalism work for /pol/ related topics mostly abo…[View]
189783031Brit/pol/ Save Are Squirrels Edition: >Red squirrels were once found across most of the UK. Howev…[View]
189791994What the fuck is wrong with you, Canada?[View]
189799638Almost Half of U.S. Births Happen Outside Marriage, Signaling Cultural Shift: https://www.bloomberg.…[View]
189799524Y'all seen this SU edits 2.0??: http://steven-universe-edits-2.tumblr.com[View]
189799477Why is racemixing inevitable?: Many white nationalist men partner with Asian women.Historically whit…[View]
189799379You're all inbred stinky deformed cletuses[View]
189799291Nuclear pride fest.: German environmentalists have realized their mistakes and are now protesting in…[View]
189734364Do your friends or colleagues know?: That you’re on /pol/? Is it okay to talk about this place, or i…[View]
189798970We need more right inspiring pictures like this.[View]
189796085NAFTA 2.0: Does it include >leafs export dude weed lmao? >burgers export dude guns lmao?…[View]
189774071It wasnt actually a meme: Honestly the more articles I read the more likely a blue wave seems, I don…[View]
189793015UBI is inevitable, as it works for all parties involved. it allows the companies to not have to pay …[View]
189798485Hey FBI NSA cia: I'm curious, what's my file look like? It should be pretty fucking huge a…[View]
189787293Blacks vs Hispanics: If you had to pick one to remove from the United States completely which would …[View]
189787242ANOTHER MASS SHOOTING: Fucking Amerifa- Oh wait this was in 'Russia' Gunman at Crimea school kills 1…[View]
189764513Is there a bigger scam than vehicle registration: >thirty bucks to hook your car up to a machine …[View]
189797623A new age for Greece: This is Stefanos Xios a journalist from a patriotic website in Greece,a few da…[View]
189798866Are women the cause of white genocide.: Is there validity to the BBC meme?[View]
189781270Register to vote or £1000 fine in UK: Any fellow bongs been getting these in the mail? The council a…[View]
189788441Midterm Elections 2018 Polling Predictions: I guess the dems can sit at home for this election seaso…[View]
189758478Lets all take a minute to laugh at the Canadian military: >Size: 68,000 >Budget: 15 billion (t…[View]
189790533Is she retarded?: This bitch metaphorically loaded a gun, gave it to Trump, and told him to aim it a…[View]
189791189DO NOT VOTE (((RED)): Much of /pol/ atm is being confused by Jewish forces who want them to vote Red…[View]
189766462Kraut/pol/&AfD General - SEK Edition: >upcoming state elections Hesse: Oct. 28 2018 #ltwhe ht…[View]
189797288Can anyone come up with a good reason why?[View]
189783229Ha Ha I Don't Get It: Does nobody else see this? This has been the public broadcasting logo for…[View]
189797616Should women be allowed into the military?: If so, under what circumstances? Exact same standards as…[View]
189792256with all the saudi arabia hysteria in MSM right now it would be a good time to remind NPCs that 20% …[View]
189798241What would realistically kick off the kike genocide: We're getting closer and closer but it…[View]
189779477>this is the face that gives fear and distrust to cuckolds and soy first worlders…[View]
189798402The germ problem: https://history.state.gov/historicaldocuments/frus1918Russiav01/d371 >Z. and L.…[View]
189773599So apparently all 'ehite' countries want to ban plastic products by 2024. How fucked are you? Will y…[View]
189793241india superprowler 2020[View]
189793755Hippies And Fatherlessness After WW2: Did the casualties from the second world war help spread commu…[View]
189797860Why do faggots like Trump and pol try to /ourguy/ Lincoln? He’s a republican by name only. If he wer…[View]
189797498Press F to pay respect[View]
189797793Wasn't Ruth Bader Ginsberg supposed to die today? Tell me the digits didn't lie.[View]
189796892Sugar: Why isnt anyone talking about sugar and its downright hazardous effects,or the fact that its …[View]
189797992Goodnight, America.[View]
189790995Guys, can we all agree that race doesnt matter aslong as we all love freedom and uphold traditional …[View]
189797040Holocaust, 74 years later: When the last Holocaust survivor dies, will the narrative change at all?…[View]
189779454What a Rip Off: Don't worry black market you are competing with complete morons.[View]
189790083Sickening Antisemitism: How is this tolerated in the current year? https://twitter.com/LahavHarkov/s…[View]
189797194what is more infuriating? gooks appropriating our cultural heritage or doing better appropriation th…[View]
189797800Imageboard requires comment[View]
189795618Why Bother?: What does /pol think? Does anyone else get annoyed when a normie says 'I study the cand…[View]
189773680Shitfaced romanian people and government: Romanians have used blatant ethnic cleansing on Transylvan…[View]
189797749What they're basically saying Is >Adopt black babies and have none of your own white babies,…[View]
189796509Holy fuck white kids are already a minority: How could this happen? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
189788059Polygamy will be the norm in the near future. Women are going to have to marry men who already have …[View]
189783746Heres a fucking redpill for you pol Norwegians arent white with the black plague spreading all norwe…[View]
189789958>vaccines don't cause autis-[View]
189797387Why didnt Haiti have a Leader like Trujillo. Besides the Massacre, why dude helped what DR is today.…[View]
189797322T.Rucker Dead: T.Rucker of Haulin Ass and Christian Hotline is dead. https://twitter.com/chetkelly6…[View]
189790639Trump, Alex Jones named the Federal Reserve as the Enemy: Trump must be looking at options to replac…[View]
189795835Gosnell: Here's your Halloween movie, bro http://www.gosnellmovie.com/theaters/[View]
189784384/pol/ do you think TOR is secure, or is it a honeytrap ?: serious question what are your opinions on…[View]
189796943Threadly reminder that the only reason you white trash hate black people is because they all black y…[View]
189796485/mmg/ Murdoch Murdoch General: Have you seen the latest video? It's pretty good. https://youtu.…[View]
189788504Let's Meme Her Into Irrelevance: Lizzy Warren meme dump. GO![View]
189792497TikTok is the pedo paradise.: the youtuber bionicpig has made two videos recently addressing a certa…[View]
189785176Race traitors of history: Two examples. Take the enthusiastically pro-Nazi pilot Hanna Reitsch. Afte…[View]
189795697What is the appeal of the columbine shooters (mainly Eric Harris) that attracts their aesthetic and …[View]
189796478>tfw /our guy/ made the three safest vehicles on the market[View]
189784327Why do people call Frodo and Sam gay? Is this a reflection of the fact that true friendships are ver…[View]
189796388Saudi Arabia Delivers $100 Million Pledged to U.S. as Pompeo Lands in Riyadh: BEIRUT, Lebanon — This…[View]
189793716We all have to do this: Don’t forget to initiate phase 2 of the plan on October 31st![View]
189789533Explain this to me. How the FUCK does this nigga have so much energy? He’s a 77 year old overweight …[View]
1897946204d chess never existed: What the hell has conservatism ever conserved besides Israel?[View]
189794768Haha, you guys wouldn't revoke marriage equality if you had the opportunity, right? I mean...ri…[View]
189771935I am excited to go to USA for one week trip!!!! what can I expect in LA and NYC? Can I see legit ame…[View]
189796240Why Multicultural cities look like paradises ?: I don't want an opinion from nerdy /pol/tard au…[View]
189792690Soyboys: This explains a lot[View]
189796142REDPILL: >be meme >turn into redpill meme >classified as racist this is a problem that the …[View]
189795598Roasties BTFO /#metoo: Manhattan DA: Lead Detective in Weinstein Case Told Witness to Delete Message…[View]
189796106Might is right: at the end of the day raw power reigns king compared to text on a paper.[View]
189794105>race that still exists complains about genocide[View]
189792501Tony Robbins: Is he a meme, like Peterson ? Or is he legit ?[View]
189796054>Failed ANOTHER asynchronous video interview Why even fucking bother with life when I'm too …[View]
189795872WHITE MALE OPPRESSORS: When are you going to apologise for this? Where is the diversity? https://www…[View]
189784764How do we prevent America from turning into this?[View]
189771386MUELLER COMIN': https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-10-17/mueller-said-ready-to-delive…[View]
189793787In case the mad lad does it I want you to know I was at ground 0. This is happening at UofO btw.[View]
189792703>canada >white[View]
189795010this post will end trump's dictatorship: tfw drumpfo is literally the worst president and peopl…[View]
189786301DEMOCRAT ARRESTED IN RUSSIA PROBE: U.S. Treasury official charged with leaks linked to Russia probe …[View]
189795609Good AR propaganda to show to your normie friends thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahxa06Ch5D…[View]
189794096HAPPENING, SAUDIS TURN ON TWITTER: Saudis of peace turn on Twitter, how will leftists spin this?…[View]
189793000NPC NEWS ALERT[View]
189795521Racial preference in dating: Statistics from okcupid shows that racial bias in dating has decreased …[View]
189795501might this be a solution?: Just came across this.. he seems to be /ourguy, based on the other video …[View]
189776789>2018 >whistling at your wife is now rape…[View]
189789999How exactly does one get pussy while living at the white house as a teenage boy? The secret service …[View]
189793910The President probably shitposts on /pol/....: Where were you when you realized our Shitposter in Ch…[View]
189793652Why is Drumpf increasing HIV rates? Serious question.[View]
189795169Who did this?: This is overtly racist because Tariq Nasheed is a hero[View]
189749923How the FUCK do we get out of the fractional reserve JEW ((They))'re stealing EVERYTHING from u…[View]
189794850What would happen if he shows up alive?[View]
189792004Why don't we have freak shows anymore?[View]
189793650HAAHAHAHAHAAAHAAAA: I fucking did it, they aren’t invincible. We just haven’t been playing by (((the…[View]
189794640Fill in the blank for me /pol/: BOOMERS - Rebelious, strong, stands up for American values [generati…[View]
1897941172024: 2024[View]
189794865Was /pol/ just projecting all the time we said Clinton was in the pocket of Saudi billionaires and r…[View]
189794796Trudeau copying Trump's phrases, at least you guys can be high now while Jihadist behead you an…[View]
189794757HABBENING! https://youtu.be/DlgbbI1TMnU[View]
189790417Why are incels naturally drawn to extreme right wing beliefs? I still haven't gotten an honest …[View]
189786723why is today's generation is so timid?[View]
189794550>LEAVE THE EU TO ME[View]
189789111I am so insanely happy that today I can finally use cannabis without being criminalized for it. I wi…[View]
189789084/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || 100% Smug Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.…[View]
189784729I'm watching literal leftist propaganda in a college classroom consisting entirely of women: Wa…[View]
189765463NPC meme has been targeted for erasure: NYT is on it, now that it's being banned. This faggot t…[View]
189755575http://www.politiscales.net Let's do it, /pol/. Show me yours. P.S. My personal Bonus Perks: ma…[View]
189793207Should we burn these bitches on a stake https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/hex-brett-kavanaugh…[View]
189759803TEXAS IS GOING BLUE!: Beto pretty much secured the election after last night's debate performan…[View]
189793852I just want to protect her /pol/ 22:55 www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOnD0PDB9yQ[View]
189770758>no whites >diverse do these people actually believe themselves?…[View]
189793736Sup /pol/, what do you think of my nonfiction collection? Are there any other authors or works you w…[View]
189792748>bored, lurk /lgbt/ >half the posters there are explicitly from that board why are there so ma…[View]
189782611Why does everyone keep praising p*les. They are fucking stupid apes, they are a bunch of judeo-slavs…[View]
189778938Kazakhstan: Is Kazakhstan a nation of hapas? What goes on there? Is it a nice place?[View]
189786848What are some /pol/ approved Universities for Politcal Science/Theory, International Relations, and/…[View]
189793522/wall/: What is the Border Wall situation? Does it need to Republicans to hold the House to be built…[View]
189787421BASED AND REDPILLED UKRANIAN MOVIE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljtlpH2Xzzs 'Vasyl Seredyuk - he…[View]
189791792/pol/ Community Project: Communities in the United States are pretty much dead. The only thing we ha…[View]
189793235/hue/volution - ANTI-ZIONISM EDITION: >2nd round polls: BOLSONARO 59% X HADDAD 41% (Ibope) Bolson…[View]
189792667https://mobile.twitter.com/JFNYC1/status/1052182841256226816 Do we have a name for the scumbag in th…[View]
189793239JONES STILL DENYING THAT HIS BILL HICKS: https://twitter.com/DewsNewz/status/1049314985439100928…[View]
189788683Name this superhero duo.[View]
189793016Are we winning?: Bruhs, am I the only one who senses a shift in the tide? All libs really have is th…[View]
189793135As if you needed anymore reasons to hate this guy[View]
189789422Is Gaza just a human submission laboratory?: >Israel=private Rothschild country >all the benef…[View]
189786236/hue/volution - VIVA ISRAEL, VIVA O POVO ESCOLHIDO DE DEUS EDITION: 17 https://youtu.be/2N14a0jA39Q …[View]
189792699Who will challenge Trump in 2020?: Next year is the year, right? T Next year it’s where all the chal…[View]
189790618Does slav lives not matter?: if this was a shooting in ameriKKKa there would be a sticky and all new…[View]
189786357burn 'em dead: CP fags stay out of thread. Vigilantism should be allowed and encouraged under s…[View]
1897928915% Budget Cuts!: Fiscally speaking, Trump is perfect. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DXNfVQjZOHQ…[View]
189792866College Elective Discussion Post Time!: Wat do?[View]
189790963I thought Eastern Europeans are racists ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJHVGiUM-TA russians sing…[View]
189792528Sam Harris on Kav: What does /pol/ think about Sam Harris calling Kav unfir for SCOTUS and a CONFIRM…[View]
189787002why are asians so obsessed with the European aesthetic?[View]
189792570Internet Race Realism in the nytimes: Remember when kraut & tea tried to debunk race realism and…[View]
189792269NPC made it to the Beeb, now it's marked as a 'right wing' meme[View]
189785292Electrocuting homos memes aside, can this fucker be trusted?: Whats his endgame? All around good guy…[View]
189769814Mutts! The Musical: Ethnically Ambiguous People Take DNA Tests https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5171e…[View]
189789826Hillary is asking for our help. Please register for an upcoming phone bank. https://www.indivisible…[View]
189787152/pol/ I'm creating a mod for Skyrim which will add new NPC's who represent real life NPC…[View]
189783175BEN NO![View]
189792263NPC theory compared to Scientology: I was comparing the NPC theory to the soul measurements in Scien…[View]
189776264Sweden to expel 6-year-old orphan to Ukraine while granting amnesty to 9,000 Afghans: The humanitari…[View]
189785559Gather round my fellow racists and white supremacists, let's show our support for /ourgirl/, th…[View]
189787566Dear Brexiteers: Everyday I see Brexiteer-propaganda on this subchan attacking the people who voted …[View]
189789159ITT post the best country of each continent.[View]
189791031We made headlines again! haha: Just hit British news headlines, they are literally doing what we wan…[View]
189787811What did ((((((they)))))) mean by this?[View]
189790164Whatcha doin, rabbi?: >NBC News > Paul Rosenfeld of NY has been arrested by the FBI and charge…[View]
189791222More suspicious stuff from the Jamie Closs case. They won't tell us who placed 911 call https:/…[View]
189783522The NPC meme is not new, and it's meant to be dehumanizing. I think many here already know this…[View]
189786306How's the legal weed in Canada?: Is it better or worse than the average black market stuff? Any…[View]
189789418Stop parroting that the west is the least racist people out there: No fatfags, it's not even fu…[View]
189789862Does the NPC meme not exemplify our awareness of the absence of symbolic exchange? We are no longer …[View]
189762544Men with small willy are less likely to become dads, a study suggests >They were all measured usi…[View]
189791734Code Red Georgia: /pol/, what do those of us in the great state of Georgia do to keep this thing out…[View]
189787184Does /pol/ believe in God?: Not the christian one necessarily but any kind of god.[View]
189785599LET THE BODIES HIT THE..[View]
189763354Special Books by Special Kids (AKA: manipulative chad and his merry band of brainlets): What the fuc…[View]
189787424Happiness: When did 'happiness' become so important to life in the West? I'm fairly sure my gra…[View]
189784012Can we make a list of some politically incorrect musicians? Pic related. >While filming Fun in Ac…[View]
189789485Why does this meme cause such massive butthurt with leftists and media types? I don't get it, i…[View]
189718509GUYS. STOP SCROLLING NOW. READ THIS. I JUST HAD A FUCKING EPIPHANY. That 'journalist' that the Saudi…[View]
189788608>take a class that's supposedly about EEnglish linguistic >see this What do I write down …[View]
189789125UCF's College Democrat Party Member Rapes Girl: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8aNhjSvgzk…[View]
189790342why doesn't black people visit lidl or chickfila?[View]
189787756GIVE ME THE ZUCC!: Why did Mark give up his Presidential ambitions so easily? He did his PR campaign…[View]
189785484amerifats and their guns: is this actually considered to be an achievement in burgerland? guess how …[View]
189789048A history of race treachery[View]
189784192Why does the left love to suffer?: Someone explain this to me. They love being victims, and they lov…[View]
189778480OPERATION WOMANCHILD: Forgetting the womanchild meme would be a terrible mistake. Making women non-w…[View]
18979081620 NPC slide threads How much did (((they))) pay?[View]
189789626NPC reacts to The Conners Show[View]
189775746Why Mexicans think they are white people ?[View]
189790764Republican hate the earth: Just sat here and had this ugly fat bitch tell me and a group of idiots t…[View]
189789006Redpilled Documentaries: Hey folks anyone got any good redpilled documentaries please?[View]
18979065701101111 01110010 01100001 01101110 01100111 01100101 00100000 01101101 01100001 01101110 00100000 0…[View]
189782519https://edition.cnn.com/2018/10/16/us/first-female-commander-us-army-trnd/index.html a woman will le…[View]
189789026>MONTREAL — Canada on Wednesday became the first major world economy to legalize recreational mar…[View]
189790563Filthy Brexit Traitor, Hammond!: CUNT, TRAITOR, BASTARD, TORY!!![View]
189782587DUDE VOTE LMAO[View]
189790116War with Tumblr: Why don't we start a new war with Tumblr? Last time we smashed them badly!…[View]
189790462Saudis MAF: *inhales*[View]
189790297Why should Trump care about some Journocunt who wasn’t even an American?[View]
189790184Why on earth would anyone want to own a CNG vehicle?[View]
189784673Video: Someone have Obamas Video?[View]
189787209Post some topics which google doesn't want you to search.: When you enter some search term into…[View]
189790115!!!(╯°□°)╯ミ /╲/( ͜。 ͜。 ͡ʖ ͜。 ͜。)/\╱\: ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͠°) REMEMBER LENNY?[View]
189785450Post /pol/ anime characters[View]
189774376The End of Amazon Marketplace?: The President is planning to leave the international mail treaty tha…[View]
189772202>'You have scientists on both sides of it. My uncle was a great professor at MIT for many years, …[View]
189781380Leftist meme thread[View]
189779727how shall the rake prevail now?[View]
189778953Hey /pol/ you gay?[View]
189786907Can anybody logically and rationally explain how a frog face became the symbol of whole movement?[View]
189789854What happened in the moments before and after that her van crashed?[View]
189786368Superpower 2020: Calling out around the world Can you please send bobs vagene? Diwali's here an…[View]
189789660God put forward creation with his breadth as he spoke. And we need internal monologue to fully exper…[View]
189789696One of the most based Christians alive. Listen lmao: https://my.mixtape.moe/hdtwrd.ogg His documenta…[View]
189780513Reminder that tools are white culture: >Gave rise to modern society >Allowed us to work smarte…[View]
189789651/wgg/ - White Globalism General: What is White Globalism? White Globalism is a global movement for t…[View]
189785462>most important scientist in last 100 years >jewish >smarter than everyone in /pol/ combine…[View]
189789241Ron Jeremy murdered Trump Republican candidate: Oy Vey! >https://www.thestar.com/news/world/2018/…[View]
189783509This is a heat map of hateful posts by portion of all posts from each country on /pol/. Whites are …[View]
189786912Prep In The Car 10/17/18: Eyy payNiggas help a nazi out[View]
189788218What do we know about the (((contact))) jew? Are they really harmless?[View]
189788905Hi pol, id ask this in adv but i figured that you guys would help more I want: - References to black…[View]
189789308DNA Tests: Am I white or native american?[View]
189782277Explain me how can illegals vote in midterm elections?: People from the right claim that illegals ca…[View]
189780787'We are going to build a wall, Mexico will pay for it' 'Hillary Clinton is going to prison' 'I wil…[View]
189783955/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Rallies for Days Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whit…[View]
189784381Bob menendez (Democrat-NJ) is a fucking child molester and is running for NJ senator: Apparently the…[View]
189773266THE NPC MEME IS DEAD[View]
189782847The npc meme is a psyop to easily identify and ban /pol/acks and gullible right wing normies from tw…[View]
189783596WTF, Nazis?: Um... guys? How did Germany go from being Aryan warriors to cucked faggots in a single …[View]
189787328Give me ONE reason why a person should be allowed to own more wealth than they could ever reasonably…[View]
189785115Fuck those who want to abolish the electoral college: The Associated Press finds that Clinton won 48…[View]
189788129Are Steve King and Faith Goldy White supremacists?[View]
189767640There is no God?: Explain this /pol/[View]
189786468What caused the International YouTube shutdown?: So that’s it? We’re just gonna go on with our lives…[View]
189783778Yesterday Pakistan done goofed and shut down YouTube for most of the planet. A year ago China 'accid…[View]
189786989Krassensteins: How are the (((Krausenstein))) brothers getting first reply so often? Do Soros employ…[View]
189788297The next leader of Greece: I already made a thread about this, but our options are limited and we ar…[View]
189776718>A plane carrying US First Lady Melania Trump was forced to turn around and land after the cabin …[View]
189788219What's the midterms looking like?: Texas is going to Cruz, what about the others? Will we lose …[View]
189787238what if the ultimate redpill is actually the bluepill?[View]
189787889Record number of families crossing U.S. border: >The number of migrant parents entering the Unite…[View]
189787973Operation Aryan Pride: It is clear that Elizabeth is /ourgirl/ and the rightful leader of the alt-ri…[View]
189786677Niggers: If a nigger wants to be with a White woman then they are more racist than any White person.…[View]
189787693Republic of Molossia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republic_of_Molossia I think I just discovered m…[View]
189787569Liberal Rapes Student after Anti-Rape Protest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8aNhjSvgzk&t=1s…[View]
189786680Shopping time: Spending exactly £14.88...[View]
189783808How do we become bigger than Europe?: We can't allow those Eurofags to be larger than us[View]
189787286we can meme the holocaust into existence: See how every meme created has slowly but surely turned in…[View]
189785961George Lopez attacks Trump Supporter!: But wait 'til you see the ethnicity of the Trump support…[View]
189787010Obvious solution: We know two things right now: 1. There will be no blue wave. Liberals will lose ag…[View]
189785169Accused Russian agent Butina to seek release from U.S. jail: What happen to her /pol/ is she still i…[View]
189784058Is Lebanon a racist apartheid state?: Miss Lebanon was stripped of her title for posing with Miss Is…[View]
189787656BASED AND REDPILLED: >I'm not an anti-Semite. I’m anti-Termite. https://twitter.com/LouisFar…[View]
189782229Is @stormisuponus JFK JR?: Also this video is fire https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&…[View]
189787563>some lefty kike shill making a slide/bait thread trying to spin the npc meme >based mod delet…[View]
189787562Trans YouTuber Says It's UNFAIR He Can't Have BABIES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuzF…[View]
189786701Is this not the cutest outfit ever /pol/? https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/son-teacher-wore-hitler-co…[View]
189784958really makes you think... why do Americans like getting bankrupt over a broken arm?[View]
189782630You know what? I'm about to say it: I love USA.[View]
189785241Fellas, my gf is one of those multi-gendered tumblrfags. Of course I didn't know this when I st…[View]
189784052FBI want liberal SJWs to work for them: So past few days i went full on the NPC meme, i was agreeing…[View]
189787127GOOGLE BTFO BY BEZOS: If you're not an Amazon Prime subscriber, you are subhuman garbage. https…[View]
189757241Our old Sun was yellow.: Scientists In Germany Just Switched On The World’s Largest “Artificial Sun”…[View]
189776451Does /pol/ affect reality ?[View]
189787063Left Wing Scum Attacks Republican canidate.: Time to fight back against the infantile left wing scum…[View]
189786986Do Jews actually like their rabbis ?: Do Jews actually like their rabbis ? I always assumed a rabbi …[View]
189787225Arab vs med: What are the differences in meds and somalis/arabs? How does a portuguese or sicilian …[View]
189785414A fucking leaf[View]
189785608Why do white nationalists always avoid IRL confrontation and debates? Why do you rely so heavily on …[View]
189786137How is it fair that there is royalty in this world?: People who are born “special” in a state with s…[View]
189780316why is this allowed?[View]
189786997>let's let women vote they said. it will be fine they said How do we solve this mess?…[View]
189785547Pharmacists: Is there no bigger scam than the Pharmacist Industry? They're literally bean count…[View]
189785157BASED: What are the most based and cucked countries? I'll start: >BASED United States China …[View]
189762004Experiences with Jews: I used to spent a lot of time with Jews, under the guise of being Jewish. (I …[View]
189779157so I know many Mexicans like anime, and so do I. but what about our cartoons? aren't they worth…[View]
189786778Why are so many mixed couples in fitness/sport industry?: >fit people are aesthetic, especially a…[View]
189786338Look what I did! https://archive.is/tHqgm[View]
189775719/Sverige pol/: Svärje pol Inga finnar, Inga jänkare, inga danskfanskap Nyheter >ingen regering fo…[View]
189784714RINOS - Huge Faggot Edition: Let's discuss how much of a worthless, spineless faggot this guy i…[View]
189783732The state of sweden Today on my way home i was stopping by a pizza place to get some food. On my way…[View]
189777210WHY ARE THEY REMOVING WHOLESOME ARCHITECTURE?: Just read up on penn station, this is absolute insani…[View]
189777021How can we stop Islamophobia?: Religious hate crime rises 40% in England and Wales – with more than …[View]
189785984Just got called an extremist by one of my closest friends for saying the US voting ballot should onl…[View]
189786371Hillary is asking for our help. Please register for an upcoming phone bank. https://www.indivisible…[View]
189786081>This is what Democrats have reduced our Supreme Court nomination process to >all because they…[View]
189786232> N-no don't vote for the conservative.. they haven't pledged to nuke Israel off the ma…[View]
189776851/hue/volution - DOM ORANI EDITION: 17 https://youtu.be/2N14a0jA39Q >2nd round polls: BOLSONARO 5…[View]
189785839Prove me wrong[View]
189779464he would wipe the floor with any other world leader in a debate.: and in hand to hand combat he woul…[View]
189776342can we meme the Clinton Foundation and Clinton campaign into returning the millions of dollars donat…[View]
189743121What do you Jewish or Israeli posters think of all the anti semitism in /pol/? Do you just laugh it …[View]
189785215Why does /pol/ deny white agency? Isn't their own fault for being btfo by the Jews so badly?[View]
189777120typical, you cant refute her ideas so you attack her heritage.[View]
189785630Paper Tiger: Let's be honest, when will people realize that China isn't the dominant super…[View]
189785439Why does /pol/ complain about affirmative action for blacks but call for them for whites so they can…[View]
189784960Did She Have an Awakening?: What would you do if you realized the NPC was not just a meme? Was she a…[View]
189779790911 and the NPC situation: The name Barbara means Stranger or Forgeign Barboras - stranger in a stra…[View]
189785591'Roseanne' killed by opioid overdose on new show: Why are Jews so vindictive, even against one of th…[View]
189750461Syria general /sg/ - smile edition.: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.com …[View]
189781252the Mueller charade: It’s over libfags! If there was any collusion it would be posted BEFORE midterm…[View]
1897853339/11 thread: Can we get a 9/11 thread with all those rare pictures please? I want to save them if an…[View]
189785132Pastor Steven Anderson: How this mutt have a white family ? he said in his DNA video he have a lot o…[View]
189785446>He believes in a fictional 'Palestine' >He does not believe in the Shoah, or if he does he do…[View]
189785391Pedo cartoons: 90’s cartoon with tons of symbolism Bad guy name is moloch His goons are stone bend…[View]
189781758Try convincing yourself Chinese are subhuman insects and all of them eat dogs after watching this vi…[View]
189784668DIversity: A: You should treat people equally because everybody is the same on the inside and any di…[View]
189776369>Get voting Swiftly! Taylor urges fans to go to the polls EARLY in another politically-charged In…[View]
189772798what the fuck is this shit[View]
189772469OHHH NOOOOO! THAT SUCKS! https://twitter.com/dyfl/status/1052403439613829120 Media careers were ... …[View]
189783930United Against White Supremacy: Jews , Muslims , Blacks , Brown , Asians , Mixed Race , White Leftis…[View]
189784481An anecdote about western schools: Every single day my politics teacher tells the whole class to che…[View]
189782644The fracking boom made dads... but no husbands!: Economists have long argued that marriage rates are…[View]
189765596why is it easier for a women to get laid in our society than men?: what's the reason behind thi…[View]
189784865Has Europe Been Cursed ?[View]
189784837Is 4chan like the Ancient Greece of the internet: Everyone acts like we’re fuckin retards that they …[View]
189784810Could America conquer the universe if its citizens got their shit together?: Make no mistake, pic re…[View]
189778721What is the race/ethnicity of the famous white nationalist Matthew Heimbach ?[View]
189783779Reminder that in the very near future, the government will have killer robots which will have this a…[View]
189781944>Ever since I was little, I’ve wanted to walk around without a T-shirt but I can’t because of soc…[View]
189784646'Typhus zone': Rats and trash infest Los Angeles' skid row, fueling disease: Typhus-c…[View]
189763290What's the best country in the world right now?: inb4 >muh GDP >muh military >muh cult…[View]
189775298How will the left react if we win this case?: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/10/16/supreme-court-case-cou…[View]
189783640Which culture resemble the Borg from STNG?: and why is it the poos? >Persians came, got assimilat…[View]
189775836What is wrong with American culture? You have to live in a land of degenerates for this to happen an…[View]
189784372Attack of the NPCs: >freebeacon.com/politics/two-gop-candidates-assaulted-minnesota/ A Democratic…[View]
189782439The Jews told me, boldly with underhanded arrogance yet with caution, that they are a gang, a nonWhi…[View]
189772184Would you die for an European Princess?[View]
189754445Trump to be impeached after midterm elections: Democrats are going to take back the house and impeac…[View]
189783713WATCH OUT FOR ZOOMERS: 30 year old boomer here. Just started a part time job where I work with zoome…[View]
189779154Defend This!: A White Woman Falsely Accused a Black 9-Year-Old Boy of Groping Her https://youtu.be/e…[View]
189782320Why is the NPC meme so godly?: >Hello I am NPCBOT#73295 here to receive my daily recommended dosa…[View]
189768835What the fuck was she thinking?: Politically correct answers only please?[View]
189769350JEWTUBE SHUTDOWN: ok guys, now that the dust has setttled, lets take a step back. youtube really got…[View]
189779225/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Great Days Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse…[View]
189783937Daily reminder: NPCs aren't essential if you use the proper mods.[View]
189778422Anarchism friendship thread: Whether you're an ancap, ancom, mutualist, or something else, we c…[View]
189782354Trump is the greatest president since Washington, nobody else would have the courage to do this[View]
189783839Need new Tucker reactions. pls help[View]
189777954Kek is Clearly Conservative. Yesterdays after summons, Youtube Went Down: Yesterday before the post …[View]
189783836/latvia/: Dear /lat/anons, How do you like the cancer that is lib party? Kinda grim, isn't it? …[View]
189764767SCIENCE CONFIRMS DEMOCRATS ARE NPCS: http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/1065912917718960 -R…[View]
189770724This is what is wrong with America.[View]
189783798self improvement general where do you fall /pol/?[View]
189783200School shootings only happen in Ame...: 19 dead in Crimea by 18 year old gunman. This beats the Cruz…[View]
189783403What's the US' problem with Mexicans immigrants?: >Area USA: 9,833,520 km2 (3,796,742 s…[View]
189781846Why has there been so much blurring between jews and Israelites in mainstream Christianity if Kings …[View]
189781434America's biggest serial killer was an abortion doctor doctor: >Kermit Gosnell, an abortion …[View]
189783262https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNPNWEY44NY&bpctr=1539798925 How long are going to pretend that …[View]
189783630So the first angel went and poured out his bowl on the earth. Then ugly and painful sores appeared o…[View]
189783386Why are conservashits such despicable fucking people and parents?[View]
189781777What's her fucking problem?[View]
189783087the hecc is happenin: everything that could go wrong is going on[View]
189755835MASS SHOOTING IN RUSSIA: 18 killed, dozens injured in explosion in Kerch college https://www.rt.com/…[View]
189768260Post how you feel about each US state and territory[View]
189783398OP is always: a fag[View]
189779748Don't let this slide. Don't let the deep state claim another.[View]
189783267Call me a seppo one more time: I fucking dare you, kangaroo fucker[View]
189763481What would happen if Donald Trump was assassinated? How likely do you think it is?: I have been worr…[View]
189783309Bash the Fash: What happened guys? I thought you were totally winning and MAGA? How can you win if y…[View]
189781148Why should I let some man have my daughter without legally marrying her? >Biblical Reasons Why I …[View]
189778231Why do Conservative men date Liberal & non Christian women?: Don't you want a virgin? Why b…[View]
189781207The average 'conservative' in 2018[View]
189763251Brit/pol/- anonymongs win edition[View]
189779143Has even Fox news started to realize that Trump compulsively lies about everything? Did the rich tak…[View]
189777591The Nicotine Question: So, how does /pol/ feel about both nicotine and its addictive qualities? Any …[View]
189744898Neoreactionary Thread: Thread dedicated to NRx discussion and writings. Moldbugs diagnosis about the…[View]
189782996The Church of Terry: The CIA will try to dispose of Terry Davis even after his death, but the winds …[View]
189775063>Be a young German. >See country go to shit. >Start local initiative. Help us /pol/! Follow…[View]
189772491hi guys, i just fixed europe[View]
189781458With '22 July' and 'Utoya: 22 July' being released, i started having some thoughts: Breivik's m…[View]
189782241>McConnell calls deficit ‘very disturbing,’ blames federal spending, dismisses criticism of tax c…[View]
189751929What does /pol/ think about joe rogan: What do you think?[View]
189769370How do we fix white men?: Instead of whining about the causes of our particular predicament let’s lo…[View]
189782666How many NPCs were exterminated in the Twitter shoah?[View]
189777710Warren’s big mistake: Was I think failing to understand that normies are actually interested in the …[View]
189778852Explain me US midterm elections: Why do you care so much about midterm election results if the Trump…[View]
189767321Turns out, Antifa were the good guys all along: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/portland-oregon…[View]
189750212What's his actual chances of becoming a leading member of UKIP?[View]
189782464March 15, 1933 - October 17, 2018: RIP[View]
189779706I like this guy, are there any other good Youtube professors /pol/[View]
189780645NPC MEME CONTEST. $10,000.: Alex Jones just announced. Winner will be announced on Monday 22 Oct. Go…[View]
189781548Is this automated at this point?: >'4chan' recolors wojak for the 100th time >everyone reposts…[View]
189775493Intellectualism: Are 'intellectuals' traitors? They think they're smarter and better than their…[View]
189769114California Proposition 187: Holy shit, the Californians actually tried to save their state from Der …[View]
189782328Evolution Debunked: Extinction outpaces evolution. Evolution has (((now))) been officially debunked.…[View]
189782244https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/411772-trump-saudi-arabia-has-been-a-great-ally-to-me? …[View]
189761010>when democracy doesn’t work[View]
189782160'HURRR LINDSEY GRAHAMN IS BASED': https://www.conservativereview.com/news/lindsey-grahamnesty-is-bac…[View]
189782040Iranian women protest headscarf: Pre 4chan, pre metoo,pre kavanuagh and pre the tinder experiment i …[View]
189781828What does /pol/ think of The Hartley Hooligans?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOP21fYNOmE https:/…[View]
189781988hey pol, im looking for an image where a jew says something about the modern world being Jewish and …[View]
189781733>Regional elections in Belgium >'Far right' (non-left) party wins in a small town (20%+ votes,…[View]
189777406Why is Albania as poor as subsaharan Africa?[View]
189780745Grug not like new funny. Make fun of Grug. Say Grug not of tribe. Grug is not Grug? Grug.exe has sto…[View]
189781551Reality is setting in. Let’s post similar recent articles showing their fear.[View]
189759333How do we make nigger culture unpopular? It has been 30 years. It is time for this shit to go.[View]
189769911Recently married a jewess, shes hot, rich af and based so it's cool. Her father just came up to…[View]
189781663[Reasons why an election of Haddad would be positive] 1- With 99% sure the country will not get out …[View]
189781319Apparently Belgium is to thank for Jump Style[View]
189772613Russia. 18 killed in School Shooting.: What the fuck was his problem? Weapons: >shot gun >IED(…[View]
189781027Have you seen this man? Who is him?[View]
189781229Did anyone notice that young boys are more and more effeminate every year? Especially western white …[View]
189781405Just stooping to remind that Order will always be more prevalent than Chaos in society. This is why …[View]
189780924Red pill me on race Are armenians white? Is miscegenation degeneracy? How come white girls love hisp…[View]
189779686This is what poltard NPCs really think: Bonesaw torture and murder is the best and white race. P.S. …[View]
189777969Best to worst region in the United States?: What is your least favorite part of the U.S and what is …[View]
189758611Every day, politicians don’t focus on space exploration: is a day wasted on Earth.[View]
189776998A typical juvenille, God-fearing Trump supporter (notice the aura of faggotry surrounding him?)[View]
189775802Hi guys, sad story here, but it needs to be told as a warning for others, especially the Canadians t…[View]
189772777https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAs9HZC9c7Y >300 million views let me repeat that >300 million…[View]
189747448What's the state of the Balkans? Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Albania, that general region.[View]
189781128NIGGER HATERS UNITE: I'm a soldier of horthy miklos His most handsome soldier[View]
1897773789Reich: What's 4chan's relationship with 9GAG? It's one of the most pleb-tier places …[View]
189780723What does /pol/ think of Barron Trump?[View]
189778936>pol cries about black people >they are better educated and less criminal in Britain than Slav…[View]
189778261Take a black pill: There is no justice. Goldy was barred from debates, and her court case was throw…[View]
189779451Who else read for the /racewar/?: Any globalist enter my domain and I will turn them into ashes…[View]
189774034Mass Shooting: Babies This Time! Get in Here!: Babies were shot to death by a white gunman wearing a…[View]
189759749SpaceX wants to colonize a planet that cannot be colonized: And people say Elon is a Republican Mess…[View]
189780985https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPiK8RSalhY pic unrelated[View]
189779918What’s his end game?[View]
189757720Finland among the best in the world Finland is a small country on a global scale. The population of …[View]
189775289WE WUZ KANGZ: >http://www.benpadiah.com/otherstuff/ENKI/LBoE.pdf CTRL+F the term >foreskin Tha…[View]
189780207Why does he love using the I.Q. thing so much?[View]
189775311Tryna read Mein Kampf. Which English translation is the official one?[View]
189776891Wonder if we can get a boycott going...: #midtermboycott #getoutofthevote[View]
189780199Marry a Spic, die like a Spic: Marry an illegal spic and this is what you get. Another White America…[View]
189778573Now this is Perfection[View]
189780059TEXAS MIDTERMS: Any thoughts on Cruz or Rourke and the recent debate? Just moved to Texas from Calif…[View]
189773895>student loan bubble now over $1.6 T R I L L I O N Burst when?[View]
189776675Can I live out of one of these until I save enough money to buy a house outright?[View]
189780070Is this /ourvet/?[View]
189771945I am tired of being the observer: War between deepstate and Trump. >Me fan of the underdog >Me…[View]
189777760Can Far Right & Left Fight Together Against Corporatism? w/Chris Hedges (part 2): https://www.yo…[View]
189769141I just spent 10 weeks in basic combat training. What did I miss? >inb4 go die for israel…[View]
189761724He is running: BillMaher2020.com[View]
189767737Hitler about LARPagans: >I have seen too much of that kind of people not to feel a profound conte…[View]
189764621Really makes you think: Hmm I wonder why Jews love Trump so much[View]
189779950>be american >fight for Israel >die for Israel When will this stop?…[View]
189779844Was NAZISM a biological reaction to a disease? Did they try tactics against the Jew such as the Jew …[View]
189779246Having children out of wedlock is increasing: https://www.axios.com/demography-births-fertility-marr…[View]
189777835Liberals shitting themselves over the NPC meme indicates that they KNOW that they are not basing the…[View]
189777779>be Russian >get aborted[View]
189779248The Jews told me, boldly with underhanded arrogance yet with caution, that they are a gang, a nonWhi…[View]
189778891This is what food stamps should get you.[View]
189767991>School shooter gets up, reaches for his M4 in his bag and shoots classroom >Kills entire clas…[View]
189763001Does /pol/ approve drinking the green tea? Is it ultimate redpilled brew? >improves health >ma…[View]
189769379How will the libs react when we win the senate 57-43?[View]
189777434>Almost Half of U.S. Births Happen Outside Marriage, Signaling Cultural Shift https://www.bloombe…[View]
189775250Operation: Blue Wave Wednesday: Since Leftists are all ill-informed, we should 'remind' them to vote…[View]
189775607NPC Model 001: >short hair >side trimmed >glasses >dresses like an autistic adult male …[View]
189749504Future of Europe: We will turn the EU into a patchwork of autonomous political units and make it a s…[View]
189779390P: What happened[View]
189775613/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Answer the Call Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.white…[View]
189760476Faggets Id'd by fingers: >Study finds women with more 'male' hands - where the rin…[View]
189775807Does 4chan have a heart?: Taylor Swift comes out in support of Democrats, breaking 4chan's hear…[View]
189779265'Modern feminism' eveyone: >be Lena Dunahm >sexually assault your little sister >literally …[View]
189779181Why is opium bad again? it might make you die younger but the pleasure and calmness you get is worth…[View]
189777705/pol/ is so white that you need show your Aryan certificate before you post!: Why do people of color…[View]
189778776New Jersey senate race: what's going on here lads? This race is closer than Texas but I never h…[View]
189779109Friendlys are are blacked: Hay 4 chan can we please give are prays to our undercover agents infiltra…[View]
189776706Aussie parliament declares it's not okay to be white: After taking flak from the left for allow…[View]
189778796As a leaf who is looking for a job but is highly educated(masters). How do i move into the usa? Does…[View]
189775911Memri thread[View]
189750777how do identity a jew? I know the nose and hand rubs but anything else[View]
189776775I've Been Thinking about this whole Khashoggi thing: It's starting to look the Canada was …[View]
189778832UK Police[View]
189759279DUDE LMAO ITS LEGAL NOW!!!![View]
189770618Do you think she'll affect the midterms?[View]
189762943Anybody need a small $10M?[View]
189773137Mass shooting in Kerch: 19 killed, 50 wounded[View]
189778603>one chance at life >born democrat[View]
189778502Law proposed to raise the national monthly minimum wage to €1125 in the island of Cyprus. A party ca…[View]
189774286Give me a quick rundown on NPCs: I've been following the meme and I really like it, but I'…[View]
189768081Amerimutts attack Polish family while stationed in the country.: Story has only just emerged: https:…[View]
189773437Could Sweden be any more cucked?: > A grenade amnesty period begins in Sweden this week with the …[View]
189763601>tfw you get yiur dick chopped off to make a vagina but it doesnt work: Jazzy had to go back in f…[View]
189776004Aus Anons: Which mad cunt did this?: Not a bad effort at all[View]
189718798China to launch ‘artificial moon’: http://en.people.cn/n3/2018/1016/c90000-9508748.html >The illu…[View]
189777277What would you ask them, /pol/?[View]
189770122History of greece in a nutshell: >convert to christianity >betray your Pagan ancestors and tur…[View]
189774741#metoo you pigs!: Oh, wait...[View]
189773337I’m an ugly fat fuck. I wanna be happy I wanna start a white family. How do I do that?[View]
189776643Edits aside do you actually like Ben Garrison cartoons? They are pretty well made but the excessive …[View]
189769330How do we make Scandinavians Pagans again?: >jews are yahweh's chosen one, gentiles who pret…[View]
189776459NPC - Hijack Dr. Who?: Why not hijack Doctor Who and appropriate it for the NPC meme? Cybermen are h…[View]
189776064Who is ready to admit Trump is the best thing to happen to the US economy? I am baffled how much the…[View]
189775830when will you retards realize that trump is absolute dog-shit at business and so is his entire famil…[View]
189760588>there exists a timeline where the Brits accepted peace after Dunkirk >Nazis rule Europe and B…[View]
189777504The NPC's are not ready to be unplugged from the System: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZdlqT…[View]
189777114This is what God will make you look like if you don't believe in him.[View]
189777358Rode that wave crashing right straight into hell.[View]
189751823weebs blown the fuck out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnAC-Y9p_sY[View]
189757480Gab bans lolicon because it's 'demonic': Just more evidence that the right wing only cares abou…[View]
189775461>it is they who are the NPCs[View]
189774903Should black people be subservient to whites?[View]
189776747Is Trump right? Are those Saudi Kebabs innocent? >Saudi Arabia dindu nuffin!…[View]
189776987Some of you are alright. Don't leave your home tomorrow, if you're in the Balkans. happeni…[View]
189774815Why do you moral and cognitive bottom-dwellers want a murderous psychopat: to become the richest man…[View]
189777240What's pol think of IVF? Anybody here done it?[View]
189775403Sitting in a BUSINESS COMMUNICATION class at the University of Kansas and the professor talks about …[View]
189776210Italians and National Socialists: Why do so many so called 'National Socialists' seem to hate o…[View]
189767628What (((REALLY))) happened to YouTube?[View]
189774912Spiritual teacher confirms NPC theory: George Gurdjieff was a mystic and a spirutual teacher from th…[View]
189776157Send some bad juju to this faggot[View]
189776867*ethnically replaces you* Nothing personnel wh*teboi[View]
189776758Hitler a fag confirmed. /pol/ will defend this.[View]
189776366do only NPCs?: think marriage is awesome for men? then most of /pol/ is NPC[View]
189774950Martial Law: Will the US declare martial law anytime soon? Why? Are there signs?[View]
189775353This is how nederlands treat polish people like animals[View]
189775751defend this (protip: you can't)[View]
189776629THE TEXT IS THE FIRST STEP: Okay so I know this may not be believed but it needs to be said. I work…[View]
189774416To what extent was Cesare Lombroso right? Can physiognomy determine a person's character, inclu…[View]
189774453The only reason I don't want universal health care is because that would mean niggers would get…[View]
189773052STOP ANSWERING STUPID QUESTIONS: Only children, libtards and women ask stupid questions. Only cucks,…[View]
189767453Subvert the hipsters: How do we get the American hipsters to turn fascist like Italy?[View]
189776299LIVE A Chat With VA Shiva as Midterms Loom: Styxhexenhammer666 live with Shiva Ayyadurai, https://yo…[View]
189775679How do you know if it a girl(xx) or a girl(xy)? I find the line blurring every fucking day. And im t…[View]
189776022NPCs Here a Long Time: Looking Back It Makes Sense!: It kinda just makes sense now when you hear wha…[View]
189775912Why do Russians tolerate being ruled by a manlet?[View]
189775848Okay, who's jewin' who /pol/?: Is it the cumskins or kikes on /pol/ that's stirring u…[View]
189775842Why are there so many retard lovers here even though Nazis clearly considered them to be a problem l…[View]
189770581Why are Canadian Special Forces Soldiers Fat?: OK Maple Niggers seriously explain yourselves on this…[View]
189763728/hue/volution: 17 https://youtu.be/2N14a0jA39Q >2nd round polls: BOLSONARO 59% X HADDAD 41% (Ibop…[View]
189772251>Smoke marijuana in your free time on your private property. >Feel a little better for a while…[View]
189763086How did this meme blow up so fast outside of 4chan?[View]
189770532/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || I Swear I'm Injun Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://ww…[View]
189739157Are anti-vaxxers right?: Is it legitimately better to avoid vaccinations? I'm sure plenty of yo…[View]
189754799The cat is out of the bag! Merkel is what causes the Brexit issues: Last week, Merkel told Germany’s…[View]
189743205Red pill me on Scandinavian socialism.: Is it real socialism or even a form of socialism. If it exis…[View]
189755746Koreans Actually Have the Biggest Case of WE WUZ: Koreans are honestly full of shit. They were a vas…[View]
189775021Fuck this shit: Is there any hope left for a 100% white america at this point? Remember the pic belo…[View]
189747408What did he see in her?[View]
189775332South Asia /pol/ > # Your Next Move[View]
189775320What is New /pol/?: Anons....is it just me or are a whole lot of new Bro-Posts coming from Israel? M…[View]
189775253Shitty traditions: To defecate in open is a south asian & african tradition. Prove me wrong. …[View]
189775154The absolute state of USA's allies: ISTANBUL — Turkey has concluded that Jamal Khashoggi, a pro…[View]
189763494How can we get Trump to grow a beard like this?[View]
189770463At the 17th of October, Vlad Roslyakov has entered in Kerch Polytechnic College, exploded 2 bombs an…[View]
189750198Why is Serpentza such a faggot? He constantly shills for the CCP and globalism and says stupid shit …[View]
189772857was hitler a zionist?: was he a jew or was he /ourguy/? I've seen many times the re-revisionist…[View]
189766504Are (((they))) experimenting with bioweapons on white children?[View]
189764064For real?: Someone please tell me this is fucking fake. Twitter post IS real, but the shit Fox News …[View]
189767923Nov 6: This is your daily reminder to go out and vote in the midterms on Nov 6. This might be the mo…[View]
189763259Canada's dark secret.: Are they legalizing pot for mind control?[View]
189772831does race really exist or we are just humans with different skin color ?[View]
189774753>social anxiety[View]
189774496>kek, fucking based and redpilled, kekerino this is so fucking good. this post will let me drink …[View]
189766909Is this real???[View]
189771194Dubai 4th most touristic city in the world: Why Arabs used their oil and natural resources money to …[View]
189774337Would you rather be a woman?: I see a great deal of envy directed at women on this site. Yes, you wo…[View]
189774333Seriously, guys: The perpetrators of the big scheme being the jew is just too obvious. They are usin…[View]
1897677871. If propositions are abstract objects, they aren't contingent. 2. Propositions are contingent…[View]
189762189There’s gotta be more to this: https://www.newsweek.com/pennsylvania-mother-arrested-helping-boyfrie…[View]
189747244Mahatma Gandhi must fall: >Mahatma Gandhi must fall: Africans fight to stop ‘racist’ statue >A…[View]
189767392Texas Senate debate between Ted Cruz and Robert O'Rourke: What did you guys think? I felt Cruz …[View]
189774426I am human: I am human, stop dehumanizing me. Look at my face and tell me I'm not a human.…[View]
189774164My rich grandparents who live way out in the country invited a black woman to come read for them. It…[View]
189769442Facebook (((PORTAL))): How many of you retards unironically planning to buy this?[View]
189774282Dr Fraud: Yo, anyone has some has some sexy nudes of this hot blonde?[View]
189767968Can someone explain to me why Sweden is so much more cucked than other countries?[View]
189774277>but muh holy king bin saladman >but muh dead journalist >fuck off…[View]
189774270NPC meme debunked: Last thread magically 404'd? 12:20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Lki2FlXX…[View]
189753180What the FUCK were the the krauts thinking?[View]
189765162Case for/against Weed: With more and more states in the US legalizing weed, what are the best argume…[View]
189774049>McConnell calls deficit ‘very disturbing,’ blames federal spending, dismisses criticism of tax c…[View]
189768840Today's the day /pol/. Digits says she dies today.[View]
189773998HOUSING CRASH: Is this bad?[View]
189771502Newsgroups: Anyone here still use newsgroups? Any good ones? First time looking into it, and I real…[View]
189756916The myth of home ownership in America.: You don't own anything. That house that's under yo…[View]
189761354THIS WAS NECESSARY: Muslim Brotherhood BTFO, even your king doesn't protect you now! >also, …[View]
189772007hey 4chan, what is NPC? Who meme this?: regards, Tumblr https://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-trending-4588…[View]
189773579Insectoid discrimination: Lmao, memes become a reality. Harvard literally admits that Asians are sou…[View]
189773235Having a business on Facebook is suicide!: If you build a business of Facebook with your time and mo…[View]
189773279How based is Switzerland? I cant tolerate Germany anymore. Enlighten me please in the political clim…[View]
189768395Stupid brainlet Amerigoys: Study finds Brainlet americucks believe that chocalate milks comes from b…[View]
189767423Hungary gender studies ban draws university (((anger))): https://www.yahoo.com/news/hungary-gender-s…[View]
189767804Trudeau isn't that bad if you just smoke some weed: Smoke enough of it and you don't even …[View]
189767532Why you support Israel goy ?: why give your money and lives and support for a non-white country like…[View]
189773017Thoughts on Heather Heyer Killing Herself: Don't riot in the Streets if you don't want to …[View]
189770930oh wow look whos best friends[View]
189766454Greek King: why don't we bring a member of the royal family to the throne? pic related has a lo…[View]
189772984Hey /pol/ what gives? You said the Nazis were the ones who went around beating up the opposition.[View]
189772949Who has the audio of Khashoggi getting tortured? Turkish media already published it.[View]
189765367so when are they going to redistribute some of that wealth?[View]
189769489Afghan drought 'displacing more people than Taliban conflict': More immigration /pol/ http…[View]
189771983There's nothing wrong with race-mixing if the child is raised by two loving parents. Prove me w…[View]
189768154The date of our October Surprise: lets put our brains together /pol/ and come up with a consensus da…[View]
189771989It is OVER Drupmkins!: The stats do not lie! Vote if you want but there is no chance of winning for …[View]
189772437Will the singularity save us from banality?: For those of us that will remain on our own into old ag…[View]
189761170BREAKING NEWS: Melania Trump's plane forced to turn around after smoke filled the cabin https:/…[View]
189771155War...has changed: https://www.democracynow.org/2018/10/16/headlines/buzzfeed_uae_used_us_mercenarie…[View]
189772009What do Germany and Japan have in common?: Besides Cartoons and Eugenics?[View]
189767048why are saudi and israel so close? are the sauds into satanic shit aswell??[View]
189772182>zdravstvujte >da ivan? >i will now shoot all of you >okay ivan you shoot, but me take a…[View]
189769780climate change is real you faggots: will /pol/ save our planet ? but cnn will[View]
189769754Seeing we are all a bunch of Russian bots why dont we start praising Russia! https://www.youtube.com…[View]
189765773Are You Ready Drumpftards? Muller is Coming!: Muller is going to fuck Drumpf after the Democrats ret…[View]
189764541Thoughts on Pete Davidson?[View]
189765975How do i join a right wing death squad?[View]
189768613Where are they now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXeWr9kQ4Kk[View]
189762222TRUMP: WE HAVE THE WORST IMMIGRATION LAWS: https://mobile.twitter.com/FoxNews/status/105210687478961…[View]
189752116Say something nice about the avarage Swedish family housing unit. The two story row house.[View]
189761284Are you /homo/ now?: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-6285233/Length-ring-index-finge…[View]
189765376What did he listen to, /pol/?[View]
189770665Can I join some white supremacist group as a non white?[View]
189770972TLDR US Midterms: I'm european and didn't really follow the midterm race in the US except …[View]
189771703why is his smile so perfectly evil? what's it about north korea? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
189751698how were they able to dispatch someone to kills this guy's family within just 2-4 hours? that…[View]
189765829How do I get in contact with right wing and white supremacy organizations on the internet?[View]
189769512This is the timeline we're living in right now. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1052…[View]
189764275Russhits BTFO again[View]
189771062There were no gas chambers: >Gewiss, ich habe unterschrieben, dass ich 2 Millionen Juden umgebrac…[View]
189768485I rode out Hurricane Michael and survived.: Bonus points I met President Trump and Melania...AMA I …[View]
189754248Trump's Moves on China: Are any of you fags actually paying attention to this? We are moving fa…[View]
189767996October Update on the Second American Civil War: So what I want to draw some attention to today is t…[View]
189771180Severa; incomming news from this shithole made me puke. In this pre communist country, it is legal t…[View]
189740432Who is your favorite face of young conservativism?[View]
189746253How do white supremacists explain the fact that Jews have the highest IQs and control the majority o…[View]
189771080Welcome to the club Canada[View]
189769268And this kids, is why you shouldn't date bimbos: Scott Adams, Dilbert Creator, Master of Persua…[View]
189767314HAPPENING: Suspected chemical attack in Sweden, unknown substance discovered, people in decontaminat…[View]
189766128/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || March of the Shitskins Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://ww…[View]
189768920Is the Saudi king the pope of the middle east? 'The Saudi Royal family is extremely important in Isl…[View]
189760302Mexicans have won. (Survival of the fittest): Evolution dictates that the strong group will eventual…[View]
189767901Whites basically ruin everything: Hello my whites and larpers, it appears that Axios is claiming tha…[View]
189755359Kyle Kulinski: Kyle Kulinski said that Trump must give Pocahontas the money because she is 1/1024 na…[View]
189767262How do Turanists reckon they'll solve the religion problem? Let's pretend Turan is now a c…[View]
189766407If Jews run the world, what is to stop me from coverting to Judaism and getting ahead?[View]
189770094GET THIS TO TUCKER: ACLU tweets explicitly anti-white message. This tweet is a gift. Get this to Tuc…[View]
189729806Does /pol/ think meditation is something helpful to society? Should we take it up? Why or why not?[View]
189764196One of you: True story /pol >be me going up moving around a lot growing up (military brat) >st…[View]
189762252What is difference between Spanish and Mexican people ?[View]
189770018So, what is 'Polaris'? Someone was asking if anything stopped him from being a jew, and someone said…[View]
189759453Do you see him as an ally?[View]
189769781Was the 2017 Saudi Arabian purge fake? did anything actually change?[View]
189769693Dindu Thread: Post recent chimpouts n shieet[View]
189769588What are your thoughts on this 400lb KING JEW, Ben Mallah?: https://youtu.be/TGEPle4uFPU He's a…[View]
189768529Liberals of /pol/. What do you consider a sexual interaction between a man and a woman where they ha…[View]
189769244In the Catholic Church canonization of Saints is infallible. This means that once a person is procla…[View]
189765188What are your opinions on white supremacy (honest): Do you believe white supremacy exists in western…[View]
189765936>the you can't be racist because you are 1/1024th indian how many racists are 1/1024th india…[View]
189762294How does this place pay the bills?: Genuine question, I know this isnt an original thought, but I ca…[View]
189766607>Be white >Refuse (or in /pol/'s case, fail) to reproduce. >Be surprised when your num…[View]
189767817So Youtube Just Recommended Me This Garbage: https://www.youtube.com/user/unvoicedproject Why does y…[View]
189766413How is Trump seen to the average American ignoring all of the msm and die hard shitposting filters? …[View]
189768633who played sid mier's alpha centauri as the cyborg consciousness? https://youtu.be/ftefXCqil_U?…[View]
189766615ofended: how long till the sjws collapse in the US in the colleges. like a law is passed or some shi…[View]
189768439/poogeneral/: Take the POO to the LOO[View]
189768217the democrats killed xxxtentacion: the democrats killed xxxtentacion and lil peep rest in peace…[View]
189763059HAPPENING IN MY HOME TOWN: I live in a suburb outside of Toronto, called Mississauga. /Ourguy/ Kevin…[View]
189764152Why do Jews always say they are not related to white people? They have white skin. You can't ju…[View]
189767383French hero offend Muslims: French hero offend Muslims French hero Arnaud Beltrame, who sacrificed h…[View]
189755675You're all going to hell.[View]
189752313Based Goatraper BTFOs female Cops in Austria, before CHAD Austrians kick the living shit out of him.…[View]
189765967was the invasion of iraq really a crusade against shia islam for the kingdom of saudi arabia?[View]
189760688College shooting in Russia,Kerch: At the 17th of October, Vlad Roslyakov has entered in Kerch Polyte…[View]
189767920Dahnald, please come to Texas and help me: Ted Cruz needs help after a disastrous debate performance…[View]
189753706>Red tsunam- OH NO NO NO HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA[View]
189762929Ask a nationalist socialist anything.[View]
189760612Indelible in my gunt...is the fungus[View]
189753026>this is the current US president https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/449525268529815552?s…[View]
189767107>Statue of Pagan >Tall and strong true European phenotype >Manly mustache >Looking up at…[View]
189764635MKULTRA USED IN CRIMEA: This is the first case of MKULTRA being used outside the US. This time by U…[View]
189751472Racism against Albanians in Greece: >be american >move to albania >decide to Travel to Gree…[View]
189758732Twitter just IP banned me, how do I get back on it?[View]
189766954Are christcucks really worse than Jews?: At least Jews are doing what they think is the best for the…[View]
189766699npc studies breakthrough: Scientist confirm: NPC's reach highest oppression score ever measured…[View]
189759384post your best nazi related pics: HH[View]
189727580Hulu said dumb shit: The response is delightful. Pile on.[View]
189764652CNN Fake News: I was working on some CNN fan art so I can send it to them on Twitter but I think I…[View]
189766937Think The Stereotypes Aren't Real?: Look at this. Every platitude, every lie...and LOOK AT THE …[View]
189752200Neoliberism is poison for the economy. Prove me wrong.[View]
189762985What Happened To Pizza Gate?[View]
189766573When will the poor be finally rightfully eradicated?[View]
189728973Kraut/pol/&AfD General - Hessen Waifus Edition: >upcoming state elections Hesse: Oct. 28 2018…[View]
189764833>2018 >still haven't won green card lottery…[View]
189764483Press (S) to spit on ruptured asshole: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-45888656[View]
189766152Daily reminder to SAGE pro christian threads: Jidf and Mossad are actively working against us. They …[View]
189754983Child soldiers are the best soldiers in the culture wars: Prove me wrong faggots. Pro tip: You can…[View]
189764293>tfw you literally lose your legs fighting for israel only to get censored by a jew-owned social …[View]
189764050Why is Macron so popular in France?[View]
189755048Saying that all types of costumes that are not white European are cultural appropriation yet all whi…[View]
189761698/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Job Thriller Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehou…[View]
189766138fed poison get sick charged to get well fed poison get sicker charged to die[View]
189764329Have you seen this kike /pol/?: He'll actually argue with the comments too, I saw him arguing w…[View]
189757192/SAG/ SA General - Happening!: Stalinist level gun control about to be pushed through parliament! M…[View]
189761245'Brazilians aren't white' they said, 'they're monkeys' they said... ...well, /pol/?[View]
189760505Why do stump chads get the best pussy?[View]
189765914>NPC >Non PC >Non Politically Correct meme magic is just too powerful…[View]
189766009White Genocide is Real and Happening: If a nigger wants to live amongst niggers then they can go to …[View]
189765221Arabs are EVROPAN[View]
189762797Mueller Ready to Deliver Key Findings in His Trump Probe: IT'S OVER FOR DRUMPF https://www.bloo…[View]
189763613Why does the EU still pretend to be hot shit? They have been doing nothing for a long time and have…[View]
189761293https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1032773/Melanie-trump-plane-maryland-smoke-joint-base-andrews I…[View]
189765697Why does nobody boast about having black ancestry?: Everybody in America boasts about having Amerind…[View]
189765495Trump and JFK: >upcoming mid-terms >social media is beginning to ban conservative outlooks an…[View]
189765636School shootings elsewhere: Clearly not just an American problem. Assuming this isn't already c…[View]
189765021Truth about Injuns: With all this injun talk in the news with stunned cunt Warren's dna test re…[View]
189765309Is boxing the most redpilled sport?: What’s more fun than watching people knock each other out, watc…[View]
189765464How will the left try and destroy democratic voting after these two events happened?[View]
189756802Aus/pol/ - Anons shitty VY commo edition: his thread is for discussion of recent Australian events a…[View]
189726019No legal weed no bb guns most expensive food and booze in the world highest antidepressant use in th…[View]
189765404Why do they jew regulate testosterone so hard?[View]
189765396Lefty terror?: How long until we start seeing more extreme lefty terrorists like the weather undergr…[View]
189765377Reminder that the media only focuses on elections that they think the democrats will win. Keep an ey…[View]
189765026Nice: The mayor of Riace in southern Italy has been banished following accusations he organised 'mar…[View]
189740302Why have Muslim happenings stopped in the West?: Can anyone explain this phenomenon? We had great Is…[View]
189765230Cuban chimpout: Cuban diplomats chimpout at UN presentation against political prisoners https://www…[View]
189765237How influential is /pol/ in young white culture right now?: Well /pol/? Pic related, I stole from s…[View]
189764861>muh blue wave more like a crimson tide. dems will get destroyed on election day…[View]
189765191what does /pol/ think of Empire of Dust[View]
189764916Beto v Cruz: Texas fag here. Give me le ebin redpill on these guys[View]
189755238terrorist attack in crimea: i live in crimea and the ukrainians have gone insane,we have been attack…[View]
189763693daily reminder that price william is a traitor and wanted to enslave you[View]
189764742'Pokemon Go to the polls?' More like Pokemon gonorrhea on my dick. I'd rather get swallowed up …[View]
189763222Autism: How do I make my parents think I’m not autistic[View]
189762387What is her end game?: Has Haley pulled a Hillary and leaving politics to prepare for the next feder…[View]
189764618List of MPs who have pledged to destroy our borders: I don't know what action, if any, can be t…[View]
189764609What’s wrong, anon?: >Did you have that nightmares again? >Don’t worry, everything is fine now…[View]
189762692Only the one in the middle is Palestinian, the rest are kikes. What do you notice?: >Israelis are…[View]
189762484Isn't the only way to rid ourselves of the beaner to do either: 1. Kill him and his family. You…[View]
189763153The normies know (published) (legacy media)[View]
189763819Say hello to your future Madame President![View]
189764557Somebody redpill me on The fake News Why commies and lefties always accuse everything that they like…[View]
189755729Why are jews uncriticizable?: how did they do it? Critizing Islam is one thing. While it being a bit…[View]
189748390Lets cure Cancer to piss off NPCs: How hilarious would it be if we cured cancer, and libtards, NPCs,…[View]
189764381when will Trump stop the Chinese AI bots shitting up youtube comment sections? Serious. This is actu…[View]
189740149So the left likes cultural appropriation now?: Why are they choosing to die on this hill? So all the…[View]
189764077so now /pol/ supports saudis and stands against Assad? americans are truly subhumans[View]
189759329Voting all red this November boys :)[View]
189763511Meet Madeline Stuart, the Supermodel With Down Syndrome: https://www.distractify.com/trending/2018/0…[View]
189758553So I have a real story which proves the media is in bed with the democrats. >be me >19 years …[View]
189761684It's official: Everyone loves the new Conners show without racist Roseanne: Isn't that rig…[View]
189760735Obama didnt follow the law why do you?: Only a racist sexist pig follows the laws passed by the legi…[View]
189759295is Italy the best country? >always sunny >best nature in europe >best architetures and art …[View]
189755699When did the alt-right start defending Saudi Arabia?[View]
189763927Who is most cerebral in our next election[View]
189761677The Syndicate of Seychelles: After two individuals disappeared without a trace, an anonymous individ…[View]
189753335/hue/volution: New TV ad using Cid Gomes' speech https://youtu.be/a_fdx8KkwDo 17 https://youtu.…[View]
189752819'We didn't invite none of you here. We're the only native Americans here.': 'Get on with y…[View]
189763562>Did you forget about me already? >What about the important social issues?…[View]
189763294Runs you over with his car. 'I was just trying to knock your hat off.'[View]
189758174It hurts knowing we are fucked. Knowing my parents and their generation in general don’t care.[View]
189759638post your best jihad related pics: post your best (jihad-isis-terrorist) related pics[View]
189757345Big Canadian Cock[View]
189762225If this keeps up, I'm moving out of the United States of Assholes. Fuuuuuck this autocracy.[View]
189747936Holy fuck can anyone here verify this? Verify that this is the ancestor she’s claiming and verify th…[View]
189762700Help, what's the snus politics in Denmark?: I am running out of my snus stash. Can't go to…[View]
189756128Filipe G Martins & Bolsonaro: A question to the political science junkies of /pol/, who exactly …[View]
189748845The absolute state of bongs.[View]
189755733Good news? It doesn't take much too be called a fascist these days does it. https://www.indepen…[View]
189763172UKRAINE HATE THREAD: Let's laugh at this shithole here. >IMF ranks Ukraine as Europe’s poore…[View]
189763125Let's say the worst happens: Republicans dominate the midterms. What happens now?: Okay, so the…[View]
189761113What else has /pol/ lied to me about?: >sweden rape capital >sure, you see a brown person ever…[View]
189763054npc: *BEEP* *POP*[View]
189762268Why aren’t you getting married anon?: The West needs you to.[View]
189762406God Trump: “Special Counsel Robert Mueller is expected to issue findings on core aspects of his Russ…[View]
189762755why was this video spammed last night?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glb08Qjanvs am i going to se…[View]
189736190Why doesn't /pol/ believe in science? https://www.edx.org/course/making-sense-of-climate-scienc…[View]
189752912/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
189762808Is Rees-Mogg starting to harness the art of the shitpost? Could he be the one to save England?[View]
189759915Should we be making bootleg Dora the Explorer clips: to explain Race Realism to preschoolers? ElsaGa…[View]
189760634Red pill me on Slavs: I see bosnians talking that serbians are the worst. I see serbians talking tha…[View]
189762696right wing publisher: Is there any right wing white supremacy publisher where I can write a fantasy …[View]
189753709Moon Asteroid Collision: Youtube went down just when a video of something hitting the moon went vira…[View]
189762582Propaganda in Your Child's School: >bugman Socialist[View]
189757886And they've made it so that everyone thinks that homeless people are the problem[View]
189762118Halloween NPC: What s the best plan to freak out news teams around the US? >A silent NPC wall beh…[View]
189762369The Blue Wave is the Unfunded Liabilities Wave: Let's paint the future recession as the blue wa…[View]
189762282Callum Booth-Ford TV Mini-Series (2018– ) 'Butterfly' 11-year-old Max identifies as a girl and wan…[View]
189762208https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJzoxRmRSvA HAHA YOU LITTLE RACISTS COME PAY MY FOOD STAMPS TO MAKE …[View]
189761073Apologize!: Pocahontas Descendant Calls on Warren to Apologize https://townhall.com/tipsheet/leahbar…[View]
189762174When will these stupid brainless WHITE women learn to stop obeying the WHITE men who talk down to th…[View]
189761939Aliens did it!: Theories for ancient technology are very popular in the West. Why? Idea that ancient…[View]
189762127Absolutely an assassination attempt.: 1 in 96,566 my ass Remember Hillary's DNC death list, and…[View]
189740898The Anglo-Saxon Heptarchy.: Was the epitome of Anglo-Saxon Greatness on Albion.[View]
189759458Canada NO!: Why would you do that Canada, why such bigotry!? This poor woman is only trying to feed …[View]
189762039A Trap: >>https://youtu.be/MRtEgdgj_XQ >>https://youtu.be/y8cp1KvZKPo This is a trap and…[View]
189753688This is why leftists don't understand the NPC meme.: They don't even know they are being c…[View]
189759250Daily reminder that if you don't go mgtow, you're feeding a system rigged to fuck you over…[View]
189751001PAKISTAN SHOWING HOW IT'S DONE: https://metro.co.uk/2018/10/17/child-rapist-who-murdered-eight-…[View]
189718352Old man was repilled af: So I was cleaning a house of a man that recently passed away. Turns out he …[View]
189757640/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Soon™ Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
189753264MENTALLY ILL PEOPLE IN NAZI GERMANY: How would've Hitler's reich handled people that are m…[View]
189761640liberalists misunderstanding the NPC meme: >the npc meme is about progressives >trigger the li…[View]
189761463What Gets me the most about Sarg'n: People like to attribute success to this guy but he never s…[View]
189758441>But I'm an ignorant elitist who has more debt than sense and I believe that everyone who wo…[View]
189755986>I vote[View]
189761091Why is it soooo hard to build a bit of wall?: Wall shouldn’t be that hard to build, why is it?…[View]
189758982Is he right?[View]
189758321>You can't deliver packages to someone without a home.. *points to head…[View]
189760521>europe is being invaded by raping mohameds >america is being invaded by spic thot qts You win…[View]
189739788What's her actual chances of becoming mayor of Toronto?[View]
189752721ACLU goes full NPC: What did they mean by this? No seriously. https://twitter.com/ACLU/status/105162…[View]
189759085GERMANY YES! NRW: CDU is giving away knifes as election presents: how THE FUCK??? >pic related CD…[View]
189750935In what world is this normal?[View]
189761202I make a drawing for you /pol/ do you like it[View]
189753100Beggars and beggar behaviour.: I never understood one thing about 'racists' here on /pol. Why do you…[View]
189760192Never Surrender.[View]
189760164Can you believe this shit? Gas vans and soap... This shit was proven fake even by mainstream sources[View]
189761175NPC-Halloween flashmobs: Let s organize NPC s flash-mobs on Halloween. Plan >buy the same mask as…[View]
189761158Mutts! The Musical: Ethnically Ambiguous People Take DNA Tests https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5171e…[View]
189742742Why are rich white Americans obsessed with saving African lives?: Why not help out Americans or even…[View]
189761116What happened to 'extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence'? How do they *KNOW* this is d…[View]
189759988I have a Hillary Clinton fan page with several thousand followers: I can't decide what to do wi…[View]
189761097is this true?[View]
189745766Reminder to the people who are shilling for Amy Barrett to be the next replacment for Ginsburg. This…[View]
189755032Does europe like king gringo (donald trump)?: How do Europeans feel about the fact that anti Trump L…[View]
1897595853 American-nigger soldiers beat the crap out of Polack father and 2 sons!: Looks like 3 Polacks lear…[View]
189760823Vote! > 3 candidates for U.S. Senate in MA: Elizabeth Warren (D) Geoff Diehl (R) Shiva Ayyadurai …[View]
189757851Horseface and 3rd rate lawyer BTFO: Trump is literally the only guy that ever got the refund from a …[View]
189760097Tay Tay Has Gone Hollywood: This is why she is making political endorsements for Democrats. This is …[View]
189756670Pol Book Club thread The movies and tv shows are all cucked beyond saving. Post and discuss redpille…[View]
189750739>the left wants to pack the courts and add more justices >they have in fact started an organiz…[View]
189758858TRUMP VS THE (((FED))): What happened to the Trump vs Fed threads PRESS P TO PRAY FOR TRUMP'S P…[View]
189760607Prove it wrong[View]
189760563Lets red pill normies on instagram here is the # I use lets wake up the NPC #edgymemes #offensivemem…[View]
189744359Weed is Soma: So it just kind of hit me with canada legalizing weed, it's the M in Soma. The al…[View]
189760275I thought it's 'euronews' not wakandanews[View]
189739882How will Drumpf recover.: Drumpf is finished. Horseface comment will end him Pic related just posted…[View]
189734170HILLARY CLINTON DEAD OR IN CUSTODY?!: This is CLEARLY not HRC. I know she has body doubles... but wh…[View]
189760147Today African American History Happened: I have no idea what that is... but I'm sure somewhere,…[View]
189756863>intervene in Yemen, Lybia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, on the pretext of bringing freedom peace an…[View]
189758740why are chinese women so autistic and off putting[View]
189758387Why do Brits all fall for obvious D&C?: So Indo-European people have lived in Britain for at lea…[View]
189757566Why don't we kill the weak?[View]
189757407PAKISTAN CAUSES YOUTUBE OUTTAGE: In an attempt to censor anti Islam videos, PAKISTAN shuts down yout…[View]
189743465Can you Ruskie posters red pill me on your women? I keep reading from various of your posters that t…[View]
189757502Was he the only non-NPC?[View]
189736742Brit/pol/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIdzzRhCZS0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gvk3fwmrZIs h…[View]
189759906Nasty old jew goes to court, gets pumped up with massive clot of many blood cells, doesn't feel…[View]
189689618Why do Americans live like this?: The dense living situation is absolutely disgusting.[View]
189747608'buying' a home is really just a 30 year lease have fun paying rent for 30 years you dont own shit, …[View]
189759818post your best jihaid related pics: post your best (jihadi-isis-terrorist-al qaida) related pics…[View]
189756526Campaign to get LITERALLY HITLER on new British £50: They're campaigning to get some French Mus…[View]
189758813OH NO NO NO NO NO! HAHAHAHAHA!: https://www.nbc4i.com/news/u-s-world/study-finds-surprising-number-o…[View]
189751387HITLER WASN'T JUST SOME FAG, HE WAS ACTUAL GAY: Ahahahahahahahahahaha /pol/ BTFO so hard. How c…[View]
189747996Have any of you actually quit porn?: Obviously porn is a destructive and evil force, but once your d…[View]
189759540Gandhi was a racist: Thousands of Africans campaign to stop building of a statue of Gandhi since he …[View]
189756977Flat Jupiter Society: So do flat earthers think all the other planets, like Jupiter, are flat? What …[View]
189759461>smart cookie https://globalnews.ca/video/4537773/donald-trump-says-smart-cookie-kanye-west-gets-…[View]
189753455Hey guys what do you think of this?[View]
189759414'Special Books by Special Kids': https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4E98HDsPXrf5kTKIgrSmtQ >AKA: m…[View]
189756044There is absolutely no logical reason for this except to set the Republicans up for failure. Trump i…[View]
189757196extrapolete your options[View]
189746315Press H to seig heil[View]
189759057What's that car?: hi mr. /pol/ice, it seems you guys have posted the ''pedo'…[View]
189758962What is the difference between gold-backed currency and debt-backed?: I've been looking at hist…[View]
189755697Harvard Lawsuit Meets Blazing Saddles: Yes, Harvard is racist.[View]
189756662aus/pol/: we are die hard zionists edition. too lazy to copy and paste links, other thread is dead.…[View]
189753482Europeans rule, shitskins drool.: Daily reminder that we are Master. And you only ever attack us bec…[View]
189750102What have you done personally to contribute to the cause /pol/?[View]
189750897/pol delivers the goods: Fags getting infamous now... https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-10-16/4cha…[View]
189752681He just keeps winning!![View]
189755676Lukashenko lambastes new domestic violence bill: “This is nonsense borrowed, first of all, from the …[View]
189753496US House of Reps Race 2018: Whats /pol/'s thoughts on the house race? the senate seems to be lo…[View]
189748597Thoughts, /pol/? Is this why Islam is winning?[View]
189755333The Dangerous Tribalism of the Ruling Class: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojqAfETtzYM This man is…[View]
189758083>Tfw your ancestors didnt kick out the nogs or castrate them so your country spends the next 200 …[View]
189751064Californian, Oregon & Washington: How do we fix this? Can anyone of these 3 West coast states st…[View]
189758378Mfw: Everybody that donated money to Stormy Daniels is actually paying Trump's legal bill…[View]
189743519what will he steal, co-opt and destroy next?[View]
189758173Not Secure: any /g/aylords can tell me what this means? Has it always been this way and I have not n…[View]
189753284Noooooooooooo: HES FUCKING DEAD /pol/ (((they))) SHOT HIM HE FUCKING GOT SHOT TURN ON THE CNN NOW TO…[View]
189758091Eurocunt here Why do GOP dickheads and Republicunts go so far out of their way to defend anything Tr…[View]
189758015US - UK trade deal: >Trump tells May to abandon 'unjustified' food standards for Brexit…[View]
189758006World: If we choose that option there’s no coming back from it, don’t you see? That’s it, no more hu…[View]
189758002>white fathers will have had physical relation with women of every Asiatic or African origin, thu…[View]
189754430Some of the Atoms that made up Hitler now make up you.[View]
189749771Explosive device caused blast that killed 10, injured 50 in Crimea college: An unidentified explosiv…[View]
189757051Is SIEGE the ultimate redpill?[View]
189741160Okay /pol/, i want to redpill and blackpill my NPC friends about jews and all of that, but first i n…[View]
189751953/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Border Control Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteh…[View]
189757376Con(trolled) opposition?[View]
189757364Why do you call yourself Aryan? > When you follow a abrahamic religion![View]
189755963Big cities are inevitable cause of degeneracy: Big apartment buildings, clubbing, big and heterogene…[View]
189706481NASIM IS BACK HAPPENING!!!: She won't stop and she can't stop. Jewtube is dead boys[View]
189755084ITT we share redpilled people we know... https://youtu.be/f77siWEz958[View]
189748748https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7LsEzTKbps Is this real life?[View]
189755514Tell me why 14yr olds shouldn’t be recruited into the military: 14yr olds choose apprenticeships to …[View]
189741963What the fuck hit the moon earlier? Why did YouTube shut down shortly after? Were the chinks involve…[View]
189747365How badly cucked is Sweden really.[View]
189750364So that's NM staying blue then[View]
189754690Project Veritas uncovers possible pedophile operation: https://youtu.be/Doh0d78lin4?t=848 What did t…[View]
189744112Meanwhile in Sweden: African ‘Political Refugee’ Raped Swedish Girl, Not Deported: >A 37-year-old…[View]
189754293Conservative Talk Radio Talks About NPC: Boomers everywhere are having 4chan's NPC meme explain…[View]
189735397If the West loses decency, courtesy, honesty, high-principled personal conduct: the West will lose i…[View]
189753677Hitler Psy Op: Notice how suddenly every thread is getting spammed with shills claiming Hitler was g…[View]
189755822Mueller ready to deliver key findings on Russia probe.: I mean he only waited three weeks until the …[View]
189747872Antifa proudly posting on leddit[View]
189755283Kerch Happening: i live in kerch,there was an explosion in the polytechnic uni,i live 20 km from it,…[View]
189745232How is the Russian economic situation right now? Are they coping with sanctions? Predictions for the…[View]
189754434I can’t wait to see the faces of drumpflets when based amy becomes apart of the supreme court[View]
189756616Now this Q crap got so much attention. Could we do something similar?: https://youtu.be/MRtEgdgj_XQ …[View]
189751982ITS HAPPENING ,ISRAEL IS AT DEFCON 1 The star will gorge itself on clay. https://twitter.com/Ideolog…[View]
189749755Romanian woman charged with voter fraud in Texas: Get the FUCK in here. They’re trying to steal Texa…[View]
189756507Help leafs against the gun ban.: Our dear leaf leader wants to ban all handguns and semi autos. He …[View]
189744470>Had to pay $1.69 per litre on petrol this morning. How the FUCK do we fix this shit?…[View]
189759046Anti-Yank Memes What's the best Anti-American memes you guys got? I need a good arsenal for whe…[View]
189749199Why does Trump hate China?[View]
189756378What is it with /pol/ and their fascination with the BEH BEH CEH? Are you all a bunch of closet cuck…[View]
189753368Tfw 96% white And best looking flag[View]
189750456Has anybody here decided to leave the city and move to the countryside? I'm in London and the p…[View]
189756054Russel Brand and David Icke: Russel Brand and David Icke[View]
189752090People who think Communism killed lots of people are fucking retarded. Look at this graph. There isn…[View]
189754791>they cut a part of your body to prevent you from masturbating and to emasculate your penis How d…[View]
189748825FC Barcelona takes distance from its former stars Ronaldinho and Rivaldo as the two showed support f…[View]
189755774*Wins your election*[View]
189753882Why are leftists so butthurt about the NPC meme 'dehumanizing them' when they dehumanize anybody who…[View]
189754239Why does Twitter ban memes, but not ban pornography? What the fuck is going on with this world? Meme…[View]
189748824Infographic about Elizabeth Warren's ancestry: >6-10 generations ago doesn't sound too …[View]
189728507intro/soft redpill for normies: >For those who actually interact in society and interpersonal/rom…[View]
189755211Lads im actually going to see the king![View]
189751663Hello, I am one of the first original red pills: What is perfect form of government? That is the que…[View]
189755259Everyone laugh at America (Again): https://www.washingtonpost.com/education/2018/10/17/keep-your-han…[View]
189749826Redpill me on the Indian caste system.: Are there supposed to be any major racial or skin color diff…[View]
189754253Based Pauline: This poll could look better. Facebook com /108878629136279/posts/2361843353839784/…[View]
189751076this is a really weird part of 4chan ive been here over a decade. entire zeitgeist of this website w…[View]
189754931censorship: I'm noticing that a lot of my posts are getting deleted. Funny, I thought there wa…[View]
189749240The stupidity of right-wingers: >Be pic related guy >Kill 6 mln innocent jews >Kill approxi…[View]
189751136Canadians have no reason to celebrate today. Please read.: Hi guys, sad story here, but it needs to …[View]
189725673aus/pol/ - casual outrage edition: This thread is for discussion of recent Australian events and eve…[View]
189741787JUST FUCK MY DEMOCRACY UP >Largest political party in the country receives donation >Donor is …[View]
189742168Deep down, you know it's true.[View]
189754541Russia is gun free zone[View]
189749009redpill me on why Right wingers are the real fags !: i don't understand your shitty countries a…[View]
189741473Red pill me on qanon[View]
189754237National Poster/Flier Day Riot Board.: Board For discussing the Raid Of National Poster Day. Posting…[View]
189750023What is pol’s stand on black Israelites? For those of you who don’t know, they’re basically niggers …[View]
189754088Was war between USSR and National Socialist Germany inevitable?: And could hitler have avoided it or…[View]
189752255Are you ready for Amy, /pol/?[View]
189744630What most likely happened to him in that consulate?[View]
189750006Abortion just got decriminalised in the state of QLD: https://www.sbs.com.au/news/abortion-decrimina…[View]
189731901/pol/ oldfags report in Post old /pol/ memes newfags wont get[View]
189754003Conspiracy theory? I think not.: One letter back for each of the NPC letters is MOB. MOB being anoth…[View]
189735632Travel to Ross 128 b via Orion: What is the feasibility of using a ship akin to project Orion to get…[View]
189753801'YEA?! I'M HAPPY HE DIED ON 9/11! FUCK THAT PIG' *runs away when confronted*: >>https://t…[View]
189748037Discovered huge pedophile ring on Periscope.: I've discovered a huge pedophile ring within 1 ho…[View]
189751473Why hasn’t /pol/ colonized one of many ghost towns that are in the US and Europe? Most of them aren’…[View]
189748906black people... are still people we should respect and celebrate one another's differences. but…[View]
189734564What caused the International YouTube Shutdown?: So that’s it? We’re just gonna go on with our lives…[View]
189752353poor grug[View]
189753491Hello everyone, I'm 95% white but I have 1/64th African DNA. I can now say nigger without being…[View]
189741566Gray Pride Memes for NPCs: /pol/, we can't rest on our laurels. We need to turn all the left-wi…[View]
189753404>if dems win the house this salad dodger will become chair of the house judiciary committee and w…[View]
189728130Recreational marijuana is now legal in Canada: https://www.cnn.com/2018/10/17/health/canada-legalize…[View]
189746146Why is the American neo nazis so bad ?[View]
189752509Did I miss the thread on this Antifa-ggot?: The one that yelled at an old widow? https://twitter.com…[View]
189752820Man sentenced to 244 years in prison for rape of newborn daughter during meth-fueled haze. All is we…[View]
189722331/hue/volution - New Olavo video analyzing Haddad's book 'In defense of socialism'.: Analysis on…[View]
189751461Kill, marry, fuck?[View]
189751222>Republicans Those bitches don't have any money even after the tax cuts.…[View]
189742812Adolf Hitler was GAY and loved teenage boys: AHAHHAHA So Shitler was a typical westerner...Why all w…[View]
189719960Post you most inhuman cartoony liberals you have seen: Are they even human at this point?[View]
189752559Would you still support Trump if she came out as transgender?[View]
189752876Is it possible that we weren't on the wrong side after all?: Here's the scientists from Pr…[View]
189720049Genuine question: Why is only considered an NPC thing on /pol/ if leftists do something, but when th…[View]
189752761Looks like more beauty products are coming to the land down under.: Buckle up lads.[View]
189747484Gender studies banned in Hungary: >Based Viktor Orban bans gender studies >Trannies on suicid…[View]
189750630>'And then he said 'conservatism is the new counter culture'!' >'Wow, really? He act…[View]
189746578JewTube's Newest Problem: >youtube livestreams >'Dares', 'Bored, 'Hey', 'Hi', >no mode…[View]
189752734Internet Shutdown Tests?: First the the weird twitter notifications sent to everyones phones, now yo…[View]
189749913Xi Jinping Thought: Have you read it yet? Its a must for anyone interested in politics.[View]
189741448Liberals think it's activism to boo people out of restaurants.[View]
1897523731.7% of the american population is Jewish. Israel has a lobby that solely exists to ensure and promo…[View]
189743931AUS 'It's alright to be White': The Australian Government has lost its shit about almost passin…[View]
189752321Be a good goyim and save my people: Was hoping some of you faggots were in the comments but nope. Ju…[View]
189748102Has European integration reached its peak?[View]
189714750MAKE CONNECTICUT GREAT AGAIN: Connecticut has been a shit hole for years now. We've been contro…[View]
189750114What does /pol/ think of schizoid personality disorder? Is there a cure for this? It seems like I…[View]
189752074(Breaking news) The second 'Plaza agreement' began.: [Abenomix End Reminder] US demand th…[View]
189747157You can't say he isn't right about this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0aienuCBdg[View]
189746206>'Ethiopian sources such as the Kebra Nagast and the Fetha Nagast[38][7] describe Aksum as a Jewi…[View]
189751112What's the best & worse case scenario for the Repub's in the mid-term senate elections…[View]
189746204/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Unsolved Mysteries Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.wh…[View]
189746945Its the future your grandpappy chose: You're just the one's that face the consequences for…[View]
189746852>just found out my great great grandmother was jewish At first I felt bad but now it feels great.…[View]
189751500What did he mean by this?[View]
189733821if Iranians are white then why do they look like arabs?[View]
189739272Michelle Obama: I am not a shill. I’m a Trump supporter, registered Republican, and I love what Trum…[View]
189749021BASED AND REDPILLED INTERVIEW STREAM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07FmzzyXnyo[View]
189751300The Left is weak: Why is the left so weak? If there is to ever be a war between the right and left, …[View]
189745880Tick Tock, Facists Yo gona lose like in 1933 !!!!!11![View]
189751088What's going on in the world right now?[View]
189750138Why western feminism is not about that?: Laying asphalt on Kalanchevskaya street, Moscow, 1959.…[View]
189738592Whatchya got /pol/? I've heard: Fauxcahontas Lieawatha Fakeajewea Dances with Bullshit Anymore…[View]
189746927World War II is a war that was clearly about good vs. evil On one side stood Russia, Communism, Jewi…[View]
189747189About Slavs: >Slavs are subhuman No, let me explain. Slavs have always lived in hard conditions, …[View]
189740637You ARE going to join Space Force, right anon?[View]
189741086The vegetable pill: Given that our fellow uncle was a vegetarian, and that Vedic Aryan culture requi…[View]
189750686Is constantly reading about all the shit leftist idiots say traumatizing us on a subconscious level?…[View]
189739058We just won!! This is why they are out in force tonight. Something happened on YouTube where bans an…[View]
189746709You guys, how are we gonna deal with India? Can the planet sustain another 300 million + street shit…[View]
189750805Someone powerful wants to silence us: The NPC posts both in twitter and 4cham are getting canned I g…[View]
189740488Jesus this hurts[View]
189750811The same man who wanted to lock Hilary up before she was proven guilty, who accused a woman of not b…[View]
189749299Consider the following: - This is Cecilia D'Anastasio from Kotaku (pic from Twitter) - NPC meme…[View]
189747184You guys were right about women: Women want to be roasties and take in as much chad cock as possible…[View]
189735671The Schooling system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_CeWip5BpU The school system was always desi…[View]
189723074SUPREME: >>https://supreme.justia.com/cases/federal/us/326/501/ >Whether a corporation or a…[View]
189750014>It's all so tiresome... What if there is thought and emotional control over the general pop…[View]
189689820AFRICAN POPULATION: Why do Westerners feel comfortable saying African population needs to be control…[View]
189748626Is buddhism the answer to NPC mind? Shoshin seems like a thing to activate inner voice.[View]
189734975Why is Africa a shithole /pol/?[View]
189746120Trump Election Fire Drill: ITT, it is 7pm ET, November 8th, 2016. All or nothing. Let's muster …[View]
189734970'Antifa Doesn't Exist': >It's just right wingers false flagging the left and stirring u…[View]
189749957It's not been 10 years since the 2008 crash. How much longer 'til the next one hits? Will …[View]
189750203The US shure are lucky: Having the greatest ally and the most powerful friendship ![View]
189746075SHOULD PROTO TRANNIES BE ALLOWED TO TRANSITION YOUNG???: I just need to chat up some sissies to get …[View]
189746700They Still Call Me Bruce: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0094131/ It's like a meme can slap you i…[View]
189745292NPC VS NVPC (Envy Privelage Checkers) - Ideas Thread: With Twitter ironically smashing down the banh…[View]
189747397>no feminism >no anti-white narrative >no transgender/faggot shit >protagonist is white …[View]
189749042Due to social issues and economic issues, how long do you think it will take for this world to implo…[View]
189739784Karl Marx was full of shit.: 'From each according to his ability, to each according to his need' is …[View]
189748019Damn You Pol! I was a strong follower of Tommy Robinson but now I can't unsee the truth. He…[View]
189751669NPC - CODE: What do you guys think how does the NPC programing code look like? Is it in Python? Or j…[View]
189749330France is finally doing something against sexual violence in the public sphere: https://www.youtube.…[View]
189746892Someone redpill me on Brazil and Bolsonaro. Aren't Brazilians like 56% of them straight up nigg…[View]
189749805Reporter murdered and story replaced: Viktoria Marinova died on the 6th of October 2018 in Ruse, Bul…[View]
189749136>2018 >Amhadinejad talking college football on Twitter What is going on in this timeline?…[View]
189743411List a thing that japan is not inferior to America protip: you can't[View]
189737730/Canada/ - Why are Frenchfags so abhorrent?: I don't have a great deal of experience with them …[View]
189730044hi faggots it's me the developer of Coon again for all of those who didn't see my origina…[View]
189743905give me everything about race: I am currently working on a project to clarify the topic of race. And…[View]
189727423>Panel of former Trump voters express their regret in the harshest of terms: 'I've enabled t…[View]
189683823Syria General /sg/ - Who, baby who will save the world edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >s…[View]
189737314>one chance at life >born amerifat[View]
189747892The current political stage does not know the majesty of my greatest hidden jutsu, but soon one day …[View]
189747596Why can't Trump stop lying?: >Trump says something on national television >later says he …[View]
189711811Congrats 4chan you sparked a mass triggering REEEEEEEE: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-10-16/4c…[View]
189740057How does pol feel about Ben Shapiro? He pushes the pro white message to more viewers than anyone els…[View]
189748888Why are women such scumbags? A local junkie found a mobile phone, agrees to return it, when the woma…[View]
189748312Remember when they killed free speech?[View]
189743974Would /pol/ buy crypto that is backed by gold?: So i found a gold backed crypto. https://anthemgold.…[View]
189746909What happened to people with diabetes or asthma or other diseases like that in Nazi Germany?[View]
189748641kanye: He was 'on here' a few days ago and said he would drop a 'small hint' in a perioscope. Did an…[View]
189739962Arab stories: I work in IT in Phoenix Arizona and deal with a lot of people. Over the years by far b…[View]
189745372Daily reminder: that >Jews are being wrongly scape goated >They are greedy and selfish but do …[View]
189735701oof: a classmate from highschool just released a manifesto on facebook Growing up I watched an anime…[View]
189745599So the whole Israel bombing Gaza tonight thing disappeared from the board pretty quickly...[View]
189733023Barron Trump is mute. There is no record of him ever speaking.[View]
189748178This should be from the onion but no it's real.: Summarize Onion-style >NPCs discuss the anc…[View]
189748027How to solve the problem of cannibalism in America?: This photo provided by the Bolivar County Sheri…[View]
189744839If you had a daughter, would you let her listen to the early Kanye albums?[View]
189746503>Be pic related shithole country >Damage to economy of EU Why ALL homophobic countries are shi…[View]
189741016Oregonian/former Oregonians -- So I wanted to move here for the trees and all I get are these god da…[View]
189747764New Murdoch Murdoch video: https://cheekyvideos.net/[View]
189745462Why isn't it okay to be white in Melbourne, Australia[View]
189747539The polio challenge: I have an idea. > THE POLIO CHALLENGE A challenge where you have to stop usi…[View]
189740069Which is your favorite talk show host, /pol/?: Don't you like hearing all of their opinions and…[View]
189743417wweeeeedddd: So, legal states what have been the negative side effects of drugs being allowed that l…[View]
189736689Why did /pol/ suddenly turn against Jordan Peterson? There's very few living philosophers align…[View]
189715130child sex traffickers set free: https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/allison-mack-gets-extra-time-t…[View]
189743053Do you support abortion for black people? Or do you support 'human' rights?[View]
189743501How does someone have this much hate in their heart when they're so close to death?[View]
189746303based countries, I don't understand why people hate them[View]
189740233God Bless His Majesty George III: When will you come to the ultimate realization that the American R…[View]
189731253/pol/ why have you forgotten about Highlander?: A show/movie francise about eugenicist nordic demi-g…[View]
189746550he didn't really say anything bad, how fucking stupid somebody is out to get him[View]
189743162Someone needs to stop this man: https://thehill.com/homenews/news/411592-lindsey-graham-im-taking-dn…[View]
189742010I'm a black guy.: Worried that white people will round us up and shoot us. Should I be concerne…[View]
189746229Why does the media depict Hezbollah as evil?[View]
189739226Does anybody actually care that KSA killed a Turk?: I don’t really. If he was an American, maybe, bu…[View]
189725901Why doesn't Trump care about the nation debt?: We have a national debt of over $21 trillion dol…[View]
189746669Latest eurobarometer summary[View]
189744468Stormy Daniels: Dump your 'Whore's face' memes here![View]
189742439NORTH CAROLINA YES!: Blacks are no longer being arrested for armed robbery in Charlotte. How did Nor…[View]
189735352I don't get the resemblance. I staunchly disagree with Trump on this characterization, and also…[View]
189746168Colbert BTFO Tucker, will he recover?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9XgveXUu2k[View]
189739482Your ancestors survived wars, plagues, revolutions, famines, all forms of horror and misery: You jus…[View]
189745673So basically, the super rich are having all you idiots fight: So we ignore how much they stole from …[View]
189744237Can someone explain to me the concept of 'Libertarian Socialism'? I just don't understand how t…[View]
189742286What amendments would you want to see added or removed if the GOP were to have a super majority afte…[View]
189681326Sexual Revolution thread 6: Welcome to sexual revolution thread: The search for thread 5 edition. (h…[View]
189746019What are your thoughts on Russia?[View]
189746041/POL BTFO[View]
189743088What is the point of calling donald trump a nazi?: Basically nobody in america is a Nazi? I suppose …[View]
189741505Not all chinks are anti-white: I’ve met a handful of chinks and some of them are genuinely on our si…[View]
189740848/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Best Allies Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehous…[View]
189746099https://twitter.com/WhiteHouse/status/1052216160706420737?s=19 I busted out laughing when he mention…[View]
189746175Sain ~10 000 euroa koska en ollut kartuttanut tarpeeksi eläkettä.[View]
189746098Trump defends 9/11: So why is Trump defending the Saudi kikes? Is he being typically politically cor…[View]
189738126The Kochs are behind the altright/IDW: Rebel Medias Ezra Levant previous worked at the Fraser Instit…[View]
189745470Are females objectively the niggers of gender?[View]
189745419How will you go out in your final hours within the Philly stronghold?[View]
189742495STONE ZONE GENERAL /SZG/: Rodger Stone is literally based and /ourguy/, /pol/. What kind of 4d chess…[View]
189741745Achievement Hunter: Any of you guys watch these people when you were kids? Were they always gross de…[View]
189743449Apparently saying ït's okay to be white' is regrettable. And now the ABC network is trying hard…[View]
189736701based Zuck[View]
189745403Has anyone ever seen a meme that the left have actually made themselves? Literally every attempt at …[View]
189745275/pol/ Jew thread. What have the kikes done to us recently ?: Names actions that have been taken agai…[View]
189740566I am still not convinced we Germans don’t need nukes: Tell me a story why we are better off without …[View]
189707048I stand with Palestine.[View]
189742049Republican here: It's all a hoax! There's no such thing as climate change. The earth is fl…[View]
189738330>weed becomes legal >all the people buying it and selling it are now white Based.…[View]
189742642Youtube was down because if a thread earlier today exposed pedos on youtube, They had pedophillic vi…[View]
189743956Closed minded bigots BTFO[View]
189742906IGN triggered by classic stereotypical jap in BO4 zombies vidya: https://youtu.be/A0-N8b20ysY?t=110…[View]
189737922>one chance at life >born democrat[View]
189741552There! Are! Four! Lights![View]
189733875Why the Muslim Hate pol?: What's so bad about Muslims??? They do the jobs white men are too laz…[View]
189743582Kanye West: tell me about this gentleman.: I recently discovered this board after researching Kanye …[View]
189742584That time: So now that TI had released a music video about Melania stripping in the oval office I ca…[View]
189743227Report: If Not for Republican Policies, the Federal Government Would Be Running a Surplus: Republica…[View]
189743141Transgender: Truth Bomb Edition: Drop your best truth bombs on the realities of being and becoming a…[View]
189740930Vancouver is having an election: There are 71 people running for 11 positions. And that's where…[View]
189733341/pol/, we all know that the welfare parasites are having a very negative effect on the political sys…[View]
189743014Affirmative action or quotas: Is there any arguments for affirmative action or quotas (of genders) t…[View]
189741560The NPC Goyim now have their weed: Yes!! Marijuana is now legal! Now we may smoke weed and sit on th…[View]
189727450Face it /pol/ You've been bamboozled (again)[View]
189742330>Race Realist >Thinks hispanic is a race Fuck Jared Taylor FUCK STEFAN I will sub back when th…[View]
189739098IT'S HAPPENING[View]
189741733Social democracy: >alien population with completely different background/religion/culture/race/va…[View]
189736638What's this guy's name again? What does he talk about?[View]
189726992The absolute state of feminism: How the HELL do we fix modern women?[View]
189741883The power of progressive media.[View]
189742473BASED Perception: >see average white female desu 'Oh shit she's so hot and I bet she's …[View]
189709837Myth of chronic pain: Pain killers, opioid addicts: Redpill me on chronic pain and painkillers https…[View]
189740491Tenshi eating a corndog![View]
189741958If only you knew...: >be Twitter >notice meme you don’t like >pay news media to pan it as d…[View]
189739916Why are Jews so bad?[View]
189738093EU citizens absolutelt love the EU after Brexit: Two thirds of Europeans believe their country has b…[View]
189741203you're all just NPC's in denial. no one in this world is truly free, we are all shackled b…[View]
189742206NPC Brazil hue edition[View]
189734068more debt than money: If debt is created everytime a dollar is created then how can we all pay our d…[View]
189739398Where will we be in a year from now? Will goodness and symmetry prevail? Or will the blackpill end u…[View]
189740355Hookers for Hillary & Dennis Hof: Owner of the most famous Nevada brothers, Dennis Hof, was foun…[View]
189737041A sickening women that deserves to be doxxed.: See image for context. Get her to lose her job. Show…[View]
189740152THEORY: Jews have always hated the goyim because they were constantly running into NPCs[View]
189732206how can i buy mein kampf at a bookstore without getting shit or people noticing what excuses can i g…[View]
189738668Plot twist: out of groving global concern about climate change, green parties come to the forefront …[View]
189716841Any Military/USMC Anons online?: Thinking of going 03xx. i like the challenge of being a grunt. I me…[View]
189739918*ethnically replaces you*[View]
189738715Did black people benefit from slavery?: I mean at least they're not in Africa.[View]
189724744Is this man responsible for getting 9 MAGApedes locked up for life?[View]
189729006The shut down of Youtube was a test. Jews are planning a false flag: Youtube tested their ability to…[View]
189739449NPC is the symbol of equality. No name. No identity. No background. No race. No sex. No skin color. …[View]
189739408HEY /POL/ FAGS.: The Internet never went out ALL AROUND THE FUCKING WORLD when Obama was president.…[View]
189736984Google - Potential Habbening: >Google+ shutdown due to private user data breach >Youtube down …[View]
189738738Why does Trump constantly talk about combating radical Islam yet suck up to the Saudis? They are one…[View]
189741397The funniest shit I've ever heard.: Here's two specific episodes about how, and to a lesse…[View]
189741198Any good recent political interviews worth watching right now?[View]
189733962>tfw Jews took this future away from us[View]
189731366American Teachers: The next generation of Americans are being raised and educated by roasties. If yo…[View]
189738841J U S T[View]
189738579Where's the wall? Has the swamp been drained yet?[View]
189740570Why are Democrats so fucking stupid?[View]
189736951HOLY SHIT HILLARY'S SCOOBY VAN CRASHED WITH HER IN IT LMAO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=093m…[View]
189735958Aren't Marxist-atheists self-admitted NPCs?: Sam Harris wrote a book 'Free Will' and …[View]
189739689Isn't it funny that most diverse nation in the world a.k.a AMURIGA is most powerful and influen…[View]
189693836The power of the NPC meme: Effectively the NPC meme is shaming people who avoid thinking as much as …[View]
189723517Mom Slams School For Asking Fifth Graders About Their Sexual History: https://philadelphia.cbslocal.…[View]
189735380Its nice to see eugenics plays out no matter what the current cultural/political landscape. Can you …[View]
189739289NPC: Meme or facet of a greater truth?: The NPC meme is powerful for many reasons but for starters i…[View]
189740550Hey, pol gamers! Let's show our love to the president of The United States of America by playin…[View]
189740282Just convinced my uncle who is a Christian neo-con baby boomer that was a good goy and fought for Is…[View]
189733818What if he's right, /pol/?[View]
189739635T.Rucker Dead: https://twitter.com/chetkelly69/status/1052378699742425089?s=20[View]
189712599What the fuck is this guy's deal? And why do you republicucks support this?[View]
189718976vaccinations: i got banned for flat earth 1 week ago(claimed it was not political lol) so lets go ov…[View]
189735745Why is the NPC meme so fucking BASED, my fellow kekistanis?[View]
189710156One man dead, his son fighting for life in hospital over trash dispute: It began, police say, as a d…[View]
189740159THE MADMAN!!![View]
189735796You have 10s to name a more degenerate country >Protip: you can't[View]
1897360535 words that would make you an instant winner in either party for 2020: open borders for white peopl…[View]
189717391Terrorists just initiated an unprovoked attack on innocent Israeli civilians, a home was damaged and…[View]
189726848BREAKING NEWS: Trump got cought lying. AGAIN: Trump says no ‘financial interest’ in Saudi Arabia, bu…[View]
189737907ex CIA drops HUGE red pills on secret technology the black budget programs have https://www.youtube…[View]
189733065Why does /pol/ deny white agency? Isn't their own fault for being btfo by the Jews so badly?[View]
189725612Now that weed is becoming legal in first world countries, how long until the great fungal teacher is…[View]
189731769Is it just me, or is it becoming painfully obvious that NPCs will dye their hair to establish a dist…[View]
189739225>wah wah wah , wymen dont wana fuck me!! fucking degenrates!!!11 its the jews!! muh beh beh ceh! …[View]
189735686>You Loser. https://youtu.be/fIiAYI27HgY[View]
189737836Climate change is coming!: >sees articles on impending climate change predictions from the IPCC …[View]
189737452Moon Man: Archive thread --- Sauce for the Moon Man songs that have been taken off jewtube. Remember…[View]
189738905What's the name for this genre of conservative? The one that includes people like >Donald Tr…[View]
189739703fucking shell is taken over bij sjw’s >https://youtu.be/IpM_faC36mA[View]
189739525Some one can jast bom Gaza for us. Because an attack cost to match money.[View]
189736544Post Things That NPCs are programmed to dislike: Ill start, NPC normie faggots hate Nigger Gore. N…[View]
189736009Howdy there Players so currently I'm stuck in the twitter area, doing a hashtag reply quest, is…[View]
189725657ENN PEE CEES[View]
189734496Faithfuu General: I know she's a cuck, but I want her sexually and I want her to make the leaf …[View]
189705352What did Byron Mallot say?: Our Lt. Governor just resigned because he supposedly said something inse…[View]
189734969Who /subversive/ here?[View]
18970681140% of the American middle class face poverty in retirement, study concludes: What did capitalism me…[View]
189724555ITT >Your nation >Your eternal enemy Fucking n*rtherners ruin everything. Every time this get…[View]
189728727you know what to do[View]
189738766*cries* *goooo goooooo gaaaaahhhhh...now trump... he is the REAL PRESIDENT of america*[View]
189738678Clearing out the streets! KY[View]
189737033Hitler was gay https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/HITLER%2C%20ADOLF_0001.pdf[View]
189736121You Dumbass leftist niggas!: Every time I see that pic of Trump impersonating and making fun of a re…[View]
189692628Remember when lefties said the NPC meme was bad? Well now that they realized they were wrong, they…[View]
189733596Dumbest explanation of NPC meme: If I google it all I get a News corporations takes on it. Rather he…[View]
189736282Dems BTFO: >muh blue wave It's not even a ripple[View]
189736988>One chance at life >Be born a nigger[View]
189734579NIGGERS DIGGING THEIR OWN GRAVES: >A black man arrived at the entrance to the building where he l…[View]
189732245this is your virtual youtuber now /pol/. how will she shape the internet?[View]
189737588whats your excuse for not planting trees?? dense forests are white people attractants[View]
189737891Vancouver General - Ground Zero Edition: In a shocking revelation, organization buying votes for Chi…[View]
189738217¡Jeb! vs Trump Debate: How do we make this happen bros? Nothing has made me as happy since the debat…[View]
189730915Great job pol! The left is super pissed and butthurt about NPC.: That's why all ya'll are …[View]
189728626Midterm Meme Jihad General: From now until the midterms we have to crank out the most magnificent me…[View]
189738209Lincoln Pays The Toll: Lincoln Statue in black Chicago neighbourhood has been getting vandalized con…[View]
189734728Beto O'Rourke: This faggot is REALLY worrying me. I looked up the full debate with Cruz tonight…[View]
189731987Is ted losing grip? And why does the media call this cuck ‘beto’, his real name is robert.[View]
189734251Can someone explain the significance of ashkenazi jews being 'kahzars'?: In a nutshell, what are Kha…[View]
189736640How would I be a coal-burner if I’m not 100% “white” or racially pure? PS: those are not blonde stre…[View]
189734618turning 31 tomorrow. any birthday ideas?[View]
189734990Come forth to 3chan, the land of the old... kinda... https://3chan.io/pol.php So far there are 3 boa…[View]
189735940If a child runs outside accidentally with no clothes on and is promptly raped, who is to blame? Eva…[View]
189731114Is anarchy a real ideology?[View]
189733739Whoa...: What did the left meme by this?[View]
189737139So, let me get this straight... you think the world is run by a secret elite made up of Ashkenazi Je…[View]
189733835Who will you be voting for in these upcoming elections?[View]
189735983And I'm proud to be an American Where at least I know I'm free And I won't forget the…[View]
189718503/Jayme Closs/ thread: /HTG/ please get in here! The lowdown >girls parents shot in middle of nigh…[View]
189732159Trump's worst Nightmare: #BlueWave[View]
189734186What time of day does he browse /pol/?[View]
189731484Are You Ready For The 21st?: I know I am XD https://freedomnewsreport.com/2018/09/13/wikileaks-says-…[View]
189719075realizing the game is rigged: >be zoomer >realize my life will be a neverending meaningless to…[View]
189728670Aqua/Hydroponics would it work for SHTF?: From what I have seen this seems to be a compact way of gr…[View]
189697489Just ban them: Look, I get it, we have the second amendment but at the end of the day your gun 'righ…[View]
189736078IT’S TIME LADS: The Battle of October begins[View]
189734886How do we reverse desertification?: Reversing desertification is the best thing we can do. Niggers t…[View]
189731916Social media is banning people for saying the 'N-word'... NPC.: That's OUR word /pol/…[View]
189697168WHOSE READY FOR THE UNITED STATES TO LIBERATE VENEZUELA https://twitter.com/RT_com/status/1052270106…[View]
189735776NPC meme: What if the left don't actually have an inner monologue. What if that's why they…[View]
189731396a wildcard steps up from the dems and in her first LIVE tv press confrence she says 5 words....: 'It…[View]
189735366Why is it always true every fucking time?: Went out in the wild today, just zoning and lurking some …[View]
189727612Has the NPC meme been co-opted by NPCs?[View]
189736625The iTunes agreement gives Apple the legal right to tap your mic and camera. We're so far past …[View]
189736733So the left likes cultural appropriation now?: Why are they choosing to die on this hill? So all the…[View]
189736611https://www.reddit.com/r/ireland/comments/9oecmf/4chan_discusses_the_irish_menace/ Irish redditers m…[View]
189726270All the US citizens who demonize 'socialism' and 'communism' are missing the point. China has a one-…[View]
189704572What benefit is there to being autistic?: >be me >be level two wizard >work two shitty reta…[View]
189721766When I say the words 'The Great War' what comes to mind anon?[View]
189727690>I will strike down RGB the witch, but only if you bring me an offering of digits.…[View]
189710701Steal the space, get smashed in the space: 'The camera shows the women pulling into a spot while an …[View]
189732226Boomers are projecting 'peter pan' shit on Millennials: I'm watching century of the self part 3…[View]
189736082Has anyone on pol/ hand delivered a baby before?: Whats it like seeing that head pop out screaming f…[View]
189719625Whoever's job it was to try and kill the NPC meme,: you did a terrible job.[View]
189732806When will pajeets and whities come together to clean up India for the better. India has such a beaut…[View]
189709138Meet (((Elohim))): Jesus called him 'Eli' and Father. Romans called him Saturn[View]
189736000Which one of you is posting NPC memes on Blind? I know at least one of you fags have a job.[View]
189713512Hawking says no God no afterlife: 'Do I have faith?' he writes in Brief Answers to the Big Questions…[View]
189735634This image represents why diversity and allowing blacks in western countries is a mistake[View]
189698999/IOTBW 2.0/ General - Keep Ignoring Shills Edition: >When do you post these? Late at night on Oct…[View]
189731076Newfags think Islam is the greatest threat. Slightly older newfags think Judaism is the greatest thr…[View]
189735661If you think you know about politics, you know nothing about politics[View]
189725533Why do conservatives pretend to care about national debt then cut taxes and go into more debt? Are t…[View]
189702589YOUTUBE HAPPENING???????: What's wrong with Youtube? Is it server maintenance or is this an att…[View]
189732230Is he really going to do it?[View]
189703286I believe that we will win[View]
189735664Angry Mob[View]
189735240>'Here we go again with you know you're guilty until proven innocent,' Trump told The Associ…[View]
189729577Madden shooting brushed aside because he used pistols?: I just remembered that this shooting happene…[View]
189734023Kek prophecy as of today: Ok lets try to see how this looks now.. Three branches will become one. (R…[View]
189729341literally why arent you guys just leeching off your boomer parents they got enough money and you don…[View]
189730843HAPPENING Youtube Down Worldwide!!!!!!: Why is no one talking about this! Youtube went down worldwid…[View]
189733488the first plague of Egypt: the first plague of Egypt is the Nile turning to a river of blood and kil…[View]
189723091Report: If Not for Republican Policies, the Federal Government Would Be Running a Surplus: https://w…[View]
189735223No sane politician in California should support any further immigration.: Drove in Westside Los Ange…[View]
189731488Germany might be saved after all: holy shit, AFD is making waves in the bavarian conservative domina…[View]
189718428If I'm questioning whether or not I am an NPC, does that make me a PC?[View]
189728186A B Movie That Predicted Our Politics: Who remembers this strange brew known as the Southland Tales?…[View]
189733510The coding interview is racist and sexist.[View]
189732434Faggot ass Don Lemon calls Trump 'no prize':: As if he wouldn't take the mushroom king's f…[View]
189731682The Opioid Epidemic: The opioid epidemic is nothing but a highly politicized scare tactic rooted in …[View]
189674582LMAO NYT covering NPC meme: >Over the weekend, Twitter responded by suspending about 1,500 accoun…[View]
189711644Incapable of rational thought, the reactionary reels against the contemporary world. Turning to anci…[View]
189734961Why no more ISIS attacks I'm a liberal NPC and i miss seeing dead europeans on NPCNN Obama prom…[View]
189733703CALLING ALL WINGS: Michael Flynn Jr has changed his twatter profile pic to NPC. Backup call. >#NP…[View]
189734826guys i know why the world is so messed up, i think i got it all figured out its the jews. thank me l…[View]
189734136Motivation thread: Post pics that motivates you to further support trump/GOP and redpill the whole w…[View]
189714993Alright. How many of you are actual CIAniggers? Be honest.[View]
189734694Forza horizon 4: Has an option for the built in nav system 'Anna' to call you 'fellow human.' >is…[View]
189727439RBG: let us all pray upon kek to bring this woman a slow death on this day, as foretold by the numbe…[View]
189726640Ultimate black pill: >Any action is only worthy of blame or moral approbation if the one acting c…[View]
189729393Racist posters against whites: Lmao can't believe my school can be this racist to white People.…[View]
189731889Vegans BTFO: cattle are NOT the problem, but the CURE: >Environmentalists proved wrong. Scientis…[View]
189733383J*ws btfo by based Farrakhan https://mobile.twitter.com/LouisFarrakhan/status/1052304476923719680…[View]
189718869All heil our new Aryan Goddess 99.99% pure-blood[View]
189728830What are the chances he is red-pilled?: Any evidence that he is woke/comes on here? Or is he just a…[View]
189734143The absolute state of blue pilling in USA: >le TEDTalk said it so it's trustworthy…[View]
189734480Hey commies of /pol/: Can someone redpill me on surplus labor?[View]
189734026>life is meaningless and filled with pointless tasks until you die, that's why you should ju…[View]
189728146typical. All i see is people attacking her heritage but not her arguments.[View]
189734028>STOP >BEING >NEETS…[View]
189734256Best way to rid my living space of invading autismos.[View]
189729546if you want to save the white race STOP EATING the lower your bodyfat us the better your facial aest…[View]
189733696Trump is switching to crypto: there, I said it[View]
189720136Everyone needs to carry one: What are you doing to help your fellow person and make life good for ev…[View]
189727837What does /pol/ think of PragerU videos? I feel they need more exposure[View]
189733540NPCs meming NPCs: Seeing as they couldn't get /pol/ to drop the NPC meme, they're now tryi…[View]
189732554Does the first Lady have any responsibilities?: Hillary was acting like a second president while Bil…[View]
189729992Senator Lindsey Graham: 'MBS has to go': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHKW8gxpO3E[View]
189730341Why do countries have borders? Why are they important?: Should we let niggers roam free?[View]
189733615Trump didnt need to lie about Pocahontas: Does his word mean anything to him, or his voters? A more …[View]
189732780Did Jews invent racism?[View]
189730767The lunatics are running the asylum: A friend of mine works for the WSDOT, and her employers saw fit…[View]
189724511Toronto Mayoral Election: Does /pol/ have any opinions on the upcoming municipal election in Toronto…[View]
189728491Trump and Mossad arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi: The recent high profile assasination of Jamal Khashogg…[View]
189730668lemme tell you guys something, once i infiltrated a group of gays, just to know how they act: So, my…[View]
189727887REPUBLIDUMBS FUCK IT UP AGAIN: >Report: If Not for Republican Policies, the Federal Government Wo…[View]
189721342IT'S OVER: It's over. Canada won. The day of the rake was a myth.[View]
189733110Can we ID this guy?: https://twitter.com/cb618444/status/1052412751350558725?s=21[View]
189733080How many deaths are they responsible for. How many innocents have they murdered.[View]
189715196(((Sam Harris))) starts to wake up: https://twitter.com/SamHarrisOrg/status/1052309388734619653 Is (…[View]
189730575DID THE FAKE SAUDI “JOURNALIST” KNOW ABOUT VEGAS?: You have to wonder if this Muslim brotherhood fuc…[View]
189732859Hi, I'm William Devane. Buy gold from Rosland Capitol.[View]
189731885Plot twist: Average life expectancy for black men is 71. Clarence Thomas is 70.[View]
189731977Why doesn't /pol/ go out and get a real job instead of demanding more successful people and gro…[View]
189701389TRUMP KNOWS HE'S FUCKED!: Whenever he fucks up big time, like today with the Saudi and Stormy s…[View]
189720801You Open Border Motherf*ckers are wrong!: I give all of you people here credit with your recent succ…[View]
189725765Today’s the day lads. Let us harness the power of our collective digits and make it happen![View]
189731478npc hate thread[View]
189717304>finnish is related to sumerian, not INDO-european >finns built permanent housing right after …[View]
189730015Hitler was a faggot, deal with it triggered nazis.: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/HIT…[View]
189719792POL LITERATURE GENERAL /PLG/ What are you reading? What are /pol/ approved books? I'm almost f…[View]
189731118Approximately (or according to some eye-witness accounts, precisely) one gorillion Jews killed in th…[View]
189724203Should our governments legalize certain harmless psychedelics—like LSD, Shrooms, DMT? They show pote…[View]
189731180Otoya Yamaguchi was pol's guy!: Let's honor this Man for shanking a Commie on live televis…[View]
189731943What Is NPC, the Pro-Trump Internet’s New Favorite Insult?: https://archive.fo/RSy2F https://www.nyt…[View]
189731266HAPPENING: The Dome of the Rock stands were the 2nd temple is. One of the walls of the ruined temple…[View]
189731681MEME SLAUGHTER IN BASEMENT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TS20tnkWxAY (Warning: This show contains…[View]
189729813Interracial couples are beautiful and courageous: And if you have a problem with that I guarantee yo…[View]
189727600Next 23 hours: What kind of ceremony should we hold in her honor?[View]
189728347Anyone care to drop their knowledge on the jews? Why was Hitler a Good Guy?[View]
189731737HAAAAAAAAALPP >1.4[View]
189730353When people play online video games in california at around 10:30PM are they aware that it's 01…[View]
189730235Offical post yfw RGB dies at 5:55 AM[View]
189730552he killed millions[View]
189731543Dios mío...Espíritu del Señor. Espíritu de Dios, Padre, Hijo y Espíritu Santo, Santísima Trinidad, V…[View]
189726369Israel is BASED?: Why don't you support Israel like our guy Trump and all of the Republican par…[View]
189727942Well this is disconcerting. Ask Jeeves is down. Is it down for anyone else? Could this be related to…[View]
189728938*gets elected president in 2020 in your path*[View]
189721133ULA Atlas V AEHF-4: ULA is launching the AEHF-4 communications satellite for the U.S. Air Force from…[View]
189731384wtf am I seeing here??: this is happening on the streets of NYC in current year?? https://www.youtu…[View]
189703572What does /pol/ think about rand Paul: What do you think?[View]
189731285Where were you when you realized Freedom is Impossible so long as the state exists? If you are in fa…[View]
189728519DAILY REMINDER: Killing minorities and making America Fascist WONT get you laid.[View]
189731143Check this dog's face. What does it mean?[View]
189728840If you still support Trump you're an NPC.[View]
189724440Second caravan coming...again: Welp...there is a fucking second caravan coming again..what makes the…[View]
189707238Question:: I've read the psychology today articles about the study, but I'm still not quit…[View]
189730944Uhh guys? https://truepundit.com/u-s-hid-osama-bin-laden-in-iran-for-decade-after-9-11-bush-obama-wh…[View]
189719076Say hi to /ourmonkey/ Steve, /pol/.[View]
189729124how is it that ancaps disagree with the state while simultaneously agreeing with the concept of the …[View]
189730847EVERYONE NEEDS TO LISTEN TO THIS: >We talked about Israel >We talked about meddling. ISRAELI M…[View]
189730653(((Barney))): >I own you >You serve me >We're a mixed-race family >With a great big…[View]
189730638WAKE THE FUCK UP NIGGERS: JAYME CLOSS: A fat old retarded ugly journalists gets tortured for SEVEN F…[View]
189729037when you mess with one of us you get the hive[View]
189730292if you want to save the white race plant trees[View]
189727903Is Snowden still alive?: >It's time. >ffdae96f8dd292374a966ec8b57d9cc680ce1d23cb7072c522e…[View]
189730582Anyone ever read this book?: I highly recommend it. Basically this guy Chittum was a military strate…[View]
189698124I really hope they don't make this movie.: It can only be done by auteur directors. And (((they…[View]
189729163What's his angle /pol/?: Did Kav redpill him that hard? Did Trump help him find his balls? Did …[View]
189707377NIGGERS MUST BE IN EVERYTHING: If you’re a nigger you must be really happy to know you’re gonna get …[View]
189718171Antifa KILLS the NPC meme https://youtu.be/TS20tnkWxAY Alt right BTFO and /pol/ on suicide watch …[View]
189728362Any fellow August know a way to rig up a drone to drop a crap ton of these from up high. I'm th…[View]
189723275Who the fuck is Destiny?: And what you you think of him? From what I understand he has a lot of far …[View]
189729094The NPC meme has gone viral: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-10-16/4chan-sparks-mass-triggering-…[View]
189725193Here's a hint. They really, really don't want you to map out NPC programming.: It can be f…[View]
189728056Assuming there is some truth to the NPC meme, how does one discern, in real life, if a person you ar…[View]
189727984Welp Owen Benjamin is more redpilled then I thought. He been on a tangent of shitting on the 'The In…[View]
189725666Guys let me tell you something.: Girls love to gossip when only other girls are around. Yadda yadda …[View]
189726079Americans often are convinced that they are the darlings of the world, oblivious to reasons why they…[View]
189729974left bad right good pic unrelated[View]
189728120Alaska's New Lt. Governor- Nurr'araaluk: In 1971 Alaskan Indians sued for Sovereignty and …[View]
189729604Women in STEM: Why is it so important to get girls in STEM jobs? If they don't feel like it the…[View]
189729540“That was that I was in basic training like 3 weeks later”[View]
189729464Zimbabwe: So Zimbabwe is apparently crashing with no survivors. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
189727683SHOULD BECOME JEW: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/join-my-tribe-elizabeth-warren/2018/10/16…[View]
189725059Has there ever been a time when white people have starved? Jews and Arabs don't count. I want t…[View]
189729621So what's the deal with Auditing The Fed, what do you think Ron Paul hoped to reveal by auditin…[View]
189729534when in fucc are we invading tuvalu[View]
189726759This is so smug I can’t finish watching it. https://youtu.be/hoPXACgZA5o[View]
189728540Is Bernie /ourguy/?[View]
189729246So we probably can't fix a majority of NPCs, but NPC theory doesn't preclude us from subve…[View]
189728824Was he the most pro-mexican candidate in the 2016 elections?: He even said that a global leader that…[View]
189722947Why are white people so greedy?[View]
189724833Why did Democrats in Florida nominate a gay nigger as their candidate for governor?[View]
189721051Thoughts on Michigan’s next republican senator, John James?[View]
189725410Why was youtube down for a few hours? What happened?[View]
189703892The true redpill is realising that white women are the problem.: Women in general are okay.[View]
189725661>canadian white nationalists[View]
189726231Ora ora ora Bolsonaro sionist tool confirmed: Ora ora ora Bolsonaro sionist tool confirmed[View]
189717977Way of the first: >women are being raped teach the women how to fight >pit bulls are eating …[View]
189696629Why does he hate Dronald Drumpf so much? It seems staged and unnatural[View]
189728493Niggers can't figure me out![View]
189703497All stations, be advised - satellite surveillance has been disabled!: SOSUS and PAVE PAWS arrays are…[View]
189726747Reclaiming Chastity: Should men be legally allowed to reclaim their virginity? Many men have made mi…[View]
189726925It will be hip and “friendly”, then subjugate you. https://youtu.be/kHBcVlqpvZ8[View]
189723656She gives off an evil vibe[View]
189695159CALLING SOMEONE NPC IS LITERAL GENOCIDE: Can't make this shit up. https://twitter.com/MuiMui201…[View]
189724781Reagan love thread[View]
189724575Why does /pol/ get so butthurt over this fictional place?[View]
189711109Canada weed legalization: >Weed will be legalized in 2 mins >World's second country to m…[View]
189727797Inspection Regulation NOT Gun Laws/ Seizures: This Miller shooting thing really proves Rednecks suck…[View]
189724295Why are firemen so racist?[View]
189724597Consider the following: We know two things right now: 1. There will be no blue wave. Liberals will l…[View]
189723238Did (((they))) Kill him?: >Stanley Kubrick died right before Eyes Wide Shut premiered >''…[View]
189727770Does anyone have a trump approved ballot fill out for cook county illinois?[View]
189727420Mexico is fucked: PRESS F[View]
189717702Was he right, pol?[View]
189727890Did you hear what I said in the shower earlier? It was pretty funny, wasn't it?[View]
189727266No threads = MSM sliding: Why aren't text alerts going off in Texas right now?[View]
189725826It's Oct 17th - RBG day!: The clock is in action. Digits confirm time?[View]
189725976NPC Recursion: The NPCs are pretending to be NPCs -- NPC Recursion. How deep do you think the call s…[View]
189715084Trump Is All Bark: Look, its been great for these couple years, we've had some fun memes, we ha…[View]
189724431Why do white nationalists always avoid IRL confrontation and debates? Why do you rely so heavily on …[View]
18972623520$ Says the Sheriff browses /pol/: https://www.newsweek.com/arkansas-sheriff-nike-t-shirt-mugshot-p…[View]
189727179This explains a lot[View]
189727645Why do niggers get so violent when they hear white people say the n-word? I am genuinely curious, as…[View]
189727135Okay it’s the 17th anon needs to deliver.[View]
189727542Did Hitler redpill Stalin on how to run a country through Barbarossa? >became way more nationalis…[View]
189719293Rep. Steve King endorses Faith Goldy for Mayor of Toronto: Anyone else continually surprised by how …[View]
189726045This video proves women being allowed to vote was a mistake: Should refugees come to Australia? (197…[View]
189727244Turkroaches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GlNQzjii1c[View]
189726265Is it time for an EU army?[View]
189722153Killstream currently #1 on Youtube trending: Live trending I mean[View]
189724591What the fuck is an economic refugee? Seems to me it's just people that are looking for free sh…[View]
189726802>Was predicted to die today >Youtube goes down for an hour mmmmmmmmmmm.....…[View]
189726545“scandal free”[View]
189723474This NPC meme is going in my cringe compilation[View]
189688132Whats wrong with being a centrist?[View]
189724212hello my fellow white people: how do you like this DANK SPICY MEME?[View]
189722628Hey uhhh wot: Based google[View]
189717595Political compasses are gay but...: But tell me mine anyway. My perspectives/opinions (autistic or …[View]
189726834If you deny the importance of race, you're a fucking idiot: I'm looking at you /ptg/. YOU …[View]
189726814Do your fucking job mods yor lazy neets. SECOND TIME[View]
189726642What do Canadians think?[View]
189726690I'm coming with news. Bolsonaro already is the new President of Brazil. The left here in Brazil…[View]
189724207Why Twitter banned NPC: It makes sense from their viewpoint of zero tolerance against anything but f…[View]
189712512FBI confiscated YouTube servers: Youtube taken down, possibly because of pedo activity. last threads…[View]
189724508Maybe authoritarianism is objectively superior: Democracy is objectively degenerate. And not just de…[View]
189726209So he payed 130k to some whore just to make it all make and then some backed by people that hate him…[View]
189723356>He is German, goy, can't you see? When will this ride end, /pol/?…[View]
189725806Q predicted this[View]
189717480>Be me >23, average face / body >Start talking to this girl >Very attractive, out of my …[View]
189711813BREAKING NEWS: WARNING FROM GOD TO EVIL AGGRESSORS: American serviceman killed in Ukrainian Su-27 cr…[View]
189726080Is this the best you incels got? >Inb4 you post some dead guys[View]
189726159My questioning of the right is not based on morals, it isn't based on emotions, it's based…[View]
189726155Does the fight ever end lads?[View]
189718433why do kikes and Palestinians hate eachother so much? what's the history of this conflict[View]
189725835How is Mr. Trump doing?: In all honesty, has he been God Emperor Trump, Dotard Blormpf, a Kike-Shill…[View]
189725536Should white children be taken from non-Christian families and placed in Christian households to be …[View]
189725704CANZUK when? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CANZUK >CANZUK refers to the personal union and the pr…[View]
189721568Does anyone have any interest in playing the game, or are we satisfied just triggering the NPCs?[View]
189723784Hard to believe its almost been 2 years.: It still doesn't feel real. Did we really do it? Is a…[View]
189725390>Israel is taking control of the world by rigging elections to benefit their Zionist puppets >…[View]
189723351We should stop destroying the libtards. They're actually going insane and doing even more harm …[View]
189721120How to stop being gay?: I believe that the only rational conclusion when examining sexuality is that…[View]
189722218npc is just sheep recycled for the new generation its all bbeen done before[View]
189720495>Weed will be legal in 15 minutes in Canada >I hate stoners >I hate the smell >my place …[View]
189724904Ummm guys... NPC is bigger than Pepe: NYT and Brahpbart are helping this meme along like crazy. >…[View]
189725459is lushsux /our guy/ or reddit's guy?[View]
189725457Muslim Hate Thread: what the fuck is wrong with the middle east? why is every group of people that c…[View]
189716717redpill be on Aum Shinrikyo what was their ultimate goal? who was really behind it all? i've be…[View]
189723950They're trying to get us to kill each other. Both sides are being programmed hard right now. Th…[View]
189725336>I'm not a fascist, I support the ethnotheocratic state of israel LIBTARDS BTFO…[View]
189721547DUDE WEED LMAO[View]
189724312REMINDER JEWS ALWAYS WINS: it's their privilege[View]
189721976HORSEFACE whore BTFO: >THOT status: >More patrolled than any THOT in history And here I though…[View]
189722479YouTube down: What the fuck is this?[View]
189667611Toronto Refugee Hell Hotel Hilarious Reviews On Google: So there is a Radisson hotel in East Toronto…[View]
189724738Why is /pol/ anti-affirmative action for blacks, but call for it for whites so they can compete with…[View]
189723704Arizona Senate: Holy FUCK. >be running for AZ senate >smile during livestreamed debate >ex…[View]
189722911should she be allowed into the ethnostate?[View]
189723318surprise, surprise: https://ocs.ca/products/mk-ultra[View]
189723126the future president of brazil[View]
189724196>Alex Jones 2012 >The frogs are gay >Alex Jones 2018 >The penguins are gay Best timeline…[View]
189724617Revolutionary Central: History shows that the only thing to ever fix mass corruption and inequality …[View]
189721607Media NPC here: Hi pol news reporter with NPC Nightly News here for the big scoop. We journalists ha…[View]
189658559Absolutely Sweetie[View]
189724148The absolute state of California[View]
189716327JewTube goes down, missiles are fired at Israel. Last week, UFO's were sighted over China. I ca…[View]
189718898Daily reminder rich jews support sexual revolution and child sexualization to create chaos The agend…[View]
189724360Protect intellectual property from the international left: https://www.americancommitment.org/conten…[View]
189724306Are the Republicans holding onto the house?[View]
189723694I made this out of youtube recommended thumbails[View]
189686812Explain this NPC shit to me: I've been in hospital.[View]
189711819Is /pol/ for or against the electoral college?[View]
189722882Ever notice how Kickstarter and Indiegogo and other similar websites are totally lefty dominated? Wh…[View]
189712596Is Bess Kalb a left-wing /pol/lack?: > Suck a BBC, shrimpdick. Castation day is coming. > kys,…[View]
189714895What The Fuck Happened To Jewtube: It must have been the russians, could have been the chinese, or c…[View]
189721906This wave of pseudo-intellectual right wing You tubers is the worst thing to happen to the internet …[View]
189711697Defeating God: God is the reason we suffer. How do I defeat God and take his throne and become God m…[View]
189678421roasty with FISH SKIN vagina now able to fornicate: >A WOMAN born without a vagina has had a new …[View]
189683065Assange/Wikileaks timeline https://img42.com/FA1v_[View]
189716651Jewish Master Race: Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, 'Are jews the master race?' This is the o…[View]
189719948Does self-castration remove libido?: I have an old hatchet in my garden shed and Ive been thinking t…[View]
189723857Jews were expelled from European countries during the middle ages because Christians were intolerant…[View]
189711714THE NEW YORK TIMES COVERED THE NPC MEME: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/16/us/politics/npc-twitter-…[View]
189718101THE ABSOLUTE MADMAN: https://freebeacon.com/politics/graham-announces-dna-test-cherokee-warren-beat/…[View]
189688376Everyone who procreates is an NPC: There is no good reason to have children: 1. Your embodied consci…[View]
189724027This Khashoggi bullshit stinks to high heaven, goddamnit, and nobody should buy it. They are framing…[View]
189724013What are some interesting online communities where a /pol/tard might fit in well? Gab sucks, VK suck…[View]
189718670Is National Socialism the ultimate in NPC culture? All National Socialists do is mindlessly blame th…[View]
189707389>34 years old >completely detached from modern society and its values >crippling social anx…[View]
189716833What exactly is multiculturalism? Well i of course know that a person from africa or asia living in …[View]
189715329>paycheck to paycheck rednecks watching multimillionaire blacks who shit on the country that whit…[View]
189721261Am I the only one thinking Democrats are so overtly demolished that they are actually getting mad? I…[View]
189722973Brawl Involving Up To 200 Students Erupts Outside McDonald’s: 'Students' KEK KEK KEK https://philade…[View]
189686423/pol/ humor thread[View]
189717611NPCs of pol thread: > Israel is our enemy therefore I love sandniggers…[View]
189711278Racist Youtube Monkey: Why do you think youtube is down? Post theories and if you have any evidence…[View]
189714994YOUTUBE WAS HACKED BY CHINESE!: A livestreamer named SJC is from California and walking to the Youtu…[View]
189720975Hello my fellow southern white christian men! You know wut yall? I been thinkin this black lives ma…[View]
189723136Hungary gender studies ban: https://www.yahoo.com/news/hungary-gender-studies-ban-draws-university-a…[View]
189720811Music Modernization Act of 2018: Where were you, when Trump freed the creative class? https://www.y…[View]
189718778Will Georgia go blue?[View]
189722223To Easy: To easy[View]
189722874>When you say something important, and all you get back is the NPC stare. So /pol/, tell me about…[View]
189722820So both Antifa and Proud Boys has Jewish Leaders that are turning dumb mutts against each other. Oh …[View]
189722786Pics will surface of Barsck Hussein Obama holding AK47 in tribal attire. One of many. Net shut down.…[View]
189719664why didn't she take his last name? that seems extremely strange to me. they also hyphenated t…[View]
189706135I am shutting down Youtube for a while.: Hardware 3ng1n33r >>> f4990t s0ftw4r3 Yoush1t pr0g…[View]
189720999RUSSIANS CUT HILDAWG’S BRAKE LINES!: https://mobile.twitter.com/NRSC/status/1052202944072945664 DRUU…[View]
189720988Screencap of another thread I know its shit but what do you guys think? Also if anyone can provide…[View]
189676691What happens here?: Redpill me on this state.[View]
189718837/pol/ role play general: >*exhales into mic* >yeah....definitely >it's crazy because i…[View]
189712414Calling all Libertarians: How do Libertarians deal with the Jewish influence. Do Libertarians acknow…[View]
189719201TRUMP: WE HAVE THE WORST IMMIGRATION LAWS: https://mobile.twitter.com/FoxNews/status/105210687478961…[View]
189720807If Trump came out as tranny, would you still support her?[View]
18971668010/18/ 18 10:18AM: MEME GOES LIVE[View]
189712429When I do this job, I listen to music: >It took seven minutes for Jamal Khashoggi to die, a Turki…[View]
189718080Red pill me on Evola[View]
189721243Mandatory sterilization for immigrants and any children they bring over This will deter them from im…[View]
189715812HAPPENING: Twitter not letting me Sign up. Anyone else?[View]
189719397WTF i love diversity now[View]
189721858Fake cart on Trump's tweet?: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1052388580734263297 Is …[View]
189721459Cp posters: So I get on for 3 mins and see 3 threads with it.... wtf pol I thought you were a board …[View]
189721723Nartuo from the rights presetive: https://youtu.be/3yb3pQb6uI0 Naruto can make you a non NPC[View]
189721515The October Surprise - Self Cuck Supreme: Did the Liberals just October Surprise themselves over the…[View]
189721256#respawn: npc's are learning and respawning[View]
189717489'Cursed be he that removeth his neighbour's landmark. And all the people shall say, Amen.': Kos…[View]
189720441Holocaust: Did the Holocaust happen? ihr.org has a lot of articles that suggest that it literally di…[View]
189705139I figured out how to take down JewTube: If we crash the servers with enough hackers and keep them do…[View]
189715559Who killed Tupac?[View]
189720843How do we get /pol/ to stop shilling for Zionists and infinite immigration candidates?[View]
189720752Why does Trump want to be aligned with Saudi Arabia and Israel instead of Turkey? It is obvious that…[View]
189717174Plot twist: What if he’s still alive and it was all a ruse to bait the Turks into showing their card…[View]
189718485THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF BURGER EDUCATION: >https://www.washingtonpost.com/education/2018/10/16/this…[View]
189717749Greey Pride: OK guys. They can try to silence the NPCs on Twitter, but they won't silence us. T…[View]
189717245Paul Joseph Watson's New NPC video is savage: This is the best youtube video I've seen by …[View]
189718902What did vox mean by this Is the npc meme spreading subconsciously now[View]
189720186This image unironically made me think. Is their any proof of us actually being part alien, that an a…[View]
189717533Nikki Haley 2020?: What's her endgame /pol? Are we looking at Haley 2020?[View]
189719981How to DeepFake: >watch it get taken down Face2Face: Real-time Face Capture and Reenactment of RG…[View]
189710777Youtube Is Down Discussion Thread: well shit, there goes YouTube. Hopefully all of those fortnite yo…[View]
189713487HOLY SHIT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljNDGBK8-XQ GET IN HERE RIGHT FUCKING NOW[View]
189713414Identify purged YouTube videos: Jewtube back up. Get to work looking for what was purged. https://m.…[View]
189716687PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - STOP (END) EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.…[View]
189713329Remember when being mentally ill took effort? Back before social media and the internet, if you were…[View]
189718579Fellow white meme: I always thought it was some sort of joke but I see it more and more today. Like