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196770441Trans hate thread? Trans hate thread.: GO GO GO[View]
196772866Reminder that White Sharia is the ultimate redpill and /pol/ is a Muslim board in denial. And yes yo…[View]
196739295Birth Control: Give me all your red pills on hormonal birth control.[View]
196775590Tinder thread 2018 A+ Edition: Tinder thread, because these are some sad fucks.[View]
196770307Atheist scumbags win $12,000 suing a school for celebrating religious holidays. I seem to recall ath…[View]
196769895>all Jews are bad Oh wait[View]
196765775Love and Kindness is Counter Culture in pol: Here at pol, everyone is pretty much acting as nasty an…[View]
196769371Automation and jobs: What do we do with the millions of people who will lose their jobs in the comin…[View]
196771280https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FqrJMaozes australian youth bongs cricket rap vb's get up this…[View]
196771162Fuck South Indians: >be an Indian >travelling to Dehradun >Have to get enough sleep >Wak…[View]
196772822It's over.: There's no hope anymore. There's nothing worth living for. Do you underst…[View]
196772957IT HAS BEEN WRITTEN (WHOEVER READS, LET HIM UNDERSTAND) The prince of the throne that flies the flag…[View]
196770037Let’s be mature about pedophilia | Madeleine van der Bruggen | TEDxSittardGeleen: https://www.youtub…[View]
196769541Look at this photograph I haven't cringed so hard before in my life anons. This almost worse th…[View]
196770334At this point, I support the Left.: I support them, not because I agree with them, but because I wan…[View]
196771918>white people we need stop eating meat and having children so we can save the sea turtles :((((( …[View]
196761883Seriously, the bullying against German members of this community is getting way out of hand, especia…[View]
196761492Chinese Politics: On Topic: Let's discuss The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. There are conc…[View]
196768118PEASANTS RISE UP: Peasants still exist in the modern world. Even though the term grew out of practic…[View]
196770481OBAMACARE, RIP JUDGE DECLARES UNCONSTITUTIONAL WITHOUT TAX: Obama BTFO!!!!! https://www.nbcnews.com/…[View]
196772208TOCK LLC: Plantation, FL is in Broward County.[View]
196769550Are there other rotten guys who watchs guro at 3rd of junior high like me? There are not, ha ha Yest…[View]
196760308The world’s debt currently exceeds $86,000 per person on average: NESARA GESARA DO IT[View]
196769369In the GDR, you only had to pay a mark per sqm as rent: How does this make you feel?[View]
196763246If MGTOW endgame is to destroy the nuclear family why is it constantly shilled on /pol/?[View]
196760353what the fuck is their problem?[View]
196770152Redpill me on the Weimar republic degeneracy I've seen it mentioned and talked about here but I…[View]
196754344What would America be without black culture: Well /pol?[View]
196748872Socialism doesn't work!!!: >first spacecraft >first satellite >first space station …[View]
196764786Invasion of Poland: Did Hitler haven a morally justifiable reason for it (proven danger to the germa…[View]
196763451Ever wonder why you never see a phone without a front facing camera? Really makes you think about wh…[View]
196771828Royalty/Loyalty: Now that I think about it... it's seems kind of insane for a country that has …[View]
196771432how thr fuck are we still alive /b/?[View]
196768892AVGN pizzagate video: starring Macaulay Culkin skip to the 40 second mark.Macauly offers James a che…[View]
196770710The State of The Alt-Reich: Since when did the air right start getting filled with beta males, cucko…[View]
196770509OY VEY!!!![View]
196770881redpill me about macri[View]
196760075Literal Goblin Who Threatened PewDiePie Just Got Shoahed: This is fucking hilarious. It was also an …[View]
196766615Nowhere is safe until we confront this.[View]
196760836Occultism in Politics: How much do you think the occult influences world politics? > inbefore you…[View]
196767362Say something nice about Hillary[View]
196762294When did scots become such massive cucks?[View]
196755808Hey /pol/!: Did you convert to Islam yet?[View]
196770049Dead Muslims and Christians are BOTH good.: Both Islam and Christianity are religions for icchantika…[View]
196761711'We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children'[View]
196769926Men do NOT idolize other men: I’m gonna drop this little bit of wisdom because I know a lot of you a…[View]
196764454Google Image 'Idiot' returns Trump.: We should change this to Ocasio Cortez instead[View]
196753535The Economist in 2019: The Economist magazine is owned by the Rothschilds, every year they make a ne…[View]
196770874How to get $100,000,000,000 from just $1B: 1 billion dollars: Buy 250M worth of AK-47s and ammunitio…[View]
196766475Baby it's Cold Outside is Degenerate: Hot take: Radios shouldn't play 'Baby it's Cold…[View]
196768431“The Goblin” Planet set to Enter our Solar System: Amerisharts btfo https://earthsky.org/space/new-d…[View]
196770853Deep Web: I understand the Deep Web isn’t exactly a private part of the internet, in fact quite the …[View]
196770822What's a bigger threat to American sovereignty, Russian propaganda or British 'information warf…[View]
196767648Capitalism at it's worst >30-40% of population fucked over Socialism at it's worst >…[View]
196768646>conservative figure seems like someone that would finally help make conservatism more popular an…[View]
196759258Boomer repair: ITT: we try to find redeeming qualities of baby boomers > They inspire younger peo…[View]
196769533Why are the most evangelical Christian states the most violent in America, /pol/? Was Christopher Hi…[View]
196749053Hey /pol/ let's get a nigger story thread. I need to vent some shit. My grandmother died recent…[View]
196761789IQ masturbation thread How do the political preferences of 160 IQ and 130 IQ individuals differ from…[View]
196767258Germans are white mexicans: Proofs: - they hate trump - they love soccer - they are swarthy - both l…[View]
196770077Powerful. Le Baguettes are getting their tits oot!: >Bare-Breasted 'Mariannes' Face Off…[View]
196742821The 'Bible' problem: How do we protect our children and the future from the cancerous blight that is…[View]
196767284Geography times ya homos... https://online.seterra.com/en/vgp/3007[View]
196758470The Matrix Wachowskis brothers are now 'sisters': I just wanted to bring this up because I find it d…[View]
196770193HERITAGE THREAD: post em[View]
196767313if you kill your enemies, they win[View]
196747132RACE DOESN'T EXIST YOU CAN'T PROVE IT !: So, stumbled on this vid: https://www.youtube.com…[View]
196770140Lifehack for /pol/ Dont give somebody your seat Dont assume peoples gender on bus[View]
196763533My clinton hearing rundown: Some of you don't have 3 hours to watch the hearing, so here you go…[View]
196752627> Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer took a break from his routine morning workout in the offic…[View]
196769625Trump to push for deportation of vietnam war refugees: https://www.politico.com/story/2018/12/15/tru…[View]
196761094Apple Lands Rights to Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Co. in New Peanuts Deal: https://www.hollywoodreport…[View]
196769263When 'Orange man bad' programming glitches: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAuxpWc6eVM[View]
196755512Post your news waifu[View]
196769727All you need to know about the Clintons: To date, in excess of $100M has been spent investigating WJ…[View]
196772462I'm doing an unofficial survey here /pol/, so no cheating Which one of these models is trans?[View]
196772099Hitler was wrong, aryans aren’t the most powerful race in the world Filipinos are[View]
196766634anyone read this?: saw it in the library today but thought it would just annoy me to try to read it …[View]
196767596Yellow Vest Burqa: I'm not comfortable with the yellow vest protest knowing that street cameras…[View]
196767315Roastie BTFO By Based Jew Dutch Shill: >https://www.ancestry.com/name-origin?surname=shilling …[View]
196766216Lugenpresse Weimerica General: Why does this shit pop up on my computer?[View]
196748614>People are always discussing whether or not women become more attracted to guys when they do NoF…[View]
196769191Ok! And lastly, what emotion does this image give you? Be honest, anon[View]
196763218We need to fight back in the cultural war in Video Games: ***They*** took Music and we did nothing *…[View]
196766774Whats the ENDGAME for globalists ?: Enforcing LGBT and homosexuality on Europe and US(white nations)…[View]
196769528tfw nobody in your life but /pol/ will understand why this makes you cry like a bitch https://www.y…[View]
196769319West decadence: A beautiful catholic church in Belgium will now be a supermarket Muslims are rolling…[View]
196768810WHAT THE FUCKING HELL NINTENDO?: WTF NINTENDO (that's an official picture of Smash Ultimate btw…[View]
196769458What would Jesus do?: Daily reminder that when Jesus saw people desecrating the temple he went in th…[View]
196765485How the fuck is this joke still going in nearly 2019?[View]
196766929Why'd they do it?[View]
196767257If you're a white person who doesn't have kids, are you really contributing to the extinct…[View]
196769295> /pol/ incarnate > Is an Orthodox Jewish rabbi Explain this…[View]
196741310>when /pol/ suddenly decides to deny IQ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7R-hTToDRzs[View]
196765151The absolute STATE of France: This is what the Yellow Vests have become. The protests today were PA…[View]
196746660Comedian Owen Benjamin believes moon landing was fake.: discuss[View]
196768937Andropov: I have a bunch of old russian jews at work and they spend all day talking shit about pic r…[View]
196752605Is Stew really the most-based cullanary dish?: Consider: >Ancient man had three methods of consum…[View]
196767702A video game lets you play as Jesus, Trump, or Hitler. You win by shooting LGBTQ people.: So.. Which…[View]
196764116> Most racist state in the world > Government is extremely nationalist > Soil, ethnicity, a…[View]
196766198/ptg/ President Trump General - Begorrah, I've Been Found Out Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP…[View]
196769103ENDGAME meme war. let s subvert by becoming the jew.: Deuteronomy part of Thora seems to be the bigg…[View]
196737099FRANCE KILLDOZER EDITION: France Yellow vest happening general !*!*!*!*! LIVE FRANCE HAPPENING !*!*!…[View]
196768113Is it?: Is the demography of Germany rigged so it shows less Turks and foreigners living in Germany?…[View]
196755068Is the lefty British press overdoing Brexit?: They are making Brexit out as some really bad stuff no…[View]
196762343What goes on here?[View]
196751520Thanks /pol/!: For making me feel like a shitskin. Even though I got type II skin on fitzpatrick sca…[View]
196762671Has Juncker gone too far?: WTF is this guy's problem?[View]
196753819Brazilian Degeneracy Discussion Thread: Why is Brazilian culture so degenerate? Is it in the mutts…[View]
196768509/FROG/: All Yellow Jacket, Gilets jaunes, Gelbwesten related Content here.[View]
196767114I love my country: For I'm proud to be an American[View]
196752962>Going through Upstate N.Y. >Countless abandoned factories and industry centres >Houses in …[View]
196768273MUELLER OBSTRUCTED JUSTICE: WIPED STRZOK'S PHONE!: The IG criminally referred Strzok and then M…[View]
196758031brit/pol/: >Playing The Game Quick Rundown; Stop POINTLESS protesting Stop marching in honeypots …[View]
196766446Why didn't you show up for the revolution?[View]
196764997America has officially gone Weimar.: Thoughts on this?[View]
196768178Ameritards: Let's say Trump resigns or gets impeached. Who are we left with? Mike Pence. Though…[View]
196766481Ben Shapiro = Satan I have no doubt. He slithers his way into American politics and gets right winge…[View]
196765828Really stimulates your synapses.[View]
196767892Reverse racism: With some blacks you just can't win. Try to explain to them that science determ…[View]
196766825Do you believe the US should have a universal healthcare system? Or even public and private hospital…[View]
196767961When will they learn?: >White women were 12 times more likely to be murdered by their spouse in a…[View]
196767800womps and prayers donny's next[View]
196768126This is the profile of the average reddit user[View]
196766827Black assault: A group of black teens assault workers at donut shop. Why do burgers are still allowi…[View]
196763993==> /ptg/ <== PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL ~~~ HMMMM EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.…[View]
196766409Dylann Roof statue: I am trying to get a Dylann Roof statue built in my city. To replace the MLK sta…[View]
196765670Reminder: UK bailed out Ireland (£20 billion) to prevent Irish financial collapse in 2012: Uk includ…[View]
196767128>im trapped inbetween two worlds trying to get dough >know, when the dough get low the jews g…[View]
196764401WTF have you guys seen the demographics for Russia? >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_o…[View]
196767067When are we gassing beta males and e whores? This degree of degeneracy disgusts me more than fags an…[View]
196767392NatGeo propaganda: https://www.nationalgeographic.com/photography/best-of-2018/best-pictures-2018/ N…[View]
196766394Jews Started the Fires For Money: Fires were blamed on utility companies to bankrupt them, to force …[View]
196765009What would /pol/ do to win this war?[View]
196767091Help me out goyims: I'm looking for that info-image of the swedish teenage girl that sang a son…[View]
196755378Hey, /pol/! Would you vote for this guy? https://streamable.com/qh5rm He wants to bring 'normality' …[View]
196765061How do I maintain being a Christian despite the fact I loathe kikes?: Feels contradictory to love th…[View]
196735075Does your state have Chick-fil-A: Seems that lgbt boycott didn't work too well[View]
196766247>Live in the North of France >I'm on Holiday so I decide to see my parents who live in t…[View]
196762690NOT SECURE: I hope all you niggers know you are posting on a phishing site.[View]
196765816the louder you are the smaller your genitals are: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/…[View]
196764091Military hate thread: Daily reminder that you are all welfare queens and slaves of the Jews. You wil…[View]
196764726Women's March hired the anti-Jew Nation of Islam for bodyguards: Queen Ann was right, White men…[View]
196766444Could the next >It's Okay to be White be this bunch of statistics, but replace Black People …[View]
196764733Quite perplexed: Look, /pol/... I know it's the Joos... I know its always been the joos. What I…[View]
196751076Justin Trudeau Castro: Everyone knows that stud horseman James Hewitt sired Prince Harry. It's …[View]
196747953BLACKED: They finally fucking did it. Good bye, Sir John A.[View]
196766169Short Fat Otaku got his Channel back!: We got Short Fat Otaku's channel back, Everybody! Anoth…[View]
196751555Is Psychology a Pseudoscience?: It seems to me that psychology is a highly politicized field. How ca…[View]
196761618Interest Rate Hikes on the 19th: Get ready for the mark of the beast /pol/ this bubble economy is ge…[View]
196759600Turks: Now that the dust has settled, are Turks white and was the Ottoman Empire the greatest Empire…[View]
196751196Was he a total shill or could I have really gotten free govt money?[View]
196768453Black Woman Vs White Tranny: Would you fuck a black woman or a white tranny? You have no choice, let…[View]
196768556Do you Burgs wear your fukn shoes 24 7!?: WTF? Answer me burgers do you guys wear your shoes indoors…[View]
196763107Lynchings of innocent niggers: Let’s assume that 1% of niggers who were lynched were actually falsel…[View]
196752275Why are boomers always anti-space?[View]
196739940Why is this man in King Arthur?[View]
196763755Notice how rap is gradually fading niggers away? More and more mutt latino artists are climbing the …[View]
196765876Why are so many Western women watching Turkish soap operas and becoming Neo-Ottomanists?[View]
196761673What political category did the Cardassians fall under?[View]
196765722What are they looking at /pol/ >rogue government agency >destruction of western society >s…[View]
196764612Check out this badass Nazi hacker: Number of antifa doxed: 0[View]
196761942Where are you live stream faggots.. the French are faggots: You guys are PUSSY Where are the live st…[View]
196745735debate an ancap: Debate an AnCap about anything you filthy statists[View]
196764816How do I tell my family about my beliefs: My parents are both liberals, my dad is the 'fuck drumpf' …[View]
196762581/PTGCSG/ President Trump Grilled Cheese Slam General: Who: you or anyone who likes grilled cheese an…[View]
196757041Faggotry Among Youth: Back when I was in high school there weren't many weird people, besides t…[View]
196754725>Meanwhile, in the National Socialism victory timeline[View]
196765277what's the white mentality like.... >store information instead of things >share knowledge…[View]
196759777Is this the most iconic political image of the 21st century?[View]
196761830Convincing Fellow Humans You Are Not AI: If we lived in a world without supreme AI humanoid robots h…[View]
196765326Only fools like Cortez The Fucking Kike From The Bronx: She is an Idiot and will not last long.…[View]
196764967Ok, this is epic[View]
196762333>Operation: Kick her while she's down. Now that the Clinton Foundation is in the spotlight. …[View]
196763944>there aren't more than two gende- It's scientifically proven. https://de.wikipedia.org…[View]
196765032How are you enjoying your new Western Overlords, Ukrainian nationalists? I'm a US tax payer, an…[View]
196755772how does this image make /pol/ feel? do you think this is wrong and unnatural or wholesome and good?…[View]
196729489Wagecuck quits Walmart over store intercom: >The teen quit his job at the Walmart Grande Prairie …[View]
196759573If Trump Wants Re-election he Must Approve Bump Stocks Just Like Obama Did: Just ignoring the fact a…[View]
196762713Whats this Boomer faggot talking about what? What is the Standard Hotel Incident and whats it have t…[View]
196764849The holocaust never happened.[View]
196763085What is the point in LARPing about gender roles when women aren’t living out theirs? Even the most “…[View]
196763266Why is everyone anticipating 2022? (Politically) I dont get it and it makes me sad[View]
196764015The Jew's Greatest Trick: The Jew's greatest trick was to get the entire world to worship …[View]
196761265Wow, some 4D chess here! https://www.twitch.tv/maskenissen[View]
196751467I dare you to even try and refute this[View]
196764173Why are they pushing the black male white teen girl so much? https://twitter.com/teenvogue/status/10…[View]
196761589If France was as densely populated as Germany, its population would be 128 million. If same as the U…[View]
196720537/FROG/ France General: 5th weekend of protests edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7QnjuTzV-0 …[View]
196759705Pete Davison (a never trumper liberal, he also got a ratio of RBG) is threatening suicide[View]
196761570What do you guys think about us Nazbols?[View]
196764463Victor D Hanson is our savior and it makes me sad to relieve 2022[View]
196764445Thoughts on this crazy sperging bitch? Raid when? https://www.vox.com/platform/amp/2018/12/13/181362…[View]
196760059Aussie Electric Prices are like Leaf Food Prices, Sky High: Just Like the 'Just Post The In-Store Pr…[View]
196745516What to do: *blocks your path*[View]
196764057Why do people keep opposing Trump? It can only end badly[View]
196760087>go outside >see a muslim >mfw Anyone else relate? Why can't they just go back to the …[View]
196761103long post inbound. tl;dr at the bottom. >US-MEX border is just under 2k miles >estimated to c…[View]
196757508WOULD TRUMP BACKSTAB HIS OWN CHILDREN IN ORDER TO SAVE HIS OWN SKIN?: Trump backstabbed his best fri…[View]
196755609The French are whi...[View]
196763933Portugal far-right: In Spain, Vox got 11% recently in one of the most lefty parts of the country. Wh…[View]
196710517They released a new test boys: http://dichotomytests.com/test.html?id=1[View]
196763106Drag Queen Story Time. WTF?: Good job on getting this one taken down, But there is still so much wor…[View]
196763129what would you do if you had absolute authority in your country? me: 1) build the border wall to kee…[View]
196761212Free Speech Hosting? (NO MEME FLAGS): >>boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/196757942 Tired of shills …[View]
196763187Who the fuck is this guy? He looks and speaks like a NPC from oblivion https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
196750772Exposing JLaw has the thot she is: I got an idea last night: It’s there a way to know with the help …[View]
196750056CHINESE SUPREMACY THREAD - COMMUNISM WON EDITION!: True, the white man will never be an ally of Chin…[View]
196755993Convince me of the merits of absolute free speech.: I'm not American so this idea is not what I…[View]
196766182>MFW 5'6 >MFW I lost my virginity 2 days ago to a 5'7 girl who has short guy fetish …[View]
196760109Trump eviscerates another enemy to hell: Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard has been soundly defeat…[View]
196709849Syria General /sg/ - The Swan Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.co…[View]
196760570If you dont feel the solidarity with poor people of your country and race then why should I feel sol…[View]
196754488Wait a minute...female comedians who get lots of sex look like THAT?[View]
196757678Isn't it ironic that:: >in 2018, Christians deny Varg as the savior of the European spirit, …[View]
196756627Podesta's Wife Talking on Phone: Does Podesta's wife really talk to people on the phone? C…[View]
196751939I thought they didn't operate inside the U.S. anymore: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxV5QJ_C…[View]
196763068Cohen: What going to happen to him? Is he going to jail? And most importantly what does this mean fo…[View]
196760528How was china in WW2?: i wanted to know if i want to play them in games and such, i cant stand playi…[View]
196760520The FBI is full of corruption. Even former FBI officials state they are ashamed at how disgraceful t…[View]
196740865What's wrong with modern women?[View]
196762481You do realize the REAL Jews don't care what you think of them as long as you feed their AI, ri…[View]
196758013Will we ever get our money back?[View]
196737638INTEL HAVE BACKDOOR ACCESS TO YOUR PCs VIA THEIR PROCESSORS: Thoughts or opinions /pol/?[View]
196762036This but unironically[View]
196762805ITT:Pedo hate.: Pic related: What the extreme left thinks pedos are.[View]
196757374we got played again /pol/[View]
196758022Based: >'According to developers, a soon-to-be-released video game will allow you to play as Jesu…[View]
196731018BOY THEY ABOUT TO DO IT[View]
196762598how ,nigga?![View]
196761512Doesn't it strike you as mildly ironic that most people who are against abortion are ones you w…[View]
196758058My mom just told me Ukraine will attack Donbass/Donetzk around 6./7. January: >Inb4 Putinbot I su…[View]
196759081How come there are repeating clouds on official earth pictures? It looks as if they have used the cl…[View]
196756653Ireland 2040: So the Irish government has this plan - Ireland 2040 - which envisages the challenges …[View]
196762505How many of you guys know that the American plan in the cold war for WWIII was to fall back and get …[View]
196762474We should definitely let more Latina QTs into the US.[View]
196761551Can we get this number up to a million for 2019?[View]
196743270UFOs & Bob Lazar: Few days ago I watched the new documentary about Bob Lazar. As someone that kn…[View]
196764811British cinema....yes!: Fuck that paki! You english cow![View]
196761729What is the quickest possible way to goto jail on Christmas? I want to prove just how much of cowar…[View]
196758235I bet this cunt can't even define what 'big government' is[View]
196761102What is the funniest /pol/ thing you can post?: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3utwg4…[View]
196764468Is he mad at us for building toilets that drain into the ocean?[View]
196764487/sig/ - Self Improvement General: It’s time to clean your room. What have you done today to improve …[View]
196761623Why do you support Assad?: Redpill me on this? Isis killed less than 0.003 of the Syrian population …[View]
196754510This won't exist in 100 years: How does that make you feel?[View]
196755488We should be glad about all the new shillposting against gilet jaunes, Trump, Russia or whatever. If…[View]
196761763Are tChinese the most honest people on earth?[View]
196740694What is your honest opinion of Romanians?: All religions say it’s an abomination to be a Romanian. O…[View]
196761827FUCK Clinton and FUCK the DOJ. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcv_9Q8S8hE…[View]
196759453World War 3!!!!!: I'm all for free speech, but how do articles like this not set off a global p…[View]
196754027This movie wouldn't be (((allowed))) in 2018.: Or it would be constantly attacked as a '''Russi…[View]
196751443feminist women find benevolent sexist/chivalrous men more attractive than 'Woke' men.: htt…[View]
196759650Red-pill my dad and then he red-pills me: Tell him anti Jew red pills for a while now..... And he te…[View]
196761543Men should be killed for their organs if necessary to save the life of a woman The life of a women i…[View]
196761266Whats the politics of Free Energy Is this guy for real?: Whats the politics of Free Energy Is this g…[View]
196760795>about to get the perfect start in life >2 male role models >no woman constantly emasculati…[View]
196764056Are there kpop/jpop clubs in the west where I can go and pick up white girls? I know you guys have p…[View]
196761793Hey, its yo boi from yesterday. Getting back on foodstamps after getting fired. :)[View]
196753392Why is he so cucked?[View]
196759723Oh nonononono!!! Will it be.... /pol/pilled? https://youtu.be/xH-oScnJXB0[View]
196757542What race is 'pure french'?[View]
196732248Poland's Lack of Jewish Influence to Blame For Bigoted Stance Against Non-White Immigration: Po…[View]
196736925I’m worried for my white son.: I have a son who’s 7yo right now. I’ve spend a lot of my life going t…[View]
196758529Trump is the last Republican President. Be prepared for the Progressive era starting 2021.[View]
196753173Rush Limbaugh: Is he low-key redpilled? I used to just go by the conventional narrative wisdom that …[View]
196758345Why are Bringing police supporting the trannification of vulnerable children?[View]
196759692Whats so bad about the end of human asthetic diversity?[View]
196747722Was Obama (our guy) all along? >Never gave in to Israel, openly went against netanyahu >Deport…[View]
196755521how the fuck is this possible that these subhuman crackheads can possess and waste so much land with…[View]
196747407CAPITALIST PIGS: Defend this: https://youtu.be/p_B5WZCJd5g Pro tip - you can’t. Now APOLOGIZE!…[View]
196760608When will Twitter be classified as a Publisher?: I need to know when to apply my shorts[View]
196757519Is their a way to redpill someone?: I was wondering if anyone has a step by step way to redpill some…[View]
196749604/Pol/ is not your friend: This website won't contribute to the aims it states. There's a d…[View]
196760301The JQ: I understand fully what jews have done and continue to do, destroying this beautiful world o…[View]
196760195Baltimore Sucks: Why the fuck is Baltimore such a shithole? >High murder rate >High property c…[View]
196754071Jews are far more based than Christians, as Jews are actually following their own tradition, while C…[View]
196759565Yellow vest live stream!!!: Where are the live stream?[View]
196757738What else do we need to see? This headline and source says it all. >The jewden is not your friend…[View]
196758048The wagecuck problem: What do you guys think about it, it seems extremely dehumanizing your soul des…[View]
196746681How did we go from this...[View]
196757463/pol/ watches 9/11 media archive footage: Let's all rewatch the archived live footage that took…[View]
196757533YELOW BELLIES: Kneel before macron Take you €100 pittance and begone[View]
196759492Yellow vest in Portland?: How long until antifa shows up?[View]
196746224Can it be restored?[View]
196756778Our Guy[View]
196762795i'm a genius so ask me anything[View]
196757633It's More than just Food and Diet: It is the metaphysical war of our time. Left vs right. Antif…[View]
196755734Could we meme Alex Jones into the White House, just like we memed Trump into it? Expert future forec…[View]
196756276/MSG/ - MED SUPERIORITY GENERAL: come here med bros let's talk about history,politics and trad…[View]
196758890Does /pol/ hate strong minded women because they can’t handle a strong minded woman?[View]
196753798Wall will save USA: Wall Big, Wall Strong, Wall will stop illegals from invading USA[View]
196721543EU - Russian union: Tell me why Russia and Europe shouldn’t join up. Our histories are intertwined, …[View]
196756839I will admit that I was 100% wrong about Assad. In the past I thought he was a based leader who shou…[View]
196745176brit/pol/: >Playing The Game Quick Rundown; Stop POINTLESS protesting Stop marching in honeypots …[View]
196759272jew owned johnson & johnson: knowingly poisoned babies and mothers for fucking years and decided…[View]
196757916OH NO NO NO!!!: Will Putin boot-lickers ever recover?[View]
196734598On Canadians and The Collapse of their nation:: When a Canadian tells you his country is not collaps…[View]
196756310Canada is Colapsing - Internet and Cable Edition: that's right, I'm highjacking this gener…[View]
196758115How do Americans feel about their money being wasted on a witch hunt?: The Mueller investigation has…[View]
196729420Will Trump get reelected in 2020?: Getting Trump elected was a good prank and all, but if you really…[View]
196757691Ðhe Todaj Šhow: Mætt Louzy Iz Ðhe Fase Ænd Ðhe Voise Ov Seksual Haræssment https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
196752853Rights are freedoms (like owning guns) whose: violation (like gun confiscation) will result in viole…[View]
196758217Anon REPENT SINS thread: I'll start. I've had premarital relations with two different Arab…[View]
196758802Saudi Arabia Declares War on America’s Muslim Congresswomen: https://foreignpolicy.com/2018/12/11/sa…[View]
196755198Are these small percentages bullshit! Both my parents are from eurostan and this tells me I have jew…[View]
196744737Should apps and sites like Tinder that encourage thottery be outlawed?[View]
196755260The dab: It is almost like the ns German victory salute. Is it not time we trick the left again into…[View]
196747081Am I white?: I just got back my ancestry DNA results and found out I’m 1% sub-Saharan African. Am I …[View]
196724531Are Tradeskills a meme?: >Tradeskills are better than college Ok, tell me what tradeskills I can …[View]
196735111Immigration. Just Why?: >And not a single journalist thinks to ask >'Why is this our problem?'…[View]
196749480YELLOW PEST: France: >muh taxes on products are too high >muh taxes on salaries are too high A…[View]
196754585Has Mueller's Mandate Ended?: https://archive.fo/mOrBD https://www.thepostemail.com/2018/10/25/…[View]
196754410How do you torture a jew?[View]
196757547Why isn't anyone discussing this?: Don't let them slide your chance out of poverty off thi…[View]
196755338This is the last time I will post here for a while. AMA.[View]
196746855Should Germany be renamed Slavany? Extended Poland? Gopnik Ubermensch? Poland when are you gonna man…[View]
196729052Moon Landing 'Hoax': >Aluminum and steel on the space shuttle would've melted >Also the r…[View]
196757942Free Speech Hosting?: Are there any web hosts that have a reasonable terms of service agreement and …[View]
196758214Trump The Zionist: How can you support this man when literally everyone he surrounds himself with is…[View]
196757281卐NSG卐 - National Socialism General: Thread for discussion of National Socialism, Fascism, Traditiona…[View]
196735887Is this perfect Europe?[View]
196753400What the fuck is wrong with American women: Pic related is my girlfriends friend with her fur babies…[View]
196756906Death penalty: Why do liberals try to convince everyone that killing people doesn't solve probl…[View]
196751313>Be O'Reilly >Have retarded opinions >sperg the fuck out on anyone who dis agrees with…[View]
196757575Try and get Fallout 76 as game of the year: I'm trying to get as many people as possible to vot…[View]
196755904A fitting and perfectly accurate analogy to Christian Europeans today: Has a single image ever BTFO …[View]
196755089Nigger invaders, anarco-commies, centre-leftist stole yellow jacket: protest in Italy. They are prot…[View]
196754291hey guys remember bee well most of you zoomers may not but i make documentaries now and the first on…[View]
196746850Red Pilling Your Friends: My friends and I often have mildly political conversations and last night …[View]
196760936you're in a room with a kike, nigger and canadian you've got one bullet in your glock 19 w…[View]
196760896Any one ever get abducted by an alien before? How do you know if you were?[View]
196760734'so anon, why are you always so quiet, you got something to hide?' *forehead sweat intensifies*[View]
196757427Hot Ivanka Thread: post rare ivankas, i would literally let her tie me to a bed and smush her ass an…[View]
196735634Are you ready for the first transgender Miss Universe? She's gonna teach you fucking bigots a m…[View]
196754238based as fuck. you will never see any sissy white male being this based[View]
196756848Daily reminder[View]
196757202AGENDA 21 LEAK: It's big 9/11 will cause martial law. FB.com/RightPartyUSA[View]
196755934Will Trump pardon 'The Proudboys'?: He pardoned a criminal jew, so will he stand behind his supporte…[View]
196743152Back to Africa: How can we meme this into reality? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBIKHh8rUzs https…[View]
196760214Filename thread[View]
196752833Why do companies keep responding to outrage culture?[View]
196755202It'll never end: Translation: we're full of shit, we know it, you know it, but we'll …[View]
196756644Article 13 delayed two more months: They couldn't figure out how to word the law. https://www.e…[View]
196756875Left/Right false paradigm: What could be the worse that could happen if we created an anti-(((elite)…[View]
196759952What ethnicity is this actually?[View]
196736423WE WUZ: How many of you knew this? https://twitter.com/kanyewest/status/1073938621453852679…[View]
196750319Spencer appreciation thread: This guy was right about trump all along. Trump is an incompetent boob …[View]
196751405mmk i hate niggers but Candace Owens is amazing[View]
196745930Communism: 1. No banks, no credit, no usury 2. No so called 'free market' to speculate 3. No religio…[View]
196739441/MMG/ post em: Media Manipulation General. Most sane people here are well aware of media manipulatio…[View]
196752375just discovered Nietzsche and thee jew plans immediately revealed it self where to go from here?[View]
196755811why did the yellow vests fail to accomplush anything[View]
196745731Welp..: Just got back from the protests, died down quite a bit since last week. Think it's time…[View]
196752717Kanye: WE WUZ JEWS N SHEEEEEIT: Bored of embodying the 'based black man' meme, Yeezy has now moved o…[View]
196756471You know he's right when he says he lives in our heads rent free.[View]
196753866is cloudflare /our hosting provider/?[View]
196753870(((Identity Politics))): The Jews have been using identity politics to attack whites people for deca…[View]
196740948How are we supposed to take Christians seriously when you have idiots like this out there. What…[View]
196752756Why is Bitcoin anti-semitic?[View]
196754861To all people of color browsing /pol/: do not side with the White Devil, do not fall for his nazi pr…[View]
196756277how come spics literally shit on northern europe in terms of art and culture? literally wise spics h…[View]
196755669How can we debrown our nations without a second Holocaust?: Are there ways we can debrownify the Wes…[View]
196752526Is this true? Blacks prefer blacks?[View]
196755273Remember how /pol/ was winning in 2016? When even the Reddit front page had red pills moving the nor…[View]
196752135Are women niggers?: >violent >low IQ >selfish >herd mentality >victimizers >degene…[View]
196755894Tbh I can't think of anything more pathetic than the western asian man: They are literally will…[View]
196754711/nocoffee/: Did any of you try stopping coffee (and caffeine) completely ? What were the benefits ? …[View]
196741202In 2000, Beth Rodden and Tommy Caldwell pushed an Islamic fighter from a Kirgisistan mountain: They …[View]
196754719>implying you can be redpilled without excepting Jesus as your lord and savior…[View]
196746520Do you know any right wing imageboards besides 4chan other than this one? https://kohlchan.net/int/ …[View]
196755427So let's play a game /pol/. Let's say irrevocable proof tbat (((they))) are responsible fo…[View]
196755735Video games workers create union to demand rights: https://news.sky.com/story/video-games-workers-cr…[View]
196751178KOOL-AID KAMALA HARRIS: Kamala Harris' ex-boyfriend and political mentor Willie Brown had a clo…[View]
196755690>the only reason I vote republican is because they are the lesser of two evils I'd be wastin…[View]
196755217Why do American liberals equate 'western values' with white supremacy?: Why do 'liberals' and Democr…[View]
196744586>attack poland together with russia in 1939 >the west only declares war on germany How is that…[View]
196752776>Sell asbestos powder to children for tens of years >Give cancer to millions of people > -1…[View]
196748713anyone have more comparison photos?: last thread got deleted, i got a warning ;_;[View]
196745204Why is there a Canadian military?: >68,000 members and yet they still find room for make work spe…[View]
196748229Thoughts on BASED Hasan Piker?[View]
196755054I want a new iPhone and a free Happy meal[View]
196751330THE MUTTPOCALYSE IS UPON US! https://youtu.be/5171eGo13hs[View]
196754043You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
196754923Can someone tell me how Haiti is not a shithole?[View]
196757582Are rapist's alphas or betas or both?[View]
196742364ITS HAPPENING!: Police is france are using military style tactics. Encircling groups of protesters a…[View]
196754797Could we reunite these three?: Let's be honest, this is the only place fit to be an ethnostate.…[View]
196754246Well this is escalating quickly.[View]
196748169Are the capitalists trying to use the lumpenproletariat to destroy the (white) proletariat?: Are the…[View]
196750288*terrorist laughing*[View]
196748719Our society is not degenerate because of the rising acceptance of homosexuality, but because our 'el…[View]
196746108/esp/ Spain Weekly General: SPANISH WEEKLY GENERAL, SCHEDULE: >ALL SATURDAYS AT 18:00 (SPANISH PE…[View]
196753311What is the most mainstream song which exposes the Jew? >Finished with my woman 'cause she c…[View]
196747073Alt Righters, what's it like to perceive reality as a conspiracy?: Climate change is real. Raci…[View]
196753526Antifa fags attacked two Hispanic US Marines in Philly. The group kicked and maced them, also called…[View]
196751292State of Europe: pol, isn't this just a start of something bigger something better… Europe is c…[View]
196754450Creating a basic factbook, requesting advice: I have seen the deluge of facts presented here over ti…[View]
196751200When Dild Pol Become Reverse SJWs?: How are eth-nats any different from cultural marxists they criti…[View]
196750034Nations are a social construct: thoughts?[View]
196676314I have seen a lot of faggots defend the daniel shaver shooting. So if any of you that defend this ar…[View]
196745360/pol/, I am tired of just doing online activism and to truly succeed, we need to get out in the real…[View]
196753679Nigger reparations: Ever noticed how niggers want reparations from white people? Why aren't the…[View]
196737624Which ethnicity should we eliminate from existence and why Cossacks? >uncontrollable savages >…[View]
196740220Closer to God: >>195956412 Thanks to all who responded in the last thread. I have begun to stu…[View]
196743073Half naked 10 year old boy dances on stage for money at adult gay bar in New York: Hell is real and …[View]
196747105Even if it’s true FUCK buzzfeed: https://apple.news/ANPehrkPASXKlz9G_xNeFqQ[View]
196749470March On Marrakech: http://archive.is/RfSf8 QRD >Conservative government party refuses to sign UN…[View]
196746565Promises only Bind those who Believe them[View]
196753918IT'S OVER FOR HER, DAILY REMINDER: She is a shiska. Look it up. Ocasio-Cortez-Stein LOVES Isra…[View]
196750120Drumpfcucks on suicide watch https://twitter.com/HamillHimself/status/1073523899315429378[View]
196749773Negress is sad that black women aren't making money on youtube.: Immediately blames it on racis…[View]
196756381Redpilled music thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7D-bUcfLVY https://youtu.be/uipeuTzkGaM htt…[View]
196742422What does pol think of /ourpastor/ Steven Anderson? >names the jew >hates big government >h…[View]
196730922General fascism thread: Let's get one going[View]
196752268Adam ruins the Holocaust: Who else can't wait for this episode?[View]
196753499Red Pill Bible: Jesus was a National Socialist >we >anti roman >salvation only for believer…[View]
196750923>'Macron is the president of the rich' The real reason for the yellow vest movement is high incom…[View]
196753292>I, LaCreaturaNPC33641 >pledge allegiance to the flag >of the servant of the Synagogue of S…[View]
196747491French Coup d'Etat NAW: Paris, le 07 décembre 2018 Monsieur le Président, Vous vous apprêtez à …[View]
196753381Fuck William the conqueror: The UK has been going downhill and becoming more Europeanized ever since…[View]
196749953Is it true that all of these super-nice Northern European countries have low average working hours? …[View]
196748454Wanna know why Yellowvests get shilled hard?: It's simple. It's not the rising fire they f…[View]
196750800Divide & conquer: Share your sly, wicked ideas on how to infiltrate the liberal camp and turn th…[View]
196751047/MLG/ Media Lies General: This is a neccesary thread[View]
196721342Brits to PAY the EU for showing up as tourists post-Brexit: The EU is gearing up to get its US-style…[View]
196734074Should Israelis be banned from /pol/?[View]
196747169/fg/ Fascism General #2 - Two in a Row Edition: Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_Qr9-…[View]
196709777I'm literally just trying to comprehend how I, as a gay sophomore in a fashion school, could ev…[View]
196752761Remember, the Chinese, regardless of how evil they look, at least manage their nation better than th…[View]
196747733YELLOW VEST LIVESTREAM WITH COMMENTARY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yb4hf28lumA https://www.yout…[View]
196755516What happens here?: What does the triskelion mean? Other examples of triskelions?[View]
196750199Europe is dead: 'There's no future for young people in Europe. My advice to you is to leave whi…[View]
196745465>socialist propaganda can you be more biased than this right here?[View]
196733325(((Swedish))) nig game developer shits all over pewdiepie, calls followers ''white suprema…[View]
196755296>have to leave the house at 2 AM >start car >turn on headlights >see pic related >'ay…[View]
196754381Women are fake: Why are they so ugly without makeup?[View]
196750716Kanye’s exposing them to some of his NPC fans.[View]
196750473What does pol think of my favorite part of my essay? How hard am I going to get killed on a scale of…[View]
196754701The past few days, the ability to post on 4chan has been down for roughly two hours around this time…[View]
196751083Niggers!!!: Lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtsa0MT2H4I&app=desktop[View]
196752295Can someone point me in the direction of some good resources to learn about illegal immigration in t…[View]
196730614Pro-EU journalist wounded in Strasbourg attacks died: Press S >Antonio Megalizzi, the pro-EU Ital…[View]
196751859Awkward, ha! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6499283/Trumps-new-chief-staff-Mick-Mulvaney-c…[View]
196751541Why do people still vouch for failed ideologies?[View]
196752103Greeks/ italians: When did the Greeks and Italians become mixed raced? I noticed Italy started going…[View]
196743153Brave New World: Did this book pretty much perfectly predict the future of modern, secular technolog…[View]
196751999Obamacare Ruled Unconstitutional: [[[TRIGGERED]]][View]
196750968Where & when did Trump say that Fields should get life in prison?: I heard Eric Striker say that…[View]
196740086There will never be a wall Obamacare is never getting repealed Trump loses 2020 Democrats take contr…[View]
196750259Does anyone have the infographic showing all the pedophile articles from places like Salon.com? I…[View]
196750907>Trump push to deport Vietnam War refugees scalds California GOP lol those gooks are mostly repub…[View]
196746324Do you really NEED masters degree in sports??[View]
196749260How out of touch is Ontario. Limit new pot shops to open to 25 for the entire province lmao. They cl…[View]
196716684What are some good unbiased books on what happened with Yugoslavia and the whole mess in the Balkans…[View]
196744474Why do lolbertarians refuse to recognize that private collectives like corporations are also powerfu…[View]
196747583Why wont drumpf accept the 2016 election results?[View]
196744705Why do Poles always have to clean up the shit left by Germans?[View]
196750882Just prior to the election there were literally dozens of threads every hour of ever day in the week…[View]
196751247Could there be a better quote from a more red-pilled man in all of history?[View]
196734421why you nazis lost: Nazi Germany In a Nutshell: 1. Incompetance when going against GB, US, and USSR.…[View]
196736405what happens if/when Q is exposed as a LARP?: most people understand that at best Q is a LARP, at wo…[View]
196745657How does Germany still have a large industrial and manufacturing economy?: Shouldn't the cost o…[View]
196748330why are conservatives willing to die on a hill defending Trump and his overt corruption?[View]
196750639We could get this trending that anyone who uses the rainbow flag on their profile is a nazi for keep…[View]
196750592We must destroy Trump to rebuild him again: In 2016 George Bush was the sacrificial lamb. By denounc…[View]
196742114Its official. Bongs can take zero bants.[View]
196740816The ultimate white pill on white women: 1. the vast majority of white women are most attracted to th…[View]
196749023National Socialism thread Debate NatSoc and post art, speeches, books and whatever you have[View]
196749438We have to talk /pol/: When will >you realize that we have to take women´s rights away?[View]
196740277Remember when /pol/ thought brexit would be a good idea?[View]
196750804Is Dharma an Aryan concept? If yes, why do you think it should or shouldn't be promoted?[View]
196741752What does really conservatism conserve except billionaires fortunes? on every other front conservati…[View]
196750762What more has to happen before people start actually showing some resistance to all this U.N. bullsh…[View]
196747728writing a dangerous post: So i swear to god i am being tracked on, theres a lot of people trying to …[View]
196750704HWNDU is back at it again: So are we tracking this bad boy down? I believe it’s time for our final g…[View]
19674002710-year-old Polish girl and her dead sister, just shot by a German plane in September 1939 germans a…[View]
196749567So now that it's been two years, has Trump succeeded in making America great again? It feels li…[View]
196746756Is /notch/ the reason Gen Zyklon are so redpilled?: Dare I ask is he /ourguy/?[View]
196708923Fake-up should be illegal[View]
196745133Brit/pol/ WASSAIL WASSAIL Edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Nc0nsKpIPA[View]
196740243>Judge orders Idaho to give gender surgery to transgender child abuser inmate who previously trie…[View]
196743872Why is most of the GDP in America in blue/democrat areas?[View]
196746337Why Indians: why Indians are- so smelly so poor so disgusting so ugly so weak and manlets so low iq …[View]
196748323HAPPENING IN SPICLAND: The Spanish police has arrested the three people responsible for the Spanish …[View]
196749828The single solution to all our problems...: is to build a dike around doggerbank and reclaim the lan…[View]
196749378The story of Christianity: >God decides there should be more to the universe besides himself >…[View]
196745098Every empire falls: The USA will fall but more importantly the JEW will fall too. The Jews are not i…[View]
196743127How is circumcision a Jewish conspiracy?: If they do it to themselves? Kind of like cutting off your…[View]
196745922imagine having a population of 7 million and thinking you're hot shit for being socialist and c…[View]
196748378Sandy Vag: I've tried to look but seriously can't find any conspiracy information on Sandy…[View]
196748672The Bosnian National Pride Movement is a story that began on January 5, 2009. The BPNP as a movement…[View]
196749557Vladimir Putin is an american spy prove me wrong[View]
196748935>we're not lonely and desperate, we're empowering ourselves![View]
196725076Jo Cox was a sacrifice: She worked for Oxfam in Brussels during the period its director Roland Van H…[View]
196726881lolbergs gettin toasty[View]
196741845Is Generation Zyklon real?: https://files.catbox.moe/88s0ws.mp4[View]
196727552Is It Time To Separate From Florida?[View]
196741563Greek Politics - Golden Dawn edition: Can some Greek Anons that have knowledge / anecdotes related t…[View]
196748079Goyms where can i study more about Stalin and Lenin except wikipedia,i want to do a more in detail s…[View]
196749078>Worshiping a dead kike on a stick[View]
196740047>'Father, please stop': Grieving Michigan family are left distraught when priest uses t…[View]
196741124The IRA: What is /pol/ view on the IRA?[View]
196741348Keystone Pipeline Media Spin, don't be fooled.: Oh look here. A judge in Montana says 'No you c…[View]
196741188Why are Americans so agressive, materialistc and shallow: Does it have to do with their dark skin? J…[View]
196749100Tim Cook: The Courageous Censor: /pol/ needs to find good channels. The left is amplifying their mes…[View]
196743398>The holocaust didnt hsppen Post brainlet opinions itt[View]
196748560How do you stay motivated to not lose your soul in this crumbling dystopian hell scape /pol/? Thing…[View]
196721580We wuz philosophers an shit.: In Ancient Athens, most people were anti-intellectual. That's why…[View]
196747498what would pol think of a continuation of the great Manifest destiny? an annexation of canada and me…[View]
196747831Why do they hate everything pure and good in this world? It just makes me so upset[View]
196746511TRUMP'S WORST NIGHTMARE: >Trump good Weeks of devastating legal revelations have left Donald…[View]
196748060Why are people from the Philippines the worst people to work with?[View]
196743744>Sell wall space by the foot >wall gets funded within 24 hours by corporations and self obsess…[View]
196742527SPANISH DAILY STORMER SHUT DOWN: https://www.cuatro.com/noticias/internacional/alertajudiada-web-neo…[View]
196748302*blocks your path*: I heard you hate America here?[View]
196749011>(((lushchinskaya))) >white[View]
196726456WHY DO WOMEN ALWAYS WANT TO PROTEST NAKED?: Women are always making an excuse to be naked. Have you …[View]
196748984DING DONG SWAN SONG NEOCON MOTHERFUCKERS: The Trump curse hits again! The Neoconservative Weekly Sta…[View]
196748925HIDDENLOL: What does /pol/ think about Hiddenlol commuity?[View]
196726215race a social construct: thoughts?[View]
196747466Why is Trump's economy falling? Why would be purposely ruin the massive growth we had under Oba…[View]
196742854Norway next?[View]
196747546UN pact is going to be valid for all - even those who vote no!: What did Merkel mean by this? https:…[View]
196747394When (((they))) seized America?: Before the 20th century there were almost no kkes in america[View]
196735873'I..its dying down. j...just go home'[View]
196717200Jews are Leaving North America?: I heard some news from someone who works at a large travel agency i…[View]
196747950Saw this @The Maryland House Who did it?[View]
196748242NatPix: Did this a while back, It's back up with some improvements. It's like r place, but…[View]
196747931Daily reminder: The opposite of nationalism is internationalism or globalism, not liberalism.[View]
196737127FUN FACTS ABOUT CIRCUMCISION: If you are circumcised, you are either a jew, a jew convert, or a slav…[View]
196745410Daily reminder that all H*ngypsians need to be gassed.[View]
196743976drake is a jewish mutt[View]
196739979Israel have the lowest rate of cancer amongst all developped country. Cancer absolutely not being a …[View]
196748105>liberals get triggered by the word 'bro'[View]
196748098>2400 years ago[View]
196746843Based: https://youtu.be/Vny0W0axomc[View]
196716377Can anyone explain why in fuck she was arrested I don't get it? >US has sanctions on Iran …[View]
196720838Hi, my name is Paul and I'm a AAA videogame developper. Ask me anything.: Every games I have ev…[View]
196742776BEST FRANCE YELLOW VEST LIVESTREAM. WITH COMMENTARY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yb4hf28lumA htt…[View]
196750509>Woman is a violent and uncontrolled animal, and it is useless to let go the reins and then expec…[View]
196746742Ban Islam: Keep them out[View]
196750246Slav Hate Thread:[View]
196733881>Be american >get sick >die despite being able to be cured…[View]
196747484Media fakery general: Post your fakes[View]
196740940Muh 6 gorrillionnnn: The Holocaust is the best thing that happend to the jews Prove me wrong[View]
196734449Why shouldn’t every EU citizen have the right to join any EU state military?: EU citizens have the r…[View]
196746068If you google 'idiot', you get Trump as a result.: TRUMP BTFO How will he ever recover, /pol/?…[View]
196719065Here's your son, senpai https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYpe-aGY9Eg[View]
196738860>send Uyghur (Muslim) men to reeducation camps and de-Muslimize them >force Uyghur women to ma…[View]
196746104whats china and russia stance on the jew agenda[View]
196746491the smartest mexican guy is a criminal..: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rene_Enriquez_(mobster) http…[View]
196742347/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - 2A EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov http…[View]
196746007Gay Flag Burning gif: Hey, any of you cunts have that gif of the guy throwing a match against a rain…[View]
196746964Hello, /pol/. I'm just wondering if I should be a Druid or a Heathen. My mother is Scottish and…[View]
196745829>why are white people being attacked so much these days in the media https://youtu.be/dw_mRaIHb-M…[View]
196745499GERMAN FAKE NEWS: here they roll again with another German political campaign...[View]
196742574This board is a larp.: The reason this board will never be successful at actually changing any of th…[View]
196746809barrack obummer BTFO!: Great news regarding obummercare![View]
196740735>The “Intellectual Dark Web” You all are a fucking joke[View]
196746636Christmas Canceled, Santa taken out by a water cannon![View]
196742710Mark Hamill Digs Up Old Donald Trump ‘Incompetence’ Tweet: HOLY SHIT[View]
196745611Race: Weird shit happened in the last couple of years What's up with the aryan races? Germany d…[View]
196741143#EUROWEEK UPDATE: /ourguy/ is Dariusz Matecki he is a politician who is blowing up this case. His tw…[View]
196740029>two years >tens of millions of dollars wasted >still nothing how long will american taxpay…[View]
196746113White pride: I don't know how white people can be ashamed of being white it's our heritage…[View]
196745306Why Are Bulgarians So Based?: http://www.msn.com/en-xl/europe/europe-top-stories/bulgaria-billboards…[View]
196737530Is Medicare for all really that bad?[View]
196742445If Florida is so bad then why the hell do people keep coming here??[View]
196748814Why no one took this movie seriously?: It was prophetic ![View]
196745809SkyKing Do Not Answer: The tension is palpable. I can feel stress just in general, waiting for someo…[View]
196742247Keepnote: https://archive.fo/ Archive anything and everything to do with Ukraine, Syria, Europeans, …[View]
196743417Dixie Thread - Christmas Edition: It's been a while since we've had a good Dixie thread. H…[View]
196715406This guy was right from the start. Trump is an incompetent boob, that will acomplish nothing while w…[View]
196748738It Really Be like That...[View]
196745721National Socialism thread: Reminder that you wouldn't know today about the JQ and the evils jew…[View]
196738149Stefan Everts Near Death: World champion motocross rider Stefan Everts is near death after contracti…[View]
196728817Why are Americans like this?[View]
196745514GERMANY JERKS OFF TO GUILT CULT: https://edition.cnn.com/2018/12/14/europe/germany-nazi-war-trials-g…[View]
196739481Does the VA provide mental services to the Mutts arriving overseas when they find out their lonely m…[View]
196745289Masha'allah Mashaal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hd6vzqE3q8Q[View]
196733438/yvg/ - YELLOW VESTS GENERAL - A NEW DAWN EDITION: Thread for the protest occuring in Paris, France …[View]
196745316did they kill all the yellow vest streams?: rt and ruptly are down and cant find anymore[View]
1967481834chan is done, What is the most uncucked alternative ?: What is the most extreme 4chan-like you can …[View]
196744764/polit/: What are you reading you fuckas? I just got pic related from a thrift store for 2 €[View]
196738306>white woman antagonizes and hits her white man >he takes it all and she never learns >whit…[View]
196745091Why does it work so well?: Why the hell do alt right people tolerate degenerates amongst their ranks…[View]
196727321WHITE MAN'S VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY: The people who shit on video games are the same low IQ people …[View]
196735608Britpol - Yule. Edition.: Who here for xmas?[View]
196743116Are the EU GDPR privacy laws too protective of the public?: The regulations are strong and the fines…[View]
196741675Children choose to live with Brad Pitt after his divorce from Angelina Jolie..: Did he crack the cod…[View]
196740466Mueller wants intercourse with President. Huffington Post: r/politics•Posted byu/madchase0912 1 minu…[View]
196744411Gas is down to $2.15 here. God bless President Trump.[View]
196735915Liberals say a womanz invented farming and call her “the Farming Mother”: Why do liberals do this? W…[View]
196725887why is /pol/ so butthurt about being a stepdad? I enjoy it a lot, I met my wife 3 years ago and she …[View]
196735925>never indicted >zero scandals >pure class and grace Pictures speak athousand words Meanwhi…[View]
196742191Pastor Anderson BTFOs Japan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IO8BLRP_5cs This is the sermon that eve…[View]
196738027American Yellow Vest Movement: Normal weight Burger here. Honest question, been really thinking abou…[View]
196739674It is over[View]
196744405Project Snow: Okay so I have an idea to fuck with social media 1) We all make fake accounts of black…[View]
196738313Is Christianity bipartisan?: I mean, abortion and gay marriage?[View]
196729744Jesus, son of God: How is it different from Roman or other paganisms where you can have Gods walking…[View]
196740557extremely based[View]
196739187don: test[View]
196731006Did Britbongs get cucked out of their colonies? Why are there so many Germans in America? And I know…[View]
196740293I'm crashing this Brexit with no survivors.[View]
196743349Karl Marx: Tell me /pol/ was he against minimum wage? Was he against universal income?[View]
196745892What is this heresy?[View]
196727760American college student, 21, is 'stabbed to death by her male roommate, 23,' while studyi…[View]
196739148Russian historian Ponasenkov SMASHES political correctness: people of progressive leanings must see …[View]
196738296What happened to all the intelligent Brits?[View]
196736879Why haven’t you taken the surrogacy pill yet /pol/?[View]
196737953When will the governments of the first world realize that they can't just play nice anymore[View]
196739421Arrested 'The Daily Stormer' Spanish staff: http://www.alertadigital.com/2018/12/15/detenido-en-zara…[View]
196742184>Israel joins yellow vest protest >main reason ((high cost of living)) I don't know who…[View]
196740311Autism will destroy humanity.: What do you think is causing this increase? How will we deal with it?…[View]
196724888End male genital mutilation: >/pol/ pretends to be redpilled >there are still posters who defe…[View]
196730384Multiculturalism doesn't wo-[View]
196743558If a Jewish woman produces Jewish children, and a Jew can get citizenship in Israel easily... should…[View]
196743530God created Adam and gave him dominion of the Earth and animals and then gave him Eve as a companion…[View]
196737686Islam: Why aren't you Muslim, /pol/? >Normalized antisemitism >No alcohol >No drugs …[View]
196732125'''''''LGBT''''''' hate thread: Post redpills that show their true agenda[View]
196739627Falklands War II: Given the degeneracy, the foreign-blooded burden, and the weakening of the will, c…[View]
196741864Satus Quo: I'm sick of it all >modern day slavery just so you can lead a normal life >sys…[View]
196729760The best looking Hapas Men are still ugly: I'm Malaysian first of all.Am I the only who think t…[View]
196743395Daily reminder that /pol/ is a Christian board and no amount of r/atheism invasions will ever change…[View]
196741083Esoteric Muskism: >It became clear to me after the accusations of anti-semitism that the old answ…[View]
196740409why do Germans hate themselves so much?[View]
196736649WTF, I LOVE the European Union now?!?[View]
196738505Sperm Donors: How do you anons feel about donating sperm anonymously? You could spread your genetic …[View]
196742436In a refugee center at Oravainen Finland has been practiced so called Batik sex for years: Refugee c…[View]
196738436Everything is Terrible: watch this if you want to commit toaster bath! https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
196737716THERESA MAY CRASHING BREXIT WITH NO SURVIVORS: https://www.ft.com/content/4ba84724-ff84-11e8-ac00-57…[View]
196739482Im going to be moving from cucked mormon Utah to based german Montana. Am I making the right decisio…[View]
196716441Jews: Let's be real for a second. I don't have a problem with Jews. Jews are pretty cool. …[View]
196742958Pastor Steven Anderson tells the trugh about Iceland: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qj8n4_wNf38…[View]
196720328France's average White IQ being 98[1],: and urban people's IQ being 4 points higher than t…[View]
196733867Fun fact for Nazis: Do you know Orthodox Jews will straight snip a baby's dick with scissors an…[View]
196738488Pic Related Happening right now EuroAirport Basel-France. Some bag layed around.[View]
196735211CONFIRMED: new Alan Moore (Watchmen) movie about MOON MAN: >“I wanted to take some very old-schoo…[View]
196739729March Against UN Pact: I call upon all people to join our march against the UN migration pact in Bru…[View]
196738145How can we increase the amount of patriotism in the modern world? People are getting too unpatriotic…[View]
196741736>They're coming to the UK now How do I get a Japanese visa again?[View]
196725021>sperg out at Sargon >spend a week screaming at him >get BTFO'd constantly >pretend…[View]
196741047Kids, it's time to paint![View]
196737775This is the America I want[View]
196728520Yellow Vest Global Revolution hits Canada: Less than 4 hours. Find your city. Grab your vest and get…[View]
196736882Tumblr just successfully funded their own TV show about queer people of color. Meanwhile you alt-rig…[View]
196731337If you are a terror victim in Sweden, your grave will be desecrated by filthy Muslim shit: In Sweden…[View]
196729999PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - RENT FREE EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
196740795>/pol/ nazi larpers idolise aryan germans >mfw they lost to this >twice…[View]
196736461Why does he keep freezing 4chan?[View]
196742369Victory for South African Land Justice!: >The South African parliament has voted to change the co…[View]
196741373Project Teslatron: (pic related) >Find Tesla's grave >Dig up body >Take DNA sample …[View]
196740887Time to confess son[View]
196740841When will it end, /pol/?[View]
196740034This kills the NPC[View]
196737544france fuel riots: any one has a idea if the riots are still active and if yes how we can fuel the f…[View]
196711459Jesus Christ: Was Jesus of Nazaerth a real person? Are there any contemporary documents from his tim…[View]
196741378are you ready for the People's Vote /pol/? I hope all those old, poor, dumb, unskilled fucks fr…[View]
196740901Political Compass Test: What did you get? politicalcompass.org[View]
196741689why are there no government breeding programs surely an authoritarian state could get ahead by havin…[View]
196736541Tfw you realize we would be scaling the stars if not for niggers: According to 2014 budget data, the…[View]
196741657https://youtu.be/Wt5UGUmEThg 14:50 'dirty old sheets some israeli has been sleeping on, rofl this gu…[View]
196738023Why don't you recognise Israel as a legitimate state ?[View]
196736996Normie-friendly nationalism: What are the best theories/treatises/explanations on nationalism that I…[View]
196736510Islam and National Socialism: Can someone explain me why did Islam turn from an ally of white people…[View]
196739109Anyone here moving to England BECAUSE of Brexit?: EU will become a socialist shithole once again…[View]
196740980Why is it that when the left loses an election now, the first thing they point to is that the right …[View]
196740196Cuckada hate thread[View]
196720593Tell me why McMansions are bad. They are cheap they are big and they look nice. Would you live in a …[View]
196733699Why do American white women let the black guys film them when they are having sex with them? https:/…[View]
196723883Archaelogical Evidence of Sodom and Gomorrah's Destruction Uncovered: https://www.researchgate.…[View]
196739666The Vitgin Mestizo vs The Chad Castizo[View]
196737810Sweden: Sweden gets their close to communist party elected again kick their leader to get a new one …[View]
196740639Liberals: Why do we not have any Strong Men in the UK political realm? We need a warrior. Help us KE…[View]
196740274politicians are losers and politics are for losers why ? cause it's done anyway (securtity is a…[View]
196740232Odin.: Jews will defend him.[View]
196738946Will the SJW's ever tire of trying to ruin people's lives[View]
196729762What is Bill Gate's endgame? Why is he so obsessed with Africa? Does he actually believe it…[View]
196739827Interpool have arrested Alerta Judiada: Pay respects for the man who brought us the best videos abou…[View]
196736914Why are Americans and Turks so fat?[View]
196711379Richard Spencer is fucking up Heel Turn: Richard, what are you thinking naming this stream “The Rich…[View]
196739227Does this proof the holohoax happened?: Krautish autism is unparalleled...[View]
196734504Why do leftists stink so badly?: Is it the hempstank? Vapestank? Fecal matter?[View]
196730185Entire floor at federal courthouse sealed off for mystery case: Could this be related to Mueller? wt…[View]
196728856Which other planet do we owe money to?: Planet Earth = 184,000 billion dollars in debt. How does thi…[View]
196735103>before the jew >after the jew[View]
196730048Multiculturalism doesn't wo-[View]
196739277The British police are TERFS: https://news.sky.com/story/met-police-wants-more-female-firearm-office…[View]
196738026Is America becoming a third world country?[View]
196738622Why does Amazon & Google want me to own one of these?[View]
196738993Some people say we already live in cyberpunk dystopia. I say we are just getting started. Lets think…[View]
196736857Will we ever ascend to superior beings capable to surpass the processing powers of computers?[View]
196735893>what is this really about? >he seems a bit over the top >do they even sleep on the same be…[View]
196730866Race is Breed without Eugenic Pedigree: Can you counter this? Eugenics is animal husbandry applied t…[View]
196738910Xoomer here (1990-2000): Zoomers confuse me https://files.catbox.moe/88s0ws.mp4[View]
196736092How do you stop them spying on you??: I am getting paranoid about how much they know about me. What …[View]
196737588Have you ever noticed a correlation between people with 'anxiety' and people who support israel? It …[View]
196734157UN migration treaty: Didn't cuck out this time im honestly surprised Thread theme https://www.y…[View]
196738579are niggers white?[View]
196737175Pizzagate?: Pizzagate is real? No thats fake news. Youre all fake news. James alefantis is just an a…[View]
196733418Yellow Jacket - Ninjas are coming edition: Thread for the protest occuring in Paris, France today Po…[View]
196738567Test: Test[View]
196723348AUS/POL/ SATURDAY EDITION #2: Evening lads. >New REA data reveals the properties that have been o…[View]
196737891Should sodomy be outlawed?: I think white-nigger sex should be outlawed, but I’m undecided about fag…[View]
196738523what 'the west' means: friendly reminder that italy and france alone are what people usually call 'e…[View]
196727830If you are a nigger migrant in Belgium, you are entitled to one free rape: The second might be not b…[View]
196738403WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0aq6aU7_hE&t=0s Let's just say …[View]
196737941Why are the British so shit? Really everything they do or have or by far the worst of Europe even sl…[View]
196701923YES, it IS literally „da joos“: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LSz_nks0Yuk Google Frankfurt School. T…[View]
196736056Yassss Brisbane!!!!: Fucking sick of this degeneracy fucking pushed in the west, even n Australias m…[View]
196734600Virgin Galactic First Space Travel: Richard Branson is finally going to start sending people into sp…[View]
196737261das raycis: pol, I need a meme I saw ages ago & can't find again. It was Americans landing …[View]
196724598How long will the new Chinese age last?: Now that the western age is dying after less than a thousan…[View]
196737148Shoutout to the desert: >Killing immigrants >with heat >Doesn´t cost tax payer money >fr…[View]
196735095what would happen if we made the left think having an animal which is white be representative of whi…[View]
196737880Opinions on this movie?: I'm a fan of the God's Not Dead movies because I think they'…[View]
196735448If jews are all one single race like /pol/ claims, then why do they all look so different and most l…[View]
196728816Is divorce even worth it? coming from a country where divorce is illegal[View]
196737403Do you anons stay in touch with your family, grandparents, parents etc? What do you talk about?[View]
196731177Why do we let SJW LGBTPPBBQ ++-* MarxistS pervert our video games?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
196737755Violence against white european women by immigrants: Hello fellow 4chan users! I am looking for a da…[View]
196736240Guys, I'm scared. I fucking hate trannies, I selectively give disdain to the gays and the lesbi…[View]
196737497WE (KIND OF BUT NOT REALLY) INVENTED TRAFFIC LIGHTS N SHIT!: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/business-…[View]
196736904Zoomer here. Just got finished watching Miracle on 34th street with my family for the first time on …[View]
196732434Muh wage gap.: Meet the Master of Transpersonal Art Therapy class of 2019 at University of Northern …[View]
196736430All Left Cartoons - Are Baby Boomer Cringe: >Be Lefty >Could not open tattoo shop >Start …[View]
196737452/HBD/ General - Human Biodiversity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6Cyu9SD8Lk https://www.youtube…[View]
196735160Cyber pettiness.: Here is how you know the Hebrew is nothing but shrimp shit. They claim to be in co…[View]
196737376Is fake bomb sending: The new signature of the deep state? >cnn needs ratings for sweeps week …[View]
196734570Send Goku your energy /pol/ so he can blast Elysee Palace[View]
196732600Honestly, stalling the vote is truly the best strategy May has: Now that Theresa May is safe in her …[View]
196736422If you're still not patriotic, you're behind the times. Everyone is already patriotic.[View]
196736636Zinke is gone: https://a.msn.com/r/2/BBQZhUM?m=en-us&referrerID=InAppShare Trump talked about dr…[View]
196737167Speciation: What is the consensus of /pol/ on speciation? This opens up the possibility of different…[View]
196737065And this is our son's room... He love orangutans...[View]
196737108JanitorAnon: So what do we think of this guy? Seemed more than semi legit. Stated what he knew, didn…[View]
196736842What do, /pol/?: Aye gringo, give us 50000 dollars and overthrow our government if you want us to le…[View]
196736994where does the JEW power lie how do they have so much power in America and why aren't they seen…[View]
196719843Japan giving away empty houses for free. Foreigners included.: >There are over 8 million abandone…[View]
196732350Is chastity even possible in the 21st century?: I might be a sex addict and I love fucking chicks. …[View]
196736397Why does Trump love Israel (and like Saudi Arabia) so much?[View]
196729330ok this is epic[View]
196736818So why is drunk driving, driving without seatbelts and driving in headphones illegal? This ain'…[View]
196735571TFW Green Nationalism and Protectionism: TFW The only way to prevent and control pollution of oceans…[View]
196733061Trump loses 2020[View]
196733501GERMANY YES!!!!!!: Germany officialy recognizes the 'Neutral' Genre in the Bundestag: https://www.in…[View]
196736356What's /pol 's opinion on Ferdinand Marcos?[View]
196715760Doomer Meme Thread: Post your doomer memes here. I’ll start.[View]
196732900What the fuck is his problem?[View]
196729045There is zero archeological proof of transgender. And there never will be.[View]
196732985This is what a REAL American Patriot looks like.[View]
196725331Why do White American Schoolgirls have sex with spics and niggers?: How long has this been happening…[View]
196715599what did this woman want?[View]
196725619why is the hiring process so fucking ridiculous? literally anywhere from 2-6 months from time of app…[View]
196668728Was ancient China influenced by europeans?[View]
196734204niggers: whats wrong with them?[View]
196731935Trolling a blackpilled indian: There's a retarded indian nibba around here, just wanna troll hi…[View]
196733454Why is Bitcoin anti-semitic?[View]
196733817Affordable Care Act: If a judge can rule that because part of the healthcare law is unconstitutional…[View]
196735143You can't get more bassist and red-pilled than Eugene Michael Jones. >https://www.youtube.co…[View]
196735266Do you ever think we're fighting a lost cause?: These people are utterly brainwashed. https://w…[View]
196735872France's libertarian revolution?: Is this the tea party 2.0, seeking for life, liberty and the …[View]
196696237Jennifer Lawrence calls out Fake News: She claims she dindu nuffin.[View]
196719237How Long Until Tucker's Gone?[View]
196727991Nazi Germany In a Nutshell: 1. Incompetance when going against GB, US, and USSR. 2. No Fucken Oil. 3…[View]
196707322Should porn be made illegal? I fap to porn all the time, but have realized, finally, that it is mak…[View]
196735750This is the real political compass here: Stop posting retarded ones that make no sense[View]
196735730im moving to japan next june after their open their borders any tips on how to be a good foreigner i…[View]
196718072Why did the Nazis ally with Romanians, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Slovaks, Albanians, Japanese and othe…[View]
196728758whites btfo: Asians are tired of taking this degrading and appalling treatment from whites who think…[View]
196734602Insurance = hoax?: Insurance is a hoax? Most perfectly healthy millennials are dishing out all kinds…[View]
196735397In the same way that barbarism was considered a step back from the higher organization of civilizati…[View]
196724042!*!*!*!*! LIVE FRANCE HAPPENING !*!*!*!*!: !*!*!*!*! LIVE FRANCE HAPPENING !*!*!*!*! !*!*!*!*! LIVE …[View]
196730978Why do we cuck: Calling all mountainjews, medpacks and cheeseholes! Why do we cuck to the eu? Compar…[View]
196725232Wave of Anti-Satanic Attacks Sweep France: >37 Tombstones Desecrated at Jewish Cemetery in France…[View]
196733446Do Aussies interbreed with aboriginals? If some Aussie chick showed up to the prom with one of those…[View]
1967332789/11: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QX1SojKfgNI[View]
196716234Why is Trump's economy falling? Why would be purposely ruin the massive growth we had under Oba…[View]
196733968https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-asia-india-46573273 Don't eat poo rice[View]
196730815In Korea, was the Gwangju Uprising a bluepilled movement?[View]
196732036Macron the Crybaby: BRUSSELS (Reuters) - French President Emmanuel Macron said on Friday that Ford…[View]
196723817The Invasion of Poland: Why did Hitler invade Poland? One big reason I’ve heard is that Ethnic Germa…[View]
196734022Political Satire & Comedy: Is it dead? What progressive modern comedy can offer to viewer?…[View]
196734605Does God make contact with a culture of people? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hebrews[View]
196730636Jews and their tricks throughout the history: gonna do a presentation on monday about the the reason…[View]
196705365How is 'modeling' any different from prostitution? it's selling body and it's dehumanizing…[View]
196733899Ok...What the HELL Kanye? What do you have in mind ?: This is really weird.[View]
196732472The Order of Nine Angles: http://www.o9a.org/ >The O9A Code of Kindred Honour http://www.lapisphi…[View]
196724012DIE ISRAEL DIE[View]
196731363S'shut up everyone th'there w'was no moon landing it was m'made by {insert x dir…[View]
196724913BREXIT (2019) - NEW HBO SERIES: Oh boy, here we go >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5S1EMmCWAE…[View]
196731919How could we let this happen!!!! Jk lol fuck that guato garbage[View]
196709485You know what I think our biggest mistake was? Giving everyone the right to vote. No, I don't m…[View]
196732946What are scientific evidence that women are oppressed by patriarchy ?[View]
196720548The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Genocide: THE GENOCIDE AGAINST THE UYGHUR CONTINUES END THE ET…[View]
196728237How Can We Help Israel Embrace Multiculturalism?: https://twitter.com/haaretzcom/status/107390472425…[View]
196699364Brit/pol/-Old ale edition: Tis comfy cosy hours.Stoke the fire, put your wooly jumper on and get you…[View]
196733483Guide to who is white and who is not: Straight from the source (the Third Reich), the official guide…[View]
196727592French Jewish cemetery desecrated with swastikas: >A ceremony has taken place at a Jewish cemeter…[View]
196719261Britbongs at it again...: dudes what the fuck? whats with this obsession to single-handedly destroy …[View]
196733589Why are they allowing France to burn, /pol/?[View]
196730292Whose better: Japan or Korea: We know they're the best Asians but which one is better? Japan Ar…[View]
196733576is russia still a kike shithole? i thought they were btfo in the 90s[View]
196733715Ok this is epic[View]
196719988Julian Assange AMA: Ask me anything, except the actual important stuff, of course. Can’t ruin the wh…[View]
196732704tell me about your favorite nordic pagan god and why it's Beta Ray Bill[View]
196723889How to browse /pol/ JEW-FREE: You are welcome.[View]
196732383Hitler was a jew theory[View]
196729148Is this acceptable behavior from a politician, on the far right? Would you vote for a politician who…[View]
196708707Varg Appreciation Thread: Varg has 7 kids, lives a simple and tough life, makes music and books, mak…[View]
196730656Yellow vests: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KznZXZ_hegY It hasn't died down yet...the police …[View]
196729894This man is your friends, he fights for freedom.[View]
196731248Since most of the deaths are between criminals, does it mean that in the future these countries will…[View]
196729433Why does the Bible and Koran hate women?[View]
196708591What's their end game?[View]
196710545Alright you fags let’s settle this once and for all. I went grocery shopping just now (10:00pm mount…[View]
196720818Is Macron going to get guillotined?: Are the french going to guillotine their corrupt leader? https:…[View]
196731968I liked the Chequers agreement, I thought it was good.[View]
196730827What does /pol/ 2018 think of hitler? https://www.strawpoll.me/17048443[View]
196730638Nigger hate thread[View]
196724343>Don't trust the mainstream media, it's got a heavy left-wing bias. Only trust these ne…[View]
196732557/GiletsFrog/: https://www.rt.com/news/446534-france-protests-yellow-vests/ >Less yellow at Champs…[View]
196731704>w-we're not a cult of personality >it's totally ironic…[View]
196725313So are there any viruses or anything on the angry goy games: I saw a video about angry goy 2 a bit a…[View]
196730515Are there people here who don’t love hitler? Why?[View]
196732039National Socialist Community Broadcast: Their soul is black, get out alive.[View]
196731770,: this is disgusting[View]
196711127*single-handedly destroyed the right-wing*: As a liberal, I'd like to thank every dork that par…[View]
196731435OK Britbongs, tell me what the hell is happening on your islands. I've received package wrapped…[View]
196730354How could the Spanish go from fighting a brutal 800-year-long war and reclaiming their land from the…[View]
196713879What is the fucking point?: https://edition.cnn.com/2018/12/14/europe/germany-nazi-war-trials-grm-in…[View]
196728957Nothing makes me happier: Than seeing cactus niggers and their white saviors kvetching over spilled …[View]
196707736History of Satan: This fucking meme influences all modern people, religions and governments? https:…[View]
196730511Funny shitskin stories: Let's take a break from being an internet hate machine and laugh for a …[View]
196735434Zoomers: Why do Zoomers eat tide pods?[View]
196729658>childhhood friend goes missing for 7 years after high school >comes back on social media >…[View]
196731801It Has Begun Spread The Message: Lately brothers I have become increasingly sad seeing the empire th…[View]
196731789Cathy Newman On Jordan Peterson Interview & So You're Saying Meme thread[View]
196723001/epg/: /epg/ - Espert President General #ESPERT2019 #LIBERALOTE Espert is the libertarian candidate …[View]
196721739WELL...: how WILL /pol/ respond to THIS ? I'm waiting...[View]
196731318The next Super Power: According to Gandhi we are in second phase guys. Get ready for an epic victory…[View]
196720026Britain to increase minimum wage to 8.30 pounds: 10yrs ago, the exchange rate was 2 USD to 1 British…[View]
196687988Would you date a Mexshitcan?: How do you guys reject shitskins on dating apps? I don't wanna ge…[View]
196734727What were the qualifications to become an SS Officer?: Is it still possible to earn this distinction…[View]
196726896Yellow Jacket General - Marianne edition: Thread for the protest occuring in Paris, France today Pol…[View]
196727620Yellow jacket clarification: I was tired to write the same shit again and again so i made this threa…[View]
196725065What does /pol/ think of Roosh?[View]
196727023Medicare For All (single payer healthcare in USA): American healthcare as it is now: >hundreds of…[View]
196716167What was the Nazi's end game? Also general WW2 redpills[View]
196728285Will Europe ever be free of niggers?[View]
196723824Why don't you just accept Israel is the only ally that we have left? Canada, Great Britain, and…[View]
196729858Why do libtards hate Walmart but not Target?[View]
196718933Hold on tight, the spin is going to get insane[View]
196720360China Social Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dkw15LkZ_Kw Isn't it time to admit Uncle T…[View]
196730941*gives 38 billion USD from taxpayers to Israel*: What do?[View]
196729724>Down 1000 seats across America >Lowest recovery in mid term elections of any opposition party…[View]
196725931hey burgers where is your wall, haha[View]
196728087Command Field Gun Run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Xho-ke_Kpg[View]
196733499Today is my birthday[View]
196724077Obvious Vid of Reptilian chasing cars DISCLOSURE WHEN?: https://youtu.be/H9Vq_zQ2n4k[View]
196729605The state of male feminists: https://www.theguardian.com/what-makes-a-man/2018/oct/11/blog-why-my-fi…[View]
196721463Israel is about to attack Lebanon: >RT https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=share&v=GKVAZNLheJ…[View]
196705038Who wins?[View]
196721681Why there is so many krauts and nordcucks in Midwest?[View]
196726004The Goyim Know: JIDF on suicide watch. Time to Freeze it up.[View]
196726200Is anyone else here not racist at all?: I don't hate anyone, even have a few nigger and gook fr…[View]
196728926>be me >head to bed because really tired >sleep.exe >middle of the night, wake up to the…[View]
196730580>S.Amdt. 4096 (Cornyn) to S.J.Res. 54: To provide that nothing in the joint resolution shall be c…[View]
196730555Frankie Rzucek brother of Shan’ Watts running scams with Ask Golightly: Frankie has taken to social …[View]
196728115what's the point of philosophy the current state of the west was predicted 200+ years ago and n…[View]
196725430World's ethnic cartogram.[View]
196727729Are you prepared for the impeachment? i sure am, gonna be full of drama and 'happening' po…[View]
196729901Who's Ready For Sunday Funday?: https://twitter.com/TheRalphRetort/status/1073887308741525505?s…[View]
196724054FUCK NETANYAHU[View]
196725838whats your take on migrants?: prospects are dim Europe is flooded with migrants politics is failing …[View]
196720895How do Brits feel that they were severed from the true faith because some fat degenerate monarch wen…[View]
196705335>kill bomber haji who was building bombs >get prosecuted 8 years later FTGE https://www.dailym…[View]
196727341having second thoughts about legal weed..[View]
196720748Fear of Immigration is Low IQ: Mystery spawns fear in those unable to discern and assess the mystery…[View]
196727006why?: over a year and no clear motive[View]
196727297What is Grey State and why did the director get killed?: It's a selfmade video about state cont…[View]
196728487That Ol Lion Video? All Signs Point to Jewish: I'm not sure of the protocols of linking one…[View]
196722808What is /pol/'s thoughts on Goebbels?[View]
196725483Dictatorship. Monarchy. Democracy. Call it what you want, but it's always one guy in charge, tr…[View]
196726708Next 21-D there is going to be a big happening in Spain: Our Catacucks want war. Big groups of separ…[View]
196718936are we living in hell pol?[View]
196727089Are southern euros aware of their somali DNA and[View]
196724364Is Putin buying trump, or does Putin have dirt on Trump? Or is there a combination of factors? https…[View]
196723173Why are Turkish people desperate to join the EU?: Are they retarded? Countries within the EU have no…[View]
196723367The coming AI/UFO War.: War between a post singularity Earth based AI and UFO/UAPs is inevitable. Wh…[View]
196722404DO YOU LIKE TRUMP?[View]
196728559FUCK YOU FINLAND: Why are you people raping Swedish women? Explain yourself.[View]
196712271Pakistani people are superior to everyone else: 1. We have more loyal women. Most women are reserved…[View]
196713552Losing the culture war: Hello faggots, I am a known personality that despises leftists and have made…[View]
196720251Why do Americans hate Russians ?[View]
196721075Will race mixing lead to Kekistan ?[View]
196703232Did you forget him already /pol/?[View]
196725672Migrant: The UK Government has made it compulsory for parents to dress there their children as Migra…[View]
196726253You know what guys? Denkmark/Sweden >good socialism >only problem is the immigrants So logical…[View]
196713248You have 7 seconds to say why you're not Roman Catholic[View]
196728965They are starting to fall like flies. So, after that SJW that was killed in the Netherlands, among t…[View]
196723930Where were you when the economy crashed on Saturday, December 15th?[View]
196724318INDIAN WOMEN HATE THREAD: THIS IS HATE THREAD OF INDIAN WOMEN Most Indian women especially young are…[View]
196714392Ahem: It's 8am in France.: butter your damn croissants and start rioting.[View]
196726619Euroweek: It's obvious that some gross shit has to be going on there. But is there also any evi…[View]
196706304Pedophiles put themselves under the LGBT umbrella in rebranding effort A pedophile group is trying t…[View]
196729240Which country would I get in more trouble for sieg heling and doing the Roman salute out in public?[View]
196728436'March' On Marrakech: http://archive.is/RfSf8 QRD >Conservative government party refuses to sign …[View]
196691437Sponsors are dropping Tucker: Pacific Life has officially suspended advertising on the Tucker Carlso…[View]
196729643Women: Where were you when you realised equal rights isn’t very equal? >be me >work at a top s…[View]
196724469When the Muslims go home, Persians can stay.[View]
196724250Some people say we already live in cyberpunk dystopia. I say we are just getting started. Lets think…[View]
196713357The Economist in 2019: As we all know, the economist magazine puts out spooky covers for each new ye…[View]
196729451Millennial Boomer checking in: When Obama was in power, he set up a police state in the cities. No o…[View]
196719765Christmas is pagan holiday: Jesus would not approve this.[View]
196729331Green Beret Charged With Alleged Murder Of Taliban Bomb Maker: >The U.S. Army charged a Fort Brag…[View]
196723610America hate thread? post your favorite mutts[View]
196724685Real talk, was Russia the first anti-Imperialist country in the world?[View]
196725274The deplatforming of milo, gavin and alex jones proves optics dont matter at all. Seriously opticuck…[View]
196726352Declare yourself in earnest.: Name ONE person who in you UNIRONICAL opinion would NOT sell their peo…[View]
196724658Kraut/pol/ - Sonderedition Marseillaise: No pasta, no parties ... France is the first beacon of a ne…[View]
196729106Okay, this is epic[View]
196721280Chink zoomers BTFO: https://gamerant.com/fortnite-china-ban-841/[View]
196718456nigger culture of big penis VS based Greeks: https://youtu.be/XwP4OdjOLxo?t=85 in Ancient Greece and…[View]
196711396Why are Krauts consistently some of the worst /pol/ users?: They are a hive mind of shit and I doubt…[View]
196689793YELLOW VEST AMERICA- CANT STOP US NOW EDITION /yva/: CALLING ALL PATRIOTS Gather everyone you know o…[View]
196680616the tiny house movement?: what are the political ramifications of the tiny house movement, which is …[View]
196726494The tree of liberty is thirsty[View]
196726714Imagine the following occurring in any other case: >Despite the fact that Charlottesville’s own g…[View]
196717814Socialism doesn't wo-[View]
196724004Yellow Jacket General: Frozen Again Edition: RT Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qm7-8WhA05A…[View]
196712231>conservatives bring guns to protests for years >WTF ANTIFA CAN’T BRING GUNS THATS ESCALATING …[View]
196718934What exactly is wrong with Jews? I'm not doubting that there's a problem, but I've ne…[View]
196721740We get it, you hate everyone, especially jews. But really has a jew ever done to you except getting …[View]
196715996for once in my life... an actual HAPPENING: what is going on? reporters are saying they were removed…[View]
196718521The Yellow Vests Are Taking Up Positions!: Good morning /pol! The French have had their morning cafe…[View]
196717494Parenting is illegal. Don't raise or have children.[View]
196724743election 2020: So, when's this shit going to really start heating up? As I recall by this time …[View]
196725203National Socialist Community Broadcast: When they offer you money, they are telling you they want to…[View]
196704905Posty: There is only 1 modern singer that you should be listening to and that is Post Malone. No one…[View]
196724233Welcome back Little Timmy, I thought we lost you forever: >https://twitter.com/timjacobwise/statu…[View]
196725085Kiketube Rewind: Will YouTube rewind get even more dislikes next time around in 2019? https://youtu.…[View]
196703894>sits under a tree for 50 years >'The cause of all suffering is life' >Eats bad pork and di…[View]
196723388Why are children so political these days?[View]
196716072The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region: daily reminder that janny doesn't want you to discuss Th…[View]
196721241Nixon went down without a fight, he gave up so it wouldn't drag out. Is Donald Trump dragging t…[View]
196712640Mueller Biographer - Robert Mueller and John Kerry Had Sexual Relationship in High School: Apparentl…[View]
196724185Is there a more biased mainstream news anchor?: I firmly believe that if Trump accidentally tweeted …[View]
196720819Yellow Jacket General: disappointment edition: Thread for the protest occuring in Paris, France toda…[View]
196722613Whats wrong with her ?!: Cringe. https://youtu.be/862UGfh3Dc8[View]
196724215No. No we're not.: Get your act together 4chan. If you invested fewer resources into scouring t…[View]
196724274Best pran ever: Let's dismiss this guy[View]
196715822Robinhood: >plan on offering checking and saving accounts that have 3% minimum interest >Plan …[View]
196705462Crazy Chuck Schumer: How weak did this guy look?[View]
196722185Is Barack Obama a good role model for young black men? Why/why not?[View]
196724123/FROG/ - Saturday Edition: what did he mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qm7-8WhA05A…[View]
196722089>/pol/s favourite anti-Christian book >book is written by an atheist jew Irony...…[View]
196720157look! usa 40-50e - beautiful white people - people go to church - beautiful houses - high quality of…[View]
196714696A study on the effect of oxytocin on sexual orientation in men: There was a thread on this and no on…[View]
196721357White nationalists are cancer {Americans-USA}: White nationalists are a cancer and a joke! I am for …[View]
196723461Ummm... Who's Jewing who?: >https://www.rt.com/news/446517-israel-yellow-vests-arrests/…[View]
196715933Ever Friends Episode has Gay agenda sh*t in it.: Every single one. Also shows twin towers all the ti…[View]
196708211Is the next grand solar minimum a bad thing for Whites?: It will turn the Northern Hemisphere into a…[View]
196717518Where were you when you realized that 'muh whiteness' is a kike disabling tactic, designed to break …[View]
196707463Dark Web: Where are there real news sites. Unfiltered news? Dark bleak gore finger pointing at the p…[View]
196721532NYC to force mostly Asian schools to accept more niggers & mexicans: 'Today, black and Hispanic …[View]
196718140Greatness: Why are modern leaders several leagues beneath the legacies of past great men? Hard mode:…[View]
196709261North America Yellow Vest - The Global Revolution will not be Televised: CANADA Vancouver - FORT ST.…[View]
196721837jesse ventura?: this guys based as fuck. whats pol think?[View]
196700594Republicans believe it's only a crime if a Democrat does it. That's for ANYTHING.[View]
196718119REDPILL BLACKPILL Documentaries: I'll start: Architecture of Doom, about Nazi aesthetics. https…[View]
196713107AUS/POL/ SATURDAY EDITION: Evening lads. >New REA data reveals the properties that have been on t…[View]
196710649Defying Trump, US Senate votes to end US support for Yemen war: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.alj…[View]
196722485>After Wisconsin Democrats swept statewide offices last month, Robin Vos, speaker of the assembly…[View]
196718195Only China Can Save Us Now: Based Chinks[View]
196718745IT'S OKAY TO BE WHITE: IT'S OKAY TO BE WHITE campaign was immediately declared as a hate c…[View]
196716675>muh gommunism is jewish What now faggots?[View]
196722132How Jews got so rich?: When Europe was Pagan, Jews were poor slaves now after 1000+ years of christi…[View]
196720390The True Origins of Christmas: It is the worship of the first false idol. Nimrod, in hebrew 'Marad' …[View]
196699833Did he take too many redpills or just trolling?: The actual debate aside, his arguments are based on…[View]
196718343This is an emergency and I don’t have time. Is there a mexico city phone directory?[View]
196721721If you hate jews why are you obsessed with a jewish metric? >The abbreviation 'IQ' was coined by …[View]
196719321South East Asia: How subhuman are we in /pol/ eyes?[View]
196711307>Descendants of the ancient and good Aryan race battle for world supremacy against descendants of…[View]
196718680Tinder Freak World Search!: Post the freakiest excuses of humanity you can find on Tinder![View]
196718184Listen, /pol/, they have not won. They can not win, and they know it. If they did it would be over i…[View]
196719675>James Woods is /ourguy/ >can't even tell Africa from South America…[View]
196711286I Hope You're Happy...: Your orange asshole will get people killed now. I hope you're happ…[View]
196708956I work at DC Federal District Court: I'm not an attorney or judge but I have wide access to mos…[View]
196712478Why can't America into guerilla warfare?[View]
196709017Comrade Gritty says all capitalist pigs get the guillotine. Not even worthy of serving in the gulag.[View]
196687683Abortion isn't nearly as bad as 'the pill': Birth control pills completely block pair bonding i…[View]
196715117The absolute STATE of White America: What happened to us? Where did we go wrong?[View]
196725251How come Scandinavians can tan, but the Irish always burn like vampires. Are Scandinavians secretly …[View]
196724755You can ONLY post in this thread if you are Iranian.[View]
196719726Can Haiti be fixed? It's a short question, but not a simple one. Here's a major issue that…[View]
196716496Why aren't you playing /pol/ the game. Why don't you take the front lines and sing the glo…[View]
196720870Kid politely drops a truth bomb, gets labeled racist..[View]
196711411What happened to anti war voices on this board? Second trump came into the scene everyone is raw raw…[View]
196720720Pedophiles, the 'people' leftists serve: Recently the WSJ and other kike MSM outlets have put out so…[View]
196709820Want to remember the 6 million in 4K Ultra HD? Now's your chance goy[View]
196717100TFW when Reddit traumatised. Just came back from browsing Reddit. >Am masochist. Person asked ho…[View]
196720638Janet Jackson gives pro-Globalism SJW speech at south korea music awards: So they are pushing global…[View]
196720585thoughts on Goggins?: seems relativel based, but also has some semi-retarded motivational pitching. …[View]
196720150If Trump is found guilty of campaign finance violations: Will he have to pay restitution? Will he ha…[View]
196720580Those advocating Free Speech are the same type: who'd benefit from Free Sexual Access to women.…[View]
196686855Leftist comic cringe thread: Lets cringe[View]
196716737I've never seen a headline with such a big font on Drudge.: Wtf is going on? This looks like it…[View]
196720398European Riots Opposition General: Get back to work, you're acting like niggers. If you want ch…[View]
196719591Bongino/Fitton 2020: Democrats BTFO![View]
196716277Why should immigration not be points based?: And why can’t points come from things people want in im…[View]
196720111The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region: Politically speaking, why isn't the Xinjiang Uyghur Auto…[View]
196719615Why were food pyramids a thing?: Who thought that these were even good ideas? Pic related is one tha…[View]
196720133Friendly Reminder: Individualism is a luxury of a post-Jew world: Right-Wing Death Squads today; Fre…[View]
196718856Has there ever been a more unironic incel than this dude: https://youtube.com/watch?v=xTfDIKmdtdg je…[View]
196719381Take a Break Anon: holy shit, i don't lurk much anymore but, you guys are just depressing. Like…[View]
196717074Where did they go /pol/?: https://www.bitchute.com/video/c3ufzzziYAGS/ https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
196720035Entertain my fiction!: Gender identity Black lives matter Trump is a Russian spy[View]
196718702Macron Demision: http://escorte-bucuresti.sexy/film/VID-20181210-WA0005.mp4[View]
196719932Post here if you are smarter than Lemon: What is this guys IQ he doesnt seem very smart and is he a …[View]
196719521It will literally never happen: daily reminder that >anifa will never do anything >the alt-rig…[View]
196707839I have a plan: >borrow $500k >move to Africa >tell everyone I'm a multimillionaire …[View]
196715736What are the major cultural forces of today?: What influences culture today? What do people identify…[View]
196708360>Capitalism only rewards hard wo-[View]
196704644Do you listen to NPR?: What do you listen to to get some sense of what the left is being told to thi…[View]
196718955Why haven't Norwegians conquered Sweden yet? As far as I'm concerned there isn't a s…[View]
196719686Dichotomy Test - Economics: You guys should take this economic quiz, I wonder how many lolberts we…[View]
196707687What should the political and social status of women be?[View]
196718102Judenstrafe: Will Judenstrafe be part of the festivities on the Day of the Rope? https://de.m.wiki…[View]
196716958German girls LOVE refugees ;)[View]
196717827We should all just move to Mackinac Island and take it over. This is what America's cities shou…[View]
196719489ZIN-URU ~ exopolitics is politics discuss[View]
196719383The Brexit FIX, is in. #TheGreatToryBrexitSwindle.: Keep out of Britain, Blair. You filthy, low-down…[View]
196719323Links (Heil!) Links (Heil!) Links zwo drei vier, links! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ph-CA_tu5KA#…[View]
196717409Drunken American Infantryman: Hi /pol/ I’m an 11b American Soldier stationed in Alaska and I’m bored…[View]
196717560FLYNN JUDGE CONNECTION: Pic related The judge that ordered Flynn’s documents released is located at …[View]
196713743Sandy hook was real: You can dig up a body. Idk what good that will do you except prove youre crazy …[View]
196702014CANADA: Canada; Guilty before proven innocent for sexual allegations TRUDEAU open to reform the crim…[View]
196716004Thank you goyim for supporting Trump, here is your shekel![View]
196704670Yellow Jacket General - 5AM edition: Thread for the protest occuring in Paris, France today Police …[View]
196718827Why does /pol/ intend to put white women up on a pedestal of purity and sacredness? Seriously, you a…[View]
196714134Q is legit. It's the top old brass of our Military, men who are Patriots and swore an allegianc…[View]
196718845we wuz aryans and shit[View]
196718836>Željko... >...Get my accordion. https://www.wsj.com/articles/balkan-tensions-flare-up-after-k…[View]
196718561How could the Spanish go from fighting a brutal 800-year-long war and reclaiming their land from the…[View]
196718635https://youtu.be/aluEfF7mZOY Get in here cozy Nazi micro stream![View]
196716487dis same guy?: sauce: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgQqWPckAHE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oB…[View]
196674725Mueller wiped all text messages from Peter Strzok's phone: https://oig.justice.gov/reports/2018…[View]
196705868Or did I miss it?: Has there ever been a crime fighting, Kick-Ass like, night walking pollak?[View]
196710636CIA DECLASSIFIED DOCS: Israel and Zionism = global Bolshevism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCqlx…[View]
196718594Stalinism: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stalinism find a flaw.[View]
196712003Alternate ending for WWII: 1. US keeps fighting, forces Russia out of eastern Europe. 2. Gives East…[View]
196702303Why is this guy such a faggot?: Well? Why is he a faggot drama queen?[View]
196717535*Intellectually destroys white boomer politicians on matters of technology*: Why don’t these boomers…[View]
196710432Did /pol ever want to be a cop officer?: When did you grow out of it?[View]
196713220For the final time: RACE IS NOT REAL!: There is no such thing as race in anthropology. In genetics, …[View]
196714883What can we say about CIA nigger shills?: https://www.insanemedia.net/forum-shill-gets-busted-ats-an…[View]
196713523NASA Lies: Going to the moon or mars or any other planet is like sucking your own dick it will never…[View]
196710092ISRAEL IS FUCKED! THIRD INTIFADA SOON!: How is there not a thread on this!?! SHIT IS GOING DOWN IN T…[View]
196714012>Sorry, we've frozen your account. >Our records indicate you voted for 'Donald J Trump' i…[View]
196716709RICKY VAUGHN REMEMBERANCE: Remember this faggot? EVERYTHING he said was wrong. Trump is a boob and h…[View]
196713174race a social construct?: >i meant it to say that race is a social construct regardless what did …[View]
196706174What is their end game, /pol/?[View]
196714007There is a Palestinian in the government of the Jewnited States of America: How does this make you f…[View]
196710915PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - SOLDIERS EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.go…[View]
196714866This is President of France: say something politically incorrect about Emmanuel Macron.[View]
196717562The Communist Left Will Never Win and You Won't Either: No matter how you slice it, the left wi…[View]
196711480Swedish Empire: Since we all agree that Swedes are the best humans, shouldn't we give them more…[View]
196716537Can you explain me why the German subhumans crippled the economy of Greece?[View]
196708280Does this nigger even plan to do anything about deep state or just keep taking it? Does he know they…[View]
196709681which one of you fuckers is behind this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGjwtFPz9a4&bpctr=154485…[View]
196716799Remember?: June Fourth Movement (Chinese: 六四运动, liù-sì yùndòng) and '89 Democracy Movement (Chi…[View]
196717690HAPPENING!!! >HAPPENING!!! Yellow Jackets invade Israel protesting ((cost of living)) https://w…[View]
196717831Would immigration from shitskin countries stop if they wouldn't get free money or do they reall…[View]
196686483'Who is your political hero' Thread: I'll start, Anders Breivik[View]
196717254>average right-winger Communism was bad! Socialism is evil! Muh capitalism! Muh jews in communism…[View]
196697536>50-60% tax rate on the rich >Don't worry guys, it is still capitalism Only in fucking na…[View]
196715542>go to Africa in the first place >get cucked by uninformed West >they let you get cucked by…[View]
196715502>Woman is a violent and uncontrolled animal, and it is useless to let go the reins and then expec…[View]
196717671Fucking weak cuck ideology dependent on skin color to stake your privilege because you can't ma…[View]
196717644Why don't we see muslims as a threat now? We even give them free stuff for being aggressive shi…[View]
196715166>become conservative >see more and more people like pic related rising up >starting to beco…[View]
196716995>Slavery is illegal Umm, sweaty...[View]
196716595Is it objectively possible to tell every person ethnicity/ancestry or their genetic composition by o…[View]
196714950What kind of drugs do Republican state legislatures take when they draw electoral district boundarie…[View]
196717545(((Rosentein))): Rosenstein went to the White House on September 24, where he met with Chief of Staf…[View]
196717519Why didn't the Serbs exterminate the Albanian shitskins like they did with the muslim subhumans…[View]
196717508Rahma, Rahma, Rahma https://youtu.be/Cd-AO9lcmwE (español)[View]
196709296all right /pol/, redpill me on this why do they let blacks and whites continue competing each other …[View]
196703408Prove that transgenders don't exist and it is a mental illness and why we should not tolerate i…[View]
196694702India is superior to America: I am not Indian I am white, Indians are purebred and not mutts like Am…[View]
196714397Crazy ugly feminazi: This video shows that feminism is just a cult for ugly bitches who are jealous …[View]
196717399Well Nancy...: This is a logical pairing, I suppose.[View]
196717281Shit about to hit the fan in South Africa: The land grab is on for 2019: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
196713564sadness: >working on my bachelor’s >degree is worthless without experience >network, anon, …[View]
196717218Tst: Test[View]
196692932Dear Goyim...: >We here at (((Johnson & Johnson))) would like to apologize. >We have known…[View]
196713193What is your honest opinion of leftist?: All religions say it’s an abomination. Old laws banned it t…[View]
196708071How is any straight man supposed to kiss a woman on the lips if she’s ever sucked another guy’s dick…[View]
196681723Victoria’s Secret apologizes to Trans and plus sized women: I finally thought a company wad standing…[View]
196714499Le capitalism: Is capitalism the worst economical system in the history? Or was it worse on the medi…[View]
196715102>he shall be raped >to death[View]
196707453HOLD UP: I've seen this one before... can't quite put my finger on it... anyone remember?…[View]
196711234Political Compass Disappointment: Anybody else taken a political compass test and been slightly disa…[View]
196714598OPTICUCKS BTFO GAVIN BTFO: Optics are fake and gay and useless. No matter how much you bash 'wignats…[View]
196716526Get in here, livestreamer meets an illegal migrant who overstayed his visit for the world cup. http…[View]
196712933Why do all asians kill themselves? Every yellow nation has HUGE suicide problem Asians are not havin…[View]
196712485when did you outgrown National Socialism /pol/?[View]
196712907Mile markers in human evolution.: Hey /pol/, one of yours found their way over to us and got their t…[View]
196713539Anyone elses hatred of women make them revolted and flaccid the moment a bitch opens their mouth?[View]
196716311((Coincidence)) thread: Post some pre 9/11 coincidences from popular media.[View]
196715727Can a mutilated be considered man? No way. The penis is the most important part of the male body, it…[View]
196713266not a PIZZAGATE thread[View]
196688888What's wrong with being slaves of the Jews? I don't think it would be that bad, aren'…[View]
196712498Christmas Gifts: Red Pilling Audiobooks: I'd like to buy a few people in my family some audiobo…[View]
196705618Why did /pol/ suddenly turn against Jordan Peterson? There's very few living philosophers align…[View]
196715752Those Sandy Hook kids had it coming.[View]
196707832How long before this catches on?[View]
196703120There will be no survivors in the coming housing crash: Boomers will demolish their house instead of…[View]
196715314How do we help male feminists realize how retarded they are?[View]
196711154Now that we have identified the problem of modern society (Christianity), what are we going to do ab…[View]
196703485francoist spain: been interested in francoist spain lately. i have become aware of the right wing mo…[View]
196715452Are women self-aware enough to realize they look like clowns with their auto-filters? My Samsung pho…[View]
196715201Does the state serve any practical purpose?[View]
196710076Mexico: Why do we hate Mexico? They're awesome and mexico's aesthetic as fuck and every st…[View]
196710743New evidence of Islam in Viking age Sweden discovered: The discovery of Arabic characters that spell…[View]
19671118041 republicans voted for 1 million plus dead kids in Yemen.[View]
196715364Larry Ellison: Does anybody have a run down on this guy? I was going down a rabbit hole regarding te…[View]
196707645Very good Goyim: https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/australia-recognises-west-jerusalem-as-capital-of-i…[View]
196712085Drawthread: Why have drawthreads pretty much completely died? Less then a year ago we used to have r…[View]
196675626Name one thing that Trump has never lied about.[View]
196708814Anti Abrahamic General: I see what this Abrahamic desert religion Christianity does to our Europeans…[View]
196713410The US State department has literally pozzed Ukraine: >On November 28, the United Nations World H…[View]
196715038itt we trigger optics cancer[View]
196710593smash industrial society, it is the root of all of mankinds ills[View]
196695456americans are lonely: What's going on, big guy? Your old pals Australians are here to have a ch…[View]
196713928Why aren’t you a theocrat anon? Laws made by men are flawed and imperfect, laws made by the divine a…[View]
196714828why do race obsessed minorities with victim mentalities act like white people are all one big giant …[View]
196714158TRUMPASAURUS REX: https://youtu.be/HSK3WvIPtBs lulz cringe[View]
196697936doomer thread: Does anybody else here have those doomer night walks as well? I’ve been walking for a…[View]
196706014Ladies and gentlemen, the Lindy effect. >'Things that have been in existence for a long period of…[View]
196667279French family adopts grown ass nigger LARPing as a 16 year old https://mobile.twitter.com/HGKrell/st…[View]
196710815Is google trying to fuck with persuasion man?: This was the third image that came up on google image…[View]
196710639Tick tock[View]
196714225First rule about New Earth. Dont talk about Tartary Second rule about New Earth Don't talk abou…[View]
196712938Toll status: paid: The left is going hard in the paint trying to blame Trump for a girl dying so we …[View]
196713204Would you vote for: DAVID HOGG if he ran for.congress next year when he turns 25?[View]
196701765WHAT THE FUCK IS PETERSON DOING?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJ9JapLD5aQ WHY IS HE HANGING AROU…[View]
196710131KAMALA HARRIS AND WILLIE BROWN: CALIFORNIANONS PLEASE POST Kamala Harris got her start in politics b…[View]
196713756Pol both hates jews and worships their ideology at the same time.[View]
196712297I'm reading this book called 'Asatru: A Native European Spirituality': It's by Stephen A. …[View]
196709301The absolute current state of our goy T mean our guy Where do we go from this /pol? How much cucking…[View]
196712274REAL ROBERT HOURS: no pastebin edition What the fuck happened to the roberts threads? chicago pd sca…[View]
196713315not a wm/af thread: thats a nice ethnostate you're trying to salvage there, would be a shame if…[View]
196708049The Psychedelic Revolution: a.k.a. The Hippie Movement. Redpill me on this. Was it the Jews or just …[View]
196705481So it's saturday morning here in France and I don't see any Yellow Vest in the street. I t…[View]
196711005Why do many white people vote Democrat?[View]
196713511How do Tech-Accelerationists reconcile with the fact that any truly useful tech (immortality, living…[View]
196702634ITT: Jews you actually like: Surely they aren't ALL bad?[View]
196711057I'm Forehead. Welcome to the Party. >how do I join the Party? You are already a member of th…[View]
196713119/PTGCSG/ President Trump Grilled Cheese Slam General: Who: you or anyone who likes grilled cheese an…[View]
196698479Claim Your Feminazi: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/women-who-stray/201812/feminists-think-…[View]
196713152Help Me Spread BP Oil Clothing: Many of you lads might of seen these influencer accounts on social m…[View]
196707910>define good behavior as 'white behavior' >when wh*Toids act bad, say that they aren't ac…[View]
196712946>Checks catalog >No threads on pizzagate Dump you pizza related redpills here…[View]
196712710Why can't US citizens invest in a wall bond: Hello I have question how come 200 million America…[View]
196712916CAN I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE: The most holy digits have revealed ancient wisdom. Thoughts on thi…[View]
1967115254Chan is weird: >I love to read the first lines of 4chan posts and then skip to the very last lin…[View]
196708927Drumpf has gone too far: An innocent child is dead because Drumpf wouldn't let these poor refug…[View]
196712719Been awhile since I posted this. Never forget. Your country is next. Rhodesia Articles #1 ----------…[View]
196711502Evolutionary reasons for prevalence of dance as a Black social custom: Why is it that blacks use dan…[View]
196708169They are making a movie about you guys. And Brexit didn't even happen. https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
196711948it just occurred to me millennial white women will start entering middle age over the next ten years…[View]
196711756Daily reminder that MMT is the future: Stay mad, Austrian cucks[View]
196710121GET IN HERE BOYS: https://www.stream.me/peoplespopulistpress FIGHT ABOUT TO GO DOWN ON THIS STREAM 2…[View]
196705245HA Now That’s What I Call Smart!: Will the Alt-Right ever learn?[View]
196701427Patriot Act is still law: Nobody cares.[View]
196702976Food prices are skyrocketing exponentially. Is this really all Prime Minister Trudeau's fault?[View]
196711870/pol/ im drunk what do I dooo???[View]
196696713>70% of Men Aged 20-34 Are Not Married >Far too many young men have failed to make a normal pr…[View]
196697752Why is New Hampshire still so white and what can we do about it?: Pic related. When America is <6…[View]
196711612BLACK JESUS GENERAL /BJG/: Yes he is black. And no, you are not coming.[View]
196706539No argument left against videogames: I think this can be Game of the year for 2019 https://www.youtu…[View]
196693312Shitskin shuts down white yoga class: https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/12/14/american-university-…[View]
196706310how do you go from 'home of some of the greatest civilizations in history' to 'home of some of the b…[View]
196690965>You value the economy over your race?! Take your sheckles elsewhere,Weisenberg…[View]
196704761What is Culture?: I'm not a fan of Jordan Peterson, but I do enjoy listening to Roger Scruton…[View]
196708345Meet Rebecca Latimer. Rebecca was born in 1835, she owned slaves and was a US senator. Rebecca was a…[View]
196711348https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJjhqTJnWB0 What's the song of this video?[View]
196710313So what are we, the West, gonna do about China? They are currently building their own China in Afric…[View]
196706898Tfw you realize that the pol phase was a manic episode and recently diagnosed with bipolar. Welp. B…[View]
196706385The Optics Are Enormous: Hi reddt. I'm posting here to vanlife because I'm about to be liv…[View]
196709701(((Bloomberg))) wants a new referendum: What will you do[View]
196710923How do Politics in Israel work?: If the Likud party loses power what are the rival parties like?…[View]
196710997Were they redpilled? -Rock the Casbah -White Riot[View]
196706642Why should I vote for Trump in 2020?: >Can't even build a wall >Can't even protect h…[View]
196711048Car of peace in Toronto: An eye witness to events called this in just now. A man with a Muslims nam…[View]
196708100Brazil's White population is in free fall decline - Why is this?: On the other hand, the mixed …[View]
196707079Be American, Go To Europe Get Stabbed: Police arrested a male suspect believed to have been living i…[View]
196706288Why does the left hate the 1st amendment?[View]
196707594What happens to Italians on the day of the rope?[View]
196710920TELEGRAM: Catholic Conversion https://t.me/joinchat/IA9Qfw-U7p88KZxnD6jclg Moomin Themed Fascism - Y…[View]
196710873ANTI-SCHISM RIOTS IN UKRAINE: Anti-schism protests are going to happen in Ukraine today. What do you…[View]
196707871How far right are you, /pol/? 1) >Libertarian 2) >Nazi 3) >Absolute Monarchist…[View]
196709066Need the Old Barack & Michael Robinson(pre-Michelle) Photo: Also, feel free to post any other 'M…[View]
196710376what’s even the point of participating in the presidential election when the democratic process is a…[View]
196708253Logic: the most insufferable sjw rapper by far: Most of you on here don't know shit about rap s…[View]
196663812Syria General /sg/ - Chad edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.com SO…[View]
196710446Crazy court general: Are district, county and state prosecutors really this bad?>https://www.yout…[View]
196708695Why are white women such consistently terrible mothers?: ...and if you don't enlighten me and c…[View]
196700722Hey retards, Good job with the Net Neutrality thing. I remember you faggots screeching cheers for th…[View]
196708263Redpill me on Syria The conflict is so complex I can hardly comprehend it Who should I be rooting fo…[View]
196706585What the fuck Colombia?[View]
196709509How is it anti-semitism if mostly everything we say the jews did is true?[View]
196709802You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
196708362Is this what the Jews wanted all along? To put things in context, America is destined to become Braz…[View]
196690059Socialist Countries are Happiest: >The report ranks 156 countries across six factors including GD…[View]
196709870Grandpa Respect Thread: They are the last beacons of light in our climate. If you still have your…[View]
196709868WHY?: >Jews circumcise babies with their mouths. > Prophet Muhammad kissed the penis of small …[View]
196709865big youtubers that are /ourguys/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcvTeRmFsXE[View]
196708272Pic of 196666666?: Did anyone get a screenshot of No. 196666666? Just curious. Also to make this pol…[View]
196708398That Terry Schiavo and the Ky's GBMI law: http://www.e-archives.ky.gov/pubs/Public_Adv/jan98/GB…[View]
196708993Nature is our Church.: >“We recognize that separating humanity from nature, from the whole of lif…[View]
196708561>Obamacare was ruled unconstitutional today during live air time AND Rachel Maddow had the day of…[View]
196707631Take a look at the so-called Social Progress Index's top ten lists for both 2017 and 2018. Noti…[View]
196709351by far worst tourist group at my job: >be me >glorified baby sitter for a travel company that …[View]
196709208>Almost 2018 >Paganism is almost dead in every white country >Atheism is the fastest shrink…[View]
196709183wew, turns out the jews of ((((Johnson & Johnson)))) were using asbestos to save costs when prod…[View]
196709109Goodluck on the Saturday revolution my Frenchies[View]
196679408DOJ CORRUPT AND NO ONE TALKING ABOUT IT: Okay guys, seriously, WTF? Comey has admitted that the DOJ …[View]
196709023Funny pics from facesofsuicide.com[View]
196709042Daily Reminder: Daily reminder that 'Satan' and 'Yahweh' are the two sides of th…[View]
196670654Mueller is fucked - Special Counsel did not provide original 302 from Flynn interview: They provided…[View]
196706121Key Lime Reich: South Florida contains the highest concentration of WOKE whites. The Key Lime Reich …[View]
196708948Fuck mercerny: BELKA DID NOTHING WRONG[View]
196708350Do any of you faggots even have a successful career?[View]
196708895what happens tomorrow /pol/: is it going to be all out war or the some 'troubles' tier shit? or a b…[View]
196702247/pol/ Shill Meta Thread Discussion: This is just your friendly reminder that /pol/ is under HEAVY sh…[View]
196662626I'm headed to a funeral and need a bit of cheering up. Can we get a /pol/ humor going?[View]
196707727why is /pol/ full of dumbfucking liberal cucks detailing the everyday dumbassness that cucks urinate…[View]
196700291JF's retarded girlfriend: New Weekly Sweet, fellow goys. Sit back,relax and enjoy the show. htt…[View]
196706919Think of How Much Closer We'd Be to the DOTR Had She Won...: After ALL, isn't that the end…[View]
196705743/worldnews/ red pilled?!?!?!/1/: WHAT'S HAPPENING? COMMENTS RECEIVING UPVOTES ARE ANTI-ISRAEL.…[View]
196708569The end of Israel is close.[View]
196708029Youtubers VS MSM: Who will win in the battle of Youtubers vs MSM? Vote here: https://www.strawpoll.m…[View]
196708545brit/pol/ thread: Foreign Aids Edition: designated thread for Britons.[View]
196707458/pol/‘s opinion: >mfw a lot of head nazi officials where tested with high IQ scores rangeing into…[View]
196695380The evils of drugs must be addressed[View]
196708402Study: Race Genetic Relationships: SUOMI = MONGOLS! Recent study found that the Suomi are closely re…[View]
196699261The White European Genocide that happened in Russia.: The reason I am making this thread is because …[View]
196708230Stalinism: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stalinism find a flaw.[View]
196708292History and Pol: Maréchal Pétain was the savior of France twice, in Ww1 and Ww2. Why should his memo…[View]
196703790Muh Obamacare Legacy: Another one bites the dust for king nigger. http://archive.is/yogCR (Reuters) …[View]
196702385>saves Europe Heh, nothing personnel, kid.[View]
196701999I’m worried for my white son: Okay so I have a son who’s 7yo rn. I’ve spend a lot of my life going t…[View]
196705840Heavy Redpill: When Europe was Pagan, Jews were poor slaves now after 1000+ years of christianity th…[View]
196708005Canacuck food prices: How does this make Canada feel? Can you even live with the idea of being able …[View]
196706840What are your thoughts on this beautiful Pakistani woman?: Deeyah Khan. Has anyone watched her docum…[View]
196699824On a happy note - HBO just started production on a 'Deadwood' movie[View]
196701037Jews have so much power because of their high IQ meme.: I'm going to be blunt here and give you…[View]
196702872Did you have any doubt left whether Osama was a psyop CIA nigger?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y…[View]
196705514>Destroying American industy and planting the seeds of a future rival superpower so you can have …[View]
196702654The (((Theory))) of (((Evolution))) is one of (((their))) biggest tools to promote and legitimize de…[View]
196707482So Q was right: So all the shills saying Q was a LARP just got BTFO https://archive.is/bE82F[View]
196707802Politiscales thread[View]
196707459Angels on the sideline Puzzled and amused Why did Father give these humans free will? Now they'…[View]
196707769Free expression thread: Where can I go to recite my slam poetry? I got banned from the library Sway…[View]
196705072all drug users are going to hell[View]
196681781What is your opinion on Bill Cooper: https://youtu.be/5dxQa0_vVx8 recently had been listening to thi…[View]
196706211CNN has Openly Racist host New Years Eve again: Andy Cohen Back As Anderson Cooper’s Co-Host For CNN…[View]
196707510What you Americans call a 'SHITSHOW': Doesn't all this shit seem like a huge reality TV show th…[View]
196707471Need Feedback: Hey /pol/ I'm creating an academic poster for my political studies class and I…[View]
196707208Obamacare Lives: Only Democrats get to issue Nationwide Injunctions.[View]
196668279Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Die Wacht am Ural Edition: Fall Edelweiss >no watermarks, no capti…[View]
196699498Can one be truly redpilled without accepting Jesus and your lord and savior?[View]
196705788human races: Hello, I ask everyone if they know any page to talk about human races or ethnicities an…[View]
196702706too many people here get all of their news from right-wing blogs: more and more people here refuse t…[View]
196700822Why so many Canadian flags all of a sudden?: Have you noticed all the Canadian posters and their usu…[View]
196707314Fascism is worse than communism: Both are failures, but every single fascist country has long collap…[View]
196699241Whitepill Thread - gather all those in despair and find solace here: >America is a majority white…[View]
196702010Anyone else sick of seeing shitskins and chinks everyday? It makes me want to vomit[View]
196706516CHUCK SCHUMER BTFO. ISRAEL BTFO. Rand Paul is the man.[View]
196705754Post faces of based politicians: I'll start[View]
196700186Positive Racial Stereotypes: Since most racial stereotypes talked about on this board are negative, …[View]
196701348HAlP: Ok I read this study about a year ago that was fucking amazing, and I think about it all the t…[View]
196706947America Isn't Going to Shit Episode 23454143565: >A wave of bomb threats was reported Thursd…[View]
196705901What's the libertarian stance on this guy? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_Oakland_warehouse…[View]
196665022SANDY HOOK HOAX ANNIVERSERY: lies lies lies: It was all a crisis-actor hoax.[View]
196698015Yellow Vest protests spread to Israel, 10 arrested: https://www.rt.com/news/446517-israel-yellow-ves…[View]
196705329Protocols of the Elders of Zion: THIS IS REQUIRED READING FOR EVERY /POL/ ANON. Even Jewish Wikipedi…[View]
196695062Yellow vest movement gets wider: It's spreading worldwide. Is it actually happening?[View]
196697006Mixed race pol come in: Any other mutts like me? What is your mix? How has being mixed impacted your…[View]
196706869Muh legacy...[View]
196688837French Generals Send Letter to Macron: https://www.minurne.org/billets/19275 This is the letter adre…[View]
196704592Hey /pol/. I see that YouTube drama has become kind of a big deal. I don't really follow or car…[View]
196706879Why is Suing even a thing?: Why do we let every brain dead slut and useless pile of shit pull any hi…[View]
196664025France this saturday: So this thread is in anticipation of the protests tomorrow. How many yellow ve…[View]
196704897Harvey Weinstein: Not gonna lie Harvey Weinstein has an impressive roster of chicks he banged[View]
196705825It's all over for Trump: He'll be arrested before the end of the year.[View]
196705418Jewtube in its current state: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iujuNzROvVQ[View]
196706563https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yowuo4pH8Lc Here's your physics prof, bro[View]
196695296DC Antifa Has Baby: For the past several months DC Antifa head Lacy MacAuley has laid out plans to f…[View]
196704834They say free speech on pol but we have captcha here[View]
196703724They trust me[View]
196699344Prada Store Supports the Alt-Right: Finally, these racist bigots are getting called out. Can't …[View]
196706515why do youtube libertarians all make this face? (and why are 4 of them furries?)[View]
196705482How do you best wake up an NPC? Memes?[View]
196702861>WWI >WWII >the murder of JFK >the bombing of the USS Liberty >9/11 What did they mea…[View]
196704272LGBT Abuse of Children: This kids parents and others like them should be executed. How the fuck are …[View]
196701583HYALP: I read this study about a year ago that was fucking amazing, and I think about it all the tim…[View]
196700450FUCK JEWS: This article has the most obvious double standards and we're supposed to pretend the…[View]
196705533another successful same-sex family https://www.glamour.com/story/hart-family-tragedy-jen-and-sarah-h…[View]
196700518The Trump administration has delayed migrants from legally crossing at U.S. ports of entry. They kee…[View]
196702037Why are (((they))) so scared of Corbyn?[View]
196700738SubscribeStar has been purged: SubStar has been purged They have frozen accounts, no new subs They h…[View]
196703979/GJG/ Gilets Jaunes General: Only a few more hours before Acte 5[View]
196701945Mommy says to stay away from humans: but if the EU keeps bringing them in, what will happen to my fa…[View]
196691370IT'S A MOVEMENT!!![View]
196702365Stereotypes Should stereotypes be seen a logical response or a irrational one. Should it be a refle…[View]
196699229What secret society is this?[View]
196703536Ebola outbreak reaches city of 1 million residents: https://arstechnica.com/science/2018/12/ebola-ou…[View]
196697389Does the U.S. spend too much on the military?[View]
196693979Will Felix save Gen Z?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5diJPL9HTg Can he do it? Well, /pol/?…[View]
196702884BLOOMBERG COMETH: So this is how it starts... - Right-wing populist nationalism comes on the rise ov…[View]
196704042How can we stop this?: https://youtu.be/T9l2yCH5wBk >2028 >2059…[View]
196697844Back in the GDR everyone could have a home at a reasonable rent: Now kikes take away more than half …[View]
196689663LGBT upset at upcoming video game which sees jesus, hitler, trump and putin killing LGBT: https://ww…[View]
196705077Is it true that white features like light hair and eyes are regressive?[View]
196705270What does it mean when a girl says she has feelings for you? I feel like it's a ploy she probab…[View]
196705130I haven't heard any news on this or France since the night before Macron was supposed to have a…[View]
196704026The West should support Erdogan on the Kurdish question. He would probably agree to halt the influx …[View]
196705069/pol/ saved my faith in being white and german: anyone else?[View]
196701019>Jews are smarter than white people as white people are smarter than niggers >/pol/ gets upset…[View]
196700323Wake up Black: What would you do if you woke up and somehow had turned into a black person?[View]
196704682Can someone redpilled me on French candians?: Are French candians mixed with jews? Just look at JFs …[View]
196701131>playing battlefield 5 >talking to some australians >'I'm not racist but lebron james …[View]
196704758love your skin, love your race, love your people because colors are beautiful combines, not mixed[View]
196700988Tumblr Pol Thread: I know a lot of us have come to 4chan because of the recent ban. We should all po…[View]
196702871Argentina thread: >miss paying 1 cent of taxes >get AFIP'd >go to jail >get analed …[View]
196704575Being a father to school-aged daughter 'makes men less sexist': >Being the father of a …[View]
196686793>Matt kroc legendary powerlifter and strongman >personal favorite for a long time >invente…[View]
196704364Ever wish you were a nigger?: > free Healthcare > welfare > free college > coddled by po…[View]
196701518are Adam Sandler movies subtle redpills? There are so many instances where scenes confuse normie mov…[View]
196703251I wonder what he was in for. My guess is with 40 years....killing a dozen niggers or caught in posse…[View]
196700098You cutdick jew slaves don't know how important this is: With the (((Affordable Care Act))) bei…[View]
196645571Christianity is the only religion in existence where people are told to love their enemies. At what …[View]
196704345Why are Ukrainian women such whores?: Ukrainian women are the worst kind of whores. They parrot the …[View]
196699594The Wall.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSK3WvIPtBs Anyone else cumming in their pants over the w…[View]
196703752Why are Jews such a big deal?: Why are the 6 million Jews such a big deal? Out of all the 80 million…[View]
196701864Redpill me on the Jews: A what could possibly be their end game?[View]
196700684Will all races become geneticly modified?: Will specific genetically created races emerge?[View]
196703228Did Jews and Semites evolve from blacks?: It would certainly explain their shortsighted greed.…[View]
196702052Pee is stored in the balls.[View]
196685324Don't have children. Humans existing are the source of all the war/famine/disease in history. J…[View]
196704227/redpill/: Hello, /pol/. How can we redpill the masses that Jews control America? That Jews are noto…[View]
196703980The Human Species: Does this seem good to you? Sorry if I offended someone but to me yes. Now if you…[View]
196702603Life in south Africa: How are South African anons holding up lately? How does your average white per…[View]
196690974How did this racist asshole get so many subscribers?[View]
196700402White music: White people generated music shows a clear cultural difference. Pop-chart dominated mus…[View]
196699041God bless America: The land of the free The land of the brave They want to take us down The heathen …[View]
196693026Hitlers rise and WW2, and cold war was zionist operation: he studied decades these things Hitler was…[View]
196703832How are Jews not white? To me the definition of white is from PIE European origins, with the excepti…[View]
196701257When does Trump crack under the pressure and start WWIII as the Final Distraction? He now has to de…[View]
196700336ECONAZBOL GANG[View]
196703797>twitch streamer playing Lucius III >Playing as the anti-christ >starts giggling that he is…[View]
196703768Is there anything more based than white latinamerican agricultural people? >staunchly catholic, s…[View]
196701625I have a crazy theory, what if Hitler did not commit suicide but he went to Argentina. When I finall…[View]
196697287As someone who's never been to Europe, how accurate is this meme?[View]
196702786So is Twitter and Tumblr removing porn so they can continue to be accessible in Muslim countries and…[View]
196702447What is the purpose of Americans? What do we add to the world? Have we really done anything good?[View]
196703135Is there a political quiz that displays results on a compass but doesn't have overwhelmingly le…[View]
196700610Based Nazi castrates himself and pretends to be a woman: Is there something in the water? How does t…[View]
196701672Can we talk about why people go into politics? What makes these sociopaths tick? >they are groom…[View]
196701457The Problem isn't Immigrants...: ...It's OTHER White people. Who allows immigrants in? …[View]
196703218Who is your hero?: Kim Davis taught me one person can make a difference against wealthy LGBT and the…[View]
196697609Is there anything that pisses you off more than a hypothetical absolute flaming faggot singing the n…[View]
196703308They're normalizing child abuse: Stop gay marriage[View]
196688299Why are so many on stormfront and /pol/ such science deniers? You will see a denial of evolution, a…[View]
196702450You Guys Do Know Who Owns Donald Trump Right???: https://youtube.com/watch?v=UXC8UbZK2Ng[View]
196703134Why do so many Americans not know how to speak their own language? For example, how can they not und…[View]
196685151CAN THE REVOLUTION FUCKING HAPPEN ALREADY: Lads, I'm all ready to buy a ticket to France and br…[View]
196702291Libertarianism is the Only Responsible Form of Government: You can not refute this.[View]
196700126Friday Night: It's Friday night /pol/ What are you up to?[View]
196701303Meanwhile, based Short Fat Otaku got once of his channels back. umad, IBS crowd? sweety squad? https…[View]
196685008When I was in school, I noticed that popular and attractive kids were way more racist than the avera…[View]
196701651It's dead trump wins. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/federal-judge-texas-strikes-strikes-…[View]
196693524Taylor Swift Uses Face Recognition Tech on Unaware Fans at Rose Bowl Concert: >The images would b…[View]
196700422He’s a mess. Let’s just hope he goes down with the Trump ship and doesn’t end up President.[View]
196701543spider-gwen is finna boutta get BLACKed[View]
196702481Boomers are fucking kikes and that's why they love pissrael: Wanna know how to get any boomer t…[View]
196702068Will reasonable, respectable conservatism make a comeback? Or has Trump destroyed it forever?[View]
196689501Give me a qrd on the history and hierarchy of Nazi Germany military: Tell me what the SS stood for, …[View]
196692482Red pills nothing but the truth.[View]
196702033Why is this Chuck guy not being investigated?: >Pic related[View]
196701667Haha anitvax stupid unlike me, I trust the science men and government whole heartedlty[View]
196699663Guys, Saturday morning here in Paris. No one is showing up today.: It looks like things have really …[View]
196699639>Hillary is going down guys!! >Clinton Foundation is in so so big trouble! Meanwhile, in India…[View]
196701912Alt-right: The hippies were a thing in the 60's. While a lot of people didn't stay hippies…[View]
196689812HAPPENING - Mueller Biography Will Claim Mueller Had Gay Affair with John Kerry in High School: Appa…[View]
196702002GOP CALENDAR GENERAL(NO NEOCONS): Who here got a Calendar from Milania? >WE ARE GOING TO MAKE OUR…[View]
196693533Give them what they want.[View]
196686685Obama did nothing wrong?: I'm tired of the same old Trump hate threads, blah blah blah, lets st…[View]
196696330Noice: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/federal-judge-texas-strikes-strikes-down-affordable-care…[View]
196695051Federal judge rules Obamacare unconstitutional: http://archive.is/ZLl8L[View]
196701868No but seriously tho, why are you giving Israel $38B?[View]
196701848Racial Inferiority Syndrome: Racial Inferiority Syndrome This disease affects non-whites and allows …[View]
196674674Stop trying to convert us to Cuckstianity, snow niggers.: Both of you Christcucks and Muzzies can bu…[View]
196691751What went wrong with (((Western Medicine)))?[View]
196699016if whites are supreme and jews are inferior, why have they so easily taken control of the economies,…[View]
196697684Louisiana sisters die in car accident[View]
196698967Some arguments against National Socialism, or Nazism as it's also called >Not actually whit…[View]
196700483/XUAG/ - The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region General: >ctrl+f >no Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous…[View]
196697110Ethnic cleansing: Will it happen?[View]
196698785Hi, I don't usually come to this website (4chan isnt really well known in France) but I saw tha…[View]
196688542Can we all agree on this shit? The downfall of masculinity in western civilization is faggot shit li…[View]
196701433Hey /pol/ I saw a video on here not too long ago which was basically about the incoming race war in …[View]
196701245Why don't you see the obvious conditioning going on? The obvious mass programming? Every fuckin…[View]
196699698Does pic related sum up Western civilization in a nutshell?[View]
196697229Hurrrr socialism doesn't wor-[View]
196694135How many of your traits are redpilled? [ ] haircut [ ] clothing [ ] shoes [ ] practically perfect hy…[View]
196701342Name one Clause of an Amendment to the US Constitution that ruined the country: And argue why 17th A…[View]
196698176Just a heads up these attacks on /pol/ are coming from tumbler because they outlawed porn. Now they…[View]
196682768ho’s right on Marriage — Trads or MGTOWs?: Discussion continued from >>196656229[View]
196698992>some people repeatedly remind others of an impending demographic change and make them anxious Ca…[View]
196701069Gook frens best frens: >The Allies dropped 18,583 bombs on Thailand, resulting in the death of 8,…[View]
196699317why are filipinos extremely proud of themselves or sometimes show disdain in being one? theres one f…[View]
196700998Best way to engage normies in politics?: Yikyak was useful for this but it was shut down immediately…[View]
196690911Brit/pol/ - Zulu FC Edition: Vote for Anglo of the Year 2018: http://poal.me/r4t1og >http://poal.…[View]
196700946Why is it that every time someone puts 'rational' in their username or youtube channel name you auto…[View]
196698302How to make Wreck It Ralph 2 fail: STARRING SARAH SILVERMAN: >spread her offensive stuff >past…[View]
196700835Narcissism: Some psychologist argue that this is the biggest problem in todays people. I myself am a…[View]
196700316All of #TRUMPCULT members are mindless sheep and criminals anyway. Jail them all! #MuellerTime[View]
196663234Germany is integrating migrants quickly: https://www.thelocal.de/20181214/germany-integrating-migran…[View]
196696779MARKET CRASH/RECESSION: Will the market crash in the next few month? Is the recession coming? What …[View]
196697087This is the state of feminism in South America: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfQdxx7CQKU…[View]
196700702ourguy on Twitch: Help him out /pol/!! https://www.twitch.tv/sheepdog1775[View]
196691575Help me understand: no bs just tell me why you think this flag isn't racist?[View]
196700552How Can White Men Start Families?[View]
196690984WYOMING BLOWS OFF LEGAL HEMP: https://www.wyodaily.com/story/2018/12/14/news/nationwide-hemp-legaliz…[View]
196687071https://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2018/12/14/three-common-sense-gun-safety-bills-pittsburgh/ >An a…[View]
196665060Fascism thread: What was the best type of fascism/fascist movement? Also general fascism thread…[View]
196692451/pol/ MPT. Meridiungulate Politics Thread.: This is a Thread where we discuss all things related to …[View]
196696368This guy is a zionist neocon boomer faggot. Prove me wrong[View]
196697670Ilhan Omar Mocks Mike Pence’s Christian Faith: So this Muslim can get away with openly mocking Pence…[View]
196695403'We created technology and civilization.': Why do white supremacists take credit for the accomplishm…[View]
196688685This guy has to be balls deep to off himself like this. https://www.breitbart.com/asia/2018/12/13/ch…[View]
196694480Is loli anime pedophilia, /pol/? https://youtu.be/UIcjWKEMYEE?t=2m8s[View]
196688579What the fuck is wrong with Indian men?: I thought the whole, 'open bob/ show vagene/ bitch lasagna'…[View]
196694489The comprehensive /pol/ guide to kill shill threads.: I used to love coming here and reading about e…[View]
196698209What were his views on gays?[View]
196694258People say here that the left is bad at memeing, buy yet they have Hollywood, a institution that sol…[View]
196700250Further Pro-Open Borders Push Incoming: https://twitter.com/RAICESTEXAS/status/1073730967179677696 …[View]
196698891>believing in a religion >wanting to reproduce >feeling connected to a 'culture' >thinki…[View]
196699990Can Civilized Culture Be Saved?[View]
196698577What day is today?: The day we will bring down snowflake Macron and his grandma.[View]
196696169HAPPENNING: AUSTRALIA CUCKS: Submit to the Jew *inhales* Hahahahhahahahahhaha[View]
196696284>Why do white supremacists take credit for the accomplishments of others? >White people should…[View]
196696978Is this true[View]
196670229Comfy Europe Thread: How can the new world even compete?[View]
196697877What are the different levels of victim status?: In the victim-hood hierarchy, where do different 'm…[View]
196700005Im pro global warming!: We need to melt the ice caps. Its not normal for a planet to have these weir…[View]
196693083NOT A DRILL - HAPPENING - NOT A DRILL - HAPPENING: Yellow Vest Riots Beginning in UK >https://www…[View]
196698877>ever dating a non-virgin I hope nobody here would do that.[View]
196698671Are you ready for tomorrow /pol/?[View]
196699810/pol/ i’m going to washington dc on monday for the hell of it. what’s some funny/entertaining shit i…[View]
196696945Aight my lads, question y'all need to answer: So, every black lad I know says 'Sheeit' instead …[View]
196668611Aussie future MGTOW goes ballistic on chink cunt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wen9pI8iDZU https:…[View]
196699161>how would a guy that fires everyone make jobs for other people[View]
196668025Germans are white mexicans. Proofs: - they are lazy - they love soccer - they hate trump - they are …[View]
196696738How many bullets is equal to one anti gun law?: I think it's a good question. I think if there …[View]
196699215Admit it /pol/: You guys sold your soul to elect a criminal president[View]
196696633Tomorrow will be interesting.[View]
196699773PizzaGate: I dont know if Iam the only obne who thinks there is much more to pizzagate then we know …[View]
196699211Body Language Hack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHu0R_L_z9I Does anybody actually take this roas…[View]
196695520Is Pizza Hut /ourpizza? On a side note- a federal judge (Judge Reed OConnor) declared Obamacare unco…[View]
196696389HELLO ME OL CHUM: I’m gnot an gnelf I’m gnot a gnoblin I’m a gnome - and you’ve been GNOMED!!!!…[View]
196699359>Short Fat Otaku gets his channel back >meanwhile, Sweetie Squad and Ralphamales cry in the di…[View]
196697288How does /pol/ feel about Bishop Richard Williamson?: 'I believe that the historical evidence is str…[View]
196698861>Stay up all night on 4chan/pol >Watching out for liberal bullshit to destroy our world Are we…[View]
196697969Why do Jewish girls secretly love blonde haired men?[View]
196697994I know you guys aren't my personal army, but could you please make this adult tattle-tale'…[View]
196663109What's it like to live here?: Are they really better than the rest of us? Or do they just think…[View]
196684876J.P. Morgan had a Giant, Knobbly, Purple Nose, YUCK!: >The famous jewish banker who destroyed Tes…[View]
196688757Occupy wall street: Seven years ago the strongest movement to topple the NWO this generation has see…[View]
196676915Cyberpunk is the inevitable future: When studying, I have the tv on. Muted, but I like catching it w…[View]
196696370Is state capitalism the best economic system?: While we're debating ancap and socialism, China …[View]
196691841Eye in the Sky: Do you realize that you are being tracked, and that *literally everything* that you …[View]
196695193As Promised: Okay so pic related, earlier in this thread some kike hiding behind a union jack tried …[View]
196697824Niggers: Niggers should go back to africa where they belong[View]
196698560Hes back.: https://youtu.be/DqvmnrfK5NY[View]
196698519France: Can someone brief me on why people are protesting macron sorry... haven't really resear…[View]
196696435What does this mean /pol/? im not that into politics, am i normal or a retard?[View]
196696342Huber bails on Clinton Foundation Hearing: So the Utah downs syndrome wins - John Huber, whom you…[View]
196694553The far left and the far right are the same. Horseshoe theory is correct, why do you even hate each …[View]
196678938Jewish rabbi openly discussing white replacement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgZBZ5ZUW-8…[View]
196685481What should be done about big tech monopolies?[View]
196694771Redpill: fudgesicles are made to subliminally make eaters associate phallic shaped brown objects as …[View]
196698306What do you want?: Hello /pol/, let us try a change of pace. Let us assume you could send a list of …[View]
196698249The IBS crowd loses again. By Monday everything should be sorted out. https://twitter.com/ShortFatOt…[View]
196697375>Ralph Retort loses his channel >Metokur is too afraid to post on his Meanwhile, Based Short F…[View]
196696226Patrick Frazee / Tina Tyler Connection: Investigators in Colorado recovered texts between Patrick Fr…[View]
196696983Germany at the time was really powerful. Like a high-power steel reamer; but it is too much enemy, t…[View]
196697804When is this bitch gonna fight back /pol?[View]
196694633Can Gen Z be saved?: Or will they become the hyper liberal race[View]
196697662this semon demon: who is he? I am in love, for the benefit of the white race[View]
196692038This thoroughly depresses me. I thought /pol/ was taking care of the e-thot problem.[View]
196696162>Ebola Virus Outbreak Reaches City of 1 Million People in the Democratic Republic of Congo http:/…[View]
196696479amazon?: how big can amazon get before its broken up? they have plans to move into the healthcare fi…[View]
196693713>bans Apple in China Why are they doing it?[View]
196686659The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region: Let's talk about words janny doesn't like, I'l…[View]
196693885Narek Navoyan: what are your thoughts on the Armenian ghetto's spring up all over California? F…[View]
196696833BateWorld hosts a vibrant community of straight men who enjoy masturbating together.: Where does /po…[View]
196695180Give me one reason why the west should not genocide the chinks like how Germans gassed the jews.[View]
196696157Sexual emergency: >be a western, liberal mother >tell your children that migrants are our peac…[View]
196675274Is Bret Weinstein correct in assuming that philosophy and religion have been useful in the past but …[View]
196684647Maria Butina Pleads Guilty to Role in a Russian Effort to Influence Conservatives: Who is this and w…[View]
196696928>Short Fat Otaku gets his channel back >meanwhile, Sweetie Squad and Ralphamales cry in the di…[View]
196693659THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF MODERN WOMEN: This is peak millenial woman, painted like the next drag superst…[View]
196691443Mussolini's Sex Appeal:: Can we discuss this?[View]
196691810He did nothing wrong.[View]
196695321I'm still here![View]
196681183Help: I dont have a tribe to call my own. Fuck, at this point I whant to be assimilated, God damn wh…[View]
196683995aus/pol - Fake rape allegations for John Jarratt: Look at this fake shit. Just look at it and be dis…[View]
196695234Clinton Investigation: So, the Clinton Foundation is being investigated by these two forensic acount…[View]
196695370You say you hate Americans /pol/ then our people do things like this... how can you hate such a man?…[View]
196688818AR-15 Thread: Do you live in a state that's not a shithole that allows you to exercise your 2nd…[View]
196695776What secret group of people is pushing migration to Europe? Specifically what organization?[View]
196693605leftist comic cringe thread[View]
196685198Why do atheists believe in free will?: Is free will an atheist plot to undermine God’s authority?…[View]
196691301Comedy is OVER! Time to BAN Seinfeld!: The Fine Bros did it again! A NEW HIT SERIES! >Would Seinf…[View]
196687232Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region: is it based?[View]
196669165ITS HAPPENING: Special Counsel Robert Mueller: “It is constitutional and within the law to indict a …[View]
196693737Sen. Elizabeth Warren: ‘I’m Not a Person of Color’: “As a country, we need to stop pretending that t…[View]
196677418How could this happen????: >Lifts ban on gay adult scout leaders >Drops 'Boy' in name and allo…[View]
196696271>World War 1 >World War 2 >flood the the entire Continent with migrants What the fuck is th…[View]
196696268Rape culture is a myth: You're all probably aware of this by now, but more important than the m…[View]
1966952281867 editorial about the causes of the civil war: I thought /pol/ might find this interesting. This …[View]
196694884MGTOW GENERAL /mg/ Greek gym edition: Its workout time![View]
196650808Do progressives actually hate white men?: No meme pls, real answer. I’m not referring to liberals bu…[View]
196677763>felt jealous of /pol/fags for being 'whiter' than me >eventually realized that's a good …[View]
196696110/pol/ BTFO: ...for real this time. You wanna know what your boy Orban has been up to? >Orban…[View]
196693937Jordan Peterson: The Animation: https://youtu.be/DqvmnrfK5NY[View]
196676998RBG Deathwatch. Dec 26th.: 12 More days. KEK wills it.[View]
196694888OBAMACARE IS OVER: https://www.politico.com/story/2018/12/14/judge-rules-obamacare-unconstitutional-…[View]
196694157WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?: https://lawandcrime.com/high-profile/reporters-kicked-off-entire-co…[View]
196682079You're on the air anon, go ahead[View]
196695733The current condition of this country is entirely because of propagandizing by the media and the sch…[View]
196694831OBAMA CARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL: OBAMA CARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/judge-ru…[View]
196671197The Quiet Death of Hillary Clinton: The final nails are sunk into Hillary's coffin. It is prove…[View]
196693446Petition for Susan Wojcicki to Resign: If you haven't disliked the video yet, please go and do …[View]
196685989Describe America in one pic[View]
196686473/pol/ the fact that we arent talking about pizzagate right now means they've won. Literally non…[View]
196694915CNQ: CNQ stands for ChristNiggerQuestion How do we stop White women from dating, marrying and pro cr…[View]
196682375This song describes the day the jews finally cull us https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9BfvPjsXXw…[View]
196694847Have you subscribed?[View]
196689802This is what peak socialism looks like[View]
196694518When most of the Europe was still Pagan. Announcing to your family that you had become a christian c…[View]
196632202Say it isnt so white man[View]
196689484Hey /pol/, what's your opinion on this? https://youtu.be/gyWAltxH_QI https://youtu.be/CqR-OikHM…[View]
196688745THIS IS WHAT HE'S REALLY DONE: • Mocked a man with disabilities. • Attacked the parents of a fa…[View]
196694355Why did whites/Europeans fall victim to the Judaism-lite desert cult of Christianity so easily? What…[View]
196694655What Whites are good at.: Blacks are good at sports. Asians are good at mathematics. Jews are good a…[View]
196692148Is Bolsonaro literally Hitler?[View]
196677939I'm the king of the world kurwa! Why aren't you making your own alcohol from your own frui…[View]
196694195Why do democrats call the NRA a 'terrorist group'?[View]
196679324What happen to malls in America?[View]
196690812It would sure be a tragedy if someone kept nagging those Democrats about their demographic future...[View]
196681572THIS IS NOT OK[View]
196687293BLACKVERTISING: Okay. Getting a little fed up with 'le brave black woman' meme littering (((the medi…[View]
196688613What did he lied about anyway?[View]
196693820Women need to be loved. It is the only language they understand. Women enjoy love. Don't let th…[View]
196682648So now that the dust has settled, How good was it really?[View]
196693090CA is Done: California is fucking trash[View]
196658206Russian PM, D. Medvediev: 'We want Belarus to be officially a part of Russia so it wouldn't rev…[View]
196673241Gavin seems really depressed about being fired.[View]
196687897Languages of the Internet, 2017: Languages of the Internet, 2017 http://funredes.org/lc2017/[View]
196693642Miss Universe Great Britain: MOGGED[View]
196693478those of you who picked Mitch: a year later your wife was killed when a tire burst on Jeremy's …[View]
196686765Did Sarah: pay the toll?[View]
196676085You gotta wonder (((who))) came up with the idea of linking nuns with horror. I'm pretty sure …[View]
196689301Alright lads. We have exactly 12 days to Christmas. Start meming Christmas miracles. I will start it…[View]
196689201Don’t trust anything celebrities say, their vision of the world is skewed by their capitalist occupa…[View]
196692943Nintendo switch actually redpilled?: >Only console platform that most games have local multiplaye…[View]
196691606Sean Last on South African politician: https://twitter.com/Sean84076698/status/1073377600230313987 '…[View]
196692963what are your thoughts on pill testing?[View]
196691195Trump’s Inauguration Paid Trump’s Company — With Ivanka in the Middle: DRUMP IS FOREVER FUCKED HAHAH…[View]
196668945So which one of you racist white male fucks did this? That's a monument for the FUCKING HOLOCAU…[View]
196693053Why would they not publish a book they purchased?[View]
196690069the 5G rollout is not even a local or state-level decision. it is federally mandated. it's obvi…[View]
196671099Wholesome Hitler gifs/webms[View]
196684060When did he become such a massive faggot?[View]
196689954Hey stranger, why the long face? Check it out, this one's on the house. Tell me fren, what is t…[View]
196687534Will Eastern European countries like Poland, Hungry, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republ…[View]
196689129John Kyle Resigns from the Senate: https://www.cnn.com/2018/12/14/politics/jon-kyl-resignation-arizo…[View]
196691719Countries with the Most Freedom: >It's worth noting that the US was ranked 58th. You got bea…[View]
196668140YELLOW VEST AMERICA- GAINING STEAM EDITION /yva/: CALLING ALL PATRIOTS Gather everyone you know of l…[View]
196688507How come africans walk with stuff on their heads.[View]
196691082is the kinsey scale real?[View]
196688657If Nazism is incompatible with Catholicism...: How come Hitler was never excommunicated? How come Me…[View]
196677513Redpill me on Spanish Civil War: All I was taught -- and I am really pushing the bar when writing 't…[View]
196692420Whole Jar of Red-pills: When Europe was Pagan, Jews were poor slaves now after 1000+ years of christ…[View]
196677800Was Hitler a jewish puppet?[View]
196688595According to white roasties and black guys only white supremacists date asian women: Why is it that …[View]
196689209TOO PUSSY TO TALK TO MUELLER: I thought he was some kind of New York tough guy.[View]
196692214OBAMACARE REPEALED: Texas federal judge just ruled Obamacare unconstitutional How am I going to aff…[View]
196689304/pol/ feels thread: >be me >filling out an end-of-semester course survey for a college class …[View]
196689836So why have deep state turned on Saudis? Saudis have been the most useful shills of the deep state, …[View]
196685778Holocaust: I need links, sources, and data to understand the holocaust. NO MEMES UNLESS THEY HAVE SA…[View]
196657533Why hasn't anyone used their elite hacking skills to hack norad and launch nuclear ICBMS for th…[View]
196690750Mods start doing your job and ban all the shills and CIA niggers. It's out of hand.[View]
196691565Redpill me on (((Blood Libels))): (((googling))) it or reading (((wikipedia))) just seems to portray…[View]
196688607does America have a cavebeast problem? >only good at sports of cornhole and shooting up schools …[View]
196681555https://twitter.com/SenSanders/status/1073701026660843520: Even 15 year old girls with asperger…[View]
196687331Press S to spit on the future of the baby boomers. Dumbfuck out of touch crybabies that have left a …[View]
196691400Shooting in my hometown: http://www.timesonline.com/news/20181214/two-dead-after-ambridge-shooting-s…[View]
196684710nigger twitter: >complain about segregation >make an app for your own race only they really ar…[View]
196691286Reminder that globalism is just short for global capitalism. Communism and cultural Marxism isn…[View]
196683251Is drinking coffee degenerate?: I started drinking coffee and I feel weaker psychically and mentally…[View]
196684211Evolution of your politics: Somebody started on of these earlier today, but I had other commitments …[View]
196690397Propaganda/Merchant Thread: People who think Pizza Gate is a myth https://www.haaretz.com/us-news/.p…[View]
196690884What does it mean to be human?: Modern society would say that to be human is to kindness, respect, a…[View]
196675108Australia is truly our greatest ally[View]
196678923Rockie mountain state thread: Redpill me on what life is like here. Give me a pic of the landscape i…[View]
196681296brit/pol/: pakis only[View]
196687614Guys I think Spain needs another civil war. Why can't people understand our views? why are they…[View]
196690349Germany adds 3rd gender option for birth certificates, other documents: Austria, Australia, New Zeal…[View]
196684283France's average White IQ being 98[1],: and urban people's IQ being 4 points higher than t…[View]
196688845Frost the Aryanman: Sup north/pol/, I come with a plot. We all know making OK symbol into a white po…[View]
196688901Why is nobody talking about North Korea anymore?: And why don't they have a 1 hairstyle whig?…[View]
196689163haha based pewds at it again, doing a letsplay of a hentai game on utube and spewing red pills >3…[View]
196688539anons from The Americas don't you wish you could go back before 1500s and stop europeans? we we…[View]
196687197This (maybe) fixes birth rate and dysgenics: Requires collaboration to validate hypothesis. I just t…[View]
196681972Where Should I Move For A Better Life?: I’m leaving California. I was born and raised here, mainly i…[View]
196689344Say Hello To Your New White House Chief of Staff!: Quote is listed on his Wikipedia page. He's …[View]
196690526What did he mean by it?[View]
196686257Daily reminder that (((porn))) is Jewish degeneracy and every time you fap to this filth you’re putt…[View]
196682258Say something nice about Sweden. We really need it in these dark times...[View]
196688488You faggots ready for the global racewar? You got about 6 years to prep.[View]
196687159My Theory Proven CORRECT About Jews Playing with Ratings and Box Office Sales.: ABC The jew network …[View]
196683793Impeachment is futile: >trump gets impeached Literally 0 percent chance the Senate republicans wi…[View]
196689989One of Based Short Fat Otaku's channels is now back after being deleted by YouTube! Check it ou…[View]
196681648Are Condoms Degenerate?: Condoms promote casual sex and decreases the birth rate of people. Wearing…[View]
196689800Are the black pill and white pill both terrible pills to swallow?: One of them lulls you into a fals…[View]
196682103Come and See: Is this movie banned because it goes against the Russian as victim? The jew as victim?…[View]
196689769So /pol you come here to larp as a right winger; u brag with ur friends about how defiant and awake …[View]
196688543Is pewdiepie our guy?[View]
196689723This guy is even more worse off than I am. Bless his heart.[View]
196684212ThE WaLLs ArE cLoSiNg In It'S OVER HAHAHAHHAHAHA DrUmPf Is FiNiShEd No YoURe a ShiLL[View]
196656458EUROWEEK GENERAL: Low effort new bread. Discuss everything related to Euroweek here.[View]
196679074Russian historian Ponasenkov SMASHES political correctness: people of progressive leanings must see …[View]
196687016He had enough of Semites trying to brainwash the masses. Its sad he died the way that he did[View]
196686015Great Men of US History: James K. Vardaman was the Former Governor and US Senator of the State of Mi…[View]
196687175What's with all the Happenings over trivial shit on this board?: For example, if Hillary or Geo…[View]
196687898Shitposting aside, how did you arrive at your political views? What made you visit /pol/ and keep co…[View]
196689285How popular is Orban at the moment? I hear protests are occurring in the streets.[View]
196681735When will it end?: So moslems have killed about 1000? 2000? 3000? [select closest approximate] Europ…[View]
196683751For purely hypothetical reasons, what would you do if you wanted to drive a liberal crazy? So far I’…[View]
196688997What do we really know about Putin ?: or more imporantly, is he really the person whom he is portray…[View]
196680882Music as an expression of /pol/itics: Post something that's peak culture or that you enjoy. Tak…[View]
196686823Fuck you. I might be drunk and maybe I'm not so good with English but for a brief moment I thro…[View]
196670444Ok /pol/, serious question now, no shitposting. Would you consider all 4 'white'?[View]
196682254Payment processors are a public utility. You can't conduct commerce in the modern economy witho…[View]
196679987Millennials can't be bas-[View]
196688293>Jews aren't the probl-[View]
196683805How do we solve the Trash Problem?: >act like niggers >may or may not be blacks >hit their …[View]
196682039Are advertisers giving up on white men because we're immune to them?: Women and minorities are …[View]
196672057Friendly reminder that Cuckianity is a 100% Jewish desert cult with a pathetic philosophy that was l…[View]
196687498What does /mu/ think of Sovereign Citizens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gzISrrsGPc[View]
196685066I stumbled across a random Hitler: So I was driving through a Small southern town and I came across …[View]
196677690Are they the Opie and Anthony of the Alt-Right?[View]
196665482December 15th Mall of America occurance - This is not a meme. Strong sources claim that a false flag…[View]
196688480I am white, and I have been given no reason to believe right-wing policies would help me at all. Ess…[View]
196687991Creepy Pajeet gets 9 years for molesting sleeping woman on airplane: http://m.cnn.com/en/article/h_7…[View]
196665866UMMM... GUYS????[View]
196688172Are there any races who don't harbor animosity towards whites?[View]
196688335Proof of concept.: The day is coming soon when we will liberate Palestine and exterminate all the oc…[View]
196681636What is the final solution to the female question?[View]
196673368US Health insurance is fucked: 27, Texas Relatively healthy, no major issues. Have had ADHD prescrip…[View]
196686662What does /pol/ think of Apohis?: Whenever I bring up that this meteor could trigger a collapse and …[View]
196686390What went wrong and why does he HATE women so much?[View]
196674226Say it with me /pol/: Chief of Staff[View]
196682858Military hate thread: Daily reminder that you are all welfare queens. You will all hang with the nig…[View]
196687919Tell me about your boomer family members.[View]
196666460Ok, the year is almost over. Sum up 2018 in one strong picture.[View]
196685521Women and blacks are similar, both are dumb lazy not creative and vote for socialists. If we mastere…[View]
196669538BASED AUSTRALIA!: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/dec/14/australian-government-to-recognise-j…[View]
196687904People can be redpilled if we make them anxious.[View]
196687838the yellow vests had arrived in Israel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJmOx7bFojQ[View]
196687809Would not surprise me: https://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2018-12-09/christmas-comet-46pwirtanen-an…[View]
196687708Where are my chosen adult thespians at? They are so good at it they should be encouraged.[View]
196646157/epg/: /epg/ - Espert President General #ESPERT2019 #LIBERALOTE Espert is the libertarian candidate …[View]
196686544BLM Protest: Hey y’all, so I’m an old fag which hasn’t been on here much since 2013 but this modern …[View]
196686574Trump is the ultimate degenerate beta male: We need to talk /pol/ How can you still support Trump kn…[View]
196670685Elon Musk: It’s over. People are finally starting to see this guy for the delusional psychopath and …[View]
196686770What happened to economics being the primary left/right divide?[View]
196672139Buzzfeed found the Final Solution to the Migrant Problem: What did they mean by this? >pic relate…[View]
196683984Kentucky yellow vest: Anon here again, ive made it home and began summoning 'friends' If a…[View]
196684685>we can't afford another failed state in the middle east[View]
196686887Are people stupid enough to believe that this man isn't a Jew?: How can you not tell the differ…[View]
196684695What must I do to defeat the Jew?[View]
196686754What’s his endgame?[View]
196674470What are your thoughts on this dude, /pol/?[View]
196685897So /pol/, what's the next big app? A Facebook/Twitter where everyone is anonymous and thots and…[View]
196685898As the new generation struggles to identify a clear enemy, it creates one out of sheer necesity. An …[View]
196687118Why are /pol/ and other Americans (double digit IQ humans) so scared and triggered by everything? Th…[View]
196684663How do we keep them out of FL?[View]
196680017Why can't america into highway engineering?[View]
196686215Looks like kino is back on the menu[View]
196686801Is Degeneracy Harming America?[View]
196686782Tired of the Chinese?: Hey there, FALL SWOFT here! Are you tired of those mainland Chinese street sh…[View]
196684185When 4pol ousts us,: refuge at which site, and must we subvert for our safety? And does this make us…[View]
196675950Why not hit her back? Whats the big deal? Self defence is a crime now?[View]
196683187President Trump must release FISA abuse documents to put an end to the witch hunt: Trump has decided…[View]
196686630guys look its so cool!!!!!: fuck democrats[View]
196685403The white race is doomed. There is no political solution. The West is racially divided between the l…[View]
196686129Sonnenkreig Division UK: Hey anon Andrew Dymock here. I decided to stop cutting girls up in my spare…[View]
196686431If you're not on his level you're not redpilled: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97mbNzg2Y…[View]
196671136Germany Needs A Boomer Genocide: Look at this shit, this is unsustainable. Boomers permanently ruine…[View]
196686163Why do Jews get blamed for everything? If doesn't matter what time period or civilization or c…[View]
196685495If there isn't a far-reaching Jewish conspiracy to suppress the white birth rate, what are you …[View]
196686172SPICLET DIES ON BORDER: A 7-year-old girl from Guatemala died of dehydration and shock after she was…[View]
196684352Have any Brits started preparing for the possibility of a WTO Brexit in March? If so, are there any…[View]
196683468Stephan...: What have you done? https://twitter.com/stefanmolyneux/status/1073725980202590208?s=21…[View]
196684029Those advocating Free Speech are the same type: who'd advocate Free Sexual Access to women. Rea…[View]
196652689memri thread?[View]
196685234how do you explain that?[View]
196662527Éire/pol/ - New Borders Edition: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demography_of_Northern_Ireland https:…[View]
196674222Are Denmark and Switzerland the only currently nice white countries with good futures?[View]
196668734PewDiePie speaks: Some people doubted he was our guy >Death to all Jews, I want you to say after…[View]
196681203Does anyone have the 5 dancing Israelis on 9/11 video?: Im fucking looking for it but cant find it. …[View]
196674082In all honestly my geralt wouldnt fuck the shitskins below[View]
196685395I feel like the only person who thinks Muller looking into ties between Russia and Trump somehow loo…[View]
196684678Well, this happen...: ...what now?[View]
196681315Decided to leave burgerland where can I go we're diversity won't follow me?[View]
196681109/pol/ appreciation thread: Just a little reminder, even though we are overrun with jidf, jtrig, 88br…[View]
196685387thoughts?: What are your guys thoughts on Joe Bernstein[View]
196685353cucks 'n white knights btfo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TSjxAsgrW8 Patriarchy is natural!…[View]
196685279Hmmm Convenient? Clinton Foundation building <<<<< pic related[View]
196678631Brothers the time is coming! There are rumors of Yellow Jacket Protests in the USA. They are calling…[View]
196675581Lol Mueller was /ourguy/ all along: he was investigating the juden who got to trump instead of the r…[View]
196685211Putin is the big dirty: I hate Russia so much If Sweden, Finland or any of the Baltic states somehow…[View]
196683858same: The lesbian couple in my neighborhood is always fighting. Today, they had their worst brawl ye…[View]
196683484Name a more based and redpilled nog[View]
196684687Remember: it's not over till the fat lady sings[View]
196683156Why is Snopes so fucking pathetic?: Why are Liberals incapable of keeping their idiotic biases secre…[View]
196682398Are there any parallels between Rome and United States? Could the US fall in a similar way that Rome…[View]
196680707Donald Trump has taken money from foreign governments, obstructed justice at the FBI, and even broug…[View]
196684744Teslatron 500: (pic related) >Find Tesla's grave >Dig up body >Take DNA sample >Mak…[View]
196678271Why are Canada's soldiers so fat?: https://globalnews.ca/news/3017931/report-suggests-three-qua…[View]
196679768Mueller Caught in Web of Lies: FBI found engaged in misconduct with Mueller over Flynn investigation…[View]
196684655Social Darwinism is ...[View]
196680596How would a modern holocaust / Genocide work without suffering major backlash, rebellion, and war? …[View]
196684189The Real Question About Refuges: So /pol/ constantly shits on 'refugees' but talks about it as if ge…[View]
196684144Dab on the haters[View]
196682342Hitler appreciation thread.[View]
196670824Johnson & Johnson 'knew about asbestos in baby powder for decades': ALL YOUR BABIES WI…[View]
196678370My cracker. >https://twitter.com/notch/status/1071494897608273920[View]
196672756TDS 380: New episode is out, this thread is for discussion thereof.[View]
196674142White pill thread: Post white pills - things that make you believe in the persistence of Western civ…[View]
196682417Happening cancelled. Flynn is still fucked.[View]
196684052who is more based? for me it was morgan, really calling out the bs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
196669492The Amish: Is the way they isolate themselves from the world done out of cowardice, or are they an e…[View]
196679516What do you think of this situation?: Say you are a small-time business owner. Your company needs to…[View]
196654504HAPPENING:YELLOW VEST SPILLOVER IN THE UK: Yellow vest protests starting to pick up momentum in UK. …[View]
196683888MDA Analytics is besting the ThotAudit by seeking to profit by reporting: UNPAID TAXES, by the Clint…[View]
196683855'The Arabs sold us the land': Will the Jews ever stop pulling off their Jewish trickery? https://www…[View]
196683838Mueller 2019: In case you're wondering, this is what a coup looks like.[View]
196682018brit/pol/ .brain damaged ex colonies. Edition.[View]
196683730Sad but true t. Member of a gang in decline[View]
196678868Should the government force people to have sex ?[View]
196682276force courts to define identity: there is a fairly simple fix to much of the identity politic nonsen…[View]
196682387Ocasio-Cortez is just saying she's jewish so she can bash Israel: She is playing identity polit…[View]
196631784In the 90s: there was a popular show called Friends. It was considered progressive because it had pr…[View]
196683466Religion Tier List: I did it...it's perfect...[View]
196678947Wow so that's the power of trump... MAGA![View]
196682314Hungary is done: thousands on the streets. Orban will fail.[View]
196683448Where can we find Right-Wing Women?: >Church Church ladies are extremely nieve and more likely t…[View]
196681381I was thinking...: If only 11 million people have Obama-Care, how will 24 million people die if it i…[View]
196680994Attention /pol/ If you know anyone out at either edwards or holloman afb, please make sure they…[View]
196678966Red Pill thread: my buddy told me that I should come here for answers. Not to sure what to expect bu…[View]
196681741What's your plan for when the world collapses? How will you survive? How will you spend your ti…[View]
196664731Based Border Patrol Dumping Water: https://youtu.be/ISAAl--F8jk Loving the new response all over twi…[View]
196679415/pol/ I'm 2019: I'm getting pretty bored of Trump tbqh and I'm ready to move on to a …[View]
196661294Professor /pol/: >anon A) -Marx's proposition is for a transitory state leading to Communism…[View]
196682265Yup, this is going into my cringe compilation[View]
196651420This Italian aid worker my friend knew was recently abducted in africa: Please discuss this and its …[View]
196678668Transgenders and Child Abuse: Got bored a few weeks ago and decided to chat up my local highschool G…[View]
196682881You've gone too far this time /pol/. Really? H4ckering his credit card? He's just trying t…[View]
196682337Ariana Grande: Pic related Y[View]
196681701Ultra Orthodox Jews refuse the draft.: Hated in their own country. How soon before their own religio…[View]
196681708What’s pol approved fashion?[View]
196681937SCO - Shanghai Cooperation Organisation: >this destroys the (((Amerimutt Empire))) https://en.wik…[View]
196682660Why is this allowed?: >A Federal Reserve bank is a privately owned corporation established pursua…[View]
196670316Drop your pills from the future: So what do you got /pol/ ?[View]
196676841READ! >In 2015 https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/56652660/ >Links about other threads with…[View]
196677411Markets fell -500 pts today, -2800 pts from their all time high: The ride has officially began in la…[View]
19668268721 convention cringe: what does /pol/ think about the new and rising 21convention Manosphere?[View]
196679231Casually scratches his balls: how does /pol/ cope with the fact that the first 'lady' was a man with…[View]
196658862/A5G/ - Trafficking Networks Edition: >What to look for when taking down Trafficking Networks 1) …[View]
196672945CNN BREAKING: Public support for impeachment falling month on month: >New poll shows half, 50%, s…[View]
196681257tfw you realize racism is somehow bad now because of jews rip nationalism[View]
196682574Is John Huber an ass Buddy of the Clinton/Obama Deep State?: Did Trump appoint a palooka to investig…[View]
196682547Tonight on 'The Apprentice: Whitehouse Edition.'[View]
196675099We need to protest the unfair sentence of Alex Fields Who is with me?[View]
196682459The USA isn't anti-Hybri-: Explain yourselves, America.[View]
196650724ROASTY TOASTY: An investigation led authorities to the suspect, Papenheim's 23-year-old roommat…[View]
196680888Silly rap dudes and soundcloud goth boys Gbc peep shit: One thing I cant fuck with and never have is…[View]
196681833Axis Nations: Out of all of the european 'allies' of Germany in WW2 which one was he most useless It…[View]
196679854Merry Xmas.[View]
196680940Is Trump America's first illegitimate president?: I would say it is not that Google favors Clin…[View]
196682324You could've have had the whitest population in the world: What the fuck, Germany?[View]
196676988>the world hates us because we tried >/pol/ hates us because we failed why even live…[View]
196677049Guys Did you ever stop and think if maybe Orange Man really is bad?[View]
196681430Old Canada appreciation thread: Post photos of the old great white north. Thread themes https://www.…[View]
196679198NAT SOC RAP: post your favorite based rappers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHBPPxfK6tM…[View]
196675340Say something nice about it!: Just kidding, this state fucking blows lmao. Cucked to the maximum. It…[View]
196679084>The Jews think this is their ancestor and teach white children in school about evolution and tha…[View]
196678819Trucks of peace: Trucks of peace are peaceful things Post pics of peaceful vehicles[View]
196672513Brit/pol/ - Jannies accidentally delted the thread edition: >Operation Gladio https://www.youtube…[View]
196657417He hasn't dismantled the deep state. Yes, this is difficult, but he hasn't even attempted …[View]
196679058lets assume there is real hard evidence for him doing criminal shit. would you still support him?[View]
196681101>put on tinfoil hat >depressing intrusive thoughts stop explain this /pol/tards…[View]
196677781Where's the nigger faggot from Greendland that posted yesterday that WWIII was to be started to…[View]
196656229Who’s right on Marriage — Trads or MGTOWs?[View]
196654747FREE WILL IS EVIL: I was finally able to forgive someone after 8 years because I realized they were …[View]
196681003My young sri lanka husband left me with nothing: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-ea…[View]
196680444Redpill me on far right-wing anti-Semitism. What are they really upset about?[View]
196680539I'd like yall to refute this.[View]
196676588Welcome to Iowa[View]
196675658Murica: Why don't you just let the minorities walk out of your country so they don't have …[View]
196665848Did Islam win or Feminism went full circle thoughts?: When you see articles like this, it means isla…[View]
196676551Is buying Newman's Own a good way to support charity or a scam?: >Newman's Own is a foo…[View]
196679024>Doesn't act like Big Brother >Search results don't serve an agenda (search European…[View]
196680889Kosovo has it’s own military now and there’s not a damn thing Serbcucks can do! Also pic related of …[View]
196677659Is Jim Fetzer based and redpilled?: I've been listening to a lot of this guy's videos and …[View]
196675461>Hello anon, I'm dr. Muhammed. What seems to be the problem?[View]
196672293>Asks lawyer to pay off a whore >Lawyer does it. Could have easily refused to do it because of…[View]
196680338Wheeler Walker Jr.: /pol/ what say you on Wheeler Walker Jr?[View]
196675840Mick Mulvaney is Trump's new Chief of Staff. Thoughts?[View]
196680600Discuss how to get ahead of the curve: The ground work is being later all around us to set up for 't…[View]
196677619Well, where is he?: And is VertigoPolitix the new Ryan Faulk? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z11j…[View]
196680542Can autism buy a vowel: Nice payola Nice crooked ascent Be a shame if autism were to ruin all this j…[View]
196680221off the grid?: what happened? will he ever come back? its just not the same without him.[View]
196678464I wonder why there aren't more openly Jewish people defending themselves on this board? Oh yah.…[View]
196676992Sweden's Equality Institution shuts down: >https://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?progra…[View]
196679923Why do Irish hate the English?: There's pretty much no difference in the people, culture and wa…[View]
196677209The eternal Batavian Why are these destroyers allowed to get away with it? I’ve never met a more co…[View]
196680206Fags are literally Male Thots.[View]
196680068Research thread: Research thread on all government corruption and government child trafficking.…[View]
196651903Democrats are fucked in 2020 HAHAHAHA: Who the fuck would vote for the massive faggot?![View]
196679541GAME ON!!: Judge Sullivan to rule next week on fabricated evidence by Mueller in Flynn case. Corrupt…[View]
196677389CHILE appreciation THREAD: >So anon, do you recommend me to go to chile? / pol / has told me that…[View]
196670113Amerindians have the biggest dicks in the world: Ecuador is the second country with the largest peni…[View]
196662036/CNG/ CIA nigger general: The CIA niggers nurse their tiny erect micropenises watching footage of th…[View]
196677856Libertarian monarchy: Why haven't you taken the libertarian technocratic-monarchist pill yet ?…[View]
196671580Fail: America is truly lost.. Even the most based and right wing American's breed outside their…[View]
196673502/pol/ humour thread: Friday night eurofag edition Featuring leaf pasta[View]
196638713Why don't you have a wife, anon?: So, my wife and I were talking this morning about how gross a…[View]
196671661Why do they want to destroy him and his family?[View]
196675782Strzok vs Flynn: Epic Anime Battle: the reason Strzok (aka gigantic demon-faced faggot) thought Flyn…[View]
196658972What's up with the white race being under constant attack?: I see it everywhere online, all the…[View]
196677085>Whites are smarter than minorit- Explain something to me, /pol/ - I'm looking through polls…[View]
196638466Pizzagate Revival: At this point, only a few still firmly believe in this theory, but we still have …[View]
196674335Fuck Yahweh, we need to start worshiping Anu, the first of the gods: >Created civilization and so…[View]
196673102definition of terms used on pol: In your opinion whatbisbthe definition of: Red pilled Woke Based. A…[View]
196663268Why do uneducated rural whites vote against their own economic interests?[View]
196677930Black man accused of stealing a little girl's Mr. Kipling's angel cakes: https://youtu.be/…[View]
196676965Here is my political compass: What do you think, /pol/?[View]
196676717Another day wasted. I have wasted the past year. Yes, my career is moving forward, but 2016-2018 are…[View]
196677730is this man to blame for the current state of protesters?[View]
196677491Pick one: Would you rather a country have a culture in which consanguineous relationships are popula…[View]
196673495ANOTHER RETAIL CHAIN GOES BANKRUPT IN TRUMP'S AMERICA: >Trump is doing a good job with the e…[View]
196677565How Cubans Live as Long as Americans at a Tenth of the Cost: Kek, a tiny poor communist country does…[View]
196663524/brexit/: Why are brits like this?[View]
196678606How come my shoes and tv dont say made in Afghanistan or Iraq: we did it to the japs and krauts and …[View]
196679147Secrets about white women self-racial image and what white women wants: White Women want to keep the…[View]
196675416>kikes have convinced the public that nazis were racists >even though the only race they reall…[View]
196678217Why the fuck do white get offended so easily? The other day I was with a few friends (I'm asia…[View]
196653091Is Twitch fucked?[View]
196675568Music of /pol/: What music do you listen to, /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJkOTTCcRRY…[View]
196678592IT'S COMING[View]
196672406Iraqi here and I think it's how most of this board is against Zionism: Kind of funny to watch /…[View]
196678205whats the best vision?: i was fascist but onlu works with firesquads then i was anarcho capitalist b…[View]
196663161JAPAN NO!!!: Japan you better nip this shit in the bud. No pun intended. I fucking swear that if yo…[View]
196677617BERNIE 2020 WHO'S WITH ME !!!!!!!!![View]
196674982Sara Carter reported in Jan 2018 that McCabe had altered 302's: >Investigative journalist Sa…[View]
196672990MUELLER OBSTRUCTED JUSTICE: WIPED STRZOK'S PHONE!: The IG criminally referred Strzok and then M…[View]
196678547THE END IS COMING: The reason why any marxist idea (everything that contains equality: socialism, im…[View]
196678495End the Minimum Wage: Conservatism is an absolutely lost cause as long as we endure the minimum wage…[View]
196674201Are we different races or related species?: Are we different races or related species?[View]
196641172/RRG/ Race realism general /RRG/: IQ of Nations https://iq-research.info/en/average-iq-by-country He…[View]
196677578Is Prada /our/ bag ?: Prada releases New Monkey collectibles met with cries of Rayyciss -Chimpout en…[View]
196677047GDR was more stable than the FRG and had many industries: Where are they now?[View]
196678067Could Donald Trump make Communism work?[View]
196629092Oy vey! White supremacy! Shut it down![View]
196668053Legal Trickery - It's an attempted COUP: Lawyer here, I just want to talk about the Legal Trick…[View]
196668183Final proof that pewdiepie is a Nazi: Lyrics of 'bitch lasagna' aimed at the Indian music channal T-…[View]
196667397Can you imagine religion better suited for slaves than Hinduism? It can be summed up like this - all…[View]
196664325Hitler quote on East Asians: >I have never regarded the Chinese or the Japanese as being inferior…[View]
196675787Japan: Why the fuck Japan has more suicide rates and shit[View]
196675390Donald Trump was chosen for the presidency to serve as a safety valve for white political discontent…[View]
196675285Пoчeиy pyccкиe кyшaют кoмбикopм?: Пoчeмy pyccкaя кyхня тaкaя yбoгaя? C дeтcтвa тepпeть нe мoгy вcяки…[View]
196672232Nazi Zionists?: Oh wow here is the article on that nazi coin i showed you! The nazi zionists! Who is…[View]
196677470NEW GENS. HAVE LESS SEX?: We all know the Sex propaganda etc. But guess what, turns out less than 40…[View]
196673430Why are white people stuck with the “ageing badly” stereotype?: Asians age terribly, its a meme that…[View]
196672076Update on Whats happening: Can someone update me on what's happening im confused[View]
196677546Okay, /pol/. Are you clueless on geopolitics and willing to march into any war (((they))) order you …[View]
196677521Should European countries turning towards the right leave the EU or try and reform it to their likin…[View]
196671645Britain to massively increase its minimum wage: The National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage w…[View]
196674999Is Spotify, dare I say it, /ourguy/?[View]
196673057How do you guys stop from being depressed all the time?[View]
196671325How much socialism is too much?: Taxes should go towards: >Fire dept >Police >Emergency ser…[View]
196674309Anybody else notice how far leftists in the Us have been trying to act like the yellow vests are lef…[View]
196672385Jew owned Johnson & Johnhson: Admits to knowing about putting asbestos in baby products. https:…[View]
196677206*Ahem*.....MACRON DEMISSION![View]
196674868The (((plan))): What is (((their))) ultimate goal? What is it that they'll gain after they mana…[View]
196673960The Double-headed eagle is a symbol of the peoples of the East? In the case of painting, the Tatar p…[View]
196674605$500 Basic Income: Are now usa white taxpayers the new slaves of the chimps? https://sacramento.cbsl…[View]
196676601Who Has the Best Physique?: Who is closer to beast, may have the more beastly physique.[View]
196673489American school system: Just how fucking fucked are they anyway. Teachers always thinking about pay …[View]
196674628How can we save Russia from itself?: Russia has been led by one single man for 20yrs. It’s a dictato…[View]
196676686>posts a tweet >guys this is proof of a conspiracy How many of you retards fall for this day a…[View]
196670537Entire floor at D.C. federal courthouse sealed off for mystery case: >The case – known officially…[View]
196672590(((White Privilege))): Operation Jew Privilege I got into an argument with my sister and her friend…[View]
196674640wtf is Frazzledrip and how did I miss it? All I know is that it's allegedly a video of Huma and…[View]
196676207Daily reminder middle eastern countries have something like 50% consanguineous marriages[View]
196673713/EMJG/ - E. Michael Jones General : Warrior of the Catholic Church: new interview! >https://www.y…[View]
196670905It’s illegal to share nude images without consent in Ohio: Thoughts? Tweet: >https://twitter.com/…[View]
196676754The Pantheon[View]
196676705I stumbled across a random Hitler: I was driving through a small town today and found this old gener…[View]
196675302How about that[View]
196675812Trump names Mick Mulvaney as acting White House chief of staff: >In September 2015, Mulvaney endo…[View]
196663654You call this an IQ test?: Literally college/university for toddlers. https://mensa.dk/iqtest/ Your …[View]
196676567Boomers of the world unite under one Yellow flag[View]
196670448Russian historian Evgeniy Ponasenkov: What do you think about this guy? https://youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
196676446/SG/Turkey starts military operation against Kike-Loving Kurds: It has begun folks! https://twitter.…[View]
196673993This is your next president /v/, say something nice about him[View]
196676416Business Owner Hate Thread: Business owners are a bunch of greedy fucks that enjoy ruling over and e…[View]
196675955https://youtu.be/3LMu2ag0lUc Wow. I hate black people just as much as I did before watching this vid…[View]
196664712You do realize that Hitler regarded them as superior to aryans, don't you? Asians are the true …[View]
196675213Post examples of HATE against whites[View]
196676187Hmmm... I wonder why?[View]
196676176Ghetto thread? Ghetto thread: ITT: post screenshots and descriptions of the shittiest ghetto areas i…[View]
196671710It's happening..: https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgottenlanguages.org/2018/12/[View]
196662435Should niggers be exterminated or reenslaved?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STrWkn3MWI4…[View]
196675098America should have been a Protestant theocracy.: America was built by Christians who hated the Pope…[View]
196660455HAPPENING: GRAND JURY SUPEONA BATTLE RIGHT NOW - POLITICO: From Politico: >A longtime Roger Stone…[View]
196671401REEEEE!: Why do these spics in Univision always think the world revolves around them? I checked out …[View]
196669817i want to see the picture with the kanye quote about jews[View]
196672631Why do we hate Muslims?: On an ideological level we like all the same things 1. They believe all wom…[View]
196675696Perfect European Reich[View]
196675772HurRR DURrR: >yOU DOnT knoW WhAt MUeLLEr mIGHt Have He’s got so much he has to keep indicting rus…[View]
196672022Thoughts on this man?: Has anyone watched the talks he's invited to?[View]
196640929SERB FORCES ARE READY: Serbian forces are in operational readiness: https://www.rt.com/news/446473-k…[View]
196668457Where does Europe end?: And why?[View]
196665980Public Space excludes Dr. Peter Duesberg: A few weeks ago JF Gariepy quickly dismissed molecular bio…[View]
196669926what's your general view of tattoos? I think they are unsightly, degenerate and a good sign of …[View]
196675516B L M propaganda!? I've seen it in movies constantly! Any thoughts?[View]
196674498Alright /pol/. Redpill me on Theresa May.[View]
196672261CNN eternally, eternally, eternally, eternally, eternally, eternally BTFO. How the fuck can lefties …[View]
196674622We need to rescue Trump out from under Kushner's control.[View]
196675001Donald Trump must declassify FISA abuse documents: The documents will exonerate Trump and incriminat…[View]
196667001He Blinded Me With Science!: muslim science on display in EU[View]
196675123WHAT IS HAPPENING: The left is sure Drumpf is finished, but we learned Mueller committed fraud. What…[View]
196675234/pol humor thread: /pol humor thread[View]
196674994MPT. Meridiungulate Politics Thread.: This is a Thread where we discuss all things related to Meridi…[View]
196657144You Happy /pol: See, according to Disney, it’s your fault their bullshit SJW nu Wars died[View]
196673364Redpill/Blackpill overdose me to death: I'm already down the rabbit hole , I can't come ba…[View]
196668096Red pill me on Y Combinator.: What is this company? How do they work? Why is it that every venture t…[View]
196653403MFin' Modafinil: Why is modafinil illegal in so many countries? Why do the Jews want to keep us…[View]
196625618David Irving BTFOs Holocaust Deniers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIdjRJMyByY Disagree with his …[View]
196667499>'Oh shelve your western plans and understand that life is hard enough when you belong here' What…[View]
196658948welcome your new overlords[View]
196673668SHITLERY FOUNDATION ILLEGAL: When will this sea hag be carted off to the pen?[View]
196672130THIS IS WHAT HE'S REALLY DONE: • Mocked a man with disabilities. • Attacked the parents of a fa…[View]
196674792Going to offensive political party tomorrow: Im going to an offensive political party tomorrow. I al…[View]
196672695h3h3: they may be jews but they're /ourjews/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQM4-zbS9fc…[View]
196618748Secretive German fusion reactor smashes more world fusion records: The Wendelstein 7-X has now broke…[View]
196674539>What has Drumpf even done? >nothing that's what, drump btfo >NO NO NO THAT STUFF DOES…[View]
196674662Greetings, /pol/. I propose to you a theory. I’ve recently been doing some thinking, and I’ve come …[View]
196674147Jewish OPED Weekly Standard shutsdown: Plenty of liberals praising it here, lots of notable jews wis…[View]
196673221President Pence?: How will a President Pence govern? Are we gonna be even more enslaved to Israel no…[View]
196674163>he prefers his coffee all nigger[View]
196648824RAND PAUL PRESIDENT 2020: Rand Paul: >Pure Aryan Blood Line >Blocks Trump's foreign aid …[View]
196674468>Hate everyone around you >Call women (Half the population) roasties and don't think they…[View]
196671040Watching worlds toughest prisons and there is an episode about a prison in Romania full of gypsies, …[View]
196648989Remember all those articles about women freezing eggs to focus on career?: Apparently it was all bul…[View]
196665297The absolute state of feminist “men”![View]
196672701Sudies Show Food Stamps Put Poor Kids on Path to Success: > food stamp access as a child was asso…[View]
196674190what is the most /pol/-approved US state? In terms of standards of living, culture, demographics, an…[View]
196664664What is happening to him in this video?[View]
196668662Why Maine is the best state >one of the lowest crime rate >over 90% of the population is white…[View]
196665150Yellow vest Kentucky: Who here is joining up? I’ll be at 4th street live Saturday at Noon hope to se…[View]
196668655Revelations are at hand. The apocalypse is nigh.[View]
196655661too real[View]
196661935Why the FUCK are Canadian soldiers so FAT: Frostbacks explain yourselves https://globalnews.ca/news/…[View]
196664253Who has the worst minorities?: Which country has the worst racial minority? UK - Pakistanis. Fucking…[View]
196669607>'fifth largest economy' >lowest quality of life in country How on Earth does this happen?…[View]
196669501How do we meme him into the presidency, leftists and transhumanists?[View]
196669877Another Chinese spy working at top US university. https://www.breitbart.com/asia/2018/12/13/chinese-…[View]
196673831This thread again...: The truth about immigration, by the numbers: >https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
196673380Defend Trump against liberal autocracy: This is obviously a coup d’etat By the liberals (jews) . How…[View]
196641978On Culling Populations by IQ: This pic shows an ideal bell curve which the human population's i…[View]
196668343Am I seriously the only person on this fecking island that thinks blacks look like monkeys? I don…[View]
196669434WWIII Breaks Out: Countries are now allied by their porn preferences. How fucked is your homeland?…[View]
196673351Hey there little Bosnia. Why you let Croatia steal your valuable coastline? You want good, strong ec…[View]
196643874What is the correct term for 'cultural marxism'? I often see leftists laugh at this concept saying t…[View]
196666157>2 years >tens of millions of dollars wasted >still nothing how much longer will american t…[View]
196673528Fuck pisslam thread.[View]
196669512Serbs are white and defenders of Europe. This is a fine serbian specimen, he embodies what the Serbs…[View]
196661177Give me one good reason: That all Jews shouldnt be rounded up and deported to Israel. Just one and K…[View]
196666073How to repill others: 1. Don't be a retard. Don't act like an autistic sperg. Don't g…[View]
196670410How many levels of journalism are you on right now?[View]
196673135fascist memes: post fascist memes, not necessarily making fun of fascism[View]
196650272Italian reporter that died in Strasbourg attack was pro-EU, pro-immigrant, anti-nationalist. https:/…[View]
196670651Let's make one thing clear: UK didn't vote for Brexit because of Polish migrants or the wa…[View]
196673191>'religion is the opium of the masses' >*watches tv, movies and listens to music*…[View]
196669788What’s a realistic timeline for WW3?: >title[View]
196649212lmao https://twitter.com/Therealshmian/status/1071792086175768577[View]
196647733Can we make Americans Farmers Again?: I wanna grow my own potatoes and corn.[View]
196673103Threat sent to sandy hook Elementary: >Sandy Hook Elementary School was evacuated Friday due to a…[View]
196672230Pajeet touches bobs and vagene in America you go to jail!: With his wife crying in the courtroom, a …[View]
196673023India: Land of Poo & Corpses in public: I fucking hate India - such a disgusting poonigger count…[View]
196670984If the world turned to you and asked you to fix this mess, what would you tell them?: Here are some …[View]
196665432Was Lovecraft RPed? His ideas on miscgenation are well known but what if there was more to it? Thank…[View]
19666505812 mexican intellectuals write a new poem against Trump: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-…[View]
196665064Most of these are towels Grace![View]
196653221Aren't most of this guy's fans children? Why does he think this is okay? My little sibling…[View]
196660780ictoria's Secret model trolls In-N-Out Burger with workout videos, gets accused of 'fat sh…[View]
196668125Does democracy still exist or is it a meme?[View]
196672578a list of political topics that I have no understanding of: but that I would like to learn about …[View]
196669582Trump begs SCOTUS to let it ban trans from the military: Why does Drumpf and his administration care…[View]
196672122Are comic books and comic book movies Jewish propaganda?[View]
196669053Politics in the US: What should a movement outside the overton media be built on? - Optics: The only…[View]
196668569Mr. Obama Dances 'the Fortnite' with Santa at a Children's Hospital https://twitter.com/tictoc/…[View]
196672169JFK Jr = Q ?: Did JFK Jr. fake his death and is about to come forward?[View]
196658703Racist whites: “I share the responsibility of the accomplishments of my ancestors”: Also racist whit…[View]
196670944Diversity is our strength[View]
196672176It's a disgusting and wholly transparent misdirection that billionaires, their corporations, th…[View]
196671475jews shutting down the goyim: Kanye west names the jews (through a bible verse) Drake the fake black…[View]
196665989Are they based?[View]
196671775The Dominant Race: Men, especially the highly-desirable ones, should reproduce with lots of women bo…[View]
196669826Can I get a quick rundown on the recent Trump campaign finance situatiom, wtf is going on? >pic p…[View]
196670449soon it will be revealed >thousands of photoshops >body double? no, triple! >cgi speeches! …[View]
196662221How's the world going to end?[View]
196671398What's his endgame?[View]
196658825>200 people are protesting in Budapest >2 people arrested for breaking public property and rel…[View]
196657757is singapore constructing a giant swastika[View]
196669175UK to ban porn in April 2019. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/12/12/age_verification_smut_guidanc…[View]
196671074>Saami in Scandinavia: Then we'd need to bleed(as far as pure Aryans see it.)…[View]
196664125/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - GAY FROGS EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
196664377Drop some redpills about social media[View]
196643799Based Danish Nationalism: The Danish Aryan population is redpilled and united as brothers. Prove me …[View]
196668077>American 'democracy' Absolutely disgusting. Shameful.[View]
196619203Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Beholder Edition: >Fall Edelweiss >no watermarks, no captions, …[View]
196670636You're chilling with your bros in 1930s Germany listening to völkisch speeches when you see thi…[View]
196656574ABOUT TO GET ON INFOWARS: What should i say lads?[View]
196670459Thoughts on based Hasan Piker?[View]
196670286Imagine how white Germany could have been it the wall hadn't collapsed[View]
196669539Did he do it?: What is /pol/ opinion?[View]
196667790Start taking action: When are you all going to take actual action on your theories and stop larping …[View]
196669113Alphabet Google YouTube should formally: Check out what you get as a top result when you Goog 'Alpha…[View]
196650175OMG keep these animals out: Ban Islam[View]
196670284What's with all of the jew hate?: I have never had a borderline retarded jew charge me $90 an h…[View]
196670232>Complete media silence/blackout over the migrant caravan ever since they faced resistance at the…[View]
196666481how come every time you retards go to drop some redpills on twitter, youtube or where ever you use a…[View]
196663832OMG IT'S FUCKING HAPPENING!!!!!: https://twitter.com/breaking9111/status/1073674276274876416…[View]
196670057What causes this?: https://youtu.be/N9aFkQUTmng YouTuber almost gets kidnapped by a creep and the co…[View]
196667907What are some good redpilled christian movies to watch during the holidays?[View]
196670041Another rough day in the stock market. We need to do some serious soul searching. Trump winning has …[View]
196659684YOU DID THIS /pol/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/california-city-councilwoman…[View]
196664139Reminder that even women can’t rally if they’re called out by the Jew.[View]
196666362So its been nearly 3 months. Hows our backyard buckshot boys doin?[View]
196665930Has the NPC Meme gone too far?: We have a game about it now on Steam, how will the media react? http…[View]
196653479Why are there no nuclear power plants on Hawaii or in Antarctica?: I suspect nuclear bombs are fake …[View]
196668422Why do so many leftists love Wakanda? >patriarchy >ethnostate >wall >no desire to help o…[View]
196665531I am glad that the evil white race is finally being exterminated. The world will rejoice when all wh…[View]
196668273Powerful, simply powerful.[View]
196652861My grandfather was an Ustasha during WW2, ask me anything: He was conscripted when he was young and …[View]
196669110National Socialist Community Broadcast: Multiracial christianity is a tape worm. It is like a shinni…[View]
196665774Some national-socialists were clearly Jewish, weren't they, pol? I just looked at that picture …[View]
196667874We must help Jammeh regain his power: >https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2018/12/gambian-president-y…[View]
196668851Photo-related Polish man spent 20 years in mental-hospital-prison only because he decided to burn …[View]
196668706FRANCE, ANTI SEMITISM: HOLY FUCK ITS HAPPENING, EUROPE IS WAKING UP https://youtu.be/_w5ulMrmlz8…[View]
196665649So Mueller charged Flynn with lying during an interview, but won't provide the judge with a sum…[View]
196667112need more fashwave: especially anti-equality ones[View]
196667522Who was in the wrong here?[View]
196658266Trump >absolute degenerate, on his third Slavic trophy wife >weird golden toupee and bizarre o…[View]
196664394https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/5628473/12-14-17-Mueller-Reply-Flynn-Sentencing.pdf This …[View]
196623272>watch TV >shit fearmongering news >feel stressed after watching it >watch NetFlix >s…[View]
196668131Really makes you think doesn't it?[View]
196665303Does /pol/ know anything about this organization?[View]
196627805What is the biggest redpill you can take?[View]
196650424Communists are cuc-: >China Refuses Refugees Due to Belief in ‘Ethnic Superiority’ https://www.br…[View]
196664577Block bridges and avenues. Do it![View]
196665029What did they mean by this?[View]
196662648talk about pic related, I do not like them very much.[View]
196664578Holocaust denial: Hi /pol/ I want to know if there was any holocaust survivors, officers, guards or…[View]
196667113China's economy is outpacing ours, why? >They use Capitalism now! >All success is because…[View]
196665261Help me out nerds: who owns this website? How do i find that out? Www.elitedaily.com Is it jews??? …[View]
196668086Would politics in the West be less Jewed and misguided if we were taught Heidegger?: Instead of basi…[View]
196665418POTUS fighting grand jury subpoena: https://www.cnn.com/2018/12/14/politics/mueller-grand-jury-myste…[View]
196659877Why do we hate GM food again?[View]
196665663Didn't cuck out this time: Im honestly surprised[View]
196657270>Euro is good for everyone instead of being just for Ger-[View]
196664466King of /pol/: >Hes a welfare cuck He’s not on welfare >b..but he says you should be on welfar…[View]
196661554What do you think of Ukraine Surrogacy? You pay a clinic 40k in the Ukraine and 12 months later you …[View]
196665682/pol/ just got btfoed. this will hit you on a personal level[View]
196665823Brits are delusional: Tell me they aren’t.[View]
196661825Your age Your earnings for the month Your attitude to pic[View]
196653797Posted this earlier today. Nobody gave a fuck. Is this not politics? Is this not direct evidence aga…[View]
196661326Palestinian Christians: Are you willing to forgive Israelis? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8knx4zp…[View]
196653681How the hell can he not find a Chief of Staff?: When you can't find a Chief of Staff, then your…[View]
196648371This what happens when you white racists step out of line: 'F**king ch**k,' Lushchinskaya …[View]
196664259Bernie Sanders is Jewish. His real name is Bernard.[View]
196667073John Green: This is the face of the new man Don't like it? Go back to Nazi Germany[View]
196667597Did we start the fire? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36odfqA-Xqw…[View]
196640346What is your honest opinion of homosexuality and transgenders?: All religions say it’s an abominatio…[View]
196657436>just announced he's going to invest $30 billion into creating new jobs and industry in sout…[View]
196663668Socialism: Why is 'socialist' an insult in America?[View]
196638031plan to save the west: this text is a multi step plan to save/ reform western nations and remove the…[View]
196659039Whats your youtube recommendations?[View]
196667103>mfw attracted to mousey looking jewy grills[View]
196667084Lets All Become Better: ITT we name 3 degenerate habits and 3 based habits to help us all improve fo…[View]
196666195Trump will win 2020: Kek wills it[View]
196656600Is she /ourgirl/? https://youtu.be/S1Onniy08AY?t=128[View]
196637998Time to take Little Timmy OFFLINE: Time (((Wise))) has broken terms of service on both Twatter and P…[View]
196656531I have an idea: Why don't we just pick up the nukes y'all kept in storage, and launch them…[View]
196664561Many banned conservatives are flocking to an app called Parler which is basically right wing Twitter…[View]
196662615https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/stories-46558932 What's your opinion on inter-family arranged marria…[View]
196666748Syria General /sg/ - Knights of the Sky edition: BATTLEFRONT DELTA One of the whole 'sub-series' of …[View]
196666633British girls are so desperate for BBC they're organising school trips to Africa to get their f…[View]
196665755How has your community dealt with Airbnb? Not only does it hurt Housing Markets but it literally in…[View]
1966602522 years 0 (zero) scandals[View]
196666478>Be British Canadian dual citizen >Hate the idea of unintegrated minorities and gibsmedats …[View]
196648071Why can’t we have a good healthcare system? Europe and Canada have great healthcare systems.[View]
196661705How many people of color are browsing /pol/? Don't fall for White Devil's lies. You are be…[View]
196666147Why do people think the Moon landings were faked[View]
196666105why so many /pol/acks do this?: I've noticed that many Anons keep posting images/gif that with …[View]
196660500Eyes Wide Shut sculptures in Isleworth, FL: A peasant I know was admitted through the gate of the WA…[View]
196665959guess #8 Slush Fund: 2017 claims down from 15 to 8 but $ paid nearly double We know 7 of them: >…[View]
196662879what's your general view of tattoos? I think they are unsightly, degenerate and a good sign of …[View]
196663866It's happening again: https://www.sevendaysvt.com/OffMessage/archives/2018/12/12/walters-baruth…[View]
196654518Maria Butina Pleads Guilty to Role in a Russian Effort to Influence Conservatives: Who is this and w…[View]
196657408Do women deserve the right to vote?[View]
196652035Is it really illegal to follow bad advice from a lawyer? Trump: I wanna do X. Is that legal? Cohen: …[View]
196665225Only Scandinavians, Greeks and Bulgarians lack Denisovan DNA in Europe.: Anti-Denisovan Alliance whe…[View]
196664557>2018 >He still thinks the USA landed on the moon in 1969 How about you fucking Moonies open y…[View]
196665424Do people want to learn K'iche'?: Well, this board is all about shilling for Chinese, but …[View]
196660482Cameron Sterling, son of Alton Sterling, 18, is charged with raping an eight-year-old boy he was bab…[View]
196660493Fuck Youtube: At what point do we consider youtube to have gone too far and how do we burn it down? …[View]
196665247When will the capitalist machine finally burn down and die? https://youtu.be/AJb4NovWM48[View]
196665213What if we unironically kick off socialist revolution so that leftards are happy, but then we are in…[View]
196661499>This ran the 'white ethnostate' for 8 years Okay Im ready give the redpill to me /pol/…[View]
196648524Thanks Minnesota: Don't forget to thank whoever put a Muslim in[View]
196664950Trump meets the Final Boss of level 10 - Mueller[View]
196663980Transylvania is mine get out: Tell me one good reason Hungary should have Transylvania. Stop coming …[View]
196661677Was this based and Redpilled? Or cucked and Bluepilled? https://youtu.be/Tjp5OmoDYQM[View]
196662951Mass Shooters: >Why do you think Mass shooters have cult/worship like followings?…[View]
196663068unironically why are blacks so much more based and alpha than whites: here is the leader of south af…[View]
196661795DESTROY This Death Machine!: A seven year old migrant kid is dead. Andit'sallthankstoWhiteAmeri…[View]
196653904REMOVE WOMEN'S RIGHTS!: Civilization + women's rights = DEATH![View]
196662303John Ward is /ourguy/: If you havent seen this guy's youtube channel, it's quite possibly …[View]
196660515why was Pence asleep during the meeting?[View]
196661162What Can We Do?: I'll preface this with the fact that I live in Toronto, so maybe take this lig…[View]
196664006Boomers killed the GDR and now they want it back[View]
196663515Why are Muslims in America Democrats?: If we are meant to respect their cultures, their religion, th…[View]
196662372Why don't normies take the JQ seriously? At best they will acknowledge that jews hold positions…[View]
196664359Don’t stop Yellow Vests you’re breaking the police!!: Yellow Jackets are defeating police via attrit…[View]
196629612FRANCE- 'The police are at an end': >The government calls the yellow Vests to demonstrate in calm…[View]
196662578KILL COUNT: *sips* aaahhh How many degenerates have you killed today, /pol/? What methods do you use…[View]
196663779Brit/pol Edition Fake news network: Continuing...[View]
196646822Flyovers: What are people like in flyover states? Do they just hang out Walmart all day?[View]
196627553ecofash thread[View]
196623471How do we save white South Africans? How do we save them? If we let the Judea kill them off they wil…[View]
196663798Liberals will deny this: Can't co-exist with them.[View]
196661828How do we tear down wall street bigotry?[View]
196658253Pigs belong in a slaughterhouse.[View]
196663982Utz q'ij /pol/!: Jasmächa’? Utz bätz'?[View]
196663425What does /co/ think about the work of mrasheed?: Personally, it makes me really think.[View]
196653441What is Jesus political view on Islam ?[View]
196663169SANDERS DESTORIES NEOCON HAWKS WITH SENATE YEME BILL: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.commondreams.…[View]
196653594why is the US so dirty and chaotic? Is the US turning 3rd world from all the immigration? And Pelosi…[View]
196652806APOLOGIZE NOW: EXPLAIN YOURSELVES YOU FUCKING BIGOTS https://nypost.com/2018/12/10/9-year-old-commit…[View]
196655435Brit/pol/ - 'IGH KWALITY EDISHIN: >it isnae clear how er if the eu will come tae mays rescue…[View]
196663421BLORMPF IS FINISHED! VOL. 6031 & 6032: Feds investigate tRump for inauguration funding WSJ says …[View]
196615099Syria General /sg/ - /sig/ edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.com S…[View]
196663044Memetic Warfare: >what have we created >what's next pol?…[View]
196647174Is the college meme getting out of hand? Do you really need a MASTERS degree for sports?[View]
196642668Britain is NOT Euopean: https://twitter.com/evgenia_fili/status/1073592772492476416 UK Yellow Vests …[View]
196663246How does one make Democrats vote for the best interest of USA for once?[View]
196661912Kanye west names the jews (through a bible verse) Drake the fake black man of Jewish Canadian descen…[View]
196661822The less racially homogenous a country is the more likely it is to be a violent shit hole: PIC relat…[View]
196659646HAPPENING PART DEUX: GRAND JURY CONVENES, ENTIRE FLOOR SEALED OFF: http://jamiedupree.blog.ajc.com/2…[View]
196656003Anal AKbar: It's Friday, Can we have a muhaMAD incorrect thread ?[View]
196663009What did our goy Sam mean by this?[View]
196657027European Cucknion: How is entire Europe run by people like pic related? Guy with literal rapist glas…[View]
196655350The Weekly Standard is shutting down. Press S to split on Bill Kristols grave.[View]
196658351Wales: I am welsh and proud. We have one of the oldest languages in the world, and is still in use. …[View]
196653935According to /pol/ this man is not white.[View]
196653972Blonde, blue eyed, Gwen Stacey. Peter Parker's ex, is getting BLACKED: in the Spiderverse seque…[View]
196651337>get one chance at making your stormweenie nazi LARP dreams come true >all you need is a compe…[View]
196660399Ukraine is the only country in Europe with both freedom of speech and absence of decadent tendencies…[View]
196661072>see Drumpf win the Presidency >run up and kick him as hard as I can in the balls >record…[View]
196662367/gg/ GAEILGE GENERAL: labhair an teanga gaeilge liom[View]
196662134Public Space excludes Dr. Peter Duesberg.: A few weeks ago JF Gariepy quickly dismissed molecular bi…[View]
196641878how do we solve the dopamine problem?[View]
196653362Weekly Standard to shut down: Trump curse strikes again ![View]
196662200Childhood is idolizing the Unabomber. Adulthood is idolizing /Pol/ Pot. What the Unabomber did was s…[View]
196658375What do you think of negers? Are they really animals? Have never met one.[View]
196662108Best movies on 'neo-nazis'? I've seen: American History X Imperium The Believer Non-skinhead na…[View]
196662001ok, this is epic[View]
196658050The cult of the staaron: We most start the cult off staaron we will murder the jews and the fags to …[View]
196656561Some dude or girl shows up on your doorstep speaking of the evil and corrupt government while asking…[View]
196661950Be ready Britain: http://archive.is/A1NUY[View]
196660055Congrats, shitalians, you have elected a pedo.[View]
196658842You know what would be fun?: So I was thinking, we take every image of every protest (immediately af…[View]
196661803Why are there so many Arabs in Israel?[View]
196661404Gospel Reading and Reflection: GOSPEL - Mark 9:33-41 At that time Jesus and his disciples came to Ca…[View]
196661684Trump knew it was 'wrong' to make hush-money payments during campaign: how are people actually this …[View]
196657789Reminder that reddit is always there: >The Day of the Cope: /pol/'s weeklong meltdown follow…[View]
196661667Keep your 'TRAITOR' neb, OUT Blair, you C***!!!: The people of Britain say FUCK OFF Tony, …[View]
196661597>'Jews are fucken annoying, now watch me build this fucken house' Latvians truly are based(Skip t…[View]
196660279The truth about Santa Claus: Santa Claus is a supposedly joyful figure, a jovial fat old elderly man…[View]
196636987WAGECUCKS BTFO: “I’m not sure what you’re referring to?” the engineer replied apologetically. “You’r…[View]
196652123Why are Ukrainian women such whores?: They are the worst kind of degenerate whores. With the western…[View]
196655494>Iranian-Backed ‘Sleeper Cell’ Militants...poised to launch a large-scale attack on the American …[View]
196661424/dtg/ Decadence Thread General: Post anything that is degenerate or shows the decline of the West.…[View]
196661382This is Paris 2018: 'Down with caviar, long live kebab' >Britbong headed to Paris to spend Christ…[View]
196659024/pol/ communism general: Communism is the next stage of humanity following the capitalist stage and …[View]
196659939FUCKING HAPPENING: The White Man announces that he is shutting down the Weekly Standard Press F for …[View]
196660884Which nations do you hate the most & ones you like the most and why?: I'll begin with... Na…[View]
196658840Why there is so much hate towards Islam when we are like you and not the source of your problems?As …[View]
196661116How to fix women: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hybristophilia >Many high-profile criminals, part…[View]
196644927REMINDER, ATLANTIS WAS A NORTH SEA ISLAND: It was the origin of Anglo-Germanic Supremacy, surviving …[View]
196654349Constitutions don't Grant Rights.: Rights are freedoms (like free speech) whose violation (like…[View]
196653515Pedophiles: How can people seek to destroy such pure innocence?[View]
196632892American student stabbed to death in the Netherlands: Shitskin? https://heavy.com/news/2018/12/sara…[View]
196658099Boy Scouts allowed gay scout leaders and allowed girls to join. Now they are doomed.: The Boy Scouts…[View]
196647427Can this based black man save London from Islamic rule?: This is Shaun Bailey, the Conservative cand…[View]
196652234Niggers seize white land in South Africa: >South African nigger government seizes hundreds of acr…[View]
196652780Liberal privilege is calling for white genocide and not getting banned[View]
196656943WHERE THE FUCK IS THE FRENCH LEADERSHIP CLASS: So about this yellow vests thing, I appreciate the de…[View]
196659984HAPPENING: MUELLER GUILTY CRIME, CONSPIRACY, & COVER-UP!!!: Special Counsel's Office (1) d…[View]
196658423So, the UK plans to block all porn to protect the children... ...yet one of the politicians involved…[View]
196652508How have your political beliefs changed through time? Pic related[View]
196651867Be me. 42. Job outsourced to India after 8 years Cant find anything equivalent in town without takin…[View]
196653089MDA Analytics is besting the ThotAudit by seeking to profit by reporting: UNPAID TAXES, by the Clint…[View]
196645996You can only post in this thread if your gas is under $2: >this kills the arab. Check in lads…[View]
196659959im not scared of telling the truth you will say im bad as a nazi but im not afreid this man saved hi…[View]
196656856Be honest, /pol/: Y'all wish you had a white Mugabe in charge of y'all's countries…[View]
196660091Its Over for Trump: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDWvL5SO5tM[View]
196641101KOSOVO KEBABS: Hey pol fags, I just heard that the Kosovo kebabs are getting an 'army', what do you …[View]
196657237Does /pol/ know anything about this organization?[View]
196657212Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Contains Asbestos: Here's the kicker, company knew about it f…[View]
196654926Lindsey... lindsey.. .lindsey “The Emergency Risk Protection Order is designed to fill a gap in curr…[View]
196658442Seriously WTF: >Mussolini: Yea I think we need a government that uses nationalism to unify the cl…[View]
196655304The promotion of Promiscuity: Why does the general population shills so much the idea that virginity…[View]
196648585HAPPENING: GRAND JURY CONVENES, ENTIRE FLOOR SEALED OFF: http://jamiedupree.blog.ajc.com/2018/12/14/…[View]
196659686Why would the BBC want to normalize incest? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/stories-46558932?[View]
196659358Race and IQ studies: Could someone here give me a race and IQ study, particularly the race and IQ st…[View]
196655023Why do jannies fear the intellectual dark web?[View]
196651897Do you know any leftists you respect their opinions?[View]
196652374>The united states has been at war in afghanistan for 17 years now why doesn't american citi…[View]
196656566SOMETHING BIG IS GOING DOWN: https://www.politico.com/story/2018/12/14/mystery-mueller-subpoena-figh…[View]
196649878Gavin McInnes Conspiracy Theory: This is my bullshit conspiracy theory, I have no real evidence, but…[View]
196656500Can someone explain this?[View]
196659310Real talk, /pol. Why does Don John Trump have orange skin?[View]
196657520wtf is wrong with you sick fucks[View]
196656388RALLY IN LONDON LIVESTREAM: https://twitter.com/leavemnsleave?lang=en https://twitter.com/leavemnsle…[View]
19665104082% of corporate Chief Financial Officers EXPECT ECONOMIC CRISIS BY 2021: http://archive.is/XN49G ht…[View]
196657403IT'S HAPPENING: MUELLER MAKING HIS MOVE: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/zoetillman/robert…[View]
196657170Let's set Paris on fire tonight, shall we?: It turned out so well for Lybia, Syria, Ukraine and…[View]
196657828Communists talking about capitalism: >Ideology that favors the rich in which businesses and land …[View]
196659016Fellow anons, I think it's about time to either stop the YJ phenomenon or to cut off from the n…[View]
196640505Serious question: Why aren't you a Socialist or Communist? On the one hand, Communism promises …[View]
196658443TOLL STATUS - PAID !!: https://dailystormer.name/colored-chap-shoots-mudshark-after-domestic-argumen…[View]
196658412Story time: >Buy infowars toothpaste >Be a part of the revolution >Brush with it for 3 mont…[View]
196655015So who are superior swarthy europeans or pale white europeans?: There are swarthy native people all …[View]
196655976Any info on the Freemasons? I hear it's pretty much Judaism for good goys. Many of the founders…[View]
196658431Who is really in charge of /r/politics? No matter the news and crazy happenings, any submissions th…[View]
196653260One of the victims of the Strasbourg attack is an immigrationist leftist/antifa.[View]
196654948hey... pssst... Mods asleep in European Union. I will dump few images of the new political scandal i…[View]
196653378Sandy Hook: 6 years and a fuckton of crisis actors later and still 0 pictures of Lanza’s dead body o…[View]
196656403is thot audit still going on?[View]
196655421Capitalism is a SCAM that's making us poor: Capitalists are fudging the numbers about global pr…[View]
196645074You incels will burn in hell[View]
196641094Ooopsie, I'm sowwy. Hope you guys like your Marxist education uguu~.[View]
196652092Balt/pol/: Estonia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_d7UTXB_pY Latvia https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
196656501The Oscars: There should be no male category at awards shows anymore, its sexist and terrifying Let…[View]
196657588What did he mean by this?[View]
196658236What organization enforces your rights /pol/? I site Article 3 of The Constitution of the Republic …[View]
196658189Bugman repellent thread: We need to discuss the problem of the eternal chinks but first: 动态网自由门 天安門 …[View]
196653901Political Compass Thread #144000: As /pol/ is associated with the 'Alt-Right', I wondered where do i…[View]
196647155Mexican culture: I live in California and advertisements for this are everywhere.[View]
196657809Gavin's channel got restored: Snipped this 2 minutes ago[View]
196627568I'm going to withdraw $1000 dollars in $50 dollar notes and give them out to the homeless on th…[View]
196657742are italians and greeks aware of their recent somali DNA[View]
196653907Normies are living Blackpills: Just going out & talking to normal people is by far the most blac…[View]
196656157Based Jared Holt names the Jew: Is Jared Holt /ourguy/?[View]
196626222Canada Should Nationalize All Chinese Property in BC: It would collapse china's economy. Canadi…[View]
196641729Spic BTFO[View]
196655637Climate change is a hoax because climatology is a liberal conspiracy[View]
196656985Why does this moronic hyaena keep making these stupid fckn posts?? There is nothing funny nor cleve…[View]
196651103I got this in the mail today /pol/, what do you think?[View]
196656494Wow /pol/ this is powerful. Is he truly /ourguy/ ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxJtX081jj4[View]
196654161no black nations can put a man into space. therefore there is no space and earth is flat.[View]
196656679Freedom is a disease: The cause of all problems is freedom. Freedom is the belief that the idiots of…[View]
196656596What would the borders like in perfect world look like /pol/? Would there be imperialism or isolatio…[View]
196655465this is why you dont give up your guns: this is why you dont give up your guns https://www.foxnews.…[View]
196656743Voodoo doughnuts: These threads keep getting shoah’d. What on earth is going on in Portland?[View]
196654060U.S. budget deficit jumps to $205 billion: >https://www.marketwatch.com/story/us-budget-deficit-j…[View]
196654756If liberals are right and being gay is perfectly natural and not a mental illness or brain defect, w…[View]
196656449Redpill me on the Civil War: I’ve seen the movie ‘Gettysburg’ and I feel it gave each side a fair sh…[View]
196655899Three things: Fuck Marxism Fuck Facism And Fuck Dogmatism[View]
196656573'Workers vs Capitalists' is an erroneous view:: -for capitalists work for workers, who work for (oth…[View]
196656546NASA fiddles with climate data.: Evidence that NASA has, and continues to, change historical data in…[View]
196656490Weekly Standard get shut down: Is there a way for something bad to happen to a conservative and they…[View]
196649020This guy is literally the greatest mind of our generation. He is 100 years ahead of his time.[View]
196656393Masha'Allah Gay can be cured!: https://www.sbs.com.au/news/islamic-gay-exorcisms-sign-of-growin…[View]
196647256So that new Hasbro toy ad is really something...[View]
196656302Is this Trump Utopia you want?: a little girl has died in Trump's border https://www.vox.com/po…[View]
196647013GENOCIDE, /POL/, GENOCIDE[View]
196654253TOLL STATUS: PAID: South Carolina: Christnigger Arrested After Killing 24-Year-Old Coalburner >On…[View]
196656190National Socialist Discussion Discord: >wg4gSux Europeans only. No muslims, atheists, satanists, …[View]
196656179Every culture has stories of heroic women defending their homes and fighting off invading armies Are…[View]
196656163>the French Revolution was born out of French socialism What is this meme being spewed by lefitst…[View]
196655570when you are jew woke, but you have to appeal to jew influenced audience[View]
196634696French Foreign Legion: Has anyone thought of joining? Ive thought about it for about 3 years now. I…[View]
196652132CHRISTIE SAYS NO THANSK TO SHITTY JOB OFFER: https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/421418-chri…[View]
196654687Apologize:: Is /pol/ going to apologize for their actions?[View]
196632278How does it feel knowing you've betrayed Christ?: If you can't let in refugees, but claim …[View]
196653194One day closer each day[View]
196641088#EUROWEEK UPDATE: The police is on the case. Pic related translation: >In this matter, before it …[View]
196653308what muricans think of this man, Sanders? I've heard a lot about him lately buthow much jewish …[View]
196638082In wich way the homos can be dangerous for the society ?[View]
196643621Brit/pol/: >It's not clear how or if the EU will come to May's rescue http://archive.is…[View]
196653467Make sure you fear what you post: We'll unleash the outrage libtard mob on you[View]
196655296Or best memes associated with race[View]
196654327It isn't intelligent to assume something doesn't exist awaiting data.: I had an atheist te…[View]
196651831Little boy killed by Muslims in Boston attack: Ban Islam and all terror attacks solved[View]
196651122Those advocating Free Speech are the same type: who'd advocate Free Sexual Access to women. Rea…[View]
196648837Dylann Roof did nothing wrong: Admit it, he was driven to action as a retaliatory act for the interr…[View]
196652716Ancestry DNA: I’m looking to see what I consist of, and I want to get a DNA test. But I know their a…[View]
196647476How exactly does a 'degenerate' society ruin civilization? The fact is that it is just a shift of wh…[View]
196654894'the liberty of all is enhanced when new freedoms are granted to individuals.' POWERFUL https://yout…[View]
196595629Scott Adams crying like a little bitch: He Googled his name and found a couple edited pictures of hi…[View]
196653448“Is That All You Got?”: Where does /pol/ stand on fucking retards?[View]
196648449HAHAHA he fell for the asian women meme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wen9pI8iDZU daily reminder …[View]
196654339Anti-anglo gang, rise up!: Because anglos also get the bullet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9DF…[View]
196615068XXXTENTACION MURDERED BY HOLLYWOOD: Drake is a homosexual Pedophile under the ruthless boot of ZOG, …[View]
196650321When 4pol ousts us,: refuge at which site, and must we subvert for our safety? And does this make us…[View]
196650305>That night the angel of the LORD went out and put to death a hundred and eighty-five thousand in…[View]
196651970Media switches narrative[View]
196648381So there is or was asbestos in baby powder for decades, literally what the fuck. https://www.reuters…[View]
196653833Race and IQ General: Post images, memes, and links about this critical piece of information the Boom…[View]
196651292He's drunk, as always.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSCarR0UjDQ Fucking alcoholic!…[View]
196654003Too bad the hajis didn't find out and throw everyone involved off a tall building.[View]
196640506Merkel admits migration pact is legally binding: Merkel admits migration pact is legally binding htt…[View]
196646953Why some people share the sentiment you shouldn't be able to make a living through YouTube?[View]
196650112This system exists simply to impoverish everyone and appease the wealthy. That's all capitalism…[View]
19665389122% INCREASE of the minimum wage in Spain: >Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez says his cabinet…[View]
196653796You all can shut the fuck up about the Steele dossier being a 'witch hunt'. None of the intelligence…[View]
196637041This is what a patriot looks like. History will be kind to this man. Years from now, it will be writ…[View]
196653575i’m going back to my home planet now this place is irredeemable i’m sorry[View]
196652112Selectively breed humans: Discuss properly or else I am taking this to /sci/. https://en.wikipedia.o…[View]
196640692>Pan-EUROPEAN empire >Ethnic makeup is >90% native European >Unprecedented amount of pro…[View]
196644729Trump is illiterate: Yet another Tweet which shows he does not know proper grammar structure. >M…[View]
196653632POLAND YES!: Poland can into Climate Change! Poland can into save the World! >COP24 is the inform…[View]
196653598>blasphemy laws >Vatican tumor always meddling with our politics >de facto prime minister …[View]
196653583Ebola Chan is not doing her fucking job.[View]
196653502Trump and Troops: What do you guys think of trump's relation with the military, and more import…[View]
196581497Since Frank Giustra just got named at the house oversight hearing: Am going to dump what I had gathe…[View]
196653381itt: based and redpilled quotes[View]
19664385910 facts you should know about Japan...with Marty Friedman[View]
196645702So by “work with” they mean infiltrated and subvert, right?[View]
196646175https://www.mo.be/en/analyse/will-brexit-trigger-africanisation-europe what could we do aggainst the…[View]
196646070Have you ever wondered why...?: If Trump is a jewish puppet and a strong proponent of the jewish sta…[View]
196650422Before 1989 >everyone could afford a house and a car >having 2 kids is average >education i…[View]
196653120Is Tom Keenan /ourguy/?: Judge in Philly antifa assault case has added a charge of 'felony ethnic in…[View]
196640609What's the difference between Catholic and protestant and which one is correct?[View]
196650890Luther: This is considered the pinnacle of black male attractiveness. Bulbous pug-like nose looking …[View]
196652724Communism is the Only Way To Stop Prostitution: Reminder that only by the abolition of currency does…[View]
196652618Trump is the Greatest President: >deregulated the economy >fixed the FED >Fuck free trade …[View]
196647208Theresa May appreciation thread The whole country is cursing at her, her own MP's hate her, and…[View]
196652186State of the (You)nion: *Ahem* I have an announcement to make FUCK CLITLINT FUCK OBONGO FUCK THE FED…[View]
196633344ITT we post one picture which best suits your country ill start[View]
196650408If it's all 4D chess, why did he have to delete the redo the tweet? You can't even call hi…[View]
196652236Women deserve equal rights to men regardless of promiscuity.: Their loose morals have no effect on t…[View]
196643982My stance on abortion has hardened a bit over the years to the point where I'm now basically ag…[View]
196645958White Beauty is a Racist Lie: Our society needs to realize that supporting Eurocentric beauty standa…[View]
196646307Everyone in north america should kill a migrant: Everyone should kill 1 or 2 fucking migrant in a si…[View]
196651666Black people have been suspiciously quiet about Trump.: Fear that he might have been racist led to t…[View]
196655362Are hyenas the j**s of the animal kingdom?: >Probably gonna get banned for this.…[View]
196652425Christian Monarchy is Back: SPAS-TESHILOVO, Russia—The last time term limits forced Russian leader V…[View]
196632260Do Catholics believe John 3:16?[View]
196644693Who are some red-pilled women?[View]
196648094Is the federalization of Europe a project with future? The idea of an federalization of the European…[View]
196591239First thoughts when you see this flag All it comes to my mind, is their glorious past[View]
196651389Trump is officially toast: Rupert Murdoch is now letting Fox News and Wall Street Journal tell the t…[View]
196650856If President Trump having his personal lawyer pay off an extortionist with his own $ is a campaign v…[View]
196652198Educated Anti-Semitism General /EAS/: This needed to be made. This is for educated Anti-Semites, not…[View]
196630063GET THE FUCK IN HERE MOAB HAPPENING: >FBI Informant Has Video Of Russian Agents With Briefcases O…[View]
196644823Based Boeing[View]
196646100So he's about to be removed to be from office...: Why would they shoot a man before throwing hi…[View]
196647517WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON???!: I've been away, long story short just came out of a coma, i…[View]
196651525Chinese Shill Threads: Why are so many people on here shilling for China, they are kike tier Are th…[View]
196651881>...and they think their votes actually decide who runs the country[View]
196645161Porn sites will be blocked in Cuckistan from April 2019 onwards. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/…[View]
196636988Race war in South Africa nears and music that I can die to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVW5rjA5…[View]
196651692Boyscouts Bankrupt: https://youtu.be/xYNlSsMPyUc[View]
196645273The Weekly Standard will Be shutting down: Press S https://www.breitbart.com/the-media/2018/12/14/we…[View]
196642531Sleaziness white Mongolia re-generallly lacking in empathy found harmful: >trolly/shopping (mostl…[View]
196626617GIVE ROMANIANS A BRAKE: Dunno why y'all give Romania a bad wrap. Most Romanians are educated, s…[View]
196649676Guys, I'm looking for a fashwave image that says 'Press [Esc] to go back', the image is a woman…[View]
196615844Current AOC (18) is bullshit: >be me >21, in college >work at X place >16 year old girl …[View]
196647669Why is Bitcoin anti-semitic?[View]
1966508484chan has be comprimized: It was good while it lasted.[View]
196650716dark fucking future: >be me >skinny nerd, not very cool >have good friend group in school …[View]
196649273Why is every person with blue and green eyes, but mostly blue eyes, fucking retarded in the head, I …[View]
196651663Give me one reason i shouldnt[View]
196643377The You That Time Forgot: (((They))) are obsessed with suppressing our sense of the possible - one o…[View]
196649779Where is this on the political compass?[View]
1966509633 Women Stabbed in German City, Unclear if Attacks Linked: >BERLIN — Three women have been stabbe…[View]
196649867If Iran is so based, why does it need to be named ISLAMIC Republic of Iran?: Why can't they jus…[View]
196616933Brit/pol/ - Chat Room edition: >David Dimbleby's 25 years on Question Time http://archive.is…[View]
196638262>EXCLUSIVE: Prosecutors DROP assault charges against college swimwear model after she was accused…[View]
196615633>Stopped by undercover cops last week at about 9pm >They ask me questions then proceed to body…[View]
196646831Why is nothing related to the quantum world ever taught in high schools? No quantum physics, quantum…[View]
196648861>American woman, aged 20 gives birth to a clump of flesh due to vaccines >The woman, 'Laura Sm…[View]
196640454Why does /pol/ hate the Chinese? They have higher IQ than whites[View]
196624925Crazy Chuck Schumer: How weak did this guy look?[View]
196639297'British teen' who brutally raped and killed 14 year old Viktorija Sokolova, was an Iraqi migrant: h…[View]
196648290UK: uk fags killing foreign students that will go back to their countries instead of killing immigra…[View]
196649123Masturbation and porn is a political weapon against men. STOP IT.: Most of us can agree that porn is…[View]
196646585APOLOGIZE FROGS[View]
196646490Guys, I just fucked up real bad at work an hour ago and probably going to get fired from my $160,000…[View]
196629118China: I usually dont come here, but i fear that china will take over the world in 15-20 years. They…[View]
196650361They are coming for the internet: So this article, being the main headline for the huffington post, …[View]
196643908How is the South going to rise again when Southerners can't rise up off their couches?[View]
196645147Extreme German cuckery: This trend of parents having their children killed by refugees and then cuck…[View]
196648232Should people be free to create art with no restrictions or should there be riggid rules for what ca…[View]
196642318Dear Trannies: You will never pass. You will lock yourself away in your home and become more and mor…[View]
196647144A case for civic nationalism: Would you rather have people that look like you or think like you? htt…[View]
196649471What the fuck Arkansas?: This is the Veteran's Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas. Built in 1955…[View]
196605916Can we get the youth back in church?[View]
196649940Protest San Diego 12/15: Federal Building, I have my vest.[View]
196649730PRESS S[View]
196636077Obesity: What does America need to do in order to effectively address the obesity epidemic?[View]
196647065End the FED: Forget all the bullshit you have heard. Our common enemy is the Banking system. We are …[View]
196631673Boy Scouts of America Considers Bankruptcy Filing Amid Sex-Abuse Lawsuits: > The Boy Scouts of Am…[View]
196649802Urine Deep Shit Gate / Law and Order: Can't hold my water Gate, yellow water gate, peepee gate.…[View]
196646133>On the first day of Christmas Qanon gave to me >A Cardinal in a Pelltree https://cruxnow.com/…[View]
196649735TFW I was just having lunch with my family and we were discussing the upcoming singularity and how i…[View]
196638226>Southern lifestyles: https://youtu.be/T_z9dSypQi4[View]
196642948We need to stop the gay agenda and the further degeneration of women: It's not porn or sôi. It…[View]
196649465>/pol/ says taxes fund gibs for single moms and black people >but wh*toids and corporations as…[View]
196642515A glimpse into the future of the wh*Toid race: LMAOOOOOOOO https://youtu.be/PAm72W-_Lq0 wh*Tes BTFO…[View]
196649026Gandhi be raycis n sheeit: >University of Ghana Authorities on Thursday remove statue of India In…[View]
196637492Britanons, so whats the current situation with Brexit? is hard Brexit pretty much inevitable?[View]
196637185>2018 >still not praising the true gods of your ancestors What is your excuse, anon?…[View]
196644059Is there anything to be gained from reading this dumb book?: The stories of schizophrenic sheep herd…[View]
196640076Why do Israeli kikes always target civilians while Palestinians target soldiers?: https://twitter.co…[View]
196648876Fuck teaniggers.: They have been a cancerous plague around the globe. The spread like rats, consumin…[View]
196647512Why can these Bernietards drive around our areas but a Trump sticker gets attacked in theirs?: >P…[View]
196648159BASED OBAMA. Still fighting the greedy Jewish Trump administration from beyond the grave! >The Tr…[View]
196640939>”All Trump supporters are dumb redne-“[View]
196644300The Ultimate Reality of Human Existence: Look at yourself and be honest within the quiet confines of…[View]
196648275Should /pol/ into bullfighting to piss off moloch kikes? Im sure this has the potential to trigger f…[View]
196648624Hey pol if you want a big story here's one Johnson & Johnson knowingly sold baby powder con…[View]
196641162WTF IS TRAP NOW OFFENSIVE!: PC is more retarded than my cats. Now I can't make weeb jokes witho…[View]
196643809Modi for 2019: Anyone up for a discussion about Indian political scene?[View]
196644002/pol/ Redpill me on what's up in the Netherlands: I found this ad for one of their political pa…[View]
196646834>baby voice >thought a guy horsing around with her at a party was trying to rape her Why is no…[View]
196641527Is Europe ready to get SALVINI’D?[View]
196644496Drumpf has defrauded the entire electorate with his criminal actions. Prove me wrong.[View]
196646062Why are niggers so fucking evil? They are like the most corrupt and violent race on earth.[View]
196647996Why is the FROG movement already trying to be memory holed?[View]
196645943Flag bearer meme request: Nationalist leaders edition >God tier: Orban, Salvini, Trump >Okay t…[View]
196638966Is Varg Spiritual leader of pol?: >triggers christcucks >guides atheists in the right directio…[View]
196644468Come on. We Jersey get your shit together: What is wrong with new jersey? https://townhall.com/colum…[View]
196644756What would America be today, if we deported the niggers after the Civil War?: Serious question: Woul…[View]
196639460straw/pol/ will you let me live?: I am a Mulatto. If the Great Awakening comes will you whites kill …[View]
196646381/Frogs&Vests/: So its Friday, I've got my popcorn ready but oh my.. No riots? Come on Frenc…[View]
196647380unironically why are blacks so much more based and alpha than whites: here is the leader of south af…[View]
196647016>And therein lies Taylor’s dilemma. >From the start, he has been trying to de-Nazify the movem…[View]
196644896>be cashier >mechanic comes into muh shop >crying about his wage >we make basically the …[View]
196647318Winning: China just announced that their economy is growing much slower than anticipated because of …[View]
196646621I hate earth.: The races aren't even really different. No elves dwarves hobbits etc. The only …[View]
196644251Has anyone thanked you for making them racist/warning them about blacks or whatever? Just had this w…[View]
196621494She never attack Trump...: ...or Weinstein.[View]
196635377How can we solve the thot problem for good?[View]
196640603PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov https://www.donaldjtrump.com/ @realDonaldTrump …[View]
196646893Kavanaugh replacing Kennedy will finally kill affirmative action.: Is affirmative action needed anym…[View]
196633016HELL NO![View]
196645169Before Waco: In 1973 the FBI used tanks and snipers against civilians at Wounded Knee, South Dakota.…[View]
196646759>2017 >https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/926249604936556545 >....This is real coll…[View]
1966324252 birds 1 stone: what do you think? should we let them in in order to solve global warming?[View]
196635506Sweden: re-election coming: This is one for the history books anons. Last time we a re-election was …[View]
196638760How do they do that ? What happens if you refuse ? How do christians politicians accept to wear a fu…[View]
196644676if you listen to any other music than classical you're not white https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
196645107Trump is all defense and no offense: What went wrong?[View]
196644488Death of the Clinton Foundation conspiracy theory. Q's star was a no show, and the 'evidence' o…[View]
196645053Andy cohen is about to announce the upcoming new year, live to millions of americans and millions ac…[View]
1966434692 years 0 scandals[View]
196644156Why the FUCK is this RACIST FUCK hosting New Years still?: Andy Cohen Back As Anderson Cooper’s Co-H…[View]
196641196Ukraine conflict about to blow up~!: Ukraine military intel says Russia delivered 100 additional fig…[View]
196646014THIS nigga right heah![View]
196631664he's a big guy[View]
196645165>Why are most 30 year olds pedophiles?[View]
196640762Christian Nigger Murders White Mother and Her Eight-Year-Old Daughter: And people wonder why Muslim …[View]
196646034Reminder: Jamal Khashoggi was a a Deep State Asset like Daniel Pearl: https://jewishjournal.com/news…[View]
196642007Israel vs Palestine: >Israel is the only good/capitalist country in that shithole they call Middl…[View]
196644822BUILD THE FUCKING WALL: God commands it![View]
196645908Discussion on religion (continued): The old thread got archived: >>196644193 But want to cont…[View]
196640921Not gonna lie, former Trump voter here. This is fucking hilarious watching Trump crash and burn. But…[View]
196645849It started long ago: Brave and powerful.[View]
196644454It's my birthday and all I want: is for something to happen in this gridlocked wasteland of a c…[View]
196645465Gas is BELOW $2.00: >this kills the arab. When did everything go so right?…[View]
196644708/impeachmentgeneral/: So the Democrats are likely going to try to impeach Trump over the payments to…[View]
196640868Should I put my faith in Allah after having 3 babies die horrible suffering deaths before 5 years ol…[View]
196645101>there are people who claim to be 'libertarian' but DONT support Israel What fucking RETARDS, KEK…[View]
196644714> MFW Trump is executed for treason[View]
196641632WW3 fucking when?[View]
196643889James Fields Evidence Review and Discussion: Some of us are still chatting about it with friends who…[View]
196627332Why are so many white feminists going to bald: The fat ones have blue hair The skinny ones have bald…[View]
196645097South Apefrica, Niggers gonna nig, Land grabs 2019: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nURta8-zu4E…[View]
196644724i am a slave to the jews, i have seen their master with my own eyes, ask me anything, id say you hav…[View]
196644616East Germany, once rich in industry and manufacturing: Now there's only poverty and unemploymen…[View]
196642863>that feel when just returned from the liberal part of Twitter It's like nothing changed at …[View]
196644288Holy shit what do? >>Feeling black pilled. >>See the forces that have brought this (See …[View]
196643607Are republicans secretly furries?[View]
196592501Natalie Portman slams Israel's 'racist' nation-state law: >Actress Natalie Portman…[View]
196624347>civic ”nationalism” people don’t actually believe this horseshit right?…[View]
196619448The absolute state of 'journalism'.: Why has the once respected profession been overrun with retards…[View]
196634842>Trump needs $5 Billion for a Border Wall or he will shut down the government >America gives …[View]
196641435Shill Deterent: What pushes away the shill the most?[View]
196644387Libertarian spastics BTFO[View]
196640996why do most of my white liberal friends , that go out of their way to fight racism, but never have a…[View]
196642309Indians are the most disgusting filthy people. These hate threads must continue to keep them from be…[View]
196612796Is Ted Kazinsky a badass in prison? How do you think other inmates treat him? He has to be respected…[View]
196639404Britains will now have to pay 7 POUNDS to travel to the EU: Bet you wish you'd voted remain …[View]
196642327Why is snapchat so brim filled with niggatry?[View]
196643554What if Liberia wasn't found by American.[View]
196644244The Gita is infinitely superior to all other religious books: >You can deduce the true nature of …[View]
196642328Salvini told it like it is: Hezbollah are terrorist tunnel maniacs. Period.[View]
196643193Is the west being punished for abandoning God?[View]
196644066Is Michael Surbaugh Aryan? Why is he pushing God out of Boy Scouts, and bankrupting the BSA while al…[View]
196623640it's happening: Kosovo Parliament Votes to Create Its Own armey https://sputniknews.com/europe/…[View]
196640740No but seriously tho, why are you giving Israel $38B?[View]
196630463Minecraft is the reason Gen Z is becoming so redpilled. Here's some fun things to think about: …[View]
196643964Why are there so many more unironic black supremacists than unironic white supremacists? WeWuzKangs …[View]
196637163Why haven't you taken the technocratic minarcho-libertarian-monarchism pill yet ?[View]
196614104Anti-Globalists in Sweden to be physically removed from homes.: >A branch of the Green Party (Mil…[View]
196643401BREAKING: Johnson & Johnson knew for decades about asbestos in baby powder talc supply, failed t…[View]
196627534brit/pol/ - Who's really in control edition?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-TixTEOq_I There…[View]
196625152Polish teen MOLESTED by Euroweek TEACHER: They are going to delete this video very soon. they don…[View]
196642384Alright /pol/: predict this[View]
196643775Every time you sneeze, you're expelling a demonic evil spirit from within your body. Achoo = a …[View]
196641167Were Anonymous the first SJW's /pol/ ?[View]
196635869What will you do when he drops the bombshell report? Is it over for Donald?[View]
196626423Brits were smug and giddy the day after the referendum. Why aren't they smug and giddy anymore?[View]
196617445'White people' code for Jews: We need a new campaign similar to the 'It's okay to be white' Cam…[View]
196634198For the first time in a while >old friend from college >we hit it off >go to local pier …[View]
196642640Jews jews jews: Why nazis hate jews, in the sense as normal people with ordinary lives? I know that …[View]
196641902Would you say that Brexit is very similar to what happened in America in the 1860s (American Civil W…[View]
196620805Will Yugoslavia become a thing again in the near future? People are getting less religious and Serbi…[View]
196643172When did you realize this was Q?[View]
196616136Finally! IT'S HAPPENING: The intellectual dark web is taking a stand against online censorship!…[View]
196641617Black slaves, circa 1860: These people were slaves, but the ladies have dresses and men have pants a…[View]
196643024I'm starting to think Sandy Hook was a good thing: Toll? Paid. pic related[View]
196610509>Trump's economy is stron- BULLSHIT! Explain THIS news, /pol/ - major clothing retailer Fran…[View]
196641314It could have worked The slovenes were okay with it. The serbs were okay with it. The muslim bosniak…[View]
196635829This fool! Haaahahahaha: He would have been pardoned by Trump if he just stayed loyal. What a coward…[View]
196643005National Socialist Community Broadcast: Niggers stole God from us. But God is alive and he knows who…[View]
196640823President Trump: How do you guys feels about things in the white House lately? It looks like he migh…[View]
196629013Anyone here read Vedas? If yes, what is your opinion on their stances concerning society?[View]
196643906Fathers of /pol/, is it worth it?: /pol/ always advocated for the read life and the importance of fa…[View]
196635213????: Imagine the birth of a single philosophy that would undermine and contradict the unsupported b…[View]
196580877IT'S HAPPENING: Clinton Foundation house hearing:'I know where the bodies are burried' https://…[View]
196633205Victims of violence in England: Enough is enough guys, the violence and stabbings are getting out of…[View]
196639616I think all drugs should be legal. Here is why: https://1stamender.com/article.php?articlenumber=143…[View]
196641189South Africa is a shithole: Fuck muh South Africa PR about muh freedoms. South Africa is full of unc…[View]
196641546la creatura..el goblino la luz extinguido...[View]
196642620Kraut/pol/&AFD General - there is no problem edition: >Fall Edelweiss >no watermarks, no c…[View]
196632237You know I'd never marry an atheist, right anon?[View]
196641180Candidate claim 'black integrate' well in UK: This black Candidate is a joker and have balls to clai…[View]
196642619Post things that make you scream!: I saw this and I was horrified at the ignorance! Post what the da…[View]
196642777So how's that Brexit deal working out for you guys?[View]
196635393ALL for a LARP ???: Hmmm. Very interesting . Q absolutely really did predict THIS. D-5 D-V Cmon shil…[View]
196642453The Hungarian millenial in a nutshell: Yesterday night there was a massive protest against the gover…[View]
196634689I need to let you know that pedophiles are people too https://youtu.be/qCW5-VBdSi4 You insensitive …[View]
196642645>he actually, genuinely believes in any religious nonsense[View]
196640706Why cant we just allow our self to maintain our ethnostates so we don't have to deal with this …[View]
1966356006 YEARS AGO NO KIDS DIED: Reminder 6 years ago crooked govt scumbags used a drill as factual to push…[View]
196642634Punny!: Just think if we get a third party it should have the surviving members of the old republica…[View]
196639688Does the far-right get anything right anymore?: title[View]
196639018Is private property a natural right? Why?[View]
196634543What did the Russians get from Trump?: Does anyone know?[View]
196641784>two voices will call out in a silence that all will hear Will this be the ultimate Gen Z showdow…[View]
196639501AND SO WE ENTER... ENDGAME[View]
196625640Kosovo happening: >kosovo votes to transform their security forces into a proper army >KFOR mo…[View]
196637965Miss me yet?: Miss me yet? https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-looking-at-chris-christie-for-chief…[View]
196642011Based Andy Serkis: Is he /our guy/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tjp5OmoDYQM&feature=youtu.be…[View]
196634141Trump voters are cuckolds: >even swedes are more anti diversity than trumptards Americans explain…[View]
196628862Judaism vs. Judaism for Goyim: >Judaism: Never forget, never forgive, always avenge >Christia…[View]
196641856Is it true the in the UK you still have a 'class' that you are born into and you have almost no way …[View]
196639092Should we dig up Adam Lanza's grave to see if he is real? Or just to see what he looks like now…[View]
196641330https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norwegian_rocket_incident What the fuck? How have I never heard of thi…[View]
196622909Aus/pol/2 Accept chinky: >Northern Territory broke asking for gibs https://mobile.abc.net.au/new…[View]
196631504greek politics thread: Let's talk about Greek politics Who are you going to vote in the upcomin…[View]
196640219trump administration turns balkan diplomacy to soros https://tsarizm.com/news/2018/08/29/trump-admin…[View]
196641529/pol/ IQ test question #17 why are these similar?: What's the unifying theme between adpolcalyp…[View]
196639493Explain this /pol/[View]
196633832Gender role ads bad https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46558944[View]
196636356National Socialist Community Broadcast: Why do niggers hate Americans so much? Why do they want war …[View]
196627584Reminder that this is a Christian board: Rise of Muslim shill threads implying that there are any ac…[View]
196640639big mass in france https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-IfFrTI6o0[View]
196640718hEy poll stohp bean meen divesiTy is a strangkf[View]
1966400701984: 1984 happened in 1984. this generation has no idea and does not have the intellectual capacity…[View]
196614878Is premarital sex degenerate and should it be allowed?[View]
196613513IT”S HAPPENING Yellow vest coming to America. Found this flyer on twitter for Atlanta.[View]
196639587You know what life was like under Communism? It was fucking shit. Why there are still people alive w…[View]
196640414Is the blackpill the only solution?: Pic very related For millennia, men have wished for peace. The …[View]
196612319Comedian Noel Casler, who used to work as a staffer for The Apprentice, has claimed during a standup…[View]
196640482Thank God for Baby Boomers: Fuck Gen Z blind sheep![View]
196640785https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ol6GA4dMZw4 What does being woke on the JQ get you? I think it gets …[View]
196640496You're walking in the club, and picrelated cuts your girlfriends clit off. What do?[View]
196638326OIG discovers Mueller obstruction, scrubbed: Strzok and Page text messages during critical post-elec…[View]
196638441Proof that the Sandy Hook 'shooting' was a hoax![View]
196628317Otto Weininger - Sex and character: What does /pol/ think of this writer/book? It's about the n…[View]
196630209hey faggots, did anybody see her yesterday on CNN? she literally raped the anchor on air[View]
196636291FCC requires all phones have GPS: Hello goy- errr ahem, fellow citizens of the United States! Did yo…[View]
196636257What do we think of this? He technically assaults her and gets applauded for it?[View]
196626477Happening Boys!!! Getting here!!!!: https://saraacarter.com/financial-experts-testify-fbi-currently-…[View]
196633746PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - FRENS EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov h…[View]
196623961question for ukfags, do you know this backstop is going to lead to war or are you stupid[View]
196635042Micro credit was invented to get rid of poverty: It wasn't supposed to get rid of the poor…[View]
196636273>wake up >gf leaves radio on for her dogs >it’s CBC radio(we live near Canada) >they’ve …[View]
196638790Guess what day tomorrow is...[View]
196639230Anything confidential or falsifiable about this lads?: https://youtu.be/ClILC8sZ8ao[View]
196640074Why do americans do this?[View]
196635198So, who will win the Republican nomination in 2020, /pol/?[View]
196632286When will scientists create a pill to make women age well? I'm scared that my pretty wife will …[View]
196607074At what point do we admit Trump is actually a criminal? I mean it is just getting fucking embarrassi…[View]
196636942Is Trump succeeding?: I am so fucking scared that the liberal agenda will defeat Trump. There's…[View]
196616760Spanish politics: Can anyone explain me what’s the current political situation in Spain? Main politi…[View]
19663976610,000 Illegals for Australia: ‘ While Labor politicians are going around telling every man and his …[View]
196636322Redpilling Normies on Immigration: A lot of times, just posing questions to normies can force them t…[View]
196639025East Germany is the ultimate redpill[View]
196614225what's your general view of tattoos? I think they are unsightly, degenerate and a good sign of …[View]
196639031Trump and Russia: I know theres a lot of hyperbole and misinformation out there. where can i find th…[View]
196632683Pope Benedict XVI: “Miss me yet?” Here is the latest article on the former Pope Benedict XVI. What d…[View]
196636260INDIAN WOMEN HATE THREAD: THIS IS HATE THREAD OF INDIAN WOMEN Most Indian women especially young are…[View]
196638303hey guys it's me Pierre, leader of the Yellow Vest movement just stopping by to remind you that…[View]
196639406Meds not allowed: When did you realize that Italians, Swedes and Greeks are somali colonies? For me,…[View]
196639036>Why won't those damn millennial move out of their parents' home and buy their own plac…[View]
196626048>be me >want a gun >go to police station to get a gun permit >go buy the gun >go to p…[View]
196638342Women Democrat 'Rulers': I went to DeKalb County Georgia's legislative meeting last night, and …[View]
196638823Indian General Elections 2019 edition: Who are you voting for? Will we get Modi back? What's th…[View]
196638907If a wall on the Mexican border won't work why did they build a wall on the Mexican border?[View]
196638747Can we get david hogg: To play ddr to make sure he actually is seal team 6 killer adam lanza? >i …[View]
196635282Why do people keep attacking alex?: Come on, again NBC?[View]
196633588Anyone noticed?: British posters: - deep - well-versed - expressive - witty - insightful American po…[View]
196633896This is just SICK It’s time to disband ICE and CBP. They are MURDERERS[View]
196620913THE DISSIDENT RIGHT IS BEING SUBVERTED BY FAME-SEEKING WOMEN: According to a friend who knew Souther…[View]
196624486WHAT THE FUCK!!: https://www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/world/national-security/7-year-old-migrant-g…[View]
196637455EUdaily massacre: https://twitter.com/BreakingNLive/status/1073581005066432512[View]
196638412Miss MillionDollarExtreme? So do we. Check out /r/laserdisk on your favourite site. Hope to see yo…[View]
196634497is france gonna yellow vest tomorrow: you guys should burn down the eyeful tower[View]
196610461(((land seizures))): what do we have on this? Ralph Retort is saying the largest land owner is SA is…[View]
196626649€ Euro Collapses 1%: BBC blame French riots and fact Germany grinding to halt. I.even heading into r…[View]
196637023>tfw no hot takes ftn posting gf politically speaking, are payfrens just refusing to post it or …[View]
196629159>Imagine being this traitor: What do you think she's thinking right now?[View]
196636079Asking the (((alt right))) something >step 2 get shills to reply racially charged 'relatable' pa…[View]
196637484Tell me how to start up a dictatorship in America: Leave a country to idiots and they just fuck it u…[View]
196638050more china fuckery?: https://www.breitbart.com/asia/2018/12/13/chinese-scientist-suicide-huawei/ Sta…[View]
196618105Journalists and MSM still trying to destroy /ourguy/: He has received death threats but the media co…[View]
196632856>how to stop yellow vests? >i know let's have a mass shooting in strasbourg >cool >…[View]
196637337ITT: post people that are absolutely cucking trump at every turn[View]
196634332>controls people like puppets and/or experiments on them like labrats >terrorizing others that…[View]
196635216Alright /pol/: Predict this...[View]
196637017Which will come first? Trannies getting the brainrot or suicide?[View]
196637695/PTGCSG/ President Trump Grilled Cheese Slam General: Who: you or anyone who likes grilled cheese an…[View]
196637743APOLOGIZE: Which one you absolute shitlords did this? Apologize NOW!!!![View]
196632883Wow Drumpf BTFO[View]
196637566Dawn of the Eastern Light - General[View]
196632120Med men are the biggest racemixers...: Not a brag, a critique! From East/Southern Europe, only Roman…[View]
196627780Whats the best way to convice americans they need: to declare a war against Iran?[View]
196629587It's better to unite with a communist than a free market supporter.[View]
196634705Marrying at 25-30? Get fertility treatments.: For those struggling with wifing up in clownworld or b…[View]
196616740Exactly 10 years ago this happened: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxNprnas7i8[View]
196613112My Academic Adviser told me the truth about college today. Here is what she said: >Be me, go to m…[View]
196620760>Be thot >Smoke pot and drink then go driving on a learner license >Run over 15 year old bo…[View]
196629522Oh shit boys, have we found our balls? https://www.rt.com/uk/446452-yellow-vest-pro-brexit/[View]
196631637How is this shit even possible?: I see nobody, except maybe Shawn Hannity calling bullshit on this. …[View]
196636816Kabbalah: So, guys, if you read pic related you'll notice Trump had a Kabbalah master to help h…[View]
196636731Look At This Dude[View]
196635536It doesn't matter if you're left-wing or right-wing. Our main goal is to destroy Anglo-Ger…[View]
196632348'Yellow Vest' protests reach Israel amid corruption: https://www.presstv.com/Detail/2018/1…[View]
196630549>ordered his lawyer to commit a felony >sniffs crushed adderall >can't read >seclud…[View]
196634223Muh...shithole India: India should just be a giant terror welfare state and invade Europe as negro r…[View]
196636549>/pol/ w e w[View]
196625269Little girl dies in Border Patrol custody: > LAS CRUCES, N.M. (AP) — A 7-year-old girl who crosse…[View]
196633492Should there be community elections for mods and janitors?[View]
196633498Reverse racism targeting little white boys: Little white boys in public schools are told they'r…[View]
196633967If you act like your enemies, they win: Is he right?[View]
196624845When and why did slavery become a bad thing?: Why is everybody talking down on slavery like it'…[View]
196624823Fed Is Run by WASPS now: How come no one points out that Jews no longer run the Fed? Pic related is …[View]
196636292president amlo: Red pill on mexico's new president.[View]
196635761Why burgers are so afraid of knowing foreign language?[View]
196632459Who are worse,Arabs or Indians?[View]
196632790so why is brexit taking so long?[View]
196630779Destry my soul oh merciless anons: i spent a week chasing a 6/10 asian sorta qtie, computer scientis…[View]
196635983Why don’t you un-NEET yourself, /pol/?[View]
196615168Why can't people rise over the constant bickering and realize the threat that Islam poses upon …[View]
196634545What did Google mean by this?: Are they mocking Brexit?[View]
196635938Explain yourselves /pol/. Do you all have double digit IQs?[View]
196635878>be paki >be Muslim >engage in Muslim incest >have multiple deformed children Good job I…[View]
196634380Truths about the atheism you were taught in school: Evolution is a complete hoax The earth is about …[View]
196633848Lol https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/13/us/politics/butina-guilty.html?smid=fb-nytimes&smtyp=cur…[View]
196635176Yellow Vests are RACISTS, FASCISTS and CLIMATE DENIERS: Is he right? https://twitter.com/Sudbury_Ste…[View]
196635457Commie general: Get in here comrades[View]
196631825Los Zetas behead rival with warehouse door, post video on deathaddict[View]
196627844Yellow Vest Anarchy in the UK: picture of the #Giletsjaunes arrived in the UK on the #Westminster Br…[View]
196631950Flat Earth Friends, soon you will be able to gofunme some shekles to your most trusted flat earth re…[View]
196632508ok this is epic: Women can do science too! Bazinga![View]
196629431Pizzagate: What are the political implications regarding Pizzagate?[View]
196635087Goes great with the morning coffee: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTSxAMPXJ80[View]
196635070When I say ban Islam: An atheist says ban all religion[View]
196633459Jordan Peterstein: Juden Peterstein is just a dumb thot. change my mind[View]
196631451Trump Considering Son-In-Law Jared Kushner For Next Chief Of Staff: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/e…[View]
196629906Patrick Little is a nigger lover: Patrick Little never says anything bad about anybody but Jews. He …[View]
196621218Who are the niggers of Europe?[View]
196625746I have acquired immense knowledge about life and the universe, and Religion. Particularly Islam. AMA[View]
196632601So I seen a couple larp threads about Isreal invading Lebanon and I was wondering what would actuall…[View]
196631212How does 1% of the population gain so much power in the media industry?[View]
196633294Memes are taking the alt-right's message of hate mainstream: Insert your favourite 'alt-right' …[View]
196627102Decline of Morality: >media, entertainment, and schools have subverted or eliminated any trace of…[View]
196634323Polish-Austro-German Empire when?[View]
196634096East Germans feeling deceived 3 decades after the reunification[View]
196632591is this a motherfucking jojo reference?[View]
196634225>be French >get shot[View]
196634041why do women in this society think they have multiple lives to chose from?[View]
196623462Say something nice about Sweden. We really need a boost right now...[View]
196634212stop watching the virtual jew.[View]
196634019What is the biggest joke of a country in the world and why is it Great Britain?[View]
196634100Opus Dei: How much control does Opus Dei have within the church and how much control do they have wi…[View]
196633631Shall we declare war against cnn? That would be funny I guess.[View]
196623025Western Civilization is dead: We just fail to admit it. Every fields of science has been subverted …[View]
196633920What if our nations are failing on their own, and Jews simply have an easier time admitting it?[View]
196633035Gentlemen I've come to say the N-word.[View]
196626923Work related stress: Stressing out employees drops their productivity, and harms their long term hea…[View]
196629417I unironically believe Tony Blair was the best British PM of the last 20yrs: Eloquent, market driven…[View]
196633434Why do you follow such a commie religion and then act like racist, how can christcucks live with suc…[View]
196621123What happened to the West?[View]
196622918what do: they send me these purple bands with the text 'vier de liefde, draag paars'- …[View]
196629977FREE HARVEY: daily reminder that he literally did nothing wrong (besides being jewish) if you side w…[View]
196629925How can we help prevent the rampant degeneracy spreading in our society and world?[View]
196625351/ptg/ - President Trump General - Mineral Extraction Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.w…[View]
196630154OH NO: ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH[View]
196630287hey you, if you look at me I am a Ukrainian white supremacist[View]
196633402https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ga%C3%ABtan_Dugas NOT A MENTAL ILLNESS[View]
196631186So I hear the commie mods are protecting the Chinese governments interests here and enforcing politi…[View]
196620713Infidels BTFO'd: Lets make a simple comparison between Muslims and the rest of the subhuman gar…[View]
196622005Are people okay with this?[View]
196633030i cant do this anymore[View]
196632072Why is she so idle?: You just know, if Charles was king, he'd end Brexit.[View]
196633117Get Hype: New elections in Sweden bois. Based slut Annie Loof keeps crashing potential governments w…[View]
196626388What are Italy top priorities these days?[View]
196615734China makes Canada pay for playing US lackey: The wars of words between Donald Trump and Justin Trud…[View]
196632051have you ever thought of joining their side? afterall we live in nonsensical simulation and pain is …[View]
196631466Oppression premier league latest results: Africans retain top spot after victory against Indians…[View]
196625368Is it the first European country that will fall in this century?[View]
196631809What's the dumbest law your country ever established mine's not legalizing divorce[View]
1966324272015 list of all the gay lobbies targeting children at public schools[View]
196629391HATE SERBIA THREAD: reminder that the balkan people are turkish rape babies[View]
196632456Haiti 2.0?: >https://www.rt.com/news/446450-south-africa-kill-whites/…[View]
196625369Pizza bust in NY: https://nyp.st/2Cd4X2P Isn't Westchester county a hotspot for Soros, Clintons…[View]
196629397Redpill me on Voodoo Doughnuts: >toddler wearing shirt that says 'the magic is in the hole' What …[View]
196633595Why are women so controlling?: Okay, I'm a woman, I'm not self hating I really just wanna …[View]
196633058I have a 14 year old daughter who's a freshman in high school and I've noticed a few nigge…[View]
196633538Anyone know this symbol.: Also why has God damned people like this. Why not give a big brain man a f…[View]
196632381National Socialist Community Broadcast: Do they attack the pure White race Adam? Then they attack th…[View]
196630235McMansion hate thread: BASED SOUTHERNER EXPOSES MCMANSION YUPPIES >calls out short lasting houses…[View]
196615953Put em up you kike b: Show me that you aren't capitalist shills. You don't still support J…[View]
196630068Is Joseph Sabia /ourguy/?[View]
196623038Serbia is a dying nation and its a good thing: > 250.000 abortions per year on 37.000 births >…[View]
196623603Danish burka law: What do all of you think about the danes, making a law against muslim women wearin…[View]
196624730Why do they ruin other economies and give free money to niggers?[View]
196624533French generals acuse Macron of treason: Mister President, You are about to sign the “Global Compac…[View]
196631776https://www.abc.net.au/life/i-am-a-non-binary-indigenous-drag-queen/10606482 >I'm a non-bina…[View]
196626644Can this based black man save London from Islamic rule?: This is Shaun Bailey, the Conservative cand…[View]
196615138The change is illogical: Why would (((they))) want this?[View]
196628025What was the name again of that online encylopedia founded by a Zionist porn guy?: >Bomis became …[View]
196631733what's the equivalent to this type of political fanaticism in your cunt?[View]
196631810'Global warming' no longer strong enough term.: After 30 Years Studying Climate, Scientist Declares:…[View]
196627925Sandy Hook 6th Anniversary: So who does /pol/ think really did this? Because it sure as shit wasn…[View]
196628964Turning blacks against Jews: Why do some people on /pol/ think this is useful? Here is what the nati…[View]
196617223Is there more Anglo or German ancestry in America?: German is far more reported, but I find it hard …[View]
196628843Make Europe free again![View]
196631109War with Israel: If Israel invades your country will you fight back? Will you be too scared of being…[View]
196627897This nigger is going to BTFO Mueller and being down the deep state: >Judge in Flynn case orders M…[View]
196631407Why do SJW cucks force their kids to be transgender just to fake the fact that feminism is 'working'…[View]
196631139Is the Intellectual Dark Web today's counterpart to the ancient Academy of Athens, /pol/?[View]
196629671Progress while leaving society in tact: Will advancements in technology and social policies reduce o…[View]
196618425What’s their endgame?: Is swapping Ukraine / the Balkans for the UK really the best way forward? It …[View]
196630416Why don’t we end all foreign aid, cold turkey?: Just let the chips fall where they may. Then we coul…[View]
196631398Fuck anglos niggers spics kikes and jannies[View]
196613653How far California has fallen: This is a high school in San Bernardino in 1962. Very different from …[View]
196624903Éire /pol/ -we irish now: Cops hunting Drugy https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-irela…[View]
196627548If Gamergate Had Been Taken Seriously the World May Look Very Different: What have we done? https://…[View]
196602541Saturday the 15th. Are you ready?[View]
196627619Where does he fit on the political spectrum? I'm so confused[View]
196627267Calling all Euro chemists: Test your water. Your women are sucking the disgusting feet of muzzie sc…[View]
196631137Fuck macron: Say what you want about him but he is more popular than Macron and has not bring USA in…[View]
196631136Richard Spencer Reportedly NO-PLATFORMED From TRS: Richard pointed out that Mike Enoch and (((others…[View]
196631057Harvard scientists/Globalists are planning on kickstarting a global famine under the guise of fighti…[View]
196614724Hillary and John Kerry rented for Indian Billionaire's party: https://twitter.com/TarekFatah/st…[View]
196629808Pol is Islamist: Pol unknowingly holds Islamic values over Christian values prove me wrong https://w…[View]
196629999Srinivasa Ramanujan, greatest mathematician in the history of India, and one of the greatest in huma…[View]
196628970why do leftists hate tramp and white people?[View]
196630962DMT in the #MeToo Era: Feminists are tripping their eggs off and preaching female empowerment to any…[View]
196621684Is this a coincidence?[View]
196630851Anti ((())) Propaganda Thread[View]
196630800This is normal, right??[View]
196620626wtf is wrong with muslims? Why are they so anti-intellectual?[View]
196617777The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region: What goes on here?[View]
196629791What's with the lack of Southeast asian representation in British media?: Anyone noticed how UK…[View]
196630610big niya: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCocDFnt3iEHmEdw3fkklVXA/featured[View]
196614071What happened to black Americans /pol/ ?: How did it go from a culture of old values to a culture of…[View]
196621486>Really anon? Are you that hatefull that you can't let people who come from a poor, war torn…[View]
196630458There were no gas chambers: >Gewiss, ich habe unterschrieben, dass ich 2 Millionen Juden umgebrac…[View]
196628395why wouldn't they want to publish this?[View]
196626892you're welcome for the California fires too its also the only way that Eucalyptus trees pollin…[View]
196604852Is Christianity an abusive relationship? If you choose not to be with Jesus, he sends you to a realm…[View]
196627067*ahem* Fuck Republicans[View]
196618643Imagine a world without white people, how depressing would it be?[View]
196628903Why do we call muslims 'sandniggers' and not 'dunegros'?[View]
196630045What does /pol/ think about udo voigt: Well?[View]
196625863will rome ever be restored bros? I thought salvini would be the one to bring it back but now he…[View]
196621779MISS ME YET?[View]
196629945Why so rushed to go stay and you will find, Just sit down and study with an open mind, If your mind …[View]
196621165South Afrika:: >oh my! >haven't you heard chap >about the six-billion whites killed by…[View]
196629786What can stop the professional class from being race traitors: >Insources their parenting to Mexi…[View]
196627683Deus vult[View]
196628083how come we didnt get invited to 4channel?: ???[View]
196619108Yellow Vest Power: News outlets say a weak point of the Yellow Vest movement in France is there…[View]
196625114NASA Lies: NASA can make you believe anything they want because you are all fools[View]
196619965What's wrong with Belgium? What do Belgians even want since they are not a people? They don…[View]
196609007You have 5 nukes: Where do you drop them? Pic related are my top 5.[View]
196627864ACCELERATION: Do you like to go fast?[View]
196629289BlAck 'peOplE': lol they aren't, are they? >, you can ALWAYS find niggers behaving exactly t…[View]
196623842Reminder that India is the greatest US ally in the upcoming war against chinks[View]
196629201What went wrong?[View]
196628333Facebook loves Macron: Bonjour Facebook helped Macron by deleting 30.000 critical users in order to …[View]
196626499India Toilet Revolution: Lol many people seem to diss poverty people yet they themselves don't …[View]
196629028I love America: Reasons: https://nakigoe.github.io/usa/america.html[View]
196623433He was a crypto-kike with a mission to destroy Europe, make jews untouchable,create the state of Isr…[View]
196628947No Paganism thread? What, are you some kind of Jew worshipper?[View]
196625871well, /pol/?: https://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/sbdb.cgi?sstr=23238[View]
196617233So... what did Macaulay Culkin mean by this?[View]
196618840Geopolotics: whats your opinion on geopolitics? Should the average person know more about it? Is it …[View]
196622363'Pizzagate has been debunked': Two years since Pizzagate was debunked and last week James Comey was …[View]
196628365>I don't like Trump because he's not a self-made man![View]
196626207Well, congrats, Ed and Brian. You've now achieved the fame you lusted after for so long.: https…[View]
196618156So, /pol/, wich race its ruperior to you?[View]
196622538Oy vey: You can't make this shit up sauce: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5495915/Swe…[View]
196605048Orthodox General /OG/ - Mysticism of the Med Edition: > What is the Orthodox Christianity? This i…[View]
196627235Why are racists so dumb (uncreative) /pol/?: >Not Just for Stereotyping Anymore: Racial Essentia…[View]
196624647¡¡¡HAPPENING!!! MANY DEAD IN RIOTS: Riots are ongoing and at least 11 have died following the arrest…[View]
196615410Are “black people” people?: I have half black cosins, but they seem moderately ok i. terms of action…[View]
196625260ISIS didn't kill enough Porkskins this year: It's too bad that our Daesh didn't run o…[View]
196627926'Starving child and vulture' mandela'd?: 1st Sept 2016 Wikipedia made this a redirect so any lo…[View]
196627255>tfw my sarcastic anti-Semitism has led to actual deaths I was just joking man…[View]
196606860Has the internet made people more violent?: Compared to 30 years ago, we are savages. All part of ((…[View]
196611376Jewish scientists: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Jewish_Nobel_laureates >As of 2017, Nobe…[View]
196627644Middle-Easteners/'Arabs': What race are these type of people? People often call them Arabs or non-je…[View]
196624685The Turks should have completely genocided the Balkans: Whitoids love to cry at how 'oppressive' the…[View]
196621071What ethnicity do I look like?: I figure racists would have a good idea. What country are my ancesto…[View]
196620969Why it is ok for everyone to talk shit about white people with impunity: Its because we're all …[View]
196627178/pol/ friends, I have a challenge. please, put into 4 sentences why LGBTs have had/currently have a …[View]
196616795One down. But how many thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or maybe even millions to…[View]
196626632THE UNITED KINGDOM OF TOLERANCE AND DIVERSITY: Why is the only time you'll hear a politician sa…[View]
196619415Polish schoolgirl reveals she masturbated a euroweek shitskin instructor: (((they))) are going to de…[View]
196626343What's their extradition policy?[View]
196615662Opinions?: What does pol think of this guy[View]
196617849GUESS WHO'S BACK? CERNO'S BACK...: I thought this was actually kind of interesting - Cerno…[View]
196627093SO YOU'RE SAYING What did she mean by this ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZDL3Zo1MkQ[View]
196626063ITS OVER: pack it in, the globalist have won[View]
196622638It’s happening: Airspace over Ukraine has only outbound planes, mostly heading south towards Israel.…[View]
196621077Daily reminder: You're not a right winger if you don't stand with Israel. Period. Vox, Swe…[View]
196626117Operation Out of Africa: We all know from things like Archaic Human Ancestry in Eastern Asia by Skog…[View]
196619537Pope Benedict XVI: “Miss me yet?” Here is the latest article on the former Pope. What do you think o…[View]
196609756ARYAN GENERAL - /PIE/: This thread is for discussion of all Indo-European topics and Aryan unity.…[View]
196621992BASED OBAMA. Still fighting the greedy Jewish Trump administration from beyond the grave! >The Tr…[View]
196617194I've had enough of you racial purity: This is the last drop, yes I am a mutt and White girls ar…[View]
196623033NSA: >>>/qa/2492260 Has the NSA reached too far?[View]
196623705Radical black leftist are threatening the safety of white people and anything whites created and the…[View]
196625220Evolution is not a scientific theory - problem of falsifiability (Catch 22): 'Evolution is not a sci…[View]
196626089Advanced AI and PizzaGate: Has an advanced AI ever been asked about PizzaGate? Surely using code wor…[View]
196625612Food for thought (Natural cancer preventers): Let us have a discussion about cancer treatments and n…[View]
196620541French Migration to NZ Surge: could the frogs just fuck off[View]
196547750How does your personality type line up with your political beliefs? If you already know your persona…[View]
196621364Watching COPS and I realized something. Nigga running from popo, police on foot pursuit. Hear one co…[View]
196623690What does /pol/ think of the 4-day-work-week or the 3-day-weekend? Considering we have so many helpf…[View]
196625459Who is bringing all this Somalian trash into the White Midwest?: /pol/ says it's Lutherans. I s…[View]
196615005Everyone is calling these parents assholes.: But I don't think they are. What do you think? htt…[View]
196622875Welcome to the Matriarchy: - send 50 million men to die in World Wars - make surviving women the ele…[View]
196617746Robert Mueller: How is it that a guy who basically never speaks publicly has become such a cult of p…[View]
196623990I'll just leave this here.[View]
196619774Does the concept of inhertance break capitalism?: Capitalism is all about survival of the fittest. I…[View]
196625283/Lies/: Of the many lies people tell, the most disgusting is saying Pizzagate is false >Pizzagate…[View]
196620274OH NO NO NO NO NO NO: Another straw.[View]
196624831Hey friends, I'm righting an essay feminism (ree) right now and I wounderd if you have any good…[View]
196596247Guess who's never going to jail, retards? Enjoy your last gasp larp.[View]
196608089Israel about to attack Lebanon says source: John Stewart got Rick Sanchez fired from CNN for naming …[View]
196618825PUA Nationalism: Why are all the best PUAs right wing?[View]
196596024India shitting/Sharepoo shill thread: As a welcome to Shareblue/Sharepoo Indian shills, let's c…[View]
196616329Why is it that so many coalburners tend to be Ashkenazi Jews?: I thought Jews were more loyal to the…[View]
196618815You know what, I'm sick of tired of this so one of you faggots go ahead and explain it to me. W…[View]
196624189Singapore Asian are betas: Why does this shit happen?Chinese men only marry Sino culture related peo…[View]
196623019Noam Chomsky: What is your opinion of the greatest mind of our time?[View]
196620272I'm proud I am turkish!!! ne mutlu türkum diyene![View]
196615707Why do you faggots bitch about migrants?: It is just an effect of capitalism, work force is missing …[View]
196621008Watch Cops with /pol/: Get in here fags https://www.watch2gether.com/rooms/ujtu4e1vgy9nxvzrv2 >ht…[View]
196551135Boy Scouts of America May File for Bankruptcy: https://www.breitbart.com/economy/2018/12/13/boy-scou…[View]
196622387>It's real[View]
196623175Aus/pol/ Remembering the sluts Edition: >Northern Territory broke asking for gibs https://mobile…[View]
196623707Looks Like She is a Right WIng Extremeist After All: > Surveillance fears grow after Taylor Swift…[View]
196623698Communism Thread: I sexually Identify as a Communism. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of soaring ov…[View]
196617923>Jews arent the probl-[View]
196621328Challenge: Find me the heterosexual equivalent of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56Bc9UoxklQ …[View]
196619211Seeing more monoracial commercials lately: They listened. Does 4chan rule the world?[View]
196623585>no cliton tax fraud thread why does /pol/ even exist?[View]
196616367Trump supporters are their own worst enemies.: Imagine blaming your fallings on society. Imagine der…[View]
196623423General Anti-Russia: Imagine living in a country so shitty that they have to fake advances in roboti…[View]
196620526>Be an antisemite >Complain about jews running finance, law, media and academia >tell gent…[View]
196622774how is there retards that exist that think jews are not a race but a religion ? it can be both.[View]
196616193Against the ropes.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luLpdr4n8m4[View]
196588036I’ve been thinking: Is having a wife and children a meme? Seems like the proposed benefits are a sp…[View]
196618343>2017 >mueller deepstate shill!! >2018 >mueller is drawing the swamp…[View]
196614904Climate Change/Global Warming: Is it real/fake/in between? Actual arguments and sources.[View]
196603616Day 0: There was no collusion, no deals, NOTHING with Russia you libs are just hysterical because yo…[View]
196622732This tweet hasn't aged well[View]
1966210124chan is a Liberal Utopia: In the most purest form We are free to say what we think, what we feel. W…[View]
196622585Brexit: What a fucking disaster. This is what happens when right wing ideology is taken to its extre…[View]
196619915What explains trump’s madness?: Drug addict? Child abuse by his father? Untreated syphilis?[View]
1966202984chan.org boards now route capcha through 4channel.org[View]
196616637w-WHAT DID THEY MEAN BY THIS?![View]
196598060Amy Schumer Pledges to 'Stop Trying to Look Super Fuckable' to Support Feminism: Could this be the e…[View]
196619623>fag on the front page of twitch why does silicon valley keep pushing this disgusting degeneracy …[View]
196616886JEWS SHUTTING DOWN THE GOY: Kanye west names the jews (through a bible verse) Drake the fake black m…[View]
196619827It's your fault you're single: How many of you know how to dress? How to talk to women? Ho…[View]
196611054What would you do if you were born in India? inb4: i'd kill myself[View]
196622105More evidence pewds is /our guy/: In his latest video he's shown in a room playing with (((rabb…[View]
196616861So my dad did a dna test and it turns out he's 4% Ashkenazi. Not necessarily surprising conside…[View]
196603186Moon Landing: >NASA is struggling to re-create a feat they achieved 50 years ago >All data con…[View]
196620997Bomb threats all over the US: >fake threats >demanding crypto >same day as the hearing Mean…[View]
196610077Aus/pol/ Friday beers: >Northern Territory broke asking for gibs https://mobile.abc.net.au/news/…[View]
196620737>discuss politics with dad >'Oy vey fucking based EU cucking brexiteers' >'Brexit was a lie…[View]
196619861The West is Shit: Western society is dead. Whats stopping me from just moving my money to Asia and l…[View]
196613218Nigger hate thread: I really, really hate niggers, they're just terrible. Post your favorite ni…[View]
196607918Strong independant mother aborts baby to drink with friends on 21rst Birthday: Before you say anythi…[View]
196618672THE RIDE NEVER ENDS: Make it stop https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6494085/Adverts-promoting…[View]
196621373DPRK: Glory to the great leader Death to imperialist capitalist pigs 한반도 통일 https://www.youtube.c…[View]
196618914Saudi media attacks Democrat Muslim congresswomen: >Media and pundits in Saudi Arabia have turned…[View]
196620403Does anyone have the original link? This could be big if true[View]
196615835>define good behavior as 'white behavior' >when wh*Toids act bad, say that they aren't ac…[View]
196619773Johnny Sins admits that he's watching pewdiepie's videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
196621167At last... I truely see... thanks... gookmoot...[View]
196613649Is Mental Illness Healthy?: So much truth... NPC culture.[View]
196616822Why does 4chan keep bricking are we almost at the end?[View]
196619701Julian Von Abele's book: Looks like /ourguy/ Julian Von Abele isn't such a great physicist…[View]
196615659The comprehensive /pol/ guide to kill shill threads.: I used to love coming here and reading about e…[View]
196606058Doomin: I'm losing hope. I've become so very cold and lonely. It's like I'm real…[View]
196625153Day to day life marrying a roastie[View]
196624527Just found out I’m 1/8th german: Tfw when[View]
196621061Why aren’t you dating Asian girls? Take a country like China or Thailand, virginity is still prized …[View]
196620967D-Notice gagging order has reportedly been handed to British media in order to stop them reporting o…[View]
196616183Stop, anon. Just stop.: The threads are shit, and the website's been shit since the 4chan/chann…[View]
196616417is this REAL justice?: Lets face it, not just Hillary but the whole Clinton Foundation has been a fr…[View]
196574591Please tell me there are no proddys on left on /pol/.: > fuck 1500 yrs of tradition > everybod…[View]
196620794One of them was doing God's work: Hint... It wasn't the monk[View]
196620735Honest opinion: Latina women look pretty good![View]
196620553Pretty much everyone's blonde; can someone explain this to me?: I was looking through my grandf…[View]
196611788What the fuck /pol/: Every fucking thread on here right now is niggers, faggots and Jews. What the f…[View]
196612515Checkmate trump: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/caravan-migrants-in-mexico-demand-trump-either-let…[View]
196617425Chief justice of the California Supreme Court leaves the Republican Party, citing Brett Kavanaugh: h…[View]
196620494Will Macedonia become a muslim shithole?[View]
196611246soon he’ll call independence “lonely”[View]
196620418Will white south Africans become 2nd class citizen who will live like Albanians?[View]
196598836You did this /pol/: You and fucking Trump did this[View]
196620158Wakanda's Kangz are going too far!!: How does it make you feel to see a bunch of Afrocentric Ni…[View]
196615587Imagine having Christmas in the middle of winter with no cricket on the telly.[View]
1966192634chan is dead, /pol/ is dead. It got killed by bugmen[View]
196615463Who's up for a new gold standard?: Or, I guess you could call it, the old gold standard.[View]
196619026Jewish education in higher educational institutionals. First hand account.: Be me. So there I am si…[View]
196616080What happened to White America? Where did we go wrong?[View]
196611950Why does it seem like Trump does not use his rightful presidential powers?: He is Command and Chief?…[View]
196575262>genetic diversity is a good thing >inbreeding is a bad thing >study after study shows hybr…[View]
196606524Help me out /pol/. I'm slowly swallowing the red pill about (((them))) and (((their))) agenda.…[View]
196615694Please fill out a ticket in the future.: Meet 4chan's current Tech Support.[View]
196616926>think the revolutionary Left is dead >based people like Subcomandante Marcos are out there fi…[View]
196619246/pol/ want to burn all niggs and jew /pol/ start to cry like a little bitch that white discriminati…[View]
196617661SJWs hate this man. Why?: Seriously, read his books. He pisses off the left and SJWs like no other.…[View]
196616138>be jewish >hate christianity >use media to promote christianity more than the holocaust Wh…[View]
196613357STRAYA VS CANADA: Australia is better in every single way when compared to those leafy fuckwits.…[View]
196619299By US definitions Germany is completely white: The only major non-white immigrant source to Germany.…[View]
196618228Feels good being Canadian lately, man: We stand up to Saudi Arabia, rest of the world keeps cucking …[View]
196618685Bus Driver Says Two Israeli Teens Beat Him After Making Sure He Was Arab: >Driver tells the Israe…[View]
196617999Would niggers turn White if they were placed in a frozen environment for a hundred thousand years?[View]
196619114How do we do it /pol/? How do we save the world from itself?[View]
196619174FTN 172 - 40 Mile Stroke Job: Discussion/inevitable weekly devolve into people asking spendfriends f…[View]
196613245East Germany is Best Germany[View]
196618606Can anyone tell me @/pol/ why 4chan keeps breaking for hours at a time? been happening for a few day…[View]
196608830MUELLER OBSTRUCTED JUSTICE: WIPED STRZOK'S PHONE!: The IG criminally referred Strzok and then M…[View]
196616737Why is this board pathologically obsessed with race? Especially with niggers and jews? Is that your …[View]
196588997American Homeless: Here's a good question no one in the media seems to be asking... >Should …[View]
196617157I think that Australia sucks: Australia is a country with no history and no future. There is no will…[View]
196610675Is vox gonna get dabbed on by, /ourguy/, pewds?[View]
196614953Red California: Is this happening?[View]
196610734American Education: Why haven't high school kids learned Nazism is bad?[View]
196616934US Gun Deaths Reach Almost 40-Year High: https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/421306-cdc-report-us-…[View]
196618598So what say you all...: Is justice nearing? Something strange is in the air lately.[View]
196618416TRUMP CONSIDERING JARED KUSHNER FOR NEW CHIEF OF STAFF: >Jared Kushner, the husband of Trump’s da…[View]
196617832>Germany lands on the moon >USA takes all the credit for it Why is this allowed? I thought Ame…[View]
196616359Shut IT Down!: Shut it down! The wall is being built. Shillblue can't handle their religion bei…[View]
196615588My Bolsonaro elected the greatest racist by a French program. I'm so proud.[View]
196617505Drones might cause the next 9/11: Imagine dozens of drones hitting an airplane. It's insane how…[View]
196612316How does drifting fit into the political zeitgeist?[View]
196615868How do libcucks explain detroit and chicago?[View]
196617724Russian bots hacking Doctor Who's Rotten Tomatoes score: Why does Putin want to sabotage wester…[View]
196586299Why are so many burgers against universal healthcare? Wouldn’t you like to pay a small tax increase…[View]
196616409Ainu: If I marry an Ainu girl would I be considered a race traitor? t. White guy in asia[View]
196609003Jamal Khashoggi: What is this fucking shit everyone just shrugging their fucking shoulders when a US…[View]
196611791When does mixing work? Besides Niggers, Spics, mudslimes and Chinese that is, as that's clearly…[View]
196592122Goodbye Texas: Kiss red Texas goodbye forever. Apple is spending one billion dollars on a second hea…[View]
196613716Looks like Putin is going to try his luck a second time.[View]
196611262We need to stop the gay agenda and the further degeneration of women: It's not porn or söi. It…[View]
196615806>hear some incoherent screaming at the train station >think it's a crazy or high hobo …[View]
196601908Beat the system: 1) Get a group of your closest or most trusted family members who are gainfully emp…[View]
196616159ISRAEL TEMPLE RITUAL BEFORE LEBANON WAR: What the FUCK is this?! > https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
196606695Anti-Semitic niggers: What does /pol/ think of them? I personally think that they’re niggers, and th…[View]
196614798Is the DHS hiring Mexican illegals to write their official statements now? >DHS is committed to b…[View]
196617668Spanish General Thread: Hey, amigos Españolas, acabo de leer que el gobierno nos va a subir el sueld…[View]
196615646When did you realize you were the bad guys /pol/?[View]
196599579HAPPENING: COP SHOT DEAD AND POLICE DOG SHOT NEAR ATLANTA: What the hell is wrong with Georgia, /pol…[View]
196615850What happens if I report my filipino ex into immigration for lying on a to police about a dvo so she…[View]
196615937the future of europe[View]
196613262Pit Bull breaks IN to school to maul 3rd graders: In retrospect, a Pit Bull breaking in to St. There…[View]
196613114And they should ALL GO TO PRISON no exceptions!!![View]
196613297Good one, well said! I wonder about this everytime a Trump supporter tries to claim there is no proo…[View]
196616308Muh free speech: -not on someone else's private property -not outside of your own country How h…[View]
196614784Inverted yield curve: Where my politcal economy bros at?[View]
196602306Fuck (((Trump))): friendly reminder: Trump's a kike puppet who never had any intention of build…[View]
196597607Trump: 'GO AHEAD CHINKS IMPRISON AS MANY LEAFS AS YOU LIKE I DON'T CARE': Where we do we go fro…[View]
196613895Internet Discussion General v0.0: I propose an open dialog amongst the various classes of posters he…[View]
196617312Liberalism's Heir -- Hint it is Nationalism and #EthnoState: Liberalism has ran its course, pas…[View]
196613859Land of the free......[View]
196614838>On the first day of Christmas Qanon gave to me >A Cardinal in a Pelltree https://cruxnow.com/…[View]
196616235George H.W. Bush will journey to his final resting place on a train: >Some people who were watchi…[View]
196607678Can we all admit they're centrist at worst?: As an European, Dems aren't left-wing at all…[View]
196616793Can Eastern Orthodoxy save us?: I hate neocons that shill for Israel. And I hate liberals that want …[View]
196601199Why did he confess to authorizing criminal entrapment of a decorated military officer today?: He adm…[View]
196616482How the leftist reacte to jokes: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HDiRRfKKQ08[View]
196616166Rap Niggers, the msm are trying to stage a payop: Kanye West nor is Rainbow Goblina Tranny /our guys…[View]
1966124202018 and I’m forgotten.. Why don’t you talk about our guy Gazi anymore /pol/?[View]
196616621Voodoo Doughnuts: Threads on this getting shoah’d. What’s going on in Portland? Original thread htt…[View]
196616544ITS OVER[View]
196615770'Not all men': Thats right, all men need to take responsibility for murdering women, even if there w…[View]
196612941Capitalism Will Always Win: Everything you value, you owe to capitalism.[View]
1966130127-year-old migrant girl taken into Border Patrol custody dies of dehydration, exhaustion: Sad and fu…[View]
196616270sup /pol/ some new nonfiction has come in the mail today. Which one should I read first?[View]
196615672Get fucked white man: white farmers land grab' months after announcing 'test case' to…[View]
196615438DO NOT DESPAIR THREAD!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCUSjEEy-Kk[View]
196611354>/ptg/ dying >several threads up with hundreds of posts discussing Trump's criminal activ…[View]
196613223Why don't normies take the JQ seriously? At best they will acknowledge that jews hold positions…[View]
196611717xD: oopsies! im actually tired of shilling, the pays fucking horrible. feel free to do whatever you …[View]
196612250Model to soft porn to escort to marryig an old very rich man to first lady? Talk to me about opportu…[View]
196612673动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen…[View]
196614807Has anyone else abandoned the left-wing over the last year?: I turned 18 in 2016 and voted for Hilla…[View]
196610394This is a Canadian 'soldier': Say something nice about him[View]
196615390He'll stroke soon[View]
196614256TRUNEWS: Rick Wiles: Mueller Probe, Israel And Saudi Arabia Influenced Trump Administration Policy h…[View]
196610454Why do you refuse to get rich /pol/?[View]
196615512al: the west is the best. the blue bus is coming to town.[View]
196612332Where there’s smock there’s fire[View]
196601210Anon how do you feel about Solzhenitsyn?: Did you read his work? Do you think that he contributed to…[View]
196615307Question: did trump ever build that wall ?[View]
196580897Joe Rogan about 4chan: https://youtu.be/Igc_1TPfK9Y?t=1h39m28s[View]
196613104Can you shills be quiet, you're gonna wake the oldfags...[View]
196610310Daily reminder that 6ix9ine is /OurGuy/: 6ix9ine, the Brooklyn rapper whose persona is deliberately …[View]
196615304About Fucking Time!: Screen capped tweet is the last tweet I sent his way! Cernobitch blocked me too…[View]
196592195/POL/ Charity Ideas: If you could make a charity with the sole purpose of improving the world, what …[View]
196615236Syria General - /sg/ - Nothin' New Under the Moon Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >s…[View]
196611081If the Chinese want to kidnap random Canadians living in their country, the Canadian government shou…[View]
196607528Trump needs to genocide niggers: This is the #1 task he needs to accomplish in his presidency. Getti…[View]
196614360Trump General - /DDN/ - Din Du Nuffin edition: Hey /pol/, what do the following groups have in commo…[View]
196613983Spencer tells us to drop Trump. So let's stop the pro-Trump shilling and plan on getting Spence…[View]
196589920A few days ago it dawned on me...dogs have replaced children for millennial whites. Every single whi…[View]
196541993Nazi UFOs: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foo_fighter >The first sightings occurred in November 19…[View]
196614994TRAP: >be me >16 y/o fascist >good christian child >meets qt 3.14 8/10 wasian goth gf …[View]
196610472WTF JF: Jesus Christ wtf is JF doing? Somewhere around 1:35:55 his mentally retarded girlfriend come…[View]
196602020Was letting women vote a mistake?[View]
196614578do strong men fight even when there's no hope?[View]
196614168Jew metaphysics: The square of saturn 4 9 2 3 5 7 8 1 6 has a total sum of 45. The Tetragrammaton w…[View]
196614820Why is this place turning to cancer, and why didn't my thread upload? What happened to the boar…[View]
196614686I derive the enforcement of my rights in society from Title 3 of the Constitution of the Republic of…[View]
196614376Is what we're experiening basically the revenge of the Neanderthal?[View]
196549921Syria General /sg/ - Yerba Mate Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.…[View]
196613352Small Foot (2018): Anybody watched this animation? Seems surreal, so many redpills. Not your typical…[View]
196612913It's a hard pill to swallow...: ...but America was founded on Liberalism. We were absolutely fu…[View]
196612117This is very true... And, I have to take some small comfort in knowing that things like Cohen going …[View]
196606970Is This A NEETs Dream Come True?: Vitamin water wants to give 100K to someone if they can go a year …[View]
196613792Red Pilled: This is the most redpilled videos I have ever watched in my life. https://www.youtube.co…[View]
196612905I honestly try to watch Faux Not News once in a while to be objective. I am never disappointed. I me…[View]
196603543AMERICA IS ONLY 56% CHRISTIAN: What went wrong? http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2018/12/13/18-s…[View]
196611649This is a little political cartoon about Chinese threat about the CFO arrest. It's also a popul…[View]
196613979Ohio will be 1/4 Anabaptist: At this rate Ohio will be 1/4 Anabaptist by 2050. That means Amish, Men…[View]
196612749global compact migration: I pose the question does it let me freely migrate from Canada when the min…[View]
196607885Basically the new law states that any website hosting images created by sex work, which now falls un…[View]
196612801Did I screw up?: When I was redpilled, I looked for a woman to propagate my race. I had two choices.…[View]
196613768Can we get all these psyop slide threads off the board please? I feel like the majority of users on …[View]
196611739/pol/ - the videogame[View]
196589318Clinton Tax Fraud General /CTFG/ Bread 2 - Burnt he Witch Edition: Clinton cabal fucked shill go all…[View]
196608972>Investigate the Clintons for decades >Find a blowjob >Investigate Trump for 1.7 years >…[View]
196604501You know it's the last institution they haven't taken over, right?: We used to walk on a s…[View]
196611541Why are Ukrainian women such whores?: They are all worse whores than the western women. They just pa…[View]
196606404How is it even legal for Trump to appoint his son-in-law as Chief of Staff? You'd think with al…[View]
196613022Someone paid $450 million for this thing and no one has seen it since. Why?[View]
196613007KANYE west VS nigger-kike DRAKE: So according to Kanye’s tweets. Drake has been really showing his J…[View]
196608956Hitler complained his (((Generals))) didn't take his orders: Serves him right, he trusted a Jew…[View]
196609947What hope is there for conservative Californians? Should we just bail out? https://www.hcn.org/issu…[View]
196613398Black IQ after White people pay reparations and they is kings again[View]
196612891When 4pol ousts is,: which site do we subvert for our purposes? And does this make us the Jews?…[View]
196596568WORLD WAR THREE!: >World War 3: Russia accuses UK of using PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE in Ukraine >R…[View]
196613370If someone is the following: whore, communist, shitskin(sans Japan and Korea), liberal, faggot, etc,…[View]
196613368Hillary is going to prison: Drumpftards still believe this Here she is dancing at an Indian billiona…[View]
196611640>be some literal who porn 'star' >yeah,I'm a fucking femenist! Why do these cunts think t…[View]
196609162All you antichrist, trans loving heathens: As soon and a brother trys to help another all of you shi…[View]
196612003/pol/ wrong for 4411th time this year: Just admit it, they're no different than any other 'bree…[View]
196609678Do white women honestly have any purpose anymore other than being a recruiting tool for Jews? They…[View]
196599647Why are there so many birth defects in China: ..and other 3rd world countries now? There's supp…[View]
196612723Post your country's official representative at the 4channel Winter Olympics > tfw…[View]
196610332Can we trust Amazon Alexa? I've seen them light up like their listening when not in use.[View]
196613005/pol/ BTFO![View]
196609878Why is everything in Canada so exspensive?: WILL SOMEONE POST THE FUCKING IN STORE PRICES FOR FUCKS …[View]
196613172>Grug want go fetch rock for rock throw hunting party so can have meal for cave spouse and grugse…[View]
196607519Movie that pol would love: Pic related - Brooklyn Babylon. Young Jewish girl falls in love with aspi…[View]
196612502Stop degenerate 'rapper' threads: Catholics and protestants are degenerate heretics. They lead you t…[View]
196610760anons we need help!: first i need to say im from argentina.. we are struggling with feminism. a few …[View]
196575868Is anyone near Seattle..: Several explosions, at least 100+, of varying sizes... very, very loud, in…[View]
196611244Race and IQ: https://youtu.be/6lsa_97KIlc?t=1m40s The Normie goes in for the 'White Privilege…[View]
196612967Bach’s great Mass in B minor: https://youtu.be/mSpx-V_scIU Unplug your brain from ‘entertainment’ a…[View]
196607855Just fap to porn goyim...: No need to fight for your country.[View]
196612869Jews and whites: How come whites say they are superior, but yet they are being controlled by jews?…[View]
196610269So what does this make me?: I identify as a reactionary/ethnic nationalist, but people told me to ta…[View]
196612686Classic USA: >boomer grandparents >coalburner (single mother) >mud offspring >pitbull ht…[View]
196608519Alt-Right Princess: Internet Tara got me taken down faster then the Meghan McCain death threat Twitt…[View]
196612854The American is immunized against all dangers: one may call him fat, violent, mutt, stupid, it runs …[View]
196612832ANNOUNCEMENT: Greetings newcomers! Keep in mind that /pol/ is for the most part, satirical. The only…[View]
196609241Was this movie a critique of socialism? Serious answers only for at least the first 6 posts, please.[View]
196611868She plays the role of a victim about as well as her husband plays the role of a leader. Fail![View]
196611654My racist relative sent me this link, what can i do to prove to him that these are all lies by the n…[View]
196609226Should Alberta seperate from Canada? >screen shot related[View]
196610906MAGA, fellow MAGApedes[View]
196593249Military coup incoming in France?: Holy shit, France. https://gab.com/PrisonPlanet/posts/43482647…[View]
196612449With Islam on the rise in Europe what happens when a radical Islamic leader gets elected and declare…[View]
196591511Daily reminder that Asians and Whites intermixing is the only way for white genes to survive in the …[View]
196604037/cipg/ Chinese Internal Politics General: >>>/qa/2489091 According to mods, /pol/ is the ap…[View]
196582435/pol/ Meme Template Thread: Can we get a good 'ol fashioned 4chan-style template thread going, …[View]
196612204Will a government shut down actually do anything?: Has a government shut down ever actually worked f…[View]
196609442Why doesn't /pol/ try anarchism or communism? You can name edgy jokes and memes and you don…[View]
196602048Chicken-Egg Question: Do people become leftists because they don't understand statistics or is …[View]
196603669Is the Nordic Model the best system there is?[View]
196609988TRUMP = ANTICHRIST: In other words this White Horse Rider is the ANTICHRIST. He is the 'PRINCE WHO I…[View]
196611808This from a group that screamed when Obama wore jeans and a tan suit . The hypocrisy is constant and…[View]
196610927dehydrated Squatamalan: Hit me up with some good thirsty Guatemalen memes. What should we call her? …[View]
196610144Why don't spain and portugal ever do anything? It's like they stopped trying after they lo…[View]
196607359/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - WARJEW EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
196604210>switching parties for a Tiny fraction of the population Why?[View]
196600726This is What Liberals Think of Trump Supporters: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pP-gRykSOkc …[View]
196611878ok, we all know pol hates macron: but what about edouard? is he doing a good job?[View]
196609080Gavin McInnes Conspiracy Theory: This is my bullshit conspiracy theory, I have no real evidence, but…[View]
196606723WHAT DID THE T.V. MEAN BY THIS?: Baby fetus. Skull covered on oil right after https://www.youtube.co…[View]
196603899What is our opinion on cute jewish women, /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgzmbwRNfmA[View]
196598190why does fascism fail every time it is implemented?[View]
196611469Reading is overrated and boring as fuck prove me wrong >pic related, it is the average 'intellect…[View]
196607096What is a young conservative traditional couple supposed to do to help America? What steps do they …[View]
196558659This is the platform the Dems will run on in 2020 Will it be plausible?[View]
196559754You know I'd never marry an atheist, right anon?: -Christian -virgin -traditional (not 'tr…[View]
196611217too much: okay /pol/ what is wrong with the world today where did we go wrong ?, i feel like it…[View]
196611622Corporate Oligarchs will now take turns being President until they drop all pretense of democracy an…[View]
196609194Thread for whitepills, happy propaganda, pretty things, and positivity.[View]
196608217How do southerners/confederates feel about Donald Trump?[View]
196592368Canada's fucked.: The government is bankrupting its european citizens and have already enslaved…[View]
196608662What do you guys think about the SLS or is that too autistic for /pol/[View]
196608709WHO is gonna win, /pol/?[View]
196610480Gibs us $50,000 each: Why haven't we started shooting these fucking parasites yet? https://www…[View]
196608704Why is it okay to appropriate white culture but not any other culture?[View]
196609116>filtered words >makes everyone angry >plan gets backfired OH NO…[View]
196609266i know most of you on /pol/ dont actually talk/know about politics, but could somebody give me a run…[View]
196607621Few places are as historically beautiful and rich as England: What sites would you visit for a histo…[View]
196611258“I am a Baby Aryan, Not Jewish or Sectarian. I have no plans to marry-an Ape or Rastafarian.” What d…[View]
196609544How many investigations into the Trump campaign are there? Is he the most corrupt U.S. president eve…[View]
196599958Daily Crusader is Jewish Bullshit: What kind of RETARD would believe this garbage? https://www.dail…[View]
196608323Please watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCuy163srRc[View]
196604355Macron dump. Post your best Macron memes.[View]
196611050Womens are fine: It's just /pol/ being an aspie.[View]
196588407General Mike Flynn Charges Being Dropped!: Judge orders all exculpatory evidence from DOJ, surest si…[View]
196591294brit/pol/: Welcome to brit/pol/ -- British Politics general If we're doing something wrong, at …[View]
196607355Merry Christmas: MN suburb...local fire deparment paraded out the trucks tonight decked out for Chri…[View]
196610047Imagine being this beta[View]
196603163Am i the only American that fucking hates chinks? I have no problem with Japan or Korea, but i have …[View]
196610003Three kangz is a grand prize winner.: Give this man his fucking prize![View]
196599895Redpill me on this[View]
196609558Face it. You aren't saving anyone. You're making everything worse actually Businessmen don…[View]
196606900How do we stop them?[View]
196607506What if she's secretly our girl? She tasked team fbook to grab her some info that she could lat…[View]
196588783TRUMP IS A DRUG ADDICT: Trump sniffs Adderal confirmed https://twitter.com/tomarnold/status/10732294…[View]
196608155The Mule (2018): (((They))) are trying to sabotage Clint Eastwood's new movie. Read these revie…[View]
196605812Which of the great kingdoms were /our/guys?[View]
196602594Are INTP's the real Israelites?: We're extremely logical and creative, and Jesus came up w…[View]
196609051Hear me out. Weaponised Aboriginals.: How do we use Aboriginals to our advantage? Is it true that Ab…[View]
196607983Before 1989 >everyone could afford a house and a car >stable job at a state-owned factory >…[View]
196601745National Socialist Community Broadcast: Most of the planet would have a hard time beliving in Jesus …[View]
196609185people are reading physics reforged[View]
196607284Are guns legal anywhere in any African countries?: How's that work for those countries where th…[View]
196607981They're going to get away with this aren't they?[View]
196600296Why haven't you converted to Islam yet?[View]
196605124what are some /pol/ approved universities[View]
196608791THE ABSOLUTE STATA EOF BRITAIN: So is England pretty much done for? https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news…[View]
196608058My hometown is trying to normalize baby penis mutilation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8S_joOXd14Q…[View]
196568921Do dog breeds you own: Determine your political officiation? For instance, if you own a pit bull who…[View]
196602270Is domestic violence against women permissible?: /ourguy/ seems to think so! https://www.youtube.com…[View]
196601108>Germans killing foreign students that will go back to their countries instead of killing crimina…[View]
196602812Pitcairn islands The last free place on earth Too far away for the authority It wouldn’t take much …[View]
196606513What do you want?: Hi /pol/ lets try a change of pace. Lets assume you could send a list of demands …[View]
196590397Hitler appreciation thread.[View]
196598798Are Zoomers our only hope?: I think we may be the most redpilled generation. >Be me >2016, in…[View]
196607628WHY'S HE SO GOOD BROS? The second person of the trinity, God the Son, took on a human nature 20…[View]
196608454>/pol/ hates boomers >also wants one as the president ???…[View]
196602245Moonman Discography: Entire Moonman Discography has been purged. Can only find a few songs on Souncl…[View]
196601827How many Jews really died during the Holocaust?: To all of you fucks who believe that less than 6 mi…[View]
196600755What will North America be like 20 years from now? I’m terrified about the future[View]
196583602BREAKING: DRUMPF IS GOING TO JAIL HAHAHAHAHAHAHA: https://twitter.com/breakingnlive/status/107335144…[View]
196597180Redpill me on Illinois: What happens here? What’s Chicago like? What’s the state like outside of Chi…[View]
196608923>Your average American house: https://youtu.be/T_z9dSypQi4[View]
196582942How do I hire only (mostly) white men in my business?: My business I just starting to get off the gr…[View]
196595395What are statements that show somebody has put no thought into their beliefs? For example, >Every…[View]
196577383HAPPENING: TRUMP FUCKED: It's over, they've got him[View]
196608568Should golden retrievers be allowed to hold hate rallies?: Seems like some one ought to put a stop t…[View]
196599591If only you knew how bad things really were...[View]
196607267Why should /pol/ adopt pseudo-Christianity?[View]
196605774Explain yourself California[View]
196608581Daily reminder, Trump is the worlds greatest troll. Everytime he 'cucks' for Isreal he's really…[View]
196608576I have no problem on immigrants coming into countries legally and assimilating to said country'…[View]
196603888Mueller's a Republican.[View]
196607882It's ok to not like trump.[View]
196608453oy vey we must stop bad goys before they kill amother 6 million[View]
196607453France is BLACKED[View]
196576874Wow, really activates my almonds.[View]
196605840Namibia: Always hear about south Africa but never here. What happens here, how are whites treated?…[View]
196588800Thoughts on Scott Adams?[View]
196605004Did the Jewish People really deserve to die in such a brutal fashion?[View]
196608285The 4D Chess theory is not re-[View]
196608262You might disagree, but isn't he just lovable in a crazy uncle sort of way?[View]
196597769Rachel Maddow fan thread[View]
196607447Since we have a descent of how White people evolved, where did the Jew evolve from?[View]
196606617how do we solve the brainlets in the alt right problem? people who cannot think for themselves and s…[View]
196566556Tucker Carlson: Trump Broke His Promises and Is ‘Not Capable’: >he said, “His chief promises were…[View]
196607960Metoo Marwan: I couldn't find a movie thread, and yes it's political so here goes. That ne…[View]
196606377BE RID YE THINE SINS: It's important to be willing to accept the possibility of change. Shruggi…[View]
196602949Turning Jews against blacks: Jews fought for Civil Rights and are one of the main groups supporting …[View]
196604521What is the democrat's obsession with illegal immigrants? >They can't vote >They do…[View]
196606634how will /pol/ cope in the post Trump era?[View]
196605187If you haven't seen this, you should. Dude points out a very simple explanation as to why globa…[View]
196607584Build the wall: https://www.wivb.com/news/local-news/case-of-measles-confirmed-in-erie-county/165581…[View]
196545062Ohh NOOOOOOOOOOOO are the Generation Zyklon memes true??? HOW DO WE STOP THIS???? https://files.catb…[View]
196602797/pol/, why shills are working over time today? especially with the anti trump threads >also can …[View]
196607191Realistically speaking California could end up a completely independent nation in a few decades. …[View]
196607383First major league shitposts I went to school with a yamica and a Quran enlisting others to duel wie…[View]
196599636National Socialist Community Broadcast: Even the kike in Israel who got scared says I gotta be mad a…[View]
196588795>Be authoritarian >Kill millions >But muh jews >But muh bourgeois Fuck you guys ya'…[View]
196604694This young white dude you see right here...[View]
196598553TRUMP IS REALIZING HE HAS NO FRIENDS: Jesus, I wonder what that feels like.[View]
196606537It has been 629 days since this grandmother retired from politics. It has been 1460 days since she …[View]
196602908Around Blacks Never...: Street Ape Pushes White Stranger Into Oncoming Traffic For No Reason https:/…[View]
196602324just a reminder that this guy is the single biggest target/threat to the machine that wants to keep …[View]
196598301this was the most influential documentary of the web 2.0 era say something nice about it[View]
196588969unironically why are blacks so much more based and alpha than whites: here is the leader of south af…[View]
196603067Do you actually believe we went to the moon?[View]
196598894This is a declaration of what drove our forefathers to revolution >The history of the present Kin…[View]
196604667Red pills: Hey /pol/ I would like all the facts proving how inferior black people are and why they a…[View]
196606950Is this the best intro parody song Sven has done?: I think so. http://traffic.libsyn.com/therightstu…[View]
196605094Op alter: So I was recently questioned for wearing a kek hoodie that had the words kek printed on th…[View]
196601631Redpill me on the USSR: So I never knew too much about the USSR, I knew a lot of Christians were kil…[View]
196587167America should be thankful they have blacks.: Black Americans created anything resembling “culture” …[View]
196606320You have to admit that Israel is a facinating nation: Even from a purely academic interest, the Bibl…[View]
196605190Some people say that Whites have faced more dire situations?: On paper, yes. However, when you think…[View]
196606697>current year >filthy (((journalists))) btfo…[View]
196603379Why are you still watching porn anon? Why are you still watching tv anon? Why are you still watching…[View]
196601630He also said on the plane (there's video) he doesn't know a damn thing about the payments.…[View]
196600849Why do I pay taxes for this dumb fucking island to exist???[View]
196605000What is she telling Bernie, /pol/?[View]
196604665Putin: My cat looks like the badass who runs Russia, salute to the guy taking down The cabal.[View]
196606067https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcvTeRmFsXE Growing up I always thought that humanity was on a stead…[View]
196598227Do you think it's possible for mixed race couples to be truly in love, or will they always be m…[View]
196606068Trump says his cock is better than the eiffel tower, Baguettes in full meltdown: http://cbs-news.us/…[View]
196602911Los Zetas behead rival with warehouse door, post video on deathaddict[View]
1965780015th yellow vest killed today: Denis David had been killed by a truck today Already 5 deaths in the Y…[View]
196572686Is believing in a God a sign of low intelligence?[View]
196604012Kami isn't real and all shookyoo are lies.: Prove me wrong Protip: you can't[View]
196606114This bitch be WHITE(D): https://youtu.be/2fTu_1l8ENE?t=509 Comdy Kino coming through WHITED by the l…[View]
196597145What can’t we have a good healthcare system? Europe and Canada have great healthcare systems.[View]
196601700REPUBLICANS KILL BILL FOR VIETNAM VETS: https://www.wyodaily.com/story/2018/12/13/news/enzi-blocks-b…[View]
196602040Hillary should visit Trump in prison once a month when this is all over.[View]
196549687Wow u nazis are SO COOL fuck u 'An emergency medical technician has been placed on unpaid leave af…[View]
196605813Name my band, /pol/[View]
196605722SKY IS CGI ENABLED: benzakours magcalas rothschild old people in young bodies to breed with humans.…[View]
196604075Basedwanger: All hail Basedwanger! >An officer of the Waffen SS, the elite military arm of the Na…[View]
196605291It’s time to have a talk about Poos. First tbey can’t use a toilet, now they can’t keep their hands …[View]
196604061Veganism: Is veganism a plan to deprive the white race of proper macros and micros that are needed i…[View]
196589335Rent-a-Womb $60,000 +Bonus: https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/etc/d/become-surrogate-earnbonus/676…[View]
196600398Millenials and pets: Why are basedboys and wine aunts so obsessed with their pets? They treat them l…[View]
196602460What does /pol/ think about Kamehameha I: Well?[View]
196605350saw a flock of burqas outside my window today[View]
196587027Operated as a Foreign Agent[View]
196595240question. do women become red pilled in their own way after marriage? .youtube.com/watch?v=i83lAxA…[View]
196604980Memri TV thread[View]
19660330640 year old house wives are sharing this and they have no idea they are red pilling about kikes. The…[View]
196601414Hey Italian-Americans of /pol/, no one gives a shit that you're Italian. You don't have to…[View]
196596598HOLY SHET, DONNIE IS A FUCKING METH JUNKIE JUST LIKE HITLER!!! https://twitter.com/Evan_Rosenfeld/st…[View]
196604860Spanish brotherhood: I feel sorry for my latino counterparts. I mean, we colonize and teach them som…[View]
196604827why doesn't the united nations work pol?: wouldn't having a strong united world government…[View]
196604691ITT: based factions in fiction: 1. ADVENT (XCOM 2)—cleansing dysgenic Humans until a bunch of glowni…[View]
196569098How do we deal with the incoming epidemic of single 30+ year old women?[View]
196538547Do jüden secretely love Hitler ?: Do they watch Hitlerclips and say, 'damn' what a effin champ. Ther…[View]
196597472Boomer Hate Thread: >Be Me >Be Technician >Seriously damage spine and arms at work >End …[View]
196596438Obama threw a $65,000 Hot Dog Party in the White House: What did glow in the dark niggers mean by th…[View]
196601005Germans and Japanese are very similar people: I was thinking about how Germany and Japan were allied…[View]
196601797Next is the 'okay I comitted a crime, but Obama also did something that was not nearly as serious, o…[View]
196599091Leftists want to kill him for the benefit of illiterate rat fuck illegals.: <--- The face of a re…[View]
196604142who signed the migration pact: give me a rundown etc[View]
196603999Just your daily reminder that capitalism will destroy you and your country if you try to rebel again…[View]
196602274>been worried my grandparents may have become Qanon boomers >be at their house the other day …[View]
196603929Compare Trump vs Hillary Facts Only: Trump associates arrested: 4 Hillary associates arrested: 0 ...…[View]
196603663Why should I bother working when my country is being over run by gooks and shitskins?[View]
196600691>be anti-gay >western countries claim you're anti-western civilization why is the west wh…[View]
196598777/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - EMPRESS EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov…[View]
196589262/EWO/ VOODOO DOUGHNUTS: voodoo doughnut investigation thread >>196582721 https://archive.4pleb…[View]
196603939If the deep state impeaches/removes Trump, are right wingers going to start shedding blood in the st…[View]
196601066everything you think is bad that is happening now is all part of a greater plan. illegal immigratio…[View]
196589925Korea's spy-cam porn epidemic: Secretly filming women taking a shit... based or degenerate? Whe…[View]
196603754based russia supports migration pact: https://sputniknews.com/world/201812111070587658-russia-un-mig…[View]
196592890NEETS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE: If you are unemployed or are on any form of government financia…[View]
196603740Literally Hitler: 4th Reich when?[View]
196603631Good counties to move to in the states far away from libs?: I welcome all suggestions as long as it…[View]
196601092Why does the right lose the info war so badly? Leftist get to write the encyclopedias, control the m…[View]
196603469Isn't it amazing that even libs stfu around Christmas?[View]
196603332Anthropomorphic Climate Change: The single best condensation of the facts I've seen so far: ht…[View]
196593590HE'S DONE, TOTALLY GIVING UP: 16 day vacation on your dime. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/p…[View]
196591150They should just rename this board /jew/: It's all you talk about here.[View]
196602602How long until Leftists go after science and math for being too Eurocentric? Could we see them try t…[View]
196592032Colors are beautiful combined, not mixed. love your colors, don't feel ashamed who you are[View]
196593911Incels: 'The perfect politician doesn't exi-'[View]
196601960I have to do a bunch IT work in my job and I know what he feels like to be asked stupid fucking ques…[View]
196594718suicide law: What should the laws on suicide be? In Canada, it's treated strictly as a mental h…[View]
196592510She wants to have a discussion with you About Lineral Feminism and Neo Marxist Ideas: Your rebuttal?…[View]
196602058How the jws seized america?[View]
196597992Human Augmentation is Here: >Gene edited babies created in China https://www.theguardian.com/scie…[View]
196579143IT'S ACTUALLY HAPPENING: https://twitter.com/SaraCarterDC/status/1073340470120587264?s=19 https…[View]
196598814>another investigation[View]
196595788ALERT: False Flag Narrative Distraction!: It's plainly obvious that the IG FISA Report is going…[View]
196600948Which one of you work for Walmart marketing?: Just saw this commercial during primetime nigga ball. …[View]
196598191I am angry and confused at the same time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pWrZQZb4BM If she is usin…[View]
196601882Do robots dream?[View]
196595383You have 2 seconds to predict what will it be[View]
196595336It never ends well when the will of the people is thwarted. Be careful Deep State. There are people …[View]
196591361What is happening to Poland? Euroweek thread #2: https://www.tvp.info/40415940/szokujace-nagranie-dz…[View]
196590872Petition to pardon James Fields: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/full-pardon-james-alex-fi…[View]
196601333Who will be Dems run in 2020?: >Bernie? >Hillary? >Joe Biden? >Kamala Harris? >Corey …[View]
196601396Tidings of comfort and joy: https://youtu.be/CDcSyaW-tTI[View]
196596413Is there something we can do to help Mumkey Jones?: I don't know if this was posted before, but…[View]
196601470Whites are not going extincted... completely.: We're going to have a another slave class, a cla…[View]
196597573Journalist Arrests Becoming More Common: What's your opinion on this /pol/? A lot of these guys…[View]
196600971Why are you obsessed with race and sexual degeneracy, when you could be discovering the secrets of t…[View]
196589104latin master race: latin master race /comfy thread. as a matter of fact, there would be no evropa wi…[View]
196597249Should dysgenic whites breed?: This is not a demoralization thread--I've just recently been thi…[View]
196599777I've noticed that /pol/ posters have no accomplishments or skills or good qualities and resort …[View]
196601191You guys have to admit Obama might not have been the best president but he seemed pretty cool[View]
196594412What happens if Mueller indicts Nathaniel Rothschild?[View]
196601585Do you think Theresa May arguing and negotiating with the EU is like an old couple trying to debate …[View]
196601454Im gypsy and white inside: I speak 5 laguages, Degree on tourism. Black belt in Jiu Jitsu and amateu…[View]
196593931EBOLA IS SPREADING FASTER THAN REPORTED.: Get in here and check this article. >So, where does the…[View]
196599175Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: MK Ultra Pocket Edition[View]
196598524Alleged Rapist Gets $400 Fine, 16 Year Old Rape Victim Gets 51 Years in Prison[View]
196601402CHINAAA: Chinese are stealing American's tech! Look just stole the 5G technology that Americans…[View]
196598171Post Kalergi Links[View]
196588872This is sad..[View]
196577177Why are millennials so lazy?: Is that why they are the poorest generation? Why do they refuse to wor…[View]
196586561why are women like this[View]
196600246Still think Trump is looking after your own best interests? Think again.[View]
196581444Is the dollar about to crash? I feel something big is coming but can't say what. So how abou ti…[View]
196597916Trust the plan[View]
196599596Jew livestreams self dressing up as a woman to fuck men: White kids pay shekels to get the jew to re…[View]
196598944One of these people is a Lawmaker in Congress: >The other is not allowed to make a 10 minute cabl…[View]
196601172Ahhh much better[View]
196600344What the actual fuck is going on in the jobs market? This is a made up bullshit job if I’ve ever se…[View]
196596629Idaho: What is it like? I'm considering moving.[View]
196601114Don't try to find the knowledge of good and evil. God already wrote the law on your heart. Don…[View]
196599611incel stalkers BTFO by Taylor Swift: >Swift Said to Use Facial Recognition to Identify Stalkers …[View]
196600834will hilary ever be locked up, ?: >Rember when Drumpf and his reacist folowers said 'LOCK HER UP'…[View]
196600731Also, every time I see a black dude with any white girl it makes me even more depressed. Lately, mor…[View]
196599984Name a bigger shill[View]
196600721What's your thought on the Spratly Islands dispute[View]
196599341Reminder: Jews control a lot of politics, media and journalism because we're a lot smarter than…[View]
196594298Is this true?[View]
196599839WWG1WGA: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/dec/12/antarctica-two-technicians-dead-mcmurdo-stati…[View]
196599430Normies have a gut feeling and then justify there decisions with shaky logic after the fact. Normies…[View]
196600439Is he...dare I say, 'our guy'? https://youtu.be/0jVUu52AbUY[View]
196594530Patrick Little: I can’t stand him. He thinks spics, gooks, Muslims and even niggers are perfectly fi…[View]
196598614When boomers die, how will people know you're not fine with homosexual acts?[View]
196600392https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-1988-04-17-8803090394-story,amp.html https://www.thevinta…[View]
196588601So Muslims just attacked the Christmas Market: Can't even celebrate Christmas. Ban Islam and a…[View]
196595643The US is going into martial law mode and the jews will be resented for their leading role ,but with…[View]
196600267Quantum of Conscience: Is matt based? Base Reality 101 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Y3Ab6DkzBA…[View]
196578466We withstood Islam. We will persist: I don't care if you feel us as europeans or barbaric asian…[View]
196601799Asian master race: Just because you call them robot or bot does not defy the fact that they are supe…[View]
196599666Does the 'incel' epidemic disproportionately affect the alt-right?[View]
196592274It's time to talk about rape culture, since no one else will. Rape is actually a common occuren…[View]
196591701Is this the most virgin shooting ever?[View]
1965982862020 Election: Who do you honestly think will win the 2020 election?[View]
196595674White Right Documentary: I am watching this right now. Anyone else seen it? She interviews Jeff Scho…[View]
196590745Checkmate, wh*teoids[View]
196589492This is how we are different.[View]
196594922(((EUROWEEK))) CANCELLATION PROTEST INCOMING: Alright, to the men of Poland, here is an event being …[View]
196599429heads up: The number of people who actually give a shit and demographics are pathetically small and …[View]
196599751The Crazy Train Continue: This insanity has come to fever pitch to the point that folks are being ST…[View]
196599111Attn: Clinton Foundation is also responsable for Child Trafficking: A list of some of the crimes tha…[View]
196592758What is Oregon like? Is it nice outside of Portland?[View]
1965994876 Israelis arrested in Columbia for sexually exploiting minors: https://twitter.com/FiscaliaCol/stat…[View]
196561110Joining the marine corp: Explain to me why this is a bad idea again, I need redpills, it sounds like…[View]
196589688Mel Gibson: /pol/, how based is Mel? I was just watching some behind the scene stuff on the 'Pa…[View]
196549403India is a shithole thread: No amount of muh PR can cover the street shitting and births on the stre…[View]
196550968Evolution is not a scientific theory - problem of falsifiability (Catch 22): 'Evolution is not a sci…[View]
196590336Did you ever stop and ponder the reason why there are statistically improbable amounts of jews at th…[View]
196596135British Hate Thread: >Goes to Australia and fucks this Wtf is wrong with birtbongs?…[View]
196597261People who doubt their faith: I've never once questioned my faith. So why is it so hard for the…[View]
196597051>majority Protestant country >Supreme Court contains five pope-lovers and three judaics How d…[View]
196595412NPR: There was a really good segment on npr talking about how the DHS really dropped the ball on kee…[View]
196598185/pol/ humor: /pol/ humor thread?[View]
196598660Do the former East Germans feel remorse for the reunification?[View]
196598598>'hi i'm tim pool and i'm a hacker!' >shows real IP in VPN promotions >uses windo…[View]
196596066JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP[View]
196594194>progressives will defend this[View]
196595597This is what real communism looks like[View]
196594850Sub-humans with huge necks: What phenotype is this? Why do they chimp out so much?[View]
196593663This is our next Chief of Staff. Trump's presidency has gone from being useless to downright ha…[View]
196598215I heard a while back that under Bill Clinton there was a immigration detention center that burned do…[View]
196597614Violent warren supporter: This elizabeth warren supporter attacked rival senate candidate Shiva Ayya…[View]
196597620Großes Europäisches Reich: The EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy…[View]
196597875Will he scream when he is raped in prison?[View]
196593086Why the fuck is this kike allowed to exist? Why are we getting criminal justice reform instead of a …[View]
196593364Hey /pol/ I just found a video of this crazy bitch brainwashing preschool kids, and it's got me…[View]
196597562say it with me.: build that better programs for the criminal justice reform bill free all the crimin…[View]
196591811Racist Ottawa police: Why is the Ottawa police so full of anti semitic nazis. On top of that they go…[View]
196590561Huawei CFO throws Pizza Party: How can they be so brazen about this?[View]
196597993What games would /pol/ make for https://www.glorioustrainwrecks.com to cheer up SpindleyQ? https://w…[View]
196597831Super powers ONLY: You are only allowed to post here if your country is currently a super power, to …[View]
196588598Clinton Foundation Congressional Hearing: Can I get a quick rundown of what was actually brought to …[View]
196592703Is it too late to save Waimerica? Has the rot of the leftist Jew penetrated too far?[View]
196591113What are this mans most profound rules? I’ll start: never stare directly into a dogs anus[View]
196597676The sad truth: Yes, the system is rotten. Yes, enemy of Western Civilisation are winning. They have …[View]
196583992The United States should immediatly allocate the 38 billions in military aid to Israel - waiting yea…[View]
196514198Based Jew BTFO's Ann Coulter: HAHAHAHA. Bigots on suicide watch. https://twitter.com/fred_gutte…[View]
196591935Trump has until tomorrow to give every member of that caravan $50,000 or else they will sneak in. Th…[View]
196597556Fags in the North think they're so much better than us[View]
196595907Odd: Donald Trump Donald Trump Jr. Barron Trump Eric Trump Melania Trump Tiffany Trump Ivanka Trump…[View]
196597291Just caught wind of this of this platform, seems to be gaining popularity very rapidly. First feels…[View]
196596920A cool thing about being a Democrat is that we would totally turn on a President who was doing all o…[View]
196596860Around niggers...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nBj9EaeG3M[View]
196596768Red Team Bad! Blue Team respectful and better!: This faggo on Joe ' like chill out, we are all the s…[View]
196583963Will we go through a 'dark age of technology'? Are there any indications our technological capabili…[View]
196596675daily reminder that the sticky was creates by a disgusting tripfag that the board hated and it shoul…[View]
196596404Not Guilty: https://www.kvue.com/article/news/local/judge-rules-accused-ut-austin-stabber-not-guilty…[View]
196597035Open borders for Israel: Gaping edition. Open border policy for Israel would ultimately solve every …[View]
196596662WikiLeaks and the Podesta Emails: For the past few years I have been fighting the good fight and I h…[View]
196596893Future Feels: Who else here is getting a bad feeling that some crazy changes are gonna happen over t…[View]
196592675Anti- Shill thread+ hate thread: Noticing a lot of shills have come out of the woodwork not that Cli…[View]
196591946Is it true that Americans cant write / read cursive? Jesus Christ, even on the shithole that is Braz…[View]
196595611TRUMP IS DONE HES DONE HES DONE HES DONE ME WIN YOU LOSE!!!!!!!!!! Getting tired of seeing these thr…[View]
196594919memeball thread[View]
196590320Truthfully: Which scenario plays out better 1. Trump loses 2020 2. Mueller accuses trump of crimes a…[View]
196576913why do modern women lack domestic skills?[View]
196575127France terrorist: So he used a old revolver[View]
196595631More like Teflon Don: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/fox-news-poll-president-trump-ends-year-two-w…[View]
196596622>walking around work >see this >this should be extra salty >theres a comic too Oh boy po…[View]
196595341#euroweek: It is really pathetic how Poland became the most hated country on imageboards only becaus…[View]
196595111COHEN WILL GET KOSHER MEALS IN PRISON: What does it say when they specialize in Jew food?[View]
196596065Your choice /pol/.[View]
196594766At least Nixon's crew were willing to go to prison for him. Trump can't even find a Chief …[View]
196596082Trump says no attorney client privlege: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/10732051768724357…[View]
196593099Why do trans folk demand that the government pay for their operations? I don't hate trannies (e…[View]
196586481What do want?: Okay /pol/ lets have a change of pace. Lets say you could issue a list of govt demand…[View]
196575850Trumpkin tards in absolute panic. MUH HILLARY! You know it's over when they shill this hard.[View]
196595358Is this redheaded she beast the best Russia could throw at us?[View]
196588752LeafFag Hate Thread: LeafFag hate thread >worst British colony >40% white >fewer people t…[View]
196595271Who's in charge of investigating the investigators?[View]
196595758Redpilled Moments in Bluepilled Movies/TV shows: ITT: Post episodes, scenes, etc from bluepilled mov…[View]
196595750https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/content/everything-to-know-swachh-bharat-clean-india/ Open defecati…[View]
196590491Gypsy thread: The gypsy economy: In the gypsy culture the man is responsible for making all of the m…[View]
196589967ORANGE MAN BAD!!!!........: >POTUS Trump has Secret Service hand-deliver signed photo to 10-year-…[View]
196587845Trump inaugural committee under criminal investigation: https://www.cnn.com/2018/12/13/politics/trum…[View]
196591377Alex 'I'm undoxxable' McNabb, just got fired from his EMT job for being a white supremacist neo…[View]
196590787Inclels: How do we solve the Incel problem?[View]
196593123>be a white trash mirin woman >attack another bitch for no reason at all >get beaten by bas…[View]
196587673JUST IN: Former @ApprenticeNBC staffer, @CaslerNoel, says Donald Trump is a “speed freak” who crushe…[View]
196595187How cultured was NYC before Giuliani?[View]
196592497Gf supports nonwhites Let me start off by saying I love my aryan gf. In many ways she's everyth…[View]
196563472Éire /pol/ - Election Cancelled Edition.: Nationalist Parties in Ireland: >The National Party. ht…[View]
196588292Remember when the President was smart and respectable, and not the degenerate we have today?[View]
196592870Listen white guys: Identity politics are boring. Your Charles Manson race war is not gonna happen. I…[View]
196594621How do you love your enemies: If they are so mean & nasty[View]
196593599The jewish longcon >Create SJWhysteria, when there are only 0.0000001% sjwsowflakes in the entir…[View]
196592453Islam lovers: I’m tired of the Islam lovers on /pol/. They think Israel did 9/11 and that Christians…[View]
196592922Jewish Math: Understanding the 6,000,000: Why do Jews repeatedly use the figure six-million? The ans…[View]
196590892BRETT FAVRE IS /OUR GUY/: Holy shit. Brett Favre browses pol https://youtu.be/EIupUR2igtI[View]
196591466authoritarian left has communism libertarian right has the free market what idealistic bullshit of a…[View]
196594607/EMJG/ - E. Michael Jones General : Warrior of the Catholic Church: >Pray the Rosary https://www.…[View]
196590356Voodoogate: These Voodoo threads keep getting 404d. Looks pretty suss. Original thread.[View]
196575681A new internet theory: Is there some kind of equation out there that explains in simple mathematical…[View]
196593602In 1996, Thordis Elva shared a teenage romance with Tom Stranger, an exchange student from Australia…[View]
196593813Trump is glorious.: >Trump is glorious. >Australia supports you people and your Trump. WTF is …[View]
196579767This Jew thing is failing...: Let's refocus on the root of the evil that is government: TAXES…[View]
196589406/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL ~ 'Heir to the throne' EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.w…[View]
196584779If Palestine belongs to the Arabs because they lived there until the 40s when it was made a country …[View]
196586507Pls explain, /pol/. How come those larpers were the least degenerates in these videos??? Kikes, nigg…[View]
196584728TOLL PAID: HER 18TH BIRTHDAY SUCKING NIGGER DICK LOL https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-649373…[View]
196590944The Rules of the Game: Just a middle aged man babbling for several minutes about how the Loomer Loom…[View]
196592589Coalburner sues over sex tape with negro athlete: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6493735/W…[View]
196543884Homosexuality is good: Homosexuality is a natural form of population control. Anyone who argues othe…[View]
196585507>Hillary Clinton wins popular vote >she can't fill a small conference room even with her …[View]
196593944White power but with cheerleaders: Yo anons, I have a new idea to get some libtards to shit their pa…[View]
196564296HAPPENING: Bomb Threats come in right when Clinton Foundation Hearing starts?: Random bomb threats c…[View]
196593811what an intellectual[View]
196592966How much better the life was in the GDR?[View]
196593092/pol/, do you think the bogs may be involved with the Yellow Vest Riots?: Has Macron displeased them…[View]
196593621Do black people have an IQ gap between genders? Anyone have evidence for/against this?[View]
196588747South African Farm Attacks: Do any of you autists have a collection of statistics for this? I rememb…[View]
196549794Why is it only leftists/communists, niggers, Muslims and trannies/faggots that hate Israel and right…[View]
196590482Guys...: Right: >You're a snowflake Left: >MOAR LIKE YOU'RE A SNOWFLAKE Right: >Y…[View]
196561017ITS STARTING FAGGOTS. GET IN HERE!!!!!: clinton foundation hearing is starting https://m.youtube.com…[View]
196588128How blind people must be to consider Trump a 'good guy'? >>https://twitter.com/CBSNews/status/…[View]
196592950So is it set that we in Europe/Eurasia are going to use English to communicate with each other? No o…[View]
196593399how do we meme a #boycottoscars out of this kevin hart shit finally putting a nail in the coffin of …[View]
196586830Tales of negro retardation: > Be on a prestigious postgrad course, based in natural resources. …[View]
196588787When you see it...: When you see it...[View]
196589072How can one man continuously BTFO Trump day in and day out?[View]
196581699Diana Lora wants to 'end' PewdiePie: Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/GrlpantsGR/status/107239407…[View]
196569609TT: we make controversial statements that would not have been controversial 20 years ago: I'll …[View]
196590917>Fought for freedom instead of whining/petitioning for it >People can rise up against the gove…[View]
196592799Most to least jewish quadrants: Quick: Rank the four quadrants of the political compass from most to…[View]
196591481HAPPENING FOCUS THREAD: Shills sliding the board hard. What's the big happening going down tha…[View]
196577107World's ethnic cartogram.[View]
196592563Drop your best Seth Rich/Comet Ping Pong Shooting Red Pill Graphics[View]
196592826COUP AFTER COUP in Zimbabwe. Anti Mbangagwa group calling itself NnN operating out of Zambia.: My dy…[View]
196591040winner winner chicken dinner: The order of liberal sin severity from worst to least sinful goes like…[View]
196592080Can anyone ever refute this, /pol/?[View]
196592089what would /pol/ do?: OK here is one for you >You are in the metro or some shit. >You see a co…[View]
196587164>L I V E >CNN >BREAKING NEWS >BRUMPF…[View]
196591602Will Chinese replace English as the 'global language,' /pol/? How long will that process take? Chine…[View]
196592416Envelopes Man: The Clinton Foundation has acted as an agent of foreign nations since early in its li…[View]
196590246based nigger pastor kills tranny[View]
196581881Feminization: Why are today's men so weak and effeminate?[View]
196574770Windows 10: Enough is enough. My windows 10 pc with i5 runs like a snail and needs 15 min to open a …[View]
196592095Curious.. since we all agree about kikes destroying the world we want to preserve - what do we do ab…[View]
196589526Meet The (((Krassensteins))), The Superstar Bros Of #Resistance Twitter: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
1965918104chan is owned by jews: 4chan is owned by jews. prove me wrong.[View]
196585797>Californian leftists actually believe in crystal healing, energy therapy, reiki etc.…[View]
196586811Every time there are comments against Israel, there some people who say 'Israel/Jews are stealing mo…[View]
196587392Bomb threats, nationwide: Apparently, there was a nationwide bomb threat scare throughout the US tod…[View]
196577157Voodoo Doughnuts CEO here. AMA: Hi, I'm the owner of Voodoo Doughnuts, an award-winning pastry …[View]
196584613>member of identity evropa >personally defended trump supporters from antifa >personally st…[View]
196589117Get ready for the new alt-right destroyer /pol/ Destiny 2.0: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGwiN10…[View]
196585965Daily reminder that he didn't do anything wrong[View]
196586744Julian von Abele is tweeting up a storm: In case you missed it; He's the kid who made the prese…[View]
196586029DIXIE THREAD[View]
196587287QUESTION TIME / THIS WEEK THREAD 3: Well this was an absolute mess of a final Dimbleby-era episode. …[View]
196590278>I never found any fraud so that means it doesn't exist![View]
196557769What the fuck is going on: I understand that Gavin was a cuck and a fag and etc. but bros, he litera…[View]
196591468Every Single Time with Hollywood: So I was watching First Man and kind of enjoying it as a sort of l…[View]
196591631I’ve been reading into race out of interest. I found this post among quora on google. Can someone re…[View]
196585920Benjamin Netanyahu dying would be one of the best things to ever happen.[View]
196590122What does /pol/ think of Alex? I think he sold out after bohemian grove.[View]
196586788The US is soo fucked. The swamp is out of control. Will this country just collapse soon?[View]
196588072lmao fucking moron[View]
196582727ITT we treat medical conditions to the same standards as gender dysphoria: >schizophrenia >sta…[View]
196583883Donald Trump & African Americans Unite.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRZviaXbHOI There is n…[View]
196582828While attacks do occur, we are safeguarded by a 'Black Eye'.: Q What is the black eye? Is …[View]
196588758I can feel the spirit rising. My life is already improving by my mindset alone. How do I stay motiva…[View]
196589762Trump reportedly considering his son-in-law Jared Kushner for Chief of Staff. Who ever knew that the…[View]
196590990What the fuck is going on today?: So many major happenings. Had many major keks too. Fuck, things ar…[View]
196590956Why don't Americans just pull a Yellow Vest Riot if the Wall doesn't get built by 2020? Yo…[View]
196580079This is hilarious: If he isn't lying, I’ll eat my shorts[View]
196581804>you will never marry a Christian qt and have 6 white babies with her like Jacob Rees-Mogg…[View]
196582362lmaoooooooo this whole fucking administration is literally a fucking failure. this retard is sitting…[View]
196589621We need to land the plane.[View]
196590451How did we lose this fight?[View]
196590551Is pay to play going all the way?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZT9cbjAB1EQ dragging Bill Gates and…[View]
196579660ASIANS VS. BLACKS IN NYC: Which side does /pol/ support?: Quick rundown: most public schools in New …[View]
196582880Exactly what happened with the Brits to produce this? Wasn't their history full of hot af Vikin…[View]
196588482Breathe: 1. Don't worry. 2. You already know the way. 3. The fact that you're doubting is …[View]
196590262Refugee status: I live in east St. Louis and the crime rate is ridiculous and I fear for my life eve…[View]
196565812How do mix-raced anons reconcile with their brownness?[View]
196590314Anyone still supporting this fool at this point is willfully ignorant.[View]
196580540-BREAKING NEWS- Zognald von Drumpfenstein Draft Dodger the Fifth went full kike mode![View]
196568875What are the best ways Western nations can support China when they invade Russia in 2021?[View]
196586520Huber blocked by the DOJ: They not going to let him speak at the Clinton Foundation Hearing.[View]
196586780Why does /pol/ hate antidepressants? I used to be a depressed incel NEET who turned to alt-right pol…[View]
196590124LMAO! What a wonderful day that would surely be when they lock his sorry ass up, Talk about MAKE AME…[View]
196582965Socialist are better at sex: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https:…[View]
196589652when did you realize that jewish conspiracies are peddled by white capitalists?: i can't recall…[View]
196589561Free at last! Thank God almighty!: Amen Amen Amen Amen!![View]
196588820POLITCAL ROCK THREAD: Not sure why that last thread was pruned. Continue linking based and redpille…[View]
196589948First Principles: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are meaningless 'rights' wit…[View]
196589742I know what you mean Melania......remember when you stole some of Michelle's speeches??????...I…[View]
196588835BREAKING - Germany and Austria supported May to limit Irish Backstop to 12 months: but France, Swede…[View]
196578610Polish girl talks about masturbating euroweek volunteer: https://www.tvp.info/40415940/szokujace-nag…[View]
196588212Is there anything to suggest that Blacks go to jail because they're systematically discriminate…[View]
196566740Jews are not the chosen people: >this kills the American ''''''''''christians'''''''''' https://w…[View]
196589204Why is this still allowed?: Journalists blatantly propagandizing illegal border crossings? All while…[View]
196581949Anyone know where Gavin Mcinnes is now. I can't find him on any platform or website? Has he giv…[View]
196584981/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL ~ 'Meh.' EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
196580802I need a good word: I need a good word for people who are in positions where they should be accounta…[View]
196582432Wtf is this shit now?: Why isn't this trash already in prison?[View]
196589490Yellow vest - once again for those that didnt follow: Just thought I should share for those that did…[View]
196589042Child brainwashing: Alright /pol, tl;dr I was in the toy section at Walmart today and saw this. Amon…[View]
196571388Brit/pol/: Good Night Sweet Dimblebot edition: >It's not clear how or if the EU will come to…[View]
196574870What is the worst sub-culture in America?[View]
196584428Are you a Patrician?: Who are the Patricians? - Conservative. - Patriotic. - Reliable, loyal, hon…[View]
1965893032020 Potus, Obama's protoge': I just found out the name of the next Nigger King. If the tr…[View]
196587219Kushner, next Chief of Staff: It's officially over. There's no coming back from this.…[View]
196589080How do east germans cope with the current state in contrast to their past?[View]
196585233POTENTIAL HAPPENING IN THE UK - Your New Social Credit Score: >Be born in UK >Muhammad stabs y…[View]
196587364Blacked Polacks: Polish girls are being sent to 'integration camps' where they are blacked by grown …[View]
196587756TCR - True Captialist Radio: https://ghost.report/2018/12/13/message-from-ghost-is-it-the-last/ Look…[View]
196588827Approval rating?: https://www.strawpoll.me/17041339 How much of this board still supports the first …[View]
196582855How do (((they))) know the future?[View]
196580053Workers are ghosting their employers like bad dates: Why has ghosting become so common in our societ…[View]
196573041Is pic related worth watching? /tv/ is pretty much biased so i'm ashing you guys.[View]
196580036IG finds 19,000 new texts: no thread on this? god damn the shills are out in full force. does anybod…[View]
196582987>claims to be a Jew just days before flipping off the largest Jewish lobby in America >Jews ca…[View]
196588636>You can't do that in this day and age Is there a more tiring phrase? I'm so sick of th…[View]
196588596Unemployment does indirectly affect the satisfaction of needs. The unemployed suffer a decline in th…[View]
196588424I miss her bros[View]
196588421This advice might save you some day /pol/[View]
196588393I think that Lefty memes are going to age really well[View]
196581311former ICE: ask me anything[View]
196588124Someone redpill me please on the meaning of this black and white stars and stripes flag, the yellow …[View]
196546000Post your idea of new Europe: Flag, political geography, member states, leaders and type of union…[View]
196579567is rape a meme?[View]
196588282Press F to pay respect: He gave his life for a cause[View]
196584277Putting the 2nd Amendment to use.: How long until the American people lose faith in the whole system…[View]
196575220What if all whites unified into the same country pol?[View]
196588107Who was the worse President we ever had?: -targeted Conservative groups with irs -arrested Dinesh fo…[View]
196588091Yuropoors really did a number when they invaded America[View]
196582833Brits fought a bloody war over the Falklands: Now you can just buy them. Is this peak capitalism?…[View]
196587117WTF Google: When you google 'Scott Adams'. This image is in the top 4 images you see. You …[View]
196584910Is the transsexual/faggot suicide rate so high because of God or is it simply the laws of nature at …[View]
196572737Opinions on Hungary?[View]
196585260Those two guys are going to be overthrown by his own people: OH NONONONO >MUH JUPITER >MUH GOD…[View]
196586883Christians of /pol/: does your church (little c) affirm this? >https://statementonsocialjustice.c…[View]
196587189Russian lady attacks and calls passenger a 'Chink': 'You already know she voted for Trump' Could be …[View]
196576745Drag Queen Story Time: Why are they pushing this shit so hard?[View]
196583381HAPPENING: Bombs Threats Across The Country: HAPPENING: There have been multiple emails threatening …[View]
196586550>/pol/ fell for fake news that the Conners was canceled for having ratings in the toilet HAHAHAHA…[View]
196585634daily reminder that the Great Robot War will be a war of self-defense >Police have responded to d…[View]
196586742Dindus: So I work for an Uncle Tom nigger. How do I piss it off without losing my job? Pic unrelated…[View]
196584711QUESTION TIME / THIS WEEK THREAD 2: All the women are hopeless. If this is a post-Dimbleby panel, I …[View]
196583857Early 2020s political landscape: What are the political ramifications of Trumps inevitable impeachme…[View]
196582249>capitalism takes advantage of cheap mexican labour >the american people votes for a capitali…[View]
196586799Doctors who perform sex changes: >be a doctor > Take an oath to heal people an be ethical >…[View]
196587162Puritanical Hysteria: Joan d'Arc Mary Tudor temperance movement Tipper Gore hates music gamer b…[View]
196583206The fucking jesuits: Do you stupid fucking niggers not understand what these two represent? The jes…[View]
196571779IT'S HAPPENING! Alex Jones Gets Initiated Into The Proud Boys: The absolute madman. https://www…[View]
196578205Clinton Tax Fraund General /CTFG/: So, what did we learn today anons? Hot from the Offen: >>19…[View]
196578552California 'text tax' would add fee to phone bills for text messages: Holy shit, did not expect comm…[View]
196583011Beto is coming....[View]
196562707Nobel Prize winning Economics whizz is destroying us on Twitter rn[View]
196569534Bone spurs: To my understanding bone spurs hurt like hell. Trump received deferment from the draft b…[View]
196586664Why is the West dying?: It's simple, really. 1. Loss of religion, and not just Christianity. We…[View]
196573894WW2 was not a ideological war between communism and fascism but a race war between germanics and sla…[View]
196580716Women are OBSOLETE MGTOW Wins: >he results of “Is mutual masturbation gay?” were 465 to 100 that …[View]
196575423https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leningrad_premi%C3%A8re_of_Shostakovich's_Symphony_No._7 imagine …[View]
196586435We support Catalonia or not?: Spain has gone full kike & globalist by calling Brexit a total bul…[View]
196577549Seriously, why haven't you become a socialist yet? Oligarchic privilege and destructive consume…[View]
196586344/pol/ books recommendation general: Am I missing any good ones? Should I delete ASOIAF? Why aren…[View]
196583481BTFO Yellow Vests Protsters is OVER: Macron Handily Survives No-Confidence Vote in France https://ww…[View]
196583440Did you know that statistically lesbians are twice as likely: To abuse children in their care?…[View]
196570079Massive triangular craft spotted in SpaceX footage: Undeniable: There is already the space force. h…[View]
196572754Islam is a dangerous threat to our western civilization.: Pic related is our western civilization. P…[View]
196578259ITS HAPPENING - Yellow Vest North America Watch: Some shit is going down this Saturday YELLOW VEST A…[View]
196586066>Fight for Israel's interest >Your wife gets stolen valor while still riding the cock car…[View]
196544943James Fields Pardon Petitioned: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/full-pardon-james-alex-fie…[View]
196585992China holds legitimacy in detaining two Canadians: One day after former Canadian diplomat Michael Ko…[View]
196584253C - Marching Orders: Gentlemen, The War for Cyber Earth is upon us. The far left's iron curtain…[View]
196580973fucked up things in iraq/afghanistan/third world: Can we get a thread on fucked up occurrences in th…[View]
196575625Do your best to create a new offensive slur or swear. What is it and what does it mean?[View]
196585068What's the accurate perception of the GDR Was it a 3rd world commie shithole or based as best k…[View]
196582273If you were the mainstream media, how would you like your viewers 'brainwashed' ?: I would…[View]
196561055If the Bernie Goetz subway shootings happened today in New York what would the mainstream reaction b…[View]
196562893Africa /pol: So now that there are more and more african posters here can we get some african politi…[View]
196530490Cananda are going to war with China soon. https://www.rt.com/news/446338-spavor-canada-china-arrest…[View]
196583837JewTube: What did they mean by this?[View]
196581189We get it: You guys are the outsiders so you decide to like and identify with one of the most evil m…[View]
196582561HMMMMMMMMmmmmm: HHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMmmmmmMMMMmmmmmm mmmmm[View]
196579472/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL ~ *phone buzz* *phone buzz* EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://…[View]
196579928Black Uprising: How different were blacks uprising against whites compared to what Serbs did against…[View]
196583352>>>/sci/10212703 real ufo[View]
196581634Support your local bees[View]
196584150Racial Inferiority Syndrome: This is the new term to identify non-whites who are obsessed with genoc…[View]
196584503Gospel Reading and Reflection: GOSPEL - Luke 21:12-19 The Lord said, 'But before all this they will …[View]
196575914>Teenagers are NOT as lazy as previous generations, goy. (((Seattle times))) Every. Single. Time.…[View]
196584165>hey /pol/... >these 'pro-white' movements are commie honeypots >ecelebs don't have yo…[View]
196544452FBI building huge DNA database with Ancestry, 23andMe, more: If you or anyone in your family has par…[View]
196580481QUESTION TIME / THIS WEEK THREAD: Tonight is the end of an era. A near unbroken streak of 25 YEARS a…[View]
196579500How do we prevent the j*w from subverting European Americans? Or how do we flourish again?[View]
196579320good anti commie arguments?: my (((coworker))) is a jew and a commie, how can i convince him that co…[View]
196582093OLD PEOPLE STORIES: So we havent had these in awhile Lets pass down wise knowledge we got from our E…[View]
196565764Why don't fascists and libertarians unite instead of fighting?[View]
196566312My ex gf was raped some years ago and I was with her together for 1 year until she opened and told m…[View]
196583401I'm just gonna say it: If your not English your not white. The rest of the euros are sub races …[View]
196587824I wonder if the freemasons are split in two parts. One which is the normal lodge for plebs, where p…[View]
196582173>Go on bus or public transportation; LRT is preferable >Use airdrop or android equivalent. …[View]
196580738Daily reminder: Danger, these creatures will drink your children's blood. We need some Van Hel…[View]
196579206Is the globe waking up and getting a little closer to unanimously asking the Jewish question every d…[View]
196584115Enrichment beginning: Spent some time in the city of Melbourne during the week. (Usually live in nor…[View]
196584058Rand Paul: Should he run as a Democrat in the next election? Early democrats were like him after al…[View]
196583171Trump/Pence vs. Sanders/Warren, with Sanders making a one term pledge. Who wins?[View]
196583852Does your country has a culture of opportunism?: Poland : yes, and we call it differenly 'mądrość et…[View]
196581602Post your twitter white male hate.[View]
196583709Why do the lgbt play victim: When they're more likely to rape children? They can't control…[View]
196579841ROUNDUP: does roundup only kill nogs? i hear oprah lieks to use it[View]
196569194Comfy white thread: Post the greatest race[View]
196565505Let's be honest America is a shithole: >Shitty and expensive healthcare >Awful education …[View]
196583077I'm Thinking of Suing The Pittsburgh Police: For using the Star of David in their social media …[View]
196573012How's Chicago doing, anons? Is it still getting worse with each day?[View]
196573554my grammar ? Trumps grammar ! https://youtu.be/MjZHDcKCA-I[View]
1965775174chan required reading list: Sinice Christmas is around the corner I really wanna stock up on some 4…[View]
196579978KUSHNER INTERVIEWED FOR CHIEF OF STAFF: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/donald-trump-chief-of-s…[View]
196582008Its over for the UK - super blizzard incoming: Brexit is yesterdays news. UK to be wiped out by bliz…[View]
196578002Cohen is literally going to a Jewish ethno-prison.: Jews are so privileged, they get their own priso…[View]
196582598Who did /pol/ support in the Yugoslav Wars?[View]
196576325Here's some useful info anons[View]
196532176Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - WTF Edition: >Fall Edelweiss >no watermarks, no captions, no br…[View]
196583174IT'S OVER: >Bomb threats all over north america >Clinton foundation actually being expose…[View]
196583159'Racist' Gandhi statue removed from University of Ghana: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-af…[View]
196581015Introduction Many philosophers in recent years have been exploring the possibility that we are livi…[View]
196582031FUCK Q ANON.: https://youtu.be/bSIzyk5Mjko It was cool for a month... then it became obviously Isnt…[View]
196553136Face tattoos being romanticized: Anyone notice how the past few years the (((media))) has been promo…[View]
196582884Sperm Allergy; butthurt mutts edition: We keep going from >>196555562 Is it a common thing fo…[View]
196579012>Back in the GDR you're only allowed to buy a shitty car >Now millenials can't even …[View]
196579549What does /pol/ think about bailing on Mr. Noseberg with no warning? Is it pathetic and unprofession…[View]
196582820Post your Eurogenes K36 Similarity Map. It shows how similar your DNA are to ethnic groups(in Percen…[View]
196578114Women between 24-35 are considered least fuckable and non existent by male population: Is there a wo…[View]
196581889REPUBLICANS SHITCAN SPACE FORCE: https://thehill.com/policy/defense/421315-space-force-not-on-inhofe…[View]
196580641Why is Yahoo sharing this? I thought they hated Blumf? Do you think the NPC media will slowly start …[View]
196552145now watch this drive[View]
196581708This is really HAPPENING: The only thing happening is that Trump's inaugural committee paid $25…[View]
196558831Potential happening?: http://timeinc.net/thedrive/the-war-zone/25460/now-massive-plumes-of-chaff-are…[View]
196582462This triggers me.: Reeee[View]
196565993Tell me the name of one historian, geneticist, or anthropologist that believes Jesus was primarily o…[View]
196582255/gg/ GAEILGE GENERAL: labhair an teanga gaeilge liom[View]
196578877Why are some Finns quite dark? Most Finns are obviously extremely fair in complexion, but ever now a…[View]
196576835Clinton getting roasted: Get in here faggots https://youtu.be/KOe6Is0wi7o[View]
196574715Today we come together in this house of worship, in unity, in defense of gnosis, in times of strengt…[View]
196580833Canada has to build the wall.[View]
196577272>if only you knew Post ‘em lads[View]
196581707Communication services like Facebook and Twitter that are used worldwide are a global problem. I say…[View]
196567731The greatest musical composer of all time, Beethoven, was German. The greatest poet of all time, Goe…[View]
196576062*Cough* *Cough*: I Love the Clintons *Cough*[View]
196563451/pol/, I have had enough of your bullshit: Firstly, any 'nigger' comments will be ignored automatica…[View]
196579730EU fails to agree on Article 13 internet censurship: They now delayed to push this through to the th…[View]
196580676MAIR /STEVO: >David Dimbleby's 25 years on Question Time http://archive.is/hjj6f >May kic…[View]
196572094Is this considered apartheid? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdLDv8JNnMA Is this what South Africa …[View]
196579936When's the civil war?: The lefties are really pushing hard for this. They just can't leave…[View]
196579538CHRISTIANITY, GAME THEORY, AND CIVILIZATION: Imagine two societies. The first cultivates incontrover…[View]
196581115Realistically, how many subscribers do you think BlazeTV is losing from their decision to fire Gavin…[View]
196576846Global compact - Israel: Israel has struck again, and no one is criticizing.[View]
196559909Journalists and MSM still trying to destroy /ourguy/: He has received death threats but the media co…[View]
196567177/pol/ humour thread: Bonus points if you’re not a nigger[View]
196573779>Poland: 99% white, 3rd world shithole >Germany: 89% white, biggest economy in Europe >USA:…[View]
196575106Wew ladz who did this?[View]
196580533A wild animal is most dangerous when wounded and cornered Trust the plan[View]
196578291hey /pol/ are the storys about werejews real or was it just a made up story by my grandpa?[View]
196577020It never happened.: It never happened. What the best way to drop the red pill over the x mas break.…[View]
196577654SENATE ASKS SAUDI ARABIA FOR MONEY BACK: https://www.axios.com/pentagon-wants-331-million-reimbursem…[View]
196556640chinaman impaled in factory by 'malfuctioning robot' - SHOCKING: >chinese skynet? https://www.the…[View]
196555278Press S to spit on the shitskin kikes.[View]
196554541Doctor Who: Why did the Doctor turn into a roastie?[View]
196578560OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO: https://www.wsj.com/articles/trump-inauguration-spending-under-criminal-…[View]
196576829OH NO!: https://www.washingtonpost.com/powerpost/senate-prepares-vote-to-curtail-us-support-for-saud…[View]
196573345Magapede Defense Force coming to suck Saudi cock in 3.....2.....[View]
196580057The growing threat: Despite all the ruckus Islam is still the fastest growing religion in the world,…[View]
196576435Attention /pol/ If you know anyone stationed out at either Edwards or Holloman afb please make sure …[View]
196572097Quote from Keynes mouth. And obviously Keynes was anti-gold standard: 'By this means (central bankin…[View]
196559508This guy comes up to you and says you don't look nordic enough for the ethnostate. What do you …[View]
196572327My name is aLEXANDRIA and I hate CAPITALISM[View]
196564763Sticker activism: Saw these stickers on voat recently. Thought I'd get some of my own made up. …[View]
196579727Redpill me on the Jews: What is the end goal and who exactly is involved? What is the relation betw…[View]
196574114ok which one of you nazis created this game? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeaqQnVr7Yw[View]
196574858/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL ~ 'The UN will bully Heather and it could be hot' EDITION: PRESIDENT D…[View]
196572182So this twink is 100% a Jew, right?: >doesn't say anything in the video or on his twitter th…[View]
196548726Why do niggers, basedboys and roasties propagate the stereotype that whites can't comprehend mu…[View]
196574659Kate Brown, Portland, and Eugene are turning this place into a shithole on par with California. Let …[View]
196579557THOT audit being upstaged: ...by investigation into Clinton Foundation's unpaid taxes.[View]
196574908>A robot on show at a Russian state-sponsored event has turned out to be a man dressed in a costu…[View]
196565087Anti-Communism is White Genocide: Why do you support White Genocide, /pol/?[View]
196578815NO Trips .. brit/pol: >David Dimbleby's 25 years on Question Time http://archive.is/hjj6f …[View]
196576046There seems to be a lot of talk nowadays about White Privilege and that Whites have a bigoted and ra…[View]
196578835People’s Vote Polling card: BREAKING!!! Trial People’s Vote polling cards being sent out to voters t…[View]
196578326IT'S OVER: Trump is finished.[View]
196575317lifehack for political enemies: in case you'd get breathing problems while looking at things an…[View]
1965750794D chess theory is it re-[View]
196578737How to finish Hitler's legacy?: How to take over, get rid of Jewish and ensure survival of mast…[View]
196578590Is the stereotype about brits and shit teeth true?[View]
196570288False rape accusations: Would you say they are worse than being raped? I’m curious to see what you l…[View]
196573071'Racist' Gandhi statue removed from University of Ghana: >A statue of Mahatma Gandhi, t…[View]
196537871It was already happened...: but you didn't know. And you will still not know for a while.…[View]
196573616>Be Arab Muslim refugee/close minded immigrant >Hate kafirs to the ends of the world >move …[View]
196577889End the FED: >END THE FUCKING FED https://youtu.be/iFDe5kUUyT0[View]
196572522so this is how they take down the NRA...[View]
196564775Turning the tables: There is no study on the psychological effect of losing your homeland to diversi…[View]
196576857What are some things that frighten liberals?[View]
196576407Honestly, why don't we just annex these fuckers? No one likes them and who's gonna stop us…[View]
196578104Commiefornia Revolution General: Texting bourgeoisie vs. Obamaphone proletariat edition. Who will wi…[View]
196573273Were US laws regarding race more strict than National Socialist Germany's?[View]
196575122Is this hospital ((our guy))??: Down with spics now[View]
196577814OH SHIT HERE IT COMES: https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/421301-prosecutors-probing-trump-…[View]
196561547Time Travel to SAVE HITLER?: Ok this is a thought exercise, >You can send ONE item to Hitler in 1…[View]
196555909Nazis terrorize and vandalize Columbia Physics Open Letter: Which one of you NAZI FUCKS did this? …[View]
196576935More corruption: He didn't commit any cri...[View]
196575085yellow vests uprising: so are the frogs going to start shooting this weekend ? or are they going to…[View]
196575940Help with a friend: Hey guys i know this isnt politically related but my long time friend is facing …[View]
196557851Based Wayne: Thanks for the support. Why don't you guy call Israel out on their crimes more oft…[View]
196569354Police operation going on in Strasbourg. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-46555705 >https:/…[View]
196571833Clinton Foundation: Clinton Foundation tax fraud. Family partnership, advance personal interests, no…[View]
196576592TRUMP IS A SPEED FREAK: https://www.newsweek.com/donald-trump-snorted-adderall-apprentice-tom-arnold…[View]
196564806Nudity in the West: Why has nudity become so taboo in the west? People used to swim naked all the ti…[View]
196567766Fascists Beware! Gritty is Watching: If you're a bigot, we will make you, if you hide, we will …[View]
196552314Bootlickers will defend this[View]
196565329Can you imagine it, /pol/?[View]
196576109Colonialism and globalism are the same thing: prove me wrong[View]
196558177fascist yugoslav flag[View]
196577040I had to cut my hair because of liberals: So I'm a guy who has had long hair since age 18. I…[View]
196571438If someone could just help me make sense of this that would be great.: So the leftists back the Pale…[View]
196576252AAAAAAAAAA!!!! ITS HAAAAAAAPENNING!!!!: I'm not even kiddin' I just had a fucking grilled …[View]
196575525California needs a new, centrist party: Here's some ideas, since Republicans and Democrats are …[View]
196571902Are there any laws that exist that you think are unreasonable / don't make any sense? Things th…[View]
196537506Stop having democracy.[View]
196576689West Virginia YES!: So progressive: >Confederate plaque removed from courthouse >A plaque on …[View]
196571712The Red Pill Movie: We have had /ourgirl/ all along and didn't know it! Just found out about th…[View]
196574756Bomb Threats Made Across US Demanding Bitcoin - LIVE COVERAGE: Is this the Mossad false flag people …[View]
196575252Why aren’t you raising your own food anon?: Factory farming makes you a pussy bitch of large corpora…[View]
196574080>this triggers the boomer /ourgirl/ is true pleb filter[View]
196572026Cyntoia Brown: Was it self defense? The media keep telling me she defended herself against a rapist…[View]
196572683Hidden Elite: So /pol/ already knows about some of the 'hidden elite' that pull the strings of gover…[View]
196573588Republicans would've never had the balls to do this: This is why democrats are based[View]
196566363> at liberal university > attend an orientation for internships > sign in, my name taken do…[View]
196571369They are winning. They have successfully turned humanity into faggots. Pathetic.[View]
196575743Why are they right about everything?[View]
196546312Average South African DNA: This is based on a sample size of 7 kits. And, yes, these are self-identi…[View]
196575621>be a homosexual, the dictionary definition of “unusual” >get assblasted when someone says the…[View]
196575769>mfw a bunch of racist thot addicted societal rejects who cant get laid unironically think they c…[View]
196565760>The_Donald is cu-[View]
196572926Youtube bans non Democrat comedy channels now. You guys are fine with this Communism? Of course you …[View]
196573063About 2 weeks ago someone posted on here a pretty lengthy analogy of our liberty and freedoms in the…[View]
196575313Cozy government shutdown thread for the wall: You ready to just cozy?[View]
196571800Its over: Seems almost certain House Dems will take up impeachment in 2019.[View]
196572540>If you criticize Israel -you're an anti-semitic. >If you don't stand with Israel - …[View]
196575424Trump inauguration spending reportedly under criminal investigation by federal prosecutors: civil wa…[View]
196571433https://inspirobot.me/: InspiroBot has spoken What other hidden truths shall he reveal?[View]
196556364So, now Cohen has plead guilty, and was sentenced.. for campaign finance law violations. He was foun…[View]
196567139Be a faggot and dont listen to your dad. BRAVE![View]
196569891Heil Israel. The Ashkenazi Jew will purge this world of the shitskin parasites and restore whiteness…[View]
196573997Corporate Censorship is expanding at unsustainable levels. >2 years ago the big thing was censor…[View]
196566783Can someone explain this photo to me?[View]
196567579In five hours, the United States of America will break apart. The US will still exist however a siza…[View]
196574803How to escape the jews?: Help me, I have been circumcised and I also work for at a store where the o…[View]
196573057Ostalgia is not dedicated to East Germans: Now, West Germans also want the GDR back, due to their ta…[View]
196550166Can we have a serious discussion about this? What do you think about the situation and what do you t…[View]
196559005You can only post in this thread if you're in one the above states that has less than 1,000,000…[View]
196564192>KFC logs that smell like chicken are now sold out OH SAY CAN YOU SEE[View]
196572181Apparently someone is sending bomb threats across the us/toronto for bitcoin. Is this a new trolling…[View]
196569787https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXSsKGXCqMg Was this based or cringe?[View]
196573768wasching money in swiss how did that work out clinton?[View]
196566199HAPPENING: Nuke goes off in San Francisco: Strike in San Francisco during Hillary questioning.…[View]
196573968Did he do anything wrong? https://www.npr.org/2018/12/11/675691750/texas-judge-sentences-former-bay…[View]
196570322Why hasn't this fat, womanly cunt invaded America yet? I thought he was a god with no butthole …[View]
196559456Sexism threat: Give me your most sexist memes[View]
196567129>Macron easily survived the no-confidence vote, with only 70 out of 577 voting for no-confidence.…[View]
196573472Senate withdraws Aid to Sauid: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-46561520 What does this mean…[View]
196570599Scott Tucker: Thoughts on this man? https://www.kansascity.com/news/business/article193241289.html…[View]
196571024Dating Aps want you to stay single: Who here still uses the dating Jew? https://www.lmtonline.com/li…[View]
196561075Has Christianity turned into Luciferianism?: Luciferianism is about trying to become God. In '''Chri…[View]
196573700Florida Senate Leader Open to Arming Teachers: >Florida's Senate president says he is 'very …[View]
196573159African-Americans are distinct from Africans in some ways. Phenotype being one of those ways. The Af…[View]
196561509House Oversight Subcommittee Hearing on the Clinton Foundation: https://www.c-span.org/video/?455872…[View]
196558108Is /pol/ pro or anti-vax? If you’re anti-vax explain why.[View]
196573029Niggers are trying to cherry pick data. Red pills requested.[View]
196566146Spanish landwhale actress promotes obesity and feminist rebellion: Get in here Pacos Itziar Castro, …[View]
196571536France is going after the real terrorists, the right wing.[View]
196566957Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers hearing: https://www.c-span.org/video/?455872-1/house-oversight-su…[View]
196573399https://www.israelneedsu.com/ Can you solve it?[View]
196560594did the french catch the muslim terrorist yet?[View]
196563561brit/pol/: Styxhexenhammer666 *Edition https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/norf-fc[View]
196572973Humans believe the animals were put on this EArth so humans can use them for whatever they want The …[View]
196569141Operation ShitStreet Exposé: It has come to my attention that Poo in Loos are utilizing memeflags to…[View]
196571030/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
196572678How much damage did he do to the Trump administration and to America in general, /pol/? He was too l…[View]
196573025GOTTA LOVE CHINA: >be random Chink >be bored >find out about christianity >light bulb …[View]
196573141Nice!!!!!!: Ban ban!!!!![View]
196571843Brooke is being a cunt about guns again. Will she point out FBI stats that those are blacks doing it…[View]
196573031friendly reminder that the massive subversion of the west started in France and was thanks to freema…[View]
196548806OIG releases FBI texts https://twitter.com/JusticeOIG/status/1073233572205682688?s=19 Dig with me, l…[View]
196571634Is there any evidence that you can influence reality with your mind? Is physicalism the ultimate red…[View]
196572725New Leader for uk: Who do think will be the next British Bus wanker to take the lead?[View]
196572453Christmas for the SJW's: What does /pol/ think about this video? Is it based and redpilled? htt…[View]
196569554Nationwide bombthreats: Large scale emailed threats. Anyone else get hit?[View]
196565342How do you successfully become so racist that you find other races totally unattractive? I'm st…[View]
196572339Tom Fitton On Just How Corrupt The Clinton's Really Are: Tom Fitton Perfectly Sums Up Why Hilla…[View]
196571978What would you say are the cultural rules of this board?[View]
196569859We Americans will never disarm! Come and take it![View]
196544182Hey France anons, post a yellow vest meme if you are goi g to protest in Paris tomorrow[View]
196571420Coincidence: There are no coincidences All is planned, but not of this world Q[View]
196572076https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18u7iSSBNOY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyz81VdXBio a la 2eme vi…[View]
196570398https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dUn6yyYfck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dUn6yyYfck https://www.…[View]
196572015As a native born mutt I get no dual citizenship privilege or holobunga shekels I have no attachment …[View]
196569732French anons I'm trying to learn Français Got any /pol/ish Jewtube channels for me to watch an…[View]
196569999Trumplicans! Hoooooooooooo!: The payment to Stormy was for publication and nda rights to publish the…[View]
196570971How Should We Deal with the Homeless?: And why is it forced institutionalization and sterilization? …[View]
196555994Good slogans for stickers: manhattanon here looking to stir some shit up. >be me on subway >l…[View]
196563091What is the agenda behind common core?[View]
196567247AMERICAN CIRCUMCISION: What did (((they))) mean by this[View]
196571782P R O F I T A B L E U R S U I T S[View]
196571711CLINTON FOUNDATION FOREIGN AGENT ITS HAPPENING ITS GOING DOWN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0_pd…[View]
196569558They Got Him: Ding Dong Jihadi John[View]
196558670Hillary rope stream 2PM: Youtu.be/d0_pd2HYs_A Get comfy frens[View]
196556556What good has Christianity done for the west?: I care deeply about western values like democracy, in…[View]
196569146Brazilian lefts have finally jumped the shark: As you know Brazilians do as many crazy things as Ame…[View]
196541024I see a lot of incorrect posting going on here, so I figured I'd try and educate you, starting …[View]
196568685Wake up in 2020: See this What do[View]
196568861Where should a white nationalist/separatist move in the United States? I have no attachment to where…[View]
196559844NATALIE (((PORTMAN))) SAYS OPEN BORDERS FOR ISRAEL: SOURCE: https://twitter.com/AJEnglish/status/107…[View]
196570803Redpill me on this fellow called 'Destiny'.[View]
196571305I shot the Cherif...[View]
196559692Tay is Watching: >A kiosk set up to show highlights of the singer’s rehearsals secretly recorded …[View]
196562329Is war between China and the US inevitable? Are we doomed to repeat Thucydides Trap?: https://www.yo…[View]
196571195min 3 axes: 'Toronto police say that at 7:49 a.m., they were first called to Ossington Station for a…[View]
196570084It’s over. Trump is finally finished.[View]
196570256should prisoners be allowed to vote?[View]
196570039Xinjiang Autonomous Region[View]
196570806china collapse thread[View]
196564177How did this........[View]
196570955WAR is money[View]
196566123Who was the Greatest Poet of the 20th Century?[View]
196543096When Jews get drunk do they really think they are White?: Does the larping go to their heads and bel…[View]
196568591/pedovamp/ general; THOT EDITION: WOMEN ARE FUCKING EVIL women sell children into sex slavery women …[View]
196563209National Socialist Discussion Discord: >wg4gSux Europeans only. No kikes, muslims, atheists, sata…[View]
196570387HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA TRUMP BTFO: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/justice-department/trump-was-room-durin…[View]
196561408Don't Smock me Bro: Is this a fake? Looking at you autist--not you shill.[View]
196551847>be half italian >have brown eyes >hang with irish, polish, german bros >being /pol/, me…[View]
196570020Campaign and ethics reform: Are you /pol/ack faggots going to support pelosi's campaign finance…[View]
196564119Strasbourg witness admist he lied on camera: >He posed as a friend of killer saying he was a nice…[View]
196567871>russiagate is a nothingburg...: Apologize right fucking now, /pol/. https://www.washingtonpost.c…[View]
196557545White European Men Should Stop Pursuing European Women and Here's Why:: All the refugees and ne…[View]
196568627Chicken scented fire? Are grape menthol cigarettes next? What's the scam here?[View]
196562491This is a basic task for any President. What's going on????: >Trump's refusal to pay at…[View]
196570030Republicans would've never had the balls to do that. This is why democrats are based.: It is al…[View]
196569864What would happen if the Bolsheviks got shoah'd by the Tsar?: Would this timeline be any differ…[View]
196540825We need to stop the gay agenda: All the homo parades and making kids into transvestites. How could w…[View]
196568384Dan 'big boss' Crenshaw is our AOC: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/republicans-dont-need…[View]
196567243blue pill general: I can't believe I ever took this place seriously. Fuck you /pol/ I want my t…[View]
196564176Value of college degrees: I posted this thread earlier but couldnt read it because I was busy. tl;dr…[View]
196567638Why is this deemed a failed society in the west?[View]
196564944Is knowledge worth it /pol/ ? Is taking the redpill worth it? Or would you rather be ignorant and ha…[View]
196558814Faux Noise: L0L https://patch.com/us/white-house/ex-trump-fixer-michael-cohen-arrives-court-be-sente…[View]
196569674clinton foundation hearing starts and intsantly bomb threats across 10 states: anyone else figure th…[View]
196566945AMERICA is a Christian nation: Anyone who says otherwise has NO REAL HISTORICAL KNOWLEDGE.[View]
196569242Mueller Investigating Middle Eastern Election Interference: They can't find a smoking gun on Ru…[View]
196565340Cytoia Brown: So, what are /pol/'s thoughts on the Cytoia Brown case and her possible pardon?…[View]
196566332So, what will you fucking incels do when your Daddy goes to prison? Do you think you can meme him to…[View]
196561906What the FUCK is going on?[View]
196540209SARA CARTER TWEETS Q: What did she mean by this?????????[View]
196567365Liberals are pushing the masses to not have kids to reduce carbon footprint but simultaneously advoc…[View]
196568977what are the political and societal reasons behind the massive porn consumption by Americans? I…[View]
196565782How do Trumpets defend this?[View]
196569389Quora's Is A Jewish Tool: Look at this picture. This is the new homepage picture of Quora, the …[View]
196569032BUT WHAT ABOUT TRUMP FOUNDATION!? https://youtu.be/d0_pd2HYs_A[View]
196550309Islam: Why haven't you converted yet?[View]
196564914ENZI BLOCKS BENEFITS FOR NAVY VETS: https://www.wyodaily.com/story/2018/12/13/news/enzi-blocks-bill-…[View]
196560977>Cancelled the Iran deal. >Gives billions of dollars worth of arms to Saudi immediately - …[View]
196567876Memes and propaganda aside did Nazi Germany really dabble in the occult or was it slander? I've…[View]
196565725Clean your room. But not before you resubscribe to my Patreon.[View]
196565088Strasbourg killer didn't shout anything: https://www.bfmtv.com/mediaplayer/video/fusillade-a-st…[View]
196567393mutt general: Who else here is a rootless mongrel? My dad is med/slav(italian/polish) and my mom is …[View]
196568365Conservatives: We stand by our word.: The absolute state of Conservatism in Canada, prove me wrong…[View]
196560311'Maybe it's time for the empire top strike back.' what did he mean by this? @12:49 https://www.…[View]
196565558This must be spread around liberal campuses.[View]
196567664Alright boys are they finished like the liberals claim? Did they have any knowledge russia infiltrat…[View]
196568191https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeibAOt1vyU This is the future of America![View]
196568112Our new meme has arrived: Yellow vest lady and the state of crypto[View]
196557635Take your pills, goy.: They'll make you a better individual.[View]
196560583House Oversight Subcommittee Hearing on the Clinton Foundation: Are you faggots going to watch this?…[View]
196564700Nordicist Anti-Christianity: Very often I come across such comments: >Yahweh and his anti-life re…[View]
196568052'I Don't Remember Cheryl Mills Door Getting Kicked In At 5AM Like Michael Cohen: Jim Jordan Poi…[View]
196561988Tfw being Iranian: >be Persian >whites call me sand nigger >blacks call me a white boi Shou…[View]
196558970Wow, the jews and pharma cucks are out shilling at maximum force today what with Trump about to sign…[View]
196561758T*rks: Friendly reminder that there is no race on this planet more inferior than the Turks. No natio…[View]
196567012Gen Z isn't based.: The only Gen Z Whites I met that were redpilled were either in Rural, Subur…[View]
196567836Russia the superpower is a threat say the libtards: California's GDP, at 2.448 trillion dollars…[View]
196552755WSJ: 'The Flynn Entrapment': how the fuck do you read WSJ articles in 2018? all old methods don…[View]
196565319Out of curiosity , is killing someone how doesn't agree with your views, moral? Also if you kil…[View]
196567122How do you prevent teenage rebellion and should you? I guarantee tons of people here are here becaus…[View]
196567172Muh Christcucks: Fedoras BTFO Based Detroit Pastor doing God's work Pray he beats the rap…[View]
196567550Cannabis Legalization: 'Its like natures candy brah.' Its not good for white people.[View]
196567445Lawrence Lessig on JRE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Igc_1TPfK9Y[View]
196567415They want to control our lives: You know what happened in Sodom? Lot was a man living in a city. Two…[View]
196570413Oldfag thread? Oldfag thread MOID, Kenny Glenn, Mudkipz, /z/, all your base, longcat, shota, midnig…[View]
196567046Ho Ho Ho! What do you want for Christmas, anon?[View]
196567382Novaya metla po-novomu metyot. Should his Excellency, President, and Comrade Supreme Commander Mr. P…[View]
196540906The Right Lacks Organization To 'Return Fire' as it were: One of the things that has been said of th…[View]
196564117Maria Butina Pleads Guilty to Role in a Russian Effort to Influence Conservatives: Why did she do th…[View]
196563815why is there no thread on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsJKZV9FfI8[View]
196543981Could we get a decadence thread going? Post anything that is degenerate or shows the decline of the …[View]
196559559White privilege: When people say white privilege do they mean genetic privilege, cultural privilege …[View]
196560086White woman selling themselves: Why do white woman go to shitskin countrys and sell themselves to ar…[View]
196566724Guys what the fuck is going on?[View]
196563760Which one of you did this? Of all the pictures.... >https://twitter.com/washingtonpost/status/10…[View]
196549872Brit/pol/- Christmas music on the radio now edition: Are you hanging up a stocking on your wall? It…[View]
196566195What in the fuck ever happened to the Pakistani Mystery Man[View]
196553782Make your own![View]
196537179>Croatia wants to buy Israeli F16 (because muh NATO, muh evil Serbs / Russians) >Israeli F16 a…[View]
196546250CHINA USES EMOTIONAL SURVEILLANCE BRAIN SYSTEM TO ITS WORKERS: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-1…[View]
196564541More proof of Russian Collusion that /pol/ will ignore.: >Maria Butina Admits Conspiring as Kreml…[View]
196565395What the fuck does this even mean?: I can't figure it out. Is it something wrong with my brain …[View]
196563159All they have to do for mass genocide.: In cities with hydrogen sulfide in the water is stop adding …[View]
196562220Time to join Libertarian Strasserism.[View]
196558804Time to evoke the spirit of Keke. This post will have gets.: Give praise to our savior.[View]
196566098Degeneracy thread cmon /pol/ I want to lose all faith in humanity. Let me see what youve got.[View]
196563500Reminder that the SPLC: Targeted the FRC with a shooter and the media barely covered it.[View]
196558368Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers: In a half an hour, there will be a livestream to the whistleblowe…[View]
196565304why do memeflags even exist: on this godforasken shihole? not to speak about captcha.[View]
196565597Does Jeb! have a chance in 2020?[View]
196553654World IQ: >decide to look at the IQ map of the world >Ethiopia scores 63 and Eritrea scores 85…[View]
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196564452I see a lot of incorrect posting going on here, so I figured I'd try and educate you, starting …[View]
196564886American Jew vs Israel: I support Israel but the American Jews are trouble. Hollywood, etc[View]
196565018YouTube Removed 58 MILLION Offensive Videos Last Quarter (Not year): https://nypost.com/2018/12/13/y…[View]
196565410GET WOKE GO BROKE KEK[View]
196565411Since Frank Giustra just got named at the house oversight hearing: I made a thread a while back. Am …[View]
196568163could i pass as a local in your country?[View]
196562956Yeah it's fucking over: We had a good run lads but it's only a matter of days now before a…[View]
196558424Would you be willing to put aside partisan bickering to deal with China?[View]
196562965Possible Happening - Hearing Right Now on Clinton Foundation: May be worth noting, should include do…[View]
196562664Why did Muslims stop running over people in Europe?[View]
196563881They throw you in jail for being offensive in Europe. Wow...[View]
196567421spanish thread[View]
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196564465>constantly get bombarded with how White america has no culture How do I respond?…[View]
196564996WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS: Queer DSA just posted this on Twitter and it's terrible even for socia…[View]
196519719The gunman shouted 'Allahu Akbar': Two people died and 13 were injured. He has 27 convictions for cr…[View]
196565081How do we big down the big (((media))): One thats producing drones how to go about bringing a digita…[View]
196563704It's over: >Normies news keep shilling the governement and telling people to stop the moveme…[View]
196560208a giant sucking sound...: >why didnt you vote for me anon? >I tried to save you from the Clint…[View]