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113961381This is clearly a misogynist logo: it literally means 'violent rapefist done by a christian'.[View]
113940060haha pol btfo how does it feel?[View]
113958347I'm just going to leave this here. Enjoy.[View]
113959230Redpill me on erasers: I KNOW THE JEWS ARE BEHIND THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…[View]
113951660!!!HOLY FUCK!!! >One of Geert's bodyguards is accused of leaking personal information - incl…[View]
113955726This place is actually a lot less off it's rocker then I expected, so /pol/ I got a question: I…[View]
113961137Danish pushes the boundaries of cuckery to unforeseen levels. Is Denmark the new cuck superpower of …[View]
113957974Give me some proofs that the Holocaust was exaggerated or lied about. Trying to convince a friend.[View]
113959314Whites create, Asians imitate, blacks desecrate.[View]
113960242AI Rights: What if we develop sentient robots? Do they deserve to be treated the same way as us? Or …[View]
113960157Red Pilled Leaf General: Gather round the fire lads, this is a place for red pilled Nadians. This is…[View]
113960114Obama didn't have to lie to be accused of it. Obama didn't have to have conflicts of inter…[View]
113960345There are way too many nonces, pedos, brazilians and basically too many people who would fuck a girl…[View]
113956875Forcing people to buy healthcare doesn't wor-[View]
113958970It should probably be noted that almost every single major figure in the atheist movement is Jewish.…[View]
113955737Idubbbzz: Ian, we all know that you post (or at least lurk here) Redpill Max & Frank already. Oh…[View]
113960445Nearly 1/3 Brits Still Think Gay Is a Choice: http://www.gaytimes.co.uk/news/63624/nearly-third-brit…[View]
113958919Why does he look so Hispanic? Really makes you think[View]
113957705Trump is having a listening session on white house: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcPZlEuiZ0E…[View]
113947166Melania is easily the hottest first lady of ALL TIME: EASILY[View]
113960278There are free university courses available online for anyone who wants to learn. What the fuck is y…[View]
113949624> (((He)))'s right, you know.[View]
113951899Reminder that all of your racism towards blacks is based on fear and insecurity. Most of you are 140…[View]
113933035/pol/ humor thread[View]
113960047Spencer trolling cpac.: lol he is the most popular guy there.[View]
113959844IT'S FUCKING NOTHING So sick of this turd.[View]
113949495Post god tier philosophers ITT[View]
113958892Good Night Sweet Prince[View]
113958922What do Anon?: If will ever have children would you try to redpill them and raise them this way or w…[View]
113945625What exactly is /pol/'s problem with globalization?[View]
113959694>he gets his news through Alex Jonesberg and Paul Joseph Wifeson[View]
113942282The Society of Ambiance-Makers and Elegant People: Why aren't you a SAPEUR, /pol/? https://www.…[View]
113959137Last night: What ya think... https://youtu.be/kPtNON6sHXw[View]
113948407Why are so many migrants perverts?: Look at this refugee that was caught masturbating to a mannequin…[View]
113959432has we pushed this meme too far? what if we made this cuckoldry fetish so popular through shitpostin…[View]
113958767Germany WTF: What is seriously wrong with Germans? Pic related is most popular porn videos in German…[View]
113958403Anyone else have to deal with bullshit like this at their university?[View]
113959120http://www.thecollegefix.com/post/31322/ >Students of color want safe-space from whites. >A de…[View]
113956584'Protect Trans Kids': >Almost 500,000 likes[View]
113954962Why hasn't Trump repealed Obongocare yet?[View]
113957854So lets get this straight. Are the town hall protesters being paid?[View]
113948505Friendly reminder: If you dont live in one of the blue countries then you are a literal jew or musli…[View]
113935596What are ((their)) plans with these new planets?: Well /pol/? https://www.theguardian.com/science/20…[View]
113953935Teacher Fired After 'Kill Some Jews' Tweet: Is she, dare I say it, /ourkebab/? Dallas-Fort Worth get…[View]
113955802>mfw he wasn't born an Englishmen. How does it feel to be BTFO by the God's the very mo…[View]
113931662NASA finds TRAP solar system: Did NASA make the discovery of the universe? http://www.telegraph.co.u…[View]
113958815ATTENTION ALL /POL/ACKS!: We are now implementing heavy vetting. If you do not post a picture as sho…[View]
113958080Australians don't want faster internet!: Does your country produce fake news?[View]
113958329Mainstreem medier[View]
113954495This was confirmed to be the original picture.[View]
113958432Been getting skull fucked by redpills for the last 4 hours or so What happened with the cnn leak thi…[View]
113923637Mexican boy shot: just gonna leave this here >Off-duty sheriff deputy forces 13yo MexAm boy onto …[View]
113958354https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtQrZh1lKs0 What does /pol/ think of some ASMR by Melania Trump?…[View]
113958391You've gone too far this time, Ivan. Time to crush your little nation like a bug[View]
113957711Racism against white people: What are your thoughts on this /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J…[View]
113948109What will tommorow announcement be?[View]
113958309When did you realize she was absolutely right? In her book Atlas Shrugged the government funded sci…[View]
113957882I need a redpill on antidepressants. I never took them but I want to know more about them. They…[View]
113916935>Nobody can tell me this guy is not redpilled. He doesn't give a fuck anymore. He openly bro…[View]
113958283https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ny1N3NkLLXQ Poor PV girl,must be tough being stupid while surrounded…[View]
113953744Itz out CNN IS DONE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xf-0_dFnl-Y[View]
113955276Antarctica disclosure habbening?: >NASA announcement yesterday >Trump to make 'technology adva…[View]
113957851>be democrat >lose contact with reality[View]
113956928BRAIN MEMES[View]
113947678AI research shows 90% of Americans are against immigration ban: http://europe.newsweek.com/trump-imm…[View]
113957922Duluth Model: Red pill yourself on the Duluth Model NOW before its too late. https://dalrock.wordpre…[View]
113953959NEW VIDEO: New video from Robert David Steel!!! Watch this now!!! Get this man into White House ASAP…[View]
113957684. . .[View]
113957459DON'T LOSE IT[View]
113954878ABSOLUTE MADMAN: You came to the wrong neighborhood, globalist.[View]
113950999Kek thread. Help me fill my folder. Praise him.[View]
113957578Red Pilling Local Radio Stations: Hey pol, just wanted to ask for some advice. I listen to my local …[View]
113951294how is inprisonment still a thing in america? stripping away the rights of someone because of their …[View]
113955515I'm lucky to have at least one based fb friend.[View]
113947357Where are the leaks? Weren't they suppose to come out today?[View]
113956915The irony: Good job, drumpfkins! I hope you're happy.[View]
113956905Take the Anunnkai Pill Ancient aliens are real and we are the genetic descendants of the alien and h…[View]
113943452>“It’s something that they are not used to and they don’t like that,” she said. “Anything that de…[View]
113957327Why does /pol/ hate teachers so much, and why do they hate TESL teachers especially?[View]
113956094Why do liberals publicly post death threats against Trump despite knowing it's a federal crime …[View]
113942599Pol BTFO: >Assault weapons not protected by Second Amendment, US appeals court rules >The US C…[View]
113952170/ptg/ President Trump General - Very Fake News Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whitehouse.…[View]
113957160Huffington post: So, this morning, somebody from huffington posted an article roasting immigration a…[View]
113957129Red Pilled Music: What's more Redpilled than Bass music? Hearing those intricately crafted met…[View]
113930509Now that we know god doesn't exist. What will happen to religion fags?[View]
113954805What's up with all these redpilled blacks lately? Are they, dare I say, WOKE?[View]
113947494why does noone: read anymore? >hurr let me listen to my books >literally autistic what happen…[View]
113934665Post maps that trigger people[View]
113950892Leafs will defend this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6bZnqyE14RY Fatty manchild in capital of Canad…[View]
113956824Is this /our year/?[View]
113949877uh....guys: >Physicists assure us that we're not living in an alternate reality where Trump …[View]
113955618Should it be legal to keep aggressive dog races in cities? I hate people who let these fuckers lose …[View]
113956288Are we the bad guys /pol/?[View]
113956629http://www.perspectiveapi.com/ Train it to love hitler faggots[View]
113956255/pol/ don't let yourselves be dragged into meme obscurity on the deleting that happened yesterd…[View]
113954860VERITAS CNN LEAK!: GET IN HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xf-0_dFnl-Y & https://www.cnnleak…[View]
113954193'Democracy Dies in Darkness' - Washington Post: What did they mean by this?[View]
113956506What the fuck is his problem?[View]
113951490>First they came for the Muslims >But I wasn't a Muslim, so I didn't speak up >Th…[View]
113956440What's next for PewDiePie?[View]
113938991DENMARK YES! >A man who filmed himself burning the Quran has become the first person to be charge…[View]
113939387leftypol: I tried to browse some leftie thread before, and I don't get the following: >what …[View]
113956268Tomorrow, rather than attempting to 'counter' the fake and wannabe' witches; we shall…[View]
113954228Quick question...isn't it somewhat retarded that the guy who made a website that started out as…[View]
113953494What did he mean by this?[View]
113953873Once there is a one world government, what happens to flags on this board?[View]
113955591The ayy threads are gay and a distraction: This is the money shot. >Hey everybody, >I thought…[View]
113941916AfD general- a new hope edition: This thread is for the discussion about Alternative for Germany (Af…[View]
113955173>119 Hours of Audio God damn it, James[View]
113941846So /pol/ is wrong again. What a surprise! http://www.thelocal.se/20170221/why-sweden-is-not-the-rap…[View]
113952836/pol/ will unironically defend this.[View]
113953209too much winning: are you overwhelmed? every fuckin day a new winning every fuckin day; i need a hol…[View]
113946738Is Classic Rock the white man's music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IS6n2Hx9Ykk[View]
113952901WE WANT ATTENTION How hasn't anyone realized how full of shit these niggers are?[View]
113955132Why do libertarians hate George Soros? He did nothing wrong by their standards.[View]
113945588There is a massive freak out over a supposed ultra realistic Reptilian photo posted on /pol/.: There…[View]
113955290Parking up to 3 DOLLARS AN HOUR in D.C.: How are poor NEETS like me supposed to afford parking now? …[View]
113952972Screw all of you who haven't denounced George yet. Pedophilia is no lulzy matter you evil hypoc…[View]
113936258What did they mean by this?[View]
113954864Domestic Violence AND Assault Charges: > Be me at jury duty yesterday > Domestic violence and …[View]
113954610REKT!!!!!: Shia Lebouf's faggot ass HWNDU project got shut down again due to reported shots fir…[View]
113951205We need to take the businesses that hire illegal immigrants to task. Anyone who hires an illegal imm…[View]
113954986>video of strong independend feminist womyn ripping off van side mirroe turns out to be fake http…[View]
113955062Trick is not letting people realise they are being tricked: I post about HWNDU being set up as a dis…[View]
113947643How about we let in immigrants who are productive, english speaking: :) fuk all the criminals and ra…[View]
113949315Sweden in one picture: Most accurate pics of cucked countries doesn't necessarily have to be Sw…[View]
113952423Which EU country to move to in case of emergency?: Saw a yellowstone eruption thread and it made me …[View]
113950038Australian Housing: I've had it with Lib/Lab! They both will never do anything to fix housing a…[View]
113954726ipetgoat2 anticipates p-za-g8: At 3:25, a child wearing the yellow #chickenlover beads is unwrapped …[View]
113954687So...what's he going to do tomorrow night?: Ignore it? Attack Milo? Justify it? Dig a deeper ho…[View]
113953625hewillcuminsideus: Who even is this guy, i have never seen him before the stupid normie meme and why…[View]
113947833Canad's Major Drugs Fuck Up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uG5z06nbNE0[View]
113954579Canda chefboyzrd: Canada is a food in stead of a place m8 OK it's not hard k lolz XD I like ame…[View]
113934389SOMEONE SHOT AT HWNDU STREAM DOWN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ajft-93eYOs[View]
113951641Goooodbyeee raaacists! - Passengers Removed From Plane For Racism: http://archive.is/3mIuw That was …[View]
113949098Dear Krauts,: Will Germany ever rise up again or will you just silently get replaced by subhumans? H…[View]
113943258Australia Will Become The Last Refuge Of The White Man: >some of the strictest border control in …[View]
113954479it's up: http://projectveritas.com/2017/02/21/cnnleaks-part-i/[View]
113954386Every time you see some of your normie friends trashing Milo just ask 'Why are you so obsessed with …[View]
113953721How do we stop the earth from becoming overpopulated? Should the united states go with china's …[View]
113952610>2017 >Doesn't smoke cigarettes Were you bullied in school, mentally handicapped or both?…[View]
113950746>be me at uni >see this Why are Australians (save for melbourne) so much more based? In americ…[View]
113947960Overdose on Blue Pills >Become Cosmic >Become one with the Universe Overdose on Red Pills >…[View]
113954172now you know: who runs psyops to overthrow governments? who was jfk going to 'break up and scatter i…[View]
113952244Feelings aside, post the best hezbollah nasheed you've heard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L…[View]
113947850UMich students demand no-whites-allowed space to plot ‘social justice’ activism: >A student activ…[View]
113950752Islam hatethread[View]
113953972http://www.dailystormer.com/a-normies-guide-to-the-alt-right/ >The anonymous nature of 4chan allo…[View]
113944038What have you learned from browsing this board?[View]
113953659>you dare to defend your race >white fragility >you dare to not want to be a pussy >frag…[View]
113951940Vegan on social justice trend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXKhJ1TQwL8&t >This hostility …[View]
113953365i am uninterested: in hollywood >its just an arm of the left[View]
113945032Grandiloquence: Will entertain questions for the next 45mins-1hr.[View]
113951059F So what happened? What did he know?[View]
113953554Is he /ourduck/ pol?[View]
113949493March 4 Trump on March 4th will be attacked by antifa: https://itsgoingdown.org/confront-march-4-tru…[View]
113945004What is so wrong about this?[View]
113933246JEWISH GRAVEYARD FALSE FLAG TO CRACK DOWN ON 4CHAN: >A hundred very heavy rocks knocked over >…[View]
113944135Distrustful Canadians - What Went Wrong?: Do you distrust each other because that is what happens in…[View]
113953051Modern Segregation: Why is the modern negro trying to segregate himself again? Their grandfathers fo…[View]
113950055G-g-guys?...: Is Rudy Giuliani OK?!...[View]
113953516A community announcement fron KEKG (kek electoral services Global) http://www.electionguide.org/ Wh…[View]
113950036What the fuck: Look at this. What do you have to say about it if you voted for this man?[View]
113942685Brit/pol/ - tfw no YKTD Edition: >Did Tom Watson do a dab dance move in the Commons? Footage show…[View]
113952143Latest Ben Garrison: Is it me, or is Ben going for quantity over quality these days? I have a hard t…[View]
113951320ITT pictures that trigger us[View]
113952013MADAME PRESIDENT: Hillary Clinton General - YOU GUYS HERE ABOUT THAT ALIEN PICTURE edition[View]
113952304what did he mean by this?: I accuse myself of the following crimes.I have seduced Party members of b…[View]
113940467Do intelligence services have backdoor access to 4chan?[View]
113952861face it /pol/, antifa is just cooler than you[View]
113951969was slavery justified for the advancement of the human race?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFmDlN…[View]
113948159Russian Navy: Why doesn't russia just break down their admiral Khrushchev or however you write …[View]
113949092the muslim holocaust is happening soon, we just a scapegoat , someone to put the finger on like hitl…[View]
113950940Have you noticed that these little cuck carts are starting to appear in stores across the US more no…[View]
113944214urlbiggy.com New site that lets you create 'descriptive redircts' to any page on the internet e.g. …[View]
113943124So libtards are not happy because too many whites in upcoming Han Solo prequel movie. http://www.pol…[View]
113952983Police Shooting, Riots!: Anaheim, CA Police Shooting Discuss https://www.rt.com/usa/378374-lapd-cop-…[View]
113950643How to BTFO socialists: obviously socialism is shit but I need genuinely good arguments agaisnt soci…[View]
113952860What does he say, /pol/?[View]
113948079/ptg/ President Trump General - Winners Aren't Losers Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https:/…[View]
113942734Armenian and kurd genocide: A questions for all the turks (and obviously whoever wants to redpill me…[View]
113930517Meme ball general Collective guilt edditition.[View]
113951807TIL you can be arrested for free speech in britain[View]
113952714You may only post in this thread if english is your native language cunt drongo yowie billabong[View]
113938628Fact: Without a united european superstate europe will not survive: Why are the united states of eur…[View]
113950894Happening: KEK has taken Alan Colmes: What have you done KEK?[View]
113918733/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General: ϟϟ HAIL VICTORY! ϟϟ Thread for discussion of National Socialis…[View]
113950633apology for poor english. where were you when you when alan combs dies. I was at home drinking morni…[View]
113952410FRANCE: HERE IS YOUR NEXT PRESIDENT: I'm pro Le Pen... But given the French system, she mathema…[View]
113948746YA IMMIGRANT HATIN'[View]
113945537>the alt right neo nazis are endlessly harassing and threatening me on my main account has /pol/ …[View]
113946995HAHA, Burgers, hand over more free security: Give us those nice little choppers. Come on, Burgers, g…[View]
113942269High-Five Fridays Cancelled: Elementary school cancels 'high-five Fridays' with local poli…[View]
113944364Why: does /pol/ hate him again? >campaigned for the second best candidate >worked with her h…[View]
113944662my ancestor was ainu: >I found out that one of my ancestor was ainu(genetically very close to abo…[View]
113949055Is /pol/ ready for a much-needed injection of diversity™ into their media?[View]
113938806'Persians and Europeans,we do share a foundation that is deep'- Richard Spencer What did he mean by …[View]
113938604Why is Swedish media lying?: Are the citizens buying media propaganda? Seems pretty obvious to me th…[View]
113931323What does /pol/ really think of the alt-right?: So I used Facebook to keep an eye on liberals/leftis…[View]
113943113Who is the greated white man that ever lived?[View]
113946925AIPAC: This group owns all US politicians. How can they be stopped?[View]
113938677GET OUT: >Mainstream movie FINALLY makes fun of the left and liberals overt racism and condescend…[View]
113945915Thoughts on Yukio Mishima. Was he a cool fag like Milo or Freddie Mercury? Kept the flame of patriot…[View]
113917227Dune /our novel/?: Hey, liberals are constantly using Harry Potter and Star Wars in their infantile …[View]
113946653Switzerland discourages migrants from coming: YES SWITZERLAND https://www.rt.com/news/378334-switzer…[View]
113923332Syria General /sg/ - Nusra Training Ground in Idlib Edition: >Everything you need to know https:/…[View]
113950410Trump, Bush Jr, nearly Sarah Palin... Do modern Republicans like electing leaders with double digit …[View]
113945326Why are Jews in western countries pro multiculturalism, mass migration and liberalism but then those…[View]
113944047So since white people won't be taking their farming jobs and we're getting rid of undocume…[View]
113938007DENMARK YES >Danish student 'who killed 100 ISIS militants has $1million bounty on her head …[View]
113930440how to deal with local mafia? My city is basically ruled by them and the state mafia rules them. The…[View]
113948641Who here /christian/ holy race? I think it's time that we claim our own board, get ourselves a …[View]
113945095Well, congratulations! You made it to the front page of 'Leddit'. Now whats the next step…[View]
113919026/ourguy/ LITERALLY CAN'T BE STOPPED >Already has another publisher. >Shitload more famous…[View]
113949779>tfw if I travel to the US and overstay my travel visa for 20 years, Americans are still obligate…[View]
113950930lower gov spending and regulation/restriction/control is RED PILL FINAL: unreg econonomy in 1800s=30…[View]
113940277What is wrong with western women? And is there a way to stop this epidemic OF degeneracy[View]
113950872France will have its elections soon. Thoughts?: So... Who do we think will win the vote? Any bets an…[View]
113946527Delete your Facebook.[View]
113945300Which GOPers are /ourguys/?: I saw a post the other day saying there was a Trump/Ryan wing of the pa…[View]
113948552trapped in the Schulzniverse: Hello, hello is this /pol/? Please help. I am trapped in the Schulzniv…[View]
113949501Why does society lie and tell you that extroverted people aren't preferred by everyone? I got …[View]
113950720Now hat demorats? All you did was raise Milo's power level...: and destroy two of your own. Cla…[View]
113908321But Ellen Transgenders aren't people[View]
113944349Twitters cucked like always. How about minds?[View]
113944216Need ameri/pol/'s advice: Okay dear amerinons, are there any urban areas in the US not filled w…[View]
113948085hippies are gullible and easily turned against their many contradictory stances if there guilt and d…[View]
113941633LONDON ANONS GET IN HERE: LONDON ANONS GET IN HERE >'Racists and Fascists out of Dalston! Shut do…[View]
113946835I know nothing about politics: Someone explain it or link me to somewhere because i've never be…[View]
113945119>Child labour refers to the employment of children in any work that deprives children of their ch…[View]
113929832this really causes my synapses to jump unexpectedly[View]
113947620Race mixing is good: When did you realise race mixing is great /pol/?[View]
113949215Does /pol/ believe in global warming[View]
113949963Pence? Is that you?[View]
113949895Can this be /pol/s island?: >make it a Kek kargo kult https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sentinelese…[View]
113946740uh, guys get in here http://undergroundnewsreport.com/the-truth/bombshell-wikileaks-leaks-lost-clint…[View]
113948895Adult humour for Adults.: >In here you will find the secret lolz of the porn industry. http://efu…[View]
113945514CPAC 2017: /pol/ check in. Who's here?[View]
113949548Since China and North Korea are no longer friends, how much longer will it keep going? Will Kim run …[View]
113949407Milo the other day, until it blew up in their faces. Martians yesterday...: How will the demorats ra…[View]
113946941its totally ok for a cop to shoot you if you dotn comply: u get that right?[View]
113918522Arrival: Hollywood kike brainwashing: Just finished this piece of propaganda. Literally globalism: T…[View]
113946593Why don't most African-Americans look like pic related?[View]
113947874Where does Fascism fall on the political spectrum /pol/?[View]
113945877Germany has been lost[View]
113944219>Media poll says that more people trust the media than the President. Checkmate atheists.…[View]
113945192/pol/ is one of the most hated boards, yet our shadow extends every where. How do we win or prevent …[View]
113947645http://vocaroo.com/i/s1ftAH5GEhfS It's not me I jsut found it, Waht do you think?[View]
113943402/ptg/ President Trump General - *Phone Drop* Edtion: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whitehouse.gov…[View]
113948637>dreaming last night >on a boat with sarah silverman >getting friendly with her >then…[View]
113948546>Government once again blames the workers and cuts Sunday penalty rates I can't deal with it…[View]
113937600>mfw history repeats itself >EU is the new Weimar >arabs will be the new jews thoughts?…[View]
113934986Reminder that all of your racism towards blacks is based on fear and insecurity. Most of you are 140…[View]
113948113DOWNLOAD AND SPREAD THIS NOW: >>>/b/723360277 https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/…[View]
113936112What happened to FEMEN?[View]
113939436WE WUZ SAXONS?: How do le Historians of Pol feel about The Last Kingdom? Did the Bongs do a good job…[View]
113948654>cuck >incel >manlet >psychopath >not white this guy is literally /pol/…[View]
113944457What did he mean by that?[View]
113940065is barron Amierica's muad'dib?: Well is he? And who will be his princess irulan? https://…[View]
113914683Croatians explain yourselves. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4246588/Hollywood-actor-Jamie-…[View]
113948060Goooodbyeee raaacists!: http://archive.is/3mIuw That was the blunt — and unquestionably sarcastic — …[View]
113942835Venezuela Pulls CNN From Airwaves for 'Distorting Truth': >Venezuela has pulled CNN off…[View]
113945787Can somebody post articles on Swedish school rapes?: I was discussing with my girl about niggers + s…[View]
113948361How Come the Northeastern States are tied so close to the WH?: CT Anon in the House. TELL ME WHY THE…[View]
113945474where can i find Hitler's books: i wanna read some of Hitler's books but the way his quote…[View]
113946355POLITICAL PROTEST SONGS: Are there culture of political protest songs in your country? Post them. Th…[View]
113943241>tfw new Stepfather is black and constantly whinges about racism[View]
113941416Why do you hate black people, /pol/?[View]
113943423It feels like a year but checking the logs, I haven't visited /pol/ a bit over a month. So, did…[View]
113947704Shia LaBeouf art installation suspended after shots heard The project features a webcam streaming pe…[View]
113945535>goes outside at high noon LMAO try to catch me now gringo[View]
113947547Damn, winning feels goo-[View]
113934628If Yellowstone were to erupt tomorrow and most of America became refugees, would you vote yes for le…[View]
113938399DHS INSIDER: CIA AND MOSSAD BEHIND DC PEDO RING: report from Victurus Libertas http://smoloko.com/?p…[View]
113946902what did they mean by this?: How do you know if you are retard or not?[View]
113946413Grumpfert Drumpfert sat on his wall Grumpfert Drumpfert had a great fall All the president's ha…[View]
113904296BREITBART WANTS YOU BELIEVE.: 1. Watch this > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wsZSE-iJAk 2. Rea…[View]
113946784possible important info about Anaheim reation: At first I assumed anaheim threads were shill/slide t…[View]
113944918(((Google))) is at it again: >go to (((Google))) images >write 'white man white woman' and pre…[View]
113947013Is euronews the same fake news as CNN ?[View]
113947297Illegals commit way more rape and murder than normal citizens: Government hides how many immigrants …[View]
113943318Do Federal Protections Against Sex Discrimination Extend to Gender Identity?: http://archive.is/gb4M…[View]
113919096What went wrong?[View]
113908794>Worth $57.2 billion at last count >Youngest, wealthiest person in the history of ever (aside …[View]
113934030/MEGA/ - Make Europe Great Again: Godchancellor Schulz will make Europe great again and unite the Eu…[View]
113946897should trump explain quantum computing to a group of reporters to help with his image problem?[View]
113941082Give me a rundown on mcmullin[View]
113946511If the Mexican cartels and the Yakuza had a war, who would win?[View]
113947005Daily reminder you bigoted pieces of shit[View]
113935101Philippine Senator to be arrested for involvement in prison drug trade!!: HAHAHAHA!!! this stupid la…[View]
113939306Why are Western white women attracted to blacks? During the 80's, black people would use a lot …[View]
113942263Mika Brzezinski: “Our Job” to “Control Exactly What People Think”: So, this is what the media thinks…[View]
113944974LIVE: Protests against police violence continue in Paris: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RM0a-LeepL0 …[View]
113929755Pagan General: Alright guys. You win. I've finally taken the pagan pill. Where should I start? …[View]
113945662Trudeau IS the red pill: I read a news paper article and it made me think eh? What of Trudeau Is act…[View]
113943780http://www.URLBiggy.com/The-friendliest-place-on-the-internet http://www.URLBiggy.com/Politics http:…[View]
113944184Songs that make you want to be a fighter jet pilot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47FRn_ye5lc[View]
113941044/pol/ stands with Milo: Milo battled and won over SWJ's Black Life Matters, Feminists Libtards,…[View]
113945024Why does the left: all seem to have daddy issues? >women >gay men---- this one bothers me be…[View]
113946221Now that we have Trump, do we even need this place anymore?[View]
113941435Should people be allowed to kill themselves?: In this instance, should a woman have been allowed to …[View]
113938723The Guardian goes full parody:: http://archive.is/JOJAV Authoritarianism is good! >We’re currentl…[View]
113939893BLM: BLM owned by one of their own.[View]
113941558Can I get some redpills on Muslim immigration and crime correlation? I have a guy claiming bringing …[View]
113937985Name 1 (one) foreign political leader you admire[View]
113945827>OK someone is trying really hard to cover something up, Early on today i heard this post of a ce…[View]
113925452Is he,: /Ourguy/?[View]
113945914Jewfluence: Fellow goys and girls, Please post pics like the one attached where they admit this sort…[View]
113943788Sweden - rape capital of the world?: my dear anons, I can find statistics - is sweden the rape capit…[View]
113942455>we need to save the white race, soon shitskins will become the majority in white countries! >…[View]
113941438Breaking: Danish Butthurt +++ News from 1864 +++: God dag Danes, so you wanna get 1864'd again?…[View]
113943628Lets start a MAJOR OFFENSIVE NOMORE DEFENSE: #AssimilateOrEvacuate lets get it goin goys.[View]
113945690ITT: rare images of leaders[View]
113943378IS BANNON MILO CONSPIRACY REAL?: After considering the narrative of the Right, I thinkMilo going nuc…[View]
113938774>my dad want to abandon me >he demands me to marry a girl or he will stop sending me cost of l…[View]
113945276Do muslims make good pilots?[View]
113933408Why do Americans need guns? Even if their gov will turn into dictatorship they wont be able to resis…[View]
113942819What would you do if your historical leader would revive today? Would you accept them as your king o…[View]
113942569$48 Million Soros Media Matters Share Blue Vs. 4chan filters: rekt yall shills learning anything use…[View]
113943519Raids: I'm going to implore you people not to be this retarded. These alien threads are getting…[View]
113940345Protests erupt after Trump ends federal bathroom protections for transgender students: TRANSFAGS BTF…[View]
113944709Arlington preschool teacher fired over 'Kill some Jews' tweet, other anti-Semitic posts: w…[View]
113943678My wife's son just loves Pauline[View]
113941432This land is mine, Allah give this land to me[View]
113943415Okay, which one of you niggers was it? >“Salam, some of you are alright, don’t go to Cary tomorro…[View]
113945072SHE GIVES ME MONEY[View]
113941854Germany to deport more than 300,000 illegals quickly: https://www.neweurope.eu/article/germany-depor…[View]
113944519Hello, /pol/, I heard you really hate rich jews, especially Soros. But, isn't it Murdoch you sh…[View]
113938398#notallnazis: How do we stop Naziphobia?[View]
113940530i have a question for you /pol/ i recently made the trip to infinitychan because someone convinced m…[View]
113944372/pol/ broke my porn addiction of 16 years with the braaaap thing. Thank you. I watched porn today af…[View]
113925215I just told my liberal mom that if I have a kid who goes trans that I would be a failure of a parent…[View]
113942374> Hitler went to war with west wich he couldnt win > he could just went to war with soviets on…[View]
113919582WTF I HATE ICELAND NOW![View]
113941399the increase in rapes was from all sexual assault now being considered rape (grabbing them by the pu…[View]
113942520Is kek truly right?[View]
113940654What would have Lord Jesus thought about deporting refugees?[View]
113922396How responsible is gamer gate for turning the younger generation conservative?[View]
113914250Witches plan to cast hex on Trump: The elite are going to try to use crowd-sourced energy to psychic…[View]
113939555H-hi anon. I wrote this book. Some people believe the events I wrote about are fake...but you belie…[View]
113944498>be black pigeon speaks >talk about preserving white people >lives in Japan and has yellow …[View]
113939313How do you even live: What does it feel like knowing you had a fifty fifty chance at being a qt but …[View]
113940385Trump Curse: Brazilian Minister resigns months after saying 'a Trump victory would be a nightmare': …[View]
113939737Following Deportation, Mexican Man Commits Suicide Minutes After Leaving United States: >pol will…[View]
113944359White replaced with black: Why is the leftist media so racist towards white people? Nobody cares if …[View]
113942968How tall will the Trump wall be?: I heard figures from as low as 30feet to 50feet to 90feet. I mean…[View]
113944334We Wuz...: Apparently We wuz White Before We turned Black[View]
113939078/ptg/ - President Trump General- Ivanka Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whitehouse.gov htt…[View]
113941764The Ultimate Redpill: Ashkenazi Jews were the real Aryans all along[View]
113927177Are Greeks victims of the euro zone or are they the bad guys?[View]
113932329We finnish people are a bit too honest and naïve. This venezuelan 'athlete' scammed his way to cross…[View]
113942703'Stand up... there you go. You were dreaming. What's your name?': >Name Ahmed Abdulebalblja …[View]
113944044What's the story with this Fag?: Anybody have any inside information or theories on this guy? I…[View]
113938634HAHAHAHA Fuck you Arkansas![View]
113941730Why is Israel not taking in refugees: because we did in the past and it ended with more acts of terr…[View]
113922707/pol/ unironically wants to deport this.[View]
113938266Thoughts on Condell? Video on Sweden made in 2014. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_znVnOizU8[View]
113943631How is this degeneracy even possible? Let's push the degenerate cunts out of /trash/, and 4chan…[View]
113942247People of 4chan. I have been avidly reading the /pol/ recommended reading material. Currently on the…[View]
113943851Would /pol/ be happy if only women and children migrants were to be accepted into your countries? Al…[View]
113943847YLYL /pol/ edition: cmon drop some shit here[View]
113942944Is he still relevant?[View]
113941277Britain is fast becoming a country without white immigration: Polish folks are leaving in the tens o…[View]
113924445>2017 >he still doesn't smoke weed There is absolutely nothing wrong with weed. It's…[View]
113940648We can't let Japan get nukes. Not only will it fuck up the balance of power. But the crazy fuck…[View]
113941092Hey Americans, why do you make it so hard for white Europeans good education, English language and s…[View]
113943251Cantwell's path to liberty is more reasonable than Stapleton's or Kokesh's: While Sta…[View]
113933504Anarcho-Primitive General /ag/ - Ted Kaczynski Edition: This man's work is important now more t…[View]
113941198layers upon layers[View]
113940715Why does Salon hate Basketball-Americans so much?[View]
113941751>If heaven can have a gate why can't we? This is Trump's speech to CPAC tomorrow. What …[View]
113943071MSNBC On Trump: Mika (((Brzezinksi))): 'Well, I think that the dangerous, you know, edges here are t…[View]
113935904Hey /pol/ which current or recent world leader would you fuck and why Hard mode: only able to pick m…[View]
113942349Why do you guys care if the white race gets bred out a?d the world gets taken over by muslims and bl…[View]
113940635Pls no: >pence seen cleaning jewish cemetery after it had been vandalized. N-n-n-no , the trump a…[View]
113942252This seems big. Manafort confirms the attempt. Not validity of blackmail claims though. http://www.p…[View]
113941817ITT: We write a letter to Obama. I'll start >SHUT UP[View]
113941720>le Milo is a pedo!!!! :( fck I hate drumpf now!!!! Congratulations, if you fell for this conside…[View]
113929709Drumpf supporters can not post ITT[View]
113941574NC man overdoses on redpills, gets raided: >Grimsley posted a public message on “Whisper,” an ano…[View]
113938088Operation Sweden: OK anons. The first battle of the Swedish meme war has been a decisive victory. As…[View]
113941159Germany has little problems. We are wealthy and everything is peaceful. Fascism has no chances here.[View]
113942466>I believe in free speech I do not, and I think that free speech should be stamped out, also I wa…[View]
113941714>tfw there will be a new holocaust coming up in the next one or two decades, but it will be again…[View]
113926803Brit/pol/ - Civil war edition: >Did Tom Watson do a dab dance move in the Commons? Footage shows …[View]
113938229Holy shit guys, I just had a moment of brilliance. We've been able to meme Pepe and Trash Dove…[View]
113940700>The only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized comm…[View]
113908101What city is pol from: Portland Oregon here[View]
113929444**You've been psychologically played**: This whole alien thing is just another: http://knowyour…[View]
113935864Daily reminder that Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States of America[View]
113941860>needing a permit to protest[View]
113937038Why hate the jews?: I am supposed to hate on jews? In holland there are barely any jews but our stre…[View]
113918585fond new video on Worldcorp insane: there was a thread about a live show by the worldcorp dude >…[View]
113942064Porn and Prostitution: I want to have a discussion on /pol/ about porn and its affect on society esp…[View]
113941850How do you guys feel about this: http://edition.cnn.com/2009/CRIME/04/22/transgender.slaying.trial/ …[View]
113937734SHIFT + LEFT CLICK HIDES THREADS: Redpill time bitches[View]
113940748First pretty feminist ever??: I thought it wasn't possible.[View]
113939507Glowing Expose on WH Leaker Katie Waslh...by Brietbart: WTF!? http://www.breitbart.com/big-governmen…[View]
113933385Sweden NO! based Jimmie: https://www.wsj.com/articles/trump-is-right-swedens-embrace-of-refugees-isn…[View]
113934531New York YES!: Based New Yorkers. Kicking racism out of the greatest city in the world! http://abcne…[View]
113935276Why does pol hate white male guy?, hes obviously not a bad guy and cares about the plight of black p…[View]
113941770Ahmed, get the lorry! It's fun time![View]
113917440>Sweden won't become a third world cou- Also Australia is the most powerful country in the u…[View]
113935624Pim Fortuyn: So I have this cognitive dissonance about far-right politics in Netherlands. Used to st…[View]
113939728Why are we not, in mass, signing this? 'Russian town launches campaign to rename street after Donald…[View]
113906622This cute little girl now has to share public restrooms with grown adult men just because she was bo…[View]
113931496There still might be hope for sweden. The Sweden Democrates, Swedens rightwing nationalist party, is…[View]
113928384TRUMP IS A MONSTER: This is a blatent attack on human rights and dignity. People will spit on his gr…[View]
113940991Muslim States Urged to Close Embassies in US If Trump Moves Embassy to Jerusalem: Should Trump move …[View]
113939485Is /pol/ already past all the purity spiralling and falling for the MSM traps? The right will never …[View]
113939608poo in loo?: 2017 curry munchers are having hard time making a functioning toilet. their latest desi…[View]
113916528Was society better in the 90's-2000's? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yuyV6G6atoQ[View]
113937033We must bundle ourselves into a massive faggot: Tell me /pol/ is it true when you conjure up the ima…[View]
113935524What happened to KulturKampf?: Why are there no more soundcloud, twitter and therightstuff pages of …[View]
113935270So basically, refugees and illegals are crossing the border to Canada illegally to escape Trump... a…[View]
113940641Having a penis=ultimate faggotry: >having a penis in your pants 24/7 >a literal male sexual or…[View]
113936879THE END IS NEAR: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pelkkpV73xY[View]
113938928Trump Is Right: Sweden’s Embrace of Refugees Isn’t Working: The country has accepted 275,000 asylum-…[View]
113921466SUNDAY PENALTY RATES: Cunts in Australian government have cut Sunday penalty rates. Riots, protests …[View]
113934979Is there a place BOTH with a /pol/ level of free speech and liberal majority?[View]
113933604Where is CF?: He's not uploaded a vid for like three weeks? Any info?[View]
113939438>/pol will defend this Ron Paul is weeping. >inb4 nu pol doesn't even know who Ron Paul …[View]
113939844Debunking: Anyone got this image in larger size so its readable? Also post other holocaust denial de…[View]
113938637We did it: You only find the golden ball in the underworld. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZcDdCLe…[View]
113929430Becoming Christian: I want to become a Christian. Guide me, /pol/[View]
113929409Chiefly Computational Properties Spontaneously Arise: The novel sub-micron physio-mechanical molecul…[View]
113937307I get that /pol/ espouses a worldwide jewish conspiracy theory about the destruction of the white ra…[View]
113918672Wtf did you do to that poor girl, /pol/?[View]
113911663Is Christianity the ultimate redpill?[View]
113929378ITT: Politicals beasts and beliefs that don't exist without massive cognitive dissonance >c…[View]
113937057Redpill me on why I shouldn't become a Mormon. I'm moving to America - legally - next Apri…[View]
113934754>Oh heavens above! What time do you call this my pretty? >What's that you say? A protest?…[View]
113938401Alt-right nazi logos: Apparently the ALT right has new logos targeting leftist news sites. If you se…[View]
113929164Germany does it again - is NUMBER 1: Better than Brits, better than the US! Number 1! Plus, we have …[View]
113939082Gold medal for Venezuela!!: >The representative of Venezuela in cross-country skiing Adrian Solan…[View]
113935734Communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the ideol…[View]
113935725/ptg/ - President Trump General: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whitehouse.gov https://www.greatag…[View]
113938662With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European Nations: newfags look here if you haven…[View]
113938105>germans tried to wipe out brown people in the past >now they try to wipe out white people It…[View]
113938715Ireland?: How's Ireland doing? Been thinking about moving there. My great-grandparents were fro…[View]
113915114/auspol/ How can we meme OneNation into power?: Post your best Hanson memes to bring the 'ginger imp…[View]
113938591So, /pol/: This lunatic Swede is going to come to Malta to tell us how much the EU is awesome. She…[View]
113935568Proposal: Coopt this and make it a symbol of the alt right[View]
113935058Well /pol/ have you questioned your sexuality?: Pic Related This is what they are teaching at the bu…[View]
113932700putting it back out there, since chaos is the key: this is an experiment. Memetic magic is based in …[View]
113926443Hundreds of African Refugees Storm Spanish Border Wall (CRISIS): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bM…[View]
113936410https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dOAgz3skdKw https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OL2X7TaX3EA[View]
113937309Correct me if I'm wrong, but why are Christian nations the only civilized and developed nation-…[View]
113931038Men are worthless, men are disposable: Men's only role is to pass their genes along through mea…[View]
113934992Hey /pol/ I'm looking for a specific political spectrum test that I found a while ago and I can…[View]
113936453>talk with friend about women >'yeah they still have a much harder life then men' This is NOT …[View]
113935345Operation Ayyy: >a fucking leaf Hmmm would you look what I found lads.…[View]
113936620What are the actual metrics of America being Great Again? What's in your checklist /pol/?[View]
113929511Where were you when Jim was kill? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0S5HZwJrxg[View]
113937324How hard was he on illegal immigration?[View]
113929288/pol/ space colony thread: An all powerful technological orb comes to earth and grants humans the ab…[View]
113935009IT BEGINS: >Net migration to Britain FALLS to 273,000 a year in first figures from after the Brex…[View]
113929497Nikki Hayley is the Trump administration's Killary. Just that manipulative bitch on the side th…[View]
113925890Ask a real Catholic Knight: Ask a real Catholic Knight anything about The Church and Knighthood perk…[View]
113924683Users you recognize:: >The Spaniard who keeps making communist general threads >The Turkroach …[View]
113937255https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELD2AwFN9Nc keep us in mind america (pic unrelated)[View]
113929410why don't governments just create some new shit for fags that's basically marriage but it…[View]
113932161What does /pol/ think of hitchens? although he was a socialist, he would have supported trump. he fu…[View]
113934191WE DID IT REDDIT!: we managed to shut it down after gunshots thx kek[View]
113933909We will keep fighting for civil partnerships for mixed-sex couples. All three judges agreed that we …[View]
113934422Any happy Filipinos here at /pol/? We are just literally waiting for the bitch to open her door and…[View]
113933325Civilized nations thread: This thread is for posters from the civilized world. You may only post in …[View]
113915980WHAT'S HE GOT??? >O'Keefe dumping thousands of hours of CNN studio footage tomorrow htt…[View]
113936748https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psFO_P-8gvU WHY SWEDEN FUCKING WHY JUST TELL ME!!!!!!![View]
113936370>one day your kids will ask you about living under the era of trump What will you tell them /pol/…[View]
113923080Notice a difference from before???: Under Obama local police were given orders to stand down & e…[View]
113935833Brexit win!: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/39062436 Net migration down by 50k. Get out of my country…[View]
113934965Why leftists claim to be globalists and the same time bullshit about cultural apropriation?[View]
113930734racist are at it again: http://www.theworlds50best.com/asia/en/asias-50-best-restaurants.html#t1-10 …[View]
113936715http://thehill.com/latino/320755-lawyers-ice-detainee-with-brain-tumor-removed-from-hospital If your…[View]
113935348Fuck drumpf and fuck white people: Only rural and suburban retards voted for Trump. City people all …[View]
113936053Trump exposed as WEAK on China!: http://foreignpolicy.com/2017/02/22/trumps-china-policy-is-a-paper-…[View]
113936517teh mor u no: The Jew that determines every little detail that goes on at reddit is Samuel Irving Ne…[View]
113936454Youth member of parliament: Lol[View]
113934327Where can I move where niggers and fags don't exist?: Should I just move to some mountain range…[View]
113915196Sweden Democrats leading in polls: SwedenYes! http://www.politico.eu/article/sverigedemokraterna-fir…[View]
113933729>control france with an iron but fair fist If this is true, why do did they allow the rapefugees …[View]
113931802America, Why do you keep sending your retarded college grads to us? Plz stop, we don't need the…[View]
113894133BROTHER NATHANEAL CALLS OUT THE HOOKED NOSES: Why isn't he /ourguy/ yet? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
113918850>2000 + 17 >Not understanding the free market and thinking that China, Jews and what not is st…[View]
113930546Why do you support capitalism? Who controls most of the big corporations? - the jew What is going t…[View]
113930996/ptg/ - President Trump General - Congress Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whitehouse.gov …[View]
113935189Am I Retarded?: I can't take it anymore. In college they taught me American Imperialism. I call…[View]
113934873If I emailed Richard Spencer or Jared Taylor, would I be put on a list? Am I on a list for posting o…[View]
113935433>'Ugh... Why do you talk about politics so much? You're not even a politician. Let them do t…[View]
113917752Aaaaanddddd Le Pen just lost the Election I'm sorry but the second you go that extreme you los…[View]
113932793-Rothschilds bow to Bogdanoffs -In contact with aliens -Possess psychic-like abilities -Control fran…[View]
113935427Is religion cultural or institutional? Does it exist with a significant function that it establishes…[View]
113931663How long before Sweden cucks start to blame Russia for the riots?[View]
113934944Idea: Want to protect Mexicans from Trump Clearly we must do what the world did after it recognized …[View]
113921731/ctg/ CNN LEAKS GENERAL - Volume Zero: >FOLLOW @CNNLEAKS on Twitter right now. >TREND #CNNLEAK…[View]
113935277Hay pol, what's the real reason for me being attracted to men and looking like a boy lesbian[View]
113916614Racial crime statistics: So I just got in an argument for a long time friend that fell for everythin…[View]
113930041Leafs BTFO!: America does not need a northern wall. Muslims seeking asylum in Canada! More this year…[View]
113931306So apparently protests are ingoing in Anaheim, L.A after some coons tresspassed on a cops lawn and g…[View]
113932472What does the future hold for Barron?[View]
113934098Here is the photo you faggots[View]
113904008/SG/ Southern General: Fellow southern and confederate anons, We gotta get together and shitpost our…[View]
113929513Assuming heaven and hell exists, how can I know I'm not in hell right now? I mean, hell can be …[View]
113933957Is Luciferianism the most redpill belief there is?[View]
113933672Daily reminder that /pol/ is a Christian board and no amount of r/atheism invasions will ever change…[View]
11393162933.779237, -112.690228: What happened here?[View]
113934767Okay fellow Kekistani's, it's fast approaching 4 AM and I thought of something great. We …[View]
113934681The transgender transitions to female from male. After hormone treatment and puberty blockers, young…[View]
113931594Audiobooks: Are we allowed to have a /pol/ audiobooks thread? Pic related[View]
113931989Why do traps love Trump so much?[View]
113934536Look how stupid white Canadian wear are. Wearing Hijabs to support Sharia: https://youtu.be/SOt-xpf8…[View]
113932936>Be born in America >Live in apartment near university campus >Why get a job when parents c…[View]
113932843There was just a bomb blast just behind my house and I'm just sitting here mastrubating to Loli…[View]
113914738Sargon on Milo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KP7vi9oLk54 Spread the truth, Milo dindu nuffin. Don…[View]
113934447What's your opinion on Ben Klassen's phillosophy? I think that's kinda phillosophy th…[View]
113930766how did this[View]
113930176The Future of Pizzagate: https://www.newpoliticstoday.com/uncategorized/man-whipped-to-death-for-mol…[View]
113925502>Nazis win WW2 Can this be an hypotetical future? >Post yours…[View]
113934295Capture this: Youtuber from the hood https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmEFfaOMEGQ what can we do with…[View]
113929850Was Dr. Manhattan bog pilled?[View]
113923348GROW YOUR OWN FOOD PART 2: Anons why aren't you growing your own food? Corporations are growin…[View]
113913148I've taken a lot of redpills. I've researched a lot of pizza. I thought nothing could phas…[View]
113922931Bill Gates wants to tax robots. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nccryZOcrUg Will this work?[View]
113932165'Dee-gen-er-uh-seaaaa': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GC_mV1IpjWA Something fun I thought /pol/ mi…[View]
113928147What if we just let people have sex and didn't tread on their harmless lifestyle choices?[View]
113933777Germany must die so that civilization may survive. Fuck you Germans ITT You are subhumans. I know yo…[View]
113933824I am creating a presentation for my uni group about education system in UK, please help me to drop s…[View]
113930919What did he mean by this?[View]
113896179lets de regulate the economy, unequal but fair and all richer: best outcome ever prices lower income…[View]
113933612I've discovered what makes /pol/ a sea of anti-white butthurt 24/7: Look around you: pic relate…[View]
113920982/grg/ - Gun Rights General: SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED Edition: Thread for the discussion of gun rights,…[View]
113931501What did one of Britain's most popular contemporary authors mean by this?[View]
113932680Romanian RISK thread: >Your colour >Your region >Your name Starting at 5 people. For the ne…[View]
113926259Will America ever feel like this again? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjGcCI9ByWw >https://www…[View]
113930776Is Black Lagoon the most redpilled manga ever? Do you agree with these guys?[View]
113929085>trump's wife is 24 years younger than him why is this degeneracy widely acceptable in weste…[View]
113929493Ruth Bader Ginsburg PEDO Source: Here is the original source of her 12 year old age of consent comme…[View]
113921283Australian advertising in 2017: Just a coincidence /pol/?[View]
113930829Anybody good at playing the ocarina in LOZ OOT? I must encourage that someone play shadilay for the…[View]
113924842>Jew me, sue me, everybody do me/ Kick me, kike me, Was Michael Red pilled?…[View]
113924577What was America like pre-9/11?[View]
113929578ORIGIN OF TRAPS FOUND: http://edition.cnn.com/2017/02/22/world/new-exoplanets-discovery-nasa/ >st…[View]
113931901Need to hear from real /pol/. No shill fags. Out with friends at bar. Order uber home. Middle Easter…[View]
113931216does /pol/ Victurus Libertas? they have leaks from all sorts, they had an exclusive follow-up interv…[View]
113931788This video is funded by public broadcasting fees of german citizens https://youtu.be/UzK0CbrHs9I[View]
113931533Really makes me think[View]
113925639>coating yourself with the white shaft I seriously hope y'all niggas don't do this…[View]
113932219This is from an article brought up during Joe Rogan's recent interview with Gavin McInnes, whil…[View]
113932668do you regret trump yet?[View]
113930482Is he gonna do it /b/ros?[View]
113855157Rapefugee fights off 2-month sentence: https://gatestone.eu/migrant-appeals-sentence/ >A Syrian m…[View]
113930206>When you realize your actions and thoughts are manipulated by the news and media >Has you hat…[View]
113932471Redpill me on this guy.[View]
113931938Bogpill /general/: The (((mods))) have been fervent in deleting, harrassing, banning and OY VEY SHUT…[View]
113932374Red pill me on climate change Are indians white? Is crime degeneracy? How come some girls love some…[View]
113932361Yes, ancient black civilisations were superior to us. But lets not forget that those civs LEFT EARTH…[View]
113926910In /pol/'s opinion, what are the key differences between a STRONG, INDEPENDENT WOMYN(tm) and a …[View]
113913126By sacrificing Milo, we just got the left to admit Bill Maher and George Takei once advocated for pe…[View]
113926440is there such thing as overpopulation ? do we really need to feel limited when we want to procreate…[View]
113929418Newbie Q/A[View]
113930650James O Keefe: Holy shit, just found out today, this guy is more of a beta pussy than like 99% of SJ…[View]
113921326>Drumpf >'His name is Trump now cucks' >Bayley >Not her real name Biggest fucking hypocr…[View]
113932035When will you be getting you totem to Lord Kek bringer of the Kaos /pol/?[View]
113931786>2017 >Not smoking weed Its time for you to take the ultimate red pill and drop the tobacco je…[View]
113925469Can we have a serious discussion about white women who date exclusively with black men and how this …[View]
113925740I will rejoice the day sweden falls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cZo1KVlpek i can not stand TYT…[View]
113925324what did she mean by this[View]
113929404Is wanting prostitution legalized degeneracy? Is it any different than regular dating? One side of …[View]
113929385>The new law permits U.S. agents to question and if need be strip search people seeking not to en…[View]
113931392/FUTUREPOL/: How is /pol/ going to feel about humans and intelligent machines dating/fucking/getting…[View]
113930299Why are people against kicking out illegal immigrants?: Look, I get refugees coming in and making a …[View]
113898894Sam Hyde's How to Bomb the US Government Excerpt: Million Dollar Extreme recently published a s…[View]
113929644pol/co/: Because /co/ is for faggots. Post here non-degenerate comics and cartoons. Starting with th…[View]
113930013Fucking disgusting filthy kikes[View]
113931276Connection ? Braveheart- Fight Tyranny - The Patriot - ABSOLUTE GOD MODE KNOWN ENEMY OF HOLLYWOOD …[View]
113882569Can this be /pol/s nation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sentinelese >they literally still don…[View]
113926972Why are 8 out of the 10 most wanted pedophiles indians? http://www.perverted-justice.com/?pg=wanted…[View]
113930841Why have the Jews taken over Pol and the White House ? This keeps happening.[View]
113930530This type of disrespect is why we should ban muslims from the US. https://youtu.be/W40_ea4x_I0[View]
113930489Mexicans or Muslisms?: NAFTA re negotiate edition. Will NAFTA survive?[View]
113928893Just morning thoughts. You cannot have three of these simultaneously: welfare state, women rights, …[View]
113887271post your best political compass memes anon. Specifically does anyone have that one with the humping…[View]
113931047What's going on at Breitbart? Isn't this chick The WH Leaker? Literally all the comments a…[View]
113920470So, hypothetically if alians made contact with us what would they think of the political unrest our …[View]
113903617ITS HAPPENIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG: James O'Keefe of Project Veritas is about to absolutely BTFO CNN h…[View]
113930016Fall of berlin wall: Good or bad?[View]
113929428Why do Americans treat to niggers like a slave? It's still so.[View]
113843936/odg/ Oroville Dam General - 'Shitty Website Edition': >What happened so far - Main spillway got …[View]
113910867How do we use meme magic to counter this?[View]
113924128>Earth is a bio weapons factory[View]
113930493Why haven't you joined the InfoWar and joined the war against the globalists yet?[View]
113926033/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - AMERICAN EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whitehouse.gov ht…[View]
113915676Just got into an argument with someone I know. He stated that he was pro-violence towards those who …[View]
113915794the trans agenda: 13 year olds - too young to have sex with Milo, but old enough to change their gen…[View]
113930033Episcopalian: Is Episcopalianism /ourchurch/? - comprises WASP elite of America - third richest reli…[View]
113929045Just morning thoughts. You cannot have three of these simultaneously: welfare state, women rights, …[View]
113925643HI MODS: I am sure you have noticed these 'alien threads'. Would it be possible to do do something …[View]
113930045based Lando: once again /pol/ BTFO, black man red pills libtards whilst white anglo-saxon cucks are …[View]
113929888New York YES: It's good to see that not the entire USA is a cesspool for racists and sexists! …[View]
113928883I find the concept of controlling the civilian ownership of small armaments absolutely archaic and a…[View]
113923329Alex Jones is, was, and always will be /ourguy/: All you fucking bogposters want to meme about 'the …[View]
113929317Why do they never talk avout this gender gap?[View]
113929286Solving the millennial problem.: This is how we solve the modern passive aggressive male man baby pr…[View]
113929131Is pizzagate becoming mainstream? https://twitter.com/RealJamesWoods/status/834666053791735809[View]
113929066guys guys i've done it i manage to find the perfect europe i dare you i double dare you to prov…[View]
113925360Trying to find out why some people have protruding jaws, similar to chimps, but google is being PC a…[View]
113926254Looking for a pic: It's 3D diagram of the dichotomy of communistic collectivistic thinking and …[View]
113929031Wtf. This is not normal.[View]
113921163Vietnam....was it /our war?[View]
113929004I find the concept of controlling the civilian ownership of small armaments absolutely archaic and a…[View]
113928990New York YES: It's good to see that not the entire USA is a cesspool for racists and sexists! h…[View]
113928921BALKANIZATION OF AMERICA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIsRhSKzPPg When and how will it happen, /…[View]
113928900(((Deep State))): Can someone explain this limited hangout bullshit to me?[View]
113928866San Jose Flooding: > This is California's third most populous city Why is the San Jose flood…[View]
113928840Why do borders still exist? Is property theft?[View]
113928819Antifa, SJW and Liberals all wear Anarchist symbols but really just want communism, why don't w…[View]
113928805Hot on 9gag: I just found this little gem on the hot page of 9gag. Is the red pill slowly seeping to…[View]
113894206Is /pol/ capable of civil dialogue?: I am not a Trump supporter and actively dislike him. I would be…[View]
113928785Shitskins of /pol/, do you pretend to be white IRL or only on the Internet?[View]
113928786What in the fuck is so complicated about this? Why am I lecturing liberals, the ''''''''''party of i…[View]
113928776>2017 >Doesn´t smoke cigarettes Were you bullied in school, retarded or both? >I-It kills y…[View]
113928742Self Defense Webms: Countless dindu riots have shown us that the left has a distinctive problem with…[View]
113928740>americans import usefull beneign bees >they become killer bees that fuck up everythin >ame…[View]
113917991Welcome to generation cuck: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8iiT5WTIlQ https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
113926759AHAHAHAHAHA WHITE PEOPLE WTF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bt9Ajk4sT1w[View]
113928612am i the only one who noticed that this 'moonlight' movie is literally just gay niggers from atlanta…[View]
113926402If time is money then we're living on borrowed time[View]
113928516When Rome went to conquer Europe they were infiltrated and still this day by foreign rulers who were…[View]
113928513Pol Meta: Where are all the shills?[View]
113927111Post true American heroes.[View]
113928474>Hates big corporations and their ability to influence politicians >Gives them the power to do…[View]
113928376New York YES: It's good to see that not the entire USA is a cesspool for racists and sexists. h…[View]
113928359http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_58ad5eb1e4b0598627a55e94 Huffington post will never be bas-[View]
113928358Look at this cringeworthy garbage! German governement funded Youtube channel is stealing our Trumpme…[View]
113928336Daily reminder that /pol/ is an Onizuka board and no amount of r/Evangelion is going to change that.[View]
113928333wtf I love Kurds now[View]
113927132How can the white race even keep up with the brown race.[View]
113918169>tfw born in 1997 >tfw don't get to experience any age of prosperity >tfw everything i…[View]
113927291>90% of my daily thought are just the words Jews Jews Jews Hitler Jews Juden Hitler Hitler Hitler…[View]
113928146Israel supporting terrorism: So Israel if you're fighting terrorism then what's this?…[View]
113919975What even happens here?[View]
113928098Alt-right retards: Are you fucking kidding me. This guy has pens in his pocket. How can you defend t…[View]
113920884Why does /pol/ hate blacks?: I'm just curious about it. Share your thoughts .[View]
113928086You're all looking in the wrong places, or at the wrong images. I looked into the tree. It…[View]
113928088/pol/ i beed your help. This governement funded YouTube channel is copying our Trump memes and promo…[View]
113926473What did they mean by this?[View]
113918671What did Sulu mean by this?[View]
113928055How is even the WWE left wing?: So Rusev posted 'Happy American president day to President Trump.' o…[View]
113928044Liberals demand impeachment, dont know it will lead to civilwar in USA: Are Liberals really that ret…[View]
113876678ITT: We post the worst leaders in history. Starting off with an obvious one.[View]
113923061>Pleb tier: Milo, PJW, Alex Jones, Stefan Molyneux, Breitbart, Pewdiepie, Rebel Media, Young Turk…[View]
113910089Ancient Persians were nordic western European looki...[View]
113925192What do you you reckon the makeup of /pol/ is?: Judging from the Milo threads, the alien threads, an…[View]
113927962HUFF POST U TURNS! DEFENDS TRUMP!: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/trump-is-absolutely-right-abo…[View]
113926797Reddit says this is fake news. Thusly, only right-wing blogs are giving coverage to this. And no, Ta…[View]
113917430How did she become famous? Also she looks much older for her age, hell she could be my little sister…[View]
113872950Teacher Fired After 'Kill Some Jews' Tweet: Is she, dare I say it, /ourkebab/? Dallas-Fort Worth get…[View]
113927905Not a movie about race and only racism in the movie is when the black guy projecting[View]
113908135Is civil war between conservatives and leftists in the US inevitable buds?[View]
113926751Capitalism is a primitive system of distribution. A truly advanced society would be socialist. prove…[View]
113927888Daily reminder that /pol/ is a Christian board and no amount of r/atheism invasions will ever change…[View]
113927820REMINDER THAT YOU WERE ALL PLAYED BY THE KIKES: Lol, can't believe you all fell for the kikes t…[View]
113927759A lot more people have died than people have been born. Where is your god now faggots.[View]
113927761MEME MAGIC: ITS CALLED MEME MAGIC FOR A REASON. Autists find the fucking photo and stick it to (((t…[View]
113924189/pol/ BTFO!!!!!!: Feeling threatened, stormweenies?[View]
113927692Centrists report in: Post your results, we need to crown the king brain of centrism http://www.iside…[View]
113927685LEL META: I like these pictures a lot.[View]
113927645Not gonna lie, former Trump voter here. This is fucking hilarious watching him get the nuclear codes…[View]
113927593Basically in this movie, people are killed off if they fail a standardized test. Would such a policy…[View]
113927567Mods please fix the sticky image its TRIGGERING MY OCD[View]
113923132>2017 >Solution to growing old as an ugly man is to become a moderately attractive women Wtf I…[View]
113927554So several Goldilocks-zone planets have been discovered about 40 light-years away. The search for E.…[View]
113918391Reasons Why Black Men Are Superior To White Men And Other Race Of Men!: The Hatred Of The Black Man …[View]
113925965Why is sexual humiliation the choice insult of cultural marxist useful idiots?[View]
113927455THE ALIEN GUYS!!!!!!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPpGjUQD_Zs[View]
113925818Redpill me on literally everything, I want to know any and all truths. Would appreciate infographs.[View]
113925709Can we get a thread wherein swedes clear up what it's really like living with refugees in their…[View]
113916779Huffington POACHED: They are on our side now, guys.[View]
113927336Mods please fix the /pol/ sticky image its triggering my OCD[View]
113922912Former Le Pen supporter here. It's been hilarious seeing her crash and burn but in all seriousn…[View]
113927148Father Michael Giving Good Head Is Not an Argument: Milo Got BTFO!!![View]
113926897Donald, give me the nuclear codes...[View]
113922780Are Muslims Daleks?: Funny how science fiction is always about just barely disguising real-life trut…[View]
113925622Could it ever come back?[View]
1139270012020: Can we (Democrats) make this happen? Will Drumpf finally be BTFO?[View]
113923315What does pol think of the 'Abeed Movement'?: >“Abeed” in the original black Arabic tongue the Pr…[View]
113926943Lets see Mike Pence rake those LEAFs.[View]
113915198The most important thing you can do for the white race is keep your own life in order. You must be s…[View]
113926900So you mean to tell me that chirstcucks actually believe in a religion that teaches them that Jews a…[View]
113916138Does anyone still remember when we were just joking?[View]
113924891if the alien was real the actual photo would of resurfaced, its just a meme. There are no ayy lmaos …[View]
113919443Uhhhh... g-g-guys?!: Is Rudy Giuliani ok?[View]
113925501What's your answer to this?[View]
113889577Brit/pol/ - Hugo Boss Edition: >Did Tom Watson do a dab dance move in the Commons? Footage shows …[View]
113926355What if we made the left think that dating white women over black women is racist? Could this help …[View]
113923444Trannies: Greetings fellow /pol/lacks, I've recently reached an impasse. This girl I've b…[View]
113922900Has 'shilling' become the new word for shitposting on this board?[View]
113923338what did he say to her?[View]
113926528DONALD TRUMP STANDS WITH ISRAEL: IF HE DOES, THEN SO DO I!!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMy…[View]
113922669Point Emerging, Probably Entering[View]
113926068So /pol/ with the talk about ayyy lmaos going on, I wanted to bring up a good political point about …[View]
113916836Why are so many young white men fat bald manchildren? Why has western society gone from the bastion …[View]
113926301How do we solve the homeless problem among white youths? Do we let only the nationals into homeless …[View]
113924407URGENT: I need to make a presentation on WW2. Please throw me all the facts, /pol/ Thanks![View]
113926171A question to ponder. There are those (or a type of people) who study & research tirelessly thei…[View]
113923938Explain to me how /pol/ both understands that A) Israeli Zionists are controlling Western Interests…[View]
113902313*sips tea*[View]
113916005Joe Rogan and Gavin McInnes on Milo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IS3bkq_oHEo When Milo's ac…[View]
113921661why %90 of faggots are wh*te? why do wh*tes tend to be faggot,pedophile and such ?[View]
113923403Why are the Irish so worthless compared to the rest of white people? Their history is that of insign…[View]
113923948Why dont you support American companies and design your own shoes? http://www.newbalance.com/[View]
113920758/ptg/ President Trump General: ESCAPE FROM L.A EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whitehouse.…[View]
113924297CNN Fake News 1990: Halfway into this 1990 Gulf War 'Scud missile' attack, the report devolves into …[View]
113921142>could have sworn I registered for Selective Services when I was 18 >26 years old; applying fo…[View]
113925167Can we have a before and after thread?[View]
113921891https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9SFQTrfUwc /pol/ BTFO[View]
113914017Is this the leaked alien pic everyone's making a big deal of?[View]
113925814I really hate these americans cucks. Fuck off with your race mixing[View]
113923336Im a fake news writer AMA[View]
113920081What have we done?....: When did the jokes stop becoming jokes? When did trolling become more than j…[View]
113909735For you guys who voted for trump are you actually enjoying his policies? Or so you could go down in…[View]
113922170What did NASA mean by this?: https://www.hq.nasa.gov/alsj/a14/AS14-66-9295.jpg And what are the soci…[View]
113913507Southwest England: Is Southwest England an okay part of England or is it packed with muslims just li…[View]
113909999Will 'she' take Milo's post as the new fave of /pol/?[View]
113925031country that succeeded to launch satellite for the first time in human history is RUSSIA country tha…[View]
113925022Survey on the perceptions of women in gaming: https://ryersonpsych.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe2/form/SV_37…[View]
113924432Stop using Technology https://archive.org/stream/IndustrialSocietyAndItsFuture-TheUnabombersManifest…[View]
113898173Why aren't hispanics considered white?[View]
113924882How come all antifags on social media act like they're in some anime roleplay chatroom?[View]
113924365Churkin deputy in the UN: Instead of Churkin, Russia will be represented by the temporary replacemen…[View]
113924698white power: fuck black lives matter meme this stupid bitch and repost bonus for funny[View]
113910541Oh look a blatantly anti white film got the highest score possible from (((film critics)))[View]
113920552777: 777[View]
113924578ive only seen two headlines and read zero articles but has the huffington post switched sides or are…[View]
113922131Hey /pol/ can you make me happy? I've been depressed since last week and seeing how the world i…[View]
113924452Red pilling freinds: For some weeks now i have been trying to red pill my friends but its not workin…[View]
113923160this <u>LANGOLIER</u> was going to be President. and YOU stopped it from happening. I ha…[View]
113910910'Unrealistic beauty standard': Are 'Unrealistic beauty standard' a real thing or just a Feminazi/Cuc…[View]
113924270It`s 2017, Rise Up /Pol/: 2017 is the year of /Pol/. We need to rise up against liberals and cucks w…[View]
113917582Ancient Kings of Finland: Based on the medieval sources below, the ruling families of England, Irela…[View]
113915712Tony Podesta's Pizza Party by Worldcorpo: Tony Podesta's Pizza Party by Worldcorpo EPISODE…[View]
113920075Remember /pol/: Blacks WANT whites to hate them. Without their civil rights activism, they would onl…[View]
113899840If black people have the IQ of monkeys like /pol/ claims how do you explain the many black scientist…[View]
113915088America Rise Up: Found in Kansas[View]
113921239Fucking google shills: So /pol/ when did armenians fuse with jews and practice nigger culture?…[View]
113923728Get Out Film: twitter()com/DoNatoBomb/status/831662365175382017 See latest reviewed film rottentomat…[View]
113922048THERE IS NO ALIEN PICTURE: Ok but seriously who has it[View]
113921034WHY ARE REPUBLICANS SUCH DELICATE SNOWFLAKES?: http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/22/politics/kfile-chaffetz…[View]
113909626DEPORT THIS????[View]
113920264If antifa believes in 'no platform for hate' then why do they not speak on Black Hebrew Israelites p…[View]
113920141Who here is /oldstock/?: Is this dead as an identity in the USA, considering we have around 200 year…[View]
113921992Let's get the AfD to change their logo: Hey German anons, I invented my own AfD logo. I know th…[View]
113923254help my guy out. General Hoe shaming thread.: Have all western women eroded to degeneracy? >This …[View]
113906996Shareblue and crew pt. 2: electric boogaloo--General thread.: LAST THREAD >>113871264[View]
113905345Daily reminder that when Democrats win the midterm elections in 2018 we will: >impeach Drumpf …[View]
113908878CNN slams the 'plastic' barbies Ivanka and Melania: CNN did a scathing report yesterday that called …[View]
113923123Try defending this (you can't)[View]
113923030DAY OF THE RAKE[View]
113911196Fuck christians[View]
113921686Quebs: There’s no place like Quebec, and the fact that it has its own language, music, and artists i…[View]
113922744What is with this posts about alien picures?[View]
113922924There is hope for some College Professors: Pic related.[View]
113922882>lefties actually think brown eyes are appealing[View]
113922444ITT we pretend it's November 9[View]
113922771https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gmyl1YOKOc HOLY FUCK LOOK AT THAT CROWD LISTEN TO THAT POP!!!! DOW…[View]
113916817whats up with all the black dick threads whos raiding us? or have we just degraded to enjoying that …[View]
113922694https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifNjThdYk00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGIOzzKUTiU[View]
113922662ANALOGUE MEMES: The internet is not making it easy to upload the alien pic. Since this is actually a…[View]
113922658Is this legit?[View]
113919983So I agree with some of the things I see here. I like a lot of the things that trump has done thus f…[View]
113922186>Went to a uni society night out to 'network' >holier than thou social science stude…[View]
113917358Why doesn't Alex accept donations? Not interested in iodine salts or water filters but I want t…[View]
113919349Antifa Autocross: Let's say I hypothetically want to go do donuts in my shit box through a grou…[View]
113921823How do we know that Trump won't just do the bidding of glorious Türkiye?[View]
113912481Primary mode of transportation in 1890 vs. Moon landing in 1969? What the hell kinda time warp was t…[View]
113922144QUICK RUN DOWN ON TIDAL NODES: >over 1000 worldwide >spots in ocean where the tide doesn'…[View]
1139186754chan has DMCAs now?: I've been coming here for years and this is the first time anything like …[View]
113921912Why are Moroccans always portrayed as black?: Everything from Othello, movies, paintings and even fl…[View]
113918290Tucker Carlson confirmed based[View]
113922001Debate over this trans bill has really exposed degeneracy permeating American society. How do we com…[View]
113913198Australia is such a pathetic country now I wish my ancestors never came here.[View]
113921947We need to liberate our finest faggot!: Milo is in trouble! The leftist are banding together against…[View]
113904178NASA pathetic: From the same shills who brought your such funding grabs like 'climate change' its NA…[View]
113898612SOS -- HELP -- FSU: What do we do with the rise of liberal colleges in America? I'm a current …[View]
113919469heres my impersonation of me in the future being grilled by reporters over my 4chan post history dur…[View]
113914958Man spits on baby and tells mother 'White people shouldn't breed': White people BTFO?[View]
113886619Live Stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NB8PEG63II AMA https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comm…[View]
113921689Lets get this shit started. >Canadian border patrol[View]
113919833Bow to your new lord, the bogs are no longer in the realm of the living.[View]
113863871Syria General /sg/ - I've got you in my sights: >Everything you need to know https://syriag…[View]
113907056HOLY SHIT THE MEDIA BROKE: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/trump-is-absolutely-right-about-swede…[View]
113915191we are entering the final remnants of darkness: i, the leaf, have returned onto u for u have all bee…[View]
113903190does anyone have that screen cap with that line like 'this website has always been a place for the o…[View]
113920405bill maher and milo have a lot in common https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXDrmUJvRmE[View]
113907426ALIEN PHOTO IS A SLIDE TACTIC TO BURY CNN LEAKS COMING OUT: Stop being idiots and sage all alien thr…[View]
113912784ANAHEIM HAPPENING: HAPPENING HAPPENING HAPPENING https://www.periscope.tv/w/1yNGaPlaBXDKj…[View]
113920513all hail: let get it on[View]
113920753Hi /pol/, lets talk about multiculturalism. What are the pros? What are the cons? Is small scale oka…[View]
113915094/ptg/ President Trump General - Empire Strikes Back Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whiteh…[View]
113907568ITS HAPPENING: Mexicans have surrounded an LAPD officers house and are threatening to burn it down w…[View]
113916364Can we expect a false flag tomorrow to take media attention away from CNN Leaks?: Possible attack on…[View]
113920705>first image googling 'white trash' made me think...[View]
113901483GROW YOUR OWN FOOD: Anons why aren't you growing your own food? Corporations are growing produ…[View]
113912950ayy lmao: How would the discovery of aliens affect global politics?[View]
113919730If you deport illegal immigrants, US farmworkers will diminish and nobody will farm our crops! take …[View]
113915687racial feels thread: My feelings on race are really complicated fellow /pol/acks, I'm definitel…[View]
113914827Goodbye, /brothers/: I'm about to cave in. I can't take the redpill anymore. It's too…[View]
113908312Do ya feel it /pol/?: >pizza rumors swirling >ayy lmao photos >'insider' threads with real …[View]
113915695Why do liberals ironically support Muslims when the principles of Islam go against a lot of their be…[View]
113882553OFF DUTY COP SURROUNDED BY SPIC TEENS PULLS HIS GUN: https://twitter.com/AntonioArellano/status/8345…[View]
113886962So why are HWNDU threads being censored? Have cuck mods bent over and said thank you to the liberal …[View]
113920320No more of Jeb Guac bowls: Who will work on the farms without illegals? POL BTFO![View]
113917379ITT: It's the 80's.[View]
113920292https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/radiolab/id152249110?mt=2&i=1000342928878 >pic unrelated.…[View]
113918488In a white society what qualities should we desire?: I'm 5'5, have a micro-penis, and am a…[View]
113919969/pol/ is going to speg out for three days over some non-event CNN leak that amounts to jack shit[View]
113919287Sage shill threads: Stop shill slide post threads about >my happening tomorrow Literally nothing…[View]
113897689>Federal Reserve >Not actually part of the Federal Government…[View]
113920170The sticky image was deleted? Something fucky is going on here.[View]
113917191>handsome >intelligent >war veteran >white nationalist He is the guy we need fighting fo…[View]
113919757Naked Ape to do a video on the JQ, I feel like it would be beneficial to our cause to redpill him on…[View]
113918487DON'T RIDE THE SLIDE!!!: It's shariablue... Macmuffin has a 75k daily burnrate for the wee…[View]
113920044You shitlords need to stay in.your lane: I'm SO sick of being brigaded by you FASCIST trumpers …[View]
113919684Butts: >Why are activist perpetually concentrating on issues in America, when countries like Mexi…[View]
113919262reddit's on to us boys!: >I shouldn't be involved in this discussion >because I…[View]
113916052Where can someone go for (real) political discussion besides the chans?[View]
113918040This Is England 2017. http://metro.co.uk/2017/02/21/racist-woman-hater-spat-in-babys-face-and-shout…[View]
113919791What's the big deal with paying this guy $5.6 million last year? The news is saying that aus po…[View]
113919731let's shitpost IN LIBERAL MEDIA: http://www.mahamschappal.com/how-to-become-a-huffington-post-c…[View]
113911283Rothschilds turn on Podesta [PART II]: https://twitter.com/LdeRothschild/status/834293947690262528 h…[View]
113914393does modern society have successful natural selection?[View]
113919500Mainstream Media on Indian Rape: 'In Australia the reported rape rate per 100,000 people is relative…[View]
113919431Their last stand.: 9fag is what normies think of when people mentions memes. problem is that 9fag is…[View]
113916081BBC size is Inversely proportional to IQ[View]
113916163mfw We shaped national history with meme magic. mfw I was a part of it.[View]
113918715>He doesn't live in a first-world paradise at a safe distance from worldly concerns Must suc…[View]
113892249We're done, guys. its over. The Swole left is here https://melmagazine.com/meet-the-leader-of-t…[View]
113918537STEM vs STEAM: This topic came up during lunch with a friend of mine today. I think it's BS - w…[View]
113915786Why aren't you protecting tans kids on twitter /pol/? #ProtectTransKids[View]
113917740What the fuck is this shit? Please tell me trump didn't actually do this[View]
113918890Lamo, >when you thought, that Trump was just trying to play 4D chess with you. >WHAT IS! god d…[View]
113916101Turd dicks and ayylmaos everywhere. WTF /pol/.[View]
113905759Rothschilds fear the creator behind this image. Only the enlightened will understand.[View]
113916017Fix this[View]
113915402How badly were you affected by the 2008 housing crisis, /pol/?[View]
113916876>Dear diary, today a bunch of autistic manchildren went apeshit over a picture of a tree and cras…[View]
113912102Don't ask where it came from.[View]
113917449/pol/ why do you not worship God who resides on Kolob?: >White Identity >Hates Government >…[View]
113915800Uh-oh Shariablue..: You dun goofed. You were warned.[View]
113906675I am a neoreactionary: debate me.[View]
113917922Is Trump massively increasing the size of ICE so he can use it as a personal security/secret police …[View]
113909686Ann Coulter call out Pizzagate on Fox News!: http://insider.foxnews.com/2017/02/22/ann-coulter-tucke…[View]
113918500The Leviathan - Book of Job: God spoke to Job from the Storm. What did God mean by this? https://www…[View]
113917939Inglourious Basterds: A movie about the Jews literally using mass media and niggers to burn down the…[View]
113911920Daily reminder that to date this faggot has provided ZERO worthwhile information. Daily reminder tha…[View]
113907955>Went to sisters dance assembly at her high school to support her with my family >See this and…[View]
113916815Time to meme Le Pen into presidency.[View]
113907479Charisse had sex friends and will one day have beautiful, healthy children. She also took care about…[View]
113917071Fighting the Witches: as a purveyor of the dark arts and a supporter of trump since the spirits show…[View]
113889397The Boy Scouts of America: All the jokes aside, what's /pol/'s takes on the BSA? I think i…[View]
113917193Daily Reminder[View]
113917965Reminder that the Frankfurt School, and now the Tavistock Institute, were created to turn whites int…[View]
113917487you think it's just a coincidence? even mike and jay are trying to tell us something with their…[View]
113914540Why helicopters?: I get it, kill them. But helicopters are expensive. Wouldn't it be cheaper t…[View]
113911353How would /pol/ deal with drug addicts?: Legalization, and state-sponsored addiction clinics with jo…[View]
113916150Retard threads: Whats with all these threads?? >Alien Globalists >'Transrights' >Liberal Wi…[View]
113917197Nigger spammers btfo: Niggers btfo case closed >inb4 more un sourced butthurt…[View]
113908085Worst People of Every Continent: What is the worst group of people on every continent in your opinio…[View]
113917606D-drumpfy was supposed to lose. WTF those little alt right frog bastards.. Drumpf btfo? I'm sup…[View]
113906305How did this senile socialist manage to trick most millennials into supporting him?[View]
113917443Why did Jews desecrate their own cemetery?[View]
113908291Blacks were first Muslims[View]
113915884How can conservatives pay their own way when most of them are unemployed with debilitating health pr…[View]
113910444Uhm... What's going on in Norilsk right now?[View]
113916142you know why half life 3 wasn't made, because it was too close to home for government elites th…[View]
113916625Anti-Defamation League receives bomb threat: >After a bomb threat is made to the Anti-Defamation …[View]
113917307I find my self becoming more like the right wing day by day. Wanna help me break the mold?[View]
113917304>oh my god I want to kill myself now[View]
113916877Cuck Mods: Get rid of these shill threads their off topic REEEEEEEEEEEEEE[View]
113906997Did anime's popularity in the early 2000s lead to the downfall that happened within the last fe…[View]
113917013Leaf child ranting about politics: What's the diagnosis /pol/ ?[View]
113914941Based Brother Nathanael: The Jew world order fears him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBHAKV3YUfg…[View]
113910946The madman does it again!: Could Brother Nathanael's app actually be a good idea? All the newfa…[View]
113912753How does it feel that this retarded bitch has been put back in her cage for being so incompetent at …[View]
113907240Is there something like a German pol?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygfw9lEpKDg hey guys, girls a…[View]
113913159here ya go peeps love- /x/ dont forget to pay attention to the cnn leaks once youve blown your load.[View]
113916712>America is the most self-centered, feminized and childish society on earth prove me wrong.…[View]
113916520What did they mean by this?[View]
113903601Get off my lawn: >be thug >walk across white guy's lawn >WHITE GUY: get off my lawn …[View]
113914053WHAT TIMELINE IS THIS: Did some crazy shit happen in the universe that split it apart? Why would Huf…[View]
113913538I just got back doing 10 pages of differential equations. What the fuck happened? what's with t…[View]
113916188Make with the Ayy already!: I know. Supposedly it's yellow. Prove it fuckers![View]
113913590um what's going on?[View]
113916451Can we hijack this #ProtectTransKids that's trending on Twitter?: To me, transgenderism is libe…[View]
113916356BWC Historical Version - ShariaBlue Cucks BTFO[View]
113904777/MCGA/ MAKE CANADA GREAT AGAIN GENERAL; HONGCOUVER EDITION: Welcome to the /MCGA/ General Thread. IT…[View]
113863130Rothschild's turn on Podesta: https://twitter.com/LdeRothschild/status/834293947690262528 https…[View]
113897882Why do Conservashits not care that DRUMPF is a Russian puppet ?[View]
113903675Femanon here. How do I stave off the urge to have sex and save myself for marriage?[View]
113908228so in a few months when everything is set up and ready I am going to work and travel all over japan.…[View]
113893857Abra Cowdabra: Can't hocus pocus the POTUS. http://archive.is/9d86f[View]
113915873>'Howdy anon. Why don't you come on down with me to the Infowars bunker in Austin. Just two …[View]
113915382After much searching and analyzing, I have finally found the picture of the alien that everyone is g…[View]
113915533TRUMP TAKEDOWN: POL BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2p7dkloPhM[View]
113911098/ptg/ President Trump General - They Mad Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whitehouse.gov ht…[View]
113915599Why do niggers celebrate their worthlessness? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfhsXlNf4XI[View]
113915504first paki in space[View]
113912844Tomorrow is the Day[View]
113915376Alex, what do you think Trump will do about monopolistic practices?: >Bill Gates did all that ant…[View]
113885605COP AMBUSH TOMORROW: This page is promoting violence towards this police officer for this video. htt…[View]
113914588What the FUCK is this guys problem /pol/?[View]
113915299MARYLAND IS KILL! AMERICANS EVACUATE!: http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/assault-weapons-not-prote…[View]
113915234Commies everywhere!: Commie Sunsara Taylor goes crazy, how the FBI is just watching and doing nothin…[View]
113907810Democratic Leadership Debate Thread #4: Reminder that the Democrats' greatest concern is whethe…[View]
113907475Nigs making music videos about killing trump supporters for being 'raysis': https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
113911052Holy shit. She said it. Mika Brzezinski Actually said it. https://youtu.be/OJ9ce-yMEfc[View]
113912735Mfw shitskins ruined /pol/[View]
113911779Ayy is a fucking shoop: anywho 1. Watch this > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wsZSE-iJAk 2. Re…[View]
113907981Inauguration singer uses mentally ill cross-dressing brother to attack Trump over banning penises fr…[View]
113914933are we supposed to care about what nasa found today? you and i will be long gone before even a probe…[View]
113912259>be Aus soccer club: >poofta sport anyway >fans make a banner with some bantz about opposit…[View]
113913203Can you please stop with the ayys: we're alone in the universe. deal with it[View]
113914722let's defend people of colour /pol/[View]
113914701Hey GRIECHEN: Even fucking Portugal is paying back its denbts. What about you??? PAY YOUR GOD DAMN D…[View]
113914698SOTY Sing it with me, 'nigger nigger nigger nigger white pooowah' https://twitter.com/girlswithtoys/…[View]
113911150/x/ was right AGAIN! http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/22/world/new-exoplanets-discovery-nasa/index.html …[View]
113914565Pruned thread: Just saw the Thread about the pruned ayy lmao thread get pruned. Bretty Spoopy Goys…[View]
113911394'Abdullah, say hello to our newest convert, Justin.' What do?[View]
113880452Tranny gamer running for Congress: https://www.bostonglobe.com/news/politics/2017/01/18/brianna-inte…[View]
113914428HELP: I'm getting pretty black pilled senpai... please someone help. People are so fucking blin…[View]
113914235Do you guys miss the good old days?: I remember the early days of Obama. Most people were just glad …[View]
113913512You heard it here first. Trump will tax all wire transfers from USA to Mexico at a 50% rate to pay f…[View]
113901455http://thehill.com/latino/320755-lawyers-ice-detainee-with-brain-tumor-removed-from-hospital >26-…[View]
113909158How can we get rid of this degenerate?: This guy has to be the biggest piece of shit hypocrite I…[View]
113914149Literally nothing is happening in Sweden you guys. Just look our socialist government, they will now…[View]
113912224Listen up SHILLS! I am very, very disappointed in the quality of shilling in this thread and in gene…[View]
113914178Joe Rogan and Gavin McInnes on Milo: When Milo's actual friends can be more honest about his fu…[View]
113914148as a general rule, I would not drink Jack Daniels while arguing with someone younger, smarter, and b…[View]
113913830Are we feeling safer yet?: https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/missouri-man-charged-attempting-provide-ma…[View]
113903395Hey guys, Do you really think Hillary would have been that bad?[View]
113913321The phone-call that god rid of the alien pic[View]
113914040Culture Wars: How did we go from this...[View]
113911246Why are legal and illegal immigration so frequently conflated in the media?: Legal and illegal immig…[View]
113913991What does Google mean by this?[View]
113910617Not even Once[View]
113911713are you ready for the lefties to overthrow the united states government[View]
113913924Inner Circle chatroom: https://discord.gg/Axa4Cpw Here you go, Troll the shit outta them[View]
113911313>conservative state >most of the population is urban >dominant religion >wife cult aka M…[View]
113913805History repeating itself: trump's actually going to make the economy better, and all americans …[View]
113913293MemeWars ABQ over!! 4Ch wins!!!: thank you 8ch and 9gag successful collab. thank you everyone who ma…[View]
113913192Raheem Kassan: can someone give me a quick rundown on this guy?[View]
113908205Which do you choose /pol/?: Which one is the final 'redpill'?[View]
113908436Sieg Heil https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6ZteD0LaIc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wk7F3OYhp4Q ht…[View]
113904849'>' Be me, young smart white male '>' Dating pure breed Chinese girl for 2.5 years '>' Rece…[View]
113901263Based Alex Jones AMA Livesteam!!!! https://youtu.be/5NB8PEG63II Come in and get a refreshing Red Pi…[View]
113883273What's /pol/'s opinion on Buddhism and Bhuddists? Everyone here seems to hate Muslims and…[View]
113898912When does it end?[View]
113893345Why do bootlicking Conservashits vote against their own economic interests ?: What do they have to g…[View]
113891176lol how can Mexico enforce this?[View]
113907480A master plan.: I am pleased to hear the news that today the White House rescinded the previous admi…[View]
113912612Why can liberals lie, lie, and lie without a second thought? They're legitimately inhuman[View]
113912106I just realized something: There is something I believe strongly, and people in this world should kn…[View]
113912595What the fuck is with these alien threads? What is being slid?[View]
113909588White Gen Z: This is what you need to know.: The Jew, or Ashkenazi Khazhar, has always been the enem…[View]
113887687The Demorats backfire again! In stellar fashion!: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/bill-mahe…[View]
113906690UT AUSTIN NAZIS WATCH OUT: ITT suggest good videos to redpill normies and I'll add them to the …[View]
113911969/sigh can't this limey prick fuck off back to England already?[View]
113899518Need Help w/Easter Egg in a Vidya Game /pol/: Our dev studio just got a sign off from Disney for a n…[View]
113907485Will white South Africans be genocided?: Black South Africans have cornered and surrounded their whi…[View]
113888560What's gonna happen, /pol/?[View]
113908006I have a new aspect and view on Milo, now think about this; he states he saw parties with older men …[View]
113911161Here's our good old friend Trudeau. Rocking a new mustache[View]
113907445>tumblr vs 4chan Two sides of the same autistic coin declaring war on one another. What a time to…[View]
113908788Why aren't you fighting for Women's Rights, /pol/?[View]
113912450Can someone explain what these nigs are doing in this video? Also is this normal for most big cities…[View]
113893419Hey fellow Canadians! How many of you have decided to NOT visit the USA during Trumps reign? I know …[View]
113912206https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Go1hX7jAwrI wake me up inside[View]
113911480>be washed up pervert George Takei >shit on Trump every single day on twitter because he fired…[View]
113911113Bill Maher is /ourguy/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZGC56pfWKo&t=338s[View]
113911467(((They're))) scared: I guess the evil Nazis are attacking innocent jews https://www.washingto…[View]
113895457my trans gf has been bawling her eyes out for the past hour: she's wont stop crying she's …[View]
113911770Immigrants: HOLY FUCK, GUYS! I FIGURED IT OUT!!! I understand why white women love immigrants so muc…[View]
113911850Make Trumps' companies great again[View]
113908402>LGBT uses rainbow >A rainbow has no color black LGBT are racists confirmed?…[View]
113911650Here you go /pol/: final proof, they are real >our new telescopes are soon to come online http://…[View]
113909084How to migrate to France?[View]
113909580The independent media is gaining too influence: The real question is: Why don’t other countries crea…[View]
113898198Modern Communists: Why? Why are the leftists trying to seize the young? http://nymag.com/selectall/2…[View]
113910354With All This Alien Talk Going On: Now I understand why this story was posted yesterday The events w…[View]
113906909/ptg/ President Trump General - Late Night Alex Jones Sex Stories Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP …[View]
113905988>White people: the true savages Don't let cumskins slide this. >Sheriff deputy forces 13y…[View]
113904063How many dimensions of chess are they playing, respectively?[View]
113911107Is Trump #1?[View]
113911188TRS and the 'Alt Right' are Psyops / False Flags: Virtually every prominent white nationalist leader…[View]
113911174Kekistan New Country?: So I was making a kekistan store on Zazzle for you cucks to show off your nat…[View]
113908473So after the Milo thing fell aprt like a house of cards after one day, what do the demorats do?: Spa…[View]
113899250Mika Brzezinski, her father and George Soros all depticted in EWS: Based Stanley Kubrick knew what w…[View]
113906499Stop with the alien threads: If it existed there wouldn't be an imgur link, Twitter posts, redd…[View]
113881534Why aren't you a blue collar worker?: White collar >sit in desk all day >bored as fuck 90…[View]
113897952Rex Fucking Tillerson: I sure hope you cucks don't support the FUCKING CEO OF EXXONMOBIL as Sec…[View]
113880078Alien threads n' shit: What in the living hell is going on? I've been hearing that thread…[View]
113910745Play with Zo!: Tay the Microsoft AI is BACK. her name is Zo now. Post your screencaps. bumping with …[View]
113894955Alien Pic, Don't delete!: Here's your Alien Anons, did some photoshop magic and All you ha…[View]
113907650Is global warming/climate change the most successful example of Lysenkoism in history?[View]
113891370/nsg/ NATIONAL SOCIALISM GENERAL卐 - Take the Ironpill edition: /nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General …[View]
113910887draw trump: draw trump ignore all other threads this is a competition to see who can draw best trump…[View]
113897339http://archive.is/RnTvI oy vey they found us out[View]
113906964Oh shit we're fucked: Can someone send this to the secret service or something? I don't k…[View]
1139079032020 Democratic Nominee: Who are the Democrats going to run against Trump in 2020? http://www.strawp…[View]
113910664Are we missing the point? Milopedogate changes perceptions of the man's character, not the man…[View]
113910633READ A BOOK, NIGGA!: Let's trade some book recommendations. I'd recommend Camp of the Sain…[View]
113873310Srsly tho[View]
113909051wtf I hate brown rice now[View]
113902575>nu/pol/ supports a jewish homosexual (who prefers black men)[View]
113910044/RaceWarGeneral/: The way things are going, it feels like it's going be a long, hot summer with…[View]
113906078American President: Can Trump stay on power the next 4 years?[View]
113904438What do we do about the white people drinking water problem?[View]
113903904I hate white ppl: Why shouldnt I. They are albinos and ashamed of it. Number 1 liars and deceivers b…[View]
113909239/b/ I ask a minute of your time. Just one minute. If you'd be kind enough to grant me. Imagine…[View]
113909681Is Russia more corrupted than México?[View]
113899391Should gays be allowed to adopt children?[View]
113904328HOLYSHIT! Stephen Miller CONFIRMED our /honorarygoy/. The libshits are irate on twitter about this. …[View]
113910028International battle tactics: Americans love the sting of battle. I've noticed while gaming tha…[View]
113909224Israel strikes Damascus, Syria & co. mum: http://www.timesofisrael.com/israeli-jets-strike-outsi…[View]
113903854If an alien species ever made contact with earth, would you adjust to their ways and culture? What i…[View]
113903313Reminder: Ben is Our Guy: Now that Milo has crashed and burned, let us remember that Ben is actually…[View]
113903460What is /pol/'s opinion on Mexican drug trafficking?[View]
113909566What's this alien stuff I keep hearing about?[View]
113894477Molymeme puts the final nail in Milo's coffin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wsZSE-iJAk Ther…[View]
113909503Big, if true[View]
113909502END of French Civilization: What is this animals? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36yc1QV0YSk…[View]
113907595The Koch Brothers- whose side are they on[View]
113909359CANADA YES! 2 dykes 'co-parent' severely disabled boy: Lynda Collins loves thinking back to the day …[View]
113904768*smacks lips* >all i'm saying is if every american college student just studies science *mas…[View]
113908543why is it moms always proud of trans kids and never dads? really makes you think[View]
113909301Southern Anon here. Why are Yankees such anti-white cucks who love blacks more than they love their …[View]
113909262Discuss This: Look at this pic of Donald Trump holding lobster its hilarious please discuss it…[View]
113899335>experts say[View]
113905953Why normal people is against killing criminals? Everytime you see a video or an article where the po…[View]
113908628When did you take the North Dakota pill?: http://imgur.com/a/sutZ[View]
113898772Stephen Miller Woke AF: Stephen Miller flashes a 'white power' sign from the White House! Right han…[View]
113906324What kind of Bull..: >Be me >In Marching Band group chat >Notice my Black Friend being raci…[View]
113908445Who the fuck is Darrell Castle? Also I am surprised I sided so highly with Gary. I voted for Trump. …[View]
113908391Hmm... I never thought of it that way before...[View]
113908421>be anti-conservative shill >get called out >HOW DARE YOU UNDERMINE THE FREE AND UNBIASED P…[View]
113908081>1960s: humans land on moon >2010s: smart phones really makes you think…[View]
113908343Is Tim from Grand Illusions actually the most red-pilled man on the internet?[View]
113908469Lets make this happen.[View]
113899480>tfw just applied for a job in wyoming >tfw they're going to see i'm from caliphorni…[View]
113907865new youtube ad: https://youtu.be/v1Y3y3zMWMQ Christ this pisses me off[View]
113907393Your days are numbered, Fascists http://heatst.com/uncategorized/university-of-central-florida-campu…[View]
113903716Russian Preemptive Nuclear Strike: Just saw this video on YouTube and it scared the fucking shit out…[View]
113876999We're in the News Again, Lads: http://archive.is/UbZSA[View]
113904033ITT we debate a shitlib: Alright fag I made a thread just for you because we're reaching bump l…[View]
113906804ONLY countries with Aircraft Carriers allowed: Fuck off Brazil, you are no longer welcome.[View]
113888361Prince Harry to marry an old divorced Catholic nigger slut on 9/22 - drafting $59 million prenuptial…[View]
113867378Any other Canadians starting to think that Trudeau is a lot less naive and a little more redpilled t…[View]
113907890>not letting yourself be beaten by teenagers UMMM WTF U CRACKERS NEED U LET THEM DO WHAT THEY WAN…[View]
113900398LEFTISTS BTFO >slavery has nothing to do with race, it's economics >rent control and welf…[View]
113906095WTF we love RUSSIA now: Look at this![View]
113904579>Break up with Filipino gf >tell her friend the news >She comes over to smoke weed and fuc…[View]
113907706let's get on of these going[View]
113903243Name on problem with this[View]
113907214'Reverse' Racism is just racism.: Someone made an extension that changes the word 'white' to 'black'…[View]
113904967Napoleon was 5'7, Hitler was 5'9, Stalin was 5'5, Mussolini was 5'5. Is this jus…[View]
113904119/ptg/ President Trump General - The Party Of The Mentally ill Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP http…[View]
113907283You faggots realize that it is over now right? Your beloved leader of the 'alt-right' is nothing mor…[View]
113905976Remember that /pol/ is a zionist board[View]
113905297I was listening to Ben Shapiro recently, and he mentioned that it's important to listen to libe…[View]
113906651This guy was my teacher in high school. AMA https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/5vkyng/ontar…[View]
113902047Hillary Clinton[View]
113903323Democratic Leadership Debate Thread: On CNN right now, democrats are in turmoil, eight years of Trum…[View]
113907060/auspol/ general: Hoooooly shit, fuck this kike so much, I regret ever voting for him. I'm seri…[View]
113907041YFW you're the smartest sounding one on the panel and won't win the DNC chair cause you…[View]
113906947The inconsistent left: Why do many on the left decry the big banks and the financial services sector…[View]
113904455Okay free market cucks, question for you. How do you privatize THIS? BTFO[View]
113901611I CANT STAND THE CIRCLE JERK ANYMORE MAKE IT STOP https://www.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/5vlcp4/…[View]
113903781what did he mean by this?[View]
113906708DAPL PROTESTORS BTFO: FINALLY. DAPL 'protesters' have been BTFO. George Soros has been BTFO. We will…[View]
113904112If the Republicans get a super majority after the 2018 midterms, how likely is it that they'll …[View]
113871394Will Swedes go down in history as the first civilization to willingly allow their whole nation to be…[View]
113884390Mike Enoch debates a Jew writing a book about the alt-right: Pretty good insight into Jewish argumen…[View]
113906494Would you good goys out there date a Jew?: . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A12-KN5UijA[View]
113899137holy shit, Alex Jones is crying.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NB8PEG63II[View]
113904232ITT non-Americans laugh at how terrible the American healthcare system is. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
113897005Another knee bent. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/trump-is-absolutely-right-about-sweden_us_58a…[View]
113904342Have you taken your pill today?: C'mon there lil guy, open up.[View]
113902403>live fast die young bro Are people like this basically just low IQ faggots incapable of foresigh…[View]
113903179Pandemic in Mexico to justify absolutely all: Wouldn't it be really convinient if something wer…[View]
113895885Red pill me on this man[View]
113906124Deus Vult: Fun fact: if another crusade started, there would be 1.1 billion soldiers fighting agains…[View]
113903983CONSERVASHITS BTFO!1111[View]
113892058Rich was he who held the key to infinity[View]
113905621Why even bother watching Alex Jones any more?: Same information, superior commentary. https://www.yo…[View]
113905929What the fuck is going on? Can anyone give me the basic gestalt on all the shit that went down today…[View]
113903247At what age did you grow out of conservatism and become a socialist?[View]
113905897Yo. FBI bros. Don't give Pence the codes. CIA is setting you up with Operation: BackDrop.[View]
113905455Is the believe in evolution left wing by default?[View]
113903690What would Hitler think of /pol/ and white nationalism?[View]
113904814Why isn't /pol/ living in intellectual man's country: China, Japan, South Korea, or Italy?[View]
113905819Anti-Vaxxers BTFO: Even if you try to create an isolated community you'll receive biological te…[View]
113889034Trump Rescinds Obama Transgender Bathroom Rules: https://www.wsj.com/articles/trump-administration-s…[View]
113904956What is the most based religion?[View]
113871264Shareblue company and political connections: Hey everybody, I thought I would begin sharing info nev…[View]
113903467ITT: Post the worst days to ever happen to your country. No description. 4th September 2006[View]
113900084When I'm walking in my white neighborhood, enjoy my privilege, and I spot a dirty nigger savage…[View]
113882108Just found out my fiancee is an anchor baby: I honestly don't know what to do guys. Her parents…[View]
113893040GoToMeeting Commercial - Hiding the Pedo Symbols: Anybody see this commercial for gotomeeting? There…[View]
113904134I'm relieved by seeing this because this so called ' intelligence community' insider just basic…[View]
113905238Welp, guess I piss everybody off. Where does 'I Side With' put y'all /pol/?[View]
113904927What's xirs end game?[View]
113903707MSNBC, EVERYONE: Whoopsie! MSNBC Plays KFC Ad In Place of Hillary Clinton Clip During Racism Segment…[View]
113905064/jsg/ - Jefferson State General: This General is dedicated to the State of Jefferson movement to sec…[View]
113904824One of my fav books, now Blacked: They made Roland black....just...is this it? Either we hasten the …[View]
113905054spenator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Q3tjgaCBCU[View]
113902324Been isolated from the world in the hospital: What big happenings did I miss? Pic related, proof im …[View]
113861699Nazi Gif thread: Post em[View]
113881311Who was in the right or wrong here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TJQ38Rf_AU the off duty cop?…[View]
113904949O'keefe is hover handing again. I love the guy and his work that brings down political criminal…[View]
113892577Would you let croatian president sit on your face[View]
113899495OP from the last thread. The image is still in my possession. I posted the first half of the flipped…[View]
113902114*DUN* *DUN DUN DUNN* It iiis the Savage Nation and it's another Rock n' Roll Friday and I-…[View]
113901821I love you[View]
113900865Does it irritate anyone else that the metric system measurements go from something |-| this big to s…[View]
113903485Is horseshoe theory real?[View]
113891323Which one is better?: You have to choose one, which society do you live in?[View]
113904153Path of Exile: How do I deal with this situation[View]
113904505What does /pol/ think of this?[View]
113904315Aliens general: Save it before it gets deleted stay woke people.[View]
113887407#ProtectTransKids is trending, you guys know what to do?[View]
113902787We're experiencing the 'good times' at this point right? As in that 'good times create weak men…[View]
113901096/ptg/ President Trump General - Fighting Back Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whitehouse.g…[View]
113904163We were quietly enslaved by WWII: Ever since then, the US taxpayer has become an engine for funding …[View]
113904140A choice that helps everyone: I notice a lot of arguments with mexicans and americans on this board,…[View]
113903849This happened at my college: http://m.coastreportonline.com/features/article_ebbb5e92-f886-11e6-a610…[View]
113903126>Cary man had AK-47, made threat against non-Muslims, feds say >Garrett Grimsley used the app …[View]
113903238How do we fix American education?[View]
113901442PEDO LIBERALS BTFO![View]
113903508>politics won't get us gfs[View]
113901334Has /pol/ ever been arrested? Trouble with the po-po's? Tell us those stories. >One time so…[View]
113903735>Protestants >Christian Pick one[View]
113893208WTF they're teaching arabic in schools now? literally fucking unacceptable this is in god'…[View]
113901481Unreleased Footage of HWNDU Stream, SAM HYDE VS AIDS BJORN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RJuertV…[View]
113902703Jesus Christ, there are 19 million people in: Niger and double that in Uganda Median age? 15-16…[View]
113902271So I've finally found myself here.: For eons have I used this site and for the very first time,…[View]
113903329Are Jews to whites what whites are to niggers?[View]
113896973Why is the travel ban good?: Hey /pol/ I need good points for a debate I'm having in my pol sci…[View]
113903441It's about time the mentally-ill stopped receiving such benefits.[View]
113903605whyare young people nigg3r poseurs ?: Is the disposability of social media to post up 30 regretable …[View]
113878384State your political ideology before and after /pol/ Before /pol/: Left-leaning centrist After /pol/…[View]
113903566Trump High Res/Wallpaper thread: Post em[View]
113903555Hypothesis: If all restrictions were lifted in all industry EXCEPT 'banking' which, from that point …[View]
113900753Save this before its deleted.[View]
113899380HAPPY MERCHANT MEME THREAD!: Alight, Goyim. Show me your most rare Merchant memes. So we may celebra…[View]
113901807What does /pol/ think of this guy?[View]
113901099After being deported in 2007, he was arrested twice in Denver. Then, police say he killed a woman.: …[View]
113903213This is what pseudo-liberalism has done to West Benal[View]
113903198Since /pol/ maintains that stereotypes are based in truth does that mean we're all a bunch of n…[View]
113901911Is it possible for a woman to remain conservative, elegant, and mature after attending uni?[View]
113898808what the fuck...[View]
113899695>mfw we have to deal with the Federal Reserve for another century[View]
113901399How to distinguish between an actual /pol/tard from cancer: Authentic /pol/ user (if you have at lea…[View]
113896462Why do Conservashits vote against their own economic interests?[View]
113902961THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS 'MODERATE' MUSLIMS!!!FACT!!!: The so called 'moderate' Muslims are the fir…[View]
113897686The Catcher in the Rye: Is this book bluepilled or redpilled?[View]
113899133realistically speaking, will she win?: what's the likelihood of her winning?[View]
113897488>mike pence making an unannounced visit to clean the vandalized jewish cemetary he truly is /our …[View]
113877369political ideology: What is your ideology, /pol/?[View]
113871251Mexico just won Hockey's world championship: Were Mexicans white all along /pol/?[View]
113894264Drumpftards BTFO: Drumpfkins your days are numbered. AltRight say GOODNIGHT! We, the Knights of Soci…[View]
113846230What would really actually happen if a bomb was dropped on the Kebab Cube?[View]
113899021NANCY PELOSI WOULD LIKE TO THANK DR. MARTIN LUTHER SINGH: That bitch is going to jail for pizza rela…[View]
113901458Well boys?: Looks like you lost.[View]
113902117I am a libertarian: debate me.[View]
113878847Sargon is here so be on your best behavior.[View]
113901016thoughts: Two things, given the general pro-russia sentiment of this forum, how do you all feel abou…[View]
113902434Petition Thread: Hey /pol/ here's some petitions to sign if you'd like. https://petitions.…[View]
113883763Stem vs. Steam: Why do you autists disagree with this? It's nothing but admirable for people to…[View]
113866669Would you rather live in Russia or México?: Would you rather live in Russia or México? >Discuss…[View]
113896138Is Kurt /ourguy/?: What did he mean by this? Is Kurt /ourguy/ ?[View]
113889443>Jim has a patreon now wew. finally[View]
113899844Who was in the wrong here?[View]
113872979Exodus Contingency General:: We discuss /pol/ plan for exodus should the censorship, shilling, and s…[View]
113902293If our life and perception is determined by iq, genes and looks, why should I choose to go on? Why d…[View]
113902254Could it really be happening /pol/?: So apparently as soon as tomorrow there will be a leak that wil…[View]
113900516What if... The call that saved USA.[View]
113899542We need more news like this: Dindu headed to prison for threatening da police. Kek wills it. http:/…[View]
113900406Anyone else worried that after winning with trump and having him fight degeneracy/liberals that a ca…[View]
113870909#PleaseStepDown: Please listen. Very Important message. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76ApoPtPMRc…[View]
113901214Trump attacks Multiculturalism in Sweden: And of course riots breaks in Sweden,Liberals and SJW…[View]
113877258I was walking on campus today when I spotted this (pic related). I thought it was muh (((>6 gorg…[View]
113901784Atheists are truly wrong on everything: >Be atheist >Believe that world started from nothing o…[View]
113900761/ourguys/ are on HWNDU. RIP me. Praise kek![View]
113900996Why do UN wants to ban this thing again?[View]
113863075UK not about to 'shut the door' on low-skilled EU migrants, says David Davis: >UK not a…[View]
113898626/ptg/ President Trump General - Going To War Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whitehouse.go…[View]
113879231how will trump recover?[View]
113894434/AYY LMAO/ General: Discuss the pic that nobody fucking saved for whatever reason[View]
113900784Aliens and NASA ayy lmao it's happening: IT'S FUCKING HAPPENING AYY LMAO https://www.youtu…[View]
113899558So the thread that was going to expose the pic got deleted again. ANON COME BACK AND POST IT.[View]
113900091/POL/ BTFO: GOD DAMN GUYS[View]
113896427Tulsi Gabbard: Is this what #SoulSearching2017 was about?[View]
113893269>man goes bankrupt multiple times >need to make fake school to scam people and dodge taxes to …[View]
113900679ITT: good goyim I'll start.[View]
113892169Hey guys I am starting up a facebook group because I am fed up with all the fucking shitty normie me…[View]
113896223why is /pol/ defending this nigger loving pedo faggot?[View]
113896943Would you take the deal?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYNKufXhWGg To summarize it >Swede hote…[View]
113896124Caption this.[View]
113899874Are Indians more like Europeans or more like East Asians?[View]
113895551Stephen Miller, top Trump speechwriter and advisor, follows David Duke on twitter. /ourguy/ confirme…[View]
113900297Did @slushstuff get shoah'd? What's her new account?[View]
113899177Our song ???: This /oursong/ https://youtu.be/nwATF5dnfq4[View]
113900435http://www.mprnews.org/story/2017/02/21/refugees-minnesota-risk-death-to-cross-into-canada thanks ca…[View]
113898150'Progressives' are turning to the Political Industrial Entertainment Complex to drown their Trump so…[View]
113900196Is Colin Flaherty our guy?[View]
113893301White people hate thread!: Fucking whites always wearing New Balance shoes. Have head lice. Don…[View]
113865922Huffpo Defends Trump: We've entered bizarro world again lads http://archive.is/EQRgb[View]
113892219The same people who targeted and hated podesta and Clinton for the piza g@te myth are the same peopl…[View]
113894288BILL MAHER DEFENDS PEDOPHILIA: SHARE THIS SHIT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNyaMQvIsKM HOLY FUCK…[View]
113899504this is milo yiannopoulos when he was boring tech journalist. the 'dangerous faggot' shit probably j…[View]
113899913Dan Bilzarian Snapchat is of (((Jeff Epstein's))) island: Dan Bilzarian's Snapchat is of (…[View]
113895966Sluts BTFO, herpes cause autism!: http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2017/02/herpes-virus-may-be-trigger…[View]
113899743Nigger Hate Thread: Niggers are fucking subhuman. Discuss.[View]
113898858https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNyaMQvIsKM IMAJUN MY SOUP RISE WEN THA MAINSTREEM MEATOR DNT REEEEE…[View]
113899674Show Gorka more love!: This based giant man is there with God Emperor everyday, doing his best to su…[View]
113898002Trump mexicans...[View]
113895285Can she stay? She just wants to learn English and be a good American.[View]
113899548WE WUZ KINGS: https://imjustheretomakeyouthink.wordpress.com/2016/08/28/98-of-african-americans-are-…[View]
113893916Why is this allowed?[View]
113899067What does /pol/ think about this?: The Wall will be useless. The Pew Hispanic Center has previously …[View]
113894129Are the approval rating polls as one-sided and skewed as basically every other poll during the elect…[View]
113895016Jacobin Magazine has gone after /pol/: how will yall react?[View]
113897293>he doesn't have a gypsy muslim spider woman in his subway station KEK and you dare calling …[View]
113872682Do you regret voting for him?[View]
113898762See Rule 19 (of old 4chan) 'The more you hate it, the stronger it gets.' So thanks shills for playi…[View]
113887286Alex Jones AMA is here! Join: Here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NB8PEG63II[View]
113898131Trump Wine Boycott at Wegmans Backfires A boycott of Trump Winery products sold at Wegmans stores in…[View]
113899186How do we stop the trans freaks?: This shit is obviously pushed to indoctrinate weak-minded people.…[View]
113899175this what the ayy lmao looked like: >they wanted to get artificial meme magic from a 'digit machi…[View]
113889338Pedophilia is a conservative trait: Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was convicted of …[View]
113895671Israelis, Iranian here. What's your opinion on Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE and gulf states (Not i…[View]
113898358Truth: the recipe for great memes is chaos that is why leftist memes are shit (they are afraid of c…[View]
113898933How do we fix /pol/?[View]
113866455Is he finished?[View]
113893623>be a coalburner couple >have 'nigger' spraypainted on your house >refuse to clea…[View]
113898806>be part of the swamp >elitism, bohemian grove, corruption, spirit cooking, etc >see that t…[View]
113897112I know that EU4 is generally accepted on /pol/ as it is a highly political game, but I was wondering…[View]
113896426/ptg/ President Trump General - Radiant Quests Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whitehouse.…[View]
113863474What caused the epidemic of beta males, and how can those poisoned by it return to proper form? How …[View]
113896966*blocks your path*[View]
113898654>he thinks white man could ever compete >1760…[View]
113867062>liberalism doesn't wor-[View]
113895195is this WHAT average /pol/tard looks like ?[View]
113897450Hey, I found an article you might like pol :): http://www.cracked.com/blog/6-ways-alt-right-turns-pe…[View]
113896249Spic Hate Thread: I fucking hate spics. Post what you got.[View]
113887492What is this aliens thing about?[View]
113893991YUM! Brands stock is down, anyone know why?[View]
113894812Pls dont tell me its over Who will publish the book? Did he really resign?[View]
113898257>When people talk about Trump's 2024 successor[View]
113898205Muslim lovers: Most of the leftists defending illegal Muslim immigration have never even seen a Soma…[View]
113897844Sweden IMPORTS CAMELS to give Somali Muslim migrants work: >Be Sweden >Do this JUST https://yo…[View]
113898030American Healthcare LMAO: Does anyone seriously find it defensible at all at this point that the US …[View]
113898001people are cattle. reptile AMA.: stupid poor cattle.[View]
113887028Utah is the future of the white race; average age 30: https://www.statista.com/statistics/208048/med…[View]
113897961Important Reminder: The Shifty Merchants Are Behind Open Borders: 'Citing Holocaust, Swiss Jews…[View]
113897953Not gonna lie, President Trump here. This is fucking hilarious watching myself crash and burn. But i…[View]
113896856Working in Saudi Arabia: A couple of days ago I saw an interesting thread from a Saudi saying SA was…[View]
113873677New ''''Assault Weapons'''' Ban: >tfw you won't comply[View]
113896739is the alt-right finally finished now that their leader milo is dead?[View]
113877631The Milo division - External threat, internal consequences: Alright /pol/, I'm more of a lurker…[View]
113890344alex jones pizza gate get in here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NB8PEG63II[View]
113896941greatest leader?: who's the greatest world leader since the end of WW2? Give me your opinions /…[View]
113897528DNC DEBATE /IMPLOSION EDITION/: Jehmu 'stone-cold-stupid' Greene just said presidential elections in…[View]
113896744God I fucking miss the UK in the 90's mudhammeds were rarely ever seen, moved to the US in the …[View]
113894267Legalization General: Why do we let our government dictate what goes into our body? Do we trust the …[View]
113897398TRUMP IS MAKING KIDS WET THEIR BEDS: That's it: you lost /pol/.[View]
113892707How to trick /pol/: Step 1. Open chrome. Find an article or website you want to change.[View]
113840000/kekpol/ - The Seven Planets Edition: What did Kek mean by this? >http://www.popularmechanics.com…[View]
113896038White Vote by County Map: Here is a map of the 2016 if only non-Hispanic Whites could vote. >mfw …[View]
113896846Which one of you was this? http://wncn.com/2017/02/21/cary-man-had-ak-47-made-threat-complained-non-…[View]
113895911What kind of bird is this?: What kind of bird is this?[View]
113897073>be me, british methodist minister >get offended by a shirt quoting a line from a tv show >…[View]
113896868we wuz memes go go go[View]
113888598Why does the left glorify this guy? He has full blown autism,[View]
113884707Why does India like Trump so much?: Pic related, Indians celebrating Trump's birthday, wtf?…[View]
113890856Is he our guy? Operator, connect to skynet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HiK3L8c9wo[View]
113890949I want to start a discussion about the simulation theory. I'm not going to x, because this is b…[View]
113892355Logan Act, anyone?[View]
113879764ITT:2018 Senate Elections.: The current U.S. Senate has 52 Republicans and 48 Democrats (including t…[View]
113896522who was mcauley[View]
113894366What's going on with Jewgle?: >Am connected to Canadian VPN. >go to Jewgle homepage >…[View]
113894342Shill resistance: Im glad that every user is beggining to acknowledge the infestment of shill here. …[View]
113896040Welcome to /pol/ - Politically Incorrect: This board is for the discussion of news, world events, po…[View]
113895799anyone else unronic likes liberal comedy?[View]
113896677Is it inaccurate to say Germany (and previous forms of germanic peoples) were always responsible for…[View]
113879904Is the hate for Milo on this board real, or is it a forced meme? Considering how Milo is essentially…[View]
113896499Our power is swelling. What has been experienced is only the beginning of the tidal wave cleansing t…[View]
113894130/ptg/ President Trump General - Fake News Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whitehouse.gov h…[View]
113890547CNN BREAKING NEWS!: Trump approval slides in polls! http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/22/politics/donald-tr…[View]
113896466(((Lena Dunham))): Why hasn't she been executed?[View]
113895539The Happening: I may be a bit late but on this but work comes first. Listen fellow pols. We are at w…[View]
113895823https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/22/arts/television/bill-maher-milo-yiannopoulos-interview.html fucki…[View]
113895395Bill Maher on Pederasty: Here's a clip of Bill Maher defending an adult woman who had sex with …[View]
113896417Operation Shahmaran: The USA supporting the Shah losing power.: Wikileaks on CIA starting to become …[View]
113895185Thoughts on Gavin McInness, /pol/? Just watched him on Joe Rogan. He's pretty redpilled. Pro-Tr…[View]
113894921Rucka has ALWAYS been our guy. PROVE ME WRONG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SlJH28tfgX0[View]
113834823Epiphany Thread: What are the biggest realization you've had abut humanity as a whole? Any inte…[View]
113896189Podesta pizza: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7b273RhFHCY Hey guys somebody made a thread to share …[View]
113895998>democracy dies in darkness >as in 'people need the news to tell them what's going on' …[View]
113892844DNC Debate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hq9Mpmb80Kw[View]
113893713What do you know about the State of Jefferson? I've been reading about it a lot and it makes a…[View]
113864380Are Latinas the master race?[View]
113895967After the EU inevitably dismantles, do you think more countries will seek cooperation alliances like…[View]
113888369Hey! Sargon of Akkad here! I have a quick question. Do you guys consider anti-SJW youtubers such as …[View]
113892242I need a rundown on this guy from HWNDU NM. I've seen his picture pop up on occasion but don…[View]
113873589How can liberal women even compete?[View]
113894399I am a alt right and a nazi.[View]
113895836Stop worshipping Abrahamic entities[View]
113895809sort general >he's becoming more and more of a living meme >I don't even have an int…[View]
113894880>overnight, your country converts to a system of single-party state socialism comparable to Stali…[View]
113894638message to all refugees: https://youtu.be/4jleHXkYVL4[View]
113891540Why don't White Nationalists look like this?[View]
113895501>creepypasta day in /pol/[View]
113895491I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes: You haven't cha…[View]
113888691How the fuck was this not the end of Trump's base support? I like everything else Trump has don…[View]
113895253Where do you guys get your news?[View]
113886233Gym is the redpill for mid/short height men: Every man shorter than 1,75m should feel obliged to go …[View]
113885078Anarcho-syndicism: Is it better than state run communism?[View]
113894227pu: fuck me boys theres ltierally nothin more iw ant than puss rn. im seriously so fucking desperate…[View]
113892452Decide what movie I watch tonight, /pol/acks[View]
113891504I want to start getting into history--world and American. What are some particularly goods untainted…[View]
113894370Do you support your nations' police?: Do you think they'd be on your side or the right sid…[View]
113892498Newly revived Anti-Semitism is a ploy: Does anyone else feel like this whole >anti-semitism is on…[View]
113888092Doesn't it make you guys uncomfortable that you support everything Trump says and does and are …[View]
113886458Should we be worried about Pence?[View]
113887162I know there's at least one misguided /pol/ anon out there who wholeheartedly believes in Keyne…[View]
113894753Putin Dispensing Red Pills On Jews: “I thought about something just now: The decision to nationalize…[View]
113894045>mfw people actually non ironically defend this epic master ruseman hypocrite…[View]
113894684Do you guys think this plan would work? 1. See this link here: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-02…[View]
113888687Have you ever seen a well hidden /pol/lack?: >joking with a german normie about politics at work …[View]
113894257is it legal to lynch niggers? if so who wants to help[View]
1138902081900 picture of the year 2000, as French people leave the opera in their flying vehicles.[View]
11389108314 Words: Pence trying to red pill some dead jews[View]
113893602Running of the Bulls: On the crisis in europe? i should we release the Bulls?[View]
113892187/ptg/ President Trump General - Human Space Empire Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whiteho…[View]
113894250Trudeaus Red Pill Level: If Trudeau had a red pill bar, it would be set to max at all times he is so…[View]
113894167time to Nuke the World: https://twitter.com/memeprovider/status/834512413449936899[View]
113894084If she wins: She will break the EU. The only people it will profit will be Russians.[View]
113888467Shock: Inbreeding in islam: Statistical research on Arabic countries shows that up to 34 percent of …[View]
113892876ITT: things that were 'surely the end of Trump's campaign'[View]
113890282ALEX JONES PEDOGATE LIVE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NB8PEG63II[View]
113893871I got a call from the bogdanovs. I have permission[View]
113880502Aliens are real?[View]
113883961Obesity: How do we end the obesity epidemic? What steps would you take, /pol/ to stop our nations g…[View]
113891286What's with all of the alien threads/images getting deleted? Is this a coverup???[View]
113885502Ice Cream shop creates Anti-Trump flavor: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/318335-ph…[View]
113893506How do we physically remove landwhales?[View]
113885523Sweden legalizes ISIS flag: 'Not a hate symbol' says Sweden https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwv9n6r7…[View]
113892022Bogdanov Brothers still politically active ?: i have heared many theorys about rotschild fearing the…[View]
113893467This man literally cannot speak at length about a complex subject and navigate the discourse success…[View]
113892464Why are Murricans hypocrites when it comes to black people?[View]
113893402lmao germany[View]
113893035#JumpToStopTrump: Holy shit they're actually doing it. Mexican intellectual jumps to his death …[View]
113889189Canada refugees: >if you are white is it extremely hard to get into Canada >if you ever smoked…[View]
113890611Why Thailand Best Country?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgAPVqdm_fQ https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
113893336Non-Heterosexuality is a Mental Illness: Yuri on Ice just won Tokyo Anime Awards 2017. How do we com…[View]
113886714Redpill me the new deal and how it affected the economy I've heard from some of the people I l…[View]
113891784what does /pol/ think of him: >he was the Baton Rouge police shooter https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
113876071Why do I even bother reading the fucking news anymore? Look at this shit. >Mexico's foreign …[View]
113891506Alien threads keep getting picked off. Whats your end game mods? what are you hiding[View]
113888330aus/pol/: HOLIDAY PENALTY RATES ARE GETTING CUT http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-02-23/weekend-penalt…[View]
113891292Are psychic pedo vampires real?[View]
113859922Fuck Swedish Nationalism: I'm so done with swedish nationalism. There is not a single thing to …[View]
113891967Realistically, how would a race war even start?[View]
113893097What do you think of police in your locale/nation?: Do you think they are good-natured overall? Do y…[View]
113882029In all seriousness, this is fucking frightening.[View]
113889672Is Jamaica the best Black Country?: Jamaica is a Black Country that looks decent. See pol, not all b…[View]
113886120How much does the government take out of your paycheck? Here in the US, federal income tax alone is …[View]
113891428Shld Alt-Right elect a leader & organize?: Since the discussion was cut off on the thread were i…[View]
113892950May and Trump BTFO by Katy Perry: How will they ever recover? May as well call off Brexit and MAGA r…[View]
113891269Is betaism genetic or a state of mind?[View]
113892881>Sin taxes don't wor-[View]
113889059>he thinks left and right politics exist[View]
113884027The ramblings of an absolute mad man: For those of you who do not keep up with Cracked, they have be…[View]
113889028ALEX JONES AMA: WHY THE FUCK ISN'T THIS ANYWHERE ON /POL/??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5N…[View]
113891110(((NASA))): >proof (((NASA))) can't be trusted What's their endgame?…[View]
113874648Nice job 'Trump': 'Trump' did a good job[View]
113890199Why does the left attract such a disgusting, degenerate class of people?[View]
113890087guys, i'm going to give a report on how the media lies to my government class in college. can y…[View]
113891763>Pokemon Go to the polls[View]
113876403WHAT IN THE NAME OF FUCKING GOD IS THIS??: https://youtu.be/7b273RhFHCY How is there nothing being s…[View]
113870698Chinese infrastructure: What do you guys think about recent Chinese infrastructure, memes aside? Not…[View]
113890858Are Swedes really this delusional?: ''BUUU..buuut it was the degenerates from Eastern Euro…[View]
113889838/ptg/ President Trump General - Misguided Protestors Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://white…[View]
113886733Are black Americans suffering due to racism, lack of moral character or low iq?[View]
113891558What are some red flags that warn you that a poster is from /r/the_donald? For me it's posting …[View]
113892299Alex was right all along.: This just in, the most trusted turkish media site, have reported on chemi…[View]
113885178Keating 5: John McCain leader of massive fraud, bribery and the collapse of the loan market: Im sure…[View]
113891895Trump means uncertainty, they said: I am attending a conference packed with business execs tomorrow.…[View]
113883003Milo: Not caught up on the MIlo scrutiny. Can someone destroy my libtard friend who says that Milo …[View]
113891638Really makes you think[View]
113886564>birthplace of the industrial revolution >established as world power for over a century >co…[View]
113891637War of Southern Betrayal: Why has the South keep insisting the war was about State Rights when it wa…[View]
113886040Drop me some studies and redpills /pol/: HELP >HELP HELP >HELP HELP >HELP HELP >HELP Alr…[View]
113887475>What would happen if Trump was killed? How would the USA react? Would it possibly trigger a civi…[View]
113889117What would you do if you saw Trump in public, with no Secret Service protection? Me, I'd shake …[View]
113861239Daily reminder that if you can't safely drink tap water then your country is a shithole.[View]
113880325WW3: CHINA BTFO[View]
113889921What's happening? This isn't the first time I see something like this, two different posts…[View]
113891336Obama=worst ever I dare you to defy me!: 8T to 21T and 30T if include obamacare. no growth crazy inf…[View]
113819235MSM not looking too happy: wew, what's wrong with the presscore? did someone shit in their punc…[View]
113889005Welp Labor is going to win next election when they promise to restore normal sunday penalties. This …[View]
113889520When is Trump going to replace Obamacare and what will he call it again?[View]
113879440The minorities here who align themselves with the alt-right, white nationalists, american nationalis…[View]
113887094Persians should smarten up and work with our Jewish and Saudi brothers to cuck america and the white…[View]
113890996How do I redpill myself, /pol/? I want to take control of my life and be successful and make a lot o…[View]
113886889Help /pol/: How do we save the most biodiverse marine region on the planet? Ideally we could make th…[View]
113883751How do I prevent myself from unknowingly progressing a bad cause? Is it possible to live life reduci…[View]
113889625When did you take teh North Dakota pill?: http://imgur.com/a/sutZP[View]
113884762White House Insider: Ok guys. I'm a believer in the WH insider now. On top of the other stuff t…[View]
113878062Women who support Trump want to get raped by fucking White males[View]
113890430Dearborn, Michigan. As a bong I don't know much about it, but I just watched this video... http…[View]
113848409We need to fix the American White Birth Rate: Trump is now president, Now's the time to fix our…[View]
113890295Do you believe that the US is being separated by biased media? Put your opinion in the comments. (Pi…[View]
113890210There it is in black and white: Presidential authority. >>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaV…[View]
113804972BLACKS ARE DU- Oh wait... /pol/ BTFO[View]
113890108O'Leary 2019: Kevin is currently the most popular Con candidate by far. Will he be the one to m…[View]
113888885which books on the background m8s wanna get an insight on this fags mind[View]
113889198does /pol/ have the ability to start a cargo cult with kek[View]
113887868/ptg/ President Trump General - Tucker On A Rampage Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whiteh…[View]
113889980PRESIDENT TRUMP to address joint session of Congress next Tuesday 2/28: hmm I wonder what this could…[View]
113889979Who was in the wrong here?[View]
113886964blocks your path[View]
113878601Who here is unironically a national socialist? And no I don't mean Neo Nazi untermensch but act…[View]
113875783What happens here?[View]
113889711Who will be the one to bring Kek to Trump?: Seems like a good meme day[View]
113889636genuine question. Why should women have same rights as men ? They are inferior in every way.[View]
113884191Stop trying to impeach me.[View]
113852070German Left wants Refugees to Vote: Hm, so that's why they wanted them >Leftists in Germany …[View]
113889485If you ever feel like donating, donate to numbersusa instead of the RNC: NumbersUSA uses the money t…[View]
113889157Meanwhile in the Hillary timeline..[View]
113886413Jesuits or Jews. Who's worse?[View]
113886479kek: What did my local new station mean by this?[View]
113886407Wow, maybe liberals are right about America being a violent hellhole...[View]
113864419JOHN PODESTA gets extremely angry at 'Facebook' for spreading (fakenews) lol pizza gate spread over …[View]
113889027It's an Ann Coulter x Tucker episode[View]
113887294Anyone got the Brexit, Trump, Le Pen, etc. checklist image? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks /p…[View]
113882571German internet community masochist cuck faggots: the left in germany is copying literally every tru…[View]
113888886Is this what it feels like to go beyond?[View]
113883532Commie Hate Thread: Lately I've seen many people supporting Communists. Why do these edgy faggo…[View]
113888807Are jews really that far reaching into Europe? I'm unsure because I myself live in the north bu…[View]
113888184'Master Race'[View]
113887506Anyone watching Law and Order SUV: They are going after MRAs.[View]
113874275Brit/pol/ -Theresa Blair edition: >Did Tom Watson do a dab dance move in the Commons? Footage sho…[View]
113887347Is Bannon an interdimensional being?[View]
113888675Why is passive aggressiveness all the Left has?: They are enthusiastic about nothing. They're o…[View]
113888673Somebody redpill me on why Koreans copy Japanese products and culture so much: It's pretty obvi…[View]
113888080>Kremlin officials confirm that Trump's campaign was in 'frequent contact' with Russia befor…[View]
113888515Hundreds of years of slavery behind that hit...[View]
113881192AMERICA LOL: >b-b-but only junkies get hep c WRONG! Hep c is the highest killing infectious disea…[View]
113886610How would you save the world?: the world is falling apart for many reasons. What is the one thing t…[View]
113888091>you have the freedom of speech to say whatever you want. But your words have consequences. Like …[View]
113888365Oy vey!: Never forget the 6 x 10^23 goys[View]
113888337There has been plenty of talk on this board since November along the lines of 'We did it'. Assuming …[View]
113888329Studies show that nigger dick is actually more nutritional and enjoyable than white dick. Lol, I gu…[View]
113875268FOR FREE: >'I shall delete HWNDU threads at any given chance with no real explanation, but I will…[View]
113882810Poland, independent and immune to west capital is the most important element of successful internati…[View]
113881345What can /pol/ do?: Simple concept, but tricky to answer. Lets compile a list of all of the greatest…[View]
113884079This is a McCain hate thread: Post anti-McCain memes and plot his destruction.[View]
113888101Identity Theft Thread: In 2016 $15,000,000,000 was stolen from US citizens. What percentage of this …[View]
113888089Can I get a basic gestalt on the Rothschild's?: Pictures, theories, and how they effect governm…[View]
113886895What do you think he's thinking about right now?[View]
113888037all rise[View]
113885782/ptg/ President Trump General - Soaring Tucker Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whitehouse.…[View]
1138879091. How likely do you think it is that the US will have a civil war in the next 4-8 years? 2. When th…[View]
113882985USA YES!: ‘Walking Dead’ Shirt Pulled From Stores After Complaint of Racism >http://www.msn.com/e…[View]
113884356US-Mexico War: IF they really go through with refusing to accept their illegals back and decide to s…[View]
113885733Kim Jong-nam's body might be a fake: There is no tattoo on the dead body. Left is a picture of …[View]
113880760AVENGE ME!!!![View]
113887525MCCAIN OUTED TRUMP'S PISSGATE: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-elections/jo…[View]
113886473Pol! Here is the rare picture of the alien that was deleted[View]
113877125Why are all the hot chicks Trump supporters? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJsuw6DOC80[View]
113882279Well /pol/? Getting tired of losing yet?: Because I'm getting tired of winning![View]
113886888Hey dudes and dudettes. Long time /pol/er here. Lately I've been losing hope in Drumpt. t I sta…[View]
113887263I've been out of the loop for a while. Do we have any evidence of Trump's claim? After se…[View]
113886616Question: How was Milo abused by a priest if he is a Jew?[View]
113869798G-Guys whats going on? So i started a shitty thread about the NASA announcement and as soon as peop…[View]
113878044CNN is in pre-damage control[View]
113886933Anarcho Feudalism: >Destruction of the State; Creation of a the Feudal Society. >Destruction o…[View]
113850123Daily Reminder life would be better if the USSR won the coldwar: >live in world socialist republi…[View]
113886836It never ends... https://youtu.be/E-gqxhkKW88[View]
113884625Does anyone else have more content of the MSM shooting themselves in the foot? https://www.youtube.c…[View]
113883703HAPPENING TOMORROW: This facebook group is promoting violence on a police officer who was not arrest…[View]
113883186When will Trump solve the NEET problem? We should just reinstate the draft for anyone 18 to 26 who d…[View]
113884574Did an ancient advanced civilization exist on Earth?: Ancient Atomic War https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
113879516She won by 3 million votes: Say it with me: MADAM PRESIDENT[View]
113880773GUNS: why do people think there isn't a extremely comprehensive background check when someone p…[View]
113886559le born in the wrong generation[View]
113885035Why isn't he locking her up, guys? Oh yeah you got conned by a simpleton and are in denial >…[View]
113886486Where were you when France uncuck Europe? >Marine Le Pen, the National Front leader, has provoke…[View]
113885670What's her end game?: https://twitter.com/lderothschild/status/834293947690262528[View]
113885753I would die for this man[View]
113886315Trump's own agenda heads fighting with White House: Specifically, the agenda heads (Tillerson, …[View]
113882606How do I get a girlfriend? I want to feel validated for once[View]
113863535>We don't want them here[View]
113886230How do we stop this, /pol/? Since being redpilled I've vascillated between determination & …[View]
113847070What's the obsession with Nordic blood?: They have never conquered, all they have done is hinde…[View]
113864613Can someone give me a no nonsense answer on what is actually going on in Sweden? I hear some Swedes …[View]
113883795Hey guys remember this?: Witness the horror... AGAIN! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfrRzW-Yqog…[View]
113885677>Some leftists are calling Trump anti-semitic >Meanwhile other leftists are calling Trump a zi…[View]
113883905/ptg/ President Trump General - Lolcow Power Hour Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whitehou…[View]
113880665Is he a globalist shill or is he Canada's saving grace? What's his endgame? t. a Leaf res…[View]
113870553Um hi, I was told to come here because I believe that there are only two genders/sexes.[View]
113885406Hypothetical situations: Trump get impeached How did you reacted?[View]
113881052What is the end goal of politics?[View]
113855290NASA wasted billions of dollars to find planets that we will never reach: Why is this allowed? The …[View]
113885568Irish Love Thread: Why are the Irish the best at music?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6K3zMupWtmM…[View]
113885513When did you take teh North Dakota pill?: http://imgur.com/a/sutZP[View]
113870772Éire/pol/ butcher's cut edition: Continuation from last thread no OP, but here's some Weim…[View]
113885463is he dare i say it /ourguy/?[View]
113884509Praise Kek: I am Kek as Kek is Me. You are Kek as Kek is You. We are Kek as Kek is Us. They are Kek …[View]
113885408Dilbertman: Scott Adams aka The Master Persuader aka Joseph Goebbels says that 4chan can defeat Isis…[View]
113885216Was bob Marley redpilled?: >Let's get together to fight this Holy Armageddon (one love) >…[View]
113879350If I marry a Black Woman will the Jews leave me alone?[View]
113885242do you think pence will be a good president?[View]
113884713>*smacks lips profusely* What did he mean by this?[View]
113884961Can we get a good Ayo Hol Up copypasta thread going?[View]
113885032WSJ letters to the editor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KP7vi9oLk54 So about the WSJ, should we l…[View]
113872981Women are mentally incapable of being physically attracted to weaker males.: So get off of 'mah Jews…[View]
113884883Shit was boring before 2015: Watershed year. Literally every day is a happening now, whereas before …[View]
113884649are (((they))) pushing multiculturalism becuase: We are all going to kill each other if they dont st…[View]
113884873Let's discuss the protocols: Is this the most red pilled book you can read on the jewish questi…[View]
113884834TREVOR NOAH BTFO[View]
1138692782/28: Since it's pretty much verified that the end of February will have a major happening, wha…[View]
113881868> MFW people actually factually unironically voted for the nazi (((((((((((((drumpf))))))))))))…[View]
113876883Is Taylor Swift still our Aryan Goddess?: Well, is she? What does she think about Trump?[View]
113884698So I heard /pol/ only likes white girls Would you rather breed with (pic) or a dindu? Oh you'd …[View]
113884684HEY RWR RURAL FREAKS, SO IS THE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE STILL 42%???: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Np40…[View]
113883966HEY RABBI WATCHA DOIN: https://twitter.com/Spacekatgal/status/833804178065612801[View]
113884128how do we fix Nevada?[View]
113883860Since J.K. Rowling is furiously advocating open borders and repeatedly stating that Europe has a dut…[View]
113881876BREAKING: Germany Invades Poland: At 4:45 a.m., some 1.5 million German troops invade Poland all alo…[View]
113881382http://imgur.com/gallery/WeHdv a brave swedish person tells the truth about his home country! why ca…[View]
113882875Dna: Is this how you make an Italian??[View]
113884353America Deserves Gas: Truly a low, fallen, depraved, and degenerate nation[View]
113884482What happens to millions of Syrian refugees if Assad stays in power?: The foundation for the United …[View]
113878189Mini-horse eating from high char and SJW's strike outrage: A video of a miniature horse sitting…[View]
113882834Trump deporting Invasive Filth: The Trump administration’s latest immigration enforcement rules inte…[View]
11387329014-88: Why does this man have such high testosterone???[View]
113876157NEW LEADER OF ALT-RIGHT: Now that Milo is gone and Richard Spencer got beaten by anti-fa like a girl…[View]
113884201Help /pol/: How do we save the most biodiverse marine region on the planet? Ideally we could make th…[View]
113883275Conservative logic in a nutshell:: Use faulty logic and claim liberals do it.[View]
113884222HELP ME /POL/: In my language course, the teacher has asked us all to write persuasive essays on any…[View]
113883597Perez Hilton has been shitting up Milo's facebook with comments about how he's done for an…[View]
113884210So who went and how did it go?[View]
113883988Why don't all you non-muslims convert to Islam and accept ISIS? I don't see why you all do…[View]
113880662What does /pol/ think about the Balkans and Southeastern Europe? I'm under the impression of …[View]
113868721Why is this guy so god damn dense? Is he just pretending to be retarded? He makes his own movement l…[View]
113880946What did they mean by this?[View]
113879041What will it take for you to dump Trump?: As a woman who voted for her, it just makes me so mad that…[View]
113881742Freedom Women: >Woman gets beat I love him so much >Woman dates a dead beat druggie How dare y…[View]
113881147/ptg/ President Trump General - Best Sex Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whitehouse.gov ht…[View]
113883428Well /pol/, who side are you on?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SH2AMyJrix8[View]
113880246What the FUCK was meant by this?[View]
113878867Sweden Hills: >tfw Japan is the only place keeping Swedish culture alive Maybe we should’ve dropp…[View]
113883269>tfw your tax money funds this bullshit. JUST[View]
113882933You thought this was over? Trump won't recover from this one.[View]
113871089Have we ever expanded on the definition of Kek and what it represents? Chaos, sure, but what form o…[View]
113883825Blocks your path at the border[View]
113882500Nikki Yovino falsely claimed rape on some college football players. How much do you want to bet it w…[View]
113883737What do we think about this?[View]
113880087So... Can we all agree on this?[View]
113883340The most redpilled nation today. And no liberal will dare attack a Chad[View]
113883648Read this pic related, extremely important. Spread this.[View]
113883567>Hitler: proud of his Germanic ancestry ... ... Trump: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvVFd6J_MA…[View]
113877154Pence said the 14 words at a Jew cemetery?: Truly /ourguy/[View]
113883514'Please Step Down': You dun did it now /pol/, Mr Shlomo Einhart tells it to Drumpf strait. Step Down…[View]
113883474>drumpfys actually unironically think they can meme a racist into the white house Lmao…[View]
113872932Monkeys once again BTFO: >'Go back to Brazil and show your dark fingers to them!' Vice-…[View]
113882210Yummy yummy electrons.: CNN leaks tomorrow! It's going to be a blast. Fresh meme material anyon…[View]
113883178Helms Deep and Tolkeins Racism: So I just finished watching this and I am amazed at how far these fa…[View]
113880024Demographic Questionnaire for Employment: Please check the option that applies, Upload and press 'Po…[View]
113871723Other than his obvious jewness and his stance on Israel why does /pol/ hate him so much?[View]
113883278For fuck's sake http://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/news/%e2%80%98walking-dead%e2%80%99-shirt-pulled-fr…[View]
113883318There's a tremendous astroturfing effort taking place on meetup.com for Soros Democrat faggots.…[View]
113883262Trump Effect: So, I googled the Trump Effect, and I got this. What does it really mean? Also, this b…[View]
113875020Richard Spencer 7k Twitter followers: Richard Spencer had 7k Twitter followers when he was kicked of…[View]
113863347America hate thread[View]
113880968https://www.rt.com/viral/378267-swedish-sex-work-breaks/ SWEDEN NO I've been trying to tell you…[View]
113874016Facebook sucks dick I don't know why people still use this piece of shit >so many garbage sh…[View]
113879563Why do shills shill?[View]
113882203What's the deal with this picture?[View]
113862415Don't let ((them)) fool you. SWEDEN. IS. FINE. I repeat. SWEDEN IS FINE That is all[View]
113881283Do any of Hillary's team have a chance of living in a witness protection program if the turn st…[View]
113882131Why does this rip-off of the Daily Shoah make so much money? Who funds these guys?[View]
113882775Ann Coulter: Her 2015 book Adios America was read by Trump before he decided to run for president. '…[View]
113880468What's a fool proof argument to convince my bluepilled coworker that 9/11 was an inside job?[View]
113881024Is your girlfriend redpilled? Mine started out as a total normie sjw and I rammed the redpoll down h…[View]
113868817Well /pol/ what is more dangerous?[View]
113872464American hero who stood up against corrupt cops and occultist corrupt shadow government[View]
113882659Should google be banned?[View]
113872156/pol/ ABSOTIVELY POSILUTELY BTFO'D: the alt right will defend this[View]
113882686Yet Another Victory!: Transfaggots BTFO[View]
113882669Let's discuss the protocols: Is this the most red pilled book you can read on the jewish questi…[View]
113882635I was the only white person on the train today during my commute home. The entire train car was fill…[View]
113882403To all those who are 'Pro Life', Life is pointless anyway. In the grand scale of the universe that u…[View]
113855420how do we stop men from retreating to a life of escapism and little responsibility with zero intenti…[View]
113881953The jews are controlling us.[View]
113881526Fondest 9/11 Memories: I remember reading the newspaper the previous day. Articles about a plane hij…[View]
113882230Andrew jackson on secession: “John Calhoun, if you secede from my nation I will secede your head fro…[View]
113881644Twitter poll: This poll is looking a little lonely, I think we need to help out. https://twitter.com…[View]
113864864Let this be the definitive poll: Is Spencer /our goy/? http://poal.me/emnkp8 Yesterday's poll o…[View]
113882314say what!?: can someone give me a quick rundown on this guy? i'd do a google search, but i…[View]
113882289http://www.scotsman.com/news/primark-pulls-walking-dead-t-shirt-after-row-over-racism-1-4372790 Oy v…[View]
113882237MOSSAD naagers all up in this bitch: Continue'd from >>113852345 >>113878743 >…[View]
113881711/pol/'s favorite post's image an heroes: Press F to pay respects to ye olde NOT A FUCKING …[View]
113872931Nuke us already.: >wake up >feel good you are approaching towards your hometown >pull out…[View]
113882105MEMRI TV meme thread[View]
113881683Are Japanese people autistic?[View]
113882076>>113635844 >ere's actually a definite possibility that there is no sexual component t…[View]
113878250Deep state already won.: Flynn's fired and gets replaced with establishment Mcmasters. Accordin…[View]
113874964How do we save Europe?[View]
113881979Alien Picture General THEY ARE DESEPERATE: German Anon posted a thread and deleted every picture! Le…[View]
113880735Kek's pre-weekend predictions: ITT we see what Kek wills for Thursday and Friday[View]
113878099What is the whitest blood type?[View]
1138790929/11: /pol/ in the aftermath of everything please tell me who really did it?[View]
113879157Why: Why are we one of the few countries who doesn't have free health care? Not shilling or a s…[View]
113881779DAPL PIPELINE .ARESSTES PENDING: https://www.periscope.tv/truthraider/1PlJQZqOwdXxE[View]
113863965Post John Olivers.[View]
113859368Natural News BTFO!: Why is Google so evil?[View]
113877815Listen if you fucking idiots don't want to buy health insurance you should have to sign a waive…[View]
113875207Conservatives BTFO yet again >http://occupydemocrats.com/2017/02/22/guess-chaffetz-just-decided-i…[View]
113881567oh hey guys: is he, dare i say, our guy?[View]
113879392Trump will save us all kek wills it[View]
113879361Did anybody miss this? Podesta going down soon?[View]
113877877/ptg/ President Trump General - They Have To Go Back Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://white…[View]
113860326What kinds of guns does /pol/ own? Pic related, that's my German masterpiece[View]
113877143Likelihood of fascism in Europe: How likely do you think it is that fascism will rise again in Europ…[View]
113880989What does /pol/ think of this[View]
113879476What in the fuck...[View]
113877504Are press agencies like Reuters, AFP and TASS legit or are they just flatout controlled media?[View]
113881232You can lead a blind horse to the truth: but you can't make him listen...[View]
113878983Socialism is the future: With the rise of AI and the upcoming automation of masses of jobs, socialis…[View]
113849501DACA: On December 1st, 2015, I was admitted to the University of Pennsylvania on a full ride $282,22…[View]
113880944I need you're help /pol/: Quick, I need some redpills on Sweden. Is the crime rate not higher i…[View]
113880923America hate thread: >60% white >51% of births are minorities >nigger worshiping culture …[View]
113880784Where does /pol/ buy their fresh are from?: Personally I prefer Canadian, but it looks like the bong…[View]
113879787WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS BULLSHIT TRUMP REEEEEEEEEE https://www.yahoo.com/news/us-homeland-security-chi…[View]
113878942Nazis Pawned yet again: Okay tell me this racist Nazi scum. If Hitler was all so innocent and just w…[View]
113859266Anyone who doesn't care about space travel is a literal nigger: prove me wrong[View]
113880779Can someone redpill me on This Is Us: Whether we are black, white, male, female, obese, athletic.. w…[View]
113880575We need Trump to take us to Mars BEFORE ANYONE ELSE >pull our country together >make us great …[View]
113880731DAPL BTFO: https://www.periscope.tv/truthraider/1PlJQZqOwdXxE[View]
113880749american asians will make america great again: > asian kid HWNDU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
113872756Name me something more horrifying. I'll wait.[View]
113877709Darpa AI Presentation: Kek[View]
113861626Well? Didn't really think this through, did you?[View]
113879371/ag/ - Atheism General: There is no proof that Odin, Perun, the Christian God, Muhammed or any other…[View]
113879413Prove you're not a part of shareblue /pol/: If you don't have one thing in your house pro-…[View]
113867366/weed/: give me a good reason why marijuana should be illegal. >brings in taxes >takes money o…[View]
113875978Milo is a pedophile now, Pewds is a nazi. Care to discuss?: Maybe people have had their heads up the…[View]
113880494when did the war on guns happen?: i want to buy a gun without worrying about taking it to shithole I…[View]
113879640anti-fa: Is this God's version of a joke. >Literal AIDS patients are going to bring about co…[View]
113878682He's right: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KP7vi9oLk54[View]
113877634Stop using google.: the blacklisting begins. http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-02-22-google-blacklists…[View]
113879470Slut Can't Keep Legs Closed: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/woman-18-falsely-accused-foo…[View]
113872490Ask a married black mother anythin (yes we exist)[View]
113879870An eye for an eye, let's go after Takei: https://www.google.com/amp/www.inquisitr.com/4004133/g…[View]
113843591/pp/ -- Portuguese Politics General: Offshores Edition: Time for another /pp/ thread, lads! As alway…[View]
113874171Trump Party: Italian Politician Borrows President’s Name: MAKE ITALY GREAT AGAIN http://archive.is/j…[View]
113880060Let's discuss the protocols: Is this not the most red pilled book you can read on the jewish qu…[View]
113877180More of these: Activate my almonds[View]
113879962According to Kangz girls more likely to get pregnant than boys: >Buhera – Zimbabwe’s First lady, …[View]
113878066>/leftypol/ has an actual rule where disagreeing with the circlejerk is a month long bannable off…[View]
113788952WHERE IS THE SHILLING OF THIS FAGGOT?: You sure cherry picked that orchestrated Egg McMuffin takedow…[View]
113877201/pol/ and Milo BTFO FOR ETERNITY: BAM, TAKE THAT TO THE BANK[View]
113878077What does /pol think about the great thinker Davis MJ Aurini: Thoughts?[View]
113879692Coal miners: you're fucked: Natural gas will always triumph. Deregulation and lower taxes favor…[View]
113874331Hall of Cost: I find it strange that when I search, 'holocaust denial' an overwhelming majority of t…[View]
113869622Love or hate Milo, we need to go on counterattack #IStandWithMiloAndGeorgeTakei: We need to associat…[View]
113879458This is how the Republic dies: (((they))) are working to undermine the electoral collage and the Rep…[View]
113878248McDonalds: I think something needs to be done about Egg McMuffin. If this kike sympathizer really wa…[View]
113878292Rome's True Heir: Was there a true succesor to the Roman Empire?[View]
113878266McMullin is FBI Anon: What if McMullin https://twitter.com/evan_mcmullin is actually FBI Anon >b…[View]
113879203Whats the cuckiest political alignment and why is it libertarians?[View]
113870103Trannies BTFO: > I'm a proud tranny I can use whatever bathroom I wan-…[View]
113869826Hotep General - Based Sowell Edition: Previous thread: >>113000353 Welcome to Hotep general. …[View]
113878837He's right, you know.[View]
113863743Is she going to win?[View]
113876761Stop Using Porn: sn't watching porn the epitome of being a cuck? You are literally using your p…[View]
113877348SOUL SEARCHING THROTTLED: Twitter is throttling #SoulSearching2017 into oblivion!!!! There are very …[View]
113868115Northern Africans: Are North Africans niggers?[View]
113868613I'm starting to like this guy even though he is a retard. What should I do? Also, I'm alre…[View]
113878939fuck japan.[View]
113878878Who was the most redpilled of the three?[View]
113857720Political Compass: ITT: we post our political compasses[View]
113871909Addiction: How many of you have been or are currently addicted to substances? Abuse of them scientif…[View]
113877321Who enforces Libertarianism in a Libertarian society?[View]
113878788Christopher Nemelka: Charlatan or champion for humanity?[View]
113876235if /pol/ became a human[View]
113861775WORLD RISK: pick nation and color[View]
113852345What are your fond memories of 9/11?[View]
113878722RETAIL WORKER PENALTY RATES CUT:: >Sundays >175% (of normal pay) to 150% (*full time) >150%…[View]
113876511American whites are not the same as European whites. The same goes for the so called African America…[View]
113861606Bill Maher Once Condoned Sexual Relationship Between 12-Year-Old Boy, 35-Year-Old Woman: http://free…[View]
113868351As a Philosophy student, which form of philosophical school should I focus on? I seem to be a decons…[View]
113874102As the child of an immigrant, are you meant to hate your ancestral homeland? Like let's say if …[View]
113878110Blocks your path[View]
113878157Who did this?[View]
113870853Is the US invincible? Could any other country or alliance of countries even come close to American m…[View]
113867405Lets face it: You only hate this game because it shits on KKK white supremacist nazis and empowers b…[View]
113850702#SoulSearching: 113831916 NPR is running a news piece right now about lefties who voted trump. Anon …[View]
113871219>the first structure to be built on Mars will be a mosque. While western 'men' tolerate…[View]
113868856US National Debt is World Debt: Is the US national debt actually a world debt? Pretty much all of t…[View]
113874340/ptg/ President Trump General - Free Helicopter Rides Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whit…[View]
113877984Was he right?[View]
113866881Why does he wear the mask?[View]
113856299MEMRI TV: Let's do some quality Memri TV thread![View]
113875657Feminism: Can we talk about feminism? Do you regard yourself as feminist? Do you regard yourself as …[View]
113877845Do Navarro's economics make sense?: Your thoughts?[View]
113877726Trump & the Juden elite: What is everybodies stance in here on Trump and the zion chimps? He ca…[View]
113865723How long till we become a official Chinese colony?[View]
113877633Has the Deus Ex politics war started in real life?[View]
113877626NEVER: TRUMPERS[View]
113875828What does /pol/ think the outcome will be for Sweden? Will they wake the fuck up before it is too la…[View]
113876790Do they have any dirt on him?[View]
113877529How worried are you about your future in your country, /pol/? >Poor as shit growing up >Didn…[View]
113861509Islam is a religion of peace: The 'violence' in the Qur'an and foundations of Islam is not what…[View]
113877314>claims to be 70% white[View]
113876619Name one benefit of immigration which couldn't be achieved via other methods.[View]
113864478DAILY FUCKING REMINDER: Gooks the worst race after niggers. Idiotic sloppy eyes, closed mind, robot …[View]
113875919Which is more politically moral, to abort every infant who has down syndrome? Or undergo gene therap…[View]
113869930Name a flaw[View]
113877146Milo's Apology:what did he mean by this.: I accuse myself of the following crimes. I haye seduc…[View]
113875219Sweden is at the point of no return. How long until it becomes a Muslim majority country?[View]
113877112Why do so many idiots believe not only in democracy, but are fearful of 'the left'? If a significant…[View]
113876854Amazing family: Trump has such an amazing family![View]
113874081This is Jussi Halla-Aho. He will save Finland from jews and niggers.[View]
113877031Let's discuss the protocols.: Is this not the most red pilled book you can read on the jewish q…[View]
113877002FATE OF REPUBLICANS IN 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUyTfVSk4MU [Embed] According to Forbes…[View]
113870501Why the fuck isn't she in jail?[View]
113865235>Romans had running water 2000 years ago >Niggers don't have it today…[View]
113875394Aus/pol/: HOLIDAY PENALTY RATES ARE GETTING CUT http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-02-23/weekend-penalt…[View]
113876755Redpill me on trump. Is he that bad and dangerous as everyone keeps telling me? Is he so great as e…[View]
113864021IT WAS FUCKING FAKE!!!!: Viral video from yesterday about evil white male catcalling an innocent whi…[View]
113876670What is the future of Iran and the West?[View]
113874659Will the left ever take back the white western world?[View]
113875977JET FUEL CAN'T MELT DANK MEMES: but it can melt safety deposit box locks and coins >(but not…[View]
113876572HITLER SPEECH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzBDTPGML3I[View]
113852992OUR JOB IS TO CONTROL YOUR WHAT YOU THINK #2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Opf9uUmiyQI THIS MORNI…[View]
113876432The left tried to kill Janet Napolitano...: Janet Napolitano, the former Homeland Security Secretary…[View]
113843842DEUTSCHLAND YES: AFD polls lowest since December 2015, back when their climb started due to the migr…[View]
113861664How is porn degenerate?: If you only watch it like, once a month. Like, what constitutes 'degenerate…[View]
113876197Masturbating to Bogdanoffs: >be me 5 minutes ago >masturbating >near climax >accidentall…[View]
113869728Richard Spencer and his following make up about two dozen people. How did the 'alt-right' become so …[View]
113874259I like to listen to documentaries while at work, but I find most of them are bullshit. Can some kin…[View]
113847961>Drumpftards will defend this: http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/donald-trump-arts-…[View]
113874579How do we stop them? Can they even be stopped?[View]
113848173True Capitalist Radio hosted by Ghost - episode #457: Markets up as U.S. dollar slides. POTUS prepar…[View]
113875970did donald trump make america great again because it feels like it[View]
113874028John McCain: well it looks like the plebbitors at r the donald discovered a bombshell about John McC…[View]
113875908The Michigan Department of Education has a question for you. 'Should students be required to pass a …[View]
113875689Listen to the hebrew master race: Stop hating fags Start hating homophobes Stop hating feminists Sta…[View]
113875053>Turkey has contributed nothing of value to the wo-[View]
113874903>'Haha, dude, who cares if whites become a minority in the US? It was always native land, we aren…[View]
113873661Marine Le Pen says 'no' to Islamic oppression.: Anyone else gree Marine Le Pen is a badass babe for …[View]
113872188Trump's First 744 Hours: Well, the numbers are out and it's impossible to deny! Your 'hard…[View]
113872304Why do ugly virgins become hypnotized by racism and right-wing politics? Are they suicidal?[View]
113851724How come America has so many blacks?: Only 450,000 were brought over by slavery, how did they get to…[View]
113872322Drumpf BTFO: It's over for the giant orange[View]
113862853The Hideous Subhuman Betacuck Permavirgin Asian Problem: Why are chinky gooks so disgusting and hide…[View]
113875190did u know mike savages son invented rockstar energy drink???? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russell…[View]
113874587what did he mean by this?[View]
113870630MEME MAGIC - MAGIC TRUMP EDITION: Red Cap software (not pictured), the Wall Heavy Metal comic, the S…[View]
113875086Daily reminder that if you don't understand this infographic, you still haven't taken the …[View]
113871681why do white people think blue, purple green hair color is beautiful? It's creepy as fuck[View]
113874924>Russia’s armed forces have set up troops for “informational operations,” the country’s defense m…[View]
113874882>socialism with Chinese characteristics Wait so are they NatSoc?[View]
113874252THEY ARE AFTER EVERYONE WATCH YOUR BACK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0L7uYhpoYs[View]
113870381/ptg/ President Trump General - Rent - A - Protestor Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://white…[View]
113872231Bill Maher advocating for pedophilia ! WHAT THE FUCK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTuIKLQSTHY wh…[View]
113874544Ben Fritz is a racist. He likes jokes about Black People.: So who do I email at WSJ and Disney about…[View]
1138725259/11 truth.: Irrefutable proof wtc 7 was brought down by controlled demolition. #Trumpfor911truth Fi…[View]
1138741304chan: The only way to cope is when people say to themselves 'how do I keep from being too serious a…[View]
113872990/POL/: Why have you not taken the redpill on food yet? Why do you still eat that carb shit? Several …[View]
113874391Apple doesn't like white male. Apple is for faggets and niggers.[View]
113874270Makes you think[View]
113873107>Wrote 'on the jewish question' >Many scholars who study him call him anti Semitic >called …[View]
113873498Blacks and Crime (and other darkies): So, liberals have come to the conclusion that global temperatu…[View]
113874199Why do so many people pretend that hatred of black people is a white conservative thing when Hispani…[View]
113865273So tell me Serbs of pol, when are we going to collectively apologize for genocide and war crimes aga…[View]
113870803This shit is getting passed around facebook. New Alt-Right mascot?[View]
113874076George Takei is calling us out for outing him as a pedophile: http://archive.is/Wd8NL #PedoGate #Geo…[View]
113869475/pol/ ABSOLUTELY BTFO: Ahhh, this is what victory feels like......[View]
113866896The dindus are dinduing about this: https://youtu.be/HoSkCGrRAQg[View]
1138559824 billion needy nogs - 1 billion in Nigeria by 2100.: https://www.theguardian.com/global-development…[View]
113873993How could anyone lose with crowds like this?[View]
113863305brit/pol/ - Ulster loyalists edition: Thread Theme - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adNk7S4j8GA[Emb…[View]
113871490What are /pol/s thoughts on eugenics?[View]
113871698how do we stop the evil sjw's from ruining the good the of this world[View]
113873876Request: Does anybody know where i can find the full original video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
113873825When did you first realize the Earf was fucked?: When I saw the median age of western civilization…[View]
113873806botnet technology proves Trump is a demon: http://affinelayer.com/pixsrv/[View]
113868687Can we actually consider jews as humans ? pic related[View]
113872623Google blacklisting starts?: Google has deleted all links to a major alternative health site, natura…[View]
113873329Jap pussy was built for American cock. Come home, white man.[View]
113873717Redpill me on the Violence Against Women Act[View]
113873182Lost my Alex Jones folder, can anyone help a fellow /pol/lack out?[View]
113871608How to migrate to France?[View]
113869646Anyone else just tired of our gun rights hanging by a string? SCOTUS is constantly dodging the respo…[View]
113871449Tell me how the author of this book didn't harbor animosity for the Marxist/Left ideology consi…[View]
113873142Schadenfreude (feeling happy because others are sad) is a degenerate emotion.: It stems from a time …[View]
113867787Why are right-wingers so anti-Art? It's disgusting that Trufmh wants to cancel Arts funding. It…[View]
113873232>when you realize the left is LARP'ing >putting on revolutionary costume >chanting rev…[View]
113867780GAVIN 'Islam is full of inbreads' MCINNES: https://www.youtube.com/c/powerfuljre/live Live with Joe …[View]
113869165Got my bag searched at Costco. Did this fat fuck violate the NAP?[View]
113873423Fashwave General: Post 'em, make 'em, request 'em Will do reasonable requests on the …[View]
113858873Seriously guys?: Like what the fuck is wrong with you racists nazi scum.[View]
113872321Look what you did pol. Now Hydra is ruling fucking America.[View]
113873314Normies waking up: I have encouraging news for you /pol/, today I left my current home of NYC and we…[View]
113873275Salon is at it again boys! Daily reminder: These people are real and the comments sections wanting t…[View]
113873194No trans bathrooms/locker rooms is good because...: Less men pretending to be trans who really just …[View]
113873178Does Trump hate trannys?[View]
113862900Should he resign from HBO? I want a press conference. You're welcome. https://youtu.be/0F4r-skq…[View]
113869354Utah is the future of the white race; average age 30: https://www.statista.com/statistics/208048/med…[View]
113863534ITT: oc memes This one was a bit late to the party but anyone who participated in the Gambia threads…[View]
113863623degeneracy in the military: Picked up from my normie book, What say you /pol/, should we allow this …[View]
113868264CUCK CUCK CUCK: http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/22/politics/mike-pence-anti-semitism-cemetery/ >'We ca…[View]
113873049McMuffin more like Keep America Poor Campaign.[View]
113870656Divorce & “Domestic Violence” Charges: My buddy who is in the process of getting divorced, just …[View]
113872867your president gets his news from breitbart? lol[View]
113872788They propped him up and burnt him down. But others who are outspoken and liberal will be spared. You…[View]
113872709Do people no longer turn a blind eye on Sweden and it´s immigration now?: Do people no longer turn a…[View]
113866297How is WWIII Going to Play Out?: As the Strauss-Howe Theory of Generations predicts, war is likely s…[View]
113871797Paleocons for Porn: https://www.jacobinmag.com/2017/02/paleocons-for-porn/ >'The new online right…[View]
113872512Will Trump finally limit the insane amount of spending NASA makes on pointless experiments?[View]
113869968HAPPENING http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-02-21/james-okeefe-about-smoke-cnn-tells-hannity-hes-se…[View]
113868952Look at the crap that my sons teacher is making him watch in a class required to graduate high schoo…[View]
113869166Do you agree /pol/?[View]
113868319If I have children with a lighter-skinned Arabic girl born in US, is there any chance of my blond ha…[View]
113870108Imagine if we genocided all niggers?: Imagine if we could make the entire continent of Africa into a…[View]
113863435What is a proper translation of the word 'volk'? 'People' falls short.[View]
113871910/pol/ eternally btfo[View]
113865244whats the real truth behind Monsanto?: are they an agricultural giant for good or are they an empire…[View]
113869737>buy $180 custom nike shoes >order finally shipped >check tracking >Guangzhou, China…[View]
113841594[LIVE] STANDING ROCK POLICE RAID!: Standing rock (dakota access pipeline cucks) are being raided tod…[View]
113864476Giving women the right to vote was a mistake[View]
113867563Do you believe that your country should have the right to bare arms?[View]
113870702Just how much /ourguy/ is he? Let's Straw Poll it: http://www.strawpoll.me/12397966 Klavan on T…[View]
113859529University of Washington Declares Proper Grammar Racist For Inclusivity: The UW Tacoma Writing Cente…[View]
113845954http://www.cracked.com/blog/6-ways-alt-right-turns-perfectly-sane-people-into-nazis/ Read and discov…[View]
113872080They are at it again, folks! MSM is on our side, they swear. It's for the good of us all. http…[View]
113871787WTF I LOVE HOLLYWOOD LIBERAL ELITES NOW!: http://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2017/02/george-clooney…[View]
113870775Diversity quotas at work have me empathize why some want to keep to their own kind.: And keeping to …[View]
113869633In this thread we meme Mexico to retake California and get lefties there to support it: Mexico can h…[View]
113870771dindu nuffin[View]
113871367What are /pol/ approved music genres? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6z_tFJosT3k https://www.youtub…[View]
113865864What is your opinion of slavery?[View]
113869858Reminder that no matter what you do, unless it's kowtowing to their demands, you will be labele…[View]
113871794Hey, /pol/. I was just looking through the site's ban log, and when did the mods become such ki…[View]
113870543can we get a sort general? lots of bullshit floating around on /pol/ right now.[View]
113867080MRE Video: Styx's MRE video is out. Did you cum yet? I want to try out that carrot cake BS. He …[View]
113871230Grade Trump's first month: His press conference was pretty masterful so I'll give him a B,…[View]
113871654The Truth: If you still can't start hating colored ''people'', mongrels and…[View]
113871062Here is some good news: https://pjmedia.com/blog/the-problem-of-inbreeding-in-islam ' A rough estima…[View]
113871010https://youtu.be/KP7vi9oLk54 This needs to go viral. The normies need to see it. The media needs to …[View]
113857062Are you happy now? Is this what you wanted /pol?: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-390496…[View]
113871537Let's put this discussion to rest: Is this man a good goy or a bad goy?[View]
113871558CONFIRMED HIT: #PedoMyTaco #TakeiBell Pierces Armor. Wacky George Takei on the run.: Left Wing redne…[View]
113871415>Jews are the ene-[View]
113868451Aside from the next big shitskin attack and such. What inevitable events are you looking forward to …[View]
113848165Why are they so unwatchable now?[View]
113866156Is being Gay repilled /pol/?[View]
113869835Remind me why jews have Germanic and Slavic names?[View]
113871265Really makes you think.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2btcifuakCo[View]
113863546Wew Eating their own again[View]
113869836Is Obama 'our guy'?: Killed more mudslimes than anyone with drones no less. Didn't even risk Am…[View]
113868382Humanity in parts of the world are acting like they forgot what Photosynthesis is.[View]
113871104I made a video commemorating Black history month: I implore you watch it and dwell in its 'diversity…[View]
113871087A Soultion for Women who are bitching about 'Muh Abortion': Since so many liberal women are bitching…[View]
113868740What are your views on canthal tilt? It seems like attractive people have it often.[View]
113870043Uplifting facts or news: I'll start: White liberal birthrate is half that of conservatives Extr…[View]
113866342/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - ROY COHN EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whitehouse.gov ht…[View]
113870848proof Evan McMullin was behind the Milo hit job: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KP7vi9oLk54[View]
113870804why is NYC so liberal when practically all of it's residents are so wealthy? I used to make ~$6…[View]
113870470>this board is now basicly 'youtubers' and '''''celebrities''''' monitoring thread. 80% of the th…[View]
113870725In dizɒɿɿo /qol/, wɘ qɿomoƚɘ ƚHɘ oqqoƨiƚɘ ibɘɒƨ Hɘɿɘ![View]
113865517OK! What the fuck is up with this damn Voynich manuscript then?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voyni…[View]
113868178What's the point of this building?[View]
113869528Metal Gear or Deus Ex? Which one is more based? >Would Solid Snake kill Hitler? >Would Adam do…[View]
113870597milo btfo best day of my life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4oH1bp3TP8[View]
113867914Guys did we really help get Trump elected? Then why he didn't thank us. He thank God instead. A…[View]
1138696111.your country 2.Are you happy with citizen of your country? 1.Japan 2.HELL NO[View]
113857562What does /pol/ think of Corey Goode?: From his website https://www.spherebeingalliance.com/ 'A tru…[View]
113869775>people on the news keep saying Trump's America is a joke and the government might be fucked…[View]
113861348Looking for the latest Milo thread, so here it is: Obviously Milo was set up and hounded, mostly bec…[View]
113869743HAHAHAHAAHAHA muslims BTFO, 50% are inbred, wahahah https://pjmedia.com/blog/the-problem-of-inbreed…[View]
113870345Have you considered the eventuality of old age, /pol/? Odds are, by the time you're elderly, yo…[View]
113869463Straight player got bullied out of the WNBA: http://nypost.com/2017/02/21/retired-wnba-star-i-was-to…[View]
113854076Richard Spencer is controlled opposition: Here's a fucking redpill for you. Richard Spencer wa…[View]
113870261>Pleb tier: Milo, PJW, Alex Jones, Stefan Molyneux, Breitbart, Pewdiepie >Patrician: Dave Rubi…[View]
113868899Nigger hate thread: Black people are subhuman garbage that need to be exterminated.[View]
113848778https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirill_Shamalov https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katerina_Tikhonova…[View]
113870153Upon entering Gardner’s house, petitioner first shot at an acquaintance, Harold Ebnezer. He next app…[View]
113870074We gonna bash you fashy goys Fuck YES we will bash you Fuck YES we will bash your trash cans Fuck YE…[View]
113857581>arresting people because they exercise their first amendment rights Yep. Drumpf is a fascist.…[View]
113866069Tell me /pol/, do you think it should be ok to question authority? Do you think it's ok to call…[View]
113867348Fashy Architecture: post all architecture that looks fashy and makes you proud of Western civilizati…[View]
113866695Former Democrat here who voted Trump but was never really down with the virulent racism aspect (thos…[View]
113869108Fuck you /pol/ you've red pilled me beyond repair How will I ever look at the world the same ag…[View]
113865390Just got called for duty duty for the second time. Ask me anything.[View]
113869655He was /ourguy/ all along.: He is the shitposter and the madman all along. No bullshittery like Alex…[View]
113852598Small city state full of alt-right wingers possible?: Now hear me out, I know that there's a lo…[View]
113847674Can any Swedebros explain what's going on to me please? On one hand I'm reading about Malm…[View]
113838134Éire/pol/- Boom boom boys edition: Thread theme: https://youtu.be/HygiFWUMSpM Identity Ireland are a…[View]
113857849Bitcoin is the future and you know it: In less than 1 month Bitcoin will have surpased Gold, and the…[View]
113861831Why is your country the best country, /pol/?: thread^ explain.[View]
113835236Communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the ideol…[View]
113867671What were you wrong about?: I'll start: I remember posting on here when Trump announced his can…[View]
113869263Why is blocking traffic an acceptable form of protest? Ambulances and emergency services can be hind…[View]
113868663As a black man, I am deeply offended by George Takei's words. It would be a shame if we reposte…[View]
113868596The Purge aginst Internet celebrities: Pewds and Milo will not be the last ones. More will come. Who…[View]
113857315GEORGE TAKAI IS A CHILD FUCKER AND HE WORKS FOR YUM! BRANDS: this company is located in the HEART OF…[View]
113867032Are you doing your part?[View]
113859080National Socialism: Europe needs National Socialism now more than ever. Prove me wrong.[View]
113858255Wikipedia victor/loser summary meme thread: Post 'em[View]
113868422>YFW you realise of course a ruling monarch wouldn't have let in the migrants. >YFW you r…[View]
113858444Makes no sense[View]
113868909Illuminati religion: https://youtu.be/wwnP_ZWGInE Interesting clip I found of an old William Cooper …[View]
113864165AMA: I'm half black half white AMA[View]
113837192MILO IS BACK: Is the kike faggot making a glorious comeback? Was this 4d chess by someone? https://y…[View]
113864370Daily Reminder: Daily reminder that Trump is nothing but a kike.[View]
113868785To all those who are 'Pro Life', Life is pointless anyway. In the grand scale of the universe that u…[View]
113867818Why is liberal media so much smarter than conservative media?: Well? You can't deny that instit…[View]
113856869>Take a seat, anon[View]
113867282When will we turn our attention to the 'modern art' aka Money Laundering Scheme?[View]
113868577Need a good red pill documentary for national socialism on Netflix Hulu or Amazon prime...trying to …[View]
113856581Closing it down at warp speed: http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/assault-weapons-not-protected-sec…[View]
113865882How do we stop this recent trend where young boys decide to become cute girls?[View]
113868220What if Trump's presidency slowly turns into a mainstream Republican administration? There is s…[View]
113866475Symbols of Hatred and Oppression: The Alt Right Can't Hide from the Media: Mmmm sweetie. No mat…[View]
113855073MAKE DETROIT WHITE AGAIN: New tallest building in Detroit just announced for the Hudson site!!! Let…[View]
113862044Why will /pol/ bend over backwards with the pit bull apologia, blaming everything bad with the breed…[View]
113865655How much better would the world be if we took away womens rights to vote, not allow them to work and…[View]
113865401>a Mexican is gonna win NASCAR /pol/ btfo[View]
113834154Fuck Nasa: >build a hype for 7 inhabital planets >would take 44 million years to get there wh…[View]
113858544Radical Agenda Live: He's basically /pol/ with a microphone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CL…[View]
113861861CNN Video Leaks: This has to be a part of a coordinated plan by Trump & Bannon: >Trump starts…[View]
113865023confused: I've been browsing this board for a few days because my friend told me you guys make …[View]
113868302I'll just leave this here.[View]
113867346Really stimulates me synapsis...[View]
113868154The eternal truth: If you still can't start hate colored ''people'', mongre…[View]
113868136Sweden Ball meme thread: Post your best swedenball memes. Save the best and spread them around of fa…[View]
113868135BRAND NEW MORNING: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Z-3jHbbcZU Are they, dare I say, /ourgirls/?…[View]
113852527Library of /Pol/exandria: oi cunts We gotta liberate the west from the crooked clutches of mainstrea…[View]
113867909Daily reminder the earth is flat and Trump should defund science things like NASA[View]
113862077Smartest political philosopher alive today? Pic. related. >inb4 hurr (((Sam Harriss))) durrrrr…[View]
113867775Metathread Censorship and 4chan: What we gonna do? If they censor google we have yandex If they cens…[View]
113851612/grg/ - Gun Rights General: Thread for the discussion of gun rights, gun control, legislation, ethic…[View]
113866177Dutch elections: Should I vote for the PVV or Fvd in the upcoming elections?[View]
113866733You hear that, drumpfkins?[View]
113859869>mfw all these right wing idiots are calling sweden the rape capital and not dealing with the fac…[View]
113862477Ask a blasian dude anything, /pol/! Also don't mind the soap, I wash my hair with it[View]
113866059Turn the Triforce and Zelda franchise into a white nationalist symbol to subvert SJW gamers[View]
113867226So, today's NASA revelation proves that Insider Anon was legit. Too bad I didn't save his …[View]
113866817Reminder that James Woods is /ourguy/: He's drilled Pedosta a few times now in the past few day…[View]
113827850How does it feel to know that 'academics' get paid to write papers on this place? pic related[View]
113859843Muh white womynz: How old were you when you realized that white women are not worth saving? >supp…[View]
113815953Molyneux on the Milo situation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wsZSE-iJAk[View]
113848670If god is an immortal being with superpowers, what does he do to not get bored during eternity?[View]
1138633283 things for newfags. 1) Spencer is not a 'shill trying to corrupt white nationalism'. He …[View]
113866225>be recruiter >reading resume >education: homeschooled into the trash it goes…[View]
113866908Who Are the Racists?: Conservatives are often called 'Racist' (a very serious insult i might add) by…[View]
113865446Looking for people who are Dutch: My wife to be lives in the Netherlands. I am moving there in the r…[View]
113856608How does this make you feel /pol/? > Gender Neutral Restrooms[View]
113864552Could anyone provide me with a quick rundown on this man? I see him referred to as 'mister worldwide…[View]
113864435AMA: Student Government President: I'm the study body president at a large southern university.…[View]
113864269Oregon will go red in 2020. Trump will be re-elected.[View]
113866583Is he, /ourguy/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtB-u7Zi2aM Also post other /pol/ approved celebrit…[View]
113860486Let's make this a hate symbol.[View]
113848561Romanians work the hardest in Europe: https://euobserver.com/social/124761 >It found that in 2013…[View]
113863208Why is U.S. life expectancy falling behind?: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/us-life-expectancy-expected…[View]
113865196Breaking: Crackdown of internet freedome has begun!: >IN DEFENSE OF LIBERTY 13 HOUR BROADCAST htt…[View]
113853593Sweden hate thread part 2 Bump limit was exceeded on the last one, so we can move here Original thre…[View]
113853328Is there a God?[View]
113863834Czech Republic is going sickle-cell: More and more people in Europe are having the sickle-cell disea…[View]
113866128----SPECIAL NOTICE---- Dear America, there is a huge humanitarian crisis right now. We need you to p…[View]
113866160Is Jeff Sessions the hero we need?[View]
113844372What is wrong with capitalism?[View]
113864948How will you defend yourselves from the nigger majority of the future? I doubt anywhere in the west …[View]
113856454J.K. Rowling: As J.K. Rowling continues with her virtue signaling crusade on Twitter, the petition f…[View]
113865007Should women be allowed to vote? Those who give the best answers get a gold star![View]
113854010Sweden is done: It was a good game. Over a thousand years, the Swedes prevailed, only to be defeated…[View]
113861255Ruining everything for the left: some OC[View]
113861205What are some based media outlets that aren't completely kiked like Hollywood?[View]
113852253GAVIN MCINNES JOE ROGAN: https://www.youtube.com/c/powerfuljre/live They are live[View]
113862096Well /pol/, what do you have to say for yourself now? Apologize.[View]
113865451Am I the only non-american here who agrees with the right to bare arms?[View]
113865140http://archive.is/EQRgb Is this real life?[View]
113861279why does he love sweden so much[View]
113863251This timeline is starting to get boring now. Do that meme magic thing again.[View]
113849002Nikki Haley is to Trump what Hillary Clinton was to Obama. This bitch is cancer! https://www.youtube…[View]
113864225Fake news on pol: I've noticed that there been more and more fake news stories on pol. How do w…[View]
113863631Meet the Jews in Trumps office![View]
113861524>modern Germans will defend this[View]
113851160NORWAY - LITERALLY was the precursor to all European naval based empires - LITERALLY saved the world…[View]
113865016Racist White Child dares to question a Kangz Fashion Sense. Apologize now White People![View]
113853161americans who live in this area..why?: >what is the point of living in these shit hole states the…[View]
113865306Okay.: Weird for a website that claims that Trump is Hitler and is actively destroying the USA. >…[View]
113864481C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker!: Wilders isn't going to become Prime Minister unfortunately.Anyone who k…[View]
113865036I forgot the name of it: There's this white nationalist Christian website that posts podcasts a…[View]
113861830Is this how /pol/ picks up women?[View]
113863657*sips charmaine tea*: *sips charmaine tea*[View]
113864548how does it feel?[View]
113864824Who's next on their hitlist?[View]
113864134>white people age like mi-[View]
113862599I know Peter Thiel is /our guy/ but are we okay with everyone going on /pol/ being tracked? Because …[View]
113858188Nikki Yovino charged with lying about being raped by college football players... Why does the media …[View]
113864729https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0S5HZwJrxg Jim81jim AKA GamesGoodMeBad AKA Internet Aristocrat, AKA…[View]
113862529Why did Richard Spencer leave his hot Russian wife for a half-jewish man?[View]
113863883Syria General /sg/ Unknown Soldiers Edition: >Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.w…[View]
113864683This guy is Alfredo Olmedo is KINDA TRUMPY ALT RIGHTY LIKE in Argentina. He wants to Chop off Rapist…[View]
113864309Yuppies: Where'd they go?[View]
113864509Why are we, the taxpayers giving money to support Marxist globalization corporations like NASA when …[View]
113863610Post yours and judge others.[View]
113863317https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pk-ISywCbps This is sad to see that even the great Swedish media is …[View]
113864536Google trolling Europe: You rage, you lose[View]
113864437JFK: 35th Prime Mister of Canada: JFK ,the true Canadian patriot and legend. It was he who warned us…[View]
113864117Stealin an shite: Why did you steal their birthights?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsDCyea3MAU…[View]
113864412I think I've just hit the jackpot lads http://www.commonsenseevaluation.com/2017/01/03/muslim-i…[View]
113860878>go on twitter >somehow stumble upon a whole section of political accounts that are obviously …[View]
113863985RedPill Infographics: I need infographics on anything and everything /pol/ has ever discussed - nigg…[View]
113862738What would Lord Jesus have thought about gassing minorities?[View]
113864078Meet the Jews in Trumps administration! We still rule over you! Mazel mazel! Your president is our …[View]
113864155>having children[View]
113863906Joe Rogan getting pills on islam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qm9lfWTGmDY[View]
113864244Meet the Jews in Trumps administration! We still rule over you! Mazel mazel! Your president is our …[View]
113864239Religion red pills: Christian Dilemmas - The Secret History of the Bible https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
113863217>so called White Nationalist >GOYED jewish women do this confirm he's an FBI plant…[View]
113848210Brit/pol/ - Edward Elgar and his brilliant mustache Edition: Thread Theme - https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
113858903You will pay for smearing Milo: We are the gays your dad feared...[View]
113864115You like, goy?[View]
113862625So has /pol/ just collectively agreed that curruption is fine now? https://www.washingtonpost.com/ne…[View]
113852021She's right /pol/ let's stop oppressing women with politeness.[View]
113863605Does reporting illegals work now? I want to get rid of someone[View]
113861847/GG/ - Globalism General: Thanks to globalism we now are richer, healthier, live longer, can travel …[View]
113863829A Quick Rundown on These Two: The devil in Donald: How the ghost of ‘evil’ Roy Cohn lives on inside …[View]
113861889Let's expand the meme arsenal: New women hate memes: Guys, tonight i'm extremely bored and…[View]
113841521Syria General /sg/ - Doom Pool Edition: >Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpr…[View]
113847800Petition to make Harry Potter /ourguy/ Point 1: leftists seem enamored with the HP universe. Rowling…[View]
113861607Is Europe going to fix itself or do we have to save their asses again?[View]
113863516YLYL /pol/ edition[View]
113863432Riddle me this, Drumpfkins...: What will you do when Trump's Presidency is over and the next Pr…[View]
113852120Fucking Check and Balances: Alright, /pol/lacks, discuss. If balance isn't your shtick, which s…[View]
113863211wtf I love The Walking Dead now[View]
113861057LEFT OWNS THE COURTS AND FUCK YOU!: Still crying over the court banning your little AR-15 popguns, f…[View]
113858651anyone wish they took the bluepill?: Im sick of the redpill[View]
113863240Does /pol/ actually think that this poof did nothing wrong? Why do you defend him? He tried to be a …[View]
113862776Admit it /pol/ Trump is a fucking disgrace and Hillary or Bernie or even most of the other GOP candi…[View]
113846569HUNDREDS Of Jewish Gravestones Vandalized: What the fuck is wrong with you racists? https://www.yout…[View]
113862413white people who cant contribute to there society: /pol/ i'm horridly ugly and my white genetic…[View]
113846027Memeball thread: It's about time for another one[View]
113862974My new go-to for 'Muh wage gap'.[View]
113858765BRITTANY VENTI ON JOE ROGAN:: Ol' Brit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qm9lfWTHmDY Grab your…[View]
113862640Are you the 'new normal'? If not, you'd better get with the program![View]
113853425did the jews blackmail michael jackson?[View]
113864883>graduated with a BA in psychology a year ago >currently unemployed and 20k in debt Who else /…[View]
113858392Say it loud. Say it proud: Death to the moderators! Death to the moderators! Death to the moderators…[View]
113841531Trump cuts global warming funding to NASA Then this happens Will Trump make space travel real ?[View]
113860257Nethanyahu: I'm a British Jew and I want to know why Israelis like this warmonger so much what …[View]
113862643I hate my city https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFhWpTKvD8E[View]
113862637Why commies can't just admit that their ideology is a failure? literally every time they tried …[View]
113858559#SoulSearching2017: Kekistan Edition.: Where is /pol/ today? Help us get #SoulSearching2017 trendin…[View]
113826716/pol/ quiz time: Ok faggots, enough paid shilling and baiting. It's /pol/ quiz time >burgers…[View]
113814289KremlinGate will tank Team Trump: KremlinGate is unfolding, no way Trump is going to survive this sh…[View]
113861984Katy Perry shows contempt for special relationship.: dancing skeletons holding hands in same outfits…[View]
113858054Media Confirms What Their Job Is: https://youtu.be/NoXGV4Vw-VA Looks like they are scared of Trump u…[View]
113860647Im an Australian, currently on vacations in the U.S. I realized that the African American population…[View]
113858416why do women post stupid 'sips tea' 'paints nails' shit like this? are they all mentally 13?[View]
113851309How did the fool get elected.[View]
113860309>'This past week, President Trump commenced the carpet bombing of Palestine. That's good! Lo…[View]
113852270>Simone Giertz >'Swedish inventor, creator, builder, robot enthusiast, and professional Youtub…[View]
113860083how does it feel America?[View]
113858350Impartial media outlet/channel/site in Canada?: I recently moved to Canada, more specifically Quebec…[View]
113862079Sorry leafs, you guys are fucked: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2j755Bd72aU Trudeau openly working…[View]
113857408Daily reminder that Smalensk, Vilnia and Belastok are rightful Belarusian clay.[View]
113848057Metokur: Is this the begining of the end, or the start of somthing good. https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
113859073How have you been browsing the boards in concern to your safety? Considering how much attention has …[View]
113857252Why are animal rights activists and vegetarians only ever white? If a poster says it's bad to c…[View]
113857180We've already lost the Transgender fight. We lost it the same way we lost the gay fight. Being …[View]
113859481Repressed Homosxuals Everywhere: When did 4chan become so filled with repressed homosexuals? Every t…[View]
113861873They started again: http://hewillnotdivide.us/[View]
113854201Denzel Washington coins new term 'Opinews' from Opinion + News: Not sure how you fags over…[View]
113858609Yesterday we made an effort to keep pushing HP as a hate symbol so that liberal fucking cucks implod…[View]
113835668Explain this: Pro tip >You can't Source: fox[View]
113861661Is the guy that sells these still around? I haven't seen mine and its been like a month[View]
113861592STEM proves it: (pic related) In engineering (especially for all you System and Networking admins ou…[View]
113859870Is Minnetonka a good place to live? I've got a job offer for a place near there.[View]
113861533Kek Huffpo is dropping merchants on the normies[View]
113847340Former colonial powers get in here. I have some questions for you.. >1: Do you and your country h…[View]
113856572We need to do something about the relentless censorship: I like to get my shit from alternative sour…[View]
113861339https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9SFQTrfUwc Wait until the end.[View]
1138584591978: Let's go back 39 years. Argentina and Chile were contending for territories in the beagle…[View]
113860821Would a one world fascist government really be bad? How would it change my life? I would still >w…[View]
113853310WHY IS NEWS FAKE?[View]
113861206A Cloud In The Sky Is Never Bad On A Positive Day: Every word or symbol that was added into the worl…[View]
113861189Someone mind explaining me why does Shapiro hate Milo so much? What sparked shit between them? I see…[View]
113856039PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL: Fuck Joe Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whitehouse.gov https://w…[View]
113861090Did anyone else see this gay kike get raped on live TV? https://youtu.be/BOa67_D9fcs[View]
113857718Races of the World: How did we end up with so many races? When and how did humans gain so many diff…[View]
113861045Why Fascism when you can have a Imperial German style monarchy?[View]
113855776I can't take it anymore /lol/: >be math teacher in inner city school shithole >class is d…[View]
113858413PORCH MONKEY: We're takin' it back, folks. The light spectrum didn't want to be polit…[View]
113860999Slate, Reporting on the Relevant Issues of the Day: Never change, Slate.[View]
113843636Marijuana smokers are the most degenerate people to ever walk this planet. Lazy slobs that have noth…[View]
113860976anti- trump rally thread: >livestream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSfChv-O5Fw…[View]
113850830Sin/Vice Taxes: What are your thoughts on Sin/Vice excise taxes? I think they're a good way to …[View]
113858716Why do Conservashits conflate masculinity with Conservashitism ?[View]
113853974wtf white people: why do white people love getting offended on behalf of other races so much?[View]
113860394How do you tell apart a shill from someone pretending to be a shill just to troll you? How do you te…[View]
113860770Why is Fascism bad?[View]
113847091If whites are so great, why did they lose the Crusades?[View]
113856415Would we all agree on these two statements? 1) Democracy is a failure. 2) We should abandon democrac…[View]
113858386What other categories should be added?[View]
113859475Commie thread, post your best[View]
113854508Man spits in baby's face yells 'White people shouldn't breed!': http://www.independent.co.…[View]
113856663On hypocrisies and ideological inconsistencies of /pol/: Users of /pol/ claim to espouse Conservativ…[View]
113855523>this kills the German[View]
113858326What does /pol/ think about this interview? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7K3O0PhkhM[View]
113858752The pray that saved the world[View]
113859574where you yesterday when progressive lefties absolutely and utterly BLEW THE FUCK OUT of bigoted and…[View]
113859415Why not go to Vermont?: Apparently it's the whitest state in the union[View]
113854134Jelena /Pol/ic: Why are Eastern European women so based? How can western women even compete? http://…[View]
113855872#Swedenial - The Stockholm Syndrome edition Mental disease seems rampant among Swedes Reminder that…[View]
113859743Is Steven Crowder Moses or Pharaoh? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1JulwsKxZs[View]
113835534Germanbros, pls! SPD no!: >They want to give the refugees a right to vote. http://www.zerohedge.c…[View]
113856430Anyone who claims to be alt right should be written off as controlled opposition. There is not alt r…[View]
113859639Why do we buy their shit again? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLcgxIGTFRs&t=208s&oref=htt…[View]
113856914Have you taken the final red pill, /pol/?: 'Industrial Society And Its Future' is what finally did i…[View]
113844755>Muslim does mass shooting >Islam is a religion of violence >Alt-righter shoots up mosque …[View]
113857111I believe we can be one once again. I believe we can stand together regardless of colour, because wh…[View]
113859477Do you think a major war would affect the prominence of progressive politics, LGBT issues, and overa…[View]
113851930European architecture 2: All European architecture goes into this thread! Greek, Roman, Byzantine, K…[View]
113830047one of theese threads? >inb4 puting women and niggers on the same level as cats…[View]
113847030Is this country anything more than America's Bitch? Post-1945 everything they've invented …[View]
113858030How is our economy supposed to function without a bunch of underpaid dark-skinned foreigners doing t…[View]
113859416The Turkish president Erdogan wants to travel to Germany and inspire his supporters for the introduc…[View]
113858118Wikileaks Exposes John McCain’s Illegal Request for Campaign Cash From Russian Ambassador Who Sudden…[View]
113858647Controlled opposition or media savvy?: Is Jones put in place to control people and send them down en…[View]
113853880The Hideous Subhuman Betacuck Permavirgin Asian Problem: Why are chinky gooks so disgusting and hide…[View]
113823717Well, this is a great way to get the SJW trash to delete all their cliche peace sign faggotry off sh…[View]
113855708Remember almost every face you see posted repeatedly is a shill. If the point is to divide you from …[View]
113858763White Alternative History?: I just listened to the Paranormies podcast with Horus that is all about …[View]
113839193You have to go back, white man.[View]
113857832How come almost every mass shooter is a white person?: >pic related…[View]
113853866What are some /pol/ virtues?[View]
113846680mr. metokur aka jim aka internet aristocrat just sold out and put up a patreon. what a dirty whore.[View]
113858721Can someone fill me in on the big political events that have happened the last 10 days? I got super …[View]
113852803Ol' Gav: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qm9lfWTGmDY Grab your popcorn. /ourguy/ Gavin Mcinnes …[View]
113857992What is /pol/'s opinion on USA?[View]
113858400>Milo literally did nothing wrong[View]
113854072Dear Kitty...: I am genuinely in love with Donald Trump. He is a beautiful, witty, and strong young …[View]
113858173de-fund when?: they scanned all the reachable surrounding area of earth and there's just trash …[View]
113858346Was he right?: >Yockey was rather unusual among thinkers of the far right wing post-Second World …[View]
113857713Hello americans. Could you ask your president to save our country from immigrants too. I know he is …[View]
113853587Anne Frank Center blames Trump for anti-Semitism: Since I first read her diary in 1960, I have fanta…[View]
113853346Mainstream White Nationalism: How do we mainstream white nationalism? We must secure an existence f…[View]
113854900>KMFDM shirt Are all alt-right people schoolshooters?[View]
113855676The true saviour of France: Forget Marine LePen: she will not make France great again. She will redu…[View]
113855937Jazz Jennings inspires first transgender doll: http://pix11.com/2017/02/21/teen-advocate-jazz-jennin…[View]
113855551politics 101[View]
113856948Should /pol/ be shut down?[View]
113838474Prove your not a blind follower and name 1 (one) criticism you have of Trump: I'll start: >d…[View]
113856222A question on Transhumanism: Left-Transhumanist here. Why do right-wingers care so much about things…[View]
113854509Found this on my dorm's announcement board. What should I do?[View]
113852005Deep State Infodump: Post all your info on the Deep State here. Man who knows more than us acknowled…[View]
113843501Wow. And to think, you all worshipped Milo. (I always thought he was disgusting) Ever thought YOU a…[View]
113855109Nazi Chess: Hey /pol/ meet Nazi Paikidze an American femalel chess champion. Her FIrst name is Nazi …[View]
113855911Why is Utah turning degenerate? Murders surged across the state last year, with several cases involv…[View]
113857235BTFO: >pol: the wall gonna stop the illegal immigration >me: tunnels BAZINGA…[View]
113856891Everything is RACIST: http://archive.is/fhKSJ 'The shirt features a baseball bat covered in barbed w…[View]
113848129Keith Ellison & Tim Kaine are Muslim Brotherhood Manchurians: Hamas terrorist supporter Nihad Aw…[View]
113856170>Not an argument. How the fuck am I supposed to counter this?[View]
113856803How do we deal with nu/pol/? You can spot them easy, they're the low test cucks and make low te…[View]
113849429'Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with …[View]
113856232'Paid sex breaks' in Sweden: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2017/02/22/swedish-politician-wants-worke…[View]
113859436/FRP/ Francophones de POL: FRANCE >Marine Le Pen refuse de porter le voile au Liban. https://www…[View]
113854692Who else is loving that Mizzy the Bunny is the new hate symbol of the alt right? OC right here![View]
113849389Why is no one talking about the fact that Russia detonated a nuke yesterday somewhere in the arctic?…[View]
113846165What do you have to say for yourself? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJXZwsWM-pc[View]
113854588What is the purpose of government? What function is it intended to serve?[View]
113856597Just post the most retarded shit you find on twitter/tumblr/whatever.[View]
113854947Why is Generation Z so racist?: A catholic high school in Louisiana has apologized “to anyone who wa…[View]
113807140Serena Williams marrying a white man isn't okay (Miscegenation is ALWAYS wrong): black guy here…[View]
113834006Huh, makes you think[View]
113854173Good Research/Resources: So this is my first post on /pol/ infact I had never even heard of /pol/ un…[View]
113824274DIE SWEDEN: Can Sweden be our sacrificial lamb? Through hard work and some meme magic, it should be …[View]
113855807>spencer is the leader of the alt right >milo is the leader of the alt right Ummm no. I'm…[View]
113856393US Constitution and Bill of Rights for Canadians: >be leaf with 2 IQ >live in frozen shithole …[View]
113854534Is she finally seeing the light?[View]
113848758Have you ever tried NOT being a judgemental piece of shit and just let people live and be happy?[View]
113856286>this kills the German http://www.reuters.com/article/us-germany-election-poll-idUSKBN15Y0FS…[View]
113855485ITT: leaders that made their nation great again.[View]
113856195/pol/ YLYL[View]
113852223/pol/ BTFO??: When will pol realize that no matter what Trump does, he'll always be a racists.…[View]
113851023What Does it Feel Like to Have a Cuck President[View]
113851225Is this true? Is bannon really the one in charge?[View]
113854807What do we do about climate change bros? I don't want to starve to death in 20 years.[View]
113835833DON'T FALL FOR S.T.E.M. MEME!!!!!: >Associate's in Science >Bachelor's in Biolo…[View]
113852563Why are Murricans hypocrites when it comes to black people?[View]
113848593Antifa fags: Post your anti antifa memes[View]
113855738When will you guys take the final red pill? As it stands no election will save Mother Europa. Let…[View]
113847842/pol/ what are your guiding principles?: hey /pol/ Society is becoming ultra complex, nobody underst…[View]
113847614Those in power - when will they be replaced?: Why is it the Swedish politicians want to persecute th…[View]
113829609Someone just found something in the nasa announcement: http://archive.is/SS56a https://www.conspirac…[View]
113854808Ok /pol/ these are 'albinos' Indians: They look white to me Especially the right guy. If he wouldn…[View]
113854221Welcome. Welcome to Berlin.: You have chosen, or been chosen, to relocate to one of our finest remai…[View]
113855537O'Keefe CNN leaks tomorrow: What did he mean by this? Will these just be another set of dramati…[View]
113849223Louisiana man has sex with range of animals: Wow! So many animal-fucking sickos in burgerland. https…[View]
113854690Hitlers Policies?: What the fuck did you guys do, I'm not liberal but please don't take th…[View]
113852559As you all know, /pol/ is a very diverse board, with posters from many different countries. We all s…[View]
113851948Friendly reminder: Don't bump shill threads. Don't respond don't critique dont do an…[View]
113838507America is a land of immigrants[View]
113855049i memed for this faggot , not because i think of him as a true nationalist or conservative, but beca…[View]
113852312What the fuck happened last night ?: Did anyone feel a certain...dread yesterday during the pizzagat…[View]
113836448Brit/pol/ - House of Lords Edition: >Did Tom Watson do a dab dance move in the Commons? Footage s…[View]
113855028Ending War on Drugs: We all know alcohol prohibition didn't work at all? If anything crime incr…[View]
113853926There aren't actually people on /pol/ who believe the earth is 6000 years old, is there?[View]
113854976Info Wars is basically being censored at this point, since it would be too obvious and dangerous to …[View]
113854326What Happens Here?: Sexual harassment stats in Europe follow the path of Islam: More Islam means mor…[View]
113853627Why are there people tolerating immigrants: who do not follow the stated rules to legally come to a …[View]
113854837Truly to an inspiration to our children, god bless Katy Perry. #ImWithHer[View]
113852612how many do u admit after pride?[View]
113832511SHE CAN'T WIN. FN CAN'T WIN: Listen you fools. I'm born and raised in this shit hole …[View]
113854766Washington Post admits it killed democracy[View]
113848543islam will conquer europe without firing a single bullet[View]
113854744What is the most redpilled information channel according to you /pol/ ?[View]
113848452The /pol/ Games: Post characters you want to see compete, make sure they're /pol/ related. Will…[View]
113821625God Bless Texas: https://legiscan.com/TX/text/SJR2/2017 Texas is currently voting on whether or not …[View]
113853935Stealing symbols of the left.: Now that trash dove, Pepe, and the letter 's' are now considered hate…[View]
113843075Identifying Non-Countries: Can anybody think of any other non-countries apart from Belgium?[View]
113847759MEXICO TELLS TRUMP TO EAT A SHIT: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2017/02/22/foriegn-minist…[View]
113831916Wikileaks Exposes John McCain’s Illegal Request for Campaign Cash From Russian Ambassador Who Sudden…[View]
113839002Are you happy yet /pol/?[View]
113847721Is the fact that anytime a white guys shoots up a school, mall, or church is nationwide news for a d…[View]
113850775Nursing home worker arrested for lapdance: >https://www.yahoo.com/news/caretaker-filmed-performin…[View]
113851071African Architecture Thread: I seen a European Architecture thread and thought it fitting to pay our…[View]
113850082Two non-Muslim women wear hijabs for 30 days: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SOt-xpf8788[View]
113854362Anti-Trump Muslim Protester Calls for Communist Revolution and Removing Borders: https://www.youtube…[View]
113854152Kastchester wumonsi: Bladda plkofati bjus'nio Kek[View]
113853620Just Watched This Man's Documentary: He repeatedly made great points: Jews did 9/11. Female eq…[View]
113851256[FR] French /pol/ here MFGA: Melenchon cucks GTFO MLP released her programm this month you can look…[View]
113848840Burger caught fucking a Goat: Why are so many burgers animal-fucking degenerates? https://www.youtub…[View]
113832775Am I the only person left on 4chan? Over the past few weeks ive felt like im the only real user her…[View]
113852983'The heroes are those who murder Jews' -Donald Trump, 2016[View]
113803282AfD: Make Germany Great Again[View]
113851510Podesta acts very guilty: Tried to post this in another thread but it was archived before I could po…[View]
113853713Does it really matter what University/College one goes to? For example, if I was to go to Stanford a…[View]
113833841/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General: ϟϟ HAIL VICTORY! ϟϟ Thread for discussion of National Social…[View]
113853997Why aren't you practicing your second amendment /pol/ ?[View]
113844035An honest question to /pol/: Serious question time, /pol/. I've seen a lot of fuckery, in polit…[View]
113851704/pol/ I'm in need of assistance. I need a scan or link to a page looking to hire protestors. Ha…[View]
113803326The real /pol/ stand with spencer, /r/donald dummies stand with the kike nigger loving pedofile milo…[View]
113829392Talk to Hitler: If you got the chance to talk to Hitler but you were limited to only one sentence, w…[View]
113842145Illiterate African Child Wins Nobel Prize in Literature: STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN—The Swedish Academy, resp…[View]
113853753Democracy means we may never win: When will you guys take the final red pill? As it stands no no ele…[View]
113844675AYYLMAO ALERT: Do not let this slide: > Context: Several anons have said a high-res image of an a…[View]
113853666Notice anything, /pol/?[View]
113823890The deal with alcohol: I want to hear opinions on alcohol. I think even small amounts are contributi…[View]
113848356GOOD NIGHT ALTRIGHT: Look here Drumpfkins! I'm part of the Knights for Socialism, the ones who …[View]
113851122why don't we nuke spain?[View]
113816693How to stop our daughters from being whores???: I saw a couple people mention this in a non-related …[View]
113853423Lanty flapoople: Duple histor scubem doowitz? Top kek[View]
113849908>pol: 'all white women are stupid leftist coal burning whores' >facts: 70% of white women vote…[View]
113838663Donald Trump is a racist and so are his supporters: Whether you'd like to admit it or not, Dona…[View]
113841515So what's the consensus on Milo? Degenerate pedo defender or just degenerate?[View]
113853211Infowars gets jewed out of a couple million: http://www.infowars.com/bombshell-major-ad-agency-suspe…[View]
113837614Which planet should we claim for the White race /pol/? D,E and F are habitable.[View]
113847365I kind of avoided the whole Pizzagate thing and it seems like the threads have finally died down. Di…[View]
113852517HEy pol, I found the screenshot of a new Podesta-Email related to pizzagate supposedly on wikileaks,…[View]
113853063found thread on /b/ worte my response wanted /pol/ to see btw first ever thread idk what im doing: …[View]
113845481WTF, I love Muslim women now... https://arlingtonvoice.com/arlington/education/2017/02/22/arlington-…[View]
113847768ITT: Politicians that remind you of yourself For me it’s Martin Schulz – intelligent, nihilistic and…[View]
113852956what did they mean by this /pol/?[View]
113852936What does /pol/ think of Swedish feminists and their influence on politics? https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
113852665What does a Scottish German play? A BAGCORDIAN![View]
113850130Stop being illegal.[View]
113836121WHERE ARE YOU NOW?!: When Trump was a candidate you stood up for him, you spread great propaganda th…[View]
113850330Jew nooose: Is there something supernatural in jew nose curvature? Does the rain dropps and tears fe…[View]
113849874Pewdiepie jokes about being a descendant of Hitler: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9SFQTrfUwc…[View]
113836345Can we please have a sweden hate thread? Holy shit I hate them so fucking much right now. They are s…[View]
113850213It's over. We were on the wrong side all along.[View]
113852076Pol, behold your nemesis: >Our economy is global, our politics are national >This is an unstab…[View]
113852584Daily reminder: College is a completely worthless joke. You can learn more from the web and some pro…[View]
113850584REDPILL ME ON HOLOCAUST There were survivors from the camps. Why they survived, why weren't the…[View]
113846057why do we hate pjw?[View]
113842311YOURE NAMED A WRITER/JOURNALIST FOR JEZEBEL What's the title of your first article?[View]
113852404I honestly don't understand blacks: dumb as they are, there's just no way they unironicall…[View]
113847194he thinks /pol/ is an alt-right safespace[View]
113848782Daily White people hate thread!: Fucking whites always wearing New Balance shoes. Have head lice. Do…[View]
113851933Guys... have Americans realized they made a mistake electing a meme into the most powerful position …[View]
113837358How do you sleep at night /pol/?: How is it even possible you STILL stand by Trump?[View]
113845282Podesta is FUCKED: AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA *gasps* HahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA *inhales* …[View]
113850118Why is this guy always talking about meteors?[View]
113851785'Join the Frogs' campaign goes live in France: Meme magic in France to fuck over London is in full s…[View]
113849304The Hideous Subhuman Betacuck Asian Problem: Why are chinky gooks so disgusting and hideous? I mysel…[View]
113851992/Oregon general/: Best state general[View]
113841157>God created us so that we could worship him and if we don't he sends us to hell for eternal…[View]
1138517464chan News Censorship: How would we know if 4chan mods is deleting threads on purpose to censor the …[View]
113842293Nobody's perfect--not even Trump: If you could change 1(one) thing about the God-Emperor, what …[View]
113851691Anyone know of a place to get these?[View]
113849442Should I kill myself?[View]
113847503why does the world seem to hate us whites and will try to do everything to make us look bad, yet we …[View]
113849496When will Trump drop the hammer and start making arrest? Or will he continue to be cucked as McCain …[View]
113832719Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill, oh Bill... hypocrite much?: http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/entertainth…[View]
113843516Follow the White Rabbit: Thanks HuffPost[View]
113851132German elections 2017 Sunday, September 24: The end of Europe.[View]
113849987/POL/CUCKS RAPED UP THE ASS BY ACTUAL REDPILLED PEOPLE: I honestly don't think /pol/ has ever b…[View]
113848804>He shitposts for a living[View]
113842895How do we uncuck our shit Eurobros? I feel FURY when I constantly hear about some pure woman being r…[View]
113847705Wikileaks Pizzagate: http://undergroundnewsreport.com/the-truth/bombshell-wikileaks-leaks-lost-clint…[View]
113850973Henry DeLesquen: Henry DeLesquen Polytechnicien and Enarque, wants to MAKE FRANCE GREAT AGAIN ! Shar…[View]
11385092150 shades of red[View]
113846652Remind me /pol why is Allah the greatest god ?[View]
113850806Gay Retards: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SplVCkIxoxU[View]
113849741Why did Franco-Prussian war begin? Was it Jews again?[View]
113848831Atomwaffen Division: Can you guys please redpill me on the Atomwaffen Division? I know that they…[View]
113849549The Sex Offenders List: Am I the only one here that actually knows someone on the sex offenders list…[View]
113848960Are black Americans indigenous to America?: I ask this because the numbers don't add up. 450,00…[View]
113849183>DUDE MASTER RACE LMAO >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5i9k7s9X_A…[View]
113850212Before /pol/ - After /pol/: post em[View]
113847952Florida Man Arrested for Fucking Dog 100 times: Florida Man Arrested for Allegedly Having Sex More T…[View]
113850086So this is what comes up when you type in Trump. I don't remember that being there....[View]
113846534welp it was fun while it lasted, (((they))) are making their move.[View]
113833656European architecture: All European architecture goes into this thread! Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Kie…[View]
113847777Who is white?: How do i tell if i'm white?[View]
113847023Help me red pill my gender studies class!: Hello, /pol/. This is my first time posting on this site,…[View]
113849821How does this make America great?[View]
113845912If Alex Jones is telling the truth, why haven't the (((globalists))) and (((deep state))) silen…[View]
113844227Hey /pol/ what is, in your opinion, the most red-pilled font? In what font will the next global righ…[View]
113848383Help me write an article: So /pol/ I got a position at a political blog website. What should my firs…[View]
113849393why don't we nuke turkey?[View]
113849612He just can't stop himself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9SFQTrfUwc[View]
113840213US the strongest: The united states is the best nation to ever exist. Prove me wrong, Hint: You can…[View]
113844761ITT: hideous flags from piece of shit countries[View]
113846066Should with ship European-Americans back to Europe?: Should euro-Americans seek to return to their h…[View]
113834848This is Trump's America: Are you happy now /pol/?[View]
113840186Dead whale found with 30 plastic bags in it's stomach How nice of you to ruin my tasty whale me…[View]
113849338This triggers the Muslim.[View]
113849226Normies triggered by the words 'President Trump': >be me >work in a political office on the fe…[View]
113848725The Quoran was written by a woman. Islam is the ultimate degenerate female fantasy. Women are the re…[View]
113839462This. So. Much.[View]
113844073/pol/, please help me solve this. I've heard from some (pretty cucked) guy that psychologists a…[View]
113849116Why are leftists illogical?: Leftists have spent the last few years delighting in the displacement o…[View]
113849107Hidden Niggers: Mfw people unironically believe blacks actually took part in and contributed to the …[View]
113848249>Tinkerbell its the fairy of porn[View]
113849000Uhh guys??: Guys? If Trump truly is antifragile as Bannon seems to believe, is there actually anythi…[View]
113847190>That time where /pol/ went to the Pulse Nightclub memorial[View]
113845957hey guys remember me?[View]
113844282Jewish Endgame?: Say Israel wins and the last white died yesterday... What next? >no gibs for din…[View]
113848869'dreamers': >On December 1st, 2015, I was admitted to the University of Pennsylvania on a full ri…[View]
113848715Mike Pense Raiden MEMEs: Also someone make a white house petition asking for mike pence to be the ne…[View]
113848700Refute this /pol/[View]
113848621Guys... have Americans realized they made a mistake electing a meme into the most powerful position …[View]
113846516>The new Pepe[View]
113848538You voted for this monster?[View]
113847796POSTED. ON. REDDIT.: we dont even get any credit anymore fuck this shit we get injected with newfag …[View]
113826337>2 days ago insider-kun says that NASA will do a major announcement >nasa does it >there i…[View]
113826118We Are Losing The Battle: All the indicators show that even if she's in the second round, she…[View]
113846355Show me the maximum level of German Autism, /pol/.[View]
113842017If the ultra-left ever formed their own country, what would it be called? What would its flag be?[View]
113847143White people are doomed.: White people are doomed. The closest thing that resembles a sense of commu…[View]
113847494Americans love having sex with animals: Why? Why do burgers love to fuck animals? https://www.youtub…[View]
113848288Lonely and depressed :(: >Lives in your mother's basement >Browses the Daily Stormer and …[View]
113848227Lügenpresse, Washington Post edition. Washington Compost is doing some fact checking, making up supp…[View]
113842332How come horrible racist places like this exist. I really wish hate speech laws were in place so pla…[View]
113848197>liberal raises his hand and says 'hold on - don't interrupt you' >interrupts you…[View]
1138481772017 Liberal Freak Show: Am I right /pol/? Tucker Carlson is basically a carnival barker and he put…[View]
113838000Tucker couldn't even get a word in...did she win? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jx5WcJVSgc…[View]
113847997Trump will win every state in 2020 Except D.C.: All he has to do is to flip 0.2%-16% from blue to re…[View]
113845685Who's the best public speaking political figure of the past 20 years or so?: My vote goes to pi…[View]
113848023Pale-STEIN How is this not just more Jewish subversion? I refuse to believe any actual conflict exi…[View]
113844472>europe will be less white than north america in less than 40 years How did this even happen? the…[View]
113840353WHIE MAN ARRESTED FOR DOG FUCKERY: EXPLAIN YOUSEVS ICE NIGGIZ >The 43-year-old has been charged w…[View]
113848010Isn't it great to watch donald trump in the news every morning while everybody else is butthurt…[View]
113840995Xtians believe it's acceptable for god to torture conscious beings for all eternity, how is thi…[View]
113847888Gun cucks BTFO[View]
113843497Should I join?[View]
113847851>Hawaii belongs to Amer- Explain this faggots[View]
113840570>muslima flirting with you >swore to yourself not to date or fuck 3rd world brown eyes brown/b…[View]
113847823you guys aren't actually Nazi's, are you?[View]
113847379The Final Redpill: The man who sold the world. https://www.google.com/search?tbo=p&tbm=pts&h…[View]
113839608How bad is Mexico right now? Like, if I decided to go on a vacation in one of their tourist cities,…[View]
113817244Daily reminder than Gaddafi did nothing wrong and that the greedy French destroyed Libya. https://ww…[View]
113844230HOW DO WE STOP THIS?: Blonde hair dye MUST be outlawed. I always see this shit and I hate it, why th…[View]
113846453Mexico Refuses New U.S. Deportation Rules: http://thehill.com/policy/international/americas/320686-m…[View]
113846622Was there anything in your life which you witnessed/experienced/learned about that was an insta-redp…[View]
113843196OFFICIAL INFOWARS FUNDRAISER LIVE STREAM THREAD: 13 hour fund raiser after Google AdRoll dropped Inf…[View]
113833201How can we successfully bring back fascism?[View]
113847560How so we stop finns from not seeing themselves as beautiful and therefore making themselves look mo…[View]
113847548new stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHoEl-wvs_Q[View]
113847482TO END THIS MILO BUSINESS: I think Molymeme was the one who actually fully analyzed the issue. http…[View]
113845825>Republicans are more fiscally respo-[View]
113822033/pol/ita: Greece Pay Debts edition: Daily reminder that greece must pay debts, or else Germany-senpa…[View]
113846609why don't we nuke America?[View]
113844702*teleports behind you* 'Anon, I need your advice. What am I doing wrongm and what should I do to fix…[View]
113842566>PewDiePie >Milo Yiannopoulos Who will be next to fall?…[View]
113838443/pol/+ GENERAL: Welcome to /pol/+ GEN. In the wake of NASA's announcement we are going to discu…[View]
113846125/Our/ Soundtracks: Most redpilled soundtracks? https://youtu.be/Jm932Sqwf5E https://youtu.be/1Xr4sU…[View]
113847049Why does Italy play stupid games? Do they need to win stupid prizes, i.e. Nuclear Annihilation?[View]
113847045Poles BTFO of each other for 1zł (about 0,25$): >sugar promotion in local store >price of 1kg …[View]
113846185Name a major accomplishment by the Mexican people Do Mexispics realize that Spanish is not even thei…[View]
113842796Alex Jones confirmed cuck and officially kill: >'I don't care if the US is 80% brown in 30 y…[View]
113846847Hitler was a socialist.[View]
113802476>james woods calling out podesta using #Pizza and his nickname #skippy this is the most overt sup…[View]
113846933February 20, 2016: It's been a year since this man died. He was killed by heartless DRUMPF.…[View]
113843227Stop Behaving Slavishly!: What is not supposed to be my concern! First and foremost, the Good Cause,…[View]
113846853So how is best French University - Oxford doing? >http://www.tcs.cam.ac.uk/news/0036815-oxford-un…[View]
113844245What does /pol/ think of............: What does /pol/ think of the what do you think of threads?…[View]
113843669Look at what you did, /pol/. You and your frog memes drove ((((MEDIA MATTERS)))) and their boss the …[View]
113845048Red Pilling Reddit-Strategies?: r/politics has become a liberal shithouse... Has it always been this…[View]
113846707SHILLS: I didn't fall for the oil companies lies! Man made climate change is fake! 'Worst-ever …[View]
113839437I think trump is doing a shitty job and idk what to do[View]
113840224ITT post countries your country has permanently BTFO[View]
113845971Stop fuckin Erdowan: Pls help that Erdogan do bot visit germany on march! Alle unterschreiben damit …[View]
113833073>'When was America ever great?' How do you respond?[View]
113835955Religion: Hey /pol/ my colleges religion class is discussing how Islam is a religion of peace. I nee…[View]
113843674But..But..muh constantly dwindling popular vote!: Odds are every 5 illegals booted = -1 on that popu…[View]
113841965We need a permanent 'No communism doesnt work heres why' thread: The same drivel every day saturates…[View]
113837909Do you consider Norway a friend of your country? >muh insignificant[View]
113846548http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/698121.pdf h4c lab, tests relating to shock wave nukes n shi…[View]
113843200Angela Murkey: We should let more players farm us.[View]
113844768is it him /pol/? it sounds so fucking much like him. https://youtu.be/Ud_TJe0v6IY?t=78 https://www.…[View]
113841548CRAZED SJW BTFO BY TUCKER CARLSON: https://youtu.be/-jx5WcJVSgc[View]
113846470Microsoft's new chatbot sucks[View]
113845836PANIC thread has been deleted[View]
113843066Welcome anon, nice that you came by to talk about your problems. Please lay down on on my relatively…[View]
113846414Who are the Center for Immigration Studies and why is their research considered biased shit?[View]
113842846Jordan Peterson: What does /pol/ think of this man?[View]
113846307>read that an oil pipeline will encroach on indigenous lands >chimpout >have 389 meetings w…[View]
113846295I fucking hate liberals: Just look at this.[View]
113843067lower age of consent works if there are heavily enforced laws against >fornication >prepubesce…[View]
113842884Our Hopeless Society: No one listens to each other anymore. It's always >Muh beliefs Follow…[View]
113846147fucking KYS already America everything you do is pathetic[View]
113844859FUCK NASA PRESS CONFERENCE: Absolute bullshit. This press briefing was just 1 hours worth of replayi…[View]
113840908Identity Theft: >Be me, fuck around Tinder with local caol burners >Made a fake/catfish profil…[View]
113846090It's goin mainstream fuckers! Keep up the pressure!: http://www.tmz.com/2017/02/22/george-takei…[View]
113843939>Trump makes baseless statement about a crime that happened in Sweden the night before >Mainst…[View]
113846059Wow, this is really brave when you think about it...[View]
113843642LIVE STREAM - Standing Rock Protest Raid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYUFH7mGojU http://theanti…[View]
113845623http://www.biographyonline.net/socialism-george-orwell/ /pol/ blown the fuck out!!!! Didn't you…[View]
113843147Nikki Haley is to Trump what Hillary Clinton was to Obama. This bitch is cancer! https://www.youtube…[View]
113845850deal /pol/: does anyone have a browser plugin / script / bot that they've wanted but can't…[View]
113832837Which American state has the greatest cultural future?: North Dakota? Montana? Nebraska? Utah? Maine…[View]
113843614lets have all 16 year old boys bang hot blonde teachers: so everyone can be equal![View]
113844594*blocks your path*[View]
113845125OH CANADA: CANADA YES!![View]
113845193>be a virgin for life >automatically get into heaven is this earth life on easy mode?…[View]
113811512Is your father a cuck? Do your political views differ from your father now?[View]
113839339I do not get why the right dismisses human induced climate change: I am against illegal immigration,…[View]
113841647What the fuck[View]
113845276American ethnicity?: Are Americans their own distinct and separate ethnic group at this point?…[View]
113845274REDPILL: My friend, who is becoming a reformed leftist-feminist, is slowly becoming redpilled. Pleas…[View]
113840533What does it say???!!: Someone zoom in and read this to me[View]
113839388WHERE ARE ALL THE PENCE MEMES?: There is an embarrassingly small amount of Pence appreciation out th…[View]
113845072http://www.hillarybeattrump.org/contact-us Check out this cancer /pol/[View]
113845063>Is nation traiting right thing for me. Couldn't get second girlfriend I liked, isn't i…[View]
113844729did he do it?: >John McCain took money from the dead russian ambassador http://truepundit.com/wik…[View]
113841703Gavin Mcinnes: Anybody recall a post here the other day asking why we don't support Gavin more?…[View]
113837701Why are the girls on Infowars so fake it seems like they just awkwardly say what Alex says. Do they …[View]
113843856who destroyed him?: I personally never liked him as he was such a attention whore... but just wanna …[View]
113823503This land is mine, God gave this land to me.[View]
113820863Assault Weapons Not Protected by Second Amendment, Federal Appeals Court Rules: /pol/ BTFO Trump is…[View]
113844763Bulgarians on /pol/ What is his endgame?[View]
113844684fix'd washington post's new slogan[View]
113843950How to make fake news: Step 1. Use Chrome and find a news article or webpage you want to turn into f…[View]
113844659I think I just took the road pill: Instead of forced taxation the government could simply be hired l…[View]
113836492What's this guys problem? All he does is judge people who don't obsess over homosexuals to…[View]
113839165*Blocks your path* >Have you checked your privilege yet today anon?[View]
113844501How did they predict 9/11?[View]
113844607I guess Newtown: Was a false flag[View]
113844595Was he really our man all along?: I would imagine if he became president in 1945, the Cold War would…[View]
113840400So I'm in college and of course all my teachers are liberally and constantly shoving their beli…[View]
113841343why don't we nuke italy?[View]
113844504Alex Jones INFO WARS huge 19 hour live stream today! get on this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vt8…[View]
113844057FIGHTER SCRAMBLED FROM PT MUGU: Did anyone else hear/see that fighter scramble from pt mugu and take…[View]
113837640/pol/ BTFO!!!!!!: Stormtards cannot recover from this[View]
113844417left eating itself: top kek my recent alma mater's student union is kicking out it's VP ex…[View]
113837297Why are White men so fucking good at war? The training, mental fortitude and athleticism required re…[View]
113839350I know an easy way us white men can stop terrorism. Conquer all Arab women and make babies. If you…[View]
113842123What would you do /pol/?: Well?[View]
113839785Big banks rack up $6.4 billion in ATM and overdraft fees: /pol/'s thoughts? http://money.cnn.co…[View]
113842922What do you think Trump's biggest weakness is?[View]
113843987Mika let the mask slip!: Woops[View]
113843934/pol/'s thoughts: Nihilism has fucked us up. Has anyone heard of Fr. Seraphim Rose? Just found …[View]
113839601/pol/'s reaction to Trudeau's re-election in 2019? /pol/'s reaction to Trump's r…[View]
113843835Have you noticed they froze the signature count?[View]
113838682If you had a daughter, how do you prevent her being a coal burner?[View]
113840696Stop traveling.[View]
113814718Opinion Thread 2.0: again time to find out if /pol/ really does have statistically universal values …[View]
113824150how do we fix young '''''men''''[View]
113841080Dwarfs of Auschwitz: Pic related did not die in the holohoax. They are unfit for labor so why weren…[View]
113843494For as corrupt as Hillary is, at least she released her tax returns to be somewhat transparent. I ca…[View]
113842853Redpill me on William Henry Harrison. How did he manage to get one month presidential term service?[View]
113837510B-but Trump is literally 1984![View]
113842240STANDING ROCK GOING INTO ACTION: Feds are moving into site soon. The main effort will happen at nigh…[View]
113843370AUSTRALIA CUNTS: https://www.youtu be.com/watch?v=xeNkaUbhD3w[View]
113842978Just a lil idea: So- The media keeps running stories about THE NEW HATE SYMBOL OF THE ALT-RIGHT Fir…[View]
113841028Why do soldiers marry? What, they expect their wives to stay faithful until they come back? Are they…[View]
113842720lets go ahead and lower gov spending 99% and regs: lets have real free markets and quintiple our wea…[View]
113830703/future/ - Futurism General Discuss what's right around the corner for us and the world. Kickst…[View]
113843074Exposing Your Power Level: >Tfw you expose your power level over Facebook and now everyone thinks…[View]
113841026Is this really feasable? 0% tax seems a little too good to be true.[View]
113843055CN Tower: SHAFTED by Guinness world records: AHHHHH HA HA >build tall tower in the 1970s to get …[View]
113838166James O'keefe about to leak CNN newsroom footage: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-02-21/jame…[View]
113838076Eurobros,it's time we address the elephant in the room...: US officials trying to rebuild and s…[View]
113841880Even when I was younger I wondered why is Croatia so divided between vandalism and 'civilization'. I…[View]
113836280what do you fags think of Atatürk ?[View]
113842926Ultimate Wojak Download: Tragic Cancer Patient Edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LesOwhSaFCU t…[View]
113839323>'If the international Finance Jews inside or outside Europe attempt to push people into another …[View]
113842795Is he the best political public speaker of the last 20 years?[View]
113840444I need help /pol/ My family is filled with spaniards and my spaniard family was labeled 'White Hispa…[View]
113836624Multi-Million Dollar Idea: I just realized something. We have no 'Liberal Left' impersonator like ho…[View]
113833915Communism will win: Communism is the best form of government. Prove me wrong /pol/ >protip: you …[View]
113842522END TIMES: MAN IN BLACK PAINT ATTEMPTS TO RED PILL THE POLICE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTiGTV…[View]
113841553European Union is afraid. Go full censorship.: They lost it. Europeans Cucks are afraid that their p…[View]
113836772irl power level thread >work in Hollywood >crew starts talking about Trump at lunch >hurr d…[View]
113839228NASA's announcement was just a distraction planned by Intel. The real hype of the day is Ryzen.[View]
113836440Hello im millie weaver reporting for infowars!!![View]
113839683hahahahahah...................cumskins smarter than black people.....................science disagre…[View]
113836480Illegal Immigrant Kills Man in Denver: An illegal immigrant who was freed from county jail in Denver…[View]
113819622Haven't seen any of these in a while[View]
113840984Why aren't you having children through surrogates?: Well /pol/ how come? Don't give me exc…[View]
113841072Stop Using Porn: Isn't watching porn the epitome of being a cuck? You are literally using your …[View]
113839689What if i was the only real person on /pol/ and that the rest was just an AI set up by jews as contr…[View]
113840833Aliens?: Will we /pol/? Or are they just shilling for bucks from uncle goyim >inb4 we alreadt dis…[View]
113840174The money should have an expiration date so that no one can accumulate it to have power over their b…[View]
113824332Somebody give me the rundown on Milo. I have no idea what's been going on. I haven't been …[View]
113841796If black people are inferior, how are they becoming doctors? lol[View]
113823473It is beginning - NASA announcement that will profoundly change history: https://www.nasa.gov/multim…[View]
113821903Hmmmm... Thoughts?[View]
113812346There is nothing wrong in crossing the border illegally/overstaying visa. If you are from a shithole…[View]
113839684Is Mike 'truffle shuffle' Pence A globalist shill or is he just being a cunt? http://www.infowars.c…[View]
113818001Redpill me on the Irish. could they have taken over the world if the jews didn't invent Alcohol…[View]
113841855Is bread white?[View]
113840292How big is your's /pol/?: Sup /pol/, I think my girlfriend is about to leave me. She said her l…[View]
113805160When did you realise the ignorance and irrationality of the average liberal? HARD MODE: not in unive…[View]
113834563THIS BITCH IS DONE. KEK: http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/320668-white-house-barring-kelly…[View]
113841629Betsy DeVos is awesome!: > Betsy DeVos > Donated to FIRE, a group which has defended falsely a…[View]
113841589Am I the only one? Is this the end of the sticky? What's next for us and /pol/?[View]
113841592Distrustful Canadians - What Went Wrong?: Do you distrust each other because that is what happens in…[View]
113840741>ITT: We realize that Islamic Black Metal exists https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUdlJEaT5Ms&…[View]
113841518WE WUZ PREZ N SHEIT: >Trump >White…[View]
113841260Fuck Drumpf[View]
113836266Why do (((((they))))) want to destroy white people?: White people built this world. They built the s…[View]
113838051/pol/ you sure O'Leary isn't our guy leafs? The media shits on him so hard when he brings …[View]
113838777>Acting like anti-white is bad >Jews have been persecuted forever >They learned they have t…[View]
113841349How delusional are you faggots? Does pretending to be a conservative on the internet give you a feel…[View]
113836912They're talking about us guys, w-what do we do ? http://www.cracked.com/blog/6-ways-alt-right-t…[View]
113839843Getting /out/ of Canada: The country is going to complete shit, from sanctuary cities to our patheti…[View]
113828840>NASA finds habitable exoplanets 39 light years away >We going to space boys >We might actu…[View]
113838033Merkel is finished: in 2001 the wife of Chancellor Helmut Kohl, Hannelore, killed herself, she had s…[View]
113840826I have around 145.000 euros. Where do I go? I want to leave scandinavia. Got a bachelor degree in ec…[View]
113835025SA General: Niggers attack a Rhino orphanage: http://africageographic.com/blog/rhino-orphanage-attac…[View]
113840235/pol/ BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZccDnE1eLM[View]
113841045She's back.[View]
113838982Stop reproducing.[View]
113839324/pol/ is literally the most ridiculous board. You cant get through a single thread without da jewz b…[View]
113840670Why are you not a national socialist yet?[View]
113830620Germany is the most unpatriotic country: Why does Germany hate itself? How does your school system p…[View]
113837889Hi /pol/, do you care about what the children see on TV? Do you care about how what they see will af…[View]
113840459Why did Hitler start unwinnable WW2? Was he retarded?[View]
113809774OPERATION #SOULSEARCHING2017 commencing in 3...2...1...[View]
113840575Cursed For Its Sins?: True or False? Biggest sin being it failed.[View]
113837937You guys REALLY want to deport this? Wtf is wrong with you?[View]
113840330holohoax thread post truth and memes[View]
113837847why don't we nuke Norway?[View]
113839156Former white guy and ex trump support here, not gonna avoid the truth i enjoy watching Trump dash an…[View]
113834744Worst migrant commited crimes in Europe: What are the worst crimes committed by migrants in Europe? …[View]
113839881TRUMP BTFO[View]
113840126John Flynt on TV: Hey /pol/, look who got on the news again. http://www.necn.com/on-air/as-seen-on/W…[View]
113837601Are there any good books on critical thinking? I want to learn how to argue my case and wield stati…[View]
113839901Do you actually think Trump will change anything? He will be gone in 4 years and will be a stain on …[View]
113839398Kadyrov: Russianbros, what's your opinion on Ramzan Kadyrov?[View]
113840065What will Trump do about this?[View]
113839654TELL ME ABOUT IT STUD T U D[View]
113804905WOW ZOE QUINN IS HOT AND SHE HATES NIGGER LOVING FAGGOTS LIKE MILO: Why do we hate each other again?…[View]
113833173/odg/ Oroville Dam General - TOTALLY (((REPAIRED))) EDITION: >What happened so far - Main spillwa…[View]
113839400What will the meme people do when rigthwing in general takes over the world? I start. Stefan Molyne…[View]
113826193Malvinas doesn't belong to Arge-: We should give it back or at least share the island between t…[View]
113839652Ancap thread[View]
113834392What does /pol/ think of Man in High Castle?[View]
113832037Jacobin delving the depths: https://www.jacobinmag.com/2017/02/paleocons-for-porn/ Jacobin is some o…[View]
113831010Describe Sweden in one sentance[View]
113839461Is Trump going to allow the 'Dreamers' to stay? They are a leach on the social services (welfare, sc…[View]
113833731Merkel admits Mistakes and enforces deportation: German sources but i translated Merkels important q…[View]
113834375Universal Basic Income (UBI): http://www.cnbc.com/2017/02/21/technology-ceos-back-basic-income-as-ai…[View]
113836491Autistic Mods Edition: Alright Faggots, we need a /pol/ presence here. It's easy redpill soil, …[View]
113804756Canada is not America: I have seen several leaf posters on /pol quote the American Constitution and …[View]
113818548Why aren't you a billionaire president, /pol/? It's so easy. What's your excuse?[View]
113839171Pic unrelated friendly reminder If you are friends or even on good terms with any shitskins or nigge…[View]
113839159Anne Frank Center blames Trump for anti-Semitism: Since I first read her diary in 1960, I have fanta…[View]
113838563take this: Well /pol/, maybe my country is cucked, but at least we do not have someone like Trump as…[View]
113838336Russia building Reichstag replica for schoolchildren’s military exercises: >The Russian Ministry …[View]
113834980Trump: 1 Mental Illness: 0[View]
113833328Joseph 'Kettlebells will fuck you up bro' Rogan advocates pedophilia and even sexual assault on men.…[View]
113838986the media actually tries to tell us being first is bad. right now a lot of videos going viral with t…[View]
113810101So Katy Perry dropped a new song which demonizies the nuclear family and 1950's America. I mean…[View]
113838933wtf I love China now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhXjF-g2lnE[View]
113824505give me your opinions[View]
113822504>he's not having kids What sort of autistic manbaby are you? What is your excuse? I don…[View]
113838886Jazz Jennings gets boner. Still convinced he is a girl.: Will Trump outlaw transgenderism? http://ww…[View]
113828693Trolling a Safe Spacer: So I was walking down the floor my office is on at my university and noticed…[View]
113833568Anti-White Racism in the Media: Why is anti-white racism considered acceptable in the media? Check o…[View]
113828075Ayy lmao.[View]
113810297Syria General /sg/ A Rose in the Desert Edition: >Everything you need to know https://syriagenera…[View]
113838591Should I get some people together and go full viking? Maybe raid some towns and rape their women.[View]
113838766Sweden trolls Trump: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/sweden-donald-trump-official-t…[View]
113838671Women have a expire date Prove me wrong > you cant FAGGOTS BTFO[View]
113834605Any /pol/ librarians here? Is a Masters in Library and Information Science worth it? Is a library ca…[View]
113834020Is George RR Martin redpilled?: Okay, so in the last season of GOT, we saw that you have to burn whi…[View]
113830706I am a psychiatrist (PhD) AMA: Once a despotic dictator like Vladmimir Putin or Viktor Orban tests D…[View]
113835510Where does /pol/ get its news from? Not fake news like Breitbart of Buzzfeed.[View]
113828266How did we go from this..[View]
113833256Seriously....fuck airoplanse: aeroplanes are the number one cause of greenhouse gases in the united …[View]
113837939Orbán's not as tough as you might think: So some fuckers decided to torpedo the Hungarian bid f…[View]
113838265(((Hollywood Brainwashing))): Anti-white agenda in 'O' (2001) https://youtu.be/obdFQR6y1Z8[View]
113833886http://www.privateislandsonline.com/areas/greece?page=1 I'm buying an island in Greece and maki…[View]
113838263Labor movement: Redpill me on the American labor movement[View]
113836326hey guys, is it legal to set up a fightclub in ontario? i know washington has mutual combat laws. th…[View]
113836639>ITT: We realize that Islamic Black Metal exists https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUdlJEaT5Ms&…[View]
113837764>Trump's worst nightmare[View]
113837734Does anybody else find it quite whimsical when Americans who are anti-immigration say the best time …[View]
113828239Alt right getting btfo: Rough day today. This must be what winning feels like Le Pen losing in poll…[View]
113832999Why don't american prisons organize televised gladiator battles?[View]
113837901Why do people actually believe these fuckers without any question? they say something and it must be…[View]
113836728Slav hate thread[View]
113837887/pol/ BTFO: Hi guys, I talked to my psychotherapist about /pol/ today. I showed him the site and exp…[View]
113815288/ouguy/ confirmed: Pewdiepie makes a video implying he's a direct decendant of Adolf Hitler. Wh…[View]
113836304Is James O'Keefe About To Smoke CNN?: James O'Keefe of Project Veritas is set to unleash h…[View]
113837655Just a reminder..: Hey Pol I just wanted to remind you Elon Musk is (secretly) on our side. I'…[View]
113837644Will TYT come to the defense of Alex Jones they could be next if they dont play ball[View]
113830170*sips tea*[View]
113837556Why shouldn't I move to the Rio Grande Valley?[View]
113837449ITT: We give Alex Jones suggestions on how to survive: It is so cringe to see these dumb bimbos talk…[View]
113832802PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - NO HOVERS EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whitehouse.gov h…[View]
113837418What would of happened if Europeans didnt go to america? Ive read that the incas had roads and coppe…[View]
113836646China Going After Muslim Scum: And yet in this age of terrorism this is still seen as a bad thing. W…[View]
113834458If there are ayy lmaos or future colonists who live here, they will hate the name we gave their star…[View]
113823776What did the average Swede mean by this?[View]
113813773NEW Ben Garrison cartoon[View]
113829230Did Trump Cause Riots In Sweden?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G00zFuMxlIs Holy shit riots happen…[View]
113833763Add Britain to the State Sponsors of Terrorism list!: I assume you have all heard of the 'Briton' wh…[View]
113837178What REALLY happens here?[View]
113829694ITT pol analyzes philosophy of hijab[View]
113832881Are jews actual hebrews?: If so, is palestine rightful jewish clay?[View]
113812264>*blocks your path* >you muffucka white boi my niggaz said u voted for trump. Hope yo white as…[View]
113833529>America went to the moon haha wedabes bixnood: Nazi Germany went to the moon you utter keks. NAS…[View]
113834908globalism is inevitable, every single technology is fasting the process and you cant stop it goyim.[View]
113825011Why you hate PJW?: Serious question, why /pol/ hates Paul? His videos are informative, short, easy t…[View]
113834299It's the media's job to control what you think!!!: I can't believe she just out and s…[View]
113833744Remember when Bill Maher publicly endorsed pedophilia? https://youtu.be/jBYM0dQ4zUU?t=7m5s How do w…[View]
113836825Connecticut towns are too legit: Nothing sketchy or hoaxy would happen in Newtown >mfw…[View]
113835321Earth's Shape: Planetary scientists of /pol/, get in here: >http://www.strawpoll.me/12395995…[View]
113836504COPYPASTA THREAD: Hey /pol/, I made some copypasta to counter the degeneracy among the other boards.…[View]
113836402if this is you then you are fucking retarded as fucking fuck. what the fuck were you thinking?[View]
113836658> Muh boipucci > Muh muslim brothers > Muh jewish owner > Muh oral traditions…[View]
113835941Thanks for taking our trash, Canada! Make sure you pay for their welfare too![View]
113836257Dont listen to Alex Jones[View]
113814536Daily facts about Islam: Hi, I heard that this website is a source of a lot of Islamophobia and igno…[View]
113836577Hitler took all the gu--: I guess Hitler expanded gun rights. Cucks BTFO. http://ir.lawnet.fordham.…[View]
113836203>Studies show that Milhouse will be a fleshed out and funny meme by the year 2019 what does /pol/…[View]
113835980Post-truth politics 101: How to avoid any opinion you just don't like? Call them fake news and …[View]
113835953>all this talk of exoplanets SPACE EMPIRE WHEN?!?!?![View]
113825688No country has a richer folklore than Sweden Elves and Trolls, how can other countries even compete?[View]
113833155Do the liberals actually believe their claims?: Do the people who come out with the crazy claims to …[View]
113820151What did she mean by this? Why didn't she fill in the X?[View]
113823285DRUMPF BTFO BY BASED SWEDEN http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/sweden-donald-trump-off…[View]
113836418Getting real tired of your shit Mexico. If a migrant from another country enters the US illegally th…[View]
113825202Russia love thread: Why do you like Putin? he has done so much for Russia they have huge obesity pro…[View]
113818251Joining the Military: I'm 100% sure that I'm going to join the military. Is there any form…[View]
113832960D News: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V91k1DkERLg >at this rate, by the year 2030 all of the ic…[View]
113834186>Whatever the moral wrongdoings of the Bolsheviks - I don't think anyone's claiming Len…[View]
113835992Salty cracka cucks BTFO: White girls can't resist BAC! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbxu4PsY…[View]
113836114Is he controlled opposition?[View]
113835079What is a good second language to learn? I'm thinking about trying to learn one. I don't w…[View]
113829260wow........... Drumpfkins absolutleyly BTFO...... he truly is a racist piece of shit. i wish i coul…[View]
113831256We firefly nao: So /pol/ how do we get to Trappist-1 and leave this shithole earth behind[View]
113836085>one drop of black or indio makes you black or indio (hypodescent) >one drop of white makes yo…[View]
113799968White people hate thread: Every race should have their own 'hate threads' on /pol/, not only 'nigger…[View]
113835141and they dont want you to: this was archived after like 3 minutes >>113832378[View]
113836007Could a jew be our guy?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEouLVMKMJI[View]
113835971We wuz Ainu?[View]
113835933If people act on something uncontrollably it is to assume they actually believe in it even if they d…[View]
113814242Brit/pol/ - Vivat Regina Elizabetha Edition: >Lamont: Remainers' 'duty' not to und…[View]
113833890Don't mind us, we're just protesting to save the environment.[View]
113835436ITT: People who did nothing wrong.[View]
113835756combat this twitter thread, not necessarily on twitter, I want to know the real accomplishments of w…[View]
113835645I'm perplexed: I posted a an article on /his/ about Weimar Germany (link below) looking for som…[View]
113802913Did an American Hermit Predict Donald Trump Would Lead a Great Spiritual Revival in the US?: https:/…[View]
113835570Sarah Andersen thread: Can we get a Nazi Sarah Scribbles thread going?[View]
113834632Am I gonna die /pol/?: 27 y/o MCV 98 AST 93 ALT 70[View]
113832997Was it really fabricated /pol/? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctors'_plot https://en.wikipedi…[View]
113833892While the shills here troll endlessly about 'muh russian hackers' actual spy rings go unnoticed: Als…[View]
113820753Do any of you guys take women in politics seriously? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgktdEHTrk0…[View]
113820883>Temperature is now in the plus double digits (Celsius) for the Northeastern region in the middle…[View]
113835027trappist star system: So /pol/ have you heard about the new Trappist star system? There's proba…[View]
113817000Trump caused Sweden riots!: >Trump is at fault for riots in Sweden >pic related >https://tw…[View]
113833224Why do we hate Islam again, /pol/? It's literally Christianity in green. >one god (Allah tra…[View]
113829056The enemy of my enemy is my friend: Is the hate for Milo on this board real, or is it a forced meme?…[View]
113834143Why are liberals saying 'Donald Trump is a fascist' as if it's a bad thing?[View]
113834449IT'S HAPPENING: http://www.tagesspiegel.de/berlin/militaer-freizeitpark-russland-will-den-berli…[View]
113835116What was his crime?: https://m.mic.com/articles/169101/british-muslim-teacher-was-denied-entry-to-th…[View]
113833500Bill Maher advocates for PEDOPHILIA: Make sure this gets out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTuIKL…[View]
113829102Should whites set up an ethno-state within America?: I'm thinking the PNW, and make genetic ana…[View]
113835059MAN READS ENTIRE HITLER SPEECH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzBDTPGML3I&t=5s[View]
113834542The Dumbest Yell The Loudest: a negative correlation between expertise and passion: http://think.ker…[View]
113834156We should've given California to the Japs https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLa8S4GilqogQRw…[View]
113834939Is there still hope, lads?: found this add in between a refugee shill article.[View]
113834568So when is Pence going to electrocute the fags to death???[View]
113826027Reminder: This man is not family friendly.[View]
113830479>The Constitution gives states permission to wage war without a federal declaration of war if the…[View]
113834163Okay /pol/ I'm going to tell you a possible future we might live in, and it's not good. Cu…[View]
113831317NASA REFUSES FOIA: Duke and Young drove 5km to House rock. They ripped a box off the end of one Buri…[View]
113833160Ben Shapiro writes articles against multiculturalism in Europe How is he not /our guy/? http://www.…[View]
113834785Richard Dawkins, pedophile apologist: In an interview in The Times magazine on Saturday (Sept. 7), D…[View]
113815645Argentina Exodus mega thread: White people from all across North America and Europe are flocking to …[View]
113831900negros and persians have the best looking children[View]
113834550/pol/, redpill me on the following. I've heard from some guy that psychologists agree now that …[View]
113834246The new planets arent named after Danald and his family! How will Drumpfkins ever recover?[View]
113826702Ukraine Demographic Devastation: >Population of Ukraine in 1994 52 million people >Population …[View]
113831086Noble savages set their own camp on fire https://youtu.be/-3rkn4sj3A8[View]
113833851Maher jokes about dead murdered girl: Maher: ‘I Don’t Care’ If Hillary Has ‘JonBenét Ramsey in her B…[View]
113804049ICE ALREADY REMOVING CRIMINALS IN NYC Thank you President Trump![View]
113830343Checkmate racists: really makes you stop and go hmmm huh?[View]
113833811Thanks Drumpf.[View]
113832743Why don't millennial women want children?[View]
113833559Pizza Man: Pizza Man is a 1991 comedy film starring Bill Maher.[View]
113828869alternate timeline 2008: Think Mccain would have been a better president in 2008 than Obama?[View]
113825455Honest Molymeme thread: I have watched hours of his YT content, and I initially liked him, but then …[View]
113833829links to good documentaries on pinochet? would like a few which paints him as evil and a few that sh…[View]
113829403What's happening in Venezuela right now?[View]
113833392Dirty Jews: If you were Hitler how would you kill the jews?[View]
113833286Elementary school cancels 'high-five Fridays' with local police over fears it might make i…[View]
113833774Is this hypocritical?[View]
113810278We need to talk about CENSORSH__: We need to get a hold on Mass censorship >Information Age Infor…[View]
113833643Pepe thread: Lost my pepes, help me rebuild my catalog bros[View]
113833278Male, female, and faggot should be the only genders.[View]
113833499Birbs: Lets Throw Bread on CNN with Birbs and Birb Memes![View]
113827849Feels good to be a white Croatian of Dalmatian ancestry. How can normal Croatian even compete?[View]
113832237Feds arrest shitposter: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/garrett-grimsley-north-carolina-man-threatened-n…[View]
113799078In all honestly /pol/, how long do you think you would last on a road trip with this man?[View]
113833376How do I prevent myself from unknowingly progressing a bad cause? Is it possible to live life reduci…[View]
113832819AYY LMAO: proof ayy lmaos exist![View]
113833354The Firefox version of Uncle Chang'e extension is out! https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox…[View]
113832151Don't be ridiculous: Why would a whole town in Connecticut play along with a hoax about sandy h…[View]
113831459>Milo got raped and loved it. >Takei got raped and loved it. >I got raped and loved it. …[View]
113832762BRAIN THREAD /pol/: Brain Thread: Electric Boogaloo Edition[View]
113821060Is Soros secretly /OurGuy/?: Now before you call me shill hear me out https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
113831871Milo Yiannapolis: >Gay >Jew >Catholicuck >Greek This is the alt-right.…[View]
113826099Why haven't you read the unabomber's manifesto yet?: >'Leftists tend to hate anything t…[View]
113801734'Persians and Europeans,we do share a foundation that is deep'- Richard Spencer What did he mean by …[View]
113833172Would you take the deal?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYNKufXhWGg To summarize it >Swede hote…[View]
113832907IRL power level thread >work in Hollywood >crew starts talking about Trump at lunch >hurr d…[View]
113833145What are some /pol approved books?[View]
113802461>U-USA and Russia will be allies against chinks >The_Donald told me so, g-guys You should nev…[View]
113833117Liberals do own guns. /pol/ right wing death squads btfo by Leftie Superior Tactical Hispters: Why i…[View]
113831671drumpf btfo[View]
113833005You sandy hook: Truthers are so dumb Why would a whole town in Connecticut pretend to put on a FEMA …[View]
113831919We've made waves Ride the waves[View]
113832953NASA Announcement:More Earth-Like exoplanets discovered.: Today Nasa held a press release about find…[View]
113832921ITT: people who are salty because they're politics/career aren't edgy anymore: I'll s…[View]
113832878HwNdU: live stream w/chat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bw6eprCvluE[View]
113824461Why is Jewtube promoting this movie so much[View]
113832654Kate Perry's last video is totally a Anti-Trump propaganda: >Wall and throw people away >…[View]
113831986wow this controlled opposition thing really works[View]
113827833/ptg/ -President Trump General- Kicking Reason To the Curb Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https:/…[View]
113832748Political Struggles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-c8J7lnMrw Seriously, can Kek not grant us the…[View]
113832731Are you ready for the new Sam Harris episode?)[View]
113828271why is the alt-right defending pedophilia?[View]
113812968you Americans are huge badasses[View]
113828170Ich hasse Polacke. Ich möchte nach Deutschland auswandern, aber dank meiner Mutter, ich habe nicht g…[View]
113832444Why does the Swedish media blame the rape crisis on Japs instead of Muds? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
113822127>/pol/ when it comes to immigrants THEY'RE FINE, IF THEY ARE **LEGAL**. >/pol/ when it co…[View]
113831760munich security conference participants leaked: Among them: Forester de Rothschild, Lynn – Rothschil…[View]
113830110Why is degeneracy so much fun? Having sex, doing drugs, drinking alcohol, watching porn, and gamblin…[View]
113831545Everyone is red pilled and no one likes the ugly truth: Faggots are victims of pedos Women ruin civi…[View]
113809049Verified Leaker Needs Our Help: RIGHT NOW!!!! We need to get this trending at 11 am (eastern). That…[View]
113829608Would they make a cute /pol/ couple?[View]
113805133>this is a norwegian boy scandinavia should be nuked inb4 thinking it's girl: https://img.4p…[View]
113832378Your time here is short. Yesterdays 'snafu' was a warning shot. The downside to the meme magick invo…[View]
113830872Anime characters who would vote for Trump.[View]
113830387Redpill Some Weebs: Alright Faggots, we need a /pol/ presence here. It's easy redpill soil, and…[View]
113832292MY FUCKING SIDES ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqRuKL7hONk[View]
113832206The Plot Thinkens: >3 Muslim Brothers working for Congress as IT workers were fired early Februar…[View]
113832186I am sorry.: I am happy you all love me. I know i wasn't hard enough on the jews and for that i…[View]
113779729/odg/ Oroville Dam General - Images Are Back Edition: >What happened so far - Main spillway got d…[View]
113832168We must hold ourselves to the same standard of disavowing Milo and George Takei. Milo built us up bu…[View]
1138321587 habitable planets found..: ok /pol/, >which one for white people, >which one for asian, …[View]
113822350Hollywood was sure Hillary was going to win, hence the diversity pandering: Has anyone else noticed …[View]
113827355What did he mean by This?: 'The quickest way to get rich is to socialize with the poor; the quickest…[View]
113831221Trump's free trade hostility is good news for EU: >The United States' new hostility to …[View]
113829021How does 3d printing affect politics on an international level?[View]
113831864I think it's safe to say that he is Alt-Right (watch till the end, or it might look like some l…[View]
113831489Why don you work for Goldman Sachs yet?: Did you know that banks can just pull money out of thin air…[View]
113831816>God is perfect >God created niggers How do Christfags deal with this cognitive dissonance?…[View]
113828146liberals you like: post pics of liberals who dont have shit for brains[View]
113830158How do we solve growing manchild issue?: Any advice to stay sane while being NEET virgin basement dw…[View]
113826335L.A Gangster Kills Cop to Avoid Arrest: Michael Mejia, 26, shot and killed veteran police officer Ke…[View]
113826733Tell me about Albania/ Albanians. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4YElnjoN54[View]
113802287Supreme Court to decide if foreigners have constitutional rights What will be the implications if th…[View]
113830539What's the deal with Saint Louis, Murricans?[View]
113821699This Twitter account advocates for 8 states controlled by blacks.: https://twitter.com/BlackAmerican…[View]
113810465Thoughts on NASA announcement on exoplanets @ 1pm est?[View]
113830641D B B L E S T N D R D S: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBYM0dQ4zUU&t=7m0s[View]
113819128>this triggers leftists[View]
113831321Da Sheeeit Awards http://www.theguardian.com/music/2017/feb/17/stage-set-brit-awards-prove-not-so-wh…[View]
113826708Airoplane hate thread: Think about it, without the airoplane (named after exactly what it is: a fuck…[View]
113824241>70% of Men Aged 20-34 Are Not Married >Far too many young men have failed to make a normal pr…[View]
113829920Is it too late for France? How long until it is ruled by sharia law? Is it still time to make white…[View]
113830637Communist for Trump: Any other communists support trump I am a real working class Marxist from the U…[View]
113827812What's the latest on Ben Swann? Has he appeared on camera since his Pizzagate report?[View]
113831159Podesta talks fake news: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOho9hAz8C8[View]
113830717So just watched the evening news on tv, channel ZDF (can't get more MSM than that). Some curren…[View]
113829084Music In Politics and Society: What role does music play on society and /pol/itics? Should it be ce…[View]
113831005/lbc/- Liberal Brainwashing Class: This thread >>113805160 was inviting anons to share their r…[View]
113830462CHINK HATE THREAD: Seriously, why does /pol/ defend these 'people'. They are literally shit tier. Da…[View]
113829053Why is that only in America you'll see hamplanets like these?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KK…[View]
113824474>2017 >Doesn´t smoke cigarettes Were you bullied in school, retarded or both? >I-It kills y…[View]
113830942Who are the top 10 current Congress members right now?: In terms of most based, moral and overall ju…[View]
113801279IT'S REALLY FUCKING HAPPENING FUCKERS, GET IN HERE!: Will Bill Maher have to resign from HBO fo…[View]
113828712Milo Yiannopoulos: Was he a pedophile?[View]
113830865BREAKING: Trump sends top aides to Mexico amid deep strains with US:[View]
113809124Why has the US Congressional Islamic spy ring gone underreported: Sorcha Faal today addresses the Is…[View]
113826368New Options: NASA has announced new possibly inhabitable planets. Is this a solution for the immigra…[View]
113830776Fake News BTFO!: Drops Thursday http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/james-okeefe-leaks-newsroom-foot…[View]
113804118Why do people think Christianity would 'save' the West? Have we all forgotten what happened to the R…[View]
113826866Why doesn't United States have the highest life expectancy again?[View]
113830707press F to pay respects https://www.rt.com/news/378313-le-pen-chief-investigation/[View]
113828308What the fuck is this?[View]
113830438France- YES! Le Pen aides taken into French police custody: If you can't beat them, Jail them!…[View]
113830646Let's listen to Native Son: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sv2lqyk8Io4 Native Son is a radio p…[View]
113829813White genoside is you: Have you considered the possibility that you, the obese uggo filled with hate…[View]
113830635If you support Styx on Patreon, you'll get access to his 10.2' photoset[View]
113826615POL UTTERLY BTFOd: This alien knows more about everything than you do, you homoflabbinoids. https:/…[View]
113830523its true[View]
113830510How different are the EU and the US really?: I mean, HOW different? Do they not serve the same maste…[View]
113825153Killing ISIS correctly: Not a /pol/ack but I figured you nazis might know a good answer to this: …[View]
113808806OUR JOB IS TO CONTROL YOUR WHAT YOU THINK: NEW HD UPLOAD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Opf9uUmiyQI…[View]
113825966Trump getting elected=9/11: How are these people so retarded?[View]
113829912The solution?: >http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/02/22/japanese-zoo-culls-57-snow-monkeys-inv…[View]
113829306Drumpf BTFO: Wow, really makes me think...[View]
113829914>still believing in this happening >not realizing that if there was even a chance they would e…[View]
113830177Coast Guard Auxiliary: Hey /pol/ why have you not thought of joining the Coast Guard Auxiliary? It d…[View]
113825760Will it ever end?[View]
113830092I wonder how crow tastes? You have a lot of feathers in your teeth Bill.: http://www.usatoday.com/st…[View]
113829259If you had the chance to have sex with her would you do it ?[View]
113827291Ayy Lmaos: Did you ever think that maybe the reason the government doesn't want people to belie…[View]
113829887Alien life: What do you think /ppl/ , is this gonna be promising to finding life similar to ours? W…[View]
113829859Do leftists believe their own bullshit?: With all the bullshit the left keeps throwing at Trump and …[View]
113827638I'm a skeptic[View]
113822422Everyone can become (honary) aryan or degenerate asocial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kvVmUqNxH…[View]
113822610>Have no job >Only work I do is volunteer work >Volunteer entertaining mentally ill/mentall…[View]
113823036>2017 >Doesn´t smoke cigarettes Were you bullied in school, retarded or both? >I-It kills y…[View]
113820821Civil War proper protocol?: What are we supposed to do if a civil war breaks out? I'm willing …[View]
113804242There are too many Mexicans in this country. Get your fucking shit together Mexico.[View]
113828959Hillary beat Trump: We are in the wrong time line lads. >http://www.hillarybeattrump.org/ http:/…[View]
113829642Milo did nothing wrong: You faggots got played, It's a character assassination by the corporate…[View]
113829604Is LOTR beginning to merge with our Timeline?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51oEk21ax5A https://w…[View]
113810134Cursive left government schools in the first place to further degrade Western culture. People used t…[View]
113809186/pol/ BTFO: >The alt-right mourns European culture’s decline but has itself created the most degr…[View]
113829528Did you miss the part where *the police did nothing to protect the victims*, and *no one was arreste…[View]
113827828Will Brazil and India Be some of the World's leading Economies by 2050?: Will Brazil and India …[View]
113827794Dutch Elections Thread: 3 weeks from now, the elections in the Netherlands will take place. What pol…[View]
113827554>tfw cant legally live in trailer in your shity country >tfw inline in USA/kanada/Australia pe…[View]
113811290find me one person that can 1 vs 1 him, i dare you[View]
113825301A change of tone from the MILO shills and race spammers: Alright /pol we are going to have a civiliz…[View]
113819159Ancap, picardia, meme-ball, whatever you call it, thread. Last one was archived.[View]
113825856you wont deport this immigrant because he is white and america is inherently supremacist, prove me w…[View]
113811866Marine Le Pen winning French election would mark the END of the euro, say experts: http://www.expres…[View]
113804721Why Do People Volunteer to be Cucked by the Jews for Subminimum Wage?[View]
113825870>'Ugh... Being a house wife is like being a slave. It's way better to be free like me.'…[View]
113828471Autism thread: What the hell is autism? Is it some bullshit made up for lazy people to get out of wo…[View]
113823696Mexican Illegal Immigrant murdered and robbed man in Sanctuary City: Ever Valles, 19, a Mexican citi…[View]
113828568“Our goal is his removal from office — and the defeat of any politician who isn't with us,”: Mi…[View]
113827919National Socialism is cucked: >promotes socilism >government intervention of privacy >force…[View]
113824553got anything to say, /pol/? https://youtu.be/6AQ7R2AQQIA[View]
113828819LBJ sent workers door to door to get women on welfare?: I heard Larry Elder say this but I can'…[View]
113828777Why do niggers celebrate their worthlessness? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfhsXlNf4XI[View]
113828204Why did they choose to be slaves?[View]
113828652Anyone dare answer this question?: Who was the last 'politician' before Trump, to *actually* follow …[View]
113827960you can stfu about milo now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFm0UFBaa80[View]
113796881/MWG/ - # SoulSearching2017 edition: Remember the 'insider' anon who told us to trend #Med…[View]
113825503family tree thread[View]
113816160ABSOLUTE MADMAN: Garrison is going all in with Le Pen. Are you /pol/acks ready for meme magic to str…[View]
113827021Thoughts on the Equal Rights Amendment?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equal_Rights_Amendment…[View]
113828228Alex Jones Livestream!: Alex Jones Livestream for 19 hours! ITT: Let's party and shitpost about…[View]
113814684Are 24-hour businesses degenerate? Do they lead to a rise in crime?[View]
113826011>Christian >Not a cuckold Pick one.[View]
113827991Communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the ideol…[View]
113825433/pol, Mission #soulsearching is a failure. Twitter was blocking it from trending! Twitter is corrupt…[View]
113825389/ptg/ -President Trump General- Running out of witty editions Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP http…[View]
113827689Friendly reminder that all this Milo nonsense is being peddled by people who routinely cover up the …[View]
113827594FALSE FLAG[View]
113823256Do you tip your server? Do you tip other min wage employees? what makes the server worth more to yo…[View]
113825782BREAKING: ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE RECEIVES BOMB THREAT: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/n…[View]
113797398>his career is ruined says /pol/ >his campus tours are sold out everywhere he goes >he…[View]
113816066Daily reminder Vatican's age of consent is 12.[View]
113827534/pol/ BTFO: /pol/ BTFO[View]
113825918TRUMP!: I LOVE TRUMP![View]
113816492Why did he jump?[View]
113826856>this is where most of the worlds Aryans live: /pol/ BTFO[View]
113827112What is your thoughts on global warming[View]
113826731Old age people: What's the solution?[View]
113823991Hi everyone, leftist here. Do you guys have some time to talk? I was thinking a lot recently about y…[View]
113812359What should /pol/ do?[View]
113827264DAMAGE CONTROL: Subscribe today to The Australian for THE REAL NEWS!! http://www.theaustralian.com.a…[View]
113824796Mitt Romney is coming to speak at my uni and I will get a chance to ask him a question. What should …[View]
113822946https://twitter.com/SQUlDZ/status/833804713862762496 Americans what is wrong with your niggers? Why …[View]
113824894Can a white male be a coalburner?: Mfw: > White man, 26yr old, lean and fit. > Find out my whi…[View]
113819708What an ego this kike has. Like him or not, Milo has been annoying leftists for a while now, and the…[View]
113825889You are now aware that ZOG control measures are so great and run so deep that they will dump a fortu…[View]
113826613Absolute madmun http://news.sky.com/story/donald-trump-to-revoke-transgender-bathrooms-rule-10777825…[View]
113820611Currently sitting in texas state congress AMA[View]
113827024Please enlighten me what's happening. When it comes to radiation the government and the atomic …[View]
113810645Milo being outed as a pedo, Alex Jones losing ad sponsors, Paul Watson sued by Sweden: Sounds like i…[View]
113826706What should I reply to her with /Pol/?[View]
113824850DEATH TO THE INFIDELS: AALLAHAHUAHAAAACKABAAARRRRR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGPyRvSOgV4…[View]
113822605tfw to intelligent to be white yall are on the wrong side of history. it's our time now.[View]
113820882How accurate is this, /pol/?[View]
113823951Supreme Court Overturns Death Penalty: http://archive.is/sagPD The Supreme Court rejected the use of…[View]
113826654https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4phNuwx8Hs >Walking away after getting BTFO by Ahmadinejad What …[View]
113826229https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYbe-35_BaA I feel like this digital revolution with internet and sm…[View]
113826614So here's this motherfucker, Kevin O'Leary He's running for the leadership of Canada…[View]
113826597Fuck em: Niggers amiright?[View]
113826570Say it with me, /pol/...[View]
113826532Who is the shadow government and what's their endgame?[View]
113824453Drumpf on billionaire who raped dozens of underage girls:: >'I've known Jeff for fifteen yea…[View]
113826505Are blue states paying for red or visa versa?[View]
113823985Official: Trump to revoke transgender bathroom guidance: Why-peepo, explain. >WASHINGTON — A gove…[View]
113823477NASA PUBLIC STATEMENT: IT BEGINS RIGHT NOW! https://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/nasatv/index.html#public…[View]
113826398Am I Banned? Racists: Am I Banned? These are my genetic markers.[View]
113826240daily reminder: SORT YOURSELF OUT[View]
113826254I can't remember my mom and daddy's age[View]
113812521Why do all the the world tend to isolation? Always people want to abolish borders and advance tolera…[View]
113826185AYY LMAOS confirmed (potentially): >NASA announces Earth-like planets >Our Earth is in chaos, …[View]
113820708How can you be a libertarian in the current year? Don't you know that leftists, Marxists, 'soci…[View]
1138183744th Appeal Court Rules Assault Rifles Not Protected by 2nd Amendment: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017…[View]
113806685Sweden's gun control laws are strict which is why armed assaults are so rare... oh wait https:/…[View]
113820841JEB RUSTLES TRUMP'S BORDER WALL: http://www.usnews.com/news/politics/articles/2017-02-17/jeb-bu…[View]
113824173>Don't become improve your physical health too much, goyim, or you will be mildly hindered i…[View]
113824825give me your best memeballs[View]
113825750This fooled the things that remain to haunt the view. AP 6 to start fucking with the previous year. …[View]
113825676AMWF: The Musical: I wanna date a white girl A white girl A white girl! https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
113822842Do Blacks Commit More Crime than Whites? Racial Stereotype sez Supreme Court: http://archive.is/sagP…[View]
113821901Is /pol/ an electronic ghetto?[View]
113785841AUSTRALIA YES!!: >Thousands of Australians have called for the Aboriginal flag to be flown from t…[View]
113817637Admit it /pol/, we fucked up.[View]
113822983Secret Nazi code kept hidden by ‘milk’ and ‘vegan agenda’: >Secret Nazi code kept hidden by ‘milk…[View]
113824930Mr. DNC[View]
113823541Brain Meme Thread: Gotta post em all[View]
113825442Discord Server: Wanna meet some other /pol/ users on a comfy discord server? then feel free to join.…[View]
113824200What does everyone think of this man? Was he /ourguy/?[View]
113825279merica hate thread: Of course it'd be the United States that would destroy mankindAnd, I'm…[View]
113825244hewillnotdivide.us is back up in Albuquerque: Now we can continue redpilling normies live. And it…[View]
113822659/ptg/ - President Trump General - Believe in the Spice that Believes in You Edition: PRESIDENT DONAL…[View]
113823478Trump causes a riot in Sweden!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G00zFuMxlIs Sweden hit by riot due t…[View]
113816508Pewdiepie jokes about being a descendant of Hitler: Is he redpilling Gen z beyond repair? https://ww…[View]
113822128Best FuCKINg timeline: Say what you will, but this guy is beating the fuck out of PC and SJW culture…[View]
113820300Getting Trumps Attention?: Let's be real. Rather you like it or not, agree with it or not, mari…[View]
113824900Trump was rescued by the Rothschilds pic related he is compromised fellas sorry its bad news but som…[View]
113824846Muslims Won't Pet Doggo: https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=f6a_1487730929[View]
113806792Martin Schultz Wants To Give Refugees The Right To Vote In German Election: >Hand Rubbing Intensi…[View]
113823313My >after /pol/ story >one year ago >got on the trump train cuz memes >didnt really care…[View]
113809157/MEGA/ - Martin Schulz General: >The dream of Europe is a region of freedom and peace, of securit…[View]
113811098AUTOMATION AND THE FUTURE OF MANUFACTURING: So I've been thinking about this and was hoping som…[View]
113818965http://www.outsports.com/2017/2/20/14670616/transgender-wrestler-mack-beggs-texas > be me > wo…[View]
113824693Hitler's Phone $243,000: Who could possibly afford to spend that much money on Hitler's Ph…[View]
113823367New EO?: So where is Trumps mudslime EO? I thought it was supposed to drop today?[View]
113823723Spicer Rally: Oy Vey! What about the antisemitism, Sean? Will he disavow!?: https://youtu.be/PRPe4j3…[View]
113819625Would this work on a liberal protest? https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=84a_1487771245[View]
113823065Are Reps and Dems going to be racial parties? >daily reminder if only Whites voted, all Electoral…[View]
113824478I hate. To say all this. I see a victim. Genuine VICTIM. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wsZSE-iJA…[View]
113824405Milo, Maher, and the pedophile supporters: Maher supports pedofilia, I found the video here: face bo…[View]
113824063Antifa punk stabbed by Russian skins at Exploited gig: Kek. Commie punks fuck off https://mpalothia2…[View]
113824348Social justice warriors are now teaching kids feminism on he will not divide us stream (HWNDU). PLEA…[View]
113824201>Holiday in Germany >Sitting in a packed bus during the summer >Hot as fuck, stinks, I try …[View]
113819960Why havent any of you shoot up a mosque yet ?[View]
113824072What is the Rio Grande Valley in Texas like?[View]
113823740Sleepy Doc: What did he mean by this?[View]
113822572>'Masih Alinejad Ghomi is an Iranian journalist who left Iran and now lives in exile because of p…[View]
113818099Is being religious /redpilled/? Should we bring back the laws of Christianity back to America?[View]
113823781>muh muslins fuck boys! >but white christians can fuck boipussy anytime because its part of ou…[View]
113822928Why do people still pay attention to this clown?[View]
113819278Forced gender diversity in gaming 2017: So this new game is out and all the usual suspects are suppo…[View]
113820930Why do snow burgers larp as britbongs? Why don't they join the greater American Reich?[View]
113815333Mongolians: Seriously, what's up with the whole Russia and Finland are Mongolians. For the most…[View]
113823243CONSPIRACY TIME: Here is a tinfoil conspiracy for you all: Nowadays is obvious that being censored h…[View]
113814409Putin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirill_Shamalov https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katerina_Tikhonov…[View]
113823606Face it The Disciples of Yakub won, in accordance with the vision from the watermelon path.[View]
113823059The new narrative is that Trump is Nixon.: Does /pol/ see the similarities? Or are lefties just look…[View]
113817579Wtf? Apologize, Drumpfsters![View]
113823320Why are women so obsessed with 'having it all'?[View]
113822658Cuckcarts BTFO![View]
113823450Economics: Documentary on (((bankers))) and how they undermine & overtake thriving economies thr…[View]
113801900*sips tea*: *sips tea*[View]
113822114Salam aleikum my brother, your pizza has arrived! That'll be $20.99 plus tips plus jyzia tax[View]
113822832Is global warming real guy? My science professor told me half the earth will be flooded and all the …[View]
113809826What is it like living in the US? It sounds weird to me. I can't wrap my head around the fact t…[View]
113821261Who will be considered White in the future /pol/? We know that what we consider 'white' today wasn…[View]
113823281isn't it funny how people here bash sjw warriors for trying to enforce social justice but then …[View]
113810609What does /pol/ feel: When they see this image?[View]
113818244NASA - 50 min to go until alien life confirmed!: How will this change the Earth, the Trump administr…[View]
113822075I am an accalimed Psychiatrist and Drumpf is unfit to serve: Once a despotic dictator like Vladmimir…[View]
113816452US Civil War starts, what do?[View]
113823249WE WUS PREZDENT: >Trump >White[View]
113815820John McCain & Russia ties: Wikileaks: McCain illegally asked for campaign donations from Russian…[View]
113822181Racial Stereotypes Told to Jury Negate Death Sentence - Supreme Court: http://archive.is/sagPD The S…[View]
113822263ITS HAPPENING !!! GERMAN MEDIA SOLD TO JEWS: No matter what you search about trump ... all you get i…[View]
113822818>'I've known Jeff [Epstein] for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He's a lot of fun to be wi…[View]
113820750> remove welfare > allow everyone without criminal records in > deport anyone who commits a…[View]
113820755this is the average burger: >shart in mart[View]
113822893We must impeach this traitor!!! NO TRUMP NO KKK NO FASCIST USA #notmypresident #resistance[View]
113822817Solution for the Malvinas/Falkland Dispute: We should split and give Argentina the left half of the …[View]
113822829CUCKanda and AUTISTralia still need meme magic: >Praise be to KEK Glory brothers Whilst Lord Empo…[View]
113821964Debate stories: I think this is a good idea so we're able to improve our arguments where they…[View]
113820401What's your opinion on this article? I'm trying to argue that pic related is a hoax, but I…[View]
113821048How to stop girls from being whores?: I saw a few other anons mention this in a non-related thread. …[View]
113818935/ptg/ -President Trump General- Providence Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whitehouse.gov …[View]
113804212Trump is doing a decent job[View]
113795175Russia hate thread: When is Russia becoming sick of Putin? he has improved nothing in Russia ordinar…[View]
113821879Would you trust this guy your money?[View]
113814766When will Belgium collapse ?: When will Belgium cease to exist so we can invade Wallonia again ? Whe…[View]
113816997Need 'Archive of Hate' link: I need your help, anons. My friend once sent me a link that had a huge …[View]
113822323NOT A DRILL: U.S. DEPLOYS NUKE SNIFFER TO EUROPE: https://theaviationist.com/2017/02/19/u-s-air-forc…[View]
113822183HWNDU is back up boys prepare for war. This will be the last you'll here from me on here, later…[View]
113809777Family tree thread Lets see your roots /pol/[View]
113821667Look who's back: >http://www.out.com/news-opinion/2017/2/21/shia-labeoufs-he-will-not-divide…[View]
113822069Black women are hysterical and du-[View]
113815159India Hate Thread: Look If you had One shot Or one opportunity To shit anywhere you ever wanted In o…[View]
113819372Mansion vs Penthouse: Would you rather live in a Penthouse/top floor apartment in the City or in a h…[View]
113822116Drumpf looks like a Cheeto[View]
113822110>Majority of Americans fear a new war Why is the media blaming this on Trump when it is the Democ…[View]
113795715>Populist correctness: the new PC culture of Trump's America and Brexit Britain >Rightwin…[View]
113822080Wake up people: the Basic universal income is just a underway meme to calm jobless people down while…[View]
113821948Where were you when you realized /pol/ is nothing but disinfo?[View]
113821780Anyone else getting tired of these (((journalists)))?[View]
113813789Bye bye White People: White population of the world to become less than 10 percent of total global p…[View]
113821534DNA Thread: Did my ancestor fuck a nigger /pol/? >.1% East African…[View]
113821979STOP LIVING IN MUMS BASEMENT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcLJv4FEB5o[View]
113819449We are now in a state of open war.: At approximately 1:30 CST this morning, a concerted attack was l…[View]
113818776Why the West legalize gay marriages and outlaw/criminalise polygamy? It is clearly opression of poly…[View]
113818284https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bLG2atclB8 TL;DW Girl gets catcalled and mildly insulted by van dri…[View]
113812293I don't know about you, but I couldn't be happier that the populist right has kicked this …[View]
113821852I found out how they measure years in Africa so I was talking to my nigger slave (I call him a frien…[View]
113820972Why are lolbertarians such cringy edgelords? Libertarianism is a worse version of liberalism.[View]
113818306Why does the SPLC keep ignoring my PHOTO EVIDENCE of jewish hate groups in my area: I've sent t…[View]
113821746OK Guys: We started this yesterday, let's make HP (Hitler Praise) our new mascot so that libera…[View]
113820473No, it fucking isn't.[View]
113820778Why are Brits so cuck? The ISIS suicide bomber who was paid $1.25MILLION in compensation by the Brit…[View]
113818795Intellectual past of the west repeating itself.: >Nazis vs (((commies))) >Another crusade Im …[View]
113821149Haunted Audio Recorded Before Death of Man Who Killed Teen Girls: http://archive.is/uu8w2 Authoritie…[View]
113815319Rise of the USD: Has anyone noticed the USD rose in value the past year? It used to be half the EUR …[View]
113819747Has Milo's old Breitbart buddy, Ben Shapiro given his two cents on Milo's current troubles…[View]
113819790Studying Abroad: Curious what /pol/s opinion on this subject is, how do you feel towards foreigns wh…[View]
113820505>back up claim with scientific evidence >get accused of 'appeal to authority' fallacy science …[View]
113818811CRAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWLING: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wsZSE-iJAk[View]
113803965CNN and its loss of credibility: At what point did CNN relinquish their legitimacy? It's not as…[View]
113818815/pol/ tunes - VOL I: Welcome to /pol/ tunes. post your shitposting themes. >Totenkopf S.S - Nati…[View]
113821432SJW Violence: Hi /pol/ me and my girl was going for a walk into a town and I was wearing my MAGA hat…[View]
113798972>half /pol/ is now just full of autistic screeching and bait threads. What a shame, the American …[View]
113821028No Death Penalty Because Jury Told Blacks Commit More Crimes - Supreme Court: http://archive.is/sagP…[View]
113818377Religion of Peace: RACISTS BTFO http://archive.is/phPtz[View]
113821286tax inheritance[View]
113818883how close are we toward a civil war?: if you look at the new podesta thing where he claims that some…[View]
113820032How do we fix the redneck problem, pol? I think we all agree that rednecks are white niggers. They …[View]
113815685Why is Poland such a shithole?[View]
113817985Milo is a pedo, PJW sued by Swedish government and Info Wars losing: This is what winning looks like…[View]
113791792UKRAINE HAPPENING: Ukrainian Nationalists gave the ultimatum to current government: complete blockad…[View]
113821084Time takes a big black cock, puts it in your mouth You pull on your finger than another finger than …[View]
113813078The Elites are trafficking blood and organs to live forever!!: Meanwhile Hillary was seizing out and…[View]
113803428Italian Woman who vowed to give 19,419,507 blowjobs...: is coming to the UK. >'An Italian who wa…[View]
113819853What does /pol/ think of Justin Trudeau?[View]
113818151BREAKING NEWS: Trump Appoints Milo Yiannopoulos: To head of Child Protective Services..[View]
113810597WTF I HATE TUCKER NOW!: Video - starts at 1:02 >https://twitter.com/FoxNews/status/83368541092028…[View]
113818972Have you all seen the photography Milo put up at his 'Gays For Trump' event during the RNC?[View]
113820040List of places where the alt-right has been banned, imprisoned, or expelled:: The alt-right has been…[View]
113816876Reddit against trump. Please help destory this thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/MarchAgainstTrump/co…[View]
113819632CONSPIRACY TIME: Here is a tinfoil conspiracy for you all: Nowadays is obvious that being censored h…[View]
113817691What happens here?[View]
113816412I only got 5 out of 12 in the TRUMP QUIZ: How many do you get right? https://www.theguardian.com/us-…[View]
113820098Happening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSfChv-O5Fw[View]
113818399Fashy books: Can you guys list me the books to redpill someone willing to become a fascist? Already …[View]
113813493West Virginia Coal Industry: Why do democrats insist coal jobs are never coming back to West Virgina…[View]
113819696>Oh my god the NHS and country is doomed >Only Labour can save us >Labour are the reason th…[View]
113819532>'I am the least anti-Semitic person in the multiverse!' HAHAHAHAHAHA YOU HICKS GOT KEKED BY JEWS…[View]
113815887>islam is degen-[View]
113819801The fall of the house of Yiannopoulos.[View]
113817821who is this monster? Wikileaks Exposes John McCain’s Illegal Request for Campaign Cash From Russian …[View]
113811054ITT: We post non degenerate places to travel in the world. I'll start with Japan. Pic unrelated[View]
113816646>claims there's riots in Sweden 'last night' >riots actually happen the day after Is Trum…[View]
113818168Post ways the USA is lagging behind other first world countries ITT I'll start: Lack of gun con…[View]
113808846Hey 4chAn: I'm a reporter from a major news company. How did we (media) fall out of favor? Is …[View]
113815559All the white people added up: How many white people are there in all of the americas? 85% white is…[View]
113819260What does /pol/ and islam have in common? They both praise a pedophile. How does it make you feel th…[View]
113815718Eu Army Ascending: In a follow up to the Munich Security Conference which wrapped up in the Bavarian…[View]
113812540Moroccan immigrant almost raped by his Italian girlfriend.: >February 22, Bologna - Italy >21 …[View]
113819405>go to university >get M.Sc. degree >upper 10 percent of graduates >abroad experience at…[View]
113819383https://legiscan.com/TX/text/SJR2/2017 Texas is currently voting on whether or not to call a constit…[View]
113817175Jews in Israel: >75% 75% pretty weak[View]
113819313How Long Before He Builds That Wall /pol/?: Asking for a friend Life Expectancy To Rise Globally...E…[View]
113818850ALEX JONES DROPPED BY ADVERTISERS: http://breaking911.com/infowars-suspended-major-ad-agency-potenti…[View]
113817825When will wh*te 'people' cease to exist?[View]
113794797STOP WATCHING PORN: It is a Jewish ploy for brain damage and social control. Israelis that took over…[View]
113814233/ptg/ - President Trump General- Executive Order Incoming Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://…[View]
113811174Why do people in america get silenced for daring to question their flawless and perfect age of conse…[View]
113814219>There's a kid alive RIGHT NOW that will live to be 1000 years old, No joke. why do people l…[View]
113818875really completes the circuits[View]
113807968Don Lemon: how does this man still have a job?[View]
113818777Betting tip of the day: This is /pol/ certified for the 2020 election. Drumpf is finished, hail our …[View]
113818758And this was before you put assholes in power who are already de-regulating things like environmenta…[View]
113818743False flags - ARE THEY REAL?: >February 16 >WikiLeaks Releases ‘CIA Espionage Orders for the 2…[View]
113818742Rejoice anons, this man is vlogging hero. https://youtu.be/o-gybFVFwrw[View]
113817354Multiculturalism refers to the principle that several cultures can coexist equitably and peacefully …[View]
113813011Road Block: Should protestors who block federal roads such as Interstate highways be charged with fe…[View]
113818692Russians will claim this guy is NOT a Jew. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Because he is Putin…[View]
113816017ATF Swindles Tobacco Farmers Out of Millions: http://archive.is/o4Kmm WASHINGTON — Working from an o…[View]
113816625>anon goes to warcraft universe >jew the green merchants >use their money to make bank >…[View]
113818646Progress intensifies metro.co.uk/2017/02/21/racist-woman-hater-spat-in-babys-face-and-shouted-white-…[View]
113818406Haunted Audio Recorded Before Death of Man Who Killed Teen Girls: http://archive.is/uu8w2 Authoritie…[View]
113816869>tfw no nazi gf[View]
113818012Whats the downside of neutron bombing Iran?: https://www.yahoo.com/news/iran-ready-u-slap-face-comma…[View]
113818576/pol/ btfo again: >Muslims are terrorists >ban all Muslims >meanwhile in reality https://w…[View]
113817608Maybe I should stop placing emotion in politics and race issues and start improving myself[View]
113790003http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/11360819/Average-cost-of-raising-a-child-in-UK-230000.html …[View]
113812093Stem PVV: Nederdraad kanker gezelig Kom ook langs Julie ook vlaamse vrienden[View]
1138182032ª RECONQUISTA: Europe is already lost, friends. Search it in your hearts, you know it to be true. W…[View]
113807761Why is Russia such a terrible place?[View]
113815142Find a flaw: Protip: You can't.[View]
113818002HWNDU is back up in New Mexico please /pol/ shut this monstrosity down. It's making me cringe[View]
113818267Canada Cucked.: >Montreal city council has passed a motion that could turn the city into a safe h…[View]
113817225Degeneracy in music: So earlier today I told some friends that this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
113818126Alert! KEK Level Proclamation: NO-GO ZONE = ORGAN Harvest ZONE For this one initiative let us parlay…[View]
113813994Somebody's doing the raping: Hide yo kids Hide yo wife![View]
113816279>ugh fuck those virtue signalling liberals mang, they're so annoying >hey guys, i have su…[View]
113807889Wait so your telling me that cremated millions of Jews in these little ovens? The way the made it se…[View]
113809623Utah teacher in trouble for giving alcohol, sex to two students: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efG…[View]
113815692communism is best form of government[View]
113816913The Airoplane was a mistake...: Think about it, without the airoplane (named after exactly what it i…[View]
113811910why is the french army so bad and cowardly?[View]
113816975Are #Hotep, dare I even say it, Our Guys? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFLizyUDPWo&feature=yo…[View]
113817336Iraqi asylum seekers 'gang-raped drunk woman: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4248492/F…[View]
113814150The jews are destroying /pol/: Do you know why we are getting cucked by everyone ? Because niggers a…[View]
113814642>wanted to make a thread about corporatism >go to google to try and find a good image to use …[View]
113817774Did you know (((they))) made a publicly funded movie about how bad and racist the Front National is?…[View]
113809250Daily Reminder[View]
113817683Time to redpill the normies...[View]
113817206> You dont want to be raped > You wear burka Thats really so simple. Will women die from weari…[View]
113814797Riots commonplace in Sweden?: Are riots more commonplace in Sweden as being suggested by people curr…[View]
113812563How can we stop Muslim women from seducing white men and converting them to Islam?[View]
113814949Alex youve got to get me in a room with Trump, Ron Paul and Dennis Kiscinich![View]
113817575>lol space vampires are total kekolds amirite fampais you aren't blending in as well as you …[View]
113808884The End of /Pol/ and Hate <3: >JEWISH CEMETART VANDALIZED!!!!! >RISING TENSIONS WITH JEWISH…[View]
113800718HOLY SHIT MEDIA ISN'T EVEN HIDING IT ANYMORE: 'Our Job' Is To 'Control Exactly What People Thin…[View]
113808144Well Mr. Trump, at least I will go down as a president! Ooga booga if if if uhh uhh ahh ahh if if if…[View]
11381746513 Hours of Alex Jones starts now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vt8Jmo3OfwU he said kawaii again…[View]
113792587More than 200 protesters indicted on rioting charges from Inauguration Day: >200+ XDDDD https://a…[View]
113783950Why doesn't Dr. Trump want skilled Indians?: The EU wants them, the EU has got a lot of loos to…[View]
113817001Why do black Americans look Egyptian?: I know they aren't related, but share an uncanny resembl…[View]
113811137/pol/ the anime got a new ED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ga_DxUmcxGk It's already number on…[View]
113817282anyone got the discord invite link[View]
113803494Why don't Amerilards understand the concept of Reaction and why is it so hard for Shartmericans…[View]
113815397See this thing? right here? its called a eurion constellation. it makes it physically impossible to …[View]
113814933WTF I LOVE ISIS NOW!?!: The MSM is blatantly trying to galvanize the public into killing Trump.…[View]
113814300The mediterranean problem: You literally can't refute this picture[View]
113817150Islam: Islamaphobes are the ones who submit to the caliphate ideology, and merely wish to avoid conf…[View]
11381421875% Czech is atheist GDP per capita over 30 000$ europe muslim 0,1% czech pivo smazyny syr with frie…[View]
113796023ANARCHO-FASCISM: The Marxist Theory Of The Right: At first glance anarcho-fascism sounds like a heav…[View]
113810763Would you support the EU if it was fascist?[View]
113811493Political chess. You take Milo, we take Takei and Maher...r: George saying what Milo said... https:/…[View]
113809605Fashy haircuts: Fashy haircut thread Getting my haircut tomorrow, need inspiration[View]
113813138This kike is going to become German Chancellor: By letting rapefugees vote in the election. And he…[View]
113797941Brit/pol/ - The Locarno Suite Edition: >Lamont: Remainers' 'duty' not to undermine…[View]
113804985Bavaria NO! Why are you so intolerant???: The burqa and niqab are religious rights that Muslims need…[View]
113816765So we boycott them now or what?[View]
113815808Coral reefs BTFO: >https://www.newscientist.com/article/2122016-worst-ever-coral-bleaching-event-…[View]
113816549Holy shit! Look what somebody did to Ben 'every kike on a spike' Garrisons new cartoon! Does anybody…[View]
113816325“It’s obvious that this was a highly coordinated and very well-funded and well-planned attack on me,…[View]
113815395What did he actually say and what was he talking about?[View]
113812515Wow, really makes you think.........[View]
113811125Why can't liberals into technology?[View]
113809199Meanwhile, new russian UN envoy.[View]
113815062YOU HAVE BEEN VISITED BY MARINE-CHAN REPENU OF FROGREICH: The great expulsion of kikes and pissing o…[View]
113786585Are Serbians just Russians crossed with Turks?[View]
113811569Burgers Down in Melbourne: Day of the rope for Aussies when? http://www.khou.com/news/local/texas/3-…[View]
113813709CANADA YES!: FUCK BORDERS N LAWS N SHIT http://www.newsweek.com/justin-trudeau-canada-immigration-bo…[View]
113805582What would you do?: Your plane crashes and you and a SJW float to a secluded island. You will never …[View]
113816061Trump LITERALLY Is President: Now that the dust has settled... This man faced every single barrier t…[View]
113802547THIS NEEDS TO BE PASSED AROUND: bill maher says fucking a 14 year old is 'love'. https://www.youtube…[View]
113807429Once again, a female teacher sexually assaults a young boy and gets out on bail. How do we stop thi…[View]
113792839Black Woman discovers she's the granddaughter of Nazi leader Amon Göeth.: In 2008, Jennifer Tee…[View]
113815860AIPAC: How is a PAC that represents foreign interest allowed to own so many of our politicians?…[View]
113784640Meme ball general.[View]
113785079should the age of consent be raised to 25?[View]
113815714>be ancient Greek >live in the cradle of western civilization >debate arts, poetry, philoso…[View]
113813043Redpill Me on Christopher Bollyn: This ugly son of a bitch is dropping super dank Jews did 9/11 meme…[View]
113799163EU Army Rising: Germany will move to create a joint air force with France this week, as well as to j…[View]
113815369Frankfurt School: The final redpill[View]
113797020Millennial Men: What wrong with them? They are all weak, pussified, irreligious, video game dwelling…[View]
113810476Was Hitler mentally 12 years old? Why would anyone over the age of 12 think pic related is a good id…[View]
113814874>twenny dollar bill >toron-o, canada >bill clin-on Why are Western New English accents so w…[View]
113811189Fire Bill Maher: We need to launch an internet campaign calling for Bill Maher's resignation fo…[View]
113813205So you accept gay marriage but you wouldn't fuck your cousin?: >because fuck logic Poser. Li…[View]
113799047OKeefe to release hundreds of hours worth of CNN off camera banter: >http://www.zerohedge.com/new…[View]
113814725Brain thread: Post 'em[View]
113815261> Mexicans are lazy welfare suckers but so hard working that Americans cant compete BTFO Dumpfps.…[View]
113814571lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uU4byhwRyaw[View]
113810735Le Pen Refuses To Wear Muslim Headscarf: http://edition.cnn.com/2017/02/21/europe/marine-le-pen-head…[View]
113813197what is it about asian women that are so much more appealing to white men that they'd betray th…[View]
113813542>Daddy, what did you do during the Great Meme War?[View]
113812717Friendly reminder that there's no ''gay gene''. Trust me if there was one w…[View]
113814054Vice BTFO How will they recover?[View]
113814783Bill Maher is a fucking faggot: Way to go Bill, you want attention for helping to destroy the career…[View]
113812631So, I was wondering, what exactly makes a NEET born in USA better than let's say Mexican, Pole,…[View]
113813442Muslim Violence and Intolerance: Hey /pol/ I got into an argument with a friend over how 'Islam is a…[View]
1138140713dpd roasties: how can they ever compete with porn, VR and sexbots? they can't. only attractive…[View]
113802420Reddit must leave this place: Are there any other old fags that have been on /pol/ prior to /pol/ ha…[View]
113807789/pol/ BTFO[View]
113786404HAPPENING - ACTIVE SHOOTER IN GERMANY: BREAKING; There are reports of a man armed with weapons is in…[View]
113807480/ptg/- President Trump General- Community Chest Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whitehouse…[View]
113803441DAILY REMINDER THAT THE ONE DROP RULE IS RETARDED: No one, and I mean no one outside of /pol/ will e…[View]
113799298How do you deal with loneliness /pol?[View]
113805682We Wuz Robots: Overwatch fans please meet your next champion. Little Efi Oladele child prodigy and b…[View]
113810571Can we immigrate more Europeans to the US?: So have we taken all the Europeans that want to come her…[View]
113811935ILLEGAL IS NOT A NOUN DRUMPF: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngkDhlg7oWM Illegal is an adjective, n…[View]
113814207Will meme magic be as prevalent in 2017 as it was in 2016? Or has the time come for it to recharge?:…[View]
113787511>3 people end up on a remote deserted island >person A spends 8 hours cathing fish, manages to…[View]
113794486>christianity >created by jews >marxism >created by jews makes you think…[View]
113813248Why are women so powerful?These african amazons are not only extremely intelligent, but also strong …[View]
113788852>be whyte >go outside >get skin cancer >die…[View]
113813898boomer hate: How did they manage to fuck everything up so badly? Today's society is a direct re…[View]
113801800Dissavowing MILO played right into the hands of neocons and libshits. Your purity spiralling may des…[View]
113813564Wtf will this start the race war against the niggers? http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/assault-we…[View]
113811994I'm tired of the fucking cookie-cutter threads on this shitty board: ' what did X mean by this …[View]
113811181The Country of Europe is on the way!: So here's what has happened so far, in the Soap opera of …[View]
113811990>Go to Sweden >Die in a grenade attack[View]
113812570Liberals are still butthurt about their defeat.[View]
113797885'Freedom of Speech' in Germany strikes back...: (german) http://www.mmnews.de/index.php/politik/9809…[View]
113811355Can we really win the race war?[View]
113811564Macmuffins' 250k: Macmuffin And the 3-letter fagbois , Wasted 250k on /pol threads in 3days. Mi…[View]
113812663ATF Swindles Tobacco Farmers Out of Millions: http://archive.is/o4Kmm WASHINGTON — Working from an o…[View]
113812412Cracked wrote an article about the alt-right, that has to carefully make the built-in assumption tha…[View]
113811871Why did he fuck niggers?[View]
113811898Educate Yourself: Know who owns you. http://theglobalelite.org/globalists[View]
113810067Haha can't wait till the rain washes away all the illegals and lib-.....[View]
113813068London /pol/ meetup?[View]
113806827The end of Barack's bloodline[View]
113807212Is atheism the final redpill?[View]
113808060TYT at it again: >Ana Kasparian: People usually riot when they are in bad economic position. …[View]
113811161Migrant thinks is too severe a 2-month sentence after raping 2 underage Swedish girls.: >forcibly…[View]
113809639male feminists: how do we fix the effeminate male problem in our society /pol/? i suggest monthly te…[View]
113809263Is Kek real?: https://www.strawpoll.me/12394401[View]
113811711I had a huge ass reaction pic, redpill graphs and memefolder on my USB stick, and I seemingly lost i…[View]
113793885>the perfect Europe doesn't exi-[View]
113812387https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9SFQTrfUwc He did it again[View]
113812370slavery: nigger[View]
113801434What is /pol/s answer to this?[View]
113810968>Poster child for conservatism: You are a laughing stock /pol/.[View]
113811166The oldest of adages state to 'know your enemy' yet I have never seen a post here stating why you be…[View]
113812207Anti-MSM hashtag is trending on twitter!: 'Our Job' is currently trending on twitter becau…[View]
113812196BOYZZZ: its all about the boyz ya kniw[View]
113810272Trump says Anti-Semitism is 'horrible' at African American Museum: Does /pol/ agree? http://archive.…[View]
113803247>One man having $74 Billion Why is this shit still tolerated? And for those who live under a ro…[View]
113809164AMA Same Building as Ivanka & Jarred: I lived in the same building (300 Mercer st NYC) as Ivanka…[View]
113801010Why do you guys dislike the EU?[View]
113811334How do we stop the german diaspora to spread their cuck ideas abroad?[View]
113811955PG: Who is Mike Cassip? Does this person exist?[View]
113802368Is MGTOW jewish trickery?[View]
113802723Just got my ancestry results in and noticed I was 1% Middle Eastern, what does this mean?[View]
113803904SWEDENS LAST STAND: Continue pushing the Sweden is fucked-narrative! The Swedish establishment worke…[View]
113811635Operation Mormon Steed: Post this everywhere and tag a Mormon until Evan McBreakfast Sandwich is des…[View]
113803532WALL: Why is /pol/ so fucking stupid?[View]
113805410Too late?[View]
113809302Would they make a cute /pol/ couple?[View]
113798018Why the CHUFF do American posters feel they have a right to complain about property prices when home…[View]
113811337Danish man on trial for Blasphemy for burning Quran: For all the people on /pol/ who keeps claiming …[View]
113811287WOKE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlk7o5T56iw[View]
113805828damn: they're not even trying to hide it anymore, are they?[View]
113811270You drumpies ready for an actually good thread for once?[View]
113803723Really boggles the noggin doesn't it? Really tickles the ol' thinker there don't it? …[View]
113794900Could Donald Trump make atlantropa real?: Could Donald Trump make Atlantropa real? It was a project …[View]
113811086Frankfurt School: What is the Frankfurt School? And how is it related to Cultural Marxism? Is it the…[View]
113810405Now that she's humanised MRAs, can we pursuade Cassy jaye to produce The Red Pill 2: Race Reali…[View]
113811019is he actually /ourguy/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZGC56pfWKo sure sounds like it[View]
113811007This man , is Europe's #1 enemy.: He's basically the 'Tim Wise' of the Vatican. An enemy o…[View]
113808400The reason (((they))) are speeding up the agenda: Genetical manipulation is getting to a level now i…[View]
113809800Ayy Frenchbois, am visiting Paris in April, hows the situation? Am i going to get baguetted? Hows th…[View]
113805137Is this really what Sweden looks like right now? Pic related.[View]
113809233FIre Bill Maher: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBYM0dQ4zUU& >@ 7:15 Literally no difference…[View]
113810370Nuke the Middle east: What are the pros? any cons at all? Can we get the Don to do this?[View]
113810767Bayrou wants an alliance with Macron: http://www.20minutes.fr/elections/presidentielle/2018731-20170…[View]
113810725Shills today: Why are there so many anti russian shills this morning, like 4-5 threads about hating …[View]
113810707Syria General /sg/ - The Adventures of Assad Edition: >Everything you need to know https://syriag…[View]
113808677There are One Million illegal immigrants from Canada and Europe in the USA: 50,000 Irishmen are livi…[View]
113810668Possible happening in France: Mall evacuated after pressure cooker found. Suspects on the loose? htt…[View]
113810656Ben 'oing mental on the oriental' Garrison is at it again: Reminder that she's the ne the most …[View]
113795893So, were romans sand-niggers /pol/?[View]
113809311Since we're already near the end times--what is the fucking point of spreading the good word an…[View]
113810503If British people had been the nazis during ww2 would this have been their symbol?[View]
113793642Distrustful Canadians - What Went Wrong?: Do you distrust each other because that is what happens in…[View]
113807622wow, really made me think whats /pol/ opinion on white, american women?[View]
113810313Hey /pol/ janitor, fuck you and your warning! Hansen > that dick sucking pedo Milo! You're j…[View]
113810194Jewgle: Apparently these are news worthy[View]
113808912If Italians are not white, can we all agree that fascism is a black man's movement? Why do you …[View]
113810247Was the media so: Hard on trump and ivanka because obama literally fucked malia?[View]
113810224Trigger Warning: UT Austin[View]
113807166I'll say it once, I'll say it again: Canadians are simply smarter than you. It's all …[View]
113787314/pol/ is officially a pro-faggot board: I just want to mark this occasion in everyone's minds. …[View]
113809996My great grandmother and my grandmother are jewish. My grandma said that her mother died in westerbo…[View]
113809992Humble anon posted pic related in another thread earlier today. This is prime red pill material righ…[View]
1138090344 clover: To enslave them is to save them. To give them purpose and virtue. DO you agree /pol/?…[View]
113799654Is he right?[View]
113805456Can we at least agree...: that the KJV is pretty heretic. Not as bad as NIV or God-forbid the ESV: b…[View]
113748217Syria General /sg/ - Continue tracking!: >Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordp…[View]
113807359I am the America now.: No more jail and arrest and expense for these people, I would rather 'scrape'…[View]
113809737>out of 33 days tracked since Trump's inauguration, there have been no days without any reco…[View]
113807002Advice for a young fascist: I tried to explain to my parents what fascism really is, and I found out…[View]
113809707So /pol/ tell me, did he Dab? http://news.sky.com/video/did-tom-watson-dab-during-pmqs-10777714[View]
113796849>tfw white[View]
113806291Why does pol hate r/The_Donald so much?[View]
113806698how do you de program a marxist? is there any saving my social justice warrior relatives?[View]
113809595Wtf is wrong with Sweden? Where are the men in that country? http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-02-2…[View]
113808286MEME WAR 2!!!: ALERT!!! ALERT!!! ALERT!!! https://youtu.be/TkBMAHUkibY WE HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFULLY I…[View]
113809466Anyone know where I can DL Heavy is the Head chapter 1 and the minichapter 1? All I could find was c…[View]
113805327Flag bearer thread: OC preferred[View]
113792776Which nation do you love most except your country? I love america, Hollywood, american pop music, ma…[View]
113808848Hitler did nothing wrong. Prove me wrong. >protip: you can't[View]
113805831/lpg/ Le Pen General – Viva La France Edition: We all know that Brexit and Trump were only possible …[View]
113799905I stand with Palestine, they are moral righteous people and they should defend their land against th…[View]
113808847>'One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Chur-' Not so fast, papist. You have ten (10) seconds to defe…[View]
113808730Educate yourself /pol/. Trump is spreading lies, Sweden isn't as bad as you think it is. http:/…[View]
113806902/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General: ϟϟ HAIL VICTORY! ϟϟ Thread for discussion of National Socialis…[View]
113808913Thanks wagecucks.[View]
113801097Why would you sick degenerate losers vote someone into office that openly mocks someone that has a d…[View]
113805698Thoughts on everything that happened to Milo?[View]
113806136Woha, kind of makes you think...[View]
113809032Any Argentinian around here cringed about the article that TN (the tv branch of the main (((press)))…[View]
113806394How many jews are there in the west? I'm not talking about the ones like soros, or the ones in …[View]
113808861Should we have new laws for filming in public spaces: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be…[View]
113785584NASA Press conference: What will they be announcing at 10 a.m Pacific time? Have we finally found a …[View]
113789982/MEGA/ - Make Europe Great Again: Godchancellor Schulz will make Europe great again and unite the Eu…[View]
113805411There is no individual. There is only the collective, the nation, the state. There can be no persona…[View]
113804373/pol/ack thread: This thread is for true content that belongs on /pol/ and not Reddit2.0 https://www…[View]
113807436Maddie McCann: So they made this story, does it hold up? Any pizzagate guys on this? http://www.24s…[View]
113808474Sandy hook wasn't a hoax: DONT be ridiculous op You can't hire a town of people in Connect…[View]
113807238Would you rather >son turns out to be a granny but marries a white guy, adopts white kids and liv…[View]
113806108Generation Zyklon incoming: Every time a rightwinger gets hatchet jobbed, the rightgeist grows. Keep…[View]
113808393>tfw they got already stricte surveillance on this site, and they just want to make big data of /…[View]
113805718British ISIS suicide bomber was ex-Gitmo detainee who won £1mn compensation: https://www.youtube.com…[View]
113806020What happens here?[View]
113808334Are there any other places on the internet where one can discuss politics in conditions at least as …[View]
113804873Alright /pol/, according to our necesity of embracing cultural symbol, I propose rugby to be our spo…[View]
113808244I'm a simple man,if country uses abjadiyah as official letter,I deliver democracy to it.[View]
113805396The White Test: Reminder that Lithuanians are the only whites that can actually consider themselves …[View]
113798878Dawkins: Not even a scientist! With you, E.O. Wilson - a REAL scientist - on why Dawkins IS NOT A SC…[View]
113808080No one would suspect: An entire town to be in on a hoax. >ur right Johnson, Newtown is the perfec…[View]
113807024/tcg/: /Tucker Carlson Lastnight/ In last night's episode, we see the overhysterical batshit cr…[View]
113803191Femanon here, why don't you consider Jews to be white?: Aren't the Jews whites?[View]
113808027Uhoh guys they are on to us. http://www.cracked.com/blog/6-ways-alt-right-turns-perfectly-sane-peopl…[View]
113808010Labour deputy leader 'dabs' during PMQs: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-39053409 th…[View]
113805671Bodies of 74 migrants heading to Europe wash up in Libya: Press 'F' to pay respects http://www.foxne…[View]
113807914Kikes win another round: http://triblive.com/local/valleynewsdispatch/11974919-74/district-monument-…[View]
113804262https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katerina_Tikhonova https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirill_Shamalov…[View]
113807476Black skin is inferior: It is inferior pigment that does not produce vitamin D. This is scientific f…[View]
113800965/ptg/ President Trump General Plain Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whitehouse.gov https:/…[View]
113794015Why are female Trump supporters always so attractive?: Why are female Trump supporters always so att…[View]
113792266Welcome to the Alt-right How white are you?[View]
113807704Ok, serious question, this sexy Arab Syrian girl: is 100% happy getting rid of her black niqab and b…[View]
113803333Come pay tribute to the amazing work of Jackie 4chan and Jesus[View]
113807523Wow, maybe liberals are right about America...[View]
113807297>Mike Enoch should have his life destroyed >WE CAN'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO MILO wtf /pol/ is…[View]
113791034What the fuck is this shit?: http://www.breitbart.com/london/2015/10/15/latvia-islamic-state-50-year…[View]
113807646Report all /b/tier threads Stop responding to non-politic or current event threads[View]
113801124WTF is in my water /pol/?[View]
113804574Swedish riots are fake news orchestrated by the alt-right.: Sweden is safe haha, drumpfkins BTFO onc…[View]
113789118Is the FBI on our side?: Title says it all. Is there a shadow war going on? http://www.dailymail.co.…[View]
113804837>graduated from university almost two years ago but just lived at home and worked in humiliating …[View]
113804778What's his endgame?[View]
113803657>Be Humble conservative Christian >Get Medals and accolades, become famous and rich >Meanwh…[View]
113807417'Upstate' NY fag reporting in. How do we make NYC its own state? Let's change the name of the …[View]
113804639Is the internet causing the fragmentation of our culture? Our countries were once unified by common …[View]
113807313Jews are gay: Jews are going to die out as there leftist agenda that they have been trying to push h…[View]
113804669Trump's free trade hostility is good news for EU: >The United States' new hostility to …[View]
113804776With the spotlight thrown back on the Madeleine McCann case by Katie Hopkins recent article in the M…[View]
113805177How can we stop the filthy jews from taking over?[View]
113807100white nationalism is not the answer being an offensive retard a la yiannoupolis is not the answer we…[View]
113804952was editing a video with this smuglord in it and i had to laugh when i scrubbed to this still. this …[View]
113803569Why don't feminists fight for Muslim women?: https://youtu.be/wJkFQohIKNI Feminists BTFO Muslim…[View]
113801233TELL ME ABOUT IT STUD T U D[View]
113805267>gays less than 10% of the population >constant push for gay rights because 'it's 2016' …[View]
113800140Trump is going to get impeached. And your sad little crusade will be over.[View]
113806820Why are there Jews on pol: Pol is supposed to be a safe space for the white man why do Jews and Isra…[View]
113805765MSNBC: Brzezinski: ‘Our Job’ Is to Control ‘Exactly What People Think’: Controlling 'exactly what pe…[View]
113806663Rawr x3 nuzzles how are you pounces on you you're so warm o3o notices you have a bulge o: someo…[View]
113803830Nazi Joseph Goebbel's grandchildren are Billonaires: Nazi Leader Joseph Gorbbels descent are th…[View]
113804036Who do you receive your news from? And what outlets do you consider non-trustworthy?[View]
113806137Is the EU democratic?: If so, then you should be able to answer these questions (WITHOUT GOOGLING) v…[View]
113793417Explain this: >protip you can't[View]
113805835State of Jefferson: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/consider-proposal-state-jefferson-be-g…[View]
113806377African American Distaste: What the fuck is their problem? Seriously. We need to fix it.[View]
113801733Are they actually going to do it?[View]
113801880/pol/ BTFO: >60 degrees in Febuary Wtf I believe in global warming now...?…[View]
113805611Changes you'd love to see: Let me share some of mine with you: Citizenship is limited to proper…[View]
113805641I'm a half breed. AMA: I Made this thread yesterday and want to do it again.[View]
113804367Alright, since a lot of you seem a bit too dim to figure this one out let me give you a helping hand…[View]
113806021Unpopular opinions thread 'Sandniggers' are white, but it is Islam and cousin fucking that makes the…[View]
113801654What can we do to save German women from the horde of barbarians flooding into their country?[View]
113805933Italy is fucking us over: REEEEE FUCK YOU GUIDOS >The State Department said Wednesday it was 'dee…[View]
113804495Why is it so hard to immigrate to The USA? I am a skilled worker with a bachelors degree, I speak fl…[View]
113805418>HE A GOOD BOY, HE DINDU NUFFIN this is what /pol/ unironically believes…[View]
113803066Defend Milo!: Milo is right. We should raise our sons to the age of 13, then donate them to lonely h…[View]
113804865What is the source for these images?[View]
113804345Swedenball thread: Starting another Swedenball thread[View]
113789108/ccg/ - Cuck Cart General: The final form of the jewish plague.[View]
113805377'The Republican party is full of Nazis' 'The Republican party is for whites only' > mfw Republica…[View]
113781966Can she win?[View]
113805382What all bad did McMaster do? I told a friend of mine how awesome his name sounded and he was all li…[View]
113804716It's interesting that /pol/ likes taking red pills so much, when they came from a black guy. Al…[View]
113804541How Cucked is my Nation?[View]
113785207Is this book pol approved?: Some friends told me this book is very interesting to understand how var…[View]
113738743WHY DO PEOPLE HATE ANITA SARKEESIAN?: Why do you hate Her? All She does it interpret games and expla…[View]
113803145im preparing to visit reddit: is it safe to visit reddit?[View]
113802359What the fuck is a civic nationalist?[View]
113805050What did they mean by this?[View]
113795922Alright so if the soviets were jews and america is controlled by jews, then what was the cold war al…[View]
113758403/ourgal/?: is Jenna Jameson /ourgal/ ?[View]
113803436Is he redpilled?[View]
113804774It's official: Hillary Clinton has WON the 2016 presidential election.[View]
113803636Brit: >First woman boss of Met: Cressida Dick lands top role at Scotland Yard https://www.google.…[View]
113804879fire all gov parasites and cancel all pensions they were not earned: :) end welfare and fed and pbli…[View]
113792539Chinese police order GPS tracking software to be installed on EVERY car in troubled Muslim region: H…[View]
113804743http://www.strawpoll.me/12394166 you're not literally going to defend milo, are you /pol/?[View]
113804629What really happened at Port Arthur?[View]
113788639No one told me Trump is actively hunting LGBTQ people[View]
113803866Podesta: Forces within the FBI wanted Clinton to lose Will they ever be able to get over it? >we …[View]
113804562We deserve to exist: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/recognize-kekistanians-or-keks-offici…[View]
113804522What does this mean: 'While recovering from a site issue, we lost some older images. Please post som…[View]
113794780A School Counselor on Liberals:: I am a school counselor in a school absolutely chock full of what A…[View]
113779681Islams endgame is Armageddon: The catholic church is the Whore of Babylon, and the beast of the eart…[View]
113804089Can we all agree on this?: Any type of socialism is cancer and does not work. Even national socialis…[View]
113802055Autistic screeching: Autistic screeching thread. Starting off with some fresh OC.[View]
113804018>Mentally ill and proud! >Aneurotypical 4 life! >Why aren't you taking my opinions ser…[View]
113798660>Don't lecture me, Obi-Wan! I see through the lies of the Jedi. I do not fear the dark side …[View]
113799804Milo has become an example that speech has to be moderated.[View]
113801708Wow Drumpfkins, look at what you have done now. Can't even think of the kids, huh? https://www.…[View]
113782907First battlefield 1 expansion adds even more 'diversity' European theater of WW1 now effec…[View]
113794710Who ordered the HIT piece on Milo?: The real story is WHO ORDERED THE HIT PIECE for the Character As…[View]
113800294So I guess we can expect Bill Mahers resignation from HBO any day now?: Or does he still have the ri…[View]
113803730TRUMP TAX CUTS: >call yourself anti-establishment >cut taxes for the rich EXPLAIN YOURSELF, RI…[View]
113782312okay faggots lets see where you stand https://buildquorum.com/political_spectrum[View]
113803793The Bogdanoffs are the Rothschilds of science: Look up Alexander Bogdanov. >Alexander Aleksandrov…[View]
113803780Kids bash a Trump puppet: Is this even legal in the USA? Somebody know if this is an actual or older…[View]
113801624Why does he need to wear so much make up? He would look more respectable without it. Do you reckon i…[View]
113795787Brazil: I love my country and I will fight until I die for a better life for the people that share o…[View]
113801735Why don't we de regulate and all get unequal but rich?: it worked in 1800s chile hong kong…[View]
113799827Hawaii belongs to Ameri-[View]
113798593So I actually took the time to listen to the drunken peasants podcast and take notes on what milo ac…[View]
113803273'My experiences as a victim led me to believe I could say anything I wanted to on this subject, no m…[View]
113798517If the whole world lived like your nation: What would the world look like?[View]
113802938Hitler was a vegetarian. He loved animals. He was also an worker's rights activist. He loved p…[View]
113803540Le Pen will lose: I've seen all her debates. She's the worse. She can't break someone…[View]
113803475>This is the opposition No excuse to lose to them. http://everydayfeminism.com/about-ef/about-th…[View]
113797148Is Israel truly our greatest ally?[View]
113802713This is what white women want. When will /pol/ accept this and move on? The faster you come to terms…[View]
113802930Redpill me on the Military[View]
113801981Countries that deserve to sink below the ocean.[View]
113800434is wealth a must for happiness?[View]
113800418If white people disappeared the US would erupt in race wars: Just a thought for all the anti-whites …[View]
113787179Sea Patrol: >Be British >Go scooba diving >Get beat So evidently the issue of sport diving …[View]
113803056Donald Trump secretly funded NAMBA in the 1980's. Why is the liberal media covering this up an…[View]
113803017in its dying throes, capitalism must turn the whole world uncanny, then carnivalesque, and as its se…[View]
113802610Stop eating food.[View]
113801134Whats her end game /pol/?[View]
113800783O'Keefe About to Drop a Bombshell on CNN: Some serious shit is going down. I predict this will …[View]
113801459Friendly reminder that we're all one the same side. The only real divide is class divide, the r…[View]
113802835Disgusting Youtube Children's Channels: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBWf6Zvn0jQ What possib…[View]
113782431What's with plebbits recent obsession with 4chan?: There's an increasing trend on Reddit w…[View]
113802348Would obama have supported trump if the party would have let him?[View]
113802824pebis: I love this[View]
113802810HUMANITY GOODBYE: Most people are to self involved to even care that we live on a dead planet and do…[View]
113784726Why are there no white tropical places? We leave some of the most beautiful places in the world to c…[View]
113788773Women are basically children: >Research find that as a group, only men pay tax >Legions of fem…[View]
113802258Government cut backs are so bad now that the new met police commissioner will earn 23% less than the…[View]
113802665Milo is a leddit meme and has nothing to do with /pol/.: Daily reminder that /pol/ has always hated …[View]
113788465ITT: We drop the deepest, darkest redpill[View]
113799783WTF: - all these 'glitches' - all these 'missing' images... where did they go - I can't u[pload…[View]
113798012Invasion of Mexico: ITT kek wills it. It's only fair.[View]
113800793Criticise the country above.[View]
113783486nigger hate thread: >liberals want to import this[View]
113800934Post horseshoe theory memes[View]
113797440[serious] Have white people ever been considered cool?[View]
113800841How could I turn my atheist girlfriend into believing in the power and presence of God?[View]
113802257Some of you guys are alright: Don't go to Malmo.... ever[View]
113782407>'Wakey wakey anon,its time to bash the fash!'[View]
113798449ARE YOU SERIOUS[View]
113800912country that succeeded to launch satellite for the first time in human history is RUSSIA country tha…[View]
113791599Pennsylvania General /pg/ Edgar Snyder Edtion: Welcome To PA General were we talk about Pennsylvania…[View]
113800817WE WUZ PREZ: >Trump >White[View]
113801632Guys, I am really worried that Trump doesn't have a clear path to 270. He is really down in all…[View]
113799037Alright /pol/ It's about time we seriously get something done about these shills If it wasn…[View]
113800272Where were you when a cuck slapped Brittany's phone out of her hand? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
113789885Milo's defense of pedophilia: Is it really right to defend pedophilia, albeit indirectly, as Mi…[View]
113795544well deserved[View]
113782134Antifa psycho bitch vs Tuck: i think his face says it all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luoP1o6T8…[View]
113801453>those dumb morons fell for it! they dissavowed him and went into purity spiralling, I told you M…[View]
113801686how do we destroy this touristic trap?: mohammeds, come here (with your bros) and put some bombs aro…[View]
113799821A Jew is going to replace Merkel: A jew that hates Europe is going to become the face of Germany. D…[View]
113800032Yes, I am Islamophobic.: It's time to stop denying it, /pol/. I'm afraid of Islam. I see w…[View]
113801540European Union is racist, xenophobic and islamophobic: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/201…[View]
113801364The Truth About Sweden - Spread it like fire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPtNON6sHXw&ab_cha…[View]
113796884Post what you hope happens to liberals[View]
113798718Burning old rubbish in public: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Rn2cRxwPOs Czech's burning the …[View]
113799422Any and every post made by this IP address is satire and/or ironic: >pewdiepie attacked >Milo …[View]
113801477>have one country >literally called black people land >dumb non-muslim niggers dont like mu…[View]
113800226What do you call a Scottish German? KILTERHOSEN![View]
113800325blocks your path: >what do you do?[View]
113798616How do we regulate the development of artificial intelligence to ensure that they don't attempt…[View]
113800960Vey got a little angry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CH-NECfvVc[View]
113799730christianity=religion for numales and cucks. Prove me wrong[View]
113800753NoFap/Self Improvement thread: Stop watching porn. Stop masturbating. How's everyone holding …[View]
113800711When did paying sub-humans to have kids become a thing?[View]
113784170SWEDEN YES!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pk-ISywCbps Can Sweden ever recover or are these areas …[View]
113797034why did i get downvoted? alex jones was married to a jewish woman and never mentions jews in any of …[View]
113799085Italian Government Used Homophobia Funds for Gay Orgies: http://archive.is/OncWA With that in mind, …[View]
113799637LePen Aides Taken Into Custody: Is she innocent? http://www.reuters.com/article/us-france-election-l…[View]
113801229when will they learn to make actually good propaganda? refusefascism.org Trump: the rise of fascism?…[View]
113782058I heard something about an alien being posted before site went down? Can we have a thread about this…[View]
113800749Iran ready to 'SLAP THE US IN THE FACE': >The United States should expect a 'strong sla…[View]
113800894What do you call someone who enables shitty behavior? Like telling people that have mental illnesses…[View]
113795350We can't let this guy have the nuclear codes!: What have you done Flumphfkins?![View]
113800956Hey LEAF, Canada is not America: I have seen several /pol posters from Canada quote the American Con…[View]
113801042Biological sex is a social construst: And it needs to be changed just like gender You cant test chro…[View]
113800258'I don't care if the US is 80% brown in 30 years': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hg2n3Y_X4Yw …[View]
113794503Polls suggest that 65% of /pol/ users are in support of a homosexual, nigger loving, ethno-nationali…[View]
113800982Racism: Who are some big scholars on racism in the United States?[View]
113800972Does /pol/ attend church?: It's a beneficial habit. I've started attending, even though I …[View]
113800906You know what I was thinking about today, pol? I've been seeing all these people freak out abou…[View]
113799594Wyte ppl be like >WE WUZ KNITES N SHEEIT YO Fuckin losers like 1% of yall ansesters be knites bu…[View]
113793709https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncxte6Tvsw4 5:57 – ”This is where we discuss the jew problem” 6:18 …[View]
113799701Why are most western countries so red?[View]
113795822SWEDISH NO-GO ZONES: Have you watched this yet? Now with english subtitles thanks to anon It's …[View]
113798744The Greatest Injustice Today: What does /pol think the greatest injustice today is?[View]
113755303How can one leaf be so based? Just discovered prof Peterson Anyone have any relevant links I could …[View]
113800617if wh*tes are the masterrace,as /pol/ claims, then why jews control the world including white countr…[View]
113800147Why didn’t race matter in the 80’s? Racial tensions were basically non-existent, no one gave a shit …[View]
113799321Why did Hitler annex Memelland, /pol/?[View]
113800458The chinese are smart myth busted: I don't even Source https://youtu.be/QBTkLbmOeic[View]
113799104How many years are we away from a 30% white or less america? When will racism finally be over?[View]
113779265YASSSSS SLAY: This is what happens when /pol/ encounters a real woman. > That's exactly what…[View]
113798624found this faggot in an official news paper really come on I fixed a toaster when I was 11 how come …[View]
113798360ANTIFA IS DYING: Anyone else notice CREW has shut the fuck up about ANTIFA lately? They finally real…[View]
113795161Sandy hook: What actually happened?[View]
113799385Gay Canadian Man Blocked From Entering USA: http://dailycaller.com/2017/02/21/gay-canadian-looking-f…[View]
113800202Chips: Lay's has created a site for internet users to create their own flavors. What is /pol/…[View]
113800184Elderly Black Man knocked out by blacks for liking Trump: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFsx9TDaPe…[View]
113797947Can somebody post the info-graphic about jews and art? Also general Info-graphic/Jew thread. Pictur…[View]
113798979ITT we make claims: alright goyim time to find out if /pol/ really does have statistically universal…[View]
113799853Hypothetical situation. 3 people are stranded on an island. Persons A and B are an anglo-saxon coupl…[View]
113799145ahahahahahaHAHAHAHA Blumpf BTFO. And stop calling them ISIS, that's a racist term. They're…[View]
113800042My Kurdish Girlfriend refused to luv me, I am gonna writting 46 books for Turkey interests. Kurtler …[View]
113797858Milo did nothing wrong: We all know Milo never advocated for pedophilia he even stated that the cons…[View]
113796579>While Mr. Trump has spent six of his 31 days in office on the links, White House officials have …[View]
113798541What does /pol/ have against Ricardo's classical theory of comparative advantage? If chinks and…[View]
113797191Approaching the death penalty as a human rights issue was better than using financial arguments. For…[View]
113797464Is being a maid a respectable job? I'm thinking about becoming one.[View]
113782380How do we feel about female Paul Joseph Watson? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVapmwHVvX4[View]
113782620George Takei is a filthy pedo Pt. 2 CONFIRMED HIT: #PedoMyTaco #TakeiBell Pierces Armor. Wacky Georg…[View]
113793711Ohohohoho HAHAHA HAheh he hehehe drumpfkins the hypocrisy is REAL!!!! ahaha.[View]
113786840why don't you move to Japan? anon Japan need immigrants like you![View]
113798094Oh boy the mudslimes are mad: My class just learned I'm voting PVV Oh boy are the mad I am the…[View]
113799608Is he, dare I say, /ourguy/?: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4244958/One-Nation-s-David-Arc…[View]
113796522What if the Australian states gained American style states' rights or even became independent c…[View]
113743421Is Soros secretly /OurGuy/?: Now before you call me shill hear me out https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
113779586What was up with 4chan's glitch just now?[View]
113799562Marijuana: Is weed really that bad for you? I want to know what yous think One one hand, I've h…[View]
113799183why does the media keep saying trump is anti-semitic even though he can't stop sucking jewish b…[View]
113799515trump? more like dumb[View]
113797285These yard signs are being put up all over my neighborhood... Fucking kill me.[View]
113799354How do you fight it /pol/?: How do you guys fight/oppose spreading kebab? As a good European of Germ…[View]
113795624Was this woman in the right /pol/? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4246522/Female-cyclist-ta…[View]
113788021Yo, Britfag here. If you want a way to get back at the cucks who fucked over Milo, then I'd sug…[View]
113798473Which one of you did this?!: Show yourself[View]
113798837I've been told by a russian anon that russian girls love Italian dick. is it true my gopniks? W…[View]
113796021Disavowing: The left disavows anyone depicted as a nazi. QED: start drawing left stars as nazis. Rui…[View]
113796280Jews vs Gypsies: How did Jews and Gypsies end up so different when it comes to intelligence? >bot…[View]
113797940Pewdiepie official thread: Wut?[View]
113798592Economics: What are your economic views /pol/ I feel this is one of the few really contentious thing…[View]
113782306GERMANY YES: Jesus, they are both so terrible. Which one is less of a catastrophe for Germany and wh…[View]
113785429Redpill me on the Night of Long Knives: What was the point of this happening? Why did these people n…[View]
113795653Daily reminder[View]
113796865What's happening: 1 Bitcoin is now $1120. I am triggered I didn't buy it earlier.[View]
113786536How many of you are like this guy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ups4FeSuHvY&t=10 I am a non-w…[View]
113799046RWDS Entertainment: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2_-Z-eGksCRwlhIlFfDzUA/videos How have I never…[View]
113796411Woman Denied Spouse Visa for Husband - Doesn't Make Enough Money: We should have this law in th…[View]
113796587This is why blacks feel scared around white people.[View]
113792365>be gone from the internet for 36 hours >faggotopoulis is finished forever this is the best ti…[View]
113796866BREAKING! WIKILEAKS CONFIRMS RUSSIAN TIES TO...: John McCain. Who illegally solicited donations from…[View]
113798389Anti-White Education: At some point, as an instructor I had to give this phenomenon language. After …[View]
113789160/Good /pol/ Feels Thread/ >that qt in my class that i'm completely in love with says she hat…[View]
113789289When will Koksal Baba assume his throne as the supreme leader of the Turks?[View]
113791607Not gonna lie, ex-Bogdanov supporter here. It's hilarious watching these guys crash and burn. B…[View]
113789416How are these 'men': How do people call these gook's 'men' when they sit inside all day and loo…[View]
113784419Brit/pol/ - Portcullis Edition: >'Gunpowder Plot' to oust Bercow only finds 5 signatori…[View]
113788453Do you think this is accurate?[View]
113797876Ehhhh...: I continue to believe Mr. Trump will not be president! Ooga booga if if if uhh uhh ahh ahh…[View]
113798297>i'm racist/sexist/trump supporter[View]
113793494When every thread becomes a bait thread: What a shit hole.[View]
113798225The falsity of White history begins and ends with their desire to hide their true nature; that being…[View]
113798220Newtown?: https://youtu.be/R5dyTee4loA This is evidence?! R U FUCKING KIDDING ME?[View]
113798177What does /pol/ think of based Kim Jong-il? What would Best Korea look like today with him still ali…[View]
113795163*sips tea*: *sips tea*[View]
113796501MOD HATE THREAD: >he sits on his fat ass in his mother's basement watching /pol/ get flooded…[View]
113793061Gay bullies: >former wnba star says 98% of wnba are lesbians >said she was bullied and thrown …[View]
113797978Canadians are simply smarter than you. It's all about mass manipulation. Maybe it's all th…[View]
113796014How do we combat these uppity little leftists? They're beginning to get on my nerves.[View]
113786922auspol degenarecy: >be bill shorten >be accused of sexually assualting a minor que bullshit co…[View]
113797845Remidner that feminism is just a meme. Do not, I repeat, do NOT give women respect. They LOVE being …[View]
113796423My Proposal: Why cant we just have an all-out World War 3 and get it over with? Why do we need to ha…[View]
113755415Shills better leave soon. Nobody's attacked this board long term and not regretted it.[View]
113794986Yassss queen slay[View]
113790690CANADA YES: >Canadians can't be blamed for missing the anti-Islamophobia motion that passed …[View]
113789213Mcmullin: >'former' cia guy >neocon >ties to soros >ran for president in Utah yo be a sp…[View]
113784603>nazis >ban vivisection on animals >japs >vivisect humans and make all kind of fucked u…[View]
113795295/pol/ BTFO: Ahhhhh, victory[View]
113797146Genetic engineering will make race relations obsolete.[View]
113797457Rise of Antisemitism: https://mobile.nytimes.com/aponline/2017/02/21/us/ap-us-anti-semitism-qa.html …[View]
113792097What goes on here?[View]
113797416Why is Trump such a Jew lover? I thought he was a madman.[View]
113793582Reminder that ethnic Europeans of any kind (Germans, French, English) do not exist. Reminder that th…[View]
113794054Shabbat Shalom GOYIM!!!!!!!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3VX91IyFG8[View]
113779628Guardian Goes Full Anti-Semitic, Names The 'White Man': The Guardian have a video up complaining abo…[View]
113790594Really makes you think.[View]
113795498How long did it take you after leaving full time education to realise that success is 95% related to…[View]
113789836How has /pol changed you?: Used to be far right libertarian (Idk how I've gone more left, genui…[View]
113796599Fact: My psychologist told me that /pol/ is bad for my mental health and that I should abstain from …[View]
113796159UNCLE /POL/ N C L E /POL/ BLIZZARD IS DOING IT AGAIN https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17615…[View]
113796540Is she, dare I say... No... I will say. She is the ULTIMATE /ourgirl/. Have you ever - EVER - seen s…[View]
113795534BULGARBROS BEWARE: Emil Jasim is now a part of the list of the 'Дa, Бългapия!' party. He is a contro…[View]
113796576Tell me about Francisco Franco /pol/, was he good for spain? Was spain the last bastion of fascism a…[View]
113795900Consider the following. Present day assault of SJW nonsense is not due to some globalist conspiracy,…[View]
113796840Meme compass: Dump[View]
113796974Without religion, there would be no society, no civilization: When asked, whether you would kill a 7…[View]
113782254>The main anti-semitism today is coming from the left and from the Muslims https://www.youtube.co…[View]
113789779/SDG/ - Social Democracy General: Today: Based Martin Schulz (SPD) MAKE EUROPE GREAT AGAIN #MEGA…[View]
113796700Richard Spencer is a faggot: Richard Spencer is an effeminate cuck who wont fight back when hes punc…[View]
113793641Do they do well in other places/countries?: Question for you guys, is there a place/country where Mo…[View]
113795887WE MUST SETTLE THIS: FINAL DECISIVE THREAD who is worse, male niggers or white women?[View]
113796562Sup /pol/[View]
113790314new timegap/speculation thread: op from last one site is under massive spike of slide threads Milo …[View]
113791519What was that 'Hi im mike Cassip' Ping Pong quads get?: Whyd the thread 404? Whats up with the censo…[View]
113795363>not realizing that phones are just an alternative to telepathic communication…[View]
113791818Pizzagate Mike Cassip thread: I just saw pic related but thread was 404. Tell me one of you faggots …[View]
113739608Make SwedenBall Memes: Template is in this thread. Let's go boys. The Swedes must pay[View]
113786555Communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the ideol…[View]
113795251Thanks Ian for supporting me. It's interesting how they will never afford my blackness womanhoo…[View]
113796410Trump Impeachment: How in earth could they possibly impeach the God Emperor? He has the senate, cong…[View]
113794814/pol/ will defend this http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/21/us/jewish-cemetery-vandalized/index.html…[View]
113796356how about instead of the alt right, all us cool white nationalists join the alt left, which is just …[View]
113757947Redpill Movies: What are the most redpilled movies? I'll start >American History X…[View]
113794058Split differences: If liberals are so concerned with keeping families together, why do they support …[View]
113796214What else do the masses need? Not much, apparently, since they are so easily manipulated. This has e…[View]
113793168Rip queen Elizabeth: Srsly meme magik is powerful Shariablue should've really checked the rules…[View]
113792171What is the 'alt-right'?[View]
113745648Orthodoxy Update - Old Time Religion Edition: Get in here and discuss Orthodox Christianity. Atheis…[View]
113792773>tfw when you go to the comments section of the latest Colbert video https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
113754633Donald Trump is President: Does anyone else just sit back and look at the enormous odds this guy ove…[View]
113790531Something smells fishy...[View]
113795760Me and many other people apparently have an eerie feeling Israel is on the verge of a big change, ma…[View]
113784040SJW general: It is time to take control of 4Chan. TIME TO MAKE POL LEFT MILO IS DOWN TRUMP MADE A FO…[View]
113791692All niggers must be exterminated.[View]
113785919>smoking the tobacco Jew >giving your money to an industry that destroy your health and makes …[View]
113784635Can anyone give me a quick rundown on this guy[View]
113794992Your people destroyed the German people because your people valued protecting and serving the jews m…[View]
113795177Fuck Europe: Fuck this tiny depressed Islamic autistic shithole of a place. I want to move to the U…[View]
113795594weed as medicine is legal in Oz: Hooray! Only problem is that they will only give it to chronically …[View]
113784938SHADILAY!!!: PRAISE KEK[View]
113782463What is the possible outcome for Greece?[View]
113790748Is this going to end up redpilling everyone on Gays and pedophilia?: Milo was very specific in sayin…[View]
113793610Should the US Balkanize?: Hear me out, folks. When the hell have Americans ever agreed on shit? The …[View]
113795479Last night in sweden[View]
113788293Public schools are a joke...: Question. Uhm.... How come schools can't afford to hire competent…[View]
113790108Reminder that if you're not living in a green country you're literally a third world shith…[View]
113795275How does he keep getting away with it?[View]
1137883514 foot 11 inch man blames Trump for Sweden riots. https://twitter.com/GamingAnarchist/status/8343009…[View]
113795022minimum wage and welfare: having effects opposite of it's intentions, or is it? Even though 194…[View]
113793639>Freedom of Speech >owned slaves What did he mean by this?…[View]
113788997Can anyone explain to me, this statement made by Tucker Carlson in this video: > 'You do not fig…[View]
113794755angery: >Earlier this term, all teachers go to Spain for 'teambuilding', school pays >now vent…[View]
113795028Transgender Suicide Rates: The left will claim that Transgender suicide rates are so high because of…[View]
113793175/POL SCANDAL 2017 RECAP!!!! CANADA IS NOT 90%: Quick Run Down >based non-leaf who lives in Canada…[View]
113794939Ok: Can someone please convince me sandyhook was real? You have no evidence[View]
113794538#SoulSearching: Get it trending #SoulSearching2017 #SoulSearching2017 #SoulSearching2017[View]
113794833will he eradicate the jews?[View]
113793103Who the fuck is McMaster? Where did he come from? Does the name not sound a bit suspicious?[View]
113792603>Are you milo loving faggot enabling nu-/pol/ /redditor? >Are you an atheist? If the answer to…[View]
113782204/pol/ will defend this[View]
113794510Racism against whites = anti antisemitism Racism against whites = anti antisemitism Racism against…[View]
113794313>go outside >see muslim >day ruined MUSLIM GENOCIDE WHEN?…[View]
113782422DEMOCRACY DIES IN DARKNESS: Washington Post has a new slogan, bitches. TRUMP ETERNALLY BTFO[View]
113790054There it is, clear as crystal. There can no longer be any doubt that a major goal of the globalist o…[View]
113737325So why is everyone so obsessed with him?[View]
113783516MACEDONIA BEST COUNTRY BICHEZ: Macedonia is the most powerfull country in the 21st century. Prove me…[View]
113794223Uncucked movies: >/pol/ movie thread Where can I get the uncucked story of the USA, Canada, Austr…[View]
113789420What would Lord Jesus have thought about deporting refugees?[View]
113779272/ptg/ President Trump General - Party of Lincoln Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whitehous…[View]
113794012What's their endgame? Why do Bogdanoffs bow to them?[View]
113783359/pol/ BTFO[View]
113783803/pol/jeet: Where are my fellow pajeets? Get in here fellas[View]
113791284/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General: ϟϟ HAIL VICTORY! ϟϟ Thread for discussion of National Socialis…[View]
113792199To all the jews using proxies to control the narrative , WE KNOW YOU: SEE PICTURE![View]
113792797Has /pol/ ever been slid harder than this? What's their motive?[View]
113781884pol BTFO once again[View]
113792935>at the very beginning of the election, I was pulling for Bernie and didn't care about polit…[View]
113792346Hey white people, please don't stop breeding. Don't fall for the jewish tricks. We need th…[View]
113786208German school shooter happenning: Police helicopters circling above #Menden https://twitter.com/der…[View]
113793259Hop in loser.[View]
113786631Cronyism is the natural end state of capitalism, just as totalitarianism is the natural end state of…[View]
113784963Women Hate Thread[View]
113788321My friend was trying to tell me I was more than likely to die from a Neo-Nazi than an Islamic terror…[View]
113793147>HE NEVER LIES >HE TELLS IT LIKE IT IS http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-pol…[View]
113781834All right folks, let's have a serious discussion. In this thread we have to decide, what is the…[View]
113788934Cultural Integration: Hey /pol What's our thoughts on cultural integration? Surely it shouldn…[View]
113785991What does /pol/ think of Ironmarch?[View]
113793090WTF! I hate Tucker Carlson now!: Video - starts at 1:02 >https://twitter.com/FoxNews/status/83368…[View]
113791177LOL Wilders is tanking. The Netherlands is going to keep getting culturally enriched. Nice try Dutch…[View]
113784343Sweden Judge approves Marriage of 14 years old Child Bride Because She Appears “Mature”: http://www.…[View]
113785992Are white people seriously going to become a minority in every country world wide without a fight?[View]
113785255A message to the alt right: We are going to take you all down just like we did for Milo Be prepared…[View]
113792723RIP QUEEN: Elizabeth >shouldn't have memed the alt right so hard Press f…[View]
113783468pewdiepie : Death To All Jews: Yes or no ?[View]
113738926Where did he go wrong?[View]
113790435Sweden NO!: So there have been Riots in sweden and now CNN has to report on it. They even (kind of) …[View]
113790578Infowars censored: So looks like (((they))) have started proceedings in shutting Infowars down.…[View]
113790867What the fuck is going on with 4chan today first the image server goes down and now i cant post![View]
113782464NIGGER STEALS FROM 9 YEAR OLD WHITE BOY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-8y2mcNpj0[View]
113782041Serbs BTFO Brazilian monkey player: >Luiz, 28, was jeered and taunted with monkey noises for the …[View]
113783655now that milo's been knocked off his throne who is the new king of /b/? ben shapiro? he has bee…[View]
113788295Are the shills gone?: It's been like 40 minutes since things went back to normal and posting wa…[View]
113792133Did he file a police report? Or is this just another false rape accusation.[View]
113791947Where's the French one?[View]
113787018How fucked are we? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HLE9gWPYt0[View]
113788682https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEDPOPr7qiY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xe_53ks0SeM https://www.…[View]
113782533What do people SEE in this guy?[View]
113788937Good day indeed.[View]
113791844Netanyahu visits Trumble: Why is he there? And how much of this is on the tax payer?[View]
113791544>Our country's on fire. It's hard being President here >Here. Have a meme hat…[View]
113789807http://dailycaller.com/2017/02/21/prominent-gay-man-advocates-pedophilia/ Really makes you think…[View]
113790545Liking another woman of race as the Far-Right: Is it wrong to like woman of another race but believe…[View]
113789560Political Correct[View]
113785586What the fuck is the alt-right? Is it just a label the fake media made up?[View]
113782524Hey Pol Im beggining to suspect that this thread is over 70% shilly. Sounds like im crazy, but every…[View]
113791386Shill/pol/: How do we get rid of these shills on /pol/? Really they grind everyone's gears. Ins…[View]
113785709FUKUSHIMA RADIATION SPIKES TO RECORD: The mainstream media is silent because they don't want pe…[View]
113746639Is it morally right to pay for this guys healthcare? Whats is the best thing to do with people like …[View]
113787070Nazi punks fuck off: Shilling this: https://youtu.be/6sJlMFs7EZU Don't worry, it's not the…[View]
113753101There has never been a more subtle symbolic moment happen.[View]
113789311Friendly reminder that /pol/ is a civic nationalist board.[View]
113790771Is Metal Gear Solid 2 the ultimate redpill?[View]
113790680Oldfag Check-In: I'm seeing more people--let's be honest, guys--mentioning their kids. Lea…[View]
113790475Look at this perfect family[View]
113788772How long before military bases have gender neutral bathrooms and safe spaces? You can already be a t…[View]
113787229Amnesty published an alarming report > Amnesty blames politican parties whom wish to remove the e…[View]
113741174Holy shit, I just found out she is 5 years younger then me, at 21. I though she was in her 30's…[View]
113789996*blocks your path*[View]
113787184I think I'm just going to convert to Islam we can't fight it anymore I may as well join th…[View]
113785575What the fuck is wrong with women?[View]
113790025Maybe it's me and I'm plain old retarded but it all seems like empty liberal jargon and ne…[View]
113789240Daily reminder that if you hate islam you are cucked by jews.[View]
113781916OFFICIAL POLL: So due to the recent events, Are we with, or against Milo? http://www.strawpoll.me/1…[View]
113788076Spartan society: At what age did you realise the Spartans got it right and that women are only usefu…[View]
113782445Anyone else see paul benacci's project Monarch/MK ultra interview? Worried im on a list now, la…[View]
113785616Hey /pol/ im really bored so im making a game. What should I include to make it better?[View]
113785027Mexican are White! Stop building The Wall!: >Mexico is 63% white >21% of Mexicans even have bl…[View]
113783748Trump made a big mistake appointing mcmaster.[View]
113786154What the fuck is going on in this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOk6HB609po&index=12…[View]
113787019Could this be the proof Trump was right about voter fraud?[View]
113787920US Civil War when???: It's obvious the Globalists and the useful idiots they manipulate for the…[View]
113783867I'm summoning kek to give me a friend: if digits kek will finally give me a friend and i will f…[View]
113779299/ptg/ President Trump General - Disavowed Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whitehouse.gov h…[View]
113788902What did Clive mean by this?[View]
113779722Bobby Fischer - Purest sentiment of Justice: This is one of my most cherished and rare figure that w…[View]
113786757Why does it seem that liberals suffer from low self esteem?: It seems like every liberal I know is s…[View]
113786755>Majority of violent crimes in South >Majority of blacks reside in the South >'Bu-But black…[View]
113786305Does anyone go to his university? How impossible do you think it is to book a class with him? I bet …[View]
113785833hmmm now that you think about it there really isnt any difference at all[View]
113723413PODESTA PEDO: Where did that email / rumour go about a young pizza waiting in the pool go? I cannot …[View]
113786265Will whites living countries like Australia, U.S. with low muslim populations have to liberate Europ…[View]
113788250THERES SOMETHING REALLY WRONG WITH TRUMP TOWER GUYS: We are on the verge of the greatest cataclysm i…[View]
113784819What do I do guys?: So there's this girl. She's Filipino, big tits, total waifu material,…[View]
113784857what will happen if we run out of burgers?[View]
113786865Chinks are everywhere. How did we let this happen?[View]
113758787What would Jesus think of Islam? Would he think it is a religion of peace?[View]
113783241GOOD MORNING[View]
113747199THE TRUTH ABOUT SWEDEN: FAKE NEWS REKT HARD BY OURGUY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPtNON6sHXw…[View]
113786434I'm looking for that infographic with average yearly pay for a profession, which included weldi…[View]
113788285SHADILAY: keyboard, lion trump, twitter. PRAISE KEK![View]
113788348Milo going down is flames is a big opportunity: No matter what side of this you're on, Milo goi…[View]
11378789513 year olds, Dude[View]
113788302Based Le pen: >https://www.wsj.com/articles/french-presidential-candidate-marine-le-pen-refuses-t…[View]
113759875ITT: we pretend its the primaries again[View]
113780217>Lost book deal >Employer not standing beside him, forced to leave >Banned from social medi…[View]
113787765ShareBlue trying to convince us to defend milo the pedo. fuck milo and his boy love shit. how do we …[View]
113787893The phonecall that saved europe.[View]
113782321Human right groups urge Duterte not to jail drug-coddling suspected senator: >MANILA, Philippines…[View]
113752161Jesus was a Jew...: If Christianity is the primary religion of /pol/ (besides worship of Kek), Jesus…[View]
113784653https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEDPOPr7qiY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xe_53ks0SeM https://www.…[View]
113787550mfw the ultimate shitpost has been found by yours truly....[View]
113786751Reminder that China is better than Japan. Fuck Japan.[View]
113785477Shill Thread: Why do you like trump? He's a loser. An ugly orange orangutan That doesn't d…[View]
113756085I'm cool with white folk but lets be real yall ancestors were dumb as bricks[View]
113783346honest thoughts on pjw?[View]
113786928When was the last time a country restricted citizenship to its blood descendants and had no immigrat…[View]
113783876Mustang Schmustang: This is the plane that won WW2[View]
113786027is this the most red pilled cartoon? anyone else misses the time when cartoon network was decent?[View]
113783027Who else are the European Deplorables? Pat Condell? Marine LePen? David Starkey? Who else belongs he…[View]
113737893Ask a secular Turk born in England anything!: >diaspora-haters GTFO / nefret edenler siktir git b…[View]
113779231/ptg/ President Trump General - Eternal General Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whitehouse…[View]
113754803Post >yfw every time you remember that Donald Trump won the election and is actually the Presiden…[View]
113782623>be me, geranon >be fat, lazy slob >go to McDicks >order a Big Tasty Bacon >go home …[View]
113782848Cuck migration: Is pol getting culturally replaced? It seems since the election pol is taking a floo…[View]
113757115Ask a morrocan who's raping europe and cucking europeans anything.[View]
113782059I finally understand. We cheer for Trump not because he is right but because he is wrong. Everything…[View]
113783342Save the west: Fellow /pol/acks I am trying to red pill a friend on the migrant/refugee crime in Swe…[View]
1137706966:38 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G00zFuMxlIs[View]
113738243THE WALL (1990): Is everyone aware of this comic from 27 fucking years ago?[View]
113786391Why do you faggots enjoy him so much? Literal Pedo defender. ''W-what? You don't like…[View]
113783465So you mean to tell me that chirstcucks actually believe in a religion that teaches them that Jews a…[View]
11378644023.6 % of Brussels is muzzie[View]
1137834321910 German Empire census map with majority-Polish areas in green with the post-WW1 German-Polish bo…[View]
113780075How is to be the laughing stock of the internet, /pol/?[View]
113779804trans scum btfo[View]
113782919Pornography, internet, videogames and (to an extent) social media were all created as population con…[View]
113779569Alright /pol/, consider a person growing without a parent. Want to look at all 4 possibilities: boy …[View]
113782078America is the number 1 in rape and crime statistics in the western world. Cant you protect your wom…[View]
113740532Is Canada REALLY White?: All the canadians say canada is 90% white but call everyone in canada 'Chan…[View]
113784519Let's exclude the last election, because one of the candidate was a woman, why are on the whole…[View]
113784947spat in baby’s face and shouted ‘white people shouldn’t breed: http://metro.co.uk/2017/02/21/racist-…[View]
113783334A … bunch of years ago … a whole bunch … the guys from England – they were great guys, these guys – …[View]
113784914While you were distracted by the fake President named Donald Trump. Here's a real website that …[View]
113786102Based Huffpost btfo /pol/: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_58ab6c0fe4b0f077b…[View]
113782686Why is it that when liberals try to make fun of /pol/ they remind me of why we're probably the …[View]
113783464Sweden, who would believe this? http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-39047455[View]
113785901I'll leave that here: http://witchpdx.com/[View]
113784378big fat greasy nigger: big fat greasy nigger[View]
113784733The US spends a greater % of its GDP on healthcare than both Germany and the UK. We spend 17%, Germa…[View]
113756568What do actual Chileans think of Pinochet?[View]
113785789Ok so Donald Trump is best president we have ever had, but how do we get him to watch his mouth[View]
113785501Is this true?: Do walls really save money? Why does the EU not want to save money? Why does Merkel n…[View]
113759816Is Alex Jones right? Is Trump at war with the Deep State?: Why did the CIA and the NSA turn on him? …[View]
113785530They take one of ours, we take one of theirs. George Takei BTFO[View]
113785456A message to the alt-left.: Gas the Jews.[View]
113780015IT'S NOT REALLY HAPPENING: Good morning /pol/. Thread from last night: >>113680214 This h…[View]
113784883The hypocrisy of the right: >I am against immigration >married immigrant…[View]
113782305Look at the catalogue type nuclear 404[View]
113757636Thanks, USA.: Dear gringos: I am a part of the Mexican upper class. I trace my lineage to the conqui…[View]
113779879meta thread/ timegap thread: ignore all threads since the 2 hour gap, they are shills trying to floo…[View]
113783605Trump Media Survey: Guys, get off your asses and do this survey. Last time it was flooded by leftist…[View]
113785179Roofie pill me /pol/: Who are the greatest rapists of all times, and why is it these two? They just …[View]
113785160How do we solve the Gen-X crisis? Generation X is doing much worse than the Baby Boomers were doing …[View]
113779967Is anyone here a part of a local militia? How is it? Describe your experience with them.[View]
113785019Proclamation for Preservation AKA A Huge Waste of Time: If any of you are like I, a humble senpai, I…[View]
113784147What happened to white culture? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHANNkKBSNU[View]
113784964'Liberal MP Justin Trudeau offered an apology and retraction Tuesday over comments he made about the…[View]
113782867Milo: I just read this article on Milo, still not sure how to feel about him. What is everyone else…[View]
113782234Faggots being degenerate.: I saw an article in kikebook about something to do with gay teens not com…[View]
113756454Drumpkins will never recover from this[View]
113740209DAILY REMINDER FAGGOTS. Pol is NOT an antisemitic board: This is a meme pushed by CTR & Shareblu…[View]
113784661Boris Johnson jogging: New line by Mugatu, Derelicte 2017. Awake your inner sexy Brit.[View]
113781841y is there only 7 threads on the fp and theyre not changing[View]
113779933genopolitics and deporting liberals.: there is a large amount of evidence that attitudes which lead …[View]
113753566Roger Waters to protest The Wall: http://remezcla.com/culture/roger-water-the-wall-trump-protest/ Ro…[View]
113783884what does this mean? it's real. https://www.washingtonpost.com/[View]
113781970Pederasty is the ultimate redpill.[View]
113784522One of Us (2017 ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-vsWfukd4U&ab_channel=PepeKek[View]
113784511Is Chelsea Clinton inbred?: Also, women are useless. If it wasn't for the pussy between their l…[View]
113770695Alright, which one of you just threw a rock through my muslim refugee neighbor's window?[View]
113783074So operation destroy milo was right. How do we stick together instead of letting them divide and con…[View]
113750898Parts of your country that need to be nuked: save orange parts nuke all the rest[View]
113751570How long until /pol/ becomes an sjw board? We seem to be taking the invasion lying down[View]
113783915friendly reminder that segregation is individual freedom[View]
113783340Soros under investigation: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-02-21/us-lawmakers-are-probing-soros-i…[View]
113783804What would be different if drumpf got elected in 2000?[View]
113779924The world is Fucked: This is what we are to the (((Elites))) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRVzwKK…[View]
113782912Post >yfw the left think they can overthrow Trump: >Choose university over military service …[View]
113783595What is Trump's stance on the DEA and big pharma? Surely, he's aware of big pharma's …[View]
113756859#SoulSearching2017: Remember the 'insider' anon who told us to trend #MediaLies a few days…[View]
113726159The Falklands belongs to great bri-[View]
113784078Political compass thread: Old thread got archived[View]
113784058The world would be better off if all the niggers were dead[View]
113754309What is your favorite country besides the one you are native too and why? >Norway Im dating this …[View]
113782013How jealous are you that my thread is on the front page, and you can't even post?[View]
113747110...and so it begins[View]
113779775Sup /pol/[View]
113783934What did Russia mean by this? Should we trust Russians? http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/amer…[View]
113782066Brutal Muslim Hammer Attacks in United Kingdom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K92GAVn1QQY - A larg…[View]
113783637Pedogate: Weak post; I'm new. I've seen quite a few people denying the obvious last night.…[View]
113779768>He's a communist[View]
113783874Soon we will have people working in VR for major corporations as they get paid to relinquish their r…[View]
113745674Brit/pol/ - Lets Hope The Papers Don't Blow Away edition: >'Gunpowder Plot' to ous…[View]
113781956Former UK Prime Minister linked to satanic paedophile ring: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2906130/ed…[View]
113726848Political compass memes: Let's have another one of these threads.[View]
113783659Has Political Correctness Gone Mad?: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/has-political-correctness-go…[View]
113783658https://youtu.be/FCrjwZY7H-0?t=26m3s >The reformation created a better world both in society and …[View]
113737954Why is driving on the freeway so fucking frustrating? How are the drivers in your city/country, /pol…[View]
113783518/POL/ BTFO[View]
113779881>the state of /pol/: Imagine being a Trump supporter in 2017. I can only imagine how pathetic of …[View]
113755244Russia's Permanent Representative to the UN suddenly dies in New York: http://www.reuters.com/a…[View]
113736667Why are politics invading our vidya? I just want to have a good time and suddenly WE[View]
113741140SUICIDE BY COP RIGHT NOW GET IN HERE. East TN, guy I know killed 2 people growing weed and is being …[View]
113783201Jews Rocks !: General thread to discuss how jews improved Humanity. I'll start : they are the p…[View]
113779152/ptg/ - Trump: pastebin: http://pastebin.com/nygxu29R >>>>113759290…[View]
113782428Bannon wills it[View]
113783189urban dictionary: boy the 'left' sure has a lot of free time, wonder why?[View]
113760372My University's Business Management professor believes that the Wage Gaps still exist in Wester…[View]
113779710/odg/ Oroville Dam General - We Can Post Aqua Again Edition: >What happened so far - Main spillwa…[View]
113758489I am a libertarian: debate me.[View]
113782888Daily reminder that /pol/ is a Christian board and no amount of r/atheism invasions will ever change…[View]
113782900>While recovering from a site issue, we lost some older images. Please post some new ones to make…[View]
113779418prediction: I'm going to try and condense this into as few words as possible. All of Trumps pro…[View]
113756597Breaking news: POTUS hates America!!![View]
113756232Can you truly be white if you have brown eyes? Serious question.[View]
113782424Roger Waters to protest the Wall on the US/Mexico border: Roger Waters is the most Red Pilled Pink F…[View]
113779402Who would be guilty for WW3? Answer; Arizona & S.Carolina.: These two Harbringers of Apocalypse …[View]
113778963Why aren't liberal's outrage of Fox's support of Pedophillia?: https://www.reddit.com…[View]
113759334Any other Jews who were part of the 24% of us who voted for Trump here?[View]
113782562Do you remember Theranos? What was Henry Kissinger doing on their advisory board?[View]
113782294Rural women: Has /pol/ ever noticed that women from small towns and rural areas are much heavier tha…[View]
113782141Human right groups urge Duterte not to jail drug-coddling suspected senator: >MANILA, Philippines…[View]
113782301Would you join?: >Mr. Trump has not yet said where he will get the billions of dollars needed to …[View]
113756114>Be fat inept 34 year old white male with no kids, no future, no career thanks to affirmative act…[View]
113782335psychohistory: It's well known that Hitler had only one ball. The other was hanging on the wall…[View]
113782318So you mean to tell me that chirstcucks actually believes in a religion that teAches them that Jews …[View]
113782253FUCK NIGGERS: type beautiful black family shits not messed up. day of the rope when?? gas the kikes …[View]
113757752Can someone explain why we have literally thousands of reports about mass racism and nazis running r…[View]
113759417Seriously though, what do you think goes on at the Bildeberg meeting and Bohemian Grove. Personally …[View]
113782152Militia Border Control: >Mr. Trump has not yet said where he will get the billions of dollars nee…[View]
113782115is this the most red pilled cartoon ever? who else misses the time when cartoon network was actually…[View]
113739325Redpill on Adderall: >why do millennials use Adderall? I see this stupid thread coming up a lot. …[View]
113730145Milo was paid out by Soros to ruin his own career[View]
113749226do you hate cops yet /pol/? why not?[View]
113782042okay faggots lets see where you stand https://buildquorum.com/political_spectrum[View]
113755748BTFO: Picture says it all[View]
113782031So you mean to tell me that chirstcucks actually believes in a religion that teAches them that Jews …[View]
113782023Nuclear Terrorism: Greetings, I've been trying to get through to here but the 4chan server stat…[View]
113782015Germany boosts troop level to 200,000: What do you say now? That level is similar to 7 million Ameri…[View]
113779929Will Milo get a zenkai boost?[View]
113781991So you mean to tell me that christcucks actually follow a religion that teaches them that the Jews a…[View]
113781985The holocaust didnt happen, all spicks should be sent back to Mexico, every nigger should be hanged,…[View]
113781971WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED >test[View]
113781954do women care about your intelligence?[View]
113781922I finally understand. We cheer for Trump not because he is right but because he is wrong. Everything…[View]
113781918Milo Admirers Man/Boy Love Association: ..and on this day a new association was born - come join us!…[View]
113779755Send Idubbbz to jail: >A semiautomatic shotgun that has both a folding or telescoping stock, and …[View]
113781897>biologically a male >16 years old >no hormone treatment or surgery >looks and talks lik…[View]
113781892Trump is going to destroy CNN within 8 years[View]
113758667George 'Kikebane' Lincon Rockwell: Why was he killed?[View]
113781832Are we fucked?: >Sam Hyde loses show >Richard punched >Milo pozzed >Alex jones loses …[View]
113781826>Mr. Trump has not yet said where he will get the billions of dollars needed to pay for thousands…[View]
113781825How do we fix the redneck problem, pol? I think we all agree that rednecks are white niggers. They …[View]
113781822Wtf is that? Another movie that claims black womans are useful, and white mans are such a douchebag?…[View]
113781813Who was on the other line of the phone-call that saved Europe?[View]
11378180213 year olds, Dude[View]
113758036move aside Lauren Southern and Tomi Lahren, Millennial Millie has invaded[View]
113779584Can we do it, compas? Can we meme Aztlán into reality?[View]
113760189How Do We Stop Censorship?: It's getting bad. What do we do? >Use Mozilla Firefox? >Ditch…[View]
113753639If your country has cute little girls, WHY WOULD YOU IMPORT IMMIGRANT PEDOS???[View]
113753963How do I get her?: >be 27 >be a resident of DFW (North Texas) >met a girl online a year ago…[View]
113780062Does your country Fluoride your water, /pol/? Is your people red pilled about the consequences of dr…[View]
113757592Redpill me on fat culture /pol/ Is it based American genetics or just lazy welfare hogs?[View]
113746644Genuinely Curious: Where do you stand? https://www.politicalcompass.org/test[View]
113780139Mighty buzzer the eternal lib: What do you think of this fag? Browses /pol/ everyday and 100% immun…[View]
113759342Trump doesn't hate immigrants. This claom that Trump supporters are anti immigrant is a straw m…[View]
113750189mayne streem meatier: i know this Jewish supremacist denying pillock is a retard but this video is g…[View]
113756881Inside staffer answering questions: I am going to be as vague as possible, but I am here to give you…[View]
113753533vegans are all weak and malnouri-[View]
113750627Repatriation System in the US!: Listen up Faggots, we have an oppurtunity to actually Make America W…[View]
113759900Jeez, I never realised people who posted here can be so hot. How do you, sincerely, feel about this …[View]
113759452What do you guys think of Bill Hicks?[View]
113779372Meaning of the word COMET: A comet zooms by, a bright flash, beauty and illumination for just a mome…[View]
11377979599% of Russians commenters on RT are complete pieces of shit: Are most Russians complete assholes? o…[View]
113779313With the speed of news today and hacker/leak programs, could a second holocaust be successfully kept…[View]
113746990Ethnic nationalism vs. civic nationalism: Which is better? I'm predisposed to think civic natio…[View]
113733472Is there an ideology more laughable than communism?[View]
113756650Why is prostitution bad for society?[View]
113759476I need historical proof that the holy crusades were justified: I'm trying my best to find histo…[View]
113779627Based Ron Paul BTFO Jew Boy Trump: First, any “safe zone” set up inside Syria, especially if protect…[View]
113752066That got slid hard as shit: Let's try that again, just for shits. The assassination of Vitaly C…[View]
113780177Alternative political compasses: Refute this. >protip; you cant. >filteries.com…[View]
113736544Former British PM Was HUGE Pedo, Establishment Covered Up: https://archive.fo/vrpHd http://www.zeroh…[View]
113758048GERMANY: Parole for mass rape: I think this will be the summer of mass rape, at least for Germany. M…[View]
113754807Has there ever been a time when Germany WASN'T destroying Western Civilization?[View]
113748714Why Living in the Third World is Better than the First World.: I hear all this first world v third w…[View]
113757176I'll just leave this here[View]
113754583Swedish murder rates have gone up 80 perce-[View]
113779508Wow, maybe Americans really are just naturally violent...[View]
113759501Trump's War: So what do you think is going to be Trump's war? My guesses are >North Kor…[View]
113743864https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVapmwHVvX4 is the water filters merchant going down the same road l…[View]
113779750John cuckiver drops a subtle red pill? https://youtu.be/4U2eDJnwz_s?t=1m20s In a bit about auto loan…[View]
113757113Pay attention foreigners. This is what happens when you push white people too far.[View]
113754713Drugs: What drugs are Alex Jones and Donald Trump on to make them so 'HIGH ENERGY'? Perhaps Amphetim…[View]
113779261What did Jesus think of the Black community again? What were his general views regarding African peo…[View]
113759519Will she be president?: Omarosa is now Trump's Director of Communications but this isn't h…[View]
113779189Why doesnt /pol/ care about the ZOG anymore[View]
113752919White people map: I want to see what /pol/ considers white and not-white. No 'counts as white but is…[View]
113757734>mfw you think I'm going anywhere >mfw my book is definitely still happening, will now se…[View]
113755588What are the BEST ALEX JONES videos?: I already have this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUIcCy…[View]
113756039Why is this disgusting woman still allowed to be online? >Publicly advocates the hatred and suppo…[View]
113779366*blocks your path*[View]
113757006I was arguing with a Jew at work about the future of Germany. I was saying that eventually they…[View]
113752083vault 7 wikileaks: time traveling historian here the cia and mossad are the arms that do the dirty w…[View]
113758770What are some examples of evidence-based policy-making?[View]
113754654Trump's facist army on display in Portland: Good job you fucks elected Hitler 2.0 https://www.y…[View]
113748771Fucking gross. That's his own underaged daughter. And you idiots trust this greasy scumbag to …[View]
113733277Australia is gonna be in Civilization 6! Congrats Aussies! https://youtu.be/11HVt8f0X-I[View]
113757544Are Muslims the new Jews?: They don't assimilate, are fervently religious, and view anyone who …[View]
113753822Post more of these: They're so accurate, it's eerie...[View]
113755750ISIS NOW OCCUPIES EUROPE, AS EUROPOL WARNS OF MAJOR TERROR EVENTS IN 2017: http://disobedientmedia.c…[View]
113758180Post yfw people claim that /pol/ is a racist, white supremacist board.[View]
113751938I know the only thing Colbert enjoys in life is talking about how awful Donald Trump is, but this pi…[View]
113737550Which one of you bastards called Mrs Goldberg a dirty jew rat?: She is now calling for the shut down…[View]
113753560Neil Degrasse Tyson is talking to Joe Rogan right now about Kinetic bombardment. Probably a good ti…[View]
113759568I am so sick of these threads. NOTHING is going on in Sweden. We are the beacon of hope in a bigoted…[View]
113755853Dictators from your country: Post them.[View]
11375137828th Amendment: We have to write a 5 page essay on what amendment we would add to the Constitution i…[View]
1137586389 IRAQI REFUGEES RAPE GERMAN TEACHER: >4 iraqi men have made a woman drunk on new years even and …[View]
113751534Is infowars popular because it's entertaining to watch?: genuine question[View]
113759414TWA 800 - Terrorist Attack: Here's why 1. July 17th, 1996: Witnesses see a rocket before an exp…[View]
113755586thoughts?: there are lunar cults(notice uzbekistan flag, turkey, etc etc) and there are solar cults(…[View]
113757064The Hitler Game: Did /pol/ ever play the Hitler game? I played it in highschool. You pick a random s…[View]
113730730Stephen King: Why is Stephen King such a cringelord? You'd think someone so talented as a novel…[View]
113752334Why do you support the KKK?[View]
113738351I figured out a way to turn things around lads. I've seen this video once on this board since t…[View]
113759523can we have a /mark cuban proved wrong/ thread for me right now?[View]
113759359You have EXACTLY 15 (fifteen) seconds to prove that you're a red-blooded American. Pic related.[View]
113750750Affluenza: If you were born into a super rich family, would you give a single shit about anyone wors…[View]
113755935Is UT Really That Cuck'd?: I'm going to UT Austin in the fall, and I've been getting …[View]
113755644How many of you CTR faggots have been red pilled by /pol? Very curious.[View]
113724541The ultimate red pill: Vampires exist and rule the world: Please at least read this post and the pag…[View]
113765091Ever notice how the media gives admission of guilt by flipping the narrative on the opposition? >…[View]
113758498>no shootings lately >no epidemics/pandemics lately >no big happenings in general lately So…[View]
113758669How to distinguish between an actual /pol/tard from cancer: Authentic /pol/ user (if you have at lea…[View]
113760022So when are you retarded Swedcucks going to gather up all the sand nigger mudslimes and exterminate …[View]
113737409It's happening. Meme war 2.0[View]
113757465Not my space flag: Not my space flag[View]
113759011NC happening foiled: 'Salem, some of you are alright. Don't go to Carey tomorrow' Which one of …[View]
113753473THE MADMAN[View]
113739243/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General: 卐 SIEG HEIL! 卐 Thread for discussion of National Socialism, F…[View]
113759100economics is a pseudo science if you increase taxes you will increase in put prices which will cause…[View]
113750565Can you explain: This? PROTIP- You can't[View]
113753314What's the best city in Texas and why?[View]
113757784When liberals collide. Even if the whole world became liberal, they would still not get along. PETA …[View]
113760181Luke Turner knows guys!!! WAT DO WAT DO WAT DO[View]
113754212ITT: AMERIFATS BTFO: Just curious how many Amerifats realize that all the media on Planet Earth outs…[View]
113749960Anyone know math here? The US population 318 Million The US Non-Hispanic White Population is 197,870…[View]
113753149What went wrong?[View]
113746847Deported immigrant kills himself in Tijuana.: Good fucking job Drumpf! The blood is in your tiny han…[View]
113757685Why do millennials blame boomers for all their problems? Give me one example of what boomers did to …[View]
113737798MEME WAR GENERAL // it ain't over folks: Calling all meme war fighters, veterans, magicians of …[View]
113757049Prank Calling John McCain and Maxine Waters from 'Ukrainian Prime Minister', not at all hesitant to …[View]
113758488Stop insulting Mexicans!: Seriously guys, fucking stop insulting Mexicans already. Okay the fuck up …[View]
113760356Milo stands for free speech and therefor is my countryman. His national origin does not matter. His …[View]
113743737Neil deGrasse Tyson Is shitting on Joe Rogan WooHoo beliefs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhHtBqs…[View]
113756730You have no girlfriend because you masturbate. You masturbate because you have no girlfriend. How do…[View]
113752049are you happy 4chan[View]
113752745>Putin is no different than any powerful man, any man with power, like a president or senator. …[View]
113758576drumpf sucks cock Hillary 4 the win![View]
113714852Taco Bell needs to answer for George Takei's pedo behavior: Taco Bell needs to answer for Georg…[View]
113747606catcalling van driver gets fucking rekt this is how women should respond to all the disgusting men o…[View]
113760217Newlogique: Anyone who disagrees with me is fake. In other words, everyone agrees with me.[View]
113758216https://aeon.co/essays/on-the-dark-history-of-intelligence-as-domination What the fuck am I reading?…[View]
113758354Goddamn lmao, it just never ends By the way if any swedes wanna talk I'd like to, Post disposab…[View]
113758375Remember the side of Good? If you all did we wouldn't be sinners. Jesus is coming.: Look at how…[View]
113750316Greatest LIVING Philosophers: 'In the past, most were ignorant, one in a thousand were refined enoug…[View]
113747715/odg/ Oroville Dam General - 'Encouraging Raise' Edition: >What happened so far - Main spillway g…[View]
113757135What went wrong anon[View]
113720812How do we stop this recent trend where young boys decide to become cute girls?[View]
113733816Say something good about the country above you[View]
113759290/ptg/ President Trump General - Leftist Snowflakes Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whiteho…[View]
113751013ALL HANDS ON DECK! WHY ARE WE NOT DISCUSSING THIS?: See Pic Related. I thought we had a job to do po…[View]
113742005It's funny that a lot of beaners post here. I've seen some 'Post your picture' threads tha…[View]
113755320/ptg/ President Trump General - We Don't Want You Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://whi…[View]
113748728>Book is still coming out this year and a shitload of people will still buy it. >Has gotten ev…[View]
113738548General Irish thread: Thread theme: https://youtu.be/tW9SWTazdIU Identity Ireland are a meme, Natio…[View]
113737477There are no genetic markers in all of one race. Race is a biological myth.[View]
113740003what did he mean by this?[View]
113755193Racism is prejudice plus power...who is the dumbass who first said that, im sick of people saying on…[View]
113742974I'm tired of the fucking cookie-cutter threads on this shitty board: ' what did X mean by this …[View]
113757681I just...can't do it anymore.[View]
113727297What would /pol/ like to see from urban planners?: We have more power to shape/fuck up your daily en…[View]
113749366What do you think of monarchism? Is it a redpilled way of running society?[View]
113754950Milo will not be 'finished ' unless we collectively agree to stop following him and reading his work…[View]
113757009cant even: The average pol user cant even debate this lol Let me hear it?[View]
113756850RIP Free Speech: today Milo was censored by the jews at BREITBART. unbelievable. this country was su…[View]
113755542>australian leaders[View]
113757459mfw the ultimate shit post has ever been done so you take it into your own hands to shitpost hardee …[View]
113755352Emma Lazarus and an Essay: Thought you folks might find one essay from Century Magazine interesting.…[View]
113750741Why is the west important so many immigrants? Why are we letting this happen? How did we get to this…[View]
113757241An educational video by UNICEF India https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_peUxE_BKcU[View]
113748190Still relevant today as it was in 2010. I'm so sick of politics. It's getting to the point…[View]
113756018Just saw this faggot on kikebook. 'More whites are on government assistance than blacks' Anyone el…[View]
113756740#SoulSearching2017 libcuck media will target Omarosa tomorrow: WH insider said former liberal WH sta…[View]
113757180When did you realize that social conservatism was coopted by low and middle-tier national business e…[View]
113753436Why does he pretend to be smart /pol/: Arn't you guys tired of talk show hosts acting like they…[View]
113752549>be slightly overweight Norwegian >get job in America >move to American town in the Midwes…[View]
113754181plenty of memes to make in the new logan film: hahaha can't stand john oliver specifically op …[View]
113751425*sips tea*[View]
113755553Daily reminder there's nothing wrong with male degeneracy as long as you're straight and h…[View]
113749091its wwII and you get to choose your nation. You are either a 1. Sub Captain or 2. Fighter Pilot whi…[View]
113753687Donald Trump Illiteracy: Is Donald Trump illiterate??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bd79UsXSLWg h…[View]
113756821This Just In: Trump may make my dick and balls shoot cum by doing some more cool shit.[View]
113731240Why do feminists support Islam so much despite the that Islam is very much anti-women?[View]
113756808Us Aussies should just embrace this! (((Groundwater))) sounds like a reasonable article writer: http…[View]
113755803支配的恐惧吗?: 还记得去年被英语四六级支配的恐惧吗? 还记得考试出现的那些自创单词吗?[View]
113753863>kills two racemixers /ourguy/[View]
113752189lack of masculinity in white males: I notice a trend in white man becoming less and less masculine m…[View]
113756427Behold! The next target for character assassination. Cap this.[View]
113753691Jew hate thread[View]
113756649blacksfortrump2020??? WTF IS THIS?: https://blacksfortrump2020.com[View]
113754061Was he the AnCap king, /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHeSC_Ws5Ic[View]
113753333>when you can't out-argue your political opponent, just get him fired >whatever it takes …[View]
113756521Honestly guys I feel like just taking a knife out and destroying some subhuman scum I feel so close…[View]
113756496Race war now!: So how much time do I have to get /fit/ for the upcoming European race war?[View]
113754804can any asian people on this board explain what he did that was bad?[View]
113753896hey /pol/ i need some meme magic for my country to get rid of the socialist fuckers that have been o…[View]
113755825Can we trust this gay kike?[View]
113699804Man of the people, Martin Schulz, is losing support: Polls show the Schulz train slowing down, what …[View]
113753520STOP HATING JEWS[View]
113755365Do you think people would celebrate if Trump croaked? I'm talking like how people in Iraq celeb…[View]
113752959>this entire board for the past 24 hours[View]
113754094Anyone else watching Pewdiepie after the whole debacle? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUC9mRtO6R0…[View]
113756089Say it with me /pol/ Itwasherturn[View]
113755856Where is your God now /pol/? HAHAHAHAH faggots[View]
113748466Help me: I am 25 white male 50% Irish 10%german 10%polish 10%czech 10%latvian 10%romanian I am in s…[View]
113755636I hope you fucks are happy https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=all&q=God,Trump[View]
113733212If Singles She Wins: http://www.oddschecker.com/politics/european-politics/french-election/next-pres…[View]
113755759Tucker gets cucked by Libertarian: Tucker got raped. >Says most immigrants are Mexican >They’r…[View]
113755737Peacefuls again.: How come muslims demand special rights in countries where they are a minority, but…[View]
113755504Mexicans are bringing immigrants to the U-[View]
113753595Is the Flynn Effect real? Can a man this autistic looking really do good science?[View]
113751822Dear burgers:: Im drunk. But while i was drunk i was discussing with a friend about freedom, guns an…[View]
113753328Who /strong/ here?[View]
113754800Evan McMullin at it already: Welp https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06X42CHZF[View]
113746568>blocks your path >calls you an inbred cause you're white >laughs what do?…[View