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122393072Can somebody give me a quick bogdanoffian rundown on why everybody thinks it's gonna happen on …[View]
122395253Is he dare i say....... https://youtu.be/Cnq3RrCYG54[View]
122395231Goodknight Comfy(dot)Zone[View]
122393047That turned into nothing fast.: Must be some kind of record...[View]
122391986Syrian Bombin Nazi Lovin Trafficker Trackin Meme Election Electing[View]
122392283Isn't something big supposed to happen today Anons?[View]
122385036Le Pen High Energy: Time to start early pol she needs all the help she can get! TAKE MY POWER AND NU…[View]
122392162Phil Anselmo of Pantera. Is he /ourguy/?[View]
122392068if east asian gooks and chinka are so smart, why the FUCK can't they speak English? we get post…[View]
122387268OY VEY, DO I SMELL A PENNY[View]
122394037Macros pledges to provide state-sponsored MILFs: Vote Macron and get a free MILF wife like him…[View]
122393733Who is laughing now?: FUCKING WHITE https://en.nametests.com[View]
122358832/LPG/ Le Pen General - /ourgirl/ Edition: /lpg/ Le Pen General – LE PEN Edition MAKE FRANCE GREAT AG…[View]
122394094Is he right /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6O6i2O6B5s[View]
122393811>North Korea >Saudi Arabia >Qatar >Israel They are our real enemies. Prove me wrong. Pro…[View]
122394830Political Comics Thread: Post em[View]
122393273'Something had flipped after the election, Chaffetz had noticed, an ugly impulse unfurling across Am…[View]
122394681Friendly reminder that >Jill Stein rhymes with >moral decline I think the majority of the Ame…[View]
122391569Pretty heroic, desu.[View]
122394345Cant remember Whats the thing we call liberals when they try to defend a cause but they themselves d…[View]
122393243What is the Most Red Pilled Workout[View]
122375365/weed/ - No 'DEGENERECY' faggots edition: Why are so many of you autist faggots against marijuana? S…[View]
122357598BILL NYE SAVES THE WORLD: Episode 1: > Bill holds up an Erlenmeyer flask. The audience ooohs. …[View]
122386125Can someone give me the basic gestalt of the most striking policies of the close four candidates in …[View]
122392715Reason why Trump should grant Amnesty to Illegal Immigrants: >it's good for the economy …[View]
122382320I still can't believe he pulled it off.[View]
122388143>Thanks for inviting me over, anon![View]
122391310Is there anything we can do about Venezuela? Fuck this is really depressive, Venezuela is probably t…[View]
122393153Is it just a coincidence that mass shootings stopped around the same time the DNC gave up on gun con…[View]
122391964New to 4chan: So i'm New to 4chan and ready to red pill the world. What are the first steps i m…[View]
122391424>Not learning another language >You don't have access to a large portion of the internet …[View]
122389296(((Ghost))) claims Hitler is a jew.: Is ghost a jew?[View]
122392199>be average guy with vague, perfectly normal xenophobic inclinations masked by a façade of libera…[View]
122393814/pol/ BTFO[View]
122390070Fash wave: What do you guys think of fashwave music and art?[View]
122388489>move into a new house >this is your next door neighbor What do you do?…[View]
122393367Group of Black Men Savagely Attack Fleeing White Boys in London: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06_…[View]
122388310our civilization's trajectory is irreversible - we are being psychically culled by illusions - …[View]
122392299dox this fag: dox this fag[View]
122391028infinite news stream: I'm looking for more news streams/podcasts I can watch/listen to while ta…[View]
122392288>Worships Hitler? When do you boys intend on becoming men and recognizing the literal GOAT world …[View]
122384146Is every single high school/college aged girl a whore nowadays? I swear at my hs the nerdy chicks ev…[View]
122389390WHEN: When will he be taking his buttrape?[View]
122392787So did everyone just forget about Pizzagate or what? I hardly see it mentioned anymore.[View]
122391573Give Marine your energy!: Just voted for her. Make France Great Again! https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
122373670ITT: /pol/ sees political messages in things that do not have them: Is there anything political abou…[View]
122391389Why is /pol/ so fun when it's here but unbearable on any other board?[View]
122389783>Watching random youtube videos >Can now spot jews instantly Thanks /pol/…[View]
122388648Meme War: /v/ found a god of autism, will you let kek be shamed by a sonic totem? Ask Kek anything …[View]
122382165What the fuck is going on with porn? Mainstream pornsites like PornHub and xvideos used to just host…[View]
122389826Stop resisting white boys, you berong to us!: Stop resisting white boys, you berong to us![View]
122392717Antifa Gang Attacks Man With Padlocks Hid Within Towels in Auburn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l…[View]
122383008Australia gets demolished by North Korea: This would result in an absolute crushing defeat for Austr…[View]
122390368Human-scale cancer: the rally[View]
122379358justified anti-semitism: My grandma was born in palestine. her childhood neighbors and best friend w…[View]
122390853Have atheists officially been completely BTFO with just one video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t…[View]
122388210Do Atheists have faith?: Lets say your child or wife gets into a car accident and the doctor says th…[View]
122386182What happens here?[View]
122391729This is what you see on Spotify first page, first result in Trending section. Spotify executive gets…[View]
122390624Irony is pretending to support science while renaming women 'people with the capacity for pregn…[View]
122391460Frauke Petry about to be overthrown?: German bros, what's going on with this? Can one of you gi…[View]
122392269Has /pol/ turned into a subsidiary of /x/?[View]
122392285hey pol can we meme nuclear energy to be the alternative for clean fuel? if liberals are against it …[View]
122376331Is it ethical from a philosophical standpoint to hit someone over the head with a bicycle lock if yo…[View]
122392092Why do the working poor continie to complain about how expensive everything is when they continue to…[View]
122392172Skippy: So... you think you're hot shit?[View]
122388266Da Shoha: Tomorrow is the Israeli Shoha remembrance day and I want to get some laughs. Who wants to …[View]
122391960Le Pen Is The Only Option Left For France: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgxNB0ElmJc - To the back…[View]
122392039'the jews tried to save the life of Christ': Noble Peace Prize to Trump and the jews next week. They…[View]
122392024Sooooooo...: Now that I know /pol is just a bunch of kids..... what do I do?[View]
122380663Antifa ID: BOLO for the chap in the sunglasses. Pptential primary instigator at Berkely.[View]
122383771French Elections: So It begins: Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvcEP0EjqIc Get in her…[View]
122380015Is schizophrenia the ultimate redpill?[View]
122388244ELECTION DAY Q&A POST: Please redirect a link in the OP of your next threads to avoid the same q…[View]
122388913ST GEROGES DAY THREAD!: calling all englishmen from here and the former colonies get in here! https:…[View]
122389134The sodomite question: * Homosexuals are over-represented in the overall US prison population. * Ho…[View]
122368242Is this an accurate representation of the cultural segments of America?[View]
122383823Can somebody explain to a retarded American how the French elections work? Like there's an elec…[View]
122391380Antifa scum: Antifa don't play fair in riots, they use weapons. Isn't it only fair that we…[View]
122391785race boundaries.: are there sharp boundaries dividing races? can someone link me to a scientific pap…[View]
122388440Southerners do you think the South should secede.: I'm watching US civil war documentaries so I…[View]
122387934Getting rid of science.: I'm thinking of writing to my government representive about some of my…[View]
122391513> Aussies > Based Progressive party runs every state bar NSW Neo-Con Malcolm Prepbull as PM ex…[View]
122388688I took down this banner that appeared in a local park[View]
122390257>be shitskin mudslime in France >going out with your buddies to molest women and harass the be…[View]
122365433BASED STICKMAN LAUNCHES 'ALT KNIGHTS': Antifa about to get BTFO.[View]
122389476neo-nazi friend: so, I come from a turkish heritage, my family came to canada generations ago, and i…[View]
122370931ABORT! DO NOT VOTE for Le Pen, it will fuel ISIS: I Repeat Do Not Vote for Le Pen! Paris shooting w…[View]
122371588Minecraft /pol/ server: Polandcraft is back, factions server with a world map scaled at 1:1000. Spaw…[View]
122387988What if we are already in hell? Some scientists believe that everything we see and touch and the who…[View]
122388736post tumblr reactions to political incorrectness: need some pics for laughter[View]
122384369Egypt was a black land: All you ignorant and RACIST whites are blind to the fact that Egypt was a bl…[View]
122389673RUSSIA: RUSSIANS - I'm thinking about moving to your homeland and bringing tech jobs, starting …[View]
122382980Anti-Shilling Thread: Shilling on this board has become so bad we need to do something about it. We …[View]
122383841Why are you against free migration, /pol/? According to economists, open borders would double the wo…[View]
122390357someone inform me on what this group is/their agenda >pic related[View]
122390491Cripz n Bloods are the ultimate ANCAPS: >Anti gov >Anti law >PERSONAL PROPERTY >turf wa…[View]
122390752Girls are gay: Girls are for fags, prove me wrong.[View]
122365740I am a Berkeley police officer AMA: I have proof now[View]
122370381Black man shot 10x after trying to rob pizza delivery man. His last words: 'I just wanted pizza': Yo…[View]
122390724France please do the right thing and vote Emmanuel Macron. Based Macron represents global stability…[View]
1223842224/27 Battle of Berkeley II: ITT post advice, strategy, gear, ideas. Prev thread >>122374215…[View]
122383402Who is smarter, a nigger or a turtle? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfXKsN8oR8M Texan who smashed …[View]
122389275LP of the Year!: My favorite so far is track #3 - Sister No More[View]
122390597how does pol feel: about this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9j5GYmryR4 pretty rare[View]
122362099'I didn't suck dicks to become a billionaire': Just in. I didn't even suck big hairy Rabb…[View]
122390096turbo redpills i'll start there is no money in porn[View]
122387583A marine le pen loss for France, would it mean certain cucking of the French mainland for generation…[View]
122387829Un discusión de Presidente Trump: ¿Qué Trump va a hacer ahora? Él es muy estúpido y cómico.[View]
122385786Why don't other countries have a simple two party system?[View]
122388169Why has this not been done yet?[View]
122390211Even science hates drumpt!! hahahahahahaaha ahhh hahahaha[View]
122352879Why do these countries seem to not exist[View]
122378787Can anyone tell me why the west hasn't started raining hellfire on this country yet? How many t…[View]
122388948>start a war with a backwater nation full of farmers with rice hats >lose (but call it a win t…[View]
122388049None of you ACTUALLY beleive /pol/ has ever influenced politics in any way right? The whole shill th…[View]
122385676You dumbfucks dont actually believe the earth is flat right? You know who believes the earth is flat…[View]
122386736What is everyone's obsession with violence lately? Can't we all, like, get along?[View]
122387300He'll be impeached. Deal with it.[View]
122379816Why is Japan such cuck nation?: I wonder why is Japan such cucked. >obey to authority >communi…[View]
122389765The Great War is coming faggots[View]
122389864Earthquake will happen in the following week. Tons of small earthquakes happened today, last time th…[View]
122390231Western Civilization is at the brink of extinction right now. It will completely depend on the curre…[View]
122386886is there anything more degenerate then football/sports fans? You are cucking yourself watching other…[View]
122379424What is with it with all the threads that are just reddit screencaps recently[View]
122390050HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: >He's American >He advocates for civil unrest/war at the expense of h…[View]
122390065Soy de Paraguay. Roja píldora a yo.[View]
122389351Red pill me on the connections between the Jews and Niggers, it seems the jew controlled media is pu…[View]
122386621Wanted to just let everyone know: Le Pen will win by a small margin today, and then win the second e…[View]
122376326You fucks really gonna vote in a WOMAN into office? Women know how to lie and deceive and y'all…[View]
122387265WW3: Does /pol/ think that ww3 will come whenever germany has another finantial crisis due to shitty…[View]
122389916/rag/ RIGHT WING ALLIANCE GENERAL- JOIN OR DIE EDITION!: >Smash the left! >Fight degeneracy! …[View]
122389871MUST READ - the story of Carl: After WWII, many American men realized they had been conned by the US…[View]
122384080post yfw you should have supported Hillary[View]
122389754HOP HOP HOP les Jean-RSA[View]
122382215Why do leftists love science but then claim things like there are more than two genders?[View]
122382431ITT: Emmanuel Macron (fake) quotes about embracing multiculturalism: I'll start. It translates …[View]
122389021Science March: >Leftists create Woman's March >Organize thousands of Dykes, Beta Males, a…[View]
122389595French Empire vs British Empire: Who was better the French or British Empire[View]
122386082Trips names him[View]
122389173Would you rather your race die to save your nation? Or your nation die to save your race?[View]
122384182> the_Donald[View]
122387979I found a Benedictine monastery a few hours from where I live. Give me one good reason I shouldn…[View]
122377209Will facebook die?: Many previous seemingly permanent social media platforms such as myspace and MSN…[View]
122387480LOL https://archive.is/FVziH >I’ve about had it up to here with folks who tell me to put my energ…[View]
122388941VOTE LE PEN (KIKE SHILLS /POL/ INVASION): There's a bunch of fucking threads on this board righ…[View]
122388922Here to Help: Hey /pol/ don’t mind the long text. I’m here to help. A stab in the back A stab in the…[View]
122377929March Against Sharia KC: On June 10th there will be a March Against Sharia at Washington Square Park…[View]
122378084Public schools should not exist. Who thought it was a good idea to turn over children to the governm…[View]
122386132I'm thinking about visiting an asian country, so what part of canada would you leafs recommend.[View]
122384563>antifa are the terrorists. Post anything new relating to antifa[View]
122385907Despite trying your best, /pol/ is still not a trumpkin safespace. Fuck off retards.[View]
122376754Is this correct?[View]
122387415Living on the land: Who here lives rural or plans to in the future? How much land do you own, or how…[View]
122356056Why haven't you taken the Coding Cyanide pill?: For one, programming is an incredibly degrading…[View]
122388409Why are rightwingers so easy to trigger?[View]
122385678Where were you when white sharks stepped up to provide vital janitorial services to the human gene p…[View]
122378550Pro life or pro choice?: I support this woman's choice[View]
122387397If Trump came out as transgender, would you still support her?[View]
122385603Trump's ability to fight off the Russia story has failed at every turn. There's nothing an…[View]
122387898I think if any person starts to think life is too unbearable, they start to contemplate everything, …[View]
122386293Why are white people usually bad at raising kids?[View]
122367516Moldylocks caught lying again. Says Reuters photo was Photoshopped https://archive.is/ItVON[View]
122375590Have atheists officially been completely BTFO with just one video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t…[View]
122386327World race war: /pol/ explain how the future world race war would go if it ever happened.[View]
122368896The gays: My school recently had a cringy as fuck pride day and I was just wondering; how does pol f…[View]
122387863Vegan Cringe Thread: How many delicious glasses of rape juice have you enjoyed today /pol/? https:/…[View]
122387509Before I started browsing /pol/ I suffered from burger syndrome and just assumed everyone outside of…[View]
122380186Jew: Has anyone portrayed the Jew better than this?[View]
122386261>Hollande has a very low approval rating because he sits on his ass all day and does literally no…[View]
122385753Defend this drumpfkins[View]
122384165Muslim men of middle eastern descent have been executing gays for god knows how long and the media h…[View]
122387456This is tripping me out. Why can't Africa develop, especially the lower 2/3 that is more Africa…[View]
122375482Family Tree/Heritage: Post your heritage.[View]
122381897Le Pen censorship at Berkeley polling station: I just voted in Berkeley today and there was some bla…[View]
122385542Anti-Monotheist General: >when you realize that religion isn't the problem, it's the je…[View]
122387393/pol/ is this what modern day France looks like?[View]
122383729Was Charles Lindbergh the greatest American of all time?[View]
122385632German marching songs: Post your favorite german marching song. Here's mine: https://youtu.be/d…[View]
122386848GOAT FUCKER PRAYER BREAKS: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/2017/04/21/muslims-to-march-on-amaz…[View]
122381205>Aborigines don't contribute to soci-[View]
122387014French Election: Do you guys think the recent terrorist attack will give Le Pen the edge she needs t…[View]
122386992Countryball Thread: Countryball thread[View]
122380991Meaning for LePen: France is going to vote soon. We need to give LePen our meme magic. We were able …[View]
122386862Keep deleting my thread kikes ill just post it again: First time posting. So ive been lurking here f…[View]
122386837Help me find that Paki god.: A few days ago some absolutely based Paki uploaded a video of him in a …[View]
122373093Why did Hitler declare war on America after Pearl Harbor? Two of the Roosevelt advisers said they th…[View]
122364882Why does /pol/ hate Jews?: Jews have accomplished more than any of the faggots posting here. Why the…[View]
122381665>white americans getting btfo by black protestors nice '''first world''' '''white''' country you …[View]
122386671Why this Guy Kisses so much Trump Ass?[View]
122386435HWNDU: Lets fuck with shia's shit[View]
122386241What do you think: What's your guy's personally opinion about the legitimacy of controvers…[View]
122384843Ads in public spaces.: Why the fuck should I have to go outside and see a giant fucking Ad. It'…[View]
122385576Green text what a typical day for dear leader would be[View]
122376015Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign. >>>/t/767857[View]
122379041I don't think anyone investigating the Trump collusion story ever imagined that Trump's ow…[View]
122377289are people born gay or are they tricked into being gay? something tells me its the latter, i can see…[View]
122381940JeB!: Can we have a JeB! thread? It's been far too long post your best[View]
122386013Why does Yvette hate /ourtranny/? My thoughts are that having tranny's in our mist busts the pr…[View]
122386020hol up[View]
122366279My soul is filled with anger. Watch this interview and understand: Deep down I had hoped we were all…[View]
122364893Can someone remind me when New York Times and CNN moved Hawaii to the Atlantic Ocean?[View]
122385806Should people who don't actively try to support the environment at all times and try to fight a…[View]
122366872Who else believes the south will rise again? Proud Western North Carolinian here[View]
122385350Who here voted for Fillon?: I'm a nationalist, but don't believe in protectionist economic…[View]
122384834French Elections: Why aren't there any threads on the French election today? Has it started yet…[View]
122385882/guac/ PRESIDENT JEB GENERAL - WARM KISS EDITION: Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United …[View]
122370529New Risk thread.[View]
122367544Is Shkreli woke, /pol/?[View]
122385050R A I D: https://discord.gg/HRKbxY3 you know what to do.[View]
122341532Currently reading 'Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup Of America'. Written by Thomas Chittum 20 years…[View]
122385650YOU SEE NORTH KOREA....[View]
122385624GUYS: GUYS Guys, I- guys, so, this may sound crazy but hear me out, okay? 2 major crises in the worl…[View]
122376965>Rabbi Rosenberg believes around half of young males in Brooklyn's Hasidic community—the lar…[View]
122385408Upcoming Battle of Berkeley. Organized marching band required: During the last battle of Berkeley th…[View]
122385587Nigger Hate Thread:: Posts your best nigs boys[View]
122384180When did he become such a fucking cuck? He is literally crying because his precious candidate isn…[View]
122385525The truth of global warming: How does anyone refute this video? Its clear as day. Who are these pop…[View]
122356336>move into a new house >this is your next door neighbor What do you do?…[View]
122385522Are Labour finished?[View]
122385519(((Their))) endgame: So I obviously see a lot of people talking about the Jews trying to destroy and…[View]
122375555WHY DID THEY LEGALIZE DOG BLOWJOBS IN CANADA?: A real question, why? I mean, it makes the left look …[View]
122380052California: We need to talk about California. How do we stop their cancerous and childish mentality?…[View]
122385103happened a few minutes ago just gonna leave this bit of degeneracy here[View]
122385150>Nigel wants to deport this[View]
122374964Iranian birthrate: Anyone else notice that Iranian birthrate(minus Kurds) is pretty low in terms of …[View]
122375814European civilizations transitioned from feudalistic monarchies to capitalist democracies and the go…[View]
122384536Caption This[View]
122379042Why /pol/ Hates Mexicans?, what makes /pol/ better than a Mexican?[View]
122378482Satanic Rituals, child sacrifice, blackmail. The real red pill about the world's control system…[View]
122372485Is he the ultimate cuck? Helps trump, then trump puts him in jail.[View]
122373327Antifa is just a group of people who want the world to be a better place. Stop fighting them and go …[View]
122383457Liberals in the Workplace: How do you deal with a very left-leaning workplace? One person on my team…[View]
122384933There Can Only Be One: > Throughout the history of mankind, there has only been one true leader. …[View]
122384819Uncle Bernie hated by democrats.: My sides are gone pol. My sides are no where to be found. Antifa a…[View]
122382308Le Pen will lose the election because french are cucks and lose at everything. Numerals will make it…[View]
122383575This is how nigger mothers talk to their sons[View]
122329157McDonald's new uniforms...[View]
122384619NEW FASCIST MOSLEY PROPAGANDA: OC, rate it faggots and make suggestions. https://streamable.com/haxx…[View]
122377504Why do middle eastern act like niggers when they move to the west?[View]
122384014Diversity makes us all liars[View]
122377256What does /pol/ think about these words of Martin Luther King Jr? He said them over 50 years ago. …[View]
122381186Im feeling cozy tonight. Can we get a cozy thread going before shit goes down in france tomorrow?[View]
122384377Minority /pol/ack reporting in: I do believe that the higger ups of many left-wing organizations sil…[View]
122384351Miss me yet?[View]
122384103What This?: Explain: https://kek.gg[View]
122381952Only in this sick jewifed society would people like Clinton and trump remain free while people like …[View]
122383842Diversity: Diversity is so good Brazil with almost more than half of the population composed of mula…[View]
122384170Chris LaSala: psycho antiracist preacher: What does /pol/ think of Italian American Chris LaSala the…[View]
122374009CONTINUED FROM EBIN THREAD >>122367180 If 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 or 9 Macron wins if 0 Le Pen wins[View]
122369952What is the /Pol/ consensus on this fellow?[View]
122383928Check what I found: Right pose and hand gesture. I believe[View]
122384044Seattle March for Science Speech (AKA: Kill Whitey): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGyQn5bTaIg…[View]
122382289Is there one like this but anti-communist pr right wing? I could swear I saw one once but it may be …[View]
122383986I wrote my shitty rendition of communism here. https://pastebin.com/rP96LVkd Comments and criticism…[View]
122381712Fuck it, dudes. Get in here. We won.[View]
122383294Anti Com is run by faggots[View]
122379024>yfw you realize God exists[View]
122383910in a world full of death eaters (drumpf supporters), be a hermione...[View]
122382576Heh, more like Shill Nye. Because of all the shilling.[View]
122379808Oh you know just another normal ad on Instagram: Dafuq is this pol? Subversive Programming?[View]
122383562Hey! First time posting on this sub. I know this is a rudimentary basic question but how do i get (p…[View]
122383801Where were you when Donald Trump got cucked by Howard Stern? https://www.indy100.com/article/melania…[View]
122382978Fresh meme dump: 4chan went and fucked my shit up and archived before I got a chance to post this up…[View]
122383678First time posting. So ive been lurking here for many years now and this is my first post. Ive been …[View]
122350076proposal: You know guys, I've been on this board for a couple of months now and i see a clear w…[View]
122383284No power for you: Power outage in NY, SF, LA. So, forget what the fake CNN news tells you about it b…[View]
122379010so aaron hernandez could have: got out of prison after petitioning for a writ of habeas corpus from …[View]
122375798Flag Thread: What flags do you guys currently have in your house/room/front yard? Currently going to…[View]
122374215Up coming Battle of Berkeley 4/27?: So Anne Coulter is going through with her speech at Berkeley thi…[View]
122371998Reddit normies claim to want to appropriate 4chans internet culture: Thoughts?[View]
122380615Nice boots bikelock goy, oh wait those are the same ones you wore in your okcupid profile ;)[View]
122377831‘Good Grammar’ Comes From Privilege, Not Virtue: JUST... https://theestablishment.co/good-grammar-co…[View]
122377082Dr. Jordan Peterson is giving a talk LIVE next to a delicious girl (male) host. Get the fuck in here…[View]
122383352Antifa are just a new generation of The Weather Underground, Just a bunch hippie communists. They …[View]
122378398Is this accurate?[View]
122380579Who will win the French election?[View]
122378794Prediction: Le Pen first round 50.3% ayyy[View]
122371131Why do blacks love Obama when he didn't do jackshit for them but make life worse? Is it just be…[View]
122381256What did he mean by this, poll ?? ' The only political party that is taking actual steps is the Fron…[View]
122380651Can anyone please explain this science march that happened today? What exactly is the point of it? …[View]
122382803Libertarianism is a marginally less retarded version of Anarchism. Prove me wrong.[View]
122382697/pol/ you have been lied to about melenchon. compare his positions to le pen. he is not as sjw as pe…[View]
122382741Face it non burgers, how ashamed would you be if you were born in pic related?[View]
122371551Ask a Jew anything thread: Ask me anything. In b4 fucking leaf. I hate leafs more than any other co…[View]
122358748'Charging Assange is OK with me' - President Trump: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/apr/22/…[View]
122382270Anti-Communism General: Only anons from countries with a proud history of anti-communism are welcome…[View]
122369263Solar Geoengineering is Next: The global warming narrative failed. People are seeing through (((Clim…[View]
122382126>supporting a socially liberal protectionist >not voting for a devoutly Catholic, economic co…[View]
122382100Who should the French vote for?[View]
122343058/CPD/ CHICAGO PD SCANNER THREAD - REAL ADAM HOURS EDITION: Let's get started with an early edit…[View]
122376075We're so close[View]
122344518Serbia 'warns of new Balkan war': > https://www.rt.com/news/385709-balkan-war-kosovo-albania-unio…[View]
122377873Do not go out and vote! #Macreux: Don't waste your time in line, here's a quick way to vot…[View]
122377662>be houstonfag >tfw you want to be a race realist but most whites you come across in your area…[View]
122371344There’s No News Right Now Because Trump Doesn’t Actually Do Anything: http://archive.is/IlZJM >Th…[View]
122374970ITT: talk shit about the country above you[View]
122382135ITT: link or post pictures of antifa scum. i'll go first. death grips trashposting admin on fa…[View]
122379814Prove abos are human: I really just want more for my folder[View]
122370802A huge earthquake is building up in Chile near where I live. It was nice to meet you /pol/.[View]
122365421/pol/, every since I was red pilled it's been driving me insane and consuming my thoughts. It…[View]
122372823Wait a minute...: Is Bill about to take on Fox?[View]
122376689How do we get rid of all the shills on this board. Seriously it's rampant we need to do somethi…[View]
122381905What is this thread about, can someone explain?[View]
122348233why are you not on leddit LARPing as chad communists and bullying queers?: How come nobody else is j…[View]
122360904/NEG/ New England General: /NEG/ New England General Well, /pol/, have you taken the New England pil…[View]
122381794Uh u guiz https://youtu.be/NasyGUeNMTs[View]
122378245We're still going to build the wall, right? Please tell me we're still building the wall.[View]
122379402If blacks vote democrat then why is the south red?[View]
122379786jew tattoo?: My friend just posted this on his Instagram. Am I just tripping or does it seem REALLY …[View]
122373953Do any of you actually believe global warming was a hoax created by the Chinese?[View]
122379036Help hacking members section needed: 4chan won't let me paste the url apparently, but google 't…[View]
122372668PLEBBIT YES!: Circle-jerking plebbitors celebrating the genocide of conservatives. How progressive!…[View]
122375105Lets have a Climate Change thread. >Muh CO2 models! Fuck that. It's this thing in pic relate…[View]
122380726Fascism General: > Individually we are sticks but together we form a night faggit edition. Post f…[View]
122357574Syria General /sg/ -HAMA MAMA Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpress.c…[View]
122377240Trump is a failure: >Obamacare repeal failed >Attacked Syria and escalated Middle Eastern wars…[View]
122376544there is nothing gayer and weaker than Christianity: >literally worship a jew >cower before Mu…[View]
122370356some people expressed interest in my country's politics in another thread but it expired. so i…[View]
122380994Redpill Prescription: Just got my friend to start browsing /pol/ dump any and all you have saved…[View]
122380986Alsace Lorraine is german: Give Alsace Lorraine back to German. Rightful Germany clay[View]
122373657is climate change a good thing?[View]
122380030Racial Hierarchy: Is this true /pol/?[View]
122371133Macron will win kek[View]
122379356Have faith my sweets: Atheism is for niggers and libcuck heathens. Wake up you're being turned …[View]
122379981Memeball thread: Post em Bonus points for OC[View]
122380572What do you guys think about this theory? Pretty good analysis overall I think, basicaly the teacher…[View]
122380541/pol/acks. ANTIFA is in a fucking libtard existential crisis. We need to bait them. We can do it now…[View]
122380411https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbJq2rshQJ8&list=PL09KZt8K-ybqpddd9_BI1LBsPjNDE2Q9v&index=7 …[View]
122372279>/pol/ during the election >'I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, WE ACTUALLY BEAT THE ESTABLISHMENT!!!' …[View]
122379301Trump OKs DACA Amnesty: Hello darkness my old friend... http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017…[View]
122366513ITT: We post our political compasses and guess when was the last time we masturbated.[View]
122379710Why do normie cuckservatives always quote tweets and say the word 'BOOM'?[View]
122379680Making a antifa map Help me by making your own maps and also dumping locations of antifa movements i…[View]
122379658If 'The Chosen' are such clever vermin, how the hell did they buy into the free-showers trick at Aus…[View]
122359399#3 video trending on youtube: >Children asked to discribe god to an illustrator >36 seconds in…[View]
122378825What happened to the Trump love fest on /pol/? Where did everyone go? The Russians aren't post…[View]
122378060Brain revelation evolution thread[View]
122377303This norwegian LARPer said I shouldn't vote Marine Le Pen. Should I listen to him?[View]
122379438The Powers of 10: Here's just a list of 10 powerful countries and their respective alliance in …[View]
122374121>Japan needs to import immigrants in order to solve their labor short-[View]
122379224>be at a general assembly meeting for student council >it's time for the elections >ca…[View]
122378782http://www.wnd.com/2017/04/maddow-madness-msnbc-host-blames-trump-for-venezuela-crisis/ Did anything…[View]
122373407Overheard guy say to girl in El Paso: Just got 5k pell grant. Giving to fam in Mexico: I live in El …[View]
122375183cotinuation of thread last thread >>122358376 >>122373768 That is a prety retarded sente…[View]
122376791Bill Nye is a shill: >compare ice-cream flavors to sexuality >of course vanilla is the white c…[View]
122351765Why do you insist that Muslim women are oppressed when most of them will tell you their religion emp…[View]
122371223Why ‘Cuck’ Is Actually a Socially Progressive Slur You Should Use More Often: >As a feminist firs…[View]
122343065Why didn't anyone tell me Hitler offered fair peace deals to the Allies multiple times, years b…[View]
122374999The inside story on you failed artists is a lot of you ended up in cheap plot/shitty actor movies th…[View]
122378708>'Islam is the third largest religion in the United States after Christianity and Judaism. Accord…[View]
122378594Still waiting for Trump to: > repeal DACA > get travel bans through > prosecute spirit cook…[View]
1223752332020: What are her chances in 2020?[View]
122355439Manlets and eugenics: Should short men be allowed to pass on their inferior genes?[View]
122371429How can we explain the success of America if lot of their whites have nigger blood?[View]
122378439Am I Normie: Am I a normie fag[View]
122375208>mfw France is seriously considering destroying itself and plunging the country into an all out c…[View]
122378265Gunnar Heinsohn - Population Conquest and Terror in the 21st Century: https://www.scribd.com/documen…[View]
122345832Why do you pray to a dead jew on a stick?[View]
122352604>you do not need guns to protect yourse-[View]
122377017ROO'D & EMU'D!![View]
122366931Survey: 1 In 5 Adults In The UK Can’t Change A Lightbulb, Boil An Egg The British insurance company …[View]
122357344North Korea threatens Australia with nuclear strike over alliance with the USA. https://twitter.com…[View]
122373301DAILY REMINDER: Real /polacks and Trump supports WILL NOT. and CANNOT fall for the newest /MAT share…[View]
122377367Redpilled books: Is their any red-pill books that follow a man as he engages in epic struggle agains…[View]
122373726Why do more blacks have AIDS than any other race?[View]
122363414Trump will definitely get primaried by someone willing to fulfill his promises in 2020. Who will it …[View]
122375298Which one of you did this? Domain the real-estate website advertises middle eastern buyers as roache…[View]
122369465Please stop calling those of us born 80-81 'Millennials'. I'm not one. Born '81 here. Grad…[View]
122377199Women and Children First right?: Given WW3 scenarios where are other genders other than MEN going to…[View]
122374552Foul mouthed Antifa Squirt. Poster child for return of family values: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
122362259Montrealers line up to cast votes in French presidential election: >One voter, Florian Castarede,…[View]
122375078Gay marrige was a mistake: >40+ genders >use any bathroom you want >bake the cake or go out…[View]
122377070Watch out, the Nuge might shit himself again.[View]
122376465Sweden...release him now: It was a misunderstanding[View]
122376404Apr 21 - Sweden: Muslim Avoids Jail For Anally Raping Teen, He “Couldn’t Understand No”: Despite his…[View]
122376835as an /averagegoy/ how do (((they))) affect my life?[View]
122372781Why did Trump win?: Trump won because Americans are tired of being warred upon by Mexicans on every …[View]
122374946Who was the asshole that decided ending slavery was a good idea?[View]
122362112Now we just have to put it in the oven[View]
122361892>arming rebels against democratically elected leaders >promoting Israel over Palestine even th…[View]
122376511Leyonhjelm is Jesus: Why are the Libcucks in office and this man isn't[View]
122374127>How dare you both assume my age and use my presumed age as part of an ageist attack. You need to…[View]
122373946Why does the black man find the white boy's ass so irresistible? Is it because it's so swe…[View]
122354065Well Drumpfkins? Where are all the anti-Christian Republicans, alt-right protestors against Christia…[View]
122373063Assad and Assange both supported Trump, now he's gone and shot them in the back. Guess they sho…[View]
122375669TRUMP FUCKS UP PURPLE HEART CEREMONY: http://www.fox32chicago.com/news/national/250145343-story…[View]
122376217Why are millennials becoming communists?[View]
122373371Monetized lobbying: So recently, me and my family had a nice talk about what was wrong with America,…[View]
122374854Is he the Franco of our time?[View]
122373465What is your favorite Political Commentary channel on youtube?: What is your favorite Political Comm…[View]
122375678How long have (((they))) been working to normalize degeneracy?[View]
122374140Who actually has a better life atheist or believers and why?[View]
122375587Where did we go wrong, bros?[View]
122372141to /pol/ what do you think of le pen?[View]
122375462Anyone else wish they would've voted for Hildawg?: This guy has gone too far.[View]
122375394Redpilled media stories: Is their any red-pilled media about the heroism of a man as he takes down t…[View]
122369720Allah Akhbar motherfuckers: You have fifteen seconds to explain why you've whored out your hypo…[View]
122375285How can people be so delusional about communism. Just take all of the first hand accounts of both sy…[View]
122375256French Election: Found a beautiful new wallpaper that showcases the future of France after we have t…[View]
122372744Explain this, seppos: Why are burgers so cucked? In 1945 before other nations gained a nuclear arsen…[View]
122355317Armed leftists shoot Pepe: https://www.youtube.com/v/CywFbSdMVx0[View]
122375013Frenchanons, have you voted for Le Pen yet?: /Expatrié/ here - I just voted in Los Angeles for Le Pe…[View]
122363612What the hell is going on in Australia?: https://minus18.org.au/index.php/resource-packs/omg-i-m-tra…[View]
122358206What's wrong with Communism?: It's just workers owning their labor. Why does /pol/ side wi…[View]
122374373Why do women desire tall men? To fetch stuff from the top shelf without a ladder or chair for climbi…[View]
122368513Human Evolution: Where are the broofs?[View]
122357941What's his name?[View]
122372880'Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.: Love is the law, love under will.' The United Sta…[View]
122372694ITS HAPPENING - /mlpol/ strikes again: /qa/ is running wild again and /mlpol/ has taken back the boa…[View]
122372565Moshe Kasher - Cultural Appropriation: https://youtu.be/GD-MUhMm7lM >the absolute state of americ…[View]
122372711TRUMP 'CONGRATULATES' PURPLE HEART RECIPIENT: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2017/04/2…[View]
122365825Globalism will fall[View]
122374603the delegates, dahnald[View]
122372978County Race Demographics: Post a screenshot of the race demographic in the county you live in. >W…[View]
122343583What is your favorite European art?[View]
122373923national anthem: the color yellow needs to become Canada's new national anthem. what do you thi…[View]
122372013Why is this allowed?[View]
122373168We're just imaging it Goys.[View]
122370822I have a serious question, If Hitler never committed the Holocaust, Do you think Hitler's Germa…[View]
122369829/pol/ Discord: 卐 Founded 09/22/2016 by Garrett (Not FBI)卐 Population as the creation of this threa…[View]
122374306So, if Le Pen-is wins, will there be a hug frog protest?[View]
122373380Is it just me or did 2010 and 2011 feel really different, especially regarding the political climate…[View]
122366087Buy American and Hire American[View]
122374088Day Of The Flyer - April 23rd: Don't Forget![View]
122372521I'm feeling like shit: Trump says he will push for border wall funding but he won't let th…[View]
122365663Oy Vey! (((Scientists))) say Neandrathal DNA has made Non-Africans weaker and less fertile: the (((M…[View]
122357798post a single image which describes your country[View]
122373950Is Jason secretly /ourguy/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjABSQmUY84[View]
122368096I want to watch a movie on Netflix. Recommend me a /pol/ approved redpilled movie.[View]
122373868What if Russia invades North Korea? Would they still level Seoul?[View]
122371399>have a jewish grandparent >identify as white >am nationalist and voted for trump >think…[View]
122373803Have you accepted Trump's destiny as Jerome's bitch yet?[View]
122373765Is this accurate of trumps presidency so far?[View]
122371627RA Anon: FINDHORN EDITION - United Nations, CIFAL/UNITAR, CERN Haitian Sugar Plantations,: http://ar…[View]
122360672Anonymous tipster here for those who care. Domestic terrorist and antifa Eric Clanton has lawyered …[View]
122335657Let's get a brain thread going. Here's the template.[View]
122370531>Christians are very rational and logica-[View]
122368176Americans in 2040 will be ugly and short as fuck. White Americans will not do anything about this?[View]
122373341Sick ISIS phone app teaches toddlers Arabic with cartoon grenades, Kalashnikovs, tanks, and SUICIDE …[View]
122362055Any pol approved songs? Sure we all know Born In The Usa is an anti american government song but wha…[View]
122371586Why do first worlders want socialism/communsim?: You see this flag right here? This yellow, blue and…[View]
122363454Why do niggers always start circle jerking when this happens? >mfw when white people do this it…[View]
122371018How blacks look at whites: Is this really how Black folks feel compared to Whites? 'I am used to see…[View]
122366834Please understand that the Indian people among us today in Modern Society were indentured up to a hu…[View]
122365895>good flags Texas, New Mexico, Alabama >bad flags Tennessee, Hawaii >absolute fucking garba…[View]
122372433Christian Priest is worried about Islamophobia: >Michael Boss, a Christian man from the City of C…[View]
122364075What exactly goes on here?[View]
122365735Jordan B Peterson and Theryn Meyer live GET YOURSELF SORTED, BUCKOS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
122369568Buykratom.us has stolen my money and refused to refund it: Buykratom.us has stolen my money and refu…[View]
122366569Environmental science is not science. It is not even ecology. Their claim that humans can control cl…[View]
122363755Can someone give me a TL;DR on why May trigger the election? Is a power grab?[View]
122352694Brit/pol/ - Silent Pools Edition: Today’s Articles > May refuses to rule out personal tax hikes a…[View]
122371348so how can ppl still be socialists/communists?[View]
122367800Is there anything political about Edgar Allan Poe?[View]
122371831https://youtube.com/watch?v=0Y_Hl6Rlk2c Why is right wing music so aesthetic?[View]
122370857how many /pol/fags are at least slightly leaned to the left? remember that 'nazi' is a short term fo…[View]
122371791/pol/, why are you not vegan after watching this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLZtsMWEKxw …[View]
122368484>Digits say that France will have a Monsiuer president[View]
122369702What's your favorite hitler quote /pol/[View]
122372526Dumbest democrat of the day: He is serious, God help us all![View]
122372481Alright /pol/ here's what we gotta do: Let's protest cultural marxism and eradicate it fro…[View]
122372391Oooh pol did you destroy DaddyOFive Good job![View]
122358326You'll never beat the Irish[View]
122365013Why was my thread closed?: Is there a specific reason? I thought in 4chan you can be a shit eating t…[View]
122366532God's mistake?: Hey /pol/ I've long wondered, are women God's mistake? They lie often…[View]
122367733WWIII countdown 12 hours.: We have 12 hours, what will do and say before North Korea is annihilated?…[View]
122372071Am I evil or immoral: My girlfriend used to be Christian(I'm atheist) when we first met.. we st…[View]
122372053Why? - Europa in general.: >inb4: br br huehue monkey Can someone explain why, just why, they let…[View]
122372039I got angry.: So /pol/ for the first time in 3 years I got angry and actually depressed. I am doing …[View]
122370639goodnight /pol/. try not to die.[View]
122370731This is the current French Miss Universe: ...Le Pen never had a chance, did she?[View]
122369887/pol/, follow your leader[View]
122360019REDPILLED BOOKS GENERAL: Can /pol/ recommend me anymore redpilled books? I just finished reading Dan…[View]
122354420Meme Ball Thread: meme ball thread.[View]
122370392How to best preserve white race?: I seen a post that said to go around like Alexander and fuck every…[View]
122326177Angela Merkel reportedly had to explain the 'fundamentals' of EU trade to Trump 11 times: …[View]
122370149Eric Clanton Lawyers Up?: Waste of groceries[View]
122370782OK Ive seen and heard enough: These antifa creeps are just a bunch of misfits. They don't reall…[View]
122358376>Atheists are very rational and logica-[View]
122362145What did he mean by this?[View]
122367590What's the difference between 'Socialism in one Country' and National Socialism? Stalin deport…[View]
122370945What happens here?[View]
122371315/POL/ is full of shit threads right now.: The quality content of this board is terrible. What the fu…[View]
122370102>Adams v. Richardson (1973) >D.C. District Court >“Agencies granting federal assistance are…[View]
122370891Ex leftie, social warrior, democrat only voter here. Just wanted to say it feels good seeing Antifa…[View]
122363859Lauren Southern on Gutfeld NOW LIVE: Stream: https://youtu.be/Jr7iH7hF7jY[View]
122369289Is it anti semitic to laugh at jews mutilating their penis?[View]
122370110Im autistic[View]
122370650Elite Overproduction: https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2013-11-20/blame-rich-overeducated-eli…[View]
122371181How comfy is New Mexico?: Watching Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul has increased my interest for N…[View]
122367180If 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 or 9 Macron wins if 0 Le Pen wins[View]
122368538You will never be Jewish.[View]
122366016Today I told a Muslim to 'stop' beheading a child in front of me. I'm scared to go to jail now…[View]
122368934>Even trump accept refugees from aussie >Japan only accepted 27refugees in 2016 Why is this al…[View]
122365367HOLY SHIT!!! GO VOTE LE PEN RIGHT NOW!!: She'll have accomplished so much before she even gets …[View]
122358317200 BC RISK: You guys know the drill. This is a risk thread. Protip: Read the rules before joining. …[View]
122370965http://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2017/04/cia-lands-in-queenstown-for-spy-conference.html Wh…[View]
122367970Asking questions about Anarchism is based in patriarchy, you sick fucks.[View]
122365366Economic Nationalism: Post articles, papers and books supporting economic nationalism by actual econ…[View]
122370929is this the average american millenial couple?[View]
122362489TACTICAL INFORMATION: Can we get some tactical talk going here? Tactical formations, tactical defens…[View]
122370742Went to the Angola prison rodeo today, I think its the closet ill ever get to gladiators. Is the Ang…[View]
122362365Is this worse than miscegenation?[View]
122362576I HURT MYSELF TODAY[View]
122342067Russia - Nork Border: hmmmmm, what's going on here, guys? https://twitter.com/BreakingNLive/sta…[View]
122369774autismic activity: lots of sismic activity in my country, some anon posted about the same days ago. …[View]
122370439>turn on TV >see this What's your first thought?…[View]
122364865THE DAY OF THE FLIER 4/23/2017: Take your best memes, redpills, pepes, etc. and print them out (Feel…[View]
122370064ITT:: we say nice things about jews, I'll start; jews are good with money.[View]
122366824Why Canada Is Better and More Civil Than America: >Wealth Inequality One way to illustrate this i…[View]
122369825Itt: SNS (Shit normies say) 'Gay people have rights' 'Everything bad isn't a jewish conspiracy'…[View]
122369923is Rorschach /pol/ personified? >hates liberals >hates so called intellectuals >hates degen…[View]
122370121Beta Cucks and Goyim: I am so sick of these fucking low-test betacucks. Bunch of fucking (((((((((((…[View]
122367470Right to be right: May will be winning in the UK Le Pen will win in France Is the world shaping up, …[View]
122370024W O K E: Brothers! I know now about our God Kek! Praise Kek![View]
122349605Neil DeGrasse Tyson To Politicians: You Don't Get To Deny Science: http://www.newsy.com/stories…[View]
122363084Aryan Queen: Why'd you vote for that Jew loving cuckboy, instead of this Strong Anglo Saxon, Ar…[View]
122370012Does this man look to you like an evil person?[View]
122369508Politically speaking What does this mean?[View]
122368487I think we can all agree that universal suffrage was a mistake. Who should be eligible to vote? pic …[View]
122369685How do I make the gay thoughts go away? I want to be a functioning male role model to children I wil…[View]
122368148I'm going to have crazy freaky sex with a hot cracka tomorrow. Is it ok to do this if I'm …[View]
122369601How not to get a son like this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96SrWO5Na54[View]
122361700what will the next trans be?: The trans subculture is exhausting every possible label. People can tr…[View]
122369544/pol/ BTFO[View]
122369527What comes after the Redpill?: Do you want to know what comes after the Redpill? I'll tell you.…[View]
122367024Ugh, I thought we were over socialism....[View]
122369479Why it's impossible to get Hitler today.: It's because after WW2 - the world realized it w…[View]
122361113If whites truly are the master race then why are people on here worried about supposed 'genetically …[View]
122366704*sips tea*[View]
122367008Why are there multiple interpretations of the Constitution? If we just followed what was written the…[View]
122367563Should Islamic bakers be forced to bake cakes for gay weddings?[View]
122368465thoughts on march for science?[View]
122348967I think it's time to stop the /ptg/: Now DACA. So? When are you going to oppose him? When ameri…[View]
122336328NEETs what do you do in this situation? https://youtu.be/q5AkBBQWZR4[View]
122369140New World Order: Why don't you just accept fate? An enormous false flag event will be staged, t…[View]
122351381Interracial Relationships Are Bad Somehow???: Hello I sometimes go on reddit and i've been read…[View]
122368200/pol/ on..... >All CNN JEWS >Fox News JEWS >Alex Jones JEWS >Donald Trump JEWS >Hilla…[View]
122361883>the Red States are more dysfunctional than the Blue States: How do Christcucks and Republicans a…[View]
122367900Should traps be allowed to adopt if they get married to men?[View]
122368721Fuck War.: North Korea is fucked up but we have no business there. We have no business in the middle…[View]
122349145>weak single mom lets her autistic daughter eat only one brand of potatoes >unironically blame…[View]
122368568https://twitter.com/ChelseaClinton/status/855904180204179456 https://archive.is/mS1iZ[View]
122367821Over 400,00 views in a month........: Which one of you is paying Tyrone to make these vids??? https:…[View]
122347068Need name for the New AIDS SKRILLEX from Berkeley: https://youtu.be/GIWYwYNemlw[View]
122365655I'm going to have crazy freaky sex with a hot jewess tomorrow. Is it ok to do this if I'm …[View]
122366836Post what you'll be listening to when Le Pen wins and announces the 'cleansing' of France. http…[View]
122360428Who will the Democrats run against Trump in 2020?[View]
122367415Is there any substantial evidence that Earth is round? If I placed a ruler on the ground it would la…[View]
122356046how do i get a job /pol/? i literally applied for over 600 jobs even the worst entry level shit and …[View]
122360841Non-Americans Why did you meme Trump to the presidency with us? Are you really /ourguys/? What is yo…[View]
122363356Polacks and niggers are the exact same race >stupid >ugly >slave race >thieves >wewuz…[View]
122367774Your Daily Reminder to Ponder the Shill Question: READ THE PIC It's been a long time since I…[View]
122364911I'm French, and I can tell you: Marine Le Pen doesn't want to leave the EU, and will not t…[View]
122368357If 'The Chosen' are such clever vermin, how the hell did they buy into the free-showers trick at Aus…[View]
122346522/jdg/ Jewish Defense General: JEWS OF POL ONLY --- NO GOYIM ALLOWED JEWISH SELF-DEFENSE Thread for t…[View]
122359515We are Fortune: How does it feel to realize? Praise Kek[View]
122365969Cracked is coming across as less cucked than usual: http://www.cracked.com/blog/how-hitler-ruined-ou…[View]
122368309What did ((((he)))) mean by this ?[View]
122365171>4th largest country in the world >15th largest economy >Completely irrelevant and never …[View]
122367120What's up /pol/[View]
122356190Why is the right against evidence-based government policy science like ending queer-, trans-, islamo…[View]
122365419Step 1: Buy some steel toed rubber boots Step 2: Take a first aid course with CPR, take an H2S aware…[View]
122368049Is this a, dare I say, /landslide/? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/04/22/dispatch-marine-le-pe…[View]
122367465>m-muh white power why wh*Tes are the weakest race of the world?[View]
122353473Bernie Sanders Says Ann Coulter Has Right to Speak at Berkeley Without Fear of Violence: https://rea…[View]
122366542>Kim Jong threatens to nuke Australia 'Fucking do it cunt' >They actually nuke us >Guidance…[View]
122365277Are communism and socialism pretty much the same thing?[View]
122367835What goes on here, /pol/? Besides tourism, of course.[View]
122366817/pdg/ Pol Discord General: 卐 Founded 09/22/2016 by Garrett (Not FBI)卐 Population as the creation o…[View]
122353769Why does /pol/ refuse to believe in global warming: Do you really beieve that scientests who are sma…[View]
122367686Is this the official theme for the Alt-Right? They will CRASH in France: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
122367622Trump Always Said He Would Be An Interventionist. Trump Doesn't Lie: I see all these nu/pol/ id…[View]
122331260Post money from your country: Post money from your country![View]
122364692What are her chances? I'm honestly pretty nervous, not nearly as nervous as on November 8th but…[View]
122366193DAN CARLIN: Opinions on Dan Carlin? Personally, I like his Harcore History podcast but I like his Co…[View]
122367018>Ideally want my nation to be non-corrupt and majority white >/pol/ calls this 'LARPing' Expla…[View]
122333721German Parties and Federal States These Graphics show which Parties are representated in which Feder…[View]
122367492I am an average working class joe, how are the elites taking advantage of me?[View]
122367403Canadian Muslim Scholar Explains Why Pedophilia is Ok in Islam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sABVW…[View]
122351791https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebhNRF5r4Ts Does anyone else find it heartless that Colbert is attac…[View]
122364533Why should I give up fapping/lolis?[View]
122367266Le Pen is Mightier than Le Sword[View]
122366968To those of you who call yourselves 'Christian': How many of you actually believe in the Bible, and …[View]
122366802WE WUZ: KANGZ[View]
122366679Canadian Children Singing 'Refugee Welcome' in Arab Language.....: Welcome To Canada Syrian Refugees…[View]
122354600Opening a series of schools to piss off commies: So because I like to type and rant, and because thi…[View]
122367095Zom Zoms: what r /pol/'s views on a global/ American zombie apocalypse. Submit some scenarios. …[View]
122365975So how does a national socialist economy work? What are the differences between this and capitalism …[View]
122361064>Taco Bell literally cucks a white guy in their new commercial >Has her lead him on >Beta o…[View]
122365573Is there such a thing as a Zionist Owned Government, or is that whole excuse just stormcuckery?[View]
122349702/lrg/ LIBERTARIAN RIGHT GENERAL - Nazis fail to grip the concept of freedom edition: This thread is …[View]
122365915I Think Le Pen Will Win - Sargon of Akkad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPFtwMcjzRs >https://w…[View]
122366892My ancestors are smiling at me, Imperials. Can you say the same?[View]
122366361Phoenix John Brown Gun Club- Range Day: > John Brown Gun Club is a branch of Redneck Revolt, a na…[View]
122359926Can i go to USA as a tourist and join the military legally?[View]
122358738I'm a Berkeley police officer. AMA[View]
122358504Is Economics the greatest major ever?: >Economists wanted en masse >Can join and or create any…[View]
122352649Thoughts on US navy: Just graduated high school and thinking about joining the navy. Thoughts?…[View]
122361435By the age of 16, Alex Jones had already banged over 150 women: What's your excuse, anon? https…[View]
122363464post yfw Le Pen loses[View]
122364832How do we save the young generation from the media jew?[View]
122365325The fucking lengths (((they))) go to: 'Religious sect'...Huh.. wonder what they mean? http://www.cnn…[View]
122366071so how is cabin fever going: >in the last thread about it, they were trying to hack into the wifi…[View]
122366366WOAH /POL/ CHECK OUT THIS BASED NIGGER AND HIS CALL-IN STREAM: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2…[View]
122366363>Trump is a white supremaci-[View]
122364513why the fuck do we hate her again? she's literally, dare I say it, /ourgal/![View]
122366112in case any of you frogs needed another reason to vote le pen.[View]
122338017Fairy believers BTFO.[View]
122366223Pence has defected to Australia: How does it feel burgers with Pence defecting to Australia? He…[View]
122366204ouch, you lie![View]
122360587The faces of California Antifa: > a literal fucking fedora[View]
122365934This fucking twat. I've never seen such an insufferable human being.: So I'm trashing the …[View]
122365660The south will rise again, and when they do Canada will help them slaughter the yankee traitors. htt…[View]
122349748Transgender rights?: Well /pol/, what have you done lately to fight for your viewpoint? This week I …[View]
122364034Jesus Christ knew he was God. So wake up and find out eventually who you really are. In our culture,…[View]
122362430Will you take in North Korea refugees /pol/?[View]
122360682Le Pen still first in the last Filteris poll: Pic related is the last of the latest Filteris poll. F…[View]
122356771COME HOME WHITE MAN[View]
122365761Can we ban religion threads? These low effort posts really shit up the board.[View]
122365750YOU CAN HELP: What does your workplace have that you can use to help defend the right? Will they let…[View]
122365001'Make Israel great again': Why does Israel love Trump so much?[View]
122364958>wanting to go to war >wanting a draft to be instated Its the oldest meme in history for young…[View]
122364930i just realised that i am not white and a shitskin. it hit me hard because i always thought i was wh…[View]
122365308So now that the elites have extinguished Saddam, Assad, all of these strong men characters in the mi…[View]
122365236>having a boss What are you, a cuck?[View]
122365341Grorious Reader: >Be me >Wake up at 7:00AM (ish) >Covered with the countless naked bodies o…[View]
122365106anyone from these areas..who have you seen the most support for[View]
122365045Well aware that 'redpill me' threads are boring and stupid but as a pretty normie guy i…[View]
122361676Name a more redpilled activity than family BBQ..: Pro tip: You can't.[View]
122365023/pol/ logic in a nutshell: Wait a minute......so the non-existant threat of Muslims storming the bea…[View]
122334486I always fucking laugh when a slav is proud of his ''heritage''. What heritage? …[View]
122360967/pol is right again: /pol I can't take it anymore... EVERY FUCKING TIME... EVERY TIME /pol is r…[View]
122364976sup, hosers. wanna win 100,000 bucks?: eh, uh, yeah well ya see all ya gotta do is logically and cle…[View]
122360282Stop denying climate change.[View]
122337674Jordan 'Bucko' Peterson just announced his lecture series about the bible https://jordanbpeterson.co…[View]
122364868We're in trouble !!!!!: I've been thinking alot about the elites/establishment/illuminati/…[View]
122362142Nothing Means Nothing Anymore.: Nothing Means Nothing Anymore. We are all pawns living in a diabolic…[View]
122364844Afterlife and church of kek: So newfag herei need your enlightment what does the church of kek say a…[View]
122364830pol?: so I cam looking for pol because ppl said it was good for memes where those may mays at my son…[View]
122345301TITS ARE LEGAL NOW, EVERYBODY!!!! http://awarenessact.com/united-states-federal-court-rules-females-…[View]
122364594Third Term: Miss me yet? Your are like the foul beasts of the field. And as Jesus Christ is my savio…[View]
122364783Guys.. I really love Trump. That's all. I love him and hope he's able to won out against t…[View]
122348587What's /pol/'s opinion on Stormfront? Are they generally considered too extreme? Why do I …[View]
122362947>Wake up this morning >See vidya >Realize /pol/ has won the culture war https://youtu.be/cX…[View]
122363623What is President Trump up to lately?: I'm having Trump withdrawals what's going on with …[View]
122359714/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL- SMUG EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov htt…[View]
122331008LAST CHANCE to help Le Pen win: If French people see this video, they'll want to vote for Le Pe…[View]
122364499Finland thread: American here, I went to Finland , the land of my forefathers. Like the other Suomi …[View]
122363497Nationwide Triggering on Cinco De Mayo: Cinco de Mayo is coming up, so it's time to show everyb…[View]
122361610Just copped this, what an I in for?[View]
122364331Hispanic and black death rate down. White death rate up: All the illegal immigration banning on Eart…[View]
122363044>/pol/ will deny this[View]
122363326porn and hookups are two sides of the same coin: Both aim to satiate males and make them at ease wit…[View]
122358963What parallels exist between Rome and the modern western world?[View]
122362016When the prosecutions begin against Trump and his people, will you still defend him?[View]
122364219Irish-italian-dutch white children are still being made in America: My family has a 12 year old boy …[View]
122353045Why are Spanish soldiers so fucking gay?: Look at these fags[View]
122336031Trump at 3 months: What is your opinion on the Presidency of Donald Trump so far? I'll state mi…[View]
122363389Sieg Heil: What is it about those two words that makes them so magical, and makes them feel so right…[View]
122363565False flag 'exercise' in NYC next week.: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bwzaf7Pga2isT3hFNnh3b0FneW…[View]
122361022What does the phrase 'ride the tiger' mean from a /pol/ and/or right wing standpoint?[View]
122364136Usually the liberals have the media behind them. And it is very easy for them to strawman the right-…[View]
122353472Can anyone ID this faggot?: I request some help from the weaponized autists in finding out who this …[View]
122364026I'm French, and I can tell you: Marine Le Pen doesn't want to leave the EU, and will not t…[View]
122362420Ideological Darwinism: What if humans manifest Darwinian pressures of natural selection through ideo…[View]
122363766What exactly makes European Paganism better than Middle Eastern Paganism /pol/? I see lots of larper…[View]
122354221>racewar happens >whites vs shitskins >few moments later it's Italians vs. Germans vs…[View]
122362162If a white woman rapes you for your aryan genes, is it really a crime? Isn't monogamy just a J…[View]
122346371Military participation is at a low right now and recruiters can't meet their quotas. Americans…[View]
122363709Every since based Trump blew the fuck out of the globalist subhuman Putin and his puppet ASSad, /POL…[View]
122358994How hard is it to join the Marine Corps?[View]
122361528How do we turn it around?: I'm sick of looking at it. I've had enough of the stupid shit i…[View]
122359471What happens here?: CB master race?[View]
122362928Does /pol/ like Norm? https://youtube.com/watch?v=Bn1oHdUvJwM[View]
122355253Eating once a day: The ULTIMATE redpill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKfR6bAXr-c Watched this vi…[View]
122359858She sounds like a real piece of work. Even the libs are getting tired of her. http://www.vanityfair.…[View]
122363441FOAK: http://officialproudboys.com/news/the-kids-are-alt-knights/ New president Chapman[View]
122363373Need to BTFO sweden: I have an assignment in school where you need to pick a country and make a pres…[View]
122362506My uncle got me a DVD of pic related for my birthday recently. He said it 'changed him' when he watc…[View]
122362395OPERATION GOTHAM SHIELD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubqfeuVx6so Guys I'm worried, no one i…[View]
122363215>First show in the biggest viewership slot on the network >'TUCKER CARLSONS EXCLUSIVE INTERVIE…[View]
122343499America is the real terrorist.[View]
122363149how will cancer be treated in the future, Let's preserve it for future generation...[View]
122363098Every nation that does not follow a native ethnic religion is just a part of the grey mass that is d…[View]
122357912Why do you guys hate on our black bros?[View]
122363086hahaha putin giving blump a weggie grunkt BTFO *exhales* ahahaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhahahahahahahahahahahaha…[View]
122357656> anons don't fall for the useless degree meme > 'hur hur dumb libtards getting crochet d…[View]
122337122Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: Where is this mofo hidden? Did he received direct orders from CIA? Redpill me …[View]
122362997>be me >born and rise in small village >most of vilagers are high-school drop out or high s…[View]
122362880not going to lie a cam a little bit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJmEMeY6KVs[View]
122361734Redpill me: Why is it that women don't 'get' Islam? Why are they simply unable to see it for wh…[View]
122333280Why do East Asians Always Have White Names?: Anyone ever notice this? I work at a university and me…[View]
122362925Which one of you was this?[View]
122361916notice how there aren't any good threads now?: thread about castles and the mexico border wall…[View]
122355548Don't care if this is fake. The left lies, make propaganda, and conservatives sit back and take…[View]
122357295She will get 50% of the vote tomorrow. Watch.[View]
122345430How can Britain ever recover? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKkcTpCur7g[View]
122362712Literally Millenial tier socialist: Why are there no anti Pen shills on the board? It's almost …[View]
122360715Taxation is theft.[View]
122336170How is it that in the course of a single generation, Christianity in Europe has almost died out comp…[View]
122358672>Mfw the dumb blithering redneck and the senile old geezer get schooled by based White and Black …[View]
122362675Redpill me on HWNDU Season 5.[View]
122362432Polocks are fucking stupid and eat shit >be polock >suck american dick >americans spit on y…[View]
122362286JEB SURGE[View]
122338361Éire/pol/- Gearóid ó'Cuinneagáin edition: National Party: http://www.nationalparty.ie/ Join the…[View]
122362617Why does nobody talk about him?: Most underrated US president desu.[View]
122362322WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA: You've been banned from participating in r/Anarchism subreddit message …[View]
122362191Quick run down on this please kek[View]
122360083Lol @ all these neckbeards playing their stupid politics game, while we real intellectuals are centu…[View]
122362131>the Islamic golden age was put to an end by an invasion of barbaric pagan tribesmen with a cultu…[View]
122359641politics and love: Why don't you have a /pol/ friendly girlfriend?[View]
122360502Risk: Risk 335bc edition. Any questions about the new mechanics will be answered by OP[View]
122362282Oh here’s to Adolph Hitler, Who made the Britons squeal, Sure before the fight is ended They will da…[View]
122361108AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINALS BTFO: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/apr/23/north-korea-warns-austral…[View]
122361250Prove me wrong: Pro tip you cant: Guy's if you do some research (i can link stuff if you baboon…[View]
122360171Is the political spectrum outdated?: I'm starting to believe that the left-right political spec…[View]
122362003/ourgal/: >fucking Jew bastard >stupid kikes >dumb niggers Why didn't u see what was r…[View]
122355509Stop being antisemitic.[View]
122361923Hey /pol/ I have to do a debate for a college class about Transgender bathrooms and I have to debat…[View]
122361795Why would commies start uprisings and civil wars around the world if they could just understand they…[View]
122359948Does any of /pol/ actually know anything about banking or finance? Or do people here just complain w…[View]
122361146What did I miss? Oldfag skipped a decade.[View]
122361816>tfw our best PM since independence was killed by KGB because he was cozying up with america…[View]
122352506My Gf burned the coal and paid the toll. Now she wants be back.: Be me: > I'm 29 and had a G…[View]
122360142>'/pol/ is a National Socialist board.' >'No, /pol/ is a Libertarian board!' Um . . . sorry, s…[View]
122360165>You will never join the US military[View]
122360373Any other software devs here ? What do you do ? What language ?[View]
122360526> look up famous scientists > they are all white…[View]
122342585North Korea threatens to nuke Australia: >North Korea has warned Australia of a possible nuclear …[View]
122361478Who is writing for Best Encyclopedia?: God bless your works anons, I thought the site disappeared ye…[View]
122360198Moldylocks' gofundme has $7000. Seems like it's being put to more than just so called hosp…[View]
122355360BRITISH-AMERICAN FRIENDSHIP GENERAL: The shilling about Trump and the EU is trying to divide us apar…[View]
122358935Quebec is shit: Quebecer frogs are the worst people in the world >Impose their weak and inferior …[View]
122349315TRUMP: UK OUT, EU IN: Well, guys. It was fun as long as it lasted. I'll always remember 2016. B…[View]
122360520I believe that We a re all born black and some parents decide to paint over us with white paint. Tha…[View]
122361142WHO RUNS REAGAN BATTALION?: Reagan Battalion was responsible for the take down of Milo, Tomi, and ha…[View]
122360126So, women are useless whores. The jews have fucked us all over. There's pretty much no point to…[View]
122361117Gaming is a female dominated genre: I know a lot of you fags are going to bitch at me and try and de…[View]
122360688brit bongs unite: ok /pol/ i think from what i seen we must be friends, the work you do is beautiful…[View]
122361029Le Pen Is The Only Option Left For France: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgxNB0ElmJc - To the back…[View]
122357749WELL??: This is Poland, 150k march against Islamism of their country. The fuck have we done for ours…[View]
122360100WTF I love reddit now: This is one of you isn't it? A bit of a stiff drink, but this helps the …[View]
122360867>board based on politics >no one here is or will ever be a politician What's the point?…[View]
122359384Not gonna lie, former Le Pen voter here. This is fucking Hillarious watching Le Pen crash and burn. …[View]
122359625Piñera king of Chile: Do we have to vote for Piñera? or we will have to vote for the fags of the fr…[View]
122360855Daily reminder that liberal arts degrees are worthless pieces of paper, forget what shills tell you:…[View]
122357703I drew /pol/. Is it accurate?[View]
122358869Do you think the Deep State got to Trump? Do you think they threatened his life and his family'…[View]
122359258drew this a while back..[View]
122360751Going to the Mojave in a Couple of Weeks. Pahrump, Laughlin & Las Vegas: Taking tips, hints, rec…[View]
122334256Muslim cries like pig in Dutch arrest + bonus: Muslim cries like a pig in Dutch arrest https://www.y…[View]
122360652When did you realize that traditional conservatives were unintentional feminist shills? They even us…[View]
122360674Come, fellow /pol/iticians. we must use our meme magic to shitpost marie la penn into victory[View]
122325658why don't we support muslims? they hate most of the stuff we hate. they the jews, gays, and tra…[View]
122360626K..... KEEP ME SCHIZOPHRENIC[View]
122359323I hate Japanese liberals: >be me >support free-market and liberty for all >so I am liberal …[View]
122357843Is LFTR the future of Nuclear Power?: Should we be funding it more and trying to get it commercializ…[View]
122360580A E S T H E T I C P E P E W A T C H E S[View]
122359774Do you support Eugenics? If not, why not you leftist piece of trash. We should test people on their …[View]
122359220What're your thoughts on Millennials? Their past, present, future status? Any silver linings?[View]
122360531The Grand Scheme: You have to remember, our boy Yuri warned us about the useful idiots. We see them …[View]
122358463School is shit: >schools should teach children to think for themselves and to have their own opin…[View]
122353513what happens here besides dalai lama stuff[View]
122350530Antifa / BAMN attack Vet in Wheelchair: Apparently Antifa / BAMN think a vet who fought fascists is …[View]
122356501/pol/ Its time you took the blackpill In 1972 in America there were over 1700 domestic bombing for v…[View]
122354759How come Russian women are so beautiful if they're not White?: Is there truth to mongrel aesthe…[View]
122358889You dumb motherfuckers:: You're missing the trick and you've let another Jew in who likes …[View]
122357570CIA, MI6 and another intelligence officials who spread/gather misinformation on the internet, are yo…[View]
122346705Why libertardianism doesn't work: >live in libertopia's capital >a river crosses the…[View]
122359777JEWSA hate thread: Fellow /pol/lacks, among all the divide and conquer and shilling on this board, t…[View]
122351167You can't refute that Paul Manafort and Carter Page are heavily involved in corruption and will…[View]
122357862The Adventures of Carrot Chop and Sheryl: Antifa is going to fuck you up now /pol/ they've got …[View]
122333625When did art become so crap?[View]
122360237Might is Right: Hey Whitey - Abrahamic religions belong in the desert. Eastern religions belong in…[View]
122359066A fucking leaf[View]
122359441>how would a hypothetical WW3 play out? Discuss[View]
122359181>at restaurant with friend >see group of 3 attractive females >they all have their phones o…[View]
122359800French election's who's who: So, which one do you support?[View]
122358872>Be early 2000 Eurofag >'Hur, we're so great! Our police never need guns because our peop…[View]
122358838This WILL happen to you Antifa faggots.[View]
122356373Redpills about Jews: Need some facts about the Jews to redpill my friends and family. Pic related…[View]
122330490>majored in CS at Stanford >4.0 GPA >had internships at Google, Facebook, and Uber each sum…[View]
122344983They just can't help themselves can they, /pol/?[View]
122359660>tfw you will never be a Quebecer why live ?[View]
122359004This gun be gud http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/04/22/presidential-election-could-lead-rioting-…[View]
122359587My soul is filled with anger.: Deep down I had hoped we were all wrong. We aren't. This intervi…[View]
122358977Why Britain never say Thank you to Chile when we help them take the Falklands? if it wasnt for Chile…[View]
122359215What will happen once Russia, China and Iran abandon the petrodollar?[View]
122358827/lpg/ LE PEN GENERAL - Make France Great Again: /lpg/ Le Pen General – LE PEN Edition MAKE FRANCE GR…[View]
122359348#iamblackgenius: Wanted to point out that this is currently trending on twitter right now..[View]
122358365I've come to the conclusion that the so called Islamophobia is a Zionist creation used by the J…[View]
122358120Turks are the only way to save Europe from cuckdom I mean let's look at average westerner Franz…[View]
122358569political compass[View]
122359200Of course we need a leader or someone to tell us all what to do: https://i.imgur.com/mX4UyUc.gifv[View]
122358392what the fuck am I, /pol/?[View]
122358576The irony[View]
122338069The Saturday Night Troll Show hosted by Ghost - episode #8: After Nintendo discontinues NES classic,…[View]
122356182Is Albania relevant /pol/?[View]
122351650Bill Nye responds to Tucker Carlson interview: This guy is a joke[View]
122349429what's fappening b'ys?: any Newfoundlanders here[View]
122357357Real Big Money: Revelation of an Insider: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HO4rAYk-420 An anon dropped …[View]
122358541We could have had a truly redpilled Aryan Queen. >fucking Jew bastatd >stupid kikes >dumb n…[View]
122348084Is there a single issue he hasn't flip flopped on?[View]
122343765Stop eating food.[View]
122358801'I'M A WOMAN NOT A MAN': Antifascist gets triggered when you call him a man and not a woman. h…[View]
122357712/ag/ Alcoholic General: What i everyone drinking? I got a 12 pack of Heineken. Jamal Jenkems LITERAL…[View]
122358720Can he nuke Hollywood? Please say yes.[View]
122352416Your vote was wrong.[View]
122354014Germany YES!: Why is german music so degenerate? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3q8Od5qJio…[View]
122292178This one documentary will convince you everything we feared is true.: My soul is filled with anger. …[View]
122354746Proposed idea: race mixing for privileged whites: White males are privileged. We all agree with that…[View]
122356577WELL /POL/?[View]
122358577should everyone who's had a felony on their record be sterilized?[View]
122351917Redpill me on The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, /pol/. The authorship or authenticity of the docu…[View]
122328669>Poland: 99% white, 3rd world shithole >Germany: 80% white, Europe's biggest economy >…[View]
122358533Say it with me pol MADAME PRESIDENT[View]
122358204Pol where have all the cowboys gone?: This ride off where when?[View]
122352521South park: was this show redpilled? i mean the first six episode looks pretty redpilled compared to…[View]
122332831Birth rates for European countries with significant foreign population.: >UK: 46% of babies born …[View]
122357741You know why the world is so shitty? It's because America didn't have the balls to outrigh…[View]
122358133CALL IN TO THIS GUY AND SAY STUFF: https://youtu.be/2fq7-cClDGQ[View]
122358425Just Deny It.: A design for sporty types.[View]
122347624Colonial Risk Continued: Turn 11[View]
122349795British Election: Conservative lead soars: Today's polls >CON: 50% (+4) >LAB: 25% (-) …[View]
122353023http://www.strawpoll.me/12805465 /pol/ doesn't have weak rumps and get easily butthurt, right?[View]
122354749what happens here[View]
122353382Well, /pol/?: What is your response to Albert Einstein?[View]
122336046How do we kill Kek?: Please note that I'm not talking about Pepe specifically. Pepe is annoying…[View]
122358124We Wuz Vikangz n Shieeet[View]
122358117EU and NATO: >If she wins it could lead to the dissolvement of the EU. But it depends on the peop…[View]
122357048Is there an insurance company oligarchy? How do we solve this?[View]
122357404(((Sirius XM))): Is (((George Soros))) behind Sirius XM now too??? How strong is the grasp of the gl…[View]
122357845why even bother learning french or german at this point? why dont they just force the natives to lea…[View]
122357370This is Poland, 150k march against Islamism of their country. The fuck have we done for ours? Topic:…[View]
122344265/LPG/ Le Pen General - Make France Great Again Edition: /lpg/ Le Pen General – LE PEN Edition MAKE F…[View]
122357825Keep laughing at us, faggots. This is what's gonna happen to your countries: And nobody won…[View]
122348496/pol/ BTFO in one pic. Their anti POC and immigrant viewpoints demolished. That was easy.[View]
122356799what is with German teens killing people[View]
122356578Stop LARPing as a pagan white nationalist, become a normie.[View]
122352774/POL/ BTFO'ed[View]
122337698Aboriginal People Respond To “Australia Day” - buzzfeed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8czHlPYXew…[View]
122354403Does she actually have a chance?[View]
122353634Post honeypots so we can avoid them Pic related: discord is run by traps and queers[View]
122357633I come to my /pol/ brethren today to ask a legitimate question. Do you think that Antifa, feminists …[View]
122301278Women are twice as likely to conceive as a result of rape than by consensual sex: >Twenty six of …[View]
122355302Oh my fucking god, Trumptards have now resorted to countering the impeachment charge by claiming the…[View]
122357409Anthony Brian Logan Live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fq7-cClDGQ&feature=push-lsb&attr_…[View]
122357403Post your favorite hero from the battle of Berkley... Ill start, White Sharia cracks me up every tim…[View]
122321984>claims to be redpilled >is a christcuck Top fucking kek when this happens unironically. Foll…[View]
122347399Nigger doctors?: You've just moved to a new city and have to go to the doctor for a lump you fo…[View]
122348590How the fuck do we fix this place[View]
122343469She's not wrong.: >Can machines think – and, if so, can they think critically about race and…[View]
122354103If nothing is done, the Porn will make everyone accepts leftist guidelines like fat girls and tranny…[View]
122330864Should prostitution be legal?: What exactly is wrong with prostitution being legal? >prohibiting…[View]
122347810What happens after death? Afterlife or bogus?[View]
122356891Are Asians the only non retarded people left? Let's look at others >whites >tanked their …[View]
122357233Does /pol/ think women don't dress feminine enough anymore?: Particularly here in the U.S.A. I …[View]
122356675How long will it be until someone (gov, anti-fa) shuts down /pol/ ? They must have realized that thi…[View]
122357173ABL Live: Call In Show: WOAH /POL/ CHECK OUT THIS BASED NIGGER AND HIS CALL-IN STREAM: >https://w…[View]
122349158Sooo... Should short people be gassed, /pol/?[View]
122356945>says he's redpilled >he's religious…[View]
122357106>Get doxxed >Grow stronger Will doxxing stop since It has had the opposite of its intended eff…[View]
122355880Why do spics worship this guy? Every spic I've seen keeps talking about him like he's som…[View]
122355109So, between Conquest and Birthright, which is better overall?[View]
122357035We're going to have so much winning that you will become tired of winning, believe me.[View]
122350735Why does /pol/ hate niggers?: >Go to caribbeam restaurant >authentic as fuck; Obama speech pla…[View]
122356582How would a Capitalist Fascist society work?[View]
122351047what the hell, this chart is literally made up[View]
122328360Marion Le Pen: Dare I Say /ourgirl/[View]
122351085Explain this Why do those who hate taxes consume so much of it?[View]
122356939Trump wants to kill science: Are you Drumpftards so blind that you'll let Trump destroy science…[View]
122323641Why don't you have a family of your own yet?[View]
122356828RIP in peace Germanons[View]
122356814Commie kid gets helicopter ride from /ourgirl/: There's hope for the future after all. https://…[View]
122328078Why do men seem to want kids but women don't? Is it really brainwashing?[View]
122356596Are sips popular in your country? What do you feel about sips (Energy drinks) being a degenerate lif…[View]
122331049Syria General /sg/ - Late night Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpress…[View]
122350400What are they googling, /pol/?[View]
122336146Paintbucket the World: One of these threads[View]
122356656'superior race' my ass; take that, white males lmao[View]
122356545I wrote my shitty rendition of communism here. https://pastebin.com/rP96LVkd Comments and criticism…[View]
122356312So what's actually stopping Trump from launching a full-scale nuclear strike against North Kore…[View]
122356527>leftists have a day to march for science >the same people that believe gender is a social con…[View]
122348331It seems that most of the shills that infiltrated /pol/ are women. Much of their trolling just seems…[View]
122355152'We're gonna stay out of Syria' >Bombs Syria 'We're gonna stand up to Saudi' >Gives …[View]
122325995/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
122355086What are some good redpills to drop about (((them))) to a friend who's at the 'muh civic nation…[View]
122352549It's funny how Fascists LARPers get so butthurt about 'modern art' meanwhile Mussolini was a fa…[View]
122356012Are the behind everything wrong in this world?[View]
122353120Name one (1) thing that Trump could do that would merit no longer supporting him. For me it's f…[View]
122354032Presidential Advisory Board: Good evening, /pol/. I'm a member of President Trump's Presid…[View]
122351561*blocks your path* >You wanna take back Constantinople you're gonna have to go through us! W…[View]
122352789Looks like the hungry gof fed.[View]
122328012Varg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmO8CbOPvn0 He's a meme, but he's absolutely right a…[View]
122355760Who do Americans consider their biggest enemy: Pic related.[View]
122353206DUDE: How are my fellow Canadian /pol/ackers celebrating last weeks announcement of legal marijuana?…[View]
122348598>go to gym >music is played so fucking loud >white female voice shouting 'I DUN WAN IT UNLE…[View]
122355624ITT: We post beautiful buildings that were demolished to build shit in their place. Or just demolish…[View]
122355532>Americans complain about chicanos >pic related I know we contribute to the problem but don…[View]
122354156>Christians aren't as bad as IS-[View]
122353901>being a slav white supremacist LMAO[View]
122355143Welp, looks like we went back to pre-election day /pol/. I mean, I've only found like 5 non red…[View]
122351594What did he mean by this?[View]
122355242Welcome the new 2020 candidate[View]
122351341New Chinese flag.[View]
122353762Tucker Carlson debates Robert Kennedy Jr on vaccines having a link to autism: https://www.youtube.co…[View]
122354790Press S to shit on grave[View]
122314769I am a Ph.D. scientist who does not understand what the 'March for Science' is even for. All of the …[View]
122354505/nuke power/ gen: ITT we support nuclear power[View]
122354770Anyone on /pol/ going to become a politican when they grow up? Why aren't YOU running for presi…[View]
122354904This is what happens when you allow mudslimes into your country https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jamaat…[View]
122347638what are we gonna do about this shit? https://youtu.be/Eb-J0hT6w3Q[View]
122352086UKIP Leadership: What does /pol/ think about Paul Nuttall? I'm stuck between voting Conservativ…[View]
122347653Do women really need child support?[View]
122352559Anyone still listen to this guy or did the documentary scandal permanently ruin him for you?[View]
122354785Why is Russia the only based country...: Willing to fuck people up without saying 'sorry excuse me m…[View]
122353905/pol/ makes me sad.[View]
122350926Where are all the happening? A week ago the world was about to explode in 40 different ways. Now it…[View]
122350384/pol/ will defend this[View]
122354731the world is ending: one way or another, even if it takes until the sun burns out. >no orbital ri…[View]
122352985War crimes?: Not sure if this should be posted here or /k/, but here goes: Was just reading an artic…[View]
122351546Rabbi tells the truth about why Hitler hated the Jews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mucb6r8tFAI…[View]
122354424Hey infidels, do you like jazz? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vfVxB8Ilck[View]
122353424Is it possible to regrow your foreskin?[View]
122354063>Tfw we could have supported a true constitutional conservative like Ted Cruz. >Instead we got…[View]
122349078What are your thoughts on a maximum wage?[View]
122354145You unironically shame 21st century women for sleeping around at a young age and then settling down …[View]
122350574Holodohoax: It's abundantly clear that the Neoliberals and Jews want a war with Russia over Ukr…[View]
122349486Black British > African Americans: Im black british and ive been thinking right, why are we so mu…[View]
122352823You are given the opportunity to impose the Forced Feminization of one race of men. (Basically makin…[View]
122351310Does Kek prophesize Le Pen's victory in the French election?: Does she hold the favour of kek, …[View]
122352269Prove me wrong: You're all just a bunch of ebta faggots who can't have a successful nation…[View]
122353559OBAMA PLAGIARIZES RON PAUL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4F37H39hT-s[View]
122353884>implying we aren't Mexican >speak Spanish >we're Spanish >have the accent …[View]
122353865Why don't people swallow the steam punk pill?[View]
122353823https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBwS66EBUcY Do Do Do Dooo x3 AAAh AAAh Where have all the good memes…[View]
122353788/pol/ will defend th-[View]
122352384Why does Marine Le Pen pepe remind me of Hillary pepe made by shills? The same kinda too 'shiny' loo…[View]
122353679When you're losing this badly, shouldn't you just quit?[View]
122347594Human gene manipulation together with androids will save the white race.[View]
122353501Traveling to Ireland: Hey Annons. Redpilled, Ciss gendered, fucking White Male here, taking a trip t…[View]
122350202While the left has perpetuated the myth that Mexicans and Mexican-Americans are nothing but worthles…[View]
122346401A serious question for /pol/: I have a hypothetical question for you /pol/ that involves feels If yo…[View]
122343217Macron's wife a PEDO: >24 years older >met when she was his teacher >married with thre…[View]
122353276>Be woman >Bored with normal life >decide to 'help' refugees >bring camera crew to valid…[View]
122344562SOOOOOO...: Alex Jones should lose custody of his children.[View]
1223305188 values: What does it mean? Also link: https://8values.github.io[View]
122353204St GEORGES Day: Happy Saint George's Day, /pol/. Today we celebrate Christian values and Englis…[View]
122353165Evropa: Europe just feels like the parent who didn't caught on the technology yet. It's so…[View]
122353159Social Trust: What exactly is it? How is it defined, according to you at least if there's no fo…[View]
122353131NK greatest trolls on earth: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/22/world/asia/north-korea-nuclear-test-…[View]
122348706we waiting[View]
122351351What does /pol/ think about This? >twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/855901315305795584…[View]
122353037Cognia: /Pol/ A group of friends, including me, have decided to attempt to establish an 'intern…[View]
122352996Stupid Frenchies! You're supposed to embrace the EU Caliphate!: I don't get it. Rape has a…[View]
122352938So I just basically found out about Fash Wave music...you glorious bastards i love reading all the c…[View]
122347466Debate Thread: I say, Hillary was the true Aryan candidate. Unlike that Israeli cuckboy Trump. Fight…[View]
122350104>We are apposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on…[View]
122333870Redpill me on freemasonry /pol/. I have learned the leading figures behind the French Revolution wer…[View]
122352770Gather round Gather round: Its that time of the month again... BASH THE KIKES!!![View]
122352795Based Gerry[View]
122349862Why does /pol/ call this Marxism?[View]
122345848Tick tock, 100 days are almost up, Trump won't have a single victory to his name and cement the…[View]
122352632what happens here: >the dots in the ocean are Christmas and cocos islands…[View]
122352127>the only family picture Trump keeps in the oval office is of his father. So, thinking of your ol…[View]
122345118why is everyone on this board so mean and cranky all the time? i want to talk about politics but the…[View]
122328135When can we make our flags and banners great again? Is every modern nation incapable of making comp…[View]
122351793Alright, which one of you was this? This is too much to not be satire.[View]
122350280Sure did activate my almond[View]
122350878Make the phillies great again: People in the west are getting so angry at him but what he is doing i…[View]
122346674Can North Korea please just get rid of Australia[View]
122349490Nazi Economy: Are you National Socialists really socialists? Would any of you support a free market …[View]
122350168Post based Jews. I'll start first with Infected Mushroom.[View]
122322566Who is this attention seeking whore at Berkley?[View]
122352217White Pill thread: Can we have a white pill thread? >white pill >red pilled thoughts, facts or…[View]
122352174STOP: Stop having hope.[View]
122347812EU Military: Why are some Europeans so opposed to the idea of a common EU military? The same Europea…[View]
122352131Hey christfags. I am the one and only GOD. My name is NIGGER. I am real because this post says so. I…[View]
122350018I mean, I guess that settles it.[View]
122352107Are you ready for a nazi france??[View]
122348941Post your best french election meh mehs[View]
122349146Trump reverses stance on Dreamers: I PUSH MY FINGERS INTO MY http://www.breitbart.com/big-government…[View]
122348800Wtf how do I fix this!!![View]
122338097Why /pol/ hates Jews?[View]
122350548'Many Thanks for all the kind comments' - Jason Chaffetz[View]
122351798Canada still a shit: http://globalnews.ca/news/3022601/judges-in-alberta-custody-case-ordered-child-…[View]
122344152What is the official economic ideology of /pol/ and the non-cucked right wing?[View]
122351636Le Pen Is The Only Option Left For France: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgxNB0ElmJc - To the back…[View]
122351050Why is /pol/ so gullible? Even now I see tens of most obvious bait and shill threads on catalog and …[View]
122349174>You're not allowed to fuel your own car at a petrol station in certain US states L-L-LAND O…[View]
122351531Trump 4d chess: Trump is lulling the Jews and Neocons into a false sense of security. He will strike…[View]
122351522ANTIFA Montreal: they want to disrupt a manifestation against the liberal party by showing up and be…[View]
122351519>Yahoo news is written by mature, professional peo-[View]
122351502Meanwhile, in 100 AD /pol/...: We need to stop allowing barbarians into the Legions and granting the…[View]
122340310Brit/pol/ - The Dark Hedges Edition: Today’s Articles > May refuses to rule out personal tax hike…[View]
122351399Predictable: https://www.reddit.com/r/Anarchism/comments/66p26w/how_do_we_stop_4chans_influence_on_p…[View]
122351353Is there any correlation between social status/class and human worth?[View]
122351331post yfw Trump inevitably starts WW3[View]
122348213(((They))): They seem to infiltrate every group, every idiology (even though they don't follow …[View]
122349998Tribute https://youtu.be/QX791yg9Iq8 >>>122222222[View]
122349096Stop supporting capitalism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4oysLUcuRM[View]
122351163thanks for taking our mudslimes, americunts[View]
122351004Proposed US-UK Trade Deal Slammed as 'TTIP On Steroids': https://sputniknews.com/europe/20…[View]
122339801Eastern Europeans: Are East Europeans considered white/European?[View]
122351159ChingChang_webmail_thread: ok fags, time to show your best 'T'chineese webmails. Impress me, i'…[View]
122350714/pol/ plays the devil's advocate.: so /pol/, take this theoretical situation here. >white ma…[View]
122351121Post ITT if you work for shareblue/correct the record[View]
122351066conversion rates bongs and burgers discuss: What's the conversion rate from nandos to tendies? …[View]
122349821>my foreskin when[View]
122348671So this is being sold at my local food court in San Francisco. There's also chocolate covered w…[View]
122351029Civic Nationalists: >'Ethno-Nationalism is stupid, we should rally behind what the Founding Fath…[View]
122350225Trump's 100 days: Where does the whole 'Trump isn't doing anything he said' meme come from…[View]
122350794people on reddit I mean pol still thinks a billionaire cares about them[View]
122350460/pol/ OFFICIAL ADVICE FOR WOMEN: 1. Grow your hair longer 2. Grow your nails and paint them 3. Hig…[View]
122350899Aus-Pol: Have you been excluding people today? Edition Don't sleep in too much on a Sunday. Tim…[View]
122350885/pol/ redpill me on global warming[View]
122349773what happened to anon?: did they all join antifa or did it evolve into pepe?[View]
122350121>democrats hate the jews >democrats hate israel >sjw, leftists hate israel >republicans …[View]
122338363>First school shooting happened in 1764 in Greencastle, Pennsylvania >mfw americans have been …[View]
122347123>this kills the white[View]
122350581>can celebrate Irish pride >can celebrate Greek pride >can celebrate Spanish pride You woul…[View]
122350389Why the Serbs committed genocide against Bosnian Muslims: I was born in Russia, but I am half Serbia…[View]
122350482Why do trump supporters piss their pants when confronted?[View]
122344577Why the white man's best friend, dogs, aka a fucking animal, are better contributor to society …[View]
122345693Do irish americans make second class skinheads?: i just have to laugh at the irish people in america…[View]
122350412I am going to do it. I feel sick of life and living. I feel like an apple inside a basket of peaches…[View]
122348282Antifa: Here you go. Antifa member with the Bike Lock[View]
122350393the true face of god: The universe is a lie agyby 0078 pcb mgjj[View]
122317641what are they up to here[View]
122349440After doing some research, I found out that Germany and Sweden don't have trial by juries and i…[View]
122350055Well /pol/? Do you now fully understand why this clown is fake news?[View]
122350238ITT: PJW memes lehjitemite fohms of protest only please[View]
122347366What's the difference between a Trump voter in 2017 and a Bush voter in 2001? I'm serious …[View]
122347720Shareblue: I know you guys all hate reddit - i'm not a big fan - but ALOT of people read reddit…[View]
122349573>be american >still listen to radio to find 'good music' >be american >consider 20mbps a…[View]
122349996French elecitions thread: Give me an update on the current status of the election, is our God Empres…[View]
122345017Ancient /new/sman here. I want to remind you all that these faggot e-celebs are not your allies. The…[View]
122348418Memeball thread, give us your best[View]
122348002>http://www.ocweekly.com/news/are-mexicans-white-6426421 This is an interesting article that I fi…[View]
122338479>This kills the anglo[View]
122347716/straitarrow/ general: it's fun to be a scout edition: time to resist degeneracy[View]
122296295/brg/ Boston Rally General: birthplace of liberty Edition: /brg/ - Boston Rally General On May 13th,…[View]
122344865Amerifags am i welcome to come to your country[View]
1223481932020 Prediction: Trump will flip California red in 2020. Screen-cap this.[View]
122349695y do mulimes think thay can cut off females clits in the usa: http://www.cnn.com/2017/04/22/health/d…[View]
122336387summoning somalibro: old thread ded, pls post here[View]
122349766WHAT BELIEF IN GOD IS: >organism that literally has no origin with magic powers built the univers…[View]
122349793Trump CONGRATULATES purple heart recipient:: what does /pol/ think?[View]
122347193Can we all agree America is the new Argentina/Uruguay? Whites are already a minority in underages an…[View]
122346400America isn't a true democracy. It's a constitutional republic. Why don't Leftist un…[View]
122341627>We've had Brexit >We've had Trump The time has come, Frenchman. This battle is your…[View]
122346828NollaGirl504 thread: Is she /ourgirl/ or female version of 'Alex Jones'? >tl;dr Hates feminism, t…[View]
122349631Trump colluding with Rothschild corp, reverses stance on immigration. /PTG/ BTFO[View]
122349351>72 hrs from now, on Armed Forces Foundation Day, Best Korea tests nuke as usual >Tromp strike…[View]
122349547According to the bible you're allowed to have girl sex slaves 17 Now kill all the boys. And ki…[View]
122349512Miss me yet?[View]
122346945HOMESTEAD GENERAL: -Tips on homesteading -Things to know -Pros v Cons[View]
122347674Did he deserve to die at the hands of ATF or did he do nuffin?[View]
122348762What does the GOP do about healthcare?: The GOP seem to have themselves in a pickle. One of two thin…[View]
122336234Answer me seriously. How can blacks be so inferior and at the same time create genres like Jazz, Blu…[View]
122347249Trump never pursued Hillary because she did nothing wrong and you idiots fell for his stupid claim.[View]
122349320Niggers: Come chat about niggers https://discord.gg/XpfN9u8[View]
122349283France open letter-: I know us burgers give France a lot of shit about surrendering and basically be…[View]
122349255What words or phrases do you filter to make /pol/ great again?[View]
122347311Find this bitch faggots[View]
122348693Democrats and Trump: I keep seeing people saying that all the economic changes under Trump are due t…[View]
122349208If you're a white American and you aren't reproducing you are part of the problem: You owe…[View]
122349130YLYL ANTIFA edition: watch the guy i've circled absolute pottery https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
122349143Without women....: Go to work guise[View]
122334897What did Marvel mean by this?[View]
122349036Whats he up to nowadays?[View]
122348106Why did music change from 432hz to 440hz? don't you dare tell me pic related[View]
122347486General slavshit hate thread: >start WWI, plunging an entire generation into death, injury, and d…[View]
122346929Pepe is my best friend[View]
122338590Why are you guys so against racemixing and immigrants? If anything we are the living proof that all …[View]
122348380Are you surprised? Im not surprised.[View]
122300175/lrg/ LIBERTARIAN RIGHT GENERAL - Where does the food come from edition: This thread is for Discussi…[View]
122336765/Islam/ - General Islamic Thread: As-salam alaykom Welcome to /Islam/! This thread is dedicated to d…[View]
122348662I thought George Bush was a weasel, but if he had ever been assassinated I would have been angry tha…[View]
122348734>he hasn't bought LePen coin cryptocurrency it's going to moon tomorrow lads…[View]
122346141People that still get work: Who are some people that you don't understand how they keep finding…[View]
122330850She's right you know[View]
122348665Any redpilled or minimally cucked movies or documentaries on netflix right now?[View]
122348382/ctg/ Canada General - Please Fuck My Wife Edition: ALLAH HU AKBAR ALLAH HU AKBAR ALLAH HU AKBAR ALL…[View]
1223484602 threads I posted in were suddenly deleted. One had a post where somebody pointed out the shareblue…[View]
122326872SWEDEN YES!! HAHAHAHA: Holy fuck Sweden, what is your problem? Why are you torturing your own citize…[View]
122347405We should've listen to Shapiro /pol/[View]
122348505Islam is a terroirst organization itself[View]
122348495So, the March for Science has fallen to intersectionality: http://www.theroot.com/marginsci-the-marc…[View]
122308956when will the election in france be decided? will the pen really win?[View]
122347752Prove me wrong[View]
122344919CHECK YOUR: what level are you on, anon? (use caution for some of these)[View]
122342575Explain this[View]
122346052The prophecy is coming into fruition[View]
122337835ITT: Post your favorite Trump tweets. This one was mentioned in Shattered, apparently it really anno…[View]
122348315>poles think americans are their allies LMAO[View]
122348291/pol/: >Supports populist candidates >Shit talks E-celebs and Celebs The president is a fuckin…[View]
122346838What is /pol/'s opinion on religiously Jewish people?[View]
122348265What will happen to Europoors once France gets out of Europe?[View]
122342471/pol/ humor: Well, no happenings, no memes, no religious debates... might as well?[View]
122348113>Be American: >2018 >With rising tension in the Korean peninsula, worldwide liberal governm…[View]
122348110What are we gonna do about this? https://youtu.be/GD-MUhMm7lM[View]
122348069ITT: How are we exactly saving the West: > make a lot of YouTube videos about games > e-beg fo…[View]
122348055Virginia Anons where do you stand/squat?: The Virginia Supreme Court dismissed a challenge to the ne…[View]
122348027Post What You Remember From Oct2016: > Be me drunk and going through old files saved on MBP > …[View]
122346458Spreading the talmud: >Sanhedrin 59a >To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious rel…[View]
122342163Why aren't millennials buying more things like diamond rings and houses l? Fucking lazy childre…[View]
122347506Persona 5 Confidants: What are the most important confidants (other than your party members)? I hear…[View]
122343462Aryan Queen: Strong Anglo Saxon, Aryan woman runs for office. Btfo socialist Jew... only to eventual…[View]
122347455Are we on the cusp of the 'omega /happening/': i honestly feel something big is coming soon[View]
122340466Shouldn't /Pol be sucking Islamic cock: >fuck the modern world, lets go back to traditonal v…[View]
122326317Bill Nye is a fraud.: I kinda 'liked' Bill Nye cuz nostalgia, but then I was reading his w…[View]
122347765Where were you when you realized that the Nazi's were Russian Diaspora that were getting their …[View]
122347154http://www.cbc.ca/news/indigenous/indigenous-scientists-march-for-science-2017-1.4077662 >'L…[View]
122343661KEK found driving down the M6[View]
122347534BILL MAHER: Remember when bill maher starred in a anti-feminist sexploitation movie? https://www.you…[View]
122344244Jeremy Corbyn?: Despite thinking that the recently declared snap election might hurt the Tories, I h…[View]
122346897How can you live with yourselves, /pol/?: I'm crying at my desk at work. Jewish. Minnesotan. Am…[View]
122345735Let's fucking reck the commie cucks![View]
122345873ITT, Tell-tale signs of a Spencerfag/shill >the right should wear uniforms during antifa protests…[View]
122346389Why do Shia muslims hate Israel so much? Why do they support the Palestinians, even though they are …[View]
122344129What is he thinking right now?[View]
122347467Libertarian Ethno-State: What are the merits of an EthnoState with libertarian policies within?…[View]
122340193What are your thoughts on the French election?[View]
122347390Obama is the antichist: I doubt Obama will make it to Chicago on Monday.[View]
122332392If right wingers hate liberal media, why don't they create their own media? Are they simply cre…[View]
122342921somebody on this jew's team just started mass posting threads about him you know what to do.[View]
122347297Glorious, White Mexicans: We are white, /pol/, it is the Anglo-Saxons and the angry Americans who tr…[View]
122342764If you cannot name these 4 men you are a civic nationalist who should go back to the_donald[View]
122343297>he thinks France is uncucked enough to elect Le Pen Only Anglos are resolute enough to do things…[View]
122340102Dinner with an Atheist: pol some story time and some background. As a christian i just got back so b…[View]
122336169Communism? FAILED Capitalism? FAILED Fascism? FAILED Maybe it's time to take the red pill and a…[View]
122346980> Live in a village > 100% white > 85% vote for right/far-right party > In every home, y…[View]
122346883French Election: Alright guys, give me the quick rundown. What are the pros and cons of each candida…[View]
122346947>mfw soon it will be illegal to even talk in Canada[View]
122327595>Call of Duty returns to its roots with Call of Duty: WWII–a breathtaking experience that redefin…[View]
122346420So, when are we redpilling her? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G82sTjSyPWg[View]
122346844in this thread we huff paint[View]
122341904Reminder that if Le Pen wins, the EU is fucking done. Nothing could save it from a Front National vi…[View]
122344696Small Child describes God as a Frog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOjGD_0SUqw Skip to 0:35 Is thi…[View]
122346314Before and After Socialism: >/pol/ will oppose this[View]
122345501Is poland doomed?[View]
122341270What does pol think of US pharmaceutical companies, mainly in regards to prescription drug prices?[View]
122346024You wouldn't vote for Hillary because you said she's a criminal and loves jews. Donald Tru…[View]
122343520COD: WW2: This is copypasta >begining cutscene of Normandy level >EVIL WHITE MEN are planning…[View]
122329260are liberals starting to wake up?[View]
122336278Would Rhodesia have been the next USA?: They had the whole world against them. Broke away from the B…[View]
122343737What is the final solution to the Pakistan problem?: Has large nuclear arsenal. Promotes terrorism. …[View]
122346319CAN'T STENCHON: Will he make anime real? Also, will /pol/ support us in the runoff against Macr…[View]
122346192/OurKing/ Trump Marrying /OurQueen/ Marine Le Pen: /OurKing/ Trump should divorce Melania and then m…[View]
122345906Really makes you ponder.... Https://youtu.be/Eb-J0hT6w3Q[View]
122343786In case you missed Samurai Jack last week >Jack continues to Redpill Ashi on Aku >Proceeds to …[View]
122346263'Gas the illegals, immigrant war now!' -Based Jedi: Holy shit /pol/, I knew this guy looked familiar…[View]
122345741Average American poster from /pol/.[View]
122346112how to make the left voluntarily destroy itself: >get anti islamic hashtag written in kebab langu…[View]
122332029'But anon, why should i care about tradition?': How do you respond?[View]
122345389I try not to be prejudiced. I really do. I think unsubstantiated racism has no place in our society.…[View]
122345608Swamp Time With Donald Trump: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJ_2iF7XJyA[View]
122325709Is Trump Retarded?: >'Ten times Trump asked [German chancellor Angela Merkel] if he could negotia…[View]
122345523/Ecclesia/-Christian Alliance General Didn't See One Up Edition: For Catholics, Coptics, Anglic…[View]
122330495'In fact, a new survey of people in the United Kingdom finds not only do about 20 percent of people …[View]
122345842Any converts here? How's life been after ```converting```?[View]
122345951North Korea Will Nuke USA In Your Life Time: feels good fampai https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPurE…[View]
122327900I'm not calling atheists dumb, it's just like they've never even heard of logic and r…[View]
122340774Don't you have a heart /pol/? http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/04/21/trump-says-dac…[View]
122344179Where are all the ancap qts? Are there even any? What girl doesn't view the state as an extens…[View]
122345051I didn't write this: They want white people to pay today for having had slavery in the US way b…[View]
122345726Enlightment: Redpill me on the enlightment. Why was it good, why was it bad? pic unrelated[View]
122345018/lrg/ LIBERTARIAN RIGHT GENERAL: This thread is for Discussion of Libertarianism, Capitalism, Anarch…[View]
122345719We, as chicano/Mexican whites stand with /int/ and the white Argentine's cause. For those who c…[View]
122345689https://8values.github.io/index.html Post your results[View]
122345679Trump Press Conference: Let's meme Trump into giving another press conference. I honestly think…[View]
122330407Colonial Risk: Players starting in Europe receive one free territory anywhere on the map. Players ca…[View]
122345500So what the Boston free speech March coming up I have one question. How bad do we need to sacrific…[View]
122344978J U S T U S T[View]
122344527How cucked is the Netherlands really? Does anyone have info/[View]
122345445If Donald Trump is so smart how come he can't even beat the market? He would be $10 billion ric…[View]
122343984/pol/ will defend this[View]
122345436Hey /pol/ , is it ever implied that you have to be human to be president? This new evidence may disq…[View]
122344822Varg says not to vote for Le Pen and to not vote for any political candidate Because politicians wi…[View]
122336799Greater Switzerland when?[View]
122341820Soviet tier. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/apr/20/children-discovered-on-brink-of-starvati…[View]
12232469615 year old Norwegian boy not defending himself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mh-bDN9K1Vg[View]
122327884There is not a single valid argument against islam. Don't be deceived by (((them))). Islam is t…[View]
122345293French election.: Marine Le Pen thread? Marine Le Pen thread.[View]
122344891coke or pepsi[View]
122345260Obviously in favour of abortion...: When your idea of family planning is screwing a welfare refugee …[View]
122341992Russian army and American army. Thoughts?[View]
122345194https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=x-ds9W89Cgw This man knows the truth, hitler was a zionist who helped …[View]
122345177at least congress is smart enough to not waste billions on Trump's wall[View]
122344926Why are there so many fascists and ethnocentrists on here? Why are you a fascist and/or ethnocentris…[View]
122345135/pol/ is losing[View]
122322903The 2nd American civil war have never been closer: ANTIFA have stirred the hornet's nest[View]
122342886What politicians in EU are clearly /ourguy/s?: >Marine - Israel >Marion - Mossad Newfag here, …[View]
122345028She had more votes: Oh god no, honey, you don't actually think drumpf won the election did you?…[View]
122345052/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General: ϟϟ HAIL VICTORY! ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the Jewish Ques…[View]
122343582What was Vietnam like?: Share the stories you know goys.[View]
122343791>minimum $750 fee to even file a claim >if you lose you pay the winner's lawyer fees >…[View]
122342696Suck this americucks and eurocucks Islamist leader says Muslims are being beaten in Brazil http://ex…[View]
122343401Marvel’s ‘Luke Cage’ Panned for Having Conservative Viewpoint: WTF I LOVE MARVEL NOW http://www.trut…[View]
122334024>323 argentinians died in the sinking of the belgrano Press S to spit on their graves.…[View]
122344213So this is the average American.[View]
122338831Post your favourite /pol/ redpill: One redpill per person. Only the best.[View]
122340243Modern Architecture: Why does this shit exist?[View]
122344715/brpol/ - Como arrumamos essa porra aqui?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEa8mOJi4fs Parece brinca…[View]
122344710Hello /int/, here's a redpill on the white Argentines and Mexican intellectuals that you mock u…[View]
122343814Where were you when the Jews did 9/11?[View]
122337954are eastern africans(horn of africa) the origin of caucasian race(proto caucasoid) ?[View]
122340037We roll digits to help lepen with the french elections[View]
122344477Spreading the talmud: >Sanhedrin 59a >To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious r…[View]
122344483What does /pol/ think about prison rape? https://www.hrw.org/reports/2001/prison/report4.html[View]
122344469Which one of you faggots is shilling for this jew?[View]
122341736So a couple recent news articles coming out of Sweden and Germany, cucked as they are, got me intere…[View]
122344304somebody on this jew's team just started mass posting threads about him you know what to do.[View]
122344078How the fuck we we dispute these facts?[View]
122341738Article from August 15, 2005 | http://www.longwarjournal.org/archives/2005/08/the_seven_phase.php…[View]
122333015Why are atheists so beta?[View]
122340977Has there ever been a bigger fall from grace than molyneux ?[View]
122344168Would you just look at that perfectly natural, gradual slope of approval differences of couple perce…[View]
122334870True communism hasn't been tried[View]
122331839Stop being a jew-sculpted femboy pansy: If you browse this board frequently, hold right wing beliefs…[View]
122344030Can we get some high quality shops of Trump and Le Pen making passionate love?[View]
122298609/LPG/ Le Pen General - stomp the roaches edition: /lpg/ Le Pen General – LE PEN Edition MAKE FRANCE…[View]
122340424Thomas Sowell: What's /pol/'s opinion of him?[View]
122341798So where does /pol/ stand Should the sign come down?[View]
122341338brown reggaeton shithole[View]
12230047360%: Can someone explain to me we get those 'Europe is lost' reactions when our mudslime population …[View]
122343067/rpg/ - Red Pill General -: >Merkel is building the german army with hordes of shitskins, this is…[View]
122343911Live execution tomorrow ?: Sauce is meeeh, but whatever : https://eurocalifat.wordpress.com/2017/04/…[View]
122340229Half Million Dollars to send 2 kids to school.: > Be parent of two white kids, /pol/ style. > …[View]
122327877i'm moving to Finland in a month. Vantaa to be exact What can I expect? I already have a job li…[View]
122331356>american 'democracy' >the person with less votes wins You can't even make this shit up.…[View]
122343670https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlBA2zp992c is he our guy[View]
122339094William Jennings Bryan and the populist party: What is /pol/s opinion on William Jennings Bryan? Was…[View]
122335303What's West Virginia like?[View]
122332878Why do Lithuania, Poland and Latvia have such high suicide rates? I understand Ukraine, Belarus, Rus…[View]
122343727Deport Trudeau Back To His Native San Fransisco: Seriously though, we need to get rid of this faglor…[View]
122343654Can you guys not?[View]
122343673With the non-stop shitposting of blacked/racemixing threads, I want to start a collection of images …[View]
122341492Sure, he was low energy, but his family were nazi collaborators. Why did you vote for that Israeli c…[View]
122340131Jesus Lived[View]
122339655Greenland: What happens here?[View]
122343590How did the event in Salem go?: Does anyone know how the Trump march in Salem Oregon went today? I w…[View]
122337580The Canadian Elite: The Canadian Elite have decided to get rid of Jordan, I believe they are trying …[View]
122339749Memetic Counterintelligence Division: Can we get some verification on these two? There's someth…[View]
122338383New Michelle Obama mural in Chicago: WE[View]
122341243Hey /pol/ stop ignoring science: by posting race realist studies. gogogo[View]
122343245Does anybody else find it a little emasculating to go to the coffee shop and order a SMALL coffee? H…[View]
122342636What words can we use to describe 4chan/being redpilled/pol/? >pic_related.jpg…[View]
122338964POL WHAT WOULD U DO: I went into lowes the other day and this dude started asking me a bunch of ques…[View]
122340485>redpilled on the holohoax >can quantum hop between dimensions Give me ONE reason she isn…[View]
122338199engage the 'cock mind' and let your balls fill: stop this bs masturb. all your 'lonely single bitch …[View]
122343003He's a big guy[View]
122337464Le Pen Energy Thread: Not much longer until the French election. Le Pen is mightier than the sword!…[View]
122330065Is this meme true? i can't find sauce on the expiration date. If it is true prepare for the hab…[View]
122342627Do you support labor unions?[View]
122313671Why is it acceptable to politicize science? Like this (((march for science))) bullshit.[View]
122333195Racism against whites in South Korea: The parents of these two little girls (Dad is white and their …[View]
122339160Redpill me on this /pol/.[View]
122335410Antifa Strategy LARP: How would you go about combating antifa? May include grand strategy, tactics i…[View]
122339059Frenchbros, I know the election is tomorrow, but what time will results start coming out?[View]
122341994Why are albino subhumans so ugly without makeup/tanning compared to other races?[View]
122323177I bet you faggots are jealous[View]
122337543RIP: It's over[View]
122337467Communist Party membership numbers climbing in the Trump era: Why is this happening? Are people so d…[View]
122336731SLIDER GENERAL #1: Sliders on this board are getting out of hand, and the only reason that they work…[View]
122339633The left is more violent than the rig...[View]
122341891>literally who?[View]
122333705The Truth About Mexicans: >pic related >El Canelo >based >redpilled >catholic >Mex…[View]
122340873I need help finding a picture: /pol/ I need help finding the picture I just drew. It was a skeleton …[View]
122341956I've seen a lot of blackpill threads about women on here lately, so I decided to chime in. It…[View]
122328329America was literally founded by refugees fleeing from religious persecution. Why are Americans agai…[View]
122337620Is ISIS dead ?[View]
122341802Message to All 4chan Users: http://www.peoplesworld.org/article/communist-party-membership-numbers-c…[View]
122340480>Martha and John are sitting at a table. 'What should we order?' they ask. 'I don't know, ho…[View]
122335618Who is this?[View]
122341587Fuck coal miners. I hope Trump goes back on his promise to help them like all his other promises. Wh…[View]
122336663American homesteaders (who can prove they are actually farming for survival) who are able to live of…[View]
122341502Raise your hand if you used to call people who criticized Trump 'shill' and now you'v…[View]
122341463what is best usa state to live?[View]
122339152So I'm actually a fan of Moshe Kasher's stand up. I decided to watch the debut of this sho…[View]
122341379tfw pacifist violence isn't the answer guys, increased human suffering is never worth it[View]
122338326I am a jewish. Ask me everything?: Why do you guys think that jews control the world? I mean, yes i …[View]
122338448Mlk did nothing wrong.[View]
122338022How does it feel knowing this pastry white Jewish numale is married to a chick whose hotter than any…[View]
122341201If isis is dead, then why does we get a shitload of terrorist attack? In France it's almost one…[View]
122341193Would Aboriginals be considered White in the US?[View]
122339555Why do people think these niggers are Muslims? They're basically a Black, Islamified version of…[View]
122341087>An opposition party in Hungary urged the government to cancel its recent atomic cooperation deal…[View]
122336606! WAR IS COMING !: NORTH Korea has promised a “great war” is coming as the US’s aircraft carrier-led…[View]
122339891you know i have no problem with jews and israel just stop destabilizing the middle east keep mossa…[View]
122337044Why are the Jews so evil?[View]
122341047Why the same people that push for the acceptance of transgender individuals refuse to accept the exi…[View]
122339312Facebook asking for personal pictures: First they ask for government issued IDs or a bank statement,…[View]
122340987Jared, do you feel in charge?[View]
122340965HWNDU: Wot u think Shia is gonna do next and anyone wanna kidnap him lol.[View]
122340101/pol/ will defend this: > Unironically worshipping a Jew > Ironically worshipping a Jew > N…[View]
122340954When will Trump utilize ICP and the Jugalo's against the motherfucking scientists?[View]
122337904March on science: I mean she has a point[View]
122340120>ONE shot at life >being born in Poland xD God you fucking nigger I hate you so much. Let me …[View]
122337344How would the left react to white muslims?[View]
122340587How do you know for certain that the population of (((them))) is the 2%range? For clarification purp…[View]
122329498What's the worst European country?[View]
122332884Brit/pol/ - Kilchurn Castle Edition: Today’s Articles > May refuses to rule out personal tax hike…[View]
122335070FUCKING TRUMP IS LOOSING THE WAR HAHAHAHAHHAAH: Kim Jong-un 1-0 TRUMP https://www.rt.com/usa/385606-…[View]
122336877When did you realize that women are responsible for everything wrong with the west today?: Feminism,…[View]
122340476https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oakland_Ebonics_resolution Why is ebonics taught in American schools?…[View]
122340473Today is the day!: Give Marine your energy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4K1q9Ntcr5g[View]
122338986When was the last time we fucked with Reddit lefties? I wanna get /r/anarchism or /r/latestagecapita…[View]
122316759???: >CANT _______ LE PEN[View]
122339721JEWSA, molymeme and capigtalism BTFO by Varg: https://youtube.com/watch?v=y_Q4019fEjo Prove him wron…[View]
122335023how is blm different from kkk?[View]
122339080>President Trump did not understand that the US cannot negotiate a trade deal with Germany alone …[View]
122332292Homesteading in Alaska?: Is homesteading, building your own house, and growing as much of your own f…[View]
122339604'Hate speech is not protected by the first amendment.' - Howard Dean: What now /pol/? Your hate spee…[View]
122337898>tfw going to bed for another night and STILL no Happenings are happening…[View]
122339098/RWG/ - RACE WAR GENERAL: official race war map, what you all think?[View]
122334167Redpill me on Fillon /POL/ I know Melonchon is a deranged Commie, but what exactly is your sincere o…[View]
122323247Am I evil /pol/?: Regardless of everything evil done by the Nazis, I've always had a soft spot …[View]
122339404Let's talk about white guilt.[View]
122308840Fash Gordon: Is Based He-Man /ourguy/?[View]
122337502TOMORROW - 10AM - MARBLE ARCH CORNER OF HYDE PARK For any anons in or near LONDON tl;dr >speakers…[View]
122322002Why are there countries that have never been communist but are still poor? Is it just not the '…[View]
122338547ITT: Sum up the future of a country in a single image. Pic related, America.[View]
122337142which place do russians rank on the caucasian leader-board?[View]
122339640Is his heart in the right place?[View]
122338974Redpill me on Belize, /pol/. Parents are approaching retirement and think it looks nice. What really…[View]
122339218Germany btfo![View]
122336051This man will end the era of racism will his bold proclamations about how white people are stealing …[View]
122338263>tfw this is the realest meme of all time[View]
122339344Antifa: Have fun with all of this. Do what you wish[View]
122337382>Rural and suburban retards will defend this Face it Trumpkins, your global system of economic ex…[View]
122334907French Elections: I pray you Athena, Please guide the confused spirits on the just way, Please thank…[View]
122339352What Did She Mean By This?[View]
122335368>be abbo >make music >it's chanting while banging two sticks How can they still be so …[View]
122338463ANTIFA Tactical Combat gear: Thoughts??[View]
122338674>Mexicans aren't white *shows proof that there are Mexican white people* >They were born …[View]
122338682Norway sends another ship to the Mediterranean to rescue migrants The will probably pick them up a f…[View]
122339149Press F to pay respect: F[View]
122335613SAVE THE WHITES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djV11Xbc914 Society in decay I know who is to blame…[View]
122329824Mélenchon & Le Pen to the second tour: Don't tell me no one here want this! Because in this…[View]
122337986Get ready Montana, liberals and media shilling coming your way[View]
122332040TRUMP BLOWN OUT: Carl Bernstein has sources in the FBI who say Trump and his people are actively cov…[View]
122337087WHEN I WAS[View]
122338815>germanics and scandinavians are retarded cucks >anglos have some self awareness left Every ge…[View]
122338755LOOK AT ME. IM THE NEWS NOW: Do you think Trump has chances for re-election?[View]
122338754Who is the greatest man that came out of your nation?[View]
122337331>tfw foresaw the end in my dreams[View]
122330279Freedom of religion should only apply to Christians in the United States. All non Christians have o…[View]
122338271leaf (((education))): no wonder the leafs are so dumb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFaUhLkdRPg…[View]
122333135Well boys? Where are all the anti-Christian Republicans, alt-right protestors against Christianizati…[View]
122338563>President Trump did not understand that the US cannot negotiate a trade deal with Germany alone …[View]
122306926YOU ARE BEEING TARGETED /POL/: BOGUS THREADS ? You betcha fuckers. /pol/ is under 'active measu…[View]
122338545MUMMY MAY IS REAL[View]
122338453Athiests/Christcucks: >being arrogant enough to think you know what's real and not real. Hu…[View]
122333356Imagine the collective autistic shrieking going on at all the 'Science' Marches around the world[View]
122338422Will Tucker book Dr. Savage at 8pm?: Since Bill 'The Leprechaun' O'Reilly is gone, will Fox New…[View]
122333353Kek at brits https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/trump-puts-eu-ahead-of-britain-in-trade-queue-l7t8zw…[View]
1223382104D Chess confirmed: LoL[View]
122336548>polacks unironically think they are white despite looking like Turks lmao…[View]
122336284Engineer-anons, is electrical engineering a meme degree? What's the job outlook at the moment?[View]
122338183Cuck shed: What's the status of the cuckshed? I need to know. Give me the juicy details. I live…[View]
122335725what message did (((((they))))) try to send with this movie? >Steve Carrell has to give up his fu…[View]
122332176What the fuck is Trump doing?: On the topic of immigration: if Ann Coulter is expressing wariness an…[View]
122331231How does it feel America knowing the whole world is fucking laughing at you? How does it feel knowin…[View]
122337488Why do we still drive?: Why do we use such outdated pieces of shit?[View]
122324979Checkmate, /pol/[View]
122335305/pol/ Does this mean I'm officially white now? >I'm a Kurdish Iraqi…[View]
122336443Best moonman song?: My vote https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXoAu5_FaUA[View]
122318392MILLENNIAL HATE THREAD: FUCK ALL THE MILLENNIALS ON HERE: Stupid fucking Millennials, I’m from Gener…[View]
122308919Second Detroit Doctor Busted in Female Genital Mutilation Ring: http://www.breitbart.com/big-governm…[View]
122329110Kendrick Lamar reveals what he learned from meeting Barack Obama: This guy is a fucking joke. Why do…[View]
122337765>didn't realise the jews weren't white until /pol/ redpilled me >'race isn't a …[View]
122335193You seriouolsuy want to depoarsts dis ???????@@@!!??: ru dumspierkins gaeys??[View]
122325113Start Up The Rotors: Press S to Spit on grave[View]
122337667How can we save Turks?[View]
122314156WE >https://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20170421/south-shore/michelle-obama-mural-gofundme-south-side…[View]
122330394Who /marine corps/ here?[View]
122336828D-Day for France.: The presidential election.[View]
122336601EU Army: Why do some Europeans seem so opposed to this? EU members and Europeans generally seem to b…[View]
122331080PRAY: Pray (to KEK) for France Pray brothers[View]
122335800So how do we stop racism?[View]
122336414Side family problems: My hometown is full of side family racists. These are type of people who take …[View]
122333985why are white people so mentally weak?: why are native americans and white people incapable of handl…[View]
122313578Éire/pol/- The three boyos edition: National Party: http://www.nationalparty.ie/ Join the party and …[View]
122322361>Aleksander Dugin What do you think of him and his geopolitical vision?…[View]
122336768Just want to put it out there that if everything goes wrong and russia nuke,bomb,missile attack the …[View]
122331679DRUMPF is anti science, deal with it: Any questions?[View]
122335259DRUMPF BTFO: How will he ever recover? >Trudeau called for more free trade, increased migration a…[View]
122333012Will /pol/ ever recover?[View]
122335587RED ALERT!: According to Polish secret service and strategists, Russia is planning to use 'weapon D'…[View]
122336121Ass Pancakes?: Could you guys add me to the Discord? I feel like being an immature fuck hole and cal…[View]
122335268Bow down to your new neo-left overlords. Jew edition.[View]
122334259Restore the German Empire![View]
122330884>worships literally kike on stick >deus vult brothers we will take back what is ours!…[View]
122332581Lauren Southern on Fox: Are you goys gonna watch Lauren Southern on The Gutfeld Show tonight? With O…[View]
122336369sweden yes[View]
122336515ASSAD PUTIN BFF'S. Russian second language in Syria.: 'Also as a mark of that gratitude, many f…[View]
122336506The Superior Political compass. Post em http://filteries.com/politics[View]
122334470https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=g1JJA6UiEio Anyone else a fan now after watching Richards speech at Au…[View]
122332236While the left has perpetuated the myth that Mexicans and Mexican-Americans are nothing but worthles…[View]
122331644Memeball thread: Show me your best memeballs[View]
122336403In Hoc Signo Vincitur Inimicus: Reconquista 2.0 begins. The 'inferior' Spanish race will show the o…[View]
122324887RISK PT 2: PARIS HAS FALLEN. ITS MUPDATE 17. HABBENINGS: After a decisive victory by Prussian troops…[View]
122331602We, as chicano/Mexican whites stand with /pol/. For those who claim we are not European; let me ask …[View]
122336204WHO'S THE MOST REDPILLED WRITER: AND WHY IS CELINE? >write against: >cucks >gibs >b…[View]
122335225are there any arguments against the existence of climate change that don't boil down to 'le jew…[View]
122335886honest thoughts on pjw?[View]
122336174How Reality Is Being Manufactured: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4x2sJWmAnjY I am in shock the mor…[View]
122336172How much income do marines make?: Jw, a kid I know from high school (hes now 22) is always spewing s…[View]
122327264I've never cringed so hard[View]
122336045/pol/'s favorite memes, videos, and music tastes: Post /pol/itically incorrect favorite memes, …[View]
122332811this happened in America[View]
122330025St George's day tomorrow: Not that you would know by the lack of media representation of anythi…[View]
122332861>http://edition.cnn.com/2017/04/20/health/diet-sodas-stroke-dementia-study/index.html >Scienti…[View]
122334970ANDREW GET YOUR HAND OF YOUR DICK AND COME TO WYATT'S PARTY: Seriously, this fucking nigger. Ir…[View]
122314325/pol/ help How do I defend Donald Trump's golfing habits? Pls help.[View]
122335873Daily reminder to vote for Comrade Corbyn, The only leader who will: >Save Our NHS >Give us in…[View]
122332715EXPLAIN YOURSELF AUSTRALIA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jCKXBnicWfU Seriously, barely 5 seconds …[View]
122334632Pol BTFO[View]
122335236Hey guys, let's try Communism again!![View]
122328463Why were the opium wars fought?[View]
122327793Red Dawn is real life waiting to happen.: The plot of the 1984 movie: >Soviet Union suffers worst…[View]
122335666Liberal Tears - A gift from kek?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UZi2ok9eUE I jerk off to liberal …[View]
122335600Who killed Seth Rich: Since the government can't figure anything out let's see what we can…[View]
122319442SOMALI CATS COST 400-600 USD: so i just found out that 1st worlders are willing to cough 400-600 USD…[View]
122335580World Meme War (WMW): Flat Earth Day vs Science March: Can /pol/'s meme magicians steal Earth D…[View]
122334866This is the future of the American white male.[View]
122321120my relatives all live in korea what should I tell them to do in the event of a nuclear attack?[View]
122328201RIP France. ;___; http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/792112/Marine-Le-Pen-French-election-votes-co…[View]
122335326Why do you watch Marvel/DC movies but hate anime, /pol/? Marvel & DC >pander minorities >c…[View]
122335257>mfw Republicans refuse to pay for my healthcare: How do you guys expect Trump to win in two year…[View]
122335181Stopping Antifa in their home: I suggest we flood r/anarchism with fake antifag accounts go in, make…[View]
122335176Are you allowed to put your own face on /pol/ or is that against the rules? Im a leftist btw.[View]
122335145Aus /pol/ Happening watch - Sitting Duck Edition: https://www.rt.com/news/385720-north-korea-austral…[View]
122333778Relatively insignificant countries thread: for countries that haven't done anything worthwhile …[View]
122334724Prove me WRONG /POL/: >http://www.ocweekly.com/news/are-mexicans-white-6426421 This is an interes…[View]
122334657Why does /pol/ get moral clarity from a murderer, arsonist, serial rapist and welfare parasite?[View]
122334934Does learning about dead people make you feel immortal?: It does for me. I like reading about people…[View]
122303612Are we ever going to find out who exactly did this?[View]
122317180Sam Hyde: Can we agree that Sam Hyde was never /ourguy/? He is just pandering to the edgy teenager c…[View]
122322971Feed The Hungry Souls - Salem, Oregon Possible Habbenings?: https://www. faceberg.com /events/125868…[View]
122333307look he trusts polls[View]
122316875New study shows women handle pain better than men: Why are women considered weak and pathetic when t…[View]
122334105Deep down, you all know you want it to happen[View]
122321013Let me explain you, why it is ok to beat trump supporters and other nazi scum. You want undocumented…[View]
122328248Appalachia in the US Civil War: Which side did Appalachia fight for in the Civil War?[View]
122334424Why do liberals claim to support science so much, but don't want to acknowledge that LGBT is a …[View]
122333796If you want to beat them, join them: That's right, it sounds crazy but check it. Go to the anti…[View]
122333853Prove Trump isnt a traitor: - New friend of China (China new world order center of George Soros) - H…[View]
122328009Election Memes: In solidarity with our Frenchbros, post you spiciest election memes/videos/screencap…[View]
122305270why is everything garbage: why is everything today shit >music is shit >movies are shit >bo…[View]
122334347Let's fucking reck the commie cucks![View]
122327187HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: Huff Po found guilty of hate speech and forced to apologise! The editor has also…[View]
122334042Can't go to /lit/ with this, so I'll ask here. What are some good white nationalist litera…[View]
122333845why can't people understand that wanting to have pride for their ethnithic history and culture …[View]
122333415What kind of Vitamins do you take /pol/? I get enough exercise daily from my job but I'm always…[View]
122314277this is from the new homepage. https://warhammer40000.com/the-game/ warhammer 40k is falling. press …[View]
122333942Did (((they))) get to him already?[View]
122329579Pol's opinion of Westboro Baptist church: Anti gay, anti jew, anti america...is this our church…[View]
122330782Moldylocks Porno: Where can I find the Moldylocks porno?[View]
122329087Generation Zyklon: Is Gen Z truly going to save us all? >https://youtu.be/NOOwmWwadIw…[View]
122330758Immigration Norway: If Poland is so fucking great, why do you keep infesting my country?[View]
122333621Antifa / Leftist Crimes & Ideology Weaponized Against Them: Punches against our enemy embolden u…[View]
122326026Prove you're white >less than 100% euro disgusting.[View]
122333530Russian Has Become 'Second Language' Taught in Syrian Schools: https://www.theguardian.com…[View]
122328734/pol/ I have a serious question. >Be me, 19 y-old Uni Student >Realize my genetics are shit ti…[View]
122324749CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL: why are you cucks fucking up the world with your pollution to the point wher…[View]
122323647If I'm Racist but Very Christian is heaven for Me?[View]
122333427Why are finns so into Hitler when they know they aren't germanic?[View]
122322117Alex Jones talking about Sandy Hook vampires live NOW haha: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUn1jKhW…[View]
122332669Russia knows more about America than americans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEPSK2NuNXY…[View]
122329634Why are dark white skinned people the worst?[View]
122332044so whens the next fash bash going to happen? i wanna see some shit go down[View]
122317279Is Brother Nathaniel Based? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cQzbfFittA[View]
122332716>tfw you will never be rich because you live in a socialist shithole kill me lads, neet life is o…[View]
122333111why are muslims not going to SA[View]
122324589UK - new elections, care to explain?: So new British elections, because the parliament couldnt agree…[View]
122322828Sweden Yes! Literally.: Swedish courts say it's acceptable for Muslims to rape 14 year old girl…[View]
122326800Never forget what made you what you are today, White man.[View]
122332820ITT: Things we don't understand about America: >why they haven't adopted the metric sys…[View]
122332325What did ((((he)))) mean by this ?[View]
122328223/pol/ btfo[View]
122324364Brit/pol/ - Lantic Bay Edition: Today’s Articles > May refuses to rule out personal tax hikes aft…[View]
122329935Call of Duty WW2: New COD, confirmed to take place in European Theater yeah more propaganda of our w…[View]
1223325222016 ELECTIONS HINDSIGHT POWER RANKINGS >Candidate Trump >Rubio >President Trump >Cruz …[View]
1223322313rd time this week. is he running out of material?[View]
122331730Anglish: Shouldn't we be speaking in Anglish? >English, but using only words with Germanic/S…[View]
122305682Growing food instead of grass/lawns: Wouldn't it be better to grow something of value instead o…[View]
122320442FRESH RISK RULES: Player agreements are not enforced You may spend 10 points to build a factory (the…[View]
122321526Trust us, goys![View]
122331317Privacy Double Standard: So /pol/ cries bloddy murder when Trump Tower is wiretapped by the gov…[View]
122310860NORWEGIAN CUISINE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_JMPaMoyS0 Western civilisation is going down , …[View]
122329146Burger University.jpg[View]
122331809Female Politics: Does this degrade society? I was reading the poem 'Politics' by WB Yeats and he wri…[View]
122331004Every fucking thread is shill/demoralize/divide&concquer and I have HAD IT What will it take to …[View]
122330210>tfw muslim >tfw my little brother is in elementary school >tfw some skinhead wh*teshit cal…[View]
122328318IT'S OVER GUYS: Le Pen is going to lose guys, there is nothing we can do except accept Macron a…[View]
122332118China/Fallout thread: Saw this in video: https://youtu.be/6mMrecHUAdE?t=7m Quote by Scott Campbell, …[View]
122332075HAAHAHAHAHAHHHAAH XD >“Ten times Trump asked her if he could negotiate a trade deal with Germany.…[View]
122332071'Trump is God' according to random asian child: >Lion >Trump has been depicted as a lion >F…[View]
122328779Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Which country shows the most signs of fetal alcohol syndrome?[View]
122326483Anyone here feel disgusted with Trump? He broke his promises.[View]
122331906Happy Earth day /pol/![View]
122327064Old vs. New World: What differences exist between Old Worlders and New Worlders?[View]
122331400Wtf is wrong with congress? Both the House and Senate are majority republican, so why does everythin…[View]
122331815you can't even make this shit up[View]
122331811Do you want what happend to persian land, happen to europe?[View]
122330760BRITIAN NO: https://www.studyfinds.org/change-lightbulb-household-chores-study/ >Are you handy en…[View]
122331773TRUMP CALLS CANADA A DISGRACE: why does nobody like us? :( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lt75RhmQk…[View]
122331752You still don't get what the 3rd Reich was, do you? It was less about nationality, not even abo…[View]
122321976Alright theirs too many neets on this board, how does it feel to be a nigger and a parasite? GET A F…[View]
122330359Berkeley Logistics and Tactics: Last Thread: >>122288714 For all the talk of how to deal with …[View]
122314174Russians take down Jihadi with grenade: BTFO! http://clapsnews.com/2017/04/22/must-see-russian-secur…[View]
122331245He's baaaaaaaack...!: Can /pol/ forgive and forget? >Conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopou…[View]
122330084Could communism work this time?[View]
122303389Free college: Give me one good reason as to why college shouldn't be free. It should be a civil…[View]
122331252Theresa May was asked; >'What is best in politics?' >'To crush your opposition, to see them dr…[View]
122331193Shoe0nhead: What does /pol/ think about Shoe0nhead?[View]
122331294I've seen a lot of blackpill threads about women on here lately, so I decided to chime in. It…[View]
122330976How would /pol/ feel about Trump authorising one or multiple live nuclear weapon tests off the coast…[View]
122331220Lmao guys we did it! Bbc.com/news/blogs-trending-39557365[View]
122307015/esp/ Spain General - (((Pablemos))) Edition: GET IN THE /ESP/ DISCORD https://discord.gg/VP5fkkq Th…[View]
122315512Trump BTFO!: Scientists oppose Trump, some of them are even 10 years old! >Crowds massed in the …[View]
122330344THE REDPILL PROBLEM: Lets discuss redpills /pol/ It is know that we are a subconscious driven specie…[View]
122331043lepen isnt going to win is she[View]
122331028*Checks employment status* >You mean, I'm still the President's chief strategist? *Lick…[View]
122331002socialism doesn't work, this is why 21T in debt from obamaterrorist: lets go mega capitalist ex…[View]
122330316How come we don't set up a redpill webpage?: A best-of web page with sorted infographics, memes…[View]
122329164>eating chicken eggs is evil because chicken embryos died for this >abortion is a fundamental …[View]
122330777Homophobia literally boils down to hating God's own Creation. If you are anti-gay, you're …[View]
122330729How's that wall coming along?[View]
122317080>unscrew cap >pull string[View]
122329812Is anyone else /pacifist/ here?: Why are people unironically talking about beating the shit out of a…[View]
122311714Trump worse than Shillary: Explain this pol/[View]
122328492pizzagate: does this logo look familiar to anyone?[View]
122330668MOLDYLOCKS GOFUNDME SUPERTHREAD: She doesn't deserve any money. She is part of a group that des…[View]
122329863are jews human?: discuss[View]
122330652Blacks, get in HERE: Blacks, what are your most /pol beliefs that you believe?[View]
122330350TRUMP TEAMS UP WITH EU >Trump puts EU ahead of Britain >During a private conversation last mon…[View]
122329382Why are Catholics are almost as bad as Jews when it comes to the persecution complex? For centuries …[View]
122330505Favorite orwell quotes: Orwell was such a brilliant man. So much of what he had so many observations…[View]
122326154/polder/ Make Netherlands smaller, again?: Make us independent of the cancer of our country: Randsta…[View]
122328089Do you agree with this directive?: 'It must become clear to everybody in Germany, even to the last m…[View]
122324564>>122310510 This autistic french fucking spammer is fucking annoying. Here is a much better ta…[View]
122327649https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qj3nWy7HMs song for all you pro choisers out there its not black an…[View]
122330447>http://www.ocweekly.com/news/are-mexicans-white-6426421 This is an interesting article that I fi…[View]
122328217TURK AREN'T WH-[View]
122323055Can you finally accept that democracy is one huge hoax?[View]
122330092We can Troll Disney: Everyone, today is a great day because today we have the opportunity to troll D…[View]
122323040>germans >white Whatever floats your boat, LARPers…[View]
122324481Trump's wall is getting it's own movie before it's even built[View]
122330011LIBERAL PHD FAMILY MEMBER WAKING UP: Just talked to my super liberal sister. We avoid politics for t…[View]
122325976JEB SURGE[View]
122330190Frogs: Would anyone watch this?[View]
122330109I'm not /pol/ but I think this is where this belongs A debate between Dugin and Olavo. What do …[View]
122328393Western Flag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fd5xATu7uZQ Really makes you think.[View]
122322231Politicians you respect[View]
122330089What does /pol/ think of /r/red pillwomen/[View]
122280375Darwinism is the ultimate redpill: >survival of the fittest >nature is amoral, this universe i…[View]
122329795Race mixing = spreading white seed and lightening up lesser races. Fuck betas on pol who are anti-ra…[View]
122329426Maxine Waters: This completely psychotic nigger-cunt needs to be run out of DC on a rail. https://w…[View]
122329441election betting: I wanna bet money on Le Pen win, what are some good political betting sites?…[View]
122313092Syria General /sg/ - Moderate Rebels Suck Cock Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagen…[View]
122329813So by the time I wake up tomorrow will the election be over?[View]
122329802How real is this?[View]
122326663Do countries in the Americas get triggered by the USA being referred to simply as 'America'? Isn…[View]
122329746Television brainwashing: Is television shaping our behaviors and mannerisms?[View]
122329741ITT: post your face when Le Pen doesn't make it to the run-off[View]
122325369AMAZON NO! Outraged Muslims are reportedly planning a May 1 demonstration at the Amazon headquarters…[View]
122324813/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL- FAKE NEWS EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.go…[View]
122327181Is there a more savage take down of feminist than this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFFJWzgUmTE…[View]
122329641'Make Israel great again': Why did you vote for this cuck again? We could have had an Aryan woman ru…[View]
122329635Help! Need that infographic showing how much worse things got under Obama. (unemployment statistics,…[View]
122323561North Korea Nukes Australia: How will they ever recover from this?[View]
122329474>Be me >Explore the nearby town >Go to Holocaust musem >Learn about antisemitism and how…[View]
122328787Who do you believe runs your country /pol/?: Who's actually in charge if not the President and …[View]
122329345infiltrate antifa: Do yourself a favour and make a few alt reddit accounts and let them sit if you n…[View]
122329342Fate: It is the end of the line for our white heritage folks. Juden have called for our exterminatio…[View]
122315401ANTIFA and Lefties Doxed Themselves HAHAHA: An anti-fascism petition went around, which dumb lefties…[View]
122328455>Being atheist Does it get more beta than this?[View]
122320396Redpill me on the Armenian Genocide. Why wont Turkey admit to it and make amends? Did it happen? Why…[View]
122328729Why do godless nations fall into cuckoldry faster?[View]
122327071CAN'T STENCHON THE MELENCHON: Hero of working class will surprise the world tomorrow. >Le P…[View]
122329128travel ban: How can yall be for the travel ban when most terrorist attacks are committed by white na…[View]
122319575What if Hitler relinquished power to Rommel in 1940?[View]
122310440What is YOUR purpose /pol/?[View]
122322338OPERATION GOTHAM SHIELD TO BLACK OUT NEW YORK: Apparently it will start on April 24th simulating a n…[View]
122327436Black man runs for NYC council to fight Jewish landlords: http://thomaslopezpierre.com/home.html htt…[View]
122329041Daily MGTOW: just a reminder /pol/ is a MGTOW board let's go over it >women these days cant …[View]
122315507/pol/ Actually thinks Marine Le Pen will win. Let me tell you what I saw during my vacation in Pari…[View]
122328924Why attack France on eve of election?: A previously detained kebab decided to lash out. ISIS claimed…[View]
122304355Is quitting sugary softdrinks the only redpilled move?: I am fit, athletic, do a lot of sport. But I…[View]
122327999What was /pol/ like during the entire Occupy Wallstreet ordeal? I really only remember the ddosing o…[View]
122326144Are you?[View]
122327267Power Level pics /pol/ coming out edition: In this thread, we discuss and display how much you have …[View]
122320777If Le Pen wins, do we beat (((them)))?: She wants to leave the EU, Nigel Farage has even stated that…[View]
122323331Are some social beliefs holdovers from social evolution?: What if many of the social beliefs we or o…[View]
122319883/pol/ BTFO by Arthur Schopenhauer: “Every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be p…[View]
122325937Brit/pol/ - That's Why I'm Voting UKIP Edition: OFFICIAL THREAD THEME: https://www.youtube…[View]
122320714Islam will rule the west and there 2 two things you can do about it : 1-crying and bitching on a vie…[View]
122327939How fucked is South Africa?: We can talk all day about what may happen in the future to Europe or th…[View]
122326924OY VEY![View]
122328537Antifa: The one thing people are missing about antifa is how they recruit, and some of their more di…[View]
122321710Hosting an AMA on sjw land Reddit for feminists: Just bored at an airport and figured I go trolling.…[View]
122328499Gotham Shield Theory: So what if they use an 'EMP' blast as a way to declare martial law? It might b…[View]
122327081Sweden YES: Are you tired of Sweden YES threads yet? I do, too. Also: >1 post by this ID[View]
122323899What did he mean by all of this?: >I will work with Congress to introduce the following broader l…[View]
122328453/NEG/ New England General: /NEG/ New England General Well, /pol/, have you taken the New England pil…[View]
122316454Well /pol/...?: Explain pls.[View]
122328304Venezuela: have the highest proven oil reserves in the world @300 billion barrel, producing less and…[View]
122326661What does a redpilled education look like? Here's some starter subjects to get the thread going…[View]
122277312How will we solve the problem of feeding the entire world? As it stands, 50% of American land is ded…[View]
122313268Women in combat: Women are too weak to be in the army >implying strength matters when modern arms…[View]
122328183What kind of mental gymnastics is Alex Jones and PJW dong to defend Trump on this? I don't watc…[View]
122327606I like when i see reefuges or niggers being rudes with european girls, they deserve shit, niggas and…[View]
122328150i have a great idea niggers. why wouldnt we made uo by ourselves term like niggers, which black peop…[View]
122328143Orthodox Superiority: How old were you when you realized Protestants and Catholics are pure cancer?…[View]
122328101'are you nervous' No, because this is clearly a Sikh?[View]
122328095Gets your noggin' joggin'[View]
122322386CATHOLIC GENERAL: Everyone is welcome. Discuss news, ask question, give answers, be kind to one anot…[View]
122263475/pol/ humour thread: Lets start out with a classic[View]
122327965>Anarcho-Communism So its communist anarchy? How can cucks push for two ideologies that have neve…[View]
122288714Berkeley Logistics and Tactics: Last Thread: >>122240659 For all the talk of how to deal with …[View]
122316948HEY RUSSIANS: Tell me about Krasnodar. I'm thinking about moving there and bringing tech jobs, …[View]
122327812Le Pen Meme Dump: Lads it's time! Le Pen will win tomorrow. Macron will fall. Take my energy an…[View]
122327163Hey /pol/ You were right again I'm in a long-term relationship with a chinese national. I'…[View]
122326947how is it allowed that this single race hold the world by the balls ?[View]
122327261go*burp*god is*burp*isn't re*burp*real mo*burp*mor*burp*morty pi*burp*ck*burp*le*burp*riiiiiiii…[View]
122327672>Spend billions to disproportionately incarcerate PoC for non-violent crime 'I'm just lookin…[View]
122321145THIS CANNOT BE POSTPONED ANY LONGER: DESTROY THE LIBERAL ARTS.: >We have ethics professors beatin…[View]
122327641Is lgbt supposed to be a movement about helping out other fellow humans who have different sexuality…[View]
122327607Why haven't YOU joined yet?: Niggermania is the finest site on the web! Join faggots.[View]
122318598Britbong candidate doesn't even speak English: WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS - BRITCLUCKS EXPLAIN YOURS…[View]
122322501What happens here /pol/[View]
122325102Why can't whites take a joke?[View]
122325764Post first world problems in your life that you either know or suspect the jews played a part in.[View]
122324638Marine Le Pen rises with female voters: Although most commentators focus on Marine Le Pen's gro…[View]
122320436HAS SNOPES FINALLY JUMPED THE SHARK?: According the Snopes, Moldylocks may have been attending the r…[View]
122308132this girl has 100% western European DNA: and shes from a Buddhist Himalayan mountain tribe why?…[View]
122327073Why do many women tends to behave this way? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWheVpX_dAk[View]
122327281I need advice /pol I'm graduating with a BS in Environmental Science/Earth Science from a UC. I…[View]
122327251Reminder that if you're working a white collar job, you're probably working for (((them)))…[View]
122319029Dear France: Listen, I know we've had and continue to have our differences. I know we give you …[View]
122323693White minorities: I don't know why everyone is so anxious about poo-skins immigrating to their …[View]
122327102Trump puts EU ahead of Britain in trade queue!: Hey, Brits are you going to cry? I said Germans are …[View]
122319664Okay guys, I've been seeing bumper stickers with various shit on them everywhere and I thought …[View]
122326607How is it that multiple anti-Trump subreddits, as well as anti-Capitalism subreddits such as /r/Late…[View]
122322587Is there any situation where collaborating with the cops is justified? https://www.reddit.com/r/Anar…[View]
122327036Poster thread.: >what posters are you putting up >what are you using to put them up >what a…[View]
122325295SWEDEN YES[View]
122327011Fillon wins: With absolute majority I have the data from DGSI[View]
122325669TURN ON CNN[View]
122317562He dindu nuffin: Why hasn't he been arrested yet?[View]
122326926>neo-nazi militia >fighting for the shillropean union These fuckwits are the epitomy of useful…[View]
122326866>white guy gets told to go back to his country by a native Doesn't feel so good to be on the…[View]
122324651>‘The Ideas Made It, But I Didn’t’ >Pat Buchanan won after all. But now he thinks it might be …[View]
122322765>upper class normie thinks he can do whatever he wants >dies from one punch lmao http://archiv…[View]
122326675https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6-GDE31Kuw what happened to joe?[View]
122326412CONGRESS WANTS YOUR 401(k): This post isn't sexy as the Battle of Berkeley, but it's impor…[View]
122323376>holocaust never h-[View]
122321691Do public schools have to say the Pledge of Allegiance?[View]
1223244161. Go to pamiec dot pl/pa/biblioteka-cyfrowa/dodatki-do-miesiecznika/13176,PLAN-OPERACJI-ZACZEPNEJ-F…[View]
122325662Le Pen? More like La Chienne: No fucking chance. Amiright, Gaston?[View]
122323797Why did feminism exist?: Was it a tool used to propogate the military industrial complex and convinc…[View]
122321704FRENCH ARMY AND POLICE VOTING FOR LE PEN: Approximately 62% of soldiers and 51% of police officers a…[View]
122326478Norway, (you know who you are) you are a fucking cunt. You piece of shit. I hope your dick falls off…[View]
122326134holocaust: Why did the Nazis treat & heal the people they were about to gas?[View]
122326334Best Germany Faden: Come in here, Autbros. Change is coming, can you feel it? Vienna will be Turk fr…[View]
122323290French Election: Will Le Pen win? Thoughts in general?[View]
122326295After losing the White House to God-Emperor Trump, Hillary Clinton prepares to lay the groundwork fo…[View]
122321541I have been here since the first /new/. Not that that means anything. Oldfags only.[View]
122323270Stop voting for your own slavery.[View]
122326220Change Africa: So I was thinking, what if we continue to give financial aid to africa but change it …[View]
122319280Trump wants to rip up Iran deal: How many more wars we gonna fight under Trump? http://www.cnn.com/2…[View]
122322499Attention any Midwest Anons: Does anyone know any Right Wing organizations that aren't pure ca…[View]
122311770/emg/ Emmanuel Macron General: Let's get this going! I know my fellow Macron supporters are out…[View]
122325890Scots who voted leave: Any Scots on here that voted leave? How do you feel about the whole 62% thing…[View]
122309729/pol/ As a millennial how do you survive financially living alone? I've moved out from parents …[View]
122321103>his country doesn't show Alex Jones on national TV what are you? from the third world?…[View]
122305021Cringe: Someone made a hijab rap video https://youtu.be/XOX9O_kVPeo[View]
122319298> American people think this is science[View]
122325926The Alex Jones Show live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vXf6tYSi6k[View]
122286161What's with liberal's obsession with children's literature?[View]
122324323is Jared Kushner The antichrist?: He got all the credentials[View]
122323617US fucked downunder: >we will honor the deal to accept the refugees, but we don't like it. w…[View]
122325814Donald Trump tells immigrants brought to US as children they can 'rest easy': GOOD TRUMP h…[View]
122325028SWEDEN YES!: Hello /pol/, please look at the following videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_Sp0…[View]
122325221Just a reminder to the Russians and their cucks here in America that you won't win. Even if you…[View]
122323097Martin Armstrong-Economic Downturn Will Take World to War: War hard-on /pol/acks, it's seems yo…[View]
122321372You know how the US helped the Taliban take over Afghanistan to oppose Russia? Well, Germany helped …[View]
122323025Alex Jones just confirmed that he had sex with 150 women by the time he was 16 years old. Why can…[View]
122303540Why is /pol/ so ungrateful?[View]
122325430Praise kek: Dubs or post ending in 41 decides where will be the next ISIS attack. please be in Tijua…[View]
122325413>Be PhD student >Rape girl >Send her a text to apologise a year later >Get arrested …[View]
122324864ADL King Kike asking how much of his audience visits 4chan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_fbBWxx…[View]
122318458Marine Le Pen Will Win!: I can't explain it, I just have this gut feeling that the world is goi…[View]
122323383Heil Hitler!: Hey my fellow stormfags. Should we post a bunch of natsoc issues and threads in /pol/ …[View]
122300503Child Sacrifices of the Elite: >>122283903 previous thread Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
122290838Are catholics even Christian?[View]
122324198>Trump has openly supported Israel during his election campaign >/pol/ acts surprised when Tru…[View]
122317565https://m.liveleak.com/view?i=3d4_1393589943 Are slavshits wh-... Are slavshits even human beings??…[View]
122310510'Cultural Marxism' is fake pt 3: Continued from previous: >>122278664 Ever get annoyed about h…[View]
122325103Tell me what's okay with this, pol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9qJ81AAg14 >off school p…[View]
122298488Happy birthday, great leader[View]
122319688>rewatching Ken Burn's The Civil War >Get to Episode 5: 'The Universe of Battle' >tfw …[View]
122325022>Based Bill O' Reilly got blacked and is a dumb Cuck.[View]
122319427/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - MOAB EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov ht…[View]
122315005The Great meme war: What if we start a war to shut down tumblr?[View]
122323719Why can't millennials get their kids to eat?[View]
122324240raid with us: https://discord.gg/dvAFXDB[View]
122321916/corpg/ - Corporatism General: This thread is dedicated to the discussion of Corporatist theory, all…[View]
122323440Would identity politics work for conservatives? So I'm wondering if we had a black guy or any w…[View]
122308821Fascism will lose: Le Pen is going to lose. France will withstand the far right once again. Get read…[View]
122322343For a board that likes evidence and statistics, this is alarming.[View]
122324536Metternich: Was Metternich the most based man in the 19th century?[View]
122315615Brit/pol/ - 'What's all that about?' Edition: >Thread Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
122319164Fascism is inevitable: Machine Learning AI will learn to effectively manage and plan large parts of …[View]
122322516Because of white genocide I hate racemixing. Because of race realism I'm okay with chinese mixi…[View]
122324236Presidential election could lead to rioting in French cities, intelligence agencies warn: http://www…[View]
122320207If Le Pen wins will she expand France's borders to the Rhine?[View]
122321672Trump and the jews: How long until we're gonna give up on Trump and view him as just another je…[View]
122322411Prostitution: What exactly is wrong with prostitution being legal? >prohibiting it doesn't …[View]
122318391We could have had a strong Anglo Saxon, Aryan woman running the world. Instead we get a Jew loving c…[View]
122303969Manlet American Airlines official takes a lady's stroller away, hits her in the head with it, a…[View]
122323552SHIT COULD GET REAL: So, Kekistan. The fictional republic, or is it? Can't pol track down a dis…[View]
122318561SAY IT WITH ME[View]
122318142Damn, Sven. Your own gubment figures don't care she died.[View]
122323792Lepen is a zionist shill, and you are all being fooled by the JIDF[View]
122323258Globalism can't be stopped: Simply by interacting with other people online, we are all slowly g…[View]
122321792I work at the Canada Agency Revenue. While working, I had a Jew calling by the name of Goldstein. Ob…[View]
122318684XD chess: Here it is, full plot, you loose. 1. put idiots on streets marching for muh rights, pussy …[View]
122323622Why everything is terrible now: The design originally quite likely looked like anon's version o…[View]
122323618Are thinkpads /pol/ approved ?[View]
122323550/pp/ - Portuguese Politics: 'Marcelo is Gay' Edition: Time for another /pp/ thread, maninhos de outr…[View]
122323079Why did (((they))) have to kill him pol?[View]
122319754Redpills for 1/2-chan faggots: Listen up redditcancer, this thread contains redpills, buckle the fuc…[View]
122321012When I see Italian kikebook (relatively normie) pages posting stuff like this, I believe there'…[View]
122323306RIP Labour: Why is a homeless man the 'opposition' in the UK?[View]
122294920MarchForScience: So what is this MarchForScience? Is it a plot against Trump? I'm sick of left…[View]
122323227For all Germans: check out https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC1ZK236MOX_9K9UcQ-pnnGQ[View]
122321521Lets meme Le Pen a victory: Alright pol, it is time to get to work. get on twitter and lets flood t…[View]
122323179Fat Hate Thread: Sometimes when I'm at Walmart and I see a fat nigger waddling or riding on it…[View]
122322776Black people you like thread[View]
122323048What else can we find on the commie mayor of berkley do your thing /pol/[View]
122301285Frogs Seriously How can anyone in your country vote for anyone but Le Pen?[View]
122322412What does God look like Children? > I'm an atheist: That one kid though.. >He's [God…[View]
122322909>stop reading book for a second >look at clock >16:38 >look at 4chan on my phone for a s…[View]
122322904how long before colleges begin teaching entire courses in fake news? >mfw there's an entire…[View]
122300080RISK: New RISK bread. You know the drill, faggots.[View]
122322171So lads, Betfair currently have 3.75 to 1 odds on Ukip winning a SINGLE seat on June 8th... should I…[View]
122321729When will my Christian bros unite and finally get rid of all T*rkroaches, sand niggers and mudslimes…[View]
122311889Prove her wrong[View]
122322599Spoilt babby tries badgering: http://www.businessinsider.com/trump-trade-merkel-germany-eu-2017-4…[View]
122319147When will America bring freedom to the oppressed people of Transnistria?[View]
122322461Facebook account needs hacking: Any autists want to hack heathen Facebook profiles in the name of Go…[View]
122322383/pol/: How does it feel that you may be the key to shutting down Antifa AND Berkley corruption? What…[View]
122320878Hello goyms. drop your rarest jewish faces[View]
122320382So it seems like europeans have trouble finding the will to fight w/o an American standing at their …[View]
122322279Have you ever masturbated to a politician so kek can take your cum as a sacrifice to the meme gods t…[View]
122320807Check this out 22min in, pic related https://vimeo.com/213935447[View]
122300593Honest opinions on Indian immigrants?: Just curious cause i am immigrating to a western country just…[View]
1223143764D interdenominational water polo[View]
122311372future persian empire thread / ANTI ISLAM: Cyrus is father of all persians! WAKE UP BROTHERS, AS LON…[View]
122319707Hey /pol/ I have a survey for a class I need filled out. It's about police relations and how yo…[View]
122321692Any news on Eric Clapton? Has he been fired? Arrested? Anything?[View]
122319421honest thoughts on pjw?[View]
122320647Were there any nazi intellectuals? Commies have Marks, Engels, Lenin, Trocki and bunch of others thi…[View]
122321778MAGA: Can i just say as a Yeb! supporter, Ive seen the light and have finally jumped on the Trump tr…[View]
122313831Can Having Genital Preferences for Dating Mean You’re Anti-Trans?: >they cant be serious ri- http…[View]
122319748JEB SURGE[View]
122321657Do you guys like my flowers?[View]
122298618Post yfw you came on pol for the first time[View]
122320260So we're all voting Conservative, right? Would vote for UKIP but their leadership seems pretty …[View]
122321495why so disrespectful? Obama was respectful when he was in the White House.[View]
122313778>mentally handicapped and arrogant people >never ending corruption everywhere >backwards ed…[View]
122321389Let's get a screencap/redpill thread going[View]
122318911>have one chance in life >be born as a mestizo >only attracted to white girls and only lik…[View]
122318542Another rally. Another strong message.: How will Trump ever recover?[View]
122317551How can I progress?: >Only 53% in Might >Only 57.2% in Authority >'Progressive'…[View]
122313653>voting for a literal nazi But why?[View]
122316274Survey: 1 In 5 Adults In The UK Can’t Change A Lightbulb, Boil An Egg: Wtf UK. Explain yourselves. …[View]
122321297Restore the German Empire! https://youtu.be/4xqnb0lQhxA[View]
122321294Share how you are successfully trolling AznIdentity on Reddit: > 6 active accounts on AznIdentity…[View]
122320011Why do right wingers argue so adamantly that being gay is a choice? If people WERE born gay, it…[View]
122318843Love wins, vote NO to criminalize bestiality. http://legiscan.com/TX/bill/HB1087/2017 http://legisca…[View]
122311049On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being fake 10 being real how fake is this? I'm gonna go with a 4[View]
122320828From VoxDay's blog quoting Scott adams. Scott Adams on scientific consensus And the limited val…[View]
122317360Miss Bum Bum gets a tattoo of Donald Trump's face: Wtf Brazil??? Why are your women so sexy yet…[View]
122319419Would you die for your country pol?[View]
122316881General 'Mad Dog' Mattis Shills for Israel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-XxUulID4E Netanyahu: …[View]
122319305tfw lousy excuse for christian: tfw can't resist fapping tfw can't resist losing my temper…[View]
122320766Where do you stand? I'm mostly libertarian but believe that somebody should check things like c…[View]
122319644>TFW living in a right wing theocracy since 1776 /pol/ BTFO[View]
122318714https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSewF2qXXhRCcA99RzmUizzPLbXddEgnyGt9mf3Su7AhlVZaaw/viewform …[View]
122320658EUROPE YES: https://www.quora.com/Is-Islam-slowly-taking-over-Europe/answer/Usama-Ahmad-36/comment/2…[View]
122320650CHINA: Hey guys, I am leaving next Friday to teach some ESL in China for a month. I will start by vi…[View]
122320372White Mexicans: We are white, /pol/, it is the Anglo-Saxons and the angry Americans who try to take …[View]
122318274White people ended slavery: Without the whites fighting for and against slavery, it would still be a…[View]
122283348Make France great again.: Tomorrow, France makes its choice...[View]
122320038https://uk.isidewith.com/en/political-quiz: Prove you not a cuck Brit /pol/ users https://uk.isidewi…[View]
122320390http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/blacked.com >people who visit BLACKED.com are mostly educated men…[View]
122310647>there are people on this board who defend circumcision[View]
122306560>Lose two world wars in the last century >Still end up in charge of Europe anyway How the fuck…[View]
122311322VOTE LE PEN https://twitter.com/Awening_LoL/status/855519047651340290[View]
122315960Why is this place filled with people who are proud of the 'western civilisation' when they themselve…[View]
122309574What happened to Bioware?[View]
122319809So I originally came here to just attack /pol/ for being retarded and ruining 4chan. I was originall…[View]
122312571>Le Pen will be victorio-[View]
122319186is drumpf proof that we're not in the same dimension we started in? how do we go from early 21s…[View]
122304436GET IN HERE LETS GET HER TRENDING! https://twitter.com/hashtag/jevotemarine?f=tweets&vertical=de…[View]
122317204>men can't be good moth- just look at how this baby adores xim[View]
122291460Redpilled weaponry thread[View]
122319518Does /pol/ really want to a 100% white world or is ethnopluralism OK for you?[View]
122318610>his political views are left wing >he writes with his right hand…[View]
122319828https://mobile.twitter.com/kenklippenstein/status/855816315336105985 Another (((verified))) Twitter …[View]
122318669Where are your tin foil hats /pol?[View]
122317648>He believes G-d is 3 and not 1 >Deuteronomy 6:4 שְׁמַע יִשְׂרָאֵל יְהוָה אֱלֹהֵינוּ יְהוָה אֶ…[View]
122318308Berkeley Mayor Supports Antifa: Hey /pol/ can we get some weaponized autism going here? Watch this v…[View]
122312557why does /pol hate muslims: muslims are hard working citizens and are at top levels of govt. (at lea…[View]
122307050NO FAP: Anyone else doing nofap? Just had a testicle removed because cancer and the doctor said i sh…[View]
122317599Ever since based Trump blew the fuck out of the globalist subhuman Putin and his puppet ASSad, /POL …[View]
122315752Trump Fucks the Media...again: https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/855816071663812608 >ann…[View]
122317728Large metropolitan cities: What are the advantages of living in a large city compared to commuting f…[View]
122319199Friendly reminder that this is what people voting for Melenchon are going for : a massive influx of …[View]
122319190'Nuclear ramparts pills' in September in the mailbox.: Dutch Goverment having a giveaway o…[View]
122317431Out of the way pansies, greatest military in the world comin' through[View]
122308738I am a Muslim with sufficient knowledge of the religion. If you have a question, go ahead and ask, i…[View]
122319046Can your precious 'science' explain this?[View]
122312336How can we show our youth the political light? I just found out my younger cousin is hanging around …[View]
122299671Antifa wants weapons and training: >after losing the battle of Berkeley, antifa now wants trainin…[View]
122306017Place your bets, lads[View]
122300748Find a more handsome white nationalist[View]
122318240We need to legalize billboards: Billboards are still illegal is Vermont and Maine. We need to make t…[View]
122313849Fillon wins tomorrow: Screencap this. I have the data.[View]
122317879What does /pol/ think about trump?[View]
122317442Possible NYC Nuclear Attack Drill/Test: Looks like sometime between April 24 and 26, there will be s…[View]
122318824What is this fucker in the bottom right up to?[View]
122318307who's your favorite commentator/youtuber/character on your opposite side? i'm mostly right…[View]
122318486>Muh based conservative jooz! >They kill the mudzlimz! >Ben Shapiro iz redpilled! Are t_d p…[View]
122302209Fellow /pol/lacks, among all the divide and conquer and shilling on this board, there is something t…[View]
122318703Whores: What exactly is wrong with prostitution being legal? >prohibiting it doesn't stop o…[View]
122289684Serious Discussion: How do we justify our extensive military presence abroad? Were running a massive…[View]
122296064Normie friend Intel gathering: So, a friend of mine just send me this pics and a vid of USA Navy cro…[View]
122318174Future Generations: >2017 >still mad a 2013 National Geographic issue predicted pic related wi…[View]
122318497Women shouldnt hold office no matter where you are in the world, and this includes this cunt. Le Pen…[View]
122313610What are the most Automation-Proof Jobs?: So if automation is going to be the massive thing of the l…[View]
122280117>this is the average show on mainstream television in the USA >teenagers see this type of shit…[View]
122314057Longtime deist here, after much deliberation, I think I'm ready to convert. I intend to go to a…[View]
122318267Are albanians the worst ethnicity there is? Why are they so fucking easy to spot? It's easier f…[View]
122316004>Germany went to war alone against the whole world and lost, this is obviously the Jewish people…[View]
122306996So? Where are all the anti-Christian Republicans, alt-right protestors against Christianization, and…[View]
122317886Queen Elizabeth Warns ‘World War 3 Must Start In 2017’: Queen Elizabeth “completely ruined her own p…[View]
122316390Just a reminder drumpfkins: even if Le Pen gets in the run-off, she'll lose terribly.[View]
122317489>when did australia get this close to asia[View]
122298904NO WALL CONFIRMED HAHHAHAHAHA >Republican majority in the house and senate >Can't even pa…[View]
122317984Airline stuff: An American Airlines flight attend lost his cool trying to remove a stroller from an …[View]
122317419Fee figh fo fum These are the trips of an Englishman![View]
122308702She's reaching for the final round!![View]
122317941Tell me why again why these countries shouldn't just merge?: BURGER NATION + GREATER ISRAEL For…[View]
122317721vive la france!: post rare hollandes[View]
122317870Like Pottery: >scientists organize a march for science months ago, to protest Trump's le ebi…[View]
122312827>/pol/ always says that communism doesn't work >actually sit down and read this >it ma…[View]
122317680French Elections Thread: Some of my Kikebook friends who are from France went to the embassy to vote…[View]
122317658Why are there more third worlders on /pol/ than /int/ or pretty much any other board?[View]
122308156Tomorrow's vote: Anons decide for who I'll vote on tomorrow's presidentials election…[View]
122298379If there are some Aryans in India why is it such a shithole?[View]
122317605Islamic Terrorism: Imagine you're the president of your country and an ISIS, or any other Islam…[View]
122317544ITT We R8 our doggos[View]
122314144Democracy will be over once le pen loses. Nationalists will turn to monarchism.[View]
122291307Were the Americans more successful at beating Antifa? And if so: why? Pic and vid related: https://w…[View]
122314895tardchan: they're selling your data to the nsa. avoid those retards. https://endchan.xyz/.media…[View]
122315409MGTOW Here: Can we just agree that the Modern Woman is shit? I want an obedient servant to meet my m…[View]
122315706Why do american girls love mexicans so much? my friend is from mexico, he is 5'6 i think and he…[View]
122317333normies, when will they learn?: >being happy >2017 when you get the depressing realization som…[View]
122317314SLAVS AREN'T WHITE[View]
122299960Well, guys?[View]
122317271I rarely see topics we used to discuss and attitudes are different. This board's changed over t…[View]
122316653Is the only way to save the white race from being assimilated is to make niggers more racist and vie…[View]
122317197just a reminder, even if Le Pen does win France is doomed. The best she will do is delay the inevita…[View]
122317218Science liberals don't want to hear[View]
122316651http://www.avclub.com/article/alex-jones-brags-hes-number-one-meme-during-custod-254069 Can he be be…[View]
122314202Is the great battle for berkeley part 6 inc?[View]
122313206/pol/ is being raided by antfia[View]
122316799HELP!!! The Vatican is Tracking me!!: NOT A LARP!!!! The Vatican is tracking me cause I don't l…[View]
122316140What is /pol/s general consensus on Ustaše? Were they the good guys in WW2?[View]
122317019Good luck, Frogbros. Sorry for burning Joan of Arc but you know how things were.[View]
122295428>DAAAADDDY!! Don't send the poor illegal immigrants home Top fucking kek…[View]
122316232Why this makes me feel /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZAp6rEe-nU[View]
122312770JEB SURGE[View]
122315004X Muslim here. Raised by sunni parents. Left the shit a year ago Ama :)[View]
122308384If 0.66% of the US defense budget went into NASA yearly, the mission for Mars would be funded. Why …[View]
122316854Reminder that if you vote for her, you're a fucking cuck and socialist. Fillon is the true /pol…[View]
122312666Steal This[View]
122314241Miss me yet?[View]
122314506Daily reminder capitalists are the true cucks.[View]
122316335>destroyed white nationalism Was Hitler, dare I say it, (((our guy)))?[View]
122312308If you say you have ADHD you can rape underaged Swedish whores in the ass with 0 jail days: http://w…[View]
122316512this trigger the joos. >be a tobacco shop >sell these >get attacked by joos http://it.blas…[View]
122315275Guns Poll: How does /pol/ feel about guns? http://www.strawpoll.me/12803272 http://www.strawpoll.me/…[View]
122316138Hahahaha Drumpfkins BTFO!: W-Wait what, this means Drumpf is going to win a second term.. what!!? W-…[View]
122315503See who's ourguy in France: I dare anyone to look at this and tell who ourguy is is not obvious…[View]
122314048>crazy white right-wingers shoot people pol: 'Don't judge everyone based on a couple crazies…[View]
122308809What does pol think of brown guys who wear beanies on warm days?[View]
122316240https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/City_Palace,_Berlin >The Berlin City Palace (German: Berliner Stadt…[View]
122313210>He's American >Unironically think Nazis don't liken you to modern day blacks in Ame…[View]
122316228ITT: We name the people responsible for SJW culture: >Obama >Macklemore >Buzzfeed…[View]
122316208ITT: we post our faces when Le Pen doesn't make it to the run-off[View]
122316188Like this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHGxkYllT3I We can't have the left control You…[View]
122312539Holy shit Italy is full KEKED T. Burger on vacation >see Indian Bangladeshi whatever pack in bus …[View]
122299637Why does Japan seem so much more comfy than the west? Why can't we be more like Japan?[View]
122309392>Master race >Lost the war[View]
122316090Is female genital mutilation a protected religious practice?: http://archive.is/5SDF9 The attorney f…[View]
122316132Let's settle this once and for all: Stop the shilling, post your results to this test to see wh…[View]
122314533/redpill/ Redpill General: Since it seems we are being raided, why don't we have a little redpi…[View]
122315850So far, capitalism has a shorter lifespan than other economic systems, such as Feudalism and slavery…[View]
122316022guys stop bullying me plz :([View]
122301439> 'dumb liberals getting useless degrees and into debt hahahaha' > 'anon, get a degree in fina…[View]
122314522Fucking tinder[View]
122315580i wonder why she wants to brexit so hard[View]
122313209This far-right, xenophobic, Putin-funded cunt is going to win, isn't she?[View]
122315742Hannibal Barca: >be black >have no relevant history >try to steal someone achievements >…[View]
122310564If Preserving a 'race/breed' of people is so important to you guys why doesn't it work out for …[View]
122315722Is the future of the white male doomed? Are only manlets doomed?: Hi pol, I have a question. I saw a…[View]
122310350Is Civil War 2.0 Inevitable?: 'But wait, that’s not the dark part. After these groups clashed, the l…[View]
122310011Antifa is fucking retarded lmao They don't want members talking about bashing the fash online a…[View]
122315388Does the US president run the country or is it the deepstate/bankers and other elites that do? Does …[View]
122315193BRD GmbH - Every German citizen is US staff: Friendly reminder that (((US Americans))) run and occup…[View]
122315565Restore your Monarchies[View]
122315036Why are most women so stupid?[View]
122310707The moon is flat.: The moon is flat.[View]
122315102http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2014/04/kkk-leader-caught-with-a-black-male-prostitute.html …[View]
122315375Every single multimedia producing entity is what made Antifa. 4chan and imageboard culture is what …[View]
122313126* drops mike *[View]
122314446/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL: Why were we such faggots by voting in a kike? I guess it was for the …[View]
122310880What does my uni mean by this? Fucking shitlords[View]
122298806Killing Somali Pirates: How do you get this job and can they eviscerate and hang their leftovers on …[View]
122314673Who was the best president since Theodore Roosevelt? Nixon??[View]
122313060Do you support the Church of Almighty God, AKA Eastern Lightning, in their struggle against the Chin…[View]
12230299364oz double big gulp 'murica[View]
122312507Why do you autists put so much faith in female leaders?! Le Pen is nothing but the next Merkel. Are …[View]
122310721Redpilled Into Depression: Redpilled gender theory, aka Leddit's watered-down redpill has ruine…[View]
122314979XD chess: Here it is, full plot, you loose. 1. put idiots on streets marching for muh rights, pussy …[View]
122311449Do you genuinely hate niggers and pakis because of just their skin colour, or their behaviour? If o…[View]
122314634Fillon needs your help. Vote for him first round; vote for Le Pen second round.[View]
122314251what killed her /pol/?: she was a writer and investigator but most importantly a lover to one of the…[View]
122310977What's with socialists and cognitive dissonance?[View]
122314658I think I know why radical islamism becomes so popular. So islam is polygamic. It means that majorit…[View]
122302110To white supremacist: You talk all this shit, call people who don't have your skin color the wo…[View]
122291462Christian General?: My Daughter is getting baptised in June. We need to pick a verse from the Bible…[View]
122312148>white people will never live in this era again and it absolutely eats them up inside everyday…[View]
122314059Hoax Creation: 4Chan has become boring again. Like it always is. I would like to work with you guys …[View]
122314589https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FKZxAAAiJdg /POL/ if karma determines skin tone, >do poo-in-loos re…[View]
122311702Why did the irish never create civilization?: 'They (the Irish) live on beasts only, and live like b…[View]
122313673There are only two types of countries. 1) the ones everyone complaints about 2) the ones that are no…[View]
122314524France here Just walk outside for a walk. I've seen nothing but Macron signs here. I even seen …[View]
122314477*deregulates polluters* *defunds the epa*[View]
122314436The White Helmet is a scam: http://theindicter.com/white-helmets-movie-updated-evidence-from-swedish…[View]
122313431Representing UKIP: Well guys I have a chance to be a Leader of a political party at our mock electio…[View]
122314371BAMN: 855 ASK BAMN[View]
122312750Which title would you give each decade? >50's dawn of the globalist superpower era >60…[View]
122307808what will donald trump do about the depression problem ?[View]
122281780Biology teacher destroys transphobic bigots with hard science. /pol/ will never recover from this[View]
122311465Since pork is going to be banned in Europe soon, what are some great pork recipes?[View]
122296802>Germans unironically believe red part belong to them[View]
122313895/A/Anti Antifa General: Discuss anti antifa shit here Pic unrelated[View]
122291740Leftist cognitive dissonance thread?: Leftist cognitive dissonance thread[View]
122289431Eating bread/wheat disrupts your masculinity - it is degenerate, stop it.: Wheat is not what you thi…[View]
122311824>mfw we weren't Egyptians and this was all bs to make us feel special…[View]
122314019pol's reaction when globalists win: https://endchan.xyz/.media/26b457847f33a23a0f0669442bfcdb6e…[View]
122286857Refugees PAID to come to Canada!!: http://www.metronews.ca/news/canada/2017/04/21/handful-of-syrian-…[View]
122313278It's legitimately like the discrimination games, jesus christ.[View]
122313980PIC RELATED IMPORTED 33K RAPEFUGEES IN 3 YEARS: >Regina and Christopher Catrambone >http://www…[View]
122313580I guy just tried to stab ppl in Gare du Nord de Paris. He was unable to hurt anyone tho. What are th…[View]
122310282Current state of /pol/ >anyone i dont like is a shill >anyone i dont like is bluepilled >an…[View]
122313962BURGER HATE THREAD: Redpill me on burgers chimping out Post em if you got em.[View]
122313499hey /pol/ these are me and my friends. are you also doing your part for the white race?[View]
122313955which country has the most pathetic cuck thread going right now? germany >>122308074 or swede…[View]
122313911Behold my victory, I will defeat the fascist and save France.[View]
122304677>tfw all the alt-right cancer has made me go from a lolbertarian to a full technocrat…[View]
122311695Holy shit hes against liberals now? https://youtu.be/2fI5Usp38Y8[View]
122313200Armbands need to come back in style. Doesn't matter what's on them.[View]
122313555ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha: ha ha ha ha ha ha https://…[View]
122313507Now just waiting for a third member of the club.[View]
122307319/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - FRED EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov ht…[View]
122311328Help George Pritt get home: Suffers from ALS, unable to board airplane https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
122313384Does anyone know where I can find Nazi-Germany themed wall art? Murals, Canvas paintings etc[View]
122313028EU mulls legislation in the fight against online hate speech: The European Union is considering legi…[View]
122312954ITT: we post our faces when Le Pen doesn't make it to the run-off[View]
122310706FRENCH PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION STRAW POLL: Who is /pol/ voting for? >http://www.strawpoll.me/128029…[View]
122306865Roast me[View]
122312155/lit/pol: What are we reading besides the Bible, lads? (KJV fags fuck off) > If you post 'Guns, G…[View]
122312942FAKE NEWS: RACE-MIXED BABY survives 150FT EJECTION FROM CAR: The Amazing Flying Baby Of Bourke Stree…[View]
122313224BILL O'REILLY MAKES SEXIST COMMENTS ON AIR: Just found this video. https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
122307331Cuck carts: What are we going to do about the epidemic of these cuck carts such as in pic related? I…[View]
122313142My mom thinks Im a psychopath: Im 19 and for the past three years she has been concerned because I '…[View]
122300002Amerianons what the fuck is with the word 'nigga/er'?: I can't believe the free world has an ac…[View]
122309789What is the best translation of the bible that's in modern english? I was reading the NIV but p…[View]
122310020Things Trump has FAILED at: >muslim ban (twice) >healthcare >lock her up >wall >depor…[View]
122312921Kek, Facebook censors anything that contains the word ' Sweden ' followed by ' Kings ' or ' Monarchy…[View]
122310568ok frenchies need some help. please redpill me on the french election. who will win and why? who sho…[View]
122310666ITT we impose tariffs on abbo's and appropriate their mescaline.[View]
122312820innawoods thread - specops edition: link: http://innawoods.net/[View]
122282639You wake up tomorrow and the world looks like this: What do you do?[View]
1223123788 values: can we get a part 2 going? http://8values.github.io/index.html[View]
122306027Political Compass Thread: Stuff like this Bonus points for OC[View]
122282986Post your Mayor.[View]
122310642LF rare Pepes[View]
122302956--- HIGH ENERGY THREAD --- In order to meme Le Pen into presidency, we have to make a high energy th…[View]
122312546Rumor Confirmed. Berkeley Mayor is Antifa: The sack of shit mayor of Berkeley is a member of Antifa.…[View]
122294392Brit/pol/ - Transylvanian Edition: >Thread theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8xGVnLales >…[View]
122304430wall when ?[View]
122312418>He's American >He advocates for civil unrest or war against his own countrymen who fell …[View]
122300694Lesbian teacher bans cross jewelry, plasters class with LGBT propaganda: I'm sick of being told…[View]
122312078So how you guys feeling about the tensions going on in North Korea? This was a long time coming and …[View]
122312340Toll Roads/Libertarian Hate General: >be okie fag want to visit family on other side of state …[View]
122310363Sweden Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
122308329You wake up tomorrow and the world looks like this. What do you do?[View]
122311987WTF, I HATE TRUMP NOW[View]
122311735The Start: This was the start of this shitty, boring world.[View]
122307363pizzagate laugh thread: Itt we laugh at morons who took #pizzagate seriously and believed that there…[View]
122309670Why is Trump flipping on all his promises? Now he's not even going to repeal DACA and will give…[View]
122307775Blm part 2: This is a continuation of another thread that I made around 4 days ago http://boards.4ch…[View]
122306642Confirmed: John Brennan Colluded With Foreign Spies to Defeat Trump: http://archive.is/2LdIE Why did…[View]
122307221How can people infiltrate antifa?: It's hard to find any good boards for them. Reddit is just t…[View]
122288922Syria General /sg/ - Massive Gainz Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpr…[View]
122311565>Brexit ended up being a mistake >Trump ended up being a mistake Does /pol/ hate France or som…[View]
122306919Even normies are getting more extreme now. http://www.memedroid.com/gallery/2054501[View]
122311727Election Gambling: Is it illegal or degenerate to gamble money on predicting the future of a country…[View]
122311721Le Pen will win: Deal with it Shareblue.[View]
122311584Why do Mexicans and other Hispanics not even bother uttering a few simple words of English beyond 'y…[View]
122311580>sometimes I read stuff https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earl_Warren Holy shit, what an absolute sac…[View]
122307702This is not a MGTOW thread: Let me explain why you shouldn't get married while comparing two sc…[View]
122298737Resurrect, Stalin, rise again! You need the country today. Let demonic disappear. In hell, the fire …[View]
122307544North Korea HAS ATTACKED THE US OF A. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=o0q8posZ6m4[View]
122296149Tell me why again why these countries shouldn't just merge?[View]
122308251Now that the dust has settled, has this story been blown out of proportion?[View]
122310914Since there are now courses teaching men not to rape, where are the courses for teaching killers not…[View]
122309377she will win, France is saved[View]
122306853/polder/ abroad edition: any updates from the lowlands for a fellow toothpaste thats abroad?[View]
122311006En Marche!: post yfw alt-right losses another election[View]
122304742North Korea accuses Australia of 'blindly toeing US line', warns of nuclear strike: Fuck y…[View]
122311247HINT: I really don't know where to post it and because of my plan includes evil and unmoral thi…[View]
122310607What does /pol/ think of Petry?: Is she no longer on our side anymore? Does AfD stand any chance wit…[View]
122311191'Based' defense secretary Mattis is getting a pat on the head from his Jewish Zionist mast…[View]
122309016Would a Republican Hillary have beaten a Democrat Trump? Hypothetically assuming platform adherence …[View]
122311157MEME JEWS INTO BREEDING WITH NOGS: This solves the problem, folks. If we influenced the election, co…[View]
122310255What is best in Life? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b11-37Me_a4[View]
122276040The Truth About Brazil: Everyone here talks about Brazil like it is some mythical land of murder, bu…[View]
122309974Are women who don't wear hijabs degenerates?[View]
122303976Who is she?: Whats her name again?[View]
122310963Why do natives feel like they have the right to be racist? And why is it tolerated? http://i.4cdn.or…[View]
122310389(((polls))): people still think Le Pen will lose[View]
122308831/CSG/ City State General: This thread is dedicated to the discussion of City States. City states are…[View]
122310586GREEDY JEWISH LANDLORDS https://mobile.twitter.com/VoteLopezPierre Look at this guy His twitter Jewi…[View]
122310897HIRO APPRECIATION THREAD: post yfw hiroshimoot put the thumbnail for the sticky on i.4cdn.org but th…[View]
122310740What is his plan pol? Also his father was a british engineer, is he the eternal englo?[View]
122310073Jewish race mixing: What's /pol/'s opinion on Jews race mixing with Blacks?[View]
122310700'We need to infiltrate all the institutions': You heard him do it[View]
122309500>Christians actually believe Jesus existed[View]
122303054This is the final nail in the coffin: FUCK TRUMP[View]
122297351Risk - Rolls Tripled: New map I made, triple risk Serious names are preferred, but not mandatory. …[View]
122307595Join the telegram chat and meet new people. Big place for meme posting and meeting up with others(ra…[View]
122310620deprograming: Old term once used before redpilling, I need to be subtle in deprogramming a friend wh…[View]
122308441Why does 4chan hate jews?[View]
122310500>2017 >believing in some cloud guy wew lads…[View]
122308015Le Pen General /LPG/ Pepe edition: REMINDER: LE PEN WILL WIN GUARANTEED Shills fuck off and listen …[View]
122298872Major happening in Paris, another alluhu akbah stabbing. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-443…[View]
122307395College riot: My college, the university of Puerto Rico (UPR) is closed down by communist rioters pr…[View]
122302400It's degeneracy: Daily reminder that masturbation is degeneracy[View]
122309866Today I have my presidential elections. Will I have some terror attacks?[View]
122308184Ebola: What happened to ebola?Why is nobody talking about it anymore[View]
122308990She will crash and burn[View]
122306363Happy Earth day /pol/!: Ready to make the world a better place?[View]
122307379It needs to get really bad before it gets good again: I'm thinking a Le Pen victory would be co…[View]
122310088Bikes lock back: Gommies have proven once again that they have no ability to be responsible in their…[View]
122310094look stacy, he still believes in polls[View]
122310006world peace with 3rd temple: Could it be that the destruction of the Jerusalem 2nd Temple by the Rom…[View]
122305639>the perfect prom date doesn't ex-[View]
122299388Styx was right all along: Styx has long been stating that the center/the neocons/the establishment i…[View]
122279258New Study Suggests U.S. Has A Lot Of ‘Closet’ Atheists: >U.S. surveys in recent years have calcul…[View]
122305700has anyone bet on le pen? Thinking about throwing down $1000 for her.[View]
122309641>mfw its 2017 and you read polls[View]
122301792We all are hoping for Le Pen's victory. But who do you actually believe to win the elections an…[View]
122309600The real path to salvation: Do we have to give ourselves fully to Chaos to save Humanity from such r…[View]
122306651Operation #WeAreIrish and #TheNewAmerica: /pol/, before I start I want to tell you that THIS is an o…[View]
122308697soros is playing protest-: http://shareblue.com/actual-paid-protestors-found-in-arizona-and-they-wor…[View]
122309124Gavin Mcinnes >Hitler did nothing wrong Is he dare i say it, /ourguy/ ? https://youtu.be/KlblNqs…[View]
122307672What are your thoughts on Democracy? Could it just be turned into a disguised form of oppression, gi…[View]
122307277It's important for you faggots to know that the resistance is more than just against Trump and …[View]
122304372Can /pol/ educate me why Civic nationalism is bad?: I'm a Brit. I look at USA's success an…[View]
122309198she will win[View]
122273378Unpopular opinions: Rape should be met with capital punishment, because it is malicious, dysgenic be…[View]
122308079I need help guys.my class has an extra credit assignment by reading an American history book. My pro…[View]
122308242She will lose by double digits[View]
122308507how do you feel about outsourcing your wife beating and importing your children?[View]
122307308What's /pol/ think of The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion?: Anybody read/listen to this…[View]
122306768Will this bitch die in our lifetime ? t.millennial[View]
122299982Coal burning or incest?: Hypothetical situation. You're in a isolated island, with no hope of l…[View]
122305862What the hell is this going to lead up to? New York and New Jersey fetting nuked? A Nationwide EMP?[View]
122291098/pol/ 's opinion on civic nationalism?[View]
122304225What does /pol/ think about Rodrigo Duterte and the drug war in the Philippines? From what i know no…[View]
122289459NEW BRITISH EMPIRE: If every commonwealth or former British empire countries government announced a …[View]
122302612Sweden NOOOOO!!!!: Swedish nationalists rekk cops and commies at protest. Have you finally found you…[View]
122302378When losing turns into winning. How BTFO are the democrats?[View]
122308128The GMO/vaccine faggots and the Monsanto shills are all over my kikebook news feed. How do I redpill…[View]
1222688138 VALUES: Which one is yours?[View]
122300206Thinking about emigrating: I'll turn 30 years old tomorrow, and for the first time in my life I…[View]
122308254>Has unrealistic views of geopolitics >Is unfaithful to our military >wants to leave a powe…[View]
122304821Hi im here for the job interview: What kind of future does this person have after graduation?[View]
122290095is Natalia crazy or just very religious?: Natalya Poklonskaya says a statue of tsar Nicholas II (can…[View]
122261846LE PEN ENERGY THREAD: Important day tomorrow boys, so lets rev up those digits for Marine Le Pen. He…[View]
122307687Calling all right wing nationalist Irishmen, join us in Gael Front, a traditionalist nationalist rig…[View]
122304922With all the French chitchat, why /pol didnt spoke about this guy ?: Asselineau would be the perfect…[View]
122308086How stupid are leftist chicks? Would it be easy for me to get cute leftist pussy in the states if I …[View]
122297757Redpill for UFO's, Ay Lmao's, etc.: Looking for credible references, historical documents,…[View]
122306275WW2 film about getting along with the Jews. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbOVOYOBStM /pol/ BACKED…[View]
122262801March for Science: Who is organizing March for Science? Is Trump really against science?[View]
122278664Ending the 'Cultural Marxism' meme pt 2: Continued from previous: >>122263392 Ever get annoyed…[View]
122308153>Ideally want my nation to be non-corrupt and majority white >/pol/ calls this 'LARPing' Expla…[View]
122305832Why has UKIP never even attempted to get the northern vote? http://www.odze.co.uk/[View]
122306258>His Imperial Royal Highness Prince Gharios El Chemor of Ghassan Al-Nu'Man VII. He is the he…[View]
122308020President's First 100 Days: >FDR: New Deal >Obama: Stimulus, healthcare extension, fair p…[View]
122307930Earth is fla-[View]
122307008Media in Greece show 'The Interview' scene as real NK propaganda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLX…[View]
122306834Next time you run into antifa, give them a good spray in the face with SILLY STRING. >harmless, l…[View]
122288896Where does Finland actually belong to?[View]
122301572why the fuck is society ignoring the moral crime of the century: factory farms if you're going …[View]
122305997What's the March for Science all about?: Why does it sound like another Jewish trick? Can we ha…[View]
122306448/awg/ Around the world general: Here's a great tool for listening to any radio station worldwid…[View]
122283099EU said we have to accept 1200 refugees. We refused. Now we are ordered to pay a huge fine. What the…[View]
122306797https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ScGZCqEyGM Do you believe him?[View]
122305466They will rule the world in your lifetime[View]
122304415“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sti…[View]
122294809crtl f no meme ball[View]
122307462Why the fuck: Aren't we shilling for Fillon? He's the obvious choice to fix France. Pic re…[View]
122307181If I'm Christian but Racist, is Heaven for me?[View]
122307325Hollywood is making a movie about Trump's wall?[View]
122307283Berkley backlash: https://apnews.com/fe7f0bb8bacb4a928a49837ad1634ee1/Battle-for-Berkeley:-Will-Ann-…[View]
122307255More than half of 24 to 34 year olds arent married: Admit it pol, the Jews have won. https://www.go…[View]
122305765China has vowed to back DPRK: http://www.defconwarningsystem.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=950…[View]
122291997This mural was painted in South Side Chicago. Say something nice about it https://www.dnainfo.com/ch…[View]
122305216FRANCE YES!: Man sits on chicken eggs in a museum for three weeks in order to hatch them. Is it poss…[View]
122306752卐 Founded 09/22/2016 by Garrett (Not FBI)卐 Population as the creation of this thread: 2522 users Lin…[View]
122303876French Election Quiz: https://votecompass.france24.com/president/home Who is closest to you /pol/? I…[View]
122306903not cool mohammad not cool...[View]
122287534What's wrong with Americans?: #AmericanAirlines employee accused of being violent with multiple…[View]
122306138YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS SHIT UP: >Michelle Obama An Egyptian Queen In New South Side Mural SOUTH…[View]
122302779Can you guys admit one truth about African Americans though: life has been pretty unfair for black f…[View]
122279766Be like Iceland![View]
122306115Can you guys not LARP as nazis at the next rally? It sends the wrong message. Just dress up as a nor…[View]
122306704Antifa recognizes the power of weaponized autism: They proceed to evacuate their bowels.[View]
122303974what did they really mean by this[View]
122302313We /Weimar/ Now: If this shit escalates to using firearms, will we basically be recreating the condi…[View]
122302619Marine Le Pen: Islamism Has Declared War On Our Nation, On Reason, On Civilisation: http://www.breit…[View]
122306545How do I get a shareblue job?: Shitposting for $20 an hour while consuming copious amounts of coffee…[View]
122294886ITT: Why Your Country is Best: ITT we will use anecdotes to prove the superiority of our nations. I…[View]
122303668German rightful clay or Russian rightful clay ?[View]
122306422What would you do if your son ended up looking like the wedding' photographer?[View]
122305554Stop eating.[View]
122302887Hitler did everything wrong: Hitler was... >Part Jewish >a Freemason (aka Luciferian) >(((R…[View]
122303648anons can we get an update: what is happening[View]
122305301Berkley: The police seem to be fireing the stun grenades a us to fight the communist. This is a big …[View]
122306232Should the left and the right team up to destroy centralists?: They're the most self righteous …[View]
122304216Marion Maréchal Le Pen: can we have a marion thread ?[View]
122302627Are you a Christian or a Free Thinker?: what are you?[View]
122306201>I say this every night >every day >every afternoon >and it's so true: >Jeb is a…[View]
122304055can we all agree on the fact that kekposters are bunch of underage redditors?[View]
122305341OUR FAG IS BACK: 'If UC Berkeley does not actively assist us in the planning and execution of this e…[View]
122306112Music of /pol/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rwnIqRl4gc[View]
122303835What did he mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9t9PAeXMmQI[View]
122305733Texas will permanently turn blue in your lifetime[View]
1223002677 year old mix marriage couple explain their relation: How come mix race couples last longer than st…[View]
122305987Who should I vote for in the UK general election?: In June it'll be the 1st time I'm able …[View]
122305960Verashni Pillay resigns as editor of HuffPost SA: Andreij Horn, head of 24.com, announced that the c…[View]
122304197>Brexit passes >Trump wins >Le Pen wins Where did everything start turning around?…[View]
122301366Who the fuck even still supports trump anymore, every smart person I know is off the trump train[View]
122304695ITT woman youd marry instantly https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=0aa_1492878830[View]
122305852America will be Mexico again[View]
122291552Le Pen won't win, chances are too low: Let's be real for once. She never won and there…[View]
122304411HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Why is 4chan donating money to moldylocks gofound me account? or How /pol/ taught Ant…[View]
122299971how do we solve the white trash problem?[View]
122304322Why are so many of /pol/'s heroes Zionists, sodomists, or enablers? Donald Trump - Zionist pupp…[View]
122292460Norwegian police: We have lost Oslo forever: >“Immigrant Fatima Tetouani says that ‘Gronland a su…[View]
122305608He will be the president of germany in your lifetime[View]
122305588USA GETS BTFO BY CHINA: PRC State Media: 'Will Not Allow' USA to Attack DPRK, 'Will Not Let' DPRK be…[View]
122300907Schengen Area: thoughts?: Eurobros What are your thoughts on the Schengen Agreement? How often do y…[View]
122300784>'WTF did you just say to me, Paddy?' What do?[View]
122290860>'the antisemitism is just a meme, we're not actually anti-jewish' People don't make/wa…[View]
122303529A Quarter of Millennials Who Live at Home Don’t Work — or Study: Half are white, and most are men, t…[View]
122296890Antifa Cult status = offical: This probably won't surprise anyone, but BAMN is literally a cult…[View]
122303379transvestigation!!: lots of secret trannys in politics. thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
122305426Destroy /pol/ in one picture.[View]
122303549?: ?[View]
122301683Bill Nye ((((Saves)))) The World: I just saw an episode of this fucking millenial SJW ''''science'''…[View]
122305308What was his name again, /pol/? >>122210975[View]
122294369PLEASE EXPLAIN:: How come most of the 20 somethings were all about 'feeling the Beeeern'? Is our cou…[View]
122289868i want to move one of these: >which one is better >which one is easier >which one has bette…[View]
122305134>tfw its been more than 11 years since you had lunch with someone I haven't enjoyed eating …[View]
122304623Mike Pence: /pol/ why do we get idiots like McCain touring the balkans but not Mike'making Christmas…[View]
122292594Jordan Peterson - Disinvited to Linfield College: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qR-479eUCkI This m…[View]
122305011Another day, another attack http://ewn.co.za/2017/04/22/man-arrested-at-paris-train-station-after-th…[View]
122304970Press Council orders Huffington Post SA to apologise: The South African Press Ombudsman has directed…[View]
122292985KEK: Need name for the New AIDS SKRILLEX: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIWYwYNemlw[View]
122297731Can the banks be Beaton only by men willing to commit genocide or displace large amounts of people?[View]
122304899Mexico Yes!: Don't cry for me i am already dead http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/tijuana-welcomes…[View]
122304493If you could throw nukes at two country, which would it be and why? (hate is a acceptable reason but…[View]
122304324how come island nations have better flags then mainlanders[View]
122300828Blacks Banned From Science March: Blacks were not allowed to march in the March for Science today. T…[View]
122303569What is one 'female interest' that doesn't have to do with social interaction or hierarchy? I…[View]
122303775Honestly probably the most powerful thing I've ever seen.[View]
122304697What did kek mean by this?: Well? explain /pol/![View]
122303223Beta Blocker Thread: /pol/, I'm about to graduate college and have a paid internship lined up w…[View]
122304169What do you think it's like going into war - knowing you're really doing it for this guy? …[View]
122299376Is fascism the inevitable future?: I know that a lot of /pol/ complains about the future and its gri…[View]
122304388Romanians are whi-: >Romanian immigrant battered and raped a woman just 11 days after arriving in…[View]
122282425Marine Le Pen gets poll boost after Paris attack as Trump tweet: I told you guys so[View]
122301303Why would the French vote for anyone other than Le Pen? Don't they know they're supporting…[View]
122304180Trump fires Poo in Loo surgeon general: http://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/330034-trump-admin-dism…[View]
122302085If whiteman is so smart why he didn't create a vaccine to turn all black men, white?![View]
122300177A white woman punches a nigger and you'll never guess what happens next![View]
122298964What is this: What is this. And who is this.[View]
122303447φ φ φ Vive la France Insoumise ! φ φ φ[View]
122299553>Hey Adolf, what about some rice noodles with chop suey for diner?[View]
122287627Kek. I've been fucking around with the antifa cunts on twatter. Sent this around, will post re…[View]
122303907Why do we let them get away with this?: did my weekly check up on this horrible cesspool of a conten…[View]
122300984Christian Children asked to sing 'Refugee Welcome' in arab language..: Welcome To Canada Syrian Refu…[View]
122303846I came from the future to say that his is how the average western adult male will look like in the y…[View]
122303752What objectively were the biggest happening of this decade so far in terms of what people in the fut…[View]
122302327>every leaf[View]
122303724Why can't Christian countries have leaders as based as the pic included? Why must the west suff…[View]
122301218Studying abroad in paris this summer for 3 months, wha are my odds of getting robbed, shot, or snack…[View]
122302412niggers: Is the bluepill actually the ultimate redpill?[View]
122299665Damn you guys are good: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTlyOB_I7yc[View]
122303433Which of these comments is really us?[View]
122299859#JeVoteMarine on Twitter: Get in here faggots. https://twitter.com/hashtag/jevotemarine?f=tweets…[View]
122302696Accurate information on the US border wall: today's thread[View]
122297480Could Spain save Europe again?: Spain and our brother Portugal stoped the first moor invasion to eur…[View]
122302901If you feel a bit down today, let me remind you that a clown was about to be the French president ba…[View]
122303116We should have kept the Philippines. They'd be better off.[View]
122288082Is Australia retarded?: I justed saw its official seal on Fox News when Pence was giving a speech th…[View]
122301247mfw, a decade ago my parents were saying that Muslims will overrun Europe and issue an era of terror…[View]
122302608Daily reminder that this country was built by slaves. PROVE ME WRONG[View]
122298624India: Superpower by 2030, right?[View]
122303295Save Chile PART: I DONT KNOW: Will be Piñera the new savior of Chile? who are gonna vote for?[View]
122281520Rasputin: Redpill me on Rasputin Why so much people wanted to kill him? What was his role in WW1?…[View]
122303190Show some respect to the new head of antifa-scum guided helicopter rides. >https://www.youtube.co…[View]
122277267WHY BREXIT IS A MISTAKE: Now that the dust has settled can we all agree that Brexit was a mistake? …[View]
122301435>ctrl+f assange >0 results shariablue doing a wonderful job at sliding actual discussion…[View]
122300560>We Are the Champions starts playing[View]
122299727Why do you guys admire Abraham Lincoln so much?: I'm glad Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. His…[View]
122302973Let's beat their asses[View]
122300483So how do we fix Africa? >hard mode: no nukes or forced sterilisation[View]
122290064#WEAREIRISH: The Campaign has reached its third day evidently[View]
122300690Why does 4chan still exist? Do governments not want to shut down it or can't ? The first impres…[View]
122302676How do we get these guys to simmer down? I think the only hope of avoiding ww3 is for America to Imp…[View]
1223025108Values thread: Another of these threads. You know what to do. >Age >what political views you …[View]
122286359Uniforms for Alt-Right rallys: It's come to a point where you guys need uniforms, even fucking …[View]
122297768'We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism.': This will …[View]
122302516Éire /pol/ - #WeWuzIrish'n'Sheeeit edition: Thread theme: https://youtu.be/WMGvQ2v-ZRM Ide…[View]
122302483Why would USA pay UN and subvert USA to UN climate wakkery?: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government…[View]
122302464What's past Capitalism? You have to be completely BP'd to think it didn't reach the e…[View]
122302456how did we fuck up so badly[View]
122302375How r/anarchism think the alt-right happened.: This is what Antifa actually believe.[View]
122297022Adolf Hitler escaped being assassinated in 1939 by sheer luck. If it was successful, and WWII had be…[View]
122301130Wish a bitch would! More of a reason to mow these communist down.[View]
122300632Is cleverbot the anti-Tay? /pol/ can't redpill this bot: http://www.cleverbot.com/[View]
122296230Terrorism 'will be a fact of daily life in the coming years': What did M. Macron mean by this?…[View]
122300460Based South African Painting: Does this tr(n)igger CommieScum?[View]
122295506POSSIBLE HAPPENING: 'UPDATED 8:11 PM EDT on THURSDAY (See Bottom) -- A Joint Operation, code named G…[View]
122291517>Chemtrails are just a conspiracy the-[View]
122302063What the fuck I hate Trump now[View]
122301990Styx has fucking lost it: Holy shit I knew he was autistic, but this is an extreme level of autism t…[View]
122291755VIOLENCE IS GOLDEN: who is the ultimate /ourguy/ and why is it jack donovan? there is none more redp…[View]
122301806Paris 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_RFMUprZ0U[View]
122301818Slavs are not white: Behold! The power of the Russian Military. Amerifats be afraid. Be very afraid…[View]
122299577Why are critics not liking the new Christian Bale movie 'The Promise' about the Armenian genocide?[View]
122296368/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - RALLY EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov h…[View]
122301688SJWs are fairly fascists themselves, SJWs BTFO: https://ratical.org/ratville/CAH/fasci14chars.html F…[View]
122301687How will SJWs ever recover?[View]
122270437Balkan Division thread Nr.1524165436254: I really hate the fags that say 'lol I have two degrees in …[View]
122299313Was Avril Lavigne public enemy no.1?: All throughout 'what the hell' is imagery of infidelity degene…[View]
122277220So true... This. So. Much.[View]
122297725Mecca Box: Is the rarest Pepe in that big box /pol/?[View]
122296731Why is this shit still a topic again?: 'Visiting the EU capital for trade talks on Thursday, Susana …[View]
122299736I am running for president in 2018 check me out. neets out of my way[View]
122301511Why is it that when you take white people away from the reins of power, the country falls into a tai…[View]
122295992French election: quickly /pol/ give me all your Pepes, all your memes, all your energy, tomorrow we …[View]
122299406In 2006 the Rodong Sinmun (the official state newspaper of North Korea) published an article entitle…[View]
122296587Are kikes evolving into monkeys?[View]
122298011some cuck shared an article on fb, I will post a link as a reply because this is marking me as spam.…[View]
122299026Tell me why again why these countries shouldn't just merge?[View]
122301188Grand Reversal: Hey, /pol/, does anyone know if the king of kikes that you voted into office has ins…[View]
122301150Anti-antifa discord server come help plan and counter antifa operations https://discord.gg/Hseaw[View]
122292646Sweden declared anything that is White is bad.[View]
122291524Hey /pol/, asking you guys because you're the experts on this. There is a rising muslim communi…[View]
122300835Bill Nye using fun skits to save the world: https://streamable.com/617dl Here is a well-acted and we…[View]
122292152FUCK GOOGLE THREAD: Time to tear this company to shreds[View]
122300633Found an old assignment of mine, about changing sports teams names away from shit like redskins Who …[View]
122300854>French vote: Fillon, Macron, Le Pen, Mélenchon all get 21% >Technical tie >Demand recount …[View]
122295126Seeing as today is the march for science, I have a hypothetical question for you /pol/acks. You have…[View]
122299908why is this place its ow country[View]
122299980Europe pros needed: Why were the Irish considered the niggers of Europe up until the second half of …[View]
122284287RISK THREAD[View]
122294254>hurr why aren't you boys making white children[View]
122291965INCOMING SHITSKIN RAID: India is tired of your poo in the loo jokes, the entire country is planning …[View]
122275106Say something nice about the country above you :)[View]
122256700Italian beauty queen paid the toll: Your thoughts about her, anons ? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/fema…[View]
122276576National Geographic said in a controversial issue a few years ago that almost all women a century fr…[View]
122299198America, the ultimate degenerate country according to Hitler: 'I don't see much future for the …[View]
122287261i will move to europe and you will have to feed me with your tax moneys, i will shitpost in your cou…[View]
122300523‘Shattered’ Revelation: Clinton Campaign Hatched Russian Hacking Narrative: http://www.breitbart.com…[View]
122300511>'W...why did you vote against the referendum, anon? You don't want a stronger Turkey?'…[View]
122300452Thailand: >Goin' to Thailand and not shaggin' a ladyboy is like goin' to Turkey an…[View]
122297412Redpill me on the Umayyad Caliphate[View]
122300153When did Americans and Brits exactly decide to become allies? All I remember is that they were enemi…[View]
122299458Troll Raid on Libs: Anti-White propaganda page loveessss pepe memes. Hilarity ensues.[View]
122297515φ φ φ Vive la France Insoumise ! φ φ φ[View]
122285845What are red-pilled /pol/-approved animus ?: All I would be able to consider right now are: -Fist of…[View]
122296397Hitler takes over >Starts a war that kills millions of white Europeans >Then proceeds to round…[View]
122299825Birds of a feather, flock together: Save your history.[View]
122292462Give it to me straight, /pol/: Would anime exist as it does today if Japan didn't get nuked? ap…[View]
122296790Women in the workplace: Should the education system be geared towards promoting greater participatio…[View]
122299648Why can’t the Clintons just go away? protip: Bill was shitty prez! nuke net economy!: Why can’t the …[View]
122299632Give various examples of weaponized autism: I just wish to collect examples of autism weaponized. Th…[View]
122299424I hope navy the stylot will never be the president of french republic.[View]
122294776Heyy /pol/: Long tiem no see, so, what's been happening lately?![View]
122299514what happens here[View]
122298576Would adopting a rescue dog make me morally superior /pol/ ?[View]
122299322Who was the first nigger to larp as a white man on /pol/ and why was it dave chappelle. In 2003 he c…[View]
122298052What do you guys think is going on in the timeline where Ben Carson won?[View]
122299381Ur walking down the street with ur GF wen this interacial couple tells u to 'sort urself out' Wat do…[View]
122294373So how is Trump doing his first hundred days?: Alright in my book, almost all of his easier promises…[View]
122299330dark skin man with knife in france! NIGGER? MUDSLIME? POO?: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/…[View]
122298824A funny way to deal with ANTIFA: >create a gofundme to buy a steam locomotive >buy train and a…[View]
122288827'It is with my great pleasure to declare Sharia Law to replace British Common Law': What would britb…[View]
122299206I'm not like the other threads: Think about how bright the full moon is on a clear night. Then …[View]
122298828Berkeley Logistics: The Second Coming: For all the talk of how to deal with various Antifa tactics, …[View]
122298793Meanwhile on starwras /pol/: General Mattis: What of the ANTIFA? If the Communists have obtained a c…[View]
122298893Childhood is when you think he was a tyrant. Adulthood is when you know he was the last hero of Chin…[View]
122299033power outage cyber attack!! oh shitt!!!: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-04-21/total-chaos-cyber-…[View]
122298984Why the fuck are libs always marching for something? I just woke up to yet another march notice goin…[View]
122298308What would his view be of Black Lives Matter?[View]
122298569Mayor of Berkeley , California: He is a friend with a known communist leader of BAMN Yvette Ferlarca…[View]
122298798What went wrong?[View]
122298788white knighting and crocodiel tears on american airlines: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-44…[View]
122298761>mfw I know that Mexico is very praised and loved for it's beaches and creoles and other ad…[View]
122289663FLIP FLOP FLIP FLOP. I can't believe you memed me into voting for this kike pol. Serously fuck …[View]
122293703Today (Boston Common) I'll be running some heavy daygame session. Goal is to have a SDL. I won…[View]
122288800Greater Switzerland: Great Swiss Empire soon, very soon. After world war 3 you will see. yoo[View]
122296248Another terrorist attack in Paris. The people of France will not take much more of this. Will have b…[View]
122298600A dark brown man covered in body hair. The first thing you notice is his smell. Curry and poo. He ha…[View]
122272216AUS/pol/ Let's get to 1200 replies cunts edition: G'night cunts We're going well toda…[View]
122295723How do you consolidate freedom and anti-degeneracy, /pol/? >don't want things banned, just w…[View]
122278128I can barely afford to eat, often skipping meals, while this guy has 730 million producing rap music…[View]
122298484/pol/ Cringe Thread?: /pol/ Cringe Thread.[View]
122298428Gary McKinnon: newishfag here, was wondering what pol thought of this guy?[View]
122298133>white people are cucking themselves out of existence What the fuck are you guys doing?…[View]
122298335Happy Birthday[View]
122295965in case you weren't aware https://open.spotify.com/album/54iW2WoAnNnhOJAcLeYeoL[View]
122295209This entire fucking board feels like one big bait.[View]
122298108https://discord.gg/gEKAgQU the more autism the better.[View]
122298137Sleep tight little Tuck. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFTf59puq8U[View]
122295554Race mixing thread: red pill me on it.[View]
122297672wtf is going on with the AfD?: Are they actually fist-fighting during meetings? whatafuck? Did the B…[View]
122296883Why does /pol/ circle jerk around JFK and claim that he was one of the best presidents ever? Don…[View]
122297445Le penis goin g to win[View]
122297865pale pallette plebians need to check they rep[View]
122274493SHES SUCCEEDING REEEEE: How can we ever stop her /pol/[View]
122266406Here can post only countries with based armies: >claims his country is based >dont have milita…[View]
122297535Marine won't win so is democracy bust in France?[View]
122297700Iceland , land of degerency and cultural marxism: Last year around 100k of people went to gay pride …[View]
122296019>I-I-I-I-I-if-if-if-if we fall for, ya know, a bunch of.......okie doke…[View]
122293647Thoughts on drug policy. Should them all be legal?[View]
122291993Meme magic: I think the main problem on the right, is that we mostly only react to leftist insanity.…[View]
122297354Say it with me: Madame President![View]
122294838There is no secret Jewish conspiracy to destroy whiteness. Ask yourself these questions: >1. If J…[View]
122296484The choice of a new generation[View]
122295087Shareblue got a new editor: Shareblue just got a new senior editor pol - lets get to work[View]
122296978I've never made a thread here before... Why doesn't everyone else grow bored of the North …[View]
122296483Are the Irish the new Jews?: >charge me $6.50 for a Guinness at Fado, Authentic Irish pub >$20…[View]
122291732Daily reminder if you aren't hapolgroup R1b you aren't white.[View]
122296416Are alawites /ourguys/-tier muslims?[View]
122297405Islamic Golden Age: Redpill me on the Islamic Golden Age. Many on /pol/ are already aware of this, b…[View]
122296223?: ?[View]
122281967Red pills needed on 'Climate change': Global marches for action on climate change is apparently goin…[View]
122296508Americans, if you could have only one of these as your big ally and partner, which one would you cho…[View]
122297318Antifa Girl: What hashtag are we using again? Lets get spreading.[View]
122296233Feminism: It's liberated men too[View]
122295112is he right..discuss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SK6Gr4kfZGk[View]
122294582What are some pol approved names? Im having a boy soon and need suggestions, preferably with some hi…[View]
122297152When will Germany give us our rightful shekels?: Getting to dick your women isn't a satisfactor…[View]
122290842So if there's a Nazi: How can one ascend into Super Nazi?[View]
122296785real question /pol/ who will be the last christian country? china?: >pic might be related... Isl…[View]
122297072So I saw some footage of mostly white people acting like niggers in Berkeley. I even saw the flag of…[View]
122293477Will electric cars be able to compete: No they wont. Main reason you wont be able to dump them to e…[View]
122295563>Drumpf lost the popular vote >Norbert Hofer lost >Geert Wilders lost >/pol/ thinks Le P…[View]
122295456>he lives in turkey[View]
122295567Any anons(male) who have travelled the world solely for Sexual reasons and for great sex with Hot fe…[View]
122290586Marine Le Pen General -- STORM THE BEACHES EDITION: /lpg/ Le Pen General – XXXX Edition MAKE FRANCE…[View]
122296758How do we stop the Albanisation of Macedonia? The Ohrid Agreement does nothing for the Macedonian pe…[View]
122295278Does Earth hour piss anyone else off with how retardedly opposite it is to what makes sense? Like th…[View]
122296724What are Hoppean thoughts on the protection of (((intellectual property))) that requires massive gov…[View]
122294120The world trees were pretty nice. Why did they cut them down?[View]
122296318Seriosly, Is anybody here who read huffington post? Why? Do you love lies?[View]
122286650An Islamic West: pros and cons of islam taking over the west pros: >a return to traditional conse…[View]
122275345March for science: So are you going to the March for Science today, /pol/? Or are you cucks just all…[View]
122292350WTF, this is so deep #woke *sips tea*[View]
122296099Some light entertainment: https://reddit.com/r/bakchodi/comments/66w31o/we_should_organise_a_time_an…[View]
122296153Gare du Nord (attempted) knife attack: the day before the first round of French elections and there …[View]
122295631Happy Earth Day: Or should I say unhappy Earthday, as Trump has repealed Obama's climate change…[View]
122292555(((polls))): Are we in for a repeat of Brexit and Trump?[View]
122289708Is this how we fix the Middle East?[View]
122290616Just graduated high school and thinking about joining the navy. Thoughts?[View]
122296320Apostate accosts Paris Mayor For Appeasing Muslims: Mr Smahi claimed that terrorism had not been dis…[View]
122294594Time to Cuckold: ...The cucks. Gentlemen, I have a mission for you. It comes at great risk and I apo…[View]
122289332BLUEPILL THREAD: Lets have a bluepill thread /pol/ It is know that we are a subconscious driven spec…[View]
122291560'raid' incoming: fyi https://www.reddit.com/r/bakchodi/comments/66w31o/we_should_organise_…[View]
122292422Jacob Appelbaum: Somebody please red-pill me on Jacob Appelbaum...? he is/was the second highest ran…[View]
122293600Why are roma the only people I have never seen doing an actual job literally all of them I have ever…[View]
122293758Slow and Steady.[View]
122294945Stop believing in political solutions[View]
122295766kek https://twitter.com/Freeyourmindkid/status/855544020868747265 even far left dindu are getting si…[View]
122292535Why does British royal family look like they are kikes? > (((nose)))[View]
122268423Is there any military force stronger than the French Foreign Legion?: I do not think so LEGIONNAIRES…[View]
122280208This picture is going viral incredibly fast on all social media platforms. There's no telling h…[View]
122295098The biggest online paper here keeps stealing from my political blog - mostly slogans after slight al…[View]
122292425Trump btfoooo How are you going to defend the fact that he doesn't even care about his wife?[View]
122254178RUSSIA IS GOING BACK TO THE STONE AGE: http://www.rbc.ru/rbcfreenews/58f74edb9a7947bf30f56feb Medved…[View]
122293695Post Cucked Sweden pictures[View]
122295276Fuck Anne frank, fuck the kikes[View]
122293500Cultural Marxism: Like many people here, I've slowly been redpilled more and more after spendin…[View]
122287998Is Israel the greatest foreign threat to the US?: Currently in the middle of writing a paper on the …[View]
122295048Are Americans poor?: http://noticias.r7.com/economia/divida-media-do-brasileiro-chega-a-r-342229-apo…[View]
122295086Will you take the blue-pill /pol/?[View]
122293540Kekistan hand-greeting... Some extreme autist faggotry here: Some extreme autist faggotry here, but …[View]
122294754Nationalism in the United States: If you're a Nationalist in America you are a civic nationalis…[View]
122288962Trump puts EU ahead of Britain in trade queue: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
122273971Antifa plan attacking Trump supporters in Salem, Oregan tomorrow night.: They're going to actua…[View]
122283934ITT We act like sheeple: FAST FOOD IS GOOD BAHH!!!![View]
122293066Furry Liberals: Is there anything more cringey?[View]
122287565Where were you when white sharks stepped up to provide vital janitorial services to the human gene p…[View]
122293379why do people care so much about white girls here? they are sluts, they only wanna take the bbc or f…[View]
122293705Kek: Kek[View]
122288542Are we the bad guys, /pol/?[View]
122291569Every single red pill I take here is getting more bitter and I don't know how many more I can t…[View]
122292800/LP/Le Pen general: Post polls and start sending Le Pen your energy[View]
122284247Prince William is depressed: A man worth more than the moon is feeling down in the dumps http://www.…[View]
122294549Need shart advice: How do I control my bowels in-mart?[View]
122281852>american city names[View]
122292336Hopeless losing culture: I feel like am becoming a racist...IDK I don't want to kill anyone and…[View]
122294540Record rapes in Norway this year: >So Norway will eventually in future become ''New Swe…[View]
122292415If you keep giving money to a black man or a brown man, in time he will turn white. But if you give …[View]
122294411https://www.cato.org/blog/how-daca-will-end-timeline-expiration Discuss[View]
122294097White Pill Thread: https://youtu.be/gSi3S3T8GEw[View]
122293956can I have some /pol/ approved youtubers?[View]
122293835Request!: Hey, anyone has that image that shows a video game set in Sweden in far future where SJW h…[View]
122294274Looks like May is out and Corbyn is in guys. Yeeeees.[View]
122294301How to spot kike shills and unify nationalists: 1. Jews are the most autistic cunts on the planet. T…[View]
122290599Why is he not ded yet?[View]
122289460Please help save this girl: /pol/, this is Caidyn. She has been posting on online anarchist forums a…[View]
122294189drop them.red pill thread[View]
122293365trump 100 day promise: well, /pol/? feel duped yet?[View]
122284850Just fucking lol at British 'justice': >Fraud taxpayer out of £300,000 >Spend 100K on sex trip…[View]
122294053Hezbollah: >Anti Israel >Anti Sunni >Protect Christians >Nazi salute /our guys/?…[View]
122294144HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH: wew lad[View]
122293863Truth: Truth that poltards cant handle. Being proud of your nation is like being proud of your born …[View]
122284457I actually feel so bad for you americans. You constantly talk down on germany and europe but you hav…[View]
122292954ITT: We say something nice about T_D: >redpilled some normie friends…[View]
122292231Donald Trump: The President of the United States of America[View]
1222640168values thread: Post your results http://8values.github.io/ Also > Age > Income > Gender …[View]
122291872>googla 'buddha' >random trump photo over news article about buddha for no reason ????????????…[View]
122293545BELGIUM: 18 884 people listed forterrorism: La Dernière Heure reports that the Belgian Ministery of …[View]
122293094Which title would you give each decade? >50's dawn of the globalist superpower era >60…[View]
122289877>wake up >expect a productive day >browse /pol/ first thing in the morning >now I'm…[View]
122293271Where is my ww3?: KEK[View]
122284713http://shareblue.com/actual-paid-protestors-found-in-arizona-and-they-work-for-the-gop/ This must be…[View]
122292670What would you do if you were Prime Minister/ President/ Chancellor: Personally i would; >Cut the…[View]
122293143Here you go : https://www.reddit.com/r/Anarchism/comments/66p26w/how_do_we_stop_4chans_influence_on_…[View]
122293384need a better blacked template. anyone know where i can find one? pic related. It's missing you…[View]
122293328>see other people talking about their problems >everything could be solved easily by acting im…[View]
122291916/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
122292504ITT: You share a Le Pen meme on Twitter/Normiebook and screencap it so we know you aren't jewin…[View]
122293196Why are anti-gay hate crimes on the rise?: http://www.local10.com/news/crime/man-says-he-was-beaten-…[View]
122292492?: ?[View]
122290579David Crowley: So I just came across this case while watching a Youtube video about Ben Swann (the l…[View]
122293052/pol/, we should support this chick. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP3Ydnty_eozlgbc4PDQ4MQ[View]
122286570Do Jews fear for their lives in cities like Jerusalem? How do they cleanse Arab Muslims?[View]
122259917This is what happens when the traditional family structure breaks down. You're left with emotio…[View]
122292473progressives...: Why the fuck to regressives consider themselves more evolved than the rest of socie…[View]
122292686Redpill me on him. Did he truly do nothing wrong?[View]
122283707Le Pen Victory Money: Why aren't you collecting your free money /pol/? >pic related…[View]
122290495Hey /pol do you know who Ezra Cohen-Watnick is, and how he relates to Trump?[View]
122292753Does anyone else find Antifa and the Alt-Right equally embarrassing and retarded? No matter which si…[View]
122265369The Meme War continues.: I and everyone from here to there thinks reddit is the absolute worst site …[View]
122292682/pol/ love thread: When you wake up hung over from a Friday night gaming and imageboard surfing sess…[View]
122283966Well, is it, Canada?[View]
122290327Trump said 'Pizzagate' in 2011: How did Trump know about and reference Pizzagate by name in a 2011 i…[View]
122292547It's weird to come here and find you all so idpol fixated, so caught up in institutional politi…[View]
122287770/pol/ saw Trump coming thanks to meme magic will /pol/ be right once again?[View]
122270351Kraut/pol/ AfD general - convention edition: 6th federal convention of AfD in Cologne, in the midst …[View]
122291971Can you image a world whitout war,hunger and poverty?[View]
122289898india hate thread: fuck pajeets http://logs.omegle.com/a5455da74752568d[View]
122292227Is space colonization the only hope for the white race to survive and live among their own kind? …[View]
122280031What do you think of Spain?: Is it bro tier? Is it degenerate? Does it have a future? What country i…[View]
122290442PRAISE KEK[View]
122291094IT'S HAPPENING: 'UPDATED 8:11 PM EDT on THURSDAY (See Bottom) -- A Joint Operation, code named …[View]
12229097911-year old sues Trump over Climate Change: https://pjmedia.com/video/an-11-year-old-is-suing-trump-…[View]
122291025/ngg/ Neil Gorsuch General: >Liberals BTFO >McConnell confirmed for based chess grandmaster …[View]
122283858How will you go down in history?[View]
122278670I did some MS paint shit a while ago. Stereotypes based on some different countries[View]
122291588Hackers needed: Do you know how to hack Facebook accounts? Do you want to raid atheist groups in the…[View]
122291519'I wrote a letter to President Reagan when I was five to voice my opposition to his visit to the Bit…[View]
122291760Southern Pride Thread Get in here boys[View]
122288884France: Who will win?: Le Pen -> Value French citizenship and values, no gibs to foreigners, no i…[View]
122291900What does /pol/ think about Lebanon?: What does /pol/ think about Lebanon and where it's headed…[View]
1222909824 Days: Are you ready /pol/? Can you ever truly be ready?[View]
122283517Brit/pol/ - Fuck Argentina Edition: >Thread Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caP7VY5trw8 [Em…[View]
122286921Weimar republic: Why did Germans blame the Jews for their fall in WW 1 when in fact it was their lea…[View]
122278228Why is /pol/ so anti-Canadian anyways? We're known across the world for being generally polite …[View]
122291828Why didn't they recover the pilots? Why did Libya challenge the USA?[View]
122291813UK YES: Brits, explain how you at one point ruled the better half of the world yet let a fucking wal…[View]
122286522Would you join a private military company?[View]
122287768What if Jews are the good guys and we are the bad ones?[View]
122287360How do we save Western civilization?[View]
122288843GAY HATE THREAD[View]
122289942https://8values.github.io/ How many of you are libtards in denial?[View]
122291627Brit/pol/ - Falklands Are British Edition: >Thread Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZaP0TgO…[View]
122283903Former Dutch high finance executive blows open ritual satanic practices, child sacrifice: https://ww…[View]
122286658IT IS WRITTEN[View]
122280528How do you find a qt traditional housewife? What are some green flags that they are good quality and…[View]
122291409Interracial-meme is just a fetish like homosexuality. No woman can be satisfied by an Asian penis, t…[View]
122290941Should Islamic massage therapists be forced to give service to female customers?[View]
122288740can we have this thread again?: did anon get compromised and is now an MK member of (((the alt right…[View]
122291308Check this out. lol: https://media.giphy.com/media/tnhtmbty3GXfi/giphy.gif[View]
122291301/kan/: Thread for anons in the great state of Kansas. Why is Lawrence so gay? Is Brownback /ourguy/ …[View]
122290478Should religious adoption agencies be able to discriminate against gays?: http://www.houstonchronicl…[View]
122290532why do you hate your nation?[View]
122285312>'Beautiful day, isnt it anon? I dont know what could make it any better'…[View]
122288657>yeah dude hitler was super evil he killed like a trillion people![View]
122285175France is lost[View]
122291111I have never hed a herpes in my life.. but i didn't know my bf had.. and now weird stuff is goi…[View]
122274899/Leftypol/ here: In your opinion, what exactly makes Socialism & Communism 'bad' syste…[View]
122291089Oy vey: https://youtu.be/udIgZ2BHMO0[View]
122289896'Faith-based' youth center rejects donation from gay chorus, asks for taxpayer money insteadl: http:…[View]
122289436Should male islamic barbers be forced to cut female customers hair?[View]
122287865>tfw the only good choice for the 'french' election is half spanish CANT MAKE THIS SHIT UP…[View]
122271243DAILY REMINDER: Its not '''almost brown''' Germany Its the '''last standing white''' Russia[View]
122284509Is this truly /pol/'s golden age?[View]
122290970Why are anti-gay hate crimes on the rise?: http://www.local10.com/news/crime/man-says-he-was-beaten-…[View]
122290954How biased can Google get? First Obama quote off official Google bio: >Change will not come if we…[View]
122290824chaffetz starts the great unravelling http://m.dailykos.com/story/2017/4/21/1654905/-Why-Did-Chaffet…[View]
122287097g-guys what did Trump settle this child molestation case?: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/11/don…[View]
122290682Fuck Earthday: Once ler did nothing wrong[View]
122285284what happens here[View]
122289682Is solar power the only way to avert global warming?[View]
122288051You made punching girls okay. This is your fault.[View]
122290466>send out numerous recon planes >fail to see the huge USA flag >hours later >send out at…[View]
122290177Antifa Teaches Informant a Lesson: >Informant gets found out >Antifa vandalize his home to se…[View]
122276976>It’s BOOZE Lightyear! Revellers dressed as cartoon characters let off steam in a pub crawl aroun…[View]
122289927Wether anyone realizes it or not, he won because he f got in touch with the populations base instinc…[View]
122290053>Based kekistanis we are some epic dudes arent we pol[View]
122290304Just autism.[View]
122283814Well boys? Where are all the anti-Christian Republicans, alt-right protestors against Christianizati…[View]
122279994Is he /ourguy/?: Or is he just the Richard Spencer of the UK?[View]
122281438Why don't Europeans drive our cars?[View]
122289481Donald trump has faith in the german people!: Donald trump says that the german people aren't g…[View]
122285422You can talk to the president one on one for 200k membership fee at mar-a-lago.: Trump is currently …[View]
122290071France: It's not Islam guys stop being racist[View]
122272202British General Election 2017: Post your results lads http://uk.isidewith.com/results/3101005044 Tak…[View]
122289627Alright /pol/ what's your opinion of Alex Jones?[View]
122289620Why should I give a damn about saving the white race: Cause everything you guys can do we can do it …[View]
122289894Today is earth day!!: There is no better day to troll and redpill. Go out there and explain why immi…[View]
122288619/Pol/ is wrong about marriage.: This woman cheated on her husband because she was too beautiful. Not…[View]
122287701this triggers the amerilard: >be amerilard >your food and gastronomy consist of nutrient-less …[View]
122289736Redpill me on Santa Muerte. Why is the media trying so hard to normalize it? Even that faggot Reza A…[View]
122289027How do we solve the nu/pol/ problem?[View]
122285959Say it with me: /pol/ do you have friends on social media that spread this shit? false info and pseu…[View]
122289233What went wrong?[View]
122289713Trump warming to EU trade deal with Britain behind in queue: http://uk.reuters.com/article/us-usa-tr…[View]
122289635T_D is actually doing something right: https://www.reddit.com/r/Anarchism/comments/66v61a/we_need_to…[View]
122289245These countries have stopped making children and they won't survive till 2050[View]
122289552Hans-Ulrich Rudel: Jesus Christ, how have I not heard about this guy. Why doesn't anyone every …[View]
122288743Why does your darling wear the Russian rapist uniform?[View]
122285385Islamic architechture > christcuck architechture Prove me wrong.[View]
122258635>tomorrow French people will decide if they want to be free or to be muslims what a time to be al…[View]
122289336Guys, it's been fun and games but can't we just take the nuclear codes from Trump? It…[View]
122279547Kratom: Should Kratom be legal? Illegal? Does it actually do anything, or is it just a meme drug?…[View]
122289418He will not divide us[View]
122289412'The taliban are the heroes of all transsexuals' 'cyber vegan and data pagan' Who the fuck was that …[View]
122286355The message to male conservative voices should be don't hire any women period: It doesn't …[View]
122289192GENERATION ZYKLON - your experiences?: Share your experiences with the potentially most based genera…[View]
122284791How do we argue with leftists?: The question may sound stupid but I'm serious, I really don…[View]
122278167Meet the New Irish[View]
122251385What did Assange mean by this?[View]
122248232The fuck is this? Is this what people like to watch now?[View]
122288556summer is coming, how do we fix chicago: >i pray for you chicanons…[View]
122277793PARIS HAPPENING LIVE STREAM: https://youtu.be/wCgUt81a1kA https://youtu.be/wCgUt81a1kA https://youtu…[View]
122288656What values does this person embody in the greater scheme of things? Why would anyone vote for him?[View]
122285630The Results Are In: /Pol/ *Is Not* The Message Board Of Christ!: Your answers: http://www.strawpoll.…[View]
122286753Here's what I don't get, /pol/. The right wing in America is pretty well-armed, with M4ger…[View]
122283280Why does he look so smug?[View]
122268881Now what, /pol/? She's going to starve. The government should mandate that Tesco sells them!! h…[View]
122288863Raid blocked with the swiftness: http://archive.is/Gm4eT chode's trying to chode /pol/[View]
122287020So here is my question. If white people are so superior and better etc... Why is the world going to …[View]
122281711Earth Day: Marijuana advocates are the worst baka[View]
122287676Why should I be on your side?: >be me >muslim immigrant from Morocco >high IQ in med school…[View]
122284034PARIS IN FLAMES BOIZ: Get the fuck in here, Frenchistan revolution 2.0 happening https://www.youtube…[View]
122276529If Trump builds his stupid wall, how will you end up getting delicious mexican food?[View]
122288124Dutchbros, Is this subtle propaganda from ntr: or is it just me? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0a…[View]
122288666Pat Buchanan: What does /pol/ think of Pat Buchanan? He seems like the proto-Trump. Why does everyon…[View]
122288643We aren't likely to see another ones of these for a generation: If the war in Syria ends right …[View]
122287606Who is this thing at 1m47s?: Sorry if its old news, but who is this swine with the out-turned ears a…[View]
122258470Syria General /sg/ - Good morning Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpre…[View]
122287546Explain, why they do this?[View]
122259116Serb Officials Warn Of Another Balkan War: http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/04/21/serb-officials…[View]
122281104Style, Class, Grace and Excellence!: PLEASE COME BACK OBAMA WE NEED YOU![View]
122228161Fags: Have you wished Le Pen good luck for the election?[View]
122282314Invasion in Sweden: This disgusts me. Let's elect a party that actually cares about our country…[View]
122286961Who are the memonites and they are the master race?: Jacob Barnett, 13 year old college sophomore. H…[View]
122285282Help me /pol/. I starting to not being racist and become more tolerant. Give me please epic redpill …[View]
122287904Is loving your race wrong?[View]
122288198Can someone explain to me how this awful woman is still free? She's been coughs committing cou…[View]
122287544WTF is intersex phobia?[View]
122280446Paris under attack again, can someone confirm ??[View]
122277697It's 1984. What do you say to a 10 year old Alex Jones?[View]
122280251Trump done goofed[View]
122287286Apparently a 'Neo-Nazi' subreddit got chosen for Subreddit of the Day on Plebbit. https://www.reddit…[View]
122284245Femanon here You have TEN seconds to tell me why I should support Drumpf even though he's a big…[View]
122282109Experimental RISK Game: Hey guys, i made a new map called Earth & Beyond. Hope it's good en…[View]
122287672How many are you here on /pol/?: Confess[View]
122283603How do we solve the suicide problem in Greenland?[View]
122262470What a hard choice France has to make..[View]
122285366What did they mean by this ? Are they playing safe now?[View]
122260315Tomorrow : Make France great again!: Vive la France![View]
122287354Which country in the EU had the Sluttiest women? I gotta now which of them is worst >Pre Muslim i…[View]
122287085White people are destroying the earth: https://www.jewbook .com/attn/videos/1353343078034481/ Why do…[View]
122285456So Sweden loves Sand Niggers: Yet hates Russians, I don't get it.[View]
122287414?: ?[View]
122287411Being Trans should be encouraged, says deceitful heeb: 'Weinstein has been accused of publicity-seek…[View]
122285354only post if its worth reading please, dont waste my time: Why are so many threads loaded with usele…[View]
122287211why do you support LePen ?: Why do you support Marine Lepen ? Melenchon is better ![View]
122270645FRENCH ELECTIONS: First round TOMORROW Welcome to the thread about the French elections. If you have…[View]
122287168TRUCKOPHOBOS BTFO: #NotAllTrucks[View]
122285237liberal sexists: Why aren't lefties supporting her? Is it that maybe they are SEXISTS and MISOG…[View]
122278344MUH RUSSIA Narrative BTFO!: >This is a brilliant move by Trump to continue to explode the Left…[View]
122283602>tl;dr - global gommunism is political and social: Alright nu-/pol/, take a seat on daddy leaf…[View]
122287067Polling /pol/: http://www.strawpoll.me/12796477 http://www.strawpoll.me/12796477 http://www.strawpol…[View]
122287053Heckin labour shills[View]
122285869Post music only white people appreciate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTFUM4Uh_6Y[View]
122283059big data: How does /pol/ feel about big data? Is it truly helping us prevent terrorists attacks?…[View]
122286865Emmanuel Macron General /emg/: This thread is for discussion of France's next President, Emmanu…[View]
122283027Is he, dare I say it, /ourguy/?[View]
122283313National socialism or National Capitalism Which one is better?[View]
122286513ITT: You Summarize Your State or City in One Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7foqCcOsI54…[View]
122286353how do You stop ze 'antifa': show me Your anti- 'antifa' tools pic related : negroide_Minusmensch…[View]
122286633discuss russia: Poor, warmongering, genocidal, obnoxiously agressive, uncivilized, soulless nation s…[View]
122280533Thinking of just putting anti-commie stickers around my uni. Am I retarded or is this the new meta f…[View]
122283854All rape is corrective rape. It is an attempt to suppress women's freedom. To make her submissi…[View]
122286481Nigs or Jews?: Would you rather have niggers or jews in charge of your countries, /pol/? >Inb4 je…[View]
122276425DO NOT USE 8VALUES.GITHUB.IO: There are now 7-8 threads on /pol/ with this doxxing political compass…[View]
122287789Western Males: Seriously though how do we fix the beta epidemic? 70 years ago the weakest men would …[View]
122286386/pol/ opinion on The Enlightenment: So good or no? It was the the age of reason. Advances in philoso…[View]
122286096Eric Clanton: Has he been arrested yet?[View]
122286057Coonoureds: How significant is the percentage of mixed POOple in Europe and the USA? How close is yo…[View]
122286054Twitter campaign for FRANCE! #Marine2017: Are you helping to meme Marine into office? Reminder normi…[View]
122283838Natalia invited Marion Le Pen to Crimea: https://sputniknews.com/politics/201611171047543244-poklons…[View]
122285990Donald Trump: The President of the United States of America[View]
122286797Why do men cheat /pol/? Then they have the audacity to call all women whores? That's not okay.[View]
122277123Free Speech: I keep seeing pictures like this on my facebook feed from liberal SJWs. How do we respo…[View]
122284834Why should I care about vault 7? Seriously I haven't seen any legal violation in there. The mor…[View]
122282490Is the wall just to keep Mexicans out or will it also try to stop the flow of drugs into the US? …[View]
122276354Economist cover: The World in 2017: What did they mean by this?[View]
122240659Berkeley Logistics: For all the talk of how to deal with various Antifa tactics, one very important …[View]
122282983>possessing certain combinations of pixels gets you arrested[View]
122285840summer is coming, how do we fix chicago[View]
122285589Outdated now, but here's another drawing I did during the election cycle[View]
122282273New species found!: What is your opinion on the nature preservation movement? Should we keep species…[View]
122285712Furfag thinks White Nationalism is kill because leftists will start being nice to people.: https://t…[View]
122271084What would be the purpose of a white genocide?: Assuming that the theories about White genocide are …[View]
122285550We are running out of tre-[View]
122283689You now remember the greatest canadian politician to ever grace this sweet earth. Bless your soul Ro…[View]
122282055Brazilian drug dealers are expelling and killing members of Afro-pagan religions and other non-Chris…[View]
122285583Donald Trump calls NAFTA a ‘trading disaster’: Would the US ending trade with Canada completely dest…[View]
122285227If Le Pen wins, i will visit france, put money into their economy, tour the south of France for a co…[View]
122285485Embrace Earth Day: Use Earth Day to get people supporting Green Lives Matter.[View]
122284689Are Brazillians really white? Seems like every one I see is some mulatto. And I rarely see native Br…[View]
122285452Autism pepes please[View]
122281387Let's say you've been given a free trip to France for the week. Would you go?[View]
122281134Let's debate god Spinoza theorized that: >A circle exists because there is no governing law …[View]
122285356How much of this has he gotten done?: Is China a currency manipulator or not?[View]
122283225the Brocialist problem: My fellow /leftypol/s, we need to talk about the solution to the 'brocialst'…[View]
122277039Somalian rapefugee bull sodomised two old men in Germany and: killed wife of one of them.[View]
122285164I dare you to:: Go into a class with a jacket or some clothes with a lot of pockets. Fill them all w…[View]
122285101Trump channels Jeb!: >Illegals enrolled in the President Barack Obama’s “Deferred Action for Chil…[View]
122284803What is the most red-pilled political magazine?[View]
122285009HAMS pill: Did you swallow the HAMS pill yet? These are the 4 main things women really care about : …[View]
122278620/pol/ OFFICIAL POSTING QUALIFICATIONS: A list of the absolute minimum requirements needed to post on…[View]
122279567Chinese Girls Takes Puppy to School: Hey /pol/ you guys always say Chinese are heartless insects tha…[View]
122283102Porn - The Ultimate Degeneracy: Porn is so fucking degenerate I can't believe it Literally ever…[View]
122284848I wrote my shitty rendition of communism here. https://pastebin.com/rP96LVkd Comments and criticism…[View]
122283196PSA: Linfield trying to shut down JBP Event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qR-479eUCkI[View]
122284719Words that instantly discard argument: >problematic >I feel >mayhaps >actually >base…[View]
122279874Trumps fault: This is Trumps fault[View]
122284692Secular talk: Thoughts on Secular talk? I think he's alright actually - much better than TYT an…[View]
122273774Beta Fags play fighting: Can we please stop these stupid street 'fights'. It's pathetic and is…[View]
122283356Drumpf in Washington, Le Pig in France, and Nigel Fartage's Brexit.....if any of those things d…[View]
122283544why was pence being so touchy?: Is he gay or something?[View]
122282392Chicago Protest today: Does anyone know about the protest happening today in Chicago? I've seen…[View]
122283405ben swann: why did you let him be destroyed[View]
122278571>the same people who invented 'Cultural Marxism is bad' believe that the Theory of General Relati…[View]
122279642Great day for American engineers! Trump signed the executive order restricting H1B abuse. BTFO liber…[View]
122283362Is it worse to be jewish or muslim? VOTE NOW http://www.strawpoll.me/12801238[View]
122284466/polder/ More ammunition edition: We need fresh ammunition for the war on normies Who helps? >I a…[View]
122264625AfD convention in Cologne. Antifa is there to protest and storm the hotel: old thread >>122251…[View]
122283808Europe is full of weak fags: Thank god the anglosphere said fuck europe and made empires without you…[View]
122278084Concluded the true number of American atheists may be as high as 26 percent of the population.: U.S.…[View]
122265394Do you think they ever regretted doing what they did?: They were 2 physchos, no doubt about it, but …[View]
122258766Have you picked up your free butplug yet?: https://sexyliberation.org/ Providing Sexual Liberation F…[View]
122281150PRESS F LADS[View]
122284112GOP Ingrates Betray Trump Again: After he helped them win reelection, several Rhinos have been slamm…[View]
122278829>get married, anon[View]
122282654>/pol/ 2017[View]
122283890Bob Marley will not divide us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jImwylEpHJI&feature=youtu.be…[View]
122251329Why does /pol/ still deny the Holocaust of 6 million Jews?: Is it because you're brain damaged …[View]
122277264What do they mean by this /pol/?[View]
122283653BRITCUCKS BTFO: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/trump-puts-eu-ahead-of-britain-in-trade-queue-l7t…[View]
122277937>The Falklands belong to Brit......: Why do we still have this piece of irrelevant land we stole …[View]
122283570Your opinion on Doug Goldbergstein from 'Jewsero' ?[View]
122283452Bernie Glowstick Meme Generals: So can anyone fill me in on this prehistoric meme that died out, I t…[View]
122281176Looking for Norwegians: Looking for Norwegians, with the balls to do something for this country and …[View]
122283163When will this country rejoin Romania? Why hasn't it already?[View]
122281687Can you guys bring these to the next encounter with the commies like in Berkeley?Or is it illegal? I…[View]
122283565Poo In The Loo Flushed: Political organizer Obama appointee Surgeon General Ousted by New Administra…[View]
122280430Cringey 'diversity' in advertisement: 'What would you do' /pol/?[View]
122283522This man did nothing wrong.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMAWtlzgPqM[View]
122282721Why Does He Dick the Bimbos?: My favorite DNC leak. Thanks Seth Rich[View]
122280648Is this how Europe ends?: Leader of the UK: childfree Leader of Germany: childfree Possible next lea…[View]
122281083Thoughts on this book /pol/ ?[View]
122283177ANTIFA HERO THREAD//BASH THE MAGNETOS EDITION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5JgLrG0-S8 nazis btf…[View]
122276962>Start becoming a neocon for me, /pol/ what do?[View]
122283281Opinions on the British unemployment schemes ? When was the last time you visited your local Jobcent…[View]
122279378leaf (((education))): no wonder the leafs are so dumb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFaUhLkdRPg…[View]
122278451>'Need anything, grandpa? You look sweaty'[View]
122275238Convince me not to vote for Mélenchon tomorrow.[View]
122269258now this fucking guy[View]
122282968Why does Trump support this douche? He created the failed AHCA and hated Trump during the campaign!?…[View]
122280707>Brazil is third worl-[View]
122281684Why does it feel good to like my own race, /pol/?: I was always told that liking your own race was b…[View]
122282547Why can't I get this song out of my head?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXTpHNMdOZU…[View]
122281255You are laughing now /pol/ but soon you will be buried under the full might of the communist revolut…[View]
122280618Syrian President Latest: So he speaks really great english and I feel so empathetic now ..skip to 13…[View]
122277695Leaf in Japan here. This was mentioned in one of the Rebel's videos, looked it up and it seems…[View]
122282616/pol/ is commonly regarded as the birthplace, or at least breeding grounds, of the Alt-Right. Well t…[View]
122282597Science Day (AKA. global warming, round earthers): This would have been nice but they have taken the…[View]
122263043It can't be helped.[View]
122273132>if you hate gay you gay >if you drive big truck or be manly you have small penor >if you h…[View]
122281749yfw le pen doesnt make it to round 2[View]
122282443https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVY2KwagyGE Americans, care to explain why this blatant poltics push…[View]
122281961Has /pol/ fallen for the (((science))) meme? Just another reminder. (((Science))) is a field filled …[View]
122282209Explain this in your Jew Conspiracy: If he tru jew, then why the choo[View]
122281421New Geert video https://youtu.be/tfpAnvirw1M How can one man be so based?[View]
122282245Aussie Pol Compass: Where do you stand? https://australia.isidewith.com[View]
122279701French Election - I side with quiz: Hey anons, have you done the french version of 'I side with', ye…[View]
122282150The most important thing you can do for the white race is keep your own life in order. You must be s…[View]
122281865can some explain how the french elections work[View]
122281358Message to Antifa: https://youtube.com/watch?v=7YvAYIJSSZY That is all[View]
122282114If your ticket didnt look like this on November 8th. You are a traitor and are actively working agai…[View]
122282106Where were you when you found out Iraq is a safer place than the United States of America? How are a…[View]
122271555Jeremy Corbyn pretty much wants to nationalise socialism: Do we need to vote labour to build the nat…[View]
122260047Ask an Arab muslim immigrant anything: This thread is for the exchange of political views and ideas …[View]
122275763Brit/pol/ - Cheshire edition: >Thread Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caP7VY5trw8 >May a…[View]
122281723>find area with high probability of antifa protest >place dumpsters around the area strategica…[View]
122280388Someone have he labelled version of this?[View]
122273909Being female is easy mode: >chivalry >can blame life's faults on the patriarchy >accep…[View]
122276430moving out soon, currently live in the nigger infested tax ditch known as Chicago i wanna move somew…[View]
122265617CANZUK WHEN?[View]
122260699how do we fix western women?[View]
122280413What her effect to USA if le pen accidentally win?: why /pol/ support her?[View]
122273421What are the CONS and PROS of these races?[View]
122280972Blacks have nothing to complain about. Our criminal justice system isnt racis- http://time.com/wrong…[View]
122279921STOP ABUSING CHILDREN https://youtu.be/fN-AT7_xE4s?t=2m50s[View]
122277403Hillary: >Wants to go to war in Syria >Wants to bring refugees to the US >Supports Israel…[View]
122279387I am in a train compartiment with 4 excuses for adults >teachers should receive 4 times more pay …[View]
122275610tfw Lauren's only battle achievement is being peed on in Vancouver.[View]
122278848>be teacher >looking for jobs >see this What do I do, guys? 1/2…[View]
122274584So I've taken the brave move of running for Election in the 4th of May in the UK. Ask me anythi…[View]
122279245Will you kill yourself tomorrow ? Or will you wait the 2nd round before tying up the rope ?[View]
122271520Why so many asians in Australia?: Im currently backpacking in Sydney. I feel like over half of the p…[View]
122279757ITT: Hard to swallow red pills: >Banning abortion in the USA will increase the birth rates among …[View]
122272145Thousands of Taliban fighters in Germany: >Thousands of ex-Taliban fighters may have entered Germ…[View]
122277725pol BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UueGetlwpw[View]
122278456/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism Genera: /nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General ϟϟ HAIL VICTORY! ϟϟ Th…[View]
122279188Le Pen for Le Win: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/04/22/dispatch-marine-le-pen-rides-high-fran…[View]
122281312ITT We're going to war with Best Korea: The best way to fuck up logistics is to eliminate the e…[View]
122280487ALERT ALERT ALERT: Antifa is circulating this as 'intel on fash aka fascists' and it would imply peo…[View]
122280341Antifa itinerary: 10:30 Bash the fash 11:45 Flash gash for cash 4:00 Crash[View]
122281128Haplogroup J: >correlates with low national IQ more than any other, including African E >corre…[View]
122281085litterally WE WUZ KINGS: the country[View]
122276275Trump's wall is absolutely pointless[View]
122256344Time to upgrade our weaponized autism /pol/: Time to upgrade our weaponized autism /pol/ This ones f…[View]
122274446Why do Indians, Arabs and southeast Asians love Hitler and the Nazis?[View]
122257393MODI INDIA PRIME MINISTER: what the fuck is his problem?[View]
122280438what does /pol hate more, sand niggers or jews[View]
122274042For clarification, can we all agree that non-whites aren't biologically inferior intellectually…[View]
122280504Save Pepe: Use this Earth Day to get the normies in your life behind #GreenLivesMatter![View]
122252478How do anti-gun country polfags defnd themselves: I have a question for the cucked nations of the wo…[View]
122272959Japan need to accept more refugees: >be Japanese >they think Japan is first world nation >o…[View]
122277688Why are Libtards defending the most violent group of people in the world?: How are this people …[View]
122280228redpill me on Karl Marx. The famous anti-religion, anti-zionist NEET[View]
122267935What is the best state?: Texas is the best state, no contest >biggest state >diverse landscape…[View]
1222773988values is a scam: 8values is a fucking scam do not use it. They are cataloging /pol/ IPs.[View]
122269786Chaffetz resigns ! Podesta tweets making fun of him !: Was he bribed, threatened or is it 5Dchess ? …[View]
122278305>You will never be a Germanic soldier-peasant living in a comfy colony and bringing civilization …[View]
122280043Why bother with all these holocaust threads? Just fucking respond with a link to 'one third of …[View]
122277001SWEDEN YES!: >Rape 14 year old girl >Claim you have ADHD so you don't understand the defi…[View]
122270568Thats it: Im going to mass tomorrow. We need to become christians again in order to save western civ…[View]
122279806Why is it so hard for you to admit that black men are just more attractive than white men, /pol/? Wh…[View]
122279775Where are all the Lefties to make excuses for the failure of that inflamed butthole called Venezuela…[View]
122269741Twenty-five million reasons the U.S. hasn’t struck North Korea: This is why North Korea's fat m…[View]
122269387Gay baboon rape 5 men in South Africa: http://zimbabwe-today.com/gay-baboon-terrorises-villagers-in-…[View]
122278793MFW my post gets rejected because I didn't include a picture: > spend the past 30 minutes wr…[View]
122275129ITS MARS DAY NOW BITCHES: Lets fuck with all the earth day hippies by trolling Mars day, it will be …[View]
122270839Don't put up with it[View]
122274107Friendly reminder that Saudis want you to visit their camel farms: “Camels are mentioned several tim…[View]
122277464Why is Trump trying to fuck with Syria and North Korea so much? I thought he was a non-intervention…[View]
122279577Pizzarev is socialist?: And their employees dress up like ANTIFA. Maybe they even have a bike locker…[View]
122262840>this kills civilization[View]
122279478Legendary folklore tales and heroes: Good day /pol/ I want to dedicate this threat to legendary folk…[View]
122278013from what i hear antifa is looking for a leader due to them getting fuck my plan is simple all we ha…[View]
122267202How do you make sure you're not just a crazy redneck believing in conspiracy theories? I mean d…[View]
122240140Politics: What are your political ideologies and what are your best arguments for why you subscribe …[View]
122259680Yvette Felarca; Terrorist scum. YFG: Its safe to say; in months to come, Eric(a) will be getting his…[View]
122279280The Future of Political Discourse Online: Humans will always discuss politics and with the advent of…[View]
122264970Monetary system general.: I need some more docus to watch about monetary system. Here is bunch of go…[View]
122279186There is nothing more joyful than shitting graves of dead american soldiers and wiping my ass with a…[View]
122279135ben swann: he's still disappeared[View]
122274109Great mayor: Be mayor Encourage people to protest Protestors damage public and private property of y…[View]
122278819>Amerifats call this football[View]
122278907Why can't millennials get their kids to eat?[View]
122278874Based communist womyn: >She killed 309 - she was the deadliest sniper of the soviet union. WWII h…[View]
122278844Poltards and the environment: Alright poltards, what sort of political action have you taken for the…[View]
122278830it makes me chuckle that all it takes to shut you people up is a light knock on the head. for all yo…[View]
122278752>it's an anti-fascist acts like a fascist episode[View]
122277483Hey white niggers, /b/ here. Since you managed to install a meme president, can you troll pic relate…[View]
122272427Things Trump has promised to do in his first 100 days as president: Propose a Constitutional Amendme…[View]
122277273France save the White race: Every other candidate advocates our replacement. But she will save the W…[View]
122278554Antifa U-Lock Attacker: Very well done gents. I'll not name the source of pic related but I…[View]
122278552Where to follow live updates of the French elections?[View]
122256160ANTIFA GOT BLACKED: https://twitter.com/bamanboi/status/855701099910758400 HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY …[View]
1222714063rd AUS/pol/ got to bump limit quickly didn't it m8's? Fuck this is a popular thread. Almo…[View]
122277701Autistic screeching: I've wasted a few days now just watching a lot of sjw/feminists/fat accept…[View]
122278200Help cunts how do I save him[View]
122277012Remind Me Again...: How MGTOW is supposed to get women to 'start acting right'? Just like athiests, …[View]
122277993Why dont we nuke canada ?[View]
122277898Trump flip flopped and now says all DREAMERS can stay in the U.S. On the campaign trail, he said tha…[View]
122263970Did the Jews trick you into voting for Trump instead of this Anglo Saxon, Aryan woman?[View]
122266230Was hitler a Zionist?: https://www.henrymakow.com/hitler_was_a_godsend_for_israe.html[View]
122277742AUSTRIA YES![View]
122277686All Faiths of Prayer: If you are suffering, feeling lost, confused or just having a bad day, say thi…[View]
122277606Sexual decadence and occultism: Is promiscuity and pornography close to occultism? Are people who pr…[View]
122277500NORTH KOREA: http://www.businessinsider.com/north-korea-situation-is-approaching-the-witching-hour-2…[View]
122277548Sweden Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
122275734Feels bad man: What if (((they))) buy 4chan and then shut it down to eliminate our virtual meeting p…[View]
122268217Our PM on the right[View]
122276230Moronnial Kike Babies: If (you) are 30 and under, you were literally raised on (((kike media)))) Kik…[View]
122275117LEGIT non troll questions. What is the best monetary system? Why is FIAT money so derided in these p…[View]
122270236US to take in refugees turned down by Australia: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/04/22/us-will-…[View]
122277214Attle disaproves: roll D5 to continue[View]
122277159If the jews want communism, why is it banned in the US by the communism control act of 1954 and why …[View]
122277141>/pol/ actually hates the allies for being the real racists kek[View]
122274531After the failed coup attempt in June 2016, Germany has welcomed 7000 Turkish asylum seekers. They e…[View]
122272315/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
122258184Russia wants to build 'The largest aircraft carrier in the world': > A Russian state-ru…[View]
122277006JW cult oficially removed from the Russia's list of accepted denominations: They can't bri…[View]
122277002Deutschfags: How long till this is your national anthem again? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PM77M…[View]
122276453Has gender politics gone too far?: Has gender politics gone too far? Disney has released a new show …[View]
122276932i love you big daddy akkad <3. Your thoughts on the French election?[View]
122276930pol music thread, what do you think of these guys? https://youtu.be/-73lq-d5F94[View]
122276282Jewish extremists attack Left Jews in the West Bank: https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=6f4_1492850173…[View]
122275407Is there anything more blue pilled than being pro-life? After all giving birth to nigger embryos is …[View]
122263392Ending the 'Cultural Marxism' meme: Ever get annoyed about how many people on /pol/ spam 'cultural M…[View]
122268601Why do so many French people look like stereotypical Jews?: This is something I've always wonde…[View]
122273642What side does /pol/ side with?[View]
122272475welly welly well! Trump flip flopping? Never.... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4434466/…[View]
122259178Why do Americans eat so much meat?[View]
122270875Fixed the Balkans for you, /pol/[View]
122263560Islam will rule the west.[View]
122268506Greece status: Can I get a status report on this country? How fucked is it right now, and is it ful…[View]
122272649APOLOGIZE RIGHT FUCKING NOW http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4433010/Britain-leader-posts-fak…[View]
122258379is varg starting to lose it?: he looks more and more like a hobo each passing day. whats his endgame…[View]
122273417Time for a joke: >America[View]
122269547Press F to pay respect[View]
122276342Is feminism dead yet?[View]
122264577MARINE LE PEN for FRANCE[View]
122274254#Pizzagate is real folks: Orange County, CA - The president of the Buena Park School District Board …[View]
122268346American Airlines is LITERALLY Hitler!: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/apr/22/american-airli…[View]
122276227Patriotism is fucking stupid. You don't pick where you are both, so bring 'proud' of the fact …[View]
122275391Why is the white man always keeping the black man in chains?[View]
122276175Arise, wretched of the earth Arise, convicts of hunger Reason thunders in its volcano This is the er…[View]
122269986Antifa here. Why are you fucking nazis so evil. Literally allowing billionaires to live like monarc…[View]
122270199Libshits going crazy trying to prove muh russia: >Chaffetz announces he's resigning to spend…[View]
122275199Why cant women into logics?: Why cant women into logics? Why does women have the same intelligence a…[View]
122274102Can we get a meme ball thread going?[View]
122275993French Elections Tomorrow!: Can Marine Le Pen win? Will Melencon make it to the second round? Can th…[View]
122273459How dare you say that asian girls belong to white males while you all hate on black men going for th…[View]
122269700Geert Wilders message for Europe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfpAnvirw1M look at this incredibl…[View]
122274736>rip >go in the light >this is the first thing you see would you stop being racist?…[View]
122273256Awww, look how cute /pol/: Why would you have a problem with this??? http://fox8.com/2017/04/21/it-c…[View]
122274895so how do i sit with /pol/?[View]
122265780What are the benefits of being a MGTOW?[View]
122275494Im english/french/dutch. Im thinking of moving home to Europe. Which country has the best qt white t…[View]
122275269Hundreds of ineligible votes confirmed in North Carolina: >The audit's findings contradict R…[View]
1222676828Values: Post your results http://8values.github.io[View]
122273594Italy cucked!: Member when Fitch lowered Polands rating because 'Nazis' won the election? Now they l…[View]
122272224just posting the truth about 'occupy democrats'[View]
122273984Is this the best Balkan map?: Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Serbia create the Balkan Four(B4)-milita…[View]
122263916Antifa:: They pretend to be some revolutionary communists, yet in practice they are foot soldiers fo…[View]
122252888Fusion power is the future: Politics will change forever with fusion power. Fusion is like awesome a…[View]
122255233Trump puts EU ahead of Britain in trade queue: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
122275349https://8values.github.io Get in here fags[View]
122272241>WE'LL GO LIVE Why are conservative TV hosts so decisive and alpha?…[View]
122273144amazing Michelle O'Bama mural: wow. this mural is in chicago. it looks soo much NOT like michel…[View]
122268309Ask a muslim immigrant: Bonjour /pol/. I am a muslim immigrant who got here a few years ago on stude…[View]
122271241IF you are accused of being racist, just remember the words of this asian man: https://www.youtube.c…[View]
122267865Caveburners: What's the /pol/-approved theory of where racial differences come from? Can we wor…[View]
122272596TFW even bbc is warning us: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-39658837 Here get redpilled on the j…[View]
122269702ITT: Ideas on how to cut off the rural cancer from the city. Nuclear based power to end dependency o…[View]
122271906Visual Example: /pol/? Your thoughts?[View]
122273499'RACIST SHITSUCKER!': I, for one welcome, our new dumblr overlords.[View]
122268804>4 out of the 5 kids trump has are either married to or dating jews Uh, guys?…[View]
122256183There’s No News Right Now Because Trump Doesn’t Actually Do Anything: http://archive.is/IlZJM >Th…[View]
122274696You can only post in this thread if your country is based as fuck[View]
122273572What exactly is antifa? (Pic unrelated)[View]
122274629Fuck Authoritarianism thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBShN8qT4lk[View]
122274528Based Socialists: The Labour Party is about to solve the ((Bank)) problem by Nationalising ALL of th…[View]
122273846>Marry extremely young >Have kids >Think everything is alright >Suddenly your wife start…[View]
122269412Brit/pol/ - Shooting Stars Edition: >Thread Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrUnT59SiRA …[View]
122274474Well, in 1823, he sent a letter to William Wilberforce, the most famous of the anti-slavery campaign…[View]
122268973Why is America so much superior than Europe? Why are we still the future and Europe still the past?[View]
122274219know any good spook books, written by ex-spooks?[View]
122271599Make the right choice, baguettes!: Accept Marine Le Pen as Goddess - Empress![View]
122258032US fighter jet from 'North Korea armada' sent CRASHING into the sea: A US fighter jet, whi…[View]
122205693Political stances: Post and rate[View]
122274091THE IRON PILL DUMPSTER: Give me your best Iron pills pol Not others pills welcome. No Saudis allowed…[View]
122274087/Polder/ Thread: I didn't see one up so I thought I would start one. Recent Happenings: -Shoo…[View]
122263824> mfw french cucks will vote for Macron & Melanchon[View]
122268214Propaganda censorship: I realized something quite absurd today. During ww1 & 2 newspapers and go…[View]
122264939Will she declare a 2nd Reconquista and remove m*slims from Europe?[View]
122273526antifa is literally equally as autistic as /pol/ fascists. You're just two sides to the same r…[View]
122273430GERMANY YES: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4389490/Berlin-woman-34-plans-MARRY-brother-Ani…[View]
122262782UN Saudi Rep is asked y he supports democracy in Syria and not in SA, hilarity ensues: https://twitt…[View]
122268897France: Will recent events in France benefit Le pen or will France go full retard like we did in the…[View]
122273067White Privilige: Someone told me I must check my privilege. How do I do that /pol/?[View]
122258582Christians destroyed Constantinople. Why did they do it[View]
122271338Why do politicians not outlaw diesels?: Diesels are pure evil. They kill people.[View]
122273511Stand up for what you believe in?: I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your…[View]
122273447>The religious profile of the world is rapidly changing, driven primarily by differences in ferti…[View]
122273361can you guys redpill me on berlusconi? how was he?[View]
122265735blue tick means she's a political expert, right?[View]
122270655American Cultural Hegemony - how do we end it? Sick of getting all their propaganda as they digest t…[View]
122271567Show me the perfect religious Europe, /pol/: We always see the perfect borders of Europe etc. Now it…[View]
122272720Anti Anitifa general: Here we will discuss on how to take down the Anitifa cowards that have been te…[View]
122267857What goes on here /pol/: The nazis send a lot of expeditions to the Himalayas to try to determine th…[View]
122272946INSTAGRAM SPONSORS RAPIST?: Was on Instagram and saw this facist sexist patriarchal crap. How can In…[View]
122269147Fatima 100th Anniversary - The Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary: May 13, 1917 -> May 13, 20…[View]
122272529Disgrace to nationalism: Reminder that If Le Pen loses it is because this orange retard hasn't …[View]
122264910AUS/pol/ FUCK OFF LATVIA NIGGER EDITION: 2nd AUS/pol/ got to bump limit quickly didn't it m8…[View]
1222687043 in a row and meme magic is real >>122267244 >>122268411[View]
122271655Probably the only utility for manlets... so why do we need them, I forgot?[View]
122272185My fellow /leftypol/s, we need to talk about the solution to the 'brocialst' problem As we are gaini…[View]
122269252We're fucked: I don't quite understand how this has happened. It seems nearly all the peop…[View]
122271942Why?: Why did African countries adopt Socialist policies when they became independent?[View]
122239193What even are video games anymore?: Why do millenials seem to be so infatuated with vidya? As a filt…[View]
122271988Post your 8values charts /pol/ https://8values.github.io/ for those who haven't done one yet[View]
122271788How cucked is Czech Republic aka Czechia?[View]
122271680>IMAGINE MY SHOCK[View]
122217781I have infiltrated my local antifa: What do?[View]
122270986France in 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4rOHGPgX9k >If Mélenchon is elected this will be…[View]
122266766BERKELEY POLICE ARE A FUCKING JOKE: wtf is this shit? https://archive.is/c74iP[View]
122271606What should politicians promise?: Since Adam Curtis argues our politicians only promise to placate f…[View]
122264084/ptg/ President Trump General - Don't Look At The Pollsters, Barron Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J…[View]
122270903Guys I was eating fish today and it got me thinking. With all those aids ridden niggers coming to Eu…[View]
122271228We are so KEKED. Where is our rage? Why don't we want to fight back? Why do we want carry on li…[View]
122270307When Jesus Christ, who is The Word, was on the cross. The Roman dipped a sponge in vinegar to mock J…[View]
122264175Sweden: Remember when we used to joke about Sweden being feminized... Pepe farms remembers[View]
122265608Capitalism 101: How are companies able to keep their prices high when there are cheaper products on …[View]
122255323Single Transferable Vote: Let this lion queen explain to you niggers how to fix Democracy in the US.…[View]
122257599White SJW's get smacked up by black guy: Gif in post Webm in link https://twitter.com/SHEEPISHL…[View]
122270811With the upcoming first round of the french election, how about we try to poll some data on migratio…[View]
122268753A L B I N O P O S T E R A M A R U C C C A A A: Hey pol, albino poster here. I just wanted to make th…[View]
122270656Liberal media are is us.: my lifelong mate is a journalist for the number one gazette in town. He to…[View]
122266212I'm dating a slav. Are slavs cosidered white? Will our children be half breeds?[View]
122266987>late night hangover >stumble to local asda >see pic related >say'he looks just like you…[View]
122249397HES FIRED: The U-Lock antifa guy has been FIRED. >http://www.dvc.edu/directory/profiles/clanton-…[View]
122265414Antifa: If antifa really do kill someone will the right wing death squads rise and slaughter them al…[View]
122263866Hi guys I am in the process of transforming into a blob, got any tips?[View]
122267032Now those degenerates at r/Anarchism have been run underground; where are there backwater communicat…[View]
122270458If it is all private, why in the world would the gov be involved?: Politico reports Trump advisers w…[View]
122250009The most important thing you can do for the white race is keep your own life in order. You must be s…[View]
122270248Hey france how does it feel to be about to be great?[View]
122267090UC Berkeley College Republicans Find Out Snow Flake is Not A White Male: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
122262990Le Pen unfortuntely have zero chance: There are zero Swedes who aren't Sweden Democrats voters.…[View]
122270107Scientific Democracy?: http://www.scientificdemocracy.org/ As a citizen, vote for candidates on the …[View]
122262322Attention all Aus fags We have a new party to support, One Nations leader Pauline Hanson Is too reta…[View]
122256241Risk: Risk Thread, 325bc edition. -When saving rolls in prosperity bank please specify that you want…[View]
122268053Have you guys noticed that no matter how many times you go to /pol/ it won't show up on the qui…[View]
122259173Balkan Division thread Nr.1524165436253: Arguing thread for faggots[View]
122256325MAKE CRIMEA KHAGANATE AGAIN: http://primechaniya.ru/home/news/aprel_20172/krym_stanovitsya_uzbekskim…[View]
122269709How is it that in countries where rightwing parties have been in charge for decades, people still bl…[View]
122264482Brit/pol/ - TV Detector Van edition: >THREAD THEME https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Q9CsRRhWQI …[View]
122267897Can someone explain the women are underrepresented in stem so we should give them 90% of the positio…[View]
122269411Born Liberal Losers: Trump is one of the most abrasive candidates to ever run for office. Hes almost…[View]
122269143I'm going to be homeless in a month. I'm going to use that hardship to finally write up my…[View]
122265399Why do liberals love the 'LE DRUMPF HAS SMALL HANDS' joke so much? It's been months, and they…[View]
122269276Whites are superi-[View]
122269254anticom is a honeypot sovereign citizen tea party oath keepers anticom HONEYPOTS[View]
122269211How easy is it to become a mod? Is it possible that a mod or mods are FBI/CIA and are logging all ou…[View]
122269121Trump vs Obama: So basically these older people here are hailing obama... shitting on trump.. sexist…[View]
122268918Dear /pol/ we are in dire need of your assistance in these dark days. With domestic terrorism groups…[View]
122268946Germanistan yes: Thousands of refugees are claiming now that they are Taliban Members to increase th…[View]
122268647>Pagans are LARPers, they don't really believe that shit[View]
122211846ITT: Design a new flag for your country[View]
122265478Why do Americans pretend they're not cucked >HURR DURR MUSLIMS MAKE UP 5% OF EUROPEAN POPULA…[View]
122259876Yogi Adityanath: What's /b/'s view of Yogi Adityanath? One of the few based loo politician…[View]
122267289Le Pen : 28% Fillon : 20% Macron : 19% Mélenchon : 16% Hamon : 6% Dupont Aignan : 5% The others fags…[View]
122257169Earth just hit 7.5 billion people. Is overpopulation a problem?[View]
122268348Emmanuel Macron General /emg/: This thread is for discussion of France's next President, Emmanu…[View]
122246499Ahhhhhhh, don't you love happy endings, /pol/?[View]
122263968>80cm snow in the middle of April B-but climate change is a myth, Israel said so!…[View]
122265979Aryan Queen: Tell me why you supported a Jew loving cuckservative instead of having this strong Arya…[View]
122259964Gayest military uniform: Which country has the gayest military uniform, and why is it Greece? This i…[View]
122265105Rhodesia: Got these in the mail today to add to my collection so... Rhodesia thread?[View]
122259007Press F for bike lock guy[View]
122260973post yfw Trump inevitably starts WW3[View]
122268202Soon...: Revenge is a dish best served cold. We'll bide our time until the world runs out of oi…[View]
122251061Nazis watch out!: Phoenix John Brown Gun Club - Range Day https://youtu.be/CywFbSdMVx0[View]
122268099Russia to China is what Canada is to America.[View]
122268087Steve Shives wants to kill free speech...: https://youtu.be/ENEkF9RprnQ[View]
122268045THE BREED OF PEACE AT IT AGAIN http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4434670/California-man-saves-…[View]
122267269Learning Russian: I just began learning the Russian alphabet. Is learning Russian actually hard? I h…[View]
122266459What's /pol/ opinion on Base StickMan?[View]
122267832why is pol so butthurt about antifa riots? is that because you are shut in neets who are too scaried…[View]
122267756Is he, dare I say /our guy/?[View]
122265373Cops are out against the lefties protesting AfD: Times are changing lads http://www.bbc.com/news/wor…[View]
122267585Miss me yet?[View]
122252947Should Australia be leader of the Anglosphere?: The British tend to act like or side with the Americ…[View]
122267485So I'm guessing this is how BAMN get people in power to do their bidding, huh?: Letter from UCB…[View]
122267178Was Franjo Tuđman a jew? red pill me[View]
122259841DUDE FUTURE LMAO[View]
122253586Muslim here if you don't stop the Islamophobia I'm gonna kill myself. I'm warning you…[View]
122262193ALL ANTI-ANTIFA OPERATORS REPORT ITT: 6th M.E.M.E. Psyops Battallion reporting in thread soundtrack:…[View]
122264066why is 4chan of all places, the 'asshole' of the internet pushing for traditional families being ups…[View]
122267169Anyone know of any groups trying to make the PM an elected position? I need to do something that wil…[View]
122267001Is it weird that I want to fuck a load of these 3rdwave feminists you see moaning about rape and oth…[View]
122264190Why haven't you accepted the gift of salvation /pol/?[View]
122266332http ://www .ranker.com/crowdranked-list/the-most-influential-people-of-all-time Vote Adolf Hitler a…[View]
122266883Feminazi Teacher: Nowakja@masd.k12.wi.us This is a teacher who's a feminazi all the way. She se…[View]
122245789/pol/ really hate gays? What to do?: All this talk of tolerance and traps, it's disgusting. The…[View]
122266972Americans in Charge of Law Enforcement: http://www.mystatesman.com/news/texas-police-withheld-record…[View]
122267043He'll be FINE!: Ralph[View]
122266692It's so simple guys. For communism to work, human beings just need to act like fish.[View]
122257739Essay on how our Civilization will collapse: http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20170418-how-western-ci…[View]
122256218How does /pol/ feel about raves? Ive been doing it for 4 years and I think there are a lot of miscon…[View]
122266576Grace Christ Jesus Reaches Out To All In The Holy Bible: Moot have you repented for all the bad frui…[View]
122266675Melbourne mates: If your in Melbourne give me a ring on 0426 738 004[View]
122263448With that man as a leader of ruling party, we can be sure that everything in Poland is on the right …[View]
122266314Share em Bongs.: http://uk.isidewith.com/results/3103040376[View]
122260593I read this in youtube comments is it true? >When Jesus returns, the muslims and christians will …[View]
122265926Is Teddy /ourguy/?[View]
122265194Can we use our weponised autism to find out who this fat bitch is. Ive seen her in multiple videos f…[View]
122258802>tfw stage 3 I still need to do a lot of reading to ascend. What stage are you on redditor?…[View]
122260330FUCK. Who else is struggling to write their letter before the election tomorrow? I am thinking of ju…[View]
122264214COMMIE RANGE DAY JUST DROPPED Antifa shooting their guns for the first time together in AZ this week…[View]
122256350>2017 #Prom dress honoring the black lives lost to police brutality. Dragging them through the di…[View]
122260491r/anarchism: after spending some time lurking around 'https://www.reddit.com/r/Anarchism/' i noticed…[View]
122263654Is it just me or have the shills almost given up? I hardly see them much anymore[View]
122265539Deutsch in England hier. England ist so viel besser als Deutschland. Deutschland ist Scheiße im Verg…[View]
122259455Who is this? He shows at most Antifa/BAMN protests.: This man shows up in numerous Antifa/BAM protes…[View]
122256820>tfw Sweden is so cucked It's literally a BBC[View]
122252844This is how ANTIFA wants to reform education: They think that Betsy DeVos is a nightmare, so they pr…[View]
122263305Why do Jews run the world for? What makes them god chosen people for and why do they believe that?[View]
122262550REJOICE: Finally, no more coal in the UK.[View]
122264374How do we stop them?: > Pic related[View]
122265169Why wouldn't God take the internet seriously if God owns all things? Now, there's somethin…[View]
122250047Antifa gets upset when you misgender them: Antifa retard rips apart trump sign and gets upset when p…[View]
122261453Revelation 3:9 >Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and …[View]
122261723Lonely men in society: what place do lonely men in society hold?[View]
122259506This is becoming really tasteless. Thought Colbert always praised himself as a good Catholic. Piece …[View]
122257323AUS/pol/ bump limit is shit edition: G'night chaps Gotta keep our Aus/pol/ going. I think Aus/p…[View]
122264633False flag antifa: Why not convince two separate antifa groups that the other one is /pol/ and watch…[View]
122264798Pizza?: I spy with my eye a symbol[View]
122258424Brit/pol/ - Torn Edition: >THREAD THEME https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VV1XWJN3nJo >May asks …[View]
122261752Get Out is a red pilled film. Coal burner rich white woman takes her black bf to her parents who are…[View]
122254797Why is the Krautess such a whore?[View]
122261802You are taking them America!: hahaha http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-39676947 The United Sta…[View]
122263317Can Le Pen win?: Just saw this today https://www.dailystormer.com/macron-terrorism-is-part-of-our-da…[View]
122264451Is this guy don as hardcore anti immigration as le pen is?: Marine le pen wants to pretty much stop …[View]
122264399What's the call /pol/? Is this guy scamming or legit[View]
122264343Redpill me on Yvette Felarca: Who is this gook, and what does she do, anyway?[View]
122263456Western nations are not ready to deal with islamic terrorism: It just dawned on me that most Western…[View]
122262833Don't vote for this fascist cunt[View]
122261574NIGGER HATE THREAD: get in here faggots[View]
122259366I thought she was anti-fascist?[View]
122264038You know what to do...[View]
122264076So Fags. Yay or Nay /pol/?: How to determine if someone is a fond of penis fondling >Call someone…[View]
122260790What's past Capitalism? You have to be completely BP'd to think it didn't reach the e…[View]
122263943Antifa plans to use more blacks: Antifa plans to utilize mexicans and blacks in upcoming battles. Th…[View]
122263843Boys what are her chances?? Is this another Trump/Brexit opportunity?? Should I take 4.33 to 1 odds?…[View]
1222470078values thread: http://8values.github.io/ post your results I'm a moderate conservative apparen…[View]
122263792why do you all hate the uk: what the fuck is this today it's nothing but fucking anglo hate…[View]
122255554Mission Accomplished. kek: Saw this on Twitard. I believe we have found our next volunteer for justi…[View]
122256847/ptg/ President Trump General - SUMMON THE AWOOLVES Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.wh…[View]
122260675aborigine pride: Why aren't Australians proud of their aborigines? One of the best tennis playe…[View]
122263659TIM FARRON'S ONGOING MENTAL BREAKDOWN THREAD: Lads, is Tim Farron ok? He just posted this https…[View]
122260506Russia tried to use Trump advisers to infiltrate campaign: DRUMPF HAS COMMITTED TREASON LOCK HIM UP …[View]
122259307Communists in the bay area are meeting up on sunday. I believe most of these people are related to t…[View]
122263449Warum mögen Deutsche wie Scheiße?[View]
1222582461. Legalization of drugs, prostitution and gay marriage 2. Low taxes (0-5%) 3. Privatization of medi…[View]
122263409Destroy this reddit thread about Auburn: https://www.reddit.com/r/socialism/comments/66txze/video_fr…[View]
122261708At what point did you stop supporting Trump?[View]
122261946>greeks are white um, no honey we are not. Meds are superior to aryan cucks.…[View]
122250971Islam destroyed Rome: >be Rome >can't defeat Germanics >gradually absorb them into emp…[View]
122262921/pol/ will defend this: > Unironically worshipping a Jew > Ironically worshipping a Jew > N…[View]
122232179BILL oreilly is a much bigger story than /pol/ is making it out to be. What this tells us is that A…[View]
122252146STRAYA CUCKS THE YANKS!: http://www.itv.com/news/2017-04-22/us-to-honour-dumb-refugee-deal-with-aust…[View]
122263084Hey kids, anyone up for a friendly game of Blue Whale? It's this hot new thing that is so in ri…[View]
122262954Alright /pol/, time to take on Plebbit and its employees. Reddit has over 100 cucked employees and 1…[View]
122229508Post losers that some people on his board actually respect[View]
122260574excellent: dem raids keep winning! we has no strategy to defeat a raid i premuse! yall keks bout 2 l…[View]
122262904Here's a meme >You don't know literal from your cliteral, pansy ass fruit-bowl pink te…[View]
122251258Columbo: is this the most red pilled tv show?[View]
122262841https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0N4SQ4R5K4 I miss him.[View]
122262751Google is supporting BLACKED: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNQOSlIFiZhIq3Z-SPEIWfw/videos Rememb…[View]
122255068Is it easy to go abroad and get a nice Socialist waifu and show her the wonders of capitalism?[View]
122258576How many years will he get?: >6 attacks with a deadly weapon, attempted murder, domestic terroris…[View]
122258040Allons enfants de la Patrie, le jour de gloire est arrivé! Contre nous de la tyrannie. (The EU). How…[View]
122260346I've been researching about the Holocaust and I would like to know why many people on here say …[View]
122260969You people actually believe in this cartoon image?: Hey /pol/ when you quickly scroll through the pa…[View]
122262407/pol/ related quotes / profound statements: post what inspires you and others debate the veracity an…[View]
122260929>be /pol/fag >be (rightfully) angry about corruption of culture, betrayal of national interest…[View]
122262217Voting for: Ralph is RIGHT[View]
122261018Suicide on social medias: What do you think about people trying to kill themselves while being on so…[View]
122251902>Japan is more swedish than Sweden you honestly cant make this shit up…[View]
122259108Don't blame niggers. Blame the (((humanitarians))), the (((billionaires))) and the (((non profi…[View]
122262117As the late Breitbart said, culture > politics. I'm curious, what's /pol/ doing to chan…[View]
122262046Embarrassing. We prop these fuckers up with cash and weapons and just a week ago kinda nuke a mounta…[View]
122262001Hear: This could be helpful Info for Trump twee this to him. There are at this moment at least a fou…[View]
122258270Jesus Christ, The Word and Voice Of God!: The Holy Bible Is God, Master Of The Supreme Court. In Jes…[View]
122256566street people stories: I encounter them so much, unless something exceptionally interesting happens …[View]
122261599Aryan Queen: Why did you let this Strong Aryan woman lose to a Jew loving cuckservative?[View]
122257421Why is Trump helping ISIS in Syria and Indonesia?[View]
122261767>ytw trumpowitz[View]
122252608John Lennon was redpilled: Was John Lennon /ourguy/? >did nazi salutes all the time >drew hims…[View]
122261745purge /pol/ of commies[View]
122259411>gook women have a lower divorce rate than American women Is it worth the shot? Can you even lega…[View]
122259498Dare I say it, is Donald Trump /your guy/?!: HAHAHAHAAHA[View]
122259688Le Pen Is The Only Option Left For France: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgxNB0ElmJc - To the back…[View]
122261611Romania: New Flag: https://www.wsj.com/articles/romania-pilfered-another-nations-flag-designand-its-…[View]
122256273POL BTFO: How in the fuck can pol recover? Name one thing that isnt true in this picture[View]
122260361Berkeley mayor part of antifa: This is maybe old news by now but the mayor of berkeley is part of an…[View]
122251895Tila Tequila: Israel will be destroyed by 2020 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywQ5l9Nld34[View]
122261555>white Australian visits Europe, our closest ally after Canada, NZ, US and the UK, our cultural c…[View]
122261341Frexit: is it possible?: Hi Francobros, I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on the election…[View]
122256859https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZCqvjQkdok watch this video anon, then tell me 1 reason why you hat…[View]
122256702OPERATION JUDAS CRADLE: OKAY LISTEN UP MY DUDES So, the last antifa subreddit we took down, job well…[View]
122260976so /pol/ what do you think will happen 1st A) Ching Chong and Cheeto causes WWIII or B) NOT NAZI an…[View]
122261254Is he right French anons? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cCBcvGrWMU[View]
122260923Southern Europe Master Race: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJQP7kiw5Fk > be from northern Europ…[View]
122261201Nortk Korea will nuke US: with thermonuclear bombs. Is US finished by the best Korea? https://www.yo…[View]
122260483Marine LePen content thread: I need LePePen material. I know she is probably going to lose after th…[View]
122259607New Filter: So now the word c.uck gets filtered to KEK. So insulting people are OK unless you call t…[View]
122257230Chinese car manufacturer reconsiders selling Trumpchi cars in America: http://www.reuters.com/articl…[View]
122260704Alex Jones brags that he’s a “number one meme” during custody trial: http://www.avclub.com/article/a…[View]
122261011Serbia did nothing wrong!!![View]
122257342why am i alive? why isn't selective breeding a thing? im obviously less of a man compared to mo…[View]
122257099DRUMPF IS DONE: This is it, /pol/. You had a good run, but this is finally over. http://shareblue.co…[View]
122253167Well /pol/?[View]
122255083We need to create a reformed version of Christianity. I understand a lot of us here have serious qua…[View]
122255546Jesus Christ The Word Of God Speak Through The Matrix. Return to us in this world of the flesh from …[View]
122243121AHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA >superpower when will burgers learn that war is not the answer to everythin…[View]
122260715I see you, Sharia Blue.[View]
122254974$$$$$ \TIME TO PAY UP WHITE BOIS $$$$$: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPTsRYffa4M 'FREE TUITION as…[View]
122259286What does /pol/ think of Michael C Ruppert[View]
122251785Guaranteed Happening in Germany today: Over 50000 people expected to attend protests in Cologne with…[View]
122256861Central Banks: Alright /pol/, I need your help. I need someone to point me towards some sources that…[View]
122254073Who the fuck is Aya? Is Ivnka a de facto President yet?[View]
122260249Alex Jones - 51 pts. 13 assists. 10 boards. 10 steals.: Alex Jones is about to be handed a big L. I…[View]
122250486What happens here /pol/[View]
122257296Pol BTFO by the Elderly: Keep it online polacks. Around blacks, show your respect to your superiors …[View]
122257118Little girl is caught bringing a stray puppy to kindergarten: This is what Chinese parents are now g…[View]
122256377Feminism: I am a feminist and I am a shameful man. Men have been oppressed in this country for hundr…[View]
122255339Antifa furry: anyone wanna have a convo with a antifa furry on telegram[View]
122257197Thoughts on germany?: Why do they so well at the moment? Is it multiculturalism?[View]
122256260Whites are NIGS: To be white is to: >be a cuck >get skin cancer >skin ages faster due to 's…[View]
122257478He's here, isn't he?[View]
122259867I think it's time to review the whole structure of profit over utility. Most products invented …[View]
122259772So a small amount of you think the Bible is a spooky story? Well it's not. I can vouch for you …[View]
122259372Is the GodRace really just a combination of all races?: Hear me out. Hitler was probably right in hi…[View]
122259096I agree.[View]
122259671When are we addressing the LQ?[View]
122257489not a terrible idea desu[View]
122248181Conversion to christianity?: Alright /pol/, So I was born a catholic until I became an atheist later…[View]
122256798Please vote Le Pen hear the sadness of a man hopeless against multiculturalism https://twitter.com/B…[View]
122259292Canadian identity.: https://youtu.be/3zSG0jddazQ[View]
122259229What would his reaction be if he found out his family here illegally were being deported?: That woul…[View]
122259214Did Chris Hedges predict Trump's presidency?: How long till martial law is declared after the '…[View]
122235004Berkley 'Bike Lock' Attacker Identified: ALRIGHT, WHICH ONE OF YOU ASSHOLES DID THIS? This poor guy…[View]
122257165The modders making games more gender-diverse: http://store.steampowered.com/news/externalpost/rps/75…[View]
122258867Conspiracy Theories: Best conspiracy videos of touchy topics. Wake me /pol/[View]
122234525Eating Dog in China: Why do they do it and your opinions on it?[View]
122259125When 4chan isn't taken seriously by any real truth tellers is the day you will all be stuck in …[View]
122255811German Judge Says Turkish Man's Forced Violent Sex Is 'Culturally' Not Rape: https://…[View]
122252832What's the most common blue pill you see on this board, /pol/? The one I notice the most is th…[View]
122255081Is this the face of the new American? Is America turning brown?[View]
122249726Polygamy: degeneracy or redpilled?[View]
122256602Donald Trump has 'dangerous mental illness' - say psychiatry experts at Yale conference: D…[View]
122256365why are leftist memes such unfunny cancer?[View]
122254237/jdg/ Jewish Defense General: JEWS OF POL ONLY --- NO GOYIM ALLOWED JEWISH SELF-DEFENSE Thread for t…[View]
122255342Inevitable war with North Korea: Guys, I need reassurance that Australia won't be dragged into …[View]
122258879Fund my wall or I'll make you my bitch...: Making more Democrats look like bitch asses[View]
122251776Trumptards no! Not the armadillos![View]
122257947antifa cyber hideouts?: What are the antifa cyber hideout? Let's start surveillance and disinfo…[View]
122257902Help An Agnostic Normalfag Get An Idea For How Religious /Pol/ Is: Please participate in this poll I…[View]
122256944Anglo Island monkey containment methods: The Local: At this stage, are there any reassurances you ca…[View]
122238926So I have an idea about how to mitigate antifa's use of women as meat shields. Spray the girls …[View]
122255881Hope I don't bump any better threads or maybe I missed a new one. Is /pol/ behind this guy? ht…[View]
122256258Are Americans free?: ?[View]
122258417Can somebody tell me why rits crackers are more expensive than meat?[View]
122258390I feel like she can do it people are more awake than ever people are sick of mass immigration people…[View]
122245019Fuck that weasel trudeau. We need some Canadian Nationalism. Post your favorite (non-meme) things ab…[View]
122258363Do civic nationalists have more fun? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08fqHr_KGPY[View]
122257866Fuck the Democrats and fuck the liberals. wow 100 days and no one got holocausted. I'm pretty …[View]
122257748Merkel's bjs are the best: Even Obama loved them. Putin too. May is still a tough nut to crack…[View]
122248277When will modern ''men'' realize that they are part of the problem with society?[View]
122243226Daily reminder that /pol/ is a Christian board and no amount of r/atheism invasions will ever change…[View]
122257311(((cologne))): Fuck this city... Over a thousand rape charges since that famous cologne night - nobo…[View]
122246145You're welcome.[View]
122258192Purging niggers: So, what does everyone think of the idea of purging niggers?[View]
122258171OVERWATCH PROPAGANDA: Yo fags, I wanna drop some dank text memes to support Le Pen in overwatch chat…[View]
122258157Why does this board fall so hard for the red vs blue bullshit. They want us to fight each other. Fuc…[View]
122250544Questions about antifa and the US in general: So I'm a bit uninformed about the recent situatio…[View]
122258038>Parliament voted to repeal law which gives automatic custody for mothers over young children …[View]
122257600this image triggers fascists[View]
122244743Sweden: Is Sweden really as bad as they say?[View]
122238941Brit/pol/ - Good morning lids Edition: >May asks MPs for snap election to ‘strengthen hand in Bre…[View]
122257543>when every communist regime executes or enslaves the intelligentsia as soon as they gain power s…[View]
122246866Europeans, read this book now.: Download/buy it. Read it. Share it. Offer one. Give one. http://www.…[View]
122247265Texas Police Torture and Kill 110lbs Kid; Uncovered 5 Years Later: >be in Texas >claim to be m…[View]
122257849Welcome to our new antifa friends![View]
122244796100 days coming up: This will hurt.[View]
122257649Blatant suck up thread - weaponised autism: I am but a humble viewer. I do not possess 'the sight' a…[View]
122253626What happened to Millenial Millie?[View]
122254172What if Le Pen gets 50% first round?[View]
122209503Syria General /sg/ - GAS EDITION!: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpress.com/ …[View]
122250758yall racist?: Is everyone on /pol/ from alt right?[View]
122257396Gavin and Steven: Gavin and Steven notice us yay. put video to 36:28 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
122251706/ptg/ President Trump General - SUMMON THE WOLVES Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whit…[View]
122237223Trump turns his back on Assange, wants him in handcuffs http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/world/w…[View]
122248785Drumpf is an autist.[View]
122255485She will be EXPOSED[View]
122250329Dear White people: Get ready for a shit storm of 'white privilege' propaganda on Netflix.[View]
122256474Post yfw she lose and you realize the wave of the right wing politics is over.[View]
122248672Is drunk driving as bad as people and the laws stay it is? I know a few other people that do it with…[View]
122256503Where were you when Antifa lost all of their credibility? https://twitter.com/bamanboi/status/855701…[View]
122251059Nate Silver on France: Nate Argentum gives his take on france: anything can happen on 1st round, 2nd…[View]
122241599Working on Doxing Application For Antifa: The title should speak for itself. I have been working on …[View]
122253256Automation kills jobs: So I am a one working on muh automation that will steal ur jobs. AMA t. Resea…[View]
122253968Why is facebook so full of retards? Taken from a wall, pic related. Guess which country she is from?…[View]
122256215Hillary 'stupid kikes' Clinton: Hillary Clinton said Robert Byrd was a mentor and great friend. Byrd…[View]
122255408the sarcastic 'i'm a civic nationalist' insult was ultrajew Soros EFFECTIVELY and VICTORIOUSLY …[View]
122256272Mélenchon for président[View]
122252854Globalism is inevitable: I understand completely the urge to resist globalism, and I agree that cert…[View]
122241638AUS/pol/ COOL GLASS OF GOON EDITION: Man this goon fucking tastes like shit. I swear to fuck those j…[View]
122233327Now you've done it, /pol/.[View]
122256475Find your antifascist! Part 2! Antifa posted a list of their signatories, so let's find some co…[View]
122256320so it begins...[View]
122256155>Russians are not communist[View]
122256335Rapefugees resort to raping each other in camps: >Four-year-old girl among refugees raped in Gree…[View]
122237204Risk: Start by entering: >Name (In Name and/or Comment fields) >Starting Area >Color Game w…[View]
122254887Antifa gets BLACKED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UL4bdHzVFso https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UL4…[View]
122254493possible raid starting, be safe soldiers[View]
122254326>bunch of self absorbed new age hippies think they're being righteous and call anyone who th…[View]
122256204Is sucking your dad's dick based?: Or do you get more red pills from the red rocket of a stray …[View]
122256202Is George Soros our guy? He's a jew, just like Trump[View]
122234877INDIA is fucked?: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-04-21/everythings-worse-where-indias-disintegra…[View]
122253319>Marine Le Pen will rule france >She will set up a referendum to leave EU >She will win …[View]
122243713If you're actually bashing fash, stop bragging about on the internet. If you're not, stop …[View]
122256117Can someone please make a Brave Shores - Never Come Down version with Le Pen so we have something to…[View]
122254324ARgghhrhrthrtrgrtrgghhhghg I HATE BLACK PEOPLE oadjodgjoehjpohvopeshvpas[View]
122255549You're going to love this. Trust me.[View]
122255776Why didn't Syria bomb the US for poisoning the children of Flint or gassing the natives at Stan…[View]
122255404If the Muslims win, maybe pedophilia will be legalized. That I am looking forward to the future.[View]
122253489Does /pol/ approve of this music video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmVAaID4H7w[View]
122254863memeblade: Kek be praised, I just discovered this while shopping for swords. >kek themed katana h…[View]
122250297What happens here?[View]
122250354Holocaust : /pol, how we make it happen for real this time ?: We need a plan.[View]
122255614how do I close them down[View]
122237821>*teleports behind you* pffft, nothing personal fascist, shoulda voted clinton Wat do?…[View]
122253670Why /pol/? Can anyone explain why to this poor woman?: http://archive.is/FHuTV#selection-991.71-991.…[View]
122250786What is wrong with airline staff in usa?: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4434620/American-A…[View]
122254010Clasical music thread: Post on of your favorite clasical or similar song https://youtu.be/bH1s8PcDBE…[View]
122249704Ever since based Trump blew the fuck out of the globalist subhuman Putin and his puppet ASSad, /POL …[View]
122242995you monsters!!! when will you cis white haterosexual male colonial pilgrim hats learn that there is …[View]
122252758>ad for maccas >white mum with white kid and new black partner >ad is about the black dad t…[View]
122252624Last thread I made was archived fast hmm?: Here's the truth. They hate Europe's peaceful l…[View]
122253844Redpill me on the Holocaust please[View]
122255399Aryans are NOT Christian: Do you still worship the eternal Jew? Has a Semitic religion taken control…[View]
122233970European Art General /eag/ (I, 4/21/17): Mother Europa is a barren wasteland compared to what she on…[View]
122248390What issues essentially caused the Republicans and the Democrats to 'switch'? Pic semi-rel…[View]
122255219Hi guys, I have a question. My really good friend is being accused on social media of attacking some…[View]
122254818I was making a nice spaghetti pasta dinner when I ran across this: Hitler slowly inserted his penis …[View]
122252385I'm gonna take a shot at America rip me.: So anyways you Americans like to shit on everyone els…[View]
122249191Muslims: Do these liberals think by cucking to Muslims that they'll be spared? If Muslims ruled…[View]
122251027>Black people are all crim--- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhplhhnvPQs…[View]
122249845/pol/ what's your opinion on mukbang? For those of you who don't know what's a mukban…[View]
122255004Electoral list Austria - Turkey: Who has the complete list?[View]
122254928why does Germany fanatically push itself as far away from it's WW2 past almost 100 years later?…[View]
122230051Say it with me; AMNESTY DON: >http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/04/21/trump-says-daca-…[View]
122250234Sagging being banned USA-wide. Finally.: You faggots remind me of this Justin Bieber faggot in the p…[View]
122232601Russia wants to build 'The largest aircraft carrier in the world': > A Russian state-ru…[View]
122253815Why don't Jews want to live in Israel? It's a Jewish state after all.[View]
122250221Remember how back in the day it was really cool and edgy to make anti christian lyrics? All the edgy…[View]
122253905Le Pen Is The Only Option Left For France: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgxNB0ElmJc - To the back…[View]
122254699Tucker Challenges Undocumented Goldman Sachs Analyst on Immigration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
122248947Swap Refugees for Aussies: Hey Europeans. Would you be in favour of this idea? We get every refugee …[View]
122252465Why do all Indians say 'hello friends' ?[View]
122252819Best Alex Jones Memes: Who has the best alex jones meme[View]
122231613Oh man, a new Bill Nye show, I wonder what cool shit he's gonna do[View]
122251617describe PJW in 6 words.[View]
122207955Antifa Tactics: ANTIFA Tactics: 1. They rally around and follow the Black/Red Flag. 2. Their Tacti…[View]
122254354Lock him up!: Soros has done enough damage. What will it take to red pill the world on this human sc…[View]
122251490Any enlightened non-racists wanna comment on this?[View]
122252107Anarchism Thread All Ideologies welcome > Am Agorist[View]
122246226>alright everyone it just isn't the same[View]
122253993/NationStates/: What does /pol/ think of this game as a political simulator? Is it good? Is it shit?…[View]
122251408After reading this thread I've come to the conclusion you are all fucking traitors burn in hell…[View]
122252187Look what you guys did to Anzu.[View]
122253629Time to hit the gym bros: Aside from Stickman... Fash Gordon was the only other person there that da…[View]
122251157Man Antifa sure is mad: Post yfw Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KbTLfe_5Hs…[View]
122253155Two holocaust remembrance days?: Can someone help me understand why there are 2 remembrance days for…[View]
122253728'silly alt-right drumpfkins! the left has scien-[View]
122247856>This just breaking, Donald Trump has now 'evolved' on guns, he will advocate a full ban on assau…[View]
122247619TRUMP BTFO BY CNN: Hahahaha, CNN turns Trump into a mockery of catchphrases! http://www.cnn.com/2017…[View]
122253593Serious question, why the fuck would anyone be stupid enough to join Antifa when we know so many of …[View]
122253164Daily reminder that only Amish may legally live a merchant-free life in the United States: Daily rem…[View]
122251032If you don't believe that $hitlery Cunton deserves cancer, you're a terrible excuse of a h…[View]
122214736Look at what you did, /pol/. You're scaring all the redditor ANTIFA manbabbies, now they are af…[View]
122252522>american army[View]
122247301The only Redpill I cant swallow.: The Holocaust. I have to believe in the Holocaust. I've never…[View]
122251097can reddit I mean pol remind me what level of chess is trump playing now[View]
122240304the world only cares about us for our anime[View]
122235210Berkeley Free Speech Warrior vs Dozen Antifa: Unseen Berkeley Fight! Badass Free Speech Warrior vs d…[View]
122251757NORTH KOREA LAUNCHES MISSILES: IT'S FUCKING HAPPENING http://www.latlmes.com/world/breaking-mis…[View]
122253296>'Here for the show, son?'[View]
122253244Draining the swamp: I think it is clear that Trump cannot or will not drain the swamp of deep state …[View]
122253207i wonder how he feels getting cucked by (((kushner))): pretty sure he gets off on it now that shes n…[View]
122245049bikelock guy is a cuck: can't make this shit up[View]
122252066DAILY REMINDER: That /pol/ always was, still is and always will be a Christian board, and that /r/at…[View]
122232135You're looking at the next PM of Australia.[View]
122252523>remember /pol/'s Samson Option >remember how /mlp/ tore you guys a new asshole a couple …[View]
122233667Anyone else regret voting Trump?[View]
122251701Does Trump really know how to flex power? >throw mass aggro on North Korea issue >threaten Chi…[View]
122237044How the fuck is USA going to pay this off?[View]
122242905AMERICA IS REGRESSING INTO A DEVELOPING NATION https://www.rt.com/usa/385659-temin-vanishing-middle…[View]
122252139Hapa: Why do so many hapas suffer from mental disorders? I've got a thing for hapa women ... bu…[View]
122252469When do you think Antifa will burn UC Berkeley and blame the 'alt right'?[View]
122252481When are the French federal elections. Are they going to leave the e.u. you think? What will happen …[View]
122248640>jews 10% Evil, 90% Hardworking normal people >muslims 90% evil, 10% normal hardworking people…[View]
122238877HAPPENING MAY 1ST: https://refusefascism.org/2017/04/14/may-1st-protests-across-the-country/ WIDE SP…[View]
122249808Know thy anarchist enemy: How does it feel to know that Antifa is literally quaking in their boots, …[View]
122249908>mfw I am Aryan racemixer with no qt Japanese gf. Why live anymore pol?…[View]
122252347Angela Schulz: '4 more years of Angela Schulz? There must be an Alternative!'[View]
122231862I'm 25 working a dead end job and single, most people by age 25 have a good career started and …[View]
122251220After reading this thread I've come to the conclusion you are all fucking traitors burn in hell…[View]
1222522928values.github.io its a bit like political compass but better, share your results and fellow anons w…[View]
122251024The EU has its flaws: But it is interesting that critics have big troubles to actually come up with …[View]
122245163ITT: Nations that have the capacity to accept more immigrants: I'll start[View]
122252153Other than the Jews controlling record companies, what happened to all the great patriotic music fro…[View]
122250127Look who it is...: bunch of anonymous peoples out in my town are these guys cucks or what?[View]
122246538>someone has different skin tone / facial features as me, therefore they are worth less. Is there…[View]
122239517Are you graduating high school? I'm talking to you.: Go ROTC. Or go to a trade school. Learn sk…[View]
122251579Marine le Pen must win. We must join our retarded powers and get her into office. I found a nice vid…[View]
122251177I jerked off to Blacked porn all day and I thought I was a neo-nazi... please help me stop watching …[View]
122251932it's 22 april and are temperatures below 0 outside all my fruit trees won't produce nothin…[View]
122236025/pol/ is in total denial about Donald Trump. If this grand canyon of proof of treason and illegal fi…[View]
122235061Do you have a swastika in your house, /pol/?[View]
122247231>w-watch out antifa, we're coming f-for you!![View]
122249368Genghis Kahn is still treated as a national hero in Mongolia and no one gives a dip, while Hitler is…[View]
122251169>global warming isn't re-[View]
122251415>White on black: 0 Really? I mean it makes perfect sense, why the hell would you want to rape a m…[View]
122251603ITT : werd times in /pol/ history[View]
122244368/nsg/ - 卐 National Socialism General ϟϟ: > BAT THE RAT! > EXPOSE THE NOSE! > SUBVERT THE PE…[View]
122225355World War III: Real Motives Behind Trump's Missile Strike: Info dump about the looming WW3 situ…[View]
122250423*sips truth*[View]
122248962Oh shit. We're really fucked now.: Pure comedy gold brought to you by LARPing anarchists. https…[View]
122244800/ptg/ President Trump General - Bundo Hop for France Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.w…[View]
122246514how do we save /ourgirl/?: How long before she's found with 3 self inflicted gunshots to the ba…[View]
122237582I'm glad Abraham Lincoln was assassinated: His war prompted the deaths of over six hundred thou…[View]
122248563Should cities be banned?: Cities are almost always cesspools of leftism, degeneracy, mental illness,…[View]
122246918/pol/ wrong again!: http://www.inquisitr.com/4162691/professor-eric-clanton-alleged-bike-lock-attack…[View]
122244413What happens here?[View]
122251200Goy bux: What small steps should we all be taking to de-judaize ourselves? >credit unions, brands…[View]
122249527Black women I never heard of featured on Time's 100 worldwide most influential people: Angela M…[View]
122251068>/pol/ hates muslims >/pol/ hates gays >for some reason /pol/ doesn't use their differ…[View]
122226934Why aren't there many modern right wing artists?[View]
122248604>my wife's kid[View]
122245143dude.. this is #deep[View]
122251096My biggest fear about WW3 is that if NKorea Takes over SKorea we wont.... I wont have cute K-pop dan…[View]
122244402>voting for a literal zionist[View]
122245162Why have there been so many fucking racemixing threads recently?[View]
122248877/mu/ would you racemix with Oprah?[View]
122250923nigger started fight with white women. cop breaking his arm (way to go). reddit go SJW full throttle…[View]
122250917>white guy goes on a racially motivated killing spree after posting a bunch of shit about blacks …[View]
122250880Saw these posters on my campus today: Apparently the Philly Socialists are plotting a rally on May 1…[View]
122244641Water > Everything: Water is the best thing ever prove me wrong[View]
122247360Le Pen Is The Only Option Left For France: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgxNB0ElmJc - To the back…[View]
122243464President of Chechniya says he will eliminate the gay community by Ramadan: http://www.pinknews.co.u…[View]
122250461/pol/ Is Joey /ourguy/ ?[View]
122247381ToyFreaks Channel - CP in Jewtube: Ok guys Why Youtube doesnt take down this channel: https://www.yo…[View]
122244354WOMEN LOVE MEN UNCONDITIONA...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZFXUzJziI4#t=131.162198[View]
122250571Moral Politics Test: Some years ago I did a test that gave me results like pic related, but it seems…[View]
122248758HIGH QUALITY BAIT: >post your best bait >insult other peoples bait…[View]
122248257Why is no one talking about Gotham Shield? http://www.gnyha.org/ResourceCenter/NewDownload/?id=13027…[View]
122250474https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nBoUdPiAkA lol[View]
122250113I've found it anons, Antifas worst nightmare.[View]
122217187Where were you when Sledgehammer saved gaming?[View]
122248221Where were you when the God Emperor was elected to his throne? I started my first day at a new job, …[View]
122248429>post yfw murrisharts will be browsing 4chan in español by 2020[View]
122250291Can someone explain what happens in this movie.[View]
122250174how can white men ever compete?[View]
122250262The 'Arts': First off, I for one am glad Papa Trump is cutting funding on this shit. But holy hell I…[View]
122244369convince me that this isn't the best state ever[View]
122250211Don't vote Communist.[View]
122233982Why does non-jews support the Jewish ethno state ?[View]
122203720ARE SWEDES FINALLY GROWING SOME BALLS? https://twitter.com/PeterSweden7/status/855562799963045888…[View]
122248942Red Pilled Books and why they're Red pilled to you. > Am agorist. > counter-economy.…[View]
122250005Rhodesia Comfy Edition.: Can we have one of the Rhodesian threads again? Haven't seen any of th…[View]
122249951So this retard Drumpf promised to deport illegals and make America safe again the entire campaign, a…[View]
122245024Now Google thinks it's funny?[View]
122248120Hi! I'm Chris Kyle!: I like helping out troubled veterans. So when I meet a PTSD'd veteran…[View]
122249747Bashar Al Assad 2006 Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqQa-QSMMjs Do not consider yourself…[View]
122249738google made a climate change logo: google has done it again[View]
122247618What's the deal with infowhores?: I've saw quiet a few posters on his site in the comments…[View]
122239400How to race mix with Brittany venti?[View]
122246959CONFESS REBEL SCUM: The jury will likely convict him to a labor camp, as this is definitely the guy.…[View]
122229591So how do libertarians address the roads issue again?[View]
122249443Every minute a non-white person kills a white person[View]
122238979/pol/ brainwashed: So explain to me why people still buy into the 'Left vs Right' meme? Don't t…[View]
122249513BENEDICTION: Cheers. I know this is ridiculous but... Sometimes when I wake up in the morning I thin…[View]
122245873>digits and this is the primary for the French election[View]
122237289Do you take any infowars product?[View]
122248341Remember When Donald Trump Promised to Save Social Security?: https://www.thenation.com/article/reme…[View]
122244039Just watched a thread where leafs got RAKED, figured I would repost OP for the OP of the old thread,…[View]
122243209Discuss: What are the 2 best and worst countries in the world?[View]
122237443Just saw that r*ddit antifa thread pulling out the tired 'neckbeard in basement' meme. Curious, what…[View]
122249260VERY HIGH Human Development ONLY Thread: Only developed nations can post in here. Let's share o…[View]
122249080RULES: you can only talk with people from another country.: Talk shit do what u want. but only talk …[View]
122248104Hahahaha this board is funny, but this is satire right? I'm sure none of you are actually racis…[View]
122225447What is your most liberal position?[View]
122248619>Its beautiful tonight. Isnt it anon?[View]
122248871>thinks Voltaire benefited humanity in any way wrong[View]
122197149Jewtube is poisoning children's brains: A friend of mine who's got a little daughter notic…[View]
122248796ITT: We turn the Spongebob Squarepants lyrics into a fash song.: I challenge /pol/ to turn these lyr…[View]
122248292HI. I'M CARTER PAGE AND THIS IS JACKASS: https://twitter.com/DanScavino/status/8556641201039319…[View]
122247079ATTENTION: MASSIVE GET (P-praise Kek?): Well anons, on this night we have witnessed the most colossa…[View]
122248753Never mind me I just leave it here to trigger mudshits.[View]
122235172How does /pol feel about Mustafa Kemal Ataturk?[View]
122248691Chuckie is so based: Laughing it off![View]
122223655what happens here?: what happens here burgers?[View]
122246432We just keep winning don't we folks?: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/330033-9…[View]
122206839Turning Antifa against each other: do not let this thread slide. SPREAD RUMOURS OF FBI INFILTRATION …[View]
122247461/r/The_Donald: Alright guys how do we get rid of reddit? /qa/ is frozen[View]
122246872Should The U.S. Invade NK: http://www.strawpoll.me/12799606 Should NK be invaded?[View]
122246129>this kills the krautnigger[View]
122241487REDDITORS GET OUT[View]
122235399‘Many Syrian families are calling their newborns Putin,’: Syrian parents are naming their children a…[View]
122242626>gas over 6,000,000 innocent jews >don't use chemical weapons on the actual war enemy thu…[View]
122244983Why did Britain and France not declare war on the Soviet Union?: Following the Polish invasion in 19…[View]
122247686The Kids Know about the Frog God: The future is looking bright lads https://youtu.be/dOjGD_0SUqw?t=3…[View]
122247273How come DoctorRandomercam has so few subs, /pol/? Is it because his lyrics and musical and ideologi…[View]
122248313Thank you /pol/ you guys are great. Keep on fighting the good fight.[View]
122247493Schills attack us like we care about our white women beig taken. Post your white women who aren…[View]
122244324In a couple years I'll be 20, should I get a job now or wait till I'm older for a better c…[View]
122244343Has it occurred to you yet that we're fighting a war?: Because by now, I really fucking hope it…[View]
122246306Alright I'm new to /pol/, so can someone redpill me about the Bogdanoff Brothers (Note: This th…[View]
122247521India: Is India the weakest country ever? Literally taken over by too many other empires and countri…[View]
1222450872/3 oz. Rumple Minze 2/3 oz. Jagermeister >enjoy it while you can[View]
122248098-Lights out in my Block - Anyone else ?: Fucking pol, you guys better have some explanation for this…[View]
122248062Why did America start the ozone layer hoax?: We all know that the 'ozone hole' was just a scam to ge…[View]
122248058>Black people are all crim--- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhplhhnvPQs…[View]
122238548Anyone else reckon these guys should upload to vimeo so they don't have to bleep their fucking …[View]
122247681Countryman feels: Tell us the shittiest parts of your country. >TFW no free healthcare >TFW sh…[View]
122244717racemix: So /pol/ doesn't like racemixing huh? I'm half bulgarian and half french, am I no…[View]
122239035If you still support Donnie Cheeto then you shouldn't be allowed to vote ever again.[View]
122247800>yes im gay why is this dude /ourdude/[View]
122247347Really makes you think: What did /r/Anarchism mean by this?[View]
122246376Is the Conservative Party what the UK really needs?[View]
122247685what's this guy's role in Trump administration? He seems to have some pretty interesting v…[View]
122239750On this 103rd anniversary of the invasion of Veracruz in accordance with the eternal imperialist agg…[View]
122247653What does /pol/ think about Trump's new anime?[View]
122228041anti-antifa: Why aren't people using phalanx formations against Antifa college kids? Just think…[View]
122240500Child porn found on Navy Seal's phone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioEk3dplbo0 http://abcne…[View]
122207072It's been long enough. Two sequential digits names this faggot.[View]
122243613Australian political cancer: Labor has sjw, unionist, corporatist spec autism. Anything relevant the…[View]
122247253https://twitter.com/uriminzok_engl Guys I'm a little scared. The official North Korean twitter …[View]
122247286FUCK ANTIFA UP ON MAY 1ST: https://refusefascism.org/2017/04/14/may-1st-protests-across-the-country/…[View]
122247287>'I really like Communism, but I hate niggers... Hmmmm' You can't ethically defend NatSoc, b…[View]
122245809Divide and Conquer faggots need to go: *sips tea* *Waits for MATniggers to swarm into this thread in…[View]
122238336With Trump's poll numbers being the lowest in history, and with the Russia scandal not going aw…[View]
122242616Soda is trash: Soda (or pop is you have sex with your family members) is legit the most shit tier dr…[View]
122247070Am I wrong thinking this?[View]
122247043/OSINT/ General #1 - Into The History Books We Go Boys: /pol/ needs to be mentioned in this article.…[View]
122246909the dick show: anyone have a picture of 80s girl? now that she was at the philly show there has to …[View]
122241641Drumpf at it again: Why does Drumpf keep betraying the core base that voted for him? What would it t…[View]
122246896/pol/ loves when trumpity bombs kids! fucking right wingards.. #prayforISIS[View]
122246099What have you done today to praise our lord Azathoth, The Daemon Sultan, The Primal Chaos, The Blind…[View]
122246797hanford california habbening?: ctrl+f didn't find anything.[View]
122246591/brg/ Boston rally general : Antifa Leaks edition: /brg/ - Boston Rally General On May 13th, a free …[View]
122246701Le Merchant Thread: Its Friday. Post em![View]
122246669>Right wing politician or figure says one N-Word or gets SPECULATED to be bad or evil or no good,…[View]
122246659MAGA: nagger thread[View]
122243737>m-most black homicides are against other blacks >m-most minority homicides are against other …[View]
122246620SWEDEN YES!: http://vesselnews.io/muslim-migrant-avoids-jail-anally-raping-teen-sweden-couldnt-under…[View]
122243343What's Obongo's end game this time /pol/?: Apparently Obama got bored of doing whatever th…[View]
122243846Eric Clanton vs Aryan Brotherhood: Everybody knows Eric Clanton was born to fight nazis. A lot of pe…[View]
122245150Fall of the 9 tags?: Seen many /pol/ s trying to destroy 9fag i strongly support the movement.let us…[View]
122216343Fresh Berkeley footage - first person edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rx7yp-w_02w /ourguy/ …[View]
122244686Greeting across this great land: East of the Rockies you're on the air.[View]
122237337How does /pol/ feel about other countries? Rate the country above you. Start with mine. Flag related…[View]
122243496What happens here /pol/[View]
122246385>He's an American and identifies as 'red-pilled' on Jews >He can't seperate politica…[View]
122243405And there you are, jacking off to chinese cartoons and acting tough on a anonymous board. Will you d…[View]
122242104THE PROLETARIAT IS UNITING pt 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkvsE5Xitrs she actually made me cr…[View]
122243435AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH: pssst... hey /pol/...[View]
122244511Since Alex Jones won't be able to recover from his current legal battle, who will keep Infowars…[View]
122245069There, I fixed it...: kekek[View]
122246133Drones, Drones get your drones here!: We need some HD equipped drones to capture overhead shots at B…[View]
122244782What Europe needs is populism.[View]
122242762Have you considered the fact that whenever you post a well produced, accurately sourced, etc comment…[View]
122242573What political affiliation best fits your views?: http://www.strawpoll.me/12796477/r poll results sh…[View]
122243564Can we have a Lord of the Rings politics thread? (Serious question mods) Now we all know Tolkien fou…[View]
122245245come home white man: http://www.post-gazette.com/local/city/2011/09/05/Pittsburgh-metro-area-named-o…[View]
122243510NatSoc is the future: >Be me >Centrist > Getting Redpilled >Becoming NatSoc >Maybe H…[View]
122245932Hey /pol/, Ask me anything about California that needs to be answered. Sincerely, A Californian /pol…[View]
122232715QUICK RISK THREAD: ALL ROLLS DOUBLED EDITION >Supposed to be a quick game but prob won't be …[View]
122245913ANTIFA is formulating a plot...: https://www.reddit.com/r/Anarchism/comments/66p26w/how_do_we_stop_4…[View]
122245325>'Woaaah! Youre a BIG guy!'[View]
122242565Webcam Video From: Type 'webcam video from' into YouTube. They instantly take down anything with a s…[View]
122244465Is getting drunk degenerate, /pol/? What did Hitler think of alcohol?[View]
122243784why are there so many self hating white women who put down all whites and succ up to 'people of colo…[View]
122241491Moral relativism: What should societies base their morals on? Morals are relative and can change ove…[View]
122243718When did the leafs go underwater??? WTF is this[View]
122235901Not being circumcised is degenerate[View]
122236349Is there anything more stupid than nationalism? Why should I feel any fraternity with the 300 millio…[View]
122241717explain this[View]
122233680JEB SURGE[View]
122244693Should /pol/ try to hack the French election?[View]
122234889Trump inauguration donations were from FAKE SOURCES: Could this administration be any more corrupt t…[View]
122244832100 days in: And Trump hasn't done shit but appoint Goldman sachs shills, nearly start World wa…[View]
122245326>he thinks voting for the right candidate will save white race[View]
122224730/POL/ CANCER OUT OF CONTROL: >Bogposting >Trump shilling >Shilling for israel >Shilling …[View]
122227036Woman scientist pisses on self, blames patriarchy.: http://archive.is/dNkLX >Gender barriers in s…[View]
122244976Guns are Fun: But don't be an idiot https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=o5dh9pphlIQ [Remove]…[View]
122239356Is it mental illness?[View]
122238261Sorry to keep you waiting. Complicated business...complicated business[View]
122220152Conspiracy time: Can /pol/ uncover a terror cell operating within the US? There has to be a connecti…[View]
122241580America First Meme and The Alt-Media: https://youtu.be/HbaIMpLr7qo It's just so surprising that…[View]
122235752>the paradise doesn't exi-[View]
122244420Ivanka Trump's trademark bids in china: http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-ivanka-trump-chin…[View]
122244408OK let's have a real talk: No fuckin way >>122222222 will happen anytime soon. China will…[View]
122238525God clearly dislikes space elevators. Stop that space elevator shit. >one people, one language …[View]
122244377WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE!: >>>>/x/18921267 >>>122242727…[View]
122243651Where can I get a list of things government is spending my taxes on?: including contract rates etc? …[View]
122244321/pol/, how do I not get upset about antifa? I don't want to support them, I just want to stop c…[View]
122240174/pol/, meet Hillary Hillary, meet /pol/[View]
122244280>Man- 'i don't like trump's name calling, but i agree with some of him polices'. >Le…[View]
122242241why don't we euthanize geriatric patients?[View]
122240576Speaking of our reception: Is /pol/ on top of the world?[View]
122243363/Islam/ - General Islamic Thread: As-salam alaykom Welcome to /Islam/! This thread is dedicated to d…[View]
122234256Just a reminder we are your back up plan.: >Catholic as fuck >Majority white population >No…[View]
122244130CHILL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hi6RoMlAC0E[View]
122231712I want to Jew: Does anyone know how o buy debt? Credit card debt or healhcare debt? We can't be…[View]
122233091what did he mean by this[View]
122233557Hey /Pol/ explain how socialism works[View]
122244049Who will die first. An Antifa or a patriot in the next coming protests/rallies?: Who do you think wi…[View]
122244034>DPR has active curfew Holy shit PIDF justify this. Any Ukrainian that is pro russhit should just…[View]
122237160>7.7 inch penis >100 iq >brown hair brown eyes >in order: 30% French, English, Prussian,…[View]
122239398Inderal thread: /pol/, I'm about to graduate college and have a paid internship lined up with a…[View]
122239120Southern europeans (shitaly, spain, moortugal etc.) = Arabs Prove me wrong, protip, you can't[View]
122239338What are some good arguments for flat earth theory/the world is not a sphere? Not necessarily that y…[View]
122240971Black lives matter: This is a continuation of another thread that I made 3 days ago http://boards.4c…[View]
122243749So we can all agree that the daddyofive situation is outright child abuse (which is an understatemen…[View]
122243483Idiot Pundit Thinks Trump Solidified Reelection By Dropping A Big Bomb: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
122236248what would be america's unique unit?[View]
122243682(((Mods))): What's the final solution to the (((Mod))) problem? This thread is political as it …[View]
122242822Not sure what's more pathetic, the speech, or the upvotes/ gold.: Saw this username in another …[View]
122237319Trump violently shakes baby in Wisconsin: the fuck is wrong with him? the baby is still in intensive…[View]
122206086Juicero >$120M in investment >makes a $400 (formerly $799) always online 'juice' press, that r…[View]
122234145Give me one good reason why I shouldn't race mix: I've almost entirely given up on western…[View]
122240758>blackouts in major cities >Operation Gotham Shield on 24th http://www.zerohedge.com/news/201…[View]
122243433Just a reminder we are your back up plan: > white > all shitskins live in their own republics …[View]
122238357Want to add some pictures to my jew propaganda gallery?[View]
122241409>Be Burger >Apply for visa to visit EU >Stay and become Illegal Do they deport me or let me…[View]
122234689Internet war?(noob): I'm kind of a normie so please excuse my normyness. If there were to be a …[View]
122234163antifa plans[View]
122240267Why are french people voting for a pen?[View]
122236868What does /pol/ think about Howard Dean and hate speech?[View]
122239082Is the IRA dead. It would be nice to see the country be. My grandfather donated a lot of money to yo…[View]
122242963How many of your childhood friends are full blown commies?[View]
122243026Why is it that leafs think they are qualified to talk about American Politics. /pol/ needs to realiz…[View]
122242614How did people accept Hitler with his blue eyes, blonde hair perfection speech if he didn't hav…[View]
122217040What should I know about Western Esotericism?[View]
122238020Canadian here. We have a family of Afghans living in our house: Ask us anything[View]
122237521What group fits this the best? Who can't we criticize or insult for fear of being labeled? I sa…[View]
122242264I don't post much here, I'm a lurker, but I want to share what happened to me last weekend…[View]
122240907Elon Musk's brother Kimbal is doing more for the future of humanity with his Kitchen Community …[View]
122243003STREAM RAIDS: Come join the stream raid boys https://discordapp.com/channels/282057505347993600/2820…[View]
122241015What are you doing to prepare anon? Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dlr90NLDp-0&li…[View]
122234130Anti Communism dump: post your anti communism memes / arguments / copypasta[View]
122242734TIL that the OK sign is now the alt-right salute. The fuck, America? Enjoy this website for your dai…[View]
122242794Canada single payer is inferior to USA socialized medical: why?[View]
122239396COME HERE MY BROTHERS AND SIGN THIS PETITION TO FUCK WITH UC BERKELEY https://www.change.org/p/presi…[View]
122238280well? who's gonna prove it?[View]
122233249What happens here?[View]
122242855For those who want to LARP with antifa: The basic guide to tactics in dealing with this antifa black…[View]
122236959Forty acres and a mule: how fucking brain dead are Americans . after the civil war why didn't t…[View]
122240978Time for a boycott?: http://www.avclub.com/article/call-duty-gets-whole-nazi-punching-thing-return-w…[View]
122242530Alright which one of you did this.[View]
122241048>Constantly bitches about a lack of intellectual honesty in the media >Repeatedly posts on fb …[View]
122242351I am the David, AMA[View]
122242013>guys for real i hate niggers but this at this one black guy in trump hat xd…[View]
122224192HABBENINGS BREAD: >we are proper fukt better start stockpiling your tendies now, /pol/…[View]
122234675POSSIBLE HAPPENING: APRIL 26TH NEW JERSEY: Holy shit check this out https://youtu.be/7UjMkJmkdQI h…[View]
122241511>voting for an antiracist multi-cultural supporting, jew loving, traitor what happened to you /po…[View]
122242381Get ready to kek: http://newser.com/story/231841/texas-prisoners-can-read-hitler-but-not-jon-stewart…[View]
122238292ISHYGDDT: >the current year >not being a comcap…[View]
122239328Why stop at DIY spaces? What if Juan the local mechanico doesn't put his soiled rags in the pro…[View]
122242325Why does this happen /pol/?[View]
122234924>tfw your gf makes a 'gas the kikes' joke.[View]
122237094who was right, /pol/?[View]
122242237le pen >>>>>>>>>>>>>> trump she is our savior she will ma…[View]
122242086Government grants: >Specialties include grant writing and feature stories on geekdom and social j…[View]
122237656westerner anons gtfih.: what kinda girls do you guys plan on marrying? the amount of degenerate whor…[View]
122242056Why did Hitler say that the Negro are the true Hebrews?: >'The Americans have the jewels of God. …[View]
122219362Female games journalist calls for game companies to report on how diverse their companies are. What …[View]
122231664America, the ultimate degenerate country according to Hitler: 'I don't see much future for the …[View]
122227020Is there anything more pathetic than 'traditional women': Imagine your only goal in life was to para…[View]
122241985Who will sound the trumpet for the Paladins of Pepe to combat the black blocs of tyrannical antifa?[View]
122241964https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxlxsIb5SzY What can we do about the (((TYT))) problem?[View]
122239012I'm worried for future generations. https://youtu.be/66D2Kk9BsE8 >pic somehow related but ha…[View]
122238582I feel like I've just been redpilled as fuck. I'd heard the term 'Armenian Genocide' and I…[View]
122238646What the fuck do I do, /pol/. I'm financially well off, not a billionaire, but enough to live v…[View]
122241159Pyongyang drivers scramble as gas stations limit services: PYONGYANG, North Korea -- Car users in Py…[View]
122231101LE PEN WILL WIN GUARANTEED: Shills fuck off and listen up, this is how it is going down, screenshot …[View]
122239872<Bumps shoulder in passing> 'Watch where you're going, Nazi!'[View]
122241670ARE YOU AWAKE YET ?: whatever you Do ..........this video. https://youtu.be/Ol9uarZHwco[View]
122238572S H A D I L A Y[View]
122240710ITT : Politicians when they were younger.[View]
122236613One of Us[View]
122235551Quick rundown on Soros? Meme scapegoat or legit evil?[View]
122241367Is Jack Smith wojak incarnate?: Is Jack Smith wojak incarnate? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DzBq…[View]
122235423Is Trump Jr our guy? He tweets pepes and triggers hollywood jews with hunting pics.[View]
122239119Here come dat boi[View]
122240631May God forgive your degeneracy.[View]
122208580KENTUCKY, YES!: 'White students at Western Kentucky University have voted to pay for black student…[View]
122211891Youtube is shutting down Piewdiepies youtube account: 'A video has surfaced while Youtube was routin…[View]
122230037why is female circumcision referred to as mutilation but male circumcision isn't?[View]
122203748Antifa Attacks WW2 Vet in Wheelchair: WW2 Vet in wheelchair is a Faught REAL Fascists but Antifa thi…[View]
122230655itt we post honorary whites[View]
122239090I hope you cunts realize we're getting shilled again: This is just spam at this point.[View]
122236436SWEDEN YES: >be muslim >anally rape 14 year old Swedish girl >record it >court says it…[View]
122240404right wing student squads: i'm building a ratemyprofessor clone for right wing students. it…[View]
122236032Empire of Japan: >Rape of Nanking >Sexual Slavery of women in occupied territories >Slaught…[View]
122202650GET THIS THROUGH YOUR HEAD, AMERICUNTS! The area in RED shares these qualities: >lowest IQ >la…[View]
122238573Why aren't you a Christian biker /pol/? >the god given wind rushing through your hair >fr…[View]
122239367Uncle A[View]
122238930>America is first worl-[View]
122226228Redpill me on Vaccines: Good or bad?[View]
122239809why isn't this the universally accepted method of interviewing and recruiting women?[View]
122237570Reminder that even if le pen wins 49.99 percent in the first round the propaganda will be so strong …[View]
122233000American nazi skinheads: Why aren't these guys on the streets counterattacking the violent Anti…[View]
122240133Macron is a cuck: Emmanuel Macron is a globalist cuck. He must get 3rd place Sunday. Le Pen need to …[View]
122240095I'm honestly waiting for you guys to use your weaponized autism against antifa. You had your tr…[View]
122238016Dress up as V from V for Vendetta and fuck shit up: I'm just a stupid normie but I would really…[View]
122237586The fuck pol, what's your deal? I thought we're not supposed to give a shit about e-celebs…[View]
122239477This is Hillary Clinton. Thoughts?[View]
122225475Debate me on Canadian VS American Healthcare.: Good evening leafs, I would like to welcome you to re…[View]
122239713Surgeon Circumcises Entire Penis Off: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/surgeon-walks-free-after-totally-remo…[View]
122237843What do Japanese people think of Hitler, in general?: I'm really curious. They should have no r…[View]
122239532Famous Antisemites: Wtf, I love Ford now![View]
122238505Somali Pirates: How does /pol/ feel about Somali pirates? Ever wondered what it's like to lite…[View]
122214242Piety Thread: Tell me how you intend to worship Kek this night. We must please Him, if we are to sum…[View]
122237526twitter girls: who are the best right wing girls on twitter?[View]
122236250Working-class whites can’t handle their status as ‘the new minority’: Looks like white people should…[View]
122239070I'm not really a stormfag, I just want real free speech. Am I alone in that on this board?[View]
122238082What happens(ed) here?[View]
122229620WWII Risk! This is my first time OPing so go easy on me.[View]
122220240well /pol/?[View]
122238955What are his politics? Also, some people think he isn't LARPING at all about his past[View]
122236184Will the World Ever be Free of the Anglo Menace?: >Wake up >Anglos still exist I don't kn…[View]
122238776Why do these stupid cunts keep pandering to leftists? They don't like you. They will never like…[View]
122238775Morality and failed gun shot suicide: Do people deserve to live when they have a failed suicide atte…[View]
122238736>4 times in 4 days: Russian military aircraft fly off US coast http://www.cnn.com/2017/04/21/poli…[View]
122238731I TRIED SO HARD[View]
122234165Ben Shapiro: This guy runs for president. Does he win?[View]
122238515Reply with 'Sleep Tight Little Tuck' or his show gets cancelled https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFTf…[View]
122235704Just a friendly reminder...: If voting could change anything they'd make it illegal.[View]
122212510what the FUCK is going on?: https://twitter.com/VoteLopezPierre/with_replies This is an actual guy r…[View]
122232419Madeleine McCann : Aussie film crew will reveal new evidence this weekend: >Documentary-makers do…[View]
122237705Fuck you[View]
122235866BASED STICKMAN DUMP: Based Stick Man memes/picture dump/ discussion/praise![View]
122236135PEPE STRIKES AGAIN: https://youtu.be/qR-479eUCkI[View]
122233891/pol/tards are worse than liberals.: >be me >say we need 200,000 immigrants, /pol/ just get bu…[View]
122238109jigga boo jigga boo where are you?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3TE4fu5btg[View]
122228765Tila Tequila says Isreal will be destroyed: Tila says she's had a vision of Isreals destruction…[View]
122232738Redpill me on the Spanish civil war: Did the good guys win or lose?[View]
122237967Google joins meme war: Today on the Google homepage we see a fox a frog and a cat. All Egyptian dei…[View]
122221719'We wuz kangz' checkmate nazis: Blacks were behind most inventions in history, and were the ones who…[View]
122237557Islam invented Christmas: Did you know the first Christmas tree was discovered in Baghdad /pol/? htt…[View]
122234623Hey America, why don't you stop sucking their dick for once?[View]
122237655>wears a mask >Inspired by v for vendetta >Protest for what they believe is equality Were w…[View]
122217772Defend this Drumpfkins!!![View]
122237545Idea Government makes an app Contains all the things to vote on List of information given to the peo…[View]
122236254주체Based Kim Jong Un주체: >stands up against US imperialists and Chinese cypto-capitalists >purge…[View]
122237221SWEDEN YES: Link to article: http://vesselnews.io/muslim-migrant-avoids-jail-anally-raping-teen-swed…[View]
122237007E.M.P blast on the U.S.A: Why the hell are we not prepared for a emp attack by North Korea? They cou…[View]
122225882>AMERICAN CUISINE[View]
122235821A/S/L: Hey I've been thinking about it, and I think Antifa is right for me. Anyone I can hook u…[View]
122233291Civ 6: Is this game worth buying?[View]
122232244Canada Does Not Exist: The subject says it all. Canada does not exist. Ask yourself. Do you honestly…[View]
122237525Hillary made up the russian hacking scandal to cover her ass for her bad campaign, new book shows[View]
122210975IT HAPPENED. IT'S GOD SPEAKING THROUGH A HUMAN!: Guys.. I think that one poster just not only 1…[View]
122237501Russia Love Thread: When will America finally realize that Russia is its greatest ally? Putin is the…[View]
122236245ALRIGHT YOU FUCKS HERES THE PLAN TO MAKE CALIFORNIA NORMAL In the 2016 election, there were 8,753,78…[View]
122237373Is it reall that bad in Russia? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uW4I2fPPXFM[View]
122224481What was your political ideology before you came to /pol/ and what is it now? Before: pretty far rig…[View]
122226004What is the /pol/ consensus on Hezbollah?[View]
122235182What is her endgame, /pol/?: redpill me about (((HIM)))[View]
122237254Hear me out: So throughout the week I've seen several pages in my explore feed (I follow my cou…[View]
122224392/r/anarchism.. Berkley: they're onto us. https://www.reddit.com/r/Anarchism/comments/66ss7i/we_…[View]
122229876Well /pol/...: Care to explain?[View]
122237210Alex Jones says you are WEAK! You BEG for enslavement, you BEG![View]
122228795A possible explanation for the power outages: Seems reasonable https://youtu.be/orGSf4qr79s[View]
122216935what happens here[View]
122237095Habbening in Russia, but havent seen any threads about it. I'd say /pol/ is intentionally avoi…[View]
122237150Redpill me on him. Did he truly do nothing wrong?[View]
122236840/ourguys/: what /pol/ thinks of CASAPOUND? the 'FASCISM FOR THE THIRD MILLENNIUM' i think …[View]
122236950what the fuck happens here![View]
122232889Redpill me on this video wtf is wrong here??[View]
122234811Measurement: Honestly. Fuck the imperial system. It's so complicated, 12 inches? Centimeters ar…[View]
122236797Does this guy think he's a hero?[View]
122235871Anderson Cooper just used the phrase 'useful idiot'. What did he mean by this? >inb4 cnn…[View]
122231218Why aren't you watching this Christian anime? Do you hate Jesus? Good job deleting my last thre…[View]
122216564/brg/ Boston rally general : #PlasticPaddiesUnite Edition: brg/ - Boston Rally General On May 13th, …[View]
122230768what will the next trans be?: Since every possible trans label is being exhausted in the trans commu…[View]
122232610This triggers the American[View]
122236598Antifa New Flag[View]
122235387You are literally voting for your own slavery you stupid goyim.[View]
122236101North Korea: Just a reminder that illumination will be at a minimum on April 26.[View]
122231743They're coming for PEPE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxlxsIb5SzY[View]
122235880Being a Jew on /pol/ puts me between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, I hate niggers, commu…[View]
122236559Loch Ness is Snek: She has been with us the whole time.[View]
122236508Filthy City Dwellers: For all our tech /bros/ who have to live among the filth of humanity, I unders…[View]
122230475Can we live in harmony with nonwhites whilst keeping a western path to endless advancement: Did the …[View]
122236413/pol/life is kinda boring let's get the 9fags: I have a severe case of fucking boredom let…[View]
122236391>nonexistant Antifa boxing gym looking to scam retards: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/haymak…[View]
122236172Have you ever dreamed of this man?[View]
122217860Why don't you man up pol and marry a single mother?[View]
122223818Come Home, White Man[View]
122236048RUSSIA NO!!!!![View]
122236155Read up /pol/. Imagine a world filled with Putins. Mind: https://www.amazon.ca/Judo-History-Practice…[View]
122236117I wrote my shitty rendition of communism here. https://pastebin.com/rP96LVkd Comments and criticism…[View]
122185232/pol/ ylyl[View]
122229449What happens here[View]
122236085Why do immoral people blame moral people for the consequences of immorality?[View]
122236055Jordan Peterson Shut Down: This is actually frightening that people would want to shut down Jordan P…[View]
122232625Count the antifa threads, still think you aren't compromised?: info wars antifa alt right red i…[View]
122236029Get in faggots it's happening: https://youtu.be/JsmEOXnq0XM[View]
122234805I think I'm paranoid...: >Don't like the idea of mailing in a ballot for early voting …[View]
122226273I renounce Gangsta Rap: In the 90s & 2000s I listened to gangsta rap, bought the Up In Smoke DVD…[View]
122228701There is a difference between PROGRESSIVE LIBERALS and REGRESSIVE LIBERALS. A progressive liberal is…[View]
122235594ALEX JONES TOTALLY EXPOSED!!!: I knew Alex Jones is controlled opposition but holy fuck I never knew…[View]
122235675Embrace Diversity: There is only one race, the human race[View]
122228246Are we winning the culture war?: This guys deserves a gorillion views: https://youtu.be/cXTpHNMdOZU?…[View]
122235795Why did he FLOP?: What made him take the Indigo Pill? What don't we know?[View]
122233606Take this, libertarian fags.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wApnMVUOigs starts at 0:50[View]
122203912Wow Chelsea Clinton is so woke[View]
122211013Red Pill Compass Thread: Where do you sit on the Red Pill Compass, Anons? Share 'em if you got …[View]
122232803Is Trump one of us?[View]
122234066The other boards are making fun of us again /pol/. Wat do?[View]
122232899Metric BTFO: OMG I hate metric now.[View]
122235174Return Alsace-Lorraine now: Give back Alsace Lorraine to Germany. Rightful German clay.[View]
122223259I miss him...[View]
122235430Baby It's Cold Outside: Hey, did you guys know that this song was basically the reason the Musl…[View]
122233737Silent majority?: Any other swiss/german/austrian friends who act 'liberal/progressive' IRL just so …[View]
122235403Iowa man sentenced to life for hacking 3 to death with MACHETE: Damn. Why are Iowans such savages, /…[View]
122230930When's the next meme war?[View]
122225183Prenups: I bought a house last year at 26 with no help at all from my girlfriend. Busted my ass with…[View]
122230969Antifa Kucke (yo Serbia!): What meaning? https://youtu.be/GGhZVb79K8A LYRICS: Antifascist bitches Th…[View]
122233300Help my mom is a Liberal: Help my mom is a Liberal and I don't know what to do I've tried …[View]
122232401Is it even possible to reclaim west?: So we're pretty much fucked on all fronts. Kikes own almo…[View]
122235269EU Commission President: Without Jews, there is no Europe http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/New…[View]
122233345Dear france: i swear on my mum mate,if you dont vote le penn you will be the laughing stock of europ…[View]
122227381Are furries a jew plot to turn young men into zoophiles?[View]
122233793You got hoaxed /pol/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y84CjgQxevU[View]
122235185for anarchists, they act a lot like fascists.[View]
122212152How do we fix murica's obesity epidemic? This problem is practically exclusive to us.[View]
122233366Well /pol/... can he?[View]
122234855So guys, this is the new male archetype or what? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49w7GHVYoI0[View]
122216970What did god mean when he created this?[View]
122228819Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail: I'm an American living in Europe, and the state is dire, v…[View]
122229189Biggest nigger infestation in the US: Prove me wrong.[View]
122227827Can you afford to buy healthy food in your county /pol/?[View]
122234736'The Incredible, Urgent Power of Remembering the Holocaust in VR': >The Incredible, Urgent Power …[View]
122234809>In one early conference call with speechwriters, Clinton sounded reserved: >'Though she was s…[View]
122217163Risk thread Part 2. WW3 Edition.[View]
122231609Ive figured out an effective way to fight wars: All you have to do is capture a town, kill the adult…[View]
122226556If Le Pen loses will you lose all respect for French people?: They have had terrorist attacks every …[View]
122232646Let's let off some steam /pol/ What country do you personally hate the most right now?[View]
122234537>'Bannon is not a neo-Confederate or a white nationalist — he is an American nationalist and a po…[View]
122234233Why are we not pushing the narrative that women and queers are and never have been oppressed like bl…[View]
122233395Le Pen is gonna lose just like we lost the Austrian election.[View]
122233021HAHAHAHAHA Fashist fags BTFO your symbol is literally a faggot[View]
122232520The March For Science is a Terrible Idea: https://youtu.be/eD8r0wWFtlM[View]
122233387praise 4kek: The Columbine High School massacre was a school shooting that occurred on April 20, 199…[View]
122232519Housing Bubble: can someone explain what is housing bubble? I heard it's happening soon.[View]
122232912Why do liberals deny evolution when it comes to humanity? Pic related, Aussie aboriginal and a homo …[View]
122233805>infiltrate antifa ranks >spread disinfo I think a campaign targeting white people with violen…[View]
122234202University: Yo guys, so I was bored and was thinking what nice goodies could student loan buy instea…[View]
122233219Is San Francisco Power Outage a False Flag for a Future EMP event?: I had a few thoughts about the m…[View]
122232829>black people have small bra-[View]
122233722Is there a subtle line between a reactionary and a national socialist? Why did they fight each other…[View]
122220620What happens here?[View]
122233918>White men are so evil, amoral and greedy for wealth and power that they won't stop staging …[View]
122234091>Day 91 >still haven't paid a single penny and never will Feels good…[View]
122228969Why shouldn't we convert to Shia Islam?: >redpilled about self-care and dignity (no alcohol …[View]
122231868What's up with Google: Today on the Google homepage we see a fox a frog and a cat. All Egyptia…[View]
122233981more shenanigans on the high seas of the skyways. america's icons of dreamography are crumbling…[View]
122233844Lawyer tells rape trial jury women are 'good' at lying: >Attorney Steve Farese made the…[View]
122233143So I just found out on my moms side that was we thought was 100% dutch/german i may have a very dist…[View]
122231210Are these demons? Is evil real?[View]
122233780Yo antifa cucks have been talking nonstop about getting firearms and combat training for the next ev…[View]
122233708South American anons...what happens here? What are Guyana's resources, industries, politics?[View]
122229447Suppose the WW3 happens, the US is no more, Russia and China are smoking craters and practically all…[View]
122233469Is there a right-wing perspective on language? Leftists are always reeeeeing about language, so I…[View]
122232396Why are there so many older women these days that act so childish. You'd think their minds just…[View]
122231716kids draw god-Kek: child mentions FROG GOD!!!! at 37 seconds https://youtu.be/dOjGD_0SUqw[View]
122233592What is pol's opinion on Technocracy?: Eventually, in the future, AI will be powerful enough to…[View]
122211133Ending The Cultural Marxism Meme: Ever get annoyed about how many people on /pol/ spam 'cultural mar…[View]
122205178BREITBART DENOUNCES TRUMP: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/04/21/trump-says-daca-illega…[View]
122193025This was reported on MSNBC: And yes it's real.[View]
122233042Why are Russian spies better than American spies?[View]
122233233>correcting incorrect ideas about history is called revisionism >Jews call Holocaust 'den…[View]
122228936Avenge Bill O'Reilly: Those deluded shills took down a lion. It cannot go unanswered. This bitc…[View]
122223969What did he mean by this?[View]
122230411Let's play a game.: The year is 2018. Antifa and BLM are rioting and chimping all over. George …[View]
122187713Why don't millennials just kill themselves? >https://pjmedia.com/lifestyle/2017/04/21/a-quar…[View]
122232430Does being white make me a nazi?[View]
122199238Mayor of Berkley's connection to Antifa: Apparently Jesse Arreguin the mayor of Berkeley is par…[View]
122233016French Elections: Well, What do you think will happen?[View]
122233086Do we need another World War to usher in a new golden age?[View]
122229291I failed: I can tolerate my friends, my classmates, even my professors being libtards. What hurts th…[View]
122233079raid material: https://discord.gg/AGN2drS[View]
122232998/pol/ approved comedians: I'm legitimately shocked I've never seen Roy Chubby Brown here. …[View]
122230050brit/pol/ - FOR FREE EDITION: FUCK OFF JANNY CUNT[View]
122232913discord: https://discord.gg/BG4YeXD[View]
122232310U.S. Defence Secretary Mattis says Syria continues to possess chemical weapons: http://www.ctvnews.c…[View]
122229813Why haven't you learned Mandarin yet? If you understand the future you understand that speaking…[View]
122206167She's got bigfoot pussy I would fuck her but only with a razor and a paper bag[View]
122232843Is Matt Hardy a /pol/ face gremlin? That whole broken Matt thing with the 'delete this' really kinda…[View]
122200653Who would win: 50 Academy mercenaries vs 200 Antifa?: Ann Coulter hired Academy(Black Water) to prot…[View]
122232717GOTHAM SHIELD 2017: >'Gotham Shield 17 Purpose  The purpose of GS 17 is to evaluate the whole co…[View]
122211480DO NOT USE 8VALUES.GITHUB.IO: it's a new political compass test and it redirects the informatio…[View]
122212819Do you know any Jews IRL?[View]
122225744Its time to ban /ptg/: I'm not even making a straw poll, I could care less for leddit's op…[View]
122210893What did he mean by this?[View]
122232185Anti-anti Antifa: Any other comrades tired of these anti-antifa guys?[View]
122199847BRAINWASHING A NATION - Former KGB AGENT EXPLAINS HOW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOjY3gsAWrw…[View]
12223202893% fail this question: hey /pol/ a red man lives in the red house, a blue man lives in the blue ho…[View]
122216979There is no god: Prove me wrong christfags[View]
122231809A little treat for you goys: On a side note whose better;heimbach or spencer?[View]
122227923Solve this. Protip: you CAN'T solve it without using common core. The same CC Trump wants to ge…[View]
122230791With all the decomposition of society happening in Venezuela, there are bound to be a decent number …[View]
122232104What the fuck happened today?: Can any insiders here give the lowdown on what happened in the major …[View]
122232099/leftypol/:The Brocialist Problem: My fellow /leftypol/s, we need to talk about the solution to the …[View]
122231601Why twitter.[View]
122230784Singapore: Is Singapore the best example of a successful and functional fascist state?[View]
122231928Here some fresh OC What the fuck is wrong with the West?[View]
122214375>he didn't know about the black pill -they cook and clean -Loyal & loving & devoted …[View]
122231910wut da fug are they teaching american STEM degree holders these days???? legit some dumbfuck was jus…[View]
122231745Redpill me on CAPTCHA /pol/, and how it's making AI learn[View]
122228181Was this ice cream flavor created as blatant globalist propaganda?[View]
122231845Winning? /pol/?[View]
122228274>be me >be in social engineering workshop >we all have to do projects on social interaction…[View]
122229841We Are Antifa!: We Are Antifa! We will fight your memes with a meme of our own Fascists! Just like t…[View]
122230363Nigger hate thread[View]
122231632Eric Clanton and other Diablo Valley College professors tie to ANTIFA: I've never posted here, …[View]
122228766Why the fuck did we settle in California??? White people don't belong in a fucking desert shith…[View]
122231496White people: There are so many types of white people, even pale hispanics, but what is the superior…[View]
122229919Oy veyyyyy BAD goy.... bad DOG https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTz0xKPVTRA[View]
122228549Does there exist a /pol/ discord? It'd be a great place to organize.[View]
122229399daily reminder that if you're not scandinavian you ARE NOT white. >b-but I'm north Ital…[View]
122228149Red, White, & Blue General.: You can only post ITT if your nation's flag has the following …[View]
122231383Antifa Ambush: http://southsideantifa.blogspot.com/2017/02/rockford-il-daily-stormer-meetup.html?m=1…[View]
122231372Anyone still have that picture of France where there was a bombing or shooting where a wall in the b…[View]
122223961Your wife just gives birth to 'your' son and he comes out looking like this. What do you do in respo…[View]
122230795>watching documentary on porn to laugh at degenerate behavior >see this I'm so happy /pol…[View]
122224447Oh myyyyy it looks like Trump didn't live up to his 100 day promises[View]
122225123Political Science classes: Has anyone here taken any political science classes or classes related to…[View]
122226508Bulgarians vs Hungarians?: What is choose?[View]
122230342What Did Kek Mean By This?[View]
122206169This is Richard Spencer, the leader of the alt right. Say something nice about him.[View]
122227816The fuck is this shit, Japan? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSs1ONk2z9I&feature=youtu.be[View]
122221940What would the world be like if women ruled?: Base income and no tax for wymin, what else?[View]
122231199Townhall Protips?: Political rep reporting in and I've just wrapped up a community town hall. H…[View]
122230213What does a Le Pen win mean for the UK /pol/?[View]
122230617White ethnostate solved: I figured out how to get us a white ethnostate. I will be typing it up late…[View]
122228920Islam will rule the wor-[View]
122230949You guys see the Based Stickman interview on Shapiro's show?[View]
122231150trump will win[View]
122222196Brazilians are the most powerful race[View]
122228852Ladies and Gentlemen. The 46th President of the United States.[View]
122227260How is the modern woman any different than the common whore? In fact, they are worse because they do…[View]
122228608Monarchism: Right now Im an ethno-nationalist, but Im somewhat enthralled with the idea Monarchism. …[View]
122226836Check the Science: Being Trans Is Not a 'Choice': BIGOTS BTFO /pol/ BTFO http://www.ozy.co…[View]
122229076Phasephrase: What is it.[View]
122229397THE FIRE RISES[View]
122230700Is that bike lock attackers accomplice (yellow) in all 3 pictures? Yvette Felarca (BAMN leader) can…[View]
122229818What is this shit /pol/: This is the future. no turning back.[View]
122229950ALEX JONES COMMENTS ON HIS CHILD CUSTODY COURT CASE: Infowars just released Alex' statement abo…[View]
122220236Happening: A digital get is upon us Who is it for? I give this get to le pen[View]
122229367It's a good thing, right? Although, what benefits does the European Union actually offer Europe…[View]
122220972mexicans are bros[View]
122230192Le Pen can never win can she?[View]
122230391shillary shanders gtfoh: go back to fb where your pathetic friends lay, indulging ZUCCS mouth gags. …[View]
122230250>ITT: Countries you care less about than gorillas The actual DR Congo. Fuck them for doing this t…[View]
122225565Anon may actually have been an insider: >>121488874 >anon claims to be part of Berkeley PD …[View]
122226415Legendary folk heroes: Hey /pol/. Share your legendary folk heroes as well as their stories below.…[View]
122223181PRESS S TO SPIT ON FLAG: >>122222222[View]
122218117Éire/pol/- fields of athenry edition: National Party: http://www.nationalparty.ie/ Join the party an…[View]
122228163Trump is no longer President: https://twitter.com/ThisWeekABC/status/855155483367268352 This is not …[View]
122225184James Woods calls Bernie Sanders the most worthless hypocrite in America[View]
122207668ITT : We act like we're redditors[View]
122228270SWEDEN YES[View]
122227699I'm going to become Slavic nationalist. You can't stop me.[View]
122229740AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: Drumpfucks eternally BTFO http://indianexpress.com/article/world/young-immigra…[View]
122229981I live in Texas and I have a cousin that also lives in Texas, who I grew up with all my life. We…[View]
122223636I HURT MYSELF TODAY[View]
122220182Humans cease to exist in the end: We all die. Liberal, conservative, libertarian, socialist, everyth…[View]
122223762What should be done with half breeds?[View]
1222294504-D Chess General /4DCG/ Dreamers Can Stay Edition: >We're going to defeat ISIS folks, my to…[View]
122228317Autism evaluation thread: I fear /pol/'s autism power level is not high enough. http://www.rdos…[View]
122229202Seriously: What the fuck is his problem?[View]
122206571#WEAREIRISH: (((Multiracial)))cunts in Ireland are trying to push #WEAREIRISH to include Nigs, Muzzi…[View]
122229329daily reminder that if you come to my planet, i will rip off your head, we don't take refugees …[View]
122229564>be me >Hate overwatch >Bored >See hardworking twitch streamers trying to have a good ti…[View]
122227090Why hasn't Trump replied to him yet?[View]
122222073Antifa Video?: We have all seen the Battle of Berkeley videos from /our/ side of the line. But where…[View]
122225068Why do black women get into UCLA medschool with 2.5 GPA?: white women get wait listed with 3.9GPA?…[View]
122213671When people like Spencer and his followers talk about establishing a white ethnostate, what exactly …[View]
122229336Why not move to Cincinnati?: Hide out from the nuclear holocaust in a city too unimportant to waste …[View]
122222026Le Pen wins. France leaves the EU[View]
122227944When will fuckin liberals figure out that diversity comes from ideas and personalities, and not from…[View]
122223661le pen wins trump starts ww3: le pen wins trump starts ww3 /pol/ it is written[View]
122227458'Europe's pollution caused drought in India': http://m.timesofindia.com/home/environm…[View]
122218835Mods compromised by the left???: Anyone notice they are deleting marxist/cultural marxism redpills e…[View]
122229040The coincidence detector addon stopped working on Hitler's birthday Did the jews do this?[View]
122229035Why do feminists send pictures of themselves and say they have degrees to people who disagree with t…[View]
122229024Tucks about to be cucked: Do you think tucker about to get way watered down?[View]
122225273is this all a joke: Faggots how is this possible?. I feel the very fabric of life has been upended a…[View]
122223498/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - WWIII Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov h…[View]
122228864some inbred host risk: please im bad at hosting[View]
122228321How to destroy ANTIFA: As seen in the following thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/Anarchism/comments/…[View]
122214495>working less then 80 hours a week What are you a woman?[View]
122226395Europe was BLACK: >Europe is for white peo- The original Europeans were black. I was watching thi…[View]
122228075Le Pen wins[View]
122215250Do we believe in the moon landings, /pol/? Or is this another blue pill side effect?[View]
122228286I officially dub this moment in American History as...: The thot heard round the world.[View]
122228390Join the Conversation!: Com chat about niggers and stuff[View]
122220619WE WUZ STUDENTZ: >Give us free college as reparations for slavery >Free all black criminals wh…[View]
122224868GMOs Good or Bad?: Now for something, completely different! Genetically Modified Organisms. Are they…[View]
122224924Is the prison system in the US so screwed up that inmates can easily kill themselves? How does one h…[View]
122228193Who do you want to lead Britain and why is it this man? CORBYN OP[View]
122228372Why are '''white nationalists''' literally beating white women into the arms of black men?[View]
122226487Is he, paradoxically, /OurGuy/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPmKmfULrGI https://www.youtube.com…[View]
122209091Should gay couples be allowed to raise children?: Does it affect the child in any way?[View]
122227143new kek prophecy has been revealed: >what did he mean by this[View]
122227074Leafland 'Heritage Minutes': In this thread we laugh at Toronto shitlibs' pathetic attempts to …[View]
122228290>tfw your entire ideology literally fails to do the one thing it tries to promise, protect the po…[View]
122221074Le Pen Will Win[View]
122228147I truly hate transgender people. I can't believe they are that stupid and entitled. Dude you ar…[View]
122228210Discord: Everyone join this shit show of a Discord I made https://discord.gg/Su3Rq[View]
122228187Eric Clanton: Riddle me this, /pol/: does 'Eric Clanton' have the same effect as 'Ben…[View]
122216929gift of Gab: Is /pol/ on Gab?[View]
122221874The Endgame: Seriously/Pol/ Is this story the final red pill?[View]
122227997'Antifa are teh real fascists!!!111!!' When will /nu/-pol realize that they are two completely diffe…[View]
122219864Soros is the enemy, but...: /pol/, Soros is public enemy #1, but what is your opinion on this? He…[View]
122227877>'WACKY TOBBACCY!'[View]
122227846Preying on the WEAK thread: Because the weak should fear the strong. Simple as that Webm related: Di…[View]
122227267Can you really blame niggers for not wanting to fuck this? And it's guaranteed they will have u…[View]
122223076Be honest /pol/: You'd rather have Pence as POTUS[View]
122226340Is Antifa a terrorist organization?[View]
122227475Why do Whites want more and more and more niggers?: Esp. the Christfucks[View]
122224540It's happening: We're all fucked. God damn jewish neocons man, using memetic magic against…[View]
122222483Did this TV show violate the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution?[View]
122221179The South Will Rise Again[View]
122221476/pol btfo by Trump[View]
122224295Brit/pol/ - Mods = Fags Edition: > Queen celebrates 91st birthday http://uk.reuters.com/article/u…[View]
122187447If so many women complain that they can't find no man, does that mean that feminism, especially…[View]
122180483/pp/ - Portugal Thread: Friday night edition: Time for another /pp/ thread, maninhos de outra mãe. …[View]
122226931https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bi9cvhWOFsM DEATH TO ALL JEWS[View]
122226072Matt, repeat after me: 'Joy Lane'[View]
122226065/pol/ i've got a question: why do people in /pol/ call trump, drumpf?[View]
122227037Johnny Nemonic is the first version of the matrix, then the movie the Matrix is a more perfected ver…[View]
122226564so /pol/ why aren't we raiding online muslims websites[View]
122226444How does he stay so fit when all he eats is manufactured 'food' from (((Big Soy)))?[View]
122226980Why are Buddhists such stuck up dipshits? If they're so fucking Buddhist they should just enlig…[View]
122219263We Pretend It's November 8th, 2016: Give him your digits! Does anybody have any of the early vo…[View]
122221676Do you ever wish you were still a normie or do you prefer being redpilled?[View]
122224161>The Negro Soldier is a 1944 documentary created by the United States Army during World War II.[1…[View]
122221531Macron will win: Deal with it[View]
122222457Military victories against the odds: Post them polacks[View]
122226701is kek jewoogle?[View]
122223854KEK IS HERE[View]
122225584SOON >>122219722 >>122220033 >>122222222 >>122224222 >>122223777[View]
122206524This is the flag of Crown traitors, who separated due to a privileged Aristocratic Elite in the Colo…[View]
122225956spend almost half of your life taking on the NWO,Globalists,Psychic Vampires build a massive media e…[View]
122225982https://www.ft.com/content/79297b7e-24c6-11e5-bd83-71cb60e8f08c Japan's population is plummetin…[View]
122224289Does the Republican Party not realize that if they don't fix the demographic issue pretty soon …[View]
122224416Can Le Pen save the Girls?: Do you guys think she will win? Will France or the EU go right wing? Oh …[View]
122224230more like this.[View]
122213386Found the real and unaltered version of her photos, I heard there are more but I can't find the…[View]
122226174kek has blessed Le Pen: blessed be brother asdp0xoi. continueith the thread thusly[View]
122226261This Muslim Said BE SCARED: Should we be scared ... kek https://youtu.be/duG11bNCEAc[View]
122226236What's her endgame, /pol/?[View]
122226215/pol/ in a nutshell VIDEO:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fboXaOSY9LY[View]
122226106Mental health experts say President is 'paranoid and delusional': >http://www.independe…[View]
122215006Was there a worse battle or more brutal battle in history then Stalingrad? >nazis and commies bog…[View]
122226062Some actual ADVICE for antifa/anarchists: The reason you are losing the 'culture war' is because you…[View]
122225600Hopefully it will go nuclear[View]
122225952Is he /our guy/?: Well /pol/, can we get behind him?[View]
122221585Butthurt nig lies to teacher that trump supporter cheated on their exam: Hows it feel knowing this i…[View]
122216106Why is Trump so short?[View]
122225062Rapefugees: Wow CTV just made a news report on 104 muslim pedos caught in Canada. This makes me sick…[View]
122222150The West will win[View]
122224926my mechanic is an arab guy. In my head I can only picture his face as cenk from the young turks. Eve…[View]
122224621She were juz elebben yaers old :D: Oh fug! git by a druck! XD Fugging gislamic gerrorists! :D:D:D Im…[View]
122207980SOURCE: RUSSIA INFILTRATED TRUMP CAMPAIGN: Trump is fucking done for[View]
122225228itt we laugh at how whites tried to avert their extinction and failed and they cant do anything abou…[View]
122218197Memeball thread? I'll start it off with some OC[View]
122222153Why don't we create our own far right group? If there's one thing that Hitler knew, it was…[View]
122216897How do we make Mexico great again?[View]
122222583Oh look, a muslim. How bow dah: Venezuelan Vice President Tareck El Aissami says the country is faci…[View]
122209079Time for another poll!: Well guys, where does /pol/ stand? http://www.strawpoll.me/12798212 Go vote …[View]
122224874hilary: i like how when hilary said that the nuclear war option still be on the table and nobody too…[View]
122205503Where do you stand? 8values.github.io[View]
122211389The country once called, Rhodesia.: Can we please have one of the Rhodesian threads again? Haven…[View]
122223868Why did we let the Jews sell our culture of Dreadlocks to the niggers. (Greeks/Vikings) both wore dr…[View]
122220999Dubai Niggers: Why the fuck are we not crashing planes into their Muslim assholes?[View]
122224601the slutting must stop! NOW! this is a political power matter: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wendi_D…[View]
122222134hildog 2020[View]
122222162The World belongs to the Dutch[View]
122224133Russia is in syria for same reason as America Oil Le based putin protecting assad XD[View]
122223586Your move Drumpfkins!: Kek wills WW3. How does it make you feel that your qt3.14 will be getting fuc…[View]
122206656Redpill me on South Italy.[View]
122221309Trump will win in 2020[View]
122222491Its true!: Trump will win reelection in 2020[View]
122222171KILL ALL WHITES[View]
122202845Brit/pol/ - Seilebost Beach Edition: Brit/pol/ - Seilebost Beach Edition Today’s Articles > Queen…[View]
122222176i got this: >burger >red id >three truths…[View]
122224050MLP and WW3 HAPPENING confirmed: >>122222222 >>122222222 >>122222222 So what'…[View]
122223667I cam to this communist forum for (you)'s to rate me[View]
122223242Islamic Terrorist with Knife Shot by Cops, Yells 'Allahu Akbar': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06_…[View]
122220090How can we get him to see this message?: https://youtu.be/LZ8LTYraD3w[View]
122223597Berkeley Mayor is Antifa?...WTF?[View]
122221019they can just knock the wall down with bulldozers: it's really thin and tall[View]
122211883Why are black 'men' so insecure?[View]
122217246Do you think Erdogan will retake any historically Ottoman clay? Do you think he'll try?[View]
122223850I have seen 14 UFOs, no aliens, just hi tech vehicles: Has the government/jewtocracy/statusquo won a…[View]
122222012Are Romanians even white?: >A Romanian immigrant battered and raped a woman just 11 days after ar…[View]
122218204The right needs to break away from Trumpism: This is indefensible. https://twitter.com/AP/status/85…[View]
122220669American Sturmabteilung: More American Sturmabteilung Last Thread >>122067693 In the early day…[View]
122223599They can't help it can't they?[View]
122218885/pol/ Why is your country the best country? Explain: I'll start. because it fucking is[View]
122221836Reminder that if you support a US attack on DPRK you're the best goy ever[View]
122221854Macron will win the election: That will just be the beginning[View]
122189814/Ecclesia/-Christian Alliance General Alone on a Friday Night Edition: For Catholics, Coptics, Angli…[View]
122223141Supreme Faggotry Brain Washing: Garber and other teachers want all children to be attention seeking …[View]
122220657>he thinks the only meaning of life is to reproduce Please tell me you're not a biological z…[View]
122222635>you will never be president[View]
122223329What does /pol/ think of the Doctor's Plot?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctors%27_plot Just…[View]
122222352bernie did nothing wrong[View]
122223268Antifa: Ya'll mind if I... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1bj1W1PRHw[View]
122220686Antifa: Theres an antifa reddit. Flood it with all you got boys. REEEEEEE[View]
122223221Is white flight occurring in Europe?: Is this phenomenon already ocurring in countries like France, …[View]
122216065Daily reminder.[View]
122222937What did he mean by this?: >>122222222[View]
122223047>one chance at life >tfw not bornu in Nippon Why did this have to happen to us? I just want to…[View]
122222428the whites will rise[View]
122222955Is it worth it to buy American 100%?[View]
122220725Which is it /pol/? J.w. cause I'm confused. Lol.[View]
122222807Monkeys behind the bars: When is ((them)) next? will it happen? Who will stop it, and where will you…[View]
122221510Get leafed Americucks[View]
122204282So much salt....: https://www.reddit.com/r/Anarchism/comments/66p26w/how_do_we_stop_4chans_influence…[View]
1222222191s and 2s![View]
122222662le ben bins! :DDD[View]
122222656Andrew Breitbart: What made him so based?[View]
122222567Jon Ossoff: Just a reminder that this man, and many the Democrats run for office, is a jew.[View]
122222542The next French president will be Macron: What then?[View]
122222529Mélenchon will win.[View]
122218609>>122222222 Make sure Le Pen wins. Praise KEK![View]
122221412>>122222222 First for self-referential and helicopters.[View]
122221879BREAKING: Chaffetz paid millions by Trump to leak Comey letter: Trump is TOAST https://www.palmerrep…[View]
122217553Emmanuel Macron General /emg/: This thread is for discussion of France's next President, Emmanu…[View]
122222187Jean-Luc Mélenchon will be the next President of France: Will he do a good job?[View]
122221737>>122222222: SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE :D[View]
122219295why don't woman just shit themselves when they're about to get raped?[View]
122221070Does anyone believe a word of that the King Kike himself Netanyahu is spewing on Hannity[View]
122221191Asian-White Race Mixing is the Future: Get used to it, lads. If you are with a White girl, then you …[View]
122221672Chelsea will never be senator or anything: http://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/04/please-god-stop-ch…[View]
122221959You can't stump the Trump & Le Pen wins[View]
122169789GET THE FUCK IN HERE: https://twitter.com/Gavin_McInnes/status/855457030190092288 BERKELEY MAYOR IS …[View]
122205865Get in here boys, Its happening. >http://money.cnn.com/2017/04/20/news/gm-venezuela-plant-seized/…[View]
122197070Debate me you WILL lose: Communism/Socialism has literally never been tried inb4 >b-but muh USSR …[View]
122221632Le Pen for the win[View]
122219044Jordan Peterson - Vancouver: Okay one last post. Jordan Peterson is in Vancouver, there's a bun…[View]
122221377Hitler was Jewish. The ultimate redpill[View]
122221675The truth about immigration, by the numbers: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPjzfGChGlE Cultura…[View]
122221602Why should poor people have to pay taxes?: >If you are single and earn less than $25,000, or marr…[View]
122220655Hitlary did nothing wrong!: jj yes she did. Go Le Pen[View]
122218012This is it. It's happening! Will it be Donald Trump?[View]
122212287LIVESTREAM: POLICE SEARCH FOR MAN WITH GUN IN BERKELEY: GET IN HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
122206918/nsg/ - 卐 National Socialism General ϟϟ: > BAT THE RAT! > EXPOSE THE NOSE! > SUBVERT THE PE…[View]
122219024Alex Jones: Is it true that Alex Jones is in a custody battle for his children, or is The Late Show …[View]
122221384War with North Korea soon[View]
122220320IT'S HAPPENING: Marine Le Pen gets poll boost after Paris attack as Donald Trump says her chanc…[View]
122221360I'm from Vancouver canada and thought we had it bad but I'm in Seattle and see this and li…[View]
122221322>>122222222: >>122222222 Check Em Faglords[View]
122220037>voted for drumpf tfw[View]
122206067Who the fuck came up with crucifixion. Like seriously. I often wonder how someone could even conceiv…[View]
122220907BIG DAY APRIL 23 - FRANCE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: Latest poll numbers Melenchon: 19% Le Pen: 23% Macr…[View]
122201878how do we fix the homeless problem?[View]
122218996Have you ever been cucked?[View]
122221035Holocaust remembrance day a journey of dealing with intergenerational trauma: Olga Horak endured con…[View]
122221012Brit/pol/ - Mummy May Edition: > Queen celebrates 91st birthday http://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-…[View]
122219935What's his next move?[View]
122220889happenings: there will be a terrorist attack on France election day. mark my words[View]
122211898Where did this 'eternal Anglo' bullshit start? Anglos are of Germanic descent have achieved unparall…[View]
122211913why are illegals outcompeting /pol/?: >piss poor Detroit >illegal, illegal parents >financi…[View]
122216822We Need Cómmunism: /pol/ BTFÓ by a 8 year old https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqB-EMqpsUA…[View]
122218403How did Trudeau get elected /pol/ ?[View]
122217617Alex Jones Smokes Weed 'To Test Its Strength': He says it's too strong now because of…[View]
122220711Alt-right, don't read this Lefty /pol/, follow my account and let's overthrow these nazi …[View]
122220134Funfact: every single one of your ancestors reproduced why are you not having kids, anon? You don…[View]
122220674Aznar GET[View]
122214975what the fuck is wrong with canadans? https://youtu.be/ItBxdQrYlLM[View]
122158112BREAKING: 'Welfare State not enough' claims disabled, Virgnia woman.: > Local Virginia woman, ret…[View]
122219990>experts say[View]
122220558Le Pen will win in 2017. EU collapses by the end of the year[View]
122198455(relatively) important current events thread: Thought I'd come see if any of you autists were d…[View]
122219357Your first redpill[View]
122220474NAZIS BTFO[View]