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127708375the US is so degenerate that where a 40yo virgin used to be ridiculous before, now an 18yo virgin is…[View]
127695510The Alt right murdered two people in Oregon.[View]
127699425Let's play goys: Try to diss my country in 10 seconds. Protip: you can't because yours did…[View]
127702347Special for /pol/[View]
127707196Why is the beauty standard in Japan cute, while the Western beauty standard is sexy? This is politic…[View]
127707243tfw no qt gf: >be me like a year ago >midst of the US elections campaign >meet a right wing…[View]
127689218T_D Cancer: This T_D faggot is blatantly trying to pass off /pol/ memes as is own, I bet he's l…[View]
127704766Oh shit. This movie got picked up: >Gibson and Vaughn play cops who are suspended when a video of…[View]
127699602Daily trumpcuck hate thread.[View]
127704408Do you think there is something in this world: that should not be priced based on supply and demand?…[View]
127704533How many people in the Trump administration does it take to change a light bulb? We don't know…[View]
127693681Trump is a traitor: If you were the president of the US, would YOU sell weapons to a terrorist state…[View]
127704548Why are Jews so funny?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSoJqdPi4Iw[View]
127688170What's fucking up Australia?[View]
127697692>Based country >10/10 hot leader >Lots of room >beautiful scenery >maple syrup >b…[View]
127696789Brit/pol/ - (((Tories))) Edition: >MI5 probes bomber 'warnings' to see if they messed i…[View]
127693686How did ISIS manage to get into the Philippines Isn't it an Asian country filled with islands a…[View]
127703393>Using the threat of terror to control people with fear. >Attempts to stop Muslims from travel…[View]
127696485Terrorism in the Philippines vs the West: This is the Philippines. > ISIS sponsored terrorist gro…[View]
127701527Baghdad ISIS attack - why?: http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/05/deadly-blast-strikes-baghdad-24-ho…[View]
127696869Watch for Falling Rocks.. Get in here and uncover the truth about Seth Rich Was @whysprtech a psy op…[View]
127704182Fucking world domination: /pol/ when we gonna take over the fucking Vatican? They have so many seale…[View]
127704125Why do Europeans and Slavs look so different?[View]
127704113Im with her: The new #imwithher trend[View]
12769584780% of refugee children actually adults: The Swedish migration agency has requested age tests on a t…[View]
127698175>28 years for being a racist Why am I not free to be a racist? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJ…[View]
127697450Why exactly do Eastern Europeans hate the gays so much? What's the rationalisation here?[View]
127703666Redpill me on China, /pol/: Our countries are rivals, they have some issues with human rights, and o…[View]
127699427WANT TO KNOW ALL ABOUT MC CAIN?: I stumbled across this by accident: https://wikileaks.org/podesta-e…[View]
127703574If the EU doesn't like Trump why do they keep American protection?[View]
127694206#notallorcs: We collect LotR memes to later flood social media channels with them. The elves must le…[View]
127685994Why is DMT so illegal ? What are (((they))) trying to hide?[View]
127697537Who should I vote for come 2018? I'm a Republican in the states and have duel Citizenship.[View]
127701145Is antifa just a meme? This shit can't be serious: https://twitter.com/OfficialAntifa Wtf is go…[View]
127700833Do you support a godfundme style legal defence for this hero?[View]
127701332Quick rundown On pizzagate: >cut to the chase >a 70 year old woman named Hillary is the ringle…[View]
127697118Now that the dust has settled a bit, let's all recognize that Trump's first foreign trip w…[View]
127660490Two American woman guilty appropriating a burrito and forced to close down their shop >Please don…[View]
127683032bible verse post them[View]
127698496How do we put a stop to Japan?[View]
127699759tfw scared shitless that the norks are gonna start a nuclear war. if koreans even do survive this sh…[View]
127693911Welp, it's official. Free speech is dead, and actual government officials are killing it. >a…[View]
127699454Who remembers this bitch? Only famous because she got shot in the head and has the platform to lectu…[View]
127701282The war in South Africa by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: http://gutenberg.net.au/ebooks12/1202731h.html…[View]
127671937The End Game: Does this book perfectly describe what must be done in order to make the world beautif…[View]
127697082MAD NIGGERS & SHITSKINS:::::u mad nigga:::BLLLLUUUUUUHHHHHAAAAAAAHHHHH: http://archive.is/p2ygu …[View]
127677192Paganism or Christianity: In light of the recent back and forth between Varg and The Golden One, I t…[View]
127701989When Pearl Harbor happened, we [Roosevelt's advisors] were desperate. ... We were all in agony.…[View]
127694523Innocent Bigot Old Lady Feels Bullied: Should the stadium's name be changed? I for one, agree w…[View]
127695715Trump Supports Universal Healthcare: Why don't you? We could offer subsidized or free gastric b…[View]
127694501Sperm Donation: Is donating sperm the ultimate success at life? >Have multiple offspring >Aver…[View]
127702100READ MORE Kung Fu master uses his TESTICLES to pull seven cars in eye-watering demonstration He adde…[View]
12768431499% of employees at German kindergartens are womyn: More than half of the womyn would refuse to have…[View]
127702058There is one thing I don't get /pol/. Why is the Jew pushing for the west to be overun by Islam…[View]
127688960Prove to me Trump is not a Jewish puppet.[View]
127702033Make sure to send: Your grilled cheese recipes into whitehouse.gov GRILLED CHEESE JAM 6.14.17…[View]
127701784ITT ppl born: Inside a laboratory and cloned by the obama administration >want proof look at his…[View]
127672733Feminism: Are you guys actually against women having the same rights as men? Feminism is literally j…[View]
127696861The English took ONE (1) word from Hindi and it literally has the word 'poo' in it: Fucking kek! IND…[View]
127701106NEVER FORGET TED GUNDERSON: He died for you. He died for exposing the sick satanic elite. Just like …[View]
127697095Brit/pol/ >implying they'll even bother voting edition: >MI5 probes bomber 'warnings…[View]
127698236uhm....g-guys...?: Why are people supporting Corbyn on Daily Mail?[View]
127688344What's his end game?[View]
127677904Why is ISIS destroying ancient ruins?: What is humanity's true history and why is it being dest…[View]
127685813Feminist researcher invents ‘intersectional quantum physics’ to fight ‘oppression’ of Newton: https:…[View]
127696008>hello, 'm here for the job interview[View]
127700894Is bradly manning gay: Or is Chelsea manning straight?[View]
127685713Do redpilled women really exist? Where do I find them? Not uni and tinder I presume.[View]
127692091What would happen if instead of nuking Hiroshima nad Nagasaki, Americans would blow up him instead? …[View]
127698877Year Zero appreciation thread: I know this isn't /mu/ but this is very relevant to pol and the …[View]
127699182Why the fuck: Would anyone want to be a woman if you're already a man? Men>Women >no fee…[View]
127700100https://youtu.be/ZUnZIZ8c5c0 How sad is this shit? What will happen to him once she's dead, she…[View]
127644853Famine under capitalism: We starve many more people under capitalism than the Holodomor and we have …[View]
127691944CAN A COP DO AN AMA?: Can a police officer do an AMA regarding what it's like to work in a heav…[View]
127698164R I S E F R O M Y O U R G R A V E[View]
127689424why do niggers get upset over tanning[View]
127699626Are there any other people lower than turks?[View]
127695741https://i.4cdn.org/gif/1495868754421.webm >t. USA…[View]
127682413Only nazi fascists would disagree with them. Prove me wrong.[View]
127663946is (((he))) our guy?: Wtf i love Netanyahu now http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/1.681525…[View]
127697316Rousseau on refugees: > I am continually astonished that such a simple sign of good government· i…[View]
127699822Fair use: This is it guy's, this is the right stuff. https://youtu.be/Owz17DE5orU https://youtu…[View]
127697902Lol, americans voted a neanderthal into congress.[View]
127699756Is anxiety a meme? Depression is debatable but /pol/ culture seems pretty paranoid. Also got a straw…[View]
127696118Will it ever come back?: What is your favourite peacetime Reich? We will probably never reach a sati…[View]
127687524CHEF EATS HIS TRAP GF: So if traps are gay, and liking traps is gay, is it also gay to eat a trap?…[View]
127699483Rise of the machines: Do you foresee increased automation causing any social issues, particularly so…[View]
127695695was there ever a better eurovision entry than this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAh9NRGNhUU[View]
127698636hay, do you hate trump? have you ever thought about making a vest of high yield diversity fireworks …[View]
127699320Trumps visit to Europe: Is Trump playing games with the EU leaders? Acting superior, not fraternizin…[View]
127697798What went wrong?[View]
127697855What's his endgame?[View]
127688794William LeFaggot is back:: Is big nips back?[View]
127693629Israel and US poorest people in the world?: How come the two biggest war-mongering countries in the …[View]
127662868Syria General /sg/- Late Nights with Mommy Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriageneral…[View]
127696757Police thought man was joking when he said his girlfriend was being raped in front of him: i.. is it…[View]
127696735The Alt-/b/: I'm pretty newfag. Ok...really newfag. Mostly lurk here. Guess delete this shit if…[View]
127696244Getting cucked by nukes[View]
127697790NEED YOUR HELP /POL/: I was hungry for some sjw tears and was browsing Buzzfeed to see if I could fi…[View]
127697945Is America fucked? There are hardly any whites here anymore.[View]
127696773nupol cares about this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaT7ogDkLAo whatever happens at 1:55 is tota…[View]
127691341Should Iowa become a White-only ethnostate?: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/29/business/economy/sto…[View]
127688928African crime in Australia: >Proportionally, Sudanese-born youths are vastly over-represented in …[View]
127694277Globalist Heineken: To a world without borders or barriers. To the belief that there's more tha…[View]
127696515Remember that the failures of the Nazis lead to this current situation of liberalism and the cucking…[View]
127698330who subscribes to this guy: I know tradition and rural sunshine are the optimal conditions for men t…[View]
127691218>stop worshiping fake semitic gods[View]
127688911>Child sacrifice is a necessary evil that benevolent Illuminati lords oversee, to stall the retur…[View]
127696073How come when Muslims believe stuff near the bottom of this chart: ...you make fun of them for being…[View]
127692275INDIA SUPERPOWER 2030: realistically speaking what does pol think of india super power prospects? ht…[View]
127697552Day Of The Rope (DOTR): When will DOTR happen? Will it ever happen? If it does, will it be worldwide…[View]
127698070THEY KNOW: Should i be afraid? I mean it was just some critisism on american eating habits.[View]
127697996Bulgarian team CSK fanatics: These guys are here because their favourite team is selling their logo …[View]
127697986Post ITT A pic of your hometown: Columbus IN[View]
127692933America's best President was born 100 years ago today.[View]
127695411Why is the west standing by helplessly as China moves ahead in various fields of science? China rece…[View]
127674797'Red Pill' Radicalization: /pol/, look what the fuck you are doing. 'Red Pill' is not recognizing th…[View]
127640609Evergreen State College President Gives into Demands of Leftist Student Protesters: http://www.breit…[View]
127697405Why would you die for a fucking foreigner (assuming you're not g*rman), who promised to free na…[View]
127697869Yesterday was his 100th birthday: F[View]
127688788I hope you bastards are aware what'sabout to go down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vpj_YjviW…[View]
127671305/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General: >ϟϟ HAIL VICTORY! ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the Jewish …[View]
127684962ISRAEL BTFO: Looks like the Brits are sending Gay envoys your way http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news…[View]
127690313Why do Trump supporters think that every stupid thing that Trump does is part of huge 69DD Chess mov…[View]
127680407AUSPOL chinks are subhuman scum and must die edition: >Centrelink loses more than one third of de…[View]
127697675http://elliepotato.de/forum/index.php: http://elliepotato.de/forum/index.php[View]
127695304Press F to pay respects.[View]
127680276why do these idiot coons think they were egyptians?[View]
127697197>mfw born 4.5 kilos heavy and stretched the shit out of my mum Is this not the ultimate expressio…[View]
127691336To the enraged greek: >Kek. When people who are already filtered are desperate for attention Wha…[View]
127693330Will we be speaking German if they won?[View]
127652661AUS HAPPENING: COP SHOT: A stand-off is continuing in the Lockyer Valley, west of Brisbane, with pol…[View]
127697283Do anti-Christ's know they are anti-Christ's?: Just a thought....do you think that anyone …[View]
127687481What first got you interested in politics??[View]
127692370how far are they going to take this?[View]
127693371Brit/pol/ Get Sky set to recording lads edition: >MI5 probes bomber 'warnings' to see i…[View]
127690704Anyone have any info on Vichy France??: Looking for any information on Vichy France[View]
127698880Why are Indians so rude /pol/?[View]
127695498Communism by the Backdoor: Why isn't this more talked about? http://communismbythebackdoor.tv/ …[View]
127690186Franchises that need to be revived: would be nice to see a reboot of the Kerberos Panzer Cop series …[View]
127696696>Civic '''''''''''Nationalism'''''''''''''''[View]
127696836Vladimir Putin engages in bizarre ritual: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmpDAmNUWgs surrounded by …[View]
127673031What does it mean to be Canadian? What is Canadian culture? Who is the typical Canadian? I don…[View]
127691661BuzzFeed: What's happening with the 'buzzfeed raid'? are we gonna do it or not? what's the…[View]
127689737Pledge of Allegiance: You have 10 SECONDS to explain how this isn't literal indoctrination…[View]
127695274>be neocon cuck >still think muh russia is a greater threat than isis http://www.news.com.au/f…[View]
127685193It's pretty funny when white people complain about being murdered, or the Muslim invasion etc. …[View]
127696081Can Europe defend itself?[View]
127693040Illegals interrupt the texas house floor deliberating over sanctuary city legislation: And latino 'p…[View]
127694732Stop denying ∞ genders.[View]
127694448Why does the left hate Russia so much? Kushner did nothing wrong[View]
127695958Ricardo Spencini: does he deserve all the hate?[View]
127688891Who is better at defending the white race? Orbán or trump?[View]
127696283Why do millennials ruin their perfectly good bodies with tattoos and piercings? Baby boomers weren…[View]
1276961324k ancap smiley template: Free market provides http://www.mediafire.com/file/h92wc3ewtfjgzcr/4k_anca…[View]
127696103Final redpill: Dominican Republic is FAKE: The whole 'Dominican Republic is a real country' is a tri…[View]
127696074This continual degradation of western society depraves me of my will to live here. I can say with c…[View]
127694031Eric Clanton - itsgoingdown.org solidarity drive: https://itsgoingdown.org/banner-drop-uc-berkeley-c…[View]
127694981Is Rep. John Conyers the most left wing/liberal member of the House?[View]
127695665What the fuck does 'economic growth' even mean and why is it bad if the economy isn't…[View]
127695871>RT deleting all negative comments What are they so afraid of? https://www.rt.com/news/390082-mac…[View]
127690345When did you realize you were being played like a puppet?: When did you realize your autism and enjo…[View]
127680023What is your solution to young men dropping out of society?[View]
127687356Reclamation of Constantinople: The Turkish Army has never been weaker. The recent Gulenist/Secularis…[View]
127679381pissing dog statue placed next to fearless twat: If I knew 'artists' could just add anything in that…[View]
127689427/mku/ltra thread 7: zeta astro Edition: Continued: >>127680136 Discord channel has deciphered …[View]
127695426CHINA NO!!!: I think you are asking about the Chinese word “白左”, could be translated into “white lef…[View]
127695387Is this Singaporean blogger /our girl/? https://youtu.be/bVspgkYbJl4 also: >This video was uplo…[View]
127689843Social Cohesion in Sweden: Apparently social cohesion in sweden is just fine despite the influx of m…[View]
127683240Stupid bitch is angry President Trump blocked her: Why the fuck is she crying about it?[View]
127695039Navalny 20!8[View]
127690536Day of the Axe: I speak for Lord Odin. The Day of the Axe draws near. Leave no invader alive. Burn e…[View]
127682236UK teaching kids to respect terrorists: How do we save the EU? http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/8101…[View]
127692452Expose the kikes: Expose them with their noses in the pot of gold. Post pics of modern american jews…[View]
127689961False flag aliens incoming August 13[View]
127655972What even is going on anymore /pol/?: I've been lurking 4chin for 10+ years, lurking /pol/ sinc…[View]
127689492Wtf, it's my constitutional right to say whatever I want. Prove me wrong. Oh wait, you can…[View]
127694228Theresa 'Jihad Jane' May Theresa 'Things that we're curbin' don't include turbans' Ma…[View]
127692230why does judaism say incest and pedophilia are okay?[View]
127673059Official leaf hate thread: Fucking leaf already![View]
127694759Good job Pajeet: >British Airways IT failure hit 300,000 passengers due to ‘inexperienced staff o…[View]
127689952Can we come to a consensus /pol/? Good: Whites East Asians Bad: Niggers Spics Poo-in-loos Sandnigger…[View]
127691195NK MISSILE LAUNCH VIDEO JUST DROPPED: Music is LIT https://youtu.be/RH_lUynMO7k[View]
127683574America BTFO - Europe rising[View]
127666000Kim Dotcom submits letter to Mueller: http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/PO1705/S00469/kim-dotcom-approa…[View]
127692681Are all Stirner fanboys idiots or just selfish?[View]
127693002Why do they look so troubled? What do they know that we don't?[View]
127687719Islam is not the problem, narrow minded fascist bigots are the problem![View]
127689094Just finished watching this excellent documentary about Adolf Hitler. Can anyone recommend any other…[View]
127693737Studies show that the more sexual partners a woman has had before she got married the higher the cha…[View]
127693950https://youtu.be/128g8yJI65w Why are millennial struggling to afford their own houses? Will their be…[View]
127692963What's /pol/s opinion on Brett Keane? Is he literally /our guy/?[View]
127692278Should white men tell aborigine stories? I mean...its not like we have to abide by their customs....…[View]
127694236/pol/ is really ignorant sometimes. People are getting massacred in Rohingya and all they look at is…[View]
127691569FREE SPEECH: TFW Brazil is less cucked than Europe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbXWKJ65WVU Turn …[View]
127693643Combat terrorist groups in Europe: Is terrorist groups like boko haram, who are actually engaging th…[View]
127692845STRONGER GUN LAWS IN QLD WHEN? A cop was just killed by some thug with a gun and not supporting stro…[View]
127694044The problem: The Jews have been planning a lot lately, and looking at the board, they've manage…[View]
127662648Congratulations guys, we made it to the end of civilization: farewell to all[View]
127682587Holy fuck, Chuck!! The absolute madman!!! He just let it all out now! Pray for this man's safet…[View]
127690911/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
127672525Brit/pol/ - Child Refugees Edition: >THREAD THEME https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQGvlemqUpE …[View]
127690146Chicago before nigs: https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ae7_1496116079[View]
127693571Chienne thread???: Anyon remember Chienne thread with Jap/FBI anon from like 2 months ago? /mlpol/ f…[View]
127691032Does /pol/ only read to reinforce prejudice or does it explore alternate viewpoints? Pic related.[View]
127693539CAIR outraged by sheriff warning of 'Islamic jihadists': http://www.wnd.com/2017/05/cair-o…[View]
127692270Can we all just agree that this has to be the shittest, no pun intended, country on the face of this…[View]
127676821core of human morality and how it relates to the rise and fall of civilizations: Theory: the core of…[View]
127693296Can Aryans and Jews ever be friends?[View]
127690405Faggot fingers his asshole in front of camera and other fags: Why is this degenerate smut allowed on…[View]
127686920Poland Hate Thread: >count the (((pirogies)))[View]
127686834Attacking lefties with their own logic: Isn't this great, guys? I adore attacking leftie twats …[View]
127687186Hi anon do you want to get some gluten free vegan friendly lunch?[View]
127692932When and why will WW3 start?[View]
127691418'' Muslims hate each other more than they hate us. Almost all (!) the violence from migran…[View]
127675648Everlast is a cuck: In 2016, presidential candidate Donald Trump used 'Jump Around' at some of his r…[View]
127672564Why did Family Guy convey the idea that Disney hates jews when Disney are the jews?[View]
127690144couldn't we argue that this is cultural appropriation, and limit them to Kwazaa Queef? Just say…[View]
127680967The Mongols are invading! What do, /pol/?[View]
127693031Why do so many Ossis post the latest pravda under German flags instead of at least using a proxy? Re…[View]
127692856Is it Autism?[View]
127692098https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owIBCqXl5QI What is with the fuckboy mudslimes?[View]
127683573Burn Flint down: Why haven't the residents of Flint, MI set the local government buildings abla…[View]
127690843A Basic Guide to the Proper Styles and Forms of Memetic Warfare: How to camouflage your normie tier …[View]
127688939Thank you Kekistan: Thank you /Pol for finding all of William Legates info. As a Normie applying for…[View]
127673899i understand that europe should stay white, asia should stay asian, etc. but what about the americas…[View]
127689886Is german pride considered a major global threat to political correctness?: T. 75% deutsche reportin…[View]
127691287How exactly do you remove kebab?[View]
127689423What's this guy's name again?[View]
127688524(((Pew Poll))): veterans like Trump: President Trump has some unwavering support from a very unique …[View]
127690645Syria fake injuried scenes: I'm trying to find those videos where 'injuried' syrians are photog…[View]
127679147ITT: libtards you want to fug[View]
127690581race mixing: so what do you guys think about race mixing? in my country especially where i live in n…[View]
127683955Corporate taxes should be 0%: Corporations aren't people and have no representation. No represe…[View]
127682545Game of Capture the Flag Berkeley edition begins NOW: https://itsgoingdown.org/banner-drop-uc-berkel…[View]
127675861Can we get a /pol/ hair thread?: Can we get a /pol/ hair (or general style) thread?[View]
127690035THEY TOOK ER JERBS!![View]
127686222We are in the final corner.: We just need to kill them, all of them, anyone who is not rationally mi…[View]
127675433/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - DRUNK EDITON: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov ht…[View]
127690672Hatin on nogs please[View]
127690766How long before people are put in Jail for being against same sex marriage? >http://www.abc.net.…[View]
127677305Jews not white?: Why are Jews not white again? I'm talking about Ashkenazi Jews, who make up 70…[View]
127690974'Europe will pull together as one' this time guys!: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/m…[View]
127690733why do white people love weird haircolor these days?[View]
127662464Is this faggot the anti-Christ?: >Transhumanist >Technocrat >wants the entire world to be c…[View]
127690656The most important thing you can do for the white race is keep your own life in order. Start with yo…[View]
127689888Anglo Lies General: How many lies have the Anglos told today? I'll start. https://www.youtube.…[View]
127691205From FBIanons thread yesterday, wish I capped: >Clanton cried within 10 minutes of interrogation …[View]
127676370Poland is free from Cultural Marxi-[View]
127691142any idea who this koala man is? a friend of mine from korea is a huge fan of this lad[View]
127688332How do I explain to liberals that corporations and rich people need more tax cuts?[View]
127664820Why should we not help poor refugees who need our help?[View]
127690968*interrupts you* psssh, nothin' discussed kid[View]
127678721>Be Canadian >Go to US >Everyone is a tattooed mongrel >Retarded man-children everywhe…[View]
127663693why are all the best cities liberal??[View]
127687521WTF ever happened to wheels?: Cross chan outreach thread, what's this nigga doing now?[View]
127688325Why is Hillary still above the law: I thought Trump was the law and order candidate, yet Hillary is …[View]
127666248Why do all billionaires embrace globalism?[View]
1276905081.618034: Pepe Kek Numbers Can it be a coincidence?[View]
127690479I am a white American. I've never liked Europe. Never liked European people. Never cared for Eu…[View]
127682397MACRON: 'london will stay business capital of the world': http://www.westmonster.com/macrons-man-adm…[View]
127682520Returning to Kek, Hermeticism, and Memetic Studies: Reddit is already getting tired of any memes der…[View]
127690225How did eurofags let menopause hair lady conquer them?[View]
127679190Manuel Noriega has died: >press F Goodnight sweet prince. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-am…[View]
127690169Rapefugees: Whats your guys take on durk a derks now being the victims and guarded by the media?…[View]
127677518Utah switches from lethal injection to firing squad: >Utah government chooses firing squad over l…[View]
127689975/polder/ Willekeurig nieuws http://jwsxl.nl/het-makkelijkste-meisje-van-de-klas-iedereen-deed-mij/ …[View]
127687545Who Hates Social Media: And All the Ridiculous posts made? I can't be the only one who's c…[View]
127689717Gays are victims sadly: I know a friend of a friend who went to brazil and talked to trans people th…[View]
127689714http://archive.is/heaSz Germany and their communist allies in the UK and US proclaim Angela Merkel i…[View]
127685612Redpill-mandela effect addition: is the mandella effect real /pol/or kike proaganda to make autists …[View]
127685849Q & A: Congratulations! You've been selected to have a Q & A with President Trump. Your…[View]
127688196Is Miroljub Petrovic /ourguy/?[View]
127664072How is Communism bad if usury is prohibited and there are no gibs for anyone who is lazy regardless …[View]
127685110>central and northern european countries accept the most refugees >have the best economies in …[View]
127688993any other leftists on pol who find themselves in agreement with today's right on the majority o…[View]
127685375Andrew Scheer’s best weapon: He’s relatable: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/andrew-scheers-…[View]
127688936Fuck varg[View]
127683327Why are you not nazbol yet /pol/?[View]
127689205What is wrong with you people: Even Hitler put the mutilated people to work. We could use these type…[View]
127689166Radical Sharia Blue Kills /ourguys/: Is this the first of many. The mudslimes are constantly encroac…[View]
127680244>see blindfolded muslim >want hug >wat do? Blindfolded Muslim gives free hugs in Mancheste…[View]
127667495kek explain yourself /pol/[View]
127688345Trump Regret: Admit it, he's just one of (((them))).[View]
127688546I've been thinking. How should we execute the pedo-kidnappers when we flush them out? It's…[View]
127678807Rapefugees: I live in South Africa and the country is going to shit. More and more white people just…[View]
127688693alt right media: alt right media would not exist without /pol/. /pol/ does all of the work and they …[View]
127680136/mku/ltra thread 6: Spiderman and Elsa are your Friends Edition: Continued from: >>127673539 B…[View]
127688123feelz: ITT: Get emotional u lose > kid lost his dad in the marines…[View]
127687938How White Are You?: Are you a proud Hitler-approved Aryan God or are you a solid nu-male cuck? Use t…[View]
127687613>gets caught sexting again >only this time she was 15 >among other things, he asked her to …[View]
127662453Good evening, /pol/: I am a PALAEO-LIBERTARIAN; DEBATE ME.[View]
127680308Memeball Thread?[View]
127686499MUZZIES BEING ENRICHED: I didn't think it could be done. BUT IT'S HAPPENING. http://www.ha…[View]
127667546What do you think of the 2007 phenomenon? It's often said on multiple boards to be the one year…[View]
127682015Is this the greatest recruitment tool the right has ever had? Dont know about you Lot but before her…[View]
127685507Whether you like him or not, how dumb do you have to be to think trump will get impeached?[View]
127687330What the hell /pol/? I thought you guys said the Democrat threatened the Republican guy?[View]
127687435Why is the West so gay?[View]
127665053Give me one good reason why LSD should be illegal.[View]
127687307Prove to me that black people aren't specifically targeted by police because of their ethnicity…[View]
127686951SURPRISE: Bernie Madoff is now an Italian mobster: New (((hbo))) movie directed by (((Barry Levinson…[View]
127687324Is Tool our band? https://bluelivesmatter.blue/tool-maynard-james-keenan-snowflakes-boston/…[View]
127685461>be danish >get 'honor raped' by muslim man Seriously, if the idea of a strong, muscular power…[View]
127684348What ever happened to Bif Skipman/Cheesebay?[View]
127686948Honour violence is on the rise in Sweden. And the big media house are investigating right now with r…[View]
127682369This city in Brazil with a 90% white population celebrates the confederate flag... https://www.youtu…[View]
127681682*blocks ur path*: >Stop right there, capitalist profit-seeker! >W-what, you're really int…[View]
127687214>go to catalog >ctrl+F white >52 entries found Do we have an obsession ?…[View]
127672420How much longer for us to accept that white people really are the most evil race?[View]
127687190Kid DESTROYS White Privilege!: Watch this Kid DESTROY the Concept of White Privilege - https://www.y…[View]
127676893Feelings about the Chinese colonization of Africa?: The documentary Empire of Dust is probably close…[View]
127685623If the US Civil War occurred today, would the UN kill Trump because he was 'murdering his people'?[View]
127682374Another white lady marries Pajeet and embraces Hindu Culture.: Why are there so many Foreigner White…[View]
127676111Hail the new queen of /pol/: YAAASSSS GODDESSS! SLAAAAY![View]
127686712Justin Cuckdeau: >Goes to meet the Pope >Asks him to apologize for something the Canadian gove…[View]
127637471/srg/ Seth Rich General - 'In Depth' Infowars Article: Interestign article from Infowars(just came o…[View]
127686978How Hungary Became a Haven for the Alt-Right? https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2017…[View]
1276869502D SPACE CHESS - ATTACK ON THE WHITE RACE // HEART ATTACK GUN: =4D Space Chess General - Heart Attac…[View]
127675215Daily Reminder: The poll we took here last week showed 68% of /pol/ users smoke marijuana often /pol…[View]
127683131may pepe live long[View]
127676877Is weed degenerate?: Should weed be considered degenerate or should we legalize it? I can see legal…[View]
127686732'The spirit of hatred and fanaticism embedded in the hearts of the Arab Muslims against everything t…[View]
127675270PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov https://www.donaldjtrump.com/ DAILY SCHEDULE (WH…[View]
127685915I just realize that people are enjoy discussing/talking politics, tend doesn't have a hobby.[View]
127686573Hisao Tani did nothing wrong.[View]
127681964when will leftists stop? they are indirectly killing our helpless children.[View]
127664259NatSoc vs. NatCap: I consider myself NatCap, but want to convert to NatSoc. The only real problem I …[View]
127682528The value of human life: Your beloved pet dog and a young human being you've never met are drow…[View]
127679318Anyone know where we can get them here in Aus? I mean the real one not a one from china I've wa…[View]
127686426Do you realistically think that in my lifetime (early 20's) i could see pic related back > …[View]
127671153>The mayor of Portland, Oregon, is trying to stop what he describes as two upcoming 'alt-right' d…[View]
127686272I've come to understand a lot more about the world around me through visiting /pol/, researchin…[View]
127686268Evergreen MELTDOWN: This bitch was right yet again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aa9KDsL4-I Eve…[View]
127671434Christian General: Evening, Brothers! All are welcome in this thread - tonight we're here to di…[View]
127678197It's over, bro.: https://www.dallasnews.com/news/texas-legislature/2017/05/29/fistfight-nearly-…[View]
127679571>take philosophy 101 course for fun >professor tells us we need more immigrants >says race…[View]
127683547RACE WAR: What are people still waiting for? Niggers doing what they want. Muslims rolling better t…[View]
127683258>learn about pizzagate and the redpills of the deep state >start to see pedo signs/symbols eve…[View]
127684892Who's watching this banter on question time?[View]
127672039Spics are so disgusting. This is Alex Makeev, a hero Slav who berated spics. Here's some faggot…[View]
127683933gay: gay[View]
127674660Worst Places in America: I'm writing a novel and I wanted to ask /pol/ what the worst places in…[View]
127685794Islamaphobia: Remember to report all cases of suspected Islamaphobia to your local C.A.I.R. chapter!…[View]
127685766Is Varg an AI? Maybe he went haywire and thats why he killed his friend, now he lives in the woods …[View]
127659131Vietnam: Name a better Asian country. I'll wait.[View]
127656328Where does all the estrogen come from?[View]
127682037My Uncle is a neuroscientist and he was shocked when I showed him one of Trumps speeches. He said th…[View]
127685510No response from/b/. Whats youre opinion on going no russian on a antifa 'protest'.[View]
127672822Which country has the best traditional cultural dance?: And why is it Jamaica?[View]
127683110How do Americans reconcile the fact that without the vast amount of cheap Mexican laborers, the coun…[View]
127681005This comic: Post edits. Here's mine.[View]
127675597Scheer = /ourguy/: Hey /pol/...this now /ourguy/....Will us leaf posters get more respect if we meme…[View]
127668321I got back my DNA results from Ancestry and frankly was horrified. I am more than 15% Turkish. My g…[View]
127677877Is Our God Having Trouble Fighting Mohammed?: I was watching the trailer for 'The Innocence of Musli…[View]
127678444Why do some Americans claim to be part of cultures they're not? Do they have no pride in their …[View]
127682749https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZATpppaNM8 'please don't put your life in the hands of a rock…[View]
127684933So when Trump is deposed is this guy going to legit be President?[View]
127684511Daily reminder Hitler actually won and Merkel is continueing on his legacy[View]
127681526God fucking damn it why are Canadians... the way they are?[View]
127679508What's /pol's opinion on Nathan Damigo?[View]
127684930Work For Don Se77e: Do you know what the Catena Mafia is? A liability. They were compromised a long…[View]
127681260/pol/ in 2027[View]
127680117You shallow faggots made yourselves famous with that petty and juvenile Shia LaBeouf stunt you pulle…[View]
127667947Seth Rich murdered /pol/: Any real /pol/ left or have you all been lost to the siege? Well do not fe…[View]
127672088Why are Asian males so bitter towards white males?: Pic very much related.[View]
127684603How does it feel knowing Trump is a failure and a neocon dicksucker? The left will win in 2020 and b…[View]
127682715>christkikenity >european[View]
127682269Whites should kill themselves: 'East Asians have tended to score relatively higher on visuospatial s…[View]
127682498Stop right there Christian scum.[View]
127684462Operation Undocumented and Proud: So recently I heard of a story in Texas where illegals were holdin…[View]
127652168How do we get bluepilled white beta males (me) to raise their self esteem and turn into redpilled al…[View]
127684347I will be voting for based justin in 2019 cause he is going to win anyway: hope harper jr loses so b…[View]
127676000Is it happening?: Why are all the Verizon cell phone towers going down all of the sudden? this map w…[View]
127683850If you think you are wasting your life by watching anime and fapping to porn: There are people who d…[View]
127675475Interracial marriage is on the rise =D: 'WASHINGTON — More and more Americans are marrying people of…[View]
127683876Damn, racists got fucking btfo[View]
127675037Should children be taught about homosexuality in schools?[View]
127683855Crash Course: Hey, can someone redpill a poor autismo on Crash Course? I want to know if it is trust…[View]
127676479what is wrong with gay? Did I harm you?[View]
127681695Which one of you was this? http://www.macleans.ca/politics/anime-and-conservative-worlds-collide-ju…[View]
127683662Applying for Paid Shill Position: What does Media Matters pay these guys to shill here? I feel like …[View]
127683001jewgle translate: anyone else sick of google translate? why wont it translate hebrew?[View]
127679078Italian is the true master race.[View]
127655828How do we fix the black problem?[View]
127672440>Illegals hold signs announcing that they're illegal >Texas State Rep. Rinaldi calls ICE …[View]
127683565Post alot of woke stuff about their usage of media etc and infographs in threads to get people woke.…[View]
127679064Must watch: National College Debate Championship: https://youtu.be/fmO-ziHU_D8 Unbelievable debate h…[View]
127681472This beautiful man. God bless Macron ! This image speaks a million words.[View]
127678974why is western culture so fucked up?????? kids listen to idiot apes rapping about sex, money, and ki…[View]
127681564Feminist researcher invents ‘intersectional quantum physics’ to fight ‘oppression’ of Newton: I see …[View]
127681077Press F to pay respects.[View]
127678945Are you guys being mean to William LeGate?: You know he can't help how large his nipples are, r…[View]
127683353I've noticed one of the biggest peeves with european anons is the acculturation of european cul…[View]
127683204Sanders 2020[View]
127672870What was courtship like back in the day?[View]
127683308Who Cares?: The amount of basement-dwelling NEETs defending this obvious propaganda tells you how mu…[View]
127677550/pol/iticraft: Political Roleplay Minecraft Server: After nearly a two year break, /pol/iticraft, th…[View]
127682113>believes in imaginary friends >can't achieve mental peace without rituals >is trash t…[View]
127683073Why was German labor the best? To the point where other nations couldn't compete and made usury…[View]
127667272PAGANISM GENERAL: Paganism General OFFICAL SKYPE GROUP https://join.skype.com/lJqhBlcVO964 Sick of …[View]
127682125Germans are the best people: Trust me, there is no denying. You just need to take the globalism, no …[View]
127675601>tfw don't want to be redpilled anymore There is a way to go back?…[View]
127679469How can liberals reconcile themselves to their oblivion?: Basically there is no Great Power in the w…[View]
127682799I will fuck your life up[View]
127682573WTF is this Nottingham Pedo-shit!?: I'm seriously fucked up over this. WTF is this Tania girl w…[View]
127631042This is just a friendly reminder that America is paradise. Happy Memorial Day, /pol/! God Bless Amer…[View]
127682484The thin edge of the wedge...: Ausbros's property prices declined an average of 1.1% last quart…[View]
127682164I can't believe this once happened. It seems so damn surreal. Anyone else know this feel?[View]
127677858>found not guilty >sent to prison anyway What went wrong? http://www.11alive.com/news/local/se…[View]
127663865Yvette Felarca: Should Yvette Felarca be arrested for incitement? She's been a major organizer …[View]
127681740Is this truly the best show on television or is it just more kike propaganda?[View]
127680445Face palm: So I have quite the story for you /pol/ Be me 16 junior year of high school Somewhat be…[View]
127681369RIP in peace: RIP in peace LeDajrick Cox. Gone too soon! http://www.fox4news.com/news/257542967-stor…[View]
127682138Lite Faggotry: I've embraced being white I'm proud of being white God dammit you faggots I…[View]
127650479Look at Merkel's signature: KEK.[View]
127681765This isn't funny any more - global warming is fucking us all up: We better do something about t…[View]
127661263My name was Seth Rich. I was murdered.[View]
127679658https://judiciary.house.gov/subcommittee/full-committee/ US bros - who is the most liberal member on…[View]
127679185Man gets 3 years for driving through Memorial Day crosses: Did he do it? Why? Was it because of his …[View]
127678944Why does he make /pol/ so angry and scared? Sexual frustration???[View]
127676761Was sending american troops into Vietnam to fight for their democracy justified? did the south vietn…[View]
127681762https://theoutline.com/post/1547/did-we-come-from-pigs >If McCarthy did crave more recognition fr…[View]
127681562Justice League Movie: >Zack Snyder's daughter committed suicide... >Probably watched BvS …[View]
127669334THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN!: Never forget, /pol/, never! The South will rise again to take back our c…[View]
127679551Skin bleaching: Niggers are bleaching their skin to be more like us >WE WUZ KINGZ https://www.you…[View]
127667098ADMIT IT You would jump at the chance to breed with a jewish girl[View]
127666880WILLIAM LEFAG ANSWERS HIS PHONE: 4047710241 Just so you know, William Legate does answer his phone.…[View]
127677113Why are niggers so ugly?[View]
127670442Which one of you did this to Shia?[View]
127680891What did they mean by this?: Are the Yogscast actually Nazis????[View]
127676982SCOOPS MEME THREAD!: Somebody once told me Trump took 2 scoops of ice cream, I ain't the smarte…[View]
127680478What are some good podcasts that aren't memey?[View]
127680193Texas legislator calls ICE to deport protesters: >State Rep. Matt Rinaldi, R-Irving, said he call…[View]
127680489Obama was always in such huge scandals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDIoiTyK7S0[View]
127679041Haven't had one of these threads in a while.[View]
127680242Advertising trips to Israel on /pol/. The irony is overwhelming[View]
127665223'Panda is also a bear ;)' Sept 27, 2016: Tweet : https://twitter.com/TalKopan/status/780605958645026…[View]
127678538FIX THIS: This needs to be fixed. Seriously. Apparently someone made a thread about this a few days…[View]
127667400tell me, what made you racist POL[View]
127678958Do cartoons affect people's values in real life?: You probably know that SJWs claim that cartoo…[View]
127678923Maxine Waters: ‘You Can’t Impeach a Woman of Color!’: >Maxine Waters (D-CA) was confronted by a c…[View]
127650853This faggot makes $39200 per month just on Patreon donations. That's over $470k per year. Seems…[View]
127680366POST ALT-RIGHT PROPAGANDA https://youtube.com/watch?v=froTxqKSqc4[View]
127677132For Ramadan, my high school is putting up a prayer room, and alternative class schedules for kids to…[View]
127680452>'Stop right there u tight lil whiteboipucci' >'Assume the position' >stares niggerly wat d…[View]
127678592How long until Greece as a culture no longer exists? Australian-born women with Greek parents have s…[View]
127679731RELIGIOUS REDPILL TIME: >Be Joseph and Mary >Be engaged (betrothed) >No sex >Joseph can…[View]
127680271can we have an ultimate jew expose thread. Why are the Jews trying to take over the world? Why are t…[View]
127674491Trump:Slaves were just 'bad negotiators': Holy fucking shit on a pogo stick, every fucking day we ge…[View]
127680252>A mostly homogenous and Catholic nation, Poland is refusing to accept migrants from the Middle E…[View]
127679718liberals literally act like children https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CK2_TR7qMpY pic unrelated[View]
127673858Who is right?[View]
127678480Antifa rallies remind me of Blood Sunday: With these Ultra liberal rallies going on it reminds me of…[View]
127673539MKULTRA part 5! Too fucked up to continue editiom: >>127668567 Continued[View]
127675598A P O L O G I Z E: I thought female superheros were just diversity bullshit /pol/? Well?[View]
127677368Phones and tech gadgets: Why are these seemingly being advertised and pushed so aggressively still? …[View]
127679778synagogue of satan: So when are y'all gonna take the true redpill? Jews are the Synagogue of Sa…[View]
127673805Buzzfeed is drunk again: https://www.buzzfeed.com/pinochetianhelicopterpilot/ten-really-cool-ways-et…[View]
127679795Somebody please explain... https://mobile.twitter.com/ZEAUX_CXT/status/868239163694473217/photo/1…[View]
127668804Why didn't /pol/ save her?[View]
127673151Why are politicians in Leftist areas of the country so obsessed with <0.5% of the population? Eve…[View]
127678253Why do Americans allow this?[View]
127679716RACIST KITCHEN THREAD - out stealthfags by their kitchen cabinet: Try to out me faggots >Fruits …[View]
127674191What's yo with Eastern Europe and Alcohol consumption?: Man Those Europeans really like demn b…[View]
127679288Olivia Wilde Calls Trump ‘McFatface,’ Gets Blasted for ‘Fat-Shaming’ How will Trump recover? http://…[View]
127677236Nu-pol in one image.[View]
127678757Vice degeneracy: So I voluntarely tortured myself by reading a whole month of Vice news and articles…[View]
127673732Trump is worth it, r-right /pol/?? https://www.quora.com/How-much-did-Obamas-vacations-cost-the-taxp…[View]
127673099Daily geman pride thread.: Post up browitzers... If you are at least part german, thats enough. If …[View]
127679061Western Capitalism only rewards rich landowners and the people who own vast mineral rights, Eastern …[View]
127661332JEWISH QUESTION: Greetings. I would consider myself a member of the alt right. I adhere to their val…[View]
127673367/pol/-induced suicidal thoughts: Imagine for a second being born into a small village in Europe 2000…[View]
127679080http://eregime.org/index.php We do political simulators and other politics related games. We also ha…[View]
127673135Good movies. Redpilled, *pilled, whatever, just as long as they're good picrelated is about how…[View]
127678687Man bun: Could you pull off a man bun /pol/ and is it one step in making men more feminine (besides …[View]
127676291You are now remembering a simpler time when life felt warm and the world felt like it was filled wit…[View]
127679126Why do you guys refuse to admit that Hillary got more votes than Drumpf?[View]
127679122concert bomber: guy interviewed used to be friend. bandanna. note the color. note cnn talks about ga…[View]
127679118Life comes at you fast[View]
127674304Is it time for me to move out of Portland?[View]
127678950Merchant thread - 'excellent gif material' edition: >>https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
127674250My name is Dindu Nuffin. I is a viktum of prejoodiss. I do crimes cuz dey make me do dem. I juS wan …[View]
127676294/pol/ BTFO: APOLOGIZE NOW[View]
127678929Benjamin H. Freedman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rx1Rj6fHCNE Discuss......[View]
127678232FInal Solution: Is this the final solution to the Aryan question?[View]
127678180Why are gays so savage against women?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSD36ESQhRw&t=0s Between …[View]
127671446A perfect, natural society: In a perfect society, Jews (the highest IQ group) would be on top dictat…[View]
127677950What are some notable examples of a region's cultural heritage being lost or watered down as a …[View]
127678631APOLOGISE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U49nOBFv508 >kuwait made a micro musical to counter te…[View]
127678392the next redpill of much importance: can I just say that telling people not to smoke or drink alcoho…[View]
127673847Fuck the Troops: Besides WWI and WWII the rest of the 'troops' can go suck ISIS dick. They all fough…[View]
127678067Alt-Light Cringe Thread[View]
127677334WWII + Brexit: The Brits are giving the 'V' sign to Europe again. Reminding Ze Germans tha…[View]
127670019What did Iran mean by this?: 'However, what was really stunning about the Iranian reaction to Trump’…[View]
127673412Terror-free countries, how do they do it?: p.s.: Come home, white man[View]
127660874Alabama, NO!: Now city councils in the state of Alabama can't pull what New Orleans did.[View]
127663369Conservative Atheist Thread: How do other conservative atheists deal with the fact that most of this…[View]
127678248based youtuber here looking for more shit to make videos on so my question is what does /pol/ hate (…[View]
127678237Why does (((Reddit))) still care about this faggot. There defending A LEFTIST JEW What kind of sick,…[View]
127678212Ignorant asshat lacking human empathy: With Memorial Day coming to a close, I happened to see this o…[View]
127668874when will /pol/ take the islam pill?[View]
127660453Is /pol/ looking forward to this show? It's probably one of the most redpilled shows coming out…[View]
127677073/bc/ general A month later this election is the gift that keeps on giving. I love that we're ac…[View]
127677928FATGATE - rulers or blacks kill 25million a year with heart attack weapon: =4D Space Chess General -…[View]
127674657Best Passages from Culture of Critique?: I'm currently reading it: http://www.angelfire.com/reb…[View]
127668310Did North Korean Operatives Use a Dinghy to Infiltrate California on Memorial Day?: A 47-foot Motor …[View]
127677635Seth Rich Conspiracy: >tfw the murderer really turns out to be Tyrone who dindo nuttin and 520k g…[View]
127677152Angela Merkel is the new leader of the free world: Say something nice about her![View]
127645309Awwwwww Sweeties, why is your president so thin skinned? Whats the matter was he a sweet little spec…[View]
127677642Why does the federal government monitor this board? Are there really that many bad people here? Or a…[View]
127664920WHAT THE FUCK /pol/ I THOUGHT THIS SHITTING IN STREETS SHIT WAS A JOKE?????? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
127672504Kekistan & nu-/pol/ Cringe Thread[View]
127675989Not all anime is degenerate. This is the plot of Attack on Titan, one of the most popular anime righ…[View]
127674006Jews, mainstream media and Islam.: I have a question that I don't really know the answer for. H…[View]
127657802Antifa Must Die: Anyone down to assist in the takeover of this twitter account?[View]
127674174POPE BTFO: King Cuck tells the Vatican to apologize for mistreating Salmon Niggers! > How will th…[View]
127673629POL TROLL mudshark married. ID HER!: Trolll Troll[View]
127677443Five Star Movement: Can some Italino explain to this me? Is this like Italian Tea Party? Or this rag…[View]
127677226Mark 5:18-20[View]
127676614How many of you are waiting for this show in 2 hours?[View]
127664006This board has been destroyed. What is the alternative?[View]
127667663Name the flag, no cheating: I did this once maybe a year ago and people seemed to have fun with it. …[View]
127641765Water Fasting Camps For Obese?: Trump promised to eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse in Medicare/aid,…[View]
127674252What's the best big city in the US for a conservative? Preferably one with a sizable software i…[View]
127675844>BIN >THAT >TOYGAH…[View]
127672337Where were you when Lauren Southern was replaced? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4RpRQeoT80[View]
127631898Mark Dice's Complete Abandonment of all Shits: Is Dice a hero now? Is he one of us? How do we …[View]
127675367Why are there so many cringeworthy autists on this board?[View]
127676917Fuck America.[View]
127671160BASED MORRISSEY HATES ISLAM: Based Morrissey writes on Facebook: >Celebrating my birthday in Manc…[View]
127677103As a defender of Western culture, how do you engage with it on a daily basis? When's the last t…[View]
127677061Lads I had a dream, a vision? No. A nightmare, of a far off land where a swarm of frogs came rising …[View]
127673475What's so bad about jews?: Not baiting or trolling, seeking an answer thats consistent with rea…[View]
127671469They have a point I guess.[View]
127669810Islamophobes on suicide watch.: No statistically significant relationship between Muslim % and jihad…[View]
127676121Wow! We are fucked.: 20 years ago, talking against a one world government/political union would have…[View]
127638337Daily reminder that Constantinople is Greek[View]
127663950We're not going to let you sell us to the Russians. We're going to systematically dismantl…[View]
127658904BREAKTHROUGH IN SETH RICH INVESTIGATION: alright, so I was thinking about what we know so far, and t…[View]
127648674Chemistry teacher, 35, arrested for having sex with a 17-year-old student: >The student in questi…[View]
127661207Why is this so hard for /pol/ to understand?[View]
127673497Tiger Woods: What leads such a rich and successful man to throw it all away?[View]
127673418potent redpills: ITT post small but potent redpills Bonus if under 140 >pic related…[View]
127675611Hey /pol/, one of the three surviving communist soldiers who fought against Franco during the Civil …[View]
127676556Villainos is a good show[View]
127665074Stop giving evil characters brown skin!: They should be blue or grey. kikebook . com/TheMovementByMi…[View]
127676475ITT we party like it's November 9 2016[View]
127665683Bill Clinton looks like a retard and his wife looks like an insane movie villian: Behold your next p…[View]
127671685wannaCry virus originated in China after-all: http://bgr.com/2017/05/29/wannacry-ransomware-china-ha…[View]
127676428YA THINK YA[View]
127672900TIME FOR A /POL/L: Which is better, /pol/ -- a white meth dealer on welfare, or a black lawyer?…[View]
127676293Do you talk about politics in real life or when working on other hobbies?: Post examples of what you…[View]
127641052are we being cucked by 6'5'+ guys: you ever get the impression that western women fetishize guy…[View]
127676252Imagine if...: Liberal Democrats win every congressional race in America. All conservative Supreme C…[View]
127652497One week later. Totally forgotten.[View]
127675388So how much worse will the next housing crash be compared to 08? Keep in mind we narrowly avoided en…[View]
127673945Britbongs, fucking please help me understand. How was this man elected? What do Londonistanians thin…[View]
127666002Hold me /pol/: I guess I'll greentext it. >Be me, spending a lot of time lately with an abso…[View]
127676094Duterte Interview: The president of the philippines interview on international relations and talks a…[View]
127676066I honestly am so furious I missed NippleLeGate I spent so long trying to get people against him and …[View]
127675361>tfw stuck in the Hillary timeline C-Can i come stay with you guys?[View]
127670412Why aren't women funny?[View]
127676033Biggest riot in Canadian history: Burgers BTFO![View]
127673902Pakistan: So some people are getting messages in Pakistan from the PTA. Should we start sending them…[View]
127674222Greenland Ethnostate: Why don't we all just move to Greenland? Qt women, population and governm…[View]
127675769They took his style[View]
127666513Why the explosion in trannys recently? When I go on dating sites like POF now, at least like 30% of …[View]
127673416/pol/ is asmongold red pilled?[View]
127672981John McCain says Putin Bigger danger than ISIS: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA https://uk.news.yahoo.com/u-sen-mcca…[View]
127673122Free speech rally cancelled: Pools closed http://archive.is/2Ybzu[View]
127624931FBI admit they knee Hitler was alive in 1984 >http://yournewswire.com/fbi-adolf-hitler-alive-1984…[View]
127673685why do white people celebrate the degeneracy of their own race?[View]
127671174How many of you guys are getting this?[View]
127675331What will happen to Europe when besides having the typical Islamic terror attack nationalist terror …[View]
127674830Our hero?!: Start the crusade, deus vult![View]
127675212Donald Trump gives the Italian P.M the Middle Finger.: Like a fucking Boss[View]
127673058Women shouldnt be allowed to vote or work: >women being allowed opinions >women shaping a nati…[View]
127664143political compass thread: Post your best political compasses in here and rate each other's, her…[View]
127667095Is methadone a Jew Racket?: With the epidemic going on with Painkiller abuse in America, anon would …[View]
127674798Is anybody else huped for the New Earth? Rev 21[View]
127666086Is Crossfit another psyops against whites?: Take the prime breeding stock white women and convince t…[View]
127674964https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnaZFZAhs0g I know real racism is kinda of for edgelords but I reall…[View]
127672168Is not being racist, racist?: the idea behind identifying a racist thing is knowing that said argume…[View]
127673157I claim this board for the nation of Kekistan[View]
127674867Fucking. Liberals. ACTUALLY THINK that if a monkey does something one way ITS THE RIGHT WAY Just lik…[View]
127674851Ramadan is a month of peac-[View]
127623757I reported a professor I suffered this last semester, but I know 100% he will never suffer any conse…[View]
127674826MADMAN PRIME MINISTER: >SCHEERUMF WON Uhm I don't think so sweetie. He may have been edged o…[View]
127669845Ready for the times to get better[View]
127666957cuck: Okay everybody, hit me with the most cucked sentence you can possibly think of, ill start >…[View]
127662482What's considered fake news?[View]
127671332Please tell me their will be civil war: or at least balkanization.[View]
127672760What's her endgame? Is she just another professional shitposter?[View]
127655141Will Varg ever recover from this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wALp1iduX0I Be honest: He got dest…[View]
127674334I just can't find any way to see them in a positive light when they might as well be rich white…[View]
127673648There is literally nothing wrong with drunk driving. If you think there is, you are either a pussy t…[View]
127668670How do you rate women, /pol/? I used to use the basic 0-10 system, but then a coworker showed me the…[View]
127664697Notice anything?[View]
127667753Google does this for Memorial Day[View]
127671212Are we unstoppable?: I think we are only 10% awake. I think 90 percent of what pol will become is ye…[View]
127640092Do women talk politics when men aren't around?[View]
127673891What do you think of Neon-Nazi aesthetics? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0olc3qJjLM[View]
127664967German bros leave pigs on stakes on mosques: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH …[View]
127657015Kabuteros discussion: >>127638783 >If evolution is real, why hasn't this animal evolve…[View]
127666673How does one monetize the altright?[View]
127673084What do you think of the phantom thieves? Are they serving justice or just vigilantes who need to be…[View]
127668530A few refugees commit crimes >WTF LOCK THEM UP. DEPORT THEM ALL!!! Slavery and institutionalized …[View]
127673684/pol/ will win.[View]
127673076Yes pls https://breetbort.com/2017/05/28/donald-trump-considers-replacing-press-secretary-sean-spice…[View]
127672307But why Swedes?: How does it feel to wake up every morning and realize that women rule your life in …[View]
127658839MCDONALDS HAS GUACAMOLE AND PICO BURGER: Mcdonalds now has a guacamole and pico burger? What has thi…[View]
127670427Anti-Antifa Rally In Portland: June 4th. Chapman Square, downtown Portland, Oregon. Antifa is holdin…[View]
127671164>so guys... >amy shumer here!!! >*audience starts screaming and shouting at decible levels …[View]
127673537Dahnald, hand over the delegates[View]
127670320Sick of being called a nazi? So are the Muslims of being held responsible for ISIS[View]
127649806Americans are now internationally mocked and disregarded as equals, all because you guys decided tha…[View]
127667669Fuck Donald Trump.: Hugging the son of a man he got killed. #resist #blacklivesmatter #fuckTrump…[View]
127672553>tfw I want to join military but they won't accept me because asthmatic and allergic…[View]
127669367Sargon the Frogboy exposed by Cult of Dusty: Turns out that he's a 9/11 truther who allegedly u…[View]
1276733902D SPACE CHESS - ATTACK ON THE WHITE RACE HEART ATTACK GUN: =4D Space Chess General - Heart Attack W…[View]
127669692Why do niggers hate science?[View]
127669965>socialism is bad Okay, why?[View]
127670765/pol/: Should we just start a genocide against muslims and jews what use have they had on this earth…[View]
127672335How do you think the US civil war would of played out if it happen in 1960's and not 1860'…[View]
127671356Why did Kim Dotcom forge an email, goyim?: > no time zone > wrong email address: michael_ellis…[View]
127627658Update/Continuation Thread, Part 3. The kids have been doing alright today. Ka need to get back on …[View]
127644857Spic calls for murder of GOP lawmaker after he calls ICE on illegals that occupied govt building: …[View]
127633847Ship carrying 1,500 migrants pulls into a Mediterranean port!! YES!: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news…[View]
127668160Working vs NEET: Working >Money, but still low wages >No time to enjoy it >Exhausted at the…[View]
127655928Defend this[View]
127667604/bc general/: JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP edition http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/bc-ndp-gre…[View]
127672907The mayor of Portland wants to stop a free speech rally >the mayor of Portland wants to stop a f…[View]
127670791Stop eating food.[View]
127670535I miss googles and skypes can /pol resurrect that?[View]
127666020MKULTRA part 4 i dont like where this leads edition: Continued from >>127660000[View]
127672523Consider this: Antifa is a manufactured movement intended to distract you from real shit.[View]
127662214Natives in Canada: >http://www.macleans.ca/news/canada/out-of-sight-out-of-mind-2/ Why are leafs …[View]
127670599Democraps think you're a loony if you don't believe in Keynesianism. So why don't the…[View]
127669444Right wing death squads are more of a necessity than a joke: antifa vandalize and burn graves at cem…[View]
127641496I converted to Islam 3 weeks ago because i liked how redpilled the religion was and i also liked lis…[View]
127672740You know there's a problem when the same pun is repeated[View]
127659448is Trump making a good move by constructing more of the fence that was built after the secure fence …[View]
127671556/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General ϟϟ HAIL VICTORY! ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the Jewish Que…[View]
127671226How can any self-respecting swede not be doing breiviks to their politicians? Swede bros, come in he…[View]
127672507Was he the Trump of China?[View]
127664156>mfw /pol/ tells me Arabs aren't white[View]
127672312What's her endgame /pol/? https://twatter.com/bessbell/status/868989442119262208 Is she a shill…[View]
127670839On this day: >On this day May 29th 1453, Constantinople and the Byzantine empire fell to the Otto…[View]
127670751What does /pol/ think of Trump's inner circle[View]
127666085Portland Stabbing: The 'white supremacist Trump supporter' who stabbed those 2 ppl in Portland was a…[View]
127671278/pol/: We need to kill all Muslims and Jews we would have so much more peace without them we need to…[View]
127634053/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General: ϟϟ HAIL VICTORY! ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the Jewish Ques…[View]
127671828Why were women given rights?[View]
127640064What's a book you'd recommend to help a fellow /pol/ member to be more educated and aware?…[View]
127631818Please forgive me: I'm a newfag (been lurking for 1 year) and I recently fell in love with Murd…[View]
127671898Let's have a election/primary nostalgia thread, post your favorite memes https://www.youtube.co…[View]
127660624Is this a 'fact' in your country? In mine it is becoming 'opinion'.[View]
127671752I present to you:: The libertarian party https://twitter.com/LPNational/status/868916615395635201…[View]
127668883Ok /pol/ How many of you run into sjws during the day? How many of you have to deal with these nigg…[View]
127668384Sweden: What's the story behind pic related?[View]
127671543Brit/pol/ - Mummy May edition: >THREAD THEME https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MH6TJU0qWoY >MI5 …[View]
127665765Wtf I wanna be Amish now.[View]
127670207Did he actually do anything wrong?[View]
127671347Why would Trump do this? https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/report-trump-to-reverse-obama%e2%80…[View]
127671313Recommend me some RAC: already love people haters and booze & glory[View]
127670354Kid abusing his cat on youtube: Reporting this to the ASPCA. He's got 2 videos of cat abuse on …[View]
127666950/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - EMERGENCY BAKE edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whiteho…[View]
127670577The guy who painted the mural under the Eiffel tower also painted pic related.[View]
127669819is the website jewornotjew owned by the jews?[View]
127658454When and why will WW3 start?[View]
12765980415 reasons to open Borders: >Because our immigration system is universally regarded as “broken.” …[View]
127632192When will you backward mouthbreathers finally realize that you are on the wrong side of history? Glo…[View]
127664517How do Black women even compete?: What is it like for black women when they see a white goddess out …[View]
127670878Why should Poland stand alone to face the muzzie hordes? Why should Poland allow its crime rate to r…[View]
127656123The madman is going to jail: Didn't see a thread about. Alextime has left the hospital and is …[View]
127645581The History of the Jews: /pol/ I need help. I fucking hate my history professor and we are doing vid…[View]
127669706Recently joined a Minecraft server for /pol and are looking for more people[View]
127667880Does anybody on the board seriously believe that interest is bad?: Do you realize how important it i…[View]
127670679Memorial day: to day we honor the fallen service men and women that have paid the ultimate sacrifice…[View]
127666453>slaves for 300 years >'free' for 150 years >neo-slavery abolished less than 1 generation a…[View]
127670183Did the cops who shoot dogs realize that it would actually come back to bite them?: I would have mor…[View]
127667263Fuck Memorial Day.: Engage with me in a thought experiment if you will: Has there ever been another …[View]
127670541Le Pen[View]
127670473Jared Taylor: red pill master![View]
127666526Why are Muslims absolutely terrified of dogs?[View]
127647317Why didn't she win? Clearly was more qualified.[View]
127665038Black man goes on murder spree in Mississippi, kills 8 including a cop. Virtually zero media coverag…[View]
127667234Is Israel really as bad as it's made out to be?: They aren't the source of the internation…[View]
127657417Brit/pol/ - Real Brexit hours edition: >MI5 probes bomber 'warnings' to see if they mes…[View]
127667360Texas to outlaw Sanctuary Cities: Your guys hear about this? Will Texas successfully ban Sanctuary c…[View]
127668084Technology and greater communication access possible reasons for rise of isis?: Il put this up for d…[View]
127665156What was meant by this?[View]
127670133uh oh. when did it hit you that nigs are evolving? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F89eycANUrQ[View]
127664856Why are frogs getting larger?[View]
127659554notice anything, pol?: terror attacks since 2001[View]
127660755Fat Whale Cunts Wanted: These two whale cunts are still on the run from DC police for setting a girl…[View]
127664891Daily reminder to beat your wife: Hey /pol/, please beat your women. Tired of dealing with degenerat…[View]
127666795More money should be spent on space exploration. When civilization does not have a common goal we be…[View]
127665461What is the best form of government and why is it the Chinese imperial examinations?[View]
127669701“One may regret living in a period when it is impossible to form an idea of the shape the world of t…[View]
127669141Finders Cult. The heart of Pizzagate: The Cypher you are working on, lead to the Finders Cult. https…[View]
127667883How to be a redpilled wife: /pol, I'm engaged to an alpha. I'm well rounded with a great j…[View]
127669515The dick antifa professor was arrested! hahahha[View]
127650093european cuckoldry is over 9000: >be danish >date muslima >get 'honor raped' by her father…[View]
127669015Woman sliced to death by a tree. Surely someone has a picture or a dash cam video. Where is it? http…[View]
127667116>it's okay to beat up a person if it's nazi fucking modern cartoons…[View]
127664882What do you think would of happen if the US civil war and WW2 happen at the same time?[View]
127662456At first I was a liberal. I had a utopian vision of what the future could be. All people were equal…[View]
127667674no-go zones and dogmeat deterrent: I don't understand why muslims hate dogs so much. And if the…[View]
127627748Could you deal with the fact that your offspring was gay?: I think I wouldn't mind if I had a d…[View]
127665475Victory of the Light Names the Jew: Guess what you guys?!?!? White people are off the hook for the s…[View]
127666381Texas Rep calls ICE on Illegal Progestors: TLDR - Fistfight breaks out along racial lines in Texas s…[View]
127658646Global warming is real, but it's massively exaggerated and almost non existent. Don't beli…[View]
127661054Why is the beauty standard in Japan cute, while the Western beauty standard is sexy? This is politic…[View]
127664241anti-Islam redpills?: Got anymore of them Muslim statistics? Besides PEW?[View]
127661817Why does /pol/ call us (Women) roasties?[View]
127666314Recession/Market Crash in exactly 3 years? The ((globalists)) can't put Trump away if the econo…[View]
127666547>tfw muslim men already started pounding white boipussies >tfw european men are finally gettin…[View]
127663370explain this right now[View]
127658973Anti Shill General: As you can see, over the last 48 hours or so, the shills on /pol/ have abandoned…[View]
127666849Make burgers not war: War is the ultimate cuckoldy, your dying for another mans children.[View]
127666205/kidschan/?: Should 4chan start a board for kids, where we can gently and understandably convey red …[View]
127667527ultimate pilltron: Dear pol, you have all been wrong. The jews didn't do 9/11, nor bush, nor th…[View]
127668309REDPILL: Why racism against whites isn't taken seriously: I finally figured this out. It's…[View]
127653332/pol/ irl: What would a /pol/ society look like? >globalism / open borders >people of all back…[View]
127666162Legitimate Question here: How do half abo's exist? I can't see anyone having sex with them…[View]
127667639Does Anyone else Hate Social Medium: As much as I do. Answer: No. Share some stories. I'll go f…[View]
1276514891ST WAVE FEMINISM HAPPENING HAPPENING HAPPENING: Old /pol/: all feminism is bad Nu Pol: only third w…[View]
127662524'this just doesn't happen in other countries': what do you think /pol/?[View]
127668035((( New strategy)))??: I'm not posting a link but fucking Rebel media has a video called 'Ezra …[View]
127658877Thailand Is The Ultimate Sissy Country: So the 'king' of Thailand was caught in Germany wearing a cr…[View]
127667683Shoud manlets and or, inferior races be gased? https://youtu.be/4ctOfRy3qyE[View]
127667682So if all humans came from Africa does that mean white poeple were kangz n shiet too?[View]
127667675Would tucker carlson tonight be better if...: His liberal guests were forced to enter a 'Running Man…[View]
127667660Why does this kike think she can tell me what I can and cannot say?: I wish Hitler had finished off …[View]
127667600#weaponizedpigshit: So muslims believe pig shit is filthy, so touching it essentially sends you to h…[View]
127667593Why do we always say jewish tricks when muslims were always the biggest tricksters of all time? Even…[View]
127656648You mother fuckers: I took one of those stupid DNA tests. Yes I'm 'EUROPEAN' but I just proved …[View]
127664548I don't give a shit if these morons want to have their segregated WONDER WOMAN screening. If a…[View]
127667264Either we're all cowards, or Libs are the majority: Why does the left have such a power grip on…[View]
127661004Which one of you did this?: Residents in a Virginia neighborhood have been left outraged by a white …[View]
127663884I love you /pol/[View]
127666635Why do women choose Wine and Cats over Marriage and Children. The joys of Motherhood/Family are THE …[View]
127666787Generation Zyklon: Highschool students in California brought NSDAP flags to their school to protest …[View]
127663089Single straight men choosing surrogacy: Anybody out there knows a single guy whose gone this route? …[View]
127664702What is the comfiest area in America? Appalachian master race reporting in[View]
127664338Obama billionaire after presidency: how the fuck does this happen? This motherfucker is jet-setting …[View]
127661243http://www.kentucky.com/news/local/counties/fayette-county/article153236479.html /pol/ will say this…[View]
127666092Daily Dose of Red Pill: <iframe width='560' height='315' src='https://www.youtube.com/embed/m6cNh…[View]
127666798Say it with me. PRESIDENT ZUCC[View]
127660038/pol/ why are women in Special Forces?: At 2:25 in this video you see a woman thats fighting with a …[View]
127662366Is this what white Americans will look in 50 years?[View]
127663020Milk is the new, creamy symbol of white racial purity in Donald Trump's America At the Museum o…[View]
127663914democraticunderground.com: WTF. The libtards are trying to organize. https://www.democraticundergrou…[View]
127653782ITT: Overconfident Hillary supporters[View]
127666645H.A. Goodman takes the black pill.: Talks with George Webb and has an awakening to all of the killin…[View]
127665917Are businesses pushing this automation meme because they're spread out too much?: Have they spr…[View]
127664853So I just learned that Melania's father looks almost exactly like Trump and almost the same age…[View]
127665368hmm: How come it, that people interested in history are mostly conservative? Weren't we told to…[View]
127663408Morbidly Obese Southern Man Shares The Truth of Why 'Obese Acceptance' is Ultimately Harmful: https:…[View]
127659211Madam President is back!: Marching in Memorial Day parade.[View]
127661342We should probably restore The Byzantine Empire /pol/ and expell or kill all the Muslims from the ne…[View]
127665212I thought this 'KANGZ' thing was just a meme but these niggers really believe it[View]
127645180Why do yall care about it so much..? Just let us go to the bathroom[View]
127658888/ptg/ President Trump General - HANNITY Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov…[View]
127666008A few months ago I started an 'ask an SJW' thread. (Yes, the 'an' is grammatically correct…[View]
127663282>Joos I'm trying to decide if these things are human or not. This is not normal behavior. He…[View]
127657238MKULTRA part 3, What the fuck is going on edition: Continued from >>127653847[View]
127665784Fictional Political Philosophy: Pick any fictional political philosophy you would like to see implem…[View]
127642953Redpill Books thread. Post what are you currently reading and why should we read it too! Im reading …[View]
127648129How does one unite all humans, realistically?[View]
127662947If we end entitlement programs, how will conservatives survive?[View]
127663619Why do Sikhs assimilate to western culture better than other minorities? Should we be more open to i…[View]
127663184U.S. Court finds Obama Guilty!: http://washingtonfeed.com/u-s-court-comes-forward-obama-found-guilty…[View]
127665455meme magick has spread to /biz/[View]
127659843/ourguy/?: Is he, dare I say it, /ourguy/? From his facebook page: >Celebrating my birthday in Ma…[View]
127665193Did 9/11 really happen?[View]
127660896KEK Flag Spotted @ SUMMER CAMP MUSIC FESTIVAL: To whichever one of you /pol/ people brought the KEK …[View]
127649807Islam gets everything right: No sexual degeneracy. No female hypergamy. No divorce rape. No Jews. No…[View]
127622730HAPPENING: Incontrovertible proof that OANN was forced to censor Seth Rich story: >Last week, OAN…[View]
127663463When did you convert to islam?[View]
127656197Do you have any left/liberal political beliefs?: I think: > Drugs, abortion, and prostitution sho…[View]
127664959feminism: when did you realize that women had to integrate into the patriarchy like another race wou…[View]
127664938Did you know that 48% of niggers and 49% of spics believe millions of illegal votes were cast?[View]
127661094Trump to europe:: You are no longer going to be the cute anorexic girl (militarily) protected by the…[View]
127664773Black man receives white penis transplant: >muh dick https://www.google.com/amp/www.nydailynews.c…[View]
127664782#totallymypresident: B A S E D P R E S I D E N T[View]
127663938whats your final solution?: I say we remove jews and throw them all into isreal. Then we cut off all…[View]
127663445RIP IRELAND: self explanatory.[View]
127661237How do you red pill someone this retarded. How do you educate a generation of people like this holy …[View]
127662419This fucking white male, he looks like he shot Trayvon Martin here[View]
127663796AncestryDNA Results[View]
127646303How are repukelicans so successful at convincing millions of Amerifats to vote against their economi…[View]
127653712The Confederates Were Evil, The Union was Right to Ban the Rebel Flag: I don't get /pol/s fixat…[View]
127659892FLORIDA YES!!: >11 Years Old, a Mom, and Pushed to Marry Her Rapist in Florida >When she was a…[View]
127663585THE MEME THAT SAVED THE WORLD: How does this make you feel /pol/? Who would Donald J Trump be withou…[View]
1276572194chan and /pol/ has seen a jump in user base as people flood in here thanks to the 2016 presidential…[View]
127654865mfw realize Canada will go the way of Rhodesia: How is Canada, Australia, or the US any different on…[View]
127605329Why can't millenials save?: >eat 30 dollar brunch >have $900 phone and $100/month service…[View]
127659291AMERICA ! IT WAS YOUR FAULT ! Regards, Englishman[View]
127662477This dumb bitch literally thinks she can file a FOIA because Trump blocked her on twitter. God damn …[View]
127658649Redpill Thread: Redpill me on illegals /pol/, convince me that we really do need the wall, and cite …[View]
127652394How does /pol/ feel about Open Relationships?: http://archive.is/sTwdF[View]
127663574Can we admit that he may have gone too far in a few places?[View]
127634485>utterly BTFOs Trump and Putin within 1 week >makes all americans and russians on this board m…[View]
127660006Race vs. Nipples/Ears/Nose/Eyes etc: What about eugenics? http://www.seventeen.com/health/a40854/th…[View]
127655880Ha: >be me >indian >inb4 poo jokes >hahahahaha those are soo funny >anyway, have my e…[View]
127663912What the fuck was this man thinking driving around at night with alcohol in his system in fucking FL…[View]
127663654Will humans be killed off during the AI revolution? Personally I think it's inevitable.[View]
127623220My white 8 year old little brother is starting to Ebonics: He says 'bruh' whenever he is annoyed or …[View]
127658546June 4th Portland Rally: Can someone give me the rundown on what is going on in Portland? Is it gonn…[View]
127661290Hello! Are you here for the job interview?[View]
127646282If Trump is such a great leader then how come our country is tearing itself apart under his watch?[View]
127663465Was Karl Marx paid to write The Communist Manifesto: I have heard numerous times that Karl Marx was …[View]
127659143Why choose Clinton?: Why did democrat party choose Clinton over Bernie or any one else for that matt…[View]
127663669Once Comrade Corbyn annihilates Palpatine, will Feminism finally be dead?[View]
127653399The real way to fix America is to require every elected official at every level of government to be …[View]
127659445Jew's Ultimate Plan?: So, lets say we lost. And the Jews have successfully achieved their 'ulti…[View]
127663557Will the Summer of Rage happen, /pol/?: The left says they're prepping an unprecedented number …[View]
127651626Germans will defend this: Why are the Germans the ones who always ruin Europe? EVERY FUCKING TIME…[View]
127662678Are Arabs White /pol/?: Arabs used to be considered white, but now they are minorities. What did (((…[View]
127642536My culture... My tradition... My people and soil... It's all going down the drain and I don…[View]
127662364You fucked up Brazil. PT was falling on it's own and they were already on the way out. You just…[View]
127662614OPERATION BURN EVERGREEN: A few days ago a bunch of black students at Evergreen College wanted to fo…[View]
127661358Any good YouTube channels on leaf politics?[View]
127659332There are 2 types of conservatives Preppy wealthy ones that wear vineyard vines, educated at a top s…[View]
127661045Meme thid: Came across this photo of Killary wearing some sick Ozzie Osborne shades. 4chan, do your …[View]
127660929BASED MORRISSEY HATES ISLAM: Based Morrissey writes on Facebook: >Celebrating my birthday in Manc…[View]
127661625>This is the state of college in the US https://youtu.be/bO1agIlLlhg Where did it all go wrong, /…[View]
127663037Sorry for ruining europe again, but even germans are just humans. Minor mistakes and unthinkingly de…[View]
127661573We must fight white supremacy. But we can't do anything different about Muslims blowing us up. …[View]
127660643I bet the Jews did this! http://www.cnn.com/2017/05/29/politics/ivanka-trump-champagne-popsicle-twit…[View]
127661351WE WUZ COMMUNISTS: >and sheeit[View]
127659620What does /pol/ think about Steven Anderson? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7-pEPI812c[View]
127654443What the fuck happened to my country[View]
127662891Hard Work Out: You Guys Work Out?[View]
127611021Germany. it's happening: Dear /POL/ We corrently have an influs of literally Stasi personell in…[View]
127660495Help me out a poor anon with poor Google fu: post the PDFs[View]
127659805What ever happened to her?[View]
127662715Matt Rinaldi support thread: https://twitter.com/MattRinaldiTX/status/869269896365998080 https://www…[View]
127659268Going full hitler is the only way to go: Fuck cocks and leftits and nuggets, unless you're a sh…[View]
127660672>Democrats will defend this[View]
127645238How come the 'good' blacks like Tiger and Cosby eventually fall is it just in their DNA?[View]
127618935Rich People Should Pay 100% Income Tax: The rich should pay 100% of what they earn to the government…[View]
127660343Accelerating growth of robotics: It really cant be that hard to convince large parts of the fight fo…[View]
1276626154D Space Chess General #1 - Heart Attack Weapon: ===4D Space Chess General - Heart Attack Weapon=== …[View]
127658961Revelation 21 1 And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth wer…[View]
127652812Was this fag a /pol/ user? Anyone here know him?[View]
127662450Why does a group of white patriots trigger europeans so much? why havent you started following the N…[View]
127661704Theres a air bombing alarm going off in my City. It's pretty loud. WTF is happening? Is Isis at…[View]
127661340I have an idea that we all nationalists once unite, then quarantine all leftists, globalists, rapefu…[View]
127662332Thank You /pol/: Thank you for opening my eyes and giving me the red pill. Everyday is hard, but i p…[View]
127652985Half-white half-Turk here, ready for any of /pol/'s questions. Lets keep it semi-serious please…[View]
127660001Is Justin Trudeau's roastie /pol/ approved?[View]
127662124>People unironically think NK is a threat to Trump https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnOhtzXIPow…[View]
127640536Syria General /sg/: Mother Russia Appreciation Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagen…[View]
127646432trumpcuck hate/cringe thread[View]
127658861/ptg/ President Trump General: Diamond Dons: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov htt…[View]
127661676Arab growth rate in Israel decreasing: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4969166,00.html 'de…[View]
127662054JP > SM (should b in jail): He acts as a cult leader, works as a therapist with no training or li…[View]
127661821Internet Privacy Laws Under Trump: I'm really big into this since recently my parents traced my…[View]
127660462Is /pol/ safe from NK's plans for nuclear attack on America?[View]
127659425Would you be willing to move to a poorer country than the one you live in now if it was a whiter, mo…[View]
127643009KEK KEK IGNORED BY WORLD LEADERS https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=642_1495943653[View]
127660100anyone else sick of trump fanboys and other such cancer shitting up the board?[View]
127660245Meanwhile, in Olympia WA...: A coffee shop bathroom frequented by Evergreen students, complimentary …[View]
127657750Canada bans drones, almost!: Literally cucked but nothing new, right?[View]
127648503Pol, what's our stance on alt-left? Are they redpilled? Can they be our allies? Are they virtua…[View]
127653450http://www.strawpoll.me/13070833: http://www.strawpoll.me/13070833 Question to Americans Would you k…[View]
127654481Let's be kind in America again: I had planned on enjoying lunch at Olive Gardent this afternoon…[View]
127640051Revalations 3:9 >Behold, I will make those of the synagogue of Satan who say that they are Jews a…[View]
127652638What does /pol/ think of Hare Krishna?: How cucked are these guys? Can we uncuck them? https://www.y…[View]
127661156T Rex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yx5IElIaPyY[View]
127660998I am a Peterson fan: And a proud fan at that. His lectures are bloody brilliant. Speakers like Peter…[View]
127631409How did red hair become so disliked? According to an old thread: 'Red hair was quite revered among t…[View]
127660909Attention all Eurocucks: Dr Pepper is based on science: I've been seeing a lot of posts by Euro…[View]
127653687What will it take to finally push people over the edge? What could ISIS do that would rattle so much…[View]
127657865>you can't have legal sex at 15 - 16 cause PEDOFALIAAA!!!111 No wonder whites are going to b…[View]
127658670Memorial Day: It is so sad that too many lost their lives defending a territory. Many were unwilling…[View]
127660699Let's show our based poos some love: Poo hate, post accordingly.[View]
127645772A Question From A Trans-Trender: Hi /pol/aks, I'm transgender and I know my folks are not accep…[View]
127660627Is The Who /ourguys/?: Is Behind Blue Eyes about whites taking back america from the niggers and the…[View]
127650800Do you ever wish you were born a few decades earlier?[View]
127650141daily reminder that poland is the biggest shithole in europe and poles are retards[View]
127657230Nigger Hate Thread: Post your best[View]
127640568/CPD/ CHICAGO SCANNER - Nigs At Night Soon Edition: >BUT WHO THE FUCK IS ROBERT??? ROBERT is the …[View]
127660151Why does /pol/ respond to leftist troll posts?: When you see a post saying something like 'gender is…[View]
127649877America needs more Scottish and Irish Immigrants: The Scots, Irish and Scots-Irish besides the Anglo…[View]
127654013>Hispanic Why does this 'Race Realist' keep acting like 'hispanic' is a race Why should hispanics…[View]
127659339White Christ or Skewered Kike?: /pol/ usually comes to the consensus that Christ is the only path fo…[View]
127655610Why dont you create a christian state like ISIS?: I mean violance has proven that it gets shit done …[View]
127659472WHITES ARE CAVE BEASTS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmybpFQM33A She has many videos on the subje…[View]
127656541Since his global caliphate is getting anal raped right now, what is his next masterplan when its ove…[View]
127633495It's Over.: Well after Mays shit performance its fair to say that were fucked, we would still b…[View]
127658187I'd like all your strawman ball memes please.[View]
127651192This is probably the best country the white man has ever constructed.[View]
127638625RIP Canada: So Canadian conservatives wanna choose a creepy looking Harper 2.0 instead of the only n…[View]
127599211Debbie Wasserman Schultz had Federal Prosecutor Offed: https://twitter.com/FiveRights/status/8692118…[View]
127650496Kat timpf: What do you guys think of Kat timpf? She's hotter than Lauren and looks like she…[View]
127659185Uh oh.[View]
127659872Kaballah: Can someone red pill me on kabbalah?[View]
127659007There is One Race: The human race.[View]
127659840Why is there no Propaganda here???: This is POL! So much for POL and loving National Socialism. You…[View]
127653403Help Im having a panic attack: You guys are rigth about everything. At first i thought you were all …[View]
127659597Does Denmark have free press?[View]
127655132So Britain who do you want as your oberlords, Japan, Canada or Israel ? It seems like its either the…[View]
127658483Stop posting lewds, i have blue balls, its ramadan and im not allowed to fap reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee[View]
127658562I wish this man would release millions of arab terrorists into Europe. It may finally trigger anothe…[View]
127605074NIGGERS OF DOGS: >Pitbulls arent violen- https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2017/05/2…[View]
127657599At 9:45PM EST The United States of America will launch tomahawk missiles at North Korean nuclear sil…[View]
127655124I posted this some place else: They got offended about talking about about him are you guys offended…[View]
127655162Da Joos: Just a daily reminder, /pol/, that if you can't even ban infant genital mutilation in …[View]
127659008Media at it again: Its hilarious when it happens to Trump, but normal when it happens to Cuckdeau…[View]
127656675Just when I thought /r/the_Donald couldn't suck his dick any harder.[View]
127659261Should we purge every single last religious person from the earth?[View]
127637733Is it wrong I fantasize about being a ghetto nigger sometimes? They are dumb and violent but blissfu…[View]
127654450Racist Gandhi statue banished from Ghana university campus: Pajeet eternally BTFO, how will they eve…[View]
127658331Spikes and kikes: Much like the saying goes, 'our blacks are better than their blacks.' Right wing a…[View]
127657646>Islam doesn't allow the killing of innocents, the sword verses are just for self-defense!…[View]
127644590Why shouldn't we have a $15 minimum wage?[View]
127649311Why are niggers so self absorbed?: Why do they think that whites always think about them? Why do the…[View]
127655229daily reminder that his death will not change anything[View]
127658641No subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mc_tTn9osrg[View]
127655020Operation 100%Sweetie: What would you do if Twitter publically published Trump's banlist?…[View]
127643902'Mouse Utopia' showed the future of our civilization: (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_B._Calhoun…[View]
127656548Bobby Fischer /ourguy/?: Bobby Fischer was the most redpilled Jew ever. Watch this interview with Bo…[View]
127658473Since when did civic nationalism become the 'new black'?[View]
127650230YA THINK YA[View]
127631594https://twitter.com/williamlegate What happened to Will? What have you done?[View]
127644318My God... it's been 8 years since this felt like America again... the feels... https://www.yout…[View]
127641236Why haven't you taken the steroids pill yet /pol/?[View]
127655287Why wont they let justin join the conversation?[View]
127657846Google Deepmind: >Humanity's greatest gamer lost to a self learning AI 3 times in a row Have…[View]
127657138Any other unironic Christians here feeling slightly convicted?: Does anyone at your church know you …[View]
127657294How come you never see insecure Asians (at least in Uni). Even the fat ones seem perfectly content w…[View]
127658117Am I white?[View]
127654825/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - 'We Love Our Child Soldiers, Don't We Folks' EDITION: PRESIDENT…[View]
127602466The 50th anniversary of Israel's attack on the USS Liberty is approaching. What are you doing t…[View]
127656128Salafism is the enemy, not islam[View]
127652832Isn't all marketing and advertising about 'profiling'? Is it really racist to identify a market…[View]
127646826What is /pol/'s opinion on Theodore 'Unabomber' Kaczynski?[View]
127657780https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr5qzV-8Zkc AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
127636908Hello /pol/. How is your Ramadan going?[View]
127657638BC Greens support BC NDPs, thereby having more combined seats than the Liberals: What will Hulk Horg…[View]
127655825Post your hate facts: 4% of the population commits 50% of the crime.[View]
127653299Stop voting for people that makes us all poorfags.[View]
127654735Why do blacks need comics to teach them how to be respectable?[View]
127649102J U S T[View]
127655640Political redflags for guys: >he is a nationalist >he unironically listens to Jordan Peterson …[View]
127657495A Liberal thanks pol: hey pol. Thanks for giving me what I really l0ve. Because I post on 4chan all …[View]
127656076>I'm Protestant.[View]
127657171Whysprtech taken out by cia: So whysprtech just got taken down by CIA. Apparently he was in Ireland …[View]
127656578Why do people think Islam is a religion of peace?: Every single terrorist over the past couple of ye…[View]
127647561Separation of Church and State: Texas passes bill to prevent non-christians from adopting kids https…[View]
127657236Fuck this kike loving commie sympathizing faggot[View]
127656040>western society is doomed because leftists are idiots and traitors When did you realize there is…[View]
127654284trump is a neocon and a globalist[View]
127657148So I've been looking at prominent alt righters like Lauren, Paul joseph, Varg, Mark dice and a …[View]
127636411>be libtard >still believe global 'warming' in 2017…[View]
127656826PLANT OF PEACE[View]
127650489Andrew Sheer: Whats the /pol/ scoop on Andrew Scheer?[View]
127640594*blocks your path*[View]
127648091/pol/ is a christian board: Dearest christian anons, why do you believe? I lost sight of the light y…[View]
127656858nu/pol/ in one video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYoHcExQjV4[View]
127631861Can this be countered?[View]
127656853White Sharia -- ?: What is White Sharia? The Alt Rights is having rigorous debate over whether we mu…[View]
127656813Just curious, which crusade was the best? A organized tier list would be nice.[View]
127656203Literally calling ICE on SB4, Anti-Sanctuary Bill, protesters who held signs claiming to be illegals…[View]
127652215Feudalism Thread. Thread for Fellow Feudalists: Capitalism, Socialism, Communism. All nutjob ideas. …[View]
127654218What is up with DARPA, I'm here regularly and barely see the name around. I just realized that …[View]
127647745Dooms day: Useless jobs. Fiat currency scheme. People still believe in religion. Young ones are too …[View]
127641291people who did nothing wrong[View]
127637655'Mkultra YouTube video' thread got deleted: Before it was deleted someone posted twitter account htt…[View]
127631329Here's a quick legal thought experiment for you: There's a trap that looks, acts and sound…[View]
127653650Antifa stabbed: Portland cuck micah fletcher who wears anarchist bandana's and pkays a drum tom…[View]
127645291>younger sister meets new guy after breaking up with libertarian bf >have a few lunch dates wi…[View]
127645567Macroni: All memes aside, he's a pretty handsome guy. Why did he decide to marry this fucking u…[View]
127655085Daily reminder that there will never be justice for the thousands of children abused/killed by the g…[View]
127641318/pol/ vs lugenpresse: /pol/ was able to take down the most annoying verified liberal on Twitter, but…[View]
127655392Normie: Normie invasion[View]
127653406Stop watching porn[View]
127655409Best city in America #Diversity: You guys wanna come visit Dearborn, Michigan? It's great here!…[View]
127652063Was Deus Ex a Prophetic Message?[View]
127655818DARPA: /pol/'s opinion on DARPA? Seems like this US Military branch is the embodiment (given an…[View]
127652243Conspiracy: Explain to me the government mind control theory with estrogen and chemicals in our food…[View]
127648279Brit/pol/ - Tactical Voting Edition: >MI5 probes bomber 'warnings' to see if they messe…[View]
127633956While you white welfare Queens are sitting here on /pol/ jerking off to anime, this immigrant worked…[View]
127624472>/pol/ Is it pronounced 'pole' or 'paul'[View]
127655636Anime Convention Interferes with Conservative voters: An anime convention prevented voters from voti…[View]
127653012GUISE: It's real https://twitter.com/2017_ptgcjg[View]
127647151White Women: What happened?[View]
127652011Today is JFKs 100th Birthday: F[View]
127653643who was your favourite and why? mine is pic related >be deppressed as fuck >feel worthless …[View]
127637511Sandnigger Hatred - Dogge Name: Do you hate all middle eastern looking people, even if they are not …[View]
127649755What does /pol/ think of my city?[View]
127654486Sexbots and artificial wombs will make biocunts obsolete: >'A sexbot. At last, something beautifu…[View]
127654547Been listening to the following songs on repeat: SS Florian Geyer Lied Sieg Heil Viktoria SS marsch…[View]
127654848Mark my words. This book will redpill a generation. It takes all the key arguments about white genoc…[View]
127654521GERMANY YES: GERMANY YESSSS >Merkel’s government 'hoping to bring in 12 MILLION migrants…[View]
127653865Poo in Loo. When will this shit stop? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXCOUQ7ZBko[View]
127643985In just one day, Macron has: - Condoned Putin's fake news operations with him standing two feet…[View]
127649653Eugenics and artificial evolution of IQ: Pretty amazing video by Stef. Could this solve most of our …[View]
127650603/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - SMOKEY EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
127645222hey folks my name is dan, nice to meet your acquantince my little girl comes on this web site often…[View]
127652717Name a single instance in which American soldiers fought for American freedumbs since the 1860s. pro…[View]
127650112Noam Chomsky Says Capitalism Has Failed: The smartest man in the world just came out against capital…[View]
127652022RED WHITE AND BLUE THREAD: only countries with RED WHITE AND BLUE can post ITT![View]
127654266Anyone else fed up with the appropriation of white culture and the bastardization of European histor…[View]
127651880So as i understand it, litteraly every country shown on this map, has such a history of war, regime …[View]
127641936https://vimeo.com/207092034 https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/meet-the-tattoo-collective-who-priori…[View]
127654167Hello, lads. I need a source on murder statistics on the U.S. More specifically, stats classified by…[View]
127652287An answer to all normie concerns from the distant past: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfhgNZxEZBI …[View]
127654108can Kekistani money be a thing?: I just had this genius though k my dudes, we print kekistani money …[View]
127653069'Anon listen to me. Stop Masturbating. You're wasting your bloody potential! You should be out …[View]
127636391The Handmaids Tale TV show: >Set in a dystopian future, a woman is forced to live as a concubine …[View]
127654010What in the fuck is this?: Is this armchair sjw work or a parody? Please tell me. I heard about it o…[View]
127654005PUTIN LOOKING NERVOUS AS FUCK AFTER TALKS WITH MACRON!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghRhv6DBlmw …[View]
127641690Brigitte is cute! CUTE![View]
127650578> god controls the devil and is therefore an accomplice > god does not control the devil and t…[View]
127653819Putin BTFO: https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/05/29/world/europe/emmanuel-macron-putin-france-russia.h…[View]
127653779'Let us also pledge to tell the stories of Robert, Chris, Andrew, and all of America’s fallen warrio…[View]
127648116What's your argument against socialism?[View]
127653550Why are leftists so slow?[View]
127653538If you support Islam: Get off this board right now and kys.[View]
127609137PSST, /POL/, SETH RICH WAS NOT THE WIKILEAKS LEAKER: Seth Rich was very likely the victim of a polit…[View]
127653421Ramadan has begun; the 50th anniversary of the 6-Day War is next week. >Osama bin Laden’s son cal…[View]
127638783If evolution is real, why hasn't this animal evolved in 450 Million Years? Atheists need to sto…[View]
127653388Remember the good times... Remember being slumped against the wall because the girl you loved deeply…[View]
127653211Just gonna leave this here. http://www.redstate.com/terichristoph/2017/05/26/shocker-study-shows-phy…[View]
127645693George Rockwell: Will his vision for the United States ever be actualized?[View]
127615201Redpill me on Jordan Peterson. He seems like the new meme philosopher. His studies seem to focus on …[View]
127651206i'm going to the middle east in 2 days with my car, my tokarev and my dads old sniper rifle. i…[View]
127633993MEME WARS II: >ANTIFA STRIKES BACK Antifa fag here, I'm pulling a Benedict Arnold and lettin…[View]
127649536What did he mean by this?: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/868979531641741313 http://arch…[View]
127653041WMBF: Why is /pol/ being infested with shills for white male to breed with stinky negresses left and…[View]
127650319Wow.: Big if true. http://ktla.com/2017/05/26/fbi-director-comey-knew-info-in-clinton-email-case-was…[View]
127651490Reluctantly crouched in the prison line Niggas pumping and thumping in time The white boi flashes, t…[View]
127648835Life hate Thread: >be human >stop really living after 40 years when never really even started …[View]
127653108What's wrong with him singing the anthem? https://www.aol.com/article/news/2017/05/29/twitter-t…[View]
127616418How do I get a wife?: >fairly attractive >fit >realizes am getting older >realizes I n…[View]
127636617Why is immigration and diversity bad? Don't be vague[View]
127652855BASED MORRISSEY HATES ISLAM: Based Morrissey writes on Facebook: >Celebrating my birthday in Manc…[View]
127652573Reminder that this more resembles who you are replying to when you see an American flag.[View]
127651514What the fuck is wrong with Germans? Not even Hitler can save them at this point.[View]
127650048butt-blasted libs just can't into patriotism[View]
127652709https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykd-syzZ4ZY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlBA2zp992c https://www.…[View]
127652044You are a bunch of racists.[View]
127648267LOVE HIM: Love him now, /pol/[View]
127652642what did he mean by this?[View]
127645032Uh oh: Will chuck have his twitter revoked now?[View]
127646459Was he right?[View]
127648753Golfer Tiger Woods arrested on DUI charges in Jupiter: JUST >http://www.wptv.com/news/region-n-pa…[View]
127652589What is the future of S.A.? Is there hope for the whites there or should they just pack up and leave…[View]
127649973Writing a research paper on cultural marxism. Give me a few leads.[View]
127649271Making White Pride Acceptable to Normies: We should be conveying our white pride to normies with a s…[View]
127652340kek which of you glorious Hans did this?https://www.rt.com/news/390105-pig-head-mosque-germany/[View]
127647173Quit watching porn /pol/: Go out there and find deep meaningful relationships. https://www.youtube.c…[View]
127651970Its time to fight back thats what Seth said 2 shots in the dark now Seths dead[View]
127652048Is Trump evidence of the theory that there really are no spess aliums? There's no fucking way …[View]
127651834It's Memorial Day /pol/, Press F To Pay Respects to Sadiq Khan: F[View]
127646503Why is trump so insecure about his baby hands?[View]
127649774Operation Sand Mirror: > ISIS uses social media to spread propaganda > ISIS propaganda can…[View]
127652059What do y'all think about this Alt-Right stuff in Portland? (Yes, BuzzFeed memes)[View]
127650277Drumpftards: Lol look at the Cheeto in chief being a crying retarded manchild! Blampf will never rec…[View]
127650591Is it possible to have an overdose on the red pill? I have been going to this website ever since 201…[View]
127648925>This is Trump's 'Great wall' Pathetic[View]
127651685KEVIN HART vs WHITE PPL: kevin hart is in a super high roller texas hold em tourney with a bunch of …[View]
127651814Hey Pedes: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/05/gateway-pundits-lucian-wintrich-take-part-rthe_do…[View]
127649592/pol/ can't handle this brotha: Is Tariq Nasheed to smart for the autists of /pol/ ?[View]
127636332what the FUCK is he doing[View]
127651457They: What are we going to do about the plague of (((cultural Marxism)))?[View]
127650068But i thought he was only Half Black: But i thought he was only Half Black https://youtu.be/ovgrKJ1…[View]
127642038At 9:45PM EST The United States of America will launch tomahawk missiles at North Korean nuclear sil…[View]
127649501What is that one single issue you would eradicate if you could? It disappears instantly and doesn…[View]
127648165Can a senator be ejected from their office by case of senility?[View]
127642091Maybe she should move to the middle East then.[View]
127649020How to re-direct muslim terrorist attacks onto traitorous politicians, globalists and banksters, so …[View]
127651333What do you do?: Lose on all fronts, have opinions and views hated by all, and be looked down by pee…[View]
127651327Take: >be a member of the biggest benefactor of systematic discrimination on Earth right now >…[View]
127637650Realy makes you think: Give me one good reasoun for ''white ethnostate'' pic rel…[View]
127648656Say it with me Drumpfshits: NO. SACRED. COWS. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/oct/11/museum-n…[View]
127651236crusaded.com when[View]
127634233Why does /pol/ not seem to believe in tolerance as a virtue?[View]
127639313I've read this a few times and it's one of my favorite books, what does /pol/ think of it?…[View]
127650486>the muslims are killing themselves at a steady rate >they're also procreating at an expo…[View]
127649814What will his documentary on Trump be like?[View]
127650789PROTIP: You can't stop terrorism without violating the constitution.[View]
127629061A single missile could end Islam: If Mecca was Nuked (Either by Sub,Bomber,Missile or even inside a …[View]
127650143Is this why so many African flags are so rare?[View]
127647267/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - 'Running out of Editions' EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://…[View]
127646932It's Offical, Canada More Progressive And Tolerant Than U.S: I'm a sociology student. I di…[View]
127645849Benadict: Why did they make him step down, /pol/?[View]
127647881A Brittish Muslim preacher tells teenager that it is permissible to have sex slaves: What did he mea…[View]
127649966How do you cope with all the bullshit in society? It seems like everyone is humiliated twice, throug…[View]
127650374Anti-terrorism ad goes viral in Middle East: Anti-terrorism ad goes viral in Middle East Did Trump d…[View]
127640709CIA, Churchill and modern neocons fucked up the natural flow of Islamic culture towards secularism. …[View]
127648634can we talk about the meme that is memorial day. Why do I have to be guilted into honoring people wh…[View]
127649288/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
127649679These are the only Western leaders that haven't been cucked by Putin.[View]
127647362Reasons why we like Islam.[View]
127645450Why are right-wingers so scared of everything? Scared of terrorists, scared of Mexicans taking their…[View]
127649931Considering a major plot element of The Matrix is that the 'reality' is fabricated as well in what i…[View]
1276382869/11 thread: redpill me on Black Eagle Trust and alleged massive securities fraud through BoNY servi…[View]
127648681Is this the reason for black athletic dominance?: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/paying-college…[View]
127649219*blocks your path*[View]
127619854You guys do realize most of you would be killed if you lived in nazi Germany right?[View]
127619585On a scale of 1 to 10 how cucked is your country?[View]
127648998Caribbean general /cg/: What does /pol/ think of the Caribbean? I'm from this little speck righ…[View]
127638624Another possible UK happening??: This account has been spotted on the twitter. Could possibly be an …[View]
127648263ENGINEERS N SHIIIIET https://twitter.com/kielhoilett/status/868853244990304256[View]
127605341How do we fix Africa and make it great again /pol/? >Inb4 not our problem. We caused this with …[View]
127648814>This shocking and powerful video will change the way you think about ____…[View]
127649652ITT: yfw you realized the jews did 9/11[View]
127597359BASED MACRON DOES IT AGAIN: Standing next to Putin, Macron calls Russia Today, Sputnik 'organs …[View]
127646880Can someone explain to me the point of this colony?[View]
127647381FOX NEWS EXPOSED AS SCRIPTED SO CONSERVATIVES ALWAYS WIN: As if we didn't know, but http://www.…[View]
127621954JFK 100th Birthday: This memorial day lets take a moment to remember John F. Kennedy, the last true …[View]
127649414Is California already lost?[View]
127643286Remind me again why we don't like Macron[View]
127648822sums up /pol/ pretty well[View]
127648637the sexualized anthropomorphic lady M&Ms are also lesbians, you guys: holy shit all this diversi…[View]
127636794Corporal punishment in schools, yes or no?[View]
127628410Why are Swiss the only Europeans allowed to own guns?[View]
127649368Guys I'm so fucking scared. Yes things can't continue as they are, western society needs a…[View]
127649313Reminder: You will still go to heaven is you kill a Liberal: Liberals are nothing more then Satan…[View]
127648943The West Through the Eyes of North Korea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyFH19nm2e4 A Nork propaga…[View]
127638249Who is your all-star debate team? I personally would go for Milo and Ben Shapiro.[View]
127641182Praise kek: We Need to make Pepe great again[View]
127644521WHAT THE FUCK??: Why does this article read like it was written by the fucking DNC? They REALLY don…[View]
127611532>the wisest man in the world supports antifa and says the republican party is the greatest evil m…[View]
127644886She's right, you know.[View]
127648537We're literally buying into their narrative, they should be called trannies or transsexuals. At…[View]
127648378Islam is a religion of peac....: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/05/watch-undercover-filming-u-…[View]
127648429What is so great about 'the west' Guy in pic related[View]
127643206Pic related[View]
127646630BASED MORRISSEY HATES ISLAM: Based Morrissey writes on Facebook: >Celebrating my birthday in Manc…[View]
127647423My grandfather has sundowners. This is exactly how it manifests: he'll often stand up too quick…[View]
127643382Lawyers of /pol/ - help needed!: So I print the long Memorial Day weekend at my uncles farm. I enjoy…[View]
127644892Why are women so fucked up /pol/?[View]
127634960How do you feel about next year's presidential election in Russia? >No word on whether or no…[View]
127641753Brit/pol/: Blairite Corpse Parties Edition: >MI5 probes bomber 'warnings' to see if the…[View]
127647973Canada is rightful Anglo clay: God save the Queen. (les francos peuvent jouer aussi. on vous aimez …[View]
127648098Why dose isis always have to murder?: Couldn't they do a screw ball comedy prank smiler to the …[View]
127645920How many of you have the courage to proclaim your racist beliefs publicly?[View]
127645035Just asked my grandmother about what should be done with those who disrespect Islam. Can you guess w…[View]
127646425Mudslime just blew up an ice cream shop: Video shows aftermath of car bomb that exploded outside Bag…[View]
127647633Why Clinton made me sad to be called a socialist: I am sad to call myself a left wing person after C…[View]
127645243What are you even supposed to do with all the information here? I feel like I'm slowly getting …[View]
127645713Do you know how stupid you appear to others when you deny man-made climate change? Do you think you…[View]
127646764> Secretary of State under a Republican president > Professor at Stanford > Accomplished cl…[View]
127647674https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3672676/british-airways-boss-tries-gag-staff-it-failure/ Why are Poo i…[View]
127647315Just a reminder that the holocaust happened and literally every single historian, without exception,…[View]
127647572KeK?: Why do so called whites supremacists of /pol/ unironically embrace African animism?[View]
127647574Do you think Jones is redpilled deep down about the Jews? https://youtu.be/Jpzo7p1ZlMg Here's a…[View]
127644052Nords > Germans > Scotts > Dutch = French = Polacks = Czechs > Japanese > Slavs = Iri…[View]
127643862John Mcstain in Australia. False flag alert: As we know McCain was spotted in Australia. Like always…[View]
127642564Did the filthy Jews make AIDS?: Did jew's create AIDS? Any info or relevant links. Kikes seem t…[View]
127647424georgia 6th: calling all shitlords to create memes and help Jon Ossoff keep Democrats losing streak …[View]
127645829Why was this allowed? Absolutely haram if you ask me[View]
127630288New Shariahblue Shilling Tactic: As you can see, over the last 48 hours or so, the shills on /pol/ h…[View]
127645983What would a 'Trump of the left' look like?[View]
127646804Friendly reminder that women are great and you're just fat/skinny, ugly, boring, short, and a p…[View]
127637602Paul Joseph Watson: 'I popularised the phrase 'let that sink in'': https://twitter.com/Pri…[View]
127644146/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - /our guy/? EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.…[View]
127643470>having discussions with friends and family >every time someone commits a logical fallacy I re…[View]
127646782Looks exploitable.[View]
127646134ANTI T.V THREAD/ #UNPLUG OK ANONS LISTEN UP In the past we did some really great things like memein…[View]
127646545What's his plan?[View]
127631513Trudeau showing off his socks: Explain this, leafs. I'll be waiting.[View]
127646193What's the deal with socialists thinking it's somehow uncouth, immoral or rude to want to …[View]
127639009SWEDEN YES!!!![View]
127646337>We've gone one whole week without a happening[View]
127645261Trump is a traitor: Trump during the campaign shouted that Saudi Arabia are among the biggest suppor…[View]
127635452In what part of Africa would you live?[View]
127646127Is Jason Stapleton on /pol/s radar? My money is on him being a crypto-jew, but he has a nice fashy …[View]
127621559Motherfucker https://twitter.com/i/videos/tweet/869255453271760896[View]
127604606China General: Do you think Chineese ancestors are proud of their descendants?[View]
127646062Where were you when Facebook intellectuals BTFO /pol/?[View]
127646025Eugenics and artificial evolution of IQ: Pretty amazing video by Stef. Could this solve most of our …[View]
127640434Syria General /sg/ - Enemy of my Enemy Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wo…[View]
127620611Bulestine Hate Thread: Insult me with your greatest insults to my imaginary country[View]
127640726birth and redeath: hey guise[View]
127645349I'm bored as fuck and I want to get off /pol/: Besides lifting what's a good hobby for a r…[View]
127645969What THE FUCK is he doing?[View]
127645655How can people NOT hate Jews? They hide absolutely nothing but only niche communities like us can se…[View]
127645841why are Californians so inferior?[View]
127647683Pop Singers & Degeneracy: Why is our culture so fucking degenerate - especially pop music? Pic/v…[View]
127635593Which countries / regions produce the manliest men? >Norway >Greece / Balkans >Scotland …[View]
127645612What did Donald trump do?: In the firstone hundred Donald has done nothing and we all know it and do…[View]
127643848TL;DR lets bless halal meats with jewish and cristan gods Ok /pol/ who wants to fuck with the muslim…[View]
127644144God is going to give America to the Amish[View]
127645674Chuck Woolsey names the Jew.....: and twatter is freaking out. https://twitter.com/chuckwoolery/sta…[View]
127646640What does /pol/ think of today's fashion among men?[View]
127599724Climate Change: Does /pol/ believe Humans are doing irreversible harm to the atmosphere? Should some…[View]
127641576They are becoming self aware https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLVze3K7e4g[View]
127645020Terraism is the religion of peace!: Legend of the Memetic Heroes[View]
127645116Why do People call Jewish Supremacy a Conspiracy?: They very openly brag about their accomplishments…[View]
127631726Caption this photo[View]
127645162Reminder that Europe is still 90% white. Reminder that the most demographically ruined city in all o…[View]
127643400Hey /pol/ I was adopted as a baby. I don't know my family at all other than the name I was give…[View]
127645241Do you think if Merkel was hot Trump would let her suck his dick?[View]
127641075Miss Russia 2017: how can Finland and Japan even compete?[View]
127644935What do you thin of Venezuelas current situation?[View]
127641650Eric Clanton- Summary of Happening: Eric Clanton, a community college professor was arrested on Frid…[View]
127643268>At today's Memorial Day march, Hilary Clinton is seen wearing Zeiss Z1 blue lenses anti sei…[View]
127643134Daily reminder that Germany is one of the biggest carbon producers in developed Europe (per unit ene…[View]
127644862IQ doesn't explain Jewish dominance: >Average IQ of Jews is around 111-114 >High ranking …[View]
127639791MEXICANS ETERNALLY BTFO: Alex '40 monkeys vs 1 man' Makeev is okay! BASED RUSSIAN LIVES![View]
127644833Britain inventing Pakistan: Can someone post that long picardia about Britain inventing pakistan pls…[View]
127642207>President for 129 days, 6 hours, and 45 minutes >still no update on the Wall…[View]
127644774I'm curious if /pol/ is actually as diverse as HWNDU implied Post pics of yourselves for proof …[View]
127643856WE THE PEOPLE: https://twitter.com/KibBitzLaw/with_replies Victoryoflight has been dropping major re…[View]
127617322Not relying on the Anglosphere any more - Merkel edition: Even the freaking British tabloid media ag…[View]
127644730/PTGCJG/: President trump grilled cheese jam general Twitter is active: https://twitter.com/2017_pt…[View]
127644539>hating jews for usury But why? No one is forcing you to do business with jews…[View]
127635340How can Mexico AND Canada be so shit and be right next to the USA? >Hardmode: no NAFTA…[View]
127642260next peaceful attack in europe: How come my country hasn't been hit thus far ? I keep finding m…[View]
127644576A WWII history personal family question - help me pol: My girlfriend is Hungarian. She knows that he…[View]
127643757My first ever 4chan post: News from normiestan[View]
127638132/pol/: Saw this on my way home what should i do to it?[View]
127639533This is why this board exists and everything is so fucked: Does any one wonder why things are so fuc…[View]
127643175When is he going to prison?[View]
127644467Can somebody post the various ANTIFA infodumps regarding their organization/hierarchy/tactics on the…[View]
127639644California is a test ground: >California highschools are only 38% white >Elementary schools on…[View]
127642399hey /pol was wondering if you guys could help me out. I'm looking for a list of all trumps 4d c…[View]
127644343LOTR memes: you guys have any more of those redpills?[View]
127641539Based Muslim I meet at Wal-Mart.: . Talked for a good 30mins and I can assure you they love America.…[View]
127624264Where do people get the idea that spics are humble, polite and accepting of others?[View]
127644163Fucking stop: It's not funny https://twitter.com/2017_ptgcjg[View]
127632674why was America able to become a super power after ww2 but Russia stayed a second world nation?[View]
127643131>turn 25 >only enjoy mindless videogames if podcast or news is in the background >no intere…[View]
127644109Manchester conspiracy thread.: Was it all just a CIA MK-ULTRA plot? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
1276326861. Country 2. Do you crybif you see your leader cry? Isla las Filipinas Yes, i do. ;__;[View]
127644054Jew dying protecting mahometans: Two men were stabbed to death and one injured Friday on a light-rai…[View]
127643706So Germany employs people to sift through internet for 'hate speech' and charge their own citizens w…[View]
127642379Anyone else notice the big push today by MSM and social media today to only highlight Muslim fallen …[View]
127636673BASED MORRISSEY HATES ISLAM: Based Morrissey writes on Facebook: >Celebrating my birthday in Manc…[View]
127643554honest thoughts on pjw?: I like him. Nice redpiller[View]
127643696This documentary seems to claim the figurative collapse of these projects were an intentional scheme…[View]
127639876>Medicare and Social Security on their own constitute over half the US budget WHAT THE FUCK How d…[View]
127641376Paternity testing banned in France: https://www.ibdna.com/paternity-testing-ban-upheld-in-france/ …[View]
127639786Where does /pol/ lean on the political compass?: With how we all are with the Seth Rich, DNC, and st…[View]
127635230BASED CHUCK[View]
127643544Is this /ourpotty/?[View]
127613413Texas hispanic legislator attacks White legilator after call to ICE during riot at Capitol: Illegals…[View]
127642191This is actually a very Red Pilled movie!: > a NEET loser brings his friends together away from t…[View]
127623658US Strike Kills Innocent 100-200 Innocent Civilians: Well /pol/, how are their lives any different …[View]
127637648Where does /pol/ stand politically?: A quick poll for /pol/, just so we can get a perspective. Pleas…[View]
127643343We are breaking the Conditioning: Fareed Zakaria on CNN condemns the SJW's on college campuses.…[View]
127642217>how would you react if people didn't want to hug you after BREIVIK killed 77 children with …[View]
127643326Kekistani Special Operation Penetration Succeeded Praise Kek: 'The Feminist Lie - It Was Never About…[View]
127643213Spreading the word of Robert Mugabe on cp rewritten[View]
127643174...just havin' a great week-end... sooooo glad Hillary is NOT president... soooo.glad Trump is …[View]
127642721Is the government being controlled by monied interest groups like corporations and billionaires inev…[View]
127624834Was Angola/Mosambik under Portugal good? I can't find good documentaries about them online![View]
127638045Real Life Modern Dark Souls: Welp...since civilization is seemingly eating itself with a lot of shit…[View]
127643113Why do WHITE people commit so much crime?[View]
127642725Top American Inventors According to Google: Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and 8 dindus. One o…[View]
127642156/pol/ meet Enoch Powell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ix_7p1qczXs[View]
127641689Why do roasties have sex with animals?[View]
127640583/sg/ - Syria General - RIP IN PEACE Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordp…[View]
127642822Meet the new Irish: Ireland is fucked. So long world.[View]
127641971Gazi Kodzo BTFO by Gavin in epic rant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyaF1q9FlYM&[View]
127642634Reminder that Melania is badass: She faced down a ghoul. What other first lady can claim to have don…[View]
127638886/pol/, I come to you for help, how do I break my yellow fever? I know objectively that I cannot repr…[View]
127641442Memorial Day: Who ultimately benefited from alpha European and American white men killing each other…[View]
127600767He acts as a cult leader, works as a therapist with no training or license, constantly breaks famili…[View]
127630185anybody on /pol/ (non Muslims) ever try Ramadan? I mean fasting for a day or two to see how it feels…[View]
127640105Please READ: There's a mainstream, right out in the open, loves by muslim perverts sector of yo…[View]
127639672NAVIGATORS OF THE UNDERWORLD: >Kek boys. >Seek your 4chan. >Don't stay in the underwor…[View]
127638076Any students of real history in here? I'm interested in parallels to our bullshit 'multicultura…[View]
127636524HHAHAAHAHA *wheeze* HAHAHAHAHAHA[View]
127642166Rare Pepes / Pepe Cash: Do you see something positive in this? Or is this the ultimate commercializa…[View]
127642176Why are Americans so stupid?[View]
127640178Heh its kinda funny how my gods always find a way to breach your weak christian civlization,even if …[View]
127639268Which US state is the Best Korea of the USA?[View]
127642028Why are Pagans so cringy? How do we keep them from infecting the Far-Right with their Satanic bullsh…[View]
127638660Is there a more redpilled city than based Edmonton?[View]
127632657I can't see what's wrong with the European Union Redpill me /pol/ Redpill me hard[View]
127641281Merkel is the Leader of the Free World: Trump's isolationist America cannot be the leader of th…[View]
127636475Brit/pol/: Spoil your ballot for Britain Edition: >MI5 probes bomber 'warnings' to see …[View]
127629636Chuck Woolery names the Jew: Liberals are freaking out big time, read the replies https://twitter.co…[View]
127629093Yuropoors, why don't you own a Cap&Ball? >easier to get than regular funs >more power…[View]
127629714Mayor of Portland Oregon wants to shut down next week's Alt-Right march in the wake of anti-mus…[View]
127641729Yo, if anyone got the candid app and wants to fuck with some really cringy people, there are Steven …[View]
127641680Top of (((Reddit))) politics: Some fool talking about his aunt and uncle who go shooting at a range.…[View]
127640531“I’m George Bridges, I use he/him pronouns.”: President of Evergreen State College, which banned its…[View]
127602407USA is the new Roman Empire: USA is the successor of the Roman Empire. And it's one of the grea…[View]
127641555Migrants are taking advantage of EU marine laws: >be Somalian nigger >bix nood >white woman…[View]
127599620ANTI T.V THREAD/ #UNPLUG: OK ANONS LISTEN UP In the past we did some really great things like memei…[View]
127638553This fag is going to be my fucking Taoiseach (Prime minister) A GAY INDIAN. he said he is conservati…[View]
127641485>millenials don't buy home >/pol/ thinks its a bad thing it literally, simply lowers the …[View]
127609756Look at Merkel's signature. KEK[View]
127640721Since Sunday there is a new TV show from the German left Media called. Say it to my face Hatespeech.…[View]
127631188/NS/: Haven't been here in a while >no nat soc bread I know it's early, but let's …[View]
127624907/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
127637126Socialism?: The only way socialism could ever feasibly work is if the country was nationalist/red pi…[View]
127640768'My wife's son love you guys!': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmTy2JoQDdE Looks like they let…[View]
127637456Several Pilots beheaded and eaten by Melania Trump.: I have reviewed several papers regarding the 'w…[View]
127640631Why do Conservashits vote against their own economic interests?[View]
127638596Eradication of islam: Anyone else think that all of islam should just be nuked. the world would be a…[View]
127638711Are Brits white?[View]
127641067did americans become better at handling banter during last two years?[View]
127596673Hourly Reminder: Homosexuality is a serious mental illness. The only proper response is intensive co…[View]
127639978Globalisation vs Passion: Globalisation is a menace to creativity and culture The human mind gets nu…[View]
127636090KGB DEFECTOR YURI BEZMENOV'S WARNING TO AMERICA:: 29 YEARS AGO, Soviet defector and KGB operati…[View]
127640905Transableism: Is this really a thing? I've heard Alex Jones talking about how most of the gay c…[View]
127640864Riaz Ijaz, 28 rapes 18 year old Toronto girl - where is the media?: http://www.citynews.ca/2017/05/2…[View]
127640838Oi goys. It's been awhile since we've done something that has shaken the interwebs... any …[View]
127634451Should people with IQ lower than 90 be considered as animals?[View]
127635988Roasties.: Jesus leave /pol/ for a day. Mfw don't know what roastie even means. /pol/ explain y…[View]
127640396MEMRI TV: You know what to do...[View]
127639033Can anybody show me a time when a significant political figure admitted they were wrong about someth…[View]
127635203so here's an idea. since about 40 threads are posted every week regarding the topic of 'why ar…[View]
127640219Should men still be getting married in 2017?[View]
127636782Break free from the tableware jew and start eating with your fingers right today.[View]
127635437>criticize one thing about women >get called a virgin…[View]
127639995i am a paid shill: i am a paid shill ask me anything[View]
127636392The most redpilled field: Any other physicists/physics students here? Ever noticed how unbelievably …[View]
127636403IT'S TIME WE ANSWERED THIS, /POL/!: OK, /pol/, how do those of us who are redpilled, but not ps…[View]
127640454>muh pussy is free lol meme Anyone who says this is a retard. I've been around countless pe…[View]
127640445What's his name again?: Dan, something...?[View]
127638387Daily reminder that Germany is one of the biggest carbon producers in developed Europe (per unit ene…[View]
127639954Famine under capitalism: We starve many more people under capitalism than the Holodomor and we have …[View]
127640333Brexit/refugees: Will Britain stop taking refugees after brexit?[View]
127635662what the fuck is wrong with this guy?: Does he think the world owes him something? Does he think he…[View]
127639248What would have happened if trump slapped the shit out of this faggot?[View]
127640012Refugee Takeover: When the refugees gain the numbers to take over countries, don't save the cou…[View]
127639016What's up! Ladies and gentlemen of YouTube, Boogie2988 comin' at ya live once again, throu…[View]
127640078Was this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqE396Uk6ZY[View]
127626202Thanks for the hate, /pol/: /pol/ this was truly a red-pilling experience. Thanks for the hate, 'whi…[View]
127635282Has he committed suicide yet?[View]
127639119>mfw he went mgtow instead of marrying a rich woman and taking half her shit when she divorces yo…[View]
127639447Memorial day thread where we honour our fallen shabbos goyim for being good cucks and foot soldiers …[View]
12763424155% of British Pakistanis are married to first cousins: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/newsni…[View]
127639822Everybody in Cleveland know minority got Obamaphone Keep Obama in president He gave us a phone! He g…[View]
127636896Mexican Self defense laws changed today, it is legal to kill in legitime defense now.: TLDR; Its now…[View]
127639729ITT: redpilled books[View]
127636978The 'Three Aspects of the Jewish Problem' by Julius Evola is apparently one of the best works on thi…[View]
127638913Trump is a human being that is disciplined, rigorous and genuinely cares for other people that work …[View]
127635863CANADA YES! Syrian refugee families get $1,004,737.42/year in gibs from Cuckdeau: JUST a friendly re…[View]
127638479Haven't had a good, wholesome, American mass shooting lately. We need one that really sticks fo…[View]
127639433I miss my gf ): when I'm with her this hate filled vision of the world you paint doesn't …[View]
127618215I'm going to be spending 3 months in the American South at the beginning of July. What should …[View]
127636739Arguments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6cNh7neKMY We have reached supreme argument levels. Ther…[View]
127620069Syria General /sg/ - Late night Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpress…[View]
127639081East-African Federation: What do you think about this potential country? It would definitely still b…[View]
127639319Why do conservapoors vote against their own economic interests?[View]
127639187Why is this allowed to happen? /POL/: Look at this and look at it good, and tell me what is happenin…[View]
127603805Limit clip size: We should limit clip sizes to 10 bullets. Nobody needs more than 10 bullets to defe…[View]
127637503How mad would Americans be if Iran or Russia arrested Baghdadi first and put them to tral?[View]
127637425Europe's most important leaders are all childless: German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Dutch Prime…[View]
127634204Tell me about the internet restrictions, brit/pol/. What exactly do the conservatives intend to do?[View]
127589492If there is one country that can do this: it is Germany. Why are there no real European nationalists…[View]
127632023NEET HATE: Why do you guys hate Neets do much? I am a brainlet and am incapable to become an enginee…[View]
127637264Why are Italians so fucking stupid?[View]
127637616Fuck niggers and muslims: Why are niggers such a pain in the ass. Why cant we just send them back to…[View]
127633187Is Putin for the white race?[View]
127638687Oh good read but the ending WE NEED THE CONTENTS OF THAT LAPTOP TO BE SHOWN TO THE WORLD! NONE OF U…[View]
127638191So how many of you cucks are going to marry up now that women are increasingly getting all the best …[View]
127631340Black Supremacy at Evergreen State Shows the Truth of Their Movement: https://youtu.be/Tuc40cGydks P…[View]
127638537Germanbro here. Cont. from last thread >>127612318 >There's a sick trend happening on …[View]
127636076Is Trump really that bad? I was talking to my wife's boyfriend and he is worried Trump is going…[View]
127636005'Arab Spring' Part 2.0 incoming? Can some of the moroccan anons give me a quick rundown on the prote…[View]
127638167Jewish VS Chinese Communism: Which is worse?[View]
127634920Can Conservative/ right wingers be enviornmentalists?: Should there be more emphasis?[View]
127634273If this little cocktease keeps this shit up, seeing as though so many of you cucklords are infatuate…[View]
127629357lol who even voted for this[View]
127637936Cascadia General: West Montana to middle alaska This region best resembles the environment found in …[View]
127637438Fuck me...: Please Stop this guys... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMQjyRc7eiY[View]
127628778BESS THREAD - Drumpf blocked literally who: HARD HITTING NEWS https://twitter.com/thehill/status/869…[View]
127636161William Legate: You guys already know what to do with this account... I will just leave this here an…[View]
127605726The actual name of the Nazi party was 'National Socialist German Workers Party'. Explain t…[View]
127636893My name is Justin, and i am your dividend: Is this the end of the white race? Some black kid pushing…[View]
127630657Capitalism vs crony capitalism???: Femanon here, to me it seems all capitalism is crony capitalism. …[View]
127635353A true American hero right here. Can we have a minute silence for this brave American.[View]
127636890If Immigration is bad, Why is Dubai so rich?: >Arab Emirates: 90% immigrant population >Only …[View]
127636057The war with tumblr: Whats pols opinion of starting another 'war' with tumblr[View]
127636311blacks dont make good mu- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFo8-JqzSCM[View]
127637901fuck you: in order to destroy homogeneous societies, first you must claim from authority that racial…[View]
127637594West is turning to a big fat circus[View]
127637801Wikileaks intentionally fans the flame of conspiracy theories: >Pizzagate In hindsight, we all kn…[View]
127630901What does /pol/ think about Japan/South Korea and what do you think about racemixing with them?[View]
127637562This Bitch: Franchesca Ramsey's Wikipedia page is full of blatant propaganda. Can this be recti…[View]
127598225Is there a country that has been more beaten, conquered and humiliated throughout history than Polan…[View]
127633110Descend friendos! We must find this muzzie!!!: https://twitter.com/TRobinsonNewEra/status/8693133347…[View]
127630384Climate Change: Climate change Debate thread Is it real or is it a hoax? What do you think[View]
127603761which is better?[View]
127635429I started a new religion... JIMBOLOGY. Join now![View]
127621860The fertility rate in Israel is rising and breaking new records. Even secular families now have mini…[View]
127637315FUCK THERESA MAY !!!!: she has just blew a fucking 15 point lead. god i never thought i would say th…[View]
127637358ITT /pol is AntiFa on Memorial day: Hi guys I'm glad that we kicked all of the NAZIS and ReDru…[View]
127636826>socialism is a success every time it is ever tried >b-but that wasn't REAL socialism. Ca…[View]
127632352you can't be both a nazi and a proud american we literally had a war about this it was a pretty…[View]
127635412nation socialism: Discussion thread. What made u turn into a natsoc ideology. Personally I started o…[View]
127636388Daily reminder that this is how national socialism ended.[View]
127636680Denver sportswriter is fried for an extremely racist tweet about the winner of the Indianapolis 500.…[View]
127636405Do muslims realize that if they win, there would be no more gibs, all prosperous countries would tur…[View]
127636969Paternity testing baned in France: >Society chooses the father, not biology I know it's but …[View]
127636861How are IQ tests an argument?[View]
127628958Symbol in window (made thread earlier didn't get to respond): Thread archived before I got back…[View]
127636217Red Pilled Authors: Who were the most redpilled authors? Was it Pynchon?[View]
127630838I told you fuckers he was going to win. Bye bye Brexit. Hello Islam.[View]
127636793Memorial Day Memeball Thread: Let's go.[View]
127636342How can we get federal funding removed from this 'school'?? things are out of control at this ridicu…[View]
127632239Swedish Girl with weird hood accent talking about how she loves black guys: This girl is talking abo…[View]
127636426Climate change: Uh oh[View]
127636040/pol/: Are the clintons jewish?[View]
127635800The word kaffer.: I as a supreme specimen of the aryan nordic race don´t have much in common with th…[View]
127634013Have Mexicans ever apologized to Austria for murdering this pure, innocent soul?[View]
127635410Are cryptocurrencies just memes? It's hard to ignore that some would make you into millionaires…[View]
127632594>'One Heck of an American'[View]
127625601Brit/pol/ - Miss Me Yet? Edition: >MI5 probes bomber 'warnings' to see if they messed i…[View]
127635762How do we solve the Northern ''''European''''' Problem?[View]
127628477Why did labour's polling increase after being stuck behind for months?[View]
127635867College at 53: After two years back in the ranks of a credited learning institution I find myself in…[View]
127632795Moving From Nevada to Chicago: Hi, I live in rural nevada and I just took at job offer in chicago. I…[View]
127636160You like our art?[View]
127632070Ramadan has begun; the 50th anniversary of the 6-Day War is next week. >Osama bin Laden’s son cal…[View]
127636050Considering joining UK antifa:: I hate this country, it has been good to me but never less I can…[View]
127588655Why is race mixing bad?: Genuinely curious.[View]
127631478Iranians rockin' out: Woah! Iranians are badass! https://twitter.com/i/moments/8692342349674168…[View]
127636036Are we really becoming allies with sketchy nations? Is there a good agenda behind it?[View]
127631613>Cuckolicks and Orthofags: 'Muh James 2' Umm no sweetie Romans 4 1 What shall we say then that Ab…[View]
127635832Hourly reminder: Iran was an Indo-Aryan nation, they were punished for working with Hitler: Persians…[View]
127630306How did I miss this?: I have been away for a few days, what the hell did you guys do to this poor tw…[View]
127635796Remind me why western leaders don't need such a cheap posing.[View]
127619512Why can't America have a Macron for president? He attacks the Russian interference and fake new…[View]
127627663/pol/iticraft: Political Roleplay Minecraft Server: After nearly a two year break, /pol/iticraft, th…[View]
127634447Top 5 intellectually degenerate responses in discussions about politics: #5 >you think what my co…[View]
127634236Why do we put children in prisons?[View]
127628406Stop listening to nigger music.[View]
127633450How does one become a jew? From checking out wikipedia posts I figured one has to have a jewish pare…[View]
127633000AntiCom Meme Dump: Anti-Communist memes go here![View]
127633114One hell of an American.[View]
127632360Is Ingsoc the ultimate red pill?[View]
127633445why do painters hate minorities? is there any relation? pic related[View]
127603654ϟϟ /nsg/ 卐 National Socialism General: >ϟϟ HAIL VICTORY! ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the Jewish…[View]
127620657/tr/: Ask a roach anything.[View]
127635278Justin Karp is a kike: Stupid Jew. I will make him burn in hell. I will ruin his life. You are just …[View]
127635101an afternoon on /pol/ >NIGGERS >TRUMP >JEWS >ILLUMINATI >REDPILL ME ON XYZ, GUISE an …[View]
127618816Just tried to have a debate with vegans, and I confirm those guys are irrational and intolerant[View]
127628386Taking a trip to Germany: Hey /pol/, I am taking a trip to Germany. I have always wanted to see it b…[View]
127634356White people can't refute this: >White people don't commit cri-…[View]
127628829WHAT A TWIST: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/05/29/jared-kushner-didnt-suggest-russian-communi…[View]
127621681Are White women the weak link? Are they killing the white race?: >White Women are the weak link o…[View]
127612318There's a sick trend happening on youtube, it's probably been going on for a long time but…[View]
127629740Did the Holocaust Happen?: What's with the ridiculous stories about the Germans killing Jews wi…[View]
127634637Neo-Nazi claims the white race is in peril. Has no children. Can you say 'dipshit'? my sides![View]
127611855Feminist women are starting to go Alt-Right?: I swear I have seen so many, Casey, Laci, Rage, that g…[View]
127631299Can you turn a hoe into a housewife?: Have you heard of any success stories? (pic unrelated)[View]
127621351What happened to the classic American?: was it killed by the nu-male movement?[View]
127625560Corbyn May debate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y60wDzZt8yg[View]
127621818Fuck chinks: What do you think of songs about nationalism or racism? I think music is still a very p…[View]
127634383卐 /nsg/ 卐 National Socialism General 卐: >ϟϟ HAIL VICTORY! ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the Jewis…[View]
127632304Why White males are opting out of society?: Also, anyone else dead inside and doesn't enjoy any…[View]
127630873(((Buzzfeed))) trying to make Pepe communist?: What is their angle here? Is it just to get a rise ou…[View]
127629860I hate liberal teachers/states: story time >Be in liberal state >Just finished reading 1984 in…[View]
127634128Mama Merkel: Pay your respects to Mama Merkel Pol.[View]
127630955Post your politicsfu Pic related - top totty[View]
127634095TheHill.com: Possibly the biggest liberal shill site on the internet. Comment sections are a liberal…[View]
127609140ISIS Crises in the Philippines: Civil war looming: ISIS is beheading people and chasing out governme…[View]
127634025Roosevelt theory: Hardly any attention is given to the ideas behind the creation of American nationa…[View]
127602670Europans here only: Real Europans only here. Anyone over 95% is allowed to talk here. Rest BTFO. So …[View]
127618200Antifa turning on each other, the beginning of the end?[View]
127625765POTUS: Okay /pol/, what would you do if you were President of the United States?[View]
127631780Rip BC: http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/canada/british-columbia/bc-ndp-green-agreement-1.4136539 At leas…[View]
127633676Texas state Reps Poncho Naverez and Ramon Ramero threaten and assault fellow Rep Matt Rinaldi: Rinal…[View]
127627614Based Stickman is a TRANNY FUCKER: pass it on. http://archive.is/YuO8l[View]
127633405Is net neutrality really a good thing?: https://youtu.be/N2VwIfi6LoY Some people clearly spend so mu…[View]
127632647What are you gonna do when their sex junk can do everything a girl can do?[View]
127633645When did he start roiding? Also did he get a gf yet?[View]
127631122>me >neet >sort life out >doing a levels from this september for two years >going t…[View]
127632935Magnitude 6.6 quake hits Indonesia’s Sulawesi island[View]
127624234/POL/ BTFO also >live in democracy >vote for people who want to let in spics >rage when a c…[View]
127614698TFW to smart to be a capitalist: Why do you support capitalism? You aren't in the 1% meaning yo…[View]
127625407Brit/pol/ - PURGE the Tories edition: >The (((Free Market))) strikes again: BA cancels all flight…[View]
127632706Senpai has noticed /pol/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6cNh7neKMY at 12:45[View]
127633009Why are white people literally always making this kind of thing happen?[View]
127625425>dismisses ethnonationalism as larping in favour of 'white sharia' >now 'ironically' praises c…[View]
127630801Where is this pedoshill army located? What company do they work for? Funded by Soros? Funded by taxe…[View]
127630560What did Spongebob mean by this?[View]
127630334Should Islamic Taxi drivers be forced to pick up clients from gay weddings?[View]
127632846America has the most powerful advanced military in the wor-[View]
127632655Syncretism: 'Even with love in his heart a man cannot sleep next to a rabid dog.' >Syncretism is …[View]
127594029Far Cry 5 Paranoia: Is anybody else a little concerned with the overall idea of far cry 5? Its well …[View]
127627440Explain yourself LEAFS![View]
127632592When will you just admit that black man made Egypt and shit?[View]
127630399Sicilians: I did some research on the history of Sicily and I am baffled that they are allowing so m…[View]
127631307Muslims In Solidarity: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-40076591 >Hundreds of peop…[View]
127629261why is Macron our harry potter, and Donald Trump voldemort?[View]
127601510Apologize: Apologize to a true hero who was attacked by a monster you literally helped create.…[View]
127630971Feminist Propaganda: Men are not allowed in this movie. Welcome to progressivism. http://www.npr.org…[View]
127631280When will he save us /pol/?[View]
127631757How can we make Jew academics leave universities?: >Evergreen State College's event, Day of …[View]
127630508>people will still seriously dispute that Cornwall is a nation[View]
127621027>antisemitism on the rise[View]
127629115Reminder that STICKMAN IS ANTI WHITE: this was his opinion before his donations dropped off and he h…[View]
127632057Kek...kek....White people need to go extinct.[View]
127630891is there any old school conspiracy theories that's still alive? like illuminati cards, haarp et…[View]
127624881I know we disagreed on a lot of topics over the years /pol/ but I'm pretty sure we can get to a…[View]
127626058someone speak Russian? https://www.pscp.tv/yura_kotok/1jMKgoYYZdAKL?[View]
127626248Roasties hate thread[View]
127631288Why are alt-right fags so hypocritical?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZuIGjsd72w >didn't…[View]
127630595White Refugees: Fellow Burgers, I've noticed that, nowadays, the term refugee seems inexorably …[View]
127625226TRUMP: What's the best quality of our president? What do you love most about him?[View]
127622277Styxhexenhammer666's thoughts on 2018. What are /pol/'s?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
127631597Dindu Nuffin: https://www.bka.de/DE/AktuelleInformationen/StatistikenLagebilder/PolizeilicheKriminal…[View]
127629580Where did it all go wrong pol?[View]
127631588People act like we don't see them: So I wanted to avenge the horses and I wanted to avenge the …[View]
127628500Redpill me on zoos /pol/.[View]
127621209Brit/pol/: Paxman Edition: >MI5 probes bomber 'warnings' to see if they messed it up ht…[View]
127624644/ptg/ President Trump General - SMUG Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov ht…[View]
127610910This 'boy' is 10yrs old: Instagram minimum age is 13yrs, but nobody seems to care.[View]
127627569Why is female promiscuity frowned upon by /pol/? I honestly think there is nothing wrong with women …[View]
127616413WOMEN KILLING THEMSLVES AFTER 30: Women killing themselves after 30 unable to find a husband. Does …[View]
127627689The Madman said it.: He said wants death penalty to return in the UK for pedos and terrorists. http:…[View]
127631319USA /general/: Daily reminder that the US hegemony is making the world better in every meaningful me…[View]
127628495Is trump privatizing your infrastructure via goldman sachs? http://www.ibtimes.com/political-capital…[View]
1276228289/11: How long before Trump takes a page from Dubya's playbook and lets a major terror attack h…[View]
127618125/SRG/- Seth Rich General: Memorial Day & CTRL+F No Threads Edition: Thought it to be weird the l…[View]
127630415Mayor of Portland wants to stop free speech rally >asking federal government to revoke permit ht…[View]
127629314The Twitter Strategy: It's been long known that Twitter chooses the hashtags that get put under…[View]
127614241PARIS YES!!!!: Paris mayor calls for ban on black feminist festival 'prohibited to whites'…[View]
127605812/pol/play: evergreen edition: Imagine this: You are George Bridges replacement at Evergreen college.…[View]
127630948Muh Führah: Zippity doo dah zippity day[View]
127630496https://archive.fo/f7ZwT >By Ian Kerner. >Ian grew up Jewish and still considers himself Jewi…[View]
127630854Where is gender equality now???[View]
127627022Will he be back tomorrow /pol/?[View]
127615385Blumpf BTFO. Totally unbiased and completely reputable news source CNN said so.[View]
127618462What's so bad about the Jews? I don't know what /pol/ has against them.[View]
127630685Whats the most disappointing thing to happen to you this Spring /pol/?[View]
127587264What was being a slave like?: When I think of a slave in the USA I think of blacks constantly wearin…[View]
127630321https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7x7LIlMIcw >Drumpf doesn't want migrants >We won't …[View]
127630502You Will Never Be Civil War Deckhand: Tfw you will never be British deckhand scrubbing deck of your …[View]
127625014Very strong performance from Theresa May. Clear that she's the best person to be negotiating Br…[View]
127630469President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence talk with Christian Jacobs, 6, and his mothe…[View]
127612571The protocols of the elders of zion: redpill me on this /pol/, is it real or is it fake. Also provid…[View]
127622249What does pol/ think about Persians and Iranians?[View]
127600814Severe storm in Moscow, Russia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vw7cFob5jiA Hope all my slavbros in …[View]
127628201Baked Alaska is now on Youtube: He'll be live in Portland June 4th on jewtube. Periscope is tra…[View]
127629621>stop worshiping false semitic gods[View]
127627245Is there enough people who don't want the globalist takeover: to stop it? It seems like the im…[View]
127629863Vladimir Zhirinovsky should be president when Putin decides not to run in 2018[View]
127630097is Philip Shuyler /ourguy/? Legit picture & going after DNC HARD as fuck.: His Twitter picture i…[View]
127623185There's no global conspiracy, you were lazy & made poor life choices: Time to stop blaming …[View]
127625105red pill me on Climate Change: how fake is it[View]
127628507Please don't make fun of my sand temple[View]
127624034/pol/ when are we going to acknowledge the throngs of Muslim refugees that work tooth and nail to fl…[View]
127625814Who's higher on the leftist totem pole, native americans or immigrants?[View]
127598330How do you feel about Hispanics?[View]
127626943Red pill me on William LeGate: Someone redpill me on what happened to this cuck I missed it[View]
127628115The Decline of Protestant Liberalism: >http://theaquilareport.com/losses-mount-presbyterian-offic…[View]
127626983NEW ALT RIGHT SYMBOL, THIS IS NOT A DRILL: Bring back 'la quenelle' - Reverse Nazi salute >LETS M…[View]
127628764Getting married while having money is a jewish scam: Prove me wrong[View]
127614382If world war 3 broke out tomorrow, what countries would be on what sides? Who would be neutral? Pic …[View]
127612120CANADA YES! Syrian refugee families get $893,626.31/year in gibs thanks to Cuckdeau: JUST a friendly…[View]
127607662me: hey im communist but i fucking hate muslims i wanna kill/nuke them all or fucking send them to t…[View]
127629554Tom Arnold: How the FUCK does Tom Arnold from True Lies have inside intel about the investigations i…[View]
127623559How do we stop this?[View]
127629409What is he thinking, /pol/?[View]
127626908Federal Court Orders Largest Monthly Document Production Since The Election On Deep State Operatives…[View]
127627910Let's talk strategy, /pol/?: How can we step up operations?[View]
127625230>Happy Ramadan, /pol!: Why are leftists pushing this so HARD?[View]
127625292How do we make Latin America great again?[View]
127629119The Manchester bomber wasn't a a true muslim. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-40059126/…[View]
127627279Jews won't end the world: AI singularity will be our endgame and you can't stop it. Argue …[View]
127629238Can we get a Jews in the media thread?: Post what you've got.[View]
127619643Meanwhile in ancient Greek /pol/...[View]
127612767Eric Clanton's Life Will Be Hell When He Gets Sentenced: Look what you did /pol/, you ruined th…[View]
127624388Based Stickman's Alt Knights Recruiting Thread: Yesssss my dude the stick man is SOOOO friggin …[View]
127626617Redpill on 'BASED' STICKMAN: He fucks trannies who he knows from drug fueled bondage parties in San …[View]
127629000Is globalism only good when your allies are as bad as you?[View]
127629064Dirty mussies easily offended: Lool at how angry all these mussies get when playing music to their p…[View]
127626348Stop slouching.[View]
127628715Why wont women admit that they're whores with price tags?: Chances are she's a fucking Tin…[View]
127628862Redpill me on Spencer. A lot of the ZOG/JIDF agent shit seems a bit out there, unless you can provid…[View]
127609769Why are cucky leftist politicians so cocky these days: Trudeau Macron These guys are the biggest fag…[View]
127608425What do we do with Illegal potatoniggers?: http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/16/us/white-irish-undocumented…[View]
127628794***SCR REGROUP***BECAUSE NOT ALL HEROES FALL IN UNIFORM! Happy Memorial Day!: Hi friends, it's …[View]
127628761Im completely black pilled pol. I think the only way America could ever be saved at this point is if…[View]
127628754Stickman SUPPORT THREAD: What's with all these rumors and posts about Stickman fucking trannies…[View]
127616516Is there ANY work of literature more cucked than this? The protagonist not only raises another man…[View]
127625429Do employers in your country also require new employees to work for free? In recent years it's …[View]
127626183One finger gesture in Manchester tribute poem.: A poem was read out to 'honour' manchester…[View]
127625873EXPLAIN THIS SHIT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DCk_Meuw0A /pol/, YOU LITERALLY HAVE 10 SECONDS …[View]
127623892FREE TAXI FOR SCUM: This is so fucking bad that even i didn't think that it is bad like this, a…[View]
127574852Trudeau refuses to answer questions about visiting Soros and other billionaires at private Islands: …[View]
127627960Remember when...: self hating marxists and kike activists were shouting from the rooftops for snivil…[View]
127596913They're literally laughing at your women being raped.[View]
127621712Is there a program/chat room for people with interest of history of europe and the third reich, raci…[View]
127614975Republican lawmaker almost murdered by a democrat on house floor: Republican lawmaker: I called immi…[View]
127615523we wuz in general: Why don't the Kangs people try to appropriate non-white leaders and other hi…[View]
127625208Is Europe still safe/worth it to travel to? All I hear about is muslim destruction. I've never …[View]
127627574PSA: Daily reminder that (((they))) are a spook, and that society isn't worth pursuing to its e…[View]
127627554What what you do or what country would you move to if this man wins?: I myself would move to Estonia…[View]
127627317Did I find a link from Clintons to 'global warming?': 1991, Sony develops 1st commercial lithium bat…[View]
127617116/Polder/ General dutchies get in here: Please speak english for the buitenlanders /POLDER/ GENERAL T…[View]
127625673Cartoon Network degeneracy: >writer (((Jake Goldman))) obviously self inserts himself into a litt…[View]
127607716How do you define Fascism?[View]
127627262Patriotic Spring (sometimes called Nativist Spring or Patriotic Wave) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…[View]
127627204Controversial Feminist Wearing Black Face: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1kvKpQnnnzDGE https://www.pscp.tv/w…[View]
127627174Have you noticed any evolution of /pol/ since you were first here? For me I'd say the evolution…[View]
127610683Friendly reminder that the reason why there are no terrorist attacks in Poland is because even degen…[View]
127619254Ya'll memming people into non-existence.[View]
127596342I'm looking for someone to give me one argument against UBI in a world where even programming j…[View]
127621960>The bourgeoisie has through its exploitation of the world market given a cosmopolitan character …[View]
127626683Happy Memorial Day![View]
127616055Behold The Aryan Empire.: No minorities and complete domination of the world by the white race.…[View]
127626886Is Marriage even an option?: Hi /pol/ >I think that I could get a qt3.14 before she rides the coc…[View]
127624731JFK's 100th birthday: What do you think the world would've been like today if he hasn…[View]
127626266Is america becoming a second world country the only way to teach commys/libs/feminists their lesson?…[View]
127606688I have starred at this picture for 5 min and cannot figure it out: Can someone explain what it is su…[View]
127592614Dollar collapse: What will happen to the US when the dollar collapses? How can martial law be enacte…[View]
127607641How do we fix the black problem?[View]
127626474Red pill me on Fluoride. I know the two sides, good for your teeth vs they're slowly killing us…[View]
127609896Aryan to Jew AMA: I have converted to judaism /pol/ AMA I am an Aryan of entirely Germanic descent w…[View]
127625609>its a USA, Russia, and Untied states saves the world episode im sick of these re runs…[View]
127626360Merkel is an evil person: That is all[View]
127626353[in this slangbonics type of typing nature]: If you and Jesus were inna park learnin things, and you…[View]
127626332The Good Refugees: White South Africans: Fellow Burgers, I've noticed that, nowadays, the term …[View]
127626310https://www.democracynow.org/2017/5/29/noam_chomsky_in_conversation_with_amy Ya'll so called pa…[View]
127624189>Hamptons bachelors are getting vasectomies so gold diggers can’t trap them http://nypost.com/201…[View]
127622128Even CANADIAN schools aren't this bad: What the fuck, America? Trying to outcuck Sweden? https:…[View]
127618017If you had a chance to kill a commie and get away with it...: Would you do it? Maybe eric clanton? I…[View]
127619773Australia Hate Thread: Why do we let these dropping tree pandas continue to ruin the internet? We ge…[View]
127622001Tell me please I need a tutorial to become anorexic, I want to have there control but I don't k…[View]
127578480Another white girl murdered: >'Hannah Cornelius (21), whose body was found on Knorhoek Road yeste…[View]
127625470The most important thing you can do for the white race is keep your own life in order. Start with yo…[View]
127622258There is literally nothing wrong with neoliberalism.[View]
127593844Wtf europe? (pt 2): >be danish >date muslima >get 'honor raped' by her father wtf, isn…[View]
127623841AHHAAHHAHHAA!!: When a porn site is more patriotic and grateful than globalist google. I went there …[View]
127621174Brit/pol/ - Theresa May Edition: >MI5 probes bomber 'warnings' to see if they messed it…[View]
127621844https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P64a5qZ6oMc So, can anyone explain to me why the host of white peopl…[View]
127622646IVANKA ON VACATION WITH PUTIN'S GIRLFRIEND: Is this even smart at this point? http://thehill.co…[View]
127625356What is his endgame?[View]
127608991THE BIGGEST AND FINAL REDPILL: Have you swallowed the biggest redpill and final redpill yet? The tru…[View]
127622403If there is nothing to the Seth Rich Case then answer the following. >Why don't we know what…[View]
127624221Muslim Apologists: Who ARE these people??[View]
127625187As a veteran 4chan user for over 13 years and /pol/ user since 2012 who rarely posts I just wanted t…[View]
127619675Why are they such screwups?[View]
127624972the bongo lady dont let this slide[View]
127612420Mussolini > shitler Prove me wrong.[View]
127624918/pol/ I just read this article on The Beatles and how can someone be this retarded and write such tr…[View]
127600442Why is nationalism frowned upon nowadays?[View]
127624653666 5th Avenue: Why make it so obvious? Do they get off on it?[View]
127621512You just KNOW.[View]
127617596/ptg/ President Trump General - UNSTUMPABLE Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse…[View]
127616301Why do drump supporting 4chan white supremacists hate people of color so much? Why is America so dan…[View]
127605859/pol/ island commune: A vast amount of islands are uninhabited in the pacific and a lot more are bei…[View]
127623308ITT we try to speak Canadian language I'll start: Saallaaami aallicum[View]
127609374ayyo, Americans, tell me some 'stupid Pollack' jokes you've heard https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
127623514Your daily reminder that the US is being run by an immature orange man child[View]
127614872I am a Marriott contractor and I will be working the Westfields on Wednesday and Thursday. I was als…[View]
127615399Why do Europeans rape and molest Syrian & Afghani refugees?: http://webcache.googleusercontent.c…[View]
127624250What have ye? God's the treasure.: 'I don't use the site I just post and go since I still …[View]
127579726ISIS and Animu are on the same side![View]
127623483Is the alpha male a fantasy? http://chadhowsefitness.com/2012/11/25-characteristics-of-an-alpha-mal…[View]
127624131>The entire world is warming up this June except America and Russia Uhm... really makes me think…[View]
127624107The final nail in Canada's coffin.: Great plan; - Legalize a psychotropic substance - Create a…[View]
127614233I need gifs/accounts of refugees chimping out, normies i grew up with on facebook are claiming white…[View]
127623353when did you realize British 'people' are dumb as fuck?[View]
127623720Meme The Dream: Shills, shills never change. Every month, every week, every single day, they drop pr…[View]
127617343Serious question. If the Jews control the media, why is the media pushing the narrative that Muslims…[View]
127615941Alright, who was it?[View]
127622606Missed yesterday: Can I have a quick rundown?[View]
127620541>psssst *kermit voice* Hey you[View]
127623581Where is the next attack going to be?[View]
127623599Goldman Sachs funding dictatorship in Venezuela: https://www.yahoo.com/news/venezuela-opposition-acc…[View]
127618038The Foundation for Exploration: Has anyone taken the Foundation Pill? Is it superior to the Bog Pill…[View]
127619153NDP/Green coalition in BC. RIP Christy Clark: Where are my BC bros at? Get ready for Premiercuck Hor…[View]
127623383why i hate baby boomers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guHBBJ5O__g[View]
127618465The meme war continuation.: We need to continue the meme war for the UK elections and the US mid ter…[View]
127623254Why do niggers need affirmative action if we all have same IQ? They can get to college without it, r…[View]
127595285Heineken, yes![View]
127622641Who the fuck order snipers to literally kill children? Explain yourselves, Serbs. How much of a subh…[View]
127620569Freedom and that such 'nonsense': This post is a discussion for any one who is a lover of freedom. A…[View]
127617499Why not just tax the fuck out of rich people and corporations? It's not like they need billion…[View]
127621056>Old/pol/: Bush did 9/11! ISIS/Al Qaeda/etc are false flag mercenary armies so the MIC can make m…[View]
127604050>dismisses ethnonationalism as larping in favour of 'white sharia' >now 'ironically' praises c…[View]
127616675James Mattis on what keeps him up at night: ' Nothing. I keep others awake': > 'What keeps you aw…[View]
127613525>How Finland is ditching classroom traditions >Exercise balls replace chairs in this classroom…[View]
127596847So, /pol/, who is /ourguy/ in this election? https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-italy-politics-idUKKB…[View]
127622590Tiger Woods' fall from grace is on you, white people. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/more-sp…[View]
127622416I can't see why those terrible, White Islamophobic racists are upset at the enrichment caused b…[View]
127605200Immigrants are now gloating on social media about 'taking over' European countries: https://twitter.…[View]
127621614Non White Issues: Hey guys, I'm half white and half Latino. My dad looks a lot like my dad (he …[View]
127618601Hail! Fellow Polluters: http://www.dailycal.org/2017/05/08/environmental-racism/[View]
127621307Danish right wing confirmed ZOG: Pernille Vermund, leader of danish Nye Borgerlige party (The New Ri…[View]
127622387Ilifags tell me what you know about Beppe Gillo.. Is he the only hope in saving your country from th…[View]
127620075Are there any modern reactionaries or others on the right wing that aren't full of shit?[View]
127622339DT twitter trolls are cancer: You guys need to fuck with all the twitter thread spamming faggots, no…[View]
127622345Mass Panic: Will we have a massive mishap like in 1938 War of the Worlds Radio play, but on a global…[View]
127622251>a violent and undemocratic continental european superstate led by germany, starting wars with ru…[View]
127618645What about this, pseudo-aryan untermansch abrahamic caucasoid cumskin niggers?[View]
127620074CORBYN VS MAY: HI PRIMEMINISTER SNOOOOOOOOOOORRRRTTTTTT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y60wDzZt8yg…[View]
127617783Why should blacks pay taxes?: Why the fuck should black students pay taxes? They built this country,…[View]
127620121People who did nothing wrong.: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veerappan He was a notorious poacher/…[View]
127621979Question to Oldfags: When did /pol/ become right wing?: I voted for Trump, but I'm a fairly new…[View]
127621664God bless them boys serving overseas[View]
127621834what emotion is putin trying to convey?[View]
127610149Why are you guys so racist? Black violence and poor academic performance is due to poverty, which is…[View]
127614569Has the day of the Rake-ening finally come?!?!: Canada getting BTFO by Tent Caterpillars http://glob…[View]
127621780Be degenerate 'celebrity', make society weak and kids oversexualized: >Make tons of money from it…[View]
127616710tracking girl about to be exacuted: anybody feel like helping trackdown the girl thats about to be e…[View]
127621764Theory on the origins of the Globalists/Cabal/TPTB. Explains the motivations of many happenings.: I …[View]
127608305What's the mentality behind getting a worthless degree like communications, history, gender shi…[View]
127616387Paul Joseph Watson goes redpill: Paul Joseph Watson has gone full white nationalism and is now addre…[View]
127609552Explain that trump[View]
127609830How does /pol/ feel about world war 3? For the third time in history, Germany is at odds with US,UK …[View]
127617853/ptg/ - PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov https://www.don…[View]
127618257LEFTISM IS OUT OF CONTROL: This is ascreen shot of an in-game ad on angry birds. FUCKING CHE GUEVARA…[View]
127619386Is Valeria Wasserman related to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz?: Valeria Wasserman is married to Noam Chom…[View]
127619828niggers https://twitter.com/Real_Nation_/status/866042303990968321[View]
127615264All Muslims are evi-.[View]
127608069Wan't to know why Muslim become extreme in the west when looking at the 2nd and 3rd generation?…[View]
127619873BROOKLYN YES! Drag queen story hour: At the Brooklyn Public Library, Lil’ Miss Hot Mess reads to gro…[View]
127621166Jim Norton thinks /pol/ is for little pussy boys @40:30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMiQUlyMPGE…[View]
127616664why are american vets so willing to die for the jews?[View]
127611480Post yfw you're out in public and you see a mixed race couple.[View]
127615002In a post-Brexit world, can Britain still be considered European anymore?[View]
12758761710 dead Poles are worth 6999 living refugees: A lefty female journalist on TV about taking refugees …[View]
127617587NIGGERS: say it with me.[View]
127620811Shadow home secretary: That's damn racist calling her a shadow. Could they not be more unpc?…[View]
127620772Scalia education thread - political beliefs: Scalia was one of the greatest thinkers of our time, an…[View]
127617877If Porn is Degenerate, How come Nips are so fuggin BASED?[View]
127620470This is how the sun sees you.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkHA3nJ9bWs Caucasians have a very hi…[View]
127618459How do we fix these whiny little faggots that claim to have 'ptsd'? Should we beat them up to man th…[View]
127615511Brit/pol/ - Jo Cox Commemorative Edition: >MI5 probes bomber 'warnings' to see if they …[View]
127612025>anglo '''''''honour''''''[View]
127617313Fuck you, you ADHD pieces of shit!: This is what is wrong with the world today. Attention spans have…[View]
127609491<<< 2017. why, pol?[View]
127620428Corbyn VS May Part 3 Nasty Party Edition Listen watch here Sky News.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
127618973German forigen minister: Trump has hurt EU interests: > Berlin (AFP) - Germany on Monday unleashe…[View]
127604226Help me understand how this is a bad thing. Currently, 80% of EU states are militarily completely i…[View]
127617184America get your cringe together: What the fuck is your wrong with your niggers? They chimpout every…[View]
127611290Israel: >Israel has the highest birthrate of the devolved world >3.3 compared to Europe's…[View]
127619679do you think political reputation matters?[View]
127620001What if?: 4Chan, hear me out, I have an idiotic theory. What if all this gender-queer-transsexual-ra…[View]
127619829Do employers in your country also require new employees to work for free? In recent years it's …[View]
127612603Daily reminder If you aren't serving in the military or don't plan to then you are NOT a r…[View]
127605262WWII: You're only allowed to post in this thread if your grandfathers fought in WWII. One was a…[View]
127607024Syria General /sg/ - Memories Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpress.c…[View]
127585949Guy at American publicly funded community college gets kicked out of room for being white: What the …[View]
127619725Real reason for U.S Civil War: What was the U.S Civil war REALLY fought over? Economics? Religion? P…[View]
127618933>/pol/ doesn't want this to live in their country Why?[View]
127613781Corbyn Vs May. Corbyn done, now its mays turn edition. Part 2. Listen/Watch live: Sky News.. https:/…[View]
127619622Not original fucking normie fucking cock sucking thread: eyyy boi are you triggrd ? noh mann am trig…[View]
127619591What did he mean by this?[View]
1276195768th-graders REFUSE to be photographed with Paul Ryan: >Matthew Malespina, one of the students who…[View]
127605680Male privilege everyone![View]
127601446IRON-PILL VS BLACK-PILL: So, being on 4chan its safe to assume most if not everyone here has taken t…[View]
127613713CNN openly calls white men 'dangerous': CNN's war on white men has been taken to the …[View]
127619113What are some essential /pol/-approved YouTubers ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6-zi25GgVE[View]
127613740/CPD/ CHICAGO PD SCANNER THREAD - At Dusk They Chimp: Let's try this again. >BUT WHO THE FUC…[View]
127595754why did Tiger always identify himself as Asian when he was winning majors & titles, but now that…[View]
127617462Commercials that really make you think https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P03VWvKLaOc[View]
127619424Dindus tried to force whites off Evergreen state college (Olympia, WA). Here's some relevant ma…[View]
127586308this is deep...........[View]
127619260'Asylum Seeker' Best Hits Thread: https://www.google.com/#q=%22asylum+seeker%22+rape&tbm=nws Tre…[View]
1276096972nd Brazil: I'm actually scared that no race and/or civil war will happen in Europe and the US …[View]
127614139Have you been doing you part to save your race and improving yourselves through physical strength? N…[View]
12761769995,000 US troops died during the cold war so that Jared and Drumpf could have a secret backchannel t…[View]
127619073With how events are unfolding, is history bound to repeat itself?[View]
127618823Was fired White House usher a leaker?: This happened a couple weeks ago. Angella Reid was the woman …[View]
127615282Today would have been his 100th birthday. Press F to pay respects to the man who just wanted to warn…[View]
127611310fuck donald trump[View]
127618821wtf: wtf[View]
127618574WTF: WTF[View]
127611449What is wrong with Americans?: A 9yr old should not use an iPad! Also, pedophiles should be hanged a…[View]
127618703Wow: Hungry as fuck!![View]
127599278Η ΠΟΛΙΣ ΕΑΛΩ: ITT: We lament the fall of Constantinople on it's 564th anniversary with pro-Gree…[View]
127609849>Redditfags falling for this fake whore Oh when will they learn...[View]
127618135In the book of Deuteronomy (ch 22: 20-21), there is a law that says if a man marries a woman and dis…[View]
127611301As a west african guy i enjoy laughing at you trash and this cesspool: Before you chimpout, my direc…[View]
127617324Smelly, Dumb, Collectivist Scum: Daily reminder that fascists and marxists are cut from the same clo…[View]
127605358London Calling: Apparently, British Police are arresting citizens for criticizing Islam on social me…[View]
127617764Friendly reminder that Poland and Hungary will not accept a single one refugee because it means losi…[View]
127617723Whats his endgame, /pol/?[View]
127602364HAPPENIGN- MOLDOVA GIVES 5 RUSSIAN DIPLOMATS 72 HOURS TO LEAVE COUNTRY: Organ traffickers and organi…[View]
127617355NOTHING KEEPS ME AWAKE AT NIGHT: we have the best, don't we folks http://clapsnews.com/2017/05…[View]
127617483This meme should be more developed. Discuss.[View]
127608623Lets talk about philanthropy. Is it acceptable that rich folk don't help others with their mon…[View]
127616044WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING ONTARIO?: You fuckers are already in debt, and now you're spending …[View]
127615816WTF, I love Muslims now![View]
127613667TESC PROTESTS GENERAL: Alright, any Greeners here who can fill us in on what Monday has brought us? …[View]
127617240Evergreen — “Whiteness is the most violent fuckin’ system to ever breathe!”: Look on the bright side…[View]
127613447Corbyn vs May DEBATE: GET IN HERE Listen/Watch live: Sky News.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y60w…[View]
127617205Arctic Logicantifaareterroristcommiescum: Hi /pol/, I am a video producer on YouTube. I make videos …[View]
127615950Killing off the MSM: They're already dying off anyways if you look at their ratings and it will…[View]
127616936What did he mean by this?[View]
127617053OAN did a good video overview of the Seth Rich case: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAA9Gy2SXdg Alo…[View]
127616974soros funded illegal alien invasion aka refugee takeover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbIc1LZqIA…[View]
127616995the real bad guys[View]
127616136https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Az-Ld7BIag8: THIS SHOULDN'T HAVE SUCH GOOD RATINGS. DO ME A FAVOR…[View]
127616806https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Az-Ld7BIag8: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Az-Ld7BIag8 This video nee…[View]
127616766Is Africa a prime example of what happens when every single person on a given continent have 'Crabs …[View]
127612938What the hell is going on?: So many shootings in this city. Why is it happening? Don't liberals…[View]
127615791> Ashkenazi Jews have the highest average IQ of any ethnic group for which there are reliable dat…[View]
127616603Will modern art ever go away?[View]
127611296Labour has 57% lead among those aged 18-24: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/labour-lea…[View]
127613921Pakistan, the Soviet Invasion of Afghanastan and 9/11- what do you all know?[View]
127611291Have you ever heard of the term 'mayocide'? It's a new term to promote genocide against white p…[View]
127594036WIlliam Legate deleted his twitter accound: TRUMP BTFO How will his nips ever recover??[View]
127616414Q for left pol.: Why on earth do you believe that the wealthy and productive should be taxed and pun…[View]
127614408When did he realize whites were in the right to hate niggers?[View]
127588130Antifa stabbed: #basedknifeman actually stabbed a anrifa member named micah fletcher Pic related…[View]
127616294Pedophiles: Do you hate pedos? the number in pic related beloved they should be Normalized as pedo s…[View]
127614792>tfw my German friend said that Germany taking in all these refugees was a way of atoning for the…[View]
127611209Post yfw you're minding your own business in public and you see someone who isn't white.[View]
127616242The Truth about the Refugee Crisis: Here is the link to the YT video, explaining what the media does…[View]
127607457you insecure lunatics are getting radicalized in this hatefilled echochamber lol: Carry on with your…[View]
127615573Should discrimination against homosexuals be made illegal at the federal level? https://youtu.be/128…[View]
127614970victoryofthewebb: my fucking face when these two worlds collide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQe8…[View]
127585315whohohoa /pol/ btfo[View]
127610074WTF is this symbol?: Is it associated with the masons?[View]
127610883Why are you niggers always complaining about 'not finding a good white woman with traditional values…[View]
127615978Dindu nu-: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcYmppIe_CQ[View]
127615702any one wanna make some autists think that new Russian exchange students are shooting up schools. am…[View]
127615226How do we solve the issue of migrants not integrating to western society and adopting western values…[View]
127575499Will you crusaders rape Muslim women during the modern reconquest?: I mean they raped yours, so an e…[View]
127615579Question: If borders open up why don't Western Men start immigrating into Muslim countries to i…[View]
127614196Pol, I've already taken pills on le negros, feminism, jews, and the Holocaust: WHAT REMAINS?: I…[View]
127596827How should we cure transgenders? >inb4 just beat the shit out of them That only works for failed …[View]
127615425/CTG/ Conspiracy Theory General: Post some interesting conspiracy theories and discuss them Here is …[View]
127601870Mfw all Justin Trudeaus shilling for muslims backfires and this pajeet becomes PM[View]
127615277>tfw you find someone who's a bigger cuck than you are[View]
127615381Cash Hoarding: Google and Apple are hoarding money offshore to give us universal basic income. You h…[View]
127613677Daily reminder that you should kys if you think health care as a for profit industry is acceptable.[View]
127597027The Missing OAN Report on Seth Rich: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyR1MKZ408Y[View]
127615128WHAT DOES OBAMA HAVE PLANNED IN NJ?: I've seen chatter about Singh on here but after I saw this…[View]
127595236/pol/ meetup: When will be the next /pol/ meetup? >the last one[View]
127614895why's BBC anti german? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oreSVIC7DhE[View]
127602323Is anyone else becoming redpilled on white people?: After the events in Manchester last week, I…[View]
127614733>support BLM >support Bernie >hates drumpf why the fuck was he yelling at two muslim women?…[View]
127586559shitting aside, what REALLY happens here?: It just dawned on my kike ass that I don't know jack…[View]
127609881Question to Russia anons: Let's say an alliance of Mikhail Khodorkovksy, Alexei Navalny & G…[View]
127614016Ramdamdam in Bavaria: Ever since ramadam started, you literally don't see a single muslim outsi…[View]
127592437Are indians the most pathetic race: Asians have small dicks but big brains plus athletic Whites have…[View]
127613932>leftists are faggots >leftists are weak >leftists are fat white knight neckbeards >left…[View]
127613911Wtf corbyn's wife is mexican?: I love corbyn now[View]
127614472Where'd this fedora tipping bullshit come from? Showed up on my feed a few minutes ago.[View]
127611238What does /pol/ think about this?[View]
127613981Why aren't we best bros with China and Russia? Together we could rule the world and get rid of …[View]
127609094Name one current world leader that you respect[View]
127614230Where were you when Facebook intellectuals BTFO /pol/?[View]
127598294Why the fuck is it okay for landlords to exist? >pay me money for occupying space What is this sh…[View]
127573324Good morning class!: Before I begin I just want to say how super happy I am to have the honour to be…[View]
127613197Tank Rampage in muslim neighborhood: It's only a matter of time before someone takes a tank pac…[View]
127613864Say it with me: PRESIDENT PENCE Trump only has a 62% chance of being President by year end 2018 I vo…[View]
127593271>Italy about to go broke and get bailed out by the IMF >Spain, Portugal and France are in deep…[View]
127600707Is abundant energy a passing fad? People live with the expectation that the human race will move for…[View]
127611879Theresa May and Comrade Corbyn debate now: GET IN HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y60wDzZt8yg…[View]
127607854>This is the metro in Budapest. Notice anything?[View]
1276057751 in 4,620,054,353,091,400,000,000,000: Those are the odds. If you replaced Turner’s 10 Executives, …[View]
127605538One of us[View]
127612185Well /pol/, is he.... /our-guy?/[View]
127609545Brit/pol/ - Hillsborough Edition: >MI5 probes bomber 'warnings' to see if they messed i…[View]
127613421MUMMY MAY VS CORBYNATOR #2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y60wDzZt8yg[View]
127607412The goal is, by spreading images like this, to convince women to protest immigrants by making them t…[View]
127612605Share your rare Merkels[View]
127607527My uncle is getting deported back to Canada: My uncle is getting deported from the U.S back here nex…[View]
127613122Germany and France vs UK and USA: So.. Merkel has spoken just another day about Europe not being abl…[View]
127604699Good job, retards: Man who stabbed and killed two people in Portland most definitely a /pol/tard. …[View]
127613021What a disgrace. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4551896/Trump-acted-like-tacky-drunk-touris…[View]
127610284Niggers are worthless, and here's why: - Sells their own people to whites in exchange for white…[View]
127612632Wikipedia: Why is Wikipedia so cucked? It's an ideal platform to influence public opinion, so w…[View]
127608664Corbyn Vs May: T-Minus 15 minutes.. Listen/Watch live: Sky News.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6…[View]
127610693The only justified hatred is the hate to MALES.: Males commit: +90% murders +90% sexual abuse +80% o…[View]
127612845Reminder that the Portland Attack Was Demonstrably a False Flag: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-u…[View]
127606040General Pinochet: Why no love for General President Pinochet on this board? Yeah Hitler did some thi…[View]
127611174lets take a moment to remember all the good goys that died for the JEws: F[View]
127611960Political purpose: What ought to be the purpose of politics, for what should politics serve ultimate…[View]
127611147Anyone else notice more black women being used in OP pics?[View]
127612138Civil War: Why does the left want a civil war with people they disagree with so badly? Why do mega c…[View]
127612452Growing up white in America: Is it harder to be white in the USA today than it was in the past? I g…[View]
127610543Awww aren't they cute nigger dogs? everyone should have three.[View]
127612325Cuck.: Watching the Corbyn interview. Some fat, stuttering cunt just asked: I like your policies, bu…[View]
127606919Why don't people want big families these days? >inb4 too expensive…[View]
127609107ITT: We pretend we're in the Hillary timeline: >Oh hey, I'm your new roommate Anon! …[View]
127603704http://www.collegehumor.com/post/7044506/what-the-world-looks-like-when-youre-jewish: How can one li…[View]
127606396Stop Spoiling Our Plans, Goyim!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IjqlhYH8QY REEEE[View]
127612075colombia bros. whats your thoughts about the peace treaty with the FARCs? if it were me, i would hav…[View]
127611371Are the jews really to blame for what's going on with Sweden and not the Swedes themselves? Eve…[View]
127601102Thots going their own way: Is this it? Have they gone full circle? Even women are emulating MGTOW no…[View]
127609963USS Liberty: Fucking Zionists need to be burned alive for this >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q…[View]
127611814Ponder: Hey guys, what can you tell me about this app? I've heard some really great things. It…[View]
127611764Fellow Slavs! How can we solve the gypsy problem? How can we encourage them all to move to Sweden, F…[View]
127579290CANADA YES! 90% of Refugees eligible to vote for Cuckdeau in 2019!!: >Amendment to Immigration Ac…[View]
127608889Why haven't you taken the Holy Roman Empire Pill yet, look at this flag, you know you want to b…[View]
127603629Seth Rich rundowns for Normies and newfags: Normie friendly Seth Rich rundowns. Share them around, m…[View]
127611662A war against normies in Ireland: Brothers and sisters I require your assistance their are commies c…[View]
127611363What did Google mean by this?[View]
127612260The loo isn't the best place to take a dookie So the street is where I go Me and my friends on …[View]
127613475What does /pol/ smoke?[View]
127611582Why are you still eating soy? You know it kills your testosterone levels, right? Do you keep your ph…[View]
127572747Is there any reason why mudslimes have such thick skin?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZGgpW4PO9k…[View]
127597332What would be a 9/11 equivalent today?: Not in terms of casualties, but more like shock value and im…[View]
127611513Why was 9/11 not on day 22? It's obvious the Jews like to carry out their attacks on day 22. Bu…[View]
127611128Should they delete this tweet? >no Fuck you.[View]
127605894Burgers in europe: Burger currently in Germany, lots of muslims, wierd poop shelf toilets, awesome b…[View]
127610184What do we think of the #WithRefugees ihashtag on twitter started by the UN Refugee Agency?[View]
127611355Allies. Both of them have common purpose- destroy western civilization[View]
127607420ahahahahahaahahahahahahah so fucking cucked https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gS5c_OVZmtk >3:58 my …[View]
127610099I want to learn about Buddhism but there seems to be so much and so many different strands. Can anyb…[View]
127610583Holy shit I understand the 4D chess meme. >ajit the lit proposes to end net neutrality >with t…[View]
127584265hate on russians: why westerners hate us so much? we are basically the most tormented nation ever ex…[View]
127611120heya here 666: The truth you think everybody knows but they dont speak to you cus the world would fa…[View]
127590119Antifa have turned against Clanton and are spreading this around twitter and sticking it up all over…[View]
127611081https://twitter.com/tedwheeler/status/869257231576965120 This bleeding heart cuck wants to stop free…[View]
127609486Reminder that there's nothing wrong with women.[View]
127611010If we come out of this asian sea tension alive, will the Trump detractors lose much needed ammo?[View]
127608806>wrong about america 2008 >wrong about america 2012 >right about brexit >wrong about ame…[View]
127586374Get a Job[View]
127610984Why aren't we best bros with China and Russia? Together we could rule the world and get rid of …[View]
127606848Get out of /pol/ and read a fucking book you brainlet[View]
127608927Who's Spain's greatest ally?: Is it Ireland? >Portugal - UK >Spain - Ireland…[View]
127592271Why did we stop building beautiful things?[View]
127593465The Israeli Red Pill: >be average Israeli guy >your grand father and grand mother fought again…[View]
127610139Biggest Mutha Fuckin Dicks in the room: We take shit from the world for being sexist, misogynistic, …[View]
127604553FATHER RAPES HIS DAUGHTERS BOYFRIEND: >The 22 year old boyfriend was asked to meet with his girlf…[View]
127603375Honestly, what's wrong with Israel?[View]
127610643Take the ZUCCPILL!: Why haven't you taken the ZUCCPILL yet? >Looks like a living Roman Stat…[View]
127606001Which side will you be on in the revolution?[View]
127609220How does one get to the point where they have to flee the country for their political views?[View]
127605207Really makes you think...[View]
127595261Do you prefer your democratic leader or would you rather be ruled by a king?[View]
127583360TRUMP EFFECT IS CRUSHING LIBERAL HOLLY WOOD: Not since the Friday the 13th remake can I recall a dro…[View]
127609248Civic Nationalism: Explain to me why it's a bad thing. What's wrong with whites, niggers, …[View]
127608200Fuck Memorial Day.: Since when do we celebrate losers? American society only cares about winners; we…[View]
127610127All set, going undercover as a Trump supporter.[View]
127609034Anti-commie memes: I've created a folder named 'Anti-commie memes' Help me fill her up![View]
127608572How do we fix white people?[View]
127598779Alex Jones: Wants a Job at Fox: Like a lot of people, I was amazed at Alex's 180 degree turn du…[View]
127608282Syria General /sg/ - Dimashq Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpress.co…[View]
127597006When is this based mother fucker going to bring down the hammer on marijuana? How long until he lets…[View]
127609972/pol/ MS paint comics[View]
127606823Trump logged in to his PRESIDENTIAL twitter account to express support for Portland: http://www.reut…[View]
127608605Get off your ass and start a revolution you pathetic defeatist cucks.[View]
127608642Immigration Solutions: Can we have a general discussion on what /pol/ can do to stop this influx of …[View]
127609431It's 2020: Zuckerberg is President of the USA. How likely is an Oblivian scenario?[View]
127607007Fuck Latvia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWAWenk4H0s This goes out to every Latvian on /pol/ I h…[View]
127608028AMA: Hey /pol/, I'm flying to Germany in a bit and I just wanted to know what the current polit…[View]
127609405When you realize that muslims are basically africanized bees >come from a line that used to be (r…[View]
127588783Italians are the Mexicans of Europe: Ever notice that Italian actors were often used to play the rol…[View]
127605817American Education: How do we fix american education? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yo-BGLoCDZU (P…[View]
127607648EU: Is the EU trying to become a superpower like he US? Is this why they are importing Africans, so …[View]
127609278/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
127609266>mfw doesn't have a loyal, racist, aryan, Danish wifey Top Kek. How does it feel to be with …[View]
127605975Which of his promises will Trump actually keep?: http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/promises/tr…[View]
127609178What did they mean by this?[View]
127598631We should have a 3 strikes rule for other countries: Germany has messed up continually throughout it…[View]
127594017What did he mean by this?[View]
127602744:^): Where do you think he went off to, /pol/?[View]
127609158The Mummy 2017 whitewashing controversy: http://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/04/14/social-justice-warr…[View]
127604108Why is the entire media trying to portray this spineless French faggot as some tough guy who took do…[View]
127605094Is Islam really any worse than other religions? All religions have bad apples in the bunch.[View]
127605525Neanderthals and race mixing.: It's not a controversial statement to say that neanderthals were…[View]
127607935Whites getting genocided: Why does no one ever talk about the black genocide of whites that is s goi…[View]
127608708The opiate epidemic is over.: All the sob story faggots who think their lives have to be dangerous a…[View]
127608981Behold your idol. See your alpha male as he descends into oblivion.[View]
127606050Where have there been no bombings by either poltical side in the USA?[View]
127592463Hey, goy, to celebrate Memorial Day, don't forget to tune in to saving private jews, coming up …[View]
127608866Baby Boomer thread: Hi, Boomers of /pol/! This is a special message for you from Gen X. Also general…[View]
127605583Brit/pol/ - Nuttall Interview edition: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/live/bbcone http://www.bbc.co.uk…[View]
127608692Red Pill Thread: This place is getting more and more blue pilled as time goes on thanks to shills an…[View]
127605983WTF are you doing /pol/...: >Residents outraged after white supremacist group leaves propaganda p…[View]
127607531Hitler would be feeling let down, if we don't intercourse with arab girls. I think it's im…[View]
127605819Find his bondsman, call him, let him know he's planning to flee to Mexico. The quicker the bett…[View]
127600794Globalism & Its Effects on the Modern World: Let's have a serious discussion about the inev…[View]
127603750>tfw mutilated by the jews at birth Why are we still here? Just to suffer?…[View]
127593602Niggers Celebrating Whites Dying: Instagram post with 1500 like and 570 comments which is a huge num…[View]
127606057Jews. We hate you, you hate us. Never gonna change. Get over it.[View]
127608143Operation #OpenDoors: New idea >Tell liberals to keep doors wide open in support of rapefugees …[View]
127605905Memorial Day: People younger than you died to go to war for the state. That's what today is abo…[View]
127606445Trump’s Move to Deter Russian Aggression: >On Tuesday, President Donald Trump presented a budget …[View]
127601368/RG/ RAMADAN GENERAL: It's really hard celebrating this is Sweden with the long hours of daylig…[View]
127582223CATHOLIC GENERAL: Here are your daily readings http://usccb.org/bible/readings/052917.cfm Community …[View]
127607028french election: What does /pol/ think about Emmanuel Macron and his program? http://www.bbc.com/new…[View]
127594958I am a Muslim who is secretly not fasting for Ramadan. AMA[View]
127607069Must suck to be from Canadia: > home much prices higher than the usa > Income much lower > …[View]
127608154>they don't have the biggest Jesus in the world[View]
127597479North Korea what to do / terrorism: North Korea is engaging in economic terrorism shutting down Heat…[View]
127599046People will keep dating who they want regardless of your cries: Why are you so insecure?It's no…[View]
127606417Why does Trump ride the cart so much? Is it because his ass is so blasted by bessbelle?[View]
127608853I miss the old pol[View]
127609319There's only one race, the dog race.[View]
127605514This channel is such pretencious trash[View]
127607685Vikings in the Americas: How is it that Native Americans managed to drive the Vikings off the contin…[View]
127607909The Karneval der Kulturen (Carnival of Cultures) will beginn this Friday in Berlin. Tens of thousand…[View]
127607875The kikes did it again.: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=Zr5qzV-8Zkc[View]
127602354Stop worshiping the military.[View]
127604799Do you honor fallen black soldiers?[View]
127606232Why aren't we best bros with China and Russia? Together we could rule the world and get rid of …[View]
127607180why isn't your country based?[View]
127607678Why don't you call me Pepe Grillo?[View]
127605954/TRG/ Talk Radio General: It iiis the Savage Nation and it's another Rock n' Roll Friday a…[View]
127607302Ok which one of you was it?: www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4552660/amp/Jewish-family-pelted-stone…[View]
127607260Let's us Discuss Why America is Such a BAD Country?: 1. America it enslaved a generation of peo…[View]
127599314https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCZJi3Z0ihQ You can only post in this thread if free speech is still…[View]
127584734Never forget the end goal of the NWO: NWO depends on several mechanisms designed to break individual…[View]
127603730the_donald hate thread[View]
127607367So deep. So edgy. #CounterCulture #UnpopularOpinions[View]
127607374>be member of NATO >get snackbarred regularly Why should they be paying 2% again?…[View]
127605266>'Islam and Turkey arent a part of European history' Heinrich Buenting, a German map maker, drew …[View]
127605335Honoring those today who almost achieved the master race[View]
127606317So this is how you get them wymenz![View]
127604780Is racemixing with asian women fundamentally wrong?[View]
127590528Capitalism vs Commusnism part 2: This is a countinuation of another thread I posted yesterday >…[View]
127597428Syria General /sg/ - Nobody cares Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpre…[View]
127604657When did /pol/ become right wing?: Gamergate? Was it an incremental process, or did it happen overni…[View]
127606247wew lads https://theamericanrevenant.com/2016/11/21/gender-identity-concept-came-from-a-pedophile-an…[View]
127603233Daily reminder to stupid gringos; Socialism and communism aren't the same thing.[View]
127606020>IQs of students at Harvard, Yale and MIT have risen dramatically since the 1950s >the percent…[View]
127601012Milo is gay: ITT We post proof Milo is destructive to the right[View]
127598601Happy Memorial Day /pol/: Let us all take time to remember everything our forefathers fought and die…[View]
127605829What's the Interior US like?: East coast faggot reporting in, what's the interior US like?…[View]
127561466Is it safe to be white in America?[View]
127606392President Trump's Trip Abroad Highlights [The White House]: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Xeke9…[View]
127606361Post rare Spencers.[View]
127600968(((((VOX))))) Claims the Marine corps has a'toxic masculinity' problem on memorial day.: It's a…[View]
127606025Hey guys, boomer here. I'm new here and looking to chat with some new people. I'm an exper…[View]
127606121Fascism=Social Democracy?: Is Fascism pretty much social democracy without the democratic part?…[View]
127583517British zoo happening part II nothing really confirmed yet but I am hungry for memes[View]
127606246Larry Thorne Thread: No Memorial Day love for the most /pol/ American solider in history? For shame.…[View]
127602657Why do you seek knowledge /pol/? What's the reason behind knowing all about politics, economy a…[View]
127606159I'm so glad us Republicans and alt-right can stand strong for our rights. Not even veterans or …[View]
127598487What should I tell my anti-American friend?[View]
127606086MSNBC attack: What do we do about this https://www.instagram.com/p/BUpUeGfDaEh/ Best link I have…[View]
127604983How are non mestizo hispanics suppose to cope that they get blamed for the shit mestizo hispanics do[View]
127605371Segregation: Is it coming back in American or just a temporary social flux? Bonus topic: anyone else…[View]
127605098I got these random pictures today. They seem pretty cool people pol.[View]
127604486Jerome Corsi and infowar$: So what 4 bombshells are Jerome Corsi dropping tomorrow? The Filter Man w…[View]
127604087Oswald Mosley thread: Posts quotes, pictures, videos, whatever you have. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
127606003Media Bias: Just do one quick google search for Macron and see how hard the media is riding Macrons …[View]
127601424The fall of Constantinople: May 29th, 1453 a city fell, a great man died and an empire that stretche…[View]
127605836Why are we so powerless to stop the White Genocide?: There are hundreds of millions of us around the…[View]
127600517Women are human beings. Not your property. When you marry a woman you didn't buy her vagina wit…[View]
127605742ITT: Transgender: So /pol/, why are you so against Transgender people. Does it make your masculinity…[View]
127605101Do you merifats know how it is to be constantly scared of your neighbour and live in constant fear o…[View]
127604583I'm racist as fuck now don't get me wrong. But these Hondurans who are neighbors invites m…[View]
127601436Brit/pol/ Terror edition: >Thread Video (post british politics related rage videos) https://www.…[View]
127605519Paraguay: What happens here? And has this flag ever posted?[View]
127604310Why are americans so god fucking stupid and hypocritical? >we saved you europoors 2 times the ass…[View]
127605267Jew Cubes thread: Can I get a quick rundown on Saturn, Jew Cubes, the Star of David, and the grand M…[View]
127605079Koran = hate speech?: The EU forced all member states to pass laws restricting some forms of speech …[View]
127602346Why aren't you a feminist?[View]
127601190Flashing lights. Symbol in window: Was this ever figured out last night? Offcial story claiming was …[View]
127596413MEMORY HOLE GENERAL /mhg/ #2: previous thread >>127578082[View]
127604913The Perestroika deception: What are some of your thoughts on the Perestroika deception[View]
127604885Migration and NGOs: https://youtu.be/AfG1myglfhY[View]
127603470I think the EU should provide a travel warning for the UK: 23,000? What is being done about them? Th…[View]
127604398BOMB?!??!: There's a perescope going around with some girl with a timer going down. holy shit g…[View]
127604471Redpilled Animes: What are some redpilled animes you yourself would recommend people should watch?…[View]
127568576/pol/ making fun of feminists who whine about the portrayal of women in video games meanwhile they g…[View]
127564149THIS FUCKING COUNTRY I FUCKING SWEAR: Russian politician and mayor candidate for our secound biggest…[View]
127599934Pope is depressed: Holy shit, I thought the pope would be gitty as fuck meeting our supreme leader, …[View]
127604785Whats behind the federal reserve anyways: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgq26e5HXKs This video mad…[View]
127599288PARIS NO! Then YES! Like the cucks they are: The mayor of Paris has called for a black feminist fest…[View]
127604702Is he not right? Help me out here. I fail to see how libertarians are hopeless extremists when their…[View]
127602566why does judaism say incest and pedophillia are okay?[View]
127573672#RefugeesWelcome: Is he the bullshit artist of our lifetime?[View]
127603125Welcome fellow non-whites and people of colour and self-identified non-whites, this thread is for th…[View]
127603606>Trump is an embarrassment >Brexit was a mistake >Far-right is failing everywhere Macron i…[View]
127591152German Foreign Minister criticizes Trump: Trump's actions have 'weakened' the West, G…[View]
127601988564th anniversary of Conquest of Constantinople: 'Verily you shall conquer Constantinople. What a wo…[View]
127573488/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General: ϟϟ HAIL VICTORY! ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the Jewish Ques…[View]
127601482JUST FUCK OUR CHILDREN UP, FAM: http://archive.is/Smv8P The book, Talking About Terrorism, published…[View]
127600888>Northern Ireland is better off in the U-: (source: countries by nominal GDP per capita) https://…[View]
127604284Eternal Anglo btfo: How will the Anglos ever recover?[View]
127601820Will Cryptocurrencies replace the current (((Central Bank))) system? What could be the political fal…[View]
127602381okay /pol/ im not a politics person whatsoever but i feel like i should vote in the uk election. i w…[View]
127591870Im still hearing a bit about it but i cant let this die out or be forgotten. Is there anyway we can …[View]
127602820If you settle with any girl born in this country you're a certifiable cuck that's playing …[View]
127598459No information exists on how Weiner even knew a 15 year old.: You amateurs. You realize (((they))) m…[View]
127567905what do you think of the world /pol/?: post yours and anyone asking for a fucking template you can p…[View]
127604055Trump at G7.: https://youtu.be/UOSB7iBrlhc He's a livining meme. I was tehre and he pointed at …[View]
127604030Which is the United States not as interested in genetic engineering as countries like China?[View]
127602117/etg/ East Timor General: >There needs to be an East Timor general thread >>war for years …[View]
127597492Are SJWs the most redpilled group in the West?: In the typical western society, if we square the edg…[View]
127603983Where did light coloured eyes come from? Most humans have brown eyes and only animals have coloured …[View]
127603974All of the world's religions will be absolutely dominated by niggers and other various shitskin…[View]
127599462He did nothing wrong: I hate hot women and chads too, and want to make them all suffer.[View]
127603948How do we solve the terrorism/SS problem?[View]
127603937When did /pol/ become right wing?: When did this right wing consensus develop on this website? Gamer…[View]
127602910How would a brown Mexican be treated in Rural Europe: How would a brown Mexican like me(pic related)…[View]
127603874Why aren't we best bros with China and Russia? Together we could rule the world and get rid of …[View]
127603681Nutt on Neil Thread: Links http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/live/bbcone http://tvcatchup.com/watch/bbcon…[View]
127602822Leonardo Farkas seen at the Jerusalem Jewish Western wall distributing $100 bills https://www.youtub…[View]
127601345/pol/ can sabotage any Antifa, but it will come at a cost. An Anon can commit a horrible crime like …[View]
127597088Russian climate: >It's a little windy in Moscow >So windy that 11 people died and there …[View]
127603682Aluta Continua: How hard is it for europeans to understand? We will never give up. This is our home.…[View]
127603535Why are there Black Comminities, Indian Communities, Women Communities, ..... but White Communities …[View]
127603579NEET is now a recognised disorder. Congratulations /pol/. You are now free to collect your gibmedats…[View]
127600749Bill C-16: I'm about to redpill a couple who is moving to Canada next month and they don't…[View]
127603513Why is this ok?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr5qzV-8Zkc[View]
127597486>Ireland isn't cu- Not so fast, paddy >Could the son of an Indian immigrant become Irelan…[View]
127599672Anti-Fa: Who was in the wrong here? https://youtu.be/SVDBPp3rK8A[View]
127601185You think you could just kill one of our comrades without consequences you facist bigots? This means…[View]
127603407Reading the history of America it seem that America meant to be an anglo-saxon heaven then they deci…[View]
127602935You can't make this shit up: Buzzfeed strikes again at portraying the white male as a piece of …[View]
127550839Men Going Their Own Way?: Why are more and more men becoming MGTOWs? Will this movement eventually d…[View]
127602856Jewish war on Iran thread: Opinions?[View]
127603000Pornography is a tool of the bourgeoise.[View]
127603333weewwww, wew.: >Created Israel >Believed jewish lies and betrayed their saxon brothers in WW1 …[View]
127600232Will this nation still exist a year from now? Or even a month from now? I'm starting to think t…[View]
127603219Things are pretty tense for them right now. Space pope and evil merkel witch got ze love[View]
127597613When exactly did the left and right change places on freedom? I'm old enough (33) to remember w…[View]
127602775I have a good Idea for a subject based on Small Soldiers: Do You remember this masterpiece from 20 y…[View]
127597416Name a single objectively bad thing that jews did to germans which justifies what happened.[View]
127597049>the fate of humanity rests with the Politically Incorrect imageboard[View]
127592584''Jared Kushner should resign'' t. Dilbertman Kushner discussed establishing a s…[View]
127603015who would surpass him? >Chicago's all-time Top NIGGA >#1 on Chicago leaderboard >get …[View]
127602964Jews: It's not clear to me that everyone knows the Jew looooooooves anti-semitism. Without goy …[View]
127602724Barbarism and violence is at the core of these Caucasoid people. Could it be the neanderthal gene th…[View]
127596623Noting to see here: >Federal Prosecutor Investigating Fraud Found Dead in Debbie Wasserman Schult…[View]
127602612Why does the MSM praise women killing Isis and sending them to hell but lose their minds when Trump …[View]
127596925IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!: Tiger Woods DUI arrest BLM riots when???[View]
127587509Subverting subversion: Is this even possible? My father is a center leftist (he voted Macron). The o…[View]
127602148Donald Trump: The Gateway Degenerate: MSM has finally, publicly, and officially, labeled modern righ…[View]
127601106Why are the Jews obsessed with black cubes?[View]
127598832Do you ever hate the fact that you're living in the death throes of your country and you will n…[View]
127602319Freedom of speech is important. Religion is a joke and it should be abolished. Borders are important…[View]
127602196So what happened to all the Seth Rich conspiracies you guys were shilling a week ago?[View]
127592117Is he right?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSD36ESQhRw#t=30s[View]
127573834Virath Hindu Brahmins-The original Aryans: Hindu brahmins will rule the world by 2020.Your frog wont…[View]
127593588>the US is strugglin-: >burgers are poo-[View]
127601659Let's make a WW2 documentary, /pol/: tl;dr: ww2 redpill thread Hey, /pol/ I just skimmed throug…[View]
127601810Is there any hope left /pol/? The weedman is royally fisting this country with C6, C89, M-103, and t…[View]
127600036So did we kill Bin Laden or not?: I always thought he was long dead before Seal Team Six supposedly …[View]
127601717/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
127600964See guys they were standing up to hate and intolerance![View]
127601634Hitler and Eva escaped: 3rd paragraph page 99 and onwards https://archive.org/stream/FBIKnewHitlerW…[View]
127593892Brit/pol/ - Rage Videos edition: >Thread Video (post british politics related rage videos) https:…[View]
127600996GERMANY YES: >German leftist media outlet is posting it's social media and artikel in turkis…[View]
127598118England for fucks sake wake up.: Based English man. Tony Bellew. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QT…[View]
127598534Why do bad things happen to good people?[View]
127599061Is it even possible to appropriate a remote, barely inhabited island: or land that belongs for examp…[View]
127595010/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - SCHIFF EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
127594697Mark Dice to replace Shia Labeouf: Mark Dice is a religious lunatic who is harming the alt-right and…[View]
127578364You don't honestly think Poland and Hungary can stand up to the EU do you /pol/. At least they …[View]
127597768Open Borders for EVERYONE now: Well there goes the white genocide theory. Brazil isn't white a…[View]
127591234why dont they start shooting the niggers? what are they waiting for? what are we waiting for?[View]
127600852Why are you faggots still citing wikipedia?: Why aren't you using infogalactic yet /pol? >vo…[View]
127600008Where were you when the Trump Administration decided that American wasn't brown enough? F[View]
127600675Why doesn't Trump wear a wedding ring/band?: I remember when the GOP went nuts when Obama didn…[View]
127594812What did the Jews do to him?: What did the Jews do to him after he went on that rant in Sacramento? …[View]
127600389Famine: Okay,let's see, how many prosperous lands that have famines under capitalism? Oh many r…[View]
127600542Was Waffen SS the biggest diversified army ?: Is that the solution to get rid of shitskins and musli…[View]
127599068Is it ok to have non white friends?[View]
127594373What's with Brits and their knifes?: Are Brits considered human at this point? https://www.yout…[View]
127596844Why do liberals believe that Trump colluded with Russian when there's no evidence for it?[View]
127599780>go to store >End up in line behind practitioner of religion of peace >They're using W…[View]
127599008Keith Ellsion loves ebola niggers more: So niggers are totally cool with mexicans being deported rat…[View]
127589952Post your best A P A R T H E I D A E S T H E T I C S[View]
127595123What's wrong with taxes, /pol/?[View]
127599090White people be like 'Hey son want to play catch'? Muslims be like ...: http://archive.is/TNRBc…[View]
127602417Poo hate thread: Let's celebrate Memorial Day with a little poo hate.[View]
127584066Why are Young adult millennials so feminized?[View]
127599940Daily reminder the concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S…[View]
127597485Anyone else think that high crime areas in the U.S should bring back capital punishment tenfold? Ser…[View]
127592821Is American culture the most degenerate in the world?[View]
127596527Pagan skype group https://join.skype.com/lJqhBlcVO964 If you sick of Europeans larping as Ancient Is…[View]
127597521Oke i am going to give it too you straight. You are masturbating way to much, /b is flooded with por…[View]
127598305What qualities should I look for in a wife? I'm approaching my 30's and I think it's…[View]
127599025So anon, what is your job? I heard it is something fun. And where do you see yourself in 5 years fro…[View]
127599795Why do Millenials like tattoos?[View]
127599944Why family is so important: >My parents divorced when I was young, my step dad divorced too, not …[View]
127600314Do You Participate in Roadside Litter Cleanup? Why dont people beleive we care about nature?: Sweepi…[View]
127600506What's the redpilled way of meeting women?: I haven't been on dating sites all this year, …[View]
127599389>calls himself red pilled >worships a dead Jew on a stick…[View]
127599830https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yo-BGLoCDZU&t=5s >WE >WUZNT >HOMEWORK >BUT >WE …[View]
127595934It happened to me and it can happen to YOU[View]
127594124The Heroic Saga Continues: America has sorted itself out. Now it needs to save it's father...Eu…[View]
127586435Literally the niggers of germany. >Gib HartzIV Welfare >Literally voting for the same Commies …[View]
127591536Is America the Empire?: are we the baddies?[View]
127595356can anyone redpill me on hollywood at all. i heard that its filled with orgies and all that. but i w…[View]
127594773>Only black person in the entire city >Gets arrested Racism is alive and well in Jupiter, Flor…[View]
127595099‘Voltron’ Fans Blackmail Studio with Leaked Photos, Demand Gay Romance: https://heatst.com/culture-w…[View]
127599695/EVERGREEN STATE GENERAL/: This is a general discussion for the happenings at The Evergreen State Co…[View]
127593859Why is baking a fucking cake such a contentious issue?[View]
127599555Universal Basic Income: This looks like one enormous Power grab to me. Or am I being short sighted?…[View]
1275989693 in 10 teen American girls will get pregnant at least once before age 20.[View]
127571420Daily Climate Change Debate Thread: How serious is the problem and what steps should be taken about …[View]
127552302/lrg/ - Libertarian General: European early morning edition. Slovakbro's pastebin: https://past…[View]
127596475the free market works like THAT no thanks niggertarians, you can keep your faux-right piss ideology.…[View]
127581885Oh shit guys, maybe it really is #notallmuslims?[View]
127565782The fate of coalburners in the west: ITT: we discuss what should happen to coalburners, their spouse…[View]
127596486What ever happened to these nigs, are they still waiting for trial?[View]
127594186Why do Conservashits vote against their own economic interests?[View]
127599028Change the canuck flag: /pol/ overlords, can you do us leafs a favor and change our flag from the le…[View]
127599132Fat Donny tweets that more government money should be spent on healthcare making it best in the worl…[View]
127599100when you get all your information from an anime image board, you start advocating for genocide on fa…[View]
127598575The most important thing you can do for the white race is keep your own life in order. Start with yo…[View]
127597033How can you accuse leftists of being betas when this video embodies what I means to browse /pol/? ht…[View]
127594513When will /pol/ admit that Milo and Sargon are /ourguys/? Maybe they aren't as edgy as you want…[View]
127591818>watching some weed documentary 'the culture high' on netflix >first scene in the documentary …[View]
127596563If evolution is true and atavisms exist, why whites and Asians do not accidentally have black skin a…[View]
127587315Why do Muslims hate whites so much?[View]
127591940I know a black coworker who has a white wife and 5 kids, with another on the way. Every time he post…[View]
127595064Presented w/o comment: Evergreen SJW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yo-BGLoCDZU&spfreload=10…[View]
127593985Would the average woman prefer a tall guy with a short dick or a short guy with a long dick?[View]
127593122Can we stop posting this hateful frog? Even the creator killed him off. Pepe is DEAD[View]
127597515Should Islamic taxi drivers be forced to provide service to couples in the aftermath of a gay weddin…[View]
127593860Reminder that /pol/ is, and will forever be, a Christian board.[View]
127595760Say something nice about them.: I'll start. I'm pretty sure that's the real Bill Clin…[View]
127596943Seth Rich Cops Still Employed & Cop Camera Locations: Some of the paranoid among us have suggest…[View]
127594752A millionaire hands out 100$ bills to Jewish prayers in the Kotel, gets mobbed You literally cannot …[View]
127597944Jimmy O is a cuck lmao.[View]
127596344ITT it's any another timeline >Hillary just won U mad, Drumpftard?…[View]
127598391Remember when trump said he would reduce H1B visas and immigration in general? Yea....Really coming…[View]
127597177Friendly Reminder: If you watch Russia Today or Sputnik, you're a mind controlled Slav shill. …[View]
127598347Should the US or someone attack North Korea?: Or wait for them to blow themselves up?[View]
127598283Can someone tell me how the First Amendment actually benefits the average American? The cost of goin…[View]
127598187In the quickly approaching apocalypse you'll want a thicc woman with excess stores of fat to su…[View]
127590708People hugging a mudlime in Manchester: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kY49hMzz74E These people hav…[View]
127593253Only idiots want to have children: >Abstract >The relationship between IQ and fertility was ex…[View]
127595416/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
127597545What countries are the most free speech friendly?[View]
127595860With Americas eventual collapse looming over her head where will the last true sons and daughters of…[View]
127590903Pagans of /pol/: Thread for the discussion of Pagan religion. Practicioners of Aryan (Indo-European)…[View]
127591973The kinds of white people: Which one are you? inb$ 'stfu poo' or something I found this on r****t.…[View]
127594461does anybody here know about this girl ?[View]
127568445Prove me wrong. The 'God' the christians, jews and muslims worship are actually Baal. (((They))) hav…[View]
127597727Capitalism: Okay,let's see, how many prosperous lands that have famines under capitalism? Oh ma…[View]
127578524Is there any way to get them back?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr5qzV-8Zkc Buzzfeed made a vide…[View]
127594591Can we get a good SHEEEEEIIIIIIT thread?[View]
127596880I fuckin' hate Latvia.: Literally, they are the biggest losers of EU. I don't know underst…[View]
127594466>Lenin is the greatest man, second only to Hitler, and that the difference between Communism and …[View]
127597505Do feminists want prostitution to be illegal?: So that women are in higher demand just like drug kin…[View]
127597503How long until Europe becomes majority Muslim?[View]
127593171So, about nationalism. It seems that left-wing assholes are actually concerned about the current si…[View]
127597055Young Democrat likes them young: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4546320/De-Blasio-employee-…[View]
127591606Lets get the Media to say this is a good symbol.[View]
127585890Really makes you think...[View]
127597080BAD COP/BLM LEADER: http://m.mysanantonio.com/news/local_news/article/Police-officer-faces-federal-c…[View]
127592969Are we living a post-logic age?: I sweat, the rule of logic and reasoning in american schools is ove…[View]
127596947SKYKING SKYKING SKYKING SKYKING! It's happening right now .. Massive SKYKING and WALRUS activit…[View]
127596332Why don't journalists have any respect for the president of the United States? She was clearly …[View]
127590273Intelligence Rankings 1-10: Everyone is familiar with the 1-10 attraction scale, but what about the …[View]
127593127Why don't liberals have gay pride celebrations in Muslim neighborhoods? They should They sure …[View]
127557384WTF happened?[View]
127585333Syria General /sg/ - PMU Blitzkrieg Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordp…[View]
127579179How would libertarianism solve the gay problem? >inb4 we do nothing and hope they will eventually…[View]
127595187GERMANY YES: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2352779/Bestiality-brothels-spreading-Germany-c…[View]
127583845BREAKING: France Will Retaliate Against Russia & Syria: French people are pussi-[View]
127596312Describe /pol/ in one picture or webm: I'll start.[View]
127576770How is no one paying attention to this?: >New immigration law opens Brazil’s borders to trafficki…[View]
127585107Weebs repent: Anime is garbage. There is no value to it as an art form and 99.9% of it is complete s…[View]
127586015hi /pol/ just found this thing on the ground. any idea what is it intended for???[View]
127589961So my gf was a schizo and I tried to help her anyway I could. I paid off her debts (more than 3000),…[View]
127592257Milennials and avocados: What is it about nu-males/milennials and avocados? Why do they like them mu…[View]
127596530politic: The anonymuz group is really very weak and outdated, only children participate in it so it …[View]
127596480Memorial Day is a Sham: Has the United States fought a single worthwhile military venture since 1945…[View]
127591470If Jews have a right of return to Israel because Israel is supposed to be their ethic homeland why d…[View]
127593163Dear losers, give me tips to accelerate the'white genocide' you fear so much: While i'm at it 1…[View]
127596379Happy memorial day: Can someone please post that picture of the male Marines who are forced to carry…[View]
127592009>want to start a beautiful family >scared of heartbreak I want a family and shit, but I…[View]
127598430>Be American >Get shot >Be Canadian >Get free healthcare…[View]
127591484Jordan Peterson: I saw Dr. Jordan Peterson in a book store in Toronto yesterday. I told him how cool…[View]
127596169Brave black girl decolonizes space around school President: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZtuDqbf…[View]
127594219>women become feminists and degenerates /pol/: 'Oh, no! Look at that walking pieces of shit that …[View]
127596195why are the majority of nazis so pathetic and wimpy? and why are their groups entirely devoid of whi…[View]
127592383>tfw your country got fooled by the jew and now youre stuck using the (((euro))) go ahead make fu…[View]
127593917Why do white guys go after asian subhumans so much?[View]
127596050What happened between these two, /pol/?[View]
127595000which western nation will be next?[View]
127593015Timothy McVeigh: What does /pol/ think of this guy?[View]
127593000You're not white if your country is outside this figure: Friendly reminder that: >Mediterran…[View]
127567727aus/pol/ general part 2: >Melbourne, Sydney home prices cool again http://www.sbs.com.au/news/ar…[View]
127578082MEMORY HOLE GENERAL /mhg/: this thread is for shit that deserves another look or will bring laughs f…[View]
127584486Indian women are beautifu-.[View]
127596021Were males a mistake? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8V__gjdAPg[View]
127586008Europe needs 300 million immigrants: How can /pol/ deny this?[View]
127595947games: I really love memes[View]
127594452William Legate is a cuck: He could certainly dish it out but he couldn't take it[View]
127564618Have you seen the latest Molyneux talking with the scientist about eugenics, IVF, gene editing and I…[View]
127595114Tiger Woods Charge in Fla. for driving under the influence: How the mighty have fallen. Think Jack D…[View]
127591859>Deshone James, an African Sprinter lauded to be the next Usain Bolt, may be the first ever surgi…[View]
127589562READ the thread as it stands. CLIP facts you are investigating. PASTE facts into infographic. POST …[View]
127595638I need more autism #WithRefugees: They're trying to push this #WithRefugees hashtag on twitter …[View]
127594892What really happened here?[View]
127590468YALL*WHITE*PEOPLE*BEST*BE*SCARED*OF*THE*COMING*RACE*WAR: whater yall whitebois gonna do when we come…[View]
127586503Why are white females not reproducing?: What can be done to encourage white women to reproduce. Befo…[View]
127590668Can you find the 'error' in this picture, /pol/?[View]
127594775>Paris mayor demands black feminist festival that 'prohibits' white people be banned h…[View]
127595383>it's a race bait anecdote thread 99% chance shills. Why are the posters on /pol/ such gulli…[View]
127578973Eric Clanton lecturing on alternatives to prison https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRo_xwNd4mU >tha…[View]
127591943Ignore all other threads: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3iGkqN9Jz0 this should be the only post o…[View]
127586149http://www.exile.ru/articles/detail.php?ARTICLE_ID=8366&IBLOCK_ID=35 What is your opinion of Gar…[View]
127595213Buzzfeed have a contributor program right? Anyone able to get the Evergreen College stuff up? It is …[View]
127595179Kek confirms pooooooooo000000[View]
127594951>New immigration law opens Brazil’s borders to trafficking and Islamic Caliphate >This article…[View]
127587990Why is Trump such a failure? What went wrong?[View]
127595102Are physically and mentally disabled people the new bullies in America because they have so much con…[View]
127594986Heineken: world without borders + Anders Breivik 2083 reaction: >A new ad campaign for Heineken b…[View]
127594935https://youtu.be/gP1_VUHyZWk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ht3XGhlfYs[View]
127590303Can a Swedish anon translate this for us?[View]
127594837Tim Kaine's son was arrested at an antifa riot. http://trib.al/0KgxvHh[View]
127592637>trump defending libtards We got had guys. We were tricked by the neocons.…[View]
127594800Did (((they))) kill her because she threatened to expose the secrets of the loo?[View]
127592923Hello, I'm Keith Olbermann and this[View]
127580510Have you lost any friends due to accidental or purposeful reveal of your power level, /pol/? I somet…[View]
127571330honest opinions on Richard Spencer?[View]
127588216Brit/pol/ - May is a Cunt edition: >MI5 probes bomber 'warnings' to see if they messed …[View]
127594428#WithRefugees: with refugees terrorism will become a part of everyday life[View]
127556882>species of peace strikes again Pitbull genocide when?[View]
127593557So /pol/, what policies would be in your ideal manifesto?[View]
127594381'We must take our fate into our own hands' -Merkel Germany is going to take its fate into it's …[View]
127594380Accurate information on the US border wall: George W. Bush should have gotten a concrete wall built …[View]
127592978Urge to kill leftists: How do you deal with your hatred for the left? Personally I find it harder an…[View]
127594229At last I finally see...[View]
127594197inside the Palatine Gallery of Palazzo Pitti, with over 500 paintings from the Renaissance: Sorry bu…[View]
127591959Flat Earth: > be me > decides to go to /pol/ > sees a list with conspiracies rated by awake…[View]
127594164Starbucks is a hate symbol now[View]
127588815/pol/ will unironically defend this: Man plants bomb on a busy train. He's white though so it…[View]
127589035People who worship a piece of cloth are the world's biggest idiots. It's a fucking piece o…[View]
127587749>revenge for US air strikes AMERICA ! IT WAS YOUR FAULT ! Regards, Englishman…[View]
127583613This is a disgrace. Why do white people care more about dogs than black people? https://bossip.com/1…[View]
127594038Hi /pol/ I heard stories about how Hitler destroy jewish schools that were planning to destroy europ…[View]
127594037/wmr/-White Man's Resistance: ...Anonymous (ID: ie3E7OyK) Archived /wmr/-White Man's Resis…[View]
127592500Alice Springs: What happens here?[View]
127593322> mfw brown people are LITERALLY waging a war against the wh*te race in Europe right now > mfw…[View]
127580584What is to blame for this behavior in black youth? These kids have to grow up with this garbage in t…[View]
127579454Does white people have white guilt by nature?[View]
127593833bobobbob: only thid[View]
127584109Answer this /pol: Is USA economy a war based economy? Can USA survive if all the war ends in the Wor…[View]
127593801>claims he is Aryan >doesn't practice Aryan religion…[View]
127593747Combatting Bill C16: Alright Canadian folks here's the game plan regarding C16: spread the mess…[View]
127579787Commission sets June deadline for Poland, Hungary to take migrant share: ETERNAL /TICK TOCK/ GENERAL…[View]
127578593>muslims are all physically wea-[View]
127586390Is Donald Trump God?: I cant find a single reason why he isnt the closest human in mankinds history …[View]
127592316Shots fired in Coventry: Get the fuck in here.[View]
127593502Will /pol/ eventually realize that Israel is on the Western civilization's side, and are both a…[View]
127592195CAMERAS ARE RACIST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d16LNHIEJzs[View]
127560374Why don't you convert to Islam? They tend to have anti-feminist views, believing that women bel…[View]
127592783ANTIFA on the move: Looks like the ANTIFA faggots are going to show up[View]
127587265The Berkeley Screwdriver Stabber: On April 15th an antifa scum armed with what looks like a screwdri…[View]
127579831Remove Kebab?: I believe that the Balkan nations,including Romania, should go on a rampage purging t…[View]
127589273Manchester Bomber, Salman Abedi, Linked to Libyan ISIS, Libyan Dawn, Hillary’s Libyan Rebels: Uhh, g…[View]
127573347PARIS NO: The mayor of Paris has called for a black feminist festival in the city to be banned on th…[View]
127591196Trudeau Treads Carefully With Trump as Nafta Clock Ticks: The Weak Should Fear the Strong[View]
127589814It's too late. The West is lost. You'll never live the dream your forefathers wanted you t…[View]
127590886Is it normal for a president's son-in-law to have a secret personal hotline to the Kremlin? Jus…[View]
127590028>Be black >Can't learn college algebra because of my black genes Why is this life sufferi…[View]
127581537I think have collected all the pol memes, bet you cannot post a single one i dont have[View]
127588706>race is skin deep[View]
127592206REALITY CHECK: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Syjp9lsWBhc[View]
127592334show me your best quotes: Plato 'Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being…[View]
127592682No photo ID for Muslim women for guns.: What in the actual fuck? We all have to get photo ID for a r…[View]
127584059Women do not actually enjoy penetration. They can only ejaculate through additional acts with have n…[View]
127578986RESULTS ARE IN: I fell asleep soon after creating the straw poll. I linked it on a few different thr…[View]
127591683Anti-american, anti-nationalist, anti-military, pro-terrorist megafag. His IP is, and …[View]
127588153Islam Isn't a Race: Why do people scream 'racism' in response to criticism of Islam? Aren'…[View]
127579700Remind me again, to whom does this belong?[View]
127592401Go Rando by Ben Grosser[View]
127582576How can we stop right wing terrorism?[View]
127573282DNC Going to the Big House: I'll just leave this here... https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/19/nyr…[View]
127592311Are the nazis larpers on pol agent provocateurs ? http://www.vdare.com/posts/sunstein-and-agent-prov…[View]
127591162Liberal Christians?: Has anyone else noticed a recent surge of 'liberal' Christianity among 20-somet…[View]
127586860Eventually every nignog is going to nig http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-40087317?ocid=soci…[View]
127592212Did you guys see this meeting with CAIR in San Diego with the San Diego School District? Apparently …[View]
127592093Iroquois Confederacy: Were the Iroquois Confederacy the most civilized and advanced tribes in the No…[View]
127578926Why are the left incapable of putting this information together?: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/28…[View]
127587614Do people with similar Music tastes join the Alt-Right?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcLMudreTiU…[View]
127590691Y U SAY WE WASNT KANGZ WHITE BOI? wut do[View]
127591546Gaeilge /pol/: So since many of /pol/ users are just graduating High School or Secondary School, tel…[View]
127591879How come the worlds strongest man and best fighter (MMA) is always white but the best runner (sprint…[View]
127591718Anyone have the video from urbanski stabbing this weekend? Curiously unavailable online... https://w…[View]
127591685what's the current status of The Wall ??[View]
127591030Kek. SPIC'D http://archive.is/jGPhT[View]
127591140Gen Z will be the worst yet: Conservatism will die in 10 years. Permanently! >According to a rece…[View]
127587510Youtube Left Propaganda: Hey /pol/ check out #1 on Youtube trending, it became #1 at around 20k, no …[View]
127588811Why do anarchists always turn on their own ? I went to r/anarchism and they constantly talk about ho…[View]
127591309Honest thoughs on Paul Joseph Watson? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdJrmnhfkR4[View]
127574754Why is the Disney thread gone from the archives? It was barely 8 hours ago.[View]
127585474Why are MENA people so easily bleached, /pol/?[View]
127590802Bowden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aL3agVbX6K8 >he hasn't watched this interview…[View]
127581975What will Europe be like when Europeans and their culture are a hated minority?[View]
127588960Germany is trying to take on the world... again. Third times the charm, r-right?[View]
127587693>not fucking brown pussy on the side.: >not accepting exclusively young female refugees and im…[View]
127585958I know I am late to this but this is the most alpha thing I have ever seen.[View]
127582251Your Countries Active Combat Vehicles: >my tax dollars pay for this…[View]
127568384Nigger Hate Thread: Post all your best[View]
127591137Liberal Thanks Pol: Hey Pol, on this memorial day, I would like to stop my shitposting for one secon…[View]
127591134Im gonna be your boss one day whitey...: ITS GONNA HAPPEN... MY NAMES JUSTIN AND I AM YOUR DIVIDEND.…[View]
127585419The Barbarians Are At The Gate: Note the similarities between the current geopolitical landscape and…[View]
127587053y cant trump keep his god out of his speeches: i dont need a god slave in the top of are country wha…[View]
12758694820 Most Loved Countries In The World: Canada is #1: Canada is the most loved country in the world Ou…[View]
127590511Do bowling leagues create Nazis: Well why have you joined a bowling league /pol/ ? https://www.bloom…[View]
127590748https://www.youtube.com/user/Vote3rdParty Spam the kike with 1488[View]
127585964Tiger Woods Arrested For DUI: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4552628/Tiger-Woods-arrested-D…[View]
127590611rebte: erqbqqe[View]
127590400Ancap/Libertarian Memes: Post your shit here[View]
127590422why are islamic countries so based?[View]
127567899Prove to me that black people aren't specifically targeted by police because of their ethnicity…[View]
127584752You have have exactly 5 minutes to comvince me that we shouldn't kill Trump.[View]
127571324ITT we make a deal with Spain: You're not white, we can tell that by looking at you, but you…[View]
127590011>Terrorize ordinary citizens in the name of curbing terrorism These people are not human beings, …[View]
127589197Why aren't we best bros with China and Russia? Together we could rule the world and get rid of …[View]
127588407Reminder that /pol/ is just a bunch of mongrels larping as Nazis.[View]
127585268Why is it allowed to kill small animals such as flys, mosquitos, worms, etc.? We don't know if …[View]
127585631Mulatto (half-black/half-white) Thread: Any other mulattos here? What brings you to /pol/? What…[View]
127588443Hmmm...really makes you think.[View]
127589644Canada isn't cucke-.[View]
127583460Memorial Day: How about that Google doodle, my patriots?[View]
127590085POL YLYL: Holy shit i can't believe lefties are this retarded, i know they live in a bubble but…[View]
127583467How can anyone take these studies seriously.: >we gave gays a questionair and they all answered s…[View]
127585904LA's Mayor is Jewish: During the election Eric Garcetti portrayed this image of growing up just…[View]
127590012>Be Peruvian >See Blacks acting like niggers >Migrate to America >See Blacks acting like…[View]
127586889cum on wonder woman: Whoos cummin with me maaan[View]
127589797How do we colonize reddit and make it redpilled? This is well within our means, we need to organize …[View]
127587786What the fuck is it with interracial couples? Why are they becoming more and more common and why mus…[View]
127588296how do we deal with the nigger problem?[View]
127588845>Manchester https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kY49hMzz74E[View]
127589711Would it be better if Donald handed over the delegates? So far Trump has done pretty much nothing ex…[View]
127588250Hello /pol/ I'm writing a paper on internet censorship, could I get a few examples of such inci…[View]
127568967Hamptons Bacelors are Getting Vasectomies so Golddiggers Can't Trap Them: When you have to make…[View]
127586082Muslims are all evi-.[View]
127576935Thoughts on Bill Maher?[View]
127588516What do you think about a bridge from Ireland to Iceland: to Greenland to New England?[View]
127585283Memorial Day is literally just a day that we show morons that had no other choice in life that, 'Hey…[View]
127572652Boycott Heinekin: I love seeing EU breweries promoting globalism and mass migration on the back of t…[View]
127589363It's called a psy-op. Bye Felicia! Now go suck Hitler's dick!!!: Notice any differences in…[View]
127588999Would your reaction to attacks from Muslims be different: if it happened to your daughter? Like you…[View]
127588003What does a Labour Britain look like /pol/?[View]
127588886POWER MOVE[View]
127589274REVISIT WHITE PRIVILEGE: http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-irish-slave-trade-the-forgotten-white-slav…[View]
127578454Muh Safe space: What's Trump's problem? >She later added in a follow up, saying: '…[View]
127585579Of course the Holocaust happene-.[View]
127584644YA THINK YA[View]
127588528Is it possible to redpill subreddits such as rarepuppers and other unsuspecting normie hangouts?[View]
127581804Brit/pol/ INGSOC edition: >MI5 probes bomber 'warnings' to see if they messed it up ht…[View]
127588019Three leakers of classified information at the White House have been identified: CBS News has confir…[View]
127589014Happy Memeorial Day /pol/![View]
127581795Black American teen and her friend wear hijab on train, crazy white guy tell them to take it off, tw…[View]
127588423This post is a small congratulations to all the stupid fucking government spooks that shill for the …[View]
127588539This is a thread where Canadians can post and talk about their local Members of Parliament. Mine is …[View]
127579442>Germany has invited us because they had no more men >Turks, Albanians, Italians, Poles and so…[View]
127564871/SRG/ - Seth Rich Gen: Previous: >>127548564 discuss[View]
127588794Angry guy: Isn't it pathetic that Paul J Watson calls old people WW2 veterans whenever they vot…[View]
127586961Donald Trump has tweeted almost two dozen times since this incident and couldn't be bothered to…[View]
127583161Pay 2% of you GDP.[View]
127588709How do we do ethnic cleansing?: I was watching the mainstream media, and they said trumps budget was…[View]
127588648'The Real News Network': So I google News (already Jewed) and I get an sponsored suggestion to this …[View]
127587573After the 90s, society went shit: i wish a ne hitler will arise and start ww3 so that humanity could…[View]
127572696FBI Watch list anyone?: If i knew how to do these things..... what I'd be tempted to personally…[View]
127588456BREAKING NEWS: Italian State news agency published an article on the dark web underground market. Wh…[View]
127588439Adopting a little bit of Islamic Culture is not that bad you know.... >11 Years Old, a Mom, and P…[View]
127572304Post your cunt navy[View]
127588384A public refit of the Jew: Today I was reading my daily dose of news from engineering and some profe…[View]
127586660mental disease running rampant in germany: theres this girl who is addicted into turning herself int…[View]
127584069Interracial Couple: Seriously, I don't get why this couple gets a lot of hate. It's not li…[View]
127586363sounds familar hmm? I bet britcunts already shitting their pants. The Endsieg is our! >https://ww…[View]
127566320>CHRISTFAGS What are the best arguments for theism? I am possibly interested in attending church,…[View]
127588117Islam the religion of peace?[View]
127588090I unironically love the Sikhs: The more time I spend around Sikh's the more I am convinced that…[View]
127587849This is PEAK feminism! Singularity has been achieved! Praise cats!: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
127578284Why are Indians so alpha?[View]
127587758https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tzuvfy4jFwE african americans truly are misunderstood[View]
127587710What the fuck is this all about? Great example why an all white state will never happen, you'll…[View]
127585173ANTIFA Hate: I need some good shit on ANTIFA to confront some liberals in my neck of the woods that …[View]
127582734Hilldawg thread: Remind /pol/ that she had the better memes during the election[View]
127587651DIRTY FUCKING COP: http://m.mysanantonio.com/news/local_news/article/Police-officer-faces-federal-ch…[View]
1275858191 4 5 3 WE FUKE YOUR MOTHERS: >In a show of force, exactly 1453 Trucks lined up in the currently …[View]
127585001This guy has enough money to wipeout your entire family and everyone you know: How do you fight agai…[View]
127586969Most based place in the South to live?: I was born and raised in Texas and although the neighborhood…[View]
127586493Merkel Speech at CSU rally: Hello /pol/, I noticed that you are heavily concerned about Merkel…[View]
127587473https://twitter.com/DailyMailUK/status/869216539731521536 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-45…[View]
127587437People who did nothing wrong[View]
127585152>Visiting USA from Norway >Libraries are closed today >Banks are closed today >Many othe…[View]
127584709Everything we touch: Since we've convinced them that the OK hand sign is racist, lets see if we…[View]
127584770If you needed any further proof that this guy was a mouthbreathing /pol/ user, he literally told tho…[View]
127583999>Thread with actual information demonstrating our enslavement to the global elite 20 IPs, 50 repl…[View]
127582593whats an easy way to get moneeey?[View]
127587064Sicknesse/diseases created by jews: I'll start. (((Depression))) is not a real issue if you liv…[View]
127586930>US: 'THE ERA OF STRATEGIC PATIENCE IS OVER' >still does nothing What a bunch of sabre-rattlin…[View]
127575428Pol... I have a problem I found out I am part Jewish what do?[View]
127586794Memorial Day Rememberance: For all you non-burgers, today is memorial day in America, where we pay h…[View]
127570241Why don't you have a picture of the Queen?: Brits if you don't have a picture of a soverei…[View]
127586826Military brainlets: Every notice how many (((military))) guys think of themselves as libertarians? I…[View]
127586776**HAPPENING** The Eternal Paki Strikes Again.: http://news.sky.com/story/air-ambulance-on-the-scene-…[View]
127583674The Greeks used to teach that women were merely deformed males and inferior. Now, considering how fo…[View]
127586531liberals suck at arguing because deep down they know it's all garbage they can't back up, …[View]
127563483BREAKING: Sen. John McCain Admits Vladimir Putin 'Bigger Threat Than ISIS': BASED. RUSSIA …[View]
127581723how can this woman be so embarassing? >hair icon >pantsuit aficionado…[View]
127580818Sometimes i'm on the verge of tears when i remember and imagine what could it been if he became…[View]
127582023So, errr, besides posting on a Korean hentai porn image forum, what are you actually doing to preser…[View]
127572962Is Jesus /our guy/?: Jesus on Jews: You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out …[View]
127586536/pol/ why are you not in the gym? Seriously, all these girls had to do was feel this guy's body…[View]
127578211Trump's new limo[View]
127578298It's called a psy-op. Bye Felicia! Now go suck Hitler's dick!!!: Notice any differences in…[View]
127586496Is it possible that race mixing has caused the problems we have and that we need to keep the bloodli…[View]
127586068In my city they are going to put a subway, do they believe that the subway will help solve the troub…[View]
127585803Is the DOTR coming? be honest: ive been listening to Turner Diaries audiobook for the first time and…[View]
127586446Why aren't we best bros with China and Russia? Together we could rule the world and get rid of …[View]
127583991If Nords & Germanic direct descendants of Vikings. Then, Italians would be direct descendants of…[View]
127569294Daily reminder that fidget spinners are jewish tools. >Fidget spinners, the incredibly popular to…[View]
127581759What did they mean by this?[View]
127586140Proud black women take over Paris: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/may/29/paris-mayor-demands…[View]
127586107Is Europe ready for Indian/White mixed leaders?: Two European countries will have Indian/White mixed…[View]
127579230>the future, /pol/ get fucked :^)[View]
127570284>he took russia with no shots fired >he took crimea with no shots fired >he took the usa wi…[View]
127585988/pol/station ALPHA KEK - Space Station 13: Do you love autistic roleplaying games? Well come the fuc…[View]
127585997Has anyone here worked for the Government? I'm getting a degree right now and plan to work for …[View]
1275405871861 WILL COMMENCE AGAIN!: Liberal threatens to kill Trump supporters[View]
127579647I lost.[View]
127584462OH FUCK: https://geopoliticalfutures.com/north-korea-stares-abyss/ It might actually be happening.Ge…[View]
127585696there is an independence day stream: i'm already there as 'kicks', I need backup as the trigger…[View]
127585305How difficult do you think it would be to get environmentalists to '''co-opt''' the phrase 'burn the…[View]
127584726Did pearl Harbor really happen?: Was it a false flag? A complete fabrication? Did the nips just go f…[View]
127577781We still got those islands ;)[View]
127580064New Twitter Hashtag #WithRefugees: /Pol/ arise the internet needs you twitter is trying to push this…[View]
127584700/pol/ BTFO[View]
127579394>perfect allies don't exi-[View]
127585684seth rich/ George Webb: Anyone interested in the Seth Rich case and who hasn't already looked a…[View]
127585685Svener of the world, thoughts on picrelated.[View]
127574673I support the Troops!: How fucking bluepilled do you have to be to make a statement like that? Since…[View]
127585670ETERNAL /V4G/ THREAD - MoD edition: NO EUKEKS HERE Also balkans dont turn this into balkan shitposti…[View]
127585085Spain: Gypsie problem: Gypsies have commited 5 murders in only one Week(including the murder of a 90…[View]
127585602Is this the conclusion that we will inevitably meet?: Been thinking about this alot lately, National…[View]
127584850Black People: Prove to me that blacks aren't specifically targeted by cops because of their rac…[View]
127585502So this is legit: Isn't it? Do I just send in my recipe to whitehouse.gov?[View]
127571682Its 2017. Why do people still smoke?: Don't respond it's addictive- I smoked 5 years and m…[View]
127583071legit or not?: leaked bilderberg document from 2012 @ Chantilly. it basically says that germoney sho…[View]
127573104Syria General /sg/ - PMU On The Border Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wo…[View]
127585384South African White Awareness: Continuation Thread, Part 3. I am fixing to go over the emails sent t…[View]
127579298Amerifats need to Explain this: >Russian President Vladimir Putin is a bigger threat to world sec…[View]
127584077https://youtu.be/0cZ8-RgtrP0 Wtf is happening to white kids[View]
127585115I can't say that I liked /pol/ when it was first introduced, but it wasn't for me so who c…[View]
127583658A muslim teen is being harassed by a man, what do you do?[View]
127561688Guys WAKE UP IS IT THE END?: The rapefugees and the liberals went too far this time, even the plebs …[View]
127584622Public figures accused of antisemitism, how they got in to the mess and repercussions they suffered …[View]
127581045I have a question, could we meme ISIS out of existence?: I mean that figuratively, like taking down …[View]
127584890LOTR MEME THREAD pt. 3: >>127506654 >>127506654 >>127506654 https://www.youtube.co…[View]
127584863Why do Americans have some massive boner over tension/war with Russia when neither side has anything…[View]
127579139FRANCE YE- No!: Controversy from the far-right after the organization of an Afro-feminist festival i…[View]
127556719>/pol/ will defend this[View]
127583196OH HONEY, OH SWEETIE, OH FUCK MY LIFE: Poor thing finally got her wish and now will have to troll Pe…[View]
127563386welp, bois, i hope you're happy now.[View]
127584630Refugees BTFO in Croatia: Migrants fought the law and the law won. >Since May 10, we have noted a…[View]
127583388Anti-redpill thread: What are some supposed 'red pills' you noticed don't actually apply to rea…[View]
127581072FINLAND YES!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xu_5Xvy-S9s They replace subjects such as Math with su…[View]
127571211Is the United States collapsing like the Roman Empire?: Parallels: >Constant stream of barbarian …[View]
127581729who is better?: would you rather join antifa or a neo nazi group?[View]
127584569Quick reminder that National Socialism is not socialist and hitler privatized many state monopolies.…[View]
127518047Why do so many American niggers think Egyptians were black? They were living in mud huts and getting…[View]
127584288What is the truthfulness of this statement?[View]
127584213What is brown?: So by /pol/'s standards can brown people tan or are they just a same solid colo…[View]
127581805Fucking BASED my fellow MAGApedes! Hate, racism, intolerance, and bigotry have no place in 2017! Ame…[View]
127580212Reminder that the rest of the world laughs at us for being so backwards because we still follow this…[View]
127583908NaPolA: Elite für den Führer: Has anyone seen this film? It's really enjoyable. Tells of a hist…[View]
1275842835 (five) EU elections ahead?: earlier this year everyone was talking about french presidential elect…[View]
127584264Screaming natsoc and liberals: Liberals scream racist, mysoginis, bigot, and white males when confro…[View]
127579995poo_in_loo: Question for the Indian users. How the fuck do you guys not have toilets?[View]
127570892probably one of the most woke sheboons I ever seen >Anti Immigration >Nationalistic >conser…[View]
127584150RIP Macron https://twitter.com/AP/status/869211125493227521[View]
127582296Japanese speak on Immigration: https://youtu.be/5W0tYeK_kkA[View]
127583635why trump why: why you ameri fags still blindly following him don't you see he lied to you all …[View]
127584116What went wrong?[View]
127570556700$ tickets for Obama in Quebec? Anyone?: WHY THE FUCK would anyone pay to see this roodypoo here i…[View]
127575559Immigrants: Do any of you personally know immigrants who successfully integrated into your country?…[View]
127579174How will (((Disney))) ruin the remake?: The original movie is basically redpill 101: >Promotes tr…[View]
127574956Buzzfeed is getting retarded by the minute: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr5qzV-8Zkc > /Pol/ T…[View]
127583947Trumps Muslim Ban: Is it still in force? I haven't heard about it on the news for months[View]
127569187He lost bros. What the hell do we do now?![View]
127579969>ballistic missile lands in Japanese waters, a very close US ally >no response from anyone Are…[View]
127583888Just a thought.: It would be cool if Trump let American Republic crash and burn and established some…[View]
127575314Remember: We must all fight white supremacy.[View]
127580748>stereotypes muh evil white rednecks who voted for Trump >loses their shit when someone stereo…[View]
127582054>Being a poorfag neet Why would anyone do this to themselves?[View]
127580669Look at this Romanian medicine advertisement.This shit is on TV.I mean that's a black face.Lol …[View]
127581772Caucasian Terrorists Strike Again!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVOXee39chI What are your though…[View]
127583668What do the Democrats actually stand for anymore?: Besides 'resisting' the democratically elected Pr…[View]
127564397Look at this degenerate fuck. Enjoy your years of government support after no normal business will h…[View]
127582592This day is a reminder that if you fuck with us, we will send wave after wave of men at your shithol…[View]
127580633Has Putin got more botox? It looks like his face will explode, if he continues.[View]
127583309CNN: Fareed Zakaria: Liberals think they're tolerant, but they're not. http://google.com/n…[View]
127580014>W-what? Someone using memes unironically? Quick, call the authenticity police! >Did I hear th…[View]
127581820Reminder: The hippie movement was an operation to recruit American youths for Communism. The results…[View]
127583384ANTIFA BTFO: We did it again /pol/. Eric Clanton (AKA Bike Lock guy) was arraigned in court on Frida…[View]
127572380Laser RF Signal Bug Detector Device flashed in white house: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ANM8cHz…[View]
127583356>Conservative MP for Colchester >Wife and 2 young kids >Get 20 year old pregnant >Pay he…[View]
127575362What young whites British do while their country becomes a Caliphate? Spanish Tour.: Despite having …[View]
127583325>be from Chicago >almost every young white chick is a cock carousel rider, the few white chic…[View]
127583235Reminder that space belongs to the white man. This is where we will rebuild Earth is fucked.[View]
127583200Listen to me very carefully, the country's future is at stake: How long would Jack Bauer need t…[View]
127581705http://www.torontosun.com/2017/04/27/pm-trudeaus-approval-rating-tumbles >42% >42 PER CENT …[View]
127573867Americans will defend this[View]
127571545Well that's odd...: SOS-morse code red light flashing @ White House (Lincolns Bedroom) https://…[View]
127583046so what ruski,we gonna meet on the zapad 2017?[View]
127581594I'm sorry, Japan!: I'm sorry for being an American. I'm sorry for nuking you. I'…[View]
127578874CANADA HATE THREAD: Is there really any place that has gone more cucktistic besides maybe Sweden? At…[View]
127579710IT Americucks BTFO: 28% rise in visas for Indians under Trump admin. http://www.hindustantimes.co…[View]
127575126outsourcing work.....my MBA says so..: if these indian guys are the same quality of worker with the …[View]
127582061Post ITT a pic of your country's constitution.[View]
127582253so fucking annoying how Brits refer to arabs, Pakis, Indians and other refugee types etc as asians. …[View]
127580588Fat fuck Bigot: Douche just attacked my friend.[View]
127582392White “Japanese ultra-nationalist” joins anti-Korean hate march in Japan: https://throwoutyourbooks.…[View]
127582156Nugh said[View]
127579476How is the alt right different than neo-nazis philosophically or politically?[View]
127580644>'goyim, New Iraq- I mean Europe need more immigrants!' >Europe goes to shit >once respecte…[View]
127574723Keep watching porn.[View]
127573708what would it look like? would it really be a better place?[View]
127562912>Zuckerburg wants to give us NEETbux Seriously, why shouldn't I vote for him? No politician …[View]
127578131You're going to vote Niinistö for Finnish president, right?[View]
127581971Relationship Goals[View]
127581091Why are all the shills using Canadian IPs all of a sudden?[View]
127577842>father receives PM at work from high-ups >'respect that some people are fasting this month - …[View]
127581474I would like to learn more about fascism. Could you recommend a few books to have a better understan…[View]
127580196Jews lost their way in 140 AD: Since they built their template ~1000 BC the Jews never went more the…[View]
127581069What we do in life: Ellie Lawrence, Namkai-Meche's gf, told BuzzFeed News that her boyfriend wa…[View]
127581547What important qualities do you look for in a world leader? For me, it's the power stance.[View]
127576124The Jewish Problem is never going to solved, is it? I mean, great men of old have tried since Antiqu…[View]
127579660Macaroni: What's his end game /pol/?[View]
127581262Everyday Feminism out of money: Fuck, my favorite satire site is shutting down.[View]
127574522Brit/pol/ - Lancashire Edition: >MI5 probes bomber 'warnings' to see if they messed it …[View]
127570388seeing her at a parade later. wat do[View]
127566340>Muslims don't care about our communitie-[View]
127579952Well /pol/ what kind of whitey are you ? https://www.reddit.com/r/Anarchism/comments/6e030v/what_kin…[View]
127577748Institutional Racism is a form of environmental stress on the black population. This stress emphasiz…[View]
127577087Sterilize all low IQs. Having a low IQ ruined my life.: >tfw 110 IQ >tfw 5th grade math level …[View]
127579927New French President Compares Trump To Putin, Erdogan: This is how the world sees us now. As a corru…[View]
127580912What do yout hink does the Evil Loser State (ELS) plan next?[View]
127580886Dat Infowar[View]
127574952Why are Whites so fucking Violent?: Fucking racist snow niggers https://youtu.be/-6UoQER02-g[View]
127580794AMERICA NO: They all have to go back, this has to be stopped. I am not ready for my future muslim ov…[View]
127554119Is vegetarianism all it's cracked up to be, in terms of both dieting and keeping cows, chickens…[View]
127580668All the docus are the same lefty propaganda! Also post your best Apartheid A E T H E T I C S![View]
127576796Thank you, United States of America, for the sacrifices you've made to help others in need. Spe…[View]
127570397In IKEA right now. Notice anything? Sweden, can you keep your YESness to yourselves. Also /pol/ bloc…[View]
127579667Putin - Grannyfucker Macron handshake video: Little baguette tought he can have his way with Vlad as…[View]
127578442Daily reminder that you should have voted for Ted Cruz, the True Conservative who would have saved A…[View]
127573271Weeb-Anon, is that you? Picture was taken yesterday at a anti-foreigner rally in Tokyo.[View]
127563308CANADA YES! Syrian refugee families get the equivalent of $408,333/year in gibs thanks to Cuckdeau: …[View]
127573265Clinton Seth Rich[View]
127580127is bullying justified when you do it to assholes who insult women?[View]
127579047Red pill me on wasteful military spending: My best friend is a first lieutenant in the US Army and h…[View]
127580085Where'd all the good people go?: I'm blackpilled. Gibs me fix. Why is it that most of the …[View]
127572844Seth Rich[View]
127574054>/pol/ has the same views as Muslims >/pol/ hates Muslims for their views Really fires up the …[View]
127579963When Conservatives Say Obama “Embarrassed” America, Show Them This Pastor’s Response: http://archive…[View]
127574229You're full of shit, man. What are you talking about? You walk out with those fuckin' cree…[View]
127563654L E F T W A S H I N G: What book, movie or industry has been LEFTWASHED in the past years? How did i…[View]
127556473Europe Doesn't Have Enough Immigrants[View]
127579628The cycle's of harambe: A friend and i have a theory Harambe is the only constant He's a…[View]
127560359Dead Judge found in Hudson, Seth Rich Connection?: Was in bed but something made me think about that…[View]
127569277Is anyone else feeling generally dismayed at the state of health white race? I'm white myself …[View]
127579531State your pronouns canadians. We don't want to accidentally break the law.[View]
127562826Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you Trump supporters?[View]
127575032Reminder that Canada is undefeated in wars against the U.S.A[View]
127576183https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vb3IMTJjzfo Is Borat redpilled?[View]
127573678Americans, explain this: Is it really true that 75% of African American births are out of wedlock? H…[View]
127576251Muh White Privilege: How much internalized racism do you have, /pol/?[View]
127573260Do you think in the end, the Jews will win? Do we have a chance?[View]
127578529This Memorial Day: Press F to pay respect to the millions of brave White men that have their lives t…[View]
127578879Traveling in an American airport in 2017: >have to show up to airport 2 hours early >have to s…[View]
127576147How do Muslims in Sweden do Ramadan during the summer? It's daytime for about 23 hours.[View]
127576874Racial assimilation: Wouldn't 'white genocide' just fuck over the hostile races tryin…[View]
127563887>stop worshiping false semitic gods[View]
127574291/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - A YUGE GUY EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.…[View]
127577638Worlds Most 'Beautiful' Woman: I really want to understand this, what is this obvious lying and virt…[View]
127579225The crown prince: Another reminder, if you havent caught on yet. The Deep State has been planning to…[View]
127577873>Average /pol/lack: what went wrong?[View]
127578833YA THINK YOU'RE[View]
127578627/POL/ approved films[View]
127579144During the WW2 how was everyone a Jew. How did that religion come to the EU. Now nobody in the EU i…[View]
127577198>Muslims cant figh-[View]
127561452ISIS has officially won. When they can come to your country and murder your nine year old daughters …[View]
127579027Guys you should definitely tell me your opinions on all your thought leaders, and like, who they act…[View]
127555370RIP Aussie cop: A cop was shot and killed today outside of Brisbane by a fugitive during a traffic s…[View]
127575755Merkel Speech at CSU rally: Hello /pol/, I noticed that you are heavily concerned about Merkel…[View]
127574565Did we ever walk on the moon?[View]
127577859No wall plan or funding, Hillary's not in jail, ACA is still alive and not repealed or replaced…[View]
127571120QandA extra thread. Non-Australians are non-allowed. https://radio.abc.net.au/stations/news/live?pla…[View]
127578893There are people on /pol/ RIGHT NOW who literally don't know how to play chess[View]
127577164Merkel tells beer tent rally that Europe must plot own course: https://www.bloomberg.com/amp/politic…[View]
127554551Economist Says Most of Billionaire Wealth is Unearned.: >Capitalism rewards hard wor- http://evon…[View]
127572730A explanation of the labor theory of value.: What is value? 'Value' refers not to mere labor time, b…[View]
127577604>be brazilian >have every single race of the world >no problems at all to the point of the…[View]
127573049Islam and oil: Islam only exist today because of the oil in the Middle-east When the oil will disapp…[View]
127578674How I want to die: So I'm at a peaceful right wing rally. Holding a 'God hates fags sign' and a…[View]
127578431How do we solve the Nigerian problem?: https://youtube.com/watch?v=__bAh8nV9MI[View]
127570762British Pride Festival Boycotted After Blackface Act Hired: http://archive.is/7wqkA Her act, Beeyonc…[View]
127567813dutchfags assemble: Fellow dutchfags, how do we get rid of the leftists' chokehold on the media…[View]
127573923U.S. Quietly Lifts Limit on Number of Refugees Allowed In: No wall plan or funding, Hillary's n…[View]
127567270Are you offended?: Image related[View]
127568803Why are Democrats so much better looking than Republicans?: Fun fact: Jared Kushner is older than St…[View]
127570684DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD: 'The father of Al Quaeda' Zbigniew Brzezinski just died at age 89 Press…[View]
127578320You. You posses the foolishness of man and machine. It chooses one who controls the power of god cre…[View]
127570295/pol/ Nationstates region Seeing as how 'politically incorrect' it's finally available as a reg…[View]
127552694Honest opinions on Indian immigrants?[View]
127578192$15,000 to be in team Soros: What is /pol/ going to do with $15,000 of Soros' petty change in r…[View]
127577478Why don't Americans have tight knit communities?[View]
127576054MEME: We need to meme him into power. The Conservatives have fucked themselves up... 4chan is our on…[View]
127578121>Argentina ISNT a white country Explain this /pol/ https://youtu.be/MEMUsC8ppU0…[View]
127578110Who here /Spenglerpilled/? https://youtu.be/FsaieZt5vjk[View]
127578078HOLY SHIT what did he mean by this /pol/?!? https://youtu.be/n_4UFMp19tE 0:36[View]
127578063Why do chimps blame American bombs in middle east for Muslims attacking Europe when Muslims have bee…[View]
127574450*Fights on the right side of history*[View]
127572326Why is city life so depressing?[View]
127578005A Moment for the fALLen[View]
127577513OOM: 'Wonder Woman' Is Unabashedly Feminist, And It's Set To Conquer The Box Office: …[View]
127573022Cultural appropriation in Dumbai. What was that in Manchester last week?[View]
127566607Be Russia >Have 2 million abortions yearly biggest in Europe >Biggest Alcohol and drug consump…[View]
127577877Soooooo give it to me straight /pol/: Is Donald J Trump the second coming of Christ or not?[View]
127577835what did he mean by this?[View]
127574300Are YouTube bots really a thing?[View]
127561298Have you ever met a black South African? They always seem very friendly, civilised, and are generall…[View]
127536548I bought Jordan Peterson 'Sort Yourself Out' Suite...: >buy Jordan Peterson 'sort yourself out' m…[View]
127577523Liberal stupidity: Gottem! Shillary just made up for being such a shitbag that she got Trump elected…[View]
127530531Women weaken the military.: Women have no place in the military. They only bring our military operat…[View]
127575178big brother buzzfeed is bullying me help me pls: am to young and dumb to call up advertisers be a sh…[View]
127576878Achieving Ultimate Bonghood - Paganism: Hey /Pol/ Tl;dr: What pantheon and tradition would suit an R…[View]
127577418Do blacks have more advantages than whites in America?[View]
127577550Is this vandalism?[View]
127577282A Navy SEAL explains what to do if you're attacked by a dog: this is a ticking timebomb... how …[View]
127574375White people are no longer welcome in Paris: This is the narrative.[View]
127573512MOST EPIC NATIONALIST METAL OF ALL TIME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1G9D8A4Fiw&t=2m30s…[View]
127568162This shit has to stop: I'm sick of this shit being posted over youtube. It was a thing during t…[View]
127572393Cursaded.com: Idea started by anon: >>127480797 Domain owners replied that domain is not for s…[View]
127573302Report these cucks.: School is now promoting Mudslime eating disorders. Halp. (ig @gsahageveld)…[View]
127575442Some meetups in central Europe? I don't fell green presence in V4.[View]
127574014aaaanyway, are women destroying the civilization? how do we stop them xD[View]
127576395Bogoslof: The bogoslof volcano is Alaska erupted https://www.usnews.com/news/us/articles/2017-05-28/…[View]
127547849Is the Bible true or false?[View]
127574373ISIS delcares war on Philippines. https://archive.fo/4msAO How long until Duterte starts genociding …[View]
127560076do you think, you are on a list?: do you think, you are on a list?[View]
127557961looks like Diversity really is Strength.[View]
127576806Trump comics: Anyone just looove these? I mean lol small hands, the codes! Pic related is 100% legit…[View]
127571310https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNqum-_5RhY >not listening to this song and sharing emotion with …[View]
127576765Brothers of /pol/ if you want to become the Tem/pol/ar and Conquest the holy land of /bant/ then Spa…[View]
127566762Can you see? Can you see this poor refugee kid? Japan only took 27refugees last year. Germany have b…[View]
127574272What's the libertarian stance on abortion? By the way, does necrophilia violate the NAP?[View]
127567100Faggots, just by existing, contribute to the destruction and degradation of moral values and society…[View]
127576591Gudrun Himmler, the daughter of Heinrich Himmler and Margarete Himmler, was born on 8th August, 1929…[View]
127576459The tech will be there sooner or later. When you can become a cyborg will you upgrade your body? Wil…[View]
127572562Henrietta Lacks: WE WUZ CELLS AND SHEEIT CRACKA[View]
127557071>tfw you're a white man dating a black girl but you still get called racist all the time any…[View]
127575846Wtf I love France now Who would have thought, in the most cucked up capital of one of the most far-g…[View]
127552903>women must obey their husband >sexual deviancy met with death >drugs and alcohol are forbi…[View]
127575005Technocracy: Let me tell you about being a technocrat, /pol/ Our society faces many problems. Why no…[View]
127573290Well /pol/? http://www.cnn.com/2017/05/28/us/racist-and-religious-tirades-what-to-do/[View]
127575605Indoctrination of children: This is abusive. How can a parent, who works as a school librarian use h…[View]
127573929Does Germany think that we're still going to pay?: Yeah we're not paying the something som…[View]
127574599Why is black music so popular in America and Europe?[View]
127569761564 years ago, the Kaffir Empire collapsed. The Muslims conquered the city of Constantinople, markin…[View]
127570869Lets play a game /pol/. What are the 3 forms of government and what do they do/supposed to do?[View]
127570801Paris mayor wants to ban anti-white festival: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/05/29/paris-mayor…[View]
127562624NEW JERUSALEM: I see people posting that pic of Greater Israel, from the Nile to the Euphrates. It…[View]
127574119WHEN WILL WE STOP NK?: So, be realistic. How long until the western countries invade/nuke/stop North…[View]
127569316Is she right?: https://youtu.be/nZyQ1JRPAWE http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2017/05/29/woman-who-married-t…[View]
127574776I really want to like black people, but every time I see one and say hello the just pretend I don…[View]
127572437Post your best stories for the lolz! Also post you best Zimbabwe memes![View]
127575434Hey burgers, will your walking clownshow have enough time to remove russian sanctions and get his 19…[View]
127575347>'Committee agreed to request by professor Noam Chomsky (MIT) to speak on East Timor. Although Ch…[View]
127571784You cannot deny this, bigots[View]
127565979I hope you vote for Tulsi Gabbard in 2020, faggots.[View]
127566933U.S. Quietly Lifts Limit on Number of Refugees Allowed In: >no wall plan or funding >Hillary…[View]
127575109>fuck christianity I'm gonna worship the gods of my ancestors! >who were described by bia…[View]
127572548So why don't you have a stay at home daughter gf yet /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apo…[View]
127567816Five minutes of hate ALL FLAGS GET IN HERE lets prove to the Jew its hated all over the planet.[View]
127560584Ultimate Red Pill Shows: I need more shows that open me up to the truth! Please share! Pic related. …[View]
127572596Will YOU stand to defend Christianity? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_BjPy19bYs[View]
127542158Had my friend send me this news clip from MSNBC, is this fucking real? Praise kek https://instagram…[View]
127555149Potential happening in Berlin?: One of the major roads in Berlin has been evacuated, including house…[View]
127556874Do any of you from other countries actually care about America? Do you care for it's people or …[View]
127572941Why does the left never address problems faced by men? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgAu1i6aChs…[View]
127574166*Female Police Officers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntjsAuLn5OM[View]
127572922You NatSoc people are far leftists in denial: Hitler was a leftist social justice warrior, infatuate…[View]
127564017>Done more in 8 weeks than Obama in 8 years >Prevented 5 domestic terrorist attacks >Dow hi…[View]
127573067>Remember when the so-called President said he was going to donate his salary? Well he just accep…[View]
127571760Why doesn't ISIS or some other sandnigger organisation target politicians and degenerate celebr…[View]
127567568Are italian immigrants criminal?[View]
127568946What's their endgame?[View]
127574068uhh guys: is anyone actually going to do anything? I feel like weve just been LARPing about saving e…[View]
127563592You can't deny it. Anarcho-Capitalism is the perfect system.[View]
127573983Based Poland: Why can't the rest of the EU be like Poland and defend their country from Islamic…[View]
127573417CNN wailing.: MSM has to write articles to teach people how to gauge probability of a successful phy…[View]
127566416Egoism The power Of The Self: >What is egoism? egoism is easily explained in 4 words 'the power o…[View]
127555545HAHA SWEETIEEEEEEEEEE: Sweetie, why is your president so thin skinned? AHAHAHAH[View]
127568688Brit/pol/ - Ugly SNP Man Edition: >MI5 probes bomber 'warnings' to see if they messed i…[View]
127573250trump surrenders to France: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOf9FqsLfA8[View]
127563636Sweetie, I...[View]
127568398I found this ancient photograph from the meme war whilst looking at #freekekistan[View]
127571626MOST REDPILLED BAND OF ALL TIME: >https://youtu.be/TSF3HviqlPk Black Sabbath gets the rep of bein…[View]
127543198卐 /nsg/ 卐 National Socialism General ϟϟ: >ϟϟ HAIL VICTORY! ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the Jewi…[View]
127572502who here /mgtow/?[View]
127573310Weakness comes from within.: Ain't he right?[View]
127565101What is the solution to the white problem?[View]
127552291Yes, Netherlands: > Muslims are true to their faith > Muslims have intergrated well into Dutch…[View]
127569504https://youtu.be/xMvKpEFr17M https://youtu.be/xMvKpEFr17M https://youtu.be/xMvKpEFr17M why do rich m…[View]
127564954Is there any doubt that he will be a cuck again agree to follow the Paris deal?[View]
127562750AI: /pol/ redpill me on AI Won't robots take our jobs like immigrants do and help the globallis…[View]
127568593>year is 2020 >An unknown politician rises to power and influence in Germany >He holds ambi…[View]
127564275So I've been doing some thinking: about non white people who come here and basically assimilate…[View]
127569841Have you ever met a nice South African? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeDk6ZeGNnU[View]
127562512Do you think Hitler survived the Soviet invasion of Berlin? Do you beleive the official story that h…[View]
127567743The most important thing you can do for the white race is keep your own life in order. You must be s…[View]
127571700Why is a lesbian jew leading the AFD's list?: Also, any info about her jewish ancestry? It…[View]
127561690Who is this with Bill Clinton? Some random hooker or...?[View]
127572217Paul Massey Thread: Is he /our guy/?[View]
127570561Politically Incorrect Story Time: Share your stories of when you were intentionally or accidentally …[View]
127554838ETERNAL /V4G/ THREAD - Pool of shit edition: NO EUKEKS HERE Also balkans dont turn this into balkan …[View]
127572798Why is it that right-wing leaders in the West (supposedly the most 'based' of the lot), ar…[View]
127572719Reminder: If you pay taxes, you are being cucked by the state: With much of welfare going specifical…[View]
127572679/polder/: >What's happening? Tjeenk Willink will become the new informateur. >What happen…[View]
127568598Are they trolling us? I actually feel a bit trolled.[View]
127563669If you are not Italian you are an inferior being: Daily remainder that you are all cucks without cul…[View]
127572633Merkel Speech at CSU rally: Hello /pol/, I noticed that you are heavily concerned about Merkel…[View]
127565767>what shills don't realize[View]
127552204The Zuccpill: Why haven't you taken the ZUCCPILL yet? >Looks like a living Roman Statue …[View]
127562194Stereotypes blacks believe about whites: How did blacks delude themselves into believing whites are …[View]
127539708Syria General /sg/ - Late Night Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpress…[View]
127571934Liberals why are you so cucked?[View]
127566278Another fail of an european national intelligence service. why are you all so retard in preventing t…[View]
127541452STRANGE RED LIGHTS @ WHITE HOUSE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBJ4ySNoxU4 https://www.youtube.co…[View]
127572009never forget[View]
127571585Is she /our gilf/?[View]
127553776Anyone who is against free markets and white nationalism needs to be killed. The best country in the…[View]
127570438CRINGE: >there are people like him browsing this board right now pls do us a favor and kill yours…[View]
127565942Anti-Communism/Socialism Red-Pills: Drop them here.[View]
127561055MANCHESTER BOMBING FOOTAGE RELEASED!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuE2zSC0kks Where are the 119 …[View]
127566210Is it possible to bring monogamy back?: Seems like in the modern world, is knowing the truth about h…[View]
127571288Nuclear war: Hello /pol/, I have been thinking a lot lately, and in the current situation in this wo…[View]
127566012Anti-Putin protest in Paris: He is visiting Macron today. http://www.cnews.fr/france/video/a-paris-…[View]
127565183Why Do Niggers Clap, Yell, Get Aggressive Whenever they Try to Make a Point?: https://www.youtube.co…[View]
127554625Why does /pol/ hate poo in loos? India is a libertarian paradise.[View]
127564215Get you an Angela that can do both!: She 'Merk'd' that beer. Don't worry anons someday you…[View]
127570254>Trump is truly a man of the people![View]
127562592Is fat acceptance a modern phenomenon? When did humans lose their sense of shame?[View]
127560854Should we legalise all drugs?: Imagine if 90% funding on the drug war went to helping people with dr…[View]
127564132How do we stop nationalism and borders? The free movement of peoples is a human and moral right.[View]
127570987I read this report and it's fucking ridiculous. First of all, they are demanding an apology whi…[View]
127563543>there are STILL cumskins unironically browsing /pol/ /pol/ is and always will be a board of colo…[View]
127564372This absolute fucking shit cunt killed 3 times more than Hitler, sent his soldiers to their certain …[View]
127562449Should the voting age be raised?: Been lurking on 4chan and /pol/ for years now (don't know how…[View]
127562946Do you agree that society will not start improving until online porn is banned?[View]
127570827REEEEEEEE: 'You can only be mature if you have a kid' Are you fucking kidding me!!! Muh, having a ki…[View]
127538216Taxation is theft. Can you refute this?[View]
127562571final redpill take at your own risk: I have come to bring you the final redpill pol. The Jews are yo…[View]
127570219why do european people want so many immigrants instead of making more europeans? Why do they welcome…[View]
127557637Do\ you actually like Hitler/Nazis or are you just acting edgy? Serious question[View]
127563451Going there in few days, will I get murdered?[View]
127522465What's her name again?[View]
127567855'History is a white supremacist, patriarchal construct' This is an absolute FACT. There is literally…[View]
127566619Can't help but feel that she looking out a tall window. And inside that window Seth Rich and An…[View]
127569815daily reminder this is what cultural appropriation feels like[View]
127563207Why do you guys get offended when leftists call you racist, homophobic, transphobic and Islamophobic…[View]
127565202What does /pol/ think about polish basketball player 'Anna Pamuła' and her opinion on the refugee cr…[View]
127570177Where is this pedoshill army located? What company do they work for? Funded by Soros? Funded by taxe…[View]
127570169Thank goodness for Donald Trump.. It will be nice to have America back ontop, as opposed to kneeling…[View]
127570142>Calls himself red pilled. Still works for green jew paper.[View]
127566232Online Radicalization-NYMAG: >For the last six months, we’ve been researching how far-right group…[View]
127561583Is saudi arabia /ourguy/?[View]
127527230/POL/TARDS SHOOT THEMSELVES IN THE FOOT AGAIN!: You did it again! You decided to brigade a video of …[View]
127569612>tfw italian and pale no i am not your 'kumpel' or 'alter' no you tell me 'buongiorno' not 'guten…[View]
127567863Redpill: when you realize how shitty this era is: I´m tired. I´m really tired of living in a cuck mo…[View]
127559726What did they mean by this?[View]
127564402So I just found out that I have some jewish DNA, roughly 5%. I'm a jew pol/ What do now?[View]
127566539>30 terrorist strikes in Europe over the last years >not a single star or politician killed …[View]
127563159Brit/pol/ - Are Neil Edition: >MI5 probes bomber 'warnings' to see if they messed it up…[View]
127556089Why aren't you married yet, /pol/?[View]
127529523>Looking at a nice, medium sized, 2 bedroom apartment in a comfy neighbourhood. >Price: US$3 m…[View]
127570385Hows the manlet situation in your country? Are politicians addressing it? (Its 1/3rd of the male vot…[View]
127566283Shitty pseudo political trend = bait ?: Do you think that all the fuss about genders, racism, and ot…[View]
127566247How do we fix poles?[View]
127559132Do you regret it?: We need to talk, /pol/. By now it's clear to everyone except the truly insa…[View]
127558218Oy Vey.[View]
127524951STOP: Give me tips on how to end the fucking immigration. I'm sick of walking outside and sudde…[View]
127568001FAGS BTFO: No sin in the world grips the soul as the accursed sodomy; this sin has always been detes…[View]
1275675104chan on MSNBC!: https://youtu.be/4KGDi8CP5GQ[View]
127568929New media outlets ?: Serious discussion /pol/ When will there be and why hasn't a new media t.v…[View]
127568518Former 'Shill' Here. You Won, Redpills Really Work: /pol/ You won. I was a former SB hired shill tha…[View]
127567524Trumpcucks here always resort to b-but Hillary would be worse excuse when we point out Trump failed …[View]
127568420Guys, can anyone tell me what exactly is going on in this video? Maybe you have some link or somethi…[View]
127559796South China Sea: >Chinese sees islands and says 'this is mine' >UN says 'No China, those islan…[View]
127568183Defend Europe - donate fight the NGOs: Daily reminder only true /pol/-s will donate Will you do n…[View]
127565617Would Varg be an Anarcho-Primitivist?[View]
127559252>when you elect a president who promises to build a border wall and he dosent do it its ok cuz m…[View]
127566652Merkel pushes back: Did Americans vote to loose their own hegemony just to keep the Mexicans out? h…[View]
127567530Why Japan and Korea are so great?: What can we learn from them?[View]
127552273I want off this ride: According to Revelations in the Bible: 'I saw a beast rising out of the s…[View]
127568193Was America ever white?[View]
127565878CNN's Don Lemon Chimp Out: Donny boy throws a diva tantrum on fellow coloured person for not bl…[View]
127552659Where's all of this headed?: Went to Porte de la Chapelle this morning. Tents everywhere, refug…[View]
127566189>8am >Memorial Day >no Trump tweet yet Anyone else scared?…[View]
127568059Why does the modern world lack so many happenings when compared with the recent past?[View]
127566699what we gonna eat man??: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTK6Z6oCT3g fellow ausfags heres a lil bit…[View]
127567998When will /pol learn..?: By saying 'Gas the jews' You're only perpetuating a Jewish narrative. …[View]
127565573Which race is the pinnacle of masculinity?[View]
127565477Trumps budget social v civil programs: There has been a lot in the news about Trump cutting social p…[View]
127564453Monday Night QandA Livewatch: Get in here, Ausfags! It's time for bingooo! Watch with us: >h…[View]
127567623Where do they get these ideas?: What would motivate SJW's to confront a crazy man on a train?…[View]
127559558All Muslims are evi-.[View]
127558701India will be a world super powe-.[View]
127549897Explain to me the Far Cry 5 controversy: I'm currently playing MGS 5 where you have to kill Rus…[View]
127567194MEMORIAL DAY 2017 SALUTE: What will you do today to remember those that gave everything for our coun…[View]
127567144How is Stalinism different from Communism?[View]
127550349wtf europe: >be danish >date muslima >get 'honor raped' by her father wtf, isn't this…[View]
127559326What is /pol/'s opinion of my country?[View]
127545580Crisis Actor Confirmed / Exposed!: God damn Hitler was right https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCoxM8M…[View]
127567174Why do you equate pedo rings to a guy sexting with a 15 yo chick? Serious question[View]
127531884Okay /pol how do you argue against this?[View]
127544872This will be a thread devoted to ideas about child rearing. I'll give my model as concisely as …[View]
127564580When due process fails us, we really do live in a world of terror.[View]
127554260Browser Extension: Is there any browser extension that adds the triple parentheses to all the names …[View]
127566099What the Fidget Spinners Fad Reveals About Disability Discrimination: Sjw's are mad about peopl…[View]
127566635>I'm a christian and a capitalist Um no. How about you try again, sweetie?…[View]
127523760>Man Cuts Off Wife’s Head After DNA Proved 6 Kids are Not His: Man Cuts Off Wife’s Head After DNA…[View]
1275655821) What do you think of the current world we live in ? be it around politics, economy, ecology, meme…[View]
127566681SETH RICH NIGERIANS EDITION: SETH RICH NIGERIANS EDITION https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZphjB7qWdk…[View]
127566518Mike Pence Nicknames: The forked tongued media lied about Mike Pence wanting to electrocute gays , a…[View]
127565827How can Trump even compete?[View]
127566206Is it time to turn the desert into glass?[View]
127566238What can we best the Jews?: https://youtu.be/Ec1syKOdlwo Look at this, Jews have it perfect, intelli…[View]
127560843My Team don't sleep, wypierdalaj z Polski https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9_xg_djc5k[View]
127559974/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - Who's controlling the board? edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP …[View]
127529000Turns out #notallmuslims was actually kind of true. After the Manchester bombings this Imam went on…[View]
127560071Jeremy Christian: ...is he /ourguy/ ?[View]
127556742>/pol/ isn't getting raided by newfa-[View]
127566005Reminder that women are great and there's nothing wrong with them. No amount of cherrypicked ar…[View]
127558675> hate gays because they suck cock and that's gross > realize my mum probably does the sa…[View]
127564003What are in your opinion some FUNDAMENTAL differences with today's degeneracy in comparison wit…[View]
127556383Anglo supremacy thread: Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that there has never been a …[View]
127561069Niggers in Aus: Why the fuck are still accepting these niggers into our country when they do nothing…[View]
127565703Russians created Al-Quaeda and ISIS.[View]
127564671Indians are good peopl-.[View]
127553195NYMAG SAYS RED PILL IS RADICALIZATION: New York magazine compares taking red pill to isis recruitmen…[View]
127532454Angela Merkel the leader of the free world[View]
127554867Eric Clanton's Lawyer Implies Eric Is a Domestic Terrorist: Ethical Eric the Terrified Terroris…[View]
127564625The technical term for mixed race[View]
127564226Why are Americans so pro-Jewish?[View]
127563096Why are jews bad? I'm lost. is it the nose or something?[View]
127565275Jews: Ben Shapiro isn't like most jews. Why is he conservative? I don't know what to thi…[View]
127552855south african merc: how do I get a job down there? I'm suicidal and want to drive around protec…[View]
127563965just felt like posting >pic related if you need an actual thread theme than make it about /pol/ …[View]
127563068Okay /pol/, Let's assume all the non-whites have been removed from the West. You've achie…[View]
127568489Why is city life so depressing?[View]
127562557>believing in spooks such as morality, state, money, identities, society, etc. >not embracing …[View]
127561397Why is Germany such good country compared to Japan? Merkel?[View]
127552297What does /pol/ think of Maajid Nawaz?[View]
127551175Should Trump restrict the sales of diesel cars and trucks not in emissions compliance?: So far, VW/A…[View]
127562106Nothing personnel kids, but atheism was a fad: Don't you just love watching the skeptic communi…[View]
127562126>Be me >Persian >dating girl who comes from a conservative, military, trump supporting fami…[View]
127542422AUSPOL fuck NEETS edition: >Melbourne, Sydney home prices cool again http://www.sbs.com.au/news/…[View]
127543686Center of Islam: If we were to discretely drop a 500kg tungsten rod from space onto this thing what …[View]
127561096what is better? this kind of girls will be the only available choices in the west soon christianity …[View]
127556317The biggest red pill is the blue pill: >Stuck with family... >1 is a commie sanders faggot ty…[View]
127562574Is there a bigger 'feels before reals' than religion? Are we really supposed to believe that God tal…[View]
127560850I am a mongrel halfling. I have 2 very different warrior bloods running through my veins. Neither of…[View]
127563985Jew question: Now there are more Europeans understanding race more than ever before. We must focus …[View]
127563951What was his ultimate goal for Austria? He was friends with Saddam Hussein, and other middle eastern…[View]
127559657Dunno if this is the board for this, but I am asking anyways. What do you think the world would be l…[View]
127561669ITT We act like sheeple: Left sheep: COMMUNISM IS THE BEST ECONOMIC SYSTEM!! CAPITALIST PIG!! BAHH! …[View]
127557715Hmmm Ben, can we talk about this : ? Trump getting hand raped by a fag. SAD! https://youtu.be/VOf9Fq…[View]
127563700On this day: >On this day May 29th 1453, Constantinople and the Byzantine empire fell to the Otto…[View]
127558257Brit/pol/ - God's own country edition: >MI5 probes bomber 'warnings' to see if the…[View]
127563573Imagine: this is self-appointed 'intellectual nationalist' in your country. What do?[View]
127562335if media turned out to be unable to successfully manage to prevent trump becoming president, then wh…[View]
127551820Prove to me that black people aren't specifically targeted by police because of their ethnicity…[View]
127563307FREE MARKET: Daily reminder the first country to eliminate their central bank and allow free market …[View]
127555511Are you coming to church this sunday, anon? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apoCp3OTsxE&t=29s…[View]
127557425Non American/European Politics: I get bored hearing about the usual chucklefucks, what's going …[View]
127563143PATRIOT: He went to Vietnam to kill commies to protect your 'freedom'. He served. He was a PATRIOT. …[View]
127563026Does the burqa add to the message?[View]
127562777Religion / Race Hating (Pointless): God is real, take it from someone whose dedicated their life to …[View]
127562970it's such a good thing in britain and america the children of judges and lawyers who defend ter…[View]
127560187/pol/ won't defend this[View]
127553089Please explain to me why Fox News isn't fake news trumptards?[View]
127559712I've hit a wall Y'all, I used to have strong political beliefs not so much anymore. I find…[View]
127528713You want to start some shit you CIS-heteronormative ableist white scumbag?: https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
127535751Who did this?[View]
127562495Why do tranny Communists think they look like the gender they want to be?: Right-wing and centrist f…[View]
127562039HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY, /POL/: https://www.ratical.org/ratville/CAH/warisaracket.html[View]
127550281Question for all the Trump fan who are still out there: What would it take for you to stop supportin…[View]
127550592ITT: We Sober Up: I really regret voting for him...[View]
127562388Post BTFOs. >The tale of David Starkey and the jumped up schoolgirl https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
127546974What really happened here? Did the 909 people, except the children, really take their life voluntari…[View]
127558259Women shouldn't be allowed to vote: >Recently had someone explain this to me The fall of the…[View]
127561424psyops: newfag degenerate should kill myself redpill me on psyops do you know methods? will it work?…[View]
127546856Capitalism vs communism: Capitalism has killed more people than communism. Capitalism kills 100 mill…[View]
127561990Lads I think it's time to join marches / organisations fighting against the Global Jew and brow…[View]
127561975Syrian Refugee Crisis: As I have been living under a rock for a while, I'm not really caucht up…[View]
127544049Patriot or monster?[View]
127560073Pornography it's history and why it's political indoctrination: The history of hardcore po…[View]
127560548>the one who removed literally Bismark from power >the one who is responsible for the Treaty o…[View]
127558565>tfw when your very existence is an act of racist oppression NEW VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
127548564Seth Rich SRG: READ the thread as it stands. CLIP facts you are investigating. PASTE facts into inf…[View]
127560319>China still isn`t classified as a currency manipulator >No healtcare reform >No tax reform…[View]
127558668>you will always be a Millennial[View]
127561100Delete your account.: Delete your account.[View]
127557730Why is white genocide a bad thing? Why does it matter if the western world is white or black?[View]
127559393Do you think Talcum X is paid by ((them)): Do you think Talcum X is paid by ((them)) to create even …[View]
127547253>t-shirt controlled opposition[View]
127542381Freemasonry: Is it just a meme? Redpill me on the subject /pol/[View]
127541471>Keep Digging[View]
127557016A Contingent of Mine: So, anyone who has been on /pol/ recently in the past 24 hours would've h…[View]
127544214memeball thread, let's make some new ones[View]
127555396>use howie long scream >250 mil budget Wtf were they thinking?…[View]
127552568>Cuckolicks and Orthofags:'Muh James 2' Umm no sweetie Romans 4 1 What shall we say then that Abr…[View]
127556524>it will never be 2016 election times /pol/ again[View]
127558554WA State Reaches Maximum Cuckold: Seriously fags, is this real life? http://video.foxnews.com/v/545…[View]
127552196Paris mayor demands black feminist festival that 'prohibits' white people be BANNED: WTF A…[View]
127560042Don't puke: Everyone who's gazed at this for 2 long have died and I stand with my right ar…[View]
127554742Secret Elite Societies in USA: Are there any secret societies in the US that fight against the Zioni…[View]
127559972Social Degeneracy: What are you thoughts on the current state of Western Culture?[View]
127551492The EDL is an anti-Muslim grou-.[View]
127564477>claim his army is based >Don't have hovercrafts How non-hovercraft fags can compete wit…[View]
127520756characters that would have browsed /pol/[View]
127552091Are the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies a hate symbol? No? Can we turn them into one? #notallorc…[View]
127555477/pol/ approved music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXTpHNMdOZU[View]
127557561How do you dress politically pol? Rule no political symbols can be shown. I wanna see how creative y…[View]
127559612Has bogpilling finally gone too far? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JerBJ9Xbdto[View]
127560292>Black people were never Ki-[View]
127560396You heard them goys. Get your pagan dicks out por[View]
127560889All blacks are being gentlemen meanwhile white bois have to go to extra mile to look like a dumbfuck…[View]
127562522Can we talk about makeup?: And its effects on the dating pool. Should it be banned?[View]
127562514What is about Asians that makes them the perfect race to breed with compared to Whites?[View]
127562710Renting vs Owning: Lets talk about property (and land) ownership vs renting. I rented for many years…[View]
127562779This podium is accurate?[View]
127562757I like jewish D: Hi. I'm a red-pilled girl, and I wanted to say THANKS. Thanks a lot for lettin…[View]
12756311606:57 am: Another car blasting reggaeton[View]
127563128Reminder that if you don't like or appreciate women, you're not white.[View]
127563133Can you feel it? It's in the air.[View]
127563274>he doesn't have a beautiful, loyal, red pilled, blonde haired Danish wifey How does it fee…[View]
127555527Hitler did nothing wrong[View]
127546194Are we going to meme this faggot to oblivion in 2020?: Can you imagine the memes that will happen if…[View]
127556386Say I look out the window and see a bunch of white nationalists heading my way to genocide all shits…[View]
127553949When will you learn that revolutionnary communism is the ultimate for of government ? Arent you tire…[View]
127523293You have to give it to the DNC. They are are really trying to use false evidence to pivot the Seth R…[View]
127557967Let's start appropriating LGBT: We shoud start appropriating things like LGBT, the hammer and s…[View]
127558601HE IS RIGHT YOU KNOW[View]
127559699What are nucular codes?[View]
127554053The Alt-Right needs a uniform.[View]
127559615ITT: We post some /pol/-approved literature.[View]
127548266SHE'S CUMMING !!: get ready drumpfshits[View]
127553544Next to the new British internet censorship proposed legislation: Germany is gearing up to crack dow…[View]
127559450What is to be blame for this behavior in black youth? These kids have to grow up with this garbage i…[View]
127559279AMERICA! fuk - yeh?[View]
127553615In 2020, the Rock must cuck the Zuck[View]
127556593Good. Telling this bitch and the rest of NATO to do suck a dick was the best moment of his presidenc…[View]
127555143What are your goals for Ramadan, /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4o-qMBEpjEY[View]
127556367Civic Nationalism: >Alright /pol/ Civic Nationalism is the only way forward >Ethno Nationalis…[View]
127551278I'm new here so I was wondering, who's your favourite political youtube? Mine is TJ Kirked…[View]
127553289Millennials: Just what the fuck exactly is wrong with millennials?[View]
127555181TURN ON CNN!: Merkel to declare all refugees permanent citizens of Germany! Germany to become biling…[View]
127544521Should Molymeme be arrested?: He acts as a cult leader, works as a therapist with no training or lic…[View]
127548005Brit/pol/ - Burn the fascists edition: >The (((Free Market))) strikes again: BA cancels all fligh…[View]
127556815Someone wrote 'allahu akbar' and 'Finland' and drew a broken heart at school Should i be worried? Wh…[View]
127556292Whos going? Daddy needs us.[View]
127553064/pol/ destroyed very quickly. Islam isn't the problem the white man is http://resistancereport.…[View]
127558384Tomorrow Belongs To Me: We are winning and have awoken ! The jews and commies on the left in the lib…[View]
127547416>Contribute article to Salon or something >'Was Muhammad White?' >insert bullshit 'experts …[View]
127558403real muslim feminist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PeXVP7TlSxY[View]
127533260How long until this is an accepted therapy? When will it be used to keep our europoor counterparts f…[View]
127556869Name one politician who isn't a shill.[View]
127557253Does anyone have any documents that show how homosexuality is a mental disorder?[View]
127553717Political Hats: Anons, if you think of any political ideology, what hat would you connect them to? p…[View]
127556380Combatting C16: Alright Canadian folks here's the game plan regarding C16: spread the message a…[View]
127555734Anything come out of this sick pedo shit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NllDEnMkAaU[View]
127555730Macaroni taking the Russian Big Manlet Dick: https://youtu.be/JPkAmHHoNHU Watch this and the cogniti…[View]
127557959cyber bullies: hey /pol/ what is your take on cyber bullies are they just the new chad and stacy inv…[View]
127554131OPERATION SHITZKREIG: (Cont.) We must strike back....Operation Shitzkreig: precisely 8:16 Pm pacific…[View]
127532502The Breed Of Peace Strikes Again: >he a gud boi >dindu nuffin >#notallpitbulls…[View]
127557562Sort yourself out /pol/[View]
127552136Here's a question for us to discus: Why isn't ISIS steamrolling through Africa? There are …[View]
127554720Men revolt: We need a MEN's strike day were we complain ? Whos with me, we really need this, at…[View]
127555521Wtf, it's my right to say what I want, this impedes on my constitutional rights.[View]
127557435How good is Plymouth, Massachusetts?: >New England is the oldest clearly defined region of the Un…[View]
127557344the one benefit of the fall of the west: the fall of modernity for the last 200 years europe america…[View]
127557348/pol/ BTFO: look i found a video which describes all of /pol/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr5qzV…[View]
127556965I hate nu/pol/ so fucking much[View]
127559619Why are brown eyes so ugly and boring?[View]
127555244Only idiots want to have children: >Abstract >The relationship between IQ and fertility was ex…[View]
127556758Is /pol/ for or against transhumanism? Just think of it, a species free of race, sex, religion, gree…[View]
127554219Would sexbots drive mankind to extinction?[View]
127553622Why is neo-conservatism so based? I mean, if democracy is so good - shouldn't everyone have it?…[View]
127555833Why cuckoldry is actually a good thing: Hello /pol/, contrary to what the headline may make you beli…[View]
127555749Hitler possibly a puppet for bankers?: Who funded Hitler? How can a nation wrecked in poverty and de…[View]
127552188Battle of the sexes a new manhating feminist movie coming out: >the trailer https://www.youtube.c…[View]
127556770Atheists have never done anything wron-.[View]
127553450women: 22 year old beta seeking advice. How to score pussy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr5qzV-8…[View]
127553411Destroy Buzzfag: Buzzfag is an EOE (Equal Opportunity Employer) They primarily higher Women, LGBT, a…[View]
127528898>>127524099 The white house is sending a fucking SOS signal. Left side: short short short long…[View]
127554840Is this map politically incorrect? Looks like the white man dominate the world once again.[View]
127553773Inform Me Faggots: Hello /pol/, Newfag here, and never really been political. Explain what your poli…[View]
127556409Look at this creep: No really look at it, it's worth your time. He even wrote an episode that i…[View]
127554533Should gay guys use the word faggot?: Does your country have hate speech laws? Do you approve of the…[View]
127554151What happens here (Outer Hebrides)?: This seems like a perfect place for a prison.[View]
127553540Why not just tax the fuck out of rich people and corporations? It's not like they need billion…[View]
127556079NOBODY EXPECTS: So when the inevitable European race war is won by its native Christian population w…[View]
127548024(((Race))) or Religion?: So, racial Jews (i.e. Israelites and/or Ashkenazi) that reject the (((relig…[View]
127550861Why did the Jeb Bush cuckservative leftist faggot of Canada(pictured left) win when someone much mor…[View]
127551845How long will Poland and Hungary hold out against accepting the third world hordes? It just sounds t…[View]
127552542Why haven't you taken the swingpill yet, /pol/?: >But it's an 'open relationship'. No. …[View]
127551902Fix millennials in 5 words or less.[View]
127546296Why the Alt-Right Will Fail: The white nationalist movement (or whatever name you prefer to call it)…[View]
127520914Evergreen State College Student Takeover: >lol why the fuck would you go to a 4 year college righ…[View]
127536821The best country in the world would be an ethnic nationalist country like Japan mixed with a free ma…[View]
127528351So /pol/, Andrew Scheer is the new Conservative leader of Canada going up against Justin from Canada…[View]
127555608EMERGENTY LEAF MEETING: Bernier for Libertarian Party Leader? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_K4enX…[View]
127487563Why would a professional assassin have a little fistfight with their target and then leave him alive…[View]
127555622KUSHNER IS FINISHED: is it time for /ourguy/ to come back in the spotlight? you don't have to w…[View]
127550364If capitalism is the best financial system then why is Russia a corrupted shithole? >pic semi rel…[View]
127553770Why was this thread deleted by mods but 'Drumpf BTFO' threads aren't?: Any reason for this?…[View]
127552229Evergreen state college ad: Evergreen sounds like a great college https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3…[View]
127554665If history is a white wash and blacks were kangs, then why doesn't Africa rise up and liberate …[View]
127554452>be you >you are born in small village where most of people arehigh school degreeor drop outs …[View]
127551178When are you cucks gonna realize this?: The manchester attack was a hoax false flag like so many oth…[View]
127553861CAN'T SLOG MAD DOG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCNCgoLTjlw[View]
127551480If you died today, would you be 100% certain that you are going to Heaven? Here's how to be sur…[View]
127511853Zuckerberg Citizens Of The World: https://youtu.be/4VwElW7SbLA?t=22m52s Prepare America.[View]
127555079Kukd: BTFO for eternity[View]
127554933OBLIGATORY 1/4-HOURLY DUMBF THREAD: Does this geriatric retard suffer from clinically diagnosable FO…[View]
127552233Sexual Revolution: G-guys are we fucked? >Sexual Revolution >Inevitable from the elevation o…[View]
127543942Why: What is their endgame /pol?[View]
127552330here is a detailed list of our demands http://www.cooperpointjournal.com/2017/05/27/complete-list-o…[View]
127554090He will not divide us[View]
127553011Why won't the US and UK take my immigrants?!: THE UK ISN'T DOING AS I TELL IT TO ABLOOBLOO…[View]
127551716came back to pol after a 2 year absence. i have to say, this board has gotten quite interesting. peo…[View]
127551360Based Parisian Mayor bans Black Women's Festival.: >The Nyansapo Festival, an 'Afro-feminist…[View]
127553122https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yo-BGLoCDZU&t=5s >WE >WUZNT >HOMEWORK >BUT >WE …[View]
127550889SAY JOY LANE[View]
127544483I sometimes read that Christianity absorbed and integrated European pagan values, and that Catholici…[View]
127546633Why do Australians live and look like this? Will they ever change?[View]
127553547Ultimate spectrum pill: Nazis won the Second World War but Adolf ascended to the 9th dimension to ma…[View]
127547349Yeeees, our vassal states are 'syncronizing' their 'elections' with ours: Soon we can demand all EU …[View]
127551392>The West is wealthy because of Christia---[View]
127552267My very first PEPE: Hi /pol/ This is my very first work utilizing the art style Pepeism. This recrea…[View]
127538997Why is the female standard of beauty always compared to white women with blonde hair and blue eyes?[View]
127552788>2014 still no Terra-forming technology Were did it all go wrong.[View]
127553525'It's not segregation when we do it!': >The Paris mayor, Anne Hidalgo, has called for a blac…[View]
127551461Did somebody say Communism?[View]
1275534134 chan BTFO, buzzfeed makes a direct attack on our boards , we make a board were we get outraged and…[View]
127545513What exactly is the alt left? I know what the alt right is, but I don't know what the alt left …[View]
127552765http://www.cnn.com/2017/05/28/us/fareed-zakaria-liberals-cnntv/index.html This dude just nailed it. …[View]
127553051BASED CHINA BTFOS SJWs: >'Baizuo' Is The New Derogatory Term Millions Of Chinese Are Using To Des…[View]
127545910Hey /pol/, what do ISIS want?[View]
127552854>CAW CAW refugees welcome! ?????[View]
127552732What a hero! http://kval.com/news/local/mother-identifies-23-year-old-son-as-max-stabbing-victim…[View]
127546364Hey /pol/ there's political chit chat going on in this Livestream, you know what to do... https…[View]
127552630Which one of you faggots was this, and can it be confirmed? Guy with 6k followers is sharing this ev…[View]
127551625Should animals be circumcised?: If circumcision is good for humans, surely it must be good for all a…[View]
127537951Not sure if this is the correct place to ask, but it might be better than others. Someone mentioned …[View]
127550439Does /pol/ think we push wikileaks to give up the source of the DNC leaks? I fully understand they h…[View]
127550464Study shows teens prefer to make and keep friendships online rather than offline: https://www.rt.com…[View]
127545283Did You Know Putin's Mother is a Jewess: Download & Re-Upload this Adolf Hitler / World War…[View]
127552159Merkel is hitler 2.0: Hear me out i have a theory >'Had Charles Martel not been victorious at Poi…[View]
127516934LOTR MEME THREAD PT. 2: Post LOTR memes or make your own to mock liberal spouting points.[View]
127551348Friendly reminder that Australia belongs in fact to Romania: #true[View]
127550306All Muslims are evi-.[View]
127551933>>127526946 Demon Souls and Dark Souls[View]
127550920We shouldn't be fighting SWJs & BLM.: When i see this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOJY…[View]
127548518Encourage sjws to live in the ghetto: Considering that SJWs are mostly spoiled sheltered rich or mid…[View]
127552084https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbF442yqYDQ Is James Mattis the only one of Trumps picks thats liked…[View]
127551493Why are millennials so ungrateful to be alive?[View]
127550557'Beautiful sex' Go ahead, search it up /pol It takes several (around 13) page scrolls to find any pe…[View]
127552063I am French and just get back from American vacation. I realized Europe is not first-world. When I g…[View]
127548853Move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem[View]
127551330Why do we still have Trump generals?[View]
127550186>go outside >see nigger >day ruined…[View]
127551987Is this the answer /pol/? Muslims confronting their own flaws, and shaming the terrorists? https://…[View]
127551942Based Black Man BTFOs William LeGay: https://vimeo.com/219081029[View]
127551010hippies were less degenerate than rock and rollers?: hippy >folk music (traditional music) >in…[View]
127551105Gen Z is turning out to be substantially more conservative than Millenials: https://www.yahoo.com/st…[View]
127549032Is this really the most powerful photo ever? #WeAren'tAfraid[View]
12754918427 years old No kids Fulltime job Car No education/hs diploma Somewhat attractive Manlet Over 40…[View]
127550663Is this the missing link in Pizzagate? His dad worked for ACORN,SEIU, and Obama http://www.zerohedg…[View]
127551527SPIC HATE THREAD: Niggers are Niggers and Asians are soulless, but only one race actually is trying …[View]
127550662Muslims hate British cultur-.[View]
127551465James Watson (discoverer of the DNA-helix structure) speech cancelled due to race comments: Can…[View]
127551647Is this picture accurate?[View]
127549242Whoopsie doodle Can we talk about this?[View]
127541750Jew Bill Maher Admits Jewish State Controls US Government: Bill Maher is ANTI-SEMITIC is he, dare sa…[View]
127536199How do we erase unhealthy eating from poor cultures? Pic related is from Mexico I believe[View]
127550881Why doesn't Trump ever talk about this daughter?[View]
127551364What was this guy's deal?: So hey, i've been wondering for really long time. What the fuck…[View]
127551226Miranda Kerr marries cuck snapchat owner.: http://thenewdaily.com.au/entertainment/celebrity/2017/05…[View]
127551481Cali anons, Antifa have turned on Clanton. He's now literally pissed off every body. Let's…[View]
127530285Bike lock Berkeley: Old thread reached limit >>127524861[View]
127549099What are some red-pilled books /pol/?: Pic related. Currently reading Becoming a Barbarian by the sa…[View]
127548154Do you believe our meme's now? Why are you not red pilled on the JQ yet normies?[View]
127549747>there are people here who unironically support Drumpf[View]
127551227Why are black people even called 'black'? Latin word = niger = root meaning of nigger... African Ame…[View]
127545514Why are American right wingers literally murderers?: You'd think the lefty activists would be t…[View]
127549076Friendly reminder that /pol/ is slowly being taken over by these faggots.[View]
127549475Albert Pikes letter 1871: Can someone present facts about this letter, it seems plausible to me to b…[View]
127551365You guys like to talk a lot of shit about England on here and how they have no rights, but I've…[View]
127546811Remember when the Illuminati was all the rage around a decade ago? Why did that happen? A liberal bu…[View]
127548127White Nationalist Militia startup?: Thinking of starting up a White Nationalist Militia, with the ri…[View]
127551164/pol/, is this who you voted for?[View]
127547703Nazi Professor: My fema-nazi professor asked my class to write a paper about the stereotypes towards…[View]
127551288Yes, Netherlands!: The Netherlands thinks it's above the law. The police were allowed to use vi…[View]
127549047Maxine Waters 2020: Is Maxine Waters a rising star in the Democratic Party? Been hearing many people…[View]
127549658How do we redpill women? This is the only way our movement can advance. You can't keep your so…[View]
127548383Turns out the guy who allegedly went on a racist tirade and started stabbing people on the metro in …[View]
127552344*blocks your fucking path*[View]
127548469>2017 >Governments everywhere still allow degenerates to smoke Why is this still allowed /pol/…[View]
127548025What does /pol/ think about radical centrists?[View]
127550480Universal Basic Imcome: why is this a bad thing and where has it currently? how is it going there? h…[View]
127550840germany wants war: http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/donald-trump-is-a-menace-to-the-world-o…[View]
127549589How are you infidels celebrating Ramadan?[View]
127530970what is the point of nationalism? Why do I have to love nation because I was born in? It seems total…[View]
127536407face it, trump was humiliated by macron[View]
127549088PRAISE MUHAMMAD: When will the west finally realize the shitskins have no place in civilized society…[View]
127550463UK HATE THREAD!!!: >invade countries all over the world >literally kill millions in the proces…[View]
127550363Will he beat Trump in 2020?[View]
127548410Islam WILL rule the west, Go on, prove me wrong.[View]
127546992does /pol/ have one of these yet?[View]
127536982The BIGGEST threat to the white race: I am amazed how little this is talked about. Birthrates are dr…[View]
127544094Why can't I change my age?: So I've been thinking about legally changing my gender to fema…[View]
127542132Pagans of /pol/: I want to create a more unified community for people who practice Indo-European/Ary…[View]
127549810Why won't you fools give up and admit that Satan has conquered your puny civilization through t…[View]
127514823New Chilean Party Discussion #1: This Thread is for the preliminary ideas for a new party to take Ch…[View]
127549625Anyone who is against free markets and white nationalism needs to be killed. The best country in the…[View]
127545215Get me off this fucking ride.: Okay /pol/, when is the day of the rope? Because this shit needs to e…[View]
127545355I'm so very tired of trying to find a political group that I belong to. I identify most with th…[View]
127547429Is Ron Paul still alive? What has he been up too lately?[View]
127546162Styx what fkin book is this?: Anons?[View]
127534397Why is the French Revolution so Glorified When it was a Complete Failure?: In the short term, the Fr…[View]
127548729Eighth graders on field trip to Washington refuse to pose with Paul Ryan: Gen Z is the most conserv.…[View]
127546490Can /pol/ redpill me on the Federal Reserve? So I know that they're not federally owned despite…[View]
127545588Donald Trump: Listen guys, I just want to get this off my chest. Donald Trump is a jerk.[View]
127549474Is this the perfect metaphor for today's left /pol/?[View]
127548500Swedecucks back at it again: This is the swedish heir of the throne (because these cucks give it to …[View]
127547125Red Pilled Gaymes: Name some red pilled games, that appreciate culture and tradition. I'll star…[View]
127546637Why do eurpoors have such small houses?: Even the poorest American can afford more room than a rich …[View]
127548919What did you do to celebrate Hillary's landslide victory (over 2 million votes)?[View]
127549264hy guis i need mor helper in my lief pls strike up reasons y helper is best politic[View]
127548750Putin venerates St. Nicholas's relics in Moscow Moved From Italy 1st Time in 1000 Years: https:…[View]
127510038Rise of Paganism and ODIN - the true archetype of the European man.: Essay on Wotan By Dr Carl Gusta…[View]
127545717Blonde Swedish Pussy CONQUERED by Indian Masterrace, Triggered Whitebois Incoming[View]
127546187This map is proof of what we have known all along, /pol/: Finns are not white. Any 'white nationali…[View]
127529617I CAN'T EVEN HAVE A BEER IN PEACE: What's it going to take to stop them? Seriously? War?…[View]
127544071Join the KLAN: Your land needs you Kek Liberation Army & Navy Also known by its acronym, KLAN…[View]
127547172EU = the fourth reich: EU was created by the nazis. >Europaische Wirtschafts Gemeinschaft transla…[View]
127548783Hi there goyi.... sir. Can I interest you in a sub prime loan?[View]
127545606Na-Cap: Should we make an interest group? The Alt-Right is dead and is already seen as radical. The …[View]
127544771REMINDER: Yuri Bezmenov was pro-social justice. He was a Social Justice Warrior.[View]
127548700Trump IQ: So what his IQ? Is the 4D chess meme accurate but slightly exaggerated or was Hillary that…[View]
127544126>be 1987 >be 18 >have jewish girlfriend >bring her around to family >grandfather meet…[View]
127548664Damn... This is powerful...[View]
127523861Brit/pol/ - Intersectionality edition: >Thread Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nrVrWkq_dc …[View]
127544392Evergreen State College President George Bridges: Does this man have any self respect? https://www.y…[View]
127548448NEETs united: How's the NEET life in your qnt? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-U8EMBrCea8…[View]
127547854USA AND UK ONLY UNCUCKED WESTERN COUNTRIES: While countries like Canada have their PM awkwardly stan…[View]
127545975What the fuck is going on in London?: This vid might be old, but fuck guys I felt like I was watchin…[View]
127480740Antifa are posting this everywhere XD Praise Kek!!![View]
127548100Another Hate (Hoax) Crime: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/nyc-student-lied-cops-claim…[View]
127547510I think I found the one based nig nog that /pol/ might like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0l20Pac…[View]
127542024Are the blacks starting to (((realize))) /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7b8UWfi8mo[View]
127546093How do I convince my dad Iran is not our enemy? He's not a neocon by any means but he thinks Ir…[View]
127546697The Nazi Aryan Myth, or: pol absolutely BTFO: Nazis have NEVER represented all white people, only sp…[View]
127547572Ayo, yooos hwayt peepole heaave no historay. We wuz glorious black kangs of Europe before the white…[View]
127519664N0 T@x 4 B1@ck$: #NoTax4Blacks Replace 4 with for Original idea as follows; >Start tweeting NoTax…[View]
127545685>dropped acid to enjoy the memorial day week >m8 went crazy two hours ago ran off >been lis…[View]
127546734Please tell me Cornell isn't cucked yet.[View]
127543410What's the dominant race that deserve to rule the world and why is it black people?[View]
127542682How does this look?[View]
127547923PRESS S TO SPIT ON GRAVE: SOS light signs from inside white house: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2…[View]
127544680The secret war is coming: The elites plans were disrupted by President Trump's unexpected win. …[View]
127536270This is what a dictatorship looks like: nice going, drumpfkins[View]
127542899what happened to our friend Majumder?[View]
127545609>when your son is all grown up and ready for Auschwitz[View]
127547683/pol/ BTFO?[View]
127518754How does one avoid taking the black pill? NOTE: I've already taken it so this thread is to bra…[View]
127544682Daily reminder.[View]
127547512// be 22 // check 4chan & check hesse thread, // hesse thread dead, 8ch has more info // he was …[View]
127546607hello my name is lucas please help me i am a slave child in canada and i am posting this away from m…[View]
127544627So I was in China past couple of months and haven't been able to shitpost here as much due to t…[View]
127545389South Korean man enlists in the army while his white girlfriend looks on: Sometimes a picture can sa…[View]
127504244Nigger hate thread? Nigger hate thread.[View]
127547270Was the second amendment such a good idea when it leads to shooting rates like in Chicago? On a side…[View]
127528983Make France an empire again !: what is your excuse for not trying to make France an empire again /po…[View]
127540450/pol/ INCREDIBLY btfo[View]
127545932I believe a focused effort is being put forth to control the online narrative refer to this post whi…[View]
127544194who has the actual power: When push comes to shove who actually has the actual power and final say s…[View]
127547058Neo-cons are the best because they believe in AN ABSOLUTE MORALITY. If western secular liberal democ…[View]
127547049Let's keep it short & sweet: Was Portland self-defense?: Two unhinged white(ANTIFA)knights …[View]
127531496Why are whites so sissy?: They're physically inferior to almost every race. Here in the webm fo…[View]
127526759SOS light signs from inside white house: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ANM8cHzXBw Strobe light fl…[View]
127546335Why do you support such an insecure man?[View]
127542626>Humpty Drumpfty wants to bomb this[View]
127546102Hey /pol/, so I've been using weed for a while and now I'm considering quitting permanentl…[View]
127542314*sips tea*[View]
127506194>ISIS muslims are stup-[View]
127541032Well, /pol/?[View]
127544546End of Gunpowder: With the advent of railgun technology in the US could the era of gunpowder munitio…[View]
127544283Mexico isn't that bad. There are red-pilled groups in Mexico.[View]
127541257>leftists want open borders, are anti white, support palestine >right wingers are xenophobic,…[View]
127544193This was Comedy in 1997: In 2017... This is reality. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtxO1gwbHPQ Whe…[View]
127533138/SRG/ - Disinfo Rejected, Back to Fact Edition: Lads, we are making some progressions here. Seeing g…[View]
127543163Whatcha lookin', smoothskin?[View]
127546042The only ones listening to these Jesidi women are EU politicians: Trump does not care about the mist…[View]
127545504The politics of futurism: Something has been nagging me lately. What is all of this actually leading…[View]
127545923dare i say it..: ..from the Ghastly Eerie I can see to the ends of the world, and from this vantage …[View]
127543222The left has no answer for this: ...[View]
127545813Awwwhhhh!!: http://www.cnn.com/2017/05/28/world/trudeau-macron-bromance-trnd/index.html <3…[View]
127545811Das Right Ivanka, Right Daddy Trump The Jew World Order's Royal Dump: Donald Dumping Dump https…[View]
127545495We CAN'T Vote Our Way OUT of White GENOCIDE: Trump is a jew. Duh?? https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
127506046Everything is propaganda.: Taking the redpill was the worst decision of my life. I remember walking …[View]
127538972Where were you when the Trump Administration decided that American isn't non-white enough? F[View]
127545394REAL White Genocide Holocaust done by Jewish Terrorists: Download & Re-Upload this Adolf Hitler …[View]
127534225You Must Die in AntiFa Utopia: Here's the AntiFa Manifesto. Doesn't say who will be paying…[View]
127544946Milo Yiannopoulos: What do /pol/ think of this faggot?[View]
127521145Good Alt-Right youtube channels: Does anyone know some good Alt-Right youtube channels that arent mu…[View]
127543724#Noborders, I welcome nigs into muh pussinah.: JUST[View]
127540809Canada now has a Jew at the helm of its largest Conservative party. Barring weird circumstances, we …[View]
127545326If popular culture is degenerate, why do we consume it?: The mass media is what's pushing the p…[View]
127539957Why are Whites so fucking Violent?: Fucking Snow Niggers https://youtu.be/-6UoQER02-g[View]
127523236Fix europe in 5 words or less.[View]
127541945REKTEAM: And out of madness came clarity.[View]
127545342>Be me >Radical liberal >Believe Bernie is the way, the truth, and the light >Literally …[View]
127534279Would you marry a women who wouldn't take your last name.: She wouldn't be an academic or …[View]
127538697Just a reminder that its MY culture, MINE. NOT YOURS. MINE.[View]
127512996Fuck the troops.: Have you noticed a shitload of military veterans post here? What's up with th…[View]
127542973Adolf actually destroys feminism in one speech. https://youtu.be/zRlfbUr852o See especially 2:19 onw…[View]
127542808Trump disses NATO, bows to Saudi masters, blows up European alliances, outs Israel intel, gives vita…[View]
127544886How no one is paying attention to this?: >New immigration law opens Brazil’s borders to trafficki…[View]
127545100redpill me about this lesbian.: is this /ourgrill? >is racist >doesnt fear anyone >trolls t…[View]
127544853Why aren't you paying for her healthcare?[View]
127535804Interracial marriages on the rise in US: 1 in 6 newlyweds in 2015 were mixed race the highest propor…[View]
127536166Ask a transhumanist anything![View]
127532523Working for the government: Has anyone here worked for the Government? I'm getting a degree rig…[View]
127515446English or American Which language is /pol/ approaved? American? since they rule the world[View]
127540038/pol/ Opinion on Florida...[View]
127543437>Ukrainians are white Pffttt BWAAAHAHAHAHA!![View]
127531570America got cucked: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrlS4_JDkUA >1 in 6 people in the US marry an…[View]
127541722This thread is a safe space: This thread is a safe space guys. Please don't say anything mean…[View]
127543481You know you guys are set to lose, right? There actually is one way you could still win, something e…[View]
127544496Black people appreciation thread :^) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rs7u2TTPXFE[View]
127527122What did he mean by this[View]
127542337Culture War: Daily Reminder: We're winning it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZrAUJ3dGJU PS -…[View]
127541634Why are European leaders childless ? Europe's most important leaders are all childless: German …[View]
127543415Blinking red pills? SOS signal? Russia threat? Secret Service training op? What is it?[View]
127540443Macron said Trump handshake was 'not innocent': But look here at this pic. This shows the difference…[View]
127544447LETS GIVE THESE FAGS WHAT THEY DESERVE: Buzzfeed Strikes 4chan: https://youtu.be/Zr5qzV-8Zkc [Open] …[View]
127544464Hey /pol/, what do you make of this?[View]
127544135Gibs me reparations: Have you guys seen this? This fucking nigger wants all white people to gibs Afr…[View]
127538780That's right racists. Spread your daughter's legs for the immigrants.[View]
127538757Why are niggers so fucking evil?: saw a thread about 'LoLz White BOI yooz muthfuckaz be weak and she…[View]
127527163Anyone else believe in God, but hate him? I'm starting to think he's real, and I absolutel…[View]
127542421Andrew Scheer, new conservative leader and future PM of Canada: >goes to church every week >ha…[View]
127538911Ask someone from Tumblr anything[View]
127540655Bike lock guy: 40 YEARS! cont.: Last thread hit limit. Also, there's a post on leddit from abou…[View]
127530099Trump Tells Allies He Plans to Remove U.S. From Paris Climate Agreement: >U.S. President Donald T…[View]
127506357hey gringos it doesnt matter whether or not you give us our land back because we are going to out br…[View]
127538366What kind of beer do you think Merkel likes?[View]
127494648>China, 4.000 years ago: Really makes you think[View]
127532338Weed is fucking terrible for your health. Weed raises Estrogen levels: http://www.sciencedirect.com/…[View]
127531317卐 /nsg/ 卐 National Socialism General: >ϟϟ HAIL VICTORY! ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the Jewish …[View]
127542157PROVE ME FUCKING WRONG! >Protip: you're a fag[View]
127542446justify yourself sweden. wtf is this[View]
127543337Economist predicts Trump economy to collapse next year: Tick tock, Drumpkins. When the 2018 recessio…[View]
127541050Why don't you want to get fucked up with us, /pol/?[View]
127539187Mike Cernovich advices Trump on how to FIGHT fake news media!: Do you agree with him /pol/ ?[View]
127535487Continuing: CLINTON EMAILS RETURN PART 2 ELECTRIC BOOGALO: Old thread reached limit. >>1274577…[View]
127539956Can he be forgiven?[View]
127543301Lmao u crackers are gay as fuck lowkey: In sexuality class @ university, bitch wrote her essay on ra…[View]
127542641Us kills 20 civilians in Syria: http://news.antiwar.com/2017/05/28/us-airstrikes-kill-20-civilians-n…[View]
127542099If you don't look like this you are a beta male: sad but true, you may not like it but this is …[View]
127543524Can we please find the officer who did this? This is bullshit!!![View]
127525960/pol/ why haven't we just hacked the guidance system on these missiles yet?: I mean how hard co…[View]
127543489Any Texas /pol/acks gonna be there? Antifa is trying to have the Statue of Sam Houston in Herman Par…[View]
127541542Thoughts on Long Distance Relationships?: Thoughts on Long Distance Relationships?[View]
127542407How to fix health care: A solution to the American Healthcare crisis does not ex- https://market-tic…[View]
127540398Has an empire ever come back from the brink?: Leftism is the autoimmune disorder of civilization. Wh…[View]
127525073Trump has no support in this country by anyone that matters.[View]
127530151Why can't the West, Western Europe, Russia, Eastern Asian including Chinda, Japan, South Korea,…[View]
127542360Pence leads under-the-radar attack on unions: http://www.peoplesworld.org/article/pence-leads-under-…[View]
127542181Why did he collude with Putin? Why did he find in Russia that America couldn't give him?[View]
127530761Islam will rule the europe.[View]
127538569White Genocide??: /pol/ what is white genocide? i dont see any gas chambers yet If there is an actua…[View]
127533171/pol/ can't stop getting btfo[View]
127541770I calculated the probability of this (((coincidence))) being an actual coincidence.: OY VEY! I’ll cu…[View]
127542447The genesis of SJWs' ideology: Michel Foucault's Pact with the Devil https://youtu.be/Q65n…[View]
127542789>google employee travels to Pakistan frequently >apparently he gets 'trouble all the time' whe…[View]
127532400Multiple People Shot On Ocean Drive In South Beach Miami: https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/869…[View]
127531931Jordan B Peterson Redpill: Why haven't you sorted yourself out yet anon? Clean your damn room.…[View]
127542863I don't get pol: So pol which is it. You want kushner out of the White House with this Russian …[View]
127541902Is this what you guys mean by civil war when Trump is impeached? Not too worried.[View]
127526942The LoliPill?: Have Jews corrupted western culture through pedophobia via Judeo-Christian values? N…[View]
127541929Richard Spencer: What did he mean by this?[View]
127536279Blizzard has chosen their side...and it's not Trump: My name in Overwatch and Hearthstone has b…[View]
127538625/pol/ why SHOULDN'T I become an Eastern Orthodox clergyman? >sweet uniform/beard >no corp…[View]
127540470Why don't you have an American gf, /pol/?[View]
127540321Buzzfeed has attacked us-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr5qzV-8Zkc&feature=youtu.be Thread on …[View]
127538723Can we get this back? Blacks hate whites. Let's give them a black community.[View]
127537217Try to reply to this post ONLY once, with the reason why your country is the best. ONLY ONE REPLY PE…[View]
127529826Friendly reminder that Confederate flag sympathiezers are traitors to the USA: And should be droned …[View]
127536225Does Female Privilege exist?[View]
127526607What kind of life do you live /pol/? I'll start. Post age, current job/education, relationship …[View]
127535275Ready to WW3?: Merkel says Europe 'must take our fate into our own hands' https://www.usat…[View]
127497631basically Miley says she needed a chad to bring her back to sobriety and conservatism so Liam Hemswo…[View]
127541821So pol how do you explain this?: How's that hopy changy working for you trumptards?[View]
127540835In Vargs latest video he claimed that the Amish will make up the majority of the United States in th…[View]
127541725Fugg me: Mfw even South park predicted the shit that's happening an will happen in the near fut…[View]
127537466Anglosphere General - Nords are cucks edition: > If your country is depicted in the following pic…[View]
127540036'Proud' whites can't refute this[View]
127536456He needs health insurance /pol/[View]
127509362POC STUDENTS REACH PEAK WOKENESS AT EVERGREEN COLLEGE: i think the only solution is ethnic cleansing…[View]
127540891America's pseudo-president literally gets off from pulling world leaders' hands down near …[View]
127540026Hitler wasn't evi-- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Night_of_the_Long_Knives[View]
127533325/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
127541322/**~~~JEB~~~**/: Whip out ur best Jebs boys.[View]
127531910Let's have a serious and unironic discussion about this: Is there something wrong with the ave…[View]
127530888What makes an animal domesticable, for idiots on pol: >What makes an animal domesticable? What ma…[View]
127530964BuzzFeed has hit a new low.: Watch this video. they legit try to make 4chan users seem like betas, t…[View]
127539602Women are attracted to power. Power is in the mind. The Elites want to convince everyone that Might …[View]
127541078This will be a thread devoted to ideas about child rearing. I'll give my model as concisely as …[View]
127537921race war when?[View]
127531954>Kekistan was a psyop >Sargon is a shill who ruined Kek on purpose >the idea of Kek convinc…[View]
127534990ISIS beheads man, places head on boulder: How can ISIS be allowed to do this? They can't keep g…[View]
127539109Persona 5 is all about redpilling normies. ITT: red pilled vidya >inb4 ban, old fags get it…[View]
127532415Why does he tweet like a retarded teenager?[View]
127522795>tfw reported every drug dealer whilst at uni >tfw got 8 people arrested and significantly red…[View]
127527688so why don't you, virgins?[View]
127538983The marijuana mayhem: What can be done about all these pot-crazed lunatics, /pol/? Do we need a toug…[View]
127534088Let's say you had a one-way ticket to the past: Where would you go? Which time period would you…[View]
127536990Andrew Scheer will uncuck Canada in 2019 /pol/: Will you help us make it happen? /pol/ and leafs, i…[View]
127536796Appalachian American here AMA[View]
127511446>Tfw the entire GDP is 1.3 trillion[View]
127540456Styxhexenhammer666 vs Bernie Sanders: Mutual Combat Law In Washington Lets Two People Have a Consens…[View]
127540440>>734061379 buzzfeed picked a fight with /b/[View]
127540028Hey guys want to hop on muh cuck bus?: Where will the robot jews take us today?[View]
127528190SMOKING STOGIES GENERAL: >what makes cigars different from cigarettes? The fact is cigars are wra…[View]
127537947what the fuck, Canada?[View]
127540058I just want the pre Nov 9th back :'( Also share election stories and pics of lefty butthurt[View]
127539382Anyone have the truth about this? Idk it just feels off to me how conveniently narrative supporting …[View]
127539769JEWS the goyim know[View]
127534829how to be good looking: Drink 1 Gallon of water per day Do not eat sugar Do not eat carbs Sleep 8 - …[View]
127531696Bitches have it made: Women have it made and yet nobody realizes it >get child custody in most ca…[View]
127535249Syria General /sg/ - Based Israel Edition:: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpr…[View]
127535604University costs: Hi /pol/, Did you go to college? How much did it cost, and how did you pay for it?…[View]
127539652New kebab: >be British >transform into kebab so how does the new british kebab taste like ??? …[View]
127538303That moment when even AIs realize how disgusting and inferior niggers look so you have to forcibly e…[View]
127530430Ideal World map: This is the New World Order! Großgermanisches Reich >Political Ideology recogniz…[View]
127514034The civil war in South Africa will break out between August this year and February next year. It wil…[View]
127538734Deus Vult: I recently had a debate with some cuck about how Christians were no different than Islami…[View]
127510834Jew food: why can't I think of a good Jewish dish which is eaten worldwide...? Are they also ke…[View]
127538556>North Korea has two surveillance satellites over the U.S Why have we not shot these down?…[View]
127536603Vietnam war: Which vietnam would be best vietnam if gommunists lost the war in 1970s.[View]
127539500distribution: I got this little thing in my prepper stuff. I'll need a bigger card but it'…[View]
127538789Is Donald Trump, Presidency better than a Sitcom?[View]
127539360Why nobody talks about them anymore over here? Have this place been compromised by them?[View]
127521223>8 passenger learjet is only 15 million Whats the catch? What makes the G650 50 million more…[View]
127539296>Vandals fuck up Gaulles' grave It was muslims, wasn't it?[View]
127505789What's with all these white girls suddenly going full 1488? Anyone else find it really weird th…[View]
127538821Untermenschen müssen gehen: Trying to get ready for german 101 at uni by watching Jewtube videos by …[View]
127535173Why do white nationalists look goofy as fuck?[View]
127538381I do not like antifa but...: Look at this shit. Glad Clanton is going to get ass raped in jail but t…[View]
127535454Net Neutrality: Okay /pol/. Redpill me on net neutrality. Why are all the betafags and cucks up in a…[View]
127534981Convert to Islam or die!: Resistance is futile you all know this by now. Submit or be beheaded! Reme…[View]
127538294Bit old, but still neat. Anyone else in /pol/ do this kind of stuff for riots and whatnot? https://w…[View]
127534485Where were you when MSNBC revealed your code words and proved once and for all that traps are not ga…[View]
127537747A10 Being Retired: So what does /pol think about this beauty being thrown away next year?[View]
127533793WE ARE HITTING CUCK LEVELS THAT SHOULDN'T BE POSSIBLE: >rapefugee assaults girlfriend >bo…[View]
127537977What's the harm in joking about violently killing managers? 'You can't say that' = most li…[View]
127537101backup: Panda have a drop box or iCloud?[View]
1275370129/11: Did you forgetti the Juden's spaghetti?[View]
127537262Fake Allergies: How can you defend capitalism when it produces things like fake allergies? Capitalis…[View]
127529060What are your thoughts on this radical feminist statue?[View]
127529001Military History: I've noticed most people who have made there way through the web of lies stru…[View]
127504649does /pol/ smoke?[View]
127537060Did Trump just make Europe great again?: >we Europeans must truly take our destiny in our own han…[View]
127536282Archaeology, Dindu's bane: But![View]
127525727Putting my foot down.: So today I was in my garden doing some planting when all of a sudden my neigh…[View]
127534790Is pic related true? Has it ever been debunked? >want to make sure it's 100% before using i…[View]
127534963Have humans really changed at all over the past few millennia?[View]
127531452Why do white men almost unanimously prefer Asian women?[View]
127533033So true: And powerful. It really does make you think.[View]
127535783>mfw a white person brags about his money and education near me All that money and brains and yo…[View]
127536037Next PM of Canadia?: Please, you useless Timmy's sippers, don't fail Me now. We need Andr…[View]
127534014What have you learned from /pol/?: These are the conclusions I have made since I came here a few yea…[View]
127536594Russian collusion proved to be a lie!: /pol/ Get in here!!! Redditor might have discovered the key t…[View]
127533281Redpill me on why women live longer than men[View]
127531812/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Cvckoldry in the Marx…[View]
127536115Trump Kiddies: >Be years ago >Board is comfy >Be now >Trump Kiddies come in to turn the …[View]
127508320Katty Perry: 'No Borders, No Walls...Coexist!': Thoughts?[View]
127535549>the perfect Conservative white woman doesn't exi-[View]
127526389Mississippi massacre: I ain't fit to live. What did he mean by this?[View]
127536290oi but yeah nah gun laws are fuckin shit aye? http://edition.cnn.com/2017/05/28/us/mississippi-mass-…[View]
127531805Who got the most votes again? I can't remember.[View]
127535008Race war: HOw many years until the real war that purges non whites[View]
127536234Red Lights: TRUMP: Lemme just tell you what I do. When I leave our country, I'm a very high-pro…[View]
127523947Lovecraft racist, evidence?: Hi, pol. I am 10 months from an MS in Literature, and I *love* H.P. Lov…[View]
127534165How did the DNC know Set was the person who gave the info to wikileaks?[View]
127532255What did he mean?: Theres a few billion people in the world who work hard enough to make 100k a year…[View]
127533439Common arguments that have NO merit: I'll start: >'My body my choice' '…[View]
127511469Who here had a little sister growing up, and she turned out just like every other feminist degenerat…[View]
127525492On this day, we remember Harambe: ...and how the damn bastards at the zoo shot the wrong fucking ape…[View]
127535847What would be the same treatment of barack and michelle?: ... as the treatment that the mainstream i…[View]
127529188Why doesn't the US just get rid of all the Blacks and Mexicans?[View]
127532230Why does the entire world hates USA?[View]
127531694The next generation of kids are our last hope of saving the West from destruction. How do we prepare…[View]
127532213>popular Kid show features a character that has an interracial gay couple for parents. What'…[View]
127533927Every Time: >Be me >At zoo with wife. >Looking for Alligator. No Alligator. >Fucking pai…[View]
127531654>an unnamed source says... >from an anonymous source.... Are we going to have to deal with thi…[View]
127535628trump is such a pussy, cant even shake like a man, squeals in pain and begs to be let go[View]
127516105BREAKING IRAN AND RUSSIA MAKE GOODS DEAL TO ESCAPE PETRO DOLLAR: 'Moscow and Tehran have signed a de…[View]
127533072ahahahahahaha: /pol/ has never been more blown the fuck out > They're being irreverent, thi…[View]
127535568This is the currently the actual front page at CNN. Trudeau once again shows that he is better than …[View]
127534287Who wants a swastika tattooed on Eric Clanton's ass?: California prisons won't let races m…[View]
127526719The Trumps Know: His name was Seth Rich And there will be justice[View]
127491616Black daycare worker tortures white baby to death: http://narrative-collapse.com/2017/05/28/police-s…[View]
127527246Top 15 Reasons To Date A Single Mom: Eharmony put out 15 Reasons to Date a single mother, but they t…[View]
127533177Clanton mugshot: Does anyone have that fuckers mugshot? How do you even find out if peoples mugshots…[View]
127535093MUDSHITS BLOWN THE FUCK OUT: In an apparent break with a nearly two-decades long bipartisan traditio…[View]
127533814http://archive.is/MdT44 Genius article, really high quality. Written by the lovely (((Dana Schwartz)…[View]
127534946I have noticed an influx of liberals on /pol/ as of late and I must ask such liberals, why would yo…[View]
127534708MODERN DAY SLAVES: Yes good goy, forget about the people living as actual fucking slaves. It's …[View]
127534440Red Light District of Columbia: SOS, Rave, Orb?[View]
127520366What's the millenial (and nu-male) obsesion with avocados?[View]
127526335Hail the new queen of /pol/: Worship her! YASSSS GODDESSS! SLAAAAAY![View]
127534479Islamic stupidity thread: >Muslims are stupid[View]
127534451How do we eradicate the Jews /pol/? Is it even possible?[View]
127533401You autists gonna get McNuked™[View]
127532150Thank god. In case anyone was wondering what they should do.[View]
127531961When will /pol/ admit that blacks desceneded from Egyptian Kings[View]
127529320>the vast majority of neighborhoods in all of US major cities are no-go zones for the average bur…[View]
127530794Millonaire Liberals who want Open Borders: /pol/ What are your thoughts on Millonaire liberals who a…[View]
127513425Both of these structures were built around 3000 BC. How was this conceivable? The Stonehenge rocks …[View]
127533095Why not turn the Statue of Liberty into a symbol of 'hate'? Since there is such a push lately to rem…[View]
127533756how can you defend then indefensible[View]
127509084Syria General /sg/- Dank Nasheeds Edition: Everything you need to know https://syriagenerals.wordpre…[View]
127533271Revolution is coming - sooner or later the people are going to have to take down the Globalist Banke…[View]
127516281Looking for those willing to give insight on /pol/, the meme wars etc.: Hey guys, I represent a smal…[View]
127533148At what age did realized something was seriously wrong with your generation and less functional than…[View]
127516969Question for /pol/acks born in 1997(cusp of Millennials and Gen Z). Do you associate your childhood …[View]
127533153Bret Weinstein: Is he, dare I say, /ourguy/?[View]
127533329Battle for the Country of the Apes: I'm thinking of shipping out to South Africa to this summer…[View]
127532770What did MI5 mean by this?[View]
127533312What do you guys think of the Jews far right?[View]
127532708How will America change under Trump?[View]
127532223This board is fake: everyone here is a poser now. what happened?[View]
127528105Anons, i want a serious answer to my next question. No baiting, no trolling, no lying. Once the Syri…[View]
127532533why are you burgers doing this to us? :'^(: first the kid asking a pizzeria waiter for burgers,…[View]
127528010How is your multicultural society? Is it that nice? Homogeneous society is shit[View]
127533133This real? Murica general i guess: Are we the bad guys or is this just fake news https://www.theguar…[View]
127533124Let's give these (((pugs))) the Sara Anderson treatment.: Low quality comic, should be low hang…[View]
127529849How they caught the /pol/ack who gave Eichenwald a seizure: >Dallas police served Twitter with a …[View]
127515154/SRG/ - Why was Seth named Panda Edition?: FOCUS on the evidence FOLLOW the clues FIND the truth. DO…[View]
127532696Why does this get me in the feels every time ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTGTL5hftYY[View]
127532762[Debate continued] Restitution of the Serbian Monarcy: I think the restitution of monarchy is absolu…[View]
127527142Why is drumpf so sensitive?[View]
127532459The future.[View]
127508090Styxhexenhammer666 smug about girl put into kebab meat in recent video: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
127532048Why does billionaores seem less happy than millionaires ?[View]
127524733WWI Lasted 4 years WWII Lasted 6 years Any predictions/thoughts on how long and between who for WWII…[View]
127531383political compass thread[View]
127528626Superpower general /Supgen/: You cannot post ITT if your country has never been a superpower. >No…[View]
127527344Osama Bin Laden: Red pill me on Osama Bin Laden. The meaning behind his actions, the origins, and wh…[View]
127532388Red-pilled Christian women? Where are they?: I'm a lonely red-pilled Christian man in a ever-he…[View]
127530097Politics is such a waste of energy: It hurts to much to even think about politics[View]
127512570why is this taking so long?[View]
127532102B A S E D Hidalgo. A S E D Someone finally had the 'balls' to call them out.[View]
127529705Why hasn't the DNC added even 1$ to the reward for information on Seth Rich's murder?: You…[View]
127522618Pale humans are devolved: Pale humans are energetically devolved due to the lack of direct sunlight…[View]
127531838Alpha meet beta.... trump... weak... look hand....[View]
127530682Is America still white?: Can Trump stop this or are we doomed?[View]
127531999Have we hit peek white male emasculation yet?: >Look at this fucking cuck. Smiling like a simplet…[View]
127531963Christcuck Logic: So let me get this straight Christcucks. You actually think that Stone Age sand ni…[View]
127522959What's happening?: Strange red lights flashing in the White House?[View]
127495834/nsg/ 卐 - National Socialism General: >ϟϟ HAIL VICTORY! ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the Jewish …[View]
127531861The Alt-Right (I hate using this term) is the only political force that recognizes the ultimate trut…[View]
127523881A year ago we were underdogs, people who were pushed aside in any discussion. Yet that changed throu…[View]
127531800hey /pol/, how are my nicknames? >Eric 'The Ethics Professor' Clanton >Eric 'No Anal Borders' …[View]
127527458If confederate statues are being taken down, is it just a matter of time before other 'white' art is…[View]
127531172Hasid vs Amish: this memorial day, as Discovery Channel or National Geographic presents to you anoth…[View]
127524579/pol/ is dead, long live /pol/: I believe media made so much exposure for /pol/ that it is now fille…[View]
127526994Trumps latest achivements.: >Another huge hit on EU At the NATO meeting, Trump made it clear that…[View]
127528527>We civic nationalism NAO[View]
127522379Trump is changing into his final form. What shape will he take when he emerges from the white house?[View]
127515884Well /pol/?[View]
127529929Alex Jones and the Islamic Reformation: Alex Jones has been constantly calling for and asking what w…[View]
127531596If a husband is getting fucked by another guy is the wife getting cucked?[View]
127531054>College Not even once How do we protect our daughters from the College Jew indoctrination? Moder…[View]
127531553The mods on all the /pol/ FB pages are fags so I created a new page where there's absolutely no…[View]
127523248WTF is this?!?!?!: If you drink Heineken you're anti-white[View]
127513705What the fuck is going on at evergreen college? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-SPKdLZBs0[View]
127531518can we have a Reddit hate thread?[View]
127531483political memeball thread[View]
127518175Are there any flat earthers on /pol/? If so, do you realize what a fucking embarrassment you are to …[View]
127527048Daily reminder that Islam is the religion of alpha males, then reason why most of /pol/ is against i…[View]
127527449Am I white?[View]
127531288/lrg/ - Libertarian Right General: Copying slovakbro because I'm lazy edition This thread is de…[View]
127527419What are the shittiest nations in /pol/ 's opinion[View]
127525246How do you do, fellow meme masters?: who here /left4red/?[View]
127528661Has Shia completely lost his mind after losing to a frog?[View]
1275301572016 elections: >be me >70 years old > rich. as. fuck. >sit around in my mansion watchin…[View]
127516873Meme Sweden to change its flag: Sweden has a cross on its flag: very intolerant! Shouldn't Swed…[View]
127530991theory: katy perry makes a red pilled video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Um7pMggPnug this pi…[View]
127531105Stop mowing your lawn.[View]
127530973Time to Red Pill England: Need help on the technical side of it.[View]
127529274What does POL think of Tim pool: Personally, I feel he is pretty reasonable and balanced and willing…[View]
127530885How come Americans have always been so complacent with being kike puppets? Think about how shameless…[View]
127530879Ethnic bioweapons.: Would it be possible to create a bioweapon that only kills niggers? Like if some…[View]
127512642Just a beautiful traditional Swedish couple!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HUAFO0nGl0…[View]
127526252What racial slurs exist in your own native language /pol/ ? What's their literal meaning in en…[View]
127526456So now that the literal dust has settled from Manchester, which states are the most likely to be att…[View]
127530381In honor of Memorial Day let's all take a moment to pause and reflect on everyone we lost to th…[View]
127528897Time line and Sources Only!: Hey /pol/ Seeing a lot of organization issues, slides, and shills. I wa…[View]
127530265Why does this board never have Chinese posters?[View]
127530492Why is this THE coal burner hairstyle?[View]
127530483>tfw leaf >tfw no one will ever come for you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTGTL5hftYY…[View]
127525086CNN: So CNN apparently believes that the memorial service for 2 people killed is a bigger story than…[View]
127530342>this malformed cretin is the result of white/black racial mixing Do yourself a favor folks. Don…[View]
127530127Andrew Scheer for Prime Minister of Canada 2019!: We need memes made people[View]
127526226Shirley Temple was used as a pedophilia icon by the Jews.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrjvifKXQ…[View]
127529731Trump was too much of a fatass to walk with the other leaders, he had to follow everyone in a golf c…[View]
127529058Wtf FOX News???: I've noticed that FOX has been on a loop the last couple days, literally cycli…[View]
127527751Paris Mayor may Ban Black Festival.: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-40080125 What are your tho…[View]
127525365What is the allround best ideology?[View]
127521911will be seeing hillary at a parade tmrw. what do /pol/?[View]
127528752WHY WON'T ANYBODY ON HERE EXCEPT ME I enjoy the humor of this website and visit often but ever…[View]
127528291White supremacists have killed more people in the past week than refugee terrorists from Trump trave…[View]
127529599'powerlevel': Why can't you contain your sperg on other boards or in IRL? This dude at work got…[View]
127529562COMMUNISM WORKS: I am so tired of cucks saying communism doesn't work. If that is true how come…[View]
127524278Why does God loves México? >hurr durr, cartels behead people but not the inocent people, only the…[View]
127524234Aside from identity politics, what else distinguishes the alt right from cuckservatives?[View]
127527822Hahahaha: Hahahaha >ska Hahaha[View]
127529868Redpill me on cryptocurrency. Is it worth the hype?[View]
127527388>racism >militarist border security >the celebration of passive descriptors (like nation or…[View]
127509269Is Europe ready for Indian/White mixed leaders?: Two European countries will have Indian/White mixed…[View]
127529421> Who all is in the Austin office today who is going to want pizza? We > only have one slice …[View]
127529597I'm thinking about starting up a gofundme to troll/pay for the wall. Only wetbacks need apply.[View]
127511078Daily reminder Ben Shapiro is America's last hope: He is 2 years from being able to become pres…[View]
127527301Does this thing still count as a human?[View]
127529413Are you diligently playing your part in saving western civilization?[View]
127527234General consensus on Jews: The title says it all, comment your opinion.[View]
127529301>sikhs >based Who started this retarded meme? Friendly reminder that a based pajeet is a pajee…[View]
127525925The official /pol/ political view list: If you don't share any of these political views, you ar…[View]
127524720/ypg/ - Yoga Pill General: Have you taken the yoga pill? Why not? It's good for your health- mi…[View]
127524623Why do Conservashits vote against their own economic interests?[View]
127522687TESC Protests General: links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a7s8IAOuumQ https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
127528839Is this the modern Nietzsche?[View]
127518263>Laci Green >Miley Cyrus >Lauren Southern Fuck this. Isn't part of the red pill realiz…[View]
127528555Are Muslism white? :3[View]
127528985dear /pol/ how easy would it be to rig a referendum and my university? https://voting.ousa.org.nz/l…[View]
127516035I'm a liberal. Try to convert me.[View]
127472704Continuation thread. Previous thread: >>127468755[View]
127526479why is this guy so hated? he is actually a pretty good guy (despite killing euronymous), all he does…[View]
127527934hipster shit: does anyone else actually kind of like hipster 'culture'? or at least the idea of it? …[View]
127528826PAJEET POO: Are we really going to let this shitskin poo in the internet?[View]
127507920But muh womyns: How will this be spun into hurting women?[View]
127526586Start dressing like a civic nationalist[View]
127526185Is it Genocide or suicide?: If white women stop having babies, with a fertility rate hovering around…[View]
127528522Trudeau tours Italy quake site: How come Trudeau is in Italy looking at earthquake aftermath instead…[View]
127513505Defend 1 thing Trump has done in office so far without mentioning liberals, Hillary, Obama, or the m…[View]
127523309Bike lock guy: 40 YEARS![View]
127520527WORST SANDNIGGERS: Who are the worst sandniggers ? Sandniggers from Middle-east or from North-Africa…[View]
127522707Can art be saved?[View]
127528594Yeah, Trump works for Russia. So what?[View]
127525409Happy Ramadan /pol/!![View]
127528586>This man is clearly a Christian. We need to have him and all of his kind removed and banned from…[View]
127528374Dont be mean to her white people and dont post your pepes :([View]
127528123>In which we pour over our veritable cornucopia of strange allies[View]
127516058Monarchy in Serbia: Any Serbanon here? What do you think about that proposed referendum on restituti…[View]
127528328WTF I LOVE ISLAM NOW[View]
127518612So this 'German' movie just won an award at Cannes and is the favorite to win best foreign film at t…[View]
127526595When will /pol/ admit that blacks desceneded from Egyptian Kings[View]
127522048>muh traditional life >muh family life >muh no degeneracy >daughter ends up a whore Varg…[View]
127528231https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWQKZGHSdrE So /pol/ finally gets a character they can support in a …[View]
127518818What is she thinking?[View]
127496528What's with all these white coal burners suddenly going full 14/88? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
127528125Hilary tried to eat my soul: It was awful.[View]
127527753Best wincest greentexts.[View]
127509607Justin Trudeau is a real man, an intelligent human being and an all around great guy. Donald Trump,…[View]
127516892BUZZFEED STRIKES AGAIN! https://youtu.be/Zr5qzV-8Zkc[View]
127527845Transgenders are just queers in denial: you suck dick and cant handle the fact that you are gay so y…[View]
1275255654chan on MSNBC!: https://youtu.be/4KGDi8CP5GQ[View]
127527780Buenos Aires anons: Inb4 fuck off we're full but how is the vibe in Buenos Aires for expats. Ar…[View]
127484929Could communism ever work?[View]
127527176Colonel Gaddafi: Colonel Muammar Gaddafi did, literally, nothing wrong.[View]
127510845Any idea how we can defund large media companies like CNN?[View]
127517246What would you do: Couple nights ago a black guy that looked like this with a cigarette in his mouth…[View]
127523352Why did they do it?[View]
127527671expose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRuKmxQSPSw&spfreload=10 Is he telling the truth ?…[View]
127523610What's a positive experience you have had with black people /pol/?[View]
127522154THIS IS WHY I HATE AMERICAN AND AM JEALOUS OF EUROPE: Explain this to me. Now. Right fucking now. I …[View]
127518050Which other boards are the most redpilled?[View]
127527252I saw a comment today that said: 'No Black man, in racist America, could have been raping white wome…[View]
127523477>sharks keep attacking people >build shark nets >mexicans/muslims keep attacking people …[View]
127527474can't unsee: when will they stop getting away with this?[View]
127527464ICE CREAM: I FOUND OUR OFFICIAL ICE CREAM TRUCK! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzrWtFCXvhY…[View]
127525827>all online hate is directed toward them.they distract from /pol/ >they aggregate some of /pol…[View]
127524584Help please!: Would someone be so kind to post that pic where a Syrian refugee is hugging a 10yo swe…[View]
127527237Pajiet Might Take my Job: Get a job in SEO pt 12 hours a week for a wine rack/storage company been t…[View]
127527359Man provokes fury online after insisting he will attend women-only Wonder Woman screening: B A S E D…[View]
127487440What to do /pol/? My beaner country is totally controlled by jews and mindless leftists. In case you…[View]
127526561Where is BLM now?: Black guy kills 8 people including a police officer during an argument with his e…[View]
127527174African nations only flourish in fiction, how sad is that, why wont the niggers go back to help impr…[View]
127525624Alright /pol/ you should be able to figure this one out. Is there ANY difference between these two b…[View]
127523739Rent A Muslim - This fucking guy: Ok you fuckers, conspiracy time. I was watching through some old …[View]
127526477Women are pandered: Why haven't women realized their pandered in society? They've always g…[View]
127526731Higher-up antifa leader here, pol.: Hello, /pol/. Long time troll here. I've been doing far-rig…[View]
127516946Does anyone else remember when that guy bombed a bunch of people at a concert in England? I think it…[View]
127518371If you are not Italian you have no culture nor history: When did you realize that the Italian cultur…[View]
127526669Pentecostal redpill: /pol/, please redpill me on the pentecostal church.[View]
127520872Net neutrality: What are y'alls thoughts on net neutrality. I know /pol/lacks tend to be far ri…[View]
127526428Haven't you amateur nationalists learnt the term 'controlled opposition' yet? Trump might be t…[View]
127524345Guys, What are we going about the countrywide epidemic of muslim rape gangs? Don't tell me 'no…[View]
127526622Meanwhile in Poland...: We will have census of all non polish people for 'security reasons', lefties…[View]
127525105top just of 2016: And why was it Huma? She single handedly undid the work of the woman she admires m…[View]
127525102You know what day today is, right /pol/?[View]
127524377What are good hand weapons /pol/? >Serb cutter >invention used to cleanse 700,000 serb subhuma…[View]
127524715Why are men likely to chase after antisocial partners? Isnt that a negative evolutionary trait to ha…[View]
127523794What's this guy's endgame? He's clearly having an identity crisis judging by that pho…[View]
127524330Muh abo wimmin are da m8riarki: >The Blak Matriarchy by Real Blak Tingz http://www.abc.net.au/new…[View]
127520569Why are Leftists, especially white women, drawn to Islam?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tg1UsgT2A…[View]
127526357Can we have a nigger stories thread? The one we had earlier today with the uber driver in the deep s…[View]
127525501THIS IS WHY IM ASHAMED TO BE AN AMERICAN: Where are all the anti-Christian Republican 'leaders', whe…[View]
127525281>this triggers the lukewarm churchian[View]
127526313who remembers this guy? What do you think of him now[View]
127519100Staring into the Abyss: The more I learn about the jewish plot and how things are really unfolding t…[View]
127526234LOCK HER UP!: https://sputniknews.com/politics/201705281054055503-judge-dismisses-clinton-benghazi-l…[View]
127521561Brit/pol/election eternal election thread edition: Can't fookin sleep ladies. Joos with Cons La…[View]
127521064Name one thing hotter than a red pilled chick who has had black and come back. I'll wait..[View]
127522149Who /accelerationist/ here? > Fully redpilled, know about where the world is heading politically,…[View]
127525726https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVlkxrNlp10&ab_channel=CuriousGeorge Please explain to me what t…[View]
127511090We got duped.[View]
127520354black people are stu-[View]
127519961So this guy is worse than Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Soros all combined? >Hey guys, it seems like we…[View]
127494277Seth Rich George Webb Happening: https://youtu.be/1uOym781Zcc Is it..happening![View]
127507865/POL/ BTFO[View]
127524992If Trump were to light up the white house in 'pride' colors, who would be more pissed off, the libs …[View]
127512419The...the end of Globalism. Is it really fucking happening /pol/?[View]
127525303On creating a master race: Basically; in all aspects, the average white person is 'above average', c…[View]
127522269but then do thing why for chicken salad cant even master when what[View]
127512482Proper way to address 4chan members from all over the world: Add to this list of nicknames for anyon…[View]
127514405DISGUSTING. Why the he'll did pol/ and kek go mainstream and trendy. 'Loves blacks and jews' ew…[View]
127522249tweets that aged poorly[View]
127517169Obama is more capable with weapons than you are.[View]
127522018>Islam is so backwards, women should never have to cover their h-[View]
127525420Can someone post that 'my girlfriend is 'traditional' meme #wmaf: Saw it on here the …[View]
127525130He....you nazis think you are funny? Filthy nazi scum....I remember when I was like you.......blind …[View]
127523924Is Islam the biggest threat?: Is Islam as big as a threat as /pol/ makes it out to be? The majority …[View]
127525368Need help to Redpill England: I'm looking for a way to get pictures onto a comment thread that …[View]
127525358Wow pol/ u see what happens when u lose your natsoc beliefs and wanna be all mainstream[View]
127522953https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FsRktXy2qGA >white people >cultured Pick one and only one.…[View]
127525314Mubarak Ramadan, /pol/[View]
127522621THIS GUY slaps your ass at a bar.: >get on the ground and wriggle like a fucking eel what the FU…[View]
127522731Twisted Gender Ideology: I don't understand how people like Ryan and Kaitlyn have this mindset.…[View]
127524494>hey, sell all your stupid toys because i don't like them >okay >good now they are alm…[View]
127512856Brit/pol/ - Scottish Politicians edition: >BA flights cancelled due to IT crash - now flying agai…[View]
127525136>Stop shaming HIV/AIDS goyim[View]
127525128Preparing for the end: How many of you are working out and putting on muscle? How many need help. Th…[View]
127518916IT'S HAPPENING[View]
127522301What's the best DNA testing site to use? 23andme, Ancestry, or Family Tree DNA?[View]
127515079Is metal hedonistic /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DbnUseigbs[View]
127524990Hey guys! Remember when peak oil was a thing?[View]
127522007>Be me >Move to small town filled with elderly and blue collar workers when i was a kid >Be…[View]
127521794We need to have a conversation about Spencer's new haircut and discuss its impact on the image …[View]
127519844What did the average Roman look like? Were they white?[View]
127522693Psychopathy in US: It feels like the US has more crazies per capita than other westernized countries…[View]
127490502SETH RICH Follow the Crumbs!! Thread 2 - duc in altum: Made a new thread because people were misunde…[View]
127523146what is the ultimate consequence of inbreeding?: and how many generations does it take before advers…[View]
127515269Eternal Portuguese Thread: ITT we discuss Portuguese culture and politics. Oldest Allies, Iberians, …[View]
127523050>Need to be a highschool graduate >need to be literate >must have a clean criminal record …[View]
127524333newfag: Roman empire or Nazi Germany Who do we strive to be like after these sons of bitches are ove…[View]
127521306Is mass immigration the only solution to Japan's declining population problem?[View]
127522572>want to go to /pol/ >accidentally click /qst/…[View]
127523000Well faggots? Where are you?[View]
127523296>Minneapolis art museum erects a replica gallows: How triggered are the SJWs right now?[View]
127524361Are we getting our Trump back?: Trump seems to be going back to his pre-win mood; what with telling …[View]
127522781Pastor Steven Anderson livestream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwz1s3dXDnk Talking about the NWO…[View]
127515606WTF new Podesta emails. Weird email. Pic attached 'Today starts the campaign takeoff . Lets pull awa…[View]
127523931Getting /pol/ threads recommended to me in Google Now app: Has anyone seen this before?[View]
127520184>When scientific evidence reveals that humanity originated in Europe and not Africa thus robbing …[View]
127524106i have nothing against Russia or Russian people, and think it's good for whites in the global s…[View]
127519150Seth Rich: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/appoint-special-prosecutor-investigate-murder-s…[View]
127523668Have you done your good deed today?: >I was at the grocery store today and this old, white man (M…[View]
127506060I am a British Citizen of Indian Ethnic origin.[View]
127523907How can we fix the middle-east /pol/?[View]
127524168NW European women are ugly and slutty.: Besides a few good European female artists, your women have …[View]
127492690Happening - North Korea fires another missile: https://twitter.com/pzf/status/868941322991882240 BRE…[View]
127522952>yfw you realized God exists[View]
127520901Are you racist/sexist /pol/?: >http://www.understandingprejudice.org/iat/index2.htm pic unrelated…[View]
127518154Drumpf is only the president of racists.: This is why Drumpf is not my president or anyone elses who…[View]
127519439NEET general /ng/: >Be me >About to start wagecuck job at domino's >No benefits and sh…[View]
127522255Anglos wtf are you doing: How can one province even be so based?[View]
127521156American Public Schooling: What will it take to fix the American public school system? Literally a t…[View]
127522375/pol/, can you Redpill me on the westboro Baptist Church?[View]
127523065disrespect women: please inform twitter that fat is not healthy or beautiful[View]
127523693A message from a scared canadian: Hello /pol/, I have come to share my fear for my countrymen. After…[View]
127516141/ptg/ President Trump General - MAGA Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov ht…[View]
127523163>1332 more fucking days >over 3 and half more years left of the retard…[View]
127523446new tyt racemixing video: you know what to do[View]
127499445Shifting the culture to the right: Laci Green has gone from SJW to classical liberal. Sargon of Akk…[View]
127466100Programmers, why haven't you taken tha cyanide pill?: Programming is an incredibly degrading jo…[View]
127520092Our Heroes.: What was their end game?[View]
127520692>get into astronomy >realize there is no way god exists…[View]
127519937Hey dear pol/lacks I just woke up and I'm covered in sweat. I had a nightmare, well at fist it …[View]
127519699How do you feel about about hobos/tramps/vagrants?[View]
127522000Your County is not bas-[View]
127506979Describe the current state of your nation with one image.[View]
127513641trump hate thread[View]
127517657sum up trump's presidency in one picture[View]
127522916Why is there no terrorism in indonesia: >largest muslim population >has both sunnis and shiite…[View]
127517898Why does /pol hate jews again?[View]
127517608*blocks your path*[View]
127522992What makes you losers happy? I'm a sadfag. How do o gets happy[View]
127521611Anniversary of Harambe's death: >Anniversary of Harambe's death marked unceremoniously …[View]
127520861HOL UP: Varg is furious! how can we calm him down?[View]
127518312is this racist? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlKL_EpnSp8[View]
127520305I think it's fucking hilarious that this is the picture Google lists for Trump. He deserves thi…[View]
127490378Since we've established this is a Christian board full of Heaven-bound saints who enjoyed this …[View]
127522439Lol! How did I miss this https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/may/22/reaction-times-square-crash…[View]
127520739Trump worshipers deserve to be bullied.[View]
127521882Did you vote for Obama?[View]
127522839SUNDAY SLIDE: So what's being slid?[View]
127522590This place has become infested with non-whites and cucks Could someone please tell me some websites …[View]
127521312Is Milk IQ-Juice?: think about it, most niggers cant digest it[View]
127510712Can we PLEASE PLEASE stop pretending Russia is our friend?: This meme was funny during the election …[View]
127515391Blackanons of /pol/ thread: Blackanons how did we get here? What do you do? What's your game pl…[View]
127522433I am not a girl, /pol/: I am non-binary and currently identify as one of 67 applicable pronouns http…[View]
127522411AMURRICA FIRST: http://money.cnn.com/2017/05/25/news/economy/trump-lemon-ban-argentina/index.html…[View]
127519553If you buy in to the Native American Genocide and the Holocaust, and believe that they are relativel…[View]
127513762https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shabbat_elevator Why are Jews allowed to waste electricity?[View]
127522025/pol/ Approved War Movies/Shows: Hey /pol/, watching Band of Brothers right now and curious how most…[View]
127522041You fucked up big time Brazil PT was shooting themselves in the foot and were going to fall on their…[View]
127522238https://www.facebook com/profile.php?id=100010455905255 This came up as recommended by a mutual frie…[View]
127516955Why do conservapoors vote against their own economic interests ?[View]
127520490>The left ran the race with their worst possible candidate >Hillary still won with the popular…[View]
127521837PETITION TO WHITE HOUSE: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/appoint-special-prosecutor-invest…[View]
127509272Is the Portland stabbing just an op?: https://twitter.com/AndrewQuackson/status/868706829039271936…[View]
127481600>go MGTOW >women laugh at me >say it doesn't matter what I do because I'm undesir…[View]
127521768Race: I'm s newfag, so forgive me, but is most of /pol/ unironically racist? (Pic not related)…[View]
127518759How is this shit allowed on youtube? They're making money by forcing their kids to act like inf…[View]
127512557N0 T@x F0r BI@x Thread 4: OP killed the meme in the last post, by making it appear on google. We nee…[View]
127519709Say hello to the next President: Politics used to be a millionaires game. Now it takes a Billion. No…[View]
127521852>marrying a black girl (probably) >hanging out with black private citizens Has the Royal Famil…[View]
12751926910 CND paypall to which ever /pol/ardian guesses which country im in. <inb4 Nigeria[View]
127521088What do you think /pol/ would have been like during the iraq war? Imagine if soldiers then had the k…[View]
127521505Why the change: What happened to the dailystrormer. Since the end of the campaign, there has not bee…[View]
127517007Why is every mexican a 4 where is the 1 % ?: Are there any 1 % like me[View]
127517644I find Trump's lack of a strong handshake distrubing.[View]
127496735Pagan skype group https://join.skype.com/LZ9iCcBx64ak If you sick of European larping as Ancient Isr…[View]
127518205Are ancaps just a parody of libertarians?[View]
127501124/pol/iticraft: Political Roleplay Minecraft Server: After nearly a two year break, /pol/iticraft, th…[View]
127483425>pitbulls are viole-[View]
127521176Why hasn't this bitch cunt invaded NK or Syria yet? Kim and Assad are making him look weak af.[View]
127515167the hero we needed: >harrasses mudslimes >baits sjws into defending mudshits >stabs traitor…[View]
127519932What's /pol/s opinion on the idea of free speech?[View]
127518783>Westerners cower and pander to Islam >Qt Asian gilf is genociding them out of her country Ex…[View]
127518509Whatever happened to rotten.com[View]
127514998What do we do about the NEET problem?[View]
127519224>/pol/ of 6 months ago >non stop trump threads, feeling like end of cucks, feminism, and SJWs …[View]
127519955MSNBC attacks KeKistan: so MSNBC did this thing where they talk about KeKistan and try and teach the…[View]
127506351Backward Amerisharts: >Europe has had chip and PIN cards sine 1969 >USA still has to swipe htt…[View]
127520695Was This a False Flag by the Russian government?[View]
127519185Why are you aiding the enemy?[View]
127520824You can either be a conservative parent or a shitty one: >Raising Functional Members of Society …[View]
127514398Working for the government: Has anyone here worked for the Government? I'm getting a degree rig…[View]
127489373TESC PROTESTS GENERAL: Let's get a single thread going. There are currently protests, stake-out…[View]
127520349Daily reminder for the neckbeard larpers[View]
127520458Ariana hopes her degenerate fans fucking die: Is she, dare I say, /ourgal/?[View]
127518316Others should be traditional: Hi pol/ first post here. So, I'm an immigrant Chad type, girls …[View]
127519358How can we fix the world without violence and death, /pol/?[View]
127520105What would happen if we used DNC tactics against them? We should get some homeless people and take o…[View]
127519472Is Caesar the most redpill character in FNV or is he just a savage like ISIS?[View]
127514898Trannies that 'pass': Post bad trannies plus it's funny[View]
127519415Stop worshiping the military[View]
127520056How do we answer the kike question once and for all?? What's the final solution??[View]
127520360Sup /pol/: Are Image Boards a Skinner Box?[View]
127520306Would you tolerate degeneracy if you could live in Blade Runner Dystopia?: https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
127510988If you could ban 3 countries from posting on /pol/, what would it be? >Canada >Germany >Fr…[View]
127519093Will pc ever have a good western-themed game?[View]
127520103you can't lose your rights if you never had any[View]
127520074Napeloen wanted the EU!: It's ironic that Napoleon dreamed and tried to unite Europe in a one r…[View]
127518929No seriously, what did he mean by this?[View]
127501104>25 years old >make 40k/year at dead end labour job >got straight A's in high school b…[View]
127519911Do the japanese hate jews?: ok so apart from the meme 'the jews fear the samurai' and ww2 thing whic…[View]
127510859What is CNN even doing at this point?[View]
127518804STRAWPOLL NIGGERS: would you prefer a board similar to 4chan, but with no access granted to Canadian…[View]
127517749Is it even possible to appropriate a remote, barely inhabited island: or land that belongs for examp…[View]
127517794S U P E R P O O E R: http://www.hindustantimes.com/delhi-news/delhi-man-beaten-to-death-for-objectin…[View]
127516613What are your goals for Ramadan, /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4o-qMBEpjEY[View]
127519672Who says conservatives aren't funny?[View]
127508112Evidence of Atlantis?: According to H.P. Blavatsky, a renowned Theosophist, the Aryan is the descend…[View]
127481716How long until he finally snaps?[View]
127517699Naked Ape drops the ultimate redpill about this generation's women: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
127519207Former child sex slave sold into Belgian aristocratic paedophile ring: now i know the west is degene…[View]
127516775WE WUZ CHINKS[View]
127519449campaign trump: is donald finally coming home for good? >war room >leave paris agreement >m…[View]
127518708Red pilled jobs: Lets continue this thread from last night, i still think nursing is a red pilled jo…[View]
127517531>people actually think that our morality is not based on Christian values. I'm a non-believe…[View]
127518890When did you accept that Austrian economics is a joke?[View]
127518239Just read it: If you really want to end the SJW movement, the support of racial minorities and vilif…[View]
127519366Great Lakes Ethnostate: One nation, one people, untied under one banner. The Great Lakes states hold…[View]
127513155> Listen you fuckers, you screwheads. Here is a man who would not take it anymore. A man who stoo…[View]
127519315Physical Genetic Engineering: Hi fellow pol/tards. I wanted to know if anyone of you have kids and t…[View]
127518938Race != skin color: >there is only one race : the human race >race doesn't exist, it…[View]
127519181all of your most popular entertainers are British, we are taking over and Trump is gonna bow to The …[View]
127519087.: I'm all for being patriotic, but is it wrong for me to find this use of the flag kinda distu…[View]
127514525Our society is dying due to...: >separation of church and state >sexual liberation >fagotr…[View]
127517466Retards who claim that we shouldn't punish people too hard.: Read Machiavelli faggots https://w…[View]
127519000Post ITT a pic of your gun.[View]
127518071Miss me yet?[View]
127518960Shittiest national anthems: Alright, what country has the worst national anthem? It doesn't hav…[View]
127511907Well /pol/?: >inb4 fake news here's five different sources >http://www.latimes.com/nation…[View]
127518920Here's the pill leftists can't swallow: Politics is what is popular, not whatever they thi…[View]
127518882A Cold Hard Truth - Most Muslims are not really Muslims, and 'radical islam' really is true Islam: h…[View]
127518441What's up with these Britpol threads? I remember when people used to post about British politic…[View]
127517538Name one policy or law that Trump has passed that isn't something a neocon would do.[View]
127518052Why is Sweden the only country brave and redpilled enough to stand up to (((them)))?[View]
1275187634chan intelligence division?: considering the existence of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
127518760The Heroic Saga: America has sorted itself out. Now it needs to save it's father...Europe. Euro…[View]
127517517The Countries You Hate As An American And Why: I'll go first: Canada: Cucked, Annoying, Faggots…[View]
127503993What do I do?: I'm white, and hold views of Nationalist-Capitalist-Conservative-Alt Right My mo…[View]
127513947How do you fix the UK /pol/?[View]
127515980SERIOUSLY? Family gets threatening email after selling their house to a black family: A woman just s…[View]
127518472Child Abuse: Were you abused as children anons? I've been finding out lately that it's muc…[View]
127508438god bless the white man: I am castizo and I would fucking lay down my life for the white man. If the…[View]
127469745/ChristGen/ - Christian General: How was Church today anon? If you didn't go, why are you not a…[View]
127518250Which flag has never posted on /pol/?: I have never ever seen Bhutans flag here, just what the hell …[View]
127511758*skeptism increases*[View]
127517342anyone else notice this?[View]
127518302Stop wasting your DNA.[View]
127517732Why is /pol/ obsessed with taking credit for the achievements of others? What have YOU, or even your…[View]
127518011Explain this to me. Now. Right fucking now. I hope the FBI will round up all Dump supporters as soon…[View]
127505857#NoTaxForBlacks Thread 3: Previous threads; >>127488808 >>127498211 OP killed the meme i…[View]
127518271I TRIED TO SAVE YOU: YOU DIDN'T LISTEN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzBi9lL8h5U[View]
127517141NATO: North Atlantic Talmud Organization ----------------- ((( THEM )))[View]
127517601Why isn't white nationalism taken seriously? Why do we have an image problem? Why aren't w…[View]
127518051/pol/itical Propaganda You've Made or Modified: I'll go first.[View]
127516007>watch video about white genocide in south africa or about how white people were in south africa …[View]
127517980On one side you have a lying, fat, stupid, bloated 70 year old dunce who is trying to be Rambo with …[View]
1275141274chan /pol/ is FUCKED, going to ruin Erics life: I am against assault but this is fucked. This man c…[View]
127517891Why can so much of /pol/ be classified as 'NEET' (Not in Education, Employment, or Training)[View]
127513946My grandfathers diary as a nazi commander: My grandfather died 15 years ago and yesterday we started…[View]
127514851would obama be impeached now if the same scandals had hit him that are hitting trump?[View]
127517003How red pilled was this cartoon?[View]
127516808>Hello mr. Anon, we have to talk about your son. It seems like he has been harassing muslim stude…[View]
127516353Socialist Summer Camp: How does /pol/ feel about the socialist summer camp going happening right now…[View]
127517149Who is the most powerful Jew right now?[View]
127515043The Observer Acts: A great deal of work needs to be done. This world isn't right.[View]
127499016some hippy gets knifed when a loony redneck attacks a muslim: $600k self imposed jizya raised eight …[View]
127516876Hail the new queen of /pol/: Worship her! YASSSS GODDESSS! SLAAAAAAY![View]
127517488Is the Smart Phone a product of the jew?: To keep us uncaring, docile and distracted? Im thinking of…[View]
127476551BREAKING: Russia Says It Would Use Nukes if US or NATO Enters Crimea: Russia would be forced to use …[View]
127513823/SRG/ Fighting for the truth edition: Alright, last night was a total farce with the bogus document …[View]
127517435Why are Jews smarter than goys?[View]
127517425Should there be a separation between economy and state? For centuries there was a union between chur…[View]
127515479The time for talking is over.: Philippines calls off peace talks with Communist rebels. http://archi…[View]
127492653Globalism is officially dead.[View]
127507313>22-years-old >making $35,000 out of college >in order to retire comfortably have to put 10…[View]
127505637Do you guys actually hate black: I'm curious is it just shitposting or how deep does it go. Pe…[View]
127515701Why are normies/leftists anti nuclear power?: I mean I know normies are ignorant unintelligent moron…[View]
127516837/Leftypol/ here. I just got done writing to my congresswoman to bring this fat bastard here to testi…[View]
127515696Redpilled books - Drop em: 200 Years Together The Wolf of the Kremlin Revolt Against the Modern Worl…[View]
127516149>/pol/ hates left-wingers, commies, and sandniggers >yet it supports a former KGB agent and th…[View]
127517168What did my code mean by this /pol/?[View]
127511751Who wore it better?[View]
127516167is this good or bad news for you guys?[View]
127487983>/pol/ wants us to explore the universe when we've only explored only 5 or 10% of our oceans…[View]
127514915/pol/ humour[View]
127510428It's impossible to reason with you people. It's impossible to loosen the grip of paranoia …[View]
127510153Am I going insane /pol/?: Is it me or are things rapidly getting worse in the West?[View]
127516965Tell me everything is going to be okay, i don't want to lose Europe to niggers and mudslimes[View]
127501009Flat Tax is a meme: Why do people consider flat tax as a serious tax system? It's just a meme t…[View]
127516549How many levels of cuckoldery is r9k on these days? I think they're jerking it to the idea of m…[View]
127487620Your daily reminder: all blue eyed people share a common ancestor who lived about 50,000 years ago s…[View]
1274953839/11 = controlled demolition: Redpill me on 9/11 pol, I used to think truthers were crazy because of…[View]
127507002How do you avoid dating sjw feminist type slutty girls? Where do you find church going, conservative…[View]
127516830CNN Which EU leader are you?: http://edition.cnn.com/interactive/2017/03/europe/quiz-how-european-ar…[View]
127516223More happenings?: Has anybody been getting 'that feeling' recently? I feel like the happenings are s…[View]
127516748/pol/ YLYL thread: Get in here.[View]
127516728/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
127513460/pol/ destroyed in one image[View]
127515640Derek Tarr Badge #9237 DC Police is the body cam that needs to be public. #SethRich says why he was …[View]
127511058redpill me on vlad pol. was he a redpill who fended off ottoman/muzzie invaders or was he some insan…[View]
127514884'I changed Pepe the Frong into a rabbi.' What did cable TV mean by this?[View]
127511015Appropriate my cock /pol/: Mother Fucking Burger King and Donald Trump do it again. >take Mexico…[View]
127515253Post your best memris please[View]
127516519Is the Earth round, or is that just a Jewish lie?[View]
127494618Pagan Revival: What are your ideas for the future of this movement? Is it autism?[View]
127506654LOTR MEME THREAD: Post your LOTR memes or make your own. Great propaganda against the left.[View]
127504198Hey, wouldn't it be really crazy if David Brock and Seth Rich were both taken to the same hospi…[View]
127516018Are we living in a matriarchal society /pol/? I've been noticing just how much women influence …[View]
127514604Is escapism really so bad?: >weak jaw, beta face, narrow shoulders, only 6ft I'm genetically…[View]
127514923Start dressing like a member of the alt right[View]
127515763Chads getting Vasectomy to prevent gold digging whores from getting pregnant: http://nypost.com/2017…[View]
127516000Fake News the Fake News Journalists: Well all, I think everyone is getting a little sick of the extr…[View]
127516284Why is 'Wahai Muhammad' the War Cry of the British Airborne Division?: >subject Why do the bongs …[View]
127514085Jewish Autonomous Oblast: Redpill me on the Jewish Autonomous Oblast. What happens here? And why is …[View]
127516269>western countries you think could go full ethno nationalist in the next 10-20 years I understand…[View]
127511213STOP APPROPRIATING THE CULTURE OF THE USA!!!: That's right faggots. Today is National Hamburger…[View]
127515913Isn't he the *real* hero of this story? >calls muzzies out >does not take shit from peopl…[View]
127515856Coincidence? I think not.: Does anyone truly believe all of the things that have happened with the D…[View]
127516187How long until Faith Goldy is /ourgal/?: Anyone else notice her signalling online as of late?Is she …[View]
127486343why did whites lose the iraq war?[View]
127514235/Pol/tugal part 2: Continuation of previous thread: >>127513438 They are more pressing because…[View]
127510747Question for history autists: is there anything in history comparable to what's happening in Eu…[View]
127510289Comey corruption general: The Rundown: >Comey told Congress about an email from Debbie to Soros …[View]
127488442hey /pol/ i fixed Balkan[View]
127509842Are they, dare I say it, /ourguys/?[View]
127515845Are latino men the ultimate cuckolds? Every time I see a latino husband and wife couple with childre…[View]
127514535rekt thread? rekt thread[View]
127513726Fuck the alt-right: >White supremacist man in Oregon goes on a train >shouts anti-muslim slurs…[View]
127514074Tell me /pol/. With the demographics the way they are, arent we fucked anyway? White genocide is lmo…[View]
127503325I give up: I cant believe that my family is infected with #notallmuslims and relativism. Got lecture…[View]
127512082Seth Rich reward at $365,000: >OAN offering a $100,000 >Republican donor Jack Burkman offering…[View]
127515785Fuck Merkel and fuck German cucks: >'Europe can no longer depend on the US' >Started both worl…[View]
127515764you guys don't actually dislike blacks though, right?[View]
127515755We must secure the existence of our people and a future for mixed children.[View]
127515184GOD FUCKING DAMN!!!!![View]
1275128164CHAN BTFO'D BY BUZZFEED KIKES https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Zr5qzV-8Zkc[View]
127515179denormification: So we made a cartoon frog a hate symbol, and as most of you know, recently absolute…[View]
127502344Explain this to me /pol/[View]
127515658GO RATE HIM 5 STARS: http://www.ratemyprofessors.com/ShowRatings.jsp?tid=713198[View]
127515124trumpcuck/nupol/civicnat hate thread[View]
127469511A FUCKING KIDS SHOW! God damn it what the hell is happening. I didn't think it was this bad. I …[View]
127506251/meme/ Let's talk about memes.: Hello /pol/. I'm a huge believer in the idea that once you…[View]
127513904you boys have really done it now[View]
127502088Belgian Monarchy Furious at 'Treasonous' Burger King Advertisement: Any Belgians wanna explain this?…[View]
127514514Underrespected occupations: Investment banker[View]
127510480Large Crowd of Muslims Gang Up On Old Christian Man in England: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sr5Z…[View]
127513788Atheism cringe/Atheism hate thread[View]
127502099Éire/pol/ - Why did he die? Edition: Join National Party: http://www.nationalparty.ie Latest NP vide…[View]
127515323Mussolini Thread: I feel like there isn't enough knowledge about Italian style fascism or Musso…[View]
127435648SETH RICH INFORMATION: Let's talk about Seth Rich. BROADCASTIFY: * General link to archives: ht…[View]
127515295Are indie devs Our guys pol?: So just got this indie survial game and found this ingame and immediat…[View]
127505199HOLY SHIT!: >Hahahaha the government isn't spying on you! You tinfoil hatters! Turns out the…[View]
127514369LIVE: THE PROBLEM WITH MAINSTREAM MEDIA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZD0DzcttneQ[View]
127499178'Clean your bloody room!'[View]
127513915If Trump is so smart, why are his parents dead? Christians 1 Trump -666[View]
127434566EVERGREEN COLLEGE IS NEW AMERICA: WAKE UP, BIGOTS! Your time is up, whitey. It's a black horizo…[View]
127512442>be born >spend 70% of your life sleeping and going to school >turn 18 >spend 80-90% of …[View]
127514494Spotted this in a store nearby. What did they mean by this?[View]
127513357ITT: We try and summon rare flags[View]
12750359990's: Why did the 90's feel so bloody innocent?[View]
127511750/pol/ humour thread[View]
127513020Terrorists win: >through the Cold War [Soviets] would probe for ways to split Germany from the We…[View]
127514079Why haven't you taken black-pill[View]
127506579Which race has the best women? Overall, not appearance only.[View]
127512203Are you having a good Ramadan, /pol/ ?[View]
127514300Diversity: I hate diversity It ruins nations and propegates racism[View]
127512078So now that Scheer won the CPC leadership it's pretty much confirmed that Trudeau won a majorit…[View]
127513649Manhunt underway: http://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/crime_police/article_d16496a2-43d2-11e…[View]
127512003What do you guys think about anime and manga? It has been getting really popular over the last twent…[View]
127502825This fucking show exists... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0XZ_jqNI8U[View]
127511415>he's better than Hillary would have been Why a fallacious hypothetical the only defense cul…[View]
127493997Ship carrying 1000 migrants docks in Naples: MSF ship carrying over 1000 migrants & refugees doc…[View]
127514126To the anon who posted these pics - please come back and give us some more.[View]
127492969Army Delta Force vs Navy SEALs: Both kick ass at killing Mudshit terrorists, but which is overall th…[View]
127513983What do Corsicans look like pol? And furthermore what do Corsican Puerto Rican's look like?[View]
127509378What is some /pol/ approved fashion?[View]
127507583Looks like it's up to good guy Poland to save Europe from the Islamic shit storm[View]
127509225Now that this cherubic fag is in charge of the CPC, where do actual right-wing leafs even go? Are we…[View]
127505204No nigers, no sjws, no retarded laws.[View]
127500817Why do conservapoors vote against their own economic interests?[View]
127513410buzzfeed is at it again: huh if you're against feminism that mean you're just a guy who ca…[View]
127513628Does this image represent what Brexit actually was?[View]
127513736https://archive.is/gmlRh >If any (or all) of these events had occurred while either Barack Obama …[View]
127513694Would doing this break their spirits? Or just piss them off more?[View]
127486940>go to the park >see mixed race couple[View]
127502174Wtf is white?: White is litteraly color If somone is white he is white, it doesnt meen anything, onl…[View]
127513458>1948 >1956 >1967 >1967–70 >1973 Where is the next Israeli war?…[View]
127508145Can you guys explain to me why you do not like Jews? Just curious is all.[View]
127513429there are currently people on this board who will disapprove with this message and still think it is…[View]
127509407Every day we distance further from God[View]
127510036What the fuck is wrong with her?[View]
127508012(((They))) don't even hide it anymore.: New show on (((Starz))) >main character is negro …[View]
127507464America is finished: They're going to keep flooding over here and overpopulating the country wi…[View]
127508593Do you still support Trump?: http://www.strawpoll.me/13063089[View]
127513319Tradition is post-modernism: Oi Vei! Vhat iz Happening?!?! https://www.yahoo.com/style/generation-z-…[View]
127497896Why is masturbation considered a sin in most major religions? If anything, it helps prevent sex b…[View]
127495404Terrorism comes in many packages...[View]
127513195Bypassing Facebook Protocols: I'm looking for a way to get pictures onto a comment thread that …[View]
127511573Why aren't you still donating to Hillary? Don't you support her?[View]
127512477France, NO!: The mayor of Paris has called for a black feminist festival in the city to be banned on…[View]
127510246Pentecostal church.: Have a relative who is driving 80 miles every sunday to a pentecostal church. …[View]
127475644How do we fix the UK?[View]
127510594Rich People Today Are The Most Discriminated Minority in Existance: Think about it. The rich are act…[View]
127512998When will /pol/ wake up? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMNi1y7dmOE[View]
127512679Necrophilia: honestly this is just a joke[View]
127508977WTF: >Children in America are undergoing electric shock treatment in growing numbers. Now known a…[View]
127511926How do we stop white girls being converted to Islam, furthermore why do they do it?[View]
127511891Medecins Sans Frontieres strikes again: Do the math /pol/ how many adult men was the Medicins Sans F…[View]
127512684pepe: I hate her so much[View]
127505325Boeing has patented a force field[View]
127481297Gen Z (AKA: Millennials): Gen Z, born 1996 to present often mistaken for Millennials. Is Gen Z the w…[View]
127504654>tfw your leader is a dweeb[View]
127507985Does anybody else find it a little emasculating to go to the coffee shop and order a SMALL coffee? H…[View]
127502859SWEDEN YES!!!![View]
127512025I'm currently doing a PhD in maths. AMA: Field : how to use differential geometry and SDE (stoc…[View]
127512352I am a sugar addict. My pineal gland has calcified. My blood is thin. My brain is asleep only awa…[View]
127511934I bet this is a very difficult question for you to answer. Hint: Not a female[View]
127512288In response to the unjust behavior in regards to Bret Weinstein’s kritik of Day of Absence; I decide…[View]
127504311/po/ BTFO: This is what the future has in store for you racist nazis![View]
127502179The heck?: 'so much for the tolerant Left' - CNN, apparently http://archive.is/G39DO[View]
127511925Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Cvckoldry in the Marxist-Leninist movement, si…[View]
127500493Redpilling my friend on the Jews: He's too scared to come over here and ask himself. He wants s…[View]
127501573Sheboons on /pol/: Reminder that this ape browses /pol/. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BL1Xirwjjys…[View]
127502394can someone give me the quick rundown on Turkey?[View]
127497759How are we even considered to be same species? How is this not a homo erectus or some other species?[View]
127505243#OpenDoorsForRefugees: Alright /pol/, here's the plan. >Liberals love rapefugees entering th…[View]
127511590RAPE AND BOMB: >The mother of a schoolgirl rape victim has said Manchester bomber Salman Abedi wa…[View]
127511194Kumail Nanjiani Tells Grads To Have Sex With An Immigrant: GOOD GOYS! DESTROY YOUR RACE! http://www.…[View]
127511553URGENT: LOST MEME FOLDER: Does someone have that picture that's something like 'when you see so…[View]
127506948Daily reminder.[View]
127511138>Discussing global terror threats on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” anchor John Dickerson asked Mattis w…[View]
127504840Brit/pol/: Reichstep edition: Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07SdrIBMbcM >BA fligh…[View]
127501850So a year back a married the perfect girl. Catholic, a virgin, a soild 8/10, and the perfect house w…[