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216930538PEDO clown world thread: Anons, today shit is bothering me. My fiancée and I decided to start trying…[View]
216931219Glory be to the lord Almighty: Lord our God....... He watches over us He is mighty None do compare H…[View]
216927395>if Trump supports war with Iran than so do I[View]
216931162This is from goyQuentin: Jewt (aka m00t aka christopher poole aka human cuckold who drinks BBC juice…[View]
216919100Do you support trump?: Things are changing by the day new decisions are being made. Do you still sta…[View]
216929452How Many Immigrants Entered the U.S. in 2018, 2017, 2016?: Why is it so hard to find this data? Jews…[View]
216923092/OURGUY/: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pinknews.co.uk/2017/03/28/married-republican-lawmaker-tol…[View]
216930440para español, oprima dos[View]
216922391LIVE: Christian vs Muslim debate: Its that time again, /pol/. Get in here. LIVE STREAM: >https:/…[View]
216924756Remember these tweets /pol/?[View]
21691143930year RESET PILL: 1960---click IBM develops the first automatic mass-production facility for transi…[View]
216918907Was there ever a Politician more Based than Brutus?: He killed the pro-immigrant cocksucker populist…[View]
216930610Why is this allowed? Why don't we do something about this?[View]
216901877US Green Beret killed in rape attempt by fellow SPECOPS: How the fuck is this possible? Four elite U…[View]
216930530hmmm: SO....How many niggas are in my store???[View]
216929784What was the most exciting time to be alive and why was it WW2?[View]
216930422Iran Has Ties to Al Qaeda, Trump Officials Tell Skeptical Congress: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/…[View]
216930252the people we want to live with: White aryan indian man here, /pol/ gets mad when i tell them i have…[View]
216923960PLANNED PARENTHOOD ABSOLUTELY BTFO: https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1141797362513391619…[View]
216884090International Child Sex Trafficking Cult Found Guilty: One of the biggest child sex trafficking case…[View]
216930374>People are calling for the KILLING of Kyle Kashuv https://youtu.be/ZT1c01Xd0wA Read the comments…[View]
216926998Post american puppets from your country[View]
216930072War War War[View]
216923241Was 90's culture better than what's going on right now? What are the main differences betw…[View]
216927589LE 31% FACE: HAHAHAHAHA 31%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
216918033havent you praised Allah today /pol/?[View]
216926431All federal agents support the destruction of America for a new Communist nation: Trump is a Jew who…[View]
216928326Paganism in Romania: It's great to see that ancient European (Dacian) culture is alive and pres…[View]
216929886Trump on attacking Iran: You'll find out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sknEEX-Jf_8…[View]
216926199>replaced by inferior aircraft[View]
216926066are italians european?: I see thread after thread after thread (mostly from ameriniggers) about how …[View]
216929661Another Israeli missile attack could spark WWIII: ISRAEL ABOUT TO START WW3 Only RT is calling it ou…[View]
2169092975G and smartphones are turning people into demons.: Younger generations are growing horns in the bac…[View]
216924371Give me a reason keep eating meat: https://twitter.com/konbininews/status/1141578926449238016?s=21 L…[View]
216880821Kraut/pol/ & SED General - Kremlin Spambot Edition: >upcoming elections Silly Gomrade, there …[View]
216907283/SKYKING GENERAL/: IRAN ABOUT TO GET BLOWN THE FUCK OUT EDITION http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/ …[View]
216927348Haha I can't wait: Can't wait till the day whites are bred out of existence. Ya'll wi…[View]
21692925972 Officers of Street in Liberal Shithole: https://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2019/06/19/72-philadelp…[View]
216928042California going down: Over 1000 earthquakes in a small area near the San Andras Fault in the last w…[View]
216923215PROOF 4chan is NOT a board of Peace and need to be shut down IMMEDIATELY: Shooting happened Monday J…[View]
216925888How come there is no mention of the hostility between England and Spain any more?: I have been readi…[View]
21692622310k Israeli rifles sold to Narcos in Miami: Okay so I didn't do the research, I'm just an …[View]
216929135When will the wider population switch from hatred for 'White Men' to hatred for the Jews? …[View]
216929409Have they overplayed their hand?[View]
216920411Art is Part of Politics: Art is people expression of people's worldview- either how they see th…[View]
216913088If someone damaged your parked car for no reason at all and you are sure it was him he even boast ab…[View]
216928730Fertility rates crackers: Just in case crackers thought I was joking. The blackening of the world. …[View]
216921593When studying history, you can see a clear pattern among superpowers: the Roman empire, the Mongol e…[View]
216925486Maduro is literally Hitler, can we invade now?: http://archive.is/FqhaK The kikes have a new plan fo…[View]
216926412Why should the US care about the Mideast anyways?[View]
216926215Languages: What are some languages to learn during this political climate?[View]
216927323Muslim here, with a message for all the cumskins on this board:: It was you who divided up the land.…[View]
216907196Nigger hate thread[View]
216925955Where do you fall on the gender, anon? https://genderquiz.tk[View]
216926781Are GenZ white guys based or what?: Rampant degeneracy, Nigger worship and anti white sentiment ever…[View]
216927626>should be killed by stoning >instead a serious contender for POTUS America, explain yourselve…[View]
216919539Christians get in here!: I went to a men's breakfast at my church that I haven't been to f…[View]
216914792Why do Christians want eternal life? I've only had my life for 35 years and I'm already ti…[View]
216928717kikes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JO9wwTX0HQY&t=18s[View]
216919719KIKES BTFO: HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA https://twitter.com/SantaCarlaGuy/status/1141781944956522…[View]
216868730How can we force Chads aged over 40 to date among their own age group? Good women can't find go…[View]
216924654Isn't it strange how the left was sucking Joe Biden's dick for over a decade, but only rec…[View]
216925799Daily reminder they always win[View]
216907813MUH POOR WAMUN: They almost work at much as men now and this is unacceptable!!!!!! Holly mental gymn…[View]
216921924Inside the traumatic life of a Facebook moderator: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDnjiNCtFk4 Janni…[View]
216917528Roman nose: Why do people think that Roman noses look like Jewish noses? They're completely dif…[View]
216923415Prove your loyalty: So how many of you Magatards™ are gonna sign up for the military? Your nation ne…[View]
216911421Real question for military anons If you’re drafted and you literally sit down cross-legged and refus…[View]
216929819sex has never even come close to the absolutely amazing pleasure I get from killing. (not animals) y…[View]
216921134Signs of shitty genetics: What are they and how do you identify them? Just because you're white…[View]
216926204Were the Jews really behind all this. Whats their endgame then? >Caused 911 as an excuse for Afgh…[View]
216923129When will rogue states learn? You don't fuck with the US of A.[View]
216923509Israel: Who else thinks it was the jews?[View]
216926606Well?: On a scale of 1-10, how hard will you be shitting your pants a year from now when this badass…[View]
216922281Whatever happened to the influence of masculinity? And why has it died down in our society?[View]
216920092Pls help. I feel cucked af. http://www.catalannews.com/politics/item/catalan-government-apologizes-f…[View]
216926450SPOOKY REMINDER: Tomorrow is 10 year anniversary of mysterious 'Operation-Blackjack': >Operation …[View]
216927784Muslims thread: Why do you hate so much muslims, /pol/ ?[View]
216924948Sins of the SON: https://pagesix.com/2019/06/20/hunter-biden-accused-of-fathering-child-with-arkansa…[View]
216917677Whats up with the Jesuits?[View]
216924902I hate this fucking jewish country. I'm 20 and already my life is basically over and I exist on…[View]
216927766Worl: Bruh, countries don't work because in a map they're bidimensional while we are 3d. W…[View]
216908329This is powerful.[View]
216922478Bbbbbombshell: A snippet from the nxivm case, pizzagate still a hoax? Shills on suicide watch, MAGA …[View]
216926710The day revolution starts: *Walks into boss office* *Bangs fist on table* 'Look at me. Im the boss n…[View]
216927109Why the fuck are Western leaders so obsessed with cultures objectively inferior to their own and hav…[View]
216926101We should refer to nazis as 'Normis': Show them that nazism isn't welcome in these parts[View]
216927444We should adopt these skittles as the official alr right candy: I mean it fits perfectly their all w…[View]
216922064Kublai Khan: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kublai_Khan what does /pol/ think? is he based?…[View]
216927242Why do mainstream 'political scientists' so neo-liberal leaning?: https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=W…[View]
216927208US Planning 'Massive' Airstrike On Iran, Guaido Team Exposed For Massive Fraud & US Cyber Attack…[View]
216926581If you had to choose between gold standard currency and cryptocurrency to replace (((fiat))) which w…[View]
216915396All dog breeds are the same and have the same IQ RACISTS BTFO![View]
216926920“Trump Heights” — Israel has dedicated a village in honor of Trump: “Trump Heights” — first time Isr…[View]
216926842The implications of nuking Iran: Why cant we just nuke Iran? there would be no refugees, and while y…[View]
216912154What went wrong?[View]
21692586931°5001N 130°1123E[View]
216914632Do you think SerpentZA is redpilled now that (((commie))) Chinese went after his family?: Also r/asi…[View]
216922750/pol/ skribblio :^) https://skribbl.io/?t8wISQsgSv[View]
216906729FUCKING PIGS: 87yo woman tasered by Georgia police, excessive force lawsuit pending (VIDEO). Body ca…[View]
216920118Why don't the Japanese like protestants?[View]
216926133Redpill me on why Iran is the enemy. You whiteniggers fly spy planes into unauthorized airspace and …[View]
216923353What's his name again?: Just can't remember for the life of me.[View]
216910034/bng/ - BLACK NATIONALISM GENERAL: Reparations edition >African Heritage https://afrolegends.com/…[View]
216922932Why do big Youtubers kill themselves: https://youtu.be/yXHaMbJaLIM Etika just posted a suicide note …[View]
216919959Kamala will be the Dem nominee. She's the only one I'm worried about. Trump never attacks …[View]
216925620War with iran is imminent goyin: You have to fight for us to save the jewish race and the people of …[View]
216923185Democrat Dark Horse General /DDHG/: Right now, with centrist Biden slipping in the polls and unpalat…[View]
216924618Trump is running concentration camps on the border[View]
216886727Syria General /sg/ - Falls out the sky Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wor…[View]
216925905Meanwhile, in the Berenstein dimension: ISRAEL[View]
216925161the pride never ends: >tfw even your operating system is shilling faggotry…[View]
216925841How come all throughout history people have hated the Jews? Even today in modern times the pattern c…[View]
216901709Uh.... guys?[View]
216925690Do you support brexit?: hings are changing, do you still stand behind Brexit? Vote! This will let u…[View]
216922564/POL/DER - Dude Coke LMAO edition: Dutch GROENLINKS SJW Councilor Jorrit Nuijens arrested for allege…[View]
216918507Do you think Japan will ever change their laws on censoring genitals?[View]
216885189Good job, assholes[View]
216925252I like 4chan: I want to buy him a beer.[View]
216923530>threads of Mexico is our friend guys!! >does nothing, and instead let you get unadulterated i…[View]
216917644ITS HAPPENNING!!!!!!!!! ITS HAPPENING!: Mexico has sent national guards along the Texan border to st…[View]
216925540Antisemites BTFO: Because we need jews to make lazers https://youtu.be/dxE_UUrbMNA[View]
216922056Principal says 'look who's leaving, all the black people' https://old.reddit.com/r/PublicFreako…[View]
216919765(((The Situation Room)))[View]
216919866Why does this drone have such a big nose?: Anyone?[View]
216920687>5 daily videos about Hydrogen Hillary >3 about failures of Venezuela >oh shit, something …[View]
216923986>vote AfD, they said Here's the AfD urging Germans to get ready to, I quote, 'fight and die …[View]
216925266How is this okay? Why doesn't he UN come in and fix this? It's literally a humanitarian cr…[View]
216925262Zyklon Ben back at it again!: Look at the size of that nose! Seriously whats with ben garrison latle…[View]
216915971FUCKING CALIFORNIA: I am new to posting and I've only ever lurked here, but I need help... how …[View]
216924491*Western countries make retarded decisions* 'This is the Jew's fault!'[View]
216914161Politics are getting too political[View]
216919605Is the awakening finally happening? I see more and more people getting red pilled, shown the lies th…[View]
216925024Uh anons?: Is this good or bad? https://web.archive.org/web/20190620120700/https://beta.washingtonpo…[View]
216911632Why Ruthenians (or Rusyns) steal songs from Ukrainian, Polish and Russian history? I never heard Pol…[View]
216921803TRUMP YES!!!: Trump got bored of killing commies in our backyard and is more interested in sucking N…[View]
216924813DEUS HOC VULT: >TRUST THE PLAN!!! Sig Heil!!![View]
216914866Why are Democrats so much more civil than Republicans?[View]
216893969Preference over tourists in your country: What tourists from which country do you prefer coming over…[View]
216919824Would you pay taxes for Israel like an american?[View]
216924664The number of purely white people in the world is proportionably very small. The Spaniards, Italians…[View]
216923726I mean, not really that weird in context. The Republican platform has become fascist, so of course t…[View]
216916217A daily reminder that even Brazil is whiter than Mexico. Americans are absolutelly right o hating me…[View]
216901943Lol this: What the hell is wrong with shooting down a drone. Gtfo of their country.[View]
216922230Serbia rekt: serbia rekt[View]
216915141Bernie is so close to: Naming them https://twitter.com/BernieSanders/status/1141767801163735041?s=2…[View]
216920433US: *flies spy drone right next to Iranian territory* Iran: *shoots it down* US:[View]
216924634Open Letter to Shills: Shills: anyone who knows anything about Trump knows that he knows war is a ra…[View]
216923680>you can call yourself a “Doctor” if you write a paper on Black names >American Education Wh…[View]
216923724Troll Pride Month: Because Gay Pride Needs To Be Thrown In A Wood Chipper.[View]
216921748Pol isn't white: Pol tards are like a super sayan version of whites. Ultra instinct. Pat yourse…[View]
216909737What are some easy, fun, and safe ways to trigger liberals?[View]
216922668What does NXIVM have on George Hearst?[View]
216920816So can we have a HAPPENING now? https://twitter.com/JZarif/status/1141772824086028288[View]
216924317Luník IX: What happens here? Have you ever heard of it? What a great photo shooting site! Slovakia i…[View]
216923839Is there really going to be a war soon?[View]
216913656How does this image make you feel?[View]
216906774Drone was in International Waters Confirmed: Trump is saying the general must have been 'loose and s…[View]
216922907>I hate nig- https://www.google.com/amp/s/thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/448607-alabam…[View]
216923979Theres a group of maghat kids in my school, i was in a class with one of the maghats and a couple of…[View]
216921886Do government agents and schools try make learning a painful process?[View]
216923394Force feed the redpill: /pol/ I have been wondering this for a while... Why don't you fags slow…[View]
216917765You are actively being manipulated by unknown higher forces (including FBI). They've found an e…[View]
216923904The only instance of bipartisanship in the Trump era was to stop you're president from doing th…[View]
216912434Small things that are done only by actual white people: >Not jaywalking >Not slamming doors …[View]
216923830They simply cannot come up with any new talking points, so it’ll be Hillary and “socialism” for the …[View]
216923793How can Virgin Anons compete with FBI Chads?[View]
216923009Euthanasia: What are some of your thoughts and ideas about Euthanasia? I know bright minds are among…[View]
216919640IT'S OVER: IT'S OVER[View]
216923629Obesity in the west: Currently the majority of adults in the western world are overweight or obese. …[View]
216923186TRUMP HIRE THIS MAN[View]
216922566/balk/ frens: Serbo-turk friendship edition[View]
216920979If the Chinese are a slave race, then why did they organize some of the biggest rebellions in histor…[View]
216921235Trump blinks... again: Translation: our drone was in fact caught in Iranian airspace and consequentl…[View]
216918718Gov threatens to arrest Oregon senators fleeing state to stop 'climate change': >Oregon Republica…[View]
216921511Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Calls for Statute to Ban Sharp Knives: Congressman and New York representat…[View]
216921735Brit/pol/ thread: Redpill me about extended islamization of Britain[View]
216917141Che Guavera - Revolutionary hero or total commie scumbag? I think nothing will change without war. W…[View]
216912339If you're American and you don't support wiping Russia and Iran off the face of the Earth,…[View]
216920655Will I see any of my burger /pol/ frens when we all get deployed to Iran?[View]
216922095Does the current cucked state of Germany (and others) disprove the hereditarian hypothesis? If behav…[View]
216908997How's that 5G working?: https://beta.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/06/20/horns-are-growing-you…[View]
216922390Just your average workplace propaganda poster: EQUALITY = STRENGTH[View]
216922385Fuck I hate Americans[View]
216922860Leftie nigger leadership, byebye tax dollars: $600k for clicking a phishing email https://www.apnews…[View]
216921113Nothing ever happens, world is boring and no happenings[View]
216920788/pol/ absolutely eviscerated https://blavity.com/woman-named-marijuana-pepsi-who-refused-to-change-h…[View]
216922018Polititians and dehydration: What is happening? Why they don't just drink water? https://www.yo…[View]
216917397the drones donald[View]
216911924Military is preparing for 'incel rebellion': >At least one Air Force base is on the lookout for a…[View]
216919156Don't forget.: The Federal Government holds clown world in its place.[View]
216912075Why are conservatives coonin’ Blacks?[View]
216918113How pathetic do you feel that you fell for his bullshit? I do think that the iranian government shou…[View]
216917373Does /pol/ support USA (allies: Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE) or Iran (allies: Russia, Syria, Hezbollah…[View]
216919391Millions still carry it to this day.[View]
216921598>Someone is American >Cringe Why do you faggots even go abroad?…[View]
216915069Why would this make you proud?[View]
216917795Why is he such a pussy? Is it because he’s a Russian puppet? >defeated in Venezuela >defeated…[View]
216921160Some people (probably Canadian) still believe this happened.[View]
216921451Guys! Prepare more funny memes like this fast! Forcing this meme has already affected his approval r…[View]
216918008Good riddance.: Everyone out of the Pool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tw9ISryP79M[View]
216921457Rapes in Sweden: Okay guys, i need your meanest redpills about the rape situation in sweden and othe…[View]
216917332Was he lying to us all along or did he genuinely intend to keep his promises but the kikes in Washin…[View]
216921272Solution: EMP[View]
216917315How do you whitebois even complete with a black queen? How many of you have a PHD? I bet zero, this …[View]
216915992Modern Warfare promoted by africans: Do blacks buy software, are they fans of military?[View]
216913548How am i supposed to cope with the fact that I'm a bi man but i fucking loathe hedonists and fl…[View]
2169212362024: >Trump wins 2020 Well congratulations, you got yourselves caught. What’s the next step of y…[View]
216907882>watches some REKT webm’s: >Dies What’s the real story here?[View]
216911877/ww3/ - WW3 General: Latest: >Trump claims everything will work out, Iran likely accidently/mista…[View]
216920877One race - the human race: Wtf is this? Did based Wikipedia just admit here that there are different…[View]
216917911The next PM of the UK[View]
216912978Mark Zuckerberg confirmed to be the anti-christ?: He's launching a 'global currency' controlle …[View]
216921019>jews >white[View]
216911527Architecture thread: and post interior too if you can your country only[View]
216920506Is not believing in god the same thing as believing that there is no god.: Is not believing in god t…[View]
216914425This is what you get when you google 'White Couples': When you google 'white couples' the majority o…[View]
216920842Isn't it strange how the left was sucking Joe Biden's dick for over a decade, but only rec…[View]
216919201Where is the Drone?: Can we say for certain that the drone is over international waters given the in…[View]
216917475>demanding all men help make up for the sexual crimes of a few bad men is sexist >demanding al…[View]
216916208WW3 CANCELLED: >Trump: 'Iran probably didn't do it on purpose' Bolton and Pompeo on suicide …[View]
216914577The christian denial of sexual pleasures is quite absurd if you think about it. Why would you cuck y…[View]
216912267What does /pol/ think about modern architecture[View]
216920091Is all this Iran crap just the oil industry: Trying to raise prices? Starting to seem like it[View]
216913280I genuinely love this woman. It's amazing for she constantly whips the right into a SEETHING fr…[View]
216916824Haitians surging into Texas: These things breed like insects, under the worst conditions, at least t…[View]
216904361Happening Cancelled: Trump suggests drone shoot down may have been a simple mistake[View]
216919273Question for fellow American nationalists/fascists/etc. What should be our aim for nationalism? Man…[View]
216919417Do you hate Jews? If so, do you hate every single one, without discrimination based on social status…[View]
216896116Iran will be the end of the American empire.[View]
216920195this country. i hate this country. they are like jews with more shills on this site shilling their d…[View]
216920194Shaping the reproductive future of humanity via gibs and sterilization: >keep welfare going as it…[View]
216910460All I see are soi boys on this app. Where are all the white alpha nationalist chads? So sick of it.[View]
216920040World Refugee Day: Maine Edition feat. Somalian Gangs who killed a guy https://youtu.be/iSw341i_13Y…[View]
216920084All you need to know about Iran: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tm5Je73bYOY[View]
216919728Judging by how fat the average ass is why wouldn’t you want Albanian Women in the Ethno State ? …[View]
216915926Boomer Posts Thread: share your best boomer related posts (preferably boomer hate or retarded boomer…[View]
216919496MEME WAR-UK PROXY: Boris Johnson is the most based of these nerds hes running against clearly. Can w…[View]
216917724Why are Croat potatohead nigger so despicable?[View]
216918239Profile picture (Computing forever, Suris): 1: i hate their profile pictures, anyone too?( i dont ge…[View]
216917493Souf FC vigilantes and one black confront migrants entering Britain: Even Greeks are being stopped a…[View]
216919219WHO IS VOTING FOR LAMBRIGHT 2020?: He seems like the most obvious choice in the running for candidac…[View]
216917152How Iran can save themselves: The only realistic option is an all out surprise attack on the Zionist…[View]
216916379frenworld just got banned: Lol the same day i'm banned from frenworld frenworld itself gets ba…[View]
216918177Instead of going to war with Iran: why can't we just nuke Israel?[View]
216904843OPERATION PRISON SHANK WTF AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH: here we go boys! iran about to get shanked[View]
216919614DER KANADIER[View]
216919474GET IN HERE FAGGOTS: HABBENING HABBENING HABBENING! killary linked to NXIVM! https://www.youtube.co…[View]
216919573You Know What To Do: https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/the-labour-party-of-yardley-birmingham-must…[View]
216917518Millenials and Zoomers growing horns: from cell phone usage, literal demons LOL how to solve this? …[View]
216911871Soon...: >your shipment on mutts has arrived[View]
216909976Fucking Alefantis: So, about that Pizzagate... https://mobile.twitter.com/Solmemes1/status/114169523…[View]
216915944Does /pol/ hate cities like San Francisco because they attract the best and brightest residents? I t…[View]
216889168Senators Receive Confidential UFO Briefing: https://www.politico.com/story/2019/06/19/warner-classif…[View]
216913785Schools starting to wise up to 'active shooter' scam: >A mass casualty training event scheduled a…[View]
216901569The most ridiculous Holocaust story ever: >Be me >Reading 'Zero Degrees of Empathy', by Jew-au…[View]
216915486What are the adverse effects of women being in positions of power?[View]
216919115Post your face when you just found out Iran was the no.1 sponsor of terror - WORLDWIDE![View]
216901187What song will we play out of helicopters when the war with iran starts?[View]
216918423SHILLS PUHLEEZE: At least make your posts somewhat credible. You’re losing your touch.[View]
216918253>too young to die in Iraq >too old to die in Iran Clean it up Zoomers. This is your problem no…[View]
216916028What is the best religion and why is it Quakerism?[View]
216916563Iran war.: What's the chances for a war in Iran? Will America actually be baited into another m…[View]
216918136Nothing ever happens.: Daily reminder. That is all.[View]
216893010Trade School or University?: Which one would you say is a better path to take for the average /pol/ …[View]
216911127Why is /pol/ so upset about possibly being drafted to go to war in Iran? I thought /pol/ didn’t like…[View]
216903506NYT interviews former alt righter. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/06/08/technology/youtube…[View]
216918574Are incels a CIA creation? What's this Chadcel's purpose on YouTube? Why?[View]
216916418BASED NEW ZEALAND: Lmfao https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.jpost.com/Diaspora/Official-New-Zealand-gov…[View]
216915726trump going to shank iran[View]
216918590Absolute state of 'modern' wamen: >'Dinner's ready anon' >mfw https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
216891395US Navy RQ4 Gobblecock shotdown by Iran: This is literally not even a happening. The global hawk has…[View]
216870282When will the Orthodox return to the one true Church?[View]
216918532When will infantile circumcision become illegal? How can Republicans be pro life and claim the fetus…[View]
216908908Message from a Turkish man to the European Union: You hate us. We hate you. There is no compromise b…[View]
216911627Balkans: How can we improve the Balkans?[View]
216918420Keep Memes Great[View]
216918245I hate when people are alive.: My name is Donald K Trump. I work for Israel. Does anyone know how to…[View]
216916247Shitpost: MUH CONCENTRATION CAMPS[View]
216915367'You'll find out.' -Donald J. Trump: >President Trump addresses Iran: 'This drone was in int…[View]
216914701Serious question - is Meghan Markle trying to get suicided? Are black people actually this retarded?…[View]
216910948Will something horrible go down in our lifetime?[View]
216913694You have two Tsar bombs: What two targets do you think would do the world the most good? I say >1…[View]
216911587Does meme magic still work? Let's find out. Tehran is nuked before sunrise. So sayeth my repea…[View]
216917113Is rule by an 'elite' inevitable due to the division of labour? How do we control them if …[View]
216913979pfffttHAHAHAHA: >Mudslimes buttmad that the ISLAMIC Republican of Iran is going to get some DEMOC…[View]
216882140Self Improvement General - /SIG/: The rebirth of the West begins with you! - /sig/ Throw the honkpil…[View]
216903582Indians Push Jews Out Of Diamond Business: Who do you want ruling you, Jews or Indians? take your pi…[View]
216917993Isn't it strange how the left was sucking Joe Biden's dick for over a decade, but only rec…[View]
216916090Why is Trump such a pussy?: I wanted war with Iran[View]
216909929Reminder that Zoomers are doomed.[View]
216917896End American Concentration Camps Now.: I’ve never been more ashamed to be an American than I am righ…[View]
216916520Why are Germanics so ugly compared to Nordics?[View]
216916258That drone looks a lot closer to Iran than America. Why shouldn’t Iran be able to shoot it down? An…[View]
216917421Will Jared convince Trump to help Israel?[View]
216917735Goyim: 'What is democracy? What is democracy?' Isreal: 'It got something to do with young men killin…[View]
216867530G-guys?: What did Trump mean by this? Are we gonna get FEMA'd by our own candidate? https://www…[View]
216916997Why is there so much societal pressure for normal straight men to date transgender women but not the…[View]
216915316I thought you said Europe was culturally white. I had my passport stolen in Salzburg, thank god it w…[View]
216911475Iran Releases Video Where They Believe The Drone Was: https://twitter.com/Amirh_91/status/1141760184…[View]
216888238Pizza Delivery man is swarmed by massive gang of Wogs in London.: https://youtu.be/twBNiRhaWX4 >B…[View]
216890390Take the wealth pill: Work hard towards achieving a considerable amount of wealth Dont obsess about …[View]
216916768>be amerimutt >send out drone >in 'stealth' mode >Iran detects and shoots it down in the…[View]
216909261>Abortion is immoral Is there an opinion that outs somebody as a retard as quickly as this one?…[View]
216916877It's almost time now, Sonny.[View]
216917304Horn Gang General /HGG/: >https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/06/20/horns-are-growing-youn…[View]
216883780Why does /pol/ pass off Iranians and Turks as whites but irl nobody accepts Iranians and Turks as wh…[View]
216916740What the next step of his master plan?[View]
216916802>the jets are ready mr president[View]
216916197you dont suffer from 'mental illness'. you suffer a political-economic regime that makes you miserab…[View]
216908410>Be me >Join army as medic >Sent to Iraq in 'peace time' >Friend shot and kill…[View]
216913799Reparations argument: I’m against reparations but have no argument against this: I steal your painti…[View]
216914279What's she whispering to Bernie, /pol/?[View]
216916852The Plan for Iran: Anon lays out the plans for the war with Iran. Thoughts?[View]
216909184Reparations in Congress: You ready to pay your reparations whitey? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kc…[View]
216916556Ice come thru: Why do people want to keep illegals in our country? Why does anyone support this?…[View]
216916803You're a good Christian, right?: Why don't you follow Christ's example and save a poo…[View]
216889985STOP HATESPEECH: Time has come to take a stand, be on the right side of history /pol/ and stop posti…[View]
216916632Jon Snow is a putrid, rotting, blob of shit, when are the right wing going to help take the degenera…[View]
216915613It's time to fight for the zionists anon[View]
216913078Why is wageslaving 'contributing to society'? What is the contribution being made? Why is the 'cont…[View]
216916452What are you doing for World Refugee Day, /pol/? https://www.state.gov/on-the-occasion-of-world-refu…[View]
216895743Holodomor: >'20 million Ukranians starved to death' according to americans and ukranian neo-nazis…[View]
216916275If Iran isn’t doing anything wrong, then why is it acting like it has something to hide? If Iran is …[View]
216914434Is this really what you Americans are gonna die for?[View]
216916396Gay refugees sent back to 'homophobic Kenya camp': >Kenya's government has ordered…[View]
216914027ITT post your political ideology/platform: Anons, post your political ideology/platform and we'…[View]
216913005If Trump was smart, for each illegal immigrant he deported, he would approve citizenship for one leg…[View]
216905215ex yugo thread, keep it friendly: Are you tired of being a colony? Are you tired of degenerates and …[View]
216914168This is from Wolpoff ,'Why the Neanderthals?'. Chris Stringer is a cunt and recently pushed the hoax…[View]
216912943Lets have a discussion of the political implications of a draft in light of the fact that western wh…[View]
216908213Is this still the peak YouTube experience? >toxoplasmosis epidemic in brazil >the germans were…[View]
216915812How /pol/ talks about Asiadykes and Eurofags is honestly disgusting. A relationship where the man se…[View]
216915047The current state of manhood: Men are whiny faggots not only because of how western society raises t…[View]
216915484War cancelled for a few days until Bolty and Benji can get the next false flag together. Its like po…[View]
216907625Here’s the bill.: I think Iran owes US $4.03 million, don’t you?[View]
216908240I used to have misplaced rage I was always angry and I wasn't sure why. The world seemed to be …[View]
216905802New kike president of Ukraine is already whoring out Ukrainian women to the whole World: Ukrainian P…[View]
216912641Do you mix your views with how you do your job? Like if you’re a subway sandwich artist, do you give…[View]
216908010Still waiting for answers on this.[View]
216915498Trumps wants war bad: And very new network works close with White House to push the message. There i…[View]
216911354What do roasties have against teen mothers so much?[View]
216914651THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF SOFTWARE ENGINEERING IN GERMANY: > Every Thursday free Fruits, Kaffee and W…[View]
216915487Reminder: Trump is the best president in US history and he is going to be triggering libs for years …[View]
216910703You shills are getting pathetic.[View]
216887888Hitler appreciation thread[View]
216902884Listen faggots: Why do white supremacists keep killing innocents thinking they will start a mass awa…[View]
216912792Our Peacetime President: Asked what he thought about Iran shooting down that drone, Trump said, “I t…[View]
216915339Based Serbia: >thrown under the bus https://www.reuters.com/article/us-serbia-croatia-court/serbi…[View]
216915242Can't we just invade these terrorist dunecoons already?[View]
216914022Immigrant here: I just just signed up for the U.S selective service last week to receive financial a…[View]
216901407what the fuck is happening to the world? Are we all dying inside?[View]
216914954What are your plans for 2025 when cash money will be outlawed? >We detected a racism behavior wit…[View]
216912596Is promoting the gay community just another form of Jewish birth control: Is promoting and celebrati…[View]
216906040What happened to architecture? We have the most advanced materials and techniques in history yet som…[View]
216914715Is there any more damning evidence that /pol/ is always wrong?[View]
216914475is HBO Chernobyl kiked?: on a scale 1-10 how kiked is it? is it worth watching despite the kikery?…[View]
216911817Isn't it strange how the left was sucking Joe Biden's dick for over a decade, but only rec…[View]
216901064Catholics don't even have sound theological arguments, they are just mad that first Orthodox, t…[View]
216912054So uhhh ... Will we be allowed to take hot Iranian women in as refugees? Asking for a friend.[View]
216914736Bashar Al-Assad.: Bashar murdered Rafiq Hariri, the Prime Minister of Lebanon in 2005. Doesn't …[View]
216913738Jews and mass migration: Good video on jews and their perspective on mass migration https://www.bitc…[View]
216902270Do not let your skin get tanned It permanently alters your skin and darkens it more each time, even …[View]
216914599Picture related is why the Jews sacrificed the Wachowskis (the Matrix film makers). They are even re…[View]
216910797Why though?: Nobody: India: We exist too[View]
216911803Bolton will go to Israel for Iran talks next week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwR5cwtKiwg HAHAH…[View]
216914492Scripture Reading and Reflection: GOSPEL - Matthew 8:23-27 (Festal Gospel - John 6:48-54) At that ti…[View]
216914479I think Ralph got a little overzealous...[View]
216914263Hello /pol/ I am an american muslim that wants to save you. Do not go to war with iran. It's wh…[View]
216912019The Medic Did It: Government's own prosecuting witness, the medic, just said he killed the ISIS…[View]
216912546Fuck Drumpf[View]
216913839an incorrect financial configuration was detected, thus I made a thing.[View]
216913686Why is he so enthusiastic about a potential war near his country?[View]
216911053Happy Merchant threat Post em[View]
216910698Pentagon gets briefed on UFOs: Uh guys...? https://www.politico.com/story/2019/06/19/warner-classifi…[View]
216914285Why are boomers so horrible?[View]
216913301How many billions from China and Qatar has this man received to destroy western civilization?[View]
216908721Ancap thread: Why are you not supporting the ancap revolution yet, anon?[View]
216894885>mfw americans will have to die for Israel in Iran[View]
216913165How can we make homosexuals to behaviour like normal people instead of as the degenerated faggots th…[View]
216910326Daily reminder there is nothing wrong with American world domination. If you are American and oppose…[View]
216913994conflict with iran could bring annhilation to US/israel by some nuclear bomb or any other bomb / the…[View]
216891951Did you know that you can hate Jews and Muslims at the same time and it won’t conflict with your cor…[View]
216912879/pol/ extremists are retarded: and the human race is filled with passion and love. they want to kill…[View]
216913942Post a picture of where you live. WV master race here.[View]
216912336Corey haim was smarter than you think: How many other people spend almost their entire earnings befo…[View]
216911635Russia builds infrastructure efficiently and on time, West is getting worse.: >Meanwhile, Moscow …[View]
216902739New commandments: I have come to the conclusion that the best course of action is to reform christia…[View]
216913073(((They))) cry out in pain when they strike you: Israel Advocacy youtube channel deleted this interv…[View]
216913545Persians are perhaps the closest to us genetically, and we’re about to kill them.[View]
216913772>white people are being replaced! this is white genocide! Why should I care?…[View]
216907912Liberal Heroes: Central Park Five (Kevin Richardson, Antron McCray, Raymond Santana, Yusef Salaam an…[View]
216910435Gay Pride Activist Caught Sending Sexual Messages to Journalists Posing as Minor Boy: Had been found…[View]
216898948What would happen if a huge chunk of our armed forces boycotted?: What could they do? We should try …[View]
216913561will you vote left in 2020?: I think we should vote left to troll them out of wanting to vote left. …[View]
216913532Daily Whitepill:: It would only take one strong president on immigration to fix this. Get rid of the…[View]
216909742Do not buy from Boomers: Daily Reminder not to do business or to buy things from stinking Boomers…[View]
216911129God Emperor Trump: Careful guys, the Trump Train is still filled with his right-wing extremist base.…[View]
216913123Charles Manson was crazy, but he spoke truth.: https://youtu.be/EIEfmSUQ_z4[View]
216910717How to Solve The Prison Problem: If prison are overcrowded, all we have to do is send all those disg…[View]
216909746War with Iran: >When asked early afternoon whether the U.S. would strike back during an Oval Offi…[View]
216912364It’s your turn zoomers: We served our country in 9/11. You have no excuse[View]
216907096>faggots on here constantly talking about 'muh accelerationism' >'lets elect Yang and fuck up…[View]
216892811Post yfw your draft letter arrives in the mail[View]
216904981Let's take some more stuff: We already took the OK symbol what else can we take.[View]
216912666Did the better species die out?[View]
216911166So with Iran, Israel, and Russia basically overtly engaging in propaganda operations/misinformation …[View]
216908783Why do you have to be racist? I am sad that we need to hate each other just because of skin color. P…[View]
216903530Your thpical amerimutt poster after the war in iran is over[View]
216912332(((YouTube))) is dead: Why don't we use LBRY? nb4 paid shill. I just want to watch hitler speec…[View]
21691060130 year old blackpilled NEET here. I hope we lose. I want to see a US aircraft carrier sink on TV. H…[View]
216907776>imagine not profiting off crypto now that facebook coin is gonna make it mainstream…[View]
216911760Redpill TV What tv shows are actually redpilled? Or can have the effect of red pilling normies I…[View]
216911716Wasn't this supposed to be a thing? Its been forgotten what went wrong?[View]
216911196Juneteenth: Y'all, idk if I'm being toxic or they are, but apparently we all gotta pay rep…[View]
216910506Do you think they will really stop there?: >Israel becomes state >Israel rapes all current inh…[View]
216911809This shit again?[View]
216909513Trump is giving up on regime change in Venezuela because it's complicated and he got bored: bas…[View]
216902044HIPSTER BREWERY BTFO: Brewery loses discrimination case for charging men more for beer >To celebr…[View]
216905940The US blew up an Iranian passenger aircraft. >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iran_Air_Flight_655 …[View]
216911472Belgian thread - Vlaams Belang gotta go fast: >Be Waloon >Be nationalist and pro flander indep…[View]
216905639Iran made a very big mistake!: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1141711064305983488…[View]
216907443White Male: From https://twitter.com/MichaelKIRO7/status/1141153813925003264/photo/1 'A rapist was r…[View]
216885533Are non-R1b s even human?: Its a question that bears asking you can take ANY map of ANY statistic an…[View]
216910707ITT: try to find the most retarded thing you can on /r/politicalhumor.[View]
216894167(((the new right))): the fuck is this shit?[View]
216911218The United States will not go to war with Iran. Trump said several times that he was against another…[View]
216906939How does he not know he is naked? How to be as based as this man? Receiving the fruit of knowledge …[View]
216905168brit/pol/ - Let Slip The Dogs of War edition: >US drone: Trump says Iran 'made a very big mi…[View]
216911095Iran is literally the last anti-ZOG bastion in the middle east...who will they attack next?[View]
216911093>mfw Americans get circumcised because the inventor of corn flakes told them to…[View]
216910987in b4 Israel attacks Iran to frame the United States: https://twitter.com/IsraelGazaICN/status/11417…[View]
216906672>USA abuses it's position as the police of the world >Americans think they're in the…[View]
216905380Donald Trump Sold His Soul To The Jews And Has Made America Israel's Bitch: I have completely g…[View]
216902416Not voting for Yang? That’s kinda cringe bro How could anyone in their right mind not see Yang as an…[View]
216906985>You faggots don't realize that that drone was bait. Do you really think we will go to war w…[View]
216909689Pay the reparations, whitetoid.[View]
216889459Did you ever question that you were on the wrong side ?: Did you ever think about that, /pol/ ? Talk…[View]
216909139Inclusive post Brexit London game... haha: >The maker of a game set in a post-Brexit London says …[View]
2169095925G: Are you boys ready to get cancer because some basedböy in your neighborhood wants to open his re…[View]
216905928THE SUN IS SETTING[View]
216902618HA another one , what is Iran gonna do huh?[View]
216907773Is war with Iran really likely or is Trump just blowing Israel?[View]
216908844Nazi men were more tolerant of Down Syndrome than modern liberal women.: And that’s a good thing.…[View]
216909598There is no reason to hate Iran unless you're a kike.: >muh hostage crisis! No one was kille…[View]
216908283WORLD WAR 3 PREDICTIONS: ITS HABBENING! The worst war in mankinds history is soon upon us. Everythin…[View]
216905966Why did Obamba try so hard to flim flam the zim zam?[View]
216909836When and how do you plan to kick off the violence?[View]
216910211Why all the protection against racism in favor of black men by the white countries?: every man deser…[View]
216909301#NotMyCountrymen What if we created a campaign to sew more seeds of division among darkies? We could…[View]
216906557Are you ready for your sons to die in another war for Israel?[View]
216897305The world's most humane prison: This prison is in Storstrom, Denmark. What crime should I do to…[View]
216910039Why do conservatives like boomer wars so much? There’s nothing to gain for 99% of Americans. This is…[View]
216907272Only a short time ago >Trump supporters worshipping their god emperor >their one true king …[View]
216910005Why are Boomers so BASED?: We MUST stop the Dems from harming the black middle class next election. …[View]
216907225Trump kills American dream for African migrants, now they're going to Canada: >While African…[View]
216908718(((((IncelTears))))): What the fuck is wrong with them?[View]
216908394Lmao right wingers: Are so dumb How can we fix the low education problem on the right?[View]
216889938What is /pol/‘s stance on student loan forgiveness?[View]
216909816We will make them a separate island which they will use as an LGBTQIAPK+ safe haven. It will be ille…[View]
216909414I don't think anyone can argue against the fact that he is objectively the greatest leader of t…[View]
216908507Nothing is more redpilled than farming[View]
216879921Trannies get diabetes from girl pills https://cdn.atria.nl/ezines/web/IJT/97-03/numbers/symposion/i…[View]
216905686Basedwanger: All hail Basedwanger! >An officer of the Waffen SS, the elite military arm of the Na…[View]
216909584So this is how the average american looks according to National Georgraphic: Interesting, to say the…[View]
216900311War with iran is coming. https://twitter.com/LindseyGrahamSC/status/1141728980644618241[View]
216889369/pol/ humor thread: let's get this bread boys[View]
216908426If Jews want war with Iran so badly, does that mean Iran's president is /ourguy/?[View]
216907211BREAKING BRIT: Johnson just CROWNED PM: Gove 2 votes behind Hunt[View]
216908644Look at south korea right now and tell me he isn't one of the greatest men to ever exist. He sa…[View]
216909417what exactly is the down side of only allowing net taxpayers to vote?[View]
216905846All people who do not want war with Iran are cucks. We’ve been needing a good war to get beat the Gu…[View]
216908214Die for Israel goy: Trump 2020[View]
216906346What does /pol/ think of state issued gfs? Would it solve the incel problem?[View]
216909201What better day to start a war than on friday, ITS HAPPENING BOYS[View]
216909140Is the New Jersey State Fair Based ?[View]
216887557Peaceful, Unarmed Drone shot down without warning: That’s it, the first shots have been fired. Iran,…[View]
216908030We must support based muslims. Dont let that jew Trump kill anymore muslims. Muslims hate jews, what…[View]
216904992Pros of Attacking Iran >Liberate Kurdistan >Remove the Iota >Kill Kebab >Meet hot Israel…[View]
216905202I remember the day I told my Daddy and Mama 'You're gonna have a grandkid, yep From Uganda, tha…[View]
216903697DRUMPF KEKED OUT[View]
216906823Fake intelligence planted, now prepare for invasion.[View]
216908490Is Yakub /ourguy/?[View]
216908036This will be you: After trump sends you to Iran for Israel[View]
216907395Say it with me: PRIME MINISTER BORIS JOHNSON[View]
216904341What did he mean by this?[View]
216906173Vaush is a fucking pussy: The basedcuck faggot who BTFOs stoned /pol/ retards is too scared to debat…[View]
216903174Ecofascism thread Post infographics and images Kikes hate nature because nature is fascist.[View]
216893310Permafrost thawing 70 years sooner than expected: How will you billionaire shills defend this? https…[View]
216906267Are the WASP elite dead in America? If so, how did it happen and why did they allow it? https://www.…[View]
216908326You must be over 26 to post here: ITT: We laugh at all the zoomers that are going to be sent off to …[View]
216895455Posting exclusively to women's forums is turning me misogynist: I never believed men and women …[View]
216908296You know Harris and Klebold and Mateen and Paddock, Lanza and Dorner and Holmes and Brevik, But do y…[View]
216904042Press F to pay respects.[View]
216874250Troll Tricks Girl into Killing Her Friend: >teenage roastie meets a guy on the interwebs, who cla…[View]
216902665And then, there were three...: JAVID HAS DROPPED OUT >https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/j…[View]
216908143IRAN. Congress leaders to recieve briefing: @MSNBC More JUST IN: After US drone shot down, White H…[View]
216895663My country is on the brink of civil war because this small dick prime minister Rama wants to do an e…[View]
216907735Set your HAPPENING CON to 1: It looks like it might actually happen. Mods get ready to sticky the of…[View]
2169040195 charged in GTA (Greater Toronto Area) bust of 'big box store' of child porn: https://www…[View]
216908072Pedos get the rope: Literal faggots are still trying to fuck kids and paint conservatives as panicky…[View]
216899915>/pol/ >racist[View]
216906144AHAHAH WHY ARE AMERICANS SUCH KEKS? >Meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Trump s…[View]
216907468Trump: Official Statement: Today, June 20, 2019 -- a date which will live in infamy -- the United St…[View]
216907475Iran: Why can't mutts understand that (((kikes))) are deliver muslims in West european world? I…[View]
216903685So apparently there's a little antisemitism here.... Do you guys think it's their people o…[View]
216888934Brit/pol/ - Based Churchill Edition: >Tory leadership contest: Rory Stewart knocked out https://w…[View]
216901737Reminder that in 1988 Murica shot down an Iranian passenger plane that was flying in Iranian airspac…[View]
216904098Can we speculate in this thread when god's chosen people will do another 9/11 to instigate war …[View]
216907627IRAN: The drone, Dahnald. It is only a matter of time, Dahnald.[View]
216907430I see the shills took over pol today Trying to hard to push the MIGA It’s funny This will be just…[View]
216901449https://www.rt.com/news/462137-indian-man-trump-worship-statue/: https://www.rt.com/news/462137-indi…[View]
216907441When you're in iran and the sand starts saying اطلق النار على هؤلاء الاميركيين[View]
216907302Wore a Trump: Wearing my Trump Doonbeg crest golf shirt from Ireland and I walk into Micro Center (P…[View]
216904026Trump and Trudeau: Trump and Trudeau are currently meeting each other to discuss trade and China. Wh…[View]
216891274/balk/ Balkan Stuff: Another Friendly Balkans thread. What's up my fellow balkbros[View]
216907380Jeremy Cunt: Will he be the next PM?[View]
216907356Have Sex: All the chads are about to be drafted to go die for Israel. It is our duty to satisfy thei…[View]
216897344Why are germans trying to kill pro refugee politicians?: They are just trying to help people less fo…[View]
216905505My fellow americans, today, at 9:00 AM ET the USA has striked key military objectives located in the…[View]
216907041Is our society just a snowman waiting to melt down? Some people think so.[View]
216906453How pissed is he now that drumpf won't send us to die in Iran?[View]
216906743the US is lying about international waters: https://twitter.com/JZarif/status/1141731145270386693…[View]
216907205Trump on whether US will strike Iran: ‘You will soon find out’ https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/…[View]
216907052War with Iran: Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeumyOzKqgI This is the end Hold your …[View]
216903132Did you honestly think he'd go into re-election mode without playing the war card? No.. We…[View]
216903461PERPETUAL WAR HAS BEEN CANCELLED Iran pls go home nao Blumpf stand down >House Votes to Repeal 20…[View]
216906842Fucking glow in the dark nigger boomers gtfo. We are a board of peace. If you boomers want to die fo…[View]
216906357White are white and asian men so eager to see their own women BLACKED?[View]
216900780Iran shot down a US drone!: I think we are coming on a point where a War is inevitable. Maybe, after…[View]
216906889The longnose is evil: They can't be trusted. Don't trust the longnose[View]
216906211How can we go to war without killing anyone?[View]
216902144>mexicans invade, rape, and murder US citizens >chinese invade, subvert, and rape US citizens…[View]
216905246how do we reduce the population while still remaining ethical? cuz let's be honest. there'…[View]
216904433What would it take for you to vote for Kamala Harris?[View]
216882976>Swedish schools in 2019[View]
216903759Now that the Draft is in place, how will the surviving mutts react when they find out their military…[View]
216905460Why does /pol/ want a war with Iran so badly?[View]
21690444918 Years Later, The House Finally Repeals The President’s 9/11 War Authority: https://www.huffpost.c…[View]
216906432Iran, what's going on big guy? You just shot down our drone.[View]
216905136A US satellite has found six million White Americans being held in Iranian concentration camps[View]
216904894Impeach Drumpf: How do we impeach the retarded Orange Cheeto before he starts another desert war sen…[View]
216906477Why is wageslaving 'contributing to society'? What is the contribution being made? Why is the 'cont…[View]
216905490FUCK. ISRAEL.[View]
216905018This chart shows just how bad the global refugee crisis has become The survey that was released by t…[View]
216905177I am from the future! Unfortunately, Zoomers are not doing quite well.[View]
216906442Explanation to US's fuckery around Iran's border: Iran is a wall full of glue, and the US …[View]
216906430The Scary Truth: Guys this isn't just PC it's Blasphemy, cause speaking against god, well …[View]
216906409Why is America ugly and desolate? I thought America was supposed to be amber waves of grain, majesti…[View]
216906304The last time the commies won...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JO9wwTX0HQY[View]
216906205The Jews are now stealing land owned by the church. When does the crusade start?[View]
216901713Reparations: Let me get this straight Ameribongs. 600.000 white people died in The Civil War and the…[View]
216906125Alternative to /pol/: Since around ChristChurch, JIDF, and every shill op Soros runs has been runnin…[View]
216902705Ask a male feminist anything: I'll refute all of ''arguments'' you disgusti…[View]
216903523Why have whites become so pathetic and mentally idiotic?: > Be a Muslim on stage. > Mention th…[View]
216905853Time For War: Iran will pay for killing 34 sailors aboard the USS Liberty spread the word[View]
216903744Pick a side: team drone or team Muslim (1) history of trying to destroy “Great Satan” - Western Civi…[View]
216905717The 'Leeroy Jenkins' of mass shooters.[View]
216905377Welcome to sweden ( btw english isnt my first language and im not a swede )[View]
216903380Iran should defend it's land with Chemical Weapons: I since it's illegal to defend yoursel…[View]
216890404>telling people that they shouldn't be whores is now 'disgusting'[View]
216900900Obama's Iran deal is starting to look pretty good now huh? It literally would have stopped the …[View]
216904613Are you ready? /our/ based and redpilled channel is ready[View]
216905131No More Brother Wars: 14/88[View]
216902211Ban catnip!: Alright. It's time for me to talk about one of the greatest dangers to our society…[View]
216901994Sandy Hook: What should I ask him?[View]
216902076Leave.: Leave while you can, this place is lost. You're only helping the Jews by posting things…[View]
216904076Black man calls out changing white fictional characters to non white characters as bullshit. Based b…[View]
216903705President Donald Trump on Thursday told reporters that 'you'll soon find out' whether the U.S. …[View]
216905259i really like the fact that the Southerners of the United states gonna be refugees Here’s Temperatur…[View]
216900641BitCoin is Mooning 11k end of the day: MAKE THE CALL[View]
216894646EXPLAIN THIS USA POL: There is no bill when I call cops and they come to take part in a shoot out an…[View]
216895284Blonde Haired Egyptian Mummy opened. Tuts great grandma: Niggers btfo. >Egyptian noblewoman Tjuyu…[View]
216905132NoDraft4Me thread.: Who else is ineligible for the draft here? I'm a 36yo male, too old to be d…[View]
216902295Mutts finna get their limbs blown up in the middle east up senpai rejoice, dead americ*ns, from the …[View]
216895927Leftwing humor thread: Leftwingers UNITE. Lets fight racism and bigotry. post memes, comics and stu…[View]
216905063Mandatory wars?: How often does a country have to fight a war and for how long?[View]
216904855Do you think he knows it's a negative number?[View]
216905017>america >not a 3rd world shithole https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8CKmj_e5vE…[View]
216904964Is he /ourguy/?[View]
216904872Tucker Carlson 2020: what caused him to adopt the third position? From what I understand, he's …[View]
216902320With “Winning” Like This… Who Needs Losing?: All this hype about Iran — who else here thinks that go…[View]
216904319I have insider information straight from The Ether. We're going to war, and the country begins …[View]
216899520Supreme Court upholds Cross in Maryland: https://apnews.com/6157d29563584c35a2adf6a004f89117 When I …[View]
216901675Say it with me: Whiter than You Mohamad[View]
216904445/Operation Stop the War/: lets post pictures of injured iraq war veterans to appeal everyone with el…[View]
216904089Jews: Jews did 9/11 right?[View]
216904570(((They))) need your help goys. Are you ready to die for Israel[View]
216904212>This is what 14 year olds look like in America LMAO! How much estradiol are you dumping in your …[View]
216884103Humour: /pol/ Humour thread[View]
216898367/reading/ general: ITT we discuss our reading habits, what we plan plan to read, books we are readin…[View]
216899617Is this really what you want?[View]
216900620/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
216900924Meat grinder's gonna start tommorow boys !: How does it feel to die for your overlords amerifuc…[View]
216900165It's okay guys, we know that our side is winning when half the board is filled with shills lite…[View]
216898964finally. war. what is it good for. everything: are we finally going to let the eagles fly free? fuck…[View]
216902098Youtube Unchained: Decided to revive a project I worked some months ago, but dropped it due to lack …[View]
216903907DEATH TO ISRAEL: Putin would do wonders to improve life on this planet if he targeted every single o…[View]
216902267are you ready for this german anons? how are you prepping for 2021?[View]
216904077Roy Moore to announce if he'll run for U.S. Senate at 3:00 PM ET: >Former Alabama Chief Just…[View]
216890846/nmg/ - norf memes general: IN'T MOOD FU A PUNCHUP T'DAY LAD edition[View]
216903926A Latina Jew: http://archive.is/ko7ub Rate my OO (Oppression Olympics) status /pol. Also AMA[View]
216903999Tudey she is divizhion, soon she wil be strongest armi in wold. ALLAH IS GREIT!!11 AHMAD FORCE!!!1 h…[View]
216902415female role models: Who has an ideal body that women should look up to?[View]
216897289What they're not telling you about the murders is that the group involved in the killings were …[View]
216903620International Waters[View]
216897519Moot now works for google. He has now grown from a normal faggot to a major faggot.[View]
216903777Empty Airbase 3: Iran: I was getting worried we wouldn't have our yearly bombing of an empty ai…[View]
216903271Ancient Persians were black. We razed your precious Athens and crushed Rome.[View]
216901728As usual, Jews are offering muh Holocaust: as a justification for invading and destroying another co…[View]
216902187Zionist bringing out all the propagandist: They really want war with Iran. A remote controlled spy d…[View]
216903642Bashar: Bashar killed Rafiq Hariri, the Prime Minister of Lebanon in 2005. Doesn't that make hi…[View]
216903454What is the political meaning of the rise of using 'gross' to describe things negatively? Often acco…[View]
216903581>Boomers who dodged the draft to Vietnam will send another generation to war before they kick the…[View]
216901326>your country >what country do you consider your country’s greatest ally >USA >pic relat…[View]
216903054If you have a slight knowledge of geopolitics and international wars you know Israel is the best str…[View]
216903044>orange man bad[View]
216903480so you don't want to be drafted to help fight israel war with iran. well here is what you do fi…[View]
216903440IRAN: IRAN[View]
216903433Looking for a pdf of Correct, not politically correct by Frank Turek: Some time ago someone posted a…[View]
216898635/mental health/ general: ITT we discuss our problems, personal life, struggles, coping ideas, supple…[View]
216903319So since the game is almost over Can you tell me what you REALLY are?[View]
216903167Brexit delay saves UK public from anti-wank law: The EU to the rescue, the porn ban in the UK has be…[View]
216900251Message from the UK: This is a message from the British Armed Forces to the United States Military. …[View]
216903294I S R A E L[View]
216903098Canada took in more refugees than any other country in 2018![View]
216901742How many days can Iran withstand USA attack?[View]
216885790Why can't /pol/ accept that whites can never afford to get along with Asians?[View]
216901482You Know It's True: All accelerationists are glowniggers and jewish shills. Discuss.[View]
216902754>Be American >On your way to die for Israel >Again…[View]
216902077B O M B I R A N[View]
216903053I believe in some form of democracy. To improve most existing systems I made this. National bipols a…[View]
216903013Jew vs Jew civil war: https://twitter.com/elivalley/status/1141742677312098304[View]
216900682Imagine being born in a year that begins with a 1.: Get lost, fossils. Let the new kids take over.…[View]
216902968> Tfw America will be btfo by the chinks in a couple of decades.[View]
216899107Skyking Skyking Do Not Answer: Skyking thread 1175 8992[View]
216898812Here we go, burger bros. Another war in which we are the bad guys. Also, give me fresh memeballs[View]
216901740I legitimately can't tell if Bernie is running a serious campaign this time or just gunning for…[View]
216902700>mfw oil hits $100 / barrel again >mfw my house value in North Dakota doubles in a few years d…[View]
216902067Comparing the 'Final Solution' to deportation camps: I'm tired anons. I'm fed up with all …[View]
216902183LEAVE IRAN ALONE!!!: I MEAN IT![View]
216902639Cult controlled South Korea Memory Holed: How did it get brushed under the rug so quickly? It just d…[View]
216902686The next generation is going to kill us: Is there any hope for the next generation run on feelings? …[View]
216897444LGBT Psychology:: Are there any psychology professional on this board or maybe someone who knows eno…[View]
216902192What does /pol/ think about the West moving toward becoming a cashless society? Is the supremacy of …[View]
216901115The Terror is back...: ...and it's sticking it GRIMPF!!!! >The people involved with this sea…[View]
216902466Ah shit, here we go again[View]
216902460Eco-Fascism - Greens: >industrial farming will be banned in germany Pretty based, the whole count…[View]
216895240Iran vs israel: Why jews want war with Iran?[View]
216890731what would you accept as proof the Holocaust happened?: By holocaust I mean the mass death of jews i…[View]
216901878THANK YOU AMERICA: A big thank you from the European meme brigade for voting for these great PATRIOT…[View]
216898498ISLAM = CULTURAL GENOCIDE: You have to change your name You have to learn arabic (until it becomes y…[View]
216902335What can be done about the scourge of asian pop and their superfans?: Is anyone seeing this unfold o…[View]
216898970>mfw all the American flags disappear from /pol/ when they are drafted and sent to Iran…[View]
216896512Ugly and stupid: Why are the craziest, most hazardous people also so fucking ugly? Is it God's …[View]
216901172ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS: Who paid for it though? Was it Israel?[View]
216902226What do you think of them: Are they a force for good?[View]
216900695I'm hopping the border and enlisting in the US Army so I can fight Iran. I don't give a sh…[View]
216901669>according to /pol/ these are the people who rule the world and outsmarted the superior white rac…[View]
216901799/pol/ today:: Iran can literally do whatever the fuck it wants. Because Israel somehow.[View]
216900785why do whites always kiss their families like this[View]
216897030why do lefties always respond with some sort of pseudo-psychoanalysis bullshit? It's always: …[View]
216901489The governor of Alabama recently signed a bill that would allow Briarwood Presbyterian Church to own…[View]
216902064>the irish city of Birmingham And this is who is supposed to be saving Ireland from immigration.…[View]
216900606What Happened: To your dreams /pol/ ? Whatever will happen to your midlife crisis? Can you solve the…[View]
216902016https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-SsjooNXdY >given every opportunity to drop the knife and not di…[View]
216901921>If you are not in the top 3 you are poor af Also you are not white[View]
216895760Britain has fallen: Let that be the warning.[View]
216901963This is the goal of US Iran Policy: They want the Rainbow Flag flying over Iran so that faggots are …[View]
216901948It's Secession Time: Fuck Bolton and all of Washington. It's time to break up the Jewnited…[View]
216899333Degen straights[View]
216895083FTN 224 Lads: How bad is it? It is like shoving a glass milk jug full of prescribed blackpills far u…[View]
216891285ITT: People who have changed history.[View]
216900219At this point, there's no denying it that Zionist Israel bombed the two oil tankers outside Ira…[View]
216901409(((((Mike Tokes))))) pushing for war with Iran: You cannot make this shit up, don't fall for th…[View]
216884156The South welcomes based whites: We got >Cheap land >Fine cuties >Good food >Durr huntin…[View]
216897822You guys need serious help. Imagine hating someone because of their sexual orientation. Because, you…[View]
216901649>why yes, I think we should be pro EU, how could you tell?[View]
216899381This was at my local snack store today, in rural PA, USA.[View]
216895876Senators receive classified briefing on UFO sightings: Do you think the Senate will vote to deport t…[View]
216898985/career/ general: ITT we discuss jobs, careers we are studying for, best job fields, give tips on ho…[View]
216900732this is your new lord and saviour, what now christfags?[View]
216900265THE D R O N E[View]
216901462>making porn game called /subverse/ >going full 1488 mfw…[View]
216897848Islam is shit but apparently India wants to get rid of the only good thing about it. The ability to …[View]
216901156Lie is a Serbian state interest - Dobrica Cosic a father of Serbian nation: Lie is a Serbian state i…[View]
216898800I support Trump no matter what: Whether he goes to Iran or not is not for mere mortals to decide. Tr…[View]
216901417Is this true?[View]
216889795Are we the bad guys?[View]
216891262Redpill me on Birth Control: Company of pic markets its products to young girls with discreet shippi…[View]
216894138How can we meme this war so it becomes just Israel vs Iran, 1v1? No US or NATO involvement at all. J…[View]
216901173Indian Master Race: The Indian men is the pinnacle of human evolution,he is known for his high intel…[View]
216899793Lindsey graham literally says we need to go to war with Iran for Israel. They're not even tryin…[View]
216900996Harriet Tubman on the new $20 bill: What does /pol/ think of this heroic woman of color on the new $…[View]
216900220>wake up >sleep went ok >go to work >almost nothing to do today >have another long lu…[View]
216900218how come humans better than animals ?[View]
216900790Always accuse the other side of doing what you are doing[View]
216900891Car culture: Car culture in the United States needs to die, it killing us. How can we end car cultur…[View]
216899970'UPLOAD FAILED' when posting?: wtf is going on? are the jannies retarded or is 4chan being searched …[View]
216901113War with Iran.: Why? What does it help Trump?[View]
216900776I R A N[View]
216897436>imagine working for facecuck >you get overworked banning anyone who's not a leftie >y…[View]
216900972GET: IN THE BOX[View]
216900866>drone: I’m unironically going full 1488 if this causes an actual war.[View]
216891400is he the worst mayor of London of all time? what do the normies think of him?[View]
216900929CRUISE MISSILE STRIKE ON IRAN IMMINENT: 'US Could focus on a variety of targets...' 'Cruise missiles…[View]
216898354>President Donald Trump tweeted: 'Iran made a very big mistake!' are you ready for war /pol/?…[View]
216900928Fire and Fury, Donald.[View]
216896465The Great (((Youtube))) Exodus: Support creators against censorship Suggestions: https://www.dailym…[View]
216894406KEK, I summon thee!: Roll thine digits for the end of the world and death eternal! ROLL THEM! 'Soon…[View]
216900493What is correlation with Autism and developed world? Is it because mixed breeding, technology or to…[View]
216865969Can we all agree that the anti-gay stonetoss comics are shit? Like they don't even make sense. …[View]
216900683I hope Iran defends it's land with Chemical Weapons: It's illegal to defend yourself from …[View]
216900055Post yfw you 30yo Boomer and wont get drafted for Iran: You should have listened[View]
216899337>you broke our remote controlled airplane >now we can kill thousands of you…[View]
216885812Coffee should be banned: >2 days without caffeine >feel this weird calm soothing feeling that …[View]
216893656Athiests & Moloch Fags BTFO: Supreme Court rules crosses on Govt lands don't violate any la…[View]
216895583Post yfw Amerimutts go to war for Israel again[View]
216878719How come your country doesn't have towns like this?[View]
216896235>'Six million? Doubt it, I think 200.000 is more than a generous presumption. '…[View]
216899325Trump 2020: Remember goys No refunds. The us flag will fly over iran[View]
216885388OTTAWA TEACHER: 'There is no such thing as girls and boys': CANADA YES! https://torontosun…[View]
216896267Post yfw you die for israel[View]
216900245Are Spaniards dumber than Northern Europeans?[View]
216898369Could somebody please explain the difference between nationalism and fascism? Is there a difference?[View]
216900051Cant stump the trump: My fellow deplorables it has come to my attention while i was meditating with …[View]
216899852happy world refugee day, /pol/: take some time out of your day to think about the West's relati…[View]
216878996should dog moms be treated equally to regular moms?[View]
216898779BLUEBEAM: Funny timing, isn't this? https://www.cnn.com/2019/06/20/politics/ufo-sightings-navy-…[View]
216899849WAKE UP MORONS: >1st commies >2nd Terrorists >3rd Asteroids >4th Aliens There are no rea…[View]
216898765Ohhhhh Noooooooo: Trump to Hannity: You’re ‘Not Really’ a Patriot, You Just Want ‘Great Ratings’ …[View]
216899332I THINK IRAN SUCKS![View]
216897602Is someone weak / a bitch: If they get beat up drunk? See it happen sometimes in my city, guys alway…[View]
216899670Gentlemen It's been an honor to shitpost among you Looks like my days are coming to and end The…[View]
216896955It's time to pray /pol/. Pray that our savior the Tuck can prevent this jewery. http://www.busi…[View]
216895742WAR WITH ISRAEL.[View]
216896928boring stream turned into arguing about jews forcing race mixing to control population: https://yout…[View]
216898569Ah SHEEEEIT here we go again[View]
216898299. Δ Δ Δ δηα https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUbDC_VeT7o AFE@A@=# COMM FREEd[View]
216899544Russian Murder Conspiracies: Hello fellow 4channers. Definitely not literal fedposter here. Did you …[View]
216899499Why do libertarians routinely refer to Texas as legal theft?[View]
216898479>Mr. President, the time to act is now.[View]
216897847Ancient Indians were white: So let's make clear of this People say that ancient India was one o…[View]
216894112>Tutorial mode Western Europe, USA >Easy mode Canada, Australia/NZ, Gulf Arab states, develope…[View]
216898071The SAM system Khordad 3 also known as RAAD Iran used to shoot down the 220 Million US RQ-4A drone, …[View]
216893998Donald Trump is building the Third Temple for the Jews: All non-protected populations are scheduled …[View]
216897628(((They))) Cannot Accept the End of Globalization: These fucking Kikes actually think that (((Free T…[View]
216899072Fascistwave: Anyone have more of this? Dumping what I have.[View]
216899181Enjoy dying for Israel, Ameribros.: Paco will take your Job and Tyrone will take your wife. Anthony …[View]
216878039Comfy Amalfi Coast: >Be me >Live In Southern Italy >Notice the incoming horde of niggers an…[View]
216871933Canadian Core Inflation Soars To 10-Year Highs: Inflation is running much, much higher than the gove…[View]
216896782Meanwhile on (((google))) photos[View]
216890922Communism is insane: Ok commies, tell me why communism isn't insane in your opinion.[View]
216897818Tucker Carlson 2024: We need to meme this into reality. Watch this speech and tell me you wouldn…[View]
216895466Questions to European people:: Why do you hate yourselves so much to be 'Europeans' when you do…[View]
216897518Friendly reminder that we need economic growth and so is population growth! Accept immigrants makes …[View]
216897169Norf FC takes on Turks in a kebab shop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjetsJM9dvQ[View]
216898783Gypsy Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0ENp00nSRY[View]
216878364WWIII GENERAL /WWIIIG/: IRANIAN NIGHTS EDITION: #USNavy MQ-4C Triton high-altitude drone shot down b…[View]
216898701Is she, dare I say it, Our Girl? https://youtu.be/k2QW2rOubUE[View]
216898657Are mutts ready to die for Israel?[View]
216894761How historically accurate was the movie Vice? Was Dick Cheney as bad as he was depicted?[View]
216885879Fucking bastards!: And to think that there are shills on this board who unironically defend those mu…[View]
216886111/pol/ lets play a game ill show a flag and name a country and you'll give your thoughts on that…[View]
216897494Can you hear it.[View]
216892532Please explain this to me Why are so many people in the west russophiles ? Over the years I've …[View]
216898448got banned from frenworld: anyone wonder why they would ban me from frenworld for this?[View]
216898469https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOHNLh7iwjo this album should be translated yo Yehudi laguage[View]
216897421Is he going to win again next year?[View]
216898061Blacks sperg as they skid along the bottom of the barrel.: Every race has arrived here and passed th…[View]
216898358Daily reminder that any Anti-Putin Shills, or 'It was not MOSSAD' Deniers are unironic Glowniggers: …[View]
216897310If feminists endlessly scream about rape because they have a rape fetish, then by that logic, blacks…[View]
216897341The left wants war with Iran more than the right. Change my mind: The left likes to tout themselves …[View]
216868859WESTERN CIVILIZATION BTFO: >How the Greek Philosophy was adapted from Indian Philosophy https://t…[View]
216896990This is mainsteam russian agenda: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4AcvjFQGkU[View]
216896752Why do american niggas talk like retards? Niggas over here are stupid as well, but at least the ones…[View]
216896360Americans: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/24/fashion/weddings/amanda-coleman-jason-schreier.html…[View]
216893542Why do non-White women try so hard?: They're so pathetic. They try so hard to look like White w…[View]
216896860Is there really any doubt that the constitution has been subverted to provide cover for diversity pu…[View]
216897923Jesus: At this point i dont even care. White people as a group are just begging to go extinct and be…[View]
216895435Question to all Americans: Have you got your boxes ready?[View]
216897284Thoughts on these improvements?[View]
216897233>so this the difference between the great Aryan north india and Pakistan and the subhuman Dravidi…[View]
216897564Numa Numa iei owner: Imagine being a romanian and having so little things to be proud of that you ne…[View]
216875748Images that trigger /pol/[View]
216893841Leave Africa to me!: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=k7Kph52MfRo “The Chinese are colonizing Africa!” …[View]
216897452Superpowers of the 21st Century: Which countries do you think will be the Superpowers at the end of …[View]
216892951Do you ever feel disenchanted with the modern world?: >American straight white male >Gets many…[View]
216897443Have to do a speech today on religio: I am doing a speech for class on the Dead sea scrolls and ive …[View]
216897389Why yes, I do want to die for Israel! You got a problem with that, commie!?[View]
216895545How soon will Jewmerican mutts ruin the idea of 'logos': I see 'MUH LOGOS' shit being thrown around …[View]
216889699Well. Time to wrap thing up.[View]
216897383it's all so tiresome But Ada warned us, once the parasites get fully grown they're almost …[View]
216896988I R A N[View]
216893119LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO: nigga dis shitttttt be funny af nigga[View]
216896113Has anybody noticed a war is starting right when the presidential run is?: Have you noticed? Prsiden…[View]
216896327>Arbitrary value systems[View]
216897101Mike likes dykes[View]
216897061/WG/ - War General: Well looks like its kicking of, may as well get this started. >Commander in C…[View]
216896617UK anounces THOUSANDS more migrants by 2020: Wtf. Why are they doing this? https://twitter.com/ukhom…[View]
216887733Well where did it land? Surely thats the simple way to find the answer on who is lying and who is ri…[View]
216896998Is he a kike puppet or not? I don't believe he is aware of the amount of Jewry going on, but th…[View]
216896978'Safe Space 1776': Which one of you fucking retards made a fake Reddit with cuck weapons pandering t…[View]
216895452WAR WITH IRAN[View]
216896780Do it[View]
216894337House Judiciary BTFO's Trump LIVE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Xor0FEgCi4[View]
216892400has cory booker always looked this demonic and jewy?[View]
216895711how many of you are against gay rights specifically because of how much leftists push lgbt into ever…[View]
216887546Australia explain?: >Be boer mother >Ogga breaks in. >Has gun to daughters head >Plead i…[View]
216894373How can we be a capitalist society when we use a fiat money economic structure that has no capital? …[View]
216881910How are you celebrating World Refugee Day, pol?: They make our society stronger and as the Pope conf…[View]
216896037What are they planning to do with our basket weaving forum?[View]
216896120First thought that comes to your mind when you see this flag?[View]
216893007/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - WAR EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https://www.whitehouse.…[View]
216890981Why does Iran want to fight us?[View]
216896357What does it mean to be a Man?: My Parents are dead, I have 3 siblings who I work really hard for Th…[View]
216881253How do we solve the Iranian problem?[View]
216894911A Century from Today: Jews will still be kvetching about the holohoax. Niggers will still be demandi…[View]
216893524Whenever I try to redpill friends family about the decline in Europe and it's diaspora, I alway…[View]
216888447Is it just me /pol/?: Every day it feels like we get a little bit closer.[View]
216896296I CAN ALMOST TASTE IT...[View]
216893801Are the left even human?[View]
216896236Why did the KGB recruit Ayatollah Khamenei: to overthrow the Shah? Life was good and Iran was a prog…[View]
216896219if war with iran happens and you get drafted when you walk into the recruitment office yell HEIL HIT…[View]
216895109>Drumpf was supposed to be different from a typical Republican >Turns out he's exactly li…[View]
216879191Do you think Israel is good?: A lot of people here seem to be defending Israel. It's one thing …[View]
216895956>4665 hours until India becomes a Superpower[View]
216889069Unpopular opinion within /pol/ V.2.0: Because the old one got archived. Post a legitimate opinion y…[View]
216889663Whit*s are pathetic: >be a wh*te man >decide to attack easteren europe for 1777554th time >…[View]
216895943European refugee intake 2018: So what do you soldiers think? How fucked is Germany on a scale of 1/1…[View]
216895906>Oh, say! can you see by the dawn's early light we die for kikes in iran…[View]
216894149Reparations for fun and profit: Should we shill for reparations for the darkies so we can claim the …[View]
216894195Clown World: Guys wtf is going on with this world On youtube you can get banned for opinions. equal…[View]
216895672Does Trump browse /pol/?[View]
216884870post results https://genderquiz.tk[View]
216895860It is a wrongheaded way of thinking to have a theory: There is only what is, was, or what is possibl…[View]
216895821mfw all the dirty Iranians on this board all just shat themselves at the same time.[View]
216889240Race mixing is ba-: Out of all of Arnold's kids,Joseph is the only one who looks exactly like h…[View]
216888762Freedom: Irans says she's ready for war.[View]
216895727Israel hate thread: Before this war with Iran kicks off send your best Mossad memes.[View]
216894788Augusto Pinochet: What do you think about him? Was he good? And which ideology does fit him the most…[View]
216894616OORAH MARINES: Why do women enjoy foreign penis?[View]
216895590I keep seeing all this shit every single post is about Iran this, Iran that. The real question is: W…[View]
216894961Hentai comic defends capitalism: >Everything is political >Even fap material…[View]
216895557Not sure if this is the right board but why does Jehovah's Witnesses art have that vibe to it?[View]
216895635do we get to win this time?[View]
216895054>Americans are about to die for Israel again[View]
216872233'People don't believe I am Japanese' says Miss Japan: Why are Japanese so racist? https://www.y…[View]
216895433How long until the next natural disaster or bad weather event in the US? I want to see the president…[View]
216894923I actually support Trump sending /poltards/, along with their family and friends, to go to fight and…[View]
216882910CAP-COM GENERAL: we tie the value of a dollar to a redeemable man-hour instead of faith in the US go…[View]
216895359https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOHNLh7iwjo this album should be translated yo Yehudi laguage[View]
216891490Ireland: Wow, beautiful.[View]
216880276Trips decides how it goes down[View]
216889594Isn't it ironic? A little too ironic?: >To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you…[View]
216894899how does it make you feel that, if war with Iran breaks, thousands of americans will die?[View]
216895170WAR. Banks Vs. Iran Could it be the reason?[View]
216895053commie general: get in here comrades[View]
216894985Iran is at Happening-Con 3 right now. Up to 2 if any American troops are killed[View]
216894516Impeach Trump before we go to war with Iran.[View]
216895049*energetically vibrates in such a way as to emit an extraordinarily loud, low frequency rumbling*[View]
216894909You guys remember when trump was going to war with Syria and it never happen. Well same this is goin…[View]
216894250Holy fuck so many slide threads wtf is going on boys? Are we hurting moloch that badly now?[View]
216894767game plan: Hello /pol/, I'm a half Jewish faggot living in the middle of one of the blackest ci…[View]
216876771i want to believe in the bible and in the lord but i know that jews are pure evil. help me[View]
216893760What did (((trump))) mean?: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1141711064305983488?s=20…[View]
216894531Real redpill here: Media works closely with trump and White House to push war. From cnn Fox Reuter’s…[View]
216893361More Werewolves, Less Wussies: We need more werewolves and less internet warriors. How many of you w…[View]
216893151found this today: for once I can agree w/antifa not a racist? im not conversing with you[View]
216893622Putin is gay manlet[View]
216894234justify human foreskin circumcision https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHSkgodsqms[View]
216894739Gypsy scum dumping his trash caught redhanded by Norf Paki: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zN4eVNjU…[View]
216868112BUY GOLD: (((They)) have started the collapse of currencies, all currencies are pegged to the US dol…[View]
216894668_: https://www.biblegateway.com/resources/encyclopedia-of-the-bible/Debt-Debtor https://www.biblegat…[View]
216894626Gypsy Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0ENp00nSRY[View]
216894608TIME TO DIE GOYIM[View]
216894569Obviously something will happen with iran but what will it be?: Why cant we just send some lgbt peop…[View]
216894262>drink baby blood from goat skull...hehe[View]
216895835Today I will teach /pol/ how 1 BLACK BVLL killed over 1000 wh*toids only using his BBC. >Mol was …[View]
216887016Bloated Irish landlord attempts to remove black African migrant bulls from his property: https://www…[View]
216893148Happening NOW!!![View]
216894465Nipon Banzai: These are young people celebrating coming of age day (20 yr old) in Shinjuku. 45.1% i…[View]
216890841Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come when the killing of negroes com…[View]
216894431I Stand With Iran[View]
216893424War with Iran: Kill millions of Iran citizens Permanently destroy their country for generations Sacr…[View]
216893970Lmao if you: Still believe trump doesn’t want a war with Iran https://twitter.com/thehill/status/11…[View]
216881563I WAS ATTACKED BY IRAN: Earlier today I went for a walk because I don't want to spend all day i…[View]
216889590/4pol/ GENERAL: reminders: SO many /slide threads & shills. ffs sage in the option field if you …[View]
216894205Media is doing their: Best to kick off this war for trump and crew From Reuters to ap to cnn to fox…[View]
216892433Why dont blacks play hockey?: Basically every other sport black people dominate in, soccer, basketba…[View]
216894114You lied to me /pol/. You said Trump wasn't a warmonger.[View]
216861934Vegas Mystery: What really happened at the Route 91 Harvest Festival? The country music concert Oct …[View]
216892460Krauts getting uppidity: Krauts resorting to violence and death threats against pro refugee politici…[View]
216892317DIE FOR ISRAEL.[View]
216894183Why are republicans so dumb https://twitter.com/mmfa/status/1125402278612078593?s=21[View]
216894169Why did the people in the past not consider pedophilia to be a sin? What was wrong with them? Is thi…[View]
216893302Good Morning. I have resurfaced bearing grave news.: At 6:13 Zulu, the President awoke The Speaker o…[View]
216892712Iran made a very big mistake! - Donald J. Trump: Get in here, faggot. >>216878364[View]
216893509You owe us reparations whitey: You enslaved us, you whipped us, and you dangled shiny boxes of hard …[View]
216893779hey pol me and my lads are making a documentary about saving Europe from degeneracy and subhumans We…[View]
216890120Whoa, powerful[View]
216893533this is a simple poll: do your part https://www.strawpoll.me/18198378[View]
216893646Because the opposite of Donald Trump is an Asian man who likes math: >I am the candidate to beat …[View]
216893538>Seething>Charlegmane>William The Conquerer>Harald Bluetooth>Oliver Cromwell: >hav…[View]
216893593DON'T LISTEN TO THEM DONALD: Iran has done nothing wrong.[View]
216893561If men and women were equal, they would be equal.[View]
216893101Can we create /poo/ and purge all indian IPs to it?: Are hindus just nigger jews? the typical indian…[View]
216893290Would Syrian refugees...: be the only defenders of Canadastan if the US invaded?[View]
216893132White-Guardian songs: /Starting in this thread, seriously https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeGHFbxhSa…[View]
216887770Tex/pol/ - Wheelchair Marathon Man Edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cejQKCi-s6s >Bans Red…[View]
216891696Isn't it strange how the left was sucking Joe Biden's dick for over a decade, but only rec…[View]
216883287When Big Tech Hires Niggers: The result is a raucous workplace where managers send regular emails to…[View]
216865397/nzpol/ - New Zealand Politics: >Family leaves 3 month old baby in car to die as they visit sky t…[View]
216890561Why do some on /pol/ think Hitler is a good guy?: He didn't care about white people in general,…[View]
216885820I just want to say Fuck You Daily Stormer: The incessant /pol/-tier, anti-Trump shilling is really m…[View]
216892696OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
216892245>Dahnald, look into my eyes, listen...[View]
216890547Who was in the wrong here?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaaaCfC3y8M[View]
216855765Memory Hole General /mhg/ part 2: continued from >>216846041[View]
216885378which jewish religion should I prefer ?[View]
216891683Hello All: What party do you identify with? I am currently a centrist but I would like to hear your …[View]
216890267/Politcally/ approved music thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0DO0XyS8Ko starting right here…[View]
216891598Vic Fedeli: Press S to spit on his career[View]
216890879chicoms over fishing: >be chink fishing vessel >go to argentinian waters in 2016 to fish illeg…[View]
216892893You know what to do[View]
216890086Gib us reparations, white bois[View]
216868748Do you think Iran is good?: A lot of people here seem to be defending Iran. It's one thing to j…[View]
216892777American women on suicide watch: >Trump announcing mass deportation next week of illegal aliens …[View]
216882535Is it sinful to Breed Jewish ?[View]
216887719Just a reminder, Japan did not commit a single war crime during the Second World War. The only crime…[View]
216885679conservatives in 2030: check out this BASED conservative drag kid! democrats are the real pedophobes…[View]
216892364Why is Japan so based?[View]
216892655Profit off the reparations bubble. Hair Extensions.: Post the best way to profit off this extortion.…[View]
216882787DEATH TO JEWMERICA: The only 'redpilled' position. That's it.[View]
216888249Americas 'greatest ally': On the 8th of June 1967 34 US sailors lost their lives & 171 wounded w…[View]
216891967>communism built on the backs of AI labour and resources mined from asteroids.…[View]
216889851So...the ethnostate is still in the works, right guys?[View]
216882925>vote AfD, they said Here's the AfD urging Germans to get ready to, I quote, 'fight and die …[View]
216891929Cops on leave for wanting to make Philadelphia a better place https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status…[View]
216883636Intensepill: Have you been intensepilled yet? https://youtu.be/CgciK_ClYsA Prepare.[View]
216890438Culture of family in the U.S.: People argue that the U.S. never had a true culture of its own due to…[View]
216892375its fascist to be a communist: communism is the new fascism[View]
216892369What happens here nowadays? (South Venezuela) I heard there's lots of contraband, food, cash, t…[View]
216876329The Man Crisis: How can men be convinced to re-enter society these days? Birth rates have been falli…[View]
216884401Clownworld #368 Finnish actor Krista Kosonen asked help from the government's equality-councell…[View]
216891681I thought that CDPR was based: what happened[View]
216889659The absoute state of Brazil: >'It is not allowed to smoke marijuana inside or in front of the sch…[View]
216876777Why does the deep state want the green party in Germany to gain traction so bad? So AfD gets cucked …[View]
216892127T R I P O L I[View]
216882363Is there any actual downside to being a western woman in 2019?[View]
216889191wiping your ass with your left hand is fascist: its a fascist symbol to wipe your ass with your left…[View]
216885655Why is India so damn filthy?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ftTzHE6jXo Why aren't they tryin…[View]
216887772I really love firing boomers (age 40+): I run a few trade companies (construction, welding, and elec…[View]
216875795When you Google 'White Couples': When you google 'white couples' you get mostly Black only and Inter…[View]
216891005INVADE IRAN[View]
216891911The Cross Stays: SCOTUS says fuck off to the kikes trying to remove it.[View]
216890414Any else glad this kike-uber jew got rejected?: This stupid kike nigger was probably happy af that h…[View]
216889258I've met many black men in my life who I respect immensely. I know all of the stats and the tox…[View]
216890936W A R WITH IRAN[View]
216887602EAT THE RICH!: yummy[View]
216890017>no more Iron Guard threads this board kind of sucks lately[View]
216891659Hillary Clinton Wanted to Send Citizens to Camps—Fun Camps!: Albeit macht fun. Pretty sure politics …[View]
216889319Show me your air licence please[View]
216891252Adam Kokesh is the most based man you'll ever see in american politics.[View]
216876938Am I allowed in the ethnostate?: Where do I belong?[View]
216887234Like him or not Sargon is one of the only people who would do this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
216891273Need a smuggy: Anyone have that smuggy of an SJW wearing a mask saying that 'anti-sjws are just as b…[View]
216891243W A R W I T H I R A N[View]
216891234How much do you hate spics?: Maybe THIS MUCH? https://youtu.be/209U5Jm5ync[View]
216889567Attack on Titan is an anti-Semitic ????: https://www.polygon.com/2019/6/18/18683609/attack-on-titan-…[View]
216886202/pol/ is a Christian board <3: Here’s your daily reminder that /pol/ is, indeed, a Christian boar…[View]
216886132What's the most absolutely offensive thing you can say to a Democrat in 5 words or less? Bonus …[View]
216890191Try harder shill faggot: Nice hover-hand niggerNEET. >daily reminder that white women date the mo…[View]
216890832#WorldRefugeeDay: Hello fellow humans. Today is World Refugee Day. Say something nice.[View]
216890950Even in a world of grotesque and humiliating charicatures, you won’t find anything resembling a Ben …[View]
216887652What the fuck is wrong with Americans?[View]
216889766talking is fascist[View]
216890124I just received my American passport through my father who lives in Michigan. I'm considering m…[View]
216890488Why do people from the Baltics look weird? They don't look like slavs, nordics, or anything els…[View]
216889515Hi Point is having a contest to name their new pistol: Hi point had a contest to name their new gun …[View]
216890518When did /pol/ stop supporting Trump? Is it because he turned out to be another globalist neocon?[View]
216888370The Jew won't allow hypnotic induction on TV or hypnosis in popular culture: Because it would e…[View]
216890791Libertarianism is our enemy: Politics is a call to action, libertarianism is a call to inaction. It…[View]
216888369Muh reparations: The Democrats are holding hearings to 'debate' the issue of reparations. The reason…[View]
216886724Which one of yall did this, this time?[View]
216886753>lobbying why and how is this allowed? is it good or wrong? explain it to a non american…[View]
216887455So much for the Right-wing not being extremist muslims.[View]
216890545How to get 4chan gold: Okay listen up newfriends I'm feeling generous today so I'm going t…[View]
216887745W A R[View]
216890514redpill the gofundme: just claim to be former alt-right[View]
216886579Unpopular Political Opinions Thread: >kikes are the cumstain of History.…[View]
216877071The Disabled Trans Model Fighting Fashion's Diversity Issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GH…[View]
216885746Finally,: Finally, some closure. Today we finally get some closure. Cuck Norris gets 8 month's …[View]
216886200Destruction of white people: This thread is for all the jews out there. Why do want to kill off all …[View]
216885639>there are still people on here who unironically support trump[View]
216886833Why do upper-middle-class niggers always have to dress like comic book supervillians?[View]
216880974Moldova is not Romania: And it will never be, fuck off all the gypsie romanians claiming that, nobod…[View]
216882073American Blacks become Bapanese Weabos and Drama Ensues: Constantly complain of lack of racially-rel…[View]
216888697Coup In Honduras. In 2009 Killary Klinton helped to oust the democratically elected Honduran Presid…[View]
216882690There should be a mass sterilisation program in India to stop the ugliness spreading. 99.9999% of Pa…[View]
216868519Local politicians in Germany face increasing number of death threats: >Following the violent murd…[View]
216889353...: Neocons steer us towards war with Iran Terrorist Dems steering us towards racial conflict and c…[View]
216889965Men Will Not Change: MGTOW Classic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3Bsb2X4oeY[View]
216889960Get in here faggots: Ireland to ban all private cars: https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2019/06/20/ir…[View]
216889555Iranian sandniggers are trying to recover the drone they shot down now. https://www.foxnews.com/worl…[View]
216889897How to shill the 'former alt-right' meme: gofundme /f/a8et7[View]
216887954Master Biden iz a good man.: He treats us really good.[View]
216878599White cluster: This is the true white gene area of Europe. If you are not majority genetically from …[View]
216889430How can we save him bois?: Lads I feel like we should be doing more to keep Assanges name in the hea…[View]
216886849My whore sister trapped an older Japanese doctor with pregnancy. Should I be proud or disappointed? …[View]
216887716>mortal enemies going back 400 years are sekret allie kekk you really do have to laugh…[View]
216889599Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come when the killing of negroes com…[View]
216873384Russia: Could Russia be the next haven for white immigrants?[View]
216889335HOLY MARKET: America is back baby! Stock market just opened 10 minutes ago and already MASSIVE ra…[View]
216889476https://www.sacbee.com/news/local/crime/article231758058.html >Cops kill gangbanging nogs because…[View]
216889428saying hello is fascist[View]
216887080>still supporting zion don in 2019[View]
216889374Persian aryan sister fuckers or American Zionist pedo mobsters in WWIII. Who do you choose and why?[View]
216889360HAHAHAAH: >American Airlines snubs US planemaker Boeing for European rival Airbus https://www.rt.…[View]
216889323Opinions about Yandex?: I just tried it. Duckduckgo always has liberal results that favor India, sam…[View]
216888887Can we start a new trend going on ? We had # and now we can have $$ If you know what I mean.[View]
216889265Catalonia: What's the solution to this?[View]
216887555You gotta admit he was one of the coolest presidents[View]
216888359Meme War 2: Veterans from the great 2016 meme war its time to take up arms again 2020 for meme war 2…[View]
216885692/co/ here, can you guys stop raiding us? Please?[View]
216880488Bismarck? More like BASEDmarck! Why was he the ONLY good leader we ever had?[View]
216886641Why are Germans writing terms of service for Youtube?: https://www.youtube.com/t/terms[View]
216889100These people are not real: They were produced by stylegan, a software generator that allows control …[View]
216888575Sweden Yes[View]
216877467A single NIGERian man creates an epidemic of AIDS in Iceland: A Nigerian immigrant infected with AID…[View]
216878411aus/pol/ - FUCK OFF WE'RE FULL: >Property bubble POPPING HARDER as it's revealed thousa…[View]
216882242U.S. tells India it is mulling caps on H-1B visas to deter data rules: Two senior Indian government …[View]
216851001When did you grow out of racism?[View]
216881852New Zealand - new land of the free: Man shared video on social media, got 2 years prison sentence. I…[View]
216883143I have a fear. A med man asking: I have a question to pol. I know most of you people are so dumb . W…[View]
216879374The far right feeds on male insecurity and deep down you all know it: VICE: Almost invariably, the g…[View]
216883699White boys, you can fuck your hapa daughters now: Just visit there again, they are looking and wait…[View]
216885203Please give us the reincarnation of the Ayatollah.: America would be 1000x better with a theocracy.…[View]
216886523How does this make you feel,you wh*toid savage?: Hannibal of Carthage was one of the baddest BLACK m…[View]
216862595Brit/pol/ - British Politics: >Tory leadership contest: Rory Stewart knocked out https://www.bbc.…[View]
216886224Isn't it strange how the left was sucking Joe Biden's dick for over a decade, but only rec…[View]
216888551I hate holidays: get back to work, wagies![View]
216888342THE FIRE IS RISING: Baptist pastor calling for death of individual fags by name, congregation cheers…[View]
216888522Hawley killing section 230 - whole internet to become 4chin: The communication Deceny Act of 1996 wa…[View]
216888114Kaiser Barbarossa: How much longer before he returns, germanons?[View]
216888445>Mexico will pay for the wall >just kidding, the wall isn't going to be built >vote fo…[View]
216880350Cash will be outlawed by 2025. You'll be labeled a terrorist and pedo if you try to pay cash th…[View]
216887182This is an excerpt from a 1995 supplement to the Cyberpunk 2020 pen & paper RPG. Thoughts?[View]
216880010>The US is recovering bio metric evidence from the hull of the tanker that has been attacked in t…[View]
216884924Why do these dumb niggers always have military parades?: Are they that insecure that they have to pa…[View]
216888291Why do we allow this to happen? Why don't these sjw cunts care about ACTUAL human rights violat…[View]
216887221Why do liberals get so emotional that they become retarded? Is this a typo? A joke? How would any ed…[View]
216871993Refute this[View]
216883660>organic Hong Kong protests against extradition of murderers to Taiw- communist China are running…[View]
216887784How come in America guys with no steady income or no regular job can still have houses and apartment…[View]
216886854Does mainstream media only currently exist to shill and advertise for private companies, and to squa…[View]
216884025HK PART 4 : HARDCORE UPROAR: Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam, has failed to meet the deadli…[View]
216887751Trannies are SEETHING that people are calling them out for competing against women in sports. Why a…[View]
216887796All races originated in Africa. That's why we're all black and can all say the N-word. Do…[View]
216887506Nature is inherently fascist: Jewish boipucci was made for the Celtic BVLLS What other redpills are …[View]
216887690Get Off The Train: > 'If honking mattered, they wouldn't let you do it.' If Trump was really…[View]
216887828Dear /pol/, fellow 4channers Let me bid farewell to you and this toxic troll-, kike-, shill-, and gl…[View]
216847974Square Enix explains why it changed Tifa’s breasts in Final Fantasy 7 Remake: >there’s an ongoing…[View]
216887585Iranian Made - Sevvom'e Khordad: This thing simply dropped 222 million USD worth of drone, make…[View]
216887723Happy international parasites dey: https://eeas.europa.eu/headquarters/headquarters-homepage/55691/i…[View]
216887355Why niggers remain so fucking retarded: >Small group of blacks think for themselves >Thousands…[View]
216886242WHITE PILL GENERAL: Uncle Jared is speaking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKE10Ne89vo[View]
216866585Slavic hate thread ITT any content depicting the true backward, criminal, alcoholic, corrupt, dilapi…[View]
216876272If there was man-only state how good it would be?: (reproduction with artificial womb or smth)…[View]
216882647I just received my Canadian passport through my dad who lives in Hamilton. I'm considering movi…[View]
216864129Why is this so rare?: As a hispanic citizen who loves this country and capitalism, and who couldn’t …[View]
216887576/RPG/ Redpill general: >Very useful threads and articles (mostly HBD related) https://pastebin.c…[View]
216887562Democrat Party 2020: Elizabeth`s Warren`s new ad.[View]
216887538BitCoin is Mooooooning: $10012[View]
216880945Ah shit, here we go again.[View]
216876115Ireland - murder of 14yo: >14 yo girl >Lured to farm house by 1 boy >Second boy waiting in …[View]
216887475>'The Jewish nigger Lassalle who fortunately leaves by the end of this week, has lost another 5,0…[View]
216884020Wikipedia is looking for LGBT pictures; will you help them?: Take part and share your best LGBT pict…[View]
216883479Marijuana Pepsi? Gee, do you think she votes Democrat?[View]
216883492Why /pol? Why?: For every jew that promotes leftist ideas, there are litterally hundreds of thousand…[View]
216860689...What the fuck is happening to the UK?[View]
216887177Master Race Huh?: https://nypost.com/2019/06/20/ex-alabama-college-athletes-beat-duck-to-death-with-…[View]
216887185Hillary 2016: I unironically believe it would have been better if clinton won in 2016. At this point…[View]
2168871472020 Election: Will it be as memeworthy as 2016 or will it be another milquetoast election? Im not s…[View]
216884979How do you go from this...[View]
216885425South is best place for blacks: This coming from a New York nigga... Better women (more thickness, c…[View]
216876113>tfw you have to pretend to be upset about the 'Concentration Camps' because saying 'wow, I bet t…[View]
216881642faggotry: >being a fag is legal but being a fascist is illegal /pol/ just got owned by the boots…[View]
216886966>Hi everybody this is Jawshands McEels here with my trusty co-host, Muskie Haddockstram on this w…[View]
216886948>Right wing people are deranged >conservatives are equal to nazis >trump supporters are vio…[View]
216883829>uses a hottie like snow-white in their meme[View]
216886407America, wtf is wrong with your health system?: Guy on here posted that if you are charged and convi…[View]
216885130Western Europe is Germanic Saxons (Britain) Franks (France and the Low Countries) Visigoths (Spain a…[View]
216873255Tennessee deputy, pastor, calls for government death squads >Grayson Fritts, pastor of All Script…[View]
216847313Syria General /sg/ - Broken Turkshit Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordp…[View]
216880489NOT FAIR I DONT WANNA WORK: >want to get government funbux for food >you can only get money fo…[View]
216881665Should I commission as an officer in the military?: Serious question, and leave out 'muh zionism war…[View]
216881029We Need To Be More Like Them: If you are a traditionalist, why don't you take an extra step to …[View]
216882013https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7bIbVlIqEc American Culture appreciation thread Dog-Gays, but talen…[View]
216886583Don't worry people trump is here to save the whites because we all know jews are white.[View]
216884758Black Teenage Trump Supporter Defeats BlackLivesMatter Moron in Debate: >> https://www.topbuzz…[View]
216886496>females are property. you cant rape property. >at worst its property damage or animal abuse. …[View]
216886299Hey guys i love trump can i be apart of you're political board?[View]
216881554Human Civilization Degenerates: wtf[View]
216886236the ultimate solution: Alright, drop beliefs for a second, just facts. I've been thinking about…[View]
216882377Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AF1Da6MCUC4[View]
216885960How much more evidence do you guys need to finaly get that /pol/ is always wrong?[View]
216886135I really hope I get to se a decent happening for once in a while. I really got hyped up last time wh…[View]
216883034I believe in some form of democracy. To improve the existing system I made this. National bipols are…[View]
216854364Hey /pol/, femanon here. I came to this board wanting to learn more about White Nationalism in their…[View]
216886104First it was Nulpol faggots from Reddit now there is Summerfags here now what do these people know a…[View]
216885732pol approved careers: Hey polaks, I need help. I'm at a crossroads and have to decide now what …[View]
216886057Danny Mullen for Orangeville County Mayor 2022[View]
216883603MODS BTFO[View]
216885964Political Education thread: Czar - means - Kaiser or - Cesar You bitches have more leftists than you…[View]
216885667This is a thru Christian.[View]
216883662If we apply the paretto rule and only 20% of black males are alphas that means there are: Black Amer…[View]
216883558All you really need in life is 3 good friends[View]
216883030How do they get away with it?: Why is Russia the only country that can openly criticize the Rothschi…[View]
216883945The Great (((Youtube))) Exodus: Support creators against censorship Suggestions: https://www.dailym…[View]
216885543The yearly calendar is 46% GAY: This is how many days are for the “gays” “The days that are highligh…[View]
216882783Politics of /pol/: What are the unironic political stances of /pol/ users? Many people meme National…[View]
216883353I'm here for Merkel Shake Memes: Give me some[View]
216885491IRGC shot down Global Hawk this morning over the SOH: Im curious with what? Lets appreciate the situ…[View]
216869545ITS HAPPENING: BREAKING: Revolutionary Guard commander says while Iran has no intention of war with …[View]
216885443NO NO NO NO NO NONONONONON STOP! So, whites are literally about 'truth', 'science principles', philo…[View]
216883367More 4D chess in Iran. A few days ago it looked like the war party had Trump boxed in and the war wi…[View]
216884946Is there a lot of propaganda in other Western countries that is constantly bashing the US? I ask not…[View]
216883768>they murdered our robot now we can invade Iran[View]
216876316Post a legitimate opinion you truly hold that you know is going to piss of most of /pol/[View]
216885208Whether you love or hate Him: This guy lives in your head rent-free You think about him every day .…[View]
216882470>Hurr durr, obama is weak >The iranians harass our navy in the persian gulf >if trump is el…[View]
216885115America the grea.......: >Depleted Military Every recruiting station in my area of NJ has closed,…[View]
216872824If the West is so amazing, why do whites flood 3rd world countries and refuse to leave?[View]
216881633You know: what to do.[View]
216884865Do you think glow in the dark niggers eill stop you if you try to go to the US?[View]
216886343Redpill me on Australia: I just got my working visa approved[View]
216884252they're in ads too now[View]
216884817Was Russian Punk-Rock a mistake ?: Was Russian Punk-Rock a mistake ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
216883382Indians are base and should rule the world: I used to be one of those Western Cucks who called India…[View]
216878278>Of course I support a war against the iranian regime, also I believed that Iraq had weapons of m…[View]
216879243SHITSKINS OF /POL/: >Why are you here? >What's it like being a nigger in your country? …[View]
216884587whats your gender identity? https://genderquiz(.)tk/[View]
216884779Beautification Laws: Why aren't beautification laws more widespread? I feel like they would pro…[View]
216884782Fox News Defends CRISPR Babies: So it's official now. Fox News has asked 'why not' CRISPR babie…[View]
216882173-German Hip-Hop Ladies and Gentleman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1obTj5uso8[View]
216884743The truth about Islam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faV_XC_oF-o[View]
216877179Ok I had it enough![View]
216877604Remember, Iran is attacking our Israeli allies and killing Israeli people. It is our duty to defend …[View]
216876885Was America a created as a new Jewish Eden in the first place?[View]
216878148Why is the South always attacked on the tv? They're good people[View]
216884034If Israel shot down the drone, how did they get Iran to admit to it?[View]
216881762Intoxicated Cop Tries to Pass a Sobriety Field Test: Link - https://www.topbuzz.com/@viralcentral/in…[View]
216878844When will the Filipino rise up?[View]
216871146What about Brazil: What pol think about brazil[View]
216882012Mememagic Iran Into Nuking Israel When ZOG Attacks.: Post any nuclear image to call upon the magic. …[View]
216858977Is anyone else from a meme background? >NEET hapa >white roastie mom >chinese dad 29 year…[View]
216878845>mfw there are idiots on /pol/ who think race is just skin color[View]
216880748lol Britain is just a bunch of pussy's now: gud job a Muslim has committed blatant vote rigging…[View]
216882592war with iran will be fruitless what we really need is a war with mexico! their invasion has caused …[View]
216878951Goddamn Boomer Feds: We should start weeding out whatever Boomer Feds we find here on 4Chan. See if …[View]
216879412/pol/ I need your knowledge My friend and I went into a light debate about russia yesterday. My frie…[View]
216882478How do we reform Judaism?: How do we make them less Machiavellian and more Nietzschean? They are the…[View]
216863939Shirtless French bodybuilder makes women wet in Japan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhqJ1HFgywI…[View]
216879332STOP SENDING GARBAGE TO SOUTH EAST ASIA!!!: What the fuck is wrong with you assholes!! We are not yo…[View]
216877074capitalism: None of the things /pol/ complains about can be fixed without abolishing capitalism, whi…[View]
216867808Feel embarrased yet /pol/?[View]
216880560>non-citizens have rights: ???[View]
216881197Harmonica tabs for shadilay?: Howdy homos, why are there no easily accessable harmonica tabs for sha…[View]
216883071Free market system is best economic system: Change my mind[View]
216883463Iran hate thread: Those sandniggers did 9/11 and are a thread to our greatest ally, they must be sto…[View]
216879771Considering the climate change thing: Which countries have the potential to grow the most in terms o…[View]
216869163>Only a short time ago >Trump supporters worshipping their god emperor >their one true king…[View]
216877847Zhirinovsky submits a bill for giving all Russians everywhere russian citizenship: >Denying Russi…[View]
216883047/pol/ War Room: Crusade Preparations: ( Thread theme, play this as you read: https://youtu.be/ouXyp3…[View]
216882577Seriously whats the deal with nordcucks and their so-called 'superiority'?[View]
216883451Happy World Refugee Day /pol/! What are you doing to celebrate this glorious occasion? Pic is from t…[View]
216873560Why do americans want to murder qt Iranian soldiers?[View]
216879878MEXICAN HATE THREAD: https://www.bestgore.com/beheading/police-torture-beheading-son-flay-alive-guer…[View]
216883351White People Are Retarded: I'm a white nationalist simply to rebel against the anti-white propa…[View]
216877501See this cheese eating rat bastard? Went to hs with this manlet and I wanna troll him a little but I…[View]
216862559Why does the left insist on being so rude?[View]
216873219Can somebody explain to me why they personally believe the holocaust did or didn’t happen? Why or wh…[View]
216870376USA steals land from Mexico: I noticed that many US-States have mexican/spanish names like 'New Mexi…[View]
216879890How big of a death toll will 2nd USA civil war be?: USA had 31 million pop in 1860 and 1 million has…[View]
216882104I think Filipinos will remain the same because of our mentality[View]
216867960Could we have saved him?: I blame /pol/. Even before the support lizard died.[View]
216873024I maybe will get banned for this but straight up tell me, is radiation and nukes real or all made up…[View]
216883150>Read basic economics Few days back some anon asked us to read Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell. …[View]
216865975orange county hate thread: Orange county fucking sucks and it should be nuked theres so many fucking…[View]
216877240Why doesn't Donnie want us to see his tax returns?[View]
216882740Share why extramarital sex/degeneracy is bad: Explain this. Share pics, texts, books.[View]
216881008Psssst..... Hey kid, did you know leftism is actually pretty based? It has nothing to do with libera…[View]
216882979United Kingdom: How do we uncuck this country? https://www.gov.uk/report-hate-crime[View]
216880406Niggers and Chinks supporting MAGA when we gonna deport or gas them in the end....[View]
216879911What happened to that Hungarian anon who bet $17,000 on Hillary winning and couldn't pull back …[View]
216873265THE FALL OF SJW'S IT'S HAPPENING: What the fuck is going on. This game, single handlendly …[View]
216876857If communism is Jewish and capitalism is Jewish then what are we supposed to be?[View]
216880700I love how 4chan is so hellbound on destroying multi-culturalism but seems to unironically accept di…[View]
216878347I don't get the hostility towards race mixing. Why does skin colour matter?[View]
216878271asian hate/redpill thread: they are not on our side Pic related is shiro ishii leader of unit 731 a …[View]
216878841brutal redpills: >Hitler was a zionist >the whole purpose of WW2 was to establish the inceptio…[View]
216881813https://www.google.com/ search?client=firefox-b-d&q=younger+generations+are+growing+horns[View]
216877567Hey frens, what about a #notallorcs raid of #WorldRefugeeDay?[View]
216876091They know what they're doing. They're not this incompetent. They know that sowing discord…[View]
216878441Mathematical miracles.: Do you guys have any mathematical miracles of your own to share. https://you…[View]
216876779Would you bang Suzan? I think she´s kinda of hot...[View]
216878479Historical Jewish caused subversions & revolutions: Has anyone ever made a comprehensive list of…[View]
216879690what time is it boys?: bigger hate thread time[View]
216881515Genuinely what is wrong with white women?[View]
216880113when did you realize you were a gynocentric simp?[View]
216875638Why aren't you voting for Libertarian in 2020?[View]
21687978491 year anniversary of Stjepan Radić's assassination by the coward serb Puniša Račić: >On th…[View]
216878699I posted a thread about religion. >>216790845 Lots of people posted comments where they were t…[View]
216881685DIRECT LINE WITH VLADIMIR PUTIN - 2019. DIRECT AIR: Today, Vladimir Putin will answer the questions …[View]
216875893Follow the transgender money?: Saw a fellow anon post this and I think we need more 'channers' on it…[View]
216875892There is no free will: The future is connected to the past. Everything has been done before. We are …[View]
216877888government'pay tax pay tax'. is your government armed robbery? Japan yes[View]
216881433/AG/ - Angola General - Dorkism Edition: https://www.artofmanliness.com/articles/the-law-of-sacrific…[View]
216881244Shit in the fucking toilet you worthless subhumans[View]
216877793Why more and more people fap to trannies/crssdressers?[View]
216880823BASED BOOMER HATES SOMALIS: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/20/us/politics/minnesota-refugees-trump.…[View]
216877767pepe appreciation thread: I fucking love the frogboy. Fuck you guys for turning him into a hate symb…[View]
216872005Ever wondered why most Western people have this 'I'm so conformist I put children into gas cham…[View]
216881094Muh savior of the white race: Meanwhile in russia https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=s_RRj0XunrM…[View]
216880663Who will become native minority first?[View]
216878997Monthly Reparations payments forever: We worked for your ancestors. Now you will work for us whitey!…[View]
216875703/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
216878597Japan & Kinesis: Why is Japan, just like Germany in WW2: been also thought to do genetic enginee…[View]
216871166Banks are too big to fail because they are stronger than you: Do you think they are too big to fail …[View]
216878173It's funny how basedboys don't seem to see the white supremacist message in Lord of the Ri…[View]
216869147Just got my ancestry results back. 27% Ashkenazi Jewish. Fuck. Fuck me /pol/. >Active white nati…[View]
216877309/pol/der: Because I haven't seen one in a long time, a nederdraad. With the current topic being…[View]
216877609I R A N[View]
216876200Debts are slavery[View]
216870123Balkan politics bread: What do serbs think of croats in 2019? Will i get beaten up if i come to bel…[View]
216878005Please tell this Democrat to go fuck himself. https://twitter.com/RonWyden https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
216880142OK, AFD cunts, put some fliers and shit everywhere something something expose green krokos yada Lada…[View]
216870998White identity: How do we stop it?: White Identity Is Rising in America: How Can We Stop It? pol nee…[View]
216859298FTN 224: Chumped 2020: This thread is dedicated to talking about the newest FTN episode and how Trum…[View]
216875282FIRST NON-WHITE PRIME MINISTER: how can /pol/ ever recover?[View]
216878870They just wanted to make edgy action films.: They could have been big time Hollywood players. Stallo…[View]
216871467How to leave Incel: Guys, being in the top 20% of men is EASY. 1.) Lift heavy weights 2.) Be hygieni…[View]
216860082Question to racists: What's wrong with immigration?[View]
216878307i.. i cant.. resist..[View]
216879692Is Kirche des Biz...: Is Kirche des Bizeps a good alternative to christcuckery? https://www.youtube…[View]
216864000Why do some women think being interested in Anime or Cosplay somehow makes them special? It’s as if…[View]
216862924So it looks like the FBI was egging on the San Diego synagogue shooter. Fucking rogue agency.[View]
216873980Why does it matter if the West becomes non-white? I’m genuinely curious as to why you people are so …[View]
216865985AUS/POL SELF DEFENCE EDITION: Mascot Towers residents angry over restricted access to strata meeting…[View]
21687488558% of Jews marry non-Jews: This disproves the conspiracy theories about Jews being supremacists. Th…[View]
216879209Honking thru time: The Honkening is as old a phenomenon as cunt trading. Without honkers whos gonna …[View]
216876637stormniggers: >DaS RiZe! >DaT dEgeNERAZe! ZTOP CoAl VURNING ROASTIZ! >WE HAS TO EXTERMINATE…[View]
216877730Here is a list of Norwegians killed in Norway by immigrants: Bjorn Erik Solberg Gunvor Refsdal Tage…[View]
216878324CIA niggers try to poison McAfee’s campaign staff: This is not a drill!![View]
216870763Become the Jew: All white people should convert to Judaism then we can all play the victim.[View]
216874031Is this level of racism acceptable /pol/?: https://twitter.com/incorrectjeon/status/1141330350850768…[View]
216865484London YES!: https://londonist.com/london/art-and-photography/pride-crossings-greenwich-woolwich…[View]
216877049The Great (((Youtube))) Exodus: Support creators against censorship Suggestions: https://www.dailym…[View]
216867045CHINA JUST BOUGHT INTERPOL: only 2 million... yeah, nah, head of interpol would've easily gotte…[View]
216871398Steve Bannons Right-Wing University Starts: >Inside Steve Bannon's 'gladiator school…[View]
216842075Is there any non-religious justification why marriage has to be between a man and woman?[View]
216870214Come on lads. It's time to get together and do something. I plan to do an invasion on the canc…[View]
216878724Why do white folks go to dangerous countries? We all know about the murders, scams, beheadings.Where…[View]
216876194Never Forget: Who really did this. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cherenkov_radiation[View]
216875227Hey guys if i had sex with my sister and have kids with her and other women can i make a cool ass re…[View]
216875444Big anti gov protests in Honduras, police sides with the protesters: Breaking! Anti-riot police step…[View]
216848159/pol/ humour thread: I need to take off the edge[View]
216876638Why is it so taboo to suggest that some cultures are simply better than others?Why am I expected to …[View]
216876154Kissinger: Too many slide threads. Let's discuss this instead. Is Kissinger still alive in Amer…[View]
216872614Is there a bigger shithole in the world than London?[View]
216878317Nigger: Cunt[View]
216878234I R A N[View]
216878217SOPRANOS VS NIGGERS COMING 2020: 'The Many Saints of Newark' is an upcoming movie about the characte…[View]
216874864Today is the Feast of Corpus Christi: When we commemorate the Real Presence of the Lord in the Eucha…[View]
216863228Honestly I’m more than happy to have a percentage of my paycheck each week go toward a reparations f…[View]
216875481I'm in the process of a framework to build new religions upon: Religion can be seen as a cognit…[View]
216876924Your views on these Christian girls: Well what do you think about them. I personally support them as…[View]
216875648>the east coast suffers from rain while the west coast coast suffers from droughts Makes no sense…[View]
216837301Realistically, how do you refute this???[View]
216872823Since its ovious Ww3 has already started between iran and murica. Im thinking about buying supplies …[View]
216854374Don't be violent. Don't allow yourself to be radicalized. Don't do stupid shit. Don…[View]
216873077Gordon Ramsay cooks food for street shitters: In some streeting shitting Indian market. https://www.…[View]
216875812>asians are intelligent: If that's really true how come they barely developed anything and g…[View]
216874585liberals only argument these days is to call you a virgin. thats pathetic high school level banter. …[View]
216877636This is not a black man, it's a white man. >light skin >hairy >straight hair >long …[View]
216864270FINANCIAL TRADING GENERAL: Old thread: >>216846181 Who else angry at people making money by si…[View]
216878428I am officially running for President of the United States in 2020.: my first policy as president wi…[View]
216879046please be nice to each other[View]
216876168Any pragmatical reason against premarital-sex?: Let's not involve any theology, is there some k…[View]
216873124Liberalism was a mistake!: We became prosperous because of it but if we look at today current social…[View]
216871172What is this shit? was Vox Day working for the jews all along? https://voxday.blogspot.com/2019/06/n…[View]
216877652Lets destroy Islam: Come on lads lets take the fight to twitter,facebook, Instagram or any other soc…[View]
216877169Hitler was right[View]
216874920Biggest baby in history?: https://youtu.be/ZkuoFwbjoc8[View]
216875248why does no body do anything about paedos in politics?[View]
216872620What if: Israel and Iran go to war? What happens?[View]
216873162name a better politician on video games[View]
216877469What is nazbol?: Etno-protectionist or just racist to the own country where is implemented just like…[View]
216870319Question: has there ever been better president in history then Trump ?[View]
216877093daily reminder it is a mutt's duty to die for Israel[View]
216877387Distributism: Not everyone can own. But everyone can work, even though those who own typically don…[View]
216875142Has anybody looked into tempel ov blood? Seems to be some satanic Nazi cult, Some of the books writt…[View]
216877106declass: Oh fuck it looks like you autists were actually right about something for once. https://www…[View]
216873634I just got an Australian OZ passport through my dad who lives in Wollongong. Tell me where to move: …[View]
216871382It's afraid...[View]
216866601Just reported mexicans for driving with shit like, Sheriffs are FINING them. Do your part POL.: 28 y…[View]
216862639JACINDA GET OUT: https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/nz-lucky-have-refugee-community-ardern-…[View]
216871775> Last one I recall was them trying to get people to think pedophiles were part of the LGBT+. wha…[View]
216874413Redpill me on Maderia.: Not a single nig or muz in sight since my arrival 4 days ago. Might buy a ho…[View]
216872943Mammon: is this the beginning of the end?[View]
216866817Now that Assange is dead, the surviellance state wins: Feels bad man. 1984 is NOW.[View]
216875921apathy in the face of extinction: I honestly don’t care if whites become extinct or a hated minority…[View]
21687529146% of the year is GAY: This is how many days are for the “gays” “The days that are highlighted in g…[View]
216871109Joe Rogan Friend or Foe?[View]
216867156Anti mass immigration thread: Show me your best cultural enrichment[View]
216875650When cultural appropriation is ok: Post other relevant imagery[View]
216870898Who instructed Colbert to 'debunk' Pizzagate in 2016?: Watch this, it's even creepier…[View]
216870264/pol/: When will /pol/ realize that jews arent behind mass imigration and degeneracy but it is white…[View]
21687499020/06/2019 Dies Sanctissimi Corporis et Sanguinis Domini Iesu Christi: Today is the celebration of C…[View]
216866808What is to be done in a hypothetical ethnostate in reguards to mixed race children? Is it moral to s…[View]
216876380Conspiracy: Is there any conspiracy theory that was proven as true? like the shoot of Kennedys Broth…[View]
216874145Why do liberals call conservatives incels?: If it's true, why do chads use racial slurs and bul…[View]
216870954Why Are There No Trumpian Gold Shirts?: >The Sturmabteilung (SA; German pronunciation: [ˈʃtʊɐ̯mʔa…[View]
216873749christcucks are so stupid they don't know that the old testament and new testament are from the…[View]
216872470Mister Western Gay: West will burn cause you guys are bunch of sodomites just running around butt fu…[View]
216876195Why cant Iranians and Americans just fucking get along? Love from Iran.[View]
216871435Is adopting a cuck thing to do? I don't see the point if you can have your own kid. Why would y…[View]
216874374hey everyone lets worship one of many abrahamic religions that started by a guy that had kids with h…[View]
216871185Doublethink: Why do americans thinks that the communist jew illuminati controls thier country but st…[View]
216864640So the Iranian ayatoilet is a centrist cuck: >Moderation and Development Party (Persian: حزب اعتد…[View]
216875670He wants a war but is a fat fuck and women would pass basic before he would[View]
216839426Operation trentrolld: Itt we do Rickroll. But to New Zealanders. With the Christchurch video. To tro…[View]
216874934That was you guys, right[View]
216868613Indians hate white people more than blacks and asians do: As a white man, I've made friends wit…[View]
216876008It’s officially over.: We lost /pol/... it’s time to move on. We tried. :( https://youtu.be/zPXqwAGm…[View]
216859670Why do the Jews subvert and destroy nations with degeneracy and mass immigration?[View]
216875833So let's assume an actual race war breaks out. How would you prepare yourself for the whole thi…[View]
216875443In the States there were already more school shootings in 2019 than in Germany since 1988. Let that …[View]
216868721I don’t understand. How can atheists still exist in today’s world? Even worse, how can catholics sti…[View]
216871997Why do white women get to assblasted/jealous over Asian women?[View]
216874825What's your opinion on the Swiss Peoples Party? SVP: > Majority Party for the last 25 years.…[View]
216866829The Jewconomy: Dont understand economics? Just blame the jews. Jews, at fault for all of your proble…[View]
216871562Opinions on Martin Sellner?: Generation Identity Austria[View]
216862730Is there anything more damning proof that /pol/ is always wrong? You can hide behind a veneer of iro…[View]
216869213So when did this board turn into /conspiracy/? Feels like I'm in a madhouse. >everyone…[View]
216857657REPARATIONS: I will die before I ever pay a fucking penny. Who's with me?[View]
216872893The thread of your political authorities no matter old or modern. GO![View]
216872259You're not getting anymore wars: No war with Iran, retards.[View]
216847082I still can't believe they are seriously running Biden against Trump, its going to be a fucking…[View]
216869448Trump converted to Judaism: https://youtu.be/FDeEu8DP9Ro[View]
216874188ISRAEL: is trying to expand its borders and eventually rule the world because they think they'r…[View]
216870908Deporting people of african descend to Africa because of their IQ test?: Many users of 4Chan and oth…[View]
216867485Why don’t local police put more cops in schools to stop mass shootings? Better yet why not put some …[View]
216869628VARNASHRAMA DHARMA: My Aryan lads, NO DOUBT https://youtu.be/99w1IsMjon4 https://youtu.be/99w1IsMjo…[View]
216871810The US has this insanely advanced military, but somehow we're all supposed to be afraid of men …[View]
216872543>global warming is a jewish conspir-[View]
216853946What scares you the most about the current political climate?: Just curious what scares nazi scumbag…[View]
216871774clapping is a fascist symbol: clapping was originally a nazi symbol so therefore you are compliant w…[View]
216872166Enough evidence to shutdown 4chan forever: Shooting happened Monday June 17, 2019 Shooter posts on t…[View]
216856281Councilman of Birmingham Alabama (75% black) suggests it look to the National Guard: “Growing up, my…[View]
216870188/RPG/ Redpill general: >Very useful threads and articles (mostly HBD related) https://pastebin.c…[View]
216862854Reparations will happen: Without a doubt those pushing for reparations will not stop. Politically re…[View]
216873644If US anons find themselves conscripted for Iran war will you defect once deployed? Iranians won…[View]
216867223I blame Nicholas Trist.[View]
216859638What can we learn from 'American Graffiti' (1973)?: 1973 Boomer classic looked back with nostalgia t…[View]
216874581when are we going to take action?[View]
216870472Guys whats going on >iranian news say it was a global hawk >americans say it was a triton >…[View]
216874545Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - [Embed] Edition: >upcoming elections Brandenburg: Sep. 1 2019 #ltw…[View]
216874414>have to listen to 'progressives' talk about bullshit yesterday because it was the 'juneteenth' …[View]
216871737Verified democrats agree: it's time to kill all black Trump supporters: And there's nothin…[View]
216862159Honduras coup/civil war: Wtf janniez!? This is politics! Anyways Heavy protests in all mayor Hondura…[View]
216868882K-Pop is shit.: K-Pop was first born during the 90s when Asia was in a financial crisis, South Korea…[View]
216852754NXIVM Conviction Thread: Let’s walk through this shall we NXIVM LEADER CHARGED WITH: >SEXUAL TRAF…[View]
216867344ETIKA SHALL PERISH: >ETIKA MADE A SUICIDE VIDEO - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctic9QxBOAk Has…[View]
216868933Why are white women increasingly choosing not to have children?[View]
216873135Why is it so hard for pol to admit that Jews are the Master Race given that they rule the world? I d…[View]
216873012Severe decline in post quality.: What exactly happened to this place? I remember before the 2016 ele…[View]
216870534White Kindergarten - How White is your Country's Future?: Hey fellow poltards, This is my loca…[View]
216864520>go to country with high AoC >have sex with girl >go to jail However >go to country with…[View]
216846298San Francisco has some serious homeless problems. I was there last June and they have blocks long ca…[View]
216846355Here's a plan for right-wing content creators and their fans to beat youtube censorship >ma…[View]
216873229Libratrollling: So what are tge trolling options with this globalist bullshit.[View]
216869498I have a question for my German friends. How glorious do Hitler's speeches sound in your native…[View]
216873111blog: no comment[View]
216872988The Great (((Youtube))) Exodus: Support creators against censorship Suggestions: https://www.dailym…[View]
216863787Trump only hires the best, PERIOD.[View]
216872154Im ready to go war with Iran > kill all the mudslims and free the country of the mullahs…[View]
216851354Were there a lot of fat people in the Nazi concentration camps? Being overweight is technically dete…[View]
216872014UFO - Aliens [S P A C E]: The Roswell incident sparked an interest in the UFO phenomenon more than 7…[View]
216871798What is the best non - jewish TV channel ?[View]
216871457Trum-pum-pump: https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/78896/trump-family-50-year-history-donating-jewish…[View]
216871598halp. I think politics is melting my brain. Whole-hog christfag, always considered myself apolitical…[View]
216864465DESPITE: making up 1% of the population, jews made up 85% of soviet leadership during the holodomor …[View]
216871897Loituma - Ievan Polkka: WHITE FUCKING POWER! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yh9i0PAjck[View]
216863998L A U N C H[View]
216871521Why are ameritards like this?: Can't they just hate faggotry like everybody else? Do they have …[View]
216871851So basically current year.[View]
216864670actual happening: >TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran's state-run IRNA news agency says the country…[View]
216871311Do black people have no shame?[View]
216871076How do we defeat Iran without making the same mistake as Iraq?[View]
216868547Tell me about the NeuroNet: Seems it's big in Russia. I hadn't heard of it before in Engli…[View]
216867061The Trump economy: How are things really going? On the one hand it's obviously going well with …[View]
216871534We going to help this guy pol? >makes edgy jokes >dislikes shitty Korean boy band >doxxed, …[View]
216862951You are going to see Ben Shapiro live, aren't you Anon?[View]
216869223We shouldn't include Asians in the ethnostate. (((They're))) just too damn different to us…[View]
216871302Biden 2020: 'Nothing will fundamentally change' *wink wink. if on the left, vote Bernie or commit en…[View]
216871297Would you pass the test for US citizenship ? https://my.uscis.gov/en/prep/test/civics/new post resul…[View]
216834508top 78% of women competing for top 20% of men: If you're in the top 20% of men for attractivene…[View]
216868057What’s everyone’s opinion on this guy’s tweet?[View]
216868783I just realized that we're the Illuminati. Think about it. The illuminati were cult of esoteric…[View]
216864106Iran shoots down U.S drown CONFIRMED.: https://mobile.twitter.com/IntelCrab/status/11415821714481848…[View]
216855810ARMED STANDOFF WITH RIFLEMAN SACRAMENTO: officer down, ongoing situation. flashbangs and gunshots he…[View]
216870882HOOD LIFE CHALLENGE: Are niggers worthy of oxygen? Watch the entirety of this documentary and I doub…[View]
216869803Serfdom: Was it really so bad? It seemed to work pretty well, everyone had a role.[View]
216867260Honestly we should get a bunch of people on this server full of autistic poke bois easily in their l…[View]
216870662America is the jewish trump card, with a so called 4chan president. A fake jewish controlled show.: …[View]
216868108Reminder: Your economy is based on worthless derivatives and when it collapses you're all going…[View]
216870061>*freshly transplanted childs organs and blood* Ahhhhh it feels good to be back. Another 30 years…[View]
216869133Who goes on the most mass murder shooting rampages?[View]
216866870If Jews aren't superior to whites, why do they rule over them like insects, and through sheer i…[View]
216865688ChristChurch 2.0 anyone?: yo when we gonna get another mass shooting bois i wanna see a synagogue or…[View]
216863536>global warning isn't rea... then explain this pol[View]
216864012Land of the free...: LoL. https://www.oneangrygamer.net/2019/06/florida-man-arrested-for-making-soci…[View]
216856077Some of us just aren't meant to reproduce. Even if it would mean a couple extra white kids in t…[View]
216869935How does it feel knowing that every race will eventually mix and combine into a single one?[View]
216863439What is their endgame?: Every other video is the same shit. >go to dense lefty place >try to f…[View]
216868222If hitler was right I’m taking back Germanic lands why is it bad that the Mexicans are taking back M…[View]
216868723Niggers were smart?: Why did nigs do so well back then?[View]
216865783MAMA: MAKE AMERICA MEXICO AGAIN it's over white boyz[View]
216835509Are you using the brave browser, or are you a member of the silicon valley gay mafia?[View]
216866100>do you seriously want a race war wite boi?[View]
216869405reminder that all posts by the white supremacist memeflag are made by 1 person[View]
216851103People are waking up: They are no longer taking war monger words at face value and questioning it as…[View]
216862092Does america belongs to the jews?[View]
216869380Norm MacDonald loved hitlers eyes and btfo of Jews on red carpet: https://youtu.be/gl6R5ROEaDY Best …[View]
216869490Why does Trump want this jigaboo on the Fed board. Is he jewish?: Nein Nein Nein[View]
216866973How will we establish the White Ethnostate, when our fighters consist of pic related?[View]
216860220Imagine a Bernie Sanders Presidency: A Bernie Sanders presidency could potentially bring about the g…[View]
216869051By this sign conquer: A new flag for all my Antifa-Christian brethren.[View]
216868788how do we stop mexicans from conquering america? mass deportation? I think we should deport them all…[View]
216867446So /pol/: /pol/ did you know its easier for females to become males then it is for males to become f…[View]
216861030New thread Share your heritage and story.[View]
216867054Iran downs U.S Drone: $120 million down the drain for amerifats. https://www.foxnews.com/world/us-na…[View]
216856481(((Polling))): What are you opinions on polls? Personally, I take them not even with a grain of sal…[View]
216868180If being gay is not a choice how come most of them still fuck women?: We are always told 'No it…[View]
216867582Could i join ethnostate?: Im half white half persian.[View]
216856008Are All Tech Hubs Pozzed?: Right now I am not in a tech job, but would consider it as a back up. How…[View]
216864304Boomer Hate Thread (vol. 2): This generation, apart from being the most hostile to its own offspring…[View]
216867975Biggest think of them all: So guys we did it we actually made normies think that ok sign and piece s…[View]
216867379I'll have those those mexicans slowly taking their stolen territories in the next 170 years.[View]
216868799So when Blacks and Muslims become the majority Jews are fucked. They’ve created a monster and they’l…[View]
216867225Okay, /pol. There is a major default in the EU by a sovereign wealth fund.: Swiss fund has major los…[View]
216849478Lowest solar activity in over 200 years: >33 days without a single sunspot >No magnetic energy…[View]
2168687411588 Spaniards BTFO[View]
216868314So, seeing these Reprerations threads. Since 70% of the slave owners were Jews-: When will they give…[View]
216866019If you aren't a Neocon then you are a hypocrite!: >Enforce the petrodollar to keep the USA #…[View]
216863708We can't compete with China[View]
216856801Educate a minnesotafag: What goes on here? I know there is high crime rates. But isn’t life more.. e…[View]
216868255lets talk about the [[[chinese]]] driving up housing prices. they drove my childhood home from 160k …[View]
216868183How do they have the right to do this?[View]
216865736Ladies and Gentlemen: We present you White Ethnostate[View]
216868460You know the drill: Satanism themed deconstructed neotengrism, synthesized with contemporary cogniti…[View]
216867529CNN reports Iran has shot down a US spy drone.[View]
216863462how do we protect cuteness the human race is becoming less and less cute one day cuteness will be go…[View]
216853083Nick Fuentes here, ask me anything[View]
216866676Is the Dominican Republic really a dangerous place where Latinos are secretly trying to kill white p…[View]
216868124Daily reminder that women are property and that societies crumble when they forget it[View]
216863784Operation Tundra General /OTG/: We need anons to set off the methane time bomb literally and early b…[View]
216864403Is Illinois beyond saving? Is it worth using time to redpill the state and become almost every Midwe…[View]
216860412Taking Reparations Seriously: The premise of the reparations movement is that, had African Americans…[View]
216865206Verified democrats agree: it's time to kill all black Trump supporters: And there's nothin…[View]
216856953What if we never destoryed Iraq?[View]
216859079IS RBG DEAD?: is this whore dear or what? how can >we take her out of her coffin?[View]
216862827White women belong to Slavic men[View]
216866696come watch this non pc trump tard stream a game[View]
216845994This is what a retard looks like. A genuine retard. Alaska is unironically the lowest IQ region of t…[View]
216862447why don't you get a white girl pregnant?[View]
216863116Newfag here. What does the 'glow in the dark' meme mean (when people call people they disagree with …[View]
216862878Do you love or hate knickers?[View]
216859539Policies pushing proper pounds: It's obvious that part of our problem in Western society is tha…[View]
216860448The White Half of Chicago: this area of chicago is one of the largest concentrations of white people…[View]
216862747First Iran, now he's shitting on Koch brothers. They're going kill him, aren't they?[View]
216862038Let's talk reparations. You owe me $750,000 niggers.[View]
216857448Mass deportations: Would you vote for Trump again in 2020 if he did it this time?[View]
216864077My cute wife dokuro chan is a trump supporter just like me![View]
216866798Why is the large amount of LGBTQ+ individuals who served in the Wehrmacht & SS never talkeda bou…[View]
216862029Fuck them hungry children: I’ve always wondered, if first world countries like having so much money,…[View]
216861907If a girl talks politics with you, is she interested?[View]
216862611woah.. /pol/acks look like THAT?[View]
216858767What is their endgame? Are we all fucked for posting on the chans? Are they cataloguing our data and…[View]
216860316Redpill me on John Paul I /pol/, any theories are welcome, the obvious thing is that he died of a ((…[View]
216867149JOIN TODAY >JOIN TODAY Step up in the fight against Initiative 1639 search for 1639-legal-defense…[View]
216865361BREAKING NEWS! SNEK ON THE LOOSE IN T-TOWN!: 15 foot python on the loose In Tuscaloosa![View]
216859713Leftist E-Celebs: What are their stats, /pol/? and what do you think they lack when it comes to deba…[View]
216867124>NO FUCKING WALL, just 'physical barriers' put up to replace old sections of the border where fen…[View]
216867113Status Quo Joe: Watch as Biden is ready to put in his mouth all the cocks of the US Oligarchy! Vote …[View]
216858376When did you: Grow out of your reactionary anti sjw phase? This stuff picked up a lot around 2014-20…[View]
216858298EXPLAIN THIS USA TARDS: There is no bill when I call cops and they come to take part in a shoot out …[View]
216862861Government Private Contractors: These sort of things don’t operate by themselves. Contractors that g…[View]
216865245Why doesn't he expose the jews?: Regarding the holohoax or 9/11. I assume he could bring down I…[View]
216866291Farming: https://youtu.be/xL73k1Zcgio A lot of disinformation. It’s become a battle the likes of lib…[View]
216865864reviewbrah eating a corndog.[View]
216854483SLIPPERY SLOPE[View]
216866616UK porn block delayed indefinitely due to bureaucracy lmfao let me watch my porn in peace[View]
216866581'lowest black unemployment!': Trump is literally Ian Smith confirmed.[View]
216863212/RPG/ Redpill general: >Very useful threads and articles (mostly HBD related) https://pastebin.c…[View]
216855387Harley Davidson shifts production to china: Looks like america gonna loose another (trade)war. Well …[View]
216860047Styxhexenhamster666 started off demanding 'salvation' donations to fund his stockpile of gaming lapt…[View]
216866007Why do Americans hate us so much?: Communists are not bad people. We just want equality and fairness…[View]
216843357Section230 BTFO: >Section 230 BTFO >entire internet becomes 4chan >mfw https://www.youtube.…[View]
216866334Serious:: Why does the US want to overthrow the governments of Syria and Iran?[View]
216860524>white guy >born and raised in commieforina. >lived in Alaska For any foreigners or non w…[View]
216862363Russia is coming!!!: Why do we fear Russia and CIS states?? When they clearly can't get their s…[View]
216866143just thought this was relevant: https://www.bitchute.com/video/0TeTFRumdt6U/[View]
216865927How will YOU contribute...: ...bigots? https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Wiki_Loves_Pride_2…[View]
216865198Arguably the best person to run for office in history.[View]
216862575Democrats BTFO: Oh no no no no no! You now realize Democrats don't actually exist in any meanin…[View]
216860158Avicii/Tim Bergling was murdered by a Saudi aristocrat in the Sutlantate of Oman because he reckless…[View]
216839822Global warming is not rea- https://www.euronews.com/2019/06/17/the-viral-image-that-illustrates-the-…[View]
216858614so smoking is healthier: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7161193/Teenage-boy-left-shattered…[View]
216842061Suppressed technology: What technologies do you think are being hidden from the public? Who do you t…[View]
216861843I dindu nuffin: /pol/ is always right, watch the video, links to articles to follow https://www.yout…[View]
216856299PRESIDENT KUSHNER TO GIVE AN AMNESTY: Jared Kushner, Trump's senior adviser and son-in-law, met…[View]
216862918This is so cringe: I hate the white guy victim complex in online right wing circles. They want to be…[View]
216865447Iranians aren't whit..: Why are we against Iranians again?[View]
216865623>take the bombs dahnald[View]
216840458Is Attack on Titan /ourshow/?: https://www.polygon.com/2019/6/18/18683609/attack-on-titan-fascist-na…[View]
216865164I fucking hate chickens[View]
216865032It really makes you think.[View]
216854689Are DNA ancestry services run by the CIA?: My wife and her family are in love with this dna ancestry…[View]
216857678Indian Master Race: The Indian men is the pinnacle of human evolution,he is known for his high intel…[View]
216864899snap articles: A problem that's really disgusting which I haven't seen get nearly enough a…[View]
216838735Un Bee lievable: Africanized bees that replaced our European honey bees are less resistant to cold w…[View]
216865364LEARN TO SWIM: Some say the end is near Some say we'll see Armageddon soon I certainly hope we …[View]
216860586THERE IS NO POLITICAL SOLUTION: Only shill pretend that still exist so we dont reorganize our streng…[View]
216858943Well, I wanna move to Japan. However they're accepting immigrants, or “unskilled workers”, so i…[View]
216850434Explain paganism to me /pol/: Seems every other thread these days features the Christians of this fi…[View]
216863588You bama niggas booling[View]
216865053is an egalitarian society possible? im fucking sick of social hierarchies[View]
216865025Are slanted foreheads and eyebrows ridges subhuman traits?[View]
216864049The real DJT[View]
216857893Liberation or anarchist: Is the only difference between a liberation and an anarchist just how free …[View]
216864815Are whites human? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvFlrnymW_o[View]
216862028China's social credit system: Who made it? Why don't we know the names of the intellectual…[View]
216864194I don’t understand. How can atheists still exist in today’s world? Even worse, how can catholics sti…[View]
216847048A sitting U.S. Senator is using 4chan as a metric for free speech.: Negatively, of course. https://…[View]
216849746Active shooter in Sacramento: >A lieutenant reports a female officer was responding to a ShotSpot…[View]
216864481Trial by fire has always beennpart of the european existence: The europeans has faced wars, famine,h…[View]
216864351Habbening!!: War please, make Tucker the cucked![View]
216850276Why is there such a disproportionate response to people who ask questions about vaccines? I think v…[View]
216783376This is how we go down: A new, mutated strain of Ebola broke out in Congo about 4 or 5 weeks ago. Ab…[View]
216858509Fuck Austin Texas: Junkies in downtown Austin either sleeping or od’ing off heroin. how do we solve…[View]
216858265Political Clashes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXjd7GkHKfU&t=272s Let's get a thread ro…[View]
216858345where do you think the future hold for france?[View]
216859263Thoughts on the laws of the land.[View]
216855336>family comes over for Thanksgiving >Nephew is wearing this…[View]
216863622*stares in Canadian Jew*: This is what I imagine every kike leafposter looks like.[View]
216858633DO NOT REPLY TO BAIT AT ALL!: I made a fake thread just to see how many faggots would post in it. If…[View]
216860942Roses are red: Violets are blue There will always be an Asian Who is better than you https://youtu.b…[View]
216863491How old were you when you grew out of non-mainstream political views?[View]
216836105How is this possible?: I’m getting kinda nervous that Blumpf will get elected again. I don’t think I…[View]
216862409>Trump’s first-day fundraising total quadruples Biden’s >Dems have no coherent platform beside…[View]
216863443/pol/ waifus: Hey /pol/, my waifu is Holo. Who is your waifu? Is your waifu pure and white like you?…[View]
216863203Imagine an alliance of thous four countries. Nothing could stop them. Just USA+Russia+Israel would b…[View]
216846181God dammit this boils my blood 'but but but muh risk' my risk of being unable to pay rent > your …[View]
216819719>be American >nice dinner date at a restaurant >receive completely ordinary 'service' >l…[View]
216860652would you die for me?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiO_ZT5bSqk[View]
216861589Lolis should be legal[View]
216863488Instathots BTFO: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/jun/19/instagram-nude-photo-policy-prot…[View]
216861946Gender is subjective[View]
216861732http://t.me/joinchat/HjKa2k8PrYqSFD4xFAjfrQ Let's chat /pol/ isn't safe[View]
216863377anyone else here just fucking hate mexico? we need to nuke that shithole already. They come here and…[View]
216859952US 2?: If America was nuked and receded to a leaderless nation like Japan was after WWII, what count…[View]
216861884How many genders are there?: Why is Europe so cucked about this? https://streamable.com/n4jb6[View]
216861664Forget the economic argument for reparations. Everybody agrees it's good economic policy. I wan…[View]
216862307>Gets called a 'cuck' on TDS >Names the Jew a few days later Coincidence?…[View]
216828475What's your response to this argument, /pol/?[View]
216856083Do you know what the Hall of Costs is? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAo6JXulweo[View]
216863031How do Latinos in America get so fat while Pakis in the UK are skinny?: Both are minorities in their…[View]
216862757Where should i go after 4chan becomes reddit 2.0?[View]
216862972HIGH SPEED CHASE THREAD: Hes already running! https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Police-Pursui…[View]
216852679What was his name again?[View]
216858082The Difference Between Niggers and White People: “The difference between niggers and white people is…[View]
216862416Some foreigner cunt came around asking for money for UNHRC refugee resettlement Don’t they have eno…[View]
216862919The Game of Thrones. Again. https://lenta.ru/news/2019/06/19/igraprestolov/[View]
216862249Larry you lucky bastard[View]
216860609So much winning: We've single handedly turned the tide against glowniggers and kikes. Well done…[View]
216829678only a second civil war will fix the US: prove me wrong >two sides driven by two totally differen…[View]
216853993Dats rite[View]
216852522War Clouds or Recession Clouds?: Gold wakes up.[View]
216859837I really like how the shills are in overdrive lately posting anti nazi threads such as Hitler was Je…[View]
216859020This is what a 0.12 US cent per hour minimum wage looks like.[View]
216851069The Biden Issue: your next Democratic Party Nominee for the Office of The President of the United St…[View]
216861802Not a big fan of Trump right now but with democrats and msm pushing decrininalized sex work, reparat…[View]
216834277Redpill me on the North East. What’s it like living there anons?[View]
216861557So hmm... >Oman[View]
216857881Conservative economics don't work. If you vote for conservative Republican and Trump economics,…[View]
21685935124 hours bby: If I sat down and watched any 24 hour news channel (msnbc, CNN, et cetra), how much wo…[View]
216851972>we’re at a point where it’s wrong to criticize girls for being brainless sluts Why the hell woul…[View]
216838990Can you dispassionately articulate your thoughts on reparations?: Boss mode: Do it without using rac…[View]
216859933Just LMAO kuffar: Nice job at disarming yourselves while we keep our weapons stashed. https://www.n…[View]
216860596Why was Trump afraid of Obama? Why didn't he run against him? Wimpy Trump.[View]
216862289BASED East DDR Germany: >You drive down in Dresden, Germany and see this Minute 7:00 https://www.…[View]
216858866Pedos get the rope: Literal faggots are still trying to fuck kids and paint conservatives as panicky…[View]
216858818Can we redpill the military?: All power centers have been completely taken over by Jews, but the mil…[View]
216858601I support trump[View]
216851661The role of Stonetoss: What you think about stonetoss? How is he important to politics and mainly th…[View]
216856138Incels: /pol/ incels in a nutshell[View]
216860149What're Biden's odds of winning the nomination?[View]
216857629What would you do?: You go home after getting out of work early, open the door and sees your cute wh…[View]
216850315Why Should Conservatives Support Capitalism: Capitalists are destroying traditional conservative val…[View]
216852208Housing Demoralization: I'm a young adult living in a large city. In the last 5 years, I have l…[View]
216862122If you didn't know now you do[View]
216862004Do dem reparashunz taste is like kfc or de watamellin. We gon be rich n hav de staks. Crackas gon be…[View]
216854896Place your bets: How will this century go? In my opinion we live in a fascinating time period. >W…[View]
216847954Bernie Burns: Look at the replies to this tweet... by Bernie calling Warren a part of the corporate …[View]
216840871Dear /pol/: When are you going to stop with your nazi LARP faggotry and admit that Hitler was litera…[View]
216857618Imagine spending every waking moment not assigned to sleeping and your minimum wage job hating jews …[View]
216859617so where are all the glownigger hidding at: finally, I got my nigger hunting license so where are al…[View]
216845625IS THIS THE BEGINNING OF THE END OF AMERICA?: African Migrants swarming the U.S. southern border...i…[View]
216860483Why are niggers so dumb?[View]
216861186have sex: with incels[View]
216861600>american healthcare is so bad that addiction to their own medicine is a leading cause of death L…[View]
216858563Dixie/pol/- Ann Frank Edition[View]
216861276Clay sheen: What if (and hear me out here), what if we got a bunch of kids, put them in a brick box …[View]
216850988The sad truth. The same lies, propaganda, self-aggrandizement, cult-like behavior, and, mostly impor…[View]
216859327Why exactly is pol always right?[View]
216860947How many US troops are in Syria?: When do they come home?[View]
216861270What are your thoughts on the Industrial Workers of the World?[View]
216855502Remaking the demographics of our country? Like isn't that what immigration does?[View]
216859683Chickenhawk warmongering hoaxing Jew slave faggots: MIGAtards will defend this[View]
216831032Mark Collett debates 4 ethnonationalist jews: Mark Collett debates these hypocrites. One of them rag…[View]
216848798Share your heritage and story.[View]
216860033/pol/ Humor Thread - DogeBro Edition[View]
216860120so this guy for real or just trollin? he was the guy that had the cops break down his door awhile ag…[View]
216855774ITT: cope the posts[View]
216855754Why do leftists defend corporations?[View]
216859971Immigrants thread: What should we do with them, /pol/ ?[View]
216859512What does /pol/ think of Jewwatch?[View]
216855698Daily remember that europeans are nothing more than slaves: Chinese, have their home, pakistanis hav…[View]
216856488First Responders Live: Whom /pol/lacks watching first responders 4 hour delay right now?[View]
216852130What's /pol/ official stance on Assyrians?[View]
216859266Give me one good reason why you thing your Trump can beat Biden?: There is no possible way Trump can…[View]
216845835Call me radical but I don't believe insulin should cost money health should (and is in the deve…[View]
216858740Make nigel farage prime minister of united kingdom[View]
216856456Would you be OK with Hispanics if they voted conservative?[View]
216858599Are Sikh's based?[View]
216858178Who should be the enemy(s) in my game /pol/?[View]
216857144I red this book yesterday. Its from 1977 but that guy predicted that religion will get a comeback, w…[View]
216857782Hey roasties and gay grommers your time is up.: Hey roasties your time is up. Pol was made to post l…[View]
216856288post times when /pol/ got you hyped over absolutely fucking nothing[View]
216854434Can someone give me a quick rundown on what the Jews want and what they are responsible for[View]
216854457Is Transexuality a mental illness?[View]
216835301>Be SJW >Fuck Wypipo >White genocide now 2020 >Go to college >Meet cute white boy …[View]
216860139Well, could it happen again pol? this time it would be like 30 million illegals.[View]
216859857cell phone radiation: even government funded scientific studies prove you get cancer from cell phone…[View]
216849676Ancestry database got an update today. How white are you /pol/? >inb4 'you're giving your dn…[View]
216856721How can a witeboi compete with the Slavic bvll? I almost feel sorry for you sissies[View]
216853613But seriously, how do we keep the poor from coming to our gates with pitchforks?[View]
216854148Are most cops redpilled?: Most boomer cops are in high positions. Are millennial and gen x cops redp…[View]
216859034Ha! Gaaayyyy!: I've always been a straight man attracted to women. But goddamn are they a bunch…[View]
216852739America is the best country in the wor.......: >Depleted Military Every recruiting station in my …[View]
216859662I saw some horse shit about smokes lungs being the most radiotive place on earth according to this s…[View]
216859259Today the Federal Reserve prepared to stimulate the economy with cheap money when the stock market i…[View]
216851502'Canada surpasses the US to lead the world in refugee resettlement, UN reports' https://twitter.com/…[View]
216858927Gay marrige is ok i guess, but the fandom really ruined it for me.[View]
216851254This triggers the: Boot licker[View]
216854653School teacher tells kids there is no such thing as girls or boys. What the hell is happening to civ…[View]
216850010Too much rain?: Why don’t the farmers just plant rice?[View]
216856795DNA evidence cleared them and the actual culprit confessed. But I guess that pales in comparison wit…[View]
216857971SLOPPY JOB MOSSAD: https://www.mintpressnews.com/popular-will-embezzlement-scandal-threatens-juan-gu…[View]
216859146>be the most popular Dem presidential candidate >other Dems and the media keep attacking you …[View]
216859073https://www.strawpoll.me/18196268: https://www.strawpoll.me/18196268 do we need more Konzentrationka…[View]
216858817Trump's EGOO REEEEE: Trump's EGO, narcasism, blah blah blah. Ever notice that liberal nerd…[View]
216848800Anybody here a sperm donor or has donated sperm?: >is it worth it? >how much does it pay? >…[View]
216858413One step closer to eliminating Radical Islam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiO_ZT5bSqk…[View]
216858957is pol smart enough to understand???: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVEpYMLBRjA with out global a…[View]
216858474Why do Fi*sties do this?: >yeah we the best look at our HDI and GDP stats, marvel at our lifespan…[View]
216857534Soon, my younglings.. Soon we will take over the WORLD[View]
216807778Are blacks this lazy ?: holy shit I thought it was a /pol/ meme[View]
216844041>retards and shills come to /pol/ explicitly to shit it up >argue with eachother in bad faith …[View]
216856389Goodnight /pol/. Will there be a race war tomorrow?[View]
216853762You have no argument against this: Pride month should be every month[View]
216847819Reparations is an investment: It's so stupidly genius but you dumb fucks are too reactionary to…[View]
216842826>here's your civilization Tyro-[View]
216850502BREAKING: US Drone Shot Down Over Iran: Iran state media can confirm HAPPENING GET IN HERE FAGGOTS!!…[View]
216858256Alright /pol/ watch the house while I'm gone, keep the floors clean and don't break the gl…[View]
216838488What ethnicity are you actually: Let's prove diversity is skin deep. Where my fellow Latinos a…[View]
216855567Opinions on the KKK? I have heard several times that what you see on the media are the fly-by-night …[View]
216856044Good morning Angels: Your assignment today is to start a war with Iran.[View]
216856904Anti snowflake song.: This shit is gold https://youtu.be/mXnl14zHvo0[View]
216857876The only people who voted for Trump are rural and suburban genuises. City people all voted for Hilla…[View]
216855184Anybody know WTF happened at 9:00 PM east coast USA time? Should I back up the truck and buy?[View]
2168559104chan is now r/islam: Your belief that everything is a SLOPPY JOB blinds you. Just a year ago you we…[View]
216855905When even THAT guy is comparing you to Hitler, you know you fucked up.[View]
216850761*TINK TINK TINK*: ahem... *clears throat* GAYS ARE PEDOPHILES AND THAT'S A STATISTICAL FACT! T…[View]
216849842Based music thread: Post some based music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLqKXrlD1TU[View]
216855325The mistake made by many on here: >I'm x, y, z religion for its political utility >I…[View]
216857873Sup.. I believe that the Israeli socialistic party was good but ..... honestly it were shit because…[View]
2168346271st page of Apple App Store: They won’t stop...[View]
216816481Why are leftists so fucking weird?[View]
216851015Any other uncucked whites who can't wait for white genocide? Based spics are the only hope for …[View]
216846977What if Pence bows out of 2020 for some bullshit reason, and Trump runs Nikki Haley as his VP? The r…[View]
216857364>Can't follow basic highway code instructions >Always aggressive >Guaranteed chimpout …[View]
216856880Please God end this world: Its been fun and all, but I am ready for the world to end. Its bad enough…[View]
216845432Weird how the Satan is supposed to be the bad guy but its Christianity that has all the child molest…[View]
216852018Isn't it strange how the left was sucking Joe Biden's dick for over a decade, but only rec…[View]
216856091Immigrant Gangs and Drugs: 2,500 gang members in one county alone. Calfornia is being flooded by ill…[View]
216853752So, did anyone find anything new on the 4chancellor of the islamic gibspublica de germoneyistan? Fr…[View]
216851997Iran state news agency says that the Revolutionary guard shot down a US drone[View]
216856400Immigration a human right. America is bound by international human rights law to allow immigrants in…[View]
216857371If Iran is so strong, why did they get btfo so badly in Syria by goat farmers that Russia had to sav…[View]
216846160Facebook Mods are literally dying on the job.: https://www.theverge.com/2019/6/19/18681845/facebook-…[View]
216856122Free speech: We need need this bill to succeed god dam it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9IMsgz_Z…[View]
216847923United States and Canada: What can the US and Canada do stop destroy the Latin mongrels?[View]
216854987The fourth Reich: Daily reminder: zyclon b is a delousing agent that was used on the mexican border …[View]
216832008ONE OF THE BIGGEST DRUG BUSTS IN U.S. HISTORY IN PHILLY!: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/philadelphia-…[View]
216854350How can people believe in the science backing climate change but not believe in the science that say…[View]
216854943did /pol/ forget about our meetups?[View]
216856975Whenever I see an environmental disaster I'm reminded of how we could solve all of this if we k…[View]
216856059Why Are Conservatives So Lame?: Does all their homophobic, racist and sexist fear & hate make th…[View]
216856840Oh shit niggas its habbenin: https://www.abc15.com/national/iran-says-revolutionary-guard-has-shot-d…[View]
216854927Euros wont understand but any football snobs here who think they might have CTE? I remember a few br…[View]
216856379The weak dies the strong survives[View]
216855616Who writes the little messages under Twitter trends, are why they always so biased against conservat…[View]
216856359Was there ever another anime that named the jew so much? This is political because media is politica…[View]
216852365When people travel to a white nation, they want to get away from the tourist areas in order to see t…[View]
216848783What is the West going to do about this?[View]
216855940which of the two semite tribes are better? the jews or the muslims?[View]
216851236If you're uncomfortable hearing what she called them, rather than outraged that they exist, you…[View]
216833776What ruined Egypt?: >Egypt 3000 years ago >peak of human civilisation, comparable to Greece a…[View]
216856626WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE: My great great great Grandfather was a Jewish slave owner. My great great gre…[View]
216855014Did he do it?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fU7l5HOnzBs[View]
216855540Honduras coup/civil war: Heavy protests in all mayor Honduran Cities (2) will all wanting the depart…[View]
216854635Redpill me on radon[View]
216853542Say something nice to the first pedo POTUS[View]
216854277It’s pride month kiddo! Pull down your pants and show me your cock.[View]
216854782SUMMER SOLSTICE SACRIFICE HAPPENINGS: Friday is the big celebration for Luciferian GloboPedo's.…[View]
216852391Nick Fuentes: So me and my frens figured out that Nick Fuentes that Alt Right Blackpill guy is const…[View]
216851051Charles Darwin revealed how evolution works, but not what it really means. Evolution is no longer ju…[View]
216852035Is there any way to hijack the sperm donor business?: Imagine one of those asian/latina white worshi…[View]
216855781This. Is. Powerful.[View]
216854324The White Half of Chicago: this area of chicago is one of the largest concentrations of white people…[View]
216855284Are sports redpilled? They kinda reflect the /r/masterrace[View]
216853728Conservacucks are pathetic, all they do is constantly give leverage to leftists. They are cowards.[View]
216851769'These same moralists often turn to government offices with the request to ban films, plays, operas,…[View]
216855768You guys remember Sky King? What a great way to go. We should all strive to be like him. https://www…[View]
216854776Beautiful Aryan Goddess: Is this the looksmaxed Anglo/Germanic GODDESS I keep hearing about? LMFAO…[View]
216837314REFUGEE CAUGHT PLANNING ATTACK ON PITTSBURGH CHURCH: https://www.wtae.com/article/pittsburgh-residen…[View]
216852162Iran rolls up largest CIA spy network in the world: Glow in the dark niggers permanently shut down …[View]
216855911Wait Just A Moment!: >Checks watch So you're implying...? >Adjusts Tie Hold the phone! …[View]
216845945say something nice about the new $20 bill honkey[View]
216833254Trump knew the whole time. Trump used his campaign as the ultimate honeypot.: https://twitter.com/js…[View]
216855363The Great (((Youtube))) Exodus: Support creators against censorship Suggestions: https://www.dailym…[View]
216854157what do you suppose this guy's problem is?[View]
216846041Memory Hole General /mhg/: ITT we post and discuss everything that Jews would prefer that us lowly g…[View]
216853341>'H-Hi /pol/' :3 >'I.... I heard you want to start a white ethnostate.' >'C-Could I... mayb…[View]
216846738/bng/ - BLACK NATIONALISM GENERAL: Reparations edition >The Story of Yakub and Yashmal https://ww…[View]
216851719Patrick Casey sure is doing a great job fighting for us kek[View]
216855533I don't hate Jews, it's the opposite. I love them. They are my family. Some of my best fri…[View]
216854772Is this the most broken rule in internet history?[View]
216854342What was the name of the 'affiar' that had to do with the USS Liberty that had all the memes.[View]
216854214Are the Democrats serious about reparations? Do they realize how insane this is?[View]
216854747With white nationalists now being the subject of mockery as opposed to fear, how do they move forwar…[View]
216840670What happened to libertarianism? It seems like libertarians all disappeared these last few years.[View]
216851540Thank you AOC, for exposing the Trump administration![View]
216854087Everyone enter this contest. I wanna see the look on her face when she realizes that some people don…[View]
216835186She’s going to beat us, isn’t she?[View]
216827999The absolute state of Britain: Is Britain seriously doomed ? Redpill me on this[View]
216850012Upvote system on /pol/: How great would it be if each post in every thread had a 'likes' counter for…[View]
216854853Motivation from dr. William luther pierce, i know you need it boys https://www.bitchute.com/video/vl…[View]
216851087is pol smart enough to understand???: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVEpYMLBRjA with out global a…[View]
216854703This women's brother murdered someone on the Golden Gate Bridge.[View]
216839904Collett vs. Jews Aftermath: The Jews that Mar Collett debated have since taken down the original str…[View]
216853059Notice this chart. As you can see, the Han Chinese are among the purest of all races, and the rest a…[View]
216850754BREAKING: ACTIVE SHOOTER: Reports of 20 + dead HOLY SHIT[View]
216847650>a centralized digital supercurrency controlled by the most untrustworthy company on the planet …[View]
216840170What is the best tank for the incel revolution?[View]
216852278Did Mike just reveal his power level?[View]
216854339Holy Shit It's True: Confirmed. MSM journos lurk here. They try to up their marketability by ge…[View]
216852284What Fake and Gay Things Can We Expect From FBI/CIA/etc?: What false-flags and insidious operations …[View]
216849077HAPPENING.: >Benjamin Netanyahu Admitting to being the puppet master of DJT. >leaked on tape.…[View]
216853938My master, Israel the Great, bids thee welcome.[View]
216854229Dealing with the Jewpill: Hi guys, just thought I'd share my story with dealing with being so r…[View]
216841117How is this not a first amendment violation? Why shouldn’t someone be able say Sandy Hook never hap…[View]
216851651Dump is finished 100% now.[View]
216850475So what happens after this becomes a thing?[View]
216847630Leaf memory hole: Okay, leafs. Recently, there was an issue where our guy Cooper quoted Tarrant…[View]
216846522ANFO Bomb Train Derails in Elko Nevada: was on drudge but is now scrubbed. Aluminium Oxide found on …[View]
216852946Just a reminder, had it not been for Japan the Korean Peninsula would look like Africa today. Under …[View]
216842577It's official: LGBTTQQIAAP+: LGBTTQQIAAP+ #LoveWins[View]
216819375How can we solve the lesbian problem?[View]
216847160This. Is. Not. Okay.[View]
216850596/pol/ what's going on in sacramento county? police scanner is busy. someone contained? bearcats…[View]
216853543Duolingo dropping lowkey redpills.[View]
216837896Why are most people on 4chan so uneducated: It's basically as bad as being surrounded by flat e…[View]
216843862The world's largest dog meat festival will be held in China from tomorrow. Say something Nice a…[View]
216852261RedBlueYellowBlackWhite: Can someone redpill, bluepill, blackpill, whitepill me on wtf a nucleotide …[View]
2168492324chan is one of the last places on the internet where you can exercise complete freedom of speech. N…[View]
216852873End yang gang 2020: We need to kill this[View]
216853370Do any of you fags have a definitive run down on pizzagate? The kikes seem to have scrubbed the inte…[View]
216853081Dem. Staff Who Doxed Republicans During Kavanaugh Hearing Headed to Prison: Didn't see any thre…[View]
216850912>/pol/ with Pizza Gate >Creator of Pizza Gate Alex Jones sent child porn to the families of S…[View]
216853095Trump has the will of a warrior, the values of a bourgeois and the mind of a peasant[View]
216851066What's the point of voting if my state is always blue[View]
216840943how do you deal with the fact that you have no control?: we have no control in this system. most peo…[View]
216839556Would a companion like Joi be enough?: I found this the most compelling thing about the movie Blade …[View]
216851480Why do right wingers: Attack then play the victim so much? It’s the same as the ones who attack peo…[View]
216849911Did the republican and democrat parties actually 'flip?'[View]
216852419Post the most ridiculous examples of corporations pushing faggotry this month[View]
216846913What is this guy's endgame? Is he sincere, or is he some kind of liberal false-flag to make Rep…[View]
216851893Am I the only one who thinks abortion is okay because it kills niggers[View]
216851385Weren’t his comments from two years ago? That’s not very long.[View]
216850284Remember your the freaks and I'm the normal one in the current year.[View]
216849221Are we fighting Moloch: Is Late Stage Talmudism ancient Ba'al Moloch worship? Sacrifice of chil…[View]
216850339Should there be an age limit on voting?[View]
216852571So, how do you all feel about the potentiality of the removal/replacement of 230.[View]
216850084What ought to become of war hoodlums?[View]
216851218It’s Okay To Be Honky[View]
216850873Jared Kushner, Trump's senior adviser and son-in-law, met privately today with Sens. Lindsey Gr…[View]
216851795If someone as creepy as him can be a career politician: Why can’t we get any more white nationalists…[View]
216841012>be me >company I work for designates tomorrow as 'Be an Ally' Day >requests we wear vibran…[View]
216846587Jews, when will you pay us our reparations?[View]
216852308The TRUE foundation of America, in one powerful image:[View]
216852239https://twitter.com/IntelCrab/status/1141536630047748097 https://twitter.com/Seamus_Malek/status/114…[View]
216848657Why do Americans spend so much on healthcare?: I thought le free market was the most efficient?…[View]
216845177Immigration: Give me ONE (1) legitimate reason for immigrants Pro-tip: YOU. CAN'T.[View]
216849523Reparations Thread: This is the only reparations we should offer - change my mind[View]
216823828>Be born into money >Live simple life in one bed apartment. >Don't own car just use a …[View]
216847830Honk: Honk Honk[View]
216852028Flash Poll: How will he recover?[View]
216852016Native Americans: Do they do anything? I never hear about them. Living in casinos and drinking all t…[View]
216851559/pol/ speech and oration competition: Would anyone be interested in some sort of oration challenge w…[View]
216847685Communist Party: Can we get a solid, non-shitty discussion about Communist theory and a basic AMA fo…[View]
216848986The Great (((Youtube))) Exodus: Support creators against censorship. Suggestions: https://www.daily…[View]
216817966we live at the end of times https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsA3PK8bQd8[View]
216851824Future Iran General?: Howdy mein niggers. After many ripple scootles of jazz cabbage I did some thin…[View]
216848778PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - 2020 EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https://www.whitehouse…[View]
216849697So which one of you virgins is going to grow a pair?: >inb4 not politics Her kids aren't goi…[View]
216844716Possible Coup in Honduras: If you thought that illegal immigration to the US was bad enough just wai…[View]
216849301Why did the GOP become the pussy party? They're the same thing as the Democrats now. Every othe…[View]
216848558What is the identity of the girl that kyle cashov said was a “nigger jock” lover[View]
216850903Bernie spitting truth: https://twitter.com/BernieSanders/status/1141435595207716865?s=20[View]
216847335What were they trying to tell us?[View]
216851025Death threats sent to pro-refugee politicians: seems like the krauts are finally waking up[View]
216850765No pity for cops: Scumbags https://www.apnews.com/00a9f6358da348849c0d2fde2dc52b39[View]
216850810Why are there almost no white female shooters?[View]
216851256Esla psedir nma again?: Watch 'Diana does not want the feeding bottle Cartoons For Kids' on YouTube …[View]
216850994>republican senator proposes amendment to the communications decency act >makes you responsibl…[View]
216848741Slightly Concerned about the Anti-Christ General: <- Is anybody else slightly concerned that this…[View]
216850405Russians arent whi-: Russians are subhum-[View]
216851004Blocks your path: You Chad enough to keep your path?[View]
216850966No government agency can overrule.....actions....that we take.[View]
216847209Trump is a liar[View]
216851130Are there really idiots here that are racist by default? If you aren't racist because of actual…[View]
216848830Sounds like he posts on /pol/[View]
216850823Mussolini's Fascism: Did he build the ideal system of government?[View]
216831826The Mid-19th Century: Why was everything better in the 1950s/60s? Even the niggers were better. And …[View]
216847288We need to burn: I hate this world honestly, we got whites hating whites, blacks acting like savages…[View]
216850774Very High IQ Genius on the Youtube Comment Sections: Hey pol, I made a comment on a youtube video ab…[View]
216850002Why did Hitler fail to kill any Jews?[View]
216845204>the crime rate is a problem too how is someone with Tucker’s power level allowed on mainstream t…[View]
216850672Literally none of this is true anymore When do we accept America is dead?[View]
216846740How long until (((they))) put a stop to him?[View]
216850660Anyone have the video?: I wanna see Sam Hyde get memed[View]
216850651You be good boys now, /pol/acks![View]
216848400Retard Zoolinials: Just trying to get some wings at shit house Tilted Kilt ( don't fucking judg…[View]
216848808is this the most beautiful pic ever?[View]
216850513>seething>Charlegmane>William the Conquerer>Harald Bluetooth>Oliver Cromwell: >hav…[View]
216850113Is There Any Way 4Chan can Help Juan Guaido Take Control of Venezuela?: I feel like there are some w…[View]
216845394It's over bros. Democrats are winning.[View]
216849865The 'beta provider' cope: I see this term used a lot by MGTOW types to shame men who make good money…[View]
216847504Jews and elite Shabbos hide power of hypnotism from public: They don't want you to know how pow…[View]
216850213ITT : Post your hourly wage or salary and your state. I'll start 14.25/hr MA Memeball side thre…[View]
216850089Why do so many /pol/fags like anime?: /pol/fags always talk about how much they want to preserve the…[View]
216849950anti fascist ?: why doesnt pol create a 'fascist bashing' group that is named 'anti fascists' and wh…[View]
216850161If any anons want to come watch/share some politically incorrect videos. cytube - PoliticallyIncorre…[View]
216849444why are american teens such psychopaths?[View]
216848485Red pill: Ok, /pol/ red pill me on race and intellect[View]
216846206Why are californians/99% of america so stupid?: The reason why san francisco, LA and other big citie…[View]
216831546It takes a black man - Burgess Owens - to drop MASSIVE red pills on congress. The silence from the c…[View]
216848748In the White Ethnostate....: Youth Labor Force.[View]
216830495Who in God’s name voted for this idiot, /pol/?: Why would the majority of your country vote for such…[View]
216832770improvised firearms: 3/4 inch pipe and 1 inch pipe and a pipe cap and a round file is all u need and…[View]
216820854Brit/pol/ - Daffers EDDIEITION: >be me >be in woods >I got a ten minutes head start >It…[View]
216843955why did SJW destroy metal ?[View]
216849809they're coming[View]
216849708Do we have a proper national society?: Do we have a proper national society? No. We do not. The PC m…[View]
216842971Trust Busting General: Yelp's bankruptcy is imminent. How will you celebrate? https://finance.y…[View]
216828556100 %’ Border Crossers with Children Being Released into U.S, Given Work Permits: MAKE AMERICA GR- h…[View]
216848645You realize that even if you live in an ethnostate you can't get rid of hay people right?[View]
216849590Bernie is a cuck: Where is your God now bernouts?[View]
216823844>IT offices in Mexico >most people are white >no indians b-b-ut Mexico is brown…[View]
216847389Isn't it strange how the left was sucking Joe Biden's dick for over a decade, but only rec…[View]
216848207I found this today on twitter, it has been a year not touching blue bird. and planning to never logi…[View]
216819435Pompeo: Iran has ties to Al Qaeda, might have been involved in 9/11: >WASHINGTON — Secretary of S…[View]
216816872Solar observatory down: Memeber that time when that solar observatory was shut down by FBI swat in B…[View]
216845580Rich-Kid Democrat Staffer Who Doxxed Political Enemies Gets Four Years In Prison: https://www.zerohe…[View]
216845422hillary, obama, saudis, freemasons, muslimb brotherhood: reminder: >King of Jordon says muslim br…[View]
216848430is social security a pyramid scheme?[View]
216845854JOHN BOLTON TO VISIT ISRAEL SUNDAY: https://www.jpost.com/Breaking-News/US-National-Security-adviser…[View]
216843300Bongs will need to purchase 'porn pass' to lurk 4chan starting july 15th.: http://archive.is/jur19…[View]
216833519How do we stop unethical tits?[View]
216849140Credit Monopoly: The Western Peoples live under a Credit Monopoly. Money rules all. Money power is t…[View]
216847653Superman was a refugee: The International Rescue Committee assembled a list of famous refugees to pr…[View]
216849079IDW: What's your thoughts on the Intellectual Dark Web? Are you in support of the counter movem…[View]
216849075Jeremy Cunt[View]
216839909Have y'all anons met my nigga Chichael Mertoff? He wears a moustache, but not as a disguise, an…[View]
216849034REPENT!: Jesus not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. Jesus wan…[View]
216845602Niggers getting shot thread: Post your favorite videos of niggers getting shot. Here's mine htt…[View]
216847497Trump will win 2020 Why? Because he's part of the swamp[View]
216834242Only Southern states should have to pay reparations, since only Southern states imposed slavery on A…[View]
216847745Los Angeles: Justice is Served[View]
216845215I've been browsing /pol for a while and I am genuinely curious as to why people antagonize jews…[View]
216847040All heil the Black Suns Glory!: All heil the Black Sun's infinite wisdom. The transcendent eter…[View]
216825166What are the chances trump winning 2020?[View]
216845525PC hurts psychology!: I would post this on Sci till I remembered how stupid they actually are over t…[View]
216846600when did you outgrow this place? for me it was around 2017 when i realized trump was just some fat c…[View]
216817762How much should we pay each black person for slavery reparations?: I think $500,000 would be fair. I…[View]
216848586Does /pol/ support this?: Well /pol/? Do you support the latest conquests by the Finger Lime?[View]
216848705Don't Trust the (((Polls))) Comrades: How short can the memory be of the american electorate? T…[View]
216845841Anniversary of Rosenberg Executions: On this day in history Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, two spies wh…[View]
216842787Are Jews white?: They look white to me[View]
216845687It's ironic that for many years the church used its ability to exclude (excommunicate) people a…[View]
216839422Lads i just found out i'm not white i've been living a ruse[View]
216848139I'd just like to posit that as a Social Security Disability Insurance recipient, I've been…[View]
216839468Why didn't we Nuke the Soviet Union?: >Be US >Destroy Germany >Nuke Japan >But con…[View]
216846470Orange man good[View]
216848230This is the shit that makes me despise Cucktianity.: >Love not the world, neither the things that…[View]
216847675Apologize to Black People: ITT we apologize to black people for slavery, discrimination, colonialism…[View]
216846757Being Transgender and Watching Privilege Change Right Before My Eyes: Wtf i love trannies now! https…[View]
216846179Question for White Amerimutts: Hello. I am a mutt. 56% and tan all over. I have a question. We all k…[View]
216847984White devil ate the whole earf up: Stay woke https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKMGe9m6MrE[View]
216845050What do you want from betas?: What should us betas do? What does society really expect from us, you …[View]
216836000Answer usa poltards now: There is no bill when I call cops and they come to take part in a shoot out…[View]
216841725¿Would you ban heterosexual marriage?[View]
216826709Daily reminder that nukes are FAKE: >There never was any 'weapons of mass destruction >There i…[View]
216846520It is time to pay up 15 trillion dollars[View]
216847354>the shills are still trying You have 25 million reasons to be as terrified as you are. We will s…[View]
216845962Would you fuck a black girl /pol/?[View]
216844374Violence is obsolete: We no longer drench grassy green fields with our blood from battle. Our battle…[View]
216829402Why is she so perfect?: Tulsi Gabbard has officially become my favourite candidate for 2020. Her pol…[View]
216842386The Democrat Party in 2019: Wew lad[View]
216835163STFU: It's all so tiresome. Every single day. >Literally who twitter screenshots >e-celeb…[View]
216839145Boomer Future: >The Year is 2042, >You've long since given up caring about politics as mu…[View]
216828850/pol/ humor thread: post em boys[View]
216847229Assistance is requested: Anons quick question if i wanted to track someone from discord how would i …[View]
216845576The Boomer: lo del título, zoomer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJa9MxGCGkQ[View]
216847208You have no choice, you have owners. They own you. They own everything: Its a big club, and YOU AINT…[View]
216842456Why do redditors worship black people?[View]
216847029Any Secret Service here?: What would happen with the US president when he walks up to the wailing wa…[View]
216839535Corporatism: Why is this word so misunderstood and misused? Why is it so often conflated with Laisse…[View]
216845969How male privilege made me a feminist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3yvGaMQ2Jg[View]
216845560Trump should live tweet during the Democrat debate: He just said on Hannity it was fake news that he…[View]
216844458Moldova is not Romania: And it will never be, fuck off all the gypsie romanians claiming that, nobod…[View]
216843356If this thread gets deleted: All of 4chan is compromised and being monitored by fbi, cia, and nsa ho…[View]
216839768the only thing holding us back from reaching space is belief in this idiot think about that for a mi…[View]
216846480Two year warning: I have reason to believe the US is going to tear itself apart. Lots of non - state…[View]
216832209*gives you cancer and brain damage so some soyboy can turn on his toaster with his phone*: Nothing p…[View]
216842381Gold Anyone?: Who here’s holding gold? https://www.kitco.com/[View]
216841973“Canadian Intellectuals”: There are people on pol right now who think this guy is a legit intellectu…[View]
216842550TV and the Internet were a mistake: It keeps the goyim too occupied and entertained to not fight bac…[View]
216784005Syria General /sg/ - Average /sg/ user Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wor…[View]
216846143The Great (((Youtube))) Exodus: Support creators against censorship. Suggestions: https://www.daily…[View]
216845829How a beta can change himself into an Alpha.: It's called 'Epigenetics'. What I'm about to…[View]
216843928Liberal and Democracy came from Satan[View]
216835790how do you feel knowing this is inevitable and you can't stop it?[View]
216829634FOX NEWS POLL: BIDEN BEATING TRUMP: >A Fox News poll released Sunday shows Biden and four other D…[View]
216845210I need your help anons: I’m basically drunk but that’s because whites are in a bad way rn but my fri…[View]
216845865You know in another thread there was probably an FBI agent asking about why these mass shootings alw…[View]
216824402I'm so fucking sick of seeing this fucking flag fucking everywhere Can I literally not take an …[View]
216831821Evangelicals never figured out that God sent Trump to test them, not save them.[View]
216846106geezy truth news https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3ZExdUJFa8 live now call in ![View]
216846077Yes let's point out the differences before we get to 6 million dead. We kinda want to avoid tha…[View]
216836932Do you believe in reptilians?: Do you believe in reptilians?[View]
216845258Ex-Dem Staffer Who Doxed GOP Senators During Brett Kavanaugh Hearings Is Going to Prison: https://la…[View]
216845017BREAKING NEWS Summerfag invasion meets max level. Pic related. What the fuck are we going to do, fag…[View]
216845777Is Conservatism/Trump Support a Mental Illness?: >I support Trump because he's standing with…[View]
216844243Why are we called Humans and not a more gender neutral term like I don't know, Huthems?[View]
216845201Misnomers of Transgenders: To get my political affiliation out of the way; i am a centrist. For peop…[View]
216842376The Soviets in tandem with US faked all space missions: >The world is run by the satanic jew and …[View]
216845543Why do the homos and gayboys get a month, when the millions dead in all the wars only get a Day?[View]
216844827what does pol think about the electoral college?[View]
216845292What is wrong with white males?[View]
216844730Why does the Left want to sexualize our children, and if you protest against it you are somehow a bi…[View]
216838973Iran bids thee welcome[View]
216841816REPERATIONS FROM WHITEY: HERE'S WHY THAT'S A GOOD THING: https://youtu.be/1ntJzaWuIw0 How …[View]
216838842If we gave black people reparations what do you think they would do with the money? I bet they would…[View]
216834822Assault rifles should become illegal. And I will tell you why. FACT: In 2005, the year after the Cli…[View]
216843785how a faggot american leftist are trying to attack the brazilian right wing: Contextualization: in t…[View]
216843210IN 3 MONTHS ITS THE CANADIAN ELECTIONS: We need to make sure that trudeu is cucked out of office,lea…[View]
216833552Rush Limbaugh Returns 4chan Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9shKtGnOnak Skip to 33:40 Few…[View]
216824431are they finally going to fight against the tranny madness?[View]
216842953Seriously doubting the Holocaust is real. No it isn't a troll post. I've had questions eve…[View]
216843034Repent your sins, for MAGA begins..: The faster you accept that this is going to be a Trump 2020 the…[View]
216844220Breaking: >Pittsburgh police stop refugee from Syria from bombing a Christian church https://komo…[View]
216845257pls die mummy[View]
216842983Instead of telling people to have sex. Why not make more wars? 10 billion is too many!: https://www.…[View]
216845211Isn't it strange how the left was sucking Joe Biden's dick for over a decade, but only rec…[View]
216845075can we help out this site?: freedom of speech social network that just launched[View]
216844459why do Christians still support this guy?[View]
216838383Mexican Reconquista: Is there anything more pathetic than Mexican Reconquista? >be conquered low-…[View]
216829888When did you: Grow out of your reactionary anti sjw phase? This stuff picked up a lot around 2014-20…[View]
216839772Why haven't you read the Mueller report yet?[View]
216841016How to redpill a friend?[View]
216836994tfw this song played when the last british battalion left Canada to go back home in 1871: 'The last …[View]
216841395Rational Sexual Preference: First, let's clear one thing up: humans don't have (((instinct…[View]
216843805What’s Meghan McCain’s deal? Why does she fetishize her dead father? https://youtu.be/KHbrNz1RUVY[View]
216842174Holocaust Happened: I understand Holocaust denial, and I even act like I believe it, because it knoc…[View]
216839885>faggot presidential candidate literally has 'Butt' in his name You can't make this shit up…[View]
216844564Whites can into reality well: >Not a nigger >Not a sandnigger >Not a gook >And definitel…[View]
216842370what's /pol/ up to tonight?[View]
216844509comedy general: right wing comedy general[View]
216844203Insanity: /pol/, please help me, I really need it. I'm something of a newfag, I've joined …[View]
216843042U.S.A.: Americans of /pol/ we should not feel shame or hatred for our country. The U.S. is the most …[View]
216844097If you're name is Cohen you can call a black man 'uppity' in congressional hearing with zero co…[View]
216843880What will happen once they can no longer win? Will the usa be a one party state or will the right tr…[View]
216842793This Is So Cool!: Trump Really Is GOAT POTUS!! >(CNN) Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netan…[View]
216844260North Korea might appear as communist and say they are communist but really they are one of the worl…[View]
216841354Child abusers should be boiled alive: Change my mind[View]
216839939Instead of a race war...: Wouldn't it be better to just sterilize all nonwhites? That way we…[View]
216844098Fractal Sociology if White American Politicos: Femanon here who’s majoring in sociology. I have some…[View]
216844065The only thing that will ever fix western women is 3 generations of Hard Islam and Damnatio Memoriae…[View]
216810539How can white women defend this?[View]
216842627Is this true, pol_: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJa9MxGCGkQ[View]
216829922Jesus H. Christ thread two: >hated (especially by kikes) >degraded >tortured >killed …[View]
216843333is pol smart enough to understand???: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVEpYMLBRjA with out global a…[View]
216843927Prepare Brothers: The news of §240 just reached me whilst looking for a copy of 'Hunter' b…[View]
216804535>Africans are retarde-: https://www.risingafrica.org/success-stories/education/10-african-inventi…[View]
216826552Stop having kids wh*te boy[View]
216841674i figure you lads could likely drop some serious redpills about lithium orotate[View]
216843555>me looking at all the free speech bills the dems are gonna swipe under the table in 4 months lik…[View]
216809177Glow niggers are here: They embedded the site with new tools to track us that’s why we were down. I’…[View]
216842967Even before I was redpilled, 'Israel is our greatest ally' always seemed robotic to me.[View]
216841822What if descendants from slave owners pay decadents from slaves reparations[View]
216838836Have you ever committed a crime /pol/?[View]
216842782It's it's what is /pol/: Why are spooks not kept in cages like the rabid dogs they are and…[View]
216842952The Great (((Youtube))) Exodus: Support creators against censorship. Suggestions: https://www.daily…[View]
216843458One of y'all posted a thread with a based video on Jewmerica yesterday, it was an Iranian music…[View]
216843108Why is it that all around the news: There are spooks who are not getting their penis cheese grated b…[View]
216839860Lots of niggers coming to Egypt for african soccer cup & some of their refugees coming outta the…[View]
216830282Just stop polluting already PLEASE[View]
216843280what does /pol/ think about anarcho nationalism.[View]
216837012Reparations: Every black who can prove to be descended from a slave gets $600,000. This number refle…[View]
216842315(((Trump))) Support: Help support Trump by donating to your greatest ally, aka Israel![View]
216842553what's their endgame?[View]
216832688is supporting Israel based?: Supporting Israel is unironically based hear me out. the United States …[View]
216833246Red pill me on the Amish: What are they like irl? How many kids do they have per family? Are they ba…[View]
216842867Kikes are done goofed and the consequences will never be the same.: goyim kno![View]
216830190Why is /pol/ so intolerant of differing opinions?: This is how the average /pol/fag thinks: if (opin…[View]
216842708Why do millennial women have daddy issues?[View]
216841769>based >seethe >cope >dilate >yikes >basedboy >incel >who hurt you …[View]
216840517Faggot Burger SPECOPS killed green beret in rape attempt: Four elite U.S. Special Operations troops …[View]
216841956Does the growing US national debt, currently 22.4 trillion dollars, have the potential to destroy th…[View]
216838693Are you finally ready to apologize, /pol/?: He was /ourguy/ all along. Dropping N-bombs and sheet. S…[View]
216827411>YFW Kubrick openly talked about 4chan before he died: >what would you like for Christmas, Sta…[View]
216838938Who Would Win?: Post the dankest Who Would Win memes[View]
216841202Has any politican in the last 200 years sold out harder to the jews than Donald Trump?[View]
216841210It's OKAY to be racist[View]
216842040Insta nude ban picket line: Adult performers picket Instagram HQ over company's nude photo rule…[View]
216839286We've Come Full Circle: BlackPeopleTwitter on Plebbit is now requiring that users 'send a modma…[View]
216841865BASED Powell gonna keep the bull market going SPX next target: 3200 Buy FNGU to maximize gains[View]
216842313War footage, Africa: Looking to compile footage of African conflicts involving whites/Europeans. Bus…[View]
216842303Human rights: Why are spooks given humane rights and not categorized under animal rights? They are m…[View]
216837220Fuck niggers and reparations The biggest lynching in America happened to Italians NOT niggers over …[View]
216840899You're welcome pinches Gringos: >Spend thousands of dollars on plane tickets >Travel half…[View]
216841461White Niggers: All I see on this forum is hate against nogs. Why doesn't anyone talk about all …[View]
216842153Miscegenating while using birth control: Would it be acceptable to fuck Brittany Venti while using a…[View]
216842127the real news: reminder: >King of Jordon says muslim brotherhood is a freemason operation >Pro…[View]
216840760Then for no reason at all people voted Hitler into power...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_cont…[View]
216842050Grugler sad: >Grug show wall painting to long-nose tribe >Long-nose tribe no accept me in wall…[View]
216833483Sandy Hook was a hoa-: So what’s the verdict /pol/? >2 legal wins for Sandy Hook parents in batt…[View]
216841949Spooks are souless maggots: They do nothing but take the earths oxygen for that could be used for re…[View]
216837663Can anyone redpill me on flag symbolism? Why do the US flag and European Union flag both have the Fr…[View]
216841850Circumcision: Why do Jews Marry Best White Women?: The AltRight insists that circumcision makes you …[View]
216841851They want Trump to win again: Gibs me mah 40 akuhs and a mule, crackah[View]
216840283Dominican Republic Tourism Board Launches 'Smiles' Campaign: 'The 'Smiles' campaign offers…[View]
216837257HELP:NEED SOMEONE TO MAKE A GLOWNIGGER MEME OUT OF THIS TEMPLATE: just need to add the green glow to…[View]
216840931More cultural enrichment in Canada!: Toronto police have arrested an Imam for sexually assaulting a …[View]
216840551The absolute state.: Here a white woman can be seen with a knife in her chest, praises black gods an…[View]
216840145My conservative friend is slowly turning into a libtard what do I do[View]
216829538Do you feel any pity for the child mudslime he stabbed in the throat?: Petty officer Ed Gallagher’s …[View]
216839887Tell me why same sex marriage is wrong without using, religion, appeal to nature,or cultural norms. …[View]
216841320>/pol/ voted for a boomer HAH AH AH AH A HAHAH AHA[View]
216841174My mother refuses to admit large swathes of science (inb4 muh climate change, this applies far beyon…[View]
216833147cop hate thread: Cops are a bunch of obese kike enforcers they used to be based in the 50s 60s and 7…[View]
216839572Whats pol's national birb?[View]
216841034the (((sith))): >sith during the galactic republics reign often hid as politicans and bankers …[View]
216835370Why don't more white support reparations?[View]
216841368Omg I had the best abortion EVER!: https://www.thecut.com/2019/06/the-best-abortion-ever.html#commen…[View]
216840509Why do Kikes pray wearing little Meccas on their foreheads?: They are still going to the oven[View]
216833925BLACK PEOPLE BEING VIOLENT AGAIN: It comes a time when you have to say, “When will we get rid of 90%…[View]
216831803/pol/ ylyl: Lmao you glorious racists never fail to make me laugh with your 'pol humor' threads Enjo…[View]
216837737Leaderless Resistance: Did /pol even read the essay 'Leaderless Resistance' by Louis Beam? If you di…[View]
216841177The Elfish Question: Primer on what elves were seen as in ancient times to deter RPGposting: https:/…[View]
216841082>In Morocco, they are spreading the word that Catalonya will pay 664€ to all the people that reac…[View]
216841123Cool Cat is fucking racist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awIZ6cGKVB8&feature=youtu.be…[View]
216832034Which will it be faggots?[View]
216837315It's literally going on and will contunue to rain for two weeks straight in the midwest. i…[View]
216838604>Be me >Taking online summer English course for school >Class is all about Post-WW2 literat…[View]
216832752Innocent black medical student found with a human torso in his car: KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT/Gray News…[View]
216838375Sanders: Warren supported by 'corporate wing of the Democratic Party': https://twitter.com/BernieSan…[View]
216840922Davian Chester: To the anon who started the last thread, there is gold on this site: >https://soc…[View]
216840868This faggot spit on the hot blonde from Infowars, and little bitch cop, N. Ferris of Orlando PD, did…[View]
216835676Opinion on Mexicans there religious and hardworking but there brown and alcoholic.[View]
216834599Are your gfs/wives redpilled like you are? My gf is a bleeding heart liberal and i can't get he…[View]
216838788OH NONONO https://twitter.com/RealAngelJr/status/1141160378291892225?s=19[View]
216840640Not the hero we need but the retard we deserve[View]
216839119The Great (((Youtube))) Exodus: Support creators against censorship. Suggestions: https://www.daily…[View]
216838131>/pol/ will defend this[View]
216836386wtf is wrong with white people? >white man intentionally kills pregnant woman and her 2 year old …[View]
216838810how to fix our country for dummies step 1 - have the government take care of our basic needs. housin…[View]
216829391Redpill me on the Jews: So is it a meme circlejerk or does /pol/ really hate the the jews and thinks…[View]
216839418Being a class traitor is COOL![View]
216840431Daily reminder: Spooks have no souls they have no meaning in life they have no freewill they are sou…[View]
216839563>Trump complains about 'socialism' >Trump signs a budget that looks like THIS The fuck did he …[View]
216839247What should be done with war criminals?[View]
216836732Many Free Blacks Owned Slaves: So does 'reparations' mean rich blacks that live in a house and own a…[View]
216825096Why are indian men such creeps?why do they act like rapist when they see a white women?[View]
216812009Éire/pol/: GT gets a taste of SA edition: GT & Simon https://youtu.be/1-5jpYRRk1E Nationalist a…[View]
216837062What could possibly be the government's rationale for stealing personal belongings from refugee…[View]
216836422#LetThemGoHome: I'm calling my Representatives and telling them Cortez is right, we must immedi…[View]
216840103More Bad Buzz For Bees: Record Number Of Honeybee Colonies Died Last Winter: >An annual survey of…[View]
216839718Clean your keyboard.[View]
216835961yes: ▲ ▲▲[View]
216838808What does pol think?[View]
216827875NXIVM IS GONNA TAKE ALL YOU KIKES DOWN. GET READY FOR YOUR RECKONING: https://twitter.com/annvanders…[View]
216839923Were there pro-Segregation blacks during the pre Civil-Rights era? I've always wondered if such…[View]
216838425Longneck Cosko found guilty of doxxing: and illegally using a government database. FBI says he would…[View]
216839170Why do Jews hate white people, when they themselves are inbred white people, just with a different R…[View]
216837417Heart: Believers. Hear We. A storm is coming. The Believers need to prepare. Christians have to get …[View]
216839819Holobunga: Paleskin tribe kill six in holobunga! Me make paleskin tribe pay! Me send dark skin tribe…[View]
216830933Facebook Moderators get PTSD and kill themselves due to 'trauma' of the job.: Hell I thought this wa…[View]
216838010The last three generations of White America: This is why https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcGqkvjKCvA…[View]
216821023I hope /pol/ doesn't have any daughters that compete in sports.[View]
216833842>black people want more gibs[View]
216837990Niggers are fucking monkeys. Americans are niggers.[View]
216837651White Identitiy and the JQ: So /pol/ you fucktards have pretty much redpilled me when it comes to Wh…[View]
216831840Who else is excited about the debates next week? They're going to such an entertaining shit sho…[View]
216839544Wait why does Nickelodeon have a DR hotel?: What goes on here[View]
216839497WTF is wrong with these goblins?: Here's your reparations. You want dark meat or white meat?…[View]
216812122Have you ever come back from the black pill? Intensely demoralized by the meaninglessness of life an…[View]
216839471It's Okay To Be White V2: Just post various redpilled flyers everywhere you go to raise awarene…[View]
216839011The 13 and 50: Reminder: The new symbol of White Nationalism™ is the American flag. >Founded by h…[View]
216838206which was better: who was more woke, Ummayads or Abbassids?[View]
216833680RIP Alberta: I was really hoping the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion would get cancelled so more o…[View]
216835939Languages: What languages should someone learn in this political climate?[View]
216837463Endgame edit without women: finally a version of Endgame I can enjoy https://www.npr.org/2019/06/18/…[View]
216839258This is what we could have had: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9yrF-tZ6Ns Instead we live in a fil…[View]
216837956Liberals are gross. Video related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_D02ZhLp9w[View]
216837163More than 2000 9/11 photos found: /pol/ get to work. Surely there’s something there. https://www.fli…[View]
216834906How do you think Germany would have looked like if they had won the war?[View]
216837038How does the USA plan to repay the interest of the federal reserve?[View]
216832877I’ll just leave this here for you racist inbreds. Don’t mind me[View]
216837242The current state of white America: >https://twitter.com/ABC/status/1141285030918000640…[View]
216838158Anyone on here from Los Angeles: Watching Tucker Carlson now and he is speaking about how Los Angele…[View]
216826518Age of consent: What a Chad. White people don't need AOC laws.[View]
216836031/NJF/ NICKER NATION - America First LIVE: >Democrats DEMAND Reparations for Blacks Ep. 410 https:…[View]
216826670*blocks your path to your own money*: If niggers get reparations will you continue paying taxes?…[View]
216832495So how can we make these an alt-right hate symbol?[View]
216838573LGBT BBQ: This is getting out of control. How much longer do we have to wait before it becomes socia…[View]
216838392Joe Biden !: If Biden wins the democratic nomination, you think shitposting his campaign into the gr…[View]
216837854This destroys the Christcuck[View]
216829722In the States there were already more school shootings in 2019 than in Germany since 1988. Let that …[View]
216834790H1-B cap: Our boy is not taking crap from the poos. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trade-ind…[View]
216836887Why does it feel like a conflict between the est and west is inevitable? Throughout history superpow…[View]
216837164Recent Barrage of Slavery Reminders?: Has anyone else noticed that the amount of information being s…[View]
216835772Why do conservatives hate modern/functional architecture?[View]
216827846/pol/ in one picture[View]
216806992TDS457 : [Refresh title show]: let's discuss off-topic Jewish podcasts and tablecloth shirt whi…[View]
216829890Why are most women not intersted in politics?: Almost every guy I talk to would light up when politi…[View]
216837728Ready for the boom in the nigger population /pol/?[View]
216838362existence of god: I know we have this thread every day /pol/ but ITT I want to nitpick any arguments…[View]
216834604why don't we attack (((conservatives))) more?: they're fucking controlled opposition, stea…[View]
216832527The real subhumans are the people that dont have respect for animals and nature in general[View]
216812272Support Tyson Fury: Tyson is the heavy weight champion of the world, hes said zionist jews control t…[View]
216827122Shame on Google!: How could Google forget?! Shame on them![View]
216837161Sounds like conservatives want some kind of credit for not exterminating them all...Alright conserva…[View]
216785181/nmg/ - norf memes general[View]
216838134Spongebob daddy: fuck[View]
216834975I don't know what to do: I'm stuck right now, I used to be fairly left-wing and have a ver…[View]
216830617There will never be a greater African leader.[View]
216836916why does pol suck at the moment?[View]
216836966Does America own the Moon?[View]
216808029Boris better be ready: Boris Johnson wants a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. If he…[View]
216825484Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - German Exorcism Edition: Germans need an exorcism. >upcoming elect…[View]
216837291What does 'glowniggas' mean?: >Mfw asking this question…[View]
216833060/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - CYBERCOMMIE 2019 EDITION: >Pres Trump arrives @JBAndrews 6/19/19 …[View]
216810796Is Ilias Kasidiaris a quadroon?: I'm never heard of niggers in Greece, but when I saw a picture…[View]
216834376Can someone explain the 'patriotard' movement of the early-2000's to a Zoomer? What were its go…[View]
216833514Could somebody please explain the difference between nationalism and facism? Im not sure I understan…[View]
216828942>Applied for a graduate job in a bank >2000 applications >38 places >5 rounds; applicati…[View]
216832288Facebook's jannies are killing themselves: They commit suicide and have PTSD fromi looking at t…[View]
216834999Cracker Barrel BTFO Christcucks over fag slurs.: https://www.knoxnews.com/story/news/2019/06/19/anti…[View]
216834771Gun control: 2011 a Dutch kid used a .22 to murder 6 people https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alphen_aan…[View]
216837287The proposal, senior administration officials said on Wednesday, would vastly scale back the system …[View]
216833178Thoughts on this?[View]
216836962The GOP will be remembered in the history books for its extraordinary hypocrisy. Though if they keep…[View]
216837233Rant thread /Cuck Hate Thread/ General: whites are the biggest fucking cucks to ever exist, and they…[View]
216836993What to do when all forms of culture have been co-opted and turned into commodities and you search e…[View]
216835536to the young zoomers in here, what percentage of kids at school are being convinced they are trannie…[View]
216836578Greg not think holobunga happen: >Grug not think moustache man put big nose man in fire. > Fir…[View]
216837105Hi /pol/ I need your help: I would like to miss school tomorrow, but I am supposed to leave home at …[View]
216836786>Iran good[View]
216836920Graph Thread: How’re you preparing for the slow death of the empire anon?[View]
216836689Honky police btfo by 11yr tranny: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOJRDcGPs3s&t=20s[View]
216835540Any alt right youtuber that covers news items? Tim pool is a centrist and styx is a pagan.[View]
216832890Boris: Red Pill me on Boris Johnson, or explain why he shouldn't win. I've heard about hi…[View]
216832977Are America's days as tech leader drawing to a close? Is Shenzen replacing Silicon Valley as th…[View]
216836558Free Speech has always been a Lie and a Scam: There's no rational case for free speech. Free Sp…[View]
216830019is there anything worse than being italian american?: wish i had blue eyes.[View]
216833714How Much Theology Is Packed Here?: The Fiery Furnace — https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=…[View]
216835092Racism: I think it’s high time to address the fact that white people are the only race capable of no…[View]
216819832What is Logos?: Very curious since I have only heard it relatively recently.[View]
216836612Does anyone have that meme where a crowd of SJWs, BLM, antifa, etc. are at the door of a white man?[View]
216836595Hi Sisters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v26nVoCWkH8[View]
216836447don't be fooled by 'border funding' news today[View]
216824985CANADA OFFICIALLY #1 IN REFUGEE INTAKE WORLDWIDE: Based Canada. Unfortunately my country is embraci…[View]
216835931does anybody have the links to Christchurch mosque shootings i'm too lazy to find them myself[View]
216815771>Socialism will NEVER happen in America! >And we're going to protect your social security…[View]
216821885Her name was Ebba Åkerlund: Her name was Ebba Akerlund She was 11 years old when she was sacrificed …[View]
216830292So is climate change a hoax, or a real thing /pol/?[View]
216823942WE DEMAND REPARATIONS: Jews have been receiving reparations for the genocide against them for decade…[View]
216828929Jews are superior: To whites. You guys try hard to cope with this making conspiracies and elaborate…[View]
216835397Has anyone been having problems with recaptcha using the Brave browser on /pol/?[View]
216830127I just thought of the perfect solution for slavery. Slave dollars. Print a shitload of them, send th…[View]
216828048Does hot weather make you lazy?: Its 25C and I can't be bothered to do anything productive beca…[View]
216830573Life on easy mode thread: >4 girls kill another girl in an unprovoked attack >judge doesn…[View]
216829952daily reminder you have to read the bhagavad gita: Christian heretic[View]
216829966>things /pol/ conveniently choose to ignore I'll start[View]
216809213WHITE GENOCIDE[View]
216835801why is it so fucking hard to find a white town near the coast that isn't flooded with spics and…[View]
216833373Why are there still people pretending that we haven't identified the problem and that we have y…[View]
216816972Serbia? More like Sergaya lmao Serbitchia. Kebab removers? More like kebab receivers lol haha.[View]
216830505What’s going on?[View]
216833008Xe is right you know[View]
216829468Leftists believe they are underdogs: The left still think that they are radicals fighting against op…[View]
216817060The Great (((Youtube))) Exodus: Support independent creators against censorship. Suggested links: ht…[View]
216834440What are some of /Pol unpopular opinions?[View]
216835329>sign up to be an internet moderator of a site of 60 trillion billion users >cant deal with go…[View]
216833844Slave restitution funds: Who do I make the check to and how much? This will finally get former slave…[View]
216823695fascist byzantium: i think it is time to create the fascist byzantium, αδέλφια[View]
216835333Virgin boy wrote a book on dating, here's a sample.: The next time that CIS 150 rolled around, …[View]
2168353244 MORE YEARS![View]
216833087The Real Europe according to Hitler[View]
216832851There's only one way blacks can truly be repaid and gifted to their original just state: and th…[View]
216829736what the fuck was this?[View]
216820416FUCK CHINA[View]
216835070Happy Juneteenth niggers.[View]
216835068https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TK4F-H4u5fs black hebrew israelites getting demolished by white man-…[View]
216825101Lol shit skins cant even tell the difference: https://twitter.com/GodLovesUSA1/status/11405318037588…[View]
216831634>Pedo2020! Cmon people. Nambla? Lolis? Who wants to fuck a 8yo?[View]
216831006>German Culture https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsVuky8FmU8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvS35…[View]
216825756>EXCLUSIVE: 'You must suck black c***s to sign clients.' Woman sues top Hollywood talen…[View]
216834442Unseen 9/11 photos bought at house clearance sale Archivists who bought a stash of CDs at a house cl…[View]
216833647What is Nancy Pelosi 'afraid' of?: https://twitter.com/Journo_Christal/status/1141337822135275521…[View]
216830441Legacy of the Warsaw-pact: As you can see, again the East has proven itself to be the shining beacon…[View]
216827056Where can I find videos of blacks/muslims beating white women?: Is there a repo somewhere of vids wh…[View]
216829941IDF holds largest drill in years to prepare for future Hezbollah war: https://www.ynetnews.com/artic…[View]
216831857When we will eradicate them ?[View]
216833121>tfw none of the bullets are hitting[View]
216824094MAGA: It’s once again time to rally behind and support our God Emperor Trump. It’s time for the trol…[View]
216829934So why can't we talk about this, /pol/?[View]
216833722Do you think if we exterminated all Jews, negros and spics then we could achieve world peace? With t…[View]
216834220The hatred of SJWs is the hatred of the Messianic Judaism some Jew made into a social cause: Nobody …[View]
216825047Brit on holidays in Canada here Where do I need to go to get my temporary walking loicense? Do I nee…[View]
216832385ORANGE MAN GOOD[View]
216832856Just so you know: If you're not 100% Aryan you're not white, and if you're not white …[View]
216834106https://youtu.be/IsBB4i4k2PM?t=158 >I just want to get from my car to the office without being co…[View]
216826304W-We won, b-bros...[View]
216833443Right Wing Post Abortion Squad General /RWPAS/: If you support abortion you should get abortion. If …[View]
216833910No Live PD Wednesday night edition? tha hell?[View]
216832624Who was in the wrong here?[View]
216810174train derailed and was carrying ammonium nitrate, grenades, ammunition and small arms: >DEVELOPIN…[View]
216830877>Rwanda, an african shitpile >99% believe vaccines are safe >Japan, a wealthy, intelligent,…[View]
216833789How is this even allowed? A lady can sue a white man anonymously while the mans name isnt censored? …[View]
216830221Why does the left keep pushing people to the Right?: >I keep seeing this shit every week. And fo…[View]
216833723MEME FACE: Lets make her a 2019 meme queen[View]
216832570Jews should have got Odessa: Odessa should have been given to the Jews after WWII rather than Palest…[View]
216827760Is recreational sex = bad the ultimate redpill?: >Greek philosophers, scientists and mathematicia…[View]
216832725>The left: republicans don't believe in science! >Also the left:…[View]
216830392Sign this faggots: Sign. this. Petition. All of you slacktavist faggots bitch about our race dying …[View]
216829470Leftist habits and terminology, such as >'Y'all' intertwined with otherwise non-southern spe…[View]
216813294Project Bleach.: It has come to my attention that many of you are disgusted with one of Nintendo…[View]
216829399Israel has a giant democrat problem.: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/us/politics/israel-hu…[View]
216825527Why did he invade Poland? give a rational response not ''he was just a warmonger!'…[View]
216819607Daily reminder about your fbi agents: Hi my name is Paul Charles Atria II I'm a gangstalking vi…[View]
216822545>be kikebook moderator >coworker carried out on stretcher by EMT's >go to bathroom …[View]
216821983OH NO NO NO NO NO NO: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH https://twitter.com/DonaldJTrumpJr/status/1141089503383379968…[View]
216831501How do we ruin this?: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Wiki_Loves_Pride_2019[View]
216831063$4.6 Billion in Emergency Wall Funding: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-06-18/senators-…[View]
216829774The Surveillance State: For some reason, in America if you Google “How to live without money”, you g…[View]
216823009Chad Stalin and Beta Adolf. KEK.[View]
216827091Scripture Reading and Reflection: GOSPEL - John 14:21-24 The Lord said, 'They who have my commandmen…[View]
216807404Local politicians in Germany face increasing number of death threats: the fire rises, this is the ac…[View]
216826246He absolutely cannot lose in 2020. Anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves.[View]
216827901Syrian refugee arrested in Pittsburgh on terrorism charges...: >Planning attack on Christian chur…[View]
216830279Wake the fuck up /pol/, take the birdpill https://birdsarentreal.com/pages/the-history 'Cats' kill b…[View]
216825170'Why Millennials Can't Afford to Buy a House Meme' I just got the keys for my own home(a 75m2 f…[View]
216830825Was Trump right to pardon him?: Rubashkin, 57, ran what was America’s largest kosher meat-processing…[View]
216832459Was western civilization abandoning the Geocentric model a mistake?[View]
216820558>friend asks me to do impressions of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy on WhatsApp >derail t…[View]
216832454Is it worth it? this world is grossly overpopulated 8 billion soon, india, china, they all have nuke…[View]
216832375Nancy Pelosi is a Literal Israel Firster: Nancy Pelosi - 'If This Capital Crumbles To The Ground The…[View]
216832360Is Japan doomed to become diverse?[View]
216829646Let me tell you about the jews: You stupid fucking idiot, this is a mental illness, where do you get…[View]
216832307Canada thread: Is Pan Man /ourguy/ ?[View]
216822706Niggers sue police for $10 Million Dollars after nigger father steals kids underwear.: When will nig…[View]
216829280Why do you: Do this migapedes? I thought jews were bad to you?[View]
216832192Why do you hate the Washington post/CNN/NYT?[View]
216831002This is why the United Kingdom is insecure. Prove me wrong[View]
216830727Vertigo Politix and The Paris Commune: Vertigo Politix’s new channel “TheLastWhiteMan” put out a vid…[View]
216805777Has South Africa already collapsed?[View]
216828035FUCK THIS GAY EARTH: lindsey graham just sat for an interview on fox and said the goyim must fight t…[View]
216831727August 2017: 'Very fine people on both sides.' June 2019: Don't call them concentration camps. …[View]
216831643We've known where he stands since he bowed to King Salman with one face and declared Jerusalem …[View]
216830638The merit of Marx is that he suddenly produces a qualitative change in the history of social thought…[View]
216831615Happy Freedom Day to my fellow Black brothers and sisters in America! Juneteenth, also known asJunet…[View]
216831171Sala Murder: 'Det Insp Huxter urged people not to speculate about the identity of the man as it coul…[View]
216828802Weimar/degeneracy thread - Pride month edition: Let's get it going lads. Fuck this world.…[View]
216829852Why White People should convert to Islam!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLMJS-JHHcU[View]
216831181What would politics, news, technology, education, etc. look like if it was true to them?[View]
216831450>this is what you want to preserve: https://youtu.be/rOH37W0jPpA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
216831228YouTube: How to download videos from terminated YouTube accounts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EC…[View]
216829447https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYdYm3TufEc thoughts on this? if you don't like rap just watch …[View]
216814095Just pull yourselves up by your bootstraps, that's what I did.[View]
216831361Woman Use Sex to Control Men: It really is that fucking simply. Women do not care about men as perso…[View]
216820912Try to tell me why this guy is bad: >young entrepreneur >wants to give (You) free money >wa…[View]
216828364POOS BTFO: https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1141473592695238656[View]
216826899>Did you say some shit about Jews?[View]
216830684Syrian refugee arrested in Pittsburgh on terrorism charges...: http://archive.today/xlKvH He was pla…[View]
216829434>Mr. President, the time to act is now.[View]
216821348A zionist AND a Pedophile. You really can't make this up. Yet again /pol/ is always right. I sh…[View]
216829892Republicans are not our friends. They support all the same degeneracy as the Democrats. In fact they…[View]
216830785Apparently last year or so a company by the name of Adamantium Real Estate purchased the property an…[View]
21682095030 year RESET h-happening: https://commodity.com/debt-clock/germany/ >>216794193 Can you feel …[View]
216808609Pol will justify this: Wtf is wrong with the american legal system[View]
216829352Why can't everyone just accept it?: That's one of the things they do most.[View]
216830493Don't Forget.....: ......this used to be a Liberal mantra.[View]
216826272Opinions that are actually facts thread: I'll start: 1. If you're christian, you're …[View]
216829510ONE TERM LOSER[View]
216830138Immigrants Taking Over: These people have a free pass it appears... https://youtu.be/Yk3j-fq2Xvo…[View]
216829886FBI investigated me: The story is really long but basically I made fun of Muslims and then it got to…[View]
216830098Why do other 'countries' think they're remotely on par with the US?[View]
216830051>/pol/s out look on things is basically the comedian and rorschach from the watchmen well then…[View]
216805715/balk/ Balkans: Can we remove albania? They are literally fucking useless in everything[View]
216829926The New Siberian Islands: Make them you “north or “up” and the average IQ declines if you go “south”…[View]
216824614Everyone wants to be born in USA, theres no better place to be born. USA is realistically the only 1…[View]
216828085Why does /pol/ hate Muslims?[View]
216829866pol does not talk like that: 'pol does not talk like that. Look at the memes chosen in these posts. …[View]
216823893Whiteoids are confirmed beta males[View]
216829277Hero or Villain?[View]
216829688Why the literal fuck has America not collapsed yet? America needs to be destroyed with Israel. Ameri…[View]
216827026I TRIEEEED SO HAAAAARD: AND GO SOOO FARRRRRRRRRR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVTXPUF4Oz4…[View]
216825210How dose /pol/ feel about this: Idk if anyone is already talking about this, but how do you feel abo…[View]
216829650>Fervent leftist hippie troughout his life >Turns into a republican later in his life How come…[View]
216829599Leadership: Calling everyone of ambition and intellect to join in face-to-face conversation, instead…[View]
216829494CareBears were Commies and covertly LGBT..Do you remember any Redpilled cartoons from your childhood…[View]
216828701YES... GOOD GOYIM!: Southerners, what the fuck are you guys doing this for? >After 106 years, Leo…[View]
216829407https://youtu.be/u58oS5znU7U Muslim 'dawah' (recruitment) channel filled loosing their shit over an …[View]
216827660PITTSBURGH: SYRIAN 'REFUGEE' ARRESTED: https://www.wtae.com/article/pothole-problems-becoming-increa…[View]
216828178How the average Democrat voter thinks: In case anyone thought maybe not all of them were crazy…[View]
216829363trump: why does hope hicks have an adam's apple and look like a faggot man?[View]
216828418https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1P62CsP0i8 part at 4:50 just fucking hilarious[View]
216829311https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Commons:Wiki_Loves_Pride_2019 What the fuck is this bullshit? App…[View]
216829274Everyone please stand for the national anthem. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TMHCw3RqulY[View]
216819508Why do many americans hate San Francisco? Every american T.V show i see, they roast SF there.[View]
216829130Why does he want: To date a Latina so badly? He’s been talking about her non stop since he first hea…[View]
216829165These men shot down MH17: Three Russian military and one pro-Russian rebel from Ukraine.[View]
216791968Canadian Core Inflation Soars To 10-Year Highs: Inflation is running much, much higher than the gove…[View]
216821716Doomer thread: Come all ye who have abandoned hope. Post ITT why you are a doomer. >watching soci…[View]
216809031/RPG/ Redpill general: >Very useful threads and articles (mostly HBD related) https://pastebin.c…[View]
216829052mom come pick up me I'm scared[View]
216827872Privatize profits, socialize losses. They love socialism more than anyone.[View]
216818519Remember when Barack Obama presidency, we never had any mass shootings?[View]
216829026America is the bes.........: >Depleted Military Every recruiting station in my area of NJ has clo…[View]
216828869Redpill the Feds: Redpill the FBI agents currently eating up our tax dollars to shitpost on 4chan. G…[View]
216828986'Keep England White': Churchill was fucking based for a warmonger shabbos goy[View]
216812557THEY CAN'T KEEP DOING THIS: https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2019/06/19/substitute-teach…[View]
216808498(((RON WYDEN))) REEEEEING ABOUT 4CHAN AND INFINITY: https://twitter.com/RonWyden/status/114141550681…[View]
216823132Sloppy Job Mossad. Does Israel think this shit will get us to go to war?: https://twitter.com/Breaki…[View]
216828507>arbitrary value systems[View]
216824899Bernie Sanders wants to take on the greed of Wall Street Banks, Major Corporations, Big Pharma, the …[View]
216828807Considering the mass scale happenings that were occurring on a daily basis. Was WW2 the most excitin…[View]
216821124Has any guest of his on or off the show ever explained what fractional reserve banking is?[View]
216822189Actual black: Ask a black who isn’t a lib anything[View]
216828691It's the Economy, Stupid!: >there are dictators in Africa who live better than you >there…[View]
216811413So the Russians did shoot down that airplane. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/19/world/europe/mh17-u…[View]
216827329https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZ5vI6JBOcY Laughed my ass off hard. 1. Nigger points silver pipe a…[View]
216821270TRUMP 2020: >https://webuildthewall.us/foremanmike/ this man has singlehandedly redirected the co…[View]
216819430Look at this /pol/, the agenda at work: Top is the original headline, when the fake news Daily Mirro…[View]
216828218I know the feds are here and this is dangerous water to swim in, but whatever. How many of you are u…[View]
216825016Sl*vggers: Why do we allow these subhumans to dominate over 1/2 of the worlds land surface area? Sl*…[View]
216828501Y'all niggas need to protest: Black folks should move away from whites thus allowing their civi…[View]
216804627KIKES BTFO AT REPARATIONS HEARING!: https://twitter.com/CalebJHull/status/1141380400893349889…[View]
216828013The Great Formerly White North: Canada resettled more refugees than any other country in 2018, UN sa…[View]
216827924Future governance: A future like that of cyberpunk 2077 is much more desirable than that that of Fal…[View]
216819364Varg and 'traditional women' on the extreme left: I mean wtf how is some pro-abortion, pro-lgbt, ant…[View]
216825900Bible redpills: >the women should keep silent in the churches. For they are not permitted to spea…[View]
216828370Daily Reminder: FBI 'agents' have had their baby dicks sucked on: Jews run the FBI Jews are the FBI …[View]
216808159i fucking hate this country t. swiss[View]
216819997TRUMP 2020: I can't believe you idiots don't see what's actually happening. Anyone wh…[View]
216816618USA - Canada: I noticed theres hatred and rivality between US Posters and Canada-Posters, but i neve…[View]
2168269891871 Paris Commune video censored in record time: From TheLastWhiteMan on youtube: No bitchute, anyo…[View]
216828169When does it stop,bros? Every time I think there’s hope in this world, an overwhelming flood of dege…[View]
216811931We Fly Our Flag: Capture the rainbow and turn the Pride Flag into a hate symbol. For keks.[View]
216825337Abortion is murder.[View]
216821730Happy Juneteenth. How much did you pay her this year??[View]
216823603Every single movie and TV show was better when all the characters were white.[View]
216797096/Pol/ Approved Entertainment: > Netflix is only mulatto SJW 'white man bad' propaganda …[View]
216813139How do city-dwelling whites remain so bluepilled?: I travel to the city 1 day a week for grand jury …[View]
216827970You know the truth is that I can't lose.[View]
216808444NXIVM JURY REACH VERDICT IN CASE. GET IN HERE: https://twitter.com/ejleven/status/114141487046376243…[View]
216808399How will the rest of the world cope when this aryan mega-chad becomes PM of the UK?[View]
216820363Political confession thread: I like serbs[View]
216827551Test.: Test.[View]
216827745I wanna die /pol/: I cant take living in this world anymore. I have no job, no gf, live with parents…[View]
216824360I don’t even understand how you can sue a private company over them removing content. It’s their web…[View]
216821319Alex Jones is part of whatever the clown Pepe/ clown world psyop is: That's what he meant by th…[View]
216826409Vote for Hillary if you want a taco truck on every corner[View]
216826268Everyone's got a 'good day' self and a 'bad day' self; growing up is about not letting the latt…[View]
216827383>blacks demands reparations because whites enslaved them >blacks also claim they kangz in Egyp…[View]
216823621How do we feasibly prevent a technocracy?[View]
216823412>None of them are Far-Right: WHAT THE FUCK SYRIA?[View]
216826690incels are real, right?: Forget about the politics of inceldom for a second. we all know that >b…[View]
216826766I'll have to get a fourth job if a monthly reparations payment bill gets passed.[View]
216826966Nogs just moved next door /pol/, what can I expect?: I recently got a house about 2 months ago in wh…[View]
216827413Mods dont like the instore prices: >lunch break >hit up McDonalds Fake food tastes like shit …[View]
216822581Who is really behind reparations?: Does anyone know how to check campaign financing for these Democr…[View]
216826669Reparations: With all this current talk, and today a House hearing on reparations for niggers, will …[View]
216821289Reparations: Did Congress decide how much the jewish slave ship owners and traders are going to pay …[View]
216817027“Mother” is offensive: I am sitting in a corporate meeting (all women). Maternity leave is not inclu…[View]
216826818Our greatest strength is also our greatest weakness: Imagine living thousands of years ago in the bi…[View]
216825006/OURGUY/ INTRODUCING ANTI-CENSORSHIP LEGISLATION: I really hope something will come out of this. Thi…[View]
216822991french glower here ama[View]
216816243I’m Irish. When do I get my Reparations??: Pay me bitches![View]
216808650Jesus H. Christ: >hated (especially by kikes) >degraded >tortured >killed >still went…[View]
216818661It's almost like a hostile foreign government directly interfered in our election to intentiona…[View]
216808834as you can see, north indians are caucasoids. therefore if a north indian man marries a blonde scand…[View]
216827171Rhodesia/ Zimbabwe: I’m going back to Zimbabwe for the first time in 11 years to visit my granda He …[View]
216813040anyone else growing out of joe rogan? I heard the new one and the thought these are 45-50 year old m…[View]
216824296>Find out someone is Jewish >Instantly distrust them T-thanks /pol/.…[View]
216826992Socialism isn't bad in and of itself: The problem isn't the left or right, those are just …[View]
216826952cunts betrayed the dutch why?: why we provided for them gave them housing gave them money and gave …[View]
216823182“I need you very badly,”: >“No one’s standard of living will change, nothing would fundamentally …[View]
216824914Post your face when Bolton gives green light for obliterating Iran.[View]
216826804What did Mike Pence mean by this?[View]
216826822Post things the honked media and establishment doesn't want to give you ideas about: In pic rel…[View]
216822278Cyberbalkanization: Does sitting here infront of your PC dicussing with people that generally agree …[View]
216821390Dear NiggerAnons: Why have you not moved back to Africa? There is no whitey there to oppress you or …[View]
216825848MUELLER... COMEY... ITS OVER. I HAVE THE HIGH GROUND NOW. PREPARE TO DIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
216802816AOC on the border detention camps: When AOC said that the border camps are 'concentration camps' I d…[View]
216824677You owe me: Pay up $$$ America[View]
216822750Yang gang right?[View]
216820838NXVIM Leader Keith Raniere Found GUILTY on All Charges: https://lawandcrime.com/high-profile/it-took…[View]
216822683They're plan has been revealed: the jews want to release a bioweapon to kill off the worlds pop…[View]
216825123Saving the white race: A war in iran will save the white race We all know that the modern western wh…[View]
216826444starting to feel like 2016 again lads[View]
216826184Sexual Relations Between Elite White Women and Enslaved Men: > ABSTRACT: There is ample evidence …[View]
216810928How do we fix the west?[View]
216816515/pol/tard arrested for serial killings:: Okay, which tripfag was this? >Arrest made in 3 apparen…[View]
216819728Which countries has the best education system?[View]
216822232>'I don't hate women I just think that the 19th ammendment was a mistake.' >'no I don…[View]
2168113444d chess[View]
216824916God Emperor[View]
216825197Norm MacDonald dropping red pills: https://youtu.be/6AL5NGY7AjI[View]
216823908So the Iranian ayatoilet is a centrist cuck: >Moderation and Development Party (Persian: حزب اعتد…[View]
216818292The FBI Infiltrated /pol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HUdnRojJVQ[View]
216823549Is the Hyde Amendment flip-flop an indication that former Vice President Biden...isn't very str…[View]
216825845Margret Sanger: This gal was okay in my book.[View]
216825753The absolute state of toronto: Why doesnt the media say what the suspect looks like. Saying a suspec…[View]
216818484Post a legitimate opinion you truly hold that you know is going to piss of most of /pol/[View]
216822985Does Arabic Far-Right exist?: >Palestine = Left-Wing >Syria = Left-Wing >Iran = Left-Wing i…[View]
216803578USA is fucked: just watched a video about Los Angeles is it really that bad in LA?[View]
216825010THIS COULD BE THE WEST BUT YOU KEEP ELECTING STATISTS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92lO2Bum7v4 …[View]
216822880Did the brit got arrested by this shithole picture?: I'll go to the UK and pop some British bel…[View]
216822960How do you fight the degeneracy of moral principles?: Psychologically I am exhausted /pol of seeing …[View]
216815902What happened to his chin ?: Why did Pajeet lose his chin?. I thought they were pure white Aryans…[View]
216768798This guy BTFO four jews today: Mark Collett BTFO four jews today and all the memes about Jews arguin…[View]
216823434Are we on the wrong side of history?: All the rich, powerful and smart people are promoting LGBT and…[View]
216817552MH17: These are the 4 men who directly fired a buk surface-to-air missile and downed the MH17 plane,…[View]
216819597Brazil's stock market index closes at 100000 for the first time ever thanks to the new governme…[View]
216824580These are the same people who collectively voided their bowels when a black athlete kneeled during t…[View]
216824628David French 2020: C'mon fellow /pol/ users, let's MEME David French into the White House!…[View]
216822638National KYS day 11/25/19: I urge you ladies and gentlemen - this is the only day we can all come to…[View]
216820060Does the word filter remove 4chan's protection against being sued? For instance I say onions an…[View]
216821350' /pol/ hated him...because he told the truth.'[View]
216821188The only communist leader I kind of like: So recently mainly bcs a lot of old people have nostalgia …[View]
216819930Second ex-Senate staffer charged in aiding doxxing of GOP senators: https://thehill.com/homenews/hou…[View]
216801922Let's start another nigger hate thread[View]
216824473Note that the quotes are from his own people. Not surprising since his WH is constantly leaking his …[View]
216824470Jewish Moshiach: Hey /pol/ I know the basics to the Jewish moshiach and how it’s tied directly to th…[View]
216820201Dear Lucifer Soul Group: http://www.illuminati-news.com/00363.html This is the first im hearing of t…[View]
216823878I unironically think boomers are the worst generation. Even the based ones won't give up their …[View]
216814907What can be done about loneliness epidemic?: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.psychologytoday.com/us…[View]
216799969Why is slavery reparations being pushed so hard?[View]
216817861SLOPPY JOB MOSSAD: https://www.timesofisrael.com/mossad-intelligence-linked-iran-to-uae-tanker-sabot…[View]
216815580Criticizing a cult while participating on pol...: Is the irony lost? Truth is that per the constitut…[View]
216820046Kosher meat supplier in Liverpool, England found dead... https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverp…[View]
216816772PELOSI IS 'AFRAID' OF THE DIRECTION BARR IS HEADED: https://twitter.com/Journo_Christal/status/11413…[View]
216798991When did you escape the white woman matrix?: For me it was after I watched Murdoch Murdoch’s yellow …[View]
216823951i've been hearing lately that the heating tensions with Iran and the US are 'False Flags,…[View]
216821684'Real ID': Have you guys heard of this bullshit? In a little over 1 year, you won't be able to …[View]
216817913welp boys i got denied from serving in the military on medical grounds due to a heart condition ive …[View]
216812322After the DNC said NO BERNIE: I am calling it now. It will be a Biden Warren ticket for 2020. Sorry …[View]
216820359How do we fix: The American obesity problem?[View]
216820754I love the idea of reparations: I know a lot of white people in Connecticut who are super selfish an…[View]
216822584How do we do it?: How do we red pill people? How do we do it on a large scale? Surely there is a way…[View]
216815766Hello fellow 4chaners How many of you hate Jews? Do you deny the Holocaust? What do you think should…[View]
216821781It's happening /pol/, it starts like this...[View]
216821629The slippery slope argument doesn't exist, they said.[View]
216817412Niggers and the Middle-Class: I live in east-London, and I'm one of the last remaining white En…[View]
216820136FUCK CHINA[View]
216812588Why is it easier to intergrate Euros?: Hey faggots Cuck nationalists like pointing out that civic na…[View]
216823150P&G at it again with Woke Ad: Procter and Gamble has new ad, and when you think they couldn…[View]
216821644Trump 2020: Remember that its going to be Israel first folks! Israel first! Israel number 1! #besta…[View]
216817414So there was a mass shooting and a mass stabbing all in the same parade...[View]
216822987Is bojo secretly UKIP but stays conservative for the optics? Calling muslims letter boxes seems in l…[View]
216818580Human Biodiversity: Is this the worst nigger nose? Does it get any more horrifying than this?[View]
216822850>I am sorry, Master. >YOU HAVE FAILED ME FOR THE LAST TIME…[View]
216822344Somalia pilled: When did you realize Somalia is ancap heaven?[View]
216821383Perfect Europe does not exi...[View]
216819723>In August 2015, the United States Department of the Interior announced the change of the officia…[View]
216821085are dutch women whores: the answer is yes they are their cunts[View]
216818859Does the Illuminati card game not confirm that Trump was selected for Presidency? Not a tranny shill…[View]
216821943Age of consent is a form of slavery: Give me one reason why it shouldn't be abolished[View]
216817502ALEX JONES CONFIRMED LITERALLY DID NOTHING WRONG http://archive.is/SILbj http://archive.is/SILbj htt…[View]
216822482Boris Johnson, UK prime minister[View]
216822474Boomers hold such a massive influence over our country. How did this make you feel?[View]
216820951Some explain me this: So first off the jew theory to me is for people with low IQ or blinded by a de…[View]
216818019My Phd Biology teacher said in class :: 'We have to stop the binary 'male/female' categories because…[View]
216811224brit/pol/ - Rory on suicide watch edition: >Tory leadership contest: Rory Stewart knocked out htt…[View]
216820055Mitch McConnell: >cute asian waifu >billionaire father in law >above idiotic religious bull…[View]
216820049This is how we deal with knife people in Norway https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=9F4lH_1560962496…[View]
216818207Could somebody please explain the difference between nationalist and fascist systems of government t…[View]
216821243Ta-Nehisi Coates: This is literally the guy testifying before Congress about the need for slave repa…[View]
216819025Thoughts on this /pol/?: Was looking for a thread on this on the catalog but couldn't find any …[View]
216816571I am an Iranian-American. I love America and Western values. Speaking with relatives and friends of …[View]
216821526Trash, not art. Dumbing down our society. Marvel and Disney are shitty ((((corporations))). This is …[View]
216818981My fellow Spaniards: You do realize the enemies in Resident Evil 4 weren't actually Spanish, ri…[View]
216820146are YOU ready for the Indian century? https://youtube.com/watch?v=Xl0b2LGf9jM[View]
216809324>Be normal kid without Aspergers >School warns me from 3rd grade onward to watch out for Nazis…[View]
216813425YouTube under federal investigation over children's privacy: report: https://thehill.com/policy…[View]
216818488Still think climate change is a joke, /pol/?[View]
216820054Fears for Merkel’s health after she violently shakes while meeting Ukrainian president (VIDEO): http…[View]
216791176Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Ze.tt Edition: >upcoming elections Brandenburg: Sep. 1 2019 #ltwbb…[View]
216820482304 COUNTRIES: Let's kick these cocksuckin' Yids out once and for all and be done with it …[View]
216813857Creators of Youtube: Why do you put up with it?: Look at this video and tell me you don't have …[View]
216819827Rig Vedic curses. The oldest Hindu texts. Do the curses work in the modern day?[View]
216815305Taylor Swift accused of 'using LGBTQ people as props' in new music video: >Nice to watc…[View]
216820674Anyone else just tired of those types of Turning Point USA and their endless pandering to Israel? In…[View]
216814004This place is truly dead.: The golden days are truly behind us boys. I've held out hope for thi…[View]
216813250GET TO WORK AMERICA!: GET TO WORK AMERICA! Blacks Whites Young Men Young Women per Trump's new …[View]
216819793How is white genocide even a real thing? Like nigga, just turn off your computer and start impregnat…[View]
216821148>police using Newspeak: yeah, I’m thinking it’s over[View]
216814629Memeflags: what is the most memeflag using country on /pol/ i think its USA or Germany[View]
216820954North American Union Or Anglo Union?: Would it be better for all of the Anglos of the world to unite…[View]
216812630FBI are here, lads. Be on your BEST behavior![View]
216820928Joe Biden came under sharp criticism: >for remarks he made about his time working civilly with SE…[View]
216820727AOC is the future: I heard an African-American liberal blogger on NPR yesterday talk about why AOC i…[View]
216791818Based Tucker Carlson[View]
216811533What is the last book you've read, /pol/?[View]
216817449Chernobyl upsets (((them))): Is the movie Chernobyl red-pilling normies at an alarming rate or somet…[View]
216818783Rome and Athens were the London and Paris of their time. Debauched, multicultural cities swarming wi…[View]
216818454'BAKED ALASKA BAKED ALASKA BAKED ALASKA' *appears behind you in the mirror*...how do you greet him??[View]
216820647If blacks are so mistreated in this country, why not just go back to Africa? I mean, it's not l…[View]
216820190What went wrong /pol/: >Colonize Most of the World >Bring Civilization to Backward Savages …[View]
216819391Former Trump supporter. Now Biden 2020. This was the turning point for me. Trump never should have c…[View]
216820328Germans are finally waking up! Yay![View]
216818363-/pol/ hates socialism -loves national socialism Aren’t they the same thing?[View]
21681904752% of Brazilians over 25 did not finish middle school: https://g1.globo.com/educacao/noticia/2019/0…[View]
216818228Trump on Trump; 'I've done more damage to ISIS...' Trump on Obama; 'Obama deserves much less cr…[View]
216812952So this.. is the power.. of national socialism[View]
216819238Should women be paid reparations over the patriarchy?: I think it's time we manned up and took …[View]
216819076Pay up, cracker: It’s time. Pay up, crackers.[View]
216814362How did white people get baited so easily into the whole 'black appeasement' idea?[View]
216819459Yang 2020: Unleash the potential of humanity[View]
216819186Opinions on the Mentally Retarded[View]
216818659Why is Hollywood so quiet about the Hong Kong protests? Not a single SJW actor or actress has come …[View]
216805803Britain = clown world: British citizens have been stripped from all weapons, yet there is still lots…[View]
216818302Convince me that Germans aren't literally the niggers of Europe: pic related[View]
216813041APOLOGIZE FOR THE EXISTENCE OF SHITSKINS RIGHT NOW, WHITEBOI.: I'm tired of the ostracizing of …[View]
216813719New Report Suggests ‘High Likelihood of Human Civilization Coming to an End’ Starting in 2050: https…[View]
216814836YouTube terms: How do I hide this shit without clicking accept?[View]
216810442Women are stro-[View]
216819424Fuck Brexit[View]
216819398>muslims are bad for invading our land of plenty just because their own countries are desolate wa…[View]
216819299Places in the South to escape living near Liberals?[View]
216818685Worship this slavboi christcucks. (It's our negro radegast you uncultered swines.)[View]
216815041Why don't anthropological illiterates get that Dinaric phenotypes aren't Jewish? >Brit…[View]
216814631I believe in some form of democracy. To improve the existing system I made this. National bipols are…[View]
216808350> be grug > proud eagle tribe grug > 2016 BC > orange chieftain say 'eagle tribe best, e…[View]
216818670Time to start a revolution: /pol/ fags, Its time. We must act, political correctness is used as a to…[View]
216818992Brexit will lead to v for vendetta fascism I know a lot of you actually want that but I for one sur…[View]
216790845>Jesus died for your sins >died for your sins I hear this all the time. Do people even underst…[View]
216815833So, like.. when was the last time we passed a pro gun law? Is it only going downhill from here? or …[View]
216816865What about my reperations?: I'm a scottish canadian with irish ad-mixture. My race has been ens…[View]
216808558Stop being bigots.[View]
216818911I once went to a library in a Jewish heavy neighborhood and found a necklace with a piece of gold in…[View]
216808388Fellas have you noticed that all European Pagan Religions are very very similar? what do you think a…[View]
216815791As you can see from this chart, the Han are the purest and everyone else are mutts.[View]
216816164AOC AGAINST CONCENTRATION CAMPS: Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calls the Trump administrati…[View]
216810906Kyle Kashuv: >say something years ago thats racist as a joke >almost die and decide you will n…[View]
216818746Dear Ms. Pelosi; JAIL. THESE. FUCKERS! Thank you.[View]
216817792Can someone dump anti-white Twitter screenshots, particularly for verified accounts? I have little t…[View]
216818700Who is the most red-pilled, based, long dicked entity on this planet and why is it this guy?[View]
216799831why do Jews push homosexuality and degeneracy?[View]
216809738How do politicians manage to confuse people on whats 'free' or not? How can people be so badly decei…[View]
216818585The Original Honkler and Clown World. Bizarro and Bizarro World.: It used to be the left was just ba…[View]
216818576/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
216817131Finland hate thread.: I see alot of Finns larping on /pol/ saying how bad and cucked Sweden is but l…[View]
216810133DEVELOPING: The White House Has Been Placed on Lockdown: https://twitter.com/Breaking911/status/1141…[View]
216818324Least we not forget the record for longest government shutdown or being the traitor to the United St…[View]
216817038Logan: >shows the negatives of family destruction >anti cloning and genetic modification >s…[View]
216802944NXIVM Trial Goes to Jury: http://archive.is/6lyCp “I think it would be good for you to own a f–k toy…[View]
216814550Old witch shaking near by the clown: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHfvJfVzw50 What is this?…[View]
216817550I just watched last night's rally. I have been off the Zion Don train for a while but lads i ca…[View]
216798889Being a shitskin 60 percent-er is an unimaginable torment, /pol/. Should I just hero myself?[View]
216818220Why hasn't Vice HQ been burned to the ground yet? https://www.vice.com/amp/en_us/article/j5waq…[View]
216812726Good luck to all the anons who live in New York. Your liberal law makers are giving illegals driver…[View]
216817896Happy Juneteenth[View]
216815645CANADA CUCK CITIES: Straight outta Asley Maddison stats Seems like Ontario is #1 Makes sense https:/…[View]
216817447Did Jews Kill the buffalo to conquer The USA?[View]
216816788How long until boomers start blowing up their local 5g towers?[View]
216800859Legit Discussion: Typical an-com leftist here, looking to bridge the gap and actually discuss issues…[View]
216785736How does this end?: Do these men just quietly die alone?[View]
216811129Boeing’s Latest 737 MAX Concern: Pilots’ Physical Strength: >Turning the manual crank during an e…[View]
216817891What a cuck. He could have been destined for greatness.[View]
216815650Never Relax: In Detroit, even wait staff are protected by bulletproof glass. Pic related is Nicky D…[View]
216817265you're all literally filthy retards terrorizing everyone for attention[View]
216813277If Scandinavia is not the best part of the world. Which part is? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ex6…[View]
216795963International Atomic Energy Agency recognizes Palestine as a state: https://www.jpost.com/Arab-Israe…[View]
216817575FBI really on here?: >TFW some FBI shitheads are busy shitposting on 4chan and not catching the A…[View]
216815900Why do the POL think that Jews are inherently bad?: I try to redpill my poo friends and colleagues o…[View]
216808408What power of influence do the Jews have over the Goyim?: It seems that Jews have a unique ability t…[View]
216816982glowinthedarks please fuck off outta 4chan[View]
216816912https://youtu.be/8Cfn_ZFbAwk This Is What Happens When America Goes Against Israel![View]
216800349FBI Needs you to glow.: Hi /pol, we've noticed that some of you anons would like to join our il…[View]
216808840>when do you think a terrorist attack will happen in the dutch: we all know that dutch women,s co…[View]
216815133IRAN ATTACKED THOSE TANKERS! - STYX: Is it time to trust our God Emperor like Styx does? https://www…[View]
216816591Come on Leaf You know you want to.: If we annex leafland, food prices will be astronomically cheap. …[View]
216814903Is Freedom of Speech Free (UK): Gotta write an essay on something so decided to write about the titl…[View]
216814206Schiff: House in the dark about DOJ’s 2016 campaign spying probe: https://www.politico.com/story/201…[View]
216815477What went wrong?[View]
216813229Milo exposes lefty-faggots who worked for Laura Southern, Tommy Robbinson, Gavin McInnes, etc: >S…[View]
216811535Give me one logical argument against protecting people with preexisting conditions. Do you understan…[View]
216814105How strong is your allegiance in your country? Would you betray your nation for money? Name your pri…[View]
216808326So I followed your advice, and got myself a white woman. My god she retarded, omg how retarded she i…[View]
216813517DOWN WITH VEGAN AGENDA Does anyone have infographic with all the Vegan Malnourishment people put tog…[View]
216803499Is there a more vile people than the 'Redneck'?[View]
216816321Were Leprechauns actually Jewish people?: >They always have gold and lust after it. >They are …[View]
216812116Transexual rapes 3 women, inside and outside a prison, now hows that for a rape accusation?. kek mat…[View]
216816048how do we get christcucks to fuck off from this board? Nobody wants to worship a kike on pike.[View]
216815967Getting Arab Israeli Citizens to Vote: They have low voter turn out in national elections.[View]
216815688The Gulf of Tonkin incident 60 trillion dollars in private and public debt Trying to steal venezuela…[View]
21680941990% of /pol/ threads are bots, shills and slide threads. pic related I circled the only threads that…[View]
216813173Bernie and AOC are right: Canada has a much better healthcare system than America.[View]
216815449Trust the pla-[View]
216816255Brit/pol ? I got to see the Royaliy edition: Listen Guys I need you all to Know i came out ASHWORTH …[View]
216814759Keith Raniere guilty on all counts: He is now facing life in prison after a jury arrived at a unanim…[View]
216808956Anyone else having problems connecting the last few hours???: I wasnt sure rather to post this here …[View]
216815474Ok, so which one of you is gonna be the psyop who acts like the most outrageous and extreme israel s…[View]
216782524The English language is retarded: As a Thedish (German) I don't get why you still nait (use) so…[View]
216813340why are there so few (biological) women in tech? also who was in the wrong here?[View]
216802391/pol/ humour thread[View]
216811282Fat fuckers deleting content from fb https://youtu.be/bDnjiNCtFk4[View]
216810520Black People: Prove to me that black people aren't specifically targeted by police because of t…[View]
216815948cunts betrayed the dutch: all dutch cunts are fucking tyrone and his buffoon gang more countries lik…[View]
216812978This is an illegal alien.[View]
216814429>IRAN, BRONALD[View]
216795416New Flag of Israel: Israel is the rightful home of the children of god. Not these Satan worshippers.…[View]
216814163Thot patrol: Seems like its still going and having a great effect for society[View]
216815599So you misspent your teenage years as a 4chan troll and are trying to figure out what to do for a ca…[View]
216814278What am I supposed to like about the 1960s?[View]
216806732Just why.: I can understand bongs cucking themselves, but the prince of bongs?[View]
216814287Youtube sucks: Im from Germany and youtube does not stop suggesting me turkish shit like this on my …[View]
216781934Black women can't be attractive no matter what: Change my mind[View]
216815482The sky jew is responsible for this: >Was so hot today that my brain was melting. >Went to the…[View]
216815454meds don't care about white: We couldn't care less for being called as such. The only thin…[View]
216809092Status Quo Joe: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/joe-biden-wont-demonize-the-rich_n_5d09ac63e4b0f7b744…[View]
216812292THE LORD COMETH: How weak willed you are declareth the sovereign Lord - Ezekiel Like a prostitute /…[View]
216815317Dixie/pol/- God Bless the South Edition: Some songs >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkYIrj03fso …[View]
216815281ITT: We try to communicate with our Agency frens: Pic unrelated. So how are you guys(and girls) doin…[View]
216812685Help Downvote annoying idiot always trying to bring politics into video games: https://www.reddit.co…[View]
216814610Why do Brits never learn?[View]
216799120Burger kike tranny goes to Jerusalem, gets told there are only 2 genders: A Jewish-American transgen…[View]
216814983Diversity is our strength: We need more diversity, goys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaPQN0aW47I…[View]
216814548What about black jews?[View]
216814710Come on lads. It's time to get together and do something. I plan to do an invasion on the canc…[View]
216813207does /pol/ have any chinese posters?[View]
216811136THE RUSSIAN SHUT DOWN 4CHAN: Guy the russian shutdown 4chan >inbait what I HAVE PROOF IN RUSSIA T…[View]
216812463what happened why did site go down? Was it something I said?[View]
216809400Jewish obsession with snuff porn: What is it all about?[View]
216811027Inside the traumatic life of a Facebook moderator: WTF ITS SO HORRIBEL WHY IS EVERYONE PUTTING UP WI…[View]
216812362is alex jones a crisis actor in his own biography?[View]
216812436NewFag here: your mission is to travel in time and erase this 2016 Nigger from the annuls of history…[View]
216810692Real talk, what do we do the day 4chinz goes down for good? Where on the internet is one really allo…[View]
216814317Gus is the official /pol/ mascot[View]
216813633Is there anything worse than an uppity nergo that thinks they come from any type of royalty? Also, …[View]
216811601Best methods of staving off loneliness/depression/madness?: >shitposting >vidya >books >…[View]
216813503Is NAMBLA making a comeback?: Dancing boys at gay pride events, drag queen book readings at librarie…[View]
216811020Why the fuck is there nothing about how America is about to push in Iran's ass hole on here?[View]
216814116wtf fukken based![View]
2168060731930s: It must become clear to everybody in Germany that Polishness is equal to subhumanity 2010s: P…[View]
216813569Iran destroyed ships: Listen to your tv and read the news. Stop questioning your government and mili…[View]
216810293City of Secrets: Estimated 10,000 people in DC are spies: Well WTF /pol/ Washington D.C. is glowing …[View]
216813799The plan: start calling trans people of any and all races niggers. Hear me out, once this catches on…[View]
216768192Become Christian[View]
216811149Why are black drug dealers excused of their crimes by Americans? We know that the CIA were involved…[View]
216812995Right Wing Books: What books do you guys recommend besides the well known authors like Julius Evola,…[View]
216810495This will be nuclear: The majority of non whites and degenerates as a whole are centered in major am…[View]
216788866123 RACE WAR NOW: GAS THE KIKES The 123 thread is a reminder kikes belong /out/side /pol/. You can p…[View]
21679419330 year RESET is true: 2020--click 1990--click 1960--click 1930--click 1900--click This is a thread …[View]
216808241Another DeRadicalized Alt Right Nerd Post's Video..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q63sfLwb…[View]
216812945I love Obama[View]
216801953WHITE MALE CRIME: White males are just 30% of the population in America, but they are arrested for: …[View]
216812831Here for the bobs only. And don’t touch my cow plz.[View]
216804511Brit/pol/ : DAFFERS EDDIEITION: >be me >be in woods >I got a ten minutes head start >It…[View]
216809621Destroyed lmao: https://mobile.twitter.com/AOC/status/1140423877908189184?s=20 Why is Aoc the best a…[View]
216812447Did you look into the A.R.K. offer?: https://www.whatonearthishappening.com/ark[View]
216808871You guys say Jews run the world but like... They don't. If you think they do you're a dege…[View]
216812771ALPHA MUSLIM GOES TO JAPAN AND CONVERTS 1,000 GOOKS TO ISLAM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnSRS1…[View]
216812938My jew 26 year old next door neighbor got arrested for flashing a group of women 2 years ago,he rece…[View]
216811697Is infinite growth possible?[View]
216810104Why does East-Asia have fewer countries and less ethnic diversity when compared to Europe?[View]
216808690Democrats should pay for reparations because they owned them[View]
216812885Shit sandwich or Turd Burger | 2020 in a nutshell | 2016 revisited: Shit sandwich or Turd Burger | 2…[View]
216812230Reminder of the first white person to talk about slave reparations: He was pushing reparations when …[View]
216811215Richard Spencer quotes from 2016 NPI Speech: >'Everything I say is history' >'We are now the e…[View]
216804609>2019 >he still supports Trump[View]
216812192Reminder /pol/ would be much more effective if we converted to Islam >push same anti-jew agenda …[View]
216811672Anyone regret voting for Trump?: >no wall >no race war >about to declare multiple wars agai…[View]
216810839based tuck: why is he so anti-semetic? https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-06-19/foxs-tucker-carlson…[View]
216810324This site went down: Because the owners were transferring data over to the feds. They are now monito…[View]
216803445>be me >fall for learn to code meme >all entry level jobs require 3 years experience and a …[View]
216812423Congressional Term Limits: Everyone is talking about the hearing on reimbursing old farm equipment, …[View]
216807453How dose /pol/ feel about this one?[View]
216811492Bernie Sanders finally goes after Elizabeth Warren: The war is on[View]
216810006The real white man music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpwe5I1YqV8[View]
216807562Who is ready to stomp on some roaches?[View]
216811677Bernie 2020: When Bernie wins the Democratic nomination, be prepared to see a wave of hillarydog sup…[View]
216811476Why does this board always go to shit for a few days after these mass shootings?: Is it the feds? Is…[View]
216808786Entry-Level Political/Economic/Etc. Books: Just bought this based off of a recommendation I saw here…[View]
216812070Why are you like this: >Had a great day today > Face and hair where clear as fuck, never seen …[View]
216810717What do they hate you talking about the most?: Hard to know what when they make their most obvious s…[View]
2168043774.6B Border Wall: MAGA, niggers! Let’s be honest, Trump was waiting until the 2020 elections to assu…[View]
216811989Somalian man too sick to work: Somalian man Nuur Muhujadin Sheik moveed to Finland 16 years ago from…[View]
216781185/Mediterranean-S.Europe: Let's have a Southern European General Thread. Free from shills and sh…[View]
216806098Russian allies: >Russia doesn't consider Serbia an important ally >Russians prefer fuckin…[View]
216811910Honk honk for centrist life[View]
216808467We wont make it.: We have to stop the eletges, right now or its over by 2028, 1 in 28 boys now will …[View]
216811813What is... the whitest font?? For me it's Times New Roman[View]
216804918Alright, guys. What is the official list of products and services to boycott?[View]
216798636Brits arrested for calling prince Harry a racetraitor: >A British neo-Nazi teenager who posted an…[View]
216806870Glownigger Appreciation Thread: Glowniggers love Israel so much why don't we have a merchant th…[View]
216811694USA defectors to Mexico: As USA descends into a 2nd civil war and unprecedented levels of poverty th…[View]
216811644>NO FUCKING WALL, just 'physical barriers' put up to replace old sections of the border where fen…[View]
216806467MFW: Brainlet niggers just lost 2020 for the Democrats. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/house-heari…[View]
216785953'White genocide': My favourite thing to see online is this whole concept of 'white genocide'. Who is…[View]
216808472Are white mexicans people of color?[View]
216807955Came here for happenings and all I see is have sex or stop watching porn[View]
216810826Redpill me on the war on drugs. Is it a joke? Will it ever end?[View]
216805997is this based?[View]
216811281>needing to work for someone else to survive Why even have kids when your boss is clearly their r…[View]
216810554I am a satirical performance artist and all of my shitposts are actually performance art: I am a per…[View]
216801540Blacks are seen as the worst race here but its simply not true. We just get a lot of attention becau…[View]
216810516The Young Turds take down fake news video 'alex jones sent child porn to sandy hook parents' when th…[View]
216806557CD Projeckt Red.: Is cd projeckt redpill or are they shills?[View]
216805858President @realDonaldTrump does not want war with Iran.: ITS OVER https://twitter.com/SecPompeo/stat…[View]
216811086>Sorry, you're academic performance and standardized test scores do not meet our entrance re…[View]
216807401Beta alt-right cuck xdd: Somebody once said..a pic is word a thousand words, and rightfully so.…[View]
216808497What is your excuse for worshiping a semitic god? I'm looking at you Abrahamists. How is Abra…[View]
216811032Read my mustache. Iran has links to Al-Qaeda. Recent intelligence reports have also brought to light…[View]
216806428Why does it matter if a man has children?: Honestly, how do 4 kids make a man more Prime Minister ma…[View]
216810775IL senator Julie Morrison wants to take your guns!: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/06/18/il…[View]
216810929So why Russians shutdown MH17?[View]
216810227Are you smarter than a jew ?: Lets see if /pol/ can match ashkenazi superior intellect > http://w…[View]
216808900Sexual Relations Between Elite White Women and Enslaved Men: > ABSTRACT: There is ample evidence …[View]
216808567A number of sources have confirmed these screenshots were user submitted reports. They were not from…[View]
216809818just die for israel stupid goy[View]
216786578Get ready /pol/[View]
216808729WHO DID THIS /POL/??[View]
216800604Tfw a Somali Muslim is the only one on my side[View]
216793075You Have To Go Back wh*teboi: America is the MELANIN's man land.[View]
216810469Powerful: This is the pinnacle of artistic expression to emerge from western civilization, prove me …[View]
216809992RIP: https://twitter.com/RonWyden/status/1141415506810998784[View]
216809089Redpill me on climate change.[View]
216808944We know that millionaires are building bunkers in New Zealand to escape societal collapse from clima…[View]
216779450A nigger migrant raped a 16 year old Czech girl: So this African migrant, perhaps one of Merkel…[View]
216808807Best of Tucker Carlson?: /r/ing some Tucker clips. I have heard he has gone on some epic soliloquies…[View]
216809599Why are Americans so swarthy?: How come Americans were always portrayed as distinctively European, b…[View]
216810000Yeah I'm a white israelite and zionist, I hate niggers and jews. Disagree and deleting my posts…[View]
216809009Scumbo < Sargon >pic related, it's the scumbag race mixing left wing redditor known as Mr…[View]
216799143Enlighten me: Im gonna be going to college during the 2020 elections, is it really that hectic or ar…[View]
216803954It is illegal for private citizens to repair infrastructure on their own, but if the public crowdfun…[View]
216808640Is David Hogg a 25 year old crisis actor from California desu?: https://153news.net/files/videos/201…[View]
216809845Fucking disgusting[View]
216794261What reason does a Christian have to be a nationalist? Does your eternal soul have a nationality?[View]
216809795What kind of culture and entertainment should a white ethnostate produce?[View]
216803456SuperPower 2020: In this thread we unleash the average life of an Indian anima-- I mean super power …[View]
216802188Seriously...: what the fuck did he mean by this? is hopsin /ourguy/? >I keep the juice in the ove…[View]
216805142So two days ago a Polish general, Zbigniew Nowek, age 59, died. he used to be the chief of polish se…[View]
216780200FEDS CONFIRMED ON CHANS: be careful out there retards we got the FBI on our ass[View]
216801789G-guys?: What did Trump mean by this? Are we gonna get FEMA'd by our own candidate? https://www…[View]
216809067Me: I wonder what my fellow lefties are up to today Them: These artists are whitewashing and sexuali…[View]
216807206Bernie calls out the democratic establishment for trying to screw him once again.[View]
216805010Ashley St.Clair nudes: did the nudes leak yet?[View]
216802651>Jim is our guy btw >Race mixing spic kike Absolute state of pol…[View]
216805910>Animal Abusers Now To Be Placed On National Sex Offenders Registry wtf is going on here in canad…[View]
216809518What's up with Austin TX?: Came back here for a quick visit. Been about 5 years since I last ca…[View]
216763812'they are not after your ki....': https://twitter.com/HuffPostCanada/status/1139175607399518210 >…[View]
216808500>were back bitches[View]
216808505Do you think anything you do (politically) has any sway on anyone or anything?: Do you care if it do…[View]
216809221Did you bought bitcoin, anon? If not, I have some bad news for you.[View]
216809465Ahem *ting ting*(: Jannie jannie, can't you see. You just can't fuck with me XD Banning do…[View]
216809086every time[View]
216809299Hello /pol/ friends! I heard you were allies of yellow! We need more spammers on /b/ to liberate it …[View]
216807616Police attacked by 100 youths outside Westfield Stratford shopping centre: Five people including fou…[View]
216809236LEA Police vs Clintons and Feds: Support the Law Enforcement Agencies police, not the federal police…[View]
216804268What do you think about ASTROLOGY ??: Is it a science or is it charlatanism? (In the image, Olavo de…[View]
216808688Is he right /pol/? is free speech just a meme?[View]
216801350>No sticks in the mud here! Royal Ascot revellers refuse to let the rain dampen their spirits as …[View]
216795776ABORTION debate solved!!!: A new bill is being introduced in Kazakstan that says all women have the …[View]
216808483Fourteen Words Meme It's Okay To Be White 2.0: I have an idea that I would describe as It'…[View]
216802625CALIFORNIA: MUH WORLD'S FIFTH LARGEST ECONO-: import the Third World become the Third World…[View]
216804118What do we do about the Boomer problem?[View]
216807468halp: When people travel to a white nation, they want to get away from the tourist areas in order to…[View]
216803205What would you give up for a 1950's life?: In a recent Boomer Hate Thread [>>216783857], …[View]
216808843Three former FB mods break NDA about content moderation: http://archive.is/NUwe3 The qrd: >shitty…[View]
216808936did we expose this jew to much so he shut us down ?[View]
216808425VACCINES OUR ARE ENEMY!!!: WAIT A FUCKING SECOND... >Majority of people believe Vaccines don…[View]
216808795What are /pol/‘s thoughts on the original red pill; Gnostic Christianity[View]
216808784Claire Booth Luce: Just a perspective from an older election. Interesting how things have changed. G…[View]
216808652Why doesn't your country fund 'anti'-facists? I bloody hate my country[View]
216807754New Zealand DIY Cruise Missile: Whatever happened to Bruce Simpson? Back in 2003 he was making waves…[View]
216804304[YouTube] we've updated: Actually worth a read. Surprisingly it looks like they 'may' start tar…[View]
216801180Is anyone else unironically a leftist now?: Hasan redpilled me. Red as in commie[View]
216808347Apparently there is many Fedposters here.: Just wanted to show you some Native Limes. Why else would…[View]
216793647Are we the baddies?[View]
216805632This are the remaining 12 teams in EU U21: I don't think France and England will make it in the…[View]
216800560Gun Reform. You Have Blood On Your Hands.: That’s it, gun violence has finally gone too far. The tim…[View]
216798740Teen murders her best friend because she was offered money online.: This is one of the most disturbi…[View]
216802814If: >militaryfags get low pay >roads are shit >overall infrastructure shit >no free heal…[View]
216807772here's your multibillion exploration programs bro https://www.foxnews.com/science/nasa-image-dw…[View]
216807705Need information: I am aware of operations in the fairly distant past such as MKUltra and a couple o…[View]
216797219Cyrus the Great made a mistake.: Jews were an irrelevant and stupid peoples like Gypsies during the …[View]
216800313Can you say President Barack Obama 2020, /pol/? The 2 term limit is an outdated concept and I see it…[View]
216808173New York or Los Angeles?: Which city is worse? And why?[View]
216808164Why are white women so beautiful?: And why do they LOVE white guys so much? Also, Latinas <3…[View]
216801260>live in rural ireland >didn't see a nigger until I was 12 years old >didn't know…[View]
216800339Why are you guys: So sympathetic to white kids like the one rejected from Harvard but heartless to a…[View]
216807543Weak Europoors: Oh NO NO NO NO! AHAHA! LOOK AT THIS DUDE! Looking at you treeniggers, why are you al…[View]
216804764Whites Betray Themselves, Jews are just a bonus.: isn't it funny how caucks pray for a race war…[View]
216807450Mike Pence: does this man have any negative qualities? to me he seems like on of the most based men …[View]
216807219is this how they push us into the cashless Orwell society?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9iRi6b9…[View]
216804405And the ugliest people are...[View]
216798107Best Economy Ever: (YYYOOOUUUU)GGEE MARKET GAINS!!! Trust the Plan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
216801393REMINDER that Jim/Metokur is ((( controlled opposition ))), he actually hates /pol/ and is just some…[View]
216802121Daily Reminder: Daily reminder that growing a garden is white and redpilled. All you have to do is t…[View]
216806667Things stolen by gays: the word 'faggot' the word 'queer' the rainbow short shorts crop tops earring…[View]
216805295The west is not worth saving unless through fascism:: Change my mind.[View]
216808014What do you think of social Darwinism? Has it already been refuted or not yet?[View]
216808003>No wall >Clinton is doing book tours, not locked up >Seth Rich forgotten >Bump stock b…[View]
216787733High T Muslim rapper spits on his German passport: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVMivG9fg2c…[View]
216802203/kg/ kangz general: That’s right whitey, you’re genetically a slave owner now! Go find the nearest n…[View]
216802327Which states do you like the most in Brazil?[View]
216805743>The man is described as being in his mid-20s, with a medium build. He was wearing a black sweate…[View]
216800759Sighs in American[View]
216806049Orlando protest is hilarious: https://youtu.be/9vOumQdeIaQ[View]
216807889Hey Whitey Pay my Slavery Reparations: https://www.tmz.com/2019/06/19/slavery-reparations-hearing-co…[View]
216806751Why the hate?: All of you want more freedom and most of you hate the idea of a government in general…[View]
216805846This makes your children autistic[View]
216807573Why are Pajeets autistic as shit irl and online? I don't think I've ever met a Pajeet who …[View]
216803078This is the flag of Noah. It represents God's judgement on the world as well as his promise to …[View]
216807727So some chimp shoots a mother, rapes her in front of her kids, molests her daughter, tries to force …[View]
216803620Indians in IT: Software Engineer here, previously at JPMorgan. Indians are write shit spaghetti code…[View]
216800223Explain USA poltards: There is no bill when I call cops and they come to take part in a shoot out an…[View]
216806093Do you enjoy reporting right-wingers to Facebook?: Any time there is a news article dealing with LGB…[View]
216803301When did you first realize Kubrick knew about 4chan?: >what would you like for Christmas, Stanley…[View]
216797291PAY UP WHITEY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_mfXUndW80 PAY UP WHITEY >WE NEED A CONVO 'B…[View]
216807336Why Europe should convert to Islam.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCVlytKoMLE[View]
216807397#BASH THE HASH# -GENERAL EDITION-: Why have you stopped bashing the hash? You think we were joking?…[View]
216806623another challenger: saw this on Reddit.[View]
216805597No time to explain, fight for Israel![View]
216805654https://twitter.com/UNFCCC/status/1141033998967328768 this bugs and cums looks delicious![View]
216807259Should child labour be allowed?[View]
216807244Pic related 24 year old Israeli woman dies in car accident while texting[View]
216806920What were the occult practices of the himmlers SS?[View]
216807214company's bill: hi /pol, I remember a case when a bill was brought to congress and they forgot …[View]
216807115Balkans: How can we improve the Balkans?[View]
216806347Stating abortion is murder does not change anything. They know it's murder and they still want …[View]
216805324>the criminal’s weapon >the citizens weapon This is a legit marketing campaign around here…[View]
216803678Metokur/Jim is some far left faggot who should kill himself, he is a reddit normie who brought reddi…[View]
216800166NPC journalist tries to be a youtuber!: This NPC LGTB feminist, druglords dicksucker (literally) and…[View]
216806441Produce prices in Canada went up 16% this year: please give UN food aid[View]
216763401Progressive Femanon Here, change my mind!: One segment I enjoy from Steven Crowder is the Change My …[View]
216800585Ben Shapiro: Is outrage culture[View]
216799604The nigger with huge arms but no chest, legs, back ...[View]
216800319Deleted Clinton emails cause for Benghazi Massacre: A portion of the emails that were deleted contai…[View]
216789770EVERY.SINGLE.TIME: twitter.com/NewsHour/status/1140760970328825857[View]
216806555Well, you can knock me down, Acid my face, Slander my race All over the place. Do anything that you …[View]
216804509Can you be bought?: Idiot girl kills autistic friend on the promise of getting paid millions by onli…[View]
216805019There will be no political revolution. We Will Win.: You cowards won't do anything. No revoluti…[View]
216802723Israel erased.: It was time. https://www.rt.com/news/462157-new-zealand-israel-map/[View]
216795484Bros what are we gonna do? I know the FBI hangs out on this board what if they spread to other board…[View]
216799590You can’t deny this[View]
216790925Trump is finished.[View]
216806186>The reason Cuba/Iran/DPRK are targeted is because they don't have a Rothschild central bank…[View]
216794593Why is it that females tend to be superior in most of species in the animal kingdom?: really makes y…[View]
216806285'HOMELAND' is a 'VERB'. It involves printing your own money and news. We let jews takeover our homel…[View]
216793271>You are from country X, therefore you must be a shitskin Are you colorblind lmao…[View]
216802985Why should I prefer jewish religion other Based Paganism ?[View]
216806061grumpft: >imagine actually believing this[View]
216805732What aggression have Iran committed against Israel?: Iran arms proxy groups against Israel but have …[View]
216806012The Reality Of WW2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_O6ukOrEbg[View]
216805544Is there such a thing as a good nigger? Out of the 95% rotten apples, there has to be some that are …[View]
216799144Michael Obama BTFO[View]
216803449Fyi: A little trick to shut down glowniggers is to point them out and follow it with 'you're ba…[View]
216804734k-keep my boy Jared in the White House![View]
216805163We won: We're better =)[View]
216793283Why is Germanic Paganism on the rise when Christians technically defeated them a long time ago provi…[View]
216805487White nationalists are first-century Jews waiting for the messiah to save them.: We already know the…[View]
216773767Muh slave reparations: Why the fuck should my tax dollars (or however they plan to repay blacks) go …[View]
216802843>biggest sensitive data breach in history >nothing happens >company stock gains 20% What th…[View]
216805681Nothing’s Happening Here: I wrote a bad song. Maybe it can redpill someone. It’s all a coincidence,…[View]
216805013The in-fighting has begun[View]
216805579Nazi haired spic: Am i the only one who's getting /pol/ vibes form this guy https://youtu.be/I9…[View]
216804075Zoomer girls dab on white boys. WHITE BOYS BTFO’D. YOU ARE NOT VALID!!![View]
216799138How much would it cost to send a mass mailing to every major city: That contained the ICE tip line a…[View]
216797326So, is 'Muh russian collusion' narrative still alive regarding Trump?[View]
216798963Brit/pol/ - Tea Time Edition: >The BBC Leadership Debate Had a Clear Winner – Farage’s Campaign t…[View]
216805418Where are my Jew culties at[View]
216802122Sup fellow magapedes. Are we gonna make America great again? The democrats are the real racists.[View]
216804991These memes Mr. President, they are gay af, Mr. President. We need a decision[View]
216801712Every Country has their own Nigger: >be me >traveller >see nigger >hear nigro, nigro …[View]
216786851What the fuck America: >check vids from american universities >shitton of socialists among the…[View]
216800603I hunger....[View]
216803774bash the hash: guys why are we stopping bash the hash if we succeed it would be one of the greatest …[View]
216779272>be European >get sick or injured >go to hospital >pay no bills >walk out and move o…[View]
216802051r/Harvard is a sub on plebbit, lets try something: So you degenerates I have been made aware of a bo…[View]
216802265Am I the only one who keeps bashing the hash?[View]
216799140I bet they took over the real world with my wife First they fucked her and after she was done mating…[View]
216799407Only Socialism can Save the White Race: Capitalism is by definition anti white as it relies on an in…[View]
216802103THE RIGHT WAY IS THE DAD WAY.: Are you teaching your cubs the right path to salvation, anon? Like my…[View]
216797288Can we at least agree that corporations are taking over and there needs to be some regulation to sto…[View]
216799308Whoopi preaching modesty to young women. Is she /our negress/?[View]
216802807I'm a Somali America and I support reparations: I understand that I am not African American and…[View]
216795419Nigger hate thread: Muh dick edition: Post 'em[View]
216800460>be kiwi >share video of the mosque shooting >go to prison for 3 years…[View]
216799021REPARATIONS HEARINGS TODAY: Finally, African-Americans can find out how much they are owed by jewish…[View]
216804781How many US troops are in Syria?: When do they come home?[View]
216801660Facebook Boogaloo #2: previous thread >>216718171 only a week after a cripplechan anon laid ou…[View]
216793353school shootings: okay so we know that cnn is anti gun but what would they do if someone attacked a …[View]
216802618Dems are trying so hard. first they want felons to be able to vote.then they want non citizens to be…[View]
216802504Brit/pol/ - EMERGENCY EDITION: >STEWART OUT[View]
216759594How Long Until an American Civil War and/or Balkanization?[View]
216803242Western women should be forced to wear burkhas. Change my mind.[View]
216802320America should be a White country with a Limited government. Not a Nigger country with Expansive gov…[View]
216803903Nignog Redpill Thread: Post your redpills about everyone’s least favorite boon people.[View]
216804531Straight Edge Movies: It just hit me, why don't we create some quality cinema for people to ing…[View]
216800355> Democrats are driven by hatred and prejudice. > They are trying to erase your vote. What is …[View]
216804434Hillary 2.0. They are handing Trump another win.[View]
216803269Anyone regret voting for Trump?: >no wall >no race war >about to declare multiple wars agai…[View]
216804222Unilever Boss says: Go Woke, Go Broke Finally stakeholders are realising pandering to the left will …[View]
216799490Post things that are true: Women love validation and attention. Sexual assault allegations are a per…[View]
216800473Good riddance: Another white terrorist removed from our society and we are safer now.[View]
216803279Will /pol be taken alive?[View]
216804079Offensive Advertisements: Should America authorize unelected bureaucrats to ban offensive or stereot…[View]
216803188Daily /Christian/ General: Beside the LORD there is no saviour - edition >Atheists, nazis and pag…[View]
216795023/pol/ Humor Thread[View]
216800070Who is the most: Based and redpilled person today. The person who passes all your purity today and i…[View]
216803651Ok, why shouldnt get a tatoo?: Give me your best argument why a tatoo is not cool please.[View]
216790832White guy gets bullied in Taiwan just because he's white: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zagZ_…[View]
216801183What do you think about Algeria ?: Do you know this country or people from this contry ? Idea ? Ste…[View]
216803377Is this our future?[View]
216803409Vudú: Ex Satan Worshipper John Ramirez Testimony https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I11L71PD3Lw…[View]
216803364Shitcunt Of The Year Nominee: https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/health/cwm-taf-maternity-allison-wi…[View]
216800307Libtard cringe thread[View]
216800887Become Pagan[View]
216797997Hey religitards!!!: Since when will you grow out of your religion /pol/?? There's no such such …[View]
216802849You suck nu/pol/ t. old/pol/[View]
216798714Can anybody tell me about Brazil's opinion and solution on the Western Sahara conflict and with…[View]
216799952What's a redpill?: What is redpilling? is it just a nigger jigger thing? Or do the kikes use it…[View]
216778963help me guys. brazilians don't stop reproducing[View]
216777489>'In these open-minded times, one taboo has held steady: never having had sex at all.' >'Cath …[View]
216776833We've been found out.: shiiiieeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt[View]
216803249The Great (((Youtube))) Exodus: Support independent creators against censorship. Suggested links: ht…[View]
216803135IF YOU'RE BLACK AND READING POL...: Or if you're an antifa, or feminist, leftist.maybe jus…[View]
216801348How does pol feel about the brainwashing of women by liberal media outlets, making them stupider and…[View]
216801858Q CONFIRMED FOR REAL: /pol/ I JUST GOT A MESSAGE FROM GOD I lifted up my soda cup and low and behold…[View]
216800844Notice how every single major corporation has been pushing the rainbow flag? Well the rainbow is the…[View]
216801457Dixie/pol/ - Fuck Atlanta edition[View]
216801804lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URUqqNdGXNo[View]
216801027Be American. Import Niggers. Get Ebola.: https://www.newswars.com/over-300000-flee-violence-in-congo…[View]
216800753supreme court: watch a bunch of the dem candidates here admit they want to fuck with the supreme cou…[View]
216802134I was looking at the list of occupations that are in 'high demand' in Canada, allowing foreigners qu…[View]
216801659sup niggas,i'm looking for some fashwave drop them in this thread[View]
216802914Who was in the wrong here?[View]
216796476Why is Trump entangled in corruptions now?[View]
216800553Is there realistically any hope for Gen Z: Are they going to fix society or are we going to be looki…[View]
216777936Melting ice is good: Water expands when frozen, this means the ice caps are taking up more space in …[View]
216802773>>216761239 >Hey FBI anons, I know we can be mean calling you glowniggers and taunting you …[View]
216802506White Replacement Isn't Real: My favourite thing to see online is this whole concept of 'white …[View]
216802576What did she mean by this?: This nigress is the South African Ambassador to Denmark. Is she trying t…[View]
216796650I R A N[View]
216796802Netanyahu to Israel's enemies: We have power to destroy, do not test us: https://www.jpost.com/…[View]
216802104It really is that fucking simply. Women do not care about men as persons. They care about the resour…[View]
216801911Oops: Not the original OP but I thought I'd post this again since it got 404'd so quickly …[View]
216802247BIG NIGE ON THE NEW PRIME MINISTER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_flXXrZdP6k Podcast starting in …[View]
216802167The Future is 'Private'[View]
216802164Resurrecting euro pagan: I think I know how we can resurrect germanic/european paganism sufficiently…[View]
216802089What is /pol/'s opinion of the #MIDSOMMAR #BLOODLIBEL against Swedish culture?: https://www.you…[View]
216799810Biden cant even manage a family lol[View]
216797119STOP WATCHING PORN: All sexual deviants (whores, pedos, fags, trannies, cucks, fetishists) are the r…[View]
216788928Anybody else getting bad vibes about his re-election? Things are going too good for us...Dems are go…[View]
216801203Britain bans stereotypes in advertising: >Men unable to change diapers; women cleaning while men …[View]
216800752Why dont we just air drop all the illegals over Israel?: Theres no way gas and parachutes would cost…[View]
216801655americans are war criminals[View]
216787015Society needs to get rid of social media.[View]
216801003https://twitter.com/HarrisonHSmith/status/1141386562623725570 i thought infowars were controlled op?…[View]
216801220Does anybody have the link to the paddy tarelton mega archive? I've been lookin for it but I ca…[View]
216790748Holocaust expert Finchelstein says Trump is putting Mexicans in concentration camps. Is he right?[View]
216800122/pol/ Puritans BTFO: Nothing wrong with some kink in your child's life[View]
216799542I was borin in the wrong generation[View]
216799854Saving an Incel: I need your help /pol/, A close friend of mine is 22 and still a virgin. My friends…[View]
216789681Her name was Ebba Akerlund.: Rest easy, sweet angel. We will avenge you as many times as it takes.…[View]
216801232Ilias Kasiadaris: WTF is his ancestry? He looks like he’s a quadroon (1/4 nigger.)[View]
216797039Who listens to this cumstaint?: Who is is actual audience? He was so irredeemably retarded and auti…[View]
216791508Pajeets are the lowest tier race >ugly af >non-athletic >poor hygiene >shorter than East…[View]
216801187Youtube Book Burning (The Camp of the Saints): Youtube deleted a Channel which had a full audio reco…[View]
216791213Turkey invading Mediterranean sea: You bitches gonna do anything about Cyprus? Christian nation gett…[View]
216783889Yuri was right about a demoarlized people.: ...and it's our own government doing it.[View]
216794062Christian Ubermensch: If you are not elected, you are a disgrace to the human species and literately…[View]
216801092Why didnt amerimutt reject elections? Its clear to everybody all candidates are ouned by the globoho…[View]
216796657Finally, an honest politician. He's just like Trump without the populist lies.[View]
216791673Anyone following this story? The news is portraying the family as Martyrs and the cops as evil and r…[View]
216800146https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnxzFnQz8a8 some fag leftist streaming[View]
216800059To FBI Agents on /pol/: Post your favorite memes you found since you started your surveillance dutie…[View]
216800595Can someone catch me up on the FBI news?: I've been hearing about the FBI posting and browsing …[View]
216766659Why is he being shilled so hard lately?[View]
216797174Your country needs you son, sign up for selective service[View]
216766872Germany’s Angela Merkel blames dehydration for scary moment: Watching this clip chilled me. Imagine …[View]
216777475Angela Twerkle: Why was she literally shaking? Any medfags got an analysis? Is it baby blood withdra…[View]
216800123DEAR CIA,FBI AND OTHER SHIT .I will tell you how to make a meme, how to blend in, how to shill,, how…[View]
216800407Tfw this is the average american: Feels bad man[View]
216767386This is the truth. Admit it: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/07/opinion/immigration-reparations.html…[View]
216794214Gay ass Statists invading 4chan.: What do you Anons think of these fucking Statists trying to infilt…[View]
216798227BOMB IRAN[View]
216772672Is it possible to somehow reform niggers into civilised average working people in society or are we …[View]
216787776/tg/ here, we would appreciate it if you stopped raiding our board right now[View]
216800014The Great (((Youtube))) Exodus: Support independent creators against censorship. Suggested links: ht…[View]
216798959Can someone please nuke usa? Canada is stuck living next to globo-homo retards. Everytime I turn on …[View]
216799071It's time to repeal the 22nd Amendment: President Trump for life![View]
216799014Who will we blame for causing the next recession in 2020?[View]
2167947382 Peter 3:3-5 Knowing this first, that in the last days there shall come deceitful scoffers, walking…[View]
216781607DEATH to Jewmerica is the only 'muh redpill' valid today.: No discussions.[View]
216790056Beaners should be thankful it's JUST deportation.: If things were up to me, I would treat their…[View]
216798149Imagine destroying an entire country just so people couldn't call you racist.: You cant just de…[View]
216800004halp: I need help wording a meme. The idea is good but I'm longwinded like a reddit faggot. Wh…[View]
216797448This is a woman?[View]
216799696Humor thread[View]
216797446Reddit: How can a website be so soft, boring, cucked and politically correct?[View]
216797758Why am I seeing show much hype over this Netflix Series all of sudden? It feels like Birdbox all ove…[View]
216799929SCOTLAND YES https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7158017/Pupil-thrown-class-reprimanded-teacher…[View]
216798453So people on the left support allowing in an innumerable number of migrants from the rural regions o…[View]
216799787Riding a motorcycle is the last stand of implicit White identity. Why haven't you bought a bike…[View]
216794498Presidential candidate vows to abolish federal government on day 1, then resign: http://archive.is/P…[View]
216798613Political 'Rap': Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mPazYL5Nks[View]
216799700Is Mario Lopez our vato? https://twitter.com/realcandaceo/status/1141109914112274432?s=21[View]
216799636Post the most interesting (politically related) photo on your hard drive: You know the one. Dig deep…[View]
216799610Hello!: Hi my fellow 4channers hahah! Commit any crimes lately fag? Jhahah whats your social securit…[View]
216792034Why do women act so entitled?[View]
216797259Get to it soldier: You sit on fucking 4chinz all day as it is why not be useful? Start shutting down…[View]
216799119Privacy is a 20th Century Meme: Prove me wrong /pol/ Don't you want to be the biological compon…[View]
216797809I need kratom: I need it I can't work or do anything without it!! FUCK[View]
216798590Is the Kosher diet to blame for the Jew's deranged and depraved mental state? Maybe this poison…[View]
216781269Aus/pol/ Cockatoo circus edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24T0fH0o6Nw Fuck the news[View]
216798818The Italian mobsters like this guy murdered multiple people and yet is considered a hero and stand u…[View]
216797160These guys who are in their parents' basement playing video games for hours on end, they don…[View]
216796462gender equality is low IQ degeneracy: meanwhile, the most gender-equal country in the world (Sweden)…[View]
216790654You want to get some normie relative or friend started down the path? https://youtu.be/EFILwrJRRlk S…[View]
216798196On the Rise and Fall of the Grift Right: The right-wing was for many years experiencing a crisis of …[View]
216797680Daily Nice Thread.: Another teacher had sex with their student. Why didn't my teachers fug me? …[View]
216799079If you claim to be 'white'..: You are an eternal jew slave. You never hear asians labeling themselve…[View]
216799133Congress Built Concentration Camps at the Border: >Congress funds border camps >Congress funde…[View]
216797012le strong powerful intelligent woman turns her tesla into a pickup truck: https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
216793119Today is Julius & Ethel Rosenberg Execution Day!: On this day in history Julius and Ethel Rosenb…[View]
216792468What would /pol/ do?: How do i save my country and the children from these freaks? https://www.daily…[View]
216788063Pizzagate Protesters Crash Pedo Drag Queen Show At Denver Comic Book Warehouse: #Pizzagate happening…[View]
216798912Kaboom :D: The Joint Chiefs of Staff briefly published and then removed from public access a new edi…[View]
216794986Noggin joggin: >Shilling for trump, someone who has benefited them greatly >possibly a Chinese…[View]
216793413If all the Redpilled Youtubers are being banned,: by default, doesn't that mean anyone not bann…[View]
216798588Other than bigotry, is there something else uniting the White race?: And don't lie![View]
216798808Japan Reiwa Era Domination: >JOIN Japan Overseas Infrastructure Investment Corp invests tens of b…[View]
216780869Hitler speeches thread: for historic purposes[View]
216786706Brit/pol/ - Are Nige Edition: >The BBC Leadership Debate Had a Clear Winner – Farage’s Campaign t…[View]
216789722Sup.. I believe that the Israeli socialistic party was good but ..... honestly it were shit because…[View]
216793141Iceland the most peaceful nation on Earth: >Iceland has held its position as the most 'peace…[View]
216796397What with the recent but firmly embedded metoo wahmyn culture in the workplace, I have just about fu…[View]
216794237State parks overrun with illegals: Is this happening in your area? Here in PA, I've noticed sta…[View]
216798550Since infinity (8) chan turned out to be completely useless and full of shitposters: Is there any le…[View]
216781878World peace: Does anyone else have this feeling like everything is finally resolved? Everything is j…[View]
216791669/RPG/ Redpill general: >Very useful threads and articles (mostly HBD related) https://pastebin.c…[View]
216795609Uruguay vs Texas: As Texas gets more and more leftist and full of foreigners, this seems like a good…[View]
216798195Wake me up /pol regarding these topics:: 1. Usury and the Federal Reserve Bank 2. How charging inter…[View]
216792334slavs are literall subhuman: there's a reason why the Nazi labeled slavs as subhuman[View]
216780790Incel Lies Refuted: Monogamy is an unnatural system that is fundamentally against the males. One-tim…[View]
216798120>Hillary will bend us over and fuck us immediately >Trump will take four years to apply the lu…[View]
216792663redpill me on Mike Pompeo[View]
216795445Why did Ethan Klein from H3H3 become such an angry alt righter all of a sudden and why isn't he…[View]
216793110>makes hour long videos in response to some meme >fails to understand what the meme was even r…[View]
216795689>invents the concept of 0 >invents Finite Difference Interpolation >discovers and proves Ro…[View]
216798000Jew me, do me[View]
216776274(((Bellingcat))) names suspects of MH17 downing: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-ukraine-crisis-m…[View]
216795392Hello FBI: Hello FBI. I know you're reading this right now. You're a cool dude, don't…[View]
216793510REMINDER that Jim/Metokur is ((( controlled opposition ))), he actually hates /pol/ and is just some…[View]
216795443It has dawned on me that Britain has unironically, seriously, like not even kidding, turned into a p…[View]
216796124USA military sings israel national anthem https://youtu.be/xBI2w9aU6gU[View]
216780586Netherlands released the names for the Russian Federation army operators that shot down the Dutch MH…[View]
216785963>/pol/ is 5 years old Cracked open a bottle of red(pilled) wine to celebrate Cheers!…[View]
216783857Boomer Hate Thread: Reminder that boomers are behind the scheme to import browns to pay their pensio…[View]
216791501Yang: Hear the man himself take on the NYT on issues ranging from guns, climate change, Israel, big …[View]
216783524ITT: We save the world from evil: Dont let them win, the truth deserves to be known. People have sac…[View]
216794036Jesus...What A Pathetic Fucking Retard: So...Trump's utter incompetence has now reduced him to …[View]
216797331For reference, Pedo Joe got about 6 million. Trump is going to have multiple billions in his war che…[View]
216779819Italy introduces new parallel currency: >Meet The Mini-BOT: Italy Will Break Up The Eurozone http…[View]
216795666>Joe Rogan has a nigress on that brags about selling drugs, getting pregnant THREE TIMES starting…[View]
216797556(((Who))) exactly runs this garbage doom and dump website?: They obviously lurk in here and edit out…[View]
216791387J*nnies are behind niggers spam: https://youtube.com/watch?v=CBrWNbjw3RA[View]
216797421Future Development: After Trump's second term, and the inevitable blue shift will happen, how d…[View]
216796772Iran: Oh boy, fresh meat! How long until war, gents?[View]
216797212I love, and I will never surrender: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEBlaMOmKV4 Welcome my children,…[View]
216797373Why should your opinion about politics and government matter?: Even if you deserved exactly what you…[View]
216797124Have you heard of Florence? The most romantic game ever.: I sure have, because the AppStore NEVER GE…[View]
216788985as an aryan, do you wish you were born a jew so that your IQ was higher?[View]
216796900#PC is #death for the #Western White Race: How y'all doing? To my Leftiod Fans and Supporters! …[View]
216796452Boomer hate thread: Fuck these stupid niggers[View]
216796584A few thoughts: Now that we know that the FBI posts here on 4chan, could we assume that they're…[View]
216794733How many are we here? Any way to see any stats on this board? And what is our main stance? Do you ha…[View]
216794518Plato and other Greek philosophers studied in Africa?: https://www.thefreelibrary.com/Greek+philosop…[View]
216795287Ben Shaqeero: Alright goys, let's see if we can get a nice thread of the best of the worst of o…[View]
216784197So Alex Jones the king of /pol/ was a pedophile the whole time. How does that make you feel[View]
216796318Not on my watch: >Shilling for trump, someone who has benefited them greatly >possibly a Chine…[View]
216792520Can be used to curb homosexual urges too: >invented by poo >Creator Maneesh Sethi was inspired…[View]
216795976Keep America Great[View]
216789628He's going to win, isn't he?[View]
216788689will it never end[View]
216795341SPAM: Just a reminder to hide shitty threads[View]
216796393Live Now!! House hearing about slavery reparations: How are there no live threads for this? This is …[View]
216796345Boiling point: Anybody played? Today i understand what this game is about. Today i understand why pe…[View]
216763477If I switch to skirts, will I get a job?: I wonder if female privilege will help me then?[View]
216789126this is german soil: ^[View]
216795418<Be white <Become anti-semitic <Be called David Should I change my name?[View]
216794325Will they EVER give it a rest? Even city tour groups are getting on the bandwagon[View]
216793644NRA undeniably BTFO: >muh left can’t meme The left is too busy organizing the people against harm…[View]
216793937Why is the media returning to the Khashoggi story?: Wasn’t he was involved with Prince Alwaleed’s co…[View]
216796028China's natural borders[View]
216795808Do you seriously believe that if the Axis won the war, we wouldn't be living in the same realit…[View]
216777307Monitoring of the alt-right, NatSoc, and other groups: Hello /pol/, recently some events have taken …[View]
216794453Earlier a glownigger anon came here to tell us that although the FBI, NSA and (lol) the ATF is inter…[View]
216791971EU voting is FUCKED: If anyone here supports the EU, if you are fucking jew, or a stupid nigger. EU …[View]
216795599After the failure of the board to meme Sargon into office: Do we really even have a chance to meme T…[View]
216791050So this guy is definitely insane right? He is like a warning not to overdose on red pills and go to …[View]
216795359Thoughts one the speach from Xuriouses song 'Purpose and responsibility': PS:If someone could link m…[View]
216794649What's the point of living in this ZOG controlled society? Where debt, race mixing and degenera…[View]
216794662Mark Collett: If Jews want white genocide....: ....Then why did they create all the vaccines that SA…[View]
216791321This map doesn't make any sense. Blue eyes (actual blue eyes) is mostly a Western Euro thing. I…[View]
216794605>watched aladdin >it became a boring feminist shit >muh childhood...…[View]
216793515How will they stop his REEEEEEElection , /pol/??: He withstood the Pussy tape and Muh Russia, what c…[View]
216794915Remember me /pol/?[View]
216795081YLYL: This is the most pathetic protest I've ever seen in my life if you can even call it that.…[View]
216790195PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - NO U EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https://www.whitehouse…[View]
216791463>bike to work >bike home >eat >walk dogs >shower >go to second job >come home …[View]
216794963>schizos go full wankers over the fact that the govermant is run by lizard folks >>>/x/2…[View]
216791020White don’t real nigga: >Not a nigger >Not a sandnigger >Not a gook >And definitely not …[View]
216788499She owned you losers[View]
216778990German degeneracy: Muh based g*rman übermenschen This is so fucking sad and pathetic https://youtu.…[View]
216790381Fractal Sociology of White American Politics: Femanon here who’s majoring in sociology. I have some …[View]
216780833Once Trump saves the coal industry maybe he can bring back covered wagons and wired phones.[View]
216792949Car culture: How can we destroy car culture in the United States? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GX…[View]
216785086What if 4-chan makes money by collecting data, the same way facebook collects it? And they don'…[View]
216785684Bernie Calls For BIG Changes In The Video Game Industry: Name another politician that's trying …[View]
216789864Today, The Baccalaureate exam in France had them ask the student the following: 'Why does this girl …[View]
216790316Give a Dislike to STAK LIFE Channel: They are promoting racial Mixing. Give them a dislike and bad c…[View]
216793550Incels are caused by toxic masculinity, not toxic femininity: It's so laughable how incels blam…[View]
216776387Redpills on climate change/global warming: How much about all this is actually true and plausible. H…[View]
216793918What is the meaning of life ?: What is the meaning of life if you are not exceptional in any way, if…[View]
216792919No worries /pol/, just keep doin what you're doin[View]
216792923England: should we give a fuck about the Cucks?: Members of the Rochdale rape gang are not going to …[View]
216780890Haha stay in your hole on 4chan where you belong you ugly gremlins[View]
216785456>college is a scam just get a good job after high school lol >Experience needed to make $11 an…[View]
216783752>it's completely safe goy, just let us microwave your kids while they sleep!…[View]
216793940I'M THAT KID - ASK ME ANYTHING!: I'm that kid so you can ask me, I'm out here son, I…[View]
216777306I know there are chink shills browsing this board so let me ask a question. Although China's in…[View]
216779260Pan Aryan Flag: >Yellow represents blonde hair >Blue represents blue eyes >white represent…[View]
216791104The Great (((Youtube))) Exodus: Support independent creators against censorship. Suggested links: ht…[View]
216793172KEEP AMERICA GREAT: >changes slogan >everyone buys new hats >mfw Donald was just a simple h…[View]
216790215Hows that 'Iran' thing going for ya?[View]
216793734Hong Kong is an Immigration and Demographic change Redpill: Ever since Bongs left Hong King, it stay…[View]
216791903Kek: How does it feel /pol/? Whites are mutations, birth defects. This whole “White Pride Worldwide”…[View]
216792150Hello my fellow men: Ask a real communist anything[View]
216782784C’mon just fucking do it[View]
216793371To all poortuguese cunts: https://youtu.be/hHqj9wDeojc >Most people approved at the university we…[View]
216789081How can Israel plant so many spies everywhere?: Don't people notice them?[View]
216784886Serbia Strong - Fallout 76: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=np5v0tI2S2Y[View]
216791678The us government has to act within the constitution, to give protected free speech to everyone not …[View]
216791496You get banned by a jew criminal.[View]
216793089ITT we remember deplatformed e-celebs: I'm going to start posting threads like this regularly t…[View]
216793048Libertarian cringe thread[View]
216772234Russia hate thread #1488: ITT tell how Russia have crossed your country so I can add it to my list o…[View]
216791899What's next for America?[View]
216792957DNA evidence cleared them and the actual culprit confessed. But I guess that pales in comparison wit…[View]
216792580Police: Do people in your country respect the police force? desu here in germany half of the police…[View]
216792906>he sleeps less than 10 hours a day Why did you let the (((experts))) convince you that 8 hours i…[View]
216792227The Lord will judge you for your sins. Repent now https://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-earth…[View]
216792743WHY JANNIES SPAM PORN IN THE FIRST PLACE?: https://youtube.com/watch?v=GZtv8o_z0vE[View]
216792750ITT: we study history: The Largest Mass Deportation in American History As many as 1.3 million peopl…[View]
216791425challenger: Found this on reddit[View]
216790705Hey little kid, it’s Pride month. You’re not straight are you? Prove it.[View]
216788843CONQUERING IRAN IS EASY: 'Just bring out some Marines, some drones and some stuff and it will be eas…[View]
216792545How can we get more young men to commit suicide? 'Why would we want men to commit suicide?', you mus…[View]
216787827We’re about to get another recession, aren’t we?[View]
216792505#MeToo: Any other celebrities that support #MeToo go unnoticed?[View]
216792350WL: >HistoryOfTheNationalSecurityState_IncludesVidal_On_America#…[View]
216791800Shocker: >reminding all to sage side threads >start getting random calls >one is someone as…[View]
216791858Jannies are behind the cuck spam.[View]
216789626JEWS ARE FALSE-RACE: Jews claim to be a 'race' The plan is to trigger Niggers by telling them Jews a…[View]
216787452>Be a light skinned pardozilian >You love anglo-saxons and germanic people more than anything …[View]
216790867>I agree, cannabis should be legal, the government has no say in what I put in my own body…[View]
216789657It's all so tiresome.: Well boys, for a few years I've just been fed up with how our world…[View]
216788896Give a Dislike or Bad Comment to STAK LIFE Channel: Everyone please give this Race Mixing couple a d…[View]
216791859Are programmers worshiped in your cunt? Hungary: yes. Recruiters pay €2000 starting, they are desper…[View]
216791670Jannies are you okay?[View]
216788638Mommy is: Going to save us[View]
216737847ITT: We say hi to FBI faggots here. Remember officer, lurk forever before posting. Also, dont phonep…[View]
216785957King of Debt: Trump shouldn't have given a trillion dollars to the billionaire class. But then …[View]
216791598Deep State Attack on CrippleChan!: Lets all take a moment to laugh at the FBI for outing themselves …[View]
216786237>Yeah, the FBI are based for looking into hillary's email server >Wtf, FBI is browsing my…[View]
216787450MODS ARE BEHIND THE SPAM: >inb4 this thread is shoaded instantly yet niggers are left for hours. …[View]
216791775Any good red pills about race, slavery, and history?: My (white) sister-in-law is posting on FB abou…[View]
216768149Linux proves that communism works. Profit motive is inferior to open source collaboration.[View]
216788543Brenton Tarrant: His trial will be in a year His actions will never be forgotten Make sure you pra…[View]
216787281Only do beta incels such as yourselves hate feminism: Let's face it[View]
216788861Have Childrens Retard: Hello everyone, it is time we discuss why we have to have sex and the harsh r…[View]
216791320Why do you like being black?[View]
216773367Where do you stand /pol/ ? https://www.politicalcompass.org/test[View]
216790309>China will get fucked by their shadow banking system and consequences of one child policy >US…[View]
216778682FRENCH WOMEN BECOME WORSE THAN AMERICAN WOMEN: https://twitter.com/VICELANDFR/status/113802761869399…[View]
216791442Hi guys, male anon here. Wondering if youve ever like, politics n stuff?[View]
216790724Since I joined /pol/ my point of view of some things changed a lot. Now on everything I see I try to…[View]
216790424race =/= politics prove me wrong[View]
216770179Day X: Day X: Germany's far-right commandos reportedly plotted to kill top politicians when ord…[View]
216791222/pol/ is tired of your spam j*annies.[View]
216768624How bad it actually in California: LA and SF especially. I keep hearing these horror stories parts o…[View]
216789779Republicans aren't supporting their greatest ally: Reminder that Ethan Klein helped fund Trumps…[View]
216790665WHITE GENOCIDE IS POINTLESS: Jews are stupid if they think being white makes you racist or they can …[View]
216791119¿Thoughts on 'Peace Missions' ? ¿whats their purpose, besides political shit?[View]
216791105Thoughts on the American work week and how it compares to Europe? Should it be changed? CAN it be ch…[View]
216791092>do online dating >constantly second guessing every girl >looking for man hands >Adams a…[View]
216788854Ask him anything. https://www.reddit.com/r/SandersForPresident/comments/c26oqw/i_am_senator_bernie_s…[View]
216791013why shouldn't i be pro Israel[View]
216788715Feel like pure shit just want her back x[View]
216788362Wow Ben put: The mask back it slipped![View]
216778184How will you bussies cope when women take over every single field?: Women overtaking men in every si…[View]
216786152The Virgin western christianity[View]
216790853areas of NYC zones for single family housing only in pink. Why can’t 99% of US cities be this high I…[View]
216789200Why are Pakis so badass?[View]
216790365Rate this basedboy[View]
216746607Daily reminder that Attack on Titan is /our show/: Polygon and friends are deriding the series as fa…[View]
216787705Yeah totally muh /ourguy/: Why do you MIGAfags still cocksuck this mongoloid pozzed kike scum that r…[View]
216789514If every native female was a cash grabbing thot who just wanted to Snapchat her gangbangs at the clu…[View]
216788562Trust us goy[View]
216789063Test nigger[View]
216790226Warren will destroy Trump: Donald Trump is a failure. His administration has estranged foreign alli…[View]
216790636>be above average white male from commieforina. >become red pilled >want a nice white gf a…[View]
216788483Will young men ever get their act together? Or will we see the rise of a majority incel generation? …[View]
216788865Women's attractiveness peak at 18. Men at 50: Why aren you even dating girls older than 18?…[View]
216788960https://genderquiz.tk post results[View]
216789452I am at the bottom of the Dunning-Kruger Chart in regards to economics, I have no confidence in my a…[View]
216787479Shitskin Invaders Hate Thread: Share stories of shitskin invaders ripping your country a new asshole…[View]
216788084How bad are things, really?: thread for posting the worst thing you've see so far[View]
216787020Happening: Elite pedophile found guilty: HomeCurrent Affairs Current AffairsPeter Dalglish found gui…[View]
216790028Get back on course faggots: Trump was always supposed to be the catalyst, not the solution. Our goal…[View]
216771806>be me >have sad day >browse pol >aussie makes a shitpost >it makes me laugh >less…[View]
216784910explosion near Princeton?: seen this on the usgs website nothing's been reported do you think t…[View]
216789830What did YouTube mean by this?[View]
216788758Why jannies spam niggers?[View]
216789059Jannies spam niggers porn.[View]
216789809https://www.somethingawful.com/news/facebook-loves-nazis/ Any of you guys ever actually read this th…[View]
216785442if this site is a pro-gov shill honeypot, how come we're being carpet bombed by demoralization …[View]
216765141Abortion is a female right. Fetuses aren't people: A fetus is not a person. Abortion is not mur…[View]
216785962Fact: Last real germans died when the berlin wall fell[View]
216787378It's over boys: The Jews occupy the highest positions in media, military, politics, and banking…[View]
216789801https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=392vGAvjSkg how did Christianity defeat every pagan religion in Euro…[View]
216784885Are they trying to start a war?: Seismic anomaly across the world followed by 5.9 quake that isn…[View]
216789593If you died today do you know for sure you're going to Heaven?: Here's how you can know fo…[View]
216787961>'why yes i think israel is our best ally and only democracy in the middle east, how could you te…[View]
216780345Miss Australia, for all you to behold: I'm gonna go ahead and consider this a bit of a Honk Hon…[View]
216778712What are some other leftist games[View]
216783854What's the most suitable punishment you would give to these vermins?[View]
216770925should women be allowed to vote?[View]
216775230only people with an IQ of 120+ should have the right to vote[View]
216784492Article about Facebook moderation workplace: This must be what normies feel when browsing 4chan >…[View]
216786102NEET life: whats up with that?[View]
216780563They really gonna invade?! They currently heating up the region with weather weapons. Teheran 122°F[View]
216788449John Bolton: Is the president now. Bolton 2020[View]
216787946balconing on a continental level[View]
216786807Hope you're read up on your Peter Zeihan /pol/. Next comes war between China and Japan over oil…[View]
216788963Will boomers ever pay for their sins?: What the late 19th century and early 20th century generations…[View]
216788708>Can I have some industrial strength propaganda? I don't want to spoil the ending, but if yo…[View]
216789019This kills the Arminian: Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God, To God’s holy people i…[View]
216788819/RPG/ Redpill general: >Very useful threads and articles (mostly HBD related) https://pastebin.c…[View]
216780104McAFee 2020: Lil donnie is done.[View]
216788564>open random article >INSTANTLY spot word 'jewish' while scrolling >mfw Thanks /pol/…[View]
216777621Eurokikes btfo: https://www.breitbart.com/middle-east/2019/06/19/housing-development-on-ukraine-holo…[View]
216783991Loonie Spikes After Canadian Core Inflation Soars To 10-Year Highs: Canadian inflation rose faster t…[View]
216784696lefty memes: post them[View]
216788516Never forget what they took from you >Tfw not a child coal miner who dies by the age of 15 from c…[View]
216780066How the FUCK this not TREASON?: She's openly declaring that she's the fifth column!! These…[View]
216769023/pol/, the CIA just isn't that into you: But the agencies that are into you, really like the fa…[View]
216788691Please help. Call the United Nations. People are starving.[View]
216777209/pol/ humor thread[View]
216785882Is there anything more soi than a man who doesn't smoke cigarettes?[View]
216788571Creepy guy says mysogynistic things to Millie: https://youtu.be/sa8oyorRyxk[View]
216777531jews BTFO[View]
216784414brit/pol : When you call every white man you know a Nazi for a decade: whilst simultaneously causing…[View]
216784901dont trust articles, full of fake information: Found this article full of misinformation: 'US Presid…[View]
216788003Alberta wants us there.[View]
216784269This Is Why People Deny Climate Change: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-06-19/new-york-…[View]
216788469Vote Conservative[View]
216788411Didn't know where to ask this but; Do you enjoy living in a collectivist society?[View]
216788410Racey: So, a while ago James Watson got criticized by the media because he stated the there is a dis…[View]
216783022/pol/ was right LGBT = PEDO: https://twitter.com/SafeLibraries/status/1138109035809579008…[View]
216787937She’s based[View]
216786898This is a portrait of me riding my dandy horse. How many on /pol/ own a dandy horse, and how many re…[View]
216780918Arson terror attack in Austria: A complete maniac 'refugee' from Iraq just did an arson terror attac…[View]
216783175175.000.000: That number is the official human population.[View]
216770007United States look like this?[View]
216784430Democrats are pushing for reparations: I got a feeling President Cheeto is getting a second term…[View]
216780417If Muslims and blacks in the UK hate each other how do you explain a song like this?: For years now …[View]
216781447What is the Alt-Lite?: Is the only difference between the Alt-Lite and the Alt-Right, that the Alt-L…[View]
216787785Let’s troll gaming “journalist”: I wanted to do this for awhile but let’s troll kotaku and other gam…[View]
216787580>rapes white woman SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIT[View]
216787736Playing with a narritive: The European left love Palestine, they also love LGBT. Palestine have an o…[View]
216780528Why is calling illegal aliens criminals considered hateful?[View]
216784658Daily relinder: Israel fought communism. Meanwhile your based pooland and hungry were commie states…[View]
216785994Hope Hicks to testify to Congress: The Democrats promise, I mean PROMISE, cross my heart hope to die…[View]
216784690Why are Cumans white in Kingdom Come: Deliverance? If you take their helmets off you can see they ar…[View]
216786963Ancap General /ag/: You & your wife have signed a contract with McDonald's to bring a shipm…[View]
216768367Why Russians allow this?: All these beautiful women looking to marry somebody who is not a Russia du…[View]
216785550Jews actively try to subvert the United States: Change my mind[View]
216787122Euroweek: Search for 'euroweek poland' You will thank me later[View]
216786703Do you have a lot of minorities were you live?: St Joseph, Michigan and I see a few blacks from time…[View]
216786647>Oy vey be a good goy respect cultures to each their own![View]
216787180>OJ Simpson is a murderer Is there a more NPC position a person can have?…[View]
216784421Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Gives Republicans A History Lesson: It doesn't help. https://www.youtu…[View]
216786448Baked Alaska - Trump is my President (Official Theme): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-sATHRO0jo…[View]
216783595Ok, I give up. Is Estonia a decent country to move to, or shout I aim to Singapore & east asia?[View]
216782967Libra is not crypto: Facebook bux are NOT crypto. for one, facebook has complete control over it and…[View]
216786827I was wondering if there a correlation between antidepressants and leftism? Have there been any stud…[View]
216758516Relocation help: Hey /pol/ like many of you my ideals and politics don't fit into the american …[View]
216786723Baked Alaska - MAGA ANTHEM (Official Video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHqd0OV15iI[View]
216786624Why do YuroBeons have such an inferiority complex to Americans? I was with a group of Germans and an…[View]
216779068Amerimutts: Why is it that even the 'American whites' look a bit weird and muttish? What's the …[View]
216785215Sunni and Shia Iranian brothers get into fight in London park: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFeLz…[View]
216786285dear americans, may i die for israel with you?[View]
216786556Baked Alaska: WE Love Our Cops: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiHftejWSvU[View]
216785916>Go to school, get good grades, graduate, get a good job, invest in the stock market, max out you…[View]
216778075Brit/pol/ - stuck in the middle with you edition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMAIsqvTh7g…[View]
216783232Why is Varg's YouTube channel ThuleanPerspective down? Did he take it down or was he taken down…[View]
216759319Jesus Christ Germany lost to these guys in WWII......[View]
216784700Anyone regret voting for Trump?: >no wall >no race war >about to declare multiple wars agai…[View]
216764261Idea: What if a bunch of people got together and walked around their towns/cities while blantanly we…[View]
216772832Kraut/pol/ & Anti-Nazi General - Nazis Raus Edition!: >upcoming elections Brandenburg: Sep. 1…[View]
216775960Computer Science is killing me: The course work isn't hard I am pretty decent at picking up new…[View]
216784184OY VEYYY[View]
216780274Commie general: Get in here comrades[View]
216778479Alpha male hate thread / PUA whoremongering & sociopathy: if there is one thing you half bred in…[View]
216780616Be /pol: >Gays are all child molesters >Posts photos of child like asian girls on everything …[View]
216783279WHITE RACE DOESN'T EXIST: >'muh people' Your people, what a joke. What is white? No one re…[View]
216777485The Iranian people will unironically greet us as liberators. >Pic Related: Iran prior to the revo…[View]
216783985How do we fix it?: Maybe it's a bit confusing, because the world is complex and confusin, and b…[View]
216785639is mgtow the only way to live or what?[View]
216778616Good morning Amerimutts: White Identity isn’t Real: >Not a nigger >Not a sandnigger >Not a …[View]
216784746Duolingo based and redpilled as FUCK[View]
216764386Common Sense Gun reform: Post common sense gun control /pol/ can agree on. I'll start: >Fede…[View]
216783767>who feels indigo pilled sometimes? The truth is the world is controlled by magic some of it sata…[View]
216783713Steven Crowder is a trap. Change my pants.[View]
216785099THIS COULD BE THE WEST BUT YOU KEEP ELECTING STATISTS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EQt_xFOGN8…[View]
216784142>If your country doesn't have bike marathons it's not white Reminder only whites bicycl…[View]
216783543One Nation Under Zion: Did Israel Annex USA?: >Today on TRUNEWS we discuss the silent but deadly …[View]
216784021Britain Implementing Sharia Law: Lol Britain restricting porn. Is this a joke? No guns, no porn, wha…[View]
216780136School shooting performed by Polish Anti Terrorist squad: A group of armed men has entered one of sc…[View]
216782379Good Morning Feds: Any chance y'all would care to share your upcoming gay ops?[View]
216783341How come nobody ever talks about the fact that the USA did unironically ‘gibz repurationz’ and gave …[View]
216775778Why do Americans shit themselves in Wallmart?[View]
216779724Look at this Recently Happily Married White Spanish Couple don’t ever say Spaniards are not White.[View]
216781676Why does pol get so obessed and butthurt over this race?[View]
216784636Geocentrism is not flat earth theory: https://www.bitchute.com/video/UjTitgrYpG9X/ Modern Geocentris…[View]
216782686Jewish mind control: What do we do about the jews trying to mind control the male population?[View]
216784242What's up with that reflection?: Waaaaaaaaaaaait a second What's up with that reflection o…[View]
216782443The Great (((Youtube))) Exodus: Support independent creators against censorship. Suggested links: ht…[View]
216780069REMINDER that Jim/Metokur is ((( controlled opposition ))), he actually hates /pol/ and is just some…[View]
216782282How do you go from this...[View]
216781952Daily reminder, that Grudziądz is the most beautiful and /pol/ friendly city in the world.[View]
21678153613 percent of White Southerners have greater than 1 percent African ancestry: From the 23andMe datab…[View]
216781275India hate thread: It's time for India hate thread.[View]
216782746>Trudeau is planning on restricting freedom of speech even more >Also wants to start door to d…[View]
216782597Redpill me on hipsters. Specifically, right wing hipsters.[View]
216783869/pol/tard logic: > white people are civilized and possess the intelligence to exercise free will,…[View]
216780426>NOOO! South Africa is a total anarchy!! Hundreds of murders every day!! It's became worse u…[View]
216779832Why did previous generations work to build a utopia, but since the late 1980's all the greedy a…[View]
216780263Your daily reminder that nothing will ever happen: Let's think about it logically. 200,000 peop…[View]
216783281>It was the Nazi fear of “racial pollution” that led to the most common trauma suffered by black …[View]
216776393Is this real? >>>/x/22869041 anyone konw more about this secret great plan? what memes are …[View]
216718564Syria General /sg/ - YPJ edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.com SOU…[View]
216781207FBI appreciation thread: In this thread we appreciate the work of the FBI and guide the bad apples t…[View]
216777396STOP WATCHING PORN: Pornhub rep does AMA on Reddit and says it's antisemetic out of the blue to…[View]
216773512There's a fuckload of shill threads at the moment: Last 48 hours has seen a massive upswing in …[View]
216765154Absolute cunt brags about stealing pro-life sign: https://twitter.com/hug_your_cats/status/114067363…[View]
216771479Foreign prisoners(percentage of prison population) in Europe: Taxes going to foreign prisoners inste…[View]
216781163Iraq 2.0: If we had to invade one middle eastern country which one would you choose and why?[View]
216781242Feminist men will get all the pussy: Put on a skirt, faggot, or do you want to be an incel forever?…[View]
216783400Flood this Twitter thread with facts about the history of Jews.[View]
216773206Red pill me on why so many great, legitimately talented musicians died in (((aircraft accidents))). …[View]
216782553Why the fuck 4chink makes you do 10+ captchas and don't even let you post shits When did jews t…[View]
216777194How many immigrants does Japan need to accept?[View]
216766100He's still have your vote in 2020, right?[View]
216771195Frozen Human Embryos: Hold on a second. If 'life begins at conception' or in other words fertilizati…[View]
216775394Why won't you Nazis stop?: You know this has caused fear in every pro EU politican in Europe ri…[View]
216781355There are races, but that doesn't mean you should be racist.[View]
216776511Why do white people think they can do shit like this on social media?[View]
216775849So... This cock got shot at the first second.[View]
216783135I don't know if I'm proud to be an American anymore.[View]
216767344Fuck Capitalism: Nintendo: 'We decided to treat our employees with respect' Investors: 'YOU WHAT?!'…[View]
216778066our aryan brothers have been under attack in the past few days by paki shills. dont fall for it /pol…[View]
216783000why do muslims have such a bad character while pretending to be holier than thou?: is it their relig…[View]
216768432>Finally have a good job, 35 hours a week, £30k or so a year, great benefits, on way to paying of…[View]
216781988/pol/ you have 10 seconds to explain why your country leader is not a proud anti-semite. Go.[View]
216782963Jean Zombie: What /pol/ thinks of 1804 White Genocide ? Niggers saved America ? http://wotansvolk.co…[View]
216778717NIGGERS CAN DO THAT? BUT POL TOLD ME THEYRE STUPID: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1slK30YHOUE…[View]
216770340ITT: We write a public letter to the FBI agents shitposting on /pol/. Dear FBI-chan...[View]
216782327Would you live in Hitler's Germania(Berlin) if it was ever completed?[View]
216782600French are planning to become niggers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7Kph52MfRo Maybe this whole …[View]
216774455>scientist call the north pole is full of 'Permafrost' that will never melt >fast forward 20 y…[View]
216782172The fed may lower rates today: What will the immediate ramifications be if they do or don't? I …[View]
216778366This is toxic masculinity.[View]
216782387On this day[View]
216777759radical centrism: WE NEED A CENTRIST FLAG FOR /POL/ Centrist bros ww@[View]
216774995Assault Rifles: Assault rifles should become illegal. And I will tell you why. FACT: In 2005, the ye…[View]
216775401Happening! Race war now!: Nigger let off as suspect in middle school spics murder re-charged as murd…[View]
216780724Pol is a NPC board: It's just npcs who pretend to be unique[View]
216779662When are these two designated Street shitters having a war. There's too many of them and someth…[View]
216782256Why are (((they))) pushing this degeneracy, I fucking hate companies and governments pushing this tr…[View]
216777563I regret highly not getting in on this business.[View]
216781218things only good goys experience[View]
216779084What do you guys think of JBW?: For those of you who don't know what JBW is: It basically means…[View]
216781259What did they mean by this?[View]
216781417(((Smart News))) app: It has the full article even as a hit piece it acknowledges that the arena was…[View]
216775473Is the real reason were not given a clear answer about the afterlife in religious text is because if…[View]
216775524Asians in usa: Are Asians (my people) really taking over the USA in numbers, or are they still a lar…[View]
216781974If POC save whites, because whites are 2 pathetic now...: Serious muthafucka now I don want to hear …[View]
216779932Why have Military Veterans been coming back with PTSD since Vietnam?[View]
216763429Why RUSSIAN midair refueling system is better than American: WATCH two Russian Sukhoi fighter jets r…[View]
216776140Why do wypipo pollute the environment so much and blame others for it?[View]
216781359Women Who Buy the Feminism Meme End Up OLD and ALONE: https://youtube.com.com/watch?v=txDqye6gao4…[View]
216773936The New York Subway Is Afraid of the Humble Vulva: >A startup focused on sexual wellness is suing…[View]
216781737Since YouTube was kill I have been getting recommended content of actual fuckin blood sucking drede …[View]
216781674JAMES BOND FEMINIZED?!?!: Director Danny Boyle exits director due to 'creative differences' and reve…[View]
216768706/ex-yug/ Ex Yugoslavia: Is it, dare I say, fixed?[View]
216772189Okay, let me get this straight: does /pol/ hate black people or do you hate just niggers?[View]
216779951/leafpol/ - It's unironically over for Trudeau edition: Even the most Lib-favourable polls have…[View]
216780359Egyptians were not BLA....: I'm white, but please, assume that the egyptians were white it…[View]
216780548kikes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtHFSyodLoo[View]
216775985where my reparations from pasta niggers for enslaving my celtic ancestors 2000 years ago???[View]
216777998Understanding the /pol/ dialect: With evidence now having surfaced of the FBI posting on this board …[View]
216781211Milo: Black Americans should get slavary reparations![View]
216781175Why is there a certain minority you can't single out on /pol/? Really makes you think how you c…[View]
216779351Checkmate, atheists.: https://vocaroo.com/i/s0crTWbkf2b3 (sorry if a bit quiet it was my first time …[View]
216780716Sorbic Appreciation thread: They deserve a sorbic University in Lausitz.[View]
216781000I've changed the design of the WALL: It's stronger, bigger, better AND cheaper. Press S to…[View]
216781005Cold war: What is /pol/'s take on the cold war (1946-1989) All that talk about ww2 but what abo…[View]
216780968House seats based on population?: The seats in the United States House of Representatives are apport…[View]
216779861What exactly happened here?[View]
216765663Americans are fre...[View]
216780897May I suggest a new symbol?: I think many of you will like it.[View]
216780891BEYAZ BOGA: Where were you when you accepted white DOMINANCE as the WHITE BVLL[View]
216761832How do people explain away Africa's lack of success before colonization was ever a thing? Afric…[View]
216778041Actor John Cusack retweets anti semitic voltaire quote cartoon https://news.sky.com/story/john-cusac…[View]
216779575Why yes I'm a Chapo Patreon subscriber how can you tell?[View]
216779077Is this the superior white culture I constantly hearing about on this site?: https://www.telegraph.c…[View]
216777509Vox Day: When are you faggots going to wake up and realize that this guy has always been 10 years ah…[View]
216776358hey pol, here is a perfect example of your oh-so-pure white women! https://twitter.com/kayfellowz/st…[View]
216780152Now that the dust has settled: Can we all agree living in a multi-polar world was better. Back in th…[View]
216780414How many of you currently posting here are we going to see on the evening news eventually?[View]
216773560Hey Taco Bowls.: Did you know Oxford University was founded 300 years before the Aztec Empire even f…[View]
216776985Why do right-wingers have the memory of a goldfish?: Any narrative that is good the left is repeated…[View]
216778869Hi fellow 4channers what does 'based' means, i am new to this website i came from r/ greentext and s…[View]
216777203This murder suspect is currently one of Canada's most wanted men. 29-year-old Amin Yussuf is ac…[View]
216766420You assholes are getting REKT in this thread. It's a beautiful thing. Do you guys even lift? ht…[View]
216778969A debate between these 2 would be priceless!! XD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCv6n91ikB8 https:…[View]
216780155What say you[View]
216771657Hes right you know[View]
216780041Your opinion on this shit?[View]
216779905Criminal scum: Are ginzos the 3rd criminal scum in America after niggers and spics?[View]
216779891If you knew that ayys influence politics and you would start a psyops what memes would you use?[View]
216768475Communist Trash Elizabeth Warren says FREE Childcare for All: remember to keep working hard so that …[View]
216779824Next week: No more beaners MAGA[View]
216776763Pavlov meet fortnite. The official game of the alt right. Scantily clad women with guns. Misogynists…[View]
216775105Republicans are the New Democrats: Spending more than ever Taxing more money than ever Printing more…[View]
216778597Frafrica vs Engnigger: Look at your U21 EM-Teams, thats what you fought for 80 years ago. Hope it wa…[View]
216778217bitchute: Support independent creators in the fight against corporate censorship. Suggested links: …[View]
216770148I'd definitely die for Israel and go to heaven. You aren't a true Christian unless you…[View]
216766851White people: >will have their full name, place of employment, school they attend to in their @s …[View]
216775315Titoism??: What do you all reckon of titoism? I have heard from my parents that under the reign of T…[View]
216771780Not /ourboard/ anymore: >Start checking flags before attempting to reply on threads with an OP of…[View]
216777364You can't be based while being pro-technology.[View]
216779327Just Got Finished Doing My Duty To Protect The White Race AMA: What ever you nigger faggots want to …[View]
216776248Why are Pajeets so cringe? https://youtu.be/dTU60OJIPxc[View]
216779171Incels hate thread: Literally worse than niggers[View]
216770047How long anon?: How long do we have before the dystopian collapse of western civilianization? >De…[View]
216778972How did black history and pride month come about. It wasn't until recent years until I came acr…[View]
216774907Voynich manuscript: What the fuck is this actually? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voynich_manuscript…[View]
216759767How can we stop the WMAF phenomenon? Is it over for asian men?: I live in California and i legit hav…[View]
216773651Uh.. anons? https://downdetector com/status/spectrum/map/[View]
216777779Live on as little money as possible.: The only way that the quality of Western people can be restore…[View]
216777287Woman blames cooking instructions after burning her cottage pie: >A woman blamed Sainsbury's…[View]
216754338have sex. No seriously, get a wife, have sex and have children. /HCG/ Have Children General Continua…[View]
216778926Asha Logos: Is He Black?: I've been watching some videos on this channel called Asha Logos. I w…[View]
216763781Imagine living in the Middle Ages, waking up in the morning with no hurry, eating breakfast, going o…[View]
216778257is /pol/ for normies now?[View]
216778576Question for religous politics: So we've all played doom. A great game where you kill demons be…[View]
216772822instead of a white ethnostate we need an autistic ethnostate. we are the smartest race of people and…[View]
216778256Why would anyone's ancestors move here?[View]
216771491come on just a little bomby[View]
216778790alright anons I've found a way to increase the strength of your shitposting it goes something l…[View]
216775415What did they mean by this?[View]
216778246>/pol/ complain white population is dropping >decide to look into european birth rates >not…[View]
216777217Friendly reminder that the highest ranking foreign officer in the German Armed Forces during WW2 was…[View]
216774351Are the Courts going to rip him a new asshole?: That his tranny lover can use after?[View]
216773395American Under-5's Majority Non-White: What now Mutts? What hope is there for your future? How …[View]
216778397White Law Enforcement:: Why is it that whites still participate in the military and particularly law…[View]
216766267AUS/POL LOCKOUT EDITION: The damning verdict on lockout laws from extensive, long-term research http…[View]
216774524The jews are dangerous, and those that are not aware of the truth about them should take the greates…[View]
216778204If justice is bind, why are sjw's so obsessed with race and skin color?[View]
216775913for real, why did she react this way to the german anthem?: was it some kind of energy weapon? did i…[View]
216778267Is this faggot right? twitter.com/FadricGamer/status/1141273721644158976?s=19[View]
216775978holohoax: clickhole unintentionally based https://lifestyle.clickhole.com/ultimate-redemption-this-f…[View]
216777158Local politicians in Germany face increasing number of death threats: why are Germans threatening th…[View]
216776012Depict neo liberalism in only one image[View]
216777565America stealing IP from Chinese companies.: >WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Senator Marco Rubio fil…[View]
216777683>be at Uni >course is called 'Media Studies' >we have to read about a paper on 4chan for th…[View]
216769904Canada is Collapsing - Trafficked Rentwhores Special Edition: Truth is the lax attitude in canada to…[View]
216777803brazilians are subhumans: don't let /pol/ fool you. brazilians are not based.[View]
216741906TRUMP BTFO: https://twitter.com/AnnCoulter/status/1140968843046805504[View]
216769928/pol/ humor thread 'where leaf at' edition[View]
216776409Tony Blair: Hey guys tony blair here remember that prime minister who fucked up the uk economy and p…[View]
216773871>President Vladimir Putin pledged to spend $8.6 billion over the next three years on programs inc…[View]
216772929How is a tick like a jew or a nigger?[View]
216775818So I know it's always been the norm to hate Islam on this board but for the past week I've…[View]
216774621pol/ is unusually bright tonight: so all these slides and glowposts mean theres a big false flag tod…[View]
216777654this is deeply unsettling..[View]
216776340Eating meat off the bone using your hands is redpilled as fuck. It stimulates parts of the brain tha…[View]
216777492/RPG/ Redpill general: >Very useful threads and articles (mostly HBD related) https://pastebin.c…[View]
216776663--> 'Our entire civilization is living like a middle aged alcoholic who's just starting to r…[View]
216777477Why are people afraid of calling out celebrities on their hypocrisy on Climate change?: Every celebr…[View]
216764778Guests watch in horror as massive huntsman spider eats a possum in their ski lodge: Australia... Wha…[View]
216776657Political Hypocrisy: All these people are fucking pathetic. Bush, Obama, Trump. Just a bunch of nati…[View]
216776950The Catalonia situation, Mr. President.[View]
216746036Proffessional Hit in the Philippines: CCTV footage of a hit on a drug target back on June 6 in the P…[View]
216770157Black people intelligence: Is it an educational thing or are they inherently stupid?[View]
216775773he protec he attac but most importantly he will take our country bac[View]
216777076[DPRK TV] 조선중앙텔레비죤: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4B631ie_kY [DPRK TV] 조선중앙텔레비죤 — Korean Central …[View]
216773848How do I get a gf like this?[View]
216776272Would it be better if Germany voluntarily took a back seat with respect to control of the EU and was…[View]
216772838HAVE KIDS[View]
216770447AOC is always right: AOC is correct once again when calling Trump's migrant detention centers '…[View]
216776279responsible black father dont exi-[View]
216776733Redpill me on the 'incorruptible' saints. Apparently their bodies don't decay because they are …[View]
216759928Shitshow: Russian fag here. My country is poor af all the money from other regions go to the capital…[View]
216768290I have a paper to write a paper for my statistics class about why interracial black/white relationsh…[View]
216774003BPD women are the biggest threat to the white race than anything else on this planet. All the women …[View]
216774676/pcbg/ Pastor Chuck Baldwin General: A sane mans steven anderson. Ben Shapiro BTFO in the pulpit: ht…[View]
216775308why are unions in america so incredibly corrupt and prioritize seniority over merit? its like burger…[View]
216762699Why has Australia stayed in the prehistoric age?[View]
216776321Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic.: https://twitter.com/atrupar/status/1141152481906479104[View]
216772998Is he a psy-op?[View]
216775374Fags4Nazis, a new thing?[View]
216735911Did you know Ashkenazis are whiter than Southern Europeans?: They're on the same level as Frenc…[View]
216767713Just watched the Trump rally: Anyone else cringing that they publicly supported this fat orange fagg…[View]
216765054How do I reverse the damage that antidepressants have done to my brain, /pol/? >Be me >Parents…[View]
216766631Accepting female authority is the final redpill: First, we can just look at the x and y chromosomes.…[View]
216773221Are women inferior ?: Doctor here, a lot of you virgin retards are asking and making threads on whet…[View]
216775870(((((IncelTears))))): What the fuck is wrong with them?[View]
216774354ホロコーストの否認がなぜ反ユダヤ主義と同じとみなされるのですか? 私がユダヤ人を嫌っているなら、私は彼らが死にたくないでしょうか?[View]
216773245Why doesnt anyone care abuot this!?: US Citizans are dieing for no reason when going to the Dominica…[View]
216774157>Hey anon, If you pretend to care about LGBT rights, then dont be a faggot and lets go to the par…[View]
216775263Now is our chance /pol/ Let's make cyberpunk racist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBT621ygQE…[View]
216771660Auschwitz: Hi guys tommorow I will be visiting Auschwitz, anything should watch out for/check?…[View]
216770666Trump didn't mention the wall ONCE in tonight's rally!: Anyone else watch it? He spent abo…[View]
216775781all this fucking kike did was divide the west so (((they))) can control it better ah and almost forg…[View]
216767381https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=k3N8Pc9jSFY Is transvestigation a psyops being shilled by the CIA?…[View]
216772404Summer Gymnasium is fucking cancer. Me and a about 4 other students are white. The rest are asians, …[View]
216772935fuck it i just turned on this fucking jew[View]
216771746Been a few weeks, did Sophie get shoa'd from youtube? I don't see her shit anywhere?[View]
216775031Name one president weimerica has had in the last 50 years who has not implemented harsh, genocidal a…[View]
216762403I’m an Islamic convert studying Islam for about 5 years AMA[View]
216774268We're going down folks.[View]
216757364NWO hate thread. Watch how quickly MI6 takes this down.[View]
216773997I bet yall sick nazis like this[View]
216758939This Is Deutsche Bank's Chart: All other european banks I've looked ate are all forming th…[View]
216769766Worship Jove.[View]
216761362Question to racists: What's wrong with immigration?[View]
216771307How does it make you feel that the world will inevitably turn brown and flare-nostrilled?[View]
216775199PERSIAN MASTER RACE: Are Persians the true master race and heir to the legacy of Alexander? Is this …[View]
216754809Does social media need to be regulated?: I say yes.[View]
216771733The hypocrisy by: You guys.[View]
216774641Why does the West hate him?: I can't figure it out personally! Can you tell me why the the west…[View]
216771538why don't whites trust science?[View]
216771504Defend this migapedes: >senior adviser >senior adviser >senior adviser Trump has destroyed…[View]
216768827Is the alt-right dead? >ineffective at violence >Getting punched out, arrested and killed …[View]
216771586The only thing you need to know about christianity: All you need to know about christianity is that …[View]
216772422putin in charge of russia: Will advances in medicine be able to keep him alive long enough to dethro…[View]
216772332mixed are stronger people: Anyone who knows anything about genetics, knows that mutts are the smarte…[View]
216760674HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: >U.S. planning a 'tactical assault' in Iran Diplomatic so…[View]
216774557Could you imagine President Andrew Yang, a son of two TAIWANESE immigrants going over to meet Presid…[View]
216768740Is Zoroastrianism the one true Aryan religion?[View]
216766620Aleister Crowley: Pol's thoughts on Aleister Crowley?[View]
216773104Why do people insist that racism existed: First of all racism is a made up word, by the democrats. …[View]
216773409Charity: Does anyone here actually do any charity related work? I dont even like using the word cha…[View]
216746780What are your honest thoughts on the modern Western woman.[View]
216774232The Great (((Youtube))) Exodus: Support independent creators against censorship. Suggested links: ht…[View]
216772698based and redpilled documentary about the crusades?: post please[View]
216772940OH NONONONONO HAHAHAHAHAHA: Trump Tariffs on Chinese Goods Could Lead to a 'Bible Tax' …[View]
216774228What does this mean /pol/: Is it based?[View]
216770575just some late night coincidence posting.: https://www.broadwayworld.com/videoplay/VIDEO-Hear-Lin-Ma…[View]
216769509How to start EASY MASS DEPORTATIONS.: Background. During the Obama administration the Viper operatio…[View]
216773599>six million people gassed and incinerated? not this time. we made it up.…[View]
216745268brits and canacucks would rather this than being shot >the absolute state oh no, look! toronto is…[View]
216771387Explain why in USA: There is no bill when I call cops and they come to take part in a shoot out and …[View]
216772387/pol/ Free Association: The way this game works is I post a word and then the next anon posts the fi…[View]
216772437What do you think about kikes?: Where I’m from I’ve barely seen neither met any jew, so I can’t form…[View]
216767414Because he's a billionaire he simply bought so many rights to so many creations, which are just…[View]
216760398Chernobylska Disaster 1986: Here's a thought: After Game of Bones got a big ol' flop on HB…[View]
216772563/RPG/ Redpill general: >Very useful threads and articles (mostly HBD related) https://pastebin.c…[View]
216770863are any of you bitches prepping for federal government to come try and disarm you and enslave you[View]
216768507grumpft: >imagine actually believing this[View]
216768389the...drugs aren't working anymore.: the drugs aren't working anymore. The Drugs Aren…[View]
216771043Is Dr.E.Michael Jones a Catholic homophobic BIGOT ?: Look how he speaks to him, he is going to have …[View]
216773569Anyone have a link to the uncensored video where the retard in an orange shirt gets shot by two base…[View]
216772818why are all /pol/lacks inherently violent[View]
216770729>be me >will post pics if asked >only to make a point >literally tall good looking muscu…[View]
216770351Cuck english class Part two: So today we read a malcom X speech and discussed racism and white guilt…[View]
216766585Is using the Illuminati in place of (((them)) the safe way of making yourself not look like an anti-…[View]
216772714Man sues brewery over 'women's only' IPA, claims he 'felt forced to identify as …[View]
216771912Street1510 decrypts wikileaks stuff from 2016: https://magaimg.net/img/88th.png https://magaimg.net/…[View]
216767012WW3 WHEN: What are the chances of the Hong Kong protests devolving into a global conflict. I could e…[View]
216762151BREAKING EXXON EVACUATING DUE TO IRAN ATTACK: >'A rocket attack on a foreign oil company injured …[View]
216766975KEK has spoken: deal with it[View]
216738784Why is God punishing rural retards with natural disasters?: meanwhile it's sunny in California…[View]
216763081Commie general: Get in here comrades[View]
216768851I'm looking for links between Communism and Jews. Any sources would be helpful[View]
216764326Trump is most likely going to win re-election not because people want him but because the Left is so…[View]
216771055>be me, follow pol advice >only date whites >got fit >got job >eat healthy, im better…[View]
216772245Zoomer girls dab on white boys yet again: White boy BTFO. YOURE NOT VALID[View]
216772231Have you learned anything useful from /pol/ other than hating nogs and kikes?Yesterday i realized th…[View]
216770464Ill be running for local office in the next few years here in the UK and I'd be very grateful i…[View]
216761145This little incident has turned alt-right/incel terrorists into the laughing stock of the internet. …[View]
216751960Found the only badass left in Canada: Okay leaf, I will give you props this one time.[View]
216753005Anyone have rare 9/11 footage?[View]
216768350Anons, I'm looking for that file with twitter excerpts where Jews call themselves White and the…[View]
216751096Are there any non-larper christfags that can answer a couple questions for me? I am genuinely intere…[View]
216772334nordcucks need to realize that their master for ever and ever are the same and are called MEDS so th…[View]
216765045i want war and nothing else[View]
216772235reminder the white race owns america not the goddamned fucking indians[View]
216769689Imagine being this dude, no way he wasn't one of us, he's too much of a cuck not to be.[View]
216771522This is what it looks like when Trump/Republicans start ranting about 'socialism,' and how evil it i…[View]
216768901>Wooden doors? >6 million was impossible? >Hospitals at deathcamps?…[View]
216772159Hey fellow magapedes! Someone on r the Donald told me that this place was like a bigger pro Trump f…[View]
216772071>Modern 'liberated' women are all degenerate whores. That's why I don't lower myself to…[View]
216769108/F5G/ - Frank5 General: Post Frank Cards™ and Frank Larps™(Knowledge Bombs©) and general Frankabilia…[View]
216772019This Sudan blue pfp shit is retarded if we go over there it's just gonna start a war. Then peop…[View]
216764297SPAIN HATE THREAD: Why should us Americans take shit for Spain and their rapebabies? They were the o…[View]
216763407Why do you hate us Chinese? We have never done anything wrong or threatened you. Rather, you Western…[View]
216771852God help us if this CUNT becomes POTUS[View]
216767764(You) addicition: Help me guys. Too much posting on /pol/ corrupted me. I know always seek to get (Y…[View]
216764534Fighting the Blackpill: How does /pol/ fight against the black pill overcoming one's self? …[View]
216770584Will the leftists seek to collapse the economic system of the West??: With the realisation that a si…[View]
216771140I have seen Phish in concert 7 times I first saw them in 2009 .[View]
216765326So i can identify and differentiate slavs, germans, romance, greeks, Ashkenazi jews, celtics, and no…[View]
216761097Lets post things they hate[View]
216770973How yall crusty virgins doin' today? Yall sittin around in dark rooms honk honkin each other ab…[View]
216767805Why is the media always pushing penis size tropes?: Is it simply to get ratings or is there another …[View]
216771009Really activates the almonds: Hmmmm[View]
216767637Why would Justin Trudeau make 3 white children if he hates whites so much?[View]
2167703472020 election: What are our plans for the 2020 election I say we support a far left candidate and ho…[View]
216754486Made a fake grinder profile as a 12 y/o with picture: They are all pedophiles, for sure, try it your…[View]
216769734>be shitler >claim to love the german people >send the german people to die on the east fro…[View]
216770650Ok here’s the thing, what do you think the government approach would be if straight people mad a con…[View]
216764842John Bolton to arrive in Israel on Sunday: Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to attend a tour with Bolt…[View]
216758843Joe Rogan Goes Full Degenerate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvVHc1C-8sE So much for ''''based'''…[View]
216769191/pol/ is israel[View]
216770512>looking thru family photos >and anon, heres your great grandfather, who was in the Jewish maf…[View]
216770476/pol/: Why are there so many slide threads on /pol/ today? Did faggots on discord organize a huge ra…[View]
216760728YRYL thread: You rage you lose. I’ll start.[View]
216766673Why are there no predominantly white, judeo-christian countries on this list? What is that makes whi…[View]
216736403MGTOW BTFO, to infinity and beyond: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffVJfVVe_bk The half savage stri…[View]
216770237Thinking of doing an experiment with my sperm: I want to try to enact my plan to have like 10 babies…[View]
216769832You russians are weird All the road rage videos mostly contain you lot, at the same time a lot of th…[View]
216763867>SEETHING>Charlegmane>William the Conquerer>Harald Bluetooth>Oliver Cromwell: >hav…[View]
216765310WE ARE BEING CENSORED: When do we fight back? We are being erased and sent to the digital ghetto!…[View]
216767481/pol/ will pretend that this cartoon is wrong. That it DOESN'T describe the true nature of Amer…[View]
216770079The big book of granny: Which one of you faggots has the text? Been reading up on lanza and even saw…[View]
216768244John Cusack hates jews[View]
216768572Dude, you know what would be totally RAD, man If we could somehow find a totally new version of post…[View]
216769404Traveling to israel: Why do (((they))) want me to travel to fucking israel[View]
216768230What to do with large companies if we are for free market: In place of any large company, I would be…[View]
216769627I don't get it. first i thought bad people become bad because their society gathers too much we…[View]
216760412Purge: Do Americans really hate each other enough to kill one another? That is a sad reflection of t…[View]
216769104you ever thought it would be this bad?[View]
216764505Why is this fucking acceptable?[View]
216768681>The left won't win a civil war in Americ- Mass-migration is indistinguishable from a milita…[View]
216769242/pol/ is israeli[View]
216766863IL senator Julie Morrison wants to take your guns.: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/06/18/il…[View]
216764931anon predicts future elections: here is what I believe 2024 will look like.[View]
216769235the absolute state of nazis: This is what awaits you.[View]
216767335Prepper thread: What are you prepping for anon?[View]
216768049Hitler was gay, took female hormones: Thoughts? https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/nazi-doctors-hitl…[View]
216726983Are you born gay? COLLEGE PAPER: Im writing a paper and presenting reasons why people are not born g…[View]
216768954the curryniggers did it, fellow white males. they don't realize that the white man can come bac…[View]
216766758What is going on!?: people going to the Dominican Republic are suddenlly dieing for no reason. what …[View]
216765636Children Can Handle The Kink In Pride!!!!!!!!: 'Pride, from kink to nakedness, is an excellent oppor…[View]
216757700Why aren’t you voting for Bernie Sanders?[View]
216767810So why haven't you gone MGTOW yet? With climate change and globalisation, the next century is …[View]
216763910Neoconservatism is the Utlimate Redpill: >Strong military to protect U.S and enforce its agenda w…[View]
216767934I want to raid someone[View]
216765963Why do so many people almost literally worship this middling retard who has accomplished little and …[View]
216750343Electoral False Flags!!!: The Election Season is upon us. Let’s delve into last election season’s Fa…[View]
216765441Mark Collett debates a gaggle of Jews: He ran through a gauntlet of pill pull and came out the other…[View]
216728432Phoenix black family suing city for $10,000,000: Gib me dats https://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/topic/p…[View]
216768824anglos are such browbeaten weakling cucks ffs, acros the brittish isles white women pay tribute to t…[View]
216766554Why is Pizzagate still being ignored? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diqSlOC3UF4&t=1833s[View]
216756062He fucking did it /pol/[View]
216761730How do i immigrate out of Iran: I dont wanna get blown up by American bombs my niggas. Will a wester…[View]
216767193Any bored agents here: just to see how thirsty the FBI is, one could also learn to speak like agent …[View]
216753070What’s there to doubt about man made climate change?: Glaciers are melting extremely fast. Permafros…[View]
216734188Her name was Ebba Åkerlund: Her name was Ebba Åkerlund She was 11 years old when she was sacrificed …[View]
216765523High School Student, Fucks Slut Teacher, Calls the Cops on Her: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art…[View]
2167608731-Pat Buchanan 2-Ron Paul...Name the 2 other figures who's views composed the core beliefs of t…[View]
216768440/leftypol/ commies like to ask why did the ussr collapse. I ask how the fuck could it existe. >no…[View]
216767361Your making a big, big mistake, white boi[View]
216752360poor gal lost her job over this[View]
216761673Reminder that a real shoah has never been tried.[View]
216764783FUCK KYLE KASHUV: https://www.theroot.com/forgiveness-is-a-white-privilege-1835625584 So this articl…[View]
216765509They wanted a son so much they made their daughter live as a boy: >The centuries-old tradition sa…[View]
216768089So you guys ready to go to war with Iran for Israel? Oh, by the way Resident Evil 4 totally predicte…[View]
216765416will /pol/ ever recover from this catastrophe?[View]
216757132WHY are you afraid of THICC white qts lad?: Stop being faggots and get yourself a THICC white qts, t…[View]
216766871Why don't you retards care about how dangerous 5g is. There are so many studies implicating it …[View]
216767842So when is the American government going to start declaring us a bunch of loony fucking weirdos that…[View]
216767493If jews are inherently untrustworthy, and whites inherent noble, what happens to children born from …[View]
216764564Why aren't you in a pedo hunting group anon?: https://youtu.be/k2nW45y2_8M > concerned citiz…[View]
216744372EnergyPolicy: The Age of Fossil Fuels is changing quickly. Some say the end of their use is at hand.…[View]
216767503Communism has never been done in a modern Country. Only example that comes close is Native American …[View]
216760687Reminder: Bernard 'Bernie' Sanders has sexually abused hundreds of young boys and nobody seems to ca…[View]
216764629List some problems that pol has and how to get rid of them[View]
216767078Silly millennials! Just work at your family's business and live in the condo they bought you! A…[View]
216764764What's pols thoughts on individualism?[View]
216762585You ready to die for Israel boys?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiO_ZT5bSqk[View]
216763592>I think white people are being replaced by white people. Every 60 years in the US, the white maj…[View]
216767551Queer liberation not gay assimilation. Fuck rainbow capitalism nonsense. And fuck liberals for enabl…[View]
216766523https://youtu.be/Dkk9gvTmCXY?t=79 So you guys have officially been called out by Tay, she thinks tha…[View]
216765659He is not wrong. Why are arab sandniggers such hypocrites?[View]
216744879BASED GAYS: Any other based gays here on /pol/? Specifically gay people who aren’t raving, flaming, …[View]
216760582North Las Vegas man warns others after cigarette flick costs him $1,174: >Eric said the officers …[View]
216765762Let's have a good ol holocaust thread boy. Show everyone here how fucking retarded it is and if…[View]
216713621ISRAELI PSYOP CANCELED: So.... no war for Israel?[View]
216765750>be american >go to the beach >get eaten by bacteria https://www.scientificamerican.com/art…[View]
216766906Crossed a desert. Crossed a sea. Climbed a fence. Only the strongests have survived. While, euro…[View]
216763268I Fucking HATE Being Jewish: Who here /kike on pol/? ... I am! I'm just a normal guy who LOOKS …[View]
216766418Redpills: I just found out that my coworker is based and redpilled, we're working together for …[View]
216756157/pol/ I need your help you nigger Jews: Every time someone says that “niggers and whites are differe…[View]
216754562Can I Run For Office As a Black Conservative if I have a Criminal Record?: I'm Black and I…[View]
216763583Raising family without Talmudic influence: Is it feasible to have a family in the middle of nowhere …[View]
216760635/skg/ - SKYKING General: >TUNE IN: http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/ >SKYKING FREQUENCIES: …[View]
216761928Why can't we start our own intelligence agency? Like the CIA or ASIO but more fun.[View]
216764090123 RACE WAR NOW: GAS THE KIKES[View]
216761748Why do black men love white trannies? They prefer them over their own women?[View]
216766722UK jails two Poles for calling the next kween a nigger: God job UK, seems like you do everything you…[View]
216764477glenn beck: What the fuck is that body composition?[View]
216742539Ive fantasized about nazis and airplanes since i was 3, before i could read: My family confirms this…[View]
216765733Unpopular opinion: The Jews are responsible for modern civilization and Abraham prevented HIV/AIDS, …[View]
216766437MTV award meme war: my fellow faggots, i want war on the MTV awards, i want to meme the crap out of …[View]
216762840Eugenics: Should we endorse eugenics? Discuss[View]
216766280Why am I weirded out by NGOs?: OK so this is a fucking normie question but bear with me. George Soro…[View]
216751209Sandy-Hook Denial now illegal in the USA: ... get sued by the crisis-actors for 'defamation' and los…[View]
216765541FBI thread: Hello my fellow 4chan'ers (((they))) are trying to get to us Please send me all of …[View]
216766071The nuclear family (and the Jewish attack on it): Anyone ever noticed how single mothers have create…[View]
216766132black on white rape statistics: I have heard that black on white rape is hundreds of times more like…[View]
216753349'Sup Anon! Me and my wife are at the Trump rally! Are you ready to help re-elect President Donald Tr…[View]
216765691Is Russia a country of subhumans?[View]
216758541Welcome to Trump's America[View]
216762856Attempting to fuck up this guy's apartment with his own robot: Attempting to fuck up this guy…[View]
216759499/pol/ 'humor': Lmao you pathetic racists never fail to make me laugh with your 'pol humor' threads F…[View]
216764046i need all of the migrant crime statistics/proof migrants suck you have trying to convince some esto…[View]
216765519Whites of /pol/ have sex.: My favourite thing to see online is this whole concept of 'white genocide…[View]
216763638Is the shilling always this intense this time nighttime anons? I usually lurk during the day and alw…[View]
216764981I just want a cute woman who loves me and doesn't drive me crazy, a decent job, and a home wher…[View]
216736335post rare hitler pics[View]
216763025How can Trump even compete?: these are experienced statesmen[View]
216765739Modern political states signified by the ancient prophecies?: >' I have also spoken by the prophe…[View]
216764251hello i am young black male: ask me anything[View]
216765711Redpill thread: post your redpills here >Very useful threads and articles (mostly HBD related) h…[View]
216763143Gimme proof that glow niegers are here[View]
216765452stomp stomp clap: >unions are ba- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOkQJm_UGM4…[View]
216763937Confess: I'll start: I'm happily married with a young nurse, we met when she was 17, howev…[View]
216764362Based as fuck. He shouldn't have apologized.[View]
216765495It is obvious that the world as anyone knows it may be ending, death tolls will not stop, murder wil…[View]
216750570Liberals Used to Love Quoting This.....: .....what happened?[View]
216757346MR. PRESIDENT IT'S TIME[View]
216741709MASS SURVEILLANCE THREAD. BIG BROTHER STILL WATCHES YOU: I just saw this guy's movie. How do we…[View]
216764844Gun Owners ARE responsible for all shootings.: That’s it, gun violence has finally gone too far. The…[View]
216764038Is Andrew Yang still the only Democratic candidate that doesn't hate white people?[View]
216763115Daughters: Should I convince my wife to try only to have sons? I am not saying that I will abort but…[View]
216730773Zoomer plays Fortnite, slashes niggers. Tells nigger to get a job. https://www.newsobserver.com/news…[View]
216765074candy ass gene ?: Hmmmm so I was wondering is homosexuality going to burn itself out ? I mean since …[View]
216765106Where do you get your news? I get my news mainly from Google's news aggregator (news . google .…[View]
216765092wumin: >be me >wagecuck but many joobills >blah blah blah redpilled >decide having a big…[View]
216760468If your 'pastor' looks like this, you're not Christian[View]
216764623Why did the nazis kill thier oun soldiers that defended them from judo-america-bolsheviek menace?[View]
216727167CIA NIGGERS THREAD: Post things that cia niggers would get pissed off about[View]
216759781What's so hard to understand about this?[View]
216758971LMFAO OWNED: https://twitter.com/AndrewYang/status/1141156152304164872?s=20[View]
216754162Lgbt people are the result of family issues and molestation. Ellen the famous lesbian was straight u…[View]
216763716Area 51 OPSEC: What are SEPS machines and Portal Shield units?[View]
216755794Jews: Iran plans to attack US: https://mosaicmagazine.com/picks/politics-current-affairs/2019/06/hiz…[View]
216762788Mexico is superior in freedom to usa.: Only spooks and paid shills want to cross, America sucks, and…[View]
216763387Accelerationism is a baited wolfsangel: >Antifa cells >Mossad >FBI >Shareblue >(and m…[View]
216762646Blame the Jews?: Is every evil thing caused by the Jews, or just the things you can't explain? …[View]
216763157Metropolis or Dystopia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYLiBEgLOYE Imagine a boot stamping on a fac…[View]
216761951Serious question, where do you go to read the news? How can you tell who is trustworthy?[View]
216758515What exactly is it that you fags are trying to preserve by 'defending Western culture'? Strip malls …[View]
216717685Was Juri Bezmenov right about the brainwashing of the American people?: I just watched his full vide…[View]
216764011Mexicans are worse than niggers.: They hate white people but they’re so desperate to live in white c…[View]
216764582Is there any way to make the concept of an arranged marriage appealing to women?[View]
216764559Trump statue in Oklahoma looks like Alec Baldwin... https://kfor.com/2019/06/18/the-oklahoma-republi…[View]
216764543What the fuck is wrong with white men?[View]
216753350Bernie is fighting: For you guys. Rise up!![View]
216763496I seriously don't understand how you think (((they))) run they world.. can anyone provide any p…[View]
216764418https://www.foresthavennursingandrehab.com/contact-us/: troll these liberal fucks for being a shitty…[View]
216761184Do you have children, if not, are you planning to have any?[View]
216722117The FBI wants you to forget about the Vegas Shooting.: >The shooter's wife listed the FBI as…[View]
216764174The Church of /pol/: The only way for right wing ideology and political incorrectness to stand in th…[View]
216761869Niggers that think they'll win a race war: No one is surprised you dindu's can't do m…[View]
216757894lmao you fucking dorks[View]
216761327Israel vs Egypt, who would win this time?: This isn't a question of preference, this is about w…[View]
216757597>all the pizza gate shit is old pathetic sloppy boomers >probably not possessed by any intelli…[View]
216763175>liberals are okay with this https://twitter.com/kayfellowz/status/1140215755881025536…[View]
216732260Alexis Texas killed during robbery: Perp is 19 year-old black male, stabbed the woman in the stomach…[View]
216759776Ron Paul thread. Discuss Ron Paul and share content about him.[View]
216762070Holeeey fucking shit. Proof https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KCWqnldEag[View]
216758429Fat hog = tech companies Guy = right wing opinions[View]
21676401780-year-old left alone by his family on New Hampshire mountain may get billed for rescue: >James …[View]
216760050/pol/ should embrace Homosexuality to Solve the Incel Problem: I was a 24 and a KHHV (kissless hugle…[View]
216763581>'Transgenders are ugl-'[View]
216763252>E Michael Jones claims India is where Logos went to die >Indians are world famous for shittin…[View]
216762053I need the most hellbound memes stat: Hentai, neonazis you name it. now thankyou[View]
216750565Hey /pol/, Whats your opinion on eugenics?[View]
216763842live by the meme, die by the meme.[View]
216763277Anyone regret voting for Trump?: >no wall >no race war >about to declare multiple wars agai…[View]
216762859Who is making the jewish infographics? You can't follow them for shit and theres too many fuck…[View]
216763658Happy Sickle Cell Day, /pol/.[View]
216744924https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ts08U2673EI Hand over the guns, /pol/.[View]
216758187Did he finally snap?[View]
216761490Okay is there really any surprise that niggers disproportionately assault white women when they get …[View]
216754075NOW NEW ZELAND IS IN BIG SHIT. JUST WATCH: BREAKING: New Zealand government website erases Israel fr…[View]
216761757The market cap of Apple is nearly $1 trillion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiO_ZT5bSqk…[View]
216759951How many dark webs are there?: Onion web is cool, but how many are there? We only know of one. I bet…[View]
216761239/fpg/ - Fed Posting General: Hey FBI anons, I know we can be mean calling you glowniggers and taunti…[View]
216761518How is your garden coming along /pol/? I am planting a bunch of berry bushes so I can make jam and s…[View]
216752262having a slight argument with my wife and she is sitting here telling me that if we adopt a child fr…[View]
216761900Psychoanalysis of Trump Voters: It all makes sense now... https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/blog/…[View]
216763520A girl.... AND a gamer? Whoa mama! Hummina hummina hummina bazooooooooing! *eyes pop out* AROOOOOOOO…[View]
216762593Missing 18 year old backpacker in Australia: Does anyone on /pol/ have any useful info to help track…[View]
216751877JUAN GUAIDO F*cked DONALD TRUMP BIG TIME. LOL. hahaha: US-backed Venezuela opposition caught embezzl…[View]
216761151Illegals are humans too. I work with some and they’re sweet, hard working people who want a secure l…[View]
216755572Here in America, we stand against racism: We are the country that single handedly ended racism and s…[View]
216758143the Political IMPACT of Female Sex Tourism in Africa??: How does the far right plan on addressing th…[View]
216734791Never forget. For every civil war 2.0/race war NOW/right wing deathsquad/commie helicopter rides/day…[View]
216760617Leaving the left: Identified as a liberal my whole life, but the last few months I'm just havin…[View]
216761377More incremental desert sub-happenings. Why Iraq and not Saudi Arabia, though? I thought they wante…[View]
216763036Ready for good goy research from Oxford?[View]
216728575JIDF spike: Anyone notice JIDF has suddenly stopped using meme flags and are now showing their geo f…[View]
216760213Jews pushed racemixing on white people in Germany. They want you to believe Hitler was evil for reco…[View]
216762472Is binary code transphobic? Should not we embrace more lgbt friendly code?[View]
216761458Trumps speech tonight means he will lose: Incoherent rambling of an elderly senile man. Clearly bide…[View]
216762716Now's our chance: Mitch McConnell just said slavery reparations are 'not a good idea'. This is …[View]
216756945Is Lutheranism the right religion for pol?[View]
216759816Has /pol/ heard about 'Johnny Frank Garrett': Johnny Frank Garrett was a death row prisoner executed…[View]
216757504They Glow in the dark[View]
216748147Politically Oriented Rainy Tokyo: Are rainy night walks in Tokyo, in fact, the most comfy and patric…[View]
216760799Hate the chess player, not the pawn.: I literally dont hate migrants who came to europe legally. I s…[View]
216760992It’s an idea![View]
216757179Who here jacks off to anime?[View]
216762073how normal is this actually: so i live in the seattle area and was browsing homes online and found t…[View]
21675933885% of the population doesn't have a single great-grandparent or great-great-grandparent who ha…[View]
216762195>imagine actually believing this[View]
216759101Fuck neocons: https://twitter.com/SenSanders/status/1141097238434897920?s=20[View]
216753014Women's attractiveness peak at 18. Men at 50: So what's the purpose of unwed women above 1…[View]
216759011natalie /ourshlag/[View]
216762014Former Republican governor becomes world's biggest good goy:: We are hitting scale-shattering l…[View]
216756558Why do whites lack empathy and a moral compass: They have always been the culprits behind every horr…[View]
216753037You caused this[View]
216759644Rise in anime with a rise in lgbtqniggers Is there correlation?[View]
216761775How to fix America: I propose that Congress enacts a new law which makes it illegal for individuals …[View]
216757793>They're fueling their missiles, we don't have time to fuck around!…[View]
216749293At what level of income do you consider someone to be rich? At what net worth?[View]
216762148Redpill on Trump and immigration: >Trump DOJ de-prioritizes Unaccompanied Alien Minors for deport…[View]
216755412Life sucks cause you cuckolds let niggers takeover America.[View]
216758898Anyone else standing with the gravel? >'As an elderly man in an ever changing world, It has been …[View]
216732567Will Trump get re-elected in 2020? please elaborate[View]
216761335I am so excited! To see all you liberals loose your shit again in 2020!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!![View]
216761109Trump is full of shit.: I can't believe he was pushing LOCK HER UP and BUILD THAT WALL in Orlan…[View]
216759059Why do you retards blame the kikes instead of the ones dumb enough to believe and defend them every …[View]
216758806“Senior advisor”: Trump has destroyed the White House with his nepotism. He even hands out jobs to h…[View]
216757469>DO NOT WRONGTHINK!: Do jews actually think this works?[View]
216760493Pic related BTFO rabbi in debate, so the Rabbi took the video down: Does anyone else have a copy of …[View]
216751950Canada is not collapsing: Hey guys. Canadian here. What you are seeing in this picture is a trick. …[View]
216761588Oregon Standoff After Action Review: What happened to the FBI agent that lied about the shooting?…[View]
216757942If you ever want to know how separate the races are, go to a soccer game in the USA that is USA vers…[View]
216760108Lincoln saved buy Pinkerton: Became Securitas Paragon Guard WTC World Trade Center Collapsed from 2 …[View]
216759626What happened to Q anon? i’m back after a few months away and let’s just say i’m cringing. Nothing …[View]
216758502fallen heroes: rip to this fallen hero.... how couldn't his airsoft vest have protected him? we…[View]
216761421Degeneracy: (Pic unrelated) Would you marry a woman who had been with another man prior to marriage?…[View]
216755619Keanu is Jesus: Are we sure this guy isn't the literal second coming of christ? He looks the pa…[View]
216760995Canuck: Why are Canadians detectable even through VPN?[View]
216758382>moms freaking out![View]
216759468>Anon! Your credit card history shows construction material purchases. >But you haven't f…[View]
216753847Corporate normies are fighting over 'muh holocaust' again. https://twitter.com/chrislhaye…[View]
216754253Why are most gun nuts secretly racist?: Parkland shooting survivor and racist incel Kyle Kashuv lose…[View]
216757564Wageslaving: Is there a difference between waging for a massive corporation and a small business or …[View]
216749272They took this from us.[View]
216761096Open Source proves that socialism can work better than capitalism.[View]
216749178Where is Australia Whitest?: Aus Anon’s, I want to move to Australia. I have the paperwork for resid…[View]
216760487JOHN BOLTON TO ARRIVE IN ISRAEL ON SUNDAY!: >Netanyahu is expected to attend a tour with Bolton o…[View]
216759726Who is this guy and how is he always right?: bottom text[View]
216761085Rememer the Texas bomber?: They never took him alive.[View]
216759543Don't you see?: It's just entertainment.[View]
216756292So what is the deal with Jews? I wasn't aware they were a thing untill i was 12 and i have neve…[View]
216756739No Deep State Actor Has Been Arrested: Where are the indictments? They all openly admit in plotting …[View]
216757685Well, /pol/?[View]
216759559Whos in the Boof Gang???[View]
216759137REDPILL THREAD LETS GO: Lost my redpill folder i need you niggers. Jew redpills get extra good goy p…[View]
216759825>aktion t4 Is this real or is it more propaganda? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aktion_T4…[View]
216759390Absolute cunt brags about stealing pro-life sign: https://twitter.com/hug_your_cats/status/114067363…[View]
216756099Is paganism legit or just a meme?[View]
216760409Why do zoomers shoot grandma's in church?: When you can be a boomer and assassinate politicians…[View]
216758301Going back in time: could be your greatest joy.[View]
216747084Are we in the End Times?: right now it feels like the collapse of modern society and the reshaping o…[View]
216755883Let's see how smart /pol/ is. No cheating! Complete the following test in 20 minutes or less an…[View]
216759156FB ADL Operations Primer: They Suck Dics Edition: https://archive.org/stream/adl-fbi-conspiracy-expo…[View]
216753765Confess to a brother[View]
216758061I was near the LA river and I came across this graffiti. I came across posts on /pol/ regarding sata…[View]
216742244Imagine living in flyover country.: Why would anyone choose to live in an irrelevant state?[View]
216759601White Sharia: Will it ever become a reality? How can we make it happen?[View]
216757968How do we make Japan less racist and more diverse like other developed first world countries?[View]
216748071Why burgers fake to be in military?[View]
216744130Woah....Chechens are WHITE?[View]
216759460Based manchester: Dont you love modern society anon? Make sure to cover up your webcam when you take…[View]
216752711I'm Cucking my Leftist Roommate: So for all the cucking the leftists do to us, I'm hitting…[View]
216758648LOL OH NO NO NO[View]
216760024BASED: https://www.rt.com/news/462157-new-zealand-israel-map/[View]
216755595YOUR NATIONALITY IS YOUR RACE/ETHNICITY: Define 'white'. Protip: you can't. And even if you com…[View]
216751528Holocaust Survivors Only Thread: This is a safe space for the survivor community of /pol/ to reminis…[View]
216759952Did trump get us back from the brink? When can we get back to pic related?[View]
216745923Redpilled anime: Man tries to take back what is his from the jew. Engages in brother wars to get it …[View]
216751868Well, what do you have to say for yourselves?: Y'all want to bitch about a white boy getting hi…[View]
216723787insurance file. md5, sha1, sha256: Hi Anon, You might be reading this from the archive. I'm bac…[View]
216758105WE: https://twitter.com/Daily_Star/status/1139504110451986432[View]
216758296Why is /pol/ right about the kikes and fags, but ultimately wrong about things like evolution, vacci…[View]
216759722Nazis be like...[View]
216759014Remember: When /pol/ had real heroes instead of off-the-shelf Mossad Schizo Murderers in farflung st…[View]
216757285Dallas shooter thread: Did the Dallas shooter piss himself? lmao[View]
216748436There's so much hate and fascism here, so I offer the following advice:: paint a wall, learn to…[View]
216757454>Iran is the number 1 sponsor of terror >Israel is our greatest ally >Socialism will never …[View]
216710783Andrew Yang: Regardless of your personal opinion on Andrew Yang, what will you do with your $1000 a …[View]
216759482OY VEY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYA4eYR-Aoo[View]
216757771Reminder the end point of c*mmunism is the slaughtering of innocent qt princesses[View]
216755474Watch out leftists![View]
216757884should women be allowed to vote?[View]
216758108So, Alex Jones apparently never sent Child porn to Sandy Hook Families as per the FBI. You wouldn…[View]
2167561524th of july celebration day: Almost 2 weeks to the date until freedom day, dab on non americans in t…[View]
216753551I have a big black dick: I'm 1/64th black, Niggers.[View]
216757515Is he right? Holocaust expert Finchelstein says Trump is putting Mexicans in concentration camps.[View]
216754917As a black man, I love it when critically-endangered species LARP like they have a chance.: You…[View]
216758569Is this how they grab them???[View]
216758709State of /pol/ right now[View]
216755536How do you stop this? Obama had 50 paid supporters in a gym on a Saturday night. Trump sells out are…[View]
216729167Chris Kyle: I just want to know what /pol/ or americans think or thought about this guy. And was it …[View]
216748048How long until white women fall into the same group as white men?[View]
216732427Friendly black bear killed after people feed it, take selfies: >The friendly bear had been fed tr…[View]
216756706BOOM! Let's Face It, Conservatives are the New Rockstars!: College conservatives, like TPUSA, a…[View]
216713994How is it possible that US opinion of Israel is so high? Even a casual perusal of the facts reveals …[View]
216758174Worst nation on earth?[View]
216756777What is this creepy shit popping up in my KikeTube feed?[View]
216754003When Will Men Stop Acting Degenerate?[View]
216736980what is /pol/s official stance on the 'one drop' rule: yay or nay? I mean, lets say hypothetically t…[View]
216756517Does anyone else here not care about men fucking men or women fucking women, but hate fag shit becau…[View]
216757927is pol smart enough to understand???: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVEpYMLBRjA with out global a…[View]
216756269The real issues: It's not the jews even though they did accelerate the down fall of this shit-h…[View]
216756544Drumpf is literally HiTLeR: Here it is guise. The proof we've all been waiting for... incoming …[View]
216756688git fukt[View]
216750047Why was “Lucky” Larry Silverstein so lucky?: Tell me Goys..pretty please?[View]
216745731Why is FLorida so bad? The east coast is garbage but FL used to be decent. Is it doomed? Its definit…[View]
216747463The next time you're getting a dead relative cremated and it's taking them 10 hours. Remin…[View]
216755073This fucking bitch: 'an attempt to remake the demographics of the country' BY REMOVING PEOPLE WHO SH…[View]
216758124Orwell and Huxley didn't tell us how gay this dystopia would be.[View]
216757888Serious question. Would you vote for him??[View]
216754204Booze thread: What are you drinking tonight bros? Also fuck mods and jannies alcohol is inherently p…[View]
216754773you are shizophrenic: jews have done exactly the same thing that E V E R Y O T H E R R A C E has d…[View]
216751752The democrats are fucked aren't they?[View]
216756862/b/ says he was one of us. Is it true?[View]
216753017What would candidate Trump in 2016 say about President Trump in 2019?[View]
216756397Why did the North free niggers from slavery?[View]
216756493>Can't defeat UK >Invades USSR >Troops retreating from Moscow >Declare war on US wh…[View]
216755894>hmm emoji.jpeg how has trump “drained the swamp” if he’s putting lobbyists in charge of America’…[View]
216757243Yeah, I'm thinking he is back[View]
216757648Why the fuck are men so cucked? Women should be killed for this shit.: https://www.harvardmagazine.c…[View]
216757563>he thinks he's above the sheep for following a breadcrumb trail put there on purpose for ou…[View]
216735856Prepping is a Jewish trick, that we can't afford to fall into, except I did. I just realized it…[View]
216756121Do Qtards actually believe Trump had McCain executed for treason at Guantanamo and there's been…[View]
216751564I am proud to be a Democrat. Being a Democrat is having morals. If you are a Republican, I feel ba…[View]
216753734Whtas wrong with her Anons? Is she addicted to Amphetamines like the other German guy used to?: Germ…[View]
216752514was he an american hero or just a cuck?[View]
216756477So now that we know who Q is - what does this mean for Trump?[View]
216757614Americans are half-chinks.[View]
216750038What's/pol's/ opinion of Jesse 'The Body' Ventura?[View]
216753671Shit on the new Pokemon with more outrage[View]
216705822HISTORIC BUST: 16.5 TONS of Cocaine Worth $1 BILLION+ Seized at Philadelphia Port: https://twitter.c…[View]
216756501Are normies the problem? Were they always?[View]
216756167This where the civil war starts: This is it, the internal fights begin. Is he /our/ guy? https://www…[View]
216753900/ptg/ President Trump General - Almost Midnight Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https://www…[View]
216753663So I'm in the military stationed overseas. Never thought I'd see some shit like this, but …[View]
216756134So what exactly is being slid?[View]
216753380Who will dominate europe next?[View]
216754031What does /pol/ think about casinos?: Are they based? A good way for smart people to make a quick bu…[View]
216753547Inspiring the next generation of female engineers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEeTLopLkEo…[View]
216753255Is he dead?: What are the odds that he isn't?[View]
216753782Right and left is a fucking lie: 90% of you autistic bastards would have been considered far left SJ…[View]
216734774Feds: Alright /Pol/ster you got 5 seconds to prove your not a Fed.[View]
216753563It would be a shame if we took their women and had children and raised them christian I think its t…[View]
216749100IT'S HAPPENIG: >Free Speech Platform >Allowed to say Nigger >Good Usernames Still Avai…[View]
216753332Why are alt-right/incel shooters such embarrassments?: Tarrent/Breivik were Zionists btw[View]
216754536How come Japan and Asia were not cucked by the jew? In fact Hitler is not censored there. It seems t…[View]
216735282Red pill me on why I am starting to hate the fag: As a conservative Episcopalian and Anglo-Catholic,…[View]
216751652Can't watch that Orlando disgusting show. I despise every one of them more each day. Terrible t…[View]
216756591Why are the large amounts of LGBTQ+ individuals who served in the Wehrmacht & SS never talked ab…[View]
216753695mr FBI, I feel lonely these days and need a boomer dad. I heart that you shitpost here, so I came to…[View]
216740464Hammer is about to drop (((they))) are seething on twitter.: https://twitter.com/AdamParkhomenko/sta…[View]
216756265Let's talk about reparations: Politically speaking the party who starts the process to begin is…[View]
216740129redpilled movies: What are some /pol approved movies?[View]
216756328Memory hole thread Lost my folder and want to rebuild it The murder of Jesse Dirkhising by two gay m…[View]
216750198Meme magic: Oven dodgers and poltards. The Christian Right already loves this guy. America voted for…[View]
216754307Are chihuahuas pitbull nigger tier?[View]
216753573Eugenics thread, post desireable or undesirable: Post without clown lies makeup.[View]
216750090New food stamp law: We get rid of all food stamps, and instead establish new suicide centers where w…[View]
216753224Sympathy for me: But not for you Why are you guys like this?[View]
216743941Trump’s supporters are forever unclean.: https://twitter.com/MattOrtega/status/1141156447847403520…[View]
216754859If you people were any smart.: You would only 1 night stand a non-white. Fucking a woman casually is…[View]
216751268The Crisis of Men: What can be done to persuade men to participate in society again? Birth rates are…[View]
216750804Holocaust did Happen During WW2: Innocent civilian babies, women, and children were exterminated by …[View]
216751033White Nationalist mass shooters are now the subject of abject mockery across all social media atm. H…[View]
216745229Our queen was 100% correct. Trump is running concentration camps at the border, according to an expe…[View]
216755328When will (((it))) happen?[View]
216753540Trump Appreciation Thread: I just want to thank Trump for putting Israel first and always thinking o…[View]
216755557This world is impure and needs to be cleansed in a bath of nuclear fire, This isn’t a statement this…[View]
216755210Sir Roger Scrunton and Dr Juden Peterstein demolish modern feminism.: A discussion on western civili…[View]
216751187Anyone know what to make of the strange occurrences with tourists here lately? Is it all just a medi…[View]
216755272Half measures gave us the current shithole we live in, if our ancestors had went all in into eradica…[View]
216754688House votes against curtailing warrantless collection of Americans' data: https://thehill.com/p…[View]
216753171Why haven't we done this yet.: Does Harvard really want equality? 1. Find a non white or non Ch…[View]
216749762Repeal The 19th Amendment.: Let's admit it. It is something we all know is true. Giving women t…[View]
216754991I feel bad about how my politics are mean to girls[View]
216754531Any notice all the down tech: Anyone think it's cyber attacks?[View]
216754910Texas and Florida are going to go blue. Electoral college is about to be thrown out. Trump is gonn…[View]
216752772I like that Trump is so loyal to his prime minister.[View]
216752686Bo Gritz[View]
216748493What the fuck is wrong with this people? That’s not a rhetorical question. Why is this allowed? http…[View]
216750473Well /pol/, what do you think regarding the future of AI? Would it be good for all of us or are (((t…[View]
216737725Ivanka Trump sent her dirty panties to her Rabbi: >The third pillar of Orthodox Judaism, family p…[View]
216753447> Dancing Israelis spotted by multiple witnesses video taping the attacks. > High fiving each…[View]
216702432/Pol/ humor thread: Pic made me laugh for got minute and a half >Oksing.jpg…[View]
216753485ITT. its 2012: man, i cant wait till mitt romney saves us from obongo.[View]
216751152Words have consequences.[View]
216754069What would make or take another world war?[View]
216747324Why do I want to run away from my problems in the US and escape to The Phillipines forever? Is this …[View]
216754679Why is Dominican Republic 10x richer than Haiti?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vjcb7R4jKwc…[View]
216747892Anyone else leaving the Democrat party?: It's just getting out of control now. It's just s…[View]
216753610Woah; the US federal budget looks like THAT? Thanks, Boomers![View]
216754425Nigger Hazing: Guidelines to discouraging neighborhood niggers: >How to effectively change nigger…[View]
216750004Why are we Americans such moral people: We freed black people and ended world slavery, we invented d…[View]
216750772Canadian genocide: I can't stand it anymore. Everyone I know IRL turned into insufferable left…[View]
216743848Jahseh was essentially a clout martyr. Everyone is claiming this was a random robbery, but it's…[View]
21675287251st State: I'm an Amercian visiting Canada (in fucking Edmonton for work.) Seriously: this cou…[