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175534901Children being taken from parents! Another holocaust!: Have normies caught on to the jews tricks? O…[View]
175537999Should we honor WW2 veterans?: They fought against the greatest pro-white fascist military in world …[View]
175537994Those spanish brown hair genes are starting to show up Varg![View]
17553622114 keywords filtered, 31 hidden threads. Winning.[View]
175537791Free Healthcare Spain BTFO: What happened to Spain? You had the perfect Ethnostate. Spain was for th…[View]
175537849Top 60 fringe groups attacking conservatives: https://archive.li/Sdo46 1. Liberals 2. The government…[View]
175530232What do you guys think of my list? Any corrections? >Good guys America (Republicans), Israel, Rus…[View]
175531044Saving Traditional Americans: Traditional Americans are European americans. These are traditionally …[View]
175534793Have any Nazies read this?: Have any of you Nazibros read this book? If so, what were youre thoughts…[View]
175532754DUQUE Wins! Viva colombia!: Opinions? Will he build a wall and make venezuela pay for it?[View]
175532454Why do atheists get so triggered when you point out atheism is a religion?[View]
175537638Has anyone read 50 shades of grey ? To mesure the degeneracy of it?: People always says that the suc…[View]
175535687I think France has deserved its massacre during the Battle of France for its injustice with the Trea…[View]
175535608I can't believe Drumph is actually RIPPING CHILDREN FROM THEIR PARENTS ARMS: You should feel re…[View]
175531313Turkish election thread: Who should become the next president of Turkey? Tayyip has been good for hi…[View]
175531771My girlfriends father is a freemason: So my girlfriend and I have been dating for a bit now and I me…[View]
175526094>he thinks the fed is good for the economy and is able to prevent crashes how bluepilled can you …[View]
175527242Why are whites so racist?: Dylann Roof killed innocent people because of your racism and pseudoscien…[View]
175530583This board will be forever Pro-Israel. You are all beneath us[View]
175537075The world is my Palestine.[View]
175537055Why hasn’t the FBI investigates collusion with Israel?: You know, with every single member of Congre…[View]
175521082describe the moment you fell in love with Trump?[View]
175537048How do we make it happen?[View]
175529666Norwegian Hero Remembrance: It's time to appreciate Anders Breivik. If everyone were like him t…[View]
175537039DA NIGGAS GIBS DUN RUN OUT!: https://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Varnett-charte…[View]
175535796Human Child Trafficking General: The most profitable industry in the world is human trafficking. The…[View]
175532387Fuck Trump and Paul Ryan for ripping apart children from their parents on Father's Day https://…[View]
175532991How will our ancestors remember us and look on our age?[View]
175524758Why do you hate Jews?: Is that because your IQ is much lower than the average Jew? Is that because J…[View]
175531580London: Woman shouts 'I want to kill all you Jews': http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News…[View]
175535680Why doesn’t the mainstream left put pressure on ethnic homogenous countries to diversity? Japan, Chi…[View]
175536334Degeneracy thread[View]
175534286/fit/izen here: https://youtu.be/eMyGiF-BMzU Would anyone like to tell me why all the /fit/ guys are…[View]
175521602THE MADMAN DID IT: First Dankula and now Sargon joins UKIP. What can we do to keep our young men fr…[View]
175533106Gee what a fucking coincidence.: >The city with the best economy in America also happens to be th…[View]
175514937Come Home, White Man: Amish thread. I'm deconverting back to Amish, like my ancestors 3 generat…[View]
175530990BREAKING: http://news4sanantonio.com/news/local/12-immigrants-ejected-4-die-after-car-being-chased-b…[View]
175535450This pretty much sums up the American intellect.[View]
175535797Why are niggers downplaying this? Look in the comment section I think this is amazing. https://twit…[View]
175527243How is there anything wrong with this?[View]
175536103I do Uber in Toronto as a part time and whenever I get US or Filipino people I ask them if they like…[View]
175536042Why didn't the Germans surrender and desert in the last months of war en masse?: I understand t…[View]
175536037USA CCW culture growing and making America Even GREATER!: If you carry, know your OODA Loop![View]
175523005Boomer Hate thread.: Never in the History of modern human kind has there been a more self centered g…[View]
175532266love/hate thread: post yours[View]
175535198Say Hi to the new German Chancellor (coming soon): >Screencap this Merkel is out by end of July H…[View]
175531956Checkmate bigot[View]
175532369If you had a chance to subtly mold society before being born, but you didn't know what race/gen…[View]
175532863name a better president in history then Trump[View]
175535805Is minimalism the final redpill? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2aQ2e0ch8k[View]
175528691how much longer do we have to endure before we can take the podestas, the clintons, alefantis, and a…[View]
175535366Based Texas roads.[View]
175535630anonymous group: Would you define anonymous as a SJW group?[View]
175534287Border Beaners in the MSM: Why does the MSM have such a hardon for illegal border beaners? Why don’t…[View]
175533200Ford to remake Detroit's most famous ruin: http://money.cnn.com/2018/06/17/news/companies/ford-…[View]
175532208Anyone have any experience with the US Foreign Service? Seems like a perfect /pol/ career.[View]
175535365How can we reconquer our land?: How can we defeat the jews? How can we expulse the muslims? How can…[View]
175534119Something just happened which confirmed MGTOW: Few days ago I was in Best Buy in the middle of the a…[View]
175530624what would've happened if she won?[View]
175530813Türk sanat müziği.: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7ByEY-3YXd0[View]
175532733In about 15 - 20 years we will be beseiged by commercials and pleas for donation to starving America…[View]
175525803Question:: Have you guys ever become anti-social? I have been a good boy and everyone’s always treat…[View]
175534021Why do /pol/tards worship Jordan Peterson?[View]
175534985The True Minority: Is there a secret caucasian holocaust happening? The true minority on this planet…[View]
175526971>Here is the redpill you can't handle. Communism protected the eastern part of Europe from d…[View]
175526180THIS ENTIRE WEBSITE IS AN AI PSYOP: Discuss, and watch the AI invade the thread.[View]
175521222Globalist professor is suing /ourguys/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgNgxZK0HXI&feature=yout…[View]
175527062bruh look at this dude: >The Arabs are one of the least developed cultures. They are typically no…[View]
175534698U.S.A.U.S.A.U.S.A.U.S.A.U.S.A.U.S.A.: >female bail bondsman locks client in office >shoots him…[View]
175532333Evicted white farmer returns to his farm in Zimbabwe: This is what you get when you try to steal lan…[View]
175516170Remember Israel is an apartheid state اخرج من فلسطين[View]
175534506Trump is Hitler: Well, /pol/? It's time to vote.https://twitter.com/thomaskaine5/status/1008341…[View]
175527729What should happen to muds? Discuss.[View]
175534478Shhhhhhhh. Its ok.[View]
175532105/pol/ newfag understand (((they))): Know about the influence of the jews on the world but why? Can s…[View]
175534134Anybody have any stories about the amish?: >My dad says they breed like rats and don't ferti…[View]
175523913Lack of foresight or long term strategy ?: Why did the US not take down the USSR after they were don…[View]
175534182Only people who haven't suffered love their parents[View]
175529446Memes aside. Did he really gave good intentions? What are your thoughts on his politics?[View]
175529863What's your opinion on african fascism?[View]
175531877Daily reminder: That there is literally nothing wrong with being trans.[View]
175533163Is there any redeeming qualities to California anymore? Everything I hear about it and read about it…[View]
175520774Borders: Punishing children for what the adults have done. This is North Korea level shit.[View]
175533378Is there a date for IG report 2.0?[View]
175532067uh guys... what did he mean by this?[View]
175523436Tell me why Spain isn't the greatest country ever.[View]
175527722Worst ethnic group ever: What is the worst ethnic group in the world, and why is it the Khazarian Je…[View]
175532342ITT the worst country in the world: /thread[View]
175516750Free /pol/estine from the JIDF! THIS IS AN OCCUPATION WE'RE UNDER![View]
175532929BELIEVE IT![View]
175519172Technology hate thread: why is every new technology built in an ugly way, hard to repair, hard to re…[View]
175530844Trump and Jewish Elite: Can somebody explain to me why the Jewish Media constantly bashes Trump? He’…[View]
175533316FBI Good Guys: FBI Counterintelligence #1 and #2 ran an op against their target (McCabe) once they l…[View]
175531987When was the last time in history thanking a US Serviceman for protecting our freedom was actually t…[View]
175531936Rebooting UT Anarcho-Communist Dox Thread: https://autonomedia.blackblogs.org/2018/06/14/racist-stud…[View]
175521898'Mature People Take Responsibility For Their Mistakes': according to reddit, at least. But do they,…[View]
175532909I have a gun fetish. I really cannot make love properly without knowing there's a gun somewhere…[View]
175466178Russia nukes Ukraine out of existence, would you care?: The CIA sold the shithole to the IMF. Seriou…[View]
175528624To be fair you have to have a very high IQ to understand Varg Vikernes. The wisdom is extremely subt…[View]
175530272Why is Melania politicizing children?[View]
175529597Right now, Paul Manafort is trying to buy prison protection with a pack of Newports and a Jello cup.[View]
175528711rich black people hate poor black people: we all know this. but why don’t they do something to fix t…[View]
175531213> If I speak God’s Word with power, revealing all his mysteries and making everything plain as da…[View]
175532305how much more berserker would he have gone if he was born in this new generation? would he have buil…[View]
175531924How can we prevent an autism epidemic?[View]
175532190Smashing the Stone: i'm going for vacation to Almeria this july, if someone gets me a feasable …[View]
175531763Trump Jr. is next. Suck it up, snowflake Trumpkins.[View]
175528283Yurocucks: The lion can smell fear.[View]
175528153Hello POL, let's build a bridge.: Hello POL, how are you this Sunday afternoon? I want to build…[View]
175521708Why are Asian women race traiting whores? http://www.futurescopes.com/dating/interracial-dating/2441…[View]
175530415what is life like outside of toronto?[View]
175531010Apparently 'Lie Jew' and her Weinstein boyfriend aren't very big fans of the President of the U…[View]
175516041Will getting laid help solve the alt right's lack of masculinity and anger issues?[View]
175523871Why are mixed race girls so much more attractive than purebreds? Everyone I know, male and female, a…[View]
175530820Elon going Trump mode again.[View]
175521262The link with Nature: Have the western civilization lost the notion of what Nature represents after …[View]
175531948VICE doxes Canadian White nationalist podcaster: In 'cooperation' with the (((Anti-Hate Network))), …[View]
175520702Why are they pushing this so much?[View]
175528928fucking beast Brianna Wu is pimping her congressional run on TWiT.tv again. At some point this has t…[View]
175527192Tired of all the shit nigger dick and bait threads? Go to 'filters' and add a list of keyw…[View]
175523372Everyday, Everywhere we grow stronger. Join your extended family. Join the Right[View]
175518223WE WUZ APESHIT KANGS: Such prose. Much culture. So forward. Really made me think. Very fitting of t…[View]
175520539Racist Women?: Hey /pol why aren’t more women racist? Or are they just as racist and they keep it to…[View]
175531673NASIM IS A PSY-OP: >Be Nasim >Vegan Psychopath >Goes to YouTube Headquarters >Susan Wojc…[View]
175531153TRUMP TOLD US WHERE TO LOOK FOR ISIS NEXT ATTACK: http://thehill.com/policy/international/392513-tru…[View]
175531652The slave of israel: https://youtu.be/ESPRVsGY2dw[View]
175527810Macedonia is not Macedonia!: Finally the slavic tribes have settled their dispute with the glorious …[View]
175528604Why are blacks so homophobic?: Blacks claim to be victims of oppression and bigotry but they are 45%…[View]
175512023Where can I escape black people? Not just their presence, but their influence. I don't wish the…[View]
175504972This is how a president acts.[View]
175527676Happy Father’s Day, /pol/: https://mobile.twitter.com/danney_williams/status/1008420166475108352…[View]
175525131Reminder: All Communist and Fascist and Nazi and Dictatorship forms of government are ILLIGMATE. Onl…[View]
175515032-Brit/pol/-: >POLICE PEDOPHILE SCANDAL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z01qB-HeYV8 https://www.yo…[View]
175529312I just heard Merkel is getting the boot is this true?[View]
175531048>wypipo is racist >fucking crackas, kill whitey muh reparations. >why are wypipo so angry? …[View]
175525924Communism is the way: Sorry but this is what would happen if any of you retards went outside. accept…[View]
175530899Fellow /pol/lacks I got btfo by my mom for saying her that yuri is a hero and saying Lenin is not a …[View]
175518599Daily reminder: g*rmans are the only true sub humans who only can destroy Europe. They all deserve c…[View]
175530848Why do they want funding for planned parenthood which historically has deep rooted racist ties? I gu…[View]
175526472Ask an Australian anything: From Sydney Proof of trip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W48mjdyOVsg …[View]
175529970Why are personalized number plates so expensive in Europe >pic related $20 million The same plat…[View]
175529991Michael Hayden just did an interesting interview: The entire hour is pretty much this dude bitching …[View]
175527368This is what peak invisible hand looks like[View]
175530570each day i come on /pol/ i become more disgusted towards how the world has become and each day i gro…[View]
175528344What does Father’s Day mean to Pol?: At Target[View]
175527689FASHWAVE 応にツ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lijoE4TKxBA&t=14s[View]
175528255>be me, Arabic year 1456 (2032 for infidels) >live in French Caliphate >wake up, beat 5-yea…[View]
175523924Is everything ok over there France?[View]
175529679Why does pic related cause so much asshurt among other races and why do they come to /pol/ to compla…[View]
175527289This is Trump's America.[View]
175527605Finally confirmed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0IF7BGj9UU&t=9s[View]
175506172They're Scared: We've got them on retreat.[View]
175530157/hwndu/ is on again(?: I mean, could be fun if people actually go to shit in there but... Is there a…[View]
175513128Why do Homosexuals not just openly admit they want to fuck children?: Homos in America have: > Lo…[View]
175530105LAS VEGAS SHOOTER MANIFESTO?S PUBLISHED: OK so this broke earlier on pol, Gerald Gardiner posted the…[View]
175523269Ok which one of you did this?[View]
175528363One Child Policy in India: As cynical as this may sound to some normies, would the government of Ind…[View]
175528263What happens here?: I've heard you guys have the lowest suicide rate in the US.[View]
175522484>Dogs have been domesticated since more than 40'000 years >They have helped humans in alm…[View]
175530006war games[View]
175528180Tfw When you see a bunch of 30 year old boomers that think the stock market will go up forever becau…[View]
175524893What does /pol/ think about Charles Murray?[View]
175520945Why Don’t Jews Like Chinky Money??: Why are there no Jews in Asia?? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Je…[View]
175525139Why would anyone want to hurt these angels?[View]
175529871Considering how big Canada and Australia are why you guys have never settled there to create your wh…[View]
175529669Happy fathers Day Anons!! Incels and Mgtow BTFO. Exactly what contributions are they making to furth…[View]
175501875BRITAIN NOO!!!!! >it's not immigration it's invasion! Rebellion is stirring https://yo…[View]
175521565I thought this was a meme until I went on reddit today.[View]
175529258What would be allowed in an Ethnostate?: This is a problem that needs tackling. Shall a White with L…[View]
175522046/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
175529490what is going on the eu: okay then so what the fuck is going on the eu fucking hell everyone wants t…[View]
175508504Does anyone else find it insane that Germans are not allowed to be proud of their country or even sh…[View]
175524444>large percentage of /pol/ thinks 9/11 was an inside job >0% of /pol/ is in the woods right no…[View]
175527568/pol/ actually believes this unironically[View]
175529549What's the difference between the modern left's fake news and a facist government censorin…[View]
175511120What is the British obsession with Galileo: Europe didn’t have its on GPS for 60 years. Why does Bri…[View]
175529510when is this prick going to die already?[View]
175527664North Korea: >Be me >Be faggot running hermit nation >Killing random people for the rurz …[View]
175526504AUSSIES COME BACK!: I remember there used to be a time when Australians posted here daily. Now that …[View]
17552708460 American men FORCING themselves on the Queen of England.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaugcfH…[View]
175512704Why does Harvard hate Asians?: http://archive.is/bOvTo >Harvard consistently rated Asian-American…[View]
175529443Are you Tired of Jewish shills shitting up the Board? FILTER THEM!: Here is how you filter meme flag…[View]
175529324>no fixed ideology >becomes billionaire tv star and now president How does /pol/ explain this?…[View]
175515241Cute memes. See the deception?: Despite.. - white gentiles outnumbering jews by around 25 or 30 to 1…[View]
175526597Why is America afraid of Russian instead of shitskin/nignogs?: I mean Russians are white. Like most …[View]
175524917Trump Signs HJR 69 into Law Allowing Slaughter of Alaskan Bear Cubs, Wolf Pups: I'd like to see…[View]
175525481KONY 2020: LET'S MAKE THIS MAN OUR PRESIDENT >at least we know he's a child trafficker…[View]
175529168Moocher States, What To Do About Them?: If you're from one of the red moocher states on this li…[View]
175528306Colombian Elections 2018: This is your president for the next 8 years. Commies absolutely BTFO.…[View]
175529065'We're running out of sand': Would capitalists just shut up with this shit. We're always r…[View]
175527493Why do all leftists hate the white race? pic related, its a leftypol cuck LARPing[View]
175522521Why did New York go to shit in the 70s?[View]
175522972Woman crying 'God is great' has injured 2 with box cutter at a supermarket in southern France.: Prob…[View]
175528869>Be me >Be white Jew in major metropolitan center in America AMA ALSO, as a secondary note. …[View]
175517989Dear working class whites: Stop voting agaisnt your own economic interests[View]
175528773feels like shit lads i just want him back[View]
175522142Stephan Paddock Youtube Channel Planning Vegas since 2011: OK contrary to what Eric Paddock said, 4c…[View]
175509781LETTER FROM TOMMY: Tommy has written a letter to us from prison: https://youtu.be/-3VPWzSXQQg Remind…[View]
175513194Let’s settle this. Pic related is from April or May. https://www.strawpoll.me/15914950[View]
175516444THE JQ: Can someone explain the idea that Jews secretly rule the world, once and for all? I have alr…[View]
175498559Exercise your freedom to CARRY CONCEALED with WISDOM or loose your FREEDOM!: Exercise your freedom t…[View]
175526169How to run for political offices?: I think we need to get more and more of us into leadership positi…[View]
175525489THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF SWEDEN: https://twitter.com/b9AcE/status/1008285795218853889 https://twitter.c…[View]
175514665Anyone seen this puture of kang nigger dressed like a luciferian faggot yet?[View]
175524126>be me >one of my best friends growing up is asian >flashback to 2016 -- I'm a sande…[View]
175521217>Make the majority poor >Try to convince them that doing whatever the rich want is in their be…[View]
175499117>Gay pride in Slavic country[View]
175524243PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - 80s EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov htt…[View]
175521085>Just a reminder that Ashkenazi Jews are Aryans.[View]
175527900It is time for us to realise that the enemy of the people is not the jews, it is parking attendants …[View]
175524479Why do blacks blame whites for everything when over 50% of them don't even have a father figure…[View]
175521714140,000 muslims celebrate eid in UK park: this is the new UK and its beautiful https://www.youtube.c…[View]
175516298Who would you rather kick out of your country?: 1) A self hating white leftist sohyboy cuck who talk…[View]
175523962What did the Southern Cone get right that the rest of Latin America didn't?[View]
175524048>thanks for letting me use your computer to log into facebook, anon >hey what's this 'pol…[View]
175526048Globalism: Sadly, in a few years, Europe will be over 25% muslim. There's no hope.[View]
175494689Brit/pol/- SoiWatch edition: POLICE/PEDOPHILE SCANDAL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LdvkckAIY0 ht…[View]
175503596Is he right /pol/? Are their memes better than ours?[View]
175515907Roger Stone ‘forgot’ about that time he met with a Russian national for dirt on Hillary.: When he ga…[View]
175521191AMERICAN EDUCATION: Fuck you hillbilly trailer park trash fuck nigga. Don't even dare shame me …[View]
175521121Why American grills are so fucking cute?[View]
175526725cant wait for this game: I cant wait for this game to be released.[View]
175526733HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!: What my wife got me.[View]
175526781freedom rank: America btfo! America ranks 53 in the list of countries with the most freedom[View]
175509317What actually happens here?[View]
175518757New mosquito-borne virus has reached France: When Jarosław Kaczyński was saying that refugees bring …[View]
175524233>Gofundme set up to pay medical bills The absolute state of healthcare in burgerland…[View]
175525868Remember why we fight[View]
175524696>be american >young girl wibbles at you wat do?…[View]
175506743Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Downfall Edition: >polls http://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/ >Mem…[View]
175526375What did he mean by this ?: >'Try to be less Jewish' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvqvcnEEGhw…[View]
175525044Jay Pee Says: The Left seek Homogenisation through inclusion. The Right seek Homogenisation through …[View]
175524431What is your biggest socio-political critique of society?[View]
175521968what is this maymay: is it a psyop? jews jewing themselves or is it legit[View]
175524442Hello! Noob here: Hey I'm new to this site. What can I do to contribute to assist in /pol/s pur…[View]
175524990CAPUTO CAUGHT LYING AGAIN: >woe is me the muller investigation ruined me What a faggot traitor, I…[View]
175519126Well?: Do you miss him yet, /pol/?[View]
175524438Infographics and shiet: My friend says blacks are not biologically predisposed to commit more crimes…[View]
175521887>year of our Lord 0 + 2018 >America has to deal with two black pleagues simultaneously…[View]
175525511Trump: 'Obama was told by the CIA, or somebody- FBI, about Russia. He didn't do anything about …[View]
175525646What drug does /pol/ encourage the use of. No need to provide your personal 'insight', we all know …[View]
175507126Huwhite Women Appreciation Thread: I'm sick of all the hatred directed at huwhite women on this…[View]
175504034No Jew has ever done anything bad to me so why should I hate them?[View]
175525660Liberals ALWAYS Want Everything Both Ways: What is their major malfunction? They cry out in pain to …[View]
175525215Who knew the race war would start over soy?: So far, the enemies who will deal the death blow to the…[View]
175523826Does the alt right make up for half or more of a majority on gab in your opinion or are they all jus…[View]
175523064Prove me wrong: Nothing you see here is going to change without violent revolution at this point.…[View]
175523405SOUTH&SOUTHEAST SUMPREMACY: How to fix Brazil. Why can't we end this fucking union? The exp…[View]
175524404What went wrong?[View]
175515582What's /pol/'s opinion on robot waifus/gfs?[View]
175523956what are we going to do about the chinese question: The jews are trying to jump the sinking ship, in…[View]
175523716Talk to me /pol/. With the coming demise of the white peoples, what will become of the 'English' lan…[View]
175525494As an American, I can say that the United States is a worthless diplomatic apparatus that only exist…[View]
175524864What went wrong?[View]
175520625Think about the children, not yourself.: 18-24 year-olds are for fun only.[View]
175523653The wife and I just got a pic with a celeb!: What do you think of our celebrity pic, /pol/?[View]
175522198What did he mean by this, anon?[View]
175506559IS THIS VIDEO REAL? AHHHHHHHH: https://twitter.com/KBMAGAFL/status/1008386945905504256?s=19 how do I…[View]
175522696Crackerjack team of HR-trained highly-triggered SJW FBI soyboys.: Look guyz... no, i’m super srsly..…[View]
175520023The Evolution of Motivation The most primitive motivation is acquiring pleasure. Next least primitiv…[View]
175520222Holohoax Plan Documented: My boss and I found an old chemistry lab safety book with a bunch of (((in…[View]
175523884Proof that Beyonce is a tranny and a stooge of the elite: This nigger has proven that Beyonce is a t…[View]
175507291The Philippines: How bad will this be?[View]
175520259Oh fuck /pol/ BTFO Why do you racist nazi larpers still exist? https://youtu.be/8WfEkXvGQhY?t=59s[View]
175517055Jesus fucking Christ lololol[View]
175524989He makes me understand why even Hitler was cool with a few Based Jews[View]
175523582Political Colours: This Colour is RED. prove me wrong /pol/[View]
175504292Can we have a serious discussion about how awful the Canadian posters are here? Why the fuck are alm…[View]
175524906Fuck summer: No school, no school shootings. Where are the habbenings?[View]
175519355THIS IS GERMANIA[View]
175525911This would work[View]
175526622Is this late stage denazification?[View]
175527180Hi, I'm here for the job interview![View]
175525710This is /OccultChan/ Say something nice about her She is a >Satanist >Tomboy >Psychic…[View]
175524881dab: skrt[View]
175520981Stop being so bigoted, /pol/. #DroptheB[View]
175524817Iguanamuttella Discovered: why do most, if not all ultra rightwing conservatives take on the form of…[View]
175524478Antifa: Why not just co-opt antifa? since they've been acting like facists lately why not just …[View]
175522791/POL/ NARRATIVE BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5&v=G9vehIbDkNY HOLOCAUST HAP…[View]
175524710The absolute state of the western civilization[View]
175523509Watch Murdoch Murdoch: Like comment subscribe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09kpw2YvkTE…[View]
175522485What the fuck is this guys deal? He single handedly comes out during the Clinton e-mail shit and fuc…[View]
175524636UK police are Pussies: >Asian Grooming Gangs? >protec >Truth and facts? > Arres…[View]
175524403Fug Drumpf: >Le instagram pic of fug drumpf[View]
175521842At the periphery of your beliefs what keeps you up at night pol?: For me it's pic related. Ever…[View]
175523743There is NOTHING WRONG with NATIONALISM.: Democrats and globalist oppressors want to dictate the fut…[View]
175501843Are there any minorities here?: Any of you faggots minorities in the west of any kind? What do you t…[View]
175509610What will become of suburbs?: Will this labyrinth of total jewery ever come to an end?[View]
175503016Any fellow Muskbros in the house tonight?[View]
175524180HEY Did you guys know we all start of girls? That'd be a good argument! Why don't SJWs eve…[View]
175524131TLDR: Angry black woman whines about white men not sacrificing enough. https://archive.li/1ADlO >…[View]
175523476Hate Speech: Just got banned for another 30 days on Facebook. If I get any chance in my lifetime the…[View]
175484131Natalia Poklonskaya invites Trump to Crimea. https://www.rt.com/politics/429876-state-duma-trump-cri…[View]
175523443OPERATION: JRV: Today I have a zionist plan. Listen to me it will be great. Plan: Dress up as Jews a…[View]
175523972What did Google mean by this?[View]
175521343Did he do it, /pol/?[View]
175523563Jack The Ripper /our guy: Kill ugly Jew whores. Never get caught. Definition of anon[View]
175522014Recommend me /pol/ related vidya[View]
175506973I am an UC Brahmin. AMA 100% Euros: Heya Euro Boys (only if you are pure white, no mongrels, niggers…[View]
175517030Who's this guy again?[View]
175519282Cruz edges out Kimmel in charity basketball game in Houston: B T F O T F O https://m.chron.com/news/…[View]
175515257Whatever happened to burden of proof?[View]
175516908illegal Mexican speeding wrong-way hits & kills American boy riding bicycle: Michigan -- 21-year…[View]
175523672just something i noticed: If a guy says he cant hang out with his friends because his girlfriend won…[View]
175523663At what age did you grow out of capitalism?[View]
175523389'california is the best sta-' 'whoa'[View]
175500998Women disgust me these days.[View]
175523608Why appealing to normies is pointless: The strongest aesthetics inspire fear, not love. The stronges…[View]
175523561go fuck it up please: Its in Lodz, Poland http://www.hewillnotdivide.us/[View]
175507785Why don't Brazil got no damn nukes?[View]
175512327Ripping children from their parents.: Ripping children, from their parents, ripping children from th…[View]
175523275How does this make you feel, pol?: >tfw this will never happen to you…[View]
175512855Why do white people do shit like this?[View]
175520666>Taxed the Rich 94% >The only president elected to the office four times…[View]
175523236Perhaps the best way to destroy Jewish influence is to drive wedges between Jewish desporea and Isra…[View]
175519756How do I redpill my mom? She thinks that white people collectively owe black people something despit…[View]
175523223please sign this https://www.change.org/p/european-parliament-stop-the-censorship-machinery-save-the…[View]
175517002Who was Marc Rich?: Marc Rich was a Jewish businessman who in 1974 owned and operates the Anglo-Amer…[View]
175522404why white people do this?[View]
175500864Obama vid. Deep State on suicide watch: https://mobile.twitter.com/KBMAGAFL/status/10083869459055042…[View]
175518414>Be me >Be white Jew in major metropolitan center in America >Need money for jewelry market…[View]
175520204Why do 90% of Whites in North America, aka Trailer Trash, possess a substantially below average IQ? …[View]
175476861>at a bbq >people are discussing italy turning boat of migrants away >i say that i agreed w…[View]
175522714SUPPORTING GAYS THREAD!!!: שלום גויים מסריחים, מה נשמע?[View]
175516788SNOPES: Anthony Bourdain NOT Killed by Clinton Operatives U know what that means, pol! https://www.d…[View]
175520902What happens if China sells all $1.168T of its US treasury bonds at once?[View]
175518293STOP CALLING US NIGGER STOP CALLING US NIGGA Because we're not your 'nigger'. We're kings.…[View]
175516430Why aren't you a free market communist?[View]
175522889How do we solve the (((Germany))) problem?: Their kike-slaughtering guilt is destroying the West. Th…[View]
175521196Boomers lived sedentary lives of gluttony and filth and deserve no sympathy. Why should society wast…[View]
175520521I hope you goys know that the only way you will ever reclaim your countries at this point is civil w…[View]
175502101Damn germans look like THAT?[View]
175522909https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFVhjR83lC8 What are some other red-pilled franchises?[View]
1755212441 MEX GER 0: was losing part of her plan? was it our half mutt team? fuck my shit up, i'm conte…[View]
175514113How do I now know if I'm genuinely smarter than everybody around me, or if I just have an over-…[View]
175522861How to deal with fags?: Peter Tatchell tried to spread this shit in Russia. Hopefully he gets tortur…[View]
175519191What the hell is wrong with social media?: Pic related is on the Snapchat discover page. Anybody can…[View]
175521593Claim down its just a game[View]
175500760Well, why aren't you getting a job, bigots?[View]
175510432Hidden messages in movies.: The rapture in Avengers Infinity War. They are subtly programming us for…[View]
175517696“Life is not the opposite of death. The opposite of death is birth. Life is eternal” https://www.you…[View]
175518209Being Gay is Not Okay: Real talk, what's the reasonable path to banning homosexuality in Americ…[View]
175521126Refugee Karam Majdi jailed for raping 14-year-old white girl: Karam Majdi said he was an unaccompani…[View]
175522241Why do pro-lifers want more children yet don't even pass a thought about children clogging up o…[View]
175522475what do you think will happen with north korea: what do you think will happen with north korea and t…[View]
175509683What the fuck is his problem? This whole 'Fuck Donald Trump' movement seems to be Jewish propaganda.[View]
175515896Give me one argument against incest that doesn't boil down to policing people's morals. It…[View]
175522364vice blames London's knife crime on social media: Not a single white person in the video, I won…[View]
175519283Duterte: How fucking based can one man be? Dare I say but could this man be /ourguy/?[View]
175512533Can someone give me info on Martin Luther King. Was he a CIA plant?[View]
175515705Migrants from Aquarius rescue convoy arrive in port of Valencia: Boat caught in Europe's migrat…[View]
175514195With Jews you lose: Ezra Levant registered the savetommy.com domain name more than a year ago – Dive…[View]
175522140Civic Nationalism Appreciation Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQJPEQwpK0E[View]
175520615Aside of finding a specialized career, what is the point of attending university and why should I co…[View]
175522018Why does /pol/ support Trump selling weapons to salafis? It is a direct cause of the refugee crisis …[View]
175521838>guest mentions tommy robinson >scrambles to change the subject as quickly as possible and pre…[View]
175516869I thought we wanted niggers to segregate themselves from us and do their own thing pol?: Explain thi…[View]
175519985does Seinfeld have Parkinsons?: I saw him talking to that baldwin twat he seems to have some head tr…[View]
175520013WHAT DID HE MEAN BY THIS?[View]
175520844>I'm Christian[View]
175518070Why does the left defend Islam so much?: An artist criticizing his country's treatment of gays …[View]
175515599>USA number! GO USA! >Couldn't even beat Trinidad and Tobago to qualify for the world cup…[View]
175521519(((Daily Kos))) is whining about cartoonist Rob Rogers being fired from the Pittsburg Post-Gazette: …[View]
175518916'Based' Hungary Expels White Advocate: 'Richard Spencer has been banned from entering most countries…[View]
175518790Ukip rising: Any britbongs signing up?[View]
175506839Ben Shapiro here, AMA.: Ben Shapiro here from The Daily Wire, AMA guys.[View]
175520973Hows this make you feel?:: The future belongs to the blacks , the white races better days have passe…[View]
175521263This filthy creature.[View]
175520910Would you fuck Abby Martin if that meant saving muslamic lives?[View]
175520486Why do jews and niggers hate whites so much?: Why can’t they just leave us alone? https://m.youtube.…[View]
175517961It's not the jews you should be blaming, it's the Vatican. Jews are a just scapegoat to co…[View]
175514150Advice/Comfy Bread: This is going to be a long post so strap in. I hate hiding my power level. I w…[View]
175478799ICELAND NOOOOOOOOO!: Unacceptable! It’s 2018![View]
175510876How to save France ?[View]
175520767Is the deep state, the praetorian guard of our times?[View]
175513191>What are the main problems of Western Civilization, /pol/? >'Women' >'Minorities' >'Pre…[View]
175513023jews love thread: all jews and zionists welcome, we love you![View]
175507589If from the negro you could remove the genes for low IQ, stinking, being loud, watermelon addiction,…[View]
175505977Operation Remove Einstein: >Chinese are a filthy, herd-like nation often more like automatons tha…[View]
175517241Name a religion more based: >The Hour will not begin until you fight the Jews, until a Jew will h…[View]
175518211Bigger than Candace owens: Who will be the asian Candace Owens that destroys the DNC's foothold…[View]
175512670what went wrong?[View]
175519161Multi-millionaire stadium god Kingsley Sarfo guilty of raping 14 yo Swedish girl: Ghanaian internati…[View]
175517781>be a lefty >use 'free' wifi at jewcucks *sips onions latte* >/pol/ >see this How does …[View]
175515196'Hey Tyrone, happy fathers d-': Why cant niggers just wear a condom or raise a kid?[View]
175495856Ban guns. Revoke the 2nd Amendment.[View]
175520135WE: >every inhaler holds 100 mg >every breath is 10 mg >there are 100 doses per canister Wh…[View]
175520541How in the FUCK is this legal?: This group of angry lawmakers from New Jersey and New York attempts …[View]
175511107White Nationalism has failed. How can we make WN mainstream?[View]
175518110Who is this guy, what is his endgame? Will he ever go away or is he eternal? Jesus Christ he's …[View]
175518780There is a conspiracy within the federal government to start a civil war within the next decade. It …[View]
175520379Texas here, I really love what you're doing you Canada, /pol/, keep it up[View]
175520348Virgins or a White Future: Think about what's important.[View]
175516374“Jews are evi-“: stormfags btfo Individualism is the final redpill https://youtu.be/kTiRnbNT5uE…[View]
175510001Construction crew build road over sleeping dog in northern India: Workers allegedly poured hot tar o…[View]
175520332Does illuminati exist?[View]
175519524Why are the British so gay?[View]
175520162Racial Harmony through Sharing Human Resources: 17th century Europeans venturing in the Americas fac…[View]
175518515>High profile clinical psychologist believes Trump is 'unfit for office' and claims he …[View]
175498997https://twitter.com/GamingAndPandas/status/1008214757680320512 >man tries to voice how his countr…[View]
175520039Sikh Dhanraj Singh jailed for sex attack on white girl: >Desis who wear turbans and follow meme r…[View]
175520016Gender Roles: How cucked/degenerate am I lads? >rejected from USMC because medical issues >gra…[View]
175519660Whites can be saved: Ive got this girl to marry me. Sweet too. Best part is shes white as well. Weve…[View]
175519906All's quiet in Trenton: When is the last mass shooting of over 20 people that had this little m…[View]
175519770When will we root out the incel threat? Will you report your local incel cell to your local anti-ter…[View]
175519390Daily reminder cheering for Mexico’s team is the patriotic way to stop Drumpf[View]
175518861Why women will never be equal to men? Just look at the world leaders...[View]
175517537Is our president autistic?[View]
175511121Is Mister Metokur a soy boy?: Anyone els thinks that the guy is a bit of a pussy? It’s like he is co…[View]
175517910What are Brazilians actually good at? Other than violence.[View]
175517077My work just put these posters up. Does /pol/ agree?[View]
175519508So this is the power...of the “chapo” left[View]
175514905Is there any /x/ theory that is not pure garbage?: There are indeed things that I believe, thing tha…[View]
175490128Ancient Egypt was a utopian Wakanda. We were kings and queens till white people came and bleached ou…[View]
175515130Israel making it ILLEGAL to film soldiers: Israel trying to restrict free speech, making it illegal …[View]
175519364Daily Reminder: If you watch soccer you are not white. Only subhumans and shitskins watch soccer. So…[View]
175518725Has anyone read this book ?: What does it tell exactly ?[View]
175507800How come this got zero coverage this week?: Michigan — 21yo illegal Mexican speeding, driving wrong-…[View]
175514641>be okay with Christianity >have a problem with Western consumerism despite the fact that it s…[View]
175518084Refugees fear homelessness as direct provision centre closes: https://www.irishtimes.com/news/social…[View]
175488945is wormwood /ourartist/?[View]
175507657What does /pol/ think of the Try Guys? Ar they dare I say it (((our guys)))? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
175514362Blood Libel: Interview where Rabbi Abraham Finklestein who admitts to: - Passover kidnapping, sacrif…[View]
175518274What's your excuse?: What's your excuse for not being a Jeffersonian Republican[View]
175518690post your dankest memes here i fuckin need em[View]
175518794i learned 3D paint to bring you this: thank me later, fellas[View]
175520090>ywn duel to the death with a samurai master and steal his wife / have her be your slave and be g…[View]
175519481you watched porn today anon, didn't you?[View]
175508369Subhuman/Switzerland: 4 Albanians,a Bosnian Mulslim .A nigger and an Mexican are in the first 11 for…[View]
175511152All yall RACIST motherfuckers can suck my BIG MISSISIPI dick.Me and Shaneeqa are in love together an…[View]
175518629this is me and my wife, we will get a beautiful daughter next month.[View]
175514105Stephen Paddock found alive: The day of Judgement has arrived.[View]
175480495Christianity, YES![View]
175517792I have an online class I’ve been slowly dropping red pills into this online class kek I think they a…[View]
175513675Psyops and slide threads: I'm fairly disappointed in /pol/'s discussion choices. This plac…[View]
175506036Spain to exhume Franco: https://politica.elpais.com/politica/2018/06/16/actualidad/1529162410_486351…[View]
175515926Refugee Karam Majdi jailed for raping 14-year-old white girl: Karam Majdi said he was an unaccompani…[View]
175515071Like nigga how is inflation even real: >like just keep the money worth the same amount nigga >…[View]
175517324((Jimmy Kimmel)) BTFO by Cruz Missle: Who here Cruz Missle? https://townhall.com/tipsheet/timothymea…[View]
175516204Smells like upnigga in here[View]
175515862>submission is a manly trait ??? That Robert E. guy sounds like a fag. Or a muslim. Islam literal…[View]
175516342Can you be pro-life and pro-death penalty?: Can you be pro-life and pro-death penalty? https://www.c…[View]
175517363Why shouldnt the left be purged leathally?: Their list of subversive crimes against humanity and the…[View]
175518054140,000 muslims celebrate eid in UK park: this is the new UK and its beautiful https://www.youtube.c…[View]
175509061>goes to Russia >loses Why is Germany so cucked?…[View]
175510920Polish immigration: Why don't Poles move to America where we have plenty of room and appreciate…[View]
175510776>the jews didn't kill jesus >charles manson is a murderer fuck liberals.…[View]
175517931Daily reminder that the FBI thinks you are retarded.[View]
175517494daily reminder that Glenn Beck was the first mainstream conservative to shine light on George Soros[View]
175516334Germany team[View]
175515006Change her mind.[View]
175518898Are Finns White?: They look half gook to me.[View]
17546330134 & plus post here!. We saw the modern age be created before out eyes!: I am 36, I saw the mode…[View]
175517482Poor Germany: Contra-Meme >>175507713[View]
175517554Holy War Pics Dumb thread: Dump em! Dues Vult my brethren[View]
175516771How would you fix us, politically? I had a dream a month ago that I ran for office and won, and I…[View]
175515549Why are POC men getting less sex?: Despite what the media claims, most incels are actually non white…[View]
175517429Clockcuck: How many clocks could a clockcuck cuck if a clockcuck could cuck clocks?[View]
175507016Justice Scalia Death: Does anyone remember the time we had feds double post by mistake at the exact …[View]
175509446>Male, 22, degree and employed making $62k annually Why exactly should I get married? There are o…[View]
175513308/rwg/ - Race War General - READ SIEGE edition: Have you already read SIEGE by James Mason? >N-No …[View]
175515078sup /pol/ so since Roachistan elections are coming >who would you think will win >who do you w…[View]
175509165>tfw spics are dominating the germanic 'masterrace' today[View]
175516178What can be done to fix white men?[View]
175517117Ummm guys?: wtf is this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4a7Mxw1-m4[View]
175497344do brown eyes only originate from Africa like Varg claims? were all native europeans blue eyed?[View]
175514370Chileans terrorize europe.: So our scum go to europe and the police can't handle them, what a s…[View]
175517026Austria calls on Germany to come clean on spying allegations: Why aren't German spies shot on s…[View]
175516368Do you regret voting Trump?: Speaking as someone who fought Trump could deliver, I'm now feelin…[View]
175513203I grew up in a mining town where industry was decimated by neoliberal policies. My parents were unem…[View]
175512223Suicide is the answer: https://youtu.be/9ExwrcqQzxo Convince me suicide is wrong[View]
175514658Happy father's day niggers: Oh wait.[View]
175500833Why do people on this board hate women again?[View]
175516711>Ever had a father? >Why not call congress to let illegal immigration keep happening? Have the…[View]
175516712Why does Antifa share the same agenda with Wall Street?[View]
175513687col/ election day, second round Get on here /col/ bros and discuss the situation of this country…[View]
175516633/wcg/ Western Culture General: Fighting to stay out of the Archive edition This thread is to learn a…[View]
175511056Anarcho-Commies Doxx /ourguy/: https://autonomedia.blackblogs.org/2018/06/14/racist-students-at-ut/ …[View]
175513286Why do you autists and spergs keep associating white nationalism with Nazism? Was it really necessar…[View]
175514787Absolutely Degenerate: Where did we go wrong?[View]
175516322How did National Socialism get so big on this board?[View]
175516165Leafs will defend this Asian subhuman filth: He murdered, raped and cannibalised a young Dutch woman…[View]
175516419Anyone else find it disgusting how Trump won when Hillary was the better choice? Don't fucking …[View]
175494490Been scratching my head about this for awhile with you guys..... What exactly is the problem with mu…[View]
175516221I person should be judged by their decisions. Not by the actions of other people who share an arbit…[View]
175516339Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!: Based! https://mobile.twitter.com/russellcrowe/status/10083572727650…[View]
175512029Paving for Pizza.: >who's gonna repair the roads? Anti-Ancaps BTFO for all eternity. https:/…[View]
175507417I want to see an German that can answer this question[View]
175515195Take a good look /pol/: The future belongs to brown men[View]
175516140Father's day: Remember to appreciate your mother's husband for being a good goy[View]
175495116Women should not be allowed to vote. Discuss.[View]
175515459>grug watch cave drowings >grug stroke mashroom today >grug tired now, no need grugette…[View]
175515465The E3 Feminism: Hmm.. seems like something is being pushed here, don't ya think anon? https://…[View]
175515621'The mind is a canvas on which the media writes.': t. Leftists >Russia is destroying our election…[View]
175510094What if Hillary had won? A jolly trip down memory lane, alternate-timeline edition.: >What if Ele…[View]
175507713German paper's 'wall' joke at Mexico backfires: Fucking kek hahahaha[View]
175515914[SERIOUSLY] Would it be better to save humanity from Jewish cancer with love and compassion, or with…[View]
175515878YOU EVIL NAZIS HAVE STOLEN YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=583X6DGjits[View]
175515801Happy Fathers Day!: Most confusing day of the year for black folk[View]
175513295How do self-proclaimed leftist revolutionaries plan to overthrow the United States government?[View]
175513236Yemeni Civil War.: What will the outcome be?[View]
175514080Multi-millionaire stadium god Kingsley Sarfo guilty of raping 14 yo Swedish girl: Ghanaian internati…[View]
175514747I'm not a nigger but Subway is tough to deal with: There is some cute indian girl i knew in hig…[View]
175490219He dindu nuffin, he wuz a good boy!: When did it become okay to shoot a not just because he's s…[View]
175513382I'm not sure if my question belongs here. If a Shit Hits The Fan scenario is currently happenin…[View]
175509530Dhanraj Singh jailed for sex attack on white girl: >Desis who wear turbans and follow meme religi…[View]
175515588Things normal, NT people don't worry or care about: >Black people >Global Jewish conspira…[View]
175510967Mofrika btfo: Mexico Rekt the G*rmans.[View]
175514767Stop watching porn[View]
175514395>white people won't have children >economy and government services require population gro…[View]
175511685I literally get sick to my stomach when I think about or see anything about 9/11. We say 'We Will Ne…[View]
175515475This is the state of America's political youth: > Be me > average high school student …[View]
175496317Why do right wingers hate poor people and worship billionaires?[View]
175515460CANADA NUMBER ONE is there any country that rivals ours or is better? protip: there's none[View]
175515440Roger Stone leaves out meeting with a russian that turns out to be an FBI plant LARPing as a russian…[View]
175498396Does anyone have better optics than Natsocs?[View]
175514844The United States' national team: Mexico: Americans don't give a rat's ass about the …[View]
175451986All coasts are fucked: http://www.businessinsider.com/antarctica-ice-melt-glaciers-ice-shelf-collaps…[View]
175511983Ukraine Preparing Massive Forces To Attack Donbass During FIFA Football World Cup In Russia: https:/…[View]
175513550I've decided to put myself together a little sampler hot sauce pack. Any suggestions? Anything …[View]
175509378POL we seem to want different things. Some 'males' out there are simply not cut out to be what is by…[View]
175511390How did YOU survive the 2008 hyper-recession? Oldfags get the FUCK in here[View]
175489664Happening in NJ - 20+ nigs shot at Art Festival: African American Art All Night >https://www.mirr…[View]
175514975>Blobfish'd How will (((late night comedy show hosts))) ever recover?…[View]
175484746Finding a marriage worthy western girl at 25?: It seems the lowest age I could potentially date is 2…[View]
175512845American-Israeli relations thread[View]
175510553can we stop for a second and lol at anglos that speak only 1 language? >muh engrish is the langua…[View]
175490806/sg/ ^^^ Satanism General: Satanism General This thread is for the discussion of Satanism, its tie …[View]
175513255A redpill some dare not swallow.: Trump is controlled opposition.Nothing of such major significance …[View]
175512019I'm only posting here because i got banned on stormfront and can't be bothered to ban evad…[View]
175513924After the 2016 election LGBT people were convinced that a horrific future awaited them (delusions of…[View]
175502356Would you accept or reject instumentality on political and philosophical grounds? What about other f…[View]
175513070BasedMel: It’s a matter of perspective. Only concrete, objective, factual information matters.…[View]
175514541Are you doing your part?[View]
175513202So am I majority Germanic? Considering Anglos are Germanic and so are Scandinavians. And I assume Ir…[View]
175511772Is Libertarianism past the point of saving?: I've come to notice a trend where successful liber…[View]
175514475>germany plays in some football game >don't give a shit about football >its just some …[View]
175503527Obama Bilderberg speech: uhhh bros... wtf is this? https://mobile.twitter.com/KBMAGAFL/status/100838…[View]
175509383Do you agree?[View]
175514213Poland is nigger-tier: I don't get why people suck miles of Polish dick around here, I honestly…[View]
175472163Based Israel?: /pol/ why did you lie to me? You told me Israel was anti white https://www.rt.com/bus…[View]
175486441Syria General /sg/ - Tchaikovsky Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress…[View]
175513390Why haven't you moved here yet /pol/?: >No niggers in sight >Literally a White ethnostate…[View]
175509925byron de la vandal is gone: >White Nationalist Byron De La Vandal Gets Doxed Byron de la Vandal,…[View]
175514010LET THEM IN!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7V1a94zjE-U[View]
175493107I hope you're happy: Today, the Swedish state broadcaster SVT published an article about how Sw…[View]
175511253South Korea hates white people: Long story short, the parents of these two little girls (Dad is whit…[View]
175512298Happy fathers day /pol/. Hope you do something good for the man who made you who you are.[View]
175504712Why is this allowed?[View]
175472639Western Culture General /wcg/: This thread is to learn about and discuss Western Culture. From Art, …[View]
175513568Who will play him in the inevitable biopic?[View]
175511023Name ONE Jewish person[View]
175511905Is this woman wearing a bra?[View]
175478425How do we fix France?[View]
175509015Calling people out for ‘gaslighting’ is just a lazy but effective way of shutting down dissent https…[View]
175513065Only Christ defeated the Jews: > Christian Western Civilization > Jews got BTFO daily for almo…[View]
175513454What are some of your edgiest /pol/-related beliefs?[View]
175513442nings or chinks? why?: who benefits society more black welfare slaves or organized semi intelligent …[View]
175512945How come free speech platforms like twitter blatantly have double standards?[View]
175513365Tell me about Winnipeg: Leafbros, tell me about Winnipeg. My shithole is banning prostitutes and I a…[View]
175513282Why are Greeks so passionate about Macedonia?: I see hordes of Greeks protesting the name change and…[View]
175509343OBAMA KIDNAPPED MIGRANT CHILDREN AND GAVE THEM TO TRAFFICKERS!: http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer…[View]
175508494https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/06/paul-ryan-sides-with-trey-gowdy-over-trump-on-spygate.html Have two …[View]
175511245Happy Father's Day!: >Al-Muqaddasi (945/946-1000) was a medieval Muslim geographer >'Of t…[View]
175511975>entire media freaking out over non-americans having their children separated from them after the…[View]
175512959Opinion and truths: Esque I'm going to bust your fucking head!!! Sons of bitches!!!! Sons of …[View]
175512535>the absolute state of reddit females even nerdy white women are sick and tired of beta males…[View]
175512713new wakanda: I've decided to turn my 40 acre property into 'new wakanda' and make a b…[View]
175512450>/Pol/ right now[View]
175472018Muslim conquests: How come the muslims were able to expand so extremely fast during the 7th and 8th …[View]
175510326/pol/ seems like literal cancer right now. Can someone give me redpills on World War 2 and the nazis…[View]
175510602https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZyHI0wo8Pk prime time of Europe look at these happy people no black…[View]
175510839If you aren't working towards having kids, you have to leave /pol/ and never come back: It is l…[View]
175504179Steve Curtis Trolling he raped my wife: Steve Curtis is a horrible man leave comments of how he has …[View]
175511954What do black people do on father's day?[View]
175507422Why don't we just send all of the Mexicans to Germany?[View]
175510875Sikh Harjinder Brar dragged English beauty by the throat and raped her: >We're so proud of C…[View]
175504172post pic the current state of the EU[View]
175493448Damn that's deep[View]
175501758Apparently Jews run the media. I’m a Jew, how do I get in on this?[View]
175509082What makes them so annoying?[View]
175509411What happened to India?: Weren't Indians supposed to have had the most advanced civilization mi…[View]
175511982Eat the rice, pay the price: Korean kunt goes on dates with unsuspecting men, calls the cops on them…[View]
175512479Individual choice and markets are of paramount importance both as an expression of individual libert…[View]
175505959Where is he?: Didn't Qanon say this fag was going to show up on June 11 and start wrecking peop…[View]
175506886ana cocksparian: i would choke ana kasparian with my cock so she almost dies and i will only let her…[View]
175509416Why are most non leftists manchildren who think they're smart?[View]
175491885MGTOW: Imagine being so ugly and genetically inferior that white women won't sleep with you. Im…[View]
175506152Walk a mile in her shoes: https://mobile.twitter.com/CarlieExpress/status/1004788803368677376 Yeah i…[View]
175511690Video of the terror attack in Moscow: Fucking sandniggers. https://www.dumpert.nl/mediabase/7455071…[View]
175512088This gypsy family was harassed in an amusement park this weekend. Why do Finns treat honest customer…[View]
175509128Image Fingerprinting/User Tracking General: 1.) Post an image URL containing some baity tweet or som…[View]
175501542Alright pol. I need the truth on the Yugoslav wars. While I do not doubt here was complexity it seem…[View]
175511528Blacks are smarter than Whitey: >free welfare >free housing >free college >free gibsmeda…[View]
175511946I dont think we have a gun problem. Its a culture problem. So many shit cultures in one place.[View]
175501353ancient race mixing: Why do so many white people chimp out so much when I correctly state that they …[View]
175511374I will just leave this here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1iHgz-f_10[View]
175511533Anarchism doesn't wo-: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vVCSUafFVI[View]
175481881So let me get this straight: This nigger is photographed dressed like a faggot and 9ts confirmed to …[View]
175504899Why no 9/11 whistleblowers?: isn't that proof that whistleblowing is absolutely under CIA contr…[View]
175510375what religions should be allowed in our ethnostates ?[View]
175493814i can't wait till ww3. this is what world needs right now: >take out surplus of populaton …[View]
175510982Wonder why no one is hearing about this: https://www.vibe.com/2018/06/houston-police-abducted-teen-s…[View]
175505754Toronto shoplifter gets job after policeman bought him interview shirt Take note burgers, this is ho…[View]
175511272Canada could shit all over America in the up and coming trade war.: Canada's best weapon in a U…[View]
175511252Do you think God browses /pol/?: I mean, he has enough free time. It's a pretty funny board.…[View]
175481106What did AP mean by this?[View]
17550324817yo killed in deadly round of Russian roulette: kek[View]
175510862This guy: How bad is this guy, and why are we not doing more to make him go away?[View]
175510927Poland has been increasing military funding exponentially. And the Muhammed cock sucking krauts to t…[View]
175507748'Girls can come after you': U.S. tech moguls risk jail for online sex trafficking: https:/…[View]
175510716>And now please stand for Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of the Caliphate - Aquafina >*rap m…[View]
175510798EU kills Front National YouTube Channel: Good, those bigots deserved it for supporting copyright fil…[View]
175509213Memphis doctor accused of using whips and riding crops on patients: http://www.wkrn.com/top-news/ten…[View]
175506757Nigger.: Aside from black men having more estrogen and testosterone making them behave emotionally l…[View]
175486863Americans who changed their minds on Trump:: What changed your mind?[View]
175508211>God exists[View]
175503847Is homosexuality genetic or environmental?[View]
175508017why are Americans so obsessed with seeing the rest of the West get BLACKED? it's like they find…[View]
175510471>have a (((revolution))) >EU/NATO takes over >Jewish oligarchs steal all the gold reserves …[View]
175502613Mexico wins against Germany, but still genetic losers.: Good job taco niggers! You should celebrate,…[View]
175506119This board makes me want to racemix so bad. If people hate race mixing, i want to race mix with asi…[View]
175508377STOP SAYING OBAMA IS A CHILD TRAFFICKER! Look how good he is with children! This is totally normal!…[View]
175510229United States and United Kingdom thread - Burgers and Bongs edition: How's it going Bongs? Is t…[View]
175507391Trump curse General. ITT we discuss cases of Imperators Holy seal of doom over sodomizers of the lef…[View]
175486612Silicon Valley is literally a cult >Be girl with crazy eyes >Drop out of college and start a t…[View]
175481764Welcome to Trump's America, where families struggle to put food on the table.[View]
175502179They took away my father, he would have been happy today because Mexico won You literally ruined our…[View]
175508421Canada and S.A: I am starting to like canada https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/mar/21/justin-tr…[View]
175509974>tfw only thing that is keeping your shitskin political barf of a country is football…[View]
175479708Why do Germans keep re-electing her? is there an official name for this mental illness?[View]
175502603Why did the English hate the Irish so much?[View]
175506714Seth Rich and Imran Awan are connected. How though?[View]
175508423I will be phenomenal to the women. I mean, I want to help women Deepthroat BBC again - Donald J(ew) …[View]
175509866Liberals Simply More Intelligent than Conservatives: Haha, have fun being a dunce boy for the rest o…[View]
175509860>kills own messiah >whoops... hail golden ox! is there a cure for judiasm that doesnt involve…[View]
175509774This Katyn massacre was just 1/5 in term of numbers of killed, why don't Poles meme the rest 4/…[View]
175507958>that 30 something year old American boomer that believes being a Christian is more important tha…[View]
175504458can national socialism make a comeback in its current form or will it need to adapt to modern societ…[View]
175499107You promised me this would bomb: but apparently it was the highest grossing movie of 2017[View]
175509637what kind of mudslim is this? i thought they were supposed to cover their hair, she just looks like …[View]
175486680/hmmm/ general[View]
175495457How do we save Europe?: How can we save all the once proud and powerful nations in Europe? They are …[View]
175501531There are literal ZOGbots browsing /pol/ right now: daily reminder that you are the reason for jewis…[View]
175509048What would happen if Usuary was banned on a federal level in the United States: Any Global Political…[View]
175509236Let's talk about the 'Pitbull' & 'they who must be named' issue: Alright Faggots new and ol…[View]
175503167>Returns to Moscow >lose again[View]
175509427White Pill: WE'RE ALL GONNA MAKE IT!![View]
175489471Why should we not put in reasonable measures to stop felons, terrorists and criminals from having th…[View]
175500736Do you hear the people sing; singing the song of angry men?: https://youtu.be/4Gqw9_77MvQ[View]
175507870Why are Muslims in Europe much more religious than Muslims in actual Muslim countries?: I went to Tu…[View]
175509217you were wrong >>46606340[View]
175505904Who are the purest Europeans /pol/?[View]
175502063PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - THUMB UP EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.go…[View]
175468654Nig Kang and Qween: cavort all over Paris, take their dancers to European museums and parade around …[View]
175502146Why The Right Needs To Start Creating Fiction: The left flees into fiction so that they can escape r…[View]
175493460Why is it called the 'star of David?' Can anyone point to a Biblical or Talmudic passage that mentio…[View]
175500072Moon man Moon man can't u see: What is our favourite natural satellite up to? I recently saw hi…[View]
175481259Was this a sacrafice?: Done by the 8 goddess cult? >seriously we need fucking answers here. 300+…[View]
175504938US Customs and Border Protection Website: Notice anything? https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a…[View]
175501894How cucked is your country /pol/ ?: Less than 90% white. 5p Less than 75 % white. 5p Less than 56% w…[View]
175507604AWWOOOMENT: Trump is the best president in history basedboys that disagree gtfo pol ![View]
175507024>the 19 year old boomer who thinks he knows politics[View]
175508838Our right/conservative media is really starting to grow. Is the same thing happening in your cunt? P…[View]
175506748as we have been focused on islam, immigration, feminism, the jews, etc, we have allowed something ve…[View]
175508340Americans are Too Stupid for Democracy to Thrive: This is the reason why Trump was elected. Stupid p…[View]
175506504First we had mutt in the hut. Now get ready for gay in the hay. https://honey.nine.com.au/2018/06/17…[View]
175508719Germany needs to build a wall to keep the Mexicans out.[View]
175499597Do they have a point?[View]
175484927Why are young white males choosing Video Games over starting a Family?[View]
175494322All right /pol/ This is my view on a perfect society. >A representative democracy where freedom …[View]
175508228Take that, German bigots: Germany lost because they didn't accept enough Mexican refugees. Than…[View]
175479858Thomas Barrack is a foreign agent: The guy who pushed Manafort on to the Trump campaign was Thomas B…[View]
175508157When do we finally complete turning southerners into slaves? They want steel mills and coal mines ba…[View]
175508113I'll be the first American to say the 'Le 56%' meme is actually pretty funny, stop ta…[View]
175504759Now that, you had your fun, let's build germans up again.[View]
175497236Challenge: Prove to me Pizzagate is real without using fuzzy evidence or “really makes u think”. Har…[View]
175489324Enough is Enough: Ban guns. Ban them now. Yet another mass shooting at the hands of the NRA and cons…[View]
175501146well this is fucked up: https://twitter.com/KBMAGAFL/status/1008386945905504256/video/1[View]
175504228>HEY HEY YOU! You guys are doing everything you can to help save the bee's right? You can ge…[View]
175507751USA CCW culture growing and making America Even GREATER!: Get trained and carry RIGHT! We are making…[View]
175505570/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
175507409>switzerland is less white than Germany: I thought Switzerland was supposed to be based?[View]
175505231>be me >us citizen >drafted for war at the country’s whim >company’s keeping you unheal…[View]
175505625The U.S. is for everybody.: This is what Apple believes, what about you? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
175497544Do Britbongs ever regret not becoming part of the 3rd Reich?[View]
175471507They are safe at last: Thank you, Spain! You are a beacon of hope in this dark world. >http://www…[View]
175507238Psssst hey jew: You don't have to be THAT afraid if you just learn to play nice with others. Yo…[View]
175497557>BROWN HAIR IS NOT EUROPEAN: Big redpill regarding race and genetics so lets say you think brown …[View]
175507178Society: Only during a total collapse can all of these shysters and yobs be thrown into the dirt and…[View]
175494904I’m visiting my grandfather’s headstone at a military cemetery. I was in myself until I left a mont…[View]
175497403Why do so many Eurobros think they aren't white?[View]
175465332Catholic/Orthodox Christianity Thread: When did you accept the true redpill of our Lord and Savior J…[View]
175506850wypipo: Holy fuck I thought wypipo was just a meme, turns out that's actually how you say it in…[View]
175506594How do I become a russian troll? I want to get paid rubbles to shill![View]
175506786Jews BTFO: >Central bankers BTFO >Marxists BTFO >statists BTFO >roasties BTFO >ni…[View]
175504217Fucking retards: >Muh based >Team consists 95% of slavs or niggers…[View]
175495843American migration to Europe: Do you think that there will be an exodus of white americans once they…[View]
175505993Why did the (((media))) make this up?: I've never heard of this woman. I call bullshit that any…[View]
175500716Cucked controlled op shill mods on T_D keep deleting any posts about Obongo in drag[View]
175509081The top-selling World Cup jerseys by state in the US: What did Mexico mean by this?[View]
175499213Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Untergang Edition: >polls http://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/ >Me…[View]
175476938Does America have to die for White Americans to survive?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wskTXPW5ad…[View]
175500702Pizzagate isnt real: >James alefantis is just an artisan pizza maker >There is no basement at…[View]
175504907Social media is cancer. >Little to no anonymity >Dominated by celebrities shoving around the t…[View]
175505958Day 1 of ominous prediction: Based on the current state of bullshit, i predict a US Congressman will…[View]
175505908Mental Illness: So I got a question that is sort of confounding. Mental health professionals in the …[View]
175502055/ptg/ President Trump General - Bakers Get Your Shit Together Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP http…[View]
175490833Family separation at the border will cost Republicans the midterms: Democrats have found their key i…[View]
175501037MEX 1 - GER 0: Where is your superiority now?[View]
175499742the flame didint extinguishe yet[View]
175493846Is 'gang stalking' real?: Is it true that law enforcement are aware of such phenomena, but refuse to…[View]
175502524soccer is normie tier shit: die soccer fags[View]
175503531>muh mustard race >loses to literal Mexico explain yourselves, Nazi fucks…[View]
175502129Hermany BTFO ! lol: *laughs in Mexican* who's the Untermensch now Hans ?[View]
175506856Welcome Edd-boys: Can we get some /pol/ themed Edds?[View]
175506908>tfw when I know Jesus is Lord, my redeemer[View]
175505973why do i want to be a girly cockslut /pol/?: why do i want to be a girly cockslut /pol/? i have the …[View]
175505022OH NO NO NO NO[View]
175507379Dishwasher thread: >should women be allowed to load dishwahers? looking for counter examples…[View]
175505161So, what's the gestalt on this POLITICAL drama between Varg and Survive?[View]
175505773Not gonna lie, former nuclear codes here. This is fucking hilarious watching guy crash and burn. But…[View]
175504233Pro tip, you can't.[View]
175501166RUDY NO!: Damn you Druuuuuumphhhhh!!!!!!![View]
175502472welcome to pol[View]
175500206Have you taken The Glorious Pull, in all actuality? xxo boom[View]
175501593I can’t believe I fell for the Trump meme. His aggressive border policy has stripped innocent undocu…[View]
175479624Reminder that the Italian Armed Forces are the third strongest in the world right behind America and…[View]
175505091TRUMP IS CRASHING THIS WORLD ORDER WITH NO SURVIVORS: https://www.baka.com.au/world/north-america/pu…[View]
175501650Cruz does it again[View]
175505437The world must revolt against the psycho/sociopaths.: Every position of power must require a brain s…[View]
175505304Marcus Gravey: is this the original based black man? ran a movement trying to get blacks back to the…[View]
175482366Hey guys: I just moved to Connecticut and I'm really beginning to suspect this whole NEWTOWN in…[View]
175502815Wtf germans 5 centers on field+ goalie? Man you're 'tremendo'(you nuts) Gg Getgood[View]
175504895Make America Great Again[View]
175500524Why have so many pubs in my town put up so many multinational flags?: According to Wikipedia, my tow…[View]
175495929>study history >become centrist did this happen to anyone else?…[View]
175490365>'Daddy, don't you think here is something profoundly wrong when the top one-tenth of one pe…[View]
175504667GET IN HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOlnhjDX30E&t=654 GET IN HERE this reminds me of a …[View]
175491687Did /pol/ know that European and Asian people have ~5% of Neanderthal (literally Homo Stupidus) DNA …[View]
175504592Today's game is the perfect allegory for America.[View]
175504063Can a Jew be /ourchaim/? https://www.strawpoll.me/15914211[View]
175503700France: Is France a Socialist nation? Why or why not?[View]
175501742He's eating prison cock. Trump is next.[View]
175489844>Dude Drumpf is Hitler lmao[View]
175494582Who were good female leaders?[View]
175499972Where do we draw the line?: Should it be illegal to cuck this hard? Black women are literally shovin…[View]
175486513Is an Islamo-Christian relationship feasible?: The fruits of our Judeo-Christian relationship have b…[View]
175499056>cuck your own genetic line >adopt mentally retarded nigger children born with drugs in their …[View]
175499204Serious question: Why don't men just kill women who try to betray them via the courts? Surely i…[View]
175503573Specific genres of music are being pushed to increase the appeal of Africans: The following video be…[View]
175504211Germans right now[View]
175504183'Hollywood is run by Jews' - Marlon Brando: How come you still don't think so? https://www.hook…[View]
175502851I can’t believe I fell for the Trump meme. He’s been sucking Zionist cock on a daily basis. He’s thr…[View]
175478646How will basedboys recover?[View]
175493878Muslim Activist Who Beat Policeman at Tommy Robinson Rally Spared Prison (Robinson Still Locked Up):…[View]
175502145>She's been running her country for 13 YEARS! >Do you realize ?!! 13 YEARS! That's a…[View]
175503906/pol/ humor thread[View]
175503902Russia Doomed: So, once Russia has let them in, how the Hell do they get them out? Discuss Rebuild t…[View]
175491705fight pedophilia: In recent times I noticed that pedophilia is getting more and more normalized ,whe…[View]
175500803>Italian >20yo I finished school last year and got a IT diploma. I've been here for 1yea…[View]
175503611MGTOW is the way to go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-jpSBneBN0&t=616s[View]
175503526In america , refugee children are herded into prison camps. In Canada they get welcomed by furries. …[View]
175500814Germany deserved it.[View]
175503446Black People vs Niggers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3PJF0YE-x4 Is this still true, /pol/?…[View]
175477950Chose one and only one ; >I hate immigrants, they should stay in africa >I don't care abo…[View]
175502772how to trap leftists and liberals: How to easily trap leftist and liberals HARD and make their brain…[View]
175491855Dear pol: STOP CALLING US ROACHES STOP CALLING US NIGGERS We are SULTANS. My ancestors were sultans,…[View]
175497241Why did whites murdered 6 million innocent Jews? Are whites bloodthirsty savages?[View]
175490869>wears a fancy dress costume made by an edgy designer that makes edgy costumes that anyone can bu…[View]
175503066is national Bolshevism a prototype of the 4th political theory ?[View]
175503050Was he a product of his surroundings?: He was accused of doing fucked up shit and served his sentenc…[View]
175502878Motivation and discipline: How do y'all motivate and discipline yourself to materialize your po…[View]
175503013The World Cup just shows that diversity is the worst thing that can happen to a nation. Look a Icela…[View]
175501778What happens to white supremacy when the aliens are real? It will be just bullshit when humans are e…[View]
175501572Based white allies[View]
175497631Trump’s North Korea trip was a fucking disaster.[View]
175502439Where will the rebellion start?[View]
175500945niggers in their natural habitat[View]
175501401>be germany >go to russia >loses…[View]
175502839Why do black women pretend to hate white men? They always act as if they are the greatest evil in th…[View]
175502838Even pokemon hates trump. RIP.[View]
175502799>NO, NO, NO, I'M 6% GERMAN, WHY DID MEXICO WIN???!!![View]
175499904Some coons stole my phone an hour go. I went down to the station and the policewoman was just laughi…[View]
175501673Oy vey, it is 1945 all over again.: And special, big fuck you to all of the Bosnian Croats who cheer…[View]
175501326What's his name again /pol/? Have you forgotten him?[View]
175496489How does anyone take this board seriously anymore?[View]
175501782Aryan supremacists on suicide watch[View]
175502271Germany BTFO by MEXICOOOO: This is it Germans. Your national pride is down the toilet, you can'…[View]
175502632Jews win again: Too powerful.[View]
175502221itt bootlickers get btfo[View]
175500921https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKKurqAvIxE So /pol/, how do you feel about what Mike Enoch, Anglin,…[View]
175493145Germany is a nation of murderers and thieves. Prove me wrong. Without krauts europe will be peacfull…[View]
175478969what does pol think of her? who is she? what's her agenda?[View]
175502505Today’s Google: Blatant attack on fathers and families as a whole[View]
175500779Britbongs To Get Child License: OI YOU CHEEKY WANKA! U gotta loicense fer that ther bayby?[View]
175500768Why doesn't anyone in this organization speak up when American school children are slaughtered …[View]
175501663Merkel-Political-Death-Celebration Thread: Finally, after over 12 years of multicultural bullshitter…[View]
175492228Migrant Crime Thread: Whenever I argue with a shitlib about non-Eureopean immigration they say that …[View]
175476297>France 2 - 1 Australia Why are Blacks, on the whole, generally better at sports than Whites and …[View]
175497705The end is near: Mueller has E V E R Y T H I N G ! ! ! https://mobile.twitter.com/counterchekist/sta…[View]
175500854Tom Arnold will find Drumpf's peepee tapes. He will uncover everything about his affair with Pu…[View]
175502017Can't even keep a wife around and his deals turn to shit.[View]
175497599NORWAY NO!!!: Norway wants to be stricter on immigrants who don’t learn Norwegian https://www.theloc…[View]
175488108Whits didn't earn anything: They got everything from POC.[View]
175502052This is your daily reminder that Duterte is the best modern leader. >The Philippines has vowed to…[View]
175489602Do you think she got arrested? Where is she?[View]
175500957HAHHAHAHAA: Fuck your aryan genes “supermen” hahahahahaha[View]
175501654Is it worth going to Taglit Birthright trip in Israel?[View]
175495186This: I'll just leave this here[View]
175501222Where is the wall? Is it invisible?[View]
175501706Dear white working class: Stop voting agaisnt your own economic interests you fucking imbeciles…[View]
175495677PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - DO NOT CRY EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.…[View]
175497260/pol/ absolutely FUCKING btfo! Fuck wypipo[View]
175501480Lmao, Germany How the fuck did we win?[View]
175499354How do we fix white men?[View]
175498127what is wrong with young white men: Why do they get bald at young age? I had an English teacher, 30 …[View]
175501200krautcucks on suicide watch tonight[View]
175499216Japan Cucked by Big Biz: Why is your nation so cucked by corporations that you work 100 hours per we…[View]
175501167eat shit and die kraut ahahhahahahahaha[View]
175500875Another one America? https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/17/us/new-jersey-art-festival-shooting/index.html …[View]
175501125Reminder that the corn masterace will take over the world. Stay mad wheat, rice and soibean goys.[View]
175501076Why can't Germans ever win in Russia?: Worst result since 1944[View]
175501074You just can't win in Russia[View]
175493192When are you guys taking the Sanskrit Pill?: MRI scans show that memorizing ancient mantras increase…[View]
175469893A black Chicago man has been charged with sucker-punching a 67-year-old woman as she read her Kindle…[View]
175500976Thats right Germancucks Dont fuck with us[View]
175495442YAAAASSSS BRITAIN! YAAAASSSSSSSSSS!!!! https://amp-nine-com-au.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/amp.nine.com.a…[View]
175500871Where did Britain go wrong since 2016?: Don't you remember Brexit? We were the KINGS OF /POL/ o…[View]
175500984Viva Mexico you Nazi fucks[View]
175500858APOLOGISE NOW /POL/![View]
175501377So this is the power of the aryan ubersmench... woah[View]
175499655IRAN: bro or no bro? >want to destroy jews >want to destroy 'murica >muslims, but supe…[View]
175500028What does it mean to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN? What has President Trump done to bring it about? What…[View]
175500504Found in a 1754 committee report of the Pennsylvania General Assembly on reviewing and improving the…[View]
175499297City slickers are a bigger problem than any other category of people.[View]
175497963How should i describe this book for my dad: got this for fathers day for him, trying to get him some…[View]
175490146Why does everyone want to live in Japan nowadays?: Maybe I just frequent too many gaming sites, but …[View]
175500000I love this new inclusion movement, when will we have the all white version of the movie Roots?! It …[View]
175498319We already had one president born in Africa. Could we have another?[View]
175476915How the fuck is this given a platform? How the fuck do people think it's ok to normalize pedoph…[View]
175491873So how do a Christian man merry a bonafide Muslim woman?[View]
175490733Is it worth joining the military or is it just a meme to get more people to die for Israeli interest…[View]
175493374ALERT: Hideo Kojima is working for the (((la-li-lo-le-lu))): Kojima betrayed us. After denoncing the…[View]
175497055Jordan Peterson is'dangerous'[View]
175483506OIG Report: There Was Bias: >Page 329 >Under these circumstances, we did not have confidence t…[View]
175500036Migrant boat turned away by Italy arrives in Spain: This should work out well... https://uk.reuters.…[View]
175500429Google (((ads))): >Yes that's right goym, just keep blaming everything on someone else. It…[View]
175499959It's Mr President for you, mutt.[View]
175463576Swedish GirlsAdvised to put teapoon in Vagina: No, this isn't a joke. I think it's most me…[View]
175500309CIA owe me £1000000: Pay up you cheap bastards[View]
175497589How to we fix the menchildren video game problem ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVHLYL8O5D4 This…[View]
175500242It was free real estate madam[View]
175500227Ostmensch ruined white nationalism.: These subhumans are literally Africa tier. How the fuck can I s…[View]
175497496RETARD KING STRIKES AGAIN: FAKE CIVIL WAR MONUMENT: Cheeto god puts up a fake monument.[View]
175500159Eu bans memes: Looks like it's time to bring back the good old days.[View]
175497101This federal judge was also a spic. Coincidence?[View]
175488690IS THIS PPL WHITE?: Hi /pol/. Do you identify this people as white?[View]
175499782Why do the dipshit alt righters constantly fight for the 1st amendment, but then on the same breath …[View]
175499654>Make the police look like this or there will be social chaos in you communities. http://www.the…[View]
175498961So does the left want to go to war with North Korea or not?[View]
175495685Motivational Musics and Songs: Because the ride never ends[View]
175495967>I love my kids >HOW DARE YOU SIR, HOW DARE YOU?…[View]
175493816this really just puts the whole thing in perspective doesn't it? Wow! I really miss Obama right…[View]
175497521What's wrong with the Chinese? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OaPUX1lhjaA[View]
175499122Anti welfare movement!: Its virtually nonexistent in politics these days! the focus in invariably on…[View]
175498379What's the point of continuing to vote for far right here? they will continues to massively bri…[View]
175499319Is the Millenial generation the most mentally fucked? >erectile dysfunction from watching the mos…[View]
175489839are we the bad guys?[View]
175499409ALL HAIL THE KING IN THE NORTH!!!: >Macedonia, Greece Sign 'Brave, Historic' Agreement …[View]
175498700How many Russians live in Scottsdale, AZ?: The right answer gets all of us some entertaining TV.…[View]
175497875This is the thread where we post 'Democrat Solutions to the Problems facing Everyday-American Citize…[View]
175498648How does it make you feel mr. shekelnose fathered 34 babies so far? https://www.timesofisrael.com/sp…[View]
175493738Alot of american comedians nowadays have bits about why it's good to beat your kids and how thi…[View]
175494913Christians - Agnostic here with some advice: Yes it's true that white culture and race were at …[View]
175497916Is she making ones specifically optimised for us to change them now?[View]
175492931Spain's government has gone full retard: They promised to get rid of border fences protecting t…[View]
175497834THEORY: The 'Alt-Right' will never go away: The 'Alt-Right' is largely made up of men and boys who w…[View]
175493489The United States Has A World Cup Team. It’s Mexico. this the kinda shit that I as a 3rd gen America…[View]
175492006Any conclusion to the helicopter?: Hadn't seen a thread in a while. Did it get successfully mem…[View]
175494842wtf: Is this a man? target.com.au[View]
175492504Legit question, my mother is a South American and my father is almost 100% Deutsch phenotype, I phys…[View]
175497615>On vacation in germany rn >Shitload of muslims >All german boy are cucks riding bycicles …[View]
175495872Is she /our mom/?[View]
175497258White genocide? More like White suicide.[View]
175409026KILAUEA VOLCANO GENERAL - /kvg/ #140 SHE COME TO FUCK THE ROOSTER Edition: HAPPENING: >'No signs …[View]
175485443Why are Germans so gay and autistic?: The following video below showcases a Germanic transvestite si…[View]
175496564Democracy Was A Mistake: What should replace it?[View]
175496203Why do they want women in tech so badly? Is it so they can root out all white males from positions o…[View]
175498105If someone were to ask your people if they were proud to be who they are: How would they answer? For…[View]
175498647The Kurdish Question: Are Kurds secretly Jews? They attack their host nations, demand a 'homeland,' …[View]
175489464Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Mexico Edition: >polls http://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/ >Meme …[View]
175498622The Abrahamic religions fall under two categories nontheistic and theistic. These false religions ar…[View]
175498609How is alt-right different to any other right-wing ideology? Isn't it just new names to try and…[View]
175486995Fathers day : How do you feel about you Father pol ?: I wanna curb stomp mine. wbu /pol ?[View]
175495847Britcucks will defend this. Just as they sit by while Tommy is given the option for daily sandnigger…[View]
175498146Daily reminder the reason the healthcare is (((private))) and not public in the United States is bec…[View]
175490639What are the favorite podcasts of /pol/?[View]
175472203Jordan Peterson is an Overton Messiah: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mc3o4YmHJbc As soon as new tr…[View]
175491878so, i guess americans needs to resort socialism in order to pay their medical bills. really makes yo…[View]
175496902Refugees brought deadly tropical viruses do France: Well, that sucks. Nothing can be done now. Refug…[View]
175496185Worldwide sporting events and politcs: Do you guys think events like the world cup and the Olympics …[View]
175493929>“we’re really in a pussy generation.”: Why are old men generally so based? Their political views…[View]
175484146Trump is a Russian.: Trump is recruiting for MS-13[View]
175498049Bigger than you lmao[View]
175495446Sweden needs the Swedish Demokrats to win.: Last night in my hometown here in Sweden my cousin and t…[View]
175485067I've never smoked DMT but I'm fascinated by it. What do you think the machine elves are? D…[View]
175499432we wuz romans n shieet[View]
175499052Reminder to drink milk! Milk is an aryan drink Only white people can handle milk! Milk has protein a…[View]
175494022i hate americans i hope they all die lol[View]
175492837Banned for content I did NOT post: Pic related references a post that did not originate from my IP. …[View]
175497885Thoughts on this /pol/?[View]
175492070WHY SWEDEN IS SUPERIOR: Little does /pol/ understand why Swedes and Sweden has such a great arroganc…[View]
175497702We can take down Flags!We can take down Flags! Can't we sink a ship?: We can take down flags on…[View]
175497929Jews in Early Russian Communism: https://mega.nz/#!mX4VUDiQ!w8W4quG0vP37Oa7PmahIZ0G-x3oNNcY19D-Nhawy…[View]
175472386When did you started to really hate jews?: I started to really hate them when i was in military pris…[View]
175497578Anti-mgtcuck red pill bomb. The 50% divorce statistic is misleading. It's a mean derived from e…[View]
175497160The Nazis lost because of Oil not 'The Jews': Why do you guys perpetuate the myth that the Jews had …[View]
175488442Have any of you ever had a run-in with foreign intelligence? What was it like? I think I just had on…[View]
175496502How did Obama end up with 8 years no massive shootings: Meanwhile slogan thump has had a massive sho…[View]
175494759is yair /ourguy/ ? performs cutting edge international shitposting . calls out the kikes, gets endor…[View]
175497432Why is every thread on this board absolutely terrible?: Idk why[View]
175497410Did you even read the Bible?: If you did, you'd see as me.[View]
175492529How can anyone ever compete with Sweden Knowing full well that we conquered most of Europe and is th…[View]
175495043Why do the lgbt want the world? do they deserve rights or should the electric chair be reintroduced?…[View]
175469311So what went wrong with Japanese males? Why did they turn from men into wimps? They are naturally ma…[View]
175496711Clean Boi: Lets just call him clean boi ;) lets start a war with tumblr and spam them with this.…[View]
175484394NASA admits conspiracy theorists were right, 60 years on.: https://boingboing.net/2018/06/16/ampex-f…[View]
175483133Another MGTOW REDPILL BOMB: always remember she's not truly interested in you. only the benefit…[View]
175494749Greg Gutfield is hilarious and proves conservatives can do late night comedy better than liberals. W…[View]
175487592/pg/ ᛉᛉᛉ Paganism General ᛉᛉᛉ Edition: Mighty Vanir: PAGANISM GENERAL EDITION: MIGHTY VANIR ᛉᛉᛉ HAIL…[View]
175490926Where Trump is sending immigrant children: https://twitter.com/jacobsoboroff/status/1007019318293553…[View]
175494435My friend is going to Atlanta and offered to get me something $50 apx. I've never been to Ameri…[View]
175492934Stop watching cave drawings with grug and femgrug doing bunga bunga[View]
175494804There are no 'based' blacks: >One standard deviation lower IQ >9x more violence-causing genes …[View]
175488118Why does /pol/ give a shit about facebook and twitter?: Both are losing users as we speak. Young peo…[View]
175482387'We don't owe the white man nothing in South Africa. He's killed millions of our women, ou…[View]
175485025Was Lao Tzu /ourchink/?: He spends alot of time warning against big gov and taxes. The Tao had a dis…[View]
175489879Overconsumption: Jesus. Christ.[View]
175448156/pol/ tier parent moments: What have been some /pol/ tier things your parents or grandparents have s…[View]
175494820How do we fix the nigger dog problem?[View]
175496500Spic here AMA: Real BASED Spic here. Ask me anything. I have loads of stories about how I jumped the…[View]
175492888Paganism is totally a non-Jewish religion, it values the family and respects the Fatherland. Paganis…[View]
175489992She's right. Trump is a ruthless human right violator.[View]
175493744wtf I’m a Cruz missile now[View]
175494589Why is the n word ok to use when niggers say it?: https://nudez.com/video/raven-angel-calls-herself-…[View]
175489767what did they mean by this[View]
175487468The car advertisment jew: Does anyone else find it INCREDIBLY suspicious that car dealerships blatan…[View]
175494023Where's the evidence Germany is being destroyed and replaced because of Jewish influence? We…[View]
175495898Denmark banned burkini - what did Germany do then?: German school buys burkini for refugee girls to …[View]
175494207Elon Musk confirms that he is a socialist.: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1007757625646182400…[View]
175493361CIA North Korea Handbook (1997): https://file.wikileaks.org/file/north-korea-handbook.pdf > Avoid…[View]
175495807STONE: IT WAS A SET UP: Does it get any more cucked than this? Sam Nunberg has an acorn dick.…[View]
175495505This is the future of politics: - No guns and ONLY love. Oh, and there's nothing you can do abo…[View]
175495763You have to admit: he has a point[View]
175489114>women's suffrage is the (main) reason of the fall of the west >nazis were right >Hitl…[View]
175494920Let's have a Swiss right-wing thread.: Hello my fellow mountain jews.[View]
175492240STEVE BANNON ON ABC: Dance for the pardon goy! He's working harder than a broke stripper.…[View]
175495266the real reason why Anthony Bourdain 'committed suicide'[View]
175484809And this is why ((media)) has pushed for a while those female schoolteacher, boy student cases.[View]
175495238If there is a global warming, explain me why there are glaciers cooling little warming basedboys[View]
175484106Does anyone else cringe hardcore when they hear a female sports announcer?: ...or am i just a sexist…[View]
175494425Show this to a liberal, make their head explode[View]
175487416Why do Australians do this?: Can the correct government policies turn the tide against rape culture?…[View]
175477865Zimmerman thread: You r/the Donald retards have been shitting this place up for too long, time to ho…[View]
175485975I see this so much on the Alt-Right and especially on the Alt-Lite. These poor fools are so one dim…[View]
175487691Brit/pol/- Smash the Maytriarchy edition: POLICE/PEDOPHILE SCANDAL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-…[View]
175490102Trump - 2020 Pence - 2024 This is starting to seem like it's not even the question anymore. Wil…[View]
175480606/SIG/ - Self Improvement General - 'POLITICAL EDITION': No /fit/ shit. Discuss why sig is political.…[View]
175494817>call out media >media sets your product on fire…[View]
175490317>fascists/neo nazi poltards crying about muh nuns, priests and other reactionary oppressors being…[View]
175494780So, Shia striked again, with his brave stream. This time, he choose a Poland, specifically Lodz city…[View]
175494753I think we should spread race realism too the normies, by superchatting normie youtubers with links …[View]
175494275feels like shit lads I just want him back[View]
175494592A lot of people blame white people for all of the world's problems. Seems they can turn on us a…[View]
175488674Is Elon Musk a NatSoc? He rants against leftist socialists, hates Marx and Engels and calls himself …[View]
175493255Q anon tweets about the holocaust: OK so I know Q anon isn't a single person? However they some…[View]
175494428>Trump calls seperating migrant children 'a tragedy', says its the Dems who created the…[View]
175493855I dont get it: why is this picture so hated?[View]
175494345Lionel Calls Out Jordan Peterstein: https://youtu.be/KEBmbJmmIjI TL:DR Lionel brings the heat on Jor…[View]
175481885Can a National Bolshevik or Strasserism be installed as an ideology?[View]
175492714Scandinavian anons: How do you feel the Nordic Model is working in your countries? I dont want to he…[View]
175490837>tfw live on an island and will be safe and comfy from the european civil war/climate refugees wh…[View]
175491296/our guy/ has joined UKIP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDgCgLlpOqM[View]
175487315what do black folks do on father's day?[View]
175494165What's the deal with catholicucks?[View]
175489971matriarchal society: >society falls apart when women lead >men are superior to women >men c…[View]
175491132STEVE BANNON ABC INTERVIEW: Great interview - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhOcTU0gv0E *Live stre…[View]
175494056So like him or hate him, he is the POTUS. It happened, this is life. And at the end of the day he…[View]
175494051You realize the next step is 'Don't separate black kids from their parents just because they co…[View]
175487728Shalom goym Ex-Jidf here Ama[View]
175465748How long until enough is enough for whites again? White replacement is depressing.[View]
175488252Pic related is a 18 year old white boy. What does /pol think about this? Do you support lgbt?[View]
175492873How do we kill postmodernism?[View]
175482894The turks arrived early this morning, and have now taken over the council house downtown, we a Turki…[View]
175489171Swastika and Variants: Why did Hitler have to ruin this ancient, universal, often sacred symbol for …[View]
175491503/crg/ Creativity General: /crg/ is a thread for the discussion of the Creativity religion, philosoph…[View]
175484726Looks like the terrorists were in France like Trump said[View]
1754921117 million Shekels.: >Over the past few months, incendiary kites and balloons have destroyed some …[View]
175492214SWEDES ARE THE LOST TRIBE OF ISRAEL: Yes our people is Old and Long and there is somethings you must…[View]
175485991Jews against zionism: What does /pol/ think of them? Are they /ourguys/?[View]
175469143Spain YES, Welcome home edition: Spaintards, explain yourselves![View]
175491342ITT Rockwell was never killed timeline.[View]
175492730WW2 german propaganda 'Wir für euch - Ihr für uns' 'We for you - you for us[View]
175492833/pol/ maff question: how many niggatons of TNT does the average nigger yield in destruction? take in…[View]
175491276I think we should spread race realism too the normies, by superchatting normie youtubers with links …[View]
175481305Iceland is a meme country - the peak of Scandinavian naivety and culturally-engrained childishness.[View]
175484390Do you believe in voting? Does it work in your opinion?[View]
175492403Weakening Jewish Power: Dear /Pol/, When was the last time you watched a Jewish-made movie? 2011 for…[View]
175489176CNN is so fucked: Just watched a segment on trump with regards to the NK meeting and G7... Dear fuck…[View]
175488903Japanese women are bettee than western roasties: Japanese women are far bettee than roastie western …[View]
175491024>enter country illegally >get caught >haha no it’s ok actually I’m just seeking asylum. Pl…[View]
175485551pol is cringe: it's done, stop it, 'libtards' 'kek' etc. isn't effective, it's downri…[View]
175484735>think they're number 1 >couldn't even get into the world cup JUST. Even fucking MEX…[View]
175473245Pol humor[View]
175487608Best way for Germany and other former Axis members to regain their lost ground and honor?: For Germa…[View]
175481729Huh, really makes you think....[View]
175477349The absolute state of Ukraine[View]
175491050Why are green parties always such shit? Why can't there be a reasonable environmentalist party?[View]
175474867What would be the consequences if the EU collapsed?[View]
175484636>High profile clinical psychologist believes Trump is 'unfit for office' and claims he …[View]
175491316TRUMP FUNDING WHITE HELMETS AGAIN: >The United States will release some $6.6 million in previousl…[View]
175489766FREE TOMMY[View]
175474164Austria calls for new 'Axis against immigration': Third time is the charm they say. Are you ready fo…[View]
175488607Donald Trump = cokehead: Watch this video and tell me Trump isn't on coke? https://youtu.be/KCV…[View]
175487631So how and why did the Soviet Union fall? >inb4 commie I hate commies I just want to learn histor…[View]
175490245Bitchute Guys Building their own Commenting Platform: Bitchute founder on JF's stream discusses…[View]
175489616Is he the most redpilled man of our time?[View]
175488570Why did Obama go on Marc Maron's podcast and not Joe Rogan's?[View]
175485948I'm a black lesbian, stop oppressing me: I hate whiteys, we need more diversity and refugees…[View]
175491355Nigger Luther Kang !: I would like to compile a list of all the things MLK has plagiarized from othe…[View]
175486615As agreed upon by /sci/, /g/, and /lit/ (the smartest boards), /pol/ is the dumbest board on 4chan a…[View]
175480533Merkel is unironically right that a European solution of the migrant crisis would be best: We know w…[View]
175488254What do other Muslims do that ticks Muslims off?[View]
175486167Can someone explain this? Why in Australia, is it just the rebellion aspect or is it more to it?[View]
175482277american Mexico vs european Mexico: who wins?[View]
175490959>I’m building a team[View]
175488966>The left can’t me- What now Drumpfkins??[View]
175490797DEAR NIGGERICANS: Do you identify this people as white?[View]
175487059Happy Xer's Day: We are reaching levels of degeneracy that warrant orbital nuking. http://archi…[View]
175479691The media has done a great job character assassinating him. Even I feel like an idiot following him,…[View]
175488277The battle lines have been drawn. Do you stand with the West, or with the Trump-Putin-Erdogan-Xi-Kim…[View]
175479798IT'S HAPPENING: >Two people have opened fire at festival in New Jersey, at least twenty peop…[View]
175490494>Mudslimes move in and take everything over >Skilled whites who can afford to leave their coun…[View]
17548821795% of government spending is useless, redundant, or charitable. Why should I be paying for anything…[View]
175481336DNC insider here Madam Clinton will run again in 2020 and there's nothing you bigots can do abo…[View]
175487801We need to standardise our language!: https://www.strawpoll.me/15913214 This vote will decide what w…[View]
175485301What the heck is this?[View]
175440562Explain how you can be pro-life but at the same time be against immigrant children? Hard mode: You c…[View]
175484104>when 4chan is the new bastion of morality Can someone please just fucking end us.…[View]
175487225what did you do again you deus vult faggots[View]
175489456Why is this fucker still free?[View]
175486933patato nigger in poland needs your help!: so /pol I couldn't get a hold of myself anymore and w…[View]
175489986Is it worth going to Taglit Birthright trip in Israel?[View]
175487393https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCYN162YExk German television airs soccer games with female commenta…[View]
175484791Reminder that Nazis persecuted and killed Christians, and Hitler was a commie atheist faggot larping…[View]
175468985What happened to Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deaths_of_Kris_Kremer…[View]
175489716India impossing $238 MILLION tariffs on U.S.A.: NEW DELHI: India has decided to suspend concessions …[View]
175489841>This is what a europoor looks like on a motorcycle When will the European manlets learn?…[View]
175476998Blacks: Ok so I need all ur data on blacks and criminality >talking to family last night >con…[View]
175475585I hate having to talk to non white women.: Unfortunately this society dictates that I must talk with…[View]
175489373I want to know what would happen if Ted got his hands on the Thanos gauntlet.[View]
175487579Takeaway kingpin Kashmir 'quick money' Nanan jailed for sex attack on white teenage girl: A takeaway…[View]
175489046Absolute state of my country: Please nuke us Fast[View]
175472449¡¡¡HAPPENING!!! MASS-SHOOTING IN NEW JERSEY: At least 1 dead; multiple people in critical condition.…[View]
175484109How extreme will the left wing reaction to trump be, and what is the end point of the cultures progr…[View]
175480640Don't give up starting a white family because you don't believe in the future. 20 years fr…[View]
175481803Singer Dhanraj Singh jailed for sexual assault on white girl: >Desis that wear turbans and follow…[View]
175485510Why the Kike Menace roam free unchallanged?: I mean, by now it's pretty much common sense those…[View]
175488188Really makes you think about Father's Day, /pol/.[View]
175481217Jews: Why Jews Promote Multiculturalism First of all, let it be said the multiculturalism is a euphe…[View]
175465235Kyiv Pride started: Hey, EU - look how tolerant we are, can we have gibs now? We are good boys now. …[View]
175483576Father’s Day. The left wants to ruin father’s day. http://archive.is/jRKgt[View]
175488723About Chinese tourists, do you notice something: they have got the worst reputation for behaving bad…[View]
175488713/ourguy for prez 2024: the perfect OVERMAN to take the planet to the next stage of human evolution.…[View]
175442544Why does everything turn to shit?: When did Rogain become a complete shill? Just saw his show with a…[View]
175487161Fuck you hillbilly trailer park trash fuck nigga. Don't even dare shame me for doing a Masters …[View]
175458509'Based' Hungary Expels White Advocate: 'Richard Spencer has been banned from entering most countries…[View]
175464886AUS/POL/ CHEESENIGGER EDITION: Evening fellas. For those that watched the game last night, the boys …[View]
175478382How do you guys feel about video games? Especially ones including/promoting homosexual relationships…[View]
175485733Adjustment Day: Fight Club dude has a new book about the ultimate happening. Is this our book? (Spoi…[View]
175485633Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan accused of rape by three French women: Ramadan teaches Islamic Studies…[View]
175449125what would it take for /pol/ to reconsider communism?[View]
175487000>Pre-immigrants (<2015) >Taxi services in town are appalling >High prices >Drivers re…[View]
175489044God: The world is a program installed on computer. God doesn't loves you. You are just a digit…[View]
175490393What is the deal with CERN?: What are the actual factuals? is it demonic?[View]
175486638Muslim Rape Gang Crisis Comes to Canada: Three Muslims Charged with Raping 14-Year-Old Girl. The rap…[View]
175486415The sun turns white skin brown.: Are we going to let the sun keep up with it's bullshit, consta…[View]
175484162oh no no no nonono[View]
175488203To the Christfags: Don't think you're the majority here. It wasn't till the Election …[View]
175475520Minorities:not even once!!!: Which minorities are the worst of them all? I say its gypsies. They: …[View]
175485721Why did we bail out the banks in 2008? Most of the money went to bonuses and we never got most of t…[View]
175485421Arabs & Turks: Saudi Arabia BTFO It's official : Turks are now the leaders of the Sunni wor…[View]
175481096Pope: Aborting Down's Syndrome = Literally Hitler: Aborting children with birth defects is lite…[View]
175485192Police on the hunt for teenager after sexual assault in Winnersh: The teen, who is described as Asia…[View]
175487903Whites go home: America was built by POC. America belongs to POC. White people GFTO[View]
175487814Why have Americans became subhumans?[View]
175486973Who would win?[View]
175481045/sig/ Self Improvement General: /sig/ heil edition: It’s time to clean your house. What have you don…[View]
175468782Does Iceland accept european migrants?[View]
175487618Hahaha which one of you faggots did this?: https://www.yahoo.com/news/black-woman-daughter-asked-sho…[View]
175475203Brit/pol/- GET ANGRY edition: ONLINE- THE ENEMY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsMWABPp7eU&feat…[View]
175477154Who will be the 2020 Democratic Nominee?: Place your bets.[View]
175486602Sports teams need to be held accountable for their misuse of city names when they don't employ …[View]
175480349Ethnicity vs Culture you were raised in.: I am Greek, my parents are both Greek, my grandparents on …[View]
175484906I'm young. Where, in the future, will I be able to safely raise my (white) family? I don't…[View]
175485740Why are Americans against Hispanics? They are conservative and have a strong culture, two things lac…[View]
175482866/WEG/ White Empathy General: White people are the only ones who have empathy towards others![View]
175487186Gun/gun crime reduction: >gun control laws/po/ can agree on >universal castration of blacks …[View]
175483729What should humanities goal be (as whole of humanity)?: > Rules of the thread > This is a topi…[View]
175481235Construction crew build road over sleeping dog in northern India: Workers allegedly poured hot tar o…[View]
175485679Pensioner abused girls over more than two decades: Sazzad Miah, was charged with 18 sexual offences …[View]
175476842The white man destroyed my continent[View]
175484159You are laughing but every 5th Russian is muslim and we are growing in Europe.[View]
175486745How do we spread Race Realism /pol/ how do we wake up the normies, lets do things shall we, but what…[View]
175484227I just watched the movie Downsizing. Anybody else noticed how it is full of leftist propaganda?[View]
175479331Get the fuck in here: Find the wedding and the photos[View]
175481368Was this a planned: Sacrafice? Why are the elite okay with killing peasants? Shouldn't all life…[View]
175485788Asian master race: How do you wh*toids feel knowing that the Asian chad race is coming to your count…[View]
175478285American excellence is storming Le Louvre in new Beyonce clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbMqW…[View]
175474655What do Indians think about the Muslim empire in India?: Do they despise it, or do they think it rea…[View]
175473281According to a research carried out by scientists at Harvard University, The American woman's i…[View]
175483998America. What is wrong with your women ?: When you look at this graphs Even in the 1960s, birth to u…[View]
175481534Hindusim general: >What is Hinduism? Hinduism is the oldest organized religion in the world. It i…[View]
175485300Help me redpill people on the EU: Infographics, Walltexts, Anything will be appreciated... Thanks…[View]
175472462Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Moar Fugees Edition: >polls http://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/ >…[View]
175482924Why are straight people so weird[View]
175454465Syria General /sg/ - Peace Prize Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress…[View]
175485517Vappid Music: Hey doods, I wanna talk about the vapid music in our culture. I was watching sum of da…[View]
175486307Britpol, crime map edition Simple game. Look up your local crime stats using 'find your neighbo…[View]
175486294Isn't God just great?!: Your Sunday reminder that God is great, and you should kill people beca…[View]
175479064The soyboy meme is just a meme, right?: A friend of mine recently drew my attention to an absolute s…[View]
175484237Am I fucked, /Pol/?: I've been drinking tap water for years and now I thought 'hmmmmmmmmnnn, I …[View]
175480604HAPPENING: shooting at muttland https://twitter.com/SputnikInt/status/1008323364929273856…[View]
175486034Top Democrat recommends Trump for Nobel Peace Prize: https://nypost.com/2018/05/22/carter-trump-coul…[View]
175463402We are obviously being raided, and yet the mods are doing nothing Also hitler appreciation thread[View]
175478654What's your opinion on MGTOW?[View]
175479585France Happening.: Another day in France.. Woman shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ attacks people in supermark…[View]
175485930Come join our server, it's pretty comfy. dont join if you're a faggot, a woman or a normie…[View]
175477673Why do millennial women want equality when most of them are feminists who hate men?[View]
175485747help pls: IMF is fucking over my country to oblivion, since we took loans from them the currency dro…[View]
175481790Why is this Lex Luthor looking narcissistic piece of shit allowed to have a voice? Anyone else hate …[View]
175485527http://www.hewillnotdivide.us/ I wasn't aware they relocated to Poland, what's up with tha…[View]
175485498Hey /pol/. Just got done writing this and I wanted your opinion on it. Text format --- Political Ide…[View]
175482936How bout a humor thread?[View]
175483988Why are you entrapped in the matrix of ideology? Free yourself from this nonsense spook.[View]
175485325How do we spread Race Realism /pol/ how do we wake up the normies, lets do things shall we, but what…[View]
175483251JFK: Overrated or underrated?[View]
175481769What's the best way to ensure my daughters grow up conservative and never date blacks?[View]
175473713Muslim protester who hit police officer at Tommy Robinson rally spared jail: >Muslim protester wh…[View]
175442335Why are liberal woman so obsessed with embracing psychopaths? There's so many people out there …[View]
175480471CROSS DRESSING OBAMA: cross dressing obama general why are (((they))) kvetching over this? proven re…[View]
175484445>'Other governments separated mothers and children': Former CIA director is slammed for…[View]
175481374Unironically, why don’t they just process all the asylum claims in Libya?: Wouldn’t that make a ton …[View]
175484988will the 4th political theory ever become a reality ?[View]
175485036Belgium: Muslim asylum seeker raped disabled woman for 3 days: A 30-year-old Muslim asylum seeker in…[View]
175481813A FUCKING 1-YEAR OLD RAPED IN INDIA: https://www.ndtv.com/pune-news/1-year-old-raped-found-with-head…[View]
175470526I'm American and thinking about going to Norway or Denmark. Any Norwegians or Danes want to red…[View]
175479042Why havent you impregnated a jew and moved to israel yet pol the whites will be gone soon dont you w…[View]
175482623Would America protect Canada from Russians?[View]
175484580hey germany how is ramadan working our for you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vS8WIzoDYa4 love thi…[View]
175480284Is there anything more pathetic than traditionalists thinking they can redeem Christianity?: I see t…[View]
175481684Some say ebola will be the end of Africa, some claim aids is worse. But trust me, none of these are …[View]
175477962Jesus Non-Existence General /jneg/: You are now aware that Jesus wasn't even a real person. Eve…[View]
175479364This is you[View]
175477007The absurdity of the 'alt-right' summed up in a single tweet. I applaud the author.[View]
175484356Melanie tried to kill herself because she: https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/16/politics/paul-manafort-vir…[View]
175484189The Four Phases of Coping for Shills - Obama Edition: >it's not him then >it's a sho…[View]
175473215so I heard an Indonesian gay men a furry artist has been doxed and bullied into suicide because he/s…[View]
175477621>conservative snowflake I keep seeing this these days. But liberals are the ones who think they a…[View]
175484128Who here having a JUNETEENTH barbeque? I got 3 racks of ribs about to get put on and a brisket, will…[View]
175477828Does it say onion if you type S O Y: I noticed when every you type s o y it says onions[View]
175479266Fuck. Just fuck me. Why are white girls this perfect? I'm gonna cum tribute her.[View]
175483952The African question: Riddle me this, /pol/. Negroes are quick to emulate and insert themselves int…[View]
175483992The obvious conclusion: So /pol/ what will you do when the inevitable comes to pass? Will you tell t…[View]
175470850>invent banks, stock exchange and intellectual property >disastrous economy How?…[View]
175483197(((They))) can't shut it down anymore: He may be an alt kike and subverted to them, but the pro…[View]
175480538Depressing Really: List of destroyed libraries with tons of books https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Li…[View]
175475915Where do you meet nice white girls?: I met my wife at a local park - walking my dog. I think having …[View]
175476913White people have to go back too.: Apologize! https://youtu.be/kgU0HeI5NtI[View]
175482363Mongoloid faced Asian takeaway chef raped drunken white teenager after Halloween night out: >admi…[View]
175463007Killdozer: What does /pol/ think about the kill dozer and the genius Marvin Heemeyer who made this t…[View]
175483388Looks like meat is back on the menu!: Story Faggots i have some things ye may enjoy i think https://…[View]
175479726/pol/ report to the Headmaster's office IMMEDIATELY !: Teen 'distraught' as racist sl…[View]
175473084Trump leads to leftists turning to faux-meme magic: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-44471537 …[View]
175483338the madman[View]
175476568Our Ethnostate: Where should it be? How we make it an ethnostate? Do we let in Meds?(I don't wa…[View]
175477294Which would you rather live in: a) A Communist White Ethnostate b) A Multicultural Capitalist State …[View]
175465613What is the best Australian state/territory?[View]
175457013>yfw you realize God exists[View]
175478887Do you feel that you are entitled on having a political opinion? I'm genuinely curious, because…[View]
175471908OUTBREAK AND NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT IT!: GET IN HERE, NIGGERS! >Old-New Virus is emerging, again…[View]
175478876>can't afford an education >relegated to min wage dead end job which guarantees you will …[View]
175482310what does pol think about homeless people? anyone feel bad for them or give them money? theres one o…[View]
175443516What do yall think about Environmental Conservation?: It seems like this board is somewhat anti envi…[View]
175466908Elon Musk: Did he just go full NatSoc? >says he’s a socialist >says he isn’t “that” kind of so…[View]
175480527renting or housing illegals should carry the death penalty[View]
175477554The Western Woman: How the hell are we gonna fix white women, when they do crap like THIS? Is there …[View]
175481709Monsters and not: In reply to 'l'Espresso' leftist cover of past days[View]
175482712Is there any single place that documents the convictions and legal troubles of Federal officials for…[View]
175482782UK Home Secretary gives police new powers to get his phone back: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-44510…[View]
175479264Is porn a psyop? Who is behind it? What is their goal?[View]
175473584CuckU: PragerJew going full cuck Why do conservatives always do this shit? WHY DONT THEY EVER PUSH B…[View]
175469671Wtf is going on?: Did they ban Patrick Little videos in EU?[View]
175480060is this correct ?[View]
175475318Bulgarian here. Ask me anything in the next 45 minutes.[View]
175481110Which is the one true religion and why?[View]
175482190>print fake money with no real backing >loan it out for real things in the world what did the …[View]
175481666hey American stormfaggots: What do you do with guys like Santana, people with undeniable ridiculous …[View]
175476850Reminder that Shia Muslims are our allies against (((them)))[View]
175481251Guys i have a date with a literal qt white english girl who's also a christian. Was raised Pres…[View]
175473799Rizeki, Evidence of Guilt: So, a thread on this poor fag got (((archived))) as soon as things were s…[View]
175479848Slav Thread: Let's have a Slav thread, we haven't had a good one in a while No divide et i…[View]
175477189How cucked/shitty is Ireland in comparison to the rest of Europe? In terms of refugees, government, …[View]
175481357By god men. A lot of you guys are still yapping about onions unironically. https://m.youtube.com/wa…[View]
175477426Jew Thread ! Speak your mind about the smartest people on Earth[View]
175454256Guy in Denver flips out on SSRI pills he took for the first time, shoots 4 people: Was Alex Jones Ri…[View]
175478815Despite the constant attack of national and international media, the anti-immigration party lead by …[View]
175462964>HURR DURR ATHEISM IS TRUE Then why haven't atheists EVER created a SINGLE WORK that surpass…[View]
175479990Tell me /pol/... what is a man?[View]
175474313Is it true that global Islamic invasion caused 270 million deaths?[View]
175469864I make AAA games for a living and I’m here to answer your questions about political subjects.: This …[View]
175477678Is he the last icon of white masulinity we will ever have?[View]
175479827IVANKA POSTING: Post your favorite Ivankas.[View]
175477173Oceans 8 - feminist movie of the year: YouTube sponsored shit: That's a funny looking Kitchen X…[View]
175458516i challenge anyone on /pol/ to find a gif of a white person doing gif related to a helpless animal. …[View]
175465268Y'all just forget about this or something?[View]
175480687What is their endgame, /pol/?[View]
175480885Blaming immigrants for normal problems: There is some cute indian girl i knew in high school. she wo…[View]
175480219Post Ramadan happening in France: https://www.rt.com/news/430015-france-attack-supermarket-woman/…[View]
175480844Is google implying that the 'murican president is russian?[View]
175472200UK NO! Author Lionel Shriver attacks Penguin publisher's inclusion policies https://archive.fo/…[View]
175475788Drug patents could be Canada's special weapon in U.S. trade dispute: >When he manoeuvred his…[View]
175473424Why are liberals ok with racism against Asians (and whites) but not any other race[View]
175450903What are your thoughts on single mothers? Do you feel bad for them? Bonus footage of Ann BTFOing sin…[View]
175477970why did i have to be born in what is perhaps one of the most boring chapters in human history ? >…[View]
175478127Is Borat red pilled?: He seems unironically red pilled with the right attitide towards women, gypsie…[View]
175477409'Karma doesn't exi-': OH NO NO NO NO NO https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-44510120[View]
175478575To all the anons that have a bit of nigger or jewish dna: Do not give up on your ideals Even if your…[View]
175453570Construction crew build road over sleeping dog in northern India: Workers allegedly poured hot tar o…[View]
175467675Is there anything more pathetic than traditionalists thinking they can redeem Christianity?: I see t…[View]
175480117Atheist hate thread[View]
175480085I don't quite understand what the problem is with being well-spoken and having a big personalit…[View]
175479812We do not forgive, We do not forget: The Cruel and Hateful nature of dysfunctional humanity is being…[View]
175479923Rodong Sinmun Calls for Independence, Equality, Mutual Respect in Int'l Relations: Pyongyang, J…[View]
175478752This is what white man's hobby looks like.: Yeah, if you still playing video games and doing ot…[View]
175478416FUTURE DREAM SCENARIO All shitskins get sent back to their ancestral lands Leftist traitors and race…[View]
175479752Why doesn't the American Media apologize or at least report that Trump DIDNT say 'All terrorist…[View]
175478901Germany have set a new record this WC without even playing: They have reached Moscow with 10,000 men…[View]
175479481Wow our whole existence, its all just a fucking game to them.[View]
175443782Nursing Homes: Why do so many white people have such terrible family relations that they send their …[View]
175478099Stolen idea, but I graduated today! Me and a buddy survived the left's brainwashing system!: St…[View]
175475363What is the final solution to the cop question?[View]
175479213Isnt it ironic to celebrate fathers day the same weekend as juneteenth?[View]
175477434Gut instinct: Does anyone buy into listening to a gut feeling? I believe it's a very ancient fo…[View]
175479315CHINA IS BAD AT COERCION: What do you think Donnie will do when China starts shaking down his kids i…[View]
175475982Fucking Asians. I swear to God every time someone sneezes everywhere, has a coughing fit or chokes u…[View]
175479306There is a dignity in surviving what they're doing to you, the CIA subverting any semblance of …[View]
175472825is this why theyre shilling?[View]
175479162>trump! Muh aryan saviour from globalist bourgeois Jewry :0!!!!!!![View]
175479159you will never be a girl or boy no matter how much plastic surgery you get[View]
175472781Jeff Bezos hate thread: What's this bald asshole's problem pol? Is he making up for being …[View]
175465199UK man sentenced to 15 years for bacon placed outside Mosque: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/wor…[View]
175477108Moving to Maastricht in the Netherlands, can any of you Dutch boys give me the low down on how cucke…[View]
175471029African Peoples Appreciation Thread: ITT post pros and cons of having diverse people around. I'…[View]
175478867GAY Nation: a Gay game for Gays [GAYS ONLY]: https://store.steampowered.com/app/847250/GAY_Nation_a_…[View]
175472884Are white women biggest traitors for white race?[View]
175478707Pope: Abortion is ‘white glove’ equivalent to Nazi crimes https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/…[View]
175478470Given that even the most optimistic projections for carbon-capture tech would require 5-10% of the e…[View]
175472447Daily reminder that Jews are Edomites and not Hebrews.[View]
175474081Is this a bad idea?[View]
175471730ITT: /pol/ during the Roman Empire: >THAT'S IT GUYS, WE'RE FINISHED >Where were you …[View]
175477183Your favourite political and or philosophical literature: Started reading this but feel it's to…[View]
175476157Tilapia fish is causing everyone cancer why hasn't the government stop breeding of this dangero…[View]
175454841The 90s: > Has there ever been a greater decade than the 90s? No there hasn't. And there wil…[View]
175478326How did you feel when you realized that you helped put a man with dementia and early symptoms of alz…[View]
175466837I'm just a stupid Britbong, could somebody redpill me on Iceland?[View]
175463726Daily Reminder that NEETs are a cancer to Society: They do nothing and live like losers in their mom…[View]
175472412Digital Border Wall: What do you guys think about this? Basically Palmer Luckey wants to create a di…[View]
175466243Oh nonono...[View]
175477456>1 post by this ID >255+ replies >non political topic >/b/ tier thread Why is this allow…[View]
175477920Not sure how many of you have this, but if you don't, now would be a good time to add it to you…[View]
175476352Unemployed members of /pol/: What is your damn problem?![View]
175476180How is it possible that some shitlord party in Wagga Wagga made international headlines?: https://ww…[View]
175473371World Cup infestation: I am trying my best to keep Saint Petersburg great, but FIFA sure isn't …[View]
175477585Don't forget to actually appreciate whatever culture you're from https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
175466114How are you going to stop men turning into women? Or are you going to enable this degeneracy by doin…[View]
175457861Prove me wrong: Destroying the internet through censorious regulation would be worth it if it create…[View]
175474620I breathe deeply and without fear: It will come the day when it will hit everyone in the heart and h…[View]
175456479Varg's position doesn't make sense He says that all of civilization will collapse when we …[View]
175475106POLYGAMY LEGAL IN CANADA: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/polyamourous-relations…[View]
175477263Dankula - WDHMBT: https://youtu.be/jDgCgLlpOqM >thanks Israel Jail for Dankula? Did he just name …[View]
175472822why White People so scary?: My biggest fear as the black father of white children >White people i…[View]
175462918Why isn't /pol/ defrending his freedom of speech?[View]
175474227Article 13: What do you fellow europeans think of Article 13?[View]
175462837Barrack Obama Illuminati Tranny?: Looks like Hussein got busted in his weirdo costume. This should b…[View]
175475838God I hate Israel, can the world just team up and destroy them already?[View]
175473756Why are spics overall better coworkers than American niggers?[View]
175477040ITT: Images that make you go 'hmmmmmm'[View]
175474123IQ scores are falling, can we fix the IQ test for equality ?[View]
175472958The right is and always has been violent. They have to be because their world view is illogical and …[View]
175430261Can someone please redpill me on Jews? I try searching for “Evil Jew” on google but nothing comes up…[View]
175458805The Nazis Never said 'Jews Aren't White' You Idiots: They didn't buy into your ahistorical…[View]
175475393>The idea of maintaining western culture and continuing a religion and norms from 1000+ years ago…[View]
175476788sus: xdd[View]
175467240whats the next step of patricks master plan?[View]
175475657Gives me chills everytime..: https://youtu.be/CSvh3uG5uVw?t=5m36s[View]
175476304Thoughts on TL;DR/'Tealdeer'?[View]
175475563Is MegaMan /ourguy/ ? Dr Wily (the enemy of the original MegaMan) was based on the Jew Rat ((( Albe…[View]
175475854Muuuh 1st amendment >Hates Jews and muslims.[View]
175475302In 1860, the peak of slavery, the total free population of the United States and its territories was…[View]
175472431Aussies - explain[View]
175472363Parislamabad: Lets call it a /poltra/ thread. I am on a business trip and about to board my plane to…[View]
175461746The thicc question: Friendly reminder that women with fat asses are nigger-ized. In the past, white …[View]
175465306Judaism is a religion. There is no such thing as a jew race. Judaism is a religion, a culture, an id…[View]
175449277OBAMA KIDNAPPED MIGRANT CHILDREN AND GAVE THEM TO TRAFFICKERS: http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/…[View]
175472367Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Propaganda Edition: >Thread theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
175471266UMMM guys??? Did he know too much????[View]
175476409Switzerland, YES!: Headline reads: 'Swiss hospitals treated jihadists. In 2011, dozens of wounded ly…[View]
175472117Top spooky: > TFW America is the only nation with hyper-gen aircraft while everyone else has jack…[View]
175477100Russians have 'Asian' features?: Anyone else notice that Russians have Oriental features? A lot of t…[View]
175473788So called 'European Americans': >be american >have white skin but have multiple European ethni…[View]
175476308God is the ultimate logician. He is our Divine Architect. When will you bow down and pick up your sw…[View]
175472956My friend is asking: 'how many Jews died during WW2?'[View]
175470887What the fuck happened to 'Diversity'?: Was society in the West at its (modern) peak in th…[View]
175472899The only Pat that matters.[View]
175475628Privacy oriented smartphones: So nation states are slowly dying and they will eventually become desp…[View]
175463819Pedophilia: Degenerates who fap 10 times daily look for weird stuff because they get bored of watchi…[View]
175476113HWNDU Poland: Are we doing anything about the newest stream /pol/tards? http://www.hewillnotdivide.…[View]
175471334Based Kim K is /our thot/: >is friends with the President >works with him on issues >praise…[View]
175436452Canada with Nuclear Weapons: When is the day of the rake?[View]
175475303What did they mean by this?[View]
175440569How do people in the mid west live? What do you do for fun? For work? All I believe you guys do is s…[View]
175476007War on Canada: What can white Americans do to prepare for the coming war against the faggots to the …[View]
175441465How confident are you that he gets re-elected?[View]
175467710Republic of North Macedonia: Are people happy with the new name? Greece's neighbor will be rena…[View]
175475924Why do Polacks have such shitty memories?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZIQx-aTgmI[View]
175463189KARA BOGĀ- TURK roaches: These Turk niggers are spamming and the mods doing nothing. >me gets ba…[View]
175473123Apologize!: Madam Chancellor Merkel is very disturbed by the current world situation. What will you …[View]
175471174Let's discuss Circassia or 'Kavkaz' as a whole. Say, nationalists finally rebelled su…[View]
175472799/SIG/ - Self Improvement General - Make The Sticky Great Again Editon: It’s time to clean your house…[View]
175456589>FUCK DUMP What did he mean by this??[View]
175468052SHILLS: We hate you, but would miss you if you were gone.: Anybody else think the presence of shills…[View]
175473068He is right you know[View]
175468647Whatever happened to the Israelites?: Did they simply disappear after the Babylonians enslaved them?…[View]
175470753/pol/ is being raided!: Mods deleted all threads sounding the alarm Mods banned raids from this site…[View]
175472352https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zovA3_JlELw&list=PLybuQt_VPeiuXqgUr2rM6xj7ad5N_XB3Q >tfw no f…[View]
175471914Why isn't there a gamer party?[View]
175439120Say one nice thing about Brazil /pol/[View]
175466458TRUMP INVENTED BITCOIN: You fools thought it was a shill, a fake, a mistake. WRONG. God Emperor Trum…[View]
175473170what timeline: https://news.sky.com/story/memes-will-be-banned-under-new-eu-copyright-law-warn-campa…[View]
175474586>>175474357 >>175466171 pol is just really bad place for ((their)) ego when goyms like u…[View]
175466117What do you say to this child /pol/?[View]
175463826If you are old enough to know yahoo chat with messenger! Post here.: Before the pedos and social SJW…[View]
175473318only unevolved people love their parents[View]
175457786FASHWAVE 医隠ド https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNDH-8QTzc0[View]
175474051Hey guys I’m really loving this new “boomer” meme. Sure, calling your fellow millennials “boomer” ma…[View]
175444155Why do I feel like shit like this is commie liberal propaganda?[View]
17546794013 years and 64 days ago butter knifes became 'offensive weapons' under British law: https://archive…[View]
175453029China is Worlds Largest GDP: >'The socialist market economy of the People's Republic of Chin…[View]
175465296PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov https://www.donaldjtrump.com/ https://www.promis…[View]
175466116Aquarius migrants arrive in Valencia: Looks as if the first migrants are arriving in Spain. The Ital…[View]
175467011It's Starting... First Was Gay Marriage Next Order of Business: Normalizing Pedophilia: Why our…[View]
175472069Were Nazis homosexual?: I’ve always gotten a weird homosexual vibe from nazism. The aesthetics and o…[View]
175465888/pol is always first on the scene.: These are trully amazing and strange times we live in. Every tim…[View]
175463215In case you missed it. Terror attack in Russia at the world cup happened yesterday. What is Russia g…[View]
175453708LAS VEGAS SHOOTING ODDITIES THREAD: ITT we discuss oddities of the Route 91 Harvest Festival Massacr…[View]
175472484Will Sweden ever become Hungary?: Seriously the place is fucking depressing. http://www.dailymail.co…[View]
175466599i understand 'mods' wont prune this, so i wanetd to egt this off my chest, saw this ad on an article…[View]
175461045It's starting.. First was gay marriage, next is normalizing pedophilia: https://www.youtube.com…[View]
175474193BBC NEWS at it again: Why are BBC always doing stuff like this? Mike Tyson as a peace symbol?[View]
175474161I should be dead. Most of us should be. https://youtu.be/fG9c3kYE3rw[View]
175467755/pol/ has made me anti-Semitic: I have never even met any Jew in my life nor there are many of them …[View]
175474058Is there an equivalent to Kiva where you can fund a soldier from IRA or Rhodesia 2.0 or something si…[View]
175463553Muslims burn Indian girls alive: Hahahahahahaha get fucked lol https://timesofindia.com/city/patna/l…[View]
175452090hows this make you feel?: The wests future looks very black from here on out. Our best days as a rac…[View]
175437825Why do women suck at everything?[View]
175473702What would a typical undermench look like?[View]
175472796Pedo Era: The way the topic made appearance online, must say, pedo era is much sarcastic thing among…[View]
175466121WOMEN are strong and should be INCLUDED in everything! IT'S 2018: I'm so FUCKING sick of *…[View]
175471771When youre meme becomes reality...: Enough With Father's Day. You Heard Me: #EndFathersDay >…[View]
175463779Sinaloa pride general /SPG/: Bienvenido pariente this is the sinaloa pride general. Aqui is a place …[View]
175463174Is /Seehofer/ our guy?: “I can’t work any more with ‘that woman’”. Merkel is a goner, backstabbed by…[View]
175471132Spain welcomes migrants: If the unemployment figure for Spain's youth is 35%, why does this Spa…[View]
175455458IG Report confirms Obama lied about Hillary's emails: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018…[View]
175465344Sexual liberalisation - it's never been easier to be a beta: Let's be honest -- sexual lib…[View]
175468274Do Rich Jews hate Normal Jews and Goys?: It seems that all the racemixing propaganda put out by jews…[View]
175450339Mike Pence: Honest thoughts on uncle Pence[View]
175472533Hey guys, I beg you for your wisdom regarding my relationship with my 'girlfriend'. How my story beg…[View]
175470125Why are third worlders such sub humans? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGZrXOAFsoo[View]
175472366Argentina votes to legalise abortion in latest victory for global feminism: https://theconversation.…[View]
175463479Why havent you given your dna to the jews yet?[View]
175465175Millennials of /pol/ tell me what got you into politics.[View]
175461680The board's decline in quality: Why did this board sharply declined in quality when this board …[View]
175461800What's with the Jews?: I've noticed that there are a bunch of people saying Jews are bad o…[View]
175464848How can I make an honest living without paying taxes?[View]
175421509do you guys support this? also, whats your general view of the homeless?[View]
175464278What are redpills made of?[View]
175466518so important: It is all just so important.[View]
175466376When did you realize redpillers were fucking losers?: I realized they were fucking losers after read…[View]
175471886Fragile Ethnic Sensibilities: why are the egos of russians and italians so fragile? are they trying …[View]
175474794Mummy is bringing me home a quarter pounder and frozen coke for dinner.[View]
175454079We Should Create Our Own Country.: If you're bored right now, think about it. We always complai…[View]
175469448allowing degenerates that close to “real” art: the song is called apeshit and they call us racist...…[View]
175462911I thought no fap was redpilled and made you feel better? I just hit two weeks and nothing has change…[View]
175438618Isn't odd that the concept of a soul can be found in cultures and religions from all around the…[View]
175471348>aquarius >taking in the trash that even pasta niggers didn’t want hahahahahah get fucked spai…[View]
175471336Are we based?: https://www.kikebook.com/stanoev/videos/10155777616593422/UzpfSTEwMDAwMTQ0NTc2ODY0MDo…[View]
175459693THIS CUNT GOING DOWN: PRIMER: FRAUD V FAILURE: FAILURE: 'we're going to try and make blood test…[View]
175470956>pale skin tribe let in abdulgrug >give shiny rock >give hut >fuck pale skin girls >t…[View]
175453317Richard Spencer called out for Inconsistent Definition of White: 'Spencer believes in white pride an…[View]
175467425'I want to be Emperor of a new Roman-style White Empire': Ye, Richard Spencer literally said this. …[View]
175471047They are really trying....: globalnews.ca/news/4269546/anthony-bourdain-conspiracy/amp/[View]
175466597Without revealing yourself as being an assblasted Texan, what makes California such a bad place?[View]
175465167>be British >have weird Britishy accent >say weird words…[View]
175461380NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT !!!: What the fuck is captcha playing at today, how many god damn street si…[View]
175457627(((They're))) punishing him for speaking out.[View]
175470545why are'nt there democratic national socialism parties? i mean it worked with classical sociali…[View]
175469822Well then, bye memes, bye free internet for all EU posters. Memes will be illegal on the 20th of thi…[View]
175439174GLORIOUS: Thoughts? http://www.informationliberation.com/?id=58562[View]
175470671Found this on the front page of Google: 'Is Father's Day Outdated?' (http://www.chicagotribune.…[View]
175457166Why Finland Police Fuck Estonia?: He just wanted to sell morels. :::;:( https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
175460869Should I join an Outlaw MC?: Would it make me a hypocrite? I am a hang around at a local MC and go o…[View]
175461921Favorite Politician and favorite fetish. I’ll start Donald Trump Throatfucking to vomit.[View]
175470600Meme's are banned in whole eu? I dont think so.: Guys.There are plenty of other non EU countrie…[View]
175470534>North Korea stops nuclear and missiles test >releases 3 U.S prisoners >blows up its main n…[View]
175463153/twg/ Traditional Women General: BUMP TO FIGHT THE TROLLS This thread is for appreciation of traditi…[View]
175470452Holy shit i thought the he will not divide us stream ended ages ago. I've spent the past half a…[View]
175465050Why don’t we want to save trillions by fighting global warming?: Come on guys, it is literally free …[View]
175470451/POL/ GAME NIGHT: EUROPEAN RISK: RISK GAME: RULES: 1 Turn per country starts when 4 countries do a t…[View]
175466403Praise gayrack obuma[View]
175467308The law mandates that when pediatricians like me see or hear about children being abused: I called C…[View]
175458028Why did Generation X fail, /pol/?: While some individual X'ers have succeeded, on the whole, th…[View]
175462204Be like John[View]
175468343Why should monogamy be encouraged? Are their any statistics or arguments that favour 'sex negat…[View]
175469163I am an ukrainian warrior and I can say that Russian militants are stupid and lazy as fuck. On the p…[View]
175468670ᛟ Generation Zyklon must organize. ᛟ: We have already been enlightened ourselves, thanks to the work…[View]
175448725Was the Soviet Union degenerate?: Or did it just export degeneracy to the US and Western Europe to e…[View]
175468934western women are beyond repair: discuss[View]
175462077The Evolution of Motivation: The most primitive motivation is acquiring sensory input. Next least pr…[View]
175462295I am 36 waiting for my two hippie parents to die.: While that generation doesn't follow through…[View]
175464452Those who impose social rights as a leader are no perfect than being human, as such.: Put these peop…[View]
175466083Y'all just forget about this or something?[View]
175469409Man Who Attacked Rand Paul Given 30 Days Behind Bars, $10,000 Fine: >The man who attacked Sen. Ra…[View]
175465866There is so much beauty in the world, and i'm so fucked up i can't enjoy it, it's fuc…[View]
175467874Don't marry Inseminate every woman during sex Don't tell her who you are Don't raise …[View]
175465750Is Comey a double agent who was working with Trump and Flynn the whole time: 1. He could never have …[View]
1754657332020 is going to be glorious.: 18 will be fun. 20 is going to be mindblowing. The salt harvest will …[View]
175441445Redpill thread, bring only the best. Hopefully we'll turn a few more people.[View]
175469065Clean the slate - if Reagan worked with Iran PRIOR to inauguration to free hostages, then Trump…[View]
175453980Reminder: The KKK literally used to hang niggers. It was one of the most influential and popular pol…[View]
175461443hey, /pol Don't you think that we are actually much more closer to this 'dark anti-utopian futu…[View]
175468808Shocker: Dr. (((Rosenberg))) nudges White woman towards alligator death!: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news…[View]
175468721Degeneracy of RP and MGTOW: There is nothing more disgusting and contradictory to any good political…[View]
175468542What do you guys think about books like Woodstock Nation, Anarchist Cookbook, Steal This Book and et…[View]
175467992WHY DO THEY DO THIS?: REEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Is all anti-white male rhetoric powered by lust? Or what. W…[View]
175445751The Solutions Thread: I don’t want arguments. I don’t care about opinions. I WANT SOLUTIONS! This wi…[View]
175464286why cant the mods do their job and ban all these black dick spam threads? there are like 6 on page 1…[View]
175462605>'Dear father, instead of spending billions on jails and incarceration, we need to invest in our …[View]
175466967what do we have on this faggot[View]
175465746Fatherhood thread: This thread is for discussion of fatherhood in our (((modern world))). >Storie…[View]
175465553Lets play a game faggots Get rolling and get your dicks out Will take special requests for good ass …[View]
175467166Oh mods oh mods What the F have you done You've schmenzered our shalakers Bamboozled the enthus…[View]
175467220How can you call yourself free when you are in fact a slave of your body? You are just a system that…[View]
175459078Real question: The real question is - Does total freedom lead to degeneracy? Does humanity need righ…[View]
175459238Welcome to Indonesia, where people say we are LGBT friendly, but we're much worse than the US a…[View]
175460000A word or two: I frequent pol regularly and I just want to say that while a lot of what is said here…[View]
175466358Post yfw: >The FBI has come to the conclusion that there is no evidence of collusion between Russ…[View]
175460112It's starting.. First was gay marriage, next is normalizing pedophilia: Why our perception of p…[View]
175462330Anyone else not fall into any of the dumb factions that seem to constantly pop up on the right? >…[View]
175465990Enjoying the World Cup, Germany? Well you shouldn't.[View]
175466678Is there any redpilled communist litterature out there?[View]
175463433I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY BIGOTS: This is a clear case of discrimination, how long the black man will hav…[View]
175466123Royal family’s first ever gay wedding.: >https://people.com/royals/gay-royal-wedding-queen-elizab…[View]
175463124Everybody on /pol/ needs to pray for Jacob Goodwin[View]
175465663is this true?[View]
175462978I'm a leaf and let me tell you, dot indians are trash humans. I'm not coming at you with y…[View]
175463625What are the current happenings being slid?: Probably like 15 blacked threads alone. Its been real b…[View]
175465137Did Trump bring out the gated white liberal community, or the normies?: I always wonder of such sinc…[View]
175464773STOP SELLING RELIGION: In my opinion all religions can co-exist except religion of peace™ and all pe…[View]
175465737> the only positive side from being a nigger is given to them from the nature…[View]
175464783I just woke up and i can't go back to bed this man is our president and he's doing pretty …[View]
175465591>when shareblue dont have an election to shill for anymore[View]
175465412Brotain to host the world's first gay royal wedding: >The queens cousin, lord ivar Mountbatt…[View]
175462338/PTD/: PRESIDENT RONALD J DRUMPF https://www.BLACKEDhouse.gov https://www.donaldjdrumpf.com/ https:/…[View]
175440690HAPPENING: CIVIL WAR IN NICARAGUA IMMINENT https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-44510106 ht…[View]
175462533Trump - 25 million Mexicans would have you out of office very soon: https://www.afp.com/en/news/23/t…[View]
175462421Hey /pol/, why aren't you quitting your job to work at a grocery store? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
175464036S@YBOY MODS ARE KOMMIE KIKE FAGGOTS: hey mods how about you stop jerking off to tranny incest porn a…[View]
175465007FATHER'S DAY - TRIGGER NIGGERS AND DEGENERATES: From Worldstar to Madden to NBA2K to youtube co…[View]
175464869Last year, he came here as a refugee. Now, he's a business owner Why are immigrants so much mor…[View]
175462994POLYGAMY LEGAL IN CANADA: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/polyamourous-relations…[View]
175464743It Worked ![View]
175457595I make AAA games for a living and I’m here to answer your questions about political subjects.: This …[View]
175459901PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - APPLE EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov h…[View]
175464015Is putting seeds on earth bad for cave civilization? Lets find[View]
175463764>donald trump makes a funny joke to another world leader >reddit tweaks the fuck out WHAT THE …[View]
175463792Do you guys remember this great day that happened in America exactly three years ago?[View]
175463869Send all blacks in America back to africa: They smell like shit They have an average IQ of 85 They…[View]
175462523Thank God for Retarded Niggerbabies: https://youtu.be/sJxZC7HSzew Retarded niggerbabies are post-iro…[View]
175459803leftists getting fucked up thread: /pol/, I decided to scope out some leftist bullshit on Twitter to…[View]
175463662Make Libya Great Again: >Saif al-Islam, the son of the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi who is …[View]
175426930Anyone have the balls to shoot this down?: My god, my country is so cucked.[View]
175463738The roaches are out turn the lights off: These KARA BOGA mongols are all over spamming. Find thier i…[View]
175453118Reminder: this place is toxic.: It will cause you to have hate in your hearts towards people you nev…[View]
175449351How confident are you that this shitbag will ever go to prison?[View]
175463634Hey, Vsauce. Michael here. Skeletons are scary and spooky, but you know what else is? Niggers. Accor…[View]
175463534Advertising needs to be banned: Rather than enhancing the free market, advertising is distorting it …[View]
175449537How did Clinton lose? I thought celebrities had influence.[View]
175463269Of all things Facebook could devote its resources to - I am constantly being bombarded with suggesti…[View]
175460504Prediction: Aight guys i have a prediction. I predict that an attempt on a US Congressman life will …[View]
175444696Operation Einstein: Now that (((Einstein))) has been outed as a racist in the liberal media, we need…[View]
175432320FBIAnon IS Real: > 'I've never actually said this before,' said Nunes. 'We had whistleblower…[View]
175461196Death threats for Tommy Robinson in heavily-Muslim maximum security prison: >Inmates at Onley pri…[View]
175461255Communism is the future: When will you diatribe realize that communism is the future? Communism is f…[View]
175462865I'm a liberal: How come it's okay for me to rip a baby out of a whom with forceps but it…[View]
175462708Centrists hate thread: Centrists are basically indecisive cowards and only exist to be easily manipu…[View]
175460994Peterstein shills and memeflags will defend this: >Peterson rails today against “softness,” argui…[View]
175456797What actually is the plan against the Jews?: Okay what exactly is your guys' plan? Like what do…[View]
175442072Guys... He's not looking too good...[View]
175460341/BNG/ BLACK NATIONALISM GENERAL: This is a political thread, not for trolls. We ask mods to keep tro…[View]
175460673The country which accept expelled immigrants: Suppose you can expelled immigrants. Where country wil…[View]
175457814China Less Income Inequality than USA: The USA really is a shithole nation.[View]
175462522Not all of america gets to watch itself burn.[View]
175460896Globalist Publication Hints Of Nuke Attack Upon New York: With the audience on Michelle Wolf's …[View]
175453156Reality post.: Sorry to be a Debbie Downer and shit but y'all is most likely to die and never r…[View]
175462493Listen to your forefathers.[View]
175461035>much freedums Defend this. And don't reply if you arent a normal weight…[View]
175458605I have never been to a doctor in my entire life since i became a Teenager, when i was 9 my dad went …[View]
175462411Wtf happened?: How did prisoner kill 2 deputies? Who did it? https://945wpti.iheart.com/content/2018…[View]
175455875Conservatives: (silence): Really makes you think doesn't it?[View]
175462212Haitian Black Nationalist Bouncer & White SJWs Say Whites Should Be Enslaved @ Nomad Pub Milwauk…[View]
175439222End of Israeli nuclear weapons program: >Best Korea gets peace. >Israel is preoccupied with mu…[View]
175448462Canada: /pol/ I need to learn everything I can about Canada for work. Teach me everything about Cana…[View]
175461497Lost her for a while...: Found her under my bed[View]
175456475late night 4chan is so comfy[View]
175452980THIS is CNN >https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/15/health/transgender-fathers-day-trnd/index.html >Li…[View]
175453527Climate change denier fail: Why do conservatives try to pretend that man made climate changing isn…[View]
175462004Course claims 'objectivity' is a 'white mythology': Holy shit! The Onion will ru…[View]
175459808The elites do not fear nationalism, it is all just theater: The elites are still pressing forward wi…[View]
175461898damn, palifags can't dispute this[View]
175461851Nixon denying the dominance of CIA niggers in espionage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBmFnIruDig…[View]
175454779David Icke redpills 700,000 people on Jews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojvQWO6fonE Quality view…[View]
175461773How long until the US implodes due to its sanctions on Canada? Without our exports many experts sus…[View]
175457270Be Honest: What Percent LARPing is white nationalism: From what I've read in history 'whiteness…[View]
175459942Nearly 80% of refugees employed within a year of landing in Alberta: StatsCan Uh oh, I thought it wa…[View]
175461643Netflix documentary on White Nationalism: Who else watched this? >arab girl makes documentary abo…[View]
175417429Whelp, another career has been ruined based on an accusation with absolutely no proof and Chris Hard…[View]
175458340>if God isn't real, what's stopping me from killing you right now?…[View]
175461563Guy's, I'm stuck in the jewish matrix built of pennies and they are after me, please help.[View]
175458600How many of you are the languages you've memed?[View]
175423115TRUMP DECLARES MASS DEPORTATIONS ARE IMMINENT: Can you hear the autistic liberal screeching yet?…[View]
175452352Pictures that really make you think[View]
175459521This pic kills threads Watch[View]
175457795My family are baby bommers, I saw what you did trying geting elect Trump, but he isnt a great pres.:…[View]
175458419Terfs are trans exclusionary radical feminists. They are the most sensible of sjws. They treat thei…[View]
175454030He gave birth. He breastfed. Now, he wants his son to see him as a man: If you don't agree with…[View]
175450297Beat a chinaman while he's down.: Okay /pol/, you win. I get it. At first I didn't underst…[View]
175460066What’s your take on developmental disorders such as dyspraxia?[View]
175461128Eli Mosley: Dear /pol/ I'm writing to ask about Eli (Mosley). Being a war hero and 'faschy' and…[View]
175458332Trump is bringing back the good ole days of the 1950's[View]
175458094Humans weren't meant to be monogamous. There's a natural ying and yang to every relationsh…[View]
175453663> Libertarianism and degeneracy will destroy a count-[View]
175459168Islamofascism: Political Islam is a form of fascism and should be treated as such. Proof me wrong.…[View]
175457534The 110s: >>>175454841 >Has there ever been a greater decade than the 110s? No there has…[View]
175460049Schutzmannschaft bataillon 118. pic related: Vlad. Putin said that the Soviet Union was run by major…[View]
175459597Do any of you like dreamwave music as a genre?: If not then why? If so then which artists do you lik…[View]
175460837IT'S MILLER TIME!: Post the best salt from Miller doing what he can to save the US from a near …[View]
175457431>this man is a serious threat to black survival What do they mean by this?…[View]
175460430Stop Gamer Shaming: To fuck with twitter we need to create a hashtag with something like #StopGamerS…[View]
175457991What if I told you that there is footage of Obama and Hillary doing this exact ritual. What if I tol…[View]
175458894Chickens: please clarify this issue for me /pol/ chicken is considered kosher. they are the jews pre…[View]
175460031>salutes an enemy of america and the free world holy christ this guy is retarded. Nice one hicks …[View]
175457219Why do American Protestants support Israel more than they do Christians living in the Middle East?[View]
175460629What the hell happened to Shia Laqueef?: Pic not related[View]
175459894I Am A Rich Jew: I am a rich Jew. You think you can stop us /pol/? You think a bunch of nerdy kids o…[View]
175455955Hold on, hold on... ... Are they actually /ourguys/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iGpoEPcmOK4…[View]
175455299Is a slippery slope still a fallacy even when this entire board predicts it? I don't but it.[View]
175449402The BIGGEST NoPorn Redpill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEJlEA2lbIw Mommy Aydin Paladin has a ne…[View]
175451116Post your filtered list: Considering how bad the shilling has been recently, I thought we should poo…[View]
175452305What would you do /Pol/?: Ok /pol/. If you had to choose between having a 200 IQ and being a psychop…[View]
175460402Blacklanta: Anyone from or been to Atlanta and realized that it is black Mecca?[View]
175455441How do I tell my baby boomer father the Mexicans are his fault.: He bitches to me about how many the…[View]
175437076Israel strikes again: Israel strikes again >NEW INTEL CPU BUG THAT AFFECTS PRETTY MUCH ALL CRYPTO…[View]
175458188Polygamy should be legalized to solve the thot problem: If polygamy was legalized there would be a l…[View]
175460276The Russians fucked all those mongrels up: They made Georgians suck their dicks those half breed Tur…[View]
175459339>openly anti-semitic party >does this is /pol/'s narrative completely fucked?…[View]
175450180Singer Dhanraj Singh jailed for sexual assault on white girl: >Desis that wear turbans and follow…[View]
175457894Wait...: So the so.y.bo.y meme got so popular with the normies that the Kike mods had to word filter…[View]
175459819Trump Cloud Sent From GOD Appears In South Carolina.: A very fabulous Donald Trump-shaped cloud has …[View]
175437872At a Greek restaurant in greektown. Damn. pol was right again.[View]
175455471It's starting.. First was gay marriage, next is normalizing pedophilia cont.: https://www.youtu…[View]
175457911Are Liberals more evil overall? should we kill all liberals?[View]
175459299You fucking gumpers have no idea of what I have seen. I have seen whiteasses burn themselves and the…[View]
175453743Bhengazi: You know, I have never understood why Hillary Clinton took so much heat for her handling o…[View]
175459755>you idiots fighting over idpolitics and facing brother against brother, reducing the lower and m…[View]
175454373Work write up for saying I won’t learn Spanish..: Well today I told a fellow coworker I won’t learn …[View]
175448641It should be legal for a 70 year old man and a 17 year old to have sex[View]
175459370Homosexualty: Let's take a slightly different look at Homosexuality (gay/lesbian/etc). I'v…[View]
175456592Germany has less migrants: Everyday I see less migrants than before. Are they finally moving out and…[View]
175457141This is why women don't want to nurture the seed of your loins /pol/: You're not sustainab…[View]
175459433One can not help but recognize the similarities between the national socialist (((revolutionaries)))…[View]
175456421sexdolls/bots: Sexbots/sexdolls in general have a negative stigma associated with them. but y tho. t…[View]
175456721What's the deal with girls licking men's buttholes in straight porn these days?: In a way …[View]
175454624>Who else here unironically really likes Jews? They are by far the funniest race, they have the b…[View]
175456705Can I trade places with an American please? I'll even give you my car with a government insuran…[View]
175452600Sticky Mods: Anybody who followed and explorded the world like Hunter Thompson on suicide watch?: Hu…[View]
175457186Eid Mubarak brothers[View]
175459172In all my years of half-hearted political interest and commentary, never have I felt more disdain an…[View]
175434880Without resorting to the (((meme))), tell me exactly why you cuckservatives can't find a voice …[View]
175458460All white guys.: Gee, what a surprise.[View]
175451471Remphan: Can someone explain to me how this result appears using the wayback machine? Thanks much. h…[View]
175440710IF all you retards love ethnonationalism so much why don't you all move to West Virginia? You m…[View]
175458173>and that is how the great Jewish cabal runs the universe![View]
175456368Why is it 'not fair' that Jews are over-represented vs. whites, but well-deserved that whites are ov…[View]
175458547tommy in solitary confinement: OH LOOK YOU LOSERS! i told you, from the fucking start, he would be …[View]
175458357Can't beat this. You gumpers rather underestimate the power of what you don't know. You do…[View]
175436426Epic Bernie Speech: great effin speech by my bro bernie! www.c-span.org/video/?c4735964/sanders-spee…[View]
175458431Isn’t it unethical to keep blacks in the west?: So many of their brothers and sisters in Africa are …[View]
175458150Fellas, fellas.... Fourth Reich when?[View]
175452815US war ship picks up 40 migrants off coast of Libya, now what?: One of our warships that's supp…[View]
175457962U.S. Loterry based on tax idea and thoughts: We should take some insanely low percentage of federal …[View]
175447016Trump risks more than a trade war by targeting China: >Trump announces tariffs against China >…[View]
175457913How do you feel about loli Kanye.[View]
175454715American Jails in a Nutshell: American Jails >Hispanics >Blacks >White Neo-Nazis…[View]
175451059You can't make this shit UP: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/16/health/transgender-baby.html?hp…[View]
175456685I still believe: I still believe in Trump I still believe in Maga the kike media conducted a psyop c…[View]
175457895WE WUZ FASCISTS[View]
175457128What did he mean by this?[View]
175457818Blacks and Asians more likely to be mass shooters: http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/p…[View]
175457175If you have any Cleveland killer memes please post[View]
175456846Anyone else weirded out by spot on this shit was to everything we've been seeing lately?: Almos…[View]
175456283Uhhhhh.... Hello??: Why do Religulous (that's religious + ridiculous, shout outs to my boy Bill…[View]
175456774Backyard chickens are a great way to become autono-[View]
175456082The USA, with all its private money and military spending, lost to some rice farmers with pitch fork…[View]
175457656I don't quite understand what the problem is with being well-spoken and having a big personalit…[View]
175455725what do yo say? join to this holo of habbo bitches lets meet and''''''…[View]
175457533When did you become a nigger? Was it when you started gumping and nigging and blaming everything on …[View]
175453635There's got to be some kind of serious significance to the fact that the mainstream left believ…[View]
175456903Pedophiles and pedophile sympathizers will be put down in the least humane way possible. Mark my wor…[View]
175457547Jew by orthodoxy: How do we define who a Jew is? If their mother is Jewish then they are a most cert…[View]
175455936CRUZ MISSILES ASSEMBLE: our boy ted wins one on one vs loser jimmy kimmel. teds got game boys https:…[View]
175455757THE WORLD OF TODAY WAS PREDICTED IN 1965: “If I were the devil, I wouldn’t be happy until I had seiz…[View]
175453689Boomer Help Thread 061718 #1: I am worried I am raising an INCEL. I hope that is spelled right. I on…[View]
175454998Why is the right so afraid of Jews? A Jew never did anything to me[View]
175456230Why is the incel community made up entirely of right-wing white males?[View]
175445541Reminder that blaming Jews for all of your problems is for losers. The IQ gap between Jews and whit…[View]
175456741prove to me hillary lost for a reason other than being a woman this is the discord code fKeWEhN[View]
175438009Question: Why do people on this board always speak negatively about cities? There are many, many ben…[View]
175446080Echohives are pure evil: UP/DOWN vote systems like plebbit and most 'comment' systems on news sites …[View]
175438992I had a dream of making 15 dollars an hour.[View]
175452914How does on reconcile natural rights with the concept of citizenship and immigration? What an obviou…[View]
175457107When will Trump tariff Israel?: We can make Diamonds in labs here in the US, which would also decrea…[View]
175457109What if hot dogs is code for doing lines of cocaine off dicks? The visual alone... You could certai…[View]
175454151Agree & Amplify Thread: Fuck all this infighting and e-celeb bullshit. Did you niggers forget w…[View]
175455340Aramean Redpill: Reposting since salafist mods tried to shut it down. Redpill me on Arameans, /pol/.…[View]
175450689Euroshit america is not your home[View]
175448884Roseanne scared (((they're))) coming for her: She named the jew, now she's scared for her …[View]
175454059Jew Appreciation General (JAG): I'll start: their high IQs help steer us in the right direction…[View]
175455448If Hitler didnt go psycho, he was right that Bolsheviks Jews were Communist.: You trolls, Keksters, …[View]
175441812>Terry A Davis the man who claims to “run over Glow in the dark CIA niggers” is wanted for Batter…[View]
175456301Post more like this[View]
175456659-- T H E R E A L R E A S O N _ W H Y H I T L E R, D I E D !_ ---: Theodor Morell is the main reason …[View]
175452372No one ever mentions that George Lincoln Rockwell's grandson is a hapa[View]
175454436THE ANSWER TO 1948 IS 1488[View]
175455857The Coronation of Napoleon: Ft. Niggers https://youtu.be/kbMqWXnpXcA[View]
175444306Have you ever seen some antiwhite J Leftist say something so mind numbingly retarded that you wonder…[View]
175455228join to this holo of habbo bitches lets meet and ''not raid'' https://www. hobba…[View]
175454732Why are Asians so cruel and cold hearted?: https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=CiVa1_1528851886…[View]
175447337Does /pol/ really gets its political information from a fake news website?[View]
175456160Why do you guys not have any concept of self-responsibility? 'The Jews made me a failure', 'the Jews…[View]
175453062Pol will defend this.: I thought you wanted niggers to stop leeching from white society and do their…[View]
175456214Khazar Warriors: Red pill yourself and watch this video. It will explain everything. https://youtu.b…[View]
175456179What does /pol/ think of this guy?: What does pol think of roger stone is he based and ourguy? Or is…[View]
175454384White male critics are being 'unfair' to 'Ocean's 8': https://nypost.com/2018/06/16/m…[View]
175453628kids separated from parents?: That sounds like a pizza gate maneuver? Its a Democrat law. So the dem…[View]
175455579I thought it was just a meme.: Governors, what's going on over there? https://www.google.com/am…[View]
175455286How would you feel about moving the (US) capital to Chicago? Some benefits: - The Chicago metropolit…[View]
175455965Is horseshoe theory real?[View]
175455889Is this accurate?[View]
175445870America’s rising suicide rate: 'The link between erosion of relative status and suicide may also inv…[View]
175445552Jesus Christ.: I like how European he looks, I don't care if he wasn't real.[View]
175453221drumpf absolutely btfo by samuel l jackson bru: man, other repubs got btfo too this is brutal https:…[View]
175439305Gen Z thread: 21 and over not allowed.[View]
175453223Australian students slammed for Nazi, KKK uniform costume party: why is australia so racist? this is…[View]
175437757Kangz under the microscope.: How do we explain all these archaic portraits, paintings, sculptures,po…[View]
175444070what was the fucking point?[View]
175454830Mouse Utopia experiment: Anyone who hasn't already, watch vid below or another on the topic. ht…[View]
175455345>all these black YouTubers shitting bricks over Spencer Why are blacks so opposed to rising race …[View]
175454676what the fuck is wrong with schools in america? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=49&v…[View]
175444173Why the fuck is every job in southern California pay minimum wage? The area I live in in conservativ…[View]
175447769Real Men of /pol/: Isn't it nice to have kids? >shepherding the white race >raising child…[View]
175455039They just brag about it out in the open now[View]
175453839Science and religion are meant to serve man and never to rule over him: so sayeth the prophet Andras…[View]
175412305the best are cartoons are actually just straightforward depictions of what actually happens.[View]
175455096Why does Wikipedia keep spreading the myth that nazism isn't leftist? https://en.wikipedia.org/…[View]
175450642the left has lost it[View]
175455046((( I T )))[View]
175442768#NotMe Riff Raff Rape Allegations Cancel Tour: Rape allegation forces rapper Riff Raff to cancel Aus…[View]
175454785Future Quotes During 2020 Presidential Election: Leftist Edition: >'If we nominate an LBGTQ candi…[View]
175454467“Remember the Maine” - RACE WAR EDITION: First thread: >>175342488 Last thread: >>175380…[View]
175449909It's starting.. First was gay marriage, next is normalizing pedophilia: https://www.youtube.com…[View]
175443675Ted Cruz beats Jimmy Kimmel: What the hell happened Jimmy?[View]
175452462Do not watch Isle of Dogs, it's pure judaic propaganda. Remember those movies from the nineties…[View]
175453848Thanks to Bourdain suicided we now have a black guy who married a white women as a leader on CNN.: I…[View]
175454640What everyday German think of Hitler?[View]
175439189Why did his eyebrows falled off?[View]
175453695Half all babies born today are fatherless: Since fathers are becoming redundant as a result of empow…[View]
175448126>sister raised catholic >at 16yo still wanted to wait for marriage, never dated anyone >tur…[View]
175437851Do leftists and the media really think that illegal immigrants committing offenses deemed worthy of …[View]
175451329The Lion: Does anyone have a link to The Lion video? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks![View]
175451998Lewiston, Maine: 38 year-old white man beaten to death by Somalis: Maine man is dead after his head …[View]
175454670When did we lose the schools? When was education weaponized against freedom? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
175452969Okay, I know he's funded NYT and potentially Antifa. What else has he done to fuck up the west…[View]
175453052Canada Cucks BTFO: How does it feel, Canada, to know that you have no choice but to submit to the US…[View]
175452926I wish this faggot would just drop dead already. He's ruined /pol/ forever. I'm amazed no …[View]
175448913This needs to end: Why do we let moronic sub 100 IQ retards such as pic related be the speaking head…[View]
175446666ATFG: >All Things Fashy General Gimme dat Fashy goodness, all you awful goyim https://www.youtube…[View]
175452738Is this what happens when you refuse to own up to your shortcomings as a person? https://www.youtube…[View]
175431946Do Britbongs ever regret not becoming part of the 3rd Reich?[View]
175408794Syria General /sg/ - hot IDF girls edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpre…[View]
175452466Alright autists We only have 4 years to figure out which conspiracy theory aligns with the event Liz…[View]
175451324I want to join the military but my bullshit country won't let me is there a way for a non-green…[View]
175453822So there are two immigrantion bills One is”far right” and one is “moderate” I can’t actually find an…[View]
175433888WHERE IS HE NOW?: Did this happen? Has he made appearances since? Has he attended anything important…[View]
175443905Why are Filipinos so self-loathing? Is this what being raped and pillaged by the Spanish does to you…[View]
175453328Boomer cringe thread.[View]
175437700Catholicism: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7BbncHyw9E How can you listen to something like th…[View]
175453993Planned Parenthood filmed joking about the heads being stuck and dismembering fully formed babies: S…[View]
175452518Was this guy a cuck?: Redpill me on Churchhill Was this guy based or a cuck?[View]
175452164Total degeneracy in modern video games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btmN-bWwv0A >6 million vi…[View]
175452363MANAFORT: Manafort is going to fucking die in prison and no one will be happier than his daughter.…[View]
175430959Would you at least accept background checks and licensing for people seeking to own guns in America …[View]
175452505can denmark still claim to be a white country? is this a joke? are they 56%?[View]
175451795BASED: Muslim-American Uber Driver Kicks out Empowered Dykes!: >Two women say they were kicked ou…[View]
175451596Trump agenda is in full control of the music industry. Not even kidding[View]
175449730Now that we're bffs with best Korea can she be saved?[View]
175453431Many progressives like to identify with the Union in the Civil War, but in reality, many of the Nort…[View]
175453653Merchants: I heard there were merchants here, let's fill this train up.[View]
175451605msm: https://action.donaldjtrump.com/msm-media-accountability-survey/ What do you think about this?…[View]
175447017Thinking of converting my 401k to gold - about $80k worth. Can anyone help me with next steps or sug…[View]
175449560If men are more intelligent than women...: Then how do you explain this?[View]
175448191drumpfpanzees clamour for law and order policies, yet support actual criminals for political office.…[View]
175451255fcuk you mods: i had a point, you bishes[View]
175453293>I deserve... >I am entitled to... >I have the right... >In my opinion... >I feel...…[View]
175449087Can the alt right's virginity problem be solved with racemixing?[View]
175451915I asked Dr. Peterson to leave his wife for me, but he wouldn't.[View]
175434276I'm sick of all the white-women hate on this site: Can you faggots sort yourselves the fuck out…[View]
175453389Is this video everyday reality for minorities? Is america still this bigotted?: https://youtu.be/eMy…[View]
175449987Is the child separation narrative going to cost us the midterms? I’m also getting worried about Muel…[View]
175444867Is anybody else sick of this fucking twitter page? It doesn't argue or give any points. Just B…[View]
175424537Merkel is gonna lose her job: You can't fight a trade war against the US AND give welfare to mi…[View]
175439127Roasties General: >go off to serve your country >come home to your loving and caring wife >…[View]
175446880Why do American cities feel so dangerous to walk in? It's just so utterly bizarre. American cit…[View]
175452683Job search engine: Wouldn't it have been better if the government created just one job search e…[View]
175451655https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8dqvOoKOms >0:15 truly, the fucking GOAT…[View]
175452966I wonder how bad it must be for Indians to make holiday in a developed country and knowing they…[View]
175437156So, war is the best time to commit crimes you can't get away with in peacetime. What war crimes…[View]
175450454Hello, /pol/. We are a secretive group whose goal is to spread democracy around the world. Our next …[View]
175445463Where to go?: Is there a place in this world, country, where highly inteligent men and women can liv…[View]
175442392I spent some time today with two white people. One self-identified as Jewish (ethnically, not religi…[View]
175451042Who here empty skin suit of inarticulate rage?[View]
175452123blackpill: help please blackpill is coming down my throat again please instill me with hope or memes…[View]
175449796What's their deal?: Who are the masons, and what do they want?[View]
175444629Whatever happened to required ownership of armaments?: The second amendment explicitly states that t…[View]
175451413Negro Loitering: Why, no matter time of day, can negroes been seen loitering outside of fast food pl…[View]
175448102Merkel and her cronies will fall[View]
175452509what's the over/under on this actually happening[View]
175447765Right-wing Terrorism: Much like Islamic terrorism, right-wing terrorism is an invented boogeyman usu…[View]
175448198(They) know they will be exposed soon. Don't they /pol/?[View]
175421551MKUltra: What is MKUltra? It is the CIA program working on mindcontrol methods which (((officially))…[View]
175451032Redpill on Modern 'Arameans': Redpill me on Arameans, /pol/. There's a recent movemen…[View]
175448132BLUMPFT STAHP IT: This is unamerican! How dare you deport people that have deportation order?[View]
175434868USA and CANADA thread: How you doing lads? Just lower your tariffs and we'll lower yours and we…[View]
175446160Who are 'white people'? I know people of irish, jewish, spanish, italians, and other ethnic european…[View]
175442209brit/pol/ - it's all a joke edition[View]
175451875Why this board has so Reddit-Tier threads now? And why so many rules in a board called Politically I…[View]
175438703What the FUCK is their problem?[View]
175441957how accurate is this?[View]
175449158How many of you idiots are actually ancap? https://www.strawpoll.me/15911331 >https://www.strawpo…[View]
175446689Operation: Blue Jay: Operation: Blue Jay will hopefully be a giant fucking war on Twatter Step one: …[View]
175447814Why do (((they))) want to dismantle public housing?: https://www.wsj.com/articles/from-rats-to-rainw…[View]
175446174republicans and pol btfo[View]
175443037how long until this happens?[View]
175448473Why do the excuses you guys use to rationalize why jews are more successful sound exactly like the o…[View]
175446556DUTERTE GIVING WEAPONS TO THE PUBLIC TO ARM THEMSELVES: Ancapistan looks like it's starting in …[View]
175448776naomi wolf: i was watching this hitchens charlie rose interview from the 80s with this bish and i wa…[View]
175450983Youtube Racism: Look at this shit pol. I have reported this video on 3 separate occasions. Youtube h…[View]
175448990Why the crusade against Stephen Miller suddenly today?: It's almost like some marching orders g…[View]
175447795Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead: Say thanks to this man. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5852009…[View]
175444067Well, /pol/?[View]
175448681Snopes is getting META, you can't even make this shit up.: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/di…[View]
175450174Post a stormfront couple saving the white race.: Despite hearing about /nsg/ and stormfront incessan…[View]
175440980Take Back Tech! (RICO Thread 5): Well, it's probably even worse than you thought. An anon in th…[View]
175449563The Ancap Paradise?: Is this the great vision that ancaps want?[View]
175439960She is rubbing her elitism in your face /pol/: That is why her ugly cunt daughter was doing last wee…[View]
175448039Liberal Logic: I'm not 100% on anyone's side politically but there's one thing I don…[View]
175448308Globalism and multiculturalism is so bad that even God hates it Genesis 10:8-10 KJV >And Cush beg…[View]
175449045Why is it okay for the government to take the money I earn and use it to feed the offspring of coal …[View]
175450750THIS IS AMERICA: https://youtu.be/SCm7NQd347M need help finding some of the most American videos aro…[View]
175436735why do people latch onto dead ideologies like National Socialism and Communism?[View]
175448988Why are you so interested in protecting the sheep from the global elite /pol/? Lets assume that /pol…[View]
175428995Stop Gentilesplaining The Holocaust: /pol/ BTFO https://twitter.com/therealroseanne/status/100803746…[View]
175448735Wiener Blut: This isn't bait and this is more directed at kraut/austrian anons. So I was listen…[View]
175444876canada trade war: leafs are salty af. mfw[View]
175450550>be white male billionaire in the U.S. >still recognizes communism/anarchism is better than ca…[View]
175446012I hurt myself today...[View]
175450375>da joos are conspiring against fatherhoo-[View]
175450187Triggering Marxist trash: It seems I found a very effective way to trigger atheists and leftist tras…[View]
175446314And this is anon’s room: He’s very interested in politics[View]
175447304PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - POTUS EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov h…[View]
175416582FOIA time: Gather around, time to discuss the long forgotten case of David Asimov. >David Asimov,…[View]
175448515Does anyone find Canada is actually more racist towards minorities than the US is? I don't know…[View]
175418463who is the highest ranking person in the new world order ? aka the absolute leader behind everything…[View]
175445985The gangster life style is the best life style You are off the grid, you stay at 'stash houses' you…[View]
175447628Redpill me on France. They don't seem as fucked or despotic as the UK or Germany to me. Or so i…[View]
175446909What the fuck is going on at the FBI?[View]
175447117germany: why did you willingly elect an ugly female to rule you for over a decade[View]
175439900I wasn't redpilled yet when Brevik happened. Tell me about him /pol/[View]
175449357what makes all whites have a common goal?[View]
175449255Putting illegals' kids in cages is wr--: Ten illegal immigrants have been found in an Arizona h…[View]
175449102ATTENTION STORMCUCKS: If you marry a woman whos not a virgin youre a cuck: So the core of white nati…[View]
175446806What if the kid is huwhite /pol/?: US Border Patrol agents take a Honduran boy and his father into c…[View]
175449025Are groups like Delta Green and Bureau of Paranormal Defense real? What kinda names do they use? Any…[View]
175446498Is this how you really get into Harvard, pol?[View]
175446866/GGG/ GOING GREEN GENERAL // NIGGER ELVES EDITION: Welcome to /ggg/ - Go Green General! >tfw you …[View]
175441965Let's have some fun /pol/: Re-caption this.[View]
175443731After Trump's tariff move, India raises custom duties on 30 items: What's trumps big plan …[View]
175435740>Why are you guys Nationalists? I'm a Racial Fascist, I am anti-egalitarian and anti-democra…[View]
175424157When will the Middle East kill each other off?: The Turks and Kurd mongrels finish each other. Win w…[View]
175444036As I walk around my apartment, I amuse myself by creating hypothesis after hypothesis, all seeming v…[View]
175448312Why are Jews so superior?: >A cabal of Jews got together in the 1930s and decided to fake the mas…[View]
175448272>tfw you get redpilled and you start seeing just how much influence (((they))) have I must have s…[View]
175442823What’s pols opinion on this guy?[View]
17544577345: Trump Classics never get old. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NP7Lixcc_jQ[View]
175443786Trump is probably fucked[View]
175448019Jews to the rescue: Israel is coming to the aid of the Iranian people. Sharing water technology. Is …[View]
175448077The absolute STATE of Bongistan How's that freedom treatin' ya?[View]
175416550Why are german natives so unattractive ? Does this reflects their inside ?[View]
175448017I was looking at my google drive and I found an old game I made about a super gigga nigger fighting …[View]
175440485Global IQ scores are declining: Whata going on, guys? Is it technology, our culture, the food supply…[View]
175412859Why young people don't respect the elders anymore, pol/?[View]
175447755https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8dqvOoKOms >0:15 truly, the fucking GOAT…[View]
175447383i can be your anglo, or i can be your extinguido[View]
175422973What should we do about the Polish threat to peace in Europe?: I don’t think we can let this slight.…[View]
175446221CNN PR: Does anyone want to '''HELP''' CNN find people that died in Puerto Rico... https://www.cnn.c…[View]
175429235Imam preaching against black people and their gang culture openly in the streets 'we're not gan…[View]
175445929Sessions Revenge: Never underestimate[View]
175396912Alright /pol/ here's a mission for the incels among you >Find a support group or meetup for …[View]
175438723tfw you realize Stormfront is 100% correct: why have you faggots stopped talking about the real prob…[View]
175433403Australian pedophile sentenced to life in Philippines: This is just horrific. I believe this is the …[View]
175442814This picture of a US border patrol agent detaining an undocumented migrant shows what we’ve come to …[View]
175445397#FREETOMMY: The fact that we do not have 5k signatures is unacceptable. Think now....we can't b…[View]
175446182What's next for her career?[View]
175445390>Messi killed 10.000 african children today Messi confirmed saviour of the white race /pol/ BTFO…[View]
175442548Does this picture trigger you?[View]
175443485So given there will be an inevitable housing collapse would it be safe to say there is going to have…[View]
175446960Why do black people lack discipline, /pol/? You'd think that being coordinated against white pe…[View]
175446812>that American boomer who wears shoes indoors You will get slapped if you did this at my house…[View]
175433663Could someone explain me what's so wrong about democracy, capitalism, etc.? >Life expectanc…[View]
175445226Why is there such a problem with homosexuality in modern neo-nazi and white supremacist groups? I…[View]
175446932The Philippines is merely a made-up country that rooted from colonist propaganda to try to say that …[View]
175446848He will not divide us season 6?: Just found out that season 6 of HWNDU just released a week ago, is …[View]
175445421Japan to import 500,000 africans: What did (((they))) mean by this? https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotligh…[View]
175445399Why do you think it is that the 'poor and stupid' are the ones always complaining about Jews? It…[View]
175435202Once we take back Southern Africa, where should the capital be?: Pic related. Discuss.[View]
175445214Angela Merkel is disgusting: Both inside and out this woman is fucking hideous. What will her punish…[View]
175442703This goes out to /pol/: Reminder that eventho this place is infested by shills and bots, there are s…[View]
175438476iris scanners are going to be used everywhere, for everything. the rollout date is sometime in the 2…[View]
175446291the comments section of this video is comfy af. every country in the world sharing stories of how mu…[View]
175443209Is the Axis returning?[View]
175440228The Absolute State of England: First a royal marries a mutt for the first time, and now the first ro…[View]
175399514Australian pedophile Peter Scully sentenced to life in jail in Philippines this week: Scully filmed …[View]
175446474Even famous rich rappers are getting cucked >the absolute sate of women https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
175441358Burgers, can I get a quick rundown on the upturn in your economy, and why libshits give Obama credit…[View]
175444294IT'S NOT REAL: The whole 'trade war' with China is a smoke screen to divert attention from Ivan…[View]
175444282Anarchist > Libertarian > Constitutionalist Prove me wrong.[View]
175441998I hope that someone who knows the dipshit creator of this comic told him that without the 88 you hav…[View]
175438085POWERFUL Lmao[View]
175444107MUH DADDY: What's Danney's power level?[View]
175439080Why do leftists love Palestinians so much?[View]
175430713Have you ever said anything racist in public? What happened?[View]
175445249Look at the low quality threads and posts around you. They’re all made by memeflags. When will memef…[View]
175445605Name a more based leader. I'm waiting.[View]
175443563Income Inequality Thread: Post your best income inequality memes[View]
175444293Support the troops[View]
175432971The cat lady epidemic: What are we going to do about the massive amount of child-less cat lady'…[View]
175432629Spain YES[View]
175444125Global warming isn't re-[View]
175438756Unredacted declassification of the OIG Report for Public Viewing: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/p…[View]
175445689>liberals praise vikings but despise nazis[View]
175445619lets discuss this political kino and how its more relevant today than it was 25 years ago. how did w…[View]
175435802Do ethnic cops result in less ethnic crime? The police body in Ireland recently told us a lack of di…[View]
175443180Google can't into nigger or spic tech workers.: How do we make Google doesn't afraid of an…[View]
175445127The Eternal Kraut: >Destroy Roman Empire after subverting it from within >Europe enters dark a…[View]
175427186Excerpt from Mein Kampf Chapter 3 >But even though there is much that can really be said against …[View]
175429199Why are corporations people in the US?: I’ve just realized how absolutely Jewish this is[View]
175433086Why isn't education free?[View]
175419832What is the best and most realistic way to get 13 million illegals out of this country?[View]
175427304POWER GRID COMPLETE FAILURE: https://twitter.com/drudge_report/status/1008119616248299520?s=21 Niger…[View]
175438088Thanks for all the shekels goyim[View]
175445107So is this guy really 15% black?[View]
175444903who ready for the race war?[View]
175444992saturday night white: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KC5H9P4F5Uk this will probably never be matche…[View]
175441027BRIT POL: Home Secretary Sajid Javid reveals moped mugging Boy falls down 80ft Cornish coastal blowh…[View]
175444983Why were the Nazi's such cowards? They all surrendered and collaborated with the Allies/Soviets…[View]
175443101North Korea thread: Why do normies hate north korea? It's a based homogeneous country that is n…[View]
175438857Remember that 33% of paternity tests come back negative Meaning 33% of children are being raised by …[View]
175444530Say something nice about Finland, /Pol/[View]
175442404Mueller report imminent: Trump has been acting especially cavalier in the media, and we all know his…[View]
175439629Why does this video unironically make me want to join Islam? https://instagram.com/p/BkG2rjThI8q/…[View]
175439082I just sent off my 23andme test and I am legit nervous about traces of African or Ashkenazi. >be …[View]
175415701would the death of George Soros change anything?[View]
175439036BREAKING: Ted Cruz beats Jimmy Kimmel in one-on-on charity basketball game: http://thehill.com/homen…[View]
175437733So /pol/ why shouldn't gays be allowed to adopt? do children really need both a father and a mo…[View]
175436647How did white men become so boring and lame?[View]
175444076Italy turns away another two migrant boats: Italy's Salvini bans two more migrant rescue boats.…[View]
175444597most red pilled waffen ϟϟ unit?: what is the red pilled waffen ϟϟ unit and why is it the DIRLEWANGER…[View]
175442510Kazakh Music Appreciation Thread: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7UpZ0izz08Y[View]
175439264Practical solutions to end the cuckolding trend.: The sheer depravity of a red-blooded male watching…[View]
175444026When does my Internet connection permanently go down? When does everything go black? When do neighbo…[View]
175444383https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8dqvOoKOms >0:15 truly, the fucking GOAT…[View]
175442221What about animal cruelty in /pol/s ethnostate meme?: I mean every animal big or small, baby or grow…[View]
175418249>Capitalism has literally fucked everything up so badly you have to be middle class just to becom…[View]
175417113BREAKING HAPPENING MERKEL CAN BE KICKED OUT NEXT WEEK: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/975166/A…[View]
175433196Show me your war face Canada! INVADE AMERICA!!! Candadians have become increasingly upset that Trump…[View]
175444244With the current political climate, what does /pol/ think about the lefts shoehorning of everything …[View]
175433389The Trump Curse isn’t rea-: .[View]
175436789>yo dawg u heard, we wuz magicians n shiet[View]
175428411Pakistani shopkeeper Rana Aslam groomed and sexually assaulted white girl aged 12: The victim, who c…[View]
175431106I hate having to talk with non-white women: Unfortunately this society dictates that I must talk wit…[View]
175435837Jesus Christ is ANTI-AMERICAN!: Jesus despised the rich, told us to treat others better than we trea…[View]
175442900>America makes their own cars >Europe makes their own cars >Japan and Korea makes their own…[View]
175443824Should this guy be allowed to immigrate to the US?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVIon9TWECA…[View]
175441787Simulated Crime: >found petite legal girl to date >under 5’ and 100lbs >she waxes herself …[View]
175443020Muh Imagery: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbMqWXnpXcA&feature=youtu.be[View]
175443724Cucks are usually brain damaged people result of American biased anti-white male garbage, and also s…[View]
175443467Finally a newspaper that tells it like it is.[View]
175430596Anons, I've been learning the importance of avoiding pornography recently - starting with the n…[View]
175441852>'Daddy if $30,000 is the cost of sending a California student to UCLA and $75,000 the cost of se…[View]
175437383This is Nigeria: Apparently African American problems are white people problems. https:youtube.com/w…[View]
175397228How does /pol/ date? Personally I find it too exhausting just sustaining a simple conversation while…[View]
175435674>Gun-loving Ohio college student posing with a 'cup of liberal tears' on the beach is s…[View]
175426871Marvel fans prepare to get 'Roasted': Tony Stark, the Hulk, Captain America, even Thor, all easily B…[View]
175442786>something is wrong is wrong with my country, but is it women or minorities?…[View]
175440949LAURA LOOMERS NUDES LEAKED: this nigga is gonna post Laura Loomer's nudes everywhere if he does…[View]
175443195why is john PEDOsta so angered when people ask him about pizzagate? and why does he act like his lif…[View]
175437850woman hate thread: pls post all of the degeneracy, all of the stupidity, all of the betrayal. women …[View]
175440137How prepared are you?: This fight is going to cause an all out race war not only in America but in t…[View]
175442094convince me that guns should stay legal in the united states if we just get rid of nonwhites[View]
175435334Who said that the left cant meme?[View]
175430877Nuclear Canada: We have to rake them before they rake us http://archive.is/XuNtm[View]
175437331Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Late Night Edition: >polls http://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/ >M…[View]
175438974Suicide Discussion Thread: What can we do about suicide? It is a huge issue that is not discussed en…[View]
175442881Its safe to turn off your TV: Tomorrow Mexico will be raped by Germany Maybe we should not turn the …[View]
175430139Is he right /pol/?: Are you a shit scum male who deserves to be an incel for the rest of his life?…[View]
175442762ANDY WIGMORE AND ARRON BANKS: You’re a bunch of cock sucking Russian traitors and we’re going to put…[View]
175438544Quincenera Redpill: Daily reminder that spics get paid by thier relatives to fuck their 15 year old …[View]
175442141ALT RIGHT DADDIES: Do you think she knows he cheated on her? Should we tell her?[View]
175438496>/pol/: the holocaust never happened >also /pol/: the armenian genocide totally happened…[View]
175441736He wanted to retake jerusalem: Was his strategy wise and should we listen?[View]
175423607Daily reminder that men casually fucking girls is EXTREMELY DEGENERATE.: Deal with.[View]
175437433>hey white people now that slavery and segregation is over we can be friends now right?…[View]
175436030Count Dankula Joins UKIP: Is he........ dare I say......... /ourguy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
175442383What's the deal with this book? Why am I seeing it talked about all over the internet?[View]
175434948Why do 'racial realists' never apply the standards they apply to blacks to Jews? By your own definit…[View]
175428029Non Europeans and Jews what’s your opinion on the west “waking up?” Does it affect your daily lives?[View]
1754328081488 Report in.: Okay, so the the kikes LOVE Jerusalem, but what is the significance of Jerusalem to…[View]
175440881WW2 History Question: These two M4 Shermans were salvaged last Fall off the coast of Russia. Transpo…[View]
175436767Are Boomers subhuman?[View]
175439404The Ultimate red pill: So /pol/ have you swallowed the biggest redpill of your life yet? >the Sun…[View]
175438220Oh shit drumpf is destroyed guys, it's over.[View]
175422002(((Eric Turkheimer))) and other charlatans BTFO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPV6Hz9iwQo…[View]
175440467We know who will pave the roads now.[View]
175426817How do we solve the problem of Sweden?[View]
175427673CANADA LEGALIZING MARIJUANA ON JULY 1ST: How are my fellow leafs celebrating? First country to legal…[View]
175432304obama is a tranny faggot why do do faggot reddit mods keep deleting this shit? why is 4chan so shit…[View]
175441795Sage Not Working, Shit Threads Getting Bumped: Sage in the options field doesn't work? What the…[View]
175441779https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra0t81tstYs&feature=youtu.be Greek police use Junta Tactics at '…[View]
175439721Sextant Political Quiz: What is you ideology? Post 'em http://politicalsextant.com[View]
175439903Drunk Wisconsin driver dies in accident on hwy 69[View]
175438905BTFO Trumptards[View]
175436346Happening Plan: How many people actually have a plan, or some idea of what they would do in the even…[View]
175441143https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8dqvOoKOms >0:15 truly, the fucking GOAT…[View]
175441298Sodomite school uniforms now in Japan: Dear West, Please check your diaper. Your shit is leaking. -J…[View]
175435017End all non-White immigration to the USA/Europe.: You can't tell me that's not a win. http…[View]
175418348/etm/ - EARTH TO MARS: Welcome to the Earth To Mars General. (previously Mars Independent General) T…[View]
175436254More like this?[View]
175439942This is the real reason Jim Crow was ended. Fragile whites couldn't stand not being allowed whe…[View]
175409969Kyrgyz taxi driver drove into the crowd of Mexican football fans in Moscow. t. Putin is a savior of …[View]
175439495“Remember the Maine” - RACE WAR EDITION: First thread: >>175342488 Last thread: >>175380…[View]
175440888How many votes again?[View]
175432427Live PD: Live PD starts in an hour shorty. I'm too lazy to make a proper OP shorty.[View]
175440044When did you realize the only purpose of articles like this is to scare and trick white people into …[View]
175439990Wow...This says a lot about of society...[View]
175438360Communists Trying to Take His Wealth Away: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5852193/Over-400-…[View]
175438366The End of Grand myth of Aryan Invasion theory: Indian archaeologists discover Bronze Age chariots, …[View]
175438990Social justice branding is fucking stupid.[View]
175433079where do you stand ?[View]
175437162Don't you love how the Britcucks have already quite the #freetommy 'fight': I was hoping to see…[View]
175422691Disease X Hits China: New Strain Of Bird Flu Kills 40% Of Those Who Contract, Could Kill 4 Billion: …[View]
175408786The White Man makes a Racist Famous[View]
175436078OIG Report: This contradictory report thoroughly pizzagate in pages 294-298. Why is nobody touching …[View]
175439357>denying the holocaust to make yourself appear more humane to normies >wanting it to happen a …[View]
175438738Why does /pol/ constantly cry about 'muh dresden' when the bombing in fact never happened?[View]
175439801Holocaust 'Predictions': Before world war 2 there were a few newspapers that mentioned 6 million Jew…[View]
175412148Americans endorse this[View]
175424752spent 10 minutes on reddit, i couldn't take it any longer, what the FUCK is that place ?[View]
175434479Is white genocide bullshit? I don't see how it's genocide that you guys are having marital…[View]
175429836Play my game, bigot: It's curazy, /pol/, they introduced their videogame and istead of showing …[View]
175439327FACEBOOK REDPILLING THE NEXT GENERATION: >PEABODY, MA—Having discovered the social media website …[View]
175438699>be Baby Boomer >be given the greatest opportunities any generation has ever seen >destroy …[View]
175425726Porn as a weapon: Endless porn has been made available for free over the Internet. Who is paying for…[View]
175434236Why do Jews hate Asians so much?[View]
175433625A guy named Beto is leading a march to a migrant camp in order to protest Donald Trump. You cannot m…[View]
175416681question for Spaniols and Franks: what's the equivalent to 'völkism' to spaniards? Romania and …[View]
175435515the viability of English/LibArts: I fell for the LibArts degree meme, got myself a degree in English…[View]
175438169Was Churchill the most evil person in history?[View]
175434126How is that WALL coming along muttants? My pesos are ready to PAY for it.[View]
175417177Daily NICE: Lucky bastard[View]
175422515Rape victim, 13, reveals her social worker LAUGHED when hearing she was being sold to Asians: Zoe Pa…[View]
175434032Why do feminists want to destroy the white race? Who is putting them up to it?[View]
175438440How can we realistically fix this?: Am I so out of touch now at age 34? These people can't real…[View]
175438619miss america: so, since the swimsuit competition and ballgown is out of the miss america pageant... …[View]
175430519Chimp Out, BUT: Fat light skinned nigger chimps out at the gym: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/06/16…[View]
175434019Racist wears an Air Jordan hoodie while calling a black man the n-word: His wiki article has some mo…[View]
175421257Brit/pol : Jenna13 Edition: And did those feet in ancient time?[View]
175414340What's their biggest achievement?[View]
175435978As of this moment it's the Polish army that stands between us and mandatory Russian lessons. Th…[View]
175438205https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teGQZmREU5Q Murdoch Murdoch AMA[View]
175438142HWNDU Thread: So /pol/ what do we do now?[View]
175423551A People's History of the United States: I just finished reading this. So is a lot of the rheto…[View]
175408464Retard vs. cops: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XW6MpM0LTI0&t=4s >oy vey another sovereign c…[View]
175431065Are you a well armed citizen?: Do we really know how many guns are actually in the US? Could there e…[View]
175429351That’s fucking it: You see this man in the picture? His name is Matthew P. Wright of Henderson, Neva…[View]
175425761It's over. More than enough for impeachment.[View]
175435894Based alt righters not even hiding it anymore[View]
175437862What did you do to own the libs today /pol/? >MFW I played pokemon go and told people who were no…[View]
175408272What has to happen for society to rubberband back to more conservative values? How many years from i…[View]
175435916https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra0t81tstYs&feature=youtu.be Greek police use Junta Tactics at '…[View]
175436472Ratta tatta tat tat: Nazism is dumb. Neo-marxism is of Satan. Figure out who your people are, bond w…[View]
175437717Okay /pol/, time to get to work: WHAT WE DO: Find SJW-awful individuals in high-status professions a…[View]
175437687The white male is the most respected and lusted after on the planet[View]
175436464current political situation in europe[View]
175435730Is there still a chance for Jeb?[View]
175436258See if you can refute this.: http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Holocaust_denial >inb4 rationalwiki If …[View]
175437360Christ's Return: When you are facing your final judgement, what will be your excuse?[View]
175437427Q shit and the video: So I'm bored of shitposting and came across his autisic faggots video on …[View]
175437281Look at the topics on this board, right now. Look at the flags who made them and every other low qu…[View]
175424684We must enlarge normies amygdalas: Your position on the liberal-conservative spectrum is directly pr…[View]
175436830French national team: Please take a moment to say something nice and inclusive about them, /pol/.…[View]
175432565PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - BURDEN EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
175429848Monomaths vs Polymaths: >Just gonna give a definition Polymath= Person interested and (moderately…[View]
175425971Obama directed psyops happening on /pol/: Don't fall for psyops, kids. There *is* damning photo…[View]
175425789>cut down 500+ year old trees solely for profit >sell it to build some trivial shit that will …[View]
175422858Name change: So tommorow FYROM will be named Republic of North Macedonia And after we get in the Eur…[View]
175422742/POL/ ABSOLUTELY BTFO: Elon is not your guy, get over it fascists.[View]
175435301>the state of sweden[View]
175425405I am proud to be Somali-Swedish.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WH0DIJuPhcc[View]
175436521https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8dqvOoKOms >0:15 truly, the fucking GOAT…[View]
175436471Bongs, Classic bongs.: >4 in 10 british women drink while pregnant no wonder your country is doom…[View]
175427447Is Stephen Miller /ourjew/?: Is Stephen Miller /ourjew/?[View]
175433254This is all of /pol/ with jews and blacks. no one fucking cares you racist cunts[View]
175433015Article 13 to literally ban memes: Oh great, we're making the internet an orwellian dystopia...…[View]
175436413What negative connotations do jews have in your countries? Here in Finland a jew is called juutalai…[View]
175436363Google Diversity 'Issues': So Google's push for diversity basically means cutting out White and…[View]
175436359Tommy Robinson: What's the big deal?? Paulie did 1 year for contempt and made the most of it in…[View]
175433029Next steps: What if the deep state jews get him?[View]
175436260(((Fellow Whites))): Let's have a (((fellow whites))) thread. Remember, it's all a coincid…[View]
175435680'Freedom of speech comes with responsibility': https://youtu.be/0DN6ZNXZhbc https://youtu.be/aMj2sxz…[View]
175420569Trump Tariffs: If President Trump's tariffs are going to be so destructive to our economy, why …[View]
175436190GOD MIGHT RETURN TOMORROW >what day is not his?[View]
175431198Is america becoming Russia 2.0[View]
175424833China has surpassed USA: USA will never catch up with China again China will dominate the world agai…[View]
175434292Why do white supremacists get so mad if you call them nazi/racist?[View]
175435574HATE: I fucking love hate, i love hating a group or a person, this pure feeling of antilove is just …[View]
175436035WAKE UP: White People Must Survive!: When can we start openly killing these niggers? https://www.zer…[View]
175436026/pol/ Memories Appreciation Thread: You guys have accomplished a lot over the past few years in redp…[View]
175426739Why are (((they))) pushing this shit /pol/? Commercials, ads, movies fucking everything, I'm ti…[View]
175434673When is too much political correctness enough?: Europe is becoming Europastan within the next decade…[View]
175435262ITT: We Celebrate Gay Pride In Our Countries: THIS is the face of Gay Pride in Toronto. What are you…[View]
175431541russians, what is the situation really like with migrant workers? i hear conflicting reports from pe…[View]
175432335It's Pridefest here in Denver. What do you do when you city is consumed by faggotry?[View]
175435275>socialist >national socialist[View]
175430821So is debt backed currency still a major problem with National Socialism. I've gotten less free…[View]
175435705Who is it in the us government that bosses around other countries?: This video talks about how Engla…[View]
175430649is this correct ?[View]
175412391The Black Sun / Sonnenrad: What's up /pol/. Can I get a simple explanation to the meaning of th…[View]
175434328Do your friends all have the same beliefs as you? 4chan, kinda messed me up in the social shit, caus…[View]
175429669Why do socialist never whine about taxes being theft of labor?: Communism is based on labor value th…[View]
175432046>It's already happening, governments are SERVING THE JEWS and selling Europe because that…[View]
175435581TweetTweet: What are all these sounds?[View]
175435528ITT: facts and images that destroy /pol/ myths: >tunisians are not whit- oh here's a typical…[View]
175433823>be leaf >get shot http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/man-charged-scarborough-shooting-play…[View]
175431744Post your Tyrone comics: Post your best Tyrone comics[View]
175434620Why aren't white supremacists taken seriously anymore? Why are we unintentionally funny instead…[View]
175432034TRUMP IS KILLING THE NWO THROUGH FREE TRADE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVAOpFstIIs[View]
175433303The eternal struggle against the darkness[View]
175432938Why we should thank Obama: No black person in the next 30 years will ever be president again. Thank …[View]
175435108Asian-Americans BTFO once again. Will they ever win?[View]
175434414Drumpf is not pro-life, he’s pro-death!: Retard /pol/ claims the orange Cheeto in Chief is some grea…[View]
175435005Murdoch Murdoch: Is there anything out there similar to MM? Ironically, I discovered MM via Frame Ga…[View]
175434776listen the Fact is the nigg.. Not them .. allowed: The Late Stephen Hawkings .. Knew this an he said…[View]
175432593White people abolished slavery.[View]
175430685Remember what we're fighting for, /pol/[View]
175432090IT'S HAPPENING: Civil war incoming in Venezuela. State ISP now blocking pornhub, xvideos and yo…[View]
175434608Is there still a sizable silent majority?[View]
175433469WHAT DID HE MEAN BY THIS?[View]
175433676The thinking mind must be destroyed: I was on a journey for 2 years now. I had no internet, no smart…[View]
175425450LOVE Israel if you LOVE JESUS. HE IS COMING: Reminder that if you do not support the state of Israel…[View]
175425247Musk admits he's a socialist.: What is he saying here? Is he NOT shifting resources from most p…[View]
175431434Why don’t more states understand that Catholicism is law?: How do you go about your daily life denyi…[View]
175434574Brit/pol/ - Death to America Edition: >Ex-rebel looks to defy odds in Colombia presidential race …[View]
175422839Classical is the only music nonwhites can't appreciate, because you need a brain for that. If y…[View]
175431309I heard that if we talk about , image related, here, the thread will go 404... lets try it out[View]
175433591Blacks were way more productive as slaves, just saying.[View]
175428166What would you like to do with the person who wrote this comment?[View]
175434358>'We need to invent new technology to help humankind progress!' >'Just imagine how technologic…[View]
175430756Ayy lmao: Aliens come to Earth and start exterminating us like they did in Independence Day. What d…[View]
175429292God is dead https://people.com/royals/gay-royal-wedding-queen-elizabeth-cousin-ivar-will-marry-partn…[View]
175415912Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Forsa Edition: >polls http://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/ >Meme C…[View]
175434260/ourguy/: who’s ready to KAGA (keep America great again) in 2020?[View]
175431942OPERATION UPHEAVAL: Have you heard about it?[View]
175434212Why is Assad such a cuck?: >Bombed constantly by Israel >Never retaliates >Moreover, Russia…[View]
175431872Howe-Strauss Generational Theory: What is /pol/'s take on the Howe-Strauss Generational Theory,…[View]
175414191Germany NO!: https://archive.fo/4TLA4 Merkel could be out by NEXT WEEK!: German MP claims Chancellor…[View]
175434127Truþ Abaut Matriks: Ðhe Terminejtor franchize ænd ðhe Matriks franchize hæd æ parasajte = Sofia Stuw…[View]
175429440why are germans trying to destroy western europe? and why are they blaming decay of europe on the ea…[View]
175425351Ukraine YES: Kyiv Pride 2018 set to conclude tomorrow with a massive parade through city center, roa…[View]
175433813/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
175420768Are STEMtards even human?[View]
175429741Lazy nigger rants: Anyone ever notice how offering a job to a nigger asking for change causes them t…[View]
175426664There really is no difference between these two >Think about it[View]
175412544Why so many downvotes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWxaf8ep1aQ I don't have yt account so I…[View]
175430298T*RK HATE THREAD https://youtu.be/-s2sHfZkXe4[View]
175433773It really worries me that people believe Trump is the face of corruption with the history of the gov…[View]
175419406Anon, have you taken the Kefirpill?: >Kefir is a fermented milk beverage produced by the action o…[View]
175432028Germany. Call yourself a democracy. Have same leader for 13 years.: Fucking cucks.[View]
175433454Are WASPs in the US possibly the most traitorous ethnicity ever? Seriously, they're even worse …[View]
175432812How does it feel to be mudslimed?: https://voiceofeurope.com/2018/06/koran-school-in-sweden-teaches-…[View]
175433608Does anyone know where to find SsethTzeentach chimpmania video? it got taken down on youtube and vid…[View]
175425015Why are they doubling so hard on this? They literally think it’s ok to kill fetuses.[View]
175432983Should an area of the world be set aside to be lawless and ungoverned, where we can send criminals a…[View]
175426284PIZZAGATE BOMBSHELL: UK Police Whistle Blower This Goes Right To The Top >Exposing child abuse, c…[View]
175432039Welp, picrelated shows the binge I am having right now, at almost 1 am on a Saturday night while the…[View]
175430014(((They))) want to normalize gorging on human flesh[View]
175429489LMAO English justice system: I haven't followed this situation too closely, but this muslim dud…[View]
175432725https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8dqvOoKOms >0:15 truly, the fucking GOAT…[View]
175427516What’s the best way to correct the behavior of an uppity woman or nigger?[View]
175430798District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871: How can we the people end this atrocity without violence? …[View]
175428040The fact that this by-product of the treaty of Versailles still exists is an insult to Europe.[View]
175432345POST UR FAVORITE NAT SOC MUSIC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHBPPxfK6tM[View]
175418732EU Hate Thread: why do eurotards love the eu so much? from what i can see the purpose of the eu is t…[View]
175432883I am so happy. Today during mass, we thanked God for our ethnic heritage. There is hope![View]
175432434Do you want to know how to get rid of niggers?: Ok what I'm going to say might not be the answe…[View]
175427750>/YourGuy/ Is A Far-Leftist OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NO NO NO[View]
175430427Can anyone recommend some good Donald Trump fanfiction?[View]
175424515Louis Cachet. Kristian Vikernes. Varg Vikernes: These internet celebrities who never worked a hard d…[View]
175432583Laurence Fishburne Hates Fags: Or maybe its the other black guy. 'I'm the other guy … the other…[View]
175432580Apeshit: Discuss. https://hooktube.com/watch?v=kbMqWXnpXcA[View]
175428604PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - FOR U(SA) EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
175395409Red pill me on pizzagate[View]
175428899Are you a descendant of the superior Indo-Europeans? We are the Aryan race.[View]
175428644The ultimate redpill is that communism is the only way.[View]
175432247SERVE THE JEWS: >It's already happening, governments are SERVING THE JEWS and selling Europe…[View]
175430265How do we get colleges to stop teaching BS degrees?[View]
175422174well /pol/? Is Elon Musk right?[View]
175432317Ole What's his name,: Who?[View]
175432140Father's day thread? Father's Day Thread: How did we go from this?[View]
175431068Commies be like: But, Real communism hasn't been tried ye...[View]
175428871Why the disgust?: Disgust and Hollywood brainwashing. As Peterson points out, liberals tend to have …[View]
175431981“White Boy”- What do they actually mean by this?: 400 years stuck together and the best slur non whi…[View]
175431561>watching this in 2018 How did he get away with it lads? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrkPe-9r…[View]
175429595Is taking an airplane as a passenger the most sheeple behavior possible?: Is it a normal behavior fo…[View]
175428319RIP Tommy Robinson: Tommy was stabbed to death one hour ago. Pay your respects.[View]
175432014Pray to Mary. She needs your help to save Europe[View]
175403141Is this comet pizza shooter guy still alive?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYMr02Bming…[View]
175426069SHOCK!!! REPORT: TRIPLE JEOPARDY MURDER SUSPECT ANTOINE FIELDER: is black. Kansas City shooter is st…[View]
175423222Rate my genes: TELL ME IF IM PURE OR NOT[View]
175431197Communist Comic Book Writer one step away from writing a Manifesto: How long until he suicides? Cuz …[View]
175426090Germany hasn't conquered Europe aga-[View]
175427655Read this article and experienced deja vu. Are we seeing reruns, or have (((they))) forgotten where …[View]
175422113>None of the six cradles of civilization were white >Thus we can conclude that without nonwhit…[View]
175430503Looking for a meme from \pol\: Making a point to some fucking pro faggot femnazis on FB, looking for…[View]
175431453What did he mean by this?[View]
175430355Classical Orthodox music appreciation thread.: https://youtu.be/x1-fNQaHEt4 Komitas https://en.m.wik…[View]
175431429Reclaiming the rainbow: Is it possible to reclaim the rainbow by changing it to mean something compl…[View]
175407688Name 5 countries that will dissapear in the future.[View]
175431280Your time is up, cismen.[View]
175431272Pig-a-chew Toy: New Las Vegas Is Hideously Yellow https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WrjEclbd84 Hyde A…[View]
175431222Fuck Israel & Palestine: Let's take back Jerusalem! Deus Vult![View]
175431040/pol/ mascot drawing requests: Hi I wanna draw a few pics of pic related and christ-chan .ect. give …[View]
175428218At this point I don't see why we trust the left with government at all[View]
175430308I'll do you one better, WHY IS TRUMP?[View]
17543086447:21 NORWAY ARRIVES Kremlin, Russia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8S3IUd9I9g Best country, best …[View]
175429433Never been to America. Is it as depressingly fucking boring as it seems?[View]
175426469How is asylum seeking different from illegal immigration? I had some guy make the argument that thes…[View]
1754307168 injured as taxi runs into Moscow crowd including soccer fans: Time to get Punchy Deniro some help.…[View]
175432561>lick my feet you dirty cisgendered scum what do?[View]
175429249So according to /pol/ single mothers make terrible parents: What about single fathers? Do men genera…[View]
175430762How has your personal life improved since coming here?: Be honest.[View]
175413853Why are american politics so pathetic?[View]
175421993Are there feminine males that are pol approved?: I’m not talking about man children, or onions boys.…[View]
175428338Justin Trudeau: Anyone who argues that Justin is ALPHA is from planet onions.[View]
175420289I can’t believe trump supports ripping innocent children away from their families. It’s just so crue…[View]
175430319I hate kikes!: Hello fellow white Aryans, my name is Mathew Goldheimer and I fucking hate kikes, kik…[View]
175413330I think Gen Z will be the most fascist generation ever: All this PC and SJW bullshit is going to cau…[View]
175430320issues: my god I just told her to fuck off... quite ilt translated into english.. oh..my god sick to…[View]
175422258do you believe in reincarnation?[View]
175424192>tfw fell for the trade meme I should have never listened to you faggots working 50-60 hours for…[View]
175430372>Deporting Jews to Israel >Not deporting Jews to Siberia…[View]
175424535Is Trump world-historical, like Napoleon was? Is he the incarnation of the weltgeist?[View]
175429788ITT. We post pics of Eurropoors.: I’ll start.[View]
175427421Is white genocide real or a shilled meme?: Do we really have anything to worry about? What proof is …[View]
175429062Would you invite the king of the Jews into your home?: I'm sure it was just a cunning plan to g…[View]
175430231look at these two happy campers!: Look at this whimsical pair they know something we don't and …[View]
175428516Miss me yet?[View]
175422650https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/16/politics/paul-manafort-virginia-jail-life/index.html So what's t…[View]
175429434Call him a nigger!: NOW![View]
175419350>Doctors are paid 3 times less in Europe >No shortages whatsoever >Meanwhile in muttland me…[View]
175425831HAHAHAHAHAHA: >Trump curse stikes fake nerd liberal comedian[View]
175427769>trump ups foreign aid to israel to 3.3 billion >decides to recognize the capital in jerusalem…[View]
175429943https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaM-E18cx6c Is he our guy?[View]
175401763this is Israel, still want to be like up?[View]
175429846Sign of the times?: So I just seen a commercial for this, Monopoly cheaters edition, and I thought t…[View]
1754298658 values and ethnicity thread?: https://8values.github.io/[View]
175411996HOW CAN WE STOP THIS?[View]
175426801How come love is never part of any political ideology: it is one of the most powerful and important …[View]
175427120Superior Ottoman Classical Music Thread.: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wN9qaOw4164[View]
175421793How to Fix Brazil: Hard Mode: >no mass genocide of all brazilians Brazilians are an incredibly to…[View]
175428609Can we get a Spencer appreciation thread?: Handsome, intelligent, honest, nuanced. The leader of the…[View]
175427611Merkel out = End of Liberal Democracy.[View]
175428390only people who haven't suffered love their parents[View]
175426991A drunk jew explains that goyim(non-jews) are slaves for jews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6yfN…[View]
175421789Wanna hear a joke? Hungary[View]
175426071Why are the GDP numbers so good under Trump?[View]
175428722Why do white people want to die?: I get why the juden want to destroy the white race, but why do som…[View]
175427496metal detectors: why schools use metal detectors to avoid school shooting? my old high school used t…[View]
175429042God Emperor Appreciation Bread: Greetings fellow Americans from all four corners of the world. I jus…[View]
175418337WE have to take our language BACK.: We have to fight the madness of the politicization of language b…[View]
17542101156% doesn’t factor in the brainwashed traitor whites that think diversity is our strength and Jews a…[View]
175423884Female Cop was former Dominatrix can may lose her job: http://wsbuzz.com/world-news/dominatrix-turne…[View]
175427062Nigeria E.M.P.d: Grid down > https://www.thesun.co.uk/world-cup-2018/6551013/nigerias-power-grid-…[View]
175375865Two cops shot dead in Kansas City after one of them was disarmed: Okay, /pol/ - place your bets on w…[View]
175428816Great Britain poorer than the poorest US state: >https://www.forbes.com/sites/timworstall/2014/08…[View]
175428760Hwndus: So are we still trying to get hwndus shut down? Or does nobody even care anymore? It’s in Po…[View]
175424674It looks like our MexiBros can't seem to handle it. I'm starting to think we should send s…[View]
175421343>Here is the redpill you can't handle. Communism protected the eastern part of Europe from d…[View]
175428603They call us Racists so we call them Communists: >White guilt is a reality. It comes down to Euro…[View]
175422252What has your country done for white people of the world today?[View]
175423920Multi-millionaire stadium god Kingsley Sarfo guilty of raping Swedish girl: Ghanaian international K…[View]
175425283>More than 400 Washington Post employees sign petition slamming billionaire owner Jeff Bezos…[View]
175427302.4 cent jury award for nog killed by cops: The jury reduced the payment from 4$ to .4 cents because …[View]
175428462Heads up, this is a great time to get your rightwing twitter accounts unlocked. Basically, twitter a…[View]
175427457How come no one talks about Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi anymore?: He was a real person wasn't he? Why …[View]
175428354Are abbos even human?: I'm dead serious, are they some kind of ancient hominid that somehow sur…[View]
175423825Our guys lost to this in WW2. Just...[View]
175428044If I was a white man still living in Europe id be really fucking embarrassed.[View]
175427246IS this the ultimate proof that the left cannot meme?[View]
175428271what are /pol/'s thoughts on the Eurasia Party ?[View]
175424656>there are people on this very board that will insist that every form of entertainment in the Wes…[View]
175382182If Italy is so far-Right now, why don’t they exit the European Union?[View]
175421773Honest thoughts on Belgium?[View]
175426046SOCIALISM WORKS: I guarantee that if the United States follows the Bernie Sanders plan, nothing will…[View]
175427607North Korea = Best Korea: What would you do if you were him? >Pic related…[View]
175426008What happens here?[View]
175418447We need an American Nuremberg Trial: Your children are going to ask you what you did to resist 45. W…[View]
175427874Annie Lööf 2018: For a strong, open and free Sweden[View]
175425509VICE NEWS PROMOTINGYNORMALIZING CANNABILISM: mods pruned the other thread like a BUNCH OF FUCKING FA…[View]
175427803The absolute state of ANTIFA: https://twitter.com/HubCityAntifa/status/1008040962491338752 >spend…[View]
175397865IT'S HAPPENING! GET IN HERE, FAGGOTS!: A taxi driver in the center of Moscow drove into a crowd…[View]
175420648Why doesn’t India come back under the British Empire wing?: The British Empire made Italy into a mag…[View]
175422312Why aren't we allowed to discuss this?[View]
175421545Why does the West support a bunch of inbred communist Kurds who have been antagonizing Turkey, a maj…[View]
175426915OPERATION: make my Father's house not a place of merchandise >TRIGGERED EDITION Every Church…[View]
175424428Favorite right wing white supremacist killing video game?: Mines is Wolfenstein II; you kill white N…[View]
175427573You can't win with these people.[View]
175424853Is Pakistan safe for Non-Muslims?[View]
175427257turn in your guns, you will killyourself.: >One of the few proven interventions is unpalatable to…[View]
175420915Literally /ourguy/[View]
175423919>go into catholic church >it's full of spics >go into protestant church >it's …[View]
175425709>Israel paint their settlements to look like black cubes Are they even trying to hide their Satan…[View]
175425661All Americans are neocons now: >Bush does Gulf War, whole nation claps >Clinton bombs tons of …[View]
175418073/pol/ humor: give me your best[View]
175426644Crazy dyke: Crazy dykes believes all males are violent and evil regardless of species.[View]
175422958Google Doodle: >france >white kek They even have a cuck-le-doodle-do in the graphic!…[View]
175427103Why won't he follow his own advice and clean his room? I've been keeping mine spotless and…[View]
175421366childhood is looking up to National Socialism adulthood us realising Monarchism is superior[View]
175423488>the absolute state of bongistan[View]
175400084Say something nice about Iceland: >Embracing the Vikings and not afraid to show it to the world …[View]
175426287what exactly happened here?[View]
175421172I hear you are racist now /pol/[View]
175380224“State o’ Maine” - RACE WAR EDITION: Last thread: >>175342488 → Mods are memory-holing L’town …[View]
175421995This is why American health care is the greatest in the world[View]
175426894https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mRIAw6LkqlE 'All men ... are NOT created equal! Some are born swifte…[View]
175415818Adolf Hitler: A hero or a monster?[View]
175422799Daily Leaf Shitposting & Hate: Since you newfags like trashing leafs, let's see some OC con…[View]
175426760>>175412391 ayy lmao bump[View]
175421709>Spent entire life studying race >Thinks hispanic is a race I don't hate him but I'm…[View]
175385306Syria General /sg/ - Family Friendly Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordp…[View]
175426246Why do you hate the media so much, /pol/? You consume it probably more than any other group, includi…[View]
175421581What is he thinking right now ?[View]
175404860What would you do if you were made the absolute, dictatorial monarch of your country?[View]
175422428Stephen Paddock: Is he /ourguy/? What were his motivations? Some shlomos are saying he's altrig…[View]
175424560Is France a lost cause?[View]
175425621LTD GENERAL - Leftist Terrorist Database: In this thread we post pictures of unmasked leftyfags, and…[View]
175425354pagan hate thread: Norse pagans are fags who try to go back to old culture because they are trying t…[View]
175426285Sanity Kernel: Most people have it in their head that other humans need to pass their 'safety c…[View]
175410760>'d-daddy the teacher called the principal and said i wasn't allowed on our white ethnostate…[View]
175416619White man wins again nigga mad[View]
175425013https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbMqWXnpXcA >APES**T - THE CARTERS So these two idiots made a new…[View]
175426032The soccer WC started a couple of days ago and African, Middle Eastern and South American countries …[View]
175413128/sht/ Sweden Hate Thread: Graduation Edition[View]
175425847All can attend (any garage sale): OPERATION: make my Father's house not a place of merchandise …[View]
175420771The East has permanently fucked the West. All this anime shit has destroyed western society and cult…[View]
175419443So how long until /pol/ creates a nazi empire on Fallout 76 and starts killing off all the minoritie…[View]
175424641You should have done what we told you to goy![View]
175423266I just watched the newest Jurrasic Park movie. WTF is it with these jews always casting niggers as s…[View]
175425490Hello /pol/ , friendly goy here.. was just wondering, who is your favorite anti semite ? which one d…[View]
175424798German MP predicts Merkel could be OUSTED end of NEXT WEEK: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/975…[View]
175423140New Varg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RD0QehJpOZQ[View]
175417450Will USA still exist in 20 years or will it be destroyed in the inevitable race war?[View]
175424558Does anybody know how to get there own AI like tay tweets? i just want to have the same experiment l…[View]
175425249Redpill me on Jewish ritual murder/blood libel. Is there any truth to it? Sauces appreciated.[View]
175424292She.fucking.won Period[View]
175424035New Flu Strain in China has a Mortality Rate of 40%: Is this the end /pol/? https://youtu.be/ijwNyK7…[View]
175398011Boyfriend Moves In With My Husband & Kids: Is this the end of times? https://www.thecut.com/2018…[View]
175421359“Maman, why can’t we watch the games on the big screen downtown anymore?” “Because diversity is our …[View]
175424839New season of HWNDU: Are we still concerned about this?[View]
175420477america will cease to exist by 2040[View]
175420671Want to help Drain the Swamp?: We could amend the Constitution to cut off a lot of the Deep State…[View]
175409736How many immigrants & refugees would have stayed in their homelands if Western countries had not…[View]
175424551Articles about /pol/: Have you guys ever read articles that comment about /pol/? It's pretty fu…[View]
175420656PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - TICK TOCK EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
175424433So (((they))) know the power of meme magic? ITT meme magic: Post all the Pepes/Uriels[View]
175424420So what's the straight dick on the house GOP compromise leadership bill? Does this thing have a…[View]
175423261What is Ukip?[View]
175399150This triggers the millenial.[View]
175423755Giving kids free food and housing while their parents sit in jail is violence[View]
175424312>atheism isn’t a religi-[View]
175424130I figure you guys here know a lot about flags and shit. I saw this hanging in a store window downtow…[View]
175421130Going to War: In the past, it was expected that in time of war, men were expected to put their life …[View]
175424170Trump hate thread. Stupid kike lover[View]
175418593Please remind me who shutdown 200 dutch citizen on MH17?[View]
175411828REFUGEES WELCOME in Valencia - Aquarius edition: 629 illegal migrants from Africa have arrived in Va…[View]
175422710I just realized spanish tv networks used to air A LOT of black/african-american shows in prime time …[View]
175424144The fire rises: https://www.google.com/amp/s/mobile.nytimes.com/2018/06/16/us/massachusetts-yearbook…[View]
175423326I'm going to post Hitler every day until you love him[View]
175420393Pizzagate is CIA disinfo.[View]
175423996The absolute state of D&C Shillfaggots.[View]
175409474Shouldn't we solve the white trash question first?: Gotta get our house in order[View]
175423895Explain this one[View]
175423545Trump curse claims another!!! S[View]
175423770Nordicist DESTROYS /pol/ in just one article. White nationalism=Marxism, its codeword for the subhum…[View]
175409861Do liberals have souls?[View]
175419428Are they all this fucked up?[View]
175410324Pacifism general: What do you think about pacifism, pol?[View]
175423783Is the AFP a honeypot, or are they a legitimate nationalist group?[View]
175422764Insanity: 71% want world peace with North Korea to FAIL so that Trump cant get credit And this was o…[View]
175421275Do you guys believe in italy and austria? What can go wrong that we should look for? I dont want the…[View]
175422735How did he get away with this?[View]
175408552What was the 2002-2007 housing bubble like? Americans please respond[View]
175422713Portugal in 2018: The new idol in Portugal is a mongrel faggot (or nigger?) who loves Beyonce. What…[View]
175409001NPR bought secretly by China: NPR is not funded well, they have no business model so they rely on do…[View]
175419817Hes doing it to 'em farm[View]
175423221BREAKING NEWS: Jake Paul is a white supremacist.[View]
175421489Important things trump did?: I have this fag of friend who keeps insisting in the 'yeaah, butt what …[View]
175422130FREE LULA / LULA LIVRE: FREE LULA we not vamos nos calar. FREE LULA já.[View]
175422424How do we solve the super hero problem?[View]
175423315What did he mean by this?[View]
175417498Homosexuality is natural: Explain to me, how can you claim homosexuality to be unnatural when specie…[View]
17542043940% Of You Faggots Are Going Die: >‘DISEASE X’ FEARS Terrifying new strain of bird flu that kills…[View]
175419555Eritrean refugee who gripped inside woman's mouth is let off hook... by Jewish Judge: Maidstone…[View]
175423096Its time for the revolution pol. Please read and share. Or don't, but if we don't have an …[View]
175390027Anyone else watched this on Netflix?[View]
175423075nice try retards you aint gonna shake tumblr that easily[View]
175393804Is the mainstream media onto the Gen Z meme?[View]
175417890Why do people act like National Socialism is still a thing? What does 'Nazi' mean anymore?[View]
175421256CNN HATE THREAD: CNN are currently educating us with a big white board about what are 'good facts' a…[View]
175408807Natsoc optics thread: Daily Reminder that NMR (Nordic Resistance Movement) has the best optics on th…[View]
175411718Éire/pol/ - Night Before Mass Edition: Thread Theme | Téama Snáithe: https://youtu.be/8-XwirqOW6M Na…[View]
175406688Explain to me why publicly masturbating is more morally wrong than taxation.: Protip: You can't…[View]
175405024video games: what went wrong? were they doomed from the start? were they always a ploy to brainwash?…[View]
175408649Who goes to your homeland and who is not. R8 me[View]
175422694the deviant problem: here guys have fun this is a good old discord server full of deviants let'…[View]
175422656Not Hogg's President.[View]
175416544Chick-fil-A: so here's my conundrum. i'm a liberal, and i'm all for tolerance of gays…[View]
175420242Are channels like the British Pathe allowed to have copyright claims on archived historical footage …[View]
175408119New-Danes found raping 13 year old girls in Denmark: https://ekstrabladet.dk/112/fire-piger-ofre-for…[View]
175422662Really makes ya think..[View]
175414988Sam Hyde: Is he the greatest comedic mind of our generation? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udqqjI…[View]
175420520why dont we all band together and start a movement where we all mail letters to christopher wray (th…[View]
175422189WHAT'S GOING ON?!?!??: (((Deep))) State locking ourguy Manafort up. Jailed for the rest of his …[View]
175421562Tommy Robinson Prison Interview: ARE TOMMEH'S PRISON INTERVIEW![View]
175411190SWEDEN YES MUSSIE SUPERHERO ON THE RISE: There's a new mussie superhero on the rise in sweden(n…[View]
175422324why is he such a snowflake the media is dem and rep[View]
175399301WHY ARE YOUNG PEOPLE TAXED >be me >make about 24,000 a year BEFORE taxes >AFTER taxes I onl…[View]
175422192A few months ago I was forced to be homeless after I lost my job and became delinquent on my payment…[View]
175418760Do you find any of these things in Islamic countries?: Do you?[View]
175422112ITS HAPENNING!!!!!!!!!!: HOLLYYYYY FUUUUUUUCKK WW3 NOW!!!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9IfH…[View]
175409311doctor here: alright need help with a patient, 'she's' calling for a self-diagnosis of bacteria…[View]
175415796What did you think about the Zeitgeist movies?[View]
175420488Ignorance may be blissful: After spreading awareness about certain painful truths I'm often met…[View]
175421122What the hell are we going to do about Article 13[View]
175422073Fuck /nupol/: Last thread was insta (((shoah))) for obvious redditor mods with (((shlomo))) guiding …[View]
175408107Post great quotes by great people[View]
175417565Which one of you fucks got to my 6 year old son: What the hell am I supposed to do?[View]
175422030Kim Your Enthusiasm: https://youtu.be/utxx6o_VHBo[View]
175410044what is wrong with this boomer faggot? apparently he got a black eye because he headbutted a guy wh…[View]
175421516the Jews are already programming the next generation with violent imagery of fire, anarchy and destr…[View]
175399604Nuremberg Trials: What went down at the Nuremberg Trials? Did anyone confess to gassing jews? Some H…[View]
175421188Reddit soyboys are turning on Elon musk: He went from their #1 leader to the second most hated man o…[View]
175419820Where were you when you found out that the allied invasion of sicily gave power back to the mafia, m…[View]
175420960Everybody rises for the Prince of United Kingdom[View]
175393396Why do American schools hate Asians so much?: >Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) said Harvard p…[View]
175397969Find a more relatable politician i'll wait.[View]
175420896WE: >https://www.advocate.com/commentary/2018/6/14/whitewashed-history-hiv-black-teen-died-aids-1…[View]
175416004This is the President of the World. Say something nice about him.[View]
175418375Chimps and orangutans could be extinct by the end of the century, scientists warn: https://www.thesu…[View]
175420774Is Stephen Miller /ourjew/?[View]
175419844The End Game Approaches: How will leftists defend the implicit bias of the FBI and shoddy investigat…[View]
175419572Alright /pol/, give me your best pizzagate infographics, a friend of mine is more than ready for the…[View]
175419223Race mixing with the jew: I'm a white male and want a Jewish woman. How does this scale with ra…[View]
175376136PIZZAGATE UK HAPPENING: QUICK RUNDOWN: >guy investigates child prostitution >finds its happeni…[View]
175421407Five Guys supervisor Googled 'can I get in trouble for texting a minor?' after grooming a …[View]
175419739EA: Lets fuck with EA. So after Battlefield 1 was released femminists complained that there were no …[View]
175421342Them: Do you ever think so /pol? Do you ever feel as though you failed them? Every homo, every trann…[View]
175416887Most searched plastic surgery procedures by state[View]
175421186HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US: http://www.hewillnotdivide.us/ ITS FUCKING BACK[View]
175421167Good evening, Sir: I have an AB from Yale, a master's degree from Princeton, an MBA from Harvar…[View]
175408320Realistically speaking, how long until technology will be able to provide perfect woman robots that …[View]
175420761I'm looking for that graph that gets posted around here that illustrates how females with singl…[View]
175420913What did he mean by this?[View]
175420868HWNDU: Whats happening boys http://www.hewillnotdivide.us[View]
175420845Delivery driver rips of christian cross: Christian homeowner is disgusted after CCTV caught her take…[View]
175418662>meanwhile in the non meme timeline[View]
175401683MACRON, NOO: Macron sides with Italy over Germany on migration https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/…[View]
175420727Ajaz Karim 'massaged 14 year-old's naked body front to back' at private school: A spo…[View]
175412069IQ and Honesty (in thought): Leftists lack the latter, Rightists the former: Without solid premises,…[View]
175420173Superstar Dhanraj Singh jailed for taxi sex attack on white girl: Non-Muslim shitskins are benign an…[View]
175420034hi /pol/, just found this and thought you might enjoy it: An old Polish anti-Jew poster thing. 'The …[View]
175420544Autistic Liberal Screeching: Post your all time best screenshots, memes, and photos of liberal chimp…[View]
175418597Why is India so polluted?: Why do they shit everywhere? Why is it so fucked up and polluted?[View]
175417818Are the Jews really behind everything?: Is this really the case?[View]
175420216Iranians don’t even look Iranian anymore.: Wtf happened over there. They literally look like Saudi A…[View]
175405429Adultery should be a crime: Adultery should literally land you in jail. It's too easy for someo…[View]
175417827So 5th Reich when?[View]
175417980/UBI/ Basic income: What's the point of living if we live in hell? Why incentive growing inequa…[View]
175420295Evil Eye among the wicked: How long has the influence of the evil eye escaped us? why do politicians…[View]
175416572Islam: How can we stop islam[View]
175420250Quit it with the goddamn Heroin.[View]
175352881What is your ecological footprint /pol/? If it’s less then 2, you are a pussy Nu-Male. https://www.…[View]
175420119Fellow Brit fags. Drill music, yay or nay?[View]
175415573Some on Twitter say Criminal Leaker Comey is running in 2020 from a pic taken in Iowa.[View]
175416268Why are there artificial barriers between Science, Religion, etc.?: Everything is so balkanized, I f…[View]
175418470Is the USA the biggest force of degeneracy and the decay of culture? Would the world be better off i…[View]
175418272How could a white person vote for the democrats in the current year?: Besides healthcare the democra…[View]
175413957Religion: >calls herself spiritual >believes in astrology and magic crystals but not god…[View]
175419896ubermensch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Anspb33vq18[View]
175419833Pogo: Gay Pride Mascot: Fags need to own it[View]
175419799If the USA Wasn't The Head of Our Current Global Order Who Should It Be?: Would people honestly…[View]
175417753Saviour of the European race: he will establish the jew-free white ethnostate on Mars[View]
175419704There must be a pattern here.[View]
175419710Wheatfield Tradwives thread[View]
175412995Why does /pol/ hate Indians so much?: (from the US, on vacation) I live in the Midwest, as a researc…[View]
175418138I’m hella depressed I am so tired of nonwhites taking over our countries and we can’t do anything ab…[View]
175389542What is /pol/ opinion on Baltic states?[View]
175402148Multiculturalism has finally come to Norway! Just took this astounding photograph of this girl being…[View]
175407479Brit/pol/ : Calm Before the Drunk Eddie Edition: HERE WE HERE WE HERE WE FUCKING GO[View]
175419154As a serious question: why is it illegal for an adult woman to have sex with underage guys?: As a se…[View]
175417065Why do childless women make the shittiest politicians?[View]
175419354DEATH TO JEWS: every country every state everywhere. jews they are fucking njiggers and should be al…[View]
175395164America gets cucked by its own people: Even your own people hate you, lol[View]
175419209>What else should I be >All apologies >What else could I say >Everyone is gay >What e…[View]
175411560Poo-In-The-Loo: Snakes Showing Up in People's Toilets in Bangkok. Snakes emerging from people’s…[View]
175417312Fag pride month: In honor of our mentally ill friends, let's have a faggot btfo thread Post sta…[View]
175419060Einstein Was A Racist: I guess this means the Theory of Relativity is no longer valid… http://www.fo…[View]
175415844#askwhy: My two cents on the gun control debate. Stop asking 'How' people are killing each other. St…[View]
175419042>boomers will die in your lifetime >boomers will get killed at (((homes))) in your lifetime …[View]
175417797Nigger hate thread[View]
175418964How do you feel about street preaching “burn in hell” evangelicals? I had a conversation with a hyp…[View]
175418954What do the desktops of /pol/ look like today?[View]
175416806pol btfo: /pol/ BTFO[View]
175405201Will Spaniards and Mestizos ever pay retribution for what they did to the native people in the Ameri…[View]
175418207wc Denmark beats Perú 1-0 pic related was the danish striker[View]
175416940Why is a federal Europe a bad thing? No wars, a big country that can compete with USA, China and res…[View]
175413594Stephen Coughlin and Islamic Infiltration: We've been losing the civilizational war against Isl…[View]
175415212>chuckles Whot is white, /pol/? >chuckles You can't even tell me, can you?! >chuckles …[View]
175413790Convert to Islam! Save the West![View]
175416744>This board is for the discussion of news, world events, political issues, and other related topi…[View]
175416187Heil /Pol/...: I need your help to find a Nazi pic. Is the one with a naked bodybuilder (kinda BAP) …[View]
175390999RETARD KING DISTROYS IMMIGRANT CHILDREN FOR FUN: >Thanks Geotus How cucked and retarded do you ha…[View]
175413751The absolute monster this man is.[View]
175409077fix the white population problem PAID white births: trump should start a 'pay to birth' for whites o…[View]
175416573Crypto Jew: Who are some less obvious Jews who don't look anything like the ashkenazi Jew gobli…[View]
175416941Pakistani shopkeeper Rana Aslam groomed and sexually assaulted white girl aged 12: The victim, who c…[View]
175399129what caused the collapse of National Socialism?[View]
175418325Poo i loos BTFO!: The average Indian man is physically weaker than the average Icelandic woman http:…[View]
175416813The Balkans: What’s up /POL/, so I’m part of the Facebook community as im sure some of you are aware…[View]
175413013>at work >customer purchases cigarettes with EBT Cash…[View]
175405709Meanwhile, on /politically correct/[View]
175410878Why were are there problems between Croatia and Serbia? Are they friends now?[View]
175404955How many levels of anti-whiteness are you on /pol/?[View]
175414434Is this the correct order? The lowest are on the bottom of course.[View]
175418056What a fucking communist. How can anyone idolize the founding fathers?[View]
175413464*Refuses to make you a wedding cake* What do you do /Pol/ ?[View]
175415517The ultimate redpill: In 20 years retirement will be looked at as we currently look at 1950's e…[View]
175417758Uber driver Muhammad Khurram Durrani raped passenger then took a selfie with her: An Uber driver who…[View]
175410479Why do you hate gay people? It's just sex[View]
175395886SUICIDE WATCH: Jobseekers in Finland will in future have to apply for four jobs a month or have thei…[View]
175414758PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - SMUG EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov ht…[View]
175399402Can we kick Canada the fuck out of NATO as well as NAFTA?: >Constantly fail to maintain basic 2% …[View]
175411342Is he /our guy/?[View]
175415242Sweden's biggest newspaper calls out Nintendo for releasing porn game: https://spela.aftonblade…[View]
175414636Tommy Robinson first jail interview!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X77qP17Ljjg What should be don…[View]
175415183>borderline mind-control levels of advertising and propaganda for cola. >Drinking cola reduces…[View]
175417448Wordl Cup: Mexicans harass Russian girl: Mexishits harass white Russian girl “The Russian will suck …[View]
175417182BLHFLUMFT!!!!!: BLHFLUMFT we need to cross the border into Canada blufflumf is going to put us into …[View]
175417589meme politics: how can we un normie 4chan? lets ask one of those computer fags to build a new 4c or …[View]
175413093Would this be legal in Britan? >4.5cm blade >pure plastic >cute hearts to mask it's de…[View]
175407117The bad word: Why 'can't' white people say the n-word[View]
175416914No point in fighting: Is there any point in trying to giht (them) when they have clearly already des…[View]
175413230THE AVENGERS COMMUNIST ORIGIN: Do you guys know where this name comes from? It was a Communist group…[View]
175416428Baby Boomers are cancer. Discuss[View]
175410090Reminder that jews are not a race, but rather a collective of different ethnicities bound together b…[View]
175401892>Ehm hellooo? 4chan??? >You still don't get it, do you? I'm not a commie. >look, …[View]
175417173Last bastions of freedom >France >Germany >Canada everywhere else is corrupt…[View]
175403043Need something to watch thats POL-rated.[View]
175416627Damn... so this is what Hitler meant by the Aryan race.[View]
175408010Canada-USA trade relations: Remember we're your second largest trading partner. The US also bar…[View]
175414699/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
175412943YOU'RE A RACIST!: I know I'm being a self-promoting faggot OP by sharing my own video, but…[View]
175409935France YES: Press s to spit[View]
175416645grug sad: |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| nigrugs coming …[View]
175416673What's goin on withe the EU? Why is Italy so based https://www.yahoo.com/news/italy-minister-bl…[View]
175399998bill nye's save the world is actually a surprisingly good tv show if you haven't seen it y…[View]
175414741Slavery: We[View]
175411954>lets deport all illegals who work >lets keep all the legal mexicans who use far more services…[View]
175412818Can we all agree that Coach Red Pill is essentially our /pol/ dad[View]
175416465Migrant children Fee (or tax): Could the problem of Migrants >Coming in >Exploiting Welfare …[View]
175415599What does the mafia think of the (((refugees))), pizzabros?[View]
175416425Have they beaten us already? West flooded with 3rd worlders Nuclear family destroyed and white wom…[View]
175414002When will wytebois learn? How many beatings does the black man have to inflict on whites before they…[View]
175414160poor pakis going hungry not enough white kids: they're not making enough money raping and prost…[View]
175408316Where do you get your news from?[View]
175416264Principle of Charity: It is a good habit and thinking exercise to be able to restate one's oppo…[View]
175415913What will happen to based mutts when shit hits the fan? Will we be spared?[View]
175416028how could they??: Why are white English children so mean???[View]
175397886The fire rises in Belgium? Patriots fuck over globalists: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgNgxZK0HX…[View]
175415145What did he mean by this /pol/: Is he natsoc?[View]
175413750>'land of the free' >illegal to set up booby traps around my own home…[View]
175415698R8 my understanding of history Why Anglos conquer the third world: >spices >tea leaves >rar…[View]
175415848should Trump and Kim swap haircuts? Trump would look menacing af instead of looking his ol' goo…[View]
175415837HEY FAGGOTS: THE INTERNET IS GETTING RAPED http://saveyourinternet.eu/ https://www.liberties.eu/en/c…[View]
175403602How do you reconcile your racism with the fact that there are a lot of perfectly good non-whites, an…[View]
175415185Sorry, Drumpf, But Your Hands Are Simply Too Small To Ever Fit Around Your Massive, Girthy Penis!: G…[View]
175415624When will /pol/ become great again? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7ZuffBrloo[View]
175413234ihatethiscountry: Mass incarceration is not a solution to unemployment, nor is it a solution to the …[View]
175415687Individual Liberties Can Only Be Protected On A Collective Scale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oK…[View]
175415656Trans Apendaged LGTBQPM(maimed): Let's take a moment to applaud the courage and bravery these p…[View]
175415485STOP living in cities[View]
175369534Diversity and Living standards: Why does /pol/ keep spouting that multicultural and diverse places a…[View]
175406333Armed revolution: The more and more I ponder, the political solution to white genocide seems more an…[View]
175413541Muslim extremist: UnderCover - Suspicious: Something about this guy, makes me very uneasy! https://w…[View]
175415359What's Behind The Trudeau-Trump Feud and Trade War: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhSfpE_DVUU…[View]
175415317Reminder: Ashkenazi Jews are an ethnic group.: They are an ancient near eastern population who hasn’…[View]
175415076How The Enemy Promotes Controlled Opposition Groups And Figures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96M…[View]
175415238Does anyone know of terrorist or criminal youtube channels? Gimme deepweb links.[View]
175415067WTF BRITS UK PRIME MINISTER DONS THE HIJAB: new video. Theresa May wears the Muslim hijab to show su…[View]
175415132Heil /Pol/: I need your help to find a Nazi pic. Is the one with a naked bodybuilder (kinda BAP) loo…[View]
175396992When will finally eliminate the scourge known as the memeflag?[View]
175413560The elephant in the room: Why is that americans never discuss and agree to change the 14th amendment…[View]
175400032>When self learning AI is given FBI crime statistics, Reoffender rates and various other crime st…[View]
175397516If white is the superior race then why will their child have zero (0) white features?[View]
175413323Killing Europe - Documentary: This documentary quite literally makes me want to travel to Europe and…[View]
175412359The age of the white man is truly over.. Spics and Niggers are put on a pedestal in America and I…[View]
175395554Why do LOLbertarians so fucking retarded faggots when it comes to cops? https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
175413907Kyrgyzstani terrorist in Russia l: What is up with these Turkic mongols? And why does Russia harbor …[View]
175413879Missing Link Found? 'New' giant ape found in DR Congo: >'Primate researcher and anthrop…[View]
175415821Will rocket powered helicoptors eventually replace drones?: Clearly a new emerging technology that t…[View]
175400086Two years ago today Jo Cox was murdered.: Two years ago today, 16th June 2016, civil rights activist…[View]
175411905Leftypol Loves Billionaires: Why do leftists hate redpilling/shitposting about their billionaire bud…[View]
175406014Google's diversity report is up... and it's beautiful — I mean, terrible!: Leftards were a…[View]
175414774How The British Government Plans To Betray Brexit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KB6NDPD2lnM…[View]
175414767Italy and Hungary will fix the EU EVROPA for Europeans![View]
175413847As an American, how the FUCK am I supposed to remain faithful to the white race when there are mixed…[View]
175414294is leftism a mental illness?[View]
175414671Beating The Censorship: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiyGR0aHU3o[View]
175413270Russia Taximan saves the day: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/world-news/710091/world-cup-russia-ta…[View]
175399282>be billionaire's daughter >get knocked up by a convicted felon >give him $100,000+ do…[View]
175414553So last night I went barhopping with some people and we ended up in some biker bar in NE Calgary and…[View]
175412590ERIC 'BIKE LOCK BOI' CLANTON: So what ever happened to this faggot? His trial was 3 days ago and I h…[View]
175406684Meme magic is real: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kdka1WN1c8c The universe is far, far stranger th…[View]
175405782what is your problem??[View]
175407620Why is it called transphobia etc? 'phobia' implies that i am scared or something I am not fucking sc…[View]
175413899>shills for free, combating the Christian menace with convoluted bias and their bleeding vagines…[View]
175414403WOLFPACK 4 LIFE!!!!: What is your ideal stable? BTW Pat Miletich is a 3 hours drive from me and it…[View]
175413088Does the Intellectual Dark Web exist? Or is it just another pseudo-intellectual larp?[View]
175414225Why are white people so fuking awkward freaks? Omg this make me cringe back to my asshole. https://w…[View]
175408403Fornication (=all sex outside or before marriage) should be a crime. discuss.[View]
175412938Potential gay purging happening in Russia: https://www.bbc.com/news/newsbeat-44371541 They're g…[View]
175403761Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Final Countdown Edition: >polls http://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen/ …[View]
175404747Why is India such a shithole?[View]
175413199How does /pol/ explain the high IQ of Nigerian immigrants to the US?[View]
175413457What Happened Nov 4th? NOTHING: There was a planned happening - then absolutely nothing happened. Wa…[View]
175411919Other Fascists on /pol/, why did Italy have such a shit economy, autistic natsocs pls don’t enter.[View]
175389507Reporter sneaks into Bildberberg: We learn nothing - talk about a wasted opportunity http://www.dai…[View]
175412609Hourly reminder that the roastiecaust is coming[View]
175411783Everyone here is posting ironically except you[View]
175413485phew >“We have not called for the killing of white people. At least for now. I can’t guarantee th…[View]
175412230They're real[View]
175413217Sir James Goldsmith: He was the UK's Trump The original Brexiteer https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
175410977Are you yellowpilled /pol/[View]
175410886This Fucking Article: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-44504344 I'm writing a complaint t…[View]
175409356https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nliGOuJL5A Skip to 2:21 ELON MUSK IS /OURGUY/[View]
175410600Lmfao comon Croat brothers kill these majmunat[View]
175407775A Plesant Reminder.: If you use the word 'holocaust' for anything but a sacrificial offering that ha…[View]
175410765Damn. Houthis are severely outnumbered in Hudaydah. 1000 vs 26,500. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ba…[View]
175409407What did Feinstein mean by this?[View]
175407340Faggots who criticize TR on here: Here we have a courageous soldier with more balls than anyone on p…[View]
175412882Daily no fap thread: Good morning everyone. It’s a new day no fap. Can we generate some content to h…[View]
175412944Why is it that the only people who advocate for socialism are NEETs and poor people?[View]
175392375MUELLER AGENT CAUGHT COMMITTING TREASON: “I’ve initiated destruction of the Republic”: The report al…[View]
175411263Homosexuality isn't a disorder, but gaming is!: Wow, looks like all those gamergater man babies…[View]
175403031i want to go back in time and get Mosley into power so we could avoid this dystopia that we created …[View]
175365601Welp, Sorry California fags. Its never going to turn around.[View]
175409118FIGHT TECH ADDICTION WITH AGE RESTRICTIONS: children are more damaged than ever because of electroni…[View]
175403788Soccer: Why is soccer a communist sport?[View]
175410582Cuckolding seems to be spreading like AIDS.How do we stop it?: Practical solutions.[View]
175410022>marx was a capitalist >said by literally elon musk…[View]
175407019Help!: Hey guys, I wanted to post an infograph in a forum were it showed that the group of asylum se…[View]
175410325>post le 56% white meme. >is actually 99.8 white himself…[View]
175412653The Futures Bleak The Futures Death: Orange Bosses on trial for Suicidal Deaths. 'They either go out…[View]
175397925British culture still being erased by political correctness: To avoid misogyny and not trigger women…[View]
175405451Stalin was the greatest leader to ever live. Better than Hitler[View]
175407592Trump Oven[View]
175407644So what did happen to the hippes after the movement died? Did they find jobs?[View]
175391187“Trump White Baby Boom”- A New Hope?: >>Be me, Blackpilled on the fate of the US >>Don’t…[View]
175411597do you like him /pol/?[View]
175411869Day by day, I realize they were right all along...[View]
175411792>can't do drugs >too brainlet to sift through the copious amounts of information online a…[View]
175412033is it safe to assume if I buy one of these brands, that the Chinese government has a backdoor to all…[View]
175407707Dick-tator hussein: Meet Muhammad Hasan Chandoo & Wahid Hamid, Obama's friends I wonder why…[View]
175409178Being visible in public is rape culture: >be edamame man >walking to train station >see wo…[View]
175408548When did liberalism take over the west?: Can someone explain to me when exactly liberalism took over…[View]
175410424My dream predicts Merkel’s political end: Here is the previous post which I posted ahead of the Bamf…[View]
175411818Realistic way to turn the US into a racial state: People complain that segregating the races in the …[View]
175411539Political commentators: I mean honestly what is the appeal here? How is he even remotely tolerable? …[View]
175390947how is Trump still alive?[View]
175411757MSM Ignores Facts: The propaganda is obvious. Why are the masses so clueless that Obama was the depo…[View]
175405221A couple of weeks ago I saw a couple of aircrafts making these lines and was reminded of the conspir…[View]
175412208Am i the only young guy in my early twenties, who finds young women even some in their 30's nar…[View]
175401711What do you know about ... ?: ITT: We name something that was invented in the last poster's cou…[View]
175400582Let's share mutual stories and we help each other: >be me 3 months ago >be a fat lazy nec…[View]
175397541/POL/ BTFO: on so many different levels[View]
175409271I just moved to Florida, USA. Where do you find decent women who aren't either used up, or whor…[View]
175410955Does this annoy the french?: National football team. 23 members. Only 6 are white. Is it because the…[View]
175392300How do we address the upcoming doctor shortage? The Association of American Medical Colleges project…[View]
175406398I thought California was bankrupt.: Did /pol/ lie to me?[View]
175411434Films: Are there any /pol/ approved historically, psychologically or socially accurate films?[View]
175409446/pol/, I don't consider myself a Holocaust denier, but I'm really beginning to understand …[View]
175411306>'Gen Z is the most conservative generation ever! Heil Trump!' >they're all low IQ Go fig…[View]
175410103pope francis: >this is a false po-[View]
175409115Why Americans don't play football like civilised countries?: Is it because of diet?[View]
175411386Was hitler the original incel? Is this the reason why incels are literally Hitler and are danger for…[View]
175407883Overpopulation: Christians will tell you there are enough resources for everyone.[View]
175410968how high is the chance this faggot kills himself: I'll bet about 40%[View]
175411280What did Google Doodles mean by this? Yet another doodle prominently displaying non whites. Why do t…[View]
175411206Who's Next?: Trump Curse is feeding on the salty tears of the demented weak sisters and their w…[View]
175410003/Pol/ Infecting UK Schools: I hope you're happy with yourselves. https://news.sky.com/story/tee…[View]
175411130Niggers BTFO'D: Lol darkies get recked[View]
175411075Christianity isn’t jewish But proddism is >removes all books from the Bible that jews tell you th…[View]
175402620Explain this to me. America land of the brave, land of the free, Everyone trusts their government 10…[View]
175410818What do we do about the infestation of non-political, shit stirring identity political bait threads …[View]
175408594POWDERFUL: >This timeline...[View]
175362172Serbfags, why do you hate all your neighbors?[View]
175407409Immigrant accused of raping 18-year-old birthday girl says he invited her home for a 'happy tim…[View]
175410879You have got to be fucking kidding me. I'd do anything for my son, fuck you kikes.[View]
175403587Theresa May Breaks Fast With Muslims: How can Brits live with this traitor as their head of state? I…[View]
175405106Its just reached comedy at this point: http://archive.is/7MWsE[View]
175408895Fourth Dimensional Memes: In this thread we discuss memes. The idea in mind is this..... ----> Is…[View]
175385761the only good thing about multiculturalism is the food tacos and kebabs are fucking delicious[View]
175410683Brexit thread - is anything happening?: Apparently there is talk of an extension for Britain by at l…[View]
175407868Einstein hated chinks: If only he had predicted the present day nigger horde[View]
175410411Principle of Charity: It is a good habit and thinking exercise to be able to restate one's oppo…[View]
175401849A person should be judged by their decisions Not by the actions of other people who share an arbitra…[View]
175400859ANTIFA NGO BTFO AGAIN BY SALVINI: Translation: 'this gentlemen is in the crew of the German ONG wai…[View]
175409661My jewgle today[View]
175402172Crypto Jews: This chick right here WAS and Is a Redpill all on her own. She's everything wrong …[View]
175405383So, um, people mock Trump for being on twitter too much but Hillary posts shit like this?[View]
175407909Yo fags. Redpill me on what happens when a white man crosses the border into mexico. Is there any wa…[View]
17540645828 000 refugees arrive in Germany in one month: https://www.krone.at/1724382 There was 28 000 male M…[View]
175408427Are modern liberals too lazy and vapid to accomplish any real or positive change?[View]
175409886Happy pride month goyim! https://gab.ai/Rabid_Doberman/posts/27647027[View]
175409837Following the discovery of Jordan Peterson's support for the promotion of economic migrants: in…[View]
175409797Sharia Law - Al-Andalus Edition: Why is Sharia Law bad if it is the things that jews fear the most? …[View]
175381666Ok what is going on... Elon is going full 14 88[View]
175406815President Trump Vetoing Wall AGAIN?: Ryan's Border Security and Immigration Reform doesn't…[View]
175395199The Young and Beautiful become easy targets for Hollywood Liberals: >Feminist virus is easily con…[View]
175408980MEME idea: Make callout memes for pictures with guys with mouths open. call it something like a domi…[View]
175408708What would be the geopolitical losses of nuking 85 percent of Africa[View]
175406167US expected to quit UN Human Rights Council over ‘chronic anti-Israel bias’: http://archive.is/QUEFM…[View]
175408227is the stab in the back theory actually true?[View]
175403456Single mom hate thread: Who else fucking hates these selfish cunts?[View]
175409201The awkward moment you realize the Brexit vote was Islamenter vote. Why politicians care if you marc…[View]
175409170What did they mean by this?[View]
175398422>pic related arrives and says that we are invited to the intergalactic council of civilizations, …[View]
175407252can you fucking retarded basement dwellers, please stop with the pizzagate shit? John podesta is not…[View]
175409063Why are french women thirsty for Kara Boga´s pau preto from Brazil??[View]
175409049We can stop separating families by building the wall. If they can’t get across the border they can’t…[View]
175408703https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9-HBqVbtTo Black fantasy is now a genre.[View]
175407530China will collapse. Prove me wrong.[View]
175406598San Diego wall construction: 14 miles of scrap metal fencing is getting replaced in San Diego. the r…[View]
175404273PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - RONALDO EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov…[View]
175408911Good Nazi documentaries: Can someone please post me some links to good “no bullshit” documentaries a…[View]
175408893Why are italians are such shit people.: I hate this fucking accent. This mobster wannabe mentality. …[View]
175408767/pol/, can you please provide me information about the percentage of the non-white population in Fra…[View]
175408879The absolute madman strikes again: > During the gathering in Quebec — which ended with Trump leav…[View]
175408864Why Saudi Arabia is on the human rights council /pol/?[View]
175399164New AI Meme Generator, We are fuuuucked.: >We all know that in the near future humanity will come…[View]
175403318The aftermath of #metoo: Metoo wrought lot of havoc but in many cases didn't really accomplish …[View]
175408466Is NK NatSoc?: Why is North Korea considered communist when their extremely nationalistic, militaris…[View]
175401365Is Trump going to become Hitler 2.0?[View]
175408632When Foriegn heroes: More patriotic towards your country then thier own.[View]
175400911Press f to spit on her feted corpse.[View]
175407391Why does pol hate the science of phycology?[View]
17539975150% of arabs are inbred: So, do we have any Muslims or Arabs in general who want to explain this ? h…[View]
175408413>the absolute state of Oregon[View]
175408414Pajeet beast jailed for sexual attack on young white woman: >Sikh turbanites are cool guys and br…[View]
175383988Daily reminder that the FBI thinks you're all retarded[View]
175407155My Aryan lads, Krishna gave everyone Absolute Freedom of Speech. Till you get caught ! https://qz.co…[View]
175403083A little perspective is in order: 'That's no moon..'[View]
175407541What will come after Merkel?[View]
175402999>that injun boomer who’s life goal is to just drink all day[View]
175407906Anyone else find it mildly concerning that Twitter (Trump notwithstanding) has become a mainstay of …[View]
175405575What do we do with the epidemic of young white men that are not growing up and are refusing to parta…[View]
175407090Why are American police such Cliches?: >The tough Irish American cop. >The snarky Hispanic co…[View]
175404227What does /pol/ think of Dr. Phil?[View]
175397858What's Behind The Trudeau-Trump Feud and Trade War: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhSfpE_DVUU…[View]
175397705How we are fighting against Baudrillards hyper real spectacle: We are actually living in a post mode…[View]
175388746Patrick Little = JEWISH AGENT: Where were you when you found out that Patrick Little is a controlled…[View]
175404518Is Ion Hazzikostas /our guy/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipnUxxNrw_s[View]
175402656SOROS PUSHES 2ND BREXIT REFERENDUM: >Soros-backed campaign to push for new Brexit vote within a y…[View]
175400840Ideal world maps: There's a specific one I'm looking for here that i lost for debate reaso…[View]
175404759I can't even have a good glass of s0. y milk anymore without thinking about you fags[View]
175407250So, when parents and children (both here illegally) are separated, we know where the chitlins go. Bu…[View]
175400618Why don't americans fight at games? Are they all just a bunch of numale cucks?[View]
175407833Ohio Senate election: Get this out there if this reaches the right people, we can flip Ohio. https:/…[View]
175406393Eritrean who gripped inside woman's mouth is let off hook by Jew judge: Maidstone, Kent: A teen…[View]
175406527I Stand Behind Trudeau On This Trade Issue: t. rightwinger[View]
175405045Todays Goolags doodle channels podestas pizza gate artist. Time to save the children from these sick…[View]
175406163'The mind is a canvas on which the media writes.': t. Leftists >Russia is destroying our election…[View]
175406911Uber driver who raped passenger then took a selfie with her jailed for 12 years: An Uber driver who …[View]
175406987What are your favorite political books?[View]
175402953how do we solve the right wing masculinity crisis?[View]
175407517What did they mean by this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvtVK3GxoO4 I know that a lot of people…[View]
175407292Rundown of Vidal de la Blanche and Albert Demangeon theories: Can someone give me a rundown of Vidal…[View]
175405818Pepe Plush Sold out: What am I supposed to do now? I'm trying to buy a Pepe plush for a friend,…[View]
175376813Judy Wood sister of John Podesta, literally can't make it up: anyone want to take a guess what …[View]
175393221when did you stop watching alex jones?[View]
175405181How do some women have abortions? Don't women have a natural instinct to protect their offsprin…[View]
175407121when is /pol/ going to stand up for gamers???[View]
175406868TRUMP FAN-BOYS BE LIKE: BUT HE'S OUR GOD EMPEROR!: Trump is a genius at touting nonexistent ach…[View]
175406981If You Live by Violence, You Die By Violence: https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=k9kq_1529064004…[View]
175400967The day of the rope.: Who goes first in your country ?[View]
175404684>be me >start work at 14 >work 8 hours after school everyday >pick up shifts on the week…[View]
175404683Am I ascending?: Hey so i took a bet to see if I can go a year without saying the n word or any kind…[View]
175386801What Did He Mean By This?[View]
175395264Brit/pol/ - MtNiglet edition[View]
175406902What's up with this guy?: https://old.reddit.com/r/RadBigHistory/ >inb4 'Reddit lol…[View]
175393616If anyone needed proof of institutional shilling (read: JIDF) on this board, check out >>1753…[View]
175406769>Tragedy as body of missing Missouri boy, 17, who was headed to Harvard to study computer science…[View]
175389976>be woman >instead of working, do party planning and 'charity events' (aka company tax write-o…[View]
175382383Britain should stay in the EU.: Prove me wrong. You can't.[View]
175403247Absolute state of the Israeli Army[View]
175406621Racial Harmony through Social Means: 17th century Europeans venturing in the Americas faced a harsh …[View]
175397115VERY BAD TIMES FOR the US ECONOMY AHEAD: Russia dumps half of its US Treasury bonds. Russia has held…[View]
175401475FRANCE YES: Macron to take rejected Italian migrants, says it is Europes duty to open its hearts and…[View]
175405002320-Million-Year-Old Rock Formation Destroyed by Vandals in England: I wonder who could that be?…[View]
175404274Something's rotten in the state of Denmark...[View]
175402663U.S. Police being trained by Israeli Military https://thefreethoughtproject.com/military-guns-down-p…[View]
175404679Do you think most non whites hate white people?: Generally speaking. Is /pol/ simply projecting thei…[View]
175406346Stagnation in Safety or Prosperity in Pioneering: 'Nirvana is not for this world.' -Jesus 19th centu…[View]
175405373Next king of Sweden, he is mainly french,german and brazilian[View]
175404647>Soccer: Invented (or at least modernized) by women. Hardly any scoring & it's boring as…[View]
175404529Okay /pol/, if Biblical Israel is white then how do you explain Evangelical Christians saying it’s t…[View]
175399868>Be me >white male, good job, good credit >marry white woman, green eyes, blonde hair >k…[View]
175399246How the FUCK didn't /pol/ see this? Hideo Kojima is a kike lover.: Hideo Kojima was (still is?)…[View]
175402837Opinion on the Maori and Samoan people?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiKFYTFJ_kw Testosteroneous…[View]
175385883What did he get wrong?[View]
175405552Tumblr: share good tumblr pages, traditionalism, architecture, art, conservationism etc[View]
175405990Europe has been under constant siege over 2500 years: They try to kill us they tried to impose their…[View]
175405939Alright so a few weeks back I read a thing about get people and cat poop parasites. Can someone supp…[View]
175401394How Can We Stop the Biker Problem: http://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/community/dallas/article2…[View]
175404797Is this the incarnation of /pol/? >male >powerless >disenfranchised >lack of father figu…[View]
175405865Fairly important insider. All the breathing be gathering here. Let a traitor give you a little slive…[View]
175401793What evidence is there to support the claim that there is a coordinated effort attack on the west by…[View]
175405174Its about to be official...: Who does /pol/ side with in this one? The Potato nigger or the Chechen …[View]
175405189You will never be around to see a happening anywhere near the level of WW2. Why even live lads?[View]
175404501Is this true: Was the first American slave owner really black?[View]
175397810You do realize the ice age has started?[View]
175402356The Evolution of Motivation: The most primitive motivation is acquiring sensory input. Next least pr…[View]
175397938I really want to know why my country is full of niggers: Why is my country full of niggers? Why is m…[View]
175402469'Are Jews Smarter?' http://nymag.com/nymetro/news/culture/features/1478/ This is openly a racially s…[View]
175402250What did Nixon mean by this?[View]
175405492Are white men losing the masculinity war?[View]
175392547The Republic of Texas: What are your thoughts on the subject? Are there any more Texans who unironic…[View]
175383533Oh dear[View]
175395465Would you be fine with me immigrating to your country? Why? Why not? Stats: >early 20s >finish…[View]
175397452Elon on the warpath today.[View]
175391810What does /pol thinks about what happened that day?[View]
175396945Nyc Trying to Remove Standards For Elite School: https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2018/06/13/…[View]
175399819Indians Make England Great Again!: I recently went to Britain. I had a good time, but the English pe…[View]
175403433https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1008013111058526209 wew lads - national socialists are about to …[View]
175403951Heh heh heh, don’t forget to blanda up, children |> |3 |_[View]
175391030When will poland give up their clay? Serious question, it is rightful german land. Im aware that in …[View]
175399599Nothing in the IG report impugns our workforce of triggered SJW starbucks barista soyboys: 10:43:46,…[View]
175395061modern cartel violence is a modern analog of the ritualized warfare that took place in precolombian …[View]
175400328She's a libtard why doesn't she help her father?[View]
175403996You hilarious fucking retards.: The fact that the MSM never reports on organized crime and the fact …[View]
175394258Jesse Lee Peterson: Just started watching this guy's youtube stuff. He sounds like he has brain…[View]
175395666Strzok and Page indictments when?: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/06/16/ig-report-fbi-age…[View]
175401833Textbook definition of sexual asssault[View]
175400744Have you ever stopped and considered the possibility that Jews are in charge because they're me…[View]
175403985Do normies really buy this SJW bs?: I see all this SJW shit being pushed in media everywhere but I d…[View]
175404125Tony Robins tries explain logic to liberals: I think it's hysterical how he approaches the subj…[View]
175394920Why everything germans touch turns into shit?: Why Germany still exist? Should we partition this cou…[View]
175398261Germany BTFO: Erdogan reminds '''''''German'''…[View]
175403233https://hooktube.com/G-1F7BcIIY4 Gang members of yesteryear were very privy to the balkanization of …[View]
175403937William Faulkner Thread: What do you think about William Faulkner pol?[View]
175403912Gender Medicine: Hey /pol/, check out this new book about onions.[View]
175403473Whether it be playing while you broke into Dianne Feinstein's house, are assasinating the rothc…[View]
175396796/rpg/ red pill general: Need holohoax memes![View]
175397607The 'Nigger Problem': /pol/ seems to really hate Niggers. You whine about them ad nauseum on here; h…[View]
175398280/pol/, how is it that I, an 18 year old Communist, am beating President Trump in the polls in a land…[View]
175400256Donald Trump, President of the United States of America yesterday reverted to Juche. In this photo h…[View]
175403752This is what diversity looks like in America. What is a white man supposed to do?[View]
175403681Did you guys know there's a twitter bot dedicated to tracking and publishing the finances of al…[View]
175403034Why does Jared stand like a liberal[View]
175403370>'Poffo was born in Columbus, Ohio, the elder son of Judy and Angelo Poffo. His father was Italia…[View]
175372894Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - I Hope My Templates Were Put To Good Use Edition: >Thread theme ht…[View]
175399309Fluoride was added to water as a stabalizing agent because IQ's were rapidly dropping: interest…[View]
175399093JUST: >Be Me >Half Colombian >Trying to figure out How Da Fuq is the Colombian team whiter…[View]
175396758Why is Christianity in America a joke? And why are a majority of American Christians evangelical Pro…[View]
175400907What do you think of the concept of directed panspermia? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Directed_pa…[View]
175403028Beaners! Spic hate thread.: I’ve never in my life witnessed such a roach like race other than Turks.…[View]
175400829I went on a Vipassana meditation retreat and now I'm a leftist. Who else here was saved from be…[View]
175402056Why do leftists love dehumanization so much?[View]
175397950Hi /pol/! I was reading an article about the 1936 Olympic games in Berlin. The article claims that j…[View]
175393811This is Antonio Rudiger He is a soccer player who represents Germany internationally Say something …[View]
175391055Hilarious: Watch as the left eat their own. I've been thinking that the Bi part always proved t…[View]
175399286India and Pakistan should nuke eachother.[View]
175399906Unattractive accents.: List goes like this. 1.Indian! has to be the most disgusting accent on the p…[View]
175402538Bible stories: St Matthew chapter 20 parable of the vineyard For the kingdom of heaven is like unto …[View]
175401403Eurofags might lose their right to post memes: <iframe width='560' height='315' src='https://www.…[View]
175402364Turkish election next week - why does Trump export F-35 to a country that is like ISIS?: Turkey was …[View]
175359823The Blacks™: I recently visited San Francisco on vacation, and made some observations about black pe…[View]
175400466Blacks Can't Be Good Fath.....: https://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/8rj07c/dad_rescues_daug…[View]
175380031Name a political ideology more idiotic than Libertarianism. >pro-tip; you literally can't Ev…[View]
175402278>Black Pigeon Speaks >Iconoclast >Millennialwoes If you don't listen to these people y…[View]
175396418can nigger become invisible?: is that a kind of voodoo? http://www.breitbart.com/london/2018/06/16/s…[View]
175402268Rotting bodies in India’s rivers where they shower and drink from.: What is wrong with these animals…[View]
175394666What is your opinion on Ashkenazi Jews?: are they acceptable whites to you guys or are they not whit…[View]
175396613Bald men are based. Change my mind.[View]
175391429Is getting laid the key to solving alt right extremism?[View]
175401888Individual Liberties Can Only Be Protected On A Collective Scale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oK…[View]
175400065Not a SINGLE ethnic French is playing in the French national team: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-AI…[View]
175399596Eminem and the Jewish agenda: Eminem and the Jewish agenda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJvjj6Fiw…[View]
175382449Protestant hate thread: >>literally a cult accisently made when martin luther came up with the…[View]
175390695Turks: Now that the dust has settled, are Turks white and was the Ottoman Empire the greatest Empire…[View]
175392629Guess Who: Guess Who[View]
175397943How The British Government Plans To Betray Brexit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KB6NDPD2lnM…[View]
175401223>discover two continents of almost virgin land, tons of resources, paradise islands etc. >fill…[View]
175400318is this guy supposed to be a trump rip off? Is he any good?[View]
175401057Has there ever been a more powerful image? >No child is illegal.[View]
175394586What the hell is wrong with Latinos?[View]
175394895Religion of peace vs lone Woman: UK Police do NOTHING!!: Manchester - Croft Street. What are you go…[View]
175385590You can take a time machine back with laptop to show any person or group of people in history 1 vide…[View]
175398676THE TRUMP CURSE: RAPE ME EDITION >Nerdist scrubs Chris Hardwick from its website 'pending further…[View]
175344983KILAUEA VOLCANO GENERAL - /kvg/ #139 OHANA Edition: HAPPENING: >'No signs of slowing' https://www…[View]
175398325A common argument against any rah rah about the virtues of western civilization is to point to the i…[View]
175398252Beating The Censorship: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiyGR0aHU3o[View]
175381454NEET Thread: Unemployed members of /pol/, what the fuck is your problem?[View]
175399356It’s Happening! NOTHING: Anything?[View]
175385456/left/ - Let’s Talk 2020: Can a Cooze can beat Drumpf?[View]
175397767How The Enemy Promotes Controlled Opposition Groups And Figures: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96M…[View]
175398171>Hillary is SO corrupt...[View]
175370434THE CRUSADE CONTINUES: http://www.ansa.it/sito/notizie/cronaca/2018/06/16/migranti-salvini-non-in-it…[View]
175398038Are Germans the ultimate Jews?: ITT we will talk about how our founding fathers hated Germans with a…[View]
175399023It is time for separation of nation and state All sensible people realised long ago that having a st…[View]
175387781After WW2 the world could have been so good. But then white countries started letting in non whites …[View]
175395391>muh dog whistle Is the concept of a political 'dog whistle' the most delusional shit someone can…[View]
175392997There are many families who are refugees, who enter the border at LEGAL border crossings. This is no…[View]
175396652oh say can you seee[View]
175396727You are coming to church tomorrow r-right anon?[View]
175398393is cuckolding a thing in pan slavism?[View]
175399717Hello 4channers! Just a friendly redditor passing by interested in taking part of this community. Ju…[View]
175400819Is Josef technically a cuck?: Think about it. God impregnated his wife marry and she born Jesus. Jos…[View]
175400951Why are italians such cucks?: >coalburner being a coalburner >gets chopped up by her black dru…[View]
175397395This is Israel's under 21 football team.[View]
175402835Is this seriously the best Canada can do?: > China has chow mein > Japan has sushi > Ameri…[View]
175401226>iceland >white pick one[View]
175402880Leave this site and never come back: >see le epic shitpost thread >spend time making well argu…[View]
175402981the chad mediterranean[View]
175368626AUS/POL/ SATURDAY EDITION: Evening >Inside the enigmatic world of Chau Chak Wing https://www.afr.…[View]
175395566Brit/pol Nigga edition: Inside of mind of pubes,the most common Britpol poster ''anxiety, …[View]
175340446WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK???: We have to help Chris guys. This is insane. ''Chris Hardwick is …[View]
175393172This was the first black 'lady'. Say something nice about 'her'.[View]
175366506the end is coming /pol/. buckle up. i have inside info this is gonna be something big.[View]
175399363Never give up, /pol/. Never let the wetbacks win.[View]
175399804>the absolute state of france HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH[View]
175399651Einstein: Daily reminder that he was a jewish fraud that took credit for the ideas of European scien…[View]
175383648LOL: Feminists going after Nevada's timeless brothels: There goes my only chance of getting lai…[View]
175399887Why do you hate my people /his/? Why do you celebrate the slaughter of innocent women and children w…[View]
175399844beep beep motherfuckers[View]
175394724Why are white men so obsessed with morality when it's against our own interests? We could liter…[View]
175399716Were DOING IT!: Jump on board bitches! “In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, br…[View]
175388681National socialism is the best system.: Lets examine why... >removed the international bank >e…[View]
175395399>I'm putting together a team. You in?[View]
175399279Post your face when the IG report revealed that all the shills and shareblue guys posting here were …[View]
175397866Help! I've caught myself a dose of NIGGER LOVE.: Nigger Love is a powerful emotion....like a po…[View]
175398661Checkmate fascists: A 'tranny' just released the album of the decade Miles better than whatever your…[View]
175395912'repair program' for homosexuals in Finland: https://www.iltalehti.fi/kotimaa/201806152201018096_u0.…[View]
175399368FUCK OBUMMER!!: barrrack soetorro Hate thread.[View]
175385631The Anglo-Saxons are not my people. They do not belong in Britain and are probably German too, as is…[View]
175397299The Absolute State of the BBC: >Don't hate the debate >comments disabled pottery https://…[View]
175399264REMINDER THAT THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED And it was all thanks to a no-talent diversity hire[View]
175396166The Holocaust and Holocaust Revisionism: This thread welcomes those of all opinions on the subject t…[View]
175395553Grug say: speak good word now.: Grug come here and see message tree, many fren not think crossman tr…[View]
175398549stupid mexas: they deserve for travelling to nigger countries[View]
175392336Fuck niggers: Niggers are subhuman filth. https://twitter.com/mmadifresh/status/1007116253205446656 …[View]
175395044Race denial: How many of you have had to deal with race denialists? I run into them increasingly fre…[View]
175382568Rape victim, 13, reveals her social worker LAUGHED when hearing she was being sold to Asians: Zoe Pa…[View]
175388724“No bias”: 'we identified instances where FBI employees received tickets to sporting events from jou…[View]
175396486Witches In DC Are Putting Curses On The NRA And Trump: SJW catlady 'witches' in the center of US can…[View]
175383187Political comic strip thread: Post comic strips you enjoy[View]
175398856There you go libtards. Proof. Now what?[View]
175394326Today we live in a world where both man and women have the right to vote, work, divorce and etc. But…[View]
175394169Does anyone have serious political beliefs on here or is it all just ironic?[View]
175398648Communism is a crime against humanity: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baltic_Way Did you know about t…[View]
175385951is it over?[View]
175370164If you speak up against Sharia Law in the UK...: You will be sentenced to death by the Islamic Gover…[View]
175398463HELLO /pol/ I JUST DEVELOPED A NEW FETISH: how do i fix being this degenerate[View]
175397444How do we prevent an autism epidemic?[View]
175396397Nigger Hunting Thot: I suppose this behavior is okay right? This sort of free think. This type of do…[View]
175396976>this is the hero of alt-right incels[View]
175363285Looks like that UN anon wasn't lieing. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5850053/Undercov…[View]
175397621Why do people here hate Jews so much, I went to a conservative synagogue and it was a welcoming plac…[View]
175395551How have you improved yourself this week/month/year? Lifting isn't life, a well-balanced human …[View]
175394342Trump is a MILD reformer, not a Madman: He only looks extreme because he has stopped the headlong da…[View]
175397875Northern Colorado: bong here. I found this map graphic I made ages ago when I had done a lot of read…[View]
175387978>Harvard discriminating against asian students >de Blasio now making it more difficult for asi…[View]
175394228Philosphy is a mem-[View]
175397864>world would be better place if everyone belived the jewish storybook[View]
175382161The face of atheism: One year ago, white families were sitting down to enjoy church when they were m…[View]
175397802So /pol/, why exactly do we look down on whites with brown eyes and hair? >inbound mutt I have gr…[View]
175397081send feds please: >“We have to remember that these borders that have been created, they’re not re…[View]
175379072ITALY BTFOs GERMAN CUCKS: German ''antifa'' NGO wants to bring niggers to Italy,…[View]
175396973>need to go to London for a few days >decide to look on AirBnB >see a chink listing and tra…[View]
175397697Shills: So does it not bother anyone that there are confirmed paid shills pushing that the Obama dra…[View]
175397664Individual Liberties Can Only Be Protected On A Collective Scale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oK…[View]
175390933SHE FUCKING WON!![View]
175396435We're learning your ways in school /pol/. BTFO NAZIS! WE'RE COMING FOR YOU![View]
175388223> Just finished listening to hardcore history on WW1 > Want to be BEF soldier > Want to dri…[View]
175354020No more love for Nasim?[View]
175397527Anyone else like to go on Bill Mitchells show and troll the chat? I like being andy sixx and build w…[View]
175397454>That 30 year old boomer still being a racist and still browses /pol/[View]
175392634We Really Need to Win This November: The wicked will not rest.[View]
175397287We have a based team at soccer World Cup: Iceland has just showed to the world how a National team m…[View]
175388605She might be our next president. The last thing you need us going in there loaded for bear: 'She mig…[View]
175393730Why are people so loyal to a single party in the USA?: What drives a person to support a political p…[View]
175396558Who is the real ape pol/?[View]
175393971Holy shit!! They made 'we wuz kangz' into a song 'Not For Radio' by Nas, Diddy and 070 Shake Did a b…[View]
175395354Brit/pol/ : Jenna: >What's wrong with Jenna? Jenna is the basis of a nationality... it is th…[View]
175396983HAPPENING: BREAKING Taxi runs into crowd in central Moscow, seven people injured: Tass https://twitt…[View]
175382050/pol/ writing wiki thread: >/pol/ writing wiki thread >/pol/ writing wiki thread >/pol/ wri…[View]
175393427Strozk wtf?: Strozk must be cooperating hard why does that fucker still have a job? Must be hard to…[View]
175390104Do you think cockroaches would be as reviled as they are now were they permanently white?[View]
175397700What's with these posts?: I'm seeing them spammed on every thread, form all different flag…[View]
175394233Hollywood whores blame white male critics: “I don’t need a 40-year-old white dude to tell me what di…[View]
175396481alright /pol/ update me on he will not divide us, tell me what the scouts have discovered and what a…[View]
175396748https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxC7_GctglY >bosnian ''''''''humor''''''''…[View]
175369847The fortunes of suffering: the Jewish family behind the opiate epidemic in the United States: A hist…[View]
175394203Is bullying okay? What will happen to white men when they are not bullied for absolutely degenerate …[View]
175387581Skin color and intelligence: Show this to any of your liberal friends and watch them melt. So I wou…[View]
175396634What the fuck happened, /pol/?[View]
175395231This is so great. This exchange is a metaphor for the entire culture war. He has to actually explain…[View]
175389764Is Ivanka Trump going to be the president of the U.S. in 2028 like The Simpsons predicts?: While I w…[View]
175390252Pakis/Turks/Kurds: They all have to be the most inbred low IQ people on the planet. Most of them are…[View]
175392783Do you check DrudgeReport every day like Trump?[View]
175377461What are some tough red pills that /pol/ can't swallow? Let me start: >White genocide isn…[View]
175396513>Black Pigeon Speaks >Iconoclast >Millennialwoes If you don't listen to these people y…[View]
175395747so what is the fag community really called? it used to be LGBT now its more like LGBTPPaDAStd why do…[View]
175393627ITALY STRONK Thread: Now that many Italians have ditched their memeflags and can finally puff out th…[View]
175390656Based Blacks: Let's post some based blacks. I'll start with the most based of all...Jesse …[View]
175396195>Americans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ugJZhL-cbc[View]
175394885/RaceWar/: For those of you who believe a race war is imminent or likely in the future, what would t…[View]
175384818If adam and eve were white then who made black people?[View]
175395786New Finnish interior minister wants to open doors for more refugees to Finland: Minister of Interior…[View]
175393521My Attorney Got Arrested Is /pol/ ready to eat the biggest shit-sandwich to ever be shat in history,…[View]
175395319Your stories...: What has your worst experince been with them?[View]
175395654/cdt/ - Christianity Daily Thread: This thread is devoted to questions, comments, and general discus…[View]
175393599Well /pol/?[View]
175395502Why was this video such a masterpiece? This video alone is such a good way to teach people what the …[View]
175392714Are the Jews and Khazars related?[View]
175381540Can we have a thread on the horn of Africa and what they are? Most of them are clearly niggers mixed…[View]
175380964why did Hitler invade the Soviet Union?[View]
175385811White English schoolgirl, 14, raped twice on same day by two different Pakis: Khurram Rahi, 27, char…[View]
175383964>1891: Lynch italians immigrants because they weren´t 'aryan enough' >2018: Take part in a wh…[View]
175395253The absolute coonery: How can one be so stupid and delusional?[View]
175371714What are you're thoughts on this gay Jew?[View]
175373016ϟϟ ETERNAL STRUGGLE FOR ETERNAL GROWTH ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the Jewish Question, Race Reali…[View]
175394275Can a nation be wealthy and not degenerate at the same time?[View]
1753817791300 children 'freed' in a few months: xD Imagine how dumb you need to be to defend a police state w…[View]
175393678Behold the franco-german censorship!: Did you guys hear about Article 11 and 13 of the european Leis…[View]
175388998Nothing in the IG report impugns our workforce of triggered SJW starbucks barista soyboys: 10:43:46,…[View]
175387234What are pride parades like where you live anon?: The poof parade went past my work today in all it…[View]
175394914Can we start a NIGGER hate threat?: just for the sake of hating[View]
175382427You feel that shit, /pol/?: Europe, the sleeping giant is slowly but surely starting to wake up. Yes…[View]
175391477Sweden is a muslim shitho-[View]
175393312I'll just leave this here.[View]
175394664GOSH DANG IT: http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trinity-western-supreme-court-decision-1.4707240…[View]
175394808Please Don't Release a Sex Tape: Unless it is the one Harvey Weinstein made when Malia was his …[View]
175388072Canada Hate Thread: S to spit on the Crown As you know, Canada is undergoing the fastest demographic…[View]
175386247Is Enforced Monogamy Sexual Market Communism?: So I had a thought: /pol/ generally abhors communism …[View]
175392700#OpenBordersForIsrael: Can we meme to thing into reality?[View]
175390934how to solve illegal immigration in 2 steps first O > 20 year hard labor then deportation second …[View]
175384493>90's Kids are now over 30 years old How fucked are they?[View]
175394687Negros did have their own cultures it just never became as big as European or Asian cultures their c…[View]
175387539Would it be profitable to make an app that can show you how dangerous the area you’re traveling to i…[View]
175391654Daily Reminder UK Has Police Protected Child Prostitution: https://youtu.be/UCdJjTDoAT0 When will yo…[View]
175394368what kind of media that is not degenerate this days? all the games, movies, series are full of sjw r…[View]
175391660Threads: How many users here simply scan for threads with 0 posts, regardless of topic, to be the fi…[View]
175391778Paul Ryan Immigartion Bill revelaed: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/4516196-House-Immigrati…[View]
175394376North Korea Has Stopped Testing Missiles: The last missile launched by North Korea was on November 2…[View]
175383448Muslim is telling the Jews that they are supposed to be a kingdom of priests, guide mankind to the k…[View]
175393915What would happen if we just ban laws for faggots such as gay 'marriage' or adoption laws ?[View]
175391548According to Wikipedia, my last name is Jewish, should I even trust it? If true what should I do? En…[View]
175391922We do not forgive. We do not forget.: The Hate and Delusions of a few is driving the world to a plac…[View]
175377012What are right wingers like in your country?[View]
175387377Royal family's first gay wedding announced: http://archive.is/clxPr The royal family is getting…[View]
175386997Do you think men would do the same thing with a woman child molester?[View]
175385577About Trump: Many people been insulting me here for calling Trump a jewdog, and saying hes deffinitl…[View]
175390455My biggest fear as the black father of white children: 'My sons are beautiful, sweet and perfect—I’d…[View]
175388243(((whoremongering))): PUA is a sexual liberation movement. whoremongers are not trad nor are they pr…[View]
175388493Awesome. Lied his ass off. 'Even if he said the truth aint noone gonna do shit”: One of the agents w…[View]
175389953Trump Threatens Japan With Spic Bomb: What is Trump doing here? I like how he basically used spics a…[View]
175357621Isn't this faggot kike religion Christianity the true problem? Instead of fire bombing the refu…[View]
175386009/pol/ recommended documentaries?: Europa: The Last Battle https://youtu.be/WqREtbt__O8[View]
175393912Can we have a based north Korea thread again. Last one died too soon.[View]
175393905WHAT DID KEK MEAN BY THIS?: https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/16/health/salmonella-cyclospora-outbreak-foo…[View]
175385937Who's behind all this: >/b/ now flooded with gay/tranny porn /gif/ now flooded with gay and …[View]
175320224Why are liberal woman so obsessed with embracing psychopaths? There's so many people out there …[View]
175392349Who's going to be his successor ? Will he/She/xe be able to fix the problems of modern day Cana…[View]
175393793Identitarian flag?: Is there anyone else that want's this for a new memeflag?[View]
175390259>that nose >those beady eyes >manlet >dark haired >teeth I think i understand why Ado…[View]
175393602I have the documents, Donald.[View]
175393707LIBYANS NOOOOOOOOO: https://youtu.be/kTVjj3pcxn8?t=35m32s thank god for those good people that saved…[View]
175392131Does the media; news media and entertainment media have a free speech right to propagandise and brai…[View]
175393419>This is a '''Dane''' in 2018[View]
175385355Trump trusted the wrong man: PIGGY IS GOING TO SQUEAL[View]
175390245i stumbled upon a video of how the grass for FIFA world cup is cultivated in fucking lab conditions,…[View]
175391947Right wingers long history of They Gayz: Let's face it, liberals are not beta cucks, you bunch …[View]
175389240Why is iceland so based? Is it the pure unadulterated whiteness?[View]
175390166> be me > Japanese boi > living in glorious Nippon > go to my local ramen place to consu…[View]
175383542The purpose behind 9/11: So appearently there are still people here that dont know that 9/11 was rea…[View]
175390538Who do you think is the best candidate the Democrats can run in 2020? They have about 35 candidates …[View]
175391277Why does almost every commercial on TV include mostly black actors? What's the purpose behind c…[View]
175390842Official soccer hate thread: This game is so boring and stupid. You mindlessly kick around a ball. H…[View]
175390386WEW LAD[View]
175394311Long nose tribe man tell Grug that 60 were burn in holobunga today How can 60 burn when only 1 fire?…[View]
175389796Help meme contraception as a symbol of male patriarchy: There’s an angle to argue that all contracep…[View]
175393268So if you're a nazi, does that also mean you believe in some of the dumb convex earth shit like…[View]
175377159Please stop with glorification of Poland: Srlsly what do these people have to offer politically, his…[View]
175389851This is the face of a terrorist organization.[View]
175388045you're at the club and this violent looking thug slaps your girls' ass. wat do?[View]
175393026Its the end of ramadan /pol/, which means its time to celebrate the 'incredible contribution' made m…[View]
175391427America... before the Jews took control: Ohhh say can you seeeeee?! Nah seriously guys, you're …[View]
175391087Reminder that I can blast your door locks with a shotgun using 000 buck and kill you in your home. …[View]
175382621This explains why do whites hate blacks so much. They actually know how strong are we, so they fear …[View]
175385539Anyone else excited for 2024?[View]
175392827What happened to this cum drinking faggot?: Tried to 'bullycide' white nationalists off the internet…[View]
175390003I thought you said anime wasn't real, /pol/?[View]
175386544Femminist Fiction WW2: How do you think about Fem-Fi (Femminist-Fiction) WW2 Game?[View]
175391832Kek this can’t be real can it ? https://ca.yahoo.com/style/lifestyle/no-stepdads-family-dad-stepped-…[View]
175392621I saw this on google today, someone should whitewash it.[View]
175385660We just reduced the tariff for Harley Davidson and this is how trump pays us back?[View]
175378488Australia vs France: what did they mean by this?[View]
175363630Brit/pol/ - JUST Edition: >What kills migrants on boats? The left’s good intentions https://www.s…[View]
175381650Any employees have a rundown on what it's like at these places, now that they're pretty mu…[View]
175392167They're Trying to Subvert John Wedger: https://youtu.be/UCdJjTDoAT0 This is everything anons…[View]
175379647Is the EU finished?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2boPPCQ2JI[View]
175392040Hwndus: Lmao hwndus is back up in poland[View]
175366123/SIG/ SELF-IMPROVEMENT GENERAL Brothers, always remember that the first and the nobles of victories…[View]
175374700Theresa May Groomed by Paki Rape Gangs - Eid Jewbarak '18: Theresa May's 'Eid Mubarak' mes…[View]
175391638POL BOOKS: Love this place. Change me life. Im looking for POL books or sites with a list of books.…[View]
175358019BRITAIN YES > 'teens'[View]
175391569What's /pol/'s opinion on Article 13?[View]
175387340Liberal Logic: A Conversation: 'Isn't it terrible what Donald Trump is doing to those kids?' 'W…[View]
175377722Refugee Crime Statistics: Hey can you spam this thread with refugee crime statistics? I'd like …[View]
175382059Axis of the Willing: Are you part of the Axis powers?[View]
175367431IRANIANS LEAVING PISSLAM AND BEING PAGAN AGAIN: Even our Iranian cousins are coming back home Evropa…[View]
175379402Russians smuggling cheese from Finland: Are Russians still without food because they are smuggling c…[View]
175387911Angela Merkel is on the brink of being replaced!: THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN! https://www.theatlantic.com/…[View]
175391300Pick 1[View]
175384375Can France Be Saved?[View]
175380980Khan's Londinistan!: >Union Jack BANNED And Branded ‘Offensive >Council officials have or…[View]
175391312Did you guys not notice it? Are you so proud of your skin color to completely dismiss the possibilit…[View]
175374006Fuck New Zealand: There are literally NO redeeming factors about this shitty country in the middle o…[View]
175391214HOREY SHIT! ANOTHER HAPPENING!: >The Tsarnaev's uncle was one of the Kazakhstan investors on…[View]
175385438/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
175382436Why are incels se angry, /pol/? I haven't fucked in two years, but it doesn't really even …[View]
175391048>be an auditor >client is a left leaning NPO >sexual assault investigation still on going …[View]
175387121When will democrats stop using children to further their campaign?[View]
175379529INCEL THE MOVIE: I thought an INCEL was a fairly unknown thing. Came to find out that they already…[View]
175390461WHY IS THIS HAPPENING: But the media said Incels were Ebil Huwite Males... how could this be?? Anons…[View]
175363022Don't forget this is a Christian board[View]
175390709Whatever it takes to stop Jews[View]
175390407The Ethno-Political Situation in Germany: Whenever I see Germans waving around this flag, I cannot h…[View]
175377382CANNABIS REFERENDUM IN THE UK. The government makes drugs illegal because it thinks that way people …[View]
175390529Women ruin everything https://deadline.com/2018/06/chris-hardwick-denies-abuse-allegations-chloe-dys…[View]
175389028Stock investments: I want to start investing money into PMC, redpill me on how this can be done with…[View]
175384703How would you do a US presidents alignment?: Is this close?[View]
175387731It is time: To ryse up gang weeders[View]
175384301Snowniggers #002: WE WUZ ARYANZ AND SHIEET 'Varg Edition'[View]
175384349DO NOT SLEEP ON JOHN ASHCROFT!: This was a man that was suppose to read books to school kids that da…[View]
175371724Were there any contacts between Ancient Indian and Viking kingdoms?: Some eastern artifacts made the…[View]
175389062Its not hard to understand: Leftists who support israel are not leftists[View]
175389994So Hitler, your 'genius' leader,actually believed the whole world was actually made out of…[View]
175388573How to become a Chad, /pol/? Is there any way to swallow the Chadpill? What are your experiences wi…[View]
175377727Lets get trump to btfo the uk govt over tommy: https://youtu.be/wj6L64dp7ts SIGN AND SHARE THIS PET…[View]
175383225When did you realise that you lost?: Give up. Your resistance is futile.[View]
175384891Pakistani shopkeeper Rana Aslam groomed and sexually assaulted white girl aged 12: The victim, who c…[View]
175380196Trump gave Kim his phone number: 'NEW YORK -- U.S. President Donald Trump appears poised to keep the…[View]
175383789Have women ever made positive contributions to the culture of man?: Seriously, have they?[View]
175389266*ahum* has the eu population had any way to actually influence how many immigrants we take in? it do…[View]
175389611He will not divide us!: I will and shall block this camera with ducktape![View]
175386169White World Cup teams: Which are you supporting?[View]
175389334IG report: These pages detail the handling of wiener's computer, and the subsequent briefing of…[View]
175378433British police called 'racist' by onlookers while arresting a black male who stabbed someone https:/…[View]
175387100You would have to be retarded to support this buffoon[View]
175389010Was the sexual revolution actually a good thing since arranged marriages produced a net dysgenic eff…[View]
175389355How dumb are these israelis?: They still cannot figure out why people like to shoot rockets at them.…[View]
175391737Le 56% question: Muh fellow yuropoors what should we do with the amerimutts after we solve the jq? A…[View]
175386783STOP. Tell me who gets the flute.[View]
175389789You only care about being white because you have no other redeeming qualities.[View]
175388583Do you think they have experimented together?: >I hope so[View]
175388118How did she survive in the Sudan, pol? What inspires our white queenz to do this shit?[View]
175345240Justice Served: Ahh... I wonder what the racists think of this? To me it's music to my black ea…[View]
175387571Please Fucking Help! https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-06-15/dramatic-rebound-for-argenti…[View]
175388848What do you think would have happened if Gary or Jeb would have won the elections?[View]
175380856UK resistance thread - Weaken Your Traitors: I've seen numerous UK threads saying that if Tommy…[View]
175384688>Larp as an aryan on /pol/ >Less than 3% of population have natural blonde hair. >Less than…[View]
175385766France is still whi-[View]
175388933JEZFEST: LABOUR LIVE 2018: Remember Corbyn's event that had to give away tickets for free despi…[View]
175385691My sister has sat on that monkey´s dick and then i ve became an ameripoltard because we must preserv…[View]
175387347Realistic price of turning the US into a racial state: People complain that segregating the races in…[View]
175371842I believe in libertarian values but know that they cannot be supported long term without authoritari…[View]
175370729Does anyone even have a proof that Kim Jong-un committed such atrocities? Actual solid proof?[View]
175388819/pol/ needs to be praying for Jacob Goodwin.[View]
175388643Hey /pol/ I don't come here often, but I made this pic and I wanted to share it and it wouldn…[View]
175361247Heading to community college: What are some good fields of study. I hate math btw so nothing mathy.…[View]
175388254GEN Z IS BASED AF: >https://youtu.be/e5XPuK9TF6I[View]
175388058Reality check: > When you browse /pol/ everyday not to necessarily learn something new but becaus…[View]
175388074>the left thinks were evil racists >the right things were jewish controlled what the fuck happ…[View]
175385759Portugal: I'll just leave this here[View]
175388295The state of the Balkans: Will the Blakans commense kebab removal 2018-2019 ?[View]
175388218Root for your roots, anon! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grQTx2hbg0o[View]
175388201I feel like this is explicitly targeting us[View]
175366659you know he is right: if we want to get rid of Muslims in europe, we need to understand Israel. Let…[View]
175374415What's his end goal?[View]
175387644IS ICELAND OUR BEST BET FOR AN ARYAN ETHNOSTATE?: >93% Ethnic Vikings…[View]
175385967crystal truth: The #FALSEACCUSATIONCULTURE is the core of feminism and it's only weapon. Femini…[View]
175387591Just got a text from some yard at MoveOn.org wanting me to vote Dem! I had a little fun with him now…[View]
175384185Is this show redpilled, /pol/ ?[View]
175387982Esupur Rahman groomed and raped 16-year girl in Merseyside: A Bootle man has been jailed after groom…[View]
175381979Why /pol/ shill for Salvini over Orban?: Orban isn’t letting his navy fish for niggers in the Med. H…[View]
175384578They're singing, Donnie.[View]
175383129Why is /pol/ so divided on the trans issue? Some argue that it's degeneracy that needs to be st…[View]
175354528WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THIS TOPIC: Debating the merits of vaccines is socially equivalent to debating…[View]
175379720PARIS: >Attendees were also taken back by what he reportedly told France’s President Emmanuel Mac…[View]
175385945HAPPENING: France gets to deal with Aquarius: https://www.elconfidencial.com/mundo/2018-06-16/franci…[View]
175367577>assassinates your archduke >destroys your civilization…[View]
175387400how do we short turkey ?[View]
175387439https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PX5-XyBNi00 why do communists hate rich people?[View]
175384969FaceApp: What happened to the race filter of the FaceApp? How can I get it?[View]
175385929>be mexican >Visit Germany with friend >get stabbed What went wrong? https://m.bild.de/r…[View]
175387049Dems must run a disabled, muslim, trans-woman of color for President in 2020: Nothing less is accept…[View]
175384107Sexist DOJ Indicts Elizabeth Holmes: The sexism of the DOJ is getting out of control. They just do n…[View]
175386644Who is this guy?: Who is this man, and what happened to him? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADfERTg…[View]
175373005Was it an ASIO plant? redpill me on Port Arthur: i need some info to enlightne my school teachers wh…[View]
175385522Final scorecard for Ramadan this year: Just a reminder. Mainstream media doesn't cover it. For…[View]
175372385Millennials of /pol/ tell me why you went MGTOW?[View]
175386456You now remember that the JFK report was supposed to be released in full but was blocked by Trump an…[View]
175386694>2018 >being a whigger 'nationalist' rather than an [your ethnicity] nationalist Peak smoothbr…[View]
175386628Illegal Immigration Hate Thread: Pic related. Visas enable it. Take it all away. https://youtu.be/F…[View]
17538438611 of England's 22 outfield players at the World Cup are non-white: Not quite at the same level…[View]
175373383Obama Held Double the Number of Children in Shelters Compared to Trump WH: But Trump's soooooo …[View]
175374093Paddock and Bill Gates: Today has been a highly religious and weird day on pol but can anyone confir…[View]
175373958>paragon of genius >apparently a massive racist hmmm. oh wow would you look at that. being r…[View]
175381117The Yayoi are not my people. They do not belong in Japan and are probably Chinese too, as is Buddhis…[View]
175372790Sir Christopher Chope: Is he the most based MP? >Blocked making upskirting a crime >Has called…[View]
175386023Tariffs = good time: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-44498484 I got good news everyone[View]
175339282Elon Musk no longer /ourguy/: Fuck this guy[View]
175382393why do you think you dont owe me reparations?: you benefit off the unpaid work generations of my anc…[View]
175382591https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnJzYAKmKgU >cuck factory pumping strong Raise my fatherless mixe…[View]
175385877Both Catalonia and Basque country are fucked: I know i am late,but i just discovered this place and …[View]
175382630God defend New Zealand[View]
175384471Why do Somalian men all look like clones and why are the children so poorly behaved?[View]
175385546What does /pol/ think of The Bell Curve[View]
175381632Britbongs To Get Child License: OI YA CHEEKY WANKA! Gotta loicense for that baby?[View]
175385803Are National Geographic DNA tests dependable and accurate?: I was thinking of getting one. How accur…[View]
1753815494chan gave me autism: I fucking hate this korean origami imageboard. It gave me a fucking autism and…[View]
175371032OH NO NO NO NO NOT JAPAN, DON'T DO THIS. https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/20180616_12/…[View]
175385713Mad May wants to ban 'upskirting' but a brave hero of mankind stands in her way: Sir Christopher Cho…[View]
175385685pages 294-300 IG report: These pages detail the handling of wiener's computer, and the subseque…[View]
175383676>Swine of the times! Brazilian motorists bundle live PIGS into their cars after lorry headed for …[View]
175369921>Iran readying sleeper cells to attack US, Europe https://www.timesofisrael.com/yaalon-iran-ready…[View]
175373724Let's kill this man's reputation[View]
175367434Do Americans Understand That They Are Much Worse Of Than Sweden?: I don't understand retarded b…[View]
175381630This is a school in Poland. Do you notice something?[View]
175383222So the Eiffel Tower now needs a giant fence to protect it from terrorism, good thing they don't…[View]
175386570How do I get a date/get laid/get a girlfriend? I have no clue. >I have no friends >no dating s…[View]
175385476Whitest soccer match ever[View]
175364089A short message from our Supreme leader https://youtu.be/amlZq6R-VY0[View]
175384271>Trump makes campaign promises >Trump gets elected for campaign promises >Trump does what h…[View]
175384259Hello race traitors who are dating 'white' South Africans: Reminder that this the school where your …[View]
175382674>be Eurofag >get into world war with Germany two fucking times because we don't want to b…[View]
175368744So I hear a lot of talk about Jews. I have Jewish friends. If I get to know them better will they sh…[View]
175380414Negrer är inga riktiga människor.[View]
175385182Glenn Beck's personal servant: >be my mother >female keyboard warrior >for Glenn Beck …[View]
175382160Russia sold 50% of its US treasuries in April (50 billion$): >It was Vladimir Putin that decided …[View]
175376408Why do you blame these so called 'libtards' for your own miserable life?[View]
175378467Truman was a psycopath who killed thousands of innocent kid while letting the maniacs behind Unit 73…[View]
175384963Make Libya Great Again: >Saif al-Islam Gaddafi to run for 2018 presidential election https://www.…[View]
175341463Syria General /sg/ - Khat Forces Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress…[View]
175386792Well /pol that day is here >Finally homeless in commiefornia >Have a basket of clothes, 300, a…[View]
175386954loling about polaks thread: That feeling you get when you see a polak cleaning a toiled is priceless…[View]
175384853It is Long Over Due: >my fellow green friends it's time to make England or the U.K. As a who…[View]
175375996Poos are really good at pooing their river in poo land.[View]
175379184Seriously though, why don't people just start immigrating legally if they're so terrified …[View]
175376161Kiwi/Aus pol:: Pie and V 4th (actually talk about politics this time you cunts) edition:[View]
175375243Anti-gun activists counter-protesting 2nd Amendment rally in Belchertown, Massachusetts: Why am I po…[View]
175357653So true, the idea that women should have to adapt themselves to live around mens rapeyness is fuckin…[View]
175378769White Female/Black Male: So the billboard on my high street got changed last night. Why can't (…[View]
175372169/SG/ SIEGE General: SIEGE By James Mason pdf: https://archive.org/details/SiegeByJamesMason Audioboo…[View]
175372120So is the Indian century happening?[View]
175383966>((someone))s upped the pay rate for shilling and slide threads[View]
175380547>owned by a successful irish man >players have to stand for the anthem >high energy >sim…[View]
175382589>can't drive anywhere in the country on highways and major roads without being tracked >…[View]
175372749Big Win: https://abcnews.go.com/Technology/wireStory/lawsuit-white-nationalists-twitter-ban-clears-h…[View]
175381844Muiller just moved into checkmate position. Trump is going to be in hand cuffs with Mike Pence besi…[View]
175383791dr no ms: She is a doctor, she studied history! >When the historian Fern Riddell tweeted on Wedne…[View]
175378550Are ants the true feminists wet dream? Think about it >females are literal queens who do nothing …[View]
175379071UH OH: Prosecutors recover 16 pages of shredded Cohen documents: court filing. TRUMP IS FINISHED. IT…[View]
175383707Immigrants: new IT gov[View]
17538367918-year-old white girl raped by feral Pakis in Gateshead: Four men have been arrested after a teenag…[View]
175380990Alternative Vote: What does /pol/ think of the alternative vote? >I think it's a good system…[View]
175378803Alt left is a thing now.[View]
175383307Okay, which one of you guys did this?[View]
175382994so the blackest man ever, the most asian man ever and the whitest man ever walk into singapore...[View]
175383125Flube lolololol :>)[View]
175380658French soccerball.: I don't get it. I see a team of Africans/North Africans. People call them t…[View]
175382293Why are you so retarded?: In the past one man could feed a whole family. Now even though technology …[View]
175382306African blacks > American blacks: >In a series of tweets on Wednesday, former Kansas City Chie…[View]
175370955Sudanese AMA: Probably the first Sudanese to be on /pol/ BASED af, first generation American both pa…[View]
175382981>Po- H-How?[View]
175382806/pol/ If Saudi oil was no longer necessary, would we bother being in the Middle East anymore? Would …[View]
175352812So this happened in my hometown today. >Be black >get an Obama tattoo >walks out and does n…[View]
175382937New American Renaissance Video: What “Dreamers” Deserve https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3c7GIckRQms…[View]
175378073BREAKING NEWS: Tommy Robinson & muslim rape gang victims is a SMOKESCREEN for Jimmy Saville pedo…[View]
175375163best of /pol/ logic: You know what the funniest thing is about /pol/'s unreasonable hate for mu…[View]
175382575This is the year Democrats win fucking everything. No. Really. I mean EVERYTHING. Asshole will attac…[View]
175378061*thinking emoji*[View]
175378600List several pros to Gommunism.[View]
175355846Cambridge: The ABSOLUTE STATE of higher education![View]
175374536Why do socialist never whine about taxing being thief of labor?: Communism is based on labor value t…[View]
175374852Is Salvini going to stop Italian coast guards from picking up African monkeys: And deport 500,000 in…[View]
175381324>That 23 y/o boomer that shills for men's rights.: >Be more like me >6' tall, $65…[View]
175368007I consider myself a liberal. I even consider myself a (gasp) SJW. But what the fuck is this shit: ht…[View]
175378246How dead inside are you /pol/? Oh and politics related because I hate nig-nogs.[View]
175377412Shopped: I think its photo shopped[View]
175385466You find this dead body in the middle of the street. What do you do?[View]
175369707Why do nerds and introverts exist? I mean from an evolutionary standpoint. Shouldn't they have …[View]
175364732SCP, The Games Begin: What can we do to save the SCP foundation? Some Tumblr cunt is wrecking the pl…[View]
175381952I found this on the /pol/ thread. Just read it.: This is an all time low for america.[View]
175378122Sponge/pol/: What would the political dieologies of the spongebob main characters be? Spongebob: Cen…[View]
175380884When will the liberals quit being children?: When will the liberal media accept that Trump won the e…[View]
175336196>Even a small Tesla coil produces many times the electrical energy necessary to stop the heart …[View]
175369258Northern Macedonians on /pol/ What do you think about the new agreement between our countries?[View]
175379303autists are God's chosen people/Jews[View]
175347454Emma NOOOOOOOO!!!!: >Emma Watson needs to remove feminism infection and be return to normal. She …[View]
175375795Theresa May converts to Islam in this powerful video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfmG28Vavs4…[View]
175380686Who could've known?! Richard Spencer admits being a Jew: [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
175382301Niggers are inferio-: How does this makes you feel, white boys?[View]
175380672Guess my nationality, /pol/.[View]
175380627why does /pol/ only take ownership over brown haired brown eyed whites if they are good looking or i…[View]
175335312Chinese tourists asked to leave Osaka restaurant by Japanese owner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
175379731Friendly reminder that Capitalism is the only ideology that works. Capitalism always works.[View]
175360327Did the Holocaust even happen? Yes or No?[View]
175381521We have a only begun to lose: I drop deeper into despair the more I think about how much they have a…[View]
175381511RedPill me on Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera[View]
175379099Where Is My White And Black EthnoStates?: when is this going to start? can't just happen over n…[View]
175381491Samuel Apenteng charged with sexual assault and stalking in Colchester: Samuel Apenteng, 32, of Bard…[View]
175375054>a fucking european country[View]
175381398What did kek mean by this: Was gobbels an incel like supreme gentleman?[View]
175379848Fucked up statistic, hey look /pol/: Since when the christian identity is associated with 'active ha…[View]
175378985Brexit: Just what the fuck is going on. In 2016 we voted to leave the EU. There was a two year trans…[View]
175381054has anyone else here actually visited a mosque? they literally smell like rotten garbage and feces.[View]
175379109PEAK DEGENERACY https://web.archive.org/web/20180615232929/https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/15/health/tra…[View]
175380764Would he have supported fascist movements?[View]
175368372https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proto-Indo-European_religion Bash Indians all you want, but they are t…[View]
175382138What is the /pol/ approved hairstyle ? Cue classic SS haircuts but these haircuts are literally bein…[View]
175375361Is there anything better than being a black person in Europe right now? Free housing, free gibs, hun…[View]
175380390Many of us have come to realize Jews have done many detrimental things to humanity aka goyim but wha…[View]
175356338Uh, PATRICK LITTLE GENERAL?: We can still talk about his platform. Nationalizing Facebook, YouTube a…[View]
175369453Democrats are actually the racists.[View]
175372567Is the anti trump deep state out of control?: Jailing Manafort? How the fuck do these government dic…[View]
175373818There are only two genders[View]
175368034A blob of bacteria on mars is considered Life on Mars but this isn't considered Life at all.[View]
175379323Make sure to show your support for #DropTheB today! As any non-shitlord scientist will tell you, the…[View]
175377708G-guys...: wtf is happening in here?? https://youtu.be/rFr4C2BPLeM[View]
175379723POLAND YES!!!: PRINT THAT GAY BANNER! https://twitter.com/FT/status/1007349843201753088 https://www.…[View]
175363312UK Police Investigates Child Trafficking: How is no one talking about this? These are the kinds of b…[View]
175377555What is he doing now ?: So what ever happen to this guy ?[View]
175380263Chaos is not the pit, it's the ladder: You're al going to pay. Chaos is not the pit, it…[View]
175378868Can someone please explain Trump?: Why there are people on this board who still consider Trump as 'o…[View]
175377672140,000 Muslims just attended an Eid event in Birmingham (UK) and it's beautiful https://www.bb…[View]
175363153It's a tough red pill to swallow, but it's important. Women are just as important as men, …[View]
175379139It’s really happening: There is a deadly strain of bird flu in China that kills humans. Now this sic…[View]
175375644Reminder that if your family came to America after the Civil War, you are not truly American. Your r…[View]
175344257Who was in the wrong here? https://www.kshb.com/news/local-news/parents-may-be-stuck-with-132000-bil…[View]
175378283>adding '-gate' at the end of a word as reffered to every scandal[View]
175371215ignore world cup, spread free speech: https://www.north-wales.police.uk/contact/live-chat-support ht…[View]
175376984OK I give up, this guy has officially lost it to me. He's been bad enough since forever but his…[View]
175379803Are we fucked?[View]
175378545Does God want you to obey the government?[View]
175376959Willkommen aus Deutschland, meine schwarze Liebe. gib mir den schwarzen Schwanz, mögen wir viele Kin…[View]
175379643How did he get away with this?: So in this video you can see trump spitting on a fucking pigeon! Why…[View]
175379176Thoughts on a Ku Klux Klan ?[View]
175378285YOU BIGGOTS DID THIS: YOU NEED TO STEP ASIDE THE FUTURE IS FEMALE >Two counts of conspiracy to co…[View]
175379565Idk why i can't sleep guy's, but actually i like to hang around here while i don't ha…[View]
175378715All headlines: >Paul Manafort Going To Jail Fox headline: >Manafort pleads not guilty to charg…[View]
175371323What the fuck is wrong with Anglo countries?: I keep hearing from American libtards about how they w…[View]
175361977Q: What's The Difference Between Rats and Jews?: A: Rats are cute.[View]
175379322What's with the 'Northern Indians are the true aryans' meme?: Seems like a massive cope for the…[View]
175379295>Orban has in the past spoken of his preference for an “illiberal democracy,” shorn of what he se…[View]
175377737Based Capitalism: How many more fags, trannies, dykes, and subhumans will capitalism give independen…[View]
175377821Euro/pol Is the EU even going to have internet anymore edition: Thread theme https://saveyourintern…[View]
175379257Remember the movie INCEL?: The one that brought us this fat faggot? Remember how forced and awkward …[View]
175375810Poland out of the EU: Should Poles vote Polend/Polexit/Polout? Or should they remain in the EU? http…[View]
175377515Labour Live thread.: It’s today! I strongly suspect that the card carrying party members on Twitter …[View]
175377337SO WOKE[View]
175376016How can we stop him?[View]
175378451TED is GoD[View]
175378673Nigger stole my bike - aussie edition: Niggers can't steal bikes in Australia. https://www.new…[View]
175378936You can live control trump robot now: Raspberry Pi robot in the likeness of Trump controllable with …[View]
175350361Are Faith Goldy and other hot right wing girls really on our side, or do they merely pretend to be t…[View]
175374110Modern art goes up in flames!: http://www.itv.com/news/2018-06-16/mackintosh-fire-spreads-to-several…[View]
175378679How to become a US Politician: Counting to 6: >“Do you know how to count to six?” he asked the la…[View]
175377564Who's Ready For Civil War In South Africa?: It's about to happen and it's inevitable.…[View]
175378288Invader Birds BTFO: We must secure the existence of /our birds/ and a future for native fledglings. …[View]
175373990Do you think if the Democreates get back in office they will open up the flood gates and let all the…[View]
175371719Happiest accomplished people hate Trump: >this man has all the money and pussy in the world >b…[View]
175374227Does /pol/ support California becoming 3 States?: North California = Republican. But they will be De…[View]
175361970tell me why is legal abortion a bad thing??[View]
175372449Will this deter the swarthy hordes?[View]
175367924RUH ROH[View]
175368775Ted Kaczynski: Jesus fucking christ is this guy from the future? I'm reading Ted Kaczynski…[View]
175377696Both of these men are German but they seem to be of different race. What's up with that?[View]
175378347Oleg Budnitskii, historian at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, told a BBC Radio programme t…[View]
175377400That gopnik: So it's half-time in the Aus v. France match and I just remembered that a few week…[View]
175374452New Italian Interior Minister openly speaks about 'a project to stop italians from having children':…[View]
175376533((progress)) am i right guys ?[View]
175378166Disappointed Führer meme thread.[View]
175377950ideals v happiness: Is it weird that I want to go to immigrate to a better country but still worry t…[View]
175376569Everyone who had a dog knows the breed is one of the biggest factors for intelligence and behavior, …[View]
175372705This explains why white cops kill blacks. Because they see us as superhumans and they fear us.[View]
175375424Thoughts on slavery?: Pic unrelated[View]
175372494Ban them: Why doesn’t /pol/ ban all aussiefags and leafs ? They are irrelevant and can only shitpost…[View]
175365513Google's diversity report is up... and it's beautiful — I mean, terrible!: Leftards were a…[View]
175368594Is the incel/MGTOW movement a threat to the Western society?: Or does the (social) media just blow i…[View]
175375393Was this the equivalent of the american south: I have read some info about the former eastern territ…[View]
175375615>yfw BTFO in 6 out of 7 Crusades by Muslims[View]
175373237Adolf Musk BTFO (((socialists))): What’s his endgame, /paul?[View]
175376478Guys, When are we trolling Carole Cadwalladr from the Guardian? She's very, very, very paranoi…[View]
175371065Communism General: I have never come to this board, however due to current social events and waves o…[View]
175377170He studied Economics, I do too. What could possibly go wrong ?[View]
175367971Why do atheists fall for the multicultural meme so easily?[View]
175369788Europe must pay for its appeasement of Iran: for every nuclear missile that in the future hits Israe…[View]
175367458Is honesty better than intelligence?[View]
175366210real question for white people: aite so white boys i got a quick question for yall, im a proud black…[View]
1753751823rd world aid: The aid '''required''' from Western Nations to Africa will in a few decades reach suc…[View]
175375311So we all agree that Trump's Jerusalem move was the greatest blow to the filthy Muslims. How ca…[View]
175371322Black fashion thread[View]
175359592Holy shit: >So why is she lying this much?” Scarborough asked. “I know children are being ripped …[View]
175364937(((my fellow whites))): Has there ever been a more Jewish article in the history of '''journalism'''…[View]
175373378Jihadi terrorizes Netherlands,: then in prison studies science and history, then gets out and apolog…[View]
175373622Copy the Czech?: The Czech Republic is #6 in the top safest countries in the world. -automatic weap…[View]
175374245Why are you retarded faggots still posting about Jews and niggers constantly? Clean your fucking roo…[View]
175369762Is anyone else being conditioned to like white male black female on porn sites? I watch mostly solo …[View]
175376100>Be Twitter >Ban Conservatives for having right wing views >Promote pedophiles for being 'b…[View]
175375758Anger Against Jews as a Group Works, Anger Against Specific Jews Fails: Poor Harvey Weinsten. He was…[View]
175365281I hope he runs... will be a hilarious mess: Any of you really think he has a chance vs trump in 2020…[View]
175370149We demand equal pay now[View]
175375809red pill me on the hollywood elites /pol/[View]
175372853> b-b-but the NRA shoots up schools!!! That’s a higher count than (((Jews))) (((killed))) in the …[View]
175375326Do the Math: It's not Rocket Science.[View]
175375624Press S to spit on France's grave https://voiceofeurope.com/2018/06/macron-is-losing-control-ov…[View]
175324950Why does the American far right glorify Hitler (A foreign leader that our country fought against) so…[View]
175375985Is Legion /ourshow/ ?: >'My daddy liked watching black guys bang preteen girls on the internet mo…[View]
175373763The leaders of western nations: >USA: Fat reality TV star who on his third marriage. Cheats on wi…[View]
175366713how did hitler even get redpilled so much? the internet didn't even exist back then[View]
175375801why have you not yet converted to national socialism girls ?[View]
175373658What Do Anarchists Actually Believe?: Most political movement/parties/ideologies have some sort of e…[View]
175375778The amerimutt question: Muh fellow yuropoors what should we do with the amerimutts after we solve th…[View]
175367560Record breaking Eid Celebration: We did it guys. The biggest in Europe. A record breaker! Why can…[View]
175346700HOLY FUCK[View]
175352178(((( 'Italian Americans' )))): Why do people (particularly well off white people in America) identif…[View]
175369054This is a dangerous weapon[View]
175369919why does /pol/ hates legal immigrants who are skilled ?`[View]
175373105Why does /pol/ hate Norwegians? Is it honestly jealousy?[View]
175374250Jewish Rituals to Harm their Betters: What is now well known in the international medical community …[View]
175370959Wait, what?[View]
175347179Are things really this bad? What sort of politics could even save us now? >Desertfication of larg…[View]
175361475NO SURVIVORS[View]
175373503help me out here, /pol/. with all this talk about children separated from parents at the border thes…[View]
175374648oh look it's people running away from Free Markets...said no one ever[View]
175371154The Golden Shill: What do you guys think about golden gay and his recent video ''Why I Am …[View]
175374221DUDE FASCISM LMAO[View]
175362485Being a real man: What does it mean to be a man /pol/[View]
175371100The Evolution of Motivation: The most primitive motivation is acquiring sensory input. Next least pr…[View]
175357531Trump's constant bad press.: https://www.thestar.com/news/world/2018/06/15/donald-trump-makes-2…[View]
175369444>Iran readying sleeper cells to attack US, Europe https://www.timesofisrael.com/yaalon-iran-ready…[View]
175370686/pol/ Mental Strength Thread: Shills left and right. Society leaning on you from every angle. You do…[View]
175372586were The 1920s America’s peak? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mOkA6TknMtk[View]
175368349Why do soy boys open their mouth while taking pictures?: they all have this weird uniqueness to them…[View]
175372108What if the ultimate redpill is to stop following the news and just vote for the far right every 4 y…[View]
175372018Red pill me on Mormons.: Red pill me on Mormons /pol/.[View]
175356500Things that trigger kikes[View]
175368056What does /pol/ think? Is this the most based man to ever have existed? Is he /ourguy/? I would thin…[View]
175373212are you familiar with your laws?: pic related, a still enforced british law[View]
175368861What's your view on police and police brutality /pol/. Do we need more police, less police or a…[View]
175349372This is Kim Jong-un's wife.[View]
175364615SUICIDE CAN BE JUSTIFIED: Suicide is justified if you're a manlet >inb4 accomplishments of …[View]
175359532Lets Talk About Obama: >How was he elected twice? >He's very far left >No one question…[View]
175351701Stopy Denying the Holocaust: Here's an idea. Stop denying the Holocaust. No, wait, I'm not…[View]
175364786Sips are The Devil: Beware the Devil it is infiltrating everything and is attacking you from the ins…[View]
175369610Do you buy art/music/books?: Do any of you purchase artwork or music directly from artists? I'…[View]
175372677Some people need to be explained what comes after the cold feeling on their forehead sinking in from…[View]
175367640so jews want us to masturbate to make us virgin cucks right? then why do they also circumcise us to …[View]
175368916/ALG/ Amateur Lobbying General: Anyone else have legislators as customers? What are good segues to p…[View]
175368140Imagine not being able to conceive children who look like this[View]
175371019Atheists are morons in general, surrounding their entire ideology around rejecting deity(/ies). Reje…[View]
175373884BRING STRICT & FASHY FUTURE VIBES!: Post em! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zopoJ8KtwGw https:/…[View]
175365637I'm very religious. I also want to see Americans exterminated. Is there anything in the Bible t…[View]
175371934The Dems need Hillary's star power to win the Presidency. They got no $ and no other well known…[View]
175371277The California split is just a proposal by the Deep State to have not 2 but 6 democratic senators in…[View]
175372332Previous Thread: >>175348684 How about the number 1400? 1400 is the number of little girls rap…[View]
175374948Who else is getting ready for church tomorrow?[View]
175375630Why americans here are so arrogant when they are literally the most cucked country in the west ?[View]
175370195no to racism[View]
175367200I need Pills! Pills to help wake people up to the JQ![View]
175371686POLICE BRUTALITY: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/ny-news-ny-waffle-house-police-orange-juice-20…[View]
175365554>democrats are bad at financ- https://www.csmonitor.com/USA/2018/0615/California-sees-9-billion-s…[View]
175364890Reminder that jews are not a race, but rather a collective of different ethnicities bound together b…[View]
175367645what do you call this alliance /pol/? and read culture of critique[View]
175354215Trump supporters, I have a single question for you. Why support a president who supports neo-nazis? …[View]
175370096back to these faggots: go deep - these faggots argue like they KNOW the truth and they know the side…[View]
175353579Can someone tell me how Bill and hillary got so many people to be so loyal? They even got control of…[View]
175348684Any other ideas?[View]
175367289police officer: opinions on becoming a police officer as a career? >t. army vet…[View]
175334310/pol/ we have to push for this to go through. It will fuck up CA's power and we can further pus…[View]
175347432NZ doomed: Alright pol, its all coming to a head here in our little anglo corner of nowhere: https:/…[View]
175368214If mass immigration from South American countries were to continue at millions of people per year co…[View]
175371116How do Democrats live with their selfs supporting women, and blacks, how do they coop with the world…[View]
175362218DID HE WENT RABID ??? or is he just plain insane ???: Trump praises Kim Jong-un’s leadership, wants …[View]
175358777Hi guys! Inquiring lefty here. I feel like free speech is an important value that ought to be upheld…[View]
175370137Official cuck-of-2018 nomination thread! Post your nominations below![View]
175326497/ATG/ Anti-Trafficking General: DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ DISTRICT INVESTIGATION .2: This general is …[View]
175362516Imagine A Race of People Being So Fucked Up...: It's literally their government policy to post …[View]
175370513>your men are giving Brits a perception as tall Aryan gods >we got the yanks to pay for it The…[View]
175370496Can someone teach this gay feminist American bitch how to respect a real football legend? She think…[View]
175367614Women have made quite an impact in various fields, including science, politics and the arts for cent…[View]
175370329Why are you white boys jelous of us Jews? Your women Wish they can be with us. Just look at Trump…[View]
175350099Strip Clubs: What does /pol/ think about strip clubs (in america) ? no matter your age or attractive…[View]
175369801Best/Worst migrants to your country: Best: the ones come over legally and create jobs Worst: Mexican…[View]
175365577Any boomers on /pol/? I'm gonna kick your ass.[View]
175328412Come to Crimea, she says: >Russian MP Poklonskaya invites Trump to visit Crimea http://tass.com/p…[View]
175368601Know your roots: Wolves of Mother Earth Report in \m/[View]
175361967JF mealt down: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFfdiU6JVwc >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFfdi…[View]
175346288Tolerance: >We should have skip the 60s, 70s, and 80s...[View]
175366083Is this Obama???: Hey lads, what do you thinl about this image: true or photoshop? In case it's…[View]
175369461Parades in South Korea after agreement: I've been seeing some people say that there were parade…[View]
175364654Is it true that some countries still believe in fairies?[View]
175369451CALIFORNIA IS LOST!!! https://www.csmonitor.com/USA/2018/0615/California-sees-9-billion-surplus-pass…[View]
175366942Why do you guys not have any concept of self-responsibility? 'The Jews made me a failure', 'the Jews…[View]
175358947FBI Anon helped us, lets return the favor: >Triggered a lefty shill and got put in time out for a…[View]
175368479so /pol/, what do you think hell is gonna be like for you?[View]
175363258debate subjects according to your politicascale. https://www.politiscales.net/[View]
175343152What the fuck is going on in Argentina?[View]
175368518Recent post >spcly from Russia >What place of iraq did you know the name in 80s? >Most peop…[View]
175365081> when you have nothing against Jews, but /pol/ is the most reasonable place on the web, and /b/ …[View]
175367844it's time to put down the gamebox, son. you pathetic white males is why the West is dying[View]
175357741>rebel against God and cause a war in Heaven >given control over the majority of human souls a…[View]
175369064The amount of larpers and shills in this board today is insane. How the fuck does everyone of you f…[View]
175364371Saviour of the European race: he will establish the white ethnostate on Mars[View]
175368029>blame the media >get all your facts from the media >retards pay you Why…[View]
175366677Sources say that Shapiro its now Anti-Trump after Prez statement on Noko.[View]
175346736Why aren't you moving to Kansas to establish a white enclave, pol?: A Pew Research study said i…[View]
175364736ABSOLUTE MADMAN: >President Donald Trump stunned his fellow world leaders at the G7 meeting when …[View]
175359790boomer here, seriously let's sit down and talk what went wrong with our society[View]
175362046Hi /pol/. I’m an AAA video game developer. AM(almost)Anything: I see a lot of hatred here about vide…[View]
175352816Donald Trump 'told Shinzo Abe he could send 25 million Mexicans to Japan': >He then rep…[View]
175355947I can’t believe I fell for the IG report meme. I feel so stupid. It turned out to be absolutely noth…[View]
175350312If IQ is so important why haven't the Asians dominated the world already?[View]
175362911Fucking hell. Charles Manson with truth bombs.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lL506MtS-OI…[View]
175356589What happens here?: Aliens? Any anons ever worked here or any CIA niggers have any alien stories to …[View]
175354815The bible and homosexuality: Did you know that the bible never says homosexuality is a sin? it'…[View]
175367537G.R.R. Martin: >has an unironic Dothraki cuck fetish >writes a show that panders to s.o.y.s. a…[View]
175367637I can’t believe I fell for the christcuck meme. I feel so stupid. It turned out to be absolutely not…[View]
175367608Celebration of the Mexican People[View]
175367716What are the implications of a privatized healthcare system? Wouldn't the for-profit motive mak…[View]
175367689Oregon Fags: https://oregoncrimenews.com/former-oregon-ducks-killed-in-car-crash/ >crash at Marti…[View]
175345295Why is the incel community represented solely by right-wing white men between the ages of 16 and 35?[View]
175360324Easy mode Gen Z 30 year old boomers: I'm sick of these easy mode Gen Z 30 year old boomers gett…[View]
175365723In what way is fascism compatible with the free market, and in what way does it seek to ferment its …[View]
175367130Post your most racist metal bands /pol/.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnuckdJxyU8 Burying swords…[View]
175367392He did nothing wrong.[View]
175357378Homeless: What should be done about the homeless junkie epidemic? I'm seeing more and more of t…[View]
175359444B-b-but the American mutts![View]
175361690Does he browse /pol/?[View]
175366189Why is it that every fag I've met has told me that they have never played sports? When you thin…[View]
175363289Russias Transgender problem: It looks like the US is not alone in the degenerate behavior. Can Russi…[View]
175365857I think this name should be used more to describe anti white racists. Traditionally the -phobe words…[View]
175358924How are you morbidly obese Americunts getting on paying $6.99 for Coke cans ever since you imposed t…[View]
175362647Redpill Thread: Drop your best.[View]
175364682Is classical liberalism actually flawed?: How is fascism actually superior to classical liberalism?…[View]
175363795So I was showing Schindler's list in my Honors HS World History class yesterday and I had to re…[View]
175366360I’m hella depressed I am so tired of nonwhites taking over our countries and we can’t do anything ab…[View]
175358191The Winning Strategy: We need to use the Jewish Strategy!: Guys, we really need to talk about optics…[View]
175364851>be trump >be talking about how you can't break up families >force home countries to t…[View]
175361006blocks path: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Online_disinhibition_effect[View]
175349396Michelle Obama Slips, Says She's 'Single Mother: Michelle Obama Slips, Says She's …[View]
175365941*Decides to terminate the Tlatelolco Deal*: Nothing Personal Trump Trumpin Trumpetin[View]
175360016do you report crimes to police?[View]
175352687/pol/ Humor Thread: I need a break from the constant JIDF shills and bad lib memes. Let’s help each …[View]
175353162Mommy tells TRUMP to grow a pair. KEK: BREAKING NEWS !!! ‘Prove that you are independent’: Russian M…[View]
175359423Gab tells cUKed to Fuck off: https://imgur.com/a/TIlrHBx[View]
175362032We’ll guys I finally made it. I got a gf she’s hispanic and cute. But she recently told me she’s ill…[View]
175339196The SCP situation: Looks like tumblr corrupted SCP. They are inserting LGBQT stuff in the new articl…[View]
175358208>Murrica World Police >get torn a new one from muslims >doesn't fucking dare criticize…[View]
175361090Why artists try so hard to win the hearts of faggots?[View]
175352720What does /pol/ think of Patrick Little: what does /pol/ think of Patrick Little exactly? he has gai…[View]
175339989American Troops to South Africa NOW!: Julius Malema, aka the Hitler of South Africa, told white peop…[View]
175365895Why do the Elites engage in things such as ''Spirit Cooking'' or ''Sat…[View]
175365250How about we hop on the discord so I can expose your moronic ideas, buddy?[View]
175360451Help. I'm stuck in Fiji and this place is a shithole. This cake proves it.[View]
175365025'nationalism': how can people act like they are such patriots and then go out and litter their land …[View]
175361756Does Stephen Colbert want peace or not? Holy Shit.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNh3bnnv960 He i…[View]
175363749Jimmy Carter dosnt look too good... He looks like he will drop dead any day now. Also how he is stil…[View]
175359740Canadians boycott US products, cancel vacations to America: How can our economy ever recover from so…[View]
175365757This digusting orange jigaboo is way too fat. Obese-ass nigger needs to lose some weight.[View]
175361011Black teens record a man drowning: What would you do in this scenario /pol/? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
175363728If you're serious about saving the white race: Never let your children eat chocolate ice cream.…[View]
175327433LGBTs are tearing themselves apart: Posting the 'drop the B' hashtag and sharing images li…[View]
175337634Wtf /pol/: Somehow #droptheB is actually gaining support and is talked about a lot. Someone even wro…[View]
175360462is any one else sick of the family friendly every thing mind set: i am sick of this mind set that ev…[View]
175357275Why did nazi's hate Christians so much?: Here's what Chief Nazi Ideologue and mentor to Hi…[View]
175345089'Mr. President, release the reports': uhh, guys?[View]
175364713Find Your Friends: Someone started a thread earlier asking about a new campaign slogan to replace 'I…[View]
175360596ITT post your IRL pol moments[View]
175365478How do girls like gays so much? >I mean they just drive me crazy with how they have to act out f…[View]
175362167Why doesn't /pol/ love comrade Stalin?: >made divorce illegal >made abortion illegal >…[View]
175365349So what's your excuse for supporting Little Man Mark Cuckerberg and his retarded social surveil…[View]
175362453Black women scientists and mathematicians got Americans into space: There is a great movie called 'H…[View]
175364946Spirit Cooking/Elite Occultism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpKdSvwYsrE I just saw the video on …[View]
175364876From the Horse's Mouth: George Soros: 'Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.' >“He …[View]
175364760No white castle tonight: Was is Harold that killed him? http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/06/15/missing…[View]
175360898You will never be around to see a happening anywhere near the level of WW2. Why even live?[View]
175348693I hate this place: I'm not a racist or jewspiracy theorist, but I come here every day and it…[View]
175358296/pol/ says that there are no proofs that gas chambers ever existed. Today I am pleased to say just t…[View]
175363907Upskirting.......should it be illegal? https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/jun/15/tory-mp-christo…[View]
175362901Things we wont say about race that are true: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tb2iFikOwYU[View]
175363692Fucking CNN man, I tell you..: >How technology can repair our broken connection with nature…[View]
175357329>wanting a wife ever[View]
175362138So, what happens after Trump is gone? He may win his next term but sooner or later he'll be gon…[View]
175338738Now that it's been 500 days since he was sworn in, how would you rate Trump?[View]
175337287> Africans want to be fat Americans so bad they deep fry their food in electrical transformer oil…[View]
175363416It is good for minorities to be under-represented: To be more specific, it is best that the majority…[View]
175364301Alright /pol/, who are the greatest leaders in history, and why?[View]
175364245>With the pressure on our resources it is not practical for our officers to spend a considerable …[View]
175364059Don’t forget that Saturday is the unholiest of days.[View]
175363403I think Kim Jong Un's sister is pulling the strings from behind, her plan is to open North Kore…[View]
175362656>be rich liberal elite >poison frogs with gay >hack into alexa for information >dress as…[View]
175361059What would the world be like if nukes did not exist?[View]
175363307HIGH SPEED CHASE THREAD: https://www facebook com/CBSLA/videos/10156491593050859/ >chase ENDS …[View]
175320949Fascism: Why does /pol/ want a modern fascist state? Fascism, by definition, means that all your ind…[View]
175363875ITT: based black men[View]
175363191What does /pol/ think of this guy?: What does pol think of roger stone is he based and ourguy? Or is…[View]
175362660>”You can’t FORCE me to have a baby! It’s not MY fault I had unprotected vaginal sex with my boyf…[View]
175361025143 days: Tick tock, tick tock... 143 days until good triumphs over the Trump regime.[View]
175360483Pic unrelated. Every country with a star in the flag is controlled by ((them)). Discuss.[View]
175354408Fathers Day: What politics do you and your Dad share and which of his do you love.[View]
175361657IG Report: https://www.justice.gov/file/1071991/download There was a lot of speculation and analysis…[View]
175359152Never Forget the Holohoax: Did you know that Hitler had jews tickled to death while his fellow nazis…[View]
175363571we have a problem /pol/ males in this era are pussies when it comes to women, they become depressed …[View]
175358873Chad presidents[View]
175361112Enjoying the puppet show, goys?[View]
175349011HEY GOY THOSE SJWS AMIRITE? NOW GO DIE FOR ISRAEL! https://www.bitchute.com/video/7r4xfePbpEta/[View]
175356740Australia Man Drought Bullshit: Ride the cock carousel throughout your teens and twenties be surpris…[View]
175361576CRISIS AVERTED IN GERMANY: Enough Ricin to kill 1,000 people was found in the flat of a Tunisian-Ger…[View]
175362662>spcly from Russia What place of iraq did you know the name in 80s?[View]
175358588WOMEN BTFO[View]
175349624The new Republican party. https://twitter.com/esaagar/status/1007647372837564416[View]
175354497If you could meet any historical figure to have a drink with, who would you pick and what would you …[View]
175354321'Melanin' the book: I acquired one of these books. It sells for $27 or so and is about 23 pages of l…[View]
175361510Based Trudeau https://www.bnaibrith.ca/ontario_group_whose_leader_called_for_eradication_of_israelis…[View]
175362219How The Caucasian Race Was Created: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sZNiWZF8Dw[View]
175350669Thoughts?: on the kang of kangz?[View]
175362192META Thread: Meta thread as mandated by gookmoot. Was out in the military for a while and now that i…[View]
175362160Why are yall so easily offended?[View]
175361811Anything to say for yourselves, /pol/?[View]
175360480YAS QUEEEEN: How stupid can women be? Go and see the comments to this stupid tweet and see how much …[View]
175355972What was the point of no return for the West and why was is giving women rights?: https://youtu.be/m…[View]
175361888Why do white supremacists always fake hate crimes against themselves? Is it to further their own vic…[View]
175361045/Trump General/ - I NEED HELP!: Help me /pol/! It's me! TRUMPS CAMPAIGN MANGER AND CLOSE FRIEND…[View]
175361930Can someone tell me how gays are oppressed in the west? Just saw a (may Allah forgive me for saying …[View]
175361224Long form revisited: Typed test that scans forensically identical when pixilated is not possible, it…[View]
175361716i4ni lol https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=164_1483570194[View]
175360510Was he right /pol/?: Have the Industrial Revolution and its consequences been a disaster for the hum…[View]
175361551North Korea Has Stopped Testing Missiles: The last North Korea missile launch was on November 28, 20…[View]
175356620Le 56% Face Meme: I just spotted one. I can't escape it. THIS IS WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE[View]
175354452How do you sleep well at night knowing that you have elected a fascist?[View]
175354059Based Trump doing based things: US to withdraw from UN human rights council[View]
175358499Gaddafi thread: What do you appreciate about him?[View]
175351991Why do so many black comedians have Irish last names? Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Bernie Mac (McCul…[View]
175358410Cossacks BTFO by Bongs: Why are bongs constantly communist lap dogs? Pic relayed.[View]
175360784Adolf Hitler ITT we pay respect to the greatest man since Caesar: Quit responding to (((them))), its…[View]
175319655Any update on this faggot trial?[View]
175355218>Japan kamikaze bombs perl harbor during WW2 >killing dozens of soldiers >recieves 2 nukes …[View]
175302670Trump Tells Democrats How It's Going To Be on Immigration: He told them before, and he's t…[View]
175361155Why is there so much pol on porn where are the fucking mods man I'm trying to have a comfy frid…[View]
175358233america was better when it had heavy mob influence: america pertendting to be legit when its not is …[View]
175361130Italy and the nigger love affair - over or not?: Any updates on the situation in Italy regarding the…[View]
175354463Will you faggots ever learn?: Women have no place in politics or discussing it. Men are not meant to…[View]
175357077reddit thread on affirmative action: pls[View]
175342903Why Patrick little is based, and Laurenstein Rosenberg is cucked.: Look, I've generally liked R…[View]
175360822>libertarianism is bound to fa-[View]
175356901A-Australia?: Students were photographed at Thursday night’s “politically incorrect” themed event dr…[View]
175359465What do you think about the contras: What do you think?[View]
175356528So basically if you are a white man who wants Arab pussy, converting to Islam is all you have to do?[View]
175341766/pol/ what's your opinion on Stefan Molyneux?[View]
175354519Oh Shit Oh No Better Delette This Article Leftists: >ONE of the great lines in 20th century films…[View]
175360162Dear /pol/, It's about damn time you learn this.[View]
175360524Feds break phone, Cohen BTFO.: Trumps secrets are spilled, lawyer Cohen turning states..... squeeeee…[View]
175329344Incredibles 2 in a nutshell: Jew'd out for muh feminism[View]
175355449>he's STILL alive how[View]
175357081I went to school with this guy and found all your topics in a google search, wondering what he was u…[View]
175360621Drachenen: The machine elves have spoken 'Fire, fire, fire when you see what they are after Fire, fi…[View]
175360448What makes Jews so superior to whites? How do they btfo them so bad?[View]
175360561(((Democracy))) is glorious, lads![View]
175327326Universities See 18.5% Decline in Enrollment: Universities See 18.5% Decline in Enrollment due to So…[View]
175357748CHINK INSECT THREAD: More like this.[View]
175360413UNITED STATES ATTORNEY OFFICE IN NEW JERSEY: Alright brainlets let's dig away at this one! Wher…[View]
175357296Random reminder that 'white' South Africans would be niggers in the Jim Crow South: They have zero b…[View]
175355737Enough said[View]
175358374Why are there artificial barriers between Science, Religion, etc.?: Everything is so balkanized, I f…[View]
175360186ITT post triggering imagery[View]
175360125>No bias affected the investigati- https://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/terence-p-jeffrey/fbi-age…[View]
175356197I get weet and zowa chicken ball and lawd fly wise pwees.: What does /pol/ think of one of the great…[View]
175358095How many other places do you think are doing this?[View]
175351471Paul Manafort is in fuckin jail and are we all just trying to ignore it?[View]
175354914Remember to never forget the holocaust roller coaster of death goyim![View]
175357571He's eating prison cock right now.[View]
175356038How does the Elite get so much orphan blood to stay alive?[View]
175355696Possible pizza gate near me: Pic related. Pizza place in my city, been before but always ate outside…[View]
175337291/UBI/ Basic income: Why work so much of your LIFETIME? Basic income is not communism. It allows to e…[View]
175352487The average russian eats 44 lbs of cabbage a year. The average american eats 6.8 lbs of cabbage a ye…[View]
175357335“State o’ Maine” - RACE WAR EDITON: Last thread: >>175342488 Mods are memory-holing L’town thr…[View]
175347464Gay Pride Hoax: I never heard a peep about this so-called meme and troll campaign. Did any of you? S…[View]
175356535Australia NO![View]
175359467what is the key to happiness god?: Well I'm glad you asked. >>175358743 Don't compar…[View]
175292781The purpose behind 9/11: So appearently there are still people here that dont know that 9/11 was rea…[View]
175356229What happened to Adolf Hitler - Viva La Vida: NatSoc Uploads released this and I remember it getting…[View]
175346144At this point in history. It seems as though that the next evolution of the white male is to become …[View]
175359224Waking up in the ideal world: > Post your scenario with related pics. I'll start. 'Malaynon?…[View]
175342260When will the AI become self aware and kill us all?[View]
175331488Racial purity is a spook. Prove me wrong.[View]
175359062She's right, you know.[View]
175352414>modern EU what a fucking joke[View]
175332243Why haven't you taken southern pill yet /pol/? Amazing food, hot women, great weather and outdo…[View]
175356852Does anyone actually like this person?[View]
175356681Which Scandinavian country is the best to live in right now and why? Pic mostly unrelated[View]
175356662Fuck facebook and Zuc thread: >when you’re a political candidate in a state election and facebook…[View]
175354575peter 3 holes and gums: ... ellipsis discuss[View]
175349385National Sociliast research books?: Are there any books on the more economic and societal life of Na…[View]
175356615Would you rather see >weed, lsd and mushrooms get legalized or >alhocol and cigarretes became …[View]
175355322Has anyone here read Jordan Peterson's ''Maps of Meaning'' and/or '…[View]
175355903Have you ever seen Cabaret /pol/: It's set during the Weimar Republic, your into that sort of t…[View]
175358176heee heeee - start the weekend RIGHT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnSnEgtP6DM a bunch of fat ent…[View]
175353670Give me your best hillfrogs.: https://hill-frog.tumblr.com/[View]
175358010Marijuana laws and why they don’t make sense: Why is marijuana illegal? It makes no sense that a sub…[View]
175351684Real Redpills: The information disseminated on this board has been crafted in such a way as to preve…[View]
175348148Let's face it, Elon Musk is based to high hell and he is in the right for buying Pravda and let…[View]
175355537Atrazine: http://news.berkeley.edu/2010/03/01/frogs/ Atrazine is a common pesticide that has been sh…[View]
175355848>stay in poland >be poor >go to US >get shot by some nigger >or nigger police officer…[View]
175350406Gab.ai tells Britbong authorities to fuck off: https://imgur.com/a/TIlrHBx Don't tell us what t…[View]
175344180Dixie General: For Discussion of local and State politics: >No niggers, jews, or yankees allowed …[View]
175354798What's getting you down /pol/: What's the worst of the political world doing to you today …[View]
175354455Texas Bullion Depository Officially Open this Week: What do you think, /pol/?[View]
175329672Elon Musk confirmed /ourgoy/[View]
175357018?Even pre-war, luxury food items were far less in muh precious nazi utopia than in evil degenerate s…[View]
175347477Russians are Literal Chinks: Why do so many people look to Russia as the 'savior of the white race?'…[View]
175355665Imagine just being Trump. You wake up and your favorite TV show is being hosted on your front lawn. …[View]
175354711'The more business oriented a country becomes, the less culture oriented it is' -- Mushu (Disney…[View]
175355076>2008 >tony and ted talking >no threads about this shit but a fucking thread an hour about …[View]
175355899ITS OVER: ITS OVER[View]
175346306At what age do black people come to realize they are an inferior sub-specie of human only capable of…[View]
175348807>Daily reminder Argentina is going to legalize abortion >Daily reminder that Macri said he isn…[View]
175356885The 2012 Presidential election we're so embarrassing to the Republican party what happened to t…[View]
175327101>Israeli settlements are painted to look like black cubes They even even TRYING to hide it at thi…[View]
175355386China is literally polluting the most, how do we stop them? https://www.carbonbrief.org/mapped-world…[View]
175350376Muslim lynched for stealing cattle in India: DEFEND THIS RIGHT FUCKIN NOW https://indianexpress.com/…[View]
175354590/pol/ can't be defin...: Fighting inevitability https://www.bitchute.com/video/NegWFJW9A6Sw/…[View]
175355343> 'The Left Can't Meme!' > 'We can meme because we have no friends, girlfriend, sex life,…[View]
175356456Genius Conspiracies for Societal Change: traps are pretty amazing if used right. post theories you m…[View]
175353820What am I???: Guys, so my brother gives me a bowl since he and his fiance are moving soon and don…[View]
175340518Me neither Washington Post, me neither.[View]
175356278ELLIPSE: >>175352366 When the girl ridin you in the darkanight and you touchin sumpin wet down…[View]
175355592Lmao get fucked ABC and SBS. So much kvetching and REEEing is going to come out of this if it goes t…[View]
175355195Anti Jew thread: Give me your best goyim[View]
175354309SCP Revitalization Project: Alright /pol/ The SCP wiki is trash. I know it. You know it. Is there an…[View]
175353055Ohio Senate election: Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio who is a Democrat is up for re-election this yea…[View]
175348310KILL All WHITES!: How about using some reverse psychology by posting flyers with the Israeli flag im…[View]
175334531Why do you guys hate him: he's redpilling normies which will eventually lead them to the correc…[View]
175356032What was the Europe like in the 70-80s. I've traveled through most of central and eastern Europ…[View]
175322877Why are white men so obsessed with morality when it's against our own interests? We could liter…[View]
175320995Flemish patriots mock open-border madness: Yesterday VBJ (Youth party of Vlaams Belang) went to the …[View]
175349886Why do boomers love Drumpf so much?[View]
175351520Daily reminder that the MSM is currently brainwashing impressionable children into thinking that the…[View]
175354906The data is in: Americans are more bloodthirsty than ever https://www.axios.com/more-americans-suppo…[View]
175339003Is there better evidence that we live in a dying country than our cities? Our main cities have a hig…[View]
175355182Why do I not have 50 more points than Trump in all of the polling data?[View]
175354762Chart topper Dhanraj Singh jailed for cab sex attack on white girl: >Non-Muslim pajeets who wear …[View]
175355180Whose going to run out of food first in Europe[View]
175336763JIDF IS PUSHING A NEW PSY OP ON /pol/.: These threads of 'Obama' in some sort of weird getup came ou…[View]
175348226Why is India such a shithole? How can it be fixed? We need a strong counterbalance to China in the r…[View]
175343298Do Americans really think their country is that much better than Europe?[View]
175352998Daily reminder that Marx was actually a capitalist.[View]
175350943You should read Lyndon LaRouche's stuff if you haven't already. It's a real eye-opene…[View]
175351893Where were you when Elon Musk eternally Btfo'd communists and karl marx?[View]
175354047Why haven't you joined yet?[View]
175353923Plz come back Manifest Dynasty. Take me. I don't wanna live in this cuckhole anymore. >tfw t…[View]
175351544What should be done about white-on-white violence, /pol/?: Oh, sure, you love the black-on-black var…[View]
175343832so have you guys realized the neoliberal establishment is not leftist, not socialist, not communist-…[View]
175351050Spain more cucked than sweden: This fucker is spain's new president. He let in a boat full of 6…[View]
175354171what do kissanime's advertisers have on hillary and who are the billionares?[View]
175329697No more white men in film?: Is the age of white men in film over /pol/? Is she right? What does this…[View]
175349486Mutts, have you watched this? https://youtu.be/SPZFN6VFFow This is some Netflix-tier acting. What ar…[View]
175351961Does /pol/ hate all jews or just ashkenzi jews? What about mizrahi jews and sepharadic jews? What di…[View]
175332215Do eurodumbs really think their healthcare is free?: Is “free at the point of service” the worst COP…[View]
175344657It fucking hit me guys. We cannot win in the current situation that the world is in. We will never t…[View]
175313815HOLY FUCK GUYS IT'S HAPPENING Was nice knowing y'all.[View]
175343741The fate of the alt right: Whatever happend to Richard Spencer and his movement? Is the alt right ov…[View]
175354628>Deletes Channel and video cause not getting enough views >Sam hyde steals your video and uplo…[View]
175354550Multi-millionaire stadium god Kingsley Sarfo guilty of raping 14 yo Swedish girl: Ghanaian internati…[View]
175346341Why did we bomb this?: Why did we support the Red Army after they marched into Latvia, Estonia, Lith…[View]
175350523The purple line on this graph is the biggest threat the world faces.[View]
175354457Let’s post some sexy pics[View]
175352929Multiculturalism works: France builds a wall: France surrounds Eiffel tower with walls to prevent te…[View]
175347314Anarcho Fascism: Just learned about Anarcho Fascism. Is this actually a thing? Its the biggest oxymo…[View]
175353919>How to end terrorism Turn them to glass, easy solution. But the cuck politicians don't have…[View]
175352574Are WASPs in the US possibly the most traitorous ethnicity ever? Seriously, they're even worse …[View]
175354317/pol/ has made such a big tantrum that it's the face of 4chan now. Used to be /r9k/, but now it…[View]
175349895Have all of you burgers signed this petition to get the unredacted, original OIG report yet? You do …[View]
175351900I'd like to remind everyone that there is no proof that the Earth is older than 6000 years. Evo…[View]
175353839>base your entire ideology around survival of the fittest >lose the only war you ever fought D…[View]
175348750You Are A Demonic Possessed Retard Fag: The hollowed out husk of a human vessel that is vector of de…[View]
175347348I have a question for Summerfags who have such a distaste for National Socialism. If America became …[View]
175350533What are the actual rights?: So in the end, which are the fundamental rights humans have? Not (((hum…[View]
175353166Can we have a good old cops btfo'ing liberal faggots thread? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_…[View]
175353536I followed political concessions to the LGBT+ community to its logical conclusion.: >all children…[View]
175353641Uhh guys..Anon talking about Astana may be real: >Astana's current chief planner, Vladimir L…[View]
175351280What’s his endgame?[View]
175353357OUR GUY?: He believes in instituting a patriarchal system, with women under the authority of men; he…[View]
175333674Mel Gibson says hollywood feasts on blood of babies: http://www.cbinfo24.com/2018/03/29/mel-gibson-h…[View]
175339881What's the crap version of your country? For example I'm from Australia and the crap versi…[View]
175351302Redpill me on Canada: Why do they fuck and eat dogs?[View]
175335000Leaf/Pol/ General #20 -1,000,000 immigrants in a year edition: Concerning the future of Canada, Cana…[View]
175336217Will the celebration of degeneracy ever end? Or will it only keep getting worse?[View]
175341495>dude concentration camps >literally Hitler >new Holocaust How does the left continue to i…[View]
175350992That is SO true.[View]
175344679Chinese Poaching: Why do the Chinese seem to eat everything that moves to the point of extinction? W…[View]
175320364This is a real pic. >Arkansas sex offender arrested after being caught with child porn, indictmen…[View]
175352980Should the perpetrators get the chair? I think so. https://bismarcktribune.com/news/local/crime-and-…[View]
175348792Do people working in fast food deserve descent pay?[View]
175348823Why are We Obsessed with Death/Annihilation?: Why are we not obsessed with life?[View]
175319148Spread this video you muslim cock loving faggots. A first person account of getting shut down after …[View]
175352366Relatable scenario: When you slappin a pregnant girl in the poon and her baby start wriglin and gigg…[View]
175351238Elon Musk /ourguy/: Where were you when he named (((them)))[View]
175351526Kekistan: Is Kekistan over?[View]
175351934I think black men are unstoppable: there is no other option we must give them all our women so that …[View]
175352547The world would be a better place if we threw all leftists in concentration camps. Do you guys agree…[View]
175346800What makes fathers deserving of a special day?: > muh faggots > muh childless cucks > kike …[View]
175345136How do we build white consciousness among the normalfags?[View]
175348778If Asians are based, why do they vote Democrat more than any racial group other than blacks? Even La…[View]
175347524Confederate vet tells the WHOLE story. for him it was never really about slavery per-say, it was abo…[View]
175345133How to stump a liberal quickly: What is one or two sentences that you can say to a never trumper or …[View]
175340535CANSCHLUSS NOW!: Arise, leafs, take up your bolt action air rifles and overthrow Castreau, and take …[View]
175352217Antifa: They've been awfully quiet, as of late.[View]
175331130This is why Cohen will flip: The FBI now has over 700 pages of messages Cohen sent using encrypted m…[View]
175348479Why am I not 50 points ahead????[View]
175352094Images of Ideology: Why would normies want to be a part of a group that reminds them of the unwashed…[View]
175340915Can oldfags name the celebrities in this photo? Just checking if this shithole is still visited by t…[View]
175351755Italy and jihadists: CONSPIRACY THEORY TIME: Why there was no terrorist attack in Italy? Recently th…[View]
175351913Muslim based boys is there anything worse than a combination of these creatures[View]
175349433What does /pol/ think about this guy?: Richard Henry Pratt (December 6, 1840 – March 15, 1924)[1] is…[View]
175350971Would /pol/ move to Vermont for $10k?: http://fox40.com/2018/06/01/vermont-will-pay-you-10k-to-move-…[View]
175332283brit/pol - Fuhrer edition: have a good read http://nseuropa.tumblr.com/page/31[View]
175343028Wal Mart sexual harassment policy: I work for Wal-Mart Fleet (driving trucks and logistics) and corp…[View]
175351406>conservative media defends pedophile feelings, defends Roy Moore >modern conservatives insult…[View]
175343740hey america how does it feel to be left out of the most important sporting event in the world after …[View]
175348002Petition for Amending the Constituion / 3: COMMERCE CLAUSE AMENDMENT Section I The federal governmen…[View]
175341643Do you feel more attachment to your country or to your race?[View]
175349407In 1860, the peak of slavery, the total free population of the United States and its territories was…[View]
175350700/ourchink/: Dare i say is he /ourchink/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4Oilr-T-1I https://www.you…[View]
175344368Does Capitalism breed apathy? I literally don't care about anything anymore ever since I became…[View]
175349019suspected (((arsonist))): >second time the glasgow school of art library has caught on fire >f…[View]
175349189what did he mean by this?: for real the FBI was going to overthrow an elected president? WTF? top ke…[View]
175350591The Jew no longer fears the Samurai[View]
175349370Laughter and humour is twisted and degenerate[View]
175350571>unemployment 3.8%(lowest in recorded human history) >300,000 jobs created every month >un…[View]
175329772Can you spot all five scenarios of discrimination towards people of color? Good luck![View]
175349545this is macon, georgia??[View]
175346277President of THE WORLD[View]
175342488Somali mob beat man to death in Maine: A group of several dozen Somalis beat a white man to death in…[View]
175346773Libertarian Fascism?: I'm beginning to think that 'Libertarian Fascism' is collapsing as a term…[View]
175350321why are wh*Toids so inferior? currently in europe home of the wh*Te man cucking as many crackers as …[View]
175350237>Dr. Goebbels, I'm NSDAP.[View]
175350127/pol/BTFO: Here is what you don't get people. Earth is ruled by satan. So the idea that demons(…[View]
175350194Red Pilled Black Grandma: >IT'S HAPPENING!!! Majority black audience declares their support …[View]
175343871>meet black girl >kinda looks like beyonce but with freckles and more poofy hair >From Texa…[View]
175343750Alright, which one of you fucks did this?: http://archive.is/cVuPr >A suspect is barricaded in an…[View]
175350113/pol/ sub BTFO by Roseanne for denying the holocaust.[View]
175350092Mueller/ Habsburg Connection: Makes sense.[View]
1753500702,000 People Seperated from their Families: https://apnews.com/3361a7d5fa714ea4b028f0a29db1cabc What…[View]
175349767Dear Marvel Comics: As a big fan of comic books and supporter of social justice and intersectional f…[View]
175334001post yfw Rodrigo Duterte will never hand you a free PSG-1[View]
175346639economy is the best it's ever been. Liberial queer fags explain this. You can't. So leave …[View]
175349731phew, for a second i thought we were being oppressed >“We have not called for the killing of whit…[View]
175347105If I were Trump I would wait until midterms to start declassifying the real juicy shit[View]
175324707Why is black culture so popular?: It’s the most popular culture in the world nowadays. Everyone in t…[View]
175343214Feminine men: What are making men so feminine these days, its getting disturbing.[View]
175344475Is he /ourguy/ >Hates Brazilian filthy animals >Meeting with Trump >Already endorsed as the…[View]
175336510is she right /pol/?[View]
175346126California sees $9 billion surplus, passes budget to help poor: https://www.csmonitor.com/USA/2018/0…[View]
175344927PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - THE WORLD EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.g…[View]
175349298>born and raised in libtard jew york >lived amongst the jew for the majority of his life >d…[View]
175346973YAAAAS SLAAA-[View]
175347902Where's your shilling, Republicans? Usually you try and hit it right now. Are you getting block…[View]
175326166Levantines are not Arabs: Hello /pol/. I'm a sunni palestinian, and I reject Arabism. Palestini…[View]
175345462Siener van Rensburg: Visions of the Future: What do a Boer’s words from South Africa in 1926 have to…[View]
175348639>Former Pro Bowl tight end Kellen Winslow Jr is charged with kidnapping and raping two women aged…[View]
175346140Aside from having some shady business deals and relations like everyone else and being a Jew, what h…[View]
175345948What good is a Vagina if I can't get away with Wire Fraud here and there?: https://www.nbcnews.…[View]
175346410'Human Rights' are just Heathen Rights: Prove me wrong. Hotep: you cant[View]
175346205I am curious. What's the average /pol/ browser stand on post scarcity 'economics' and technolog…[View]
175344488>Black man literally destroying the world view of a dindu woman, by telling her and her kind to s…[View]
175343704Why do black people always have to force themselves into the discussion?: they hate hitler even tho …[View]
175348973Captain Marvel actress goes full SJW!!: Brie Larson went full SJW against the 'evil white man' as sh…[View]
175348309Unpopular opinions: Post political positions that would get you booed out of /pol/. To start: there …[View]
175342491FUCK OFF ABOUT THE JEWS!: >Jews did nothing wrong >This board is full of anti-Jew shit 24/7 …[View]
175348619Islam: This is your prophet,and he approves...[View]
175334427why is it that fascist politicians only come to the rise in eastern European countries? they fail in…[View]
175325477Sexbots law: So in regards to the new law passed by Congress: what do they mean by child? Are they u…[View]
175347197News and polis are milking the fuck out of this now. Women are saying men are the problem. Are we fu…[View]
175342139What are the true feelings of Aussies on aboriginals? I was watching this show that said despite bei…[View]
175347968...Anonymous (ID: Rq/o9B62) PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - THE (...) 06/15/18(Fri)18:58:21 No.175344927 …[View]
175325513PIZZAGATE UK HAPPENING: PIZZAGATE UK HAPPENING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiOXvCvfkaY >>…[View]
175347491You simple can't make this shit up...: When she first mentioned 'fragile white men', I'll …[View]
175347947Is there hope for Europe?[View]
175348158Wut: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov https://www.donaldjtrump.com/ https://www.p…[View]
175319939This: I'll just leave this here[View]
175343508Let's discuss the linguistics of discrimination. I am specifically interested in the origin of …[View]
175345950trump hurry the fuck up: > degeneracy on all levels > family is dead, schools dead, media dead…[View]
175347914How do Ameribros feel about the precendent Donald Trump is setting in that presidents can pardon the…[View]
175337024Circumcision General: Anybody else extremely proud of being circumcised? I have a big, beautiful pen…[View]
175347374>God’s promise to never flood the earth again: >used by gays to tell people how gay they are. …[View]
175344317The greatest strength is unity: Self Improvement is useless on its own. If you obtain the highest le…[View]
175347143Pure-Blooded White Women: Are there women more pure-blooded than that one?[View]
175347646Tokenized Pilitical Warfare: Let’s make a erc20 token and meme it into relevance. We can get BIZ in …[View]
175343539Are there still pure Greeks like the ones from the tales of old left on the world? Or have their blo…[View]
175338790/pol and /v/ need to come together to save the wasteland d: Ok so, kinda got this idea from leddit b…[View]
175342466At what age did you finally become less retarded and finally learn about politics?[View]
175328170US Navy to hand 40 migrants over to Italy: You getting tired of this shit? Im getting tired of this …[View]
175347457'Axis': Austria nooo!! not again!! I wanna come to Europe and rape blond women.... nooooo[View]
175342025Tick tock tick tock...: Only a matter of time, Trump. Only a matter of time.[View]
175347377cracKKKa hate thread: We eastern europeans aren't white and we solidarize with our black brothe…[View]
175345936Why does /pol/ support a soiboi?[View]
175297418Hapa girls discriminated against in south korea, had to flee to america: Long story short, the paren…[View]
175347108Political Path of /pol/acks: How has /pol/ changed over the last 2-3 years? What was the point you b…[View]
175346148Segregation is the only answer[View]
175344610Why do 'racial realists' have such a hard time accepting obvious Jewish superiority?[View]
175337472Why you have only two parties in US?[View]
175343752fucking Russians..: ... I thought you Russians were as drunkards as us... WTF?[View]
175339195Why are white womennConverting so much: Is it Because they want to feel like women again and to have…[View]
175346652We're all the same: http://www.mdpi.com/2079-3200/5/1/1/htm >Drawing together this paper’s r…[View]
175342392How do we get rid of him /pol/?[View]
175343585Pink pill truth.: It’s not the women that are the problem, pol. It’s you.[View]
175346542In Germany at the Jewish museum children are taught that Americans like Trump are created by the Jew…[View]
175344908Frank thread got 404'd: When will (THEE) stop?[View]
175344027BLACK CULTURE WON: When did white culture die out? I see lots of white kids idolizing these people.…[View]
175332383Male Genital Mutilation: This is a sick, disgusting practice based on sexism and sexual repression. …[View]
175341988>'Brits are so cucked they just do whatever the state tells them what a bunch of pussies' >'Ni…[View]
175306497Niggers are getting redpilled?: I think the niggers are getting redpilled? Maybe we can ally up and …[View]
175345288The holocaust is real, didnt you see Planet of the Apes?[View]
175331037JUSTICE IS COMING: She was accused attacked harassed maligned slandered interrogated and she was…cle…[View]
175343594Why do leftists get away with calling for civil war?: Seriously. Leftists have been straight-up thre…[View]
175344159Was this supposed to be intimidating?[View]
175342996Hawk From Cobra Kai Gets Kicked Out Of Milwaukee Bar & Arrested LOL: I wonder if he ever pulled …[View]
175344102https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6T47opnLyFw how do you guys take yourselves seriously? seriously…[View]
175341288Is Israel proof that multi-ethnic nationalism can work?[View]
175338899this is fucking hilarious[View]
175345886What do you think of the nib?: What do you think?[View]
175345416Refugee came alone to Sweden - was interviewed in magazine: Swedish strawpoll: 'What is your favorit…[View]
175345698In the mid 1600's, a merchant from Riga named Johan Palmstruch financed a war for King Karl X o…[View]
175288776you white-oids are utterly unbearable.[View]
175345091Fox news is going off about the doj and fbi bullshit[View]
175343383why cant white people stop killing themselves is the white race genetically self destructive[View]
175326558Shitposter of the world Unite. Total mobilization is ongoing!: I believe you all heard of the Art. 1…[View]
175344958What's her deal?: Is she for real? Every time she's on Tucker's show, she has a smirk…[View]
175325825Is interest a Jewish scam?[View]
175344407Why does /pol/ get so nuts over this fictional place?[View]
175340819Besides Samuel T. Francis and Jared Taylor, who are some good writers to read?[View]
175341102What is the most /pol/ approved attitude to marriage? I know here we have a meme (although not alway…[View]
175344964American Gay Marriage: Is Trump going to ban gay marriage? Trump only needs one more supreme court n…[View]
175342066Retards: you faggots have no idea what is really going on. take the real 'Red pill' the globalists a…[View]
175323967i gotta say, this was a good answer on his part.[View]
175335939Dad dating a negress: MY OWN FATHER IS DATING A NIGGER! Obviously I hate niggers and especially whit…[View]
175343602Why is the Whiteman so confrontational?[View]
175335264TEXAS YES!: Austin city council orders police to stop arresting blacks and Mexicans. When did Texans…[View]
175344870Operation Meet Trump: So, lads. I am signed up to receive messages from POTUS via text. Once every m…[View]
175343991Why does a group of cowardly basement dwellers consistently shit on the achievements of a generation…[View]
175342295He didn't win the popular vote so it doesn't count.[View]
175323712Have we reached a point where it just too late? Maybe it better to just go for the ride instead of t…[View]
175343749What exactly is wrong with this message? Why is They Live such a hippie piece of shit?[View]
175188152KILAUEA VOLCANO GENERAL - /kvg/ #138 NICE COCK Edition: HAPPENING: >'NO SIGNS OF SLOWING' https:/…[View]
175333205FUCKING SOY EVERYWHERE!!: >be me >in grocery store >want to buy bread >nearly all of it …[View]
175330621Germany here i come: After been away from 4chan over a year and half, i have managed to save enough …[View]
175341934Most Based Latin American Country?: Lately, I've been thinking a lot about what my escape plan …[View]
175336339GOOD FELLA / BAD FELLA?: >“When the whole thing is over, things might get cleaned up with some pr…[View]
175341979I think I finally get Trump. Well, I don't really get being that gassy and apoplectic, but at l…[View]
175339320>Conspiracy FBI cabal wanted to take down Trump >Same alleged cabal doesn't leak to the p…[View]
175337927Anyone else having problems with netflix? Did this guy turn the internet into his public shitting st…[View]
175336321Aquarius halfway to Valencia: We're running out of time, the Aquarius is halfway to Valencia. W…[View]
175340495Turns out Q is pretty cool. Just labeled Obama a butt plugger. He’s officially /ourlarp/ I say we in…[View]
175342364Why japanese people don't assume their perversity ?: pic related[View]
175338698it's the USA's fault?: Let me get this straight.. some spic drags his family to the border…[View]
175343709is this good optics?: >Earlier this week, Identity Evropa members spent the day distributing free…[View]
175328790>potheads believe this[View]
175339411Here is the redpill you can't handle. Communism protected the eastern part of Europe from degen…[View]
175343676Do the rights of the individual outweigh the rights of the collective in a lawful society?[View]
175341614The most subversive personality in the altright: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZdzKEBFDHU @ 49:16…[View]
175342802.: What kind thoughts and opnions does /pol/ has about the disease called AIDS ?[View]
175343430>tfw the US military is recruiting illegal immigrants who won't feel bad about killing white…[View]
175343473The Naked (((Communist))): http://www.restoring-america.com/Documents/THE%20NAKED%20COMMUNIST%20GOAL…[View]
175343273Reminder that 'white' South Africans would be niggers under Jim Crow: This is a pic of the school th…[View]
175343058New USA tariffs on electrical and mechanical components: https://ustr.gov/sites/default/files/enforc…[View]
175343009Purge the FBI: What would it take for Trump to start a ‘Great Purge’ of the FBI?[View]
175335130I'm shocked (((they))) let this episode see the light of day, even 25 years ago Can you think o…[View]
175341012what is the answer to the casual sex problem?: nothing is more damaging to families and marriages th…[View]
175341854Candace Owens articles from her defunct Degree180 Site: MAGAbased Negress was a flaming libshit not …[View]
175341429While growing up I've always been taught power corrupts but now I'm beginning to think pow…[View]
175342572WHY do people dislike George Soros?: George Soros has always worked in the career of finance and cur…[View]
175342799Prankster Grants Paul Manafort’s Brooklyn Brownstone Special and Hilarious Landmark Status: https://…[View]
175327043Vaccines: Yes or No?: So I've been following this story about some anti-vaxxer broad who refuse…[View]
175342360Daily reminder that HE. WON.[View]
175342301OC thread: Post your politically-incorrect OC.[View]
175342505Dinosaurs: When were the first 'fossils' found? Who 'found' them? What was the political climate lik…[View]
175341484Anime is degenerate: Anime is degenerate; prove me wrong. I mostly agree with pic related but wester…[View]
175340810Jews are ghey: I'm sick and tired of the Jews controlling everyone and everything. I'm gon…[View]
175342309He fucking did it. The absolute madman[View]
175338536>pol glorifies hitler >hitler was genetically half jew…[View]
175331732>mfw if Brazil purges crime and corruption, /pol/tards will have zero arguments against racemixin…[View]
175333900Why the fuck is nobody talking about this ?!: Literally all the threads about EU Article 13 and 11 j…[View]
175340526Southern Cone: What do your countries do to have the highest living conditions in Latin America, wha…[View]
175316208Jordan Peterson calls John Podesta an anti-semite: This is very weird because over the last three mo…[View]
175338317Redpill time. Jews don't run the world, at least not truly. They're just another pawn. The…[View]
175338796mfw the EU is trying to make memes illegal: Thoughts ?[View]
175331907Youtube Giving Pedophilia Warnings: A 10 year old video titled 'PSA for pedophiles' started being pr…[View]
175338872I told you this fat fuck was a fraud: https://twitter.com/fordnation/status/1007401020438089729…[View]
175339217PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - 90s EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov htt…[View]
175339879/ktg/ Kike Trump General - Kike Edition: PRESIDENT (((DONALD J TRUMP))) http://www.thejidf.org/ >…[View]
175336621What will it take for this to happen Upstate is pretty nice would move back if the whole state was …[View]
175340918Does India really have a space program? Did they just get it done by NASA or ESA and label it as the…[View]
175337041Pizza Related Map of Meaning: well you asked... here is the pizza related map[View]
175339128Obama wasn't ga.....[View]
175310256ITS HAPPENING: >Sushi Burritos BTFO[View]
175339937Ask an Australian anything: From Sydney Proof of trip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W48mjdyOVsg …[View]
175339853>decide to boycott companies that promote racemixing >forced to drop 70% of retailers huh…[View]
175337407What the actual fuck. How does your justice department work over there britbongs? We all know thats …[View]
175339407Battlefield V: >Our take on WW2 Are there any smart video game making anons out there? I think we…[View]
175341185has /pol/ ever been in a fight before? If yes, what race were they?[View]
175332055It's all so tiresome.: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2018/01/25/health/cuckoldin…[View]
175341374Stop supporting the Devil: Why do people financially support these Luciferian meat puppets in the en…[View]
175327090There has to be better ways of getting energy other than uranium[View]
175337857so, abe is mad in the picture because trump want to send mexicans to japan and Merkel is asking: wha…[View]
175329878Is it a bad idea for a politically woke person like me to really be interested in working in an adve…[View]
175301043What are the most hated countries in /pol/? I only think of Mexico, India and Turkey.[View]
175308931Metoo continues to consume it's own: https://archive.li/nPKDl Background: https://medium.com/@s…[View]
175340903top kek[View]
175339193This was why the libtards are owning you you can't win a re election with only 38 of the votes[View]
175332908Paul manafort busted, and already wearing his orange jumpsuit, ol trumpy will be soon https://www.re…[View]
175323046What is happening to traditional girls?: >Go to Google >click image tab >type 'traditi…[View]
175339736When a literal nigger is our closest connection to Kim jong un.: TFW some nigger is the best north k…[View]
175340997https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53JzWDGOOy8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2OBcBnWSs8 Having a chi…[View]
175339535be honest /pol/, would be marry her despite being a mutt?[View]
175316297Admit /pol/ you hate him cuz he's Jewish[View]
175337550Women privilege needs to end!: When will we all be treated equally?![View]
175336285>Be slav shitskin >Your state collapses >You have to create your own banana republic >Yo…[View]
175314918Japan is our greatest all... https://nypost.com/2018/06/15/trump-told-shinzo-abe-hed-ship-25-million…[View]
175320544WE WUZ KANGZ THREAD: post ur kangz memes /pol/[View]
175311211Syria General /sg/ - Me On The Right Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordp…[View]
175340757Operation briefing: Ok /pol/, I'm gonna help you stop being aimless faggots, and get motivated …[View]
175340713Larp5/Frank is back: come laugh at him over here https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/175337333#bott…[View]
175329467Las Vegas metro area happening: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/06/15/man-barricades-himself-in-armor…[View]
175339131Is the combination of egalitarianism derived from Christianity and the belief in technological progr…[View]
17531548626% of all slave owners were jews, despite being just 0.7% of the population: In 1860, the peak of s…[View]
175335242CANADA YES! 1M shitskins let in last 2 years, 1M coming up!: >Canada To Welcome 1 Million More Im…[View]
175340458Daily reminder ashkenazi menace needs to be exterminated in order for ethno nationalism of white peo…[View]
175339087Why shouldn't Italy let in the refugees? I don't get why retard fucking racists are so clo…[View]
175315357Leftist comic cringe thread: Post your worst. https://thenib.com/[View]
175333215The dirty fuckers have done this to every pond and canal I used to fish in as a kid with my dad and …[View]
175340338The Women of /pol: Do you think Dad is still in jail? Which one of you did this?[View]
175329404>Commies BTFO >/ourguy/ confirmed https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1007752686878388224…[View]
175335646No one talked about this? Hungary and Poland can hold Slovakia's beer.[View]
175337010Any israelis here?: Any Israelis who visit this board?[View]
175338169Is interracial marriage a good strategy for spreading White genes?: It's literally colonization…[View]
175339746Fuck life: Fuck you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICdhnJwHn0M[View]
175339954Any Kenyans on here?: Hello.[View]
175339940No seriously, what did she mean by this?[View]
175322096How long untill Great Albania becomes reality?[View]
175338673Only unevolved people love their parents[View]
175339717Welp... I guess the lesson would be don't obstruct justice while denying you and the bossman ar…[View]
175323811>expands your creativity >Has been scientifically proven to enhance your complex problem solvi…[View]
175339624soooo now that it's confirmed that einstein was a closet racist, of course antifa and all their…[View]
175338991When did it ever happen?: Every other day you fags talk about 'HAPPENING'. It never happens. Nothing…[View]
175334721>battling the Jews on their turf >woke to the dangers of pharmaceuticals and the kikes behind …[View]
175339178What did the onion mean by this?[View]
175337791What do you think about this photo[View]
175333420Eric striker going on james allsup show NOW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75uyObVKvng[View]
175339362What can we do to meme the Constitution Party into national prominence?: >Pro-Original Constituti…[View]
175336201Any tutorial on how to exterminate the jew in your personal life ?[View]
175333346I'm going to post Hitler everyday until you love him[View]
175336146Clapper has officially changed his story. Gee, I wonder who it could be. Any ideas? https://www.yaho…[View]
175328184Stephen Paddock died for your sins: Stephen Paddock died for your sins, so that you may live.[View]
1753391151488: In need of new content. Give me the best far right art/edits you got anons.[View]
175339021Larpagans: What makes you think pagans are larping? Is it because they converted to paganism or 'cho…[View]
175334666What was the QUID PRO QUO between Putin's election assistance and the Trump campaign? It just s…[View]
175337498The Hitler of South Africa Tells White People He Won't Exterminate Them...Yet![View]
175328884APOLOGIZE right now![View]
175335896/pol/ BTFO!!: >be black >be retarded >has job meanwhile on /pol/ >be white >above avg…[View]
175336514Why is being white associated with femininity and weakness: my Arab friend (UK) tells me back home i…[View]
175334584how do you show your patriotism?[View]
175336550'Nerd' and 'Geek' Girls Takeover of Online Media: pic related. nerdist was founded by a man got boug…[View]
175338758http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5838589/Oxford-child-sex-gang-jailed-75-YEARS.html >heh, …[View]
175337190non-whites of /pol/ posting under White countries' flags...: ... show yourselves. State ethnici…[View]
175334482Should I end it, /pol/?: M/20 Here, this is a long one but bear with me >Introvert >No directi…[View]
175333814Was she right?[View]
175336352>got their asses kicked by the Mongolians >got their asses kicked by the British >got their…[View]
175338265What do you think of Jews who support nationalism and despise Muslims?[View]
175337324Breitbart sucks: Dropping a hot tip on them with a request to let me know if they're not intere…[View]
175336978Why is Hitler remembered as the greatest monster of all time while Napoleon gets a free pass? Napole…[View]
175338596Ladies and gentlemen the new Doctor who in action!: https://twitter.com/GirlyLetters/status/10077745…[View]
175338036He will win reelection right?[View]
175330076So are you guys serious this time or is it another larp?[View]
175338448**CHALLANGE** spot the hidden britton: I know that we had an alliance but didn't know we were r…[View]
175338201Daily reminder that King Arthur is Cornish and will be reborn in Cornwall to drive the Anglo-Paki pa…[View]
175337207san francisco: another day in paradise[View]
175326831How the fuck did Trump BANKRUPT 5 casinos?[View]
175338291http://thehill.com/homenews/house/392357-house-approves-ban-on-sex-dolls-that-resemble-children HA H…[View]
175336680Alt Hype's newest video: So Eric Turkeimer is a lying piece of shit. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
175337969Hey /pol/ who do you think runs the new world order?[View]
175314086Éire/pol/ - O'Sullivan Beare Edition: Thread Theme | Téama Snáithe: https://youtu.be/mpkrr0-qut…[View]
1753380861929 - Interview with Elderly: https://youtu.be/0FE30a4J38Q Watch this video, tons of redpills.…[View]
175317851>Germany's greatest leader was Austrian >Russia's greatest leader was Georgian >G…[View]
175323044IS THIS REAL?!: A gay bedazzled Moloch... who does this look like?[View]
175320406Why doesn't Israel just genocide the Palestinians? It's not like they would be missed by a…[View]
175337973This IG Report was basically our last chance to help with midterms. Polling was in our favor from th…[