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210890414Patrick Little drops out of prez run: patrick little says he'll probably drop out due to financ…[View]
210900985Off grid thread: Let's be real anons, there is no political solution. Everyday the world goes t…[View]
210892288Baltimore Wylin’ Out: Good read here > https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/12/magazine/baltimore-trag…[View]
210903225Do you think Hitler's well-established homosexuality influenced his actions during the Second W…[View]
210902301There were no gas chambers: >Gewiss, ich habe unterschrieben, dass ich 2 Millionen Juden umgebrac…[View]
210901870would the U.S. have caught up to their current state of prosperity by now if they didn't have s…[View]
210902034I am a white collar office worker in a major city. There was this stupid annoying bum that would sit…[View]
210903141If Jews rule the world...aren't they the master race?[View]
210903220>*shots the nigger*[View]
210903589Being White Is Wonderful · /BWIW/: I feel like 'It's Okay To Be White' is kind of stern and def…[View]
210903543Post /ourguys/ wikipedia articles https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_de_Gobineau > was a French…[View]
210902631Post your rarest/best Hitler pictures: Post em all[View]
210903389Why are all of you millenails so damn angry about people who you don't even know in real life a…[View]
210903466Rundown 2019: Post any known 2019 addendums to the rundown[View]
210903313Us pushing us further towards World War III.[View]
210900415Why does our society punish entrepreneurship?: Isn’t competition supposed to be the engine of innova…[View]
210893858The Illuminati Hacked the Universe: The Universe came into being by logical self-reflection - no sen…[View]
210897490/ptg/ President Trump General - No Collusion No Obstruction Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS…[View]
210901831Reminder: Mossad agent, ISIS, is behind church bombings. Israel is stoking a Muslim/Christian war so…[View]
210901754What started Somali ?: FEATURED ARTICLES NEWS Marine Guilty of Assault in Shooting of Somali Youths …[View]
210845549A FRIENDLY REMINDER: Eastern Orthodoxy is the only legitimate form of christianity. The papacy has n…[View]
210889528Are we still Yang Gang bros?[View]
210880988What will happen in 2020?: Most likely Trump will win, and the left will flip out. OR, Trump loses a…[View]
210895359Red Pilling Professor: During a class in comparative religions, we were on the subject of JEWS. And …[View]
210902608>Russians: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/316374816_Drinking_Traits_and_Culture_of_the_…[View]
210901019It's well documented that Nazis were gun grabbing homosexuals that hated twinks. They killed am…[View]
210890438Christianity is the greatest gift to mankind, i feel so much better after becoming a Christian. Prai…[View]
210902511Legalizing marijuana: How can anybody promote mental illness? Is it ignorance or pure indifference t…[View]
210900092And everyone clapped... Iranian women deserve rape[View]
210902453Does anyone know the full list of Brexit Party candidates for each region in EU elections?[View]
210899516Did Trumps corporate tax cuts trickle down?[View]
210899806Not even 2020 and hes starting to destroy his campaign: Yep, Bernie will cuck to hand Pete Buttpleg …[View]
210901539Why black people so obsessed with race? Most of their literature works, poems, music, movies are abo…[View]
210901815What does she mean by this[View]
210901872>2019 >not standing with israel Why do you want the leftist marxists to win? Thry want to floo…[View]
210876433Jesus Christ: Tell me why I should follow this man[View]
210900140The Grand Duke of Luxembourg died: How important was this guy in terms of financial power/'deep stat…[View]
210901461>oi m8 has your boy 'ad his jollies with another woman yet?[View]
210856219what's /pol/'s thoughts on psychedelics like LSD, Shrooms, Mescaline, Etc.?[View]
210899795A way to prove how crazy the Mainstream media is: So as you know the mainstream likes to jump on ret…[View]
210895147Family of /pol/: Honest question /pol/ What was your childhood like? Did you grow up in a stable fam…[View]
210901415Reminder that oil tycoons own your country. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-47960359[View]
210894055Do you believe him?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAnySx2lHC8[View]
210899805The source of thottery.: This book 'The Myth of Culture.' by a psychologist from Cambridge named Nig…[View]
210882795Rhodesia, somalia, niger etc. are proof that whites would lose a race war to blacks.[View]
210899705Why do only white (trailer trash) people seem to do stuff like this?[View]
210899190Was the world better or worse before the internet? With more people connected and social media these…[View]
210899504why are the jews trying to convince our children to eat bugs?[View]
210897912Satirical pol code: I posted: >Wow, if this doesnt prove that some one is ust handing thm a scrip…[View]
210897934Why did he veto ending support of Saudi Arabia in Yemen? I mean, other than the fact that he's …[View]
210897953Are INCELS the real redpilled way of living life? And whats wrong with being blackpilled?[View]
210899135>the virgin tradthot >the chad free speech mama What have you done for the white race recently…[View]
210900828Christchurch Thread:: This guy might of started The Great Western Civil War but he was a great shitp…[View]
210883925Has anyone made a collage of all our child fucking elites calling us Easter worshipers because they …[View]
210900276Remember when liberals were against censorship?: Turns out their immediate self interest is more imp…[View]
210881924The Nationalist: Read this, and if you like it, help spread it around. https://docs.google.com/docum…[View]
210900369Ya Promoting Degeneracy is Totes Totes: United States of America approved a whole bunch of online ne…[View]
210887281>Netanyahu on U.S. President Trump: that’s the way to deal with Iran >The White House announc…[View]
210900340when you learn that the 'Harvard Undergraduate Centrist Society' exists[View]
210895689I fucking love japan Culture food women and all. Japan appreciation thread[View]
210896069POL IS A ZIONIST BOARD: We are here to propagate Israel We want greater Israel[View]
210884815KAMALA HARRIS TOWN HALL: Wow she's doing a splendid job. She's also gorgeous. I bet 99% of…[View]
210899188Honk Honk General /HHG/: Clown world ain't gonna honk itself[View]
210890463RETAIL APOCALYPSE: Office Depot to close at least 50 stores:: >Trump's economy is stron- Wel…[View]
210898894Based Poland: >The World Jewish Congress (WJC) has voiced outrage over a Polish town's ritua…[View]
210887352ATTENTION. I have a very important question to pose. Guys. Why can't I legally just dig? There…[View]
210896059HONK: As someone who has spent thousands of hours around inmates, this is the most retarded thing I…[View]
210899574Will the Spic, Niggers and other minorities vote for a Buttfag?[View]
210897243/RPG/ Redpill general: >Very useful threads (mostly HBD related) https://www.dropbox.com/s/ki8di…[View]
210895565Brown was released from jail in February after making bond for murder charges related to Ruxin Wang’…[View]
210898696A heart felt thread to have hope... To keep us going: Home is Behind...[View]
210899337>All those anti-trump on /pol/ is made only to help Buttpleg: Really makes you think.[View]
210898031stuff like this thread[View]
210898156BORDER INVASION CONTINUES: Every fucking day more are dropped off at the local Greyhound station her…[View]
210897289False Flag April 23rd: Today, approximately 6 PM.[View]
210890469/pol/ humor thread: /pol/ humor thread[View]
210880347Went to Antifa meeting, AMA: Went to Antifa meeting in Denver on Sunday after my friend asked me if …[View]
210899401Anti-racism thread[View]
210879915Reminder that anyone who opposes debt jubilees is a usurious kike[View]
210898489Commie general: Get in here comrades[View]
210897216Why did Europeans stop using religious factions to expand their own racial & ethnic interests?[View]
210896946Tulsi destroys don the con once again. He sold the saudis a bunch of nukes and magapedes think it…[View]
210895664ABSOLUTELY TRUE: Fuck Islam. And fuck self loathing cuck apologists for it.[View]
210897825Boomers will defend this.[View]
210884663Hoose: Mortgages are a scam. A house should not cost more than three years of wages. What's the…[View]
210893844Jews are ugly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcgjCIxHezA good red pill videos about Israelis i can…[View]
210887880Right-winged Brazilians btfo by based punk rockers[View]
210895817The /pol/ PsyOps: Is /pol/ bad for your mental health? On top of the depressing topics there is alw…[View]
210898356Who here is ready for baseball season?[View]
210894870I don't understand one huge thing about Trump and his supporters. Trump will bring someone into…[View]
210898442Just came across this.[View]
210889834Why is Polygamy Illegal?: Honest question, not trolling. Is it religious reasons or what?[View]
210898321/pol opinion on anime: Why does /pol dislike anime so much, it is one of the few entertainment sourc…[View]
210883908Why have we let basically all the cities in America turn into shitholes?: It's crazy if you thi…[View]
210895000>Canada strongly condemns these heinous attacks on hotels and Christians at prayer in churches. …[View]
210897961I really hate chinese people, idk guys they're really annoying[View]
210893180#Buttgang: We need to be memeing this guy as hard as possible. He's literally the least electab…[View]
210896861Am I white ?: ...[View]
210896008So, who did the Sri Lanka bombing ?[View]
210890311Ever since he tangled his foot in that power cable and stumbled over himself and managed to yank his…[View]
210891707what the fuck is wrong with white people[View]
210897905OY VEY!: https://www.jta.org/2019/04/22/culture/is-goy-a-slur https://archive.fo/jTNhm[View]
210896105ITT:: Memes that aged well[View]
210886233So now do you Canadians have passports with x genders yet?[View]
210877536power level hidden: >be dude >drive NYC yellow cab >wear swastika armband >nofucksgiven.…[View]
210894933The Paradigm is shifting. Remember...Trump made this possible.: https://dailycaller.com/2019/04/22/b…[View]
210889074Jews are either responsible for: >Free Masonry >Atheism >Communism >Capitalism >Anarc…[View]
210897721Chad gets all the girls.: Jeff gets all the money. Why is this hard for socialists to understand? Ar…[View]
210896880Is Trump the Deep State?: At least 13 FBI investigations have nabbed high level people at Trump Towe…[View]
210884912Are we on the verge of a new recession?: Why did multiple business mags publish articles hinting tha…[View]
210897754irans oil: okay guys how much oil do iran export to india just asking for business[View]
210887067left at my school and everyone freaked out honk honk I guess[View]
210897731Fault vs Blame / True Evil: Fault and Blame are important in assessing the negative actions of peopl…[View]
210896322out there[View]
210896578International language barriers: Ugh, why don't these countries just change their languages to …[View]
210896962From Sri Lanka to the gates of europe Christcucks are destroying culture and heritage.[View]
210897429Why did so many members of the trans community serve in the SS and Wehrmacht?[View]
210897588Just came across this.[View]
210896991When was the best time to be a /pol/ack[View]
210894820Explain this white nationalists: /Pol/: Its okay to be white! Also /pol/: >Americans aren’t white…[View]
210897496Is Israel trying to frame SYRIA for the Sri Lanka attack? Wow.: https://twitter.com/Breaking911/stat…[View]
210892992/ptg/ President Trump General - Real Awoo Hours Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https://www…[View]
210888450The world is too complex. Honklers have given up on trying to make sense of it. They have built a mo…[View]
210887161>Be American >Be so shit that you lose a war to basedboys not once, but twice…[View]
210877333How come male don’t get there shit together until post 22yr old? Saw an old classmate, who was a clo…[View]
210891624So who will Bernie pick as his VP? I'm really worried that he will win the presidency but die l…[View]
210892440The Red Pill.: You guys think you have taken the red-pill. No, you are not even close to the pills t…[View]
210896361>the left cannot mem-[View]
210892082White men and sexual assault: Why are white men so aggressive and violent? https://www.tmz.com/2019/…[View]
210895932https://m.soundcloud.com/user-877974506/notorious-kkk-moonman Official /pol/ theme[View]
210895764Why does 4chan tell me the guy on the left is not white but the guy on the right is?[View]
210897242Christ-Church Music Thread:: Hello m8s I've been trying to find a playlist of all of Brenton Ta…[View]
210890167Only jews, black people and beaners hate Trump. That is a fact.[View]
210892940Your Chinese Communist Enemy: Xiao Tau Never been out of my province, so the English intro you are r…[View]
210896908This Christian Arab Lebanese eyes is worth more than all your hitler frog bullshit.[View]
210874902Homeschooling is child abuse.: Anyone else here homeschooled? I “graduated” a few years ago, and sin…[View]
210897004The only thing that matters is power. Your opinions and facts mean nothing without the power to enfo…[View]
210897025Looking for user on /pol/: Hi everyone! New poster here. Just wanted to ask for DaSweetUltimateMons…[View]
210890534>tfw I'll never be able to say the N-word because I'm not a racist and I'm white…[View]
210893546Spring 2009 is the 10th anniversary of the Tea Party. How are you celebrating this anniversary, /pol…[View]
210872351German media wrote that Peterson was utterly destroyed. Is this true?[View]
210895368Why are a disproportionate amount of Zionists on Facebook WETBACKS?: How do we address this[View]
210896390Abo's are the true master race. >>whites BTFO[View]
210896730Thumbs up anon. Keep up the good work. 14[View]
210869631Surprise, yang was shilled just to divide /pol/[View]
210888584My friend, my mentor, my hero: https://dailystormer.name[View]
210896532yellow vests are Islamic screen cap this[View]
210896495‘Lest We Forget!’: Strip club slammed for controversial Anzac-themed ‘women in uniform’ night A Pert…[View]
210895276Who was in the wrong here, /pol/?[View]
210894380Why do so many terrorists come from Pakistan? Why isn't the rest of the world doing anything ab…[View]
210884774YAASS QWEEN!: Who here ready fo da burger-bong ginger-quadroon Royal bebby?! Welcome to your future,…[View]
210894747Why do you think Christianity is compatible with the dissident right? Why do you need a god to give …[View]
210892383Is China going to save Christianity? https://blog.godreports.com/2016/02/china-will-become-the-most…[View]
210885944She unironically has my vote as of today. Unironically, fuck boomers. You got to enjoy and suck the…[View]
210890188He is risen thread. Photo of a dead prisoner in Colombia who was strangled by another prisoner.[View]
210894456Welcome to Wakanda.: Melanin enriched individual repeatedly pistol whips melanin deprived senior cit…[View]
210893154What ethnicity or country would you guess she’s from?[View]
210896126Anyone have the link of one study/research: Where they put leftist to describe themselfs, then they …[View]
210895615President Buttigieg: He's going to win.[View]
210884306/pol/ is a Trump board[View]
210893757What did they mean by this? https://www.flightradar24.com/data/flights/js371/#2040f2a1[View]
210893788Why are blacks so feral?: https://www. reddit.com/r/trashy/comments/bg627h/amazon_delivery_oc_nsfw/ …[View]
210896049Amy Klobuchar has 'please clap' moment: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/klobuchar-has-please-clap-m…[View]
210889364If your a nigger who gets offended by the word nigger: You're a dumb nigger[View]
210880784Jews kicked out 109 times: Just a reminder that for some strange reason, since 250AD, Jews have been…[View]
210873736How come countries that are in hot climates tend to be shitholes?[View]
210892958Book his heel turn[View]
210890523Omar Khadr did nothing wrong.: War is competing groups vying for territory- neither side is right. A…[View]
210893897Can we get an IRA Thread going on? Let's get some Propaganda and Leaked videos. +10 Brownie poi…[View]
210895010Is it immoral to buy Stocks for a living? my friends constantly Tell me how important it is to inves…[View]
210891495Trump or Sanders?: Do you prefer the goyim who acts like a Jew or the Jew who pretends to be a goy? …[View]
210894388Behold!: The ashkenazim are LARPERS! Mere gypsies that stole an identity. There was no HOLO-CUAST! S…[View]
210892870Mueller Report: >Israel loving Orange Man is so bad that he couldn't do illegal thing with R…[View]
210891030Jerry Nadler, fecal dollop...: I have so, so much...anger towards Jerry Nadler or the character he p…[View]
210895272Teens stabbed 15-year-old robbery victim 14 times in Ann Arbor parking garage, police say: https://w…[View]
210893235Bernie Sanders: Israel a 'racist regime': So does /pol/ like berniebros NOW https://www.timesofisrae…[View]
210877356Vile jew pornographer 'James Deen' is upset because white porn stars refuse to have sex with negroes…[View]
210890801The most based and redpilled woman in America: Any fans of Pamela Geller here? This lady is based AF…[View]
210894490Why do liberals have a hard time facing reality?: >Trump must accept 2016 election results Trump …[View]
210887583You can’t counter this, /pol/[View]
210891741memory holed content: Does anyone remember a song named 'I want to be an extremist' by Carl Klang? I…[View]
210893637Based Black man here with a question.: Based black man here. Whats with all the clown world memes ?…[View]
210886418I wouldn't even RAPE you: It's rape https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9InBlsjHer8…[View]
210890809My sister convinced my mom to go vegan because she says it's so much 'more nutritious' whatever…[View]
210893444canadian govt is getting worse: this is a real canadian federal government job posting: https://empl…[View]
210893908So you NEET's hate working and even the idea of work? Blame white people. It is whites that kee…[View]
210885400Thread for listing examples in modern history of this 'clown world' we all live in.[View]
210894863Red Nose Day: is May 23. I saw these celebrities wearing red noses and I thought one of you faggots …[View]
210886326The Incel Problem: I've noticed society has had enough of incels/alt-right/whatever. The daily …[View]
210887371The White Man's Burden: >Is it time to give up the white man's burden? >Having now c…[View]
210888574WW3 HAPPENING NOW: US PLANES ATTACK IRAN: Just breaking now. Reports will be released soon after the…[View]
210894576>tfw I acknowledge the villainy of jewish groups throughout history but am almost exclusively att…[View]
210891650Say something nice to shlomo[View]
210892449Nig nog re-paints someone else's designs and claims it as their own. Of course, all the designs…[View]
210894600OPINION ON STRAY DOG: I say fuck em, no difference between stray dog and stray jew. pic unrelated…[View]
210889405Do Left Politics Lead To Depression?[View]
210892064Casus belli: Which situations warrant a declaration of war in your opinion? 1. Invasion of your nati…[View]
210882179>European cities are being bombed, white women are being raped, white people are going extinct an…[View]
210889125Uninsured Anons: >Be me >Healthy and young >Make too much money for Obamacare >but insur…[View]
210888867AIM activists disrupt drag queen story time: https://mobile.twitter.com/aim_america/status/112049095…[View]
210893486NOTALLMUSLIMS: Really? Does any rational person believe that propaganda? Muslims should stay in musl…[View]
210894174Electric Cars Are The Worst Polluters: The fact is after you add in the energy used in mining all th…[View]
210858944is it possible to meet the perfect ideal woman at any point in your life? I feel it is still possibl…[View]
210893317Alliance between Liberals and Islam: You have pro LGBT/feminist people showing support for a religio…[View]
210889498Why is the job market so dead for new grads?: Are zoomers doomed?[View]
210878689F: How sad, press f https://www.cnbc.com/2019/04/22/three-children-of-danish-billionaire-killed-in-…[View]
210863575What’s the best and worst southern states?: What is it?[View]
210848176HAHA faggot Millennials and Zoomers. Boomers Stealing Your Social Security: JUST GET A FIRM HANDSHAK…[View]
210890882Who /NorthKoreanUtopia/pilled here?[View]
210892151If you have a shortwave radio you can tune into WWCR Nashville, TN to listen to Alex Jones at 4840kH…[View]
210888887Our ancestors where African Neanderthals: Aka Rhodesia man or Homo (sapiens) heidelbergensis[View]
210893629Easter Worshipping General /ewg/: Greetings my brothers and sisters. Today is the day after the holy…[View]
210876265Is the Yakuza as prominent as its made out to ve: Me and my friend are arguing about the Yakuza. I s…[View]
210892565Trump’s own staff was the Deep State. Nobody obeyed that simple shithead.[View]
210889594Is nihilism a starting point or a dead end? Realizing that nothing matters on a long enough time lin…[View]
210893604>Joe agrees with all of his gues- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwAGdZKLMCc APOLOGIZE…[View]
210886350Has at least one liberal not been a hypocrite: Easter worshippers. Notallmuslims.[View]
210878371De Blasio wants to ban glass buildings in NYC: This guy is a fucking moron https://therealdeal.com/2…[View]
210891376Walgreens: Red Nose Day deals: You can buy red nose for $1! Go support them![View]
210868363Why do white people stare at each other when they talk?[View]
210891925It's Over[View]
210889377/ptg/ President Trump General - Freedom Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https://www.whiteho…[View]
210886504Feels good to be white[View]
210892937Imagine the amount of problems that could be solved by legally considering women as property.[View]
210892861135 captch were selected to post this image. 4chan is controlled by glow niggas that want to slow do…[View]
210889699Children: Does the racist anti-Semitic shitposting ever get old amongst yourselves? Like, can't…[View]
210885635Should the US go to war against Israel?[View]
210881825If Africans can't build a civilization how do you explain Ethiopia?[View]
210887713>straight white guy interviews straight white guy >black interviews black >homo interviews …[View]
210889665THE Swedes commited THE greatest genocide on a foreign population In the year of 1600..... After Pol…[View]
210879545Bernie 'I own 3 homes' Sanders wants to make everything free.: -free college -free healthc…[View]
210889317Debate me. You're wrong[View]
210886311>/pol/ loses shit over this guy >half the threads are specifically about race >conveniently…[View]
210890974/bng/ - BLACK NATIONALISM GENERAL: >This thread is for discussion relating to BLACK Nationalism a…[View]
210875684Of course you don't like Jesus: he was a nice guy. he gave good advice and you're trying t…[View]
210890640'What is' is not 'what should be,': and living by the former is superior the latter. Degenerates fea…[View]
210891417The Incel Problem: What are /pol/'s thoughts on the incel epidemic? Why does it exclusively aff…[View]
210887889Syndicated radio show discussing meme magic,clownworld and Sri Lanka: Syndicated radio show discussi…[View]
210889009>born in the worst area of the worst state[View]
210892220how does time travel work if you're a product of inbreeding?[View]
210889731Bernie supporters have a plan!: Don't worry, goys. Bernie supporters have a plan to convert us.…[View]
210824295Syria General /sg/ - Meddler edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.com…[View]
210891900What is California’s obsession with taxes?[View]
210886139WE WUZ GREEKZ N'SHIET[View]
210885973Communism vs. Capitalism: Everyone is always compelled to argue for either capitalism or communism, …[View]
210889221SINCERE MUSLIM ALLY: Anons, I’m seriously done. Everything you say here is right. There are inevita…[View]
210888927so what REALLY happened to it?[View]
210888357>watch pic related >do research >turns out Jesus Christ was real and died for our sins.…[View]
210869458was the annexation of Crimea illegal?[View]
210865865roman emperors reconstructed, what they looked like before the arabs arrived[View]
210885608Canada really is collapsing[View]
210889089Why are the super rich so afraid of Cortez but love Trump?[View]
210891200Which style our you /pol/[View]
210889094'The race war' is a neo-nazi pipe dream. Most of you incels never leave your bedroom therefore your …[View]
210891555https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtuA-_BiItQ Imagine living everyday like this for the rest of your l…[View]
210890778Swiss Anti immigration posters: Google: 'Swiss anti immigration posters' Immigrants bring …[View]
210888482/capitonationalism/ - turn the gov into a corp: imagine being able to leave your country and sell al…[View]
210886000HAPPENING: US attacks Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps in Syria.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
210885494Evil White Christian Man: I wish a world-wide civil war in the West would already start. Fuck me. Da…[View]
210889893Is Denmark a socialist country?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzEPKrHalaY[View]
210884833The holohoax?: Alright boys I’m on the fence on whether the Holocaust happened or not, convince me o…[View]
210871005White Californians, why do you choose to continue to live there?: If I was living in California and …[View]
210889773we're all a bunch of worldly faggots here - what the fuck language is this? i'm usually go…[View]
210875201What's his endgame?[View]
210860094It's over guys.: It's over guys, I have come to the full realization that nothing is going…[View]
210890065we must liberate venezuela's oil reserves for ourselves![View]
210888320Why do you still support Trump?[View]
210890783Feeling The Bern ? - Time To Be Concerned: Just saw a fake post about my work..... Israelis screamin…[View]
210890230If it weren't for kommandant Joe I'd be race traitor long time go Where did ya come from w…[View]
210889077Correct me if i'm wrong but is baptism like the circumcision for Jews? Like if you are baptised…[View]
210875204Black people IQ: Is it real black people less intelligent and has low Iq ?[View]
210879533how does one escape this fate?[View]
210890027Just got these 'western' cups. Looks familiar? Can anyone link the og comic/poster?[View]
210883317Isolation: Does anyone else feel liberated by isolation not having to depend on someone, but then dr…[View]
210890340burn motherfuckers: The first thing I would do right after being sworn in as president, would be to …[View]
210890322Redpill me on Libya and the Haftar Militia: -The UN backs Tripoli. -The USA just recently switched f…[View]
210871977Hey party people! Did you know that The Us Government itself has information acknowledging the exist…[View]
210890196Sargon debate: https://youtu.be/9InBlsjHer8 What do you think of it? He seemed to give very good poi…[View]
210879766Alright lads. We've convinced them that clowns, milk, hand symbols, and frogs are racist. What…[View]
210886074Why did Hitler initiate the Night of Long Knives?[View]
210889682Who has the quickest wit on the fly?: This woman is the sharpest tack I have ever seen. Her tongue i…[View]
210888932Have you ever been to Canada? We are here in trip now. It makes you reflect on life insanely. Also- …[View]
210889698Yang BTFO: Trump photographer Gene Ho tells Andrew Yang to go back to China! https://m.theepochtimes…[View]
210886310They Deserve the Death Penalty.: Most psychos have the good sense to an hero, but these cowards cont…[View]
210882592laughing at the seth rich truthers btfo by the mueller report: how does it feel to have wasted count…[View]
210888198What is European History?: Literally all European history is just civil wars and getting btfo by the…[View]
210888218Ed Boon is BASED: Makes a character named Collector >Character was a slave to shao kahn >Chara…[View]
210889871TRUST SESSIONS[View]
210862448Why are most people wage slaves? Getting paid a salary to pay your bills in return of sitting in an …[View]
210889830Lisa Simpson 2020: The truly outsider candidate.[View]
210888787hey guys we should start a Bernie 2019 campaign to show we're committed to saving the planet fr…[View]
210887426What if you had ALL the money? How would you make your economy?[View]
210889518Based actress Patricia Heaton: Full tweets in this article: https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/pa…[View]
210884745The law code of Hammurabi: What does /pol/ think? Slander > 'If any one 'point the finger…[View]
210840855I seriously hope you use a redpilled razor. It reduces plastic waste and you don't support comp…[View]
210887412How come there has never been a leak about Obama's sealed records?[View]
210885971/ptg/ President Trump General - Horrifying Rabbit Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https://w…[View]
210888704Well tell me /pol/[View]
210867284Alchool Problem: Let's say, after some months of browsing your board, I dont want to be a degen…[View]
210882828if were living in a simulation: then earth must be an operating system if earth is an operating syst…[View]
210883630Is race biological?[View]
210875842>'anon it's true that you won't date me because I'm asian? come on, grow a pair an…[View]
210886075Emma Watson and Robin Wright are Jewish? This has to be bullshit. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t…[View]
210885981Honestly can't wait until this image is in the history books.[View]
210884434do you amerifags only respect your own veterans or would you respect veterans who have served in the…[View]
210862795CringeAnarchy about to be banned.: The last bastion of any basedness on reddit looks like it's …[View]
210879780>OH NO! America is getting browner!: Do you morons ever listen to yourselves? You should have an …[View]
210884416Does this song remind you of something? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCaYB2N1adc[View]
210887916Protofascism: Is this the biggest threat to the left right now? If not, what is? 2016 was the begin…[View]
210888694HE BLEED'N: https://youtu.be/M5s7bOZ6s3U[View]
210886166Have you overcome him yet /pol/?[View]
210880161Is there something you need to tell us lads?[View]
210887681Why do blacks attack white children pol?: Like damn at least we killed full grown apes instead of ni…[View]
210887135Judeo-Christianity is the basic soul of Western Civilization. Prove me wrong[View]
210886490So tell me: Why do brits look like the result of an rpg random generator? Genes? Ist it because they…[View]
210885530The Climate Debate: Believing human-caused global climate change at 'catastrophic' levels …[View]
210887586Are Christian Jews based?[View]
210887291Anyone other anons find themselves in this situation?: >be me >grow up raised by two local pol…[View]
210886186Since Jews rule the world, through sheer intellect and outsmarting others and nothing else, aren…[View]
210885791pple shitting themselves over this because the attacked are Christian, right? I actually haven'…[View]
210886858Is war with Iran inevitable if Trump is re-elected in 2020?[View]
210878722Richard Spencer & Eric Striker On The End Of Right Wing Libertarianism: /our guys/ LIVE NOW http…[View]
210888210Boogaloo: Have you boys learned of the boogaloo yet?[View]
210887515If they really hate Jews, why would they deny murdering 6 million of them?[View]
210883231Trump's FAILING trade war...: Senile Drumph is turning the US into another one of his failed bu…[View]
210887301How the fuck did Spain get away from their fucking crimes against humanity just because they paid Th…[View]
210883487AOC's Green New Deal Animated: Pic related is AOC's animated short film about the green ne…[View]
210887997Atheism is communism: There is no rennaissance or enlightenment or anything like the fedoras claim. …[View]
210887819War.: >America lost Vietnam and Korea. Mfw we were just playing team deathmatch the whole time. …[View]
210885170Redpill an ancap: What's wrong with jews? Assume they have the best interests of jews at heart …[View]
210883531Hear me out on this, /pol/. Since society is going to fail anyways, why don’t we just live on welfar…[View]
210887395United States of Southern and Eastern Europa: I propose a new European Superstate - the United State…[View]
210877828This is from the new sex ed guide coming our in California..[View]
210880545Why do uneducated whites vote republican by default?[View]
210884502some1 can explain to me why jews are helping islamization and other shit?: some1 can explain to me w…[View]
210887116/pol/ loves muh Russia and the Slavic uttermenchs > 88 would be disappointed fuck you alt kikes…[View]
210863887>The debt cancellation plan, according to her post on Medium, 'cancels $50,000 in student loan de…[View]
210866510Right-wing Militia Commander Arrested: >this is the face of the new 'civil war' https://www.nbcne…[View]
2108820635000 hours in paint pls share: Seriously, what the fuck is this about?[View]
210881363We all know that Jews hate us whites more than muslims. Can we find some more Muslim-Jewish organiza…[View]
210879080O R G A N I Z E: ORGANIZATION ACTIVISM UNITY This is the only way to save the white race. If the ri…[View]
210885570So who takes more responsibility for the Easter attacks in Sri Lanka?: The Muslims, which 99.999% of…[View]
210874253Can any of these ACTUALLY beat Trump in 2020?: Let's be real here, do any of these people have …[View]
210878700Pompeo: 'I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
210886237White Men Going Their Own Way: >drop out of college >quit your job >stay uneducated >bec…[View]
210884790Richard Wagner: Is Wagner the official musician of /pol/?[View]
210880681could we use emotionally leading pictures and bitly type patreon links to support middle eastern chr…[View]
210884010Why is he lying /pol/ ?: Why lie when the 'I'm fucked' comment is literally taken out of contex…[View]
210886646real click bate: Honest to God, this was a real click bate ad.[View]
210884781What exactly are flips?: >Asian >pacific islander >SEAnigger >Mexican of Asia Are there …[View]
210886360Bake the Fucking cake, bigot[View]
210884755American Identity Movement: While all of you keyboard warriors are sitting in your underwear on 4cha…[View]
210878694Why Are People Leaving The Heartland?: Upstate New York, Pennsylvania,WEST VIRGINIA, ILLINOIS, Misso…[View]
210884385Warning Signs of a Cult: Ten warning signs of a potentially unsafe group/leader. 1. Absolute authori…[View]
210883764Who do we have to vote for if we want the Christian version of sharia law?[View]
210886298What the fuck do we do?: I swear, the last good reddit meme subreddit is about to get banned, r/crin…[View]
210861115Castizo general /ctzg/: U was at the club edition[View]
210886304Republika Srpska Is Most Cucked State In Europe: >Owns 49% of land supply's Bosnia only 27% …[View]
210884795Get in here faggots we’re having a town hall meeting: HONK HONK https://youtu.be/r2sHmrvTuMY[View]
210882936Reminder that if you live north of the Mason-Dixon Line, your heritage is that of traitors and scum …[View]
210885816Did they ever find Hitler's body?[View]
210879532Does anybody think that something big is going to happen soon? It feels like the Mueller report, NZ…[View]
210885073Honkler is an anarchist: Prove me wrong[View]
210885681What the fuck are you doing?[View]
210884035Don't forget Notre Dame[View]
210862918Anyone knows what happened to her after getting fired? It was a funny story so I'd like to know…[View]
210884386I'm not white but why are white nationalist against Islam? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmLV…[View]
210881014>Maybe if I stage more false flags with Mossad the goyim will protect Israel and attack Iran. St…[View]
210883490Okay, so the whole '13% of the population, 50% of the crime rate' meme is pretty good. But I got som…[View]
210881274/ptg/ President Trump General - A cute Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https://www.whitehou…[View]
210885513redpill me about george soros /pol/[View]
210883865Any of you faggorts familiar with Animorphs? For some reason I was reminded of it recently and it re…[View]
210876555Best poor European country?: I'm looking to retire young by moving to a poor European country t…[View]
210864239how pathetic can you get holy fucking kek[View]
210876712Our boi at it again[View]
210885088>Be me >Live in the South >Hate niggers >Friends and family hate niggers too >MFW…[View]
210871350Which meme died faster?: The NPC meme or Yang 2020?[View]
210885528Necking yourself in the bush: Is there anything more based than necking yourself in the bush? Checkm…[View]
210881930is the earth really that flat ??? https://youtu.be/UppyPzIb5Y8[View]
210856529would you feel safe /pol/?[View]
210883928What's the deal with hyphenated last names? Is this the next step in the ultimate cucking of Am…[View]
210862760ITT: Things NPCs say: >Having children and reproducing is the ultimate purpose in life…[View]
210875227Sri Lanka: Ok, does anyone else not care about shitskins dying? If anything it's a win win beca…[View]
210883431Hey boomers, do you all own one of these?[View]
210884802>mfw dad is ultra based and redpilled >mfw dad mentions the red pill and the blue pill NO NO N…[View]
210883633Latin America: What the fuck went wrong? They had no world wars, genocides, or colonization (since t…[View]
210883352On religion and the living.: Each human body is constituted with approximately 37 trillions cells. E…[View]
210885120The embodiment of daddy issues.[View]
210885109I found out the only way: This is the only way to keep are blood pure anons, we have to dilute the s…[View]
210821226>Pizzagate debunked >Seth Rich debunked Were these two false conspiracy theories the final nai…[View]
210885092Fuck Austria: Austria is that little shit that sits in the middle of Europe being that one country t…[View]
210870304Technological Plateau: This thread started by a German anon >>210840164 has reached a bump lim…[View]
210883893What did he mean by this?: Do you guys agree?[View]
210870587HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA: So this is the power of tariffs....tired of winning yet, drumpfies?[View]
210883612OOF: Patrick Little just made a total ass of himself on the last Goy Talk with Paul Nehlen and other…[View]
210884684Religion: A park bench sits empty. Alone, in a green park where the sun shines. An elderly man walki…[View]
210884318How do transgender cultists justify running unethical psychological experiments on children? No one…[View]
210873780Why are the (((atheists))) flooding /pol/ so hard this past week?: What do (((they))) fear from thos…[View]
210884614Drumpfkins btfo on wall: You seem to understand 'wall' and nothing else. You have to maintain that w…[View]
210882295Jews are spamming civil war threads again. They are SO DESPERATE for a false flag.[View]
210876971Now that the dust settled, just what the FUCK was the deal with Pepe/Kek? June 2015 - November 2016 …[View]
210883427> be a Nationalist Socialist board > relentlessly defend capitalism and argue in favor of rich…[View]
210883698Cried to the NSA to save him from Mueller.[View]
210874685Fraser Anning: How did you Aussies get so lucky with him?[View]
210884252>Muslims blow up Catholic churches on Easter Sunday >USA Today runs another hit piece on the C…[View]
210884652Clean up Australia Century edition: Thread will probably die because everyone's working but g…[View]
210880963Thank you the West t. Arab: I fucking love seeing the pissed off Arab roasties get passed up for mar…[View]
210883901Let's re-colonize Africa: The thing is that us white people shall reclaim the African lands aft…[View]
210868148Elizabeth Warren Calls for Wiping Out Student-Loan Debt, Making College Free: http://archive.is/fdfP…[View]
210884541Sex ratios and thottery.: This book 'The Myth of Culture.' by a psychologist from Cambridge named Ni…[View]
210881572what does /pol/ (and especially the muslims here) think of Imam Mohamad Tawhidi?[View]
210882034Why hasn’t the civil war started yet? Because in all seriousness I’m ready. I’m tired of leftists on…[View]
210884398White man must create chaos and pain to the establishment to exhist. Relocate...anywhere and whereve…[View]
210883351E.T.'s 2020 Strategy: What policies/strategies must he employ in order to win re-election?…[View]
210865029NBC faked picture of baby with measles (Cont #2): #2 Thread: >>210840999[View]
210876492NBC published an article about vaccinations with an accompanying video. In the video they show a bab…[View]
210884021Im with her: The right way to sort the Endgame cast you bigots. Prove me wrong[View]
210883719Insane white people thread[View]
210879378Comrade Yang General /cyg/: Yang live stream live chat: https://twitter.com/AndrewYang/status/112049…[View]
210883942Let's see how far we've come.: https://youtu.be/5d7EbtLb8ok It's one of my favorite s…[View]
210837564Poles burn puppet of jew. Kikes butthurt.: So like, there's this old tradition of burning Judas…[View]
210883867All will be revealed: What's to stop the Jews from opening the flood gates with access to every…[View]
210860445What percentage of Mexicans are white?[View]
210883394/leftypol/ kills /pol/: /leftypol/ vs /pol/ it's on[View]
210871217Why are S0y80s obsessed with communism: Do they really think they would have ben accepted in the USS…[View]
210883758The rumors are true.: I am involved in a torrid love affair with Andrew Anglin.[View]
210883747Why do Jews hate Jesus so much? Jesus was like the most unhateable guy that has ever lived. It'…[View]
210880684Sure, single payer education is expensive,: and would require large tax increases, and would raise t…[View]
210882588Marx sure had a lot of resentment for 'oppressors' despite believing capitalism to be an inevitable …[View]
210882862Irish and German flag in bio... If you say so nigger.[View]
210881395Nick the Knife?: More like Nick the Spork.[View]
210875535Hispanic immigration is not a problem.: Eventually they will become white like the Italians did.…[View]
210873793What's your opinion on his guy?[View]
210883167Hahahahahaha oh no no no The absolute state of Britain[View]
210883497>Cheat way into American universities so they can steal American trade secrets >Instead, get i…[View]
210883409Did you know childhood gender dysphoria referrals for puberty blocker clinics has increased 2000% ov…[View]
210881366People become atheists because they got picked on in high school. Rummage through an atheist's …[View]
210882638Why are Christian's?[View]
210873420does the u.s government have a time travel machine?: Why do I feel like someone is messing up the ti…[View]
210878785Go outside: Nobody wants to replace whites Nobody is trying to eradicate christianity (it's jus…[View]
210882872I seriously cant get through to my GF on the Jq...I cant fathom why she has such reverance for these…[View]
210869895This should happen more often: (((Christianity))) is cancer. Every church on European soil should be…[View]
210872262Seriously, the bullying against Polish members of this community is getting way out of hand, especia…[View]
210876343Why don’t you care?: Our mother is dying right in front of us, why don’t you care?[View]
210883207State Department to announce all countries importing Iranian oil will be subject to US sanctions: Th…[View]
210881390I'm not a fan of Carl, but it is so good to watch reaction he has stirred up![View]
210872371Soviet Union would have been FUCKED without the US: Why do soviets pretend like they are the reason …[View]
210880467When did Great Britain lose it's common sense?[View]
210880453Muslim Brotherhood infiltrating The West: http://www.terranoa.com/product/product.php?code=2486 http…[View]
210880737Help: I need help spotting niggers. How to spot a nigger /pol/. What are the major indicators. I hea…[View]
210879194How did the world react to this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIhHZuwIsvs Was there any racism a…[View]
210879096Lies about nazi racial views: People say hitler organized europeans into racial groups and looked do…[View]
210876868Farage = CONTROLLED OPPOSITION???: >Quits after the Brexit vote >Hires a bunch of fucking idio…[View]
210880440https://youtu.be/yIPxZ8TU8CA I'm fucking dead[View]
210882544/pol/ keeps on sperging about how Russia is going to annex Constantinople yet they have plenty of mo…[View]
210882512Are you fucking kidding me... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-E0N5OZ1hAo[View]
210880046why do ppl point at 'human greed, evil rich capitalists' for climate change? climate change is NOT b…[View]
210882448THE END is Coming REPENT or BURN Children of Sodom & satan Will learn WHO their elder is Who the…[View]
210881809lmfao /pol/ btfo once again[View]
210880625>'Anon, you're gonna come watch Avengers Endgame with us, aren't you?'…[View]
210873435How is this not being discussed more, /pol/? https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/mexican-troops-…[View]
210882386Red Pill me on this book: What does /pol think of this book?[View]
210874916*blocks your road* What do you do?[View]
210865789Based Patricia Heaton: https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/patricia-heaton-msnbc-robert-mueller-me…[View]
210865121Even Brad Pitt got screwed in divorce: Married for 2 years, paying child support for 6 kids. BTFO 'J…[View]
210864174Bald and Bankrupt assaulted for Maga hat: Bald and Bankrupt & Harald Baldr assaulted for wearing…[View]
210874857RIP QAnon LARP: Safe to say the QAnon LARP IS OFFICIALLY DEAD. The Boomers are noticing how fahQ has…[View]
210874174ELIZABETH WARREN TOWNHALL: WINNING EDITION: Wow she is doing a great job! These CNN townhalls are #f…[View]
210880308Why is Anarcho-Capitalism so big in Brazil?[View]
210879254>Early 1900's >Jim Crow Laws permit black and white only public spaces >2019 >Berk…[View]
210872894Moral relativism: Moral relativism is the most retarded idea that is currently popular. Literally no…[View]
210878098The US State Department issued a renewed warning on terrorism in the UK today. What do they know?[View]
210867707Brit/pol/ St George's Day Edition: Links >Nige slagging off Theresa https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
210878489Would a social credit system reduce crime in the U.S.?: >People with felony convictions more broa…[View]
210878618Modern Art Hate Thread: share your best examples of weimar level degeneracy[View]
210878857don't fall for the jew's tricks[View]
210877215why are muslims so violent if their religion supposedly forbids killing and also believes in the bir…[View]
210881336Politically Loaded Bumper Stickers: Do you have the balls to sport one?: I have to wait a week to ge…[View]
210880786why does pol hate where i live[View]
210878805Is Out of Africa a kike theory?: The theory teaches that everybody was an African until one day, som…[View]
210877241AskReddit: What 'conspiracy theory do you believe is true'? Care to flood the comment section with t…[View]
210879914Checkmate: If the white race is so great, why does it need to be saved?[View]
210876912/ptg/ President Trump General - Big guys Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https://www.whiteh…[View]
210876288Let's get it over with: Some disgruntled white kid has resorted to posting flyers informing his…[View]
210880958White Superiority: Well, /pol/?[View]
210880884When exactly did it become politically incorrect to talk shit about Muslim terrorists and illegal im…[View]
210880822Omar Khadr did nothing wrong.: War is competing groups vying for territory- neither side is right. A…[View]
210880764So Israelis are pretty much arabs?: How generically defective are Israelis? Do they fuck their cousi…[View]
210880751gay nazis: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hans_Bl%C3%BCher 'Blüher believed that pederasty and male b…[View]
210880749Billionaire’s globe trotting kids get murdered. Will this red pill the shadow government?[View]
210880716>climate change isn’t rea-[View]
210879775Will Italy make it?: How is the situation in Italy right now? Is it doomed demographically and cultu…[View]
210869868lol soon Yurocucks are gonna be living in New Africa[View]
210875796Blind people btfo: Almost four times worse than being retarded.[View]
210879703/pol/ related you tube vids: What's up faggots? Give me your best you tube vids. Political, con…[View]
210880563Exactly what I’m talking about. Society is fucked, literally any other race than white gets treated …[View]
210832523Why did Jesus come when he did? What that specific time period? Were the souls of people who lived a…[View]
210872052/pol/ is always right: >be in uni >receiving email about a shooting in uni >it's an ar…[View]
210877575Why are we forced to live around these things?[View]
210876694Automation will naturally lead to wealth equality.: But not in the way you think. With full automat…[View]
210834099Is Alcoholics Anonymous a crypto-cult,: or has it saved 'millions of lives' as it claims? https://ww…[View]
210878379What did the Vaticunts mean by this?[View]
210847171What did they mean by this?: http://archive.is/WFQFw[View]
210876862when is Trump going to release his Mideast Peace Plan?: That's the big political event I am ant…[View]
210878136Let's rig the DNC Nominee election: I think /pol/ can cause a swing on this. I suggest we nomin…[View]
210878509I hate lemon bars[View]
210879191>European Jews >Middle-Eastern Jews >Asian Jews >African Jews >Muslims >Christians…[View]
210875004>Shitlers parents were cousins What did the master race mean by this /pol/…[View]
210870956When did you first realize that 'Hapa Futurism' is Civilization's last chance?[View]
210874495Hermes: Where tha pizza at?[View]
210878272Why not just kill all the jews and nigs? When the civil war starts after Trump leaves office in eith…[View]
210878005All terror attacks are mossad. The Israelites and Jesus were blondes. Jews are bastards mixed with n…[View]
210874290CLOWN WORLD IS REAL: Seriously, who are these freaks?[View]
210873047No more immigrants: If all immigration into the U.S. was permanently halted how would we deal with t…[View]
210879006>Why are you breathing, anon? Don't you know you're polluting the environment? Don…[View]
210877339The economy is the answer: The problem is not conflict accleration, for this gets the strong willed …[View]
210871254what does pol know about this? >pic related Over the years, I've found it's a subject t…[View]
210873816421 Sri Lanka & the Rest: When your military mainframe combined with social media fucking kills …[View]
210868958Magnetic pole shift will cause massive earthquakes and worldwide volcanic eruptions, and those with …[View]
210877684turn the government into a corporation: everyone becomes a shareholder of their government these nat…[View]
210879247He keep deleting comments mentioning jews. Anyone can drop some red pills on this mother fucker? I…[View]
210872522I thought Vince McMahon and Trump were best friends? How did Vince fall for the corporate feminism …[View]
210870548Russia is the greatest, and most powerful country on Earth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U06jlgpMt…[View]
210878955Is he on the left or the right[View]
210867021/pol/ humor thread Do I have to start all of these?[View]
210878977NZ don't look right: Hey Paulie if you ask me it looks like one of them Sloppy Mossad gigs…[View]
210872270ok /pol/ fess up, which one of you angered the roasties https://www.mirror.co.uk/lifestyle/dating/ma…[View]
210878750Poland : how can a country be so based ?: They have a ceremony where they beat a jew. Everyone is ha…[View]
210867964He hasn't dismantled the deep state, and his recent actions show he's part of it now. He…[View]
210850083In Europe: >get really sick/injured >go to the hospital >stay until you’re better >walk …[View]
210860739Press F for this white family. F for fuck Islam. This poor man lost the loves of his life to Jihad…[View]
210878469How is the political climate in The Netherlands: I never hear about those Dutch faggots.[View]
210874805Should Trannies be prohibited from using Discord?[View]
210858969Reminder that the name 'Yeshua' was used by kikes in Talmud to hide that they were talking shit abou…[View]
210878634Denmark taking woman's child away for blasphemy: >be Iranian >escapes Iran in 1991 >mo…[View]
210865684So you're saying the Holocaust is a joke?: That's fucking horrible man >https://www.you…[View]
210873165She died for our sins[View]
210867141My city wants to ban plastic bags. Why do liberals want to ban practical things that helps us?[View]
210875917What is /pol/'s solution to the mudslime problem: You faggots talk a lot about the muslim probl…[View]
210877328>tfw just snitched on a local drug dealer: What are you doing to better your community?[View]
210868149Easter worshippers: Who told these puppets to use this term? I bet it was those sneaky passover wors…[View]
210877273Some day, science and technology will be so advanced that parents will have the ability to edit the …[View]
210878265Why are there still ppl who dont realize....: That trumps going to get reelected in a landslide? I c…[View]
210862800spare me[View]
210875926Burger masterrace?: Well, is he right?[View]
210871681'MUH BASED CHRISTIANS ! ! !': https://oca.org/questions/society/war-and-non-violence[View]
210878087Should we stop identifying political views as right or left wing? The very nomenclature implies both…[View]
210878008It's genius.: >Forgive the student loan debt It's fucking genius. Think about it /pol/.…[View]
210875297How doth /pol/ judge me?: I'm extremely white. Well to do family. In shape, hate niggerkind, ho…[View]
210877887/IG/ Islam General: As-salam alaykom Welcome to /Islam/! This thread is dedicated to discussion of t…[View]
210876533OH NO NO NO NO[View]
210877682new idea lads: go to a cam site and blast the chat with either communist propaganda or controversial…[View]
210876640How have you exterminated your inner Jew, /pol/? Have you sworn off (((pornography))) yet? Are you s…[View]
210844360The Democrats and Mossad are gonna try and stage another shooting to frame /pol/ again.[View]
210871909Take the Wicca pill Anon. It is much believable than no god and every other religion[View]
210877574Powerful words. Do you think we'd have as many socialists in this generation if they'd liv…[View]
210876207how'd he get away with it?[View]
210868256why the fuck doesn't anybody care that so many christians were killed by muslims in the sri lan…[View]
210877188why do blacks say 'folk'[View]
210875564Reasons why White Men don't procreate: >video-games >movies and tv >comic-books >si…[View]
210873067Who else on /pol/ grew up in one of these leftist globohomo smart cities™ and became right-wing? For…[View]
210866857Big Happening incoming: u will enjoy that one[View]
210861065If your mad about christians being killed you're a far right extremist.[View]
210876990Redpill Thread - OC Edition: Read a Redpill, post a Redpill. Pic related shows how ridiculous the 'w…[View]
210841784When will the next Mossad false flag happen?[View]
210876917Why do you people like to post false and misleading images deliberately made by right-wingers in ord…[View]
210874754The eagles name is liberty: literally drumpf btfo nothing but fearmongering and misinforming 24/7 wh…[View]
210857497If vaccines work why are unvaccinated people a threat to vaccinated people?[View]
210874667Assange who?[View]
210871796>tfw no gun and too scared to own one[View]
210875554Based Minorities Thread[View]
210871125/ptg/ President Trump General - Thumbs Up Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https://www.white…[View]
210875954Moon landing hoax: The Moon never landed anywhere, it's still in the sky. Just look outside.…[View]
210876718Opinions on yang?[View]
210869360in love with a mixed race: Recently red pilled. Never thought about racial superiority before. I…[View]
210873937Norwegian travel vlogger brutally attacked for wearing MAGA hat in Atlanta: Unbelievable, is there n…[View]
210869716daily reminder that capitalism is a dying system and communism is not a question of 'if' b…[View]
210875449Rudy is a weakling.[View]
210874583I wonder how long until they take away our private rights[View]
210871670>This is the end of my presidency. I'm fucked What did he mean by this?…[View]
210869737Are you proud burgers Pic related[View]
210870469Are Indians racists with africans?: yes they are https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTrWNOfQGOo…[View]
210874557What does the Talmud say about Jesus?[View]
210872285I HACKED RICHARD SPENCER'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHGOgh4tBhE Richar…[View]
210864268i really despise russian people so much, i wish NATO could bomb the shit out of it[View]
210874525Many years from now, the US will return to being majority white: http://www.unz.com/akarlin/breeders…[View]
210875447Any other college bros witness their teachers giving women and POCs better grades for similar/worse …[View]
210872710Biden Campaign Strategy Already in Shambles: >Former Vice President Joe Biden has canceled plans …[View]
210875503hey /pol/ how it is like to live in a 1st world country with all the privileges in the world at your…[View]
210875863How the fuck is this allowed?: Can you imagine Bavaria flying a nazi flag? Everyone would flip their…[View]
210873738Anyone regret voting for Trump?: So now that Trump is getting skewed for obstruction of Justice, did…[View]
210867952Leftist memes: We all know the left can't meme. I even found trying to create a left meme incre…[View]
210869547Okay /pol/ i postet the same thing on /b/ but can any of you help me So does any of you know how to …[View]
210875817doin gods work[View]
210875781Anyone have the link?: There used to be awesome video of Hitler to the voice of Christopher Walken s…[View]
210875740Shills Glow in the in day and night: Hey _pol_, you're not white Jews did Trump Ignore my meme …[View]
210875069The French Revolution: What went wrong with The French Revolution phellow phaggots?[View]
210873183SALVINI DEFENDS MORE BRAZILIAN IMMIGRATION TO ITALY: Well, /pol/? What do you think of up to 30 mill…[View]
210831454Israeli soldiers shoot bound, blindfolded Palestinian teen trying to flee: https://twitter.com/haare…[View]
210875481cognitive dissonance IRL: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/sen-lindsey-graham-bewilders-ivank…[View]
210846423/balk/: >honest >hardworking >based and redpilled But still poor. How is this possible?…[View]
210870420Seriously what happened to make you guys suck easy marks?: I remember when nerds on the internet wer…[View]
210872029My significant other has given me the green light to redpill her on the JQ. Drop infographics, spicy…[View]
210859505Why won’t satanists use the word Christian? ...very telling that both Killary and Obomber used the …[View]
210874776will we look back at 1950-2005 USA as a weird sort of artificial test-tube society that never had a …[View]
210818730it's a fucking circus: >see niggers harassing white womens >go to separate them (and figh…[View]
210868821The world each day is becoming more and more progressive. Some outdated ideas (like homophobia) need…[View]
210872942Greetings fellow Americans patriots!: Whom will you support in our motherlands presidents elections?…[View]
210858646Climate Change: >tornado alley shifting east >HURRRR DUURRR climate change isn't real!!1 …[View]
210874179Look at all of these losers[View]
210870838I visited Greece in March and I almost cried seeing what it has happened to it. Seriously how can an…[View]
210868429STUNNING AND BRAVE! We must always be aware of fascism! Thanks multi-millionaire band for enlighteni…[View]
210847927Realistically, how soon will major food service franchises automate almost all of their kitchen staf…[View]
210872968Is she trolling?: Seeing this, I can't imagine this being anything but an obvious troll right? …[View]
210872445Guys...if we can Redpill a Hollywood Feminist we can Win BIG!: It would be a glorious Victory!…[View]
210874843Nigger Hate Thread: Nigger Hate Thread - Dog Gestapo Edition[View]
210872909its ok to be trans[View]
210871194Are Chinese the niggers of Asia?: >rude >bad hygene >no empathy for own kind (tons of video…[View]
210871872Wise ones: Help me understand the Mueller report. What I think I know: Antitrumper (shown by emails)…[View]
210869651Why has capitalism failed in Ukraine? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmH9oNtXzF8[View]
210826819You are now the dictator of your own country. Name the first five laws/orders that you will give bas…[View]
210874637*blocks your anti-logos agenda* how can one man be so redpilled[View]
210852292/pol/ has let their guard down: It is incredible how Assange was arrested and all I see on here now …[View]
210874544why are universities SO anti-semitic with their BDS support? >recent anti-Semitism sweeping the c…[View]
210865259Which level are YOU anon?: Today.. I'M A WIZARD![View]
210871400Says it all right there.[View]
210873892GET IN HERE WE'RE PLAYING A DEMOCRATIC DRINKING GAME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2sHmrvTu…[View]
210873429>“I said, ‘Do you really want to know? My son got into Harvard.’ And the customers started clappi…[View]
210858687Reminder that Notre Dame was an inside job. https://twitter.com/Lagud2/status/1120035683652055040…[View]
210853194Jesus Lived. The Church has lost it's legitemacy because it hasn't communicated this reali…[View]
210872447Quebec YES: Did you know that ''''''''based''…[View]
210873725What did he mean by this?[View]
210873821Let’s turn Mr. Krabs into s hate symbol: Let’s do this. Let’s start putting KKK symbols on him (like…[View]
210873642What will South Africa be like without a sizable white minority?: Due to lower birth rates, South Af…[View]
210873802SteinsGate Cern Portal to the abyss: https://youtu.be/5wSmF603PD4 https://medium.com/predict/the-hu…[View]
210867584Contraception: What is the general view of contraception here? Should sex be for reproductive purpos…[View]
210871702Actually...: Man i swear god if 4chan says 'Jump', and the left asks 'How high?'. Sometimes i'm…[View]
210871132Did you know both the US Government and Nasa has extensive research on climate change on both their …[View]
210861067What are the chances of the Brexit Party winning control so that Nigel Farage becomes Prime Minister…[View]
210872620CLOWN WORLD[View]
210842508We will rise again: Anyone hyped for the fourth Reich?[View]
210872827It didn't have to be like this: I didn't always hate filthy, subhuman, monkey-faced nigger…[View]
210873402/AskReddit: What 'conspiracy theory do you believe is true'?...only 4 hours old too Care to flood th…[View]
210869183Was Jesus Christ a heretic for pretending to walk on water?: Pic related[View]
210868746Why won't Jews give up on Judaism and convert to Christianity? It's not even a good religi…[View]
210873290>Islamic terror attack >only killed street shitters and rich peoples kids >thank u isis…[View]
210873282Earth Day General Thread: Happy Earth Day anons! Our world is both our birthright and our responsibi…[View]
210872308Clinton Foundation Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BxhYOtObFLfiUzYzNUxLMGY4eGM…[View]
210872879>I use to think Honk Honk was a forced Meme >But what I've learned is every other meme is…[View]
210873130The Butt that ate Yang[View]
210869003If americans have guns, why didnt you remove your governement already?[View]
210869821Feminists furious about Sargon blaming them for mass shootings https://www.theguardian.com/politics/…[View]
210864831PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - Quite The Treat Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https://www.white…[View]
210867781You are a white nigger. Prove me wrong.[View]
210870360Are San Diego, Jacksonville, and Fort Worth Good Cities??: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_may…[View]
210870018Can't think of a more iconic duo[View]
210870888who is your neighbor?: post 3 things about the country you border with and 1 fact about their politi…[View]
210872580Do you think anti-vaxxers would be taken more seriously if they didn't choose autism as their h…[View]
210861821What shall we do to save white race and conservative valuables?[View]
210869234its 2020 - we should all be unified: except for blacks https://youtu.be/6nkbAO6QpCQ I think all of h…[View]
210866164NIGGERS ARE PACKING UP: The world isn't so bad after all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgUzV…[View]
210858709/post-lefty pol/ thread.[View]
210872282Did Baby Boomers do ANYTHING good?: >Environmentalism >Music The two good things from the 196…[View]
210871832IT'S OKAY TO SAY 'CHRISTIANS' ORIGINAL: GAME PLAN: 1. Anons organize and print out uniform post…[View]
210859144Why are we so great?: Why Finns are so great? Why we dominate...? We are so tiny population, that w…[View]
210872258politically, wht's this mean?[View]
210872080CHRISTCUCKS BTFO: https://youtu.be/KV3etSTMSEA?t=296[View]
210866212Spencer's NPI Youtube channel just got hacked: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9Fv_yFoSkY[View]
210869066>we need to privatize educa--[View]
210854478Percentage of irreligious people in Europe: If your country is above 10% you are a godless cuck.…[View]
210866499Facebook Hires Washington Lawyer: shoulder to cry tears on. From the US State Department. LMAO. Hey …[View]
210871617Based: Is this a /pol/ approved message ?[View]
210872137How to get laid : incel edition 1 - dress like a woman and get to fuck a lesbian 2 - dress like a wo…[View]
210868512Black Pipo Problems: I'd fuck a white chick for fun, but I want my kids to look like me, and I…[View]
210871807African Americans going to Africa: Finally! if you aren't supportive of them Leaving or have an…[View]
210846897Kraut/pol/+afd general: >upcoming elections EU nuthouse + Bremen: May 26 2019 https://www.wahlrec…[View]
210862251Why is a mental illness linked to child abuse being praised?: wtf is wrong with the world? these peo…[View]
210871654Stay United, my friends.: At what point shall we expect the approach of danger? By what means shall …[View]
210868913What does /pol/ think of northeast Pennsylvania, aka 'NEPA'? This includes cities like Scranton and …[View]
210851822Do you realize your honk meme failed like all other memes?[View]
210867817Brit/pol/: You know what to do edition https://twitter.com/BrexitPartyGB/status/1120368943917686785…[View]
210856189Why aren’t millennials and zoomers going into trades?[View]
210863631#ImpeachDrumpf: >The decision is clear Yep #ImpeachTrump is trending on Twitter. YOU LOST. It…[View]
210871579Castizo supremacy: >I myself am somewhere between 50 and 75% white…[View]
210871275If we just ban all halal food the way Belgium did will we be able to save Europe? Pic related.[View]
210870559Hello! Everyshill it's been a long time.: ADL, JDF, Spooks, ect. EtDM.. That is all. You know w…[View]
210868103Should degenerate behavior be banned outright or is it freedom of expression and people should be ab…[View]
210866639>2% wealth tax on people with over $50 million, with an additional 1% for billionaires >40% ta…[View]
210839138On a scale of 1 to 10. How well are you prepared for the inevitable racewar?[View]
210870003We're being left behind in the dust... China is already in leaps and bounds ahead of us in bios…[View]
210865187/ptg/ President Trump General - Happy Trump Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https://www.whi…[View]
210870484I'm back: So faggots I'm back from the front lines. Today I made a Reddit account and star…[View]
210868057>hurr we don't need no damn immigrants! meanwhile every one of your countries has a fertilit…[View]
210867523When will /pol/ grow up?[View]
210869092What did Gorsuch mean by this?[View]
210866522Is this a hate crime?: Sooo if the guy in the suit is black and the girl helping him is black and th…[View]
210864438Why are white people SO FUCKING CULTURALLY INSENSITIVE. These natives are performing a native song a…[View]
210857919Pedos on Twitter: Has no one cared to try and stop the massive influx of pedos on Twitter? I mean th…[View]
210866805Why are thrid worlder incapable of acting civilized?: Why is this common amounst most immigrants fro…[View]
210868220>le shitskin's fault[View]
210860184Brit/pol/ Dramatically Improved OP Edition: Links >Nige slagging off Theresa https://www.youtube.…[View]
210869268Pope & Imam - New World Order? Document on Human Fraternity: Back in February, Pope Francis and …[View]
210865319Which economy is better off long-term, EU or USA?: Which place has a better chance for a good life f…[View]
210857736tell me why i should support trump over warren again?[View]
210860299Have you come to terms with the idea of him as the next Prime Minister? I have. It's not so bad…[View]
210867493Don't ever forget what these newspapers are doing[View]
210869811Why are Nords obsessed with working when living a peaceful stress free life has proven benefits?[View]
210869912What will happen to Julian Assange now he has been arrested?[View]
210870144Kyrie eleison. Come home, western man. Combat ((that))which has tried to dismantle your identity for…[View]
210870129Is muslimland I can has 6yo wife? For reals?????? >pedojoy!!! Let’s all Muslim! Hazzah!…[View]
210870121So any new crusades?: How long do i have to wait to remove some pagan faggots?[View]
210861770Remember the 50 child rapist worshipers?: S.[View]
210858173You only have on bullet, who do you shoot at? Choose wisely[View]
210869767Eurasian nationalism: Only under the guiding hand of Vozhd Putin can a homeland for the Eurasian man…[View]
210870064Why Pretend They Are Girls?: If you want to play pretend, then do so. The whole world is not obligat…[View]
210868914>Defends Christianity & jeers at post modernist 'easter worshipers' remarks >'You must nam…[View]
210867955/pol/ communism general - Lenin birthday edition: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion…[View]
210869834EL GOBLINO[View]
210868405Do lefties not realize that #ImpeachTrump strengthens conservatives by giving them Pence?: Trump is …[View]
210866456It gets better.: I’m doing ok, thanks for asking.[View]
210869403Elder abuser goes missing: A P O L O G I Z E[View]
210869072Legal Battle Against Jews: Warriors of POL here is a brief outline on legal things you can do to exp…[View]
210866398Just How Progressive Is San Francisco??[View]
210869364Climate Change: >umm... Can someone explain to me why you don't believe in climate change?…[View]
210848652Whatever happened to Italy?: Italy is the sick man of Europe and it won't end well...[View]
210855522>be YouTuber >go to random shitholes all the time, literal aids ghettos, everythings fine, ma…[View]
210867332Sri Lanka bombings: What the fuck is happening. The New Zealand shooting blew up all over social med…[View]
210869139>tfw used to be a degenerate noughties hipster >now trad catholic about to marry a girl 10 yea…[View]
210864505What are the best and worst states in America?[View]
210864083I'm hapa where am I in the race wars?? White/asian[View]
210867238Immigrants come to this country and appreciate things at a very simple level, because they just don…[View]
210868765Holy shit, Vincent just changed his supplies ad from the light-hearted prepper joke to 'collapse is …[View]
210866127Trump is so fucked: lmao[View]
210865764>check /pol/ after a months long break >full of anti-vaccinations threads, some troll, some ge…[View]
210867312Overall pretty good month >50 nigger muslims get purged in Christchurch >350+ poo christcucks …[View]
210868837Ecclesiastes: Was Solomon the original black pilled?[View]
210866208Are /feels/ good?: Is it Beta to suffer anxiety? Am I a Cuck for going through depression? I wonder …[View]
210859746why do you think hitler made them wear this?: Why do you think Hitler made them wear this? Nearly ev…[View]
210866075my uber driver was a conservative mexican: he told me he calls out people he sees using ebt cards an…[View]
210851236Take me to clown world[View]
210860615Question: If Christianity is such a cucked religion, then why are kikes going out of their way to su…[View]
210853676>1/3 american babies are delivered through C-section amerimutts, explain yourselves…[View]
210856308Is anime degenerate?[View]
210864335Hey 4chan, you've just been drafted into the US ARMY, roll for whatever shithole country you ge…[View]
210868313Instagram model culture (America): Someone post that illustration pic that portrays the american cul…[View]
210858750Millennials: Why aren’t millennials buying houses and having kids? America has a BOOMING economy and…[View]
210867500Amy Klobuchar Town Hall: CNN bringing us 5 great town halls tonight!! Amy bringing us the heat right…[View]
210866478why do trumpcucks still think they are welcome on this board? is it because they never leave their /…[View]
210865139F-Bee-Aye: So is the FBI really the most trustworthy US agency out there? Or is it just perception?…[View]
210863794How does /pol/ feel about Cultured Thug? Is he worth the time investment to learn something?[View]
210868193Thank you, Slate. Very cool![View]
210860586Minnesota raghead hate thread[View]
210856500Anal Tearing in UK: Lol England, how the mighty have fallen[View]
210866776Trumps meeting with Easter Bunny: His lordship met with the anthropomorphic creature known as the ea…[View]
210851728Why aren’t we listening to God? Impeach Trump now to save our planet!!![View]
210868013>american higher education[View]
210867429wich one are you?: >y-you're not a centrist are you anon?[View]
210868007What personality is /pol/?: What is the personality of /pol/? www. humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2…[View]
210865596>MFW while imagining what the would be like if niggers were separated from white people and race-…[View]
210860371Nazis should kill selves >pathetic manchildren >obsessed with identity delusion >foist off …[View]
210863995muh anchor baby EO: He could have been so good. At least Israel is happy. Who are you voting for in …[View]
210843466Germans: Why do Germans love the EU so much?[View]
210862052According to The Washington Post, “far-right” is the new “Christian.”: The fucking state the West is…[View]
210864661Are real humans finally waking up and realizing how ridiculous religion is? I mean can a logical hu…[View]
210864756Muts are all dum-: Do euros still believe this meme in the post 2016 world?[View]
210867496>http://archive.is/CSj5U >He got into a great college the old-fashioned way: Hard work, big dr…[View]
210867239DNC/MSM coordination: ITT: we discuss the disturbing trend of leftist politicians and multiple media…[View]
210861381Island Nations: Do island nations matter on a global scale? Do you think they contribute anything on…[View]
210860585Blue Georgia: What are the chances that Georgia (the US state, not the ex-USSR republic) will vote f…[View]
210849469Why do nationalists/statists hate race mixing? It’s proven to be healthy and create stronger offspri…[View]
210839103Redpill me on 5G: Is it really as bad as they say it is? Are there non-thermal biological effects of…[View]
210857827POWERFUL: Trumptards can't refute this.[View]
210866960pitwars: 2080 will consist of a shift of two human species between rich and poor mandated by grotesq…[View]
210860065Blackpill: survival of the fittest is bullshit.: If nature was based purely on survival of the fitte…[View]
210865708/Pol/ opinion on Trad Latino women? I'm far more of a tribalist than I am an ethnic nationalist…[View]
210858161Is global warming real or just another fad?[View]
210845108Religion is dying fast in Finland, i'm scared of the outcome that will come out of this when lo…[View]
210865136Remember, remember August 2011 Negro treason and plot. We see no reason Why negro treason Should …[View]
210866517>okay so Trump didn't engage in a conspiracy with Russia but he still colluded What the fuck…[View]
210853730Hey /pol/ I've recently started going to church and being a Christian. There are a lot of thing…[View]
210853406It's time we talked about the emcel epidemic: Men aren't the only ones that this clown wor…[View]
210861137The Iberian Peninsula is a Moorish mess: The average Iberian has 25% North African, 15% Middle Easte…[View]
210866360Poland - Jews = Based: How is it posible Poland after all this years of nazi, nazi-hungary and commi…[View]
210863930Redpill thread: Give me the best redpills for normies.[View]
210866053>have the biggest buildings in the world >have luxury areas >have nice cars yet they never…[View]
210861210If the rotation of the earth stopped, pic related would be the result. The slower rotation, the ledd…[View]
210857978Mayor of New York to ban Skyscrapers: Skyscrapers aren't environmentally friendly enough for a …[View]
210865254Why does she have such a bitch face?: Will she serve a second term, POL?[View]
210866118Boomer hate thread: >fuck Q larp boomers >fuck schizo 'everything is a false flag' boomers …[View]
210862509Oh hey, look what's trending again. It's getting really pathetic at this point.[View]
210866051Spreading degeneracy: Is there a bigger sewage hole on the internet than lipstick alley >encourag…[View]
210863668What would he do today?: Well, /pol/?[View]
210863734Is Zizek /ourguy/?[View]
210865594Registered child sex offenders: Illinois is shit. kiddy diddlers are shit. Why does this state prote…[View]
210850896Why does every go on high cruel and evil muh Dresden was while TOTALLY ignoring how Germans literall…[View]
210866012https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buD2RM0xChM Doesn't this perfectly sum the man up.[View]
210864950this is going to be rebuilt as a multi faith center isn't' it?[View]
210866005You know what to do[View]
210864830gungrabbers B T F O[View]
210865835Have you made sure that you don't teach with micro aggressions? https://spoonvision.wordpress.c…[View]
210864842Mosque Pranks: anyone who loves america and hates the towel heads, lets cover the door handles to Mo…[View]
210865723Nature's Conservatives: When you think about it, plants are nature's conservatives: >su…[View]
210864873UK: “Crisis analyst” says Sri Lanka jihad massacres could lead to violence against Muslims: >Alan…[View]
210865603Stay Strong and Vaccinate!: You don't want to die, do you? There are literally 1000 of prestigi…[View]
210859481Harry is not Hewit's son: Harry is not Hewit's son. Stop spreading bullshit. Harry's …[View]
210865460Omar Khadr did nothing wrong.: War is competing groups vying for territory- neither side is right. A…[View]
210864187What the fuck have you guys been smoking in here? You all talk about open borders, race-mixing, decl…[View]
210849504MEXICAN TROOPS ON US SOIL: MAGA KEKS WILL DEFEND THIS https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/19/politics/mexica…[View]
210858414We are fucked by our own people: >tfw parents are middle-tier capitalists/business owners >Wan…[View]
210863812The San Francisco Poop Map Looks Like Sonic[View]
210864559What if he was still alive today?: How would Fred have reacted to things these days from the media, …[View]
210860531How can one man be so stupid, yet think he's so smart? Sloppy Job Bibi.[View]
210865184Will we live to see the fall of the Chinese communist party? Is there even a chance for it?[View]
210852538The Corruption Of The American Woman: https://heartiste.wordpress.com/2016/02/02/the-corruption-of-t…[View]
210856673This is Good Journalism: Can we photoshop these sorts of articles and spread them around? Simply cha…[View]
210838103The absolute state of pagan larpers: >'might is right!' >get BTFO by some bald monk Lmao…[View]
210863885Hillary & Obama Hate Christ & Christians (Sri Lanka Attacks) https://youtu.be/zf5Ud5046bk[View]
210863491Dems Refuse to acknowldge attacks against Christians: Apparently, it is an attack against 'Easter Wo…[View]
210831754The Space Elevator is the Only Political Issue That Matters: It is already possible to build a space…[View]
210864810Social Security Running Dry: This is the real reason we must import millions and millions of immigra…[View]
210863499Cringe thread[View]
210864415Never forget[View]
210862671The Christcuck problem: Christcucks let fedoras and kikes define their terms for them so they no lon…[View]
210864349Who benefits more from Dems trying to impeach Trump? It is almost guaranteed to be a futile effort l…[View]
210864602What do we have to lose from exterminating Christianity other than destroying our position beneath s…[View]
210862839From the Communist Manifesto: >Constant revolutionising of production, uninterrupted disturbance …[View]
210851528Why are you still mad?[View]
210862496'You were supposed to protect me!': Am I to believe this bullshit? Trump is already confirmed to be …[View]
210863356Our Reddit colony is getting banned, we must save it[View]
210864441What did capitalism mean by this?[View]
210860640Yikes...: You're not a 'Easter Worshipper ' are you Anon??[View]
210859792we should take something totally innocuous and make it into a 'nazi kkk white supremacist' symbol ag…[View]
210864281The Eternal boomer strikes again: Trumpit.chat New boomer pro trump chat site just launching with ad…[View]
210864248What if the growth of pro-Nazi sentiment is due to the erasure of all other forms of 'white' history…[View]
210863305It's Over: America is over.[View]
210863681Yang is the only one to defeat Blumpf. Prove this goodboy wrong.[View]
210864063Northern Ireland Freedom: Why don't british people understand that Ireland wants to be independ…[View]
210864024Church “incidents” in France and Sri lanka: Why are there so many fucking coincidences (Pic unrelate…[View]
210848842Our unholy alliance with niggers: Anyone notice that the only music that isn’t completely censored b…[View]
210862852NRA dead: The NRA is financially underwater. Is this what they mean by 'fiscal conservatism…[View]
210863972Make Salazar great again!: 25 April is closing in, just post your Salazar memes.[View]
210861408Starbucks is installing needle-disposal boxes in locations across America: fuking kek! https://www.b…[View]
210850390Mac Miller: Did the music industry and the record labels who signed him use his own mental health an…[View]
210856011WTF AMERIMUTSS? This is how you treat foreigners visiting your country? LaNd oF tHe FrEe >A fore…[View]
210862250Are cryptocurrencies nazi-stuff?[View]
210863389Egyptian Constitutional Referendum 2019: guess my vote :3 (side note: you must color your finger aft…[View]
210863771>/ptg/ unironically believes that everyone who doesn't support le orange zionist here is a s…[View]
210863740The fucking mental gymnastics of these people floors me sometimes. https://apple.news/AKdWFAB_ySLGQ…[View]
210863021Pic Related. This muzie in Winnipeg opened his grocery store on Good Friday, got fined 10K, and now …[View]
210863661Mary is the mother of God: why is this so difficult for Bible worshippers to understand it? Dont the…[View]
210859755Somalian Muslim throws cute little white boy to his death in Minnesota Mall[View]
210837052Right-wing messages: Post pictures like these I need a collection, everyone has to see these, many n…[View]
210861184#ImpeachDonaldTrump? has been trending literally all day: https://twitter.com/hashtag/ImpeachDonaldT…[View]
210863479New Research Suggests Earth Lost 9.6 Trillion Tons of Ice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbK_fLNJJ…[View]
210861971Century XVI-XIX White people in Europe: >exploring the world, discovering new countries, colonizi…[View]
210863272What the fuck. Why is it like this? Will it ever end?[View]
210859049Jesus was an Indian scholar according to cia nigger docs: https://sys.4chan.org/derefer?url=https%3A…[View]
210863207ITT: weep for the west: Here's a poem that hails from the fantastic realm of intersectional fem…[View]
210860024/pol/ Serious question. Are you sick of the DisJewed Marvel Universe? Is the DC Universe a let down?…[View]
210862245The Trump Curse is a Reality: Landslide 2020 incoming???[View]
210863182What makes an enticing flyer?[View]
210862878What is his endgame?[View]
210861981EU Driver's license, plz hlp: I need to know the order and why[View]
210862380Can someone just fucking militarily invade us please?[View]
210861766Why do Christians have such a persecution complex?[View]
210862106Are White Muslims Traitors?: https://youtu.be/H1WDSkfhfCc Islam is the only cure to modern degenerac…[View]
210862955Britbongs be like: >bUt At LeAsT wE'rE lEaViNg ThE eU, yOu'Re NoT Cool story, bro…[View]
210862689Why do modern women hate virginity and virgin men so much /pol/?[View]
210861028Does anyone here think Hitler was everything a White man should be? Smart, cultured, brave, kind and…[View]
210825978Poland, No! Pols beat/burn Jew effigy: https://ekspresjaroslawski.pl/zdjecie/2814510.amp[View]
210832453/cic/ Canada is COLLAPSING part 1517 - KETCHUP WARS Edition: >How French's ketchup took a bi…[View]
210858292>it's another Ben Shapiro defends the tribe episode Why do boomers eat this shit up? They ha…[View]
210860101politics and the war on our minds: Politics. MK-U. I finally understand what it is, took me ... long…[View]
210862528SARGON BTFO: Kek, UKIP is getting back to scraping for 5% of the vote[View]
210854893Can some plebbiter fill me in, what's going on? I've been living in an echo chamber for s…[View]
210847783Imagine if Whites just made money and stuck together and not sperg over (((ideology)))[View]
210857582Looking at the Mueller Report through unbiased eyes: This guy does an excellent breakdown desu https…[View]
210861399Obama claimed to be a christian: @2:06 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wj3CTeqpRXM Yet I remember hi…[View]
210845758Homosexuality: Why hasn't a cure for this mental illness been proposed yet? The world doesn…[View]
210862364Mmm Greetings Fellow Easter Worshipers: *SCHLOP* *SCHLOP* *SCHLOP* *SCHLOP* *SCHLOP* *SCHLOP* *SCHLO…[View]
210859364How much nigger ancestry does AOC have?: Puerto Ricans usually have nigger ancestry. AOC looks about…[View]
210862008My fellow whites, we can save the planet if we all eat onions and stop having children. There are pl…[View]
210859744How do I know the bible hasn't been tampered with: So pol how do I know that the Bible's w…[View]
210861617im torn between becoming a Buddhist monk or a serial killer who kill people to makes statement about…[View]
210859705Every time there is a minor happening, you larpers say it's finally the day shtf. Meanwhile eve…[View]
210859342Can you see me through that monitor of yours? the answer is yes or no and if you cant choose, you ca…[View]
210861228>thread discussion about pewdiepie review of the republic turns into a discussion about philosoph…[View]
210857859Using Ilhan Omar to get kikes to stop supporting Democrats: Kikes aren't important for their vo…[View]
210854403where have all the serial killers gone ?[View]
210855251Britain - Why is Her Highness Meghan, Duchess of Sussex looking more like a Queen everyday,: unlike …[View]
210861726why yes I am a hardcore christian I pray to Yahweh the hebrew semitic deity and all of the hebrew se…[View]
210851647brit\poo -- vote Ukipe edition: link s[View]
210858322America sucks. Lets all move to Russia: America is lost. We should just abandon it and start over in…[View]
210859115Feminism has destroyed women. Probe me.[View]
210861624Mexican soldiers disarmed Americans in: America. Are you mad white boi?[View]
210855455Why are so many people leaving the church? From the start of the Christendom up to i would say 1940,…[View]
210859433Ban abortion[View]
210861820Radical Conservative Revolutionaries: Political revolution is not enough. We need a cultural revolut…[View]
210855159Reverse harem became a reality is sweeden: 123 boys per 100 girls among young people That's an …[View]
210859583>zero vigils >zero articles about muslim extremism >zero muslim women wearing crucifixes in…[View]
210858950Wakanda Forever: We're coming for you[View]
210861522Trump slaps baby at Easter Egg Roll: The fuck is this boomers problem?[View]
210859153Why can't we discuss Islam anymore without people derailing the thread with 'Israel dies this s…[View]
210859227Why do I keep getting phone calls from streetshitters about my electric bill, student loans and my c…[View]
210858155Fuck Noahide laws AND KIKES trying to take over America. Just try to touch MY HEAD you fucking keks.…[View]
210859306Space x Arabic: https://youtu.be/DPfHHls50-w Why the hell is their Islamic texts on the falcon heavy…[View]
210860987Sword of Truth General /sotg/ - Shes Desperate For Likes Edition:: Hi, this is the Sword of Truth, h…[View]
210856170Is individuality just a waste of time?[View]
210861303>You travel with a time machine from 2016 to 2019 to observe le based emperor Trump building the …[View]
210861263penis penis penis: jus some history[View]
210861287How long would it take?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0w9FUaZsafA For Somali and Turkish BVLLS to…[View]
210859871>I’m such a faggot, you guys. Think of the gayest thing you can imagine — that’s how big of a fag…[View]
210849764Consciousness: How do you deal with the fact that most people have in fact no inner voice and are un…[View]
210850812Greece repays IMF early: Greece has officially submitted a request to repay the IMF early. http://ww…[View]
210861124Antibiotics do not work.[View]
210814920Homeschool Redpill: Let me drop this Red Pill that is also a White Pill. There exists a subset of th…[View]
210861087The time is now: This is everything I have,once they are gone they are gone. https://streamable.com/…[View]
210857068So there's this instagram account a lot of the libs have been talking about that puts 'catcalls…[View]
210857036>An all-time high was reached in 2018, with 28,084 instances of citizens phoning authorities to r…[View]
210858329Czech faggots why are you such cucks?: 72% of gaytheists, what the fuck is wrong with czechcucks? Wh…[View]
210860403Secretary Clinton and President Obama saddened by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were saddened tha…[View]
210858746What goes on here: Pol[View]
210831551Psssst...hey anon, do you wanna know who did the NZ shooting?: This article is spot on http://camelo…[View]
210840999NBC faked picture of baby with measles (Cont): Original thread >>210832398 They're lying …[View]
210852896I'll be honest, I voted for Trump in 2016 but after reading the Mueller Report I can't in …[View]
210859775>Tarrant kills 40 shitkins >shitkins blow up 200 of their own in retaliation Are shitkins …[View]
210851603Is this quote still true today /pol/?[View]
210858801We Need a Police State in Order to Enforce Suicide and Prostitution Laws: Reminder that it used to b…[View]
210860603Post your favorite red pills: If you went to www facebook com in the year 2000 you would see a found…[View]
210858480What is freedom of speech to you?[View]
210860250Can we make 'XD' a hate/white supermacy symbol?: XD?[View]
210851623Richfag anon philantrophy: Hey anons. I made it. I can't get into who I am, or how much I'…[View]
210854923**!!!AOC THE MOVIE!!!!**: https://ew.com/trailers/2019/04/22/alexandria-ocasio-cortez-netflix-knock-…[View]
210857099Who is the biggest whore and why is it Hillary?[View]
210858338Hitler's speeches. So I just went on Jewtube and tried to look up some of Hitler's speeche…[View]
210857090So what the hell happened to MH370?[View]
210859935Really powerfull[View]
210859048the schizo boomer question: >unironically believes Q larp >every single white mass shooter is …[View]
210856163Spains election debate without Vox: Spains debate didn’t include Vox, they don’t even mention it on …[View]
210855375Poland, no!: https://twitter.com/YTantisemitism/status/1119963230795911169 Oy vey the replies…[View]
210859566What's the point/objective of having children?[View]
210853047What would happen if Chris-Chan ran against Trump in the 2020 election?: What would happen if Chris-…[View]
210855890Now Cannabis-infused burgers in Burgerland!: https://www.cnet.com/news/on-420-carls-jr-stirs-the-pot…[View]
210857220Politics in Iceland: Hello Icelanders (and /pol/). I visited your lovely country recently and I am i…[View]
210826387Ohio seeks change in child laws after 9yo boy danced for money in drag bar: >A Republican politic…[View]
210849106Is it accurate to say that the Jew is to the White as the White is to the Black?[View]
210853236antinatalism is the only argument that makes sense: This is the weirdest topic since pro-natalists h…[View]
210844015I just want to say that I find it pretty fantastic to discuss with you guys. It's truly a wonde…[View]
210856865So close to getting it: Waiting patiently for an epiphany that will never come[View]
210859761Just imagine: He would have won the war and stayed in power, if he only put stars on jews or camped …[View]
210858906How do we get this faggot to stop lurking here? All the Clover Chronicle does is take threads from /…[View]
210857685>he doesn’t love the world. >he doesn’t consider it to be OUR planet >he doesn’t consider …[View]
210858008White Nationalism is for good goy autists: Has anyone else noticed White Nationalists are all narcis…[View]
210859092Honk Honk: How is my fellow Easter Worshippers doing this fine evening?[View]
210856502Happy confedrate day anons!: Say something nice about the south.[View]
210847819Will USA and its troops ever be fair punished for their crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq?[View]
210859247Is there anyone more cringey than the Christchurch Shooter? It has been weeks and this asshole still…[View]
210833120Folk Faith General: This thread is for the discussion of all Indo-European religions. Welcome: >…[View]
210839032Why is Iran bad?: Drop some pills on why Iran is the baddie that boomers say it is. What have they d…[View]
210855752Yang2020: Fuck You. Pay Me. Yang 2020.[View]
210827585Why do people join the Military when there is a high chance they will come back from deployment with…[View]
210842298I dont hve a problem with ben shapiro: https://youtu.be/mhxlnFZPn1M I'm no jew LOVER by any fuc…[View]
210852788Does a loss of privacy make people more productive?[View]
210856463Okinawans: Are they Japanese or a separate ethnic group?[View]
210853494my whole journey went from center, libertarian to nat soc, but i didnt stop there, curiosity doesnt …[View]
210856283How do I, as a middle aged, white male embrace my victimhood as so many fags, niggers, spics, and wo…[View]
210856714Politics start in academics and more and more people keep falling for the college meme. America…[View]
210858531>Living during the 21st century >Not believing in determinism in the 21st century.…[View]
210851491Black-Aryan here: I’ve always considered myself to be Aryan. I act nothing like a black person and a…[View]
210857867Is there something wrong with being able to feel emotional attachment exclusively towards men althou…[View]
210848479Priority Assassination Targets: Who would be the priority targets of the right in the early hours of…[View]
210854183What did you just say about black people[View]
210853779The face of Jewish terrorism[View]
210828067Why are they like that?[View]
210856250Why do nations not call foreign nations and cities by their real names? For example, what we call F…[View]
210851311Red Flag Laws Are My Red Line: I live in Pennsylvania, home of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. Th…[View]
210856587I have a pivotal role to play in the upcoming battle between Christianity vs Islam. AMA.: When I was…[View]
210857794Einstein letter defending Jewish heritage[View]
210858011So who is running against Trump? This faggot and a socialist kike? WHAT A FUCKING JOKE![View]
210846008Why do you hate gay people?[View]
210857991Canadian Government Hiring Harry Potter Generation: To attract the Harry Potter generation, the Cana…[View]
210832944Are there any lefties worth listening to? Like, the equivalent of a left-wing Ben Shapiro? (Bill Ma…[View]
210853807Are niggers and monkeys the same species?: Asking for a friend[View]
210852310Rotary club??: We know about freemasons aka kaballah for goys, but what the fuck are rotary clubs? I…[View]
210853828Israel did 9/11 to induce wars against its enemies[View]
210857231There is no proof that antibiotics work.[View]
210855844Daily reminder that race traitors get the fucking rope >Cierre Wood, 28, and Amy Taylor, 25, are …[View]
210850792Cool nazi memes or pics?[View]
210857759Either way, Commies get fucked: Just a friendly reminder that whatever the outcome, you Lefties will…[View]
210850630>tfw want to be a part of white American culture but not white myself, rather mixed race…[View]
210857339It's all so tiring /pol/. Let's all just go to sleep and dream of never waking up. At one …[View]
210857511>Easter worshippers They are becoming more and more retarded[View]
210854541who are some qt political youtubers?[View]
210845078SPANISH ELECTIONS 28A 2019 Debate Stream (Starts in 1 hour) Youtube >https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
210857550Clown world exposed.: Now I hate to say I told you so, but, I told you so. The clown world 'meme' wa…[View]
210854726How has Native American cultured changed since they got blown the fuck out by Europeans?[View]
210857233Happy Earth Day!: Happy Earth Day! What are you doing today to show your appreciation for your home …[View]
210856007Better visit the Cologne Cathedral before the muzzies do: This thing survived World War II but can i…[View]
210855406White “power”: Why are “white” nationalists and natsocs the worst and weakest example of any race? T…[View]
210857272Liberty and delusion?: Before America, governments were dictatorships, more or less. I deem China on…[View]
210824252Only finnish: Only finnish[View]
210852698Bulgaria hate thread: Here are the characteristics of the typical Bulgarian 'white' 1. A Muslim gran…[View]
210855124Climate Change: Saving Earth Before Its Too Late Edition: The United States needs to take a much mor…[View]
210847072European Federation argument: So the usual argument in favor of a United States of Europe is that we…[View]
210837728what is the best country on earth to live in?[View]
210853300American hook-up culture: there's an incredible amount of data bout hook-up culture gathered fr…[View]
210849060Autism for all: Not sure how I feel about autistic people saving the world from itself. Maybe, it is…[View]
210856105Why do we give them our tax money again?[View]
210856945What should we do with books?[View]
210856479despite being 5% of canada's population, redskins are 38% of homocides: is this the 13% meme of…[View]
210856897Remember our guy?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQlv2dHZnfk F.[View]
210850548Did anyone find this cunt yet?: Has anyone found Rebecca Mankey yet? She's the dumb cunt that a…[View]
210847394I had a dream today where jesus told me to stop masturbating to porn. He knows my struggle.[View]
210851979Where will he flee to when Scheer gets elected in October?[View]
210844049Operation: Kill Whitey: War. To wage war you need some kind of excuse. Social, Political, Economical…[View]
210844277CANADA WANTS ONE MILLION NIGERIANS: Do they really need new immigrants that bad? also why do they ne…[View]
210854166W-Will it happen?[View]
210853665Flag Acquisition General: What happened to it? I haven't seen anything in the msm about it, so …[View]
210847680ROLL CALL: Croatia reporting in.[View]
210831226/pol/ humor thread[View]
210851005RED ALERT! RED ALERT! HAPPENING: Something's up boys, check out this video transcript. It makes…[View]
210856180Eu is a dictatorship: Here is our video about the EU: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBbjJG0zyIw…[View]
210852382Look at the beautiful Aryan women: Yes look at them, for more than 2 seconds. They will find you cre…[View]
210856118Boomers: pro-Israel Zoomers: pro-Israel Gen X -ers: anti-Israel Yoomers: anti-Israel Why are boomers…[View]
210855763WTF, I'm a monarchist now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlnNsLj8-LY[View]
210849187Was Light based? Or is he a portrayal of how Jews control everything? >Lowered crime by 80% >C…[View]
210855166Chris-Chan for president 2020: Chris-Chan for president 2020.[View]
210853946I’m a sixth generation Arab. Why do you hate me?[View]
210852736antifa members: Why are Commies so retarded looking?[View]
210854730Globalists instigate a chaotic civil war and shutdown of infrastructure, how prepared are you? >n…[View]
210853153I can't understand the liberal mind /pol/. Every time I try to speak with anyone who considers …[View]
210842220>popular travel Youtuber goes to USA >get beat up by a crazy libcuck because of a MAGA hat htt…[View]
210849964Games Muslims Play Edition:: >Sharia and the 'Interest-Free' Loan 'You'll know when you…[View]
210826171Where did he come from? Where did he go? Where did he come from Kommandant joe?[View]
210853269Danish billionaire guy launched an islamic clothing line few days ago: https://metro.co.uk/2019/04/1…[View]
210827854/RPG/ Redpill general: >Very useful threads (mostly HBD related) https://www.dropbox.com/s/ki8di…[View]
210817925Why do norse pagans and Christians need to fight?: there is quite actually no reason to fight, this …[View]
210843766Hezbollah chief says Israel’s ground forces unprepared for war: https://www.timesofisrael.com/hezbol…[View]
210855505Maybe if you Christcucks go and kiss the feet of more Muslims your politicians will care[View]
210852643>Know a person >Making shit wages at shit job. >Requires Appendectomy >Even after his i…[View]
210846589Holocaust skeptic Jew tries to pick fight with ADL: Link below. The ADL is legit scared of this guy.…[View]
210853247Rising in party dislike of Cortez is bad for us: Cortez is a socialist gift to us but this is causin…[View]
210827864How is it white genocide when nobody is killing you or preventing you from fucking?[View]
210850726What the most pathetic race on earth and why is it meso Americans?[View]
210851683Adolf Hitler hate thread: 1. Call your party socialist 2. Use an Indian symbol as your country'…[View]
210851627A difference in character. I really miss when we had a President that made sense all the time![View]
210849976how many genders are there /pol/?[View]
210840265Why can’t white people have a country for themselves?: Like a united Nordic Europe just for white pe…[View]
210850271What is wrong with white women?: Why are they so degenerate that they want to be with sub humans?…[View]
210851178GAS THE INCELS: Incels are worse than filthy commies because they don't leave aryan white offsp…[View]
210854282Disney heiress tells current year Disney CEO that their pay is too jewish http://archive.is/BHyzg[View]
210853253Who is the TRUE victim? The Whore to The Crown (Queen, Princess) who is told from day one who she wi…[View]
210854546You can't be 'pro-life' and support prisons: /pol/ has no argument against the prison abolition…[View]
210853816What makes them better than the rest of the humanity?[View]
210852537I hate strong women: Godamn pc culture is making so every lead women has to be fucking flawless. If …[View]
210851765Will Marxism make anime real?[View]
210854122Not all white cities are good but all black cities are bad. Seriously, is there a city that is >3…[View]
210845475Daily reminder that electing an official by a pure popular vote is a horrible way to elect someone.[View]
210852777How do you get a white fox news watching boomer to acknowledge race as a real issue in the US? No am…[View]
210853999https://www.thrillist.com/travel/nation/how-much-to-tip-hotel-housekeepers >Amerilards now have t…[View]
210853846Hey guys, check out Sri Lankas demographics: >According to the 2012 census Buddhists make up 70.1…[View]
210851303CIvil war is possible scenario.: Four stages of subversion: 1. Demoralization (15-20 years). 2. Dest…[View]
210848993Ok /pol/, what do we think? Is it time for a major retaliation, making the NZ attacks look like noth…[View]
210853006/bsg/ - Bernie Sanders General - 4: Talk about all things Berniecrat, including campaign strategies,…[View]
210849581/beaver/ thread: Posting wisdom inherited by beaver. Currently have all of them, please save and dis…[View]
210850885Do whites have a higher capacity to love?[View]
210848987Why are people obsessed with democracy? What's so good about it? Do people think they're s…[View]
210853301Does the current Pope have a foot fetish?[View]
210842924Brit/pol/ - Bad Boy Batten Edition[View]
210852531I will show you how can you fight the left. Recently polish Media started looking into problem of pe…[View]
210848828MIGA: https://twitter.com/haaretzcom/status/1120411700119785472[View]
210839238The manlet vs the sloth: Are you ready for the bantz? watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jK…[View]
210849525>'Welcome to the 2019 White House Easter Egg Roll! This is 141 years that we've been doing t…[View]
210850511why do so many women see abortion as a good thing and one that should be celebrated, and denigrate e…[View]
210850567Why did the Nazis call themselves socialists?: According to the wiki article on the Nazi Party, Hitl…[View]
210849684>Be me >Reject serving black man and white woman when they want food at this burger joint I w…[View]
210850093Starbuck’s reaping what they sow: Get woke, go broke. Apparently letting a bunch of homeless non-c…[View]
210850915(((Bernie Sanders))): >Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish http://ethnicelebs.com/bernie-sanders The bric…[View]
210849479*blocks your path* Now that the dust has settled, what the fuck did Cheeto Mussolini mean by this? W…[View]
210845744Big Nose Man Defends Bankers: Would you people fucking think of the (((lenders)))!?!?!?[View]
210852986>No mention of Easter, but Google does a fucking Earth day reference. Tfw…[View]
210842887Big fat antifa guy in Atlanta just attacked Harald Baldr for wearing a maga hat Get him lads https:/…[View]
210852866jewish brainwashing: /pol/,what habits or mental tricks should i build to endure the daily political…[View]
210852786Did you pick your copy up yet /pol/?[View]
210830096Made my mom cry at Easter dinner trying to redpill my family on the holocaust: Why did I have to lea…[View]
210852169were gonna get a lot of newfriends soon guys[View]
210849906>mfw we are the niggers now we are the scattered minority whose opinion counts for nothing and ha…[View]
210832822Why do you still have a Netflix account?[View]
210851949when he wins again will you be happy?: Answer and ideology please Me? Not really. I have very mixed …[View]
210851248the lake of fire for you... except this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xqCkx6WQBE[View]
210852221Is he ever going to open it?[View]
210849721Pol redpill memes: SHOW ME THE MONEY[View]
210850092Christians are the true Jews of Abraham. (((Jews))) killed God's son resulting in them turning …[View]
210852468Bezos WaPo Amazon anti podcast: Is the Washington post anti podcasts because podcasts are like small…[View]
210846489Why did so many members of the wehrmacht & SS engage in transexual behavior?[View]
210822732Why do catholics say things like 'i'm a catholic' or 'be a good catholic'. Why not christian? Y…[View]
210848063at least 500 people have invaded uk in 6months: fuck the main meat of the article, this is the part …[View]
210852193Send me your Ethnopluralist memes ( with Race-Diversity-Flagg): But no Swastikas[View]
210851330Bonfire of Vanities: Western Civilisation has produced the finest expressions of Human culture ever …[View]
210851423DRUMF’D!: No wall. ACA intact. Not locked up. DACAs dreaming. Incomes flat. Taxes higher. Trade wors…[View]
210850060How long is it going to take before we outlaw Islam as a religion across the globe?[View]
210851431Anyone here actually download the Mueller report and read even a little of it? I am betting hardly a…[View]
210844295Is America ready for a Jewish president?[View]
210850189How do I reprt spics to the ICE?[View]
210851416When will we start focusing what matters the most?[View]
210850186:) okay[View]
210840068What is /pol/'s opinion on Prostitution and sex work in general? is it degenerate, or does it a…[View]
210851090Has someone read the whole book? I'm through with the first chapters now as I want to know what…[View]
210845890Why did slave owners have sex with slaves of a different race? How was this not considered an issue?[View]
210846684Warrior Queen Tulsi Needs You: Why the fuck are you faggots not supporting your warrior Queen? > …[View]
210849482How much time have you spent behind the digital Jew today?: Nothing makes you as much of a unhealthy…[View]
210851245CNN TOWNHALLS TONIGHT 7 PM EST: Who else is excited to see all these great democratic candidates on …[View]
210848884Politiscales Thread: https://www.politiscales.net/en_US/ Post them here[View]
210816859HOLY SHIT: A few days after launching an Islamic clothing brand a billionaires kids were killed in t…[View]
210809457Imagine still thinking global warming isn't real and that we all aren't completely fucked[View]
210851158How did Trump/Congress manage to botch the budget THIS badly? The government is supposed to run a SU…[View]
210851036Dark grug one-eighth of tribe, yet sin for half of tribe. Grug think longnose fault. Pale grug must …[View]
210838468Thoughts on this? https://youtu.be/qPnTTA8BC8A?t=2535 >the desire for freedom will eventually lea…[View]
210848976Why doesn't assad, Iran, or Hezbollah ever respond to the daily Israeli airstrikes?[View]
210850947Russian Media names Eternal Meddlers & US Govt: Naming the Kikes & Mutts without naming them…[View]
210840164The most important pill you have to swallow in 2019: Mankind has plateaued! Infact we're actua…[View]
210849093Help Me Pol... I've Got This Terrible Bern: It's in my shorts... How do I make It Go-Away.…[View]
210844942The jews and the Anglo: Why is the right-wing in Anglo countries so fucking ZOGed? It's very ha…[View]
210846228>tfw be American We are the best![View]
210850733history of kikes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=564&v=TZrflFeF3IE[View]
210848047Is he a rapist?[View]
210850673Good book recommendations please: I read mein kampf Ford translation but I want to read Stalag trans…[View]
2108503612000-2100: The Century of Africa: I'm a North African migrant to Canada and I regret coming to …[View]
210850573How to screen out white trash? > me thinks i'm red pilld > me joins /pol/ > me realize…[View]
210849148The flag of the USA is a hate symbol against African Americans 13 stripes 50 stars[View]
210848131Polish Judas ritual 'anti-Semitic' - Jewish congress: >The World Jewish Congress (WJC) …[View]
210844536Go back nearly 100 years to find racism.: What the fuck world are we living in where people go back …[View]
210850339ROF Militia just got done doing riot training. 'Ravioli Ravioli give me the formouli' This is a sec…[View]
210848096Is he right? How do you escape the /blackpill/ ?[View]
210849064Anders Holch Polvsen, Dutch billion and as far as I can tell a goy with a goy wife had 3 of his 4 ch…[View]
210850156DAILY REMINDER: DEATH TO THE 'HOLY' ROMAN EMPIRE LUX VULT!!!!!! >inb4 ayy lmao space niggers toun…[View]
210850054Racists btfo: Racists will see a bunch of gorillas I see an astronaut, scientist, doctor and enginee…[View]
210846369Is this why hunGAYrians are so salty?[View]
210849382Hi black man here: How do we deal with the white man aka neanderthal ape problem. 100,000bc my ances…[View]
210848147How can religion really save the West?: It seems to me like religion plays a huge role in the cultur…[View]
210847537Would anarcho capitalism unironically solve all of the societal division and breakdown of family rel…[View]
210849262Polish People, oy vey!!!!: In Poland, these good people traditionally hang an effigy of Judas, which…[View]
210835772/bsg/ - Bernie Sanders General - 3: Talk about all things Berniecrat, including campaign strategies,…[View]
210797888Now that r/CTH has left, can we have a reasonable discussion about this debate? I went in with a str…[View]
210849526Down to Earth Edition: Jesus Lived. The Church has lost it's legitemacy because it hasn't …[View]
210848597Pyccия what the fuck I thought you guys were all based and redpilled, have all your women caught the…[View]
210849342MINNESOTA MUSLIM throws boy off of roof of mall: https://youtu.be/Vft9mrOHZDE[View]
210846304Women in Science and Engineering: Will there ever be a day where women will talk more about science …[View]
210845240>Russians: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/316374816_Drinking_Traits_and_Culture_of_the_…[View]
210844912There were no gas chambers: >Gewiss, ich habe unterschrieben, dass ich 2 Millionen Juden umgebrac…[View]
210836465'Ishtar Worshippers': Now you know why the Cabal talking heads said it. They are Ishtar Worshippers.…[View]
210849024Total state of Germany - April 2019 Edition: The article in this WOMAN'S MAGAZINE says: 'Wie ve…[View]
210816920Is it really as bad as people say?[View]
210845445Why are white women getting more mentally unstable these days?[View]
210849257Never forget about 1488 dental. Make sure to leave them a nice review![View]
210845813I HATE JOURNALISTS. GULAGS FOR JOURNOS WHEN? Fucking disgusting, slimy, evil fucking maggots.[View]
210849211>American education https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/presidential-message-earth-da…[View]
210849082Threads that trigger shills the most?: We need to post those threads more often. >Pro-christian, …[View]
210849150What did he mean by this?[View]
210839686True freedom: Is absence of other people. Prove me wrong.[View]
210849056This is America .[View]
210848612Why are whites in Ontario so progressive?: I thought white people were consistently conservative but…[View]
210847249Is there examples of fake news before Trumps election just general subversion by the news media thro…[View]
210842530Where do i start: I've been looking at pol for a few weeks and evidently to say you are red pil…[View]
210834779Can you give me 1, ONE good reason to not kill every female and install robotessess and male only bi…[View]
210844301Sandniggers/kikes: Who are the bad guys? Sandniggers or kikes? Or both? Should we allie with the le…[View]
210848455John Paul II Raped Little Children: Greetings from Karachan https://youtube.com/watch?v=Cei0KO9S-2Q…[View]
210846966What did they mean by this?: Links https://twitter.com/CIA/status/1120123885771476992?ref_src=twsrc%…[View]
210844924>hanging with family >bruh game of thrones is on in like ten mins holy shit turn the tv on …[View]
210835558I have this new theory, I need 4chan to tell me if I am insane. Me I do not buy anything that uses m…[View]
210846134Goddammit /pol/...: I came here for some easy shitposting a week ago, and now... here i am; balls de…[View]
210846476First he will give you Free Stuff, Then GULAGS try it burgers, follow this crazy professor[View]
210847231NEW AMERICA: Lets make a revolution that our children will remember.[View]
210848633Yuropoorean: What the fuck is wrong with yurop. Is this why they are so left?[View]
210848704Name a greater enemy of Europeans than Christianity and Christians. They came and destroyed or nati…[View]
210846513Hey /pol/ Cheese burger here. I was wondering what you're genuinely think of racial mutts. I…[View]
210848593pizzza trieme: whats wrong with revoluitions again? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfaB-PgRgMU…[View]
210845344The kikes are using AI to mount their attacks against white people. Just one of the AI entities they…[View]
210843727Comey & Clapper laughed at Trump — Obama Frame Op: Can anyone send me a link to this email chang…[View]
210848502What about wmbf? /pol/ constantly talks about white women but what about the other way around? Is wm…[View]
210848239Too much of anything is bad for you. Better to admit you watch porn than be a all-out anti-porn acti…[View]
210848355Top Goy Communicates the Message of The Huddle: Hello, I am a goy myself. I, however, do not reject …[View]
210848296Imagine hating Jews so much you insist upon spending eternity with them in hell.[View]
210848318POL SOUNDCLOUD NOW https://soundcloud.com/lordofspeed/lord-of-speed-christchurch[View]
210847830Is every politician a leech? I want to become a politician and make a difference in my country (geno…[View]
210848112Best white, clear music. bring back the old times please. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5WJJVSE_B…[View]
210848207What can you say to a MAGA boomer who is a diehard Trump supporter to make them wake up? I've p…[View]
210846182Bright Monday: GOSPEL - John 1:18-28 No one has ever seen God; the only Son, who is in the bosom of …[View]
210828900Will China Surpass The USA?: Speaking geopolitically, and how do you feel they will? Some examples f…[View]
210846585/pol/, I sure hope you deleted your shitty page and gotten as far away from the globalist botnet ca…[View]
210848023what is it like for super pure Europeans (scandis, denmarkis, lithuanis....etc) to meet mutts who cl…[View]
210845898Saw my dad browsing /pol/. I think he called someone a faggot. Pretty cool man.[View]
210847999Hey all you christcucks would you rather get fucked by an HIV positive white dick with a 100% chance…[View]
210844709Sabaton release a new video about the battleship Bismark full of Nazi imagery. Are they dare I say /…[View]
210845130How far should that go? Clown World...[View]
210845498>Trump isn't a Zionist shill. He just didn't do anything he said he was going to do for…[View]
210845070>Easter lunch with my family >everybody's talking about Notre Dame >most of us find it…[View]
210845437Government mind control: Hello woke anons, does the government really mind control the masses if so …[View]
210840043how do protties and bible worshippers deal with the didache? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Didache…[View]
210843638What a joke. She wrote something like 1000 out of the 900,000 lines of code used to get that image. …[View]
210847710Personally, I don't even care if the USA is in fact a Russian satellite state now. Putin is bas…[View]
210835806Poor (((lenders))): Won't anyone think of the (((lenders)))?[View]
210826739We're woman ever not retarded or evil or both? I don't understand how we got this far as a…[View]
210843515/pol/ what are your thoughts on mixed race people and miscegeneation? Specifically in the form of wh…[View]
210846889Let’s red pill some “deep” artists[View]
210842051300IQ Moor lectures a white lawyer.: You simply can see the 300IQ coming from this genius. The 300IQ…[View]
210843593Denmark’s richest mans children dead in Sri Lanka Bombings: “Best-seller-billionaire Anders Holch Po…[View]
210846323Dont find joy in porn anymore. Everything is degenerate and overplayed. Its the highest form of cuck…[View]
210830262Race-Mixing Doesn't Work: TL;DR Races can mix but they can also unmix. 2 Mestizos or 2 Mulatt…[View]
210839696Allison Mack could take the stand against Nxivm leader Keith Raniere: https://pagesix.com/2019/04/22…[View]
210846988is Buttigieg going to be the next president[View]
210845485TALIBAN-ISI relations?: What does /pol/ thinks about alleged ISI support to Afghani Talbians after 9…[View]
210826671The Coming civil war.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUXANh_88Mo There won't be a civil war i…[View]
210837407Why do (((they))) always make advertisements with a black man and a white woman together? It's …[View]
210845129Legalizing marijuana: How can anybody promote mental illness? Is it ignorance or pure indifference t…[View]
210847070Culture trip thru europe and africa: So tell me what should i see in the countries that nobody wants…[View]
210843164How important is it for us to increase LGBT representation in media? Lacking it of course excludes 2…[View]
210846377What would happen if ALL the money in New York simply vanished?: Theoretically what would happen?…[View]
210845169MINNESOTA MUSLIM throws boy off of roof of mall: https://youtu.be/Vft9mrOHZDE[View]
210843150Make celebrities scared again: I’m sick of celebrities pretending they matter. I am sick of the Jewi…[View]
210846145Thank you Mitt Romney for preventing a nigger from destroying our white economy.[View]
210844132Greek Elections: Greek Election this year lads, do yall think GD has a chance? Or the Syriza will ge…[View]
210846526>the state of the /lgbt/ Community https://youtu.be/xouCHcblqus[View]
210846499'Jordan Jereb is one of the greatest leaders of our time.' - Andrew Anglin.... Lonely political diss…[View]
210844408RATAFAK FOR CLOWNWORLD: If the clownworld meme partly comes from a desire to return to the social st…[View]
210846427Heres a tip on make society better: live your life with a MakeApp in your head running all the time.…[View]
210846365How and where do you research your news /pol/? >That is if you even research you fucking mongrels…[View]
210843397Why do americans hate their parents?: In our latino culture we are always taught to respect our elde…[View]
210846312/UBI/ Freedom Dividend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLt2X8Zybds why Milton Friedman supported UB…[View]
210839990That’s accurate: Just an unedited panel from “Assigned Male”, this really makes me live in a society…[View]
210846092How do we fight the Albanian influence on olive markets?[View]
210837030Revelation 3:9 >Indeed I will make those of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews and are…[View]
210840743Man claims to punch Nazis killed by black muslim: A man who posted a picture of Richard Spencer bein…[View]
210845338Is this peak genetics?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uI98Ug6ASJg[View]
210829481Varg is the most based guy: >Against race mixing >Killed a commie >Hates jews >Hates mar…[View]
210822413/pol/ Humour thread: Sides ready, show us your best. Bonus points if it's accurate portrayal of…[View]
210840488Why are Mediterraneans less larpy than Nordics? You rarely see italian or greek neo-pagans, like you…[View]
210823181Russian people are the master race of this planet. Any other ethnicity is sub-human. /pol/ won'…[View]
210846068ITT: times you were devilish[View]
210845953Wtf I love socialism now?: Chinese sperm bank demands that donors, in addition to being healthy, sho…[View]
210844059What is /pol/ stance on men who wear hoodies. With the rise of the doomer meme it seems like more an…[View]
210843214Canadian Government Hiring Harry Potter Generation: To attract the Harry Potter generation, the Cana…[View]
210829492ISLAM HATE THREAD: https://twitter.com/sandoc4/status/1120346457653964800[View]
210839466Christchurch avenged: RADICAL[View]
210832547How ww3 will start: SHOCKING INFO ABOUT THE PREPLANNED (((ww3))) that is to be orechestrated in the …[View]
210845697Lavon Affair: Do you think the modern extremism is the bigger part of the exposed lavon affair?…[View]
210845674SOUTH AFRICA DOWNGRADING TIES WITH ISRAEL: Why doesn't pol support the based ANC? https://www.j…[View]
210845451Jack Ruby's full real name was Jack (((Rubenstein))): Really makes you think[View]
210840862so true it hurts.[View]
210843754What do you call this body type?[View]
210842153/pol/ ylyl thread. Post the best you've got.[View]
210845311How do I know if I'm a part of Aryan race or Herrenvolk?: What's the defintive proof someo…[View]
210841322if she were a man: would she have succeeded?[View]
210845173Have you taken the neck pill?[View]
210828074Is it just me or do mixed race people tend to be abrasive as hell? I've tried interacting with …[View]
210842814satire is now hate speech: if you use racist language in a satirical context, that still makes you a…[View]
210845113Alex Jones, Joe Rogan & Psychedelics: Not to mention that Jordan Peterson inherited the universi…[View]
210844937Operation: CrispyChurch What else you got to do, faggots...[View]
210841783Why did Northerners free the slaves?: I see niggers on welfare, and I realize niggers haven’t worked…[View]
210844843In the summer 1967, Lt. Donald Trump and his squad were setting up camp in the jungle around Da Nang…[View]
210845062https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-Ztmhs0s2I&feature=youtu.be redpill about notrre dame by russia…[View]
210843587I'm a jew: I'm a jew[View]
210844473daily reminder that the walls are closing in on this fat orange dotard[View]
210844899wwaaaaah waaaaaah >.<!!! i-i-i d-d-dont wike it when da bwacks come to my countwy!!! waaaaah w…[View]
210843151Preparing for the worst: Give specific examples on what to focus on when society collapses (race war…[View]
210844884Evolution: Will animals take over the planet eventually, since man kind is obviously in degradation,…[View]
210839951Greta Thunberg: >doesn't buy into the whole man made climate change thing >still thinks …[View]
210841447> Politicians you hate. Regan. He ruined California.[View]
21083659730% APPROVAL: How did this happen? What went wrong?[View]
210843691Kulaks: Does anyone on /pol/ not know about the Kulaks? Does anyone refuse to believe that what is g…[View]
210844691Cia nigger documents declassified and made into a book: Showing Jesus was a from tribe in India and …[View]
210814842Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Fuck Germany Edition: >upcoming elections EU nuthouse + Bremen: Ma…[View]
210843139umm excuse me, but why does CNN hire blonde bimbos just like Fox News? They don't get the backl…[View]
210841213Literal clowns are now in control of clown world: The newly elected Ukrainian president was original…[View]
210842876Why is everyone losing their minds the last 2 years. Is the end of this shitty experience ending soo…[View]
210842634>B-b-b-b-b-but we don't like Andrew Yang cuz he's Chinese . No one will stand up for yo…[View]
210830253Fake news thread: Post screens of the msm contradicting themselves[View]
210844511Let's make fun of women.[View]
210840397Every single thing you hate originates from unfettered capitalism yet you are too brainwashed to see…[View]
210839856who is excited to see the destruction of europe and its habitants[View]
210839515How come white people are expected to care about everyone when no one cares about us?[View]
210844322Gibs me dat domayn name nigga: >be nog >s̶t̶e̶a̶l̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶i̶d̶e̶a̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶W̶S̶H̶H̶ ̶b̶e̶c̶a̶…[View]
210844260Alt-right musical subculture - let's talk about it: I must not be the only one finding mainstre…[View]
210842489Why do American women look like this? I feel like there is something in their water supply that fuck…[View]
210843994What's the most offensive thing anyone unintentionally/politely told you?: For me, it was a Fil…[View]
210844096>tfw I can only feel hatred and bitterness towards the absolute state of western society I wish I…[View]
210844199I'll leave this here.[View]
210841143Iran rolls up 290 kike glow niggers: https://en.radiofarda.com/a/iran-s-intelligence-minister-boasts…[View]
210825846What is the psychology behind progressive women hating white men?: I kinda get why some non white gr…[View]
210841076is there a way...: jews and whites can put their differences aside and come together against the rea…[View]
210840115>everything wrong in your life is your parents' fault lol what an amazing intellectual…[View]
210844026IT'S OVER: DRUMPF IS LITERALLY FINISHED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ScgVbT_fry0[View]
210842805how does it feel knowing you are ruled over by literal cultists: i bet it feels pretty good huh…[View]
210784847It is time to say goodbye to freedom. This is only going to get worse because of AI.[View]
210834137PSA: if you don’t call trans youth by their preferred name, they will kill themselves.[View]
210836507>tfw American We are the best![View]
210843718Well how about that: 'Education System' teaches us about dinosaurs and how the whole earth was a tro…[View]
210835497Whites are the master rac-: >white+black=nigger >white+abos=ABOminations >white+kebabs=keba…[View]
210843769https://americanmonarchistsociety.com/on-the-current-state/ Bruh, there are actually monarchists in …[View]
210838592Tell me it can happen... Pls i want to believe[View]
210838473That's right /pol/ so you better be nice and respect everyone[View]
210843149Who are these anti-measle vaccine groups? Shit was virtually eradicated. Stupid fucks![View]
210838710When them tell you Russia is a white country.[View]
210828285Why go to Thialand when you can go to Moldova!: Its cheaper and has white pussy not that nasty pus s…[View]
210843536When did you grow out of the 'easter worshipping' religion?[View]
210843429If they get his financials, the whole world will know he’s broke as a joke.[View]
210825140based Poland: I think I know where I am spending next Easter Holidays. In Polish city of Pruchnik. W…[View]
210843403The ADL should be labelled a dangerous terrorist organization[View]
210842937De Blasio: We’ll Ban ‘Classic’ Skyscrapers with NYC’s Green New Deal: https://freebeacon.com/politic…[View]
210838785Landslide 2020?: 1) Who will be Final 3 Democrats in contention for the nomination? 2) Who will get …[View]
210838900What's the reason for a specie called Americans to exist?: Really can't think of any. The …[View]
210835121How can we colonize the Universe without one Earth government? Do you seriously think Aliens give a …[View]
210843303Are you a good noahide, /pol/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGD2V3HDZHo[View]
210838702Will Drumpf make it to the end of the year?[View]
210824479UK kids are upskirting teachers and girls, too much porn?: https://news.sky.com/story/children-aged-…[View]
210839467What is Rick trying to tell us[View]
210840232Basee Bangladeshi: Shitskin over here :) >be born here >be born in a mozlem family >be brai…[View]
210824687Tired of having children that look like you?: Want to mother or father offspring but make it look li…[View]
210841729The Light of the Danes strikes again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wm9WsILdsMk 00:25 for the Engl…[View]
210842867Red Circle - Twitter Dogwhistle: I heard that the red circle on these Twitter accounts are RACIST do…[View]
210823847Brit/pol/: >Extinction Rebellion: Climate change protesters at Natural History Museum https://www…[View]
210838428https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SRQo6hjy0xI# >30 year old Somalian >in Germany >dating a you…[View]
210842665Will they Ruin Orthodox Easter too?[View]
210835420>everything is a conspiracy >the earth is flat! >the sun is following me >nice post moss…[View]
210842523Why do Europeans do not kill them? If a similar political battle takes place in East Asia, we will e…[View]
210834470If you're a Polish Nazi, you're the greatest cuck ever: >Polish 12-year-old Kazimiera M…[View]
210830362In all seriousness. Do you think that it would be better for both us and them if we colonized Africa…[View]
210832408This is the face of 'White Resistance': This is the face of /pol/ AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA http…[View]
210836202AHAHAHAHAHAHA how many of you fat fucks that dream about 'muh qt asian tradwife wouldn't m…[View]
210839840why the fuck is the gay sri lanka shit still stickied: a bloo bloo bloo some fucking browns blew eac…[View]
210838475is there really a conspiracy against white people and their demography or is just a myth?[View]
210841872ALERT to all SWEDES of Nordic blood !!: Do your part to protect our homeland and wake people up! …[View]
210842118Jewdaizers: It's time to bring back an important term. Jewdaizers. It's the word for any f…[View]
210836899The new Mortal Kombat 11 is a SJW mess. The Quartering's Jeremy gave it a lousy review, calling…[View]
210841444Reddit's chinese shills strike yet again https://www.reddit.com/r/news/comments/bfqb67/rampant_…[View]
210838740Happy birthday Vladimir Lenin![View]
210829646/ecofash/ general: Who else /ecofash/ here? >Recycle plastic, glass & metal >Recycle kikes…[View]
210827308Why do so many Neo-Nazis look like subhumans? I don’t understand why neo Nazis adopt contradictory t…[View]
210838207Donation Shaming: Millionaires: y'know, i don't need all this money. I think others could …[View]
210836004Real talk - did Mossad do Sri Lanka? It seems to be done by zionists to make muslims look bad[View]
210840713MK11: Hey anons, a poor fag here. My friends want me to play MK11 with them yet I have no personal m…[View]
210838077Windmills: Redpill me on these bad boys. How do they cause cancer like Trump claimed?[View]
210839658Supreme Court Takes Cases of People Fired for Being Faggots: https://www.aclu.org/blog/lgbt-rights/l…[View]
210815217Why do White Americans love Candace Owens?[View]
210807795AUS/POL/ - FUCK MUSLIMS EDITION: G'day Lads Sri Lanka bombings live: Death toll rises to 290, a…[View]
210839827Easter worshipper: Wtf is 'Easter worshipper' proclaimed in the recent tweets?[View]
210840481“Easter worshippers”: Kill 200+ Christians and apparently nobody gives a fuck but someone quickscope…[View]
210836319Why so much fake outrage over Jussie Smollet when black men are falsely accused all the time?[View]
210827698Thoughts on Nick Fuentes?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aLoIbxjTKE&app=desktop I recently sa…[View]
210839930Theory to save the West: Guys I have a theory to save the West. I'm not advocating for anything…[View]
210823928Should alcohol be banned?: I've seen so many lives destroyed by alcohol. People think it's…[View]
210841259How do we get Libs and Muzz to fight?: When they are clearly natural enemies..[View]
210817133How do we fix Michigan and Illinois?[View]
210839598If your worship doesn’t look like this then get out of my face. These are the required ingredients f…[View]
210830239Why does the negro play loud music on public transportation? Seriously, what is the purpose of this…[View]
210828577What happened to real masculinity in western nations? Every fucking westerner I see online or in rea…[View]
210840899post and debate SJW agitprop TV shows pls.[View]
210838439oh no: putin dead[View]
210812009Blondes B-E: Why there is this feeling of being very safe around true blonde blue eyed people? I hav…[View]
210838175Presentation about Arabs and Muslims: Hi /pol/ i have to make a presentation about arabs and muslims…[View]
210840991Why can't employers just say the proper pronouns? Pic is video https://youtu.be/JdnBV-S-RXk[View]
210840235Convince me that Odin isn't the supreme, true, and greatest God of all and that your God and re…[View]
210838155Remember that clown epidemic back in 2016?: We ought to bring a second wave of that! Now It's m…[View]
210815476Look at these fucking landlets. Itt we laugh at countries with a land area smaller than Australia[View]
210835961We must protect our greatest ally Israel from those evil Iranians, goyim. Who cares about rising gas…[View]
210840614Give it to me straight bros how bad will 2020 be?[View]
210838551Open Borders - Christianity: Can someone post the thread or screencap showing all the biblical excer…[View]
210838780If leftists are really funded by muh Jews like you stormcucks claim...: ...then how come they'r…[View]
210833511crash and burn: approval rating down on every poll post Mueller-report. he's finished, people a…[View]
210834709Boycott Jewish companies: Can we get a thread on different Jewish owned companies? I'm not talk…[View]
210839563If white people are the master race why am I so fucking gay and retarded?[View]
210837595China banning the word 'Leica' on social media: What words should we get the Chinese gover…[View]
210829412>Polish are not bas- /pol/ btfo again![View]
210836148Never forget the prophecy: Our mistake was believing that some meme magic can overpower other. In re…[View]
210840143Why is Mossad so fucking sloppy?[View]
210838456Why does he say that Christians destroyed European culture, when the Christian Norway had way more c…[View]
210839994>Crowder isn't bas...[View]
210832398NBC faked picture of baby with measles: They're lying to us. Link to stock photo: https://www.d…[View]
210837697WHY IS AMERICA SO GREAT?: Britan is so cucked... We shouldn't have to live in a world with butt…[View]
210817466Us ambassador to Poland posted, in polish, a happy Passover message on good Friday. We think it was …[View]
210835411>protest in UK >get arrested >get doxxed by police https://web.archive.org/web/201904221201…[View]
210839171Is he /our guy/?[View]
210831865I CAN'T HANDLE THIS FUCKING COUNTRY ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!! https://emploisfp-psjobs.cfp-psc.gc.ca/p…[View]
210838287/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
210829401How do I cope with crippling anxiety?[View]
210831550>Warren's new plan would forgive $50,000 in student loans for Americans in households earnin…[View]
210838038Was this guy Mossad?[View]
210823727Tesla car, why such a big thing?: A vehicle powered by a laptop battery cells. Thousands of them, if…[View]
210837077friendly reminder that this happened[View]
210838929Let's take back /bant/: Off-topic threads on /pol/ seem to be not taken lightly by mods and oft…[View]
210838484Obvious fairy tales: Why do people still donate so much money and preach so heavily on these fake re…[View]
210839180Denmark is a Socialist coun-: HAHAHAHA Bernouts fucking btfo again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
210833805GOD: There are almost none chronologically precisely reoccuring phenomena on earth observable to ear…[View]
210838695Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: are not actually religions. European paganism is. Shintoism is. B…[View]
210836233MY DNA SAYS IM A SLAV: I just got back my fucking DNA kit and it says I’m a fucking SLAV from CZECH …[View]
210830885What does conservatism conserve besides fortunes of the superwealthy? Conservatives lost on abortion…[View]
210835625Canada has never lost a war.[View]
210832368Is religion a cope for these who can't face the realities of death?[View]
210838642nice while it lasted: https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/22/politics/social-security-medicare-trustees-repo…[View]
210819140Happy Birthday Lenin: Comrade Lenin was born on April 22nd, 1870. Today is his 149th birthday. Press…[View]
210833113Are the NSA trying to reveal the truth about 911 to the public?: Are the NSA trying to reveal the tr…[View]
210837866Thumbs up anon. Keep up the good work. 14[View]
210809629Boyfriend's fury as Indian men who 'drugged, raped and beheaded his girlfriend before hang…[View]
210826412Wow, Trump supporters are really smart, didn't know that much similarity beetwen Nazi and Democ…[View]
210838467ITT: post the most hilariously untrue bullshit that Trump ever said[View]
210783549why are you guys so afraid of immigrants,brazil has a lot of immigrants and its fine[View]
210837535So it's confirmed and widely agreed upon LARP now right?[View]
210837584Is this guy genuinely stupid or dishonest?[View]
210837004We shouldn't have to live in a world with guns.: IT IS SO TERRIBLE[View]
210832757Who should be stripped of voting rights first?: White women or nigger men?[View]
210837672post yfw a religious war might actually be a reality soon[View]
210837991mongol thread: imagine being a mongol in the 13th century. conquering the lands, slaying your enemie…[View]
210831969The Tories are dead: They're going the way of the whigs[View]
210830850What exactly is the role of fetal cells in the creation of vaccines?: What exactly is the role of fe…[View]
210835651The following countries are not white: >Rep Ireland >Spain >Portugal >Poland >Greece …[View]
210837576happy earth day /pol/[View]
210837047>Yah mon drink the alcohol and smoke that sticky green stuff goy- I mean yah mon! Rastafari!…[View]
210824257Who else starting to #FeeltheBern here?[View]
210808242Anti-Islam Batman Created: Billionaire father has had 3/4s of his children slain by Islam. Will he i…[View]
210835947Florida get together- redpilled goyim only.: Im looking to connect with like minded individuals. I j…[View]
210837650Jewish Communist Spies Built China[View]
210835899is the merchant right a gateway?[View]
210832807Police estimates the Sri Lankan muzzie terror network to have involved 80-100 in the logistics: The …[View]
210832202Ben Shapiro: Lets have a Ben thread in honor of the most based jew![View]
210837560The true cost of #corruptpoliticians is that: You pay an effective collective tax of 45% you're…[View]
210830310how is this normal in UK? wtf[View]
210825630Muslims killed Sri Lankan Christians: >musdlimes did 9/11 and won't stop assassinating Chris…[View]
210832728Did this even register with people here?[View]
210836356Great video of a based cop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pd2FHMplr4w[View]
210833359and you thought religion was dead in america baka[View]
210832069Redpill the masses: Liberal female hypocrisy: Look. We all feel the end is closing in. Notre Dame wa…[View]
210837422This world government agent's job is to demoralize Whites and create SJWs: >Thinks the Feder…[View]
210836499Name a better podcast[View]
210837117>>>/b/797998095 If you ever had any doubt of the immense shilling that goes on on this webs…[View]
210836719Why aren't the muslims bombing synagogues?[View]
210834345How can we fix the Vatican?[View]
210837049Why is JIDF on this board sliding Yang threads so hard?[View]
210829911Ban all homework: Had bad parents still somehow managed to get to uni. Now: I think homework is what…[View]
210837239Orthodox Jews and the scams they in for welfare.: I know any anon on here has a good run down on the…[View]
210822817Shitskin over here :) >be born here >be born in a mozlem family >be brainwashed at an early…[View]
210806666Julius malema plans to form a 50mil black miltant army: To kill all non blacks in Africa this includ…[View]
210836337HAPPENING! THIS IS TRUMP SIGNALING TO US: That we are going back on a gold standard. Golden eastern …[View]
210832240Polack Honkler[View]
210835076A note on terminology: >Three boats with 36 migrants found off Kent coast https://www.bbc.com/new…[View]
210834428What's the first song you put on after hearing the race war has started?: Whats the first song …[View]
210828523Sure, single payer education is expensive,: and would require large tax increases, and would raise t…[View]
210831536Why won't he release his tax returns? What is he trying to hide?[View]
210836232Why do Americans have such a religious fixation on consumerism to the point they fill their houses w…[View]
210836955The power of Kekistan is unbelievable. I'll explain. At times of great need of unions and heroe…[View]
210831278Serbia: Refugees made to clean wild junkyard: >Obrenovac, Belgrade: Migrants from the refugee cam…[View]
210836718Censoring: >50% of comments on Sri Lanka attack thread removed Why do they censor?…[View]
210836631This is what a feminist looks like: That's right. You retards have been fighting to fertilize a…[View]
210811354Easter worshippers: Are these people retarded? Let's say you do want to avoid using the word …[View]
210833843What did (((they))) mean by this? https://nypost.com/2019/04/21/former-cia-director-makes-cameo-on-g…[View]
210836067Climate Change is Good: Climate change is real - however it is not driven by humans though our speci…[View]
210802655Russia redpil thread: If you don't despise that shithole multicultural neo-Marxist police state…[View]
210827895you guys are not really racist,r-right[View]
210828728Intro to /pol/: Reminder that if you haven't read this at least twice, you are pleb-tier and ca…[View]
210834910Rare Hitler Speech: Weimar Germany Was A Paradise... https://www.bitchute.com/video/Iz8iYzEfBwDV/…[View]
210833093is there a chadvoj zizek vs virgin peterson edit yet?[View]
210835662Omar Khadr did nothing wrong.: War is competing groups vying for territory- neither side is right. A…[View]
210832279Government narcing: Is this OK? I'm not sure which side of the fence to fall on. Quick rundown:…[View]
210831452Military Intervention in Venezuela: Both U.S. Senators from Florida are leaning towards military int…[View]
210835135Will there be a honkening?? Anon5 pls answer[View]
210794785Bean Spilling Incoming?: What happens if Assange finally reveals (and proves) that Seth Rich was his…[View]
210833825>he whines about the upcoming civil wars and race wars in the west >he isnt getting physically…[View]
210835226Any Easter Worshippers in the house tonight?[View]
210796673Is there anyone left on this board who supports this faggot? Of course aside from paid Qshnerbots.[View]
210835632Islam is peace: After seeing a lot of shills I just want to say that Islam is a religion of peace. Y…[View]
210835159How do we stop the libertarian menace?[View]
210835576Could a sort of counter campaign be launched to get the mindless Bezos drones to see just how much I…[View]
210835131Operation: CrispyChurch What else you got to do...[View]
210827765TEAM AMERICA WORLD POLICE 2: IRANIAN BOOGALOO: Israel's lapdog strikes again.[View]
210825284Isn't it heretical to hate God's creations? Is jew-hating and racism tantamount to saying …[View]
210820896how do we end atheism?[View]
210832772How do I troll Twitter?: So I just got a new Twitter account (after deleting the old one) and I want…[View]
210830426Why is this autistic zoomer virtue signaling over climate change but not protesting the rape and con…[View]
210818875I've recently seen a lot of americans refer to themselves as 'socialists', but it got me thinki…[View]
210826644what is the best country in western europe for me,a young brillian brazilian man full of dreams to i…[View]
210805142HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAA: https://twitter.com/xruiztru/status/1120244290138066947 OH NO NO NO NO…[View]
210812229Philippines: say something nice[View]
210829931Orthodox Jewish schools are having a measles outbreak: There is currently an outbreak of measles in …[View]
210832191Any anons have any war stories you’d like to share? >TFW you got an excellent grades on ASVAB and…[View]
210827365'NOBODY DISOBEYS MY ORDERS!' - Trump Holy shit , God emperor Trump meme is real https://twitter.com/…[View]
210831474Swastika hijabs are a fashion we need to meme amongst the muslim community.[View]
210832716I'm going to change all these stars of david to a WHITE POWER symbol... and maybe filter it so …[View]
210833268These are the ZOG-free countries: Say something nice about them.[View]
210826052Andrew Yang cares about Christians. I repeat DEMOCRAT ANDREW YANG CARES ABOUT CHRISTIANS. Trump just…[View]
210823157Demoralize: Sooo 2020 is quickly upon us, and there are plenty of us that have nothing better to do …[View]
210831799The future is black, wh*teboi.[View]
210833308Operation stomp the flag: I recently saw an ad for converse pride shoes with the LGBT flag on the so…[View]
210834357Is he coming back?: He can't be worse than Prokopis, but he's old and Pavlos seems to be a…[View]
21083069618+ Kane Hatun Visitors Speakers Corner April 21st 2019: https://youtu.be/2pIqAjcMoI4[View]
210814438The truth about tobacco: I used to buy the anti-smoking 'science', and thought only an idi…[View]
210826602Militia Arrested: The militia you guys were posting about a few days ago have now been arrested. tho…[View]
210831048Is there any way to avoid a war between Christians and Muslims at this point? This shit is only esca…[View]
210825426Tulsi Gabbard outraises Kamala Harris among Indian American donors[View]
210833826>lost the respect of his family >lost his hair >got kicked out of Kensington Palace Has he …[View]
210829940Why don't kings institute primae noctis more often? Getting to fuck every virgin in the land se…[View]
210831833Top secret Insider knowledge pertaining to ww3!!!!!: SHOCKING INFO ABOUT THE PREPLANNED (((ww3))) th…[View]
210829550Why can Japs be genocide deniers, but the rest of the world can't?[View]
210826728Best images for redpilling[View]
210829691>tfw you hear your zoomer say “traps are indeed gay” and quotes “who is this 4chan”…[View]
210808634>Visiting my family for holidays >Brother is an outspoken socialist >Mother has a Syrian re…[View]
210832576What exactly caused this shift in American politics where the right always ends up being right about…[View]
210832680(((Google))) is at it again: So I bumped into this while using Google. The mouseover says 'Happy Ear…[View]
210828384Things the Media Ignored in the Muller report: >https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2019/04/…[View]
210832047It's okay to be Christian[View]
210831778TRUE POWER RESIDES IN THE EXCEPTIONAL: Normies (aka the herd) are low power level beings who cling t…[View]
210832702>tfw no global thermonuclear war[View]
210832160Why are Anglos the greatest businessman in the world?[View]
210818855American Dominance: Old American sexpats are livin it up in Thailand getting pristine pussy while yo…[View]
210830931Is this accurate?[View]
210827357Has it been worth it?: The right has gotten the left to look and sound ridiculous, what with stuff l…[View]
210832581Niggers are coming to me with demos of their poetry[View]
210823564Israel is playing with their new shiny US taxpayer funded supersonic RAMPAGE missiles: Syria's …[View]
210824020Shariah > secular law. No interest under Shariah (yes Islamic banking works, no it does not invol…[View]
210825959>2019 >right-wing populism in Europe is dead >Trump presidency was a failure >pro-Europe…[View]
210832011Okay you paranoid tinfoil fucks. Tell me right now how the fuck do you escape the feminization epide…[View]
210823937David Dees thread[View]
210831581EPIC HITLER SPEECH (english subtitles!): Watch here: https://www21.zippyshare.com/v/Z1rlqGqe/file.ht…[View]
210815929Why does the left hate Christianity so much?[View]
210817747Do you wonder why the elites call dead belivers as 'Easter worshippers'?: THEY ARE MOCKING YOU. The …[View]
210830835THE SILVERMAN GROUP: Communist Jew spies built china: The conspiracy of international capitalism and…[View]
210831654The white race must be destroyed: It is the only just punishment for feminism. Western Civilization …[View]
210827067The enemy of my enemy is my friend.[View]
210830529After Notre Dame and Sri Lanka attacks /pol/ is under attack from jewish and ADL shills There are t…[View]
210830780BIG TECH WINS AGAIN[View]
210830683Ponasenkov appreciation thread: Behold the genious, wonderful, gifted and talented man - Yevgeny Pon…[View]
210823636Will Zion Don get a second term?: t. concerned jew[View]
210831102why do you think hitler made them wear this?: Why do you think Hitler made them wear this? Nearly ev…[View]
210806286Canada is Collapsing - What You can Get for the Cost of a Canadian Steak Edition: To show how bad th…[View]
210827836Who is the highest and lowest ethnic groups in the venacular of /pol/?: Is this list made by the kkk…[View]
210831841AIMG: Anti-illegal Militia unite![View]
210828200hehehehehehehehhehee: 'Legal immigrants enrich our nation and strengthen our society in countless wa…[View]
210822342Anons some quick questions: How many of you have read the book of revelation? How do you feel about …[View]
210827963'Prison lite': There's this concept I came up with and I was wondering what /pol/ thinks of it.…[View]
210825424This Easter bunny freaks me the fuck out. What did Trump mean by this?[View]
210826562DNC frontrunner: Which candidate should we meme into the position of DNC frontrunner? I think Joe Bi…[View]
210826496>482 thousand likes Sometimes I think it's all for nothing. There are too many fucking NPCs.…[View]
210825541Why do uneducated whites believe you have to vote Republican by default?[View]
210831381Plato was a fucking Nazi. Aristotle 4 lyfe!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPnTTA8BC8A Who tricked…[View]
210809871Tokyo about to get Hit by Massive earthquake i dont care if im banned look at this GAP it must be fi…[View]
210819814Is Bill binnie lying or is Mueller lying?[View]
210825234After 50 years, the Yankees have removed Kate Smith’s statue and God Bless America song: because peo…[View]
210821772This nigga sweating[View]
210829542Ethnic cleaning: Is ethnick cleaning still possible ?[View]
210830881Ehm did someone send a stande down order: They knew of the attack...[View]
210823440Ukraine elects jewish president: Ukrainian comedian Volodymyr Zelensky has scored a landslide victor…[View]
210825149British Pakistani Actress Fired For Calling Black People Niggers: I guess brown people can be racist…[View]
210828582So your telling me a 60iq retard got 20+ headshots in less than 2 minutes?[View]
210830743Original Bible was written in Greeks where Christ's name was called Jesus. Jewish 'Yeshua' and …[View]
210830104Users of online forums in Austria will have to provide operators with their true identities!: Goodni…[View]
210786869You can pick any position in the Reich you want. What do you choose?[View]
210830324How are you celebrating Stephen Lawrence Day?[View]
210819116the illuminati dont want you to know this but they're scared of themselves lol: the illuminati …[View]
210801788/pol/tard will say that this is okay https://mobile.twitter.com/TalbertSwan/status/11196124410490757…[View]
210829273Looks like he balls finally dropped he might even start to drain the swamp.[View]
210815890What's his fucking problem?[View]
210814772And how do you discriminate against obese people /pol/? Does it work?[View]
210829781>2019 >killing each other over religion We truly live in a clown world.…[View]
210829663According to the Mammon-worshiping adulterous gambler and cokehead Donald Trump, this was also just …[View]
210830438Gluten free pls: Why are Americans more gluten intolerant then other nations /pol/? Gluten allergis …[View]
210757879USS Liberty Class Project: Hello to oldfags and newfags alike, Just a quick breakdown >be me >…[View]
210828472>hapas are superior to wh-[View]
210828831Look at these men doing good work, unlike you pol![View]
210798286How does /pol/ have a problem with this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewQXQmR06W8 >wholesome,…[View]
210828509Lyra McKee exposed a Pedophile ring Part II: This is part II of: http://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/…[View]
210819000Yellow vests have lost my support: How can they be against rebuilding notre dame? How selfish are th…[View]
210825036/pol/ books?: Any anon out there have any decent place to get /pol/ approved books? With amazon star…[View]
210829109Ban tranny from tinder.: >I Got Reported & Banned From Tinder (For Being Trans) https://www.…[View]
210813097Based Imam is asking the right questions Electrical fires wouldn’t burn oak beams https://twitter.…[View]
210829967>christian /pol/ guy >has a views of a pagan >hates paganism Wtf.......…[View]
210826686Women have no right to keep complaining about the wage gap because every girl I have talked to keep …[View]
210828433If the britbongs want to leave the EU the should have to do the traditional conquering of all major …[View]
210829657Thanks for ruining landscape: Why environmentalists and such have to ruin everything?[View]
210808755Why do you people on here talk about 'race' when every major science organization and every biologis…[View]
210829811What would have happened if the Nazis had ugly uniforms?: I have the theory that the Nazis are popul…[View]
210825199Is there any chance for a movement towards peace?: These past few weeks have been really scary. Hund…[View]
210829242Daily reminder that Bernie literally called out turbo kikes.[View]
210827560Omar Khadr did nothing wrong.: War is competing groups vying for territory- neither side is right. A…[View]
210827622Norte-Dame spire: My design for Norte-Dame spire competition[View]
210828250Right-wing alliance (excluding alt-lite and civic nationalists) based or not?[View]
210827974say it with me: NEVER AGAIN.[View]
210827276290+ Dead: Sri Lanka government with international media in tow covering up direct Islamic State res…[View]
210767117Why won't they just say Christian? Why are all these people saying 'easter worshipper'? I'…[View]
210825640>bought and whored out by the Jews I thought this guy was a billionaire. What happened to being s…[View]
210829407huh... REALLY puts things in perspective if you ask me![View]
210829358EASTER WORSHIPPERS: how will /pol/ ever recover?[View]
210829269Well what do you think ??: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/female-mma-fighter-attacks-man-allegedly-…[View]
210828278What the fuck happened to western men?[View]
210815676Prove you're NOT a Blind Critic: Say two (2) positive aspects about Islam.[View]
210825269*ehem*: Any ideas on how to co-op this? https://rednoseday.org/news/red-nose-day-campaign-returns-nb…[View]
210825007Friendly reminder that Jesus was a socialist: Evangelical shithead republicans vote agiasnt their ow…[View]
210807938/pol/-approved political commentators[View]
210818025What are you thoughts on kids taking tranny pills? Why are people okay with this? Toe Rogan made a g…[View]
210825753compare this with american women[View]
210824612Illuminati network: SoS “jews” and their white lackeys (masons): Big trafficking networks in NZ and …[View]
210822619Germany erases its own branding: thoughts? https://www.emz-hanauer.de/en/company/news/news-sv/news/m…[View]
210828625THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF THE LEFT: >Many Reject Mueller’s Findings But Not Sure Why >A sizable nu…[View]
210822088Is dating transgender gf degenerate?[View]
210816070Ban Simpsons: It gave me schizophrenia. >be very young kid >see homer sell his soul for a donu…[View]
210824246Paganism and Atheism: At which point you noticed that Paganism and Atheisn are literally the exact s…[View]
210808267Are you for or against adding a glass tower to the Notre Pepsi when its rebuilt?[View]
210804828Denmark, what say you?: Danes, what can you confirm or deny is true in linked video? https://www.you…[View]
210818980DONT USE TOR: the illuminati control every tor node[View]
210827186Hating christianity is not a big deal you fucks You guys are literally the opposite of christianity[View]
210819564Have kids they say: Is this the reason you need to have kids? Michigan father intentionally shot son…[View]
210828268Hello goyims: Remember to drink your onions and to wake up your wife's boyfriend with a nice br…[View]
210828059Daily reminder Dailystormer is a hasbara nest: Run by a little mystery meat psychopathic shithead wi…[View]
210828114ZOAR: Alt-Right Animation that surpasses Murdoch Murdoch in quality in most dimensions. Buried in s…[View]
210823615Redpill me on 5G!!: Does Microwave radiation really cause cancer like the autists say?[View]
210812480>2008 /new/ >whiny teens and early 20's intelligent college students >2019 pol >Blu…[View]
210823481Vox Day: Too many black people make “the continuation of Western civilization impossible”: >In a …[View]
210822642Why doesn't prison fall under cruel or unusual punishment as described in the 8th amendment?[View]
210827005faggot white 'civilization' overrun by diseased muzzies: While average white inbreds from redneck la…[View]
210825539Is Trump actually a Jew?: How do we know Trump hasn't secretly converted to Judaism? His daught…[View]
210827934>And what's a bath full of blood >compared to the bloodbaths still to come? >Once we t…[View]
210827280This girl is 38th in line of succession to the British throne: Do you think it’s time for a BLACKEDp…[View]
210811025Watcha gonna do Denmark?[View]
210822976Why do women want to be 'tough guys' now days? It's painfully cringey, but it seems l…[View]
210823806Im converting from: Yes it is finally time. Saw a thread on here today about somebody also convertin…[View]
210823237how did they know it was accidental before they even put it out?[View]
210825306The Power of Progress in Pittsburgh: Hey guys. Mom showed me this >https://www.pghlesbian.com/201…[View]
210823923I honestly feel as if I’m trapped, I mean what the fuck can be actually done about the modern world …[View]
210824936Kanye performs with no hat after saying he would: wasn't he /ourguy/? what happened[View]
210826696The Right: A country has its right to defend its borders and culture from hostile invaders >Israe…[View]
210815158Bernie bros now going hard after Buttigieg: Holy shit why are they so scared of him?[View]
210822948Post your 2020 maps.[View]
210826605>wants to build a wall to keep Christians out >cared when christians die in some other country…[View]
210826153//PUSSIES//: Where's the backlash that occurred during the NZ Christchurch Mosque attacks?…[View]
210821867Timeline merger: I wish I could go back to the timeline where Mandela died in prison japan was furth…[View]
210804963How to solve the chink incel problem: 20 million chink incels, that‘s serious, like you've got …[View]
210821865Where is he now[View]
210814101I want to kill Islamists: I want to kill islamists. I don’t care if anyone disagrees. I have built m…[View]
210824792The dangerous of Inbreeding: Centuries of inbreeding gave Prince cucked Harry mental retardation and…[View]
210820413Outta The Way YangGang: Pocahontas is gonna forgive $50,000 of student loan debt per student. https:…[View]
210819694HAPPENING??!!: https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1117356/derby-explosion-fire-smoke-stores-road-late…[View]
210823513Is this the power of capitalism? https://www.kcra.com/article/san-francisco-hairdresser-commuting-fr…[View]
210825148>According to the Bill and Melinda gates foundation, 56% college students in the US are white. …[View]
210775913Can /pol/ give me the quick rundown on college?[View]
210820657It's time Anons!: It's our flag now![View]
210819111Can't argue against the facts[View]
210826530Canada Taxation: Why do Canadians even bother to go to work? 50% income tax seems absurd. Especially…[View]
210823669Honk honk: How the fuck did yall turn the rainbow flag into a 'hAtE sYMbol' Honk honk the end is ni…[View]
210824383why do mainstream US conservative/patriot types always go on about preserving free speech, gun right…[View]
210806260Is Alternativ för Sverige becoming popular at all?: We know that Sverigedemokraterna are zionist shi…[View]
210826625Fascism =/= every Right-wing ideology: Most Americans use the word 'fascism' without knowing what it…[View]
210826621Political Autismblox: Hey fellow Minecraft autists. If anyone is interested in playing, I'm hos…[View]
210824872politics and the war on our minds: Politics. MK-U. I finally understand what it is, took me ... long…[View]
210818217acceleration?: Danes are naturally based people so there is no way he will not be ourguy after this …[View]
210778191Easter Worshippers: They can't bring themselves to say it. CHRISTIANS ARE GETTING MURDERED.…[View]
210825535How to fight the alt-right?: What can be done about so-called 'professional critics' who are review-…[View]
210825652Timothy Tobiason: How based is he?[View]
210824343Islam's Ardern Spreads Hate Against Christians: What role did NZ PM Ardern's anti-Christia…[View]
210826130Subpoenas Your President’s Tax Returns: The absolute state... Jesus.[View]
210820472Places of worship being attacked: if you want to know why churches and mosques are being attacked, s…[View]
210819015Astroturfing: youth, hope and change: This was meant to go as a reply in a Greta Thunberg thread, bu…[View]
210807906should weed and cigs be legal? or should only one be legal? or should we just ban both not trying to…[View]
210826131>tfw you realise it was all part of Brenton's plan >be Atheist >shoot up Mosque >me…[View]
210809811The absolute state of BBC: Calm down guys, it was not Islamic terrorists that bombed Sri Lankan chur…[View]
210825735Sovereign Citizen: Should this nig nog need a license or is he just a sovereign citizen?[View]
210825105So when will the media finally die? People have been hyping it up for years but they're still t…[View]
210825996Trolls Swindle shitskins: It's obvious the jews are utilizing the low IQ shitskins for future s…[View]
210823924Pizza Gate 2.0 [THE BOX]: >Anons I need your help with digging up as much information as possible…[View]
210814350Posted on Easter Sunday - There are no good jews.[View]
210825355KARMA: ASOS Billionaire loses children in Sri Lankan Islamic Terror Attacks 4 days after launching c…[View]
210824148Will Trump accept Russia's help again in 2020?: Or will he man up and forfeit the election once…[View]
210825339Family matters: So me and my mother have been have a pointless political debate. She is a Based out …[View]
210825257Wake up Christians: Can we start a campaign to rebuild Notre Dame as a multi-denominational church f…[View]
210821382Binge watching Bald and Bankrupt on YouTube made me realize that Russia is the true homeland for whi…[View]
210816120ITT - Clown World pics: post 'em[View]
210824966Petition against ACTA2 to deliver to EU commission after elections!: We have created a new petition …[View]
210809026Lyra McKee exposed a Pedophile ring: This is Lyra McKee, she was investigating the 'Lost boys and gi…[View]
210804856Easter 1942 Vichy postcard: Happy easter, /pol/[View]
210823718Imagine getting cheated on and it’s by that: She also claims to have multiple partners[View]
210822813Serbia’s Government earmarks million Euros for Notre Dame: http://rs.n1info.com/English/NEWS/a478194…[View]
210822825Don’t hide your power level God needs an army to redpill the masses[View]
210824620Don't forget that it was a brit that came up with the modern reconstruction idea >https://ww…[View]
210824294Stop it. Just stop it white people![View]
210824447What are trans[View]
210821676The European fears the Anglo-Judeo Supremacy: Two world wars. Brexit and Trump. World finance. BTFO …[View]
210823084>most redpilled man on Earth is a gay Jew How does /pol/ deal with it?[View]
210821909Let's all thank this based heroic boomer for bringing gun control to America[View]
210807023WHY POL DOESN'T LIKE RUSSIA: We should all unite in supporting the last white country[View]
210820217Why do women have such low interest in avarege in politcs?: Most women don't like talking about…[View]
210817556Steve Jobs: Would he have been allowed in the ethnostate?[View]
210745859Syria General /sg/ - Russian Osminog General: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordp…[View]
210824058kikes and our politicial problems: The root of todays world problems: -terrorism -war -oil -banking …[View]
210822702THE NEXT FUHRER: What will the next fuhrer look like?[View]
210822623Skull and Bones: So did George Bush jerk into that coffin.[View]
210813745Sir, you must plug in any personal devices for inspection before boarding your flight.[View]
210820610Ben Shapiro destroyed by libtard: Ben Shapiro does feelings over facts, like most of the right.…[View]
210823862>FBI arrests leader of armed group stopping migrants in New Mexico >The FBI on Saturday said i…[View]
210777243David Koresh: Hero or Villain?[View]
210823150Even Christians admit that whiteness is incompatible with Christianity: Reminder that a religion sys…[View]
210823612This Manlet lost many debates to alt-right: Why do you idiots keep saying destiny destroyed everyone…[View]
210813868Brit/pol/ - Bank Holiday Nigel Edition: >Brexit Party soars ahead in the polls for the EU electio…[View]
210798982Richest man in Denmark lost 3 children in Sri Lanka Terror: The richest man in Denmark (worth $7 bil…[View]
210820125You now realize that blacks are like the zerg in Starcraft. It doesn't matter if wh*Tes have th…[View]
210818472Spot the difference[View]
210823472Why don't you own an apartment complex yet?: You don't like superior leveraged returns? Ta…[View]
2108107832019 has made me Christian: >I have been raised nonreligious >pretty much none of my friends n…[View]
210813173Will Trump ever come back?: I miss him...[View]
210823514>Harry and Meghan could 'move to Africa' after birth of royal baby Holy fuck this reall…[View]
210817553What is fascism without the racial bigotry? Just Traditionalism?[View]
210823046lmao, did the fat cheeto say anything about U.S soldiers being disarmed and questioned on U.S Soil b…[View]
210822333How do we make this happen in our lifetime?[View]
210816008Somebody please teach me the ways of the honk I really just can't bring myself to laugh at this[View]
210819948Give me a rundown on National Socialist economic policy.: Because I can't find a reliable sourc…[View]
210822316/POLs/ opinion on 16 yr olds voting ?: Couldn't this ironically lead to America collapsing quic…[View]
210793587R1b supremacy thread[View]
210821916>when you're perfectly okay and happy with the fact that Russia fucked our democracy, all be…[View]
210813921BASED ISRAELIS: >In an unprecedented decision, Israeli authorities are denying hundreds of Palest…[View]
210814355Good morning, Mossad: >C4 explosives >100s of bomb detonators >explosives packed in a 2m(6f…[View]
210820743amazing google doodle for this completely arbitrary and random day. Does anyone have the one they ma…[View]
210818997First, a definition: “naming the Jew” practice of using someone’s Jewish heritage, culture or religi…[View]
210822809And they wonder why we call them terroirists[View]
210822969HAPPY EARTH DAY ANONS: Happy Earth day, anons. Remember our ultimate waifu needs love and care too …[View]
210812562Why is this kid being promoted so much?: >Swede >-berg Every. Single. Time.…[View]
210812149Black people invent poop charcoal: >black people aren't sma- https://youtu.be/d6rCJwtE4Qs…[View]
210807198Take the South America-pill: Nice climates. Rising economies. Low costs of living. Plenty of comfy a…[View]
210821616You guys love conspiracy theories so I give you the gift of this nutty bitch https://www.youtube.com…[View]
210815633Why are there so many incels here? Doesn't getting blackpilled make you not act like a faggot a…[View]
210822360Inslee is a fucking retard.: Human Composting yay! >One of the more efficient ways to spread dise…[View]
210822024/bsg/ - Bernie Sanders General - 2: Talk about all things Berniecrat, including campaign strategies,…[View]
210822573Who was in the wrong here? https://youtu.be/qcXI16JdJQE[View]
210820354why is the new zealand whore president so silent? will she now wear a cross in solidarity for the 30…[View]
210820732Back in 2011 I invested $30k in human feces ETF. Feels good man.[View]
210804252nippilled: Why are people with an IQ above 130 always weebs? You /pol/tards think you are so intelli…[View]
210821586Tell me some trustworthy information sources[View]
210820107>go to wage slavery in the morning >wait for my train in city centre >see pic related >l…[View]
210820467Pat Little: I'm Worried Boys: Patrick's filming from inside his car. Never a good sign. Th…[View]
210819381Game Over[View]
210808369How am I supposed to explain to my 6 year old daughter that this man did the right thing?[View]
210819938Merkel isn't done yet: https://www.politico.eu/article/angela-merkel-highly-qualified-for-top-e…[View]
210820112False flag Sri Lanka: Look how the lamp magically moves right before the explosion lol 'Are you done…[View]
210820013China Mars (Concentration) Camp: China sending Muslims to Mars confirmed![View]
210805178How to treat knife-wounds 101: German boulevard-magazine 'Illu der Frau' now features a one-pager ab…[View]
210794917Jehovah witness discussion thread: >be me >born into JW organization >literally all my fami…[View]
210814753if hitler successfully established an ethnostate in the following: countries, what types of problems…[View]
210799233Are Your Politics Keeping You From Losing Your Virginity?: Discuss.[View]
210772429hey christcucks: explain why a pagan nation like Japan is in the top 5 most prosperous nations on ea…[View]
210821477Why isn't the Queen letting us slaughter millions of sub humans anymore?: Why isn't the Qu…[View]
210816782What are your plans for this Saint. Stephen Lawrence day?[View]
210821675Prove this wrong: Hard Mode: Only science or try to discrecit this magazine (((Affiliations))) https…[View]
210815762Jordan Peterson Jewish Question: Well /pol/, what is you’re response? Also what do you think of his…[View]
210821516Weekly reminder (((They))) hate the NPC meme Spread them across the intraweb boys[View]
210798257Did they murder her?[View]
210814912I’m a latino living in europe and even though i’m a light skin nigger my culture is white. Who shoul…[View]
210819141Argentinians: Can we trust Argentinians when they act like Pope Francis? Why is Christianity in Lati…[View]
210821244Serious question here, why does pol blame Christians for mass immigration to Europe when it was actu…[View]
210820997Do boomers unironically go on this site? (I’m not talking about lowlife oldfag boomers I’m talking a…[View]
210818882Thought on Sumerians[View]
210819623Georgetown students have voted in favor of reparations.: Will America? https://www.washingtonpost.co…[View]
210820822>Macron's gambit inside-wotk operation to unify France and grant himself a popularity boost …[View]
21081712533 yr old addict neet HELP YOUNG guidance: I need to stop drinking and smoking weed but I can't…[View]
210817331Why do most people still want a white male president?: Within all left wing publications, there is a…[View]
210816383*ehem*: Any ideas on how to co-op this? https://rednoseday.org/news/red-nose-day-campaign-returns-nb…[View]
210820790Why dont reddit fags just fuck off: Ive been here for a few years now and i would still call myself …[View]
210818253/pol/ webm thread: Less text, more webms[View]
210817956>study history >become right wing did this happen to anyone else?…[View]
210803039We need to come to our senses.: Mr Brenton tarrant has started a war between Muslims and Christians,…[View]
210814576Why do bong women look like goblins?[View]
210812496>walk into slavic police station >see this what do?…[View]
210818835We need to listen to the voices of muslim women: https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/christchurch-shoot…[View]
210810338421 Sri Lanka: remember the 421 thread from a few days ago, some y'all smarties called it schiz…[View]
210820448Question to white leftists: Why haven't you killed yourself out of shame for being an evil whit…[View]
210806643Ask an algerian immigrant politically incorrect questions Friendship edition[View]
210807402Earthquake: Ask a man who just survived a magnitude 6.3 earthquake anything check the flag[View]
210813652Middle income trap: Why do countries get stuck in the middle income trap? Low IQ? Poor management?…[View]
210818762White hypocrisy thread: >When a non-white person does something retarded 'All 'insert race here' …[View]
210820322The muslim organization responsible were simple hooligans shitting on buddhist and christian statues…[View]
210804349AMERICA IS COLLAPSING.: Prove me wrong. Protip: you can’t.[View]
210812878How come East Germany barely gets any love on /pol/? >racially homogeneous >healthy fertility …[View]
210775814Christianity is officially based: The whole Easter worshippers meme is proof positive they are most …[View]
210818871Christianity is the belief that the Jewish god Yahweh (who burns children alive for sacrifice) came …[View]
210818475CATCHPA TAKING HOURS TO SOLVE: I have done so many of these Jewish kike Google learning aids catchpa…[View]
210819048There was a mass going on during the fire. It was obvious it was set by muslims like in ShitLanka, i…[View]
210800374Czech Republic: No!: >be somali nigger >get voted into Czech parliament by leftard fags >at…[View]
210819084>we're being overrun by a sea of niggers from Mexico >the only people being punished are …[View]
210819272>President of Ukraine begins to learn the Ukrainian language Absolute state of cuckraine.…[View]
210812728He was a hero[View]
210818079New idea goys: I have an idea for a troll. The white ribbon is an awareness ribbon sometimes used by…[View]
210818876do you have a sword ready for when jesus knocks? you won't have time to get one when it's …[View]
210807878WTF i love Ukraine now[View]
210819282Marxism-Leninism or whatever: VOTE RED![View]
210818826Anons should really stop saying 'Happy Easter' Easter is meant to be a time of deep reflection. A ti…[View]
210789838Illegal Immigrants Hit and Run Epidemic: Just thought I'd warn you all of the large amount of i…[View]
210797954I'm A Leftist: Make me a conservative, I dare you[View]
210816279>mfw when i see an coloured person[View]
210818817Aggravating the Clown World: Hi all, I am making a Reddit account the parodies the left scum using s…[View]
210791213Latinos: We don't bomb your cities, we don't run any part of your government, we don'…[View]
210807862Convert to Paganism of your choice -: What's your excuse for being an Abrahamite in this day an…[View]
210818747> Christfags will worry about the fate of shitskins the world over. How Israeli of you.…[View]
210816810The diet Pill.: Is the dietpill the biggest and hardest to swollow redpill there is? https://youtu.b…[View]
210818088Now that masculinity is threatened more than ever I feel the need to eat very caloric dense foods an…[View]
210815561How do we stop poaching?[View]
210816343IRA Easter Sunday March: This is the 'IRA', this is the bunch of low life's that /pol/ jizzes o…[View]
210818116Y'all know what to do.: >https://twitter.com/jack/status/1120316216885817344…[View]
210816547hey /pol/, here's just a friendly reminder to be extra sensitive to our muslim brothers after e…[View]
210817792Hillary Clinton lost: because she's WHITE. ORANGE MAN BAD BUT AT LEAST HE NO WHITEY[View]
210818368Glowniggers: To all you glowniggers here: I jerk off to pictures and literature of the OKC bombing d…[View]
210804688Will the Germans ever pay off their debts >demand for billions of euros in wartime reparations …[View]
210817875Woman Dumps Newborn Puppies in the Trash as If They Were Her Own Unborn Babies: That’s exactly how m…[View]
210815331Why does Japan need immigrants?[View]
210817277Female Punk Rocker Disappears After Berating MAGA Hat Jew: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/0…[View]
210807720What does a perfect EU look like?[View]
210812276Boycott Nestlé, saw this garbage at my family's house during Easter. Nearly threw the TV out th…[View]
210817814What is Michelle Obama doing here?: Something doesn't look right.[View]
210816167'International network' linked to bombings: Who could be behind this one? https://www.goog…[View]
210806960Why are white successful women: not into kids and marriage?[View]
210816536the ultimate pill: the male orgasm is not real and we are all gay niggers. prove me wrong (sponsord …[View]
210817731times are a changing.[View]
210817592Is this real? Should they give up their citizenship?: https://youtu.be/YgUzVQw9gbM[View]
210811990Christcucks (religious people) are idiots: If god can't protect his/her/its followers in a holy…[View]
210806686What really happened to her /pol/?[View]
210816007>last place in the world where people can openly talk about national socialism and Holocaust deni…[View]
210817577The Term 'Easter-Worshipers' that the cabal are using refers to the Beautiful Goddess Ishtar: Easter…[View]
210816104Based Poles: Love you Poland, teaching the children about the nefarious Jew https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
210800553YHWH allows child marraige. White men war against 'pedos' and hate the Old Testament and YHWH: YHWH …[View]
210794962Do whites have a distinct culture?[View]
210795478How come Tarrant wasn’t wearing a cross while he removed kebab?: And how come he said he didn’t mind…[View]
210806306Varg's kids: So Varg now lives innawoods in France with his wife and kids and he's homesch…[View]
210789936Pagan/Cumguzzlers Hate Thread - Throwback edition: reminder that paganist is next to satanist[View]
210817168Why do low wages compared with the higher costs of life are not solved in favor of the working folks…[View]
210807428Protecting your borders is now illegal: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/an-armed-militia-was-detai…[View]
210817068Mega cringe lord tracks down a racist and sends people to his house to cut his electricity. He says…[View]
210814733Just a reminder that nuclear families ain't optimal. We need households with multiple generatio…[View]
210804367Romania is begging the Pakistani government for a million Pakistanis to fill its labor shortage: You…[View]
210800833What did (((they))) mean by this? https://nypost.com/2019/04/21/former-cia-director-makes-cameo-on-g…[View]
210814013What's the secret behind the hat?: Leftists get triggered, shaken and mentally unstable just by…[View]
210815892What does this mean? I don't know which genetic group I fit into.[View]
210813008CNN asks the important question, after a day of Easter Tragedy, what do we do about the bias reporti…[View]
210814834>says government is corrupt >calls for more government >flies around in his private jet pre…[View]
210816666Canada's secret moon landing mission was a complete success!: What makes this so special is tha…[View]
210800483Moderate Habbening -- Temper your expectation: But... http://www.terranoa.com/product/product.php?c…[View]
210810077He is a lot smarter than you think: The press lamented Corbyn about his ambivalence towards the UK…[View]
210810446thoughts on this pro immigration short film?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qezLtdDtYjk…[View]
210813270How do I become an Easter Worshipper?: I'm very interested in this new religion and I sympathiz…[View]
210816173Sri Lanka bombings remain (((unclaimed))): Why has no group claimed the Sri Lanka bombings yet? Is t…[View]
210811631This is your daily reminder that you can commit a heinous crime and get away with it as long as it f…[View]
210815922What the fuck is this, all of a sudden?[View]
210811235An open letter to Donald Trump: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hT79_JY3tq8[View]
210814098This will be ignored: Jesus christ or yeshua or Iēsous yah morning star etc etc. >So he got tort…[View]
210812091Royals sending Harry and his pet nigger to Africa: kek[View]
210816002What did he mean by this?[View]
210808978The way, the truth, the life: >churches getting bombed >politicians avoiding 'Christian' like …[View]
210811190This guy has the right idea: fuck you gramps i can make latte art[View]
210815834Will the next FF event be in Georgia?: Chelsea Clinton will be visiting Athens, Georgia for a book s…[View]
210810648Fuck Russia: Fuck these generate vodka niggers There is nothing tough about being an alcoholic and w…[View]
210811006/pol/ webm: Post webm from our clown world[View]
210803732Why are today's right wing figures so pathetic and beta?[View]
210815589This seems like a pretty odd question/answer combo. >How do you impeach a Republican President fo…[View]
210811662Amazon knows: source: https://www.amazon.com/Anne-Franks-Diary-Adaptation-Pantheon/dp/1101871792…[View]
210815361Guys? I'm scared.[View]
210811430Redpill me on how to not be a degenerate: Is alcohol, drugs and pussy, always off limits ? Can I ch…[View]
210815402thoughts on her accent?: video is linked https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/christchurch-shooting/1121…[View]
210814886Earth Day: Have you planted a tree today?[View]
210815215when allah defend kaaba from niggas(ahl al fil) who want to destroy it by sending birds strike them …[View]
210814527Attack on christian location in France.: There was an anon here who posted all the Christian locatio…[View]
210811552>140 verified Russian connections >even Republicans call for impeachment It's just a ma…[View]
210811785inmigrate to France from Spain?: how are the wages right there? is easy get a job? i'ill pass t…[View]
210815040A fucking pajama[View]
210814539Why aren't there any normal pro-white people?: Literally everyone who declares themselves 'pro-…[View]
210813393Biokinesis: Is biokinesis legit? Can it help change my genes so that I'll no longer be a non-wh…[View]
210813640Why do protestants consider Sainthood to be idolatry? What instiution would even have the authority …[View]
2108031674chan Comes to Finland: Ask a Finnish brother anything and everything[View]
210811439There's a website called my life.com which allows any anonymous user to search for details on i…[View]
210813072Recently I was thinking that World would be Perfect World if Hitler would won. No Wars, no suffering…[View]
210814143Tinfoil Hat Time. Buttigieg is not on a 'campaign' to become president. He is on a mission to becom…[View]
210812399>Christian vs Islam violence heating up >suddenly anti-Christian shill threads everywhere Can…[View]
210807280Why am I not seeing more people angry about this? Do people just not care about having to identify t…[View]
210807690Nationalism is nothing but a sexual fettish: Let's admit it the only reason white people choose…[View]
210813881Random little girl? Activists philosopher ted talk why do Jews turn their people into big shots when…[View]
210813897Chairman Yang is the only candidate with the balls to call the Sri Lanka attack an attack on Christi…[View]
210814938ONCE SAVED, ALWAYS SAVED: >Job 28:28 KJV >And unto man he said, Behold, the fear of the Lord, …[View]
210807921>choices for 2020 are a generic SJW or a neocon corporate puppet[View]
210814875Spain and Portugal: My girlfriend is spanish.[View]
210814853NPR getting rekt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEC7UfkEWQQ[View]
210814644Can anyone actually defend radical Islam? Can anyone justify that shit? >Religion of peace >S…[View]
210811066Christians in Sri Lanka benefit from the inherent white privilege of Christianity and therefore do n…[View]
210806004White Excellence: How does it feel knowing your own women are literally breeding your race out of ex…[View]
210813873Just noticed I have a 5g network band on my internet. Does that mean I am using 5g internet? I have …[View]
210807583How do we make it happen?[View]
210793677Why doesnt /pol/ support Ukraine?[View]
210810893Name a more iconic duo: I shall wait[View]
210794929Brit/pol/ - Early Monday Morning edition: >History With Hilbert - Languages of the British Isles …[View]
210793499It's OK to be Communist[View]
210809878Cut the bullshit, /pol/ - will Michigan vote Trump again in 2020? What are the main arguments for an…[View]
210813688I've been thinking about a better way to respond to the typical argument against communism. Wha…[View]
210813374Moment of truth for this guy: I'm not saying anything about my previous life experience but kno…[View]
210794732How and or why does anyone think a strong central authoritarian/central(right or left) federal gover…[View]
210809492Why should cops exist?[View]
210800734I suppose we could put a steel or titanium roof on it?[View]
210813723Let’s Make the Internet a Better Place: Censorship has been pushed hard online on the far right, and…[View]
210811766And... another explosion in Sri Lanka: https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/world-news/breaking-repo…[View]
210812753EASTER WORSHIPPERS: Has this already been declared a meme yet? If not, let's make it happen. …[View]
210804844/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - 게임 끝 EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP @POTUS https://www.whitehouse…[View]
210804440Have you whipped your woman today, /pol/?[View]
210803597Best New Vegas faction?: What's the best New Vegas faction /pol/, and why?[View]
210809130Do you think he's redpilled now?[View]
210801827Based Japan: Hapa girl, 16, bullied and driven into suicide by Japanese class mates. How can Japan b…[View]
210809451PROTECT: How do we protect this beautiful little island in the indian ocean from muslim terrorists?…[View]
210811710Anti Pagancuck General: >worshipping literal demonic entities with limited powers >invented by…[View]
210812034St. Stalin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jySlYZx8wl8 What do you think of russian style clown wor…[View]
210808342Are you ready for the African century?[View]
210810235I am a Sociology student in the UK, but this year I did a year of Political Science at one of the un…[View]
210810215What are the chances he become the next Pope? He seems like the exact opposite of the current one.[View]
210812547so anons did you apply? do you have what it takes to make /pol/ great by eating hotpockets while doi…[View]
210807396Have you already forgotten her, /pol/?[View]
210810910Easter MassAcre: How does it feel to worship our Lord and saviour, Bugs bunny?[View]
210808948should religion be a thing?[View]
210800014Philisophical question: Is it ever ok to kill someone?[View]
210812189politics and the war on our minds: Politics. MK-U. I finally understand what it is, took me ... long…[View]
210802289Why do ‘conservatives’ always sell out?[View]
210811939It's the economy stupid: GOOD MORNING, AMERICA! I hope you all slept well and are ready to give…[View]
210807242What do you foreigners think about Golden Dawn?: I want to see what your opinion is on this politica…[View]
210809324The Satanist Israel will be gone by the end of next year. No more shitposts on pol and no more Amuri…[View]
210811845Amerindians are proto eurasians, 40% proto european & 60% proto mongoloid The average hispanic i…[View]
210806386Hey Anon, what if I told you that all of these problems like >Mass migration, politics, racism, …[View]
210810966It's over[View]
210804069red pill: you know every idea you post on here is complete bullshit and will never materialize? like…[View]
210807276Let's talk about white hypocrisy: >When a non-white person does something retarded 'All 'ins…[View]
210810456Honk Honk: Is he a Honkler ?[View]
210808949>current year >STILL voting for Zion Don ISHYGDDT…[View]
210809568Poland is our new greatest ally[View]
210809654Lets say that you finally get the tools necessary to eradicate Jews. Are seriously going to kill all…[View]
210809374scum: Spread[View]
210792968Inevitable Future:: When will this happen and where first?[View]
210805764Brazil?: Is it true that a Spic is considered to white in Brazil? If they consider their local spucs…[View]
210806048i figured it out >jews are from egypt >egypt is in africa >jews are niggers…[View]
210809581We need to give these Christians refugee status in Germany NOW: Sri Lankan Christians are being shoa…[View]
210806692What comes after the honkpill?: Pol I can't do it anymore, the hope in a 4th reich is a false w…[View]
210810573https://twitter.com/TheCxNewsPap2/status/1119959313320116224 Imagine if the races were reversed /pol…[View]
210810537EMCELs: emcel or emotionally celibate: women who are used as cumdumps and can't find a man to e…[View]
210810731WTF Sri Lanka: When I search google I can't find dick about the group National Thowfeek Jamaath…[View]
210809023Cuck of a Hot Wife T-Shirts? Clothing for cucks who share wives: NEW CLOTHING LINE ALLOWS MEN TO PRO…[View]
210805955more people will become muslim: muslim slaughter christians. that will make people become muslim bec…[View]
210785377If God is not real, where did this come from?[View]
210808336>White Nationalist Shoots up shitskins Mosque >ALLU AKBAR ALLU AKBAR ALLLU AKBAAAAAAAARR!!! We…[View]
210809977ITT: all the sauce that muslims did it. People seem to still have doubts that who did it. https://ww…[View]
210809990The time is now: This is everything I have,once they are gone they are gone. https://streamable.com/…[View]
210810076news story scrubbed from website[View]
210807071Are you guys getting ready?: The world will soon see what a wonderful and progressive country Israel…[View]
210809337Useless sacrifice?[View]
210807017When will we be able to genetically engineer girls to look however we want? Basically making every g…[View]
210805812Brazil hate thread: Why are these faggot incestious mutt brazilians so violent. Saw a video on crazy…[View]
210807401cuckland: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8AcsBzxsto[View]
210806144How do rich white guys get elected as Democrats?: It's one thing for Republicans to do this. Wh…[View]
210809021Would he do a better job than the orange man?[View]
210801553How can the MGTOW problem be solved? How can their grievances be resolved?[View]
210799579Is there a list of chan sites and or internet social media and there political alignments?[View]
210806341Who is this? Why haven't we heard anything about it.[View]
210806560Why are you amerifats still not doing anything?Have you been consumed by total nihilism? Letting you…[View]
210806621Who killed this Swedish faggot?: South Africa?[View]
210808774>Islam is the only religion, going around in this day and age, beheading people, chopping off the…[View]
210808741What did he mean by this ?[View]
210809726Is unironic loud & proud support for Israel a trait completely unique to white Americans? I can…[View]
210809801Dogos are Racist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SDlp_1ULZ0 tim, keep up the good work and dont le…[View]
210808890Jew York Slimes: No wy pe po: White men need not apply... for demonrat president https://www.msn.co…[View]
210807665Is Matt Shea /our guy/?: The Guardian is gonna publish a bunch of chat logs of his campaign plotting…[View]
210807893/pol/ how are mossad agents able to operate so freely inside Sri Lanka to carry out such a huge miss…[View]
210809469Where did the boomer go?[View]
210809104>pol suddenly cares about shitskins: I thought they were the enemy?[View]
210801109'US ambassador to Poland wishes Catholic Poland a (((happy pasach)))': LMAO imagine being under such…[View]
210809155orange man make muslims want 72 virgins[View]
210808601What's the point of being the richest country if we live like third worlders? I need Yang to gi…[View]
210804240STRONG Earthquake in Philippines: Check on your friends/family there[View]
210795433>be Polynesian: >arrive on a little island >build huge stone heads to worship >need wood…[View]
21080761187 BOMB DETINATORS FOUND: https://twitter.com/Reuters/status/1120268801008910337[View]
210804006China is perfecting your politics.: Let’s face it: /pol/ wants authoritarian, capitalist, ethnic nat…[View]
210802823What's the difference between Arya and Aryan?: https://youtu.be/xv87qb1is9M[View]
210801402When clown meme has gone too far[View]
210807627Guys are we truly screwed >>210804413 How about this then Nationalism is the only true future…[View]
210802608Sudanese born migrants are 57 times more likely to commit: aggravated robbery in Victoria, Australia…[View]
210807915Bernie will force NEETs to work state jobs[View]
210783518When’s the next American Civil War coming brethren?[View]
2108080255G - Are you ready to die?: What will the shills come up with now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
210808681Europe is over: https://youtu.be/WZrtCM4O8i0 Look at the comments under this fucking video. Everyone…[View]
210797719Throughout European history the nobility always used Jews to deliver bad news and hired them as scap…[View]
210808498Can we talk about the fact earthquakes always fill in evenly? i learned this from dutchsince youtube…[View]
210808049World Media hiding Islamic Terrorism now: Why is the world media hiding islamic terrorism now? First…[View]
210770500Can we make the Star of David into a White Supremacist Symbol? The Media has fallen for a Clown Frog…[View]
210808132Because they don't understand the power of their own minds: bad news TV online and off keeps ge…[View]
210789021Redpill me on DMT: Is there anything to the experience or is it just a big nothing? Do you think its…[View]
210808240Christopher Dorner: I enjoyed reading the Koresh posts. What's the verdict on Dorner? I don…[View]
210802839Slime lawyer_Avenatti embezzled millions meant for Hassan Whiteside’s ex: report 'The Miami Heat hoo…[View]
210804495Someone redpilled me on Easter Worshipper: Why are they using this phrase instead of just saying Chr…[View]
210793590Should abortion be legal?[View]
210791847/pol/ post what you're doing for the white race. This is my first son out of five. I'm goi…[View]
210802490India hate thread: In this thread we unleash the average life of an Indian anima-- I mean super powe…[View]
210799965Should women be sluttish or chaste?: Sheer yoga pants without panties, or dresses without panties? W…[View]
210802310After watching the debate I feel that zizek has some good criticism on capitalism. Anyone else?[View]
210767426Is Andrew Yang our first example of a modern politician willing to listen and consider both sides of…[View]
210804633Thank you Jeremy.[View]
210804927How much longer until we see justice served against their crimes?[View]
210800675Hiding your power levels: How do manage to hide your power levels? I believe there are evil forces t…[View]
210795499AUS/POL/ - FUCK MUSLIMS EDITION: G'day Lads Sri Lanka bombings live: Death toll rises to 290, a…[View]
210802477I posted my son on /pol/. He's 100% white but everyone picked apart his characteristics. It op…[View]
210801884Google - The environmentalist cuck: why the fuck is google so cucked that they are pushing this to t…[View]
210802413>Despite Wahabzada's attempt to draw the attention of the gunman away from the mosque by sho…[View]
210803772What Christian denomination is this ?[View]
210801572Despite being 13% of the population >75% of births out of wed-lock >Vastly over represented in…[View]
210799616yare yare daze: Do you think AOC is actually Ilhan Omar's stand ? What is its ability ? What is…[View]
210800701>Mexico has a white minority: Does Mexico needs an Apartheid to succeed?[View]
210800498There are a lot of white hispanics.: I've met a lot of Mexicans who are of Spanish descent in A…[View]
210795868Is Israel good or bad[View]
210805366What secrets are the Jews hiding in Chernobyl /pol/?[View]
21080454631K upvotes and right on the front page! I never thought I'd see the day when I fight side by s…[View]
210791833What will 2050 USA be like with Latinos becoming the second largest group?[View]
210803750How redpilled are you?[View]
210796295Hawaiian Nationalism: How long until the USA falls apart and Hawaii is free again? You skinhead fuck…[View]
210806701Coachella: Is this peak degeneracy? Except for Kanyes Christian Sunday service of course. If it wasn…[View]
210799924Do you wan numba one fucky?? She boom boom long time. She shucky, fucky, shmoke shigarette in huh pu…[View]
210766322Suppressed/leaked physics paper by Chan Thomas/ others: In the 1960's McConnell Douglas started…[View]
210805300What did she mean by this /pol/: Hopefully the worth of her stamp skyrockets....... Title of song 'T…[View]
210782666Finland is bleaching Japan How do we stop them?[View]
210804399How can 'male to female surgery' be even legal in 2019?[View]
210806090Climate Change: When are we gong to accept the Green New Deal and save the planet? It's settle…[View]
210780177med inferiority complex: I'm 35% italian and have brown eyes. Rest is irish/german/polish. I wo…[View]
210805384To Norwegians:: What are your thoughts for Vidkun Quisling?[View]
210800298Is the environment the ultimate cope for fedoras? >Religious morality is bullshit, human behavior…[View]
210777501based Hillary isn't anti-Christian after all[View]
210799487What would happen if Trump got elected again?[View]
210806246Daily Reminder white mutts arent white...unless youre 95% of a single european ethnicity you have no…[View]
210804795Trump breaking bad: A better look?[View]
210801396How do we redpill normies about trannies?: Most NPCs are secretly disgusted by trannies, because the…[View]
210801656Were trannies a big jewish mistake ?[View]
210803064White girls appreciate Brenton Tarrant: The you white girls just love our Hero Brenton Tarrant https…[View]
210802820Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?: The dead man switch was just another lie.[View]
210785054how do i be as based as richard spencer[View]
210804257What exactly is postmodernism? It seems like everyone has a different definition of it.[View]
210798083The absolute fucking state of /pol/: 2017: Somewhat grounded disagreements on climate change 2018: f…[View]
210800215JOIN TIMMYSTAN: It's time we unite /b/rother[View]
210804889>Americans don't celebrate Easter because they don't want to hear about someone that re…[View]
210805013Why does /pol/ not see that 'conservatives' (who really do not aim to 'conserve' anything but profit…[View]
210803918Oof: The futrue is Chinese (Chinetic Ovoids) and Indian (Indoids). >The rest of you are failing…[View]
210805381The attacks on 'Easter Worshi'... Christians. Attacks on Christians had a profound effect …[View]
210805200>Tarrant kills 50 muzzies >Muzzy mad muzzy revenge >Literally kill 290 more shitskins >M…[View]
210805291sri lankan intel police was aware of imminent attack since april 11: https://saraacarter.com/ https:…[View]
210797328Things have grown unimaginably worse since Trump took office. We all had/have hope for him. That was…[View]
210792439TEXAS IS A SWING STATE!: IT'S OVER! >A Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday showed t…[View]
210800713War is coming: I hope you are ready boys[View]
210805204Daily reminder that Catalonia will be always Spain: THE FIRE RISES. https://twitter.com/miquelstrube…[View]
210803119Fan culture: Honestly isn't the problem with society fan culture? Obsessing over every little d…[View]
210801889why did some people do something: yesterday in Sri Lanka??[View]
210797145What happened to this guy?[View]
210799873/pol/ dislikes Jews, but guess what - modern American conservatism and the conservative movement wou…[View]
210800807Facebook is full of images insulting Jesus: I'm gonna snap. 30 day ban.[View]
210804932kikes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDvNCli48o0[View]
210804819Physics momentarily woke: I was with some people who like listening to black rap and culture. A vide…[View]
210802354Was it worth it?[View]
210804916most of you don't belong to any white culture youre white mutts HUURR DUHHR im 50% british they…[View]
210801141HEAVEN/AFTER LIFE = COPE: many many years ago we had very low IQ/emotional IQ. dying is literally th…[View]
210802133What did Chris Lilley mean by this in his new Netflix show 'Lunatics'?[View]
210802932Imagine actually being proud of being American considering the state of America today lmao[View]
210801642Reminder: socialism is for the proletariat. Middle class and upper middle class gets the bullet too.…[View]
210800956Why do neocons: hate Christians?[View]
210796166How does this image make you feel, /pol/?[View]
210791128Why are white men so fragile today?: Every time I check social media it’s white makes crying about h…[View]
210768577Islam vs Christianity.: ok. What are some sound theological arguments for why Islam is false and chr…[View]
210804511How can we take advantage of this new 'Easter worshippers' meme?[View]
210800033Anons Ive noticed something recentlly.: Theres been an ever growing presence of indian street shitte…[View]
210799280US imposes economic blockade on Iranian oil: All countries currently buying Iranian oil have been or…[View]
210791766New Operation: Let's call Musllms Ramadan worshippers from now on. The muslims and lefties will…[View]
210802837so why fascism?[View]
210801339Slaves to the Rhythm: Give it to me straight pol. What’s the most red pilled and based sleeping sche…[View]
210804395Gays and shit: G'day cunts. 'Educate' me on faggots and why're the bad or good or whatever…[View]
210801013Why is the average /pol/ user terrified by the political acumen of the Skeptics™?: Can we get a list…[View]
210800925She was supposed to be the chosen one. What went wrong?[View]
210800267Anyone else here think that Ohio isnt a swing state anymore and now a lean republican state?[View]
210804107Conservatism is the only solution to todays problems my dudes. Do not change a running system, and s…[View]
210799268I believe it is time to take action against the (((communists))) over at chapotraphouse. If we aren…[View]
210800830How does /pol feel now their boy Tarrent has been outdone by a few mudslimes in Sri Lanka, really ma…[View]
210799881Denmark's Richest Man Loses 3 Children in Sri Lanka Terror: The richest man in Denmark (worth $…[View]
210800218What's with all the commie fags?: When will you all just fucking starve already!!![View]
210799906Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Hopes you had a Great Easter: I assume he hopes everyone in Sri Lanka did…[View]
210802195Happy Easter folks: Don't worry, be happy Judgement day is coming soon[View]
210795540Birth control pills mass drugging: “The pill” aka hormonal contraceptives impair brain function of g…[View]
210799374>grug become grugina >tribe have festival celebrate >we living clown tribe…[View]
210803767ANARCHO-NIHLISTS WIN FUCK YOU ALT RIGHTERS: >this is margaret sanger >creator of modern birth …[View]
210793730Should we welcome refugees?[View]
210799750German 1937 Hugo Boss Political Uniforms: What's up with the bottom right? Found this on ebay, …[View]
210803333The retard of Europe: So Ukraine elected a kike, puppet and a retard as its President. Bring on your…[View]
210791200britpol: fuck gchq fuck the home office fuck the house of lords fuck the bbc fuck itv fuck channel 4…[View]
210800803Maybe cut back on the vidya anons. It's bad for your soul.: https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/0…[View]
210797050> *SLUUUUUURRPPP*[View]
210797411What is the perfect social system you think.[View]
210796452>Pedo cult shoots at neighbors >Cops get called >Shoots cops >Military called >Burn t…[View]
210801358That feeling you'll get when Christ returns and all these non believers, degenerates, satanists…[View]
210801603>Africa has more mennonites than North America[View]
210796571How do you guys deal with knowing you'll never get to see a real fully white Europe? https://ww…[View]
210794469I'm depressed, what's the point in continuing on: Is there even a future for whites worldw…[View]
210798246So what was his deal?[View]
210801398>m-m-muh statists! >m-m-muh state is the enemy! >a jew is pointing a gun at me, cleary the …[View]
210799820Hay /pol/ I'm one fourth native American. and one fourth Mexican. what are you're thoughts…[View]
210800805So what would be the straw that breaks the camel's back and starts a civil war?[View]
210796794EU STRONK![View]
210800760Can anyone give me a decent rundown on all the politics and habbenings between Russia and Ukraine, t…[View]
210802475Happy Easter: Remember to buy non-halal eggs, as they're better tasting[View]
210802378Should they?: https://mobile.twitter.com/HansAckerNY/status/1120057810782511105 'If they are Muslims…[View]
210800988On Pokefags...: We all know those obnoxiously autistic faggots who scream at lunch about their degen…[View]
210799751Trump Is the only one trying to help the country. Fuck democrats and republicans. MAGA 2020. He is t…[View]
210800732Best US State: What's your favorite US state? For me it's Oregon.[View]
210800906WE MUST DESTROY THE NARRATIVE OF THE HOLOCAUST!: Bare with me boys please this is important: In ord…[View]
210800978Imagine waking up in the same nightmare everday thinking it would get better. This is why people mak…[View]
210802260War on Christianity: What a despicable headline. Imagine the outcry if this was centered around the …[View]
210788805Owen Benjamin: https://youtu.be/CGsVKYTZPHc Is he right, /pol/? Should we focus more on how we'…[View]
210798653baby or your money back: Will roasties eventually realize if they want kids they need to do it early…[View]
210796023Choose One: 1. Trump’s impenetrable wall along the southern border. Bonus: northern border too >A…[View]
210800660So my kid typed this question into his laptop next to me on the couch earlier, and either because he…[View]
210793449TRUMP WALL PATROLLERS BTFO: ENJOY YOUR IMMIGRATION: >The leader of an armed militia that scours t…[View]
210787345Mistakes Were Made. (Hoy se cometieron errores graves): Is this an act of war?[View]
210800699Your mind is yours: Don’t let them take your mind, it’s the only thing that’s really yours. They can…[View]
210801651If you have stumbled upon this post, the gospel of Jesus has come knocking at your door to offer you…[View]
210795486Could Nintendo get any more based?[View]
210801462Do Leftist Politics Cause Depression??[View]
210798943>people refer to having children as an 'accident' What a sorry state of affairs…[View]
210795459TEENS: Well /pol/...? What race were they?[View]
210791793French guys: okay guys i have this question what bothers me long time ago allready. Why french peopl…[View]
210783986I fell for the Bible meme: I thought the Bible was infallible and every contradiction could be expla…[View]
210796025Given the daily acts of terrorism by incels/alt-right/whatever, should white men be banned from publ…[View]
210798310>Be me >Chink spec-ops >Get mission to get rid of some kebabs hiding in caves >How di…[View]
210799674Political presentation: How autistic would it be if wrote an elaborate well written reaserch paper …[View]
210753113'SPACE BILLBOARDS' COMING SOON!: >The stars in the night sky will very soon be outshone…[View]
210798619What is the right way?: What can be done? Voting changes nothing(Trump). Peaceful advocacy ends up b…[View]
210797869Pedophilia Being Taught As “Sexual Orientation” in California: CALIFORNIA TEACHING CHILDREN PEDOPHIL…[View]
210800084Why are modern anarchists so cucked, when 19th century anarchists were so based? 'This whole Jewish …[View]
210799158So the richest man in Denmark, who also just so happens to be the biggest landowner in Britain, had …[View]
210799639Traditional Women: Just a reminder that this is what your father and your grandfather has been comin…[View]
210798771/RPG/ Redpill general: >Very useful threads (mostly HBD related) https://www.dropbox.com/s/ki8di…[View]
210798745Get rid of Secret Ballots, Y/N?: I propose a solution to the state of democracies in the West. We re…[View]
210797778Do you realize sometimes that you have been brainwashed by society? For instance the other day I saw…[View]
210798546Should women have right to vote?[View]
210774511>zero vigils >zero articles talking about muslim radicalization >zero muslim women wearing …[View]
210794099Social Credit: What went wrong?[View]
210800063Yellow vest: Are they communists?[View]
210799427Trans and Estrogen: Is it related to the water?[View]
210798871Mueller Report: Thoughts on this How much of it's true https://youtu.be/YMBj_tU7HRU[View]
210798883Tensors were invented by the jews. Without them, most of the deformation behavior, stress distributi…[View]
210797400i surrender to the agenda to feminize men now where do i go for my check im sick of fighting pointle…[View]
210800026Christianity is an anti-European religion. It preaches a doctrine of false equality. It hates everyt…[View]
210798399'Female comedian': >In her first book, the Danish comedian is calling for fat liberation – and ha…[View]
210796633tell your hate against france: All bad things that happened in europe since ever is the fault of fra…[View]
210799796Is there an answer?: Blah blah blah >inb4 killing is wrong Should we have let Hitler finish what …[View]
210796243Pompeo says no regime change in Iran: https://www.axios.com/pompeo-opposes-iran-military-interventio…[View]
210752705/HTG/: HUNTING TRAFFICKERS GENERAL: NK BORDER INVESTIGATIONS: This general is for identifying, discu…[View]
210798583>tfw Mutualist[View]
210799575What kind of Jew are you?[View]
210796315I think it's time we actually stopped for a moment and gave thanks to our American brethren. Th…[View]
210795693Why are women feeling genuine joy and bliss from having the right to kill their children?[View]
210799435Is anyone else disgusted by these creatures?: Who is even bringing them here can't they find li…[View]
210799028Pepperidge Farm remembers Kev.: Remember when this man, who set up strategies to ensure that Austral…[View]
210799007Modern French people are the nigs of white people.: I've lived in Paris and Montreal and all Fr…[View]
210799278Fun with Brit police 4 I haven't laughed this hard in years. >https://www.westyorkshire.pol…[View]
210791318You don’t care about Sri lanka: Neither do all the fragile white kids crying about it. Any other day…[View]
210793451Alright guys whose gonna be the first clown to make news?[View]
210792141Gas all weebs, get them out of this fucking country[View]
210784381Time to fucking settle this shit once and for all. Who is our greatest ally? Canada Britain Israel F…[View]
210798674>/pol/tards complaining about the fact that Media covered everything from Christchurch to the las…[View]
210799101Interesting political implications to be had: European sperm is being paid for at a premium in count…[View]
210787249Is Q Anon finally dying out?: Heard there have only been a few 'drops' lately. Looks like Zion Don…[View]
210790700How do christcucks think jesus is white?: Jesus was obviously a jew. Christianity was for majority o…[View]
210799052Israel <3 Maldives: Maldives is converted to the Jewish religion[View]
210798973Why are nazi's always the ones being beaten up at these rallies? Literally the only time they d…[View]
210792307Define 'left' and 'right': Do these terms mean anything fixed, or do they just mean whatever the per…[View]
210776075How should a Christian respond to over 200 murdered for celebrating Easter?: https://en.wikipedia.or…[View]
210795068Infiltrating TPUSA: I am an American nationalist and a white identitarian, and I'm considering …[View]
210798739Someone told me Trump was cancelled? Thought I heard somethin' about Israel? What's going …[View]
210795370One Jew is replaced with another: Good times of Israel. Seriously, when /ourguys/ is going to start …[View]
210797292Explain it like I am five: How the hell is it Trump Russia Russia Russia when there is evidence ever…[View]
210797889'It wasn't a lie, it was my imagination. And I know it's not real, but in my imagination, …[View]
210770223America, land of the 'free' after your mandatory injections: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/09/heal…[View]
210798514Was it worth it?[View]
210798028Why do christniggers continue to believe the kike on a stick bullshit?[View]
210798458Why don’t Brits just get on with it and leave?[View]
210796180youtube is LYING TO CREATORS: they might be in trouble here http://seenine.x10host.com/ourtube/ i ha…[View]
210796843Ukraine joins Israel: As the only other country in the world with both a Jewish president and a Jewi…[View]
210792685Are we literally living in the end times?: I'm the leftist from the 'Are we literally living in…[View]
210793509He's gonna win in 2020, isn't he?[View]
210796430The bible is scientific and has been correct all along: There is plenty of scientific observations a…[View]
210796307Why did so many members of the transexual community serve in the Wehrmacht & SS?[View]
210796829BREAKING EASTER BOMBING: >Australian authorities have released the first photo of the Easter wors…[View]
210798183After life = cope: many many years ago we had very low IQ/emotional IQ. dying is literally the last …[View]
210789975Name a more based christian than Thomas Aquinas.[View]
210798135When will WW3 happen?: now I don't mean a regular war , I mean a feminist war. What will be the…[View]
210790381Planned Parenthood: The denigrates in my town are trying to keep planned Parenthood what should i do…[View]
210798120Autocorrect was created and is still entirely owned and operated by jews. Years ago, before learnin…[View]
210782062SRI LANKAND WARNING DOCUMENTS Can anyone translate the documents? https://twitter.com/fernandoharin…[View]
210798048Post fake jew videos: Israel was hijacked by white european fake jews... They are the synagogue of s…[View]
210795475>worshipping the bastard son of a Jewish whore who cucked her fiance >following a cult whose …[View]
210779306Marrying Non-Whites is Traitorous: Let's clear the air here, because I'm seeing too many p…[View]
210771730NEW AMERICA: Lets make a revolution that our children will remember.[View]
210796248>'GO BACK NIGGER' >i want to go back >too poor to go back what do lads…[View]
210793226I'm a more or less free market advocate, give me some good arguments/reaxing advocating for nat…[View]
210795164Let's have a discussion: About what the Media monopolies are doing to the masses to make more p…[View]
210792201Anyone done fed time? Is there tv in federal prisons? Can you just watch tv all day? I heard ther…[View]
210786113Guns: Dear /pol/, I am moving to DC for a PhD program. I am wondering what gun is best for self def…[View]
210786249I converted to Judaism and I'm starting to regret it. AMA. I won't take a photo to avoid d…[View]
210790410/pol/ humour thread[View]
210796849Should drugs be legalised?[View]
210758587Look what you've done: He's just like you, he even likes spiderman!!![View]
210766144Tactics: In this thread we discuss the tactics of the far right and how to improve on them. Thread q…[View]
210790537holy shit[View]
210794742Abraham Lincoln ---->>> Adolf Hitler (the sword) Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.--->>> …[View]
210797132any questions?[View]
210794429Ron Paul endorses Tulsi Gabbard. https://youtu.be/tOCUZsmipJ8[View]
210797289You bigots: Oy vey goyims forgetting about the 69 gorrillion jews killed in the holocaust[View]
210795384Barbarianism is fine.: I want to hear your arguments for it and take them in.[View]
210794262Is it wrong the only way I’ve ever had sex with a women is for me to pay them?[View]
210795686Open Borders: >WHY DOES THE USA WANT TO BORDERS ORANGE MAN BAD!! >Already showing from statist…[View]
210778970Florida is turning into California as the worst states in the country. Liberals are flooding this pl…[View]
210796031What’s the chances?: Will this actually happen what ways could be stop this shit[View]
210796629Holy shit. It really IS a clown world!: It’s happening![View]
210796228Why did the number of asylum seekers coming to Germany decrease?: The rate is still 3-4 times what i…[View]
210795699>could have been german/irish/scottish/norwegian/finnish/english >born in shitalian area…[View]
210796967>How you holding up, /pol/? https://www.cincinnati.com[View]
210796830Post yfw FDR died before Hitler[View]
210784465Music is Awful: Does anyone else not really like music? I used to listen to all sorts of music, even…[View]
210795266I’m Beyond Disgusted...: Why do you guys care so much about pedo-hunting, watching roody poos get cl…[View]
210792039So. where’s the wall?[View]
210790987Brit/pol/ - Easter Monday Edition: >National Black Police Association: push for BAME diversificat…[View]
210790856How are you doing fellow easter worshippers?: All hail King Bunny![View]
210793958The Jews own /pol/: At this point, I can prove the Jews are trolling 4chan. Every time you name the …[View]
210774287Fresh new idea to find pedos: What if we made a bunch of posters that say 'we know you watch that st…[View]
210796599THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF THE UK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPbfydeICyg Really beyond saving at th…[View]
210796545anyone else smell gas?: >people notice jews are all amoral in hollywood >'look over there at t…[View]
210787649Stop terrorizing college children with your hate speech!: >A student reported finding another “IT…[View]
210795846What is the stereotype look of voters in your country? Pic related is 99% sure to be the anti-capita…[View]
210796231What do we do about the present and future radical kebab problem in the west?[View]
210765229Happiest Countries 2019 New Map: India, Haiti and Venezuela least happy[View]
210788747/WGG/ White Chattle Edition: Welcome to the Weekly General Thread for White Genocide. I encourage ev…[View]
210789377Has this happened to others here? I used to be atheist who spat on Christianity and thought myself a…[View]
210792723If the Jews are so smart and powerful then why did they lose their land for so long and need help fr…[View]
210793113Die Neue Ordnung: Now a time arises in which it is clear that there is no political solution. If som…[View]
210787990Vikings were irresistable to English women: Holy kek[View]
210784278Should homosexuality be a federal crime in the US?[View]
210790950What about Assange, /pol/? Do you not care? Or are you fucking retarded?: https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
210790999Tarrant supporters, who are they?: 13 year old edge lords? JIDF shills? Israeli kikes? Glow niggers…[View]
210796019>trump supporters aren’t idio-[View]
210795780why do mixed race people smoke way more than purebreds? do they know something we dont?[View]
210795232Happy Easter, /pol/. He is risen and ready to ride or die.[View]
210794621I understand that /pol/ has always been anti-Semitic, but lately it's gotten absolutely fucking…[View]
210795902Surprise, surprise. When a white cop shoots some black person, it's institutional racism. But w…[View]
210793295The EU: Why did Le Pen give up on Frexit? Have meme alt-reich populists also accepted that the EU is…[View]
210759492IT'S HAPPENING:: RUMINT: Major ballistic missile attack underway near the Saudi border region o…[View]
210793253Sort the states: >bigbrainbois live in these states Idaho Montana Wyoming Maine Kansas Nebra…[View]
210787796why are libshits so autistic when it come to race science and differences. How to make a npc/liberal…[View]
210795391Raleigh police arrested two people during a Sunday afternoon protest against Confederate monuments: …[View]
210795416If the moon landing was fake why haven't they faked more since?[View]
210792358'Easter Worshippers': How do they coordinate as one cohesive unit like this? They all use the same l…[View]
210770717Israel is behind every single terrorist attack and mass casualty event in the last 70 years..[View]
210790636Men are not better at stem then women.. New studies show this to be a fact. Prove me wrong. Protip:y…[View]
210793497>intelectual property >property wtf?[View]
210774454Which flag has the worst posters?: 1. Israel, you know why. 2. Finland, mongolid annoying emos. 3. C…[View]
210793040So /pol/, I understand that we are actively being replaced, but what is it for. Why are whites being…[View]
210792392For us newfags: pol, can i get a complete synopsis of recent history according to most people on thi…[View]
210795264Do you prefer Music with Politics ? Especially in aggressive music i think politics are fitting Like…[View]
210786415MEXICO ASKED SPAIN TO APOLOGIZE FOR ITS CONQUEST. SPAIN SAID NO.: >The Spanish government rejecte…[View]
210769425should i rope?: I'm a shitskin mutt (mother is blonde, blue eyed german, dad is a black hair Af…[View]
210784610When did China have a fucking duck parade. Seriously why do fuckers on weibo keep posting this dumb…[View]
210795208>having children is considered an 'accident' What a sorry state of affairs…[View]
210795177Will some Hispanics become white!: Many Hispanics have blonde hair and white skin... will that keep …[View]
210795165Hey anon, cool fbi aunt here: Hey hows everything going tonight?[View]
210794314Have degenerates cost you your soul? They have with me. Idk how many times I blasphemed God out of r…[View]
210795126LOl Y Christians Retarded?[View]
210781467>adopts a nigger >nigger goes to college and denounces parents after they pay for all his shit…[View]
210787653>ITT: jews not going to the oven[View]
210792180https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12222968: Is this true or is it f…[View]
210794570Jesus was NOT a Jew: Anyone who says Jesus was a Jew or 'kike on a stick' is JIDF Jesus is God God i…[View]
210791179MEXICO IS MAD AT THE US MILITIAS: OH NONONONONONO https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=&sl=…[View]
210791587You cowards let Jews shit on you even on your holy days kek why are you so afraid?[View]
210792530Why jews are hated?[View]
210786597New queen of /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNCZdeTDM5Y[View]
210792996Your children and grand children will become muslimm You can have all muh white children you want bu…[View]
210785497Redpill me on Paul the Apostle, did he corrupt the New Testament like the Muslims say he did? He was…[View]
210791757The 'ok' sign is a 666 sign, why does the Alt-right use it?[View]
210787337Idk how I remember any of this, but here we go >be me >21st birthday was friday >go to bar …[View]
210794590Stop crying Victim!: After the bombings i see alot of hatred towards any one from Pakistan like alwa…[View]
210775774Unless you consider yourself a pretty sharp debater, can conservatives please stop offering their he…[View]
210786774a little something i made[View]
210792860Guess who and where: Clue: a tranny[View]
210768602what do we do about advertisements?[View]
21079446010 years ago ...: 2009 Slideshow https://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/culturepicturegalleries/422057…[View]
210794427Decline of Rural America: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdoH2AEAWuw Another great video by Chucke2…[View]
210787911Not all people deserve to pass on their genes: Not recognizing this sad but basic and necessary natu…[View]
210791516Is Samuel trying to get back on Adult Swim by appearing more and more Jewwy? It seems a bit desperat…[View]
210794391this picture is real???: nice photoshop job, really, but what was the aim with (((this)))?[View]
210784929/IG/ Islam General: As-salam alaykom Welcome to /Islam/! This thread is dedicated to discussion of t…[View]
210790367IT'S OVER: https://www.axios.com/trump-tax-returns-2020-presidential-election-6ea32cfa-4ec4-46b…[View]
210790620Trump built the wall... around the White House[View]
210792245Pete buttigrieg is a white supremacist confirmed: >those clothes >that torch >the caption C…[View]
210791965If /pol/ is a nationalist board, why doesn't anyone realize that the US is on an unavoidable pa…[View]
2107895922020s: Are you looking forward to the 2020s /pol/? Or just expecting the same old shit and don'…[View]
210794160Why are u still using Facebook Anon?: Just boycott it and find alternatives. VKontakti for example e…[View]
210787211I'm half black and i don't feel good about myself[View]
210793487How does this shit work?: If she is such an Islamist why hasn’t she blown herself up on the floor of…[View]
210771098140 contacts with Russians.[View]
210793729Whatever happened to 'El Shoah del 8,' the Spanish-language right-wing podcast? There hasn't be…[View]
210791638Tulsi Gabbard: Mueller report found 'no collusion took place,'__ Dems shouldn't push …[View]
210789379When you match with a racist immigration COP: ' No don't die ... but if you look around then th…[View]
210786422YHWH allows child marraige. White men war against 'pedos' and hate the Old Testament and YHWH: YHWH …[View]
210781914Being Around Friends: Have any of you ever revealed how you really felt with the current culture of …[View]
210793550How are race relations and the “culture wars” even an issue? LOL like nigga just close your eyes and…[View]
210783582What time do you wake up, Anon?[View]
21079340370s thread: Any of y'all latchkey kids? Gen X 'Moon landings' Nixon Vietnam Gas ra…[View]
210790840>'the strongest always prevail' >lose the only war you ever fought What did he mean by this…[View]
210793158What are 'the Jews' up to? How does Marxism relate to this? How does Zionism relate to this? I don…[View]
210790292What Happened to Italy?: What happened /pol/? Why don't modern day Italians look like this any …[View]
210792339I was right.: I've seen videos of Arab girls talking shit about white people in white countries…[View]
210790233Press 7 to trump[View]
210792739So four years of nothing. Will the next four years be any different with trump?[View]
210792918What really happened during the French Revolution??[View]
210792504Daily Reminder Christianity doees NOT teach Jews are God's chosen people: The Bible is the most…[View]
210792248Christianity is dear...: Everywhere it matters Let me explain to you what I mean Christianity was sp…[View]
210790386Constantinople: My dad just got back from an overseas trip and I’ve had some fears that he might be …[View]
210778441Ukrainians have elected a literal Jew as their president. They have also elected a Jew as their prim…[View]
210788513Anyone notice this new trend where all the shitlords on the right are God-fearing Christians praisin…[View]
210788068Redpilling big meme page Goosnav posted this. If there is any doubt about the legitimacy of zoomers …[View]
210777249World War 3: USA vs. Mexico: You Taco Vendor Spics have pushed us too far. I already know what your …[View]
210787389Why would non-cuck women support a group of people who want to take away their rights? Stop w/ the i…[View]
210792405why would anyone of you autistic fucks actually want to associate yourselves with this idiocratic pe…[View]
210789326ITT: Cringe University Lectures: How the fuck do these teachers get hired? Like I literally think th…[View]
210792318is there anything more pathetic than a male incel? yes a female incel: how can you fail on easy mode…[View]
210784967Where are my fellow wage slaves? My rent is 600, as is my biweekly check. When my rent isn't qu…[View]
210791049why do niggers have yellow eyes[View]
210792477Hannibal Barca: Since /pol/ is being raided by the satanic nigger-kike entente here is a shelter thr…[View]
210789284Americans, and other parts of Europe affected by the obesity epidemic, how hard is it to get a girlf…[View]
210776450Is there any legitimate rationale for why white people truly believe this?[View]
210792441Movie/Propaganda Idea: Blood Libel A horror movie set in 1830 France. Opens to text reading “the fo…[View]
210788882Hadiths: >Narrated Jabir bin `Abdullah: When my father died he owed a Jew thirty Awsuq (of dates)…[View]
210791755Should Assange be executed or go to jail for life?[View]
210782702Why is it okay when whites subvert and dominate other races using underhanded tactics?[View]
210789571I’m watching Black Panter: Damn guys, makes me so mad at white people[View]
210791832The time is now: This is everything I have,once they are gone they are gone. https://streamable.com/…[View]
210787492Steve Bannon was right. Ethnic nationalism is a dead end. Take the civ nat pill and love your fellow…[View]
210791673If youre white why arent you investing in BitCoin?[View]
210792003What did Slovaks (or Czechs) think of Peter Colotka? He was the Prime Minister of the 'Slovak Social…[View]
210782336Former Pagan thread: Anyone else here a former pagan that found Christ? Can you share some redpilled…[View]
210774371immagine an europe without wars and immigrants[View]
210790740NFL WHITE VS BLACK INTELLIGENCE TESTING: http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=…[View]
210770316Adam hate thread: Let's take a moment to hate on this super-cuck beta male, who advocates for t…[View]
210790392138 million dead in Sri Lanka: Sir you accidentally put 138 million, there were approximately 138 de…[View]
210787511George Lincoln Rockwell: Can someone redpill me on G L Rockwell? Just learned about him today.…[View]
210790643attacks on christianity can be used to turn mexicans against the left: over 80% of mexicans are cath…[View]
210790585Yogendra Puranik aka Yogi is contesting elections in Japan: .. and you are trying to release endorph…[View]
210787390Who's dumber John Podesta or Seth Rich?: There seems to be little doubt that Podesta was the vi…[View]
210791491Why couldn't it have at least been El Che?[View]
210789503Identity politics is for niggers.: And considering the spergiest ideology on /pol/ both focus exclus…[View]
210733922let's have some fun with the bong police PART 3 https://www.westyorkshire.police.uk/101LiveChat…[View]
210789509Why do Jews always say 'should' or 'should't'?: Every time an opinion piece…[View]
210784932Has anyone else done MyTrueAncestry? I combined my mothers, fathers and own charts into one mega cha…[View]
210786446Anyone got a Ryder truck and tickets to mecca?[View]
210790930The earth is flat: The evidence for a flat earth is derived from many different facets of science an…[View]
210790520HAPPENING: MEXICO HAS A WMD, TIME TO INVADE: >Pentagon, DHS considering designating fentanyl a WM…[View]
210791101Does this old /pol/ rant from 2015 against social justice warriors still hold up today?[View]
210782395Omar: I just checked her Twitter and did not see anything about Sri Lanka anywhere. Has this mudslim…[View]
210787660Praise the Lord Jesus Christ. Anon, it isn’t too late for you. You can be forgiven and rise to heave…[View]
210789248>reminder that kikes hate Muslims >Reminder that kikes have been orchestrating terrorist acts …[View]
210782254>Africa has modern cities >There are African Americans that can pass university and become doc…[View]
210779451WHAT THE FLYING FUCK?? I was rewatching this gottard tunnel ceremony. And this last part is the APOC…[View]
210773634Should Old Testament be removed from the Bible? It's all about Jews and their conquest to kill …[View]
210790698Anyone else watch adult swim late at night notice sometimes they talk about secret sex meetings and …[View]
210769622Julius malema readys up a 50mil armed black miltia: To kill all non blacks in Africa this includes c…[View]
210790624>europe >2019[View]
210790356>2019 >”I am forgotten”[View]
210780942Is it time to start memeing the election boys? LET THE MEME WAR BEGIN[View]
210786187Black nationalists protesting against cultural imperialism. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aouOpWW…[View]
210787387Why do illegals kill legal citizens?[View]
210790275So pol decided to leave the mainland for Puerto Rico. Hoping to start a business and redpill people …[View]
210788082Kikestianity has failed. Whites need the firm hand of Islam to guide them back to the correct path. …[View]
210775792Michelle Obama was present at Notre Dame Burning: Take a Good Look at the Reflection on Michelle Oba…[View]
210787968White liberals not having kids because of so called global warming. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/am…[View]
210782664my 'friends' support lgbtq rights[View]
210790322For blue pilled anons who think that Jesus did not use these practices: https://youtu.be/cW-ZCBpmOCs…[View]
210790004Based molymeme: Going full 1488[View]
210789985this is the meme that will bring the end times, isn't it?[View]
210783577What is /pol’s opinion of Vlad?[View]
210788894Woman loans black mayor 5k. He doesn't pay her back: A trial is set for a lawsuit in which a wo…[View]
210759503Me: 'Trump won 2016 only by flipping four swing states by an average of less than 1%, a mere 235k vo…[View]
210790100What is this about zoomers being the most conservative generation yet?[View]
210789381Why do ignore the moment he got cucked and couldn't stick up for himself?[View]
210786266D.C Sniper attacks: >The D.C. sniper attacks (also known as the Beltway sniper attacks) were a se…[View]
210789263How come people get so mad at the Catholic Church? I'm not talking about the pedo stuff. That…[View]
210787414Remember him[View]
210781225Why does Trump hate Germany so much?: Wasn't his grandpa German? First he tries to kill our eco…[View]
210786686What's wrong with this picture?: I don't get it. If: >women are allowed to vote >gay…[View]
210788974What is the average I.Q. of Indian males?[View]
210787510What makes Jews so superior to lesser races that they can easily control them through sheer intellec…[View]
210789497What was wrong with Thomas Jefferson's agrarian vision: https://course-wp.bates.edu/eruta/2014/…[View]
210783832Why do you all have the same flag? Can't you put on a triangle or a circle or something[View]
210782805Niggers: they will invade your country and beat white women. they are evil. prove me the fuck wrong.…[View]
210789346Why didn't hitler just chill?: Why did he have to go on a dumbass conquest that drew him into a…[View]
210789344False flag after false flag to distract us, but THIS IS IT BOYS! How will you stop it?[View]
210788996Is the thumbs up racist?[View]
210780342Does pol have any hobbies? > working out and playing video games don't count…[View]
210788264So I have an idea. Hear me out, we all know the ghettos are shitholes, what if we shilled the idea o…[View]
210765468I can't take this anymore. I have been rejected for a job 'because they need more people from u…[View]
210787673Why did Hitler initiate the Night of Long Knives?[View]
210776848Hahahha: Hahahahaha[View]
210736035Google Hates Christ: What the fuck why hasn't this video been posted all over this shithole? h…[View]
210788156Jewish Comedian wins Ukraine presidency: You can't make this shit up. The Shekel Post posted pi…[View]
210786538The GPL is revocable: Like any illusory 'contract', The GPL is revocable (when given for free.)…[View]
210787650What a joke: So mueller finds no collusion, and the Democrats are revealed to be the children that t…[View]
210787269Ukraine's new President was elected in a landslide. He is Jewish, but also pro-Russian (which i…[View]
210785638Canadian Nationalists: Looking for like minded Canadian Nationalists to join The Canadian Nationalis…[View]
210744539Truth about the Bible and its messages: On this holy day I figured its a good time to look into the …[View]
210787278Are no go zones real?[View]
210788126Pols hero: Why are there not more anons on UCP? He seems like a man of action. True Patriots no?…[View]
210788767Feels Thread: >https://streamable.com/azl9b Does anyone know what song she is playing here?…[View]
210788531What if Q is really Quinn????[View]
210769323Next Pope: Who will be the next pope after Pope Francis? My personal favorites: >Cardinal Sarah …[View]
210781526Any 18 year olds on this board?: If you are eighteen, tell me about what your political views are, a…[View]
210785704What the hell is wrong with the UK?: Seriously what the hell is happening to you boys across the pon…[View]
210785217Everyone watch Lunatics on Netflix before SJWs get it banned: When did progressives fully infiltrate…[View]
210782041NPC: What's your personal experience with NPC family members?[View]
210788205Half a million dollars for a few videos about some Jews. Don't even begin to look into how the …[View]
210766973Are we literally living in the end times?[View]
210785216is Game of Thrones a coded warning of the destruction of the West?[View]
210787780Veterans: Did Trump help them?[View]
210788325How did you celebrate the birth of Hitler?: Me and my comrades ate cake.[View]
210750311When will he finally become Christian? Odin and Thor are meme gods and nobody gives a shit about the…[View]
210786385Remember, Earth Day is a fake holiday founded by commies: Ira Einhorn created Earth Day on April 22n…[View]
210772481Pure genius: https://www.instagram.com/p/BwfmMjXFdQ0/[View]
210779461Risk taking: Evening pol, what is your feeling on gambling, poker in particular but in general also?…[View]
210784173Easter...: wait I thought White Nationalists were the biggest threat? Why isn't AOC tweeting?!?…[View]
210785223Nords in Asia: Is it true that this area was once inhabited by Nords? If so, what happened to them?…[View]
210782759Yahweh: The nations would all be magic users without Yahweh. https://youtu.be/jq824hrfCuc?t=1999 Rev…[View]
210785650>Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice it is a fallacy. You in America will see that some…[View]
210784921Church burnings and church bombings... is this the new “part and parcel” now for every Christian hol…[View]
210787514>But I'm not a Marxist!!!!!! You guys are so cringey. You never get it. It's not about …[View]
210787929Climate Change: Nut Up or Shut Up!: If we are all going to die soon from climate change, then why ha…[View]
210787921Birthright citizenship: Black anon here. All you immigrants from mexico and what not can thank us f…[View]
210787891Does he have a valid point here, as much as Mornin' Joe may be lame? https://theweek.com/speedr…[View]
210786901Ban all women from the internet. That would solve the modern depression of mankind. Many of society…[View]
210782964What’s the best and worst North East State? PT. II: continued from last thread: >>210762567 …[View]
210785324HEY!: Cool it with the antisemitic remarks.[View]
210780650The following countries are not white: >Rep Ireland >Spain >Portugal >Poland >Greece …[View]
210782816/paul/ or /pole/: Alright bois, do you read it as >paul Or >pole Fight with each other ITT…[View]
210780697>whiter than you ahme-[View]
210762915Why are we blaming Porn when Women Out there Reject Men: Porn is not the cause of the division betwe…[View]
210787712This is a great day: Nazis considered Ukranian Jews like me subhuman. When they shipped them into co…[View]
210786534Rallies: How retarded are the people who show up at election rallies? It amazes me these morons alwa…[View]
210784689Observations about multiculturalism in Canada: > all the ethnic groups stick with their own and d…[View]
210782758Brit/pol/ - Early Morning Nigel Edition: >Brexit Party soars ahead in the polls for the EU electi…[View]
210784239Why can she get away with this, /pol/?: If a 59 year old man had made that kind of tweet while obvio…[View]
210776724Why aren't we colonising Africa like the chinks are? Have we lost our spirit men of the west?[View]
210783112>Brahmin philosophers >kshatriya warriors >Vaishya merchants >Shudra labourers Are hindu…[View]
210782770'Easter worshipers' Be mad now[View]
210777360Is this what university in America is like?: > Sociology teacher at Penn State University. > U…[View]
210773920NZ Media finally waking up - ahead of narrative[View]
210785943How should a nation rightly defend itself against stochastic terrorism?[View]
210785153Alright lads, I'm determined to give the Bible a full read through. What's your preferred …[View]
210786982When does the hypnosis start?: I’m tired of all this subliminal message bullsheeite that you see in …[View]
210782820Hitler hate thread: Hitler was pretty fucking red-pilled by deleting the kikes, but to egotistical …[View]
210786987Why the hell does Russia have so much trouble making friends? Even the people who support it aren…[View]
210782744Is there anything that can be done to convince jews to kill themselves or murder/suicide themselves …[View]
210786605Why hasn't she made a public appearance? We have a right to know if she's still alive #Wh…[View]
210786891For every damn communist on this board and in this world who perpetually shouts 'BUT IF WE REMOVE TH…[View]
210768062ANTI-CHRISTCUCK GENERAL - /ACG/ (CONTINUED): You cannot defeat the Jews by prostrating before their …[View]
210786432I wish the Germans took Africa during WW2. How about you guys?[View]
210783143Going full clown world with the Sri Lanka bombings: >listening to conservative radio station >…[View]
210785367anon thoughts on AUTOADMIT.COM?: seems pretty redpilled, rightwing, and maybe racist www.autoadmit.c…[View]
210783969Who is responsible for anthropogenic cilmate change, anons?[View]
210786112A reminder it's not just Whites that will be exterminated if we lose. Its well known mussies ha…[View]
210755953Tarrant supporters...: 13 year old edge lords? JIDF shills? Israeli kikes? Glow niggers? Neocons? …[View]
210782778do you actually think yang could convince congress to pass a bill that gives americans 1000 a month?…[View]
210785815/bsg/ - Bernie Sanders General: Talk about all things Berniecrat, including campaign strategies, pol…[View]
210786048Verified general: Verified Jew, Dude who sung the song 'Sex and candy' Trying to subvert gentiles on…[View]
210785474TRUST SESSIONS[View]
210784998Big Mike In The House: My stars what an interesting monster[View]
210785951Italian mutt?: Italiano goy does DNA test, comes back 10% mizrahi and 7% ashkenazi, so how mutt are …[View]
210785682The Antichrist will be a girl. We'll meet again, don't know where... Salad fingers[View]
210783040You don't think people actually believe in this and apply it in daily life, do you? You don…[View]
210763872What will happen if Los Angeles is wiped off the map?: How bad would the depression be?[View]
210780045I can't wait to see how /pol/ will defend this[View]
210782440Is /pol/ communist now?: /pol/ has obviously turned left wing, but is it full communist now?[View]
210775297What really is the Alt-Right?: The mainstream media and even online forums seem to lump everything t…[View]
210783188>m-muh economy! who cares if were 30% white why are americans so fucking retarded? is i the mutt …[View]
210785616So this journo bitch Hoda (54) along with her bf (((Joel Schiffman))) (61) adopt a baby girl from so…[View]
210778713>what are we going to do? Turn the other cheek and do not offer an opposition to your oppressor a…[View]
210779209>A council of centralized Jewish leadership that has no documentation or evidence to ever existin…[View]
210770870>Come from rich as fuck family >High school cost £35,000 per year (boarding school) >£15 mi…[View]
210785206these are the unconscious contradictions in everyone's minds today and the future developments …[View]
210781774Anyone else looking forward to the end of this clown world?: Anyone else looking forward to the end …[View]
210784293Help me train fuckers: So over the Easter weekend I've managed to land me a spot on tv arguing …[View]
210783491Internet feminist actually think this comic means their opinions are immune to counter arguments[View]
210784359What are we to do about the beta bux phenomenon? Symptoms: >no family >no significant other …[View]
210781694Easter worshippers: This aggression, like...will not stand, man! Where my easter frens at?[View]
210783584>the greatest Christian he can be is to be celebate and unmarried Why hasn't castration made…[View]
210780372>trump has proven to be just more of the same >voting yang or anyone else is a waste, trump wi…[View]
210776541>videogames in 2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fqc7S-iqzN0[View]
210784603shit (((they))) are onto us: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/may/23/alt-right-online-hum…[View]
210767018Democrats on suicide watch: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1120093671356022785…[View]
210784602The klankening: Any good klanking videos saved friends? I can't find the good old ones I rememb…[View]
210783079When will climate change hysteria end?: I made the mistake of checking CNN, which I do sometimes for…[View]
210784656Jews who hate Gentiles.: Verified Jew, Dude who sung the song 'Sex and candy' Trying to subvert gent…[View]
210784482How fucked are these Baphomet lovers?: >spend the last 10 years openly worshipping the antichrist…[View]
210783206It’s another jews are pushing pedophilia again episode. These sneaky kikes need to be stopped.[View]
210776902just announced he's now got his own tv show to reviews movies and comics, should we feel bad fo…[View]
210765909Stop donating money until this one very specific problem in a very specific place is fixed[View]
210783677Why don't you take the orange pill friends? Why play into the system that seeks to destroy you?[View]
210777422Is Most Holy Family Monastery (VaticanCatholic.com) based?: I feel like Sedevacantism identifies the…[View]
210768675Gotta love how we bash the chinks for having no regard for animal life when we do the exact same shi…[View]
210782355White genocide is nothing but a meme: Why do you believe in this bullshit?[View]
210783867>Christianity isn't a Jewish conspiracy https://m.jpost.com/Blogs/Intellectual-Judaism/The-J…[View]
210783905Whilst Britain struggles to leave the EU it is easy to be ignorant to the issues that caused the wan…[View]
210783324Was the Sri Lanka easter bombing a false flag attack?: https://twitter.com/ErandaGinige/status/11200…[View]
210782711Why is there a stigma against subrbanised moderate minority groups? Had a childhood friend who moved…[View]
210768890Which one is more based, Czechia or Poland?[View]
210770349nigger hate thread[View]
210783382people aren't becoming Atheist because they stumbled upon some universal truth after years of p…[View]
210777408Remember Christchurch? you think we would just stand by and not do anything? Two words: Sri Lanka...…[View]
210781967Amazon Alexa says Jesus is a fictional character. Wake me up when this demonic clown world is over. …[View]
210776383Will Russia help whites form an ethnostate in the US?[View]
210781083If I were a Jew: If I were a Jew, you know what I'd do? I'd flood the catalog just to fuc…[View]
210772260>people starved under communi-: Why are /pol/tards still believing in this meme?[View]
210770753Um... Hmmm...[View]
210780323Hello /pol/ I have a question Is it true that muslims have sex with goats?[View]
210775648Canucks in the states: Weeeeeeew I thought Toronto was bad but NYC is FUCKING disgusting. I've …[View]
210783044Yang Gang: Still the best candidate out there[View]
210778795Whatever happened to this guy?: It seems like at one point, he wanted to blow up half of the Earth.…[View]
210783301Happy Easter Worshipping day[View]
210775705Fat shaming needs to stop: I think that it is time for a Renaissance of the larger women. We have be…[View]
210739326Why do black people commit over 50% of all murders when they are only 13% of the population?[View]
210780691Why doesn't /pol/ care about brown Christians?: How can you call yourself 'based & Christpi…[View]
210781199Why is New York City filled with mexicans niggers pageets and chinks?: What happened to the white ar…[View]
210781077So are we going to war with the Mexicans now?: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/mexican-troop…[View]
210782002>tfw you create a political party that tops the polls a week later heh[View]
210779575Share great Christian art to raise the spirits and enhance our fight: Give me some high quality chri…[View]
210780730Is Sargon of Akkad and Count Dankula The Potential Saviors Of The United Kingdom?: Guys I really thi…[View]
210780232Cunt burnt her 'friend's' hat: What I am seeing is the outpouring of idiocy, ignorance, stupidi…[View]
210782016No group claimed responsibility for Sri Lanka: >>At least 207 people were killed, including do…[View]
210781533What group of people do you believe has caused THE MOST overall damage to humanity? Blacks? Jews? Ho…[View]
210776671>there are people browsing /pol/ RIGHT NOW with IQ's of 150+ who work for massive silicon va…[View]
210779091Is slavic pride a thing?: Im part polish and mostly german. I feel comfy as fuck being proud of the …[View]
210781458Israel is the only country offering aid to the Christian Sri Lankans: Literal kikes care more about …[View]
210780098Being taught at an elementary school near you[View]
210780666If you had to put money on it, who do you think would win the Democratic nomination? I'm split …[View]
210766232Is it time to convert to Islam?: >beards >comfy robes >freedom of religion protects your fr…[View]
210780542I feel a shift in global consciousness: https://twitter.com/omarsuleiman504/status/11195825152225976…[View]
210781857For every faggot communist on this board and in this world who perpetually shouts 'BUT IF WE REMOVE …[View]
210781253yes my goyim: oy vey! This is Mark Zuckerberg. The fact that facebook has huge data centers in Tel A…[View]
210766124>Easter worshippers Cmon Barry[View]
210780613why do racist white liberals harass a hispanic man for simply trying to date? is it because democrat…[View]
210780965what's your excuse?[View]
210776397>Great night of television Anyone else unhappy with the amount of Fox News he watches? https://tw…[View]
210779310a list of some political events that happened 10 years ago (Jan 1 to Apr 17) >Jan 1 Slovakia offi…[View]
210776388Remind me: Why are we celebrating Easter ?[View]
210764571Christchurch avenged: Score:215+ to 50 Us:More muslims inspired to holy war, more “anti islamophobia…[View]
210779567/pol/ humor thread[View]
210781449All the government has ever done for us is control us, oppress us, lie to us, cheat us, regulate us,…[View]
210780140>country is becoming less white and white with every generation >feelsgoodman >all lazy, bl…[View]
210779118Why is communism liberal in the West but conservative in the East?[View]
210771068If the bolsheviks were not white how did they bring down a germanic regime?[View]
210781692Daily reminder that even if you just want to live in the woods alone, the government will show up an…[View]
210772570Notre Dame fire and the massacre at Sri Lanka are karma for all the horrible things Christians have …[View]
210781637Colonial Stockholm Syndrome?: I'm have a paper to write by tomorrow. Can someone help me whip …[View]
210781487>Volodymyr=Voldemort Coincidence, i think not. Did Ukraine get stabbed in the back?…[View]
210781107name a more kino individual[View]
210769733I've just been on the phone to someone. It'll all be over by Wednesday. UKIP are finished.[View]
210781541Happy Easter /pol/: Been years since we've had a nightly Osuary thread. Lets change that.…[View]
2107814911970s thread-pony edition: Any of y'all latchkey kids? Gen X 'Moon landings' Nixon …[View]
210777362NPC Hardware / Operating Systems: We've heard of NPCs, but what Hardware / OS are they running?…[View]
210779904oh no no no: he's getting too cocky lads (((they))) already arrested tommy robinson for doing p…[View]
210781150Red Pill me on Osama Bin Laden: God damn it /pol/ Someone please red pill me on Osama Bin Laden Neve…[View]
210779145what would you guys think if the next hitler is black[View]
210779083How can the west be fixed when it's men are this pathetic?[View]
210779042I need to connect with others like myself. People who actually want to stop the tide of bullshit com…[View]
210776556Is it too late for Ireland? Can it still be saved?[View]
210778651Binge watching Bald and Bankrupt on YouTube made me realize that Russia is the true homeland for whi…[View]
210775143John Roberts Warning: He is going cuck the entire country and join the liberal justices on the 2020 …[View]
210766314how do we end systemic racism?[View]
210775803How many Shills are there?: Tell me anon how many shills are here? What does the shill want? Do you …[View]
210766378Ukraine has now a jew-president and a jew-PM. I hope it is going to serve them right.[View]
210780843Is it time for the right to abandon capitalism?: Why shackle ourselves to a transient economic syste…[View]
210779922Guys, I just got robbed! Im literally SHAKING right now! I went for some beers with some buddies and…[View]
210777230All I wanted to do was post my opinion. MY OPINION. But no, you tacos wanna think it's 'hilario…[View]
210780313What to do when you realize the world you find yourself inhabiting is insane and evil beyond descrip…[View]
210776765'nintendo is pushing a transphobic agenda': https://twitter.com/WarmSafflina/status/1119161232370483…[View]
210778261>think i'm white >come here >fuck off mednigger…[View]
210779299Why did so many members of the transexual community serve in the Wehrmacht & SS?[View]
210755689WE ARE SO CUCKED: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/mexican-troops-drew-weapons-on-american-so…[View]
210772082Toll paid thread: https://nypost.com/2019/04/19/mom-left-unrecognizable-by-attack-as-cops-hunt-ex-bo…[View]
210776917Is there going to be a Carrington event?: >Trump signs executive order to harden electrical grid …[View]
210779837Was Hitler wrong about Islam? He thought it's a good religion (for having a violent warrior-lik…[View]
210775931Even though we’ll never see the Greater Reich ever again and the USA turning to such would take too …[View]
210779912JESUS WAS MUSLIM: I hope you're all aware of this truth on Easter: Jesus 'Christ' was a muslim …[View]
210779632Make Total Destroy: Make Total Destroy podcast >Autistic people are gay, government perpetuates c…[View]
210780109400 Christian people dead: Do you think this will actually take out Christianity in these areas (Tur…[View]
210777323Why do White Christians Males hate Easter Worshippers?[View]
210779828How long has the slippery slope of soi been going on. It’s been going on much longer then the past c…[View]
210780014Is there a place in this world I can nope off to and not deal with politics?: Im sick and tired of o…[View]
210780075Potential Plan: So these things are very simple devices that work on a very basic principal. On the …[View]
210779704Is Head & Shoulders our brand? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEgWQf7__Uk[View]
210772707NINA KOUPRIANOVA: Is there any new news about Nina Kouprianova, the wife of Richard Spencer who accu…[View]
210776872'None of this is theoretical for me. I didn’t see Afghanistan on the news, I saw it through the armo…[View]
210779932Cripplechan edge lords raiding /pol/ because Easter and reasons: Why are they so insecure about thei…[View]
210768407pagans of /pol/: you guys should ally with the jews in destroying christianity, you're both rea…[View]
210776877Based and Islam pilled[View]
210765809Why do you hate us?: What is with all the canuck hate? Anytime I post anything even if it's red…[View]
210762567What’s the best and worst North East State?: Well?[View]
210770905I call upon all Georgians to mass migrate to Sweden: There's only like 1800 Georgians in Sweden…[View]
210778205jewish historians think we should rebuild the notre dame as a multicultural symbol to make up for wh…[View]
210779779Based political party?: What does Australia think of Citizens Electoral Council? They were attacked …[View]
210777423The cool thing about the Holocaust is that it didn't even happen on their home turf.[View]
210778242Well /pol: “Why, when in China, India, Mesopotamia and on the Mediterranean coasts and islands, men …[View]
210779326If black people are similar to monkeys why are monkeys hair closer to that of Europeans and not pube…[View]
210779722'It wasn't a lie, it was my imagination. And I know it's not real, but in my imagination, …[View]
210772900Is it legal in the United States for a company to state that they will not hire transgendered people…[View]
210775799The glorious return of Ebola-Chan: Rejoice, as Ebola-chan has returned at last, and is beginning to …[View]
210775029CLOWN WORLD GENERAL /CWG/ - IT'S HONKENING: >Thread Purpose: Share & Discuss clown world…[View]
210778381>(((harlitz-kern))) They truly have no fucking shame[View]
210778878Why does /pol/ pretend to be redpilled but support kikeslaves like trump?: Trump literally sucks jew…[View]
210777106Happy Easter! Steven Anderson livestream https://youtu.be/2Wd97EvKnoI[View]
210777786Why do fags still get AIDS: Everyone knows you can prevent it with condoms, why would anyone willing…[View]
210772505Notre Dame funds must go to africa instead: The liberal bug men seem to think that the Notre Dame re…[View]
210769631Find a more niggerish looking politician.[View]
210779077Why cant the jews just stop being greedy material grabbers. Why do they have to try to control every…[View]
210775869So..: Did u guys resurrect hitler or wut?[View]
210767259Backfire warning label: A warning label showing a chink being gassed, especially when they could get…[View]
210768083Happy easter - payback on the jews: Death to Israel . They killed jesus They did 911 They gave us e…[View]
2107771794chan//pol/ censorship.: Which countries are not allowed to access 4chan?[View]
210778947damn it feels good to be a muslim right about now.[View]
210775570Halp: I need a redpilled community of Christian Identitarians irl. /pol/ has too many kikes. Family …[View]
210777644Pete Buttigieg: How do you pronounce this guy's last name, again?[View]
210774172Destiny saving young people from the sick and disturbing alt right world. When will you wake up and …[View]
210777686Swiss dual citizenship: Hello there, recently my mom and I have been looking at pictures of Switzerl…[View]
210778876I am Korean: And I am white. Koreans are white Arab monkies, iberian monkies Brown poo niggers wo…[View]
210778872Hey /pol/ rate my family!: was wundereng wat it iz like in amedica and thought mayb you pepol my lik…[View]
210778405Now It’s Personal: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxnews.com/world/sri-lanka-church-hotel-massacr…[View]
210777236It's hard to believe in the people That are suppose to be keeping us safe and strong. They are …[View]
210757489who is the queen of /pol/?[View]
210772538How sensitive is the jew to the subversion of its subversion campaigns?: Are jews adept at picking u…[View]
210773534SRI LANKA ATTACK DONE BY SPECIAL AGENTS: https://www.rt.com/news/457176-intelligence-letter-sri-lank…[View]
210772606Did Justin Beiber betray Christian people?: With this climate change hoax song[View]
210777930>white guy shoots up a mosque in NZ >non-stop coverage for days >Muslim kills a few hundred…[View]
210778438Not even twitter normies are falling for (their))) SJW crap anymore.[View]
210750124Why do men age better than women?[View]
210778238ITT: We create a new religion to replace Christianity: I'll start: > Race and State are one …[View]
210777016The Republicans who support Trump are nothing but treasonous traitors.[View]
210775165Wtf does a n*gger doctor know about real estate?[View]
210758271Armed Mexican troops disarmed two United States soldiers while they were on the American side of the…[View]
210775770>what are we going to do?[View]
210777947Political Compass Rap: What does /pol/ think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mPazYL5Nks…[View]
210769151/SURF GANG/: This strikes fear in the heart of - (((establishment Democrats))) - (((establishment Re…[View]
210771223The 2019 'World Press Freedom' Ranking is out. The US has turned orange because drumpf is a big mean…[View]
210752630> Sweden apparently. Why are western whites so fucking cucked. If this happened in Russia or any…[View]
210775352Democrats scared to call Easter a Christian holiday: >Easter worshippers…[View]
210774478do you support eliminating the billionaire class? pretty red-pilled idea tbqh. most billionaires are…[View]
210774738>hey son how is the white ethnostate doing[View]
210775656>and this is my sons room, he’s really interested in politics and tells me about this website he …[View]
210777858Decisions are for a reason: Has anybody ever looked into why these Jews were denied entry? I mean if…[View]
210773928Why couldn't they just answer the question?: A US chemistry professor has been put on leave for…[View]
210775549Jews: the biggest threat to free speech on social media today: Cast your vote in the poll: https://t…[View]
210775783The Blacklist s4e3: the djinn >>they could have killed you! >for being gay. They-re so homo…[View]
210773498Pete Buttigieg compares Bernie to Trump: http://archive.is/CE71p[View]
210774286Is living a muslim country unironically better than the West?: I havent been to one, but a lot of mu…[View]
210777092Should illegal immigrants be allowed to interfere in our elections?[View]
210774066I think there's a final solution: Shit like this is getting absolutely ridiculous. It gotten to…[View]
210775138We all the same: People can't tell bible from quran We all abrahmics. We all the same[View]
210765087Red pill me on the Czech Republic as a viable country to move to in order to escape the illegal alie…[View]
210773635White Privilege Appreciation Thread: >I love being white[View]
210777116“To all who celebrate today, happy Easter from our family to yours! On this day of rebirth and renew…[View]
210770941autism thread - print news edition: I found a misplaced comma in a WSJ OP-ed article[View]
210775843post yfw the first casualty of the American Revolution was a mulatto[View]
210776520Putin is a Zionist: Putin came to the rescue of the Assad family who did not fire a single bullet ag…[View]
210776928Are the 10 Commandments and Ben-Hurr from the 50s Jewish propaganda? Just wondering.[View]
210776715Is there a bigger joke of a country?[View]
210775480Christianity unified europe goyim!: There was just a shitload of dead people after it became the com…[View]
210772567Based Lithuania: >Standing on the tarmac in the yard was a fair haired young man of around 25. He…[View]
210770110Brit/pol/ - Goodnight UKIP edition: links https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAONMYnkh4o [Embed]…[View]
210770108Notre Dame donations anger French yellow vests: >Demonstrators criticise donations by billionaire…[View]
210767164UKIP candidate: 'It's okay to joke about rape': https://news.sky.com/video/ukip-candi…[View]
210775546Help wake this MIGA boomer up >where are you Trump? >why aren't you helping us on the bor…[View]
210774410https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxE_UUrbMNA Wow, I never thought about it that way. Our alliance wit…[View]
210776373Why don't your Easter wishes look like this on twitter, /pol/?: https://twitter.com/PungentHeeb…[View]
210773765Ban Islam while we can[View]
210771580>drained the swamp in under 8 years why is the chinese better at everything?…[View]
210771613Millenials/Fur babies/doggie day cares/: Why are millennials this retarded? I feel retarded because …[View]
210772555True racism, even though it holds that the White race is superior, also holds that the other races a…[View]
210761758>Wah, white men are so oppressed! **sniffs** Please tell me more about how hard it is to be a whi…[View]
210773147Real World happiness map: True happiness index should be based on suicide rates instead of a 'forced…[View]
210772207daily reminder that the finno-ugric age of humanity is nearly dawning upon us get ready for a unprec…[View]
210742773/POL/ humour thread[View]
210769049Thou Shalt Not Kill: Happy Easter, pol[View]
210773188miriam elder, jewish buzzfeed journalist offended trump isn't outraged enough about the brown c…[View]
210773281Translation: HAPPY SUNDAY OF RESURRECTION We celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, a …[View]
210773802Christians and Pagans of /pol/, do you not see that they have divided you and as a result conquered …[View]
210772875Massacure in Bejing: Today is 4/22/19, this marks the 10,914 day since the Tiananmen Square protests…[View]
210772569ITT: We make /pol/ themed Nightmare Fuel: 'sup /pol/. I'm the same OP who posted the Night…[View]
210775552The Jews are human equivalent of the fallen angel. They were once the vanguards of morality, justice…[View]
210775871We love the world. It is our planet. We love the world. It is our home.[View]
210773440Holy fucking shit my nigger,: it's cute white girls all the way down!!![View]
210775572Whitoid discussion: It honestly feels good to be black in 2019. The majority of whitoids in America …[View]
210775373https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuW0a8rtX1w BEYTA male desTINY destroyed by based boomer with STATIS…[View]
210757361These are today’s medical students What’s wrong here? Also general decline thread[View]
210773993#BernieOrBust: I sat out 2016 because we got screwed on healthcare by establishment Democrats, and i…[View]
210773357Big Brother: jetBlue edition: Orwell was right, godspeed anons. https://www.theverge.com/2017/4/18/…[View]
210772630There Are Two Options Left At This Point: Reminder that if you didn't go to church today you ar…[View]
210772204Is the modern soi a greater threat than even jews niggers feminism etc they hate themselves willing …[View]
210767323What ever happened to anthrax envelopes?[View]
210774564An Easter Message from Israel: >we killed Jesus >fuck your mother >you Nazi >fuck you ht…[View]
210773862What was it he did wrong exactly?[View]
210758557Bootlickers will defend this. #JusticeForLucca https://mobile.twitter.com/TalbertSwan/status/1119612…[View]
210766587Uhh guys, what is happening in Spain? A friend of mine just sent me this picture from today.[View]
210774521(Baby)Boomer hate thread: When did you realize that infinite population growth is a ponzi scheme by …[View]
210773830Working on my memes[View]
210761556As an american: Why should I care if europe gets invaded by africans? If anything I should be cheeri…[View]
210770501Happy Easter!: What are you thankful for /Pol/? I'm thankful for my beautiful son and the secon…[View]
210774993Why are niggers so disgusting? How can someone even argue that they don't look like monkeys?[View]
210773849politics: Is there any chance of taking back chokers? They used to be worn by damsels. Then a couple…[View]
210774639Real journalists have become very rare[View]
210770234A God Shaped Hole: >I hate Christianity >I hate Islam >I hate Judaism >I hate Paganism …[View]
210759826Which country deserves the title of most fucked nation?[View]
210773432I want to believe[View]
210769641based China making yuri babies real!!![View]
210771528Even poojeets think Jesus was white lmao[View]
210774659hey anons, what do you guys think about a firearms license being implemented? keeps guns out of the …[View]
210761158/JBND/-Jews burned Notre Dame General #3: The purpose of this thread is to investigate happenings su…[View]
210774590NAFRI HATE THREAD: Why do nafris larp as arabs ? Are they too ashamed of being mulattoes ?[View]
210772279really makes you think: >zizek's wife >feminine >nice jugs >peterson's wife …[View]
210773775Are white people actually superior?: If white people are supposed to be superior race, why are they …[View]
210774462Because of course the Jews have to take over all of our hobbies. God fucking dammit! Is nothing sacr…[View]
210770908Bad Holy Weeek: >Notre Dame incinerated >IRA extremists kill journo >10th anniversary of Co…[View]
210767157Hey US citizens, Ludlow Massacre 卢迪奥大屠杀, The Three-Fifths Clause of the Declaration of Independence…[View]
210772627>Jesus Saves[View]
210772537Why do all the shooting games come from America? You think they would be able to go outside and have…[View]
210772324I’ve decided to go with the left pol because it bring me more happiness compared to worrying about w…[View]
210768873Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky wins Ukrainian presidential election >Volodymyr Zelensky, a comedian …[View]
210765942Race war: Rhodesia, somalia, niger etc. are proof that whites would lose a race war to blacks.…[View]
210770146There are over 141,000,000 people living on the island of Java in Indonesia. For comparison, about 1…[View]
210755166Dan Bongino is Italian!: He claims he's not black, only Italian. https://twitter.com/dbongino/s…[View]
210752487Does anyone else think that Christianity has made Europeans too merciful and even weak and we would …[View]
210774074All right faggots, where are we with Counter-LeBoof operations currently? Where is the flag, and how…[View]
210773833I've never seen anything so dark as the communism before. Even back when this board was a Nazi …[View]
210773223Just making sure really quick here guys, that you do in fact realize, that the only difference betwe…[View]
210773654can you feel it?[View]
210762228Lgbt hate thread https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/california-city-council-to-surround-local-chick-f…[View]
210773502Is there a push to keep the young, socially awkward, and sexually frustrated white male out of IT, o…[View]
210765234A brilliant idea: What if /pol/ make the icons like the bird of Twitter a hate symbol and make (((th…[View]
210760247Please explain the Jews run everything theory...: Can someone either articulate how the Jews run eve…[View]
210768557“The Right is full of hate and violence”: >”The Right is intolerent to people and their ideas” …[View]
210758672Imagine a world without religions...[View]
210768489Trump 2020?[View]
210748362yikes https://dump.video/i/fOk3Ag.mp4[View]
210768140Honk Honk: I was thinking a similar to IOTBW. I saw a tweet with honkler stickers and thought it can…[View]
210767354The bible isnt white: when they say the bible is a white religion but 99.9% of the stories in it tak…[View]
210771748kids bit the crap out of kek: Welcome to Poland https://wiadomosci.wp.pl/wielkanoc-2019-pruchnik-osa…[View]
210773087Gypsy hate thread I don't really hate anyone by skin colour or whatever shit, I'm cool wit…[View]
210759863Come to Russia as this guy from Texas did: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmcmutLPphQ really based …[View]
210770647(((They))) took down the mosque shooting video: Dead link: https://my.mixtape.moe/ecpjxt.mp4 Do you …[View]
210771674Based Papua New Guinea: >Extremely diverse wildlife, possibly thousands of undiscovered species i…[View]
210771126are suicide bombers degenerate?[View]
210770465Why does it feel like JFK was the last American president to come across as a sort of classy statesm…[View]
210757869i'm pretty sure american english makes people dumb: because you think with a language thats wh…[View]
210770498Is there anything worse than white people who convert to islam? In my opinion they are the lowest f…[View]
210768337>all these retards claiming the Jews set Notre-Dame on fire You idiots realize that there's …[View]
210769529Yang is growing...: https://twitter.com/AndrewYang/status/1119949440758972418[View]
210772645Retribution for Donar's Oak has finally come for the Christians. It has not been merciful and i…[View]
210770603Jews on /pol/ radicalized me: I used to be a Zionist until I came to /pol/ and saw all of the JIDF p…[View]
210756382What is an average day in Norway like?[View]
210772047REPENT: Change your mind This is everything I have,once they are gone they are gone. https://streama…[View]
210769720There is a war against Christendom and our culture and we are being erased from existence. Pray for …[View]
210767046>be me >wonder why the board is so slow today >look up if anything is happening today >i…[View]
210771581Daily reminder that after the Nationalist Revolution feet fetishists will be gassed along with black…[View]
210772116Mercy or No Mercy: ZOG of America is overthrown by nationalists and patriots. They use Military to f…[View]
210772061MKULTRA Thread: Hollywood Brainwashing: Hey Conspiratards........ I'm rather lacking on resourc…[View]
210762415How true is this?[View]
210772032Tick tock, Maoists You cannot avoid the problem which will happen inside your country.[View]
210765970https://youtu.be/YgUzVQw9gbM *breathes in* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... hihi.[View]
210770409Avenging Sri lanka: Atheists, pagans, christains, Cthulhu cultists... Lets put our diffrences aside.…[View]
210771836Such a Civilized Culture truly was the reason for the golden age, not the stolen boos.: https://www.…[View]
210771136The Future and Apocalypse Thread: Islam is a the world's most violent and growing religion, it…[View]
210764901SPANISH ELECTIONS 2019 THREAD: SPANISH ELECTIONS COMING UP VERY SOON what party would you vote?…[View]
210741272>ACTUALLY anon, you *should* let your five year old son take female hormones and become a girl ht…[View]
210740034Why do men refuse to take accountability for their sexual promiscuity?[View]
210751252ITT - Clown Words: >white privilege[View]
210764298friendly reminder that Russia is going to be the last white country on the planet: And you should be…[View]
210770602Notre Dame = Terrorism: Over 2000 Churches Desecrated Last Two Years >Most important Church in Fr…[View]
210770673Being a billionaire is IMMORAL: There should be a limit to how much wealth a single person can accum…[View]
210768397Axios: US opposes War With Iran: https://amp.axios.com/pompeo-opposes-iran-military-intervention-bol…[View]
210743952this is a top mod on /r/chapotraphouse, these are the people calling you a nazi incel[View]
210761928GOOD OL NUKE THREAD: You get five 10~ megaton nuclear weapons to detonate in 5 cities across the glo…[View]
210771427Why are Americans overworked even if they're in a mid-paying job? Growing up with a mother that…[View]
210770597Reminder to /pol/acks and newfags that kikes hate Christians so much that they refuse to even say Ch…[View]
210766270Who are these 'easter worshippers'? is this a new religion?[View]
210771332>go to the store to buy some food cause hungry >sees a non white person as im walking to the s…[View]
210769472/RAPE/ reparations and payment expeditions general-One for Georgetown edition: Hello brothers how fa…[View]
210749518brit/po - editon: links https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAONMYnkh4o[View]
210763141the big 3: Which of them has contributed most to the world?[View]
210768267Why America is a developing nation: $7.25 minimum wage, little to no regulations on corporations, no…[View]
210770860Is this subversive?[View]
210770885Can you help me to see the pattern, pol[View]
210768665/pol/ music thread: Was GG allin /ourguy/ lads?I for one think he perfectly emphasizedthe nihilisti …[View]
210770613Nazism was a conspiracy by homosexuals and transexuals to destroy Christian and conservative institu…[View]
210770786Why are people so stupid: Ever since I was young I could see that Africa, Detroit, Haiti, and many o…[View]
210751507Notre Dame Fire was a Catalyst: The last week the PC tweets are getting more and more bizarre, it st…[View]
210769018Hunger: thank God for it: Were it not for based famine, there'd be even more niggers on the wor…[View]
210769253Grug talk to new longnose shaman >'rabbi yeshua is true sky man. grug's sky man is bad. pray…[View]
2107686861700 Videos that Expose Jews: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/white-genocide/[View]
210770002Watch this. Remember what they took from you. We could all have this. https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
210745932Gender appropriation. Fags btfo.[View]
210769890Tell me about your proud heritage, /pol/ >Emigrated from Wiltshire, England to Boston in early 16…[View]
210767912America's Opioid Epidemic was Maliciously Manufactured by Kikes: https://www.bitchute.com/video…[View]
210761944unironically enough i've noticed less canadian posters on here. can you guys provide insight in…[View]
210765673Would the world be a better place if everyone were like the average user of pol?[View]
210770216There is no way Christianity is Jewish. The morals of the bible are completely different from the mo…[View]
210767006american culture is worth preserving.[View]
210767525This is what owns Youtube.com? Now I get why they censor the truth![View]
210769998>>113276921 i haven't noticed any extra love redemption and renewal today. seems like a n…[View]
210762089>Be me >Be in Sweden in my Grandparents' house in Bunkeflo close to Malmö >Have been i…[View]
210769928Do you realize that bad guys won the WWII?[View]
210764993Hegelian philosopher BTFO pop psychologist.: Why is this a surprise? Intellectually, academically, i…[View]
210740073Why is there no guidance for young men?: When I was young I was told just be yourself, 30 is the new…[View]
210762000Why did /pol/ turn its back on bitcoin and the other cybercoins?[View]
210768313AHEM ... FUCK JEWS ..payback on the jews: The following is a ps announcement Death to Israel . They …[View]
210767209Is she right, /pol/?: Is it time to shut down the prisons? She points out that Spain - which has an …[View]
210712750AFTERMATH: Zizek vs. Peterson: Žižek managed to provide a thoughtful critique of Peterson's 'se…[View]
210764819Low balling: Why is it when you try to sell something in Clown World, people (especially boomers) tr…[View]
210761665/pol/ we need to fucking talk: So let me get this straight /pol/ when the left over reacts to someth…[View]
210769546Are you /pol/ nazi fags all socialists?[View]
210761873White boys BTFO: Travis Scott in European “”GOT”” inspired chainmail. First niggers are becoming cow…[View]
210766939Indiana: Is indiana a good place to live And if so why I know its a white Republican stronghold but …[View]
210767743Never forget lads: Never forget pearl harbor!!! Fuck the Japanese god Damn gooks[View]
210767812No more nigger voices: I hate niggers. So do you. It goes without saying. But, what I really hate, m…[View]
210762759Global beauty standard: How do non-whites cope with the fact that white skin, blonde hair, and blue/…[View]
210768173I will never forgive my parents for putting me into a world where women always reject me and treat m…[View]
210766180Why did Hitler initiate the Night of Long Knives?[View]
210768892What did he mean by this?[View]
210766663confess /pol/[View]
210749869The Greater Romania: > Who would benefit the most? > Who would suffer the most? > Is this e…[View]
210732469Will Millennials finally own a house in their 70s?[View]
210769014Want to know -- Just Ask!: Easy is best. Easiest way to get info -- Just Ask It works wonders. So if…[View]
210768218Toll paid in full. Remember kids: with jews you lose. Who lets their wife act in a movie called let…[View]
210768737Why won’t trump just be fucking impeached already REEEEEE[View]
210762981Portland Community College is Guilty of White Genocide: Watch it - https://www.bitchute.com/video/m2…[View]
210761781Anon,: >I know you like to joke about hitler and ICE >but you don't actually want to remo…[View]
210768830So all you smart peeps know that new Ukraine President is obviously just Oligarch's puppet. If …[View]
210759585Would Jesus be allowed into the ethno-state?[View]
210768788i don't remember seeing anyone planning this here they're just basically doing our job for…[View]
210766529Poacher killed by elephant then eaten by lions: >A suspected rhino poacher has been trampled on b…[View]
210768784Props and Evasions -- We have NO debt to any Movement or Party: One thing to consider before crying …[View]
210768774Do Basedbeans really make white people faggots?[View]
210768760Girls are bad at video games. I also think a girl's ability to play video games well is based o…[View]
210768290#GOP no FIGHT; #Democrats are Traitors | Whites NEED LEADERS: Title says it all -- stop following th…[View]
210766992Leftist plus Liberal: What you guys are referring to as Liberal, is in fact, Leftist/Liberal, or as …[View]
210768480Mortal Kombat! BASED: Black man saves the Mayan race from Extinction TAKE THAT Colonizer FUCK THE RI…[View]
210768553Screaming in panic thread: Don't feel the need to reply to this thread. I just need a familiar …[View]
210764415Never forget, never forgive. This was a symbolic destruction of the heart of Europe.[View]
210757473This is so refreshing. Republicans putting their country first instead of their corrupt party.[View]
210757753Why do we even need men?[View]
210765076Meme ball/Thumbie Thread: Sri Lankans all look like niggers so it's nothing of value lost editi…[View]
210768154I'm French....: i never thinked about wanting my country to burn...and now i honk, what a party…[View]
210763517It's over .[View]
210765762>black people rule the music indust- Whites won again! Dont believe jewish lies…[View]
210766335John Roberts: He's going to cuck the country and join the liberal justices on the 2020 census c…[View]
210701823ANTI-CHRISTCUCK GENERAL - /ACG/: You cannot defeat the Jews by prostrating before their tribal volca…[View]
210762834White privilege in a nutshell: This image sums up white privilege pretty well.[View]
210766389why aren't you voting for tulsi gabbard?[View]
210764139We always hear talk of a white ethnostate but i propose we make a fit ethnostate. hear me out before…[View]
210747208East Germany: Ok fellow krauts hear up, we all want these territories back, but we need a solid plan…[View]
210767632Will American pop culture ever be dominated by whites again?: All I see is nigger music, multi-culti…[View]
210767615Well my job is complete, we have achieved complete orthodoxy in our opposition to Christianity and a…[View]
210766176why is /pol/ so obsessed over what others do with their lives?: Just set your own goals for life. Yo…[View]
210765402If Christianity is some jewish plot to destroy white race, why are Christian Russia, Poland, Greece …[View]
210763730Folk music: Who has some great folk music. It just occurred to me that one way of identifying people…[View]
210767306Dindu Nuffin: Is every police shooting ending in a chimpout now? They want justice https://www.wfsb.…[View]
210749472How do I convince my girlfriend to have children?: It's very important to have at least 3 child…[View]
210760915Why do leftists fear the flat tax?: If anything the first 50,000-500,000 in income should be tax fre…[View]
210763554Leafs will defend this: On the holiest day for Christians and Catholics.[View]
210763498remind me again why i'm supposed to hate china[View]
210750955FUCKED: Fellow Englishmen. What do you propose we do to combat the increase in islamification of our…[View]
210745574Jews love to mock Christians to their face: I see this type of stuff everywhere, not just in jew-mad…[View]
210748157Why was Mecca never the target of any attack in the past ? there is literally no other place on ear…[View]
210765910God hate Romanism: The Roman Empire was a mighty force but it was not good in the eyes of God and th…[View]
210764680What would you lads do if UBI came to your countries? I'd definitely move to a rural area with …[View]
210748953Jesus was good, not nice: thread devoted to pre-20th century representations of Christ in art. Happ…[View]
210764152207 Sri Lankan Christians[View]
210758014Best President ever.[View]
210764162We need to stop all this radical muslims in our country: For a long time Muslims has flooded the UK.…[View]
210767074>immigrants and refugees are scum and not productive! >Terrence Malik (Arabic: تيرينس ماليك) i…[View]
210753331KPOP NEEDS TO BE STOPPED: I don't really know what it is and I'm not much into chink shit …[View]
210766198A.I: I have spent the last year or so researching and learning as much as I can about Artificial int…[View]
210752133Canada is Collapsing - What You can Get for the Cost of a Canadian Steak Edition: To show how bad th…[View]
210766904Steven Anderson goes hard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlZVyJZGowc&list=PLJykg8KQde3vQH-C87f…[View]
210765292Can any European/Canadian anons tell us about the 'Order of the Solar Temple,' especially the group…[View]
210761359The original Arabs were Blacks.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggLEQvpkSeU We used to be the only …[View]
210766497When will society learn if they want to stop (most) mass shootings they have to improve their shit?[View]
210766495why do jews have the most annoying voices?: If you wanted to deliberately be an annoying irritating …[View]
210759872Should the ADL and SPLC be considered terrorist organizations?[View]
210752553What are movies that have put your view of the world, politics, human behaviour and life in a new pe…[View]
210762600Christians win.: >' And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of…[View]
210766191>Stop beeing racist we dont know who it was https://twitter.com/Imamofpeace/status/11200355034688…[View]
210766405This is everything I have,once they are gone they are gone. https://streamable.com/kgllf https://str…[View]
210766208Why is the attack in sri lanka a sticky? Don't hundreds of people die monthly to terrorist atta…[View]
210764724History keeps repeating and repeating. Are we stuck in timeloop?[View]
210765535So I’m just going to admit the obvious, there is no stopping the inevitable. There is no stopping th…[View]
210764045Marxist niggers ruining white elderly mans life: Why is it okay for marxist niggers to make threats …[View]
210753835Why don't we meme the term POC into meaning 'picker of cotton'?[View]
210766139My friend is starting a call in live stream on YouTube at 6:50 PM if any of you wanna join in and tr…[View]
210766241They use the high moral ground: to excuse themselves of criminal negligence. 'Don't be angry. L…[View]
210764691The denial that there are modern prophets: It seems like there has been a campaign to rid us of the …[View]
210739952Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Frohe Ostern Edition II: >upcoming elections EU nuthouse + Bremen:…[View]
210761430Are the Amish and Mennonites the true inheritors of white America?: Was reading a book by called whi…[View]
210755736Jesus was the most successful jew in history. He convinced the entierity of western civilization tha…[View]
210759462No cutdicks will be allowed in the ethnostate: you're all slaves of jews anyways so fuck off…[View]
210764683>hurdur stupid angry white man Why shouldn’t white men be angry? White men are being displaced i…[View]
210765289Rhodesia the reality[View]
210765721Please somebody say I’m innocent FBI, NSA, Coast Guard....anybody! Do something![View]
210764718Is Christianity to blame for the emasculation of men and the destruction of the West? >men can on…[View]
210761374How did you spend your extra penny?: Trump’s Tax Cuts Gave Average Workers An Extra PENNY Last Year …[View]
210725973How do we address the problem of Race-mixing?[View]
210765420Deserts for work: /pol/ I need to bring deserts to a work function and thinking about a few boxes of…[View]
210755004Legalization of pedophilia is coming close: How does this make you feel /pol/?[View]
210765472Is the 'War on White Supremacy', at least ideologically, similar to the other 'War on X things' (Pov…[View]
210762650why can't we have world peace?[View]
210760844It was all UK's Fault: >Mosley gets elected >Germany, Italy and Spain already facist, bec…[View]
210765321>mfw Trump wins because of economy focused voters >mfw commies world-wide still assblasted Tru…[View]
210761392Why do whites hate to give us credit for building america?: I notice one thing that makes white peop…[View]
210765219Degenerate Art Collecting Kikes Kill Kids with Oxy: The Sackler family, who have made billions poiso…[View]
210753224Will she become president one day?: And, more importantly, will she force me to be her sex slave?…[View]
210744327Independent State of Croatia: So yeah, they were awesome, helped germans and killed the biggest scum…[View]
210763674imagine killing yourself and a bunch of innocent people because you are that fucking horny for 72 vi…[View]
210765055GUYS 7 DAY PEAK WAS A MEME Stop masturbating completely, it goes down at 7 days because thats when a…[View]
210763984Glow in the dark thread: What have the Kikes been up to lately?[View]
210764974White pill: >when they could bury you tomorrow but realize that their time is inevitably coming…[View]
210764911open borders: https://twitter.com/Fake_Ljaschko/status/1119931224049553409[View]
210758727Sri Lanka: Who really did it? It it true that there have been tensions between the Buddhist and majo…[View]
210762756anyone have footage of the nz shooting? pls[View]
210762201Anyone know why the spike?: The spike started mid december[View]
210764815Just wondering: Is humanity due for a mass extinction any time soon? Honestly it's just the sam…[View]
210762468So this is what you guys meant by 'clown world'[View]
210763201Andrew Yang on Ben Shapiro: Does anyone have the final segment where Ben and Yang talk about Race. T…[View]
210762543Is it fair to say that the vast majority of high-level soccer/football players are basically fit, mi…[View]
210764461HELLO 911?!?!?: there seems to be a Pencil Neck on mah screeen[View]
210764175Why aren't we rooting for the african invasion of europe: The keks would be endless >claims …[View]
210754211White man murdered by 5 blacks: Why is this not on the news? Can you imagine if the races were rever…[View]
210763365I want you to stop what you're doing and tell me in simple, detailed, and precise English how t…[View]
210759805Would it have been pulled if it were the same scenario with the sexes reversed?[View]
210764464/pol/ influence (mostly in America but europes feel free to comment as well): Others feel free to di…[View]
210763168is america even that great?[View]
210743219Rational wiki: Let's play a game: Find the worst rationalwiki article you can find and try not …[View]
210754475éire/pol/ marches edition: links in 20 mins[View]
210762364Why is their a concerted effort to push pol into Luciferianism by way of Jew hate?: Cant be the only…[View]
210758568Would /pol/ be okay with this future? It seems to be where we're headed[View]
210761398wait aint trans people the most sexiest people there is? they are the ones defining what it means to…[View]
210761847Canada: I hope one day the 'legacy' of Justin and Pierre Trudeau goes down in the history books in a…[View]
210758166Really activates the almonds: This just in! Sri Lankan tragedy is due to an electrical malfunction. …[View]
210764234California teen girl Alora Benitez goes missing with two murder suspects. > Authorities in Califo…[View]
210758164He's right you know.[View]
210762541Rolf Harris' private investigator digs up dirt on victims.: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/ar…[View]
210752362Paganism is a mental illness[View]
210763347Find This Post: I come to you /pol/ to enlist your aid. High and low i have searched, seemingly in v…[View]
210764114Who was in the wrong here?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgS0KgT5APc[View]
210763297Did you know that Kevin Macdonalds had his books published by Jews / CIA?[View]
210763755Is the increasing discussion of Christianity from a lapsed society a sign that the end times are in …[View]
210756461Trump is leading a global attack against central banks. It could end in disaster.: What does this me…[View]
210760003I'll break it down for you brainlets: I know you all are a little slow, so you can look at the …[View]
210763882Anyone else planning on emigrating when Cristina gets reelected and we get peronism forever?[View]
210744374Reminder: /pol/ is a White Ecologist board: For a white environment.[View]
210747402Reminder: Christians are not White. They are race traitors.: https://www.raptim.org/35-faith-based-o…[View]
210728114OFFICIAL GERMANIC RACES RANKING: GOD TIER: Dutch, Danes GOOD TIER: Anglos, Austrians, Swiss Germans …[View]
210761102Imagine being christian[View]
210763151Why are the kikes working overtime on antichristian shilling today?[View]
210762428Moscow can’t cope.: Putin shills sure are salty over this holoclown election. Kremlin totally BTFO. …[View]
210761723He just wanted to play Vidya[View]
210756303White People Vote: >Backlash from shitskins >'White people shouldn't vote' >Left wing …[View]
210739570Take your pick Pol[View]
210762881Russian lawyer at Trump Tower meeting denied offering dirt on Clinton: The Russian lawyer, Natalia V…[View]
210732813Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky wins Ukrainian Presidential Election: >Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky, w…[View]
210758560Why do niggers refer to each other as dogs?: Dogs = niggers Niggers = dogs[View]
210725080Im more anti-islam than anything else: niggers are bad and I dont want them in my society, but if I …[View]
210748806>this is the guy who calls you a basedboy online[View]
210758720I am furious.: My university will on Tuesday have a safe space for MUSLIMS after the terrorist attac…[View]
210763376The assasination of Edgar perez.: Who killed Police chief Edgar Perez? Edgar Perez was the Chihuahua…[View]
210758698POL BTFO!!!!!!!!!: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/20/us/mueller-report-seth-rich-assange.html >S…[View]
210760366>Christchurch >notre dame >sri lanka Is it finally starting?…[View]
210752363Survivor movement: Hello, I’m a part of a newly formed organization at my university to advocate fo…[View]
210763228when you reach bezos level do you get you personal CIA handle & meetings with the head of the CI…[View]
210760139https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4YfPbvL9Gk Putin wants to preserve the white race. Why don't w…[View]
210762248Alternate History: mfw some people still believe hitler actually killed himself[View]
210756561This is Hegel, big influence for Marxists, non-Marxists like Slavoj Žižek and liberals like Jordan P…[View]
210732295Crowd in Poland burns Judas effigy, kikes then proceed to kvetcj: As Christians mark the crucifixion…[View]
210761491So is anybody going to question him about this or do we not care about unsolved murders now?[View]
210762633Can we get a beaner hate thread going[View]
210763011However, crusades against northern pagans were authorized by Pope Alexander III in the bull Non paru…[View]
210721996what country you want if you reborn?[View]
210762605Do you guys want to do this with me: So I was bored today and tweeted at the pope a question and tho…[View]
210757134Don't believe the clown meme: Something big is going on. You have now amateur video of men cut…[View]
210759465New America: Who would like to see a change of borders in order to consolidate power?[View]
210758967>A game show host in America. >A comedian and a chocolatier ran for presidency in Ukraine. …[View]
210760912mark of the idiot: /pol/ when will we start the trend of shaming those with tattoos?[View]
210761093He has arisen! The eternal Lord and King of /pol/, Hallelujah! Bless His name and Glory to God![View]
210760812Why is shit like this so prevalent in our capitalist society?[View]
210760898It was done by the jews...: >9/11 done by the Jews Israelis caught celebrating 'first plane strik…[View]
21076244860 Minutes: RUSSIA![View]
210759643Will a Nigger ever be President of America again?: After Obama's disastrous term, do you think …[View]
210756722Can anyone here defend the atrocity of the Native American Genocide?: The settlers wiped out the nat…[View]
210759581How does one find God? Does one need to witness a miracle?[View]
210753159The elite orchistrated a global attack against christians today: Look at this guys. They even refuse…[View]
210759599What the fuck is going on in the world? Let's try to keep it somewhat civil, no meme answer lik…[View]
210758303So when are based christians and muslims stave off the the liberal hegemony?: The moral decay and th…[View]
210760230Second Fascist Wave: Ever since the destruction of Germany in 1945 Fascism has gone into hibernation…[View]
210756531Americans are the most inhospitable and obnoxious people around. What made them abandon manners and …[View]
210760051My thot of a cousin brought a hood nigger to dinner. Not even a semi educated one who speaks in cohe…[View]
210760464SRI LANKA BOMBINGS: did they say “subscribe to T Series”?[View]
210751749Let’s have a comfy Hitler thread: No kikes or shitskins allowed Only kind words and photos to the F…[View]
210759292How is eastern for you?: Hello fellow 4channers. How is eastern for you this year? Any happenings, a…[View]
210762001Blood on Matzot: How many Christian children do you think died this Passover?[View]
210761991Degenerate Art Collecting Kikes Kill Kids with Oxy: The Sackler family, who have made billions poiso…[View]
210761905>be me >skrulliboi >have the ability to shape shift at will and blend in with the populace …[View]
210761913What's new about conspiracy theories?: Shameless hack writes new big pizzagate think piece, get…[View]
210753515The only negro in Czech politics gets smacked: The attackers were saying 'Niggers don't belong …[View]
210761352Appalachia: Does anyone on 4chan live out here? It's clear that this will be the last stand of …[View]
210760006What have you done to help Sri Lanka today?: You know what sucks? All it would take is a little orga…[View]
210751276Why does the UK not make any good music anymore? They used to have bands that massively influenced o…[View]
210759865Why does no one feel sorry for the serfs who were freed in Russia, as much as the slaves in America,…[View]
210759056Third Position = Solution (?): /pol/, Thoughts on Peron?[View]
210751832Won dousand dorrar[View]
210761393Jewtube won't stop shilling this.: All week this has been showing up on Jewtube. Featuring shit…[View]
210760220Spot the difference[View]
210749750Why did this piece of shit app make it so much harder for men to get laid?[View]
210715032How old were you when you grew out of being leftist (liberal)?[View]
210755649I got caught with my pants down. I was out after work having drinks and was asked, because I have do…[View]
210757821No coiners BTF-: >Be Chad Bitcoiner >Build an Island to fuck qt ladyboys >Get put to death …[View]
210760652How disappointed are our ancestors?: If there is an after life, I really don’t look forward to havin…[View]
210760640The Great Prophecy: As time flows we fall. The Great War has yet to come. There will be billions o…[View]
210760103beasty boys: Sup /pol/ JIDF here this one is more for the oldfags and boomers out here: remember tho…[View]
210755304I've finally found 'this man'.: Should I contact the website?[View]
210759973Are these verifieds so fucked in the head that they mock a message of basic human decency to bash Tr…[View]
210760282Sri Lanka Blocks Social Media Posts: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/sri-lanka-blocks-social-media…[View]
210760826God I wish that were me[View]
210755137>We should have compulsory military service so our men don't turn into soibois! >South Ko…[View]
210759733FAT ASIAN BITCHES: What's up with the trend of fat asian bitches? I thought the entire advantag…[View]
210756298ADOS: What does /pol? think of the new ADOS movement and it's push for reparations? If american…[View]
210760350Any far-right Jews here?[View]
210756928MEN: Despite making up 48% of the US population, men commit 92% of the random violent crime. What sh…[View]
210748766UK porn law: Most of you guys are hypocritical retards, and the so-called 'porn ban' in the UK prove…[View]
210759386Political cringe thread[View]
210758758>what are some good vpns?[View]
210748567If your ID has a yellow star at the top then your ID has an RFID chip in it and the government has a…[View]
210737570Obama is a hypocrite: I caught him red handed. Distribute this on twitter please. Thx[View]
210758205Why are (((libertarians))) so accepted here?: >muh the state opresses me lets shrink it and kill …[View]
210756775NIGGERS ARE NOT HUMAN: >be nigger teacher >have HIV >molest 7 year old student >3 years …[View]
210735004wow... really makes you think[View]
210759948Reminder, zizek is hated by leftists because he doesn't support mass immigration. While I disag…[View]
210759208why aren't you running a communist podcast to fleece trannies out of their money?[View]
210758419Autocorrect was created and is still entirely owned and operated by jews. Years ago, before learnin…[View]
210759073>jews are anti Jesus >jews are anti ethnic purity >jews are anti White Israelism >jews a…[View]
210750620Year 6000: The jewish year 6000 is approaching https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Year_6000 This will see…[View]
210759796Images: hello friends, today I came to ask for two images that I lost. It's for a blog that I…[View]
210757044Were the Romans white: It's debatable if Italians are considered white so it begs the question,…[View]
210748143Sri Lanka: Rest in peace to over 200 Sri Lankan Christians killed today in Easter Sunday bombings on…[View]
210759663A 'racist' society, without racist individuals.: Suppose that you have a group of people where each …[View]
210759609ITT: Times you realized you were really racist. also Juha Mild's excercise tip to all women: sk…[View]
210757980Why isn't anyone stopping this[View]
210758640Are there any two countries as similar as Canada and U.S.?: The special bond between U.S. and Canada…[View]
210759545normie memes: tfw bored on sunday[View]
210757747Facking telling you Kent's now, been travelling the west world m8s and I swear the Jews hole fu…[View]
210759478R.I.P UKR: These two Jews will finally destroy Ukraine.[View]
210756195/asg/ General: Anglosphere General. The state of the British people on the motherland and the Britis…[View]
210759420Sri Lanka Nicholson Family: White British Family killed and injured in the attack. 'Alex (left) and …[View]
210717879California woman who berated man wearing MAGA hat reported missing, believed to be in hiding: Please…[View]
210755028Have you taken the boomerpill yet? How are you holding up bros? t. 31 year old boomer[View]
210752312Why Czechs hate Catholic when Slovaks love it?: Aren't they all the same people?[View]
210752520Accept British Naval Dominance!: Accept or perish[View]
210758797Why don't you?[View]
210752308Fundamental hole in Christian logic: >'''''Virgin'''''' Mary '''''gets impregnated by God''' Come…[View]
210757557>tfw too smart for /pol/[View]
210754467We need YOU!: We can turn our enemies against eachother. We can redpill the left with mutual hate. P…[View]
210757165Explain yourself, /pol/: >mudslimes can't be based >mudslimes like immigrating everywhere…[View]
210756905All the Slavoj Žižek won posters are literally discord trannies + /r/chapotraphouse. pic extremely r…[View]
210750537the rate of channers converting to Christianity is amazing. Keep up the good work men. We need as m…[View]
210759176Land Down Under Political Server: Land Down Under/LDU: Political Discord server. Meant for Americans…[View]
210753419Spain Elections- Why wouldnt you vote for vox edition[View]
210757830Paganism is the native European religion, throw that desert religion of Christcuckery out of the win…[View]
210759095What are you gonna do about it Huh?: That's what I thought.[View]
210753888How do christcucks cope with the fact that the church is a cucked globalist organization where only …[View]
210755128Americans, and other parts of Europe affected by the obesity epidemic, how hard is it to get a girlf…[View]
210758884this faggot is not a Marxist. here's why: 'Debate' is fundamentally a burguasie idea. under thi…[View]
210758751Are the Jew's overrated?: I feel we give them way too much credit.[View]
210758841War for the Common Good | Death to Selfish Interests: War is a good. It keeps you strong. It ensures…[View]
210755618Ideal World: >world enters new stage of global prosperity >hunger and poverty is gone >reli…[View]
210754118Latvia: What do you think about latvia?[View]
210732354Does degeneracy and the loss of traditional values stem from capitalism?[View]
210752635Can we pls stop with the meme jews aren’t white. Literally jews have lived in Europe for thousands o…[View]
210758280Degenerate Art Collecting Kikes Kill Kids with Oxy: The Sackler family, who have made billions poiso…[View]
210739550>God is dead >Morality is relative >Christinaity sucks and is worthy of ridicule >Enter …[View]
210747707There is no greater enemy than the Christian, so our people may be free we must work to undermine th…[View]
210758165Opinions? Would this be more plausible if the characters weren't written to extremes?[View]
210752958Yahweh: The nations would all be magic users without Yahweh. https://youtu.be/jq824hrfCuc?t=1999 Rev…[View]
210756548outside of sticking your dick in them what do you do with a woman who will spend $15k on ass implant…[View]
210752254are mommygfs the solution to the thot problem?: most (attractive) young women in their late teens an…[View]
210755647there are people who get all their political opinions form this[View]
210754806Jewish behavior proves the divinity of Christ[View]
210758056#SomeoneDidSriLanka: I wonder what Islam Ohmar's opinion on the religion of peace murdering ove…[View]
210753476I call upon all Georgians to mass migrate to Sweden: There's only like 1800 Georgians in Sweden…[View]
210757574This man here. His name is Tom Corless. He is a pedophile who runs WDWNT a Disney News site. But he …[View]
210757883Republicans have shown their lack of Leadership. Their ability to Govern is No more. They have aband…[View]
210752712Has he said or done anything in response to the Easter attacks?[View]
210749570Happy easter day /pol/: How is /pol/ celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus?[View]
210757999religious extremists: just wait for the hypocrisy of the left to deny this[View]
210757765I love deep state, its called the Constitution,1776[View]
210757484So /pol/, why do the terrorists who claim to want to preserve the white race love israel so much? Wh…[View]
210755212Are blacks forced to do crime for the situation they found themselves in or it's genetics?[View]
210756812Hey /pol/ Let’s all spend Easter thinking about Jesus, the reason for this season.[View]
210755563Make A Case For America Being Salvageable: Ya can't.[View]
210757681Sick of woman-brained uptight faygets that think their dick means shit when they can't even fuc…[View]
210757757Scientifically, why are white people so colorful? We are the rainbow.[View]
210755867I have a proposition to make: We could solve the incel problem, the birthrate problem and the thot p…[View]
210755073Poor nigbu dindu nuffin: Black politician was beaten up in Czechia :( Send him your best wishes. h…[View]
210757608Why is Trump supporters nothing but terrorists?[View]
210743725>Christchurch >France Mall Stabbing >Notre Dame >Sri Lanka What the heck is going on…[View]
210756361Nationalism/conservatism without religion: How can you justify tradition, moral values, nationalism …[View]
210738286Unload John titor memes[View]
210756682I am an American and I miss the good old days of the Soviet Union. I miss watching the olympics and …[View]
210754963You just got drumpfd: >I want to say merry Christmas again >not happy holidays >Happy easte…[View]
210743844PHOENICIANS: >Phoenicians >Came from Tyre >Became Venetians >Phoenicians >Venetians …[View]
210756862Will there be a sequel to the book?: How did you feel about all the characters in the book?[View]
210755257Why don't you have a (((credit card))) yet?: You're not a real adult if you don't hav…[View]
210749366The Vargpill: Can you all explain to me again why we dont simply take the varg pill and rebuild a fo…[View]
210753968Terrorism is bad, but....[View]
210743482just a video of novorossiya terrorists firing from a civilian house with a babushka still in it, com…[View]
210738397oh my fucking god: i think reddit is getting pretty redpilled boys[View]
210753370On this Easter, I just want to remind you all that Jesus was a muslim man. Inshallah, perhaps you w…[View]
210756288Why do you hate Communism but appreciate the Capitalism?All the anarchy that you see now days had be…[View]
210756842Did any one read the report?: What did it say? is muller our guy? is trump our guy? can we trust mil…[View]
210756832looking at this picture has a very calming ef[View]
210756926Petition to free journalist Gaspard Glanz - Get the fuck in here: Petition here: https://www.youtube…[View]
210756867Zoomers are growing up. Few decades later they'll replace all boomers and non-boomers in guberm…[View]
210756533American Christian Family Of Ten Moves From US To Russia: Is Texas really 'That' bad ? https://…[View]
210747434Notre Dame Smoking Gun Arson: Michelle Obama staged a photo op drinking wine while Notre Dame burned…[View]
210756803YLYL - You Laugh you lose - /pol/ Edition: >>>/wsg/2796417[View]
210753719Fuck you and fuck my life: >Be me, ca. 2015 >Not racist, have cute black gf >Get on /pol/, …[View]
210756508So who put the fire on notre dame ?: Redpill me /pol/[View]
210756494Jews don’t get vaccinated: lol[View]
210756488am i stupid or is this new?: is this recent or am i a brainlet[View]
210751121What to ask Sargon?: I will hopefully be seeing him in Swindon tomorrow and wanted to challenge him …[View]
210754456Would you rather have software that is not free and open source and could potentially contain backdo…[View]
210755745TRS/FTN and (((Miller))): Why do the fags at FTN shill so hard for (((Miller)))? Do they not realize…[View]
210756389Props and Evasions -- We have NO debt to any Movement or Party: One our level of caring is LOW -- We…[View]
210744344Dogs: There's no better indicator of whiteness than liking dogs. >Russia Use 'dog' as an ins…[View]
210756299OPERATION INFIDEL INFILTRATION: Brothers, in order to wake up the mainstream population to the scour…[View]
210756249Ethnopluralism > Racism[View]
210753308>Non-white foreigners are always polite to me >White boomer expats from the UK and South Afric…[View]
210754241happy easter faggots[View]
210755653Do you guys ever feel that the earth is too populated with humans? There should be 4 billion humans …[View]
210750485we should explore more of the ocean[View]
210751965>trump isn't slave to corporate maste-[View]
210753878so /pol/, what do we think? Time to retaliate and make the NZ shooting look like nothing?[View]
210746491/pol/ right again: This stuff just writes itself, folks. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-69…[View]
210755381Whites NEED LEADERS: Title says it all -- stop following the BLIND to stop falling in Ditches. Come …[View]
210751571Can dems dewit: Is this the man who will sweep all other dems in the primaries? And eventually Trump…[View]
210749470Do illegal aliens have the same rights as Americans? The right to a speedy and quick trial for examp…[View]
210749640itt real life clown world residents >no edits >no drawings >only actual images of people re…[View]
210753101how do we get styx on Joe Rogan he interviewed boring retards like amazing atheist & philly D we…[View]
2107554434D chess is real[View]
210747134Volodymyr Zelensky: Is a jewish anti russian bastard. Pro EU and Pro NATO. https://www.haaretz.com/a…[View]
210755456So sadly ive heard recently how scotland has become as cucked as england with the major cities fille…[View]
210736086Why do most GenZ white girls hate white men so much?: Im not even talking in a race mixing sense. I …[View]
210755440Ok /pol/. I have a legitimate question. How would it be possible for Russia to hack the election. I …[View]
210748624Former never-Trumper ama: >Disgusted by Trump’s behavior while campaigning >Drumpf defies beli…[View]
210746839>tfw illegal immigration is higher under Trump than Obama[View]
210751743Remember when it was considered to be racist to be patriotic and concerned with the success of the U…[View]
210753193Blacks in China: How do we get them there? Fact of it is, the only reason IQ is so high in china is …[View]
210737301IT WAS THE FUCKING MUSLIMS: >'A foreign intelligence agency has reported that the NTJ (Natio…[View]
210750450Why do you hate us, /pol/? Do you realize Italy is one of the very few countries in Europe that are …[View]
210754691>The north had 100,000 more deaths than the south. >Northerners have to spend the rest of the…[View]
210755030Would love to be able to enjoy movies again...[View]
210750143SRI LANKA: Who really did it pol?[View]
210754748the kikes fucked up in christchurch so they did an attack in another quiet country you never hear ab…[View]
210748226I am no longer Jewish: Hello /pol/, I was born into the cult of (((Judaism))) and I have since left.…[View]
210749297what was the music already?: The christchurch music, a sort a german rock, we clearly hear it at 8:0…[View]
210754956Why don’t Americans celebrate Easter?[View]
210722467Show us you're not a degenerate.[View]
210754257you guys fucking got me: 2 years ago, i was very moderate. i thought the muslim ban was uncalled for…[View]
210751937what in the holy hell is wrong with desert cults: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huOk9infnmA&t=…[View]
210754988Have you managed to suppress your death drive yet, /pol/?[View]
210743426Meet India's next president: This is Yogi Adityanath, Hindu monk who promises to put a hindu st…[View]
210753438Flag Acquisition General - /FAG/: ITT we put new posters for our cause. will put in a shared folder…[View]
210751502Being trained to argue anything so long as it preserves the existing order is the definition of law …[View]
210738993The new word for christians: Easter worshippers everybody.[View]
210754677Daily reminder that Catalonia will be always Spain: THE FIRE RISES. https://twitter.com/miquelstrube…[View]
210751167Nigger Hate Thread.[View]
210752758I understand that circumcision is Jewish and gay, but if it's not done for religious reasons, w…[View]
210752009The absolute state of bongistan. What an absolute cuck.[View]
210739503He’s right, you know: > Face it, Repubs, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is way smarter than you guys …[View]
210743694Why do white celebrities adopt black kids for real?[View]
210742597The lie that the USA could stay out of WW2 and still be the greatest country in the world today.: …[View]
210749092French girl harassed by shitskins: http://issoutv.com/videos/is-5cbc8f2f7883c This happened while th…[View]
210754400Brownshirts and Non-Aggression Principles: No matter what insults you clowns use -- nobody is buying…[View]
210754216CHAPOTRAPHOUSE SURVEY: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeRWpFd84p8hiCHTygUEjWLxwRKNVmngIAkb…[View]
210753416Say something nice about Rome: This very day, 2.772 years ago the most famous city in the world was …[View]
210754332>go to a friend's house >see bf qt you haven't seen in years >she says how she…[View]
210753772Pedophile ? He was in The Shining with degenerate Kubrick[View]
210754045Anyone have video of the Sri Lanka Attacks?[View]
210746163Propoganda: I'm going to print and post propaganda give me your best stuff and or suggestions o…[View]
210754138Jurnos are making Sargon sound based.[View]
210752548Asian and Middle Eastern men BTFO!: 'Loss of interest in sex is widespread, and affects between 25 p…[View]
210752678How Do We Fix The American Military? >Fucking Embarrassing[View]
210752172What other forced 4chan memes were secretly jewish?[View]
210737231>we are quickly approaching a time where it's acceptable for men to be 40+ with no wife, no …[View]
210744047Kanker: '' My niggers in the making''[View]
210753867The Prime Minister and President of Ukraine are Jewish...: >'Cool, but Ukrainians are still racis…[View]
210720495China will overtake the U.S. as world’s top economy in 2020, says Standard Chartered Bank: https://b…[View]
210753894Awful Harmful Hurtful Words -- #FreeSpeech Came Back: We say things today that might offend. But wit…[View]
210753760Books: not diverse enough!: Author complains about the toxicity of the book market. Moral intimidati…[View]
210742541Free Speech Puts U.S. on ‘a Collision Course’ With Global Limits on Big Tech: https://www.nytimes.co…[View]
210753813MFW absolute COPE: Ever seen a faggier faggot? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgAyRhrLViE…[View]
210732223Daily reminder: If you lust after women, you have committed adultery and must repent and STOP sinnin…[View]
210753673We are dying.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cT6_MdK6eV0 This brought a tear to my eye /pol/, even…[View]
210747150BREAKING: Explosions & Heavy Gunfire Reported in Kiev Ukraine: Just after Ukraine Presidential E…[View]
210750460What a racist!: >he doesn't want to move to Italy because he isn't particularly interes…[View]
210753030>TFW you forget there are literally hundreds of millions, if not billions, of jungle South East A…[View]
210750454ISRAEL IS WHITE: The attack on Sri Lanka was horrible We white people need to stand together against…[View]
210744620/RPG/ REDPILL GENERAL: Go![View]
210741354ITT: 'Villians' who literally did nothing wrong.[View]
210735373Happening Terror Attack In Munich: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2019/04/germany-muslim-screaming-allah…[View]
210748765Is this really how police are in America? The media says they are all bad people who shoot negros, b…[View]
210748850Name a trio of men in American political history...: besides the founding fathers, greater then thes…[View]
210750693Hey /pol!: This interracial shit is getting bad out of hand.[View]
210744195Sniping is a good job, mate.[View]
210752259save the white race: https://twitter.com/WhiteNewDeal/status/1120032516864380928[View]
210750819Have any of our 'leaders' mentioned Jesus Christ and his resurrection today? Even Trump is cucking o…[View]
210747538I just red pilled my lesbian cousin, HARD!: First of all, I have no hate in me and I do not believe …[View]
210751278Why won’t Christendom take up the sword? Did Jesus not pay for your sins with his life, allowing you…[View]
210747512>The supposed flag of Britain >No cross >Hurr durr but muh new age symbols Why is every sin…[View]
210750439White Englishwoman murdered during holiday in central Nigeria: Why do white women do this, /pol/? Pl…[View]
210752690>whites larp about saving the white race while being virgin childless incels >meanwhile jews a…[View]
210752641Liberal Boomers: I got added to a boomer posting group on Facebook and it's just a bunch of edg…[View]
210739796FTC taking ‘direct aim’ at Mark Zuckerberg as it investigates Facebook privacy lapses: https://9to5m…[View]
210738507Wtf? I love Estonia now.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBA0xDHZjko[View]
210751311What’s going on with women now? Are we going to see a lot more happenings now from the womyxn?[View]
210725522All will be revealed: https://youtu.be/5wSmF603PD4 https://medium.com/predict/the-hunt-for-dark-matt…[View]
210751739Not my Jesus: Christian students protest Pence, alarming conservatives: unv.is/https://www.washingto…[View]
210752150Infographs on Jews MEGATHREAD!: Dump all the infographs you got on (((them))).[View]
210752054Christianity and the European races: How does the religion of an invader go from violently opposed b…[View]
210751475Crisis actors: What do you think?[View]
210740874How do we accelerate this process?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgUzVQw9gbM Africans moving back…[View]
210729747Trump is the biggest shit poster: Notice how he wrote 138 million? Well he added the million on purp…[View]
210751561Yiddle me this.[View]
210742258https://archive.fo/Ht0zJ The royal family is looking into ways to get Harry and Megan out of the spo…[View]
210749628Elderly Taxi driver: Coming out of my dealer-buddy's at 6am,I really wanted to jerk myself off …[View]
210745167Spent Easter weekend reading this shit: PRINCIPAL CONCLUSIONS: Trump campaign didn't collude wi…[View]
210751163some people did something: >>front page of NYT >>no mention of 'Christians' or 'Christia…[View]
210730090Reminder Brenton Tarrant was an accelerationist, who just like Dylan Roof wanted to cause backlash. …[View]
210750657OY VEY[View]
210749509Sri Lanka church blasts' on Sina Weibo received over 130 million views: Why does the Chinese state m…[View]
210751399Peak China: Peak China! Peak China? >With elections now over and a nationalist, centre-right coal…[View]
210750103Is war good for man?: If we have peace for too long all kinds of unnatural perversions take root and…[View]
210738845Lmfao explain yourselves, Italians.[View]
210750921Was it retaliation for Christchurch or unrelated? Any motives released?[View]
210747746How do you find work when you live in a small town? I’m tired of living in the shithole called south…[View]
210718467Which one of you glorious faggots did this?: >'EASTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY - A controversial phra…[View]
210742572[spoiler] [/spoiler] [spoiler] [/spoiler][View]
210750156like minded hypothetical: If all legitimate /pol/tards lived in the same place, would society be bet…[View]
210751122Comedian Zelenskiy wins Ukrainian presidential race by landslide - exit polls: KIEV (Reuters) - Ukra…[View]
210736425MAD LAD![View]
210750588#MakeAmericaWhiteAgain 4 Win| #AmericaFirst #MAGA: In America #MAGA #AmericaFirst #LockHerUp will on…[View]
210751060Big Happening discussion #2: Many anons have been having strange dreams and such lately, along with …[View]
210750469Factually, statistically, economically, culturally and realistically speaking: If American blacks di…[View]
210745335If the Jews are so powerful, why haven't they shut down /pol/ yet?[View]
210750771jews be jewing: We are going maximum juden today. Just when the jews are exposed for what they are, …[View]
210740615Favorite nazi alt righter?: Mine is veronica clark[View]
210742567My body, my choice: Who do you think you are downgrading women for having fun in their early 20…[View]
210748500Hey britbongs, mind telling me why the fuck this is a thing?[View]
210750111why do you care about brown people dying just because they believed in the same dead kike as you do?[View]
210743363The biggest red pill is that the crusades never ended[View]
210750725Abortion is evil anon: You don’t want niggers to not breed, do you?[View]
210729311shitskin refugees in italy didn't like the free food they've got[View]
210750637King of the Jews.: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=e_JcB94qRP8 The Pharisees couldn't stand him B…[View]
210746914Why did Americans elect an absolute moron as their president?[View]
210749315What's the vibe in UK about Sargon and Dankula's run for office?[View]
210744984MUELLER HARASSED BY MSNBC REPORTER: What the fuck is their problem? https://twitter.com/MSNBC/status…[View]
210747655>google sri lanka >no mention of muslim attackers >google muslim terrorists >'why we nee…[View]
210749655Why do normies flood facebook with such concern for Notre Dame, but when bombs detonate in several c…[View]
210739839Hero or villain?: Also why are there 6 million Brenton Tarrant threads but nothing about this guy?…[View]
210748851/pol/ Approved Music: I recently discovered the wonder that is >Serbian ultranationalist turbofol…[View]
210737217Let's post em lads[View]
210750128Nuclear War - How close are we really?: Doomsday clock pretty fucking close to midnight.[View]
210748939Spicy Musk thread: >Who do you think *murdered* that girl? Murdered wtf? I wouldn't call tha…[View]
210728011Christchurch avenged: Mashallah feels good bois[View]
210737629Brit/pol/ - Are Nige Edition[View]
210736298Are blacks less evolved?: Compared to the rest of the races, blacks seem like they are still stuck i…[View]
210746225What should we do about the Muslim problem in Europe?: Europe is once again under attack by filthy M…[View]
210745163Religion of peace be like[View]
210750029Explain it guys, why are liberals so convinced Trump won the election because of Putin and Russia: I…[View]
210748035The Jews blow up Churches in Sri Lanka: >use the fake 'isis' org as cover >planted package bom…[View]
210748931The Jews: What are your thoughts on the Jews, /pol/?[View]
210748603Hello guys, what do you support politically?[View]
210746655ITT: The left trying their best to not call the Sri Lanka bombings an attack on Christians.[View]
210748542Why do Christians do this?[View]
210749856These are the kind of people you shitpost with: OH NO NO NO NO NO.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
210749544Jews selling black hoodlum stuff to goyim: https://thejewishnews.com/2018/09/20/stockx-laces-up-detr…[View]
210747047Just grillin'[View]
210746614>He thinks it's da joos >Never suspects it's really the iTalian Mafia…[View]
210749409Georgians never migrate to Sweden but they should and here's why: There's only like 1800 G…[View]
210749311Redpill me about Easter Worshippers: Why can't we call them christians?[View]
210748113Mexican cartels thread solutions.: >Thread was going great and active, why did they archieved it?…[View]
210748873When will alt right form juggalo style street gangs with clown pepe colors?[View]
210748979A letter to a future terrorist: >what did u do to deserve the present soceity? >did u choose w…[View]
210738108We need a strong and mighty Israel to stop islam We whites need to support the only white bastion in…[View]
210743242Why should I care about Earths politics any more when Im leaving for Mars soon?[View]
210748605>Post your Zionist-owned DNA test results here like a good goyim[View]
210749114Psychological Warfare: While you sleep, the enemy conspires. While you stand with your arms open, th…[View]
210745984Anyone got any stats on how many CHRISTIANS were attacked by Muslims in the last year, vs. the oppos…[View]
210748946Kikes stole a Pagan tradition and called it Easter: Is there anything kikes or Hebrews haven't …[View]
210686867Is TRS dying? First Jim and the Fatherland left, and now Musonius Rufus and Rebel Yell has left. The…[View]
210741403So has it begun: Has the great happening happened? Will this bombing be the straw that breaks the ca…[View]
210747559A privatized NASA would never ends in this big of a failure[View]
210747923Why is Africa such a faminist country?[View]
210745959>The bourgeoisie, wherever it has got the upper hand, has put an end to all feudal, patriarchal, …[View]
210723435Spain Election - Vote for VOX or vote for VOX, your choice[View]
210746327VARNASHRAMA DHARMA: My Aryan lads , You tell me . Is this coincidence or not !? >>210740427 …[View]
210748407What Happened, Amazon: >https://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/09/15/amazon-deleted-almost-all-of-the…[View]
210741194What's the number one thing to know about the Islamic Republic of Iran? Also, what's the n…[View]
210747699How /pol damages your mind: This website is one of the only places where there is true, unfiltered f…[View]
210745795Easter is actually a holy pagan day of the placenta[View]
210739958Eminem: Would you consider this man a degenerate? >Has performed homosexual acts with producers …[View]
210747825itt: we post based reporters and journalists get WOLCHEK'd[View]
210742821who else here loves and respects our animal friends? been vegetarian for about 5 years now, and i ne…[View]
210748444Actual gay conversion therapy: A while back on the Michael Knowles show, he had on an actual convers…[View]
210734556/pol/ Christians, please help!: I am in my 30s and I've recently become red pilled about Christ…[View]
210746492The 'true' story: (half true) The Romans killed Jesus. The true story: The Romans killed Jesus bec…[View]
210745331Remember That We Always Win: Happy Easter /pol/. It's time for a positive comfy thread. Remembe…[View]
210701881A POSSIBLE WAR BETWEEN LEBANON AND ISRAEL THIS SUMMER: https://m.jpost.com/Arab-Israeli-Conflict/Nas…[View]
210748292How long have you all been into politics on the internet?: in be4 hur dur muh ctr data mininig threa…[View]
210728534I feel like a lot of people here and specifically /pol/ use the whole race traitor and mutt thing as…[View]
210708853This is pretty accurate, prove otherwise. Protip: You won't.[View]
210747816how many muslim women are going to wear crucifixes in solidarity? 207 are dead[View]
210748218Where could she be?[View]
210745749SpaceX launching kebab satellite: Happening right now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPfHHls50-w…[View]
210747786Hey hohols. So what are your thoughts about today's elections?[View]
210729435why are right wing Slavs the biggest cucks ever?[View]
210741504Clown World Newest Member: *honks in Ukrainian*[View]
210743682Did the kulaks deserve it?[View]
210744734If Christians are 'Easter worshippers'...: What are Muslims on an Islamic holiday? Ramadan: >Food…[View]
210735773/pol/'s love for ((((capitalism))): Why is /pol/ against socialism? Do you guys like being trea…[View]
210747359Woah,...The Holocaust looked like this ?: https://m.imgur.com/a/Xwqa4sx[View]
210728790FBI arrests leader of armed group stopping migrants in New Mexico: FBI arrests leader of the group t…[View]
210747450/WLRG/ Wappo Language Revival General.: Hu:šiʔi:ya hinta! This is a general where we discuss all thi…[View]
210747209This is what Europeans will get in the long run: This is the future[View]
210747054Drink your (((Bottled Water))) GOY!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YySNLN4UWY[View]
210746522Someday a real rain will come and wipe this scum off the streets. How much of /pol/ feels trapped in…[View]
210747168Physics red pill welcome to the awakening: https://mega.nz/#!ycVmwQ6D!xI6ZEXGUMh0KiPi_m63eufoZzYsMEc…[View]
210747144>Good night of television All he tweets about is watching Fox News... https://twitter.com/realDon…[View]
210744142Can't find it anywhere else: Anyone have that image of a German girl wearing bunny ears and smi…[View]
210742426Debate of the century..ha!: https://amp.theguardian.com/world/2019/apr/20/jordan-peterson-slavoj-ziz…[View]
210747007Blocking the Big 5: Writer tries to use the internet without relying on Amazon, Facebook, Google, Mi…[View]
210742032Why did Hitler cuck out of the holocaust?[View]
210746268Jesus was the most successful jew in history. He convinced the entierity of western civilization tha…[View]
210746593>when the terrorist isn't white[View]
210746981Will it ever happen?: It will never happen.[View]
210745053Birth rates and immigration: With declining birth rates, many countries have opted to fill the gaps …[View]
210743691“Happy Easter look how great I am”: Jesus rose from the dead today.[View]
210745193Extinction Rebellion isn't what you think it is: Extinction Rebellion's true purpose is to…[View]
210746853Here's my stupid opinion on something: blah blah blah blah blah blah blah >reddit source bla…[View]
210740129I saw this on my way home..is the uprising happening now comrades?[View]
210738856FALSE POPE: Instead of mourning the martyred Christians from Sri Lanka, Bergoglio chooses to spend h…[View]
210745107Monarchist thread: Just wondering what are /pol/'s thoughts on everything monarchy, restoring f…[View]
210744293Based human trumps us moderns: Look how happy our cousins, Homo (sapiens) neanderthalensis was. Bonu…[View]
210744448It's time for you misogynist manchildren to MAN UP!: https://nypost.com/2017/05/13/childish-men…[View]
210736606Should Eastern Europe take in refugees from the West when the inevitable collapse happens? How do we…[View]
210740910Teen suffers life-changing injury trying to imitate porn: >Teen suffers life-changing injury tryi…[View]
210742315>there were sealed indictments all along >they were for Assange, not Hillary…[View]
210746398Why do our alt right icons like Jordan Peterson keep losing to Socialists like Zizek and liberals li…[View]
210746513Notre dame raised a billion dollars: I’m pretty sure rebuilding the cathedral to be more “inclusive”…[View]
210746506Based, redpilled and /pol/ approved fictional characters[View]
210743240Should it be our new national anthem?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjedLeVGcfE[View]
210744664We should pay our old frens a visit https://antifa.se/[View]
210742529>tfw the Christian god is real[View]
210746399Would the khmer rouge be efficient by long term thinking in relation to race? The alleged executions…[View]
210746362NEED CANADA MAN: Hello. There was a based canada man who made a warning thread about the passover an…[View]
210744966Bad electrical wiring started the explosions[View]
210746339I'm like so over this tragedy guys.[View]
210745220Why did Hitler kill 6 million Hannakuh worshippers?[View]
210740593Christianity is the belief that the Jewish god Yahweh (who burns children alive for sacrifice) came …[View]
210736758Would you support an obesity tax?[View]
210745391Wow 207 dead, considering the reaction to new zealand this one is going to be insane. Hundreds of vi…[View]
210746140/pol/ is now a Easter Worshipper board[View]
210745650I don't get it why Muslims and Christians hate Jews even though all the important figures in th…[View]
210745243More people need to go out and do this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pgXSPPSa8bw https://m.youtube.…[View]
210745293Sri Lanka / ශ්රී ලංකා / இலங்கை[View]
210739838Ted Cruz: Why didn't we vote for this guy again? He was further to the right than Trump on immi…[View]
210732462Medical people, is she right?[View]
210731503Who's Sri Lanka?[View]
210734679Modern-Day Minstrel Show: I want to start a YouTube series called the “YouTube Minstrel Hour.” It’s …[View]
210745376If only white people can commit hate crimes doesn't that make them superior?: Kangz BTFO.…[View]
210745868Will there be a sequel to this book soon?: This book really change me and makes me feel different wh…[View]
210739400Should we bring slavery back?: It seems like the only time niggers have ever contributed to society …[View]
210741729Ukraine elections: >Zelensky 73% Poroshenko got absolutely btfo by a literal clown…[View]
210742275Totally willing and prepared to go to Germany when the third world war begins[View]
210659900Syria General /sg/ - Glowing Niggers Edition-: rchive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordp…[View]
210738050It would probably be wise to bring to the public attention that duel-citizens shouldn't hold se…[View]
210743321You guys do realize IQ tests are made by white people and biased towards white thinking. Besides IQ …[View]
210715430Some photos from the Easter, traditional, Polish beating of the Jew-Judas.[View]
210735348As a Christian...: I don't understand you racists. When I see my brothers and sisters in Christ…[View]
210736363Today in Mexico: 13 niglets dead including a kid >this happens everyday in shitxico Yeah, it…[View]
210743282Thanks jews!: Write all the great things that jews do for us all! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dM…[View]
210742106There Is No Shortage of Talent, There's a Shortage of Suckers: What do you think about companie…[View]
210742883So what became of this?[View]
210741663I used to think Ukraine was a tragedy: but now I realize it's a comedy.[View]
210747363Sum up your country with an image[View]
210744412Thought on assisted suicide?: Personally, I like the idea since it could be a good way to remove boo…[View]
210745034Impeached every day until the end of time.[View]
210715474Happy Easter EVERYONE!!![View]
210735043Is this the future?: Discuss.[View]
210735506You guys ready for the physics they discovered in the 60s? light guns in Canada?[View]
210743145found these yesterday on a discarded usb drive i dug out of a computer repair place's dumpster.…[View]
210740156Imagine STILL believing in Q? Imagine actually putting faith in a LARPing shitposter since 2017 beca…[View]
210739671Why does Southern Africa has more HIV than the North?: I mean they're all niggers to me, but wh…[View]
210711284Elon is a meme god: Post Elons best moments[View]
210741714Never forget this coincidence[View]
210744358The Estonian anon: Most of non new fags have seen him at least once. Every thread that mentions a wh…[View]
210744556Why yes, I DO believe the goyim exist to secure Israel's future! How could you tell?[View]
210738495“Happiness was never important. The problem is that we don't know what we really want. What mak…[View]
210728865Wtf Obama???: Just how much does this tranny lover hate chtistians? >easter worshippers…[View]
210744514Remember there is literally just one step to salvation!: “If you declare with your mouth ‘Jesus is L…[View]
210743688How is child abuse a debate?[View]
210744156Why are there so many jews involved in white nationalism and the neo nazi movement? I don't get…[View]
210742236> capitaism is the problem, not liberals & leftists of all sorts[View]
210722506Post a single image that destroys an entire political ideology.: I’ll start, libertarianism.[View]
210744131they got him Honk Honk: .[View]
210743713>Deny Holocaust >Instead, believe 6 million Jews survived WWII and lived happily ever Explain.…[View]
210742786Dear /pol, I'm having trouble finding Islamic politically incorrect cartoons/comics/memes. Hav…[View]
210741785Reminder that you will never be as redpilled or based as the average Pashtun. Forced into barren was…[View]
210743999Leaf Politicians and Bureaucrats begin public appearances by: acknowledging the Indian tribe who own…[View]
210738721What would happen if we built a bridge from Gibraltar to North Africa?: What would happen if we buil…[View]
210743926Climate Change: Nut Up or Shut Up!: If we are all going to die soon from climate change, then why ha…[View]
210739602New law: 120 pound (55kg) weight limit for women: If she can’t give legitimate proof that she is or …[View]
210743617Honk Honk (pbuh): >non-christian white nationalist attacks Muslims because they're immigrant…[View]
210733767HAPPENING: TPUSA CONTROLS THE BREXT PARTY: https://mobile.twitter.com/CatlinNyaa/status/111847297768…[View]
210743857Birthrates: Let's talk birthrates. I can not for the life of me find good statistics regarding …[View]
210741919>UMMMMMMMMM What the FUCK bros?[View]
210735598the UK is PROOF that gun control works: No mass shootings in over 20 years.[View]
210742000What happened to art?[View]
210743467Will there be refunds this time?: I just want to ensure that if I cash out my Roth IRA to help him t…[View]
210733692Are you praying for the victims of the church massacre right now?: Please do. Globally many focus th…[View]
210732738Israel bars hundreds of Palestinian Christians from traveling on Easter: https://972mag.com/easter-g…[View]
210739327This is how WW3 starts: Brexit happens. Spain, Ireland, and Scotland declare an alliance and attack …[View]
210743218When will Israeli shills accept that nobody is gonna defend you this time?[View]
210722082Being Honduran, I'm planning to go back this summer and start a revolution against that bastard…[View]
210742125>be me >beta Jew >have a close group of friends >always feel left out though >one guy…[View]
210743263Are people in eastern Europe that look like this pure Europeans or mixed?: Are people in eastern Eur…[View]
210737045This is the kind of dystopian shit that you’re being fed. The environment around you is being dulled…[View]
210730273I no longer understand the world we live in.[View]
210741978Post your best pro-White memes[View]
210737429How are you celebrating Easter, anon?[View]
210737994Lets cruch T-series with our autism: we need to stop T-series subscribe to pewdiepie the subgap is 5…[View]
210740017There is no better time to break the fourth wall than on Easter Sunday: I miss having a president li…[View]
210731093Why do they vote against their own economic interests?[View]
210724015What would the culture of the united European state be like? Which lang would we speak?[View]
210720451Liberals actually think they can convert Muslims to Atheism: I thought they were joking, but I think…[View]
210742248Hello /pol/ just started reading this book, tought some if not most of you guys would find it intere…[View]
210741078Why is nobody claiming responsibility for the Lanka attacks ?? This is almost as bad as the attack i…[View]
210737034world hunger is a meme >feeds 10 starved africans >the 10 africans make 10 children >you no…[View]
210738553Why are Jews so sadistic? They brutally murdered the kindest man alive who was the Son of God.[View]
210741372Lol look at the surname of the author. Every time.[View]
210696036Wait a minute...: I thought the Yellow Vests were /ourguys/? They seem like commie faggots to me. ht…[View]
210740201Despite making up only 48.4% of the population, Men commit a staggering 94% of all violent crime acr…[View]
210718744Student Expelled Over Tinder Racism: This is what will happen to you morons if you ever reveal your …[View]
210737928>Zoomer fascist talks about how perfect Fascist countries were >Point out how they actually d…[View]
210734455Another Another attack in germany. Does anybody know what here attacker motives? https://twitter.co…[View]
210741883Pro-Immigration is Promoting Rape Culture: liberals have been crying about rape culture for a while …[View]
210725372Sri Lanka Attacks are Justified: If Brenton attacked Christchurch because they were muslim invaders …[View]
210738981Happy Easter catholic frens[View]
210741760History: Why do niggers act like white men created slavery? https://twitter.com/JudahAllen1/status/…[View]
210741756Is Plebbit slowly seeing the light or are those just some randos going rogue on the hivemind? The fr…[View]
210741753Pornheeb Clown Stats: Explain yourselves goyim[View]
210739163White people are savage ignorant filthy monsters, change my mind. They've built a global empir…[View]
210739105>global warming is caused by hu-[View]
210738512We Fly Our Flag!!! Flag Acquisition General /FAG/: The Pride Flag is a symbol of PRIDE!!! Pirde in O…[View]
210726320>can't think of another board to post this on I've been a lapsed catholic for years, bu…[View]
210739355Have you listened to Bach's Easter Oratorio in celebration of today, Anon? https://youtu.be/tWc…[View]
210739923Journalists keep getting more and more disgusting.: https://twitter.com/axios/status/112000379833908…[View]
210736247ARE YOU READY BOYS: >Dutch election frontrunner Thierry Baudet >“We represent a political phil…[View]
210741433/pol/ Approved Local Talk Radio Hosts: Philadelphia is home to the best local talk radio show host i…[View]
210662084SR + JA: It’s over losers. Pic related https://medium.com/@markfmccarty/bill-binney-states-that-the-…[View]
210741274Red Pill: No one has gotten it right yet. It is always who you least suspect. Jimmy Carter created t…[View]
210738780I know reality shows are trash: I was dog sitting for 9 days with nothing but hulu. I ate up 90 Day …[View]
210741167Are we at peak Judaism yet?: >Jewish Colbert style comedian wins Ukrainian presidential elections…[View]
210723008Hungary's anti immigration plan: >Hungary has a shrinking population >Orban tackles this…[View]
210738597Pol, why havent you decided to kill your ego and smoke some dmt? Its easter sunday, the day christ w…[View]
210741156Jew clown president What do you friends think? :)[View]
210737750STOP HATING JEWS... LEARN FROM THEM!!!: Listen up, racists! Cease and desist immediately from all t…[View]
210738849we had a drill in my Uni to practice what to do in the event of a school shooting they told us to ga…[View]
210729466>one job posted >thousands of applicants Isn't this just fucked up? Especially when they …[View]
210731349Based woman stands up against discrimination towards white men in Microsoft: Thoughts? https://qz.c…[View]
210740850Obama as joker: https://youtu.be/cRthXFtNNzU 3 min vid[View]
210735538On this day our one true Lord and Savior was raised from the dead. And yet for some reason it is not…[View]
210735120He fucking Won! Jewish president For Ukraine: 'Comedian Zelensky 'wins presidency by landslide'…[View]
210738398Will this even get 1% of the coverage that the New Zealand shooting got?[View]
210740658Any Jonathan Bowden fans on /POL/?: For anyone unaware, he was a British nationalist and writer who …[View]
210738844I’m pretty sure Ben Garrison wants to fuck Donald Trump[View]
210736709Operation 13/50: The American Flag is no a symbol of hate.[View]
210737856>gender sliders on official documents >everyone killing themselves over cloud wizards >peop…[View]
210737085Seriously.: Bunch of Sri Lankans dead; ask me if I gaf[View]
210740272I thought we were meant to be the degenerates[View]
210735826New Ukrainian president https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZ-3YwVQV0M[View]
210740339Only true ideology, praise Ernst Rohm ( he was nazi and gay ).[View]
210737060Why do Chris Wallace and Leland Shittert never let their guests answer?: They constantly ask questio…[View]
210721312Eyes colour compared to race: >Blue eyes=White >Green-hazel eyes=Le 56% face >Brown eyes=Ni…[View]
210739907Is it normal to get a hard on when you think about deep state never trumpers getting murdered?[View]
210738441I missed it. QRD? Who won? Any links to full vid?[View]
210738766Dick: Why do you hate jews in 2019?[View]
210735526President of ukraine: Volodymyr Zelensky - new president of Ukraine. Thoughts?[View]
210733779Is Central Italy the real Italy?[View]
210739212>Black people rule the music industry Stop believing jewish lies[View]
210739528Blood Libel by Kuwaiti Researcher: The Jews Use Blood of Christian Children for Holiday Pastries: ht…[View]
210736978Do jews actually believe they can orchestrate a war between the Muslims they brought into Western co…[View]
210735543National Geographic Predicted What Americans Will Look Like In 2050: And it's beautiful[View]
210731386can mass immigration even be stopped at this point or is shit just fucked beyond repair?[View]
210733105Why are there so many white american women who specifically seek out non-white men for relationships…[View]
210730947/pol/ humor thread[View]
210731728Virginia police officer fired for folk religion: Don't you goys know you're not allowed to…[View]
210705557Liberated Ukraine strikes again: So this guy is going to win tonight, isn't he? Can anyone expl…[View]
210729799What's his endgame, /pol/?[View]
210739309lol , Comedian becomes president of ukraine .: he won , 75% of the votes . kekek what a shit hole . …[View]
210714489>Come home, white man[View]
210733769thoughts on aztecs?[View]
210729036American Hate Thread[View]
210733355Female News Editor: This is a pro-abortion news editor in the USA. Look what she posts. source: (tow…[View]
210738304nips are actually pretty based[View]
210730868I have a cancer.: This is my last redpill for /pol/. The big massacre of white people by muslims gon…[View]
210714072How fucked are you?[View]
210736851How are we going to wipe out 7 billion humans?: How are we going to wipe out 7 billion humans? We ne…[View]
210733940Are Aborigines homo-sapiens?: >completely deformed faces/heads >sub-65 IQs all around >perp…[View]
210732698Dear never trump deep state faggots:: I masturbate to this photo twice daily. Please advise.[View]
210738662Roman-Persian war outcome: What happened to the Roman Empire after the Roman-Persian wars?[View]
210738746Tpp 11: How come nobody’s talking about this deal anymore? The next president could bring us into w…[View]
210738714Any white ethnostate should have state enforced/influenced Pentecostalism. There is absolutely NO re…[View]
210733953Dalmatia hate thread: Lazy, low IQ, unproductive. If it wasn’t for tourism and renting apartments I …[View]
210731787AS OF 2011, 69.8% OF TEXANS YOUNGER THAN 1 WERE MINORITIES. HOLY SHIT. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wi…[View]
210731447What the fuck Ukraine just did?[View]
210737145Hey Jewish witch whores: Will your little liberated golems and trannies save you from judgment? Psyc…[View]
210733955What will the US look like in 50 years?: Realistically what do you expect? Here is the situation. Th…[View]
210738083Comedian leading polls in Ukraine: So what like 3 months after the meme got viral we get the first c…[View]
210736657No bling for you!: The Pope surrounded by jewel encrusted gold garbage and a 40 foot wall says >y…[View]
210738430Why the fuck doesn't trump close the border? The nigs may still flow illegally but we can crush…[View]
210738183eurofags and amerifats, can you please stop helping the people who purposefully rob and destroy my c…[View]
210734565European Union: This is the pinnacle of human civilisation. There has never been anything as great …[View]
210701126When Hispanics come to the US, why do they generally end up integrating into black culture/music rat…[View]
210736649Ode an den Westen: lets forget all the hate threads for a moment. what is it that you love most abou…[View]
210695048Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Frohe Ostern Edition: >upcoming elections EU nuthouse + Bremen: Ma…[View]
210738010jews BTFO[View]
210728536Trump curse strikes Obama aid: Trump curse strikes yet another victim! https://www.nytimes.com/2019/…[View]
210729130Mexican culture over niggers.: Mexican music has actual harmonies, unlike gangsta rap. They have the…[View]
210735271I just finished the MGS franchise, and I was entertaining the idea, what if /pol/ were a private int…[View]
21073323550.5% x 49.5%: why do floridafags always do this?[View]
210735688And on the third day...[View]
210729810>boomers unironically think this[View]
210737451John 7:1–7:9 After this Jesus went about in Galilee. He did not wish to go about in Judea because th…[View]
210732700I have some doubts about the veracity of propositions habitually stated as fact on this board..[View]
210734352Happening: >North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un on Wednesday watched as his country test-fired a ne…[View]
210720634Brit/pol/: >Oswald Mosley - Europeans https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRUfPNhQUU4 >History Wi…[View]
210717337How can Illinois be saved?: It's population is declining and its financials aren't very go…[View]
210731339>democrats lost in 2016 >Trump has destroyed Obama's legacy >Kavanaugh survived their …[View]
210730458Thoughts on Volt?[View]
210737177The failure of modernity and postmodernity.: >>210735906 >I don't think Jews were the …[View]
210733682Happy Easter to all Christians: Have a Happy Easter and Pray for those In Sri Lanka and across the w…[View]
210736726Do you think mixed race couples are truly in love with each other, or is it more so of a novelty or …[View]
210736944HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!: https://youtu.be/xE62ekxwwgg[View]
210736942The tomb of Jesus Christ: Does the disappearance of the body never to be found again, after he died …[View]
210733288Such wizardry!: Apparently this wizard lost his wizard powers? How much ya wanna bet he’s one of MA…[View]
210735685Reminder that men who get in relationships with single mothers and raise the children of other men a…[View]
210727681ITT: Historical photographs you find interesting Post the context and year if you know it. >Testi…[View]
210733012'Welcome back, sir. Did you manage to slot many floppies today?'[View]
210722149The face of Sri Lankan terror: >One jihad mass murderer was well-known Muslim preacher who said “…[View]
210736753>Created by a 2ch user >Main character is an autistic guy who devotes his entire life to ethni…[View]
210734497Reading list: I was organising some of my books since I got a new bookshelf. So I figure why not pos…[View]
210731764This kills the Libertarianism.[View]
210732870How come, whenever there is a terror attack performed by a Muslim, the left always starts the pearl-…[View]
210728242Are the Illuminati/cults really in charge in the world? Or is it all just jews?: I know all about th…[View]
210736366Kamala Harris is The Whore of Babylon. The lady of the apocalypse. The Illuminati will elect her i…[View]
210731814The Einstein Agenda: The Legend the Jew. Got offered to be the first President of Israel. The bigger…[View]
210729925SHITSKIN INJURES 24 IN MUNICH, GERMANY!: https://m.jpost.com/Breaking-News/Muslim-shoots-fireworks-i…[View]
210725487What /pol/'s thoughts on the whole 'we took their land' shit?[View]
210735493Leading Democrat strongman Jerry Nadler is on the warpath seeking to unseat the president of the Uni…[View]
210734407This is all very confusing to me. Pic unrelated https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=b0KP_1555691772…[View]
210734993Germans are the Niggers of Europe: Who stopped American slavery? the Germans. Who tried to prevent t…[View]
210733783Holy shit, the cringe is legit in this one. https://extranewsfeed.com/i-cured-my-islamophobia-you-ca…[View]
210733242Why are we so good at bombing? Btw I love how /Pol/ is going nuts about this Sri Lanka event, ahahha…[View]
210735306Rice farming: Image working on the rice fields for the rest of your life.[View]
210735394How do we justify Christians raping and killing Hypatia?[View]
210734438I started my first job last week and I have realized I will lose 1/4th of my salary to taxes How is …[View]
210735709Based: Has any one of your major newspaper asked the important questions today /pol? Like: >Who a…[View]
210731696Daily Reminder: Jews are not White![View]
210735368IMF proposes -4% interest rate: Goy are you ready to receive a whopping -4% on you savings? Oh you t…[View]
210734383>Americans don't celebrate Easter because they don't want to hear about someone that re…[View]
210735419Jewgle Holiday: Wow they actually did do something different this year! Thanks for all the support y…[View]
210723389Name this Band: Please, thank you[View]
210732222Why is christianity so gay?: Hinduism has badass origin stories of deities. Tells you to smite enemi…[View]
210734954Teen Moral decadence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c37CopcVfHE Its worse than imagined. These are…[View]
210730259Whats your political ideology /pol/?: I'm a libertarian monarchist, but I also like eugenics.…[View]
210729093>Western civilization[View]
210734623Major Easter Happening - Kanye declares War: Why are there no threads on this??? /our guy Kanye is c…[View]
210730399Are you ready for the future of drug-resistant superbugs and STDs?[View]
210729009Vaporwave is based and our music /pol/ (cont.): >>boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/210668965 >…[View]
210734685Why do Catholics love race-mixing?[View]
210732988Can we purge Muslims already? Why the fuck haven’t we made an extremist christian group yet that act…[View]
210734886Is this seriously all we're getting for Easter? Fuck ((Google)).[View]
210733915>Turn the other cheek Get hit by a punch you don't see coming[View]
210727029Joseph Stalin: the leader every right winger wishes they had[View]
210734715kill turks[View]
210733003It would be a damned shame: Anyone who ever worked on a construction site knows 1” roofing nails are…[View]
210734301https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQHPYelqr0E Weren't these simpler and happier times /pol/? What…[View]
210733250we need to go back to feudalism, sorry but it's the only way take the feudal pill NOW[View]
210733351If you believe, you must take 'He Is Risen' as your name in lieu of an official Christian memeflag.[View]
210732603Has someone told her someone did something again?[View]
210731145Atheisats love thread: love you[View]
210732385What does /pol/ think about Notch?: On the one hand, I do appreciate him for dropping truth pills to…[View]
210727184Genetic modification: Can genetic modification change the race of a grown-up? I'm so fucking si…[View]
210732900What percentage of /pol/ are actual spergs?[View]
210716706138 million insectoids killed: HOLYSHIT IT'S REAL WE SHOULD HAVE AIMED FOR THE HIVE QUEEN!!!!…[View]
210730222Why does she love Hitler?[View]
210733330UKRAINE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS: ZELENSKY WINS!!! HONK HONK: https://edition.cnn.com/2019/04/21/europ…[View]
210730742Jewess Threatens Goyim: https://streamable.com/l6au7 I was in the thread this was posted in original…[View]
210730667Good post from /tv/: It isn't that girls only care about sex, but we live in a post-scarcity so…[View]
210716644Florida is turning into California as the worst states in the country. Liberals are flooding this pl…[View]
210731489Operation: ButWhatAbout: Remember the liberal holier-than-thou virtue signalling response to the Not…[View]
210717084David Bowie fucked 9 to 14 year old girls in the 70s.: >In late 1971 music industry publicist Rod…[View]
210731748Heyro: Riddle me this. Why do women almost always get custody of the kids in a divorce when they ar…[View]
210733624So I made a parody of the Legend of Zelda Intro song about (((them))): Check it out https://www.yout…[View]
210730661'Great' Britain: https://youtu.be/6s4WvabD4XU[View]
210726453holy shit. this nigga finna call a crusade: https://twitter.com/Card_R_Sarah/status/1119993091778383…[View]
210733609Why did Washington Post delete this article from 2018?[View]
210732594Why do women: love feminine voiced singers but prefer deep voiced males for talking?[View]
210718163>Europeans are waking up! >there’s still time to stop the migrant crisis No it’s not, it’s ove…[View]
210733500Sri Lanka - The Clown Saga Continues: 235 million Christians are persecuted around the world. 207 at…[View]
210733284'Congratulations to the Turks of Strasbourg for demonstrating against the national day of commemorat…[View]
210728321This image sumarises the actions of /pol/ in the last month. Conservatism is such a joke.[View]
210732046Rare video of a good cop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pd2FHMplr4w[View]
210727896African-American ancestry truth: The biggest myth in US history is that present-day Black Americans …[View]
210724104>Women are inferior to me-: Are there people in here, mostly from the political right, seriously …[View]
210732543Is /pol/ the guiltiest place on the internet?[View]
210712931AUS/POL/ - EASTER SUNDAY EDITION #2: G'day Lads www.conservativenationalparty.org Chinks gettin…[View]
210730935have any of these larpers who think that Christianity is le based white and redpilled religion to se…[View]
210732466Hey faggots: How do I into socialism? Honkler clown timeline ensures bernie takes 2020. Wut do?…[View]
210732565>The left can't meme! This is un ironically what you retards find funny https://www.youtub…[View]
210732947We have to accept the influx of migratory birds into our ecosystem.[View]
210722812Time to exterminate: This cancer has spread far enough. It's way past time to remove it from th…[View]
210721525Do you Finally understad Israels struggle now? We whites need to support Israel Israel is the only …[View]
210732756Post your ancap memes My folder is dying out[View]
210726540Daily Reminder the jews had him killed and the romans (whites) had nothing to do with it.[View]
210731972Rennes-le-Château: What happens here? Is it still relevant for christianity? What are the blue apple…[View]
210722902Florida man attacked by naked girlfriend for refusing sex[View]
210718272THE POWER OF CHAD: I've got a buddy who's super good looking. He looks like a literal Herc…[View]
210732872I had a dream and unlike MLK my dreams dont lie: WARNING: Spirit Angels told me that all forms of bi…[View]
210732877>Meuller report doesn't exonerate Trump I feel like I'm talking crazy pills here. Assu…[View]
210729751What is their endgame?: Nothing exists without a reason. What is the end game of the Psilocybin Mush…[View]
210729523German church attack!: https://m.jpost.com/Breaking-News/Muslim-shoots-fireworks-in-church-during-Ea…[View]
210732692I don't want to get a big Brenton Tarrant thread going but I just want to tell you the truth. T…[View]
210730841Why did the Anti Defamation League make pepe a hate symbol? It seems like nowadays organizations lik…[View]
210732527Was this greentext written on this board? https://docs.google.com/document/d/14tz0gVSkXHUbD2ljci0xHz…[View]
210730934tfw jews work for us now.[View]
210723486Trump privileges Sri Lankans over blacks and browns: Trump tweets about the Sri Lankan church bombin…[View]
210730176Daily reminder to reduce, reuse, and recycle.: As man, we were given dominion over all life. It is o…[View]
210724432Nobody can defeat him.[View]
210719176This was kino[View]
210730153In this time of rage, can w/e have a comfy talk about what happened and share some juicy white power…[View]
210731137ONCE SAVED, ALWAYS SAVED: >Job 28:28 KJV >And unto man he said, Behold, the fear of the Lord, …[View]
210725234It finally happened - Google's first Easter doodle since year 2000: What did (((they))) mean by…[View]
210716837WE FORGIVE YOU GERMANY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvuN_WvF1to Please like :^)[View]
210719990Just a reminder that Anglos are the purest race of humans, they have never been conquered unlike the…[View]
210723809HONK HONK anime opening: HONK HONK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6fe5WTP_y0[View]
210714275I'm thinking about emmigrating to Northern Italy in 2 years after I get my citizenship. What ca…[View]
210731637How true is this /pol/?[View]
210729644>Trump intentionally makes a mistake in a tweet so the media is forced to report on a Christian m…[View]
210703445Retard Trump says 138 Million people killed: He's senile. https://web.archive.org/web/201904211…[View]
210725342Éire/pol/: Easter Sunday Edition: Nationalist and Anti-Globalist Parties in Ireland: >The Nationa…[View]
210731425Why does Monaco go unmentioned on /pol/ when talking about the future for whites? Is /pol/ just full…[View]
210731368What does /pol/ think of Bashar al-Assad?[View]
210730304Friendly reminder that stupid misogynistic crap like MGTOW is affecting our children. There's t…[View]
210731281“ This is my son Adams room. He is on his computer all day. He doesn’t leave his room much and has o…[View]
210723423We need to talk about Buddhist terror: First they came for the Tamil, but I was not a Tamil, so I di…[View]
210724879How did the Jew manage to get the German Americans to fight against their ancestral homeland in WWII…[View]
210701149Pro-tip: shooting and blowing up praying people doesnt solve problems: Did you know 90% of jews are …[View]
210727880The Last Kennedy[View]
210725471Where is the media outrage?: >at least 207 killed.[View]
210729708Imagine murdering your dad in 2017 to become King of the Jews: but instead you get punked and just k…[View]
210722338Sri Lanka terror attacks were retaliation for Christchurch kebab removal?: I'm literally shakin…[View]
210730712Never forget the Columbine shoah: It may be 20+ years ago now but those who don't remember the …[View]
210731082Anyone else getting tired of anti-SJW grifters?: It's just overdone at this point. There's…[View]
210731062Is /pol/ on the wrong side of history?: Lower IQ whites vote for Republicans, and especially for Tru…[View]
210728343Why does this happen in USA ?: How can people go around and murder people then get shocked when they…[View]
210730019List of martrys agaisnt (((them))): I was creating a list of people who were killed and or sacrifice…[View]
210722027let's have some fun with the bong police PART 2 https://www.westyorkshire.police.uk/101LiveChat…[View]
210722267How come there are working-class libertarians?[View]
210729248There's this almost-hope that the Muslim refugees in Europe will eventually rise up against the…[View]
210731405Easter privilege check: Some how I’m -35? Pity me I guess[View]
210728516Women deserve to be beaten: They have the shittiest fathomable instincts in any given situation. You…[View]
210731333Get in here.: You are reborn in the country below your post. If you roll America you are reborn as n…[View]
210706290Advanced US Military Tech: What kind of things do you think they've been working on or have? Hu…[View]
210717868>American journalism[View]
210730266Forget the Yang gang, our beautiful black queen Stacey Abrams will become America’s first female pre…[View]
210728985This is how Google celebrates Easter. No Christian imagery whatsoever.[View]
210731089Why do /pol/ still defend the rich?: Do you realize that they are the ones who advocate for mass inm…[View]
210726400I hear you're a racist now, /pol/![View]
210730995Are you guys aware that the that feel guy, clown pepe and most other frogs originated from krautchan…[View]
210723439'tourists and Easter worshipers' King Nigger can't even being himself to say this was an attack…[View]
210722825What is even the point of traveling anymore?: Am software engineer in Pakistan, saved for 2 years to…[View]
210727630got em again: It's fun to satirize people that satirize themselves.[View]
210728761Well...: ... that seems to have backfired...[View]
210728276are we winning...all the media I see is so sjw-y, everywhere outside of /pol/ is just getting worse …[View]
210726208What does /pol/ think of the kaiser?[View]
210663616/pol/ humor thread[View]
210730608cutiepie !: What's are congress cutie into next? ^.^[View]
210726635Post the Meme that Woke U Up: And provide an explanation as to why[View]
210728714Normies just don't understand.: Why are liberal talk hosts so unbearably retarded?[View]
210720154how do you have a country like pic related[View]
210730410Will whites never win another election after the boomer dieoff?[View]
210728215Toll paid in full x5 Edition!: Waited too long for my muzzy bros to do something. Alhamdulillah. Tod…[View]
210726489Is the media really saying that ONLY 170 people were killed and 600 hospitalised in an islamic terro…[View]
210730569Post here if you give zero fucks about foreign terrorism: Sri Lanka. Frankly who cares I don't.…[View]
210722648When did everything go wrong?[View]
210727113So, is that the end of Canada as we know it, or what?[View]
210706822Ethan Klein H3H3: How would you react if tomorrow Ethan Klein from H3H3 declared himself a Trump sup…[View]
210728623He is risen.: He is risen.[View]
210727481Doesn't make sense: Some whitey shoots up a mosque and you get so pissed that blow yourself up …[View]
210721206How can we make some kind of apocalypse happen? You know like speed things up to the downfall or wha…[View]
210718809huwhite ppl aren't good at anything tbh: > black ppl are stronger, so they would win in a ra…[View]
210720754Stop celebrating easter.[View]
210725956Are blacks less evolved?[View]
210729471Stay at home daughters west coast:: Any update on these two? Are they still available?[View]
210726688Fucking based: Wtf I love GypSlavshits now[View]
210718063isn’t it so relieving that nobody cares about/remembers this annoying little cunt anymore?[View]
210729945MSNBC “journalist” accosts Robert Mueller after Easter church service. Journalists are a scourge on…[View]
210714715Give me legitimate reasons why he shouldn't be the next president.[View]
210728758Jews and the Clownworld: How many of you unironically believe in the kike globo-homo conspiracy to u…[View]
210729154Should I get behind the TRS paywall?[View]
210726519Hi, liberal here, someone posted this thing on my fb and I was wondering how to debunk it >The Ma…[View]
210721629>UK? Nice try Ahmed, Your country is filled with pakis and ni-[View]
210729210Who else is kayfabe dead in 2019?[View]
210727673Race in relation to natural grouping.: As race itself is an important factor in the visual aspects (…[View]
210727205NO STOP DONT: I hear one of you crazies was planning on burning down Amazons data centers? That…[View]
210727728/pol/ was right: Mma is feminism and lgbt propaganda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mf6SGfLs9cY ht…[View]
210725725Why do we let him continue to torment us? Why can't he just fuck off and die when it's bee…[View]
210663487Mortal Kombat Gets Woke: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3jeB19Zbzc[View]
210724843How do I transition myself from being doompilled to honkpilled?[View]
210714297Is DESTINY a SHILL for the LEFT?: Recently, for entertainment purposes, I have been really enjoying …[View]
210706408HONK HONK[View]
210725348How do I Become a Jewish Double Agent?: I wish to infiltrate the jewish community by goyverting to j…[View]
210728919Wyte peepo: I'm trying to find groups of white nationalist or as close to that as possible to j…[View]
210669311KANG HARRY: Britain is black now. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/8907203/prince-harry-meghan-markle-s…[View]
210718651Church in Munich attacked by Muslim: >BREAKING: Church in Munich, Germany attacked by man with fi…[View]
210728646ZIZEK IS A LITERAL CUCK: https://youtu.be/78BFFq_8XvM?t=2833 >'If a husband is jealous of his wif…[View]
210722634Korean-only: https://old.reddit.com/r/india/comments/bc8wry/in_many_of_anantapurs_korean_restaurants…[View]
210726662Homos thwarted, Glitter Hole cancelled!: Tranny drama group cancelled, by transphobes and homophobes…[View]
210728933For all the anti-capitalists: What do you mean when you say capitalism is a defective system ? For a…[View]
210725070curing transgenderism: OK /pol/, you did it. You cured me trans person here - no surgery done, but h…[View]
210724923itt we summon spooks: tarrant was /ourguy/ and literally did nothing wrong[View]
210725689Why do these people think theyre european? Why do they think we owe them reparations? Why do they sp…[View]
210728182Christcucks BTFO by high T kebabs. But what to expect when most of Christian world is cucked beyond …[View]
210709515How do you guys post nonimously here?: I constantly see people posting crazy shit on this board. Are…[View]
210725114Whatever happened to bullying fucking weirdos like these? Faggots around the globe flock to defend p…[View]
210727593This was almost expected today. 200 dead in terrorist attacks against Catholic Churches on the holie…[View]
210726637Who else thinks the eye for an eye system was the most efficient way of keeping crime at an all time…[View]
210728198>terrorist attack happens >its in a third world country…[View]
210728256ALERT/ Jared Kushner is a tranny!: https://youtube.com/watch?v=xb9Rd8FeJbE[View]
210728240America really gets the greatest migrants doesn't it[View]
210728586We Need to Organize: For too long we have tried to find peace with blatant Invaders, Rapists and Sav…[View]
210725585Would it be Jewy if I got eat Chinese food with my ma after mass. We always go eat after church but …[View]
210723755Why is it lots of men will cheat on their girlfriends multiple times with girls that are inferior in…[View]
210722742Im ethically Finnish but I speak Swedish am I Finnish?[View]
210717770How come you lot don't like sargon of akkad? Doesn't he preach the same things you people …[View]
210728303How the fuck does Ellen degenerate not get hate? This is a old video, but can we just have a look a…[View]
210718429Absolute state of white women: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4Z0dZtOh3U[View]
210712641What happened to art anon?[View]
210727290https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1i1vehwsABA ^ Canada un-cuckening? UCP Win, Anti-Oilsands Hardest Hi…[View]
210710950Happy Easter from google[View]
210711887Is the Dark Ages myth created by fedora tippers?[View]
21072439730+ And Childless: It hurts to live...[View]
210727815Brenton Tarrant had a happening playlist. What's yours /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s…[View]
210726485Why are libshits very similar no matter what country they come from?: Literally every country I go t…[View]
210724107The Great Tartarian Empire: Has anyone else taken interest in this subject recently? Apparently ther…[View]
210723154/NAG/ NO AGENDA GENERAL /NAG/ The Best Podcast in the Universe: /NAG/ NO AGENDA GENERAL /NAG/ The Be…[View]
210690727>Judeo-Christian I love how triggered every Christcuck here gets whenever Ben Shapiro or Jordan P…[View]
210727638Oscar short movie winner 'Skin': Did /Pol enjoy this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmZZ_rZji9…[View]
210691195If you want whores to stop looking like this, stop giving white women attention. Women can’t handle …[View]
210727345Did the Federal Reserve cause the incel crisis?: Think about it, if you prints trillions upon trilli…[View]
210724696Jews don’t run Amer-: Explain yourself Amerimutts[View]
210691926This guy singlehandedly exposed conservatism as a joke. Now we are in the mainstream thanks to greed…[View]
210726788Watch out for Terrorist Copy Cats today in the wake of the Sri Lanka terrorism attack. No doubt ther…[View]
210719792Why do the br*tish have no empathy?[View]
210727134Remember, fuck Christ and fuck Christianism, praise CUTE SWEET THINGS :3 UwU :333 t. Google[View]
210702542What are the best solutions to the climate change? No denying retards allowed in this thread[View]
210710794Should the southern US be nuked or quarantined? Nothing of value comes out of there.[View]
210719891Foreign food meme: Why do people push this? My town is entirely white and white people here make out…[View]
210720837>tfw you will never emasculate this family unit by dating and fucking their son Just imagine it. …[View]
210726429Is there an air date for Season 2 of the British cult comedy TV series 'Brexit'? Any rumors on the t…[View]
210726966Based Mexican dog attack romans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bo0PncJFHV4[View]
210724231Politics and Religion of NWO (Age of Aquarius): NWO is a 250 year plan to transition from Age of Pie…[View]
210725311Last Photo with Suge Knight before dying. Tupac had goverment knowledge, he is one of the iluminati …[View]
210708822Has it ever occured to you that maybe the reason the Jews are pushing diversity and equality is beca…[View]
210726578What do you think about the Serbs?: What do you think about the Serbs, are they white niggers of Eur…[View]
210706304What is your opinion on normal, decent black people?[View]
210716383Niggas even stealing your animu: Well guys, when will you stop watching these abominations because o…[View]
210711083Daily reminder that modern 'alpha male' culture is just commercialized psychobabble that takes advan…[View]
210704562Despite raising their black baby from infancy, this nignog denounced his parents for their whiteness…[View]
210717321would you upgrade from a white women to a Latin American one ?[View]
210726303Truth Monitoring: Why can people just say whatever they want? They should only be allowed to say fac…[View]
210722211China, Korea and Japan are going to unite with each other: A chart showing 808 Chinese characters co…[View]
210722830Why is the world so degenerate today?[View]
210725474Has the degeneracy, insanity, and incompetence of anyone else's family pushed them further righ…[View]
210723027How come nobody livestreamed trespassing into area 51? You'd think some suicidal dumbfuck would…[View]
210703307muh 138 million[View]
210724971millions are being rised for notre dame in hours, but there is no money for french workers who are p…[View]
210712147ITT we discuss Google's Doodle honoring Christ[View]
210722346REMINDER that pipes are the ONLY redpilled way to smoke.: Everything else is for niggers.[View]
210710534Tell me a reason why Esports shouldn't be recognized as an olympic sport?: Tell me reasons why …[View]
210723858any way I can make myself dumber?: is there a way to make myself really dumb? Like normie-tier? The …[View]
210714879How do I get a redpilled Somali wife?[View]
210722639religion is the corruption is our world: religion kills thousands of people every day. in a world wh…[View]
210723202How many /pol/acks have contributed more than $5,000 yearly to pro-white groups like American Renais…[View]
210721772Assad is finished: + Regimes economy expected to collapse within 3 months + Almost no fuel availabl…[View]
210725526Do your worst, /pol/[View]
210721747ALL YOU NEED IS KORAN[View]
210708759Do Russians hate being white europeans?: Do Russians hate being White Europeans because of communism…[View]
210725502Unknown men, not traceable in any possible way. In posession of knowledge not meant for humankind. T…[View]
210710757Gen Z twice as likely to use drugs then other generations: Why is Gen Z turning out to be a degenera…[View]
210714990Are gooks going to start ganging up on whitey now too?[View]
210722766POL BTFO[View]
210720403Hey fellas I remember seeing a thread earlier this week about a medical uni getting robbed in Venezu…[View]
210717928New York: Holy shit. I just came back from New York. Wonderful food, big as fuck city. But I always…[View]
210719001The overuse of antibiotics has led to antibiotic-resistant bacteria: We're fucked desu[View]
210725039Stefan just did a video on Ed buck, Is this the same buck that owns Bucks fishing and camping across…[View]
210723283Sword of Truth General /sotg/ - Reformed Faith Edition:: Hi, this is the Sword of Truth, here I am g…[View]
210724594If white person kills a lot off people its a false flag and no one realy died! But if the MSM report…[View]
210724964how hungarian thinks of austro-hungary empire?: is it proud history? or just another slave era of ge…[View]
210697620Mozlems attacked a church and a hotel in Sri Lanka. 152 Christians died and 500 are injured. And nob…[View]
210710656As a SRI officer (Daco-Roman CIA/Mossad but better and patriotic to our homeland) I must redpill you…[View]
210719018Clownpill: Have you taken the clownpill /pol/? There is no other choice in the comedy of a reality.…[View]
210722767>tfw realizing Native Americans literally planted the seeds of white man's destruction Are w…[View]
210723957Why can't he say the word Christian?: >Easter Worshipers >in a Christian Church Now i rem…[View]
210709966Why do kebabs never pay for public transport but never get caught? (Couldn't find a more releva…[View]
210724016Why are white male protagonists so hated?[View]
210717315You owe us whitey.[View]
210724018>white perpetrator Media: 'HE WAS A WHITE SUPREMASIST NAZI!!!!!!' >muslim perpetratorS Media: …[View]
210716720Wake up to this: Religion of peace murdering Christians on Easter: THE RELIGION OF PEACE is at it ag…[View]
210722897THE LEFT >Muh Russian bots THE RIGHT >Muh NPC's Are Americans too stupid to come up with…[View]
210721105Norf F.C. General: Can't get enough of this meme.[View]
210723360I LOVE YOU ALICE![View]
210724002Tell me about the Northwest Front: On the suggestion of people here, I read The Brigade and enjoyed …[View]
210721153Are Russians white?[View]
210721539Why are shills: Able to operate on 4chan, be racist, homophobic, xenophobic and be overall dickheads…[View]
210718861who here unironically concernced mostly about: the backlash against peaceful muslims?[View]
210720659What event would have as much political impact today as 9/11 had then?: For all you younglings: pre-…[View]
210719050Why isn’t more of Jesus’ life known and documented? If you truly thought this goy was the Son of God…[View]
210723745yeah... i'm thinking he'll be alright[View]
210721409Anyone ever wish they were a coloniser?: Recently I’ve been sitting around and fantasying about simi…[View]
210723652Is S.T.A.L.K.E.R. an accurate portrayal of life in Russia?[View]
210712810DNC Frontrunner: Which candidate should we meme into the position of DNC frontrunner? I think Joe Bi…[View]
210723028When will we retake Africa and establish a new home where we can live freely amongst ourselves, /pol…[View]
210687042Flag Acquisition General /FAG/: The Pride Flag is a symbol of PRIDE!!! Pirde in Our Race! Pride in o…[View]
210722123take a Muslims head to work a month: Don't forget everybody next month is Take a Muslims head t…[View]
210721064Any languages that don't use the Latin writing system are retarded as fuck[View]
210723525/zg/ Zoomer General: Thread for 18-22 year olds to discuss the state of the world, society, and reli…[View]
210711412MUH 4d chess: This isn't the work of a 'very intelligent mind', you know. These are obvious wor…[View]
210719713>if an atom gains an electron it's called reduction >if an atom loses an electron it…[View]
210716819>Voting to deport illegal immigrants is political violence >They can now justifiably murder yo…[View]
210721472Fooked Britain?: I'm a wamen living in the north of England, and it makes me sad to see how wea…[View]
210719106Someone get the word to our black brothers: Someone is purposely training to them to be antagonized …[View]
210716012Imagine if the races were reversed.... https://www.boston25news.com/news/trending-now/boy-thrown-fro…[View]
210718962Autocorrect was created and is still entirely owned and operated by jews. Years ago, before learnin…[View]
210722820Race traitors !: FFS everybody who is White and makes a fucking thread about Sri Lanka shithole and …[View]
210719632Who actually won the Jordan Peterson vs zizek debate?[View]
210717303Why is white pride bad?: Because no one likes a sore winner.[View]
210720950So what will happen next?[View]
210709015I did it lads. I found the fix to all the problems.[View]
210705872What's the situation like in Germany?: Been seeing a lot of news that Germany is doing a lot of…[View]
210721618Because they destroyrd: The evidence of all their crimes theyre free to go? >is that how justice …[View]
210700366How To Run An Ethnostate: Here we talk about the policies to implement to run the perfect white ethn…[View]
210722774HAPPENING: some people did something[View]
210722581Take away voting rights for Women, Mexicans, and Negros: Would it help Western Culture? Or would it …[View]
210702669Reminder this family was killed: Including the daughter in Zimbabwe. None survived[View]
210720289Why do white people dog whistle like this?[View]
210721840This is T-Mobile's Linkedin page, what does it mean?: What this image tells us about T-Mobile? …[View]
210717628Will america invade Iran with an all female force?[View]
210721773Happy Easter: Christ has risen We must spread the word of christ to non-believers and the desert dwe…[View]
210720820Obama's Signature worth less than a pair of used Air Jordans.: >Went into the attic and foun…[View]
210694076Hello /pol/, why the fuck do your dumbass (american) discussions go like this >hey let's hav…[View]
210722377DENIGRATION NATION: No matter what choices you make, someone out there wants you to feel bad about i…[View]
210722366American fetishisation of vulgarity and violence: hear me out, Ive noticed that a significant differ…[View]
210722299When did you understand it's not the Jews all the time?: It was the Jews often, no doubt, but t…[View]
210722292We got names: https://www.ibtimes.co.in/breaking-over-200-injured-explosions-hit-sri-lanka-churches-…[View]
210721920Scientologist Definition: Scientologists are a bunch of pedophiles who are scared of real church so …[View]
210721732how do you cope with living in this lonely meaningless clownworld?[View]
210722030The only thing uniting right and left: I'm happy we help you to coexist peacefully :)[View]
210718987Is an end to gender good for modern western society? I used to hate trannies, but after seeing how f…[View]
210721058Tusli Thread: Can we get a thread for our queen Tulsi?[View]
210714938How come these guys are so good at scamming boomers and yet millennial get fucked by boomers.[View]
210718390Boomer Hate Thread: I'm about to waste my Sunday afternoon having Easter Lunch with some boomer…[View]
210718215PROOF JEWS AND FREE MASONARY ARE CONNECTED: Ik its Easter and I hope you have a blessed day but here…[View]
210718020Kill the Muslim. This is the cry of your ancestors, of your Mother Earth. Too long have we been tole…[View]
210714445ITT: Muslims condemn Sri Lanka terror attack.[View]
210716552Christians are such fucking cucks, lol.[View]
21071523613 Men Control The World: I drew this in paint to explain who they are and what they do.[View]
210721168what happen all the great wytmen?[View]
210721412can one be liberal but sexist and racist?[View]
210712090HAPPENING AGAIN SOON: It's red again: http://gcpdot.com/[View]
210702494Polish crowd beats, burns Judas effigy featuring anti-Semitic tropes: >In Good Friday ceremony in…[View]
210721009Opioids Crisis: The only MSM personality talking about it.: https://youtu.be/-qCKR6wy94U Gotta give …[View]
210721118LISTEN UP! The world isn't some magical conspiratorial place like some types of people think it…[View]
210720894Christianity is the belief that the Jewish god Yahweh (who burns children alive for sacrifice) came …[View]
210713445This is so bad for the left, because immediately in the blink of an eye muslims just more than doubl…[View]
210688725Big happening soon?: Did any of you anons have strange dreams lately? I have a feeling that there w…[View]
210716430Why do people say that immigration decreases the value of labor?: Isn't it also true that immig…[View]
210719794>Oh Bryce[View]
210715782OKAY GUYS THIS IS TOTALLY DANGEROUS FUCKED UP SHIT This lesbian lady is teaching 3 yrs TODDLERS abou…[View]
210707656lefty/pol/ thread - take back the swastika: If alt-right dickheads take our rainbow, we are going to…[View]
210721007Is Putin controlled by Zionist: So I am confused. I thought that Putin was based and an anti Zionist…[View]
210705071REMINDER...EASTER IS ISHTAR WORSHIP!: Easter was originally the celebration of Ishtar, the Assyrian …[View]
210711801let's have some fun with the bong police https://www.westyorkshire.police.uk/101LiveChat[View]
210720744Brit/pol/ - Sunday Nigel Edition: Thread Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0LeL9BUPtA…[View]
210694087/pol/ humor thread[View]
210717104Nigger free country: Nigger free Clean Low crime What’s not to love. Japs have it easy besides the w…[View]
210705589Brit/pol/ - From Cape Town to Cairo Edition: >National Black Police Association: push for BAME di…[View]
210720639>jews constantly spend untold billions developing shilling, a censorship apparatus, and myriad ot…[View]
210720677Will the kikes ever leave the victim role?[View]
210716215Happy Easter: Happy Easter /pol/[View]
210717967Can national nudism promote hygiene, fitness, and fertility?[View]
210720556Honk and Kek: 'Honk' in German as a noun means 'moron' (clown?). It likely stems from a word meaning…[View]
2107201251 week until Orthodox easter / orthodoxy general: Post some of your country's music, fellow ort…[View]
210717388Just a nazi doing his job[View]
210719616Honestly the Governments of the world are scheming against their citizens for financial gain: With t…[View]
210714846Redpilling family at dinner: Anons and polfags I need your help. I am looking for subtle talking poi…[View]
210719996Menonites have to go back https://www.nationalgeographic.com/environment/2019/04/unlikely-feud-beeke…[View]
210720301In the face of events in Sri Lanka I can say: WE NEED HIM![View]
210719138>Tarrant kills 50 muzzies >Muzzies angery >Muzzies revenge >literally blow up 200 more s…[View]
210717675>2320 comments removed[View]
210716254Spanish election: Who are you voting for? I'm on the fence still, because I aint voting for som…[View]
210718099>Christchurch >Notre Dame >Sri Lanka Is it all a coincidence?…[View]
210718859what the fuck is going on with buddhists?[View]
210718699Really: Folks, it's been over 2,000 years. We're really supposed to believe that he's…[View]
210714497Church thread: What kind of church does /pol/ go to? Or if you’re a pagan, then whatever a Pagan chu…[View]
210714030Rabbi reports Bulgarian town putting up posters to commemorate Hitler's death: I think it'…[View]
210706650Goatfuckers killed 190 christians on our most holy holidaY!!!!!: KILLLLLLLLLLLL THEMM REEEEEEEE…[View]
210716986Happy Easter: Gas the kikes. Catholics, enjoy my political book, free all day. “Impeach Trump and Di…[View]
210712911Join me in prayer: Pope here We must forgive the attackers for they know not what they do. I pledge…[View]
210713825If white person kills a lot off people its a false flag and no one realy died! But if the MSM report…[View]
210717804Hello /Pol/, months ago I said that I would stop coming in here and focus more on my life, For my ps…[View]
210682275I honestly just want to be a NEET, I’m graduating high school (the equivalent of High school in Swed…[View]
210717168How did the UK go from Paki-bashing to fag parades?[View]
210716642This Persian supremacist smacks your girls ass in the club. What do?[View]
210678160Where does a regular guy find a good woman these days?[View]
210704796If white people are genetically superior to Arabs and black people, then why is whiteness so easily …[View]
210630965If you think Medieval Europe was all white then I got news for you.[View]
210715936>the real tragedy is that anyone would doubt that the fbi is a non-partisan apolitical institutio…[View]
210710289Human Evolution: We are told that all blue eyed people share a common ancestor who lived near the Bl…[View]
210711248He doesn't look so bad now does he?[View]
210717502What does pol think about cryogenics? Is it based?[View]
210712462Notre Dame is a monument to a Jewish God and rabbi Yeshua and should have been burnt down entirely[View]
210718684The time is now: This is everything I have,once they are gone they are gone. https://streamable.com/…[View]
210716835I was introduced to Stonetoss via /pol/ and I love him. Are there any funny comics like this?[View]
210718639The Absolute State of White Men: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ug2DOoxJ1g After watching this, I …[View]
210718381>be me >grow up going to a christian school >all the christians love my slutty sister >t…[View]
210699610Can people wake up?: Have we basically reached the glass ceiling of people who can be woken up and r…[View]
210677304Ashton Birdie is pregnant. and apparently Baked Alaska isnt the father. they said they were staying …[View]
210718541Das AfD-Programm zur Europawahl in 99 Sekunden!: Das AfD-Programm zur Europawahl in 99 Sekunden! ht…[View]
210712735The absolute madman.: He actually said it. Toryfags are kvetching HARD. Corbynistas on suicide watch…[View]
210709925How true is this? Same goes with movies. I feel like 70% of mainstream stuff is unwatchably cucked/b…[View]
210716034PIM FORTUYN: Against islamization of our culture https://ufile.io/qh0prg55 >https://ufile.io/qh0p…[View]
210717307Why are dogs racist?[View]
210710475Peter Strozk: Hello, Wonder why no one figured out I am an Iranian Spy. Did you know there are more …[View]
210710838>wasting a billion dollars on a building: Billionaires have donated about a billion dollars, but …[View]
210712543++A Proposal++: Greetings, denizens of /pol/. I come to you with an idea on this Easter Sunday, the …[View]
210717492Yids blow shit up, 'It was the Muslims': Every fucking time, stop falling for it.[View]
210713098Why don't we ever hear about atheist terrorists?[View]
210715593Elon Musk was prophecised to colonize Mars: Bo down to the soon to be space king[View]
210716875Worst president ever: I’d cast a vote for LBJ, due to the Civil Rights Act and all the gibsmedat he …[View]
210717655Ahem. FUCK MUSLIMS[View]
210713663Shieeet: Can you believe this shit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3jeB19Zbzc[View]
210711319How can Greece avoid the massive shitskinization that's going on in America, Sweden, Germany, F…[View]
210717452/pol/ mods are all niggers and kikes: these kikes own the money printing press. you don't think…[View]
210708330What's the next stage after consumerism?[View]
210717179When the Cuckservative Boomer finds out that Generation Zoomers are the same as millennials.[View]
210717160jesus christ is shit: jesus christ is santa claus for adults. plain and simple. its really pathetic …[View]
210706397Do you still remember her? Brenton does.[View]
210698633Now that the dust has settled...: Is Alex Jones /ourguy/, or a shill of some sorts, Sandy Hook and c…[View]
210717203Are jews the sole perpetrators of evil and controllers in the world?: Please can someone answer this…[View]
210710226>be pigeon >never racemix >never cheat your female >attack male pigeons near your women …[View]
210717119138 million will be the india/pakistan casualty number. The new prophesies were revealed a week ago …[View]
210717111Is Pinochet the ideal governor of 4chan?: I have eliminated the country of communists, I have referr…[View]
210716910Pizza gate is fake news: So stfu[View]
210711604The Road so far: You idiots are all blinded by hate and politics you should go outside, impregnate a…[View]
210716945clownworld: is it only me who's noticing that people are still whining about harambe. also, ant…[View]
210716937Did Hyperborea ever existed?[View]
210716828Palpatine did nothing wrong. Make Coruscant great again.: excellent review of the rebel scum. all ha…[View]
210714602/NWN/ - Northwest Migration: Easter/Spring Equinox edition The only way any race facing extinction t…[View]
210716840Was this peak: Npc culture?[View]
210709006Were is happening vid?: Looking for the happening vid. If any of you fucker who caught this on cam g…[View]
210705281God is real, and not a human created concept.[View]
210716078>WE ARE STANDING BY TO HELP! *continues to fund saudi arabia*[View]
210705359Rip to the 138 million![View]
210701350I know we hate this guy, but this speech he just gave to the British media absolutely put them in th…[View]
210714056Freemasons Replacing White People: What do Jews tell Freemasons behind closed doors to get them to r…[View]
210710819Mother Teresa Blocked by Twitter for Hate Speech: DISAVOW NOW![View]
210712620>this WOMAN is deradicalizing young white men away from the alt-right and into queer leftism breh…[View]
210712542So that’s who the next leach is. Thought it would be China but after the west falls India is next[View]
210712288Stonehenge builders were BLACK: DNA revealed stonehenge builders were fucking black!! Wh*te race BTF…[View]
210713489Why do I love him more when he does something stupid?[View]
210715328Albanians aren't able to reach here[View]
210714994Jewish Hate Thread: Keep it political, boys(or not)[View]
210713012This is a new low by these kikes[View]
210714777Breeding sows: I want to impregnate a beautiful white breeding sow with my strong white seed[View]
210715627To Kill a Mockingbird: Is that the worse book ever? I thought it was so boring. And I thought Scout …[View]
210700438Could the European Union actually be reformed to serve the interests of its member nations, essentia…[View]
210713302Do you agree with this graph, /pol/?[View]
210707181White ethnostate will have to adopt Greek paganism as the main religion or it will have the same pro…[View]
210710156This is the absolute state of the American male. And I thought millennials were bad.[View]
210715719The Christchurch Shooting Might Be A Black Op: Before any of you cucks say >gtfo you tinfoil hat…[View]
210708898Games Muslims Play: 'Muh Crusades': Muslims love talking about the Crusades... and Christians love a…[View]
210712475Does anyone have the rest of this comic? Ill post what I have, Id love the finished set. Also Gnosti…[View]
210715186Do you think homosexuals are really undercover misogynists?: I have many gay friends who really hate…[View]
210711088Sri Lanka Prayers thread: This is a prayer thread, to pray for the tragic loss of life in Sri Lanka.…[View]
210711912another out of control nigger: Florida always has the craziest news stories. why? wtf is wrong with …[View]
210714808What does /pol/ have to say on Lenin?: Another commie jew or a trust worthy man?[View]
210712745>Be whitey: >Create super hyper aggressive pitbulls to chase out niggers out of your towns …[View]
210715194NO HYMEN NO DIAMOND: daily reminder to all of you, /pol/[View]
210713921>tfw a compatibilist,which is also deterministic >tfw cursed to live a life of mediocrity and …[View]
210714499Happy Easter EVERYONE!!![View]
210711504The jewish ego is so fragile its hilarious. Everytime someone makes fun of their tiny clipped dicks …[View]
210709976Should trump kill the families of the russia collusion liars?: He has to go after their families. Ot…[View]
210711194Race: I genuinely think that black people and other races should not mix,one example of this is I wa…[View]
210706153How is Islam superior?: To all the muslims lurking on /pol/ give me a reason why Islam is superior t…[View]
210692320>incels Will they ever learn?: Women don't want racists. https://abcnews.go.com/Technology/w…[View]
210711361“Accident”: That’s what the French government and media want me to believe. kek[View]
210710348Why don't Americans celebrate easter ?[View]
210708348Who really runs this world?: Who is in the driverks seat and who pulls?[View]
210705601*Ahem* Death to America[View]
210710699anyone wanna put some audio on this? make Ronald #honklier again[View]
210698618Nog gets shot for following orders. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LQ3mESRIsw >be nog >cops …[View]
210713842hey fellow germs >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AMrWN1m2XM >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
210699263Is dentistry a form of sadism?: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/05/the-trouble-wit…[View]
210704336Oy vey: Poles beat up, burned and drowned effigy of a Jew https://twitter.com/kann_news/status/11198…[View]
210711409Donald Trump is a woman: The entire Trump dynasty is a family of baphomet worshiping trannies. They …[View]
210711161huh? what the fuck did you just say, zizek?[View]
210706326let's be serious, zizek didn't debate ANYTHING peterson built his career fighting against …[View]
210707779Last straw: Gentlemen I’m not a regular of /pol/ truth be told, but I awoke today to the most impor…[View]
210699000Indians now have loo. Pakis still shit in street: It's about time we acknowledge the fact that …[View]
210706532HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA: https://twitter.com/MEMRIReports/status/1118925354146717696/photo/1 …[View]
210712986Yearly reminder that the science is settled.: >scientists day the image on the shroud was not mad…[View]
210689629HOLLLLYYYYY FUCKING SHIT:: I work at a data firm that is corrugating social media profiles into list…[View]
210708520HE IS RISEN: Rejoice brothers! today is a day for celebration and joy, remember to spend as much tim…[View]
210713255Autismatic poo poo: Alright faggots, how are we going to deal with this one? http://www.hewillnotdi…[View]
210698389Romania is going to import a million Pakistanis this year to fill labor shortages: Your thoughts on …[View]
210691394Are you living a fulfilled life?: What are some of your short term and long term goals?[View]
210701195the spark is fast aproaching.: the turning point will come on the day of the Arno. but this time the…[View]
210710046'It wasn't a lie, it was my imagination. And I know it's not real, but in my imagination, …[View]
210713023WHAT'S IT GONNA BE THIS TIME?: I wonder what the media are gonna pull out of their ass for the …[View]
210709697Why yes of course im voting Yang 2020 it is the choice of the intellectual[View]
210712238Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin Facing New Court Actions: Love him or hate him, Andrew Anglin was and,…[View]
210691708Do Asians Realize That They're Next: If the jews are successful with subjugating whites, then t…[View]
210708897The Reddest Pill: What would happen if we stopped trying to alter the codes of the NPCs and force th…[View]
210712113Did /pol/ go to church today?: I did[View]
210710823turned out that 5'10'' is the average height for the Northern Chinese: Manlets are Ma…[View]
210711993Holy Thursday: Superseding The Old Covenant: The Old Covenant proper came into being when the 12 Tri…[View]
210704975Ausfags: Ask a greens voter anything.[View]
210709104can any non full of shit people give me info on the old testament bible?: origins, writers etc thank…[View]
210698844There are absolutely no solid arguments for abortion, except when the mother's life is at risk …[View]
210704771Can I have a quick rundown on this guy apparently he was a big deal or something[View]
210683578This guy is absolute proof that white people are absolute disgusting inferior people.[View]
210707149Think about it..: When you see that this man most likely has the largest number of haters in the wor…[View]
210709077Guess we'll take the clownpill today: honk[View]
210706897anarcho capitalism, what's yours thoughts on it ?[View]
210705477Anime is enabling trannies and gender dysphoria: https://medium.com/@socjuswiz/masculinity-anime-and…[View]
210685193AUS/POL/ - EASTER SUNDAY EDITION: G'day Lads www.conservativenationalparty.org Chinks getting r…[View]
210689786Styx is in trouble: He was begging for money despite a very successful channel. Now he's releas…[View]
210709843When did you have your Truman Show moment?: The straw that broke the camels back for me was when the…[View]
210707228Is America hand behind the bombing in Sri Lanka?: When the government of Myanmar decided to build a …[View]
210708139Is Fraser Anning officially the most based Western politician?[View]
210708134Where the fuck are all of these tradcucks and christkikes come from recently? Did these faggots come…[View]
210708969minegraf: As we are in the middle of the minecraft renaissance perhaps we'd ought to get a new …[View]
210698130Fuck muslims.: Korean twitch streamer in Germany get's harassed by racist passerbys again. Last…[View]
210692808Would she have killed herself if she had been raised in a 90%+ white community instead of the divers…[View]
210711136*decapitates moslems and joos*[View]
210710571Do you ever get tired of his constant bitching and moaning? Do you ever see it as a pathetic weaknes…[View]
210710988Some of you fags are alright Don't come to Europe tomorrow[View]
210711001Degenerate Art Collecting Kikes Kill Kids with Oxy: The Sackler family, who have made billions poiso…[View]
210703229What did he mean by this?[View]
210706619Hope you're all happy now[View]
210710891Sri Lanka / ශ්රී ලංකා / இலங்கை: Why didn't he save them /pol/ ?[View]
210703126>1 week until Spain general Elections >If the LEFT wins they'll revoke the monarchy and d…[View]
210705083A lot of people here seem to be so pissed off at Russians so that I started wondering why /pol/ exac…[View]
210710369>following a pedophile nigger feet-fetishising cult >dEuS vULt!!!…[View]
210710575They tried harder this year, guys! Look! They added an egg to 'I'm feeling lucky' button. Meanw…[View]
210708970>there are naziboos who actually believe this at least you have humor[View]
210682610When an Instagram model makes 50 times the money that a rice farmer makes, does it mean she benefits…[View]
210698950LITERALLY /ourguy/[View]
210697213>tfw when being redpilled made me lose my friends[View]
210708802New-Zealand shooting: I want to see the full video (around 16min) of the New-Zealand shooting, anyon…[View]
210710183ITT: We make assumptions on Day of the Rope. It's prelude, start, happenings, and aftermath. Wi…[View]
210710257APOLOGIZE! Remember that woman that defended all people of color and religions (excluding the violen…[View]
210699455Normalfags know about 14/88. Use 13/50 instead. 1350 brothers.[View]
210686730Why aren't we colonising Africa like the chinks are? have we lost our spirit men of the west?[View]
210710049>cuckstian >2019[View]
210709835Why didn't he save them?[View]
210701499why the fuck have children?: they will go to shit under clown world no matter your parenting efforts…[View]
210709947Lads how do I join the new IRA?[View]
210704516Yet again Sri Lanka bombings: Jihadis blew themself up on eastern in sri lanka. Atleast 150 dead peo…[View]
210709846>be boomer >unironically believe in Q larp >NZ shooting was a false flag because Brenton…[View]
210709839What's wrong with Americans: Why don't they celebrate it ?[View]
210709822Is our government tyrannical?: I'm just curious, at what point would you consider your governme…[View]
210703447Wow, epic![View]
210683307Why are Asians such bigots?[View]
210707590Hi i'm retard & need help: I always read on /pol/ that the jews are behind anything that ha…[View]
210700865INDIA /POL/ Cultural Heritage Dharmic Edition 卐 ॐ 卍: When did the Mahabharata war take place? Based …[View]
210709434>one hundred thirty eight million[View]
210703032Somebody killed me folks: Why Can't I have a Special Council I can tell you this from the grave…[View]
210707456WAAAAH HE MADE A TYPO: This is what lib shits on /pol/ think is important.[View]
210709511Based Infidels Who Call out Kikes For Their Kikery: Get your based White infidels on here.[View]
210706767Here is the official image of the new Ukrainian president, lads. When you think that hohols can…[View]
210704716Why wont the race war start already, whats keeping it from starting reee[View]
210699075African Niggress thinks China isn't here to colonize them: >I think it's part of a long…[View]
210683088Holy shit. Trump posted a video talking about (((western allies))) involved in spygate: https://twit…[View]
210706147Hehinta Hu:šiʔi:ya.: Ikhaʔ mi hinta?[View]
210699306I will never understand this. Why did so many people jumped off the buildings? Did they not realize …[View]
210709076He is Risen, Indeed[View]
210702849Werwolfen: Do they still exist? https://youtu.be/R5qH_HywQ_o[View]
210691869>divorced coworker comes back from Thailand >starts showing me and two other guys pics from hi…[