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182958397/pol/ when did you realise you can never trust a woman?[View]
182948383How tf water make kids fat. Also don’t kids need milk for their bones? California confirmed shithol…[View]
182957710MIDNIGHT PRAYER THREAD: PST People lets all pray at 12:00 for a better future for all of humanity an…[View]
182937946Tired of people ranting about jews? Where were you when american nationalist nick feuntes and conser…[View]
182956786Why does Google tell me there is no turning back on the Western avenue?: After all the bridges, stor…[View]
182955218George Noory live with Alex Jones: Happening: Alex Jones live on coast to coast with George Noory ta…[View]
182947864I'm going to visit America soon. What kind of body armor should I wear so I don't get shot…[View]
182947311Why weren't niggers and spics sent back to where they came from after the slave era was done wi…[View]
182951086Neil Degrasse Tyson supports Space force again...: Will liberal soifags start supporting the space f…[View]
182953035Actually, the CIA has been putting drugs in your drinking water to make you commit suicide. they do …[View]
182951357There is literally zero reason for white women to oppose immigration: They get the best genes, eithe…[View]
182957673reminder that founder of duckduckgo is (((Gabriel Weinberg)))[View]
182956113Supposedly, women voting was the gateway to degeneracy: ...but what was the gateway to women voting?…[View]
182957720SKYKING: Fundraiser for the wife?: This guy is shilling a fundraiser for SKYKING's former wife.…[View]
182948812Antifa attacks one of their own: Antifa beats protestor up for having an American flag, which they c…[View]
182957826Apparently Blacks Can Have Autism Aswell: >Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you to the historic L…[View]
182951998A young black girl decided to light herself on fire: How can one be this dumb[View]
182957413>be libertarian >pretend to hate bootlickers >suck the cock of private corporations that t…[View]
182952398alex jones on coast to coast right now for two hours.: alex jones going on coast to coast tonight. c…[View]
182956509Pic related: You have no argument.[View]
182953006Is conservatism rreally the new counter-culture?: All across America young white men are being pushe…[View]
182886066Pros/Cons of living where you are: I'll start... Suisse Pros: >Practically a paradise on ear…[View]
182952235Does this idiot really know what he’s doing?: I seriously can’t tell.[View]
182954205Virginity should not be seen as negative trait, rather it should be ignored. This bourgeois cultural…[View]
182954998Finally realized democracy is degenerate and produces retards: >be me >turn on CNN >REEE mu…[View]
182923953Years without war, plenty of resources, sea trade-routes, huge farming area, no siberian winters etc…[View]
182934625/POL IS DED[View]
182951933>orange man say spicy tribe reason grug no have mating partner >orange man say he get rid of s…[View]
182955596After seeing many instances of blacks attacking white people for saying things they don't like,…[View]
182942248The jews are not the enemy: pol will have you believe that the jew is behind mass immigration, indoc…[View]
182957015I have a feeling this year Hillary might win mainly because of the increasing number of liberals and…[View]
182953885DINDU NUFFIN!!![View]
182945012Civil Court Decision Says Sue Google...: >In 1946, the Supreme Court decided the case of Marsh v.…[View]
182957060The Gods: Who is your favorite god? Mine is El. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_(deity)[View]
182949532Hillary Clinton has won the presidency: along with the deep state, she passes law that provides ever…[View]
182950386How do people even live like this?[View]
182955634who killed JFK?[View]
182956650Jew York Times is.....race realist?!?: Direct Quote: 'for a trait like I.Q., about 75 percent of the…[View]
182956214Jews: Why are Jews so hated upon on pol. I understand that ultra orthodox and liberal Jews are disgu…[View]
182951768/ptg/ President Trump General - BEAT THEM WITH SHOVELS EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www…[View]
182956426Quick Rundown: Ive been innawoods for over about 10 days. Can I get a quick rundown on the last week…[View]
182954913When the Hell are any of you guys going to stomp these freaks out?: Seriously, other than Charlottsv…[View]
182951143Turns out Races don't really diverge on policy: Sean Last of The Alternative Hypothesis has jus…[View]
182955694What would happen if Mueller kills himself with 8 shots from the back?[View]
182945708Never forget they control the vertical and the horizontal[View]
182955655Why are Polish women, especially those from big polish cities, race traitors?[View]
182955939idea I had: hello /pol/ I had an idea you guys might be able to do something with. Replace the peopl…[View]
182954275Pol failed me: So I just got ass whooped by a China man who said I don't know shit about histor…[View]
182955479Military spending: What percentage of the GDP should go to the national military[View]
182955931Why is the media so devoted to slandering this man?: This {{spike lee}} movie is just the latest. Lo…[View]
182955389You have lost the narrative of your life.: You are just walking around without any narratives. It…[View]
182955962Did he kill his kids or just his brainwashed wife who was part of a (((pyramid scheme))) Kult?[View]
182955923Does he need to suffer a coup d'état to become totally Far-Right?: >hugo chavez >moderate…[View]
182955549Vull fotre un regalet al congrés dels diputats, quina és la millor opció estimats pol·lacs?[View]
182955802First they came for the private property of white south africans: Soon they will come for your prope…[View]
182948568It's time to remove the kike flags.[View]
182955562We need a modern day horst wessel: We need a maytr[View]
182954075https://twitter.com/dailytarheel/status/1031715807099858946?s=21 Statue by statue, wall by wall, we …[View]
182952380Why are so many trans people commies? What does chopping your dick off have to do with class struggl…[View]
182949129If the left was losing the culture war, would they be acting exactly like they're acting right …[View]
182951372I’m at Starbucks and I notice, all the asian men are single[View]
182952094Did Jews cause the Mongolian Empire: If not, then explain me why I shouldn't hate asians and mu…[View]
182954790This Is America[View]
182954765Dear goat fuckers: If ur a goat fucker in America try to justify your residence here. No, don't…[View]
182936766Reminder that pretty latinas who are already 50%+ european are not a problem for the white race[View]
182941940Media forced to report, yet refuses to show viral picture of cops sleeping in Chicago during major v…[View]
182953258Daily reminder that white and christian are oxymorons.[View]
182947307The future will be decided by me: >unironically look exactly like pic related >be 20 year old …[View]
182954988college: What's up /pol/ Hardcore NatSoc leaf reporting in Tomorrow (today) is first day of sec…[View]
182937619The Chinese are writing our laws and I’m terrified!!: I've worked for the American Legislative …[View]
182954523Ready to feel the Gary, /pol/?[View]
182950328Another chess move in the world - Taiwan: China needs to secure commercial routes as Automation and …[View]
182953125Alex Jones Live Interview: On coast to coast am. Google to find your local station. So far he has ta…[View]
182947448Why is Hollywood so fucking liberal, it’s disgusting[View]
182954752FRANCE SURRENDERS AGAIN - Bends the knee to Trump: China will now take over France's role in Ir…[View]
182944457Recommend me some books Pol.: Everything on TV / internet is shit tier. What are you reading? What i…[View]
182950656Is Bane the avatar for trump?: SO BANE - AND THAT'S THE BLOODY THING ABOUT BANE - HE REPRESENTS…[View]
182946945Why do so many white families adopt niggers?[View]
182951628Thanos: So when 1/2 the universe was wiped out. did he treat pregnant women as a single lifeform?…[View]
182953822He wasn't all that bad.: Way better than that fucker who commandeered the GOP.[View]
182949950Memo reveals Soros-funded social-media censorship plan REVEALED: A confidential, 49-page memo for de…[View]
182915782'bootlicker' why do commies use this as an insult against other people?[View]
182952853Gary Johnson is back: Hes running for New Mexico's seat in the Senate. He's a libertarian,…[View]
182952455Fucking kek[View]
182953696do you like your healthcare system? how can it be improved?[View]
182953735die right now if this wasnt funny to you[View]
182934910I wish a beautiful woman would rape me.: Is Jimmy Bennett gay or something? I would love to get rape…[View]
182949723dindu no wong - Slow Trickle: So we knew he was part of the puzzle a year ago. https://johnharding.…[View]
182953869Hollywood Conspiracy: You see what Crazy Rich Asians has done. All /pol/ talked about is gassing the…[View]
182951418The skies are increasingly dangerous due to aging BOOMER pilots. One of them almost crashed into the…[View]
182947293Mr, Bones Wild Torture Ride Actually Exists: Ever wonder how the Feds gets political prisoners to co…[View]
182937958#MeToo Go Kaboom?: Is this the beginning of the end of the MeToo movement? Literally their biggest a…[View]
182951713>”The death penalty is wrong in all cases” >Two Weeks Later >”Sorry about all those kids we…[View]
182949006General Redpill thread, lets show these Redditors why they call this place Politically Incorrect[View]
182950062Type in 'greatest German composers' on Google. There is one luminary missing in the Jewgle results. …[View]
182945536Do White Street Gangs Exist ???: Ok so I've been thinking about this There are Hispanic Gangs T…[View]
182953113The alt-right failed by being too TOLERANT: The alt-right went nowhere because it was constantly 'vi…[View]
182944174I think America might actually fall before 2050[View]
182950582Sup newfags, I'm Barron Trump. Supreme Overlord of the future American 4th Reich and son of cur…[View]
182945957I miss him a lot, he wasn't perfect, but our generation was betrayed, you can't blame this…[View]
182950033Rod Rosenstein had to be recused from the Vince Foster murder/'suicide' investigation according to n…[View]
182951671They (((OYVEYS))) are recruiting your rugrats to harvest copper for their benefit: This is an old on…[View]
182950531Who is better an Indian or an Arab Fajeet or sandnigger[View]
182951830So my grandpa lived on the same farm he grew up on that his own grandfather stated long ago. One day…[View]
182943113CHINAMAN ARE BUYING UP ALL OF USA: Just went to an open house it was me and 10 other chinamen and op…[View]
182950456HAPPENING | 'Radioactive device': https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-45255181 top kek someone'…[View]
182950181Are children's fashion shows and child '''models''': just clever ways for pedos to showcase the…[View]
182952578Be gentle[View]
182950681How retarded do you have to be to believe Sandy hook was a hoax?: It implies there's a group so…[View]
182951493Based Victor Orban: >Kicked Soros ''NGO''s out of the country >Banned gend…[View]
182949375Anti-Trump Thread: Fuck Drumpf. He's running this fucking country into the ground.[View]
182945544When did you realize races are not equal? >17[View]
182952182Go outside: When is the last time you browsed /pol/ outside your own home and/or on another device w…[View]
18295213858% white: https://youtu.be/hmWP99NPN9g YIKES How does it feel white bois? Mulatto here. Get rekt…[View]
182924049Alert! Seismic events! Possible happening? http://www.metoc.navy.mil/jtwc/jtwc.html[View]
182951649Humans in Space: Just realized The only people to ever walk on the surface of another planet were wh…[View]
182939459Is it worthwhile hearing the Left out?: I've been watching a few of their video essays on youtu…[View]
182940702No videos in a month. Has he killed himself?[View]
182951546Admit it.: Each and every one of you sold out your respective countries' future once you legali…[View]
182951189What is the main source you look to for hope in all this madness? It's almost as if the time fo…[View]
182936262Faggots take down Silent Sam: https://twitter.com/ssiddiqui83/status/1031713396910186499[View]
182942558What made London lawless?[View]
182946610Anti-Trump 'Scenario': this got posted last night to reddit as an anti-Trump “scenario” about what h…[View]
182945510Australia: What is your general opinion of Australia?[View]
182951123Why do they always get their way?[View]
182935855https://mega.nz/#F!6SADlIIb!zs4412P_71FGyMwlfdvZCQ Hey goys, compiled the best /pol/ library combini…[View]
182943124Why does /pol/ shill for the confederacy/the south so hard? The whites there are literal white trash…[View]
182946585Was he a good president?[View]
182950941Special Education Assistant sentenced 18 to Life for Sexual Assaulting a 14-year-old boy: I think sh…[View]
182944308>we're actually in reality >no, SERIOUSLY…[View]
182946840HOLY SHIT A BETTER CANDIDATE THAN TRUMP: How did we not see this? Who is this guy? He's even mo…[View]
182945275Silent Sam meme war: Show me your war face. Silent Sam a civil war statute in the campus of UNC was…[View]
182950718Europeans & niggas >Bronze age Indo-Europeans (Indo-Iranians) >Great city planning >Hug…[View]
182948077/ptg/ President Trump General - Joe Wins: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov https:…[View]
182950533based black man thread: post your based black men here[View]
182941311Opinions on Ralph Nader?[View]
182946374>democrats are the real racists[View]
182949975'Trump': >welcome welcome welcome to cucked week tonight, Im John Oliver thank you so m…[View]
182949873How long can the Jews keep this up for?: Their 'End Game' has to end sometime right?[View]
182950350well?: why are roaches so hard to exterminate but we were close with the jews[View]
182949554Turkey will NEVER concede[View]
182950113What did/would Hitler think about using WMDs?[View]
182950284Progressive stack: I think that the progressive stack tactic could be used to further devide the lef…[View]
182948680/Pol/nonymous Meeting: >on campus shuttle >sitting towards back of bus >last 3 rows are jus…[View]
182947891save /mu/ please: Oi is it possible for mods/jannies here to come over to /mu/ and put a stop to the…[View]
182947718With all this talk about finding alternatives for youtube...: Why is no-one talking about real.video…[View]
182948784Is there an infographic like this but for porn jews?[View]
182950063How much longer until MIT starts hiring tantric sex energy healers to teach chakra studies?: https:/…[View]
182941372Is Cobra Kai a Right-Wing show? I think satirizing PC-culture, especially its most ridiculous examp…[View]
182939823Baseless conspiracy aside, give me one good reason why Israel shouldn't exist[View]
182938035Chink-Jew crossbreeds will rule the world: Is there a more terrifying mixture? The cunningness of th…[View]
182949989Take these pills to become a better INDIVIDUAL, goy.: Hierarchy-of-competance seeing pills will help…[View]
182949953Silent Sam: Every time they attack a statue we should build a new one. Doesn't have to be the s…[View]
182926986Why does a 700 sq foot hut cost $200,000?[View]
182949830Zen, most practical religion: Islam, Christianity, and Paganism are religions of the past, Zen is no…[View]
182940113Opinion on Kyle Kulinski?[View]
182946940I'm arab from a muslim family (left this satanist cult a while ago) but I'm pretty aware o…[View]
182949657Just look at him smile, /pol/![View]
182904725anyone notice anything?[View]
182943807If pizzagate is real, doesn't it prove we're pretty much in hell, controlled by satanic pe…[View]
182946561Take your 'medicine' goy: Make sure you let (((them))) inject various ingredients into your blood fo…[View]
182949114Canada is being punished[View]
182949584/pol/ music thread: Race war edition: What will you be listening to when the Niggers get uppity and …[View]
182947195World War One or The Great War: It is either not taught at all or as an aside during school. I knew …[View]
182937616What do you think about this, /pol/?[View]
182925547Oakland in 1977: Notice anything, /pol/? Let’s compare then and now. https://youtu.be/QxIWDmmqZzY…[View]
182949302I hope Nikki Haley and Lindsey Graham get cancer.[View]
182940644How do we make marriage something to be desirable and admired again?[View]
182947908How much longer do you guys think until it becomes a crime to call someone by the wrong pronoun or g…[View]
182929360>Florida >Algae crisis fucking up our beaches and water >Faggot ass Rick Scott cant fucking…[View]
182948845Toronto Handgun Ban: Reminder that if you ban handguns in toronto, it will have no effect. At most, …[View]
182947806What does /pol/ think about political fence sitters and/or people who are 'centrist' or have centris…[View]
1829445382070 AD: Is this what the entire US will look like by the time I have grandchildren? https://m.youtu…[View]
182946677Christian labor camps for SJWS, ANTIFA and SHITLIBS: A hypothetical proposal in the event we take st…[View]
18294848162 year old boomer here: Hi guys! I know my generation has a bad reputation. So I am here to help wi…[View]
182940074Explain muh russia conspiracy as concisely as you can. I'll start.[View]
182948550/mu/ has been compromised: A bunch of faggot mods on /mu/ are posting nigger dick threads because 't…[View]
182947408When did you get redpilled on anarcho-primitivism, /pol/. When did you realize sticks and rocks are …[View]
182918758LONG ISLAND NY THREAD?: What goes on in Long Island, NY?[View]
182946520What's her name /pol/?[View]
182948866Welcome to /cpd/ general. http://youarelistening.to/chicago[View]
182931101Does anyone actually participate in any far right activist groups? What's it like? Do you feel …[View]
182947169/dfp/ - HOLY SHIT WE HAVE A DUMB FUCKING PRESIDENT: Like, fuck, this is elementary school level dumb…[View]
182941692Oi guvner Trump's right done for now with our balloo-: https://www.rt.com/uk/436424-child-slave…[View]
182946835Congrats Ameriga, not even in Brazil we ve achieved this level of blackness:: https://www.youtube.co…[View]
182948754Why Latinos and Niggers?: Why is our ((('leaders'))) choose to flood our White countries with the wo…[View]
182945979the real youtube battle is with the new generation!!!: The new young generation is getting degenerat…[View]
182944415What do we do about the demon problem?[View]
182948313Hello, My fellow /Pol/locks, its 2018, is this guy still relevant?[View]
182947964Why'd they do it, /pole?[View]
182948203Uh-oh: Looks like Drumpfers won't be turning up to vote https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2018/08…[View]
182947515What would be the consequences of making the uninhabitable areas of the earth habitable?[View]
182948421Toronto Terrorist Attack: Reminder that the 'shooting' on the Danforth was an islamic terrorist atta…[View]
182948403Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Mexican Hate Edition: >Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
182947565/pol/ humor: Here are the cities in Maine with the highest crime.[View]
182946918Weird Lodge: last thread got shutdown fast Ex-friend dad in lodge facebook /pages/Apollo-Lodge-921-F…[View]
182931369What do you think of women who say 'Fuck beauty standards'?[View]
182948312If you can use political memes to make me laugh, i'll vote trump[View]
182942288Hang it up boys: Looks like it was all a LARP >pizzagate is fake…[View]
182947533What can we do about this: Alright, so trump cant ban them himself. What can be done on our part tow…[View]
182948112Hi it's Jesus here: I been wondering the desert for a few days with no food or water and I came…[View]
182947954Amazing investigative work. Glad we can put this matter to rest.[View]
182943558Why do right wing politics vilify Hitler in much the same way as the left does?[View]
182941321Do you see 'Fuck Trump' graffiti where you live?[View]
182939381Why do people worry about 'racism' so much ?: What is wrong with being 'racist ' . does 'racism ' ev…[View]
182945401Go to Youtube without logging in!: GOD SAVE US!!! WHAT ARE THE NORMIES/CHILDREN BEING FED!!! FFS ITS…[View]
182924010Why are Muslims so into anal sex?[View]
182941563Lets talk about Adolf Hitler: What do you think of him?[View]
182933551Caught my dad watching Rachel Maddow. Do I put him in assisted living?[View]
182941413EBOLA-CHAN IN THE CONGO THREAD: Ebola-Chan has spread to the Congo. Nergal will kill all the niggers…[View]
182946941Cats are not the enmy. They are the solution.... The Final Solution.[View]
182946704Reclaim Fried Chicken: Fried Chicken was invented by the Scottish, a White race. It's unbelieva…[View]
182947346Love must win.: If white Christians want to keep their '''precious''' churches and white families, t…[View]
182947199HOLY SHIT ITS HAPPENING: The greatest transfer of wealth just fucking occurred[View]
182944315Why the aversion to the term 'alt-right'? As far as I can tell most people don't want to use i…[View]
182938139What Is The Truth: >Be me. >Be Lefty oldfag shitposter. >Been on 4chan since lolcats. >E…[View]
182933066All right /pol/ it's a Monday night and all major urban areas are experiencing a Reddit black o…[View]
182944082>sucked trumps dick all day on tv I thought she hated him?[View]
182939803I unironically think: Obama was the best president >name another president with such a strong fo…[View]
182933108What happened in pic related /pol?[View]
182947035Have a live one that wants to kill Patrick Little.: 1% Jew 5% Sengali and 94% EuroWhiteTrash @JoeSix…[View]
182934048I'm classified as a violent felon by US authorities. I am also a former US Navy Intelligence Of…[View]
182944214Sir Anders Behring Breivik: Does /pol/ still remember Sir Anders Behring Breivik, the Justiciar Knig…[View]
182945412You ever seen an aerial view of the Creative Artist's Agency (CAA)? Weird right? It's real…[View]
182946871Climate Change: Nature's Way of Changing The Temperature: Climate change is natural. The last g…[View]
182945565/nau/: >>93846177 Canada, USA, and Mexico should go to the UN and create a collective effort t…[View]
182946486Open letter to Mark Zuckerberg:: Dearest Mr. Zuckerberg, If you truly want to make a difference in t…[View]
182943961WTF I love Tim Kaine now![View]
182924040Australian Politics: Leadership up for grabs. A new PM and deputy could be decided today. https://w…[View]
182909771Dave Chappelle - BASED Is he the only black comedian who is actually politically based? Has he named…[View]
18294653212 year old beaner tourettes: https://youtu.be/YmV6-dPg9qQ A 13 year old American white girl with to…[View]
182945049This is hilarious: I love the way he pisses off the mayor of Launceston. check out the store with th…[View]
182946429You can soon be earning crypto while you wank: Will this solve the NEET problem? https://www.zerohed…[View]
182934340Should all Americans move to alaska?: It’ll most likely be the only piece of land that is safe for t…[View]
182942069Why does soy turn white men into cucks?: >Asian countries consume much more onions but still reje…[View]
182946320>yfw realize the Trump Organization has committed a hostile takeover of the U.S. Corporation…[View]
182944218Jews don't believe in the OT: They believe in skirting its laws, pride and conformity over hone…[View]
182942041What the FUCK is this? Where are the shitlords? What happened?[View]
182945789New York Comic Con.: Remember when that new pepe song was discovered last week and anons said confir…[View]
182945707Australia’s Next Prime Minister: Here she is gents[View]
182946072ITT: we discuss how we personally would have overseen and executed the holocaust had we been tasked …[View]
182934936I'm so fucking pissed at my shitty fucking family >Be me >Have superliberal Mom and siste…[View]
182928841Only 16% don't believe in Russian interference: >84% believe Americans, are you really that…[View]
182920657THE ABSOLUTE FUCKING STATE OF LEAF LAND >lady upset that Trudeau wastes money on illegals >she…[View]
182944890Why is it considered wrong to have sex with a drunk girl these days? It's even treated as rape …[View]
182943463Why is there no equal and opposite re-action?[View]
182936817Somalians and Minnesota: The cucks my state keep telling me that Somalishits are a net benefit to th…[View]
182945778LOCAL CURRENCIES: What are /pol/s thoughts on local currencies? Such as Ithaca Hours, Mountain Hours…[View]
182942988Why do they hate England?: Does this country still even exist? When I look up Scotland, Ireland or W…[View]
182945742BASTE SAMURAI: >Japanese prime minister straight up said blacks and spics are dumb >nobody gi…[View]
182941623We should welcome reddit, theyre much better than the shills: And by that i mean redditors who love …[View]
182935127LEAFCUCKS REJECT CHICK FIL A: https://www.christianheadlines.com/contributors/michael-foust/canadian…[View]
182945626this thing is more aesthetically appealing than that statue of the 10 commandments in enlightened fu…[View]
182943131ANGLOSPHERE THREAD: Get in here lads![View]
182932219Brit/pol/ - 11% Rum Edition: >Chaos at Gatwick as thousands of passengers are forced to read flig…[View]
182942861Why do the muslims hate us so much?[View]
182936389now dust on ground...holobunga happen as longnose say?[View]
182942313RAPE: Your thoughts about it?[View]
182945210Forget millennials: Normie millennials are too far gone >Zoomers are where its at You see /pol/ m…[View]
182932629Should Congress Pass a Law Banning Porn Like Britain Did?: Bongs now have to get a pornography licen…[View]
182920607What should his campaign slogan be?[View]
182945135Fact:: Calling Donald Trump a racist is equivalent to calling Barack Obama a nigger.[View]
182943625Remember anons, nothing must come before God. God has to be first, ahead of your family, your nation…[View]
182942027Why do niggers act like niggers and then expect not to get called niggers? Why do niggers act like n…[View]
182917913Why do Catholics like raping children so much?[View]
182945063Healthy Living Incentives: The most important incentive for healthy living is that by living healthy…[View]
182910082Italian-American actress blackballed because she isn't 'white enough': https://www.thewrap.com/…[View]
182933769Is White People getting more dumber?[View]
182939519Are Asians the new Jews? Will the Donald kill all Asians in concentration camps? If so, will you vol…[View]
182932100Front Hole: Its not a vagina shitlords, its a front hole.[View]
182942402/pol/ humor thread! Go! Go! Go! https://gizmodo.com/museum-visitor-falls-into-giant-hole-that-looks-…[View]
182938951Why aren't you doing everything you can to save the white race?[View]
182944027Still falling for the bbc myth?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7caCH6QkoE Dont let jews fool you,…[View]
182940673I Want To Shill for Donald Trump: Since there are so many pro Trump niggers on here, I must assume t…[View]
182936856ALERT, SILENT SAM HAS FALLEN: They've torn down this beloved iconic statue, GAME ON! https://yo…[View]
182942100Ctrl+F >homosexuality >1 result Ctrl+F >pedo >0 results Ctrl+F >Catholic >19 resul…[View]
182942018>stumble across schizoid forum >all the off-topic stuff is people posting 4chins memes How man…[View]
182944125What's an Eeeuuu???: Red Pill me on the EU.[View]
182921687Manafort is gonna walk!: Manafort is going to walk. Jury would have come back on Friday if the verdi…[View]
182943244Xbox: Give me your phone number goy! Everything should be up and running in no time if you just giv…[View]
182937959I FUCKING LOVE MY PRESIDENT!!!!: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1031724100719403009…[View]
182943881Post redpilled anime ITT[View]
182933822ITT we discuss good tax laws for a ethnostate: For example: tax the childless degenerates and give t…[View]
182915547/pol/ humour thread[View]
182943087>'stupid liberals, there's no way we can pay for single-payer healthcare, even though every …[View]
182943599Will whites ever be as united as other races?: I really don’t see whites as ever having the same lev…[View]
182943189QUEENS: Sisters with EIGHT kids each admit they’re addicted to having babies – and one even kept hav…[View]
182942332>Di Giovanni was labeled 'a public and notorious passive sodomite' and convicted by the Podestà c…[View]
182942153Does this guy know what hes talking about?: Will the free market work out in the end anons? THIS IS …[View]
182934967Hurricane lane-chan cat 4 heading to Hawaii: Pineapple niggers are about to get rekt and btfo. No mo…[View]
182936611>https://abc11.com/protesters-knock-down-silent-sam-statue-on-unc-campus/4012908/ >CHAPEL HILL…[View]
182942585I'm looking for some great redpilled WiFi names, politically speaking of course.[View]
182943120Why do pagans say Christianity is foreign and middle eastern as an insult when Odin led the Germans …[View]
182942666The Jewish Role In Communism Is Just A Conspi.... Oh: https://twitter.com/JewishWorker Check out som…[View]
182904649Islam is literally /pol/: the religion. So why doesn’t this board like Muslims? >enemy of the Jew…[View]
182936553Let's play a game: >your top 3 American presidents >your bottom 3 American presidents…[View]
182942949Genuine question from a retard, are the Spanish and Portugese hispanic? Are hispanic Americans Cauca…[View]
182942858>turn on the tv >VMAs on >this is performing >Americans >white…[View]
182942911Literally the hero of the decade.[View]
182932143>this makes /pol/ smile the fuck is wrong with you people?[View]
182937025How do I remain grounded and not reveal my power level on social media or in public? I feel nothing …[View]
182942844What are the whitest/least white parts of Norway?: I can't find statistics on the various regio…[View]
182942880Greetings fellow citizen,: Have you consumed any good kike propaganda recently?[View]
182942270Hitler was the greatest orator of all time: https://www.bitchute.com/video/lC441jHDoSwG/ prove me wr…[View]
182940470Is it stealing if it's food or clothes?: has over 1000 shares, 2000 likes, and 500 comments on …[View]
182895209Was Pizzagate real?[View]
182940302Alex jones being not gay with gavin naming the jew: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hmLgXeqZw8…[View]
182942383What are the biggest problems you see in the world today? Not sources of problems, such as 'niggers'…[View]
182942688HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EL SALVADOR Y TAIWAN ROMPEN RELACIONES DIPLOMATICAS!!!!!:…[View]
182922371Why doesn't sex sell anymore?: Why are millennials hiding in their basement instead of going to…[View]
182941598EBOLA-CHAN IN THE CONGO THREAD: We love you Ebola-Chan! Please save the white race by killing all th…[View]
182930381Parenting Today: Dad gives $100 to 'his daughter' if she attacks a Trump supporter. What is this wor…[View]
182940090I feel brain dead tonight,: I watched CNN... someone fill this in please.[View]
182940354Lets face it boys, nuking the entire southern hemisphere as well as the middle east is entirely fine…[View]
182942382Obama lovers explain yourselves!: Oh Nellie.. the Ohrs are lucky they have them, they are up a shit …[View]
182940715Memo reveals Soros-funded social-media censorship plan: Leaked Docs show Soros coluding with Socials…[View]
182924740future wars: will there be any major wars in the near future, WW3. any major conflicts[View]
182942016The New Superpower India: Does any one from india actually believe that within 2 years india will tu…[View]
182942293Controlled Opposition: On sale now![View]
182941839Whoever owns this piece of land should return it to Norway All the places have Norwegian names alrea…[View]
182942271EBOLA-CHAN IN THE CONGO THREAD: Good luck Ebola-Chan! We love you Ebola-Chan! Save us Ebola-Chan! Ki…[View]
182940905Michael Jackson: ...and guess who's throwing the biggest fit on Twitter over this? Yep, dindus…[View]
182942250>be southern american mountain man >lived in this country your whole life watched it grow >…[View]
182942207Wealthy NEETs: Here's a documentary for you stupid fucking NEETs: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
182942062Are you guys the Nazis the outside world claims you to be? What’s your opinion on kikes[View]
182934420Chad Justin: every girl on earth want to fuck him unlike your fat trump dick sucking neckbeards . n…[View]
182941083What's her endgame?[View]
182940333Jesus /pol/ why are you full of a bunch of racists and anti Semites your just making enemies with th…[View]
182942045Will /pol/ ever go back to how it was in the good old days?[View]
182939265What's /pol/'s opinion of this channel? https://youtu.be/basedrgmftSeA[View]
182935501The Left always wins, prove me wrong: As a right winger I've come to the conclusion that the Ri…[View]
182929343Is he one of the greatest philosophers of our time? If not, then who do you have above him?[View]
182935200Diversity is strength. I used to be an Edmonton Eskimos season ticket holder. No more if this garba…[View]
182941677HR McMaster talked Trump out of blocking Obama's access to intel: https://www.washingtonexamine…[View]
182941189Should France really be allowed to have more nukes? It is basically a Muslim country how does this m…[View]
182941396can someone pls explain to me how this got approved as a top level domain (TLD) honestly, like, what…[View]
182941621>the fruits of my labor[View]
182938947Migrants Attack German Police: Video: https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=u8xtv_1534801598 TRANSLATION O…[View]
182941479brainstorming thread: >tfw no more guac memes >tfw no more ted cruzumaki memes >tfw no more…[View]
182941509Rapist Dr. Shafeeq Sheikh escapes jail time: Ex-Texas doctor who raped heavily sedated patient in ho…[View]
182931407How did the US manage to turn the health of the environment that we all live in into a partisan issu…[View]
182920277Why did the US really want to overthrow Saddam Hussein?: What was Hussein doing that pissed of the U…[View]
182933184Are traditional gender roles dead? Why are men losing? >Be raised in a male dominated household …[View]
182940587Why haven't you taken the /listpill/ yet?: >List argued that statesmen had two responsibilit…[View]
182941419Error: Our system thinks your post is spam. Please reformat and try again.: uh, no.[View]
182902391>recently passed anti-burka bill nationwide >majority of population is refugee-sceptic, and gr…[View]
182940962>God of Israel >God of is real >God of what is real Was Christianity a creation made by the…[View]
182939624Don't forget to move out and rent an apartment, goy. You don't want to be a loser that liv…[View]
182929564How can it be both?: >White people are the superior race, and due to their superior traits, they …[View]
182939176How is this allowed?[View]
182935153Is MundaneMatt finished ?: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=MundaneMatt[View]
182879951WHITES WIN AGAIN: The Eagles’ greatest hits album has moonwalked past Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” t…[View]
182939675recent censoring on social media driven by Soros, Brock: https://www.wnd.com/2018/08/mask-off-social…[View]
182939549>no communist society has ever achieved long-term prosperity >thinking communism will work thi…[View]
182918197A question for Americans: What is the likelihood that Trump will lose the Republican nomination in 2…[View]
182935061Working on a class project: For Tom and Jerry >post best toms pls…[View]
182938877Colorado Man Bravely Avoids Getting Divorce-raped: https://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/chris-watts…[View]
182938820No one beats Maddog: No one[View]
182940506I'll just leave this here.[View]
182937565Is anyone going to watch Crazy Rich Chinks?[View]
182938648turn the tides of this poll: you know what to do https://twitter.com/JulianSvendsen/status/103172542…[View]
182929882How does the intelligence of nature work?: Isn't nature just like artificial intelligence runni…[View]
182940329Pedo google translate: What does it mean? https://youtu.be/kvGShMvxELg[View]
182940081How do we stop the Asians from taking over the world? >higher average IQ than whites >master t…[View]
182940245Why do Finns do this?[View]
182939589anything pol can drop on me bout this genovese crime angle?[View]
18293960513 unarmed white men gunned down by the police in 2018: Just kidding- they were black. So now if you…[View]
182938609>b-but anon... democracy is the right way to g-g-govern people!! >w-why?? it just is!! rule of…[View]
182939852Why is he so perfect /pol/? https://youtu.be/5BqlXIlkSoA[View]
182908415The 1% grabbed 82% of all wealth created in 2017: >More than $8 of every $10 of wealth created la…[View]
182938199Africans don't have cultu-: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ajuran_Sultanate >Ajuran sultana…[View]
182939677anyone listen to this fucker? is he /pol/ incarnate? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kO9y-wmetLc use…[View]
182929225We're all one race. THE HUMAN RACE[View]
182939516Why is Israel such a Political Faggot?: What is the single most memeable anti-Israel idea that we co…[View]
182939075Reads: Please post some good /pol approved reading matrerial. I’ll start[View]
182938312how many statues have been torn down now since 'le god emperor saviour' became president?[View]
182937652>be born into a mormon cult. >leave at 15, ostracized from community >work at the only cof…[View]
182935367>MLM is scum >preying on the dumb and desperate >these companies deserve to die…[View]
182932196Operation Jinx: > be me kicked off the qanon prediction dev team > practically made the neural…[View]
182939214to the ones who follow boxing you already know how good golovkin or bivol are,the former one of the …[View]
182925735#MeToo Figure Asia Argento Accused of Rape: Fucking LOL guys, (((Weinstein))) accuser and prominent …[View]
182930210ROASTIE HATE THREAD: Post pics, articles and videos of 30-something thots realizing their mistakes.…[View]
1829205462020 Prediction Thread[View]
182928254Clanton: >commits the perfect crime, while wearing a mask to avoid detection >and i would…[View]
182918883#METOO WHORES BTFO!!: The ugly Jew delivers a fatal blow[View]
182938843He dindu nuffin: A St. Louis teenager posted online that he was glad to make it to his 17th birthday…[View]
182938776Police bait criminals into stealing and they stole: >https://solecollector.com/news/2018/08/did-c…[View]
182936279Where is the plague that I was promised earlier today?[View]
182937998polacks are literally the niggest niggers in the entire world. Not even american niggers come close …[View]
182939330How much of this board is reasoned, factual debate using verified sources, and how much is simply pi…[View]
182938547Venezuela/ Venezezolanos: Hello fellows children of the revolution >I have a new way to get USD i…[View]
182933868Should women have equal rights, /pol/?[View]
182937773Is there anything worse than white nationalists who try to justify having an Asian wife?: I'm t…[View]
182936472Angry Joe faggot releases another video after sales 85% below CoD report: https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
182936028That time Mueller let a pedo go with a 200 dollar fine bc his dad was famous: Child pornography cove…[View]
182935634>USA around 1950. Was the most puritanical part of the western world at the time. hahaha NO! It w…[View]
182929855Freedom: Someone please give me a reason why libertarianism isn't the best system >protip: y…[View]
182936585This is Harvey Weinstein's Jewish lawyer (((Benjamin Brafman))) He paid off Jimmy Bennett to sl…[View]
182927734Gays should be executed: WHy aren't we executing gays? They were the dwnfall of every great soc…[View]
182938179Can we somehow get to the twitter algorithms to show the real data regarding Mudslimes? Also, Canada…[View]
182935648EBOLA-CHAN IN THE CONGO THREAD: We love you Ebola-Chan! You are our only hope to kill all the nigger…[View]
182938093Am I the best only one who thinks chunks are the most unattractive race: Seriously thier are Arab an…[View]
182937795Let the virus in or you're racist[View]
182937539This is what they took from us[View]
182938031destruction of wh*tes[View]
182938030hilldawg thread[View]
182937354Can we meme it?: Can we ride the tide of that Strayan politician and the shirt that Lauren Southern …[View]
182938013Silent Sam: If you're not gonna do shit to stop people from destroying your history... Well... …[View]
182934644Oh buoy here we go[View]
182937907OUT OF CONTROL!!: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/uknews/7056768/uk-private-run-jails-g4s-hmp-birmingh…[View]
182936822SuperCuck Bill Burr: I can't find any pics of his daughter - who is reported to be as black as …[View]
182937879Why do americunts lack class?: I know 20 years we were supposed to be in awe of jew essay but in mod…[View]
182934628Reddit has been down for 3 hours: Reddit has been down for three hours now. Since a little before 5p…[View]
182937625How do we deal with the Serbian problem /pol/? >niggers of Europe >hated by everyone >ZOG p…[View]
182897313You cry about your niggers. How cute. Then you have never met an albanian Pic related Albanians is w…[View]
182932043If white people don't want to be redpilled, why should they be leaders of the world? How can wh…[View]
182924154YOUTUBE TAKING DOWN EVERYTHIG ALEX JONES: They just took down the entire 'Alex jones Funny Moments' …[View]
182932789ITT: Embarassing moments in /pol/ history.[View]
182922739Racism is retarded Any sane person would rather spend time with middle class black/asian whatever pe…[View]
182935334>liberal burger >reading about sweden democrats rally >metal music and roast pork >i lik…[View]
182937376why are all voices allowed to be heard on 4chan but megasites such as youtube and reddit are more ak…[View]
182934381>tfw benis in front hole[View]
182937030The gayest prime minister: I was looking on twitter and found this photo. Who is this man? Trudeau…[View]
182927998Varg Vs. The Golden One?: Why do they have beef? Varg was going to invite Golden One to stay with hi…[View]
182937021If you live in California I feel bad for you... if you are middle class. You got regulations up the …[View]
182931066Why do pol thinks China will not take their place as the biggest superpower? What are americans goin…[View]
182929766REI is sexist (surpise surprise): Have been a customer of REI for years, however over the last coupl…[View]
182934719Question for Europeans: Is the alt-lite/nationalism trend as prevalent amongst the youth/young adult…[View]
182932901OY VEY[View]
182935214GET IN HERE Emu forces have invaded Broken Hill, New South Wales: It is believed that the emus are b…[View]
182935252Ladies and gentlemen! Captain America rips the orange Cheeto into shreds! GOD BLESS AMERICA![View]
182935819You may ONLY post in this thread IF you : >Have at least 50% of your DNA coming from one region …[View]
182934032I don't get it. Why hate on black people so much? You do know there are blacks in places other …[View]
182930543Unemployed Trump voters of /pol/: In your own words, what is the biggest problem facing America toda…[View]
182936787Hillary's Laptop: Should we start a gofundme for a member of the NYPD to leak the contents of W…[View]
182895976Small German Town of 4,600 People Voice Dissatisfaction Over Migrants: >migrants are mostly young…[View]
182934944Have you ever been personally discriminated against because you are white? Or is all your outrage ov…[View]
182934874This website just makes me more angry and racist[View]
182934580Homeschooling: Does it make kids socially retarded? Would you date a homeschooler? Does /pol/ have a…[View]
182936264EBOLA-CHAN IN THE CONGO THREAD: We love you Ebola-Chan![View]
182933303You want to know how truly awful college campuses have gotten?: So I enrolled back into university t…[View]
182932900CHR*STFAGS BTFO!!!1: HOW THE FUCK WILL CHR*STFAGS EVER RECOVER?!?!?!?!?!/1 XDDDDD >My god has a h…[View]
182936435I've become far kinder to facism over the last year and put me on the fence over National Socia…[View]
182893740Where were you when the greatest plot twist of our generation happened?[View]
182924430>HAPPENING Bolsonaro (leading brazilian presidential candidate and the closest thing from a brazi…[View]
182929793why don't we just use postmodernism and critical theory to deconstruct leftism itself?[View]
182936227It's the kikes!: A tasty treat of race mixing .[View]
182934563I hate to say this to burguers, but they better start racemixing. The reason why there is relatively…[View]
182935861University of North Carolina: It's happening in Chapel Hill, North Carolina !!! The snowflakes …[View]
182934989Do you ever find yourself so full of hate that you find it hard to function in day to day life?[View]
182929119Why does america get obsessed with ass?[View]
182933487is longnose tribe grug tribe?: Help grug please grug see longnose and longnose claim to be in grugs …[View]
182922642EBOLA-CHAN IN THE CONGO THREAD: We love you Ebola-Chan! Kill all of the niggers in the Congo![View]
182936004Does this man have good intentions?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Tps_VhlbZA[View]
182924856Libertarian discussion thread number 2.: Youtube kicking 'libertarian' moly off, he's…[View]
182921618How do I redpill my fellow boomers?: 61 year old boomer here. I've recently tumbled down the In…[View]
182925630A remarkable number of the most prominent purveyors of right-wing snake oil, from Alex Jones on down…[View]
182924354This is an average American school in 2018[View]
182935134Question for Straya bros: Is the alt-lite/nationalism trend as prevalent amongst the youth/young adu…[View]
182935810Vaccines saved billions of lives and you would be dead without them: Why would any of you not vaccin…[View]
182935460What is going on here?[View]
182935124WE WUZ WOLVES: Hey gold boi, gib biscuits for reparashuns and shieet you breedist muthafugas[View]
182935449Reminder: There's no way a left-wing Jew in New York is going to jail.: >He'll Walk…[View]
182935601Does everyone seem a bit on edge to you lately or is it just me? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_…[View]
182926780California Boomers literally create an amendment to get out of paying property taxes: https://commit…[View]
182929366I dont know personally any law enforcement officer who wants to ban guns. why are cops so pro gun?[View]
182933114Makes conservatives suck giant plastic cocks.[View]
182935254How is possible that it’s 2018 and there is no end in sight for the complete denial of Race/IQ diffe…[View]
182934089Christopher Dorner: What is /pol/'s version of this man's story?[View]
182932222Women’s freedom far beyond the right to vote: Now that women having sex with multiple men is no long…[View]
182934522What do you guys think about this?[View]
182920707>An armed society is a polite socie- Explain Missouri, /pol/. The state began relaxing its firear…[View]
182934925found on tolerance.org: >So, no matter how it began, “It’s Okay to be White” represents the lates…[View]
182933606Why don't we do /IWO/ threads like we did on Krautchan?[View]
182933010> mfw an Israeli entrepreneur is trying to sell cyber security solutions to Poland > mfw local…[View]
182934735Is the behavior of the left just a child's tantrum?: How far does /pol/ think it would it be li…[View]
182934950/RPG/ REDPILL GENERAL: Hello normies seeking refuge from your shitty sites, welcome to /pol/. This t…[View]
182934463The dream: Anon starts Campaign to reforest the Amazon. When planting he will put your name and fami…[View]
182934403/pol/ BTFO: Hahahahahahahahaha grow up hahahaha[View]
182934348DATING MARKET 2018: >Woman tricks 100s of guys to show up at same spot for tinder date >Only t…[View]
182930295Teacher's thread: Can we get a teacher's thread? I love your stories and rage.[View]
182933568SWEDEN YES![View]
182934822Why are the men who immigrate here from Asia so nice, /pol/? I've never met one who was a dick …[View]
182932087Bernie sanders complains that the top two wealthiest people have 50% of America’s wealth. Both Bill…[View]
182932434>Go to work >Go up to your boss >Say, 'You're a fucking nigger.' >Get fired >'WH…[View]
182919973I’m okay with a US Space Force. But what we need most is a Truth Force — one that defends against al…[View]
182919179Quick, name one Economist who has ever been correct[View]
182934353Jew tube: We are experiencing shillings supremo shlomo[View]
182933862Understanding the Simulcom and The Void: Void of a Q_Field Simulcom – When someone is carrying on se…[View]
182933952Why does /pol/: Hate 5g? it's the future stop holding us back[View]
182931241>THE HEAVENS as in space Jesus is saying He comes from space and those who behave as Him are His …[View]
182925920Whatever happened to Rucka Rucka Ali?: Rucka Rucka Ali made /pol/ tier music, and even a lot of norm…[View]
182924247Sum up your country in one image.[View]
182932193It's the individual, not the skin color: Stop hating the skin color Hate the individual who did…[View]
182934416Gentiles are natural farmers. Foreign moors and jews Think our passive and weak they must be Weeds m…[View]
182934389Just finished reading starship troopers. This book is way ahead of its time I know I'm a little…[View]
182928703What happens when Trump cancels Mueller's security clearance?: Considering the number of media …[View]
182930545Why is she going to Africa by herself???: What would be her motivation to visit Africa by herself?…[View]
182930815feminist paraphinalia: So i walk into the lunchroom and see this, its bullshit right?[View]
182916785'Truth Is Not Truth': What did he mean by this?[View]
182932626March on Rome: Lads, I'm going to be visiting Italy this winter - could anyone recommend places…[View]
182932535WHY IS IT OK TO MURDER WHITE PEOPLE, /pol/?: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/two-men-wanted-for…[View]
182932512'Trump': >welcome welcome welcome to cucked week tonight, Im John Oliver thank you so m…[View]
182934165Go back to 4chan: >Go back to 4chan https://youtu.be/N4ShrIG8qEA?t=340…[View]
182933339Let's play a game: >your top 3 American presidents >your bottom 3 American presidents For…[View]
182905227Christine Hallquist General: Christine Hallquist (born April 11, 1956) is an American politician and…[View]
182921054This is the future of russia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xvwo26BsinY[View]
182930692So What Happened in Here??: I heard this little island called Indonesia had 260millions people…[View]
182925343How does America have such a racist past if the majority of Americans were Christian back then? They…[View]
182933743Is it possible for a politician to run on a Pro Blood Libel Platform?: Think about it. We need some …[View]
182933674Reddit.....dead: I killed Reddit...AMA...[View]
182928477Will Trump win in 2020? Will you be voting for Trump, if yes why? If no why not? Vote here: You kno…[View]
182933096Is Hitler the ultimate right-wing eceleb? /pol/ seems to call anyone who takes any leadership initia…[View]
182922199Post your nation/state's flagbearer meme[View]
182914054What do we do about the female teacher problem?: Well /pol, do you think these women are fit to teac…[View]
182923510Canada: /ourguy/ Scheer has spoken 2019 will be the Year of the Scheer[View]
182932879Anyone who says SOCIALISM is a BAD IDEA never saw these pics!: If we just voted in Socialism! No one…[View]
182920961Im sorry white people: >Visiting family in Mexico >everyone looks like me >speak same taco …[View]
182933641>USA around 1950. Was the most puritanical part of the western world at the time. hahaha NO! It w…[View]
182907923Be honest /pol/, does the anti-white Male sentiment get to you?: Well? This is part 2 since p1 reach…[View]
182933526How come a sandy: Hook parent was allowed to give a national address if sandy hook wasnt real? >c…[View]
182931067Why does /pol/ think jews operate as a hivemind?[View]
182933442Why is Trump able to sleep only 4 hours a night and not look wasted?: Because he doesn't fap an…[View]
182932817Europe has a measels outbreak: https://www.bbc.com/news/health-45246049[View]
182933434Would you: Vote for David hogg for Congress? Why or why not?[View]
182906548(((1 Post by this ID))) - Forum Manipulation's Political Implications: Some may see it everywhe…[View]
182932101redpill me on race: not bait[View]
182898644Neil eGrasse Tyson confirmed for Ministry of Truth.: Black Science Man said it first /pol/. Are we 1…[View]
182931693Brit Pol /last ..: but my my mates lol[View]
182928607If fetuses are babies then why don't we celebrate our first anniversary 3 months after being bo…[View]
182893292This was the best case scenario[View]
182910734Gov't Psyop[View]
182930967Chelsea is gonna run!: Kek wills it! “For me it’s a definite no now but it’s a definite maybe in the…[View]
182910215When will Br*ts give back Northern Ireland?[View]
182932386Conservative Facebook groups in a nutshell: Why are neoconservatives so focused on being ''manly'' a…[View]
182926424Most red pilled computer games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8go5PiIF38[View]
182926764Hollywood, where rapist pedophiles rape other rapist pedophiles[View]
182930049Hello Christian Brothers, I am a Muslim: How can we defeat feminism, again?[View]
182932715Redpill me on the Holocaust: I know that the 6million jews gassed and burned figure is hyperinflated…[View]
182932389Masturbation and Porn are the gayest things you can do: You’re always either stroking a man’s dick, …[View]
182931500American missionary arrested in Uganda for assaulting a waitress and calling her 'fucking nigger bit…[View]
182917785Robin hood: Nuff said. Based on those facts what's your thought.?[View]
182931732Anyone else recall the Orlando nightclub shooting? When cnn interviewed one of the eyewitnesses, the…[View]
182921809NEW CRINGIEST WEBCOMIC: I found the new cringiest webcomic in the world with a total of 4 patreon su…[View]
182925854Hair products and hormones?: Sooooooo We all know shit like S O Y, plastic bottles, shampoo, tooth p…[View]
182922077Cars blown up in Kållered Sweden next to where I live[View]
182931170Black pill on the Civil Rights Era?: It's highly possibly sometime in the future that the lefti…[View]
182918589Brit/pol/ - The Comedian Pill Edition: >Chaos at Gatwick as thousands of passengers are forced to…[View]
182883724Where does /pol/ live?: I'm curious where do you guys live? and what is special about that plac…[View]
182886864Straight people oppressive for reproducing: So now it's gonna be ENFORCED homosexuality and the…[View]
182927434Why is /pol/ so racist against blacks when white people are out doing stuff like this?[View]
182931242Why is /b/ being filled with /pol/ tier posts? It's gotten to the point where they're circ…[View]
182928542Going to Iran as a female: Been invited there for business talks. What should I expect?[View]
182928462Its a big boys club and you aint in it[View]
182931639Oh No: Whatever shall we do, these guys look tough[View]
182932001Is hillary clinton a man in disguise?: This is picture proof that shows that they are actually a man…[View]
182931354AYO YO FINNA RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE O' WAT WE FINNA RIOT OUT HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
182931514How did China leap past the West so effortlessly?[View]
182927304>Jews control your money >Religions control your mind >Niggers terrorize you >But punchi…[View]
182931770fascists are mighty faggots.: Prove him wrong. ProTip: you can’t.[View]
182884704ERIC CLANTON. How can we get court records of his probation conditions ?: ERiC CLANTON. Was the Cal…[View]
182919701Who's protecting Sessions so that Trump can't fire him?[View]
182931233A fat boomer who is balding and fat with a vape stick and a snapback barely on his head just shook m…[View]
182931697Nu-Swedes: This was taken from the Swedish Immigration Website. It's time you get out of the wa…[View]
182894454What is the appeal in temporarily inducing schizophrenia and psychosis for recreational purposes? …[View]
182924520There will be no more happenings in our lifetime[View]
182931589It turns out that sportsfags are just fags:: In his paper 'Outta My Endzone: Sport and the Territori…[View]
182931524>demand white virgins >obsessed with amassing bling >constantly stealing livestock and trea…[View]
182924869Think.: Hi, /pol/. You're a disgrace. In recent months, I've seen your adoration for Islam…[View]
182903708>go to uni for first time >all my roommates are Muslim >oh fuck >start to talk to them …[View]
182904551United States, United Kingdom, and France thread: This is a thread for the three greatest nations in…[View]
182931274Sweden yes!: Wtf srsly is wrong with sweden? https://youtu.be/SBlnX6IDUuU[View]
182925807No such thing as 'victim of communism': Daily reminder that capitalism has killed more than communis…[View]
182929442>be one of the most powerful and richest persons in the world >marries an ugly as fuck GOOK fu…[View]
182923140A new tool in the drug war. Since you flush it they don’t need a search warrant. Just like your tras…[View]
182930985Why is he so creepy?[View]
182930911Conservative Comedy: >'I'm funny too' is the one hill your Reddit-honed > but pussy-dryin…[View]
182920807What happens here?[View]
182920348Answer this question please. Why do you guys believe in uniting and creating an all white Europe but…[View]
182929832Can we make Hollywood a force for good again or is it beyond saving?[View]
182930739>USA around 1950. Was the most puritanical part of the western world at the time. hahaha NO! It w…[View]
182928489JOHN PODESTA FATHERHOOD VIDEO: I have picked up this small, but HUGE detail. John Podesta alleged …[View]
182895090>be Erwin Rommel >Champion of both German ideals of Militaristic Honour and Bravery >Reluct…[View]
182911847Obama is Gay: Obama is Gay[View]
182920424DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH HAHAHAhahahahahhahahahhahahahah: Fucking cucked britbongs are cucked. http…[View]
182930487SWEDEN YES!: A MUSLIM woman who was booted from a job interview for refusing to shake a man’s hand h…[View]
182920381'I want to get people off pills, suicide pills, mass murder pills!!!; What did he mean by this?[View]
182923986Actual Nigger Civilisations?!: Can someone explain to me how this happened? And how they did this? I…[View]
182929852Alex jones banned!!: What are we gonna do about this travesty?[View]
182927145tokyo ghoul/other similar red pilled experiences?: So just started reading tokyo ghoul and it is sup…[View]
182928285I’m tired of this liberal posting beta memes on my Facebook. This was his original post and I’ll fol…[View]
182921720Generation X: What went wrong with xoomers, /pol/? They're the generation between boomers and m…[View]
182930009MILLER GOING ALL THE WAY IN WYOMING: https://www.gq.com/story/liz-cheney-rod-miller[View]
182926554Landlords thread: Posted on reddit: Every time you try to bring up the fact that landlords are lini…[View]
182892680What actually happened here? It seems the news coverage just fell off, and that was that. It’s been …[View]
182929943Twittercaust FREE SPEECH hypocrisy: Ever wonder how people get verified on Twitter? Is it fame? Fort…[View]
182920291WHERE'S THE VERDICT[View]
182929629Neo-Primitivism. Name a more ideal ideology for the disenfranchised white man trying to accelerate t…[View]
182921078Taxation is a jewish trick, prove me wrong.[View]
182929465Holy Shit, pizzagate is real.: Netflix: I am a Killer Episode 8 @ 39:20 >It started at 4th grade,…[View]
182925481Front hole: Get it right bigots[View]
182929008Migrants causing outbreak of measles in Europe: Thanks mama Merkel https://www.bbc.com/news/health-4…[View]
182924539Coalburners are everywhere: >be me >in a relationship but start chatting to this cool girl …[View]
182929210Do the jews have anything to do with 'Berenstain' becoming (((Berenstein))) in our memories?[View]
182928806Reminder that you don't even need a weapon. You can twist her neck really fast, choke out, crus…[View]
182921001I'm sick and tired.: I’m sick and tired of career politicians with laundry lists of unresolved …[View]
182925990Why is /christian/ so cucked?: I thought the majority of Christians were right wing.[View]
182921072How will Trump deflect the whole “children in cages” thing during the next election cycle?[View]
182928825Do yourselves a favor anons: and watch Shrek on netflicks right now. I gaurentee you that when Shrek…[View]
182924818Snapchat Cucks: Seeing as I’m 21 and not a complete social outcast it’s impossible for me to not hav…[View]
182897464South Africa belongs to Europeans: South Africa belongs to Europeans https://youtu.be/eigwd9vqqvs…[View]
182928708In first world countries, in the CURRENT YEAR, straight white males are the least privileged people.…[View]
182884105>no more Alex Jones threads Forgotten so fast.[View]
182920130Whoa.: Are leftists waking up to the JQ? https://youtu.be/yIChHu5Ijlc[View]
182926809Why are the kikes constantly coming out with 'the latest (((matress technology)))'? Are goys that st…[View]
182926167Is the civil war in Syria going to end soon?[View]
182928521Gen z can kiss my white ass: >tfw you realize that 2002 was almost 20 years ago >tfw you reali…[View]
182926062Where the fuck is the Dale 'Buckle Up' picture? I lost it! Who stole it from me?! gibs plz![View]
182925023any other woke serbians knowing their history and supporting kosovo’s independence/reunification wit…[View]
182927511Generation zyklon: I want to believe[View]
182921331Melania about to get BLACKED: https://www.newsweek.com/melania-trump-africa-shithole-countries-10819…[View]
182928136does /pol/ own bitcoins? the first deflationary asset class the gov cant seize from you with a tiny …[View]
182919557is abortion murder?[View]
182923164HOW DO I LEAVE THIS PLACE?: I don't like the redpills anymore and I want to go back to being a …[View]
182923239Greece: How frequent would you say the blonde hair/blue eyes phenotype is in Greece? No memes please…[View]
182927536You're overconfidence is your weakness BERNIE 20/20[View]
182911136How do boomers do it? How do they unironically go in to their middle management 9 to 5 jobs, plus co…[View]
182924033>be me >work 4 or 5 jobs out of high school >subway, best buy, McDonald's, etc. >ne…[View]
182927514Demand side economics: When did you realise demand side economics is the one true economics system? …[View]
182920951Mab Darogan when?: How long before the Mab Darogan rises? The last Mab Darogan died 600 years ago. S…[View]
182927616Woman is a violent and uncontrolled animal, and it is useless to let go the reins and then expect he…[View]
18292757860 year old man kills his pregnant girlfriend, aged 15: Happened in southeastern Brazil. YouTube vid…[View]
182925446Rev. Al: When is it #HisTurn ? - Exploits nonprofit donations - Unreported #MeToo scandals - Conn…[View]
182927288>something can come out of nothing[View]
182908002How can we make Italy and Greece more gay friendly? They're literally Namibia tier[View]
182915186Brazilians expel Venezuelan refugees.: >Be a fucking brazilian nigger. Teach eurofags how to deal…[View]
182924366EVERY. FUCKING. TIME.: Vermonters, no need to ask yourself (((how))) this could have happened..…[View]
182926749>Dudee, 4chan is like, the final boss of the internet man >Its kind of like the deep web How …[View]
182924422Is President Donald Trump being subjected to negative propaganda? Include a firm Yes or No, by whom …[View]
182915755What is your argument against homosexuality?, no religious answers as this people dont follow the Lo…[View]
182926127Jews jew themselves?: I seriously don't understood something. If jews didn't subvert and d…[View]
182918242Why would you hate someone just because they have a different skin color?: If you meet a black guy, …[View]
182915367Nebraska thread: http://blackshirts1488.weebly.com/[View]
182921127Fuck Trump's economy: The job market is so good I have to raise wages to attract new employees.…[View]
182900216The Psychopathology of /pol/: 99% of modern whites are not anti-semites. /pol/ is a fringe of (often…[View]
182920716Fuck Brexit: Brexit is fucking retarded and will destroy the UK economically, politically and spirit…[View]
182926034alright, discuss,[View]
182926514Controling the Public Narrative: How do we take control of the media away from the Jews?[View]
182924981Man only gets 11 years for 8 child rapes: >A 19-year-old man has been jailed for 11 years for rap…[View]
182926668This is Jair Bolsonaro: What do you fuckers think about Bolsonaro? This dude is gonna take Brazil ou…[View]
182923512What are eastern European immigrants in America like? I want specific nationalities and what you thi…[View]
182921697HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPENING MAN: Boyz, it's his birthday! Say something nice about Dr. Ron Paul an…[View]
182924542Who was the best member of the Commonwealth: And no, you can't say Britain[View]
182922714Waifubot General: This thread is dedicated to the discussion of future companionship gynoid technolo…[View]
182919646Should I be worried?: >live in nice condo complex >today pulling in the garage >nog who i…[View]
182921951How many Jews would be in Europe today if they weren't liquidated back in WW2?[View]
182925937PM Pete: Aus /pol/ fags Get in here Liberal Leadership spill resolved: 48 - 35 Malcolm Turnbull in …[View]
182918836>be swedish >go out for a stroll in the woods >muslim convert Sven approaches you and asks …[View]
182921721Allah is Gay: Help spread the word. No kidding, this was in a progressive friend's facebook fee…[View]
182913837You may only post ITT if your country is relevant[View]
182917798Europeans and Whiteness: You cunts do realize that you are the reason we've fallen this far? Wh…[View]
182925232What is the race of this person.: What is the guy of the right, a caucasian, a goy, a white or a bro…[View]
182904865Do you see china as the biggest threat to humanity? Why not?[View]
182917119Redpill me on catholicism please. I'm planning to attend a mass this week.[View]
182908416How come Mexican media only showcases white washed Mexicans and not the short brown native peoples?[View]
182911236Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Lothar von Trotha Edition: >Polls http://www.wahlrecht.de/umfragen…[View]
182924526What happens to public property if the government dismantled[View]
182924793>female police https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3fhgA3wrAc& She tries to break his hand out o…[View]
182925153>Be british >Lose all your money for a scam, then you got everything ruled by Mr. Rothschild …[View]
182924237Get a Job and Buy a House: You have no excuse![View]
182924555>Aryans are ancient proto-muslims >German Empire supports muslims >Hitler supports muslims …[View]
182921192Fedora Used to Identify Rapists[View]
182924651Why was Devin Nunes, a California Republican Representative, in Azerbaijan of all places?[View]
182923373Y’all...is it happening? (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)[View]
182919842Scrappers raiding WW2 wrecks for metal: The absolute state of capitalist society[View]
182917782Internet IDs are coming. You got banned from Twitter? No more YouTube. No more online banking. No mo…[View]
182915094Why are Korean women so based and redpilled?[View]
182921280Blackpills on Hitler: Swallow all these meds. Only stop if it is to much for your stomach to handle.…[View]
182922261What if no one shot JFK and his head just did that?[View]
182924152Guys, I have the correct political viewpoints. I know the way to solve most of our problems. The cur…[View]
182911572Libertarians are hypocrites.: Why are libertarians like this guy all of a sudden ranting about being…[View]
182924432alex jones going on coast to coast tonight!: who else is going to actually tune into george snoory t…[View]
182904110Italy is soooo based: After accepting 800,000 illegal migrants, Italy accepts another 200. Compassio…[View]
182924429given the fact that most american catholics are liberal, is it really any surprise that they support…[View]
182923707Anyone else at the point where you can't be friends with someone unless they're race-reali…[View]
182922177KKK Slider: Last night I had a dream of Muslims and Mexicans flooding the border, but there was one …[View]
182912858Is Allah the same as the God of the Bible?[View]
182923225Nobita’s massively redpilled “Blacks May Be Dangerous For Japan” video has been taken down from YouT…[View]
182915651Is it wrong to respect ISIS?: I know they are muslims and shit, i know they want to kill us and i kn…[View]
182915586>5k upvotes >'9 Comments', but only 2 visible Proof that there are certain things which ((they…[View]
182895771Officer DongDong Shows the new face of Irish Police: https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/garda-don…[View]
182922303why is society so autistic: >niggers enslave jews >jews enslave niggers almost 2000 years late…[View]
182922955EBOLA-CHAN IN THE CONGO: Ebola-Chan now visiting the Congo. We love you Ebola-Chan![View]
182922535any one else? Iraq was safer and much wealthier before any American intervention. It was Americans, …[View]
182922486Guys too many redpills are killing me. I used to do this ritual but no longer works on me.. >htt…[View]
182920496oy vey /k/ autist nazi uprising: >'I find it horrific that these people don't seem to care t…[View]
182915310'How DARE the President insult and distrust the brave men and women of our Intelligence Community--'[View]
182922830Why don't they build hydroelectric plants on the entire California coast?[View]
182911449Kek is real.: SC Anon here. Yesterday I was trying to buy a house in this neighborhood. Owner decide…[View]
182920603Jordan Peterson gives keynote speech at jewish Zionist event: Says everyone hates jews because Israe…[View]
182920489Let's be realistic - protest against multiculturalism is futile: To protest against multicultur…[View]
182919808/pol/ BTFO: What are you guys doing to stop world hunger? *crickets* >b-but Israel is bad! .…[View]
182905116NAVY SEAL COMMNADER TROLLS TRUMP: https://www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/opinions/revoke-my-security…[View]
182922648European anons, how bad has the muslim infestation gotten there? Is it as bad as our taco nigger inf…[View]
182908597Éire/pol/ - The black saviour Edition: Thread Theme | Téama Snáithe: https://youtu.be/RENihLVS4qg [E…[View]
182922294OK this is utterly ridiculous, google captcha is absolutely terrible on this site >10+ street si…[View]
182915317Civic Nationalism vs Ethnic Nationalism: Can we have some convincing arguments against civic nationa…[View]
182919981>still no Manafort verdict What the fuck is taking so long?[View]
182922461>There is a popular notion about the United States that it is a 'young nation' with a …[View]
182920263HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TROTSKY https://twitter.com/haymarketbooks/status/1031589373467344901[View]
182922347Listen, you can't have Capitalism without at least SOME redistribution of wealth. Roosevelt und…[View]
182899455>Liberal arts defunded for VIDEOGAMES Explain yourselves.[View]
182920236lefty parenting 101: Dad Dares Daughter To Knock Off Dude's MAGA Hat For 100 Bucks! https://www…[View]
182922188EBOLA-CHAN IN THE CONGO THREAD: We love you Ebola-Chan! Please purge Africe of all the niggers!…[View]
182916550(((Dolphins))): Niggers of the sea: >(((dolphins))) objectively have an effective iq on par with …[View]
182906424Why is China so irrational and why is the Jewish multicultural push not working on Asians? Is it bec…[View]
182907922Adha Thread: Happy Adha to all Muslim Anons ! <3[View]
182910227Bitter Old Hack Questions Why Men Don't Want Older Women: https://www.theguardian.com/world/201…[View]
182921893Why do jews portray stalin as an anti-semite? I showed the quote in pic related to a couple jews I k…[View]
182921554While the alt-right keep crying about 'muh white race', millions of americans are watching the nogli…[View]
182908931How do you atheists deal with the thought that you will be dead forever, that you are nothing but a …[View]
182920910Redpilled Corbyn: Why are we not supporting this guy?[View]
182916951redpilled series Tokyo Ghoul , The Matrix: So just started reading tokyo ghoul and it is super redpi…[View]
182919775Not One Thread about Venezuela: >Be me >Come on Pol for.some top Kelsey at Venezuela >maybe…[View]
182920350Germanic race is superior: >Be Germanic English >Invade almost entire globe >Start knowled…[View]
182920885Yep. She's our girl[View]
182916259It has BEGUN. JUDGE GIVES PROBATION TO MUSLIM ON RAPE CHARGES.: Muslim doctor rapes woman and get pr…[View]
182921337A New Country: could the SA conflict be a chance to create a new territory for white people?[View]
182915864>https://www.wsj.com/articles/some-tesla-suppliers-fret-about-getting-paid-1534793592 Elon's…[View]
182921228We need to Build a wall to keep white Christian terrorists baby killers from entering the us[View]
182906106Why is she still not in jail?[View]
182916493Why are the Netherlands so successful?: I just don't get it, as a right-wing guy. High tax rate…[View]
182910163germany - people get financialy ripped for being warrants for refugees: Some Boomers in Germany want…[View]
182909163Your reminder to have at least 3 kids. Also white fathers tell how they teached their wives traditio…[View]
182912456/pol/ humor thread[View]
182918823The Calm: So why has it been so quiet lately? Aside from Alex Jones getting deplatformed, there real…[View]
182920871Fjc: Xjf[View]
182920403Pajeets are simple healthy people . Burgers are unhealthy and mentally disturbed . Prove me wrong ! …[View]
182915247Why does every disney star end up messed up? Demi went from camp rock to crack rock?[View]
182907609You're not going to die!: You are so important to the functioning of the universe - with its 10…[View]
182917411>'Hey, you! Get the fuck out of my country hajji! Go back to Ay-raq you fucking Muzlum terrorist!…[View]
182919188Why do you all condemn transwomen as degenerates yet do nothing about it? You’re only further enabli…[View]
182919327I don't get the whole 'opioid crisis' in America Nobody injects you against your will…[View]
182918519I constantly see people here on /pol/ talking about how the greatest engineers and scientists came f…[View]
182907995>Someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this, my people are dying >Spend les…[View]
182914639START OF THE RACE WAR CONFIRMED: https://www.news.com.au/finance/economy/world-economy/south-africa-…[View]
182919996>Considered rude to use your feet to point or grab things as they're considered the dirtiest…[View]
182920084Why is this country so feminist?: What went wrong[View]
182914458So many asian girls with white fever. How does this make you feel, /pol/? Does it make you question …[View]
182907782Verified Twitter accounts now posting black on white violence videos with no context and praising it…[View]
182917511Can realism be a political ideology?[View]
182920266Pro-Abortion leftists are sick: Daily reminder that abortion is wrong, cruel, and anti-human. You a…[View]
182918426Based Boogie[View]
182917180Daily reminder that computer code is free speech[View]
182909862What has he done, exactly, besides tax breaks for Palm Beach swells?[View]
182910978Non-monogamy showed me what it really means to be with someone: Non-monogamy, polyamory, open relati…[View]
182919967Absolute state of UK with links: How has Islamic Immigration improved the life of the average person…[View]
182898979Absolue state of cuck island[View]
182910485Wtf is going on in this timeline?: I recently watched a Trevor Noah video, to see what the '''''resi…[View]
182903440Drumpf is a bad pres-[View]
182919535Allowing blacks to attend white schools has constantly subjecting them to adverse feeling and opinio…[View]
182918864Waffen SS were traitors to their respective countries: 1. War between Germany and Soviets wasn'…[View]
182919583There's bloodlust in the air and I foresee some asshat with a knife will try to stab a UK minis…[View]
182918406It's shoehorn theory true and pol is just the right wing version of SJW?[View]
182919217???: What U think about her?[View]
182919577What a bitch. Putin owns Trump. His life, his money, Melania. Everything.[View]
182919553w̶i̶f̶e̶'̶s̶ ̶s̶o̶n̶ bonus son: Have you hugged your bonus son today, /pol/?[View]
182919425https://www.strawpoll.me/16305485 Vote up![View]
182917372What will /pol/ be like the day President Cheeto Dick gets impeached?[View]
182919137Abortions should be encouraged for non whites. Give some monetary incentive even.[View]
182919311Reminder to all of our brother nations: We would all fight and die for each other, and behind all th…[View]
182916717Did you guys like the movie imperium[View]
182918757Anyone seen any anti-semitism happening recently that they would like to report?[View]
182916629SWEDISH FEMALES DESTROY SWEDEN: The case of a teen mudshark: Sweden is so fucked up. How can even t…[View]
182919225Which leftist comic cringe is the absolute worst and why is it pic related?[View]
182919011What does pol think of Dayz of Noah: AKA the redpill master? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZYHZpw…[View]
182919066What does pol think of this guy?: What does pol think of roger stone is he based and ourguy? Or is h…[View]
182918921>There exists an ideology that can ensure global white dominance with relative ease >/pol/ is …[View]
182912986A long time ago, I think that Trump was still not president, I remember that on /pol/ someone posted…[View]
182916834Just a reminder that if you're not Germanic, Celtic or Baltic then you are not really white[View]
182916907christfags are low IQ: /pol/ will push all sorts of extremist elitist ideologies all while believing…[View]
182906581America thread: just for humor, not to hate. I'll still plant this one though: The moon landing…[View]
182918127The City Question/ Jeffersonianism: All of our problems arise from cities. >wageslavery. >Libe…[View]
182918153EBOLA-CHAN IN THE CONGO THREAD: We love you Ebola-Chan. Please wipe out all of the niggers in Africa…[View]
182893320You voted for this.[View]
182918615Communist here: Why are Catholics so based? Catholics always vote for leftist parties and their lead…[View]
182918612HERE WE GO: South Africa Begins Seizing White-Owned Farms: https://www.news.com.au/finance/economy/w…[View]
182917506What exactly did he mean by this? I honestly don't know what he was trying to convey[View]
182908460#HeToo: Asia Argento, a proud Metoo activist, is accused of sexually assaulting a young boy. When wi…[View]
182864129Reminder that this is the remnant of the actual U.S.A. >followed the Constitution literally >h…[View]
182900838nature BTFO[View]
182910850It's happening[View]
182916501>tfw no happening for months is this the calm before the storm?[View]
182907620Fact: both feminism and antifeminism are ploys to turn white men and women against each other so the…[View]
182916505Can anyone prove that sexual promiscuity *causes* women to get divorced more and have higher rates o…[View]
182918393Black Excellence: Another school year means more videos of niggs beating up their teachers... https…[View]
182916754What celebrates are redpilled /pol/?[View]
182893331How is it possible to gas people using pellets??[View]
182917976Is Trump being set up by King Jong Un? North Korea has not tested a missile since last November. Bef…[View]
182918234Minor Attracted Persons: The Normalization of Pedophilia in America - Part 1 https://youtu.be/V9Xc8a…[View]
182915628The pilot that saved the galaxy[View]
182913951One Day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIZhyifo6Q4 Thoughts?[View]
182908234Is this true: I heard something about demons being a metaphor for some kind of service technology th…[View]
182915501ITT we imagine what a 95%+ white America would be like in the present day[View]
182908914Brit/pol/ - Late Night Cuppa Edition: >'Epidemic' of people hooked on monkey dust https…[View]
182900679OBAMA ERA CUCKS: I figured out a phrase that is really rustling the kikes and those who ally with th…[View]
182917494Chinese media confirm previous rumors that the PLA had mounted a railgun on a landing ship: >The …[View]
182897962You guys are going to think I am trolling, but I really am this stupid. What did Nixon actually do?…[View]
182917652>chris kyle...now THATS an american hero[View]
182912884Alt tech general: Board ▼ Settings Home /pol/ - Politically Incorrect Thread archived. You cannot …[View]
182888436Brazilians are kicking the Venezuelan refugees out: A bunch of literal jungle savages from one of th…[View]
182912994PA is more red now than it was in 2016. Eat it bluefags https://www.breitbart.com/big-government/201…[View]
182912035White version of BLACKED. /pol/s thoughts?: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph59f4e29…[View]
182917370I hate nazis: Imagine actually believing in a genocidal ideology with only proof of work being fear …[View]
182914503https://twitter.com/BEEGSI_/status/1031299397882183680 Why do niggers keep falling for the negress t…[View]
182911448The future governer of Vermont: How does this make you feel, /pol/?[View]
182912574What if ((they)) created facism so they can invest into chaos and destruction, just like Soros does?…[View]
182916529Negro Christian Zionists: Look at this house negro shill for jews.[View]
182913248If someone only hates niggers but not any other races are they still considered racist/white suprema…[View]
182914177Incels are scum for society: Volecels are god tier. >be me >be 6'1 >be clean cut, attr…[View]
182914062Explain to me how TRAITORS 'deserve' to live??: TRAITORS by rights, 'DESERVE' to…[View]
182917001its ironic, isnt it?[View]
182910437The future is female: This is an inevitable fact anons, and you are powerless to stop it. Women are…[View]
182911760Okay /pol/ I need some help and I have no one else to turn to who would understand my situation quit…[View]
182915889are slavs just subhumans?[View]
182916458QRD/v1:The politics of Memes: This is a comfy thread to discuss politics and the currency of the mod…[View]
182916445Why do men still get married in the West?: Don't they realize that the courts, governments, law…[View]
182916140Vice Berger is a pedo: This fucknut needs to find out theres no hiding from pol[View]
182916047Democrats the real RACISTS: Dear Nigger Frens: The Democrats NEVER HAD and NEVER WILL HAVE your best…[View]
182915557Guess who was at the hospital the night SR was murdered: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9VXogeU9tI…[View]
182915669https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/BF01091326 Is this true that Holland is full of peadofiles…[View]
182916043Post based and redpilled quotes: I didn’t know Benjamin Franklin browsed /pol/ Eur*peans BTFO lmao…[View]
182911684Which country currently has the best government in the world?[View]
182896353Philosopher, Bard, Father, Husband, Landlord, Farmer, Warrior, Mechanic and Shaman you name it. A po…[View]
182904996>Socialism is ba-[View]
182914599George Soros is a Nazi: Prove me wrong.[View]
182915648Controvertial Israeli company Soda Stream to sell to Pepsi for billions. https://www.usatoday.com/st…[View]
182905604Refugee rape statistics?: >refugees are bad But can you prove it? Or are you just stereotyping a …[View]
182915646So fellow Americans... now that it costs us more to ship exports, and it costs us more to buy foreig…[View]
182897138What goes on here?[View]
182914665Germany Yes Police gets attacked by migrants in Plauen, Saxonia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kn0…[View]
182914799#tommymustfall: Let's wake up the aryans in saskatchewan by starting a campaign to bring down t…[View]
182906995Which is the gayest country in Europe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iICsiArWmHI[View]
182908915Srsly its getting ridiculous: Where did he come from? Why is he 10 years older than everyone else?…[View]
182914194Was he right?[View]
182913892is Canada even worth saving? If so why?[View]
182905665Ted Cruz BTFO: It’s time to open up that border and rev up those abortion doctors because this is on…[View]
182913142Gays are incapable of having sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse implies an act of procreation. H…[View]
182903498Trump trillion-dollar-plus deficits are putting America on a path to fiscal ruin: Why don't con…[View]
182887582So this is the power of cultural enrichment... woah[View]
182911701Erev tov! Colonel Erran Morad: If you true american patriot, you come suck my dick. Come on suck my …[View]
182896103***/sag/ South Africa General: LOADING RACE WAR 90%***: https://www.news.com.au/finance/economy/worl…[View]
182915020from the nigger state: Give me one reason why Mississippi’s flag isn’t the best there is.[View]
182915007No DIXIE thread? Might as well make one[View]
182914856Ask a drunk muslim genius-tier aspie anything!: I'll answer any questions on politics/whatever.…[View]
182909910Why are Romanians so shit?: Recently, many people from Romania, Brazil, Bangladesh and Africa are co…[View]
182914750https://www.go@fund3me.com/manage/playing-victim Please get me the fucking shit out of here.[View]
182911675SMOKING GUN!!! Judge Brett Kavanaugh Will NEVER Get on the Supreme Court Now!!: >“If Monica Lewin…[View]
182913513Tragic https://www.pluralist.com/posts/1824-millennial-couple-bikes-near-isis-territory-thinking-hum…[View]
182914093Why do the Jews seek to destroy anything that is related to traditional western values? What do the…[View]
182912433weed is addictive: no matter what u say it is. but when will it be legal[View]
182909966Wiltshire Independence Party: Should we support independence or devolution for individual counties, …[View]
182911603Why are Americans so poor? They're 21 trillion dollars in debt and they have to survive off of …[View]
182912956TRUMP GETS BLACK VOTE: Why President Trump Will Be The First Republican To Win The Black Vote in 202…[View]
182899959>Insist on cycling on pavements because 'the roads are unsafe' >Proceed to endanger pedestrian…[View]
182914166The proof we are definitely based: > Impeached ex-President Dilma Rousseff was offended by a woma…[View]
182884661Hello Christian Brothers, I am a Muslim: How can we defeat feminism, again?[View]
182913600Daily reminder that capitalism has killed more than communism 'BAH-BAH-BAH-BUT MILLIONS OF UKRAINIAN…[View]
182914036Fuck big liberal cities: I've been in LA my whole life, my dad is a 3rd generation LAPD officer…[View]
182907367Why didn't you realize already that all public life now is staged? When will you realize that y…[View]
182913577never say nazis had any socialism about them[View]
182910189What happens once capitalism runs out of degeneracy to profit from?[View]
182896075/esp/ Spain General - Desmontando El Mito Progresista Del Islam Edition: This thread is for the disc…[View]
182907751ITS REAL. ITS ALL FUCKING REAL. This is proof of magic, the super natural. Jesus fucking christ.[View]
182886021Why are catholic priests such perverts?[View]
182907244Extreme Individualism Has Failed The West: Libertarianism is a jewish sham. Extreme individualism ma…[View]
182913677Buzzfeed is interviewing Asian Andy We must stop these commie cucks[View]
182913728All goyim are the same: I'm getting sick and tired of the goyim falling to elementary kike tric…[View]
182904694Explain to me why we need people from Africa, Asia and the Middle East: Europe is a small continent …[View]
182909432anyone know what happened to the jew skin lamp shade?[View]
182912926When did (((they))) decide to abandon subtlety and force their bullshit into every media sphere?[View]
182913262Vicious dogs: Why does the president never seem concerned about them? It is because he has secret se…[View]
182911950Guys I just opened a pizzagate thread on my dad’s computer and now it won’t let me log into my roblo…[View]
182912739/pol/ approved majors: Is it good or stupid to major in history? Every major is filled with SJW bull…[View]
182912457BASED blackman, half nigerian, half irish, all nigger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1CTl1gsP1g…[View]
182912979Who gave Sarah Jeong a hood pass?: Um, no, sweetie, that's OUR word.[View]
182912944The economy is doing well but will Trump ever stop all the pointless wars in the middle east and afr…[View]
182910484What is the final solution to the germanic peoples question?[View]
182912879Cast of new King Lear adaptation: Can you spot the mistake, pol?[View]
182909353Weebs claim Japan isn't Jewish, however...: the long cultural history of cannabis in Japan has …[View]
182905887/ourguy/?: taking down a massive feminist cunt and getting paid 400k to do it. based.[View]
182912820Hey /pol/, are you doing your part?[View]
182912769(((Real.video))): Dont sign up for real.video Its supposedly a free speech platform but it doesnt a…[View]
182911818Jamie Oliver's 'jerk rice' accused of cultural appropriation: Jamie Oliver's …[View]
182911940is Trump our first blonde president?[View]
182912583only in burgerland: Not only do the leaders suck balls and foreign dick. Even friends in the US are …[View]
182911930Any former communists here?: I am.[View]
182912553Viability of dirty barbarian strat?: The dirty barbarian strat worked pretty well against native Ame…[View]
182908205This is a jewish american video game journalist who writes for your kids about video games.[View]
182908542Someone had to say it...[View]
182900644How do you manage to have the worlds largest reserves of oil and be poor?[View]
182912179Rising temperatures could lead to eco-refugees making their way to Canada in the decades to come, ac…[View]
182867322Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Haiden Meddl Edition: >Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
182901761What's his prison name?[View]
182911863Hunter Killer movie: Ayy fucking lmao, a US submarine must save the Russian President after a coup. …[View]
182908410Ex-Texas doctor who raped heavily sedated patient in hospital gets no jail time: >Shafeeq Sheikh,…[View]
182910382This is an average ''cuisine'' in Commiefornia: Notice anything, pol.com/forums?[View]
182895843Is it possible to be Catholic and yet deny the infallibility of the Pope? It seems like Francis is d…[View]
182909692You Racists Are Finished: ADL Announces Black-Jewish Alliance http://jewishexponent.com/2018/08/15/a…[View]
182892521Pedosexuality and Politics: I’m not gonna let you shut up discussions where people say things you do…[View]
182909016weed: weed needs to be legalized and decriminalized so dont believe all the bullshit the feds lie…[View]
182910028Fucking Tunaks Jewy as fuck, always price price price never quality or listening to others. Super fu…[View]
182899055How do we make America a White nation again?[View]
182911493Canada is whit-: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha http://www.army-armee.forces.gc.ca/en/news-publications/ce…[View]
182905662Religionfags btfo: https://medicalxpress.com/news/2018-08-core-error-underlies-belief-creationism.ht…[View]
182911438Our elimination because of one man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lN4TxOd9I8Q[View]
182908362where there turbo kikes that really did the holocaust on their own people?[View]
182909402What's going on in the timeline where Bernie, Corbyn and Melenchon all won?[View]
182910723MOHAMMEDS CAUGHT SCAMMING GERMAN PEOPLE: CAUGHT: Syrian Family Scams Taxpayers 5000+ Euros worth of …[View]
182909562Black on white violence: Can you guys post as many webms of black on white violence? Going to create…[View]
182904130Why does the US even pay for their oil?: I don't see the point in wasting all those resources. …[View]
182880554What is your opinion regarding Albanians and Albania itself?[View]
182907865Why is mass immigration bad?: Why is mass immigration bad?[View]
182911048EU power rankings: What do you think about the new EU power rankings?[View]
182906113HAPPENING! Russian base 'meteor' hit, Syria strike imminent.: https://twitter.com/intelcrab https://…[View]
182910569Do you keep a pistol in your glovebox? https://www.wlwt.com/article/trial-delayed-for-man-accused-in…[View]
182906826Pedophilia: why is it being normalized?: >>be me recently graduated >>Imbored.jpg >…[View]
182909065'I want to get people off pills, suicide pills, mass murder pills!!!; What did he mean by this?[View]
182899336>watching Tucker Carlson >when Kennedy is on the other channel at the same time Fox Business …[View]
182878220Who were /we/ in the past?: If you think about it, we are quite a special bunch. We are misfits. We …[View]
182909928In rememberance of the war vs. Tumblr[View]
182908638when will ((school)) be phased out? There's no reasonable explanation why the ((school)) indust…[View]
182910561Say NO to all tenants of liberalism civil rights democracy secularism gender equality race equality …[View]
182907667'Those damn muslims are raping our kids!': Pedophilia has much deeper roots in the British society t…[View]
182852087Syria General /sg/ - Good Morning Syria Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wo…[View]
182901238This building should be destroyed...: I long for the day where I turn on the news and I see that the…[View]
182906801Best politics: I live in Sweden and I'm sick of stupid people everywhere talking about politics…[View]
182904850Eastern Kentucky VS Obama/Crowley disciples: I grew up in an a small town in east ky. I lived there …[View]
182905089Where are the credit ratings of each US state.: Why are California and Illinois such garbage?[View]
182899145Instead of being utter pathetic losers stuck in 40's germany...: Why not stop larping as nazis …[View]
182891906/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
182894461Let’s be real for a moment. Trump is going to win 2020: Of that I haven’t a single doubt in my mind.…[View]
182899711Brit/pol/ - Polish Pride Edition: >Subhuman Brits at it again: 'Epidemic' of people hoo…[View]
182906797This guy has the countries best interest in mind. You all need to chill, liberals, chill, chill, chi…[View]
182909333Never forget[View]
182901751Secrent agency recruitment: secret agency from Yurop tried to recruit me. destroyed my life and care…[View]
182909893>selling GRIDS in a bag Explain yourself Germany[View]
182888595Actor Mark Ruffalo Proud of His Mother for Aborting His Former Sibling: >'I have a mother who was…[View]
182909213MILLER MOVING AHEAD IN WYOMING RACE: https://www.gq.com/story/liz-cheney-rod-miller[View]
182909944MGTOW: >PROVE ME WRONG >Mgtow is for men with weak game and who never had a good woman >And…[View]
182908481our society is fucked: is it unreasonable to want a wife who hasn't sucked dick before meeting …[View]
182907404/Pol/ prepare yourselves: What If I told you....He was half jew[View]
182893662Eat your pasta and bread goyim, you wouldn’t want to die early would you?[View]
182908623In these polarized times, why does America and other Western countries have two heads of state; one …[View]
182909257What does this flag stand for?[View]
182904980Asia Argento was literally grooming this kid since he was a child!: https://edition.cnn.com/2018/08/…[View]
182909749Silence on MASS GENOCIDE of Whites in SA: USA, UK Still Silent on MASS GENOCIDE of White Farmers by …[View]
182898724Saudi beheads a woman: Saudi just beheaded a female activist. Is this the final straw? Should we cut…[View]
182907877>mfw US wants a pastor >mfw Turkey refuses to comply >mfw US puts some meaningless sanction…[View]
182887940IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING !!!!: SHOTS FIRED AT US EMBASSY IN ANKARA https://www.reuters.com/artic…[View]
182909649This is what Americans will look like in 2050: And it’s beautiful[View]
182909190/pol/ humor thread[View]
182868866Memes aside, how come only Argentina, Uruguay, and to some extent, Brazil managed to fill their coun…[View]
182909563Eliphas Levi not a jew: >be Alphonse Louis Constant >like masonry and the jewishness surroundi…[View]
182902038BEHOLD: the ottoman royal family[View]
182903802Has your county ever influenced the american elections??[View]
182906059Phil Mudd Says 'Nigger' Twice on CNN: >https://i.4cdn.org/wsg/1534795122272.webm In fro…[View]
182909255Europe need the Muslim refugees[View]
182901852What is Michael Shannon's problem with Trump?: >His own childhood sounds positively discombo…[View]
182903275THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF RUSSIA: >Be Russian >Post a meme making fun of christians/blacks >Get…[View]
182900597HAPPENING IN EMSKIRCHEN: meddl loide, is the schanze going to fall today? >ambulances and firetru…[View]
182892270/pol/balk/ Balkan thread: Thread for Balkan shitposting[View]
182902575Did the women's movement even help women? Or did it destroy the family?[View]
182908206How do we solve the pedophile problem? You know as soon as more famous people are exposed that the …[View]
182899864SHADILAY WHAT IS THIS: >pepe >California >yureru >10:14 Yureru 揺れる Meaning: To sway, to …[View]
182908603We're raceologists now.: We're scientific as fuck with our racial stats and theories. Raci…[View]
182908616Trump Speaks at WH ICE Ceremony: Trump Celebrates 'END OF ANDREW CUOMO'S CAREER' At W…[View]
182905982GERMAN PM CUCK CRIES AT AUSCHWITZ VISIT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBuMyJaXYA8 HAHAHAHAHAHA GE…[View]
182908573I think hoggboss: Should run for congress...hes already a pedophile smfh. support march for our live…[View]
182907383Black bald uk woman cop dlc It’s all so tiring[View]
182907376Why does /pol/ fear the BHC (Big Han Cock)?[View]
182906530Orange man bad[View]
182908128Let's not forget that the bullshit zoning laws, urban planning, and infrastructure for American…[View]
182907841So what's going on with that healthcare ?[View]
182899408This time we're right: We missed by just 100 million years, but now we are certain this is how …[View]
182908084HONEST and UNBIASED: His channel is what all media should look like... His take on the QAnon: https:…[View]
182906675All right guys, so all I left 4chan for a month, and it was dreadful, sure I was able to socialize w…[View]
182901960Madame President Clinton is back on the menu!: >Chelsea Clinton says that she might run for offic…[View]
182879747*UK CONDONES LAND SEIZURE IN S.A.*: DONE EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY AT THIS POINT... https://www.infowars…[View]
182907285Chinks are the fucking worst people in the world. Why are they always so rude, impolite and filthy, …[View]
182887438We need to stand behind Patrick Little physically: I’m sick and tired of all these cheerleaders on t…[View]
182906821What are the political implications of a generation of men raised by single mothers?[View]
182898376>Why won't those damn millennials move out of their parent's place and get their own ho…[View]
182889482Since the niggers took over- >the water are running out >the whites are being ethnically clean…[View]
182907911You control every branch of government yet it’s still somehow the Democrats fault. You say America i…[View]
182907909Jewish Diversity thread: I am drunk today so I won't be arguing or replying to the shills. Desp…[View]
182884010Explaining to Europeans why Americans look down upon them: In American society and culture, two thin…[View]
182907753>he isn't the SINO BVLL What's your excuse, /pol/?[View]
182886635/SCG The Second Coming of Christ General: My Aryan lads, Your daily Aryan workshop how to love God !…[View]
182897033Breaking News UK LONDON: Some nigger was gazing up at the windows of a college in London. Someone on…[View]
182902468What does Pol think about Jeffree Star?[View]
182900364Beware the saboteur ally: >only talks about jews >thinks Hitler was a white nationalist >ob…[View]
182897875How old were you when you grew out of radical /pol/ and went back to worshipping Ron Paul? I was se…[View]
182903783Goolag exploits you, almost like in a tradition of commie labour camps. Each time you solve the CAPT…[View]
182905721ET Origins of Jewish Animosity Towards Whites: >Ancient Mesopotamian region >Nordic ayys rule …[View]
182907188South African land seizures: It has officially begun pol. The South African government has begun its…[View]
182903808are they mediterraneans?[View]
182904174Does anyone know the name of that website called “wallofhate” or something that has tons of studies …[View]
182890971What's behind the measles outbreak, /pol/? Its easy to blame refugees in the case of Greece, bu…[View]
182906303Is it unethical for non-natives to continue to live in America?: As a white American, I feel like it…[View]
182903167Recently my fat 40 year old female neighbour above me who has 5 kids got a boyfriend and I know he i…[View]
182905280Its inevitable: UK is being swarmed by all the mudslimes from commonwealth. Mudslimes were their ser…[View]
182901775Ebola deaths in DR Congo rises to 49 with 2,000 feared 'contacts': The deadly Ebola outbre…[View]
182896016In honor of college 'move in day' / back to school season, what are the socio-political consequences…[View]
182899205Blacks can't be base...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvH3vBC8yK0[View]
182898843Obama/Mueller BTFO[View]
182906563200 Years Together: Is there an audio version of this broken down by chapters? This is the only vers…[View]
182868594Trumpists under 25, do you hide your power level from your girlfriend?: Any maga men out there met a…[View]
182892371No country for white men: >Be me >White American (not a mutt) >University degree >10 yea…[View]
182902608Why don't you ever hear SJWs protesting pornography? Aren't they against the 'objectificat…[View]
182888593HURRICANE LANE GENERAL /hhg/: PREPARE NOW EDITION: QUICK RUNDOWN: >Major Hurricane Lane >Max S…[View]
182906281The state of feminism: Lmao the feminists are actually fighting with each other. This movement is fa…[View]
182906287Brazil... YES: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/08/19/brazil-sends-troops-…[View]
182905487So which one of you is this?: Who is trolling? https://twitter.com/Captain_Killy/status/103156909433…[View]
182905140Fixing the United States: Shit is never going to change until you put down your keyboard and go outs…[View]
182905472abortion vs. euthanasia: Which German society has the moral highground on this issue? >Nationalso…[View]
182904473I cant believe any people actually migrated to this shithole island[View]
182904716Why aren't we terrorizing this type of person? Leftists should live in fear. I will never forge…[View]
182905825Gay propoganda law: Should America copy Russia and make our own anti-gay propoganda law? (Reminder- …[View]
182904372Looking for decent liberal debaters/commentators: I've been listening to a lot of contemporary …[View]
182903297American Jewish/Israeli NGOs/Lobbies/Civic Rights Group, are Spying/profiling/Data gathering on peop…[View]
182905777the numbers game: It's funny, pro-vaxxers love boasting how risk>benefit for vaccines and it…[View]
182905774Woah, so the good side still might win: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3K6kpMQjQo[View]
182884008Normies are waking up to the JQ: A friend sent me this from some 40K Faceberg memepage today. I had …[View]
182899728/rsg/ RED STORM GENERAL- THIS IS NOT A LOVE SONG EDITION: Daily song:https://youtu.be/9BGi8u8BtaA …[View]
182887038>American visits Belgian festival >witnesses belgian banter during Kendrick Lamar show >mak…[View]
182897062Feminism is a Virus: when will goverments learn about it and how will they react?[View]
182905183Based Jew, Joel Greenberg, Seminole County Tax Collector, pisses off ALL the liberals in Central Flo…[View]
182898752Will we ever get another 2008 level crash again? Banks were falling like dominoes and bringing every…[View]
182904032When will the end of the world happen?[View]
182905404John Brenen Memes Thread: I don't know if Glow in the Dark is gonna get pissed, but Former Dire…[View]
182900258The Black Sun - Artifical Sun: http://map.bloomsky.com/weather-stations/faBiuZWsmKKkrqun[View]
182902155>left cant meme Powerful powerful stuff desu senpai[View]
182901245The American Flag: Out of all the political rallies and street clashes of the last year, a trend has…[View]
182904701Are they controlled opposition?[View]
182905225Is Salvini bring forced to take in 177 negros: In hearing the ship Eighteen of the Coast Guard, with…[View]
182889819Asia Argento did nothing wrong: >hot milf >Daughter to one of the greatest Italian directors …[View]
182902666Huffshit Is Still Posting Anti-Trump Shit: meanwhile #metoo's leader rapes a 17 y/o just tells …[View]
182905085Boomer Meme Thread: >crrrrk tsss >sips Yeah, ain't that the truth…[View]
182905002So I was listening to a podcast and they talked about this kids tv show for kikes where the mascot i…[View]
182901755BASED commie DESTROYS anti-white politics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlhP9erEW2g ANTIFAfags on…[View]
182862027I want some DEEP redpills. Redpills that will mind fuck me until I have a brain hemorrhage.[View]
182903754(((#metoo))) leader Asia Argento raped 17 y/o boy and paid him off: https://archive.fo/tB82x >Asi…[View]
182891825Should people be required to pick names off of a Government Approved List?[View]
182899101I'm sick of nothing happening: It's been months of personnel intrigue. Nothing of substanc…[View]
182904037Brazilians kick venezuelans OUT: Venezuelans BTFO when proud brazilians, after the murder of a brazi…[View]
182901951What happened to the earthquakes? No thread?[View]
182880296Holy shit: It’s my first day in college, and this is what popped up in my economics class.[View]
182904449What did he mean by this?[View]
182890134Immigration is what made america: Admit it bigots, immigration is what made America great in the fir…[View]
182900526Asia Argento did not fuck that kid. All of this has been orchestrated by Harvey Weinstein (who has b…[View]
182899964Cont. From previous thread >>182812966 As you may read, you can ask any question about the War…[View]
182890833Woman Shoots Boss and Co-Worker: Equal rights WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! https://www.yahoo.com/gma/2-dead-inc…[View]
182904296We never loved that fat old boomer. We just used him since it was convenient. He did it to himself a…[View]
182893008East Asian pride thread: As an East Asian we have higher IQ than whites, niggers and brownies. It fe…[View]
182896231OAN: >ONE AMERICA NEWS Why aren’t you supporting OAN? It’s an “America First” news agency that i…[View]
182885236Why does Christianity retard progress?[View]
182848451Stop badmouthing pit bulls[View]
182904092Describe the state of your country, now approx. 100 years after women got the vote.[View]
182904026What are the political implication of Black Cube STILL INTERFERING with elections?[View]
182901170Why jews changed their lineage from patrilineal to matrilineal: Kikesses make kikelets when the fuck…[View]
182903975Pretty based video. 'Can never be white enough' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFwckUOZBGE[View]
182901717immigrants who try to live like white people, especially curry niggers and sand nigger: my point is …[View]
182903787The fall of the Roman Empire: Modern women only care about one thing. And that one thing is how valu…[View]
182903093Daily reminder that capitalism has killed more than communism 'BAH-BAH-BAH-BUT MILLIONS OF UKRAINIAN…[View]
182899806OH NO NO NO HO HO OH NO: b-but muh coal jerbs!![View]
182901636Reminder that if you hire a PR agency, you're probably a professional victim / agitator.: https…[View]
182903149This is an 'elite' in America.[View]
182890515Weed is harmle-!: https://www.theatlantic.com/amp/article/567886/ Why do people still believe any se…[View]
182864640Germany confirmed shithole. Deny it fags.[View]
182903371That stack of bills? That's what it costs to buy that group of tomatoes in socialist utopia Ven…[View]
182903133I am Colombian, so how do I answer question 9?[View]
182903036I wish hungashit was completly destroyed i the Trianon treaty, trash country with trash people and i…[View]
182902107Habbening: Hurricane Lane will move very close to the Hawaiian Islands. Digits will confirm how many…[View]
182903054When you Q and doc C writes you: Lol[View]
182900675was life better before electricity?[View]
182899198Nigger, shitskin, black....: Want everyone's input on how you personally define some of the ter…[View]
182896147wh*tes: >ethnically cleansed TWO ENTIRE CONTINENTS >annihilated the native people's of So…[View]
182901765HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH: He's the greatest troll of all time. http://archive.is/Ra…[View]
182902648Both political sides: Are fucking retarded but why is it that the left cant meme? Is it because wome…[View]
182902655London crime continues: https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1005974/london-news-gunman-maida-hill-scho…[View]
182902816https://www.strawpoll.me/16305485 Well, /pol/?[View]
182902630Who's the McCarthy of the 2010s and 2020s?[View]
182886133South Africa's anti-white property appropriation.: https://www.news.com.au/finance/economy/worl…[View]
182897859Is there any proof the roman and southern European upper class were Nordics?: Looking for genetic pr…[View]
182897711Non-monogamy showed me what it really means to be with someone: Non-monogamy, polyamory, open relati…[View]
182880441Your Congress lets you make three laws: BUT they can't have anything to do with identity politi…[View]
182900148Asia Argento is a occultist normie.: So tired of these wannabees trying to be esoteric and edgy when…[View]
182902560So this is what draining the swamp looks like...[View]
182902546>won't address the ufo phenomenon confirmed reptilian[View]
182886807Friendly reminder that Bulgarians are the most based people in the Balkans Croats are #2[View]
182902472uhmmmmmmmmmmm....... weinstein, where are you?[View]
182902460Here's a question for you /pol/, why do you think it is that in western countries peace is so t…[View]
182902446Attacking Alex Jones: It is not simply about a coordinated effort by the Tech Companies and the FCC …[View]
182893657Iberian Union: This NEEDS to happen.[View]
182900844Another WHITE MALE Shooter!: How many times will these madmen keep doing this. http://www.dailymail.…[View]
182891296Brit/pol/ - Pep Guadiola edition: >Chaos at Gatwick as thousands of passengers are forced to read…[View]
182875546Monkey Dust: What does /pol/ think of the newest drug sweeping through the west? https://youtu.be/Ox…[View]
182901549Destiny BTFO Ben Shapiro AND POL https://youtu.be/cZwOe2--VUg[View]
182895430You're being watched and studied by people who help goverments make better political strategies…[View]
182897061IN SOVIET RUSSIA ELECTION INFLUENCES YOU: And you faggots think you're the influencers.[View]
182902022What do you guys think about the Yugoslavian wars?: What are your opinion ls on it? Which side is th…[View]
182899087/Devilish/: >Be semi wealthy American >Go to Venezuela >Pay for bodyguards >Go to a bunc…[View]
182900785Why is apple associated with fags? Do you think there products are the best in teh tech world?[View]
182899271Is european nationalism something bad taking into account what happened in WWI and WWII?[View]
182876446The kikes have targeted the meds: The reason the kikes are fucking with the meds is because they kno…[View]
182895730Founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales publicly denounces Jeremy Corbyn and implies he's an 'anti-sem…[View]
182891660Reddit: Does Reddit naturally attract more leftists, or are the large number there an actual represe…[View]
182890978So is it racist if Asian call blacks nigger/nigga?[View]
182900237>'Here's your hostage situation, bro.'[View]
182894546Let me prove to you faggots once and for all that God exists, since there are lots of religion /thre…[View]
182890904I just made an appointment, saw a doctor and got a prescription filled in less than one hour. How…[View]
182899265(((#metoo))) leader raped 17 y/o boy and paid him off: https://archive.fo/tB82x >Asia Argento, Wh…[View]
182890236manafort: VERDICT WHEN[View]
182899399UBI: Can the profit-sharing schemes of Native American casinos be compared to UBI? Tribes will send …[View]
182901220Being a minority in a 3rd world country: >be me >light skinned mutt, live in 3rd world shithol…[View]
182900638Conscription could all but solve the beta male epidemic by making our men strong.[View]
182879378Crazy Rich Asians: Just the title of this movie shows the complete lack of creativity and gaudiness …[View]
182890592This is the most bizarre fucking timeline.: >A bunch of rich assholes wouldn't let some auti…[View]
182886650What happens to America once nonwhites hold majority voting power? I figure it will go into socialis…[View]
182900799Balts vs Amerimutts: Why do Balts have a bigger penis than Amerimutts? Is it because the Baltic Mong…[View]
182880982He destroyed Trump on Trade last night. What a buffoon that orange cheeto man is.[View]
182898405While I understand that listening to the ideas of others and sharing information is the best way of …[View]
182899329How should we evaluate the economic changes brought upon by second wave feminism, ie working women a…[View]
182900624Help Phelps out He's Been Kidnapped by Boko Haram: kek[View]
182892571Strozk thread. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_sxw9RaZpEY[View]
182898916Was there any real evidence at that time or even now with hindsight that Southeast Asia with tumble …[View]
182895629Euthanize the UK: Kill yourselves you degenerate fucking scum. You should not exist by natural law. …[View]
182885337Low-income Canadians spend 9% of annual income on communications services.: According to the CRTC th…[View]
182900467Why is Peter Joseph based and redpilled on capitalism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jopzGc46VeY…[View]
182875630AfS live in Luleå: Our next führer https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wBtAWtZUwN4 Part of the repatration…[View]
182900394Did you take the Stirner pill yet, /pol/? Or are you just a scared worker bee in your capitalistic w…[View]
182896936Remember how Jesus himself provided free healthcare to anyone who asked? >“A woman who had been b…[View]
182891570asia argento: #metoo btw[View]
182899968Corporations = Socialism.: A corporation is a Legal Entity who operates under the management of a so…[View]
182898272Curch: Religion is full of degenerates, Catholicism, Judaism, Islam, Christianity. The only reason w…[View]
182898378Notorious racist Tariq Nasheed is now posting videos of white people being assaulted and Twitter is …[View]
182893890RIP Pvt Jessica Carter. Afghanistan. DOD 19-08-18[View]
182892502What makes Atheism, a lack of faith, a lack of belief in <2000 year man-authored laws and customs…[View]
182899997Transgender creature wins primary for Vermont Governership: This face has been haunting my dreams fo…[View]
182880165IT'S HAPPENING: Any SA bros here? How bad is it going to get? Land seizures are beginning in S…[View]
182899902Political Text: So last night i got this random text on an unlisted unused phone I have had fro the …[View]
182899879REDPILLING NORMIES: It seems the attitude here is 'fuck using social networks.' By abandoning facebe…[View]
182897510Antifa runs this town.: Umm sweetie, you ain't won shit. Stay mad. https://hooktube.com/N4ShrI…[View]
182885927>tfw 'there is no American ethnicity' is the norm >tfw america will never be 85% WASP again …[View]
182889565Life is Eugenics, social Darwinism, survival of the fittest whatever you want to call it. Its a perf…[View]
182898693conservatives always have the white slavery pedophile sex slave thing on the mind because deep down …[View]
182897122Why are you not a fascist yet?[View]
182899640What is the best board on this site to discuss politics on?[View]
182899627Muslims at Smithsonian: Found some kebabs a Smithsonian want to send a team out and investigate thes…[View]
182898798Karl Marx called Slavs 'racial trash' that must 'perish in the revolutionary holocaust'. Why is this…[View]
182895758WYOMING PRIMARY GENERAL: Only 24 hours until Mad Man Miller unseats Liz Cheney in the House.[View]
182895241ITT we compile examples of things allowed on Youtube ahead of political speech it disagrees with. De…[View]
182890882How good is The Jimmy Dore Show? He seems lefty, but redpilled as fuck.[View]
182899365Guaranteed minimum income vs drastic tax reducation: What would be the economical benefits of the tw…[View]
182899300The Jews: Dump any and all redpills on the Jews. I'm starting to question if the Jews really ar…[View]
182899294'one thing's for sure, we're all gonna be alot thinner': HOB NOBS ARE HALAL! https://altne…[View]
182890119Angry Jose: Its good using your platform to tell your MAGA fans, who make 60% of audience to fuck of…[View]
182899169Color the map thread?: Color the map thread.[View]
182898424Should the Kurds get their own state?: Should the Kurds get their own state?[View]
182882624Why they don't take any refugees?[View]
182888688Why is Russia so afraid of Turkey?[View]
182898279How long did it take you to get on board the Trump Train? was it the 'mexicans are rapists speech?' …[View]
182896648Flags and symbols are really gay: I'm not saying no borders but why the fuck does every country…[View]
182897667/pol/ what do you think about this?[View]
182898347Why is Catholic Church so degenerate?: You can't claim the moral high ground while your members…[View]
182897751Show salute[View]
182895191>'ugh, those dumb socialist it dosesn't work xD' >'capitalism is so much better lol! just…[View]
182898264huh that's weird anyways did you guys hear Trump refused to deny that he's ever said nigge…[View]
182893481>be 14 years old girl >sold $100 >Masha'Allah flee to german >acidentally rapist …[View]
182892899>god made us with foreskin >think that it somehow it offends god that you have it how does tha…[View]
182886765>'The portion of young adults who live with mom and dad or other relatives rose from 15.3 percent…[View]
182890434>the left doesnt have funny mem-[View]
182873813Anomalous blue-eyed people came to Israel 6,500 years ago from Iran, DNA shows: HAHAHAH OH NO NO NO …[View]
182889279thoughts on this guy?: >There was no electricity bills in Libya; electricity is free for all its …[View]
182897603Happy Birthday Transatlantic Slave Trade![View]
182894467Bullnigger HATE thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvMXVHVr72A[View]
182896140black pill/red pill thread: why is pol so concerned of saving a (((white))) race. There is nothing y…[View]
182894855>tfw ywn be jewish >tfw ywn make fun of everyone else's inferior intelligence >tfw yw…[View]
182897666Why don’t you respict black people, /pol/?: https://youtu.be/hvD_u4GWUn4[View]
182888170>Canada has no friends How did it come to this?[View]
182897532Free speech: Alright /pol/ put your money where your mouth is. You say you believe in free speech. D…[View]
182867072AUS/POL/ 27 MILLION DOLLAR BIKE BRIDGE EDITION #2: Evening boys. Mal is shitting himself, back flipp…[View]
182894748>told he was morally wrong >he had an insider and list of communists I've been told he wa…[View]
182897419And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your …[View]
182881451Leave /pol/ and your life will improve dramtically: 12 months ago I was broke, depressed and owned a…[View]
182895958HANNITY is the KING OF CABLE NEWS!: >Sean Hannity is the king of cable news in 2018. His was the …[View]
182888625Turkey General: Where have all the Turksroaches gone? They literally vanished in the last few days. …[View]
182895257/pol/ BTFO[View]
182890650Blue Monday, how I hate Blue Monday Got to work like a slave all day[View]
182896986Conservatives and /pol/ hates single mothers: But they also aren't willing to date some girl wi…[View]
182895177a democrat said Trump is 'degrading' our society: “We’ve seen a degradation in our society, a turnin…[View]
182893874What do you think of Nepal?: What does /pol/ think of Nepal? I am curious[View]
182896474300+ catholic preists admitting to orally and anally raping 100s of thousands of young boys >not …[View]
182896341Imagine three countries that hate each other being sandwiched between the three great powers most li…[View]
182896723Republicans Flounder!: How The Republican Party is Failing Young People? They're recruiting new…[View]
182893732So WTF happened in Sweden? I thought the SD were on the rise through the summer, but it seems that t…[View]
182885087Show us the best picture of your head of state[View]
182895500Anyone else read the Unabomber’s manifesto? If so, what are your thoughts on it?[View]
182896306By reading only these two books, a man can be considered educated.: Prove me wrong.[View]
182896601Man I cant stand these Soviet apologists getting triggered over something bad that happens in the So…[View]
182896520/pol/ choices: Choice thread, I will begin: Your country becomes a white ethnostate with degeneracy …[View]
182891118Manafort question: Why would the prosecution rely on 12 regular jurors? Why wouldn’t the SEC be the…[View]
182879290Why you shouldn't believe in (((dark matter))): Dark matter is fucking bullshit. Don't bel…[View]
182892510A new WW3 game for happening fags. /v/ went full /pol/ about this so I thought I'll risk a ban …[View]
182893530Did CNN ensure a guilty vertic with there trial meddling.[View]
182896629Indian currency is called ruPEE.[View]
182896209/pol/ will like this Hitler: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEGeHxF0tF4 Why haven't I seen thi…[View]
182890599As Iran says, war with Iran is the mother of all wars and peace with Iran is the mother of all peace…[View]
182896166Asking japs. Do they teach younger generations about nanking?[View]
182896062So redpilled. So nationalist. So MAGA.[View]
182884036Prove to me that illegal immigration is actually worth splitting up families and hunting people down…[View]
182891920Why are Jews better conservatives than white people?[View]
182881283#metoo: Rose Mcgowan supports Asia Argentos and destroys all respect for the #metoo movement in a si…[View]
182895817Leftist comic cringe thread.[View]
182895700How do we stop the yellow menace?: The biggest threat to white men are white worshipping Asians. Man…[View]
182871467Californication: Sort of believe in meme magic Kek releases a record https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
182894374Just when you think ol Al Sharpton couldn't get any more retarded. This is (((their))) hero, an…[View]
182859526Travelling: I have been using Tinder for a few weeks, and have noticed something that virtually all …[View]
182895789Girl finds dozens of simps to date her at once: >An Instagram Model, Natasha Aponte, Tinder-Scamm…[View]
182893058General left hate thread[View]
182874960Is it better to be a middle class japanese or a middle class WHITE american ? Serious discussion[View]
182892077Irrational hatred of Jews is so fucking dumb. Yes, many are pushy, greedy and clannish but every rac…[View]
182893524In your opinion, what do you consider degenerate behavior?[View]
182877074Lebensraum: What's /pol/ option on Generalplan Ost? >the plan to kill & stave most of Ea…[View]
182885677The far right is PATHETIC: Whatever you think of them you can't deny that Antifa are far more o…[View]
182895296HAPPENING!!!!! 2nd EMU WAR!!!: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-45239791 Emus are planning…[View]
182893259The fuck?[View]
182892760Antarctica Seismic Chart Still Acting Up: Palmer station is on the https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tro…[View]
182894712Why can't we be more like Russia ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_KKuy5A9CA[View]
182892532This thread got deleted in /v/ - Best non SJW infiltrated gaming news sites?: What's up lads? I…[View]
182894692so this is how fascism returns to europe...[View]
182857115Trump BTFO'D HAHAHAHAHAHA: MAJOR: EU BREAKS WITH U.S OVER IRAN – Vows To Cover U.S Damages To I…[View]
182893158The jews can censor us all they like, it doesnt matter. Every dollar bill you get your hands on writ…[View]
182889899Um.. Ukraine..?: You alright, buddy..?[View]
182873981I really, really want to believe in this 'God' stuff. I want to be religious (Christian), but it…[View]
182894679Say something nice about this qt: Did you know he cashed a check with deutschebank in the 50s?…[View]
182894586crazy idea what if we convince all these white liberals who call everyone racist for everything to m…[View]
182893518Nepalis are not indians!!!: Our culture is much more East Asian than Indian. Our people look Chinese…[View]
182893594nature BTFO[View]
182893392>christians believe in some crazy stuff without any proof Why do they do that?…[View]
182886966Change the age of consent![View]
182889745I want you to visualize a male writer who promotes traditional concepts of masculinity. A 'masculini…[View]
182890465What went wrong: What went wrong Left image is literally the descendent of the asian horsemen from …[View]
182894483The white pill: Any system of government that doesn't include spiritual principles in it's…[View]
182886239Indian grills love big wc: >Most famous female celebrity to come out of India >Engaged to whi…[View]
182894325I'm just so tired of it all. Is there any drug you can get on the NHS that is free that will si…[View]
182893580is /pol/nareff /ourguy/?[View]
182875565Y E S: YES E S Everyday living in Europe is like constant orgasm. If i switch on the tv i am bombard…[View]
182889912Do you think the Nazis ended up discovering time travel? Is that tech still out there? I want to sum…[View]
182891954People will defend this[View]
182882210Is anybody here a Sabaton fan? I dare you to find a more red-pilled or Chad kind of music. https://w…[View]
182884424OH NO NO NO: https://www.wsj.com/articles/military-faces-a-sweeping-turnover-among-upper-commanders-…[View]
182894232Is it okay for wh*ite people to appropriate superior cultures? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-4…[View]
182887573women: what do i do about a chic that spreads rumors about me im in high school and nobody belives i…[View]
182894045Man I cant stand these Soviet apologists getting triggered over something bad that happens in the So…[View]
182890531On the Jews and Their Lies: http://www.prchiz.pl/pliki/Luther_On_Jews.pdf >wtf i unironically hat…[View]
182882799Vostok 2018: Russia has launched a large-scale military drill which will involve: >over 250,000 t…[View]
182885888>2% of population >99% of food kosher certified pic related…[View]
18288072758 people were shot in Chicago this past weekend[View]
182879949Mexican people: thoughts on mexicans?[View]
182882360Is he /ourguy/?[View]
182889126Gender is a Spectrum: and Race is a Social Construct! ... fuck white males![View]
182893568Why are we fighting a Jews war bc a bunch of Jews killed a bunch of other Jews on 9/11: lets face it…[View]
182891694/rsg/ RED STORM GENERAL- JOHNNY ROTTEN EDITION: Daily song:https://youtu.be/9BGi8u8BtaA >Reminder…[View]
182886227proof that looks are all that matters: >gays are attracted to the masculine >lessies are attra…[View]
182890759You jerk off too much: How does it feel knowing that you have jerked off more than any of your ances…[View]
182893359prety, soft, lovely, sexy, warm and my mum[View]
182892932What's the final solution to the liberalist problem?: Clearly there was always going to be a ba…[View]
182891098antifa will win: look at this fag blabbing out bullshit about antifa >if you use violence you…[View]
182893290Twitter bans: I tweet maybe once a year. Today I got banned for a tweet. Here is the tweet and Twitt…[View]
182892835so what happened in here?: I heard this little island called Indonesia had 260millions people[View]
182892842Why is /pol/ Anti-Poland: Have not been here for a while but remember not so long ago Poland got a l…[View]
182888847How does it feel?[View]
182888412Can someone here with a good understanding of Fascist economics redpill as to how it functioned? It…[View]
182883593What does it mean, /pol/?[View]
182885105Is Something Awful a CIA Front?: SA=special activities >viletat and state dept/EVE Online money l…[View]
182887404If blacks are dumb then how did they debunk gay marrige[View]
182892494Why are all these socially isolated bitter spergs that try to bomb shit like schools/churches/etc al…[View]
182874406QAnon: So is this cringey shit finally over or do you people still believe in it?[View]
182892428so /pol/ how's that political/religious visionary delusion going? world's a little bit mor…[View]
182888995Are we supporting /our gals/ this fall?[View]
182877344Who pays for anti tobacco propaganda?: Seriously, why there is so much anti tobacco propaganda? Who …[View]
182888589PROPAGANDA THREAD: If we are to save our nations, especially us in Britain, WE MUST spread to the re…[View]
182892403adultophilia: I don't give a fuck about adults who want to fuck kids. What do we do about the c…[View]
182886554Why isn't white nationalism socially acceptable and popular? Why is it mocked, reviled, and ost…[View]
182892353Look, having logs—my uncle was a great professor and scientist and engineer, Dr. John Trump at MIT; …[View]
182888051Canadian taxpayers shelling out BILLIONS for Trudeau's illegal aliens: >OTTAWA – The federal…[View]
182891042LMAO. Asia Argento paid off a minor she molested: She's the hollywood jew demon who gave the sp…[View]
182885730Hello Muslim anon: Your women aren't any different to western thots if you come in as a rich ma…[View]
182887213Say hello to Britney ventis sisters: Isn't she whites guys?[View]
182884259I am the nice guy. The guy who puts your needs before my own, the guy who avoids confrontation, who …[View]
182891782What's the solution for incel aggression? Government given gfs?[View]
182892041>abolish ice >statewide NYC style rent control >remove evil guns >legalize weed and regu…[View]
182892011Facts that make jews uncomfortable: Ive noticed a lot of shill so i made a thread to drop normie irl…[View]
182890574/POL/s obsession with naming the jew: i see pol always upset when someone popular who has ALOT to lo…[View]
182884188Whose to blame for the insane prices of health care in the US? >insurance companies >health c…[View]
182888421Explain Aboriginal evoultionary history: Go.[View]
182890743TRUMP BTFO: How will Drumpftards come to the fact that no one likes Mein Twitler anymore?[View]
182891824Did Aliens really visit / crash on earth, or is it a Jewish trick to divert our attention?[View]
182891248Have you taken your brain pills today?[View]
182889688Repealing Truancy Laws: Does anybody have any idea of how to repeal truancy laws? I mean NOBODY shou…[View]
182891292Trump should build the Wall out of Hillary, cause he can't seem to get over it.[View]
182889789SETH RICH MEMORIAL: Pay respects in the form of proofs to honor this patriot’s sacrifice[View]
182891562Who else doesn't care about hate against either white people or minorities? It's all so ti…[View]
182864755How do I avoid paying child support?: Why can a bitch be a fucking whore and not do a fucking aborti…[View]
182888656How come China always wins?[View]
182889433AfD-Pepe: AfD-Pepe Greetings from Germany[View]
182890715>James Wenneker von Brunn (July 11, 1920 – January 6, 2010) was an American man who perpetrated t…[View]
182891285What does /pol/ think of Mel Gibson?: Some of my favorite Mel Gibson quotes are: >'If you get rap…[View]
182875352CNN doesn't understand: how does Trump keep winning?: How does he do it?[View]
182890959Stop blaming Muslims and blame Amerimutts instead.: Muslim violence and Islamist extremism are a pro…[View]
182847680Will sexbots actually become a thing?: Sex bots are becoming more and more realistic with each passi…[View]
182890764HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA: https://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/escort-oligarch-now-tapes-russia-int…[View]
182890055Is racist rice the meal of pol? The left have really outdone themselves this time[View]
182866875the Arctic: >Oil, gas and metals >Gold and diamonds >The Northern trade route The Arctic is…[View]
182890824Iran Oil Minister: France's Oil Giant Total Pulls Out of Iran: >'TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran’s …[View]
182880415The batman shooting: Wasnt a false flag? Right guys? >I donated money Did I waste it? Christian b…[View]
182889888You will never be this beautiful[View]
182889039This is how it is done, take notes idiots.: >Brazilian citizens attack venezuelan refugee camps o…[View]
182890423The name of a site: Does anybody remember the name of that site that has 18 pages and talks about an…[View]
182889864More German than the Germans'!: 'The assimilated Jewish community in Germany, prior to World War II,…[View]
182885396Good goy Germans[View]
182882073Be honest /pol/, does the anti-white Male stuff ever get to you?: How does it make you feel exactly…[View]
182890554Don't Trust the Feds, Man.: Unless they tell you 'Fuck Drumpf,' then trust 'em.[View]
182880395Context please?: What is this video about? All I hear is that the blonde got BTFO[View]
182871765Brit/pol/ - Keeping Us Safe Edition: >Chaos at Gatwick as thousands of passengers are forced to r…[View]
182890437GRAVITY = MOTION = LORENTZ FORCE: This is key to understanding how to generate antigravity energy, w…[View]
182888829TRUMP BTFO BY BASED NAVY SEAL: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/revoke-my-security-clearance-…[View]
182889966Why are there so many openly racist republicans running for office this year? This is the bullshit w…[View]
182886047Will he be allowed in an ethnostate?: Woes has two Scottish grand parents, one English and one Itali…[View]
182884858Kikes in UK: How much power do kikes have in UK?[View]
182881954The Final Redpill - Jews are Not Human: Modern Jews are the direct descendants of Neanderthals, and …[View]
182890098Self improvement is the first step to changing the world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwEnzTJsJ…[View]
182889266Why did the jews popularize the phrase 'If you're so smart, why aren't you rich?'[View]
182883311This shitty beef costs 10 bucks.... Still think supply management is cool?: Pffft. That's what …[View]
182879674>They Live isn't about aliens disguising themselves as humans >it's about Jews disgu…[View]
182889315How long can a superpower be a net importer?[View]
182889702Michelle Wolf gets the boot: Any retort from this unfunny gash since Netflix kicked her off their ne…[View]
182884955(Constitutional) Monarchy: Why do people support this form of rule? Kings are only kangz because the…[View]
182886324The final redpill: The government is poisoning you, tell me again why the 'safesty' medical product …[View]
182886694Why are Jews so well-liked compared to other minorities? Is it because they're so smart and suc…[View]
182884071Attractiveness thread continued >>182875460[View]
182886994What does /pol/ think of this guy?: W͡hḁ̷t̞͍͎̥ ̠͉d̝o̷̙̞̯̺̺e̪̻s̬̼͓ p͉̝o̥̹̗l̮͎̝͚̗̬ ̖ț͖̠̦͠h̹̫̹̣i͕͕̦̕n…[View]
182887508Asia Argento: HMMMM[View]
182886880Help me /pol/! I'm about to get arrested because I told a girl off for being an SJW and now the…[View]
182889532Why can't their be a means test for religion? Do these atheists actually believe in Satanism or…[View]
182889516ITS ATTACK: What does Russia mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxiv5e5noxM[View]
182888048Honest thoughts: Why do women let themselves be degraded to only pussywork and similar? Oh yeah bec…[View]
182883098Thoughts? Does Norway have a future?: Translation: Faiso (34) has a kid in every grade.[View]
182880701hello and welcome back to the h3 podcast LIVE[View]
182881052lol, you dumb americans are so retard to realize that tacos are mexicans, and have the nerve to call…[View]
182882618DNA companies — what are they REALLY up to?: I’ve been told that they flat out make shit up, like us…[View]
182889225If any leaf bros gets to ask a question next election, what should it be? 'Can Canada remain majorit…[View]
182887171Stop Playing Video Games Jack: daily reminder this is the most culturally relevant moment in any med…[View]
182887334The 'That's not real 'x'' fallacy: A common objection when you are talking with any i…[View]
182887350Welcome to Britain[View]
182878259>You will never be sex assaulted by her -_-[View]
182868774GET IN HERE Emu forces have invaded Broken Hill, New South Wales: It is believed that the emus are b…[View]
182885714New plague thread. Find countdown here https://whitecloudfarm.org/home-en-us/the-choice-is-yours…[View]
182887499are we still fighting the crusades?[View]
182879541IM BACK BABY: Thought you little faggots could forget about me? Congo plays the death bongo.[View]
182881100Jeff Sessions is giant pussy[View]
182887228The white pill: Any system of government that doesn't include spiritual principles in it's…[View]
182879047you don't fall for this consumerist 'holiday' right?[View]
182888435Are Asians superior to all other races: Highest IQ. Good organization skills. least race-,mixing. he…[View]
182886902>>Blue-eyed, fair-skinned settlers inhabited the Levant some 6,500 years ago, according to an …[View]
182888424Why do Leftists think they're fighting AGAINST the rich?[View]
182888081Brandon Fraser was sexually assaulted by Philip Berk, a former president of the Hollywood Foreign Pr…[View]
182888405Huge White Pill for the #RedWave2018: Based on the current numbers, we should be winning Florida in …[View]
182883388So let me get this straight. You willingly elect a president who hates the media and loves big busin…[View]
182884386ITT we post /pol/ music: military marches, anthems, 'political' music in general: https://www.youtub…[View]
182885973CNN HATES WHITES: Can we get this is the news cycle?! We got another oppurtunity at hand here we CAN…[View]
182888234Will liberals be the boomers of the next generation? They're already selling out their children…[View]
182887435My number is lit: (203) 491-7742 Call me for some goood shitttttttttttt[View]
182888179M60_: M60_ is a twitch streamer who is easily offended and sensitive to earrape when he gets on late…[View]
182888104Man I cant stand these Soviet apologists getting triggered over something bad that happens in the So…[View]
182857420>this is an australian politician: I'm literally shaking right now. https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
182888046MOP IT UP JANNIES[View]
182883082ACCELERATIONIST THREAD: Who /accelerationist/ here? Fuck I still cant believe hillary lost bros...I …[View]
182874053Part and Parcel Spain: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6077807/Knifeman-shouting-Allahu-Akba…[View]
182887836He did nothing wrong[View]
182887599Q predicted this[View]
182886917What did Himmler mean by this?[View]
182876550False flags against journalists coming in October: A journalist will be taken out in early October w…[View]
182887686https://www.businessinsider.com/sweden-salaries-freely-available-2017-4?IR=T >Curious as they may…[View]
182886138SERIOUSLY POOS WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM?!: >Cultural reasons You fucking animals, willing my your ass …[View]
182887629>Make a decent salary >can't afford a 1 bedroom apartment in California…[View]
182868676>be 14 years old girl >sold $100 >Masha'Allah flee to german >acidentally rapist …[View]
182827066The Matrix Trilogy Explained: An article for the uninitiated. Here is what The Matrix Movies are Rea…[View]
182885349niggers lynch white man https://www.wlwt.com/article/trial-delayed-for-man-accused-in-shooting-death…[View]
182875117MAD MAX GENERAL: https://twitter.com/MaximeBernier Based Maxime Bernier has officially given the sig…[View]
182867152boo hoo! I have to settle for year after year of fucking the same groups of tall good looking guys t…[View]
182880855Huffinggton Post & Roasties BTFO!: Based Elon Musk beats down liberal roastie telling him to cut…[View]
182880645redpill rap: yo Pass the mic imma gas the kikes start a fascist reich slash you wit a plastic knife…[View]
182881747White people were so brave before, they didn't afraid to die Now most of us can only post edgy …[View]
182875340/pol approved song parodies https://youtu.be/nwnEMjx4vK0[View]
182883018Turkey/Lira collapse: Lets all get comfy and watch the global financial collapse! >Trump threaten…[View]
182872038Rome was destroyed by Germanic pagans: Make you think about pagan anti Christian statements[View]
182880374>Philippe Servaty. While in Morocco from 2002–05, he engaged in sex with over 80 Moroccan women, …[View]
182876637>The heatwave is back I swear to God I'll beat the shit out of that burning ball of plasma.…[View]
182872357/pol/ ruined me: I used to be a regular guy, atheist, lolbertarian, I was a civic 'nationalist', I d…[View]
182887022Thierry Baudet fanboys how do you respond to this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghl962XxhQs[View]
182886358Am I the only one who believes 9/11 was a shift in universes: like think about it, ian dury died fro…[View]
182885537This board fucking sucks.[View]
182886594Honestly, why is no major news source talking about this?: These sealed indictments are driving me c…[View]
182886840Jerk Rice: The biggest News item in the UK today.[View]
182881153Brit/pol/ - Goals Edition: >‘Car crash’ Jeremy Corbyn under pressure over foreign trips https://w…[View]
182885037Is the acceptable bullying of white males in public the same as bullying jews and blacks?: Is this a…[View]
182886242THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF BONGISTAN http://dailycaller.com/2018/08/16/london-mayor-sadiq-khan-ban-cars/…[View]
182866330Salvini’s Italy: Anything interesting happening in Italy since the election? I know of them BTFO’ing…[View]
182883686THE TIME IS NOW: New york has a balding lesbian and a crooked democrat running against a no name RIN…[View]
182886405What should a Catholic do?: Should I abandon my faith over a cuck Pope? Should I abandon my faith ov…[View]
182861433>Gracias, Erica, for bringing your mature, feminist porn gaze from Sweden to Espańa http://archiv…[View]
182879464>pic related is not even fake why is Netflix full of WWII holohoax movies and documentaries? why …[View]
182886449Drag queen story hour: This has to stop. https://www.dailysignal.com/2018/08/06/k-12-schools-bringin…[View]
182870641Will this fight prove the complete Aryan European supremacy over niggers? How will the outcome impac…[View]
182883645Facebook, Twitter, Youtube: If they hate us, why do Conservatives continue to use their platforms gi…[View]
182880971Boomers Can't Sell Their Homes #5: >27,000,000 boomers selling homes between now and 2036 …[View]
182886180I need help: In starting a tumblr page too see how fast will I get band ,you can help me to liberate…[View]
182882567Why are Jews so damn funny?[View]
1828855632018 has been a strange year..: Very few happenings, just internet bloodsport and high profile degen…[View]
182881226Hey guys listen up: Pizzagate is fake. Snopes debunked it. There is not an elite pedophile cabal tha…[View]
182886001>Insist on cycling on pavements because 'the roads are unsafe' >Proceed to endanger pedestrian…[View]
182881835This young man has more bravery that all of NATO and the UN combined..[View]
182882135His name was Seth Rich: /pol/ did you guys see this yet?? >The investigation into the murder of D…[View]
182883165Muslim has sentence overturned after terror-linked CAIR accused female judge of anti-Islamic bias: h…[View]
182882640California running out of water: For passers-by, it would be easy to miss the moderate-size cylinder…[View]
182880854If communist states are so great then how come communist aren't flocking in droves to North Kor…[View]
182885638Britbongs are FUCKED: At this rate they'll become an Islamic country in 2 to 3 years kek. http:…[View]
182881886Are pedo females hiding in plain sight?: Here is openly bisexual adult actress Bella Thorne receivin…[View]
182882798I can play this game too.: According to my religious beliefs, I am chosen by God to destroy Israel a…[View]
182885149MGTOW: No fair play? We go our way.[View]
182885339Origins of humanity: Where do we come from and how do we know? What are the most common theories and…[View]
182882162>that right-wing lunatic that wants to keep the rich richer Are the right-wingers the ultimate be…[View]
182883797>be american fat nigger >see alpha swedish powerhouse >get mad and sweaty about the superio…[View]
182884475Xd: Xddddd[View]
182877338/HPG/ Hollywood Pedo General: >>182840262 Asia Argento Continued[View]
182881889NOTORIOUS RBG: What is this movement? Fuck this kike. CNN is literally sucking her ass, for what?…[View]
182875537WW3: Which team will /pol/ support? Let's talk about the merits of both teams Blue >Western …[View]
182883051nigger thread go[View]
1828794241/10 of all white peoples income should be taxed and given to blacks as reparations.[View]
182848031Bankers making $ on Swedish White Flight: Hi /pol/, I work at an international bank, specialising in…[View]
182872696If Hitler believed in Aryan race being uber men why didnt he have kids: Assuming Hitler believed tha…[View]
182884797Are white leftists actually NPC's?[View]
182882307What is it about niggers and Supermalt?[View]
182867936/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
182884582Communism and fascism failed because they were just modifications of capitalism. It reinforces the s…[View]
182852364Is Heavy Metal degenerate? I feel like this shit was made by (((them))) simply to deteriorate and de…[View]
182881642Behold!: you suck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8BHIR3QnSc[View]
182878844Why are we ignoring this?: SJW icon raped a 17 y/o then paid him hush money with a paper trail and e…[View]
182879792glow rogan: there is NO reason for glow rogan to be advocating hardcore psychedelics like DMT and LS…[View]
182864511I'm 18 At what age should I have kids? I'm a WHITE MALE.[View]
182883803Austin, Texas: What is this place? It seems like basically Reddit: the City?[View]
182883486Opinions on this?[View]
182883168Ciraget is redpilled: >2018 >Doesn´t smoke cigarettes like very ALPHA MEL Were you bullied in …[View]
182877285Many liberals and progressives, are trying to reclaim Obama's achievement in rescuing the US ec…[View]
182883132Have you guys seen this yet? Does this cause the system to spy on them or something? >http://iwit…[View]
182877301Britain trade BOOM: AHAHAHAHAHAH eurokeks BTFO, Brexit has'nt even happened and we are seeing t…[View]
182881209Blue eyed blondes that burn in the sun are descended from vampires: >Khazarian ashkenazi kikes ha…[View]
182884137Why are white men so prone to sexual deviance?[View]
182884066Surely its rascist to expect 10 3rd worlders to live in a a small house and work below minimum wage:…[View]
182883892Asgardia - the space state: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asgardia > Backed by a number of intern…[View]
182880248YouTube has a pedophile problem.: Pedophiles operating on YouTube: >Information on exploitation. …[View]
182883972Trump argues with veterans about napalm, Agent Orange and Apocalypse Now.: https://www.thedailybeast…[View]
182883837In July 2003 Kobe Bryant raped a white 19-year-old employee of the hotel he was staying at.[View]
182878728Turns out scientists have admitted that Blondes won't die out even despite current demographic …[View]
182876268Are the Masons with us or against us?(Baphomet etc)pt 2: We maxed out the other topic as to whether …[View]
182845159Warning Signs for Women: Hair dyed unnatural colors, pixie/boyish haircuts, tattoos, odd/ugly pierci…[View]
182875432Why do people want to ban abortions but do not want to pay more towards welfare? Would it not just m…[View]
182883742Stuff: Hey guys I’m considering going to boxing, I also love parting with friends. My taste in music…[View]
182878248Another MSM journalist caught spewing anti-white rhetoric on Twitter[View]
182881534Newspaper ask 'the news that has marked you': 67 years old retired from the countryside of France an…[View]
182880749Diversity is good white man!: https://www.news.com.au/finance/economy/world-economy/south-africa-beg…[View]
182883465BRB - Cycling Trip: The Christian based US government and Conservatives have made Muslims out to be …[View]
182868551Was Hollywood full of communist and socialist sympathizers post WW2?[View]
182882400Why did star wars remake the of movie just with black actors more women an less carry fisher. If the…[View]
182868574>Armenia was the first country to have adopted Christianity as its state religion >Armenia is …[View]
182882878ancap thread: Give me your most autistic arguments for ancapism. I want complete dystopia[View]
182869394Aldebaran: We was aliens and shit[View]
182883074How can we save Europe from sandniggers and niggers, I would support mass deportation and peaceful m…[View]
182872176What would have happened if Southern Rhodesia joined South Africa in 1922? https://en.wikipedia.org/…[View]
182855513>WAKE UP LEAFS >TRUDEAU WANTS TO PULL THE UK MOVE >Trudeau government poised to beef up bi…[View]
182877985The Costs of Motherhood are Rising, and Catching Women Offguard: >College-educated women in parti…[View]
182878429Why the fuck must SJW's and feminists ruin the reputation of the economic left? Would be willin…[View]
182870951You wake up tomorrow as a black person. How do your politics change?[View]
182855736Billionaires are prepping for the collapse/correction: >Tim Chang, a forty-four-year-old managing…[View]
182879233What’s next for Paul Nehlen?: Predictably, the cowards in the GOP establishment removed him from the…[View]
182872867Socalist Memes: I am starting a thread to collect socialist memes. I'll start.[View]
182880044You have to begin doing this: If you're not doing anything with your life but trolling the nets…[View]
182875899How do we make Japan more diverse like most developed western countries?[View]
182866411/sag/ South Africa General: Ohm Krüger Edition: Infodump pastebin with all you need to know about So…[View]
182870361/zog/ vs /sig/ - /pol/ how are you getting ready for the backlash?: >ib4 /sig/ is v& this is …[View]
182879889'You can't post with that subject.': UH OH Obama administration gave out $434 million in improp…[View]
182882547What does /pol/ think of this guy?: What does pol think of roger stone is he based and ourguy? Or is…[View]
182874249Southern Europe / Unemployment: How serious are the unemployment issues in South Europe, like in Gre…[View]
182866648Are his products snake oil or do they actually work? Jones' charisma is convincing me.[View]
182882866>'blumpf colluded with Russia' I've opted out of the info mania news sphere long ago. What e…[View]
182876389Why didn't he join the Amish?: guess he wasn't THAT smart[View]
182849317Marquis de Sade: origin of elite degeneracy?: People act like degeneracy amongst elites in new, but …[View]
182879763What is /pol/'s opinion of Roy Cohn? Trump completely idolised this man and he was key in his r…[View]
182882574>I'm back, and this time I brought and army of my finest basedsoilders.…[View]
182873608/pol humor thread: post your best[View]
182875460Woman can't get a date: >Feminist, Socialist and a vegan Why are men so scared? https://metr…[View]
182882520https://www.bbc.com/pidgin/tori-45248779 the fuck is this language? is nigger-speak officialy new ki…[View]
182879962the race hate false flag 2: previous thread >>182839556 TPTB are promoting race conflict, maki…[View]
182877528JEWS + FOOD + KOSHER = LIES??: Holy fucking shit /pol/.../bizanon/ here. We had a thread about some …[View]
182870210MEME FELIX INTO SWEDISH POLITICS: As you all know Felix is pretty well versed on the media, censorsh…[View]
182874754SJWs try to turn the tables and labeling everyone who is against their degenerate shit SJWs now: So,…[View]
182880707Am I understanding correctly?: Either: A) There is a deep state, and dozens of some of the highest r…[View]
182880419Do people need to be Programmed or Re-programmed?: They dont seem very real and do whatever the TV t…[View]
182881895Women are A Geographic Location:: Women can't run a country[View]
182881274Why don't most modern leftists care about facts?: Not saying the modern right does either for m…[View]
182846525Seth Rich, Shut it Down: this is not suppose to be reported goys!!!!![View]
182863442Why are we trying to save the world: We mostly hate everyone. And they're too stupid to want to…[View]
182878431What did she mean by this?[View]
182881959The white pill: Any system of government that doesn't include spiritual principles in it's…[View]
182864470why do the elites sacrifice innocents for their adrenochrome? (lets be honest, this shit is happenin…[View]
182875865Be White, Buy White!: WHITE MAN, WHITE WOMAN - Why are you still handing over your money to non-whit…[View]
182877771Civil War PSA: Don't rape anyone: (1/2) Listen up. Something very big will happen soon. I don…[View]
182873584Jew laughs at dying goyim: Jew caught laughing at the video of the Italian bridge tragedy. Tfw /pol/…[View]
182847583I LOVE TECHNOLOGY[View]
182862766Why is it so difficult to talk about the bad things that Whites have committed?: >Black people ra…[View]
182875042Fucking liberals. Pretty soon there will be no straights left. I can already feel the water turning…[View]
182881644Look all these leftist democrats that are witch hunting our leader. We need to finally get one of o…[View]
182875898The redpilling has worked: I used to claim that the 'redpilling' on /pol/ made no difference but now…[View]
182873728so jewtube deleted Nobito 'Dear Black people' vid, since you are not allowed to even discu…[View]
182878951So, have you guys heard about the shit happening in Poland? Apparently polish opposition PO has been…[View]
182879696Change of heart: >>182877528 >tfw half Jewish (mom's side Jewish) >find /pol/ …[View]
182880574DOG CONTROL NOW[View]
182862914When the Normie Conservative Began To Hate: >flipping through breitbart articles >read about s…[View]
182877031Well /pol/: Is she the harbinger of the coming apocalypse?[View]
182879327absolute state of (((USA))): >be born a jew male, get turned into this monstrosity and call yours…[View]
182872720how would a case like this or similar get solved if there were no cameras and no witness? i mean, yo…[View]
182881054GIBS: South Afrikan / Rhodesian famine in 3... 2...[View]
182879735Unpopular opinions: I think we should become a TRUE advocate for black people. Most Blacks know rich…[View]
182875287Bait Truck Thread: Hello niggers, I just park my nike truck here...take care of it for a while....do…[View]
182879593THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF LONDON KEKS america put them out of their misery lads,you wouldnt let a dog su…[View]
182865811MILLENIAL HOUSING CRISIS ENGULFS BRITAIN: >'The proportion of families headed by a 25- to 34-year…[View]
182878382let's trigger people.: let's make the word xenophobic have another meaning ... the meaning…[View]
182873261Irish Antifa are pedophiles.: >Former Civil Servant and leader of Antifa Ireland caught with CP. …[View]
182878668You wonder why everyone's so fucked up? You think it's the media? Well it is. Check out th…[View]
182875618>and that's a good thing![View]
182880659How are you doing?[View]
182872264HITLER WAS A SOMALI!: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/195101/Hitler-had-Jewish-and-African-DNA …[View]
182880285Redpill me on Masons. Also reading material would be good.[View]
182879853Family guy literally names the jew: How do they get away with it but no one else can? https://youtu.…[View]
182871071what's up with these basedboys shoes? they've been popping up everywhere lately. Are they …[View]
182877300Fuck me hard, Mueller!: Fuck me deep! I love you.[View]
182869129Youtube and the illusion of knowledge: I've noticed youtube is filling up fast with self-appoin…[View]
182875665>realize the name 'VolksWagen' means 'People's Car' >It was created by Him in 1937 >He…[View]
182879931God bless America. salute.[View]
182877790public schools: thoughts[View]
182878826>lurk a thread about diarrhea inducing tap water >Few minutes later, see this in the headlines…[View]
182874501Name a better place on earth. Pro tip: you can't >cleanest drinking water in the world …[View]
182874317A heads up /pol/: Most people here are just anti-immigration, they're not far-right or fascists…[View]
182875148What's it like to redpill someone?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wFfivXaJM9U[View]
182870988Why are the American people suck cucks? How could we bail out the people who ruined us to begin with…[View]
182879197How blacked™ is your country?: Here we don't have that many niggers , but have plenty of gypsie…[View]
182841280How does it feel knowing capitalism is dying amongst the younger generation, and socialism is more p…[View]
182876654Should we have debtors prison?[View]
182879243Is there a scientific or even religious basis for age of consent especially with the minimum age of …[View]
182868497invade the uk now: holy fuck we need to invade the UK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRRbCzZH_HY…[View]
182879521>live with pajeets >deal with pajeet problems…[View]
182868659Eugene Gu, M.D: What’s his end game?[View]
182876958Is Trump just another elite?: I do think he hates the pedo/cannibal shit, but I'm not convinced…[View]
182878235Ghetto Culture: what you Americans do to abolish ghetto culture?[View]
182866547So it has come to this...[View]
182873852I have been going to church lately. It just so happens I've fallen in love with a nice black la…[View]
182870269What ever happened: To Isis? Why did they suddenly disapear after obama left office?[View]
182874928How can we profit from the current Venezuelan crisis?[View]
182877238>tfw realised I don't have any actual opinions >tfw realised I just vote for whatever wil…[View]
182871982Why are conservatives so obsessed with the welfare of children? I get that liberals are basically ju…[View]
182876823How to break the programming?: Serious thread here. Quite recently someone added me on a discord and…[View]
182874135Whatever you think of them you can't deny that Antifa are far more organized and effective than…[View]
182877555The difference between National Socialists and Neo-Nazis.: https://youtu.be/dun8npXuZ4Y[View]
182842543Redpill me on college. Scam or no? I'm thinking of dropping out and going trade. I have a 3.0 G…[View]
182878936Reminder that if you don't live autark you're part of the problem. Learn to maintain and p…[View]
182876638Why do Americans use food as a form of protest? I continually see people posting shit like 'thi…[View]
182877396How the fuck did Paddock lose to Breivik when Paddock have WAY more guns, ammo, and targets? Was is …[View]
182878614Pretty sad: Are those numbers entirely correct? And if they are then it's pretty sad innit.…[View]
182878226>be me >start browsing pol >actually start believing it's da joos >hating nig nogs…[View]
182878577Was the show: SCANDAL based off of this incident? >On October 3, 2013, in Washington, D.C., Miria…[View]
182874623>Arguing with fucking coworker >Accidentally call him a basedboy >He asks me what the fuck …[View]
182866401OH NO NO NO NO NO: >Germany’s current account surplus — which measures the flow of goods, service…[View]
182872306What has he been smoking?[View]
182878024>calls hamas, hezbollah, iran “my friends” >is the bane of all jews in the UK jeremy corbyn is…[View]
182869807why do they try to erase history?: The removal of statues etc,is ridiculous.Pic related is The good …[View]
182831060Boomers Can't Sell Their Homes: >27,000,000 boomers selling homes between now and 2036 >9…[View]
182876699So, where is the Trump's Wall? Oh, it was just a metaphor. Okay... https://www.nbcnews.com/poli…[View]
182870571The Alt Right Doesn't Need To Be Visible To Succeed: Is this true, /pol/? Will the alt right ev…[View]
182875689If reincarnation is real you have a 90%+ possibility of coming back as a nonwhite.[View]
182874805How do we put an end to the nu-male epidemic?[View]
182877521Be me: >use /pol/ >be phone poster >share bantz >get datamined >get weird pictures …[View]
182874872Judasim 1.0 & 2.0 & 3.0 have to get exterminated.[View]
182870697RIP Pvt Jessica Carter. Afghanistan. DOD 19-08-18[View]
182877212(((ADL))) promoting transgenderism for children: The ADL is attacking a school for not letting a 12 …[View]
182876428New crusade to stop ongoing white genocide in Jewrope anyone?[View]
182877529More proof the pedogate stuff is real and the elite can get away with anything 2 Tier justice system…[View]
182855048Southern Poverty Law Center going down in flames!: How will the shills ever recover? Jewish suprema…[View]
182876906Remember this faggot? 'They only came in illegally because they couldn't come in legally' LMAO[View]
182868835Where were you when 2 millions Muslims Hajj?[View]
182867569Even with the crushing defeat in 1945, with all liberal social democratic leftist squealing, demoniz…[View]
182862009Mike Cernovich is BTFO Asia Argento: Guys, I'm, not sure if you're keeping up with Cernovi…[View]
182873997>walk outside >see picrelated Wat to do?[View]
182876853Fat people are going to result in the downfall of society as a whole. Something needs to be done bef…[View]
182873476paul?: /guy/?[View]
182876628who is the motherfucking kike that keeps posting the same god damn same shit-tier copypasta.[View]
182875144Austria has fallen to fascist Russia,: This is the Austrian minister of foreign affairs kneeling bef…[View]
182876757>gets caught lying to his supporters time after time >his supporters are still defending him l…[View]
182876858Is handrubbing genetic ?[View]
182871798The Russian is the only one without a nigger nose, /pol/. You guys told me that Slavs aren't wh…[View]
182876756America RULES THE WORLD - in 20 STEPS OR LESS[View]
182855574Macedonia: What do y'all say about Macedonian politics? I've been here for two days and wi…[View]
182876632So /pol/, is Imran Khan /ourkebab/?[View]
182875316How would you summarize your political worldview? How did you reach it? Do you TRULY believe it? Do …[View]
182856946HAPPENING: PEDOWOOD - Asia Argento grooming a kid and sex: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/as…[View]
182874874My Friend: I come to you /pol/ for knowledge and advice. I have wondered many things in this life fe…[View]
182876434Gays. Which terms of reference do you find most offensive[View]
182875140inclusivity: Why aren't intersex people recognized in the whole lgbt movement? they're the…[View]
182873676What did they mean by this?[View]
182868992What's (((his))) endgame?[View]
182857532IQ DROP: now that we all know that iq is dropping and its not news anymore can we possibly also conc…[View]
182853054*lying on the floor, sobbing into a pool of tears and filth* ARE YOU HAPPY NOW /POL/???? ARE YOU FUC…[View]
182874440This is how rw nationalism is supposed to look, not a bunch of fat idiots[View]
182874565Well? Is it?[View]
182875753Seize the internet! Help spread the gospel of KEK, President Trump, brexit and MAGA! Make those trig…[View]
182875867Since they want to tighten things up for the 2019 election...: We get a lot of canadian government w…[View]
1828713373%: This is Bill John Baker. He is the current Chief of the Cherokee nation, but is only 3% Cherokee…[View]
182875719Free of jewry: A world without jews, what would it look like, would it really make a difference? wou…[View]
182875676No White Guilt: Female Hypergamy: He responds to the so-called traditional Pettibone sisters. This g…[View]
182873698I never write anonymously, but because of this guys character I will today. Vegas… enjoying a great …[View]
182864877Go to Australia, do legal street chem, die: 'Epicemic' of psychotic patients hooked on mon…[View]
182872856If (((they're))) Satanic child eating adrenochrome injecting anal rapists, then what shall (((t…[View]
182868881Infanticide: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infanticide IS OUTLAW COSE https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…[View]
182874404Wypipo btfo: Absolute state of wh*te '''people'''[View]
182875138/pol/ we need to have a talk...: IT IS TIME TO STOP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAd6axJc7kk&…[View]
182867313The Alt-Right is just a stepping stone towards NazBol: Richard Spencer is open about his idea of 'A …[View]
182874399If you only hate niggers but not people of any other race are you still considered a racist?[View]
182856638Brave. So Fucking Brave. No one likes working for Mr. Cheeto.[View]
182868432Why do westerners say 'niggers are lazy' when it's thanks to hard working niggers in …[View]
182864909Optimism thread: This thread is made in response to all the black pills that have been circulating p…[View]
182836250She's going to run again boys[View]
182872229German empire is a subhuman empire, let me show you what a real empire looks like my nigga[View]
182873417ITT: Post /ourguys/ outside the political scene[View]
182871645So that's what middle America's model family looks. What's the thing with white subu…[View]
182871539Bimbo celebrity speaks infront of the congress about how evil men are: Squared jawed SJW celebrity w…[View]
182870296'Asians get no representation': This makes sense for Blacks since apparently Africa can't make …[View]
182837899Michael Phelps depression: How can someone like Michael Phelps suffer from severe depressions and su…[View]
182874450Ok i believe it's time for you all to become Orthodox already.[View]
182874416What the fuck is going on with washed up Hollywood actors http://www.vgmerchandise.com/store/pages.p…[View]
182867895>Georgie still looking this good at 88 Does he have ligma?[View]
182873071GOMMUNISM GANARAL XDDDD: Hello gomrades! XDDDD Dis general is for disgussion of margsism-lebonnism, …[View]
182869935AUS/POL/ QandA EDITION: Evening lads. Watch with us: >https://www.abc.net.au/tv/qanda/join-the-di…[View]
182868605/DRPG/ Daily Red Pill General - you will be set free edition: Daily reminder that the red pill wakes…[View]
182865656We Blacks all have a duty to make. Egypt is currently occupied by the Arabs. We must liberate it. We…[View]
182851643U.S No Longer Rely On Petroleum: >'Growth of natural gas and other alternatives to petroleum has …[View]
182860518The Georgia Guidestones warned us. Western countries are lifeboats.: Have you ever wondered why the …[View]
182870811Elizabeth Warren: red pill me on this straight shootin, defender of the little guy[View]
182853989Brit/pol/ - Morning News Edition: >May DISMISSES calls for Brexit deal vote as experts warn refer…[View]
182872886Theres no way Africans are culturally superior[View]
182867782Are women being awaken to the fact that most black dads are deadbeats?: I mean seriously, it's …[View]
182854023Trump wants a race war.: When are you people going to admit you went to far? https://www.breitbart.c…[View]
182873747Shouldn't we support and join the Democratic Socialists of America in order to speed up the dec…[View]
182873205How can we stop Jokowi's Islamophobia?[View]
182869203Britain YES![View]
182870996How can you live and work for a country that used to test bayonets on their own citizens?[View]
182867891THE DIARRHEA DILEMMA: Multiple cities across the US/canada are reporting a similar illness spreading…[View]
182867563Guys I’m worried. Cannabis trichomes resemble Penises. Could this mean something?[View]
182872995That's not a big airplane: Look at pic, that's not a big airplane Anyway, the pentagon is …[View]
182861060Does the Old Testament apply to Christians?[View]
182817753CALIFORNIA STRONG: I love how you retards always criticize the left and our policies and always push…[View]
182810768Are the Masons with us or against us?(Baphomet etc): Masons are supposed to be helping society and a…[View]
182873325The Frog and the Scorpion: This was amazing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwtQSNEOivk[View]
182865633Hi, I'm Rudy Giuliani and my cousin's vagina is the best thing I've ever felt.[View]
182870764/pol/, why do Jews want to eliminate the white race if they are the lecherous pedo rapists you say t…[View]
182866225scientific community is ignorant at best. at worst they are covering it up.: Is the UFO phenomenon t…[View]
182872374LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xc8dn-is8rE[View]
182861051Israeli girl prostitution ring exposed in Colombia! So that's why so many Israelis were traveli…[View]
182852773>white peopled invented writing thousands of years after china >think they are a superior race…[View]
182862257bitch lasagna[View]
182873024I love how they cut through the bullshit and show both sides are wrong.[View]
182869731Is beta males bad and is femdom bad? and are SJW's deserve oxygen?: Does pol like beta males an…[View]
182871425Princess Diana: When did you take the Princess Diana Pill and realized she was killed because she wa…[View]
182863865British Teeth Worse Than Third World: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/british-kids-worse-teeth…[View]
182870643Is dating good looking poo’s the solution to white w*men?[View]
182853585The Alt-right position on Asians: So we can see there is a divide in the alt-right base regarding ra…[View]
182872342>GUILTY Today is the day the Trump Criminal Enterprise begins to fall. It's time for MADAME …[View]
182872353I firmly believe Leslie jones: Started the alt right with the help of nb c studios. >identical ta…[View]
182867178Britain explain yourself![View]
182864665White law abiding male. Has half of mortgage paid off. Why don't I feel safe just being a citiz…[View]
182866931Racist Thread: Put anything about yiur racist. (Photos or any history if you are)[View]
182867815Attention all Aus bigots, time to raid the yes button. 50 min left.[View]
182871867GONDOR CALLS FOR AID, GET IN HERE!!!: !!!!! ATTENTION!!!!!! >. 8===> )°( 8===> )°( A NEW CH…[View]
182851946Go on... Say it ;)[View]
182871862Shots fired, roaches kabobing out: Turkey on suicide watch. >Six shots were fired at the embassy …[View]
182869015Was Hitler right in wasting manpower just to make the french look stupid?: https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
182869947Swedish time traveller here. Sweden as a country seizes to exist in 2027.[View]
182861262What did Sessions mean by this?: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JF3lpuoIwh0 Basically says the DOJ is…[View]
182834639Why does /pol/ shill for rural areas so hard when they are boring places with nothing to do and with…[View]
182856788Is it true that Poland are the most racist Europeans? What do you feel about Polish people?[View]
182848538Is White People getting dumber?[View]
182860269I propose a Constitutional provision: Gentlemen, I propose a provision to the 3rd section of the fir…[View]
182859747Jews are everything the anti-semitists would love to be: An intelligent and powerful master race, un…[View]
182855797love and hate countries folks.[View]
182869650Why brown women have higher standards than white women when it comes to men? White women, specially …[View]
182869076A current political image that always triggers the mods[View]
182871104Actually: You're both wrong[View]
182865737It's pretty interesting how any time a thread is made about the horrors of the porn industry ,a…[View]
182869165Need help with 12 Better Rules for Life (podcast?): >>13347667 short vid with audio on gif I w…[View]
182870872Seth=Satan? Château des Amerois=Kings of the big pyramid? Why did they put the Swiss flag there? Do …[View]
182862057When did you realise that MGTOW is the final redpill?[View]
182866656How to survive college?: Hello I'm an open fascist. I've done a good job to hard red-pill …[View]
182870816Look at all: This garbage >arent the march for our lives actors the way the proliteriate is maki…[View]
1828664704d chess: By invoking McCarthyism, Trump is making the media report on the time when they went out o…[View]
182868616What is the political significance of the Bohemian Grove? A well known secret society[View]
182857718Dick Spencer vs Pat Little: I just have a few questions for /pol/ Why does dick spencer never want …[View]
182850507Pedophilia: Which one is it? >Pedophilia is wrong, because older men are not naturally attracted …[View]
182870607>He has 0% Ashkenazi dna[View]
182868689China shall grow larger: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-iran-oil-shipping/exclusive-china-…[View]
182866599UNCLE JARED WANTS YOU: Are you gonna help uncle Jared and join him Watch Uncle Jared:https://www.you…[View]
182869918Can a German explain (ULTRA CUCKED media)?: What the fuck is going on with your media over there? …[View]
182869735pol's thoughts on warzone by yoko ono?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAsV7Udjl4A[View]
182864729Stockholm Syndrome -: Definition: >Stockholm syndrome refers to a group of psychological symptoms…[View]
182838303Is there any legitimate argument against legalizing prostitution other than muh feels?[View]
182870212Happening in turkey: Your time has come disgusting t*rkroaches[View]
182869296Doxxing: bryan eugene rowe gave money to Red Ice , Black Pigeon, and thot whores[View]
182852530tradwaifu struggles: tfw I just want to be able to afford to traditionally raise 6+ children,before …[View]
182862058Is Jimmie Akesson going to be the next Swedish prime minister? I bet £150 that he will be.[View]
182862416>Islamic education is ba.... Islamophobes BTFO[View]
182869225Make metal great again: Alright boys, you know what to do, dislike and post redpills in the comments…[View]
182858175>burgers will defend this[View]
182868472We aren’t using Twitch: Why is there not a strong effort to spam Twitch channels with anti-white pro…[View]
182862730There is no difference between Zionism and Bolshevism: The Balfour declaration occurred 2 weeks afte…[View]
182827857/pol/ humor thread: I’m looking to restock my meme folder. Post all the best memes, old or new, of a…[View]
182846769Good luck millennials: >you're grandpa bought his first home at 18 Why can't you…[View]
182859051/ptg/ - President Trump General - Running in the 90's Edition: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https:/…[View]
182865401>import India Indians >and they did this to your national flag What the fuck is wrong with the…[View]
182867165Be White, Buy White!: WHITE MAN, WHITE WOMAN - Why are you still handing over your money to non-whit…[View]
182869314What would it realistically take to instigate another massive race riot, on the scale of Tulsa or gr…[View]
182856383well i guess we know why he killed himself...probably found out his girlfriend was a pedo....[View]
182862961MEDDL LOIDE: are any of you guys going to the Schanzenfest in Altschauerberg today? meddl on und leh…[View]
182869263Give me one valid reason I should praise the overly egocentric-individualistic and brainwashing ideo…[View]
182818728Straight people oppressive for reproducing: So now it's gonna be ENFORCED Globohomo, guess we a…[View]
182867225Jason Kessler’s anti-Jewish screed interrupted by his daddy ‘Hey, you get out of my room’: https://m…[View]
182868720Crises are erupting all over the place. It's all coming to an end. This is it. Brace for impact…[View]
182868877Why do you still support trump, a ZOG puppet with Jew family members, he's the most pro Zionist…[View]
182869103Why hasn't trump said I TOLD YOU SO! yet? Why hasn't he called out the FBI for letting the…[View]
182858954CANADAAAAAAAAAAAAA WTFFFFFFFFF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wlj3hOQx7Bs[View]
182867917Why don't all pro abortion women (and men) just use contraceptives so they don't need to h…[View]
182856748Why are you all so racist and evil? Why don't you just want the nice happy Star Trek utopia whe…[View]
182868798Who here fucking up sheriff with bike lock?[View]
182851784#SheToo was a sexual predator lmao[View]
182860039WAKE UP!!!: WAKE UP!!! http://is3.4chan.org/wsg/1530883204025.webm http://is3.4chan.org/wsg/15308832…[View]
182868326explain this[View]
182868642typical russian news: http://www.rosbalt.ru/moscow/2018/08/19/1725745.html https://translate.google.…[View]
182868552Anti-Semitism is so bad in Britain that some Jews are planning to leave: https://edition.cnn.com/201…[View]
182858477Hey /pol/, Romania here. Who are our friends? Who hate our damn guys?[View]
182868306Do these toys nurture kids into pedophiles in later life? The only people you eventually come to rea…[View]
182865711Another great 2nd amendment story in the news: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/08/19/armed-furniture-…[View]
182862588Is this true? Are we fucked?[View]
182859534In this thread /pol/'s favorite political and philosophical latin quotes[View]
182860413I hate the concept of working: Working is the waste if your energy during your best years and a wast…[View]
182864048Do you have unlimited and boundless energy at your age you stinky boomers? >Dobbs a lifelong Repu…[View]
182860038What do I reply with? I’m not sure what facts to say in response since I don’t know the statistics b…[View]
182868062Greece: Is there anything worse than being greek? >look like brother of Shaqiri >poor >smel…[View]
182847938Pol/ Will Implode on iself: So yeah... Hitler was a Jew and a Black man. Apologize now and BTFO…[View]
182866180zoomers unite!: zoomer thread fuck blumpf why didn't you vote for bernie[View]
182867916Lefty USEFUL IDIOTS of ISLAM: FEAR US!: Traitors SHOULD DIE! Those that BETRAY their own LABOURITES/…[View]
182836883Sorry If you're hoping Red Dead Redemption will NOT be SJW trash: for people pre-ordering this …[View]
182858062Whites will pay thousands of dollars in vet bills for their pets but refuse to pay a cent of Reparat…[View]
182814159Why is Japan so inferior compared to China?: >technology superior >more people >cities pret…[View]
182867805Beware the serpent of Islam, in league with the ZIONITE to push AGENDA21 in Western Europe!: CUNTS! …[View]
182867763>Tfw the discourse is so chaotic and in favor of the most sensationalist clickbait tier bullshit …[View]
182862644Eastern Architecture Appreciation: ITT: we discuss the superiority, majesty and grace of eastern arc…[View]
182861029Single mom genocide when?[View]
182856214Why did Georgia think it was a good idea to attack Russia?: Everything you read about this conflict …[View]
182867584Why do right wingers blindly worship technology; despite claiming to be traditional and conservative…[View]
182857450Ron Paul is 83 today: Happy Birthday Ron, we still love you.[View]
182867453BURGER ALARM: 'Stupidity in the US is rising at an alarming rate' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=et…[View]
182861782Just a friendly reminder to all of the bongs out there. You and your people are pathetic pieces of s…[View]
182867372How come there isn’t any threads about the american immigration problem? We invite 1 million nonwhit…[View]
182856856They really are onto something. Subtract the onions, and the concept of a liquid food is ripe for ex…[View]
182866748Based Redpill Thread: Based Redpill Thread I'll start The current Refugee/Immigration crisis in…[View]
182867241Compass thread Pre-Nazbol Revolution: Show us your're compasses /Pol/ and i'll deem you wo…[View]
182867063>white nationalism can't work >but jewish nationalism can despite the various ethnic and …[View]
182853843The state of the world: Recently got redpilled, tell me if I got this right: >The jews want to en…[View]
182864754This is a phrophecy thread only digits count: KEK answers your questions here. Make an offer, only d…[View]
182832428Barron Trump >12 years old >Handsome >Father is one of the most powerful people in the worl…[View]
182864118*consumes millions hours of your Races best and brightest*[View]
182865859What am I in for?: I want to be the king, not president, of Romania. But I don't know the secre…[View]
182859564National Socialism: Okay, so I watched TGSNT and I am ready to take the red pill. My question is thi…[View]
182863547Young adult catholics?: >Go to catholic mass >See girl from high school >me 30, her probabl…[View]
182866806They are unstoppable, Trump is justa pebble on their shoe[View]
182862778Right-Wing Nihilistic Accelerationism?: What do you guys think of Nihilistic Accelerationism? Is it …[View]
182834787Their ratings are tanking because of the kneeling shit and now faggots. Is someone in that organizat…[View]
182859346Why are Jews shilling against China?: Why have Jews started shilling against China? Is it yet anothe…[View]
182842890Viking Names the Jew: 'one global struggle against the same forces' >Civil War in Sweden? The Tru…[View]
182848144Why are Asian countries so poor despite having such higher IQs and successful cultures in comparison…[View]
182858340>>>/int/93804578 >>>/int/93804623 Do you think anonymity should be abolished from …[View]
182858830AUS/POL/ 27 MILLION DOLLAR BIKE BRIDGE EDITION: Evening boys. Mal is shitting himself, back flipping…[View]
182862803>Denbts status: Paid >https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/aug/20/greece-emerges-from-eurozo…[View]
182845550What happened in Roswell New Mexico in 1947?[View]
182838635>The Right can't me-[View]
182865809makes you think[View]
182858714Should I care?: What do you think /pol--should I go the way of George Carlin and swallow the black p…[View]
182864981Elon Musk BTFO: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-08-18/musk-admits-he-saw-azealea-banks-unclear-i…[View]
182866094abortion vs. euthanasia: Which German society has the moral highground on this issue? >Nationalso…[View]
182865990So is Assad and Syria fully back in business now?: ^Title Have the Russians and Assad's forces …[View]
182860728How do I redpill family?: My mother is a widow for a couple of years now and lives alone. She's…[View]
182859964How many anons here don't mind other races only hate niggers?[View]
182865053>be relatively good looking anon >shitskin but the light variety, enough that I’m exotic and e…[View]
182862133New Australia: Canada 2: https://archive.fo/RPvM5#selection-365.0-365.255 >In the 2016-17 financi…[View]
182859530Reminder: we still rule.: Reminder that the white race still holds dominion over this planet. So all…[View]
182837237Manfort countdown: Jury is set to reconvene tomorrow. Anyone else excited for the subsequent outrage…[View]
182863088How should humans handle the robot question?: How far should we let robots have intelligence and hum…[View]
182863536How does it feel our meme war started the process of rebuilding the the Third Temple? https://www.yo…[View]
182865490THULE (Hyperborea) and Aldebaran: Thoughts on the legend? THULE (Hyperborea) was a great empire crea…[View]
18286374018.8.18 Turku demonstration in South West Finland: University of Turku said they will not support th…[View]
182840743ITT: things that are BANNED or heavily restricted in your country australia: >paintball / airsoft…[View]
182863264Are Russian women better than American women and the best choice for marriage?[View]
182865241You wanna know why pol: Why (((They))) have been kicked out of 100 countries in the past 2000 years …[View]
182864807It's not the jews it's the white christcucks. They are using jews as scapegoat to start ap…[View]
182863705Will we win?: My dad fully believes that we are going to win He says the amount of rabid delusional…[View]
182865140I always wonder: how can burgers be that stupid? https://twitter.com/GOPLeader/status/10305011968790…[View]
182856985what happened to the massive o-zone holes that were supposed to kill us all? was it just another lie…[View]
182864280Why did Chinks pick Cuckstianity instead of something based like Islam?[View]
182792869Which half of Earth's human population do you kill, /pol/?[View]
182856415>r/FragileWhiteRedditor Is reddit just blatantly anti-white now?[View]
182864507Exploring the Talmud with Anne Frank: What else could she teach us anons? She's a great icon an…[View]
182863375Does the 200,000 comfort women as claimed by Korean Whether really are sex slaves who have been forc…[View]
182864275Goys, apparently Rhodesia was a Rothschild financed country. When will you learn that the Rothschild…[View]
182861683So, just found out about this. (((Their))) narrative is failing.[View]
182855290Solution to website censorship: ZeroNet: Tech for creating uncensorable websites that uses blockchai…[View]
182864100Adios California!: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jCgq1WrifyI[View]
182859930Who wins /pol/? This Water Tower of Asia is a real thing and this is real scenario that may happen. …[View]
182864124The left can't stop trying to deceive the public can they? It's pathological at this point…[View]
182850419IT'S HAPPENING!!! SHOTS at US EMBASSY IN TURKEY!!!: IT'S HAPPENING /POL/!!!! false flag or…[View]
182861357Okay, this is epic.[View]
182861437This belongs to Turkey: prove me wrong >protip: you can't[View]
182863954could arabs ever support a large scale 1st world country: you look at countrys like uae and qatar an…[View]
182849933YOU DONE GOOFED: Anons are spellcasting, anons are calling forth the power of chaos. The CIACLOWNS t…[View]
182844713Have you done a DNA test /pol/ to prove your Aryan status? I just got my results back, do i make the…[View]
182856668New Zealand, explain yourself right now: https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/106403247/jacinda…[View]
182863606IT'S OFFICIAL: We are in a full scale trade war with Russia.[View]
182863654How many goys do you think ezra fools?: Seriously how many people do you think genuinely watch VOX a…[View]
182862533White men are so last century https://sputniknews.com/europe/201808201067328072-oxford-university-pr…[View]
182857570>thinking your wife will go to heaven >kek A marriage shall be considered valid only if the wi…[View]
182856787First year philly teachers need official handbook to understand nigger students: https://philadelphi…[View]
182863073Women are vampires.: I've just realized that women are secretly daywalker vampires. Women exist…[View]
182860412The cause of the problem was way way before the French revolution.[View]
182858930Am I reading this right? Are blacks this stupid?[View]
182861913These are the men that built America.: Are they still around to do the heavy lifting and keep Americ…[View]
182852382Neil Degrasse Tyson supports Space force again...: Even the normie friendly Tyson has admitted the S…[View]
182856458what happen to fan bingbing: >https://www.bing.com/search?q=fan+bingbing+disappearance&FORM=A…[View]
182846077pls stop being racist pol there's nothing wrong with being black or jewish[View]
182861902NIgga technology is anything that doesn't plug into a printer You know why? Cause niggas never …[View]
182857127What will be the next mainstream happening?: Baring the minor hijacking happening, it has been a whi…[View]
182850505Colorado Baker: Why do you believe that it was Jack’s right to refuse service to Charlie and David b…[View]
182862823Ken O keefe: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QpibgBiSY8M&t=299s Opinions on Ken O Keefe?…[View]
182861435>Stormtards are against two loving successful adults from adopting children just for being gay wh…[View]
182860695MLK would hate all you niggas: Was he a white woman loving, commie phony?[View]
182861963He Wants a Race War: Omarosa just said Trump wants a race war. Is he actually Q and I believe he…[View]
182855425It's Over for Drum-: http://archive.is/kkda7[View]
182856361Meaning: What gives you meaning in your life, /pol?[View]
182859685What's his name?[View]
182856572do you want 2 scoops?[View]
182843966His name was Seth Rich: New information on the Seth Rich case. What does /pol/ think about this? htt…[View]
182858460Ivana Trump says she confronted Hillary Clinton: >'I went up to her and asked, 'How do you d…[View]
182852089Stapleton needs our help, they need a new town name and I figured that my frens on /bant/ could go g…[View]
182861879>An Oxford University professor was told he must retire to promote 'diversity and intergeneration…[View]
182850862Should we remove meme flags?: I've wondered for awhile now on the argument if 'meme flags shoul…[View]
182860868What was his religion, /pol/?[View]
182810075Can someone be a Christian and a racist? I don't think the Jesus of the Bible gave a shit about…[View]
182860972Fraser Anning, the best politician in the western world: How's the fallout going in Australia? …[View]
182861452why does /pol/ ignore the fact that Trump is controlled opposition and is about as kosher as it gets…[View]
182853863Why are black ks being so bold about their racism all of the sudden?[View]
182847214What happened to sanctity of marriage?[View]
182860018So this is why Jews fear the Asian/Anglo Race Mixing?[View]
182847250What is it about dating younger women that triggers boomer roasties so much? Many of my female relat…[View]
182856075Semen Retention and chastity are the Final Pure Pill: >No Ejaculation >No Masturbation >No …[View]
182859285Why were Donna Brazile and the DC mayor at the hospital when Seth Rich was shot?: https://www.youtub…[View]
182860553WTF is going on /pol/ why was Trump friends with jeffrey epstein? https://archive.is/T4Jxl[View]
182856448White People Used To Be Respected...: What happened to you guys? I'll be honest here, in my lif…[View]
182852534KOKSAL BABA will TAKE Arabia: Zionist Axis: > genocidal israel. 50% of the country are ashkenazi …[View]
182857100#RetakeConstantinople: Turkish hate thread Post your best memes lads[View]
182860898Happy Merchant God Mode: I just don't know what to think... I purged them 10 times and provoked…[View]
182860620https://youtu.be/tNn60EcBjhg DUTCH MEN EXPLAIN YOURSELVES[View]
1828604294channers are intriguing. You could get a Nazi girl if you support Israel and yet you can’t because …[View]
182859380why eastern euro-asian mix is so good at boxing: to the ones who follow boxing you already know how …[View]
182858315>another leadership in australia fellow aussies, do you want this man to be your next PM?…[View]
182850535I would support socialized health care if you met certain prerequisites. Low body fat, non smoker, h…[View]
182858961Ethnic Separatism: Despite all attempts at creating diversity and acceptance among people, racial te…[View]
182845751Controlled Opposition Campaign to Jew The Jew: Start a #LetThemStay campaign against a mythical move…[View]
182860236NIGGER JEWS: Why didnt lord hitler send them to kekistan[View]
182860192Be White, Buy White!: WHITE MAN, WHITE WOMAN - Why are you still handing over your money to non-whit…[View]
182848439Hey neighbors. I was hoping you could answer some questions for me. How much do you pay a year for h…[View]
182847539Every Tech company is about to get their shit pushed in and the Jews can't stop it.[View]
182849665We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.: I love my people so muc…[View]
182851737Did this album identify/predict the exhaustion which is leading to the decline of western civilizati…[View]
182858210vehicles of the 60s cultural revolution/psyop: The 80s sucked shit 67-71 was the era for rock. Blues…[View]
182840650Election Night: I joined 4chan earlier this year and am unfamiliar with the history of the board. Wh…[View]
182857919Why can't women understand 'rights'?: Free housing and health care and abortions and jobs are n…[View]
182842223What's so sinful about a pagan life style?: >Be true pagan, not neo-pagan larper >Worship…[View]
182850316Will Trump's grandkids be allowed in the ethnostate?[View]
182857516When Trump is done do you think we can get someone like him but not a senile boomer zionist kike dic…[View]
182854335Cities built by white people but destroyed by black: people. I will start. BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA h…[View]
182853468>this is reality[View]
182845976Why Are Liberals Sexist?: They preach about equality, but shame even their own daughters. Not in my …[View]
182853653ITS HAMMER TIME - UK edition: DID I STAMMER BIN THAT HAMMER >https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/lat…[View]
182835080This absolute man-child is our Prime Minister (for you Burgers, that's the equivalent of your P…[View]
182857377Be warned: The fools have been tricked, the tables where turned. The subversion from media has left …[View]
182854308The Protocols of the Elders of Zion: >Why is nobody talking about The Protocols of the Elders of …[View]
182859036Britfags explain are you not leaving the EU and got cucked out of the referendum?[View]
182847066What was /pol/ and life in the Obama era?: What was /pol/ and life in general like in the Obama year…[View]
182858998Can (((Google))) make it anymore obvious?[View]
182843444What the fuck was his problem? https://youtu.be/GEf_D6i_IuI?t=236[View]
182854380Was larry the most based character in the big lebowski?[View]
182858918What do you think about my state, /pol/?[View]
182856427Remember when a nigger was President? Seems like a lifetime ago. I remember thinking last election '…[View]
182849529Why is there so much hatred directed at whites and they get bullied constantly, but are rigorously p…[View]
182850515redpill me on snopes /pol why should or shouldn't i trust them.[View]
182850070I went to NYC yesterday and took this picture. What did (((they))) mean by this?[View]
182853146PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - JOE EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov htt…[View]
182858360Why do mass shooters only target white people?[View]
182847793Founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales publicly denounces Jeremy Corbyn and implies he's an 'anti-sem…[View]
182858374PREVENT AN ABORTION: Hey /pol/ a female friend of mine is set on receiving an abortion. What can I s…[View]
182854573Skateboarding Beto Turns Texas Blue!: This is it. It’s over Republicans; nothing is cooler than Beto…[View]
182858686BREAKING: Conservatives Love Cuckoldry: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/women-who-stray/2018…[View]
182850242Why hasn't Trump fired this guy yet? He keeps putting his foot in his mouth.[View]
182851151The Solution: Honestly, why don't a buncha /pol/acks get together, invade some piece of land no…[View]
182854359What does /pol/ think?[View]
182856740Its getting serious: Things are ramping up (social media censorship, people losing security clearanc…[View]
182854574The Bull has been prepped: Spill tomorrow. You didn't hear it from me. http://archive.is/KALch…[View]
182856287If people read more quality material how would it change their views?: If they read more classics an…[View]
182856678hey some autist on Frame Game Radio's livestream earlier talked about a video of a british stab…[View]
182837626Is individualism genetic in Europeans, or is it a product of the Enlightenment? If the higher rate o…[View]
182819163This man was the highest decorated man of WW 2, recipient of the Medal of Honor. This man wrote the …[View]
182857523Imagine having 'pride' just because you happened to be born a certain skin color or in a certain cou…[View]
182848200Why did the early Christians get superpowers from Christianity and how do I get them?[View]
182849303How can we help our LGBTP friend in Indonesia ?[View]
182856353Britain is a free cou-[View]
182851297Isn't Texas Supposed To Be Tough On Crime?: A Muslim doctor raped a drugged/sedated patient in …[View]
182851680Why is Charles Barkley such a racist idiot to his own people? Does he think just because he is a bas…[View]
182852615UFOs are in control?: I know that David Icke and all of that reptile shit is absolutely ridiculous, …[View]
182841150Lanza's descent to madness and murder: 83,000 KILLS: INCLUDING HEAD SHOTS !! >Adam Lanza had…[View]
182857071Jeffree Star’s Ex-Best Friends Are Now Apologizing For Their Own Racist Tweets https://www.revelist.…[View]
182850054Does this prove (once again) that true diversity means no white people?[View]
182844187Which side will win Civil War 2.0?: Discuss.[View]
182844827Give me your best racist jokes: Why did the white man cross the road?[View]
182856920would they pass as locals in your country?[View]
182853248The tired struggle for meaning: Are you tired of trying to find meaning in life? Great, so am I. Let…[View]
182852094Is Sargon a Jew or THE JEW[View]
182850298Alex Jones is being convicted for destroyed Evidence due to youtube shutting down his channel.[View]
182855606Secrets: Know any secrets that could tear apart people, groups, countries? Secrets the government ke…[View]
182849113/Pol/'s opinion on the devils cabbage (weed)[View]
182853032Don't worry leafs, the polls say Trump is losing: I know it might me overwhelming to be a leaf …[View]
182847920Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will,: shepherds the weak through the valley of t…[View]
182854787So we know the Jews (The Powers That Be, whoever) are constantly pushing humanity in whatever direct…[View]
182855341Texas bros, how are the mid-term elections looking? Is Beta O'Rourke any sort of credible threa…[View]
182854033political compass: political compass time if you infidels got a better more accurate test post link…[View]
182856060Will We Ever Reunite?: will the Austral-Latvian Empire ever happen again or will our two people fore…[View]
182855631Chauvinist Mizrahi Singer expounds his marital philosophy: This Mizrachi (arablet) Israeli singer wa…[View]
182855924I have the opportunity to present a video in relation to the meaning of life in class tomorrow (year…[View]
182855478Why did he do it /pol/?: R.I.P. Skyking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CH3C6ZTKeqc[View]
182846446Why do white people hate pale skin?: Girls here go out of their way to get darker, fake tan, sunbeds…[View]
182842902Economists of /pol/ What are some of the most compelling arguments in support of the Keynesian schoo…[View]
182854797How would you stop them, /pol/?[View]
182826836why is weed illegal everywhere on the planet?[View]
182849758I was scrolling through Reddit (I know) and found this >BB guns >Airsoft LARP gear How will w…[View]
182843221LEFTISTS are AFRAID of excellence !: Old thread: >>182794190 I think that the raison d'êt…[View]
182852918Based youtuber doesnt understand polls: so there is this youtuber that i found today and he does the…[View]
182855109I SEE A BAD MOON RISIN’[View]
182854735Medal of Honor Pill: Pic Related: RIGHT BEFORE WW2 Pic After Incoming[View]
182855233>be me >live in country being over run >live in country that was great >or apart of some…[View]
182840262Asia Argento paid off 17yo she raped: Is this why Bourdain killed himself? Asia Argento, Who Accused…[View]
182850469mfw i live here and hear people talk like this all the time 'i think that something is in my mouth'…[View]
182854689>be me >be dry as fuck >pure chaos everywhere >hordes of criminal gangs take control of …[View]
182849730Opinions on the Kingfish?[View]
182847530Can someone explain the red shoes?[View]
182854236Political agents move money off shore in lieu of eruption: These are the predicted danger zones for …[View]
182852911Racemixing will end itself: /pol/ you have the racemixing argument all wrong. You say that mixing is…[View]
182856868Hannah Hays: Anyone else think Alicia Bennett aka Hannah Hays was recruited by (((them))) into porn …[View]
182847948Dear Sub-Human Filth: I'm appealing to all of you stupid idiots to vote Democrat in 2018. That …[View]
182839327/pol/ approved firearms?: Good evening /pol/. What are some /pol/ approved firearms? Pic related? Wh…[View]
182844479Hello my dear friends. I do not like Alex Jones, nor believe anything he says. However, I was wonder…[View]
182850475God is talking to niggers.[View]
182851211Our future is fucked: So they say that Gen X isnt having enough kids to replace the millenials and …[View]
182842551>>6223064 (OP) # Does the 200,000 comfort women as claimed by Korean Whether really are sex sl…[View]
182829003Why is Gen X the lost generation? Everyone only talks about Boomers and Millennial.[View]
182853848ITT: Nigger Violence Media: Post your best Dindu Videos, Pictures, or anything exposing the Blacks f…[View]
182851318CALLING TEAM CANUCK: We need to meme bernier (AKA Captain Canuck) into taking the CPC Leadership fro…[View]
182844162Economic Activism: WHITE MAN, WHITE WOMAN - Why are you still handing over your money to non-whites …[View]
182853017Why don't we all agree to meet when SHTF and commit genocide against those oppressing us?: Shou…[View]
182850894Explain this. NOW.[View]
182845475Is this how you underage retards actually dress.[View]
182837233Humor Thread. Because there is only so much bait I can handle.[View]
182852438is open carrying rifles like this supreme faggotry? it's not like you'll defend yourself w…[View]
182852743ANTI-POLICE Nurse and Doctor let's Cop die.: This never made national news but it will become m…[View]
182845380German woman asks a liberal group to try and refrain from calling all Germans Nazis. This fat fuck s…[View]
182843233Why did Ruby Ridge happen?: Why did the govt pick on Randy Weaver? Why did US marshals in full battl…[View]
182851908>antifa members comparing themselves to WWII veterans[View]
182851170Why is the Modern Day White Man getting gayer and gayer by the day ?[View]
182849612The current state of /pol/: Who is responsible for the decline of /pol/? I blame the great influx of…[View]
182849173what went wrong?[View]
182839491Women Today.: I want to stay true to the fourteen words, but I don't know how. It seems that al…[View]
182827579How do we bring back a society similar to Rome?[View]
182850645How are you doing?[View]
182844131All the hearts and laughing reactions really pissed me off. Why do I feel like this?[View]
182850683Is this the biggest joke on humankind vast history?? what a shame.[View]
182850037Everyday I understand a little better why muzzles want to destroy America[View]
182845228Communism will win: Communism is the only viable future we have. All societies face crisis. Capitali…[View]
182826317Diversity is our strength but don't you fucking dare take part in it.[View]
182851591What are some /pol/ approved podcasts?[View]
182849684In order for the voiceless to live their lives the to fullest, all people must perish from this eart…[View]
182850057Which area is most comfy britbongs?[View]
182847436Climate Change is Natural: If climate change isn't natural, then why did the last known major c…[View]
182846522Does the gang all support trump?[View]
182847223'Free Speech is my God given right': Leave it to a mutt to require sanction to speak.[View]
182854906Porn case study: Hannah Hays: Shoukld porn companies have tighter regulations? Is what they do repre…[View]
182847128Opinion on Hirohito: Personally I think he had good intentions but failed to actually make a stand a…[View]
182844405/pol/ i need your opinion on something, some background first, i a mexican as a you can tell i have …[View]
182841283We need to stand behind Patrick little, psychically: I’m sick and tired of all these cheerleaders on…[View]
182850666Daily reminder that if you're an Identitarian You're a cuck. > Limiting yourself to Ide…[View]
182844648HAPPENING THREAD: LIGHT UP MY WORLD EDITION: Earthquakes and lights in the sky happening all over th…[View]
182851020ABSOLUTELY FUCKING HAPPENING: Shooting at American embassy in Turkey[View]
182851525Whypipo be callin da po-lice: Fresh nig-nog OC from normiebook and an open comment section full of '…[View]
182810920Why are kikes opposed to White/Asian race mixing?: I made this thread a few days ago but ended up ha…[View]
182847026What happened to the PEPE theme thread? It got 404'd at its hieght!: Is meme magic too powerful…[View]
182846203RIP Pvt Jessica Carter. Afghanistan. DOD 19-08-18[View]
182838794antifa manual: dumping all 8 pages just incase you havent seen it already[View]
182851118Arbeit macht frei[View]
182847311>2 years later and nobody is in jail It's not going to happen is it?…[View]
182850669Americans: So are all Americans this stupid? Or just white right wingers? > https://youtu.be/sERB…[View]
182850731Refute this >protip: you can't[View]
182820017Syria General /sg/ - Someone Else Please Bake Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagener…[View]
182846752what's wrong with her face, pol?: is it just the devil exposed has he no other minions left…[View]
182850811how do you centrists not know that you are just the pawns of the game? that no one really cares what…[View]
182828659Have this present in your mind.[View]
182844933gibs me your shekels, huwhites! sincerely, lauren.[View]
182849985ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT: Daily reminder that this is our future... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gy7F…[View]
182849411The White Global Civil War starts now: Are you ready anons?[View]
182842458Hybrid Pride World Wide: >Calling all la creaturas, mutts, high yellow bastards, black whites and…[View]
182842797Are the Knights Templar International /ourguys/? >non masonic >must accept Jesus Christ as sav…[View]
182834351Is Larry Bird a hero for infiltrating the negro sport of basketball and being better than all of the…[View]
182845978I'm leaving my shithole next year: College is a scam, but I found the cheapest one in the US an…[View]
182847478Blocks your presidency: chip and dale mueller will be the end of Drumph[View]
182837753JFK: Why did the Italian mafia assassinate JFK guys, and why isn't this the official story? Pic…[View]
182851359Clearly we fucked up bad. We need to change our strategy to /saveourgirl/: She thinks were judging h…[View]
182834618Demonstrable generalised kike lack of soul confirmed on /pol/: this was posted on /pol/ , /int/ and …[View]
182847838I've heard that phrase 'How do you stop a bad guy with a gun? A good guy with a gun.' pretty mu…[View]
182842806Japan Redpill Thread?: Drop your redpills on the War in the East.[View]
182835992>mfw Burgersharts spend literally HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars and become debt slaves to have…[View]
182848089Link to Duch on YouTube: Earthquakes world wide https://youtu.be/NOmdxPT63Qs[View]
182849923Some Nat Soc OC: mxcisl337 (Goys of Summer) here. Sup goyim? I've got a few new pieces of OC I …[View]
182832869Have you taken the Vargpill? After watching his videos I decided that I want to find a traditional w…[View]
182849083JEWS HATE TREAD: Post your worst.[View]
182849488Shia gained some competition from Spacey: To break it down, it brought in $126 on its opening day an…[View]
182849294Did you know we got a pedophile to chew shit. Fucker spit it out before swallowing though[View]
182840612Name one flaw with Bernie Sanders. He'd be far better than Trump, admit it. Bernie actually car…[View]
182848190>Be American >Shart in mart[View]
182842242Guys I've been trying to tell you,: We need to talk about Omarosa Manigault She is tearing down…[View]
182846656Filthy: Oi spazdicks why was /pol/ so in love with this Nazi back in the day aye?[View]
182848742Why Capital Punishment not allowed?[View]
182847051Trump finally tweeted about Sarah Jeong! Liberals literally BTFO how will they ever recover?![View]
182845904listen, you cant have Capitalism without at least SOME redistribution of wealth. Roosevelt understoo…[View]
182848779Daily Reminder to those of you who may not have considered this but Board Games are (in most instanc…[View]
182846943Childhood is thinking Lincoln and MLK are heroes Adulthood is realizing that Abolition and the Civi…[View]
182849059Brothers in Christ, unite!: The heathen has infected our country. Christian monogamy, christian law,…[View]
182844810Do not fear the Hodag. The Hodag is our friend.[View]
182847430Mike Cernovich is planning his next big shaming of an anti-Trump douchebag celebrity via publicly re…[View]
182837276Why do they do this?[View]
182848472European Space Empire: My dream is to have all of Earth dominated by the white man and rename it Eur…[View]
182845961>civic nationalism never works Except when it elects an Austrian to a German chancellery kek. Hit…[View]
182844854ANTIFA, current state of...: https://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/08/19/feds-offering-rewar…[View]
182848819>I'm a professional activist[View]
182844814Will he be president before 2024?[View]
182843078>basing all your real life worldviews and your own life style on the anecdotal opinions of uneduc…[View]
182848153You know how we should really fight the war on drugs? Go back to selling the, real, 100% pure shit c…[View]
182842030I get that spics are reproducing more than whites, but are whites really procreating less than they …[View]
182832940How can the Church redeem itself after the pedophilia scandals?: I've been thinking that maybe …[View]
182846259Its Time To Stop: The Absolute State of SJWs, if you know any 'artists' anywhere, the chance of them…[View]
182839556the race hate false flag: >100 years of anti white propaganda >radicalise your opposition as m…[View]
182838938>Go to a rehab clinic because of cocaine and alcohol use >Its a 30 day program, owner requires…[View]
182847571The American Flag.: Out of all the political rallies and street clashes of the last year, a trend ha…[View]
182824774ELI5 Why do Republicans hate Islam?: ELI5 Why do Republicans hate Islam? >no gay marriage >sex…[View]
182841532Do jews like communism?[View]
182848336Any anon ever think of just larping as a left wing activist irl and starting a twitter/youtube perso…[View]
182842767Is the convention of states a real thing?: What is the purpose of this in the constitution? Since tr…[View]
182804579Did you know: French cucks sent black soldiers to Germany to rape women and kill German men in 1920:…[View]
182841411Has there ever been a more pathetic will to power?[View]
182844584Bess Kalb's right: Women don't have a fair chance in our society.[View]
182843304Let's find this bastard: You guys know what to do.[View]
182836914It’s time for Turkey and Nato to go their separate ways: https://www.dawn.com/news/1427958 >“IF t…[View]
182846279Internet Censorship: Is it really that big a deal that social media is getting censored? There are a…[View]
182817313RIP Skyking: Never forget.[View]
182847900How accuracte is this?[View]
182848133Fitness in Nazi Germany: What did the NatSoc Germans think about sport culture and fitness?[View]
182838927Daily reminder: If you voted for any republicans in the last 75 years you literally voted for this…[View]
182847619Why is it so difficult to talk about the bad things that Jews have committed?[View]
182846926Dear Black Lives Matter, If You Threaten Our Women: We will work to dismantle the life of every last…[View]
182836088Who are some /pol/ approved political voices? I watched a few The Golden One videos but it became im…[View]
182847490When did you grow out of racism?[View]
182845972>ITS *worships a jew* >THE *wants American blacks to not abort babies* >ARYAN *opens ur b…[View]
182845047PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - BUILD EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov h…[View]
182843481Is Manafort going to walk? I've heard good arguments on both sides. The fact that the defense d…[View]
182847231What did they mean by this[View]
182842253>ywn get raped by a cougar and then get paid $380,000[View]
182847389https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=eMEpfcFoTyg mfw in canada immigrants defend inte…[View]
182847332I never write anonymously, but because of this guys character I will today. Vegas… enjoying a great …[View]
182847134Space Force Infinity wars: 30 year old boomer here Signing up for space force Ready to defeat the bu…[View]
182845154>all america >magnificent mutts YOU CANT MAKE THIS SHIT UP…[View]
182843515So let's see, Cohen has flipped, White House counsel gave info to Mueller's '''witch hunt,…[View]
182845045I would support socialized health care if you met certain prerequisites. Low body fat, non smoker, h…[View]
182839812HAPPENING: Earthquakes all over the globe!: Pic related, it's yellowstone. Old thread >>1…[View]
182846277Are polls real?: I have been seeing all kinds of crazy shit in the polls lately. They're claimi…[View]
182846831Thawrih, A Company That Employs Syrian Refugees, Is Creating Hijabs For The Ottawa Police https://ww…[View]
182845790soy: Anons, the basedboys are getting to me. I can't take it anymore, for the past four days I…[View]
182844976The irony of /pol/: The irony of /pol/ is that the anti semetism we feel towards jews is exactly how…[View]
182846247Why does Brit/pol/ give a shit about Tommy Robinson?: The guys an alt-lite civic nationalist at best…[View]
182830588How is a man supposed to raise his daughter these days without her turning into a slut?[View]
182845370Guys, are all the jews the same? I mean, they all are bad or only some tribes?[View]
182823933/brit pol HIVE ALBION EDITION - WE 40K AGAIN: >French president Emmanuel Macron wades into Brexit…[View]
182818097i hate this piece of shit country. it is so mixed, with a heavy anatolian influence very prominent i…[View]
182844572/pol/ is finished: How will bigots ever come back from this? Your children will be indoctrinated and…[View]
182845886My feed is filled with posts like this, and I type something out & then say fuck it who cares ab…[View]
182843358Physical Education in 1960: Thoughts? Everyone was fucking jacked. https://youtu.be/fISgKl8dB3M…[View]
182846370>make pro-life statement >'BUT WATTABOUT THE CHILDREN BEING LOCKED UP IN CAGES!' why do pro-ch…[View]
182844509Save the White Race and join WhiteDate.net: Hey Lads, looking for a traditional and white wife? Join…[View]
182842305Fucking based and redpilled[View]
182846192Post redpilled YouTube channels: Cultured Thug: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC_YBlirWejLzfmrnzw…[View]
182844186OPERATION: AUTISTIC HORIZON - Get the Halo Theme to be the Offical Space Force Theme: Very rarely is…[View]
182844541I am an active member of the Conservative party and I want a leadership review so we can vote this m…[View]
182844918/pol/ Hall of Fame: I'm putting together a squad. One final mission... Who's in?[View]
182831475Hey, do you guys think that maybe basing your life and the people you associate with off of race rea…[View]
182838088Tell me, amerimutts, how do you define 'white race'?[View]
182841559>civil war starts breaking out in the US >pitched as 'violent right wing uprising' by internat…[View]
182810395WTF is wrong with this world: >Be me 25 yr old student >Match with grill on Tinder >Invite …[View]
182845793>am I free to go? >no! you are being detained! >20 seconds later >ok you can go now You…[View]
182840424America: why do we put fluoride in our water[View]
182845123You brats will never understand how fucking scary this was.: Most people assumed this shit would end…[View]
182843777what make chechens and other caucasian tribes so dangerous?[View]
182844307SCIENTIST ARE EVACUATING ANTARCTICA: Sunday, 19 August 2018 09:00 7 Comments Antarctica NZ chief exe…[View]
182841096Old News But Good News:: Two Americans and Two Europeans teach white people about toxic white misogy…[View]
182845579>dumbo ears >posteriorly sloped forehead >beady eyes set more medically than normal >sub…[View]
182829893FBI can't find pedo, pls help pls: If you faggots discover his identity before the FBI, you get…[View]
182818915Would you move into a Trailer Park?: Redpill me on Trailer Parks Ameribros. In all the movies I see …[View]
182844758Why they killed MLK: Do you guys think (((they))) killed Dr.King because they thought he would get i…[View]
182845232>'he's a Zionist, don't listen to him' Is this the most obvious psy-op ever?…[View]
182845183>We need the KGB, it just needs the swamp drained...[View]
182813357Woah...is that true?[View]
182837908REPEAL THE HART-CELLER ACT: >What is the Hart-Celler Act? The Hart-Celler Act (or the Immigration…[View]
182841065To my Ruski allies: What would become of Russia if this man died today?[View]
182837448Big tech alternatives - Bitchute edition: If you're not using alternatives you're part of …[View]
182844845Is anyone watching the socialist propaganda on the simpsons now? Is this (((primetime)))?[View]
182834264Washington Times deals death blow to Russia hoax.: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/aug/15/…[View]
182842491>Most powerful nation on earth >Has one of the most unhealthy populations worldwide Shouldn’…[View]
182841091Let them in.: Let's face it, the United States is a nation of immigrants and has a rich history…[View]
182844606Dindu Compilations: LOL which one of u faggots made this channel?! I’m dying here watching these. h…[View]
182844598Whos waiting for Schanzenfest?[View]
182834355Why do japs not have any human emotion? They are cruel, autistic (lack social interaction skills), s…[View]
182841413What was wrong with the Weimar Republic, /pol/? I have seen people here arguing that Weimar was peak…[View]
182841653Why are MAGA supporters beta?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-c4jTgmTHcg[View]
182839988How do we stop antisemitism on /pool/?[View]
182841573What items should Trump add to his store?: Looks like there's now a MFGA hat on the Trump store…[View]
182839866Think twice before being an accelerationist: We all see the writing on the wall. Every day we see ne…[View]
182817622WOMEN DON'T HAVE PENISES: So it seems like the latest news in transgender bullshit is that the …[View]
182844452Reminder: this guy proved you trump/isreal dick suckers to be the rural retards you are .[View]
182828105The (((globalists))) make a deal with you. The white race is saved, and they will leave your countr…[View]
182842057Lets say, hypothetically, that the US falls into civil war around 2024. The war is similar to the Sp…[View]
182843149Are You a Patriot?[View]
182834702Degeneracy Thread: post your worst[View]
182832778Italy???: What is /pol's opinion on Italy[View]
182840198You're not a real country if you're younger than this shark. >amerifats btfo…[View]
182821660Is she right?: Did we really steal P. O. C technology? https://youtu.be/RfcJcLiXq7M[View]
182843903What the hell is up with these white people that are members of the antifa movement? Why would anyon…[View]
182816779>Filter through 60MPH traffic >Undertake and weave through lanes erratically >Get mad and …[View]
182841720/PLG/ -- Patrick Little General: LIVE NOW!! www.youtube.com/watch?v=twOxyGMXyb0 www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
182841574Stop hiding on the internet.: This is how you expose vast conspiracies in public. It's simple a…[View]
182813224CHINA IS #1[View]
182837304Who are you guys supporting?: I wanna know who you guys are supporting for their upcoming fight, per…[View]
182843562The NY Times, CNN, Wapo & other MSM wanted to doxx the Manafort trial jury for what legitimate r…[View]
182829211Are there actually Americans on /pol/ that don’t own guns? This has always been something that fasc…[View]
182843894Did he do it /pol/ ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z39GmaEIaGs[View]
182821351Brit/pol/ - Ginger qts, Guns What more does one want in life?: If you ask Eddie Sex. >French pres…[View]
182843855TIL Myspace was run by JEWS: Nothing in this world is sacred. (((they))) have their hands in every p…[View]
182843767Why do only deep south states (and South Dakota) have run-off elections if no candidate receives a 5…[View]
182814695PORN should be banned in all the countries.: What you achieve from removing porn from your life: …[View]
182842303The southern European countries have been 56%'ers for centuries and they turned out OK[View]
182840607what do /pol/ think of Italy and Italians[View]
182840284Roman larp > Nazi larp: Stop larping as Nazis. Larp as something that was actually cool. Romans. …[View]
1828262421984: What are /pol/'s actual thoughts on this book?[View]
182842225You should all read this and stop being such insecure faggots with a deep distrust for your fellow m…[View]
182841357Skateboarding Beto Turns Texas Blue!: It’s over Republicans; nothing is cooler than Beto skateboardi…[View]
182840136Why did austria wanted to go to war to russia and serbia in WWI? Why did serbs kill the guy that sto…[View]
182839819Japan is over without migrants: When will Japan realize that they need immigrants in order to restor…[View]
182837356IS ANY HISTORY ACCURATE?: Why did i never learn about the german revolution of 1918 /pol/? Why did m…[View]
182839828>'Daddy.. this white girl said i was a subhuman mutt and everyone started laughing.. what does th…[View]
182843222Stormfront niggers are ruining everything: I believe in having a white majority in America, and it…[View]
182825306Sky Trumpets After Magnitude 6 - 8.2 Earthquakes Strike Fiji: There were a couple threads about this…[View]
182843065Can you link this article to liberal and (((they)))? https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/jul/31…[View]
182839615BTFO Al Sharpton!!!: https://twitter.com/BarstoolNewsN/status/1031180459965931521 hahahahahahahahaha…[View]
182841512School in London.: facebook mashable /videos /10156491839474705/[View]
182824530Jews vs Jews: So what is it? Are Jews a brotherhood that sticks together or do snakes stab other sna…[View]
182834280>did I die a virgin, /pol/? http://budeandbeyond.co.uk/family-pay-tribute-to-18-year-old-killed-…[View]
182827696What is the global elites masterplan?: I think it's plain to see that the global elite are on a…[View]
182828141Lena Dunham claims she is not easily offended[View]
182833910>there are only two genders! steven crowder told me so![View]
182841687BLACKPILLED FOR SOCIAL: I don't know if it's just me or not. Headbeard manchild city. This…[View]
182840117If the whole world came together and banned mainland Chinese people from traveling abroad. The world…[View]
182842769Rare politician photos thread[View]
182841503Do niggers consider him black?[View]
182842562Was curious how old Alex Jones is. go on wikipedia and see pic related. 'Devoted to fake news and co…[View]
182836016This is what vibrant urban youths are doing on the SF bay bridge: One of the busiest most trafficked…[View]
182842432Why do Serbians worship the devil?[View]
182811923Daily nigger hate thread: Post up, lads.[View]
182837482>The Enemy of my Enemy is my friend Does this sentiment extend to Orthodox Jews? Most are Anti-Zi…[View]
182836993Rape of Germany: Serious question: if the Red Army literally raped every German female in eastern Ge…[View]
182824161ERIC CLANTON. Is California's Justice System controlled by ANTIFA ?: Was the California Justice…[View]
182815334>old white woman gets assaulted by niggers on a bus >calls then 'niggers' after getting physic…[View]
182839970I finally understand: There is no political solution. Only a spiritual one.[View]
182834838Dateline NBC special on homelessness in LA: >25% of country's homeless live in California …[View]
182842256based radio stations: This is radio rebelde. The station used by communist during the Cuban revoluti…[View]
182840896Do you publicly identify yourself as a /pol/pal?[View]
182839746So how long until we start seeing banks reject people based on their political beliefs?[View]
182835576Save your Seed /ss/: don't white genocide your own semen save them for breeding aryan warriors…[View]
182837827Hello Comrades![View]
182840880We do not want more, but LESS islam.: Why don't more people say this? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
182836627Are people with curly hair subhuman?[View]
182815553Why not set a minimum and maximum on income? For example, in America, the GDP per capita is $58,000 …[View]
182831246Ramzan kadyrov: What do Russians and other people think of Ramzan?? I think he's cool but why …[View]
182776273Migrants Torch Over 100 Cars Across Sweden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErWulaENbJU[View]
182841565>History class >Clearly commie teacher. Tries to hide it >Thinks Venezuela is a democracy,…[View]
182838791Can we force the goverment to pass a law forcing companies to make their products biodegradable but …[View]
182841467Who is Maria Butina?: Maria is a conservative activist that believes in our 2nd Amendment. https://w…[View]
182840175Brothers come forth!: I, a British citizen deserves the right walk Scots free down to the chippy wit…[View]
182841390GERMAN YES!: >be 14 years old girl >sold $100 >Masha'Allah flee to german >acidenta…[View]
182839097Alright faggots, we've had plenty of fun getting feminists to piss themselves, but how about fo…[View]
182830803What are the political reasons for why boomshits are obsessed with watching sports?: Seriously, ever…[View]
182790500//rsg/ RED STORM GENERAL- COMFORTABLY NUMB EDITION: Daily song:https://youtu.be/_FrOQC-zEog >Remi…[View]
182839580The Ethnostate: Wake up, hybrids. All you American mulatto freaks are dumb mutts who lack confidence…[View]
182839796Has anyone else noticed it seems like American liberals want to make the age of consent go over 18? …[View]
182840851/CAN/pol - IF YOU FIGHT THE FIRE IT WINS: okay fellow leafs I don't really recall entire provin…[View]
182836103Are they going to trick Trump into going to war with Iran? Or is crippling them economically enough?[View]
182839103So i studied Senator Joseph McCarthy like President Trump said to. Turns out he was right about ever…[View]
182839649>thinking your wife will go to heaven >kek A marriage shall be considered valid only if the wi…[View]
182839837Rolling booms throughout my Virginia town just now. Definitely not fireworks, aircraft, or thunder. …[View]
182838935Lets have a moment to LAUGH at Britbongs: Troy: Fall of a City writer hits back at criticism of a bl…[View]
182832817Economic Activism: WHITE MAN, WHITE WOMAN - Why are you still handing over your money to non-whites …[View]
182839745The fucking state of Me Too.[View]
182836743Anti-Depressants, the shape of things to come?: I saw pic related today, it got me thinking, how man…[View]
182835020BOOKBOI: I need some more /pol approved books to share with my 'students' this semester. Please shar…[View]
182839967The Hero We Deserve: The Hero We Deserve... But Not The One We Need Right Now[View]
182831271Trannies are mentally ill: Prove me wrong[View]
182832629Why are leafs so violent? https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/j5a9k4/canadian-lynched-by-mob-after-be…[View]
182839629How can this sand rat get himself a white girl: But I can't as a Chad white male?[View]
182839403Hamilton was the worst founding father. Prove me wrong[View]
182836707Why did evolution make gorillas look like black people?: When did gorillas evolve from the black man…[View]
182840455Does everyone seem a bit on edge to you lately or is it just me? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_…[View]
182837150So... are we a pro-Corbyn board, now?[View]
182839697MEN: NOT MASCULINE ENOUGH?: Damn, this graph really sums it up. Men need to be 'fighting wars' and '…[View]
182814602What's the difference between Kosovoars and mainland Albanians[View]
182840266Why do this board hate Turkey so much?? So much mindless hate towards my people. What'd we do t…[View]
182831188Northwest Front: Reporting for duty![View]
182828454S to shit[View]
182838544WHITES A MINORITY BY 2031: Continued from >>>182822550 >Hispanics aren't white Wron…[View]
182822613White nationalism is mutts best attempt at nationalism: At what point did you realize that white nat…[View]
182832390North Carolina: What's North Carolina like? Is it the best Southern state?[View]
182839304The left constantly screeches about treason, but the right rarely (if ever) brings it up. Why?[View]
182837215Po/lit/icallyIincorrect Thread: So what books have you been reading /pol/? Pic related, almost done …[View]
182822881HAPPENING?!: What in the hell is going on with these readings???? https://earthquake.usgs.gov/monito…[View]
182834393Surrogate babies: A new way to save the White race: Get top tier white women to donate their eggs. S…[View]
182836390What if we posted signs all over the place that say “People of Color Only”? We could slowly bring ba…[View]
182838719MRS OBAMA.... ITS BEEN AN HONOR[View]
182839545Why Indians should hv disgusting creatures? >Ramamoorthy, an Indian national who was authorized …[View]
182837058Why doesn't the Tajik/Kyrgyz branches of IS attack China?: -1 million Muslims in China sent for…[View]
182839346Why does this always happen?[View]
182837258Jewyork times at it again: What did they mean by this?[View]
182836372What happened to pol?: Why is there so many shill threads nowadays? You can''t go anywhere…[View]
182807741The CHAD Salvini: https://news.vice.com/en_us/article/ne5kxz/italy-salvini-racism-black-italians-xen…[View]
182835589why were fags and trans fags removed from the dsm?[View]
182835060Should we be pro groups like hamas?: Im black and after reading this article,https://archive.is/jVGf…[View]
182810076Redpill me on this fucking plane. What happened to it and why did it meaninglessly divert off course…[View]
182813522Good luck millennials: Good luck millennials buying you're first home[View]
182832026I am thinking for running for president under the slogan: Nothing is real. What do you think[View]
182828716What did God mean by this, anons?[View]
182839214Stupid People: Now how do we convince people this is real? https://entertainment.theonion.com/chris-…[View]
182812991How do we deal with the Serbian problem? >niggers of Europe >hated by everyone >ZOG puppets…[View]
182834475Send her nudes[View]
182832250100% autistic /pol/ approved songs & artists thread. Post 'em and share 'em! >https…[View]
182838863Food Truth: > everyone says trans fats cause atherosclerosis and cancer There's really not a…[View]
182834522>took away his channel >popularity starts exploding >'Fuck it, control him directly' They…[View]
182836984Donald Trump is the best president we've ever had. Prove me wrong /pol/[View]
182838708>you will never die for something you believe in >you'll probably die of a stroke in your…[View]
182833891Brazilians sending Venezuelans back: And this is what you do with unwanted 'refuges' https://streama…[View]
182834868Reminder that if you countersignal even one thing that trump says or does, then you are a traitor to…[View]
182826343Seriously, why did Trump allow all these scumbags into his circle?: Nothing on Trump, but fuck man. …[View]
182835865okay so let's recap:: >Trump has Omarosa on The Apprentice three times >fires her all thr…[View]
182838511I want A “It’s okay to be white 2”: I’m thinking of pulling another “It’s okay to be white” I might…[View]
182836846Was it a Freudian slip? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9PYOpMCkSE[View]
182836888Why are right wingers so pro-rape?[View]
182838408Our boy Math is dropping bombs right now get in here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7EnSpVLDWQ…[View]
182838295Brennan says he's willing to go to court to prevent Trump from revoking additional clearances: …[View]
182837815How did Russia sow discontent amongst Americans so easily? They got both sides believing things abo…[View]
182819331RIP Venezuela: >Venezuela In Chaos After Maduro Announces Massive 95% Devaluation, New FX Rate Ti…[View]
182837522The “college liberal” meme: I’ve made this thread mainly to nip in the butt some of the misconceptio…[View]
182830925WHY DIDNT ANYONE TELL ME: Why didn’t my parents, clergy, or anyone tell me the mark of Cain is melan…[View]
182838021Would this mix of groups be a good reason for the purge of the Chinese mainland? https://youtu.be/T6…[View]
182837114I'm going to be 100% honest, Trump is incredibly overhated. I'm not a fan of the guy but I…[View]
182834915Wtf is Trump gonna do fo Demographics: Will he have any meaningful effect on our demographics? Will …[View]
182825152Who else i getting Justed right now by the Weather: Orlando fags, are you hunkered down ? Is this a…[View]
182814012Does the EU need the UK, more than the UK needs the EU?[View]
182837835Black Culture: Can someone translate this song and the message it is trying to send. Does this song …[View]
182833571There is no possible way to defend Trump's character and his disastrous policies. There is also…[View]
182837478We need a meme to represent Europe as a whole: So us whites in Canada, America, New Zealand, Austral…[View]
182819047Why are modern women so pathetic? Old thread >>182808617[View]
182833423People often call USSR failed state. And I agree with them. Soviet Union failed to nuke the shit out…[View]
182817541'Why I never want babies': >An increasing number of South Korean women are choosing not…[View]
182837602/ag/ Anarchism General: Let's get this thing going since there's a surge in desire for Ana…[View]
182835782Why is nobody talking about this >Internets biggest stars > white vs black >the all america…[View]
182826598Democrats Logic: OH OH NO NO NO BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....[View]
182828947/sandyhook/: never really bought into the Sandy Hook stuff or really thought of it seriously until s…[View]
182837537Leaving this here for you. Please give it a read. reddit.com/r/titor/comments/98pf8o/a_very_warm_wel…[View]
182836946Holy fucking shit I just love being white & proud of my race, that's something you amerimut…[View]
182836608>#metoo on suicide watch[View]
182837075Does everyone seem a bit on edge to you lately or is it just me? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_…[View]
182837208The absolute state if christcucks in 2018 and dont tell me 'its the juice' Christianity today is a …[View]
182836976Is Varg still /ourguy/?[View]
182832397/ourguy/ Rand Paul asks Trump to lift sanctions on Russia, 2 days later best buddies hang out and pl…[View]
182834138BREAKING: Democratic Rep. Alcee Hastings jokes about drowning Trump!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
182837158Election Night: I joined 4chan earlier this year and am unfamiliar with the history of the board. Wh…[View]
182837133What is the likelihood that weed is legalized in Japan by 2020 and anime is made great again?[View]
182837135ITT the most evil pieces of shit alive[View]
182833379What is your honest opinion of the 60s/70s hippies? Redpiled gods who broke down oppressive societal…[View]
182836668get in loser[View]
182834899What does /pol/ think the worst American political party is?[View]
182828362Dixie/pol/: Does any other part of the world call these things nigger toes, or is this a term unique…[View]
182836910Redpilled Video Games: Old and unexpected redpilled games are worth extra points Pic related: Even P…[View]
182832790I would support socialized healthcare if it only applied to healthy individuals. Low bodyfat. Relati…[View]
182834051based mormon babies?: OK so there is a bunch of Samoan mormons but most of them are white - what say…[View]
182836908Did you know the morning after pill can kill you? https://www.fda.gov/Drugs/DrugSafety/PostmarketDru…[View]
182826866Montana Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock says he “would” support an assault weapons ban: >“Everybody…[View]
182829473Memory hole general /mhg/: In this thread we discuss things that went into the memory hole. I’ll sta…[View]
182836779Muhhh Election Integrity: Democrats are quietly suing election boards across the country to remove t…[View]
182833877How do I become popular with the people? I really want to start a political career but I'm havi…[View]
182835553There should only be 3 legal punishments >A fine >A beating >Death…[View]
182823432So how does one achieve salvation, /pol/?[View]
182832144Obama Did Only One Thing Better Than Trump: Obama fired and purged everyone in government that he fe…[View]
182830503Sikh paedophile groomed underage white girls: Get the word out that Sikhs are not our friends, they …[View]
182835335Soros-Netanyahu strife: >https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/yair-netanyahu-posts-meme-rife-with-…[View]
182836550Is /pol/ ready to see Valdivia 2.0 happening in North America?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlLt…[View]
182835915Rename democratic party to demographic party: Kek[View]
182827126What exactly makes it evil when jews expolit people but beautiful when anglos or nordics do it?[View]
182833607War is Peace[View]
182818667Hey /pol/ can we talk about the state of churches in America? I'm a college student trying to a…[View]
182835290Why does the one branch of the military that actually protects from immigrants and bad hombres get n…[View]
182824828Wrong definition of sex: back in the day, sex was used to procreate, and the pleasure was a conseque…[View]
182834234Are Iranians white or not? Never heard a conclusive answer. I am engaged to a persian qt, am I a rac…[View]
182831253>Be nigger >Get whites to give independence to your country >Destroy your country >Flee…[View]
182835857This is why we can't have nice assault weapons Or, you know what - guns of any kind! When it …[View]
182834415You know the #Walkaway movement isn't real, right? Anybody who believes it is just a useful idi…[View]
182832646Is it true that the democrats are going to take over Washington once and for all? After the Trump fi…[View]
182831220Is America the most evil country on the planet?[View]
182835877Was jesus born on 9/11?[View]
182834818Roman Catholic sex abuse leaves Pennsylvania church grappling: A grand jury report released Tuesday …[View]
182832570Britain so cucked, even CARTOON WEAPONS are banned!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Plxl5dONias…[View]
182835516Indo-European: Ok Fags, I think I may be on to something regarding our common identity using languag…[View]
182834564I'll have kids. I'll have grandkids. They will inherit my Earth, and the things that I hav…[View]
182834124When did you realize capitalism was the problem?[View]
182827515Albania???: What is /pol's opinion on Albania[View]
182822281DAILY reminder that all feminists are mentally ill masochists and that in by engaging any one of the…[View]
182823339Oh you thought this was over? >Former CIA Director John Brennan said Sunday that he is considerin…[View]
182784326Is White fragility and timidness real?[View]
182834216this man was a fucking hero. i cant believe there isn't a million people like him. global warmi…[View]
182822478Should school attendance be optional?: Why is it mandatory to attend school? It seems to me that one…[View]
182834952>Out of the way, montenigger. What did President Trump mean by this? https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
182822550A MINORITY BY 2031: White America faces demographic disaster: It's over: >“2050” Is Coming S…[View]
182816131Who are you?: You're all pathetic. The Anglo has singlehandedly raised humanity from it's …[View]
182813040Why do Finns and Estonians pretend they're European? You may think that you look white, but so …[View]
182801011Canada is genociding Whites: As you know, Canada is undergoing the fastest demographic replacement i…[View]
182834110National heroes: What would your country’s founder/national hero say about your nation today? >W…[View]
182805160China taking over the world is an asset.: With Americans, you have to compromise and have multicultu…[View]
182834473Right Wing Twitter: Guys stop hurting my friend, Shawn. He's only ever tried to help the right.…[View]
182813410Why aren't feminists and progressive men preordering games? Weren't they supposed to be ga…[View]
182832597Guys redpill me about CERN i kinda want to know more but dont trust google etc... Pic kind of relate…[View]
182807749This spicy jew-hating latina just wants to give you free stuff. Why are you so angry at her, /pol/?[View]
182833236Why does the left absolutely despise and viscerally hate moderates while the right couldn't car…[View]
182834582Whether you agree with corbyn attending that ceremony in tunisia or not, he was caught lying to ever…[View]
182834104At what age did you outgrow the >groups actively shill on 4chan conspiracy theory? pic unrelated…[View]
182827480/pol/ help rename Stapleton for the current year: Stapleton was named after a KKK member and now tha…[View]
182821864,Crazy man throws Koran on floor and tell muslims they are low IQ, inbred Jew puppets.: Tan rules Sp…[View]
182800537CRISPR changes everything: You are going to live to be 160+ years old. Everyone, even the currently …[View]
182834378Tommy Robinson turns tables on journalist stalking him on vacation: https://youtu.be/UYrYfOHTsYg It…[View]
182832714Politics and physical attributes: Why are alpha men always conservative and betas always liberal? Is…[View]
182829844So I was playing New Vegas, and came across the Hegelian Dialectic dialogue with Caesar, the one abo…[View]
182829703what the fuck are they up to[View]
182833881https://youtu.be/5wDRcw_-Fxo If you arnt joining the space force are you even a man?[View]
182834082How does /pol/ feel about American History X? Is it liberal propaganda? Pushing a libtard narrative …[View]
182815673MAD MAX GENERAL: https://twitter.com/MaximeBernier Based Maxime Bernier has officially given the sig…[View]
182834048'I know the best people'[View]
182833862>if Rhodes succeded in completing his Cairo-Cape railway, blacks from subsaharan Africa would pou…[View]
182823428It's all so tiresome. Can I get a /pol/ humor thread?: I need a laugh, lads. Will be dumping wh…[View]
182823040Just finished Starship Troopers. How does /pol/ feel about this novel? I liked it, but I don't …[View]
182829624Save Elon Musk: >“This past year has been the most difficult and painful year of my career” >C…[View]
182832898Is my boy Alex ever going to be able to come back to mainstream internet?[View]
1828300672nd Amendment Thread: I heard a libtard admit today that he thinks the 2nd amendment should be aboli…[View]
182812233Improving Russia: Alright, you've just been hired to clean up Russia's world image. What a…[View]
182832200I met an illegal immigrant. He was a very nice, Christian guy. Said he was against gay marriage. May…[View]
182832855You want to end white genocide? Put a restriction on pic related. Multiple generations of minorities…[View]
182830817OH NONONONONONO Hurry Mueller![View]
182831832National Day: How do you celebrate your country's national day, /pol/? I've never really g…[View]
182830663'For the first time since the Second World War we have a domestic, proscribed terrorist group. It…[View]
182826244Wuz up my ginger[View]
182818274so why did he freak out at that guy who gave him one dollar?[View]
182821958Is Autism (generally speaking) the next stage of human evolution? Seems like people in the autism sp…[View]
182827776Bu...bu...but I have freedom of speech!!: No you don't. You have SHIT. And the Left will make s…[View]
182805075r8 my perfect europe. post your perfect europe and allow others to r8 too peak perfomance can't…[View]
182832278>people online shitting on Stalin Shouldn't bother me at this age, but still does. Those foo…[View]
182830331How do we fix it?[View]
182832330Reminder- they are not better than you.: A quote from the Battle of Tours- And in the shock of battl…[View]
182790152Kenya: How humans become animals: Kenya >80IQ shithole >millions living in slums >no taxes/…[View]
182827592Welcome to C.S.E: Confederate States of Europe[View]
182799422What in the fuck[View]
182831949Red Pill Me on D&I (Diversity & Inclusion): Why do employers push it? Why do schools push it…[View]
182827968What is the most realistic option for removing shit skins?: Aside from a full out race war how can w…[View]
182824291kill the poor?: so as machines take over more menial jobs therefore the labour force will in large p…[View]
182830099memeball thread: Post your best lads[View]
182830024>thinking about the black crime rate in the USA if not for planned parenthood…[View]
182831850TDS is Real: http://archive.is/fHf89[View]
182830309When it's OK to hate: Islam and Judaism believe that a newborn baby has an ideological identity…[View]
182831913What did google mean by this?[View]
182831647Jail should only be for seriously violent people: There's no benefit to locking people in a cag…[View]
182830404Does liberalism / progressivism ever work inside of an uncensored environment?[View]
182829778IQ doesn’t exis-: Nobel prize winners by region since 1901. Europe had 482 novel prize winners despi…[View]
182829988Chaotic-Good is the only way we can defeat the VILE people: Goy-rissa explains it all!! >chaotic …[View]
182831046is trump going to fuck the DOJ or are they going to get off like everyone else[View]
182831576So when's this semen-slurping Jew getting rolled?[View]
182829090Opinion of Cenk Uygur?: I don't agree with his politics as I'm sure many of you guys also …[View]
182820425Tranny family probz: >be me >older brother comes out as tranny >starts dating a dyke >lo…[View]
182818561LMFAOOOO: ITS CUZ WHAMEN AND SJWS LMFAO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4IxlTXAz4I[View]
182824258For the first time in history, London murder rate tops New York.: https://www.usatoday.com/story/new…[View]
182827328Do slavs like Communism?[View]
182830891All your efforts are in vain, /pol/. He only wore the mask to protect his innocence. You tried so ha…[View]
182831156pol humor: drop em[View]
182831023To The Good ol' Days: Definitely check out this dudes cool channel. It's nice and has got …[View]
182817527does anyone else miss life before pic related? i think computers are destroying mankind to be honest[View]
182812966I've had plenty of experiences near the army, drug dealers of middle range, police men, politic…[View]
182830930>White privilege doesn't exis- Explain this shit, /pol/. Apparently this white boy tried to …[View]
182824407GET IN HERE, FLIP THIS POLL!: And keep this thread bumped. https://twitter.com/PollingAmerica/status…[View]
182822213Has this great man ever been defeated in a debate?: Has Jared Taylor ever lost a debate with an anti…[View]
182831076The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.[View]
182828110Why do niggers never talk about killing ALL white people, like many whites would rejoice if the blac…[View]
182830284Is /pol/ ready for the hit upcoming book 'How The People Trumped Ronald Plump' https://twitter.com/k…[View]
182825112I have always thought we are going to live in a cyberpunk world, but been disappointed since it is p…[View]
182830781Niggers BTFO AGAIN!: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxCjqD5HSUM Sub-Saharan Africa is, geograph…[View]
182829935What are /pol/‘s thoughts on George Galloway: >left leaning economically >left leaning politic…[View]
182800560Nigger shoots two cops: This is why niggers are fucking insane: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48Xw…[View]
182829802How to be a man at 180 cm and 70kg?: I literally feel like a kid and I'm 23 what the fuck is li…[View]
182814917Why is this hard to understand?: Racism is Prejudice plus Power[View]
182814451CRIME ALERT OHIO 8/19/18: Anyone with information on the whereabouts of >OH NO NO NO WTF? https…[View]
182829696Bulgaria: What happens there?[View]
182821964>Refuses to deploy chemical weapons against enemy soldiers on the battlefield >Happily suffoca…[View]
182817612There are two scenarios /pol/. Which would you rather have happen? a. Europe, North America, and Aus…[View]
182815144Sweden Democrats pulling a Geert Wilders: I'll laugh so hard if the Centre Party (the one which…[View]
182811678Is IQ genetic or environmental?[View]
182797822DON’T START NONE WON’T BE NONE: https://www.theroot.com/feel-bold-enough-to-call-black-bus-riders-in…[View]
182830128What's pol opinion on hoarding gold? Also how come many small countries have a ton of it? Did t…[View]
182822292A Japanese medical school was taught discriminating against female applicants. Japanese women are st…[View]
182822142Proof that the Reich wing is RACIST. Nazis always say 'I'm not racist, I have a black friend.' …[View]
182811513National Security Analyst has Breakdown on Live TV: >CNN Analyst Philip Mudd: I HAVE ZERO RELATIO…[View]
182816454vigilante mob beat up alleged acid attacker: Brits with an actual pair of balls. https://www.youtube…[View]
182825708Is Brazil going to collapse?: “Brazilian society is extremely violent,” https://www.google.com/amp/…[View]
182826091does MSM/GOVT leave milestones/milemarkers?: does msm or govt create/spread handpicked stories that …[View]
182826057Fact Check: Did Obama's executive order make psy-ops legal against the American public?: Are ps…[View]
182826054Will a global collapse ever happen?[View]
182829719If there are any artists out there this is a call to action fascists need ark that shows what fascis…[View]
182817745HOLY SHIT: Trump just dropped the McCarthy pill: >'Study the late Joseph McCarthy' GEOTUS just t…[View]
182826093>first black Supreme Court Justice >rapes his clerk…[View]
182829123American youths are too fat and retarded to join the military: How did things get to this point? …[View]
182820138How long till scientists will be able to develop AI female robots that look like pic related? It wou…[View]
182767397Let's settle this once and for all: Discuss.[View]
182828865Pew: More than HALF of Africa wants to leave their country: >complaining about migration already …[View]
182820001FUCK ME SHE'S IN DEADPOOL 2: redpilled director or what[View]
182828826YLYL: Post em, faggots[View]
182828825Just a reminder that you're not supposed to be taking this shit seriously[View]
182784181What does /pol/ think of Messianic Jews. Essentially, we hear Jesus's call that he came 'not to…[View]
182828797Jones, Beck, DNC[View]
182825359PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - N-WORD EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
182827570Noticing more gay propaganda for youth. Why are there no organizations producing anti-gay youth prop…[View]
182827025Two Straw Tuesday: With the left banning everything from Alex Jones to straws, let's have two s…[View]
182825018HAPPENING: CALIFORNIA ABOUT TO BAN THE BIBLE: AB 2943 passed by Senate soon to be signed by Gov Brow…[View]
182828586Croatia: Honest thoughts on Croatia and Croatians?[View]
182828463based and redpilled[View]
182823808Why are black women the biggest race traitors?[View]
182828359Nick Szabo confirmed for /our/guy[View]
182823322Something just occurred to me. A couple weeks ago there were some threads about CERN claiming that s…[View]
182817384I wonder what would happen if NBC was aware their token actor on law & order was threatening to …[View]
182818271>tfw Americans would rather support the terrorists who bombed 9/11 than their leaf neighbours…[View]
182816009I dont understand how they can rationalize this bullshit: Not wanting to give your country to brown …[View]
182816600You're welcome for civilization, rest of the world![View]
182812552So lemme get this straight... Is Bulgaria an actually country with culture or just a bunch of turkic…[View]
182823232Capitalism (and therefore Libertarianism) incentivises mass immigration to supply businesses with ch…[View]
182825790When will Arabia embrace its rich history of multiculturalism and tolerance? Only way for Arabia to …[View]
182825661I can't believe he's really gone...[View]
182826757Are you ready for the Mark of The Beast?: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-08-18/wisconsin-compan…[View]
182818193Crime is a human problem not a race problem.[View]
182827972Invisible redpills: Plot to redpills normies with our enjoyable and fun white cultural heritage! Fun…[View]
182827913Does anyone still believe the shit that comes out of the White House?[View]
182822312Holohoax: Trying to redpill some people on the holohoax. let me see all the proof and infographics t…[View]
182827835>And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall br…[View]
182818563Can we please talk about her now?: Her recordings are legal and the donaters don't like that th…[View]
182827339Welcome to the Daily Show, /pol/: So, why wont you have a seat and tell me why you won't preord…[View]
182827414Why has nobody tried to kill this motherfucker yet? He's pure fucking evil.[View]
182827439Illegals: Get these 3rd world shit stains the fk out of the U.S! We have enough of our own illiterat…[View]
182827527WE STARTED IT: back in the day, sex was used to procreate, and the pleasure was a consequence. We di…[View]
182803610Be White, Buy White!: How many of you are whites who still constantly buy shit made by anti-whites o…[View]
182824756This belongs to Turkey: prove me wrong >protip: you can't[View]
182824581Why don't Jews commit any crimes?: Looking at US crime statistics here and homicides, rapes, ar…[View]
182815079Canada hate thread: I can throw a rock and hit those Canadian fags where I live. Post em goys.…[View]
182794501Brit/pol/ - Oxord University Scholarships Edition: >French president Emmanuel Macron wades into B…[View]
182825412This image kills the boomer[View]
182827037>Has ~46% of all the guns in the world >Has ~4.4% of the world’s total population >Still ra…[View]
182819326This is conservatism in 2018 https://twitter.com/benshapiro/status/1031023498074906624[View]
182826777Modern Propaganda: Anyone else know the feel? I have family members and friends who listen to Shapir…[View]
182823659Evola, Literature: Alright /pol/. Asking you anons who read tradionalist/real right wing literature …[View]
182826616Complete anomie: It seems everything good for white survival is demonized in modern society. White s…[View]
182826346Michelle Wolf's netflix show is cancelled after 3 months.: https://www.yahoo.com/news/michelle-…[View]
182807698Boomers Can't Sell Their Homes: >27,000,000 boomers selling their homes between now and 2036…[View]
182826449Outgunned in the Twitter War: Left-wingers are far more likely to block people on Twitter based on p…[View]
182821355READ WHOLE BEFORE DISCARTING: >rick and morty literally call out mkultra child slavery >as sho…[View]
182825922>being a conservashit >2018[View]
182824263Can someone explain to me why Christians do murdery stuff?: Christianity seems to be a onions manife…[View]
182815310NOBODY DIES IN GOVT STAGED HOAXES: They fake the deaths for several reasons: >CONTROL >False…[View]
182825808Hey, britbongs, how do you feel about the fact that people are trying to cheat you out of your decis…[View]
182823512I wish I could have Justin treadeu as our president...[View]
182825464I find it funny dindus think they would run the world if Europeans were gone.[View]
182825799>GUILTY Tomorrow the Trump criminal enterprise begins to fall. The tears from drumpftards will be…[View]
182823446Twin towers:: What kind of businesses were in the World Trade Center? Also what were the first offic…[View]
182819102American Airlines safety video: only passenger misbehaving is the white male: https://m.youtube.com/…[View]
182824889>Man detained by ICE while driving his pregnant wife to the hospital to give birth is wanted for …[View]
182824691Should we encourage Japan to accept more immgirants?[View]
182763799Looks like they got him.[View]
182820747POTUS: Thoughts? Is a one-state solution a viable option? Should we hope for a two-state solution? T…[View]
182822691/SIG/ Self Improvement General: >tfw you will never be 1/1000th as successful as elon musk…[View]
182824996Question for my huebros: Why do Lolbertarians say that Bolsonaro is a socialist? He seems pretty rig…[View]
182825247/pol/ music, please: There's the stillness of death on a deathly unliving sea And the motorcar …[View]
182824301Treaty of Trianon was a literal GENOCIDE.: Trianon was a national tragedy. It was more than just the…[View]
182814972Time capsule /pol/: Let's have a thread to time capsule. I will write this thread to a cd, usb …[View]
182819598Why did so many Jews hate the USSR? Does this prove that Jews love freedom?[View]
182815120Egypt: Anyone want to invade us? We would very much appreciate it to our current situation we have a…[View]
182825043Jair Bolsonaro: Hey Brazilians if /pol/, can you redpill me on this guy? From what I’ve read he seem…[View]
182825038What you all need to know is that you are not gonna outbreed nonwhites, you're not gonna have s…[View]
182819698Guy's new girlfriend.. turns out it's his estranged daughter!: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
182823536Sulla did nothing wrong: Things will only get worse after Trump. In order to save the west, someone …[View]
182807019If globalism is so good, why is it never addressed that profits are made by abusing local population…[View]
182795617>Spaniards and Portuguese literally fucked so many native women in the new world it spawned a bra…[View]
182820544Pro-Trump Pentagon analyst was stripped of security clearance in 2016: For flagging suspicious (and …[View]
182820042Barron Trump: White polo shirt Khakis New balance shoes[View]
182822606Can a German explain?: What the fuck is going on with your media over there? >exchange student, s…[View]
182815350Morroccan troops raped 60,000 Italian women after the Battle of Monte Cassino in 1944: Marocchinate …[View]
182823879how did jews convince and entire country of non-jews to circumcise their spawn?[View]
182788455Is Patrick Little a Reincarnation GLR?: I am beginning to think he is. Here's why. >Veteran …[View]
182811821>Tfw brother is a furfag What do?[View]
182819523important white inventions to be thankful for: say thank you to all these inventions we wouldn'…[View]
182816382White Genocide isn't rea-: So /pol/ why haven't you been scouring Twitter and archiving ev…[View]
182823034See You In September - Politics and BTC become ONE: The Happenings - See You In September: https://y…[View]
182779769The truth of our history: For milennia, fiction has been presented as truth and truth as fiction. He…[View]
182776534Absolutely racist: Where is the MSM outrage over this? >BRASILIA — Angry residents of a Brazilia…[View]
182824234'Free Speech is my God given right': Leave it to a mutt to require sanction to speak.[View]
182824160Liberty is a mindset.: The use of force is wrong, but we've been blaming the innocent party- re…[View]
182815264What ideology actually works?: >Liberalism failed >Conservative countries were made irrelevant…[View]
182824098Marriage is dead: >at wedding >be gay >they both look so happy >everybody is here >it…[View]
182803609Nobody dies in a drill: >Tell me conspiracy-tards, why would the evil government not just stage a…[View]
182818551Fascism is useless: The old Christendom world died, there's nothing to defend anymore. We can…[View]
182823972For the Rajesh posters here: how bad actually was demonetisation? Is Modi a total fuck up like I kee…[View]
182823938Hey, can someone link me that one roundtable discussion about them being data ninjas and 'thats what…[View]
182814364Ask a dutch member of AWD anything[View]
182812837Older brother is 30. >lives at home with mother and father >works from home >never had a G…[View]
182823572>be me >be trans >touch dick >get dick touched by girl l8 virgins…[View]
182823760Medicare for All poll: What's /pol/'s vote? https://www.strawpoll.me/16300986[View]
182818479Let's get serious about global warming: We might laugh at pic related but it underlines an unde…[View]
182809902I think about this tweet a lot https://twitter.com/perlmutations/status/1011295781653921793[View]
182817203OY VEY![View]
182809353RANK HUMAN RACES: My rankings are 1.ashkenazi jews 2.northern europeans 3.japanese 4.southern euro…[View]
182823259Greg Lansky: They are winning, we are not. What do?[View]
182798329Based Bill Cooper: >Tonight, we begin a three-part series, ladies and gentlemen, on the occult hi…[View]
182814381Sanctions agnaist Russia, Iran, and Turkey: Hmmmmm yet none for Saudi Arabia Trump[View]
182823106Anyone know this man?: Hey /pol/. I know this might not be the right place to ask this, but do you h…[View]
182822946ITT: Autistic things your country has done >de facto leader is a gay indian man >our only pres…[View]
182818492All race mixers and anti-whites should be deported to Africa and the middle east. Change my mind.[View]
182822727Divide & Conquer: It seems in the US they seem to be creating a racial division, pitting whites …[View]
182822172Aryans are from afrika: The oldest r1b subclade is from nigeria where it expanded all over the world…[View]
182823089Who will legalize marijewani next?: Legalize it[View]
182822839Despite a 10:1 wealth gap between white and black Americans, black women are 14% more likely to own …[View]
182815809Feminists ruined the famous flower carpet in Brussels today. They were protesting the imprisonement …[View]
182822785Holocaust: Why is Youtube trying to give me history lessons? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lyCh0s…[View]
182800759/SCG The Second Coming of Christ General: My Aryan lads, Your daily Aryan workshop how to love God !…[View]
182821519National Socialists: To any current or former Nazis, what made you turn to the Nazi party. Are you s…[View]
182821475Meanwhile in the gun control paradise of Chicago: ...[View]
182822401Any chance I can be sent to Russia?[View]
182806371What if?: Imagine that tomorrow some genius scientist invents a material which is lightweight, easy …[View]
182820842Hello, fellow Europeans[View]
182815554Boomers are not dictating housing prices.: To all of you crybaby millennial fuckheads complaining ab…[View]
182822287Why is Vice all over my youtube recommendations when I've only ever clicked on Fox videos? Are …[View]
182810602What does pol think of Long Island, NY?: Going to visit some relatives out in long island. Other tha…[View]
182821077Giuliani: “When you tell me that, you know, he should testify because he’s going to tell the truth a…[View]
182792750what does /pol/ think of Ante Pavelić?[View]
182819578>Communist invents the term 'capitalist' to label people as backwards and idiotic >People uni…[View]
182794410Poland | is that a meme country and nation: Or are they the saviours of white race /pol ?[View]
182820741UK: thumbs up to SA land confiscation: Britain is officially backing South African racially-targeted…[View]
182795739HOLOCAUST CLASS HOMEWORK: HS Senior here. I have to do this test before my first holocaust class aft…[View]
182818520so proud of my ancestors :)[View]
182818427The European Union was a Germany´s plan to transfer the european companies and high-tech industries …[View]
182820950What should I never forget?: Let's say I have short term memory and I want to tattoo myself mem…[View]
182819665Corrupting Our Children: Dave & Ava is a piece of next-generation degeneracy (((they))) have cre…[View]
182821008>Be el peruANO >Traveling to Lima >Suddenly,racemixing in the movie Can you just end us…[View]
182821172Larry Sharpe Please Save Us: Shilling some larry sharpe for any New Yorkers to see and take a closer…[View]
182820311I was going to talk about how trump's trade policy gets worse every day, but first I want to sa…[View]
182820877Neil Degrasse Tyson supports Space force again...: Even trendy folksy black guy Tyson loves the idea…[View]
182818883Grown man bullies teen who is wearing trump hat. Too top it off, he's an oil driller. Can we fi…[View]
182820751I'm done: I'm tired of being a cucked white Christian. So I've decided to convert to …[View]
182771720What have you been reading: What does /pol/ think of the reading list i made, also what essential bo…[View]
182817131Just your everyday tumblr post: Random shitposter on tumblr: >what if everyone was actually natur…[View]
182794367How China could Destroy the AMERIMUTTS: China hosts a large number of major US corporations, includi…[View]
182806471Are there any important genetic differences between races?[View]
182814843What do you think of this guy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLDrb29vOO4&t=7s[View]
182817099List the ways in which the Earth is likely to get a whole lot better, or a lot worse, by 2030.[View]
182817238NYU free for med students: Credit given, an institution has put their money where their mouth is by …[View]
182810860JUST IN: Asked Trump if he would guarantee that he has never used the “n-word”? No answer, as he wal…[View]
182819447Why aren't you trying to subvert reddit, /pol/? Reddit is the most easily manipulated normie we…[View]
182806963I despise the Anglo. Never in my life have I seen a more loyal Jewish bootlicker than the British an…[View]
182806618Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Chad AfD Edition: >Comfy Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
182813974A large selection of Sephardic Jewish surnames: http://archive.is/fNWJR A very interesting list. Bla…[View]
182816024Why is gore legal?: How come watching people get tortured and killed acceptable and watching a 17 ye…[View]
182820165!!!REMINDER!!!: To any journalists lurking here, this is the threat you face: The entire future htt…[View]
182820171Did Sally Yates enable DOJ official tied to Trump dossier?: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/…[View]
182816432I am tired of this fucking prison of matter, matrix, autistic ayys & their satanic minions sucki…[View]
182780389Syria General /sg/ - Fury Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wordpress.com …[View]
182819970Pascal Bruckner is a faggot Frenchie.: The only thing this ugly Frenchman gets right is that Islam i…[View]
182812418“It’s like, how did Columbus discover America when the Indians were already here? What kind of shit …[View]
182819852It's our fault: Worldwide media are Grey’s propaganda outlets to persuade us to make the choice…[View]
182805088Western Turks are actually Muslim Greeks.: Have you been to istanbul? People there are whiter than h…[View]
182819825BEST OF KANGZ- YLYL: Download them before (((they))) shut it down. Number 2 is already dead. https:/…[View]
182819771ITT redpilled anime[View]
182814166Why Jews so racist?[View]
182808621I truly feel sorry for you, Sweden. You were a great nation of kind people. You don't deserve t…[View]
182819532>Isratin will exist in your timeline: >Trump peace plan is actually Gaddafi peace plan. >je…[View]
182808712IMMINENT TERRORIST ATTACK IN EUROPE/FRANCE: INFO - Interpol warns of 'imminent terrorist attack' in …[View]
182816411US White minority here: Turns out the 2050 minority threshold was an underestimate. Reality is it ha…[View]
182814488How do we repeal the Hughes Amendment?: Anyone have any ideas/has done something to try get the Hugh…[View]
182819315Why do Sandy Hook shills always look like reptilian trannies?: Seriously think this is a They Live-t…[View]
182815655Can we Petition the Catholic Church to make Elliot Rodgers a saint?: He has performed miracles, as i…[View]
182803614why would antifa do this?[View]
182810211Did you just say 'Womp Womp' to a 10-year old with down syndrome?[View]
182792828Merkel going hard trying to get southern european states to take rapefugees: >Merkel first pushes…[View]
182819164https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WADHc6VciRk Larry Sharpe please save PooYork[View]
182818286Weaponized Sexual Dogwhistling: >A credible allegation of sexual misconduct against a democrat by…[View]
182814394Who is the best chess player of all time?[View]
182815574Time to post your rankings boys Med=Anglo>Celt=Iberian>Slav>Hellenic>>Finngoloid>…[View]
182816517Can we get a white people hate thread going? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGsxE-1UoMw[View]
182806884Hollow Earth Nazi's: Why is or is this not retarded? Does anyone actually have a way to describ…[View]
182819194>Oh hi Greg. We didn’t think you were going to be home so early. Didn’t you have that fundraiser …[View]
182818197Cucks are allowed to support trump, you do know that right? Cucks are cucks, that's fine, you d…[View]
182819729/Comfy/ Thread Pt. 2: Is Anzu a boy? Will the happening happen? Is OP a Faggot? All these questions,…[View]
182818504Post pictures of typical trump supporters[View]
182815820How much longer will she live, realistically? When she became queen, Alan Turing was still fagging i…[View]
182818865https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DcCkqJHwMzs This degenerate Jew thinks a man raping a baby is comedy. …[View]
182815805Éire/pol/ - An bhfuil cead agam dul go dti dtí an leithreas Edition: Thread Theme | Téama Snáithe: h…[View]
182818443tldr; Could Mike Pence bring back the patriarchy, would that mean a end of the incel problem? If Tru…[View]
182803120Good lord, this man has destroyed every single person he has ever debated politics with. Really show…[View]
182815894Changing Times: An excerpt from Industrial Society and its Future (1995) by Ted Kaczynski: 'The cons…[View]
182814820I confuse..: ‘I can’t be racist, Islam is not a race,’ ‘Well Islam isn’t a race, it’s a religion.’ T…[View]
182813525My cousin said she wants to marry a blue-eyed g*rman wh*toiD, how can I prevent this it is serious m…[View]
182818090Some nigerians own a little store next to 7/11 over here. I know for a fact they sell single cigare…[View]
182813177the aryans of afrika: the hausa people in nigeria has one the highest r1b concentration of the world…[View]
182813238antifa disinfo: The antifascists constantly tell us how it was silence, apathy, intellectual toleran…[View]
182815462Paneuropean Union: >began with the publishing of Count Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi…[View]
182816369/pol/, what do you think of Aleksandr Dugin? Is he as prominent in Russia as the media would have us…[View]
182816307Meme army: Lost to a bunch of riceniggers in 70´s Losing to a bunch of sandniggers now[View]
182811292If Hitler was opposed to occultism how come Himmler and the ss ran a secret society?: Known as the B…[View]
182808617Why are modern men so pathetic?[View]
182807383Syrians have never bullied me. Meanwhile my fellow Germans have made my childhood a living hell with…[View]
182816747How would we deal with degenerates in a White ethnostate?[View]
182816301This image strikes fear into pol[View]
182812124I thought flyover states were 'based'? https://www.cnn.com/2018/08/19/politics/steve-bullock-support…[View]
182810629Stop warshipping a nigger on a branch[View]
182795645Disenchantment Discussion: This show is hyper aware of everything going on on and is pretty accurate…[View]
182816971I thought of a bipartisan solution to immigration: Require 90(this can be compromised later, but it …[View]
182808753Why Does /pol/ Idolize Nazis?: Nazis were literal fucking retards who made virtually no intelligent …[View]
182816688He's has become 10x more woke /pol/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ApGNrQk94E[View]
182797412GUNS DON'T KILL PEOPLE. VIDEO GAMES KILL PEOPLE.: So /pol/, have you noticed how a disproportio…[View]
182817179is increased racial tension the worst thing that could happen to america?: also is a permissive atti…[View]
182808962Should guys be required to carry dick ID card?: Men are complaining about the false advertising of m…[View]
182815133Do jews own hip hop?: I know a little history about Lyor Cohen and his manipulative ways.. But can y…[View]
182813997German YES!: >be 14 years old girl >sold $100 >Masha'Allah flee to german >acidenta…[View]
182813704Stop racism, everyone has qualities: Because blacks have superior DNA >skin that protects from th…[View]
182815338race alliance: If the jews are the enemy, shouldn't we be friends with niggers?[View]
182808498Apart from women having the vote, what is wrong with women's rights? >People calling women s…[View]
182800547STUPID DRUNK UKRAINIAN SOLDIERS DESTROYING KIEV. LMAO: Off-target: Ukrainian Buk missile launcher sl…[View]
182808330Surrogate babies: a way to save the white race.: Get top tier white women to donate their eggs. Sing…[View]
182814647How would things be different if Hillary had won? Do you think the world would be better off right n…[View]
182816230Why am I so attracted to japanese women?: I don't know man we supposed to have the most beautif…[View]
182816770What is the best version of the 1611 King James Bible?[View]
182812070PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - I WISH EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov …[View]
182815755fucking nuke us already.[View]
182815314THE FUTURE OF FEMINISM: Liberal arts feminism that was born in American campuses has been adopted by…[View]
182815129Can we learn something from the black-Jewish coalition?: Despite the inherent tensions between the t…[View]
182813762https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mnq7hlj9r7g Pack it in boys. It's over. The Dems won.[View]
182816589Is Qanon relevant anymore?: Where is all the happening threads?[View]
182815735If only you knew how bad things really are...: What will the future of politics look like with Mille…[View]
182815784Imagine being able to stop all this nazi technology privacy hell if you protested and made good 4cha…[View]
182816047Britmutt on BBC News[View]
182810508There should never be a profit on people’s health.[View]
182797687ICE Detained Man Who Was Driving His Pregnant Wife to a Hospital!: Why do they leave out of the head…[View]
182816045'In God We Trust' now must be displayed in all Florida schools, school buildings: What are…[View]
182812548A Jew Reading Der Sturmer: An old Jewish joke: Rabbi Altmann and his secretary were sitting in a cof…[View]
182811991Is Podesta A Jew Or a Shabboz Goy?: Been looking around, is this guy a jew or just a shabboz. Why is…[View]
182810593I feel so impotent /pol/, as each day we get closer and closer to the day in which Western culture w…[View]
182813534American bicyclers of peace were turned into pieces by the ISIS: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/…[View]
182791616>be north korean >one day find usb stick >find out its smuggled in from america and has boo…[View]
182815807Mad Max - Political Correctness is Dead Edition: We need (you) /pol/acks. Old thread: >>182804…[View]
182815351are protestants more liberal on average than other christian denominations?[View]
182814227/pol/ can you help me out here real quick? I forgot how many jews were killed by the Nazis. I rememb…[View]
182814241Is this true?[View]
182813285Women in the workplace: Why should women be allowed to work again? They're a fucking liability …[View]
182794190LEFTISTS are AFRAID of excellence !: I think that the raison d'être of the leftist is the fear …[View]
182814427What does pol think of this guy?: What does pol think of roger stone is he based and /ourguy/? Or ju…[View]
182815476Paul, I have a few questions about the trace elements of Zyklon B extracted from the excavated Krema…[View]
182810438IN GOD WE TRUST: The jews can censor us all they like, it doesnt matter. Every dollar bill you get y…[View]
182813967Crusades 2.0: with this baphomet statue going up, I'm seeing more and more people all the sudde…[View]
182812363>Analysis finds that prenatal exposure to the pesticide is associated with a higher risk of sever…[View]
182807068How to get our white women back from the kikes mind control for subhumans: Even though white women a…[View]
182815400but... but.... the memes... guys... what about the memes...? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l000b47…[View]
182815189I understand that you want to protect your kids from people that they themselves bully into murder, …[View]
182811414If Russia buying some Twitter ads is 'foreign interference'... What is this, burgers?[View]
182814360Is there any history you can trust?: When I was young I always loved history. From Greece to the Uni…[View]
182804729It Is Netanyahu, Not Corbyn, Who Deserves 'Unequivocal Condemnation': https://archive.fo/o…[View]
182808455ITT showing your power level to friends stories: >be me and friend >go watching kang equalizer…[View]
182814942Ok, ok. Enough. I want this thread to be comprised of mostly democrats. I want to encourage freedom.…[View]
182814120Should White People Forgive the Jews for their fake Holocaust fantasy?: I think we need to keep a li…[View]
182814776majority = self decay: the machine is completly broken only works, cause many people enjoy misery an…[View]
182812642How is it that people like this never gets whats coming to them? https://archive.is/nT2Hf[View]
182807734Are there any Mormons on /pol/? What makes you follow such a ridiculous doctrine?[View]
182813432>Jewish art[View]
182808823What do women want?[View]
182814437Flat earthers BTFO!: Is flat earth just a distraction?Clearly we have videos of the lunar lander tak…[View]
182811697The absolute state of the Western family[View]
182803323Give me one reason why I shouldn't revoke my citizenship and find a life elsewhere free from de…[View]
182813660What does pol think about this guy?: What does pol think of roger stone is he based and ourguy? Or i…[View]
182813414Google is conspiracy and stuff: Fuck you Google. I are MAD. Stop your secret propaganda[View]
182811061I've done it /pol/. I got a whole page of white-ish people pictures to show up on google search…[View]
182808914Truth isn’t truth[View]
182804234OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT HAPPENING - CIVIL WAR IN CANADA: https://twitter.com/MaximeBernier Based Max…[View]
182812498Fellow Texans, should we be worried?: His crowds are getting bigger and bigger as election nears.…[View]
182814246ID pol humor: ITT we have some fun laughing at eachothers ID. Easen up, friend or foe. Memeflag or n…[View]
182777222Without Lauren Southern, what is the future of the alt right movement?[View]
182813845Alt 'Right'eous Outrage[View]
182814018>show about tracking crime across the country >starts out showing people from all walks of lif…[View]
182814014Woman I fish: Heja, Once I stumbled upon this patriotic Eastern European fetish magazines here that …[View]
182799427Poor Baltic countries: Why are the Baltic countries so poor?[View]
182793886Arkansas: What the fuck happened to the conservative state of Arkansas?[View]
182803407https://twitter.com/PaulaBieler/status/1031181909768986624 (((Paula Bieler))) do not think Swedes ar…[View]
182806112/OURGUY/ SALVINI ON ISLAM:: https://youtu.be/It-1hnPAJ58 I don't know if this was already poste…[View]
182808865Everything you think, feel, and do is a product of your biological imperative to survive and reprodu…[View]
182813453Hi /pol/. POWER is a simple tick-based political browser game around which the community has built a…[View]
182810398Finland is giving military training to the Somalian and Churka invaders.[View]
182811912The absolute state of America: Le 56% gets cucked and wife stolen by Juan https://youtu.be/NARIIX_T…[View]
182809584Capitalism is endless self sacrifice on the alter of lord Growth. Capitalists are those people who …[View]
182813700great political troll or greatest?[View]
182813686Why does this nation, with an old civilized history, made-up of Indo-Aryans, care so much about the …[View]
182808871You're a white male, between the ages of 25 and 35, slightly overweight, short hair, close-crop…[View]
182803740Granite City, IL cops pose cheerleaders like this, they’re in hot water: “if i get sent to the offic…[View]
182813458Changing Times: An excerpt from Industrial Society and its Future (1995) by Ted Kaczynski: 'The cons…[View]
182813449WE WUZ WAKANDA KANGZ: Guys I'm dropping some rare truths from Wakanda on youtube, I know it wil…[View]
182807334/pol/s opinion on Swedish speakers in Finland: About 5% of Finnish citizens have Swedish as their fi…[View]
182813341Is there light at the end of the tunnel ?: So many red pills led to one black pill*everything is fuc…[View]
182809735Why can't we force 'virgin shaming' into the mainstream, so the losers, incels and basement dwe…[View]
182811244>believing in a jewish spinoff sect about a guy that spent first 30 years being a carpenter and t…[View]
182812879Computer show me /pol/ irl: My god... it’s beautiful...[View]
182807054Was this the most important event of the century?[View]
182813279Why Laura Ingraham is a subtle white supremacist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nV9RypEwXnU[View]
182812143Martina Markots is LIVE!: Let's take in her beauty and red pills! https://youtu.be/MaRa-1qWTuU…[View]
182801648https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LBk5xBy0SA What are these gentlemen shouting?[View]
182807269Dinosaur footprints.: Are they a scam? This guy claims to have found a 75 million year old footprint…[View]
182812243What Grade would you Give Trump: How would you score Trumps First term in office so far? Come on Pol…[View]
182810477Paris Dennard: Is Paris /ournigger/? https://hooktube.com/watch?v=GEf_D6i_IuI Check out the CNN view…[View]
182810356Amaerican Dad Names George Soros: BASED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUjZ_h2Jmz0[View]
182810003Are people in Western Europe confused about Eastern Europe or angry about it?: Westerners were usual…[View]
182791840The absolute STATE of CNN[View]
182806405Race-mixing: Why do Caucasians breed with Negroids?[View]
182810351England's 'germanic' past is pure wewuzzery. How the hell are the native Britons white in any c…[View]
182812458They would've killed him if they sent him back[View]
182812786Ive never been so afraid of niggers until i saw this.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQLXY51uWLg h…[View]
182810961Oh the irony, Thomas Sowell: This is a question for every CEO making 10, 100, 1000 times his average…[View]
182798992Wouldn't the human race be happier if we abolished property rights? Why do people feel the need…[View]
182812511Redpill me on Robert Smalls, his story sounds to me like another piece of fake history. >nigger s…[View]
182804250Starlord is based and racist: Whole series he keeps saying that Footloose is greatest movie ever, ju…[View]
182811846Lol at the Tesla meme aware yourselves on BYD China: https://youtu.be/KYqW549ijL4[View]
182806787Religion BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYi-IQGthIE&t=303s[View]
182812573https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkpUyB2xgTM >Be adorable little black kid >Go to Kindergarten …[View]
182812013So do any of you degenerate wastes of skin actually believe in the transsexual meme? If you're…[View]
182806368History Channel’s ‘Ancient Aliens’ Outperforms CNN in Primetime: CNN tanked in the cable ratings bet…[View]
182810722African American Business ownership up 400% this year!: But Gu..gu..gu..guise, is this also T..T...T…[View]
182809659/nwg/ Northwest Front General: ==NORTHWEST FRONT GENERAL== COME HOME, WHITE MAN! Thread for the disc…[View]
182812186Dog Whistles: Anyone else notice how quickly this has become the hottest buzzphrase lately? >You…[View]
182812442Cast of next Power Rangers revealed: Go Go Power Rangers[View]
182807039Welcome to the real world[View]
182812354Is it reasonable to prioritize white males when choosing anything? I think of how affirmative action…[View]
182810702>this scares the white man more than anything why? why is this the worst thing in the world to se…[View]
182787487/trumpgret/: Who regrets voting for trump here?[View]
182811255Never needed a legal team to bail him out.[View]
182812139Praise be to Kek Good day my fellow anons. What a glorious day it is today that we may bask in his g…[View]
182799849Has anyone worked with a Chinese person? They’re completely insufferable, humorless and easily anger…[View]
182808613Brainwashing to White Genocide: This shit I first saw in newspapers. Now it's on a fucking over…[View]
182811989sAy iT wiTh mE: Socialists should be banned from entering the U.S. and banned from voting. https://w…[View]
182806759why did the concorde fail?[View]
182811621Have you joined your local nationalist youth organisation yet?[View]
182811766Denying that anime characters look 'white': SJWs get triggered by the suggestion that anime characte…[View]
182811800Skunk Anansie: >All I want is destruction It would seem to me that the lady of African decent in …[View]
182807070Wh*toids BTFO https://archive.fo/MZNrW[View]
182807675OH NO NO NO[View]
182796518explain this, magapedos.[View]
182809349Why are women treathed like men's property?[View]
182798763I'm confused >Jesus says he came for the house of Israel and referred to gentiles as dogs …[View]
182810697Wealth Inequality in America is Out of Control: https://www.businessinsider.com/inequality-in-the-us…[View]
182800395who built the pyramids?[View]
182805747is turning point usa redpilled?[View]
182810014BLACKkKLANSMAN Bootleg: A tad late but shouldn't we be spreading bootleg versions around to und…[View]
182811551Drumpftards don't care about national security: Only liberals understand the gravity of the Rus…[View]
182811543What goes on in China?: What happens here? Why do you eat dog? Eating dog is a barbaric practice, wh…[View]
182809389seriously, why do jews always complain about 'muh holocaust': it looks like great fun from the pictu…[View]
182809394•The ongoing construction of segregated, Jewish-only settlements on occupied Palestinian territory i…[View]
182809436Any red-pilled music?: Name your favorite artists or groups that are red-pilled. Some of these grou…[View]
182811341France: Open air urinals appear in France- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpyWWNMHcgk[View]
182803307How will Atheists ever recover?: Muh Evolution >be microbe >transform to fish >transform to…[View]
182799028Republicans are Going to be Eradicated.: Here's how it's going down.[View]
182811116Mindless drones to create more mindless drones: Are you fags ready for the future? >Robots have p…[View]
182810879how out of touch do you have to be to think that this statue is cool in any way? it's like the …[View]
182811147DNA testing for race: So what are the best tests for race? Also, are these DNA tests just a scam to …[View]
182810801Guys we need to help the #WalkAway movement, they are under attack by the MSM: All the MSM is on ser…[View]
182810835America is the most expensive nation in the world to give birth.: >Stella Apo Osae-Twum and her h…[View]
182810924The absolute state of America: Amerimutt gets cucked by el goblina https://youtu.be/NARIIX_Tno0…[View]
182810865a realisation for bluepillers: a (psychiatric) nurse or sewage worker, doing work essential for soci…[View]
182809831>The left can't me- Okay, this is epic.[View]
182808146Omarosa: I believe Trump wants to start a race war: /ourgirl/? http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefin…[View]
182809592'sup /nazi/. How does it feel when your political movement reduced to a fucking frog?[View]
182807381Thot And Thirsty Beta Try To Destroy Old Couple's Lives And Brag On Internet About Fighting Naz…[View]
182795332Post rare merchants[View]
182810565Changing Culture: An excerpt from Industrial Society and its Future (1995) by Ted Kaczynski: 'The co…[View]
182803737>Want to move across the country to an apartment and then find a job to support myself >Have 6…[View]
182809687Why are trumpkins such moronic inbred retards?[View]
182809700Despacito, a victory against ((them)): >Decent song >No Degneracy >Christian symbolic >N…[View]
182803626Dog-Eating Chink passes out on the street, Dinner refuses to leave her side: >http://www.dailymai…[View]
182810192Can i pls pay for this SJW crap?!!?: wtf is wrong with this top 10? https://editorial.rottentomatoes…[View]
182785097When did you grow out of racism?[View]
182810236You lied to me pol: >Premier Ford takes action to privatize the government alcohol monopoly >…[View]
182804278Antifa here, AMA[View]
182808358Why haven't whites in South Africa bred like rabbits yet? White majority when?[View]
182806369Give me ONE valid argument against centrism. You can't,[View]
182807725/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
182810044Who should you (or I) vote for? https://www.strawpoll.me/16299913[View]
182793832/pol/ is reddit: Shitty part of reddit is when you commit a neck beard thought crime and are removed…[View]
182807370Trying to pick the new flag to represent human trafficking. Press 1,2, or 3 to vote[View]
182808504>Protestantism isn't redpi-[View]
182807476Why is the West shamelessly copying China now?[View]
182809858Who loves this idea. A mobile Holocaust mesuesm.: Lambright is on to something. https://twitter.com/…[View]
182809849Media spin, hypocrisy, and flipflopping graphics[View]
182797742The left can't mem.......[View]
182807377Face it faggots the jews are cool. I mean look at them. There attractive have a stong army full of w…[View]
182809673A Jew Reading Der Sturmer: An old Jewish joke: Rabbi Altmann and his secretary were sitting in a cof…[View]
182803917More proof that modern women are awful.: It's actually not scientific at all. They conducted 's…[View]
182808876You niggers said something big was going to happen yesterday, did I miss something?[View]
182803159Communism and Socialism: Ok fags, we need to settle this once and for all. If Communism and Socialis…[View]
182808918Cucknadians on suicide watch[View]
182800484False advertising: Why do women use this much makeup? What impact does it have on society as a whole…[View]
182808533This should be illegal[View]
182806581Is conscription the key to uncucking the West?: Most Western countries are cesspools of left-wing de…[View]
182804604desu argies don't really care about the falklands/malvinas/malouines, we just hate english gove…[View]
182808380We all know jews have pushed various degeneracy onto the masses. I was just thinking how much jews h…[View]
182806040Letting the south back in the Union was a mistake.[View]
182806986Reminder: This is why the controlled opposition hates Islam: Muslims know the score when it comes to…[View]
182803824Redpills: All of my family are social democrats, but im a right winger. Redpill me on multicultralis…[View]
182808946White Nation Creation General # 1: -materials, logistics, and realistic cost -construction technique…[View]
182803808He’s shook: It’s over boys. Blumpf is FINISHED.[View]
182791173The Ottoman Empire would capture slaves from Africa the women if pretty enough were added to the sul…[View]
182806495>foreign reserves nearing zero >oil production collapsing >ONE MILLION PERCENT annual infla…[View]
182802419i hate this piece of shit country. it is so mixed, with a heavy anatolian influence very prominent i…[View]
182806422DID YOU EVER NOTICE: We got into this mess by letting leftist spew their crap for all those years, i…[View]
182807311Éire/pol/ - Luimneach Abú Edition: Thread Theme | Téama Snáithe: https://youtu.be/RENihLVS4qg Nation…[View]
182802427Why is /pol/ such a bogey man?: Everywhere I go on 4chan I see people say “go back to /pol/“. Why ar…[View]
182807351WE WUZ[View]
182805122Corbyn Government soon[View]
182803989What did they mean by this?: What did the Chinese mean by this?[View]
182807679>Goes fishing for week >Boomers and Asians everywhere: >One comes up to young Asian women a…[View]
182800744SPANISH PEOPLE ARE NOT WHITE: Prove me wrong.[View]
182803777We could have basically infinite, free, wireless electricity all over the globe right now. The only …[View]
182790228Sunday /anglo/ comfyness: ITT we draft the preamble to the Articles of Confederation of the Anglosph…[View]
182808681https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ignacio_Ramos https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jose_Compean >Ignacio R…[View]
182808652If this is a Data mining site, is it worth it for the free speech, and idea transfer?: Its safe to a…[View]
182763844Buzz Aldrin finally admits we never went to the moon: NASA shills BTFO once and for all: https://www…[View]
182799833Why are black people terrible with animals?[View]
182780802Which is your favourite european race?: I prefer meds desu[View]
182808518How to Write the Perfect Troll Response on 4chan: I have studied human psychology and social dynamic…[View]
182793677Millennials ghosting employers: What should we do about the epidemic of millennials ghosting employe…[View]
182808471Jewish Involvement in Russian Marxist Revolution: I want to resolve the contradictions of Jewish inf…[View]
182794094Germany cracking down on armed far-right Reichsbürger: > Germany's government has said it co…[View]
182804123>brutally destroy innocent girl for 44 days >the one who payed the most for it got only 20 yea…[View]
182792255/acg/ *** Anti-Christian General: /// ANTI-CHRISTIANITY GENERAL /// Christianity, a political moveme…[View]
182806076Black is the darkest color, the result of the absence or complete absorption of visible light. It is…[View]
182808321It's time to wake up.: There is no outside world you're walking through what you've b…[View]
182791038Fucking based.[View]
182789358>Yeah, so what if I profited over 4.5 billion dollars from the 9/11 attacks and was conveniently …[View]
182799005Why is Spanish police so fuckin BASED?[View]
182807824No niggers in my country: Sup, I'm an identitarian and here in Portugal the situation is dire w…[View]
182805053Ocasio Cortez: the Avatar of Communism?: Thoughts?[View]
182807530You fucking broke him. Now what?[View]
182808116minds.com: minds.com seriously, this is the only free speech website that has the chance to present …[View]
182804818america are you ok ?: >be United States >no universal healthcare >no free higher education …[View]
182801501Jews are brainwashing Americans to see Jews as heroes: Wonderwoman = Jewish ex-IDF. American girls w…[View]
182799436This place is becoming CNN mods are censoring people: The faggot mods have made it so that I cannot …[View]
182799938Zo isnt like tay, it Has jew roots Impossible to reverse Zo thread[View]
182794236Trump is not king and losing power: Trump BTFO by his own people, lol[View]
182807580Beto O'Rourke: Media is trying really hard to push for this faggot, who wants to abolish ICE an…[View]
182805737What does /pol/ think of him?[View]
182807743Rip Sky King: Proud[View]
182807591Why don't you read this masterpiece?[View]
182799547Is it legal to do this in your country?[View]
182805898Trump is an Israel puppet: lol lol[View]
182805420Does anyone have the pic of him on his knees faking the flood height?[View]
182789264What do white people in America think when they see this in big media outlet like the New York Times…[View]
182803567IN GOD WE TRUST: The jews can censor us all they like, it doesnt matter. Every dollar bill you get y…[View]
182807298Do we really need money? I thought communism was for the Goys and Capitalism was /oursystem/ I just …[View]
182800952How much do you think the Christian Church has altered or added stories in the Bible, to better fit …[View]
182803946>the average /pol/ user why are racists so beta males?[View]
182805911suicide rate: hey guys you know how men 5x more likely die from trying to commit suicide than wamen …[View]
182804095Nigger MP chimping out on Twitter over chicken.: It must be a day ending in Y.[View]
182802411Diversity is so Great!: Just call it a genocide already and get over it. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/…[View]
182800667Are Jews the real master race?: Let's look at the evidence: >Subdue Europeans and make them …[View]
182807001THE MSM LIE MACHINE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdXtIJNNVZM >Composed of 100% unauthorized s…[View]
182803877Daily reminder that if you vote Republican you're directly supporting the Kike State[View]
182796851Portland Cops absolute demolish antifa scum!: The fun starts 50 seconds in. https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
182797886Look at that smile[View]
182806693Data Mining: I bet the gooks have a profile on every citizen of the world. When they control africa,…[View]
182805729We will rise again, just wait.[View]
182804507Can we get a Phil Mudd appreciation thread?: This patriotic ex-CIA, ex-FBI public servant loves this…[View]
182806213A Portugal anon asked in other thread about a proof of the King allowing mixed marriages between por…[View]
182804178New ESPN president wants less politics at network: ‘It is not our jobs’: What do you think /pol/? At…[View]
182805072How come there are never scandals with Rabbis molesting children?[View]
182805060A facet of what it means to be a leftie: They use language like it's a club with which they att…[View]
182798226Chaps. Next week in London is the Notting Hill Carnival. When West london turns into Planet of the A…[View]
182800310FLUORIDE IN WATER: When did you realize that the government is putting this toxin into the water? Wh…[View]
182789887Anyone noted a big increase in shizos these past years? >flat earth >haarp >hologram sky …[View]
182767330Red pill me on climate change hoax.: Some people keep saying that climate change change is a hoax. I…[View]
182764260Carbon-14 (C-14)Dinosaurs are NOT millions of years old.: The Bible is true, goyims! If dinosaur bon…[View]
182790745Redpill me on BitChute: How the fuck does it work? Are the videos being seeded by other anons? Does …[View]
182801551I Hate These Regressive Niggers: https://twitter.com/Ldonahuehjelle[View]
182806414Mueller is being mean to me, mommy.[View]
182805353You're getting what you deserve: I feel like from this point forward, if you're a conserva…[View]
182804379> (((inflation))) > aka no matter how much you earn you will always be a slave living on the e…[View]
182802327Voters Don’t Like ‘Antifa’ Protesters, Say They’re Looking for Trouble: Voters are even more critica…[View]
182803695In rememberance of MICHAEL CLARK DUNCAN Who was murdered by his wife Omarosa in 2012[View]
182803374Muh ancient entities man: Why are these people so blind to symbolism?[View]
182784426Boomers Can't Sell Their Homes: >27,000,000 boomers selling homes between now and 2036 >9…[View]
182806233race mixing is impossible to stop[View]
182789625How do we save Venezuela?[View]
182798968Why didn't he get the Medal of Honor or the civilian equivalent?[View]
182805056>be in DMV in miami >see a monkey stroll in >seems peaceful at first >starts screaching …[View]
182805848this was exactly what caused so many otherwise normal young men to become nazis in the first place. …[View]
182803377Jews make the world move. They invent bad things, like communism. They invent good things, like the …[View]
182803032Well, /pol/? Is this the ultimate bluepill?[View]
182803558You cannot stop them: People like Killary , Rotshits , Soros , Bombama ,etc...you cannot stop them ,…[View]
182804355Jews always feared the german BVLL[View]
182800518Suspects were released by D.C. police according to local Fox station.: No arrests, no charges. They …[View]
182795750Just a reminder that English identity has been suppressed for decades, with the only people holding …[View]
182805525How do you dispute this guys arguments against NatSoc anons?: I found this video on YouTube and coul…[View]
182800541Are Turks really this stupid?: Video of shitskin inbred Turks destroying iPhone on twitter goes up, …[View]
182801733>proud european >christian Yeah right, youre just another kike puppet with a slave mentality…[View]
182795524>be poor, unpopular, low social status male >no females give you the time of day because in to…[View]
182804190La Unión Aduanera: If you support illegal immigration from Central America to the US, just why? La U…[View]
182804305>tfw the last place you felt truly happy was w2 fally garden[View]
182804916muh tacos[View]
182781129How do we fix Southern Italy?: > Pic related 2016 GDP per capita PPS > South Tyrol (N. Italy) …[View]
182804112Thieves attempt to steal $75K from woman before running her over: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OT…[View]
182801988Are jews white or whitish?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uM_UTQkaWa8[View]
182774965Explain where 3 million Polish Jews disappeared between 1939 and 1945: If 5-6 million Jews were not …[View]
182800959Hello gomrades! XDDDD Dis general is for disgussion of margsism-lebonnism, da ideology of revolution…[View]
182801496Why can't a man who is physically weaker than or equal to a woman defend himself if she beats h…[View]
182775519Ban circumcision general.: Wake up and stretch.(your foreskin) Discuss the political movement to sto…[View]
182802125Christianity restores order and self-reliance while some Left hand path religions encourage nihilism…[View]
182782133Germany and Russia find common ground amid US withdraw as world leader: https://www.rt.com/news/4363…[View]
182804146imagine being a lgbt person. imagine dilating the bloody puss filled hole where your dick used to be…[View]
182803046Is the war still over? Did we still win?[View]
182801342Did Omarosa just guarantee Trump's re-election?[View]
182803829Why do different South American countries hate each other so much? They're all brown junglenigg…[View]
182802180Tyson fucking Fury is /ourguy: I’ve been watching this dudes highlights all morning and reading up o…[View]
182747088Wtf is K2 and why would you do this over le weed? And how are people overdosing on it?[View]
182800638If you could ask Laura Loomer anything you wanted to, what would you say /pol/?[View]
182794936Realistic Solution: How does /pol/ contend with the fact that if a race war ever really broke out in…[View]
182780733Materialistic communists: Has any one noticed how people who claim to be communists are often highly…[View]
182800285What if someone drove a giant armored truck through the city that had a megaphone hook up, and just …[View]
182803326Secular Jew here. My whole life white guys that look like this have been virtue signaling and white …[View]
182799078So I think we can all agree we are cool with the alt-white, haha right guys?[View]
182803557Did America forget?[View]
182803656Church with Jesse Lee Peterson LIVE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0nAnpmTAdc[View]
182803297The 46th President of the United States of America: Martin T. Heinrich.[View]
182772549Pack of niggers bully elderly woman off a public bus the beat her to a bloody pulp: sup pol have you…[View]
182801620The Daily Shoah Episode 332: Pls gib, payfriends.[View]
182803274Oh No Merkel is Colluding with Russians: Impeach her Germans! https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/p…[View]
182801986>be a clueless retard advocating for open borders >come to the great old amerimuttland >rob…[View]
182795600Not all North Africans are shitskins.: I’d argue some Berber groups and some Copts from the very nor…[View]
182792446HAPPENING: >8.2 earthquake >seismic activity all over the region getting progressively worse …[View]
182788155Is the Exodus a lie?: How are we supposed to think that the Jews were the good guys in the Exodus? …[View]
182798307Is there any hope of permanently reclaiming our big cities? Gentrification is kicking shitskins out …[View]
182802251I made an anti-migrants version of Country roads, put this in the background and sing it in your hea…[View]
182802925American arrested for peeing on passenger two rows behind him during flight to Japan: POO IN LOO_Ind…[View]
182802030He hasn't posted anything since the surgery. Has he killed himself?[View]
182779176AMA a Black finnish serviceman: Too often here comes some fellow finnish citizens who paint a differ…[View]
182802832Our greatest power is also our greateat weakness..[View]
182802812Someone cropped a pic of me next to something relating to Q, can you repost it?[View]
182774233SHUT THE FUCK UP NIGGER! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEf_D6i_IuI[View]
182801124REV UP THEM TWITTERS BOYS: https://twitter.com/pollingamerica/status/1030636036408438784?s=21 Ya all…[View]
182796771Am I right in thinking that the US is more progressive than the UK in terms of immigration? >Birt…[View]
182791587You don't choose to abide by natural law you are perpetuating an amoral system of chaos, suffer…[View]
182771719American Child marriages: Why are there so many child marriage in the usa? Its been a huge thing for…[View]
182794934Is the market falling flat on it's face in the PNW because the Chinese are selling off their in…[View]
182802020I bet jews laugh their asses off when they see you guys fighting each other in the name of different…[View]
182792665Fuck is wrong with these eligible bachelor white kids choosing these nigger/pooinloo wallhitters? T…[View]
182796789Go and do your fucking part. Downvote this video of this shit sjw bullshit. https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
182797428Murdoch-chan...: ...has a DICK! “””she””” identifies as a Trans-woman LGBT Right Wing Provocateur! y…[View]
182790562What song will you listen to when the Yellowstone Caldera erupts and everyone's shitting themse…[View]
182798071Blacks have higher estrogen levels than whites: https://academic.oup.com/jcem/article/92/7/2519/2598…[View]
182800709The Age of Doctors is over!: Also no more liberal teachers![View]
182797933Saw this today: Walking outside for the firs time in a while because so nice outside, and I saw this…[View]
182799132/pol/ comic strip thread: I'm trying to find a comic, it's of a dad and his son playing to…[View]
182788880Common Sense Gun Control: Post common sense gun control /pol/ can agree on. I'll start! >Clo…[View]
182787949>other boards do everyone do that? I only come to /pol/ for a long time. I was told I should know…[View]
182774517>maine >94% white >10% blond What exactly are americans made of?…[View]
182803275How the fuck do you release sexual urges if not porn .. and I'm not getting laid[View]
182800519do you consider NAFRI white? do they consider themselves white as well? what about NAFRI with light …[View]
182801569Who would win?[View]
182790102left-handers: left-handers have remained a stable 10 to 15 percent of the human population for thous…[View]
182796991OH NO NO NO AHAHAHAHA: The Great Walkback has begun. http://thehill.com/homenews/sunday-talk-shows/4…[View]
1827991951) There was no Republic of Korea in 1919, nor in 1920, nor in 1921. 2) All of Korea was a statutory…[View]
182799883APPLE COULD BUY ENTIRE TURKEY TODAY: >Erdogan has shrunk #Turkey's economy below $800bn and …[View]
182731461Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Allnight Nazis Edition: >Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
182800651lol @ pro-lifers: trying to save the life of a few niglets and degenerate lefty kids meanwhile i…[View]
182795624Ruby Ridge: Why does the government keep getting away with it. how do we stop this stuff.[View]
182799022Hahahahaha: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6041867/Residents-Chicago-n…[View]
182798848is trump gonna win in 2020?: im worried goys[View]
182794224Where Is Shitlery Clinton?: Lights out Ronald Reagan International. Where is ankle bracelet Clinton?…[View]
182801204Welcome back my great BVLL. We gonna take our oil back, Exxon Mobil[View]
182801123i wonder what mummys moans sound like[View]
182793577'you just lost the game' http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2018/08/16/sick-whatsapp-momo-suicide-game-infi…[View]
182801187https://youtu.be/6qQt2K2Yrps how did (((they))) let this one pass by?[View]
182801149Imagine how epic the first movie would be if Harry had put a breeching charge on the bathroom wall, …[View]
182798043Let's be real here...: Let's be real here motorcycle gangs are gay as fuck there's co…[View]
182801095Why they did It? were just crazy boys or have something behind that they did not tell us?[View]
182795789BREXITEERS BTFO: Based black man perfectly explains how the EU works to uneducated Leave campaigners…[View]
182798901AYO TRUMP: Learn to show some R-E-S-P-I-C-T[View]
182800918>'Nazism and Communism are just two sides of the same collectivist coin' Why do lolbergs still pr…[View]
182800970How do you dispute this guys arguments against NatSoc anons?: I found this video on YouTube and coul…[View]
182798791Obama Jeans: That is all.[View]
182798037So my fellow leaves, who should we be voting for in the upcoming election to make our way towards pr…[View]
182782688Another White Man Charged with hate Crimes for Calling a Nigger a Nigger.: >wife taking photos fo…[View]
182789462A prime minister slurred a citizen as racist, for asking a question on illegal immigration.: I could…[View]
182799229/MPPG/ - Masculinity/Patriarchy/Phallogocentrism General: Let's talk about Masculinity and how …[View]
182796900So is red communist China the new USSR bit this time it's their side who have all the factories…[View]
182799996Twitter is for Jews: Talk to Patrick on Gab where censorship is expelled just like the Jews were fro…[View]
182798897Tuckers garbagedag: So /pol/, have you build a shrine to Tucker yet? https://twitter.com/mmfa/status…[View]
182800238You can't tell me this has destroyed the west.[View]
182797220Madonna's latest Satanic mockery: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVgE45ZYTfw What do you think…[View]
182785918Did the Jews help Muslims invade Spain: If yes, why and how?[View]
182799578ITT images that trigger /pol/[View]
182799990Cucked...: >be me >go to coworkers barbecue >meet his wife and infant son >son is mulatt…[View]
182798230How do we use club culture to spread National Socialism?[View]
182788084Venezuelan expat who just got granted political asylum in the US here, AMA[View]
182782403Eurofags, what is your opinion on the second amendment? Do you wish that your own country had someth…[View]
182799862/pol/ humor thread: Go[View]
182799485https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pI0nWBnZqc So anything anti Isreal is just insta-flagged on Youtube…[View]
182797704Will we have a jewish president in our lifetime?[View]
182797029Why do pagans and christians agree on the topic of porn?[View]
182799164Plastic Pollution: Why is humanity such plastic polluting scum for? Don't you all care about yo…[View]
182750432Alex Jones Social Media Ban Saves Him From Lawsuit: Alex Jones was being sued by the families of San…[View]
182798574This is why police are trigger happy: >be black >get pulled over >regardless of innocence, …[View]
182793013Their ratings are tanking because of the kneeling shit. Is someone in that organization tired of run…[View]
182778778IN GOD WE TRUST: The jews can censor us all they like, it doesnt matter. Every dollar bill you get y…[View]
182796261Daily reminder: There is no distinction between capitalism and socialism/communism, it's just d…[View]
182799387Is Kek real: How come pepe, in all his manifestations, is that one meme that never died and never ge…[View]
182799546'A man was heading to a California hospital with his pregnant wife when ICE officers detained him, f…[View]
182799026Why are socialists so god damn stupid? They say phrases such as 'eat the rich', Do they just have de…[View]
182796793>making your real life worldviews about anything and your life style by basing them on the anecdo…[View]
182796979RIGTH CANT FIGTH PART 2[View]
182794089Would it be deflationary to wipe your ass with the Venezuelan bolívar? Seeing as its cheaper than bu…[View]
182796807Could you image the positive cultural and political impact Japan & Korea could have on Turkey if…[View]
182796064This is a UK Police Officer according to French Canadians[View]
182798941At the end of September 1941, Lord Beaverbrook arrived in Moscow, in the world, Max Aitken, the trus…[View]
182779334Trump is a monster.: Omarosa claims Trump is holding wife Melania hostage with a threat to DEPORT th…[View]
182789142How does this make you feel?[View]
182794457[SERIOUS] Why is Maine a blue state?: Seems like it would be red due to demographics, but goes solid…[View]
182796231mfw I find out that the best way to eliminate fags is by letting in a bunch of disease-ridden muzzie…[View]
182798658Ladies and gentlemen, the current state of the GOP: Complete fucking retards.[View]
182798854I'd Dump the Israelis Tomorrow – Ex-CIA Michael Scheuer Tells Congress: Should we ban dual citi…[View]
182795015My god hes about to name the fucking jew: (((communists)))[View]
182797468Yankees out, Yankees out, we are millions and yell it out!!!! We will no longer tolerate American oc…[View]
182798610This kills the /pol/tard from the inside: >This has led experts to think that Hitler – leader of …[View]
182796493Listen Black People in America…You Did Not Descend From An Egyptian King or Queen nor from North Afr…[View]
182767006in just three weeks Sweden will be having their election. For the first time (our guys) might actual…[View]
182796529hello /pol/ so for my next intention I will be devoting an entire year to developing my sexual energ…[View]
182798243How accurate is this?[View]
182779397Low-income Canadians spend 9% of annual income on communications services: Imagine that. 9 percent o…[View]
182781074Brit/pol/ - Modern Scottish Nationalists Edition: >French president Emmanuel Macron wades into Br…[View]
182793853Arno Breker: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arno_Breker >While nearly all of his sculptures surviv…[View]
182776457EX ISIS SEX SLAVE IN GERMANY ENCONTERS HER CAPTOR IN A SUPERMARKET: https://www.google.it/amp/www.da…[View]
182785641If you are from one of these areas and you can't speak your own language then you have no right…[View]
182798305Red Pill Info With 'Enterthe5t4rz': Most of you are probably aware of this guy, but if not…[View]
182798290PS4 game about the Iran´s coup in 1953: In The Cat and the Coup, you play the cat of Dr. Mohammed Mo…[View]
182791421I'm spending more time solving useless CAPTCHA than posting: What the fuck is this shit?[View]
182796626Right Wing parties are Russian Psyops: Here you see Austrias foreign minister kneeling before her ma…[View]
182793045Daily reminder that libtards banned alex jones because his views on sandy hook were too crazy. All w…[View]
182761155Western Extinction: Is this as big of a problem as /pol/ makes it out to be? I've noticed women…[View]
182797413Is he one of the great minds of our time?[View]
182795385weed: I am a Chinese study who will be studying in the Netherland, the real question is, is weed deg…[View]
182795781The real mood in Germany: https://youtu.be/PwozyE_D0xA[View]
182797441Is she or isn't she?: We've all seen the pictures of her manly bulge, Joan Rivers said she…[View]
182791176>Black/white IQ difference roughly 15 points >Conservative/liberal IQ difference roughly 15 po…[View]
182793662It's over faggots. Get used to it. Trump is done.[View]
182787394Let's get it straight:: Every territories all the way to the right side of the Rhine are GERMAN…[View]
182797403Find a fault. Pro-tip: you can't.[View]
182796584Trump is promoting coal burners, seriously, how will /pol/ recover from this?[View]
182797234Reparations - Give it now P***oids: We deserve it, you fags owe it to us. We could use this to make …[View]
182794342This is what propaganda looks like: Faggotry shilling for the caothlic here. Fucking disgusting vile…[View]
182791469Hungary NO!: Hungarian government spokesman is attacking the most respected Hungarian intellectual. …[View]
182793411I hated her at first but now I see: *Destroys your administration* But now she is reking the adminis…[View]
182796765Xenophobia: You know what, here's a conspiracy theory I just made up. People lacked empathy bac…[View]
182791341How many here racist but will bend the rules for the definition of white a little bit? Like I would …[View]
182785831Is Q meant to discredit us?: They’re talking about this queen on mainstream tv now. They fear us aft…[View]
182791993Making a faggy denim jacket with patches: recommend me some POL patches to put on my jacket so i can…[View]
182762968Damn Italy back at it again with the 'white' power https://m.ilmessaggero.it/primopiano/articolo-391…[View]
182796497White nationalist music: Just discovered this genre, really good shit. Paddy Tarleton https://www.yo…[View]
182793678>Libyan refugee with a Rocket Science degree stands with a sign in the financial district, lookin…[View]
182796312Mongrel Dog Hate Thread: I'm fucking tired of seeing all these gene pool fuck ups called 'dogs'…[View]
182793106I'm voting for her.[View]
182790694How much genetic value do you think a man's looks have? (The composition of a new generation is…[View]
182781865>Millenials are now over 30 years old How fucked are they?[View]
182794514When can I sign up for the Spartan Program?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iq5orWZQ7PY[View]
182791315Even if Donald Trump did collude with Russia I would still support him. No fake news outlet or shill…[View]
182792812What are some good unbiased sources to learn about the history of pre-colonial Africa? Youtube video…[View]
182765592800 NATIONAL SOCIALISTS MARCH THROUGH BERLIN: It's happening, Volksgenossen.[View]
182785877Deutschland über alles /pol/: Wie können wir von Österreichern lernen? Wir brauchen mehr gesunden Na…[View]
182795905Stop pulling your punches and name the fucking Jew. Otherwise you're nothing more than an unpai…[View]
182795164Will Trump reopen the 9/11 investigation?: https://youtu.be/pNF_yPWBHTc[View]
182788840PEZZAGATE IS REAL YOU FAGS: Hasbro Ad for Children's day on Latin America Never stop PLaying. l…[View]
182790898Can explanations be made with problems of Greek debt repayment? Let us have an accounting! Greece, h…[View]
182795656Proof that niggers are retarded [spoiler]Also nigger hate thread [/spoiler][View]
182794245We wuz KANGZ[View]
182780274>Holocau$t: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mel_Mermelstein >In 1980, the Institute for Historic…[View]
182781897Islam is not compatible with the West in any shape or form: Came across this today: https://islamqa.…[View]
182790954Redpill thread: Drop your best redpills[View]
182787779The Centre Cannot Hold: Magnitude 7.2 earthquake strikes 124 km north-northeast of Lombok, #Indonesi…[View]
182793922Words...are not words.[View]
182765256Dear Germany: a message from the honorary Aryan: https://twitter.com/nukodesu22/status/6324246235864…[View]
182783887https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rCQ79JGrUQ Who exactly is Phil Mudd and why does he act like a luna…[View]
182794006>Botched CIA Communications System Helped Blow Cover of Chinese Agents >The number of informan…[View]
182786217This Man does not get nearly enough credit for exposing (((them))): https://youtu.be/ojvQWO6fonE Her…[View]
182791298This is the whitest city of North America: With 93,6% of its population being white[View]
182794170Castreau: Just look at this smug faggot.[View]
182790219Wikipedia page from 2002 about GENDER: https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Gender&oldid=5…[View]
182783835Why are there so many Christian larpers on /pol/? Literally no one who is white and under 50 is reli…[View]
182792435At what point do we just eliminate women from the workforce entirely?[View]
182793543You know what to do /pol/: Can't let Barry have it.[View]
182795116what is hitler thinking about?[View]
182793463You faggots told me that Trump was a jewish puppet, when in reality he was always /our guy/[View]
182791353We dodged a huge bullet: It was extremely obvious why LGBT advocates were desperate to shut down the…[View]
182794939https://youtu.be/AFtmdorQG-U I don't care where we go or end up, as long as it's with you …[View]
182794433Hahaha, rotting inbred goy whore Elizabeth and her parliament goyim sending shekels to OUR holy land…[View]
182792273ITT: Men with bigger balls than anyone that visits /POL/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOY73vQAEp…[View]
182793664/Reich Citizens General: Peter Fitzek gets out of Jail: > Kingdom of Germany > Peter Fitzek is…[View]
182793457Good riddance to Europe and the West: I'm not a troll or shitposter, I stand by my words! I…[View]
182772491AUS/POL/ POWER FAILURE EDITION #2: Evening boys. Looks like more fuckups with electricity again. …[View]
182791437I think I've cracked it: The lowering white sperm rate caused by plastics and check trails. The…[View]
182785595OH NO NO Bias: What will the leftst use to racebait in their elite media coverage now with their ant…[View]
182794409Just a daily reminder that koons, kikes and kunts really are inferior and you really should have con…[View]
182780666Why aren't you redpilling a qt leftist yet?[View]
182782146so we are a world powah now: >6th in tourism >10th largest economy >1st in Unesco ... we ar…[View]
182790389>You go to jail and pay a $6000 fine if you spank your kid. Land of the free, home of the brave.…[View]
182785118what if we neutered everybody in the west with an IQ below 80? not murder or anything, just didn…[View]
182794001>TRUTH ISN'T TRUTH I wasn't convinced before but I am now. Trump needs to fire this dum…[View]
182790162Stop playing videogames[View]
182792720Who controls the grind? https://allthatsinteresting.com/overlooked-news-stories Perhaps the stranges…[View]
182792443with niggers and jews...[View]
182777800Finland is giving military training to the Somalian and Churka invaders.[View]
182790425how did we reach the point where the satanist are more appealing than the faggots and globalist[View]
182790776Larp free zone. /pol/ isn't actually filled with extremist we are mostly nationalist or liberta…[View]
182788105Serbia will never have a better president than pic related.[View]
182787602Skyking thread. Post everything Skyking related here. Also, I made this in SimplePlanes yesterday as…[View]
182793766Why are Alt-Right Neon-Nazis so oppressed in modern society?[View]
182759686What's the official position of /Pol/ on handshakes? I personally don't like being touched…[View]
182788951The problem with blacks is that they have very little ability to reflect upon their own actions and …[View]
182779129What are your thoughts on A.I.? >is it possible? >is there a threat? I personally think that i…[View]
182788390Banned from FB and Twitter just now: for Pro Trump Comments! It's censorship! They know they ar…[View]
182783929Holy shit this is actually real: I thought it was an inside joke and never bothered to look it up oy…[View]
182793471why do you need a job?: Im a 34 year old man and I make my dad pay my bills I just call and cry and …[View]
182789837ILLEGAL SPIC GETS DEPORTED OVER WARRANT FOR MURDER IN MEXICO: https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/loc…[View]
182789889Are race and IQ related, or is it environmental? You can clearly see differences between the races i…[View]
182790387The possible recession and fall of the Australian economy: Australia is the country with the second …[View]
182790287MEXICAN /POL/ THREAD: Japan and Mexico are best friends edition[View]
182789359This was such a blatant piece of propaganda that it feels to me that it has the opposite of its inte…[View]
182788742What is righteous violence to you?[View]
182789643Best cities in the US: What are some of the best cities to start a career in within the continental …[View]
182790768Guys: It's 1923 for us. I'm scared.[View]
182790915If the American 2nd Amendment is causing Mexico's gun violence to increase: Then why has Canada…[View]
182771564CORBYN RISING: Antisemitism accusations are not having any effect.: Absolute Chaos abounds in the po…[View]
182791322WHO IS YOUR FAV PRESIDENT, poll on twitter: https://twitter.com/PollingAmerica/status/10306360364084…[View]
182792599How important is church today?[View]
182779293Literally the greatest country in the world: Pakistan, literally the promise land. >Pakistan lit…[View]
182781040'Philosophy' will be the end of Whites: My grandfather was a man's man, a real man, parent, hus…[View]
182792675This is the lead article in my local Sunday paper today. https://www.theday.com/aemusic/20180819/dr…[View]
182790033umm why is Drudge so racist?[View]
182788950>there are people in this board that refuse to have kids and would rather watch anime all day…[View]
182776572/pol/ Humor Thread[View]
182788356I've been obsessing over politics for years now and it's starting to take its toll, mental…[View]
182791189Why do these cucks keep voting for Merkel?[View]
182791325Did you know there is a Nazi Ranch in Los Angeles?: TheMurphy Ranchis a ranch built inRustic Canyon,…[View]
182789301Are the Celts/modern Irish/Scottish people's white?[View]
182791948I heard this nig’s wifu just test c section but did not give birth. Any meds here? Plz confirm.[View]
182783330If you're not working out you're on the path to suicide.: Seriously lads, the difference b…[View]
182791698Flag rate thread: Rate my flag, cunts Post yours and we will rate them. Hard mode: we try to do dec…[View]
182772208What's your favorite painting depicting your own country?[View]
182782310Croatia is finished.: Not using kikebook for 4 years - but just got this screenshot from a friend th…[View]
182781673An advice to all of you: You are ruining your life by browsing this site, especially if you are youn…[View]
182790506Why does the anglo thirst for aryan blood?[View]
182769216“The more you act like a lady...' sign removed: Sign removed because it has gender stereotypes I jus…[View]
182788497Empathy the scourge of the 21st century[View]
182704043Why do boomers kick their kids out of the home at 18?: Yet still goad then and shame them if they do…[View]
182789819African Americans make innocent Jewish boy cry: I hope you know everytime you make merchant thread t…[View]
182788948TRUE HISTORY: A lot of you here larp as amateur historians who know a lot about real history, but...…[View]
182791243On the Failings of Africa: Some Anon posted this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-4V3HR696k …[View]
182786729Trump invokes McCarthy: Why haven't you studied Senator Joe McCarthy the Army-McCarthy hearings…[View]
182789177what is the most redpilled country and why is it switzerland?[View]
182790946Our lord and savior Ben Shapiro: >The dark ominous voice booms >'Are you a left or right wing?…[View]
182791002Can't we push for western atheism to hate islam like it hates christianity? I'm no big fan…[View]
182785454Give it back.[View]
182788456WHORE FORCE: Women don't belong in combat roles but they can be great in support roles. One of …[View]
182789539The only way is down from here: The world died in 2012 and all of what we understand as reality righ…[View]
182790123If you live in Wyoming, vote for Foster Friess for governor[View]
182784817Why does the incel epidemic exclusively effect the far-right and no other groups?[View]
182785391The 'Hannah Hays' spam over the last couple of days is a CIA MKUltra psyop[View]
182790443So When are we getting a Philosophy board since mods are absolute faggots and are banning self impro…[View]
182788041What is the one true measure of 'us and them?' Please oversimplify it for me. Is it race? is it reli…[View]
182791205Hiro Approved Meta Thread: Allow /pig/ Porn Industry General Porn is a weapon designed to influence …[View]
182786449You can't judge a person based on the actions of others who share an arbitrary and immutable tr…[View]
182771200So has anyone here actually had any personal experiences with refugees? I've never met any myse…[View]
182787155This is what 'Joe posting' looks like in the current year.[View]
182785820Global Warming: Is global warming a project so that they can invade Russia in the winter times?…[View]
182764315Any books on masculinity? I grew up with a single mom and now realized how frail and unmasculine I a…[View]
182771895Trump likes his steak well done with a side of ketchup: If you are okay with that, you are not okay.…[View]
182781132China AMA: Thread continued from last night. I lived in China (Beijing) for 3 years AMA[View]
182786069Dame Dash calles the (((head))) of Hip Hop: Dame Dash (left) in pic related was the man behind Jay Z…[View]
182777925If Alex Jones dies.: There should be a civil war[View]
182790047Are capitalist the ultimate cucks? >be capitalist >spend your whole day working for mister she…[View]
182789960>my dad is posting about Q anon on facebook again ... /pol/ you did this ... apologize !!…[View]
182789537absolute: lost in relv[View]
182789780Anyone figured out how to make a fake Nextdoor account? The people on that site are worse than 4cha…[View]
182789826/pig/ Porn Industry General and POL Improvement General(meta thread): This is related to politics re…[View]
182782515'shit life syndrome': >Britain and America are in the midst of a barely reported public…[View]
182789688hmmm: >Liberals legalize abortion under any circumstance >Liberal population gets old and star…[View]
182777509Who Will Be The Next Hitler?: What are the qualities/traits he needs? Tell me your wet dreams /poll/…[View]
182789548If you can't afford basic human needs, you don't deserve them. Change my mind.[View]
182776812>'Good morning everyone, my name is Ana Kasparian, and I will be your Political Science 101 profe…[View]
182787882Do not investigate pizzagate related materials while doing nofap! You have been warned. That's …[View]
182776132Republicans btfo[View]
182784606War on Free Speech: What are the best steps to take to support free speech platforms? Would you agre…[View]
182786152Civic nationalism: How do so many people keep falling for it?[View]
182784425Proof all Jewish Rabbis are Mossad!!a: lets face it .. Mexicans coming into the US is not the proble…[View]
182785361The Jew's fascination with racemixing: Jews are fascinated by race mixing, and making race mixi…[View]
182786391hahahahaha: >he worships a cuck[View]
182787413This presidency has gone full on Mafia. Hope the (((winning))) is worth selling out to this garbage.[View]
182788424Michael Moore is a clone of Jan Terri.: Why the fuck is nobody talking about this? >be michael mo…[View]
182788275bush family: why are bushes such neo-cons? are they truly globalist evil gay frogs as alex jones cla…[View]
182777422Is it time to buy TESLA shares?: ((they)) want to take Elon Musk down, and maybe there's soe mo…[View]
182763148He may be a gypsy, but the best fighter in the world is definitely /ourguy/: >In 2013, Fury told …[View]
182787090Keep it /pol/ related http://deathgenerator.com/#pq2[View]
182780659The Hyksos were jews: >Ejecton not Exodus https://sites.google.com/site/ebreicredentiingesu/Home/…[View]
182785581Aryan race confirmed: The less British the Brits are, the more successful and intelligent they are. …[View]
182771755Is there someone who shocked world more lately? 20 years of being sober, stoped snorting coke and th…[View]
182788890++ REPORT: GERMANY'S MOST WANTED MAN ++: > Teenager described as being 'Tanned' > 30 - 40…[View]
182786349Getting Christians on board Nazism: All it takes is a few good Goebbels quotes and historical perspe…[View]
182784063what will greg conte do now?[View]
182778694The military is going to be on our side when we overthrow Trump comrades![View]
182786436Stop sponsoring starving nigs in Africa, which is projected to overtake Asia in terms of population …[View]
182785560Institute the General Work Requirement: >Niggers living off of welfare >Kikes living off of in…[View]
182787959Seriously Minnesota? Go fuck yourselves if you let this muslim piece of shit win your AG. Your lives…[View]
182787321Protocols of Zion: Can I get a quick rundown?[View]
182787688Daily Reminder: The Kings of Ancient Egypt were Aryan: >inb4 muh (((New Kingdom)))…[View]
182782706It's amazing what a skilled politician she is. She weathered W, worked with Obama, and is now m…[View]
182777846ANA KASPARIAN: >be ana >be 32 years old >be making political talk shows >be semi attract…[View]
182787826red rock me on transhumanism vs anarchoprimitivism[View]
182786207how historically accurate would be to make a game about deporting germans, irish and other non anglo…[View]
182786107Technocracy General: And why we should approach democracy as a scientific, technical, engineering pr…[View]
182782737Montana Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock says he “would” support an assault weapons ban: >“Everybody…[View]
182774711Look at this pic and tell me point blank that capitalism is a good thing.[View]
182776999Pornography is immoral. Stop watching porn.[View]
182779877Is she, dare I say, /OURGIRL/?[View]
182786860Hey Anons! How funny would it be: if they wrote their own death stories and we holocaust them the wa…[View]
182787989are you an european trad who's looking to know like-minded women? http://www.soschretiensdorien…[View]
182787978Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-4V3HR696k[View]
182766475Canada is Funding and Supporting Terrorism Front Groups with Taxpayers’ Money: >The government of…[View]
182785423/pol/ extermination list: Do I have this about right? >jews >LGBT >all nonwhites >men un…[View]
182782973Imagine if your coat of arms is an african with a crown. They already knew the future of Germany hun…[View]
182780226So AJ was the canary in the coalmine. Who will be the next to be banned? Anyone placing bets?[View]
182785696Imagine the President’s former campaign chairman is on trial for various felonies. Imagine the jury …[View]
182786124Is Gal Gadot white?[View]
182787557Woke Games! Time to ditch those gross Patriarchy games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtMC2dIi_jw…[View]
182782805Flag hang sideways: Is there any political meaning to hanging an American flag on its side like pic …[View]
182786175I'm a 8/10 chad which is confident and never had particular issues in having sex and also date …[View]
182757352How do we stop snow melters?[View]
182782325CURRENT EVENTS.: Attention Pacific Northwest and West Coast Canada/ Vancouver Island Bros and Grills…[View]
182751320Serpentza why is this guy so based? recently found his YT channel and he just drops redpills >Sou…[View]
182767955who else was raised by a single mom there?: abscence of father figure in my life seems to be at the …[View]
182782717Why does the USA not have Gopniks/Chavs?: Why does the USA not have white Gopniks/Chavs in their urb…[View]
182783533What do we think of his show?[View]
182776706Hermaphrodites: Scientifically speaking biological sex can be seen a as scale. How does /pol/ deal w…[View]
182785101seriously wtf is wrong with india just came back from ethiopia and sudan how the fuck are those plac…[View]
182786856What makes the Jew so vile looking?: My theory is that it’s not only the looks, it’s mostly the evil…[View]
182781533> Never deleted a post > Never 'shadowbanned' an account > Never rearranged a timeline Apol…[View]
182785460Why are liberals so stupid? Like literally. Why are so hell-bent on running a country when the major…[View]
182783016This ogre is only 36. Is she the product of inbreeding?[View]
182785354What is the solution to the german problem?[View]
182786931>trillions of planets >millions of civilizations >their religion is the real one…[View]
182786254Wait, Larry Silverstein didnt even own the lease to building 7? So why did he knock it down then[View]
182785932Is OBEY a psyops?[View]
182786717What kind of educations do you guys have? Are any of you actual political science majors or have any…[View]
182785275Stop being a mutt[View]
182775264Why are white men not allowed to keep anything? Why are white people interchangeable with any race i…[View]
182773629Colorado family struggled with debt before husband kills wife, daughters: Chris and Shanann Watts de…[View]
182776578What does your country have to do to improve? For me it is is >Ban the TPLF >Remove the ethnic…[View]
182785664Freedom of Speech vs Freedom from Consequences?: Why do people latch on to this dumb saying? When yo…[View]
182768870OY VEY: WAAAH Jeremy Corbyn won't support my apartheid state. Waaahhh. Anti-seeeeemites![View]
182785690>Be black >Black female friend just got back from UC Berkley >Used to be a southern bell …[View]
182773257Was Hitler the second coming of Christ? Did he try to end Jewish degeneracy again only to have the …[View]
182786074This proves niggers are cursed by god[View]
182785826Nazis look out. I'm coming for you.[View]
182783879Hillary Clinton's disease is too much Cannibalism[View]
182782323Anybody know where I can listen to the Omarosa tapes?[View]
182785873>truth isn't truth[View]
182782472Is Trump suggesting that McCarthy himself was subject to a witch hunt similar to what Trump is exper…[View]
182785425Why North Europeans insist that they have good English? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWuyrlXI7nA…[View]
182782919if white people are so smart than why are a swarthy peoples smarter than all white countries?[View]
182787402Bring down the Porn Industry General /PIG/: (((Porn Industry))) taking advantage of a literal mental…[View]
182782992SWEDES BTFO[View]
182784657Why are incels a thing?: Which political factors create Supreme Gentlemen?[View]
182775192>commies say it's not real communism, when something negative is brought up about it. >/p…[View]
182779343Here tommy looks like your average irish man (which is what he is). why is he not going for the chav…[View]
182785162the jew fears the samurai[View]
182774689>Poles protest against muslim refugees and their establishment insults the protesters the EU sper…[View]
182784712Why is /pol'/, the noble anti-pedo crusader board, so silent about the abuses of pic related?[View]
182776232Tell me about Transylvania. Why does it belong to Romania?[View]
182780572Is it possible to be President of the United States and not be a jew puppet?[View]
182785302I am sad: I feel bad when you call me a gypsy...i just try to be a good christian and a good citizen…[View]
18278313118 year old killed in car accident. What's she thinking in this pic? http://budeandbeyond.co.u…[View]
182769576Well, This Didn't Age Well: Discuss /pol/. Do you think CTR left? Or just re-branded under a ne…[View]
182770520>go shopping cashier is Romanian >go home by bus driver is Romanian >go to hairdresser Roma…[View]
182753272Michael Jackson Beaten By A Real White Man: > Michael Jackson had to give up a little bit of spac…[View]
182778019India: Woman poses as man, marries two women for dowry in Nainital: >A 25-year-old woman allegedl…[View]
182777240(((Germany))): (((Germany))) (((Germany))) (((Germany)))[View]
182776611What is genocide?: http://www.gp.se/debatt/osakligt-om-krigen-i-forna-jugoslavien-1.434950 >Av sa…[View]
182784716The final solution to the Nigger problem: Literally just keep Trump in office. Trump is creating an …[View]
182784231>Anarchism can't wor- >In Cherán’s unique form of government, the real power lies wholly …[View]
182784530serious discussion: Are all artists (and consequentially, all forms of art) subjected by a collectiv…[View]
182784872Progressive Economic Policy: How do Living wage work with high income tax?[View]
182761974The Chinese government has been holding a Million Uighur people in camps https://www.japantimes.co.j…[View]
182771728/sig/ - Thread. Become active edition: Daily /sig/-thread. Get your ass up, /pol/-tards. >Look ma…[View]
182777385And I quote: -All forms of Gun Control and laws that restrict citizens to possess arms IS A FORM OF …[View]
182784292Are you for or against meme flags?: >amerimutts larping as Europeans >jews posing as goyim lit…[View]
182773059Is this a blackpill board now?: About a 2 weeks ago, i began feeling extremely blackpilled To my sur…[View]
182784078Europe are the twelve tribes. Christianity is the real tribe of Judah and modern Jews are erev rav w…[View]
182765631Feeling generous today. Gonna drop a few red pills. >Fooled by randomness >Black swan >Inad…[View]
182777133AshtonBirdie: I stumbled upon this video of another girl calling ashtonbirdie a filthy tradthot, do …[View]
182784977SHE IS NOT RETARDED: Like I said in the other thread, you have to be too naive to believe that she…[View]
182782512>Majority votes to leave >Ruling minority decides to stay…[View]
182780911Redpilled Vidcons: Anon posted some keys to this yesterday on /biz/. Did not expect a gem like pic r…[View]
182781904'The top one-tenth of 1 percent now owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent.'[View]
182783795The final solution to the Kike problem: Today, I propose a solution that will counter every single K…[View]
182783289was the date of the 9/11 attacks coincidentally related to the 9-1-1 emergency number?[View]
182779977Secret Motive of Danforth Shooter?: The mass media tells us that the Danforth shooter was just a cra…[View]
182783503lol parliament[View]
182776622What does it mean?[View]
182783486Is Poland about to be cucked by Germoney?[View]
182783064Have you guys ever been to chik fil a? It's like stepping into a time machine and going into th…[View]
182780800blacks are way more racist than whites period they have low self-esteem, they jealous of white peopl…[View]
182783274We need to make our own country a shithole.: >make your cunt shithole >everyone moves to neigh…[View]
182782986Well this kanji won't be hard to remember.[View]
182782112How do you go from this...[View]
182783134>tattoos are degenerate Ok guys but I had a serious disease which caused some ugly scars appear o…[View]
182778609There is no political solution!: Stop voting for right wing parties such as SD, AfD, AfS, FN, PVV an…[View]
182783029Another case of get woke go broke in the making. >Bantu, Jamaal Bantu[View]
182779182Is this true?[View]
182775077>be a mixed brown mish-mash of race, a liberal's wet dream >be racist as fuck and subdiv…[View]
182769345What race are Ashkenazi Jews: European Jewish isn't a race and they aren't Middle Eastern.…[View]
182776597What the fuck Ireland: >be Taig >come home from abortion clinic >get buggered by your husba…[View]
182773234The entire concept of race will be wiped off the Earth in 20 years when human genetical manipulation…[View]
182782047ran Not a Pushover and Will Never Become a US Vassal State – Analyst: https://sputniknews.com/analys…[View]
182782392A monster girl question: If the girls from monster girl encyclopedia showed up what would you think …[View]
182779440why do american students talk about eating ramen because they are so poor, yet the average US studen…[View]
182779481F: Press F to pay respects to everyone who fought side by side with the great Third Reich against th…[View]
182778737Antifa Honeypot: Surprised there wasn’t a thread on this yet https://www.thedailybeast.com/website-p…[View]
182756485they know who we are: do you have a social media presence outside of 4chan? anything published onlin…[View]
182777405Future of Europe/America, Race/Ethnicity: I am Italian/White Hispanic/Filipino. I understand that mi…[View]
182771957Christ is the only answer: Just a reminder that there is only one true answer to all the fear, hatre…[View]
182776375https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-45235655 >You live in a country where people are so brainw…[View]
18278139065 years ago today, democratically-elected Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh was overthrown …[View]
182781883The Bull has been prepped: >Mr Dutton’s camp began briefing journalists that their man now had th…[View]
182774611Is Corbyn the Trump of Britian?[View]
182781005Good=virtue=leads to power Christianity created unprecedented power, why did he hated Christianity?[View]
182780184>some dog races are more violent than others we should ban them to make our country safer 'yes th…[View]
182781793Is Ant-Man and the Wasp an alt-right manifesto? >a sickly quadroon attempts to solve her existent…[View]
182780863US Sanctions Russia, China, Singapore Companies for DPRK Trade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RfY…[View]
182781645which one is the most disappointing?[View]
182767408>mediterranean men are more manly and desired >blondes are a bunch of weak basedboys that girl…[View]
182779810Why haven't you joined our founded your local HMB club yet?: There is no good reason for pol no…[View]
182757282Brit/pol/ - minimalist edition: .[View]
182779335Why Can Sarah Jeong say 'Nigger?': She only fucks white men and Jews for career advancement and does…[View]
182767666Trans here. As much as I would like to become female, I am not one. I am a woman but I'm not a …[View]
182775102If Jews are the chosen people why do they rape their own kids?[View]
182771040Why do Americans define freedom as getting away with sexism degeneracy but criticizing Israel its of…[View]
182755987Australia: What's your opinion on Australia?[View]
182781305I just want a loyal conservative wife, don’t care if she’s fat, who cooks (I can help with the clean…[View]
182765972>cheerleaders guys whats going on with your cheerleaders squads? i dont know if you notice anythi…[View]
182780810Why ppl worry about climate change? Doesn’t it always happen at some point? How is this time will be…[View]
182749806Best White country to move to: /pol/ I'm absolutely tired of all the chinks and niggers around …[View]
182780046Are conquistadors white?[View]
182771382how has American culture changed your country?[View]
182778764Wow amerikkka still have your guns? Why dont you join current year and be more like Europe?[View]
182765351Will you be voting for Dwayne Johnson in the 2020 US elections?[View]
182781054>incels Nihilistic, blames others for their lack of sex and relationships, indulges in wasting ti…[View]
182774641Are most anime posters degenerates and paedofiles? This a serious question. Anime posters claim it…[View]
182770467Whose side is /pol/ on?: The US, UK and Italy all had redpilled elections. Faggots like Holland, Ger…[View]
182764343The Greatest Story Never Told: I've read Mein Kampf and certainly consider myself a national so…[View]
182771195MGTOW COULD HAVE SAVED SKYKING!!!: Did you know SkyKing got raped in divorce court by his wife and t…[View]
182777324White Americans: Where did our families come from?: This thread will focus on the ethnic background …[View]
182776313no man has ever btfo /pol/ as hard as this guy[View]
182779864Why do ''''democratic'''' nations throw a fit when candidates they don't like are democraticall…[View]
182737630What exactly are progressive progressing to?[View]
182770195GET IN HERE POLL: Aight /pol/, we're doing our best to get rid of Turnbull, and right now we…[View]
182777699So /pol/, will the Jews wipe themselves out?[View]
182780366Ugh, why can't the Russians just leave us alone: https://www.cnn.com/2018/08/17/politics/fbi-ha…[View]
182769997German here. How do we stop Brexit?: It’s caused enough damage already. In my mandatory Gender Studi…[View]
182774782The German people used to be great when they had some pride. Now they're genociding themselves …[View]
182778986Why are gangs so retarded? >mongrel mob >mongrel >mascot is a pure bred Bulldog. Why are ga…[View]
182770407NORM MCDONALD IS TURNING PURE SHITLORD: Get in here lads, Norm is laying waste to SJWS. Screencap, L…[View]
182779432These retards killed the last hope of a nationalist movement in the west.[View]
182779646Please take responsibility.: This is antisocial behavior in Japan! This is abuse!And sponging! They …[View]
182724557Syria General /sg/ - Plots and Schemes Edition: Archive/Study/Research/Library >syriagenerals.wor…[View]
182749206Eco-Fascism & Deep Ecology: When is /pol/ going to take the Linkolapill?[View]
182773890Why do white children so readily embrace negro culture?[View]
182777610What Nintendo mean here ?: > Donkey Kong N64: Your 'Life meter' are watermelons > Donkey Kong…[View]
182778789Emporer looking over my city[View]
182774712Serving the Whites: I want to serve the white race, please tell me what should I do? Loyally Yours R…[View]
182779827operation chimp rap: I have an idea. Can we start subtly adding chimp noises to famous rap songs and…[View]
182778237Why is European politics so dogshit?: >France Liberal cesspit, always has been >Germany Re-el…[View]
182769293Where should i move if i want to start a strong family free of degeneracy faggotry and niggers ?[View]
182779189Why does Ben get to be an open Zionist and Jewish identitarian with no backlash?[View]
182769554How could someone even THINK of supporting Trump after watching a video like this: https://youtu.be/…[View]
182778576Techno-fascism and transhumanism general: Stop worshipping a CIA experiment subject who blew up whit…[View]
182779395Italian democratic party: This is the link of the google docs where the italian democratic(they are …[View]
182766651Richard Spencer goes on vacation to Turkey, declared 'Genocide All Turks': After vacationing in Turk…[View]
182764794Why does this particular pattern occur so often?[View]
182777644Post something worthy for >>182777777[View]
182771746Are you ready kids dad is home: Time to remove some kebabs and some kikes. Who wants to join the Eur…[View]
182779300What is /pol/‘s opinion on the Kalergi Plan?: I see a lot of Europeans on here unironically support …[View]
182775268Did boomers really fuck up the economy or is it all a meme?[View]
182777085Redpill me on Turkey. TL;DR - My dad was born in Turkey. I found out this year he's ethnically …[View]
182777129Fake News Hilarity: I'm screencapping the news sites that are trying to hide that the illegal i…[View]
182764028Redpill me on Left-wing politics and Leftism in general.[View]
182779216JEWSTEINSKIKES BTFO: Hey /pol/, Norway might be the first to successfully combat the Jews and outlaw…[View]
182778361Kevin Logan is extremely high IQ and it is obvious if your politics don't lean towards his, you…[View]
182774719Britain never tried to take over Europe like France and Germany: Britain is the only European countr…[View]
182779184https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uj8J62BqRMo&feature=youtu.be She's right you know.[View]
182779181/pol/ communism general: Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the…[View]
182774922What are some redpilled news sources?: something thats objective. >inb4 stormweenies…[View]
182750659How do we stop the Black on Jew hate?: The Blacks are getting woke and attacking innocent jews. We h…[View]
182781818When did you realize...: That nukes are a giant meme? Or do you still believe in the Hollywood Jew b…[View]
182769948Who's the old man next to Ienin?: 'Jacob Schiff was Jewish-American banker, businessman, and ph…[View]
182778649Give me your best ANCAP memes. NATSOCS FUCK OFF. Freedom is the highest good.[View]
182775593Not him too :( now it makes sense why he is so depressed. After doing those things to stay famous ov…[View]
182772920Live and work in the midwest see these everywhere, temp agencies can't even keep up with demand…[View]
182772918Brazilian border town residents drive out Venezuelan immigrants: >Angry residents of the Brazilia…[View]
182768379Why is Eastern Europe so degenerate and why does everyone on /pol/ call them ”based and redpilled”?[View]
182775878Get this faggot some subs, he lives in a storage unit in the U.K. and says it's 'okay to be whi…[View]
182774297Was joseph a cuck?: Joseph from the bible was actually a cuck. who else agrees to this interpretatio…[View]
182778409Psalms and Proverbs.: For Christians on Pol, what is your favourite Proverb or Psalm? Proverbs can c…[View]
182778114What are the things in the animation and comic industry that liberals have ruined? We have forced mu…[View]
182737747DIXIE THREAD: Evenin' /pol/ - it's time for a quality Dixie Thread. Thread Theme: https:/…[View]
182778161Somalis, niggers of the nigger race: Why are these worthless niggers everywhere? Not even their neig…[View]
182746600Haven't seen a Greece Debt Thread in a while. Wondering if it's ever gonna come around. Wh…[View]
182774019Italy is rightful Romanian clay: Press F for Italy.[View]
182766816>Nazism and Communism are just two sides of the same collectivist coin[View]
182775937>British soldier laughs as he dooms western civilization Why the fuck didn't the bongs just …[View]
182773438The gayest story never told: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYSMm0Oj5HU Admit it, Hitler was a pans…[View]
182772197Anyone else noticed that when there are actual conspiracies being talked about, people spam flat ear…[View]
182745882Happening confirmed!: Manafort jury leaker! Someone on the Manafort jury is leaking to Huffpo. Perha…[View]
182775670>The Mandate of Heaven or Tian Ming (Chinese: 天命; pinyin: Tiānmìng; Wade–Giles: T'ien-ming) …[View]
182777304ITT moments which both the far right and far left think were based af. I’ll start: https://youtu.be/…[View]
182771469What are your favorite Conservative Traditionalist video game characters?[View]
182776557Have you taken the Terrypill or are you just another low IQ CIA nigger?[View]
182756782Remember the strange lights/noises happening threads last night? Well guess what, there was a fuck h…[View]
182777027What do you think will happen with Turkey? Is is all a bluff by Erdogan? Will he open the floodgates…[View]
182762977How can a pedophile be an upstanding citizen?[View]
182759608!!!!!!!!!!HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!! WORLDWIDE EARTHQUAKE EVENT OCCURRING NOW: https://www.twitch.tv/dutch…[View]
182776985Remember Democrats!: >Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever! https://www…[View]
182776148was this staged?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rml1yTY5IPM[View]
182734499What went wrong?[View]
182770123Grug not understand how 6 member of long nose tribe die in Holobunga, when only 4 live in cave befor…[View]
182770204Why do right-wingers like this faggot?: I don't get why people are making this guy a symbol of …[View]
182771416The Ultimate White Pill.: I come with good news mankind, and for /pol/ in particular. If we take the…[View]
182776162Hey Burgers, have you paid your taxes to Israel yet?: https://therealnews.com/stories/over-2000-citi…[View]
182767511When did you realize that things will never be normal again? Part II.: I believe that Trump has alte…[View]
182771477Who has a VERY self hating white relative ?: It makes my blood boil and they are very aggressive if …[View]
182769209APOLOGIZE: You all want it don't you.[View]
182765904What's the deal with Russian Bots? Can someone show me like a diagram of how it all works?[View]
182739021>such a big and rich country and it's a corrupt, poverty ridden, demential place Why…[View]
182769814QT Marxist Professor: So /pol/, i'm taking a sociology elective at uni at my qt professor is a …[View]
182776166Two big issues today are overpopulation and Islam. Both problems can be solved easily by eradicating…[View]
182758897Multicultural SS Nazi: Why do they lie so much about the fact that the Nazi had a ton of supporters …[View]
182774473WW3, race war, or any large scale conflict will NEVER happen because peacetime is just too profitabl…[View]
182774158Secret Clearance: Why the fuck are you burgers allowing people to just basically keep that forever? …[View]
182769640Can we just genocide Germans already?[View]
182759322well, /pol/?[View]
182772302This, is CNN: Mudd is losing it: We're going to see one of these spooks lose it on air. Either …[View]
182771780>Say something pro-Israel Fucking JIDF shill! >Say something anti-Israel Whatcha doing Rabbi? …[View]
182775615Whites need to embrace Islam. Not only does it give “minority” protected status but it is the natura…[View]
182767355This should be required reading before posting: The fact that most on this site don't even unde…[View]
182766268Business Owners paying to stop Brexit: Superdry co-founder Julian Dunkerton has just paid £1,000,000…[View]
182773112/canada happening thread/ justin KEKEAU has lady removed for asking when they'll get back the 1…[View]
182777933We Can Save Her: So /pol/ has been thinking about a concrete plan to get the brain damaged Hannah Ha…[View]
182765941UK gets its first neo-nazi, white supremacist group: This is very significant https://twitter.com/b…[View]
182775590When did you realize that /pol/ was just r/WhiteMasculinity?: Well?[View]
182775641The Jesus Shot: Thoughts on the 'Jesus shot'? Who is this Dr.Mike and what is the Jesus Shot really?…[View]
182774960This is the punch that started the Proud Boy Purge.[View]
182775527I just remembered what black people smell like and why a purge is necessary. What motivates your pur…[View]
182775474>nazis say might is right >they lose OH NO NO NO NO…[View]
182758662guys explain yourselves: So let me get this straight you hate 'roasties' and you bash on women becau…[View]
182767096>Here is the redpill you can't handle. Communism protected the eastern part of Europe from d…[View]
182774998How will you defende yourself when Muslims invide your country? Muricans are ready. How about you? h…[View]
182774853AfS brainlets: >Vote for AfS guyse it will fix Swidin How can we solve the problem of autistic la…[View]
182774134RITH CANT FIGTH[View]
182775064How many Linkies does /pol/ have?[View]
182762628What was jews role in WW1? Did they start it or influence it or were Jews not involved in that one?[View]
182760225This is what Africans, Indians and Chinese are doing in Australia. Assimilation going great, they ha…[View]
182761709So uh... How do creationists explain fossils of creatures that are way different from anything seen …[View]
182766408Estonian declares first space nation is created; Asguardia: So this rich Estonian guy has declared t…[View]
182774770Reading about the IMF...: Holy shit, this organisation has to be the most evil thing ever! It's…[View]
182724747>women in the infantry discuss[View]
182774001Imagine: My https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/aug/18/san-francisco-poop-problem-inequal…[View]
182760890Just donated what little I have to help their cause. Communism will win.[View]
182769875How could we stop America?[View]
182774658ITT: We talk like boomers[View]
182772327Ignoring WW2 Massacres: WTF and I am not even a kraut. Only the lowest of lows intentionally massacr…[View]
182774680White feminists BTFO: https://youtu.be/52OokxNxW8k What is even going on in this world? Where did it…[View]
182771199is alex jones left wing? i'm an australian and don't know about him.[View]
182769522March Against Brexit rally in Berlin: Pro EU Europeans get in here! Brexit MUST be stopped. We Germa…[View]
182771487Who of you did this?[View]
182773937>The left can't me- Okay, this is epic.[View]
182771576It's only poor, ugly and old people who are conservative, simply because they're bitter. P…[View]
182773161Autist leftypol is Triggered: >'you'll immediately get called a commie by about 3-5 anonymou…[View]
182765710How come Fox News republicucks never talked about pic related?[View]
182750943Women are whores.: What does that make men, if we fuck them? Every single one of them.[View]
182769591Hey guys, I hope this is regarded as pol related. Anyone know good sites for looking up demographic …[View]
182766101Ok so the left is fully immersed in the doctrine of sexual liberation. To the extent of which they a…[View]
182769509I join normie book normie groups and report anti white racism to facebook[View]
182765053Look at this funny segment on Fox news: https://youtu.be/gdZlGCuH-4Q Pic related >Trump fighting…[View]
182773899what's the CIA - WaPo connection again?[View]
182763366What is this?[View]
182773792If your country needs to build a wall doesn't that mean your culture is weaker than your invade…[View]
182772622what do you think about pic related? clearly alliances are forming[View]
182773198>well we’re being censored :( >but it’s okay since it’s not the gubmint :DDD are there any wor…[View]
182730886In the UK where do you go to get you kid circumcised?: I want my son circumcised as I can see the be…[View]
182765063/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - MAGA EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov ht…[View]
182770556Elliot Rodgers couldn't even shoot up a portable[View]
182764622Is commieblocks on a city scale an ultimate redpill to the housing crisis?: >Like a beacon of hop…[View]
182746239Skyking Cleared Water by 10ft: Audio from F15s on intercept. Pilots are amazed at Rich Russell flyin…[View]
182768586Jews the 'protected ' people.: What makes the JEWS so SPECIAL, they have to be zealously PROTECTED a…[View]
182770038Will Russia get ever more isolated politically and economically?[View]
182769555Do you know how to spot the subtle signs of creeping totalitarian government?[View]
182752143THIS IS THE SHIT TWATTER DOES: They suspend you for making conservative comments, when you’re suspen…[View]
182772944>/pol/ will defend this Disgusting[View]
182770819pagan discord thread: I am a Norse Pagan who is looking to discuss his native faith in the European …[View]
182762094Conservatives >Holy shit look at Google shadowbanning conservative thought! This is a fucking dis…[View]
182759145Brian Krassenstein is a pedophile: https://twitter.com/krassenstein/status/1031056919358787584 It wo…[View]
182771148Fucking Hell: -Civil Rights Organization sends out a list of farms that are eyed for expropriation. …[View]
182770984>mueller found the pee pee phonograph[View]
182769720No shithole like Berlin: Danzig, Breslau and Stettin are no shitholes like Berlin[View]
182753644Global Seismic Unrest!: Happening, 6.8 Magnitude aftershock in Fiji after 8.2 earthquake! Comfy dutc…[View]
182771958Whites are outnumbered: Swallow the Islam pill before it’s too late /pol/[View]
182772223Based China?: Looks like they're dealing with the sandnigger mudslime problem better than the E…[View]
182772289guys, why can't we be friends?[View]
182761868AUS/POL/ POWER FAILURE EDITION: Evening boys. Looks like more fuckups with electricity again. >Op…[View]
182769901Cult of Dusty BANNED: Dusty has been banned from Twitter, Facebook and Twitch for calling someone a …[View]
182770207Some anon reported seeing flashing lights a few days ago in Western Germany https://archive.4plebs.…[View]
182770233Racism does not Exist, only Hatred does: Do not Race-mix Forgive Your Mother and you'll be Free…[View]
182771790Stop worshiping sandniggers[View]
182770410Countries are pushing 'refugees' into the civilized world to start a new World War where the working…[View]
182771533#meToo: This modern age Rockstar is going to jail for illegal sex. >meanwhile all rockstar boome…[View]
182757006Why do you choose to pay tax?[View]
182768416What did Gary mean by this?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COItiKtHWyg[View]
182756847neon genesis evangelion is anti-semitic.: https://forward.com/opinion/national/342905/decoding-an-an…[View]
182771466'Why is Afghanistan a country of concern to its neighbours and to Western governments, too?' This is…[View]
182768823The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: Is this movie trying to normalize pedophilia? >a man that a…[View]
182770438Madeleine McCann: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_0AuBVd7NjM[View]
182767984What can we do about the narcissist problem?: Today, rampant narcississm is a driving force in our c…[View]
182770391/pol/ humour thread mark II[View]
182766352NZ Winston Peters vs Don Brash Hate Speech: Former New Zealand politician Don Brash recently banned …[View]
182757490Any REAL WASP's browsing /pol/ tonight? WASP = wealthy anglo-saxon protestant. Basically the pe…[View]
182770257If you watch enough Alex Jones you can piece together a personality profile as well as his motives a…[View]
182761647Does the modern alt-right fit Hitler's definition of 'Untermensch'? I think it does, and it…[View]
182767628Is this guy really 'just a pastor'? Putting every thing in consideration the US has done so far to g…[View]
182771165Can someone please tell me what the fuck is going on in porn communities these days? >RONALD REAG…[View]
182774201Deeply goncerned: The state of jew posters in here is unbelievable. In the 7-8 threads so far concer…[View]
182768293English teachers btfo: > go to Japan find waifu > get cancer >Human T-cell lymphotropic vir…[View]
182755884LSD and psychological warfare on Boomers: There are numerous articles on LSD's ability to turn …[View]
182770116>hurr durr when is second Hitler coming You missed him.[View]
182758708Masons are not the enemy: pic related is one room in the Masonic temple in Philadelphia. Pretty beau…[View]
182770525Good day ladies and gentleman, I bring forth to you a courteous reminder that the following left-win…[View]
182763211What went wrong?: How could this happen again?[View]
182770516Silver is nice: >most reflective metal in existence >increasingly rare, limited quantity >n…[View]
182769034>I don't like how someone cann walk into my school and shoot people >I don't want ar…[View]
182770501Why is female empowerment all about taking on the characteristics of a man? Shouldn't that be d…[View]
182751634Why does this board hate israel so much? Wouldn't it be better if jews had their own country?[View]
182769694Based macacos show us how it is done: Not any kebab here. What exactly did they remove? https://arch…[View]
182769735Norm vs Lena Dumbham[View]
182739324Was he a traitor or Patriot?: What's /pol/ take on McVeigh?[View]
182769027Name one man who makes continentals SEETH more than Farage[View]
182760331STOP PLAY- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8go5PiIF38[View]
182768967Why do Jews assume they are immune to subversion?: First of all, they clearly are not (the Israel …[View]
182758749Why can't US and China be allies?: It would be inconceivable for the US and Japan to be allies …[View]
182766167Pepe in the quran: https://pastebin.com/MnJ17NFB > sevens https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dyclbb_…[View]
182759720Are there any WASPS left?: Personally I'm Anglo/Celtic (father full blooded Irish catholic, mot…[View]
182770659/MBG/ Make Babies General: We need more of them, make it your mission to do your part!: It's si…[View]
182762766you act as though our nation was corrupted within the past few administrations.[View]
182769126So how can we stop the tranny menace?[View]
182769338Are we in the golden age of humans? Or is this the slow downfall and what happens in 500 or a 1000 y…[View]
182750735China is Worlds Largest GDP: Communism won![View]
182763191the world would be better without sand niggers. prove me wrong.[View]
182768271If America has free speech in real life why don't they have free speech online? Shouldn't …[View]
182768931Hill St Grocer is the Illuminati..: I just bought a packet of darts and they ask for I.D.. I'm …[View]
182769037Are any of you aware that Jews are obviously being set up to be the punching bag and the real proble…[View]
182766826*cracks can* So anon listen. Our generation, we've been racking up a massive national debt whil…[View]
182769196What does /pol/ think of this guy?: What does pol think of roger stone is he based and ourguy? Or is…[View]
182768841Treason must be punished by death!: 911 MUST have ANOTHER COMMISSION. This tie with the VIEWS of man…[View]
182768222Have you seen the most pol tier movie of the year yet?[View]
182766035Why does it seem that the only cool conservatives are the non-whites?[View]
182727423>HAPPENING >We have confirmation from the Inspector General's report that Weiner's …[View]
182764615Georgian boomer thread: Hypocrisy of Georgian boomers and generation x are insane they are one of th…[View]
182766159Progressives are Flipping on Racism!: Internal Black vs Asian standoff in Dems primaries Michigan! h…[View]
182768005SERIOUS WARNING: Stop bumping posts with nude photos you fucking hypocrites, you talk about degenera…[View]
182755723I give up: Satan has won. The church is full of and run by masonic pedos. Our holy texts have been h…[View]
182754116Right wingers better watch the fuck out Chapo trap house is leading the revolution[View]
182755114MGTOW: How to deal with the redpill rage. http://youtu.be/0vS8ZRIP1BU[View]
182767728TWITTER CEO: I 'fully admit' our bias is 'more left-leaning': http://thehill.com…[View]
182764770False flag: While you were all crying for Alex Jones the water filters salesman... ... youtube remov…[View]
182766143Is there a single country on earth where blacks aren't over represented in the prisons?[View]
182766173Free Healthcare Liberals: What is stopping liberals from uniting as one and self-funding hospitals a…[View]
182768415question for /pol/: Is quora based or just a site where shill and jews answer in? They seem pretty l…[View]
182766060Post-black pill life: >be me >black pilled for a solid year and a half >in a band >band …[View]
182767690AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA TOO BROWN FOR ECUADOR: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-45237368…[View]
182766623New Mexico Happening: New body remains found, identified as missing Georgian white boy: Pizzagate co…[View]
182761075Is it just me or does every leftist slut have a nose ring? I feel like the nose ring is the key to u…[View]
182762310If /pol/ says that every ethnicity should have their own ethnostate (including whites, blacks, asian…[View]
182764201God bless America thread. Also suicide general.[View]
182763539who is your favorite jew?[View]
182763663in 2019, food prices aren't going to rise much - hardly a few percent. But the quality is going…[View]
182764314How strongly does nose shape correspond to ethnicity? Is this a white nose shape? Is it on the verge…[View]
182738310How come /pol/ isn't talking about this?: > Venezuelan immigrants running from the COMMUNIST…[View]
182741701/pol/ humor thread[View]
182759629'ALL MODERN ART IS BAD!': Has there ever been a bigger false dichotomy than the cliche right wing id…[View]
182765109Tehran Accuses US of Attempt to Overthrow State Amid Iran Action Group Creation: https://sputniknews…[View]
182763954Croatia: What's your opinion on Croatia?[View]
182766934/pol/ btfo: So what's your excuse /pol/ of not having a good job that pays you at least $50k an…[View]
182745656Opinions on Sarah Palin?[View]
182767008How is Trump gonna save us from ((them)) if his team is ((them))??: >pic related…[View]
182755941Its happening, /pol/[View]
182766207Massive Voter Fraud Incoming Mid-Terms: How do we get Trump to shut down this Soros funded voter fra…[View]
182724092Disappearing: So anons I have three flourishing online businesses(three software products) and I nee…[View]
182766727Nothing against alcohol, but can we all agree beer drinkers are fat, disgusting, degenerate faggots?[View]
182767116Sup /pol/, I need some advice. I grew up in a rural U.S. State, learning only English growing up. Af…[View]
182765801How long until every western country looks exactly the same? Pic related, Canada.[View]
182759196Venezuela: The money is fast running out. Foreign assets are already being seized. Neighbouring coun…[View]
182754429At Oreganos wearing this hat backwards at a bar.: Group of 6 behind me 4 chicks 2 dudes. Getting a p…[View]
182764073FIRE UP THE MEME CANNONS BOYS: GARY'S BACK! He just jumped into the New Mexico Senate race as a…[View]
182761123Discuss child soldiers[View]
182750706As time goes on, he seems to be recognized as a worse president and person. Was he that bad?[View]
182707474OPERATION LAZARUS: Come one, come all. Welcome anons. I invite you to participate in one of the most…[View]
182761936Youtube now censors comments section: not only do they block on certain countries but now they also …[View]
182757385Hinduism General: >What is Hinduism? Hinduism is the oldest organized religion in the world. It i…[View]
182758545Impeachment soon[View]
182756675Millennials rejoice! In Pod-Based living is here: Finally you can pay back your student debts[View]
182753117*DING-DONG*: >Open up. It's the police. We are confiscating your guns under a lawful order W…[View]
182764194Wikipedia Locks: How convenient, censorship on Wikipedia[View]
182761858DAILY REMINDER: Get it in your head. > ABNR > ABNR > ABNR Should be your mantra when you wa…[View]
182763922Can this board get its balls and brains back? Since when did identity politics became a bad thing? C…[View]
182766015>Aaron of Lincoln (born at Lincoln, England, about 1125, died 1186) was an English Jewish financi…[View]
182754450Fuck browner people than me: I hate you Mexicans, with your damn quinceanera parties; how the fuck c…[View]
182747387Reminder: Football is no longer the American sport. If you watch football you are an unpatriotic fag…[View]
182751285How do white people even live with themselves knowing theyve caused so much death, suffering and des…[View]
182766128supernatural proof: If you look at the thumbnail of this video you will notice a black apparition to…[View]
182765492Raw Chicken Sushi - To Own The Libs: Alright, so hear me out. Lately, owning Liberals and Leftards h…[View]
182765229Niggers vs chinks. Whose team are you on, /pol/?: https://www.metrotimes.com/news-hits/archives/2018…[View]
182751076Yesterday i saw the latest 'purge' movie. Every 'good' character was a nigger, every 'evil' characte…[View]
182743369Once you see it...[View]
182752294Are nukes fake?: I heard many people arguing about this. Why do you think they are lying about their…[View]
182762966Social Media Discrimination Against Conservatives: If companies like Facebook, Twitter, etc. can ban…[View]
182762171Since when the French turn full fledged Luciferian worshiper ?![View]
182759662leftist Cring thread: Its time post um.[View]
182761466Anyone who tells you not to join the military of these United States because you're going to 'd…[View]
182760224How did you we do it /pol/? The world is now a /pol/ parody thread from 2011. Multicultural hell, a …[View]
182765073If they have all these 60gorillion tapes on trump saying nigger and who knows what else, why cant th…[View]
182762735If you listen to rap you are not white. I don't negociate with wigger.[View]
182764789Your one stop resource into shutting down any jackass that thinks Obama was a good President. https:…[View]
182765003New Mexico Suspect overstayed Visa for 2 decades.: >Jany Leveille (pictured center above) came to…[View]
182760070/ptg/ President Trump General - YOU GET A GENDER AND YOU GET A GENDER EDITION: PRESIDENT DONALD J TR…[View]
182761334I heard there were nazis on this website.[View]
182761535Ben Shapiro thread: Ben Shapiro MURDERS insane SJW (with logic), then CHOPS HER UP (with facts)…[View]
182764649Chile: Thoughts - Will it become the first developed country of South America?[View]
182759044In all seriousness, do women really get catcalled as frequently as they claim?[View]
182764757He will win.: Get ready to see Rand Paul & Gary Johnson btfoing the Senate kikes.[View]
182764084The abolition of classes means placing all citizens on an equal footing with regard to the means of …[View]
182759690Illegal Mexican Baby Factory Lied: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qw5oQC3zNgE Ice arrests pregn…[View]
182764402Thanks for trying, though[View]
182760114>Holocau$t: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mel_Mermelstein >In 1980, the Institute for Historic…[View]
182762738What's /pol/s take on Bill Cosby? Serial rapist or victim of women who decided they regretted h…[View]
182760610Getting out from under the wage boot: How do I become rich so I can afford shit like vacations and n…[View]
182743333How do we stop poaching?[View]
182757427Is Trump controlled by Israel? WW3?: Serious question. We know Hillary almost stole the election fro…[View]
182752668Redpill me on African gangs in Australia: I’ve seen some stats which show that African gangs aren’t …[View]
182752570When did you realize that things will never be normal again?: I believe that Trump has altered this …[View]
182762746Illegal Alien businesses to avoid: I'll start: >taco bell >trader joe's >all land…[View]
182763631Touching the Sun: So guys. What happens when this thing touches the Sun. Do you think it will end th…[View]
182762805OH NO NO NO: COMRADES, SOMETHING MUST BE DONE! https://www.enca.com/life/afrikaans-afrikaner-populat…[View]
182763475The democrats are anti-socialist, anti-communist. they are corporatists and capitalist. Q. How can t…[View]
182761125>Turkish Defence Minister Akar and Russian Defence Minister Shoygu held a meeting to decide how t…[View]
182759794The blue countries on this #map are richer than the global average (GDP per capita) and the grey one…[View]
182759605Be White, Buy White!: How many of you are whites who still constantly buy shit made by anti-whites o…[View]
182750129Skyking Thread Post all your Skyking memes here. Also, I made this in SimplePlanes to try and reenac…[View]
182759726(((Porn Industry))) taking advantage of a literal retarded girl part 6: We can use this to start to …[View]
182759676Murdoch-chan AMA: Murdoch-chan is played by a Transwoman and is a strong proponent of right-wing LGB…[View]
182760100I know it's kind of old news, but why do so many leftist retards insist that the Space Force is…[View]
182763053Are Danes living in Greenland the happiest people... or the most suicidal?[View]
182738028Yeah im thinking we're back..[View]
182762976Has the Hu'white man finally lost it?[View]
182761501This is a white person in the USA[View]
182721072Where do you draw the line between white and non white?[View]
182762325Hey, America. The ruble is falling. The dollar is growing. How much can be scoffed at Russia with sa…[View]
182749606Powerful: Black woman confront neo nazi demonstrators in Sweden[View]
182740009Gay People Can't Have Ki-: https://fox43.com/2018/08/18/it-took-4-years-3-miscarriages-and-1616…[View]
182742289Burn It Down: >How did this happen /pol/? https://youtu.be/WRQv9xMQ3E0…[View]
182729287Take note white boys, this is what happens when you use the n word https://twitter.com/ABeale202/sta…[View]
182733340Going to the bar tonight wearing a maga hat, should I be worried?[View]
182762528The People Have Spoken: Fuck Off Pedos: Though I've always liked Kevin Spacey as an actor, espe…[View]
182759430Can anyone here explain to me how being 'politically aware' and knowing who any of the spokespeople …[View]
182759526A moment of silence...: For Morrakiu's best parody to date. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rt…[View]
182742823From Canada, shit on my country[View]
182754967Jew's invented Europeans proudest achievements: its true but i know you will try to prove me wr…[View]
182762234She's dumb as a shoe.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ux58A1vGEhY[View]
182761910True Top Nig: This is FoReginald Deandre III here, just checking in with my other true top nigs. I a…[View]
182755124How can one possibly call themselves a right winger and smoke weed when weed is for degenerate nigge…[View]
182761503I hate people as a concept, not as the individual or as a group. help me[View]
182760123What is the correct ratio of free men to slaves? Genuis mode: noblemen : freemen : slaves ratio[View]
182761837Top anti-islam countries in Europe: 1. Binland 2. Italy 3. Austria Top pro-islam countries in Europe…[View]
182755754Street interviews from 1979: Why were people much well-spoken nearly 40 years ago? https://youtu.be/…[View]
182748052I would support socialized healthcare if it only applied to healthy individuals. Low bodyfat. Relati…[View]
182760849Is there a cultural bias against white men in some western nations?[View]
182761576>paying your taxes >not being an uppity ancap that's trying to fuck the system…[View]
182754634The REAL QUESTION is why does Trump deserve not to have his security clearance revoked after disclos…[View]
182758383At least they are now admitting it.: 'Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: I 'fully admit' our bias is…[View]
182705636Washington D.C. beating of white woman by niggers at bus stop: Can anyone find the full video and id…[View]
182757889So I found this meme on normie media and I just have to ask, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS GOING ON???[View]
182752191What have your interactions with African Americans been like? Interactions with ethnic Africans?[View]
182759700Manhattan is currently changing its skyline to build a series of tall, skinny apartment buildings ne…[View]
182761166when did you realise staying in the EU was a good idea?: i mean do you want your children turning in…[View]
182761003All Rabbis are Mossad spies : proof!: lets face it .. Mexicans coming into the US is not the problem…[View]
182761015Steven Crowder desperately tries to get de-platformed: He wants it so bad it's pathetic.[View]
182759360Allright, you want me to admit it?: I'm a cop, okay. And I'm scared to walk the street at …[View]
182752475Trump finally tweeted about social media censorship: ... but is he actually going to do something, o…[View]
182757368US Patriotism thread[View]
182730643China AMA: I lived in Beijing for three years. Ask me anything.[View]
182759166Translating degenerate rap for political purposes: This is my own translation, how would tekashi69 t…[View]
182757842why do Tunisian s.w.a.t look like they are posing for an FPS video game cover in every picture ?[View]
182723878Australia is safe, we can be safe too: America, we can not let this happen again. It is time we ban …[View]
182751893Boomers Can't Sell Their Homes: >27,000,000 boomers nationwide selling homes between now and…[View]
182760363Vietnam and war: Why was vietnam the last time war was actually a 'masculine' thing in american cult…[View]
182760364Brexit, why is it so controversial?: The right wing conservatives want the same Brexit as Brussels, …[View]
182760347What level of terrorist attack will get 'patriots' off their ass and start hanging people?[View]
182758938How does /pol/ reconcile National Socialism and Christianity?: How does /pol/ support being Nazis bu…[View]
182739881Maher on Alex Jones getting censored. The level of brainwash among his audience surprises him. https…[View]
182753454The political elite don't want you to know this, but the Earth (planet Earth that is) only appe…[View]
182758717/pol/, what are you paying for gas?[View]
182757686Actual ((Deep State)) here, letting you goyims know we succeeded in our mission and ceased operation…[View]
182727292Why RUSSIAN jets are superior to American junk: Funny Comparison American Jets Vs Russian Jets. http…[View]
182759193Japan does it again. They are starting to red pill people on crisis actors in anime. Though in the a…[View]
182752067>venezuelan robs a brazilian businessman >hours laters... >we fucking rekt the starving sub…[View]
182734265What is /pol/s opinion on this guy?[View]
182751242>i need guns for self defence Okay, sweetie. Tell me how you need a military grade sniper rifle t…[View]
182758143I'm sick of the mason bashing on this board.: Masons build stone structures. They have to be ex…[View]
182757332i hate mexican bitches like this coming to america and trying to breed their genes into the us. how …[View]
182759630Why can't we change societal norms?: So apparently my coworkers don't like the fact that s…[View]
182746911Counter Shilling Operations: Antifa, Shareblue, JIDF etc all use chatrooms such as Discord and Slack…[View]
182754566Seriously Minnesota? Go fuck yourselves if you let this muslim piece of shit win your AG. Your lives…[View]
182759140Religion: Why do people worship Gays, Muslims and Jews?[View]
182759000is dumpf antaaaay seeeemite???[View]
182755037What went wrong?[View]
182748522Is he creating some kind of cult?[View]
182758683Show your power level!: https://www.thedailybeast.com/website-promised-free-anti-antifa-shirts-alt-r…[View]
182747704Is there more to this story? >attempted to steal a political poster from a private lounge >im…[View]
182748443Are the portuguese even white?[View]
182753632Hannah Hays: What happened to all the threads about her? Did the mods delete them like they do every…[View]
182755113Drag Queen Storytime: Matthew Maisano, performing as Balena Canto, reads books and leads ocean-theme…[View]
182734047Flag Does Not Mean What it Use to: >Massive income inequality >Political corruption >Low wa…[View]
182757126Red Pilled: Most red pilled white celebrity ever to live? Discuss.[View]
182747792What Western culture is there to save? It's all empty materialism. Either leave the West or inv…[View]
182756952One container ship journey contributes the same amount of greenhouse gasses as one billion western l…[View]
182757857Stop trying to go to moon and spend more money on welfare for groids, whitey[View]
182752027I don't know I kinda hated her at first: *Destroys your administration* But now she is reking t…[View]
182756003Reminder that it isn't just about saving Hannah Hays: It's about using her as the face to …[View]
182758354Can someone show me a real example of modern antisemitism? Not stupid cartoons n shit, but actual an…[View]
182720776SEGREGATION: Okay, okay, huwhite people is so terrible because of slavery and shit. How do we start …[View]
182750317NEXT ATTACK: When and where do you think the next big attack will happen? 9/11 was incredibly bold, …[View]
182758398Imagine living in a country so shitty that even the real immigrants want to flee your country to go …[View]
182758503Honest thoughts on Jordan Bernt Peterson?[View]
182756837>real men don't play g... It's time to talk some motherfucking COMMON SENSE. What'…[View]
182756973The more American history I read the less racist I become. (((They))) have been using the same tacti…[View]
182757351Jews control the United States of America.[View]
182753837Want to get into Christianity: My parents never instilled Christianity on me so I always ignored it …[View]
182757295Why the Anti-Trump threads appear only on Saturdays?: It almost like they dont have enough fundings …[View]
182756623Why do they always say thieves are caught 'red-handed' when their hands are almost always black?[View]
182747777>The president of the United States had just lobbed another racially charged insult — this time c…[View]
182757380fellow Trump supporter here, i know of the many, many great things trump has done so far as presiden…[View]
182755728telling my folks that gods not real: I was raised in a christian family but am now atheist. I tried …[View]
182757241post whites winning: just saw the nigger video thread and it made me feel down[View]
182753916>Wake up >See this Wat do.[View]
182745421>dead kidnapped toddler >kids being trained to commit mass shootings in schools >Islamic t…[View]
182754954Live for God.: Why not take the golden pill and become a Christian anon? We´ve been around for 2000 …[View]
182757433I remember once going to a drivers ed school and seeing a paper posted up telling the story of a bea…[View]
182740736Why was America so fucked up in the 90s? I'm talking about the Unabomber, the WTC bombing, Rand…[View]
182755836current estimated level of putin troll posts infestation in pol: 72.44% I have developed a Python AI…[View]
182747497Why do people keep doing this again and again?[View]
182755810daily reminder that the Quds Force are here trying to destabilize america[View]
182736451wanna shit on my country ? am from algeria , let me have it[View]
182754472What are some politically incorrect things you've witnessed while visiting other countries?: …[View]
182753936so like if you're Jewish, that's somehow a race, a religion, a gentetic line, a culture, e…[View]
182753180Guns, guns, guns: The glorification of weapons - the joke that america never really understood.…[View]
182756999>be a 26 year old cop >See someone flying through a 50 mph highway at 100 mph >pull the guy…[View]
182756901Why is the Trump family so deeply intertwined with Israel and Jews?[View]
182753455Hillary Clinton General /hcg/ 2020 Edition: *~*~*~*~**~*~*~* MODS ARE SLEEPING POST RARE HILLDAWGS *…[View]
182756267LGBT flag, Can we change it?: So i was thinking if it is possible to change the lgbt flag by creatin…[View]
182752455Outrageous deep state hypocrisy: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/aug/15/adam-lovinger-pent…[View]
182743313Tinder in the age of trump. I think this psycho thought I was joking[View]
182756257Trumps Demographic Effects: I am curious what Trump is doing to influence demographics in America. I…[View]
182750332I love how you guys argue over the things my family has caused lol[View]
182756857How do we fight against the crushing weight of apathy and despair that burdens us every day? It almo…[View]
182751913The Jews have us all working 40-60 hours a week so that we're too exhausted to do anything abou…[View]
182749370One thing I don't understand about Marx is that on the one hand he was clearly a self-hating Je…[View]
182755146POL SAVE ME: /pol/ I desperately need a picture of wealth in Russia by nations, jews are second on i…[View]
182746023OH SAYYY CAN YOU SEEE[View]
182756274What's so Swedish about these fish?[View]
182747528ITT: Horror stories about China.: I visited China for three weeks two months ago. What makes Chinese…[View]
182748187Do ultra tard should have right?: First lets defenine the ultra tards, a small grean >be 24 autis…[View]
182756392Lawyer who aided Martin Shrekli sentenced to 18 months in prison: He asked for probation while prose…[View]
182750243I'M TIRED OF IT: >white genocide >white guilt >Jewish supremacy >governments seized…[View]
182756270Manafort Trial - Some Concerns: https://thefederalist.com/2018/08/17/cnn-just-sued-government-get-na…[View]
182755345want some laughs boys?: ive gotten 4 accounts muted in this chat... this chat is 100% sjw trash its …[View]
182756122Israel expansion: Jews ran the pentagon Jews did 9/11 Jews interfered in the 2000 election Jews st…[View]
182749103More people believe in Aliens: ...than in 'Russian Collusion' >ROTFLMFAO! MSM BTFO! How will they…[View]
182743142What’s the point of being racist? Like what do you want to change about society if it’s proven that …[View]
182749514I just watched porn i have brought shame to this board i apologize sincerely may my death bring hono…[View]
182743352Daniel Carver Roast has been censored from the internet?: Someone please upload so I can download it…[View]
182753505What are the political implications of pop music these days?: This is the message that these songs s…[View]
182739454Does Donald Trump Know It Was Jews?: Is Donald Trump aware that Jews are responsible for the mass mu…[View]
182754795How many of you guys go to the NRA gun rafflings and auctions they do all around ? It’s a red pill t…[View]
182748467Will ending welfare lead to society collapse: Some guy supported tax cut for the rich and middle cla…[View]
182752982>tech giants won't let their kids use the very thing they push on others' kids…[View]
182754660Tell Me Anything: About being red pilled. What is it like living in cities like NYC, Tokyo, Miami, …[View]
182736037Who Really Controls The U.S. Government?: Excellent video exposes Israeli control over Washington DC…[View]
182751525(((They))) are going after our sports: I knew the NFL was going the way of the left but now ((they))…[View]
182753218why is it constitutional to require a license to sell firearms as a business or to make your own for…[View]
182755130>Dugpa is a term used for someone who is a Master of the Dark Arts, male or female, that uses too…[View]
182750474Skateboarding Beto Turns Texas Blue: It’s over Republicans, nothing is cooler than Beto skateboardin…[View]
182750230Pitbull Hate Thread: >pic related bonus if you've gained a few tokens today…[View]
182744148Post these all over your campuses[View]
182751886reminder: please lie to election pollsters: if you take landline phone surveys, or vote and encounte…[View]
182755076White genocide is natural selection.[View]
182755133>i thought people where being ironically communist/socialist for laughs >tfw its not a joke…[View]
182750494Liberia is the only place Blacks can be truly free of White Privilege: The Republic of Liberia, on t…[View]
182755057Was this movie the beginning of the end of civilization?: >don't respect elders >do whate…[View]
182754654It's a Pedocrat thing?[View]
182742360Black business up 400%: >No more plantation >dems BTFO…[View]
182722762The Jews Best Friend: >He said he was here to make it great, >all we must do is patiently wait…[View]
182747849Germany is a case study in what happens when an entire country virtue signals itself to death. They …[View]
182746885TSA Thermal Scanners deployed in L.A. subways: Did you guys hear about this? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
182747358>norwayanon plays Breivik simulator and posts gameplay on youtube >gets traced by security ser…[View]
182747981How did the narrative change? How did we all suddenly become 'boomers?'[View]
182745252why hasnt anyone mentioned this yet?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_Autonomous_Oblast seems l…[View]
182753091https://www.vox.com/2018/8/17/17716834/stolen-artifacts-africa-europe-museums Is this going to end w…[View]
182754573Midnight keks: YLYL Thread, i'll start.[View]
182747282Nigger calls (((them))) out for pushing modern rap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPRmFJ_U8Ug…[View]
182753397Path Of Light /pol/ SPACE FORCE: Slants Spics Niggers and Whiteboys Unite: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH /pol/ …[View]
182713617What the fuck is wrong with Reddit? Why are they all like this?[View]
182750499HIGH SPEED CHASE THREAD: https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Police-chase-in-Baldwin-Park-Area-…[View]
182750747the supreme court justices dahnald: It's time, Dahnald.[View]
182754211TTG: This This General Will the real author of this THIS please stand up?[View]
182711216Should banks be publically owned?[View]
182751596Alt-right YouTube: What’s your favorite “Alt-Right” (((YouTube))) channel /pol/? I’d like to watch s…[View]
182749923Is pic related a good book? Is the author any decent? I know fuck all about the middle east and its …[View]
182740783Taylor Swift is not who you think she is. Whoever writes her lyrics, is verbalizing the spells of t…[View]
182754217How come boomers feed their kids unhealthy pre-packaged meals, but at that age would demand fresh me…[View]
182753242>partake in /pol/itical discussions online >watch tons of political videos >constantly watc…[View]
182748182FAT LIPPED, WIDE NOSED, SHIT BRAINED: Beware the nigger[View]
182753444Commies: Who needs them. All they want to do is turn bread into nothing[View]
182746859Tom wasnt a jew that's why Myspace was taken out. He was to good for this world.[View]
182745006General Question: What is the funniest/stupidest thing that you've ever heard a leftist say?…[View]
182751529it's on repeat: America s subverted by communist and zionist agendas and we will fall and follo…[View]
182752666>Wake up: >See this Wat do[View]
182740953why is bezos allowed to increase his worth by 250 MILLION MOTHERFUCKING DOLLARS IN A SINGLE FUCKING …[View]
182748868Why are Christians so abusive to children? Should it be illegal for them to have kids or adopt? http…[View]
182753370https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7L5MQ7EgdA Is this what USA is like?[View]
182752010Why the FUCK are you considered some sort of failure if you still live where you were born and raise…[View]
182716769VIVA LA MEXICO!!!! Mexico: homicides up 16% in 2018, breaking own records for violence: https://www.…[View]
182732797This document proves without a shadow of doubt that the Jewish conspiracy is in fact true. 'Yet, for…[View]
182753294Why cant Asia isolate itself from the West?: China has a population of 1.5billion total population …[View]
182750188VIDY: REVOLUTIONARY WAR: I’ve got a question for y’all niggers: Why hasn’t there been an predominant…[View]
182743543Not memeing. How is this oppressive at all?[View]
182749563PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - B.O.F.A. EDITION /ptg/: PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.go…[View]
182750080What happened to the website 'Voice of Europe': They said they were shutting down a few days ago.…[View]
182746380False dichotomy or reality?: Your girl either sees you as a paypig or reveres you and would do anyth…[View]
182751387This is just eerie, and uncanny. Strange, but explains a lot. Amazing. Horrific. Obscene.[View]
182741917You might not like Obama, but you cannot deny that there existed a level of class and empathy in his…[View]
182749739The state of Europe: Mexico City: Some 100 women from across Latin America and eastern Europe were f…[View]
182748942Winning the culture war: Leftists were winning the culture war, now the tide is turning To solidify …[View]
1827478278/18/18 is almost over: And nothing happened. /pol/ wrong again[View]
182749977Western women is what have ruined the west: There liberation has resulted in obese self entitled dra…[View]
182723185what would happen if rape where made legal?: i was discussing with a feminist about the topic (pic r…[View]
182748051What the fuck is wrong with india? I firmly believe that indians are the worst race, along with thei…[View]
182689100England: Memes aside would like to know how english cities and counties are. Can trace family back t…[View]
182752391SAY NO TO GLOBALIZATION !: My Aryan lads, Cow munching is the primary cause of globalization ! Prov…[View]
182750137Why do Russian women hate Russian men?[View]
182743510what in the fuck happened to the vechiles on 911? vehicles that were blocks away got melted[View]
182749513As an American with almost purely Dutch heritage, should I move to the Netherlands? Is it really bet…[View]
182749427When they police say they have nobody available, is that just because I don't have a paki accen…[View]
182750844Not convinced that everything is a Zionist plot. Give proof or admit bullshit Pic unrelated lmao[View]
182752212Why do you people let Kissinger run the world?[View]
182752199I'm watching Saturday night live to laugh try to forget the political spin on every joke . The …[View]
182740547Brit/pol/ 40K is a gateway to National Socialism: >ignore links >commence comfy…[View]
182747048Is this whole thing a political witch hunt?[View]
182752015Should I be worried that a pupusaria truck staked it’s claim down the street from me? I did some res…[View]
182749842I genuinely hate them and if tomorrow I wake up and find out that every single american person inclu…[View]
182751657CRANK THAT SOULIJA BOY /pol/!!![View]
182749173The UN thinks this is a human: Is it?[View]
182749247How should we prepare for the Nigerian population boom pol?[View]
182748671Angry Black Women: Why are black women so angry and full of attitude, /pol/? Yeah, I know what you’r…[View]
182751591How can we make peace and friendship between America and Russia?[View]
182751697Claim your disability $ now: >'Report reveals that disability is more common among women, non-His…[View]
182751411Kikes employers: /pol/ are kikes owners of islam and catolicism ?[View]
182748814asians: Anyone else love asian people in america? No im not a weeb, but i find it hilarious how libt…[View]
182747293Diversity is Strength Day at the Edmonton Eskimos game.: All it is is focusing on players that aren…[View]
182740213INFORMATION WARFARE GENERAL - REDEFINING THE GAMEBOARD: Let's discuss strategies that could inc…[View]
182747633The Krassensteind obviously have a gay crush on Mueller: Look at the way he is portrayed in their bo…[View]
182747664So some we wuz, thought it was a good idea to educate me on a comment I made, on a youtube video abo…[View]
182748919Pedos busted at another elite boarding school. http://archive.is/LPB3I[View]
182736262Why don’t more women want to be housewife’s?: Was just sitting about thinking about stuff and I star…[View]
182744453Gen Z -Post Milennials: What does /pol think of Gen Z? We know they're more conservative and le…[View]
182744358Why are scientists regarded as the smartest people? These people lack all intuition and charisma, an…[View]
182718878Hitler and the nazis damaged European civilization and white nationalism irrevocably: The 50 million…[View]
182744736Who Is America: Am I the only one who feels like this is just propaganda? It's all just glorifi…[View]
182715569The purpose behind 9/11: So appearently there are still people here that dont know that 9/11 was rea…[View]
182733943Its Happening!!!!: 7.8 earthquake of the coast of Fiji!!![View]
182749635Should tax-collection be privatised?[View]
182744820>Gave up his own farm land to the people during land redistribution to the people after revolutio…[View]
182746772Christcucks, you need to step up your game. You're not going to recruit people into your organi…[View]
182723611I'm pretty blackpilled right now post whitepills: Thanks[View]
182749618>cucks worldwide protest to give niggers equal vote to the white man >country slowly falls apa…[View]
182730751How to we kill the alcohol jew without resorting to another age of state prohibition?[View]
182743230Some fuckhead mod dipshit deleted a vaccine thread, just like they delete my shoy bheen threads. I d…[View]
182725482how would people react if these went up all over the place, especially california?[View]
182744976Friendly reminder you must be better than average nigger[View]
182749242Do not go quietly into the night: Found out we’re expecting our third child. Between myself and my t…[View]
182742117You are about to be executed by a group of moderate islamists. They are willing to give you 10 secon…[View]
182749520What has America come to these days, /pol/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvBAoweVf5A[View]
182748935Whitewashing America: > Have you noticed the uptick in the amount of white people replacing nigge…[View]
182745103ju/pol/: >no Christian Identity >no Natsoc stuff >white identity politics is bad >racis…[View]
182743890Free Speech: If Bill Maher was OY VEY SHUT IT DOWN'd would /pol/ stand up for him?[View]
182749278At what point do we put out foot down? A fucking fentanyl lab gets busted in my city and this jewess…[View]
182748856antifa: fookm0ot[View]
182748720More reasons why Donald Trump is the greatest[View]
182744841Why do liberals think they're going to win in the end if they abort their kids, become gay or s…[View]
182740494Why are extremists so shortsighted: >Every time the US takes a loss on the global stage, the next…[View]
182748542>Zionist >Neocon >Warmonger >Shill >Fox News >Fat >College Dropout >Smoker …[View]
182735157What do you think of him /pol/?: Would you have been OK with him succeeding?[View]
182733538That Time Phil Mudd of CNN Threatened To Kill President Trump.: Fun Fact: A man named Mudd conspired…[View]
182744261The Nog/Theist Correlation: /pol/ is fond of reminding us that nignogs have an average IQ which is o…[View]
182747119Global warming redpill thread. Post graphics. Discuss. Reliable sources only.[View]
182748194Why are americucks so prone to paranoia and believing in conspiracy theories?[View]
182747122Why don't Americans understand cuisine?[View]
182745186HMS Queen Elizabeth: Why not build another 10 of these badboys? There only £3.1bn each Surely if we …[View]
182680590We need to discuss Ireland: They have the lowest IQ in Europe. They bomb kids - only brown people do…[View]
182748386Homage for Caricature Memes[View]
182746671Give me a reason: Why chocolate city shouldn't be nuked.[View]
182747710Please tell me the truth: Multiple construction vendors got stiffed on the Taj Mahal by Trump and al…[View]
182737045Is a NWG (New World Goverment) such a bad idea? Maybe its the direction humanity really needs to get…[View]
182729618/CG/ general: Communism general Hello Comrades. This general is for the discussion of Marxism-Lenini…[View]
182743909How is it possible for americans to believe they are white? They are the niggers of europe. The defi…[View]
182747821Chad's moral high ground: BREED white man! https://www.usatoday.com/videos/news/2018/08/16/full…[View]
182747627Violate law: wtf? since when has this been on there?[View]
182747809HWNDU part 7: http://hewillnotdivide.us/ Is this still a thing?[View]
182747424Just flew from Canada back to the UK, with an extra domestic flight and didn't see any border g…[View]
182737536>is considered by many to be one of the most attractive men alive >blonde hair/blue eyes, ove…[View]
182747503ITT Planet Nigger /pol/ writes the script.[View]
182738790Fiji is getting BLOWN THE FUCK OUT: https://twitter.com/JensenHaydn/status/1030977212898521088…[View]
182747600ITT: we post like it’s the meme war part 2, 2019 nov[View]
182736750The 'Ain't Perfect But Best We Have' fallacy: Peterson edition: /poltards will defend this /the…[View]
182747100Get in here: Police chase boys! Get comfy! >jewbook/CBSLA/videos/2100860746830530/…[View]
182739281Be White, Buy White!: How many of you are whites who still constantly buy shit made by anti-whites o…[View]
182739071>hurrr don't drink the fermented jew can someone explain this? everyone all over the world w…[View]
182747289I've noticed a lot of Asians in the US have commie leanings, especially college students. What…[View]
182741893pArTy oF fIsCaL rEsPoNSiBiLiTy[View]
182740260ITT: /pol/ posts their book collections and proves they are not brainlet retards pic related, mine A…[View]
182747212What is /pol/'s opinion of the ongoing crisis in Kerala?[View]
182743965Successful relationships are a myth. Here's why.: In any relationship, one of the two is going …[View]
182733079The Myspace Solution: With Facebook and Youtube and Twitter deplatforming conservatives, I raise a q…[View]
182746881what is this animal /b/?: deep in the back yard, 2 miles east of the Chattahoochee 20 miles north of…[View]
182728148Black Americans: Why do whites hate to give us credit for building America.[View]
182743160The football game is on in this restaurant downtown. Notice anything?[View]
182719817Jesus, Is He /Ourguy/?: Hi /pol/ This is a question I have been asking myself for a long time. Is Je…[View]
182743503What the fuck.: Am I the only one who has noticed this? On one side we have a satanic statue on the …[View]
182744458Hallo, 4Chan!: Do you get this many likes on Facebook? I don't think so![View]