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59864517How do I become a good DM? I have my campaign story all together, I have multiple maps and illustrat…[View]
59862874GKfag bf or Tau/BAfag bf?[View]
59860675Behold the CIA Card Game they use to train agents. https://www.theverge.com/2018/5/21/17374054/cia-c…[View]
59863207modern cavalry: Why did they used swords and not guns ? (Figured I'd ask here, since /tg/ seems…[View]
59864507>An evil wizard opens a portal to the Don Bluth Dimension What happens?…[View]
59814067/stdg/ - MTG Standard General: Saturday morning edition. >playing >hating >brewing Thread q…[View]
59858480/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General: >Scans of Mordenkainens? sendspace<dot>com/file/1yqpgo >U…[View]
59852644MTG Commander/EDH General: Hateful Bullshit Edition Previously:>>59840570 RESOURCES >Offici…[View]
59858498Mons: Tell me about the monsters in your setting, /tg/. Are they man-eating beast who go out of thie…[View]
59861352Is /tg/ ready for the new and improved Warhammer 40k universe?[View]
59863039Oh Settra Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling From dune to dune across the desert side The Vitae…[View]
59863462Dominaria Set Review: >Data includes creatures and planeswalkers. >Other race' includes orcs, …[View]
59859354Well last night was fun, so fuck it, i'm doing it again for the day crowd. I play Panic Grimton…[View]
59860236Hey /tg/, Pathfinder GM with some issues here. I feel as though my players aren't getting enoug…[View]
59837797/swg/ Exar Kun edition: Last Thread: >>59803025 Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing, Armada, and Legi…[View]
59847439Kids and tabletop: Any DMs out there with young children? How has this affected your ability to DM? …[View]
59856287*releases a box full of trash accompanied by a handful of chase mythics to ensure sales*[View]
59860451Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: Virgin rage edition >Nothing can possibli go wrong: https://warh…[View]
59861940No more books for nine year-olds please Black Library.[View]
59859542ITT: Habits you would encourage other people involved in /tg/ to take up Whenever I have some spare …[View]
59816304The ear question: So what size of elf ears do you personally prefer? Short (1) Medium (2) or Long (3…[View]
59844245>no need to shuffle and risk bending cards >no way people can cheat >no need to tell your o…[View]
59860729Religion in your setting: What is religion like in your setting? Is Atheism, Monotheism, or Polythei…[View]
59860124Orright boyz, brace yerselfs for da most orktiztik fing' yer gonna read on dis 'ere board …[View]
59859520Is it too annoying for a character to be slightly 'autistic'? not in a medical or socially awkward w…[View]
59851611/cyoag/ - CYOA General: Archives and other resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu (embed) Previous…[View]
59859009I know the drow were cursed by Lolth, but why are the duergar gray-skinned? Relatedly, why are the s…[View]
59788992Bad Players: >NPC shapeshifts into perfect copy of party member absent from the scene and steps i…[View]
59848986Online Mutants and Masterminds game: Hello. I want to run a superhero campaign using mutants and mas…[View]
59859045>Deep in the forbidden forest, you encounter one of the seven lost skeleton tribes. >You marry…[View]
59848634>doing some worldbuilding in my idle moments >notice that I keep unconsciously trying to work …[View]
59859120How long would Vasyl Lomachenko, currently the holder of the WBA lightweight title and Ring magazine…[View]
59858316I'm bored. Tell me about your character and their capabilities, throw in some art and I'll…[View]
59857642Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: For All Ages edition >For the kids: https://warhammeradventures.…[View]
59841077Starfinder: I've played a few other RPGs, regrettably some weren't so good others good and…[View]
59854754GW studio anon here. Remember when I came in here a few years back and told you there was a civil wa…[View]
59853709So I've been trying to come up with a setting for a horror campaign and there's this idea …[View]
59853821Is killing a PC's family the worst thing you can ever do? Any good stories about this, either o…[View]
59855036how would you run a game based on the themes of pic related[View]
59849703>Sitting on 10k+ cool concept art images curated since 2004 >Struggle everytime I need to use …[View]
59807644Warcraft Lore and RPG Discussion: Official Magic Chart and High Elves Never Ever Edition Discuss the…[View]
59832627All I want is a comfy digital MTG game that isn't the AIDS that is MTGO. Yet the free to play e…[View]
59844366/mtgfinance/ General: Explosive Edition. Place your bets, show us your last buys, shill your specs h…[View]
59826134Giant cities, thriving civilizations, wealth, science, trade, literacy, art, trade, wonders, temples…[View]
59852571How do you feel about a who DM makes you chose from a list of pre- generated PCs which have their ow…[View]
59836790Battle Shonen Systems: What systems does /tg/ recommend for battle shonen campaigns?[View]
59856643Dogs Of War: So I picked a copy of this game up a few months back at a very large discount, but I di…[View]
59857126Would humanoids with hooves benefit from wearing horseshoes?[View]
59857009>anon playing a snake-like character >talksssss like thissssss…[View]
59825999My Kingdoms: C'mon Anon, you said you'd finish it, so why haven't you finished it?…[View]
59858065I hate the idea of a party face, but have you ever been the party moscot?: >rolled shittty stats …[View]
59851377ITT: use text prediction software to write a little blurb. The poster below must make a character co…[View]
59854953Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Previous Thread: >>59849677 kids stories edition >Resources…[View]
59848561>Start a new campaign with people I've played with for years >Everyone in the party has a…[View]
59844076So I've seen a few threads here lately on critical role and honestly I've really only glan…[View]
59818271The butthurt vampires can only wish to be this fabulous: post the best looking chapters[View]
59852006OH NO NO NO[View]
59846046How would you do a fantasy direct democracy, /tg/?[View]
59808025Why are there no turkaboo settings like there are weeaboo ones?[View]
59850071Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2249: Divinity For Everyone Edition: >Google Drive: http://drive.google.co…[View]
59855968At My Wits End: ALRIGHT, /TG/, I fucking surrender. My friend is hellbent on playing pic related in …[View]
59852826>play dnd at guys house >its going okay >his parent comes in telling him he didn't do …[View]
59856269>Hey guys, have found some sad, yet bizzare fanfic >noodle-limbed double baked elf winning vs …[View]
59854433Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: Primaris for Kids edition Old: >>59850586 >WHTV Tip of the…[View]
59849619Battlebond Spoilers: Fucking goddamnit Wizards. Stop reprinting shit at mythic for no reason other t…[View]
59828864London 'Grand' Tournament: >that terrain Ahahahahahahaha People paid £60 or more for admission an…[View]
598556965E, Curse of Strahd. Currently a level 4 Sorcerer (Wild Magic.) Charlatan Background, specialize in …[View]
59837045Sci-Fi Firearms[View]
59852067Have you ever played a character that was very religious without them being a paladin/cleric or gett…[View]
59855389Sieging / conquering a city: Are there any great adventures / campaigns in a fantasy setting ( the d…[View]
59845248>a clearly natural and untouched earth-mass planet doesn't have an atmosphere Other than bei…[View]
59848250/mmg/ - Modern Magic General: Not cancerous custom card edition. >playing >hating >brewing/…[View]
59837915/btg/ BattleTech General: --------------------------------- Don’t talk to us or our sons ever again …[View]
59836877>Lasers & Liches >Imagine Kung Fury + Dinosaucers + Tron as an 80s RPG set in the Retrover…[View]
59853092It will be two years in-game time since PCs have left the village and are now returning. There are a…[View]
59854613Kickstarted mini with men in black: Something like 2 or 3 years ago I found this kickstarter project…[View]
59852461You walk into a wargames tournament that you've paid to enter. This is the table for your first…[View]
59844207Would Savage Worlds be a good fit for a group that likes a mix of action and role-playing but isn…[View]
59849562Stat his Kingliness[View]
59839143Why do 40k titans use chainsaws as melee weapons? I could see a case being made for chainswords agai…[View]
59851624Dark Heresy 2nd Edition 'Influence': So I'm reading up about Influence in 2nd edition, and it s…[View]
59847185What are /tg/ thoughts on Fallout? Both the upcoming tabletop games and the series as a whole? Remem…[View]
59849677Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Previous Thread: >>59842386 'What's that? You said more K…[View]
59850947Warhammer Adventures: Tales for Younger Readers: https://warhammeradventures.com/ AHAAHAHAHAA[View]
59846090>2018 >His plot still involves defeating '''evil''' wizards. Why do we tolerate this ? Why do …[View]
59826096the party arrives at the market district. what's the first shop and item your character would l…[View]
59844066I play Panic Grimtongue in The Unexpectables D&D podcast. Ask me anything.[View]
59847788/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General:: >Scans of Mordenkainens? sendspace<dot>com/file/1yqpgo >…[View]
59830035How would conventional warfare work on Moons? Making a setting around this theme.[View]
59813388This is how I Ranger[View]
59850611How do you share your hobby with your significant other /tg/?[View]
59812877Drawthread: Fresh Bread Edition: >>>RULES<<< Requesters: >Provide good, detaile…[View]
59839202>Horus is an insanely powerful, god-infused hyperhuman >Breaks his brother Sanguinius, but lea…[View]
59848087>be me >play a 'friendly' game of 40k >play the 15th legion >play a raven obsessed frie…[View]
59851113http://www.threeleggedfox.co.uk/nightland/nightlastofallsuns.html http://www.threeleggedfox.co.uk/ni…[View]
59850586Warhammer 40k General /40kg/: Zelia Edition Old: >>59846374 >WHTV Tip of the Day: https://w…[View]
59845247So here's the situation. I been doing a bit of world building in my head but I need to bounce s…[View]
59851439Hello smar/tg/uys, what system advise for a superhero campaign?[View]
59835258D&D 5e mordenkainen's tome of foes primer: Am I the only one who thinks it's super gay…[View]
59847229Did you ever have an RP Antagonist who is just an Everyman?[View]
59840914what's the super trash bros of /tg/?[View]
59844349/cyoag/ - CYOA General: Archives and other resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu Previous Thread:…[View]
59848142Dnd species: What’s your favorite dnd species /tg/? (5e)[View]
59850432Inspired by this thread: >>59824958 >A bunch of crazy Tzeentchian cultists decide that the …[View]
59805506Paizo Games General /pgg/: Paizo Games General /pgg/ Does your character have a pet? /pfg/ Link Repo…[View]
59824046ITT: Its a Hostage Situation. Whats your Course of Action?[View]
59824980What does it mean to BE a Barbarian? Also, Barbarian art thread[View]
59820479Hey /tg/, ever heard of Attorney Online? It's basically a text-based client that uses assets fr…[View]
59841813/AdA\: Dieselpunk d100: Republik Sky Admiral edition >what? d100 tabletop rpg, mechanically simil…[View]
59848460Godbound: Words of Creation Homebrew: Hey all. So i'm going to run a Godbound session for a cou…[View]
59848711*-punk Secret Agent Gadgets: You're a secret agent, a gentleman spy - but in a fantasy, steampu…[View]
59819404What tier are you going to play?[View]
59845032GMing for a little kid: I'm gonna make a solo pathfinder campaign for my 9 y.o little bro. How …[View]
59818919Hey go- i mean, Billy! Remember when a month ago you said you couldn't afford to play in standa…[View]
59838158Assume Mannlett's backstab failed and the Incarnate's plan worked, all of end times to tha…[View]
59846057Witcher PnP & R Talsorian General: So, R Talsorian is apparently planning to release a Witcher R…[View]
59844563Do you prefer your character's issues to be internal (like a line of thinking or a state of min…[View]
59825451>Fantasy religion based on Christianity >Inevitably uses Catholicism as the base Are there any…[View]
59848433>An ancient evil awakens... >But it turns out the ancient evil was actually a good guy who wen…[View]
59824134Why are TTRPGs based on right and not left?: When left is clearly superior?[View]
59846744On Selling Old Roleplaying Stuff: While cleaning up, I stumbled on an old pile of Dragon Magazines a…[View]
59846374Warhammer 40k General /40kg/: Yandere Khorne edition Previous: >>59842020 >WHTV Tip of the …[View]
59840570EDH / Commander General: Type Matters Edition Previously:>>59821959 RESOURCES >Official Sit…[View]
59844809Are characters that are rolled/played sub-optimally (an armored barbarian, for example) to serve a r…[View]
59842386Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Previous Thread: >>59835235 Falling for the same old Bait edit…[View]
59844488Gifts?: I'm going to be DMing a one-shot for a big convention and I'd like to leave a good…[View]
59842330High Fantasy Dieselpunk Worldbuilding: Long story short, I have a setting I'm trying to develop…[View]
59847326Fenrisian Wolves: Stat them anons (D&D/PF)[View]
59833066College of Whispers: I can't find a nice build for a College of Whispers Bard. The idea is to b…[View]
59841677One Shot System for Retarded Players.: I need a one shot system. My Players have a very hard time ma…[View]
59847126Let's have a thread about /tg/-related jokes and/or puns![View]
59837798Monster NPCs: Hey /tg/, I need your help. I want to run a game that takes place in a monster town, a…[View]
59844051What does everyone think about Matt Mercer's blood hunter class for 5e? I like the flavor of it…[View]
59843166#Aesthetic Edition >Scans of Mordenkainens? sendspace<dot>com/file/1yqpgo >Unearthed Arc…[View]
59840659Its that time again /tg/[View]
59841579Could pic related win a game of Cards against Humanity?[View]
59836466Warhammer 40k: Hey, /tg/. I'm a newfagg that is looking into getting into Warhammer 40k, and lo…[View]
5980792040k Recasting: I'm tired of spending assloads of money on GW models and want to buy some recast…[View]
59829856>Alignment shouldn't determine actions, but rather actions should determine the alignment…[View]
59845007Session Zero: >Scenario: Your Game Master has written up a new low level campaign an it's ti…[View]
59812100PDF Share Thread #170: It's Da Curated Archive™! Get ready to stuff your hard drive like a cosp…[View]
59818529Mommy Campaign?: What if we forced players to become children, and then gave them a guardian 'Mommy'…[View]
59838340Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2248: Jumpersleep Edition: >Google Drive: http://drive.google.com/drive/fo…[View]
59845391what is a good way to handle turn order for more than 2 opposing parties? assuming turn order extend…[View]
59844569My second time dming after I fucked up: Excuse my shit grammar and what not this is my first post. O…[View]
59842476Thoughts on this /tg/?[View]
59829670space marine roll thread: i wanna roll up some space marines if you also want to roll up some marine…[View]
59842691Replace halflings, gnomes and dragonborn with a race of half-faerie dragons, the result of too many …[View]
59844764>walk into an lgs during the midnight dominaria prerelease and sit down at a table without regist…[View]
59834644Do Iron Warriors refer to one another as 'Brothers'? Seems like a pointless sentiment.[View]
59840303Post some artwork[View]
59843121Armor Thread: Post pictures of, and discuss armor.[View]
59841589Stat him /tg/[View]
59838251I GM'd my first game in a few years and it was a complete disaster. I ran Savage Worlds, which …[View]
59841645Timing: In D&D or other RPGs, what is the best way to keep the session moving when the group is …[View]
59804566Koloshi Stalkers 2: Ghost Dance Boogaloo: Sup Anons, On the off chance anyone remembers, I'm th…[View]
59806024/mmg/ Modern Magic General: Back to the good OP edition >playing >hating >brewing >Threa…[View]
59842020Warhammer 40k General /40kg/: Clowning Around edition Previous: >>59837305 >WHTV Tip of the…[View]
59842984>writer/dm refers to hindu mythology for why his fantasy setting is high magic schlock…[View]
59829790Random Encounters: In a fantasy setting, what are some neat random encounters for travelling through…[View]
59843665The Thing: Infection at outpost 31: >8/8 game with friends >I am dealt Imitation blood sample …[View]
59833642>orphan who was raised on the streets and had to steal to survive How do you make this cliché rog…[View]
59837131Question /tg/... I'm a GM with little experience playing or running games. I finally have a goo…[View]
59839721Building an Empire: It is now time to build the foundations of a Mighty Empire. Now, cut these potat…[View]
59835195/cyoag/ - CYOA General: Archives and other resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu Previous Thread:…[View]
59843357I hear about this mythical Wal-Mart Apocalypse campaign every once in a while but is it actually rea…[View]
59841153Gadgets and Gizmos: Hey /tg/. help a fellow out with some naming. Planing to run a kobold gunsmith a…[View]
59839670Wanted feedback on a homebrew rule I'm adding to my 5e campaign, not sure how it will affect en…[View]
59842462Druchii: The Dark Elves that exibits the qualities of their culture to the greatest degree are not j…[View]
59834818Homebrew thread.: We had a comfy thread the other night where we discussed and shared the lore of ou…[View]
59841921Leveling: How do you handle leveling as a GM? I personally hate the EXP system. If a character gain…[View]
59812643WIP - Work In Progress General: No WIP thread on /tg/?!? Emperor's Teeth! That's HERESY!!!…[View]
59830082Surely you talk about the game's etiquette rules and stablish setting-apropriate expectations i…[View]
59834547You have 10 seconds to explain why you do more than 1 hour of prep in between sessions. You can…[View]
59839768Where can I find a good group? I haven't roleplayed in a group for the last few years cause I c…[View]
59841027What common household item is good to roll dice on so that they roll well, but don't make noise…[View]
59829402Weird, Crazy, Outlandish Characters: Post characters you think you would see in a far flung future t…[View]
59839039God-Emperor help me I'm using an old as balls emulator version of SvR to make 40k characters in…[View]
59836437ITT: Characters that work in tandem with other characters Which characters have you played as that w…[View]
59836001How many people have to die from the world population in a short time in order to hit that sweet-spo…[View]
59842037Where’s a good place to learn how to play Tarot card games, purchase a deck and completely avoid all…[View]
59841845>This setting is effectively a mass hallucination >A long time ago, millions of people died an…[View]
59841129Dwarven Wand: So I'm planning a few gifts and wanted to run a concept by you. Will try to answe…[View]
59789911Infinity General: God-Like Interventor Edition: Infinity is a 28mm scale futuristic skirmish game by…[View]
59839536I'm playing pathfinder. How do I play a memorable barbarian that is more than SMASH SMASH GRRR?[View]
59839940World of Music: ITT we make a setting based around music, inspired by pic related >A large region…[View]
59814233/tgesg/ - Weekend Elder Scrolls General: Vampires Edition >Tabletop/P&P RPGs [UESRPG - P&…[View]
59834772Good Characters, Bad Traits: What flaws have you given your heroes beyond the norm, and how do you e…[View]
59836783Have you ever played as/with a character that took part in cannibalism or the consumption of otherwi…[View]
59833144>Your character finds a strange necklace >After putting it on, he becomes aware of the player …[View]
59802548What is the best dragon size?[View]
59826537>Weekend D&D >Halfway through the game, for some reason someone brings up Bionicle >gam…[View]
59831859How do you portray Dwarves in your setting? What's the history and culture like?[View]
59838456Noi: >that one reoccurring enemy that fucks with you in your run What's his/her/its name?…[View]
59809487Warhammer Fantasy General - /wfg/: Manlette edition. >Resources (Crunch, Lore and Warhammer Fant…[View]
59833003Wtf, I love Leman Russ now.[View]
59836847Puzzle and Traps thread: What's your favorite?[View]
59834793Do you ever use subpar equipment just for the look, /tg/? I feel like weapon specialization mechanic…[View]
59834761Rogue Trader: WTF: What even is this game? This game has some of the coolest ideas I’ve ever seen in…[View]
59835200D&D Youtube: Sup /tg/ I have a question, what's your guys's opinion on the D&D bub…[View]
59835235Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Previous Thread: >>59831107 Mortarch of Shitposts edition >…[View]
59833641making a not!tielfing race based on jewish mythology/religion/cool shit, any experts have any cool j…[View]
59810446How do elves deal with aristocracy, resource hoarding and rising inequality among them? Do they suff…[View]
59769900/bgg/ Board Game General - Models for Adonis: Previous Thread: >>59691104 Map: >https://www…[View]
59780528Fantasy Shortstack Character Dump: Dump your attractive shortstacks, /tg/ - dwarves, gnomes, halflin…[View]
59807600Why are we getting 3 back-to-back sets of Ravnica when we only had 1 set of Dominaria?[View]
59833034/5eg/ Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition General: Friends Edition >Scans of Mordenkainens? sendspac…[View]
59815340You are forced to play with one of these groups. No, you can't refuse to play because the cruel…[View]
59829673>Uses a badass sword that can destroy Warp portals. >Melee's everything, including Daemon…[View]
59839604>wizards are members of the official mage guild and generally learned their art from it >sorce…[View]
59821959EDH/Commander General: Harvest Time Edition Previously:>>59808310 RESOURCES >Official Site:…[View]
59818178/osrg/ – Old School Renaissance General: Welcome to the Old School Renaissance General thread. >T…[View]
59765300Conservators Thread: 'Reunion Tour' edition Who are the Conservators? A /tg/ custom thread…[View]
59834945>Start first session in a small village, PCs are lvl 1 >Thet seek out local girls >My first…[View]
59828892Unknown Armies: Let's try and have another Unknown Armies thread. Linking to last one for refe…[View]
59792260Absolutely dead game edition Previous >>59756673 Forge World has put new items into Last Chanc…[View]
59837305Warhammer 40k General /40kg/: Peace in our time edition Previous Thread: >>59833957 >WHTV T…[View]
598389412 player adventures: I've been playing 5e for a few years almost exclusively as a player (my fi…[View]
59838891How would he fare in WH40K?[View]
59838855How would he fare in 40k?: In case you're wondering: http://happytreefriends.wikia.com/wiki/Th…[View]
59832835Tried playing Realms of Terrinoth. The magic system is so abstract and open that players who use mag…[View]
59790873Sci-Fi weapons and gear: What weapons do people in your setting use?[View]
59744560/nwg/ - Naval Wargames General: U-Boat Edition Talk about botes, bote based wargaming and RPGs, and …[View]
59795743Game Finder Thread/Gamefinder Thread: >GM/Player >System Preferred >Times Available (with…[View]
59832415Campaign set in Dark Age Britain: So after seeing the trailer for this, I felt a great desire to run…[View]
59837688Alright /tg/, it's time for your annual surprise cogitator browsing history and memory drive sc…[View]
59833911So one of my regular players told his normie friends about DND, well I don't know what he told …[View]
59837715So I got the KS1 set of Locrian and I want to host a game in two weeks, but I still can't work …[View]
59834679Adventurer pickup lines: >I want to violate you like the laws of physics…[View]
59824379/btg/ BattleTech General: --------------------------------- My C3 lance is ready, is yours? edition …[View]
59771370Black Tabletop RPG Characters: While GMing a game, I introduced a character who I randomly described…[View]
59836949They've announced a videogame for Ultima Forsan, the Italian Savage Worlds setting. https://www…[View]
59836138There's metric shittons of medieval fantasy, pre-medieval antiquity fantasy, some renaissance f…[View]
59826838What is the quintessential spell in each school of magic?: If you have to pick just one for each sch…[View]
59835571>You're the cleric >Young cleric who is working on the front lines >Meet a paladin (PC…[View]
59828551Saw someone posting a table from here couple days ago. Does anyone still remember this thing?[View]
59831866Genevieve the vampire: what does tg know about Genevieve Sandrine du Pointe du Lac Dieudonné. A good…[View]
59824204>be DM >start new campaign >Player date rapes NPC who was supposed to join the party…[View]
59835465>The statue begins to speak >'In the valley of pain' >'Where the shadows close upon their p…[View]
59824044I think it's about time we collectively acknowledged the inherent superiority of the male red d…[View]
59833957Warhammer 40k General /40kg/: Clown Fucker Edition Previous Thread: >>59830169 >WHTV Tip of…[View]
59835005Railroading: Let's be honest. With the right DM sometimes its good to be on a railroad and the …[View]
59834228How do you run your campaigns/characters? Is the world or plot a manifestation the PC's interna…[View]
59808127How would you balance a pc playing a giant character?[View]
59834438How do you feel about PDF sharing? I honestly haven't thought about it much, but the RPG indust…[View]
59819451first-time DM preparing to run a game in a week or so with an unknown number of people. any tips?[View]
59825493Help me with my homemade system?: I'm running a TTG that I am creating from scratch. Heavily ba…[View]
59833787Ever since I read this Deadworld comic I've wanted to make a Nurgle zombie army out of Tau. Wha…[View]
59807417If you're playing as a religious character should you include a crisis of faith at some point d…[View]
59830038How do I make it work/believable: I want to have medieval knights in full armour in same time period…[View]
59815512Times you Accidentally fell for a fictional character in a role playing setting: So the DM made this…[View]
59824812/cyoag/ - CYOA General: Archives and other resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu Previous Thread:…[View]
59826789>spend actual years thinking it was World Bearers >it's actually Word Bearers…[View]
59831107Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Previous Thread: >>59824382 By Grimnir edition >Resources p…[View]
59806803Why are dark apostles bad, from the point of view of a regular citizen of the imperium? I understan…[View]
59803025/swg/ Golden Age of the Sith edition: Last thread: >>59778528 Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing, Ar…[View]
59827744If the Emperor resurrects, what'll be like?: I imagine something like this[View]
59797916/gdg/ - Game Design General: Anxiety Edition A place for full-on game designers and homebrewers alik…[View]
59832886>NPC tells a ridiculous, unbelievable story that ends up being true. Has this ever happened to yo…[View]
59773666Character Art Thread: Previous thread >>59734240[View]
59828274Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2247: Maximum Charisma Edition: >Google Drive: http://drive.google.com/dri…[View]
59832685DM screen discussion Do you use a traditional screen or just a laptop for notes and tables? Which sy…[View]
59832467is this the real fulgrim?: I didn't understand the lore at this point; what I know is that basi…[View]
59815255You come across a tavern...: And are assured by it's owner that they can make anything you want…[View]
59819605What do you think how effective and profitable it is to realistically fake and sell some of the more…[View]
59827483What are possible settings in a big city? The biggest city where I was had 12000 inhabitants, so I h…[View]
59832808Spikey Gear: Does your armor and weapons meet the mandatory levels of spikeyness?[View]
59799331GURPS - /gurpsgen/: I think it's about high time we start thanking the lovely contributors to t…[View]
59814099>Typical fantasy world What happens to the mentally ill?[View]
59820929What are your angels like? What are the most surreally beautiful angels you guys have/can come up wi…[View]
59827161Is it too big of a 'fuck you' to my players to reveal that most of the gods in my homebrew setting a…[View]
59828700I'm playing D&D again after 5-6 years. I started with a Druid but I feel the class does not…[View]
59826679Fantasy Trope Sex: ITT: We take two fantasy tropes and combine them to make something original >M…[View]
59832301Luuuuuuuuchaaaa: >orcs have adopted a show-offy style of wrestling and put on shows to control th…[View]
59831552RIFTS headhunters: My favorite headhunter variant is the robo slammer from Canada. I love being abl…[View]
59830941Too Many Pets?: So, long story short, my party of 5 people has a total of 3 pets now. They aren…[View]
59801243What's your absolute, unrestrained, and honest opinion of D&D?[View]
59805846Stat me.[View]
59824957Water: When crossing the desert, always remember to carry sufficient water. Several liters a day are…[View]
59830169Warhammer 40k General /40kg/: BURN edition Previously, on /40kg/: >>59827812 >WHTV Tip of t…[View]
59826850Why is transhumanism considered in a negative light in most settings?[View]
59826644Morality of Leaders: So they group in currently playing became the communist rulers of not!Venice an…[View]
59829681https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWyyNusrVTM What went wrong? How did they lose the magic?[View]
59830865Hey /tg/, been a while. I recently joined up in a 5E group. Never played 5E before, so I'm goin…[View]
59822374Does anyone have a good comic storytime for us starving fa/tg/uys on a Saturday night? (especially S…[View]
59827648/5eg/ Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition General: Centaurs Edition >Scans of Mordenkainens? sendspa…[View]
59827838>long lives >pointy ears >pointy teeth Besides these, what's the connection between va…[View]
59828798>be forever dm >make dmpc basically the character I always want to play and insert them into t…[View]
59813870C.: >this is your party leader for your next run What happens and what adventures do you guys go …[View]
59826390Werebear Dilemma: Hey /tg/, newfag here with a bit of a dilemma. I learned after my last campaign no…[View]
59829241What are some interesting pantheons? I'm getting a bit tired of the classical greek-roman not-Z…[View]
59821058Could your character defeat Deadpool in a duel?[View]
59830800Stat them.[View]
59796179/vg/ Vampire the Masquerade General: Blood Lord Edition V5 Rundown https://pastebin.com/bhRvfQdC(emb…[View]
59830552ITT: First Character Death: Hey it's me again. Rabbit Anon. So my Rabbit PC actually died. How?…[View]
59828228Does anyone have tips on role playing a religious extremist necromancer who fell in love with WeeJas…[View]
59733966Adeptus Titanicus: No Adeptus Titanicus thread? Will you get it? What colour scheme will you choose,…[View]
59784753/twgg/ TowerGirls CYOA General: Currently working on a variety of projects Big Boss Edition Discuss…[View]
59825563So we have let's create a setting threads all the time, how about we come up with factions and …[View]
59824382Age of Sigmar general - /aosg/: Previous Thread: >>59816892 Sooner than Settra edition >Re…[View]
59790931/CofD/ & /wodg/ Chronicles of Darkness and World of Darkness General: Previous Thread: >>5…[View]
59825100Eusociality: A highly successful strategy is eusociality. Using some fairly basic instincts, a hive …[View]
59813061filename thread[View]
59807855gayyyy: I knew battlebond was gonna be gay as fuck. I didnt know it was going to be THIS gay as fuck…[View]
59824558I had some extra bits laying around, so i bought a box of hormagaunts and had some fun. How did I do…[View]
59827812Warhammer 40k General /40kg/: Might is right Edition Previously, on /40kg/: >>59824778 >WHT…[View]
59821744Cursed Items: Give me your best cursed items with benign/annoying effects. My players have been wait…[View]
59815095>oh hi necrontyrs >what's that, you want a cure for all the tumors that afflict you from …[View]
59817084Colonial Marines: What would be the best system to run if I wanted to have a campaign where the PCs …[View]
59790698Is there a setting that did humans in fantasy as good as Lotr?[View]
59827938Rate an idea + Art request: >Wizard had moved into rural area in order to have peace for his expe…[View]
59817837Look guys, a great D&D story on YouTube! Post stuff you find.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1…[View]
59797382/srg/ - Shadowrun General: ...Identity Spoofed ...Encryption Keys Generated ...Connected to Onion Ro…[View]
59822656Hear me oh grognards and neckbeards! In thine autism I place my faith, and my plea to thine knowledg…[View]
59782683/mgw/ Monstergirl Worldbuilding General: Red Order Edition We talk about Monstergirls and build a se…[View]
598274137ed games, old times >Be Me >Play tyranids against noisy noise marines >battle begins >h…[View]
59796305What's the strangest deity you've ever had in your games?[View]
59822372The Four Chaos Gods play D&D: Let's say some higher power (ie Matt Ward) decided to force t…[View]
59826947Horus Heresy General /hhg/: Death Guard in a dead game Edition Previous: >>59756673 >Thread…[View]
59822258/tg/ Magazine: What would a magazine targeted directly to /tg/ look like? Pic unrelated.[View]
59820620Rifts Time Baby: Is ((( balance ))) actually required between classes? Share your Rifts stories and …[View]
59824778Warhammer 40k General /40kg/: Glory to the Righteous Edition >WHTV Tip of the Day: https://youtu.…[View]
59728229/awg/ - Alternative Wargames General: Crocodileman is best man edition. >What is /awg/? A thread …[View]
59815504wizards or sorcerers?[View]
59820895This character walks into the tavern and slaps the last character you played on the ass. What does y…[View]
598231405th Edition General /5eg/: >Scans of Mordenkainens? https://www.sendspace.com/file/1yqpgo >Une…[View]
59822914>be me >in school >yugioh is pretty popular there >bring my deck >have an anime mome…[View]
59822834>ITT: Confessions I DM a game where my players think and act as though they're playing out a…[View]
59823047>the elves have long gone from this world >in their stead the races of men, dwarves, and orcs …[View]
59804621ITT: personal grudges: >absolutely hate one of the players >fully know that the other players …[View]
59823973I'm just gonna dump art that I especially like from my folders[View]
59822698Got any joke characters that worked outside a joke setting?: Whats the best experience you've h…[View]
59820749>playing a paladin, rocking 20 cha >go undercover among the baddies >flirt with villainess …[View]
59822216Shin Megami Tensei: I've been trying to figure out how to run a system set in the SMT setting f…[View]
59800952Kamigakari Thread: Rolled 3, 5, 3, 5 = 16 (4d6) Legendary Arms RPG Kamigakari Thread Previous Thread…[View]
59817909So what's /tg/'s opinion on Symbaroum?[View]
59824260What's better as a GM? To be loved, or to be feared? To reach a compromise between what he want…[View]
59810905Mapmaking Programs: Looking for a good tool to make modern/sci-fi battlemaps with. Dungeon Painter …[View]
59824314Anon's dad teaches him how to interrogate: >be me >be running a post-apocalyptic campaign…[View]
59818448Is there any updates on this? I thought I remembered that it was slated for Q1 2018[View]
59821511Urban Fantasy: Have you ever run an urban high fantasy game? What system did you use? How did it tur…[View]
59589806/dcg/ dropzone/dropfleet commander general Last thread: >>59413133 Ship girls edition >DZC …[View]
59819898What are the best systems for a wild west campaign?[View]
59820811Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2246: Candy for Jumpers Edition: >Google Drive: http://drive.google.com/dr…[View]
59820785/cyoag/ -CYOA general: previous thread >>59816270 Archives and other resources: https://pasteb…[View]
59811952/BTG/ - Battletech General: Religious fanaticism edition The /btg/ is dead - long live the /btg/! Ol…[View]
59810021What is the most retarded promo program you've seen? Maro btw: http://markrosewater.tumblr.com/…[View]
59822449>The Twelve General Secretaries of Skeleton Communism[View]
59820402Lovable NPCs: I'm working on writing a new campaign where it's crucially important for the…[View]
59823343Living constructs, or soul-bound dolls? How does one make a convincing and endearing 'clothes golem'…[View]
59816329>Before you continue on your journey, allow our Lady to thank your group with these extraordinary…[View]
59810983Need help: Im trying to make a saurus warrior in D&D, what stats would be appropriate?[View]
59816892Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Previous Thread : >>59812417 Pray for Dispossessed anons editi…[View]
59820565I had to make a plant based game for my biology class. This is my first time trying something like t…[View]
59811928Fantasy Races: Why do so many people insist on trying to reinvent the wheel for their games? If you …[View]
59814713-I couldn't think there of where to put this, but /tg/'s pretty much the most creative of …[View]
59821195Warhammer 40k General /40kg/: Knights Edition >WHTV Tip of the Day: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
59809420How GUILTY is your PC?: How GUILTY is your PC?[View]
59817088So, I've been thinking about super hero systems for a while and could use some input. The way I…[View]
59822485Malal/Malce/Malign Thread: Hey /tg/, /m/ here. So us /m/en have been watching this currently airing …[View]
59810280Languages in play: How do you handle languages in your games? Consider the following example: >Th…[View]
59822379Does your fantasy setting have any Ottomans, Saracens, or otherwise Desert dwelling Empire? How do t…[View]
59811113Which type of D&D dragon is the 'big titty goth gf' type in humanoid form?[View]
59815707Car chases: What's the best way to handle them in-game? I always struggle to convey this and de…[View]
59813832Let's settle this once and for all:: Are video-game soundtracks or ambient tracks the superior …[View]
59815423/5eg/ Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition General: >Scans of Mordenkainens? https://www.sendspace.co…[View]
59788444Favorite Races: What's your favorite fantasy races? Any game, any setting, any system.[View]
59816713London Grand Tournament Shitstorm Thread: The London 40K GT kicked off this weekend, and people are …[View]
59819098In my group there is a player who sits during sessions with his laptop out and records what is happe…[View]
59799438Sup, /tg/, I'm a chef. Every time my group run a game in a different setting, I prepare food an…[View]
59816374LGS Horror Stories: >LGS 40k scene >pretty cool >one guy's running Tau >he's t…[View]
59814973>The main villain of the campaign wants to end the world just to see what happens. >While he f…[View]
59819624How do you begin a competitive career in Magic? Like, right from the bottom. A concise step-by-step …[View]
59810694http://forgottentrek.com/creating-the-ferengi/ Of all the Star Trek races, the ferengi always struck…[View]
59815519Hey teeg, I want to try out new game systems, but I don't know where to look. I'd like one…[View]
59814775Worldbuilding exercise: The world has slowly and steadily been taken over. The façade has dropped an…[View]
59808517Why doesn’t anyone play standard on tg? Inb4 Approach[View]
59818222Warhammer 40k General /40kg/: Sos vs SoB edition >WHTV Tip of the Day: https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
59797068What are goblins like in your setting?[View]
59815923I wanna do a generic D&D campaign but '....in Space!!!' requesting pics of generic fantasy races…[View]
59798998>magic is gradually disappearing from the world >magic was more powerful way back in the ancie…[View]
59797425How would you make Gorgons/Medusas into a playable race?[View]
598180571st time dm story: 1st session thread. I'll start Last night, I DMed for the first time ever. I…[View]
59804733I think I had a fa/tg/uy moment. So I work nearby this strip club, and I am the kind of dm who likes…[View]
59807666Why are mercenaries painted to be ruthless war criminals? What are mercenaries like in your setting?[View]
59811106Would your party escort this little girl?[View]
59814972Tried starting this thread yesterday but it died with no real responses. Trying once more and I…[View]
59808310/EDH/ Commander General: The Hippos Made it Friends Edition Previously: >>59798548 RESOURCES …[View]
59719390/STG/ - Star Trek General: Worst Away Team Edition Previous Thread: >>59629744 A thread for di…[View]
59816270/cyoag/ - CYOA General: Archives and other resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu Previous Thread:…[View]
59796681This is how I cleric[View]
59817467Can we have a civil discussion about WoTC style policy? Not going to defend their choices but doesn…[View]
59798232>explain the available races in the setting I developed with input and close collaboration with t…[View]
59817820Fire rises among the towns Yesterday's smiles turn to frowns Children scream as parents run Ski…[View]
59806074What's his alignment, and stats?[View]
59773358Pitch me some good ideas for cults.[View]
59810812Is pic related ever coming back? It was one of my favourite /tg/ webcomics, but it hasn't updat…[View]
59807550The Potato Standard: Every farmer in the Empire pays an eight of their harvest to the Imperial Gover…[View]
59813284>middle eastern style place in fantasy setting >exotic market music starts playing…[View]
59814491Warhammer 40k General /40kg/: Ork Codex Never Edition >WHTV Tip of the Day: https://www.youtube.c…[View]
59816561SoS - Mayday?: Soooo... what happend? Is it finally dead?[View]
59815441So I've been revisiting Record of Lodoss War (since it's been put up on Crunchyroll), and …[View]
59813848>been out of MtG for over seven years >friends hear news of Return to Return to Ravnica >hy…[View]
59814715How would he fare in Warhammer Fantasy/Age of Sigmar?: >Urox is the Storm Bull, the Furious One, …[View]
59786871/osrg/ – Old School Renaissance General: Welcome to /osrg/ – the thread for TSR-era D&D and all …[View]
59810848Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2245: Aesthetics Edition: >Google Drive: http://drive.google.com/drive/fol…[View]
59815996How would your setting fare against the background of catastrophic changing climate (a little ice ag…[View]
59813702Gig: >The Gods have been watching your favorite PC do those naughty secret things What did they s…[View]
59810666Anyone Texas holdem here?[View]
59802704Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years.: >What the hell is Ops and Tactics …[View]
59811600Should a demigod born of a goddess be stronger than one born of a human? It seems that nine months i…[View]
59812417Age of Sigmar General /aosg/: Speedin Bullet 2 Shyish edition Previous Thread : >>59804606 …[View]
59811083Crusader Kings Board Game: So paradox has announced a board game based on crusader kings. Apparently…[View]
59808860/cyoag/ - CYOA General: Archives and other resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu Previous Thread:…[View]
59812008What if I can't decide where the mountains should be?[View]
59814599When Rivendell sends its Elves, they're not sending their best. They're not sending you. T…[View]
59814888So tell me about your Night Shift game[View]
59796289Have any of your players or GMs ever tastefully inserted their fetish?[View]
59769440I want to hear about times where the paladin stands up for what is right, or turns a foe into friend…[View]
59813590One Shot Orphanage General - /orphan/: Alright, this is a bit of an experiment, let's see if it…[View]
59814604Brainstorming: I'm in the planning stages of a new campaign. My stated goal is to force my play…[View]
59812189How do Power Rangers fare in 40k?[View]
59762309Orc Rape & Magical Realms: Is orc rape creeping on magical realm territory?[View]
59814312Is there any issue your setting can't be solved by stabbing/shooting the problem enough times i…[View]
59778246Roll20 Story Thread: >Open up a Shadowrun Game >Work my ass off for a intressting Story Arc an…[View]
59809775/5eg/ Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition General: Is it Giff or Jiff? Edition >Scans of Mordenkaine…[View]
59774658Do dragons have jobs in your setting?[View]
59814037So I'm joining a Pathfinder game soon as a PC, but so far all I've played is D&D 5E (D…[View]
59808039How do you fundamentally change a race but still keep it recognizable? How much of the familiar must…[View]
59804368>the cleric in your party finds your gabriel dropout box set[View]
59810049Anyone else disappoined with the way Chaos is portrayed in 40k? They could go for horrible, space-di…[View]
59813521That right there is the fortress. Now let's talk about the fortress. Can we talk about the fort…[View]
59811148Whats the best edition friends?[View]
59813415List two of your favorite class types/archetypes (origin of class don't matter), and others wil…[View]
59811647who'd the Feanor of your setting? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TruPe0V2p7Q[View]
59797655The 40k universe shows up in the 40k universe with the intention of destroying the 40k universe. How…[View]
59790885Quick question /tg/. I'm planning a tiefling duskblade for my 3.5 group. Quick synopsis is he a…[View]
59806091Conan RPG: Has anyone played the Conan rpg from Modiphius? I can't seem to find a copy of it an…[View]
59806271Level Up Art Thread: Anyone got more character art like this? A series that shows a character evolv…[View]
59804635Prepping for a game I'm going to run, currently in backstory phase. How plausible is it that tw…[View]
59809247How do other races handle the fact that humans are the most depraved race in realm? A race that will…[View]
59810658You ever be looking at GiS for something seemingly innocent amd find something that reminds you that…[View]
59790004Tropes you like: >final battle >it looks like the heroes will win >the villain actually win…[View]
59807308/wmhg/ - Warmahordes General: Exemplar Week 3: Warmahordes General Mk3 list building:http://conflict…[View]
59809635Warhammer 40000 General - /40kg/: Cull the Weak edition >WHTV Tip of the Day: https://youtu.be/XG…[View]
59786836>”As you can see, my villain is deep because he has a sob story”[View]
59792811Who's played in a Rifts game? You know, that wacky magic-and-guns setting by that company Pall…[View]
59806872Sailor Moon 美少女戦士セーラームーン: I think I want to play this. Can you tell me about it /tg/[View]
59772419I heard that D&D 5e is improved 3e Is this true? I remember how negative backslash 3e had and ho…[View]
59796412/btg/ BattleTech General: --------------------------------- Speedball edition The /btg/ is dead - lo…[View]
59804606Age of Sigmar General /aosg/: Grossly Incandescent Edition Previous Thread : >>59799375 >Re…[View]
59768093Okay, so what's the verdict? Strengths/weaknesses you've experienced in play? Is it actual…[View]
59810063The Emperor didn't steal shit from the Ruinous Powers, he just traveled through the warp gate o…[View]
59797079Does the Emperor has two separate natures (one divine and one human), two perfectly unified natures …[View]
59811193Imperial Guard Regiment creation thread: By the will of the Emperor and the might of the Imperium sh…[View]
59810640Is it a good idea to make each others characters?: Since making a new character is a bit tedious we …[View]
59673846Flames of War / Team Yankee: INCOMING MILANS edition: work on the DIY book continues. and can we cha…[View]
59802848Kingdom Death: Is Kingdom Death Monster 1.5 $400 of good? I really struggling to decide between that…[View]
59744498Delta Green: Delta Green Thread - Redacted Edition My wife got my the DG rulebooks as a gift (they…[View]
59791430I am Lizard man. I know how to fight with mouth, spear, hands, tail, axe, blade, and shield. I am go…[View]
59810341How's it going for runewars? Is it being worthy of being a warhammer replacement?: So runewars …[View]
59809724I don't think magic is dieing but I do think it has it's problem.[View]
59809896Warhammer underworlds: Shadespire GENERAL: How is everyone getting on with Shadespire's latest …[View]
59763677Drawthread: Blind leading the blind edition: >>>RULES<<< Requesters: >Provide g…[View]
59773326/Mtg Legacy general/: Fuck modern general edition >playing >hating >brewing >thread Q Wh…[View]
59805505>H*m*ns are so full of themselves that they actually think their racial abilities would be a jack…[View]
59810111Games for multiple players: So, I like making stories, and making games, but I've never actuall…[View]
59804408I recently got into contact with Mark Rosewater, VP of WotC and head of MTG R&D. However I…[View]
59735104/gengen/ - Genesys General: What's Your Flavor Edition >What is Genesys? Released in Novembe…[View]
59806315Want to get into the TCG community and there is a great buy 1 get 1 free sale in a gamestop near me,…[View]
59803966Dum: >'Just use magic, dude!' >*blows up*…[View]
59804925>Holy symbol of the Empire is the Aquila, a two headed bird >Tzeench has a two headed adviser,…[View]
59806631Gaslands: Anyone play Gaslands? Just got an add on Facebook and it seems interesting enough and the …[View]
59807696>Return to Return to Ravnica >Not Return to New Phyrexia Well, time to drop Magic for another…[View]
59808596Lower case T invaders: My King, there are a bunch of guys coming into your realm with Red lower case…[View]
59778403>player posted this as his char art Is he fucking with me? Do I take it seriously, roll with it? …[View]
59804333Are Lizardfolk PCs considered a snowflake choice?[View]
59795436What a dud of an announcement day.[View]
59798888White necromancer [pathfinder]: So I'm trying to build a homebrew white necromancer class. Basi…[View]
59773834WIP - Work In Progress General: No WIP thread on /tg/?!? Emperor's Teeth! That's HERESY!!!…[View]
59809146How would Reinhard (and his legion) fair in 40k?[View]
59809001Empire of the Sun: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/11825/empire-sun Anyone ever played it before…[View]
59807893Wish my friends were familiar enough with Arcanum’s lore that I could use a setting based after the …[View]
59804142If I wanted a corgi as a pet in your campaign would you allow it?[View]
59798548EDH/Commander general: Wise Fwom Your Gwave edition Previously: >>59787570 RESOURCES >Offic…[View]
59775409Warhammer Fantasy General - /wfg/: Shadow King edition >Resources (Crunch, Lore and Warhammer Fan…[View]
59804562TCG is good at magic: If you have want to know whether to trust Tcg/ on what cards are going to be g…[View]
59798030/cyoag/ - CYOA General: Archives and other resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu Previous Thread:…[View]
59801699/5eg/ - D&D Fifth Edition General: Hey Mods, the ban evader is back in the other thread, maybe d…[View]
59805959I'm trying to find a card game that I played years ago with friends. It was slightly comedic ge…[View]
59799469Hey tg, I'm tyrying to write a 40k noire comedy...: In the vein of a Shane Black film. Do you h…[View]
59804384What's your favorite kind of roleplaying game rules? What's your favorite play style? What…[View]
59806820So my friends have been trying to get me to try DnD (5.0) for a while and I finally caved. Looking a…[View]
59795606Dear humans: It has come to our attention that many of you resent us out of a sort of jealousy. You …[View]
59792037Players who can't accept mistakes: One big problem I've been encountering in my games is t…[View]
59800513/5eg/ Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition General: Protect the Princess edition >Scans of Mordenkain…[View]
59790778How do you end campaigns when the party loses the final battle while fairly respecting their progres…[View]
59804183Warhammer 40000 General /40kg/: SOON edition >WHTV Tip of the Day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
59802640This is the gayest shit I've ever seen.[View]
59734097/ccg/ Custom Card General /cct/: 'Whenever a creature dealt damage by ~ this turn dies, [effect]' ed…[View]
59801564Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2244: Chocolate Edition: >Google Drive: http://drive.google.com/drive/fold…[View]
59805798Hey /tg/ Im trying to introduce my group to Call of Cthulhu. All but one of that group have only pla…[View]
59754341MtG story General: Slimefoot edition https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/magic-story/retur…[View]
59800321We all know about baby orc dilemma and have our own opinions about what to do in that situation, but…[View]
59806356help: >game has been going for over 6 months now >only 19 sessions actually played (we play we…[View]
59800720choose your class[View]
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