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60898901Choices Edition Previous: >>60884778 RESOURCES >Official Site: Contains deck building rules…[View]
60893339card sleeves: Why are these so expensive? Most places online have the non-penny-sleeve sleeves for a…[View]
6088290440k Powers Thread: While traveling through the warp on a transport ship, its gellar field fails for …[View]
60898886Ebay Finds: So over the weekend, I was able to get both of these out of print books for this gloriou…[View]
60901029hey /tg/ wanna fuse?[View]
60881464WIP - Work In Progress General: Super Custom Edition Previous Thread >>60861362 Emperor's…[View]
60886526>Dungeons in dragons[View]
60893147Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2367: Space Vampire Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/f…[View]
60897481>tidally locked planet >looks like it has storms for eyes…[View]
60898277I've been playing VtM as a Sabbat Toreador Anti and have been given a task, but I only have 3 t…[View]
60895997>Full of madness and frenzy, women the world over suddenly begin summoning monstrous creatures fr…[View]
60895992>his campaign doesnt revolve around the genocide of the blight that is the elven menace >worse…[View]
60897697What happened to the Beyblade game /tg/ was making?[View]
60894119Can we get aesthetic collections going?[View]
60897386Class Titles: In adnd classes had different titles for different levels, does any one know where I c…[View]
60896595How would you stat him? >Punches thick solid rock walls >Can slam the ground to create fissure…[View]
60896496creating names for fictional currencies: I was looking to come up with some names for fictional curr…[View]
60884033>9.49 What's wrong with people?[View]
60893923Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: 'There wasn't nearly enough dreadnoughts last thread' edition.…[View]
60886539>go to my lgs's modern mondays >hello, it's £5 to enter >game shops will charge y…[View]
60892816What are some suitably pretentious titles for adventurers?[View]
60889237Build-A-Swarm.: >The vast, all-devouring swarm is a classic sci-fi archetype, with many rendition…[View]
60895061I like 4e , best game I've ever played, I'm trying to put a game together of newbies, some…[View]
60896637How would he fare in the World of Darkness?[View]
60896022how do you keep yourself from crying when you are constantly rolling ones?[View]
60875025>here's your Barbarian bro[View]
60859378Infinity General: Bullied No Longer Edition: Infinity is a 28mm scale futuristic skirmish game by Co…[View]
60860996/MLG/ Modern/Legacy MTG General: 90% less shit posting then /mmg/ >Meta game https://www.mtggoldf…[View]
60879424>'pyromancer' >summons and/or controls fire instead of using it to divine the future This isn…[View]
60884778EDH/Commander General: Tiger Daddy Edition Previous: >>60875915 RESOURCES >Official Site: C…[View]
60870169/btg/ BattleTech General: --------------------------------- Weathered also means experience, edition…[View]
60891803/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General: >Unearthed Arcana: Giant Soul Sorcerer (no new UA until the 23rd) …[View]
60895261How do you make a system for this setting? There's allot to unpack here, drive forms, summons, …[View]
60891204Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: 'your face here' Edition Previous Thread: >>60886203 >New P…[View]
60894399Planning to start a Hoard of the Dragon Queen campaign with some friends. It'll be the first pr…[View]
60895442>playing Hoard of the Dragon Queen as a lvl 6 Oath of Vengeance Paladin >party encounters a bl…[View]
60895416I have a shit load of board games and summer break is about to be over so my main go-to gaming buddy…[View]
60876602how the hell do I get better at naming places and things? Lot of my countries sound like jibberish w…[View]
60893117>old and demented king betrays his country to the BBEG to repay ancient soul debt >starts disr…[View]
60886718Your party encounters pic related. What do they do?[View]
60894154Elves are generally immune to magical sleep effects, but are they also immune to the yawn reflex? Wh…[View]
60894832This dude: Pic related shows up in the 40k universe. What happens?[View]
60883459Give me your desert encounters /tg/: So /tg/ I am about to start a game of Degenesis, which is all v…[View]
60888492Why don't fantasy writers research the period they're trying to emulate? A lot of times fa…[View]
60877084Why do Plague Marines wear gasmasks?: Title. In quite a lot of artwork surrounding them, 40k Plague …[View]
60885306This guys smacks your girlfriends ass in the club, what do you do?[View]
60894247Which D&D edition has the best angel lore? Or other RPG I guess.[View]
60865098How do you do your dinosaurs in your games, accurate or inaccurate? maybe a mix of both when it…[View]
60894550MSPAINT DRAW THREAD: Terrible shoops of your last adventure[View]
60894515DMing: i've been playing dnd 5e for a while now and i wanna try DMing out. i tried 2 times befo…[View]
60892002How do you integrate a large tribe of orcs into your growing force and end the endless cycle of trib…[View]
608851662019 comander set: wtf is this Also typical of wotc to exclude its male player base https://www.mtgg…[View]
60742078TCG Discussion: I'm reviving this thread from yesterday >>60718068 ITT we discuss our own…[View]
60892204Hey /tg/ Router/firewall distros. Whos used them? I used to use ipfire, but it doesn't support …[View]
60882019Faries wear boots! You gotta believe me![View]
60892583Stat me in a system that's not related to 40k or GW[View]
60848359Battle for the Space Hulks: Wow, I never expected this to get a 2nd thread: Here's a link to th…[View]
60888869Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: So is anyone gonna pick this up? Not familiar with Mophidius.[View]
60864771What frightening things can a monster do other than kill you?[View]
60888664Kill Team General /ktg/: Drukhari on suicide watch edition >Previous thread >>60879249 >…[View]
60884680So /tg/, what is that feature you cannot resist giving your characters? For me >facial scars >…[View]
60889179Would Morathi be a more intimidating character if she were 15 cm tall?[View]
60884139How did the AIDS crisis effect vampires?[View]
60859322Nobledark 40k part 62a: Yet another Man of Gold Awards edition: Welcome to Nobledark Imperium: a rel…[View]
60892763Do you know why the Citadel painting handle is so fat and round, /tg/? It's because it holds th…[View]
60878891What are the best things I can do with a wristband that can summon 50 Guinea Pigs per day?[View]
60845569/wodg/ & /cod/ chronicles of darkness & world of darkness general: Last thread: >>6078…[View]
60879555/cyoag/ - CYOA General: Previous thread: >>60865858 'Adventure' Edition Archives and other res…[View]
60858844Vampires: Would a nation of vampires work? If you were making one for a setting how would you establ…[View]
60878508The Tarrasque: Lets have a thread about this creature /tg/. How do you properly use it? Ever been in…[View]
60891191How can I tell if I'm a good DM or not? Feedback from my players is useless because they'l…[View]
60885588>You encounter a trio of strange adventurers in exotic armors.[View]
60878738https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZCIh_3b5K8 this is the worst thing I have ever seen.[View]
60888273Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: Titanicus Is Here Edition >WarhammerTV Tip of the Day: https://y…[View]
60887282>hurrr durrrr, anime fighter is bad Whats bad in anime fight mechanics except that it's fun …[View]
60883951Apparently Maze of the Blue Medusa is getting a second print run out of nowhere. https://gumroad.com…[View]
60883967Eastern European Fantasy: Do we have any Eastern European anons on /tg/? Can you please share what m…[View]
60878032What would your character's social network account look like?[View]
60890195I need some resources for a post-apocolyptic fictional setting, /tg/ more importantly, I'm not …[View]
60853519/srg/ - Shadowrun General: ...Identity Spoofed ...Encryption Keys Generated ...Connected to Onion Ro…[View]
60853395Drawthread: Black Magic Dorf Edition: Requesters: >Provide good, detailed references (pictures ar…[View]
60889505>that guy who gets butthurt when someone proxies because it makes him realize that he wasted so m…[View]
60889166Inquisitor generator: So, who's the Inquisitor you're working for ? Roll and post your res…[View]
60890202/tg/ I need your help: I'm interested in tabletop games, but I have no idea where to begin. The…[View]
60883326Pitch a Warhammer 40k movie to a studio/producer: In other words: what would be a realistic, big-bud…[View]
60887909Do you ever include music playing into your games other than just bard spells? What instruments do y…[View]
60877227What do your monster hunters look like? What do they hunt?[View]
60882947/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General: Savage Thews Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Giant Soul Sorcerer (no ne…[View]
60888994Oh no! Freyalise-chan is going to be late for school! Hurry! Hurry![View]
60880965If you were to examine the stories result of your roleplay, what would they tell you about you or th…[View]
60888903Bow n' Arrow: Why doesn't archery have a str+dex requirement? You need both to properly sh…[View]
60886203Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Heroic Stormcast Edition Previous Thread: >>60882185 >New P…[View]
60886943OKAY /TG/! I'm hosting an adventure of Warhammer FP 2E and a really good friend of mine is such…[View]
60880051How would he fare in warhammer fantasy?[View]
60888261> rolled my character at home fair and square > DM doesn't believe I rolled all 18's…[View]
60888912This guy shows up in a Handmaid's tale setting. What happens?[View]
60887489How do you handle evil kids/teens, particularly in positions of power? Have you ever included or fac…[View]
60881680Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2366: Zombodied Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/folde…[View]
60885303First brightling, now this. What's the next (battlebond) card that will be spiked into new heig…[View]
60871581What are some interesting and surprising things that might have in a Mindflayer's lair?[View]
60869040/swg/ - Star Wars General: Space Frenchwoman Jaden is Best Jaden Edition Previous thread: >>60…[View]
60873482If money is no object, is Kingdom Death: Monster worth getting into? It looks super-intriguing.[View]
60868091MOON THREAD II - SECOND COMING OF MOON: slept and the thread died. This is primarily to explore and …[View]
60858863How would she fare in the galaxy of the 41st millenium?[View]
60866037What Pokémon whould the Primarchs have?[View]
60887564Why doesnt slanesh just make us feel more pleasure by doing the same things instead of forcing its f…[View]
60865402Are Liches (or other sentient undead) inherently evil in your setting?[View]
60842402ITT: characters who would BTFO the Chaos gods[View]
6088753340k Cumtown: How would they fare in 40k?[View]
60883165Impractical Armor in RPGs: >Be GM >Ask for players to include reference art in their character…[View]
60874827good scifi systems?: Im talking alien building and generation tools, ship combat rules, the works. a…[View]
60883834What are some good alternatives to Roll20 for an online Shadowrun campaign? Having only run Roll20 …[View]
60877329Meanwhile, in Ancient Greece: By Zeus, these new Roman game designers must be the laziest in the ind…[View]
60881023>tell the players from very early on that the campaign will have a loose structure but be mostly …[View]
60870135Does anyone play Warmachine anymore? I have a ton of old metal figures from 2003 - 2006, are they wo…[View]
60886431What do you consider as a truly unlucky player/character? Is it the YOLO character that constantly r…[View]
60880941ITT: Characters: Post those character concepts you had but would never really play or bring yourself…[View]
60885027Tactical Wargame: Hi /tg/, I'm looking for a wargame (hex or not) that let you lead an army on …[View]
60861555Would you ever trust a little girl you found in the wilderness or in a dungeon?[View]
60879249Kill Team General /ktg/: Necron prediction edition >Previous thread >>60869665 → → → >Ki…[View]
60881826Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: Jungle Fighter edition >WarhammerTV Tip of the Day: https://yout…[View]
60886105How different is the resin quality between China recasts and forge world? Are China resin very britt…[View]
60872343Why would the US-government ban magic and hunt and kill mages?[View]
60885266Technician/Mechanic Character Art: Post your pics of fantasy or sci fi techies. (remember, engineer…[View]
60866934Have you ever played a good aligned necromancer? Did you ever find it limiting? Is it even feasible?[View]
60885342Hello /tg/ I'd like to know if the Incineration Leman Russ is worthy of adding to my list? I h…[View]
60869547The Witcher: What does /tg/ think of the Witchers settings and would you guys consider one of the be…[View]
60852586What do you think of adding sci-fi elements into fantasy? What if they're hidden unless ou go l…[View]
60871947Honeytraps: How do you think a proper Honeytrap should be made to lure the players into trouble in a…[View]
60862307What did the Spellplague actually do to the Realms?: So, yeah, I was never able to memorize every si…[View]
60879981What are the consequences for a setting where it is possible to just copy-paste an entire persona fr…[View]
60846924Hard to swallow pills fa/tg/uys can't accept: >Any game with active abilities will never be …[View]
60884668>The Ultramarines won the Battle of Calth[View]
60869948Breached world: Remember that the grandmoth slug is a valuable part of your biodome and needed to ke…[View]
60882185Age of Sigmar General /aosg/: I can't think of anything edition. Previous Thread: >>60877…[View]
60864607>most bored classes are pure martial 2018 and still everything that the fighter can do is to stan…[View]
60875915/EDH/ Commander General: Cycling Edition Previous: >>60862822 RESOURCES >Official Site: Con…[View]
60884650How come I have to come to /dungeonsanddragons/ to talk about superior games like Texas Holden, back…[View]
60869214What is the most French fantasy setting imaginable (other than France, obviously)?[View]
60871934How would they fare in WH40k? *johji*: So... yea. Imagine the imperium finds a whole planet full of …[View]
60883109Im planning on running a campaign where your players are Gothams from nest under Gordons Major Crime…[View]
60882443This bunch of seven particularly ancient, outdated, rusted, incredibly shitty Men of Iron wake up in…[View]
60868502>PC through trickery becomes lord of a small region. >Declares 12 months of no taxes for any w…[View]
6088226040k Battles that Guy/ this Guy: Tell your -that Guy- and/or -this Guy- Story. Engage![View]
60875397Playing Goblinoids: Goblins and their ilk have had PC writeups in every edition from Basic/Expert to…[View]
60882341Effective Vampire Killing in VtM: When it comes to vampires in VtM, how effective would a Gauss rifl…[View]
60838788PDF Share Thread #188: It's Da Curated Archive™! Get ready to stuff your hard drive like a cosp…[View]
60883264/tg/ ! The High Master of the Thieves' Guild has summoned you to submit a contract ! What is yo…[View]
60882775Your face when the Geller Field fails[View]
60824510Night Shift: Been a while since the last one, anyone remember/care about this weird little almost se…[View]
60882880Post Cyborgs taking on monsters[View]
60880718How does an inquisitor comes to rule a province? What methods does he employ to achive power and rul…[View]
60859735Warning signs in games? >the DM announces that everyone needs to pick a dungeon buddy before ente…[View]
60882746Minigames: Hey, /tg/. Do you ever play minigames in-character? I think it can be pretty fun. I…[View]
60882738For those of you who have played the card game of Mao. Give me your interesting or unique rules that…[View]
60823176Have you ever eaten a tangerine?[View]
60880515When is the right moment to drop a campaign? Both as a player and as a DM, what would you consider t…[View]
60873760Tools for Miniature Painting and Modelling: Long story short, I just came back to tabletop miniature…[View]
60882293Just played some of my best chess. This is now a chess general! https://www.chess.com/analysis-boar…[View]
60877644/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General: Weird Worlds and Perplexing Planes Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Gian…[View]
60879684First 40k miniature finished. Opinions?: Just finished painting my first 40k miniature, anything I s…[View]
60882141/tag/ autism in action: Let's hear about you or your ocd autistmo friends >Friend has all MT…[View]
60881547OP Wants to Start a Shop: For the last five years, I've wanted to own a hobby shop that caters …[View]
60875361Stat us /tg/[View]
60855353Your party has just ended up in the Black Lodge. How fucked are they?[View]
60868321Most tragic character of the Horus Heresy? >The Warhounds librarians that got eaten trying to sto…[View]
60876701Curses in DnD: What are some fun curses you've placed or had placed on you? How did you break t…[View]
60811104Rifts Forever: >Hundreds of awesome classes >Amazing vehicle combat rules >Badass martial a…[View]
60880208How much scientific accuracy do you like in your games?[View]
60879736>Hey bro, I finished the amazing fantasy map[View]
60879471How would they fare in the chronicles world of darkness?[View]
60866109Player Types as Classes: 4e did a lot of interesting things, and when it chose how to divide the cla…[View]
60877226Critical Role S2E26: What a shit class. Is anyone else glad he's dead?[View]
60877338How do you feel about graded Magic, Pokemon, or Yugioh cards? Are they a worthwhile investment as th…[View]
60878510Is there a plot that works in any setting or time period? Something like 'save the princess.'[View]
60878757Your best non combat encounters? Both as a player and a DM. My personal favorite was a session I was…[View]
60852247ITT: retro old school fantasy art[View]
60880761Have you ever been in a scenario where two PC's were at odds with each other and ended up in pv…[View]
60880635Globalized Changes...: How would your work change if... I will start... >All the women in your wo…[View]
60879730DM Appreciation Thread: Stories when your DM really went above and beyond to let you have a good exp…[View]
608788203.X DND monk cheese: So I was wondering something and figured this is the place to ask in 2018. Is t…[View]
60878241Pour out the Guzzaline, don your leather and football pads, its time roll up characters for the APUN…[View]
60877034Realistically, what is the most effective way to defend modern day Earth from a genesteeler infestat…[View]
60877598Age of Sigmar General /aosg/: are protectors good edition Previous Thread: >>60870229 >New …[View]
60880016Horus Heresy General /hhg/: Titanicus soon edition Battlefleet Terra when ? sub-edition last thread …[View]
60870652How would pic related fair in 40k, /tg/?[View]
60879979How to Cleric: WOLOLOOO WOLOLOOO[View]
60876363Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: What's your Pleasure Edition >WarhammerTV Tip of the Day: h…[View]
60873276Is a foot longer to halflings than it is to humans, or shorter because their feet are bigger?[View]
60872366Some nigger aliens have just threatened to destroy the earth unless we grow up and stop warring and …[View]
60866457Do you plan or have to deal with 'Unwinnable' encounters, /tg/? And more importantly, do y…[View]
60839374/bgg/ Board Games General - naked and diseased edition...: Last /bgg/ thread: >>60790157 /bgg/…[View]
60879500Are there any good places to do drop in one hour one shot campaigns? All the usual places seem to be…[View]
60851603Paizofinder General /pfg/: Paizo -finder General /pfg/ 'i like this acronym better' edition /pfg/ Li…[View]
60861362WIP - Work In Progress General: Post Pics, Damn It Edition Previous Thread >>60836367 Emperor…[View]
60863184Gamma World General /gwg/: Which is the best Gamma World edition, and why?[View]
60875595Grimdark RPG: I want to run a Grimdark campaign set in Not!Europe. What system would /the recommend?…[View]
60871112/osrg/ – Old School Renaissance General: Welcome to the Old School Renaissance General thread. >T…[View]
60870331Why are there never any threads about boardgames in this cesspool? Just got pic related. Selling Ag…[View]
60837118How do you feel about guns that shoot magic[View]
60873244I like the Dustmen faction as part of the Planescape setting, but is there a way to play one as an a…[View]
60866687https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbnoG2dsUk0 >Issakian awoke, his naked body covered in sweat. The…[View]
60872576How would he fare in the 40k universe?[View]
60877007>The party is greeted by mysterious mushroom people making bizarre gestures.…[View]
60873641So, your regiment receives a giant pile of Baneblades...: Due to a formatting error somewhere in the…[View]
60876651In DND, if the DM wants me to do one thing, but I kinda want to something else, and then the univers…[View]
60874085Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2365: Leaf of Dead Houses Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/d…[View]
60877504https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cv9k9tzQaOo&index=15&list=FLUxdm377DO9xqY1c4VKG_ww this is h…[View]
60877608/tg/hrift Store General: Welcome to the thrift store general of /TG/! The place to show off all your…[View]
60841226Times you have hated money: ITT: your worst deals as a Mtg player[View]
60872393how would you bring it to tabletop?: If you had to use an existing game, what would you use as a bas…[View]
60868663Anyone got the 40k 3ed Rulebook?: Hello, I'm gathering some old lore together and one book I ju…[View]
60875778How do you do a proper evil overlord?[View]
60846096Fantasy Landscapes 2.0: keeping a good thing going previous thread here >>60782297[View]
60870228I heard somebody is working on a translation of the japanese Medabots RPG but there have been no new…[View]
60872952a bit specifc but does anyone have pics of girls/women that looks: dark, brooding, pale, sickly? Not…[View]
60876693Dark Sun-themed Battlemaps: Does anyone have any Dark Sun or simply post-apocalyptic (fantasy) style…[View]
60869665Kill Team General /ktg/: T''''''''''''…[View]
60785508/twgg/ TowerGirls CYOA General: Lots of different things going on these days! Frog Princess Edition …[View]
60865858/cyoag/ - CYOA General: Previous thread: >>60848292 'Wall flowers on prom night' Edition Archi…[View]
60867897Anybody else stuck in a party of morons? Not like literal mouth breathers but people who you can…[View]
60866777Random Super Powers Thread: IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN! https://www.powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Speci…[View]
60808798Bronze and Classical Age fantasy thread.: Let's get some fun talking about games than are inspi…[View]
60869637Yo! So say he was like dropped into da grim darkness o' da 41st millenium. How does he do?[View]
60860797Horus Heresy General /hhg/: the Emperor is not mocked edition thousand sons mental gymnastics sub-ed…[View]
60876125Dungeon Crawl Classics Thread: Alright fellas, I'm about to run a DCC game. Got the beginning a…[View]
60870729/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General: PvP Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Giant Soul Sorcerer (no new UA unti…[View]
60875841I find warhammer lore to be super interesting but abhor the system of wargaming. Which ttrpg should …[View]
60862142Where in the rulebook should the explanation of how injuries/hp/death/getting hurt works? Combat sec…[View]
60870589Anyone here into Filk music?[View]
60862822/EDH/ Commander General: NO C18 Spoilers in Sight Edition Previous: >>60848300 RESOURCES >O…[View]
60868232How would she fare in World of Darkness?[View]
60873031Warhammer 40k General /40kg/: Noble Sacrifice edition >WarhammerTV Tip of the Day: https://yout…[View]
60867726Tiefling art thread: Bonus points if male.[View]
60870925So I mostly stay at home and I am bored and don't know what to do with myself so I was thinking…[View]
60865844Dragon Age: What does /tg/ think about Dragon Age lore? Is there enough of it to use it as a setting…[View]
60872216Can we get an 'Architect's Intrigue' thread going? What do you think about the latest Alhambra …[View]
60870229Age of Sigmar General /aosg/: new thread Previous Thread: >>60853195 >New Previews https://…[View]
60857356What should the main ingredient be in a potion of Charisma?[View]
60871109If the GM were to figure out your fetish (without you realizing they did), and started adding low-ke…[View]
60855364Song of Swords: Whatever happened to this project? Did it die?[View]
60871926What reason would someone have to allow wizards in their 5e game[View]
60840785MTG STANDARD! What are you playing? What do you want kicked out of Standard? Any brews you have when…[View]
60829171/tgesg/: Elder Scrolls General: Moth edition >Tabletop/P&P RPGs [UESRPG - P&P RPG] https:…[View]
60859094Why are giant mechs considered a useful investment of time and resources in Warhammer 40k and Battle…[View]
60846940>the barbarian and the ranger get married >they retire from adventuring, buy a house, get a 40…[View]
60869103How would he do in...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaUi8Dv73hA World of Warcraft as he's dr…[View]
60872255>a game focused entirely on alchemists Would you play a game where every PC is a magic pseudo-sci…[View]
60872312How much knowledge do you expect players to display (through their PCs) about subjects that aren…[View]
60870824Ultima politics: >Be black Templar >Pray 18 hours/day >Purge the heretic the remaininh 23 h…[View]
60872497I realize that Bomberman's gameplay translates very well to Pathfinder/D&D. Is there a clas…[View]
60867690The game isn't rolling dice, it's declaring a concrete action that may or may not need a d…[View]
60871895>'Actually, thats not a DRAGON, its a wyvern'[View]
60868573MTG modern/legacy general /MLG/: Chaos edition >Meta game https://www.mtggoldfish.com/metagame/mo…[View]
60872078So, I was told this is a good place to rag on Omegle roleplayers. Here, /tg/, have some images of Om…[View]
60869440>almost all spells require some combination of somatic, verbal, or material components >spellc…[View]
60865139>blocks your party's path how do you fare against them?[View]
60868560How do your /ttg/ characters treat women? Do they subscribe to real-world medieval beliefs about gen…[View]
60844917>trade money for cards at an lgs >guys you can't do this, we've told you repeatedly.…[View]
60871274Alright /tg/ my GM said we should make new characters and make 'em pretty wild, so I want some …[View]
60851009Why dont you play TTG with your little sister anon?[View]
60871061How would he fare if he replaced GEOM in 30k?[View]
60859741You discover that it is the sweet, innocent flower child's powerful subconcious reality warping…[View]
60868795This is how I cleric[View]
60868105What kind of math do you need to design, master, or tamper with, a tabletop game (be roleplaying or …[View]
60867858DM 5e for the first time with a bunch of players who are all newbies. I've been reading rules, …[View]
60870281Where do you begin? What are the first paces to to make your own setting?[View]
60867719How do I stop failing at talking: >last friday >dnd session with 2 main social encounters >…[View]
60865491I think this is the right board...: This is my first time posting on 4chan, so sorry if I fuck somet…[View]
60869920Playing Surface: What do you use for a playing surface? I just use some graph paper, personally.…[View]
60861776How do I successfully incorporate cryptocurrencies into my cyberpunk setting? I can't seem to c…[View]
60865882Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: AUGMENTED TO SERVE Edition >WarhammerTV Tip of the Day: https:/…[View]
60866992why: >make a thread >it gets called TVtropes shit and locked Do you want people to go there? I…[View]
60870168Middle Earth Risk: Would anyone like to play? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOA1wBw_Jt4…[View]
60867934Stat her.[View]
60857496How many cardinals would you want on hand to seal an ancient evil? I get that having the entire coll…[View]
60865538Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2364: Not Another One Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive…[View]
60829998Is it biologically possible for a living creature to incorporate metal into its body, as armor or cl…[View]
60862539/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General: Memorable One-Shots Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Giant Soul Sorcerer…[View]
60867624Fall of Delta Green PDF: Does anyone have a copy of Fall of Delta Green PDF by Pelgrane Press? Or kn…[View]
60842256/btg/ BattleTech General: --------------------------------- Sharpened daily, edition The /btg/ is de…[View]
60865528This is how I Alchemist. > inb4: >eyes >no beak >its shit…[View]
60865250Wuxia/Xianxia Theme Character Art Thread: I need more. So I'll post some, and hope others will …[View]
60837816>Centuries old tradition of Hero Chefs who battle monsters for their meat, hunt for rare ingredie…[View]
60852012Wizards use magic words to shape reality... but each wizard has access to only one word, determined …[View]
60867144What fairly obscure/uncommon cool real world stuff have you found for inspiration?: Starting out wit…[View]
60833731Post Random Encounters.[View]
60843198Islam or Arab-inspired stuff and shit in fiction: First off yes I know and am aware the title alone …[View]
60859989Indian Style Armor: Do you guys like Indian Style Armor?[View]
60829865OOTS Order of the Stick 1126[View]
60855522Yu-Gi-Oh Storytime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkwO51Nx6Gc Well here we are. Remember how much …[View]
60856812Is 'caster supremacy' a meme or is it still an actual 'issue' particularly in newer editions of dnd?[View]
60847636/swg/ - Star Wars General: Pls No Bully Edition Previous thread: >>60821942 Fantasy Flight Gam…[View]
60863029Kill Team General /ktg/: Tonight We Yiff In Hell edition >Previous thread >>60853476 >Ki…[View]
60838698Monster art thread please?[View]
60851096/osrg/ – Old School Renaissance General: Welcome to the Old School Renaissance General thread. >T…[View]
60866436Sci-Fi Rpgs: What's the best system to run pic related?[View]
60849905give me your best Vicious Mockery insults[View]
60836531Game Finder / Gamefinder: Find a new game before it finds you edition. >GM/Player >System Pref…[View]
60867724One of the NPCs in my game is basically her. A member of mercenary company, but sort of a solo opera…[View]
60853195Age of Sigmar General /aosg/: Cool art edition Previous Thread: >>60848154 >New Previews ht…[View]
60867405Tell me about that campaign you ran that you're sure would make a successful video game. Then t…[View]
60866871I need some advice guys. I'm new to DMing (ran only like 3ish games so far) and I've come …[View]
60866081Any ststem where you are adolescents becoming young adults in a whimsical setting as an allegory of …[View]
60866086>yfw the Geller field fails[View]
60826387MECH RPG thread: Let's go anons! Lets talk about mechs rpgs/wargames. What's your prefered…[View]
60865239What monster does your character fear the most? What nightmares haunt your dreams?[View]
60862544How would he fare in the World of Darkness?[View]
60859559this guy walks up and steals from your party. what do?[View]
60855807Why are Expanded Universes always shit? I can't think of single example of where alloying outsi…[View]
60847882What are some underrated animals to shape-shift into? No magical animals and no unnaturally giant an…[View]
60853708ITT: Plot hooks for comfy campaigns[View]
60865782Heretical Cult Generator: After the IG generator, here is the heretical cult generator. Post the res…[View]
60860519What do CSM keep as pets?[View]
60848879What's the best way to make a demon BBEG interesting without wading into cliche? >muh destr…[View]
60863706Lotr SBG: >This model is the first in what will be a range of new plastic characters for the sett…[View]
60863347How do you start your stories /tg/? Whether they be tabletop or /qst/.[View]
60865010Is anacharis scoria or cawl more badass? Is scoria still around in 40k?[View]
60863870What's the best system for playing a robot party?[View]
60860344Risk thread?: Worth a shot...[View]
60864670>get tron >i cast karn >remand >okay, pass >i cast blood moon…[View]
60852302/4eg/ - D&D Fourth Edition General: >I never played a 4e game past heroic tier. How bad does …[View]
60865574What games would you play with your children?[View]
60862938Design a bad guy[View]
60864615What's the least popular citadel paint?[View]
60845344What weapon does your character use? It's not just some generic sword,isn't it?[View]
60863777How can I make a setting about a character that can change its age as will? E.g, if he's a kid,…[View]
60769500Runescape TTG Homebrew: We've more or less wrapped up monsters for the bestiary, with some gaps…[View]
60847826why do fantasy worlds alwayys have seperate continents? Why can't it be like in the real world,…[View]
60848164Do you ever roll female characters?[View]
60864508>buy a box of the latest set of TCG (Magic/Yugioh/Destiny it doesn't matter) >check to se…[View]
60864766Anyone have any interesting monsters, homebrewed if any, that they want to share that would make for…[View]
60855349What an excellent rpg. I find this superior to 5th edition, desu.[View]
60863554How much does a D&D or fantasy setting change when you start adding automobiles to it?[View]
60855619This is your adventuring party, say something nice about them.[View]
60848089Tabletop version when?[View]
60860632Warhammer 40k General /40kg/: For the Emperor edition. >WarhammerTV Tip of the Day: https://www.y…[View]
60851039State of Games Workshop today. Could they fall even deeper?[View]
60864366Astra Militarum and Power Mauls?: Quick question: The 1d4chan 40k Tactics page for the IG/Astra Mili…[View]
60854066>gygax allowed dragon PCs Why does /tg/ still defend this hack?[View]
60864474Call of Cthulhu thread: Ghosts don't stand a chance with me, let me at em. I'll rock …[View]
60859518What would these guys be like in the World of Darkness? For reference, they're the Knights of t…[View]
60863598Stat them[View]
60862630Wow BfA lore discussion thread: G'huun is the fifth old god >he was created yes and no,the t…[View]
60863788Does your party travel trough the world with a specific goal?[View]
60818234Post-Apocalyptic: Hello, /tg/ I need your help in homebrewing a game for me. I'm hosting a game…[View]
60861882Half-breeds: So gnomes are just half-elf-half-dwarves, right? Also, crossbreed thread.[View]
60863105What is the most crazy/amusing magical item you have ever gotten?[View]
60847403Oceans and peoples: Tell me about your seas and whoever sails them, /tg/[View]
60860666You know, I don't think I've ever seen an RPG or setting that featured or included an orig…[View]
60857178What's the craziest druidic thing a druid can do?[View]
60843158>Working on a Mutants and Masterminds setting >Want something that's akin to X-men's…[View]
60853428>'You enter the bakery, mindful of the basilisk said to be hiding in it, the counters have a laye…[View]
60862652characters who refuse to weild weapons: But are not pacifists. Do you have any characters like that …[View]
60847392Modern Lovecraftian Horror General: Because our technologies are nothing compared to the creeping ho…[View]
60848300EDH / Commander General: Endless Cycle Edition Previous: >>60829316 → RESOURCES >Official S…[View]
60848292/cyoag/ - CYOA General: Archives and other resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu Previous thread:…[View]
60862276One more for PF, MT, Discord Sundays: Need one more, preferably non-melee, for our new party beginni…[View]
60857593Motivation and Inspiration.: How do you get motivated to work on your campaigns? I have a session co…[View]
60859962Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2363: OctoJumper Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/fold…[View]
60825965Scion: I guess it's out. Are we going to talk about it?[View]
60852960MOON THREAD: This is primarily to explore and discuss LARGE MOON settings and everything that entail…[View]
60844515Tell me about your squire. You have a squire, don't you?[View]
60848085/VG/ - Vampire: the Masquerade & Requiem General: Previous thread: >>60816069 >WoD webs…[View]
60858296Western RPG: Anyone have any recommendations for a western rpg? Something with duels, gunfights, tra…[View]
60853476Kill Team General /ktg/: We got a profile edition >Previous thread >>60840635 >Kill Team…[View]
60861540Which game/setting is the best for playing a Wizard/magic users in general, in terms of crunch, fluf…[View]
60860977Genuinely curious, do board games like monopoly count as /tg/ or nah?[View]
60861301Did alan bligh really do all the work at forge world? What did the rest of the staff do?[View]
60860105Is it a bad idea to start a 30k mechanicum army now when last chance to buy happens weekly and the f…[View]
60859831Paranoia General: Exactly what it says on the tin. Get in here and tell us all your stories in the p…[View]
60849628Since everyone else is doing it; how would these guys stack up against the world of darkness?[View]
60851212So, what's the best way to completely remove point and resource systems from magic. To make it …[View]
60847914Starbound TTRPG?: Has anyone done any kind of treatment for a Starbound p&p game? I think the se…[View]
60860055https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6W9E0zjZlMw Should humans ever appear in engine heart or is it bette…[View]
60856868Dead Space RPG: What's the best system for running something like pic related? > Space expl…[View]
60856856/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Implacable Foe Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Gia…[View]
60793399What do the supernatural fear?[View]
60859316What's a good innawoods tabletop game, /tg/? I've never played any wargame, but i'd f…[View]
60849677How would you insert them in the (New) World of Darkness? Would you stat them as spirits, or somethi…[View]
60860043Hey fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls, newish fag here. What is glorious chinaman Z's current e-mail? ID…[View]
60857662I fucked up toady: >Be me >Badgm.jpg >Make puzzle that i think is easy to solve >'This p…[View]
60853554Swords that shoot lasers by knights that can fly.[View]
60859694Well everyone. I bought the newest edition of Paranioa because deep down we are all disgusting murde…[View]
60851301Planescape: I'm thinking of running a campaign in Planescape sometime. What elements do you thi…[View]
60845070So /tg/ I have a question. I've noticed that my long term group (we've been playing for ab…[View]
60836285Stinky Girl at my table. Help?: I'm not the type of guy who likes to make a big fuss about thin…[View]
60854201/OnBG/ - Offices and Bosses General: New fix edition What do you guys think of the new erratta they …[View]
60837979What's your favorite way to generate characters /tg/? Write a backstory, select a couple traits…[View]
60836367WIP - Work In Progress General: Emperor's Teeth! I got for a doctor's appointment and you …[View]
60853021Age of Sigmar General /aosg/: Be nice to each other Previous Thread: >>60848154 >New Previe…[View]
60856655Real-life tomes of ancient lore[View]
60857284How would he fare in 40k[View]
60852024>it's an obvious scam >but also an obvious plot hook…[View]
60857002>Compelling another to play a board-game with you How serious of a crime is this really? Surely i…[View]
60858542I've been playing in a game group with some friends on roll20 for a few months although i feel …[View]
60853142Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: AUGMENTED Edition >WarhammerTV Tip of the Day: https://www.youtu…[View]
60858290This is how a real adventurer would handle being caught in a forest fire. He'd save his skin by…[View]
60812351What's the most fucked up thing you've done in one of your campaigns? Shock me![View]
60858076Tokens?: Sup /tg/, the game Im running just turned into a web of political intrigue with about 40 pa…[View]
60853552What's the standard shape for spaceships in your setting, and how comfortable are they inside?…[View]
60857089Big Sister keeps teasing me and I hate it.: So I have a sister and she's into Fantasy roleplayi…[View]
60853020How would l human history have developed if there were classic fantasy elements like Dwarfs, Orks, G…[View]
60805819/wmhg/ - Warmahordes General - Angry Elves Edition: Warmahordes General Mk3 list building:http://con…[View]
60857269The 24th and 1/2 century: Has anyone tried running a game in this setting? How did it go? What syste…[View]
60856976Toxic Fans: Have any of you dealt with toxic fans in your fawning area, or just general sphere of li…[View]
60851107Uh oh, Wild Mage! Looks like when you tried to cast that spell it went haywire! http://www.traykon.c…[View]
60826509/MLG/ Modern/Legacy MTG General: /mmg/ is dead, long live /MLG/ >Meta game https://www.mtggoldfis…[View]
60844045What setting has the most realistic depiction of a post-scarcity society?[View]
60829019>player rolls dice on the floor Is this ok?[View]
60855233what's the most blue collar setting /tg/?[View]
60838917Yu-Gi-Oh Storytime: Previously >>60837458[View]
60845457The unidentified wand turns out to be a Wand of Polymorph Elf with 10 charges. What will you do wit…[View]
60850021Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2362: Perdition Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/folde…[View]
60855905Before thinking to themselves that a wizard WOULDN'T do something, every player and GM should a…[View]
60852965What are your favorite monsters? What monsters do you (or your players) fear or hate the most?[View]
60836670Character Art Thread: IMAGE LIMIT REACHED: >60765179 Please guys. My BBEG is supposed to be an ol…[View]
60824800Warhammer Fantasy General - /wfg/: Yarrr, wheres me pdf of wfrp ed: NEWS: WFRP: delayed until some p…[View]
60853085Are there any decent RPGs out there set in antiquity? Thinking Greece, Persia etc. Either with or wi…[View]
60855964How would the shadows fare as a species in 40k provided they had access to their own brand of psioni…[View]
60799007Infinity General - New operation hype: Infinity is a 28mm scale futuristic skirmish game by Corvus B…[View]
60852426How to GM thread.: Full story: >Me and some friends get into tabletop rpgs >One guy has limite…[View]
60839132Inspirations you use for Games: When I was younger I saw The secret of Nimh. The scene with the grea…[View]
60851685/5eg/ - D&D Fifth Edition General: A master enjoying some personal time with his students editio…[View]
60850319Keeping the Survival in Survival Horror: An online game I am running is about to take a temporary sh…[View]
60814537/hhg/ - Horus Heresy General: Lazy Bakers Edition Third Legion to the rescue! >Thread FAQ http://…[View]
60851581How much granularity do you prefer when handling currency and buying shit for your character? Do you…[View]
60854301Any tips or softwares that can help me in building up a setting from scratch? If I'm using only…[View]
60847381Blessing Dice?: I'm planning on buying some dice and asking a priest (probably a Catholic one, …[View]
60846438Anybody played it? What is it like? Is it worth buying?[View]
60849712Fey Kraken Ideas: I'm running a pirate campaign set in the Moonshae Isles, and to tie into some…[View]
60845582Using Warframe as inspiration: As they recently revealed ship-battles, boarding and also happened to…[View]
60846631Stat him, /tg/.[View]
60853324For what purpose is man born into this world. What purpose in life should he strive for. Is it chanc…[View]
60849760Can a person who explicitly believes in double standards be lawful good?[View]
60850382Ork wizerd: Okay gitz so i rolled an ork wizerd so i gots to say me incantations. Anyone gots some i…[View]
60835979What RPG has the most nuanced combat?: Looking for something that: > Has in depth, nuanced, and …[View]
60827692What could the bite of a T-rex do to an ordinary human?[View]
60844414Asking Players For Money: So I know that's a very inflammatory title, but this is a subject I w…[View]
60843041>Wizards are to dragons as warriors are to _______[View]
60849969So he was definitely Chaotic Neutral, right?[View]
60821312Drawthread: Super Chaos Force Edition: Requesters: >Provide good, detailed references (pictures a…[View]
60785267Best of /tg/: Post 'em boys. Nightmare Mode: non-shit OC.[View]
60840800You have ten (10) minutes to whip up a setting in the form of a map and some words to go with it.[View]
60848154Age of Sigmar General /aosg/: I will now buy your models. Previous Thread: >>60840213 >New …[View]
60850788What's a DIY d20 system? Something like GURPS, but you still uses dice in a way that's sim…[View]
60851181What are some of your favorite character moments that have happened to you? >The small 'weak' ch…[View]
60747639/mgw/ - Monster Girl Worldbuilding: Demon Knights Edition Previous thread: >>60643977 We talk …[View]
60851042Possible way to update the Mary Sue concept: It's a good word, but it's got too many thing…[View]
60851253Dark: >this classy bastard comes up and Midnight Bliss your leader's ass >says he needs t…[View]
60850978So /tg/, care to share some of the funniest, weirdest or downright retarded character backstories yo…[View]
60845150/5eg/ - D&D Fifth Edition General: Inclement Weather Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Giant Soul So…[View]
60848634Generic D&D setting is flooded with Angels of Nurturing. They cater to every need and do everyth…[View]
60846642>When you join a new group, you should bring the DM a present Is this true?…[View]
60848805Mapmaking stuff: Want to redo an old map and get the coastline just right this time. Please criticiz…[View]
60846444Chess general: So I’m the black player and i moved my horse on to the bottom right. There used to b…[View]
60845454How do I not DMPC: Hey, /tg/. I'm running an adventure on a World of Warcraft roleplaying serve…[View]
60835567What is the best weapon for an adventurer?[View]
60850308In times gone by the kingdoms of men, elves, dwarves and orcs were locked in a constant conflict for…[View]
60844947Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: SOON!™ Edition >WarhammerTV Tip of the Day: https://www.youtube.…[View]
60777397/wbg/ - Worldbuilding General: /wbg/ - Worldbuilding General - Sweatshop edition Worldbuilding Gener…[View]
60800618Question- Why are elves so predisposed towards being enslaved? And what could be the interesting lor…[View]
60833657I've seen many people complain about 'redeeming succubi' or 'good succubi' …[View]
60849697Whats the game/company with the best supplements to use at the table or prep a session (stuff like 1…[View]
60824318Building Grimdark Sci-Fi Setting 2.5: TL;DR of stuff so far Humans - imperialist-capitalist faggots …[View]
60820787/srg/- Shadowrun General - Metahuman's Best Friend Edition: ...Identity Spoofed ...Encryption K…[View]
60840635Kill Team General /ktg/: Do not reply to 'vehicles in KT' baitfags edition >Previous thread >…[View]
60820692Practical Armours General: Practical Armour thread. Hardmode: No boob-shaped plate.[View]
60839751Which is the best?[View]
60842115How does one run a game set in Gensokyo?[View]
60836704Some questions for the lads: What purpose does combat serve in the overall experience and the storyl…[View]
60849390because /tg/ deserves this thread[View]
60815645/osrg/ – Old School Renaissance General: Welcome to the Old School Renaissance General thread for TS…[View]
60844796Random generic tg play by post JK: Dear /tg/ citizens, I once upon a time converted White Plume Moun…[View]
60790401What is GW single most unpopular plastic model?[View]
60818975Why is 4e full of unique and diverse powers?[View]
60848477Do you have ha player in your party that likes to draw the characters during a campaign?[View]
60842404Stat me /tg/ how would you run a game set in bas-lag[View]
60774398Baseball Samsara: Hey does anyone have a copy of that thread from a week ago, linking baseball and B…[View]
60816024Paizo Games General /pgg/: Paizo Games General /pgg/ How are you? /pfg/ Link Repository (Pathfinder)…[View]
60836386FALLOUT: NEW CALIFORNIA EXPANSION For the Official Board game Thread Finally, the actually interesti…[View]
60822033MTG Ask a Judge: Welcome back to your local ask a judge thread! This thread is for any and all quest…[View]
60841616So watched the film for the first time after a long while and how do you make a BBEG as great as him…[View]
60793784/40krpg/ - Warhammer 40k RPGs: I Spend A Point of Glory To Make A New Thread Edition For all your qu…[View]
60847959Mutant Chronicles help plox: So my Conan group ended our campaign with very nearly a total party kil…[View]
60836051Best Dark Sun edition?[View]
60831929So teegee, I've got a question for you guys- what are your favorite 'generic' monster…[View]
60846883ITT Describe DnD classes in a few words Based on your experiences: Druids: Escape Artist Bard: 'Can …[View]
60838840Calendars for idiots edition >Previous thread >>60827954 >Kill Team trailer https://www.…[View]
60847336Quick rundown on commander 2018: Quick rundown on it. >with commander 2018 strictly better cards …[View]
60837346>the elves have figured out how to weave the firmanent and stars and clouds and sky into armor …[View]
60846472>that final power-up before facing off against the big bad[View]
60831535D(eck of)M(any)C(ards) A quick system designed to emulate Style Fighters like DMC in a quick tableto…[View]
60846133Since it went well last time, let's have another thread talking about what food you or your gm/…[View]
60839652/cyoag/ - CYOA General: 'Celt's weird fetishes' Edition Previous thread: >>60825210 Archi…[View]
60840213Age of Sigmar General /aosg/: Retro Edition Previous Thread >>60833732 >New Previews https:…[View]
60829687So, now that the dust has finally settled, who was in the wrong? Pic related[View]
60834960>Science-Fiction >Humans are now a minority on Earth (1%), now dominated by aliens and their c…[View]
60839707Dungeon Meshi: No meshi Thread? lets fix that[View]
60837479Non-Vanilla World of Greyhawk Races: Do they belong? War-forged, Dragonborn? Tieflings as a starting…[View]
60842030The next destination requires you to cross a desert with these creatures present throughout. What me…[View]
60825394How do you feel about psionics?[View]
60782297Fantasy Landscapes: Post some nice fantasy location inspiration. Photos or paintings, whatever gets …[View]
60844444Hey /tg/ lets play a game. Post a item and the person below you reply's with what it does in a …[View]
60845890http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/233069/Kidnap-the-Archpriest?term=archpr&test_epoch=0 Kidnap…[View]
60842429Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2361: 'If You Cuck Him You'll Be Just as Bad as Him!' Edition: >Googl…[View]
60842813Black Crusade- Gifts of the Gods: So I'm playing my first Black crusade game with my friends an…[View]
60838330/EDH/ Commander General: C18 Speculation Edition II: Electric Buggaloo Previous: >>60829316 R…[View]
60846113Illwinter's Floorplan Generator: Hello there /tg/, has anyone tried this? https://store.steamp…[View]
60821942/swg/ - Jodo Kast Edition: Previous, inferior thread: >>60798705 Fantasy Flight Games’ X-Wing,…[View]
60841236How would the World of Darkness fare against him?[View]
60816069/VG/ Vampire the Masquerade & Requiem General: Previous thread: >>60785806 >WoD website…[View]
60824177Liliana core set 2019: Just bought this deck, and going to be playing tomorrow at FNM. I know since …[View]
60837224Dragon: How does it poop?[View]
60843988Faith Stat: What would/could a Faith stat represent other than raw belief/adherence to gods?[View]
60738109Your adventuring party encounters pic related. How fucked are they?[View]
60845280Poker Tell: whats the expression? do you 'spot' a tell? 'detect', 'see'? not a native speaker here, …[View]
60843385Show me how you charisma dump.[View]
60834786Character Ideas! Post yours!: You post a character idea. And then you tell us how your character wou…[View]
60800706>Be Guardsman Recruit of the 212th Unimportant Infantry Regiment >Regiment raised only a two w…[View]
60801686What are some quality magical realms?[View]
6084444940 cum: how would they fare in the 40k universe?[View]
60837206Why don't more fantasy do this? sic floating enchanted blades against someone and they won…[View]
60796767Is picture correct?[View]
60832653Prove to me that the monk isn’t the best class in d&d. Protip: you can’t[View]
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