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62100018Only War stat blocks: I'm going to be running an onlywar campaign soon, the PCs will be setting…[View]
62106042Horror themed games general. Just played Eldritch Horror for the first time. Great fun and some of …[View]
62095289How should a computer/AI's processing power be represented in terms of mechanics and plot-relev…[View]
62100651Space Marine force multipliers?: Lately, I've been working on a supplemet to a SM army. Nothing…[View]
62104638Steampunk art thread: Gonna be posting some Steampunk art to roll around some ideas for a steampunk-…[View]
62103523How to even begin in GURPS?: Okay /tg/, so I've been interested in the particular brand of crys…[View]
62097648>he plays RPGs he dislikes Why?[View]
62103473[CRITICAL ROLE] BED, BATH, and DND BEYOND General ['Wow Tailspin, Matt lets you have two bonus acti…[View]
62102620Clowns in your setting: In my setting, clowns are rare and keep to their packs and gangs. Clowns are…[View]
62101563My setting is supposed to have a big and high Plateau in the north. Is there a way to mark that on t…[View]
62102278What are some surprises / plot twists you're preparing for you party, fellow GMs? I'm goin…[View]
62099309This is thread about undead. Post your favourite undead pictures[View]
62101834Warhammer 40k General thread - /40kg/: Post your recent GAMES edition. >Warhammer 40k News https:…[View]
62087769How close is the relationship between clerics and their respective gods in your setting? When they p…[View]
62087631GURPS DFRPG or D&D 5e: GURPS DRFPG or D&D 5e. Which is better? Why?[View]
62098330had an idea to run a game set in the middle of the Iron Age using an modifying D&D 5e slightly. …[View]
62103300telling people how their characters feel: >running game >constantly tell players how their cha…[View]
62070913Dieselpunk art thread: Gonna start with some Jakub Rozalski[View]
62103407Do you guys roll characters or buy in?[View]
62103556What's the best or your most favorite homebrew cursed item you've ever encountered in a ga…[View]
62098677/5eg/ - DnD 5th edition general: All hail the God-fist edition >Unearthed Arcana: Dragonmarks htt…[View]
62101412Warhammer 40,000 3rd Edition: Hello everyone, I just wanted to say I'm very grateful for the va…[View]
62103326What are some monsters your character could be mistaken for? For instance, the edgy and handsome so…[View]
62099060What's the average day like for a god in your setting? What about an angel or demon?[View]
62100281/tg/ my job is preety shit here: >be me, Guard at a watchtower of a fort in this high fantasy wor…[View]
62063650What goes into making a character for you? What do you like to plan ahead about, or flesh out about …[View]
62079523That DM: >I attack him with my battleaxe >I hit so that's 8 damage in total >'…[View]
62074424/wip/ - WIP General: Literally phone posting Edition >Citadel Painting Guides: https://www.mediaf…[View]
62096656What makes a TTRPG system a 'good system' to you? In other words, what about a system makes you say …[View]
62101760How do you make an Otaku character in D&D?[View]
62094268Stat him /tg/ Also, what's his alignment? Lawful Good Paladin who only smites the wicked, or Ch…[View]
62062695D&D Settings General: We all know that there are a lot of settings that WotC have allowed to fal…[View]
62097521Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2500: The Only Good Self-Insert Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google…[View]
62101605What are some Laws the Empire in fantasy have in place? Im assuming shit like 'slavery', and 'smuggl…[View]
62101360DnD 5e - CoffeBot Is Real!: Just read some U.A.! Turns out WotC made a single, simple logic error in…[View]
62101438>reading about all the worldbuilding and unique settings in various threads >chock full of edg…[View]
62080648What is your favorite card from any TCG/CCG?[View]
62101878Edible monsters: What are some monsters that are more easily edible? Like beastmen are half goat or …[View]
62096326>A goblin chieftain asks you to kill a group of paladins that's giving them trouble. >Of…[View]
62096373Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea: Based heavily on the works of Robert E. Howard,…[View]
62073326What's his class?[View]
62101283Flying Fauna: I'm putting together a fantasy campaign that takes place on an extra-planar gas g…[View]
62098336How do you prevent trickster spirits and pranksters from coming off as obnoxious? We all know that k…[View]
62048845What is the worst fantasy race? Bias accepted. Applies both to race itself and the players it attrac…[View]
62098516Warhammer 40k General thread - /40kg/: CONFESS YOUR SINS edition. >Warhammer 40k News https://www…[View]
62096437What's his class, /tg/?[View]
62086112/cyoag/ - CYOA General: Archives and other things:: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu Old thread: >…[View]
62098331>man >wizards n' dragons >dwarves >even smaller people >high elves >wood elve…[View]
62095381What ar some card games you recommend for a standard deck of cards, All I know are Texas hold '…[View]
62089711What are the hints that time runs faster or slower in a particular enchanted place? Have you ever do…[View]
62070427Modern Magic General /mmg/ mtg: >playing >hating >brewing/tweaking >abandoning or pickin…[View]
62089455>Ring of Wishes >When you wear this ring you gain an intense desire and hope for a randomized …[View]
62098998Are the Orkz the only thing keeping the emperor alive? I mean, most orkz probably know about the hum…[View]
62091677This is the best card game ever. If anything could be better, it’d probably be Netrunner. Why doesn’…[View]
62038369/ATG/ Adeptus Titanics General: I don't know how to general edition >List of Titan Legions w…[View]
62100243Old Ass Fluff give away.: I have this old outline and write of for a DnD setting I'm never goin…[View]
62085448/VG/ Vampire the Masquerade/Vampire the Requiem General: Previous Thread: >>62039223 >WoD w…[View]
62097695Warhammer 40k: What kits have heavy flamers for space marines? I'm building a salamander army, …[View]
62096549What did they mean by this?![View]
62098589>So then the cabal was like 'if daddy wins he loses' and I was like 'nuh-uh' but then they were l…[View]
62099496Weird dice thread: Which dice have you picked up that you have no idea what they're for? I wann…[View]
62092588I dont understand how people dont think this shit is whack af. >warrior >fat bitch >wearing…[View]
62097473When do you think it's okay to explicitly describe a character as 'attractive'? When is it not?[View]
62079905Describe a game you'd love to see made and why you know it'll never happen. >Skirmish W…[View]
62099209Tehre is noh time to beh lohst! Batul Brothas! Spehss Mahrens, todeh the enemeh is at oua doar! We k…[View]
62098092True love kiss: One of the NPCs gave my players a quest: arrange so she can have the kiss of true lo…[View]
62097274Looking for some inspiration. System doesn't mean fuck all, just best bestiary thread[View]
62084532Whats the difference between resurrected human and undead one?[View]
62043855What are some cool powers that a witch might have that aren't overpowered or broken?[View]
62095827Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: New Warbands Confirmed Edition Old: >>62089377 Official AoS we…[View]
62095988How can only 1000 dudes conquer a planet with 7.6 billion inhabitants?[View]
62095369You do have evolution as a part of your setting, don't you? Please don't tell me your race…[View]
62070446Did this 17th century Dutch book do random tables better than those of modern role-playing games?[View]
62086131Vidya Settings: Have you ever played or run a tabletop game with a setting adapted from a video game…[View]
62093529Warhammer 40k General thread - /40kg/: Post your recent games, your minis, and your WIPs edition. …[View]
62096663Cyberpunk 2020: Has anyone played Cyberpunk 2020? Did you enjoy it?[View]
62075744Traveller is a classic science fiction system first released in 1977. In its original release it was…[View]
62097337You have a close encounter with a speeding truck and wake up in your last RPG setting played, as a c…[View]
62092741/5eg/ Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition General: Overthinking Things Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Dr…[View]
62087136So, in a war between cleanse-all-organics robots and devour-all-organics bugs, which side should the…[View]
62082843Guilds of Ravnica Spoilers: >tfw no goth gf[View]
62090722ITT we make a setting post by post: >Death has finally been slain, and the chokehold it held over…[View]
62084413Lawful fucking Good: Would your paladin drive 5 over the speed limit, anon? Would your paladin, when…[View]
62082814/edhg/ EDH/Commander General: Any Color You Like Edition Previously: >>62070640 RESOURCES >…[View]
62059120So if Star Wars is just Fantasy in SPACE, then what class are Jedi?[View]
62096942Yo tg. My Google-fu is failing me something awful. I need a system that has the open character cust…[View]
62093808Mystery system for barbarians: Which RPG system mixes 'Fantasy Land' with a Call of Cthulh…[View]
62096450Being the villain: What's a good system or setting for being the bad guys? Some form of magic o…[View]
62049712/btg/ BattleTech General: The /btg/ is dead - long live the /btg/! I've Got The Glow Edition Ol…[View]
62092408What do we need more of? Sci-fi or fantasy?: I have been developing a system for the past 4 years no…[View]
62035565Drawthread: Black Magic Edition: >>>RULES<<< >Requesters: • Provide good, detai…[View]
62085721/swg/ - Star Wars General: No Leia-dono, yamete! Edition Previous thread: >>62078128 Fantasy F…[View]
62058066/BGG/ Board Games General: Previous Thread: >>62027484 Pastebin Link: https://pastebin.com/h8T…[View]
62086988Hey fa/tg/uys, lookie what I got, it's a homebrew fantasy setting generator that runs on a 1d11…[View]
62088508Weird Fantasy Art Thread: Can we have a thread about weird fantasy art? I need some inspiration.…[View]
62092019does your campaign world make a distinction between incubi and male succubi?[View]
62056582Weeb TCG General: Yu-Gi-Oh! >Banlist: https://www.yugioh-card.com/en/limited/ >/vg/ has its ow…[View]
62084969Do you have a 'gaming buddy' who you prefer to play with over your other friends?[View]
62085987Will we ever see unironic fantasy ever again?[View]
62094879sup/tg/ What's a good system for a multi-verse that has magic, tech, and martial skill with som…[View]
62090166Folklore and Local Legends: What are some interesting pieces of folklore to draw inspiration from? H…[View]
62095324How might a character gain experience points from a natural disaster?[View]
62088213ITT: Rolling up a Space Marine Chapter: greetings /tg/. time to offer up some rolls to the dice gods…[View]
62093629There is a world that I want to create. Don't know what I will do with it. Maybe I make a compu…[View]
62068364Zweihander questions: Preface: I understand the reputation the game, and morseo, its creator, has. A…[View]
62047406Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game General /mesbg/: Architecturally unsound edition. >Latest Rule…[View]
62085768>the enemy agent turns out to be an ingenious contraption designed to explode as soon as the PCs …[View]
62091336MTG Ask a Judge: RTRTR edition Welcome back to your bi-weekly ask a judge thread! This thread is for…[View]
62090242D&D help: I want to create a D&D game with some friends but we've never played it, I…[View]
62080169What engine would you use for a campaign based off of the setting of Made In Abyss?[View]
62039333Warhammer 40,000 RPG General /40krpg/: For all your questions on Wrath & Glory (aka WANG or W…[View]
62076362What gaming purchase do you regret the most?[View]
62090466This is the only card in my deck left. I have 10 lands in play. I can recast the card every turn. W…[View]
62058550I want a really good hard sci-fi RPG. I hate psionics, jedi, and any other space magic, I just want …[View]
62069292Give me all of your Sisters of Battle Art: The more the better.[View]
62089377Age of Sigmar General /aosg/: Make a fucking thread you dipshits Edition Official AoS website ageofs…[View]
62061322/wfg/ Warhammer Fantasy General: Brets edition > Resources (Rules, Lore and Warhammer Fantasy Rol…[View]
62084200>'Hey, [party]! I've just invented the ultimate food source! It'll solve world hunger! …[View]
62087826Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2499: Coatlicue is a Slut Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/d…[View]
62070497Tell me about your attempts to insert some modern things/concepts into fantasy setting. Have you suc…[View]
62087982Which do you like most, playing games or running them? Why?[View]
62079994Italian Folklore: Haven't been able to find much good about Italian folklore (distinct from Rom…[View]
62094198Risk Variant Rules: I found this map and I plan on starting a game with it on /qst/ but I don't…[View]
62083205/mgcyoa/ - Accidental Magical Girl CYOA Thread: Welcome to the Accidental Magical Girl thread! Vario…[View]
62065845How whould he fair in the 40k universes?[View]
62090797Naming Conventions.: How do you go about naming the various villages, cities, towns, landmarks and t…[View]
62089449Why do I make so many outright depressed PCs? And why do I relate to those PCs most?[View]
62084769Magic item: Magic item thread, need ideas for carrying tier of magic item, preferably low magic and …[View]
62090782>Mr. Rountree, the peasants are revolting! >oh well, just make another 40k skirmish game >g…[View]
62092270>Boros gets shit cards >Dusk gets the events rigged against them What does WoTC have against …[View]
62072118How ‘traditional’ do you make your Vampires?[View]
62092527'More purestrain than you, neophyte'[View]
62090425Warhammer 40k General thread - /40kg/: Sisters When Edition Fuck Orktober Sub-Edition >Warhammer …[View]
62072309The best recent homage to trpgs from Japan: Goblin Slayer: Thoughts on the manga and upcoming show?…[View]
62088091What is the polar opposite of a melee based paladin (obviously the opposite of melee is ranged, but …[View]
62088024D&D story thread?: Ill start So back when I was learning D&D on 5e i joined a friends party,…[View]
62076818Infinity General: Acontecimento Explodes Edition: Infinity is a 28mm scale futuristic skirmish game …[View]
62078183/ktg/ Killteam General: Chaos Spawn Edition >News: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/09/06…[View]
62064671Sentient vehicles: The idea of sentient vehicles appeals rather greatly to me. Have you ever had or …[View]
62086349/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Goblin Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Dragonmarks…[View]
62088199Rakdos in GoR: Unless I'm missing something it seems like BR is absent from Guilds of Ravnica, …[View]
62089258A friend got this for me as a gag gift and surprisingly it's not a horrible system. Not the bes…[View]
62088895how do you like your wound/death spiral systems?[View]
62069146Why do people get so upset over girls wearing unrealistic armor?[View]
62086679I've caught myself multiple times making a rpg character that's easy to die off, and takin…[View]
62088657So I'm hosting my first werewolf game, I'd just like to run it like your more common DnD. …[View]
62086835>Party goes off the railroad >Need to improvise a random miniboss on the fly >Invent an evi…[View]
62087438Face it, this is the ideal Sci Fi setting.[View]
62084560Warhammer 40k General thread - /40kg/: SR388 Exterminatus edition >Warhammer 40k News https://www…[View]
62088903Is it possible to have my PC take a wife and raise children without interrupting or disrupting the r…[View]
62088573Interesting Encounters for Unbalanced Parties: I'm running a sub-campaign that involves a Level…[View]
62088965What is the best novel set in Dark Sun? Or what is the best intro novel?[View]
62070665Strokes of DMing genius?: ITT: genius ideas you've had while dming/your dm came up with(pic unr…[View]
62081959Has any of you actually rolled on the random campaign creation tables in the DMG to generate adventu…[View]
62081000Could Captain Toad survive the 41st millenium?: And more importantly, what treasures would he find i…[View]
62066430Dragon Ball Ultra Storytime: Hello everyone! My group just started it's first session of our Dr…[View]
62080595does your character use their powers in weird/casual situations?[View]
62083978Space-Marineification: Hello there. You have been selected to be turned into a Space Marine. Now jus…[View]
62082199How would you run a game set in a high school environment with no supernatural aspects?[View]
62069723Game Finder Thread/Gamefinder Thread: >GM or Player >System >Time available >Text or voi…[View]
62077809Assuming that for some reason the DM wants to use alignment and that he expects the party to be good…[View]
62086738The Galactic Council: >for this solar cycle we will be considering applicants from the weirder ra…[View]
62086032New system made, release with a fantasy setting or a hard sci-fi setting?: I have been developing a …[View]
62079689Job Application: Hey /tg/ I was working on my resume for a job when I realized that my accomplishmen…[View]
62065793Succubees: Has anyone tried to make succubi work like bees? Imagine like a hive of succubi operating…[View]
62085981Post quintessential examples of a character archetype. >Chaotic Neutral Bard…[View]
62078112/swg/ Men Among Men edition: Star Wars General discussion. Previous struggle for relevancy: >>…[View]
62085512Ha ha!: Foolish Man Things! You've stumble fell into my trap and will now now face wave after w…[View]
61961465/twgg/ TowerGirls CYOA General: Heroic Heroes Edition Discussion of the Towergirls CYOA, RPG, Settin…[View]
62053296What's the best TTRPG system to play a Warframe campaign (minus the grinding)?[View]
62079876How do I find a good dnd group online? the only game store near me is filled with smelly fat fucks.[View]
62086232The heavens and space: When characters are looking up at the sky in your fantasy setting, what is th…[View]
62082578/STG/ - Star Trek General: Let the good times Worf Edition Previous Thread: >>61974177 A threa…[View]
62084761How long would he last in 40K?[View]
62050809Excuse me, Divine Valar, but how did Gondorians think that hobbits are just a myth? Boromir travels …[View]
62085064>the 'comedy' character fucks everything up for the party >insists it's for the sake of l…[View]
62079813Age of Sigmar General /aosg/: Dispossessed Edition Official AoS website ageofsigmar.com/ >Updated…[View]
62082754Saw something on critical roll about a Shadow of War style rpg he ran. I was wondering if there was …[View]
62084124So I just deleted my entire gaming group's contacts: >Punish players for murderhoboing >C…[View]
62080553/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General: Journey to Halloween Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Dragonmarks https:…[View]
62070640EDH/Commander General /edhg/: Generic commanders edition Previously: >>62043841 RESOURCES >…[View]
62082470Chess based class System: How would a tabletop game look where the class system is based on chess pi…[View]
62077355/cyoag/ - CYOA General: Archives and other things:: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu Old thread: >…[View]
62082250What kind of cultural quirks could you expect from a species that can only see heat?[View]
62084948>playing traveler >try to nudge players into buying ship >they steal it i hate this >dev…[View]
62081063>be me, DM preping new campaign (5e) >a girl in my chemistry class found out that I was planni…[View]
62078128/swg/ Star Wars General: Big Tiddy Imperial Planetery Governor gf Edition Previous Podracing Leaderb…[View]
62084869How many players have roleplayed their Warlock stuff? Most of the time it's just 'yeah I sold m…[View]
62075942Do you prefer to use modern morality in your fantasy settings, or use more ancient morality for them…[View]
62082658I have taken things a step too far. >playing 5e >decide to use my bag of tricks >summon a b…[View]
62080119Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2498: Grounded For Life Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/dri…[View]
62073425>checking out a setting >a million types of elves >sirens are elves >undines are elves …[View]
62084357Need help deciding a name: we could use some help deciding a name for an inquisition STG https://www…[View]
62082003What's the most fun pet you've ever had in a game? One of my recent characters has managed…[View]
62039223/VG/ Vampire the Masquerade/Vampire the Requiem General: Previous Thread: >>62002548 >WoD w…[View]
62084118Emotional Screeching- barbarian: Player is making a char with me, shadar-kai barbarian path of zealo…[View]
62064307/srg/ - Shadowrun General: ...Identity Spoofed ...Encryption Keys Generated ...Connected to Onion Ro…[View]
62080207Malifaux General: Trust me I'm a doctor edition >Books Malifaux: https://mega.nz/#F!cg00BCoD…[View]
62076643Most OP 5e Class?: I've always been under the impression that it was Wizards. Recently at my ta…[View]
62083640Does anyone know where I can download images or scans of the cards for Detective: A Modern Crime Boa…[View]
62079245Warhammer 40k General thread - 40KG: Wake me up when september ends edition >Warhammer 40k News h…[View]
62051031Who's the most irrelevant playable faction in 40k and why is it the Tyranids?[View]
62079578Tell stories of child characters in your games, /tg/ Hard mode; not one you controlled.[View]
62053628D&D 4E General: Don't Feed The Trolls Edition Previous thread: >>62036028 What was yo…[View]
62079373X-Wing 2E: X-Wang 2 discussion. >What have you picked up so far? >If none, planning to grab an…[View]
62079333Non-Tolkien Races General: Anyone else out there really like building D&D settings where races o…[View]
62077981install ublock boards.4chan.org##body > .desktop.adg-rects new advertisements have malicious cook…[View]
62053464Help with Civil War Setting: What are some justifications for supporting a monarchy? I'm throwi…[View]
62074767>tfw no playable angels and demons >tfw no playable giants and brownies >tfw no playable dr…[View]
62078640Knights: Post images of Great Chivalry, bretheren[View]
62069530My girlfriend and i are playing go and we are wonderong if this is a legal move. This is the current…[View]
62032859Meanwhile at duel academy.[View]
62079810Do you think VR will have any effect on tabletop gaming? Obviously nothing will be able to replace p…[View]
62072218Chaos Warband creation thread: It’s been a while since I saw one of these creations threads for a Ch…[View]
61974177/STG/ - Star Trek General: Ramming Speed Edition Previous Thread: >>61865623 A thread for disc…[View]
62067364MTG Guilds of Ravnica Spoilers: What type of deck are you going to experiment with first/try to make…[View]
62067599What game let's me and some other players all play as nobles of some sort and run our own fiefs…[View]
62081245Has anyone come up wtih a better system for dealing with quicksand in 5e? It's too fast and fee…[View]
62065370vintage sci fi thread: >post cool vintage art >talk about awesome old movies, games, books …[View]
62078832This is how I will if I find a group amazon.[View]
62080442LOOKING FOR GROUP: Looking to build a game group in Washington state close to the 425 area code…[View]
62070127Aside from not!Japan, why are not!Asian countries so rare in fantasy? I can't think of a single…[View]
62067318>'Your character dies with no save' What's the correct response to this?…[View]
62078853CRIBBAGE: 5 puzzles for my fellow peggers 1.) Score 57*-52. You dealt yourself 3 8 9 Q Q K and tosse…[View]
6207098040k recasts: hi im poor and i want to warhammer. I found this recaster mirandairene.com but they wan…[View]
62037454Paizo Games General /pgg/: Paizo Games General /pgg/ What's weird about your character? Does he…[View]
62075575Have you ever made a play that seemed like something out of an anime?: >be me >EDH 3 players (…[View]
62075147Guilds of Ravnica Full Spoilers: The full spoilers are here! https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/a…[View]
62065052What's your world's take on humanity /tg/?[View]
62079055Fantasy Armour: Post pictures of good-looking and tasteful fantasy armour. Practical, logical, yet f…[View]
62075054Sci fi races: .Space Opera races that stick are hard to come by. Let's take the 40k approach. …[View]
62077101>tfw our resident 'that guy' is DMing his first campaign Should I jump ship now or ride the wave …[View]
62078943Do you prefer scifi or fantasy? Which roleplaying games are your favorite in each genre? Which ones …[View]
61899944Nobledark Imperium part 68b: [planet]-chan edition: Krieg-chan is best waifu - subedition. Welcome t…[View]
62074832/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General: Undead Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Dragonmarks https://media.wizard…[View]
62075751reeeeeeeeeeeeee edition >Warhammer 40k News https://www.warhammer-community.com/warhammer-40000-n…[View]
62069776>DM doesn't cheat behind his board[View]
62057825DMs who have read or run HOTDQ, or players who have played it, what do you guys think of Rezmir? I t…[View]
62075669/tg game of t: Hi /tg! Could we make a new edition for Time Wizards, but for 4chan? I feel like it w…[View]
61990044/mgw/ - Monster Girl Worldbuilding: Floofy Edition Previous: >>61915483 We talk about Monsterg…[View]
62077541You are the knight in the shiniest armor, the bane of evildoers everywhere. You've been tasked …[View]
62064683Savage Worlds: my friend wants to know the general opinion on savage worlds[View]
62047214Your character is gifted a legendary tsurugi sword imbued with the essence of a fearsome oni daemon.…[View]
62073134In every other setting, elves are described as being infinitely more advanced than humans, and all t…[View]
62061988>Animals in the real world >Multi-colored >Monsters in role-playing games >Mono-colored …[View]
62073645I have the fucking handbook, I’ve read the fucking rules, I still don’t know shit. For anyone who kn…[View]
62069492How well can Nemesis and his revolution fare is the 41st millennium? Also. >Stat him…[View]
62061889Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Slutty Seraphon Edition Official AoS website ageofsigmar.com/ >Up…[View]
62068089Imperial Rockets: You have gained an Imperial Rocket. Devised by Imperial Alchemists, this device us…[View]
62077386Arrange these as an alignment chart please.[View]
62074284Good systems for gritty street-level vigilante games in the vein of Miller's Daredevil, TMNT co…[View]
62072114An Ork and a Human walk into a bar...[View]
62062590/swg/ Star Wars General: Secret Mother of Mortis Edition Previous Shitposters Arc Episode: >>6…[View]
62060873Magic Eugenics: How prevelent is the concept of select breeding and eugenics in your settings or any…[View]
62024640Infinity General: Fusilier Angus Appreciation Edition: Infinity is a 28mm scale futuristic skirmish …[View]
62071023>fully know that the best characters are born from building alongside the party and knowing a bit…[View]
62064264/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General:: >Unearthed Arcana: Dragonmarks https://media.wizards.com/2018/dnd…[View]
61988529Swords of Avalon Thread #6: New SoA! Last thread we ended on talking about Saint George the Dragon …[View]
62066775What do you do with all the superfluous wealth that inevitably gets piled up after you've done …[View]
61984596MTG Flakemaking Thread: The Return: With Guilds on the horizon, I thought making a new flakestorm wo…[View]
62044585HKRPG #1: Here's the first Hollow Knight RPG thread, made because the discussion was a bit tang…[View]
62072768Blades in the Dark OST: Having a good background OST during tabletop is something that i I really lo…[View]
62061145/ktg/ Killteam General: Converting your dudes Edition >News: https://www.warhammer-community.com/…[View]
62070811Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2497: Rebooted Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/folder…[View]
62072174How would non-horse cavalry function on a battlefield? How would they differ from horse cavalry?[View]
62064809What CR does a level 20 fighter have?[View]
62073648Experience & Age: I'm not quie sure how to make this thread without it either dying prematu…[View]
62068218How long would the 40K universe last once they show up?[View]
62075019Tournament tales: Gather around, lads and share the good, the bad and the ugly you experienced durin…[View]
62031922Outsider: regular updates again? Is the end nigh?[View]
62063869Playing a cleric that worships Zeus in a fantasy setting, and like Zeus he has to have one night sta…[View]
62074141'helpful demons'?: Demons are embodiments of human imbalance. They encourage an excess of selfishnes…[View]
62074674Recasts: >GW and FW prices rise (with inflation or not) >recasting their IP becomes commonplac…[View]
62074322Escape Room Bloodsport: Okay, here's a concept for a modern day campaign I've been kicking…[View]
62074249What's the point of having wizards be weaker at low levels and stronger at high levels if you d…[View]
62073161Feild Kit Inspection and Regiment Classification: Seeing as genestealers infested my first attempt a…[View]
62074287>my setting is standard fantasy >all the fantastical elements are written along standard, appr…[View]
62071508Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Best Tank Edition >Warhammer 40k News https://www.warhammer-co…[View]
62069328Should freezing your enemies in ice keep them alive but incapacitated, or just kill them? Obviously …[View]
62067802New campaign help: I'm going to be starting out a game soon but for some reason my brain has sh…[View]
62065654Have you ever seen anyone throw their dice after getting angry with a bad roll?[View]
62060673/cyoag/ - CYOA General: Platonic daughterfu edition Archives and other slick shit: https://pastebin.…[View]
62058179Was it worth the risk? Did they deserve the chance?[View]
62068750Witcher TT RPG: Anyone have a copy of the Witcher tabletop RPG PDF? I'd like to purchase the ha…[View]
62073748I’m making a game involving gods, decided to make my own pantheon though. I have gods of >sound …[View]
62066819>made RPG world when I was 14 >kinda sucked but whatever >have nostalgia for the mental i…[View]
62073726How would EURISKO play a 40k tournament?: How would an AI built for cheese win the tournament?…[View]
62069651What do you think will happen if the Tyranids eventually consume the whole galaxy?: Its obvious the …[View]
62073457what are some game systems where weapons only add situational bonuses instead of having different am…[View]
62061328Player: 'I just want to knock them unconscious.' >GM: 'Okay, make an attack roll.' Player: 'Natur…[View]
62071403The Land of Dragons and Bagatyrs: So /tg/, I been following this little comic for a while: https://t…[View]
62069899What is the appeal of HFY? I have never come across it in any sense, shape, form, or interpretation …[View]
62062333Getting ready to start my Fall project. Never played Mordheim or Warmaster, although I have rules an…[View]
62065785/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General: Back to School Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Dragonmarks https://medi…[View]
62072162I'm planning on building a 40k Kill Team and am leaning towards building a Blood Jaguar team. W…[View]
62042914Aasimar: What’s /tg/‘s problem with Aasimar?[View]
62071221hey tg, lets make a setting. anything goes, except if its a shit. older posts trump newer posts unle…[View]
62068934What's your favorite way to present psychic powers / psionic abilities?[View]
62067422Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Kusoge Edition >Warhammer 40k News https://www.warhammer-commu…[View]
62062300Friends of mine have exposed me to Gaslands and Im all excited about cannibalizing a few hotwheels a…[View]
62067787Fun idea, let's roll up a random faction: We'll even let the dice choose our faction a d10…[View]
62069340What should I gamedev?: Posting 1 last time, then getting to it. Since there are 4 real frontrunners…[View]
61992459Forge World Creation Thread II: Previous Thread: >>61898804 A thread for fluffing out the Adep…[View]
62061879Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Praise Hashut Edition Official AoS website ageofsigmar.com/ >Upda…[View]
62068865My friends are running a roleplay I hate: So I've been playing online with these guys who are m…[View]
62068667>5e DM starts game >pretty cool if kinda generic, your usual airships and floating islands dea…[View]
62039981Alternate Christianity: I'm working on a setting where Christianity was turned polytheistic ear…[View]
62068914Monpoc: So I've been hearing people say that the starter kits are getting delayed anyone heard …[View]
62047827/wip/, Work in Progress: Wood Grain Desks Edition >Citadel Painting Guides: https://www.mediafire…[View]
62069116/nsng/ - New School Naissance General: Welcome to New School Naissance General! The thread for all t…[View]
62069243At what age does a character's alignment become fixed?[View]
62055294Lovecraftian horror art: I just adore lovecraftian horror. I'mma be posting art and some pics f…[View]
62070239Doing a 4x5 magic game and I was wondering what Words do you need to do teleportation? Also is there…[View]
62069308MTG Finance Thread: I'm the hero Magic: The Gathering deserves.[View]
62064912Any tips on Worldbuilding lads? Trying to start my first world and having a bit of trouble trying to…[View]
62061318Slaanesh Warband: Can we make a slaanesh warband that is unique? What would their obsession be? how …[View]
62055800How about another castle thread? The more realistic the better. How would castles fare in a nuclear …[View]
62068437>The family is very important for the Kroot, who fight fiercely to protect the lineage; In spite …[View]
62063364Hi guys, about a hundred years ago I told you all that I'd written a magic system that worked o…[View]
62064086how my first dnd campaign ended: GM ends with a riddle, one of the party guesses it correctly and th…[View]
62067624Punny names thread: >roll up a hardbitten alcoholic paladin >name him Sir Osis of Theliva What…[View]
62041608>making your angels and demons anything other than good vs evil Please tell me you don't do …[View]
62054758Night Shift: Does anyone here still discuss Night Shift at all? I'd seriously love to see a ful…[View]
62037436This is the d12. Say something nice about it![View]
62052997>There is a DMPC in the game >Who is also the party leader Are there ANY circumstances in whic…[View]
62063017New to D&D: I'm going to start playing D&D with some friends and I said I would DM. I r…[View]
62068436Fuck, somehow my standards of roleplay are too high thanks to tabletop. My GF is trying to roleplay …[View]
62067837Rate my sappy gaming tattoo story on a scale of 1 to gay: > Be me. Or don't, whatever, it…[View]
62065859What are some quick-cash minor jobs adventurers can do? Imagine like golden age of piracy/medieval s…[View]
62038882MMG - COMPETITIVE modern mtg general: COMPETITIVE modern MTG general. 'She cute' Edition >playin…[View]
62068440WTF BlackLibrary?: 35 dollars for a book of the Horus Heresy???? Fuck, the latest ones are $12 in am…[View]
62050241What are the essential elements of a good space opera?[View]
62052179You stand at the Holy Gates, the border for Heaven on Earth, the paradise of the angels and refuge f…[View]
62053702>You dwarves are awesome! How do you make such great weapons and armor for such low down prices. …[View]
62065891Traitor, Loyalist or Both?[View]
62056102/edhg/ EDH/Commander general: Yawgmoth's Will edition Previously: >>62043841 RESOURCES …[View]
62067514Halflings are the most righteous race: Think about it, Halflings are based off of Hobbits. Hobbits a…[View]
62064857Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2496: Sister Ye Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/folde…[View]
62068035Have you ever had a character you just wanted to die, but didn't, no matter what amount of suff…[View]
62067259Can Slannesh worshipers be khorneate bereserkers, and vice versa?[View]
62062835So my group is trying something new and I wanted to see if anyone else had any clever ideas for it. …[View]
62067907This there anyway of making special attacks in this game: I get you can use link powers to add on co…[View]
62055085Could an Eosapien campaign be fun?[View]
62067304Yes. You could spend a decade training an super elite soldier to drop onto an enemy plant to destroy…[View]
62063460>character build relies on getting a specific ability at a certain level >game ends shortly af…[View]
62066260Android: Netrunner General - /anrg/: Post-Worlds climate edition Previous thread: >>61875157 F…[View]
62036469What's the /tg/ consensus on The Adventure Zone?[View]
62066259Guys I just came up with a worldbuilging idea when I dropped all my dice onto the floor The black di…[View]
62037754what's the /tg/ equivalent of pic related?[View]
62063174Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: 40k MMO never Edition >Warhammer 40k News https://www.warhamme…[View]
62045368>character from previous campaign shows up >he gets killed…[View]
62066665Feild Kit Inspection and Regiment Classification: Seeing as genestealers infested my last attempt to…[View]
62053437By the emperor! Brother, where are we?[View]
62064515Stat her /tg/, in your favorite system[View]
62064165So how is 9th Age quality-wise and how's it's playerbase doing currently?[View]
62029124What are the necessary ingredients for a Conan-esque setting/game?[View]
62064905Let's roll a setting using the world generator I made roughly a year ago!: Roll a 1d11 for the …[View]
62027017Battlefleet Gothic: Seems to be room on the board for some more niche threads lately, so maybe time …[View]
62054511How do you feel about system which don't have an INT (or equivalent) characteristic at all? Whe…[View]
62052239What are his stats?[View]
62065643GURPS, Advantages: There is a custom advantage in here, and if anyone can find it or already has it,…[View]
62065123Wood Elves are tsundere Dark Elves are yandere High Elves are moe[View]
62065462Whaddya think of my campaign setting?[View]
62059443DM Rules: >Rule 1:I am the law. You have one appeal to any my decision, but then I make the call …[View]
62062634MTG Guilds of Ravnica Spoiler Thread[View]
62057596My DM runs his game like final fantasy 10, one big rp-less empty combat hallway full of questmarkers…[View]
62061250Risk Legacy as a setting: i'm playing risk legacy with some of my players and building a settin…[View]
61968813/ccg/ Custom Card General /cct/: Uncommon draft workhorse edition! (Alternatively: Uncommon multicol…[View]
62027911why do people try so hard to justify mechs in sci fi settings? They can't really do anything th…[View]
62053808Setting higly reliant on Symbiotes/ Symbiotes General: I really like the conzept of a symbiote, repl…[View]
62063432How to win at ____: Tell me about the games you play, /tg/.[View]
62052879If a predatory species were to become sentient and form a society, what kind of behavior would these…[View]
62060962Why do terminators and Space marine veterans have the same stats as regular space Marines? I underst…[View]
62061187I'm gonna run a campaign for my friends where they are going to sail the Astral Sea to search f…[View]
62061546How would a fantasy nation based on the netherlands look like?[View]
62060597How would you explain RPGs to someone who doesn't know anything about them?[View]
62064386Warhammer Underworlds General /WHUG/: Why doesn't /tg/ like Shadespire i.e WH: Underworlds? It…[View]
62063586Ancient pristine minis, wat do?: A while ago I found an old box of miniatures that I could have used…[View]
62056755Magic based on contracts: Just collecting some rough ideas. example: >Contract of the torchlight-…[View]
62063245/tg/ memes: I need more /tg/ quality memes. We need more quality memes. Share them.[View]
62057610Unique names, yay or nay? If you're putting what are essentially Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, …[View]
62054946Sauropods in fantasy: Have you ever seen them? How would medieval society function with them roaming…[View]
62063880This again?: Which 40k event/novel series would you turn into a film or TV show, and who would you c…[View]
62054062>What do you mean, 'I can't use my fireball spell to cauterise his wounds'? >My character…[View]
61997625Meanwhile, in Extranet /tg/...: Krogan Battlemaster class in Towers and Thresher Maws when? Edition…[View]
62056184An attempt at regicide was thwarted last night, King Anon. It is unclear who in the royal family was…[View]
62050716>an orc appears before you on the path >he is the largest orc you have ever seen, well over 9 …[View]
62062892The Lords are tired or their unruly serfs peasants and decide to replace them with the, more profita…[View]
62005354Warcraft Lore and RPG Discussion: Dark Iron Dwarves always win Edition Discuss the lore and story of…[View]
62055585/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General:: >Unearthed Arcana: Dragonmarks https://media.wizards.com/2018/dnd…[View]
62063353Prince Valiant RPG: Has anyone on TG checked out the new version? I'd like to know how much it…[View]
62060995Which Chaos God should I choose for my bray shaman? (Whfrp 2nd edition)[View]
62061776Best dnd characters you’ve ever played. Mine is probably don quixote, who spent the entire game, wel…[View]
62034555/srg/ - Shadowrun General: ...Identity Spoofed ...Encryption Keys Generated ...Connected to Onion Ro…[View]
62062576/swg/ - Star Wars General: Late Night Sneaky Uncle Edition Previous $317,000,000 therapy session: …[View]
62062492things that grind your gears: >complaining about perceived tropes without wasting a thought on ho…[View]
62061895Made this thread a couple days ago and didn't get much, so let's try again. I'm makin…[View]
62043589Holy Warriors: Paladins, clerics, angels, priests and saints. 40k welcome as well.[View]
62036958>a woman approaches the party begging the Paladin to appeal to the King for clemency for her son,…[View]
62055002Iron Claw 2nd Ed.: I want to check out the system, I’ve heard it’s actually pretty good. Can anyone …[View]
62058108Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Taranis club Edition >Warhammer 40k News https://www.warhammer…[View]
62017269/osrg/ - Old-School Renaissance General: Welcome to /osrg/ – the thread for TSR-era D&D and all …[View]
62038562What was Sauron's policy on expanding road networks within the boundaries of Mordor to promote …[View]
62061426Dungions in Oreantal Adventures: What's a good idea of a Dungeon in an Asian themed fantasy cam…[View]
62061108Playing chaotic neutral warlock with pact of the chain. Haven’t played much warlock, have any tips?[View]
62040004Filename Thread: >Filename Thread Filename Thread![View]
62046903/swg/ - Star Wars General: *subverts your script's expectations* Edition Previous high pitched …[View]
62056691Guilds of Ravnica Spoilers: BOROS IS BACK BROS![View]
62005251/exg/ - Exalted General: >What is Exalted? An epic high-flying role-playing game about reborn god…[View]
62060937I'm just reading about Cults/Brotherhoods in Runequest and this section confuses me. Isn't…[View]
62019011PDF Share Thread #217: It's Da Curated Archive™! Get ready to stuff your hard drive like a cosp…[View]
62019022/uktg/ for UK fa/tg/ents: Any Brits here today? Welsh, Scots, non-explosive Irish are OK too. What…[View]
62055094Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2495: Ninja Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0…[View]
62046747Swords: curved or straight?[View]
62052765the dream team: What is the ultimate fantasy party composition?[View]
62060446The Mystery of WAAAGH! Grimtoof: >The coming of Waaagh! Grimtoof was a huge shock to the military…[View]
62057551How come everyone always picks Draconic as their second bonus language?[View]
62049561Which die type is the most fun to roll?[View]
62052917Where does the whole concept of levels and lvl up come from? Is there any predecesor to tabletop gam…[View]
62049315Are you ready to Bash the Fash /tg/?[View]
62059161If a gnome uses a greatsword, is it a full sized greatsword? Or is it more longsword sized? Why is t…[View]
62039091>Elves have a 'kingdom' in a forest I don't get it, don't you need grazing la…[View]
62054873nice RP anon here's a poker chip: So, Bennies. Rewards given to players for 'good roleplaying' …[View]
62056854How would /TG/ run an RPG set in Idiocracy world?: What system would you use? Should the PCs have lo…[View]
62046075Stat me, /tg/.[View]
62056358>your party discovers the knowledge that dwarf hearts have an incredibly high concentration of go…[View]
62047735/cyoag/ - CYOA General: Archives and other resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu Previous Thread:…[View]
62057608In your setting, can money buy your way into being powerful? Like, can a King or a Guildmaster just …[View]
62033999/oWoD/ & /CoD/ World of Darkness & Chronicles of Darkness general: >Previous thread >…[View]
62058493Music worldbuilding: I’m a hobbyist classical(?) composer, though to be perfectly honest I spend mor…[View]
62059377DnD e5 Artificer class PDF: Hello, could anyone by chance link me the pdf of DawnForgedCast new Arti…[View]
62057478>tfw owned a LGS for 11 years >good customers, loyal since I've been open >after the p…[View]
62050638>Ranger has Favored Enemy: Female[View]
62057279WH fantasy and 3d printing: Hi. I have been considering getting back into wargaming after a long bre…[View]
62044009Dragons are usually depicted as mighty, serious creatures, but I want you to tell me all about the t…[View]
62058479Islander Fantasy: Is there a system or campaign setting made with Hawaiian, Maori and other Pacific …[View]
62053662Black Crusade: Tell Me your best Black Crusade Stories.[View]
62056515My friends and I are going to be playing D&D for the first time this weekend. I offered to DM be…[View]
62042843Worst WOTC published 5e adventure?: I’m new to d&d 5e and I‘m just courious to know which WOTC 5…[View]
62058221>By FAR the most powerful ally you can have on your side >Completely overpowered >Everyone …[View]
62048643Why was DnD 3.5e so controversial?[View]
62050422Ptolemaic Egypt Artwork: >GMing the fall of Alexander the Great's Empire, focusing on the re…[View]
62055200Suggestions for a system to run a lame superhero game?: I wanted to run a more relaxed and fun game …[View]
62050481Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: JB <3 Edition Official AoS website ageofsigmar.com/ >Updated F…[View]
62002670/wfg/ - Warhammer Fantasy General: Respects to a world that once was edition Try to talk about why W…[View]
62049180Magic, Tech, Magitek: What do you prefer using in your games, and to what degree do you implement te…[View]
62053637Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Space Sluts When? Edition >Warhammer 40k News https://www.warh…[View]
62027484/bgg/ Board Game General: Meeple Hoarding Edition >Which theme has been underrepresented in board…[View]
62056925Peasant cube: What are your favorite common cards? I'm going to make cheap peasant cube to draf…[View]
62052564Guilds of Ravnica Spoilers: Red gets all the good stuff.[View]
62056285>that guy who plays the token girl character with barely any personality to her…[View]
62053179What do you need to create a standing army?[View]
62052321>blocks your path What would you do?[View]
62045229/ktg/ Killteam General: No Mandrakes Edition >News: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/09/0…[View]
62056132>It's unironically a reskin of the LoTR LCG they can't keep getting away with this…[View]
62054767ITT: Shit your character ALWAYS bring for creative puzzle/situation solving >as much rope as poss…[View]
62054801Damn, why don't Scout Sergeants look half power-armoured like this guy did?[View]
62035058My Kingdom - My Other: Just fill em' out like you said you would, lil bitch. Also post what you…[View]
62012163>a strange child appears before your party and asks if they want to play a friendly game of baseb…[View]
62055603Regiment Generation and Equipment/Heresy Spot Check: GAURDSMEN! IT HAS COME TO MY ATTENTION THAT WE …[View]
62051511If you could induce mass hypnosis in enough orks, could you make them all believe that the Emperor w…[View]
62055567This is how I paladin[View]
62014947Times your DM very blatantly put their fetish into the game: We had to fight a giantess who grappled…[View]
62052075You stand before THE KING OF THE DWARVES, and in his hands rests THE BOOK OF GRUDGES. What /tg/ rela…[View]
62006762Kingdom Death Monster General - /kdg/ - /kdmg/: Mystery Dungeon Edition Poots Interviews at Gencon: …[View]
62043079Backstory to a gor pc in whfrp 2nd edition?[View]
62048963Yeah it's better then gurps[View]
62031533Dwarf Thread 2: subterranean boogaloo: The last dwarf thread was too good to let die. Lets continue …[View]
62048615why do so many game books seem to have a human bias when they discuss other species, /tg/?[View]
62052545What are your worst experiences playing Magic the Gathering?[View]
62051658What would the god of friendship, platonic love, and loyalty be like?[View]
62052952Crashed Armada Setting: I love the rpg cliche of crashed spaceships in a fantasy world. So let'…[View]
62052923Masters of Magic: Magic warps you. Only those most possessed by hubris believe otherwise. Those few …[View]
62050354Art of Magic Dump - Finishing Kaladesh: Long-suffering dachshund for your trouble. Continuing from …[View]
62047944/5eg/ - DnD 5th edition general: Death walks among you edition >Unearthed Arcana: Dragonmarks htt…[View]
62031824>Fuck you and you stupid 'Logistics', 'Sociology' and 'Narrative Flexibility'! I want a race of v…[View]
62015709Duel Masters: What went wrong? The battle system was easily one of the best, like a perfect synthesi…[View]
62053118>Let me teach you to wonder and worry >Permit me to tell you how to wage war >A creature…[View]
62030064>gm sends us to a kingdom that has been at war with it's neighbor who's only like 30 mi…[View]
62054063how do you determine if someone is so tough they would cause damage to the people or weapons trying …[View]
62041313Game Finder Thread/Gamefinder Thread: >GM or Player >System >Time available >Text or voi…[View]
62053764Yo, does anyone remember this epic thing?[View]
62015115Character Art Thread: Traveling clothes edition. Any adventurers that aren’t fully kitted out in we…[View]
62053875Will it have longevity in the TCG market? It's a well established franchise that's near it…[View]
62043841/edhg/ EDH/Commander general: State-based actions edition Previously: >>62031279 RESOURCES …[View]
62051311>3e (2000) >3.5 (2003) >4e (2008) >5e (2014) >Current Year (2018) So, what do the nex…[View]
61993239I watched this guy's YouTube channel, what's the deal? I watched him because I've hea…[View]
62051537what are some games with hidden/surprise win conditions?[View]
62042117I don't know if I'm retarded or something, but for some reason I just have lots of trouble…[View]
62043920Why is GW so adamant about humans being the only worshippers of chaos across properties? It has to b…[View]
62052288So, I've ended up in a game where I'm dating the GM, and I think only one other player kno…[View]
62040144What are some good ingredients for different kinds of healing potions?[View]
62050880Short backstory thread: Post a short backstory, maximum 3 sentences, other people rate your backstor…[View]
62052725Diplomacy - Online Version: Let's get our politics on and test our mettle at Diplomacy www.play…[View]
62049790Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: I don't know how to make a new edition edition >Warhammer…[View]
62044479Cooking wizard: I'd like my next character to be a 'cooking wizard' with spells centered around…[View]
62038829>Enter game in flgs >GM is handing out premade character sheets >It's an iron man game…[View]
62049734What should I gamedev?: So I need some help. I am planning on transitioning from my current project …[View]
62052310the worst idea: whats the worst idea a part member of yours has ever had? > be me in room with a …[View]
62051363What is the best system to do fast paced, over-the-top, anime-esque fights?[View]
62048832Jumpchain Thread #2494: Onion Rings Are Superior To French Fries Edition: >Google Drive http://dr…[View]
62047009ArM 5 magus creation advice needed: Our group recently started an Ars Magica 5 campaign, so we'…[View]
62050923How would a tiny earth like world's overall climate be like?[View]
62051154ITT We Talk About Memorable Sessions: >>Be me >>Be Half-Elf Warden-archetype Ranger beca…[View]
62052036How do you make a tcg that isn't shit?: I had an idea for something a while back and I wanted t…[View]
62049069>the main villain is the only surviving son of the heir of the kingdom >he has been kept alive…[View]
62047289Alright, this is gonna sound weird but how do I into greedy Murderhobo? I'm swapping characters…[View]
61983183/gengen/ - Genesys General: Press Credentials Edition >What is Genesys? Released in November 2017…[View]
62048002>pic related is now stalking your party What level are they, and how utterly fucked would they be…[View]
62044448It's been confirmed that the first Artifact tournament in Q1 2019 will have a 1st-place payout …[View]
62051408>playing d&d >be orc barbarian >full-orc, not half >leave party to bicker and argue …[View]

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