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56555584/tg/ - /twgg/ TowerGirls CYOA General: Currently working on a variety of projects Vilegirls Part 4: …[View]
56512416Historical Wargames General: Landships Edition Previous thread: >>56416206 Get in here, post g…[View]
56574408When, if ever, do you think 'It's what my character would do' is a valid reason for doing somet…[View]
56572134Weird Races of D&D: This is a Tondi; a Flower Mantis-based kreen subrace from 'Thri-Kreen of Ath…[View]
56568073>been wanting to get into MtG lately >it goes completely to shit at the same time and the art …[View]
56569097Weekend Warcraft Lore General: early happy thanksgiving edition Warcraft lore and tabletop, as estab…[View]
56575655How prominent is necromancy in 40k? I know nurgle has a plague that can turn people into zombies but…[View]
56551618What are some cool factions you could stick into a post apocalyptic game? I don't mind if its …[View]
56529899Character art thread: Looking for undead (particularly skeletons) being bro's[View]
56578834Tell me about this guy: >Fly home for Thanksgiving >Mom doesn't know anything about 40k e…[View]
56562732There is only one universe, it can contain only one life. Me.[View]
56574723What goes into making a campaign for you? I've been in a bit of a rut lately trying to come up …[View]
56569725Freeform/Sandbox RP: Why do you guys stick to these archaic rule sets that are incredibly limiting? …[View]
56516424Infinity General: Alien Pimp Prince Edition: Infinity is a 28mm scale futuristic skirmish game by Co…[View]
56576050Magic The Gathering: 40% Decline in Players: Magic The Gathering has suffered a decline rate of abou…[View]
56554286Kingdom Death: Monster (KDM/KD:M): General for Kingdom Death: Monster Now with over 20 pounds of dea…[View]
56575761Warhammer 40kg /40kg/:: Family-friendly edition give thanks for meme-magic sub-edition >Sly Marbo…[View]
56553466What system do I use to run a WW2 game that isn't as number crunchy as GURPS? Is there anything…[View]
56569320Is anyone else here fucking sick of hearing about dyson spheres? Every sci-fi thread talking about a…[View]
56574325Strange and silly ideas for characters: Post any amusing ideas you may or may not have had or encoun…[View]
56568251/ysg/ yog-sothoth general: Thinly veiled Delta Green thread edition: >>The Kitchen Sink >In…[View]
56571419Roboute’s son: I am not serious. This is not canon. This is a joke. Do not freak out and take this s…[View]
56574382Earth Animalia Fuck Yeah: /an/ here HFY is very common. However, I've yet to see short writing …[View]
56576883Old DnD books: So i recently got a gift of a lot of old DnD books, almost all 1st or second edition,…[View]
56573922Jumpchain CYOA Thread #1890: Many Day Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/folder…[View]
56576562Flip My Castle: So, I'm working on a campaign for my group (Using D&D 3.5 because that…[View]
56565453Why are dragons the epitome of 'FANTASY' around the world?[View]
56575361An experimental campaign: So i’ve got this idea for a campaign to run and I’m wondering what you guy…[View]
56558401Is your PC best boy in the party?[View]
56573290/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General:: >Unearthed Arcana: https://media.wizards.com/2017/dnd/downloads/U…[View]
56574056How important would you say the DM section of an RPG is? Like in an age where learning how to design…[View]
56535055Unstable spoilers: Where were you when Wizards exceeded all expectations?[View]
56550116We create a nonsensical world one post at a time. >all weapons can only be properly used by Bards…[View]
56542549/STG/ - Star Trek General: Don't Volunteer For Anything Edition Previous Thread: >>564583…[View]
56560103how broken is a Centaur Death Domain Cleric Necromancer in 5e?[View]
56568321Sexuality and Such Taboo in Games: Before I start, nothing I'm suggesting in this post I am act…[View]
56572364Help With Zendikar 5e: So, I'm working on a Zendikar game for 5e to run for some of my buddies …[View]
56571600Im looking for the rules of this one rpg where you play as the voices in some guys head trying to ge…[View]
56574416What is your opinion on Legacy style games?[View]
56571870Grow: What kind of morality would a major god of agriculture, revelry, and music also of rot, poison…[View]
56571077What do?: Well, /tg/?[View]
56573237Warhammer 40kg /40kg/: AAAAAAAAAAAA edition give thanks for LFGS Black Friday discounts sub-edition …[View]
56570481Suppose I wanted to take my players to the shit abyss. How would I go about that?[View]
56566748>'Physician why am I feeling so ill of late? My belly is bloated and aches, I burp and have the r…[View]
56569304>have player >wont stop fucking shilling 3.5 DnD every session of game I DM >keeps bringing…[View]
56570070What did GW mean by this[View]
56564447>in the room you see broken eggshells scattered across the floor, floating on a thin layer of muc…[View]
56563959Maps/Tokens DND: Hey guys just wondering if anyone has some tokens or maps they could possibly share…[View]
565736702018 Warhammer Stockist: Hello there, My store still hasn't received the 2018 Stockist for Warh…[View]
56567373ITT: Events to put in a small, generic D&D town, to have utter lvl 1 noobs understand, how the w…[View]
56566764Now that Stranger Things has made role-playing games cool, how do you see the community changing in …[View]
56573113Could I get some art of females from fantasy sttings, set in not-aztec regions? Hot, humid area, lig…[View]
56559972EDH/Commander General /edhg/: Previously: >>56550618 >Official Site: Contains deck building…[View]
56566385Suppose there are many Grim Reapers in the world. Each person has a personal one, and there are ones…[View]
56572778What is chaos end game with the long war? Serious question. If they defeat the imperium and kill all…[View]
56564560>campaign has multiple races >they aren't genocided or enslaved by Humans why do bad GMs …[View]
56566279How do I become the best dungeon master in the world?[View]
56426147/dcg/ Dropzone/Dropfleet Commander General: /dcg/ Dropzone/Dropfleet Commander General Mad about TTC…[View]
56563865Question for /tg/: is BDSM Slaanesh heresy?[View]
56569750Could an inquisitor say come from a planet where he/she was apart of a noble line of dozens of broth…[View]
56566720Doug Kovacs Art: DCC and MCC RPG / Goodman Games. Let's Contribute![View]
56503367MTG modern general: Bring back delver edition Playing? Hating? Brewing? >RESOURCES: >Comprehen…[View]
56570553Warhammer 40000 General /40kg/: Tyranid waifu edition >Sly Marbo and some smug primaris angels. h…[View]
56571762A New 5e Psionic: The mystic isn't the right psionic and everyone knows it. If you were designi…[View]
56553749Warhammer heroes: https://www.warhammer-community.com/warhammerheroes/ https://docs.google.com/forms…[View]
56568874Inquisitor Creation thread: Let's make one of the Emperors most loyal servants https://1d4chan.…[View]
56526037Warhammer Fantasy General - /wfg/: Sneaky Gobbos edition >Resources (Crunch, Lore and Warhammer F…[View]
56540324When does playing a beast character go from normal d&d to full fledged furfaggotry?: You see I…[View]
56561635>asks if anthropomorphic races exist in a homebrew setting of mine >say no, its pretty much on…[View]
56548770/swg/ Flamboyant Space Jockey edition: Last Thread: >>56529631 Post about FFG, d6, Saga/d20, X…[View]
56571125So if Blizzard were to somehow get their hands on the 40k license in its entirety and decided to reb…[View]
56564279Any table top games that feel like zelda? zelda-esqe not just Zelda GURPS or something.[View]
56564618You and your brave adventurers step into a chamber and find three chests. One is gold, one is silver…[View]
56571965In a setting where functionally immortal 'normal' people walk the Earth, what kind of society would …[View]
56569618Who's running any Palladium games like Rifts, Heroes Unlimited, Beyond the Supernatural, After …[View]
56570262How do you make a monster in the style of this guy? >very rare appearing monster >very powerfu…[View]
56560222/cyoag/ - CYOA General: Prior thread: >>56541211 Archives and other resources: https://pastebi…[View]
56566103Dark haired/dark eyed/cold/stern: I have a bit of a fascination with images like these. Would be gra…[View]
56565799/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General: >Unearthed Arcana: https://media.wizards.com/2017/dnd/downloads/UA…[View]
56550331The Tau and everything wrong with them.: Remind me again why people like this faction? >Be space …[View]
56559393does anyone have advice for my map?[View]
56536682what circumstances would be necessary for an initially benevolent AI to become a threat to humans?[View]
56542715What's objectively the best beast race? For me it's the ursa-warrior. Furfaggots not welc…[View]
56570076Yo, is there any good podcasts/youtube series playing through a 40k rpg like Rogue Trader or Dark He…[View]
56566107Jumpchain CYOA Thread #1889: East India Company Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/dr…[View]
56544534Is the player who loses a game intentionally a better player than one who loses unintentionally?[View]
56570369What do you guys think of this 'build my deck for me' site? Is it good for the format?[View]
56542260A Campaign lead to my Friend's suicide.: Be ready for a dumb fucking story. I'm crying and…[View]
56568143im not knowledgeable about warhammer fantasy. why do amber wizards, who serve nature, hate cities, e…[View]
56561512How much crunch do you like in your combat systems? I actually (non-memeing) enjoy Apocalypse World…[View]
56562652Can a God of destruction be benevolent?[View]
56565429Are Kuei-jin capable of any kind of compassion, and the antagonism is simply because they're ri…[View]
56544750/bgg/ Board Game General - looking for more players edition: Last thread >>56505636 Map >ht…[View]
56567527How to convicne the player not to multiclass?: I'm running a Star Wars game, a party of three j…[View]
56564181DnD 5e Heist: Looking for some help making a heist quest for a one-shot game i intend to host in a w…[View]
56569581Three laws of robotics, but for Humans.: For my science-fiction game I want to create a augmented mo…[View]
56566499Pet peeves thread? Just let it out to relieve your frustration. Alternatively, post something you th…[View]
56568304Warhammer 40.000 General /40kg/: The primaris conspiricy, edition. >Sly Marbo and some smug prima…[View]
5652733740k Art Thread: 40k art thread, both official and unofficial art welcome[View]
56564685Does your character ever mourn his/her victims or enemies he/she has defeared?[View]
56554426What's your favorite archetype to play?[View]
56538598Yugioh thread[View]
56565802I'm new to the Warhammer lore, beyond what I've read on the wiki and the 14d memewiki. Que…[View]
56544926Recommend me a good cyberpunk RPG /tg/, preferably something on the rules medium to rules light side…[View]
56566807Not-Star Trek-but-similar RPGs: I'm looking for an RPG game (although other types of games such…[View]
56565630what class is he, /tg/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIgHezmT1jI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
56561564filename thread: File name thread.[View]
56538982Age of Sigmar General /aosg/: wtf who knows edition Previous Thread: >>56503932 Resources >…[View]
56480514/wbg/ - Worldbuilding General: Comfy Edition Useful Worldbuilding Links: >https://pastebin.com/Vw…[View]
56565875Who's your pick? I am having hard time deciding![View]
56554833>Setting where toys are at war with each other because they are fighting over batteries. >Nobo…[View]
56555732Pathfinder General /pfg/: Pathfinder General /pfg/ What is your favorite magic item/artifact that ha…[View]
56564936Repercussions for Alignment Breaking: I know plenty of people don't care much for alignment but…[View]
56565487https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/95342/kingsglaive https://kingsglaive.obsidianportal.com https://…[View]
56565975Warhammer 40k General /40kg/: Burger Holiday Morning edition >Sly Marbo and some smug primaris an…[View]
56564568Question: Black people who play tabletop games. Do they exist? If so, how hard are they bullied in h…[View]
56566974Snippets of interesting lore thread: Why haven't you encountered the rare Cinnamon Dragon yet /…[View]
56561344The DM and another PC are both girls and are buying bows and dresses for the better part of an hour …[View]
56539024/osr/ - Old School Renaissance: Welcome to the Old School Renaissance General thread. >Trove: htt…[View]
56566168How would you guys play a game like Shut up and Jam Gaiden? What would the stats be for a demonic ba…[View]
56547337How do you keep your campaigns grounded and low fantasy, and prevent them from turning into anime?[View]
56546678Can someone explain to me why D&D 5th editiom was designed for 6-8 encounters EVERY DAY? Is it e…[View]
56562845Feel Good Thread: GM Edition: What're some things your players have done that make you think …[View]
56545399Draw how your character would save the princess[View]
56562916Shill any of your table top ideas here... thread. Be it rule sets, your concept art for stuff, anyth…[View]
56535671/btg/ BattleTech General: --------------------------------- Black Knight, way too colorful, edition …[View]
56525508Hola, muchachos. It has been quite some time. Far be it from me to be an annoying tripfag and fanwan…[View]
56544563Why hasn't your character been working their way up the ranks of the Adventurers' Guild to…[View]
56559067In your setting, the sun is an evil entity. It actively desires to kill all life. It has no ability …[View]
56560232Tell me how a man with two swords might defeat the man with a shield and sword. It seems impossible,…[View]
56536583Any good TCGs left?: >Magic has become garbage. >Yugioh had some good periods, but has overall…[View]
56560122If 8th addition is a hundred years in the 42nd century does that mean the named Tau characters are a…[View]
56564919Hear me out for a bit. What if we, instead of getting mired in threads about 'amazon societies' that…[View]
56561735/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General - 5th Edition: >Unearthed Arcana: https://media.wizards.com/2017/dn…[View]
56562623Warhammer 40000 General /40kg/: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Edition. https://www.warhammer-communi…[View]
56564098Which would you rather want on your team- The unstable psyker who's powers get stronger and str…[View]
56553295>be me >first time GM >lead an adventure that me and my friend came up with >party is tr…[View]
56561346Wait if Russ and Horus fight how does Horus make it to Terra? Russ is Emperors chosen Executioner wh…[View]
56562693shiny new gm looking for advice: sparkely new at the gm game, largely looking for general advice or …[View]
56563628Let's talk Shadespire What warbands have you been running? What decks have you been making? Who…[View]
56560974First time playing 30k, making Thousand Sons for a 2v2 Campaign: Yo, I'm currently looking to s…[View]
56406475/nwg/ - Naval Wargames General: Kebab removal edition Talk about botes, bote based wargaming and RPG…[View]
56562899what are your house rules? base game needs work[View]
56558398Wild Magic: I am playing a Warlock Lv7 in 5e who has been using a bunch a wild magic scrolls after a…[View]
56519469Planescape: Why it hasn't made a comeback?[View]
56560741Urban Fantasy Campaigns: >I am a forever DM >Players are all new, but are serious drama people…[View]
5656069540k religion: So, I've been thinking lately about religion and wondered if anyone believes in t…[View]
56558553DICE GAME: Hello elegan/tg/entlemen and ca/tg/irls. For some time now I've been kicking around …[View]
56558998Should PCs be able to become so powerful that common wildlife and untrained opponents no longer pose…[View]
56501916One Piece: A thread dedicated to the development and discussion of the One Piece RPG, inspired by Ei…[View]
56563484Warhammer 40K Armies Discussion: >Discuss armies you run, tactics, ETC. Hey /tg/ I've recent…[View]
56559169How do you kill a slasher so that he won't come back for the sequel?[View]
56542601Digging too deep: ITT: Mundane activities done so hard that supernatural phenomina occur. Pic relate…[View]
56553929Pokemon General. wanna start collecting cards. any tips[View]
56562121Age Of Shadow: Have you ever wanted to game in middle earth, but didn't want to mess it up? Eve…[View]
56556014Listen up boys, it's time for a dieselpunk thread see? A weird science picture show. You into a…[View]
56560520Are voice changers good for RPGs, or do they just make you look like a jackass?[View]
56539425What was your very first PC like?: >human in a science fantasy setting >had been cursed by a w…[View]
56550977Unstable Spoilers: The Unstable FAQAWASLFAQPAFTIDAWABIAJTBT! is up. https://magic.wizards.com/en/a…[View]
56554524How would you build Ganondorf in 5e?[View]
56548786...and once more we run into an issue that would not be there if you read the fucking book.[View]
56551937Carcharodons: Outer Dark: Sweet, seems like they'll be fighting GSC. Bail Sharr is coming back …[View]
56530378so, when is it acceptable to make players pass a test before they can join your game, /tg/?[View]
56554408Why is this board called 'traditional games'? Its full of role-playing man-children. I've never…[View]
56553151Great fucking stories are to be found in Warhammer 40k , I will save you guys time and money and des…[View]
56557969Warforged Only Campaign: I'm creating a campaign based around all of the players being warforge…[View]
56558613Jumpchain CYOA Thread #1893: Goddess of the Harvest Moon Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.goog…[View]
56540003Lion and snake I get. But why a goat?[View]
56557619Suggest an unusual setting for a 40k scenario![View]
56560194Warhammer 40000 General /40kg/: We star wars edition. >Warhammer Community news https://www.warha…[View]
56556826Burning Wheel General /bwg/: Let's try a general for this fantastic game! Burning Wheel is a ga…[View]
56560902Favorite character concepts not fit for the setting.: I'll go first. One of my players, for our…[View]
56559093/tg/ what is the best race and why is it dwarf?[View]
56561468But then suddenly...: The entire Irken Empire and its armada on the eve of Operation: Impending Doom…[View]
56560427Invited To First DnD game as Guest character: I'm excited to play my first game of DnD. 5e. I…[View]
56559310Is it strange to have a person who isn't a player but is a confidante in terms of the mysteries…[View]
56559655What's /tg/'s opinion on play by post stuff? Currently looking for a good site myself, pre…[View]
56560771What's a good system for a gonzo sci-fi game?[View]
56513939Drawthread: 2nd Gobbo in a row edition: >>>RULES<<< Requesters: >Provide good, …[View]
56547893ITT: We discuse the future of the most unrepresented 40k armies Are the SoB being remade then? Chapt…[View]
56537146>he's lawful evil It's like you WANT to be fucked in the ass by devils when you kick th…[View]
56549480>This is a game about larger-than-life, impossibly competent superheroes in a high-magic, high-po…[View]
56551193does anyone have Devin packs TP79, TP84, TP90, TP93, TP94, or the Tomb of Beasts Pack 1?[View]
56547013Stat Truck chan.[View]
56558520Dumb memeing aside, what's actually wrong with including more queer representation in tabletop …[View]
56560112Hey /tg/, I'm making a campaign for my little brother, can you help me out with making magic it…[View]
56461002Check out my free and open-source online map editor: I'm developing an online map editor, avail…[View]
56554854>Your opponent surreptitiously monitors your heartbeat with an electronic sensor array mounted on…[View]
56550618EDH/Commander General /edhg/: Previously: >>56540445 >Official Site: Contains deck building…[View]
56557229Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: Best Legion Edition Old: >>56554521 >Warhammer Community n…[View]
56553201/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General: >Unearthed Arcana: https://media.wizards.com/2017/dnd/downloads/UA…[View]
56558546Mindscrewing players: Hi. I'm organizing a small larp this winter. We're going to gently g…[View]
56541211/cyoag/ - CYOA General: Prior thread: >>56528058 Archives and other resources: https://pastebi…[View]
56550383Is a GM requiring players to write a background for their character a legitimate thing to do?[View]
56536372Dealing with edginess: Anons, how do you deal with PC's/players that are way too edgy? >be m…[View]
56548076Post armor that conceal your gender[View]
56557767Are non-DM's more demanding as players?: Are players who have never ran a game more demanding t…[View]
56540141/CofD/ & /wodg/ Chronicles of Darkness and World of Darkness General: Previous thread: >>5…[View]
56557886Got a hold of a Braugh Slavelord and I'm wondering if you guys think it would be fair to run it…[View]
56550721I'm looking for a good set of sleeves to put my standard deck in. I've tried UltraPro Ecli…[View]
56553566Would Sly Marbo be able to solo ISIS if he turned up in our reality due to some warp-fuckery?[View]
56552120Mini Six: I'm new to the D6 system, and am putting together a short Lovecraft-themed adventure …[View]
56534708Works with actual monsters as protagonists.: Could you recommend any medium, especially written, wit…[View]
56509080How do you like your cyberpunk, /tg/? Gritty and noir-like or borderline action movie?[View]
56554819images that invoke the essence of your setting: looking for those images that spark your imagination…[View]
56544478What would an rpg in age of Sigmar be like What would quests/npcs/pc’S/the world be like?[View]
56544575CHESS GENERAL: CHESS GENERAL I'm not good at chess. I alway play against the level 4 (1600) com…[View]
56516333If you have created a homebrew setting, describe it in no more than fifty words. If you have created…[View]
56557932My friend has been trying to get me into Standard, and I haven't been interested. Finally with …[View]
56557821>playing SS13 >join as cargo tech >walk about 5 steps before seeing man dressed in W40k att…[View]
56553737>One day the Bermuda triangle starts to clear up, sattelite images of it start to send out comple…[View]
56554491Looking for a simple war game: So I want to get my nephew into wargaming but he's a bit on the …[View]
56553167Non-Dark Heresy d100-and-senpai appreciation thread. Games of note: >Call of Cthulhu >BRP >…[View]
56516700PDF Share Thread # 109: It's Da Curated Archive™ ! It Will Be The Best 36 Hours Of Your Gaming …[View]
56556696Anyone played the Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game? Is it any good? Lately I feel the urge to pla…[View]
56554456We should execute our party member?: First i need to make a quick preview of the party. We all work …[View]
56535916>King Arthur returns to begin a campaign of genocide against the English people…[View]
56539286WIP - Painting, modeling, basing - Work in Progress general: Watch paint dry edition >Citadel Pai…[View]
56550888I'm looking for some neo medieval space opera stuff. Any suggestions?[View]
56544953DragonBall Z Rpg: So I'm home brewing a DragonBall Z system that heavily focuses on customizabl…[View]
56554521Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: Primaris Edition Old: >>56551810 >Warhammer Community new…[View]
56536111Did GW miss an opportunity by not adapting Skaven to 40k?[View]
56553428Tyranid Hive Fleet Creation thread: I feel like starting a creation thread so why not make a cool Ty…[View]
56551439What games allow me to play as characters similar to those in Rainbow Six: Siege? As in, operators t…[View]
56552634Does anyone here have the shrewdness and lingual talent to sell Age of Shitmar to me? I want you to …[View]
56537303>‘Today is a historic moment,’ said Mephiston.‘The next time the lords of our Chapter gather so, …[View]
56544172Pathfinder General /pfg/: Pathfinder General /pfg/ When was the last time you got really disappointe…[View]
56553248Character Depth: I don't like the way people write alot of characters and traits. They kinda f…[View]
56518050/tg/ - /twgg/ TowerGirls CYOA General: Currently working on a variety of projects Magnificent Marria…[View]
56554712Loaded dice: Have you or a player ever been caught with loaded dice? What happened? Did you use it f…[View]
56518615>A setting in which most or all of Jupiter's moons have been colonized, but must constantly …[View]
56547159So, I'm writing down an Alternate History setting that features a World War Five (that however …[View]
56541344What do non-human playable races add to the fantasy experience? I can't think of anything excep…[View]
56540810/sGMs/ Shit GMs Say: >roll succeeds >GM: You don't make it. But you make it easier for th…[View]
56525641Draw your gaming group (and noticeable accessories)[View]
56554388Traveller General--Traveller News Service Edition: Traveller is a classic science fiction system fir…[View]
56547388Jumpchain CYOA Thread #1892: Splat Splat Splat Goes The Humies Edition: >Google Drive http://driv…[View]
56550157How do you do a bard for a japanese setting? Kung fu movies got plenty of bards but I aint never see…[View]
56546645So which edition of D&D do you think is the best and why /tg/?[View]
56551647Music in campaigns: Let's talk sounds. Does your group use music in their campaigns? Ambient, b…[View]
56551021Sci-Fantasy Planet ideas: Ok /tg/, I need your help brainstorming for my setting. I have often compl…[View]
56549019what is the warhammer heroes event GW is talking about? pic not related[View]
56531176Hey /tg/ What's the best system for playing a god/goddess? What would you like to have in such …[View]
56552479Hey /tg/, I'm making a campaign for my little brother, can you help me out with making magic it…[View]
56547850Has /tg/ ever played Too Human? What did you think of the setting[View]
56551810Warhammer 40k General /40kg/: Can GW ever do anything right edition Old: >>56548881 >Warham…[View]
56531364/srg/ - Shadowrun General: ...Identity Spoofed ...Encryption Keys Generated ...Connected to Onion Ro…[View]
56550735MTG/Magic as a self contained card game.: This is all you will ever need.[View]
56548363/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General: >Unearthed Arcana: ANGRY ABOUT RAVEN QUEEN https://media.wizards.c…[View]
56545880what happens if a 40k end times will happen and who will do it, the necrons, chaos or the tyranids[View]
56495503Kingdom Death: Monster (KDM/KD:M: General for Kingdom Death: Monster Now with over 20 pounds of deat…[View]
56551115Do alchemists, by their nature as people who combine different organic and inorganic ingredients wit…[View]
56551938Table of contents for the PHB? Or a database from all sourcebooks?: Is there a way to add a table of…[View]
56549402The tome of horrors: So Im going to run pic related this weekend for my group. This will be the firs…[View]
56550600They sure ask for money a lot....[View]
56546029The Adventure Zone: What does /tg/ think of Adventure Zone?[View]
56551450So, what's the problem with defining your character via a class/race combo? Saying he's a …[View]
56547673Gimme dat fresh spellsword/battlemage/eldritch knight character art. Anything and everything martial…[View]
56551350What makes a good dungeon?: Title basically says it: What makes a good dungeon? Is it dangerous envi…[View]
56516665ART THREAD: Guys where tf our art thread at? Post cool /tg/-related art here. Be it characters, mons…[View]
56547683If you are a good roleplayer, you must only play Male Human Fighters because only they can have inte…[View]
56544255Is there such a thing as a streamlined, straightforward d100 system?[View]
56550080Shadowrun Anyone?: Im using the Tabletop Simulator. Its been a while and i want to start a noobrun f…[View]
56549329Twilight Imperium 4th Edition Worth It?: I've been wrestling with this question for months. I h…[View]
56543658It's a regular fantasy world but everyone has some kind of magical power, with lowly people hav…[View]
56541257my paycheck just came in...: so im buying books to gather inspiration from. any advice for what i sh…[View]
56520293Do you feel bad that your campaign won't ever be as good as Critical Role? Don't you feel …[View]
56493673/ccg/ Custom Card General /cct/: Vehicle edition! >To make cards, download MSE for free from here…[View]
56548881Warhammer 40k General /40kg/: Double Lawyer Hyper Prison edition Old: >>56545433 >Warhammer…[View]
56527307Sci-fi General Art.: Sci-fi General Art thread. Post characters and other related art.[View]
56540445EDH/Commander General: Control edition Previously: >>56521980 >Official Site: Contains deck…[View]
56518506Hey /tg/ what are your thoughts and opinions on the two total Warhammer games that have been out so …[View]
56545570Stat him, /tg/[View]
56547205I don't like dump stats, I don't like party members doing one specific outside-of-combat r…[View]
56532521Rolemaster: Just got these - anyone use em/remember them?[View]
56549891I'm a long time DM, but I always like to get some aditional advice from guys on /tg/. A group o…[View]
56542069how can I prevent my homebrew space marine chapter from being mary sues and generic[View]
56548999In a system where characters have separate Skills and Knowledges, what should the ability to build, …[View]
56548597Low Magic, High Fantasy Campaing: I am going to GM a low magic, high fantasy campaign in my own sett…[View]
56544134Why didn't fabius bile create primaris marines?[View]
56538872Dungeons: the Dragoning 40,000 7th Edition: Why don't we talk about this game anymore?[View]
56543949Tell me about gods, demons, spirits and religion in your setting, /tg/. >Are gods, demons, devils…[View]
56547581What's the difference between a decent gay/trans character and an irritating pandering one?[View]
56471832why are stands the best superpowers for a TTRPG character?[View]
56536621What is the best monster manual I can buy?[View]
56528185My buddy drew his monk in the art box on his sheet. Does anyone else use that space?[View]
56548075How do you design magic items for your games? How do you make them balanced?[View]
56546732Stat me[View]
565484431k points Seraphon army: your thoughts?: Hello to you all excellen/tg/entlement, I have joined a le…[View]
56548002Great campaigns can only inspire 2 things: So I've been in a campaign that's the spiritual…[View]
56530441How do I make a map that doesn't suck balls?[View]
56532981Shit players do: >Prepare to run a historical or modern day campaign >One of the players makes…[View]
56527876>An NPC asks you 'What doth life?' How would your character respond?[View]
56547825Which of these rings makes the best item for an RPG?[View]
56547527>My players spent two hours of game time today in-town >All they did was argue about divvying …[View]
56545032This didn't pick up on /b/. I guess they only want porn and vidya, but we have a little game fo…[View]
56543981I wanna start getting into Warhammer but I don't know where to start. The game combined with it…[View]
56517080What kind of weapons/technology do you feel gets under represented? I think air rifles and other pne…[View]
56545433Warhammer 40k General /40kg/: Warhammer Heroes edition Old: >>56542299 >Warhammer Community…[View]
56544808Paid GMing: I am currently running a Starfinder game and everyone is having a good time. I decided t…[View]
56508649/HHG/ Horus Heresy General: Russ vs Horus edition. >Previous thread >>56449935 >Thread …[View]
56545685>my ''hard'' sf game is set in a world where the electric universe theory is mainstream…[View]
56545562Caveman terrors: Alright /tg/, I'm running a prehistoric campaign, and while I like dinosaurs, …[View]
56538613wizard arts thread: itt post pics of cool/cute/insert-adjective-here wizards, warlocks, sorcerers an…[View]
56544722Magic: The Gathering; The Card Game: A format that consists of established decks that are balanced a…[View]
56544798Absurd 'rat men' rumor thread.[View]
56546212Bargains of Faust: How do you handle deals with the Devil, /tg/? Based on my experiences, it seems t…[View]
56541810Guys, I don't see the point to this shit anymore. I keep my stupid campaign notes for all sorts…[View]
56529631/swg/ At Hoth's Gate edition: Last Thread: >>56522100 Post about FFG, d6, Saga/d20, X-win…[View]
56540997How many non-creature spells should you be running maximum in a deck that has Collected Company in i…[View]
56528120Would the multiverse of D&D define this as a good or evil act?[View]
56546717/WIP/ Work In Progress General: Dead Loyalists Edition >Citadel Painting Guides: https://www.medi…[View]
56539120tomorrow morning, everyone in the world will gain the ability to read each other's mind. They w…[View]
56545967Finally got a chance to play this tonight. The fact one guy designed this game is pretty fucking ama…[View]
56541553/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General:: >Unearthed Arcana: ANGRY ABOUT ELVES https://media.wizards.com/20…[View]
56540079Pic related has just appeared within your setting, and your party has been tasked to somehow defeat …[View]
56545001What will a tabletop version of Tooth & Tail be like? What current wargame resembles T&T the…[View]
56540984stat me /tg/[View]
56530589>Write a serious story with hard themes over the course of about 4 hours (including multiple dyna…[View]
56544843Complain Thread General: Agh Edition.: >Me: Hey Guys I'd like to play in this RPG setting or…[View]
56498367/l5rg/ - Legend of the 5 Rings General: L5R / Legend of the Five Rings General 'Are you happy that w…[View]
56545125>Paladin pickup lines.[View]
56544485Anons, I need some RPG book recommendations to crib inspiration from. I'm looking for stuff tha…[View]
56533654>Fantasy settings where 'leveling up' and growing in personal strength is a concrete part of the …[View]
56542299Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: Xeno Master Race Edition Old: >>56539257 >Warhammer Commun…[View]
56543761My DM notes consist of things to see, do, participate in, interact with, etc. I'm trying to mak…[View]
56539005What are some good RPGs that are light-ish without being microgames? Something where I can learn the…[View]
56543733Everyone has played with an asshole paladin. When did you play with a bro tier paladin?[View]
56529424Pathfinder General /pfg/ Is your character a lone wolf or does he like being part of the pack? /pfg/…[View]
56499955Rules design general: Do you prefer armor as a reduction to the odds of taking damage, or a reductio…[View]
56529624What is the worst possible campaign you can think of?[View]
56419040Flames of War General: Stripes is Here Edition: Flames of War SCANS database: http://www.mediafire.c…[View]
56543423Xanathar's guide to everything.: Hi fags, I heard that Xanathar's guide to everything is f…[View]
56537832how do you simulate large scale battles and sieges in 5E? >inb4 don't play DND fuck off i ne…[View]
56528134RPG Podcasts: Give me one good reason this is not the best Actual Play RPG podcast Also general RPG …[View]
56539044Jumpchain CYOA Thread #1891: Dead By Jumperlight Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/d…[View]
56538743See? They're bringing the old 40k back. The Dark Angels approve of this.[View]
56541227have any of you ever ran a campaign for multiple people but only actually DMing for one of them at a…[View]
56542753Asoiaf rpg: Hey fellow fa/tg/uys who can tell me about pic related? I am pretty familiar with green …[View]
56532756>W-we're s-sorry, we won't defend our employees from being tried at the court of public…[View]
56505636/BGG/ Board Game General: Tricking the rest of /tg/ into our thread edition Last thread >>>…[View]
56538702This fucking game is a bunch of that guys >Lohse >crawling in my skin, I need to fight the dem…[View]
56540898Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire general: bgg page > https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/224597/…[View]
56542524Curse Blood: Manga story time for a newish series. It's Hard Fantasy with a classic art style. …[View]
56540459Are there any systems/ideas from a game that you use for a completely separate game? >Loresheets …[View]
56539370What are the core tenants of a Gunpowder Fantasy? The must-haves for optimum swashbuckling adventure…[View]
56539299How do you like my new set /tg/? General dice thread[View]
56475224Can I get rule set suggestions? The setting is Blade Runner-lite with mega cities, androids, religio…[View]
56539997>I will not fight not! You had no choice. >I'll stand beside you. I stand alone. >You…[View]
56542061New Tyranid Codex: Hey there, I was wondering if anyone knew where I can find a PDF of the new Tyran…[View]
56534922MTG Unstable Spoilers: Unplaneswalker edition[View]
56515682Tell me about your story tg/. The one you've been working on. Any interesting ideas that sets i…[View]
56492683Do you prefer Cestree with the poof of white hair or without? How else would you improve her design?[View]
56458344/STG/ - Star Trek General: Cheap-Ass Karemma Torpedoes Edition Previous Thread: >>56408446 A t…[View]
56539639>Cursed ring of incremental jump height (1st jump 1 foot, 2nd jump 2 feet, etc.) Would you die?…[View]
565348312000AD - Stickleback: >Say my name, y’make me real! Our setting is London, that ancient city of s…[View]
56536365Unknown Armies: I'm looking to start up a campaign in UA3 with my group and I've got a few…[View]
56539257Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: The one true undivided prince edition Crossthread: >>56536546…[View]
56535422Hey, /tg/. First thread ever on any 4chan board. I was reading another thread where the OP was askin…[View]
56532897There was a thread that fell off that brought up ideas of cowboy bebop meets patlabor in the moons o…[View]
56541221I've been planning out a game lately for a few players. I have the setting and such established…[View]
56524762Wilderlands: Why it hasn't made a comeback?[View]
56505291Dinosaurs & Caves: Ug. greetums anons. What am favorite class in Dinosaurs & Caves. it stron…[View]
56528058/cyoag/ - CYOA General: The Editionless Edition - Edition. Previous thread: >>56510965 Archive…[View]
56540106Alchemy: One of my players wants to be an Alchemist and get deep into the actual experimenting and c…[View]
56520333How do I write deep lore? I really want to make a setting with deep and interesting lore, but I don…[View]
56531310cheating players and other 'that guy' behavior: (Speaking about D&D) I am in two campaigns with …[View]
56521296>Setting is a planet with lower gravity and a higher atmospheric density than that of Earth'…[View]
56376261/bbg/ - Blood Bowl General: Nobbla Blackwart Edition http://www.bloodbowl.com/ http://www.thenaf.net…[View]
56537102Alternative Models: a thread for model companies or unique sculpts that aren't as well known, b…[View]
56522084Chaotic Evil: Can it be played? Or is it irredeemable?[View]
56537787end me: A campaign I've been DMing for a long time has hit a brick wall. I had to kick one of m…[View]
56514834/CofD/ & /wodg/ Chronicles of Darkness and World of Darkness General: Previous thread: >>5…[View]
56536529/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General: >Unearthed Arcana: ANGRY ABOUT ELVES https://media.wizards.com/201…[View]
56539419Has your gaming group ever spoken a conlang at the table, whether IC or OOC?[View]
56537901What you played, what you expected, what you got.[View]
56538905Great systems for the 'adventurous' life?: >Make a bunch of money, and spend whatever you like.. …[View]
56537072ITT: /tg/ confessions.: >Shooting the shit after a big binge of Imperium Romanum 2, trying to thi…[View]
56538599I'm thinking of painting my tanks in a black and blue colour scheme similar to the tanks in val…[View]
56535416He showed no fear im the face of death. He was a simple man, as common as you or I. He died standin…[View]
56522150Does /tg/ like dieselpunk? https://youtu.be/fGSVldrxM-0[View]
56533599ITT: Post your current character (or your current favorite if you're rolling more than one); ot…[View]
56521012How are demons like in your setting?[View]
56501814Post cute critters and monsters. Stuff that'd fit in a kid's adventure series or in one of…[View]
56538811>anon presents a character, setting, adventure or villain concept >next poster makes the leas…[View]
56538826Gauntlet Magic/MTG: A set of decks that are balanced and represent each color well, designed to play…[View]
56529465Would you go easy on your opponent if they were cute?[View]
56518549Why did superheroes never take off in quite the same way as fantasy and sci-fi? There are basically …[View]
56521980EDH/Commander General: Bigass Dinos edition Previously: >>56507373 >Official Site: Contains…[View]
56532765Politics: >what political systems do your countries use ? >why ? >has it worked in their f…[View]
56525465What are some interesting or noteworthy RPG books? What are some good examples of layout, content, o…[View]
56536546Warhammer 40k General /40kg/: DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA! Edition >Crossthread: >>56534151 >Warha…[View]
56527740Clues: How do you give your players clues when they succeed at investigation without just telling th…[View]
56537641Godtear: Is anyone looking forward to Steamforged's new game? It sounds like it could replace W…[View]
56536960What's the closest thing to a Watchmen type game/setting? By that, I mean comic style heroes th…[View]
56537857>use skill to lower enemy's dodge >it dodges the skill…[View]
56516515/osrg/ OSR General: Welcome to the Old School Renaissance General thread. >Trove: http://pastebin…[View]
56532941Alright /tg/ I'm gonna be playing a game of Faux-D&D with my little brother, tell me if the…[View]
56481469One of these[View]
56531456>have a game of slapstick comedy about skeletons doing stupid stuff and fucking up >can't…[View]
56502370Anons, can you help Cestree prepare for her adventure?[View]
56533385Are many similar cultures boring?[View]
56536841Do Scotts use America accents when they role play Dwarfs?[View]
56530660What is the best loadout for sponsons on the following Leman Russ Tanks.. Leman Russ Executioner Lem…[View]
56534879>scottish dwarves[View]
56536575Character art thread, supers edition: Alt costumes, fusions, everything you got[View]
56521950Are interspecies couples believable in D&D?: We're all familiar with the 'humans in D&D…[View]
56535965Forest fairies/spirits: /tg/, what's your take on forest fairies and spirits? Mysterious magica…[View]
56523641WIP - Painting, modeling, basing general: Duncan's cherry popper edition >Citadel Painting G…[View]
56524377Even GW agrees[View]
56531976Keeping this thing going on: I'm a player, playing an umonk in PF, and my char is the sole surv…[View]
56533626deathwing: Is there anyone that could provide the scanned pictures of all the 'deathwing expansion' …[View]
56516465Leotards should make a comeback in modern fantasy/sci-fi.[View]
56499548Positivity Thread: Hey /tg/, we have too many rage/cringe/gripe threads. Let's have some stuff …[View]
56517562If strip poker is a thing, can strip mtg or strip ygo be a thing too? Hypothetically speaking, of co…[View]
56504468HFY plus /his/: Tell me about the early history of humanity from the 1st to 21st centuries from any …[View]
56489764/btg/ BattleTech General: --------------------------------- Nothing shifty here, nope, nothing at al…[View]
56534151Warhammer 40k General /40kg/: Kor'Vattra edition >Warhammer Community news https://www.warha…[View]
56497949Cliche love thread: >BBEG's latest atrocity is so horrible, that even his supporters quietly…[View]
56530841What would be the best system for running a Payday inspired game?[View]
56530466Jumpchain CYOA Thread #1890 Waiting For The End Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/dr…[View]
56529988Are there any interesting healing powers that make the role more interesting than 'pressing Q to hea…[View]
56523316Let's say that a fantasy world has a race of 'amphibious humans' (i.e. they can survive underwa…[View]
56533896In a battle, if the enemy has opponents who are your characters counterparts, should you ever challe…[View]
56534907I got mixed emotions when getting a new bad ass board games these days. On one hand >FUCK YEAH! G…[View]
56528903I want to D&D there. Also, any interesting ideas for an economically feasible mesa city?[View]
56534793Let's make some secret societys and cults! Heres how to do so >Name Then you say their motiv…[View]
56503932Age of Sigmar General /aosg/: Christmas Battleforces Edition Previous Thread: >>56472955 Resou…[View]
56529659/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General: >Unearthed Arcana: elf options https://media.wizards.com/2017/dnd/…[View]
56533785Weird setting idea: >year 2XXX humanity starts experimenting with brain enhancement, starts with …[View]
56531828Sigmar did WHFB.[View]
56490460Your latest party is now being hunted by pic related, who has crossed over into their setting in ord…[View]
56502655>The climax of gamer proselytization.[View]
56521533Thoughts? How could i improve the map?[View]
56528548Are you excited /tg/?[View]
56532184Creating the Exotic Culture: Seems like every fantasy world nowadays needs a generic 'exotic place' …[View]
56528511Which type of demon should a summoner fear the most? The bestial, raging monster, with sharp fangs a…[View]
56531585Warhammer 40k General /40kg/: Phone posting, edition. >Warhammer Community news https://www.warha…[View]
56482729Exalted General /exg/: What is Exalted? An epic high-flying role-playing game about reborn god-heroe…[View]
56531285Slang in your fantasy setting.: Hey, /tg/. I was wondering if your setting had some unusual words or…[View]
56520513eldritch horror thread i'm building a call of cthulhu-ish campaing, need some inspiration[View]
56522493ITT: Magical Biopunk: What are some abominations made of magic and flesh? Magical plagues? And what …[View]
56521645What's the best method of space combat, /tg/?[View]
56527383When it became obvious the humans will one day supersede all other races, the elves began looking fo…[View]
56517864In what kind of society would power be given to the youngest instead of the oldest?[View]
56532057Takuzu: Hi everybody! I am a student in chemistry, and my teacher of info gave me a homework. The pr…[View]
56494758Roleplaying in 2005: >'Ay, lad. It is every dwarf's dream to die in battle against the evils…[View]
56529053So what's going on over at Wizards right now[View]
56527854Say something bad about a game you like and say something good about a game you hate. hard mode: Fo…[View]
56518484Nobody can ever decide which fantasy race is the 'obvious stand in for Jews', right? Is it dwarfs? G…[View]
56529821Is there any brown elf art out there that isn't super skimpy? Not having much luck looking for …[View]
56530021A friend of mine approached me recently and explained that he and a friend I know less well want to …[View]
56527202Social Networking and fantasy: Your current fantasy setting now has SNS. People can magic-Tweet, pos…[View]
56513820World building music: Someone posted a band here that I listened to a while back, but can't for…[View]
56530295I want to make a campaign based on the deck of many things, specifically the destruction of the deck…[View]
56530208What if cartoonish antics was a religion and the toonforce was the power of the gods being appeased …[View]

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