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63096657Pokemon Tabletop: How the hell are you supposed to even run this?[View]
63115477Pokehammer 40k: It is the 41st Millenium. For more than a hundred pokemon battles, The Champion has …[View]
63112848/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Kidnapped Royalty Edition >Unearthed Arcana: …[View]
63086950/wfg/ - warhammer fantasy general: 'With rocks' edition >Resources (Rules, Lore and Warhammer Fan…[View]
63088673Exalted General — /exg/: >What is Exalted? An epic high-flying role-playing game about reborn god…[View]
62995350/awg/ - Alternate Wargames General: Emotional Baggage Edition >What is /awg/? A thread to talk ab…[View]
63108339/cyoag/ - CYOA General: Archives and other resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu Previous thread…[View]
63107620Yu-Gi-Oh RPG: I wound up seeing both the Magic the Gathering and Pokemon RPGs that have been fleshed…[View]
63106026pf / sf fantasy grounds modules: do they exist? don't see them on trove's[View]
63109898Healer Appreciation Thread >They save our asses from dying constantly >Rarely get the killing …[View]
63090307Go/Weiqi General: Does anybody else here play the mental sport of Emperors?[View]
63096555Are adventures supposed to be fun?[View]
63106550Richard Garfield / TG fame: Richard Garfield's name seems to be enough to sell a game. Recently…[View]
63110885A question.: What was the name of that one tabletop game that was japan on drugs, i remember one of …[View]
63113086how does one best portray naturalist beliefs on the tabletop?[View]
63111051/40kg/ warhammer 40k general: >its too early for a new thread! >waaaaaah!!!! Fuck off >Warh…[View]
63107977Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2624: Dark Elves When? Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/driv…[View]
63076913filename thread: thread image limit got reached, gib them /tg/ related filenames friendly reminder t…[View]
63095710What's the best way to roll dice so that you get the result you want?[View]
63087531/btg/ BattleTech General: The /btg/ is dead - long live the /btg/! Prepare For Takeoff Edition Last …[View]
63108972Tell me about your fantasy crime lords in your setting. None of them sodding thieves guild. Just goo…[View]
63109325https://www.savevsrant.com/2018/11/19/s02e14-rpg-wtf/ New episode posted today. Review of Engine Hea…[View]
63111246How would Cattle Ranching work in a setting where all animals are some form of predator?[View]
63112293ITT: post art to match feats, perks, and/or edges. From left to right, > Sidearm > toxin resi…[View]
63102538System: Would /tg/ help me real quick to check if this could work? Resolution is universal: you chec…[View]
63104639What is the difference between D&D 3.5 and D&D 5? I've been inactive for a long time an…[View]
63097266/CofD/ & /OwOd/ Chronicles of Darkness and Old World of Darkness General: >Previous thread …[View]
63110000Maybe I don't quite understand this game but who are the main antagonists, and what's the …[View]
63084734Spacer Generation: In the Future of Space, there are two types of people. Those with stats and those…[View]
63059601KeyForge General: New 1v1 card game made by Richard Garfield, decks are procedurally generated and a…[View]
63096530>a new process is discovered that allows matter to be created from nothing >as the world reels…[View]
63103312This is How I White Scars: https://youtu.be/jM8dCGIm6yc[View]
63088135>Teens and TTRPG's: >invite 17 year old kid to play 5e with us >he's experienced …[View]
63111234Online playing: You know of any RPG forum or something like that? Or if any of you wanna make an onl…[View]
63109729I need some help: >Wanting to do a detective/investigation session >Group will get called on t…[View]
63081895What is the absolute dumbest, logic-breaking plan your group has ever come up with and did it work o…[View]
63105008Wizard Experiments: So one often gets the impression that Wizards and their ilk are the closest thin…[View]
63109918Time Travel and its effects/consequences: How would time travel effect a setting? I'm prone to …[View]
63106812/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: This Is Mine Now Edition >Unearthed Arcana: O…[View]
63071349PDF Share Thread: It's Da PDF Share Thread! Get ready to stuff your hard drive like a cosplay h…[View]
63103624Are there any good adventures or modules for mini six?[View]
63106511What personal sin haunts your BBEG?[View]
63104310What do the people of the Imperium eat? Is there a difference between the food of the Space Marines …[View]
63101527EDH/COMMANDER GENERAL /edhg/: Bad Flavor Text Edition Previously: >>63092943 RESOURCES >Off…[View]
63107771Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: Imperium and it's love for Xenos Edition >Warhammer 40k New…[View]
63060331Why don't Celestials turn the world good by breeding with mortals?: We know that Aasimar are th…[View]
63094141Looking for a rpg system for a bug one shot: so i may i have plans on doing a campaign one shot wher…[View]
63106060Art beg: Anybody got high quality images of feminine looking male half-elves? I'm playing a pc …[View]
63107285Crimson Skies Pt Deux: Fast Planes, Faster Dames: The other thread was a hoot. It inspired my GM to …[View]
63107395What are some good rules-light, freeform heavy fantasy systems? I like Edge of the Empire for sci-fi…[View]
63094822Fallout in Florida Idea: I've been trying to summon up the courage, so here I go. pls no bully…[View]
63101427Can you stat the ultimate life form?[View]
63072463This is the ideal male human fighter. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks l…[View]
63094448How would jesus fare in 40k?[View]
63099605Anybody who has played a bit of Ryuutama, could you tell me about your experience with the system? I…[View]
63102104Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Reboxing Edition >Thread question: How do you like the aesthetic …[View]
63096914How come there's so little /tg/ related content about the Emperor? He had a magic sword, BTFO…[View]
63025976How would he fare in 40k?[View]
63104057/v/isitor here. Started actually playing a regular tabletop game with some friends after years of lu…[View]
63098006UMA thread: Spoiler season starts today.[View]
63107027Your party has made a pact with a demon lord. He will make your deepest realities a desire, as best …[View]
63087539>10 int = 100 IQ >11 int = 110 IQ >12 int = 120 IQ >13 int = 130 IQ >14 int = 140 IQ…[View]
63078825Cliches and tropes you HATE: >people going to Heaven or Hell for non-morality related reasons …[View]
63106170DM Advice Thread: Let's give each other tips advice for being a Dungeon Master in this thread.…[View]
63107554The Office of Swordly Nomenclature: Due to the fact that too many douchebags were naming swords to l…[View]
6309680240k Mechanicus Game General /40kmech/: https://store.steampowered.com/app/673880/Warhammer_40000_Mec…[View]
63107175pray for brainlet: alright this might be the wrong place but: I'm looking to make a tool to gen…[View]
63101039/cyoa/ - CYOA General: Archives and other resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu Previous thread:…[View]
63081090>Your party encounters a fluid druid[View]
63106899Do you think this is useful? Would you use it before starting a game?[View]
63103981Have your players ever driven a vehicle more powerful than an SUV?[View]
63106680ITT: Stories about your session: Just got through running my first DtD40k session with some friends …[View]
63104753What books do I need to run a good planescape game? Never played 2e before[View]
63106435stat them /tg/[View]
63083377/swg/ - Star Wars General: Your essay is due after you get back from Thanksgiving, Anon, just a head…[View]
63087831Cyberpunk 2020: Lets just have a general cyberpunk 2020 thread[View]
63101346If real life was a TRPG: Obviously almost all of 4chan would be NPC's, but who would be the PC…[View]
63103071Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: Johnny Edition >Warhammer 40k News https://www.warhammer-communi…[View]
63104047Could life and civilizations arise, would it always be day and the sun always be at Zenith?[View]
63057491Drawthread - Barbarian edition: >Requesters: • Provide good, detailed references (pictures are be…[View]
63091415If a PC decides to eat other humanoids (ie canablism) how does your DM respond? How do the other PCs…[View]
63089342Favored sons of Nurgle thread. Post your favorite stinky boy.[View]
63101076/5eg/ Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition General: 'Explaining How Things Work' Edition >Unearthed A…[View]
63098333>Small city-state is protected by a powerful evil artifact that radiates an aura of intense fear …[View]
63104162Introducing outsiders to RPG: So I have some friends with whom I play board games periodically, howe…[View]
63101292System for WW2: What system would you use to run a campaign in second world war? I have an idea for …[View]
63077333Is there anything inherently evil about putting skulls on things?[View]
63093997Is “balance” in game design a spook?[View]
63104667>there is one god for every nation >that god usually embodies the cultural values of that nati…[View]
63093004Anyone got a link to all the MERP .pdfs? I didn't realize the art was so sick.[View]
63103806Maps: https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/homebrew-dungeons-and-dragons-maps Its a collection of i…[View]
63095343What would a Chaos Greater Good Daemon look like?[View]
63100382Need help with discription of weapon in right hand of picture. What would you call this? Scimitar, …[View]
63102436Is there any game where magic is not a unified system, where each spell has its own rules, requerime…[View]
63099154Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2623: Fantastic Perks Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive…[View]
63103594So how do you pick stats for a homebrew game anyway?[View]
63098439Angel/Celestial thread: I've been thinking a lot about Angels and celestial societies. How they…[View]
63088955Unique Treasure: I'm going to be sending my players through a series of catacombs dedicated to …[View]
63085092WIP - Work In Progress General: Priming in the cold edition >Citadel Painting Guides: https://www…[View]
63098363Have you ever had an adventure IRL, /tg/? Do you think you'd be able to deal with one, especial…[View]
63085383>Hey guys, my D&D setting is steampunk with magic and anime![View]
63037464Modern magic the gathering general /mmg/: #germlivesmatter edition >playing >hating >brew…[View]
63099458OK, I gotta confess one of the scummiest things I did at a Magic tournament for awhile. Yesterday I …[View]
63098374Fag DM begging for Wrath & Glory Rulebook: Does anyone have a PDF of this rule book and would be…[View]
63092216'Ma'am I've got you clocked going 15 miles over the Inner Kingdom Highway speed limit. Qui…[View]
63101511>> DM: Alright Anon, how does he die?[View]
63101735how do i get the most bang for my buck out of the black library? want to avoid buying the entire hor…[View]
63099414Why are swords seen more often in fantasy despite the fact that polearms were preferred?[View]
63093764What is evil for you?: Dms players whatever what does being evil mean for you? for demons and orcs? …[View]
63091370How does /tg/ make their game maps? I'm a newer DM and I'm trying to figure out a good way…[View]
63099609Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: Orkvember Edition >Warhammer 40k News https://www.warhammer-comm…[View]
63100191>DM keeps using 'Obey or DIe' ultimatums Why do people keep doing this, when there's never, …[View]
63100828Economics thread continued: Continued from >>63065308 Share anything economics related from yo…[View]
63097491What's the deal with villains transforming into giant monsters for fights? It's a trope th…[View]
63100969What system would you use to run a game inspired by Who Framed Rodger Rabbit? I'm aware that TO…[View]
63095963Your dudes: >ctrl+f >no your dudes thread lets change that, tell everyone about your dudes and…[View]
63095076How to fight a siege? (Pathfinder): Our campaign is set in the wastes of a fantasy world, lots of wa…[View]
63099114Smart Theatrical Villains: >Party is battling on an overlook to a 1000 ft drop >Paladin leads …[View]
63094466Hey /tg/, what mtg cards have a better non-english version than their english version and why is tha…[View]
63091491This is how you Lawful Good[View]
63089508>always hear that if you don't want to play D&D then just run something else >okay …[View]
63099358To Anon 63053830 From Paizo Games General Thread / 'Golden' Spell: There was an anon on the Paizo Ga…[View]
63080507Oddball question, /tg/: Are RPG characters copyrighted? Are they the intellectual property of the pl…[View]
63098554Is it ever acceptable to play a joke character?[View]
63091761Warhammer hasn't been good for about 9 years now and thanks to fuckers like pic related Games W…[View]
63086415Lets Make a Empire: >the Empires Treasury is advised by a Single Dragon…[View]
63096781How far into world building do I have to go until it hits levels of autism I should just leave behin…[View]
63094468Dungeon of the Mad Mage: Flipped through this, it’s pretty great. Anyone got a pdf yet?[View]
63090843Age of Sigmar General - /aosg/: Khorne claims another thread! >Thread question: Do you guys like…[View]
63098873This is how I xeno[View]
63099603Redpill me on Battlemaster /tg/. I just hit level 3 with my fighter and I have no clue which way I w…[View]
63064284How was your first roleplaying session like? What was your first session as a GM like?[View]
63091492System for boats, aquatic combat?: Planning a campaign where the PCs mostly run trade voyages on riv…[View]
62961898Crimson Skies Music and Art and Stories: Hi, I just discovered Crimson Skies, and I think I am in lo…[View]
63088617Pregnancy, kids and other related conditions: Do kids, pregnancy or just general family stuff come u…[View]
63093726Are there any TTRPGs about playing as/being a part of a whaling crew during Nantucket's golden …[View]
63092943EDH / Commander General: Booted Edition Previously: >>63079364 RESOURCES >Official Site: Co…[View]
63100335Does this sound like a good race lineup? For context, the setting is what was once a high fantasy w…[View]
63097569What the FUCK is going on at WotC? WHY ARENT THEY RELEASING SHIT FOR D&D Not counting adventures…[View]
63097525Pantheon building help: Anyone have some tips/advice on how to make a proper patheon? I'm tryin…[View]
63088462Why don't guns,swords,planes and plate armor coexist in your setting /tg/?[View]
63090022The Mary Sue of Armor: If Gambeson was God's gift to men in terms of protection, as people keep…[View]
63091848>offhandedly mention a little kid as part of a scene description, to add some flavor to the chaos…[View]
63026622Forgotten Realms Lore 3: Forgotten Realms lore thread All editions How does your DM's or your R…[View]
63093902Smuggler Character Help and Chargen Thread: Sup TG, I've conceptualized a smuggler a right and …[View]
63091185/cyoa/ - CYOA General: Archives and other resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu Previous thread:…[View]
63072649What system is the best for a campaign set in pic related?[View]
63063309Adorkable Dragon part 3: Okay, we've all had time to sit back and brainstorm new ideas, it…[View]
62978693Storythread: Storythread: 'we'll just pretend it's Friday'-edition This is a thr…[View]
63096157/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: A Wizard Did It Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Of…[View]
63094807Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: Unlimited Power Edition >Warhammer 40k News https://www.warhamme…[View]
63052512Bushiroad TCG: Come and discuss Vanguard, Buddyfight, Weiss, or any other games/properties Bushiroad…[View]
63072925Paizo Games General /pgg/: Paizo Games General /pgg/ Whats your favorite material from the new book …[View]
63095986Are you lucky at RPGs or unlucky? Do you have any lucky charms that you bring to games? Do you even…[View]
63081928Anyone got any experience running/playing Dogs In The Vineyard? Thoughts, tips, suggested number of …[View]
63074537How did the original Necron function with such a limited roster?[View]
63080389Why are these fuckers so damn unsatisfying to roll?[View]
63096883D&D and Immersion: 5e DM here. My players complained that the game wasn’t realistic enough and t…[View]
63096381So I'm an old 40k fag and I decided to get into this dumpster fire to see if its any good. So i…[View]
63093541Beginner GM Systems: looking into a good system to run for a beginner GM and zero experience players…[View]
63082011>common tongue[View]
63086872Failed gamist constructs: 'Fighter' is an inherently undercooked class. Every other class'ic' concie…[View]
63080752Things to NOT say infront of you're Commissar: Things to NOT say infront of your Commissar I…[View]
63076771Drow Details for Fun and Profit: I'm playing an upbeat, cheery drow girl for a campaign. The ba…[View]
63094718Recently got into WH40K, my models are ready to go, and I got them Manreapers ready to kill. About t…[View]
63095967D&D player death qwestion: My PC has died, and the party is already starting to tear apart my lo…[View]
63096242What's your favorite DCC adventure?: I'm looking for some kind of house with secret passag…[View]
63093061Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2622: Jumpchannel Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/fol…[View]
63089910Plague Doctors: I need plague doctors and plague doctor cures, I'm planning on running one but …[View]
63095718Gnreetings, /tg/: Ho ho ho ha ha, ho ho ho he ha. Hello there, old chum. I’m gnot an gnelf. I’m gno…[View]
63094729Tips for turning your character from an NPC to a PC: Do you find yourself being unimportant to the p…[View]
63089179The Problem of Grim: So a lot of settings have this issue where they sprinkle a bit too much grimdar…[View]
63092349How would he fare in Tolkien's Middle-earth?[View]
63094833>Hey guys let's do theater of the mind! Thirty minutes later >I charge the two of them! …[View]
63074829What card game has the deepest lore?[View]
6307690040k Mechanicus Game General /40kmech/: **Sad Beep Edition** https://store.steampowered.com/app/67388…[View]
63092293How do I deal with a new DM that doesn't know how to plan for a stupid party. He literally keep…[View]
63089688How would you adapt an Unknown Armies anime? I think it has one of the most interesting power system…[View]
63033788Fairytales: Fae, fairy, or fey; all are welcome here! Post fairy pics, lore, ideas, and why you love…[View]
63094628http://privateerpress.com/press-releases/name-correction So apparently Adolpheus isn't an appro…[View]
63092696On Wildshaping Reproduction...: What if a wildshaped druid had babies with their respective animal? …[View]
63077391/MESBG/ Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game General: >Latest Rules: https://mega.nz/#F!D2BBiSrI!rA…[View]
63089168/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Impromptu Robot Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Of…[View]
63092029Stat me, /tg/[View]
63092448I need help. The game is tomorrow and I have no monsters or NPCs to use, nor cohesive plot hooks. Th…[View]
63088808The Electric Monk: In a world in the throes of a thaumindustrial revolution and all the growing pain…[View]
63072912Alright /tg/ I'm curious to how your party would meet this random encounter. I was thinking of …[View]
63089100Your party encounters pic related. How fucked are they?[View]
63092849ITT: Pol Approved Tabletop Games[View]
63090036How do I roleplay /tg/ I've been playing for 10 years (mostly oWoD and shadowrun) but I've…[View]
63077495/srg/ - Shadowrun General: ...Identity Spoofed ...Encryption Keys Generated ...Connected to Onion Ro…[View]
63093223Nutty PCs: How weird can a PC get in concept before it starts to get too far? Generally the standard…[View]
63087415What settings involve space tyrants who assimilate and subjugate species?[View]
63090737Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Classic Edition >Warhammer 40k News https://www.warhammer-comm…[View]
63088671Hello I'm looking for a kind of RPG that has the following qualities. • Not too many useless, b…[View]
63089814Lets make a setting with a spirit world: So I've been reading about the Lebou religion and the …[View]
63088030Any doctor who fans here? I was interested in running a game similar to it, especially in a tone sim…[View]
63073008Superior vs Inferior races: When you have one race that is overwhelmingly superior for the purposes …[View]
63082066does anyone else find making character sheets boring and tedious[View]
63064241Can a lich be good?[View]
63066049Vampire the Masquerade/Requiem/V5 General: Dick Swinging Brujah Edition Previous Thread: >>630…[View]
63091986Plain English Naming: >Snow Duck pondered the situation he and his companion Autumn Is Red were i…[View]
63072415Summarize your campaign in six words.[View]
63058077Hey /tg/ im in really deep shit: >Be me, Guardsman veteran >Have some shitty armor that the co…[View]
63044172>'My fantasy world is very well defined and expansive!' >Languages are race-based, with all el…[View]
63074717Anyone with too much time on their hands and a strong grasp of German & English? Would you like …[View]
63089541I have the greatest testosterone-filled and gayest idea which will put us in history, /tg/. All we n…[View]
63087914What are some interesting musical instruments that a bard could use?[View]
63084991>the kingdom has been cursed to receive constant rain >literally 24/7 downpour >no magic c…[View]
63041047/OwOd/ & /CoD/ No Mages though chronicles of darkness & world of darkness general: Glamourbo…[View]
63085607>Making characters you know you'll never get a chance to play[View]
63043122Chaotic Good or Chaotic Evil?[View]
63090228What's the best way to govern a really, really big (10+ million square miles) empire?[View]
63069153>your character is a level 20 Accountant transported into a fantasy world What can he accomplish …[View]
63013576How can onis become competent martial artists when they infamously lack the discipline and finesse r…[View]
63090634Troyes edition - it's only the best dice (worker) placement game ever made Previous thread Past…[View]
63089870>all right. all of you sit at the same table in a tavern. You know eachother since at least a wee…[View]
63086306What are some good ideas for a floating islands setting? Things that would make the world seem more …[View]
63087606>the other players, rather than the DM, are the ones who give each other Inspiration points This …[View]
63086022What happened to Bel?: Where is he? I cant seen to find him in any 5e products.[View]
63089682You DID skip work today so you could get the swag bag from Adepticon, right anon?[View]
63081255/cyoa/ - CYOA General: Archives and other resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu Previous thread:…[View]
63089170Summoning chants: Can we share any examples of famous summoning chants?[View]
63087200Warhammer 40000 General - /40kg/: Space Marines Edition >Warhammer 40k News https://www.warhammer…[View]
63079364/edhg/ - EDH / Commander General: Large Wingspan Fetish Edition Previously: >>63069329 RESOURC…[View]
63084372How does one properly criticize games they're in outside of saying that they're boring, ba…[View]
63089120Stories: LOVE edition: In this thread we tell epic stories from the table.[View]
63082647>The Dark Lord's forces have betrayed the Corrupt Empire and have invaded their lands, ignor…[View]
63083883How often should a gm cancel and not host games before questions are asked? I'm in a situation …[View]
63082611Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2621: /tg/ Jumps Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com/drive/fold…[View]
63069894How do Chimeras function biologically? A body that's a mishmash of various creatures would have…[View]
63084527Cyberpunk 2020: What’s the funniest way to break the game?[View]
63074518Uncommon Landscapes: My players are bored of adventuring through hills, mundane forests, caves, moun…[View]
63087387My Kingdom: Rate and Berate eachother you awful people, its time for tism and tedium. Bonus points i…[View]
63080141D&D: How do you start out playing D&D? I have played a couple of games of D&D (2) with s…[View]
63085765>new game >DM says to roll 2d6 for each stat, then pick a number between 1 and 10 >the clos…[View]
63086054MTG: Penny Dreadful: Is there any hope for the Penny Dreadful format? It's ultimate budget ''c…[View]
63073294I'm very curious. How does /TG/ feel about RP in MMORPG's? Such as WoW or other games? Do …[View]
63088239Frozen Frontier episode 41: * Potential spoiler warning for all episodes up until and including Epis…[View]
63058868Magic: The Gathering Standard Format General /stdg/: J U S T I C E Edition MTG Arena / MTGO / Paper …[View]
63085240/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General: >Unearthed Arcana: Of Ships and the Sea https://media.wizards.com/…[View]
63080613Explain to me why your setting has castles and fortifications yet lacks siege mortars, /tg/[View]
63077460/aosg/ - Age of Sigmar General: Lazy poll edition, your main guys https://www.strawpoll.me/16866478 …[View]
63044643How would you go about adapting Spelljammer for 5e?[View]
63065308Economics in your setting: How important is it in your stories / current playthrough / character bac…[View]
63068628/ktg/ Killteam General: Slaugth Edition >Previous Thread >>63032842 >News https://www.wa…[View]
63083300What role do halflings fill in society? Being 2-3 feet tall in a world where everything is twice you…[View]
63084725This is how evil PCs should be played.[View]
63078902How would an earth protected by the MIB fare in 40K?[View]
63082581That GM: >First and last session with a new GM >Homebrew cyberpunk campaign, almost a carbon c…[View]
63087006It's Sunday. Confess.[View]
63085707Need to experience ideas: I have been very hot and bothered lately. The past decade has been trash i…[View]
63045521/btg/ BattleTech General: The /btg/ is dead - long live the /btg/! Wacko Rangers Edition Last thread…[View]
63075104Exalted General — /exg/: >What is Exalted? An epic high-flying role-playing game about reborn god…[View]
63064878Night Land Campaign: Toying with the idea of a Night Land campaign set in the Age of Flying Ships (1…[View]
63081614Digital Dice: Would you allow digital dice in one of your games?[View]
63086282Generic /tg/ thread: >Anons models follow the same logic as toy story toys >Each faction react…[View]
63086012What’s the most on-brand class/build/skill set/role for someone playing as a cisgendered heterosexua…[View]
63070030CYOA Book Appreciation Thread: The only kino way to play /tg/ solo. Basically analog vidya.[View]
63046782/bgg/ Board Games General: Previous thread: >>63001652 Pastebin link: https://pastebin.com/h8T…[View]
63085756New GM here. Would it be a dick move to tell your players they're playing one kind of campaign …[View]
63072445>in current political climate masculine fantasy races make people uncomfortable How do we fight i…[View]
63040765Hey /tg/, what joke characters do you currently play or want to play?[View]
63066909Prove me wrong: 'Powergamer' 'minmaxer' 'munchkin' and all similar epithets are buzzwords created by…[View]
63083754Warhammer 40000 General - /40kg/: Cool Conversions Edition >Warhammer 40k News https://www.warham…[View]
63084409YLYL: /tg/ edition[View]
63081315PDF request: Does anyone have the With Great Power Classic Edition PDF? It’s out of print and has be…[View]
63080282/5eg/ - Fifth Edition General:: >Unearthed Arcana: Of Ships and the Sea https://media.wizards.com…[View]
63077396DMing for beginners: hey /tg/ so I'll be running a campaign for some friends and I was wonderin…[View]
63077296I was watching a video on a vietnamese moving picture show that was talking about how the power syst…[View]
63080316What are some oft forgotten really old RPG's. I like Metamorphasis Alpha. A lot.[View]
63078593>mfw today's session was extremely boring and lame but next session is in two weeks What do?…[View]
63058637/wfg/ - warhammer fantasy general: Dammaz Kron edition >Resources (Rules, Lore and Warhammer Fant…[View]
63068586Why people call them communists? Caste system is the exact opposite of communism.[View]
63084326Earthdawn - Age of Legends: https://pro-indie.com/pivw/our-games/earthdawn_main/ Anyone know anythin…[View]
63082742>That one guy who decides admitting war crimes to an NPC is a good idea…[View]
63076621I’ve literally been out of the hobby for years now and just found out that gorillaman got rezzed and…[View]
63083331Unhealthy Enterprises: An unhealthy business is one that makes the majority of its profits by taking…[View]
63061199>pick the first anime character that comes to your mind that shares the first letter in his name …[View]
63084054Books on GMing: What games (books/supplements/etc) taught you the most about GMing? Which books had …[View]
63002845/mgw/ - Monster Girl Worldbuilding: help a dullahan's head edition Previous: >>62968200→ …[View]
63029189What are dragon/human relations like in your setting?[View]
63077814ITT - How to run a good Spy Game: > Number of Players > Time Period > Allowed level of equi…[View]
63054379Designing a 'Mega Dungeon': How the fuck do you go about doing this without it feeling like a funhou…[View]
63082794Beach Session: so when Is your Beach Session? Also Fun Campy Gimmick Sessions Pic for shameless atte…[View]
63076909Learning About Card Games: What are some great resources for reading about card games from a creator…[View]
63074828/anrg/ - Android netrunner general: System core/new mwl is out! http://nisei.net/article/SC2019 What…[View]
63077334Numenera deux: Has anyone played the new numenera? I didn’t bother following any of it, because it f…[View]
63068298Let's have a Yugioh thread. What decks you playing? Playing physical or Online/YGOpro only? Whi…[View]
63079971So Archie is confirmed a Paladin and Cheryl is pretty much a ranger, what would the others be. Reggi…[View]
63073631The other 'races' are human bloodlines changed by magic. Some bloodlines are more changed, others le…[View]
63046264'I have a picture of the weapon I want to use.': >I have a picture of my character's weapon …[View]
63082345My first model: I am alpharius! Also, my first painted model! Needs a bit touching up in some places…[View]
63078509Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: Warp Travel Edition >Warhammer 40k News https://www.warhammer-co…[View]
63052927/swg/ - Star Wars General: STIR WHIP, STIR WHIP, WHIP WHIP STIR BEAT! Edition Previous nightmare: …[View]
63079734Has anyone here played the very first incarnation of Dungeons and Dragons? Planning on running some …[View]
63074253What is some good advice on how to avoid splitting the party?[View]
63061116WIP - Work In Progress General: Our lord and saviour meme man edition >Citadel Painting Guides: h…[View]
63055925/tg/ has been around for almost 12 years now and in that time it seems nobody has finished a recomme…[View]
63079824So as far as classical elements go, what would characterize the aether element? What kind of magic w…[View]
63077290Morrowind's lore is overrated that is all[View]
63069600How should the Atonement or similiar events interact eith a vampire curse?[View]
63067989Where does Age of Sigmar even take place?: So if I'm understanding this correctly: Archaon fini…[View]
63079724Lizardman saves world poorly: So i got some of my friends into roll20 a while back, with a SWN campa…[View]
63077542Setting where the NPC's are literally NPC's: Let's do this anons[View]
63078846Are happy interspecies relationships possible in your setting? If so, what kind?[View]
63080546'Alright, I've taken over the abbey, defiled the altar, stolen the relics, butchered the monks,…[View]
63078067Fantasy 40k: 40k's original concept was to translate the fantasy world of WHFB into a gothic ba…[View]
63018295Ratfolk (& Rabbitfolk) General: It's been too long. Let's have a thread about the surp…[View]
63033891I don't really understand the 'elf racism' meme, it seems like Elves are one of the w…[View]
63078625Fake Crypto for PCs in Scifi Campaign?: Sup guys, I'm going to be running a semi-hard scifi cam…[View]
63072403Stat him[View]
63073401Damage Reduction and Armor Class in D&D: So, after pouring over 5e for a few months and running …[View]
63077873What would be a good system to play a game similar to Goku Midnight Eye or Cowboy Bebop or Cyber Cit…[View]
63074304/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Doing Time Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Of Ship…[View]
63064684stat him /tg/[View]
63049011Character art: post'em[View]
63073912/cyoag/ - Create Your Own Adventure General: Heartbois edition: Archives and other resources: https:…[View]
63066502How to Find People to Play Magic?: I hate going into LGSs, the owners all seem like they hate you an…[View]
63076938Illuminati, New World Order Trading Card Game General: What decks are you guys currently running? I…[View]
63034024/osrg/ Old School Renaissance General: Welcome to /osrg/. We're all about descending armor clas…[View]
63072384just picked up pic related on amazom, from a couple reviews I read it seems like a solid tool for GM…[View]
63066679Filename thread: Previous thread reached pic limit: >>63041079 Magical items edition?[View]
63075141Great Alliance: An Idea, birthed in the bonding of a few anons in a doomed thread, ravaged by a auti…[View]
63041037/CofD/ & /OwOd/ Chronicles of Darkness and Old World of Darkness General: >Previous thread …[View]
63064879What's your characters background stat?[View]
63060884What powers and weaknesses should a 'traditional' vampire have?[View]
63073995Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2620: Advertiser Unfriendly Edition: >Google Drive http://drive.google.com…[View]
63077684Which modern day military unit most embodies Khorne’s infamous screed. Pic related?[View]
63073341V5 lgbt+++ eddition: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/11/17/paradox-interactive-integrates-whit…[View]
63076049>simultaneously burnt out but really want to play >quickly lose drive when thinking of games t…[View]
63071084Which holiday or celebration is your character's favorite?[View]
63069656How would she fare in Warhammer fantasy?[View]
63073640Are we gonna be for channel?[View]
63067930TFW yesterday was going to be my very first legit D&D session I stayed all night studying palad…[View]
63069329/edhg/ EDH/Land destruction general: No bully edition Previously: >>63057980 RESOURCES >Off…[View]
63072987I had an idea for a game, /tg/ - one where the players are in a near future not!Communist or not!Fas…[View]
63073546Farewell /tg/: Gentlemen... Ladies... Dwarves... It's been a pleasure.[View]
63035216>I'm attractive, fit, charismatic and take care of myself >Pick up MTG in HS >Get real…[View]
63068324Why do orcs and goblins always abduct women from the more 'fairer' races? Aren't there any fem…[View]
63065722/aosg/ - Age of Sigmar General: The tale of two battletomes Edition >Thread question: Should ther…[View]
63037034What's the issue with 1d4chan?[View]
63074708What is your favorite character you ever made for a campaign? One of mine was Hardloin. He was part …[View]
63070928lolth paladin: I'm dming Out of Abyss and in the Gravenhollow chapter one of the players (a dro…[View]
63052219Which is correct?[View]
63073009Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: Simpler times Edition. >Warhammer 40k News https://www.warhammer…[View]
63075756Stat him.[View]
63067822>gnomish pranksters mix all your potions with each other while the party is sleeping What's …[View]
63075466Could pic attatched feasibly answer reanimator strategies for those who play mono green aggro in pau…[View]
63063990What is GURPS best for?[View]
63074985Hey /tg/ I recently bought this game and I still haven't got around to playing it, I wanted to …[View]
63074989>DMing D&D 3.5 >doing hack-and-slash campaign featuring mostly undead monsters for 21 sess…[View]
63075432Is there a better example of high int, low wis than Alvis from the Alvisimal?[View]
63052544why tau cause so much butthurt in 40k community?[View]
63075138Has anyone taken the effort to make a video game adaptation of this?[View]
62994305Old School Art Thread: Previous thread: >>62945976[View]
63059291>Humans and orcs meet. >They mate >After some time. >Half-orcs become the dominant race.…[View]
63074525Favourite Tropes: Post your favourite tropes from fantasy/movies/games/what-have-you, then give an e…[View]
63072250Would Adlerheim and Hochfels be okay as names for Kingdoms inspired by germany?[View]
63073791>Be a player >Investigating a ruin outside of a town with the rest of the party >The fighte…[View]
63062204Ever make logos for in-game products or companies? Post pics if ya got 'em[View]
63065024>angels, being creatures of pure innocence, are so utterly naive and oblivious to evil that they …[View]
63071301Orc Feudalism: If the Orcs play the role of the Vikings, could that end up with the Orcs being given…[View]
63073430/4eg/ Dungeons & Dragons 4e General: Twin Strike + Off-Hand Strike Edition >Pastebin with the…[View]
63073715Anybody on /tg/ still a fan of this thing after two years of hiatus? I've gotten back into it w…[View]
63064230And this is how you turn Magic: the Gathering back into a game.[View]
63056297Daily reminder those who post 'have you tried not playing D&D' every thread, singlehandedly turn…[View]
63071669Chaos College Experience: https://www.strawpoll.me/16864914 You recently move to your new college to…[View]
63039019/srg/ - Shadowrun General: ...Identity Spoofed ...Encryption Keys Generated ...Connected to Onion Ro…[View]
63068931Fantastic Guns: What are some cool variations on firearms for fantasy settings, either real alternat…[View]
63019528Infinity General: Delay Edition: Infinity is a 28mm scale futuristic skirmish game by Corvus Belli w…[View]
6307278740k Alpha legion list competiton: -Rules- >Must be a 1000 pt 8th ed battle forged Alpha legion ar…[View]
62974571Warhammer 40000 RPG General /40krpg/: For all your questions on Wrath & Glory, Dark Heresy (1st …[View]
63071755Whats up, do any of you have a good probability calculator that you use? I'm trying to calculat…[View]
63066715/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: I Found Some Stairs Edition >Unearthed Arcana…[View]
63071441Streaming some DnD 5e Any ideas how to fuck with this campaign? https://www.twitch.tv/hexum77[View]
63067958Are there any other supplements like Renegade Crowns, where you can roll dice and get a region to ad…[View]
63070024Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: FIRST! >Blackstone Fortress: Preorder https://www.warhammer-comm…[View]
63047184Mechanicus Game is out!: Warhammer 40K: Mechanicus is officially released and it is a fucking blast …[View]
63060843RPG or other game that handles this kind of fiction? I love over the top sci-fantasy. He-Man, Flash …[View]
63048388WFRP 4e: Q&A and general discussion of the new edition. > 4 sessions in (including session 0)…[View]
63069889>The Mechanicus finds an complete undamaged STC for the RX 8-2 Gundam What happens next? Also, a…[View]
63041534Exalted General — /exg/: >What is Exalted? An epic high-flying role-playing game about reborn god…[View]
62999822/MESBG/ Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game General: >Latest Rules: https://mega.nz/#F!D2BBiSrI!rA…[View]
63064366'Practical' Armor?: Should I add penalties/bonuses for impractical and practical armor on my player…[View]
63068037Oh shit, the evil wizard who lives in the mountains next to your village is on the move: he is going…[View]
63067789Magic The Gathering Rabiah Scale: There's a new Rabiah scale https://magic.wizards.com/en/artic…[View]
63070657Forgotten Realms Novels Mega Link?: Would any of you good anons share such a thing, if it exists?…[View]
63067491Why do people “worldbuild” is it to compensate for a lack of story telling abilities?[View]
63062905>that guy that rolls stats via 4d6 drop the lowest >not rolling 8d4 dropping the highest It…[View]
63070099Say a dragon god is slowly manifesting in Faerun. This afffects all dragons. What sort of ... ripple…[View]
63070091>As the year moves towards halloween skeletons and other members of the undead slowly power up un…[View]
63067488Do you guys like tieflings?[View]
63068688Fantasy world, mundane life: Looking for recommendations on fictional works with the following chara…[View]
63050307>I was merely pretending to be retarded[View]
63069513What does it feel like to be compleated, /tg/?[View]
63068212Pokemon /tg/: Which system would be good to play a Pokemon campaign? Have you ever played one?…[View]
63062821/cyoag/ - Create Your Own Adventure General: Nationalist Waifu Edition: Archives and other resources…[View]
63066048What kinds of clothing are fashionable in your setting?[View]
62962287/hwg/ - Historical Wargames General: Armistice Day Edition Previous thread: >>62885040 Get in …[View]
63066837RPG map thread-Sci-fi eddition: RPG map thread bonus points for sci-fi bases.[View]
63046751Paizo Games General /pgg/: Paizo Games General /pgg/ How do you feel about the new unarmed magus arc…[View]
63069019Classic Gaming: Kids playing D&D now have ruined the game: > Trans purple haired edgelord fem…[View]
63066894Stat him /tg/[View]
63032809What's the coolest form of ritual combat for rival barbarians to engage in?[View]
63066041>And thus, I am opening the borders of the Elven forest for all who desire to reside here and con…[View]
63068095Humanity Fuck Yeah is the most cringeworthy shit that happened to fiction let's look at the com…[View]
63065475Jumpchain CYOA Thread #2619: Why The Fuck Has No One Made This Yet?Edition: >Google Drive http://…[View]
63068909Tell me about your character's backstory. Why did he decide to risk everything instead of havin…[View]
63061052Think of the two most powerful characters in your setting (excluding gods; demigods are okay). Throu…[View]
63059149Here's a setup for you. A conjurer wizard finds a piece of a four-dimensional being somewhere a…[View]
63064814two young black dragons just chemical warfare-d one of the campaign's city. the party arrived i…[View]
63066892Warhammer 40,000 General /40kg/: Word bearers took part in the war in heaven, edition. >Blackston…[View]
63053472What is the most underrated MtG block in your opinion?[View]
63065038Do you know anyone who always plays a certain type of character just to fill some gaping hole in the…[View]
63067270Encounter thread: What are some of the best encounters you or your PCs experienced[View]
63053242What's the point of melee battle mages? Why go into hand-to-hand combat when you can just bomb …[View]
63053629Gods and Faith: How do I get into new players heads that gods, ancestor spirits and cosmic forces ar…[View]
63057458ITT: Legendary Weapons[View]
63055724What RPG's do you wish you could run? Pic related for me[View]
63065544Demons and devils: I'm looking for ideas for plots involving demons using humans as proxy to ca…[View]
63067854Macha is the only good thing that has ever come out from fortyK, otherwise its just weaker Warhammer[View]
63067832Happy Shogi Day, /tg/![View]
63058446There’s a lot of good stuff in this system...but also a lot of bad. What are the things you like/dis…[View]
63067530Be Me: > Be me > Was with a couple of friends > We were in a bar. Pretty Normal. > Some …[View]
63066414What kind of fun, creative combat powers could psyker have? Not talking about 40k-esque 'I will thro…[View]
63066785Stat her.[View]
63065355/e40kg/ - Epic 40k General: You let it die edition >Where do I get those fan made minis that show…[View]
63050417Can Orcs mate with humans in your setting? Is interbreeding possible between the races? What restric…[View]
63061328Is there anything a Fighter is good for?[View]
63065351What chapter is this?[View]
63050804I like a woman in armor. Armored women thread?[View]
63057980/edhg/ EDH/Commander General: Partners With Eminence Edition Previously: >>63053101 RESOURCES …[View]
63062865Nation/Kingdom management: What RPGs handle nation or kingdom management well? Or alternately tablet…[View]
63032955PDF Share Thread: It's Da PDF Share Thread! Get ready to stuff your hard drive like a cosplay h…[View]
63065143How do you handle this situation?[View]
63032274>'Don't be silly, sellsword, of course the princess wasn't in her cell when you arrived…[View]
630646895th Edition D&D My DM was thinking that my 6th level Totem Barbarian should be able to swap Tote…[View]
63063174Does anyone else think magic fucking sucks now? I played when i was a kid, it was a fun cheap thing …[View]
63041079/tg/ FilenameThread.: post more heroes.[View]
63051856/tg/ my players keep walking into traps. I don’t think they’re dumb, but I don’t want to think they’…[View]
63065085magic the gathering cube: we are drafting powered cube, here is the list. http://www.cubetutor.com/v…[View]
63057681Rangers of Shadow Deep: Anyone playing Rangers of Shadow Deep? If so,how are you liking it? Whats yo…[View]
63066172Where will your party drop? The captcha was unironically identifying buses.[\spoiler][View]
63059260Stat me /tg/: But keep in mind that it might be hard to fit all my skills in a single sheet! And don…[View]
62990422Horus Heresy General /hhg/: Talons of the Emperor Edition Last thread : >>62933226 >Thread…[View]
63064378Custom Proxies: 1st attempt at a custom mtg proxy >any ideas / suggestions for other cards? also…[View]
63065841Stat me /tg/ before I return to wage war upon the timeless Citadel of Dundee.[View]
63068022We're finally free lads.: >Attention: All work safe boards are soon going to be on the 4chan…[View]
63055523How to fix the warcraft setting?[View]
62982510/ccg/ Custom Card General /cct/: Straight Outta the Graveyard Edition >To make cards, download MS…[View]
63032842/ktg/ Kill Team General: /yourdudes/ Edition >Previous Thread >>62991917 >News https://w…[View]
63062957Warhammer 40,000 General - /40kg/: Dark Prince Edition >Blackstone Fortress: Preorder https://www…[View]
63045469How do you feel about strong female characters?[View]
63064045Rate my backstory, /tg/: >1/3 On the outskirts of Abhisaran in the Muladde region there is a tief…[View]
63059741/5eg/ - Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition General: Danger Zone Edition >Unearthed Arcana: Of Shi…[View]
63063331Stat him /tg/: Read the Subject[View]
63059056What's a good system for running a post-apocalyptic game in? Our GM quit on us and I got electe…[View]
63022186/VG/ Vampire the Masquerade/Vampire the Requiem General: Previous Thread: >>62954128 WoD websi…[View]
63062114Stat me[View]
63052736>[GOOD person] that is also the best in the world at doing [EVIL thing] How would you realize and…[View]
63064672Yugioh!: Why don't Battlin' Boxers have a link yet? Edition Seriously they need one asap t…[View]
63062885Is it worth learning 5e this late in the development cycle? How close are we to 6e?[View]
63064467non-MTG character themed MTG decks: What if a certain person/creature/whatever had a deck with art/p…[View]
63064414ITT roll your party and give them a background https://purplesorcerer.com/create_party.php Mad O’Mur…[View]
63063756Is there any art/settings for bionicle levels of extreme cyberpunk?[View]
63029009What systems make monks and martials fun?[View]
63012139/GURPSgen/ GURPS General: /GURPSgen/, the one general where we absolutely fucking hate if you make o…[View]
63056067/aosg/ - Age of Sigmar General: Shyish Sylvaneth Edition >Thread question: Should GW alternate al…[View]
63041920Monsterpocalypse: When the Terrasaurs come out, I'm gonna try to mod them to look like Mechagod…[View]
63058569I realize this is a longshot, for multiple reasons. I remember reading an official ruling somewhere …[View]
63063846Inspiration thread: Markets, Stores, and Industry: Post photos and anything else you would like to s…[View]
63060537Does a gladius count as an arming sword, or a side sword?[View]
63056508>that guy that makes fun of other people's roleplaying There is no quicker way to be kicked …[View]
63056005What are some board games with simple rules that I can play with my friends?[View]
63061501>a strange disease is running through the local Owlbear population, making them lose all their fe…[View]
63046410One Day, You May~: >come to /tg/ in 2009 >never played an RPG >hungrily devour every notewo…[View]

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