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10169083hypnosis: any good books about it? for whatever reason, this information is literally impossible to …[View]
10169036What are your opinions on it? Did you enjoy it?[View]
10169045Redpill me on Ken Follet. What does /lit/ think aboput him?[View]
10168966Convince me to learn Mandarin.[View]
10165905Fagles Box: Is it worth it /lit/?[View]
10168479Pirate Book Reccamendations: And I don't mean the Somalian kind. I want books about pirates fro…[View]
10168881'Starting with the greeks' has become a paradoxical meme because it has obvious utility, and skippin…[View]
10144040Rank the Big Four thread.[View]
10164410Intro to lit: Used to read a bunch of books that are considered memes on /lit/ (1984, Animal Farm, F…[View]
10168933'A whole Gothic world had come to grief': What other novel from this century or the 20th, …[View]
10168885What are the best passages of Romantic language literature? Post examples if possible.[View]
10168915How can I make stylized readable pdfs from epubs and mobi for reading on a laptop or a large screen …[View]
10162954do you consider yourself superior to others because you read books and they dont? do you look down o…[View]
10167640Hey guys, I really want to get into reading books but it's very hard for me to find the motivat…[View]
10163921The best words in the English language: In terms of how they look, or how they sound, or the connota…[View]
10168485What should I read on the bus?[View]
10166600Books that made you physically ill[View]
10168773would arya beat the sword of the morning? my guess is obviously yes. cuck dayne is dead and arya is …[View]
10167297I want a Samuel R. Delany thread[View]
10167532What are the essential Anslem and Aquinas that is a quick read?[View]
10167442/lit/ poll: http://www.strawpoll.me/14186345 What do you care most about in a story?[View]
10165635Im not sure of anything anymore. I used to be a communist then a liberal, now I just don't hold…[View]
10168667So James is a very accomplished author (in terms of $ and getting movie deals etc.) I read maybe 5-7…[View]
10168457What am I in for?[View]
10165142What am I in for? Which one should I start with?[View]
10161252If a wise philosopher can't or won't develop good writing skills and becomes infamous for …[View]
10168480Note taking with Books: >Taking notes while reading books: Do you do it? What are your preferred …[View]
10166815What are some good books on the Flagellants and self-mortification in general? Please no sensational…[View]
10167614L. Ron Hubbard: What is his best book?[View]
10168406What am I in for?[View]
10168073> wants to learn about God, ethics, meaning and Truth by reading philosophers When did you grow o…[View]
10168110What was your lsat score /lit/?[View]
10168315>I'm a freelance writer[View]
10168181>reading Dostoe's the double >see Gogol reference to the nose >feelsgoodmanigetit.jgp …[View]
10168251Can we have a thread to discuss this book?[View]
10168173Can't remember what book: Can you help me with this, fellows? I've read a book, writen by …[View]
10167664>'Great men take themselves and the world too seriously to become what is called merely intellect…[View]
10165742What was his problem?[View]
10167209Are Barnes and noble translations good and if so/not why?[View]
10168185Guys.: This is a bit much.[View]
10166197is this guy worth reading or is he just a HACK?[View]
10166453What books do questionable sanity the best? Something where the protagonist maybe going insane or we…[View]
10162824Can we get a horror thread? > What are you reading? > Who are your favourite writers? > Wha…[View]
10166954Help me out: I'm trying to figure out what this guy's philosophy really is. What philosoph…[View]
10162826>'For the Age has itself become vulgar, and most people have no idea to what extent they are them…[View]
10149228>Nietzsche never married. Nietzsche proposed to Lou Salomé three times, but his proposal was reje…[View]
10167721How come no one talks about this? It's a Greek epic written in Roman times detailing the Trojan…[View]
10168078If you're into song-writing and literature, you'll like this. https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
10167718Girls That Can Read: are the very best! Does anyone know how vast the collection of books is for Bra…[View]
10166179I got memed by blade runner into picking this Will fuck my shit up? Never read anything but steven k…[View]
10167342hinduism?: does anyone know any good books which are introductions to hinduism? i know a decent amou…[View]
10167986Surprisingly, I don't seem to have this in my collection. I'm looking for writing that…[View]
10167784I had to read this book for an American South history course I'm taking, and holy shit I never …[View]
10166960This shit sucks. It better start getting good. So far it's over-sentimental and the conflicts a…[View]
10166784Non-native speakers, when you read a book in english, do you translate the text in your head to your…[View]
10167742Who is the best Writefu and why is it Vivien Reis?[View]
10165626what is the best short horror story collection in your opinion?[View]
10167692Just finished it, was great. Are Frankl's other books good?[View]
10167163Did you like it?[View]
10165891My Kobo Glo HD comes in the mail today. What's the first thing I should do with it?[View]
10167729What does this board think of the teaching company courses about literature and philosophy?[View]
10165980>one of the greatest minds of his generation >wastes it on chasing after murderers…[View]
10165920I lost my ex, my Katherine Driscoll. She's married to another man now. Stoner and Unbearable li…[View]
10166118What are some good books on about crime life in New York City?[View]
10167630>'Democracy prevents the politician's fulfillment of his obligations to the nation. Even the…[View]
10167606hi lit, what should i read to learn about stoicism?[View]
10167571Great writers are born. You can't make a good one into a great one.: You can't make a medi…[View]
10166476Victorian Era Poetry: Can I get some (British) victorian age poem recommendations? I'm to write…[View]
10162156What does /lit/ think of the Tunnels series?[View]
10167448Where to start with Carl Schmitt?[View]
10167301Hello /lit/, I have a big writing problem and don't know where else to discuss this. Nobody I…[View]
10161581Guess how much Amara's Rose has made now? $35k. Who said you can't be a successful self-pu…[View]
10166936Joshi or Houellebecq?: Who got him right?[View]
10167495I’m working on a small writing project, mostly writing small stories about my life and life events b…[View]
10167459LOTR: What do you guys think about Monolith's take on Tolkien's work?[View]
10164109If I were starting a digital media magazine covering American pop culture (specifically literature, …[View]
10167039I'm writing a cyberpunk novel set in a de jure independent city which includes 3 protagonists; …[View]
10164960I've collected a few common Bible misquotes, here they are if you're interested. PARAPHRAS…[View]
10165795>tfw you've accepted the Eternal Return[View]
10145454>tfw I like fascism Books for this feel?[View]
10166767Did I just waste many hours of my life?[View]
10166992>'It's lack of pussy that fucks countries up. Lack of pussy is the root fucking cause of all…[View]
10162972>'He was the kind of man, you know, who thinks all modern books are trashy, and all modern young …[View]
10164335What's your favourite example of a philosopher or cognitive scientist BTFO'ing the computa…[View]
10167010>Evola developed the doctrine of 'magical idealism', which held that 'the Ego must understand tha…[View]
10165371What if the entirety of the Holy Bible was thought up by one 10 year old boy and spread everywhere d…[View]
10163764Did the Greeks just rip off Indian philosophy? There were Buddhists monks walking the streets of Anc…[View]
10163755Help me create my pen name, /lit/[View]
10165861Women and men can be had relatively cheap now on abebooks. Plus is now his most expensive book. What…[View]
10166998Where can I find literature about men choking and fucking girls into submission?[View]
10165988What did you read this week?: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9812745/1/My-First-Date-with-Mirai-Kuriya…[View]
10167044I have to read this for college and I can't help but roll my eyes every second sentence. The op…[View]
10166934What did the drunk see in the jake, /lit/?[View]
101636552666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666 2666: give…[View]
10152796What book has impacted your life the most? Pic related for me.[View]
10167087I'm reading this and it's pretty good. Any other good Mishima similar to it?[View]
10167065https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIpfWORQWhU Is there a book that personifies this song?[View]
10165974What is the name of pic related? I can't make it out[View]
10165559Poetry Critique: >Annihilation of Day Dust will set in fold and crack of eyes shut tight througho…[View]
10166994>leave the water to me[View]
10166990Suicide by Édouard Levé, is this worth reading? It seems good, anyone read it?[View]
10165614can someone recommend me japanese literature. I am going to thanksgiving dinner at my GFs house and …[View]
10166589Is it good? What did I think of it /lit/?[View]
10166970https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVJS0r7uJKA Das lakonische Kurz-Gedicht 'Mitleid', welches sich in …[View]
10164014thoughts on emily dickinson?[View]
10166593>tfw got into a bad argument with the head of my college's public speaking department over f…[View]
10166170Peter, through the spiritual authority given to him by Jesus, founded the Catholic Apostolic Church.…[View]
10163687Does an inability to control desires really absolve the human species of any wrong, or is it just a …[View]
10165162QTDDTOT: Should the Greeks be read with annotations or a guide? Poetics specifically.[View]
10156752Why arent you wearing the philosopher's jumper, /lit/?[View]
10166314Dont you sometimes feel like a whole book is 200 pages of filler with a couple of good ideas within …[View]
10166259Matthew Kelly: What does /lit/ think of Matthew Kelly?[View]
10166401Guenon's last words were 'allah'?: Why wasn't I warned that he was muslim?[View]
10166286Depression: ITT: Books concerning depression. Bonus points if they make you feel better about being …[View]
10165666Good sirs... Even mr Will Keith has published his own novel - Demon's plague - 253 pages of zom…[View]
10164068>mfw neither do I have a personality nor do I believe in the idea of genuine character traits dis…[View]
10163607Hi /lit/, what do you think of my nonfiction collection? The two on the left are the to-read pile, j…[View]
10161731A fucking 11yo boy recriated IJ with lego figures while you guys played viedeogames and browsed on /…[View]
10164572Hesse: >Read Demian at 18 >Love it, starts me on my lit/phil journey >Come back to Hesse fo…[View]
10166432I was replying to this thread, but it died really quickly or got deleted. >>10166273 I still w…[View]
10162859Do we like him and why or why not?[View]
10165065the timaeus: seriously guys: what did he mean by this[View]
10164374what's UP MY SECOND FAVOURITE BOARD! I JUst wrote a song I want you to tell me what, I want to …[View]
10166039>reading Das Kapital >Freaking four volumes I need a guide, where did you start? Did anyone a…[View]
10166271You already forgot about me /lit/?[View]
10165778Anna Karenina (Some spoilers) So I read it and found it to be rather amazing and I'm looking fo…[View]
10163746what was the darkest book you've ever read? Bonus points if it wasn't edgy stuff but legit…[View]
10164616Who's your favorite Romantic, /lit/? I like Coleridge the best.[View]
10166078I can't turn on my reading lamp because I've misplaced the smart light remote control[View]
10156127Anyone got more of these?[View]
10165553what are some best /lit/-themed cat names ? I just got a black cat and I thougth to name her somethi…[View]
10165876>Mann's diary records his attraction to his own 13-year-old son, 'Eissi' — Klaus Mann: 'Klau…[View]
10164678broety: call it quotidian because it sounds shinier than ordinary When I was twee years old my mothe…[View]
10164688was this the most influential interview in /lit/ history?[View]
10165801>Just try to learn the truth by approaching a spiritual master. Inquire from him submissively and…[View]
10159084Ayn Rand Reading Order: Is this an objectively good reading order for Rand? We The Living > Anthe…[View]
10165331What are some books I can give my kids to read that will teach them the value of money and steer the…[View]
10165109a publishing company wants to publish my first novel and intends to split the costs of production wi…[View]
10162692Indoctrination / Propaganda: Hey /lit/, recently I was wondering how did indoctrination or propagand…[View]
10125430ITT: Irrefutable philosophers[View]
10165760What does /lit/ think of William F Buckley? Also has anyone on here read pic related?[View]
10163776What books do I need to read to have a basic understanding of philosophy without actually spending a…[View]
10161618how many books do you guys read per month or per year? do you read every day? how many hours?[View]
10165643is he, dare i say it, our guy?[View]
10165611Why is pic related so comfy?[View]
10165594Any worthwhile literary weekly magazines? Pic not related[View]
10165519What's the preferrred way to read Pale Fire? Do you read the poem in its entirety first, and th…[View]
10165219Anybody know if these are any good? It's okay if they're kind of pulpy if it's in a c…[View]
10165140Cold War Books: Help me lit, I want books that tell the truth about why the Cold War started. None o…[View]
10165412Does anybody here subscribe to The New Inquiry, and could upload the most recent issue? Or knows whe…[View]
10164453i have a coupon for a free book off of amazon thats anything $50 or under. what should i get?[View]
10161066Post a name. Post a book (try to think of a book you personally love that you would want others to d…[View]
10164804The Jordan Peterson Cult: Guys, I figured it out. I recently got a new job from this older dude, doi…[View]
10162962Just woke from what might be the worst nightmare of my life. I thought that maybe /lit/ would like t…[View]
10164915>raised by a single mother >obsessed with butthurt, despite being immensely butthurt about SJW…[View]
10163365Who did you fundamentally agree with more?[View]
10165124what did she mean by this[View]
10163721He called Dostoevsky 'a rather mediocre writer.' I mean if you read purely for prose quality, many o…[View]
10165095GMAT and GRE approved books? I was looking at the vocab and grammar sections of both tests (still tr…[View]
10165086It is said that the mark of falsehood is failure to cohere in the body of our beliefs, and that it i…[View]
10164920Just a short excerpt from my coming novel. Critique welcome (huh boy).: But what he liked most of al…[View]
10165029Is Eastern philosophy the OG postmodernism? >wtf is this bullshit? none of it means anything! it…[View]
10161803To what extent can one criticize someone else's book without being extensively mean/cruel? I re…[View]
10163339Anyone want to collaborate on a novel?: Any creative, talented, passionate, interesting writers want…[View]
10161672What is the edgiest thing ever written? I might post some of my edgy writings if there is interest.[View]
10164298Is this more or less fucked up than Marquis De Sade?[View]
10164791As anyone read this collection of CCRU writings? Is it worth reading?[View]
10161461Philosophy of Blade Runner 2049: What's some philosophers or philosophical theories that are in…[View]
10164911Graham Norton wrote a crime novel: And it's good! Wtf? Granted, it is sort of like a standard B…[View]
10164733So I just read Fight Club. What is the next must-read on the agenda? Pic unrelated[View]
10163129What's a good book to help someone who is indecisive, risk-averse, cowardly, and without ambiti…[View]
10162891What is /lit/s take on ereaders? I don't have one as I like the feeling of a real book but I li…[View]
10164857Medieval Literature[View]
10164851Study Bible: I already got the Oxford Study Bible. What are some good study bibles to own alongside …[View]
10164016I read the first two Dune books. I've heard the third is good and everything is bad after that,…[View]
10159915Give me a quick rundown of all the highlights of John's newest book. His first since 2012, I…[View]
10164661Help: Hi /lit/, I need help to speak English as I'm not a native speaker. I know this is far of…[View]
10164561Is this his magnum opus?[View]
10164716All you fucks are like the narrator of this: except with inferior attention spans and even less conv…[View]
10164715Can words make me smart?[View]
10164533Help me pick a book /lit/ and I'll return the favor if I can -Moby Dick -Pale Fire -The Idiot[View]
10160231Is political science bullshit? Given that all political behaviour is just human behaviour, how does …[View]
10164675Can anyone recommend any good reading material about the people held in captivity in pic related? I…[View]
10163930>postmodernism >post-postmodernism[View]
10164615Can fantasy be good literature? If not, what is wrong with it? I enjoyed some fantasy In the past bu…[View]
10161778The great Canadian poet gord downie died today. F http://pm.gc.ca/eng/news/2017/10/18/statement-pri…[View]
10164560How to win friends and influence people?[View]
10155962Are visual novels literature?: Are visual novels/sound novels literature? What do you think about th…[View]
10161107Short bus story: Hey /lit/ ! I'm participating to a contest, and i have to tell a short bus sto…[View]
10164529Top zozzle: J R IS fucking hilarious. Straight from the shoulder punchline IT'S GREEN! kek…[View]
10160255short stories: What's the equivalent of 'start with the Greeks' for short stories? I mean, what…[View]
10164433Mango - poem from straya: >eight years old >walking under the bridge >scrub, swamp >aban…[View]
10164251Stephen King Thread: So I just got this book today, from my local bookstore, and I can’t wait to del…[View]
10163682Can Mary sue be used as a character flaw or is it something people will automatically assume it…[View]
10163160what are the best little known or unappreciated books in your opinion.[View]
10165018>write about people sharing and working together >be a fat fuck who never worked a day in his …[View]
10156477Have you ever argued with a professor? How'd it go?[View]
10163178What was the first book to write down what the virtues are? Wikipedia told me it came from Old Kingd…[View]
10164059Can we have a post for underappreciated philosophers/theorists? Here are some to get things going: …[View]
10163474Is this an accurate representation for the Tripods?[View]
10155498ITT: How you imagine a fictional character in literature >Fyodor Pavlovich…[View]
10162713If you follow a religion (and I'm not saying that a religion can be followed under the two foll…[View]
10162331Do u Bible?: What are the most influential Books of the Bible? I refuse to read it all the way throu…[View]
10160194what do you think of the marquis de sade?[View]
10164050I'm trying to remember the name of a poem I read a couple years ago. It was about a kid being f…[View]
10163933There's something that bothers me. I could spend my time trying to publish my first novel about…[View]
10163748>“It is doubtless true that the masses have always been led in one way or another, and it could b…[View]
10159051So I always heard that BotNS is science-fiction disguised as fantasy. This is the impession I got af…[View]
10163680Places to find reliable versions of books?: How do I know/find reliable, unabridged versions of book…[View]
10163763So wait who am i straitghting out here and do i join the dominance hierarchy or what[View]
10163807>“The contentment of innumerable people can be destroyed in a generation by the withering touch o…[View]
10161436What is the best, most coprehensive, non-biased book about the history of philosophical thought (up …[View]
10158114'No one ever knew how to write a novel better than Turgenev.' >A novel has to give an illusion of…[View]
10162886Is this guy from /lit/?[View]
10159097George saunders won the man booker prize. nice[View]
10163669Meiji Restoration: Can anyone with a bit of expertise reccommend a book about the Meiji Restoration …[View]
10163661How can one person be attached to one university after some stupid lecture on sonnets?[View]
10161774Hey /lit/, do you have a piece of philosophy that you consider beautiful? What makes it beautiful to…[View]
10163166>lost the ability to feel empathy Books for this feel?[View]
10162462Why do people think this is better than the Brothers K? It's not even as good as Demons.[View]
10161821>Achilles, famous hero of the Illiad >except he did nothing for 3/4ths of the story >litera…[View]
10162822anyone here in an MFA program or have completed one? What are your thoughts on it?[View]
10161867Peter Matthiessen: Any thoughts on his works? I'm thinking of delving into Shadow Country soon.…[View]
10163569Need book reccomendations: I've got an idea for a tech/social media related website/company/app…[View]
10161548How accurate is this? Is he really a philosopher?[View]
10160389I would really like to read some Marx and was wondering if I should start with Kapital, Communist ma…[View]
10161883Let me explain why you think that[View]
10162241 So how did you feel about the rape scene? [View]
10162646>coworker says she wants to get into literature >let her borrow The Wind-up Bird Chronicles by…[View]
10161646Kobo: Will it come in the mail today?[View]
10163446Writing Pain: What's your advice on writing about events you've worked years at to suppres…[View]
10160652>tfw I like distributism books for this feel?[View]
10161870Hey faggots, have you ever felt that you really don't have any power over anything? Like everyt…[View]
10161651Is having his works be adapted into some of the most highly acclaimed films of all-time the only rea…[View]
10159889Please Read my Shit: Oi lads, I've written a novelette about the exploits of a degenerate weeb …[View]
10163127Best Chinese literature: Sup /lit/. /pol/ here. Looking for your best literature from China. Learnin…[View]
10162501>he hasn't read the complete works of kazuo ishiguro stop being a pleb, anon.…[View]
10162443>le when ever SOMETHING big and juicy is going down my writing becomes ultra fucking vague man…[View]
10158271>If you saw Atlas, the giant who holds the world on his shoulders, if you saw that he stood, bloo…[View]
10161204Are there books about death row inmates and workers? the topic is oddly intruiging[View]
10162346Guys, I need your help. I'm in the middle of a massive project that I can't talk about, an…[View]
10162387Karamazov, Notes and Crime and Punishment get a lot of recognition in this board, but I rarely see /…[View]
10162745What are you currently writing, /lit/?: I'm writing a novel set in futuristic Berlin following …[View]
10162705does anybody else feel as if they're physically touching a text when the mouse hovers over a hy…[View]
10161232>had had[View]
10160367Name some good Afrofuturism: I wanna read about cyborg murder mysteries in Harare, or Chinese covert…[View]
10161515Who /beyondredemption/ here? Any books about redemption?[View]
10162969What do they mean by this?[View]
10159884What should i read before Socrates? And which is the best book on the pre-Socratic thinkers? I got …[View]
10162926Building your own values: Reading The Brothers Karamazov (only 100 pages in though) with secondary l…[View]
10162482What font is this?[View]
10162591Should passive voice be avoided ? Why it should or why it should not? give us YOUR opnion thanks[View]
10159046What is the cringiest thing you've ever written? I am currently working on a romance novel base…[View]
10161104So what do you do now anon? Put it back on the shelf?: You've just finished your first book, yo…[View]
10162509Dostoyevsky: Why was this fucker writing about me in the mid-late 1800's?[View]
10162629What's the pseud Bible?[View]
10162232What are the best translations (I am looking for readability and communication of themes) of >any…[View]
10157777what does /lit/ think of her[View]
10162369Is this actually any good/useful?[View]
10162408What distinguishes a proper pseudo-intellectual?[View]
10161117Huck Finn: Read it and it was great, especially in creating an atmosphere but does it deserve the pr…[View]
10159077Thoughts on jane eyre? Read it last year and it's one of my favorites, it was touching, passion…[View]
10162523Does anybody here subscribe to The New Inquiry, and could upload the most recent issue? Or knows whe…[View]
10159144John Green: What is the adult literature equivalent of his books? Specifically this one. Where does …[View]
10162418So this is the power of Nobel Laureate literature... >And he just smoked my eyelids >And punch…[View]
10162146Ok, I get that John wanted to earn love from Lenina and not just have meaningless sex, but why throw…[View]
10162281Why can't contemporary writers refrain from using simile for every description[View]
10162372What are some good books with supernatural or mystic elements that aren't considered fantasy or…[View]
10160866What do you write?: Novels, aphorism, short stories? Have you ever think about making a single, comp…[View]
10144335>This gets published and you don't How does that make you feel?[View]
10162258Anyone remember The April Reader? What happened to that journal?[View]
10159803Is it possible to have freedom, be good, and be happy? Or can I only choose two?[View]
10161207Found this in a collection of books inside the house that my uncle bought Am I lucky?[View]
10162124She's great... but is she better than John Green?[View]
10158930How do I comfortably ready books? My vision is poor so I have to slouch over to read even with the c…[View]
10161253Hey /lit/, I've been meaning to ask, where do you get your ideas from?[View]
10159110Do you have any strategy to get the creative juices flowing? I need to write a screenplay that will …[View]
10162061There was this Volumes of books about writing if i recall it's made the standard or canon in en…[View]
10160862Is there any books on yangist philosophy?[View]
10160527Thought Pollution: Why do so many people misconstrue being a writer with being a reader? I understan…[View]
10161796Die Hälfte von dem, was er schreibt, reimt sich nicht einmal. 'Dichter&Denker', so n' Bulls…[View]
10161904Has /lit/ read Worm? >tfw constant dreams about fighting the Slaughterhouse Nine…[View]
10161630I've been thinking, how can a no name poet get published in this day and age? Doesn't coun…[View]
10161911>he only reads dead fucking white males Kill yourself senpaitachi[View]
101613382017 TOP 100 WHEN?!?!?!?![View]
10162004Has anyone read The Fall of The King? Why is it so boring? Not a brainlet, trust me[View]
10156916Does a novel need to be revolutionary in order to be deemed 'great'?[View]
10161887What do /lit/ think about the arabic literature[View]
10161779Are there any literature related websites you go on a weekly basis?[View]
10163092Weeeeeeew just finished reading this pamphlet. What a stupid delusional bitch. Do people actually be…[View]
10156399>larp >larp >larp What do you think the LA stands for?…[View]
10153931/sffg/ - Science Fiction and Fantasy General: Favourite character edition >Who are your top 3 cha…[View]
10161761Moby dick was first published today.: What makes this such a great novel?[View]
10159288/lit/ BTFO[View]
10161709weininger and wittgenstein: let's get to the bottom of this. the book about it does a horrible …[View]
10160548You're at a bar with your girl and this motherfucker slaps her ass and tells you deleuzian exeg…[View]
10160850Unamuno: What does /lit/ think about Unamuno's philosphy? I am currently reading The Tragic Sen…[View]
10161563Why read books when I can just read online articles?[View]
10156570>actually visualizing the characters and setting You disappoint me so often /lit/, please tell me…[View]
10160420imagine how much more advanced our world would be if pic related had never been written. Sometimes i…[View]
10160308Best non-fiction >150 pages? Looking for a good one for a book club.[View]
10161438Pic related is an excerpt from Thomas Hanks's debut short story collection. How can I learn to …[View]
10160289Run-on sentences before the 18th century: Serious question. Why did colonial writers, and pretty muc…[View]
10161286could he be any less relevant right now lol[View]
10158290Magazines: What are some good magazines to read/subscribe to that talks about news, politics, litera…[View]
10150288Poetry Critique: I'm a shitty poet. Pls Help[View]
10161395In Australia NSW for HSC by NESA we were given a poem and asked to show the delight ful discovery …[View]
10161346Recommend negative hedonist books, please.[View]
10161334What am I in for?[View]
10160106H E G E L: What's a good book summarizing and explaining Hegel's logic and epistemology?…[View]
10161323Post the best science fiction books: I used to read to Robert J Sawyer in my childhood, now i'm…[View]
10161302Is it worth a read?[View]
10151144Few communists have ever read this book Those who had were no longer communists[View]
10154926Thoughts on my stack..?[View]
10158535How can you know if you've really made it out?[View]
10161021ITT: books that made you feel immense sadness. Not necessarily cry-core but that's applicable t…[View]
10158331>DAS PRESCRIPTIVISM >MUH DIFFERENT WAYS OF SPEAKING Don't be this kind of autist…[View]
10161132The Alchemist: What does /lit/ REALLY think about this book and Coelho's other books?[View]
10160990What Is Your Favorite Book Series?[View]
10160364What are some good book on how to adult?[View]
10161093Corrida by Roger Zelazny: So last night I read a short story by Roger Zelazny titled 'Corrida…[View]
10161081>my computer simulation proves god doesn't exist therefore I am right…[View]
10153792I've tried and tried but I can't find a character in literature that can beat James from S…[View]
10160208So, when they talk about being haunted by the cries of the dead (in a very vague way), is this post-…[View]
10159838what is the greatest unappreciated or little known novel[View]
10160654Has anyone ever actually read Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus? What's the moral of the story/ta…[View]
10157221Why he won.: She lit a burner on the stove And offered me a pipe 'I thought you'd never say hel…[View]
10160943H A L P: Hey /lit/, I need advice. I am thinking about buying a tablet/e-reader for articles and aca…[View]
10160838Can anyone recommend me some books like Corncob McCarthy's the Road? I find myself liking the m…[View]
10158518What's your method for outlining your story?[View]
10155075Wanna become a politician. Any suggestions for that /lit/ ?[View]
10160199Anyone want to collaborate on a novel?: Any creative, talented, passionate, interesting writers want…[View]
10159138>He who, having cast off likes and dislikes, has become tranquil, is rid of the substrata of exis…[View]
10160574Are there any good books/authors/strong arguments for the case of libertarian indeterminism?[View]
10159599So I finished reading Meno and it seems like Plato just left a big gaping hole in the dialogue. At t…[View]
10149316Worst ending lines in literature? >In the end, it was the world itself that provided the biggest,…[View]
10160556what is it called when you're done discussing something and then you realize everything you jus…[View]
10159883Neoplatonism & Consolation of Philosophy: Somebody on here once remarked that 'you can trace a d…[View]
10159247Who are you quoting?: Who do you guys quote most often?[View]
10146818Write the cringiest opening sentence you can.[View]
10160659The Council of Elrond is one of the best chapters ever written[View]
10158410How do I get faster at reading? I'm sub 200 wpm. Trying to stop sub-vocalising either makes no …[View]
10155581Atomic age literature: Been having a sort of weird fascination for this era recently after watching …[View]
10160135Satire or some sort of post-melodrama?: Who's an aesthete rationalist? Kant on an aesthetic lev…[View]
10129911Analytic Philosophy Reading List: Does anyone have a decent reading list to start learning about ana…[View]
10160531What are some books with this aesthetic? >inb4 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?'…[View]
10159274New reader here, I look up words often and it's affecting my immersion. How do you look up word…[View]
10159980Memories of Books: Do you remember the books you read as a child? For me, a usually a visual or some…[View]
10157893Help guys I need surreal fiction. I really like Murakami and In Watermelon Sugar by Brautigan. Any m…[View]
10159325What are some books that actually scare you?[View]
10160351'if a man and a woman want to enjoy each other's sexual attributes they must necessarily marry,…[View]
10160400Microsoft word 'bookmarks?': Not sure if this is the right place, but I figured if anyone knows how …[View]
10159628Has anyone read it? Does anyone plan on reading it? also general memebook discussion.[View]
10154246Any soul crushing love stories written by men for men?[View]
10155690How do you describe a book like this?[View]
10160331A Crackup at the Race Riots: Anybody read this? I just requested it from my school's library sy…[View]
10159002Opinions on The Consumer by Michael Gira?[View]
10155410what's your pseudonym /lit/? mines catherine books (i'm a guy btw)[View]
10159447Im 50 pages in. When does it get good?[View]
10159219>in intro philosophy class >prof is describing the final paper, a reading of a philosophy book…[View]
10158508Just read Patriotism. Holy fuck it was intense! Any other recommendations by him?[View]
10158529My litful is Young Virginia Woolf, be nice and read her books![View]
10159772hi /lit/, i just finished Patrick Rothfuss's book The Wise Man's fear. probably the best b…[View]
10158325What's the socio / political or philosophical term for the idea that we are removed from the pa…[View]
10159959How do I learn to write short stories? Should I just try to imitate my favourite short story writers…[View]
10156917Why do you read?[View]
10158507I have a copy of Underworld but I'm too fucking lazy to start it. I want to hear your opinions …[View]
10156331Is Clarice Lispector the perfect mixture of marvelous writing and cuteness?[View]
10159982Why were Tolkien's villains more relatable than his heroes?[View]
10159946Jokes you didn't get at first: ...and right behind them what comes crashing now into the pallid…[View]
10159898Who are the best translators? Whose translations shoild I look for when buying a book on the interne…[View]
10159874Nice sticky there.[View]
10159647Post your libraries, /lit/ Ill start with mine, pic related[View]
10159730>your favorite method for memorizing poems I use a small whiteboard and write the poem over and o…[View]
10158172Anyone else have a Brave New World inspired lifestyle? >work in retail in a fast fashion store (e…[View]
10158874What are /lits/ thoughts on their philosophy and literature videos or just them in general?[View]
10147468books or ebooks /lit/? and why?[View]
10158968Obvious Things You Somehow Missed: His dick couldn't rise I thought he was just friendzoned…[View]
10159680IF THE POLITICAL IS PERSONAL (fer you) YOU ARE FUCKED also, your favorite book. (so i don't ge…[View]
10159065Just finished The Sound and the Fury, and I have a few thoughts. Firstly, I think that Faulkner mana…[View]
10158081What is Kant's final verdict on the possibility of metaphysics and how does the categorical imp…[View]
10156563What does Objectivism consider to be art?[View]
10159254>reading the Greeks and Romans >learning Attic Greek >enjoy reading literary fiction and 'g…[View]
10159086This reads like schizo rambling Is this the pure state of pomo philosophy? Smdh[View]
10159485Is this what Debord meant by the spectacle? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjieoCdC-Uw[View]
10158344>the page for the author's acknowledgements[View]
10159474Is their a bigger cuck main character than Nick Twisp? This goes beyond cuckage, ever read this shit…[View]
10159241w-what do you do when #bookz doesn't have what you're looking for? am i going to actually …[View]
10159072Essential snobcore?: Both fiction and non-fiction.[View]
10159012Is it just my translation, or did Dostoevsky abuse the word 'suddenly'?[View]
10159102How does one get into books /lit/? I don't have the slightest clue where to start, or even what…[View]
10147194https://m.vecernji.hr/kultura/pjesme-rupi-kaur-glas-su-generacije-1201027 >Rupi is being translat…[View]
10157479What's the best writing from this guy?[View]
10145867/clg/ Catholic literature general: Last thread: >>10129484 Do you know who I AM? I'm the …[View]
10159195How do I read? When I read I just read. I'll pick up obvious symbolism here and there when appa…[View]
10158219looking for a good read where mc is antisocial and introverted: if any one can give me good recs it …[View]
10158311Anyone here ever read any of his books?[View]
10158097Is this the greatest conflict in literature history?[View]
10155473'the very sound of the word 'sex' with it's hissing vulgarity and the 'ks,ks' catcall at the en…[View]
10159013how does this make you feel?[View]
10156618What does /lit/ think of Haruki Murakami's works?[View]
10159052Where on the internet can I read smut that also has plot? (or perhaps plot that has some good smut) …[View]
10158812Let's settle this once and for all.[View]
10158106The Fourth Political Theory: Anyone else here read this? What's your take?[View]
10158045Do you like Audiobooks /lit/?[View]
10150361ITT: /lit/ humor[View]
10158425Anybody reading any really good fantasy novels lately? Any you'd recommend?[View]
10158862Screenplays: Stage plays are considered literature - in schools, reading Shakespeare is often compul…[View]
10158978>tfw I finally understand Nietzsche[View]
10158964Sappho translations: What are the best english INTERPRETATIONS of Sappho? Not looking for accuracy…[View]
10157325>'Milk and Honey' is a book that every woman -not every female reader, just any woman- should kee…[View]
10156700What are some good supplementary material to read along with the Bible? (that is not a study bible)[View]
10158155Brainlets get outta my way[View]
10132972Explain to me what this faggot is all about. What does he say and why is he important for the histor…[View]
10158055Automatic Story Generation: Hello, Very tangentially related to literature but hoping this is OK to …[View]
10158832This shit reads like a high school text book, how do people like it?[View]
10158795Opinions on Walter Moers? Prof says i should read this book but it seems a bit different.[View]
10158125Any good novels or plays about being Jewish? Haven't read American Pastoral yet. My dad recomm…[View]
10158615Where do I go after I resume with the Romans? Also any good translation charts? please some extend a…[View]
10153787>tfw undergrad american literature classes >expecting yet another boring puritan poem or babby…[View]
10158598Not the board for this but I don't trust /adv/. I am looking for ways to auto-educate myself. T…[View]
10158665Is there anything in the world more exiting than having finished a book and choosing the next one yo…[View]
10158636Agatha Christie or Conan Doyle?[View]
10157994Oxygen Thief: Thoughts?[View]
10158281Books that'll push me over the edge: I'm feel like I'm almost there boys, if it wasn…[View]
10144170Explain Hegelian dialectics as concisely and precisely as possible in a way that can be comprehended…[View]
10157771>Book called Stoner >isn't about taking drugs…[View]
10156977>It's for us that the University exists, for the dispossessed of the world; not for the stud…[View]
10158506Where to start with Gnosticism? Do I read the fragments of Nag Hammadi? Plotinus? Do I start with th…[View]
10158306>Welcome to the slaughterhouse 5 Go on, try naming a more memorable opening line, I'll wait…[View]
10157383Les Fleurs du Mal: Just finished The Flowers Of Evil by Baudelaire. To be honest, I didn't unde…[View]
10153757Read this recently, was very entertaining, what other book can you recommend for me that is like thi…[View]
10156994Is this cut enough for a competition?: I'm submitting this poem to a national poetry competitio…[View]
10157685>will you read me a story before bedtime anon?[View]
10158020Have you ever learned anything from a 4chan argument?[View]
10158178Dumbest niggers in philsophy.: Is it Leibniz? I read his Discourse on Metaphysics and Monadology and…[View]
10155443Is there any specific book you read that turned you into a believer, not counting the Bible? Asking …[View]
10158215How important is Worldbuilding? What is your method for Worldbuilding?[View]
10158159Why did he kill himself? He's probably going to the library in heaven!![View]
10156737>read up on Byron's biography >turns out he was abused and molested by his governess as a…[View]
10148104/lit/ meta thread: /lit/ went through many social changes throughout the past few years, but this la…[View]
10157117In a week I'm going to a self-publishing fair to exhibit -and sell- some fanzines made by me (a…[View]
10148219Hegelians: Post your stacks. Who here is researching or otherwise giving him a go?[View]
10158023>for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow. What did sh…[View]
10157797High School English: What do you think the primary goal of High School Level (15-18 year olds) Engli…[View]
10157952To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Das Kapital. The humour is extremely subtl…[View]
10156796Hikikomori: Adolescence Without End: Have you read Dr. Tamaki Saitōs book on hikikomori /lit/??.…[View]
10157420Average books per month, /lit/?: I heard that roughly two hours of reading per day is an ABSURD amou…[View]
10157898>Critics of the Enlightenment: Readings in the French Counter-Revolutionary Tradition w2c?…[View]
10154859What books would impress a qt normie girl the most? Since they probably won't recognize Hegel w…[View]
10157834Anyone feel obligated to work through your stack quickly, despite the fact that you also want to spe…[View]
10157259Relativists BTFO: >postmodernists and relativists say that there are no universal truths and ever…[View]
10157273Why is it so hard to understand that academic criteria for what makes good literature or poetry may …[View]
10153433Goosebumps: What does /lit/ think of Goosebumps?[View]
10157462How do I find more time to read? What should I cut out of my life to use the time for reading?[View]
10156113>book is released >/lit/ loves book >book becomes popular >/lit/ no longer likes book Wh…[View]
10157772Patrick Rothfuss lame: abandoning the ship[View]
10155164guru phenomenon: any good books about gurus/new agery/californianism? i don't mean the beliefs,…[View]
10157509FUCK. I am officially enlightened. Where do I go from here. How do I live my life knowing what I kno…[View]

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