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10855042What does /lit/ think of fanfiction? Pic partially related.[View]
10856015Who's your favorite artist and author from the 20th century and why isn't it Henry Darger?[View]
10837652Post excerpts of literature – poetry, prose, a single verse, a paragraph, a soliloquy, a dialogue ex…[View]
10851598I'm thinking about learning to become a highschool english teacher at the age of 27. Does anybo…[View]
10855746I can only seem to write when my life is shit. My life isn't shit right now and I have writers …[View]
10854828Could any of you anons post some pdfs with material that introduces the reader to Buddhism ? Ive got…[View]
10855982two more pages[View]
10855988Which talentless hack has managed to fool the literati for the greatest length of time? I nominate M…[View]
10855995If, theoretically, there was a man among you who yelled at people constantly and proclaimed that he …[View]
10855938Post your weapon of choice[View]
10848501Can we talk about Postmodernism?: I'm honestly glad Postmodernist literature never really took …[View]
10851592Who has read this? Also, Evan Dara thread[View]
10855306What a waste of fucking time. Oliver Twist is better than this piece of shit[View]
10855839Books about human nature: Which are some must-reads and underrated gems about human behavior, nature…[View]
10855128>a fucking glossary >you need to keep going to a fucking glossary to make sense of the book…[View]
10855546I dont get it[View]
10852342Anyone here read the Big Jew himself? I'm about to start reading Sabbath's Theater, Harol…[View]
10855704Can there be abstract entities/objects such as propositions, norms (in Kelsen's sense), sets, m…[View]
10850336the Call of Cthulhu- HP Lovecraft: The Call of Cthulhu is underwhelming and overrated. Discuss.…[View]
10855447Just copped this. What am I in for?[View]
10854714Which version of Dante's Inferno should I get to actually understand and enjoy it?[View]
10855803>the notes on the text and the bibliographical references are mixed in the same list >at the e…[View]
10846820Give it to me straight /lit/ - was reading everything here worth it?[View]
10855788who was right here, sam harris or jordan peterson?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXPdpEJk78E…[View]
10853662Favourite works of this angsty Dane?[View]
10847342I have unironically never read a book in my life. Where do I start?[View]
10850379>strongly gnostic, mystic, transcendent in outlook >truly believe each being is a temporary ma…[View]
10854183Lets play a game. Go to goodreads, screenshot a review (positive or negative), post it, and others …[View]
10855624Found a collection of novels by him for two bucks, what am I in for, /lit/? Is he going to be a more…[View]
10855471are stories like this more about the reader or the writer? http://www.lancemanion.com/the-elephant/…[View]
10854614What does /lit/ think of young, conservative authors suche as Lauren Southern?[View]
10853849Surreal or psychedelic storytelling.: I'm looking for recommendations which involve storytellin…[View]
10855163Romanticism ruined everything. Romantic writers are a bunch of talentless hacks who couldn't de…[View]
10845592Books about finance and how to make $$$: I've heard pic related is really good, thoughts, opini…[View]
10855401Let's assume I want to create a shallow and limited, but functional and inclusive AI simulacrum…[View]
10855399>In the preceding addresses we have indicated and proved from history the characteristics of the …[View]
10855307Hi /lit/ I am trying to understand the exact meaning of 'dialectic.' I am interpreting it as sort o…[View]
10854471Tell me lit, what is justice?[View]
10855241Anyone ever get that feeling after you finish a challenging book that you actually became smarter. S…[View]
10854827Modern vs. Traditional: Who wins /lit/?[View]
10851832>post a movie get a book rec thread I'd like a rec on pic related (but not something by dost…[View]
10854710>tfw you can't stop self inserting while trying to come up with writing topics…[View]
10853139Is 20 years old too old to start college? How much knowledge is required to be competitive in the jo…[View]
10854997Recommend me a modern book on logic. This book should be concrete and preferably with a historical p…[View]
10854113Adichie: What do I think of her?[View]
10850510Is there a reason he's so popular? His prose is average[View]
10850645What do you get out of /lit/: I usually find /lit/ worse than useless. So I'm curious what you …[View]
10854740Who else /clammy/ ? I mess up all my books just by reading them[View]
10853501is he the logical conclusion to philosophy?[View]
10852174I read this a long time ago and never thought much about it since. Was I the only person who thought…[View]
10853085>open De la grammatologie.pdf >ctrl f: metaphysics >427 results…[View]
10854979>Herodotus Histories >foreword is 100 pages analisys and critique of other academic's res…[View]
10842665I really hate this guy, but I'm getting intrigued by the word of mouth regarding his book. Any …[View]
10853205So in LOTR Gandalf comes back from the dead after the Balrog kills him because he has a mission to f…[View]
10853459Orthodox Epic: Does orthodoxy have any epic poems or similar equivalent, like Paradise Lost or the D…[View]
10854273How the fuck did Neruda do it? Is this the logical conclusion to poetry? This is unironically better…[View]
10854383who else /scammed/: >order a new hardback, arrives with bent pages. >order a used book, they s…[View]
10854770plato books: What are some good books about plato?[View]
10849876Thoughts on this novel? Is there any better description of the modern condition?[View]
10851998Questions on Fear and Trembling: I just finished reading Fear and Trembling, and believe I understoo…[View]
10852532Story of the story: Itt: share story/poem/play/book origins[View]
10854671The Master and Margarita: As a satire of post-October revolution Russia, this book was plenty fun. A…[View]
10854080what do we think of it? is it worth the $20? should I just buy Beowulf instead?[View]
10854199So we get additional content in movies, music and games. How come we don't get the Jew tactic i…[View]
10851343anglo-saxon poetry: does anyone here know any anglo-saxon poetry besides beowulf?[View]
10854309>Julius Evola caught Ebola >Ezra Pound got Pounded >Friedrich Nietzsche is a bitchee Any mo…[View]
10854588if a theory is possible does that always mean it can be true, especially if there's no final st…[View]
10854447so this is the power of PhDs...[View]
10854224I've been banned from my library.[View]
10854022How do you aquire your books? Library? Epubs? do you need to own, or enjoy new?[View]
10848315The Wake: How about we have a little fun? Read an excerpt from Finnegans Wake and post the recording…[View]
10849746Thinking of copping. Is pinker worth reading?: No memes please.[View]
10854496>dropped out of university >can't read any philosophy or greeks without feeling constant …[View]
10846023What the FUCK was his problem? How hard is it to not act completely retarded?[View]
10854442What are your thoughts on this book? Anyone read this and had their life change in amazing ways as i…[View]
10853709Stream Of Consciousness thread. Let the levee wash away my boys.[View]
10852692What are some books that will make me believe in God and the Church? I feel a great emptiness inside…[View]
10853629Are there any books, other than the Bible, that made you believe in God, or deepened your understand…[View]
10852625I want to start reading existential philosophy as I enjoy the themes in book. Should I go in this r…[View]
10849435Let's do a writing exercise. 'You write a sentence, and the person below you has to remove all …[View]
10851878what would a conservative revolution look like? any perennial thinkers that touch on this subject?[View]
10849235where do I start on economics and philosophy?[View]
10851906This nigga really used the word bamboozling. What a guy. Why are old books so much more comedic than…[View]
10854036What are some /lit/ Twitter accounts to follow? I don't mean the Twitter for authors. I mean T…[View]
10847254>We are so oft so sure that how we feel at any moment is how the world really is: when we are con…[View]
10852230I'm trying to remember a book I read by Murakami, which one was it? >autistic main character…[View]
10854071Ovid: please rate this minimalistic ovid chart? I've never seen one so figured I'd just ma…[View]
10853196/lit/ WHAT THE FUCK Did we all fall for French Revolution meme? Holy shit it was utterly awful. I…[View]
10851608why is it no one has ever made any money off poetry?[View]
10853436Synonyms: Y'all are well read. What's the best way to call someone an asshole without cuss…[View]
10854062rate my poem: I've noticed that there don't seem to be any porno movies that are made for …[View]
10849445First line of your novel GO: >'She danced in the blizzard, her pale flesh completely exposed, men…[View]
10850705I dont get it.[View]
10852836I am currently reading Kierkegaard and a bit of Marx. What should i read of Hegel to get an better u…[View]
10853714What's the best translation of the Dao De Jing?[View]
10847105mfw being sincere[View]
10853971I recently found the genre New Roman and got The Voyeur. I know Alain Robbe-Grillet is a leading fig…[View]
10851990Any books about video games? It could be any topic.[View]
10853278The books I currently read reveal to other people that I'm just pretending to be smart(Orwell, …[View]
10852009>tfw read one chapter a day out of a book. >going to save this chapter for tomorrow because I…[View]
10852123>(commonly used word/phrase in literature)[View]
10850335How do you go about in writing your book, Anons? Any particular Method you use?[View]
10853811New Short story in softcartel: https://softcartel.com/2018/02/13/oil-by-walker-storz/ this one'…[View]
10853497Myths Relating to: I'm looking for a popular myth/archetype for some guidance. I imagine the ou…[View]
10853749I need more characters that are introduced in their story with a list of the kind of food they usual…[View]
10851119A book to fill the empty hole inside of me?[View]
10851718I heard u fags read good Quick, what do I buy at the book store?[View]
10853376Good Old Neon is not DFW you fucking morons: Good Old Neon is not DFW. This stupid and vapid interpr…[View]
10852741Best Translation of Crime and Punishment: Whats the best translation? I read some scathing articles …[View]
10853471How do I get these ghosts out of my head?[View]
10852531>This is how we recognize the man who has tendencies toward an inner quest: he will set failure a…[View]
10851206Greatest book of the 21st century. Opinions?[View]
10853568I have a few questions about the 21st century voice. I'm a reader but not a student of English …[View]
10852797is there a difference between post-irony and new sincerity?[View]
10853137Does anyone else have problem picking up on metaphors and connecting themes between chapters and sce…[View]
10852661I challenge anyone to explain what this book is about. I bet none of you can. I bet none of you can …[View]
10850060Is Nietzsche telling the truth about the English?: >They are rid of the Christian God and now bel…[View]
10851300I've literally never read a book in my life. Where do i start?[View]
10849816/comfy/ literature: Take a break from staring into the abyss and discuss comfy reads. I've been…[View]
10853228'I am the best'. Thoughts?: Inside oneself, one knows one is overrated. Still, rather me than someon…[View]
10851591Where do you like to read? Share descriptions and pics, either of your own or just random pics that …[View]
10851098What makes a Great Novel: I published a few stories this year and decided to begin writing my first …[View]
10852928Have you read all the religious texts listed in the pic? >Talmud >Quran >Gita >Avesta …[View]
10853138Literally the most underrated writer of the 1700's.[View]
10851846Good or just a meme? Anyway, I'm reading this one next week.[View]
10847095it just me or is this BORING as FUCK? does it get better? fucking slow learners was way better than …[View]
10853075>reading a non Koine Bible[View]
10850116When did you realize St. Augustine was retarded? For me, it was all that shit about stealing pears, …[View]
10852963Is 'In Search of Lost Time' really the best novel of the 20th century?[View]
10851898'The boy and his mother was shown the door.' What is the name of this grammar rule and why isn'…[View]
10852785Best mystery novels?: I feel nostalgia for when I kept reading Christie back in my teenage. Hit me w…[View]
10852913>the RIGHT is paralyzed pottery[View]
10851414Please tell me the books you would like to read before you die[View]
10849982Is reading translated poetry even worth it? I feel like a brainlet for having taken Spanish instead …[View]
10850382Reason operates on values but cannot supply them. What is the case cannot help determine what should…[View]
10851216What's the best book for understanding the history of the ancient world as a philosophy major?[View]
10851765>'So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.' name a better …[View]
10852057HP General: Cursed Child Edition: I'm confused. How many editions are there? I read a 'Definiti…[View]
10852083What's the greatest novel blueprint cliché?[View]
10849061Any good philosophy books or authors that advocate for complete degeneracy and the abolition of gend…[View]
10850693What is the difference between a: dictionary and a thesaurus? in the context of teacher and student…[View]
10852304>spent three years trying to write my magnum opus >every attempt to assemble a plot has failed…[View]
10830041Write what's on your mind /lit/![View]
10851780Hey guys I'm trying to find a book I read years ago tl;dr the book was about a guy who sacrific…[View]
10848708Non-native English speaking pleb here.: >reading Lolita, page 37 (chapter 8) >weird phrasing a…[View]
10852141/lit/ have you ever shared your work with real people in real life? Have you gone to writer workshop…[View]
10850937Is 46 the cursed 'age 27' for writers? >Albert Camus >David Foster Wallace >H.P. Lovecraft …[View]
10846999>Stirner was a highschool teacher from age 30 - 38 Is anyone else genuinely surprised by this? I…[View]
10851223Do you listen to music while reading? Pic unrelated[View]
10851025Is it a good book?[View]
10849549How do I into Norse Mythology?[View]
10851642NEGATIVE SPACE: AKA 'Describing Without Describing'. Post examples of authors writing all round the …[View]
10852113There is no more handsome a writer than this one[View]
10849399Is pic related good, well written and well translated? Is this translation truly such a big event? W…[View]
10851379English lit at uni: I want to study English lit is it worth it (i do not know what i want to do for …[View]
10851896Is my IQ too low to appreciate master & margarita?: So I’ve been reading lots of Russian recentl…[View]
10852013>reading a novel >appear lyrics[View]
10852004I just finished this book and for the first time since I read Ulysses I feel the emotional impact of…[View]
10848887/lit/ habits: What are the habits that had shaped your way of reading?[View]
10851982>in conjuction[View]
10849199Does anyone else feel saddened that we never got to see what he could have become? His whole life s…[View]
10850844Do you got the balls to share a page you've annotated? Include context to taste. I'm ~400 …[View]
10851877Question regarding the Latin term 'curriculum vitae': Is the Latin term 'curriculum vitae' necessari…[View]
10851754https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Nobel_laureates_in_Literature Who's worth reading?[View]
10842390/sffg/ - Science Fiction & Fantasy General: Old SFF Covers Edition >What old sff book you rea…[View]
10846409H.G. Wells: What do you think of H.G. Wells, /lit/? I've been reading his stories lately, and I…[View]
10850765Sartre and Camus Who was in the right?[View]
10850435Can /lit/ help me find a book? I read it when I was probably around 10 or 11. These are the things …[View]
10851480>implying the artist doesn't have to suffer[View]
10851495Need some help with jung. I'm not smart so please bear with me. Much of Jung's work sugges…[View]
10851124>get a copy of War and Peace >half of it is in french well shit…[View]
10849213what are some interesting primary source books on pagan religions? preferably stuff like what 'witch…[View]
10844416>You're favourite author >You're IQ David Foster Wallace 160…[View]
10848882>It’s astounding that so few fans of martial sagas like “The Lord of the Rings” and “Game of Thro…[View]
10851286Do R,W, Chambers' stories still hold up? I'm tempted to buy one of his books but I want /l…[View]
10846466This is a book in which almost nothing happens. Why is it so interesting?[View]
10851242Antifragility is survival.[View]
10850372Eurocentrists BTFO by Spengler.[View]
10849032tfw when you're the worst lit critic alive[View]
10850458Best place to post writing and get critique: besides this board of course. Just assuming one day if …[View]
10844245Start reading the Egyptians.[View]
10851141Does it work?: ITT: We pitch lines to see if they work. >The wind blew for the first time all aft…[View]
10848742ITT: Books that made you feel like a brainlet[View]
10851037Translate a poem to english yourself: this one has no title, it's from Roberto Bolaño who is ch…[View]
10851076Always look on the bright side of life! Always look on the bright side of life If life seems jolly r…[View]
10847027>ITT: poetry 101 Post the basics of poetry for us brainlets who only read prose/genre fiction. I …[View]
10850943Hey /lit/ any recommended books on awakening/philosophy similar to Four agreements?[View]
10847373>“Private companies” (Privatgesellschaften) will “step by step absorb the business of the state”.…[View]
10850864Pics like book related[View]
10850832I read my first book today in 10 years: So after 10 whole years I have finally finished a book. I…[View]
10848520Since today has been the Ides of March, what is some of /lit/'s favorite Roman literature? Play…[View]
10850113*beats the entire western canon*: The old pond, A frog jumps in: Plop![View]
10842302Will he make it in time?[View]
10842396/lit/ humour thread: post 'em[View]
10844572Opinions on Dan Simmons[View]
10849707I want to learn most of the 'basic' things, but don't know where to start. I know nothing of hi…[View]
10848813>can't help but throw out any idea that feels 'inelegant' >don't actually …[View]
1084993848 Laws Of Power: Is this book worth the read or is it just a meme? Will I become Paulie Walnuts if …[View]
10848610is Pernod the most patrician drink?: Seems like all my favorite writers were sloshed on Pernod when …[View]
10849462Guys, I'm 14 chapters deep in Ihe Illiad, when does it get good? Before that I read Odyssey and…[View]
10849704I'll admit. I suck at writing. I don't know many big words. I can't think of any mean…[View]
10849668How do I into Bloomingfield?[View]
10847005More books about obsessing over a girl or woman?: >mother sees me reading lolita >'what's…[View]
10849298thus spoke zarathustra: Can I read this, understand it, and not look like an idiot if I haven't…[View]
10850200A twist isn't a twist if you can't imagine the author sitting at his desk and cackling man…[View]
10850189dialogues: /lit/, recommend good dialogues.[View]
10846557Are there any books that can instill a sense of adventure in me?Right now im a boring lifeless fuck …[View]
10849885Does anyone else feel like caring so much about Aesthetics is just an excuse for not living a normal…[View]
10850030Hey /lit/, is this normal that I havent read a lot of books in my lifetime, despite that I am someho…[View]
10844680>Pilate saith to him: What is truth? And when he said this, he went out again to the Jews, and sa…[View]
10849485David Mamet WTFed Interview starts 11:20 http://www.wtfpod.com[View]
10849422A book that contains more than 200 pages is a book full of fillers and pleonasms and thus is automat…[View]
10847986Alright /lit/erati. I have Le Morte d'Arthur, an anthology of Middle English stories that inclu…[View]
10845192Thoughts on the Bloomsbury Group[View]
10849558What does /lit/ think of this masterpiece? Why is it so unknown?[View]
10849890>exclusively browse /lit/ on a hourly, if not daily, basis >slowly become critical and cynical…[View]
10845536Ready Player One: You ready for the adaptation, r/books?[View]
10850149Is /lit/ familiarized with Castenda's body of work? Are there any other works that delve as dee…[View]
10849734https://youtu.be/UAv7Q9LcgPE What do you think of this poem that I wrote?[View]
10849927/flowchart/: Can we have a flowchart thread? Anyone got a dostoevsky one with translation recommenda…[View]
10850000Is Space Opera all terrible? I got this as a recommendation and it's 50% ridiculously contrived…[View]
10849667What the fuck am I reading[View]
10848625How did Wishbone read all those books? Even if he had a way to turn pages without thumbs, he read so…[View]
10832183Nick Land: What the fuck happened to him? I just finished reading his older stuff and I checked out …[View]
10849671I'm sorry to announce this, but the last tapir bro died in a car crash 4 days ago. As the succe…[View]
10849311Never see these threads here so I’ll start one. Does /lit/ recommend any good expedition books? I do…[View]
10848121Post what you're currently reading and what you'll be reading next Currently: >Ibn Al-H…[View]
10849026Can someone explain The World as Will and Representation please? I had to keep reading paragraphs mu…[View]
10849540Why don't you wrote erotica anon?[View]
10849616Redemption: >tfw spent years conflating failure with some vague notion of the aesthetic lifestyle…[View]
10841201Where does this meme that you must start with the Phenomenology of Spirit to read Hegel, come from? …[View]
10849656I'm going to read this, it's nearly a thousand pages. Is it good?[View]
10849752Holy Shit.[View]
10838385What am I in for?[View]
10849676Is there a good german translation of Moby Dick? I'm gonna finish The Brothers Karamazov very s…[View]
10849410I realized that in my case, one of the things that determines if i enjoyed a book or not is if the i…[View]
10837773How is it legal to publish someone's diary after they die? I wouldn't want my private writ…[View]
10849527btfo iq: Is there any book that btfos IQ or will make me feel less of a brainlet despite not having …[View]
10849258/ourguy/ The Minotaur was on TV: https://youtube.com/watch?v=M4dJnWJ-CII[View]
10848434HELP: in 3 hours i have to write a sonnet for an English exam, tips?[View]
10849471Vonnegut: >Son--they say there isn't any royalty in this country, but do you want me to tell…[View]
10849014>the best French novel of the past 50 years was written by a guy who committed suicide ten days a…[View]
10848893Are there any good, classic-teir books about what if there was an uprising in a dystopian future? I …[View]
10846340Do you people know some works featuring a gothic world like in Disciples 3? This is a huge weak spot…[View]
10843295Does anyone actually use cursive anymore?[View]
10849325Any recommendations for book that make me aspire to something beyond being a 26 yo manbaby? Reading …[View]
10848578am i being silly? I want to buy pic related and keep all my new hardcover books in pristine conditio…[View]
10831032Post a piece of artwork. Get literature recommendations similar to it.[View]
10848211Ovid: do you guys like Ovid? I like Ovid. These are basically short stories written poetically. I fa…[View]
10847980Hi /lit/ I am writing an for my literature class and I was thinking about discussing elements of dys…[View]
10848799I Wrote a Book: Hey /lit/ Just finished a collection of fictional obituaries of Americans from the 2…[View]
10849097Favorite chapters from The Pale King? I just started reading it and chapter 6 was quite moving. Over…[View]
10844255What does this mean?: This is from Atlas Shrugged: ' Tell me what a man finds sexually attractive an…[View]
10849164What are some good book channels?[View]
10846562What are Carl Jung's best books to read in order to understand his mind? Are there people I ha…[View]
10848106I recently read House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski. I thought it was good but I didn't unde…[View]
10849015How the fuck do I read this in public? Also, Duci Simonović tred? Čita li ga neko?[View]
10847470holy shit this book is teeming with truthbombs[View]
10843572> first year intro to philosophy > start with Descartes > he’s positioned as the binary o…[View]
10849029Parables and Paradoxes: Why the fuck isn't this still in print? This was absolutely incredible.…[View]
10847011What is your favorite book lit? My best one so far would be Crime and Punishment. It made me realize…[View]
10848988>tfw too brainlet so people don't even believe you that you are so much brainlet…[View]
10847998mindfulness: what (good) philosophical works talk about being more self-aware / conscious / mindful?…[View]
10848905ITT: entire books that are shitposts[View]
10848680Is this guy a fucking pseud? Just read his book Wittgenstein's Antiphilosophy and it's jus…[View]
10848833Ya'll ready for Ready Player One(2018) coming out on March 29th![View]
10847826The hardest part about being a brainlet is not being able to read source material in time to see the…[View]
10845802I’m dumb. What do I read?[View]
10848851is there merit to reading the entire Mahabharata or is it a better idea to just stick to the Bhagava…[View]
10847047This man brought continental philosophy into the digital age. Why are his works barely mentioned on …[View]
10847575Where do I start with Deleuze? I want to get into a thousand plateaus. I heard Spinoza is important …[View]
10846494dude drugs lmao[View]
10848614Have you read any Lithuanian literature, /lit/?[View]
10848098What was his endgame?[View]
10843067altruism: anyone got any good philosophical book recommendations on becoming less self-centered? not…[View]
10848710the stranger[View]
10848559German history: Can anyone recommend me works on German history? I'd also like your opinions on…[View]
10847902I'm more hyped by his afterword than anything else.[View]
10846135Has philsophy made any progress since picrelated?[View]
10843738Reading it right now. Are the themes actually kinda opaque or am I illiterate?[View]
10845394Greatest novels of all times: Since 1850 and only one per writer. 1. Kafka, Franz: The Trial (1915) …[View]
10847692HOWL - To Be Part of a Movement: Say what you will about the Beat writers...it would be fun and stim…[View]
10845173What is the best first book to legitimately read?: Hello anons, I'm curious, what was the first…[View]
10848459Hey /lit/. Does anyone know where I can learn a thing or two about the Beatnik movement or just abou…[View]
10847546Is pic related worth reading?[View]
10848426Poem I wrote: I like stickers I like to put stickers on my dickers so that girls give my dickers the…[View]
10847654Is ytp a literary form? https://youtu.be/AA6naFDgv6g[View]
10847993Thoughts on Colin Wilson? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WWeE1GnZjA[View]
10848084Is he the greatest living writer?[View]
10847988Stirner: where do i start with this patrician?[View]
10848319Most important book of 2018.[View]
10847494Is it just me or does goodreads rate books harshly?[View]
10848296How do you guys take notes about philosophical works? Paragraph by paragraph? Section by section? Ch…[View]
10848194Do you guys have any tips for reading theory/erudite literature through audiobooks? I've been l…[View]
10845398I’m starting historical research for a book. That involves lots of names, attributes, notes on who c…[View]
10827082Which books or essays describe this phenomena? I guess what I am specifically talking about is the f…[View]
10841854>Post a pic of girl >Recommend books based on the image…[View]
10847973Bonjour my fellow patricians I'm reading again and have a couple of questions and heard this wa…[View]
10847409Can I study Lacan through him? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMZRdahvMuA[View]
10848002'Evidently, not otherwise than insofar as the intuition has its seat merely in the subject, as the s…[View]
10845861The moral landscape: Is this the most cringey ethics book ever writen? (by a jew, what a surprise) …[View]
10846685what am I in for?[View]
10847827Music and /lit/ http://sync-video.com/r/rt0iLsoo[View]
10847215Master /lit/ What are monads?[View]
10837854What is the best way to go about reading the Bible? inb4 open it up & start reading[View]
10847446What are some good books for learning about Art Theory and History?[View]
10846729Recommend me some abstact poets. That is, their poems don’t have a dialectical “meaning”, but rathe…[View]
10827537Leave this board and never return if any one of these apply to you: >you read any form of genre f…[View]
10847266lol what the fuck is this garbage why is he such a LOSER >muh tedium >muh sad >muh clouds …[View]
10847768Are there any living Visionary poets? I mean capitol “V” Visionary.[View]
10841592i'll never finish this book[View]
10843998It's Happening![View]
10846756Help me: Help me! I want to read something really good! Madonna puttana[View]
10845659Why don't we have more group readings/discussions about short stories, /lit/?[View]
10847163If the Black Nobility are so powerful why do they even need to play the politics game?[View]
10848915LMAO, JORDAN B PETERSON UNABLE TO SOLVE SIMPLE IQ QUESTION: https://youtu.be/g0yq5uGUDus?t=150 2 min…[View]
10846845>Linus, oldest name in the history of music, tried to teach the youth how to play and sing; but H…[View]
10846262Is there a way to reprogram my brain so that I enjoy reading poetry? Or is it too late for me?[View]
10847504Was Pentheus right to stand up against Dionysus?[View]
10842350I've read this, it's fucking awesome, what should I read next, I've already read most…[View]
10847557>muh useless mumbo-joombo garbage u know nothing http://www.metamute.org/editorial/articles/art-w…[View]
10844338Is there any bigger pleb filter than Moby Dick?[View]
10847412Where do I start with this guy[View]
10845148/lit/erary confessions thread. Confess your sins, you hate yourself anyway.[View]
10840839how do you read?: do you scan your eyes quickly across each word at varying speeds or stare at the w…[View]
10845275>dear reader[View]
10845929Thanks for ruining a promising concept, VanderTard.[View]
10846022YLYL/Cringe lit thread: YLYL/Cringe lit thread[View]
10847472What am I in for[View]
10842199How to remember the definiton of every single word: Why is it so difficult to explain the definition…[View]
10847324stop beating your horses[View]
10847367what is the most moving book you've ever read? has a book ever made you cry? the closest recomm…[View]
10842497/qtddtot/ aka /sqt/: Questions that don't deserve their own thread aka Stupid Questions General…[View]
10847340Hey guys, where do u download ur philosophy books from? i've been using bookzz, libgen and aaaa…[View]
10846119>read non-fiction book >find it interesting >take everything in, follow along effortlessly …[View]
10845159For non fiction readers: Do you read books with opposing viewpoints from your own on economics/polit…[View]
10844541What's this Kunt's problem? Why can't he write like a fucking normal human being?[View]
10845415I wanted to share a simple method of brainstorming and organizing your ideas. The method helps to cl…[View]
10846080What is the best way to go about reading Ulysses? inb4 open it up & start reading[View]
10843553What does /lit/ think of Lord of the Rings? Also, should I bother reading it if I've already se…[View]
10844949What is your favorite book on the topic of an unrequited love?[View]
10843924>Is the posterboy for nihilism >Actually lived a good life How is this shit allowed?…[View]
10846711I want to be better, I want to read something that will fundamentally change my thinking. I want to …[View]
10847156>>10844344 I am sincerely interested you fucker.[View]
10847108Can I just use government program names in my books?: Say I'm writing some conspiracy novel, ca…[View]
10847039The Myth of Sisyphus: I just picked this up today. Time to turn my life around, lads.[View]
10846282I'm thinking of training to become a Highschool Literature teacher. Does anybody else here have…[View]
10845015Has anyone read pic related? I'm wanting to purchase a copy but not sure where I can buy one of…[View]
10845136Where should I start with Vollman? Surely it isn't his 800+ page novel?[View]
10846974> tfw incredibly limited in the type of stories I can write How do I write something that isn…[View]
10846966Join the /lit/ Discord as we wrap up a group reading of Berlin Alexanderplatz. https://discord.gg/78…[View]
10845444thoughts on pic related?[View]
10846202What are some books about poetry translation? This seems to be a work that requires both creativity …[View]
10841983shitty books for shitty sex: Would you read and pretend to enjoy a shitty book just to increase the …[View]
10842457Why are men objectively better at writing?[View]
10846843edith stein: already read the christianfags, much husserl, kant, nietzsche hume and some scheler. sh…[View]
10846240la gobline de la france[View]
10841574What is the most convincing nonsensical philosophical systems like in some of Borges short stories?[View]
10846291What would David Foster Wallace do if he was alive today?[View]
10846523What are some good books on the importance of philosophy in this day and age ?[View]
10845169>I see that you've got some tasty books my friend >I've been eating them >But tha…[View]
10845328Machiavelli: What does /lit/ thinks about this worshipper of power beyond good and evil? The amorali…[View]
10846353Imitate a famous author's prose Guess the authors other anons imitate[View]
10845221Where do I start with this gentleman?[View]
10835850GOODREADS THREAD: hi there. rate/recommend/add a friend http://goodreads.com/hellosmitti http://good…[View]
10845539Best japanese novels?[View]
10846483>ywn be alpha as fuck https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cizia_Zyk%C3%AB Also for me this how you writ…[View]
10844676Where should I start with him?[View]
10845156>it's another postmodern doorstopper[View]
10845134>Stately, plump Buck Mulligan[View]
10843411Best philosophical titles? For me, it's Fear and Trembling.[View]
10844789>he subvocalizes[View]
10844577intense feels: this book gave me intense feels - the rest of the day I was in a melancholy and disso…[View]
10845460Just finished this, does anyone want to talk about It? Any other good japanese or asian books? Not …[View]
10845865When writing a story, how do you know it's good enough? What makes a book good in your opinion?[View]
10841811Does anyone here get paid to write full time? How'd you get started?[View]
10844191How would you translate this change of emotion in this gif into prose?: I find it impossible to do m…[View]
10842562>wake up >eggs, toast with lotsa butter, juice, chocolate >coffeeguzzle >while coffeeguz…[View]
10846092Books about cute boys?[View]
10845521>Graham Greene's entire body of work >Father Brown stories >Chronicles of Narnia Recom…[View]
10843488who /organon/ here?[View]
10831165need some help with the names[View]
10833357Was he right?: Have we reached the end? Is liberal democratic capitalism truly the final stage of hi…[View]
10843275Hello dads, Is Dosto a must read? How does he fare against his counterparts? Anyone better than him…[View]
10845292Can anyone help me out with this? I have this deep insecurity about letting people know what I read.…[View]
10836369Popular? why is he[View]
10844118I find Hobbes tiresome to read. What are the most importiant chapters i should read?[View]
10845741How do I get over my depression about the fact that there are so many wonderful things that I will n…[View]
10836797WACK STACKz: >Post 'em and roast 'em[View]
10843552So fellas, I need a good recommendation on the occult, esoteric stuff, kinda like a compendium of my…[View]
10845177What books are so hedonistic that it delves into its ugliness? Story of the Eye comes to mind and I …[View]
10843775Books with female and male main characters: Anyone know any books with a female and main character t…[View]
10843126Does anyone else feel ashamed of writing? It feels dirty and private and pretentious and narcissisti…[View]
10844826been thinking of giving Malamud a read. what's he like ? how does he compare with the twin peek…[View]
10835408If there is no self or soul, what is that which is being reborn?[View]
10842750>writer is from New York or New Jersey[View]
10842908favorite books: >The Chaneysville Incident - David Bradley >At Swim-Two-Birds - Flann O'b…[View]
10844160Is it worth the read?[View]
10844685>that feeling when you finish a long book post book feelings[View]
10843486Book REC's: Good book about Monarchy as a political system? Good book about the shortcomings o…[View]
10845477Stack thread/recently pruchased >r8, discuss, hate[View]
10844009Is there a more influential book?[View]
10843253>physical books are better than digita-[View]
10845344>Abelard: absolutely fucking idiot[View]
10842852What should I read before and after this?[View]
10844994How do you read without getting papercuts? I'm busy with Plato's Apology but my hand is ge…[View]
10844092Alaska reading suggestions: I got a seasonal job in Alaska for the summer. 4ish months of easy work …[View]
10841372Why was Kierkegaard made fun of based on his look? He looks like probably the most handsome philisop…[View]
10843708STOP THINKING[View]
10844687Micheal silverblatt Bookworm radio host appreciaton thread: Anyone hear his show and fav writers gue…[View]
10844832>your works will be critically mauled upon released >when people come to like you it won'…[View]
10845018>no comfy spot to read in at home anyone else know this feel? my bedroom is too tiny for anything…[View]
10844831Summa Theologica: I want a physical hardcover copy of Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica, but I a…[View]
10844763What are good sites to post long-ish short stories and essays on that I can get relatively good feed…[View]
10844999I really want to write fictional books and make money off of it so I don't have to have a 'regu…[View]
10844942>>10844789 >He cares about how other people read[View]
10844850How do I, a dumb babby, into philosophy >inb4 start with the greeks pls no, i have tried and fail…[View]
10844854people have been called visionary for books worse than this no i'm not joking[View]
10843055/lit/ writes a story: Last thread died, but we’d made some progress so I think it’s worth a repost h…[View]
10844769Contemporary French Literature: An incredibly well written and interesting book, especially so if I …[View]
10843764What's /lit/ opinion on the Dresden Files.[View]
10843555Devils or Anna Karenina: Which one do you like best? By Dosto, I've read C&P, The idiot, N…[View]
10844425what kind of quirky shit did accomplished philosophers and authors do? we all know how crazy hunter …[View]
10842047Why no Odysseus wants to be fwends with Cyclops?[View]
10839657What is the best way to go about reading Infinite Jest? inb4 open it up & start reading[View]
10844573Has anyone published/written a book: Have any of you written or published a book? I'm looking …[View]
10842773Those of you writing novels: How many words can you crank out in a day and be happy with it? I…[View]
10843549Is it ok for me to skip Leviticus? It is so incredibly boring. Please tell me, and if not please tel…[View]
10844348Do you think Yozo would have been a lot closer to normalcy if he grew up in the middle class or lowe…[View]
10842935Young Adult Garbage: How hard can it be? Let's meet back on May 13th with a novel and shit abou…[View]
10841024hey /lit I just finished doctor faustus and I feel very unwhole, which is why I'd like to discu…[View]
10844396>footnote fails to terminate on its given page and is carried over to the next page…[View]
10843311Why haven’t you read Mere Christianity yet, /lit/?[View]
10844457>For example, in his >answer to my criticism of the ideas he had borrowed from Heidegger, he w…[View]
10836344What's the most you've read in a single sitting before giving into sleep deprivation or bo…[View]
10844519What are some good books available on Kindle Unlimited that are not by Vonnegut?[View]
10842822Autobiography: Fascinating and engrossing read. 10/10. Recommend autobiographies[View]
10843030recently acquired this little big man what will I be met with?[View]
10844474Does this make any sense, in a possible abstract form? I'm looking to understand what she meant…[View]
10841613Did he go too far on Villefort?[View]
10841619Can someone enlighten me as to what these two dudes were on about? Also, how do you pronounce their …[View]
10839524Recommend me some historical books: Preferably ones on the 30 years war/medieval times.[View]
10841315What's it like knowing that this guy is the only poet in this generation? That all the time he …[View]
10840081Where has all the quality modern lit gone?: It's been years since we had something like Richard…[View]
10844388>Another footnote[View]
10844232Best Way to Read Aristotle?: Been listening to the 'Philosophize This!' podcast, and I want to learn…[View]
10844082I hated The Catcher in the Rye What did you faggots think[View]
10844198>durr read a book I hate this phrase. It implies that reading will make you smarter, but technica…[View]
10842556>listening to an audiobook while reading a different book[View]
108435992666: I need more like this. This was the first thing I've read by Bolaño and it's easily …[View]
10844084Is Syntactic Structures a good introduction to Linguistics?[View]
10842065I've read most of Nietzsches books, a couple of Dostoyevskys, Ulysses, Nausea, a couple of Kier…[View]
10834367Stocism and godlessness: Can one be a stoic without god? I've been reading Meditations and a de…[View]
10838444>Great nations write their autobiographies in three manuscripts—the book of their deeds, the book…[View]
10836938Are there books about depersonalisation?[View]
10844028For me, it's an arse full of farts[View]
10841597Space Opera has been reclaimed as legitimate subject matter and highly literate works produced Could…[View]
10843913Can you fellas recommend some lit that explores apocalyptic themes? It can be fiction or non-fiction…[View]
10842178Which Series is Better?[View]
10843898>lmao men are just dumb warring savages >based women saving the day by witholding sex from the…[View]
10842943How many books do you think it is okay to read at once? Currently reading 'The Trial' for …[View]
10841906Best Beowulf translation?[View]
10842270How Do I Balance Depressing Literature?: >Tip 1: Develop critical thinking skills >Tip 2: Don…[View]
10843745What books can I read to become more knowledgeable as a person? I'm not a brainlet but it depen…[View]
10843737Is it Ayn Rand for socialists?[View]
10843519It's Another Generic Recommendations Thread: evening /lit/ I've decided that I really don…[View]
10843674Are his other novels worth checking out?[View]
10812744/lit/erary confessions thread. Confess your sins, you hate yourself anyway.[View]
10843679This component encourages individual study, interest and enjoyment of modern literature. Students st…[View]
10841164Fuck, okay. I picked up the collected works of Wallace Stevens today and within the first twenty pag…[View]
10840735I was at the bookstore and I was looking to purchase Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49. The only c…[View]
10843114Where to start with pic related?[View]
10839712>ever getting married >ever trusting a cripple…[View]
10843490Help pls: I just remembered these two books I read when I was like 15 or 16 back in 2010/2011. I can…[View]
10840927how do I get over writer's block? I had a psychotic break six months ago and now I seem unable …[View]
10842154Could a non-native English speaker ever read this? I'm tempted to try it, seeing how it will ne…[View]
10843431what the FUCK is edith's problem?[View]
10840222Why do my eyes feel like they're on the verge of falling shut and I feel really tired after rea…[View]
10843304what other websites do you guys use to download ebooks? im looking for wolf in white van by john dar…[View]
10843419Can you name me some basic liberalist literature, /lit/?[View]
10843366ITT: overlooked masterpieces[View]
10841731Who do you think writes better sex scenes, men or women? Although men tend to be better writers over…[View]
10841197Thinking I'm starting to buy too many Folio Society books. Wouldn't be so much of an issue…[View]
10842692HP General: So, the things each of the houses seek the most: Gryffindor: glory Hufflepuff: justice R…[View]
10834095Hegel's The Phenomenology of Spirit Reading Group Thread #1: If you are joining us from a diffe…[View]
10842790How the fuck do you even write a novel? What is a novel? What does characterize a novel, its depth? …[View]
10842537One act plays: Can anyone give me one act play suggestions. I'm about to embark on a directing …[View]
10843038What do anons on /lit/ think of him? Have you seen his channel around or watched any of his videos? …[View]
10840462If you post stacks you are everything wrong with this board. You are valuing a work soley as a commo…[View]
10842952Hey /lit/, my dad is dying and super depressed and I can't do much other than send him books (h…[View]
10842878How many books do you read a year? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIcdqKDrOng[View]
10842918Is there an eastern philosophy version of this that gets from the vedantas to modern eastern philoso…[View]
10842835How will the death of academicism affect literature and philosophy?[View]
10842853just purchased this bad boy what should I expect?[View]
10842475What's your favorite racist tirade by Lovecraft?: >The New York Mongoloid problem is beyond …[View]
10841871Why haven't you embraced Taoism yet, /lit/?[View]
10840530Just picked this motherfucker up What am I in for?[View]
10842808I was thinking in starting a book of historical genre-fiction about a Mongol khan who basically fuck…[View]
10842766Are some books best read at a certain part of life?[View]
10840008Contemporary Literary Fiction: I feel like this is something I occasionally look for and fail in my …[View]
10840868The Library of Babel is my favorite piece of literature, ever. I read it when I was like 20 and it l…[View]
10842307*blocks your path* *proves that free will exists*[View]
10841122My grandfather died on Sunday /lit/, and I'm devastated. I only got to know him as a person rec…[View]
10842629>Gregor's metamorphosis was metaphorical![View]
10841111>muh novel (referring to anything which takes on the shape of a book) You bloody Americans, if I …[View]
10842682Long audio book recommendations?: I realized that with audible its better to get long books that wou…[View]
10842434Is there anything like this that's less creepy?[View]
10839318He did literally nothing wrong[View]
10842576I've been a NEET for 6 years and will stay that way for quite some time due to circumstances. T…[View]
10841725Alright anons, I have come to the end. Many years ago I started with the Greeks. Resumed with the Ro…[View]
10841361Whats the shortest a novel can be and still be considered a novel? 50 pages? 40 pages? Still a novel…[View]
10839967The Bible: Have you read the entire holy book, /lit/? A lot of people, even supposedly devoted follo…[View]
10842488Does anyone here have this book?: If so, could you post a picture of the poem about the condom pleas…[View]
10842487I trust that mummy has given you your weekly /bookbux/ allowance by now?[View]
10842389What's some worthwhile erotic literature that portrays things that cannot be portrayed through …[View]
10842427Who published this? Says light of the world on the first page[View]
10842113Is there a chart for romance novels?[View]
10842449Is there any literature that portrays the christian god as being humorous? I don't mean anythin…[View]
10842458Searching for a book: >The Vandal's Crown: How Rebel Currency Traders Overthrew the World…[View]
10841674Ernest Cline is a fucking hack[View]
10842379>So under the spell of the reefer I discovered a new analytical way of listening to music. The un…[View]

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