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12072580anyone got the link to that gdoc that contained a guide to the history of philosophy by some based /…[View]
12073416The best British poet laureate?: I think so.[View]
12070505was perec one of us?[View]
12073369Trying to remember the name of this book. It was a collection of short horror stories, I think for k…[View]
12073138Were The Holy Scriptures meant to be taken literally? I mean it seems obvious that a giant ark could…[View]
12071983What are some options for creating a nice cover for my book? I created a cover in ms paint for my fi…[View]
12072734What did Stan Lee mean by this?[View]
12073094New here so sorry if I'm breaking any rules. But I'm looking for a new high fantasy book. …[View]
12069896I can't get through Post Office by Bukowski. It's like reading an old man shaggy dog story…[View]
12069783ITT We discuss the work of Delicious Tacos: I hate this book cover and the name delicious tacos is p…[View]
12067961Should I just start self-publishing YA novels to get attention and an agent/book deal? I'd pub…[View]
12070115How do you solve Theseus' Ship? What makes us 'us'?[View]
12072862Post your experience[View]
12072892Is Fichte the most underrated philosopher of german idealism?[View]
12070493Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?: Has anyone read this? Is it worth the time?[View]
12061736>has produced the likes of >jordan peterson >margaret atwood >rupi kaur in terms of lite…[View]
12069067Why do men tend to read nonfiction and women tend to read fiction?[View]
12068790Which to read?[View]
12070258What’s some top cozy spy/thriller literature? Is there an “intelligence” version of flashman (not bo…[View]
12072895>'And He shall reach out His hands to us, and we shall fall down . . . and we shall weep . . .and…[View]
12072520Not Sure If I'll Get to Go to the 'Good' Heaven: I'm pretty sure I'll go to heaven. T…[View]
12066619>tfw The Kathaka Upanishad finally 'clicked' >tfw finally understand that the universe is in m…[View]
12060915Post the most outlandish yet logically coherent/possible philosophical positions you can think of. Y…[View]
12072531Okay I think I have a cool little mechanic for my story. It takes place in highschool, its about all…[View]
12072814Why was he so antisemitic?[View]
12072098Favorite Opening Lines: Favorite opening lines in literature? >The hypersphere is a big fucking p…[View]
12071626What am I in for, /lit/?[View]
12072000Books on coping with failure?[View]
12072359Do you ever read literature under the influence of narcotics/alcohol? Does it enhance your perceptio…[View]
12070930Like psychological fiction. Is this word a read? Thank you.[View]
12072588Hello lit, I'm looking for a book series I once saw, it was about some magical swords that coul…[View]
12066837Is Leo Tolstoy any good? Where should I start with his books, and do I have to learn Russian or is a…[View]
12072456Is /lit/ interested in a literature shitposting group? >http://archive.is/pv0tI Maybe we should l…[View]
12072565how important is the concept of 'iatrogenics' in our modern age?[View]
12069423The /lit/ language outside of Europe: I'm considering learning some. I heard that Persian,Chin…[View]
12066848Why is Max Stirner's philosophy so overlooked upon? Why didn't it become the 21st philosop…[View]
12072536Why didnt Ivan immediately go to the police after smegol confessed? >inb4 muh brain fever that’s …[View]
12072054Your Influences as a Writer: Who would you say has been your biggest influences in regards to your w…[View]
12072400>Avant garde and art fiction has relinquished the field, basically I don’t read a lot of avant ga…[View]
12071473she's got really bizzare fetishes this cunt, she really does.[View]
12072420Experimental Fiction: Anybody read experimental fiction or novels? Who is working in this area that…[View]
12072199What is the difference between the 10-book and 12-book versions of Paradise Lost? I'm currently…[View]
12071906Any books on why women are so emotional and constantly changing their minds about almost everything,…[View]
12068020>Wants to write fantasy book: >Steals races from the Silmarilion or Dungeons and Dragons inste…[View]
12066383Foreigners on America: Any more books of foreigners on America? Dickens noted (in 1842) Americans we…[View]
12072380Any novels similar in themes to Silence?: I really enjoyed the religious external and internal confl…[View]
12072367I only grew up and migrated from /b/ like 2 years ago, so I missed this meme and hope that someone c…[View]
12068438hi i was wondering if you could give me any tips about books that meet the following requirement: a …[View]
12072270Can anyone rec any books that feel like pic related?[View]
12071733The Idiot: Did any of you find this book incredibly difficult to follow? I can hardly keep up with t…[View]
12072040>vis a vis[View]
12072116/apg/ Alexander Pope General: ass to mouth edition[View]
12069370How can you call yourself a fan of literature when you cannot even read a poem?[View]
12060339What does this board think of Dross books?[View]
12072082Where do you draw the line between 'read the source material, form your own conclusions' and 'what t…[View]
12064460Litterature similar to Bergman?[View]
12070739Hi /lit/ I've not finished a book in 11 years, can you recommend me a book for a starter like m…[View]
12070719Any good places where I can see annotations for lamia by Keats the og incel[View]
12071767Working on some shorts, here's the first two chapters. It's a 11k word fantasy short. Just…[View]
12071764Gay stuff anyone? /lit?: I've been thinking a lot about being gay, I was at first confused, the…[View]
12069523Lovecraftian Horror: I am currently trying my hand at writing. Any tips or tricks to writing lovecra…[View]
12066298Is formal logic useful?: As in, is it actually applicable in life/work? Or is it just meaningless ac…[View]
12071294I would like some recommendations for books in the Crime and Detective genre. Sure there is Crime an…[View]
12070801Ok, what should my next step be on the pynchon yellow brick road?[View]
12071905this is the best book ever, say something nice about it[View]
12065354Playwrights and philosophers aside, who has the best body of literature: the French or the English? …[View]
12071584Has anyone read Hunger by Knut Hamsun? It seems like a rather obscure work, but it's considered…[View]
12064480Latinoamrican canon: How many of these have you read[View]
12065242>There are /lit/eral retards on this board who will never read this because it's written by …[View]
12071848Whoever started meming this here, thank you. Picked up a copy, am a quarter of the way in and am enj…[View]
12071542Post your handwriting.[View]
12071809>this is modern poetry[View]
12071775has anyone read the Stuart Atkins translation of goethe's faust? Opinions on the translation?[View]
12071552immigrant from /fit/ here: hi so i came all the way from /fit/ where i made it (hit 1/2/3/4). now i …[View]
12071164Is there anything in the world more pretentious than postmodern theatre?[View]
12069568what are some books involving hikikomori[View]
12071540Maybe off topic but are there any discords for practicing writing? I want to work on my proofreading…[View]
12068665Life: A User's Manual: thoughts?[View]
12069583Is brassier autistic? What the fuck was he trying to say in that introduction?[View]
12071560Writers' favorite writers: Please post here any information you might have about the writers so…[View]
12069968>tfw nowhere near your yearly reading goal of 50 books I've read 14 so far…[View]
12068264>This has to be the most stunning bookshop I’ve ever wandered into. Converted from an old theatre…[View]
12070502>Are there any movie screenplays that present something of a Shakespearean quality? I find that t…[View]
12071524My gf is a weab and I need recommendations. First of all I want to buy a nice hardcover of the Book …[View]
12058957>age >something about yourself >current book…[View]
12071166Renounce the flesh. Temper your desires while lessening your appetite. Lessen your labors and remain…[View]
12070377>only reading one book at a time[View]
12071410What's the author that makes you feel like a total brainlet when reading him? Gotta be Kant for…[View]
12071414What do you think about audible vs reading books?[View]
12071309How to read this based man's dairy unabridged?[View]
12065959Are people reading this?[View]
12070394ITT ask anons about the best translations for works/authors other than >Tolstoy >Dostoevsky …[View]
12071123I wrote this diary entry mostly about my uncle abusing me yall wanna read it. I don't really ca…[View]
12070861I want to write a book where the author (me), via the characters, goads the reader into accepting a …[View]
12060872The Vedanta and Western Tradition: The educated man of today is completely out of touch with those E…[View]
12068753was whitehead ahead of his time?[View]
12067243Obsession: Do you know any artists who have been obsessed with their work / or devoted their life to…[View]
12070967I’ve recently finished reading “All Quiet On The Western Front.” I quite enjoyed it, and would love …[View]
12069387What visual stimulus will promote great thought: Lets brainstorm goys[View]
12070658Charles Bukowski - Post Office: Thoughts? Would you say it's more tragic and disturbing than da…[View]
12071085If you can't even write differing behaviours based on personality in a detailed manner then you…[View]
12068693Are their translations any good?[View]
12065604>Believe all wom-[View]
12068718he raped his sister phoebe[View]
12069214Why aren't Advaita Vedanta and Mahayana/Vajrayana Buddhism compatible?[View]
12068178>18th century literature dominated by the Germans >19th century literature dominated by the R…[View]
12067315Who is the Dostoevsky of literature without the christcuck moralfaging?[View]
12066413Where can I find some letters from Ted Kaczynski? I’ve been thinking about writing to him but I’d li…[View]
12070414What's the comfiest digital edition of Shakespeare? I want to have his works available everywhe…[View]
12064529Has /lit/ actually helped to improve your writing? How?[View]
12066379Is Manly P. Hall worth reading? Specifically his works on the history of the occult. I have no knowl…[View]
12068255Is this you, /lit/?[View]
12070235Why are there so few threads on poetry and poetry analysis and discussion here?[View]
12069073Reminder that being an non-matieralist is the highest order of contrarian faggotry Literally every s…[View]
12070671is he the new Rupi?[View]
12068086a literal who, published by an independent press, is a pulitzer finalist for his debut. what's …[View]
12070049>alterity Is there anything more embarrassing than realizing how gay it is saying “the other”, s…[View]
12069964What does /lit/ think about this book? The normalfags that reccomended it to me say it's good b…[View]
12070460Do you emboss your books?[View]
12066990Does /lit/ read murder mystery novels? What do you think of the genre? What are your favorite books …[View]
12055561Ten bucks say you cant write a good poem without rhymes[View]
12070561Why is he so fucking based, lads?[View]
12065175What are some comfy books?[View]
12070523What is a good edition of the Bible that isn't written on toilet paper? Maybe even something th…[View]
12067899W-what the hell did I get into I fear for my sanity now[View]
12065651The idea of time has been haunting me this year, for the first time in my life too. I feel the weigh…[View]
12068655Okay lads, I've fucking had it. Could somebody PLEASE explain to me, in simple English, what ex…[View]
12070375Any of you guys read the zohar? What did you think of it, is it worth it? Thinking of getting the co…[View]
12070310When did philosophy become irrelevant?: Older philosophy dealt with actual problems, now for the pas…[View]
12068899Is In the Miso Soup any good? I remember it being shilled on here but after Murakami he seems to jus…[View]
12069737Kurt Eichenwald's 'A Mind Unraveled' is easily the best autobiographical memoir of 2018. EASILY…[View]
12070200I was really looking forward to the new Taleb boxed set coming out this Christmas, but it will be al…[View]
12064258Does /lit/ like Rumi?[View]
12069631>like a[View]
12067831Why isn't this discussed more often? When it does actually come up in conversation it seems lik…[View]
12060467is gass right?[View]
12070087bible thread: does having read aristotle matters when reading the new testament? I've read the …[View]
12062496Post your novel ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.[View]
12068551This is peak Eliot: And the lost heart stiffens and rejoices In the lost lilac and the lost sea voic…[View]
12069437What was your favourite part of Don Quixote? For me it was the inn scene where Sancho was being thro…[View]
12069886>Claim 1: There is a very good chance we will develop the technology to simulate a human mind eve…[View]
12069528Will Disney put this scene in the new movie?[View]
12064332You have the power to make everyone on earth read one book. What do you pick?[View]
12069907Is media and communication a /lit/ major?: M-many writers' courier had started with magazine an…[View]
12067521I'm thinking about reading Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism by Saf…[View]
12064647Elmore Leonard: Where do I start reading this guy? I was told he wrote brilliant crime fiction.…[View]
12069960here's a gift, /lit/ https://my.mixtape.moe/yfrynt.pdf enjoy[View]
12067198Change my mind: This is bad & overrated. The praise it gets is for making sense. Change my mind.…[View]
12069851Why is wrong to write for women? Dont you wanna slay pussy and get rich?[View]
12069861I like to listen to talking when I go to sleep. Are there any really good discussions with authors o…[View]
12069629Does anyone have a link for free download the book 'The Flow' by Dan Bacon?[View]
12069859Anyone read The Shadow Knows?: Could you please tell me the plot or at least the twist at the end?…[View]
12069771>women do X (read/write fiction) >therefore is inferior…[View]
12068126How do i unread something?[View]
12065029Does anyone know of any readers guide material free on the internet for help when reading the wealth…[View]
12068326>you will never get your PhD in pic related's philosophy of science program, where Sellars o…[View]
12066928Harry Potter is actually pretty good.[View]
12069021Thoughts on D.H. Lawrence?[View]
12064362Now HYPERSPHERE is done when will /lit/ create a simple fantasy novel collaboratively?[View]
12065201Just finished C&P. What was I supposed to learn from this book?[View]
12060510/apg/ Alexander Pope General: accidentally posting this thread on /tv/ edition Happy the man, whose …[View]
12068900Amatuer Work of Great Writers: So we all know it's necessary to practice and write and read all…[View]
12068616>'ate pynchon >'ate dfw >'ate pessoa >'ate joyce >'ate bern…[View]
12068603Post >yfw you outgrew fiction[View]
12066882Have this feeling I want to put on paper but don't know how so I'll just describe it then …[View]
12068990Why did he rape his sister?[View]
12068309Teachers of /lit/: I know a vast majority of you are educators. What's wrong with Higher Educat…[View]
12066405I want to read more but I can't get through a page without thinking about doing something else …[View]
12067786Redpill me on process philosophy[View]
12068843What's the best Steve Irwin biography?[View]
12056881Philosophy is garbage: Has philosophy solved a single problem or answered a single question in its 2…[View]
12068978Which is the best English translation of Kafka? I mostly want to read the Metamorphosis and his shor…[View]
12064714*clears throat* *prepares pen* >He addle liddle phifie Annie ugged the little craythur.…[View]
12068783When nearly all well-regarded characters or character writers have well-defined personalities or at …[View]
12068639>tfw part of me hates not being recognized as a great writer and poet >tfw the other part of m…[View]
12068713unironically i think this book is genius[View]
12066376I'm interested in reading a book that touches upon a diverse range of ideas in different areas …[View]
12066034Cursive: You can read and write in cursive, r-right?[View]
12066602What books should I read to become better at talking to people?[View]
12066017>tfw no ludmilla gf[View]
12067185>you will never have a child >you will never be able to read to that child >there are peopl…[View]
12068197An idea for a horror story: Would you read a novel with this premise? It is based on a reoccurring n…[View]
12068439>From time to time I show up in myself just long enough for people to know that they are not in t…[View]
12064482What I am for bros[View]
12068193why does this board: hate her so much?[View]
12063541Thinking about starting an insurrection. What books would provide me with the knowledge to get start…[View]
12067981>C'mon anon we can hop in bed together right after I check out all the books youve had publi…[View]
12064729Japanese is an inferior language for subhumans: >Ask people on the web how do japanese do figures…[View]
12067980How many pages did you read today everyone? First book - 4 pages Second book - 8 pages Third book …[View]
12064648Can u publish today literature mimicking shakespeare style or the bard style is too strange and anac…[View]
12069880Utilitarianism is the best philosophy. Prove me wrong.[View]
12067775Why do you keep a journal, anon?[View]
12066320Any good books on how the Jews took over the entertainment industry (almost completely)? NO books by…[View]
12068033John Earman of University of Pittburgh DESTROYS fat atheist[View]
12068049Any of you read this? Thoughts on it if you have.[View]
12068043What is some literature for when you feel a sudden emptiness in the Force, like a thread was just pl…[View]
12066675It's necessary to create a map to support the context of you fantasy story/novel?: Tolkien did …[View]
12065130Other than Junger, what's some good WWI lit written by the Central Powers? Pic related, of cour…[View]
12066159H P Lovecraft: I don't get how people think Lovecraft's scary. His protagonists and set up…[View]
12067866Sorry to bother you fellas, I was just wondering if anyone knew where to find a download of 'at…[View]
12067609is the career of “writer” dead? How financially feasible is it to become a writer?[View]
12067431Bilingualfag here, Spanish and English. This is what I do: I read Spanish lit in Spanish and English…[View]
12067726I'm 100 pages into Vineland and I'm really not enjoying it at all. Is this a typical Pynch…[View]
12067722What if I told you the ancients knew things that were never written down?[View]
12067093Any books about a man whose wife allows him to fuck multiple women, usually while fucking her in bet…[View]
12065504If you want to kill yourself, why don’t you want to kill yourself? Now’s your chance! I, who great…[View]
12067552MFA Statements of Purpose: Why the fuck are universities such fucking shit at telling you what to pu…[View]
12053071>tfw you realise that you wasted youth reading fiction when STEM is the real answer…[View]
12067330How come every other significant American writer from 1950-1980 was Jewish? Why aren't there ma…[View]
12065837Why did he dislike the psychological/emotional novel in favor of the artistic/stylistic one? Was he …[View]
12067193ITT: you tell me why Ligotti is terrible and how stupid I am for enjoying his work[View]
12066351Coming from a Yuropoor country, my childhood forays into the genre of 'western' consisted of a Germa…[View]
12067058just finished this. solid 7/10. his first two books were better. haven't read The Web and the R…[View]
12066006Hey can you help me out /lit/? I read Dracula until page 307 or something like that, all fine and da…[View]
12066215I had no idea a book could make you feel this way, a mix between complete clarity and utmost confuss…[View]
12067091How to debate against this? Lit on the subject?[View]
12057832*drinks beer at the kitchen table*[View]
12066665I need motivation for existing, any book recommendations /lit/?[View]
12067219I entered the Moroccan Harem with the small, but still present hope that I would finally lose my vir…[View]
12059962One copy of Pale Fire please[View]
12066795Why is psychoanalysis still alive and influential in literary criticism and continental philosophy? …[View]
12063769Dualism: Just read matter and memory and have some questions. If memory is not in the brain, where i…[View]
12067097Best books on aesthetics?[View]
12061181Intersectionality: Has intersectionality really become a new religion?[View]
12065893>In my “Genealogy of Morals” I give the first psychological explanation of the concepts underlyin…[View]
12062180Describe story behind pic related in your most vivid prose[View]
12067062Can anyone post a pdf of Feeding Hannibal? Also, general Tom Harris thread[View]
12063010How much does language and syntax affect culture?: Would a language with heavily abstract and imprec…[View]
12058421Is the BwO the same as the Fool (0)? I think Deleuze lends itself very well to a new sort of esoteri…[View]
12065466Where to start with Berthold Brecht?[View]
12063102I am reading essays by Adorno in this collection, and damn is it a challenge! Have any advices on ho…[View]
12065183what should i read before process and reality to understand it better?[View]
12066553I feel dead at 25, as if life's possibilities have already ended. Books for this feel? I'v…[View]
12064237just finished this, any recommendations for other books with autistic protagonists?[View]
12066911what am i in for[View]
12064592hey losers, I'm doing an essay on blood meridian and I want to hear your interpretation of who …[View]
12066630Is there a name for the philosophical belief in a God but disbelief in an afterlife? If one believes…[View]
12063275I was underwhelmed. Thoughts on this book?[View]
12065911https://www.chortle.co.uk/features/2013/09/29/18747/why_mathematicians_make_great_comedy_writers#: …[View]
12066007What does /lit/ think of the greatest children's author of all time?[View]
12066031How do you motivate yourself to read books that you personally find boring /lit/?: I gotta do some r…[View]
12062862Tell me about Mircea Eliade. I've read Shamanism, which was fascinating but painfully dense and…[View]
12065043read / expected / got: Starting with ''''''Homer''''''.[View]
12062782N. I. E. T. Z. S. C. H. E. Was he a chad?[View]
12064365>dude JUST WRITE lmao[View]
12066698>King's brother leaves to see his brother but just before he leaves he catches his wife chea…[View]
12066617Summarize objectivism in 10 points?[View]
12066560Which books do I need to read to understand the condition of the world and the state of mankind in t…[View]
12055988Was it kino?[View]
12065027What is the deal with all this antisemitism over the course of history? What is the explanation for …[View]
12062106Is military service /lit/?[View]
12066567Playster Affiliate webspam diggin': sup boys, leddit scum here but most of my posts are getting…[View]
12063700>Fell in love with a character I'm writing HELP[View]
12066319Do the people of /lit/ think manga counts as literature[View]
12065956Japanese letter for the day: Ka[View]
12066481Any private trackers I should be aware of? Benn trying to find some books like Prometheus Rising for…[View]
12066262i will teach you how to love again anon.[View]
12065374Unconventional Cosmic Horror: Really good cosmic horror writers/stories other than HP lovecraft?…[View]
12066364No matter how hard I want to be a writer, I just lose all motivation and I end up hating anything th…[View]
12066380Will this help me get over my paralyzing inferiority complex?[View]
12065882The stories of the atrocities of Columbus and other conquistadors are the result of people taking Du…[View]
12063162What the fuck did Bataille mean by this book? Cracking eggs with the asshole, bathing vaginas on mil…[View]
12063606J. K. Rowling J. R. R. Tolkien George R. R. Martin T. S. Elliot E. E. Cummings L. Ron Hubbard ?[View]
12064285What is the book that is the incarnation of the purest essence of blackpill to ever be written? I…[View]
12065271trying to I.D. this book. Can anyone here help me? thanks[View]
12063804Has anyone here started their own literary press or considered it? What information would you give t…[View]
12065075Well /lit/: What am I in for? Why was it banned by the Catholic Church?[View]
12066188What is your philosophy of freedom? how to be free in this world? Whatever the circumstances[View]
12066037>ywn be as patrician as Matilda She read this shit when she was 4, imagine her as an adult…[View]
12065499Joe Abercrombie - First Law Trilogy: Are these worth checking out? Looking for good fantasy to read,…[View]
12065969Best children's books?[View]
12065542New arrival on this board: Hi I am new to this board and after reading this I wanted to new what oth…[View]
12065690This is unironically the most entertaining thing I have read in months, i dont care at all if this g…[View]
12065174I wanna get into epic poetry. Is there an English equivalent to Das Nibelungenlied? What else does /…[View]
12062747Have you read 313 books this year?: I seriously hope you have.[View]
12056442>read Jung >hes just proto-hippy nonsense…[View]
12065775What are some novels that tackle toxic masculinity?[View]
12066956You have five seconds to provide an argument against the labour theory of value. Go ahead.[View]
12063203Why does literally nobody read this? I don't even like Dosto that much but this was a 5/5 his b…[View]
12064401What is a good book on game theory and self-interest?[View]
12063456Should I read Meditations or Letters From a Stoic to get into stoicism?[View]
12065750When did you know you were going to be a writer?[View]
12060031Is it actually worth reading? Also, 'Is this children's/genre book worth reading' thr…[View]
12065707Anyone read The Shadow Knows by Diane Johnson: Could you please state the plot or at least the twist…[View]
12063950Don Quixote: Just finished. What did /lit/ think? I loved the meta-fiction, and how the narrator was…[View]
12064423How do I into The Bible? I tapped out at the part where they kept talking about Adam and Eve's …[View]
12065594Has anyone read this novel by Tennessee Williams ? How good is it and how does it compare to his the…[View]
12060387It's not bad. I mean the writing isn't bad. It's not exceptional prose, but he's…[View]
1206490899.99% of this board can't even give me a proper definition of what is good writing, less alone…[View]
12063985List books that will make me less aggressive and confrontational.[View]
12038617/NaNo18/ - NaNoWriMo General: How's it coming, friends? Pic related? https://nanowrimo.org/foru…[View]
12063120What's the psychology behind race baiting/racist threads? Is there any literature on man's…[View]
12065200Where do I start with Deleuze?[View]
12060233why haven't you read this yet[View]
12063867Do you read Screenplays?: If so which one's are really good? Film or TV?[View]
12065023>>'I came a cross a superficially bright Swedish boy in the Public Library - he worked in the …[View]
12064074CRIME AND PUNISHMENT: i am confused by Swidrigajlow and his journey at the end if the book. is he a …[View]
12063245Is there any book that is legit scary to you? Movies can be scary, games can be scary, but can books…[View]
12064214What are some books on what it means to be a man[View]
12063697Any more recommendations besides Rhetoric and Poetics to learn more about poetry?[View]
12064982F: I'm looking for the most depressing book in existence. Make me want to kill myself.[View]
12063540Was Kafka an NPC ?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Letter_to_His_Father>'Dearest Father, >'You …[View]
12064652>make thread about some classic literature or esoteric philosophy or some other autistic shit …[View]
12064795It seems that large amounts of philosophy today (not most of it) seems to be reverse engineered argu…[View]
12059342What does /lit/ thinks of Madeline Miller? I have read excerpts of The Song of Archilles and she see…[View]
12063363Pessoa is the universe We are all heteronyms of Pessoa[View]
12061054Can I write good literature if I am a chink[View]
12064857Which writers should a writer read, regardless of his taste, to improve his prose?[View]
12062541>ugly >female >Jewish >atheist >bad writer >capitalist pig How can one person embo…[View]
12064738>tfw you realize we are all heteronyms of the universe book for this feel?…[View]
12063284WEW just got outta th'war lads and I have proven myself a man. Now time to write some of the be…[View]
12063556How does /lit/ feel about audiobooks? t. dyslexic[View]
12064634What does /lit/ think of it?[View]
12065610/ancapg/ Anarcho-Capitalism General: >Libertarian and individualist anarchist political philosoph…[View]
12063446what books are the most similar to shonen anime[View]
12064580Post ITT if you're taking a cheeky 4chan break in between chapters. I'm currently reading …[View]
12056482New York Review of Books Classics Thread: what are your top NYRB classics? What obscure or out of p…[View]
12064434You have 15 more minutes on /lit/, then you must close your computers and read for the rest of the d…[View]
12062614Succesful Writing Career...: Had an author come in to my Uni, their book had a ton of great reviews,…[View]
12060569pic related is one of the best posts on /lit/. thread for intellectual motivational quotes[View]
12064325>BLOOMER LIT Hey guys, I'm in a bit of a slump emotionally with my study being intense and m…[View]
12059151galaxy brain[View]
12062983Hey /lit/. Any recommendations for anthropology books to give a good introduction to the subject? I…[View]
12062675Does anybody know what the difference is between the deluxe version and the normal verison? http://w…[View]
12064127>spend hours organising my e-book folder and coming up with uniform naming schemes instead of rea…[View]
12061682This will be the new meme trilogy because it's so fucking hard to read. Try it before plebs![View]
12063727What are good books about the different kinds of logic and how they work? Looking for something tech…[View]
12060441Would you be able to successfully defend your beliefs in a conversation with Socrates?[View]
12061356Books with suave masculine characters: I'm looking for a book to pick up witty banter and suave…[View]
12064100Does anyone have the Katz translation of Notes From Underground? I read the P&V version from the…[View]
12053606/sffg/ - Science Fiction & Fantasy General: /sffg/ - Science Fiction & Fantasy General Bad b…[View]
12064052What are some good books about paradoxes and thought experiments?[View]
12064158>write a single sentence anonymous note to the paper with a suggestion >I didn't even car…[View]
12060598Countless of novels have been written with important female characters, often with these characters …[View]
12062812Does /lit/ have any recommendations for coming to terms with your mediocrity? Or, instead of seeking…[View]
12054095Best writer fueds: >tfw Russians were all constantly arguing with eachother Anybody got any good…[View]
12064121WITTGENSTEIN: which of his books should be my first you faggots?[View]
12064083What are some literary arguments you've gotten into irl? My dad was trying to push meds on me a…[View]
12064038Can some one recommend me some underrated Beat authors? Also what is your favourite novel from that …[View]
12064046You can't escape yourself: Lately there's been a thread about imitation and especially the…[View]
12063703Why do we do what we do? I mean this in a more philosophical way. Is it better to act out of want or…[View]
12062199Which board is the most complementary companion to /lit/? My nominees are /fit/, /fa/, /sci/[View]
12063329Any practical tips on how to write more efficiently? I just discovered that putting an older draft o…[View]
12063632Metro: How can I get more of this (genre)?[View]
12061440ESL: How could I improve my english writing? I can read english newspaper but harshly mocked when po…[View]
12038791Post more /lit/ kino[View]
12063972Writing something for once: Hello fellow /lit/ browsers, I could use your suggestions for something.…[View]
12061762How do YOU order your bookshelves?[View]
12053101J.R.R Tolkien, who is on par or better than him: Is he the only good/well known fantasy author or ar…[View]
12061517>And Cain said to the Lord, 'My punishment is too great to bear. 14Now that You have driven me th…[View]
12063904Robert Browning essays/ final exams: looking for some insightful ideas about Browning's work as…[View]
12063821My job involves a lot of correcting and re-writing stuff produced by non-native English speakers. Gr…[View]
12063900the fuck does this guy mean when he starts with that rat tat, tat tat, tat shit[View]
12060419People who bought Hypersphere,: post pictures of your copy[View]
12058032what is it about the Hunger Games and Harry Potter series that makes people into like this[View]
12063830Has there been any book written in 2017-2018 worth reading? Is there anything worth saying already b…[View]
12063104How do you guys write characters that seems alive could react and think on its own ?[View]
120629171984: Having a good read boyys. Who enjoys this book also? (Girls not allowed to comment because I s…[View]
12063795Happy Pessoa.[View]
12060438>Started reading The Hobbit >Tolkien explains what colour of hood each dwarf wore and counts t…[View]
12062618When they ask you tell everyone your pronouns in class, why does everyone always say 'he/him' pronou…[View]
12063734why is it good tho?[View]
12063100Can someone give me a quick rundown on Noam Chomsky and his work in linguistics: What has he done to…[View]
12061313Tolstoy: Relatively new to literature. I want to start reading Tolstoy but I'm not sure where t…[View]
12063698What happened to semi-colanon? He was pretty cool I liked him[View]
12063251Freedom cannot exist without society. Society is built on two things: gender and monogamy. The natio…[View]
12060099Is reddit right, lit? Is YA the best way to start a revolution?[View]
12063420the saddest books ever, prose or otherwise. I'm looking for a reason to kill myself.[View]
12061507Was Wittgenstein's answer at the end really mysticism? Essentially, 'just believe bro lol'? Ple…[View]
12063048Can Lyrics ever be Poetry?: Or can they only work well with music?[View]
12063368Are there any publishers that have reproductions of illuminated psalters, gospels and the like? I do…[View]
12062860Herman Hesse general.: I just finished this book. What did you guys thought about it? Also, general …[View]
12063318The Genius of Mother[View]
12062479>I have devised a way to distinguish factual absolute truths! >god is real because triangles…[View]
12059581I want to have a better understanding of Kant and Hegel, more so Kant, but I am too much of a brainl…[View]
12060356>ajax not talking to The Odyssey >achilles skipping around in joy >Odyssey meeting his mum …[View]
12063038Post an album and get a book reccomendation[View]
12062863Words that make you feel like you got buttmurdered. For me it’s the word “folks”, the fucking thing …[View]
12062760As I opened the door to the opulent room in the best hotel in town I was greeted by the sight of my …[View]
12061170>when you buy a First Edition of Ada for $4[View]
12063180Is this legit advice on how to read a book? >Here’s Professor Jimenez’s advice on reading nonfict…[View]
12063139Book maybe?: I have a really ingrained memory of reading a summary of lolita in which humbert descri…[View]
12062251How do I write good[View]
12061147>he doesn't have handpicked playlists from various genres of music to accompany any given ge…[View]
12062924What are some books to make me feel smugly superior to conservatives?[View]
12061787itt we post pictures of writers and poets when they were young this is pessoa'kun when he was 1…[View]
12062531Was O'Brien right? Could you make a valid argument against him?[View]
12060921I unironically wrote the Bible, ask me anything.[View]
12059197/lostgenlit/ general: tomorrow is the 100th anniversary of the end of the great war. >I know tha…[View]
12062793if depressed/suicidal people make the best authors why have you not started writing your book, anon?[View]
12054602Should and how do I learn old english? I hear it's the only[View]
12058205Why are so many folks fascinated over eastern shit? I've explored Zen, Dzogchen, Mahamudra, Tao…[View]
12059942Death: Looking for books that explore the nature of death, end of conscioussness, fear of death, den…[View]
12056355/stack/ thrift shop edition: All three books together cost $1.47![View]
12060423Nautical fiction reccs? Excluding Moby dick obviously[View]
12055120who has the largest personal/private collection on /lit? anyone have 5,000 books? 10,000?[View]
12062058are people that like Jung batshit insane?[View]
12059217Is there any writer in spanish as good as shakespeare?[View]
12062404Are there any books about a man taking a shy,modes, homely girl and over the course of multiple surg…[View]
12061477Is he basically a Freudian or what? People who haven't read him need not reply.[View]
12057809>tfw can't just freeze time and read millions of books before tomorrow…[View]
12062546What do you think?[View]
12060200You know, we always wonder what the modern equivalent is of Paris in the days of the Lost Generation…[View]
12061751Are any of these other stories my Heart of Darkness came with any good?[View]
12061096Books you're supposed to like but never clicked with you. Pic related. I get that its important…[View]
12060182Reading habits: General reading habits thread. >where do you usually read? >any activities yo…[View]
12061704should i drop 200ug of LSD right now?[View]
12059344how many words have you written today?[View]
12061648Where can I get a replacement dist jacket for my complete works of Plato?[View]
12062308Why the west can't write stories about cute little girls doing cute little adventures like japa…[View]
12032585Onichan, clean your room ^-^[View]
12062069Inspiration: Hey guys, Am in the beginning stages of writing a novel, and was hoping to get some rec…[View]
12060078Which country is the most /lit/? I mean, the least disdaining of academics.[View]
12059508Books to teach me social skills in depth?: I liked How to win friends and influence people. I want t…[View]
12060616Is English the most overrated /lit/ language of all time? I very much believe that people only rate …[View]
12057932maladaptive daydreaming: did any mders here use their secret power of extreme concentration for intr…[View]
12061571Any books or papers on connection between Godel and Platonism/mysticism?[View]
12061303What are you guys studying/doing for a living? How do you like it? If you could change, what would y…[View]
12061822where do i start learning about angelology and demonology?[View]
12059190So, I'm traversing baby's first existential crisis. Now that I've reached my mandator…[View]
12056149Why do women even bother reading?[View]
12052667Dream Journal: >ITT: We write about our dreams[View]
12061817What are the most /lit/ history books?[View]
12060836>Anyone who was ever truly good at anything started when they were a child warum leben…[View]
12061743Favourite Anthology Thread: Could be of anything; short stories, essays, novellas.[View]
12058696https://www.reddit.com/r/self/comments/9vs05k/my_son_is_a_hateful_incel_and_i_just_cannot_save/ I kn…[View]
12056716Entertaining, funny books: What are the funniest books you've ever read?[View]
12061429Spoilers make people enjoy stories more: Let's discuss this even more broadly than books or fil…[View]
12061469Is obviousstate lit approved? pic related[View]
12061367Book of the New Sun and Spengler: Recent Spengler threads made me think that his belief in the civil…[View]
12059812is the book better than the disney animated movie?[View]
12061537I love him.[View]
12057721I need help writing my diary. What's the best manifestos I should read?[View]
12061291if sin is defined by God's nature rather than his will, then why would disobeying an otherwise …[View]
12061516What is this ?: Anyone read anything belonging to this new wave ?[View]
12057909What's the best gibson[View]
12061505The Death of Ivan Ilyich: This is Tolstoy's best work, followed by 'A Confession'. Pr…[View]
12057389How do I write and speak better?: How do I increase my verbal/literary acuity? I'm relatively i…[View]
12060433Is he right?[View]
12058157Why can't black people write? Why are there no halfway decent black authors?? Serious question …[View]
12058260What exactly constitutes the 'third metaphysical mutation'?[View]
12060695To what degree is meaning inherent within The Old Testament’s allegorical stories, in particular, Ca…[View]
12060557Afterlife: Is there an afterlife? How could we possibly know?[View]
12058981Please help find a song that relates to Hillbilly Elegy: Needs either similar thematic connections, …[View]
12054615Why is he so hard to read and understand? I'm not huge on philosophy but I found Plato, St. Aug…[View]
12060431Yo /lit/diots. What the name of that book that has the even chapters explaining the reader of the bo…[View]
12060693Looking for the most convincing, thorough, and agreeable dismantling of transgender theory you have.…[View]
12060287>ITT: Post books that were written about men going through something by themselves, their journey…[View]
12058134>tfw you realise that you wasted your youth thinking when love is the real answer…[View]
12053485What are some good books on why his theory and predictions failed?[View]
12060782I have an Everyman's version (not this exact one) of Haddawy's Arabian Nights and 'Ar…[View]
12059854why women breeding babies isn't considered a means of production in marxist theory?[View]
12060041The spiritual benefit of fasting /just is/ your withdrawal from the economy of consumption. Spirit i…[View]
12058808War Poetry: The centennial anniversary of the end of WW1 occurs tomorrow. What are the best poems an…[View]
12054709Let's get one of these threads going... surely it will start an interesting conversation betwee…[View]
12060840any good deus vult book recommendations?[View]
12058590What did she mean by this? 'The art of transposing truth is one of the most essential and the least …[View]
12060162You know, those Harry Potter books, you know they’re for children, don’t you? They’re aimed at child…[View]
12058744>half the book is the birds getting ready for an awesome trip into enlightenment >there is no …[View]
12057908There was this book I read in Middle School. I just pricked it out at random from a library. It was …[View]
12051809This thing was supposed to kill books as a medium What went wrong?[View]
12059961I want to get into reading as a means of socialization. Something to talk about with other people. T…[View]
12058720Am I Too Old to Read Tolkien?: A few months ago, I wanted to get into the fantasy genre. I had no id…[View]
12058703When and how did philosophy stop being practical? Greek, Roman, and early Christian philosophy had t…[View]
12060495Recommendations for some books on modern metaphysics and psychology[View]
12059572>0> states opinion >1> makes a character state an opinion >2> makes several charac…[View]
12059316Books about internet addiction and maybe even overcoming it?[View]
12060296Is this the best place on the Internet to discuss literature?[View]
12059721if prayer is a form of meditation, and religious people often will say things like 'God spoke to me …[View]
12060237I spend far, far more time posting on /lit/ pretending I know stuff than actually reading.[View]
12060255I'm about to do pic related shortened summary: >don't do anything but read & medita…[View]
12055830'Nobody can or will ever comprehend, how the comprehending should have a motivating power; it can ad…[View]
12060348The Book of Tea, Okakura Kakuzo: Anyone read this? I really like his prose and aesthetic ideas. …[View]
12059831ITT:Post hacks[View]
12060313It's ironic how /lit/ worships the greeks so much when the average /lit/izen would be a top tie…[View]
12060319Help me find a pdf/epub of this[View]
12058078Suffering: Im looking for some good recommends on the basis of suffering. Doesn't even have to …[View]
12059903Was he right?[View]
12049924Humanity is doomed, society grows evermore debased; technology only makes things worse.. Whatever ev…[View]
12059096/Schizo/: Just finished this one. A few thoughts: It's very touching, especially at the end. It…[View]
12058070Would it benefit me to just read through a ton of spark notes to get the jist of a larger quantity o…[View]
12056811Meme or worth a read?[View]
12060150https://warosu.org/lit/thread/S11427455 The absolute state of /lit/. I'm glad you all have pare…[View]
12059987redpill me on bruno latour[View]
12059891Why doesnt China Miéville receive more praise on this board? This book was a fucking fantastic read.…[View]
12059944Share: Please recommend footage or audio of people who are relevant to lit giving a speech, having a…[View]
12057981>roses are red, violets are blue aren't they violet though?[View]
12059875who has the best spanish-prose? I'd Borges.[View]
12049712Everyone's a fraud. Every single thing you do is in your own self interest or to make your self…[View]
12057761Easy German book recommendations: Books in German that are easy to read? Because I'm thinking a…[View]
12058589Is this the greatest piece of literature ever created? How was it even possible for a girl to write …[View]
12059835Patrick Obrien: Has anyone read these books? Watched the movie and loved it so about to pick them up…[View]
12059577Audible books for free Someone hook me up with a good link[View]
12059445Share Your Letters Thread: Does anyone enjoy writing letters? I think it's a lost art and a (so…[View]
12058264Why aren't you reading Stephen Crane?: His short stories are comfy as fuck and The Red Badge of…[View]
12059758It's basically a different version of the bible.[View]
12057032How did she make melodrama so absolutely readable and /lit/erary?[View]
12058366Where should a newbie start if he wants to 'self-teach' philosophy stuffs? Have decided to…[View]
12059688ITT: based and redpilled authors[View]
12057405What did he mean by writing this?[View]
12055029Advanced Books Only: ITT: books that require 135+ IQ to fully comprehend. Brainlets and normie will …[View]
12055444What is the best translation of Rumi?[View]
12058310English 'literature'[View]
12059103Theme of a story?: What is theme? Is it possible to choose a theme and build a story around it? Or i…[View]
12058193if you don't have a personal reading of hegel, get out[View]
12057128Books on forming opinions, constructing arguments and debating? Preferably within the context of art…[View]
12049657How does Kant distinguish himself from Berkeley?[View]
12057749Best translation/edition of Sex and Character? There's twenty million fucking editions on Amazo…[View]
12059397>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legend_of_the_Galactic_Heroes >the last greatest piece of liter…[View]
12058200books on daily life in eastern europe under the ussr? thinking of something similar to the movie ide…[View]
12057463Is it kino?[View]
12058864Which comedy is superior? Silly people in serious situations. Serious people in sill situations.[View]
12058349Literature for this feel?[View]
12056687Who is the best literary character of all time and why is it Tom Bombadil?[View]
12057150tao lin: do you prefer tao's writing when he was depressed and on pharmaceutical drugs or the n…[View]
12059129So what do we think about it?[View]
12057757Statesemen of the Union Chapter II: Subcommittee Edition Let's talk politicians, businessmen, f…[View]
12057747>dude the self is just a bundle of ideas lmao Who or what does this knowledge occur to?…[View]
12058917Underrated or overrated?: Why not just study english lol[View]
12059007What sort of poorly read brainlet thinks this hack is profound?[View]
12059028Why are the clasical arts of language not taugh in modern lit degrees?[View]
12058655What the fuck[View]
12058582I hate that I love this book.: Why does it have to be written so well? Gosh.[View]
12058984Is Hegel the beginning of postmodernism?[View]
12058988Of all the phrases in the English language, of all the endless combinations of words in all of histo…[View]
12058982Just finished this, anything with similar feel out there?[View]
12058449World Building and actually writing something: Ok once you complete the world which is still pretty …[View]
12055263His death and the coverage following it was a final nail to the coffin to that which he already knew…[View]
12058756Calibre: I've begun using Calibre to manage my eReader library. What I can't figure out is…[View]
12054319>the introduction spoils parts of the book[View]
12058918how do the japanese writers do shit like aphaeresis and similar figures of speech?[View]
12049136I'm a great writer. What can I do with this gift?: I've posted a couple things in /lit/ an…[View]
12058291Are Proverbs, Job and Ecclesiastes the most profound works of wisdom literature?[View]
12058858What do we think of him?[View]
12052311Do great authors ever imitate?[View]
12058848>A group of American businessmen opened an “up market” food court in New York of “authentic” Ital…[View]
12058488What makes a good character?[View]
12058202Is this a good translation? Or any recs for a better one? >inb4 'just learn Russian'…[View]
12058249The Return of Filip Latinovicz: What are your thoughts on this book, and also Krleža in general?…[View]
12058445was Al-Ma'aari the original blackpill[View]
12057604>tfw you learn that Orwell was anti-birth control based https://www.firstthings.com/article/2016/…[View]
12058699what's some books exploring how could end the internet—or how could it go on forever? >inb4 …[View]
12056196You call yourself a writer? Write me something using pic related as a prompt.[View]
12048037What's the scariest book you've ever read?[View]
12057575What would Orwell think of the state of socialism and the average socialist in 2018?[View]
12058606I like it....: Reading 'Infinite Jest' for the first time. Resembles 'Gargantua & Pantagruel' a …[View]
12056377Suggest me books to read that are vehemently against hedonism and other similar practices, I need to…[View]
12057285/apg/ Alexander Pope General: cute boy poets edition[View]
12058376Is Stirner worth reading?[View]
12057543Be honest, how many pages can you a read a day in your free time? I consider myself a well-educated …[View]
12056948ITT: Books that women will never understand.[View]
12057536Best prose stylists of the last 50 years? Give me a few. Has anyone read Magris?[View]
12054813let's discuss sci-fi horror but without peter watts or lovecraft faggotry[View]
12045911This is unironically scary[View]
12058444I'm having difficulty with the question...: When I've seen people ask why there aren'…[View]
12055172Imagine reading shakespeare without a solid understanding of clasical retoric, logic and grammar.[View]
12055675Rupi Kaur for Depressed Kids: Tell me I'm wrong[View]
12058278do you patronise independent bookstores? i feel like i should support them but they're honestly…[View]
12048331What is the philosophy behind self-hatred?[View]
12057553Why did Epictetus adopt rather than marry and have a child of his own?[View]
12057959>Character wakes up in the morning >Doesn't shower or brush his teeth before heading out …[View]
12058325Why is Junot Diaz never discussed here: His prose is just fantastic. Yes, he's a spic, but he…[View]
12049803Just ordered this. Did I fall for the memes or is it actually good?[View]
12057890Why do so many people think post-modernism is basically just breaking the fourth wall?[View]
12050628which postmodernist did it the best?[View]
12057211Any good books on the feeling of being completely disillusioned by modern society and humanity?[View]
12056293Is there a /lit/ chart for psychology?[View]
12053549Guilty /lit/ pleasures: What are your guilty pleasures when it comes to /lit/? Mine is Modesty Blais…[View]
12058085/sg/ - Sellars general: now-THIS-punched-me-in-the-groin Edition >To say that man is a rational a…[View]
12057723Does anyone know of a book that gives a good overview of Japanese myth and folklore? Also, does anyo…[View]
12057780Hey buddy stop using this fucking gif everywhere. I fucking onow it's you dude all the posts I …[View]
12056861Sex in Space: Of all the things people do, at home and in private, usually with close friends, sex a…[View]
12053780You suck even for your time: Jesus fucking Christ and I thought eastern Europe authors were mentally…[View]
12055980Do the dwarves represent the jews in lord of the rings[View]
12057427how to into writing literary fiction?[View]
12057842Why the hat? What significance does it carry?[View]
12057854>read a book >protagonist isn't NoFap Why would you read that anon…[View]
12057846Any good books about history?[View]
12052389Is this accurate?[View]
12055881What is the most edgiest, horrifying, disgusting, degenerate novel ever written by a human male?[View]
12055417>So, Guys, We Did It[View]
12054806Great Spanish poets ? Where can I find untranslated works[View]
12056264>book is over 400 pages[View]
12057686If /lit/ write a grammar book, what it would be looks like?[View]
12056510Wittgenstein's Mistress: Hit or miss?[View]
12057406>book is fiction >has footnotes[View]
12055717Philosophy will never provide you with an Ultimate Vocabulary. You cannot solve philosophical proble…[View]
12051730The developmental process of the eye perfectly illustrates Hegel's dialectic: as it grows, the …[View]
12032801Cosmotechnics/Acceleration General #13: What If Knowledge Were A Means To Deepen Unknowing edition …[View]
12052107What results in a more well-rounded person: An English major or History major?[View]
12057538Lit. Introspection is the activity which involves the examination of one's own mental state and…[View]
12056702How do you write a proper unreliable narrator? I feel like it is very difficult to not make the narr…[View]
12057474Franzen doesn't deserve the reactionary hate. He is a good writer and essayist. Probably the be…[View]
12047966What are you doing to embody the Logos?[View]
12057435What's the deal with hidden DFW books like this? I'd there new or good material in this on…[View]
12045562Write what’s on your mind[View]
12050685What are some good short stories about the winter season? Or, at least, taking place during winter. …[View]
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