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11828636We all know the Greek and Roman classics, but what are the equivalents of pre-islam ancient Mesopota…[View]
11829593book recommendations: where should i start on /lit/[View]
11819459Zizek new book: Anyone reading it currently? Pretty good so far. Very dangerous.[View]
11829246Cracks In The Great Wall: Anyone familiar with the Traditionalist school notion of the UFO phenomeno…[View]
11823066Who is going to take up his mantle? 21st century philosophy is already looking weak compared to last…[View]
11829409books for brainlets: i cant understand anything in the /lit/ discussion threads, what do?[View]
11828752Please, no meming, is this book any good? I've been into psychology, spirituality, the esoteri…[View]
11825704>'Halloa' Was it autism?[View]
11829334/crg/ currently reading general: The purpose of these threads is to promote discussion of literature…[View]
11827131I started writing a new book but Im afraid no one will ever read it. Thoughts?[View]
11826008there's plenty of murder mystery novels but almost no rape mystery novels why is that[View]
11828853Where is he now?[View]
11825453Describe a sociopath or narcissist and post a picture that best describes one.[View]
11829635someone wants to get me a book for my birthday what should i tell them to get?[View]
11827924Strauss-Howe Generational Theory: According to the Strauss-Howe generational theory, Boomers are an …[View]
11829556how well writen is he?[View]
11829497Wow, this meme was actually really interesting. Thanks, /lit/![View]
11822798western scientists are hilarious: reminder that mathematicians (https://www.quantamagazine.org/tita…[View]
11828960Does coffee enhance your reading/writing experience?[View]
11825052Was Burroughs a literary genius?[View]
11825486In your best prose describe this painting[View]
11829482I feel like i'm stalling in life. I've achieved basically nothing but I have no immediate …[View]
11829402What's some patrician horror?[View]
11829392anyone read this? seems an interesting theory, one that ties in with spinoza's theory of substa…[View]
11828859Speedreading: I want to improve my reading speed since i always spend a fuckton of time reading just…[View]
11827665This is a great essay. >The well-known “kick” of a fired shotgun is no misnomer: it does indeed …[View]
11823852I unironically plan to get a Bacherlors degree in History to enter academia eventually and do histor…[View]
11825530It's astounding that this beautiful book was written by the same author of the turd named Stepp…[View]
11827112Does anyone else think DT Max is a creep talking out of two sides of his mouth and intentionally har…[View]
11827132worth to read ?[View]
11828335Why are all writing discords filled with non well-read plebs? They're all talking about YA, mag…[View]
11824698Books featuring wretched/insane characters: I'm on the lookout for good english novels featurin…[View]
11827933>Even though Knausgård was called the 'Norwegian Proust', the first volume of My Struggle sold ve…[View]
11828554I have no other options at this point. I’ve been led by the strange seductive hand of melancholy too…[View]
11827046How many people here have even read this, the shortest and most accessible of Pynchon's books?[View]
11828816More like only the sun rises lmao[View]
11827769Music while reading: Do you listen to music when you read? Or do you like not to? What do you listen…[View]
11827078Ontological Status of Truth: Does Truth exist? How is it possible for Truth not to exist? If it exis…[View]
11828701when you die, what stuff would one find in the remnants of your life? https://kosmonautboy.wordpress…[View]
11826688>the entire book is a Biblical allegory[View]
11827040What makes a protagonist a good protagonist? How do you write a good protagonist?[View]
11824918What's the evangelion of 18nd century german poetry?[View]
11828600The great collage-poetry thread: What is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you…[View]
11828543reincarnation and time travel: I am looking at novels exploring reincarnation and time travel as lit…[View]
11826028How is this allowed? I nearly fucking bought it as well[View]
11826632Can anyone recommend a novel that has kind of the same introspective purpise aa this episode of Boja…[View]
11826889Besides the Bible, what book would you carry with you if a pocket version was available?[View]
11828291Well that fucking sucked.[View]
11826965Does chad have a need to read philosophy /lit/?[View]
11828371Could you please suggest some good books about Philology, where I can grab the fundamentals and phil…[View]
11828372How time consuming is philosophy for you /lit/? Is it even necessary to read this whole list just t…[View]
11823222Has anyone read this? I keep seeing retards suggesting it.[View]
11827097Why is mesoamerican philosophy so underrated /lit/?[View]
11828309Please post books or poems with this feel /lit/[View]
11827703What is your favorite biography/autobiography and why?[View]
11828075>parents have announced their intention to visit my bachelor hovel in the coming weeks so now sin…[View]
11825540what is the philosophy of fortnite[View]
11828206What are some of the best interviews/lectures available by writers about writing?[View]
11823603*misclicks*: What was it like, anon? Describe the experience in a short text[View]
11827941Another book came in the mail, and I am not going to read this one either[View]
11827576Was he a weirdo sex pervert or a perverted sex weirdo?[View]
11827420writing while under the influence: are there any writers or books that capture the feeling of writin…[View]
11827147Should we imitate the reading habits of celebrated persons?[View]
11815823literary pilgrimage: Has anyone been to the childhood homes of writers or thinkers, the ones that ge…[View]
11828128The Myth of Sisyphus: When does he start his own argumentation instead of retelling Chestov's a…[View]
11827568What is the logical progression and endpoint of Starting with the Greeks? Should one read the Greco-…[View]
11825668Who's your favorite child character in all of literature? Mine's Coraline.[View]
11827049Is this an achievable or ideal level of racism?[View]
11824854Is it good?[View]
11824962Prove him wrong[View]
11824343I'm looking to learn about the historical development of early Christianity. Is Bart Erhman a g…[View]
11825550Philosophers of substance, of oneness and identity, they man the watchtowers of the universe. Batail…[View]
11827620Hey /lit/, What are some good examples (real life or in literature) of the power that language and w…[View]
11827874books about deceit: what are some quintessential reads about deception?[View]
11827679Do you have a Muse anon?: in what way does she inspires you to create art?[View]
11827426What did he read, /lit/?[View]
11826657Chesterton: Why didn't anyone tell me this guy is good?[View]
11826178>an integral of the transcendence of animals gaining consciousness Can something similar happen t…[View]
11827554Which book would you have recommended to him to prevent his suicide?[View]
11824431Powerful quotes[View]
11827618Anyone else slowly coming around to the idea that poetry > prose? I've felt this way especia…[View]
11827495I got a job at a bookstore a few weeks ago and I'd like to have recommendations ready for all g…[View]
11814481One of these threads, one of these days..[View]
11821634/crg/ currently reading general: The purpose of this thread is to promote the discussion of literatu…[View]
11824767I gave up[View]
11827377Are there any good books about mercenaries in Africa? It looks like a really interesting setting wit…[View]
11825503Is pic related worth reading? DFW and Bolaño both Thomas Harris.[View]
11827342Does this have literary merit?: SO I SAT IN THE ATTIC, A PIANO UP MY NOSE AND THE WIND PLAYED A DREA…[View]
11823614>nation >race >private property >god >morality all spooks…[View]
11824807What other millenialcore books/authors are there[View]
11827437What's your opinion on this guy's body of work? I Smell Nigger was not that great on its o…[View]
11826784Hi, /lit/. I'm interested in buying a Koran, although I have virtually no idea which translatio…[View]
11818070This fucked me up[View]
11825073Daily reminder that it's only New york jewesses and jk rowling types that criticize this book f…[View]
11826014Post books by charlatans that are BASED nonetheless[View]
11825807So fucking true.[View]
11827030Thinking of buying this book, anyone has read it? What are your opinions?[View]
11827037how did this 5'2 indian dude manage to marry a pure /lit/ cutie?[View]
11827210A great crime has been committed[View]
11827301how did he do it?[View]
11823147Who is the Jackson Pollock of literature?[View]
11826335Books with this aesthetic?[View]
11827161tfw walking in lisbon being sad[View]
11826545Has the author of My Diary Desu published something else worthy of note?[View]
11827167Post unironic and truly life changing books. I read a post maybe two weeks ago and an anon suggested…[View]
11825167D&G: Had their lives taken a different path, I believe that their names would be there with Edis…[View]
11821808Chomsky: This piece of shit came to my country to support a convicted criminal politician who got ca…[View]
11827048ITT: Directors and their literary equivalents >The Cohen Brothers; Saul Bellow >Malick; ? >…[View]
11824079Sup /lit/. I have absolutely no clue what's been going on in the Middle East during the last fe…[View]
11826819Transcribing Memoirs, Need Some Advice: Hey, guys. I never really post on /lit/ that much, but I fig…[View]
11825719Christian lit: What are you reading lately, my brothers?[View]
11825104>A series of splotchy lines on a plain background What the fuck were they thinking?…[View]
11825209Recommend me a good mistery/police/detective romance that DO NOT contain a plot twist. Is there any…[View]
11815223Give me your best attempt at quality poetry using only two words.[View]
11824387Which of this author's predictions about the future have come to pass?[View]
11824977Drink: Any good books for/about giving up alcohol? I want to read but I'm always too hungover t…[View]
11823261If women are, on average, more in touch with their emotions and more experienced in communication, w…[View]
11817513describe this image in any author's prose other anons have to guess the author[View]
11825626Where do I start with Houellebecq? And how the fuck is he friends with Carla Bruni (Sarkozy's …[View]
11825927How does /lit/ justify writing in the age of the smartphone? Fiction is obsolete. Nothing you write …[View]
11824940What are the worst books that you have read that were required reading in your school?[View]
11823357Easton Press: Anybody else have Easton Press books? They're horribly expensive but holy shit th…[View]
11819325Be honest, /lit/, do you even read other anons' recommendations?[View]
11825969Guess the author: Write something in the style of a famous author. Other anons will try to guess who…[View]
11826182What is best in life, /lit/?[View]
11826102Pope General? Tell us about your experience with his poetry.[View]
11824549How dumb am i: Im 22 and I havent completed a single full length novel by tolstoy, marx, solzhenitse…[View]
11825602“Sexual identity is meaningless,” says Foucault; however, according to von Ludwig[1] , it is not so …[View]
11824325What does /lit/ think of it?[View]
11825145Is there any preliminary / additional reading for this that you'd recommend other than the obvi…[View]
11826056'They are born, put in a box; they go home to live in a box; they study by ticking boxes; they go to…[View]
11823867books you never would have read if not for 4chan: - convenience store woman by sayaka murata - tai p…[View]
11825989>DUDE IM SO LE FUCCING NEUROTIC LMAO xP What did he mean by this?[View]
11823693I know we're supposed to be le tolerant of all viewpoints here on /lit/, but does anyone else j…[View]
11814242I started with Nietzsche and now I can't seem to get into any other philosophy as I feel like h…[View]
11825867He just got married[View]
11825960thoughts on the john david ebert channel? how are his deleuze videos?[View]
11825873Classics on cynism: im seaeching for a book with a focus on a specifical charachter: Simeone who fin…[View]
11825918How you feel and what's your current readings? I think I'm sad, maybe it's depressio…[View]
11821815Does /lit/ respect Schopenhauer or is he just a meme? On Women isn't even philosophy, it's…[View]
11825887>mysterious and vaguely spoopy stories that are intriguing precisely because they lack explanatio…[View]
11825861I must admit it took me almost 3 months to finish this. But it's absolutely wonderful.[View]
11825866Language Identification: 'Hubidduben subolubitubude subeuba jubew' does anyone know what language is…[View]
11813832are you excited /lit/?[View]
11825461I've been reading Pound and Eliot recently, which has led me to wanting to read Dante. However,…[View]
11824100Strawpoll thread for contentious questions Here's a big question to start with www.strawpoll.me…[View]
11818524Let me explain why I'd recommend this book to everyone: Plato is stupid. Seriously. And it…[View]
11815886Books about people bastardizing Christianity?[View]
11825743What the fuck do I do now that I've taken the pantheism-pill, /lit/?[View]
11821959>capital is sentient Who cares lol[View]
11822876Of all the words in the English language, which is the most humorous?[View]
11822820eugenics: Good books on eugenics/dysgenics? I'm looking for something interesting, not just 'om…[View]
11823792wtf is this Scottish turban thing?[View]
11824897ITT: we recomend good short books The World Without Us what would happen to the world without people…[View]
11825282Does anyone else have problems retaining what you read if you force yourself to read?[View]
11823925/lit/'s thoughts on this book by Eaton press? is it worth a read (and it's pricetag)?[View]
11824140>I see humanity merely as one of Nature's latest forms of decorative painting This actually …[View]
11824047Is Lolita actually a good love story?[View]
11825622Been watching the Rocky film series every night for the last 4 nights. Any appropriate books to reco…[View]
11825597Feedback Thread: I'll go first, looking for general feedback and criticism on this short extrac…[View]
11822230What went wrong?[View]
11823229Post animals, get book recommendations[View]
11825504I wrote a legend and I need help: So I wrote this cringey shit... Could you give me some critisism? …[View]
11823103Robert Service: My grandparents gave me this Robert Service collection because he was apparently my …[View]
11825462did any of you read this book? Is it any good?[View]
11822953this is like a shitpost in book form[View]
11824144I've already read Meditations, The Enchiridion, the Dhamapada, and am about to finish Beyond Go…[View]
11824849How important is the outer form of a book. To what extent does it shape the reading experience? Do t…[View]
11825386Ewilan: Did you read it ?[View]
11821259How do you accept that you will never be great? The idea that even with unfaltering effort you will …[View]
11823501I have concluded that I hate his fiction but enjoy his nonfiction/essays. Has anyone read a good amo…[View]
11817143>(Wittgenstein's) response to female students who tried to attend his lectures was even wors…[View]
11822762Why can’t I appreciate poetry? I can’t really see the importance of conveying a point in an abstract…[View]
11818957*Nietzsche writes about the strong rising above the masses* >oh my god what a genius this changes…[View]
11825170QTDDTOT: Is it okay/legal to mention band names and song names in your novel? I know mentioning lyri…[View]
11806999That which can be destroyed by the truth, should be.[View]
11823390>'At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilised races/varieties…[View]
11818623Is poetry supposed to be read, or heard?[View]
11820132Have you ever had insight during a psychedelic experience?[View]
11806830I went to a library in my city today for the first time, and it was a glorious experience >all th…[View]
11819984this book has infected me. i regret reading this.[View]
11820258Kino blogs thread: Which blogs are /lit/ enough to read? Here's my list: https://www.unqualifie…[View]
11818163Can Shakespeare ever be topped? Pic certainly related[View]
11824899What were some of your earliest respectable literary attractions?[View]
11822539Is he the last 'great' literary figure, at least in America? What comes after him?[View]
11824908what am I in for?[View]
11824384Intro to poetry: What poems should I read to get into poetry? I can’t apprectaite them or at least t…[View]
11824455Against the Day: >page 600 >literally the least interesting thing i've ever read Does it …[View]
11819525Stop being fragile.[View]
11823699Who is the Neymar Jr. of literature?[View]
11824381Watched pic related yesterday, reminded me of my cozy Medieval and Renaissance lit. class I took at …[View]
11824350Which is better? Which would you rather have children reading?[View]
11824264Is it nessecary being able to speak in the language of the authour to be able to experience the full…[View]
11823933ITT: Poets whom are also prose masters[View]
11822805Bible search: Hello everyone, I'm looking for the Bible verse stating that virgins go to Heaven…[View]
11824102Right the most cliche story you can. Doesn't have to fit the cliches of a specific genre, just …[View]
11824324>All that long day, with the warm moist young spring stirring in him, Jeff Campbell worked, and t…[View]
11823235I know I'm asking for trouble but what does /lit/ think of pic related?[View]
11823336Is there a name for this habit of considering large groups of people identified by a single, generic…[View]
11813231What went wrong with goodreads reviews? I have to scroll half a page before finding one that doesn’t…[View]
11819697The knowledge you own: The internet has been killed. Libraries and bookshops have burned. How many b…[View]
11823917Has anyone read this. I've seen a few girls reading it and I can only imagine what nonsense is …[View]
11824120Did he write anything good? I hated 1984. Is his nonfiction good?[View]
11824202when you die, what stuff would one find in the layers of your life? https://kosmonautboy.wordpress.c…[View]
11824199Was he autistic?[View]
11822801Walking along the side of the road, he stuck out his thumb. A 2016 Kia, 2.4l engine, slowing down an…[View]
11824168Have you ever recommended a book to your teacher? Why not? She doesn't hesitate to recommend th…[View]
11822898Tell me what the absolute most brilliant works of western literature are and what makes them so amaz…[View]
11820973If you'd like a book with unconventional prose (it's written in slowly-improving broken En…[View]
11823973Could someone post that paragraph of GR with the person shitting into someone's mouth and he th…[View]
11823660NPC proof: >Suppose you and a humanoid robot stood before a judge who planned to kill the nonhuma…[View]
11822607>he hasn't read the Australian Nietzsche[View]
11815407Why does Kant postulate that space and time are forms of our perception but does not include Being i…[View]
11823775What are your thoughts on Dürrenmatt?[View]
11823905Looking for that philip k dick novel..: Anons, I need some quick help. I'm not a native speaker…[View]
11822709How do I overcome the intense desire to keep changing things in my novel? I had a good first draft b…[View]
11823910>landscape descriptions um sorry i have no idea how to imagine this, please just draw me a pictur…[View]
11819179Is it worth to give up on pleasures if it means that you are also distancing yourself from potential…[View]
11823398It's been obvious to me for some time that the 'fairness' of a society depends on the…[View]
11823789What are the best tales in Celtic mythology?[View]
11822925Post underatted gems[View]
11823695>And then one evening Andy braced himself and marched behind the old man singing in a shrill fals…[View]
11823643any more 'fiction' for 'kids'? ;)[View]
11816520What are your favourite books of tolstoy's. I think he's probably the best writer ever, am…[View]
11822325What's his best book?[View]
11819223has anyone actually read this meme[View]
11821396Anons who played Ico and read the book (Castle in the Mist). Does it bring something new? How is it?[View]
11822404>“You the one, I the few” >said John Adams >speaking of fears in the abstract >to his …[View]
11820128How do I practice proper mental hygiene? What are recommends for this project? I feel as though I ha…[View]
11818949Tell me /lit/, amidst this 'remix culture' of ours, why isn't anyone taking old books…[View]
11822796What are some books about being a sad, worthless nonentity?[View]
11823474How to know if you're one of them.: Ever wanted to know if you're an NPC in this endless s…[View]
11822615ok this fucking slaps[View]
11815995I believe in God. I specifically believe in the Christian God. Recommend me books that will destroy …[View]
11823430Any good books on rhetoric with practical advise?[View]
11822429What to read next: Just finished 1984. Gotta admit, it shook me. Despite the foreshadowing I still d…[View]
11823361Is Matt Ruff black? Please no lmgtfy[View]
11822412Has anyone read this shit? It's fucking amazing, the best work of social analysis I've eve…[View]
11822578What's this one like? How would one describe the prose?[View]
11822051I really enjoyed this book, I loved the way the chapters are connected simply by characters who know…[View]
11823290i hate reading but give me some illustrated books[View]
11820881Discworld: What if one of the elephants felt like leaving?[View]
11823282Is it good? Is Walter Scott's other novels good?[View]
11821930What did he mean by this? From White Man's Burden. It doesn't seem in line with the rest o…[View]
11822877Just ordered these.What am i in for?[View]
11821946Halo effect: What are some books about this phenomenon? >A person's attractiveness has also …[View]
11817800I think I'm having an existential crisis atm >Driving >Turning left on my green arrow …[View]
11820369Are mythological stories the original capeshit?[View]
11820701Let’s all agree. We read because we’re sad.[View]
11819081Have you ever tried doing nothing but reading in your free time? I usually feel too tired to read af…[View]
11819956/lit/ on pity and hate?: does hate arise from pity? If so when? do they run along the same axis? rec…[View]
11822409What do you think of Fitzgerald's short stories? I bought pic related and am enjoying them, esp…[View]
11821035Heard this book is a sequel to George Orwell's 1984. Has anyone here actually read it?[View]
11819000good books on reason / justification: i know some formal logic and epistemology but still am confuse…[View]
11821442What is some literature which is reminiscent of the musical stylings of France Gall?[View]
11821905I feel like im too stupid to understand poetry since my iq is 105 and to be able to make masterpiece…[View]
11820059Do you have a favourite book, story or passage from the Old/New Testament? Mine is Mark 5:9 >“Wha…[View]
11821452Spontaneous poetry thread: The pictures in the place where we go to escape Become what we had inform…[View]
11817596Down and Out: What are the racial characteristics of The Eternal Catholic?[View]
11815783book on Japanese mythology: I'm looking for an illustrated encyclopedia on Japanese mythology a…[View]
11822603Do people still read collections of contemporary sonnets? Could someone publish a collection of thei…[View]
11822100Do you lads use highlighter on your books?[View]
11818327>I love cake >I'd love it if people baked cake and shared some with me >So I bake a ca…[View]
11822430Is it a good book? Would you recommend it?[View]
11822470>All flesh waxeth old as a garment: for the couenant from the beginning is; thou shalt die the de…[View]
11822512>See, ya are what ya are in this world. That's either one of two things: Either you're …[View]
11820599>Writing in a book is like talking to the author[View]
11822476>every book's a rip-off of another book Books for this feel?[View]
11822335'Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare,…[View]
11815480What was your longest or most serious work? Did you show it to anyone?[View]
11822001What is the best bible translation (with apocrypha of possible) if I'm looking to read the Bibl…[View]
11818245Jorge Luis Borges: A friend put me on to Labyrinths recently and I love it. Based off of this, what …[View]
11822279Who is the Dazai of the West?[View]
11821061well I finally finished reading The Count of Monte Cristo (I'm not the same OP who posted about…[View]
11808524Faulkner's Masterpieces: Are any of Faulkner's other works as great and deep as The Sound …[View]
11822300>has near death experience >becomes full of gratitude and lust for living, and wants to live t…[View]
11821857Any good books by monks?[View]
11820393Recommend books where a character does something incredibly unethical and then redeems themselves. I…[View]
11821932this bitch was punk as fuck. what other artaud plays should i read?[View]
11820138Contradictions=Duality Chokmah and Binah Position, opposition, composition Affirmation, negation, ne…[View]
11817851ITT: trippy/psychedelic/surreal/bizarre books[View]
11821017What makes the Irish so good at using the English language?[View]
11822164Should I read some history before The Red and the Black? I don't want to miss any references or…[View]
11822091Authors out there, what are your biggest influences? Mine include pic related.[View]
11821198Which book will restore my faith in humanity?: It’s been sad times for me lately. Which book will re…[View]
11820496Open house weekend: Reminder that this weekend is open house weekend in London. You can go and visit…[View]
11810384>mfw Joyce or Pynchon make literary allusions[View]
11820018>Partly in response, the far-left Syriza government has sought to downplay the classics by replac…[View]
11815875What's your favorite language in which to read poetry?[View]
11821115I know we shitpost about Nihilism with phrases like 'dude nothing matters lmao do whatever crazy shi…[View]
11818060>If Islam despises Christianity, it has a thousandfold right to do so: Islam at least assumes tha…[View]
11821729What are some essential comfy reads for the autumn season? Was thinking Swann's Way - any other…[View]
11818997leopardi>>>>>>schoppy let's have a leopardi thread[View]
11821007How can I achieve negative capability, /lit/?[View]
11821063What do you think of teaching as a career choice? I studied lit and philosophy, graduated a year and…[View]
11819833Stirner seems wholeheartedly committed to egoism, ideologically so, in fact. That sort of commitment…[View]
11821441Rec me some scholarly literature on wrasslin'. Fiction or non-fiction.[View]
11821546I know people say in regards to Either/Or to read Diapsalmata and skip to Rotation of Crops, but wha…[View]
11821212Since I can't be bothered to learn Latin, which translation should I buy of Ovid's Metamor…[View]
11819094Descartes: >'I think, therefore I am' Doesn't out modern understanding of technology invalid…[View]
11821137Self Publishing: What does /lit/ think of self publishing and services such as createspace?[View]
11820688Where do you pirate your /lit/erature from? You don't buy physical copies like an autist do you…[View]
11818807Writing a fantasy story need your opinion on the world: Hello guys I am writing a fantasy story that…[View]
11821282What does it mean to be well read?[View]
118147202018 Man Booker Shortlist: Here are your six nominees for this year's Man Booker Prize. Thought…[View]
11821174>tfw you finish a page and realize you've absorbed absolutely nothing of what you just read…[View]
11816163What are you supposed to do during breaks from reading in the pomodoro technique? If you've alr…[View]
11817714What did you read this summer? This was a very productive summer for me.[View]
11820358>If our loves faint, and westwardly decline, >To me thou, falsely, thine, >And I to the…[View]
11820430What books are about the endless search for truth and virtue, but end in the character realizing tha…[View]
11819829Which book do you like more, Animal Farm or 1984? https://www.strawpoll.me/16500508[View]
11820094Recent Purchases/Stack Thread: Was pretty happy to pick up these, particularly the Plato ones.…[View]
11820851>The truth is you already know what it’s like. You already know the difference between the size a…[View]
11820869Anyone ever read pic-related?[View]
11817157Best short stories by this guy?[View]
11818708Redpill me on Gloria Steinem[View]
11819852So what’s the best death-of-the-60s-and-the-american-dream book?[View]
11818313Why is it so rare to have an original thought?[View]
11816534The Paradox of Art: >High culture completly triumphs popular cultutr Counterargument: >Bach wa…[View]
11820431What’s the best book on physical health, /lit/[View]
11815530ITT: Writers and their music equivalents: >Pope >Bach…[View]
11816305Any literature reccomendations for someone who's learning italian (intermediate level)?[View]
11818391What is the best way for a new author to get exposure in the age of hollow and ephemeral social medi…[View]
11819073More books like this plz.[View]
11818945how did he do it?[View]
11818804Getting a Kindle Paperwhite soon, will finally begin posting on this board. Any entry level book rec…[View]
11818870I finished read this /lit/ Ask me anything[View]
11819896Carl Perkins for the rock n roll Dr. John for the jockamo Little Richard for a Saturday night James …[View]
11818665I finished read this /lit/ Ask me anything[View]
11819570What's the best e-reader for android?[View]
11804852/sffg/ - Science Fiction & Fantasy General: LitRPG Edition Didn't see a thread up. I just …[View]
11819809So enough time has passed that we can confidently say Lacan was definitely a charlatan, right /lit/?[View]
11818635Zizek: Madman or Genius DISCUSS[View]
11819501Does anybody know where this image came from? I know it's /lit/ related. Search engines return …[View]
11819250The Secrets of Nicholas Faggel: So /lit, how bad is it?[View]
11816851What do you think of Alexander Kirkegaard's Orgy of the Will? Is it compatible with Nick Lands …[View]
11818238Why is most of western philosophy (and tradition in general) so primitive in compare to the eastern?…[View]
11803295Cosmotechnics / Accelerationism: Discuss capitalism, technology, acceleration, cybernetics, Heidegge…[View]
11815680It seems to be a pretty commonly held belief that Nietzsche wouldn't have be a Nazi had he live…[View]
11819310If I knew what's right for you you would not leave without it And if I knew the truth for you I…[View]
11811524MOTHER IT'S ME GREGOR!!![View]
11816804What can I read that refers to embracing the 'ignorant' existence inside Plato's cave? Guide me…[View]
11815991Do you guys think fictional characters deserve civil rights like the rest of us? It feels creepy and…[View]
11813958let's discuss nigger[View]
11818765Why is this man worshipped exactly? He couldn't even offer a strong criticism of American funda…[View]
11819184What should i read to become a sociable and extraversive as i was few years ago?[View]
11817469Does anyone have a copy of the book they could send to me? Its banned on Amazon and it wont process …[View]
11816406>great head of hair >/fa/ as fuck >relatively physically attractive for his time >good …[View]
11818122Hi /lit/, what are some good books on the Iberian Peninsula during the Reconquista?[View]
11818311am too brainlet to see how the stranger tells the greatest existentialist tale. does Meursault repre…[View]
11819033Just finished this and enjoyed it a lot. What should I read next if it's the only Pynchon I…[View]
11817278Since the mods deleted the thread, and cut off Discussion.[View]
11818920im putting together a team[View]
11817454Hey! Congrats on that long post you made. Everyone was really amazed at it. Keep it up![View]
11818409Was it minimalism?[View]
11818742Which philosophy books should I read to become more like Spock? I would like to suppress my emotions…[View]
11803262Can someone summarize his ideas for me?[View]
11818064I am going crazy wondering if this sentence is grammatically correct: >It is hard for me to demon…[View]
11818880ITT Pleb tier pop culture books[View]
11816513Do you ever find based af things written in the used books you purchase ?[View]
11818581As a Russian person, I don't think highly of anyone obsessed with ruslit. Y'all pseuds and…[View]
11818436tom.. easy in the doodles: >On the writing of Gravity's Rainbow, Pynchon reportedly told Sie…[View]
11818541Some guy added me on Steam yesterday, I think because I left a review on a game mentioning southern …[View]
11818773Does any of you Litfags read fanfiction?[View]
11810299>Lo! I am weary of my wisdom, like the bee >that hath gathered too much honey; I need >hand…[View]
11818117I am very sad They say only fags read poems That means you are gay[View]
11817359Some up Nietzsche's philosophy in a sentence or two for me.[View]
11817773>tfw you find out the author is female[View]
11818512What are some r9k-tier books aimed at a female public?[View]
11818506Essential sustainability/permaculture/environmentalism reads?[View]
11815611NYRB editor forced to resign: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/sep/20/metoo-new-york-review-…[View]
11818479Why was Wallace so dismissive of and even hostile towards Pynchon later on in his career? I bet it…[View]
11818513Are Freud & Jung worth reading? If so, what books should I check out[View]
11818470Post album and get book rec[View]
11813438Gravity's Rainbow reading group - 1/8 - Sep 6th to Dec 27th: >Bananas? >Who the fuck is R…[View]
11817248If you don’t rip your book covers off you’re a pseudo intellectual who seeks validation for the book…[View]
11818423You know, those Harry Potter books, you know they’re for children, don’t you? They’re aimed at child…[View]
11814060What makes a fictional character well written?[View]
11788172/CRITIQUE/: last thread died :( 1. critique before you post, please 2. you can post anything though…[View]
11816039Looking for super weird existential a e s t h e t i c philosophy which I can sit around feeling like…[View]
11817067Book Preservation: What do you do to preserve your books? I recently learned this trick of using pla…[View]
11816141Tolkien thread: > was Tolkien a racist > would Tolkien support weed > did Tolkien believe …[View]
11813534any books about/featuring dominatrixes?[View]
11815601Why do people still discuss ethics when he solved it 2500 years ago?[View]
11818297Say something nice about him.: Say something nice about the greatest theologian and philosopher of t…[View]
11815981Do you befriend literary characters? Pic related, my friend Legolas[View]
11818260>read The Gay Science >it has nothing to do with gay scientists, or the science of being gay w…[View]
11817752Idioms thread: Let's hear your favourite idioms. I heard of burning the midnight oil recently a…[View]
11818041Can any brodudemen help me out? I totally came all the way from reddit and arrived on this misshapen…[View]
11818237Should i read this in my native language or in English? Cuz it's pretty hard to read it in Engl…[View]
11818045What are some authors similar in style to Bernhard? (misanthropic, vitriolic, inner monologues etc.)[View]
11815537just bought this what am i in for? first philosophy book BTW >:3[View]
11818017>book ends with saying how evil white people are[View]
11809064Any doomercore book recs?[View]
11818171Often when we dream and come to recollect upon awakening the dream that we had we are often confound…[View]
11817972What are some books where the protagonist has no idea what he's doing?[View]
11817059Books for this feel?: https://youtu.be/gLN_UanuUTs?t=1m6s[View]
11818088>'New York Times best seller' >'brilliant, thought provoking.......' >…[View]
11818108Ok so basically, I'm Monky. Books for this feel?[View]
11817486Stoner by John Williams Thread: Just finished this today after a couple nights reading. Wow! This mi…[View]
11816684what are some books?: what are some books?[View]
11817976>The honour of this evening is not mine, but my young disciple Plato's. The Republic hencefo…[View]
11815859What to read after the republic: What do you think is a good continuation from the republic? Just fi…[View]
11818009I remember someone saying, with fashionable pessimism, that there are more good writers in America n…[View]
11817677Does every book has to let you something?: Yesterday i was re-reading fahrenheit 451 and my brother …[View]
11817197Books about magic: What books to read to get into magic, the arcane, wizadry, shit like that[View]
11806477Recent book haul thread. Post your hauls. Pic related, got it all at a goodwill this morning. Nearly…[View]
11816459I unironically enjoy Tao Lin. His poetry is fun and weirdly resonate with me. Taipei was legitimatel…[View]
11809182Shakespeare: So I'm going to get into Shakespeare. Where should I start?[View]
11814178What a fucking scam these things are: >buy one of those e-book readers for like $150 >finally …[View]
11817008Alright /lit/: I've read, Crime and Punishment and I'm almost done with 1984. I also start…[View]
11817919I gritted my teeth as he opened his mouth. Yellowed teeth. Another dirge came out, and I knew it was…[View]
11814540Why is it that almost the entire history of Christian theology is just different priests/bishops mak…[View]
11816927What are the most 'woke' reads?[View]
11816051>penguin classics[View]
11817531Is literary theory a bunch of bullshit? Seems like it's literally just grasping at straws and m…[View]
11817867I need to find a book.: I need to find this book because I was challenged, and if I win, I'll r…[View]
11815303bible and quran: Hello /lit/, I've got a question. Do i have to finish both the Old and New Tes…[View]
11817806daily reminder: If you must write prose and poems, the words you use should be your own. Don't …[View]
11816639Can you help me with my essay?: Can you help me with my essay? In Protagoras 349e-350c, Socrates arg…[View]
11812862Consciousness, awareness, intelligence, intuition, free will, etc., are all the result of the self-o…[View]
11817282/msg/ Max Stirner General: Why all of the Nietzsche threads today?[View]
11817204What is the modern equivalent of Diogenes' Cynicism?[View]
11817343Thoughts, /lit/?: Also, Thomas Hardy general[View]
11816642Daily reminder semen retention is the key to comprehending mysticism and philosophy[View]
11817651Are there any books on memes that are informative and not political. So far the closest I could get …[View]
11816239>I'm handed faith like a sealed package on a strange-looking platter and am expected to acce…[View]
11817131>he thinks Nietzsche is hard to read[View]
11815387Investigating metaphysics has been a trip I regret embarking on. I now find my self analysing my tho…[View]
11808474Just bought this. What am I in for?[View]
11812205ok this fucking slaps[View]
11816798Do I read the poem with the commentary? Or read the poem in its entirety then the commentary[View]
11816040Just about to start this with great expectation. What preparation do I need?: Mason-Dixon line wikip…[View]
11816577What other translations of pottery are worth reading for the translator who translated the work inst…[View]
11816793Is nietzsche worth reading?: I hear a lot of conflicting things about him. Either people saying he i…[View]
11816920How do I stop being made fun of by marxists and analytics for openly being interested in his work?[View]
11807607How solid is this list? What can be added/subtracted from it? 2nd part next post[View]
11815255I want to learn German. What would be the best book to start with.[View]
11816143Hegel the NPC?: 'If, namely, the True exists only in what, or better as what, is sometimes called in…[View]
11815629indigenous wisdom: has anybody read any books about the unique wisdom indigenous peoples have to off…[View]
11810020How can one philosopher be so right?[View]
11816994>The gold standard in Greek mythology, in a dazzling Graphic Deluxe Edition with a new introducti…[View]
11817292the best vid on philosophy you will ever watch: https://youtu.be/oa0bCzwSNA0[View]
11816529What do the philosiphers say about masturbation?[View]
11813677got memed into reading this and i this is actually great. why do people here hate it?[View]
11816913What was his best book, /lit/? If you had to pick just one that would encapsulate him the best.[View]
11815334Have you ever written about your life in an autobiographical way?[View]
11815947Do fictional characters exist as abstract necessary and eternal forms?[View]
11815592>A collection of samurai stories, drawn from traditional sources, of battles, strategy, conflict,…[View]
11814895If you don’t want to be an edgelord existentialist or a nihilistic Buddhist, how do you deal with th…[View]
11814603The difference between subject and object.: So I strugle differentiating from both so I want to know…[View]
11816113How does one “embody” the Logos?[View]
11814695So I'm reading Either/or, it's one of my first philosophical books. I've only gotten …[View]
11815957So, why does /lit/ hate him?[View]
11814816Cuckolding and Infidelity in Literature: I'm currently reading Hemingway's The Sun Also Ri…[View]
11814750Books similar to this?[View]
11815879>Thank you for downloading this Simon & Schuster ebook.[View]
11810803Is this a decent enough edition of the bible? I'd rather not get some faux luxury pleather cove…[View]
11816848Do publishing houses pay-per-word for genre fiction and is that why we have novels that look like br…[View]
11815927Writers whose strongest suit is the plot[View]
11816818Is this good?[View]
11816702How many pages does /lit/ read a day?: I read between 20-30. Trying to get my endurance up. Any tips…[View]
11816531Great writers to read for just getting into writing?: I'm just getting into writing. What are s…[View]
11813590Thoughts on Fahrenheit 451?: I read it because it's considered part of the dystopian trilogy (1…[View]
11813986Has anyone ever described him so perfectly? 'There are still some who, because of his book, take the…[View]
11816677books with satisfying endings/plots: what are some good books where you feel like justice prevails? …[View]
11816317I finally fell for the meme and started with the Greeks. Downloaded a copy of 'A history of philosop…[View]
11816507join the /lit/ discord and talk about books, participate in reading groups, and call each other fagg…[View]
11815216A tad rude, innit, old chap?[View]
11816551I've always wanted to write a story about a character going on a game show. I fear I can't…[View]
11816429Itt: absolute all time bangers. >Ανδρα μοι εννιππα μουσα πολθυτροπον ´ος μαλα πολλα >The very …[View]
11815092Just believe bro[View]
11814691Plato sucks: Quite embarrassing that the most influential philosopher in western history was a third…[View]
11807326Self Help general: new to reading and i cant get enough of it, None of my friends read (i try to enc…[View]
11812955Just read this, so I'm basically an expert on military strategy now.[View]
11815926Any books that will make me better at asserting my own will on life instead of bending to others? Th…[View]
11812728Who are the top 5 most influential philosophers of all time?: IMO: 1. Aristotle 2. Plato 3. Kant 4.…[View]
11816320tfw reading Being and Time and come to this >'Dialectic,' which was a genuine philosophic embarra…[View]
11815778What are your thoughts on free will? Do we have it? Are we free? Or is this whole thing a fucking sh…[View]
11815610I wanna start with her best novel. Which one is it?[View]
11815586The Holy Bible: Just bought this. What am I in for?[View]
11814382Will you read Liveblog?[View]
11816042Hello frens. I'm having a difficult time finding information about this particular book. There …[View]
11815953Prose Porn: Post your favorite >At another time he devoted himself entirely to music, and in a l…[View]
11816073Rate this from 2011: The Entertainment and Advanced Confidential Technology Industries A tale of Two…[View]
11815405I've never read a book in my life: Recommend me a book, /lit/izens. I got a 36 on the reading …[View]
11815572>I'm a monarchist how does it feel to have your entire life ridiculed for more than 300 page…[View]
11816004Enough pretentious shit. Red Rising is the new Dune tier great sci-fi series isn't it? I really…[View]
11814647is there a worse prose faux pas than redundant tautology?[View]
11815848Best Warhammer 40k: Which of the books did you like the most? Which of them would you consider a mus…[View]
11812495Master and Margarita: What did you think of it? Is this how you envisioned the cat?[View]
11815226Is D'Annunzio worth checking out? I stumbled upon him when searching for writers inspired by Ni…[View]
11815087What do you think of podcasting as a literary medium? Do you think the long format has been able to …[View]
11815500daily reminder that poetry is for bugman homos[View]
11814495i'm looking for some youtubers who talk about literature and books, both ancient and contempora…[View]
11813570what does /lit/ think? someone said this was america’s founding myth codified, but i was under the i…[View]
11799936Write what's on your mind, coffee cat edition[View]
11813688Hello /lit/ litterature beginner here: So i've never read a book before and just bought 1984, w…[View]
11815383I'll not always be here on guard. The stars twinkle in the Milky Way and the wind sighs for son…[View]
11809833>Baktygul Rakymbaera can recite all 500,000 lines of the Epic of Manas, an C18th poem which recou…[View]
11815233Y'snooze Deleuze: Anti-Oedipus Reading Group 4th Conatus. Can someone translate this into AAVE,…[View]
11813119Whatever happened to prose poetry? If you trace its origins it seemed like it was going to be the ex…[View]
11815397'A frog in a well cannot discuss the ocean, because he is limited by the size of his well. A summer …[View]
11814130I wanna buy a tablet for reading PDFs, the Kindle doesn't cut it, any recommendations?[View]
11815548'Thoughts on this Great book? Just read it today I was Amazed by its characters and Themes '[View]
11814929Tips for writing post-apocalyptic narratives?[View]
11810106anyone got a PDF of this in arabic?[View]
11815026Ive been going through a weird phase over the last couple of weeks where ive been second guessing my…[View]
11810533What do most historians think of Sargon of Akkad?[View]
11815307what is the point of an abridged edition?[View]
11812774Why is this book $15.00 more than it was earlier this year?: Is overpricing books a new strategy to …[View]
11814118Hello /lit/ amazon just gave me a $20 gift card so I am rich enough to buy a book. I quit reading wh…[View]
11815118*cracks open a beer*[View]
11815359The Intellectual Dark Web: Can you see yet?[View]
11815256What are the greatest literary works inspired by atheism?[View]
11814904I hated poetry until I read Tolkien[View]
11814564George Eliot: The only novelist who surpassed her was Tolstoy. Do you agree?[View]
11814468what does wisdom do to us? does it gives us torment, once we shatter the illusions that comforts the…[View]
11809495Suggest your favourite communist or socialist literature: Let's take /lit/ back to its roots…[View]
11813475>just chill out my negro so THIS is the power of eastern '''philosophy'''…[View]
11815116https://www.torforgeblog.com/2018/09/19/excerpt-the-monster-baru-cormorant-by-seth-dickinson/ I real…[View]
11814135https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6rsd95Drd1mMEVkTFcwQ2JzMmM/view: What does /lit/ think of Jorge Jo…[View]
11808497What is /lit/'s thoughts on Edgar Allan Poe? Are his work good or are they just edgy?[View]
11814164Books that evoke a similar emotion: https://youtu.be/CUDKZDQCrJ8[View]
11814006I’ve never watch or read lord of the rings should I read it?[View]
11813962I thought that I had read a couple of times that Flaubert had said his main goal in writing Salammbo…[View]
11814615ITT: We make a Zen Koan with Cleverbot.[View]
11812982Can /lit/ recommend me good sci-fi books?[View]
11814955What does /lit/ think?: To me, this novel read like a 250 page bad dream, but in a good way. A way t…[View]
11814914Short Books/Essays: My attention span sucks. Can you guys recommend some shorter works of non-fictio…[View]
11814748Before the Internet, people would often ask librarians strange questions. Thoughts?[View]
11812587How would you overcome writer's block, /lit/?[View]
11814080To the Anon that told me to read Hoppe's Short History of Man, this doesn't really clarify…[View]
11811977Did he put much thought into his political views? Was he insane? Was it a stunt?[View]
11776900The most important philosopher since Kant[View]
11814863Howard is just like me.[View]
11814813Which of these books should I borrow next time I go to the library?[View]
11813459Why read fiction if I can watch a movie or tv series instead?[View]
11813661Newfag's introduction to philosophy: Sup /lit/, im more or less a newfag and i wanted some reco…[View]
11814834Haven't read any Cheever, is it really similar to the Ring novels?[View]
11810551Just finish Plato's The Republic What I just read was a deeply frustrating story about how an …[View]
11812400>Plato's Republic is an utopian work how can western teachers be so retarded? The entire boo…[View]
11814122Yes, yes, I've come all the way to this from the Greeks.: What is the best novel set in Dark Su…[View]
11807799Weekly /lit/ communist manifesto book club?[View]
11814244Finished reading pic related, was ok, what are other enjoyable books about running? Other physical a…[View]
11810602So, what do you think happens after death, using literary sources as your justification?[View]
11807593AYO AYO HOL UP BRUH *smacks lips* GET THIS: IS.... *breathes heavily* ..........OUGHT[View]
11809832What's /lit/'s opinion of him?[View]
11814318just got this. what am I in for?[View]
11813818William Blake - The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: 'So the Angel said: 'thy phantasy has imposed …[View]
11812320Georges Sorel: Was he a socialist or fascist?[View]
11810565>poem with no rhymes[View]
11814303This is love the book: Greatest children’s book ever must read it’s an easy read I’m glad they final…[View]
11813621What's the point of visualising what you read when you read fiction? All you see is people talk…[View]

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