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11497669Tryina find an Economics reading list: Saw a St John’s University list a few months ago and found it…[View]
11495843For Whom the Bell Tolls: So far, I'm around 200 pages into this and it is one of the most borin…[View]
11497795hello /lit/izens I'm looking for a sympathetic biography of this great man, John Wilkes Booth. …[View]
11497572What was the most engaging book you ever read? The one you couldn't put away and always wanted …[View]
11493530>yfw bostroms simulation hypothesis renders everything, morality, metaphysics and the rest of phi…[View]
11496222How long would it take to learn ancient greek well enough to read writers of the time? Which classic…[View]
11476807Maps of Meaning; Fanged (((Noumena))): The groundbreaking new philosophical treatise written by /lit…[View]
11497469Is it just me or is this book, especially The Part About Fate, very Camus-esque? It seems super deta…[View]
11495426Does she have a point?[View]
11495163Have you ever stolen a book from a shop or a library?[View]
11494828Do you buy hardcover or paperback?: Usually the hardcover is an extra $15, but it will probably last…[View]
11492984Musashi Book of Five Rings: What does /lit/ think of Musashi's Book of Five Rings?[View]
11491214Who's the worst 'best' philosopher of all time?[View]
11496209Offical ranking of artforms both in tier lists and ranking within those: Ascendance tier: > Scrip…[View]
11497327whats the best edition of these to buy[View]
11497317Hey guys, i ve made a compelling story of my work, it's called mindchanger and deals with a kid…[View]
11496581im gonna go listen to some anatolian on youtube wish me luck[View]
11491984>my own kin did pessoa predict incels?[View]
11497160What's the west-European literary version of this, and what is the eastern-European? I want to …[View]
11496194Why is British literature so shit?: >Shakespeare >Dickens >Orwell >Chaucer >Austen …[View]
11490475Favourite part?[View]
11493201>a time-travelling, reincarnating cadre of demons is almost outplayed by an autistic monk who jus…[View]
11496828what's more embarrassing than a bookshelf with barely any books on it?[View]
11496791>he reads contemporary literature >he reads novels >he reads German or French works…[View]
11495672Agents: Anyone here successfully got a literary agent for their work? How do you find them? I need t…[View]
11496614''''''''''Free'''''''''' ''''''''''will'''''''''': Why are these words even used nowadays when they …[View]
11495703complete pseud pleb shithead here trying to read the iliad, though what i'm really excited for …[View]
11493623What's your favorite book that you haven't read yet? Mine is pic related[View]
11492585Post which 4chan board you post on the most other than /lit/, get a book recommendation.[View]
11495394Does anyone know a site for horror e-books? I'm specifically looking for Earthworm Gods II: Del…[View]
11495833What is God like? What reasons do you have to believe that? Can you recommend some books that elabor…[View]
11494666Math books from basic foudations to calculus: Hey /lit/ I'm starting uni next year, however I s…[View]
11491164Does Deleuze's concept of identity lend itself to Evola's Traditionalism and his notion of…[View]
11496313Should I write a novel?: I’ve been thinking about writing a novel for a while now and I have the sum…[View]
11494962hyper light drifter: why is this game so aesthetic and what is its literary equivalent?[View]
11496397Name 5 good non-fiction books published in 2018 and explain your choices. (no need for an in-depth r…[View]
11489911What's his problem?[View]
11493448What are you looking at, you little tawny Fragilista?[View]
11496494Anyone know anything about Jehovah's Witnesses? I used to be one as a child and I'm wonde…[View]
11496476There's a book from my childhood that I've been searching for for ages and I can't se…[View]
11492489I'm in awe every time when I read him, no author, no book, no picture or movie, no song or piec…[View]
11496411Philosophy: is this a good summery? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39Em6t0G7Fc I always found plato…[View]
11493343/ourguy/ is leaving the Atlantic. Where the fuck am I supposed to get my African-American literary-k…[View]
11494682are there any good spoken word poets? I've been trying to get into it but literally all I can f…[View]
11494451Virgil: In Carr's 'What is History' he refers to how the poet Virgil came to heralded…[View]
11494534O LIFE divine! to sit before Thee while thy liquid laughter flows Melodious, and to listen close …[View]
11493709You post a book and a name. If someone posts your name, you read that book. Go, Andrew[View]
11492634I have a lot of Lovecraft's work. Are there any specific stories or sections that you'd re…[View]
1149621920 year old boomer here. I heard you guys have a problem with my taste in literature? Come at me des…[View]
11496002Computer Generated /lit/: How does one go about creating bots that spit out literature algorithmical…[View]
11493940wtf: unbump your head bro[View]
11491963Foxhole /lit/: I'm deploying next month. What books should i take with me? Gramma gave me a bib…[View]
11495247You don't subvocalize, right? That sure would be tragic to have a low bandwidth brain...[View]
11488532I love you all: I'm on a phenibut 'high' at the moment, which may be compelling me to do this b…[View]
11481803What type of book are you writing, /lit/? I'm writing a deconstruction of the Standard YA dyst…[View]
11494514What are some books with similar aesthetics and themes to the Tintin series?[View]
11495095Catch-22 Discussion: Insightful take on the inconsistencies of modern society or just some scrambled…[View]
11493904Cormac McCarthy was born Charles McCarthy in Providence, Rhode Island on this day 'He stood at the w…[View]
11495658What books should I read first if I want to learn about: >Aesthetics >Epistemology >Metaphy…[View]
11495825Rome: De Natorum What the fuck did you just say to me you little Epicurean? Did you dare imply that …[View]
11495823Is this the most dudebro brolosophy book in existence?[View]
11490513>and there was this THING! It was soooo evil! It made you go CRAZY it was so evil! I can't e…[View]
11494097You're going to be stuck in a wilderness survival scenario for an indeterminate amount of time.…[View]
11493421Any reccomended /lit/ for breakups? Prefferably something about a breakup. >Thanks.…[View]
11495711Is this literally the greatest French novel of the twentieth century? Remarkably prescient, you need…[View]
11493743I want to get into existentalism. Is Peterson's video a good introduction?: https://www.youtube…[View]
11495598Anyone know of a good place to read Aristotle's 'Poetics'?[View]
11495698>Bruh i totaly get Absurdism >Dosen’t know what Metaphysical Rebellion is…[View]
11495214Best short story?: Cthulhu is the only Lovecraft short story I’ve read and I was wondering what’s th…[View]
11495709Greetings! I'm looking for a free audiobook version of Livets Bog (The Book of Life) by Martinu…[View]
11493729Faulkner on Camus: 'People will say he was too young; he did not have time to finish. But it is not …[View]
11487575will his autism ever be surpassed? the damn magnitude of his work, there are explicit or at least im…[View]
11495632quiero narco literatura por favor[View]
11487767How far did you get before giving up?[View]
11495077>american literature[View]
11495448“Demons” - Reading Group: I’m not “OP”. Was it Monday we were supposed to start? How many pages a da…[View]
11491363How does one effectively refute this? I can tell she's wrong, but I have trouble putting it int…[View]
11493945Dance Team 5000: What is some science fiction featuring Dance Team 5000?[View]
11493688Hmm... very redpilled and very based: Does this book have anything interesting in it?[View]
11495413Looking for a specific book: It may be an essay. It was non-fiction. It is a critique of modern soci…[View]
11490879Hey lit I was wondering if anyone had books or media which don't fit this story structure.[View]
11495467noko: Can you guys gently point me to the direction of a digital copy of the book attached? I recent…[View]
11494904Doesn’t being a bohemian give you certain advantages as a writer? And if so how would you best live …[View]
11491957Anyone read Sid Sanford Lives! Same title on Amazon What did you think of it? When you read it how …[View]
11493586/pinecone general/: So I'm like 250 pages into this sucker and it's not really captivating…[View]
11494521Biography Recommendations: Hey sluts, This is a thread for recommending high quality biographies. Fo…[View]
11494537Books justifying liberal Christianity?[View]
11493434Is the idea that we can't know reality beyond what it is to us, that there is a 'beyond us' whi…[View]
11494329>Girl you taught me how to hurt real bad and cry myself to sleep >And showed me how this town …[View]
11494425What's his best play?[View]
11494985What Socrates was to Plato is what Virgil was to Dante. What Plato was to Aristotle is what Dante is…[View]
11491824How do I write my book instead of spending all day shitposting on here? Alternatively, how do I turn…[View]
11490525Is this book worth reading? The sentiment of this quote is great but is he actually a good writer?[View]
11495139THE PERFECT BOOK: Tell me which is the most perfect book you have read in your life. Something that …[View]
11492062Buddy of mine told me about this series and gave it high marks, Is it worth the time?[View]
11490940>Finnegans Wake[View]
11494673Books you like that were made into movies you also like[View]
11490815rank them[View]
11494356Of these three, who had the highest power-level?[View]
11490157Is this a good book?[View]
11494562Using your best prose, assert something and then make fun of prior posters in this thread. Show off …[View]
11485132is there any legitimate literature that can refute him? How is it possible to prove him wrong?[View]
11493857Pseud or a giant of progressive thought?[View]
11494234I haven't read a novel in years. The last one I read was Infinite Jest and unironically enjoyed…[View]
11494606What Socrates was to Plato is what Virgil was to Dante. What Plato was to Aristotle is what Dante is…[View]
11492804Can somebody tell me what the fuck it is that I am reading? Metamorphosis and Trial were fucking ama…[View]
11494453What are some other good NYRB Classics?[View]
11494123Yo /lit/, is there any lowkey website where I can cop cheaper textbooks? or download them??? a man i…[View]
11493145>get to the end of a book >oh, the author expects me to read it again to 'get it' is there any…[View]
11489955I wanna read Zizek, I've listened to some lectures he's given and I like him. What book fi…[View]
11487154*blocks your path* *experiences profound moral crises that influences his artistic output and lay th…[View]
11494480Vermin, vermin, vermin!!! What are some good children’s books about little mice who find their will …[View]
11493939do i have to start with the greeks in order to understand philosphers like Derrida, Kierkegaard, Sti…[View]
11494431Are there any good books on how to socialize with people and be liked by others?[View]
11494424What is the best book to give an overview on (western) philosophy from the greeks to today?[View]
11489162>It's another essay on tennis[View]
11493834Intro from this book: 'The history of Judaism is that of a people or sect permanently at war with th…[View]
11493633How is this as an intro to the writings of Mr. David Foster Wallace[View]
11492813Be me >Dante, 35 y/o virgin, have a crush on Beatrice, a 9/10 qt3.14 >Exiled from Florence, si…[View]
11493620If you ever go to the library, what is your most reliable section?[View]
11493974Post underrated quotes from your favorite books I'll start >The Restaurant at the End of the…[View]
11491128This is not ok[View]
11490017>“When I was young, most teachers of philosophy in British and American universities were Hegelia…[View]
11492652>300 word essay due in 2 hours >can't stop shitposting on /lit/…[View]
11493155Melissa Radke: Just bought this audiobook, what am I in for /lit/? >I wrote this book between tak…[View]
11483294/sffg/ - Science Fiction and Fantasy General: Falling for It Edition >how many sffg memes did you…[View]
11489981philosophy on Death acceptance: Anything that will help suppress the existential angst ?[View]
11493568Why did Adolf Hitler like Schopenhauer so much?[View]
11491819Counters to stirner: What are the best counters to stirner? It is unsettling me and I want to go bac…[View]
11488919Why do Mary Anne Evans’ works still get published under her pen name?[View]
11491465Threadly reminder than you will never read Nirvana if you eat meat.[View]
11493533Are there any good books about the history of Mexico?: I'm particularly interested in how the c…[View]
11476718Best living philosopher? Badiou? Zizek? Agamben? Sloterdijk? Peterson?[View]
11491491How do I start a writing career? What should I do with a newly-written novel/poem, for example? Als…[View]
11491989My current erotica ebook went live faster than I thought it would take. Gotta wait until tomorrow mo…[View]
11491014I do not come to this board that often, but I'm starting again into reading. Probably one of my…[View]
11492567Start with the Greeks, Philosophy Edition: Never read philosophy. Starting with the Greeks. Just rea…[View]
11493331Pseudonyms: How does /lit/ feel about pseudonyms? Personally, I feel that I encounter more pseudonym…[View]
11492771He was a pedophile or just an homosexual in denial?[View]
11493245Read this?[View]
11493455middle eastern thread: what good lit comes out of the middle east? best version of the quran? (you n…[View]
11493468I can only read when taking my daily morning shit I can't concentrate on reading any other time…[View]
11487193Why isn't this book shilled more, it's unironically one of the best books I have ever read…[View]
11488121Moby Dick: Which edition should I buy and why: >Norton's second (third) critical edition Fro…[View]
11491660Can someone tell me if this book is worth it? I haven't read the slightest yet but its reputati…[View]
11490611What are some books that help one achieve acceptance of things as they are and stop wishing things w…[View]
11488381The year is 1976. This man just invented the meme. What do you say to him?[View]
11491582>he isn't on the bleeding edge of hypermodernism I feel bad for you son…[View]
11493326brainlet here. how do i into german idealism? >inb4 my diary desu & just read lmao…[View]
11492501Have You Yet Embraced Our Lord And Saviour Psoid Froid?: He's the hero 4chan deserves, but not …[View]
11492304Which one of you wrote this lmao?[View]
11491553The man is on a rampage: https://youtu.be/tP4FDLegX9s[View]
11491852Are there any books which can remove one's taste of disgust about humanity? I don't find p…[View]
11490838>he only reads e-books[View]
11491019What is the Withnail and I of literature?[View]
11484821You know he only feels that way because he looks like this[View]
11489824Translation and poetry.: Is it really possible to translate poetry well? I have to admit that when I…[View]
11492429He is /Our Guy/ >The most beta incel looking fucker ever >Became vegetarian after witnessing t…[View]
11491148Hi anon! Today we'll be sharing our favorite books infront of everyone. Tell us how cool it is …[View]
11489765Is it even possible to have sincere faith in God if you weren't raised that way? Christianity i…[View]
11493055Best Translation?: What's /lit/'s preferred translation of Crime and Punishment? I'm …[View]
11493075Why did the mods delete my thread on this BOOK? It's a meme book, but it's still a book. A…[View]
11490227>tfw almost finished reading the entire Internet Get on my level, brainlets…[View]
11491474Are academic journals expensive because the academy needs to sustain itself?[View]
11490975itt: books for fuckboys[View]
11492863What is a hero? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lg35Nho6dcY[View]
11492438A Mind For Numbers: Anyone here read A Mind For Numbers? If so, is it any good; does it have any use…[View]
11492718Anyone here read any Ngugi? I just finishd this, enjoyed it quite a bit. Where should I go from here…[View]
11491537meditations: is this like your bible ?[View]
11492034why read when you can have somebody read it for you and you can shitpost on 4chan at the same time…[View]
11491837Finally got my copies of IJ. Thanks for the reccomendation, guys[View]
11492741I feel I've gotten to the point where I have to write something or my dreams will have died but…[View]
11491008ITT: What does the ending mean? Alright, so I finished Mother Night and felt that my analysis of wh…[View]
11492232'This is the central illusion in life: that randomness is a risk, that it is a bad thing'[View]
11491011So I just finished some Orwell. Not 1984 though (hah, gotcha), but Animal Farm. It quickly became my…[View]
11491949Are there any knights of faith on /lit/?[View]
11489311>France hates instinctively everything that prevents it from giving herself to the niggers. Franc…[View]
11492455Books or short stories about false memories?[View]
11492098Why am I crying?[View]
11491385Does anyone else feel that the criticism Cervantes' narrative breaks in Part One are entirely d…[View]
11491898Why did this turn into a Spanish soap, I want my heroes back.[View]
11491235What's the most complex idea you came up with by yourself? Here's mine: The universe we pe…[View]
11490784Where should I REALLY start with philosophy? No, I’m not going to read the fucking Gr**ks. I don’t c…[View]
11492344>'you have nice breasts for a girl' what did jack mean by this?[View]
11441645Conservative /lit/: Closeted conservatives of /lit/, where does one start with conservative literatu…[View]
11490719Hi, my name is Aristocles.[View]
11491683Is this actually good?[View]
11489628whats some more pseuds of lit that sound smart to dumbies, but actual intellectuals have zero respec…[View]
11491710what does /lit/ think of Rousseau?[View]
11489261Whats the best edition of this book?[View]
11483066hy is he hated by this board so intensely? He has contributed more so than anyone else to modern lin…[View]
11490597Are movies whose directing stays true to the essence of the source work but cut down events to fit w…[View]
11491157What are your thoughts on J.K Rowling?[View]
11490653>your e-reader >what you like about it >what you dislike about it…[View]
11491965Do people actually take george orwell seriously?[View]
11490990> be me > read book > why can’t I write this well > get angry and stop reading…[View]
11491791What are the must reads of Ethics?[View]
11491870What are the quintessential books on the reciprocating engine and, quite separately, the rocket (sta…[View]
11482290Refute me: I'll wait[View]
11491477take the zhuangzi pill[View]
11491508books for >tfw no gf[View]
11491424is mishima basically murakami for closeted faggots instead of art hoes?[View]
11484464What does /lit/ think of Sufi literature and Sufism in general?[View]
11491557General Poetry Thread: Write what you will simply write it in prose Express your thoughts in your ar…[View]
11487764Shakespeare: Any particular reading order? I was planning on going through the historical ones in th…[View]
11490341>Read assigned book's wikipedia synopsis >Get A+…[View]
11488635Have you read it? Did you like it? Also, can you please reccomend the best sci fi horror novel you …[View]
11491221SOCRATES: Come, Nicias, tell him what sort of wisdom courage would be according to your view. I don’…[View]
11486466Based Ezra: Was he /ourguy/?[View]
11491296>don't want to read books for this feel?[View]
11490733I hadn't come to /lit/ before I started studying literature. It felt alien, and I felt very dis…[View]
11486541I don‘t know why, but I want to read some Sartre. Is there a special order to fully understand his i…[View]
11490667Library Clerk / Technician at Library of Congress: Does anyone have any experience with being a Libr…[View]
11490036https://www.wikihow.com/Be-Well-Read are you well-read[View]
11490874How to handle ones own ontology: I will start to study philosophy very soon, i have already submerge…[View]
11491189What would you do?: So I'm not sure if this is the place for journalistic inquiries, but there…[View]
11489769I have just finished Brave New World and i loved it. I want to read something else by Huxley, what w…[View]
11488280Post some lines that are so bad, they're good.[View]
11489794>DUDE MOZART LMAO[View]
11490522What are some essential reads for a young poet? They can be instructional or inspirational, whatever…[View]
11491029redpill me on this man[View]
11490894VIII On her trip around the world, Nanzia Nunzio Confronted Ozymandias. She went Alone and like a ve…[View]
11490932/Warrior cats lit/: I got a physical copy of River of Fire, Violetshine X Tree Good, I want them to …[View]
11489801Are there any similar recommendations to Norse mythology/literature like pic related?[View]
11490674If i steal some things from a cririque thread, put it in my otherwise self-written book and it becom…[View]
11490916Intro from this book: 'The history of Judaism is that of a people or sect permanently at war with th…[View]
11490753Gilbert Sorrentino. Worth a read ? Where to start ?[View]
11485878*orders whiskey on the rocks*[View]
11463140Open MS Paint Draw a scene from your favorite book Others guess what it is[View]
11490018Is it just me or is this a pain to read? English is my 2nd language but I have always assumed to be …[View]
11479557Holy... I want more...[View]
11487745Overrated piece of shit.[View]
11487645Books that fucked you up[View]
11488656What philosopher communicates the idea of 'Just be yourself.'? I'm a very phony person and am l…[View]
11488838This just arrived in the mail today. How hard did I get memed? I literally can’t read this[View]
11489900After reading so many books and absorbed so much knowledge i came to the conclusion that cynicism is…[View]
11490625Books with generation ships: This any good? I read larry Niven's 'Ringworld' and it was underwh…[View]
11490112Should I read?: I'm afraid of finding the meaning of life, because as we all know, the true val…[View]
11489671LOTR is one of my favorite books. So browsing Reddit that's what I found. What would Tolkien sa…[View]
11489800>tfw listened to 2 complete audiobooks in 1 day feels excellently pseud-tastic, my fellow /r/book…[View]
11490430Books that will give me really dark thoughts and make a hateful cynical person ?[View]
11489706Anyone read this?[View]
11490550Hey /lit, need help: 1 or 2 months ago there was a thread about why there are barely any movie attem…[View]
11490568What does /lit/ think about Children of Exposition?[View]
11488921Anyone read these? I just finished the first one, Path to Power, and it was exhilarating. I'm s…[View]
11487947Women can't wri-[View]
11488563Give Me Hypertexts: I've never read one before. Care to offer a recommendation? why did hyperte…[View]
11489367Transcendental philos: Can some one point to books about the philosopical concept of transcendence i…[View]
11489611Is the Gospel of Mark the most important?[View]
11487984Paranormal/mystery horror stories: I'm looking for a book that contains a lot of paranormal ele…[View]
11487003Ready Player One: I got Kindle for my birthday and hammered through Ready Player One in a day. What …[View]
11490104Why does he write in English: He is a native russian speaker, why doesn't he write in Russian i…[View]
11488169Which work of philosophy is your personal bible?[View]
11490236>to the lighthouse do women actually overthink every action and word of other people like that? …[View]
11482396Classics: Reminder that there is no such thing as a classic. There are only outdated books that no l…[View]
11487459Post your poetic works, faggots. And comment others. (poetic as in NO PROSE) Go.[View]
11488235Describe the best character you've ever created and other anons rate them.[View]
11489916Spoilers: Maybe I'm going crazy but I swear there's a scene in Roadside Picnic where Monke…[View]
11490056Opinions on omnibuses? My copy of Lolita got damaged and I want to buy another one, as well as Pale…[View]
11488974Robert Greene: Is he a hack or is he actually a good author and intellectual? I read Mastery and 48 …[View]
11480186Poems about a fearsome God-/ the terror of God: Jews of /lit/ I myself am not Jewish, but I was inte…[View]
11485076Give me a Shakespeare monologue and I will read it out for your pleasure[View]
11490054In the Wilderness: You're going to be stuck in the wilderness in a few days. The specific envir…[View]
11487389https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDMVYNX9xPw Hey sorry if this was posted already, just found a 3 hou…[View]
11487659Feedback on my writing: This manifesto isn't done. I rushed at the end and unfortunately do not…[View]
11478147Perception of Structure in Poetry and Music: Hi /lit/ I've brought up what I've been worki…[View]
11489867Was Mr Kipling a racist?[View]
11488367ITT: Post more accurate titles for the book you last read >The Charterhouse of Parma >Everybod…[View]
11489840The role of women.: There's the experience of momentary haze which isn't momentary at all.…[View]
11447952Anne Frank fiction: United States Armyfag here, my unit is gearing up for a deployment in the next f…[View]
11479897This was a good series[View]
11488658Neil Postman: Is Postman basically just a massive fucking pseud riding the coattails of dystopian fi…[View]
11489876Garden: Everyone should have a garden, my garden is a great source of peace for me, it gets me up in…[View]
11489612BIBLE QUESTIONS: I'm rediscovering my faith after a long stint as an atheist. I was raised Cath…[View]
11481446What's your best argument against hedonism?[View]
11488915Demons reading group: Inscriptions open, join us right now. We are starting this weekend. Proposed …[View]
11486639Translations of Tolstoy’s ‘Anna Karenina’ into English: Is there a 'definitive' translatio…[View]
11489744What poems do you recommend to someone that has never read one before?[View]
11488710Would you give yourself to an author?[View]
11487716Is there something like this board irl? I really love all of you guys but I have no idea where to go…[View]
11488264Redpill me on middle eastern literature, /lit/. I've only read Arabian NIghts and segments of t…[View]
11489586If you write about girls you're a faggot[View]
11489626What are some essential /Boomer/ books? My suggestion in first post.[View]
11489530pretty lame it's like a Jason Statham movie without guns[View]
11474555Gen X needs to fully understand Heidegger. What did he mean when he wrote that technology unveils th…[View]
11489448noko: Anyone read Sid Sanford Lives! Same title on Amazon What did you think of it? When you read i…[View]
11488555rate this stack: > mythology (currently reading) > dubliners (currently reading) > iliad …[View]
11488364rate current stack: stack im working through: > dubliners (currently reading) > mythology (cur…[View]
11483106how do you guys talk to ANYONE about literature or philosophy? i work a 9-5 desk job and no one in m…[View]
11488834what will her first book be about, anon? will you read it? also how many times did she make u coom?[View]
11489575Reminder that you will never be able to go out drinking with Guy Debord[View]
11489512The metaphysics of Cthulhu.: What about this entity?[View]
11488605Best translation of the Book of Disquiet?[View]
11489334How do I live and have experiences that I can write about?: Most interesting thing that happened rec…[View]
11489263...and I beheld, what I hope no mortal man may ever share, a vision to erode all sanity before me, a…[View]
11489098I wrote extremely hellish poetry and music between 2012 and 2016. Nothing at all even remotely resem…[View]
11489001Critique thread: Post some OC faggots. Mine below.[View]
11483561Anyone want to unironically discuss Infinite Jest?[View]
11488562new to /lit/ you guys have any good recommendations for me?[View]
11488866Dude, like nihilism bro[View]
11483931post 5/5 novels only you have read[View]
11487585Suicide Literature: Can anyone recommend literature that touches on, describes, or analyzes suicide?…[View]
11489270How did you advance your writing career today, /lit/?[View]
11488750I'd like to start learning the following languages. French. Latin. Japanese. What does /lit/ re…[View]
11487609Thoughts on this book? It’s a little hard to follow, but it has some heartfelt passages IMO. Definit…[View]
11489175This will unironically change your life.[View]
11486732Daily reminder.[View]
11488607Best edition of the Complete Works of Shakespeare? I picked up the version with illustrations by Ken…[View]
11489134Paradise Lost: I'm just about finished reading Illuminatus! with my next book being Paradise Lo…[View]
11489130If I read this and totally miss the sarcasm, am I autistic?[View]
11488226Are these books going to change the course of philosphy ?[View]
11488905This guy has good prose[View]
11488114Victor D Hanson: Good ww2 book? anyone read it?[View]
11489064Influences of various kinds conspire to increase corporate action and decrease individual action.[View]
11488493/lit/ BTFO: https://www.theladders.com/career-advice/these-20-pictures-will-teach-you-more-than-read…[View]
11475550Stop needing.: Just stop.[View]
11488902Selah Grenewood: Grenewood's Round Table[View]
11487670Post books/discuss the metaphysics of suffering and desire. I'll start: Weil (Gravity & Gr…[View]
11488033i haven't slept for 72 hours and just started reading gravity's rainbow. ask me anything a…[View]
11486133What are some books about IRL magic? I'm not that interested in how, but in the philosophy of t…[View]
11482182>this character is [trait]. he is also [opposite of trait] lmao![View]
11488474Was Stalin a Theorylet or not?: I hear many people saying Stalin was great philosopher, I hear many …[View]
11486931What book would you recommend to someone who has never read one fully in his entire life?[View]
11486060How do I become more articulate?: I can write reasonably well but when I speak everything goesto shi…[View]
11488080What are the best parts of Chandler's Marlowe novels?[View]
11486678Pathologic: How does /lit/ feel about Pathologic? What books have a similar feeling?[View]
11488213Shakespeare's histories: Is there a recommended reading path for Shakes' historical plays?…[View]
11488488Ordering books: I wanted to order a few books from Amazon and it would have cost me 60 dollars which…[View]
11485165>Finnegans Wake[View]
11487664Lacan: Is there some sort of a Lacan primer or should I just try to read whatever seminar seems inte…[View]
11485789I'm planing to read some different stuff and the /lit/ wikia couldn't help me. So, I'…[View]
11488516My native-language is spanish, been reading english for a couple of years (a little of everything). …[View]
11488548Which installment is the best?[View]
11487226Which translation of the Essays do you recommend? I'm stuck between Frame, Screech, and Florio.[View]
11480261Post your top 5 favorite books of all time. Others judge.[View]
11487317Who are the forgotten thinkers of the gay underground. Considering how lesbian dominated queer theor…[View]
11488486Spy thriller recs /lit/?: Can I get any good spy thriller reccomendations. I'm especially looki…[View]
11485661Perennial quotes: I will recount for thee this sermon (logos) too, O Tat, that thou may’st cease to …[View]
11488190Need help finding 1850s book: Hello /lit/! I need help searching for a circa 1850s book titled 'Life…[View]
11486893Just started learning Sanskrit. What am I in for?[View]
11484491why did deleuze suicide?[View]
11486697What does /lit/ think of Generation X by Douglas Coupland ? Is it worth reading ?[View]
11488138How beneficial is reading books ( fiction specifically ) ? are we just wasting time, should i see bo…[View]
11474783Any good book about general history of Africa?[View]
11485674Worth a read?: Seems like its pretty important to the current nationalism vs globalism divide[View]
11488219Is quality of writing important for fantasy or should I say fuck this shit and publish my shitty boo…[View]
11477296Books to help me get through opiate withdrawal without bitching out and getting high again?[View]
11487949hi /lit/ are any of you well-versed in plays? I have a little theatre troupe of four folks - two men…[View]
11487406Favourite Heaney poem? For me its 'Sweeney Astray'[View]
11488128how hard is to write and publish a light novel if you're not japanese?[View]
11484659the works of Friedrich Nietzsche cannot possibly still be relevant: >It's like... society, m…[View]
11486250Filmmaking /lit/: Suggest some good books on filmmaking.[View]
11487148>Bookend the Sokal affair and science wars by being former semiotics and political science studen…[View]
11485598Any books on how to stop worrying too much about physical appearance?[View]
11481911Dante: Help me /lit/, I've read the chart a hundred times already and I still can't decide…[View]
11484542he's fucking boring[View]
11487103Is Brahman the Tao?[View]
11486669Hi. My friend suggested that I share my collection here. I’ve written 23 novels in the last 6 years,…[View]
11487730what are some books about unjust and tyrannical abuses of power[View]
11487704'Information is antifragile; it feeds more on attempts to harm it than it does on efforts to promote…[View]
11480772>Bloom defendsthe concept of the Western canonby discussing 26 writers whom he sees as central to…[View]
11487866Any use to reading this book?[View]
11487543any of you read pic related? I’m about 80% of the way through and I’m enjoying it, the pre-socratic …[View]
11487246Female authors: I just realized all the books I've read this year are from male writers. Are th…[View]
11486718Reading at Work: Do you read at work? What are you reading at work? Is reading at work immoral?…[View]
11483674Explain to me how Dune is classified as scifi.[View]
11487806Is there a list of books that are necessary to read AND are also entertaining?[View]
11486914new nick land interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDMVYNX9xPw&t=214s what do you think?…[View]
11485917Does learning language get easier after you've already mastered a few? Is it worth getting acqu…[View]
11485098I'm going to read 2666. Is it a good book? Should I read anything before it?[View]
11487544>Franz Weidenreich, 'The Brachycephalization of Recent Mankind', Southwestern Journal of Anthropo…[View]
11484958I really liked ”Crime and Punishment” but I just can’t get through this. 40 pages in and this haphaz…[View]
11485207>'Manchester students deface poem by 'racist' Kipling' >'student leaders erased the …[View]
11487410What are all of your thoughts on pic related? I finished it earlier today and really loved it.[View]
11486376How does one teach,to the blind and deaf,that brown exists?[View]
11485145What's a novel where the main plot is at first glance, very simple and one dimensional; but the…[View]
11485725which book would be the hardest to read in braille?[View]
11484795Books the deal with the origins of humilation fetishs: Can someone recommend a good book that deals …[View]
11479234Traditionalist heresy: In the wake of some recent threads on Traditionalism, I find passage very int…[View]
11484201imagine not reading zhuangzi lol i bet you are all sadcunts learn The Way my nigs. fucking butterfli…[View]
11486448>had had[View]
114851991984 vs Animal Farm: Which book succeeded in terms of pushing a political statement? For me, Animal …[View]
11484853Why didn't Dumbledore thought of Horcruxes before? The bad guy survived unsurvivable killing cu…[View]
11485543Which chapters should i read?[View]
11481621The Game: Why didn't you tell me about this guy? He is literally /ourguy/ >went to Vassar an…[View]
11487047Yes i can't: I live in a big city and i usually buy my books. I don't have any way of orde…[View]
11483155Is it fair to say that the best writers tend to lead eccentric lives?[View]
11485879Which character in literature / genre fiction is his equivalent?[View]
11487001Audiobooks: Is listening to a book 'cheating?'[View]
11485115Where do i start with The Postmodernists and The Frankfurt School?[View]
11485558What’s the best Philip Roth novel?[View]
11486881Reading and you daily routine: Whats your daily routine and is it shaped around getting the most rea…[View]
11484354ITT: Books you never get tired of Started these probably for the 20th time[View]
11486292Hey guys, I've been waiting to hear back from two poetry magazines for a little over a month an…[View]
11486775Research: How do you research for your writing correctly? I always seem to be unable to access sourc…[View]
11482829Are there any Cyberpunk novels that instead of being your typical orwellian dystopian police tales a…[View]
11482894What doth /lit/ think of my man Willy Shakespeare?[View]
11486755Journal Thread: What is the format of your typical entry? What have you written about recently? Do y…[View]
11484994Samurai/Bushido literature: What are some books about samurai and bushido? I am interested in the su…[View]
11480480How do you feel about Les Misérables?[View]
11486247What is the most incel author and why is it Pessoa ?[View]
11486583Concerning the motivation to write: Hi /lit/, I have a bit of a problem. I have been writing for the…[View]
11480870Was he right /lit/ ?[View]
11485787Hello. I've just discovered a book called The Magus. It's apparently well reputed, but not…[View]
11477467the ouroborous is a great symbol it suggests everything, consciousness as recursion, the unity of th…[View]
11484158What can I expect? How much does being unfinished impacts it? First Musil btw[View]
11485010what is the literary equivalent of ravel's miroirs?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VdZR3deNd…[View]
11484204Books about anhedonia and being dead inside and not being able to feel pleasure and thus suffering? …[View]
11485654I've seen this on other sites recommended to fans of Vonnegut. Why is this? I'm a quarter …[View]
11475091What's some essential atheist-to-christian literature?[View]
11482001Jung vs Freud: Who was right?[View]
11484916disenfranchised men turning to the orthodox church in their lowest, darkest hours is just a meme, ri…[View]
11483765Emily Dickinson: Hey /lit/ Emily Dickinson Post your thoughts, feelings on her, lines you like I fe…[View]
11478059What do you think of Rilke /lit/ I have this feeling he is at bottom an ultrapseud, but language bar…[View]
11485958What are some philosophers that talk about this?[View]
11481929im decently/very familiar with history of philosophy and want to read a sort of re-cap do i want ken…[View]
11485883Surrealism: I just started reading the surrealist manifesto. Opinions on it? Also, opinions on other…[View]
11485980Is this a good book?[View]
11485886labor theory of value BTFO: If a man was in the desert, dying of thirst, which would he prefer? A go…[View]
11485923>watching corporate leadership video >woman is talking about how companies focus on doing over…[View]
11485544Writers being the pathetic fucks that they are https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNd5RwjXhjk[View]
11485777Whose prose style is ideal? If you respond with 'mine,' you have to post a selection of your work f…[View]
11484643Is this a good book to give to someone who loves reading fairy stories and all the fantastical stuff…[View]
11485176Someone help me out I am looking for an epub/PDF of pic related. I've looked everywhere, I need…[View]
11485585What did Aristophanes mean by this?[View]
11483500Arabic literature thread: Literature from the Arab world seems to be lacking, I'd like to know …[View]
11485699How is the Threshold series? Is it worth picking up?[View]
11484988Did people actually used to write their correspondence like this, or is it just a literary device?[View]
11483758literature is just genre fiction with pretensions of high art.[View]
11483330>a thrill ride[View]
11485608A rare cover edition of a book that you own. I had to dig deep to find a version of this cover that …[View]
114847821 And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away;…[View]
11483756Epic Poetry: You HAVE been reading epics, right? >Pic related Just finished Tamar. I'd call …[View]
11483314What: >Girl next to me at work reading a book >'Hey, what's that book about? >'Oh, it…[View]
11482876I've lost so much patience with books. Continental philosophy is distilled charlatanism. No con…[View]
11480482What are some good books about protagonist suffering from existential hollowness and emptiness in li…[View]
11483817Has a book ever shocked you? Which one?[View]
11484525Chad is Nietzsche's Ubermensch: >Lives by his own standards >Doesn't care what other…[View]
11483907Is Rakitin /ourguy/?[View]
11480121Are there any books with confirmed retards as the protagonist?[View]
11481733I typed over 6k words in 5 hours. Is that an acceptable writing speed?[View]
11480682HOLY SHIT ive been reading the book of disquiet and it is literally fucking me like like if I had a …[View]
11484165Reading with music?: I have a problem /lit/. I can't read anything in silence, I always need so…[View]
11479725So do I live according to Reason or Nature?[View]
11484841>Writes a whole novel making fun of Robert Frost >His own poetry is absolute shit-tier, seems …[View]
11484170Is there any point in attending university, especially if you are okay being poor?[View]
11484154/lit/ for this feel?[View]
11479059You can stop pretending it's not shit now.[View]
11480246How the FUCK is someone supposed to figure out what to read when browsing a library? Is this the mos…[View]
11484112Just finished this, did I like it?[View]
11481725The Napoleon of Notting Hill: Halfway through this and it's a real struggle, regardless of how …[View]
11483873Is this just a homosexual parody of traditionalism? It's incoherent as hell for one and just lo…[View]
11481659>read Nietzsche >feel exalted, ready to conquer life with passion who gives you the same feeli…[View]
11483698First time posting, check me out on patreon please. The Absurdist is my username. I am writing prima…[View]
11483732Just bought this. What am I in for?[View]
11463925ITT:: Post an image, get book recommendations.[View]
11484508Was he the first NazBol?[View]
11484342Hi /lit/ What do you think of my nonfiction collection and what other works or authors would you rec…[View]
11481691Daily reminder that this is /lit/ canon.[View]
11483802why should i give a shit about kant?[View]
11483848Ulysses by James Joyce. All time favorite. Gravity's rainbow by Thomas Pynchon, V by Thomas Pyn…[View]
11484176Is he a cool guy?[View]
11484315our hips, those thighs, I (love it when you call me, baby) And I can't deny I (love it when I…[View]
11476821What literature focuses on the social lives of the rich?[View]
11481602Post your novel ideas. It's not like they're going anywhere.[View]
11483889Let’s read this book. Anyone interested? We would be starting this weekend with something like 20 pa…[View]
11484149What is the likelihood that I can make a living off of writing some stylistic, post-post-modernist p…[View]
11484245>im a neetchean[View]
11484142The Ego and Its Own: What does /lit/ think of The Ego and Its Own? What are your thoughts on Max Sti…[View]
11481813What does /lit/ think of Thomas Carlyle?[View]
11483676Thoughts on the Faust?[View]
11479623How to read it and is it worth of spending time on it?[View]
11481020I have every Harry Potter hard cover first American edition, does /lit/ have any books that are coll…[View]
11483767Can we attribute extension and motion to the things-in-themselves?[View]
11483789I had a pretty good theories roll in this draft. A philosophy is a lens through to which to see th…[View]
11483587Has anyone read it? Looks interesting. I've been reading Saints' prophecies about the Anti…[View]
11482940Pynchon appreciation thread[View]
11475664Authors who started late?: I am 28 years old. I started reading about 8 years ago. I really want to …[View]
11481817Books for the living dead: I am not too old but I have had a long life. Storied too perhaps. I have …[View]
11482266Iris Murdoch. Is she any good ? Where to start ?[View]
11480386Literally everything this dude wrote was wrong. Why exactly is he lauded as one of the great philoso…[View]
11483237stop going bald[View]
11483718Y'all horny mofos: https://www.thecut.com/2018/07/the-10-horniest-men-in-literature.html Discus…[View]
11482598If a cute girl whom you like tells you to read Guns, Germs, and Steel, but a super hot girl who is t…[View]
11483111All right /lit/, you tricked me again and I fell for the meme, again. Good job. Anyway, I have other…[View]
11482262Poetry about Poetry?: Been reading a lot of Dickinson recently, and in particular found 'I dwel…[View]
11483636Can reading books be profitable? How?[View]
11483284Serious question: what makes a writer a 'hack' so to speak? I honestly want to know this. …[View]
11483153Should I read the Odyssey before I read Ulysses? Should I read the Iliad before I read the Odyssey?[View]
11482461Musical Philosophers: Music is such a prevalent force in our lives and is the fulcrum of art for mil…[View]
11475525How to experience the oneness of the universe:: Want to have a mystical ecstasy to see reality as it…[View]
11483473Introduction ruin book experience: So I started reading the /lit/ book, Stoner, and now on the page …[View]
11481591anyone else cant stand anglo lit?: Irish lit is pretty based and even some of the stuff from America…[View]
11483329What is the literary equivalent to this?[View]
11483510>dumb deformed slav goes around drinking and doing nothing of interest, he also likes to steal bo…[View]
11481785Pls check this epic story!: https://www.wattpad.com/story/155487872-c%27era-una-volta-peddy…[View]
11481729Do you feel pride for what you have read, /lit/?[View]
11482646What do you think of my idea Creature with newfound divine powers thought to be rouge angel decimate…[View]
11482865who is Rome's foremost prose stylist?[View]
11483032Books to help NEET/Druggie/Nihilist: Hello /lit/, my brother-in-law is going down a bad path. A very…[View]
11483266Okay brain/lits/, I’m experiencing a bit of a dilemma and need your help on my quest. I started wit…[View]
11483406The Godmakers: Has anyone read this book? I just want to know what the process for elevating gods wa…[View]
11483010What is some /lit/ approved LGBT-kino besides Mishima?[View]
11483141>Finnegans Wake[View]
11483001idk: I don't feel like anyone's been happy to see me It's bugging me that smiles neve…[View]
11479991How can I grant myself a solid philosophical education? I'm 20 yo and currently trying to recov…[View]
11483206Mosses Hess: Thoughts on him /lit/?Iam reading his Rome and Jerusalem and I cant say that Iam disapp…[View]
11482669Will you read it?[View]
11482735Warcraft/40K books: Found Picrel in my Amazon Recommended list. Are any of these books actually wort…[View]
11482681has genuine truth ever lost its way harder than this? the earliest biblical texts all feel like genu…[View]
11482043Submitted a manuscript...: And in the statues, it is said its withdrawn.[View]
11482969I've been posting all over the site with BASED posts in order to reach out to like-minded indiv…[View]
11481675I can't make sense of part 3, wft is going on there? help?[View]
11480756is he a hack?[View]
11480691>mfw finished 2-3 books a year Why did I discover porn and vidya anon?[View]
11479650Thoughts?: Don't pretend this isn't /lit/ related given how dominant postcolonial theory i…[View]
11482716Recommended Rumi translation?: From what I've heard Barks should be avoided, Jawid Mojaddedi is…[View]
11482344*crack.....sips* now blood meridian.....THAT was a great novel[View]
11476932HORROR ICEBERG CHART: I do want an iceberg chart on Horror Literature. Can /lit/ make it possible? S…[View]
11482653>be a fat ugly NEET >walk around town and perform mental gymnastics on bypassing people >ge…[View]
11478366Why doesn't it make sense?[View]
11482603Who is that one author that predicted the Big Bang theory basically word for word and was never cred…[View]
11480612Becoming like sade: How do i become more like the marquis de sade? I've read all his books, but…[View]
11478826Hey guys, remember that time a bunch of students got together and tried to convince a drunk cooked c…[View]
11454524/lit/ humour[View]
11481210Books on faith: What are some books for someone who wants to believe in (the Christian) God, but is …[View]
11482355Hi, I'm currently writing a book and was wondering if /lit/ was the right place to do this. I a…[View]
11473717Alright lads, the 2018 Summer Cup is upon us, and /lit/ F.C. has rightfully earned a spot in it. We …[View]
11480039Am I the only one here who's obsessed by the Will? I can't be alone in this case.[View]
11480413Posting Adventure/Expedition novels. Feel free to add First one is is Arabia Felix. An incredible st…[View]
11482350Hello /lit/ I just made my first meme: What do y'all fine people think about it ?[View]
11474333/sffg/ - Science Fiction and Fantasy General: Best SFF Short Stories Edition >What is your favori…[View]
11482305Today would've been Nelson Mandela's 100th birthday and for no reason I feel like sharing …[View]
11480301Anyone else excited about this?[View]
11480861What are some comfy books that talk about the importance of frens?[View]
11471737Rate my thrift store purchase. Whole stack was under $15.[View]
11479085Is there anyone who could have defeated him in debate?[View]
11481986Anyone here read Sadegh Hedayat? Got this based on a recommendation from someone on here as he has r…[View]
11478901Gore Vidal: what does /lit/ think about vidal? should I start with Julian or Lincoln? I've hear…[View]
11479480how do I get good handwriting?: my handwriting is shit, messy and slow, how can I improve it to high…[View]
11478098anyone read this? I was kind of surprised at how well written (even if a bit simple) the story was. …[View]
11482151The First Law thread: Does anybody else here enjoy the works of Joe Abercrombie? I like his books wr…[View]
11480973how do you deal with noisy neighbors/flatmates or simply any noisy people near you? is pic related …[View]
11476796What is the /lit/erally best /lit/ approved ebook reader?[View]
11479791Were Fremen intentionally portrayed as simpleton subhumans prone to violence, neglecting reason in f…[View]
11479111TL;DR: 'Life is shit. Deal with it'[View]
11478280What are some mind blowing nooks, or books that really make you think in abstract terms to their app…[View]
11481864Dear diary, my days as a whiny leftist are over. I am transforming into a try-hard neo-conservative.…[View]
11481740Saint Augustine Post-Confessions: Can any anons help me? I read Confessions and want to read more st…[View]
11481727How did this mad lad do it? what made his poetry so good?[View]
11479808good article here on the usual Into The Void stuff. >The problem of capitalism is not that it wo…[View]
11481229Why was this book so popular?: Eric Segal's Love Story, despite getting mixed reviews by the cr…[View]
11477774Any good books about music, music history, or music theory? Currently reading pic related and enjoyi…[View]
11452734>age >location >current book…[View]
11472206What comes after New Sincerity?[View]
11481160what the fuck was his problem?[View]
11480926*crack* *sip* Aaah...Bukowski, now THAT was poetry[View]
11481055>*ruins Western literature* Psssh nothing personnel, cracker[View]
11479518Books where the protag is a flaneur, especially if he is described as one in the book[View]
11481335wojack thread requesting a Wojack of pessoa[View]
11477650Who would win in a fight? Is Crime and Punishment or War and Peace the greater novel? Doesn’t Dosto…[View]
11480755Essay Collections for Basic Writing Instruction: Hello, /lit/izens. I am trying to isolate some pot…[View]
11477567All right you faggots, I HAVE to attend a Poetry Book Club meeting tomorrow and I want you to link m…[View]
11480204so i finally finished infinite jest after two months (ish) a substantially long book. two months is …[View]
11481116>people who post here who still read fantasy and sci-fi[View]
11475922First line advice: Giving writing a go for the first time and I’d like your opinion on the opening o…[View]
1147195820 year old boomer here. Who can give me a coherent account of aesthetics? Why is it that I know bea…[View]
11476129was it autism?[View]

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