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10405393(Pic un related): a world in tears consumed in red death surrounds without hope as light breaks thro…[View]
10405918>right i dont know who cormac mcarthy is but in my class we use punctuation, understood anon? wh…[View]
10405891>want to read a Paris Review interview >it's behind a paywall Anyone knows where to find …[View]
10400636>'I read the bible in a month.'[View]
10396258If you had to pick a literary fictional character to be your roomate who would you pick?[View]
10405833What are some of your favourite sources for good journalism? Investigative journalism, stories, etc.…[View]
10403028L. A. Literary: Give me your best L. A.-themed fiction/non-fiction. I seem to be falling in love wit…[View]
10405720>At the end of their first year, I called one of them into my office to offer a little advice. He…[View]
10405437So I'm thinking about writing book. It will be titled 'Hector'. Cover will be something akin to…[View]
10400525Conquest of Bread: Anybody here read the Conquest of Bread by Peter Kropotkin? Thoughts? Did it make…[View]
10404575I have a feeling this is a really good book but I don’t see much of a discussion about it here, what…[View]
10405591Are extroverts basically retarded?[View]
10404590/publishing/: Post your top 3 favorite books from your favorite publishing companies[View]
10400912Asceticism Bread: What is some good ascetic literature and how do I go about adopting an ascetic lif…[View]
10405669Who pool-side reading here?[View]
10405464You have [arbitrary determinate amount of time] to name a better writing style guide. Pro tip: You C…[View]
10400524MBTI: What's your type, who are your favorite writers?[View]
10403563WHACK FOR MY DADDY-O[View]
10404290What are the best Star Wars books that i should read?[View]
10403452/lit/ has an average IQ of 147: Is this true?[View]
10405375What concepts, Ideologies, historical events and figures, etc., should I be framiliar with before I …[View]
10401833What should be added to my resentful incel stack?[View]
10405542where did he go?: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1eSErMeetAhYlhJajhzR1E2aEk/view[View]
10405477Thoughts on this list? It's apparently a ten-year plan to read all the great books of the Weste…[View]
10403830What would you literally do if you were in a creative writing class and David Foster Wallace got in …[View]
10403238Good examples of French written phonetically? I'm trying to write a Frenchman speaking in Engli…[View]
10404989How do I keep myself sane enough to finish this?[View]
10405302Writing Ink / Pencil / Charcoal: So I’m gonna write some stuff down and long story short, I’m expect…[View]
10404967>'everything in the Old Testament points to Jesus' >So Samson went and caught three hundred fo…[View]
10405066Thoughts on this /lit/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWvtPA9B4zk&feature=youtu.be…[View]
10404932looking for something to read about Italian Fascism. Any tips ?[View]
10403742is there any reason to read this?: im curious from a history of thought perspective, but it's s…[View]
10398595What are the most /lit/ twitter accounts?[View]
10404156ITT: literature where the main character makes a complete fool of himself and destroys all his reput…[View]
10404391>>10400636 Thesis >>10404349 Antithesis >I read the bible Synthesis…[View]
10403496Biggest hacks of the Fantasy genre: >'First of all, I don't write fantasy. I write stories t…[View]
10400412I read Birth of Tragedy without starting with the greeks and got BTFO hard. I realized starting the …[View]
10404411>An astounding polyglot, Schopenhauer peppers The World as Will and Representation throughout wit…[View]
10381122why isnt this book a bigger meme? heres a fun quote: “I would argue that masturbation is the human …[View]
10401035Best poet?: Who, in your opinion, is one of the best poets of all time? Obviously there is no object…[View]
10403929/Cliff/: What do you think Cliff will get out of Nietzsche?[View]
10393716Write what's on your mind. I just made a fool of myself for the final time in front of the love…[View]
10402222Weekly reminder that Nietzsche died shitting his pants and playing with blocks, and nothing he said …[View]
10404533what do you lads think of yellow magic orchestra? favourite album? favourite member?[View]
10403673Has anyone read Emil Cioran? Is he worth reading?[View]
10402538What's the best edition of the Yellow Sign story and Robert Chambers' other stories? If th…[View]
10399112>can only read a mere 70 pages per hour How do I stop being a brainlet?…[View]
10398198handwriting rate thread: post handwriting and other anons judge it and/or your character[View]
10402743What does /lit/ think of Bukowski?[View]
10400726What's the best text on Liberation Theology?[View]
10402278cyberpunk: why are rural/redneck towns such a fucking untouched avenue in cyberpunk/near future fict…[View]
10404261I have no idea why I wrote this like a high school homework question: What do you think makes a book…[View]
10404013Why is it so boring?[View]
10404200Whirlwind - Revolution 2.0: Whirlwind: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfkZaCNIUxO8biSQmHaTvGH…[View]
10404096thoughts on this book?: I've been browsing /lit/ for a little bit now, still never finished a b…[View]
10401899>tfw destined to be a great writer anyone else know this feel?[View]
10404125Recently published books: Anyone have any recommendations for new Authors and/or recently published …[View]
10400632Must an artist suffer for his work?[View]
10403876I think I'm too stupid for Pynchon, boys.[View]
10399963i fail this year in the university, my parents are dissapointed and i feel like shit; i'm not s…[View]
10403970You cannot deny the bitter news, brothers: it is harder then ever for authors to make a living. Even…[View]
10403616Why doesn't goodreads use a simple like it/didn't like it system? Being forced to rate a b…[View]
10403960would pynchon post on 4chan? would dfw? personally i think pynchon would post on 4chan while dfw wou…[View]
10403969Candide, or LEIBNITZ IS A NIGGER Voltaire remains readable and enjoyable today, because his style is…[View]
10403909How much would being irreligious damage my experience when reading Brothers Karamazov? I've hea…[View]
10403910Anyone got this book in a digital format, willing to share ?[View]
10400810>Once the batch has cooled, feel free to Oedipa few and settle back, waiting for the timer to sig…[View]
10401557so, I found out all the things spirit science was talking about and teaching was actually sugar coat…[View]
10403835EU help: Now that Star Wars is a dead film series, I’m finally ready to into the EU. I’ve read a few…[View]
10403803Spanish speaker here Should i read this or will i miss something important if i read a translation?[View]
10402766Just finished book one and I'm really into the story so far. I'm debating on getting the t…[View]
10403687Which one of you did this[View]
10401431I have laughed not once throughout my entire adult life. Recommend me a book that will make me.[View]
10403089What books have had the greatest impact on world history? I was thinking the Bible, the Ninety-Five …[View]
10403677Christmas gift: I want to challenge my younger sister (16) this Christmas. She reads a lot and speak…[View]
10396147/SFFg/ - Science Fiction and Fantasy General: Never Go Full Anime Edition >current read >what…[View]
10403683What are the best books about brotherhood and sacrifice /lit/? >hard mode: no band of brothers bo…[View]
10400541/conan/: What does /lit/ think of the Conan stories and the rest of Robert E howard's work?…[View]
10403230hey /lit/, i need some answers from y'all: >when you read, do you have that 'voice' in your …[View]
10401453Where does one meat intelligent /lit/ individuals: I wish there were an intellectual culture these d…[View]
10403274Just marathoned picrelated and thought it was utter trash. Somebody explain the hype[View]
10402566What are some great books about how philosophy shapes culture and the modern zeitgeist? How long doe…[View]
10402442Important read.[View]
10400796The more I think about the fact William Burroughs shot his wife dead the less I understand how peopl…[View]
10402379The median American (18 years of age or older, all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia) read…[View]
10397919What book made you realize your love for literature?[View]
10403389Egalitarianism: Hello, I am interested in philosophers or specific philosophical works that discuss …[View]
10398536Novels are disease to storytelling: What do you think about this guy's arguments? https://youtu…[View]
10403421What's are some of your favourite/most interesting character goals and motivations in fiction?[View]
10402072are e-readers superior to books yet? i mostly read technical books, most of them have diagrams and s…[View]
10400170Ego Death: I want to experience ego death, what /lit/ can I read to help me achieve this?[View]
10402846Education system in this country: This is why the education system in this country is fucked[View]
10395651Is it naive to believe that the main goal of a person's life ought to be to achieve happiness (…[View]
10403265Writers with cameos in TV shows: Neal Stephenson.[View]
10401420What are the best examples for each of these?[View]
10400128How does /lit/ feel about the novel 'Hauyea' by Geor-Pravl Dantu?[View]
10402923I am currently writing a non fiction story based on real events.Had a few questions if anyone of you…[View]
10403209What's his endgame?[View]
10400669Leave being right about everything to me[View]
10402416I like Hegel. Do you like Hegel?[View]
10398471In my never ending quest to improve myself, I currently find myself unable to gather books and other…[View]
10402758What are some good books about loan sharks?[View]
10400109Why read the bible?[View]
10391750Can this book get any more boring[View]
10393624Hi /lit/ I'm not from here but is there a book you guys recommend that's so depressing it…[View]
10402967Have annotations gone too far?[View]
10402853Are there any playwrights besides Sophocles and Shakespeare worth checking out?[View]
10401644>tfw more of a writer than a reader[View]
10402571>song spoils the entire book for you[View]
10398611So is this like pseudo-theory?[View]
10402827Can anyone recommend me some books from the magical realism genre? I've read some tangentially …[View]
10402077about to pop open the ritual to devil worshipping....[View]
10398431Is How to Win Friends and Influence People worth reading? my brother is taking the course and he wan…[View]
10402372How important is life experience to writing good books? Are there any examples of great writers that…[View]
10402120Is this an Xmas book? I need a holiday book for the holiday season.[View]
10401215Did Jesus read the bible[View]
10397135Age progression thread: Some other anon had this idea but that thread is nowhere to be seen now. Any…[View]
10401792Faith and Knowledge: Anyone read Faith and Knowledge? Why is this nigger so hard to understand. All …[View]
10376603Post a picture get book recs: You know the drill[View]
10400416Novels that feactures underage sex: I want to read some novels about sex with young age people, pref…[View]
10377509write whats on your mind[View]
10402336What is a poet? Like an old rhyme, That shan't show it? Who understands these old lines, and wi…[View]
10402360Recently I was notified by a close friend of mine that I sound like a person who regurgitates info f…[View]
10402355any translations of dante's divine comedy in aaaa or aabb rhyme scheme?[View]
10402034Dionysus and the Bacchanates: Was Dionysus the first Byronic hero?[View]
10396793what is the spectacle /lit/?[View]
10394966If Pynchon wrote a movie directed by David Lynch, would it be titled 'LynchPyn'?[View]
10399316I found this in a store yesterday, what am I in for? I was about to buy the bluray of the movie (whi…[View]
10401191>spent £39 on 3 black ink cartridges to print off a .djvu >could've just spent £23 to buy…[View]
10402097Daily reminder that “men” who dedicate their career to studying Men are not men at all but impotent,…[View]
10402099What are the best philosophies, poems, and novels to read if I want to go full autist?[View]
10401345it finally came, what am i in for laddies[View]
10402081Hey /lit/ Is it better to major in English or Comparative literature? I definitely plan on minoring …[View]
10402037I would like to contribute to my friends poetry collection for Christmas. What books does /lit/ reco…[View]
10401961>tfw you realize all human knowledge is flawed and all self concepts are predicated on lies since…[View]
10400466Malazan: Anyone know how many races there actually were in this world?[View]
10400299yoooo what's your guyses reading speeds? mines 480 at 91% percent comprehension http://www.read…[View]
10393882So why does nobody seem to talk about this one?[View]
10400729What writing style is this? Was it based off some books, and where can I read them?[View]
10401817Why does everyone seem to be chocking on picrelated's ghost dick? He was shit.[View]
10401291What does /lit/ think of Javier Marías?[View]
10400719Best books in latin: Hey, Im learning latin and I want to know of some books which were originally w…[View]
10401299Christmas Gift for my Little Sister: My little sister likes anime and all that shit plus making her …[View]
10400548Longform Journalism: I got addicted to longform journalism. I managed to get my lazy ass up and read…[View]
10401923Practical Writing: What are some practical forms of writing that /lit/ engages in? I've started…[View]
10401877What are some good books set in the Andes?[View]
10401704Hypothetically, If there is no afterlife, gods, karma etc., wouldn't the only universal purpose…[View]
10401852I finished reading Harry Potter like the science fiction and fantasy general suggested, but I can…[View]
10398392What are some of the best philosophical movies?[View]
10401744What the fuck was his problem?[View]
10399599Post an album and name a book you feel is spiritually similar. Gravity's Rainbow[View]
10400270Book Recommendations: Hey /lit/ just wondering if anybody would like to recommend me some literature…[View]
10401430Best resources for learning arabic?[View]
10394735Top /lit/ for 2017: So anons, When are we going to make a legitimate thread about finding out /lit/…[View]
10401715Any good new fantasy books around? I'm tired of non-fiction.[View]
10399025What are some good neo-luddite works?[View]
10387276what books does your girlfriend read[View]
10398448Why is she so revered? In my opinion, her prose style, heavy on cliche, makes no demands upon her r…[View]
10400611Very short story: Here is a little something I wrote today. Im not looking for anything, I just thou…[View]
10399132What do you read for?: Why do you read? What are you trying to achive with reading? Do you read for …[View]
10401370>ultra feminist friend is planning to major in philosophy >she thinks shes philosophy is the s…[View]
10400073Buddhist Theology: What texts other than the Dhammapada and Tipitaka would you suggest for a beginne…[View]
10401552>At its head there rode a tall and evil shape, mounted upon a black horse, if horse it was; for i…[View]
10400402The Language Crystal: Some anon over at pol shared this book, I thought some of you might be interes…[View]
10400105Come to burn your books, I have.[View]
10400762Headed to the library, /lit/: What should I pick up? pic unrelated[View]
10400784>None of this is about morality, or religion, or dogma, or big fancy questions of life after deat…[View]
10401278Dream Journals: Does anybody here keep a journal of notable dreams? If so, what has been your experi…[View]
10401054inscriptions: I bought my girlfriend of three years a book (Stoner) for Christmas. What should I wri…[View]
10395913ITT: Dumb Things Smart People Said: I'll start: '...there was only one Christian, and he died o…[View]
10401034My auntie is a Feminist who is currently studying liberal arts. All i know is that she likes Lord Of…[View]
10400060Active / Critical reading: Back when I was an edgy kid and thought I was smarter than everyone, I wo…[View]
10400014GAME GUIDES: post books that are good for learning and mastering games. games such as : card games, …[View]
10400865What's a good book about how we perceive time? can be fiction or non-fiction[View]
10398650So how was your year /lit/? What was the favorite book you read? Are you in a better situation than …[View]
10400959I started a philosophy discord. I'm mostly interested in 18th-19th century German philosophy an…[View]
10399160'She impaled herself on him'[View]
10400947Huh, really makes you think...[View]
10400928Gravity's Rainbow vs. Ulysses -- which is the best novel of the 20th century?: My vote is on ne…[View]
10400078Philosophy of false confessions: Whenever the subject of false confessions comes up the only things …[View]
10401155Does anyone have that long list of writers where it lists the aberrant, eccentric details of their l…[View]
10400929What are some good books for someone in prison?[View]
10398728Best piece of literature you've ever read? For le it's my twisted world by elliot Rogers[View]
10401124Can you recommend good books from Honduras.[View]
10400410The Bhagavad Gita: Some guy on my campus gave me a copy of pic related, but I looked up As It Is, an…[View]
10399691Gaining a philosophical view on anything: So I have a question for all of you /lit philosophers. One…[View]
10399147Literature & Medicine: Hey /lit/ I'm looking for books (both fiction and non-fiction) and s…[View]
10400343I read one book a month and I just keep buying books. Wtf!!![View]
10397499Does anyone know a decent book where the plot revolves around a character who's dead, or the pr…[View]
10394517any idea what kind of income an average self-published author make if they produce one novel per yea…[View]
10400162Osamu Dazai thread: I borrowed pic related from my local library to explore the works of Osamu Dazai…[View]
10400919Thoughts?: I'm lost, I'm afraid A frayed rope tying down a leaky boat To the roof of a car…[View]
10400826Christmas presents: Hey, /lit/, I would like to buy books as christmas presents to my family, but I …[View]
10399694What are some good books set in or dealing with the southern USA? What did you like about your choic…[View]
10400680Best Librivox recordings?: (All Librivox recordings are in the public domain. For more information, …[View]
10399794thoughts on brave new world and nineteen eighty four: these two books about a totalitarian regime re…[View]
10396047Kazuo Ishiguro: Kazuo Ishiguro has won the Nobel Prize in Literature.[View]
10400430Sensitive thoughts: 'If you have a sensitive thought and you want to turn it into a poem, do yo…[View]
10398426It’s worse than you told me. Good god.[View]
10395999What is the best book out of the 2000s?[View]
10400584¤¤PVNRT¤¤¤¤GHST¤¤¤¤14pHpOH¤¤ Oh great benzene you father of all. With your biochemical body and soul…[View]
10400644Announcement: We now interrupt your regularly scheduled reads for a brief reminder. >Ahem (pic re…[View]
10400589This is non-ironically better than anything Rowling has written since the Half Blood Prince.[View]
10400398Even if it lacks the subtlety of Perdido Street Station and the intrigue and adventure of The Scar, …[View]
10400585What are some books that could get you on a watchlist?[View]
10399141hello, i am max stirner[View]
10399232Being and nothingness - Opinion: What are your thoughts on this book? I am reading through it now. …[View]
10400547>mfw a statist calls me a Man instead of a man[View]
10397602What's the longest book you've ever read? How long did it took? Bros K. for me, took me ab…[View]
10400250Why the doesn’t anybody talk about the Nibelungenlied? I made a thread yesterday and nobody replied,…[View]
10400534Stop rebelling against your government.[View]
10394412Keeping a journal/diary #2: Which notebook? Edition I kinda let the previous thread trail off, but p…[View]
10400508Plays General Thread: Is this a joke or am I missing something? >oh no I mentioned a porn site …[View]
10387178Dadaism: Why is dadaism such edgy, unlikable, juvenile shit?[View]
10400333>look up mentions of my favourite books in the archive >im the only one who's brought the…[View]
10399425Thoughts on horizontal books-cases? All the rage with hipsters, or so I am told.[View]
10400221Opinion?: https://www.artforum.com/video/mode=large&id=51651 Just saw it reminded me of a shitpo…[View]
10393364What work of literature reminds you most of being in a dream?[View]
10399955How do I get over the excruciating urge to end my life[View]
10399860Now that the dust has finally settled, who was in the wrong here?[View]
10396355Should I sort my library books by thickness.[View]
10400222All these parables really set out to say merely that the incomprehensible is incomprehensible, and w…[View]
10393064Harry Potter written by Predictive Keywords: >http://botnik.org/content/harry-potter.html Does th…[View]
10400071whats their best book[View]
10400047Any other historical fiction like this? I know it might be a meme at this point but I really enjoyed…[View]
10399995>foreign language historical quote >modern translation uses archaic english…[View]
10397539Claim your /lit/ harem of favorite women writers >Clarice Lispector >Emily Dickinson >Colet…[View]
10399827Is there a name for this type of writing, I see it more commonly in late 1800s advertising, where no…[View]
10398071>we did some drugs >then we did something le crazy >then we did some more drugs >random …[View]
10398844What doth life?[View]
10399924Game Theory: Hi /lit/ I'm trying to find a good book about game theory. Does anyone here have a…[View]
10399017MLA format: >author name states, 'insert quote here' (title of book page number). is this the pro…[View]
10396723Books that require physical effort: /lit/ I'm looking for novels that require you to physically…[View]
10399652Epic of Gilgamesh: Is there a specific translation that you would recommend, /lit/? >in before he…[View]
10399787thoughts on schwob?[View]
10399766Jonathan Bowden: Anybody familiar with his work? Or can recommend a 'reading list' of works that inf…[View]
10399497so why are we not burning every book if someone has already read them and knows everything that happ…[View]
10398815Is Copleston's A History of Philosophy any good?[View]
10382343Recent purchase stack: MAGA edition.[View]
10397483Is this the only decent comedic novel out there? All the other ones I've read are trash.[View]
10396738What's the point of anything It's all so meaningless Having sex and raising children is so…[View]
10398368Is there a King novel better than Misery?[View]
10398195What book(s) should I read if I want to stop fapping forever?[View]
10397419Personal Improvement Books I want you to succeed in your life Post your best Suggestions[View]
10399613Is there any validity to this list? http://annerallen.blogspot.com/2014/09/10-things-that-red-flag-n…[View]
10399658what /lit would you recommend to people living in the country? I would like to play the role of 'coo…[View]
10394373Put a book through a Markov chain text generator and post the results http://projects.haykranen.nl/m…[View]
10399653Didn't know this guy was a major literary critic of his time. Who are other prominent figures t…[View]
10398406Can you find the errors, /lit/ ?[View]
10390496Soooo uhh like the years almost up and we still haven't made our top 100 chart. Are we just ski…[View]
10399581/lit/ I need your help I need to read a book of 500 sites about louis the XIV.! Its about that war w…[View]
10399452why aren't you me yet?[View]
10398637Why is this century so shit when it comes to literature compared to the past two?[View]
10399485Discontinued Books: Do any of you own any discontinued books? I personally own Stephen King's '…[View]
10391058So he killed himself, cause he was lonely and hated TV?[View]
10399477hey /lit/,how can i reach Kim Peek mode?[View]
10399461Ah, refined and lofty British humour.[View]
10399427hey /lit/,is it better to read one book at a time or more?[View]
10399237Poem sharing thread v2: Welcome back to 'I dont care that theres already a thread, I want to feel sp…[View]
10399367hey /lit/, i got a few questions for yall >how many books do you read at once? >how fast do yo…[View]
10394460To whom and what would you write in a situation like this?[View]
10393993Right wing: Hello /lit/. I have a PhD in economics. I identify as a member of the left in relation t…[View]
10388783ITT: Judge each other's book titles. I'll start: To Feel The Breeze Again[View]
10396576Somewhere read this ? Thoughts ?[View]
10398860What are you reading now, /lit/? What do you think of it so far? How are you liking it? What will yo…[View]
10398400European Renaissance vs. Medieval cultures: Going into spring semester at uni. should I register for…[View]
10399219Do you donate to his patreon?[View]
10395310eastern religion: looking for academic treatments of the following stuff that discusses historiograp…[View]
10397884Spanish speakers of /lit/, is there a need for translation of English books into Spanish and vice ve…[View]
10398862>It was really beautiful like the houses and the cranes and the water it's so beautiful…[View]
10398818what are some decent sites/communities to post your short stories and get constructive criticism?[View]
10396884I just found out about the supposed errors in the Penguin Deluxe Edition of Gravity's Rainbow b…[View]
10397781I fucking knew it![View]
10398871what pieces of literature would you consider 'deep'?[View]
10390527Rap Music > Poetry: Common guys let's face it. With rap music existing, why are they still p…[View]
10397345>genres are bad[View]
10398200Writer tips: please post your tips for fiction writing from books to read, to brand of cigarettes yo…[View]
10396919Thoughts on this book? I picked it up in my teens but never got around to finishing it. Should I pic…[View]
10398822What does /lit/ think of The Dark Knight rises novelization by Greg Cox?[View]
10398524>And I open the door >And there, there they lie >Twisted and misshapen >They suffer for …[View]
10396731Is there any way to make Van Helsing a meme?[View]
10398287What do you think of Alistair MacLeod’s first story, “The Boat,” published in 1968? What are other e…[View]
10398537I suffer from turning everything I write into a self-insert. Do you know this feel?[View]
10387765What is your career, /lit/? What do you like about it? What do you not like about it? pic unrelated[View]
10398692Post Modernists = logic doesnt real, there is only subjective experience. Believe rhetoric is only a…[View]
10398551Hey /lit/ Come to you with some request I need to find 'Beyond Adaptation: Essays on Radical Transfo…[View]
10398703Which is better?[View]
10398417Why is absolutely nobody here talking about Parerga und Paralipomena? I've been eyeing it for …[View]
10398230'the virgin dualist'[View]
10396978Why don't you open a second-hand book store? You could drink shitty red wine all day, read and …[View]
10395601I like it, others don't. What's your opinion /lit/?[View]
10397734guys my country is under sanctions im a translator but i cant buy books online . and also theres no …[View]
10398297Plato is the most influential thinker in western history, but fucked boys?[View]
10398486Anyone here like this book? I read it on a whim after youtube recommended me some video about the di…[View]
10397773I read We Children from Bahnhof ZOO recently and been contemplating about it for a few weeks now. To…[View]
10398383What are the great debates of today? Personally I like 'The Munk Debates' https://www.munkdebates.c…[View]
10398322Haha you guys should make your marketing motto 'its lit on lit' to get more members haha get it?[View]
10398059Lads, would you have fucked Alcibiades? Be real...[View]
10397498Heart: What type of love is the best type?[View]
10397778I found this random senior citizen scottish guy paying to advertise his book on amazon. Is he a good…[View]
10396588What does it mean to undergo ego-death and what does it tell of the person who desires it? I want to…[View]
10398329>“That’s an . . . unusual choice,” she said. “I don’t think I’ve ever actually sold a box of Red …[View]
10397988Where should I start with him? Any essential background to be familiar beforehand?[View]
10398286more like the alrightemist: If you use the words 'self-help' when referring to this book, you are an…[View]
10398184I don't get it.[View]
10396365I started a philosophy discord. I'm mostly interested in 18th-19th century German philosophy an…[View]
10396347What am I in for?[View]
10396721Comfiest Book of All Time[View]
10389938good books on experiencing ego death?[View]
10398121i watched a woman give birth to an adult pig the leg came out, it had no skin and was bleeding white…[View]
10395713Literature about incest?[View]
10396672Thoughts on this book. A few pages in and it seems like a lot her error comes from not wanting to be…[View]
10394785How does this rank up, in your opinion, among the Big Dost's body of work ?[View]
10397936Thoughts on Edward Abbey? Any authors deal with similar themes?[View]
10395734Why is Ireland so fecking great?: Why do Irish writers so consistently punch above their weight in t…[View]
10397119>leave dasein to me[View]
10396255Small excerpt of my book, rate and comment: [1] Jeremy took another sip. The water the waitress brou…[View]
10397985Pincher Martin: Help a brainlet out. I can't figure out the flashbacks in chapter 10 out. In th…[View]
10397970Alright /lit/, I got the Ultimate Italian language torrent awhile back and am interested in one part…[View]
10395682Has anyone read The Exeter Text: Sex, Secrets, Jewelry by Georges Perec (aka the novella that uses '…[View]
10393948Are all college English classes literally just reading, discussion and then writing essays? Are ther…[View]
10397957Looking for a writer I can't remember the name of.: I'm looking for a book.It was written …[View]
10392379is it good?[View]
10394445Panel discussion with Sam Harris, Lawrence Krauss, Peter Singer, Steven Pinker, Patricia Churchland,…[View]
10397912Structure = Sanction ?: ???[View]
10395479/qat/ - Quote Appreciation Thread: Share your favourite quotes.[View]
10397874Read/Expected/Got: Is that time again, boys.[View]
10392430Small Book Club: We've got a literature club going in our small discord community and we just s…[View]
10397807This reads like a book about Harry Potter becoming Voldemort only he fucks half of Hogwarts in the p…[View]
10397516Stop Being Pretentious.[View]
10393251I may be the only autist with this problem but every time I'm reading a large book (holding the…[View]
10396391What's the general consensus on Chuck Palahniuk?[View]
10397705So I need you fags's help really bad. I'm trying to remember the name of a book I read as …[View]
10396757Calligraphy and note-taking: I need to improve my calligraphy and fast-writing, but i find two aspec…[View]
10397972Official Catholic /lit/ General: >heretics (protestants) and pagans need not reply…[View]
10396170Post ’em, goodreadsfags.[View]
10393058How's the writing career coming, /lit/?[View]
10397517Debate me. If you can.[View]
10397690Stephen King: >he will never stop writing CP, but will you read his next book?…[View]
10396999Let's settle this once and for all. Reading while eating. Ok or not ok?[View]
10397458Is there any good Zwingli core worth looking into? Does is really not mean is?[View]
10396677Is reading the only way to get faster at reading? Or are there techniques that help my eyes from dri…[View]
10396971What the fuck is this garbage? I just finished John Fowles' The Magus and... what the fuck?? Wh…[View]
10391519Since we all know he is next for becoming the newest revived author: Where do I start with this guy?…[View]
10397470Did you like it /lit/? I just read it and it was cute. >decent characterization >actually feel…[View]
10397492Thoughts on the works of Ken Liu. Grace of kings, three body problem etc. It amazes me how someone c…[View]
10397129“Bureaucracies public and private appear--for whatever historical reasons--to be organized in such a…[View]
10396323Should I?[View]
10395253How do I Lorca? Was he a better poet or playwright?[View]
10397019Is sexual intercourse, in fact, immoral? Consider how rarely if ever, the conclusions drawn by the …[View]
10395235Got half-way through and just couldn't finish. How did this piece of shit ever get this popular…[View]
10393645Where should I start with Susan Sontag?[View]
10395606I care not about material things. Money and objects are only tools to fulfill my goals. The only thi…[View]
10362820Boston /lit/ Meetup Group: We're having a /lit/ meetup in Boston. Trident Booksellers & Caf…[View]
10396352QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve a thread, you know the drill. I'm looking for a good…[View]
10396499Sadler's top 10: Sadler's top 10 philosophical works he'd bring to an deserted island…[View]
10395247Which country on earth has the most /lit/ population?[View]
10397070How should I go about taking notes on greek philosophy? I’m thinking I should just cover it in small…[View]
10396476>tfw Nathan and Nael will grow up to be the leading poets of the XXIst century…[View]
10389772I'm about half-way through the Philosopher's Stone right now and I like how Rowling is con…[View]
10395446Okay So we can all agree that William Gaddis is in the top 5 authors from the last 100 years?[View]
10394755My mental health is declining, should I write a novel?[View]
10395832>dismantles philosophy >deconstructs philosophy as a simple problem of language and logic >…[View]
10396973looking for recs: Hoping to find a book like this which covers more non western religions and panthe…[View]
10395415Is philosophy a good excuse for getting fat[View]
10386239*blocks your path*[View]
10396650Watching Battle of Britain and now I want to read some good WW2 historical fiction. Recommend me som…[View]
10391155>Lao Tzu Never had any intention of writing anything until someone asked him to. >Buddha Didn…[View]
10362850Read, Expected, Got: I’m making some today.[View]
10375674Is it worth reading his manifesto?[View]
10396725What are some books with the general thematic and aesthetics of the Legacy of Kain series?[View]
10395604Anyone else reading this? I'm only 10% in and his tone is pretty smug, but there's some in…[View]
10394360Why did Orin decide to become a murderer?[View]
10396569>You may have one free box of books Which box do you choose?[View]
10395082>tfw reading moby-dick at a rate of 6 kindle pages per hour (590 pages) >tfw english is my fir…[View]
10396134My prose: Please give me your thoughts on this.[View]
10396217Herzog's Prose: What do you think of Werner Herzog's prose? This is from his published jou…[View]
10396231Did he died?[View]
10396390Is this worth reading?[View]
10393981A quick grammatical question: Is 'you's' grammatically correct (as a contraction of 'you is')? …[View]
10395021Incredulous lepors akin to the becoming of the new messiah, is I, alone, who stands becoming the sta…[View]
10394208What are some comfy books? I don't think I knew what comfy was until I started reading pic rela…[View]
10395982When did you realize that Socrates corrupted the youth?[View]
10395319Have you ever emotionally hurt another person as as result of anger, jealousy etc? Are there any boo…[View]
10395836Recommend me books about unrequited love, preferably a woman being the rejected person.[View]
10395068Could any French anons translate this text please? >Outre qu'il n'a pas l'âme d…[View]
10394852Medieval literature: What do you think of the nibelungenlied? Also, how do you into Arthur? Should w…[View]
10393442>be me >fuck around most of my life, shit family, tons of drama >mess about with the wrong …[View]
10394654Wuthering Heights thread. Who has read it? What did you think? My initial thought was that it was go…[View]
10394863Have you ever written love poems for someone?[View]
10395946What's the most expensive item on your wish-list?[View]
10396000Is this poem gonna get me laid /lit/?: I am a particular woman A boundless shade – no Beady queen I …[View]
10395007Was he a pseud?[View]
10395389What is the best book about elves?[View]
10388845/sffg/ - Science Fiction and Fantasy and Horror and Westerns General: Over the top edition. >what…[View]
10395856Am I too pleb for not being able to get into this book? Picked it up on a whim at a second hand book…[View]
10391251Should I go to law school or grad school? What are my prospects? I've heard that both are trash…[View]
10395844Audiobooks: Anyone else prefer listening to audiobooks? I like reading a book as much as the next gu…[View]
10394087Is Clive Palmer /lit/ ?: He published a collection of his poems in the 1980s, and I just stumbled ac…[View]
10392879So, when are we going to make this list again? If the answer is never. Just answer me a question. Ho…[View]
10394273I need to write a novel so that I have money to buy food and such. The biggest market for English la…[View]
10395309This Ides of December are upon us, /lit/. Last year, I made a post stating that I would start readin…[View]
10395530Did anyone on here actually end up grabbing a copy of The Gospel According to Blindboy? I'm hal…[View]
10389317Hart's New Testament translation: Have you read this thing? Do you have any links to it? (I…[View]
10394428Suggestions: Can be a book/manga or similar >fantasy/magic/superpowers/steampunk/cyberpunk Doesn…[View]
10397357Anti-natalism: >Think about having kids >Don't want to bring them into a world where digi…[View]
10384094Hemingway: Just read my first Hemingway. Why is it that /lit/ looks down on writers like Orwell for …[View]
10391928/lit/ goals: What are your /lit/ goals?[View]
10394457Are we preservers or revolutionaries? Agents of order or emancipation? >We writers can't ent…[View]
10395175Nietzsche's Works: Which book or source would you refer to someone who has just started studyin…[View]
10395341I just got plebfiltered at the dentist. >reading Kazantzakis' 'The Odyssey: A Modern Sequel'…[View]
10391632Which writer had the most interesting life? Pic related[View]
10395198who are some good young contemporary British writers?[View]
10394229Who is the Herzog of literature? His published journals are amazing. Is there anything like it?[View]
10395270Literature for an engineer? (Gift): Need to find a nice collection of books for an engineer who some…[View]
10395374Holy shit this was better than the movie[View]
10394955Academic '''humour'''[View]
10392705/Cliff/-Core: What is the best book he has reviewed?[View]
10393972Has anyone ever written that all ideologies ultimately boil down to hedonism? Plato thinks the highe…[View]
10392707What Greek thinkers should i read else than Play-doh, Aristotle and the book 'The Presocratic Philos…[View]
10394201What literature will teach me intellectual humility and to not become like Kraut anf Tea?[View]
10393307Rate my prose?[View]
10391124Post a book, get a recommendation.[View]
10395236was it kino?: http://mashable.com/2017/12/12/harry-potter-predictive-chapter/#xrH7NOkoNaqi http://bo…[View]
10394772Varieties of Greek Religious Experience: Any good books that explore the nature of Greek paganism? W…[View]
10394397Loved the movie, will I love the books?[View]
10392066Can the sharpest minds of /lit/ solve this enigma?[View]
10393927Philosphy: Hey, /lit/, I have never been on this board before but damn this book makes me feel trans…[View]
10394809Anyone have an online or downloadable source of pic?[View]
10390035>early 20s >believe in the miracle of existence >believe in spirit >believe in true love…[View]
10395023Hey guys, I have to make an argumentative speech about a topic in the theme of the popularity of lit…[View]
10392612>Nassim Nicholas Taleb This man is a good man and I like his books very much.…[View]
10391826Why is he so fucking fat[View]
10393290What does /lit/ think of Bizarro fiction? (Carlton Mellick iii, etc.)[View]
10381790>everyone wants to fuck their mom[View]
10393561>be me >learn french, read Camus in original french >learn german, read Kafka in original g…[View]
10391412Extension du Domaine de la lutte: Just bought pic related. What am I in for lads?[View]
10393265where to book: where do you guys get your pdfs from? Is there a private tracker or something? I feel…[View]
10394856Did you read pic related and if so what did you think? Robert was obviously way out of line.[View]
10390816Is there any writer who's like weak, beta, insecure, and bizarre to interact with, but also cre…[View]
10390628Best books/papers/articles on music pls. Tired of being a philistine.[View]
10394168Serious philosophy: (((This))) is serious philosophy.[View]
10393240CIA library.: I get that the CIA might want to publish either failed attempts and experiments or str…[View]
10391586I'm looking for some good political books, does /lit/ have any recommendations?[View]
10394352How is this book? Are there any game themes or romances since the world is filled with men?[View]
10394348Evola: Hey /lit/, i'm looking to read some of Julius Evolas works, but don't know where to…[View]
10394463Currently Reading Thread: Post books you are reading atm, get recommendations,rate and get rated, di…[View]
10393400It is good? I've heard people saying nice things about it, but I still not convinced to read an…[View]
10393909/comfy/: Good novels featuring bakeries, small towns, farms, cabins, the outdoors, and other feel go…[View]
10394502Has the ubermensch Nietzsche wrote about finally here?[View]
10387820How /lit/ is your name? >tfw unironically named Todd I give myself 1/10, I mean what fucking aut…[View]
10394449Guis what are some good books on Karl Jungs Anima/Animus? Is this one good? The Invisible Partners…[View]
10393098>translator posts his 50-page master's thesis as the preface to the book…[View]
10392524Genius or hack?[View]
10394385Gone with the Wind: Thoughts?[View]
10393899Cтpaхa никaкoгo нe былo, пoтoмy чтo и cмepти нe былo. Bмecтo cмepти был cвeт. What did he mean by th…[View]
10394177Name a better crime book. Protip: you can't.[View]
10394111What makes a good poet ?: I wanna hear /lit/ explain what makes a poet or a poem actually good…[View]
10392713What's your favorite obscure book?[View]
10393776is he a soyboy?[View]
10393409Post fiction for Christians >inb4 the Bible[View]
10393614has anyone read pic related? is atwood /lit/?[View]
10393940So I'm reading this and there's one thing I'm confused on. What exactly do Catholics …[View]
10372175/crit/ - Critique thread/general: Review other people's work Read your own aloud before posting…[View]
10393787Depression: I have depression anxiety, I don't go outside very often i don't feel like goi…[View]
10394175Thoughts on self-publishing? Now there’s no upfront fee. You can make and sell both ebooks and papar…[View]
10392592Reading Poetry: I've been really trying to get into poetry. I've read little bites of all …[View]
10391788Hi, hello i was wondering if there was an updated version of this chart? i remember when it was firs…[View]
10392916Why is Japanese imagery so aesthetic and what work of Western literature have this feel?[View]
10391129She isn't that bad.[View]
10393040Which piece of literature taught you the most about life?[View]
10390680Do you rank my shelf?[View]
10393320Why are so many Creatives neurotic /lit/?[View]
10391516Why is there no psychoanalysis reading list? Who do I read after Freud?[View]
10392093are 'engineered' languages viable?: are 'engineered' languages viable? e.g. esperanto they have the …[View]
10393515How has literature affected your life? And to a lesser extent (or more), how has browsing /lit/, and…[View]
10393620Need me some milky literature[View]
10393807Naked Lunch: Does anybody have the quote from Naked Lunch about food crumbs falling into pubes? It w…[View]
10392683Poetry - BE KIND: I had to stop giving a fuck. It was going to ruin my fucking life... Giving fucks …[View]
10390107Whats his fucking problem[View]
10393226Who will win in a debate?[View]
10392270>The _____'s Daughter[View]
103883332017 In Review: Sum up your reading or writing this past year. Did you accomplish any writing of val…[View]
10393721How should someone start reading warhammer 40k?[View]
10391697What are some cozy /lit/ books to read over winter break? My last final is Wednesday and I have abou…[View]
10390826What are some /lit/ worthy podcasts?[View]
10378358We all love being miserable, but let's cheer up and remember the best parts of our lives. Write…[View]
10389234Do you edit Wikipedia?[View]
10392793why was there so much interest in Gregory Sadler circa 2006?[View]
10392945Help me understand this joke lit.[View]
10393445quantitative approaches to literary analysis: what do you think of quantitative analysis? pic relate…[View]
10393449Poétique: Dear Head The town celebrates your place in the Congress that little by little drives her …[View]
10392764I want to learn the lute but they are too expensive. Are there any other /lit/ approved instruments …[View]
10393366What do you write when you don't know what to write?[View]
10393237Why are book covers so shitty? These are the winners of the 'cover of the year' award at K…[View]
10392607what English translation would you recommend for the big D? I read the Garnett ones years ago and I …[View]
10390030Akfak: >dad loves you >have a career you absolutely adore >religion isn't oppressed …[View]
10392913Just read 40 pages of this and I gotta ask, is it going to be a homoerotic fanfic til the end? Had m…[View]
10392179books about anti intellectualism? not from an intellectual perspective but a manifesto on hating int…[View]
10393167>introduction spoils the whole book[View]
10392870>reading fiction Admit it /lit/, you just crave entertainment.[View]
10392034Why is this book so fucking funny /lit/?[View]
10390708What are your favorite books with less than 1000 ratings on goodreads. The lower the better.[View]
10392292Please help me quickly, how does one flew over the cuckoo's nest relate to the lucifer effect? …[View]
10390131Why are litfags such romantics? Sometimes I wish it weren’t so.[View]
10392710What are some good travelogues written by poets or at least literary figures? I got into Goethe…[View]
10393231>It's a Peterson hate thread[View]
10393148Marquis de Sade: What is the proper order to read Sade's Juliette and Justine?[View]
10392581Book Suggestions: Looking to expand my bookshelf. All I have for books are from the fantasy and sci-…[View]
10392852What's the best version of the Bhagavad-Gita to read?[View]
10393044Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh is criminally neglected by this plebeian board.[View]
10392803What does lit think of Philip Larkin? What is the best selected/collect works of his to get?[View]
10393109Hard meta-ethical questions: What's the difference between abortion and contraception? What…[View]
10390876>muh forbidden romance YeCarthy you fucking hack. Shame, it started out comfy.…[View]
10393121http://pyramid.glass/uncategorized/equations/ What are your thought on this? Explaining pre-determin…[View]
10392740Do you know what the worst part about nearly dying is? It is that once you come back from it, you…[View]
10392373psychology canon: who would be in it? >william james >freud >adler >jung >watson >…[View]
10388643Any /lit/ promoting the lazy asshole lifestyle?[View]
103928343 books in 2018 challenge?!?!: Lately I experience a feeling which lingers on my psyche for quite a …[View]
10390735Anyone else just get knocked the fuck out after an hour of reading? I can read articles or 4chan all…[View]
10392260What's a good book to read while taking a very foul and hot and watery shit? Asking for a frien…[View]
10391237What are some good books about love and romance? >hard mode: no cucking…[View]
10391507Do you have any holy grails of rare editions that you have or still wish you could have? My holy gr…[View]

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