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/soc/ - Cams & Meetups

Displaying 245 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
27745970/sma/ - Skinny, Medium, & Average Thread >Females only // Timestamp if new // No contactfaggi…[View]
27769890Any gay guys in Yorkshire I'm 19 and want my first gay experience I'm a top very 6'1 8'in…[View]
27767905If there is any guys in or around volusia county looking for some ass message me right now. Snapchat…[View]
27769688This is now a Discord thread, I repeat sir, we have a discord thread. Post yours and tell us why we …[View]
27769052Rate this asian fuck[View]
27761291Looking for a server that doesn't have any e-girls posting nudes, thirst is kept to a minimum, …[View]
27768302What are some good songs to listening while driving with cute girls in the summer? Post your playlis…[View]
27767133kik me - Lucifixx Gamers only no normies[View]
27767449JOI thread! Post whether you want to give or receive instructions along with your Kik.[View]
27769343German Thread! Last one died some time ago Post your A/S/L Looking for/not looking for Kik or discor…[View]
27767743Join our Discord community, make some friends, plenty of people to talk to, VC's always buzzing…[View]
27768683>What is DEGENS? Imagine having to ask this question. >Why should I join DEGENS? To be part of…[View]
27769116Face/Body/Ass/Genitals rate thread. Be honest im trying to get back in shape. Post yours and rate[View]
27769157Let's have some naughty fun im bored and alone Ki.k me jessica5498[View]
27769135I love this angle. Send me you dick from this view. popshimy[View]
27769103selling meme instagram 14k dm me[View]
27769058What do you think about my body? For reference I’m on the varsity team of several sports at my schoo…[View]
27769064Robot here that has not had sex since high school. Will getting a job give me a gf or should I just …[View]
27769040Black / colored dick thread Post and rate[View]
27765749Am I.cute enough to get a free Uber ride to work tomorrow morning ?![View]
27769002https://discord.gg/BN9C2Fb INTERNET CULTURE INTERNET CULTURE is a server were we can all convene as…[View]
27769015https://discord.gg/WG2vhEs FEMANONS FEMANONS, join our SERVER, you all will be treated with respect …[View]
27768706Eye rate time[View]
27768897Apparently, if you post a pic of yourself on Tinder with a dog that isn't yours, you're an…[View]
27768894NL/Dutch Discord Server - Autistische Kalifaat - https://discord.gg/xysA7q[View]
27767928Hi. Last summer I shaved my head and as kind of a meme I wanted to go a year without cutting the top…[View]
27767157Would anyone be interested in a group where we watch movies, TV shows, and play video games as a sch…[View]
27768577Hair thread. Post and rate hair.[View]
27767728roast me /soc/[View]
27768620• NEW KIK GROUP • Just born group for buttboi, femboi, cds ( and all kinds of smooth butts ). Scan t…[View]
27768431hi, long time lurker here. basically, I'm trying to be as anonymous as I can be with this but m…[View]
27767734Mexico Thread. For meetups and such.[View]
27765271/soc/ DIAPER/ABDL THREAD because nobody else has posted a new one since the last died You know the d…[View]
27766509Which style is better?[View]
27768592The best 4chan-based discord and growing is the prominent better server, with a usually always activ…[View]
27768525KIK Toilet Play Thread Anyone else curious about toilet play? Lets get a contact thread going! 29 M …[View]
27768490ALASKA THREAD Alaska people tell me all about your fellow Alaska experiences. Have you avoided infec…[View]
27765615Awesome gay server for gay bottoms to meet gay tops , and traps, e girls, big ass black bulls, dicks…[View]
27765930Tinder thread What the fuck is bumble edition? Post stories/profiles/advice[View]
27767048Fun For Friends is an 18+ casual-chat comfy discord server looking to expand it's small communi…[View]
27768463You are loved[View]
27766138Hi /soc/, wanna laugh? M33, lost a dare. I now have to send videos of myself dancing naked and stupi…[View]
27766867weird flex thread, but ok.[View]
27758803This is my ideal gf /soc/. Any advice for finding a girl like this?[View]
27766194Pennsylvania thread? Age: 23 Six foot 1. Thin and white Area: 412 Looking for: general or dirty chat…[View]
27768286Snowed Inn A community server for talking and voice chatting idk what the fuck else to tell you htt…[View]
27763636Big Dick KIK Thread! Last one is about full. Post 'em if you got 'em. Post kik if you need…[View]
27757648Iowa Thread im convinced im the only person in Des Moines thats on /soc/ 24 m[View]
27768230Kik. Sharesluts4chan Random pic trade If u dont have anything dont speak[View]
27768226Anyone in Halifax, UK or immediate area around and want to do anything today?[View]
27687409CLEAN KIK THREAD Old one is archived, time for a new thread. You know the drill, leave your ASL and…[View]
27762092Making a rape fantasy Kik group chat. Share your girls and let's discuss what we'll do. Ev…[View]
27767496Anime Boston 2019 Who's going and you cosplaying? A/S What you going to check out? What you loo…[View]
27763909I just got a haircut. Does it look alright?[View]
27767979So im a 25 yo guy who lives in Chicago and im trying to find a way to meet up with some really intel…[View]
27765289Anyone up for some Omegle fun? leave your gender, preferences, tags, etc.[View]
2776780321/F Dominant Mistress here, looking for an obedient slave!!serve me well and let me fulfill your fa…[View]
27766548rate my body[View]
27761603Indiana thread What you're looking for[View]
27766110Want to create a group for buttboi, femboi and smooth twink bitches on kik, if interested comment wi…[View]
27767403that feel when you are a 8/10 but autistic. (pic related)[View]
27766961SEKUUSHI HERE!! just came to drop my latest selfies and insta (@sekuushi) , and get sum validation (…[View]
27767649https://discord.gg/VvdgrR7 ok[View]
27765363Snapchat shoutout. Wildfyresnaps Drop yours[View]
27767659/tbk/ - The Back Room (18+ ONLY, NO KIKFAGS) Hey, loser. Are you lonely? Do you want attention? You …[View]
27767512looking 4 some people to talk to, get along with. just wna be able to have someone vent to me, tell …[View]
27767720Hello! We're seeking new members (intellectuals preferred!) https://discord.gg/nxNPG6 All are…[View]
27760435Starting a new rate and assume thread because none of the thread statarted by “me” have actually bee…[View]
27766914Looking for hentai jerk off buddies, Kik me at cxdressingteen[View]
27756167It’s been a while since a truth or dare thread, post kiks[View]
27763225New rate thread~ all others are dead[View]
27766761DIRTY KIK POLAND Mili Państwo, poświntuszmy razem ;) Kik Tom96234 23 M[View]
27767355Discord server thread, post your usernames/servers https://discord.gg/Jg75t66 community server full …[View]
27767336TRAP/CD server, lots of top notch traps and it's not that trash SoS discord server Welcome ever…[View]
27767319https://discord.gg/szBePwe Come join an 18+ Gay Discord Server! Be apart of a community that's …[View]
27766960Discord for anime enthusiasts and gamers: https://discord.gg/b8zquU[View]
27764969Tired of men? Tired of always being orbited? Join this girl only server(we require voice verificatio…[View]
27759423https://discord.gg/KhBJr6A LGBT/Trap/Femboy server with our own Tinder Minimal rules Frequent voice…[View]
27753930ohio thread[View]
27766878This will sound super fucked up but does anyone here offer meanspo to help me lose weight?[View]
27766281Dutch/NL Discord server - Autistische Kalifaat - https://discord.gg/xysA7q[View]
27762797So I am considering making a service where it is possible to submit usernames for discord, kik etc t…[View]
27766946Charlotte NC 30 m looking for anyone to look at porn and get each other off. 18-30ish no old fucks k…[View]
27765752Someone turn me into there sissy slave I’ll do whatever it takes[View]
27764363Anyone from Michigan? I'm new to the state and i need some fun. Post some snaps / kik / discor…[View]
27751600/mchub/ thread Let's have one going.[View]
27766809Hey I'm alone bored want some fun add me on kik @sandra.cutiee for trading pictures and videos[View]
277666893/10 and below only. Pretty people get out and stay out.[View]
27766122New dirty snap threat! Post your usernames here and maybe a picture with it. My is: David_merz19 I …[View]
27766451Kik DelilahLachance Searching fir bulls and sissy friends[View]
27766616Do you think I deserve Sugardaddies? Or even sweet comments as a trap? Discord: Ayasha#7610[View]
27766345WWYD to the people on this thread?[View]
27762875Autistic Mafia Discord: Egirls and Shitposting Join now before spots close! https://discord.gg/cRVBT…[View]
27766411I don’t see a marry fuck kill thread so here’s one[View]
27766383Why do women laugh whenever penis is brought up? Why do women dismiss the penis as unimportant so ea…[View]
27764146I got my tongue split in two some years ago AMA Somebody here made me come back on Kik so I might as…[View]
27765382naughty girl looking for someone Hit me @KlK jessicababy1245[View]
27761987Hey normalfags FUCK YOU! Get off 4chan please[View]
27763096Sup /soc/ been a while how has everyone been? what are you sad fucks up to today?[View]
27761466Language learners thread! For those learning languages wishing to get hands on experience conversing…[View]
27766176repose me on X-Hamster, Eroprofile,tumble, instagram,Imagefap and other sex sites. I love it to see …[View]
27766020hey everyone I'm a 25 yr old male that is getting married next year but already not getting muc…[View]
2776528619 year old sissy cross dresser! Love posting booty pics on my story Snap:bubblebootyxx[View]
27763033London/UK thread[View]
27764610Am i cute enough to get a non degenerate boyfriend?[View]
27763743Arm rate thread. summer is almost here let's not eat food anymore edition[View]
27766012Who wants to fuck my stupid sissy whore?[View]
27749182Cock rate thread[View]
27765991Kik me iceeyes06 if u want show your wife for my wife.[View]
27765246Post a pic of yourself and I'll try to draw you![View]
27765984Wisco wins Bonus for 920 Leave kik to trade[View]
27764952New tinder rate thread How's my profile ?[View]
27765864Northern Ontario (705) thread Anything north of Toronto (not including GTA)[View]
27764950Breeding thread, pregnancy thread. Cant sleep, anyone feel like talking about my favorite topic with…[View]
27765732I need a rich boyfriend who wants to turn a wannabe sissy into his perfect bimbo doll, complete with…[View]
27756453Seriously why do i not have a daddy? Jk, bored af sunday, whats up people, ask me stuff.[View]
27750937KIK NUDE GAME send lewds/nudes to person above you my Kik is Auvlynn feel free to send me as many as…[View]
27765650i need hard degradation and humiliation. ONLY REAL HARD DOMS. be rough and cruel to me, i love getti…[View]
27765321Teamviewer I'd 1 241 630 722 pass 123456 Make me watch porn whatever you want me to do.[View]
2776356621/M/916 bi Typical looking daddy, recently got out of a pretty serious relationship, down for p muc…[View]
27765464wnna have some fun im bored and alonekik me jessica5498[View]
27765227I'm a 20 year old virgin femboy trying to dirty chat or rp for the first time[View]
27764542I really wish I had someone to take care of me. I'm not really good for much. I can cook somewh…[View]
27763305Let's see those big thick veiny fucksticks. The kind that make a woman cream and make a boi pus…[View]
27759064Rate thread? Rate thread. I need to boost my confidence :/[View]
27763894Does she come around anymore? Does anyone have anything?[View]
27763954Norcal meetup thread: Blame cali for being too big edition[View]
27763385Any NL people around? Post kik, mine is thelongboi[View]
27763883Is anyone in the 'makin in big' discord server?Can I get an invite?[View]
27762233/tbk/ - The Back Room (18+ ONLY, NO KIKFAGS) Honk honk. https://discord.gg/T7wGE5j[View]
27762306Wow it's been a while, Meep in the house. I'm ronry.. I feel like I have no one to talk to…[View]
27762943Unexpected day off work and I’m bored. I wanna hear what you think of me :)[View]
27758634Just shaved in the shower ;) rate my pussy and tits[View]
27763354So if backpage.com is shut down, where do I buy my hookers?[View]
27763454//soc/ active discord -- dqdfTzW[View]
27763425/soc/ active discord -- dqdfTzW[View]
27763380come with me and you'll see a world of pure imagination. https://discord.gg/6sAPx8m[View]
27764435Hi Hi! We are DuckDuck! Join Join! https://discord.gg/hG8mn5x[View]
27764953I am Looking for a friendless tomoko like girlfriend My discord is suomynonA#4587[View]
27759728Don't give up soc[View]
27764323Trading pics of my wife. Have some good stories to trade too if you into that.[View]
27764896super horny male 25 looking for someone to play with. i like girls so if youre a guy have those to h…[View]
27764072R8 me/Roast me If your roast is good enough I'll rate you.[View]
27764068Washington discord thread[View]
27764238Thinking of moving to Melbourne for a year. Currently In UK working for a company that has a sister …[View]
27763345I enjoy music, and having fun at night. Message cruxy6336 on kik if you want to chat. I'm down …[View]
27763162Chat & cam group[View]
27762551Hey I'm new to this.. I'm a straight white male 28yo fit and handsome living in Brisbane A…[View]
27759274/skate/ thread Post your decks or ideal setup Post Cuntry, St8 and Cownty Post anything about skatin…[View]
27763849Anyone ( female preferably)here who lives around Anglesey in north wales (preferably Beaumaris area)…[View]
27761120Handwriting thread[View]
27760457>Are you a cuteboy/trap? >Are you trans? >Or just a dude to talk to a few cuties online? …[View]
27762642New rate thread My picture 21cm Instagram: porrossgo[View]
27764283Anyone reccomend any places to put on a live cam show. Want to host myself and put on a show. 30m bi…[View]
27764279401 Rhode Island cruisers Looking for someone to hike with, in my area Also if anyone knows a good…[View]
27759793Netherland Thread 24 M looking for F to talk to or maybe meet up Kik: xiztu Discord: @XIZTU#8880[View]
27764212Join the cult of Chicken John on Discord!! MhFxwM3[View]
27764119Anyone like small Korean dick?[View]
27755228Old dirty Kik thread is full- 30/m/bi Looking for someone to push the limits of how horny I can be, …[View]
27763978Anyone in the 951 or 909 area SoCal? General meetup thread. I've always been curious but I kind…[View]
27758483/Mu/sic discord: https://discord.gg/7uZJPW Join if you listen to music, especially join if you creat…[View]
27763200I want to share wife pics If you got some pics of your wife or gf to trade welcome If you do not hav…[View]
27760854Deaf guy livining in Saint Louis would like to make friends. Kinda lonely in hearing world. Feel fre…[View]
27763827Send your dicks or whatever degenerate shit you're into to me. Will rate. kik: Paraleticz[View]
27763795Add me on snapchat 4 sexy pics and vids. Also meets. Looking for a man who can fuck me good.[View]
27762847Would this penis be considered big, also dick rate thread[View]
27763583Uncut thread Post yours Leave your kik if you want people to get in touch if they like what they se…[View]
27763343/soc/ active discord - dqdfTzW †━━━━━INFERNO━━━━━† We are an edgy growing community, full with Edgy …[View]
27763317Any Trap or sissy for skype fun?[View]
27763263Looking for meet up. 24 & horny. I love anal. Add me on snap lbellepremium[View]
2775986823 sissy faggot seeks humiliation and sissy tasks kik bbcbuttslutnw[View]
27763165Need some pics of anything Pussy, ass, dick, tits Will return the favour Kik- grandulf[View]
27763156People say I look like Dirk Kuyt That's passable, right?[View]
27763060Young boy (20) need cock on snapchat since im addicted to them. If yours is big enough i’ll reply;) …[View]
27763052Thread 4 Trans/traps & people who looking 2 date them in Buffalo[View]
27763034Snapchat Emasexys[View]
27762989Prefer F or Trans but if you're M and have a big cock we will see ;) kik- grandulf[View]
27762926active discord server - dqdfTzW †━━━━━INFERNO━━━━━† ・.。*†*。.・・.。*†*。.・・.。*†*。.・・.。*†*。.・ We are an…[View]
27762920Anons, can you please take this poll www.strawpoll.me/17826709[View]
27762858/soc/ discord - dqdfTzW[View]
27762885I need a sugar daddy[View]
27760353Join us for NO anime... at ALL... FUCK ANIME!!! https://discord.gg/hG8mn5x[View]
27762771/m&fer/ male and female equal ratio discord server * 1.5k+ members * not a sausage fest * privat…[View]
27762646New snapchat threat! Everyone post your name and also your gender. Tell what gender you prefer. I…[View]
27762752kik hang out thread, find someone from /soc/ you can chill with, whether its drinking, sexing, skate…[View]
27762508Send me your dicks through Kik and I'll rate them. I'm into all dicks, big and small, so y…[View]
27762621Rich Asian fag here (not gay) Femanons, I'll give you $100 via PayPal if you can prove that you…[View]
27762521https://discord.gg/KhBJr6A LGBT/Trap/Femboy server with our own Tinder Minimal rules Frequent voice…[View]
27747915Where the fuck are the trap/cuteboy threads? NOT ON MY WATCH! Be sure to join the most comfy cuteboy…[View]
27719375New body rate thread[View]
27719121Anyone for omegle fun?[View]
27762437This slut wants to be shared[View]
27762302Wanna see hot stuff and other hot naughty?? kik me @ SandraPark02[View]
27760150Anyone knows maybe something about chillanon? Where is she now? I miss her so much(that's not h…[View]
27761573Official Raodsideassistance orbiting server! Join today to join his ranks of orbiters! https://disco…[View]
27760048what is soc's favourite band?[View]
27761530Post a picture of yourself Get cast as a Game of Thrones Character from the books or show. Old Threa…[View]
27762280https://discord.gg/CWZbrUH Come be a tard with other tards, don’t join if you’re gonna be a fag and …[View]
27762214ASU meetup thread m/25 business major[View]
27762213hi im captain whack i want you to send me things to my kik lmao kik: CapnWhackOff[View]
27760309>What is DEGENS? Imagine having to ask this question. >Why should I join DEGENS? To be part of…[View]
2776215720 year old femboy looking for someone to talk to or rp with[View]
27760182Maryland Kik thread. Kik me if you're local and interested in nudes of my bbw wife. Bonus if yo…[View]
27749418Any and all e-girls join. Please. We are desperate. https://discord.gg/2sdEAcq[View]
27762033I'm in Atlanta, Texas. I'm 29 ,and into all genres of music. Down for anything Message ja…[View]
27761689>be me >came out as bi my senior year >been with a few guys since then >came across trap…[View]
27762022straight 6ft 6in Hispanic in Travis Texas looking for girls in the same area or any actual sites to …[View]
27760326Snowed Inn ---------------- A large server full of simple people just wanting to chat and vc idk wha…[View]
27760857Looking for a birthday blowjob Melbourne, Fl Kik d_litet please be female and ddf[View]
27761931Tell me what to do /soc/[View]
27759596What would you do to me?[View]
27760578/dag/ - Dating App General Suggest & rate dating apps. Help anons improve their profiles.[View]
27758928any hung guys wanna hmu? my bf mentioned trying an 'open relationship' and I'm ready …[View]
27760549lets trade nudes! kik: copepper123[View]
27761805traps, degenerates, sissies meet here, come get some of dat boi pussi https://discord.gg/y76VMxr[View]
27761660real girls here definitely. no traps at all but if you like traps, we might have some in that case. …[View]
27758575Tired of getting harassed in DMs and mentions by orbiting server admins? Well fear not egirls of /so…[View]
27760190FaceApp rate thread, cute girls only (boys)[View]
27760147RATE 1-10[View]
27758779Join for torrent link to new GoT episode... https://discord.gg/T7wGE5j[View]
27760125Spain thread? Post A/S/L and waht you're looking for. 21 M Alicante[View]
27761762>fuck suns of Saturn they banned me https://discord.gg/QWAUuhw[View]
27758845VT thread Anyone else out there or just me?[View]
27761750hi there if your looking for fun and hot stuff! kik me @ SandraPark02[View]
27761751Join us! We have everything, politics, anime, and even an e-girl fighting pit! https://discord.gg/T7…[View]
2776003225 f Looking for a man who wants to spend some time between my legs. Kik me @ SweetB1824[View]
27759746What ways are you becoming a better person today, soc?[View]
27760165NC kik thread? Post your ASL, Sexuality, Area code, and what you’re looking for. Don’t forget to add…[View]
27761632Suck my dick.[View]
27756939How and where do you get a muscle monster husband who looks like this, is 185-190 cm tall and listen…[View]
27754204Black / Colored dick r8 thread, big medium small doesn't matter Post yours, I start[View]
2776162321/F Dominant Mistress here, looking for an obedient slave!!serve me well and let me fulfill your fa…[View]
27760371send me nudes on kik:copepper123[View]
27760483I'm 36. Fit, mom to two boys and sometimes when they're not around I get off on bossing me…[View]
2776158425 F , looking for a man who wants to get off with this pussy. I will help you[View]
27759148Bay Area thread 510,707,415 and 408 friends/hookups Kik: adaam707 25/m handsome & clean[View]
27761590https://discord.gg/jaRH55 Come join in, and help this small server grow! We're a friendly commu…[View]
27761419Discord for otaku gamers[View]

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