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Displaying 229 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
24950635Any Santa Barbara /b/rothers up in here? Just moved up to this area.[View]
2495301921 year old white guy in Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA. Kinky, hardcore hookup fuck in public. girls on…[View]
24948254MD thread. Never seen one before. M/27/301[View]
24952961find me if you can xx +27 72 3077 8363[View]
24948120California thread Does anyone else find the entire fucking state and everyone in it depressing? The …[View]
24951862Skype thread : Vocaroo edition. Post a little minute or two vocaroo with your voice and any details …[View]
2495275029 male just moved here. So fucking boring.[View]
24949130Join our kik chat Post whatever you feel like Its fun If your on mobile message @turterls on kik[View]
24950402Rate thread[View]
24947803Is it ok to start a new 'rate with words' thread?[View]
24947341Dear women of /soc/: Do chicks dig giant robots?[View]
24952667so only recently have i developed a thing for traps, kinda want one to add me[View]
24952156/ugly/ general: Anyone else /ugly/? Went to a club event last night alone to get out of the house an…[View]
24950106the dating thread Where would you go on a date with each person how post here? and how the date ends…[View]
24952115Washington DC meet up tread,will arrive in washington in a week or two 19/m looking for a top guy.[View]
24950444We're looking for more autists to come talk about traps, JoJo, genocide, lifting et cetera so c…[View]
24948204Comment your snapchat names and add randoms, just an experiment for the keks[View]
24950223Any Nevada anons wanna chill this evening? Ive got a suite at the Palazzo and I've never been t…[View]
24952081Hey /soc/ i'm a bit attention whore so i'm going to shower right now ! Add my kik boy96fin…[View]
24938615Monster cocks with kik thread Kik: crescentcock[View]
24952061What do you see as your higher-end personal shots? Post one (face included if you're not a puss…[View]
24947869Fuck this state let's go.[View]
2495009118 M belgium Kik smokesomeweed171 Up for anything Also looking for a master and or mistress.[View]
24951204Anyone from Panama?[View]
24951777Is there a more popular video chat site I can just click on and not have to download or sign in to a…[View]
24950460This was really fun last time so a new exhibition/pleasure of being seen thread?[View]
24949968New horny weeb thread >Kinks >Anime >Vidya >Interests >Dom/sub >ASL >Contact in…[View]
24949033ITT : post face, others guess MBTI[View]
24950173Rate my looks.[View]
24951893rate me my snapchat is buttholesrus69 ;)[View]
24951343Stay alive, Hawaii thread. All 808s post in here! 23/m/oahu Kik is joruno2 Let's get weird[View]
24908053Let's start kik game! Post your kik name/kik code and send nudes for random PLL here. I start: …[View]
24951518Eyebrow rate thread[View]
24948925Dou you like balloons /soc/?[View]
24950965rate the face and can u guess what drugs I took in the past or liked?[View]
24940080-Steam Friend Thread- >A few games you play. >Who do you want to add you? >Anything else yo…[View]
24948183help me out to fap, lonley 33 yo virgin here. send pics kik erikalfonso[View]
24946034Taboo thread for anons telling stories that do things outside the norm/ok like >cheating/sex wit…[View]
24949063Big cock Kik thread I'm 22 from Cali. Looking for girls to talk to and have fun Kik: fun98760[View]
24917818Lewd & Nude Kik Game! Post YOUR kik ID. Send a lewd or nude pic to the post above you. Please re…[View]
24898436Boy butt thread. Previous thread reached image limit again, starting a new one.[View]
24950732What's /soc/ drinking this evening?[View]
24910241/qtit/ - QT Infograph Thread[View]
24922809New trap/cd/trans thread[View]
24950275Any man to woman trans or shemales for some nice time with a 24yr old guy on kik or sc? Leave your n…[View]
24950154Snapchat with a small dick fatty?[View]
24950096Friends group chat >everyone's welcome >come join the family and meet new people…[View]
24929757Why no cumbeg post must be the most popular request?[View]
24945309Show me your butthole I don't care if your male or female, show me your butthole. Here's m…[View]
24949892Come kik with me. Kik Mickydutch[View]
24948326How do you get a hookup in Columbus Ohio?[View]
24949614Looking for people to role play with on skype, sexual or casual. Post ASL and describe yourself. If …[View]
24945276Like it? Rate it pls[View]
24946361Complete submission thread. Post yourself, others, kik names, ect, or just discuss. My name's T…[View]
24949350Anyone here wants to get kicked in the nuts ? Anons if a gay guy asked to kick you to kick him in th…[View]
24944516New! RATE/assumption thread xo[View]
24947759Hey soc Anyone want to trade pics. Porn pics, amature, hentai, bbw, personals, anything I'm not…[View]
24948896Is there anything else in this board but beta cucks wanting to be told that they look good when they…[View]
24946684>Be me >Rather conservative bent >Would easily consider myself a republican voter >Has a…[View]
24948952Post away, femanons.[View]
24941400So here it is! The discord thread! Share your own discord servers and join others. Have fun. https:/…[View]
24911449/sma/ 2017 - Skinny, Medium & Average Girls Post ITT females only! Are you new? Timestamp please…[View]
24943989Drinking Thread. Now Drinking: Lagunitas' Imperial Stout Probably the last one of the night as …[View]
24943578Anal only thread Post your pics showing your devotion to the anal only lifestyle. Contact sharing is…[View]
24943948Replies get replies[View]
24948000Hi /soc/ rate me? Also whats with all the boy butt threads? pic taken in baltimore but from nyc[View]
24945399St. louis thread? 21/m/soco here what are some of your favorite bars or things to go out and do?[View]
24948478Where are you at cuz?Remember when we used to share our dick pics with each other here? I doubt you …[View]
24948621Come join the fun guys[View]
24948650Dear /soc/, I'm a 27 year old guy and I have this huge fetish of wanting to meet totally rando…[View]
24947996I love looking at dickpics, so heres mine.[View]
24943244Rhode island hookup thread. 30/m looking for femanon *tumbleweed*[View]
24947797Horny Snapchat thread. Looking for some submissive girls to have some fun with. Dudes you know the d…[View]
24943961because i cant be the only lonely fuck in this state post your details, area code, whatever, see if …[View]
24948352I'm a Bi curious African man looking for a hook up. (males only please)[View]
24935924Fuck it, beards thread, this board seems like it's moving slower these days.[View]
24940622Femanons! Post your body from your point of view![View]
24947966Nude trade/post group. Post your nudes and stuff that turns you on. Only rules are no lurking and ke…[View]
24948162Kik group sharing thread >URLs >Kik codes >Names >Group atmosphere…[View]
24947486Can we get an Alabama hook up/meet/texting thread? I'll start 2055815312[View]
24934301Seeking Arrangement thread. Anyone ever used this thing? I have a date tonight with a girl I contact…[View]
24942782Under what circumstances is a man with long hair ever not inferior to short hair? Should I cut my ha…[View]
24945517Who is the biggest QT on /soc/? I am going to have to go with baby tits fox from the leg wear thread[View]
24948061Opening a new kik group for people to come talk about whatever, we're a bunch of lunatics over …[View]
24948001Just wondering /soc/ Did anyone on here used to have a sibling that used to watch them naked? My sis…[View]
24942443Let's try this again. You want to see if your gf, wife, sister, crush etc gets naughty with a …[View]
24946717Alright /soc/ I'm I have a issue I'm M/140/ semi fit/22 yo. In a relationship been in a re…[View]
24945979Brutally honest rate thread. Rate from 1 to 10. 1 - Absolutely Repulsive 2 - Repulsive 3 - Ugly 4 - …[View]
24943215Any skinny white sissy boys or twinks that love to worship black or brown cocks? Bonus for skinny sm…[View]
24909083New snap thread You know the drill >toitelikeatiger >24m >want females only…[View]
24947584Post your upshorts please[View]
24943327Hey soc i have cash to burn im willingly buying nudes from females only send kiks to randomsoc4chan@…[View]
24947586I'm 20/male/Black/ into weeb stuff and Hip Hop looking for a kik friend , someone willing to …[View]
24947596Im a useless man[View]
24943717rate me guys this was taken when I was going to fuck some neet on r9k so ignore the words[View]
24947028Hey /soc/! I have a few questions for the camwhores out there that actually do shows to make money.…[View]
24935667Kink thread. Post some god damn kinks. >No contactfagging unless you post your kinks, hopefully t…[View]
24947397post pictures of your tattoos and let others rate them, let me start! first piece of my viking sleev…[View]
24946943Ask a black cis male anything.[View]
24891970Male chub cub husky masculine and bear thread is back to replace the recently 404d one.[View]
24941736cozey ass trap discord https://discordapp.com/channels/280443208100610049/280443208100610049 complet…[View]
24905594New Jersey bread >Age >Area code >Sexuality >Whatcha lookin for…[View]
24939186Assumptions thread[View]
24946571Can we start an active nudes sharing kik group someone start it and out the name i dont feel like st…[View]
24945239#Nerd+ : Sunday Funday Edition Hey /soc/ - Looking for a place to nerd out and relax? Need somewher…[View]
24947024R8 my ugly ass[View]
24947301Getting cheated on snapchats thread[View]
24925726Femdom / role reversal meetup and contact thread. I'll start: 21/M/Brighton/London UK, Looking …[View]
24947172Omegle bread???? M 19 straight[View]
24947165Does any anon wanna tribute her?? Maybe even a cum tribute? I can't return the favor, since I d…[View]
24940707Anyone here from Utah? Oh, also, fuck this state. >29/m/801[View]
24945819Being a boy sucks. The thread. A thread for people who know that it's always historically been …[View]
24946730kik me @rahdoggo[View]
24945491Ddlg/cgl thread! -> age, gender, location >little/ caregiver >likes > dislikes > tell…[View]
24942815>join dating sites like okcupid >try various methods to improve my profile and at the very lea…[View]
24945367304/m/19 Kik:madmonkey71[View]
24946547PA MEETUP THREAD 27 male pittsburgh 6ft white big dick 420 friendly[View]
24946220Has anybody had any success on this? Is it worth it? 20yo male here[View]
24946436hey im pretty caked out and looking for a q2pt grill to play some pleb tier vidya with (LoL, path of…[View]
24933029we are a smaller, chill, community that doesn't have many rules just enough to maintain a sembl…[View]
24943018Detailed rating of my cock please? Its 6.5[View]
24940809Anons keep saying I need to fix my looks. What do you really think?[View]
24946035So im up in Big Bear, CA and it seems like it's so hard to find any hookups up here. you'd…[View]
24942722BIG DICK SNAPCHAT #2 amosc: treetop997[View]
24946303I don't see any good old area code threads, but I'm not gonna bother looking for one. If y…[View]
24942698loser thread :^)[View]
24942818Femanons, have any of you ever encountered a man who is too big for anal? A few nights back i was fu…[View]
24926726/chub/ - Chubby Girls Thread New? Please timestamp (time/date on paper)! NO contactfagging (asking f…[View]
24945118would any grills here date a guy who was bald? ;_; >pls give me hope[View]
24940878I want to post slutty pics of myself. Dare me anything and I'll post a picture. This is me[View]
24928511Minnesota thread Any MN anons around? What's your area code Since it's a day for that sor…[View]
24928006DD/LG thread: Tuesday Edition Introduce yourselves in this thread, name your age, general location a…[View]
24916116Age gap thread.[View]
24944966San Diego bi male. Kik: Gamer706[View]
24943960Kik Cucks? Anyone want to talk about cuck fetish I'm ashm9125 And share anything you got[View]
24944939Aye Looking for germos to talk too. Everybody else is still wellcome Kik is dnobueno[View]
24941334Who would fuck me?[View]
24943271Has anyone seen Genesis?[View]
24944029Gender >Male Age >18 Interests >Vidya, Anime, Manga, Drawing, Messing with computers, Shit …[View]
24943713M or F please suck it NYC[View]
24943515I want a Cali Kik group for trading pics and shit like tht doesn't matter what kind of pics or …[View]
24943165Drunk and sad anon here; how can I make myself less ugly? I would lose the bangs but tfw big forehea…[View]
24927495Pa thread come on in guys[View]
24942730>You will [u]never[/u] do a strong psychedelic with Latvian anon and travel through the laughing …[View]
24943720time for a roleplay thread yet? kik: Dail_85[View]
24927269/smallguys/ thread? Yeah let's do it![View]
24936419New Chart Thread[View]
24937463Rate thread[View]
24943493Colorado thread anyone???? All people welcome. Im from the 80831 - 80808 area. Yes that second zip c…[View]
24938404Are there in lawyers here??? Or anyone with that kinda knowledge? I got in a bit of trouble with a. …[View]
24943506I just turned 18 years old and I've never received a dick pic. Please come thru +1 (251) 232-36…[View]
24943551Alright /soc/ I've got Formal coming up soon, we're supposed to bring a date, however I h…[View]
24940187Fresh rate thread get in here[View]
24944103Any white girls at Cornell university (or ithaca) that want 7'' white cock? I'm 6…[View]
24944677>Official rate thread[View]
24935498>13:30 >work never ends >end it for me…[View]
24943088Any passable traps near Mass interested in meeting and hosting a shy skinny guy? 24 btw.[View]
24943143Any german females wanna talk? Reply with your kik / snap[View]
24935568/soc/ crushes post picture's of who you like and say what you like about them ? :3[View]
24943396Looking for horny Kik girls on this fantastic Saturday evening/Sunday morning. Magicbrad90[View]
24943083Are You a Music Fan?? >> Pic Related Wanna Meetup at this Event? >> Pic Related No /mu/ …[View]
24943141Women preferred[View]
24942450Rate me[View]
24909216BBWThread asl contact info[View]
24943156>Start kikin with a girl from soc >Talk back and forth for maybe a month or more >Get to kn…[View]
2494456431yo virgin, like to kik with femanons for talk and nudes. nice guy with no experience.kik erikalfon…[View]
24942921How do I find a girl who likes big black cocks & cuckolding in my city?[View]
24942318hii /soc i'm 24/f Anyone in socal want to come over and cuddle? i just want to be held by someo…[View]
24938335OHIO THREAD Post your age >20 Gender >M Location >740 area About yourself >I'm attr…[View]
24942354Connecticut thread! Hookup/smoke/drink/etc 22/Male/860 Looking to hook up with F. Love being rough a…[View]
24939714Post your pic and tell people whether they're ugly or not. Feel like I've been really obs…[View]
24943540I'm drunk and I can't feel my face tell me I'm pretty[View]
24944454Rate my ass?[View]
24944431'He Will Not Divide Us' by Shia LaCuck Group watch for Skype. https://join.skype.com/uyO3ioX5uWcc ht…[View]
24937402God damnit /soc/, why is there no Virginia thread right now? 31m And 24f, 757 reporting in.[View]
24939520Femanons, what do you consider general etiquette, when it comes to cum after a handjob? So last nigh…[View]
24944384This site is a fetish based site that bases it's rules off of your consent and panders towards …[View]
24939277North Carolina thread. >704 >M/20 Kik: Masamune96…[View]
24910129Aus Meetup Thread: Heatwave Edition Same old shit: >age/sex/postcode >what you're looking…[View]
24915003Weekend dom and little thread! /ddlg/ ddlg is short for daddy dom and little girl, a sort of d/s r…[View]
24834760/azg/ Arizona General- back from the dead edition Post kiks, fuck, hangout, whatever kik: wes_themes…[View]
24943385https://discord.gg/FDQnfrT Discord for weebs in massachusetts. Sup. Just made a discord meant to con…[View]
249414784chan kik party >join the senpai.[View]
24942963Snapchat thread? 23.m.aus S.ryan12 Females preferred[View]
24942904tx thread? > snap and kik: gwestnangnang > m/18 > (979) me in the pic btw…[View]
24942902Is there anyone in Scotland near Inverness wanting to fuck? M/18/Bottom. If you can my Kik: Jmaglol4…[View]
24942835Trying to dm some Indian girl Doesn't seem interested, Indian girls on 4chan an I your type??[View]
24942709Colorado thread. Looking for femanons in the area who wanna have some play time. 29/M/Straight/970-…[View]
24942695I needta lick a dick. Twink fgt in Wicker Park. kik: toyrat[View]
24942013> We can see soul through the eyes! Let's prove it :)[View]
24942467so many butts to show, new thread[View]
24926685*NEW SLUT THREAD* Preferably females Let's keep this thread going and get the best females on …[View]
24923122Old dirty kik thread hit the bump limit again in no time at all. As usual: >Age >Sex >Locat…[View]
24938399No NYC thread come on guys 21/M in Brooklyn looking to do something (read: someone) tonight[View]
24941472ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT. @rebelle.puff Sexy snaps, 20y.o., from Czech republic.[View]
24942297Looking for some weed in the Boston area, by West Broadway, anyone hook me up?[View]
24942270NatashaW00 Looking to trade porn pics. Into Teen, Cute Cumplay. Hit me up if your into the same stuf…[View]
24941927Girls, would you like to chill while watch me masturbating? (23/m) You don't have to interact, …[View]
24942234Skinny meet ups thread? If people tell you, you are too thin, you should go eat a burger, or want to…[View]
24940428So is /soc/ for learning social skills or is it just for sexual hookups, cybering, and pics?[View]
24941377Non-binary/Genderqueer thread A thread for people who are neither boys nor girls. Post pics, talk,…[View]
24937101Abs thread ! which pic is the best for tinder? http://imgur.com/a/NJug8[View]
24934853New Uncut cock Kik group. Come and show off your soft and hard dicks. Foreskin play. 18+[View]
24941494Any girls want to talk?! 24fcali[View]
24941833Wife out of town. Anyone want to hook up in the North Wales/Cheshire area UK HMU on KIK:TL190 24 M[View]
24941879Horny Moms that want to have dirty fun with men and women.[View]
24941779How the fuck do I fuck stupid cunts from club/tinder/scenes, if I don't do drugs and don't…[View]
24941145Serious question - do i have autism or downs or some shit. How can i be less fucking ugly and improv…[View]
24940467Looking for any tranny/traps/shemales/females will reply[View]
24938844New boybutt thread only now with filled boybutts let's see them[View]
24939518Hey guys~! 18 year old trap looking for people to talk to~ please feel free to message me~[View]
24913213STORY THREAD please tell me your story, anything from sexual embarrassments to drug addiction. i wan…[View]
24941171Kik me if you wanna have some fun, maybe we can even make some 'deals' :*[View]
24941568how to be not ugly? what shape is best shape for my nose? straight on (Mediterranean-kind? I'm …[View]
24941441HPV Ethics So, we all know that 80-90% of people will get HPV in their lifetime. Doctors basically a…[View]
24892469swimsuit/bikini/Micro-bikini thread[View]
2493797023 and haven't had sex in 4 years. What's wrong[View]
24941130Wisconsin hetero meet up.. Any females wanna kik or fuck or both? WeedB420[View]
24934755Rate thread? Rate thread[View]
24939809hey lookin 4 a qt grill to support me in ranked league of legends, im a varus main pls no trannies t…[View]
24941038florida thead >Age >Sex >arae code>contact info[View]
24940917from Australia? Chinese? Bingo! Wait.... are you female...? post contacts. Let's chat... I…[View]

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