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25078742do you have a blog? let's visit and comment each other sites >what is your blog about? poems…[View]
25078347Feeling really horny and was hoping some bad boys will make me cum[View]
25076641what conclusions do you make based on peoples faces?[View]
25078649/University/ thread? I'm a Mainer who is looking to transfer to UNH for the Fall semester. Anyo…[View]
25078305Hey guys, what can/should I do with my hair. I generally just brush it to the side, but I'm not…[View]
25078463Alguien de Colima Mexico para intercambio de fotos de chicas ?[View]
25078405Hrey bb https://discord.gg/vbq5q[View]
25078357Germany kik Thread 21/m/Germany[View]
25077187Snapchat thread for trans/sissy/trap/cd[View]
25078232Any Girls wanna chat/meet with a 26/M/Essex? KIK: LSampayo90 SC: Sampayo90[View]
25078177How do you close the deal, lads? I can pretty comfortably get into the ass grabbing stage (a very…[View]
25078061Could you fit this in your throat? My GF is having a hard time..any advice for her?[View]
25078116Any girls from Essex/London fancy a chat & maybe more? i'm 26 Male Snapchat: Sampayo90 Kik:…[View]
25077770Dutch meet up/chat/date/onenights Male/25/038 For me no gay!! Only ladies :)[View]
25078032Discord me pls. Fuck https://discord.gg/vbq5q[View]
25077983GIRL ONLY LEWD KIK If you're looking to trade pics/sext and get some dick get in here gals -NO …[View]
25077941Lets get some VALIDATION UP IN THIS BITCH Other ones are as dead as Brandon Don't r8 people if …[View]
25074794>talking to someone for two months straight >talk every day >always talking, laughing, maki…[View]
25077948Compare cocks? kik: ashwellington[View]
25039825All the snapchat threads are full of horny dickpic senders. Which is fine, but this thread is for no…[View]
25077882Need sissy/cd/tranny/femboys/etc who want to sexy snap. Pics are a must. Sc:bantersnapkink Add me, i…[View]
25068873Hey! We are an online community of friends who are looking for more people to hang out with! https:/…[View]
25077744does anyone here play CGSS? i'd like to make some friends who play it :3[View]
25077499Butthole rate thread I'll start this off.[View]
2507172525+ Thread/ Discord https://discord.gg/DjZNvTQ I don't know how to spend my weekends anymore. H…[View]
2507743119/m bi/UK Twink slut wanting to trade pics or just talk I'm a thick 7' but I'll bottom or…[View]
25077679BDSM Thread It looks like the old one died, so let's get it going again.[View]
25076479New hookup server. Let's see how many people we can get in there: https://discord.gg/sfNbDn4[View]
25011409/chub/ - Chubby Girls Thread #4 https://www.strawpoll.me/12410477 NO contact-fucking-fagging (asking…[View]
25072066Arizona thread. Got a kik group for meet-ups, bullshiting and making fwenz. 18+ and no spamming.[View]
25075898Irish thread Age Sex Interests Kik[View]
25063649New Jersey thread Post >age >sex >orientation >location >what you're looking for…[View]
25063581/sbt/ - Small Breast Thread > Females only > Timestamp if new > No contactfagging > No '…[View]
25069878Virgin Pussies? Any pure maidens willing to post pics of your virginal pussy lips parted revealing y…[View]
25076911EUROPOOR DISCORD https://discord.gg/rnSzYYh Stop getting cucked by time zones and join our European …[View]
25074941Bought my first drinking horn today! Show me what your favorite cups, mugs, drunkard you own.[View]
25076482Idk what discord is, join me https://discord.gg/b43db[View]
25076468Lookin for a new fuckbuddy[View]
25074669Come and jerk off for me. https://appear.in/circlejerk[View]
25076450Celebrity look-alike thread?[View]
25074907Oldfag here, I decided to see if Anonidate still existed. It does not, and I figured this might be a…[View]
25076341LIVE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yEhHRg8Bsw[View]
25076230can you tell me your age and sex and rate me please ?[View]
25067820Any Norwayfags lurking here? Post Kik or Snap[View]
25067652Nude and lewd kik group. I lost track of my old post and it pruned. So here it is again. Contact gid…[View]
25071118Old one is dead, so time for a good old-fashioned RATE THREAD. Don't be a dick and post your pi…[View]
25075327No rules[View]
25076108i'm straight but i also wanna fuck a trap or femoy/get fucked by one so does that basically mak…[View]
25075528cute young couple looking for some fun. we know molly Who's in TN?[View]
25062445FATTIES: fat girls must post. everyone else post and rate fatties.[View]
25075779Gender fluid and non-binary rate thread![View]
25075024come in talk about your feelings https://discord.gg/7jgbWq3[View]
25071260No Michigan thread? I just moved to this state a couple months ago. Currently live in the suburbs of…[View]
25076023Whoops how did my breasts get behind my bf's ps4 games silly me[View]
25073277Only Female If New Timestamp (Buttplug tail and Ears is a costume :) )[View]
25058765Austhread: Toiletposting Edition Alright guys and gals, do the usual: >age >sex >location …[View]
25070228Would you?[View]
25075864i'm a simple person trying to form a simple discord https://discord.gg/Qt6pdc2 it's quitei…[View]
25072840taking requests (:[View]
25073336Rate my hard cock please[View]
25073791Anything goes porn chat[View]
25059363Since there is none: Dirty kik thread! Leave your contact informations and a short description of wh…[View]
25075610M, 32, from Brazil. Email: ceppard.tull@gmail.com[View]
25075432Ohio is depressing and I need more friends. >zipcode 419 >a/s 18/F I prefer skype but can use …[View]
25074349How do I go about finding a passable trap to fuck? All the ones in my area are very masculine.[View]
25074782I'm in Atlanta and lonely and bored as fuck. I've got nowhere to be and no friends. I…[View]
25075503Any very tall doms who like traps in atl? I wanna get tied up and whipped so bad. Also love chastity…[View]
25073805Hey everyone! We're looking to expand our Discord server. Anyone 18+ is allowed to join! If you…[View]
25075431Rate me please https://stumpycok.tumblr.com/[View]
25075411Trap Sex Chat Thread The thread for traps to talk to people over voice chat and talk about whatever.…[View]
25074037Did anyone get nudes off her? Thought we could trade but she expected me to pay. Someone must have p…[View]
25073948Anyone from Louisiana on? Looking for a New Orleans guy to fuck my girl[View]
25075298Started a tumblr and have no one on it. Share your accounts![View]
25073163HC porn thread >post >fap >rinse >repeat…[View]
25073142Weed thread >ASL >Favorite strain >Current strain >Favorite method of smoking >Pic o…[View]
25075207Bikini Bottom Discord server https://discord.gg/n8wfJ Anyone can join[View]
25075203Come join https://discord.gg/SXqR8[View]
25073377Looking young as fuck (19). Need some advices. Baby cheeks ? Weak jaw ? beard ? what should I worry …[View]
25075109I hear /soc/ used to be the place for wv women... anyone here tonight?[View]
25075113605 Kik me @ generictraut[View]
25074891Anyone want to maybe make a guy feel better? Former overweight guy and still am slightly, really not…[View]
25074931I am a bicurious guy who wants a dominant guy to have me worship his cock on Kik. It turns me on to…[View]
25074313Is it big?[View]
25074644hey there. i'm just an alcoholic girl looking for someone to care about me. idunno, i'm ju…[View]
25071315Nevada thread M/18/702[View]
25074583Alright, i'll make it simple. I made a server for hentai on discord. The rules are simple: >…[View]
25061891Oklahoma contact thread! Let's go okies! Asl, what you're looking for, what you're no…[View]
25071683Clean thread / friendo posting[View]
25074482Haven't seen one of these in while. How'd yall enjoy your mardi gras? >ASL >orienta…[View]
25069037Pennsylvania Thread > 19/M/Penn State Harrisburg > Kik: ffsap…[View]
25069194Anyone want to do some tributes? Got private pics I don't want to post in tribute thread. You n…[View]
25072320Show off your lips! Lipstick, spit, cum or fake cum, any kind of sexy lips and teasing are welcome :…[View]
2507445224/M/6ft3/159lbs/M.E I am looking for somebody clingy and possessive. Preferably hasn't taken t…[View]
2507376420/f Message me or call me, I send nudes and get on cam. I love being a whore ;) +598 98 866 197[View]
25061805ITT: Weird, strange, unusual, and abnormal dicks[View]
25071542What do you do for fun, /soc/?[View]
25074101L O N D O N thread You know the drill. >Age >Sex >Location[View]
25074340how can I get famous /soc/? thanks[View]
25073847Tinder/OkCupid/POF Which do you think is best? Which did you get more results?[View]
25072422Any Girls wanna chat/meet with a 26/M/Essex? KIK: LSampayo90 SC: Sampayo90[View]
25074001Dirty pic sharing. Anyone welcome but prefer females Bob992000[View]
25040317It is time! Get into your chastities and post here. 2017 is the year! It is time to become the best …[View]
25070997I've been trying to perfect a Craiglist casual encounter add. m4w. Most successful add so far i…[View]
25073841Which do you guys think is the best app and the one you had the most luck on?[View]
25069525Friday yes/no/maybe rate thread[View]
25073700Pics of my ex please rate him and if you want to email him ask me in comments. Majored premature EJA…[View]
25073557I just moved to Spain and i don't know anyone so a meetup thread wouldn't hurt 18/m/Barcel…[View]
25073726say hello to him on chaturbate right now username is princessvivienne[View]
25072408Horny dudes unite! I'm starting a gay /soc/ self pics/porn sharing discord. No rules other than…[View]
25071454https://discord.gg/xkxfPAM Small offshoot of the original /pol/ server (pre-exodus) but not looking …[View]
25073615We need a dirty UK Snapchat Thread! So we are at least in the same timezone! 28/M/Manchester straigh…[View]
25073694Any Muslims on soc? Also general kik thread Post asl and what you're looking for 19/m/Lebanon …[View]
25071788My name is rain[View]
25072045Casual Kik Thread?[View]
25073489EUROPOOR DISCORD https://discord.gg/rnSzYYh Stop getting cucked by time zones and join our European …[View]
25073458Hello /soc/ I'm here with a brand new very dead discord and i would appreciate it greatly if so…[View]
25072623I'm bored. Message me your lame dicks and I'll rate them. (M) MacabrexEmizel[View]
25073284What do you think boys? Been on a diet and feeling pretty confident. Bi 32 male looking for can fun …[View]
25073238I'm bored, I like to crossdress, Want to help me think of something fun to buy at Walmart to us…[View]
25072478Can I get some tips on how to make my butt look bigger? I guess this is a more erotic form of an adv…[View]
25070368Traps and femboys wanna kik me to exchange or talk 6'1 top Kik: A.Smithy76 Pic not related[View]
25064553>Hey How do you handle a basic 'hey' /soc/? Is it normal to lose interest in trying to further co…[View]
25072883European thread! There are many localized threads, but none from europe. Italian guy here. Let'…[View]
25070377Looking for someone who wants to do tributes for me on kik, post yours itt Pic unrelated[View]
25073046Everyone post a picture. Everyone post a song you think would be the theme song to their life. Let…[View]
25070457Horny black guy looking for some tight white boys to trade with on snapchat Snap me: bush2810[View]
25073138Anything goes porn room[View]
25073164someone can tell the real name of this girl? apparently this is a fake instagram account so I want t…[View]
25071977Looking to do some tributes or have femanons tribute my cock, get in here.[View]
25072823Tribute thread! Rules are simple: * Girls post pics of themselves (timestamp required) * Guys cum on…[View]
25067034CT thread! 203/475 m 25 Kik: timmytim6912[View]
25072703No cam or mic! Just want to see some guys jack off and cum for me! 21 Username: bandrulez132[View]
25072454Hey guys <3 Kik me atkatieerob20 Waiting for you, im so bored rightnow :*[View]
25024236/bik/ - Bikini and Swimsuit Thread >females only >do not try to contact anyone who posts here…[View]
25070350Please save me from myself /soc/. What do?[View]
25066843So I have to legally change my name. I can't even choose it from scratch, they gave me the choi…[View]
25068014Post face and ask anything thread. Be as personal as you want. I'll be drinking while replying …[View]
25072522Why is it that I really like a girl, whom I barely know, and with whom I appearently have nothing in…[View]
25061128VA meetup thread! -age -sex -orientation -location -what you're looking for 28 m str8 804 - loo…[View]
25070774What's the best omegle/chatroulette like site to find camwhores?[View]
25071332Faggot here. Live with parents but want dildo. Can't do mail. Anyone wanna dead drop one for me…[View]
25071614Chastity thread?[View]
25031324Clean Kik thread here: >A/S/L >Interest[View]
25072148snap her she's awesome ;) idus.m[View]
25072023Anyone got pics of that blonde fag who always post his selfies with tears or blood? I've got so…[View]
25071482Soc, show me your cum.[View]
25071957All the threads im seeing are old or stale as fuck. Lets do a body in one pic face in a second threa…[View]
25071985Anyone willing to read me a nice bed time story? I have trouble falling asleep and would appreciate …[View]
25071969snapchat or kik brosive_123 for dick pics and ass pics[View]
25067869Continuing her[View]
25069661Attention entire world! Hear my proclamation! I am Anon, Emperor of the Roman Empire and your only R…[View]
25069243Need people with a hung cock and a way to tribute to kik me at paradoxycontin so I can get pics and …[View]
25070290Boreddd &' hornyyy in ellenwood Georgia, KIK me 5kyyGotti_ ladiesss only Mandingo[View]
25066802420 hookup thread. I'm in Camden County, Ga and I'm in need of some good bud. I'm new…[View]
25060491Gay/lesbian/bi hook-up thread. Post info. 727, 22f, f, stoner, lesbian. If interested post fb. c:[View]
25070407Looking for love! Heres a video about me and mydeity friend that can teleport stuff Im delicate so d…[View]
25069934i've got balls of steel kik dickkickem[View]
25069215Good morning boys...[View]
25063580Ask anything thread! Post your picture and ask other people questions and answer as many questions a…[View]
25071382Naughty gay Skype thread. >A/S/L >gay/bi/other >cam/pics/text >body type >length/cut …[View]
25071235Looking for dominant girls who have use for a dirty little slave. I need to be taught a lesson. kik:…[View]
25071196Wisconsin Meet up thread. What are you fucks up to? 22m Bay view lets get shitfaced.[View]
25071325I want dick pics :3 kik: verapf2017[View]
25071313Looking to talk to fellow heroin addicts, I'm very new to it and would like some advice, thx[View]
25071299come chill wit us on rabbit https://www.rabb.it/Rodney5595[View]
25071274Marry, fuck, kill thread.[View]
25069115+1 (540) 760-9048 hi, my name's codie and i want to sext with some handsome gentlemen ;) send y…[View]
25071271hang out with me !!! i look foward to meeting you :) wwwyounow.com/rob_TJD_nelson_BOMBSQUAD[View]
25034106Trans/CD/Sissy threats anyone? Include KIKs if y'all want to.[View]
25071251Dirty kik/Snapchat Ladies add hfttf8 on either. Fellas you know what to do[View]
25071249Dirty nudes and gore welcome kik.me/g/7VFPkRq-zZ-hUvWBevVUt6hc4T0[View]
25071240Bdsm kik group I'm looking to start a group for those who are interested leave your kik id and …[View]
2507114720 year old virgin with a 6.3 in cock. Looking for a Dom who will boss me around and tell me what to…[View]
25065748No Minnesota thread? Anyone still alive in land of 10000 lakes? 507 here. Bored and a bit drunk.[View]
25071217im trying to find a girl in the 727[View]
25070910Why do I have a bunch of white hairs? Fresh Rate Thread Plus contact if someone wants to chat with s…[View]
25059538Have you ever had interracial sex? If yes has race / tabooness played any part in turning you on or …[View]
25054870Horny Weeb Thread! >ASL (If you're in the US then put where in the US you are from, you fuck…[View]
25069665Smash or pass thread also hmu on sc @ audio2.0[View]
25070637It's the (((current year))), Do you use discord? If you do, this thread is for you. If you don…[View]
25045407Sugar daddy/baby thread, post your kik and get chatting with potential daddies/babies. I'll sta…[View]
25071062Fill out Snapchat name info, likes. Dfl42088[View]
25069863Tea Time! Lets talk people, I've got lots of time today and I'd love to chat. Whats going …[View]
25070756dating site thread post your profile and have others make fun of you or give advice or whatever I…[View]
25064256Alrighty. New dick rate thread but with a twist. This time...we rate dicks. GO![View]
25065157Do you guys not do Tumblr anymore? I added lot of good blogs last time I was on /soc/[View]
25070920I work out a little, think i should keep at it?[View]
25067036EUROPOOR DISCORD https://discord.gg/rnSzYYh Stop getting cucked by time zones and join our European …[View]
25060579Zombie apocalypse thread. What's your role? What role should others have? Rate others' sur…[View]
25070844Website: Younow Profile: wardawgthegod_19308 i would link the whole thing but you know, not allowed.…[View]
25051315Do something somewhat different, balls rate thread[View]
25070828so my 19 b-day is in a few days (not fooling) Is there any tips, suggestions or life-style comments …[View]
25067629Tinder rate thread?[View]
25069936Fresh rate bread The others are full[View]
25070656[Chat thread]/Common Interests (If joining them doesn't work out well then we can keep them div…[View]
25047591/Shg/ Short Hair Girls thread Females only! NO MTFS OR TRAPS ****NO CONTACTFAGGING**** >which me…[View]
2507040825/M/US Looking to hire a hung guy to jerk off to pics of girls I know and humiliate me on kik or sn…[View]
25069796Like vidya and talking to shitters all day for your own entertainment? Join the FUCK up ok? https://…[View]
25059864New Stats chart thread? Last one I saw archived before I could even finish[View]
25024415Any older people here? Anyone 26 and up?[View]
25069333Guys in girls panties/dresses. Show them off. All sizes welcome. Bonus if they aren't yours. I…[View]
24969677/erpg/ - ERP General: Last thread died before even getting to 40 posts edition >What is ERP? This…[View]
25029358/flt/ - Female Legwear Thread > Females only // Timestamp if new From: >>24984174…[View]
25069437Kik me guys, I'm bored.. Kik is cutegirl34bz[View]
25069588Is there any haircut that could make me attractive? Also, need new frames, what would you suggest?[View]
25069815Ain't doing nothing today? Bored af? Haven't turned up for spring break? come to our House…[View]
25068785Post your foreheads and give forehead advice.[View]
25069600New exhibitionist/pleasure of being seen thread! Get the fuck in here if you love showing off. Post …[View]
25063015Ohio meetup thread. Post your age, sex, preference, area code, contact info, pic (optional) m/18/bi/…[View]
25069344Hey there! Are you fucking bored? Obviously you're bored because you're browsing /soc/, ya…[View]
25045928Gay kik thread >age >kinks >kik >what you're looking for >20 >sissy, sub, dad…[View]
25068005I'm impatient. Rate my cock real quick and I will delete this thread.[View]
25068803long story short i want to find someone who proves not everyone is the same, guy or girl im just loo…[View]
25069503Would you like to see more? Follow @instxhxtties (Instahotties) on Instagram! https://www.instagram.…[View]
25069439https://appear.in/fapwithme Fat bored looser, just wanna fap Enter, anyone accepted[View]
25064248New small cock Kik group! Come and share your small dick with us (bonus for being uncut) - prefer ca…[View]
25061446Eye rate thread.[View]
25069321come jerk off with me https://appear.in/cockstroking[View]
25067300Ahoy mateys! Me and me humble crew of 6 sailors are in desperate need of abled crewmates. We be sail…[View]
25048711Kentucky / KY thread: Sperm stays alive longer than these threads edition 31 / M / Louisville Quit l…[View]
25069176Low Standards Thread >Gender, Age, Location, Orientation >Bit about you/why your standards are…[View]
25069087Anyone want to rest their big cock on my face or force it in my mouth? Will take pic requests if yo…[View]
25067662Fags, sissies, gays, bi-bros, and everyone else (we don't discriminate), come post your nudes i…[View]
25069001Why do poor people shop here?[View]
25067885rate my cawk[View]
25069050I used to use omegle to sext with girls over kik. Lately though it's dried up. 75% are bots. 24…[View]
25069036I have a stomach/navel fetish and i am looking for girls who would want to swap a few pics with me o…[View]
25069014Kik swingers thread! Couples only. I'll post my girl in next comment.[View]
25068971Hey guys! Check me out![View]
25066348Need a partner in crime to spank it with kik nomadzor[View]
25067475Gay boys text me I'll rate your cock if you rate mine six four six 2 two one 17one seven[View]
25067257Hi Are you a girl? are you qt? do you like getting attention because of your reproductive organs? th…[View]
25068734hey /soc/, using ny vpn..what do you think of the folks of liverpool owning guns/selling ammo?[View]
25067129Guys, I'm so bored.. Kik me.. Kik is cutegirl34bz[View]
25067189people of /soc/! i have been drinking and am curious as to how many drinks it would take before you…[View]
25067041Are there any good websites or apps for straight fwb and general fucking?[View]
25066624Hey guys, im feeling kinda sad and i have to ask you all a question. Im a gay man, i have a boyfrien…[View]
25067975Hello http://m.imgur.com/a/wKkWA[View]
25067673https://www.rabb.it/Rodney5595 come join our porn chat[View]
25067373looking for someone (18 and over) to get off with kik: RuckRucka[View]
25061384who else /stoned/ rn[View]
25068816Looking for fun on kik M 20 (bisexual) Kurofami[View]
25068678Come meet girls online on our Discord chat https://discord.gg/SqjbqsJ[View]
25068658Any women in Boise Idaho looking to meet up tonight? I'm alone at my apartment 22 years old, 5…[View]
25068592rate me please i'm self-conscious and i'm bisexual how do you think I look and give advice…[View]
25067987Indiana meetup thread. Post your age, sex, preference, area code, contact info[View]
25066678https://discord.gg/R2CbHDG made a disord for traps and gays straight people are allowed to[View]
25067584Emma Watson New Leaked Pics And Video http://newsin.online/news/nude-videos-and-pics-of-emma-watson-…[View]
25066599Louisiana Thread[View]
25065153I'm so tired of blue balling so fuck it, gay Oregon meet up thread >Age >what your lookin…[View]
25068492Kek Does anyone have the picture of just the woman from this may may?[View]
25068427Let's hear your sexiest memory/experience. All orientations well.....come![View]

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