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25795959Handwriting thread, /soc/.[View]
25800477H-Hey anon... why don't you add me on d-discord? tomomori665#2610[View]
2580052620 year old beta virgin with a small 4.5 in cock. Looking for a online mistress. Into small penis hu…[View]
25755211/fft/ - Female Feet Thread >Females only // Timestamp if new >Nudity encouraged but not requir…[View]
25800185pls rate, be kind[View]
25800160Why can't women accept they not acutal into geek culture and they are being attention seeking w…[View]
25800297dom male looking for a little who will be down for anything post pic age and email and if i like i w…[View]
25800307The only needed MBTI general >INTJ - I can manipulate others, but feel morally obligated not to …[View]
25735702/Shg/ Short Hair Girls thread Cis Females only! Timestamp first if you are new ****NO CONTACTFAGGING…[View]
2580030320 year old beta virgin with a small 4.5 in cock. Looking for an alpha to verbally humiliate me whil…[View]
25799403Any one else a pretty big grower? Feel free to rate lol[View]
25798403I found my Dad on kik today, he's in his late fifties and married. Is he having an affair? How …[View]
25800240Looking for Skype buddies: herr.reinstrom I work in IT, translate, rip stuff, watch some /tv/, play …[View]
25799485ASSUMPTIONS THREAD! Post your picture and write assumptions/first impressions about other people. I…[View]
25799724F here. Anyone wanna talk to me on Discord add TheBrokenAndLonelyOne#1429[View]
25799238Any anons in Flowery Branch GA? Looking to find a guy to suck/fuck, Kik plshavefreename I'm a y…[View]
25799207rate my young barely legal cock and other cock rates[View]
25799475Lets get a becky thread going >>introvert or extrovert >> smart or not >> how many…[View]
25792970Silent KIK Porn Game - message porn to eachother - no words allowed. Find out eachothers likes and f…[View]
25799527Anyone else getting old and still a virgin? 28 here and no girl ever showed any interest in me.[View]
25799902Post ASL, contact, what you're looking for,etc[View]
25788723Have a mental illness? Wanna share some words with others who do too? Join *~Mind Matter~* We'r…[View]
25798758AIM (AOL instant messenger) is being discontinued in December. Anyone have an account still? Share …[View]
25799767BIG PEOPLE KIK Are you BBW that wants to talk to/trade nudes with skiny guy? Or a big guy? Are you B…[View]
25797701What other sites are there like omegle? I've tried chatroulette but my cam doesn't work on…[View]
25798432This is my slut, She is in need of some good old fashioned humiliation and degradation and would lov…[View]
25799621Hey, taking specially fun requests with my bf and selling nudes. Hmu at honeymarie32806@gmail.com fo…[View]
25796913Post Asl and what you're looking for[View]
25799250Rate my teeth /soc/[View]
25787368didn't see a skype thread? are those deadzo? guess I'll make one >asl 25/dude/Chicago …[View]
25799401Body rate thread[View]
25799517rate me[View]
25799535Bilingual thread how old are you ? what country do you curently live in ? what languages can you sp…[View]
25799261I'm 21.This is my head. How long do I have before I lose it all?[View]
25798602I have hair that goes half way up my dick... Is that normal? Pic unrelated because I just shaved[View]
25799102will girls fuck me if i wear a $6000 chain[View]
25799157I wasted years of my life I could have been developing as a person.. playing video games. Now at 25 …[View]
25796398Has anyone dated a co worker here? There's this new qt3.14 at my work. She just moved to the ar…[View]
25799447This will probably be deleted by morning since its 'girl only' thread... but all these fucken gay bo…[View]
25799395>search 'diaper' >no results Let's fix that.…[View]
25792465Is it fun at mental institutions? I kind of want to get locked in one[View]
25798695Illinois thread! 28/M/Straight/618, close to 217 Looking for friends, maybe someone to meet in Champ…[View]
25798511Why can't I get a gf?[View]
25799316I was going thru my gfs phone because I felt like something was up and I found a screenshot of my un…[View]
25796321Unchangeable body issues I'm aware that my legs are comically long. No amount of training will …[View]
25798978Welcome to the 'Be Nice Server'. It's about having fun. And being nice. So remember to have fun…[View]
25799038LDR (Long Distance Relatioships) Something I have noticed in these boards is that the chances of fi…[View]
25799218just moved to gresham oregon and dont have any friends anyone interested in meeting up?[View]
25798050Any other Seattlefags in? Came here a year ago from a small southern town. I've got a great old…[View]
25799155Long Distance Play Time Want a serious long distance relationship? Want to meet or have a long dist…[View]
25798609Hey guys Anyone in Windham Connecticut looking for a gay house mate? I'm 18, Top, decently hung…[View]
25799068send me some dicks! Snapchat: mikejanotta23[View]
25780297Rate and Assume will do some later[View]
25797743What similar events are going on rn like Thunderdome in the 90s? Preferably Europe.[View]
25798735Oh look, a thread that doesn't involve sexual content! I live in Reno, NV. I am a cinematograph…[View]
25799003Pipe and cigar thread? We have one of these over on /out/ but it's a pretty sleepy board. >p…[View]
25799030Anyone out there from the tripfag days? Lost Boys? hmmmm?[View]
25756256Post your age/gender/sexual orientation and your most fucked up sexual fantasy. maybe you'll m…[View]
25798455Rate me bub[View]
25798586Post your selfies/full body shots and get advice on how to become more attractive. Or just rate peop…[View]
25794430what eye color is this?[View]
25798741I am lemons and I'm here to ask you a question Is a clown not entitled to the white paint on h…[View]
25797822How would you do/what would your role be in a zombie apocalypse thread[View]
25798693Any other young guys here attracted to MILFs more than young girls?[View]
25798754A Poll: How many dates would you say you go/went on, on average, before you find someone you like(d)…[View]
25798599Is Tinder still a thing? What are some legitimate dating apps[View]
25797625Anyone wanna have a nice, satisfying fap to Eiken (pic related)? or other huge anime boobs? add on k…[View]
25792834Welcome to A/R/C - Bored at Work Edition Watt is this discord? A new server to connect with other 4c…[View]
25777951Want guys to send you dick pics? Write your kik here. My kik is snapandcola[View]
25792528Sleep is nice Sleep is warm I wish I could be with sleep 24/7[View]
25797073I need some honesty in my life, /soc/. Rate me /10?[View]
25798528504 uptown area who got a bowl or g?[View]
25798268reasonably attractive male Looking for internet lady friend email is raylord666@gmail.com hit me up …[View]
25779126Ask a bored, kinda sleepy, black woman anything This is probably too similar to the 'ask a bored bla…[View]
25782250Let's get one of these going.[View]
25796573anyone willing to rate me on kik hit me up Kik: capman_samata[View]
25798365I just want to share qt nudes with a qt girl[View]
25720756FEMALE SEXY AUDIO (FSA) Make requests and ask for our female performers to vocalise them for you! …[View]
25797173Hi. Got this template from a thread yesterday but couldn't fill all of it out before thread dis…[View]
25797725Eager faggot looking for abuse, rate me out of 10[View]
25789854Never seen a live kik game before, so Live Kik Game! Send a live nude or lewd pic to the last reply,…[View]
25797779>GF breaks up with me after 5 years >Was a Chad for teenage years getting off with sluts >B…[View]
25796310There's always a thread for mtfs. We need one for the other side. Talk and post lewds. :3[View]
25798179Anyone up to some cam fun? https://appear.in//soc-1?skipCamPrimer[View]
25793616Kentucky thread! Post A/S/L (zip code), some stuff about yourself, what you’re looking for, and con…[View]
25788573Rate thread[View]
25797675Some nerds on 40kg over in /tg/ wanted to see my tattoo again so here we go again.[View]
25797993In honor of the upcoming Halloween...[View]
25795946rate me[View]
25797613i have nightmare disorder and i am looking for people to talk about this with. anyone that has frequ…[View]
25787972Rate thread.[View]
25794049Where would be the best place to get a live-in sex slave? As in the voluntary/legal kind, not the hu…[View]
25797876Come join the /soc/kstika club discord server! Not associated with any other /soc/ group. This serve…[View]
25797726Open the music player of your smartphone, enable the 'Random mode', and post a screenshot of that so…[View]
25796924ONE SUBMISSIVE ACT THREAD >Sub >Dom >Switch >Fulfill requests or post links for others t…[View]
25795582Is omegle still a thing? There still his on there?[View]
25794042alright hetero ladies, what do you want in your ideal man?[View]
25796892Jaw and chin rate thread post yours and rate others[View]
25793516Does /soc/ have any black girls in Europe that want to swirl?[View]
25795745Enough with the gay threads please... all this boybutt, dick rate, sissy boy trap shit is too much. …[View]
25797523Join group chat on kik, no spam, use the tag #savagesavages Or scan (pic related )[View]
25797159So i just wanted to tell you guys that if you are feeling lonely, want to meet somebody new or just …[View]
25788708What ethnicity would I pass off as in your country?[View]
25797513JOIN GROUP CHAT, don’t spam please thanks ! kik.me/g/95-Er-lbCGsq59nfb0aAXLawpPc[View]
25796581Big Cock Hunters Want to show off or search for the perfect cock? Add blacksuitonly if you need ad…[View]
25789657>swipe right on 95% of women >only standards I have are no black women and no fat women >I…[View]
25794654I just moved to Nevada from Los Angeles and, wow, it's like the internet doesn't even exis…[View]
25796345>tfw no huge cuddly submissive bear bf with a giant muscle butt to use as a pillow…[View]
25796057Bellow average rate thread, I'll start[View]
25762927Clean Kik thread Post a/s/l, interests, and such 19/M/Russia Into mechanic work with cars, photograp…[View]
25797324Let's get a mass nudes thread going, got plenty of 413 Northampton area kik me if you want to t…[View]
25789391if you want some genuine convo with a nice girl and youre also into feet you should add my snap plan…[View]
25795759I will talk about anything with anyone Schieber#6962[View]
2579646822/f/uk looking for a sugar daddy. i can give cam shows over skype, if you want other things ask me …[View]
25744724Why are all the chubby threads no contact? Goddamit looking for a chubby girl to talk to on kik ooby…[View]
25796943Abide_for_life Im looking for hookups and fun[View]
25797005Seeking practical advice on how to conduct a meeting with a person never met before for the only pur…[View]
25796649Anyone wanna start a Skype meetup thread or some shit? Haven't seen one of those in awhile here…[View]
25789378I really wanna play ffxiv with a cute girl. I can show you the world. I mostly play as a tank so you…[View]
25796904DACH-Thread Jemand aus der Schweiz da?[View]
25795855Looking for a beautiful woman to cuddle for the night. Want nothing more than that.[View]
25796805Need a cam girl or snap slut. Would like free, can pay. Me: hung, cock thick as wrists Post either …[View]
25792704No slave / submissive market thread ? Come here and get yours on kik ! Kik : camillouss, 21yo male s…[View]
25796732My online friend just died of a meth overdose looking for a new friend pls I like anime and cute thi…[View]
25796606Where can a bi chubby sub camwhore these days?[View]
25792654Dick rate me[View]
25796558Do I have a real nibba nose?[View]
25793658Rate? I am still a virgin[View]
25796513/SOC/ what are your opinion on Africans NOT (African American) ? Would get blacked by one[View]
25796466Rate me my niggas[View]
25796172Do you have trouble sleeping? Wish to help others sleep? Join sleepy time junction! https://discor…[View]
25796421hi my name is sona and i play wow etc im looking for friends mainly my discord: ZSona#8821 if you wa…[View]
25796435Bear butts i like em[View]
25788625Balkan/SE Europe thread[View]
25796153New discord upcoming, Social gathering,Gaming, Music interest and meeting people please consider joi…[View]
25792646Any girls or traps looking to dominate a 18 year old guy irl in Perth drop your email below[View]
25795700Should I send this image of myself to my oneitis?[View]
25795522Looking for sub boys, 18-24 Add me on Kik for a good time: TheCuteThingsInLife[View]
25795885Gassy guy who records lots of farts and hates underwear here ;) http://tinypic.com/player.php?v=2dj…[View]
25795747>Tfw scooby is me >19, M, bisexual, east coast Just a super lonely guy. At this point I have k…[View]
25793395>Mexican thread How many mexa fellows visit /soc/ >A/S/L? >What are you into? >Contact?…[View]
25793759Anyone wanna have a nice, satisfying fap to Eiken (pic related)? or other huge anime boobs? add on k…[View]
25795620Anyone knows this webgirl's name ?[View]
25795622Jamesholland15 Only chicks for a massive white cock :)[View]
25795213What does relationship mean to you /SOC? It means that I am with that person and everyone else can f…[View]
25795398Omegle Bitches ![View]
25793635Today I have achieved absolutely naught In just being out of the house, I've lost out If I want…[View]
25794113Official female discord server! Femanons get in here :) discord.gg/R6aNRYc[View]
25795353Nice titties loves to show off YASSS It's time for a great show Indescribable Laura:come chat …[View]
25795343What does /soc/ think of my penis? https://track6.mixtape.moe/wplsch.mp4[View]
25794515Come join the /soc/kstika club discord server! Not associated with any other /soc/ group. This serve…[View]
25795317Ask a ____ ____ man anything.[View]
25792158Rate me[View]
25740025new discord friends thread short edition >asl >interests >games you play >what you …[View]
25795126SHES A DEMON SAM[View]
25794919/sat/ - Small Ass Thread >Timestamp if new/haven't posted in a while >ass is the qualifie…[View]
25790649AB/DL Diaper thread Last one died so starting up a new one >A/S/L >What are you looking for? …[View]
25791166Drinking Thread. Now Drinking: Central State's Ottermelon (Gose w/ watermelon) Hi. https://www.…[View]
25795081I'm looking for girls to send me nudes on Kik and snapchat Kik: jackmeyoung SC:jme5565[View]
25794146would anyone help me set up a chaturbate? too many bots and shit that i dont know how to use add me …[View]
25795031Male Snapchat serneqvist[View]
25791138Tea thread! Lets chat, tell me whats going on in your lives? Anything you guys/gals need to talk abo…[View]
25794710what if one need someone to talk to? is there any app or website for people to just talk to someone?[View]
25793996Last thread archived More cucumbers for the cucumber God . Please come back to us cucumber chan[View]
25787366Chat for those who HATE women only. 1)Post your age. 2)Country or area. 3)Why you hate women the m…[View]
25794834in a long distance relationship with a brown girl for 5 years. Been on Tinder for a while.[View]
25794912Any Marylanders here? Baltimore area down to the DC area? Frankly looking for friends. I hate everyo…[View]
2579174120f rate me[View]
25791442Any Penn State anons here. I'm looking to make new friends to party with. All of mine kind of s…[View]
25794836a/s/l. post kik peeps. Nassau/Suffolk come join the fun[View]
2579476025 M here looking to trade this girls pics/vids on KIK kik - legions63[View]
25767929MTF / Trans / Trap / Femboi / Crossdresser / sissy omni-thread. >>25738742 at bump limit. Some…[View]
25794695ill stroke my cock and cum for you on snapchat. traps and girls only. snapchat - Adamrz1[View]
25755806Meetup! Post your area code. If you get a match, send some nudes, chat, meet, fuck MI 989 here[View]
25794191Looking for a sugar daddy[View]
25794366looking for opinions on this from a /soc/ point of view https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4ZFyEbRnlQ…[View]
25793719Will I get gf if I wear ear studs?[View]
25794559Looking for a sugar daddy. 22/f/bi contact me on skype: Just For Funsies New[View]
25776690UK Meet/Kik thread. State your age, gender, location and kik username. 28 m london, add me on MkyBee[View]
25791954Zeemaps Thread. pls bump Post A/S/L, kik, snapchat, whatever. As long as someone saves the map link,…[View]
25794305Has Mike Busey Secret Snapchat leaked any footage yet? I want to see his hot ass maid get fucked.[View]
25788542Is it possible to get a bf who looks like this when you're a dickgirl top?[View]
25793626Tinder is ass and every girl I know is a normie, let's see if the internet is any better. 19yrs…[View]
25792170Kik/Skype thread! >asl? >kinks? >turn offs? >contact? >pic?…[View]
25794169Taking requests! Dominate me, send your requests to willzyg123 on kik[View]
25794075Swedish 18 year old female here. I do anything you want me to do for money. Skype, fetish or just nu…[View]
25793937hi anon Im fully aware tht i posted a thread last nite... not many ppl messaged me. i Would rlly app…[View]
25794055Swedish 18 year old female here. I do anything you want me to do for money. Skype, fetishes, or just…[View]
25793950Is tinder only for losers?[View]
25793494Any Girls here Drop your kik , REAL WOMEN ONLY, also post kiks of girls who send[View]
25794072Kik Germany M rockybalboa456[View]
25792887All dark skinned beauties welcome. New girls post time stamp please.[View]
2579402818/m/AZ Anyone in chandler Arizona or close, wanna meet up and fuck sometime? Preferably petite wom…[View]
25793990Who wants to chat? Come join the JumpInChat /soc/ chat room, hang out, and get to know each other fa…[View]
25792216Can we get a smash/pass thread ?[View]
25793670Rate thread with words![View]
25793741looking for people who wanna have fun especially if you can suck your own dick (or are willing to tr…[View]
25791935Where can one broadcast oneself? I've tried all the go-to's I used a few years back, but n…[View]
25793879Looking for a sub boy, 18-24 Add me on Kik: TheCuteThingsInLife[View]
25793794https://discord.gg/Z7sypzH BDSM discord lol xxxxx join u cheeky chappies[View]
25793295Ye Olde Ohio Threade Post here to meet up/hook up/commiserate about being stuck in Ohio[View]
25793717Rate it. Kik available soon for F[View]
25793716Kik drawgroup and socialgroup[View]
25793311Trying to breathe life into this old chat. Join my group chat - kik.me/g/g0Bv1YvPyrVgPiywzmlACSJiPAw…[View]
25793593Male looking for sub-male. (18-24) Add me on Kik: TheCuteThingsInLife[View]
25793579FaDCG8Z discord[View]
25789382Ask bored black man anything.[View]
25793444Any real girls on here? Drop your kik, i can tell if you lie[View]
25789009So, this might be a really weird thread on /soc/, but it's kind of important to me. Back in li…[View]
257884444chan, I'm really curious as to what it's like to suck the cock of another man. Convince m…[View]
25792609Fag here. Would you fuck me?[View]
25793012We are a upcoming discord server, We talk about anything, Play games listen to music, It's comf…[View]
2579321620 yo beta virgin with a small cock. Into small penis humiliation. Looking for verbal humiliation by…[View]
25792360Join this upcoming voice chat server, We don't take everything seriously we just want to have f…[View]
25780784dirty kik thread, post username and asl[View]
25790597Is there any kind of plastic surgery that could make me more attractive if I have a feminine looking…[View]
25790554NC thread? NC thread. >Age >Sex and/or gender >Region (optional) >What you are looking f…[View]
25793129looking for opinions on this from a /soc/ point of view https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4ZFyEbRnlQ…[View]
25789563hey /soc/ am i pretty[View]
25792768It's that time again. Another Kik group chat Come on in and join the squad. We specialize in fu…[View]
25779291rate thread?[View]
25792862Heyy any guys near Rice Lake Wisconsin? Hit me up on fb, my name is Paul Ostrowski, the picture is m…[View]
25792012New Straya Thread You know what to do 23/m/4223 Looking for whatever, maybe dirty, maybe clean kik a…[View]
25787343Lets a get a snapchat thread going that isn't exclusively dirty.[View]
25792367Sex live thread: tired of only getting pics on sc and kik, i want to do a sex live thread. A live vi…[View]
25792762does anyone know the premium snapchat id or username of ana lorde nudiez and jasmine james?[View]
25782272Texas thread, bonus for 469/214 area.[View]
25792672Thoughts about cum faced cutie like Alison88 ? Want to see more?[View]
25789674What are people's thoughts on uneven breast sizes?[View]
25792522KIK CUM-Tributes: dhd25 ![View]
25792452anybody remember her from anonib days. she has such nice tits and ass was wondering if anyone had a …[View]
25792440Hey I'm looking for friends in Auckland. Maybe we can go to karaoke or something together and …[View]
25792217I wunna fuck a black girl !!! Would u black girls like to fuck white or black guys ? Or just doesn…[View]
25790629/Soc/ feminist So how would women fair in a zombie apocalypse would they become baby making machines…[View]
25791959I'm a musclefat weeb who's into anime. I live in Washington. If you're bored message …[View]
25779207Kik game? Kik game. Send something dirty to the reply above yours, and then post your Kik and wait f…[View]
25790072I met a chick in Malone's in Glasgow city centre a few nights ago, who claimed to use /soc/ reg…[View]
25778102Any girls interested in a guy with d cup boobies?[View]
25792292Girls, rate my cock please[View]
25787103So I just came to the realization that I'm really ugly after years of thinking I was average an…[View]
25789981put '/soc/' and 'soc' as your interest and lets chat[View]
25792222I want to jack it, and I want a girl to jill it with me on skype. Must be of age. Who is in?[View]
25780609Didn't see one, Washington thread 23/m/Cowlitz[View]
25789521Went to a kinkster meeting, nobody knows I'm a virgin, say I'm a dom. Not quite sure do I …[View]
25789727Do any other anons have some Lovense toys? I just ordered one and you can use it long distance over …[View]
25790960Anybody from the Champaign-Urbana area doing the Halloween pub crawl this weekend, the 20th and 21st…[View]
25791623cock rate thread[View]
25791928What the fuck is going on? Made 2 posts about FREE FEMALE snaps and both went missing or got deleted…[View]
25789598Letters no one will ever read. Dear L, I am really sorry how things ended. It was not my intention t…[View]
25789090rate her[View]
25789138Any one in the NOrthern VA area? Id really like to meet someone irl but not in a sexual way, just t…[View]
25787969Male and Female Body rate thread! Everyone is welcome to share[View]
2579149121 yearold femboi. Looking for someome to talk about anything you want.[View]
25789510please halp me german friends. I need an audio of a german grown man, saying 'Hello, this is Bernd M…[View]
25789470How do I get my dadbod in shape?[View]
25791081Hey /soc/, can anyone give me some advice or want to have a talk? I broke up with my girlfriend a co…[View]
25781863/Nederdraad/ Dutch meetup/kik thread >Age >Looking for >contact info…[View]
25757045dirty snapchat thread ! post username and asl[View]
25790576Hey im a 19 year old crossdresser from osu looking to have some fun tonight. Anyone interested?[View]
25787503Need a person in their 20s, not fat and a bull to cuck my boyfriend right now on snap chat pls add t…[View]
25789284Well discord/kik threads didn't really work for me so here goes a single thread attempt! I…[View]
25790651Body rate thread! I have crippling depression and want to kill myself everyday.[View]
25791026roll 4 ur /soc/ tripfag[View]
25791007Hi anon i Want friendship. If ur interested message me on skype! No creeptards allowed only potentia…[View]
25775137Celebrity look alike thread!!![View]
25788385Welcome to A/R/C - Soup and Corgis Edition Watt is this discord? A new server to connect with other …[View]
25790117/fag/: Facial aesthetics general. You know the drill. Here's my picture, let me know if you got…[View]
25784382Say hi to my kitten /soc/. Also post your pets[View]
25789846ITT: we post selfies with a lot of fucking filters[View]
25790813Anybody wanna meet up in nashville for a hookup? 6'0 ft guy Fun to hang with[View]
25790801join my discord to talk naughty ;) https://discord.gg/AKqfcns[View]
25790738Come join the /soc/kstika club discord server! Not associated with any other /soc/ group. This serve…[View]
25790626Arkansas meet up Get in here you cousin fuckers and rednecks. Post asl, contact, and anything else y…[View]
25790347Pennsylvania + New Jersey + Delaware Thread Post asl, contact info, and whatever else >20/M/DE …[View]
25790558Femanons, send me your hot lips pics. I'll reward with throbbing cock and I'll tell you if…[View]
25790532kik: claire_hughs18 pm me dicks[View]
25790451Any real girls here? drop your kik, FEMALE ONLY, can tell if your lying.[View]
25789392MA, Massachusetts Thread Comment your age, gender, etc. 18/M/Needham Would love to chat about anythi…[View]
25790450What's to do out here? I'm between Medford and Roseburg, for croptober. 37/m/straight.[View]
25790416Discord advertisement thread https://discord.gg/Hjs3d9h (PUBG Discord)[View]
25790355Rate me please, Not gay, not a virgin[View]
25790257https://jumpin.chat/soc Hey anons, come chat, cam up, and look at each other's faces. Everyone…[View]
2578948519 year old femboi here~ I'm very bored and looking for some people to talk to. Please feel mor…[View]
25790058discord: /WYZWYVF[View]
25789620Anyone in Frederick, MD?[View]
25789999We're making a upcoming discord server where we use voice chat and chill, Tis comfy you can get…[View]
25784612Why does my stomach bloat? I have IBS, SIBO is false science, is it curve back? I know I'm not …[View]
25788353who's awake??? and what are you doing? i literally just had to google which who's/whose to…[View]
25789816Jakobi Smith[View]
25789725Just looking for people to send me nudes of women on Kik Jackmeyoung[View]
25789814I’m looking for any guy or gal (i’m a bi woman) to pm me and talk dirty to me, i love having fun on …[View]
25789697Hi /soc/, if you're looking for a very open minded community with no real rules, come say hi! h…[View]
25786751Rate Me[View]
25789651So I always thought I was at least average. Come on here highest was a 5 lowest a 3 kind confirms it…[View]
25788116Does /soc/ have any black girls in Europe that want to race mix?[View]
25789435need my master teach me how to use my fleshlight please come in my room: appear.in/fleshlight[View]

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