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/soc/ - Cams & Meetups

Displaying 185 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
27097679>the npc meme feels like something a redditor would come up with if he was trying to be edgy and …[View]
27078159/tum/ - Female big belly thread Females post your chubby, pregnant or bloated bellies here, we like …[View]
27092318Who's going to Halloween Horror Nights? In the Orlando Florida area. if so, who wants to meet u…[View]
27097593Anyone here from Lower Saxony? If so post: city, age, gender, occupation (if you want), and sexual o…[View]
27074476Body rate thread[View]
27095240https://discord.gg/KNr4MjR ANXIETY FRIENDS DISCORD Server with a focus on kindness and being support…[View]
27031375UK thread time Post what you're looking for, and how you can be contacted[View]
27097532M33 from Germany. I have to do naked jumping jacks for anyone who msgs me on Kik 'Jump, Loser!' :( K…[View]
27096642Looking for kinky women in London. Chubby preferred. Must be into piercings and BDSM. Available and …[View]
27095609Discord voice chatting server. It's new, unused, come check it out. https://discord.gg/KC7dxWP[View]
27072916Post traps, femboys, cds and general mental illness. Also https://discord.gg/BhWSnmx is our discord …[View]
27096461I just signed up for POF, OKC, and Match and sperg messaged 50 girls at 5am what are my chances pic …[View]
27097351Post your >ASL >KIK Must be in Illinois area…[View]
27091059My Master has me here to follow your orders Anything you'd his slave to do?[View]
27094987Female slave training program Hi, my name is Master Terry (28 M) and I'm currently looking for…[View]
27097270Married couple from Ohio looking for age20-35 biFem to play with in the bedroom.[View]
27014358Welcome to the shut-in-network! >last thread >>26838004 >shut intro https://my.mixtape.…[View]
27073080Welcome to /aan/ - Adopt a Neet This is a thread for poorly housed and cared for NEETs as well as Pr…[View]
27069403Italian kik thread? I'm a 24 years old bi male in Milan :)[View]
27097059Quick, I need some funny/cool meme videos and gifs I can send to this girl out of context. Nothing …[View]
27097109PA Anons ASL What you're looking for What you're NOT looking for A bit about you Contact[View]
27097023Silent Hill 2 Stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_S6AgF51lA[View]
27095109Faceapp thread Ever wonder what you'd look like as the opposite sex?[View]
27094570Any hope for me?[View]
27093925waddaya thinka this[View]
27082648Kik Truth or Dare thread. 21 m bi looking for anyone creative. Kik is ctrka[View]
27091875am I ugly?[View]
27095792Ask a boy with a butthole piercing anything!? Kik is trissybii[View]
27096162Let's get an MN hookup thread going. Zip codes, a/s/l you know how it goes. I'm in the 612…[View]
27095980Anyone up for something tonight in Bloomington?[View]
27092220Because California is too big for a general thread. Sacramento and San Fransico peeps rally up! And…[View]
27096251Looking for any an all female vore lovers/enthusiasts for kik convos. Up for almost anything, and al…[View]
27096129Is this the right place to go to meet girls to talk to without having to show each other our junk im…[View]
27096065assumptions thread.[View]
27076039NY Thread m/23/straight/nyc/LI here I'll be in Brooklyn later tonight, anyone down to have a fe…[View]
27095816Occultism general https://discord.gg/hhr4kVh We are a community of individuals with an interest in t…[View]
27095759Any of you hanging around in Tokyo? Travelling there currently, just want to hang out or get drunk, …[View]
27091413Do I? Rate?[View]
27088106Got new panties today. Just showing off[View]
27094469Come join our small circle of friends and talk about whatever you want. We're looking for mods,…[View]
27095567New server Just starting out come join and be an og https://discord.gg/t6KDsjW[View]
27095378Howdy, I'm dumb and self-conscious about how I look and how I dress. I usually dress like this,…[View]
27093668give me discord servers to join im shy or add me on discord idk sügis#1257[View]
27085861Footfags get in here. Post your Kik so we can trade/share pics or stories,everything related to fema…[View]
27095455Anyone from the 956? 21 M bi crazymuthafucka15[View]
27095433Anyone in the 919 and under 30 trying to hang out? >male >extrovert >looking to just hang…[View]
27088031Figure Rate Thread[View]
27092046there are worse things than being alone but it often takes decades to realize this and most often wh…[View]
27095200Sexting media thread: 23/m/Belgium I have an 8 inch cock and I am online and hard every night! If yo…[View]
27095034Long Island thread >ASL >Interests >pet peeves >looking for >not looking for >cont…[View]
27096658Dick Rate thread. Scale is small- average-huge[View]
27091915Would any girl in here be interested in exchaging feet pics with another girl?[View]
2709462520/male Got a butt plug in, ate my cum earlier. Good Saturday so far AMA[View]
27094675Gay ERP Discord Thread Post ur tags and talk about yourself (kinks ect) Tanya von Degurechaff#3195 …[View]
27084232New England thread >Over a week and no one else will make one Any one in the North East cluster, …[View]
27093049I really like guys with brown or dark hair, and that are on the skinny side. I like guys that have t…[View]
27092213Join our server, we're cool. https://discord.gg/nmNNdCK[View]
27094903Do you do Martial Arts? Wanna give advice, or maybe take advice from people who do boxing/mma/kickbo…[View]
27094958Welcome to /fag/: a discord server for Femboys/Twinks/Faggots >No illegal content/cp >No spamm…[View]
27083277Anyone up for a male feet thread? Post pics of your feet and meet footfriends![View]
27092223I have this overwhelming fantasy and it involves feet and high heels. I’ve discovered since a young …[View]
27052905new virginia meetup thread post ASL, form of communication, interests, what you're looking for …[View]
27094770new server I just made come join and be an OG https://discord.gg/t6KDsjW[View]
27093371>There is nobody on this board as attractive as me Prove me wrong. protip: you cant…[View]
27094398New server i made come join and be an OG https://discord.gg/t6KDsjW[View]
27093680One submissive act thread ? Arousing for F https://onesubmissiveact.com/doms/050ec91339d9d2892c1c…[View]
27086391Kentucky hookup tread. Post a/s/l or zip ;)[View]
27081528abdl thread, discuss diapers and other related things. post your contact info to connect with more l…[View]
27094414So I'm a M 28 not overweight but buff but Idk if this the spot.. But how many women would get w…[View]
27094435perth australia thread[View]
27094390Tout simplement un fil francophone pour ceux qui veulent discuter ou se rencontrer. >ASL >Desc…[View]
27093230Trap Cave- trap and trap appreciator discord server. https://discord.gg/kmNEvbb[View]
27094229Mushroom cockhead kik group Hey, I'd like to create a group for guys who got large mushroom coc…[View]
27093951ITT: We rate each others eye area's. Eye area is a very important part of attracting fuck holes…[View]
27091652Hey looking for girls to talk to/have a possible relationship with, I'm from the UK, 21, I like…[View]
27087153Chances of me getting a girlfriend: SLIM TO FUCKIN' NOT HAPPENIN'. Like I'm literally…[View]
27093849https://discord.gg/tjPUwR We voice chat quite a lot, come and have a chat. Admittedly, we're mo…[View]
27081658Are you tired of joining awful Discord servers with toxic communities and rude people? Well, you are…[View]
27086990Tinder, Bimble, Hinge, POF >Be a nice guy on dating apps >Get no poon tang >Be a dick >…[View]
27092430Looking for a Russian who wants to better their English and could teach me Russian in return. 22f, d…[View]
27073727kik dick pic thread: reply limit edition Post your kik if you want to receive or send dick pics.[View]
27092291Im looking for any girl on here that's like this I just kind of like them, that's all you …[View]
27091878What do you females think about foot fetishism? Is it in the wtf level of fetish like scat and vore …[View]
27092008I wonder if in dick rate threads, there are frequent posters like in normal rate threads. and people…[View]
27092535Who else up smokin y’all? Is it a blunt joint or bowl? Whats up[View]
27091609ROASTED?? Ok, so I post in 9gag (yeah laugh away) and ask for roast since I'm having a dull mom…[View]
27091670https://discord.gg/KNr4MjR ANXIETY FRIENDS DISCORD Server for kind and supportive people. We have ch…[View]
27092464New discord thread, the usual. >ASL >Interests >pet peeves >looking for >not looking …[View]
27093312discord gg UdqBZXG horny teenage girl waiting on our discord server[View]
27045926kik jerking buddies thread! last one got archived, so let's start this up again. if you're…[View]
2709074830 yr old transexual looking for guys that are mobile and can host or get a motel room im in downtow…[View]
27093143https://discord.gg/X5x8Pcn New discord, 400 members lots of egirls come join[View]
27086892Omegle thread. Get on omegle and put 4chan as an interest. Let's see how many of us we can meet…[View]
27091102Why do people post their kik, then don't respond to messages?[View]
27091940Looking for LDR >Has to be virgin, preferably KV but virgin is fine >Decent looks >Loyal Im…[View]
27092270Since this is one of the only boards with women, I need to ask. Are girls really into yaoi or is it…[View]
27089620Truth or Dare Kik Let's play @pithical[View]
27092763Discord where you won't be judged or banned unless you spam or d0x. Anything goes here. https:/…[View]
27092761I'm gay looking for guys to sext with and send dick pics with on snapchat... please add me and …[View]
27089109Neo Biteki 美的 (translation: aesthetic) --- >friendly → Small but growing community seeking more m…[View]
27068254New Gay Kik Thread[View]
27089103Jersey hook-up thread.[View]
27028267/sbt/ - Small Breast Thread >No contactfagging >Please timestamp if new >Only post pictures…[View]
27092407https://discord.gg/t6KDsjW we are looking for men and women to join our bounty hunting crew. jobs s…[View]
27092349Hi! Good afternoon. My name is Ski and I'm higher than cow that jumped over the moon. If you li…[View]
27086441MN thread[View]
27092283Hi i'm a french guys who goes to the lond tatoo show next week so i just want to knos were can …[View]
27092239(352) I recently had a break up and it’s been about a week and I feel the burn like I’m willing to d…[View]
27075500New discord thread, the usual. >ASL >Interests >pet peeves >looking for >not looking …[View]
27091057Florida Thread! Y'all know the drill: >ASL >Interests >pet peeves >looking for >…[View]
27090883Other thread appears to be gays only. Annoying tasteless deperados go away. Don't ask if I…[View]
27092082Welcome to Medrengard, a slightly /tg/ oriented server with lax rules, a nice selection of channels …[View]
27091887rate me b[View]
27091923WE HAVE THE YEAR OF THE SNITCH LEAK ON OUR DISCORD JOIN!!! https://discord.gg/t6KDsjW[View]
27084185Hello. Looking for a comfy hangout to chit-chat with other nice people? Luna's Tavern has sever…[View]
27091791I’m horny and will send you live picks of my dick I want to Kik females no trans or males please. Ki…[View]
2709183032 bi male Knoxville area Looking for m or f. Mainly top/vers email: tamug44@mail.com[View]
27084320positive face rate thread plz? :3 thank u[View]
27091754Occultism general https://discord.gg/hhr4kVh We are a community of individuals with an interest in t…[View]
27091643Join our /soc/ server Gays welcome 18+ https://discord.gg/E3fStYz[View]
27090502Post your kik or snapchat down below. Kik: awkwardguy2[View]
27087248Any girls FacialAbuse fans? There shit drives me crazy and I'd love to know if it does the same…[View]
27091528The old Carolina thread drowned in Florence, so here's a new one. Hangouts, hookups, whatever. …[View]
27090027Kik: mattybeyo Guess my age?[View]
27091401Come join us in the new thicc server. all are welcome https://discord.gg/MYCCZ4K[View]
27091397https://discord.gg/EY5rmJ joint ihr deutschen gamer lgbtq+ server für german neets[View]
27090805Anyone in Malmö who isn't too weird that wants to be my friend? Dont know how to go about makin…[View]
27090809Is anyone interested in a casual e-gf? >We can VC as soon as you get home and you can tell me al…[View]
27091330https://discord.gg/t6KDsjW no mans content - i had sex with my gender dysphoric dog, join our server…[View]
27088690Eye rate thread? Eye rate thread.[View]
27075935Can we get a mother fuckin chart thread goin on?[View]
27088577Name a good reason why you don’t shower with other guys. > protip: you literally fucking can’t…[View]
27090831Humiliation thread. Be mean and take it out on smaller men. Kik- lynx80808[View]
27048989/FEMALE FEET THREAD/ >Girls only >Timestamp if new >No contactfagging >NUDITY VERY WELCU…[View]
27087831[social experiment] is my ass good/average/bad in this picture?[View]
27089864Australia nudes thread? I have none. I saw someone post one of QLD girls a few weeks back. Keep that…[View]
27077706Thread rules : - post a pic of your dick. - go to howlongismyschlong.com and enter your measuremen…[View]
27090984New discord server! focus on creativity, art, design, photography and music and mental health. A com…[View]
27087239Ladies, when you hug another female do your boobs squish together? Is it awkward?[View]
27089407Nevada meetup thread. Post your area and your kik. I'm in the sparks area and my kik is demonwo…[View]
27081037Ask Me Anything & Request Thread I am bored this morning :) anyone want to play around or chat? …[View]
27077826Are my hips slightly feminine? my friends say my body looks feminine but i think theyre being kind t…[View]
27086219Looking for a sexually aggressive aggressive online sex partner, and also friend. a self-proclaimed …[View]
2709075919 yr old sissy here, Kik me at cxdressingteen[View]
27089348Rate my three hairstyles. Which should I go with?[View]
27083957do I pass well? lol: Idk man I'm insicure and tired[View]
27087259On the down low, I go on Chaturbate and show off my body to earn some extra money. My parents don…[View]
27089274Traps and NEETs wanted kink friendly not a kink server discord.gg/sRVePeh 230 joined. Capped at 300 …[View]
27089235Any cute emo girls in the Tampa area? I'm sick of all the boring ass Beckys around here and I…[View]
27090503Snapchat show off thread male, female or whatever welcome. Be over 18 post snap upload what you you …[View]
27087252My gf likes playing chess, but she sucks at it. I go easy, keep the matches close and let her win so…[View]
27090117Rate thread. 22/Chicago here. Post your kik ladies and I'll hit you up if I like your picture.[View]
27088464Is it time to go bald?[View]
27088335Opinions on my outfit?[View]
27042383New Clean Kik Thread. No dirty stuff please.[View]
27089968Looking for F to meet in Japan. I am M 28. SC:noidea67[View]
27089942Any South African ladies or cucks out there?[View]
27083608https://discord.gg/ssapsUK Welcome to Twinkle Cave: A discord server for LGBTQ+ people! (but all are…[View]
27089897ITT: Rabb.it rooms[View]
27074439Australia is suffering a drought. No females seem to exist on this continent. This is NOT a Kik thre…[View]
27089819looking for chill people that are into gaems to join our dsicord, were a bunch of firends tryna grow…[View]
27088977nz thread red peak edition anyone in welly wanna meet up?[View]
27089815Hi aus-anons!!! im looking for someone to have some drinks or pot, if you are from Brissy 4067, hit …[View]
27083528Age: 20 Sex: female Location: California Expecations: Im looking to be a live in slave not online.…[View]
27089721Hey! We're a friendly group of people who are extremely active! We aren't that strict so i…[View]
27089761My play list as a sum, female girl from colombia, whiling to see your comments[View]
27089077Discord thread time https://discordapp.com/invite/qYmfVwA All are welcome[View]
27085169Master/slave 24/7 relationship classifieds This is a thread for those of us seeking something less f…[View]
27079691Didn't see a general dirty Kik thread that wasn't cancer. Post your details. Ohmylord1081…[View]
27087177gonna do this. will post template if needed[View]
27089355https://discord.gg/t6KDsjW are you having an existential crisis? I am too. I am watching my child di…[View]
27089325QUEENS MEET UP Post A/S/L and what you're looking for Share contacts 19/m/bisexual Kik mountain…[View]
27089252No makeup thread?[View]
27085200Women with extremely long toes, please add me on Discord. clitpeen#3003[View]
27089118https://discord.gg/gTjgd93 Very New server I made come join and hangout with me[View]
27086871Small to... not so small[View]
27089093any sissy/trap sluts on here with kik wanna chat and exchange photos bonus points if your in indiana[View]
27083178Where do you fall on here?[View]
27072522Dirty Snapchat Thread! Put your A/S/L and what your'e looking for: Sendthenips 22/m In it for n…[View]
27048178Dick rate thread[View]
27057333General snap thread Give some info about yourself, what you are looking for and your snap. I'm …[View]
27078612/sma/ - Skinny, Medium, & Average Thread >Females only // Timestamp if new // No contactfaggi…[View]
27088683Assumptions thread?[View]

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