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25583369I am a cute 20 year old virgin beta cuck. I love being verbally humiliated and told that what to do.…[View]
25582146kik me @ yungclairo :-))[View]
25582125question for white girls: how many black guys have you fucked and are they better in bed as the sayi…[View]
25579093Colorado Thread >ASL >Smoke? >Drink? >Fuck? >Contact info…[View]
25583211Who likes my ass? Looking for other twirls/sissies or daddies for dirty kik chat. 18+ only Kik name …[View]
25583011Do you have the time... for a rate?[View]
25580730bulge rate thread post em no cheating, soft flaccid dicks only, no hard ons[View]
25581361Soft and small thread[View]
25581112Kinda bored , lookin for some other guys my age[View]
25577552rate thread (1-10)[View]
25579915Anyone else enduring North Carolina on here? 30/M/910 Kik or snap me at caracal290[View]
25578226How about a compliment thread? We only say positive things about each other and if we feel the need …[View]
25578396Quiet Older friends discord https://discord.gg/DjZNvTQ Most of our members are in their 20s and 30s …[View]
25579964My wife is thinking about trying her first gangbang and she has my blessing. How many of you want to…[View]
25582286A group for subs. Everyone is welcome![View]
25577859Austhread: Acid and extreme metal edition Discord: https://discord.gg/gCyJbP 20/M/3071 Anyone else …[View]
25576281Smash or pass thread[View]
25582243Well basically a straight hairy dude is looking for an open minded female to be his dom and control …[View]
25582279Hello dear anons. I am looking for somebody with an addiction that wants to get rid off it. I am a 2…[View]
25582215Wimmins, do you actually bother reading bios on tinder?[View]
25582233Kik: Post what you are looking for I am looking for Hispanic women I will pay for nudes I also lik…[View]
25577226can I get some girl advice, please: >been seeing this girl every now and then >we work in the …[View]
25511323/erpg/ ERP General 'Holy shit the last thread actually hit the bump limit edition' >What is ERP?…[View]
25582106Hi soc[View]
25575508RATE THREAD >tfw will be an ugly kissless virgin barnacle for the rest of your life hold me vros…[View]
25582121Heading to Cornwall on Monday for the week. Looking to meet some cool people down there and shoot th…[View]
25579698What would you do to me /soc/?[View]
25563233**HIGHLIGHT the mental illness discord server** The first, the biggest and the best big warm kingdom…[View]
25578314Have a mental illness? Wanna share some words with others who do too? Join *~Mind Matter~* We'…[View]
25577081How do I look?[View]
25580167Femanon looking to have some fun on skype? My username is erdok3 Also, rate my dick and general dic…[View]
25578083It's my birthday, /soc/! What'd ya get me?! Kik: spacecadet_john[View]
25579009We are the Opium Den, We are a group of individuals who enjoy partaking in the degenerate things in …[View]
25569854Can we get a South Carolina thread? Anyone have any plans for the eclipse next weekend?[View]
25577293Is there anyone here in the Loudoun area?[View]
25580881Pasive/19 yo/ m bi Sc: drum582011[View]
25573783Rate me and my dad[View]
25581566From 0 to 10 and your opinions about it[View]
25580411Roast me[View]
25565590Sugar Thread Where good Sugar Babies get their just rewards Consenting Adults Edition: What you all …[View]
25581121Is there any women here?[View]
25580322https://discord.gg/theN4v (Great reasons to join this server here)[View]
25544583Add YOUR snapchat userid if you want others to send you dick pics :3 Doing this on snapchat just ma…[View]
25580904CLEAN GAY CALIFORNIA KIK THREAD!!! All are welcome , keep it clean!! Scan the code or leave ur name …[View]
25576150Hey! I'm looking to start an uncut Kik group where we share our uncut cocks with each other and…[View]
25580235Want to see Joel McHale tonight with me? I got an extra ticket. The show is in San Francisco at Cob…[View]
25578287So my wife took our 2 yr old son and moved 400 miles away while I was at work yesterday and now she …[View]
25580995Area code 507. Looking to bust a nut. Kik upon request[View]
25576686kink assumption thread! assume what the other person likes, reply to as many as you can[View]
25575803Porn swap[View]
25580809Rochester/Finger Lakes meet thread 29/m/Canandaigua Looking for friends to smoke with kik: jamesonpe…[View]
25577705Preferably looking for people who are active, and horny. Bonus if you worship asses and dicks[View]
25571052Abdl/diaper thread Starting a thread because I never see them >a/s/l >Orientation >what you…[View]
25578637clean Kik group chat. #generichashtag or kik.me/g/1TH8pmR2QqYwEA5BrYllaq0-X50[View]
25580522NY Metropolitan Area kik thread What are you guys in the area are looking for? I'm looking to k…[View]
25580463Alright subby chastity fags listen up. I'm looking for a little project in the form of a pathet…[View]
25579608ok guys post ur snapchat and i spam the fuck out of u for snappoints.[View]
25576507the other sugar thread is cancer, making a personal post here looking for a cute, shy girl to spoil …[View]
25580176Anyone else in Barcelona right now? I got a few days left and Id like to find someone to chill/smoke…[View]
25580088IRL trap group for traps to join and lovers of traps. Creepy dudes get banned.[View]
25575347Roast him, /soc/ial fags.[View]
25579916Connecticut thread Going to bump this time[View]
25577826[Only for EUGENE,OR/SPRINGFIELD,OR area] [Pic related it's me] I'm in town for a bit and I…[View]
25579347>/Brit/comfy >discord for British banter, gathering, and gaming. https://discord.gg/swmmpds Mo…[View]
25576753Georgia Hook Up Thread 26/m/ATL Average white guy here looking for CD/Sissy for some fun.[View]
25578530Sub cumslut sissy Make me do anything you want me to Kik youravperson[View]
25579506Uncut looking to swap pics 19/male/bi[View]
25579548We like cute Russian girls over at https://mewch.net If you're cute maybe post a thread? :3[View]
25568860I don't see a general Snapchat thread and the other two that are up right now revolve around di…[View]
25579523Contact me (630) 994-9223. Will send nudes ;)[View]
25579485I'm in PEI for a family trip for a week and I'm without herb, can anyone hook me up?[View]
25579463i need sauce because i want to hold hands with her and shove that coke bottle in her ass while i pou…[View]
25576233ALT RIGHT CANADA DISCORD https://discord.gg/3sTz77 We must secure the existence of our people and a …[View]
25566644Assumptions thread[View]
25576922Ask a black guy anything.[View]
25578968I wanna see COCK... Post your dick with timestamp. Why? Why not faggot?[View]
25579266/soc/, do open relationships exist? i crave an emotional connection but sexually i like to be free. …[View]
25566143Wisconsin thread Post kiks, info, what you're looking for, etc. If it's WI, it's here…[View]
25574798Discord Server Thread! A place for great discord servers to rise. Recommend a good server, or advert…[View]
25578619/skb/ Skinny boys camwhore/contactfag thread No.2? Sounds great! kik: insertincestjoke[View]
25576198ITT: Post the best photo of you and the worst photo of you side by side. R8 and H8[View]
25575319gloryhole pic thread >cut a hole in a piece of cardboard >tape a quarter to it as a size refer…[View]
25578519Every female submissive beginner can join this group. Everyone is welcome![View]
25578566a discord channel that you would recommend joining, post a link[View]
25578415I'd really like a friend or someone to talk to, I've had a pretty bad night. I'll acc…[View]
25578062eye rate! rate others![View]
25578380what can one do to mitigate the amount of times a girl assumes he's gay?[View]
25578115https://discord.gg/kJc7bR Join our Texas only NSFW channel[View]
25578376New day, new cam site. It's new and a bit sparse but I'm spreading the word to get a bit o…[View]
25578253SLOVENIAN HOOKUP THREAD 18 m bi Kik:husma1998[View]
25577019Kinky Roommates Thread Looking for a new place and need a roommate? Why not a kinky roommate with b…[View]
25578238join my meme server guys please don't send dicks on it though I'm not looking for a bad ti…[View]
25576221New York Chat/Meetup? Don't see a current thread for it. Anyone out there? Brooklyn/M Into wha…[View]
25575046What are some kinky ways to degrade my new girlfriend in bed? I really get turned on by degrading an…[View]
25573972Kink thread? Kink thread. Share interests, stories, kink sheets or test results, discords/kiks, and …[View]
25481672/HGT/ - Hairy Girls Thread >females only >respect the girls >timestamp if new Previous thre…[View]
25576586hey /soc/ whats it mean when a girl sends you her story as a personal snap aswell? what does she mea…[View]
25577365/BMG/ - Body mod general Tats, piercings, etc. Post em ITT[View]
25575976Cuck chat[View]
25577053Since /out/ freaked out when I posted this there. Anyone in Utah want to go do /out/ things?[View]
25576417>/Brit/comfy >discord for British banter, gathering, and gaming. >Brits only https://discor…[View]
25576317Which plastic jobs did /soc/ do?[View]
25577464AUTISM FACE THREAD do u have autismo I find autistic people always have a similar look mind sharing…[View]
25570597ask a straight cis male anorexic anything. i feel like answering some questions will keep me from cu…[View]
25575865Stoned meh Thread Get stoned post selfies And dance like no one's watching[View]
25576231Check out my blog at: http://BeautifulWomenOfCali.blogspot.com If you like Hot women, you'll l…[View]
25576019Kiss my ass, lick it clean bitch. If you are Irish come meet me, I am Adam Blythe. Call me a handsom…[View]
25575139Happy joy joy chat[View]
25545920/Shg/ Short Hair Girls thread Females only! PLS IF YOURE A MTF OR FTM THE DOOR IS RIGHT THERE Timest…[View]
25577569Any Harry Potter fans looking to chat?[View]
25577471Send me your best dick pic on Snapchat and Kik and I'm gonna rate them. Bonus points if there…[View]
25577411HI my name is Chris i like guys and cock and dick add me on kik chrisuriel. Hope to meet you there[View]
25576094Please give me a gf Kik: DekoDess[View]
25577358I'm 19m, from UK looking for a few things: looking for girls to Snapchat or kik, happy to be a …[View]
25558910How the hell are am I supposed to find a cute 4chan gf here when everyone is from America? EUROPE TH…[View]
25575068Spank meet up thread State age, sex, general location and if you are a spanker or spankee. Then pray…[View]
25576899Any Dublin anons free to chill on Saturday? M 27 open to lewd[View]
25577336If you are a cute dark-skinned Asian-ish (Philippino?) girl you spotted me on 4chan on my laptop tod…[View]
25577323No North Carolina thread?[View]
25576356/soc/ What the fuck happened here? Paying 0.3 BTC to anyone who can give me a realistic explanation …[View]
25556444Skinny guys thread Post your pics here if you're a slim/skinny/scrawny/thin guy. We like them a…[View]
25576313Cum fuk mi asshole![View]
25567903California/Nevada Kik Chat. Rude and lewds will be banned. Also, lurkers will be purged regularly. …[View]
25577004Enough dick threads let's rate voices instead https://vocaroo.com/[View]
25559673Can we get another long haired guy thread going? Femanon here, I just want to oogle yalls beautiful …[View]
25576940Hello! I would like to invite you guys to our chill server; we're a joyful bunch interested in …[View]
25576857Ohio/cincy thread So i moved to lockland (some super ghetto shit hole north of cincy) about 2 months…[View]
25577017If you're a right-winger join our discord! The invite link is https://discord.gg/V7ApTX[View]
25559796Caregiver + Little thread for everyone interested in the ddlg or Daddy Dom and little girl dynamic, …[View]
25570274General rate thread[View]
25573607Roast thread since the last one ended? I love roast threads. Its like an edgy version of the assumpt…[View]
25572529Would my toes look pretty with one or two of those sexy toerings or would that be like putting lipst…[View]
25576377Random Snapchat thread ! Post age,m or f Where you from What you want I'm gonna start. 22,…[View]
25574565hows the overall look with the longer hair[View]
25550959any long distance relationship stories? Saw this thread a few days ago, wanna give it another go[View]
25576700Hello /soc/ rate me. Let's be friends. I think I'm pretty[View]
25576574Snapchat thread. Make friends, add each other. Redhaired_nyan[View]
25576319I am a cute 20 year old virgin beta cuck. I love being verbally humiliated and told that what to do.…[View]
25542969Real /mchub/ thread over here Husky/Chubby/Big Guys Thread Don't be afraid to post, everyone he…[View]
25575952>tfw I'm twink top and love bottom muscle hunks[View]
25575495Add me on SC for more pics/vids of me! SC: secretart2017[View]
25568988>A/S/L >Sexual Orientation >Relationship Status >Text/Mic/Cam >Music >Books >Sh…[View]
25576036Rate me /soc/[View]
25573980Sad soc weebs (kik edition) Let's be honest anon, you're alone and tired of playing out th…[View]
25572141Roast me /soc/[View]
25576016I'm looking for an online female submissive beginners. I'm very friendly and I can listen …[View]
25574466Come join the better mental illness thread where you won't be kicked for no reason at all. *~Mi…[View]
25571106~ Masturbation thread ~ Post pics, stories, or just answer questions: >gender >ethincity/coun…[View]
25562901clean Kik group chat for degenerates or whatever else. join or don't, I don't give a fuck.…[View]
25575546Sup soc Do I cut it all?[View]
25574328Anyone have a picture like this? I'm trying to get with a girl but she wants to see my massive …[View]
25572984If you live in Knoxville! Drop your Snapchat name! Let's be friends![View]
25572867Muscle bound meathead r8 thread[View]
25575631add and msg me :p doing cam very soon with a few pppl![View]
25565327Lewd and nude Kik game Post YOUR kik ID Send a nude to the person above you And so on... Please do n…[View]
25564871Austhread Discord: https://discord.gg/QbXcPC 20/M/3071 Anyone doing anything this weekend?[View]
25575037Help me ruin my life! Custom pics and personal info.[View]
25574819SOCAL THREAD- North Korea Please Nuke Us Edition Hermanos y hermanas of Southern California. Post ki…[View]
25575613I need a femdom, pls. Leave contact details? I don't really wanna leave mine[View]
25575612Bored at work. Keep me entertained and be active[View]
25575556uni thread: results day in the uk, what unis u /fa/ggots off to/already @ ?? pic related: where i…[View]
25571382Starting college on Monday dubs decide my Major. Thinking computer science I like nerdy girls who sp…[View]
25552932New dick rate thread[View]
25546444Anons, post info about your ideal gf while fembots try their best to become your orbiters. > Her …[View]
25574741Sydney, Australia Thread Get in here if your in/from Sydney, Australia[View]
25572993Let's do it! Rate thread. 1- Monster can't look at them or they'll burn your eyes out…[View]
25575258Looking for girls that would make custom pillow humping videos for me (doesn't have to have you…[View]
25568052/Dating/ Red Flags Edition - Boys and Girls From a 25 year old guy's perspective. Things I look…[View]
25568994Tails thread. Trying to convince my partner to let me buy her a tail, looking for some chicks that a…[View]
25574964Hey /soc/, come check out this discord. Active just about all day, chill mods and admin, always open…[View]
25565285No Kentucky Thread?? Area code meetup, I'll go first. 859 Richmond M[View]
25575019Any traps/females happen to want to hit up a fairly horny teen? If so, add me Solaire#0025 on discor…[View]
25574803I'm not horny. Just lonely I want to talk to a femanon please talk to me. Not interested in kin…[View]
25530848Texas Thread How's it going in the loan star state? I'm sweating my ass off right now. I l…[View]
25572824rate me please? women only respond w/ a/s/l[View]
25574943I got two tickets to the Friday night late show. It's at Cobb's in San Francisco. Anyone w…[View]
25559124Ohio meet up thread[View]
25569857I'm a cyborg from /r9k/ and I don't give a shit anymore. Tell me what you think.[View]
25572975Good old-fashioned chart thread.[View]
25500471Washington hookup/meet up/hangout thread Angery edition How's everyone's summer? Angery ab…[View]
25565780Would you fuck? Yes/no Reply to at least 5 persons![View]
25569882New day, new cam site. It's new and a bit sparse but I'm spreading the word to get a bit o…[View]
25571844To those of you that are known for posting images of yourselves or have been found out, is it really…[View]
25574345People still says i look like a smackhead even tho I'm on methadone and don't shoot dope t…[View]
25573351>only viable method of body hair removal for me is laser >professional laser hair removal unit…[View]
25574538why would you 'lay the pipe'?[View]
25569219anyone from Arizona here[View]
25574471A guy looking for girls or guys who want to send pictures of them fingering their ass hole[View]
25574364Bay Area meetup thread Post asl and what your looking for[View]
25573303Never seen one before but let's get an Alaska meet up thread goin[View]
25557849/gwp/ - Girls with Pubes post ITT! For girls who grow out their pubes but shave everywhere else and …[View]
25574330Not trying to trade nudes or anything like that. Just bored and want to talk to people. Kik is river…[View]
25574105Greetings, Looking for computer nerds for possibly kinky conversation. 25/f I you know about witchcr…[View]
25574068Looking for semi-intelligent occult conversation possibly mixed with computer shit. F/25 (93) (23) …[View]
25570583Rate me I'm Kristina, an ircop on Rizon[View]
25573508https://beautifulwomenofcali.blogspot.com/ Follow this great blog of sexy women![View]
25571995Hi, rate me please[View]
25573757Sub Cum-slut sissy Send me fap roulletes, dress me up or make me do whatever you want Kik : Youravpe…[View]
25552814Add YOUR kik userid if you want others to send you dick pics :3 Make a few friends, send a dick pic…[View]
25572813Rate me please[View]
25565579DIRTY KIK THREAD post your asl, what you are looking for etc. kik: ecaepxx[View]
25573836SWEET HOME ALABAMA MEETUP THREAD 25/M/Huntsville[View]
25571269am i too big, /soc? general body thread, i guess[View]
25572289No Rules Post or get kicked Join before group fills up[View]
25501406Let's do this[View]
25572406Am I ugly? Do you think I can still chisel my face and lose my chubby cheeks if I lose fat?[View]
25552086Anything Goes kik group. Trading NSFW content and giving out DB links. No lurking if you don't …[View]
25573048>when the shaving your head meme isn't a meme[View]
25572598Hey y'all I'm really into humiliation; make fun of my extremely small penis[View]
25572204I'm looking for a guy who likes to Skype, I have a fantasy of someone Cucking me because of my …[View]
25572675Ok.. i am an oldfag i am 38 nearly. I started coming here in the bad old days when i was in my mid 2…[View]
25572797Would you count me as attractive? I am genuinely curious as i don't hear many people's opi…[View]
25569540Guess ethnicity thread I'll start![View]
25571241Maryland meet up thread? I'll start if anyone exists 18 m area code 410 Looking for cute guys …[View]
25569623Is there any hope for a 7 X 5.25 dicklet? The girls I've been with have all been happy but the …[View]
25572673Any females in Whittier California that are down to fuck?[View]
25563774Eye/eye rate thread. All eye types welcome. Let's see those iris![View]
25571007I don't expect this to go far but just wondering if anyone here is from the mountain state[View]
2557122424f/27m Hey guys I am a 24 year old female (chub/bg) looking for someone to get dirty with on kik wh…[View]
25572599Kik me sexy ladies bigtony503 or snap me[View]
25572563Looking for friends to discuss computer security, vulnerabilities, 0days and just chill. XMPP: sssne…[View]
25572556ey I'm 18 and I'm looking for an online boyfriend any age. I'm sub and really loyal p…[View]

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