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Displaying 642 expired threads from the past 7 days

No. Name Excerpt Replies
24821747AnonymousSugar Babe Thread!!! Add me on Skype: yobeavis1 Males only$$$ <357[View]
24821253AnonymousAny of you anons ever paid for sex? Share your stories. It's something I'm tempted by but …49[View]
24823840AnonymousFeeling up for some lewd talk,preferably from OH. discord only please! parooo#58683[View]
24821178Anonymousbe honest /soc/, what am I doing wrong???14[View]
24814800Anonymoushonest rate thread~221[View]
24823871AnonymousI am the funky overlord1[View]
24818444AnonymousSide view rate thread86[View]
24823875AnonymousI got all the Kevin James hookups.0[View]
24822029AnonymousHiya, 23/M, recently moved to Manchester, looking for a (F) fwb in the area. kik: juliooz30[View]
24823253AnonymousRate cocks1[View]
24823709Anonymous23 f bi @neatokid1[View]
24823712AnonymousAny girl wants sum dick Kik:daniel789vas1[View]
24820284Anonymoussoc, how do you feel about online relationships? are they real? are they a scam? if youre in one tel…15[View]
24773188Anonymous/sma/ 2017 - Skinny, Medium & Average Girls Post ITT females only! Are you new? Timestamp please…502[View]
24786372AnonymousTinder: Tinder thread. Post your profile, tell us your stories >how successful are you? >what…398[View]
24814789AnonymousThis night brings promises ;)124[View]
24823361Anonymousrate me? I'm 23, FL. Looking for some skype chats, maybe some textin. My numberino is area code…0[View]
24822723AnonymousHi im a 18/M from spain looking for some girls or dudes to make a hot chat in kik with or without ph…1[View]
24823278AnonymousNOTE TO ROMANTIC SOCIAL MEDIA USERS: do NOT describe your favorite experience with a past lover in y…0[View]
24810886AnonymousNew women loving women (lesbian and bi) contact thread. Post: >A/S/L >Sexual Orientation >R…53[View]
24815868AnonymousYour least favorite femanon back for another chat thread. Hows everyone doing tonight?230[View]
24823220AnonymousKik mrfc12345 Looking for females, trans, crossdressers, and twinks. Up for anything. Pic is me. Pos…0[View]
24822031AnonymousRate her tits and tell me what's the biggest cock you think she's had. :)13[View]
24823142AnonymousAre these still a thing? here's a bunch of links for interested femanons grouped by level titi…0[View]
24823139Anonymousyou there buddy? also, face rate thread, MUST POST RATES TO RECEIVE, do not rate people who have not…0[View]
24818200AnonymousOhio talk/meet up thread! I couldn't find one so here we go. 25/m/straight right on the 937/51…12[View]
24822857Anonymous>look normal from the front >look crooked ugly like a male frida kahlo from the upside >tfw…5[View]
24800216AnonymousNRT - New one :)505[View]
24805605Anonymous19/M/561 Post your asl hopefully you find someone nearby I have kik if ppl want it99[View]
24822935AnonymousMe and my friend have been wanting to get into feet and bondage >male is preferred >please tex…0[View]
24820143AnonymousDesperate dor rates37[View]
24822319AnonymousLonely people thread. This is for anyone who is lonely and want people to talk to them, and not just…9[View]
24822061AnonymousLondon Meet up Thread Post your postcode3[View]
24822096AnonymousITT girls and bugs, OC very welcome3[View]
24821112AnonymousAny skinny white sissy boys or twinks that love to worship black or brown cocks? Bonus for skinny sm…5[View]
24820205AnonymousGloryholes So i'm wanting to hit one to suck and take. Any information for where to find one an…5[View]
24820741AnonymousNaked body rate thread. Not just cock, please include body. We rate our naked bodies.6[View]
24822114AnonymousJoin our (clean) kik group! Use the kikcode or reply with your username to get added - no bourgeois…15[View]
24822666AnonymousEveryone is welcome! We got dedicated channels for different purposes and try to stay comfy. https:/…1[View]
24822642Anonymouslooking for femanons for kik chat and pic exchange. kik erikalfonso0[View]
24818079AnonymousAn eight inch penis is objectively too big for satisfactory pelvic contact with the average girl dur…60[View]
24822565AnonymousSince there's a lesbian skype thread already, here is the kik version. open to females looking …2[View]
24822581AnonymousKik thread for Brits animal876 is me0[View]
24820548AnonymousLooking to start a panty fetish group Send me your Kik if you have panties and want to share them Ki…2[View]
24822408AnonymousANYONE UP FOR A RAID IM BORED ASF2[View]
24810607AnonymousNew horny weeb thread >Kinks >Anime >Vidya >Interests >Dom/sub >ASL >Contact in…90[View]
24822344AnonymousNatashaW00 19,F,UK Looking for Young, Cute, Teen Porn Pic swap and share. If ur into it, come kik me…0[View]
24820434AnonymousI see all these rate threads, but how about instead we just pick one thing we like about someone in …12[View]
24822266AnonymousAdd me on sc: jan.t M19 and horny, girls are prefered0[View]
24815124AnonymousHey folks. Tell me what I'm doing wrong. Be honest.29[View]
24822203AnonymousHit me up im bored. No dick pics or fbi will arrest you. 18 M0[View]
24819638AnonymousFace rate thread b DONT RATE SOMEONE IF THEY HAVENT RATED OTHERS66[View]
24821863AnonymousSuicidal kik friends only, my kik is snuffbunni contact me only if you're depressed and suicida…1[View]
24821243AnonymousChinese pussy8[View]
24821909AnonymousMale looking for female to chat with. Love being dominant i love taking control over a woman. Ddlg. …0[View]
24821902AnonymousFemale snapchats. Show me whats guud. Foamcat0[View]
24813548AnonymousJust curious, Anyone else on SOC from Minnesota? 507 here.30[View]
24821593AnonymousAny gay or bi people looking for a relationship with a sub par twink in ireland, athlone Im 18 and r…1[View]
24821737AnonymousNew dick rate thread, old one is dead, don't forget to rate me ;)1[View]
24819011AnonymousRate me 1/47[View]
24820362AnonymousYour up late, your bored, got nothing to do. Why not join our clean kik group9[View]
24821594AnonymousWho can give me the best tribute? Tabbyanne, Well known on here. though not posted since Christmas. …2[View]
24821559AnonymousOkay. What's the average penis girth? I've been reading that it's 4.5- 4.8. What gir…8[View]
24821638AnonymousQuestions for black women. 1.Why do you smell like grape wax? every black girl I've been with …1[View]
24821689Anonymouslooking for people to add me on kik to we can chat and jerk to Nicki Minaj please add me : microjyst…1[View]
24815623AnonymousIm looking for traps or chicks to tell me how much they love my cock.18[View]
24819994AnonymousRate me?3[View]
24821570AnonymousRate my cock0[View]
24821498AnonymousDick Tribute my GF? Send good ones to my kik or post here. Pierrelongdong2[View]
24821492AnonymousI'm looking for older men post ITT kik or sc, male btw0[View]
24821441AnonymousWhos down to meetup3[View]
24821402AnonymousFirst time poster, please be nice.. Not sure if i just get turned on by crossdressing or what.. Rate…7[View]
24819236AnonymousDaily reminder you are all pathetic loser faggots that have to resort to a board primarily composed …7[View]
24816312Anonymousrate/roast me14[View]
24819292AnonymousHot or Not? Reply to an image if you think it's Hot Or Not, with your own image. Preferably OC.8[View]
24818655AnonymousPost in this thread before and after pictures of unjusting I got a haircut, shaved the pubes off my …5[View]
24821011AnonymousDirty Skype thread 2017 ! >A/S/L >Sexual Orientation >Text / Mic / Cam >Kinks / Turn-ons…2[View]
24812217AnonymousRate thread is filling up. Time for a new one129[View]
24818910AnonymousLooking for more weebs to toss into a weeb chat. Kik at kawaiidesukurumi if you wanna get pulled int…4[View]
24821177Anonymousneec facebook friends - www facebook com/parmar.amit.75050[View]
24811792AnonymousOk so after a year or so of work I've finally got myself looking decent/fuckable and the tinder…110[View]
24820540Anonymous808, BI, fight thread. I just got over mono, lost 25 pounds , around 155 now. Just want to fight wit…4[View]
24820929AnonymousEye Rate Thread3[View]
24820901AnonymousWV meet up or chat with. 304 here, anyone else live in this hellhole?5[View]
24819159Anonymous20, Central FL, nothing to do tonight.. anyone want to hangout?2[View]
24820907AnonymousAnything that isn't pathetic thread. Everything in this board cannot be posted in this thread. …0[View]
24820805AnonymousRate this brown sausuge5[View]
24799996AnonymousCUM FETISH THREAD Age/Sex/Location (Location optional) Where is your favorite place for a guy to cum…200[View]
24819631AnonymousKik: alexoppai Looking for someone to trade oc with i have some good collection (doeant belong to me…1[View]
24805435AnonymousUltimate QT thread - old one's dead64[View]
24820773AnonymousCucks and nudes; post nudes and send girlfriend. No cp0[View]
24819488AnonymousArizona thread 480/m/straight anyone live near asu campus? Just moved into town and have zero friend…4[View]
24816412AnonymousGeorgia thread? Georgia thread12[View]
24814867AnonymousShady's back281[View]
24820648AnonymousAnyone on here in the 519/226? Gay guy horny AF looking for hookups.2[View]
24815497AnonymousNew rate thread140[View]
24820563AnonymousHaven't been this horny in a while add me prefer f fine with m too Add your snap down below fo…0[View]
24820537AnonymousFemales please send me ur feet pics I will rate and tribute Kik: bananaspidergang0[View]
24820481Anonymous>Social media thread When I tick insta on the buffer app, will my insta post actually post to ins…0[View]
24820453AnonymousPhone sex? Snapchat me if you want I'm male 18 highly highly highly prefer females, Snapchat is…0[View]
24820353AnonymousAnyone gay or bi near 310? Looking for some chill vibes tonight with another curious guy0[View]
24819395AnonymousDaddy Dom here looking for his little girl. Hmu on Kik @ Karu67881[View]
24820174AnonymousHow much smaller is my dick compared to a totally average and acceptable cock? Please tell me truthf…9[View]
24818276AnonymousFemanons - what's your opinion on brown guys? Do you find them attractive? Or are they not your…21[View]
24819985Anonymoushi im a bored lithuanian girl talk to me/date me!! kik: tarinaichan9[View]
24815819AnonymousLooks like the old virginia meetup thread died. Heres a new one 19/M/straight looking for girls to h…3[View]
24816930AnonymousRate my cock?10[View]
24819210AnonymousBored French guy, add me girls ;) jonnybegood716[View]
24819973AnonymousGeneral kik thread >M/26/straight >Looking for anyone to talk to I'm bored as fuck pref…0[View]
24811403AnonymousCan we get a lesbo contact thread going on in here? im bisexual, but im not really seeking guys to t…28[View]
24819800AnonymousOfficial Cali - Open Relationships, FWB, polyamory, non-monogamy thread just post whatever u want an…1[View]
24819519Anonymous27/m/ireland. BPD. Bored as shit in iiiiiiiiiiiiireland. No I dont talk like jack fuckingseptic eye.21[View]
24817745AnonymousRate me6[View]
24818539AnonymousDoes /soc/ think I look French? My American friends keep telling me I don't look French at all …7[View]
24818509AnonymousWho is the fattest person on this board? Fatties please post here to be king or queened9[View]
24817459Anonymousi'm single again after 2 years, what should i do first ? :D20[View]
24811992AnonymousVocaroo/Sing thread go go go http://vocaroo.com/i/s11TzAIIz1tt31[View]
24819285AnonymousLooking for new friends on kik, snap and insta. Kik: dregordonn Snap: youknodreee Im 20 m canada. …1[View]
24819263Anonymoustexas meetups and shit area code/gender/kik 956 male bicurious kik: olkrago0[View]
24819183AnonymousMale foot thread. Kik me at cumonmyboyfeet0[View]
24815106AnonymousAnyone else have a huge cock, and cum fast? If you do, did you ever get over it? Pic related, it…33[View]
24817583Anonymouslooking for chat friends! snapchat add me mielzism3[View]
24818039AnonymousRate me please? also, what i'm doing wrong .-.4[View]
24796616Anonymous>New England has a thread but Old England/the other countries around it don't Brit thread, I…233[View]
24817809AnonymousConnecticut thread? I know there's some of you fuckers on here. Fairfield County, 21 m here4[View]
24806779AnonymousSnapchat: km_bitch 22/f Sending nudes - post here.83[View]
24818340AnonymousSomebody wants to see more? Dubs decide what to do7[View]
24818459AnonymousHey there I'm looking for a real decent man to have a real relationship with. I'm attracte…7[View]
24818209Anonymous/camcraft/ thread >Find random craft supplies such as glitter, paints, feathers or googly eyes. …9[View]
24804057AnonymousLet's starts a nude rate thread206[View]
24817705AnonymousI'm a 23 year old NEET guy from Europe looking to chat with someone, relax together, play some …2[View]
24818524AnonymousIf anyone has got some celeb fakes they want to trade just pm orangeuniverseop. I got a wide variety…0[View]
24818464AnonymousWorking an 18 hour shift of boredom today/tonight. send me stuff to entertain me.0[View]
24818411AnonymousM19 /// f*cking horny, Add me on sc: jan.t5 Plss only F0[View]
24817817AnonymousHaven't fapped for 6 days because I'm trying to let my foreskin heal up, but I'm lite…7[View]
24816547AnonymousAlabama thread. 18/M/205 here2[View]
24815036AnonymousWhich looks better?38[View]
24815670AnonymousI'm looking for an old internet bf from Gaia online, my screen name was naughty miharu. I was r…16[View]
24817449AnonymousJust made snap chat - how do I add you - also hi.6[View]
24816703Anonymousreport in post last pic you took11[View]
24817388AnonymousI'm shy and looking for a sugar daddy. kik:iolandabalan228[View]
24818046AnonymousFU Free Use based Discord https://discord.gg/q44Ny6r If you're unfamiliar with the Free Use Fet…0[View]
24817832AnonymousWhat does this even mean3[View]
24816926Anonymous19/m/304/kik-madmonkey71 Looking for a girl or at least a passable trap4[View]
24817833Anonymous20 yo male here from aus, looking for traps/trans to talk to! Also looking to swap futa pics! Kik is…0[View]
24812179AnonymousSkinny guy thread. Rate and comment. I'll go first 23, 6'0, 63kg61[View]
24814563AnonymousKentucky thread Let's meet up, y'all14[View]
24817600AnonymousWhy do black chicks do the T rex in selfies? I don't get it. Every pic I see like this on tinde…3[View]
24816972AnonymousRate the peen thread Rate me guys18[View]
24816108Anonymous20m in UK, Cheltenham Any chicks wanna hookup?2[View]
24817739AnonymousWhat is my ethnicity1[View]
24807160AnonymousDick rate thread? Dick rate thread. Didn't see one so lets get it started. Feel free to post co…240[View]
24817036Anonymous22 - F - Belgium KIK : Sofiasofiatastic I'm looking for a little pig who wants to be dominated …15[View]
24817706AnonymousCouples Kik: I wanna start a group chat dedicated to people who want to share pictures of them and t…0[View]
24814293Anonymous18 year old trap here~ looking for men and women to talk to, I'm pretty bored so we can do what…5[View]
24813891AnonymousMedium Hair Thread. Only females.21[View]
24817264AnonymousWe're the new cool kids on the block and we're SUPER POZ friendly! We love all sorts of et…14[View]
24817623AnonymousAnyone will be my friend? Or roast me I love talking shit2[View]
24817522AnonymousIf you're not going to talk ever don't join. If you're shy as shit atleast attempt t…4[View]
24815788AnonymousNew diaper thread4[View]
24817441AnonymousHello everyone! 25yo Male here. Looking for norm or lewd chat with either males or females. Some th…2[View]
24817536AnonymousNc kik/hookup thread A/s/l Preference And kik id 29/m/704 (cabbarrus) Straight Kik. Blank.man.9…1[View]
24817495AnonymousIf you want to Skype a chubby sissy, mine is jpsbitch@icloud.com. Pic isn't me0[View]
24814954AnonymousYes/No/Maybe + Compliment.17[View]
24814156AnonymousAny femnon out there 21/m here looking for hook ups2[View]
24813481AnonymousSo here's my dilemma/plight, I ordered a dragon dildo and it comes tomorrow. I'm really ho…21[View]
24817288AnonymousDoesanyone want to chat on kik? 19 m kik username is dawnofdarkness0[View]
24813031AnonymousMICHIGAN THREAD Where the 248 grills at?? Lets chill Novi/Farmington Hills reporting in12[View]
24811885Anonymous***SIZE DIFFERENCE THREAD*** Post ITT if you look someone into size difference/SPH play. >asl …30[View]
24814731AnonymousHey soc, it's my birthday, I feel old. Any femanons wanna be kind and send some tits or anythin…11[View]
24815646Anonymousrate this ass /soc/9[View]
24817114AnonymousI want a sexy slut to do what I say. Nudes are welcome. Females add hfttf8.0[View]
24817008Anonymoushi /soc/ what the best place to find hookups now? wife and i are trying to find a girl to join us fo…0[View]
24802308AnonymousGay Kik Name/ what your looking for Bonus points for adding OP. Usually bored at work Xc1935 Looking…48[View]
24816936AnonymousIts my birthday today. Send me a msg here or there Kik odinxxx I like too gett suprised1[View]
24816931AnonymousSkinny hung twink c2c thread. I want to cam with other skinny boys with hung cocks. 23m 7.5'. Post y…0[View]
24816911AnonymousAny guys want to show me what they look like in their girlfriends or wife's underwear? No trap…0[View]
24812439AnonymousWhere do I go to get a nerdy/geeky 7/10 girlfriend or at least get laid? >don't like clubs …29[View]
24813892AnonymousWho here's from the Bluegrass state? Never many of us in the area code threads so thought I…4[View]
24812833AnonymousImprovements and rate thread.44[View]
24816822AnonymousBored, horny. Show me your wild side /soc/ Snapchat: Throwmycockout1[View]
24816787AnonymousAnybody in the northern illinois/southern wisconsin area? We should chat and maybe meet up?0[View]
24815286AnonymousAnyone else really enjoy Ballbusting. I've done it daily for years now13[View]
24813285AnonymousHaven't seen a Tumblr thread on here. Post your Tumblr and what we'd mostly see on it. Add…13[View]
24816013AnonymousIt says to njoy it2[View]
24787043Anonymoushave you ever actually met someone from /soc/ irl?208[View]
24814524AnonymousWhy do girls not find me attractive? Even on here, girls who post their pics will always rate me low…27[View]
24815388AnonymousKik: siblinglove98 I live in an igloo3[View]
24816456AnonymousIf you want to Skype with a sissy, my Skype is jpsbitch@icloud.com. I'm on for a few hours, pic…0[View]
24809169Anonymous*NEW SLUT THREAD* *FEMALES ONLY FILL OUT* *MALES DON'T SPAM CONTACTS* >Age/Location >Fav…56[View]
24816223Anonymoustennessee thread who else 9010[View]
24813359AnonymousNZ Meetup Thread6[View]
24816138AnonymousMessage me at calebj878 if interested. Send to receive1[View]
24811112Anonymous29/m/Texas transgender seeking abusers (not molesters) with abnormally strong psychic ethics. Plan o…7[View]
24814600AnonymousOlder guys horny sc ;) post itt I'm 21 twink M9[View]
24815948AnonymousFeminine whiteboi looking for a black real men to talk too on KiK about stuff~ Post if interested2[View]
24814459AnonymousDelco. Norwood, Prospect park, Glenolden meet and fuck.3[View]
24809953AnonymousIs it just me or is New England a dead zone for /soc/, tinder, and OKC unless you're in a city?…8[View]
24813874AnonymousI've been crying for hours. Please somebody just talk to me. Kik is hylianprincess. with the pe…14[View]
24814716AnonymousModerately clean /soc/ kik chat adding new members. Purging inactives and looking for new dank memes…10[View]
24815816AnonymousAny muscle daddies or older beefy,stocky,husky,built men like to have a real relationship with a you…0[View]
24803671Anonymoushonest rates for this bored british cd54[View]
24815675AnonymousIs my butt nice8[View]
24815699AnonymousEnjoyment of being seen thread. post pics you want to see someone holding or looking at. take a pic …1[View]
24815561AnonymousLooking for females to have fun with. Tell me which toys to use. Tease me a bit. Kik is nogfs4[View]
24814699AnonymousBeard thread post your beards!9[View]
24815632AnonymousIn NOLA for the weekend looking for hookups in the French quarter M, 21, 5'8' @140lbs0[View]
24811502AnonymousAnyone want some fun with a nice french dude add me on snapchat jonnybegood71 ;)7[View]
24803304Anonymousinsecure people r8 thread?130[View]
24794801AnonymousAsshole thread, coed. Rate.146[View]
24815428AnonymousHey there oder hallo. Are there any german kikusers who wants to chat or swap pictures? Im m25 bi n…1[View]
24813325AnonymousTRANSFORMATION THREAD ITT transformations Age prgoression mtf/ftm transitions weight loss etc. r8, c…26[View]
24815241AnonymousAdd me girls ;) French guy here if you fancy some fun!1[View]
24815093AnonymousEveryone I know acts like they think I'm attractive because they are either my friend or they w…12[View]
24810750AnonymousInstagram thread21[View]
24815187AnonymousClean Kik group. Talk music, nerdy shit, or whatevs. Great people0[View]
24813730Anonymousindiana thread! near hobart Kik is hylianprincess. With the period7[View]
24813909AnonymousAnyone here from the Cincinnati tri state area? Havent seen many on here, looking for folks in the a…2[View]
24813342AnonymousHey my name is jes. Im 21 asian. Im here to find some female domme to take me as a personal online p…7[View]
24810469AnonymousHere you go French guys and girls, tell your age, sex, and kik if you want clean tchat, or not. 25/m…22[View]
24814855AnonymousHey hier ein 25m bi analmöse aus bocholt nrw deutschland?? Jemand aus der nähe hier? Kik:raprorthet…0[View]
24814842AnonymousHorny fem anons send your pics if you like0[View]
24814393AnonymousWould love to meet some people!4[View]
24814807Anonymous>18 >male >bi >french clean or dirty chat, sharing pics and nudes.…0[View]
24814790AnonymousAnyone in Summerland, California area looking to meet up or do something neat for Friday the 13th? W…0[View]
24809979AnonymousITT post pics and guess year of birth.21[View]
24814743Anonymous>I need more people to my skype because none of the three people there ever replies anymore >G…0[View]
24814735AnonymousIf anyone has got some celeb fakes they want to trade just pm orangeuniverseop. I got a wide variety…0[View]
24814732Anonymous>POLITICAL MEETUP THREAD This may be too /pol/ for /soc/ but it is 100% too /soc/ for /pol/ >A…1[View]
24814682AnonymousAny fem anons In the Philly area? Just looking for a meet and fuck Area 610 M/19/ near upper dirty0[View]
24807585AnonymousAssumptions thread113[View]
24813272AnonymousCANADA contact/meetup thread post your info for people to know6[View]
24812675AnonymousWhy do I get red bumps/skin irritation on the area of my pubes on my legs but none on my pubes prope…9[View]
24814157Anonymouswhat does /soc think?4[View]
24811632AnonymousIs my cock nice /soc/ ?17[View]
24810197Anonymous>>>/s4s/5053688 can we have this /soc/ pls?15[View]
24799151AnonymousKIK RP THREAD Post itt if you're looking for partners to roleplay with over Kik. Post your age,…46[View]
24808234Anonymoushey girls and boys show us what underwear you are wearing today and rate have fun164[View]
24814287AnonymousTrying to get this going. NJ friends, comment your name or scan the code :)4[View]
24801724AnonymousVagina thread Which one looks like yours?56[View]
24814267Anonymoushttps://discord.gg/vn2pMFC - Join our Discord, Where we love to chat and play games together.1[View]
24814248AnonymousMale here, Finally lost my virginity at 25, ask me anything. No emotional connection though. Now I f…5[View]
24804467AnonymousAUSSIE meet up thread post your prefered contact and asl78[View]
24814136AnonymousHey, new dirty snapchat thread smichaels4123 Add me for more2[View]
24810749AnonymousMen's Rights Activists?21[View]
24808115AnonymousChastity thread?25[View]
24814042AnonymousItaly Kik Camsex thread Only horny girls posting! format: age/sex/sex orientation kik name what you…2[View]
24813703AnonymousHey /soc! I'm new here and scarred to put myself into rate threads because I'm a bit down …11[View]
24809971AnonymousDick rate thread33[View]
24806720AnonymousLets get an Oregon thread going. Post your area code and what you're looking for > 19/M 503 …21[View]
24812519AnonymousCROSS POST FROM /TV/ WHAT'S UP SHITLORDS? Looking for filmmaking based meetup in New England ar…5[View]
24765277AnonymousThicc/Chub/BBW and their admirers CONTACT THREAD People who require a little more space to fit in th…514[View]
24813765AnonymousDo people here like any video games?0[View]
24813671AnonymousWho is this chick? http://www.xvideos.com/profiles/angelagrande4[View]
24803414AnonymousRate your life thread I guess Remember to rate others!67[View]
24809292AnonymousUK Kik group, post pics, hook up, chat....whatever....6[View]
24805011Anonymouskik Thread: Here we exchange our kik information with the goal in meeting and conversing with fellow…109[View]
24812252Anonymous>Do I look like a person you would want to avoid?5[View]
24811220Anonymousa hole3[View]
24811045AnonymousWould you fuck her?28[View]
24810647AnonymousBDSM Contact Thread! Kinksters of all roles are welcome here >ASL >Submissive/dominant >Wha…16[View]
24813473AnonymousIt's 2 in the morning and I want to see horny people in my snaps ;) I love both sexes equally0[View]
24813467AnonymousCan we get a gay snapchat thread? none of that straight stuff, just gays traps and the like. Here ad…1[View]
24812569Anonymousrate my singing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvT6NQ4nPno2[View]
24813361AnonymousSugar mommy thread, welcome ladies of all ages, sizes and races. I'm looking for a sugar mommy …5[View]
24810593AnonymousWhere's the pee thread?14[View]
24721409Anonymous/erpg/ - Erotic Roleplaying General -- 'I was busy getting drunk and forgot to bump the thread' edit…509[View]
24809431AnonymousFor the cum lovers5[View]
24811662AnonymousAnyone else make Craigslist ads? I wanna try it out but idk what to expect? Any experiences/advice I…34[View]
24813321AnonymousGot locked out of my kik add my new one // Tribut3man Looking for f but don't really mind Add…0[View]
24809507Anonymousis there a phone sex site that don't charge by the minuet? like I pay so much money up front5[View]
24813296AnonymousAnyone wanna exchange nudes and rate my body? Hmu on kik @ 133tale0[View]
24810697AnonymousHello, I am from Perú, i want to change my country. Who can help me.. snapchaaat renzorosass thaaank…4[View]
24799253Anonymous/babbyface/ general. young looking babies report in. i'm 23145[View]
24799485AnonymousInternet Friends Thread Considering this is the only board for such things, I guess I'll open i…50[View]
24812317AnonymousNew snapchat thread. Old ones are dead or full M/18/straight/6'3 That's a picture of my fa…4[View]
24777039AnonymousBDSM test thread! http://bdsmtest.org/index.php280[View]
24812865AnonymousLooking for someone to blackmail my ex bf. His kik is fazzoneo . Anyone interested in getting reward…11[View]
24809538Anonymousany guys looking for a J/O buddy? lets get a room going!6[View]
24813021AnonymousGirls that want there lush controlled Wearables :wij2608@gmail.com0[View]
24812870AnonymousBeen looking for someone to chat up with; if you want to get on cam, hit me up on Discord, then I…1[View]
24802240AnonymousStart er up again! Illinois thread. Post your info and meet up already edition. 21/M/847 Looking to…36[View]
24801887AnonymousNew rate thread~215[View]
24806927AnonymousHonest rate thread~142[View]
24809932Anonymous35 loves women all shapes sizes ages races 18+ looking for girl to chat, sext,rp whatever hmu Kik is…2[View]
24809870Anonymouscan we have a wet t-shirt thread? For sciene?6[View]
24812588AnonymousSnap chat Thread? Snap chat Thread. Im bored and barely use it. 24/M1[View]
24812489AnonymousCome on down and play some CAH. http://pyx-1.pretendyoure.xyz/zy/game.jsp#game=840[View]
24809926Anonymoushttps://discord.gg/gcA9V comfy discord server6[View]
24788517AnonymousCouldn't find a Snapchat Nude game thread, so here's a new one. Leave your snap and send t…121[View]
24812458AnonymousAdd me on Instagram sicklad4230[View]
24811412AnonymousKik me f 23 yrs @Tormented.toy6[View]
24811291AnonymousJerk of Party kik group Share fap material etc.1[View]
24803731AnonymousRate me Kik:jawbrah9318[View]
24806329Anonymous> 22 > Anal Virgin > Twink with big butt > I want to be a bottom > Don't know w…8[View]
24809983AnonymousPost a picture of yourself holding a condom like this. I dare you UwU12[View]
24812006AnonymousStreaming Jackbox party pack 3 and looking for some people to play with. Join the stream if you want…0[View]
24811867AnonymousKik me at cumonmyboyfeet2[View]
24811960AnonymousAnyone in Bristol? Don't have plans for tomorrow and would be cool to meet new people. 21/m/Bri…0[View]
24810092AnonymousLooking for girls in central NJ. I'm a 24 dude. Chubby. Good looking. Poor (parents are rich th…8[View]
24803917AnonymousNot sure if this is allowed, but furry meetup thread? Bonus points if you post your bdsmtest.org res…73[View]
24810746AnonymousAnyone wanna meet up?9[View]
24809778AnonymousFresh rate thread118[View]
24811535Anonymousadd me if you fancy some fun (french boy here, mostly into girls) ;)2[View]
24788747AnonymousLewd & Nude Kik Game! Post YOUR kik ID. Send a lewd or nude pic to the post above you. Please re…507[View]
24802303AnonymousVirginia hookup/hangout thread. 32/m/703 Straight, lookin for whatever Kik:machomanandysavage33[View]
24808579Anonymous20m Kik: ChokolocoJ Message me for some nude exchanging, preferably girls.3[View]
24811418AnonymousCan we have a thread where we look into the posters soul(eyes) and say what their eyes say about the…6[View]
24811571AnonymousHey if anyone has got some celeb fakes they want to trade just pm orangeuniverseop. I got a wide var…0[View]
24775831AnonymousAdd YOUR kik userid if you want others to send you dick pics :3 Make a few friends, send a dick pic…506[View]
24805264AnonymousNew snapchat thread Guy, only looking for girls, happy to exchange pics. Add me // tribut3man48[View]
24809948Anonymoushttps://chat.whatsapp.com/4WRAomEqCDyGWxPOYefafs join fucking bitch nigga gays not allowed1[View]
24809774AnonymousAnyone have the link to the 'Philosophy, Science and Boypussy' discord? Asking for a friend.3[View]
24809917AnonymousAny girls in the UK up for hooking up? I'm m21, live in Cheltenham UK only, unless you wanna ex…1[View]
24809734AnonymousItalia thread italyfags venite a me!7[View]
24811135AnonymousHow to I into Instagram? For work reasons I will have to open a Instagram account and I need help ge…2[View]
24801439AnonymousA sem edini Slovenec na /soc/ al je še kdo?24[View]
24806318AnonymousHere we go. 1/10- Absolutely Repulsive 2/10-Repulsive 3/10-Ugly 4/10-Ugly but can improve/someone ca…86[View]
24773643AnonymousTraps and stuff kik chat, post up your kik to join the Asstastic Voyage! Hehehe, it's more than…281[View]
24807092AnonymousCum here and send you're nods we want em all cum on daddy we need you24[View]
24794523Anonymous>join various dating sites (tinder, okcupid, pof, etc) >get little to no success >really wa…46[View]
24809127AnonymousWhat's the best app to talk to random strangers? Been using chatous but it sucks5[View]
24797861Anonymousrate + guess starsign if you're into that. I have a strawpoll to get an idea of what majority b…32[View]
24808880Anonymousare you in switzerland or from switzerland...4[View]
24810935AnonymousNeed some dirty m 30+ too a grpup. Gott a naughty girl waiting. Kik odinxxx0[View]
24810544AnonymousHi /soc/, Looking for something new in a kik group? Are you interested in ghosts, cryptozoology, or …4[View]
24809424AnonymousI love cock send me some pls!3[View]
24792042AnonymousPost ur kik id. Boys and gals. For hot sex chat and fun. 23 M Kik ni_nmae.509[View]
24792576AnonymousNew week, new age gap thread. You've done this before: >Age / Sex / Location >What you…60[View]
24804696AnonymousFemale Ass! in this thread we summon the goddesses Butters, Scotty and Highlander. Pure natural beau…68[View]
24800212AnonymousRoast me /soc/58[View]
24798963AnonymousDidn't see one so clean snapchat thread?52[View]
24780682Anonymous/legwear/ - Female Legwear Thread females only! Are you new? Timestamp please! from:>>24761491…100[View]
24810671AnonymousMARYLAND THREAD 19/M/410 Straight Looking for people to hang out with or some hookups, alright with…1[View]
24810709AnonymousSince there's a short hair girl thread, let's have a medium/long hair girl thread! (Below …3[View]
24782994AnonymousSecrets, vents ...249[View]
24809760AnonymousOhio thread anyone? 22/M/740 Straight Looking for people to hang out with or whatever, meet new pe…4[View]
24793011Anonymouscmon, it'll be fun. let's see those mugs177[View]
24809332AnonymousUTAH THREAD only post in this thread if you want to fuck2[View]
24809163Anonymoushttp://lets.rabb.it/886j/Rqb5clNXRz Come and watch movies, shows, listen to music and relax. Room i…1[View]
24810550AnonymousStole a Vyvance and took it. Feeling hyper and productive. Social too. 3 day depression has disappea…0[View]
24788918Anonymouscanada thread 21/m/toronto looking for a girl to listen to music with. im black and like alt rock/hi…140[View]
24806440AnonymousPost asl what you're looking for location,sexual preference and kik 29/m/ 704 Straight Kik Ju…7[View]
24810524Anonymouscome and join the our discord and get some new friends! https://discord.gg/hahSYCa0[View]
24806970AnonymousRate my ass15[View]
24809484AnonymousWill anyone do a cock/cum tribute for me?4[View]
24796640AnonymousITT CHAT/DISCUSSIONS Crippling depression, social anxiety, autism, and memes edition Feel free to po…223[View]
24766245AnonymousGirls, post your panties you're currently wearing!479[View]
24809250AnonymousBeen gone for 2 years, whats the soc tinychat?6[View]
24808590AnonymousBored as fuck Just wanna chat no lewds skype: voxity3[View]
24800494AnonymousPost your wedgie and have it rated36[View]
24801816Anonymous23/sissygurl on HRT/Ca >completely submissive, huge-cock addicted slut >big, fat, jiggly, whit…66[View]
24809579AnonymousHey all Not sure if I should post this here or /trv/, but since it's people related I'll j…2[View]
24803187AnonymousUltimate story thread ! Tell us your best story or stories of >Dating app Hookups/One night stan…22[View]
24793759AnonymousCOCK SIZE DISCUSSION THREAD Really big and love to gloat? Really small and love to show it anyway? N…205[View]
24809471Anonymous21 [M4M] Looking to watch guys jack off on Skype! No cam or mic! Just want to see some guys jack off…2[View]
24809489AnonymousAny CDs, traps, trans or Females in or around 702 (Las Vegas Nevada) looking to date or be fwb? Poly…0[View]
24806604Anonymous>lost a bet >has to post cock on /soc/25[View]
24807643AnonymousIs my dick small? Don't worry about my feelings, I just want opinions on how it actually looks,…21[View]
24805795Anonymoussoc, which hair do i look the best in? will post another ones as i can't make grid. also, rate …8[View]
24801649AnonymousDick rate thread159[View]
24790575Anonymous25+ thread 25 and older? Come on in. Let's shoot the shit. It's almost 4:20am, and I…90[View]
24809221Anonymousanything goes kik cheesus0[View]
24809213AnonymousKik chat thread 2! Post kik, age, sex, and orientation, pic optional Muceleny, 19 m Straight Senpai,…1[View]
24809203AnonymousI just got matched for the first after just a few hours of having the app installed I did it for shi…0[View]
24808249AnonymousCome join a chill discord chat! We are all just having a good time talking about random shit https:…1[View]
24805347AnonymousWhere my pa people at16[View]
24807847AnonymousFor the sluts9[View]
24808924AnonymousBottom bitch bro here looking for a guy to show me their feet and or cock I'll send some pics t…0[View]
24808895AnonymousJust looking to share dick pics, maybe girlfriends, and some random pics we can jack off together wi…0[View]
24808321AnonymousLooking to add some people to a clean Kik group, male and female! Need like 10 more people. Leave AS…3[View]
24807125AnonymousTrap thread4[View]
24808413AnonymousLet's take a break from the over abundance of rate,dicks, and tits thread. Post a picture, ever…8[View]
24807102AnonymousAnyone wanna meet up and grab a drink? 29/m/973 here. Looking to bring a girl home from the.bar. if …7[View]
24808527AnonymousHi soc. I moved abroad 3,5 years ago. Lost contact with most friends and my family. Few friends I st…0[View]
24802528AnonymousMeetup thread for the land of beer, guns, and lifted trucks. Get in here!5[View]
24806128AnonymousRate me from 1 to hipster. Also rate thread4[View]
24807944AnonymousYes/no thread11[View]
24808261AnonymousJoin my shitty discord you faggots https://discord.gg/ZDT5X1[View]
24807744AnonymousMen's Rights Activists5[View]
24808178AnonymousSuper board need some attention0[View]
24805520Anonymous* JERK OFF BUDDY THREAD * i'm looking for a jo buddy. if anyone is interrested, write to me on …7[View]
24798116AnonymousNo rates, only assumptions, stereotypes, what you'd say behind their back163[View]
24805709AnonymousBest hookup apps?4[View]
24807846AnonymousDallas Meet-up: Just looking for someone to hang out with.7[View]
24807898AnonymousLet's try dis alabama chat thread Who you are/where you are from: What you want: What you don…0[View]
24802141AnonymousDidn't see a long hair thread, so I'm starting one :)111[View]
24807498AnonymousRabbit cast thread!! https://www.rabb.it/r/p1jzpn gonna watch some porn looking for jo buddies1[View]
24806475AnonymousRate me. How can I improve how my face looks. Or get rid of my fat w/o surgery.10[View]
24786752AnonymousMan Hands Forearms Necks /MHFN/ >>>>> WELCOME <<<<< Started by femanon…76[View]
24807706AnonymousAnybody live in dc and want to go see the inauguration with me?1[View]
24807697AnonymousStraight guy edging. Can I ask for help? Kik Nalfarrion1[View]
24806742AnonymousSome randoms on /fit/ think this is an erection, so I'm making this thread to prove otherwise s…37[View]
24787590Anonymous/shg/ thread FEMALES ONLY no mtfs or traps >>NO CONTACTFAGGING<<…215[View]
24802313AnonymousRate 0-1045[View]
24789327AnonymousCurious to know if femanons like muscular guys with some bit of fat (Big Guys) or ottermode?70[View]
24804769AnonymousTruth or Dare Dirty !34[View]
24806425AnonymousLet's keep a fit thread going >age/sex/location >What you're working on >What are…7[View]
24806304AnonymousLooking to start a local area kik hook up spot, put age, and stats and location I'll start 29/…2[View]
24803899AnonymousIn honor of our PEEOTUS: Pee thread! /Gender binary edition/ Feel free to share questions, stories, …42[View]
24807085AnonymousDelaware thread. M/19/bi here0[View]
24806164AnonymousFriendly reminder that /soc/ is a european board and the rest of you mongrels don't belong here…6[View]
24782895AnonymousNew horny weeb thread because the last one just got archived! Post the following: >Kinks >Anim…137[View]
24806900AnonymousPost NC nudes and locations1[View]
24805921Anonymous21/F here Bored and recently depressed due to getting dumped on the phone Somebody keep me company…12[View]
24772510AnonymousLesbian contact thread Reopening it since some people posted but it ended up archived. Use the threa…84[View]
24806512AnonymousFemale kik trade. Post : Kik Age Interest Looking for1[View]
24799520AnonymousRate my cock: 1-10 Kik me: leeosworth9842[View]
24781989AnonymousFuck it....? New Rate thread!! ~legoo I'm in the glasses but go head and r8 both of usss366[View]
24805929AnonymousCan we have a thread were females rate guys cocks? Only rule- All pics need to be timestamped9[View]
24793450AnonymousNew England Thread! You know how it goes: >19/m/860 Looking to go on a date with a girl or just …34[View]
24806509AnonymousMn Hook up Thread. Age:24 Location:Nw metro/Elk River 7.5 Inch Cock, 5.5 Girth. Trimmed. Pro kinky a…0[View]
24801820Anonymous/BRA THREAD/ All bras are welcome Post ITT females only! Are you new? Timestamp please10[View]
24805983AnonymousWhat about a /guess ethnicity/heritage/ thread? Post your face and guess the ethnic background of ot…1[View]
24806132AnonymousAnatomy rate thread.0[View]
24805032Anonymousgetting high and jerking off on cam , drop your skype/snaps here4[View]
24805902AnonymousClean thread. Any girls into programming? Add me on Skype, so we can exchange ideas or simply talk :…2[View]
24805281AnonymousI tried to initiate a music related Snapchat thread in /mu/ but they yelled at me and told me to go …5[View]
24805735Anonymousfaggot who loves cock add me snap: cdjjsousa1[View]
24805720Anonymoussay your sc name gender and sexual oreantation adamski1.2 guy straight4[View]
24802550AnonymousMeetup Thread? Not banking on much luck but post it anons.3[View]
24805312Anonymouswe all know girth is more important than length but what is the minimum, ideal, and maximum cock gir…2[View]
24798592AnonymousMO hookup/meetup/kik thread. y'all know the drill16[View]
24795361AnonymousHey guys looking to find an attractive girl that would like to take my virginity. I've had it t…74[View]
24805772AnonymousRole: Bottom location: London Kik: jmooreshane3[View]
24799655Anonymous19/F/USA Looking for a daddy. Kik: spookydemongirl23[View]
24805612Anonymoushttps://discord.gg/sDHTBP5 Yes, its time for a discord thread!3[View]
24805495AnonymousRate my mechanical pencil. I have atrocious handwriting. 0.4mm lead.2[View]
24805555AnonymousMale feet thread. Kik me at cumonmyboyfeet0[View]
24805527AnonymousHello ladies and gents. Just wanted you lovely people know that there is a discord server out there …0[View]
24802806Anonymoussex toy thread. you got a toy, lets see you use it.2[View]
24805475Anonymous/tsp/ Timestamps pics only! It doesnt have to be a naked pic, just post a timestamped picture of you…0[View]
24803789AnonymousPost kik ids for chat M 18 US JJones6761[View]
24802193AnonymousFirst person 2 cum tribute me I'll be your slave for a week, no limits!! Let me see some cum :354[View]
24805431AnonymousLesbian bi experimental thread Girl's post your Kik if you like other girls or want to experime…1[View]
24783862AnonymousFlorida thread?104[View]
24802774AnonymousHey... big bear here. Anyone looking to fuck this tight little ass tonight? Skype is joshstelzz, FB …1[View]
24801394Anonymousnew sexual assumption thread 1. Sexual fetish? 2. number of sexual partners? 3. Threesome? 2 girls …73[View]
24802884Anonymous18/m Willing to do just about anything.1[View]
24800079AnonymousOh no women! You've spilt something on your clothes - better take them off and show us what you…25[View]
24802913AnonymousKik me! 22/f/dk chbjha4[View]
24785800AnonymousWashington state thread Let's see if this lasts more than 50 posts edition75[View]
24804683AnonymousMake assumptions about people based off of their bedrooms.12[View]
24805142Anonymousrate and guess my nationality1[View]
24805153Anonymous20y M. Fit. 540 area. Looking to cheat on my girl. Any help?0[View]
24777396AnonymousIDEAL MATE THREAD him >open, natural and spontaneous; doesn't hesitate to go for what he wan…219[View]
24805080AnonymousUnique/weird bodies thread? Anything from a third nipple to an amputated limb. Staring the group off…2[View]
24803104Anonymoushello anons i need help finding a site or app for meeting people and possible fucking i haven't…6[View]
24805010AnonymousUK kik hookup group...let's hear you...get the fuck in here!2[View]
24804524Anonymousshow a pic of you how only your hair is covering your boobs.4[View]
24804894AnonymousAsk a former /soc/ialite who now has a girlfriend anything. Pic related, it's my nip1[View]
24793548AnonymousArizona Thread M/20 North Phoenix kik: OswaldMosleyOfficial31[View]
24803302AnonymousDo you love to suck and swallow a big cock? I am 21/m/Belgium looking for cocksucking sluts I prefer…1[View]
24769682AnonymousSoft penis ratings go go go!369[View]
24804655AnonymousI'm a 24 y/o alcoholic who just relapsed. I'm bored as tits. Talk to me on skype. Up for a…0[View]
24804131Anonymousmale/female ass rate thread5[View]
24804108AnonymousHow about a NorCal/soc/ meet up thread Where yall at Alameda M/212[View]
24801486AnonymousCircumsized dick rate thread?20[View]
24798331AnonymousDick rate thread88[View]
24801591AnonymousNorth Carolina Meet Up and Chat Thread! Post your area code and what you're liking for! I'…3[View]
24801596AnonymousHow come there's never a Maryland thread? 31/M/3019[View]
24799944AnonymousJerk off Party kik group Share fap material etc I'll be manually adding people for a bit if you…60[View]
24791614AnonymousRate + compliment thread.100[View]
24804530AnonymousNow that kik has a vid group chat how about a circle jerk/dick rate group? I'm gonna let the gr…0[View]
24804503AnonymousJe tu kaki slovenc/ka? Spol Zveza Leta Kik ;)0[View]
24797648AnonymousNew Body Rate Thread. Other one is old and stale.39[View]
24785152AnonymousStarting a general perversion group on kik pnp, edging, jerking, pic share, incest, taboo, story swa…114[View]
24743516AnonymousVirgin Meetup Thread This a thread for virgins to meet with other virgins to lose it to, or fuck som…372[View]
24800071AnonymousNew rate thread, old ones are full and dying81[View]
24789783Anonymous30+ thread >Everyone is a newfag54[View]
24797295AnonymousHey, I was wondering if you guys could rate the two in this picture? Or just wondering if you though…26[View]
24795414AnonymousNew rate thread393[View]
24769907AnonymousCHUBBY THREAD!! Females only. Timestamp if new. NO contactfagging518[View]
24802467AnonymousHey soc, just got done with a workout and am about to shower. Who wants to see what's under the…65[View]
24803500AnonymousOi I need followers I know it's a meme account but I really neeeeed followers please7[View]
24803468Anonymoushttps://join.skype.com/BbNuwd1X522h Join our skype its a birthday party0[View]
24802810AnonymousITT post your Kik username if you are willing to receive caption requests from randoms. Captioner: …1[View]
24803297AnonymousMeetup in this amazing WhatsApp group to talk about gender issues and Sam Hyde. https://chat.whatsap…0[View]
24774864AnonymousQT infograph thread i think the other one died because the OP used a dumb title149[View]
24802992AnonymousSlut thread. Females only. I only have one survey question for you: What has been your most exciting…3[View]
24802703Anonymousprofile pic rathe thread give compliments and criticisms , what makes a good/bad profile pic4[View]
24801768AnonymousBored and horny at work. Had some fun with this the other day, so thought I'd try again. Post y…21[View]
24802417AnonymousTwitter thread? I just got one again and need some followers. Will follow back~ https://twitter.c…0[View]
24802230AnonymousIf you wanna swap some porn pics/dick pics. This is the thread for you. Kik me - SteZombie93 My kink…0[View]
24802026AnonymousLooking for any Ladies or guys that want to share their ladies that would like to Contribute to my I…1[View]
24801865Anonymoushttps://discord.gg/h3xrqh8 Join us! Discuss how you can master not only your body but also your mind…11[View]
24800582AnonymousPost your titts ladies, its titty tuesday.7[View]
24800805AnonymousBf applications wanted. looking for something real. Facial hair is a real plus. 21m slim.1[View]
24801980AnonymousI'm fucking horny. Add me on sc: jan.t50[View]
24788020AnonymousPost your non-explicit nudes! Let's see if this board is capable of this. Let's avoid seei…38[View]
24749983AnonymousNew Snapchat thread Post usernames below and what u want Mine: Sc: aaavvvviiii Prefer females heavil…507[View]
24801847AnonymousBecause can0[View]
24801356Anonymouslooking for a girl to watch porn with on rabb.it 19/m/usa please have a cam to prove that youre rea…11[View]
24796691Anonymousrate me/1028[View]
24801749Anonymoustinychat thread, lets make a tinychat and hang out guysss0[View]
24797484AnonymousSo, different kind of thread, for fitness people! >Age/Sex/Location >Sports/Fitness Routine/Gy…14[View]
24792282AnonymousHaven't seen one in a while so let's try to get one going. POST TIMESTAMPS OR YOU WILL BE …42[View]
24798749AnonymousHow do I look ?35[View]
24801318AnonymousIs my dick too small to please a woman? I just measured it and it's about 5'7 ish in length but…25[View]
24793705AnonymousRate my dick52[View]
24778482AnonymousBoyfriend Recruitment Thread: Alright, I have decided not to be single anymore. Post your personal s…444[View]
24801540AnonymousHer Kik is trending now, a bit of a prostitute. Bitchy, obnoxious, and loud.1[View]
24773805AnonymousAny Androgynous people around here?154[View]
24785573AnonymousGeneral female watersports thread no contactfagging56[View]
24789568AnonymousMasturbation thread answer any questions you like >gender? >ethnicity? >country? >sexual…100[View]
24795761AnonymousSoft dick rate thread32[View]
24761723AnonymousOriginal thread is about to die at 490 so this is the replacement/clone. /mchub/ - Husky/Chubby/Big …286[View]
24801259AnonymousKik:kelcontr Looking for a adult female 20+ (only females can contact me) or milf to chat about anyt…0[View]
24800909AnonymousI used to be on greeting cards as a kid. Could I model again? I need money and i used to do it for f…2[View]
24801048AnonymousPlease do you're worst. If you would fuck me though I have more.. or whatever.0[View]
24793916AnonymousIts been a long time since I've seen a sexy mouth thread. lets see your hot dick sucking lips g…19[View]
24799747AnonymousI can have a guy here in probably 30 minutes to do sexytimes with. I think I'm Bi:Cuerious but …10[View]
24800996AnonymousCome one come all!0[View]
24790603AnonymousPA Meet up thread? 570 here, 420 friendly and down for anything44[View]
24800653Anonymousbf applications: i dont see my self worth unless im in a relationship. im a cute girl and want to be…86[View]
24799256AnonymousBBC on fit guys thread. Get in here. How many of you are there? im a fit young white guy who wants t…2[View]
24800516AnonymousCan we have a hips thread?6[View]
24800939AnonymousHey! I'm 18 m with a big underwear fetish. I want find somebody who can send me new or used und…0[View]
24763522Anonymous/slut/ females only >Age: >Race: >Location: >Relationship status: >How old when lost …487[View]
24800892AnonymousDidnt see a North Carolina thread... hopefully this goes somewhere. Preferably 336 area code0[View]
24800029AnonymousCan you tell whats not so attractive about me and what i should change and can you also rate me?13[View]
24798894AnonymousWhite female for asian male thread 30/f here19[View]
24800756AnonymousNew butt rate,rate this PAWG ANONS4[View]
24794199AnonymousAssumptions thread52[View]
24788487AnonymousNew rate thread~311[View]
24800553AnonymousScandinavians kik, subject: anything M26, tobbotobb0[View]
24799838Anonymoussmegma THREAD>15[View]
24800470AnonymousLooking for a clean group? Look no further. Were here to shitpost and just hang out. Come join the s…0[View]
24799217AnonymousIs this dick good dick3[View]
24797218AnonymousFeels thread. If anyone want to cheer me up/talk to me, id appreciate it. >3 days ago >came ho…43[View]
24798066AnonymousHaving fryed baloney and mayo sandwiches for dinner. What's /soc/ having?10[View]
24799067Anonymousis POF and OKC really the only good free dating sites?13[View]
24800050AnonymousJust bored, looking for some company and a good conversation. My kik is Asuma220[View]
24800019AnonymousThis worg hour, ask me anything you may want. tinychat worggg0[View]
24800009AnonymousJust looking for some fun. 24m GA. Pic4pic. Straight, but interested in mtf.0[View]
24799369AnonymousInnocent but naughty girl thread? Snap: brooklynbull99 Gives bomb head and takes cum in her ass Post…2[View]
24799373AnonymousAnyone looking to talk me to sleep tonight? Phone numbers only pls1[View]
24798499Anonymouswanna rate me? :)7[View]
24785641AnonymousNEW GAY SNAPCHAT THREAD! >post snapchat name, asl, and what you're looking for! cswan0 20 m …58[View]
24798928AnonymousI can't stop crying and I have nobody to talk to Please somebody message me My snapchat is hey…13[View]
24799844Anonymousanyone in seattle?>? kik me jamesolof 22/m/ im bored :31[View]
24799471Anonymous>How would you fuck me? These are some of my fave. I'll start.13[View]
24700329Anonymous/feet/ - Female Feet Thread >females only >timestamp if new >NO contactfagging From: >…499[View]
24799827AnonymousFeet thread. Also washington state meet up. Looking for traps to experiment with.0[View]
24795234AnonymousSo, anyone near Mobile/ Theodore up to grab a beer this week? Oh and btw Alabama thread.19[View]
24797699AnonymousI'm bored. I want to rate people's cocks as long as you rate mine.1[View]
24798478Anonymous25/M/US I have a tiny cock and I want to get humiliated by a hung stud. I'll do anything for a …6[View]
24797375AnonymousProve this image wrong. Protip: You probably can, you're smart.6[View]
24797033Anonymous22 Year old dude - pretty big/chubby Looking to chat with bigger girls, maybe skype see how it goes.…9[View]
24796144AnonymousNew rate thread Rate everyone that posted before you CHALLENGE MODE: post your Kik along with your p…42[View]
24797864AnonymousIdaho General. Post your age, gender, sexual preference, city, and contact info. And post a bit abou…10[View]
24795859AnonymousOkay so I'm just going to explain this first and then ask a question I was talking to this girl…4[View]
24798441AnonymousHi :)27[View]
24782445AnonymousExhibitionist/Voyeurism thread. Anyone else here an exhibitionist who just loves being watched even …115[View]
24797964AnonymousNew rate thread79[View]
24799354AnonymousY'all wanna get your cocks rated but not rate cocks in turn? Fine, I'll make my own thread…5[View]
24789751Anonymous>Location >Age >Gender >Orientation >Contact info >What are you looking for?…26[View]
24780657Anonymous/sbt/ - Small Breast Thread >Females only. >Timestamp if new. >NO contactfagging Previous t…554[View]
24799230AnonymousAussie kik thread. Add sydm4fun861[View]
24797247AnonymousAnyone here from Ireland? 21 M here6[View]
24797634AnonymousDoes anyone know what happened to zune-chan ? why she doesnt post anymore or if she did post recentl…3[View]
24795823AnonymousWhy are there so many rate me post here?24[View]
24798984AnonymousNH thread. Where's everyone located? Derry here.1[View]
24797979AnonymousLet's get a MN thread going. Sex/Age/Location and maybe what your looking for etc. Male, 24, El…11[View]
24793918Anonymous19F SB 8059807615 hmu ya girl needs a daddy and some friends13[View]
24798864AnonymousLDR discussion kik group In a long distance relationship? Join us and talk about your ups and downs,…0[View]
24794692Anonymousactually im selecting a few members on this site for my Free live sexy cam show.., would you be inte…5[View]
24793979AnonymousREACTION THREAD you give me a scenario. I react to it. pic related - my finest work.74[View]
24798367AnonymousSwede thread, looking for someone to night chat with.. and maybe other things. M26, kik tobbotobb1[View]
24797987AnonymousRate it please! 7.2 x 67[View]
24798568AnonymousWe currently have a few spots open in <> on Wheels. General chat about everything. Please do j…1[View]
24797329AnonymousDrawthread I challange you /soc/ I bet you can't draw this photo? Prove me wrong! GO!!2[View]
24789597AnonymousDick rate258[View]
24798218AnonymousLooking for fun, RP and pics. Send to receive. Call or text me anytime. ;) 57one, 24two, 69Otwo, bot…0[View]
24796503AnonymousNew Jersey thread. You know, in the off chance that there's a person from here...9[View]
24798178AnonymousKik Group chat clean or dirty doesn't matter. Mostly social chat for people from EDMONTON YEG 7…0[View]
24798131AnonymousUtah meet-up thread: City Age Gender Sexual orientation What are you looking for?1[View]
24798130AnonymousHey guys! Im really horny and kinky add me on snapchat :D snap = estrella_witch2[View]
24796733AnonymousTime for a new fantasy thread! assign roles and a short history to others put to everyone in the sam…6[View]
24784886AnonymousWhat's your most unattractive quality?187[View]
24795136AnonymousFantasy assumptions thread, I'm pretty sure they're my favorite type here. You just post …44[View]
24797687Anonymous: Hey! 18 m here. I love underwears and bulges. I want have somebody who can send me (via postal) un…0[View]
24794786Anonymousif your into anything kinky you need to be in this group chat. Message on kik: artoftheproblem1 to g…4[View]
24797678AnonymousWhere is the Texas thread at. Texas meet smash and pass thread.0[View]
24796383AnonymousAnyone from Holland?4[View]
24770837AnonymousDirty snapchat thread? Dirty snapchat thread! Jonnysan12/m/22, guys or girls, whatever will send bac…353[View]
24792155Anonymous18 year old trap here~ looking for some guys and girls to play with. I'm very bored and would l…10[View]
24794357AnonymousSick of all the cocks and all the rate threads. . . . Can we get a face swap thread?? Everyone post…8[View]
24796856AnonymousInstagram thread? Some of you probably have an account so post what you post here and find some inte…2[View]
24797439AnonymousLately I've felt like I can understand everyone around me. I've always been good at helpin…0[View]
24787963AnonymousI'm a male 20yr old virgin. Live in the UK, Cheltenham. Any women wanna take my virginity? My c…62[View]
24794649Anonymousyeah yeah i'm ugly i'm fat i've heard it all before anyway my kik is faerietaledreams…10[View]
24797381AnonymousIowa thread! Not all of us grow corn ya know. > 19/m/500 - Des Moines, Ankeny area Looking for…0[View]
24796577AnonymousLooking for a hung guy to jerk off with and share pics of chicks with. 25/M/US Kik: pierrelongdong P…1[View]
24796723AnonymousHey guys /soc/ said I'm a 8.5/10 and my mom says i'm hot for my age (no incest though that…6[View]
24767506AnonymousAnyone in munich?137[View]
24793419AnonymousYou like this? Pa can have it. post some beautiful cock here.25[View]
24794957AnonymousGeneral craigslist thread. Any winners, specifically with guys seeking girls? Howd you do it, any ti…24[View]
24796701AnonymousFemanon here. Wondering if anyone has advice vis-a-vis where i could best sell pics, vids, phone sex…6[View]
24796090AnonymousRate her! And hit her up on Kik! MeltingMarshmellows3[View]
24790896Anonymousdo you have kik and wanna earn some money? im 22 year old with my own business... and love the have…12[View]
24785563AnonymousBody r8 thread74[View]
24796308AnonymousKik sexykaela for hot pics and vids3[View]
24794850AnonymousGreat State of Texas. You know what it is, drop contact/basic info and what your lookin for. Kik: …9[View]
24796687AnonymousItaly meetup!0[View]
24791068Anonymousmale/female thigh gap thread15[View]
24792660AnonymousBerlin meetup3[View]
24796535Anonymoustips on how to pick up a gf? been struggling for 8-9 years.. any pointers on how i can improve?1[View]
24795297AnonymousRate me7[View]
24795126AnonymousAustralians assemble! How's your new year been so far? As usual, post your postcode and some ot…27[View]
24772383AnonymousGo for it!546[View]
24792051AnonymousEurope meetups and soc stuff USA fags need not apply See if you can find people from your countries/…21[View]
24787685AnonymousThere always must be an assumption thread123[View]
24790862AnonymousNew Assume nationality thread99[View]
24796151AnonymousTrying to sell my nudes but need a good place to do so. I mean hell I've got a PayPal if you…9[View]
24796282AnonymousKik sexykaela for good times and sexy pics0[View]
24796053Anonymoushttps://discord.gg/VPrquZm Need grills and nudes.3[View]
24780067AnonymousNew trap/cd/trans thread!530[View]
24796069AnonymousOkay lets start a woman body rates thread2[View]
24786047AnonymousRate me! I'm a slutty trap that just turned 20 and I'm always horny for big cocks.119[View]
24793481AnonymousBLACKMAIL thread. My ex boyfriend cheated on me so here's his little dick nudes. His kik is faz…9[View]
24795174Anonymouslooking for real girls to cuck my sissy ass. i want them to belittle me and tell me how small my dic…10[View]
24795698AnonymousHow do I improve myself so I become more attractive5[View]
24792328AnonymousHey /soc/ where do i find real moms/milfs?13[View]
24794124AnonymousAsk a guy who just got out of a (seemingly) promising relationship anything Will post selfies if you…3[View]
24795652Anonymoussup melbfags 3070 here bored as fuck anyone want to meet up?0[View]
24795585AnonymousIt's a random kik group please post asl too0[View]
24793945Anonymous>San Diego, CA Where can I find some black roofing tar..?11[View]
24794240Anonymoushey /soc/ i was crossdressing and decided to take a pic rate my ass6[View]
24794424Anonymousany chilean buds to meet up? photo related cuz this country sucks so do i48[View]
24795020AnonymousFlorida kik thread you know what to do!2[View]
24794935Anonymous> I love cameltoes I can't be the only guy or GIRL here that notices this shit. > If you…0[View]
24794725Anonymousshould i cut my hair? also rate2[View]
24793847Anonymouscum masturbate away ur existential angst with ur boyz we promise good times https://join.skype.com/E…5[View]
24793366AnonymousRate my cock :^)2[View]
24794355AnonymousOmegle thread! Put /soc/ in interests!5[View]
24792953AnonymousNeed hairstyle recommendations. I'm in dire need of a haircut but I don't know what sort o…8[View]

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