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No. Excerpt
27953220Sexy beast[View]
27873939Canada Thread Chill out with the political bullshit. Just post your ASL or whatever. Promote your Di…[View]
27953380nO Man's Content. The worst server on the internet. https://discord.gg/38ZYkx Version.17 We …[View]
27953663come join friend !!!!! new little house made just for you to come and talk in 9YWyn3f[View]
27953596Anybody going to Fanexpo Canada this year? I'm thinking of buying tickets but I have nobody to …[View]
27945281Beards I guess. I'm bored, let's all be friends.[View]
27952340>kik >a/s/l >what you think the most normie thing about you is…[View]
2795349819M Elyria, Ohio looking for a no morals guy to fuck and use me there are are no limits but your own…[View]
27953466Please take my nude pics and spread them so I can never get them back. Kik cuckiecon1[View]
27951604>'why yes, my only counter argument is to tell the other person to have sex and call them an ince…[View]
27953016c l e a n ꋊ c a r n a l A small 18+ community trying to gather all depressed degenerates, and filthy…[View]
27953342Quebec thread Age Gender City/town[View]
27952757Needing help finding worthwhile places to meet girls. Looking to anyone for some help. I live in a t…[View]
27946996Fresh dirty kik thread 19/f/ch lookin for sugar daddies and dirty stuff :) kik: selenitegirls[View]
2795237130/m/Augusta/bi/8” cut[View]
27952116rate my pic. Just turned 18.[View]
27953140Anyone from Kawartha Lakes down to Tronto Ontario. Just wanna say hi if there any home town homies h…[View]
27952942join us YzPKg2A[View]
27950220MD/Maryland Thread Let us hopefully meet new friends and meet up.[View]
27852782/fft/ - Female Feet Thread >Females only // Timestamp if new >Nudity encouraged but not requir…[View]
27951167DRUNK MEH THREAD nothing special just meh[View]
27949929Hey /soc/, how does a young & sickly-looking, 5'4, 20 year old boy find a mommy gf?[View]
27952973any1 wanna watch me cum on skype?[View]
27952904im looking for any dark web drug sites, UK delivery[View]
27946640Looking to find my friend a boyfriend. You must fit these requirements for her: shy gamer neet or re…[View]
27948237Hey i want to talk with sweden people. On snap or insta :) Say your age and sexe :)[View]
27952705i falllennn i fucking hate everything https://discord.gg/TvYhxZ3[View]
27952675Are you from Pennsylvania? Are you looking for a mate online because there isn't shit to do in …[View]
27952657Just anothe i am horny thread, post a pic, kik adress, maybe prefferances and good luck, kik Kifre1[View]
27952609Archive servers got nuked remade join back here https://discord.gg/XKryAJB[View]
27947627rate me please[View]
27952436Asian M/21 Maryland Looking for F to host[View]
27952339Virtual master/slave contact thread. Feel free to post your ads. After the previous prospect flaked …[View]
27951198Hi I'm French man and to increase my English level I would like talk with people in snapchat pl…[View]
27952013>Look Francisco, homosexuals and orbiter collectors[View]
27951966>Me 1.80m >My dad 1.99m >My dad's dad 1.75m >My grandfather's father 1.97m …[View]
27949634Looking for a girl, or a cute skinny trap Soft in this pic btw Kik snackersman Snap snickersman324[View]
27948195From or near Vermont! Put kik,Snapchat, or discord below if your interested in sexy Vermont girls[View]
27951947Kik : georgiebabe95 I'll rate Rate Every dick receive Post below of you wanna do the same.[View]
27946032/SOC/ CRUSH BREAD! Got a crush on a CW or poster? Tell them here My crush is beard thread guy w/ the…[View]
27952077Weird and fucked up fetish/fantasy thread >Tell me your weirdest, most demented fantasy scenarios…[View]
27951727i think we are gonna get along so well cause i am open minded, don't hesitate to share with me …[View]
27951973Would you eat my hole?[View]
27952044Join our /cool/ server. We play Minecraft and other /cool/ games. https://discord.gg/3ttvvnB[View]
27952012Xxx snapchat: iambashbear[View]
27951950How bad would you say is this facial profile? General profile rating here[View]
27951924Modeling her dirty panties[View]
27948986Xxx snapchat: iambashbear[View]
27951894who here is going to Graspop this weekend? m/24[View]
2795143322 year old neet wants to get adopted kik jullytriplex[View]
27951116Do you think I would look good if I grew a proper mullet, shaved my beard and grew a moustache thick…[View]
27951793Anyone interested in humiliation or degradation? Hmu[View]
27951876Female kiks only[View]
27951139This kills the negro[View]
27950752Is there a glory hole in lincoln nebraska[View]
27951307im so tired of being alone, i just want a fren who can play some vidya like pokemon and normiewatch.…[View]
27950543Ask a bored black guy anything[View]
27951771>ASL 20, asian male, east coast USA >Interests Politics, philosophy, gaming, fashion (mostly s…[View]
27951570pls rate, Its cold here and im feeling not so fresh[View]
27951175Is it possible to get a husband who looks like this, is 185-190 cm tall and listens to extreme metal…[View]
27949682I'm from the dallas area and I'm really horny, never sucked a dick but wanna change that t…[View]
27951680I'm so alone and just need somebody to talk to this is my kik[View]
27950671Is this a good pic for online dating or am I trying too hard?[View]
27950073How would you rate this guy?[View]
27951585Welcome to shaggin waggon, a chill server with loads of nsfw memes, shitposts and girls https://disc…[View]
27951573Looking for highlemonsss from chaturbate links pics vids anything and a shitload of it if u have ree…[View]
27949112Seriously. Where is regret. Is she dead?[View]
27946460Dirty Discord Thread! >Asl >Lil bit about you >Dom/sub etc >Kinks >Looking for >No…[View]
27947370Rate me: 29mtx Into m, f trans Kik dogen42[View]
27950692I lost a fight /soc, so I’m sure my haters will enjoy to know that I had to get 6 stitches and my or…[View]
27951386My First Time Cumming With Daddy Listen to use fuck DD/lg, age play, incest, forced blow job, hard f…[View]
27948140SOUTH CAROLINA South Carolina thread... kik preferred[View]
27951201VEGAN DISCORD come little green peeps https://discord.gg/9KUmysy[View]
27950119c l e a n ꋊ c a r n a l A small 18+ community trying to gather all depressed degenerates, and filthy…[View]
2794949218M Rate me and let me know what you’d want to do! Might post more pics if you say the right things …[View]
27951040Rank these guys in order of attractiveness.[View]
27951019https://discord.gg/ysZGMK6 really fun community server where there isnt no main topic, just chat and…[View]
27949665For those who have big black cocks and want to compare, or for those who just like to watch Sirlegen…[View]
27929146Gay Kik Thread Post them bellow[View]
27950871I’m looking for other guys who comb their ass hairs with their fingers until they smell like peanuts…[View]
27949723Should I shave? I'm afraid to look like a baby face again and I'm worried it will make my …[View]
27950682Let’s trade links, or talk about them. 23 m bi. Into EVERYTHING literally[View]
27949044Rate my body transformation please. Personally I say 4 > 3 > 1 > 2[View]
27948329Bi-29 yr old drummer in a band here with a nice pair of size 11 feet looking to sell my sweaty worn …[View]
27941532Minnesota Meetup Thread. M/20/651 Looking for a blowjob from a clean partner, preferably close to m…[View]
27948733Imagine you are heading home after a long day. What awaits you at home? An abusive family? A shitty …[View]
27950385My woman is a lot older than I, at least 20 years. Mature latina, busty, pretty, attractive, sexy. …[View]
27949011roast me[View]
27913069[Genderless Discord Bread] Like most other discord breads, except you don't post your gender/se…[View]
27949772Are shiny cocks thread a thing?[View]
27947910>tfw you will never find an artsy bf/gf who will let you pose naked for them so they can draw you…[View]
27948611Clean New York thread pls no lewd posters. I’ll start >asl 20/m/914 >interests japan, aviati…[View]
27950104My pussy is waiting for just Hit me on KiK jessicababy[View]
27949985Pretty scale thread! Post your score and compare with other anons. I'll start. www.prettyscale.…[View]
27946798In Grand Junction Colorado for the next week from Texas? Any geeks or freaks out here? Post your sna…[View]
27950031Cam & chat[View]
27945661OFFICIAL Tuesday rate[View]
27948393rate me thread[View]
27948646I'm looking for a normie (preferably british) who knows how to talk well and can teach me over …[View]
27949882Guys add me on kik : @Ingridxtv9 for some fun. I will make you cum over my nudes and do sexting the…[View]
27949816How can I find an English-speaking (or writing) Russian e-bf, hopefully older guy because I am a 40 …[View]
27949505MBTI thread? MBTI thread >ASL >MBTI personality >Interests >Text/Voice? >Looking for …[View]
27949657/UNDERWATER/- join if you're interested in- >anime >vidya >comics >making new frien…[View]
27949356Do I have a reason to stay here?[View]
27949340Any other Cross Dressers in Charlotte NC? Not daddys, not hairy old faggots just a cd to chill with,…[View]
27948390Turning 29 tomorrow, starting to feel old now. However is this the perfect time to start working on …[View]
27949317anybody wanna get on discord and play skribbl?[View]
27947410why is /soc/ so fucking gay what happened to all the females is the /soc/ women to men ration 100:1 …[View]
27939609Who wants more of these Vermont girls! Put kik below[View]
27949183I am a worthless and pathetic slut. please, insult and degrade me. The crueler you are to me the bet…[View]
27949146Name's Brian, 18M. I'm a submissive gay waiting for dominant men to call me and talk dirty…[View]
27948690are there any decent apps/sites for hook-ups in the UK?[View]
27948957I'm making a discord for a few things. To meet new people, to show off nudes and just find more…[View]
27949071Who wants to be my sissy/trap/trans/femanon bitch[View]
27947485Psychology experiment on /soc: What is the first thing you notice when looking at this picture?[View]
27948914Kik: fuyde[View]
27948745*New* anonymous boob rate thread Girls post boobs, anons rate honestly but civilly, no big deal[View]
27948260I'll send my nude pics to anyone who wants to expose me more online. Kik cuckiecon1[View]
27948007Whats with all the discord invites? What goes on in these discords? How much can people really talk …[View]
27948663tits begging to be fucked[View]
27942810What would you rate me? Good or meh? Post yourself if you want and I rate you[View]
279423451.your age 2.your gender 3. How many sexual partners you've had >24 >m >72…[View]
27946893Is church a good place to meet chicks? I have several churches close to my house, I'm thinking …[View]
27948696Rate me. Dark blue eyes. Should I keep the beard or not?[View]
27945432badass discord, needs more badasses and cool guys to fight lethal tranny epidemic YzPKg2A take up ar…[View]
27941647Ausfag thread race to page 10 edition post asl, your IQ, and your interests and try to mingle with o…[View]
27936444Either post your dick or smash/pass someone else's. No selfies, no debating.[View]
27948011Should I shave my leg?[View]
27948608>clear your browser history and cache >it removes your filter list >suddenly faggots faggot…[View]
27948595me i will make a deal khhiiiiiiiiiiiiik me @ FrancesGimenez00[View]
27944059Are there any wife material girls left on /soc/?[View]
27947906Rate me?[View]
27948487im going to be on for a while im 21 m very horny only want kinky fun people wanting to see how dirty…[View]
27947035Oklahoma meet up thread. Age, sex, orientation, and pic[View]
27948508Who else is fucking around at work?[View]
27948445im going to be on for a while im 21 m very horny only want kinky fun people wanting to see how dirty…[View]
27944198Male Camrose Alberta.. anyone close by? I like it all.[View]
27946818Looking for girls from berlin[View]
27933030Mother fuckin chart thread[View]
27942500Missouri friends/hook up/whatever thread Post your A/S/L & contact info and let's get thing…[View]
27947798i wish i had a yandere girlfriend any yandere girls on /soc/?[View]
27948197EPIC Politics Roles for Nazis, Commies and everything in between. https://discord.gg/sWmNv4s[View]
27938364come to the kickback! a comfy space looking for comfy members to grow a comfy community to talk abou…[View]
27945927Black bbw in Illinois Looking for hung, white kik buddies inorite is my kik[View]
27948151I have no friends and want friends anyone in OC?[View]
27944267c l e a n ꋊ c a r n a l A very small 18+ community trying to gather all depressed degenerates, and f…[View]
2794803129m bi sub Messing around on chaturbate. Anyone wanna hang out? Username is dogencb[View]
27948054I have not seen an Indiana thread at all so here’s one. I’m m 18 in northwest Indiana looking for so…[View]
27947937Looking for petite fembois/traps to use on video chat. Please no fat or hairy. Kik ninshadow[View]
27947933Im not suicidal but I occasionally have to literally scream out at the top of my lungs in my isolati…[View]
27948000does anyone else like to screenshot/record pics of other guys cams/skypes/snapchats/Grindr messages/…[View]
27947767I hate living in irvine anyone else agree? Its so boring here[View]
27947959Can we get a clean snapchat thread? Or at least one that isn't just a bunch of horny guys looki…[View]
27937772California kik/meetup thread because why isn't there one? Post age, location, etc. and what you…[View]
27947861Anyone wants to see me playing? Skype: Arturostaza_1[View]
27934584New England meetup thread Meetups, hookups, hangouts, etc. Kik: johncrane32 In the Manchester area b…[View]
27947087Anyone in Orange County USA??[View]
27947758New Mexico thread/meet up. Probably one of the more boring states, so hopefully there are some on th…[View]
27947686Got a new haircut, how does it look. Post and rate.[View]
27946449Hey lads We're a comfy server of based folks. This is our virtual home. Remove your shoes befor…[View]
27947616https://discord.gg/ysZGMK6 are u in degens?[View]
27947575Starting up a comfy discord aimed towards robots and or cyborgs though anyone is free to join. I hop…[View]
27947395Ask me anything questions you like without limits I'll answer them all for some reason it gets …[View]
27947557https://discord.gg/XUJJqhv Our smalll discord, we keep it under 60 members and kick inactives/ peopl…[View]
27947523Join my kik group Join #makefriendsalways247 http://mollyadamson.com/shows.html come see me sometim…[View]
27946279Indiana trap/trans meet up thread Preferably looking for the Indianapolis area.[View]
27942213Sissy thread - who has a feminization fetish and wants a female to help them achieve it? Post your p…[View]
27940054New rate thread, you know what to do[View]
27947421So we have plenty of Discord servers for random chatting, but I see a lot of people on here who are …[View]
27944523Send me anything Kik - okaysave[View]
27944970Im looking for a girlfriend who is a friendless virgin i live near everett washington[View]
27943340Pennsylvania Thread... Well not really a thread. I just got into 814 on work and...really..is there …[View]
27947163rate me[View]
27945016Straight Guy recently cucked now looking to meet a random cock and get fucked in the mouth in London…[View]
27945388Are there any good dating apps outside of tinder? I feel like it's mostly boring normies but ot…[View]
27947091Am 20 male Looking for girls to talk dirty Im 192 cm tall Mascular My kik is baddreamer0000[View]
27946932Unbelievably bored right now .. hit me up about anything. And ive got a long night ahead of me. Kik …[View]
27925771No KDP post? Wtf? You know what to do. If you want pics drop your KiKs![View]
27945580Tattoo thread show us your tattoos or tattoos you'd like to get![View]
27945604Trying to start a Bay Area post to meet local people and I want other people 2 use it 2 Add me on sn…[View]
27946105Raceplay kik thread. 28, Black Man here looking for a submissive white girl who is up for me dominat…[View]
27945373Hi M from the bay Looking for pics from F Everybody type welcomed[View]
27946812Average thread. Post in this thread if you're right in that sweet spot of hot and not. Most of …[View]
27946856iambashbear add me[View]
27946663Kik twence11 First time she cheat this is what happened. She went to her brothers wedding had one of…[View]
27946746I trade db links or nudes pics Kik me at vyser15[View]
27946448Realistic angle, what are your thoughts, is it okay?[View]
2794435918, M, Ohio I'm straight. I'm just looking to mess around on kik with a girl. We can trade…[View]
27940670Fresh dirty kik thread 22/M/Bi lookin for milfs,chubby/softer girls,trans girls, traps/fembois kik:S…[View]
27946603How do you hire an escort in San Diego? I am visiting for a few days and want to get laid.[View]
27945471is there a chance anyone from my highschool is on here? do you recognize me? this is kind of mental …[View]
27946590Kik : @anime.thighs[View]
27934247SOUTH CAROLINA South Carolina thread... kik preferred[View]
27926631All other rate threads are dead, new rate and assume thread. 5 is average.[View]
27945428I wanna try something new. I'm down for some Role Play but I want to use the Sims 4 it. Basical…[View]
27937340Last one was archived >> ASL 20 / M / UK >> orientation Straight >> physical descr…[View]
27945374Looking for crazy, clingy egirls. No dudes, no dicks. Lets go![View]
27921448Age gap thread I like lurking these threads, and don't see one in the catalog, so post here! Ag…[View]
27946356Cam chat group[View]
27945326Don't mind me.[View]
27946280https://discord.gg/KhBJr6A LGBT/Femboy server with our own Tinder Monthly party (DM group video call…[View]
27943067Who wants to cream my face with his dick cream? Leave kiik[View]
27946042Wiltshire, UK Looking for locals for Saturday. Wife will be tied and blindfolded (pic related) and r…[View]
27946235Kik jeffrey817384 Add me if you’ll trade, girls preferred[View]
27944220I'll send my nude pics to anyone who wants to expose me more online. Kik cuckiecon1[View]
27914755New anonymous boob rate thread Girls post boobs, anons rate, no big deal[View]
27946045Girls with big tits please endow us[View]
27945138Hi guys I'm demi I posted a few days ago about sharing my rape experience in an attempt to get …[View]
27899703/Boob/ We like female breasts of all shapes and sizes >No contactfagging (requesting or posting c…[View]
27944192Pussy Rate Thread Fathers Day Edition. Oc Creampies Weclome![View]
27945882https://discord.gg/zftSQSh -Rules free -Everyone accepted -Frens -Wide range of channels+NSFW https:…[View]
27941751I desperately need a fwb/fuck in the Southern California area. Don’t care if a cute girl or trap/cd/…[View]
27935430Trap/femboy/trans Kik thread! Post your ASO and what you're looking for >23/m/bicurious …[View]
27945792Hi frens! It's the official rate my thread. Please rate, no bully.[View]
27945719I have an obsession with this politician what the fuck do i do he's so fucking hot i just want …[View]
27944698Post small and big labia and open and close pussy[View]
27944920Ok femanons, i'll be honest with you. I'm ugly and i've never had sex. I have a serie…[View]
27945631Welcome to shaggin waggon, a nsfw memes and shitpost Discord server with more other stuff https://d…[View]
27944599Ask me anything questions you like without limits I'll answer them all for some reason it gets …[View]
27938421Post your nips and breast only nips and breast[View]
27945282I'm an extremely horny 18 year old guy. Ive got big balls, a thick and long cock, and I'll…[View]
27945559I just turned 18! I need an older man to perv over my body and send me porn Kik me at sissyteens[View]
27943448Cockrate thread in here cause b is being retarded for the time being[View]
27945508Any femdoms up for a chat mayby tell me what panties to wear? Kik: shanedup1313[View]
27945472Dear ladies near Amsterdam, Due to a disorder I have (schizoid PD, schizophrenia and chronic depress…[View]
27944688Come see[View]
27936506New face rate thread. Leave a rating from A+ to F- and a comment if anything catches your eye[View]
27945292Come on, and join a new Discord server that made recently. It's a small place for all your lewd…[View]
279452631 - 10 go quick[View]
27943458Kinklist thread. >ASL >What are you looking for? >Contact info…[View]
27945254Imagine you are heading home after a long day. What awaits you at home? an abusive family? a shitty …[View]
27944867im socially inept and dont have any friends. so I have come to normalfag central to make them im in …[View]
27938064*** NEW RATE THREAD*** We dont use numbers in this thread as they can be very confusing and mean dif…[View]
27938922Post your kinks[View]
27945208Kot ID get[View]
27945051Spain thread cause fuck being a lonely cunt that can't meetup anyone. Post your kiks and shit. …[View]
27945041It's time to loose your virginity. Anyone that is a loser or robot type I want you to fuck me. …[View]
27944071Kik cuck and bull group If your a cuck or bull join our group and chat with the others. When you joi…[View]
27944933Pennsylvania thread! Priority is 717 area. Bonus points for Marysville, Duncannon and Enola pic rela…[View]
27941497Time for an AZ bread[View]
27944703How do you even use kik? I've been on /soc/ plenty of times for snapchat. But what happens when…[View]
27931523Attention whore I’m trans I hate my self, I hate my life, and I’d probably have killed myself by no…[View]
27941581Are you a bull? Or maybe you are a bored girl!? Come and join yo this new kik group The objective of…[View]
27943030ITT: post a selfie (nudity optional) and anons will guess your: >age ># of sex partners >fe…[View]
27944737Looking for F/or sissys, NO BEARDS, too suck my cock and play with. Looking for a regular. I can hos…[View]
27943492New group for older guys wanting to share pics with other guys, specifically from the age of 30+ See…[View]

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