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Displaying 265 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
26005303Its fucking alive dude, my previous mods fucked up the other fags server dont help the nigga out war…[View]
26005234Its that time of night again and you're sitting in your room getting ready to browse /soc/ for …[View]
26002853Male/Male Findom Looking for a guy to be a sub to. Looking for guys who are: >18-22 >straight …[View]
26004042Outside of this site.. is there a good place to get rated by women?[View]
26001834kik me@uglygirl119 for trading and nothing else if you do im blocking you see you on kik[View]
26003160Started new server to play arround with discord join https://discordapp.com/invite/Cs8RHyp[View]
26004995Help me & ill help you with whatever your sick reasons are, Leave contact info below.[View]
26003265MN hookup thread attractive 38/m/Minneapolis looking for females Kik: tcb667[View]
26003728r8 h8 or maybe even masterb8[View]
26004854DrunkDog Adria G. From Barcelona I can't help myself.. I want you all to see me...[View]
26001808Post yours the guess on others. Feel free to drop contact[View]
26004111be honest[View]
26004846XF45 CrEdit CaRDs[View]
26003342Iowa thread. 563 here.[View]
26000079Are there any French anons in the area of Nantes, France? Quite a lefty city in a quite lefty countr…[View]
26003703hi im a lonely girl and I want a daddy. do you want to be my daddy? I like sweet/dom daddies. only i…[View]
26003444Do we make an attractive couple?[View]
26003404fite me[View]
26002377UK Thread male / 25 / Hampshire Snapchat: chowton9233[View]
25984641what color are my eyes?[View]
26000902Guess age thread[View]
26004613Wwyd to me?[View]
26003551MBTI /soc/ general: >INTJ - Sperg >INTP - every fedorafag from high school >ENTJ - lovable…[View]
26001333r8 thread r8 anything I'll allow it[View]
26001341Since you guys are the most confident people I know and love taking pics, Ive been wondering if it…[View]
25986762Looking for internet waifu to talk to each day pretend we have some sort of close relationship but n…[View]
25999108Haven't been on here in time. Rate me.[View]
26003033soc male feet. Also asian anon who is owner of the feet on pic related. Please post more of your fee…[View]
26003421join my epic discord if you like weed and video games https://discord.gg/YutmwZa[View]
26001230Hi anon's, i've started up a discourd server. it's myself and a couple of my friends,…[View]
26002440The SSDSSS Network Join my shitty server for cool memes and chill with us.[View]
26004075Lewd Inc Come on in before we fill up, only about 30 spots open Scan the code or message HoudiniV2 R…[View]
26004023Brutally honest rate thread[View]
26002916How the fuck do I go about getting catfished? People complain about being catfished all the time. Bu…[View]
25998927so anons... I'm having sex in a couple of weeks and I'm curious if my dick will be good en…[View]
26003182Welcome to Foster’s Home For Social Rejects. A different experience in 4chan /soc/ discords, our ti…[View]
25999949Okay, I'm browsing craigslist because I'm a fucking loser, and posts with these random num…[View]
25996771I am 41 years old. I have a disability, I am legally blind, have depression, anxiety and OCD and can…[View]
26003698Rate my delicious body Plz.[View]
26000224Post your nipple[View]
26001442AMWF? in the market for cutie asian bf. where ya'll at?[View]
26002396Rate me fags[View]
26002956Rate my dick pls. Add me on kik for more. 21 M bi poui1234[View]
25999703Want to be part of a degenerate server that doesn't give a fuck about you unless you out yourse…[View]
25983111Never see these, so I'll make one. 5'7' and below post here.[View]
2599957140 year old virgin here..is there anyway I could get a 5/10 one day?[View]
26002665North Carolina thread[View]
25999517dear feemales, would u fuck if u knew i was autistic?[View]
26003347I was wondering if any one else has a fetish for women divided in pieces (pic related) but still ali…[View]
25995834I'm the ugliest PERSON on the Internet. SO UGLY people ban me after seeing my face. Death to ab…[View]
25988426~~Sonia's World~~ magical place for cute girls and bois, good memeing and comfy posting https:/…[View]
25998297Truth or dare kik thread Post ASL and orientation as well as kik address 19/m/uk bisexual Jennywil…[View]
26002216can I get a rate?[View]
26003158Post yourself as the ideal bf/gf using the template here I'll go first[View]
26002435tfw no reddit gf[View]
26001616how can I get a (preferably white or European) gf >Im currently studying philosophy in college (s…[View]
26001590What are my odds of finding a truly kinky girl? A girl with virtually no limits. Do they really exis…[View]
25999281Am I good looking socas?[View]
26001584Let’s look at pics of my cheating 45 year old milf slut wife. Not gay. Not bi. Do want to watch some…[View]
26001878give me bitcoin pls thnaks 1NVsoUWGMc4emQ52YK8UnktxhMSddCS7WJ[View]
25999241NEW SOCIALIZING SNAP THREAD. Males and females alike looking for more interesting snap stories and p…[View]
26003074https://discord.gg/tEhFWn Join us. Anyones welcome. Come make some new friends and chat.[View]
25975474TINDER THREAD 'Does this photo make me look like shit' edition >Post advice, questions, and prof…[View]
25981481New boy butt thread[View]
26001696sissy beta cuck looking for alpha males to humiliate me and make me send them pics of hot girls why …[View]
26003007Post arab cocks[View]
26002848R8 my little collage of dickpics pls. also cock collage or other collages thread.[View]
25989772Nude body rate thread. You know what to do.[View]
25988391Rate Thread: Flaccid & Erect edition.[View]
25998901Public nudity threat . Winter edition Rate if you want Are you up for the challenge ? :)[View]
26000190Rate me. I don't expect women to comment, but gay guys are fine too :) My skype id is subikluk2…[View]
25957648/fft/ - Female Feet Thread >Females only // Timestamp if new >Nudity encouraged but not requir…[View]
25998854any girl like stuff like this??[View]
26002162Long shot but a guy messaged me on Grindr while I was in Vancouver. Never met up but forgot to messa…[View]
25978157Discord friends thread. Current one is about to die. >ASL >Interests >What are you looking …[View]
2600088419 m2f trap dom looking for a sub Kik - lauraatt1[View]
25985682/ass/ - Female Ass Thread >Females only // Timestamp if new // No contactfagging >Butts are th…[View]
26001165Trading my drop box collections for urs. Kik lawngrower55[View]
26001343Im a guy looking to trade with a girl on kik Kik: randomfrog04[View]
25997377rate me plz k thx[View]
25988929Rate out of 10 or make fun of my pregnant gf[View]
26000946Pls rate me and be 100% honest[View]
25999041up to chat and shit[View]
25997379I'd love to see your feet, mine btw.[View]
25993556Am i white?[View]
25995290RATE WITH WORDS thread >ok let's go guys, i'll rate the next 10 of you I hope you…[View]
25996822Is my body attractive soc? (not turned on)[View]
26000023For anyone in london on the 16th of December, I'm a little virgin bitch that needs to be fucked…[View]
26001119This is me.[View]
25999408Male Underwear Thread Show your undies.[View]
25997933KIK WORSHIP BIG COCK THREAD post your kik with your age and sex and if you have a big cock or want t…[View]
25998755Eyes thread 2.0[View]
25999215I'm rich. I'm good looking. I'm man in his 20s. I want a girl to come live with me in…[View]
25999258rrate thread i have used lsd i am very very human i have usedlsd[View]
26000364What do girls think about guys like me who are aroused by smells? Like I REALLY love girls with smel…[View]
25999486im 25yo m from serbia virgin dying for a blowjob help meeee please :'([View]
26000701What's a good cam site for a male? I'm 26 and in shape and want to get started to make som…[View]
25998001hey /soc/ rate my butt plz? also general butt rate thread[View]
25999157who likes my ass?[View]
25904354/chub/ - Chubby Girls Thread NO CONTACTFAGGING (asking for or posting contact info). New? Please tim…[View]
26000471Full package rate male and female[View]
25984587New Dirty Kik Thread. Post ASL, What you want and dont want, 19/M/Uk Kik:LordGimp Send me anything a…[View]
26000013We created a new discord server to exchange spanish-english if someone want to join us i'll lea…[View]
2598648626 weeks pregnant, rate me[View]
25999903Belfast Thread 28/M/East Belfast Looking F But happy to chat![View]
25996436Today I did get up and I saw my face in the mirror, then I started to consider suicide, should I kil…[View]
25999826looking for skype friends. guys and ladies are welcome for anything. heres my username jrrrohrbach@g…[View]
25989674Caregivers and Littles Thread >A/S/L >Sexual orientation >Role (Little/Mommy/Daddy) >Abo…[View]
25999683Come here to this discord to see sexy people Here is the invite link to our server t5PS9Hr[View]
25999584Started new server to play arround with discord join https://discordapp.com/invite/Cs8RHyp[View]
25955176/sbt/ - Small Breast Thread >Females only // Timestamp if new // No contactfagging >Tits are t…[View]
25999411rate me[View]
25999005[]_[<>]dChan[<>]_[] Now, you may be wondering 'What is the purpose of this discord serve…[View]
25960920Ideal partner thread!: stop deleting we don't want soc people >Their gender >Their age …[View]
25999403snap: flow1234 kik: mala909 hot girls, easy to get to send nudes[View]
25999307If you're looking for a social and very active server. Look no futhere! There's no retarde…[View]
25999180snapchat drop- feel free to add me on snapchat and send me your dirty pictures :) my snap is: deadm…[View]
25999174INSTAGRAM THREAD follow: temporarygoddess And Add Your Instagram :)[View]
25999164Male here looking for a mistress or if a man is willing to pay then il do stuff then. Kik me at Char…[View]
25999092How would I go about finding a girl who would make out with me for money? I'm kind of in an awk…[View]
25998635Serious question where do I find girls who will ruin me for $$$[View]
25998896Im gping to fuck this girl in 30 mins. Kim sparttyfun66 for videos or pics[View]
25999036Kik: hazzledazzlefr , looking for vid and dblink trade ;-) <3[View]
25997599Kik cuck thread Any cucks want to share their girl with a hung dominant bull? Let’s talk on kik and …[View]
25992716Anyone from Georgia Tech? Georgia Thread[View]
25998891Lonely boy seeking a female, send me a message an email if your interested (Plz no catfish) I'm…[View]
25997354Looking for black men who are into teen slim white bitches to check out my gf and tell me if they wo…[View]
25996313Looking to cuck some willing people. I'm in south PA. Add me on kik: tribcumm I'll do faci…[View]
25998839Trading michigan amatuer sets and drop box. No males. Ex gf. Gf. Wife. Hookup. Kik sparttyfun66[View]
25998484How does a shy guy meet a shy girl?[View]
25998448Add me in need of friends. Daenerys Targaryen#4712[View]
25993615New ethnicity guess thread[View]
25998771**TOXIC PEOPLE DICORD SERVER** We're a chill server, most of us hang out in voice chat but you …[View]
25990197qt gamer girl accepting orbiter applications my voice: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1lelA3SQLUW i play le…[View]
25996612rate/ethnicity guess I wanna get more replies edition[View]
25998719Hey /b/ just wanted to share her she's a Persian girl 19 years old and has one of the hottest a…[View]
25998433I just saw there were special 4chan Discord groups? Can I join? Wheelz#2850? If not can we make a sm…[View]
25996784Just follow[View]
25998027BLUNDER YEARS I had that Kylo Ren hair[View]
25995802Hot or not?[View]
25994260taking dirty degrading requests. i want to be humiliated :'([View]
25956281soo classic rate thread I guess. rate me 1-10 guys[View]
25997418Austhread: Santa is Coming Edition Usual stuff: >age/sex/postcode >what you're looking fo…[View]
25995815Post living space and make assumptions - gender, age, nationality, personality etc.[View]
25998071Do u like bears[View]
25976905Ireland and UK thread, don'ts see one[View]
25997304>live out way too far south of Vegas and way too far east of cali >no house mates tonight, bre…[View]
25998340server to and for orbiting cute traps ;P https://discord.gg/W8hNVB[View]
25996216Texas Thread[View]
25995520Lost 25 lbs. Rate? I'd like to know how the world views me now.[View]
25994362Dirty snap chat . Sc: siehdeka Bi 23 m[View]
25995618Where's the Daddy's/Mommy's and all the little threads? You know what to do ~[View]
25997020Big cock looking for dirty talk (gay) kik tpd123456[View]
25997015>Only want girls when feeling miserable. >Girls only like you when you're upbeat and chee…[View]
25998135Anna Kendrick kinda looks like a fish but in a really hot way dont you think? Anyways r8 her and pos…[View]
25980292sup guys? currently watching saw vi on netflix, but not really in the mood to. any suggestions? also…[View]
25993973New /Sgt/ Short Girl Thread. 5 foot 3 inches or below. No Contact fagging (if she asks for a contact…[View]
25997503Military thread >post base you are currently/were stationed at >when you joined/got out >jo…[View]
25994986comfy thread talk about how you feel, what you've been up to lately, what bothers you or plague…[View]
25997652hello yes /soc/ i am 18 i watch lots of anime take a look at my steam profile tell me what you think…[View]
25997965Join for chattin and making friends https://discord.gg/CsGxyW[View]
25997899Join just because.[View]
25990528Have you ever met another anon? Do any of you know each other / have ongoing interaction in real lif…[View]
25992823Kill Fuck Date Marry Hangout Post your picture and find out what others really think of you.[View]
25987771I want to kill myself[View]
25993374Boybutt thread. Rate me[View]
25996915I'm rich. I'm good looking. I'm man in his 20s. I want a girl to come live with me in…[View]
25981888Anon's, post your pictures with your pets!!! Bonus points for funny pictures![View]
25996018Montana thread.[View]
25990324I love how every woman I've encountered has pretended to want an exclusive long-term relationsh…[View]
25996240hi im a lonely girl and I want a daddy. do you want to be my daddy? I like sweet/dom daddies. only i…[View]
25994659/soc/, am I fat?[View]
25996794I have the world's smallest nose. If you think yours is smaller, prove me wrong and drop a pic …[View]
25995561Is there an alternative to Fetlife without all the pompous, pretentious, mean-spirited, obese, steam…[View]
25994933ra-ra-ra-ra-ra-ra-rate thread ! also would be impressed if you can guess our ethnicities[View]
25997288Oklahoma thread. 26m still looking to kick it with folks in Tulsa.[View]
25993925RATE THREAD[View]
25958131Guess the nationality[View]
25996076Fetish meet-up? No Shaming, 18+, No pay whore. >ASL >About you >Fetish/Kinks >What you…[View]
25993541Was debating this for a while, finally decided to cave. I’m an 18 year old dude in art school. I’m t…[View]
25997041Only rules, respect the ladies and don’t be an ass[View]
25976392You know the drill, this time you post yourself and find someone you'd be interested in. Includ…[View]
2599631640 year old virgin here...could I ever get a 5/10 girlfriend?[View]
25996834Instagram thread. FOLLOW ME @YVNGKUSHH[View]
25996692Got a new cock harness today, anyone care to try it out with me?[View]
25974881https://www.discord.me/pvc JOIN THIS GAYMING AND SOCIALIZATION DISCORD NOW OR ELSE! https://www.disc…[View]
25994275Let's meet all on Omegle /soc/ cool soc and that's it i guess[View]
2598918420/f/north carolina, willing to relocate but wanna move back here eventually. looking for a caring, …[View]
25987968Have any of you ever done exhibitionist type stuff on random chat websites, like chatroulette, omegl…[View]
25995498Lockep Up In Chastity, feel free to vote for my remaining time over emlalock. https://www.emlalock.…[View]
25907760Reasonably Comfy Mostly Banter Discord Server https://discord.gg/ZyX6NRb We play Overwatch together …[View]
25996581Women here who have been raped, have you fantasised about being the aggressor? I've looked up a…[View]
25995712Har aldrig sett en svensk tråd här. Finns ni?[View]
25996065Add her[View]
25995294Dating thread! Ideal partners with contact and actual relationships in mind. Post info about yourse…[View]
25996508Age Gap - Age is just a number...verified by mathematics and physics.[View]
25996468Rhode Island (401) or new england area. Add me on SC Jesse141. 25 M straight[View]
25977785NEW YORK THREAD: age,sex,and post location number 24yr male from 4 looking for female fun, Snap: w…[View]
25996324Horny sub wife needs a dom to role play with am o. Kik at worthlesscumdrainer[View]
25995404Trading real amatuer pics. I have dropbox too 26 m straight. Kik lawngrower55[View]
25975798MBTI /soc/ general: >INTJ - Sperg >INTP - every fedorafag from high school >ENTJ - lovable…[View]
25995332Looking for a woman to dominate me tell me what to do I'm a male sub 18 twink will do anything …[View]
25996119European thread. Have fun and post ways to contact you if want to talk to some fellow Europeans.[View]
25995862Join our Discord 4chan server if you are interested in meeting a bunch of new people. Use this code …[View]
25995209Age gap thread, bitches.[View]
25992773Missouri Thread Show us your best outdoor picture of winter![View]
25995214>A/S/L ##/%/****** >Home Boards /co/, /lit/, /mu/, /tv/, /vr/ >Other Boards Hispachan Lainc…[View]
25983241Post a pic of yourself Assume something about the above poster[View]
25995824YA https://discord.gg/7xY7VMN GENKI NISH TATA NE?[View]
25995825people say i look like elvis? is this the truth[View]
25994939rate my tinder profile[View]
25995538Hai /soc/ I want to meet someone and I'm new on the Internet. Can you give me some advice? Than…[View]
25995359The first social experiment server on discord opens today. In complex 1A everyone who joins is autom…[View]
25947455¯\(°_o)/¯ Discord: http://discord.me/habeeb_it IRC: rizon #habeeb-it kiwiirc.com/client/irc.rizon.n…[View]
25994752Anyone in Nevada? I'm very south west, almost to Cali. It's dead as fuck out here. I get w…[View]
25995582Oregon Meet Up Thread[View]
25993662Rate us please, we want to know who is thw most handsome and the most ugly one[View]
25994736Anyone in Brisbane near morningside wanna get a drink at the colmslie. I'm a guy.[View]
25984254Rate/Assumption thread[View]
25936859Austhread: Almost Summer Edition Usual format: >age/sex/postcode >What you're looking for…[View]
25987457minnesota hookup thread. a/s/l and what you're looking for[View]
25991338Kik me whatever you want! ;) M-27[View]
25993424Grope/Rapelay Any femanons (preferably with big tits) get off on Rapelay fetish etc. take selfies g…[View]
25986694Want to be part of a degenerate server that doesn't give a fuck about you unless you out yourse…[View]
25993228Canadian getting drunk. AMA or fucking roast me[View]
25994700Can we have stories and consideration on height difference? In particular regarding shorter men and …[View]
25992087Take a break from all the tiddies and dicks and post them pearly whites. Should i get braces to fix …[View]
25994401Any BYU, or BYU-I peeps out there?[View]
25995510/myp/ Men in Yoga Pants Post Thread! Post your bubble butts! Newcomers welcome and encouraged We lov…[View]
25989925thread 4 everyone who is ugly externally but beautiful internally <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <…[View]
25992260Rate me[View]
25991149ITT: We help each other's dating profiles. How do I say 'Just looking to get laid and nothing m…[View]
25993099Hi Girls. Ever feel uncertain about your large pussy lips? I will love them. Show them to me and I w…[View]
2599019221 y/o male looking for woman in Auckland, NZ.[View]
25994283Florida thread?[View]
25993645I just stretched my GF pussy with a medical speculum and pushed a buttplug inside her asshole. I can…[View]
25992761North Carolina thread. Go Wolf pack![View]
25994750I never do this but I’m lonely tonight. I want some dick pics to get off to I wanna think about smas…[View]
25947878Texas thread[View]
25995339Why is it always the exact same people in rate threads ?? Do these people not understand they are b…[View]
25943645/hgt/ - Hairy Girls Thread thread for girls with bush and everything beyond bush, including armpit, …[View]
25995015Im showing off my ass, male 19 yo bottom Kik: drum5820[View]
25992052ITT we assume every aspect of other anon's lives from just a shaggy pic laying in bed. No make…[View]
25995006let's gooo https://appear.in/jerkoffrn[View]
25994864Proud white tattoo artist, come watch me whore out on cam4 1bigblock[View]
25994106https://discord.gg/mFsVVHB Come join an 18+ Gay Discord Server! Be apart of a community that's …[View]
25994697Its 1:30am, who still up ;) Kik- kylesbutters[View]
25994645me again :) kik is nick.klomp skype is nick.klomp2[View]
25994292sissy cuck in need of verbal humiliation now kik: mommylightning[View]
25993988my first post ever[View]
2599452123 TS North Texas dark and sexy just like betty[View]
25994218I'm looking for qt3.14 traps who'll cum with me. Kik: xxa1488 SC: Soyuz1488[View]
25991543BIG COCK KIK THREAD! This is for those with big cocks and those who love them! Post your usernames a…[View]
25994132Ugly people rate thread[View]
25994117Any cute traps active on Kik right now? I wanna bust a nut to a trap busting a nut.[View]
25993842anyone do captions here? kik me greatkhali44[View]
25993618Wtf 4chan My IP on my phone just got banned for requesting CP, the ip it banned was a house 20 mins …[View]
25992842>be me >got told my grandpa was dying >his memorial is planned on the 15th >instead of k…[View]
25993760Dick Rate Thread[View]
25993608hewwo I just want to know if anyone here who used to cam/chat on tinychat slash r9k is around? ok th…[View]
25993685South Jersey thread.[View]
25988064Perfect ass? Rate out of 10[View]

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