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/soc/ - Cams & Meetups

Displaying 247 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
27351839Elastic Love: Thread by Overseer Epic -------------------- Link: https://discord.gg/caeq9P6 --------…[View]
27349879Any women secretly into bbc and dont want their significant other to find out. had other females kik…[View]
27338508Kik dick rate Thread Post your nickname and write what you want (Rate / get rated / both) I'll …[View]
27351698Scotland thread 28/M/bi - north east lonely, looking to fuck or make friends skype is d.marose[View]
27351653Anyone, come talk on discord. I am bored and I live in Japan https://discord.gg/EfU83Z[View]
27351628any femanon up for roleplay? 20 m looking for a little hmu on kik: rarely,sane[View]
27351451Ontario thread, share your kiks big.captain m/22 looking for F bbw and chubby appreciated[View]
27350485Kik stachebeard What are you going to do to her Spare no detail[View]
27351416New no rules Kik. Others are dead. Get in while it's fresh.[View]
27350863Europe thread A/S/L >25, m, GER Orientation >Bi Looking for >nice people(m+f), cooking reci…[View]
27337943Post you age sex and kik if you want to have some one to jerk off with you![View]
27350598https://discord.gg/sTuWsPX Server for LGBT people with a focus on making friends and irl meetups Min…[View]
27351286So I'm a pervy married bi dude in my 30s looking for some other dudes (or girls) to trade pics,…[View]
27351270Give me orders. Gay sissy boy who loves to get orders. Kik: 5x3HA0705[View]
27351246New Kik thread I got some pics if you want to trade just message me[View]
27351195Sissy on skype, Im full of coke and alcohol and i want to be a dirty bitch, add me if you wanna tell…[View]
27350825Hey guys, what’re some good clubs in LA? I’m into trans mtf and cis women, but the former is kind of…[View]
27349535/GFD Discord Server - https://discord.gg/bYsWUb Just created - NO ORBITERS[View]
27350553looking for naughty fun add me on kik @zoedainel127 i am waiting[View]
27350550Anyway I can improve what I've been born with?[View]
27348923What would you do to this trap[View]
27322479What do chad tinder message conversations look like? Anyone wanna share some screenshots? Need some …[View]
27349931Welcome to Medrengard, a place to discuss tabletop games, lore, and play things like D&D, Pathfi…[View]
27350299>be me >young man on the internet >looking on /soc/ >see thread about discord server …[View]
27350322Male ass rate thread I'll go first[View]
27347487KING MEH THREAD feed me your attention yah pathetic cucks[View]
27348954Guys. How do I start an age gap thread?[View]
27349321pathetic sissy bimbo looking for alpha males to laugh at my tiny clit as you rub your big cocks to t…[View]
27350173jericho i know you're on this board you better come back or i'll tell all your gay fake in…[View]
27345971How do I get good at chaturbate?[View]
27348670Discord wank buddy server - https://discord.gg/Q5zF2yQ[View]
27350008Talk with me[View]
27322164new /boybutt/ thread Old one is full[View]
27303197FEMALE SEXY AUDIO (FSA) Dirty talk, audio masturbation, vocal smut and shenanigans all recorded on v…[View]
27348973Why don’t any cute girls like my face? They act like they are too good for me or something... I’m 26…[View]
27349820small boobs thread[View]
27348705Elastic Love: Thread by Overseer Epic -------------------- Link: https://discord.gg/caeq9P6 --------…[View]
27348811Need someone to shelter me, hmu on Discord faggots. Trumpinator#2226[View]
27314687/sbt/ - Small Breast Thread >No contactfagging >Please timestamp if new >Only post pictures…[View]
27349224Looks like the other one died. Shill your discord servers here for anyone looking to chat. >serv…[View]
27349841what the fuck is going on with titles right now[View]
27349543The title literally broke no me last time. So, here it is again, properly this time. I think you can…[View]
27349782Kik is TwoRockersthe one in the photo is the best[View]
27349798Oklahoma thread! 18 m gay Kik: soc.bitch[View]
27349788I want to choose the porn u watch and jerk off 2, nothing extreme, petite girls fucking big cocks, I…[View]
27349737Anyone help us with rent? Kik ganja4204 Snap ganja420420[View]
27332817DIRTY (but civilized) KIK THREAD >ASL >Looking for >Not looking for >DEFINETLY not loo…[View]
27349656Why haven't you joined the archive yet? You're not a npc are you anon? >https://discord…[View]
27340463Welcome to Da Chum, we're a 4 year old community established in 2014 and have had a discord ser…[View]
27349593somebody be my gf please, thank you[View]
27347980First post on soc. Probably the last one too. I made a server for anyone who got lost in all the lay…[View]
27341474No slutlife thread? Let's fix that!! >A/S/L: >Number of guys (oral): >Number of guys …[View]
27349137I don't understand. So I just can't see people that liked me unless I pay money?[View]
27347208/hdo/ - Humiliation/Degradation Official Firing this thread up for the first time, boys and girls. S…[View]
27349385Alice in wonderland themed discord server 1400+ Members Gaming/Anime/Movie Nights Come down The Rabb…[View]
27340150New dirty Kik thread. Old one is full.[View]
27349362Any femanons wants to date a sissy boii? kik - Lucifixx[View]
27219224/erpg/ ERP General: Post-Halloween edition. Candy may be eaten and gone, but tentacles are forever~ …[View]
27349339Louisiana Thread! Post your age, sex, location, what you're looking for and your Kik[View]
27349303Utah 420 thread?[View]
27317586let's go[View]
27349243pls join my server i wanna make friends my server also pretty comfy :> https://discord.gg/QUntKm…[View]
27349153Bible Study ~1 hr 4:30 PM CST (10:30 UTC) https://twitch.tv/a7runaway Schedule: Apostles Creed Our F…[View]
27337096/gfd/ - gentle femdom personals old thread hit bump limit so here's another one 'freud might…[View]
27329519UK Meetup Thread. Post your a/s/l and kik as well as what you’re looking for. 22/M/Liverpool chaaosh…[View]
27331566Post your glowups[View]
27349019Vapor Chill ---------------------------- Link: https://discord.gg/zRvp5mK --------------------------…[View]
27348915Jesus Christ, what is this board? It's fucking disgusting.[View]
27347563lets have some fun and trade pics[View]
27348936Hey, wanna chat?[View]
27347422https://discord.gg/sTuWsPX Server for LGBT people with a focus on making friends and irl meetups Min…[View]
27348247Someone please jerk over this with me[View]
27348312>>442773964 >you MIGHT SUCCEED Ugly guy talks to girl >hey hows it going >(3 days lat…[View]
27348789Hey, wanna chat?[View]
27348719How'd I do /soc/? This is the first time I've ever had a date so any advice would be appre…[View]
27348764He is making money off of little girls going live on TikTok zackxmarkum http://vm.tiktok.com/JuaV2m…[View]
27346739Positive Improvements/Rating if you want thread[View]
27348585https://discord.gg/2TprgvX Hey, this is a new discord where anyone is welcome. The theme is music sh…[View]
27348652Are you tired of joining Discord servers with an established close-knit community that never even ac…[View]
27346785Hello! 20 year old transgirl here, looking for some fun sexdoll roleplay, if you’re interested HMU! …[View]
27346306Ive had long hair my whole life. Do I need to cut it? Am 6'3' over 200 pounds[View]
27348551Kik group CDboys[View]
27348616Lets get a clean snapchat group going. Add me up. SC: craigdood3 M/24/Canadian. Bored as fuck at w…[View]
27347755Anyone here from Not Las Vegas?[View]
27348389Got about one hour to kill, any requests?[View]
27305133Bored at Work, so here's a New England thread 30/m/CT here, waiting out the clock[View]
27347192>How does it work? People will post their Amazon wishlist link according to the instructions in t…[View]
27301432Truth or dare KIK threat Everyone is welcome Just post your username and ask the person above for t…[View]
2734740918 trap from south Carolina 29485 Bored and Lonely, entertain me with your secrets and fantasies. I…[View]
27344579Wisconsin thread 920 here pic unrelated[View]
27348362Let’s have fun on Snapchat Ayren_martin[View]
27347576I've got an idea. One simple change that would improve this board. The mods need to b& all …[View]
27342100Starting a cuck & bull group on KIK. HMU to be added. Normallyopen69[View]
27346693Post softies and rate others here. I'll start us off. I have contacts if so inclined[View]
27346659Rate me.[View]
27346975Rate my bulge[View]
27348030Kik is clouddeep who wanna chat it up?[View]
27346581How do I looksmax fellas? Prefer no surgery[View]
27347754Bored and want attention, rate?[View]
27346882Join our all girls server! It's hard to find a place where it's just all girls. We're…[View]
27347205Rate thread. Ignore my farmers tan[View]
27347047Rate my dick please[View]
27347686hey guys im doing a charity stream for starving african children feel free to donate, im live on you…[View]
27347681-Rate / Selfie Thread yeah,a new one because want an easy to see jpeg. >post critique >test …[View]
27347531tl;dr: accidentally outed myself. >company christmas party >so far so good >food from local…[View]
27341552New Tennessee Meetup Thread. Old one gone.[View]
27347388Rate me plz xD[View]
27346403So I have ptosis and my eye is also slightly turned (same eye). I am 29 years old, over the years I …[View]
27345796/cgt/ - Chubby Girls Thread >Females only // Timestamp if new // No contactfagging // No nevernud…[View]
27347425My Kik/Snapchat id robert1805632, only Girls please[View]
27347343i m bored and feeling naughty add me on kik @sandra.cutiee[View]
27345376This girl I met on tinder it’s obviously catfishing me with fake profile pictures on tinder, she add…[View]
27347315One more rate thread[View]
27347110Pic related to when he wanted me to dominate his tight sissy asshole as a 'male' I love it when my f…[View]
27347301Down for anything, 23, m, bi, Newmarket Guys or girls to chill, play video games, make music or hook…[View]
27347124Love to fuck anyone any age Of course older then 18[View]
27345152Bored and horny[View]
27347106Where are the best places to meet sluts in public? I've found that malls are pretty much the wo…[View]
273465499 Inch BWC. Fit, attractive, experienced. 25 yo. Looking to hookup or for ongoing fwb in Central Ohi…[View]
27346584What do I need to do so I can get a girlfriend? Do I need a different haircut? Or a different shirt?[View]
27344679I am losing my goddamn mind. Musicians living inx Northern Oregon/Washington, where tf are. Let…[View]
27347119Bored. Someone chat with me xxmizzrawrxx[View]
27347030Love having my tiny pathetic penis and my worthless testicle tuetured and beaten and hopefully somed…[View]
27345683Hello /soc/ We're making an add in a local dating site to find a girl for me and my gf to enjoy…[View]
27346850>Meet amazing qt on soc >talk for hours on discord >She's super chill and has razor sh…[View]
27345800Looking for sluts to talk to, maybe exchange photos with, love to hear stories about your first expe…[View]
27347083Rate thread, I'll go first.[View]
27347057Anyone wanting to fuck and meet up....[View]
27339829rate me.[View]
27347046somebody be my gf please, thank you[View]
27347039we're starting fresh with close friends. Hop in if you're interested https://discord.gg/Fs…[View]
27346106Rate me please[View]
27344519Tbh first ever nude I ever taken, howd I do?[View]
27347015pls join my comfy server tyyy https://discord.gg/QUntKmq[View]
27345541https://discord.gg/yyyBVT We're a comfy and chill caregiver + little server! Join us if you…[View]
27346992SC: yourgirld7 she’s real and quite beautiful[View]
27346119Daddies and sissies A/S/L lets get together Leave Kik and snap Kik-mwm4m Sc-d87133[View]
2734679822/Bi Curious/ NJ Area Looking to hookup with a fit twink in the area. Reply if interest.[View]
27346914hey /soc/, anyone in Melbourne want to meetup to see the John Carpenter double feature at the Astor …[View]
27346879Welcome to Medrengard, a place to discuss tabletop games, lore, and play things like D&D, Pathfi…[View]
27346722submissive sissy looking for alpha males to humiliate me while you jerk off to clothed pics of the g…[View]
27346604Alice in wonderland themed discord server 1400+ Members Gaming/Anime/Movie Nights Come down The Rabb…[View]
27338205Chubby chasers of /soc/, how do you get over the embarrassment of liking bigger girls?[View]
27335034Other thread is at 450 replies so time for a new thread >ASL >Interests/Hobbies >Looking fo…[View]
27305318Old IDEAL BF/GF Thread is close to dying, Time for a new one[View]
27346593come here chads we love newbies and isn't a tight-knit community https://discord.gg/AjbQPK http…[View]
27343210Roast me and my gf[View]
27346530Insane Asylum https://discord.gg/DsKfFD6 Welcome all you freaks and weirdos! The Insane Asylum is an…[View]
27346076i love you[View]
27344020DOM/SUB roleplay. Dom here looking for a sub (can be girl or guy who wants to be a girl) No picture…[View]
27344803Couples r8 thread. Post yourself and who you're with and judge each other[View]
27345687M or f, willing to drive an hour or so. Cook/Lake/McHenry County welcome. Not interested in your pee…[View]
2734578431/m bi in Springfield looking for couples, females, and other fwb.[View]
27346394Get in here https://discord.gg/uGndat[View]
27346380Do any of you anons look like this??[View]
2734636323 m looking for females kik yaboiii333[View]
27340670Am I attractive?[View]
27249982Meet up thread: Illinois edition[View]
27307390Soft cock thread No half chubs[View]
27345692Hosting a christian discord please join, host daily bible studys, other wise christian resources ITT…[View]
27344689drop me your kik and a brief description of how you can make me wet. we can talk about anime and rp …[View]
27344548Hello people of soc, I am a bored and out of practice artist. Give me ideas to draw and or a selfie …[View]
27315723Florida thread! Old one got archived. Post asl and what youre looking for.[View]
27339888Hello. Looking for a comfy hangout to chit-chat with other nice people? Luna's Tavern has sever…[View]
27342857Elastic Love: Thread by Overseer Epic -------------------- Link: https://discord.gg/caeq9P6 --------…[View]
27342691Where are the girls that just like to show off their sexy bods on snap for free?? >ASL >snapch…[View]
27345946Shaved my legs for the first time ;)[View]
27344709Looking for someone with a exposure tumblr to post my pics and vids Kik: dustin5387[View]
27343563Any guys from the 618 trying to meet up? Single white male/18 and wanting to try things out.[View]
27342250I wanted to post my picture here because I've gotten comments from across the spectrum (really …[View]
27341948Kik thread en Español, para todos aquellos hispanohablantes con ingles limitado.. como mi lamentable…[View]
27345738Nederdraad. Iemand wat leuks om te delen?[View]
27338680Assumptions thread.[View]
27344729Kik rate thread! Post pics and your kik so people can message you, dont forget to rate others! I…[View]
27345253Thoughts on my looks?[View]
27342112Neets? Freaks? People of questionable backgrounds living in unfortunate circumstances? You're a…[View]
27329237Meh Thread IIVX pulling an all nighter lets bullshit[View]
27345774NEW MEXICO THREAD DROP YOUR AREA CODES 505 m/18 I never see any NM threads so here one is[View]
27345526Is this man hot?[View]
27345470My hard bwc[View]
27345604Sissy boy looking for a master/mistress to train me, Kik me at 'BadAmberx'[View]
27341912Beard rate thread[View]
2734546620 M down to meet up with anyone near me. Drop kik or snap and add me! kik I_want_it32 snap Philipsm…[View]
27342556Zigza Goons ---------------------------------------- https://discord.gg/KNr4MjR --------------------…[View]
27345438Any traps femboys or twinks in NC?[View]
27342280Hey guys! I don't wanna fully expose myself, hope you don't mind. I don't receive mu…[View]
27341426Texas thread died, but the South shall rise again 281/832/409 24/M Looking for a girl to smoke the d…[View]
27345360https://discord.gg/sTuWsPX Server for LGBT people with a focus on making friends and irl meetups Min…[View]
27345187I'm part of a group interested by sex education and its spread and we'd like to ask some q…[View]
27345307Any femanon up for dungeon/master roleplay? 20 m looking for a little hmu on kik: rarely.sane or rep…[View]
27343257Would you date a girl who likes to torture animals, and laughs about the time when she burned her gr…[View]
27345138Matrix Server: Hi, i'm tring to get away from >le games chatttt soooo random So, i'm tr…[View]
27345046Everyone join awesome /soc group! https://chat.whatsapp.com/LQxNnPwDpOn5Lfhau975JC[View]
27345064Let's see how many are on /soc/.. Bonus points: anyone in Studentski grad or Sofia in general.[View]
27327377Discord server CONTAINMENT THREAD Quit cluttering up /soc/ with individual threads. It has gotten pe…[View]
27345031join this redundantly comfy server discord.gg/W7xgfCE[View]
27343761Do i have a chad skull?[View]
27339708256/205/334 Alabama thread? Meet-up, hook-up, local nude dumps[View]
27344869JOIN THIS SERVER AND LIVE IN THE BASEMENT WITH ME discord.me/babycarrot[View]
27337926Rate thread the others are full and I’m bored Let’s be honest with each other[View]
27344016Looking for a female whos down to do some lactation play and/or other things for me. Willing to make…[View]
27340075Experiment and Wingbot General: Hello, robots. It's Wingbot. I want to do a test. It would be o…[View]
27344783Are you tired of joining Discord servers with an established close-knit community that never even ac…[View]
27337539Rate and improve thread btw I wanna be a fucking chad, any advice?[View]
27340220Once more a Hawaii thread, whoever commented on last thread yes I'm on Oahu[View]
27319755How about a pussy rate thread?[View]
27305063Where are all the gay kik threads at? Normally there's fucking loads and the only one in here r…[View]
27342048Thoughts? Also, boy butts thread[View]
27344328Horny boy 21 Want someone to give me commands and demeaning dares on Kik Add me: hcole1997[View]
27344290M 22 Hispanic from North Houston Kik jgonz33203[View]
27344234Hi wnna have some naughty fun with me... K.ik me jessica5498[View]
27343137Alice in wonderland themed discord server 1400+ Members Gaming/Anime/Movie Nights Come down The Rabb…[View]
27327559Michigan thread? 29/m/bicurious located in 269. Looking to rim and suck for the first time. Kik:Pick…[View]
27343264leaning ruby flows moonbeam slumbering moaning despondent spider [Edgy hipster conglomerate meme ser…[View]
27340365How do I get a cute Aussie gf?[View]
27337219Androgynous rate thread All genders welcome![View]
27343786Join please Comfy server in need of diversity No NSFW minors are ok just please be mature it's …[View]
27343707Kik - MarkPankk Into anything, horny now[View]
27343985HMU 18 year old male Snapchat generalrowan[View]
27343230Please rate and give suggestions on how I can improve my appearance[View]
2734398119yo/bottom/gay Kik: drum5820[View]
27343920hey, anyone want to play this game with me? its free on steam and its a co op puzle game.[View]
27343906Can we have a gay bashing thread? I'm a gay male that loves being verbally abused and degraded …[View]
27343891rate me, ya'll[View]
27343445Asian discord server. https://discord.gg/duczkfZ Non asians are welcome too.[View]
27343857Anyone in Middle Tennessee?[View]
27341039Sc meetup thread M24 843 drop kik below[View]
27343142New Sweden meetup thread. A/S/L 18/M/Gothenburg Looking for sissy/trap or any woman (no fatties) Ad…[View]
27340804https://discord.gg/7hsMvju it's time for you to join the our server. We have a an active voice …[View]
27343549Welcome to Medrengard, a place to discuss tabletop games, lore, and play things like D&D, Pathfi…[View]
27299906Kentucky thread. Because every state around us has one. Don't be creepy.[View]
27343197Hey im F19US hmu on kik at allison.v1999 <3[View]
27342651ever been this depressed?[View]
27343159lets have some naughty fun on kik trading pics and sexting add me @julialilly5498[View]
27336692Georgia thread. Augusta here. 26/m kik jimdiggs2[View]
27341082Do you guys think I am good looking?[View]
27332778brutally honest rate thread.[View]
27343030Rate me please! :)[View]
27341872https://discord.gg/sTuWsPX Server for LGBT people with a focus on making friends and irl meetups Min…[View]
27343002KIK - Lucifixx Looking for a girl to sext, game or chat with. Yes I'm a dude.[View]
27342762Any Montana anons know Chelsea C from the funk[View]
27342705https://discord gg/PThB8P[View]

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