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Displaying 270 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
26293259Papsi's Paradise >lax moderation >cool cunts >vidya gathering >active >lewds …[View]
26251120Here we go again. Post in here only if you've got a VERY socially unacceptable fetish. That mea…[View]
2629580423maleAmsterdam lonely af come skype me fortune.cookie7 interested in psychiatry, buddhism, foreign …[View]
26292270Sverige tråd! Dom här går alltid jätte bra! Letar efter trans eller nyfiken yngre snubbe i stockholm…[View]
26295750ay its a small, chill, cozy image sharing server badda bim badda boom baby just be active please.[View]
26295610Colorado(Denver) In short, where’s the guys at that wanna have a MMF threesome and have larger than …[View]
26295109theseducer96 is my kik[View]
26295483Post your degenerate Telegram groups here: https://t.me/joinchat/B4SdrD8F4cyn_SkSspoImA https://t.me…[View]
26294973https://discord.gg/z3EJKP Join if you want a server to just hang out, chat and create your own chann…[View]
26294943My gf dumped me. Does she think I'm ugly?[View]
26292448https://discord.gg/U6WdAUa We are a rapidly growing gaming server based on an amazing project lookin…[View]
26295434https://discord.gg/UbBkndp Decently sized discord for people who want erp with cute traps :3[View]
26294527Chuckle roast thread. Both chuckling and roasting are great so each anon that posts a picture shall …[View]
26294798Discord for VCs, text chatting is ok but voice chats are preferred! Tired of all the dead servers wi…[View]
26292851How fucked am I?[View]
26294324he's online right now, visit him, look for bobcatwombat on chaturbate[View]
26295389New fun discord where people VC alot! https://discord.gg/tn3cnfV[View]
26294668https://discord.gg/54Unh3H >comfy asf >active (most of the time, still fairly new) >minimal…[View]
2629398019 y/o femboi here, looking for some people to talk to, women perfered, but anyone who wants to talk…[View]
26294457How to get nudes from girls on the Internet? I think I'm a reasonably attractive 24yo guy but I…[View]
26293644https://discord.gg/3tH6gSt desu it's a pretty dead server just join to make it alive, we most…[View]
26294811https://discord.gg/DAE5xsC Come show us your dank meme creative skills like above and earn rewards w…[View]
26294834I want to be close internet friends with a girl and talk and do things together like watch things an…[View]
26294639Need to cum now! 22 m bi Kik choppindownanoaktree[View]
26294549SEARCH ME ON TELEGRAM AND WRITE OR CALL ME my nickname is : @eufory I LOVE YOU ALL XOXO[View]
26291365>tfw no huge 6'3 feet tall muscle chad bf to wear female dresses and lingerie and shake his …[View]
26294732looking to share pics of an old fuck buddy and jerk off with someone. Love to compare cocks and stuf…[View]
26292843leave your area code what you looking for asl and your kik[View]
26294182Girls, why is this the first result for this search query? Do you honestly consider suicide over the…[View]
26294051can you rate my dick please? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxRvMmRzX_A[View]
26278053Brutally honest rate thread~[View]
26292186Anyone got Daddys.Choked.Toy off of IG?[View]
26288208Facial hair rate thread[View]
26292482Help me construct my tinder profile. I'm not going to post in the thread because I'm atten…[View]
26294635Body rate thread, fully exposed Post your and rate others. (or at least rate me please, be honest)[View]
26292814just smonked a big fat blunt, what sup[View]
26284508Which of these girls did you crush on as a kid?[View]
26291068Are there any girls out there who might consider wetting their pants for their own or someone else…[View]
26294052hey, i'm really high right now you can uhh ask me anything i tell the truth.[View]
26294165PLUSHIES Just looking to meet other plushophiles. Kik me, Moonlight.Cocktail[View]
26294276Looking to talk to people about my sexuality (nine oh one) 355-2533. might be gay but not sure? need…[View]
26294749Gender fluid and non-binary rate thread![View]
26291461Dirty snapchat thread? Dirty snapchat thread?! Post your age, gender and what you're looking fo…[View]
26293806Looking for a guy in the new york area that wants to get his dick sucked by a guy dressed as a girl …[View]
26294157Is there a cum/cumshot discord?[View]
26294877Put the dick out thread[View]
26289049Can we get a chastity thread going? I'm 24/m. Would love to chat with others. Kik is hicaspor9…[View]
26293165Any one who bottomed for one?[View]
26294671Do I have a fit/attractive looking mid section?[View]
26289493Skinny guy thread Rate and connect. If someone wants to connect feel free. Be gentle senpai. ;)[View]
26290708I'll write anything you want, where you want (body part).[View]
26292471Because there isnt one. Post here if youve got a tiny toy sized dicklet, you know you want us to see…[View]
26290240Okay so this is going to be an insecurity thread, Say whatever you want to get it off of your chest …[View]
26293976Snapchat Bull looking for ladies to have some fun with my 9 inch cock. sc - craigdood3[View]
26293763Soft dick rate thread... start rating mofos :p[View]
26278364you know the game, post your kik, send a photo to the person above[View]
26293424/imt/ - Ideal Mate Thread[View]
26293632Join participate while staying active and be a part of something great it's that simple and eas…[View]
26282489My last relationship lasted 4 years, when I 19-23, and it was amazing. She was beautiful, we had tru…[View]
26226652Femdom Thread - This time, with more style. Post whatever about the Femdom lifestyle or fetish that …[View]
26279807New Jersey meetup thread. Include a/s/l including your area code and what you’re looking for.[View]
26292976Willing to share more pictures of my friend (no nudes unfortunately).. kik me for more @ dgmgpls[View]
26292863Is having your life together attractive? I graduated from high school like two years ago, and I was …[View]
26273764Am I too skinny?[View]
26287035Are there actually NICE girls on Tinder? I am not interested in sluts. I’d just like to find a nice …[View]
26293414hey soc can we talk? in discord tho so join please UUSfB7D[View]
26293280where the fuck are the niggers in my area code why do i never get to fight/fuck/drink/smoke with ano…[View]
26283644Impregnation and breeding Like the idea of knocking up your girl? If your a girl do you want to be …[View]
26284850excuse the autism: Okay /soc/, so there's this girl I've been talking to in class who…[View]
26293337Which of these do you think is better suited for a professional networking website? (like Linkedin o…[View]
26291757I'm actually tired of being a virgin, and I'm horny 100% of the time. But I'm a fat u…[View]
26291277Do you want to kill yourself? We are here to help you https://discord.gg/WNxgQj7 Join this server an…[View]
26293316Discord Server family! Get in this hell hole and have some good ass times. We got a fuckin' col…[View]
26285079ITT: Skinny Men Skinny, thin, small frames, whatever. Post ya Age, Weight, Height, and reason for be…[View]
26292747Scioto County Ohio n Surroundings Alot of great wins VIP for unseen and rare wins Several channels t…[View]
26283074Obedient boys looking for everything femdom. Females, Traps and CDs, all are welcome. Kik and info.[View]
26292922Masturbating live on kik...Give me your kiks ladies I will let you watch[View]
26291061Join the forest A place of comfort and prosperity, a kingdom of community. https://discord.gg/pBYtq…[View]
26293224any little beta paypiggies around these parts?[View]
26289680cuck in need of humiliation. masturbate to girls I love while humiliating my tiny clit. kik: mommyli…[View]
26293206Any way my GF and I can find a trans girl to hookup with? We're both super into double teaming …[View]
26291470Looking for a girl to move in with me. Cliffs notes: *) I'm wealthy, tall, white, and fit. *) T…[View]
26292975Everything is very bad in appearance?[View]
26251506Uncut rate thread![View]
26292779Any guys in london want their cock sucked? Kik me im so horny i will come suck your cock Kik: aliceb…[View]
26291102Northern California meetup thread. Post age, gender, and area code 24 y/o male living in 916 area[View]
26289085If I wanted to auction off my anal virginity how would I do it? Don’t want to head about why I shoul…[View]
26291440discord server shill under 100 members, cozy however more active during burger hours https://discord…[View]
26287366>half the current camwhore generals are dead, have posts from camwhores in them RIGHT NOW citing …[View]
26275654Let's do one of these good old easy threads. Use the template (pic related). State the followin…[View]
26292646Which transgirl on /soc/ has a big dong and what is her Discord/Paypal? Add: sauze#2124[View]
26270079Craigslist Thread: Share stories about experiences you’ve had, general advice, etc. is it a reliable…[View]
2629098222f up to trading with fun guys Snap: princessnerd222 Pic4pic[View]
26289860N-Nani? Hitler-Chan? https://discord.gg/4VvuNtM[View]
26290438https://discord.gg/54Unh3H Twink Server Come join us if you are a twink or a fan of twinks. Trans an…[View]
26292598Come join this Discord server full of cute boys & girls and general friendly banter. https://di…[View]
26292483mikemusical1 have nudes pic unrelated[View]
26289220Am I ugly[View]
262811606'2'' + club(190+ cm) No manlets allowed here >Your height > are you happy with…[View]
26288183Hello everyone. Im a 19 year old anime girl from sweden, Im quite bored and would love to get to kno…[View]
26290943Can we start a thread for pregnant women who want to have their body appreciated?[View]
26291557Suche deutsche online Sklaven über 18. Bin 22 Kik: master.andyy[View]
26291374I need to redo my looks. I am tired of the care-free hair and what not. Tell me what to do to look b…[View]
26289329time for a drinking thread here too drinking like a Presidente starting the music with some Uncle Ac…[View]
26292056Looking for a girl to move in with me. Cliffs notes: *) I'm stealthy, tall, white, and fit. *) …[View]
26291427This is my hairline when should I blow my brains out?[View]
26290029Insomnia thread. Leave your skype/snap[View]
26292007Stoned and seek validation. Add me on discord aswell BernstienBear#4780[View]
26286481========== swimwear:: what do you think of swim briefs for men? what do you wear? show us your swims…[View]
26278292Ohio yet again leave your area code what you looking for asl and your kik[View]
26290850Roast me guys![View]
26291683/r9k/ Discords: What happened to Discord chats around here? I remember at one point there were const…[View]
26290214New discord server for voice chats, text chats are ok but VCs are encouraged. Tired of servers wher…[View]
26291324Join this half assed comfy server It's relatively empty, help us make it more lively! https://d…[View]
26291445Clean snapchat thread. >I post memes, my dogs and piss-poor tier art. Always up for a conversati…[View]
26266166New Discord friends thread since the old one is reaching 500. >Name (Optional) >ASL >Inte…[View]
26291318Looking for Rare memes and a place to shitpost and talk about life? Well fuck, pull your life togeth…[View]
26291265How do I make my dick look bigger in pics? I'm never able to impress[View]
26290372I ooze coolness[View]
26212674Canada thread. Throw up your ASL if you like. Have fun, kids.[View]
26285326Boy slut thread, this is me. Post kik too my kik - lax91[View]
26291020Really want a lady to fool around with while I’m at work. M/22/TX Skinny, dark hair, average height…[View]
26290882ONLY ITALIANS ALLOWED >must post contact >straight or gay…[View]
26289108I'm thinking about using Tinder. Please rate me, I'm 20[View]
26289035Give me your hairiest cocks, anons. Gifs and webms very welcome![View]
26284804/car/ dating game: Here are the rules: >post your car NOT A UNIVERSAL PICTURE FROM GOOGLE. POST …[View]
26284819I'm looking for an extremely attractive Swedish woman who also happens to be highly intelligent…[View]
26279823Hey /int/, is it true that Western men are being feminized? And if so, is it that bad of a thing? Fe…[View]
26278659/sma/ 2018 - Skinny, Medium & Average Girls Post ITT females only! Are you new? Timestamp please…[View]
26281167How do I fuck an SJW? She sent me some pretty racey pics but I don't share her ideals so we don…[View]
26267725Straight only Dirty Kik thread Post age/sex/location What your looking for[View]
26290457Figure out this trick[View]
26275916Looking for an ebf to play tf2 and league with uwu. Doesn't have to be just those two if you wa…[View]
26289596Discord Server family! Get in this hell hole and have some good ass times. We got a fuckin' col…[View]
26286907Calling All Gamers https://discord.gg/HZeFgWC[View]
26290188Which transgirl on /soc/ has a big dong and what is her Paypal Add: sauze#2124 on discord[View]
26290227Any Brits wanna perv on my mum? Kik name @ WankOverMyMum[View]
26290388I saw a hairy women thread, and a rate my beard thread. What about hairy men? I'll start.[View]
26289265>mfw a cute girl from /soc/ agrees to go on a date with me This is one of the happiest moments of…[View]
26288997Hi I'm trying to get drunk with 2.8% alcohol. I have acess to Zopiklom 7.5 mg. & Risperidon…[View]
26289766Am i ok?[View]
26290058i'm bored and i need some practice. post a pic and i'll draw you.[View]
26285515Join the America discord! Find many cool people from all over the states with chill moderators. In t…[View]
2629022919 y/o femboi here~ looking for some fun people to talk to~ I’d be glad to talk to anyone who messag…[View]
26288460Rate thread![View]
26289823What should I do with my hair? Any suggestions? Styles?[View]
26288507She's ready for some porno movie work and many men at once aswell if you want her?[View]
26280535I wish I had someone to cuddle and be comfy with[View]
26287235Hi soc https://discord.gg/fErCsW3 Come check out our discord. Were a varied group of individuals loo…[View]
26289546ik it’s a long shot, but I’m really in need of money.... so, I’m doing live customs pictures through…[View]
26289887Hi. I’m 18 years old, and looking to become someone’s personal femboy pet/slave in exchange for help…[View]
26289335Are you always alone? Join this discord as long as you aren't ugly. https://discord.gg/ZuB8nr[View]
26289859I downloaded Bluestacks and Kik so that I can have somwhere to go to address the occasional urge for…[View]
26289818henlo frens https://discord.gg/Xm9gQUw burger server but yuropoors are welcomed https://discord.gg/X…[View]
26288112Texas meetupconnect Post AS and area code along with KIK or Snapchat. Whichever you prefer.[View]
26285107Dirty gay snapchat I wanted to be flooded with cum and cocks Bradman22m looking for a master hung, …[View]
26289843hi soc i just irreversibly exposed myself on a lot of websites. it's very arousing, but how to …[View]
26289911Streamer is having a contest to see if two guys can survive in his evicted home for 24 hours. Strea…[View]
26289836Looking for chaturbate alternatives. Anything that could offer a similar experience, even cam to cam…[View]
26282448Snapchat cock compare. Winner can humiliate/expose loser.[View]
26287576I'm visiting east asia for 2 months this summer and I'm looking for a traveling companion.…[View]
26288922Too good not to share with my fellow /soc/onians especially those who want to make something extra i…[View]
26288327Hey /soc/ what can I do to make better pictures of myself? I feel really untalented and awkward whe…[View]
26285772sissy girl looking for cuck humiliation. You must be an alpha male who wants to masturbate to hot gi…[View]
26289164Here's mine[View]
26285078Would any young guys on here have sex or date this 40 something chick from tinder?[View]
26274761Pennsylvania thread, people of PA chat it up and meet someone new I'm a wanna be sissy who liv…[View]
26287522Any girls in SC looking for a straight hookup/FFM threesome? Post pics.[View]
26287596How do I look?[View]
26287464Scary mask girl, self-hating asian aryan lover..../soc/ really is for the mentally ill[View]
26288989Hi fellow Canadian friends[View]
26288944Looking for depressed, mentally ill, or lonely people. The internet had given me a lot during my yea…[View]
26287435Somebody message me I’ll probably send nudes but the “good” shit is on my premium I’m a big fan of d…[View]
26286713Im doing a figure sculpting study, and Im looking for this pose (hands on head, arched back, hips ti…[View]
26288647What the hell fucked her?[View]
26283830Welcome to my mental health server! (Insane In The Membrane) We are relatively small atm 24 members …[View]
26288890She's a struggling college girl needing help ;)[View]
26286718Chewing on some cid before bed. Drug related thread. Any other /soc/ members trip or are we just tr…[View]
26288843Looking for a girl/guy that wants to brag about how good their significant other fucks them with viv…[View]
26282637smash or pass thread[View]
26286961Pantybra thread! > OC only > No contactfagging > Timestamp if new…[View]
26263758WWYD thread Fuck, marry, kill or hangout Bonus for explaining in detail how[View]
26288071Hey guys this girl is doing a fucking fantastic job and well I don’t know where else to help her out…[View]
26288575A discord run by the people. This is what we have really needed. No longer shall we be restrained by…[View]
26287763What's the best way to get some nudes and have a good wank? kik? Some dating app like badoo or …[View]
26288417https://discord.gg/aKkkZKn Join 4chan /soc/ /ck/ /fit/ /pol/ Server[View]
26288418German Meetup Egal ob nsfw,sfw, was auch immer Linda,19, Köln Suche einfach wen zum Schreiben Kik: l…[View]
26288186They have erased my thread in /random. I have the oportunity to fuck this shemale webcamner. Already…[View]
26288203Skype thread type Skype name and I'll add[View]
26280578Honest rate thread[View]
26286301I'm 3D modelling female genitals and having a hard time grasping how they distort with leg move…[View]
26286931Don't forget to rate others :)[View]
26288381Old chart thread was archived. Let's get a new one going.[View]
26286239Tea Time Let chat /soc/, what's going on in your lives? What is it you guys think you need? Any…[View]
26261556Soft dick rate thread[View]
26288228Looking for bears to use me as a fucktoy. IRL or online. Skype sdchibiknumbskull 614 ohio[View]
26286953where are the nudes[View]
26286592Rate me /soc/. (22yo, Bic for size reference)[View]
26283175DISCORD ] [ DISCORD ] [ DISCORD ] https://discord.gg/XAW4G8m biteki 美的 (translation: aesthetic) --- …[View]
26284192sadbois welcomed https://discord.gg/Xm9gQUw new server w/ small community https://discord.gg/Xm9gQUw[View]
26284178You have lost the will to live[View]
26287870Male/30/ohio/straight looking for Meetup with female. Trade pics or vids. Role play. Rape play. Im a…[View]
26287651Sissy looking be be hypnotized or hypno trained :) 21yroldsub on kik. or sub21yrold on skype[View]
26286873Name our band.[View]
26285572cum tribute thread post if u do them or if u looking for someone who can do 4 u[View]
26286830Just received this and it's AWESOME I swear I've never felt better than when I use it I or…[View]
26287415I’ll if this is allowed but here goes. My relationship is really dry sexually and I need a female w…[View]
26286131/imt/ - Ideal Mate Thread[View]
26280782Militray did some maguc on my body.. would u agree? Also body r8 thread[View]
26287234Kik me @ WankOverMyMum Message me if you want to see some pictures of my somewhat of a sexy mum[View]
26287071Massachusetts / Boston meetup general Post your area code/discord/kik/likes/dislikes[View]
26274072Fresh new dick rate thread make sure you rate others[View]
2628694725yo/M/France Snap : olaf76100[View]
26282518How about an Indiana thread? Anyone lurking? Kokomo? Tipton?[View]
26284656East Tennessee exhibitionist thread ? Any body in the tri cities this is a place for you to show off[View]
26285116Heyyy, post picture of your face And we guess age (plz do it ) :'([View]
26284977I'm trynna get this girl naked send help[View]
26284455Am having a party in like two hours Am in the Naples Florida area care to come?[View]
26284968Anyone near upstate NY like the Elmira/Corning area that wants to talk and maybe hang tonight? Pic r…[View]
26286605Mentally disabled kid who wants to be a YouTuber cant pay rent. He has been fooled into shaving his …[View]
26286689https://discord.gg/54Unh3H Welcome to twinkle cave! Very comfy chill server populated with lots of s…[View]
26270461/kdp/ - Kik Dick Pic Thread If you want to have dick pics sent to you, post your Kik username and wh…[View]
26286560Trading nudes of my ex gf kik me @Kekistann if interested to trade[View]
26286559Discord for voice chats! Text chats are ok but not preferred. Join for some new friends! Tired of se…[View]
26283750A Thread for Trades: GIRLS ONLY Just post a Snap or KiK Remember to be respectful[View]
26286492I’m looking for a new discord community to join. I like busy servers but it’s not a must. I’m a frie…[View]
26285355Which transgirl on /soc/ has a big dong and what is her Paypal Add: sauze#2124 on discord[View]
26269974post your asl and area code, and we'll see where things go. I am m 19 and 859.[View]
26285179Rate me?[View]
26129674Reasonably Comfy Mostly Banter Discord Server https://discord.gg/wwbVJnn We play Overwatch together …[View]
26286270Fucking Oklahoma Thread!!! Why Oklahoma? Because I'm lonely as fuck in this backass state. All …[View]
26282851Gay anons.. Or straight girl anons? Someone uploaded my webcam stream of me cumming. This is the scr…[View]
26286132Is there a common meme on /soc? I have been using it for the past few months and I have not noticed …[View]
26286224Any other fags from UCSC or the Santa Cruz area? 19/m/bi Looking for short/fem/cute boys. Or girls, …[View]
26275887looking for this girl does anyone know how to find her? its important[View]
26286014im a weird shy slightly weebish guy that likes video games ive also been told im cute but 2 shy to e…[View]
26282625Why am I so attractive? 24 here and had to ignore several dates this week alone. Is there any female…[View]
26284908Cute pet trading thread -Bunnies -Horses -Chickens -Puppies -Pug (Also nudes) Unicorndame/26/F[View]
26285949someone want show me masturbate on snapchat? M 24y european 18m[View]
26285908DISCORD PARTY! ALT-RIGHT. JOIN YOU FAGS. https://disc0rd.gg/2CjQuvx[View]
26284875Any girls here really into be impregnated? I want to make you my beautiful wife. I want a girl who…[View]
26282758/BGT/ Hi, I'm Hanah and I'm starting a big girls thread! I tried to post last thread but m…[View]
26285821Discord Server family! Get in this hell hole and have some good ass times. We got a fuckin' col…[View]
26285663Come to centennial middle school at 8:20 and yell racist shit[View]
26284440Amarillo Texas Meet Up?[View]
26283478Why the fuck are women so fickle? I was at the mall the other day when an ex who I dated back in 201…[View]
26267744I made a post earlier today on /b/ but it got deleted. maybe because everyone wouldnt believe I was …[View]
26278669New York State meet up thread. Include a/s/l including your area code and what you’re looking for. H…[View]
26284972Does anyone on here make amateur porn films. As I want her to be in one? She will do multiple Cocks …[View]
26284118rate my boy foot[View]
26284560Hi soc https://discord.gg/fErCsW3 Come check out our discord. Were a varied group of individuals loo…[View]
26276340Anyone in Paris would like to meet up? Drinks, walks, whatever. Arrived yesterday and I’m already c…[View]
26253330Female roll thread. Let's bring a little fun and dare back to this board. Do not roll, if you…[View]
26271402Femanon NO NUDES roll thread. Tired of everything having to be about nudes. So let's see the fa…[View]
26273945I just got home from the doctor where he told me I have hvs 1. He said I have no symptoms and this w…[View]
26285032>tfw its ur b-day >tfw ure lonely and wont get any presents anyone wanna give a lonely b-day …[View]
26261508New Gay Kik Thread[View]
26284379Anyone in MD/DC looking for a fun time? I'm poly and down for stuff with traps/trans. My kik is…[View]
26284092someone make the loneliness go away it hurts[View]
26285044Autism United Discord 4tBxvEY `)[View]
26284993Trap trying to earn some Amazon Gift Cards! Message my kik@ivy_love998[View]
26281969Do your worst to my wife.[View]
26281914California thread Wanna smoke with some new people, strictly platonic.[View]
26284752Tennessee Meet up thread? I know there’s gotta be some other TNfags on here. 22/m/bi here in Murfre…[View]
26278692Looking for a girl to move in with me. Cliffs notes: *) I'm wealthy, tall, white, and fit. *) T…[View]

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