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/gd/ - Graphic Design

Displaying 28 expired threads from the past 3 days

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305226Can someone identify this for me? Thanks in advance[View]
305208How to pain inside letter?: How can I paint only inside this letter? I've been looking around o…[View]
305385Identity critique: Personal logo. I really like how it turned out, but would it be suitable for form…[View]
304477Revived: https://archived.moe/gd/thread/290638[View]
305297what method of coloring is best?: alright its like this i go to a school where one of the subjects i…[View]
299553Abstract: The Art of Design: New Netflix documentary series about different disciplines of design. A…[View]
304270Whats the secret behind profesionall looking logos?[View]
305040Tips on board posters?: This one's for /tv/, but I'm making a few posters for the upcoming…[View]
305329Would some photoshop king be able to make this wall cladding a seamless texture. i will bow down for…[View]
305190what if I want to do everything?: I want to illustrations, do posters, create typography, create UI…[View]
305244I've heard experience beats education in working as a graphic designer. What does that mean abo…[View]
305064fontself: can somebody poast a link to this magic please?[View]
305233GRAPHIC DESIN' FAGS: every /gd guy ever[View]
305195Can y'all help me design my album's cover? I'm not very experienced with graphic desi…[View]
304424I'm messing around on In Design trying to create a logo and accidently did this. What's t…[View]
303888i've been workig on a monogram for my name: Agustin Guzman Chispan what do you think???[View]
304679I made middle and right (inspiration from left) in Ps. How do I make the terrain more believable? Al…[View]
305083I made a campaign logo and poster: just for fun could i get some critiques on why its shit? also, po…[View]
305125what to expect: >be me >originally software engineer >have natural talents creative mind, n…[View]
304417What is the sexiest font on a solid background? A font that is free to use.[View]
305063trying to campaign for a position via FB, but im not quite sure whether to work in the non busy port…[View]
304837Who /applying while employed/ here? It's such an amazing feeling being able to turn down compan…[View]
305031Does anyone know a sheet my blender to know the shortcuts? At my school we're using 3ds max, an…[View]
303839vector from raster that doesn't suck?: how do you make vector images from raster that don'…[View]
304933What do you think of mine fictional nation's flag, coat of arms and map?[View]
304733>MFW just upgraded from Photoshop CS6 to CC 2017 What cool shit should I know about that got adde…[View]
304848Hey /GD/. Do you have a favourite set of typefaces and keep using them or do you use a lot, and you …[View]
304911what do you do for fun in PS?[View]

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