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/gd/ - Graphic Design

Displaying 30 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
325948Graphic Design uni: Greetings /gd/, I am sending in my application for Graphic Design uni on Monday.…[View]
325936Unsure about my logo: I've been self-teaching myself for almost 3 years, and I've got phot…[View]
325102Paying $10 via PayPal for assignment: This might take no time at all: I'm wanting a flyer/poste…[View]
327077any feedback?[View]
325847can anyone turn this into vaporwave or glitch?[View]
325756/o/ here, does /gd/ like racing liveries?[View]
326433Wordpress Instant Contact Information: does anybody know a free plugin that lets me do this?[View]
326951Post your favourite dynamic/modular brands. OCADU has made good use of a dynamic framing device in t…[View]
326115in Mexico 4 out of 5 employers pay minimum wage for graphic design work, companies and businesses as…[View]
326860Do you guys think copying an existing artwork (for training purposes, not meant to use as portfolio)…[View]
326869/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Stealing the format from /g/ For some reason, I can't use any …[View]
326986Please make it as weird as possible: I need a picture for the flyer of my doomsday Silvestre party. …[View]
326960any problems you have in your daily lives that graphic design could solve?[View]
326947Does skillshare worth it?: is this thing worth it? im looking for typography, patterns and general g…[View]
326788Choose your fighter.[View]
326950ITT we try to draw something cool! Post your coordinates and your color (RGB values preferred). Maxi…[View]
326508Advice for Design/Video Editing Laptop: I am interested in buying a laptop somewhere in the $1300 ra…[View]
325700Luxury Design and Branding: Alright, For all of us noncasuals in the graphic design industry or in t…[View]
326925Hey guys so my friend asked me to make him pic related and I said I'd do it for 5 bucks Spent a…[View]
326898Anyone know how I can get this effect on the image in Illustrator or Photoshop, I imagine Illustrato…[View]
326876in my spare time, i make wallpapers for my phone. I personally like them, but somebody told me that …[View]
326885Mobile web site navigation: Hello /gd/ I am currently working on a web site for which I have to come…[View]
326854how do you make 3D letters and stack them in illustrator like in pic related? newbie here[View]
325696not sure if this is the right board, but how do you make stuff like this? I really like the VHS effe…[View]
324664Why does every company try to steal Apple’s aesthetic?[View]
323725Can we talk about the absolute apex of design that this is?[View]
326605Are you happy that the skeuomorphism is dead?[View]
326188Font Share is Life: Hi I am desperately looking for LL Moderne from Lineto https:// lineto.com/Line…[View]

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