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Displaying 18 expired threads from the past 3 days

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298575Tips 'n Tricks: Sup dudes. I just started in uni for Game Design. Going more for level design t…[View]
297978Avatar profile picture: Can someone make an cartoon avatar profile picture? Can you make the hair co…[View]
298556I’m planning on designing an interactive map of a cell. Attached image shows a bit of what I’m going…[View]
298496Pixel Art Thread: Chill Pixel and Aesthetic Art[View]
298411New to graphic design: For some reason I got it into my head that I wanted to design a racing game m…[View]
297671Hey fampai, anyone has any of these links? https://creativemarket.com/Photific/991203-Gildan-2400-Lo…[View]
297936So my uncle is opening a restaurant and because I'm his nephew he thought I could design his me…[View]
297420Logo out of 2 random words: Pick 2 random words and make a logo out of it http://www.textfixer.com/t…[View]
298359Hello /gd/ Is there any way I could make top left picture (man and trees) into better quality? I hav…[View]
298511I think you guys can help me, since you guys need this to work. I didn't find this category in …[View]
298509confidential work?: I was just offered an in house job a graphic design job for a company that does …[View]
297762Personal Portfolio Website: Hey guys, I recently launched my website portfolio, thought I could shar…[View]
298430Hi, i need help. I'm using CorelDraw but I think its time to move to PS. But God damn... i dont…[View]
298381How do I into minimalist?[View]
298352Is 'good' design something that we are perpetually refining and improving over time, or is it merely…[View]
298469Beginner Tutorials Collection: Hello /gd/ I recently found this (Russian?) guy doing tutorials in In…[View]
293601Résumé critique thread: We used to have these, and I can't find one... and i kinda need help We…[View]
298314Can somebody find [this font?: Hey guys, So i've been asked to make a poster based off 'Ir…[View]

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