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Displaying 29 expired threads from the past 3 days

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321714what the name of this typo?[View]
321224Check out my latest Logo: I have been doing a daily design challenge logo, and this is my last one. …[View]
321309Wacom Black Friday deals?: Anyone knows if Wacom does good deals on its tablets on black friday? Bee…[View]
321669thought on affinity designer: i heard its better then photoshop and only 50 dallor[View]
321602https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpfRIUfovAs how easy is it to make that overlaying effect in the be…[View]
321621>pic unrelated, I just googled an image Can I get recommendations on font for a traditional 1800…[View]
321527Suggestions, Opinions?: Hello /gd/, I am a graphic design intern for a small computer repair busines…[View]
316666:thinking: thread: I'm sharing my collection :thinking: emoji's feel free to contribooooot…[View]
321617Halp: Hey guys, I need some help. I wrote an article about programmers being smug. I am fucking sic…[View]
321254100k in savings, become a graphic designer?: You have 100k in savings and you're nearing 40. No…[View]
321550Hi, I'm working on a Cyberpunk game, and this would be the generic button design. However, I…[View]
321598$40 for easy photoshop: I need to change the dates and times on screenshots of my work schedule. Pic…[View]
321587Make text same color as logo or black?: (This topic is not about dropbox) What considerations you wo…[View]
321393how to rip anything from creative market?: need a couple of themes/codes/plugins/etc from creative m…[View]
321091I am in charge of making posters for my university's pub events, and in two weeks there's …[View]
320260ITT: Best designer companies / branding I’ll start Coca Cola[View]
321547Resume: Today I will try to find a job, do you guys have a good looking resume that I can fill out w…[View]
321195Creative Cloud: Is there a way to keep the programs installed with Creative Cloud working after the …[View]
321543Shutterstock I pay: I need a picture on shutterstock Your price is mine Leave me an email with your …[View]
321534Hands: Do you have any tips to draw hands ? I always get something wrong. If it isnt the shape , its…[View]
321346Daily Shirt sites: does anyone on here have any experience uploading designs to daily shirt sites li…[View]
319247Does this look like an 'L' and an 'M'[View]
321263How to make portfolio with only personal, no commercial projects? I have great skills with programs …[View]
321482Duck illustration: Here is a Duck illustration using the golden ratio principles but not following i…[View]
320554Opinions on Star Trek: Discovery opening credits? https://streamable.com/4c6wc[View]
320685Is it me or this cover reeks of shitty 2000s design?[View]
321477Hello /gd/. Can you give me advice on where to find a visual designer who would be interested in wor…[View]
321305'Graphic design is my passion': How can you say 'Graphic design is my passion' in a more complicated…[View]

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