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Displaying 71 expired threads from the past 7 days

No. Name Excerpt Replies
295081AnonymousDoes anyone know where there are 3d 'environments' to explain a bit, look at pic related. when you…6[View]
295094AnonymousThis logo and name just turned 130 years this year, because it was created by Frank Robinson in 1887…0[View]
295030AnonymousWhat course?: Anyone else self-study here? I used to think that I could pursue GD and learning Photo…7[View]
295004AnonymousWhat do you call those blank high quality stock images to overlay with your design and where can I a…5[View]
295028AnonymousThe epitome of album art design: [spoiler]Yeah, it's official.[/spoiler]0[View]
294958AnonymousHow do I achieve this effect?2[View]
295011Anonymoustroll irl: I want to print the window parts of this photo and print it out to scale. After that i wi…2[View]
293131AnonymousWhat graphics tablet should I get?: I got 500 dollar this christmas and i've decided on buying …13[View]
294991AnonymousSurrealism inspired graphic design: I am looking for examples of graphic design/designers that has o…2[View]
294989AnonymousPixel Art: anyone wanna share any of their work?1[View]
294768AnonymousHow to become good on crowdsourcing contests? It's too difficult for me to make bucks because …12[View]
294972Anonymousbotanical illustration: Hey, where does every fancy designer ever get these botanical illustrations?…1[View]
294764AnonymousHey guys you think that is good ? It's my work for competition (poster) about tolerant10[View]
294965Belsy RodriguezArreglar foto: Please, necesito me ayuden a eliminar de esta foto los 2 señores que posan al fondo d…3[View]
294959AnonymousI don't know if it's ok to ask about video editing on this board because I don't know…2[View]
294927Anonymoushey /gd/ is there a site you steal from? I am lazy and I like to steal stuff. I like to use vectors …4[View]
294954AnonymousCan someone give her a placard?0[View]
294839Anonymousbored.: someone make something beast af with the term 'mofje'3[View]
294924AnonymousCleaner lines: I've been using the paths tool in GIMP to outline stuff, but I'm never able…2[View]
293773AnonymousWhat's the path to becoming a data visualization specialist? Can I make money if I try to becom…5[View]
294932AnonymousMy draw: Draw my girlfriend, it's something that I do for a while, I hope you like them, not ev…2[View]
294917AnonymousCan anyone tell me what font this is? If its not a downloadable font, how would I make it?1[View]
294903AnonymousWhat do you think?1[View]
294888AnonymousMisterHorse AC Presets: anons I'm unable to find a free version of MisterHorse's 'The Most…0[View]
293602AnonymousX thematic design: I'm trying to design a sticker for my good friend and I'm using x'…5[View]
294870AnonymousSearching a game Forum - Design Layout to Code :): Like the topic said.. I´m searching a Game Forum …0[View]
293633AnonymousLine Icons: Where do you guys get your free, copyright free, for commercial use line icons?5[View]
294841AnonymousAnyone has David Rudnick fonts to share? Specifically HyperZeit http://davidrudnick.org/HyperZeit1[View]
292341AnonymousCan you make a better 4Chan mascot?: >Can you do better /gd/? Show don't tell boyos!!…16[View]
294762AnonymousI'm having big problems with this logo, HVTV it's supposed to be like the old MTV logo, bu…6[View]
294795AnonymousHow right am I, and why chimera colors are superior?13[View]
292337RobunkyIs this in bad taste atm?18[View]
294242AnonymousCan someone make me some banners? it's suppose to say: Stjärnornas Krig - S.44. and I want it …5[View]
294778Anonymouslooking for dope anime pics edits, preferably sadboys aesthetic1[View]
294523Anonymousbackground color recommendation ( ? ): Which color would go best as a background color for pic relat…28[View]
294772AnonymousQuestion: Anyone know if the Huion WH1409 tablet is comptaible with Photoshop, Cinema 4D Etc Pic not…1[View]
294721AnonymousWhen simplifying things, how do you know what details to keep in a design and what can be left out?7[View]
293855AnonymousSo what are you guys working on? Pic related. My friend asked me to make him an eclipse insignia. Pl…19[View]
294751AnonymousHi ! I am a Webdesigner, and I spend lot of rime making redesign of gaming companies. Here is white …0[View]
294388beginnerjust downloaded GIMP: i wanna play around with tell me what i should do! :) and do you have tips? kl…3[View]
294719AnonymousHey /gd/ How do I create something cute yet universal? I know it is subjective what universal can me…1[View]
294639brownpillowPrinting Question: Hey /gd/, looking for some advice. I've been working mostly with designing b…3[View]
293789OPI want to make a bootleg of the DG's Death Classic t-shirt Do you think this'll look good …12[View]
293549AnonymousAlbum cover help: I'm going to be releasing an album soon and I could use a little help with id…13[View]
294582AnonymousCritique this as I have it thus far.: I was inspired by the logo for Cracked Canoe beer... however I…5[View]
294016AnonymousSelling Mockups: Hi anon, anybody is a mockup seller here? I did a very good book mockup and I was g…12[View]
294228Anonymousfirealpaca: quick shit design1[View]
294563AnonymousMonospaced typeface for URLs: So, I'm working on updating a template I created for published la…4[View]
294424AnonymousDiscord For Commissions: https://discord.gg/G5u4yMm Anyone Can Join For Commissions, Weither it be p…0[View]
294416Anonymoushttp://www.dyem2.com/vote-americas/nggallery/page/3 Hello /gd/. I am looking for help placing in a …5[View]
294521AnonymousFont Share Threads?: Is there a Font Share Thread?? Can't find any. Help please.1[View]
294469AnonymousDo you create your own magazine/package/iphone mockups?: Are there any tutorials to do your own? Do …5[View]
294152AnonymousWacom intuos n00b: I received this for Christmas. I have never done any graphic design or drawing on…6[View]
294411AnonymousThis might not be the right place for this, but where else, /gd/, where else? So, this is stupid, bu…4[View]
293281AnonymousLogo for my comedy/political commentary YT channel. Advice?15[View]
294008AnonymousHow and where does one pirate pro fonts? I'm talking OpenType files with full features like wha…15[View]
294408Anonymousmaking a creative group for graphics designers can /gd/ help me come up with a few name suggestions?1[View]
292285Anonymousmy cc trial ended and I have a project due on monday. Does anyone know how to reset a trial?10[View]
294393AnonymousRequest: hello, can someone please add a dark gray backround (#424949) to this photo, i tried with m…5[View]
292793AnonymousDoes /gd/ not have a stupid question thread? Seems like everyone's asking stuff Willy-nilly.27[View]
294348 !IeO80NFwHATop 14 Graphic Design Terms Commonly Misused By Novice Creatives. Creative Infographic: http://www.p…2[View]
294293AnonymousWhat's the best program to shoop moving faces from a video to another without having to deal wi…6[View]
294169AnonymousSup /gd/ Let's make a million dollar website that will be REALLY FUCKING EASY. I need ONE AND O…13[View]
293664AnonymousHow to stop creative block when coming up with a logo?3[View]
294276Anonymousis there somewhere I can go to print out a large poster of my own image by myself, i.e. without some…2[View]
293092Anonymoushi /gd/, i have a technical question for you. i want to string a series of gifs together to make a l…4[View]
293965AnonymousHey /gd/ i'm currently studying a Communications Degree and i have experience in video editing,…3[View]
294275AnonymousIs there a way to upscale pictures with no quality loss? I've vectorized a view pictures before…2[View]
294262AnonymousYou could resize this gif at 120x120 px and not more than 24 kb. Thanks2[View]
294122AnonymousDesign theft: What are the chance of companies stealing your designs they asked you to design as job…3[View]

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