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Displaying 26 expired threads from the past 3 days

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331999My latest 'punk' poster.: What are your general thoughts?[View]
333259There's a technician degree called multimedia production. What do they teach you there? Do I ne…[View]
333217Help needed: How to make photo to look old and vintage like this in Photoshop?[View]
333275what program did he used ?: In this video , what program did this guy use to animate ? any1 know ?…[View]
333019Opinion of this colour palette: Asking for a mate[View]
333181Hi gd I have been fiddling around with photoshop because i thought 'i can make my own logo', but im …[View]
333262Is it possible to tell if a PDF bank statement has been doctored and if so, how? Asking for a friend…[View]
332778thoughts tips for logo Ive made: Like it? hate it? any tips?[View]
333220AE presentations: Hi /gd/. I am trying to find a easy way to use after effects for presentations ins…[View]
333103Is there an ez tool to make charts like this? I'm trying to make something for my business like…[View]
333075youtube channel art: Hey im trying to start a youtube channel and am having trouble making a banner …[View]
332389bruh im dead[View]
332935Hi, I need the attached image in a yellow/mustard colour and a red colour. Will pay $20 (0.0203772 E…[View]
333168What is the best video editing software out there?: Free paid whatever? Thanks for the help.[View]
333084Hi, I'm looking for a nice Google Chrome infographic, like the one my other Chrome extension: h…[View]
333146hey /gd/ what would be the best way to create the outline effect on the top line in pic related via …[View]
332971I'm starting mi career in drawing things. This is my profile. I accept requests.[View]
332346hi anons! I have a company called SpokoTech that creates small ios/computer games, if you have the t…[View]
332580Your First Job As A Designer: A few questions about it - >Did it meet your expectations? >Ho…[View]
330030God tier album art thread. No vaporwave.[View]
331197Mice: curious what /gd/ uses for a mouse? Basic junk? Gaming mouse? Trackpad? Looking for mouse reco…[View]
332811How to do this kind of glitchy/fragmented effect?[View]
332831When consistency makes shit look odd af.[View]
332995random album art thread: last one hit post limit >Band name https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special…[View]
332963Opinions? Of course the company name is SpokoTech[View]
332984Does anyone know how to do this effect?: Is there a video or if someone can show me how to do this e…[View]

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