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Displaying 19 expired threads from the past 3 days

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315965Is it used in the industry?: I was recently introduced to adobe animate cc this year and have grown …[View]
316040Best way to subliminally Photoshop a penis in a picture? Leaving my job and want to leave this everl…[View]
316294Took an entry level Photoshop class this summer for elective. This was a project (of student's …[View]
316225I've made some mistakes in my life and I'm a 29 year old neet without a degree. How do I t…[View]
314687Anyone here interested in a Telegram group for Graphic Design? Made one here: https://t.me/joinchat/…[View]
316116Best lossless image format?[View]
314828My art of Overwatch's REAPER: The art of Overwatch game character reaper[View]
314519Despite me just being a web developer I got handed a bunch of images like this for the products sect…[View]
316267WORLD CUP GET IN HERE: /gd/ vs /int/ https://implyingrigged.info/wiki/[View]
316258I wanted to try drawing again after 4 years with my Wacom Bamboo tablet, I have the table but I abso…[View]
314017Enjoy my latest piece.[View]
312272How can I create a good color scheme?[View]
316238>That guy who always says designs he likes are 'sexy'[View]
316220Gondola's origin.[View]
316154R8 the logo: I did this logo and i just wanna know if i did it well or wadup[View]
314357>Spend two days thinking of the perfect logo that fits the name, blends well and looks good. >…[View]
316161I've recently came across a creative block and can't seem to think of any ideas. I'm …[View]
314440Creativity and drugs: Soon after starting working in the field I got to a point, where I just ran ou…[View]
315349graphic design: what yall think? done in illustrator[View]

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