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/gd/ - Graphic Design

Displaying 42 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
311128Hey Guys I have recently encountered a strange problem while drawing with my Intuos pro, specificall…[View]
311091redpill me on Bangladeshi designers. Why is there a literal billion of them ? Why do they all make t…[View]
311116Designing Card Face and Card Back: In a process of making a card game, this is the style I'm go…[View]
311085Starting a competitive team for a Pokemon Tournament. I have terrible shop skills and was looking fo…[View]
311106Rate this /gd/[View]
311108Do you hear it? This little guy is laughing at you. heheheheh[View]
311084how do i approach potential clients? just got my degree and there is a small business festival in my…[View]
310905I need help, fast. Basically, I did the math wrong on a tileset design I made and it's resolut…[View]
310075How do you build a portfolio when you don't have a job and school is over? I thought about crea…[View]
310888How do I break into the graphic design field at a younger age? I'm 18 but I'm trying to ge…[View]
310970What is this typeface on Antique Gadsden Flag.: I'm in the UK, and I sometimes get asked to mak…[View]
310960Riddle: I found this on the internet the one who guess what page you are a porn drawing[View]
310243Do you guys know where can I download a collection of vector images such as the one in the related p…[View]
310801quick question: Does this look too much like a nazi flag?[View]
310991I'm aiming to animate this character of mine, to do a walk cycle, run cycle, etc. by using Afte…[View]
310300rates? threw something together[View]
310338Any good free animation software? I've had it up to here with Adobe's faggotry and I want …[View]
310963For any in house graphic designers on here, whats the usual turn around time per client? I understan…[View]
310442whats this effect?: What is this effect called? are these two blended pictures actually lit this way…[View]
310968How can I get this screen printing effect: in illustrator?[View]
310920somebody link to me where I can download all these programs also I'm not spending money, so if …[View]
304225simplier Photoshop?: Is a there a software (or plans to announce one) which could take over from PS?…[View]
310944What are some ways to find easy quick jobs on internet just to make a couple bucks ? I thought abou…[View]
310953Hi guys, do you know where can I get ZBrush for mac for free? I'm tired of finding it only for …[View]
310568How do we fix this shit?: IOS11 New control center[View]
310659Retro effect: Can someone please tell me how can I make this kind of effect using photoshop? Or what…[View]
299635Show off some cloth design you made: Made this today, pretty basic.[View]
310637HTML5 3D-2D Animation advice: Ive got an idea for a website that involves said title and have sent 2…[View]
310857Web developer here , i need some tips and advice how Design magazine cover , i already read and do s…[View]
306152/crit/ - Critique General: 'Baskerville 10 Pro' Edition[View]
309559nachinalves@gmail.com: Indie edits thread 7u7 i start <3 stormlord01.tumblr.com[View]
310843please pimp this ride for me[View]
310866Making a presentation video: Hi, I want to make some sort of presentation that I'll later voice…[View]
310668Anyone here take the Adobe Illustrator certification test? I'm a rookie graphic designer (in a …[View]
310770Hello /GB/ I'm looking to do some small Photoshop shit, but I don't want to pay because I…[View]
310015What were they thinking?[View]
306562when will the flat icon meme end[View]
310831sfsf: ▲ ▲ ▲[View]
310403Stuff u made on MS paint cause you can't handle Photoshop: share your gems![View]
296839Random Album Art Thread: >Band name https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Random >Album name h…[View]
310806Happy Birthday Michael J. Fox: It's his birthday today and a special music dedication[View]
310293if someone whos decent at graphic design can make me a vegan profile picture similar to this email m…[View]

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