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/gd/ - Graphic Design

Displaying 26 expired threads from the past 3 days

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335213Made this for /g/ (>>>/g/64867904) How can I improve it?[View]
342977College project: We were assigned with making a magazine consisting of 20 pages of whatever subject …[View]
342824Help with layout of steps/capability design element: How do I make this part of a poster I'm wo…[View]
343307Advice on going from a Graphic Designer to an Art Director: What's it like transitioning from a…[View]
343279Warnings signs of shitty clients: I'm sure a lot of people here do online gigs and freelancing,…[View]
343228r >>> graphic design: r/graphicdesign who's tit do I got to suck to be invited?[View]
343200These are just for me[View]
343214Video Work: https://youtu.be/3PIldzio0NY https://youtu.be/kT3OQwyvKmk What programs are people using…[View]
343202Hey guys, I'm trying to find a program that will take hundreds of uploaded images, cut them int…[View]
342859My first Photoshop project, tear me a new asshole.: I took me 2 hours to make this but I'm stil…[View]
343170Halp, /gd/, I'm new to graphic design and I need to make 1mm bleed/margins for a sticker design…[View]
342852CBD Brand: Hello all For a CBD brand with marketing geared somewhat more towards women, which do you…[View]
341656is there a font similar to Product Sans?[View]
343118looking for start: i'm new in the graphic design business and was wondering if there any good w…[View]
343122one of the most successful websites ever produced is a bare-bones, hardly-scripted, single page wall…[View]
343109What do you listen to while working? Podcasts? 24/7 lo-fi hip-hop beats to study to? Movies? Looki…[View]
342892A good image editor on android?: I need help. I'd like to design some pics with written message…[View]
342238whats the best house design software? I don't care about a price as long as there is pirated ve…[View]
343084Google Images: >Doesn't this look nice? Sure, displaying search results in columns is counte…[View]
343075New to everything: i would like to learn how to code ... where is the best place to learn this…[View]
343018Help my clothing brand: any tips for the designs in my clothing brand? code 4chan for $5 off btw the…[View]
342864How can I create something like this?: I am starting up a web design business and want to have a mod…[View]
343047Midnight draw from some time ago, rate it and I'll give you a 3D cookie[View]
341906Just spent 3 hours browsing through Upwork web 'designers'. A bunch of pajeets with ZERO actual desi…[View]
342700Not entirely sure if this goes on here or on /g/ (or /wsr/ for that matter) as my question is slight…[View]
343006Drawing Logos From Memory Thread: I'd like to see what people come up with. I think it's i…[View]

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