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301371heard a story a few days ago of a kid in high school in my area who had made ~450k trademarking and …[View]
302112.: .[View]
301332Poke Restaurant Logo: My dad asked me to make a logo for his poke restaurant and I want to make him …[View]
300802Pirating?: Why do a lot of people pirate editing software? Isn't it considered stealing, or are…[View]
302089Best font for night life business card?: I need help deciding on good fonts for a business card cent…[View]
302024Can we ban how do I find X program for free / how to I torrent X If you don't know how to torre…[View]
301763Line straightening: Have this image and I'm trying to figure out how to straighten and smoothen…[View]
301845Hey guys im working on a school project where i need to do several cd sleeves(pic related) and a car…[View]
301935Hello, for a project i want to draw a fist composed of leaves/flowers/nature element, i must admit i…[View]
301945Plugins cheapen the work. I'd rather use C4D for more deliberate jobs. Agreed? I fucking hate P…[View]
301862futurism: working on a futurism project and have to recreate similar art styles possibly mixing in a…[View]
301926Editing Text: This is probably such a simple question. If I want to add this effect to my text what …[View]
301833Not a graphic designer, never took drawing classes: So please be nice, but can I get some criticism?…[View]
301760I needed a logo for (name changed a bit) frameboard.info My friend found this https://d13yacurqjgar…[View]
301850Just gonna leave this here. Album art I created for my friend. Feel free to tell me what you think![View]
301773What font is this: Anyone know what font this is? It's kinda blurry so i'm having a hard t…[View]
301627>We need a font that tells our customers that were modern, hip, and edgy. Make sure it's gen…[View]
301755I need a software to make a background from patterns that are repeated again and again. I found this…[View]
301808Art page![View]
301736Hey /gd/ multimedia design student here. What are the design ethics/rules you personally follow and …[View]
301780RSS with mobile UI, App reviews: Hey guys! Is there a good rss for mobile UI inspiration? The one wh…[View]
301246A multi photos poster: How do you design one? 3-4 pictures ok, i'll wing it but my boss wants 1…[View]
301095http://1stamender.com/article.php?articlenumber=1142 How often has this happened to you, honestly…[View]
301729What font is this?: Hi /gd/, any of you know what font is this?[View]
301740I need a software to make a background from patterns that are repeated again and again. I found this…[View]
301326Anyone can explain me how make this colour effect?[View]

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