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20134845All right guys need some advice if you can on some job opportunities i have. None of these jobs are …[View]
20134850Has the world gone mad?: Is this unusual? I was at a girls place last night watching the new season…[View]
20134906Need a ip and mac address locator for local connected networks: i want my therapist to prescribe me …[View]
20134539its been well over two weeks. nothing has changed: Potsdam college student here, its been a while si…[View]
20134749How do I become more confident at the wheel? I've driven for a long time and already have my li…[View]
20134865What is wrong with me?: >be me 20 year old dude >virgin.jpeg >start dating this girl >dr…[View]
20133669>I hate being black How do I stop thinking this?[View]
20134706Is it bad if I don’t care about having any friends[View]
20133736I believe I need to join some kind of organization now but don't know any. So I think I'm…[View]
20134753Lonely: I’ve managed to turn both of my two best friends (4 and 10 years of friendship) away from me…[View]
20134804To be a scumbag or not: I am torn between what I want to do and what I should do here /adv/ >be m…[View]
20134743What are the signs and keys to a healthy relationship?[View]
20134789About to get my urine tested: Any advice? If I jack off the night before, will they be able to see t…[View]
20133453How to have a conversation: I'm in my late-20s and within the last few years I suddenly stopped…[View]
20132844How can I forgive my parents for fucking me up (albeit involuntarily) they way they did?[View]
20134471What is the point of being 'successful' if everyone dies because of climate change or economical col…[View]
20134669Met amazing girl and want to have a chance: >Met a girl at a party in college two days ago >Ab…[View]
20134724I need a good meme board on 4chan that is SFW help me put anons[View]
20133775My friend needs creon pills, /adv/. Problem is they are very expensive here. I searched online and t…[View]
20134738I want to work overseas. What is the best way to do this as an engineer.[View]
20134722Girlfriend: So I think I'm developing feelings for one of my girlfriends bestfriends and I feel…[View]
20134465I want to be aa sexpat which countries have the most gaijin hunters[View]
20134679I need help, I feel like I'm losing my mind: Idk where to start so here goes nothing. The other…[View]
20134640ANIME DATE[View]
20134484So I'm pretty bad at sex and don't fornicate very often, thus i hardly last either. This g…[View]
20134083Without getting into detail, how do I learn to quit being a pushover and get over my phobia of confr…[View]
20134077Need help with a friendship: Hey /adv/, I've never posted here, but I'm hoping that will i…[View]
20134195gurl problem: sitting on bus coming back from football game with crush(has bf). were really good fri…[View]
20134490Is everyone really worth something? I keep thinking about why someone would want to be with me bc co…[View]
20134501>born in shitty small town >trapped here against will my entire life >try to leave for year…[View]
20132607>stuck in toxic living environment. >no money saved >earn $500/month online wut do…[View]
20134194no control over my urges: first of all, don't try to track me down and report me to any authori…[View]
20134202I really want to stop being bisexual. I want kids, but I feel pretty attracted to men. Can I conditi…[View]
20134344Help: I Asked girl out & she said we could go on dates but she doesn’t want a relation ship righ…[View]
20134329Girl I'm in a friends with benefits relationship with has a problem. All's well and good, …[View]
20133564There is a woman i have a crush on, i'm 5'9 and 180 lb with zero chances to have a relatio…[View]
20134283I have no friends: Hi guys, I'm 286lbs and 72'' I like to know how can I change my fr…[View]
20134387My sister told me if you want a guy to love you and to be with you just force him to be fat. Is that…[View]
20134367Is journalism a good career to pursue? Everyone tells me its a dead career, that no one reads anymor…[View]
20134282Have a suspicion that I may have mild schizophrenia due to me seeing inanimate objects move and dist…[View]
20134304I need money: People always say that it's easy to be a woman because you can make easy money wi…[View]
20134296It’s sunday night and I want bad bitches on my dick /adv/ how can I do it?[View]
20134143Recently moved into a house with gf of 2 years. Just started uni. Seriously starting to think I wil…[View]
20133576What do I say to a chubby girl who I think is really attractive but has insecurities about her weigh…[View]
20134166What should i do today? 930am and in the city[View]
20134267I am bipolar and currently experiencing a terrible depression. My boss knows this and recommends I t…[View]
20134222How do i become an NPC? I don't like being unique, i just want to blend in and be like the rest…[View]
20133869How do I make up for having a 4 inch dick? I'm 26 and have never made a move on a girl out of e…[View]
20133832How do I accept that I will never have a girlfriend and stop dwelling on it?[View]
20134223Anyone from Eastern Europe here? I have been shut in for years due to support mommy and daddy and im…[View]
20134041So I just got back from a date with a married woman /pol/. She had blue hair but wasn't your ty…[View]
20134190Redpill me on coffee, is it good or no?: Should I stay away from it or no?[View]
20134168My 7 year old pugs teeth are really fucked up, what can I do to help fix it?? Pic related[View]
20132700To break up?: 11 KB JPG >be me, never had a gf >by some alignment of the stars finally manage …[View]
20134134Do people really do stuff like sweep/vacuum, wipe down all the counters and mop the floor every sing…[View]
20134169it all doesn't matter: Each day that goes by is one step close to the day I lay it all down. I …[View]
20134105I have terrible self esteem and feel somewhat unworthy of a girl as pretty as the one I’m going to t…[View]
20133910Feeling really weird, it's like I'm not the same person anymore.: Feeling really weird, it…[View]
20132112Should I leave my new job?: It's been 3 months since I started my new job. There are no clear s…[View]
20134034Do you believe a drunk person's words are a sober person thouYou broke my heart... I don't…[View]
20134115Not sure how True: But it seems that I have found a group that believes that autistic people are lit…[View]
20133951¿Could someone help me ban this piece of shit?https://twitter.com/MehrSolo?s=09[View]
20133961Is wearing makeup bad for your skin?[View]
20133787Looked down on as a single male: I’m in my late twenties, i’m healthy, /fit/ and single. A lot of my…[View]
20133827I made a facebook account so that I could have a try at getting a GF through Tinder. It was fine for…[View]
20133665I was thinking about starting to do irl livestream on twitch at the gym. Is that something people wo…[View]
20133881My dad is taking me to Vietnam like a few days after school, i want to go but not immediately after …[View]
20133859Do you think pedophiles Make these videos? are they safe for kids to watch?[View]
20134085How do I stop comparing myself with friends? Everytime it seems good things are happening to them an…[View]
20133843I have a serious paranoia of being alone. I grew up sharing a room with my sister until I was 16, I…[View]
20134068Age?: Do you ever think its possible to date someone who's now and in their 30's while you…[View]
20133666I'm trying to get better at talking to people. I notice that the people who build up the best c…[View]
20133842I'm in my late twenties and currently single and friendless with zero social life, and associat…[View]
20133582Realistically speaking, how many girls should I have sex with in my lfietime? I am 19 right now and …[View]
20133733All my friends who work 'real' jobs are busy all the time. I run my own business and it only takes l…[View]
20134027How do you become a rapper? I don't want to be famous or anything I just want to learn the art …[View]
20133027I'm a 19 year old, heterosexual male, and my entire life I've always wanted to learn to si…[View]
20132677My mom is gonna kick me out because of her boyfriend: Before someone calls me a NEET leech I’m 18 an…[View]
20133685Sick of vidya/internet: I've had a cheap laptop for ~4 years that I used on and off, but about …[View]
20132394So, I don’t know where else to turn so I’m gonna let it out here. For about a year and a half I’ve f…[View]
20134016Is there a chance?: I like this girl. I go to a giant 6A High School, and I am a Junior. Ever since …[View]
20133821Hey /adv/, I need some advice on what direction I should take with my life. >37 >Had my own re…[View]
20130027Is casual sex something that someone in his late twenties is supposed to be having a lot of? I'…[View]
20133343Going to a girls tomorrow night. Her parents aren't home. Snuggle and netflix was mentioned to …[View]
20133840Should I get a girls number or message her on instagram?[View]
20133504All of my problems come from the fact that 9 years ago, when I was 11, my father died from cancer an…[View]
20133846how can I order something from amazon and make 100% sure it will be shipped in a discreet amazon box[View]
20131170Tattoo cover: Someone told me I'm trying to hard. Help. Should I get my stomach tattoo covered?…[View]
20133858>chain smoke cigarettes every day for the past 4 years >yesterday just decide to stop >tod…[View]
20133460How do I improve my motivation? I just started college over a month ago and when I started I did eve…[View]
20133577How do I deal with the lonely thoughts when I'm alone at home?[View]
20133816How do you take attractive photos of yourself?[View]
20133586What's the best way to do a 180 from a shy virgin to a sexual wolf? I'm tired of waiting f…[View]
20129715Is ugly gf better than no gf?[View]
20133672So /adv/ I am concerned I may be homeless in the snow in a week. I quit my job and my plans fell thr…[View]
20133531Help With Conversation: May seem strange but please send me screenshots of text/tinder/discord conve…[View]
20133731Starting a Christian family as a NEET: Hey /adv/. While at church today I was thinking about how I c…[View]
20133659people treating me like shit: >had best friend >dude has a sister that i crushed hard af on...…[View]
20133746Help: I am 10 months younger than a really cute girl in the grade above me. I met her in August 2017…[View]
20133718Is watching mind screw movies unhealthy?: I have a huge boner for movies that blur the lines of real…[View]
20132698Is it possible to become well-adjusted after years of avoiding socializing, spending all your time i…[View]
20133425I'm currently 25, out of school, got a nice job and everything, but as far as my free time is c…[View]
20132800Why do I do this: Have a huge crush on my friend, ask her out, she says no. 2 weeks later shes datin…[View]
20133679I need friends for pulsar, how get, pls help[View]
20133536Help, i can't stop eating, how do i stop?[View]
20132216Things I from my personal past come come to my mind sometimes. Obviously, I can't erase not cha…[View]
20133598WUT DO: Right, I'm 31 years old. Have been in the hospitality industry for 13 years, have owned…[View]
20132798How to get myself to study?: I'm in my last year of studying at uni. I barely made it through p…[View]
20133122Ugly 27 year old virgin here, what's the best way to live life on single player mode?[View]
20132434I've always been attracted to this girl, always want to hang out with her, always think about h…[View]
20133535saying 'I love you': tomorrow makes one week with my first gf. we've talked for about…[View]
20132502I have about 5 people arguing in my head every day What is wrong with me?[View]
20132539say if i looked like pic related, how would i go about to compensate with something like a good pers…[View]
20133174So my girlfriend and I have recently decided that we want to include other people in our sex life, b…[View]
20131398What is a relationship really like?: I think the reason I'm struggling to ask anyone out is not…[View]
20133136I'm a 20 year old lad, and due to life circumstances I don't drive, couldn't afford a…[View]
20133464Hi! everybody knows that instagram facebook and whatsapp gather your info and then use it to send yo…[View]
20132758So I’m 21 right now and a few months ago my grandmother passed away pretty suddenly. She was only 65…[View]
20131962Why do girls/the world only seem to like guys if they are reserved and gruff? I just want to be happ…[View]
20132037Alright, how do I get a 5+/10 gf, adv? What I mean is what kind of social situations should I put my…[View]
20133353take home test: My professor gave us a take home test, but said no notes were allowed. I'm an h…[View]
20132210Should I just kill myself if I have a 5/10 face and am 5'7 tall? It feels like nobody, not even…[View]
20133432I need help with my lesbian friend She has a huge crush (obsession¿) on this one girl and gave me hi…[View]
20132281Is it unfair of me to want my future wife to be a virgin when I myself have had oral sex one time wi…[View]
20131236How do I stop to give a shit about what others think?[View]
20133086I approached the girl I like at the bus stop by asking her a tissue. I just tried to make her notice…[View]
20133118How are we supposed to bang when she has a roommate and I live with my parents?[View]
20132891Let's put this in greentext because it'll make a laughable story >be me >16 year old…[View]
20131372Cuckold or no?: Met this girl on tinder and found out she had a boyfriend, went out on a date and me…[View]
20133046ex is dating: She moved about an hour away, didn't want to see me anymore because of the distan…[View]
20133381So I've only ever had shitty factory jobs because I have social anxiety so I can't really …[View]
20133172First date: we had a walk while holding hands. Final kisses just on the cheeks, and she said that we…[View]
20132540How do you make girls laugh?[View]
20129741My girlfriend wants a threesome: Hi guys, So I'm usually a lurker commenting here and there, b…[View]
20133277I got hit and now the insurance company is saying my car is a total loss. I just dropped about $1000…[View]
20131109Where does an octave begin?[View]
20133144LinkedIn + Job search advice: Hi anons, Hoping someone could help me out. Went to a job interview (o…[View]
20133146Going back with an EX? Yes or No and why?[View]
20132018bored gamer: >play game >get bored before I finish it >look for new game >get bored bef…[View]
20133176How to be better if everyone around me is negative. I noticed that everyone in school was trying to …[View]
20131689How do you feel about short hair on average-looking women? Models cutting their hair is one thing, b…[View]
20127011How do I deal with NPCs on campus?[View]
20132747How do people do online dating without feeling like a scumbag? I get the impression that the girls I…[View]
20133091I'm going to visit a grandparent on a side of the family I've really never contacted befor…[View]
20132831what am i supposed to be besides browse chans and wageslave?[View]
20132870Is it wrong to keep nudes from a past relationship with someone you are still close friends with?[View]
20133066how do I stop being insecure about not having friends? during the time I did have friends I used to …[View]
20133044Need help: 3 1/2 days ago I broke a no fap I was on for 8 years. Since then I have fapped 12 fucking…[View]
20132579>all my friends who are girls say 'omg you're such a catch!' >every girl I ask out, alway…[View]
20132983how the fuck does this board have so many normies? anyways, how the fuck do I approach women withou…[View]
20131452Why do I want to feel validated by others?[View]
20132566How do I 'Reset' my brain so I can have sex like a normal person again? Ever since I was 12 or 13 I …[View]
20132331can adhd be overcome without medication?[View]
20129785GIOYC: We go through these fast, don't we?[View]
20129632life: I dont recommend reading my drama I dont know why i fell the need to talk about this now. Sup…[View]
20131658Am I a sociopath/psycopath? This is a serious question. From the day I was born. I've always ha…[View]
20131843I'm a 28 year old virgin who has been dating this girl for a few weeks. Things are going well, …[View]
20132940How do I focus? I've got a bunch of school work to do, and I literally can't bring myself …[View]
20132994How do I feel emotions again, guys? I've taken up things that interest me, I work out and take…[View]
20132952Okay, I've brought a girl home, we are going to take a look at my collection of stamps (don…[View]
20132252how do I avoid a girl whos has a slutty incident in the past? I dont mind if a girl has had sex with…[View]
20132022How do I stop wasting time ?: My problem here is that I keep downloading stuff. TV Shows, books, com…[View]
20132886How harmful is Adderall?[View]
20132968What to do: Be me 19years. Have gf for 2.5year(1st girlfriend ever), be veryy happy, I think that lo…[View]
20132327My best and closest friend is a guy He secretly wanted to pursue me as his gf for over a year I not…[View]
20132512Nursing: Looking to go to nursing school. Any advice?[View]
20132837Mentally ill girlfriend: Just broke up with my girlfriend for six years. She has been struggling wi…[View]
20132779I'm a undergrad at my University, they're offering a program to develop me into a academic…[View]
20132841After our second date the girl still hasn't given me her phone number (I've given her mine…[View]
20132829How do I get my hair to be more soft? Chicks love my curly hair but when they go in to pet it, OHHH …[View]
20132619Am i attractive/ deformity: I have what have been called by others 'dazzling' blue eyes, i work in c…[View]
20132332Need help with vultures: My brother in law and his wife are vultures. They've been trying to ki…[View]
20132117My current bf is sleeping with my ex bf: Can you help me make sense of this? I'm a white cis fe…[View]
20132273How to have a richer and more fulfilling life without having to spend any money? It seems as though …[View]
20132807>Meet cute bartender >She takes my phone and adds herself on instagram >randomly DMs me …[View]
20132778A girl not too fat likes me. she's from my church, she's not ugly but she's not a 10/…[View]
20132352How do I stop browsing 4chan so much[View]
20132776Registering my car: Just got a car and I need to register it. My mom offered to have it registered i…[View]
20132750Childhood Realization: As an adult I'm starting to realize how utterly naive I was as a child, …[View]
20132573Maybe one of the oldest problem. Me and my best friend both really like the same girl. It wasn'…[View]
20132285Our neighbor 2 doors down has 2 pitbulls. The most shelter they get is their dog houses. They'r…[View]
20132039Help me decide a present.: What would you give as a present to your girlfriend's mother for her…[View]
20131996I’m gonna ask her out tomorrow. Any tips I should know before I do?[View]
20131780I have a medical school interview next month. Any advice?[View]
20131042What is the difference between confidence and arrogance?[View]
20132373Hey, /adv/. Not a heavy question but I'm pretty dumb, so I can't figure this one out. Mayb…[View]
20132597>miss chance to make a joke in conversation and join in on the irony by just laughing without act…[View]
20132522>was with gf for 3 years >last year has been off an on, she is constantly broken up with me a …[View]
20131103Why would a girl I went on a successful date with (out for ages, said she wanted to meet up again an…[View]
20130298I have long hair and love it and maintain it carefully. Is this girl repellant?[View]
20132157No Period: My girlfriend with a long history of very irregular periods, even in the family, is not s…[View]
20131727How do you cope with being a terrible person ?[View]
20131976How to be cool: How do I become cool and desirable? How do I make people want to be around me?…[View]
20132444help: So I really like this girl, and we gave talked and been friends for a year. I need help on how…[View]
20131730Has somebody here experienced a brainfog? I feel like my head is 'locked' and my thinking …[View]
20132410Is cannabis bad for you[View]
20132582Speech Level 1: Hey, /adv/ I kinda need some help. I’ve taken the habit of talking way too fast, whi…[View]
20128152I've stumbled upon the red pill handbook Is this a meme? Honestly they make it seem like they…[View]
20132564Becoming a Tattoo Artist: Hey /adv/, I'm in pharmacy school and I absolutely fucking hate it. I…[View]
20132131How to look less mean and intimidating /Look more approachable?: >18 >A couple of people who h…[View]
20131937how 2 git gf like pic related?[View]
20131346I'm a bitter 19 year old virgin. It's currently 1:30pm. What's a fool proof plan to l…[View]
20131497>When they desperately need ur help once but when u ask them if they have time they always say th…[View]
20132456>girl I've been seeing the past few weeks says she's not ready to be exclusive yet >…[View]
20131891Fucking normies everywhere: A wise anon from 4chan once said... 'What's the root cause of Mille…[View]
20131508Hazardous chemicals on boots: In what professions do people get the most hazardous materials tracked…[View]
20132490which jobs don't require much social interaction or dealing with customers? I keep getting boun…[View]
20132287I am a senior in university and have no friends. I'm 23 and in counseling and nothing is changi…[View]
20132386I started talking to this girl a couple days ago and she said that she hasn't moved on from her…[View]
20131993How much pain do i need to put myself through to get a personality and some confidence[View]
20131600Weird situation with this girl: >me >18 y/o >7.7/10 >Kind of retarded, still a nice pers…[View]
20131344i fucked up. I made a mistake in a relationship, and it's tearing me apart. I cant eat, I cant …[View]
20132380I stopped going to school because I was having severe anxiety about 4 years ago. I'm mostly fee…[View]
20130569Is there anything really wrong with just giving up?[View]
20130809We don't appreciate life as we should: Don't wasted life in things like a work you hate, a…[View]
20132359How do I tell a girl, whom we share a friend, that I absolutely despise her? Extra points for gettin…[View]
20130746Older Women: What’s the key with older women gents? I’m about to get into a tinder hookup with a MIL…[View]
20132363I am an extreme germaphobe. Just the thought that I swallow my own spit everyday makes me gag. What …[View]
20132305Should I go to the doctors?: I had some blisters filled with a clear fluid likely a result of fricti…[View]
20132282hey medfags or curious fags or suicidefags or whatever here's a challenge for you (translation:…[View]
20132058Texted woman asking when I would see her, again, no response. That was yesterday, what should I text…[View]
20132235How do I stop sabotaging myself? I'm currently talking to a cute girl, and if all goes well, sh…[View]
20132301Leaving the country with a few bucks: My family suck, and when i say it sucks, it's because it …[View]
20132136Is it best to just not know something sometimes? Or if something is bothering you should you seek ou…[View]
20132253Quitting Smoking: Hi I want to quit smoking, i didn't smoke like 4 days. But i am afraid to ga…[View]
20132160What Do?: So I think Im in love with my bestfriend. (me m/21 her f/21) Everyone in our friend group …[View]
20132263I been living in the same city (over 1 million in population) and I never truly managed to get real …[View]
20130870So i'm very unaware of social norms in regards to social media. If a girl you were casually dat…[View]
20131932I'm broke up with my gf 4 months ago. We used to be very sexualy active and now I find myself …[View]
20131899The girl I’m seeing is on bipolar meds and they stop her from getting wet enough for penetration. Wh…[View]
20132166honest advice: So, as we probably all know, there are alot of underaged or just late teens who use t…[View]
20132110the poop question: ladies, do you prefer guys who poop big or small?[View]
20132228Does it matter where you get your degree?: Sup /adv/ I'm currently an undergrad in Psychology. …[View]
20132193low gpa, high expectations: >first world problems warning I went to a top university in the US fo…[View]
20132077>20 years old >Broke up with first girlfriend around 6 months ago I'm not interested in a…[View]
20132186Weird kink: I've been seeing this girl for a few weeks and last night she asked me to fart in h…[View]
20132008I'm in love with a 12 year old. Please help.: I'm an 18 year old guy who, unfortunately, h…[View]
20132162Stupid computer question here. How do I know if someone is sharing the monitor or doxing me? I upse…[View]
20132041A coworker who I'm good friends with called me Tuesday night cause she got sexually assaulted. …[View]
20131837If I wanted to work in the Games Industry would it be better for me to study Game Design, or go more…[View]
20131930What's the best way to hit on a woman you meet in the laundry room? Sadly I feel like I don…[View]
20130950I'm 30 years old, and I suffer premature ejaculation. Even when using a delay condom I don…[View]
20132002>saw the cheating ex who broke my heart by cheating on me after 4 years >she gained 50 pounds …[View]
20131953sbouldi get back with my gf: she has changed alot and when i asked her she said maybe and that she n…[View]
20131241Where Should I live: Yo USAfag here I am about to finish my degree. I have qualifications that will …[View]
20131912went out with this girl yesterday for the first time. we went to a pub drank a couple of beers, talk…[View]
20131788My one night stand with a girl I was making out with in a club was cut short because she got too dru…[View]
20131581can anyone tell me about their shitty life? I have a really shitty life and it helps me to hear abou…[View]
20131997>Slept with(literally) and almost fucked a girl in a relationship last night Am I without honor? …[View]
20131340Tinder: I broke up with my gf of 5 years a month ago and need advice on how to use tinder. I was 17 …[View]
20131960>hook up with a girl at an office party (So she's a colleague) >talk afterwards but nothi…[View]
20131217So I have recently been having all kinds of brain/nerve issues.. they have started a few years ago a…[View]
20131169Im going to break up with gf we have exams in 2 weeks, should I wait until after to do it?[View]
20131660I can barely focus on anything anymore. I'm in my mid-20's, and can't bring myself to…[View]
20131220dating retard idk?: Whenever I get bored of life I make tinders and go on dates, then I ghost them w…[View]
20131913I am 20yr old khv and im meeting this girl tonight for the first time,we gonna have some drinks prop…[View]
20131248pic somewhat related I find it difficult to express myself, my interests, hobbies, opinions, etc esp…[View]
20129138How do I get over the feeling for love over a girl who is taken?: There is this girl in my Calculus …[View]
20131162Oxford entry requirements: Are my grades good enough for Oxford? GCSE - 5A*7A A-Level - 3A* To study…[View]
20124866How to start a conversation with a girl on the street or in a cafe?[View]
20130645Some context before i begin. I'm not an extremely religious person. I dont sacrifice babies or …[View]
20130897Did I go too far? >have 17y/o brother >been a little disabled since birth >'cept no on…[View]
20131603Avoiding female attachment: Lately I've started spending time with an old fuckbuddy of mine, an…[View]
20131307>go out for drinks or food or whatever with people I know well and am comfortable around >hand…[View]
20131527Seeking Life Advice: I'm 18, approx. 6'8, kinda fit, well liked, used to roam 4chan and wa…[View]
20131800Is this a tooth cavity???: Title. I'm a sturggling student and I dont have the money to go to t…[View]
20131520I posted late night about the used towels in the house my Bf and I just got. This is what happened …[View]
20131708anger management: How to better manage my anger/temperament /adv/? I'm pretty chill for most of…[View]
20131130People who thought they'll never get a girlfriend / boyfriend but got one, what did you change …[View]
20131584Had unprotected sex but I didn't get off. She wasn't on birth control. We were both drunk,…[View]
20131096Long Distance: I am in the military, I have a girlfriends I'm pretty serious about, been dating…[View]
20131318How do I get a not-chubby gf if I'm short and facially unattractive?[View]
20125409>be diagnosed bipolar How does this change my life? Any other bipolar anons here got any hot tip…[View]
20129688If you want to start working out do you have to stop masturbating?: I want to get fit but do I have …[View]
20131234Broke up with gf, then she asked if we should be friends with benefits.: I told her I wanted to brea…[View]
20131437Alright /adv/, There's this girl that I've asked out twice now, (not dates per se but just…[View]
20130116Hey /adv/ I'm an ugly af femal virgin. When I say ugly, I mean literal 2/10 fucking ugly. I…[View]
20131282How to stop racism: Looking for advice on how to stop racist pig's posting on this website. If …[View]
20130498Cheating to fix a relationship?: Hey /adv/, don't post here often but this has been bothering m…[View]
20131625How does one build discipline at the age of 24.[View]
20131612Any optometrists in the house?: Recently I've found that sometimes my long distance sight is no…[View]
20130032Who would have thought that at 22 my life would be how it is. I definitely didn't. To clarify, …[View]
20130492Give me your best piece of advice. Ive fucked up so much in life so any adbice will be better than d…[View]
20129951What's the best antivirus software?[View]
20130766Confused: Thought of having gay sex while dressed as a woman turns me on but when I was about to do …[View]
20131459i’m 38, i have $10,000 and in my savings and take home about $1000 a week from work what do i do now…[View]
20131370Breakup / Moving on: Late night and can’t be assed with a therapist so here we go. I dated this girl…[View]
20131504Is drawing hard to learn ?: Is it even something you can learn ? I'm a lefty so i guess that…[View]
20130334So I think a friend of mine is seeing a girl i'm currently seeing behind my back. and the only …[View]
20129239Anxiety thread: Lets make an anxiety general, where we can offer our own stories of dealing with Anx…[View]
20131401I'm in college and I chose computer science, so I'm thinking about future jobs I'm co…[View]
20130293fights and fighting in general: So this roid muncher started on me for no reason in the gym and I ba…[View]
20130619So I was banging a chick and she started bleeding (not period) and I got blood all over my todger. I…[View]
20131310how do I stop being insecure about not having friends? during the time I did have friends I used to …[View]
20131366Super horny after the gym: I am trying to do nofap and noporn detox of one month but I can’t stand g…[View]
20131125So my boyfriend was all high on coke on this particular day a couple months back and tried to tell m…[View]
20131359>Meet a girl from overseas online >We fall in love >Start out as long distance, but we spen…[View]
20130835I've been working in retail for going on seven years. I started in Electronics, and recently be…[View]
20131384i do I respond? do I respond at all? I'm 90% sure she doesn't have a bf[View]
20130443Advice please: Gf and I are in the same school . Dating her for 2.5 years , we're about to gra…[View]
20131301How to conversate?: I feel like no ones ever had a good conversation with me[View]
20130355Friend with depression: Recently, I've been getting to know a girl from my university better. A…[View]
20131265What can cure me of the motivational collapse that I have had for 4.5 years? I'm a 27 year old …[View]
20131251on the meaning of hypergamy: I think a lot of issues in relationships stem from males and females th…[View]
20130080How to rekindle friendship w girl that rejected me: >hook up w friend a few times >friend sai…[View]
20130471girl and I are sending messages back and forth and we get to the topic of how short our moms are and…[View]
20131242I fixed the punctured tyre of the back wheel of my bicycle, but now when I put the wheel and screw i…[View]
20131294Help: I was ok looking when I had hair, but now I'm balding so I shave it. Girls instant friend…[View]
20131279I'm getting older and every couple of years, something weird will happen. The latest thing is m…[View]
20129056>Meet cute girl >Talk to her in class >Take train back home with her >See her boyfrien…[View]
20131275Date: Can't see myself dating any girls but they are attractive enough to sleep that i sleep wi…[View]
20131232I have a full time job but no social life (a bit anxious too around people). I come home from work, …[View]
20131040Morning routine: How to get up in the morning? My alarm will ring, i will turn it off and get instan…[View]
20131221My friend's boyfriend cheated in his previous relationship and I'm worried he'll chea…[View]
20131129Veiny forearms: Why do girls like veiny forearms so much? Girls I know always ask if they can touch …[View]
20131192How do I start to roast better people cause I feel like pic related when I have to do that and somet…[View]
20130456I went to the psychologist because my mother suspected that I have depression, at a matter of fact I…[View]
20131161Anyone knows any of those sites like on OKC where they give you interviews and shit? but on a slight…[View]
20130081Deal with loneliness: I'm in second semester of university, I love it but I've been lonely…[View]
20131117Offered a job that may be far: Anybody here ever take a job for something may be a little too far. I…[View]
20129810Is it wrong?: Is it wrong to cut contact with my best friend who I liked alot and she didnt like me …[View]
20130378College / Life Advice: My dream job is to work at a game dev studio, preferably Blizzard, and design…[View]
20129888How can I ask her out?: Long story short, saw a girl from highschool on bumble while I was visiting …[View]
20131028>wake up every day miserable and tired as fuck >cant wake up can literally just keep falling a…[View]
20130695Can a schizo guy like me ever have a GF?: Thread title. But I'm seriously starting to doubt tha…[View]
20130425Here's a problem I never thought I'd have. The girl I'm seeing currently doesn't…[View]
20131060Help me out adv. Things I from my personal past come come to my mind sometimes. Obviously, I can…[View]
20130816Can someone please tell me how to make friends without being mean to me and insulting me and accusin…[View]
20130864any good /adv/ discord? i've been in one for a while but it turned into complete fucking trash[View]
20130516Why is it so hard to get a gf? Compared to getting a degree and a well paid job, it seems impossible…[View]
20130681How do I write a good resume? I have some retail experience but I want to work at other places/move …[View]
20130633My boyfriend is at work and I miss him and want to have sex. What can I do to quench my need? I mean…[View]
20130735Easy ways to die?: Not looking for attention or bait or sympathy or whatever. Not actually feelin su…[View]
20130902which pepper burns the most when in contact with human skin? i'm quitting masturbation and nail…[View]
20130866Anons, seeking for psychological advice. In relationships I'm not used to taking the initiativ…[View]
20130772If I'm 5'7' and have a a 4-5 face (not hideous/repulsive but definitely not attractive), c…[View]
20130249Reconnecting with my imouto: My family takes a trip back to our home country every year. This year m…[View]
20130704>in legal trouble >trying to get prescribed medical marijuana >my state doesn't allow …[View]
20130314Is it possible to be a chad with social anxiety and depression?[View]
20130601Is there any hope?: Moved to states from Eastern Europe. Fell for le merica dream. 23 years old. Dep…[View]
20130404Is it normal to have a fear of sex? shit seems fucking nasty desu[View]
20130593Elections: Politically, help me think this through. I normally vote on local/state politics by break…[View]
20130731I don’t know what to do. My friend has been telling me that his parents verbally and physically abus…[View]
20130653Slept through bootycall on Saturday night: Ladies, let's suppose you call your man because you …[View]
20130732I think I'm addicted to OJ, is this bad? Recently went to Japan for 2 weeks holiday. I'm …[View]
20130280Gf probably has advanced UTI issue after months of mild symptoms, she now thinks it's in her ki…[View]
20129787How do I get a job for at least $20/hour?[View]
20130256How do I stop being a picky eater? I was very bad when I was a child and my family used to tease me …[View]
20130034Finding a Hooker: Hey anons, where do I find a hooker in burgerland post-Craigslist and backpage? No…[View]
20130439How to deal with stress and things in the back of your mind?: my whole life my dad has been a severe…[View]
20130473So for the past few months, I've been obsessed with the 'To Catch a Predator' episode…[View]
20130503I have lost my porn stash.: I am in highschool, and my mom is really conservative. If she finds this…[View]
20130091Anyone else feel like they're constantly stuck in a loop and cant escape? I cant seem to escape…[View]
20130374Dating a co-worker?: Hi, I've met a really nice girl at a job I started a month ago and need so…[View]
20130497Ok so quick question, why the fuck is my belly button bleeding[View]
20130610Any anons take Ritalin?: I use to a lot and it has been a wonder drug for me. But for some reason so…[View]
20130591How do you drop out when you're out of state?: So I have decided to drop out of law school. I…[View]
20130562would it be retard to post this on the walls around my school?[View]
20129854What are the signs of someone being 'fake nice'?[View]
20130506Can the feds/cia/hackers track who is posting on 4chan and keep records of all posts?[View]
20129800How do I build up my self-esteem when all I see is the worse in myself?[View]
20130495On the classic issue of an internet user 1: Hello /adv/ Told myself I was going to make this post, i…[View]
20130427Am I schizoid? What should I do?: I saw this image here or on /b/ I forget, but reading it made sens…[View]
20129767drinking: how to stop it?[View]
20130346bisexual threesome: I a closeted bisexual guy with an ongoing fuckbuddy, a girl. I've sucked di…[View]
20130283Have had three days of panic attacks in a row. Never had them before (28 yo). No idea why they are h…[View]
20129192Is this a good costume idea? >Dress up as deodorant skill >Go to party, everyone gets smelly f…[View]
20126856>be single mom >nobody wants to date me once they find out I have kids should I just die…[View]
20128160How fucked am I?: I accidentally scratched a woman's car when opening my door and didn't g…[View]
20130419I’m going through another psychotic episode right now, after the first one I had last semester. I go…[View]
20130006>Start new job and meet girl couple years older than me while training at her facility about an h…[View]
20129550I take Lexapro for anxiety and depression. It works. However recently I met this girl, we had sex a …[View]
20130437is there any way to get out of working if im on nigger probation? I have a bunch of money and dont n…[View]
20130161Is there anywhere online to learn high school math basics and possibly also sciences, and English st…[View]
20128189>fetish for Germans: >live in Canada BC >Germans get replaced and/ or don't speak Fren…[View]
20130414Idk if tumblr verify me at all. Everytime It's what the pic shown is. Did this on PC too. I cli…[View]
20130410So I just moved states and now I'm here alone and I have no friends. How do I make friends in a…[View]
20130365I want some more friends /adv/, how would I go about getting some in my local city? I work full time…[View]
20130052Money: How do I stop feeling bad every time I spend money on myself? I'm a pretty frugal person…[View]
20129968Why are kids so fucking expensive?: I really want to have kids. I really do. But neither my waife or…[View]
20130247My grandma was beat by my grandpa when she was pregnant with my uncle. He came out 3 months early an…[View]
20128014There is a Chilean-Mexican girl in my class, she is a hot chick with grey eyes. She's obviously…[View]
20130225L: Girlfriend of close to 3 years broke up with me recently. Stood over me flat out said 'I'm n…[View]
20130221Girls, If a guy dances with you at a party/club for a while then leaves would that be really rude. D…[View]
20130155When I use my laptop on my bed I lay down in an awkward position, and I feel like that shit has caus…[View]
20129902How often are hunches right? Like if you have a very specific hunch about something, what are the ch…[View]
20129472>2 days ago >Tell my gf of 5 years that I'm thinking of breaking up for x reasons >Tri…[View]
20130143does anyone have any tips for peeling the wrapper off of these things without having some of the sid…[View]
201302481982 YAMAHA XJ750: Bought this bike. 1982 YAMAHA XJ750. Pretty fun. Few things that I’m wondering c…[View]
20130241Christian’s, what do you do when it’s not working?[View]
20128814How do NEETs make money at home[View]
20130233I sometimes get anxious about the state of the world's pollution and how it's affecting me…[View]
20129935irresistible urge to come as close to death as possible without dying: >be me >>untreated a…[View]
20130236Does anyone here feel like they hang out with people who are dregs because they themselves are weak …[View]
20130206When I tell how I really feel about something, people get mad about how negative I sound. When I try…[View]
20130204please give me advice.: we were friends a few days ago and now shes ghosting me. i think she ghosted…[View]
20129473Girl I met at the carnival: >20-year-old kissless virgin >Go to college at some antisocial tec…[View]
20130063How do I change my view of the world? I have been treated like shit most of my life and hate mostly …[View]
20129301Failure: Adv/ am I an oldfag/failure for going back to college at 27? After working in business for …[View]
20130093i need help /adv/, tell me what to do this girl cheated on me with a guy then left me for him, when …[View]
20129817Bonfire next week, two girls will be there: Hey anon fags, need some quick advice. I was invited to …[View]
20128790>have had severe depression for the entire semester >roommate is well aware of this >wake u…[View]
20130001I'm unable to stop caring about what other people think. I can only vaguely pretend i dont car…[View]
20129469Do employers hate online degrees?: Graduated HS with an AA degree, looking to finish it off as BSN..…[View]
20129770Today my anxiety and depression has flared once again leaving me with an urge to blow my brains. Ho…[View]
20129613How do you keep your mind off things? Maybe I just cant concentrate, but thinking all the time is re…[View]
20129833Do men really like sundresses that much? Why? Will they help me get a nice qt bf?[View]
20129790Advice for buying after-market antidepressants?: Feel overwhelmingly depressed/sad in a way that is …[View]
20130021>terrible fucking relationship past >just want to focus on college and my body >has free ti…[View]
20130019I’ve been having extreme feelings hopelessness and despair, what are some things I can do to relax[View]
20129975I had sex without a condom (it did not last 10 seconds, because I was scared and I took it quickly).…[View]
20129940>got nose pierced today >cleaning it with saltine solution >felt lightheaded and stomach ac…[View]
20129795How do I pick up milfs at the supermarket/coffee shop? I don’t drink so bars are out of the question…[View]
20129915College Dating: So I'm a freshman at a smaller liberal arts school, not really close to any maj…[View]
20129887How do I convince my college freshman little bro to care about fitness & pursue higher caliber g…[View]
20126428My crush got stood up by her boyfriend and wants me to spend the day with her at the renaissance fai…[View]
20128834Girl advice: SO I started talking to this girl recently. I was pretty sure she hated me until we sta…[View]
20129425Any advice on how to quit smoking/ vaping[View]
20129609do you guys think its okay to smoke weed if im medically allowed to on probation? I know it sounds l…[View]
20129806Tips on living alone?[View]
20129637hey guys, im in a complicated situation kind of i dated this girl that was totally not over her ex (…[View]
20129846/adv/ Confessional Booth: Come in Child and I shall listen and advise.[View]
20128369>know this board gives shitty advice and does nothing for me except occasionally get me mad >…[View]
20129819How do i become a game designer?: I'm 18 and can programming but in uni for CS degree. I'v…[View]
20129386Would anyone recommend working full time when you are enrolled in community college 12-15 credit hou…[View]
20128872I have 0 consideration or empathy towards my fellow humans. What's the fastest way to put as mu…[View]
20129805Is it worth it to go for an asian gf? Is it just a meme? Plis help[View]
20129788Masochism: How to say this without sounding like a total perv? Not possible? eh not gonna stop me fr…[View]
20129762i have a young gf, how do i teach her new things without being annoying[View]
20129455Is my bf cheating on me... We finally got a place to move in together I hasn’t been there yet. He sa…[View]
20129219>'anon why are you always so quiet?' Girl in class asked me this last week. I thought i…[View]
20129744Why do I get so obsessive on Adderall. I've been searching side effects about it for hours and …[View]
20129518I feel like a piece of human garbage. I just got out of the millitary, I'm 25 now, and the job …[View]
20129429I desperately need help: I need to know how to make friends I'm 22 and graduated from college; …[View]
20129676Need To get Pregnant - Need Help: My boyfriend of 6 months is saying he wants to leave me I though a…[View]
20129720I've been with my girlfriend for 3 years now, i love her an extreme amount. Sex has always been…[View]
20129705Why does my chest always hurt?[View]
20128532Weird situation with a girl: >me >18 y/o >7.7/10 >Kind of retarded, still a nice person.…[View]
20129426How do I escalate properly? Last time I was on a date I didn't know how or what escalation is. …[View]
20129539Is it possible to be friends with someone you really like? I met this girl in college and i find her…[View]
20129684Okay so started talking to this guy about a month? ago anyways he's a pretty sweet guy and he k…[View]
20124704>normies will get infuriated if you even imply you want a virgin gf >At the slightest idea of…[View]
20129630what am i feeling: I don't know whats up, but when i watch certain animes for some reason I fee…[View]
20129471Why was he nice at first but changed after we had sex?[View]
20129222Trad catholic wanting to totally rid myself of porn.: I'm a pretty successful person -- I am a …[View]
20129511Losing virginity to Tinder thot. Good idea or no?: Haven't hooked up with a girl in 3 years, on…[View]
20129126'I have a boyfriend.' Normally that would be the end of it, I'd move on, but in my case it…[View]
20129275Should I go to school: Should I go get a CS degree? >27 >no degree >Just finished a big w…[View]
20129388I going through some serious depression. I have been feeling low for over a decade now, but the past…[View]
20129342Dont feel real. Depersonalization?: I don't feel like a real person. I cant describe this feeli…[View]
20128300How do I gain respect?: I'm a fucking joke to everyone i meet. General self-confidence/personal…[View]
20128264Dating a ENFP as a INTP?: So a ENFP gets all flirty over me. She is nice and we have similar hobby…[View]
20129370Social hard reset's: Hey /adv/, dont know if this happens to you but do you ever have a friend …[View]
20128795My best friend's birthday is in a couple of weeks. I plan on gifting him a gift card for his bi…[View]
20129046Can love even be generated? I get it, if you're being a complete douche all the time, she'…[View]
20128321How do you stop yourself from choking when you're about to do something important like holding …[View]
20129466Why does this board have a suicide hotline number posted? It is literally the first thing that pops …[View]
20129487i look at porn to distract my depression at night when phone games bore me, but it’s giving me weird…[View]
20128455Is it even worth trying to get a gf being a degenerate: I got a crush on a girl for over a year and …[View]
20129231Boss’s Wife: Guys I may of fuck up pretty bad. >go to normie summer work party >hating every s…[View]
20129493A lot has changed. A lot has happend. I think I’m in love but I’m not sure, I don’t know what this f…[View]
20128248When guys are friends with girls is it more likely that its platonic or that they like the girl more…[View]
20129488I have a very extreme habit of getting way too caught up in details when I'm reading relatively…[View]
20129482This is a Work Safe board: Go post inappropriate content on a NSFW board[View]
20129286might be pregnant?: Im nauseas from typing that out me and my boyfriend took somewhat of a risk and …[View]
20127922>18 >only had one girlfriend >closest I got was cuddling and kissing on the cheek >never…[View]
20129176Something essential has been lost upon me in the last few years. I used to be a fun party guy, now I…[View]
20129367Excel freelancers: I'm currently working full time while finishing my bachelors in business. I …[View]
20128661I'm in love with another man's wife. She has a child with him but she is filled with the t…[View]
20127913Half-Sister getting a divorce,should i pursue her?.: Wanted to fuck her since way back in the day. I…[View]
20129214Maybe you guys can help me with this >drop out in high school >start doing alot of drugs …[View]
20127803Is this stuff pleasing to look at and Maybe even sellable? If so how much y'all think peeps wou…[View]
20129379How to get laid?: Been snapchatting with the QT girl for about a week. I went on a date with her fri…[View]
20128743biggest hurdle to get over after this breakup (gf of 2 years) is imagining her being with someone el…[View]
20129377Unmotivated Faggot: How do I stop being an unmotivated faggot? I have so many ideas, hobbies, goals,…[View]
20129160OK The situation as follows >Be me >26 years old >have a car >good paying job >rent a…[View]
20129335Are women attracted to fit guys, money, confidence, and other shit like social status, attracted dir…[View]
20129300I'm a soft-spoken beta with low self-esteem. Will regularly going to the gym help me with any o…[View]
20127961>want to masturbate >dick won't get an erection please help, this is giving me anxiety at…[View]
20128331Tips for a shut-in NEET about to start uni at 26 after 8 years of completel social isolation? I…[View]
20128062Tooth pain: Horrible tooth pain. Ibuprofen 400mg every 6 hours helps. I have 5 more days until I see…[View]
20129015post here instead of checking up on your ex. how many days NC is today? how are you doing in gener…[View]
20129276Dick Size: I just need someone to tell me if everyone wants a bigger dick. Mine is 15cm/5.9 inch and…[View]
20124609>heading to apartment last night >tall man wearing black has been walking behind me for a num…[View]
20129060How do you be cool?[View]
20129281How do I learn the proper dynamic between boys and girls on dates? I'm not used to acting confi…[View]
20129107I found out that my bf which I'm living with can't even accept that I might be right. Sit…[View]
20128322I honestly want to die. Everything is going wrong in my life. I’m going to ask out a girl this week …[View]
20128958Should i consider dating asian girls? if so why?[View]
20129072I'm addicted to sugar and want to quit. How do I do it as a type 1 diabetic? I'll expect m…[View]
20127743How to tell friend I’m into her: I’ve had this friend for about a year now. We’re pretty close. Rece…[View]
20128656>get virgin gf >break up because she’s extremely conservative and refuses to fuck can someone …[View]
20129045I beat my girlfriend and she is threatening to go to the police I have been dating this girl for a f…[View]
20128934What does it mean when new girl (been on several dates) says she wants to keep distance between us?[View]
20128786Is there a way to undo the damage if people in a certain group hate you? Should I bother or just bol…[View]
20127579Jesus Christ: Hello , i'm a Muslim in Zanzibar rather a non - devout one and for a very long ti…[View]
20127861Can an incel be successful and truly live a happy life?[View]
20129104uk car motability advice: uk here. I'm disabled and have been recommended to use Motability sch…[View]
20129062>see qt girl at uni >met some of her friends but didnt approach her >check her ig and she h…[View]
20129033After nearly going blind last year I no longer have strong emotional reactions to anything. It'…[View]
20129032So I’m REALLY bad at sex and foreplay. I don’t have sex too often, but when I do I know it’s not tha…[View]
20128226Stutter: How can I stop stuttering? I've had this problem since I was a kid and these past few …[View]
20128928Is there a 4chan equivalent or similar site with anonymous/semi-anonymous posting but not full of al…[View]
20128720How do stop watching porn where the women are in obvious pain?: I dunno why but i've started wa…[View]
20128400Texting people: Ok so in real life I am able to be chill and in the moment, making others laugh, or …[View]
20128271Injured at work and need advice: Last Friday night I managed to get rotator cuff injury at work. I w…[View]
20126031How do I learn Japanese well?, it’s a nice language I want to learn and I’m not sure where to start[View]
20128033I want die....: Drugs and therapy don't help i just want to not feel this sadness.....[View]
20127652>workout for first time over the summer >friends/family comment on better appearance >say I…[View]
20128672I fucking hate studying man, i hate math more than anything in this god forsaken world, my retarded …[View]
20128039Girl said she loves me last night but is ignoring me today. We were drinking last night. Is she talk…[View]
20128775I feel like my life is over: I've always had depressive episodes for around 5 years now, but si…[View]
20128913How do you cope with knowing your best time is over?: >be young man >doings lots of sport, doi…[View]
20128854So I dumped my gf recently because I fell in love with her little niece. She's 18, I'm 24.…[View]
20128892Will having a girlfriend make me happy?[View]
20127648What do you do when you're not motivated to do anything? Vidya, movies, fapping, studying, etc.…[View]
20128839Help: hi i am going in a group of 8 to a haunted house and really like a girl in this group but im n…[View]
20120567How do I stop thinking?: >29 kv, no friends >wageslave, no hobbies For the past few months I…[View]
20128882Anons with a diagnosis, how hard has it been to try to start a relationship since you got the news? …[View]
20128487Career Myths: So I'm finally graduating college next semester (Chem/Jap double major), and I he…[View]
20128865how to make new friends ?: after I went to college I could not make friends and all my college frien…[View]
20123876Can a relationship work if I'm not particularly attracted to his body or lifestyle? >pic se…[View]
20128398am I out of line for asking my girlfriends’ fwbs (there’s like 4 and we’re in an open relationship) …[View]
20128679So, I've lived in an emotionally abusive home for the past 18 years, and I want out. Trouble is…[View]
20128723I just accepted to work on a university assignment with someone i don't like. How to cope?[View]
20128741Sorry for the gross fucking question, but anal sex really hurts my dick. I feel like an inadequate b…[View]
20128593I went on a tinder date with a girl last night, it went well and we were out for about 2 hours or so…[View]
20128605how do i get over the fear of being an npc?[View]
20128638this is a test..ignore it[View]
20128596Hey /adv/, I just recently added somebody I knew from elementary and some time in high school on Fac…[View]
20127867I am at a crossroads, I am finally in college but I do not know what I wish to major in. I have alwa…[View]
20128069I've been considering changing my name for a long time now, does anyone have any experience wit…[View]
20128131So a few weeks ago I made out with this girl on a party. We texted for over a week and we haven…[View]
20128305two shy people: so i met this girl in class and actually got her number although i am kind of shy. w…[View]
20127683How do I calculate the population density of a country?[View]
20128441What's a vaginal orgasm compared to a clitoral orgasm? Are they even the same thing? Why do som…[View]
20128704So I have this very close friend that lives in another country, and been through a lot of shit and e…[View]
20128686Anyone here ever tried to make some regular money on the side with online poker? I've been play…[View]
20128694can somebody solve this?: please[View]
20128493Conveying my feelings in a healthy and tasteful way?: I have issues putting my feelings into words p…[View]
20127965how to come to terms with a breakup?: hi /adv/, so about 3 weeks ago I broke up with a girl that I h…[View]
20125903GIOYC: Someone's got to get the new one going.[View]
20128615I need courage to die: Can someone help me get the courage to end my life? Thanks.[View]
20128655Easy suicide.: Anyone know of an easy and effective suicide method? Britbong, so no access to guns. …[View]
20128643conflicted little fuck: so school started nine weeks ago and it's pretty shit. I'm a fresh…[View]
20128623Ok so how do I make my penis smaller?[View]
20128565What does going on a date feel like?[View]
20128397Can a virgin still have an outie?[View]
20128101Flannel too casual for job interview?: I have a job interview this week, and I'm not sure what …[View]
20128528Average beta Problems: have a serious problem falling for the wrong people that come around me in li…[View]
20128569i let it slip to my stacy coworkers that i'm a virgin. i'm 23. i'm worried they'…[View]
20128561I didnt realize: That you have to do things so often that you get confident with it. I guess my con…[View]
20128533will not using social media apps affect me?: I've never used any social media thing like Reddit…[View]
20128252I've tried and I failed: Fuck, this end too long, but I cant shrink it more- I'll post it …[View]
20128099I have a friend who has broken with her fuck buddy. She is the kind of girl I like, and I'm the…[View]
20128497your generic love issue: There's this girl I met some time ago. We started talking and we found…[View]
20128303How do I stop my shoulder length hair from having such horrible split ends and loose strands. I…[View]
20128153i think i'm turning into a sadist, i hit another student after yelling at them for not work fas…[View]
20127905Bring back mental asylums?: I feel like I can't really be integrated into society as I am flawe…[View]
20128020How do you move to a new city in a foreign country? I am able to live and work there without a Visa.…[View]
20127880Me and LD gf want to buy a set of connected sex toys. Anyone has experience with them? All I find on…[View]
20128353Yeah I know confession is the main problem, but what to do the day after confessing to a shy girl? I…[View]
20128402What`s the best way to get a FWB girl if you have a shitty body? Its not like i can upload my non-ex…[View]
20128374Burn out: I feel I'm complete burnt out. Nothing interests me anymore. The first year of univer…[View]
20128058Really confused: I asked this girl I knew for a little while out on a date, she said I'm sorry …[View]
20128221Would y'all buy a refurbished laptop? Any laptop recommendations for under 700?[View]
20128347Hey guys, I need /adv/ for succeeding in job interviews and CV writing. Any resources you guys now o…[View]
20128146Recently I've been having terrible brainfog, I can't concentrate on anything and feel like…[View]
20127928>tfw 33 year old khv >no friends >no social skills >not being promoted at work, not even…[View]
20127773Does anybody suffer from constant imaginary situation getting you riled up and literally angry? anyb…[View]
20125725How to approach college girls?: I see cute college walking around campus all the time. Assuming no a…[View]
20127911How do I stop being angry at the world? >Adult virgin >No real friends >No real talents …[View]
20128228Should i start a Johnny Cash cd/album collection?: I really like old outlaw country/soft rock music …[View]
20128175why try if you're a short skinny broke manchild failure[View]
20128121How can I make the weekend better? I’m a sophomore at uni with no friends still. I go the gym every …[View]
20127328How to improve my self worth/self esteem?[View]
20128148Help a retard change himself and save his relationship: I suck at answering texts, remembering appoi…[View]
20128182What does Proxadipolemo Mofongo mean?: pretty sure its some slav language put it turns up nothing wh…[View]
20128084Kill me: I'm a selfhating, clinically depressed, porn addicted virgin. I have a hard time doing…[View]
20127596How much sex do other people realistically have And how do I quit worrying about it[View]
20124350Help me /adv/, no matter how many hookers I fuck, I'm still lonely. What should I do?[View]
20127647my ex broke up with me like a month ago and she decided to delete and block me everywhere for some t…[View]
20127995I want to talk about my problems to someone but I don't trust anyone enough to do so. I don…[View]
20127182A male doctor saw my wife's vagina today. I was there and nothing inappropriate happened at all…[View]
20128104>29 years old >nearly no friends, spend most of my free time at home >medstudend >spend…[View]
20127795Theres a person out there right now, that has double digit unread text messages.[View]
20128111Practicing Humping: I'm 23 and havent had sex in 3 years ever since my ex broke my heart and ch…[View]
20127691How to deal with an insensitive girlfriend?: My girlfriend made promises and she broke it. She does …[View]
20128082>pic not related So met this girl. She's alright. But last week we had plans to chill at he…[View]
20127587Is my gf insane? I've been together with this girl for over 8 months now. Never has she shown t…[View]
20127593Demons try to rape me.: >be me >have social anxiety >read about it >you get bonus nightm…[View]
20128005So my girlfriends (of two years) brother in law died in a coma, I think, and I don't know how t…[View]
20127606i just feel nothing: >be me >First love hits you >Date with her >She dumps you >Your …[View]
20127068question: I don't care about sex/body count, but I don't want a girl that's had many …[View]
20127545My neighbour is a girl I work with that's 16/17 and has a really shit relationship with her dad…[View]
20127978How can I know if I have schizophrenia? Years ago I used to think that I had a special power that ma…[View]
20126685Mom tried to rape me? >mom came drunk several hours ago >i was asleep little bit >she undre…[View]
20127349How do I get in a relationship with a girl who already has a boyfriend?: I am equally, if not more a…[View]
20127146How do I get a qt black gf?[View]
20127615can sexually incompatible relationships work?: I'm dating this sweet dude, but like he's i…[View]
20127955How do i become economically independent?[View]
20126722Unsure of how to proceed: My girlfriend vanished and left the country for a week without telling me …[View]
20127941>My friend (Dak) and I are close friends with this one girl >Has problems with her boyfriend…[View]
20126845I've been in love with my best friend for 3 years now. I don't think I'm BI, I don…[View]
20127530I'm actually really horny...: I can't stop guys, I'm 23 my average fap is 4 times a d…[View]
20125961My fiance of 4 years (been together 12 in total) has absolutely ZERO sex drive. We have sex AT MOST …[View]
20127799self inflicting physical pain: anons, how is the best and safest way to inflict self physical pain w…[View]
20126982What career would you into if you had unlimited funds to learn about it and weren't a brainlet,…[View]
20127591Over the past couple of years, I've been collecting CDs/DVDs and been storing them in one parti…[View]
20126880Is it a good idea to pay an escort just to cuddle with me? I don't even interested in fucking h…[View]
20126549What qualities do women find attractive in men?[View]
20127837Is it a good idea to take things slow? I recently met a girl she works with my brother's wife, …[View]
20127821Need help with some Latin translating: asking for some help translating this shit into latin, no goo…[View]
20127461revenge: okay anons I need your help. I live in uni's hall and I share the kitchen with like 15…[View]
20125521I always become way too romantically interested in 'neet'esqe assholes. They're always funny, …[View]
20127706IS SHE PLAYING GAMES OR WHAT(TF IS GOING ON): So there's this girl ive been talking to for a bi…[View]
20127693Lumps on shaft: Don’t know if this is the place for this but I’m panicked and won’t be able to see a…[View]
20127656My pajeet bug eyes How bad?[View]
20127714My tinder date looks a super cute 9/10 on some pics and a slightly chubby 7/10 on other pics. What s…[View]
20127678Starting a band: How do I go about starting a band/music collective? I'm 19 years old and live …[View]
20127481Girl still stares at me yet seeks attention in a bad way: So I'm the guy from a week ago where …[View]
20127209I posted this question in a thread here, but I want a few more opinions on the matter, so I'm m…[View]
20127323I have this toxic person in my life that constantly switches from being incredibly fun and close to …[View]
20126781I'm so mad every night I get a new bug bite I think it's bed bugs but I can never seem to …[View]
20127653Damned if you do, damned if you don't: So if it just so happens that you unwillingly fall in lo…[View]
20127500Hey Anons. So im currently doing drivers license and there is this one instructor who is real cunt. …[View]
20127657Need sexual advice anons. Seeing this 9/10 girl, really fucking like her, want her so badly but whe…[View]
20127445I sit at McDonald's without buying anything. Homeless, fall7ng apart, scratching my body to the…[View]
20127238I had this girl come over who I used to hangout with years ago when she was in a relationship and th…[View]
20127417How to uphold Christian values to be a good person?[View]
20127567where do people talk about drugs on this website[View]
20127577serious thread: have been considering moving to alaska mainly for subzero temp & lack of civiliz…[View]
20126478is it unethical to profit off sweat shop labor? I can make a lot of money with it if I really try bu…[View]
20126225I had motivation to program ai and robots and stuff, but since im lagging behind in life in general …[View]
20124963Beard /adv/ice: I've been clean shaven most of my life and want to start seriously growing a be…[View]
20127174How do I become a more 'defined' person? I am never constantly the same, sometimes I'm like thi…[View]
20126834Motorcycle: It is dangerous to ride a motorcycle? I'm about to buy a Harley Davidson iron 883…[View]
20126907Is theres a non surgical way to make nipples a bit smaller? I feel like mine are too pointy and thic…[View]
20127354How do you hold up a conversation. Start one or even end up not awkwardly.[View]
20126859how do i hide a loli in a sewer?[View]
20126883I fucking zone out when I'm spoken to, my mind doesn't always wander off but sometimes the…[View]
20126836How to not fell into friendzone: So I have seen a girl for a couple months, we are working together …[View]
20126937Frustrated: So I am a actor/voice actor and only got payed for one gig long time ago and project is …[View]
20127216My bleak future: What does a person do for a living if they aren't smart enough for higher lear…[View]
20127126My ass hurt mommy!!!: I just passed the largest shit ever. I thought the worst was behind me when su…[View]
20126974Guy here What kind of clothing do I buy that can increase my sex appeal to women?[View]
20127465How do I into healthy relationships when: I need to be manipulated and abused to a certain degree bu…[View]
20122884It's late and I'm bored. Anyone want some advice from a real fem anon? Shoot.[View]
20127450zoloft: I've been on these for 6 years. They worked to an extent for my generalized anxiety dis…[View]
20126270I kind of took advantage of my gf while she was drunk. Weve been together for almost a week and she …[View]
20126359Please help, I dun goofed. I got my girl pregnant and she's currently here is USA on a student …[View]
20125932I make youtube videos with this mic here and I wanted to know if there's a way I can sound clea…[View]
20127411Is ruthless greed the only way to get what you want out of life?, Seems like everyone else works har…[View]
20126008>try masturbating >can't get a boner no matter what What's wrong? My dick isn't…[View]
20126125Do any of you have aspergers, or exist anywhere else on the spectrum? How do you cope with it?[View]
20127255How do you avoid becoming a piece of shit person when you spend your time visiting /pol/ or /r9k/ to…[View]
20125224>Be turbonerd in high school and late teens >start dating at 21 >Go to college at 30 >Be…[View]
20127201Im a lazy piece of shit: Im basically done with my bachelors degree: I finished all my classes, wrot…[View]
20127183Im 25. I cut ties with a group of friends (about 5 guys) a couple months ago, around July. Ive known…[View]
20127085Socializing a scared cat: I've adopted a 1 year old cat from the local asylum knowing she wasn…[View]
20127139Why are some women really bad at taking compliments? I rarely ever make compliments that mean a lot …[View]
20126615>call doctor for medical marijuana >they tell me if I qualify they will call me or maybe said …[View]
20127113How do I become famous?[View]
20126798What keeps you guys motivated, how do you guys keep goin? Life is so shitty sometimes, seems like la…[View]
20126257Need advice a family member of mine has a history of schizoaffective. He use to be a real problem bu…[View]
20127235I keep getting these weird annual, what i can only describe as “migraines”. Happened this time last …[View]
20121873I'm talking with a guy who says he is extra busy nowadays and he takes weeks to respond. Like 7…[View]
20123013How do you get over intrusive thoughts?[View]
20127172College Shit: So I'm a music student and have been for 2 years, but this year I really got attr…[View]
20126932giving up on online dating: What should I do now /adv/?[View]
20126593What its better? Get romantic with a friend or meet a new girl elsewhere and Begin in cero[View]
20127037How to fuck cousin?: I want to fuck my cousin, she is 35 and I am 27. I've wanted to fuck her s…[View]
20125894I find most guys really unattractive: Not as people - most men are pretty in my mind as people and I…[View]
20126667Why am I such a social outcast? Society completely rejects me and I’m a normal person, I’m just anxi…[View]
20126526Gib Job: I know I make this thread a lot but it seems like my mom griefs me over not having a job in…[View]
20126137>be me >9th grade >me and gf cuddling at night >me, being the stupid teenage boy, have a…[View]
20126449High school sucked. Will college be better?: > Be me > Average looking 7/10, decent grades, wo…[View]
20126182can i get some manga recommendations?: I haven't read much manga, but my favorites are the slic…[View]
20126902Never experienced before: I’ve recently become friends with my best friend’s girlfriend. We talk eve…[View]
20126627>Girl I’ve been friends with for 3 years who we have both liked each other on and off, We are ver…[View]
20126829>meet this girl, we fuck >3 days later were dating >she moves in pretty much immediately. …[View]
20126955Is it true that you can attract beautiful women and still be a 6 or below/not super rich? Or is that…[View]
20126693Why do I keep getting banned for shit I didn’t post?[View]
20126906>5'3 M-Manlets can be Chad, too, right?[View]
20126772Girl problems: Got close with a girl I had a thing for, and she confided in me that a mutual friend …[View]
20126743If a girl I get on with asks me if I'm gay, despite me saying I'm not and her being like '…[View]
20126826Should I break up with my gf?: >Been with her for almost 2 years >first 8 months were great th…[View]
20126046Stressed about driving and dating?: So I secured a date and I foolishly said I would pick her up. Th…[View]
20126494I want to hurt people legally: I need to fight people without going to jail. I don't have the m…[View]
20126769https://vocaroo.com/i/s0cOuwqZg68l what yall think?[View]
20126695>no gf till 27 >6.5 year relationship >started falling apart in june >she wants to be ju…[View]
20126317the power of now: anybody read this book? iv read the first few pages idk what to think yet. Is it r…[View]
20126169Best friends with Ex?: The girl i'm seeing is best friends with her ex-boyfriend. I believe it …[View]
20125867Talking to girls at college party: So I have a costume party coming up and I want to know how to go …[View]
20125241So I did some dumb thing on a server and all I can do was stop. But my feelings got in the way and I…[View]
20126737how do I deal with performance anxiety and self-confidence? Objectively I have a lot going for me, b…[View]
20113614help me please: hey /adv/, i have a feminization fetish that i cant get rid of at all. i did nofap f…[View]
20126328Due to a lot of family abuse and isolation I never dated or had any relationships up until now (26) …[View]
20123079GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see if it's already been answered. Kee…[View]
20126692I need some /adv/ice. Things I from my personal past come come to my mind sometimes. Obviously, I ca…[View]
20126688idk what to do (png not included): ok lately ive been really depressed and i dunno what to do i aske…[View]
20126245https://vocaroo.com/i/s1COemrTDHra friend (in a band) said I had a good voice. was he just being nic…[View]
20126635Need some motivation regarding my future: I'm 24 years old and I know this will sound retarded …[View]
20126138How do I get over my inferiority complex? And is it true that I will never actually be the best?...[View]
20126604doesn’t it get tiring getting shitfaced every fucking weekend? How the fuck do normies do it?[View]
20126223TL;DR-Got a new GF, she seems to have a way better bonding with one of my best friends, cannot help …[View]
20126300Where can I meet women outside of the bars and the clubs?: It feels like I can't find them.…[View]
20126554I just want to not exist: Basically I graduated college and was right on point to get into my dream …[View]
20126594am i fucked: long story short, i got catfished on instagram. i exchanged several images of myself (W…[View]
20126556Trying to stop someone from wasting something rare: My friend recently just scammed our mutual frien…[View]
20126550Me.: Well, maybe someone knows whats going on with me. Not long ago, i started to feel like i want t…[View]
20126263Anyone here have divorced parents feels?: Mine divorced when I was 19, so I know its really not that…[View]
20126423hey so I need some help stuttering wise and talking to a girl I'm interested wise. so I stutte…[View]
20126179Anyone else really can't stand working? I hate the idea that I'm just a pawn and that some…[View]
20126246Should I feel embarrassed/ashamed when I am unable to complete a basic task at work despite it seemi…[View]
20124531I just got on addrall for adhd about 2 months ago, it was great I was very productive and actually a…[View]
2012647723 year old KHV here. I'm determined to change that, if only so I can finally stop worrying abo…[View]
20125253If you truly love someone, surely that means you would never cheat, right?[View]
20126241I'm incredibly uncomfortable around the mentally handicapped.: I'm a guy with mild, near-u…[View]
201263722 many feels: >be me >can act normal around people but still maintain identity (sort of) >s…[View]
20125137Need help with my let boyfriend. We’ve together for 2 years I comply with every absurd thing he make…[View]
20125528how do I move to the city if im on probation for being black? I want to transfer my probation they t…[View]
20126286How do I develop discipline?[View]
20126358Best Advice: Leave 4chan forever.[View]
20126389i keep waking up at midnight after dreaming this: >Im in a military uniform >i was around 30 y…[View]
20125863Life is a big maze and I don't know what to do.: I don't understand guys. I'm 23, I…[View]
20126315I had dream where dark skinned girl (mixed?) was sitting on my face with her hairy cootch. She deman…[View]
20125338A Cunt Screwed Me Over, Now I have To Make A Job Decision: I failed my road test due to having a cun…[View]
20124139Prev sexual partners?: Do you know how many previous sexual partners your significant other has had?…[View]
20126289Oh Boy: >Be me >Bipolar disorder >Constant suicidal thoughts >Black out mania >Got ag…[View]
20126034What degree should I go for that can look good on resumes and can land me a decent job that I can wo…[View]
20125174Oh shi-: Man I really fucked up by dropping out of uni. I didn't get kicked out so I can go bac…[View]
20126267Is dating women worth it if I'm a sub8 man?[View]
20126249Why can't I learn from my own mistakes? Why am I so dumb? How do I manage to do it? I feel like…[View]
20125927Anyone have any advice for speaking more clearly and eloquently? I constantly fumble over my words a…[View]
20126170Any Montrealbros here that can tell me how feasible would it be to move there straight from graduati…[View]
20126023How much is an acceptable amount to pay for rent on an apartment? I make 1,900 a month and want to b…[View]
20125644al/ck thread: I'm pretty drunk off G without the T's. Eating peanut butter and toast and w…[View]
20126156How can you tell when you're the awkward one in a situation? I started work at a new job and al…[View]
20126101Is this real?[View]
20125742Tomorrow, I'm going to be someone different. The person I am today isn't working. I built …[View]
20126160I have a weird interaction with an older female and I'm tired of this shit... I live in an apar…[View]
20125798How do I land a manic pixie dream girl?[View]
20125874gf suggested dressing like a slut for Halloween: >Be me >Been with gf over a year >She…[View]
20125290Weird question: I just have this weird question idk if its for advice or what but it hit me and I ca…[View]
20126083Am I asking too much for wanting a gf that doesn’t have sex with people she’s not in a relationship …[View]
20125883Can we talk about negativity?: Hey /adv/ how do you guys block out negativity? How do your work arou…[View]
20125940Girl and girl's friends.: So, adv, how do you approach a girl that is mostly with her -female- …[View]
20126028>match with girl on Tinder >not your typical Tinder girl, very nerdy and bookie >talk for a…[View]
20123044What is the best dating and relationship advice you have?[View]
20121242New gf doesnt want to have sex: What do? Been together nearly two months[View]
20124479How do I raise my self-esteem? Tips and self-help book recommendations alike are welcome[View]
20125755How does one go about inserting their pener into a fine ripe specimen such as this?[View]
20125307>be me, virgin >faps to porn >uninterested in actual sex Is there a problem here?…[View]
20125972I’ve started going to the gym and eating healthier but life hasn’t really gotten any better. What am…[View]
20125455How do i expand my social circle? I have a few friends, but they all have their own groups of friend…[View]
20125463What's wrong with me?: I've been working for months on my UCAS application, 3 days left to…[View]
20125951Pic unrelated: >smol bean.jpg >really hella tall >he tryna fuck everyone on the planet >…[View]
20125234Anyone else never planned to get this far in life?: Even as a small kid, like 4 years old, I remembe…[View]
20125710I FUCKING HATE MY MIND: what the fuck is wrong with me, at the moment everything seemed so blurry or…[View]
20124144Hey anons, strange question. I'm a heavily tattooed (face-to-toe) and because of the way i look…[View]
20125850don't really want to be fat anymore but I have pretty much no motivation to actually put the wo…[View]
20124968I recently have a feeling that my gay friend has feelings for me cause he always hold my hands when …[View]
20125273I hate myself, i'm a complete garbage human being, i've chosen suicide but I don't ha…[View]
20125887weird skin: kinda don't feel like talking about it but recently got strange patch of rough skin…[View]
20125877I keep getting in trouble at work because i'm giving customers attitude and don't realize …[View]
2012557930 years old, dead end job: I’m a 30 year old that has started school again. I don’t know what my ma…[View]
20125837Just recently lost my virginity. I'm 28 year old, now my gf wants to do ass stuff like stick a …[View]
20125160how do I get my neighbors euthanized and killed? they break every single animal law we have and they…[View]
20125092How do I make frens irl? All the frens I made in college are like 4 hours away minimum.[View]
20125694I need to go on a diet to lose weight. My idea is to take whatever I'm about to eat and only ea…[View]
20125768Uh so I'm in a long distance relationship that's been going well for the most part right n…[View]
20125356How does one delete himself from the internet?[View]
20125825So, like, think of it as a thin wall. Like I'm a big headed fetus slamming against a thin, slim…[View]
20125440How do I make the most of my therapy sessions? So far its just me ranting and being butthurt[View]
20124419Should I Kill Myself?: I'm extremely lonely and really don't see any potential for that to…[View]
20125814> looking for an apartment > never done this before > gonna need a roommate > it's …[View]
20125754DO [drugs, alcohol, uppers, downers] MAKE YOU A MORE INTERESTING PERSON? Let's say I am not the…[View]
20125740Girlfriend Doesnt Like My Best Friend: Got a situation here I started dating a girl that me and all…[View]
20125656Meditation is fucking bullshit like seriously how are you supposed to do this? its impossible, my mi…[View]
20125675It’s friday night /adv/ so tell me how can I pull mad bitches from the club[View]
20125587Soooo /adv/ I'm demi drunk right now(so excuse any spelling mistakes),but the issue at hand is …[View]
20125685I need advice. It’s a long read, but bear with me. I had a huge crush on a close friend. This is goi…[View]
20124980How do I fight the horror in my soul? I dread living. Every day there are moments when I feel a yawn…[View]
20125732What can be done about sudden depression pits, suicidal ideation and self harm? I'm usually a h…[View]
20125231Yes: No[View]
20124879Are most girls bad looking without makeup?: Can someone explain how makeup makes a person look bette…[View]
20124762I’m starting to think I’m never going to experience love. Does everyone get a chance to experience i…[View]
20125478I should be studying for a math test i have next Tuesday but im not because i have absolutely no hop…[View]
20125679how do I start a convo with somebody that I haven’t talked to in over a year w/o making it awkward[View]
20125427Tips on gaining confidence: I’m pretty attractive and I dress well, I work out and I catch girls mir…[View]
20125634Weight Fluxing: Whats the details of weight on a scale and measuring it? 2 days ago I weighed myself…[View]
20125566Important question. What is the original sadcat pic?[View]
20125622How do I stop feeling attraction to men? I like womem too and am quite conservative but I fear I…[View]
20125574Should I break up with my gf for being too fat for me? When we first started dating she wasnt that b…[View]
20123035i'm thinking of going to the doctor to get some antidepressants, i'm just in a bad stop no…[View]
20123996Self-loathing: How do I stop hating myself? It's not a daily thing and every time I consider th…[View]
20124055I think I want to ask my bf to beat me up in a non-sexual way, but because my life is a mess and I d…[View]
20123575I fucked it up: So this girl showed interest in me when we met. I was dealing with my own bullshit a…[View]
20125460>mom, who doesn't even have high school diploma, says I need to go to college >dad, whos …[View]
20125349Hey /adv/, I have an irrational fear of dogs. There's a dog pack that varies and is usually 5-1…[View]
20125054Do I still have a chance with this girl?: I told a good friend that I had a crush on her and she ini…[View]
20125423How do I quit being such a toxic person?: I have a shitty tendency to let the fact that I am a horri…[View]
20124971Where do I meet young women for sex?[View]
20125215This picture's an edit of another one, but I've come to wonder if this one better describe…[View]
20125536I worked for Amazon for one day, only job I've ever had over the table. This was 2 years ago. …[View]
20124529I'm 21 and I haven't been in a relationship or talked to a girl intimately in my life and …[View]
20125106Girl still stares yet seeks attention on a bad way: So I'm the guy from a week ago where a girl…[View]
20125408Any advice on how to make friends as a 40 yr man?[View]
20125473How to git gud at texting?: Is treating texting as an ongoing conversation (never saying bye and act…[View]
20125472So I'm a post-college normie now. I've got a 9 to 5 job and an apartment and all that norm…[View]
20124976Are all threads on 4chan archived eventually? What is the cut off? What are good sites to use to loo…[View]
20125378im engaged and living with my boyfriend. Before we got together, I was in love and fooling around wi…[View]
20125424>tfw you find a girl that's trustworthy, supportive, hardworking and sincere but you're…[View]
20124554Why is bumble so shit?[View]
20124189Do women get like 'holy shit I need some dick' horny or are they always normal and only get aroused …[View]
20124483Is it too late to learn trumpet and get good at 21[View]
20124929How the fuck can I make my older brother to act like a man?: I'm 23yo He is >30yo >neet, …[View]
20125191Ughhhhh I have a huge thing for this girl but we're super tight in a great group of people and …[View]
20125256I have an odd dilemma: A lot of guys complain about problems like ED and cumming too fast, but I hav…[View]
20124489I wish I could stay drunk forever. How can I constantly be in this state of euthoria? I love u all[View]
20125297Is my plant diseased? Help me save him!!![View]
20124427How is it that some people are popular, have well developed social skills, are liked and respected a…[View]
20125286How do you keep your best friend /adv/? >Be a firefighter in major metro city >Been on the job…[View]
20125249This may sound like a stupid question but what are Halloween costume parties like. I got invited to …[View]
20124573Are there any anons here that grew up sheltered, not being taught the basic adult skills and such, t…[View]
20124405This use to be my favorite board and now the /r9k/ cunts have completely overran it. No other board …[View]
20124525Blue: Can anyone else feel the difference inside their skull when they feel blue? For me it feels li…[View]
20124992What do emotions feel like: so i have asked others how they feel emotions and i can never get a real…[View]
20124623So uh. Yesterday my irl friends added me to their gc. And a few hours later another friend of mine (…[View]
20124955How do I STOP being an incel? I'm 26 and no girl has ever showed any interest...[View]
20124833Sister is holding a birthday party for my nephew, now I like my nephew but I don't have to atte…[View]
20123444How to deal with this empty feeling?: You know, the realization you are useless and you won't g…[View]
20125105>match girl on tinder >seems nice cute face >seems that shes short and chubby, but not quit…[View]
20125111Chat: Can someone suggest me any group to talk?[View]
20124361How do I stop being a faggot?: Specifically I keep getting mad over people finding an obscure piece …[View]
20124702I can't seduce women. I'm not really ugly, I'm not fat either, and yet I can't s…[View]
2012467718 and can't get boners while my GF is kissing me biting my neck grinding against me and whispe…[View]
20124850blood after pooping: Hey all, Bit of an embarrassing subject but I need a bit of advice here. I was …[View]
20124962I can't get to concentrate study any basic science (physics, maths-calculus): Since kid i got s…[View]
20124857>have a girl that actually loves me >dont wanna hang out with her and i just wanna be by mysel…[View]
20124735So I'm 25 and just started going back to college. I'm doing graphic design because I'…[View]
20124135Hey /adv/ So the usual kind of problem. Getting super old at 35, and recently out of LTR and feeling…[View]
20124567I matched with this girl on tinder and she just turned 18 a few days ago. I really want to smash and…[View]
20124957my friend recently got a job interview for stock, and he said its looking good for him and they are …[View]
20124710how do you deal with feeling stale and boring? i feel like i cant keep up with conversations anymore…[View]
20124924Reset of my laptop went wrong: My laptop came with two HDD partitions, C and D. D was marked Recover…[View]
20124913How do I escalate?: What are some moves guys can do to escalate a date to sex? All I read is how how…[View]
20124737Testicle smaller than the other: When I was 13 yo, I had an accident riding in my bike and my left t…[View]
20124656Hey /adv/, need help shooting my shot. The real full story is a bit long but point is... I am curren…[View]
20124649How do I steal from someone when they are high? I want to steal a dab pen from someone when they…[View]
20124669How to unclog a fucked toilet: So I ate some bad food this morning, got diarrhea, and shit my brains…[View]
20124860I've been dating this girl from a month now, we shared a lot of experiences and recently we con…[View]
20124809Student(s) clearly into me, what do: I'm a young college professor and I have noticed how my fe…[View]
20124598Just got my dick sucked by neighborhood thotty now she wants a relationship, what do?[View]
20124812I'm 21 years old Healthy and good looking, lack of communication skills, being shy with everyon…[View]
20124722I'm not an incel, I'm just young and clueless. I can't imagine anyone having a romant…[View]
20123182How do I get a gf that isnt a fucking NPC? Had a romantic encounter about 2 months ago that im still…[View]
20123931How do I be a good friend? I feel like I push friends away and push the conversation towards things …[View]
20124110I'm getting engaged to this great guy and we both agreed we won't do anything sexual until…[View]
20124756How do I put everyone’s best interests first?[View]
20124741How to be nice?: I used to be alot nicer and talk to everyone and listen and whatever but recently I…[View]
20124475Lumbar pain right after lying down: Every night, when I go to sleep, I feel a (small, not really bad…[View]
20122981Mom is getting laid off from her job next month: My mom worked in a company for 13 years and out of …[View]
20122076How do I stop being a sadist? I can't hold regular relationships with women because I have a hu…[View]
20124550If there's a person you know that you admire for their personality and for how easy it is to ha…[View]
20124637So my family is fucking retarded and literally hired a junk hauler from uhaul to remove asbestos flo…[View]
20124630ADDICTION TO CRUELTY: Cruelty and violence make me happy and I don´t know how to navigate this socie…[View]
20124309How do you get weed without ordering it online or having a friend who knows a dealer?[View]
20124468this is your friendly reminder not to contact or check up on your ex. how is everyone doing? I chec…[View]
20122806Can someone tell me why drinking caffine or alcohol causes me joint pains.[View]
20124596Not sure what to do with my life: Hi. I’m not sure what to do with my career path. I’m 20 and a coll…[View]
20124200Is there any way to calculate the chances that a girl might ghost you based on how/what she says and…[View]
20124581I need some /adv/ There are a lot of things on my mind that I realize a can't control. I start …[View]
20124533Is it concerning when you have fantasies about being (gang)raped? (I'm a guy)[View]
20124237I feel like my life has become boring and I'm becoming more apathetic as time goes on. I'…[View]
20124451Online School.: Im currently taking online school yet no matter what I do I cant seem to stay focuse…[View]
20122919When your parents die, does every rude or insensitive thing you've ever said/done to them come …[View]
20124127Need ideas to make some side money on the internet.[View]
20124476PC: I need a laptop for online classes and down time. You guys have any recommendations? My budget i…[View]
20122300>gf is an SJW My gf Is a jobless, SJW liberal, and a bisexual. Who lives off her rich parents mon…[View]
20119903I was in a relationship for close to seven years, from 2007 through the March of 2014. He was the lo…[View]
20124447Girl from lecture class: I'm a student at a university. There's this one girl in one of my…[View]
20123716How do i leave 4chan. I want to work to have friends to go outside and see sun yet im here. help.[View]
20122541i feel empty inside and i dont know why: topic my life is okay-ish. in school, grades are pretty go…[View]
20124428Having suicidal thoughts, is it time to seek help before I hurt myself? Also advice? My fiance and …[View]
20123897Is it hard to become a fireman? I like challenging and dangerous work, and i like working out.[View]
20124377My dream is to make games, but lately I've lost interest into proper videogame and started to l…[View]
20123352Digital Forensics: Hey guys! I'm trying to see if anyone knows a website/blog/board that has in…[View]
201214523 Line life tips from your life.: Stay high Get by Tell lies[View]
20124356How long of a break should I take between cups of coffee to avoid dependence? One day? Three days?[View]
20124325incel artist with crippling anxiety here. how can I find work online to support my artistic pursuit?[View]
20118914Old one's dying Just like our interest Back and forth up and down Let's bring some light t…[View]
20124266Yes.... or No?: https://www.strawpoll.me/16633151[View]
20124295I can't afford to move out. I'm 26 and no job I get can cover rent. I'm saving slowly…[View]
20124271Motivation Thread: >18 >Been lifting over 1 year >Friend recently starts >Complete dyel …[View]
20124312I want to know how to respond to annoying neon-wearing immature boys who try to make me angry any ad…[View]
20124304I feel lonely even though I have friends around me. Lately I have been alienating myself from them. …[View]
20124155>best friend drifts apart because he needs to stop hanging out and focus more on studies. Finds o…[View]
20121829I want my boyfriend to abuse me, and I have no idea why. I want him to control every single thing I …[View]
20124142>never had a gf >really fucking close this time >might actually make it >it's all o…[View]
20123841i need a little bit of advice. my boyfriend is 25 and im 19, i dont know if this relationship will t…[View]
20123959A girl I was interesred in got a boy friend, any tips on how to move on and get over her?[View]
20124259Getting over bitter relationships: I'm traumatized and scarred from a ruined relationship with …[View]
20124217I have a memory of when I was 7 having sex with a neighbourhood girl, I didn’t want to do it, but sh…[View]
20122774Those with a 'work spouse' (not actually married but your mutual crush at work): Ages? Was there an …[View]
20123668Is it possible to have a dominant girlfriend?[View]
20123788What can someone do RIGHT now to look better? Replies other than 'work out' are welcomed![View]
20124138To tinder or not to tinder: Ok I know this sounds really stupid but I have a legitimate problem here…[View]
20124003Random dude in club started shit with me for no reason: >Be in the club >Drunk and having a go…[View]
20124196I don't know if it was because of how I was raised, I don't know if it's just my gene…[View]
20123347I just saw a fucking alien: I was just having a cigarette on the front step, it's about 230 whe…[View]
20123999>Never had any close friends or cliques growing up I'm 21. Is it too late to make friends wi…[View]
20123394Cheating on my gf with a trap: Thinking about cheating on my gf with this trap I met online. I'…[View]
20123379What kind of man gets bitches like this?: How do I become that man?[View]
20123851Hey anons, my sleep schedule is fucked. I was thinking about staying up all night to reset it. What …[View]
20123547.: alright guys and gals, I come on here because I just want random people’s opinion, instead of fri…[View]
20123441>high voice >people on the phone mistake me for a woman What do?…[View]
20123735Standards: Let's talk standards. Do you have set standards you need to have for someone to be …[View]
20121896Serious Relationship help: I need some advice, and I'm sorry to add to the endless relationship…[View]
20121888Why would a guy want to eat you out but not actually have sex with you?[View]
20123964How would one break into the film industry? What is the best position to pursue? Is film school nece…[View]
20123396How to start enjoying sex after years of porn addiction? So /adv/ I recently started hiring escorts …[View]
20123983The only time I feel content with my life is when I'm insulting people. It goes so far that I…[View]
20123926In short, I barely have any self-esteem. I'm 22 year old dude that pretty much is mediocre or a…[View]
20123853Is it possible to cure a fetish? In my case it is very difficult to find a relationship because of t…[View]
20123459I don’t care if I’m a snitch, But if some one is posting themselves smoking a bong or bragging abou…[View]
20123708I work as a stevedore (unloading ships) When there are no ships in, I find myself having nothing to …[View]
20122953How do I reach out to a depressed person who's shut out the world? I want my step sister back.[View]
20123915The one who asked if 166 200mg would be enough to kill me.: It wouldn't let me reply to anyone …[View]
20119110ITT we share stupid decision[View]
20120387I was considering suicide for the past few weeks since my life hit a new low and I'm pretty muc…[View]
20123854Will 166 200mg Ibuprofen be enough to kill me?: Seems like a dumb question, it's a lot, but I w…[View]
20122672I took one percocet and am feeling very tired. My heart rate is normal but somehow im scared of over…[View]
20123844Environmental Management And Assessment: I'm finally getting the balls up to go to college. I w…[View]
20123327College Transferring: Does anyone have advice or experience with transferring to another college or …[View]
20123761College anxiety, unsure about my roommates, considering living alone: A month ago, I moved to anothe…[View]
20123806need advice: so ive been dating my boyfriend since last year and we havent been really talking since…[View]
20123714Girl issue. There is a girl I know for about 5 years but recently, we started to talk, flirt and cal…[View]
20123689So I'm feeling suicidal: I've been sucidal before (a few years ago) and not done anything …[View]
20123585Transferred to a new school. Really like this girl in the new class. An avid anime fan you could say…[View]
20123755anyway to deal with Generalized Anxiety Disorder?: It seems like no one notices since I've been…[View]
20123731What do for career field: SO I graduated last year from HS as an IT tech, I cant decide if I should …[View]
20123649Should I go for girls I'm not attracted to?: 25 yo virgin, this is about sex; not relationships…[View]
20121937I turned eighteen years old a few days ago and I’m going to kill myself tomorrow. It’s early into th…[View]
20123480Landlady vs pool: So i moved in a house 2 months ago Ask landlady if i could put in pic related. Wan…[View]
20123437Dont expect anybody to give me advice but im more than open to it. Just a thread so people can vent …[View]
20122301how do i find a girl that doesn't smoke pot, drink alcohol, or abuse any kind of drug? maybe i…[View]
20123599Is it normal that my uncle hits me when I don’t work well on his farm?.[View]
20122874Did something dumb a while ago that freaked me out and I'm in a very bad state mentally (dont w…[View]
20122423I got kicked out of university for bad grades. I'm currently getting an computer science AA at …[View]
20123588How to find an entry level job or good job recomendations: Im currently unemployed and looking for a…[View]
20123667Does anyone know if Adderall XR is better than Adderall[View]
20122667conversing / asking out a girl: You guys have seen this thread a million times before but I hope you…[View]
20123621Vocal: How can you improve your voice and ability to give speeches? It's my biggest problem rig…[View]
20123597Best flower for a shut-in?: I'm looking for something that doesn't need too much sunlight …[View]
20123429friends would be neato: i just wish i had friends. i wish people would talk to me one on one or want…[View]
20122901Religion: How do i get back into religion i want to be catholic like my dads side of the family, but…[View]
20122258How do I stop wanting to be a woman. Every time I look in the mirror I feel disgust[View]
20123513I think my dog is tripping. I did a 10 strip few hours ago. My dog and I play a little rough. He scr…[View]
20123564Sorry for bad language. How do I be interesting? I am not it now. I want to become that. I open my …[View]
20123128What do people get from being in a relationship ?: My mother told me how she thinks I should go out …[View]
20123383photo retrieval advice: So recently my dad came back from France after visiting the Somme and other …[View]
20123555Constant breathing in and out how to calm down?: I went to class today and I felt anxious I'm s…[View]
20123272GF is depressed over moving to another city for university: I really don't know how to deal wit…[View]
20108011I am 37 years old. I am 6'3 and have a good job and have never been married and don't have…[View]
20123112How to starve myself to death?: No, this post is not a joke I'm already anorexic and suicidal a…[View]
20123521Another day another grind of job hunt. I'm starting to increasingly loathe my current job the m…[View]
20123399I've a constant 24/7 headache for the last 13 months. After 3 months a pain in my fingers and a…[View]
20122529Is it wrong to still believe in romance? I'm 18 and male, and I still like to think that maybe …[View]
20123081Should I cheat?: Hey all, I'm conflicted and so confused. My wife, my best friend, just has no …[View]
20123267How did you find your passion in life?[View]
20123371Moving out tips?: I'm 20 male idk how tf to wash/condition my clothes and such but i can cook,w…[View]
20120573I'm bored, who needs adviceb[View]
20123426do you guys think I am getting medical marijuana? I called a doctor and told them I want it and I se…[View]
20122758I love my boyfriend but I also and dabbling on the thought of breaking up. Long story short I'm…[View]
20123122I am an ugly guy who barely backe dout of committing suicide tonight after another time where I was …[View]
20123286>mum wants help getting an earring in >irrational phobia of close contact with her >ask her…[View]
20122314Does Adderall make you more productive?[View]
20122166Should I lose my virgunity to some Tinder thot?: Haven’t hooked up with a girl since graduating high…[View]
20122796Indecisive Girl: Girl that cant choose between me and her boyfriend. She keeps on bouncing back and …[View]
20123276Veiny forearms: Why do girls like veiny forearms so much? Girls I know always ask if they can touch …[View]
20123372How do I get an actual sense of fashion (and hair styling too)? I swear everything I wear/try looks …[View]
20122037Walking away from someone you love. My gf and I have been together for over a year now. She's l…[View]
20123205Career Path - Chemical Engineering: I am nearly graduating high school and I was looking for some po…[View]
20122660>finally find a place that is both affordable and great >its literally a 5 minute walk from my…[View]
20123094I need some advice >be me >have gf for 5 years >she's very conservative, was a virgin …[View]
20123344How to have fun? Everything became so fucking mundane. >wake up >workout >work >shitpost…[View]
20105942I want to start a cult. Any tips on how to get the first few followers?[View]
20123313My job is getting in the way of a lot of things in my life because i work nights. I don't have …[View]
20122030I can't bring myself to work on this assignment due tomorrow morning. My mind is pinballing bet…[View]
20123316Is it good/bad/pathetic to confide of your feelings towards someone online instead of face to face?:…[View]
20121785How to memorise new vocabulary faster and more effectively?[View]
20123163Hey so first up two things. 1 I have never done any illicit drugs 2 I have had a constant headache f…[View]
20123304What is wrong with me?: I'm not joking. I feel like I'm dumb, I feel out of place, i'…[View]
20122854I do need to find myself, I do need to find what makes me happy. I'm not sad, not depressed, I…[View]
20119960I broke up with my gf 5 days ago, we kept talking everyday since as if nothing had happened just wit…[View]
20122404Fam: (Literally first time using 4chan) >Be me 10 minutes ago >Overhear parents arguing >'W…[View]
20123152Am I retarded?: I went on ebay and found a complete edition of Dark souls 3 for $30. Went through p…[View]
20122690Wtf is wrong with me: Went out to eat with my bro after being at the gun range, and I thought our wa…[View]
20121256Is this too fat: Is too much the fat and not enough the handsomeness?[View]
20123225Last day on the job: I have a shitty factory job I'm leaving and a coworker was confused when I…[View]
20123036I'm getting real sick of this shit. Friend of mine wants to go to EDM show with me (with a grou…[View]
20120634Wills and who gets my money: >be me >get married >wife has 3 grown up kids >I have no ki…[View]
20122906Teachers or /adv/ I need your advice: My nephew is failing school (4th grade) and he just showed me …[View]
20123199What are the sexiest clothes that men can wear?[View]
20123184Need some help: Yo I’m a shy introverted college kid and I don’t know shit in talking to girls any h…[View]
20122824what do I do if im constantly tired. like when I wake up im tired as if I haven't slept in week…[View]
20123057How do i make friends? Freshman in uni. Only people i hang with are the ones i pay to get high with…[View]
20122905Ive never been in a relationship. I'm an older guy and at this stage in my life I feel like I…[View]
20122668I fucking hate my life: I’m 23, in my last year of college, still a virgin, zero friends, zero ambit…[View]
20121136how to deal with the fact that she doesn't want you, never has, is already taken and that it…[View]
20123025Ready to drop out.: So I have been trying to improve myself and it is starting to weigh on me. So fo…[View]
20122770Is it bad that I'm doing mechanical engineering despite not being passionate about it? I don…[View]
20122727i thought she was different. but i got ghosted by another girl. a girl i talked about how important …[View]
20122805realizing that i've been depressed for 10 years and wondering where to start over.been at my jo…[View]
20122872Im 21 and got thrown out of parents home. I have a full time job. Not sure what to do right now. I s…[View]
20122855Need urgent advice: I few weeks ago a girl from class said that we should go out to the city togethe…[View]
20122956How to know if you have feelings for someone: >be me, /fit/izen >meet roastie on Tinder who al…[View]
20122151How do I talk to a girl I've been sitting near almost every week in one class? So I've som…[View]
20122761I want to get my engineering degree asap and try to get the fuck out of my country, I'm financi…[View]
20122819I'm trying to focus and think better. I've already started on cardio and am seeing some re…[View]
20122597There’s a girl I’ve been friends with for about a year now. Recently she’s been kinda flirty then la…[View]
20122838Quickshot!: For those of you with problems that can be summarized in a single paragraph reply here a…[View]
20122836>gf dumps me a month ago >still not entirely over her >meet new girl, talk on phone >fee…[View]
20118659How do I get a 100 girl harem?[View]

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