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19485138>live at home because father passed and mother has no-one else >brother tried to kick us out …[View]
19487405Yeah, I'm suicidal now: I found out my girlfriend cheated on me, fucked another dude. She had n…[View]
19487662Is it okay to confess your feeling for a woman if she keeps sending you mixed signals? It's de…[View]
19487495So I'm 23 years old and I've had my first breakup i guess a week ago. I can't even ma…[View]
19482787ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see i…[View]
19487710Self Reliance: My dad is cheating, to what extent I'm not certain. My mom is aware of the situa…[View]
19487726I have a girlfriend now and we moved in a few months ago. She's been getting really strict with…[View]
19487688If I finger my ass then pick my nose really deep am I going to have a brain infection?[View]
19487645I just spent a year abroad, but now I’m home and right back in the same hole. I don’t know what to d…[View]
19487634threesome?: My gf of approximately one year (half long distance for school and half at home) has an …[View]
19487638I'm fairly positive I have what could be called legit ADHD, if there is such a thing... either …[View]
19487023So does sperm *actually* have a smell/taste, or does mine just lack them? I like to cum on my desk a…[View]
19487592>go into work with great mood >making everyone laugh >gesture for a hug to milf I flirt wit…[View]
19487115Been with my wife for 5 years now. Been married for a year. Everything was going great until these p…[View]
19486992Ex gf: >ran into ex at Starbucks a little while ago >start talking >she says I look more ma…[View]
19487349Any CPAs here? So I’m 21 and recently just graduated college with an Accountancy degree. Of course, …[View]
19487413how to stop wanting a relationship ?: I keep fantasizing about having a girlfriend and doing romanti…[View]
19487010My 'best friend' has been bailing on me so often lately that I don't even think I can downgrade…[View]
19485943What is the general consensus on escorts? Lately I've been very horny and would like to have se…[View]
19487399Self Sabotage: How do I stop doing it?[View]
19485310Meds for social anxiety: All my life I have struggled to make a connection with other human beings. …[View]
19487324I'm afraid to lose my gf: I'm a girl, and I've been with my gf since december. I lov…[View]
19487273i've been squeezed out of social groups because i chose to ignore the one annoying person'…[View]
19487387Escalating: Aight, here goes >dance with a girl, club shit >she gives me the looks >we danc…[View]
19487346Now what: Okay /adv/ so I got a girlfriend so now wtf do I do. What changes other than the really ob…[View]
19487128I have always pretended to be someone. When I talk to you, I don't understand the process. I do…[View]
19487337please tell me what is the best pc program for restore archives deleted[View]
19487199This girl at work has been showing a fair amount of interest in me and like the autist I am I'v…[View]
19485972Am I considered a cuck for loosing my virginity to this slut? I was sexting a girl last night an pla…[View]
19486159Meth Neighbors: I'm a newfag so if I fuck this up whatever >Be me >Live in downstairs uni…[View]
19487319I don't have a support network in my life, i think i'm slipping into depression. >paren…[View]
19487309How do I stop hating fucking everything? I used to be a lot more fun and more open towards music/fil…[View]
19486332Parenting and ranting: /adv/ talk to me for a moment I know what it takes to be a single parent. I l…[View]
19487279I like violent video games but am not a violent person. Is video gaming really bad for my mental hea…[View]
19483774dick pain: i had sex with a girl about 5 months ago and used a condom. Immediately (within 5 minutes…[View]
19486949drugs: Is it 'safe' to do marijuana and/or mdma while I'm on a SSRI, antipsychotic and valproic…[View]
19487175Friendo needs Helpo: Hey, /adv/ a friend of mine sent me this pic of her foot when she told me about…[View]
19487177chinese takeout job: so im about to start working at chinese american food place. its small and the …[View]
19486962I'm probably getting an SSRI prescription soon. How long should I expect it to start feeling th…[View]
19486738Go back in the military or am I just being retarded? >joins army active duty at 18 (infantry) …[View]
19485148is he interested or just being friendly?: i was a foreveralone pepe in the corner of my new job and …[View]
19487050Porn and masturbation: Lads, I think I have a problem when it comes to porn and masturbation. I’m al…[View]
19486795How do I not hate myself for taking 7 fucking years to finish a god damn Bachelor's degree?[View]
19487054I have two days to write a 10 page research paper. Any advice?[View]
19487184Can't get aroused by girls anymore: To put ist short, I don't get aroused by girls anymore…[View]
19486073What to do if I still like/feel something for my cheating ex? She kinda apologized and wants to at …[View]
19486839So I met a Tinder girl and when she wanted to exchange snapchats, I gave her an alt account under a …[View]
19487153depression.: im not gonna talk about some sob story. i just want help. ive been feeling this constan…[View]
19486442Kissing: I need some serious help. I’m entering the first relationship I’ve ever had and I don’t kno…[View]
19486977I'm currently writing an essay, I've used the following sentence: >The opposition of th…[View]
19486433I'm a manchild: I recently got my first ever rental. How do people get the internet set up? It…[View]
19483038Big tips: What cured your problems anon?[View]
19486921Do any insults reflect well on you for saying them?[View]
19487042WTH: Listening??[View]
19480039Any other pedophile Bros online? Should I just kill myself or is there hope? Such a disgusting dise…[View]
19486873I used to be friends with this girl and I stopped being friends with her because she basically wante…[View]
19485974If I lose my job I’m probably going to kill myself on live later: > be me >be 22yo ptsd havin…[View]
19486933Getting sick all the time: Ok, so I've never had a great immune system but this is just ridicul…[View]
19486903Why I want to eat when I don't actually want to eat?: This really becoming a problem for me. Li…[View]
19486512My girlfriend is trying to make me fat. How can I lose weight? She's getting more aggressive so…[View]
19485259Insecurity over status: I'm content with my physical appearance, but I'm really insecure w…[View]
19486630How do I stop having the 'bad' kind of depression that gets in the way of my day to day functioning …[View]
19485205Trying to work out, get fit, and get rid of my belly, but I usually eat so much because i get so hun…[View]
19486779Curved penis: Hi guys I need some advice. It tourns out that my penis has always been curved upwards…[View]
19486937Besides paying for one, where can you find a trans MTF to date? Tinder and OKcupid don't offer …[View]
19486650I have been thinking a lot recently about suicide. I am 18. Never really talked to a girl. Have like…[View]
19486443Where can I go to get hookers?: I can't get laid, get a girlfriend, or even get dates. Women do…[View]
19486784Is it necesary to have a girlfriend?: I'm 19 and i'm already a weirdo, but sometimes I…[View]
19486682Turns out my best friend barely sees me as a friend. What do.[View]
19486815At home occupations with part-time pay?[View]
19485239How do people in relationships not get annoyed having to answer texts/hang out with their girlfriend…[View]
19485542Craigslist Personals: Where do you go now that Craigslist Personals has been taken down???[View]
19486685Unsure about sexual life with GF: I'm 19, my first girlfriend (6 months) and first sexual relat…[View]
19486483Manipulative people: Been dealing since my youth with some manipulative folk. Lately i got in some t…[View]
19484003Skin care routine advice (for men): the past 2 years i've been fixing my diet and playing sport…[View]
19486453>21, KHVirgin >meet girl in uni class >invites me over for anime >shes a media consuming…[View]
19486697Did you use a condom for your first time? Should I?[View]
19485949do you think it would be possible for me to fuck my shrink? i know she likes me because she is alway…[View]
19485638I ate some ghost pepper hot wings today (fucking delicious) but I just took a shit and there is bloo…[View]
19486568my boyfriend has had this online friend since he was like 8, but for some reason she still lies abou…[View]
19484355I'm 27 and haven't had a friend since I was 13. How do I get a friend?[View]
19482523To those who are dating fat girls, do you like them being fat, are you indifferent about it or does …[View]
19486450I don't know what to do with my life, i'm mesmerized at how empty it is.[View]
19486602I haven't done it in years but I smoked pot every day heavily from age 18-20. Should I be worri…[View]
19486309First time: There's a good chance I'll be having sex tomorrow, I really like her, we'…[View]
19485078least pain and least risk to survive method of suicide? I think jumping off a tall building[View]
19486392Want to get out of depression: need advice: I need some advice. i've recently become more and m…[View]
19486313Male here. Going on a date tomorrow with a girl and she has said I'm really cute, and we have t…[View]
19483880Self image: How do I know what I really look like?The mirror and camera always tell me different thi…[View]
19485181Now look /ADV/ I want to say to this girl that she is pretty but without actually telling her that s…[View]
19483692Crooked Teeth: I was irresponsible as a teenager, and I didn't wear my retainer. Now, my teeth …[View]
19486468>21 years old >5' 9' >only 139 IQ >recessed chin >long nose >frizzy, unruly h…[View]
19486415>alcoholic dad >has been both physically and emotionally abusive my whole life >legit fucke…[View]
19484971hello, i am a girl and im 18. my girlfriend who is my age and who i had been with for 4 years broke …[View]
19483207How to find purpose?: I've been trying to improve myself on several fronts over the last year. …[View]
19486112How do i kill my sexual desire?: can masturbation do it?[View]
19486413Help with my computer: Turn on my computer and this came up I don’t know what it is but I need help …[View]
19484538>smoked some herb and was half asleep >lamp is on >see my door handle turn >door cracks …[View]
19486358Passive-Agressiveness and other topics: Hello there /adv/. Thanks for any replies in advance. So, I …[View]
19484242Girl: I need this answered: When a guy asks you out for a second date, if you liked him on the first…[View]
19486329I fucked up real bad lads. Girl seemed super into me and invited me to drink alone in her room. My d…[View]
19485966How to prevent self sabotage in new relationship: I started dating a new girl a few weeks ago after …[View]
19486138How can i avoid having sexual frustration?: i don´t want to put sex in a pedestal but i often have s…[View]
19486027my girlfriend and i have sex 1-2 times a week and always use a condom, and sometimes use a VCF. do w…[View]
19486322What do?: 26. London. Eldest to a mentally ill mother and 2 half siblings. Fucked up university. Hav…[View]
19486269Mentally broken, exam in 12 hours: What do[View]
19484321I can bench my bodyweight and I still have zero confidence in myself. How to be confident if nobody …[View]
19486297I have some goals, but none of them really feel like they would be worth the effort. I want a wife I…[View]
19486180People Skills: What's the best way to shut down a judgmental, holier-than-thou fuckhead?[View]
19486178So my tire is flat and I'm calling in sick tomorrow. I can't change a flat, but I don…[View]
1948561228 years old. Girlfriend of 3.5yrs has has enough and wants to break up. She's tired of me not …[View]
1948605825yo virgin lord here, whaddup /adv/, wtf do i do? I freeze up every time I want to approach a girl …[View]
19486177Is International Business a good major?: I'm practically fluent in another language too, so doe…[View]
19486100Bad CV lots of doing nothing and awful internship review from a one person company. Early 20. I am f…[View]
19486025Touch boob: I accidentally touched a girls boob while playing basketball and she screamed and I don…[View]
19486121Friend Who Cannot Seek Help: Picture Unrelated I'm part of a nascent online community of indivi…[View]
19485618Girl with bf: So this 8/10 I met on instagram (dont use it much) who lives close to my village (15km…[View]
19486059Should I even bother trying to get a gf if i dont have a job?[View]
19485649Aspergers relationships: So, my question goes for asspies or those who know a lot about this conditi…[View]
19485626>me and my dad have same first+last name >uncommon names >dad has criminal record am i unir…[View]
19485987Me and my girlfriend have sex maybe weekly? Sometimes a bit more frequently, sometimes a bit less. W…[View]
19486004halp: >be 18 year old virgin >install to dating app >get good matches >get girls numbers…[View]
19485776I'm so confused, why is it so easy for people to have relationships while for others they can…[View]
19486020Showing Sexual Interest: I have trouble showing sexual interest in women, I just never know the appr…[View]
19485747A girl invited me out for drinks a few days ago and canceled a few hours before we were supposed to …[View]
19485363Does he like me or not? any advice?: So there's this co-work of mine and I fell for him really …[View]
19485603How does one obtain a girlfriend? Even if I somehow get a one, how does one obtain the slooty booty …[View]
19485932yo adv will i look tryhard if i change my style from streetwear to expensive high etiquete clothes e…[View]
19485994gonna do an isolation tank tonight, first timer. should I go sober or take some psychedelics?[View]
19485997I know this type of threads appear every minute, but im sad, im so sad, nothing makes me happy, i ha…[View]
19485990Help: Worried I'm becoming a high conflict personality what do I do? How do I take control of m…[View]
19485156Upset when a guy doesn't text: Even though I have every reason to believe this guy likes me and…[View]
19485713>be 18 year old high school senior >Take an AP Physics class with only 7 other people in the …[View]
19485818Tell tale of a lost soul. Advice please.: Be me >24 yrs old handsome young stud >have regular …[View]
19485049fucking 30 years old and barely any work experience. what is wrong with me: im 27 years old and have…[View]
19484993How hard is it to find an Asian gf?, I am attending college soon and I would love to meet an Asian w…[View]
19485762girl I'm interested in has gone through breakup and sexual harassment: i'm in a bit of a b…[View]
19484512Hello frens So basically my hair is turning white, this doesn't come to much of a surprise sinc…[View]
19485939how can i find people to sell pictures of my feet to[View]
19485728tell me tips and basics of converstaion with a girl.: bros i am trying to talk to a girl via messagi…[View]
19485873Sub or Dub?[View]
19485502Hypothetically, if you were a 19 year old who has never had a girlfriend and have developed feelings…[View]
19485894Is there a simple way to make changing your diet easier? I'm recovering from an ED, and while I…[View]
19485775Is it possible that I am hitting puberty very late? Started growing facial hair at the age of 15, wa…[View]
19485796Is there any cure for depression / anxiety if going to a psychiatrist doesn’t help and you don’t wan…[View]
19484425I am 18, from a rich family. I have everything I want and just finished high school. This year I joi…[View]
19483672Am I an alcoholic? I drink almost everyday, but never to the point of being drunk. I usually drink o…[View]
19485766dude weed lmao: The Purolator delivery man didn't knock and left his piece of paper telling me …[View]
19484021Why women become rude after friendzoning you?: Hello /adv/ I've been actively searching for wom…[View]
19484290Trapped: >Move in with bf on 2 year tenancy agreement >16 months in and I want to put a bullet…[View]
19484196Scarborough fair is coming up soon and I'm going to go viking there. I have a costume minus my …[View]
19485702My huge dick: New gf and I haven't had sex yet, the other night she slapped my dick against her…[View]
19485581Gmail Google+ Web Fotos más (sin asunto) ibana vargas a usuario hace 20 horasDetalles Should I care …[View]
19484431Why wouldn't I just do as I know I need to if it were so easy? I expressed the desire to do it …[View]
19485414all right. so, lets say that, for reasons, you need exactly 8 dark side characters from star wars fo…[View]
19485679Girlfriend left me - My feelings - Need some advice.: I really need some help figuring this out. So …[View]
19485308>be a bum boyfriend >gf ends up with an emotional affair, but confesses quickly afterwards …[View]
19485586Can food allergies cause weight to stay/gain?: For example if I am allergic to gluten and I mainly e…[View]
19484177What is the most sane interpretation of reality? IE what kind of perception of reality in its most …[View]
19484844Hiding money?: Hey /adv/ any tips on where I can hide money preferably from my family? Pic related…[View]
19485287Hate my high paying job: >graduate out of one of the best colleges in the country >24 years ol…[View]
19485623Hi guys. Eng is not my native language but i hope you will understand. So lets begin this pathetic h…[View]
19485579SUPER Cleaning a Toilet: I've neglected my toilet for about 3 years and I tried cleaning it wit…[View]
19485487Are fidget cubes a scam or not? I've been trying to get rid of a thing I've been doing for…[View]
19480895Why do people get Mad when men cheat? First of all cheating for a man is ten times harder than for a…[View]
19484324bf doesn’t want me on medication: tldr; my boyfriend does not want me to take medication for my anxi…[View]
19485091I don’t know how to be friends with other guys. I only know how to befriend and fuck women. Please h…[View]
19483707I still love her.: It's been 5 years and I still miss her so much it hurts. Everything within m…[View]
19485517How do you clean semen stains out of a carpet? I don't want that shit showing up in my google s…[View]
19485525Gonna go visit my LDR gf: >Be me >19 years old, degenerate as shit >'Fuggit, I'm gonna…[View]
19484039Can't get over rejection. tips?: I've never fallen harder for a girl in my life she's…[View]
19485303I'm quite handsome, fit guy in HS. I've rejected every girl that has shown interest in me.…[View]
19483787When I have sex with my gf in the missionary position, sometimes I get a weird feeling in my ass, li…[View]
19482901>me 21 yrs old female >mostly straight but suddenly I start to feel attracted to my room mate …[View]
19485204Pinworms: How do i get rid of pinworms? they are itchy as FUCK and ruining my asshole[View]
19484497Anyone know why I get this error? It's only in this thread, I can post new threads, but for the…[View]
19481028My girlfriend can't have sex anymore, and perhaps not for a while. She told me it's okay …[View]
19485424How can I find websites about Hacktivism in the deepweb. Our government is trying to kill us, we nee…[View]
19484870How do I stop falling for autists?: This is a pattern for me. My last boyfriend thought it was a goo…[View]
19484106>20 yrs old >Horny all the time >Too short,average looking, and awkward to have one night s…[View]
19485236Pain soothing advice?: So /adv/, how do I soothe this toothache of mine? Usually, when I have one on…[View]
19483621Snapchat friend doesn't want to meet in real life: Hey adv, I've been friends with this gi…[View]
19485231>use escorts from ages 19-21 >stop because money ran out >learned how to flirt, romance wit…[View]
19484555Girls who like to read and play video games: Where do I meet them? I'm in college >library I…[View]
19485274So Im relatively fit 28 yo male 170 lbs 5’10 /w muscle I have extremely elevated cholesterol and hav…[View]
19485228it feels as though I have no personality, sense or humor, interests, or emotions I effectively a sou…[View]
19485075Is it possible to perceive objectively same thing differently , like one day its ugly other day its …[View]
19485201Guys/girls: I have this beautiful girl talken to me and I'm extremely shy she told me its getti…[View]
19484717My current girlfriend has had many more past partners than me. She told me everything she did in her…[View]
19480940>talk to this random girl from tumblr for a few weeks >she has a ldr, I flirt with her but she…[View]
19485147Trying to get back with ex gf who still loves me.: Gf and I dated for a year but she broke things of…[View]
19485040Theres a chance i might lose my virginity tomorrow. What do? Pic unrelated[View]
19484543Oversensitive: I'm pathetic... I'm in my first relationship for a little bit of background…[View]
19483415Hi /adv/ I'm but a simple redneck who wants to give his best friend a gift. He was involved in …[View]
19484179I have a really good question for food companies: ok, so tonight i got a bit hungry so i grabbed 1st…[View]
19483571Do cock rings help a lot with keeping a boner?[View]
19484936I'd rather fap to porn than have sex with my girlfriend. Is this normal?[View]
19483809Going to be stationed in japan: Like any child at a candy store, i wan sum. Ill be at the AFB. Does …[View]
19482751I'm averse to sex unless I'm under the influence. I have a caring partner that loves me de…[View]
1948384199% sure a girl likes me and I’m kinda into her too, but she’s kinda got problems. She says she is a…[View]
19483232Anyone else thinking about sucking on a shotgun?[View]
19484999how do I stop smoking weed even when I feel it's having a negative effect on my mental health? …[View]
19484296Part time job: Whats the best way to go about looking for a part time job? Should I go online or go …[View]
19484661I'm in a difficult situation now, /adv/. Few days ago my girlfriend tried suicide by overdosing…[View]
19484962Someone used my bank account and I don't know how?: Some Chinese assumingly charged my bank acc…[View]
19483599How to combat jealousy and overcompetitiveness?: Hey everybody. I'm in my early 20s and I suffe…[View]
19484165Met a girl online and I need advice: I started talking to this girl 2 days ago and is so far going w…[View]
19484277So there's this person I just met on 4chan that offers me a pretty good deal for X product. I r…[View]
19484283please help anons: help i'm gonna lose my job fuck i'm 18, got caught stealing from the re…[View]
19484217How would I go about telling a guy at my work who's over twice my age (38) that I like him? I…[View]
19484577How do I convince Dentist to prescribe narcotics?: I have this horrible tooth abscess that came back…[View]
19483942>21 years old >Friend gives me pizza to eat >Don't want to turn down his hospitality …[View]
19483349So, I was on my way home today, and I had a guy stop suddenly in front of me, and I bumped into him …[View]
19483722My girlfriend recently expressed that she wanted to try peeing on my face and having me drink her pi…[View]
19484891im 18 and i have a dream of finding an asian girlfriend, im not rich, i live with my mom, because im…[View]
19483324I don't know how to research a company beyond a simple Google search. How can I find more obscu…[View]
19484812I did a fucking human services/social work degree pretty much by accident. I started with Psychology…[View]
19484791How the fuck do I move? How do people move cities? I was talking to this guy the other day who liter…[View]
19484755Does going outdoors to sunbathe worth the risks?: It's so beautiful outside, and I was thinking…[View]
19483932Why are neuroscience girls always nuts?: Srs. Nerd STEM girls act a CERTAIN way, liberal arts SJW gi…[View]
19484821Do you think Japan is safe ?: 3 years ago, both of my feet got black. Start of the chronic venous in…[View]
19484142I'm a large dude who has really bad paranoia, I wouldn't say I have anxiety, since I'…[View]
19484308loss of inner monologue: what does this mean? will I ever get it back? my synesthesia is also gone t…[View]
19484741Interview Advice: Just failed another interview. How can I stop myself from shaking like a fucking n…[View]
19481649College graduate being forced to take a minimum wage job How do I stop from killing myself from the …[View]
19483791I’m feeling very depersonalized. I have been for three years, but sometimes I get panicked about it.…[View]
19484627A Question of Importance: So guys, new here to 4chan and all, but I've got a question to ask. I…[View]
19483375So I like to do a lot of things by myself, and my girlfriend hates it. Going into the city, seeing …[View]
19482116is there something wrong with me? i have liked a boy in over 2 years and i'm unable to emotiona…[View]
19484616How to change my personality?: How do I start to change and Improve myself? I want to become coolhea…[View]
19484442why do people always think i'm a girl when I post my eye???[View]
19484535uncontrollable seething rage: how do i cope with this seething rage coming from deep inside? Hitting…[View]
19484553Just got up and drank my coffee when a friend called. Now I'm not sure weather or not I took my…[View]
19479930I need help over the most pathetic thing.: So about 2 years ago, I ran into some dude on a forum tha…[View]
19483383>Be me >be friends with landwhale >very carefully talk her into giving me a handy >come …[View]
19484156Is losing weight actually worth it? I've been heavy my entire life (even as a kid), and have ne…[View]
19483471how do i proceed from this?: hey /adv/, ive recently been talking to a girl that's in the same …[View]
19484169wasting my life: I'm a friendless ex-polydrug addict university dropout neet living with my mum…[View]
19481826My boyfriend is very hot. I'm pretty unremarkable and chubby. Everyone keeps making comments ab…[View]
19483667Neet looking for some advice. I'm 25, graduated university in December, and have been living w…[View]
19484337Depersonalization issues: I have always had issues with anxiety and depression, but lately my mind s…[View]
19484260Rising Anger: I have no idea why. I've been super irritable lately. I've been relatively f…[View]
19484397Anyone here with a law degree? Is it still worth it even? How are the jobs surrounding it, im bad wi…[View]
19484388any archmonkeys in here? I got an interview with an office that wants to test me in autocad and revi…[View]
19484117lifes pretty good that is all[View]
19482828Trauma: I have a memory from my childhood that makes me cry whenever I think about it too much. Shou…[View]
19483937she likes me but dosent know how to talk feelings. how do i get her to talk about things?[View]
19484155Advice for asking her father for permission: > TL;DR Want to ask GF's dad for blessing even …[View]
19484050There is this girl working in the school cafeteria. I really like her, so cute to me, not the kind a…[View]
19484234How to avoid the friendzone?: Okay so there's this girl I like, 9/10 qt3.14. Problem is, only …[View]
19483542Favourite Advice You've Recievied: Post images or share some of the best advice you've rea…[View]
19484123>tfw got a cut on the head of my penis that won't stop bleeding anyone know how to stop this…[View]
19483358Shaving: How do I keep my shave from coming back so quick? I hate having facial/body hair so I shave…[View]
19484154How to induce betrayal?: So I met this girl on tinder around a month ago and we had sex a couple of …[View]
19482858The only times I feel truly happy are through escapism Whenever I face real life I realize that I ha…[View]
19483955>tfw no gf[View]
19481868I killed my own rabbit: I was trying to groom my rabbit because his fur causing him sneeze a lot. It…[View]
19483717Ive had very minimal success at dating this first year of uni. There have been a fair number of girl…[View]
19483527>was fired last friday >unemployed for a week >won’t know if i qualify for unemployment for…[View]
19482450Traveling, how to do it right?: I think I want to travel someplace on my own. Is it fun? I live in c…[View]
19483357smug cynical inner voice: How can i overcome a consciousness that acts like a fucking smug bastard t…[View]
19483995Looked through my girlfriends messages and one of her exes tried to call her on Facebook... Then mes…[View]
19484076Out of high school now for a bit, still dont know what to do. What are you doing?Are you enjoying yo…[View]
19484096How do I break to someone I'm in a LTR? I'm going on a date (lesbian) and I'm in a st…[View]
19484095My self-esteem and confidence have just disappeared recently for some reason. I used to never have t…[View]
19483914Bought new apartment in a small building with like 9 or so apartments. The head of the residents ass…[View]
19485011Why do you hate women so much 4chan?[View]
19484094I just heard that my father isn't doing too well and that he's nearing the end of his life…[View]
19483918Have trouble sleeping: Been having trouble sleeping for a while. Uni student who worked nights. I sl…[View]
19483980I applied for a job at an electronics store and I pretty much got the job they already gave me a sta…[View]
19484035Should I go to school tomorrow because it's 'senior prank day' and I don't want to be mess…[View]
19484020have a medical question? ask a mediocre nursing student anything[View]
19483730She's literally cheating on someone with you.[View]
19483794Ask a Lawyer anything: Ask away[View]
19484037>tfw all we are is dust in the wind[View]
19483757bite me: Recently, I've been kicked out of my house at the age of 18, my own father accused me …[View]
19483428I'm still haunted by the humiliations of my teenage years, what should I do? During middle scho…[View]
19483049i just found out today that when i was hired i scored above the threshold for senior level, and i wa…[View]
19483246I got diagnosed with bipolar 2 today and my shrink wants to give me mood stabilizers to curb me want…[View]
19483301Am I fucked if my second Tinder date didn't go well? Our first date, we connected very well, an…[View]
19483457I've been talking to some chick on tinder now she unmatched me: We were hitting it off really w…[View]
19483766How to feel good: This is a super broad thread, and for context I'm coming off medication and w…[View]
19483189Apple-ID: My apple-id has been hacked by someone from China apparently, I started seing weird purcha…[View]
19482944who is in the wrong: just like the title says, this argument came up and i wanted to know who was in…[View]
19483827How can I make sex quicker?: I have had this problem for as long as I have been fucking girls. It ta…[View]
19482741Should I get another job? I have a comfy job but the salary kinda sucks compared to other business i…[View]
19482916Hooked up and feel so much regret.: Let me start by saying im a religious guy. I think premarital se…[View]
19483732Shit happened and i lost my folders: do i attempt to rebuild half a terabyte and at least 1 1/2 year…[View]
19483475Is this worth it?: I wanna get a sauna vest to trim down my stomach fat since its getting outta cont…[View]
19483706Self Fun: So my tire is flat and I'm calling in sick tomorrow. I can't change a flat, but …[View]
19483227>Ive got a cold and its recently moved into my right ear IT HURTS SOMEONE HELP…[View]
19482725>1. Today is my little sister's sweet 16, but she has two broken legs. How to celebrate? …[View]
19483299Friend I've known for 10+ years online playing vidya with sent me this message, i sent messages…[View]
19483221>tfw porn addiction is getting noticeably worse what should i do[View]
19483668I have bipolar disorder, no friends, and I moved recently (2 years ago) to a new city. I've str…[View]
19477493/GIOYC/ Last one 404'd[View]
19483338I tired so hard, so hard to be a normal male but I just find myself trying to look more feminine aga…[View]
19481153Question for couples: Can you describe step by step what do you do before, during and after sex ? I …[View]
19483561Depression: Is there a free depression hotline number that I can just text?[View]
19483494I gotta get a deep zit in the next few hours. Was thinking to ice it, pierce it and alcohol. Will …[View]
19483467Hi /adv/. I’m looking for some help. I’m 22, and while I haven’t been a total robot/social outcast m…[View]
19482395My life is a fucking cruel joke: I know everyone wants to kill themselves on this forum for shit rea…[View]
19483483I rent a house and I've been paying my bills like clockwork, yet today, there was this woman th…[View]
19482596How do I tell my professor I'm too depressed to finish my bachelor's thesis? I'm supp…[View]
19480340I can’t get a job I’m 26 f. I’ve been confused about where to head in my life I didn’t have the best…[View]
19483224HELP WITH A GIRL PLS: I'll try to keep it short: I'm leaving my current job for a new one.…[View]
19482110Why: Be me 20-year-old virgin. Decide to finally lose it and find an escort. Book an hour for £120. …[View]
19483433Hey guys, my life path is a bit uncertain in the long run. Currently working as an engineer. I get p…[View]
19482632hi /adv/, im 20 years old and tired of waiting where can one find a homebody-girl? i dont want to go…[View]
19483275I'm a dude who only finds himself attracted to lesbians. What do I do?[View]
19483412surgery: Are there any doctors that would do any surgery i want if I just give them cash? I would li…[View]
19483390How do I trust my girlfriend more?: I'm in a relationship and I have trust issues from a prior …[View]
19482813Whats happening lads: ~2 years ago i broke up wih my gf of 4 years and after that we were fwb for ab…[View]
19483019I need help, likely more than I want to admit and could use some advice and outside perspective. In …[View]
19483002How do I calm my penis down? I used to beat off 3-4 times a day before I got a roommate. Now I have …[View]
19483236First date: So I am an 18 year old male. I met this girl who is now 17, when I was around 13-14. Tal…[View]
19481238Am I wasting my life?: Born with severe aspergers, told at 4 that for my entire life I am not going …[View]
19483251Should I consider therapy??: I have not left my house in around 2 years since graduating high school…[View]
19482884Do girls who fall for the badboys have low self-esteem?: I hear this all the time. Supposedly a reas…[View]
19483120Ok, genuine question: I have one little question, something that always interested me since I was a …[View]
19483341how: How do you approach a girl in a random setting and get her number exactly? Say we're both …[View]
19482715where the girls at who are also desperate for female companionship?: where can I find a wholesome bf…[View]
19483336>only Asian girls are ever attracted to me or talk to me >not attracted to Asian girls even a …[View]
19483073Smoked weed for the first time. Cheap self made bottle bong. How to get this smell away and what to …[View]
19481724Alright /adv/, the fuck do I do? My girlfriend and I are in a long distance relationship and we…[View]
19483253Getting my mind off thoughts about relationships: after being friendzoned by my friend (which i knew…[View]
19483197Time to give up?: I tried any possible subject to be good/skilled in professionally. I am still a yo…[View]
19483264How do I find a couple that'll let me clean up their mess after they fuck?[View]
19483269Tired of searching the right way to...: Sorry for bad english in advance. Really, really long-long-l…[View]
19481636Where to buy a fake diploma: Where is the best place to buy a fake diploma in the UK? I don't …[View]
19483078Traveling /adv/: I'm driving to Florida from Kansas this winter and I want to do it in three da…[View]
19482369Virgin problems: Met girl on tinder. I know she is quite a slut. I am pretty conservative myself. 18…[View]
19482961First time with weed/edibles: Going to have my first experience with weed this first friday, in the …[View]
19483177Hey guys, I'm a burger and I'm about to get kicked off my parent's health insurance p…[View]
19481417wtf: I get turned on too easily. Like, it's way too easy for me to get a hard on if I see somet…[View]
19483058How do I get my libido back after coming out of depression: I was suicidally depressed for a fairly …[View]
19483128>live with crazy brazilian mother >currently at college >haven't seen her for few days…[View]
19482701When will the sadness end?: When will the sadness end?[View]
19483074>Rarely jack off with dildo >Decide to >Go kinda hard >Realize a little while later that…[View]
19483183getting old sucks[View]
19482422>see girl on OkCupid, seems like a perfect qt 3.14 christian waifu >message her but that site …[View]
19483039Have my own place, when I stay with my mum to visit to make sure she isn’t lonely or whatever I slee…[View]
19482248What is a good mouse to buy? Had a razer naga until now, but don't want to buy (((gamer))) prod…[View]
19483096Holy fucking shit guys I'm so goddamn sad. I literally just seriously considered starting to g…[View]
19482917Can life be fun without recreational drugs?: I'm 19, I've done weed, speed, LSD, shrooms, …[View]
19478421My girlfriend has recently started a new job, she's in the gruelling training process, and it…[View]
19483082Knife Wound that won't heal: I stabbed myself in the index finger a month and a half ago. I got…[View]
19482893Gross.: I have a bunch of these hairs growing on my chest. They're extremely easily to pull out…[View]
19482190How long do I have to abstain from porn before I find real, flesh and blood women attractive again?[View]
19483068When to walk away?: I’m flying to Agent Orange land next month, I’ve been given a job there and it’s…[View]
19482887amateur therapy?: I've got to know this girl in one of my evening classes that clearly shows me…[View]
19483005My girlfriend recently disclosed that if I were to ever smoke weed, I couldn't do it unless she…[View]
19482928Best hygienic tips go[View]
19482835What do I do when my family makes me take the brunt of their issues and are extremely manipulative a…[View]
19483024is erotica a better alternative to jerking it to porn? been trying to wean myself off[View]
19482998Asking girls out at gym: Is it automatically a bad idea? Will women just want to be left alone while…[View]
19482688How do I deal with type 2 Diabetes?: My parents taught me really bad lifestyle habits growing up, bu…[View]
19482308After more than 6 months of talking myself into creating a tinder profile I finally manage to make a…[View]
19482784How does one pick up a hobby? I'm like 30, don't seem to enjoy playing video games much an…[View]
19482953battlestations: why can't i keep my room clean[View]
19481423Stressed of sex: Does sex stress anyone else out? I’m always stressed out when my girlfriend and I h…[View]
19481918How do I find a bisexual girl who is willing to have threesomes with me while at the same time is re…[View]
19482186Why don't you work from home? Advantages: >everything Disadvantages: >none…[View]
19480619What's it like working for Amazon? we recently just got Amazon here in Australia. ive applied f…[View]
19482909I don’t have emotions any more.: Recently I found out my new boyfriend was making plans to hook up w…[View]
19482324>bf is always on his phone >reddit, 4chan.org, Twitte, no idea what he goes on when I'm …[View]
19482898I drank some coffee too close to my bed time and I'm buzzing and sleepy at the same time. What…[View]
19481453I will be 20 in less than a month. I just left my job for unimportant reasons. How easy is it to rob…[View]
19482851can i get some advice/experiences from indian/arab guys (who aren't incel) on how to not be an …[View]
19481159Self-Confidence: What are some tips you would give for someone looking to increase their self-confid…[View]
19482317Do I have a complex about being liked: >Tells me I'm handsome in some form or another near e…[View]
19482839How to own my personality?: I've come to realize that I need to accept the way I am. First of a…[View]
19482850I looked at my ex's tumblr a fuckload of times after I broke up with her. I don't have an …[View]
19482267lamb based dish: I'm cooking for about 5-7 guys including me this Saturday. Any ideas for lamb…[View]
19479637Is it abnormal to be disgusted by hookup culture? Everyone I know just casually sleeps around, but I…[View]
19482730should I try over the counter erectile dysfunction pills? i've had perfectly healthy normal sex…[View]
19482604Refreshing a relationship: I just passed the one year anniversary of my first relationship and I fee…[View]
19482276How can I tell if I'm pregnant?: Too poor to buy a test.[View]
19482704Want to start anew. Don't know how to: >be me >complete and utter outcast/misfit during h…[View]
19482250How do I get over my anxiety, depression and family problems? I'm 24 and my father was never th…[View]
19481567How do I accept the fact that I will wallow in self loathing fact for the rest of my life?[View]
19482282How do I deal with a breakup anons? I truly loved her, and I believed she truly loved me which is wh…[View]
19482145Anxiety: >pic related Anxiety is high af rn. I feel like shit. Anyone have anything to take mind …[View]
19482610Alright /adv/, I have an exam coming up next thursday, thing is, I have to leave for a trip that sam…[View]
19482638The military was my chance to get on my feet to get a job a car ect i passed asvab passed meps faile…[View]
19482600So I've stumbled across an MMORPG. I'm not sure if it's good, or if even at all worth…[View]
19482535sadstoryofmylife: I'm 20 and life has lost 96% of it's purpose to me. At this point only d…[View]
19482288I want to feel human again: I have no facial expression and can only ever agree, laugh, or say that…[View]
19482406I'm all alone: I used to have tons of friends in Elemntary and throughout Junior High, but by H…[View]
19482166/adv/, I need your help. A few months ago I resumed a long distance relationship with a girl I'…[View]
19481681Cycle of failure: >Get rejected by girls >Work out to take my mind off of it and to make it le…[View]
19480114I need advice... So ivd been with my Boyfriend for roughly 2 years now, and i also have a baby girl …[View]
19481991High apathy?: I don't really have a guiding cultural framework or hard religion I observe to gu…[View]
19481838Am I a creep?: I was out drinking with friends, went to a club and here goes >out of rolling pape…[View]
19482010Random things affecting your life: I can't shake the feeling that i have very little control ov…[View]
19481769Why does it annoy me so much if someone thinks that the person attending to them (waiter, hairdresse…[View]
19482111>buddy is about 10 kg fatter than me >shorter by about a whole head >can't grow a bear…[View]
19482153Is it weird to get turned on from imagining others in emotional pain. I recently realized the though…[View]
19482507Somewhat got my messy life together and I feel like I wanna get into a relationship. Don't know…[View]
19480604It's boring: Shower thought here so bear with me. Thinking about the act of sex, just sticking …[View]
19482412Mixed Signals: So I took a girl who started at my work on a date. She's 19 and so am I. I gave …[View]
19482405Sweating: I've got severe sweating issues and this has actively affected my entire conscious ex…[View]
19482494Im a 21 years old male, i wasted my youth, quit studying after highschool, i have some modest experi…[View]
19477660ITT: Ask The Opposite Gender Anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see …[View]
19481860So I started a job and knew I had an upcoming event that I could not miss. So day 1 I requested 3 da…[View]
19482295Why don't any girls like me? There has to be at least one out there, right?[View]
19482328How do I stop giving a fuck about other people's feelings? I want to become a sociopath.[View]
19482150Professor is mean to me: >be Physicsfag >4th Semester >didn't study during 3rd Semeste…[View]
19482316Underachiever:: Lazy, unmotivated, procrastinator. I only seek out short term pleasure (internet, ga…[View]
19482259I dont know what to do. When i was a child my father sexually abused my 8 year old sister and got ta…[View]
19482326What in god's fuck do people consider being nice? Or smart? Or 'a good listener?' Or polite? An…[View]
19482398How do I deal with feelings of inadequacy?: I have been feeling this way for too long. That I am not…[View]
19482341Before or after, which is more attractive? Question for females specifically, but all opinions welco…[View]
19482359I quit Facebook a while back, turned off notifications because it was addictive and not useful. My s…[View]
19480150Is working everyday to get more stupid currency suppose to be fun? >28 years old >$70,000 - $8…[View]
19481194So almost 10rys ago I had my first serious relationship for about a year and a half, I was 14. Long …[View]
19482349Need advice, preferably from girls: Over the past two weeks I've been taking to this girl I met…[View]
19481611Are chicks with flat chests very self conscious about their boobs? >there's a girl who seeme…[View]
19481298I really really need someones help. PLEASE: >21 yo, soon to be 22 in two months >Haven't …[View]
19479579How do I stop farting so much? I dont know why but I've always had a problem with farting and s…[View]
19481400How good are my chances?: There’s a girl in my math class at uni, haven’t really talked to her until…[View]
19482256hi I have a thing where I need advice because I can't talk to anyone about it. I lived with on…[View]
19481317INTERNET ADDICTION: > super stressful grad school workload > anxiety about doing the challengi…[View]
19482257How much of a turn off would it be to ask this girl i'm fucking to call me a good boy after sex…[View]
19481595How do i stop having smelly feet after a few hours of wearing shoes? I wash feet and shoes, tried us…[View]
19482205https://discord.gg/rdtX9j4: This server has fucking lolis/child porn and gore shit. Y’all should che…[View]
19478550Mom never got to watch me play FFXV: Ever since the days of Super Mario for the NES, my mom would wa…[View]
19482164Stupid Ideas: How do I stop telling myself all my ideas are shit before I even start on projects? Wh…[View]
19480937> Be me > Have 6 subjects > 2 of which you hate and 1 youre failing > Have a month and …[View]
19482121Religion and Family: I thought I was pretty clear with my wife when I was dating her that I believe …[View]
19482071Find a flaw. >Protip: you probably can.[View]
19481775Need help from a programmer: I ran out of options here, I thought this place might actually offer so…[View]
19479924>21 year old khv >Have never had a friend before or even socialized with another person on a m…[View]
19482006My room smells bad and stale even as i leave the window open for most of the day, with shutters down…[View]
19482027First speeding ticket, help!!: Alright, i recently got my driving liscene. Yesterday i was driving b…[View]
19482022I have multiple documents, a website, photo editing and a video game that I have to make all by mond…[View]
19481881How can I better make threads on here that promote real answers like they do on /adv/?[View]
19482030>be me 23 years old >feeling like a fucking kid >all my younger cousins are now driving a c…[View]
19479756My birthday is Friday. How do I avoid feeling depressed? I set up some meal meetings with friends, b…[View]
19481402WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?: guys think I'm perfect for them and feel all this intense love for me i…[View]
19481933I got kicked out of my senior year because of too many unexcused days. I'm 18. Do I have any ch…[View]
19480691vidya and the internet are sedating me. I heard this happens to most of the people here. The thing i…[View]
19481985I have a very big problem with abandonment, and I have a friend that I've gotten very close to …[View]
19481911Laser Eye Surgery?: I'm considering a FEMTO Lasik op to get rid of my glasses. But I heard of s…[View]
19481600>waited too long to make move on crush (wasnt ready cause i had mental problem) >now ready …[View]
19481965How do I find a girl who is like me ?: I've been in relationships but all with extroverted girl…[View]
19481937So I was about to kill myself last night. Wrote a letter and left some instructions to my folks and …[View]
19481083Long story short I fucked up the last decade of my life with drugs and lost the love of my life Now …[View]
19481457Anyone ever lived in a car? How long and what was your experience like? My bitch ass roommates just …[View]
19481566What's the easiest way to get a girlfriend when you're have essentially no social life bey…[View]
19481316why do I keep crying at parties and ruining everything[View]
19481803Rascism: Be me18 years old live on air force base dads a colonel go to to black friend A. Sanders…[View]
19481845A girl texted me first after we exchanged numbers and I barely responded. I wrote something generic …[View]
19480804Looking for advice on bratty FWB: Oh wow, yet another thread about girls.. Well yes, they're ha…[View]
19479576FUCK WASPS: Brit here who will be spending a year studying in a Southern US state. Knowing my fear, …[View]
19481181I really like facesitting but my gf is super vanilla, how do I convince her to sit on my face more o…[View]
19481690Need recomandations on old pc building.: Hi I'm building a old 2001 pc. And idk what psu to get…[View]
19480196Help I'm worried about my balls: Dear anons, Used to be a regular ball shaver, but haven't…[View]
19481240How to get revenge on a snitch: >be me >live in dry fraternity >95% of the members drink in…[View]
19481553Could someone help me understand how my lecturer has gone from the first equation to the second as i…[View]
19481529Is it really true that China has a gender imbalance?, will it make it harder for me to find an Asian…[View]
19481787Looking for (small&large)Office/corporate/job advice: Hey Anon, I'm struggling to find advi…[View]
19481694How does one become a PI? I’ve always had fantasies of chasing down a cheating husband in a high spe…[View]
19481748Recently stopped talking zoloft about a month ago and its all going sweet, however, one of the side …[View]
19480855>at college, at 25 doing my masters >did STEM but still didnt get a job after 300 applications…[View]
19481349what's that game?: what's that game made by a Russian coder that you have to be invited to…[View]
19480536A couple of months ago I talked to a much older guy about hooking up with him (I was gonna do the wh…[View]
194816515 year anniversary: 4/20 is the 5 year anniversary of dating this guy. What would be an appropriate …[View]
19481618How to find out what I want in life?[View]
19481384This Tuesday, me and a girl agreed/planned our second date for this Saturday. I have not texted her …[View]
19481643Already tried /lit/ but my thread was archived I'm trying out for a production of Urinetown thi…[View]
19481475I have a small group of friends and two of them have girlfriends. We've all hung out together a…[View]
19481593I'm sick and tired of being everyone's punching bag... I'm 21 and I look like an ugly…[View]
19481569right so how should i get in contact with my ex? she could be at work so i don't want to call i…[View]
19479281How do you convince yourself that your partner won't cheat on you and enjoy spending time with …[View]
19481578Awkward talking to girls around female friends: Yet the only time I get attention or get approached …[View]
19481562Finally saved up 1000 euros. I've been looking for like ~3 months to get a PC that can run VR w…[View]
19481513Things you regret not doing in high school/while you were young: I want to graduate with the least a…[View]
19480117>drop out of high school in sophomore year >come back at 19 >take SAT >zero studying bef…[View]
19480471I'm very lazy and only do things when there's a threat behind them. I have a stack of book…[View]
19480694How do I stop being attracted to women who are bad for me? I have a thing for fun, carefree party g…[View]
19481506Will people make fun of me if I learn with coursera and paid their classes?[View]
19481456How bad is the competition in finding an Asian girlfriend?, I really want to find one in college, I’…[View]
19481404struggling to reconcile my own lifestyle and habits with the knowledge that we are systematically ki…[View]
19481264No girl is better than one girl: I'm starting to believe its better to have nothing going on wi…[View]
19481374Mindracing and can't focus: Can you guys help me out? Since a few years now, I can't focu…[View]
19480193Are self proclaimed bisexual Polyamorous women viable romantic partners for a straight male or no[View]
19481385For all you unifags out there, what are some study tips for final's? I'm tryna get a 4.0 b…[View]
19480994Contrived: Back in 2015 I fell in love with the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. We kept lo…[View]
19481311How often can u smoke weed without negative side effects?[View]
19481217sad: is it me or life is consistently made up of lows? I don't want to kill myself over a rough…[View]
19480729My dad (who isn't a very honest or trust able human being) has just bought a car but needs my s…[View]
19481369Got a concussion head injury about a month ago never went to the hospital,only my local gp who just …[View]
19481361What's with this girl ?: I met this girl at an event a month ago. We hit it off pretty well. Th…[View]
19481370Boosting my mood: So I just had something happen that has put me in a negative mood. I work a lot wo…[View]
19481211Im a larger man at 6 foot 4 and around 380lbs. I need a new Spring jacket. Water/wind resistant, aro…[View]
19481347Anon needs help!: >be me >22 yo beta looser for most of my life till only recently >pretty …[View]
19480869So, my bf has a samsung galaxy and recently he deleted all his pictures. Like all of them. Said he w…[View]
19481151Drugs that release oxytocin: I'm pretty starved of intimacy and, as I understand it, the sense …[View]
19480432I just got 14/125 on a multiple choice exam. I only needed 36/125 to pass the course. How the fuck d…[View]
19481191How do I know what condoms to buy? Are there good/bad brands? How do I know? Does it really matter? …[View]
19476237how to make money as a hot woman: >be me 19 >solid 8.5/10 >thin but decent figure >shor…[View]
19481075Do ssri's work?: I have a loving family, go to a decent uni, have 2 or 3 close friends that I s…[View]
19481245How do you tolerate injustice: towards or right next to you? I inherited this from my father who was…[View]
19481123I want to completely fix my sleep schedule this weekend, becuase its beyond fucked. It’s so bad that…[View]
19478962I've now spent slightly over $1000 in slightly over 1 year on sex toys, $200 of it being this w…[View]
19480382Seriously, how the fuck do I get over this intense social anxiety I have? I can't go a single w…[View]
19481087Seasonal Affective Disorder, anyone?: I've had wild mood swings for no reason and I started kee…[View]
1948108819 here an i have started to walk down the path of accepting that i will be alone for the rest of my…[View]
19480788Hey, I'm going to Whole Foods soon, wanna get a healthy diet going for my 15 year old son. What…[View]
19479960Best way to learn guitar without taking lessons?: I want to learn to play the guitar. What’s the bes…[View]
19480315It's been over 4 years and I still love her /adv/. What do I do? She was the first and only gir…[View]
19481104how good is Microbiology of a field to go into? what does the employment rate look like?[View]
19480971What's wrong with me /adv/. I do literally nothing besides go to the gym 4 or 5 times a week an…[View]
19481070Past tutor is attractive, but don't know how to break barrier: So a bit of background: I'm…[View]
19480576>Be me, 22 yo male. >Always been depressed & anxious almost no matter my health and habits…[View]
19480639Been working 3 months at my new job but lied about having a degree: should i tell them or keep quiet…[View]
19480856I'M SO FUCKING ANGRY, I CAN'T SLEEP: Ok, let me take you through my dumpster fire of a lif…[View]
19480528So my gf and i fucked right, she got the depo provera birth control shot 6 or 7 days before we fucke…[View]
19479261What is the source of this meme (pic related)? I swear it looks just like my wife when she was young…[View]
19480817Lonely Robot: Hello, I'm a very lonely robot. I had a few not super close friends in HS and bro…[View]
19480626How do I ask out a woman I'm into without it being awkward if she says no? She's a friend,…[View]
19480133When I was a teen I didn't give a fuck what anyone thought of me. I was extroverted and had all…[View]
19480878Is it normal to feel bad for failing to keep up to other's expectation, especially the one you …[View]
19480282What do when: a person has literally no interests? This has been the case with me since kindergarten…[View]
19480554what the fuck am i if im a retarded femanon who relates with you all?? literally every time i come …[View]
19480660I'm getting a custom plate for my Honda CB125E I've never ridden before and it's blue…[View]
19480043My mother is in the hospital undergoing a major heart surgery. The first person here was her rather …[View]
19480284Gf doesn't keep hands to herself: How do I deal with this annoying cunt of a Gf who constantly …[View]
19480805Hey, my anxiety and depression started in 2012, I was prescribed antidepressants, Prozac to be exact…[View]
19480926How to leave stress at home?: I have numerous problems that I can't stop thinking about while a…[View]
19480306I need to leave porn: Since I was a midget with 7 years I saw sexby accident and since then I transf…[View]
19480301Over a year ago, I was depressed and feeling shitty over a ton of things. I lashed out on my friend/…[View]
19480651Is it bad to join a charity to pursue a girl when I could also see myself ending up passionate about…[View]
19480220My dad has gone from worried to openly dissappointed that i'm still single. How do I cool him o…[View]
19477294Does adversity, hardship, boredom and discomfort make people stronger or weaker?[View]
19477473If the legal age of consent is 16, is it cool for a guy who is 21 to date a 16 year old girl?[View]
19480826help me get revenge: A few days ago I got scammed by somone who I considered a friend , I wanna get …[View]
19480740I swear my life is a fucking hentai: So i have this pen, it is my favorite pen. don't ask, i ju…[View]
19480774Hey adv, fucking struggling to get rid of the fear that my gf will cheat on me. How to gain a trust …[View]
19480809Almost fucked my boss today. I leave in 2 weeks for a different job. She's in a 10 year relati…[View]
19480759My girlfriend of 4 years cheated on me while I was studying abroad. We were talking about marriage, …[View]
19480781Should I drive an hour (one way) for sex? I can't tell if I value it enough.[View]
19480540How to not die?: >be 24 >no work history at all, been living on $1000/mo from mother to help m…[View]
19480370>dating a girl who was in kindergarten when I was 16 Am I a creep?[View]
19480761work drama: Someone who harasses me at work was just given positive recognition for my idea. How do …[View]
19480190I got drunk and fucked a married woman. We've been friends for years and she's having mari…[View]
19480635I'm feeling free but also twisted for finally cutting off someone I was 'friends' with from hig…[View]
19479836Anyone else here really distant with their parents. I'm 19 and I don't talk to them. I mov…[View]
19480713I’ll never get a gf living at my parents home and commuting to college :([View]
19480276Would it be creepy to add a co worker who I think is cute on facebook? Basically I've started t…[View]
19480587How to get a cute awkward girlfriend: I want to get a occultist girlfriend. A girl who’s into all th…[View]
19480235how do i use a dildo as a male?: i simply cannnot put it in there, should i force it through? use mo…[View]
19480630Am I fucked when it comes to sex?: So I am a guy and I like women. I have had sex with two of them i…[View]
19480472People always say get better hobbies than Vidya, tv, and reading but what else is there? I want to g…[View]
19477426Why do women storm off?: Something I've noticed recently when being in (and witnessing) couples…[View]
19480288Weed: Recently befriended some stoners at my highschool. It's almost 4/20, and I'm plannin…[View]
19480558Sexually Dead: Is anyone else in this boat? I don't know if I'm low test or what, but as o…[View]
19480142How do I increase the volume and force of my ejaculations?[View]
19479075Is it illegal to yell nigger out of your window?[View]
19480594Fatigue/Stress/School: I took some Xanax and Zoloft around 6 last night, slept 24 hours... And have …[View]
19479790What is this? What’s wrong with my skin? It started out as fungus, but then I think I scratched it t…[View]
19480168An annoying friend: So I've met this one guy at school who is diagnosed with OCD, Tourette…[View]
19480369>tfw FDNY firefighter >tfw all of my friends call me 'Tweek' (from south park) meaning I am su…[View]
19480336Boner problems: Having trouble maintaining a boner and getting a boner with my gf. I’ve always dealt…[View]
19480515Why do I have a fear of abandonment? 22 year old male I'm always the one to text first, and wh…[View]
19480449Self Cock-scious: My girlfriend and I have been seeing each other for a while and pretty soon we…[View]
19479609Unironically how the fuck do you talk to people[View]
19480331Tribe Anon: Hello, tribe anon here again, I've narrowed down the possible collectivist groups t…[View]
19480458What are the chances I see permanent gains from using one of these?[View]
19480294Motivation: How do i get motivation back? i am 26 years old i used to have endless amounts of energ…[View]
19480241STD from blowjob: I got head tonight from a girl who has fucked three virgins in her lifetime. She c…[View]
19480492antisocial: I haven't seen my friends in months, do high school on the computer, no car, and wo…[View]
19480371live somewhere else on probation: so i live in the woods like 400 miles from anything and i got in l…[View]
19479585Texting: So I met this girl recently and went on a date with her and things went well, but while tex…[View]
19478450If my gf breaks up with me can i get the stuff i gave her back legally?: I gave her my bose headphon…[View]
19479164I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I lost my job in September, and since then I've …[View]
19480402Are there any good video editing apps I can download? >t. Dirty phoneposter…[View]
19480374How do i go about reconnecting with a girl i really liked? We were never really close close friends …[View]
19479933I need to learn empathy: So I can usually predict how people will feel , but my gf is being an emoti…[View]
19480317Not a big pussy eater. But I finally caved in and ate my GF out, was pretty great. BUT for the next …[View]
19480184Out of the following, which would you choose as a major... >Math >Economics >Psychology…[View]
19480409People always talk to me like I am stupid whenever they find out I have disabilities. She I was in h…[View]
19477241GF told me her period is 4 days late. We last had sex on the 7th April and I cummed inside her but …[View]
19480060Should you be worried if your girlfriend admits she has a crush on your dad? We were talking about g…[View]
19480387Here’s all the backstory you need. >Feel like everyone else has it easy in life and I’m defected …[View]
19479861Found out my ex bf committed identity theft: So I found out my ex bf committed identity theft. We li…[View]
19480318Never used advice before but ill guess ill give it a try, so i first noticed this back in 8th grade …[View]
19479542Getting TEFL certification: have any of you guys taught english in an azn country? I got a worthless…[View]
19479735Brother is a compulsive spender... Spent at least 200 pounds this month (300 pounds including last m…[View]
19479625Bleeding from anus: For the past month I have been constantly bleeding from the anus when going to t…[View]
19480324Why do young girls like grade 7-9 get crushes on me but older girls have no interest? This is true b…[View]
19480297Can a teacher change an unofficial final grade in the transcript? I was told I could hadn't in …[View]
19480229I have had bad trust issues for a long time and have a hard time opening up to people. If I want to …[View]
19480097I'm balding and need to shave my head. Gillette is getting way too expensive. What's a goo…[View]
1946945219 femanon here should i give up my virginity to really attractive guy who i am completely infatuate…[View]
19479950I got broken up with 4 months ago and my ex admitted that she never loved me. I have tried working o…[View]
19480108can someone explain to me why my bf doesnt want me to lose weight and says he likes it while hes obv…[View]
19479213i want a gf: I have a pretty decent build, im tall and well built. My personality isnt awful but im …[View]
19480205Just need some insight. I've dated the same girl for a few years now. I'm in my mid to lat…[View]
19480065Ever since I was little, when I hear a car with heavy bass drive past late at night I feel terrified…[View]
19479716Paranoia and constant anxiety: How the fuck do I deal with this? I have a lot of trouble trusting pe…[View]
19480223I recently started wagecucking a bit too late into adulthood, and immediately feel depressed as fuck…[View]
19479472Is going to college/university really worth it? I've been thinking a lot about it and the more …[View]
19480209I'm not sure if I can check into my hotel.: Me and my older cousin wanted to celebrate my 21st …[View]
19479935How do you make things 'official' with a girl?: 19 M, I have never done this before and I'm get…[View]
19477318There's a lesbian couple that sits in front of me at lunch and it's disgusting to look in …[View]
19478419Suicide, homelessness, or what: Told my mother I felt like killing myself, told me she too felt that…[View]
19479864What to do? (Girl/date): Never had a proper relationship (depressed/many problems when younger), but…[View]
19480035Nofap RIP my libido: 29 years old here, my libido took a huge dive after some bad shit i went trough…[View]
19479766>Delivered: 6 Days Ago How do you guys deal with people just completely cutting you off one day?…[View]
19477248What does /adv/ think of my wallpaper? What would you think if you saw an attractive and fit guy wit…[View]
19479646I've a (genuine) question for any femanons here: what do you think you would think or feel if y…[View]
19480138Which software should I use?[View]
19480136even steven: I have this person in my life who is somewhat close to me in my personal life but if th…[View]
19480089So I have an amazing girlfriend. I trust her so much, shes the only thing keeping me from ending it …[View]
19479737I'm 27 and no gf or any girls in my life. I tried online dating and bombed it. Im < 3 years …[View]
19477037Turning 29 tomorrow. I don't want to be a wizard, but the idea of sex grosses me out so much.[View]
19479813Run into boss at Walgreens, instinctively shake his hand like a good ass kisser. He asks how things …[View]
19480023I cannot...form...human...connection! I am 26 and I have never had any close friends. Any time peopl…[View]
19477826Confused: Hi /adv/, I have a dilemma. One kink that I've developed is cuckolding, where the wif…[View]
19480031How do I get a loving caring wife or long term relationship with a girl?[View]
19479863What makes a person likable?: What do people do that makes them likable? Have you ever met a person …[View]
19478689Fuck, /adv/, I need help. I managed to forget my PIN and internet access to my bank account simultan…[View]
19480048I can’t drive anymore. I forget the right of way and mess up traffic. I zone out or go into my head …[View]
19480015A nigga needs a gf: I’ve been flirting with this grill in class and I have the courage to ask her ou…[View]
19479696How long does it take for THC to drop to negligible levels? I last smoked a bunch in the first week …[View]
19479464Finding a job with no experience has been stressful. I have been trying to look for a job since Octo…[View]
19472448Making Friends: (Posted this on /tg/ but didn't get many replies and most were conflicting) Wou…[View]
19479971Obviously Scammers: Hey /adv/, hope you all are having a great night. So since earlier today, this p…[View]
19479975Why do women always try to insult or bait you when they like you? Am I giving off a certain vibe or …[View]
19479967I'm turning 21 in a few months, and while I haven't completely wasted my life, I do feel l…[View]
19479910Parent guilting me about college choice: I guess I'm just letting off steam here. I submitted m…[View]
19479978>be 15 >have gf, lost virginity but fat, socially retarded, greasy mess >dump cos she const…[View]
19478300Will I progress with playing guitar if the main thing I do is learn songs? Whats the best thing to b…[View]
19479319Hello guys i need a 20-15 lines of descriptioning a Distressed system/sos system for the elderly for…[View]
19479670How do I raise my daughter not to be a retard?: How do I make it so my daughter doesn't turn ou…[View]
19479941Starting over in a new city. Lonely and no friends.: Moved to a new city all alone where I don'…[View]
19479619Someone please tell me how to make friends. The few friends I have I love but like they're peop…[View]
19477401Uncontrollable Binge Eating, Depression, Weight Gain: It started last year after losing my dad to he…[View]
19479751Why does my ex hate me so much lol: We were together for ages, each other’s firsts, basically perfec…[View]
19479811My fwb I like as a friend just told me she has deeper feelings for me. I don't share those feel…[View]
19479786How do you move on with your life when you just got doxxed? That includes your full name, home addre…[View]
19479857ffs: Just getting out of a 10yr marriage, my only ltr. It's really messy, she left me. i dont k…[View]
19478903Dealing with a mentally-ill trans friend: Hello, /adv/. I desparately need some help in dealing with…[View]
19478444Any advices for depression?Im on Therapy for 2 months but its not helping me. Legit answers pls no '…[View]
19479062My regular weed dealer gave me a phone charger for no reason. I went to grab some weed like every o…[View]
19479804Anger: How do i stop getting so angry at petty shit like assholes on the train who take up two seats…[View]
19479689Anyone know how to get these stains out of clothes? I have two hoodies with them from getting sauce …[View]
19479710Disgust: Guys im too lazy to lose weight and too lazy to do anything but funny thing is that i was t…[View]
19479687im at my childhood home right now. well, my house used to be there. im sitting at the steps of a 4 s…[View]
19478160I had smoked weed most days since I was 16. I quit two years ago and I am now 22. I feel that regul…[View]
19478646Any advice for coming off of Zoloft? I've been trying to get off my medication (my life is a lo…[View]
19479691Bored with life and no fun friends: I'm 16 and bored due to not having exciting/fun friends. I …[View]
19479655Lack of purpose is messing up my life: Doing bad in school and work isn't going so great. My re…[View]
19479685>be me, approach a girl online, we become good friends, inicially she was very invested and I was…[View]
19478823heyo i accidentally cheated on my gf wit my neighbour and she all mad n shit how i make her chill bi…[View]
19479353YouTube and 'Fair use': I want to start a YouTube channel similar to the Odd1sOut, but I'm so c…[View]
19478779How do know if youre gay: Like actually gay? Im 18 and just confused..[View]
19479430Unsure about future: I graduated university in December. I got a BA in Earth Science hoping to get i…[View]
19479510crap at networking: 19,attending community college and am friendly with fellow students,even get the…[View]
19478329Okay, I'm 19 and also a virgin. Have a gf who really wants to fuck me, obviously that's al…[View]
19477541I want to fucking end my life already, im 5'3 and hate living. im constantly being rejected and…[View]
19479349Coping With Anxiety: How do I deal with literal crippling anxiety? I lose control of breathing, get …[View]
19479492What's the point of a relationship?: I mean, I guess it's great for when you want emotiona…[View]
19478396being an adult: what's it all about?[View]
19479414I've recently realized video games are cancer and I'm burying hours into essentially killi…[View]
19479506>guy flirts with me and acts interested >break at some point and tell him I like him >he d…[View]
19479270Haven't been on a first date in a while. What do i do when i first see her and when we part way…[View]
19479549I'm about 3 years out of school and had 3 jobs, one of which was a short-term contract, the oth…[View]
19478390How do I improve myself in the most effecient way?: Anybody else have too many fucking interests in …[View]
19478625How can I change or expand the type of girls I'm attracted to? There's a girl I consider …[View]
19478433I'm ashamed of the fact that I only lost my virginity when I was 21, to a guy who wasn't t…[View]
19479507I spoke with some big brains, and they told me I was a schizoid, radical feminist, post-modernist co…[View]
19479201I'm 28 and my sex drive is almost totally gone. I'm in good shape, I am very active. My di…[View]
19479374hs: I have a book report that me passing this class depends on due in two days. I haven't read …[View]
19475903I'm a girl with a deep voice. It's not as deep as a man but still deep for a woman. I ofte…[View]
19478840diabetes, blood sugar, glycemic index, clycemic load and insulin index: I'm new to this and it…[View]
19478982How do I find a tenant or renters list for a house? I want to find out who lived in my house before …[View]
19477860How often should a person go out to meet people? I'm always locked up in my room except when I …[View]
19479351Let's be honest about this:: Should an adult guy hit on women, go on dates, etc if he doesn…[View]
19475948I feel like shit because I'm not so good in maths as I want to be. What do I do? It's like…[View]
19479314Are there any tall tale signs that employers give out if you are about to get fired? I'm curiou…[View]
19474074How can I get smarter, fit? I'm 19 and next month I'm writing my final exams. Ever since …[View]
19476390Help me?: Okay anons... so here's what happened I have a crush who's my best friend, she d…[View]
19478690I just want to fuck this guy why is it so hard: >be me, 19 year old virgin female >really into…[View]
19479260Job bullying: Hey /adv/, I need your opinion. I'm a student/cashier, all nice and good with the…[View]
19479400Scary Bulimia Ad: Hey guys, I just stumbled upon this video made by one of my friends. Do you think …[View]
19478213Help me come back to sanity.: 4chan talk me out of this: >10 years ago high school sweetheart dum…[View]
19475093I can't fuck my fat wife: She got fat. Real fat. And her body is more like a bag of garbage. I …[View]
19479299Summer School: I'm in danger of going there for my Physics 2 class. I'm in 18, in 12th gra…[View]
19479163leaving work: How does this sound? I plan on saying this when I walk into work today to my manager “…[View]
19479054Should I come clean?: I’ve basically dropped out of college for nearly a year and have lied to my pa…[View]
19479360Doesn't look like I'm getting an internship this summer and I'll be a senior next yea…[View]
19479290I'm interested on a chick. She's kinda cool and she likes it when i engage on conversation…[View]
19479175I've been friends with this girl for about 4 years, during that time we've both had partne…[View]
19478261I need your /adv/ices. I live in China and in my school there’s this event where every student must …[View]
19479300Building a Law resume: Hey /adv/, I'm a college student and in a year I'm going to appy fo…[View]
19479107Drug test help!: How long does THC & THCA stay in my system, is one more potent than the other? …[View]
19478946What's a good professional website to put up portfolio pieces? I have both still images and vid…[View]
19478750Found this in my girlfriends bathroom. Wat do? I found empty coke bags in the bathroom too. She swea…[View]
19479240Online relationship vs Real Relationship: For the past 3 years I have been with the same girl. I lov…[View]
19478892Yesterday I made a thread about killing myself and I got some helpful advice. >>19476031 One o…[View]
19478925Has anyone ever done a programming internship?: Posting here since /g/ is fucking retarded. How was …[View]
19479136>Go on forum for over 8 years >everyone there is some extent of retard, but some people take r…[View]
19478990Is my doctor bullshitting me?: Don't know if this is the right place to ask, but fuck it. >G…[View]
19478242Break up advice: So this my get lengthy but I’ll explain. My gf and I had dated for 3 years previous…[View]
19478642Legal help..?: Hi /adv/, I got arrested for a misdemeanor about two years ago(first offense). The ca…[View]
19478315how to get a girlfriend thread 1000000: Hi, so there is this girl that friendzoned me, after i showe…[View]
19477650What do you do about extremely negative/self centered parents?[View]
19478989>tfw 20 going on 21 >no license >don't know how to drive >no car >looks like it…[View]
19479047Am I annoying?: I have a really good friend, I met him in a game. We became good friends, I have nev…[View]
19478609My gf wants me to cum inside her, but there is a catch. She wants me to say 'kerchoo' like Lighting …[View]
19479008>be me >struggling with delusions and some hallucinations for a good while >Really Sad too …[View]
19478761I don't know whether I'm happy with my long-term relationship. I've been dating my be…[View]
19478957Male Grooming: What's considered normal for a guy in terms of pubes? Clean shaven seems like to…[View]
19477971Can men squirt? My gf was nuzzling the tip of my cock and then something unexpected happened. I felt…[View]
19478731college adv: Hi, /adv/ I am a 19 y/o currently enrolled in uni for computer science, and i am failin…[View]
19478951Health Insurance For NEETs: So I'm turning 26 soon, which means I won't be able to stay on…[View]
19478902i recently recieved my grade for an assignment i did. i was penalized with 0 because i 'plagari…[View]
19478768I am a guy with long hair that has not been cut in four years. I wear it in a bun because I hate the…[View]
19478848Been hanging with a girl who thinks she's not deserving of my love, happiness, shit like that. …[View]
19477898sick of wife: I am married 16 years and am sick of my wife. Every day is strictly planned by her fro…[View]
19477901!!!: How bad did I fuck up?? I'm 25 years old. Never had a tatt in my life and didn't real…[View]
19478698I'm a 3/10 male here. Almost got my bachelors, and am expecting to make decent money. But I don…[View]
19478204End it or nah ?: I’ve had really bad anxiety and depression since the start of high school, and I’ve…[View]
19477981How to get the girl: Tell me your best advice and experience for how to get girl.. as a uni student …[View]
19478114I feel like a sociopath or a psychopath I try so hard to be good but whenever I do good deeds, I jus…[View]
19478790Guys i found this outside my girlfriend's home when it started making a ringing sound for about…[View]
19478352>start getting really intimiate with a close friend at the beginning of the year >March rolls …[View]
19478705How do I stop all the hot girls at my college from driving me crazy? Theres an episode of Family Guy…[View]
19478071Can I get some help talking to this girl? She's from Taiwan and she isn't very easy to tal…[View]
19478380Need advice, /adv/!: I need help, I'm currently doing well in school (Straight A's) but I …[View]
19478655how do i quit my job: I worked one day and I need to quit. I realize I’m way too busy with school no…[View]
19478476How do I get over a relationship? We were together from 2014 to just tonight. I feel a little empty …[View]
19478413I'm losing eyesight in my left eye slowly what is happening[View]
19478422How do I get better at handling critisizm I just get hostile, silent, and revenge seeking at the sma…[View]
19477958Advice on finding a gf: So what is the /adv/ approved way of finding a gf for a guy who just entered…[View]
19477079Should I get my dog neutered? On the one hand, I think it will make him more calm, peaceful and thus…[View]
19478573Started craving junk food and feeling super agitated this last week. How can I unwind?[View]
19478552College makes me want to kill myself: I have 4 huge assignments to turn in tomorrow and an exam each…[View]
19478527I recently realized that I say the number 20 with a ch sound I also mispronounce quite a few words t…[View]
19478487Might have caner.: This lump that had been on the skin of my ball sack since my childhood decided to…[View]
19478448Hi there I know a girl and I think I'm in love with her, but she doesn't feel the same... …[View]
19478228How does one find a new job with a lack of 'skills' while only having experience? Worked in retail …[View]
19478362My cousin is doing really bad in math and might not be able to graduate. I'm male and average l…[View]
19478464how do I cope with looking, sounding, and acting like a retard I look in the mirror and see someone …[View]
19477896I have trust issues, low self esteem, 0 motivation in anything and I don't feel worthy of any k…[View]
19478090Is male stripper an option?[View]
19475426So I'm a girl who's incredibly short. Honestly I don't mind when my friends make shor…[View]
19477269My nephew is living with me and my wife. I’m actually okay with that, and that’s not the issue. We’r…[View]
19478248Ive been in a long term relationship for about 4 years now, and the past couple of months ive been h…[View]
19478364How to be a good boyfriend?: What qualities in a man make a good boyfriend? I started dating this gi…[View]
19478304Who else /mean and insecure thought process/ here The guy in the dorm next to me is dropping out of …[View]
19478384I'm severely depressed. I'm in my late 20's. I've lost two of my closest friends…[View]
19475952Is it normal to feel guilty about looking at porn/masturbating after you start dating someone?[View]
19478250What language do I wear?: >be me >learn language inconsistently for 3-ish years so still a pre…[View]
19478099How to turn down girl??: A chick I sort of knew from work about a year ago messaged me out the blue …[View]
19478302Listeners: People don't really listen to me all that often when I talk about things troubling t…[View]
19477288Where does one go for mental help when professional avenues either aren’t available or aren’t workin…[View]
19478281How do I quit thinking about wanting a gf every time I see a woman with my eyes Everytime I walk to …[View]
19477050How do I stop biting my nails?[View]
19477979so here's the deal /adv/ I work in a small company with about 10 internal employees (most of ou…[View]
19476959Moving abroad: I am 20 years old and I live in Ireland. I am sick of living here and want to experie…[View]
19478047Hey guys I bought a knife what do I do with it?[View]
19477315Premature ejaculation: Got this huge problem of not lasting in bed at all, usually less than a minut…[View]
19477446I play vidya with this girl online. We consistently chat and play games. Im scared of creeping her o…[View]
19477919I wanna end it man: Im tired Im lonely I need to end it Somone tell me an easy and painless way out…[View]
19477966>playing truth or dare with friends >its my turn >pick truth >'why are you even here whe…[View]
19478255Need doc/adv: Well hell, I'm even considering going to local dumbdoctor. Around month ago I pic…[View]
19477964So i'm talking to a girl and i send her winking face, 12 hours later i get reply saying 'i coul…[View]
19478232I need help , I just don’t know what: I have extremely high anxiety and I have completely shit short…[View]
19477330I broke up with my girlfriend of a year, two weeks ago, the last day we had sex was three days befor…[View]
19478220How do I accept a job interyou? And do I have to follow the formal email structure when replying to …[View]
19478206Is there a reason to enter relationships at all?: Because from what i've seen through the years…[View]
194764514chan making noises: is it normal for 4chan to make noises? i went on two boards and it kept playing…[View]
19477612Next month I am supposed to start paying back my student loans. I am thinking about telling them to …[View]
19476857Is there anyway to get over feeling nervous when random dudes hit up my girlfriend?[View]
19478029Long post if you can bare with me. I've begun participating in online discussions (Discord, For…[View]
19478172How important is a social media account as far as work is concerned nowadays? I've personally n…[View]
19478151I've quit every job I've ever had, and I can't stop fantasizing about it. I just can…[View]
19477491Breakup Guilt: I broke up with my GF about 2 years ago and after that she completely cut me off. She…[View]
19477474Gf can only see her side of the relationship. What should I do? Lemme preface this by saying she is…[View]
19478063Work panic and how do I get through the day?: I can't sleep because of panic over work. My boss…[View]
19474479Shy Bladder: Going to the military. Already went through meps. When I had to take the piss test I go…[View]
19474797>I’ve had 2 partners before >fuckbuddy of a few months and a short term month fling with a on…[View]
19477593Update on shy girl I needed help with: https://boards.4chan.org/adv/thread/19473571#bottom This was …[View]
19476830Sex problems with boyfriend: So my boyfriend is autistic. Hes very sweet and is a great lover. Probl…[View]
19478017How much money am I supposed to put aside for savings every time I get paid?[View]
19477098so my 1098 T is screwing me this tax season. My income is being affected by it. I usually get 900-20…[View]
19477906After a major depressive episode during the fall and winter, I finally decided to see a psychiatrist…[View]
19477900Scars and getting /fit/: I still have faggy scratches on my lower legs from when I was 14. They…[View]
1947797217 about to graduate highschool, looking at air force tactical aircraft maintenance as a possible mo…[View]
19477968Why have I become so stupidly sensitive within the last few years?: For some reason I have become re…[View]
19477945Quiting smoking without weight gain?: Is it possible? I recently lost quite a lot of weight and I do…[View]
19477308I have a 500 word article due tomorrow and I haven't even started it.: So I am currently writin…[View]
19477955How do I post shit on 4chan holy fuck[View]
19477864Hey, /adv/, I need your advice It's pretty long, but bear with me. I'm going to see my fam…[View]
19477894This might sound stupid but how do I relax and get comfortable? I'm constantly restless and on …[View]
19477804Brother in law: .he's 38 .just got into real estate and isn't doing well .made 12 an hour …[View]
19477889theres a girl i met she likes me and i like her shes in a abusive relatonship and its hard for her …[View]
19477461Are there any good looking girls on dating sites? Or are they all average to ugly irl?[View]
19477832I want MRI instead of CT: hi because of my family history I got a presciption from my personal docto…[View]
19477779I’ll jump straight to the point. >College junior (20 years old, pretty much an old man at heart)…[View]
19477719I've always been decent at programming but also am lazy and have no confidence. After I graduat…[View]
19476926Boston sucks, where should I move to /adv/?[View]
19477831Does anyone work as a claims adjuster or underwriter ? I’m trying to switch industries (I’ve been in…[View]
19477556What is Baltimore like? I love 'Hairspray' ! but I'm not american and I have never been to the …[View]
19477532How do I shut the fuck up. My whole life I've never been able to stop talking. At first I'…[View]
19477710Wage Slave freak out: Hey there /adv, So im a slave wage at McDonalds and I mostly work drive throug…[View]
19477598I want to learn programming from 0 Where do i start? we had some R at our uni but i don't think…[View]
19477139How can i start lucid dreaming?: It's so depressing getting up again every day for work, I neve…[View]
19476849Concert: So my SO wants to go to a concert for a band they like, and they invited me. I'm assum…[View]
19477516Okay, NOW what?[View]
19476719You can roast my shit but give me honest answers. 1. Exs brother has been overly depressed lately es…[View]
19476289It's probably silly to worry about but is a girl having a roastie a genuine turn off for most m…[View]
19477751Anybody know which app this is? (Sorry for censuring so much)[View]
19477707I basically lie to every girl I'm in a relationship with about being in previous relationships.…[View]
19477563How do I get over one-sided love? I feel like I'm in love with this girl, she's my best fr…[View]
19477375Hey guys i'm really confused about something doing with title related, worst thing i don't…[View]
19477512I fell 4 days ago and my foot has hurt ever since is it broken or should i just give it some rest?[View]
19477596Long story short, I'm ditching my abusive family. Before July I'm putting all my shit in m…[View]
19477585how do I cope with looking, sounding, and acting like a retard I look in the mirror and see someone …[View]

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