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19678306How do I get rid of the 'virgin demeanor' ? Watching myself on video is physically painful seeing ho…[View]
19678054will cycling around the city on my herrbike help me find a girlfriend? i have big swole legs so mayb…[View]
19678191do men and women experience depression and anxiety the same way?[View]
19675067Is this girl into me or not?: tl;dr This girl that got rehired has been giving me strong vibes, (5 m…[View]
19678330I've been receiving SSI for a long time and I just started working under the table getting abou…[View]
19677706I have fucked up, /adv/. My girlfriend of something like 4-5 months got pregnant (by me I presume) a…[View]
19675402How do I get over my fixation of wanting to be special? I’m 24 and I haven’t done anything of value,…[View]
19677826Any Advice/Medicine for dry feet and ankles?: >have extremely dry feet and ankles they look like …[View]
19677755/adv/: Suggest funniest way for me to kill myself to make family get over it.[View]
19675830Am I balding? Or is this hair thinning? Does it look unattractive? I'm 22. What do?[View]
19677791I just retardedly gave my puppy a cooked chicken bone, and realized that they're supposed to be…[View]
19674904I'm ashamed of my fetish and stuff I've masturbated to. How do I get rid of my fetish? No …[View]
19677729Can this thing actually able to Self-defense?: - i bought this for only $65 - i hit some random dog …[View]
19677222If money weren't an option, where is the best place to find a programmer for a two month contra…[View]
19676631Kissless virgin here, how does one get laid in the 21st century?[View]
19677910Hey /adv/, never posted on any thread other than /fit/, so this is somewhat of a new frontier. I qui…[View]
19676338>sister found the porno folder where I deepfaked her face onto a number of actresses She's l…[View]
19675673Accused of molesting a girl: Around 3 months ago I was at a party with a girl. My memory's pret…[View]
19678171should i contact my dad for fathers day?: im 26 and have an ok relationship with my dad. Ive always …[View]
19678199What now?: So I got another job that was an awesome situation - part time, but I was still going to …[View]
19678110Moving countries: I live in such a bad area that i cant walk tot he shops without being incredibly c…[View]
19677004What do you like most about women?[View]
19678157How can I not be lazy like my family?: I've come to realize I've never finished any video …[View]
19678154Being Busy: I want to become busy in my life. I want to do things in my free time. My life right now…[View]
19678126Women sex fb page: I'm looking for a facebook page which shares memes like the one in picture. …[View]
19677433crazy girl ive been posting about: last wendesday we broke up because we got back from a trip and sh…[View]
19677422am anxious about using sleeping pills. i have been using them for a couple of years, two times a mon…[View]
19678088I’m never going to succeed in life, I’m so fucked! I can’t even do chores and simple trade jobs righ…[View]
19677984in UK law is it possible for an accused to appeal the dismissal of the court and insist the trial co…[View]
19677073I managed to fatten up my boyfriend and things have been great except now my dad wants to meet him. …[View]
19677797I need help with probably the most important decision I've ever made. It's about my studie…[View]
19674971AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Theres a girl i like, i think she maybe likes me to, we see each other…[View]
19676484I keep having panic attacks over the thought of my mortality. What do?[View]
19677759Getting meds from Europe to the US: So I have a close friend in the US with a health condition and r…[View]
19677365Alright, been talking to a coworker for a few months and interested in her. I start putting two with…[View]
19676033How to overcome fear of breathing wrong?: I feel my chest gets filled up, like inside my chest betwe…[View]
19677322Looking for suggestions on how to improve my life. 23 virgin with NEET tendencies that I want to giv…[View]
19676997How do you stop being afraid of emotional intimacy? Whenever I find myself falling for a girl I frea…[View]
19677945buyers remorse: I have buyers remorse. Any help?[View]
19674100>met a girl on tinder >went out for a breakfast date and spent most of the day together >te…[View]
19676436How do you deal with a dad that is incredibly prideful and takes any criticism as a direct challenge…[View]
19677445why do i hate people/myself and what is the solution: I really fucking hate people. I look around an…[View]
19675364How do I get guys on /fit/ to hit on me without getting called out for attention whoring? Please, al…[View]
19677724Am I being fucked over?: Hey, guys. I work part time as a tutor at this one place and I work 25-30 h…[View]
19675951This philosophy appeals to me. What are some irl examples of 'the wilderness'?[View]
19677502So what would you do if you accidentally got someone pregnant you weren't supposed to?[View]
19675351>>19672977 >I don't think you understand what confidence is. Instead, you've buil…[View]
19675865>ugly >virgin >24y old Should I just give up on women?…[View]
19677793WTF is this shit: >Im a hairy motherfucker >shaved my chest >dark painless patches on skin …[View]
19677866Reconnecting with someone: In about 20 weeks I graduate high school. Back in 2012, I left behind mos…[View]
19677860hey, /adv/ despite being of age, im really bad at communicating due to being a quiet and not a talka…[View]
19677574oh god I've fucked up: oh god I've fucked up, 4chan yesterday I didn't go get my dad…[View]
19677814>US LIBRARY CARD NUMBER Can someone from the US please post (or email) their library cardnumber +…[View]
19676711Selling a structured settlement: I want to know if it be better for me to sell my structured settlem…[View]
19673466Pretending to be rich: I'm broke as fuck but want to pretend to be a filthy rich asshole. What …[View]
19677227I can't get but get immensely jealous / annoyed that women get sex easier than men. I'm 18…[View]
19677766Dating as a Schizoid: I'll be short and sweet, just got out of a relationship I thought would b…[View]
19676220I've been thinking of getting a sex doll. Anything pressing I should know beforehand?[View]
19676346What kind of job ahould I apply for? Im 18, starting college in August. For the mean time im looking…[View]
19677751Chronic Paranoid Schizophrenia: so i have been taking medication for 9 years since 11 and right now …[View]
19677338Struggling With Depression: So I've been struggling with clinical depression for about the past…[View]
19677244So my girlfriend left me five months ago for absolutely no reason. Blocked me on every social media …[View]
19677412Life Choices: I've been struggling my past 4-6 years of my life. I was going to school for 5 of…[View]
19677441I'm going on a pseudo-date with a guy and my mind often goes blank around him I'm worried …[View]
19677504>2 months ago >chick hunts heavily at being into me, I ask what she’s doing that weekend and s…[View]
19677059do people forgive?[View]
19675314Thoughts on my Dumb Art?: I've posted on /ic/ before, but they're too focused on animoo mo…[View]
19674989Are relationships worth it for men?: I’ve been thinking (shockingly enough) and hearing a lot of vie…[View]
19677558After spending a night posting on 4chan in various places, fucking around, or trying to be genuinely…[View]
19677625Hey /adv/, any ideas what’s going on with my chilli pepper plant? I used to overwater it so it lost …[View]
19677586tfwe posting on 4chang[View]
19677537How to achieve ultra instinct?[View]
19677496Hey guys. i would like some advice on how to date a mature woman (36-45y). i meet this woman at work…[View]
19677420Does urine damage clothing? I got drunk and pissed in my laundry basket, but I don't want to wa…[View]
19675654Girly Fag who looks like a Tranny + 3 Straight Guys in a College Dorm.: Hi guys; I am gay with a lon…[View]
19677057would you be upset/mad if your gf invited two dudes to come tattoo her when shes all alone?[View]
19675376I'm back on the market and I'm looking for recommendations of dating and/or hookup apps th…[View]
19675769i love my boyfriend so much and i will always be loyal to him but he won't stop cheating on me …[View]
19677235Shrooms I'm about to do shrooms for my first time and I'm by myself. I'm staying in m…[View]
19677271Service animal got me a violation.: So guys I need some help with some basic law about service anima…[View]
19676642unfair suspension from work: I really like this job I've had for a little while, but recently I…[View]
19677359Testing: Testing posting on 4chan[View]
19677354To put it simply, I'm a college sophomore who came into college wanting to major in CS, was una…[View]
19675845Starting HS: So I'm starting high-school in August (technically already did, but the system wor…[View]
19677169Any thoughts on this?: I had a shitty date but I don’t have anyone to tell nor want to I’ve been tal…[View]
19677214F: Got a lower respiratory infection. Been taking meds but that shit does not work as my lungs conti…[View]
19677241Changing university: I'm a 21 years old man, almost at the end of my second year for my bachelo…[View]
19675993How to increase chances of attracting a non-black female as a black male? Also getting past the raci…[View]
19675937boyfriend mia: boyfriend texts me frequently throughout the day every day. Has not responded to me f…[View]
19677172>get girls snapchat from tinder N-now what? do I just start saying stuff like 'how was your day? …[View]
19677127I'm not too sure what I'm doing: Not too sure where to begin but here goes I'm fairly…[View]
19677056A weird guys is harassing many young artists and we don’t know what to do,,. help ;;: -Here’s a phto…[View]
19677074Is it normal to feel sad all the time, for years and years?[View]
19676491With CL down where can I find and bang traps?: Doublelist has that section down also[View]
19677054Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Girl: Recently I met a girl who is perfect in every single way, but I just fo…[View]
19675927I have an issue. My two younger brothers do not get along at all. They barely even talk if at all. …[View]
19673500Porn addiction: Usually I would have thought NoFap and NoPorn were just Reddit memes but I keep gett…[View]
19677096Why do coal burners show interest in me. I'm a white (snow nigger) and girls that 'like black g…[View]
19677013Okay, so theres this one girl, she's a little older then me, maybe like a year and a half. Pret…[View]
19675929Can't find my wallet Was in my living room, nobody is owing up to taking it/moving it. What do[View]
19676719I'm thirty two and I haven't dated in 7 years. I had a long term relationship of 8 years e…[View]
19674889are these sex bruises?[View]
19677000Best friend stuck in relationship he doesnt want to be in: Just as backstory : Friend from work sta…[View]
19677029I got offers all the time when I was doing stuff for ecology: NLP freaks and incels get jealous and …[View]
19676943Only need the light when it's burning low Only miss the sun when it starts to snow Only know …[View]
19676762ok I need some advice. Especially from any medfags. I have PTSD from some experience in the army. My…[View]
19676942I am very annoyed...: Image not related. So... We moved to across state to be closer to my establish…[View]
19676622Why do I always feel like I'm boring my friends whenever we hang out? Like that thought is cons…[View]
19676885Hey guys, my friends bought me a STR (pic related) fleshlight for my birthday a while back, and my f…[View]
19676812>20 >University student, polite, quiet, awkward >Studious, high grades >My parents used …[View]
19676369How do I stop suicidal thoughts ?: I realized how stressful my life is and how I'd be better of…[View]
19676864>tfw 460w power supply What's the best gpu I can run with this, /adv /?…[View]
19675903Looking for advise on a new laptop!: Introduction Hello guys, I'm looking for a gaming laptop t…[View]
19676887Hey guys. Ive been getting really depressed lately. Anti social as well. But Ive been talking to one…[View]
19676854What do you do when former friends are bad mouthing you and just talking relentless shit about you. …[View]
19676687How do I work myself to death?: In fact, how does anybody do that? You know those people that someh…[View]
19675936This is somewhat of a long story, but I'll try to keep it short. Some time ago I met this girl.…[View]
19676838>tfw started wearing a tie and a button down shirt to clubs >Tfw started combing my hair and p…[View]
19676795How long should you date someone before you move in together?[View]
19675905Can’t stop shitting: feel like death every moment. Can’t stop shitting what do[View]
19676703How do I get good at voice acting and impressions?[View]
19676314OK /adv/ how do I raise my social profile a little bit? My current social group is about 8 friends. …[View]
19676591so about a year ago i was forced to go to a family wedding which resulted in intense depersonalizait…[View]
19676437Mission Self-Improvement: Update #1: Cleaned out my entire room of clothing and pieces of furniture …[View]
19676469Can I get some quick and dirty advice on asking out my crush? >britfag >6th form >No social…[View]
19673762ITT: Ask The Opposite Gender Anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see …[View]
19676482My friend is constantly fighting with her boyfriend and they never get along, she wants to breakup w…[View]
19676577Ex is lingering like an std: /adv/ I broke up with my girl friend a month ago but she wont stop sh…[View]
19675535So, the other day I was walking down the street and I saw a couple of spooks, what's the easies…[View]
19676174What types of alcohol would last 20 years or so in a time capsule? I was thinking I could hide/bury …[View]
19676443Is there any way to permanently stop myself from crying, or do I have to deal with being the 'crybab…[View]
19676392How do I stop falling into my girlfriend's traps when she wants to blame me for something? Bac…[View]
19676385My Family is Dying: With Father's Day tomorrow, I've been feeling this pressure brewing in…[View]
19673956Why do I hate everything modern?: I hate emojis, hipster glasses, vegan and Paleo diets, avocado toa…[View]
19676231Receding hairline?: Help please[View]
19674923Hypocritical supervisor, what do I do: Other day of work I got injured doing a work task. When I tol…[View]
19676098Where is the hope?: >be me 19 about to be 20 >Moved out of parents >live with gf >been…[View]
19675891Here's a dilemma for you /adv/. I'm depressed as fuck (big surprise), and it's begun …[View]
19676390Started hanging out with someone recently. But everything is feeling too rushed for me. He started a…[View]
19675641A common piece of advice for how to get a date is to do some activity that will allow you to meet pe…[View]
19676382>match with girl >message first >no response >wait two weeks >throw hail mary and ask…[View]
19676461I've been doing research on something that scares me and I've been reading and watching vi…[View]
19676017Crush is dating someone else: My crush, who is also my friend, just told me she is dating one of my …[View]
19676141what the hell was i supposed to say here? i'm blue text, my friend is gray. small background: w…[View]
19676318I've just had my second full fledged panic attack in the past week. And by fully fledged I mean…[View]
19676331I'm very confused :/: My girlfriend of 7 months has recently been acting up and saying that we …[View]
19676386Roast me anonymously ;): https://sayat.me/derretechumboacacete[View]
19675646How do you make a 'friend' fuck off forever without explicitly telling him? We are old fri…[View]
19676168Feel bad: So today was a shit day because i was so fking bored and that also counted for yesterday a…[View]
19676054Help boys am in bad situation: So i confessed my love to some one and now she isnt responding too my…[View]
19676217Best fragrance?[View]
19676230So I think I have athlete's foot but I'm too lazy to do anything about it Does it go away …[View]
19674694just lost my virginity this week and found out i might have erectile dysfunction: sex was really all…[View]
19676134Lately I'm getting tired of the sweetness of gin tonics. Ion wanna drink rum or whisky or gin j…[View]
19676073Is this weird?: Lately I have this massive thing for armor/heavy gear type stuff, like I'll see…[View]
19675944How long should you stay in your first post-college job? When should you start looking for your next…[View]
19676092Not taking things personally: I know the reasoning about why but how do I actually go about implemen…[View]
19673408Why did it shock people that looks matter for getting women?[View]
19676129how to attract less attention as a person with above average looks?: I work out, and have been told …[View]
19676041>be me >be in 8th grade >recently broke up with gf, pretty mad >fucktheworld.bat >fin…[View]
19676119Gonna be moving out of state, is 2 weeks too early or too late to start sending out job applications…[View]
19676052Im genuinely starting to hate women. They're so fucking stupid. This month alone >Had girl…[View]
19675965I thought I was getting some slight signals from a coworker of mine so I figured, if she's alre…[View]
19676063Im kind of and don't know who to turn to. Just moved out a shitty situation into my uncles plac…[View]
19676102Is it worth it to go to a cosmetician to clean up my skin if I can't do that efficiently myself…[View]
19676078Feeling like an alien in your own country. I literally can only socialize with tourists, everyone he…[View]
19676126Help boys am in bad situation: So recently i told a girl in my class that i like her but now she is …[View]
19675974GF problems: What do I do /adv/? So I’m 18, and I’ve been with my gf for just shy of 8 months. I lov…[View]
19675531What does society deem and consider a man? How do you get a gf? How do you become someone with value…[View]
19675933I've been in this group chat with my 3 best friends. We hung out all the time, hang with them a…[View]
19672152Why am I so bored and dissatisfied with my life? I feel like life is just fucking off into parts unk…[View]
19675501How often do you smoke weed and why do you do it?[View]
19676034What is a social skill?[View]
19675597This is a follow up to a question I asked awhile ago. Story: >meet girl at work, become friends …[View]
19675342gf left me: I loved her with all my heart. but she told me i no only a friend to her and she needs a…[View]
19675754Me and a girl have a running joke about us being married. /adv/ do you see this as a good thing or m…[View]
19675765How to move on?: So, I had a very smart girlfriend who ended up going to Japan for her education. I …[View]
19675720I bumped into my neighbor who is smoking hot and likes cool shit like me. The thing is she's 38…[View]
19675417Should I get wings or two medium 2 topping pizzas from Dominos for the same price for dinner tonight…[View]
19675223The group I've sometimes went out with, just friends of a good friend of mine actually, have go…[View]
19673794What is this? She's been carrying it for a month now.[View]
19675872Feeling low: My actual boyfriend is a sociopath, mostly manipulative and have confidence issue hidde…[View]
19675250what would /adv/ do in this situation?[View]
19675003Am I THAT undesirable?: So I get complimented on my physical appearance a lot, but I still feel like…[View]
19675833>Guy and I used to date a couple months ago. >Broke things off because he was really posessive…[View]
19675834Why does nothing fucking go right man Today I thought it was finally gonna fucking end. >Had pla…[View]
19674643Can you use Tums to relieve Esophagitis? Not cure or treat, just relieve it? I don't yet have t…[View]
19675743Sup /adv/, im in need of help from anons familiar with game creations I've been thinking of cre…[View]
19675828Am I going down a bad path: >Be me 115lbs and 5'6' >Really weight conscious when I have n…[View]
19675338What can I do when I need to sleep because I have to wake up early the next day but I'm not tir…[View]
19675309I have a math exam coming up where we are allowed to bring in four pages (front and back) of summary…[View]
19675772Friend who acts very loveydovey & sweet to you but is a butt to everyone else: Good friend or ba…[View]
19675718How to stop arguing? In a lot of situations when I hear real stupid shit, I can't help but chal…[View]
19675593How do I expand my vocabulary: I get jealous when I see people talk / type so intellectually while I…[View]
19674245Is anyone else sick of online dating? Like i am and ive tried everything like OkCupid and tinder bu…[View]
19675429Are there any safe products I could use to lighten my skin?[View]
19675681I'm itching for a fight, don't care if I get the beating of my life sometimes though I…[View]
19675749I’m thinking of going to my friends party I’ll be going sober and with a friend But I can’t help bu…[View]
19675689Anons, I'm a 24 yr old guy thinking about legally changing my surname. The reason being is that…[View]
19675745How do I stop forgetting things and being generally unobservant? Just lost my driver's license …[View]
1967524022 y/o male here. Anyone else have this problem where they can't understand why a girl is into …[View]
19675707yo /adv/ in a year from now I will have to take the most important exam of my life. I have to do rea…[View]
19675290WOULD YOU...: Still get married if your fiance, whom you have been dating for nearly 5 years and lov…[View]
19671979Learning a new language: What is the best way (not necessarily the fastest, but most reliable one) t…[View]
19675025Software engineering or Biotechnology? i can't choose anons... i'll have to study on the m…[View]
19675629Is there a book to self improve or at least recommendations to do it? I want to 'restart' my life in…[View]
19675541What would make you feel better if you had no family or significant other and few friends (even one)…[View]
19675529USB flash drive doesn't show in UEFI DualBIOS - Windows 10 installation: Hi guys. I would like …[View]
19675490I have a question Is every human being nervous when they have to do something? Are all people self c…[View]
19675572Britfag here, how do I go about getting allowed into a morgue for a shuftie? Pic unrelated.[View]
19674413I have been lonely for months now, but it has its highs and lows. That said, I've recently hit …[View]
19675111Can't stop weight cycling?: I'm 20 and since high school ended i've been yo-yoing pre…[View]
19675468Hello, guys! I need your opinion. Yesterday I had such a letter (attachments). Actually, it was the …[View]
19675438how do i get an apartment in a city unseen? im too poor for a private apartment or staying in a hote…[View]
19675423This is gonna sound desperate: My birthday's on the 20th, I set my birthday on the 21st just to…[View]
19675033Guy doesn't like eating vaginas: I am starting to see a guy and we are talking about a lot of t…[View]
19675237Forced marriage.: My parents are forcing me to get married and the guy I like thinks I'm gay. w…[View]
19675090So I started this godlike job a few months ago and it's been great. The best thing is that I me…[View]
19675356I started to have a huge crush on a girl that all what I know is just her social media account and t…[View]
19675390I live in a house with 3 other roomates. 3 of keep nearly all of our things in our rooms with little…[View]
19675197How does it feel to love yourself? And how does it feel to be loved?>[View]
19675049My life has turned to shit and I have a little over $5k to my name. I've lost the will to live …[View]
19674322How can I feel physical pain in a 'safe' way? I don't want to damage my body in the long run, t…[View]
19673158Please just somebody throw me a bone: I'm so lonely but I don't know what to do because I…[View]
19675337What's the first time you remember dying? Mine was when I was over dosed on xanax and alcohol …[View]
19674222Messy siblings: How do I convert someone from messy to somewhat organized? We have an office in our …[View]
19675247Receding hairline?: Is it receding? I look at pictures from my sophomore year and it looks about the…[View]
19675228I was waiting for the subway. Maybe 15 people there. I'm standing quite far from this woman, wh…[View]
19675123How do I come to accept and love myself, when I feel so much spite for myself?[View]
19675023how do i stop hating my abusive ex-boyfriend? i don't hate him personally, just the way he trea…[View]
19674772Concert Questions: Is there anyone who has gone to a concert before here? I'm going to one and…[View]
19675150I masturbated to scat porn once and I can't fucking get over. I feel like a freak. I know I…[View]
19673689Is 4chan proof that humanity is fundamentally cruel? Can we prove otherwise?[View]
19674331I'm into a female coworker, how do I get her to sleep with me? Shes into me, but it's tric…[View]
19674577> going to club tonight > alone Any advice to pick up grills?…[View]
19675121I may have found a way to escape my depression >Career is going great >Life kind of sucks beca…[View]
19674938My good buddy’s ex from highschool and I still talk. I was friends with them in highschool, but sinc…[View]
19674311How do you learn to ask for help from others? My whole life I've acknowledged my own problems b…[View]
19675119Moral dilemma I work with a lot of immigrants in the public sector. One of the immigrants I work wit…[View]
19670786Ask a Lawyer anything: Free legal advice[View]
19675147English to Japanese Kanji Translation: Hello I am trying to find and learn the Japanese kanji for bo…[View]
19672248I gotta get out of Florida. Any advice on moving to other states?[View]
19671975I think I hate women: Fed up of all these girls ignoring me. I’m not even after supermodels, but eve…[View]
19673497So around a year ago, my boyfriend's family booked a cruise around the Mediterranean and invite…[View]
19674988Bangs: What should I tell my hairdresser if I want bangs, but don't want them to look like one …[View]
19674751Can I get a staph infection from this? I just did the worst possible thing on my last hunting trip. …[View]
19674655What's the best way to take revenge on an ex who cheated on me then left me for the guy she che…[View]
19675084pair bonding U.S.: Context: I am currently halfway through my engineering degree, and it sucks up mo…[View]
19675024Does anyone know why condoms are only 98% effective against preventing pregnancy and shit? Is it jus…[View]
19675060friend is acting weird as fuck: earlier tonight, he was trying to astral project but without avail, …[View]
19674970Abuse and Concern: Since I was very young I grew up with an abusive mother, she was physically and e…[View]
19673585Recent high school graduate here (fuck it I'm 18 I don't have to lie). It's been 2 da…[View]
19674983Noporn: Hello, I've got a great sexual life with my GF and I find her extremely attractive, yet…[View]
19674778/adv/ I need your help I am addicted to energy drinks. I have had one literally every day for maybe …[View]
19674788How do I get a date/get laid/get a girlfriend? I have no clue. >I have no friends >no dating s…[View]
19674828what does sex feel like? what does your dick feel like when you it's in a vagina?[View]
19674678Am I getting old and grumpy or what is this? I just helped my brother set up for DreamHack, a big LA…[View]
19674541Yo guys, those are male plants right?[View]
19674933So how does a 29y/o use Bumble and Tinder for hook-ups with college-aged girls. Not 18, maybe 19 in …[View]
19674939taking employer to court: I have a meeting with my employer this week as I was suspended due to thei…[View]
19673729Ways to locate a thief? I have his Facebook: Ways to locate a thief? I have his Facebook help pls…[View]
19674335Whats a good hobby for a 30 year old boomer to start?: I work for family so dont really get to socia…[View]
19674914is there any hope for a half Caucasian half Asian male born in the US? white girls don't like …[View]
19674832How do I dance: Mostly casually[View]
19673847I'm used to spending a lot of my time up my own ass, but recently I've been reaching how t…[View]
19674631How do I stop feeling dead: I don't have any will, motivation or anything of the like. I'm…[View]
19674880Long story short I did the dumb female thing and shared some naughty picture with my longtime boyfri…[View]
19674770I recently discovered my boyfriends extensive followings of porn accounts, cam girls and lewd accoun…[View]
19672629Relationship Advice?: Posted last night, but never got a reply... Hoping for advice from some fem-an…[View]
19674821I used a scrubber and some kitchen cleaner on a few trays a few minutes ago but I forgot to wear any…[View]
19674776gratifications: how do I reject gratifications? I find it impossible to give up on snacks , or to ac…[View]
19674563Is depression a normal part of growing up? The second I turned 18 I have just felt like shit and can…[View]
19670954Are LDRs ever worth it? I'm talking cross-country, met online shit.[View]
19674848I'm an 18 year old white guy living in a third world African country. I was born to a single mo…[View]
19672540When I'm not underweight I feel fat. I am extremely scared of building up muscles because it wo…[View]
19674508>be 18, still in high school >holidays so it'll be cool to get a job >nearby shop says…[View]
19674489how do I let a guy know I'm into him when my insecurities and social ineptitude has given the i…[View]
19674723what would your father have to do for you to cut him out of your life completely?[View]
19674689Mood swings: I'm a woman in her late 20s, and I experience some major mood swings at least 2-3 …[View]
19670951>1/3 So how exactly do men feel about the Me Too movement? Notably younger ones? I've been d…[View]
19674633What The Is Wrong With My Sperm: This can't be healthy sperm right? Did I fap so much that I fu…[View]
19674610my best friend left the internet how fill void, everything is lame and boring[View]
19673838Help: Attracted to younger girls: I'm not sure what to do because I'm attracted to girls o…[View]
19674684I'm I'm a bit of a pickle. I quite like two girls... Who happen to be sisters The younger …[View]
19674707can someone translate this?[View]
19674666Do you think i stand a chane with the girl? be honest.[View]
19674691Why is it so hard to make friends as an adult? >23 >finished first year undergrad at state uni…[View]
19674037How frequently would you have sex with an SO that you live with that you would consider 'normal'? Me…[View]
19674674/qtddtot/ - Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread: /qtddtot/ the 'no, a thread doesn…[View]
19674363Hey /adv/. So after a great evening with her, I tried to have sex with my girlfriend about 45 minute…[View]
19674513There's a milf with great tits at the pool (a pool for all the people in the appartment complex…[View]
19673869ex gf cheated on me with someone, now she's having a happy relationship with that dude and idk …[View]
19673250>make online dating profile >use real picture >typical guy >most girls' profiles sa…[View]
19673803I can't tolerate the others: Whenever I meet someone, it's only a matter of time before I …[View]
19674396How do I know what I want? I’m 19 and I don’t know what to do. I do nothing all day but I don’t know…[View]
19673937maintaining a guy's interest: I would like the young male perspective on how to keep a guy…[View]
19673475Why does /r9k/ have a reputation for misogyny and sexism, yet /adv/ is the board I see this shit on …[View]
19673233Coping with being alone for the rest of life?: >'I would hook up with Anon but wouldn't date…[View]
19674566A man of culture: Need help to get a girl? You gotta fap once a day to create tolerances to them nic…[View]
19671977I'm in a 10 year relationship and I'm not sure what to do. When I think of marriage with h…[View]
19674452Life advice: First-time poster, long time lurker. Femanon here, not really important but heres my so…[View]
19674522What am I?: I feels like I have the power to change the world. Whenever I speak, it either happens o…[View]
19672873happiness: Is anyone ever really happy, or am i just broken?[View]
19674555> situation one > unsure about what my specialization is gonna be > making websites sounds …[View]
19674282I'm not sure i love my girlfriend anymore. I care about her a lot, my certitude of my love for …[View]
19674449Working in live broadcasting: Hey guys, anyone worked in live/studio broadcasting? I'm interest…[View]
19674488math help: I've been trying to work out how many hours I've played of a certain video game…[View]
19674502Been dreaming of her again. Heart is emotionally broken for any other girl besides her. I cannot th…[View]
19673324How do I fuck a black woman?[View]
19671065Time to die. Is an Exit Bag the best way?: > 35 years old > Stuck in dead-end job > Too old…[View]
19674334Is it a good idea to start a online web shop business with gf ? Or will this result in us hating eac…[View]
19673482What the fuck is wrong with me?: I've been coughing up this shit for a week straight and at fir…[View]
19674425I'm 22 and want to move out. Currently in my second semester of University. I'm planing to…[View]
19674435never been loved: Since i was little, I've always been the weird one. The loser who everyone pi…[View]
19674253I'm on the fence on becoming a full fledged degenerate and buying an onahole/fleshlight. Can yo…[View]
19673644>finally get part time job rolling >family follows me around and hassles me about what time I…[View]
19674443I can't stop fucking up: My life sucks. I keep making bad decisions and always end up blank eve…[View]
19673229My boss won't stop giving me a hard time because I don't drive. They also make fun of me f…[View]
19673350darkness of mere being: PLEASE NOTE: this is not a thread for advice on how to kill your yourself (a…[View]
19674316How do I stop trying so hard to make friends? Lately I've been working on expanding my social c…[View]
19674355My diet sucks. I've been experiencing some kind of hairloss for around a year and a half, plus …[View]
19674124How to get money? I can’t get a job because I am schizophrenic. I need money to buy pic related and …[View]
19673594What does it mean when someone takes a long time to reply to a text?[View]
19674105Any legal fags here have any advice, earlier tonight a car I was traveling in was pulled over for sp…[View]
19673084Suicidal Thoughts: Can't seem to shake the depression. Military 4 years end up with shitty disc…[View]
19673816USMC Infantry Combat: So as I just turned 18 a few months ago and I just finished High School, I was…[View]
19674260Need tips on my look: Can i get some opinions on how i look? I can't get any matches on dsting …[View]
19673021Whats the best way to dissappear off the internet? Besides deleting all social media what else can i…[View]
19672777Are women using the mirror function of their phones to spy on people?: When I sit on the bus I get t…[View]
19674191How do i stop being worried & jealous? My last gf cheated on me a shit ton with her “best friend…[View]
19673916Should I delete my folders: I feel like hoarding porn/hentai is devolving me , i started off with va…[View]
19669285just found out my gf for two years. when she was 17 got fucked by some 50 yr millionaire for a coupl…[View]
19673845I have a friend who seems to have high expectations of me and starts shit when I don't meet the…[View]
19670489How the fuck am I going to live without Toys R Us? I've worked there for 10 years and I feel so…[View]
19673992what do i do if every time i smoke weed i instantly become a good person and cant do any bad shit. l…[View]
19673821Summertime Sadness: Anon's please help me. Time for a greentext. This has happened multiple tim…[View]
19672607'Morning Sickness': First, I'm a dude, so we're not talking about actual morning sickness.…[View]
19673111emotionally-dependent mother: What do I do? I'm 26 and my mom barely lets me go out by myself. …[View]
19671905how do i become a confident, dominant, charismatic leader person? i heard girls get super turned on …[View]
19674056How do I open my own eBay store? I could probably sell Lego on Bricklink like a champ, if I were sma…[View]
19673879my roommate is a peeping tom, and she did it again: >Im copy and pasting this from two days ago, …[View]
19673727couple issues with my bf. a few days ago he sent me a screenshot. he was telling me this story &…[View]
19673876Want to be demoted at work: So I'm currently a shift leader at a restaurant and I work 2 to 3 d…[View]
19668760Is having A.D.D. ruining your life?: I never been properly diagnosed but I know I have it. All my li…[View]
19672909how the fuck do you write a cover letter[View]
19673813Passed over for Advancement: Is Car Bomb Only Solution? > take over new (sought after) IT develop…[View]
19672807>had a date leave for the bathroom and never return >been ghosted after 6 month with a girl …[View]
19673417I posted a while ago about how I was in a toxic relationship with a girl which included possible bor…[View]
19673400Motivation: I only get super motivated and produce results when my life is terrible and I feel very …[View]
19673039I HAVE NO INTEREST IN LIFE ANYMORE >22 >average body >own house >own car >9/10 wife m…[View]
19673831girl problems: >be in high school >be somewhat attractive >be known among friend group as t…[View]
19673384Paranioa maybe: Hey /adv/ against my better judegment i’ve waited a while to post here But now i com…[View]
19673654How many sex partners should I allow myself before I bunker down and try to into actual gf? I'm…[View]
19673608So I haven't been in a relationship for two years but, it's not because I'm unable to…[View]
19673742the feeling that I'm being watched only intensifies: i always feel like I'm being watched …[View]
19673593So there's this girl I met and she's really nice but I'm afraid that we may not have …[View]
19670719ITT: Ask The Opposite Gender Anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see …[View]
19673470I spent all last week camping and didn't get a single mosquito bite. Yesterday, I took a walk d…[View]
19673418Can I get some relationship advice? I have been with my GF for 1.5 years. She is mostly sweet, and k…[View]
19673422RIP: probably just screwed up a decent friendship/aquaintanceship. if want greentext i will. Just he…[View]
19673682What is this stringy stuff growing on my cats old food?[View]
19673676Should I do blow if I dm abusing my vyvanse (currently on 120)[View]
19673306I can't find peoplet to connect with: Hey so about a year ago I moved and I haven't been a…[View]
19673428Lets have a break from all the relationship and mental health troubles. I have a decent job which I …[View]
19673649okay so me and my bud met this chick online but shes sooooo fucking boring and he wants to know if i…[View]
19672599Can somebody rate this cover letter and give tips for improvement?[View]
19673625Hey guys, So i need some advice. I've been dating this girl for almost 6 months at this point. …[View]
19673364I'm finally trying to score with a girl I've been interested in for a long time. She seems…[View]
19673345Help me find my boyfriend.: Hello, everyone. I recently lost touch with my boyfriend and I can…[View]
19671616Should i have children in the future?: I am conflicted. I don't want kids because i am a seriou…[View]
19673421I need a new job. It can be just about anything, though manual labor is preferred. Just as long as i…[View]
19673473Breaking Employment Agreement: How much trouble can I really get in for violating an employment agre…[View]
19670268Would you be able to marry a girl your close friend fucked in the past? Even if he didn’t care, woul…[View]
19673236How to have fun by yourself: Just graduated, bureaucratic shenanigans stops me from working for a fe…[View]
19670971how do i hit on a girl?: how does it work it seems like i live in my own world where i think anythin…[View]
19673505webm: (pic unrelated) havnt been on 4chan in a while but did they fuck with webm's i cant play …[View]
19672551Help: Sudden burning urine: Guys I just got back from lunch and all of a sudden my urethra burns all…[View]
19673420I fucked up bad. I am 18 (Senior in HS this summer) and taking care of a neighbor's cat. They a…[View]
19673454How do you enjoy anal? I've experimented but I usually just feel uncomfortable and have to shit…[View]
19673491not in control of my life, pls help: Hey anons, i need to vent because everyone else i talk to doesn…[View]
19673144Why am I a pussy?: White nationalist here. I'm intimidated by everyone and their dog. I don…[View]
19668099How can people be unhappy if everyone have sex?[View]
19673430Why don't people ever take sexual assault accusations seriously? They always dismiss them on gr…[View]
19672766i planned a date on monday on taking this girl from tinder to an art museum. but i just realized tha…[View]
19672966how do i get better at texting? Right now im terrible at managing conversations and sometimes i stop…[View]
19670749What does it take to get a gf?[View]
19672196I want to start paying for someone to just cuddle with me and no sex involved Is this beta? I just w…[View]
19673367pentesting is illegal.: So today i got called out as a supporter of rape culture for using the term …[View]
19669057Obsessed with revenge: >be me as a child >9 years old >playing outside with a friend >su…[View]
19673319Bullshit mum: So my mom has been on the edge lately. She's been locking me in my room and forci…[View]
19673264Who the hell do i talk to in order to find out which college classes to take? Every employer at coll…[View]
19673085I keep telling this girl I'm trying to hang out with, let's hang on this or this day, and …[View]
19672399Why do we have suicidal thoughts if we are meant to survive and reproduce?: What causes such behavio…[View]
19672260Can't find the balls/energy/drive to control my life: Cutting to it; I'm a dude, 22 curren…[View]
19673298What does it mean if your hypothetical girlfriend starts dressing up in more provocative clothing wh…[View]
19673260Can you afford your own rent by yourself making 1800 a month?[View]
19672651Hi adv. I smoke tobacco heavily and I was thinking in snorting Snus or Snuff while in closed spaces …[View]
19672533First credit card?: What are some good first credit cards for someone who's never had any credi…[View]
19673172Hey /adv/, can I get some non-meme/non-cliche advice on how to be happy? Finally figured out my issu…[View]
19672994Overweight.. when should i know to break it off?: met this girl on tinder and we hung out. She has a…[View]
19673138Whenever I get on the computer in my basement, it's almost impossible to do work. I've not…[View]
19672836Sex: A women tells you she's a masochist in bed. How should I treat her? I've been having …[View]
19673157I attract bad people.: I came to this conclusion that most of my love relationship was with narcissi…[View]
19673116I'm eating myself to death[View]
19673149Gradskool: Hey guys, so I’ve hit a bit of a roadblock in my life. This might be long-ish. >I’m 25…[View]
19672658Penis size for a tall girl?: Hello /adv/, I'm not sure if it's the media and porn having t…[View]
19673133Friend of mine was molested and wants revenge. Help?: Long story. Not greentext. Need advice. A fri…[View]
19673107Meta thread: Why people is so salty in this board? Why so many Borderlines here? Why so many women h…[View]
19670714How do I gain a fear of death? I've attempted suicide within the last year, and I feel like my …[View]
19671819Is Tooth Whitening Dangerous, Healthy or just Aesthetic?: Hi everyone. Though I keep my dental oral …[View]
19673005There is this girl, 'A', that really likes me. We've already made out a couple of tim…[View]
19671992What do I do?: I'm at home constantly with no motivation to do anything. I don't have any …[View]
19672429How do I become alpha, extroverted and dominant? Boomer 'just stop caring' wisdom not welcomed[View]
19673053This week I'm finishing my first year at university. I think I've developed kind of mood c…[View]
19671750Is this a good idea or just cheesy af? My fiance and I have a hard time deciding what dates we'…[View]
19672796I feel like I'm slowly dying. >175cm, 125kg, obese Although I work out 3 to 4 times a week f…[View]
19672982Weird breathing sensation? What to do?: What is a normal breathing sensation to feel? Sometimes I fe…[View]
19672817Sliding into DMs for Dummies: How do you text someone you don't know on Instagram? Is it actual…[View]
19672971how the fuck do i get rich?[View]
19672646i need 150$ badly, i just started going to college and no job what can i do?[View]
19672838Hey /adv/. Well over time I've become really asocial and has lost all social skills I could eve…[View]
19672850How do i overcome the fear of needels? Have a massive phobia, managed to avoid needels for the last …[View]
19672677Help with depression: I feel like killing myself for 1 year now. And it's only getting worse. …[View]
19672515Bullet hell developer: Hi 4chan , im trying to make a bullet hell game alone and i want to know if y…[View]
19672799Cutfag and my penis is pretty dry and red sometimes, especially around the tip. I think its because …[View]
19667892What do if I can't approach girls? I don't really get nervous or anything, just whenever I…[View]
19672547Can I still get better at math ?: I know these threads are made here a lot but I was wondering if it…[View]
19672758Situation: >just turned 29 >spent my 20s getting my masters and doing oddjobs and shit >now…[View]
19672460WHY the fug I can't post ?[View]
19672804ive kind of run into a predicament that requires me to form almost an entirely new social circle. my…[View]
19672757Help: Trying to find the guy who scammed me: I sold two tickets to this guy who said he would pay th…[View]
19672650Letting Girls Down Easy: >have brief sexual relationship with girl at end of semester (like 2 wee…[View]
19671967AUTISM: how do i as a man with aspergers find a girlfriend with aspergers? normal women don't r…[View]
19669792Girl likes me, I like her but don't want to date her. what do?: So there's this little Mex…[View]
19672679Money: Is there anything wrong with being with a girl that earns more money than you? My GF is in me…[View]
19672715Guys i don't know what to do. Thinking of ending it all. This is the only board i use and talk …[View]
19672517Im tired of being a misserable piece of shit. Im 30 years old now, and i work and earn a decent wage…[View]
19672694I strained my neck stretching in bed today and I want to bunjee jump tomorrow. Should I be fine?[View]
19672576How does somebody with zero social skills get a girlfriend /adv/? I can barely hold a conversation f…[View]
19672044I asked this in a thread a couple days ago but I wanted to get more reactions My girlfriend is plan…[View]
19672505So, I have chronic insomnia and haven't had a restful sleep in as long as I can remember. I…[View]
19672612I have some sort of emptiness inside me. Living just isn't enough. I'm very competitive an…[View]
19671981women bodies: women have their own bodies to enjoy and it gives them power and mostly it's just…[View]
19672594Would being a wagecuck help out my situation? I have no problems at the moment, rather than having t…[View]
19672622Have fun: http://2snf.onuniverse.com[View]
19672068Advice: What’s y’all best life advice[View]
19672567I need help, what do I do now?[View]
19672423Job/science: Hello, I want to start studies on the observation and probabilities calculation (or mod…[View]
19669749Mindfulness: Where’s a good place to start for mindfulness meditation? I’ve never done it before and…[View]
19672545I made a thread on biz about tax evasion and got global ban for a month. What are the chances of IRS…[View]
19669806Okay so for the past 2 years I've barely had any friends because when I was 17 or 18 I went on …[View]
19665599Why is asking out a girl such a royal pain in the ass these days? Unless the girl is fat, they just …[View]
19671749How do I study: I gotta cram shit into my head for an incoming exam but I can't manage to learn…[View]
19672417Which business/law/STEM major/track is the most lucrative?: Out of these ones: -Finance -Business -…[View]
19671774Love status: So I recently found out a girl(lets call her Rachel, an 8/10) liked me back, but she ke…[View]
19672245How do I learn more about anonymity and computers ?: I'm a complete brainlet and I am terrible …[View]
19671146What are some of the best languages (other than English) for STEM graduates to learn, regardless of …[View]
19672374Reach Truck newbie advice: Just got papers for pic related, about to start my first job. What am I i…[View]
19672412How likely is it that an employer wouldn't hire me because I got a ticket for drinking on state…[View]
19667525Once a cheat always a cheat?: Hi /adv/ I'm in a relatively new relationship that started as an …[View]
19672376How do i get a social life?: Basically my situation is that I'm lonely. I'm 21 and for mos…[View]
19672262I've never liked someone before, I always tried to but I never ended up having those kind of fe…[View]
19670590I saw Hereditary earlier tonight. One of the best horror movies I've ever seen, by the way. But…[View]
19670969What the fuck is this?: Is this mould or it dust? I ask this because I'm a total fucking sperg …[View]
19672258Is the window closed? >Be at party a few weeks ago >Run into this at 3.14 >Get her Snapchat…[View]
19672197Is it wrong to stay friends with somebody you used to enjoy being with but overtime you begin to not…[View]
19671950I can't get my work done on time. I've spent four hours straight each day over a week tryi…[View]
19672252Unlocking numbed emotions: Hi /adv/, I have a difficult issue. In my late childhood and early teen y…[View]
19669880Avoidant behavior: How do you deal with this? Seriously. All of the stuff I read on AvPD always seem…[View]
19672242Is there a way to stop myself from being monotone? I don't notice that I'm doing it and it…[View]
19671109Tinder hook-ups: How do I fuck random thots? >pic related is my current situation How do I actua…[View]
19672115>be 19 I've had a falling-out with my ex and my bestfriend. Apparently they've been tal…[View]
19672082anger: Could someone please give me some sort of advice to overcome my anger? It won't leave me…[View]
19670208My bf travels for work. when he's home, he's constantly on his phone. he barely has conver…[View]
19672148cant hang out with my shit posting friends: I cant hang out with my shit posting friends in public a…[View]
19670216Successful: Futher a lawyer and a accountant which professional or which person do businessman need …[View]
19672025anyone else that is always misunderstood and misheard? >say something and 70% of the time the per…[View]
19671744Is it possible to comfortably live with a roommate making 24k a year? This would be in a relatively …[View]
19670985I'm trying to make peace with the fact that I'm not good enough for a girlfriend, but yest…[View]
19667212An ex girlfriend took away my dream: I started a band called Quantum Peruvian and we had been togeth…[View]
19671048Marriage in turmoil.: I just got happily married to the love of my life. Never had romantic feelings…[View]
19670630Hey /adv/ I just hooked up with a girl who is 18 on tinder. We literally just met up and had sex. I’…[View]
19671754I want to know what do you think about this: I am a 24 year old man, single. I never had a girlfrien…[View]
19670150Hi guys, I have an issue with my lifestyle. For the past week and a half I have been trying to wake …[View]
19671829Becoming attached, feeling nervous, how do I make the best out of the situation?: I recently started…[View]
19671921I'm 18 and I'm in such a bad place in my life, where all my problems have stacked up and I…[View]
19670624How do I become an asshole, /adv/?[View]
19671994What the fuck do my parents mean: I'm 18, financially supported by my parents but emotionally d…[View]
19671809I get so incredibly jealous of my boyfriend. >be me >join army >meet boy in training >…[View]
19671712I tried using stuff like tinder and bumble but I can't get past the fact that these people are …[View]
19671962I'm currently looking for an entry-level software development job. Can any recommended any good…[View]
19671953nausea bitch: So, lately, I've been getting tired more easily and recently it seems like whenev…[View]
19671532How do I build character?[View]
19671908Recently bought sony a7r iii. Not really interested in photography but need to do something to make …[View]
19670317College Graduate: I feel completely and utterly hopeless. I graduated from university last month and…[View]
19671046Another loser: > 25 years girl > No degree > No job > Never dated > No love from my…[View]
19671641I'm so annoyed at my uncle: I'm so annoyed at my uncle right now and I need to share my ex…[View]
19670375A Weird Feeling: I'm having this weird feeling that I'm constantly forgetting something an…[View]
19671906My team just lost in the world cup and now I want to kill myself. How do I stop caring about footba…[View]
19671592Why does everyone think I’m a stoner or some sort is drug user? This has been happening since late h…[View]
19671838Bong here how does one become a burger if you have no degree and poor: I work as a tradesman and wan…[View]
19671633Ex Loved My Dog: >be me, 19 >falls in love with a girl from church >she be 6/10 >she has…[View]
19671811Does 4chan archive all posts now?: I made a post, and when the thread died, it now says this at the …[View]
19670662Taking weed pen on a plane: Please serious replies only. I know TSA doesn’t really look for it. I’m …[View]
19668678Males, post your daily vitamin/supplement list: Also when you take them during the day[View]
19671098I was/am in love with a girl that broke up with me and then messed around with a dude (sucked dick g…[View]
19670202How do you get a parent who abused you to own up to the abuse? My dad beat me quite a few times as a…[View]
19670077I'm trying to grow myself a mustache, but I don't know how to grow it properly. Anyone got…[View]
19668426Should I get an escort? I've been thinking about it. The reason I want to is I just got out of …[View]
19670950This trans guy where I work pretty obviously has a crush on me, the thing is I only really see, him …[View]
19671630I never realized how much I would miss high school. All the wasted years, and missed opprotunites. M…[View]
19671742I need some help. I’m getting a puppy, but I can’t decide between two, a navy collar and a red colla…[View]
19670618My girlfriend for about a year now has been having some sort of chest issue. Most days it doesnt hur…[View]
19670657dodging interview because realizing i am worthless and wasting peoples time: Job interview tomorrow …[View]
19671640How do I get invited to parties? I go to a community college so it's difficult to make friends.…[View]
19670726Hello 4chan. I am posting here because I have an issue. Like the /adv/ beta faggot I am who can…[View]
19671571Pic related: Floss is boss. Finished college five months ago and graduated as a dental hygienist. I …[View]
19671458What is that?: Ok I don't get something there. Long story short: 3 or 4 years ago there was thi…[View]
19670706How do I become less clingy and attention starved? How do I fix my life from being an room shut in (…[View]
19670098N: >tfw NEET Well, that's about change since I need money and I'm bored af of doing not…[View]
19666707Am I being unreasonable?: I'll try to keep this as short as possible: >Lotus Elise is attain…[View]
19671651How do you cure an antisocial mindset? I hate everything about people. The pretenses the weakness th…[View]
19671588How are you supposed to feel about the really good memories with someone who severely betrayed and t…[View]
19670886its been Thursday for a while: inside a time chamber time progresses at 1/4 normal speed , it takes …[View]
19671379Day 1 on Escitalopram and my feelings are all muddled and I'm constantly yawning and my nose is…[View]
19669100C/C from /r9k/ as it seems this board welcomes better this kind of question: Just turned 18 yesterda…[View]
19670184>Can't find a girl who's interested >Most girls I do get the attention of flake or w…[View]
19671583How do I become a normalfag?: What are the steps that an anon would have to take in order to become …[View]
19669817This is my brothers foot after playing basketball. What the fuck just happened?[View]
19669574should I hang myself?: >be me >20 y/o, in a top uni, comp sci major >born to white mom, fuc…[View]
19671062How to just sit down and do something?: I gotta complete 8 comic book pages by 31st July. But it is …[View]
19670067law: Let's say there is a girl who is afriad her ex boyfriend will come to her apartment, so sh…[View]
19671494I grew up with my mom and dad working all the time. Did not get enough attention from them. Was cool…[View]
19671421spending money: Hello. I'm an adolescent with A LOT of money. But the problem is, I don't …[View]
196715156 Word Memoir: So I'm about to kill myself and I need to write a 6 word memoir on my grave. If …[View]
19669166How do I get a cute girl like this who actually cares about me and is still a virgin? Would love to …[View]
19670082I met this girl on OKCupid recently, and we talked for a few weeks on Discord before finally meeting…[View]
1967113624 year old failure: >24, turn 25 in Sept >hurr I’m so depressed like everyone else my age …[View]
19670285I want to put the porn down so bad: But honestly, porno has been keeping me sane for a long while no…[View]
19669424Two weeks ago I walked out of a 21 year old relationship with the mother of my two children who are …[View]
19670138Leaving a Wedding Reception Early disrepectful?: >I am part of the wedding party >can't b…[View]
19671115Power or automation technology ?: In my 2nd year of EE and will soon need to make a decision between…[View]
19669907My partner: So I've been dating my boyfriend for 4 years and I have felt that slowly over the f…[View]
19669780I'm so fucking pathetic /adv/ >meet new girl >known her now for a month >know right fr…[View]
19671255This is more of a vent and faggy diary entry but whatever. You're here to read about me complai…[View]
19669984>25 years old >already feels like life is over wat do frens…[View]
19671101what do i do if i have anxious thoughts pushed into my head every 12 seconds no matter what i do? li…[View]
19671067Where do I go now ?: Hello /adv/, today I come to ask you an advice, but first have some context: …[View]
19670608Lucid dreaming for newbie: Been wanting to get into lucid framing for the longest time, any tips on …[View]
19671120Bit of a vague question but how do you get better at analysing things? All different types of thing…[View]
19671092MICRO PENIS SURGERY!!!!!: Yes no any thoughts am I the only nigga out here ?[View]
19670970I'm surounded by idiots.: Pretty much it. I feel like there are few people who aren't dumb…[View]
19670891The strange Satanic child in my storage closet: Hey fags As my name states im part time janitor for …[View]
19671032Is there any hope for people with these?[View]
19666400GIOYC I'm the asshole in the mirror.[View]
19670932i feel like dying. i have to take pills for a blood disorder but the pills havent been working latel…[View]
19670559How do you meditate: How does /adv/ meditate? I just stop thinking and name all the things that mak…[View]
19670194explanation please: >young me, years ago >polite, kind, thought well of others, always gave pe…[View]
19670370How do I be less boring? I’m a fairly good looking guy, 24, have a good career, real hobbies, frien…[View]
19669866Really fucking irritated at my friend's roommates. So /adv/ what do you do to relieve this pent…[View]
19670393I need help >be me, 15 >get back from summer camp two-ish weeks ago >plan to flirt with gir…[View]
19670861How do I stop being angry all the time? Lately just about every little thing pisses me off. Worst of…[View]
19670353How do I gain a fetish?: So I'm a bit of a fatass and my boyfriend-soon-to-be-fiance loves that…[View]
19669890How do I get a QT half-Asian gf? I think half asian girls are insanely hot and all of my favorite ad…[View]
19669671Why the fuck do my nuts start to randomly hurt? It doesn't matter if lm up and doing something …[View]
19670763how do i find roommates in a new city far away? i dont really have a shit load of money to spend tim…[View]
19670564New computer/basic programs: Just got a new computer for the first time in years. What are some basi…[View]
19670737Is it possible to burn out the memories of my last relationship? It was some clingy girl who had a s…[View]
19670720Wanna go to a Trump rally: So I know this rightfully belongs in /pol but its pretty autistic there s…[View]
19669645Poor love/dating life: I have two questions, one more specific, one pretty general. I'm not a v…[View]
19670094Why did I stop enjoying books and videogames at around 21? Loved them growing up, I felt comfortable…[View]
19670326Please help, genuinely need to know: Anyone have much experience with ketamine? Just took a bump fro…[View]
19669542So, do I take the little red pill of Concerta now, assuring that I will be awake from 02:06AM until …[View]
19670257she gave me a fake number and it made me sad and depressed. I thought she was into me. I'm piss…[View]
19670417How do you get married: I am 21 and my dream is to be a dad and a husband. I want to provide for my …[View]
19669473>fapping to hentai doesn't completely work >still want to fuck girls >don't want …[View]
19670294So recently I met a guy and at first he seemed very nice. We share a lot in common. Going forward a …[View]
19670560Is it normal to be perpetually unhappy? I have hobbies but none of them are a big deal to me, and I …[View]
19668957Why do women like to awkwardly smile and make eye contact with you, even though you never really inv…[View]
19670572bellclapper?: was watching youtuber sam onella when he mentioned a deformity where a mans testicles …[View]
19670580How can I reduce my laugh lines?: I have rather noticeable laugh lines at all times, they make me lo…[View]
19668787Fuckin' why: Had morning sex with my girlfriend... Anyways, we're laying there just enjoyi…[View]
19670211>Managed to go out 3 times with a 5'11' med looking model >Girls approach me in the gym …[View]
19670137Should I even bother going out if I'm withdrawing from alcohol?: I made a thread yesterday deny…[View]
19669154Insomniac who cant sleep: How the fuck do people get restful sleep?[View]
19670515Relationship Issues: Hey /adv/. Is it wrong to be fine with someone leaving you? My gf and I have be…[View]
19668475ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything - Princessfag Edition ™ GUIDELINES: Before you post a question…[View]
19669029LDR shit test: Me and my gf are apart for most of the summer (we see each other most weekends). It…[View]
19669537Next step career wise: I got a bachelor's, but I can't get a job so I need to get addition…[View]
19669972how do I get a black girlfriend? I'm not talking about a mulatto I want a 100% African girlfrie…[View]
1967022019 year old virgin. No social life. No family. I hate being alone what do I do?[View]
19670488Being you around people you like: Basic question: When you're around your boyfriend/girlfriend …[View]
19669903Looking for podcasts: Does anyone have any podcast suggestions, literally no preferences, doesn…[View]
19670342Having severe manager issues at work. Was skipped over for a promotion in favor of moving a manager …[View]
19670409have I missed out?: >be me >24 >never had real gf >kissed one girl at 16 >had sex on…[View]
19670397Anyone know any good phones for below 150 dollars?[View]
19670349Hiding Feelings from GF: I've been dating this girl for almost 3 years, we say we love each oth…[View]
19668602Ok heres the deal >19 Yr old >One more year of community college for >Assoc. In Computer S…[View]
19670377When is the best time to get /fit/: Morning, afternoon, or night?[View]
19670378Another Relationship thread.: Posting here after saying a brief bit in a GIOYC thread. Hoping for ad…[View]
19670256My boyfriend is my only friend: Hello. So I have slowly lost my old group of friends. They all just …[View]
19669485>apply to job >bring me in for interview >tells me after interview that I might be a better…[View]
19669635Why do I need to have a girlfriend that I love to feel like my life is worth living? Just got broken…[View]
19669687How to deal with low self esteem: I think that I am very nasty looking. Some days I don’t care. Othe…[View]
19670089Penis size: How do you get over the insecurities of having a small penis? It absolutely crushes any …[View]
19669094Which drugs do I try first? >20 >Been isolated since high school started so I was never offere…[View]
19669642>gf breaks up with me >relationship had been weak for months so I kinda let it die >felt co…[View]
19668372I want to learn how to compose and play music. What's the best way to do that? Thanks.[View]
19670227I traveled to Chicago, met brand new people, drove to Michigan, met more brand new people to play vi…[View]
19670264Fuckin nausea bitch: So, lately, I've been getting tired more easily and recently it seems like…[View]
19670168OK need some answers. Why should we treat others well? You realize everyone else out there has thei…[View]
19668791No reason to live: Hey /adv/ welp. I've reached that spot. There's no reason to live. I …[View]
19670231Help: I never thought that I would ever use this board. I just recently found out that a girl I like…[View]
19670031>be 21 >fuck up in community college >can't even drive >got my first job at 19 >…[View]
19670110I need answers and nobody else is giving it to me so here it goes What's the idea behind women …[View]
19668902So a friend of mine and another guy want to fight each other, and I am gonna be the judge. Can someo…[View]
19667114cucking bf: I'm a virgin, but I have fantasies of cucking/cheating/getting raped by a stranger,…[View]
19667973Why fear death?: Why do people fear death? we humans have lest then 30k days to live and who knows w…[View]
19670035How do i get over an emotionally abusive ex?: My ex was emotionally abusive to the point that I was …[View]
19669563should i get help?: i've been in quite a depressive state for a few years now, due to issues wi…[View]
19670045How do I mange to get through a hard life I’m just so tired and want to give up already[View]
19669804Bikes and Traffic: Theirs barley any traffic in my area and i want to ride a bike to town but the fe…[View]
19670075eBay listing problem: Last week I put an item up for sale on eBay. I set the postage at €15, but tod…[View]
19669335Done with life. poverty, misery, loneliness. i want this suffering to be over. whoever else is sui…[View]
19669991Sobriety: So I'm completely torn between getting 100% sober and continuing to dabble with alcoh…[View]
19669649Do women have anything to offer besides their vaginas?[View]
19670032Steadily approaching the day I set aside to commit suicide on. The idea was to give myself months to…[View]
19669924I found out that the girl I'm dating is a J1 Student. So naturally, I'm a little worried s…[View]
19670096Netflix's Five Second Rule (#MeToo): So how do I survive working with women? Because it's …[View]
19669998Alright so I have a brother who is starting to worrying me because he’s been starting to drink a lot…[View]
19668175how do i get over her?[View]
19668445How do you convince a guy to commit to you? I’ve been seeing this guy for a while and all we ever se…[View]
19669876Where do I meet older women (mid 30s up, preferably in the 40s) as a 20 year old? I've always w…[View]
19669976>brother woke up to me trying to make out with him >punched me so hard in the balls that the l…[View]
19669975So I'm slightly autistic but I have questions I hope someone can answer for me. I went outside.…[View]
19669906>nothing in life will ever surpass sticking a needle in my arm and injecting heroin…[View]
19669827Roommates been unemployed for months: At the beginning of Januaruy my friend and I got our own place…[View]
19669927How do i kick my useless brothers of our parents house?: He is an useless piece of shit. Doesn'…[View]
19669174Dad died 4 months ago will is just being settled. My mom was divorced from dad since 2010 and my two…[View]
19669533How do you guys find the willpower to study? Exams are here again and I am in a slump. Told myself I…[View]
19669121Been on a dry spell for a while now. I have hooked up with 2 girls in the past 2 weeks who have stun…[View]
19669885Where to find below average girls? Every girl I see around my age is out of my league.[View]
19667514How dangerous are psilocybin mushrooms? Only schizophrenia in my family was a grandmother's br…[View]
19668877Hey adv. 22 years old dude here. Living in the most promiscuous city in the US, or one of. Recentl…[View]
19668044Stupid question but how do you rinse hair thoroughly to get the oil and what not I've used for …[View]
19669746i can't feel pleasure from anything anymore. all the books i read are very good, yet i just can…[View]
19669676>be me >20 yo college fag in my prime >just broke up with no-personality, spoiled brat gf …[View]
19669738best site to bet online on soccer?[View]
19667028So I've been thinking about buying land to grow my own food and maybe even a house in the count…[View]
19669202Libido Boosting Supplements: I've been doing some reading, but I'd like to hear people…[View]
19669502Best Way to Find Work: Been looking for a new job, hitting the popular sites and talking to a recrui…[View]
19668334how do I get a master? I wanna bcome a writer (among other stuff) but right now, I am nothing but a …[View]
19668756resume help: If I dropped out of my master's is it a good idea to write it in my resume? The pr…[View]
19669429I just noticed these in my poop I cleaned them off with water What are these?? Are they worms or am …[View]
19668482Antidepressants: I'm in the UK and want to try antidepressants after years of suicidal thoughts…[View]
19669310Might off myself tonight: This is not an attention seeking post, i probably won't kill myslf to…[View]
19665943I tried my best for my girlfriend and I no longer know what to do or tell her to stop her being that…[View]
19669548GFs (also BFs) Tests Thread: In this thread we will discuss, post our experiences and solutions, abo…[View]
19669509I've come here maybe twice since I started 8 years ago. Can you guys give me tips on selling my…[View]
19669250Planning on killing myself (In the UK) I'm too much of a pussy to hang myself/take pills etc. S…[View]
19668412shoe advice: is this a ok shoe for casual wear for a 27 year old man? I'm retarded when it come…[View]
1966866830+ Thread: How do you cope? I'm nearly a wizard.[View]
19669504How do I work as little as possible?: I love my time very much, last job was at warehouse and 60+hrs…[View]
19669460How do I get over that I look like shit in pictures? I can look at a reflection of myself and feel p…[View]
19669142Why am I so bored and dissatisfied with my life? I feel like life is just fucking off into parts unk…[View]
19667682Is a masters in sustained energy engineering a good choice? Pic unrelated[View]
19668641Fuckign buff babes wowie: yay, girl problems. My 'type' of girl is very specific, and I really dont…[View]
19669306>Seeing a girl >Kind of like her >Ends up ghosting me >Contacts me today after 6 months …[View]
19668747I fell for a girl that I met online. There was a point where she dropped the info that she had a boy…[View]
19668470I need some advice. I have been dating my boyfriend now for about 2 years. We met July 4th 2016. We …[View]
19669318Oldfag here. >Be 37, single >She is 28, in a long-distance relationship >Cute, funny >I …[View]
19668502Cant cum: >summary up front: Cant cum, been with 2 girls now and I just cant shoot ropes >circ…[View]
19668439Alright so before you go calling underage b& I'm in my final year of high school, I'm …[View]
19669138Is it wrong to be a submissive male?[View]
19669274Choosing between two jobs: I got two job offers for the summer, one is at the airport and one is wor…[View]
19669206I have no idea how to make friends. I just finished school and I realized that I've never consi…[View]
19669247Is continuing college really worth it? I finished my first year of Uni and I did well to not fail an…[View]
19668028@chicago for a day, what to do: give me recs[View]
19668174Parents are threatening to drop me out of college if I don't get an A on the next quiz. >But…[View]
19666749Did you ever have to close off a person, close a friend out of your life, because they financially d…[View]
19669115what do i do if my parents make me feel kinda shitty and depressed being around? my parents have alw…[View]
19667991>girl I'm in love with acts needy and emotional when I ignore her >I act needy and emotio…[View]
19669016Guys I don't fucking know what to do. I arranged everything in order to hang myself but I could…[View]
19668518Summer money: Socially retarded neet here. I want to make some cash this summer to pay my stuff. Wha…[View]
19668851How do you deal with being friends with a girl who has big boobs? She doesn't even wear deepcut…[View]
19668543There is a music festival in my city and I am not sure if I should go. I am not a social person and …[View]
19667261Should I learn a hobbie: I know safe spaces don't exist. But please, let's keep memes apar…[View]
19669042Fear of losing something? How to deal with this?: Fear of losing my look Fear of losing my brain and…[View]
19669054Okay guys, i'm going out with a girl. We have been with this relationship 1 months but everythi…[View]
19669033How to clear mind?: I have some calculus homework due this weekend, and I'm going camping with …[View]
19669025Is better to fuck your female friends and acquantainces after you meet them or just fuck random whor…[View]
19668625>take a shower >still stink after it How the hell do not smell like shit? I put soap everywher…[View]
19668888ITT: good sites online to make money? I’d love to have a way to make little bits of cash online with…[View]
19668350This might sound childish but I'm afraid to start uni because a girl I used to like still goes …[View]
19667091Can depression be overcome through willpower alone? I believe it can. My girlfriend does not. Neithe…[View]
19668953How do i give a way my stuff and alienate my friends afterwards without them suspecting something is…[View]
19668739Genuinely having no interest in social activities: Can you develop an interest in being social? I h…[View]
19668707>be me >19 and a little overweight >no gf ever >tried hitting on girls when I was 14-16 …[View]
19668916Please help me /adv/ I need help dealing with my anxiety. I have generalized anxiety. Whenever i eve…[View]
19668651How do I take control of my jealousy and insecurity before it ruins my relationship I used to be abl…[View]
19667371Will getting a hooker make me even more depressed? Also, how can I make sure I get a good prostitute…[View]
19668619Sex concerns: I have this problem that's picking at my thoughts for a while now, and I really d…[View]
19668101Psych meds: Two questions 1. Anyone else taking lamotrigine (lamictal)? I just started 6 days ago an…[View]
19668795Want a Boyfriend but not Gay: Ok, so recently I've been seeing a lot of yaoi shit pop up in my …[View]
19668434Refractory period: This girl is coming over and we have about 7 hours of fucking around. We're …[View]
19667344my period is late. so far all negative results for pregnancy tests. i have been super stressed out r…[View]
19668076>20 >Have had sex 4 times but no relationships >Extremely low sex drive, haven't touch…[View]
19666860Is it wrong: My bf says I should be less of a prude He fingers me and massages my boobs in my sleep…[View]
19668657I think I'm having a panic attack. I've never felt like this before, and I'm just fee…[View]
19668766Gaming Laptop Under 1k?: Hi, i'm an anon going on my second year of uni looking to get a good l…[View]
19668769scared of sex: Im a 22 old male and the simple fact of flirting already freaks me out,even by the in…[View]
19667451Helo /adv/. The thing goes like this: >late 2k17 >I meet a girl at a bar, we really hit it of …[View]
19668729This is somewhat of a long story, but I'll try to keep it short. Some time ago I met this girl.…[View]
19668258How do I convert a .dat file to an audio file like .mp3 or .m4a or .flac or something[View]
19667828>1 year ago. Know a girl for like a year. We're both in a relationship. I'm attracted t…[View]
19667952How do you separate a girl being nice to you from a girl who actually is into you?[View]
19668522My friend is depressed and she won't stop talking about death, hell, the devil, etc. How do I h…[View]
19668301>try to meditate after something annoys me while at my computer >set timer for 10 minutes >…[View]
19668056polyartfag. Want to my IP's virtue but dont have the funds for a lawyer. What do?[View]
19668682Is this insomnia: If I can't fall asleep unless I'm totally knackered and my eyes are lite…[View]
19666657>winning intense argument with gf >she spergs out and calls me a virgin & gay How do I exp…[View]
19668648Does it ever get better after a breakup?: Do you ever reach that point in the breakup where you stop…[View]
19668579I need help, Ive liked this girl for a while now and were best friends, but she has a boyfriend/side…[View]
19668359I watched a porn video where this dude cums 5 times in the span of around 20 minutes. How is this po…[View]
19667729One night stand dilemma: So, a year ago I went to a trip abroad with ~20 other uni students. We…[View]
19665995how can i become a brown: help im a white guy who has body dismorphia about how white i am i go to t…[View]
19667585I am unsure: I met this girl in my English class, and she seems to enjoy my company. I’m about 15 sh…[View]
19668133What went wrong?[View]
19668591Problem with my work >worked in retail job for more than a year so i get payed vacation >signe…[View]
19668293Apologies if this is long, I really need work advice. Some key things about me: >Raised in below …[View]
19668292Complimentary Colors Help: Hey guys, I just made a post on /fa/ about this, but it helps to always h…[View]
19668249How do I accumulate money and power?[View]
19667006How do I start a skincare routine? I am jealous of all these people with perfect skin and I want to …[View]
19668285meet someone from /soc/: I am in a new town for work so on a whim i posted in a /soc/ meet up thread…[View]
19667038Difficult women: As a man, what is the best way to deal with a difficult and/or petty woman, particu…[View]
19668386Fucking help me So a few years when I was in my first year in high school this kid that I pissed off…[View]
19668254Op is a faggot: Gay dude here, I’m 24 and my boyfriend is 38, a 14 year age gap. Been together for a…[View]
19668390the guy I've got a crush on in my class asked me what I wanted to do as we left i kind of shrug…[View]
19667716How do I choose a career to pursue when I am not good at anything? I'm okay with book learning …[View]
19668431How do I confront someone with horrible body odor? She's had this problem since I've known…[View]
19668335Jizz: GF's ex apparently had nasty, rancid cum. Give me your sekrit cum diets for good flavor,…[View]
19668382My mind has trouble with estimating size/height?: It's weird like I looked at a woman on pictur…[View]
19668245Did I do well? Because I think I finally made it. ;_; >been trying for years to get better at soc…[View]
19666972How in the hell are you supposed to move to another state? I want to move to the opposite end of the…[View]
19668342God I just fucked up. I have 1k in savings and just walked out of my job because I was so insanely f…[View]
19668128if i defrosted some chicken wings, baked them in the oven, ate some, was going to put the rest in fr…[View]

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