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19164809Hey socially incompetent faggot #7566889 here. I don't trust anyone enough to talk about this (…[View]
19164607Legal help please: So a while back I was arrested for resisting arrest and battery on a LEO by an of…[View]
19164689How to have clear skin?: My pores are similar to pic related. However, I see women who have clear sk…[View]
19163670I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend for about 45 seconds, she was on top, I came to my senses, …[View]
19162874ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see …[View]
19164681>be me >18 and very short (~168 cm or 5.5 feet) > looks average > have no attractive gir…[View]
19164405webm: What webm making software do you use? I use xmedia recode which was good for a while but I rea…[View]
19163495My bf and I have been living together for a year. Things are going ok now, but a couple months ago …[View]
19164861I have the means to drive someone whom I absolutely fucking hate and envy to suicide. The procedure…[View]
19161617I neglected my teeth and this is the result. Will I ever find love?[View]
19164748Honestly, where the fuck do I meet sexually attractive women? I meet and see new women every day but…[View]
19164258Girls: I'm tired of pretend smiling at them, pretend laughing with them, pretend talking to the…[View]
19164772So I've been dating this girl I met on okc for about three weeks now. From the very beginning s…[View]
19162122i'm an american who absolutely hates his country i want to renounce my citizenship and never re…[View]
19164611I have cuts going down my left arm and want to join the army and they are visible. no I'm not t…[View]
19164746>mom died when I was 7 >lived with dad after that >He just did his own thing, got drunk eve…[View]
19164300I sort of have a unique problem with my girlfriend. Some backstory- I have a robot fetish. I got hoo…[View]
19164446Having some monitor issues. I moved a coworker’s computer which has two monitors. One is DP and the …[View]
19163869career advice: Give career advice. I work at UPS and hate the high physical and mental stress and al…[View]
19164783Anti-anxiety Prescribed Meds: I'm 20 and College starts in 11 days. I've been experiencing…[View]
19164677Ugly people dressing well: Can ugly people get girls and look significantly better if they just dres…[View]
19164641What are some tips on moving out of my parents' house (my house I've lived in since childh…[View]
19164478how do i make girls come for me? what do i have to do? aside of being attractive of course. go to pa…[View]
19164655I fell in love with a prostitute and now I can't get her the fuck out of my head. I haven'…[View]
19164492Breaking someone: I'm trying to break someone's sanity at school, I'm friends with he…[View]
19163875Constantly hateful: I need help /adv/. I'm currently a freshman at my university, I'm prod…[View]
19164471I have problem with procrastination. I do nothing. At all. Even when I'm doing something, it…[View]
19163240Hi /adv/ well... I know this girl seven years ago. We start being friends but now I feel something b…[View]
19164603Hello, i must ask a quick question because it just occurred to me, i was reading this sad story and …[View]
19163477I own cuckd.com I want to sell it, am reaching out to different porn agencies. Any other smart anon…[View]
19164591hey is optometry a bad field to go into? is it going to fail in the next 20 years? What other jobs …[View]
19163620how to get over her /adv/ i can get my mind off thinking about her for short periods of time, and th…[View]
19164362Is it a bad idea to hook up with a close female friend? I have a female friend whom I'm very cl…[View]
19164570She seems to have more fun around her friends: And it looks like she has more fun around them. Why i…[View]
19163280I broke up with my bf because he was a jerk to me, I was cold and explained everything I thought abo…[View]
19164341Is it legal to take so many free newspapers I want?[View]
19163631Lets try to actually accomplish something as a board: A lot of guys here really suck with getting gi…[View]
19162568Help me guys. There's this one girl I have feelings for. We have a bit of a story, but at this …[View]
19164546Ok so, I talk to this chick a little in person but I want to talk to her more. Is it weird to just m…[View]
19164360When/How to write a good follow-up letter ?: Hey, i've applied to a job and the company is inte…[View]
19164413How would you feel if this happened to you >gf/bf invites you over for the weekend >you say ye…[View]
19164477>be me >had rough breakup after two years >gain 30 lbs I go to school and lot of their fo…[View]
19161991Is this something weird to do? Back story >Chat up this girl from an app >She is single and is…[View]
19163725Tinder is shit: Tinder is absolute cancer, are there any better dating/hook up apps?[View]
19164475This thread will probably get hate but I don't give two fucks. Reddit would probably ban me so …[View]
19161355Hitting on a girl to early?: So this girl gave me her contact information earlier today. I was over-…[View]
19164436How do I stop worrying that she'll lose her feelings for me?[View]
19164250How do I get my drone down?: I got my drone caught in a tree. How do I get it down?[View]
19162645Hi, Now that i finally am 8% body fat and very fit after years of training and diet, tall And handso…[View]
19164148Thinking of buying a Male Masturbator, pic related. Only problem is, I don't get home before pa…[View]
19163650>sleep with 3 different girls at uni >catch herpes off one of them >she didn't tell me…[View]
19164137What‘s the blueprint to getting laid on a first date?[View]
19164412Which website writes the best essays for sale?[View]
19164078What kind of job can I get with a digital media/multimedia certificate? I was planning on going back…[View]
19163569> See myself in the mirror at home 'hey i look pretty good' >See myself at any mirror or refle…[View]
19164139Interview questions: I have the most important interview of my life in 2 hours, it came almost out o…[View]
19164184returning the favor: yesterday i made a chat room and a stranger joined and listened to me let it al…[View]
19163790How do I look[View]
19164316Opinions: I feel depressed a lot of the time because of my illness and coping with it is getting inc…[View]
19164290Is it possible to work part time and work on your craft, or is this a half measure? Do you need to f…[View]
19164229I have been horribly depressed for years. A lot of things in my life went badly and I ended up extre…[View]
19163801Oral sex: Been with my GF for 3 months. I initially told her I've gone down once, but later con…[View]
19164239How to get rid of painful ingrown hair ? Should I just go see a doctor. Shit is so big and painful.[View]
19163937I'm in my mid twenties now and I got myself a new wardrobe and started meeting new people in th…[View]
19164173If I have a shit GPA should I still put in on my resume? Is it a bigger red flag to not say anything…[View]
19163867Actually need advice: I stood on glass yesterday (pic related) and once I cleaned up the blood I tri…[View]
19159728GIOYC Whine on you crazy diamonds[View]
19163885Hey! so I'm making this Dr. Octopus costume for Fasching/Carneval and I'm having trouble r…[View]
19164062Doxxed: Hi /adv/ A weird thread I know but in 2014 I started talking via email to someone from anoth…[View]
19163328I want to kill myself I need help: I'm in a 2 weeks break with my girlfriend because I was too …[View]
19163189Is it wrong for a woman to give an ultimatum of 'marry me now or we're through?' Does it mean s…[View]
19160485/QTDDTOT/ general: Got any questions you wanna ask but dont wanna make a general for it? Here's…[View]
19163601Am I a soyboy if I want to date a girl for some reason besides getting some ass? Does that make me a…[View]
19163938>Met girl 2 months ago >been on a couple of dates, talk on whatsapp daily >didn't sex …[View]
19163432Trade Show: A boat I've been working on for the last couple years is going to be introduced soo…[View]
19163094hairline receding at age 23? can't grow a beard and I'm not tall What do /adv/? I'm …[View]
19162738Need money saving advice: I find it hard to save as a student who has a lot of things to buy for sch…[View]
19162626The Toilet: Anyone else just like to spend ages on the toilet? Like I could be in there for over an …[View]
19163698>when your coworkers refer to you as a friend How do I make friends outside of work when my city …[View]
19163072I am 34 male i stop use anti-depress med for 6 months but I always have anger issue everytime when m…[View]
19163754How do I go about choosing my career?: I am currently a college freshman and I do not know what I wa…[View]
19163841How do I email an employer about whether I got a job or not? I was unable to send a followup email a…[View]
19162391Should I fuck this girl? Is it even worth it? Not really into fat girls[View]
19163668Alright. /Adv/ I fucked up pretty hard. So apparently yesterday I was so piss drunk that when I got …[View]
19163653I need help, I don't know what to do >Be white >Have group of friends who are entirely wh…[View]
19162488First date in 2 yrs: >Have okcupid acc >Havent touched it since I made it like yr and a half a…[View]
19163441Extreme Social Anxiety: Is there any medication or cure for extreme social anxiety besides just putt…[View]
19162421Is it possible to get your shit together? Not 'become a functional member of society' working some …[View]
19163562What are the chances she is a lesbian: Basically I have a crush on think she may be playing for the …[View]
19163617Happiness, contentment and fulfillment.: What do you notice about people who are always happy and se…[View]
19162469Retail cuck here, how do my fellow retail cuck grt through the day? Me, i like to day dream/ fantasi…[View]
19163509Hey /adv/ I’ve been seeing this girl for about 4 months and it’s been a few ups and downs but nothi…[View]
19162950Is it normal to not have that high a sex drive if your partner's body is pretty average instead…[View]
19158666BF is a manwhore: Hello Adv Is it warranted to break up with my boyfriend because he's had too…[View]
19162564I know it's kind of a shit test, but I really want to find out if this girl I recently started …[View]
19162790Crazy Female Coworker: how do i deal with a batshit crazy female coworker? long story short: she is…[View]
19162159Travels with Exgf: So before we broke up we bought tickets for a long (and expensive) trip: Going to…[View]
19162433Undergrad Research: Should I mention my prior acquaintanceship with a professor (I studied in one of…[View]
19163443For those of you who have been in or are in relationships, how often do you see and/or talk to your …[View]
19162163I need to confess something and I also need a bit of legal reassurance >borrowed roommates car t…[View]
19163078>tfw you're twink top and love bottom muscle dads What do[View]
19160271how do I get rid of a guy I used to sleep with?: >be me 21 (male) >last date with a female was…[View]
19163221I think it's so fucking unfair how some men are so attractive to women, and all women hate me, …[View]
19162804I'm sad. I feel like I'll never find a daddy boyfriend and future daddy husband. Every guy…[View]
19163203I noticed my toe nail looks weird, sore on the side and hurts a bit...not sure if its an ingrown nai…[View]
19163385Alright /adv/, i finally got a date with my dream girl. Issue is she's an ex and is afraid our …[View]
19159283What is your purpose in life?: What do you live for?? Why does this life deserve to be lived? I am t…[View]
19161717How to know if a girl likes me: This is gonna sound cheesy and shit but I've liked the girl for…[View]
19163357Aspiring film student: Hey /adv/. I'm in a confused phase in my life at the moment as I'm …[View]
19163347so im in this relationship since 2 years. Last year we had an hard period and the things are not the…[View]
19162824I only find short girls attractive, is this normal?[View]
19162607GF is depressed: Hey /adv/, I'm very stressed out as of late. It seems my girlfriend is depress…[View]
19159085Letter Thread[View]
19162610>be me >brother died of cancer >basically ruined family >depression since 9 >a few …[View]
19160675Opening on tinder: How do you guys usually open on tinder. Do you make a reference to their bio or p…[View]
19162825Low Libido: This is kind of stupid But I guess I dont really know where to go from here Im a 26 year…[View]
19162108>graduating in 3-4 months >IT degree >never developed skills past what I was taught >sor…[View]
19162841What happens when a partner is more succesful?: Relation is perfect in all branches except one small…[View]
19161587>25 year old m >Like playing video game so I'm considering going to school for a computer…[View]
19163213How do I tell my grandparents I'm going over to a girls house tonight for casual sex?: Without …[View]
19163239I really like the last girl this happened with and felt like it bothered her[View]
19162516Should I quit my job?: Hey /adv/ I'm working in a company as a programmer for about a year, it…[View]
19161338>'Nobody will love you until you love yourself' >mfw I don't love myself BECAUSE nobody l…[View]
19160715So, my husband and I both had work canceled due to inclimate weather. The 1 and 2 year old are nappi…[View]
19159981How do I just 'see a doctor immediately?' Don't you have to set up an appointment? What if it…[View]
19162109Is a shrink worth it for free?: I normally wouldn't go to a shrink because I know they just wan…[View]
19163123Sick coworkers: Sup adv, working first full-time job and need help. I'm in charge of training n…[View]
19162853No sleep. work in 2 hours for 8 hours. No sick days How do I stay awake Help me please[View]
19163172I fucking hate all people[View]
19161665Criminal Record: Will have a criminal record for drugs in a month How Fucked am I /adv/?[View]
19163114Looking for ideas to meet other people. How can I get to know new people and engage in different soc…[View]
19162367I've been dating this girl for 5 months now and everything is going really well. Is it ok to te…[View]
19162859How do u deal with closed minded narbores how cant mind there own bizness: How do u deal with this t…[View]
19162096Why am I constantly ignored on social media sites I go to where I try to make friends? I tried being…[View]
19162216Not really sure if this is the right board to post this but I need some advice on how to get someone…[View]
19162520How do I fix my fucking posture?[View]
19162472Could anyone tell me why blackheads on and around my nose are so persistent? How the hell do I get r…[View]
19162667Hi guys, I've a psychology question but first I would like to give you an example. Let's …[View]
19162974how do i cut out toxic internet friends toxic internet friends who know me irl toxic friends who kn…[View]
19162715I'm moving to a new city, and am looking for a room to rent. I've spent the last like two …[View]
19162656Suck At Texting General Help Thread: I've realized that the greatest impediment to me loosing m…[View]
19162781Do I really want to make myself more agreeable in the face of retards? I know I'm right, but I …[View]
19162447>parents leave town >trashy SJW sister and her lesbian gf come over >they leave the house…[View]
19162732Gf: Im 21 and i have gf (4years) she likes to get married and everything...she is very loyal and rea…[View]
19162933Fake smile: Hello /adv/ Anyone know how to fake a genuine smile? Since i'm depressed constantly…[View]
19159701Made a thread about this last week: Back then I thought I had turned into a pedo but the jury was st…[View]
19161598Every girl i know goes to school to become a nurse?: This makes me feel so pathetic. Not everyone be…[View]
19162706I'm very skinny. I eat a lot. I don't know why I'm not fat. Everyone knows me as the …[View]
19162871Help me guys, I need to describe 20 years of history of my country in 14 hours including night. If I…[View]
19162769How do you leave 4chan?: So i have managed to quit porn, quit my video game addiction, stop blaming …[View]
19162768Life as a pure pedo: I don't know how I'll make it I feel no genuine attraction to adult m…[View]
19162894>19 years old >Raised by a single mother >All self-improvement efforts were going in vane, …[View]
19162767I started med school because I thought I genuinely wanted to help people and to learn more about the…[View]
19162691do you lose your virginity if you have gay sex with a dude?[View]
19161781This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but I get nervous when I work with cash and at a cash registe…[View]
19162234WILD PEOPLE: This topic has been played out since elementary school, but why do some people enjoy be…[View]
19162708My situation: Hey guys, I've been having a lot of trouble lately with everything. I'm a 23…[View]
19162755is there any way of figuring out the email address i used to join youtube? i know i made a new one f…[View]
19162758How do I get people to talk about themselves? I feel like in my day to day interactions it's al…[View]
19162489How do I cope with life and find happiness where it no longer exists?: My life is pure hell right no…[View]
19162787Bipolar?: Im either depressed or i am going mentally insane![View]
19162772Theres this female...: I'm having trouble with a female situation. Theres this girl I've b…[View]
19162642Depression: Hi all. Would you leave someone battling depression because currently you feel your feel…[View]
19162479How do I know if a girl is interested in at least talking to me? In my entire life (26 years) I…[View]
19162686I'm socially awkward very shy and quite person around people beside my family .I stutter when t…[View]
19162731PLEASE HELP ME /ADV/ OVERACT BLADDER RUINING MY LIFE: Ever since I had unprotected sex with this gir…[View]
19162717I need advice please, i am depressed and suicidal: Hope anybody here can help me out because i feel …[View]
19161217Make over advice: I mostly lurk /a/, so I don't know how good the advice here is. I'm turn…[View]
19162190How to stop feeling guilty: 3 years ago I touched a girls butt in the club. I did it because I knew …[View]
19162584Turns out my gf is into freaky things, what do?: So me and my gf are starting to take things to the …[View]
19162634I'm a schizophrenic who lives at his parents. I post here sometimes, but I have a different que…[View]
19162079dad spying on me like the kgb: i think my dad is hacking me or something he knows things about what …[View]
19162203Girl with a boyfriend: Ok anons,how do I pick up a girl that already has a boyfriend? How do I keep …[View]
19162512Am I ugly? What are some improvements I could do to make my face more attractive? Sorry for the bitc…[View]
19161607How do I move out? I'm 21, and it's time to move out of my house. I have about six months …[View]
19162583Car broken into: So my friends car was broken into after he got off work but nothing was moved or st…[View]
19162121Am I a sociopath?: What's up /adv/, part-time lurker and professional newfag here. Wanted your …[View]
19162294Threesomes: How did you convince your partner to do one? Was the harder part finding the third party…[View]
19161789YouTube: I want to grow my youtube channel but I can't think of any good videos I could make wi…[View]
19162051so i have a relationship that hasn't been that great it was shit really, but it is starting to …[View]
19160835Why am I such a pussy. Was out skating after work at a half pipe and a perfect qt3.14 architecture s…[View]
19162132Restless Leg Syndrome: Is there anything I can do to get rid of my restless leg syndrome? From what …[View]
19162283Hi /adv/, I'm a 23 year old guy, and I'm four months into my first relationship. When I…[View]
19162237should i call the cops: >live with gf near uni >new neighbors above us last week >deadbeat …[View]
19160913Caffeine suicide: Can I kill myself with enough 200mg caffeine tablets?i may also use benzedrex.…[View]
19161182Is accounting hard to learn?: I’m 20, just got out of college, working on landing a job, anyway I’d …[View]
19160027ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see …[View]
19161821Help me kill myself: I want to kill myself, but I need help. Tell me why I should be dead. Here…[View]
19162229i have no motivation in life. a while back i had a girl who i really liked and she was basically the…[View]
19161253I wish I wasn’t 25 and the love of my life hadn’t died. Time travel?[View]
19162238>me, 17 High School Senior >qt shy girl with similar interests. Sophomore. >I’m going to co…[View]
19162118How can I find out what the fuck is wrong with me?: I wish someone would come up to me and tell me w…[View]
19162277I feel like killing myself alot lately and it's all based on the stress and anxiety of being ab…[View]
19161423Hey /adv/, I rly need a advice. My gf just told me she's rly having doubts about us, if she rly…[View]
19162094Need help: Anything wrong with my appearance?[View]
19162214Do “moral” and “upstanding” conservative people secretly like being disgusted by “degenerate” and “s…[View]
19158793Clinical Depression: I'm 19. Here are my symptoms: >very little capacity for emotion >alw…[View]
19161483FUCK You guys were right. Smoking really is addicting. Told myself to smoke one cig a day, but today…[View]
19162009I am hyperventilating terribly right now, but I need help here. I have been talking to a girl for aw…[View]
19162115Need help choosing gaming laptop: I got my Inspiron 7567 today, it has an i7 and a 1050ti but I thin…[View]
19162119I was talking to my political science professor on the course overall, and we happen to be on the to…[View]
19162153The cosequences of pain: I post this because recent events like the death of my father and other fam…[View]
19161843My psychiatric nurse told me I should smile and talk to people I meet, so that I can make the friend…[View]
19161814I wish I could be confident again.: I first posted this on gioyc but felt like I could use some advi…[View]
19160239>dick is just under 5 inches >premature ejaculator How do I stop wanting to kill myself?…[View]
19162091I started studying at a coffee shop and yesterday a cute barista there gave me overt indicators of i…[View]
19162019Suicide: I'm 21 years old. I feel like I've hit a point in my life where I've oversta…[View]
19161584To cat? or not to cat?: Alright /adv/ Ive been looking after this possibly stray cat for roughly 2 m…[View]
19161471How can i make the most of college? Is it hard to be social? Can anyone give me some basic advice y…[View]
19160901I got promoted from being a cashier to being produce manager at the supermarket I work at. My store …[View]
19160907anyone here not deal with aging well at all im constantly looking back on my younger years, each yea…[View]
19162002I've had issues with anxiety most of my adult life. I'm twenty five now. I've adapted…[View]
19161443I'm in a long term, commited relationship with a girl I love. She really is potential marriage …[View]
19161977Why cant i figure out my purpose in life? Could i not have one?[View]
19161691Hello, /adv/ I need help finding a job. I've worked at Arby's (terrible, never work there)…[View]
19161472Never got what I wanted out of my youth, feel increasingly suicidal since turning 30: I'm not g…[View]
19160791HEROIN vs SPEED: Thinking about trying either heroin or speed for the very first time, just because.…[View]
19161636How does one go about acquiring an asian bride? All the sites I've found on google look like sc…[View]
19161012Ditching FWB while she is asleep: So my fwb is currently sleeping right next to me. She has been ext…[View]
19161742>Freshman college student >Have had sex 3 times since I got here >Mfw reading up on stories…[View]
191619221 step forward, 1 step back. 5 years and absolutely nothing changes. I have all the (((knowledge))) …[View]
1916180510/10 Girl: You know when you see a beautiful girl in college but you never spoke to her? Like a yea…[View]
19161714How do I get over the fact that I could've lost my virginity recently but I was too much of a s…[View]
19161822I've been thinking about potentially starting a porn account and making some videos. Any advice…[View]
19161772Cheated on my gf: So I've been with my gf for 2 and a bit years, Im 20 and she's 22, every…[View]
19161766Hey /adv/ so I've been dating this girl for about a month, but something always seemed off. She…[View]
19161110I've been friends with this hipster girl for about five years. She's this quirky know-it-a…[View]
19158655Height insecurities: My girlfriend of 5 months is taller than me by a couple of inches. I thought th…[View]
19161522Bipolar disorder: This girl I’ve been dating off-and-on has a severe case of bipolar disorder and re…[View]
19161533Badoo/hookups: When I'm looking to hookup with girls on Badoo there's 3 options to checkma…[View]
19161674My phone is ruining my life. My friends call me all the fucking time. I cant get a moment to myself.…[View]
19161681So I've pretty much spent the past two-three years doing nothing other than reading literature …[View]
19161477Pet problems: I've had a green cheek conure that I got from my dad's coworker a little ove…[View]
19161618I have depression and I'm taking meds for it I'm feeling worse and worse by the day. I onl…[View]
19161596Best friend ignores me randomly?: I don't know if it's common nowadays, but lately my best…[View]
19161585how do i go about making friends online?: was going to post this on /soc/ but i figured i’d only get…[View]
19161463I think most women are crappy partners and none of them can be trusted. More specifically it feels l…[View]
19160615More than one person at work has used this to crticize me or make me feel insecure. They would criti…[View]
19161332What to do about GF's invasion of privacy?: Hey /adv/, need some outside perspective into this …[View]
19153675How to Cure a Tranny?: Female, 21. I had gender dysphoria since I was either a child or when I hit e…[View]
19161203Dating advice: I've been in a relationship with a girl for ~1 month now. I've known her fo…[View]
19161469Empathy: Should I raise my son to care about others or himself more? I was raised with a lot of empa…[View]
19161061What is the best self-improvement advice that you got? Now that self-improvement threads are gone th…[View]
19161621Will coke and cigs thin out your face ?: What’s the fastest way to thin out your face ?![View]
19160746Is living with my mother wrong?: I have a question for you guys, will try and include all relevant d…[View]
19161507Need help with expanding idea: I have an idea that could be either a novel, comic book, movie, or al…[View]
1915704725 yo incel: So girls never liked me when i started high school, i felt bad about it first then i ju…[View]
19159127I hurt my girlfriend: We were having a really heated argument just two days away from a very importa…[View]
19161501Dealing with depression and thoughts of suicide: I'm turning 20 in about a month. Ever since I …[View]
19161412Are open relationships, even if the relationship is only open to one gender per person, a bad idea? …[View]
19161535Does anyone else watches a movie/series expecting to relate to the main character but end up pissed …[View]
19161156Getting an entry level job: I need some help from those of you who have gotten jobs before. I'…[View]
19161119My dad is douche: Hey, My dad is douche. In elementary school, when I was like 10, I made that PF (P…[View]
19161147'Famous' friend has been dodging me, and I think it's because of his ego: This is a damn weird …[View]
19161510Advice to graduating senior: Hey guys I just came across this new program Google is releasing and wa…[View]
19161369Dont wanna go to a psychiatrist or get properly diagosed because self fulfilling prophecies etc, but…[View]
19159608Does anybody have any advice on how to quit or cut back on video games? I leave work with good inten…[View]
19161191adicted to external validation: Im adicted to external validation. When I walk in the street Im con…[View]
19161407So I’m interested in a girl who has never been in a relationship before. She is kinda afraid of rela…[View]
19161190How to forget: Few months ago I broke up with my ex who cheated on me. I was always faithful and rea…[View]
19158746I've been having severe chronic bad breath. It's so bad that I can smell and taste it. I b…[View]
19160697Moving to another country?: Got a job offer in Geneva. Should I take it even if I have to move? They…[View]
19161470Finished antibiotics, UTI gone but bladder is still overactive.: My urethra also aches a little.…[View]
19160573How do i let go and move on from the past[View]
19160958Dealing with breakups as a person with severe anxiety and with serious trust issues: So this is abou…[View]
19161466anyone know how to tell whether or not you're blocked on a google voice number??[View]
19161453So I use OBS to record my Overwatch. While I'm recording if i tab over to obs it looks fine, bu…[View]
19161157Would any woman want to date a 27 year old guy who lives at home with his mother? So lonely and tire…[View]
19161371depression: so this may not be as important as some of the threads on here but what are some things …[View]
19160638Recurring nightmares: I have nightmares at least once a week for the last 5 years. I just woke up fr…[View]
19161260I decided I want to quit my current job and find another one in a bigger city where there are much b…[View]
19161175got dumped by gf, but she had very shit feet. did i dodge a bullet here, bros?[View]
19160416Linux: Do you guys know whats the best linux to install?[View]
19159227Have you, anon?[View]
19161413How accurate is first response when your period is 3 days late?[View]
19161408As best I can see, these three things are what drives any given person forward. >A curiosity abou…[View]
19160146I want to get rid of my nice guy mentality please help I am bored by all that insecurity I feel towa…[View]
19161368I graduated last May. I have no debt and $14K in my bank account. I started my first job in August …[View]
19161313How to stop a psycho in social media?: A mentally ill man from Germany harasses hundreds of people o…[View]
19161330I injured my ligament during skiing today (doesn't look serious) and apart from the pain I felt…[View]
19158374Hey /adv/ my life is absolutely fucked right now. I met some 9/10 qt recently, and we hit it off rea…[View]
19160307Being harassed by multiple fake accounts: So over the past 12 days I've been harassed by multip…[View]
19161173Hello /adv/ So I recently registered for this Astr 201 class, and have been having a hard time getti…[View]
19161153How to make friends online?[View]
19161108Should I Transfer?: So it's my second semester and I still have no real friends. I have people …[View]
19161170Finding Roommates: Anyone got any tips on finding roommates online? I'm using roomiematch.com r…[View]
19160759someone to talk to when alone?: this is a weird and very general request i suppose, but where do i f…[View]
19161184>been chatting to a girl I met on Tinder a few weeks ago >we used to chat every day through Wh…[View]
19161169How does one get over losing the best friend he ever had? For the last two years I became best frien…[View]
19159873My girlfriend is just too frustrating sometimes and I don't know how to deal with her. It'…[View]
19161277I will need some psychological advice; ( i am aware of the fact this isn't the place for it): S…[View]
19161122So recently I got kicked out of college for not attending but I had personal reasons which basically…[View]
19161174How do I move out to a new city? I'm moving there to study. It is outside of US so there isn…[View]
19161237I've been text /snapchatting a girl for a few days now, she's been giving me mixed signals…[View]
19160317Stupid question but how do you keep a man interested and chasing you? Been with my bf for over a yea…[View]
19160770Hey /adv/, I need your sage advice. So in a nutshell , I have a girlfriend of 1 year . We argued a …[View]
19161105My best friend went living abroad and he broke total contact with me. After two years of ghosting my…[View]
19161076Complicated stuff...: Ok, so... >Dating 2 different girls... don't blame me... they're …[View]
19160869I am 26 years old guy and I met a 18 year old girl online. It was never anything serious, we are bot…[View]
19160362What is the most important do/don't when writing bio's in Tinder/Bumble/etc.?[View]
1916072219 year old here, my hairline is getTingFUCKED and some part in the front of my hair thinner than th…[View]
19158208I think a girl likes me how do I talk to her: There's a girl in one of my classes that I'v…[View]
19160780How do I become a God?[View]
19159942[22, F] Having trouble controlling my libido: First time posting on /adv/, so excuse my mistakes, I …[View]
19161015I want to get a part time job while im in college so i can buy my own stuff without begging parents …[View]
19161016How do you be more charismatic and not annoying? Make less jokes? I feel thats my problem, i make jo…[View]
19160899I swore into the Air Force yesterday and ship out at the end of March. I have a potentially serious …[View]
19160959My /fit/ crush: So, there's a guy I know that goes regularly to the gym, he's pretty buff …[View]
19160779I'm the sole developer on a program that could potentially make a lot of money, my time at the …[View]
19160825Currently on break with my girlfriend after an almost 5-year long relationship. I'm 20 years ol…[View]
19159060Really ugly and/or fat women keep messaging me through online dating. I am not Chad but I'm a s…[View]
19160918Can women love you if you're a horribly depressed shell of a man?: So I've wanted to die s…[View]
19160769I need help. Idk what im expecting from people here but here i go. I got girl pregnant cause she did…[View]
19160898How can I find an apartment with roommates in a city far away? I looked on Craigslist and I want to …[View]
19160709>Filing Taxes >Wife is pregnant. >Total ~$5,000 medical expenses, mother in law paid ~$3,00…[View]
19160693Gonna mix some Diazepam, Lorazepam and Booze. Advice? Am I being monumentally stupid?[View]
19158830I'm working for a company and am the sole developer on a program that could potentially make a …[View]
19160183How do i combat my shyness ?: Hello there /adv/ >be me >18 >attractive guy >no GF >st…[View]
19159256If I killed myself over a girl that doesn't know me, would police contact her about it?[View]
19160011how do i stop being drrunk from feelinng so good[View]
19158649Daydreaming too much: I daydream way too much for someone in his mid 20s. I feel like I have the bra…[View]
19160739Going to a gangbang, wha advice do you have.: Going to a BBC gangbang to live out a fantasy of mine.…[View]
19160732How do I know if my ISP is blocking P2P traffic?: Trackers are listed as 'Not working' universally, …[View]
19160740Saving /adv/?[View]
19158447help females only: **GIRLS ONLY** when you are going through puberty, did your boobs start out like …[View]
19160312Abusive bipolar husband. 2 kids. I am the breadwinner. Advice?[View]
19157693Is there any way to make safe sex better? It seriously feels worse than jerking off[View]
19160540I have been a victim all my life. In 3rd grade girls took an ugly picture of me cause they thought I…[View]
19160673She never texts or snaps me lads, is this a bad sign? She's always on her phone and snaps and t…[View]
19158662What do I say?: Simply put; my recent ex is going to text me on my birthday and on/or before valenti…[View]
19158730Any tips for getting girls[View]
19160262Practical side of a quickie: My gf is having fantasies about quick, unexpected sex. Like me bending …[View]
19160069>attractive >always being nice, corteous to female friends >they like me and i like them …[View]
19160513there is a girl that looks at me in a realy with a realy perverted expression whenewer i would ask …[View]
19160570I did coke day before yesterday and smoked weed, do you guys think I’ll pass I swab test I took toda…[View]
19159332Industrial relations: Should I poke the bear?: >be me >get a hospitality job to supplement reg…[View]
19160384>can't get hard anymore >if i do get hsrd it takes 5 minutes of imagining scenarios >p…[View]
19159229I've been with a girl for 5 years and I'm about to break up with her. With Valentines…[View]
19159077Hey /adv, So my gf of 5 years left me about 2 months ago because she had lost her feelings for me an…[View]
19160582Is there a word for the kind of relationship where you have a single partner, but both partners can …[View]
19158831Is it wrong if I'm just taking a passive approach to the whole dating thing as a man? I am not …[View]
19159838Best VPN you guys suggest?[View]
19160290Any tips to satisfy my boyfriend sexually? We have a decent sex life but I want any advice from male…[View]
19158422What would you argue is the easiest job producing 100k minimum per year?[View]
19160261Punishing myself?: Am I too hard on myself? I often punish myself if I perceive that I have failed m…[View]
19160478Alight /adv/. I'm waiting on my lawyer to get back to me but I'm going to hit you guys up …[View]
19160329Confusion about my direction in life.: I’m in a very strange situation in my life. I don’t have a jo…[View]
19160179So. I'm a previously 23 year old virgin. I met a girl, shes 27. Very experienced in way of past…[View]
19160153Work: Alright, I have two job options right now. One is as an apprentice electrician. I would start …[View]
19160410How to fix emotional numbness: For 3 years I have known this girl online and she became my best frie…[View]
19160284can i still make friends if all i want to talk about is memes?[View]
19160217Whats the better way to commit suicide? Hanging, jumping off a bridge or od? Im considering it, and…[View]
19159209>never feel like watching movies/shows or listening to albums that I haven't before >stil…[View]
19160330Help, I've fallen in love with my best friends girlfriend. >Have a very close friend from Un…[View]
19158389should I delete my social media accounts: Hey guys, I need to ask something very personal here. I wa…[View]
19158950Nervous 21 y.o Virgin: I'm gonna have sex in 5 hours and im nervous as fuck. My hands are cold …[View]
19160325Cortisol Brain Damage: >live in a stressful environment in highschool (not super stressful, but a…[View]
19159219Asked her out, didn't reply, should I try again ?: Met this girl like 2 weeks ago in a bar. Had…[View]
19159897I want the fuck out of the friendzone. I'm a 32 year old woman in love with a 25 year old man w…[View]
19160249Matched with a girl on tinder from my college. Got her Snapchat, asked when she was free, and she se…[View]
19160281So how can I live with all the cringy stuff I have done in the past?[View]
191581203 years have passed... I still can't get over her... Will I ever get over her? Tell me in detai…[View]
19160209Hey I need a new laptop. I've had two MacBooks so far, any other recommendations?[View]
19159951How do I stop being a shut in?: I'm a dude in my mid 20s. How do I stop being a shut in homebod…[View]
19160095I've been on 2 dates with a girl, and I'm pretty interested in her. The thing is that it w…[View]
19160189Hey. I'm a 28 year old guy, and about 2 months ago I moved into my own apartment. A little lone…[View]
19158977depressed suicidal father: I need dire help /adv. My father is severely depressed. He's nearing…[View]
19160175Rebuilding one's social life as an adult: So I've been suffering for years from recurring …[View]
19159681This might sound dumb to some of you, but just listen. My friends and I are planning a DnD night for…[View]
19160214I got my good friend a $30.00 christmas gift on amazon and he “got” me a shitty ass old comic book t…[View]
19158993I need new glasses, but I need to know about how much it's going to cost me before I go. I…[View]
19160018Betrayal: 2 weeks ago I was betrayed by my former best friend. Today she texted 'I'm sorry' Sh…[View]
19159357Serious question here for women and if guys happen to know fuck it tell me. Guys have a thing about …[View]
19159903Abbortion and breakup? How can i cope with the abbortion of a son me and muy exgf couldnt have? I wa…[View]
19158044Can't decide on a career path?: S'up /adv/. I'm a douchebag fratboy in his early 20s …[View]
19159083Don't date a tranny: Don't date a tranny, don't leave your friends and family to move…[View]
19160101Getting over rejection: So average mid twenties virgin here, i'm pretty much all the stereotype…[View]
19160088best friend is unfaithful to her bf: Just a warning if you don't care about teenager drama I do…[View]
19160085Been in this server for almost a year already and recently there has been 2 new users comming in, th…[View]
19160077I have been banging a cute, nice chubby girl for a while. We aren't together, just having sex, …[View]
19158360Girlfriend and I aren't sexually compatible, and I'm not sure what to do. We started datin…[View]
19159881Motivation and dedication: How do I not give up and keep working on learning something? Example: for…[View]
19159993>got an interview at a very prestigious company >mention one bogus job experience in my applic…[View]
19159671I've done some really terrible things in my past. I've never had to face any consequences …[View]
19159852Roughnecking?: My net worth is peaking around 700k-750k and I am 28. I am long term unemployed going…[View]
19159644If I get rich not saying I would do but could I put a hit out on someone and have them killed. Does …[View]
19158468I'm thinking about getting a tattoo and have an idea of what I want it to look like. I have a c…[View]
19159580Hey /adv/, Last night I binge drank and had about 7 shots of vodka. I'm a 105lb female so this …[View]
19159977Committed to gf, but cannot get over old memory: I am dating a girlfriend. I'm very attracted t…[View]
19158031How do I get close to teachers at uni? The thing is, I really want the get an internship as a teache…[View]
19159857How am I supposed to find out what to do in life? I have been in college for almost 5 years and I st…[View]
19159497Am nearly a wizard what should I do?[View]
19159559Bicycle or Car?: sup /adv/, this isnt a thread about gf problems or interpersonal drama so this prob…[View]
19157108Even though I can make my girlfriend cum, and she genuinely enjoys getting fucked by me, I still fee…[View]
19159802Smellin: I have no idea why but my underarms stick way more than they should. I use deodorant, I was…[View]
19159896I realize it now...: I'm making this post to express myself but also I'm seeking any helpf…[View]
19158906Want to kill myself, what should I do?[View]
19159678okay /adv/ what the FUCK do i do >have gf, no label but we do the couple stuff anyway >also ha…[View]
19158979My life story thread: 'sup I'm getting sadder every day. I don't have an objective in…[View]
19159319have been really wanting to kill myself for 6 years i dont really want to talk to people about the s…[View]
19158388I really hate people so fucking much. There isn't one person I like.[View]
19158297I'm 4 years inside medschool (here it's around 7 years long) and I realised my introvertne…[View]
19159447Need Help: The KGB is closing down on us. Campbell is unresponsive. Huey betrayed us. We need reinfo…[View]
19159674Money: What are some easy ways to make money? I don't have money for stock investments or crypt…[View]
19159799should if i inlude my placement in my cv if i was fired?: since summer 2017 i have been working as a…[View]
19160401The salsa pill: So what's stopping you from going to your local latin dance club/latin night at…[View]
19160319What is Success? What does it look like?[View]
19159746Can septoplasty make me look worse? As in, right now the entire nose is SLIGHTLY crooked - it's…[View]
19158839Who would have thought that at 25 my life would be how it is. I definitely didn't. To clarify, …[View]
19158587Is it possible for a nig to get into programming ?: I'm a complete beginner and I still haven…[View]
19158890Grills: I need some help[View]
19159206New Career /advice/ I graduated with a CS degree not that long ago and the only job I could get out …[View]
19157378Using protests to get laid: My university is kind of boring and utilitarian so there aren't man…[View]
19159166I'm social outcast turned pickup artist turned semi normalfag 28 years old. how do you have a n…[View]
19159610Talking to a girl, can't tell if she likes me or is trying to avoid me?: So beginning of Decemb…[View]
19159567I feel so... suicidal (yup just another suicide thread) I am currently 18 and I'm /lgbt/ but I …[View]
19159550Should I confess to this girl i know or not? we already had sex one time but after that hadn't …[View]
19159476Virgin here with what could possibly be a stupid question but whatever. At what point does a guy usu…[View]
19159581what would be smart thing to do?: so, im in semi strong relationship with my bf for about 2 years no…[View]
19158251Career advice: I'm a senior in highschool planning on getting a 4-year degree in electrical eng…[View]
19159519What kind of friends are those?: Friends who only call you when they're bored (i.e waiting in l…[View]
19159373I feel like in this day and age society pushes this ideology forward. I've worked as a chef on …[View]
19159395Really stupid fucking question but here goes- >me and he gonna break up soon, just waiting for so…[View]
19158402How can a college student get into babysitting ?: If someone's a college student and they want …[View]
19158583Whats the highest paying job I get with basically no experience? Also live in Australia.[View]
19159424Need new active hobbies: I spilt with my girl of a year and a half recently. I want to pick up new h…[View]
19158782Hey /adv/ how the fuck do I just move out? My family's place sucks and I'm at the point wh…[View]
19159365>Be me >18, virgin but decent looking (not Chad but could be worse) >Decide I want to fuck …[View]
19159051Medical reasons for sleep paralysis?: I just had the longest sleep paralysis of my life. I was para…[View]
19158133I'm pretty sure I'm depressed. Now what?: I have frequent thoughts of suicide, constant st…[View]
19158551Writing for a Medium: I'm studying International Affairs in my country and get good grades with…[View]
19158973People treat me like I am less.: Dirty looks. Go to a starbucks for a year, some guy cuts me in the …[View]
19159105Marry her?: Hey /adv/, Is it too early to think about marriage? I am 30, my gf is 22 (but she rather…[View]
19152478Gentle MGTOW introduction: STORY: So basically my GF has a male friend, and he's an absolute be…[View]
19159094I need help to know how to behave with a friend of mine >she's a 16 yo bisexual/asexual >…[View]
19159155How do i drill into my fat dumb head that girls feel attracted and like sex and men? I've had s…[View]
19159176Need help understanding my gf: I'm in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend for almos…[View]
19159173Get a girlfriend? Is it even fucking worth it?: > Be me, 18m, high school senior > Applied to …[View]
19159272i had a date planned with a girl from uni. i was sitting in class and she sat in front of me and as …[View]
19158870I fucked up. The situation I'm in is NEARLY beyond salvaging. There are so many moving parts th…[View]
19159177Have I found a romantic match? I never thought I would. >2 years younger >grew up in same soci…[View]
19159261hey guys does anyone have a resource on how to write? i really want to write as an outlet for stuff …[View]
19157598Introverts, were you trained/coached on social skills? If so who would you recommend?[View]
19158749nobody takes me seriously: im short and i have a really high pitched voice and when ever i say anyth…[View]
19156375peed inside my gf: >be me >get drunk with gf >start to have sex >want to pee >don…[View]
19159001Girlfriend getting a tattoo: My girlfriend of 4 years is going to get a tattoo against my advice. Th…[View]
19158985How to stop caring about being in a relationship?: >be 23 soon >never been in a relationship …[View]
19159162Hello anons, I've currently been tasked with IoT topics and this is the one thing that I just c…[View]
19158584Is spellwork real? I know of a spellcaster that apparently -- according to friends and other legitim…[View]
19158590male + female friendship: It's always the same story >try to make friends with a female >…[View]
19159110>Met a girl at the start of December >She's in my country on a working holiday >We hav…[View]
19158452What if I told you having a gf would help your odds at finding a job?[View]
19159098What makes you get feelings for a girl?: I met up with a girl I knew from a high school party a few …[View]
19157827Okay, this is a crazy story, but hear me out. Ten years ago this month, my best friend was getting r…[View]
19158309Parcel Services / Online Shopping: UPS keeps fucking up my shipments, i would either have to return …[View]
19158446Boyfriend isn't what I thought: So I finally flew over to see the guy I've been in love wi…[View]
19158858job interview tips[View]
19158574Why do girls *initiate* and ask to hang out and then cancel at the last minute and never message you…[View]
19158667I need help with dirty talk My gf really loves it when I talk dirty to her, but I don't know wh…[View]
19157372How do I stop trying to date guys who fit the physical characteristics of the pedophile who I fell i…[View]
19158990Where to anonymously sext with random girls? Omegle is a filled with bots shithole.[View]
19158949Loosing my mind: I'm not sure how I'm to format this, so I'll just jump into the BS. …[View]
19158963How do I ask out a girl from work?: Basically, I work in a large retail store (like wallmart) part-t…[View]
19158948Hey mofos. I'm wondering if anyone has had issues with feeling more empathy or carrying about t…[View]
19158168Does anyone here have experience with a Pixma mx490? I cannot connect it to the wifi regardless of w…[View]
19158362Marriage?: So I've been dating this international girl--we're 23/25. Been with her for a y…[View]
19156417Are men supposed to be stoic or emotionally available? Which one is the best one?[View]
19158789How do i stop being a light sleeper? Im living with two loud fat women and moving out isn’t exactly …[View]
19158901Advice for starbucks barista: I’m a barista at the starbucks on my college campus, and a lot of cuti…[View]
19158739me and my gf used to fuck every day or 2, sex slowed down over the past couple of months, and now my…[View]
19156919Is it too late?: I am 23 turning 24 this year and I still have no career path to follow. At this poi…[View]
19158844Hey /adv/, I met a girl back in November at a gig, she was by herself so I introduced myself, she bo…[View]
19158494I fucked everything up. I posted here a few days ago about an engaged coworker I was in love with. …[View]
19158160I just want a girl to love me, bros.[View]
19158591So ive been talking to a girl online for maybe 3 years now and ive told her i liked her very obvious…[View]
19158781>when the only nice girls who ever tried to court you were your cousin and a Polish Catholic girl…[View]
19158021How do I not get irritable or depressed when I can't fuck my pregnant wife nearly as often? It …[View]
19158777Leaving without me? I feel like she's pushing this under the rug?: I'm in college where I …[View]
19158772Adderall xr is causing me to not be able to focus, I get extremely angry on it and I've noticed…[View]
19158641Help a robot get nudes Conversation going well Have very little to no idea how to ask Pic unrelated[View]
19158758Disoriented, Pointless. Help!: I practice not being too attached to things, in a Buddhist sort of wa…[View]
19158338Saying Goodbye: Someone close you've known for years will disappear tomorrow. They can be frien…[View]
1915846423 year old guy and don't know what to do in life?: I'm 23 years old and don't what t…[View]
19158740How do i get started earning some side cash as a copywriter? What do i need to learn and how do i ge…[View]
19158444Should I delete my porn? Convince me if I should anon.[View]
19158341I don't know what it is, but I sometimes enter this state of extreme hyper activity, where I fe…[View]
19158642Whats the album name?: I saw this cool album but I dont know the name and all i remember is the cove…[View]
19158692hey /b/ I need help. My cousin was accused of sexual harassment, stalking, breaking and entering, an…[View]
19158390so i want to start playing games again but i need to learn japanese cuz i live in japan and i wont g…[View]
19158299how do I stop wanting to make girls fat?: I'd be a good person if it wasn't for this. How …[View]
19158603Hard to see from pic possibly but my toilet sink is stuffed pr something, water takes hours to flush…[View]
19157192How do I stop looking dopey in my day to day life.: I'm tired of people laughing at me.[View]
19157037Where are some good /soc/-like places online to look for girls to talk to/initiate relationship with…[View]
19158408>Be me >be 25 >live with parents >social security So I went to the liquor store to grab …[View]
19158598Mentally Unstable Family Member: Im coming to /adv/ today for some advice, my greentext is just some…[View]
19156615crazy bitch at work: My mother told me some bitch insults her everyday at work for no reason at all,…[View]
19157295Can't write my thesis for fear of committing plagiarism: I've always had great trouble wri…[View]
19158561crushed on a guy for over a year who i'm sorta good friends with i guess, we're in the sam…[View]
19158472Should I leave or is she giving me hints?: I've been with my girlfriend for 4 years, she reject…[View]
19156770Lawfags?: I'd like to hear experiences from law students, grads, and especially practicing lawy…[View]
19158535Idk what to do: >be me >a couple months ago >lifes going great >have gf >go to gym 7…[View]
19157925How can i avenge him: >classmate is innocent bystander in gang shooting >gets shot and dies …[View]
19158213Facade falling apart: So I'm the kind of person who can't care one iota for others, it…[View]
19158445How to....: Advice! Hello advice. How do i expand ky horizons. To become a cultured man, or even a r…[View]
19157623why does my mom always bother me about not having a girlfriend[View]
19157279No luck on the job hunt thread: So I've been looking for a job for years after graduating colle…[View]
19157980I was in a mental hospital April to may of 2016. I'm now reading my profile they wrote on me. T…[View]
19157788Betrayed my GF's Trust: Posted my GF on /b/ 'Pics you shouldn't share' and word got out, n…[View]
191584311000 subs on YouTube: What's some good content guaranteed to get me some new subs? With the new…[View]
19158048TL;DR: How to suggest a friends-with-benefits relationship? So, I was dating someone last year, but …[View]
19157842>be piece of shit >always fucking my life up >don’t go around complaining or seeking pity f…[View]
19158391Hey /adv/ so.. I've been dating my girlfriend for about 6 months now and i have trouble cumming…[View]
19157892Why do some girls like daddy-daughter role play?: Is there something mentally wrong with the girl? I…[View]
19158210I feel like this girl ive been meeting for 4 months now is into me. We text each other daily and we …[View]
19157612I am a conventionally attractive 'cute' girl with a flat chest. Could i possibly have a twitch caree…[View]
19157775I have a monkey brain that wants vidya and 4 chan all day. Shifting attention is hard for me. Would …[View]
19157998volunteering: So I'm super underemployed and decided to volunteer. I have been meaning to becau…[View]
19158182Garbage man is harassing me.: Ok here is a weird one. Backstory: moved into new home. I make a lot o…[View]
19157798How can I stop masturbating? I've been doing it chronically and impulsively since I was a young…[View]
19156117How do I approach strangers?: I'm obsessed with the idea of meeting someone offline, but I find…[View]
19158312History major and have no idea what to do with my life: So I'm in my second year of majoring in…[View]
19157740What do you do when your GF is feeling depressed(clinically) and will barely talk to you or leave th…[View]
19154153I recently ripped off a guy from reddit for 5k and now I kinda feel bad about it. The problem is tha…[View]
19153805I'm going through a very rough phase in my life right now and started to smoke cigarettes to st…[View]
19158225College and Relationships: Some background: I'm halfway through my second year in college. I…[View]
19158202Femanons, what is the most attractive male haircut?[View]
19156153Infertility: My wife has a child from another marriage(which we do not have custody of. currently tr…[View]
19158296...Biology Major: I'm a sophomore majoring in biology and until recently, I intended to go to m…[View]
19158010Tl;dr? Read the bottom. \\I have no idea why I always end up on here when I'm drunk, but I just…[View]
19158199Does PE work? Do I need it?: Does PE work? Any personal experiences or stories encouraged. I want mo…[View]
19156593Are psychologists worth the money?: Im trying to get over a breakup that had me obsessed and depress…[View]
19157914STD PANIC: So I've been seeing this girls we normally use condoms but halfway through, we remov…[View]
19157886>18 >Finally go to college, get out of school where everyone ignores me >Make friends for t…[View]
19158220High School BS: My school is full of every sub faction of liberalism Feminists, LGBTQ, Commies, Soyb…[View]
19157511What should I do when I'm not working?: I'm beginning to realize hanging on this site for …[View]
19157452How does someone that's a tranny get cured without following the propaganda of self mutilating …[View]
19158105There's this crush I've had for years now and I recently got suspended from my school so I…[View]
19156667College Fears: I've continuously pushed back transferring to a university due to my severe anxi…[View]
19158139Relationship advice: So I asked this girl out a couple nights ago. I met her two years ago in my jun…[View]
19156747Krav maga girl: So here's my problem. I have been going to krav maga for two days only, includi…[View]
19157784I'm an antisocial person who insists that his own way is right. I feel nothing when I challenge…[View]
19157778Dating Question: Two years ago, I dated a woman in her late 30s (I was in my mid 30s). She was very …[View]
19157953Well, I stalk my boyfriends ex. I’m addicted. But for the last couple of days, when she’s posted som…[View]
19157967SOBER ISSUES: Went out with some friends last night and met up with two girls I used to work with. O…[View]
19157922I'm going to see a doctor tomorrow because I'm suspicious that I have some kind of STD. Th…[View]
19156583My sister is getting married and today was her birthday. Today came to visit her future husband and …[View]
19157987So, I‘m a hetero dude who really doesn‘t enjoy women. I know men generally don‘t always see eye to e…[View]
19156806Alright /adv/ here's the rundown of my situation, >gf breaks up with me and says she needs t…[View]
19154210How to avoid estonian compulsory army: Could use advice on how to avoid estonian compulsory army, An…[View]
19157870>take powerful drugs >they blow reality out of the water so badly that it's not even funn…[View]
19157518I had an interview for a research position in a lab about 12 days ago. Have not heard back. Should I…[View]
19156151Diagnosed sociopathic by 2 psychologists. Psychopaths and sociopaths are two separate things. I’m no…[View]
19157650I posted a similar thread a bit back but I’m hoping this one gains traction this time. How do I beco…[View]
19158011I was kind of head over heels with a woman at work. During her time at work, I was friendly. I bake…[View]
19158001Become more creative: I have this overwhelming urge to put some form of music out. I know very basic…[View]
19157733What does it mean when everytime I talk to or ask out a girl I'm very attracted to I'm ver…[View]
19157969/adv/, my coworker has really gotten into my head. I can't even really describe his technique, …[View]
19157851i need relationship advice: i have a girlfriend and many times i see her post >i want to roleplay…[View]
19157931I don't know where I need to take my life, in order for it not to fall apart: I'm going to…[View]
19157275What‘s the opposite of a normie? I mean, not a definition, but one word. >what a fucking normie…[View]
19156804Lied to girl about my age due to insecurity: I am in my mid-30s and single. I am living at home with…[View]
19157741I need advice Anons: I've messed up. Been dating a nice girl for a few months now, been on a fe…[View]
19157681Hello. A lot of students are conducting surveys in my class and need more responses on them. It is f…[View]
19157864I have no drive to go out and date/fuck women even though they show interest in me. This one girl I …[View]
19157508Pointing out contradiction to teacher grade risked?: Okay so I have a pretty basic physics class as …[View]
19156007Will my ex ever contact me again?: She blocked me everywhere, but I didn't do anything bad. Do …[View]
19155451I have a habit.: Ok so... i can get really horny at random intervals, and i started masturbating whi…[View]
19157847Picking a psychologist?: I've decided to seek out help from a professional. So far, I've d…[View]
19157755A good sort of loneliness: If there's one thing that I have become tired of is chasing after pe…[View]
19157559Am I being a dick?: >friend wants me to buy btc for him >that's effort > I say I will …[View]
19156322I'm together with my GF for 6 years now, we love and trust each other. But she's on the pi…[View]
19157703Is it worth it to put a bunch of SJW shit in my cover letter when applying to programming jobs? I ha…[View]
19155148What the Le fuck am I doing?: >Be me >Be three months ago >Be in class, conversing with gro…[View]
19156277Today my gf noticed I use to cut myself, she wants me to stop, but I'm kind of addicted to it n…[View]
19157742Pleiadians: More like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kv0GdE236jI[View]
19157739Hi guys. It's my first time posting on this board, so I don't know how it works but whate…[View]
19156845Failed my drivers test again. This dude nitpicks everything... He debated one of my stop sign stops…[View]
19156850Day 40 of NoFap and I watched some porn for a few minutes and started jerking (didn't cum) I ma…[View]
19156492What the fuck is this?[View]
19157313relationship is turning into shit after I had a conversation about weight with my girlfriend that tu…[View]
19157411Babe owes me a favour - what do?: Hey /adv/, /r9k/ here, thought I'd ask you guys about this. A…[View]
19156672Everyone ghosts me all the time, so obviously I'm worthless as a human. I need advice for livin…[View]
19157296So me and my girlfriend of 7 months broke up. We lived 6 months together and did everything together…[View]
19157615poor depressionlord needs to relocate: >me >emotionally abusive mom - narcissist >whatever …[View]
19157581>wake up with headache behind eyes and forehead >gets worse as the day goes on >always acco…[View]
19156668Is this girl interested in me?: I need some help, I suck at understanding social cues when it comes …[View]
19157554What school should i attend?: what can i do? I am lost. Whats important? what is helpful for people?…[View]
19155913Let me try /adv/ maybe I can get a good slap and get a grip on wtf is going on. I am 30something, h…[View]
19156528How to deal with scrupulosity ?: Me and my mom had abit of an argument because she thinks I don…[View]
19157078How do I ignore anexiety and fears?: I have this insane system of training which lets me do 1 set 1 …[View]
19155764ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see …[View]
19157278Had an affair with a woman: Hey guys so for the past month and a half I was having an affair with a …[View]
19156564the age gap dating rule: is pic related true? i can give y'all the story, but what has happened…[View]
19156609No reason to be anxious, random thought are just coming, for the past 13 hours. My heartbeat is high…[View]
19156614Work/Career/Life advice needed: (1/2) Hi /adv/... I feel I'm on a dead end with my life and I w…[View]
19157104I’m so cold and hungry I hope I’m not sick, I’m sitting in the bathroom at work with a boner because…[View]
19157326girl out of my league: so im an average looking guy, 6'1' and 'husky'. my high school is small …[View]
19156514friend is lost: I have to get my friend to my house asap but neither of us have enough money to get …[View]
19157091how do i stop being autistic and liking people that live countries away from me and that also show n…[View]
19157321Ok need a little help. Tomorrow I have an apprenticeship interview and I unfortunately do not have a…[View]
19157314Brain disease undiagnosed: I’m framed as mentally disabled that’s why I’m undiagnosed.i can’t walk i…[View]
19157270jbl: Is it possible to change JBL's headphones/speakers voice? ew. replace it with some other s…[View]
19157190Hey /adv/ I want to start a YouTube channel where I read the newest/longest/best feels threads on 4c…[View]
19157152How do you make your texts friendlier?: Like the title suggests. I refuse to use emojis (except the …[View]
19157265Is it weird: So I met this girl on tinder and we barely had a convo, mainly because last night I dec…[View]
19156834Need some advice.: This subject probably belongs on a different board but I still need some sort of …[View]
19149880/GIOYC/ - Get it off your chest: A place to ask for advice, write out confessions and letters. Let i…[View]
19156104A girl I have been seeing the past week and gone on three proper dates with recently said she consid…[View]
19154014My Aunt is a succubus: Ok so I'm going to keep this short. I'm 70% sure my aunt (who'…[View]
19156827I think a friend of mine stole some things from my house a few days ago, it wasn't anything big…[View]
19155291I was forced to move out recently after my ferret ate some of my sister's hair. I'm 36 and…[View]
19156989Should I send my ex a message? I haven't spoke to her in over 6 months I'm over her but to…[View]
19155314I know what it is that I need to do to improve my life. I know the process I have to go through to e…[View]
19156807Hi dear /adv/s, 18yo virgin here again, i already made two threads about related topic like a week a…[View]
19157052Went from feeling great, sauce, on-top of my mental game, and motivated to depressed, apathetic, and…[View]
19154775i will be graduating high school this summer and i always wanted to become a dentist but i am stuck …[View]
19157087Ok /adv/ help me please I'm very bad with women and every single time a girl has shown interest…[View]
19157072DeadbeatPOS: I'm a father to 6. 4 from a deadbeat sperm donor that attacked their mother with a…[View]
19156352Do you have this kind of feel of 'I wasted my life'? How do I to overcome it? Tips, books, experien…[View]
19156548How do i combat my shyness ?: Hello there /adv/ >be me >18 >attractive guy >no GF >st…[View]
19156955I'm beginning to understand the fact that no one will ever care or be interested about me as a …[View]
19156735What should I do with this chick from my class?: So I started in october this new concept art school…[View]
19155951If other couples are constantly asking you and the girl you’re dating to go on double dates is that …[View]
19156728We will now take a break from the regularly scheduled 'how do I get a girl to like me threads' and t…[View]
19155312Long story short, met a girl, slightly younger than me. We met online and were chating for a week, t…[View]
19156748If you contemplate suicide everyday, but will probably never go through with it, should you tell you…[View]
19156348How do you cope with annoying children and wife?: I have a 2.5 year old hyper boy and 8 month always…[View]
19156544I want to tether to my computer with my phone but at&t doesn’t allow tethering/hotspots. Is ther…[View]
19156866Research chemicals: There are this semilegal drugs that called research chemicals. How can I be sure…[View]
19156693Should I quit? What should I do?: >working at a reputable local company >hate current job, onl…[View]
19156708How do I get revenge on someone online?[View]
19156717Feeling betrayed: My best friend (male), to whom I (also male) have been really close for the past 3…[View]
19156695Ebay.co.uk has (for no clear reason) reduced my seller limit to $0.00. The only way I can find this …[View]
19156623This is a trap, isn't it?[View]
19156094So, I'm going out with this friend I like tomorrow but I'm constantly afraid of not having…[View]
19156568I'm a 24 year old NEET. My gf is a highschooler. We've been together for over 9 months. La…[View]
19155599Fuck people >21 almost 22 in college >engineering student >ask people out on dates >most…[View]
19154869I have a crush on a girl on the internet that I don't even know and I already feel jealous, I c…[View]
19149311I really like this one boy. He's never had a girlfriend, but his mom told me that many girls ha…[View]
19154321I've got a girlfriend, we've been together for two years. I met her while I worked in Japa…[View]
19153873Crossroads in serious relationship. Cultural barriers: 1/? Deciding what to do at a major cross road…[View]
19156371My first date ever: I'm a 'virgin' neet in my mid twenties and i've never been able to set…[View]
19156063Got these white organisms in my jar. They are moving and it looks like they have legs. What are they…[View]
19156461how to get laid on first date: How do I get laid on the first date? I've been single for 3 year…[View]
19156243Guys why are my parents so poor should I hate them for it? My parents are so poor they never bought …[View]
19155971Exit Bag: Alright guys, how would one craft a reliable Exit Bag? One that works and isn't too e…[View]
19156065Im completley insane and so is my wife. We are happy and thriving in a world we have created for our…[View]
19155751I've read a lot about what men should bring to a relationship, but what should women bring? Inc…[View]
19154689I have (internet) friends, but I also need to get my shit together. Should I drop them in favour of …[View]
19156247Investing: Next month I'll finally have paid off all of my credit card debt (which was as high …[View]
19156405Ever since this girl dissed me on our first date Friday I’ve been getting alarmingly poor erections …[View]
19155780Is it normal to feel like shit after sex? >body heating up >dick feels uncomfortable temporari…[View]
19154941What can I do to earn an income as a NEET? I'm looking for actual advice for this, and not insu…[View]
19155770So I work at a restaurant. It's a chain. It's red robin. Basically, I'm only doing ha…[View]
19156355Bad post-LEEP results: Guys, my wife had a LEEP procedure done because she had CIN 1, 2 & 3 cell…[View]
19154507Ohhh my god I feel fucking disgusting right now. I have c diffile. My husband and I only have one sh…[View]
19154974How do I stop being so angry and toxic? I come on 4chan and swear at people and call them retards. I…[View]
19156224What should I say to my idiot friend that made this video?: I've to steer him away from doing s…[View]
19156054About a year ago I broke up with the girlfriend. I knew her for a couple years before through a mutu…[View]
19155371How many people here believe that their life is fucked beyond repair and wish they could hit a reset…[View]
19155943I don't know if I'm becoming crazy paranoid. These past two weeks, I've suddenly bee…[View]
19156022I'm 19 from Buckinhamshire, I was with a medium sized group of friends whom of which committed …[View]
19155452should I switch from cs to religion?: I'm two years into college with a computer science major.…[View]
19156039My love: I fear that I will lose my lovely girl yet again. I've fallen even harder than the fir…[View]
19155327Should I commit myself to a mental hospital?: I'll keep it brief. I have been insane my entire …[View]
19156234How the fuck do I readjust my sleeping schedule? I keep sleeping 4 hours when I need to rest more an…[View]
19156214>Turn 25 Today. >Live with Parents but only because I'm taking care of them with my fath…[View]
19155860Getting a girlfriend/one night stand: Hey guys, been single for about 2 years and none of the girls …[View]
19155887I babysit my cousin regularly, and when she won't stop crying the only thing that will calm her…[View]
19156132Lately I'm having suicidal thoughts much more often than before and I'm really scared I mi…[View]
19156160fucc: i fucking love this girl at school, too bad i live in a muslim country where were separated mo…[View]
19156074Clingy GF... I want to call it quits.: >tl;dr How can I make a girl I've been dating for alm…[View]
19155703My ex and I have furry characters that we designed. Not exactly 'fursonas' because the characters ar…[View]
19155817>very mild sunburn on shoulders >the type of burn that doesn't hurt and wont peel is it …[View]
19155987kissed my friends gf: So my roommate, whom im pretty good friends with got pretty upset because i ki…[View]
19156126How do I become less spiteful and stop trying to keep people down/undermine their success? I'm …[View]
19155949I am stupid: My mind is just a cluster of random thoughts. Some of themso childish i get mad. I cant…[View]
19155684I just fucked up 4 years of university education by failing my final exam I am now forced to drop ou…[View]
19154046To anyone who has served or is serving in the US Air Force Reserve; how is the life style as well as…[View]
19155935My friend is so fucking dumb: He's 26 and he's ugly, fat, and dumb as shit. I was friends …[View]
19156092Is gamesplay.top scam or the real deal?[View]
19155264How do I stop being attracted to traps? I've had one experience with a trap and it sucked, but …[View]
19155758Hey lads, for those of you who managed to get yourself a qt who enjoys your company and companionshi…[View]
19155349I need girl help /adv/: >I've been trying to get a girlfriend from the school I go to for qu…[View]
19155651Hi /adv/. I've had issues with food for as long as I can remember. it led to an eating disorder…[View]
19155160how do i convince this girl to sell her used panties? shes been telling me that her panties get wet …[View]
19155802i need friends: pls i need friends i dont have any#[View]
19155911Hey /adv/! I was vegetarian for a little over four years when I was younger but stopped because I be…[View]
19154623How do I unlearn an entire lifetime of being an effeminized soycuck? I want to walk like a man in th…[View]
19154582I'm thinking of trying LSD (in the form of 1P-LSD, which is legal in my country), but I'm …[View]
19155511in pain: Hi there. I just need to vent a little. I'm stuck in a mental rut. My brain has turned…[View]
19155247How do I meet qt tomboys to date?[View]
19153974Ex doesn't want me back: So ex-girlfriend (the first and only I've had) left me 4 months a…[View]
19155838Just want other people's 2cents on this. So I get along well with my friends from class, social…[View]
19155923Tropical living: Where are the best places to live if you like the beach and warm weather?[View]
19154122I feel shit over past degenerate acts: Hey, I've like 3 things to get off my brain and talk to …[View]
19155740University work: I started a physics course at Uni in september and I've been contemplating the…[View]
19152940How do you know when you found your soulmate?[View]
19150871Approaching random girls that check you out: How does that work exactly? I'm a decent looking g…[View]
19155828How do I deal with the fact that my oneitis doesn't want to just text me randomly anymore and p…[View]
19154773Hello people, I'm at an impasse. Need some friendly, non acquaintance advice. 25, college grad…[View]
19155830Guys I cant fucking stand living in upstate ny anymore holy fuck >mom has to work like a slave f…[View]
19154919Do I look unhealthy?: I’m recovering from an eating disorder, but it’s hard to get in all the calori…[View]
19155725How to stop being passive aggressive: Alright so I’ll make this as short as possible, about two week…[View]
19155489First time telling this story in detail. Happened at least 4 years ago now >Develop severe oneit…[View]
19155709What should I do tomorrow?: So tomorrow I have a day free and there is a great danger that I will sp…[View]
19153273What opportunities can I get by studying material science and engineering ?[View]
19154983How do i get started in music production?[View]
19155363Dreaming about a girl i've never met.: I’m studying to be a scientist, likely bio, or chem. the…[View]
19154523Where do I find the right White woman for my wheat field while I live in the degenerate multicultura…[View]
19153654Uni life: I've just started my first year of university in September, and I've made a coup…[View]
19154802smelly bad: i smell like shit and i don't know how to fix it, i don't shower regularly i d…[View]
19152271ITT: Ask The Opposite Gender Anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see …[View]
19154909Need to pay tuition: I have to pay this term's tuition within 15 days. Normally the government …[View]
19155495It feels like I'm going crazy but I can't trust anyone; I keep forgetting names and things…[View]
19155528Over the years I've made many attempts at making friends, and sometimes it seems to work, excep…[View]
19154834How do I get rid of the weird smell between my balls and asshole? Even after showering it has that w…[View]
19154945Last week I met a cute chubby girl in a club. We went to her place, and something that in my opinion…[View]
19155444WTF do I do?: Last year I was in Europe on holiday and met the man of my dreams. He's witty, sm…[View]
19155226I've recently found that I'm apparently decently attractive. I'm in my thirties, and …[View]
19148478He usually takes too long to climax...more than 40 minutes Last night he didn't cum, i had to s…[View]
19154970Hi /b/ I met a girl on match.com and she said she has lyme disease. How bad is that?: I want kids an…[View]
19153922How do I get my girlfriend to clean?: I've been dating my current gf for about three and a half…[View]
19155190I'm a community college student in Boston, and I'm looking for a job. My last job was at a…[View]
19152909How do I call an American phone number from a mobile here in Australia? I've tried Google and i…[View]
19155346Starting Dating: Hey /adv/, so I'm 21, not ugly and relatively fit, but I've never really …[View]
19155484Hey guys, I'm a 21 year old American who only knows English who's interested in learning S…[View]
19155347Guys help i failed a semester but the thing is my parents don't know about it. Should I tell th…[View]
19155256Stop me, or don't: I hate life, I'm a piece of shit and I've ruined my life by doing …[View]
19154835When is a relationship considered 'serious'? Been dating my gf almost 6 months. We did mov…[View]
19155459How to use telegram as a dating material: How to use telegram as dating material? i live in LA CA Ho…[View]
19155440Anxious when alone: Hey, I developed anxiety when I was about 16 and have my on and off periods with…[View]
19155369why i cant reply on my own massage? anyway...this is the end of a story from that thread...▶>…[View]
19155282which FIFA game should I buy?: I feel like playing a soccer game, but I typically only play the offl…[View]
19155425any medical people here? even students: Is it considered unusual for a person in their mid-20s to ha…[View]
19155399>be 17 >get 5150’d in California because of overreactive teacher >let out before the 72 hou…[View]
19155411Any advice on creating a dating profile?: What are some things I should avoid saying? What should I …[View]
19155337Hi /adv/. I'm in a long distance relationship, and it sucks. We've been together for three…[View]
19155094I'm relatively new to dating, having only lost my v card a few years ago (I'm 22 now). Wha…[View]
19155245Ok /adv/ help me please I'm very bad with women and every single time a girl has shown interest…[View]
19155211Petty?: Hey, so I've just contacted someone who I was friends with a few years back. I know thi…[View]
19154749Need of an programmer...: Ok guys, trying to do some work, but I'm failing miserably cause I ca…[View]
19155075I want to try: There's this girl that I like, she is pretty funny and well, atrtactive in some …[View]
19151462Is sex really as good As everyone says?[View]
19154784How does one go about purchasing an escort? I've been doing research all day; things haven…[View]
19153607What would be a good vidya username that signals determination and nerve?[View]
19154900which language is easiest to learn from english? should I even bother? started learning Japanese, …[View]
19154538After not filing my taxes for four years I have now just found out I have also been putting the wron…[View]
19153309Sex in a relationship I've been with this girl for almost 2 years, she's my first, I'…[View]
19153894I feel miserable and I just want to feel okay again. Can someone help?: >I am on the spectrum to …[View]
19151792Is NoFap a meme?: I just lost a 14 day streak of NoFap today. The longer I've gone before was 2…[View]
19154856Is it possible to pull hot chicks for a super skinny guy if you're not super smart, super rich,…[View]
19154956Long Time Friend as a GF: Recently there's been some word around my friend groups that a girl I…[View]
19154993I can't stop obsessively thinking about my ex. We have been broken up for almost 3 months now, …[View]
19154788Okay, what should I do to get a more positive outlook on things. I don't really have any hope o…[View]
19155055I’ve realized that I have 0 interest in marriage and children. Absolute 0. What I’m seeking advice i…[View]
19154969Hi /adv/, I don't lurk often but you anons have helped me in the past. I got some unflattering …[View]
19153761My nephew is 14 and he's coming out as transgender. I don't believe he's really trans…[View]
19154885I've been an incredible ass to just about everyone for a long time. I want to be kinder but I d…[View]
19153946How do I stop being a jealous prick? my gf and I are in our mid 20's. shes a pretty girl but sh…[View]
19154893Huh.. Due to some circumstances end up driving 3 drunk girls around the city. One of them more drunk…[View]
19153292I've been hanging out with this group of kids for the last few months, but one of the chicks is…[View]
19154935Hi I reset my iPad Air to factor settings but its still linked to my old iCloud account and I forgot…[View]
19154051I just started dating this girl. after about 2 weeks now, she tells me that she is suffering from so…[View]
19153990Saw someone posted this a few days ago. Has he helped anyone here? Looking for feedback on anyone wh…[View]
19154599Need some real basic advice on saving money and buying a new computer. First, do you have any advice…[View]
19154797Rip: >be me >22 >had a great girlfriend since hs >califag >go to universal studios Ho…[View]
19154795To breed or not to breed: Having an issue with my wife. We've been married for 1 year, togethe…[View]
19154876Need some lady help fellas. Heres a quick rundown. >go to store about three months ago >meet g…[View]
19154819I love a girl and idk what to do >knew this girl irl a while ago >literally the cutest and ni…[View]
19154683What would you do in this situation?: So I like this girl a lot. Let's call her Kate. She'…[View]
19152830I violently want her: First time this happens to me. >At work there are different 'departments' …[View]
19154690>in a really good friend group >hung up on a girl in that group that has already rejected me t…[View]
19154566I've been unemployed for about 9 months. the plan was to go to college for winter semester 2017…[View]
19154658How do I stop hating everyone for having less initiative than I do? >Be me, barely 20 >18 Cred…[View]
19152461Finding inner peace: Hello 4chins, Does or did anyone else feel like this? I don't really care …[View]
19154362How do I stop masturbating as a girl: Been doing since I was around 12, could never stop myself and …[View]
19154748Important.: I'm new to this website, forgive me for not being much of an expert, but I'm i…[View]
19154747It's been a few years from breaking up with my ex, and I even have a gf atm who I love.. But un…[View]
19153960Hello /adv/, Im a soon to be father. My wife and I are expecting a daughter, and I'm about to a…[View]
19154142Is tinder still a thing? Plus is it as easy as people make it out to be to get easy one night stands…[View]
19153034Which website writes the best essays for sale?[View]
19154295I'm getting married in a week and I've decided that I really don't want to go through…[View]
19153330How to stop assuming the worst of people? It has now happened to me several times recently that some…[View]
19154697My cat's nearly a year old, and he keeps trying to chew cords. I don't want to use apple b…[View]
19152792What's the best way to make money online?[View]
19153549Let's play a game. >27 year old male >Dropped out of high school at 19 >Went to Commun…[View]
19153984How do I change?: I’ve always been vehemently anti-pornography. I have no idea why, but I find it ab…[View]
19153564How to detach from a person?: I want to stop being friends with a person but we see each other every…[View]
19154381Dreams: I've been having a series of dreams lately. I used to do kickboxing a lot and loved spa…[View]
19154283Drivers license: I'm nearing 20 and getting my drivers license in Texas. I have a question for …[View]
19154250How do I get my erections back?[View]
19154428Poor birdo: Today a crow was attacking a birdo, literally eating its brain. We scared the crow and t…[View]
19154636How do i get tired and fall asleep? Its 4am and im still not tired at all, help.[View]
19154441A few weeks ago, I posted about how I am a 25 year old grill living with my dad, and his mental heal…[View]
19152303On house arrest: Im on house arrest for the next 364 days, and probation for a year afterward. I…[View]
19152931Long Distance Relationships: Could anyone give some tips? We're having a break and I'm fee…[View]
19154595What do you do when you feel depressed?[View]
19154570So I've been living in a big city for a couple years now. Only have a small group of friends th…[View]
19151701eating ass: Do girls like it when a guy eats their ass? Do girls want a guy that eats ass?[View]
19154524How do you make the most out of college?[View]
19153326Suddenly libido is kill: Alright so I used to jerk it about once a day and walk around with a proud …[View]
19153412My best friend just died: Yesterday, my best friend died. We did everything together. I don't h…[View]
19152209Dealing with dating situations: >Be me, get easily attached to people >Meet tinder girl, go on…[View]
19154170How do you develop social skills?[View]
19154166How do I get rid of boredom? I have nothing to do (no hobby seems to interest me) but 4chan and porn[View]
1915411219 year old girl here I live with my single mother, she is abusive. hits me calls me cunt, bitch, fa…[View]
19154389Alright, I have 2 questions that are both completely irrelevant to one another. Just hope y'all…[View]
19154070I'm thinking about outing my gay brother. My mother does not know and she keeps asking me. I wo…[View]
19152965literally how do i ask my boss for a raise[View]
19153463I'm going to be in Japan later this year visiting a friend for about a month. I'm a reason…[View]
19153906At what point does advocating for violence, and/or resorting to it, becomes necessary?[View]
19153553>come home >get blackout drunk >fall asleep >wake up for job that I hate tomorrow >r…[View]
19154251Do i have tonsil cancer? (this is the best pic i could get of my left tonsil)[View]
19152060Has anyone here ever been in an abusive relationship? I realized a bit ago that I'm pretty abus…[View]
19153766Where to take older woman on first date? I'm 20. She's 38. We met online. She runs an onli…[View]
19154316How do I stop being attracted to teenage girls? I'm 21, and I don't want to find them attr…[View]
19150282>be 170lbs 5'4 femanon somewhat concerned about my weight >meet what I thought was a real…[View]
19154072So I was giving advice to this girl that was about to get out of highschool. Advice on having anxiet…[View]
19154314im a 16 year old boy and i weigh like 150 punds and im 5'6' . i would really like to get better…[View]
19154212How do I stop being fat? I live in the country and im trying to move to a city but for now I have no…[View]
19154276Crypto Mining to Bolster Underfunded Schools: Hi all, Jesus here, I've been involved in crypto …[View]

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