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19922228Ok boys, about four days ago, I took an oral drug test. I was almost positive I passed because I smo…[View]
19921341I'm thinking of taking up vaping so I can vape CBD oil to treat my chronic anxiety. How bad is …[View]
19922442Am I burning myself out?: Just need to vent a little bit. I've managed to keep a lot of my stre…[View]
19922385Dealing with Constipation: I've been dealing with constipation since the start of the month (ar…[View]
19922237justice against a stalker: i was briefly friends with a guy who ended up being really super obsessiv…[View]
19922388>two girls into me at school >school ends >ask one girl out out but it doesn't go anyw…[View]
19922306How do you induce baby rabies in a 35y/o white woman?[View]
19922363Self Sufficiency over working to death: hey adv, its been a few years since ive been here to ask you…[View]
19922267Advice for a cutesy introvert: Anons I require assistance, ever since I was born a curse has plagued…[View]
19922393Haven't gotten laid in years, mostly because I just don't put myself out there at all due …[View]
19922241Around two years ago my son died the day he was supposed to be born. Every time I think of him, or t…[View]
19922348insensitive territorial semi chads: all the girls I have liked have gone for semi territorial beta c…[View]
19922357what are some colleges that offfers scholarships to spics? i have searched but so far i just get tot…[View]
19922006Why do I fall in love with girls who show me the smallest amount of niceness?[View]
19921507Right now I'm working on a contract, 25 hours a week, so it's 3 days on, 4 days off. I lov…[View]
19921366Woman and how to overcome the desire: This might be a bit strange but i want to learn/get advice on …[View]
19921844The thought of slogging through life sober is genuinely terrifying. If there are any straight edge p…[View]
19921587/SIG/ - Self Improvement General: Go Get It Edition Welcome to Greatness. Let's start the proce…[View]
19922265How do you deal with real-life parasitic predators?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCzmOknrN70…[View]
19922239Kinda been sitting on this one for a while, forgive me if I sound like I'm rambling. I'm n…[View]
19922101Is there a single board on here that you can get decent traffic from, yet don't have to obey th…[View]
19921751What are some good ways to deal with ass-hair?[View]
19921643I've decided I'm going to tell my wife 1 year from now that I don't want kids. This w…[View]
19921948Unicorns (girls): Do unicorns exist? With this I mean a girl who is not only very pretty, but also h…[View]
19921930How the fuck can I stop shitting so often? It's fucking horrible Bros. In the morning and at le…[View]
19922216I'm a male ex-neet. How do I overcome intimacy issues? I've got a girl now but have a lot …[View]
19922146Laziness, Apathy: >Can't stop being a lazy fuck >Its crept into the way I play video game…[View]
19922140Hey guys really needing help... Three years together and she dumped me, after that we have been in t…[View]
19920356OTC antidepressants: What are some good anti-depressants that are either OTC or can be ordered from …[View]
19921519How do i quit facebook? I got on there to try to get a gf or get friends, neither worked, but i am g…[View]
19922118Having trouble hitting the gym...: I stay up late usually 3-4 am cus can't sleep then sleep 12 …[View]
19921976discord: help i think i fell in love with someone on discord![View]
19920883How do I rip a youtube video to post on /f/?[View]
19922113I talked a girl at my uni and right before i headed out i said maybe we should talk again some time …[View]
19920618My sister in law is messing with my nephews head: My nephew is almost 3 years old. His mom is an ext…[View]
19921746What’s the most appropriate way to ask a work colleague out? We rarely work on anything together. We…[View]
19921649How long should you not see your ex after break up: It's only been a week since the break up an…[View]
19921950Halp.: >Be me >Have depression and some anxiety issues as well >Just resolved issue with fr…[View]
19921158Every time when I talk to a guy it’s not necessary mean I wanted to be something to him. Like I some…[View]
19922010How do i go about asking for help with my anxiety? been through counselling before bit stopped and s…[View]
19922033Girls on Tinder, at least in my country, are all super basic and want to find 'a serious relationshi…[View]
19922070For the longest time ive had a big problem with having huge anxiety and not really being able to tal…[View]
19921999If I'm a graduate of a social work degree with a 3.0 GPA, could I get into medical school someh…[View]
19921318Last night I was drunk and entered this crazy expensive strip club in Croacia (currently travelling …[View]
19921421to everyone who makes threads on this board, and everyone who has any problem whatsoever, you can ei…[View]
19921785Okay so I've been watching some Sam Hyde recently and I'm quite confused on his political …[View]
19921954What do i do: Allright so this girl started following me on IG and she has litterly the same interes…[View]
19921965How to improve social skills as a 22 years old raised green (sheltered and unexperienced)[View]
19921957Why does everything keep getting worse?: No matter what happens, in my case, it can always get worse…[View]
19918778I'm sad: Only 8teen but I’ve suicidal thoughts idk what should do >no friends >gay >my…[View]
19921932Being an outsiders to outsiders: Good evening, To begin with, I will try to use as little words as p…[View]
19921782How do I approach a girl I really like. She's really smart and really weird I dont know how to …[View]
19919202Why do most girls dislike bisexual guys?[View]
19921709How to end an online 'friendship' gracefully (so ideally no blocking without an explanation)?[View]
19920967What's a good way to balance spending time on things that are good for my future, with things t…[View]
19918966Copying the same thread on /adv/ but in reverse, what qualities do men look for in women?[View]
19921856The Perfect Girl: Hi, i'm 20 years old and i started like 4 months ago doing Krav maga. At the …[View]
19921102Is it true that chads and chad-lites have most of the sex with women and ugly to average guys rarely…[View]
19921672How to improve credit score: In the UK, what's the best way to improve my credit score? Current…[View]
19921676my girlfriend broke up with me about a month ago and I'm wondering what I can do to get her bac…[View]
19921554Friends with ex gf: So. We broke up with my gf after two years. It has passed 15 day- 1 month since …[View]
19921805Feeling lonely: Hey guys, So, lately, most of my friends have been getting girlfriends (via tinder o…[View]
19921795I'm 23, and not very good with kids, recently, my cousin (who's the son of my aunt which I…[View]
19921738High school teacher: What do y’all think? A teacher I had in high school just added me on instagram.…[View]
19921406Need some suggestions.: Need some new music to add to a playlist that has pretty chill/relaxing vibe…[View]
19919522Why do people get so bored in relationships and always want to cheat?[View]
19916345GIOYC: Get it off your chest. Just DO IT.[View]
19920514How can I get my gf to suck my dick more often?[View]
19921583Found out 2-3 weeks ago that my gf is bulimic Idrk what to do to help, I'd like to urge her to …[View]
19920868Throat feels weird after giving dildo blowjob: It's been a while since I used it, so it was a l…[View]
19920899how do I explain my gf that I'm really REALLY into femdom, when she is a shy vanilla girl and 1…[View]
19921504Lurking /adv/, seeing people talk about their various sex and relationship problems, is enough to ma…[View]
19921542Will Normies think I’m a virgin?: >be me >bisexual >lost virginity yesterday >I just to…[View]
19921454How do you raise energy levels when clinically depressed? I am aware of the basics, proper diet, sle…[View]
19919772>22 >never had a girlfriend or even kissed How rare is this?…[View]
19921634emotions: any advice for a guy and his gf of a year to deal with emotional trauma (not related to th…[View]
19921605If I interviewed for a job on Thursday and I haven't heard back yet, does that mean I didn…[View]
19921223I needed some family advice here...: I don't know what to do... I live and study in a different…[View]
19921492Moving away from life: How would someone who's spent their entire lives with first world amenit…[View]
19921630deciding between jobs: One job kinda of marketing travel to industry shows nice salary hours not bad…[View]
19921579What are some alternatives to suicide when you have no reason to live? I would kill myself but I…[View]
19921608I'm a 28 year old with no degree or white collar experience. I legitimately don't know wha…[View]
19921427You find out your spouse has been sleeping with her creepy stalker because she was blackmailed that,…[View]
19921429How do I go from an 8 to 9, appearance wise? like I know I'm cute but idk it's never reall…[View]
19921500How to break up ?: Context: I've been with current gf for +2 years. We live together. I used to…[View]
19920713How do you move forward in life? I’m constantly overthinking everything and not moving forward.[View]
19921521My hobbies are golfing, running, lifting weights, literature, and I’m learning the German language. …[View]
19921509How do I get my childhood creativity back?[View]
19921273How does one avoid the friendzone? whenever i meet a great girl who i really click with i always end…[View]
19921499How do you guys talk to women/escalate a conversation and ask her out? I literally can't talk t…[View]
19921299Why is it that wanting a girl that's not fat or deformed makes people think your standards are …[View]
19921253Hi, /adv/, I’ve never used this part of the board before and I’m mobile posting, so excuse the rando…[View]
19920365Late bloomer here. Would any of you recommend dating a MILF as a first gf? I am decent looking and t…[View]
19921280I think this girls insane: Went on a date with her. Second date didn't happen. Didn't mess…[View]
19921368Is it realistic to live without a computer and only a phablet smartphone/tablet?: Has anyone done th…[View]
19919999I'm going for a short vacation with my gf and her parents. We'll spend 5 days in a mountai…[View]
19921347How do you decide who is worth spending time on and who isn't? I spent 2 months with a girl, pr…[View]
19921232I am finding it absolutely impossible to communicate with my girlfriend, and I just understood why. …[View]
19920812Anyone have any experience with 3D animating? I'm creating a game and just finished my first ch…[View]
19920737Medical question >inb4 go to the doctor I have been to the doc for constant urination. I got anti…[View]
19921334Is it normal to have days where you're not good at something that you were good at the day befo…[View]
19921055My girlfriend wants to have sex daily, but I only want it a couple times a week at most. What should…[View]
19921297Someone i was briefly friends with has been making new accounts for four years just to keep harassin…[View]
19921033So Im 22, NEET, live with my parents, and 3k in debt. My bank hasn't notified me yet but they w…[View]
19921075sdsd: im sick, ive started believe sounds are dangerous for human beings, soceity is full of sounds,…[View]
19920748Burglary: Gonna get this out of the way asap, don't try to moralize or shame me, I will not rea…[View]
19920925My boyfriend wants to have sex fairly regularly, but I only want it a couple times a week at most. W…[View]
19921204college: Best palce to get laid in Wisconsin madison?[View]
19920904Starting to think my depression is caused by my OCD. Any tips? I don't intend on seeing a medic…[View]
19921162College: Best places to get action in wisconsin madison?[View]
19919120You ever feel alone; like nobody gives a shit about you?[View]
19921180Time management anxiety: I need your help once again. I am preparing for four exams that I have to p…[View]
19920735>>>/x/21317760 I wrote this how do I stop people from asking for nudes[View]
19920266What's wrong with liking pussy?[View]
19920242The PHILOSOPHY OF TINDER: Okay I have a question for you adv; when you get a match on tinder and the…[View]
19920842Should I keep fucking other women?: Me 25M, her 26F. I've been hooking up with this girl for th…[View]
19920834My Weird addition: My name is Anonander Adams, I’m currently a freshman in AVHS in Miniesoda, I don’…[View]
19920492I am going to contact my ex today. It has been almost 5 years since we parted. Never got over it, c…[View]
19920821Teacher assistant: Hi im starting a job as a teaching assistant at a private school with brittish cu…[View]
19920608Has anyone ever, or known any one who has ever, dropped everything to start life over somewhere else…[View]
19921061Is there a way to combat my anxiety without having to take meds/do drugs/drink alcohol? as good as …[View]
19919695ITT: Ask The Opposite Gender Anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see …[View]
19918724Voice Acting: I have a deep voice and like to act. How do i go about with a demo reel? Any advice on…[View]
19920690Advice in Studying: I have 9 days from my college main exams and I haven't done much in my stud…[View]
19920769Desperate: 4chan I need help. I posted on /b but no one gives a fuck on there so I’m hoping someone …[View]
19919379Hey fellas Anyone know how to hack yourself out of a slump? I've just been fasting for a while …[View]
19920847How do you stop being confused? I fucking hate being confused all the time.[View]
19920487What is this? pls help[View]
19919547Where can I fuck?: I'm 23 and live with my parents, but I live in a big expensive city so it is…[View]
19920428How do I express sexual interest in a girl?[View]
19920503Make poop less smelly: Today I woke up late, so I rushed my way to the office. I forgot to poop at h…[View]
19920839I've been trying to come up with some easy, and some difficult, things that I should know or be…[View]
19920728I get anxiety and panic for no good reason, almost 24/7. Just sitting down right now I feel like my …[View]
19919678What do you want for your future? Like where do you want to see yourself? I'm feeling lost and …[View]
19920838What does /adv/ consider their perfect career and what would you advise a thirty year old looking to…[View]
19920657Girl wants long distance relationship.: We've been talking for a while now and have met up a fe…[View]
19920761Anyone know how to get a proxy that makes my ip turkish ?[View]
19920574>reading becomes significantly easier after consuming a hearty mug of coffee and taking a few puf…[View]
19920792weird feelings, someone respond?: hi, I have weird feelings constantly mostly similar to romance at …[View]
19920594So i have spent the last 5 years crotch deep into self improvement and kinda want to do more but got…[View]
19920603Should I even try to move on from my cynophobia? I'm piecing together everything that spurred i…[View]
19920588>gf of 9 months >go out for dinner and drinks for a date night >broken down into tears >…[View]
19919838I think my doctor just fatshamed me. >weird throbbing in arteries lately >decide to actually l…[View]
19920620Like the title says, how do you do it? I realize that every relationship is unique, and that generic…[View]
19919985I have to go without sexual arousal or masturabting for a while. Mostly because its an inconvenience…[View]
19916212What qualities do women look for in men?[View]
19919977What's the best method for making a difficult decision? I'm at a point in my life where I…[View]
19918948Should I try to get a job? Feels like I would be selling my dignity and becoming a buttmonkey.[View]
19919713Why are people on this board so fucking stupid and ask the most retarded questions ever?[View]
19920616I love video games but they’ve made me lazy and get used to the trance. How do I get rid of them in …[View]
19918916Should I just off myself?: I really can't take it anymore. It seems like the point of my life i…[View]
19918926Buying Leftover Pizza: I live in a building with a bunch of other college students. There's a p…[View]
19919654Getting into voice acting: Anyone got into voice acting before? I heard i should get into it because…[View]
19920463i think i'm losing interest and love in my gf. we're together for about 8 months. it'…[View]
19920523So what's wrong with 'entitlement' /r9k/?[View]
19920581Can you actually blame someone for being a proverbial energy vampire or do you always have to take i…[View]
19918677How do I become funnier?: From what I've gathered from the remarks of other people and introspe…[View]
19919382Get back 100% cock hardness?: Other than the obvious 'stop fapping/looking at porn', what are some o…[View]
19920488>be a cop in a major city >not really into anime but be big into horror films and horror comi…[View]
19919456I don't want to cry.: I am going to deal with something in the morning, where I may be yelled a…[View]
19919312Im taking the GRE this Thursday and Im super nervous about it, I dont know where to post about it so…[View]
19919055in a psychotic break/psychosis would i 100% have hallucinations? I already have difficulty telling r…[View]
19918807Am I running out of time?: I feel as if I am running out of time you guys. I am 28 now and I have no…[View]
19920453Hello! Can u give me some books for learn physics like this please? Thank u very much[View]
19915510Too high standards?: I'm a girl. 18. I want to have a boyfriend but my standards are too high: …[View]
19918754Why do I feel like I never know what to say and like I can't connect with others? I used to not…[View]
19919941HELP I am becoming retarded, no memes. I used to be sharp, interested in multiple subjects and well …[View]
19919017I have a date with a qt Latina chick this week and I’m excited. Also I’m a known trump supporter and…[View]
19919647>be me, 18 years old, 7-8/10 guy, socially competent, not afraid of rejection, can easily get a g…[View]
19919435My bully's ex-girlfriend matched me on Tinder: So when I got to college, there was this footbal…[View]
19919287How do I make foreplay interesting? I have sex very rarely (no surprise here) but when I do, i tend …[View]
19920400How do you know if everything's your fault? If nothing but bad shit keeps happening to you, you…[View]
19920281Why do I always think I'm hot shit and super attractive when I'm by myself, but become mee…[View]
19919948Escorts: I'm so fucking lonely. I'm a 6/10 at best but I'm clean, not rude, and I hav…[View]
19920385Pick-up artists first approach tips?: Any pick-up artists who know failsafe first approach tips? I…[View]
19920324Why is this board so pathetic?[View]
19919360So I had several concerned individuals, including my family, suggest I begin going to therapy. I hav…[View]
19918363Everything seems hopeless.: What's even the point anymore? I'm 1/3 through my life and hav…[View]
19920354what's the point of life seriously lost got to mid 20s got job got place's to live had a g…[View]
19920175What should I do with my life?: I have everything, yet I feel like I have nothing. I'm 24, fini…[View]
19919114I keep finding dry cum in my pubic hair. WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO![View]
19919148{Germany} i think i am a nazi.. is it ok?: I feel very bad for it behause i learned all my life that…[View]
19919208Blushing like a bitch: Im a very white male, 18 yrs old. I have pretty decent social skills but I ge…[View]
19920132Would there be any point in telling this guy how I feel?: So, I've somehow developed a crush on…[View]
19918931>gf is sexually frustrated >I try to work on things >she doesn’t see changes >seems to h…[View]
19920247What do you think of tobi lou?: I don't even like autotune but he nails it and also has a great…[View]
19920050What's the best way to find a job in scandinavian countries? Where should I look for? some web…[View]
19919714Is it safe to travel to Russia if you're an American? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQ6DFGPLY…[View]
19920000College starts in a week and I’m already stressed out. I’ve never been this stressed out before. It…[View]
19919467Where do i meet people so I can make some friends?[View]
19920051Is this relationship ending anytime soon?: So i was talking to ex from 8th grade and she is in a rel…[View]
19919658How do I get better at responding to people who bully me, lie to me, emotionally abuse me or are oth…[View]
1992008764 KB Anonymous 08/20/18(Mon)22:17:17 No.9948301▶ Is the whole thing of doing postgrad to become a …[View]
19919460I am on welfare because I'm kind of sick both psychologically and physically. My question is I …[View]
19919621Simple assault: Be me at party get attacked my some drunk walk home few days pass someone reported s…[View]
19919963I'm transferring into University in a few days and I'd rather kill myself than go. I'…[View]
19919959I'm on my first job ever (developer and also helpdesk) which has allowed me to put an end to my…[View]
19919009Potentially abusive emo boyfriend: Girl here in need of insight. My crush is highly critical of othe…[View]
19918773I think my idea of a successful life is warped. My idea of success is becoming super wealthy and suc…[View]
19915999Any tips on telling my roommate's girlfriend to politely fuck off when it comes to the contents…[View]
19919901So I know that knowledge kills creativity, but is it possible to get it back?[View]
19918671Don’t know how to text a girl: I barely even started talking to this girl on Thursday and she seemed…[View]
19919635lets just say, i found a friend's stash of pot. what should i do in this situation? it's l…[View]
19919566I just got rid of a shitty friend he just randomly turned on me one day after 3-4 years of friendshi…[View]
19919931>me, taking a break after work >saw 2 co-workers chit-chatting >don't mind them >an…[View]
19919935/an/ would kill me: Hey /adv/, I don't post here often but something's been bothering me a…[View]
19919960>been with boyfriend 3 years, known each other 9 >stable jobs, good relationship, love him wit…[View]
19919942Being in the wrong corner of life.: In all honesty, have you ever felt that you've been living …[View]
19916537So I just hit my girlfriend...: My girlfriend and I got into a fight about who was going to cook din…[View]
19919929How do I move on from an LDR break up? She's studying and always being busy finishing her last …[View]
19918177Starting japanese classes at uni in a week, getting cold feet desu. Should I just switch to french?[View]
19919705I have this scar on my nose from an accident a few years go. When I first got it it was a deep red c…[View]
19918299How do I like people more? Everytime I interact with them, I’m always focused on myself and I can’t …[View]
19919861I'm deeply disappointed and heartbroken by the people I love I haven't eaten all day but n…[View]
19919064Righteo, you married men and even the divorced ones. What was/is life like with the knot tied? Rece…[View]
19919356Clueless about relationships and sex at 20 years old: I am a kissless virgin, I’ve never been in any…[View]
19918147As a kid i was molested which screwed up my outlook on sex. I think of it as a negative when between…[View]
19919844What does this mean? This only comes up when I try to post in /b[View]
19915367Life sucks, so let's be positive: Leave a comment about something good in your life or somethin…[View]
19919824>Tinder >Match with 8/10 grill >Talk to her. She answers but doesn't really text too m…[View]
19918520You have a fall out with someone, and they tell you to delete all the nudes of them you possess. Wha…[View]
19919516FTM trans here... No guy wants to be with me after they learn about my dick. It’s like they were all…[View]
19919737Do girls really like persistent boys?: First of all, she has to be into you. So there's a girl …[View]
19917178Having serious career anxiety rn, I think I'm destined to be a tendie boy. Please tell me, wha…[View]
19919070How can I not be nervous in this upcoming interview? My life depends on getting this job. If I don…[View]
19918503>be me >kissless virgin >always talk to my friends about not having a girlfriend >I…[View]
19917964I have asthma and the BC wildfire smoke in Canada is causing me to become really, really, really, re…[View]
19918863Jewdify sdk and APIs: Do you need to be a premium (paying) user to be able to play songs through Spo…[View]
19917257Seems like whatever the fuck you do in your life and with your life, people are always going to desp…[View]
19919102How do you lucid dream anons?[View]
19919343I'm a Normie, How do I fix this?[View]
19918544So I met this girl a few months ago and I convinced her to go on a date with me, long story short, i…[View]
19918660How to stop associating adulthood with height?: I always associated height with adulthood and yet he…[View]
19919507I posted about looking for an apartment in craigslist and got this. It's screaming at me that i…[View]
19919156Uterine prolapse fears: Holy shit I just learned your vagina can quite literally fall out of you and…[View]
19919520I found this scab on the back of my arm just now. Did something bite me?[View]
19919232Is Starting Strength a meme routine for beginners?[View]
19919414I think my uncle is a pedophile. What do?: here's the story, my little sister who is 4-5 years …[View]
19919451Is it worth it?: I’ve been on an exchange to Germany where I met a cool girl, we talk every day and …[View]
19919141Probably not the right board for this, but maybe it is who knows. I’m going to greentext to save all…[View]
19919236How to deal with work friends bullshit: So I started a new job about a month ago, big call center wi…[View]
19919270AMPs: Anyone here ever been to an Asian Massage Parlor? I used rubmaps to find one and had a pretty …[View]
19918829>20 years old >never had a crush on anyone or been romantically interested in any specific per…[View]
19919248Would posting nude pics of myself online help boost my confidence and push me towards taking more ri…[View]
19919340How can I go About finding women for friends with benefits type of relationships, I don’t want anyth…[View]
19919352So I have a group of friends that I'm close with. Yet they seem to hang out a lot, and I'm…[View]
19918878Guys, i usually don't seek help from others, i'm 'the fixer', every problem that anyone ha…[View]
19918957Is my neighbor right or just being nosey?: Okay, so whenever I'm outside mowing the lawn, I alw…[View]
19918598Getting your life together: I came up with a guide to use, in getting your life together. You'd…[View]
19919093What do? >Have hard time making friends >Have a lot of people on snapchat and IG >Ask peopl…[View]
19919149I’m 5’3”, bald with an ugly face can I still make it??[View]
19919108A few years ago there was a big misunderstanding between a girl and I. We had flings here and there …[View]
19919106>relatively high confidence on my own >complete lack of confidence in public or among friends …[View]
19918944One of my toes is hurting a little and it's blue. It started with just a little blue on the tip…[View]
19918812So, I just had a divorce, I am down and loanly. I dont know what the next step is but I want to move…[View]
19918508Herpes: Found out I have herpes the other day. Feels bad man. It took a long time to show up too, th…[View]
19917613Scared of new life: To make it short i'm out on my own for the first time in my life at 20 year…[View]
19919168>be me >somewhere on the aromantic (unable to feel romantic love) spectrum >not asexual tho…[View]
19917994Why does life feel so lifeless?: The only time I feel alive is when I drink energy drinks....[View]
19917295I added a random guy on steam yesterday and he was extremely rude and now I am sad. I always get sad…[View]
19918498I’m going to Bootcamp shortly and I have a few things that I need to ask for people who have already…[View]
19918983if i were to kill myself, technically, all my problems would be gone.[View]
19918894How to get out of a toxic relationship: Ive been with my boyfriend for a year and almost everyday he…[View]
19918755Feel like everything I do is wasting time: I have been trying to cut back on the porno and playing v…[View]
19917524Im begging to hate myslef for being short.: I have a attractive face and if i could be over 5'1…[View]
19917825Sometimes I masterbate to other girls than my girlfriend and I feel like shit: Ok so im like 18 and …[View]
19918905How do I start living a real life before its too late ?: I've been staying inside my room alot …[View]
19918982Need help: >be me >have mother who is a terrible parent >live with her in my grandparents …[View]
19918307Ex broke up with me 2 weeks ago, I've decided I'll ask her for a second chance but I don…[View]
19917525I started smoking marijuana around the age of 15, barely. I had some great times with it and would t…[View]
19918756Getting a goth gf that loves me: i have no fucking gf period and im very sad, id take one without bo…[View]
19918765Question for the men on here. Do you ever take creepshots of women you think are hot in public- wait…[View]
19918737Hey guys. Need some really strong advice. About 2 years ago I met this girl and now she is 8 months …[View]
19916758How do I build thicker skin? >inb4 hur dur $oy B-oi I'm allergic to $oy so no >:( I…[View]
19917376how do I better control my urges: I feel like I'm slowly accepting the monster I am. which I gu…[View]
19918952My grandmother is very young, in her 50s but she's crippled by many diseases yet still has an a…[View]
19918933Distrust: (First thread pls forgive) I’m basically a beta male and I think my distrust in people has…[View]
19918943How do you get over a crush?: I have a severe crush on my coworker, but she's flirting with a m…[View]
19917870How can I mimic this facial expression? I feel like I have such a baby face in comparison.[View]
19918679>woke up to the lights of three police cruisers and the sheriff's car surrounding a truck pa…[View]
19918595I turned 30 yesterday and I am going back to school this year for an electronics engineering technol…[View]
19918509What are your best “first date tips” if you don't know the person very well?[View]
19918324I think people are out to get me/ruin my life. What do I do?[View]
19918721About a month ago I told my gf I cheated on her in the first month of us dating. It wasn't full…[View]
19918864Choose my life path!: Managed to fuck up my A levels, parents have given up on me generally achievin…[View]
19917686Tinder help: Please describe the times you were with tinder. I hope to be able to pick up some tips…[View]
19918828[clickbaity title]: I’m on day 19 of nofap. When will I be able to see changes? It hasn’t been hard …[View]
19918779Henlo I an your friendly neighbourhood male and i am looking for a FEMALE to mate with I am notgett …[View]
19917244Horror gf: What's the best way to meet girls who love horror? It's been getting a bit bett…[View]
19918070Emotionally unstable, borderline personality.: Been having a problem lately, going girl to girl, una…[View]
19918542Over the years I've developed some pretty debilitating anxiety. I knew it was out of control wh…[View]
19918008>born in cold shitty small town >it’s so small I have to drive all day just to hang out with …[View]
19918115>needs to read 40~ pages for a class >keeps getting distracted any advice?…[View]
19918153can I move with $2,000? What do I really need to pay for every month? I just want to get the fuck ou…[View]
19918553Hey /adv/, here listen. Before i go any further i must explain why. Ive done some pretty big unforgi…[View]
19918318>be good looking >have a well paying job >be smart and funny >spent entire adult life wo…[View]
19918702How do I cope with verbal abuse? Even when it's not happening it sucks. To answer questions th…[View]
19917837If I were to write 'Girls don't like me' 100 times on a piece of paper, would that finally kill…[View]
19918049Relationship in a rough spot. Advice?: I'm going to just be open about my failts as a man: A kn…[View]
19917457i cant get over the girl that used me as her stupid rebound i cant stop obsessing about the fact the…[View]
19917444How would life be if i just stayed alone without chasing any girls ?[View]
19918539How do I grow up and be a man? I’m 23 and still a boy.[View]
19918643I got invited to drinks with an old coworker and her friend who is new to my city, in the guise of i…[View]
19918484Is it normal for me to think the back of my head looks really weird? I think I look fine from the fr…[View]
19918516Should I ever tell a prospective employer about family issues should it come up during an interview?[View]
19918139For shopping cart etiquette, if you have two people, can you send someone to stand in for you in lin…[View]
19918572Splinter Skill Autism: Hello friends, I think I may have autism, but I think I can manage it now tha…[View]
19918576Starting community college Tuesday. How do I go about making new friends without coming off as a ret…[View]
19918076Sexual frustration: How do you deal with severe sexual frustration? >21 y/o guy >Broke up with…[View]
19918594This other video is about how to use the power of Teasing to make a conversation with a woman exciti…[View]
19918559How to be a man at 180 cm and 70kg?: I literally feel like a kid and I'm 23 what the fuck is li…[View]
19918491Break-up with my first gf 2 weeks ago. She was almost the perfect duo for me but moved to a new city…[View]
19918497Self Discipline: How the fuck do I it bros? I'm not sure if I should've made this thread h…[View]
19918287Basically I've been feeling a bit like my marriage is falling apart on and off for a year, but …[View]
19917193What do you do if you can't study the career you want?: I really like learning Russian, and it …[View]
19916999bipolar disorder: does anybody here have a significant other with diagnosed bipolar disorder? my gf …[View]
19917753How do i ask someone out if i'm not a person who gets out much, don't drink, dance or shit…[View]
19918328How do I change my mindset and get disciplined?: Sometimes I get really motivated to change some thi…[View]
19917930Anger management?: How do you deal with anger management, /adv/. I feel like I’m going insane becaus…[View]
19916497This is a quesiton directed towards older anons and not incels pls Why is the sexual market so fucke…[View]
19918460How many of you all have lied on your resume? I'm thinking about lying on my resume about havi…[View]
19918394How do I start speaking to a girl again that I haven’t spoken to in 6 years?[View]
19916701I wish I was born Japanese or German. At least I could be proud of my ancestry and the position it h…[View]
19917110I have anxiety at almost all times. Tightness in my chest, fear, sinking feeling in stomach, heavy …[View]
19918221Years ago my ex cheated on me with my cousin. I've known about it for about 3 years now (learni…[View]
19918244I'm trying to improve myself, and I'm using disassociation to cope with the lack of return…[View]
19918264How to turn guy friend into bf? Even if I know he's not into me right now?[View]
19916869I put pic related onto various clothes, pour water pm them and now those clothes have red mark on th…[View]
19917458Should I stay or should I go?: Long story short corporate wants to fire me due to lack of sales (lon…[View]
19918375IQ test for a very important job, did not prepare adequately. Help: So tuesday afternoon is the big …[View]
19916633> friends and I getting ready for bonfire party > this nice and attractive girl one of my frie…[View]
19918386what the fuck do i wear on a first date: i just got out of a long term relationship and haven't…[View]
19918183Christian gf: Hey lads, last january I switched from a 'non-denominational' prot church to a greek o…[View]
19918313Asking for a raise: Realistically, about how much am I worth to my company? I can't tell whethe…[View]
19915975Any hair experts here?: 23/M. Absolutely no bald people in my family. I grew my hair out for a year …[View]
19917454How do i find out what my strengths and weaknesses are?[View]
19918310Gayfag here inb4 homophobe comments, don't care. So my boyfriend and I don't get to see ea…[View]
19918331therapist told me i was lying about being depressed and now im depressed :(: this feels like shit…[View]
19917099How do you break up with someone because they got too fat without telling them the reason is because…[View]
19917764Should I avoid sleeping with an 18 year old at 24? explain your answer.[View]
19917654I wish i was gay so i don't have to deal with women: WTF is wrong with women it pisses me off, …[View]
19917216Is vaping CBD oil a semi-safe way to treat anxiety? I take Prozac daily and Atavan for big attacks. …[View]
19917779>The only real reason In life Is to procreate and have family >Everything other than that Is j…[View]
19916939I've been with my boyfriend for almost 6 years, we were going to have sex last night but every …[View]
19918020Getting over anxiety/paranoia/fear...?: Hi, I've been diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder an…[View]
19918205Stigma against certain serial killers: A lot of serial killers, motivated against groups like prosti…[View]
19918227Hey /adv/, recommend me some good books about english grammar and rules please.[View]
19916503Is this too skinny?: This isn't me, but I'm naturally this thin without taking any measure…[View]
19917399>watching youtube vids of sexual confessions from girls >girls who have been in legitimate gan…[View]
19916987Doctor put me on Atavan for anxiety (it's like Xanax). She said if I take it no more than 2-3 t…[View]
19917861Can't cum during sex: I'm a man, I happen to be well endowed according to every woman I…[View]
19918171>People tell me i look grumpy and sad and like i want everyone to fuck off even though it's …[View]
19914518ITT: Ask The Opposite Gender Anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see …[View]
19918056what is the hottest thing your gf can do for you[View]
19917736VPNs: So I want to avoid government snooping so thinking of getting a VPN. I live in a Five Eyes cou…[View]
19918157Ex broke up with me 2 weeks ago, I've decided I'll ask her for a second chance but I don…[View]
19918108Dopamine Deficiency: Hello After consulting multiple doctors, I just learned today that I pretty muc…[View]
19917928>be me >live a traditional middle-class childhood >hard-working parents >my sibling and …[View]
19918122>some fresh, fairly attractive high school grad, who's not even 18 yet, dating a mildly over…[View]
19917218How can you keep a girl interested only through text? I mean examples of flirting or general tips. I…[View]
19918102Will alcohol make my anger and upset go away?[View]
19917818was i in the wrong?: >out at bar >trying to get with this girl >things going well >go to…[View]
19917395Going to a party next weekend and a girl going there really wants to fuck me. I want to go to this p…[View]
19918114How much sex should you have in a relationship?: So I've been together with my current (and als…[View]
19918092How long?: >told by woman who works in company I volunteer for that they are interested in applic…[View]
19918045Text responses: I’m wondering, how long is too long to not respond to your significant others text. …[View]
19916940If I ask a girl out and she gives me excuses, doesn't reschedule but still initiates conversati…[View]
19917997Hey /adv/ I am attempting to reach full hero status, but have failed a total of 3 times. I can’t see…[View]
19917699I've done a terrible thing to the only girl I've ever been in love with. I posted her phot…[View]
19917729Boyfriend was molested when he was younger: My boyfriend confided to me that his sister (8 or 9 at t…[View]
19917950Would telling my coworkers that I play texas hold em leave a bad first impression? I'm starting…[View]
19918003How do you deal with people who complain about how 'depressed' they are. It's like their only p…[View]
19917461Finances in Relationship: Hey /adv/, I don't really know why I'm asking but it's been…[View]
19916137Is holding down a job hard? I've never had a legal job and I'm pretty scared to be honest[View]
19917831What to do with my older brother?: Older brother is 30. >lives at home with mother and father …[View]
19917006Would it be a bad idea to put anime posters up in my room. I never had posters up at home because my…[View]
19917755Why are nerds so judgemental of everyone else?: I say this as a nerd myself with nerd friends. I…[View]
19917885How to show affection to a self-conscious gf: My girlfriend is very self-conscious in how she looks …[View]
19917765Should I go back to playing that online game?: I had played ESO since 2016 and had a 6 month break s…[View]
19917840I tried to post on 4Chan on my phone and it said I've been permanently banned for posting cp. I…[View]
19917851My last relationship showed me that i'm terrible in them. Could i go the rest of my life withou…[View]
19916961Why is it that I can only get girls when I truly believe in myself? I’m bipolar and have manic and d…[View]
19917530Parties: I'm 18 and I've been starting to go out to parties with friends and how do I tell…[View]
19917732>having sex with girl >fucking her a bunch >feel her pussy swell up on the inside >feels…[View]
19916709my oldest nephew is 4 and my other nephew and nieces are 2. at what age will they start to realise I…[View]
19917561Wart Removal: Hey /adv/, I’ve had these too warts for a couple months and at first I tried to cut it…[View]
19917784Should I stay in a relationship with my girlfriend in china?, I love her and think she loves me too.…[View]
19917364How do I into joy without drinking? It's crazy. 4-5 shots unlocks this laughter I just haven…[View]
19917734I have a notation on my college transcript that says I was suspended for two years due to a policy v…[View]
19917684Herpes: My gf has herpes, she hasn't had an outbreak in months. We fucked the other night and s…[View]
19917727I took two puffs of CBD, will I fail clearance?: Yesturday I was at a party and took two puffs from …[View]
19917707Want to do more than time can handle: For about a year and a half - exactly how long since I moved t…[View]
19917137Sex/Masturbation kill me: I realized recently that sex and masturbation make me extremely depressed.…[View]
19917701How do I learn sign language.[View]
19916624Am I sterile?: I just found out that I have a Varicocele (left side of scrotum, hard, kinda malleabl…[View]
19917615What should i study?: https://strawpoll.com/r8s4d1ck[View]
19917652Male anon here should i include a bio on my tinder the girls dont seem to bother?: Im also a UK anon…[View]
19915277Tips on making cuddling with my gf more enjoyable?[View]
19917624So, I think I've gotten into a relationship with a slightly autistic girl. Or I guess a girl wh…[View]
19916239Hi guys Does anyone have any idea how to open multiple Facebook account on one computer? I already…[View]
19917489I'm a 21 year old male and I stand at 5 ft 8. My brother is 6 ft 1, my dad 6 ft and my mum 5 ft…[View]
19916177How would it make you feel if your wife told you that she once slept with someone for money as a tee…[View]
19916377Is this fine? Something clamped down on my finger at work and this is how its been after a full week…[View]
19917456How do i cut short on meat? i rely on meat too much in my life and i feel guilty for the animals whe…[View]
19916521Are there any safe methods for preventing pubic hair from growing again? It bugs me how big it gets.…[View]
19916721Anger issue: Last night I woke up in the middle of the night with the sound of what seemed to be my …[View]
19916305>Been with gf for two years, I'm 23, she's 22 >People keep asking when I'm gonn…[View]
19917021Podcasts: Which board can we talk about podcasts? I looked through /TV/ but saw nothing there. Wasn…[View]
19917442I work as a bricklayer and all of my friends are students or are in jobs like finance, business ect,…[View]
1991599733 years old and in a dead career. Want to change careers and start over. I want to get back into my…[View]
19916218Anon please give me direction: Long story short, I've been kind of depressed recently, well, n…[View]
19917464i´m 19. I´m afraid of death. Every weekend i need to take a 4 hours trip from the city that my colle…[View]
19917450I just got a job as a mail deliverer in a large office building. I need some comfortable shoes as I …[View]
19914659What should I do?: During my internship, I have an Asian supervisor who is in her early 40's. S…[View]
19915839Basically... >be me >22yo uggo lossless virgin NEET >start first job >nearly minimum wag…[View]
19917434Tried opening a door: >turn key once, locked. >Twice, locked >Ram the door a couple of time…[View]
19916067/adv/ help. My gf and I recently broke up. We've had a habit of doing this over the years latel…[View]
19917409There is this guy I work with but rarely talk, we started to be closer due to work involvement. When…[View]
19917418I’ve a hard decision to make: https://strawpoll.com/1yc285x6 I leave it to chance[View]
19916167The wagecuck experience: Some observations I made during my work at a coffee place. I'm a STEM …[View]
19914970Feeling of Emptiness in stomach after 1 date: /adv/ regular here. Never thought I'd need any he…[View]
19916785He's too beautiful to be eaten by maggots and rott. He was only 8 he should have lived much muc…[View]
19917394Gf troubles :( please help: Away for about a month Text her everyday FaceTime/call every night With …[View]
19916727How do I escape the hell that is involuntary dateless virginity?[View]
19917192How do I quit freaking out and ending new relationships? Whenever a girl seems to like me for someth…[View]
19917061Dating an older woman?: Help me out /adv/. I've found this girl and we're totally head ov…[View]
19917286My friends are losers: 21 years old and still talking to the same group of guys that I've been …[View]
19915030Why women are so close?: They dress together and borrow each other’s clothes. Bathe and shower toget…[View]
19914367To older guys: how was life at 19 compared to now? I'm pretty much considering ending it, it fe…[View]
19917161I'm having a moral dilemma /adv/. So, long story short, by being a total pothead fuckup I dragg…[View]
19916748Someone on social media leaves a comment on my art saying 'love this' how do I respond? I usually ju…[View]
19916949I fucked my roommate's soon-to-be-ex: So my two friends have been dating for awhile, and living…[View]
19917205>manlet with average looks >never have anything to say around groups of people 'you're so…[View]
19917265hello adv i dont know if this is the best place to post but i am at my wits end. i am a 24 year old …[View]
19917262A Last Hurrah With A Kinky Girl: I've been seeing this girl who lives close by about every week…[View]
19917260How do I make friends with people in their 30s and 40s, if I'm in my early 20s myself?[View]
19916950I am a guy. I am not ugly, nor really hot. I think I am a 6.5/10. Maybe even something more than tha…[View]
19917248often when i think of supremely stupid shit i've done over the years, i would wince and flinch,…[View]
19915920Kind eyes: What the fuck? >be me >approach hot girls at bar >omg you have such kind eyes …[View]
19917231how do i tell if i'm becoming crazy/weirdo in a legit way i think most people at work/know me s…[View]
19917222Where do i start the process of getting a patent?: How do I get a patent on my own? I came up with a…[View]
19914668How long of abstaining from porn does it take to start feeling attracted to real girls? It's li…[View]
19916860When to say 'I love you'?: Is there any tips about this? What do women think?[View]
199151901 hour ago, I came back from the store, parked in my driveway, and walked to the front door of my ho…[View]
19917101How do I get over horrible social anxiety and self loathing? Even going out to go shopping can make …[View]
19916359/adv/ what makes you get up in the morning? I know it is a bit of a silly question, but it would be …[View]
19915507Techniques on stopping watching porn for my relationship?[View]
19916064Job market ?¿?¿?: So i have an option to go to school, but I wanna go into trade for a while. What i…[View]
19917045Anyone have any experience on being in love with two people at the same time? Did you somehow get ov…[View]
19915967>be femanon >get beat up regularly by bf but sex is too good to pass up What do…[View]
19916666I just shoved a toothbrush up my ass. Felt nice. Can I use toothpaste as lube? Please advise.[View]
19916485Going into a Relationship with a Girl You know is a slut?: Hey i Love a Girl that is known for being…[View]
19916593How do you change your 'type'?: Ok so my problem is that my type is a guy who is very nerdy, has aut…[View]
19917056I constantly lowkey selfharm. I‘m a heavy skin picker since decades and at this point it‘s automati…[View]
19915297this is something I've noticed with girls. They all have weird stories of hooking up with guys …[View]
19916910Morality and manipulation: Would you use every trick you know about manipulation, scarcity theory an…[View]
19916905Is it normal wanting to be by yourself alone? I recently broke with my gf (about a month ago) and to…[View]
19915978Judaism: Should I convert? I’ve never considered my self an atheist, but I never practiced my Christ…[View]
19916979Where can I find nice women?: I am starting to question if a true nice women even exists. Last night…[View]
19916463I constantly shift from hating myself to being lukewarm about myself to thinking I am great and can …[View]
19915662Hey /adv/ do I need homeowners insurance if I buy an apartment? I am looking to buy in Melbourne, Au…[View]
19911399How to ensure your security while doing something illegal but not immoral?: 'One has a moral respons…[View]
19916813Is it still worth it to buy a new 2ds xl? I bought an o3ds back in 2016 and used it a lot. I'm …[View]
19915671>brother and his piece of shit friend try to scam money of me and bring me down as much as they c…[View]
19916731Poorfag pajeet here. Got duped of 21k inr while buying an i5-8600K from Amazon India this 11th Augus…[View]
19914452>Workout and look buff >Post pic on Tinder >Only a couple of matches and some chats >Pos…[View]
19916582>Be me 22 >Last week went to a bar >Talk to chick >Turns out shes 33 >We hang out and…[View]
19916636I have an old coworker that I always talked with when we still worked together and that I still text…[View]
19916138I need stories of succesful ”career” changes. My present occupation would pay the bills, but it seem…[View]
19916894xcxcv: I know someone I know who a contact ban, he was forbidden to cantact a girl for 30 days for t…[View]
19916873Is fapping to young anime girls a sign of mental problems?[View]
19916274Where do you buy weed, if you have no connections and you live in a country where it is illegal?[View]
19915812Male Hairstyles for a megamind-tier forehead: Pic related[View]
19916481I hate almost all normies social intereations like going outvtl drink andeet new people and talk abo…[View]
19913818How do i meet girls here in germany? I'm looking for a gf I'm a foreigner here from south …[View]
19915889What ways can I begin to make passive income? I'm a teenage sophomore in college, with not much…[View]
19913210Dating: Smart vs. Regular Women: You are top tier male. Which of the following do you choose: 1. Sma…[View]
19916446Overdosing...: Don't know whether this belongs in work-safe requests or somewhere else, so, apo…[View]
19914652Is this girl into me?: The thing is that we don't talk at all. Not via social media, not from t…[View]
19916674sometimes when i have some discussion with other people i feel like i have some concepts to say but …[View]
19915587Girlfriend's vagina too small: I can't fit my dick into her very far without hurting her. …[View]
19915340Am I hurting myself by rejecting all social events?[View]
19916322The girl i like just blocked me on facebook: Yea, i've been heavily crushing over this girl for…[View]
19916659Should I try to have my teeth straightened if I already have gingivitis? My front teeth are pointed …[View]
19916618Dream interpretation: Hello everyone! Usually just a lurker here, but I'd like to hear your opi…[View]
19916519Hey /adv/ i need some help. Im struggling with social anxiety, and currently im working at a constr…[View]
19915869Where is the best place for hooker in Eurasia ? I'm 23, i earn 1200€ by month, still live at pa…[View]
19915550What's the quickest and easiest way to kill myself?: Asking for a friend.[View]
19915616Not Good Enough for BF: I am a 22 y/o female (It's relevant to the topic) and I genuinely don…[View]
19914781How can I continue to use marijuana everyday without it sucking the joy out of life?[View]
19916257Dying from sex.: Should I hold back when I have sex? Sometimes I feel that with the speed I am going…[View]
19916441Ok so I work at a TJ Maxx (Clothing Retail Store) I like to dress up in vest and dress pants and st…[View]
19916436When is it okay to express jealousy? I'm trying to draw away from my best friend because she is…[View]
19914988I don’t want to stay alone anymore: I’m feeling too lonely and empty lately. I’m usually a person wh…[View]
19916323>apply for many upon many jobs >get 2 interviews >denied I even applied for a charity for v…[View]
19914334How do I get better memory? Mine is always absolute shit.[View]
19914298I've been trough a rough event and I managed to get over it by self reflection, and more import…[View]
19916352How can my life be more like this video? any advice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XwHYakW450[View]
19915093Can I get any white collar/office job without a degree? Should I lie about it and say I have an asso…[View]
19904823Having a small dick sucks Am I I going to be alone forever[View]
19916236I fucking hate my personality when I get closer to people in terms of being friends, it's loud …[View]
19915358What do i do if i am sexually invisible to women?[View]
19915867Live for God.: Why not take the golden pill and become a Christian anon? We´ve been around for 2000 …[View]
19914905I am 23, five foot six, and look 16. Advice on how not to blow my brains out? It has really hit me j…[View]
19915716Any thoughts on what i should say? She isn't responding to my messages and I have no idea why.[View]
19916335Hello. I don't know how to advance my life. I am 20 years young, and I am completely unsure of …[View]
19913032What is the appeal of casual sex/one-night stands?[View]
19916178>girl I knew years back posted a couple of things about suicide tonight in text posts on Instagra…[View]
19916101How do I stop fucking up[View]
19914572Masturbating to cartoons a Sin?: It's clear that lusting after RL people isn't cool, somet…[View]
19916056Babysitting Drunk Aquaintances: I delayed a stubborn drunk girl from driving home for about an hour …[View]
19915547Circumcision grief: hi /adv/. I just did a bunch of research and discovered that circumcision is wro…[View]
19916187Why should I be in relationships with others? I'm always the one to iniate conversation and te…[View]
19916075Hey /adv/ I really need some outsider perspective, and advice, so i really hope you're able to …[View]
19915944Can't masturbate properly?: So for pretty much all of my life, I've masturbated strictly i…[View]
19916000Okay guys >Hang out with group of girls >One of them thinks I'm cute and is fighting wit…[View]
19914837How to stop being lesbian? All the other girls who like girls are Tumblr shits and I hate it. I…[View]
19916139>be in early 20's >Train upper body religiously with pull ups and bicep curling a barbell…[View]
19915227can I have sex with phimosis[View]
19916083Insecurities and anxiety: I'm very insecure about my virginity. I'm almost 20 and still a …[View]
19916093Is my life solvable?: I am 25yo man living in a small town with my parents. I have a car, a full-tim…[View]
19916013Im making mead for the first time but was pitched an idea after starting the primary to make it into…[View]
19914692I overthink fucking everything. What the fuck do I do?[View]
19914524I'm 20 years old living with parents with 10k in the bank. No college education working a dead …[View]
19915914Not sure where to post this so maybe /adv/ might help. So I'm browsing okcupid and I'm not…[View]
19915529I decided to drop out of a programming apprenticeship because I was lazy and needed to study more. I…[View]
19916022I’m MTF trans girl, can I refer myself as a femanon?[View]
19915385Therapy Help?: I went to see a therapist for the first time the other day and it did not go well. Sh…[View]
19915855What can I do to stop myself when I'm feeling self-destructive and sad? I'm trying to put …[View]
19914640Everyone thinks I’m weird and I feel weird. What do I do about that?[View]
19915383Is it possible for a 19 yo guy who has never went to college/uni to get scholarships ? I'm afra…[View]
19915866My girlfriend is having a miscarriage. How or what can I do to help her? She’s in so much pain. She’…[View]
19915824Sexual Confusion: What to do when you feel completely straight, have only had sex with women, find g…[View]
19915251Drugs and psychedelics: Is microdosing (20 ug) safe if you have psychosis? My friend has pretty bad …[View]
19915733no long term goals?: As the topic says I have no long term goals. I'm done with college, I got …[View]
19915342Do any of you know how long it takes for steam support to get back to you to reset your account? My …[View]
19911462How do I emotionally cope with the fact that I was born poor and I will die poor no matter how hard …[View]
19915852being a neurotic, autistic, POS: >be an agoraphobic autistic retard >not chris-chan levels of …[View]
19915479I’ve been in love with my close friend since the minute I saw her. We have the same interests, wants…[View]
19911888>starting third year of community college >in second semester of chemistry degree >mum…[View]
19915843>be me >18, male, USA >literally smoked weed every day this summer >with friends, of who…[View]
19915697Telling my folks that god not real: I was raised in a christian family but am now atheist. I tried t…[View]
19914843Testosterone Pills: Any experience with this? I've been considering this since falling testoste…[View]
19913247I am a NEET. How can I get a functional trad christian family? Please, help me out.[View]
19915779how do i talk to people who are depressed? how do i talk someone out of doing something drastic? how…[View]
19915694Here‘s some advice for y‘all for a foolprove way of getting laid/a gf/bf. Be 100% understanding and…[View]
19915487How do I get well paying remote jobs?: I can do copywriting, proofreading, and transcribing, but wha…[View]
19915618How do I get my sisters out of my father's custody if he and his family are verbally abusing th…[View]
19915692I share posts about relationships bcuz I've observed many others' relationships and I want…[View]
19914999Anyone out there willing to talk to a down-in-the-dumps Anon? I recently came back from a six-month …[View]
19914364Sup /adv/ Pretty sure I need to break up with my girlfriend Not 100% sure, i'm scared of regret…[View]
19915668How do I live with someone who's bipolar?[View]
19914656Sensitive Roommate: I'm about to kick my roommate out and replace him with another person. He d…[View]
19914983Discord friends: So I just want advice on a situation. I had been on a discord for awhile that was m…[View]
19915500Anyone here done photography/mass communications work for the US Air Force? Alternately, has anyone …[View]
19908502Late bloomer syndrome: How do I stop crushing on 18/19 year old girls all the time? I'm 31 but …[View]
19915470What can I do with history that's not teaching?: People always say to do what you love and not …[View]
19915305How do I make enough money to live on my own?: I can't fucking stand my family. I can't st…[View]
19915539Do girls get pissed off if you don't reply to their messages instantly? Girl reply within secon…[View]
19914063What do I want to be: Hello In need of some career advice here So I really like machines, and I like…[View]
19914829>21 >Chilling with halfbrothers aged 8 and 12 >Youngest one randomly says 'Anon, we would …[View]
19915379bed wetting: guys i just wet my bed for the second time in three months. is this normal? (probably n…[View]
19915467if i fap and finish on my stomach can i avoid having to dispose of the mess by rubbing it into my sk…[View]
19914369Meditation: How to meditate longer? Whenever I meditate, I can't do it for more than five minu…[View]
19914481Would it be fucked up to find your partner cheating on you, forgive them, and then cheat on them and…[View]
19914746I got a degree in computer science and I'm 50,000$ in debt and I can't get a single job. W…[View]
19914840Just asked the girl I liked for 10 years: Girl I have liked (and pretty sure she liked me back) for …[View]
19912076How to become a more interesting person?: Every social interaction ever. I usually just smile and no…[View]
19915083Adderall online: Any advice on a website that I can get adderall online? I’ve not been prescribed bu…[View]
19915329So most of my problems are being fixed but I still have 1, I compulsively masturbate. How do i fix t…[View]
19914323Advices: Should I study biology at college ? Honestly I prefer physics but idk it seems that there a…[View]
19915414I hit my balls on a bicycle seat and have been having pain in my right testicle throughout the day. …[View]
19915317Cavity advice: I've got this cavity on the side of a molar that's scraping at the side of …[View]
19915444Is it normal wanting to be by yourself alone? I recently broke with my gf (about a month ago) and to…[View]
19915372Starting Master's Degree at 25: Hi Anons How is everyone doing tonight? I am having a bit of a …[View]
19915433Is it unhealthy to save images and make edits of my good friend that i’m in love with. I’m not editi…[View]
19915443Degree Advice: Hey guys, I'm doing my first year at university at the moment and it's goin…[View]
19915203Gf could be dom but scared to ask: My girl likes that femdom stuff, but im having so much trouble sh…[View]
19913785I've never been catcalled or harassed by a guy even once in my life, I feel ugly: Is something …[View]
19911118Why is it so hard to get laid?[View]
19914555$8 for a liter of 40% ABV vodka is a good deal right?[View]
19915376Hey guys need some advice, there's a job that I really want and they like me but i've been…[View]
19912990What are some signs that a guy friend likes me more than just as a friend?: >tfw I just met him r…[View]
19910011how do I learn how to carry a conversation (for longer than 10 seconds). I have zero friends, never …[View]
19914455Curvy penis: I can fully retract my foreskin without issues, I can expose the head and all, but ther…[View]
19915310So I need a job and am currently in search of one. But when someone I know offers to help me get one…[View]
19914807How do I get laid?: You guys keep saying that it's easy to get laid, but you never actually exp…[View]
19915276Theres this girl in 2 of my classes that I really like. Im pretty young for a freshman and she is a …[View]
19913631Should I continue with my business major or follow my passion for history?[View]
19915204Should I go out tonight? I have work the next day at 11 but I'm just using that as an excuse. I…[View]
19914788>have social anxiety, possibly autism >literally a mute >try improv classes to try and redu…[View]
19915022I want to get USA nationality, how probably is to get caught if I marry a citizen from there? Is it …[View]
19915033How to make an attractive thread that will get a lot of replies on /adv/?: I need attention to live,…[View]
19915228I have problem with getting things done. I have been like this past 5 years. I wanted to spend past …[View]
19913543Please Assist ASAP: >be 20 >saving for a house >living from home, bills amount to about $40…[View]
19915127I’m not truly sure where this question would go. But I’m going to start here Basically I found mysel…[View]
19915071I know how to be social, friendly, and warm in public, but it only feels like I'm pretending to…[View]
19915147Wtf is this? How am i suppose to eat it?[View]
19914876Met a cutie girl through online dating, but she's gone overseas (her home country) for the next…[View]
19913762Kpop destroying my relationship: Recently introduced my gf to kpop. Oh boy what a fucking stupid ide…[View]
19914360Should I be worried: Hi, so I started dating a girl a few weeks back and things were going pretty we…[View]
19913772Is a six inch dick that is kinda thick good enough? Are there any ways to make it bigger like jelkin…[View]
19915002Are most of them like this?: Ok just HOW MANY of DOUCHEY, HOT-HEADED GUYS are actually sweet boys on…[View]
19914727>in a healthy, sexual relationship with girl >usually never watch porn but still get urge to …[View]
19914676So there’s this really shady pet store near my house who’s animals have subpar care and are constant…[View]
19914810What does it mean to be a good person?[View]
19914998HELP ME PLEASE: I have a prepuce redundant and I don't feel like having a circumcision, what ot…[View]
19913449How to move out?: I'm moving out soon to Las Vegas, Nevada for work. I'll likely be making…[View]
19913959girl on bumble invited me to a threesome. she wants to do a man-woman-man what can I expect of this?…[View]
19914889What's the best major to pair CS with?: I like astronomy but have never taken physics. I like e…[View]
19913912Love: Femanon here. Okay, so I think I might be in love with my childhood friend, but I am not sure…[View]
19914891So I have a pretty toxic family and really need to get away. My life has been spinning out of contro…[View]
19914803how to stop giving a shit: I'm concerned for the well-being of someone who has done nothing but…[View]
19914102Possible GF ALERT: >First day of school >Teacher puts us in pairs >get to talk to non-degen…[View]
19912988So I failed a job interview, and some guy is giving me advice. He's suggesting that I put more …[View]
19914823My sister is dating a chechen: He doent look religious at all he came to germany 3 years ago and is …[View]
19914906In-browser VM?: I’ve been using a service called rabb.it to pirate movies, since it functions as a s…[View]
19911402Sad and long. >femanon >15 year old son, with his dad 17 years now >first several years wi…[View]
19914896Reoccurring dreams: So I’m not sure how but I was in a room. There was a picture on the wall of the …[View]
19914725I am always percieved as a sad person: I dont have a problem with who or how I am, but I noticed rec…[View]
19914775I just bit my arm and i felt my inner meats being bit, literally in the verge of shitting myself. Wh…[View]
19911554GIOYC: Last one died. Time for another round of autism[View]
19911562STEM degree: are there any degrees in this field where the jobs are fun and not just sitting at your…[View]
19914773This is for the brothers, if you had a sister and she wound up in a troubling situation, if she was …[View]
19911857My sister licked my face and grabbed my balls: I pushed her off and ran out of the house. She chased…[View]
19914648Kill a bad fetish // Guide to Aversion Therapy: Before I even hit puberty, fat/obese/weight gaining …[View]
19914704Is it possible to change your personality type so you could be more type A?[View]
19914684How do I get a girlfriend without online dating? I'm so sick of using this shallow shit and eve…[View]
19914688Any Ausfags out there on DSP with centerlink? Or know about their 20 point requirement table.[View]
19913748What's going to bars like? I'm so excited to try it. I'm a 19 y/o American so I can…[View]
19914544Why is this site so stupid, after a year of browsing this site everyone on here Larps like hell and …[View]
19913356How to start conversations on Tinder and similar apps? 'Hi, how are you?' is probably too lame and u…[View]
19914631How do I figure out what I wanna do with my life? Are career aptitude tests accurate and worth takin…[View]
19914622I was cuddling with a guy I’ve been seeing for a while watching Moana and just kinda asked him “what…[View]
19914358I am lost: Good morning to all, I am a French student. September 3rd is coming soon, but I haven…[View]
19914498How do i get a girl in my class to let me sniff her pusi[View]
19914490Love/Romance: Okay, so I think I might be in love with my childhood friend, but I am not sure. Let…[View]
19914610YOU MADE A WARM NOTHING I remember playing a game on the computer in the library when I was young. I…[View]
19914530Craving social interaction but too self centered to thrive?: Lately I've been wishing that my f…[View]
19914113Help please I'm a 21 year old graduating senior with a economics degree and a 3.94 GPA. I have …[View]
19913727How do you know if you are an alcoholic? I'm 24 and in my last year of college. I currently dri…[View]
19914461What are some good signs a coworker who is a guy that's very guarded and quiet or awkward fanci…[View]
19914425Breaking depression/long days: What could i possibly do to bring some excitement in my life that doe…[View]
19911716I posted here but gone for work and come back to my thread being archived. So I wanna know some insi…[View]
19914352How can I be a better lay?: Yo I'm a 24 year old guy and my sexual encounters range from okayis…[View]
19910129Is it over? Am I a baldcel?[View]
19914522Quick Question: For the past 2-1/2 years my mom rented a room upstairs in a house from a guy named j…[View]
19914446Help with IDing Drug Symptoms: Hey 4chan, I know this is a bad place to come for serious advice, but…[View]
19910773Two quick questions - 1) Is it considered normal in north america for men to take creepshots discre…[View]
19914299Can you get pregnant with your own brother cum?: 19 yo INFJ girl report in. Well, things didn't…[View]
19914441Anyone knows why I force myself to fap to the same pornstar: Anyone knows why I force myself to fap …[View]
19914368Making some side money online: >moved to a new city for college >renting a room >tried to t…[View]
19913358Can I ask something in this board that isn't related to relationships or sex?[View]
19914417Depressed: The last year I’ve been depressed as shit, I feel like a loser in life at 22 not having a…[View]
19914388lewding them pokegirls: https://twitter.com/PokeExposed/status/1030543806431518720 yo this pedo lews…[View]
19914362how do you deal with a partner who doesn’t know what they want, but gets mad when you don’t know wha…[View]
19913776I've been getting intermittent pain under and around my ribs on my left side lately. It comes a…[View]
19914348How to trim a beard?: I look ugly, but I look ALOT uglier without my beard, I usually wait until I g…[View]
19913011How do i NOT appear like a total fucking virgin when having sex for the first time[View]
19913017Decryption attack!: My hapless relatives got trapped. Their business data hit hacked and encrypted. …[View]
19908567INFJ girl wondering how I can get guys, friends and acquaintances alike, to stop accusing me of lead…[View]
19914309how do u tell apart a nice conservative traditional girl from a slut? Is a shy more traditional dres…[View]
19914135Yo so I'm filling out job applications, and for the Years Completed part in the education secti…[View]
19914025What to do when my dad is stupid? I was helping him in the garden for last 5 years or more. Brother …[View]
19912466I'm pretty sure I got a small splinter in my left index finger from when I was handling a broom…[View]
19913556Is it true that being a night security guard is just fucking around on a computer all night and occa…[View]
19912961I told my bf that I wanted to try having an open relationship and he broke up with me, how can I get…[View]
19914172It's a bad idea to ask this on 4chan, but are antidepressants actually a meme? I've tried …[View]
19913282How can I put this better with the immense brain fog I got.[View]
19914044does my friends gf want my shlong? or does she like me?: does my friends gf want some of my dong? or…[View]
19910366Is it really sexist to not want to lick your girlfriend’s vagina? I saw this YouTube video (pic rela…[View]
19907145Don't ignore please: Do people breathe with their nose? Or is it just a meme? I've had Nas…[View]
19914150depressed friend: what should i say to my depressed friend to make them feel better? i tell them it …[View]
19912392In a month and a half it'll be the year mark of my ex and I. First gf and first fuck. I've…[View]
19913464Is it reasonable for a downstairs neighbor in an apartment to bang on the ceiling 10 times in a row …[View]
19913397Abandoning cats: I know I'm a shit person for asking but hear me out: a stray cat was left on o…[View]
19913764I have a SAT 1 test on October 8. How can I prepare myself to get a score of over 1500?[View]
19913900>sister getting married in two weeks >a week ago I attempted suicide by overdose >while i w…[View]
19914035Hey My galaxy s6 stopped working about a week ago. I tried to charge it but it wouldn't charge.…[View]
19912953How do you stop wasting time on 4chan? When I first go here, I can't leave for hours. I'd …[View]
19914057Am I insane?: My frenulum tore a while ago and I was left with this fin like protrusion from my glan…[View]
19914008I'm fucking shaking right now: I moved into a new neighbourhood 2 years ago and there is this f…[View]
19913192How do I turn myself into a Alpha male?infp(beta) at the moment[View]
19913372I'm trying to get over my extreme fear of moving away from family and being alone. Can someone …[View]
19913930Why even live if I can't even attract a mate and start a family? why live if you'll never …[View]
19910379How do I accept that I need to grow up? I'm doing all the things, jobs, school, goals etc. The …[View]
19913121I'm in my mid-twenties, live together with two friends, currently in training for a job that pa…[View]
19913729i went to a discount hooker a week ago. i used a condom but now my ballsack is all itchy. how fucked…[View]
19913681All boomers report in: I'm 23 years old. I'm tired. What's the point to any of this? …[View]
19913577How do I tell my girlfriend I don’t love her anymore?[View]
19905792How common is it for millennials to still live with their parents? I'm pushing thirty, and neve…[View]
19914001>a 1785 chinese gun? I have no idea what is it worth. Let me call ny buddy really quick. He knows…[View]
19913924What is the next step with this girl ?: In my part-time job, there is a girl who works as 'promotion…[View]
19913527Alternatives to coffee: What are some plants/pills similar to coffee in their intensity? I tried gin…[View]
19913758Hey /adv, Last week I broke up with my gf after 8 years. Reasons were many: we hardly talked, it wa…[View]
19913939What do if >no longer happy with the person I’m with >I live with the person I’m with >w…[View]
19913723What makes a girl attracted to a guy? This really cute girl at work is apparently interested but I d…[View]
19912058>Go on a date with a cute girl >we planned to go to the beach together, but it rained out >…[View]
19912730Ex: I can't do it anymore. She has bpd and has completly fucked me up. She could do anything an…[View]
19913911I cant stop jerking off to asian girls. Is this okay?[View]
19911789Look at you pathetic losers. Every single thread is about girls. You will never learn. I came here t…[View]
19913857Is being alone better than being with people and being in a relationship. Can't connect with pe…[View]
19912538How do you deal with mismatched libido in a relationship? At this point I'm tired of always ini…[View]
19913665road, markings: does this road marking mean anything? should i be worried? am i asking the right pla…[View]
19913768I've become too serious than people like to see. I don't care what anyone thinks of me, bu…[View]
19912194Can you get in trouble for petting a neighbors cat?[View]
19913737Coming to Terms with Inadequacy: I don't know, /adv/. Our second date was last night, and every…[View]
19912873I think that I cum quick and I hate it. I'd be happy with lasting even 5 minutes inside but usu…[View]
19913745I think my roommate roofied and raped my friend: So long story short we were having a small party at…[View]
19913432I have £10 to spend on a week's worth of food I don't have a kitchen but do have access to…[View]
19913578ongoing self improvement: What are you currently doing to improve yourself, /adv/?[View]
19913668I went out to party with friends last night and surprised by how many guys approached us and asked f…[View]
19913662Has anyone tried changing their age on tinder to late 20's early 30's to get more matches …[View]
19913574I can't cum with my girlfriend. I want to say it's because I'm still sick but I don…[View]
19913548Frats in Europe? So I'm reading up on American frats and they sound rad, but I'm from Euro…[View]
19913187I have enough social awareness to see that people get more apprehensive the longer I talk to them. B…[View]
19912820I just want to ask you how you deal with depression, or depressive times. I guess it's kind of …[View]
19912618is there any way to keep spiders out of your room or house? I just saw a giant ass spider crawl righ…[View]
19912311Should I sell my Tesla stocks before it gets any worse, I'm not sure if I should ride this out …[View]
19912611Looking to get into light bondage, where do I find a sub to tie up and dominate?[View]
19913501is casual sex/relationships only available to white/black guys? as in, are only white/black guys att…[View]
19912986Things in my life are going to shit and I need some help of the financial kind How do I get autism b…[View]
19913510So things are getting serious with this girl I’m seeing. I like her a lot. The only thing is I’ve ho…[View]
19913234Self Improvement thread Ok guys, got out of the bed, what am I supposed to do now? Should I start by…[View]
19913161Tattoos: So im starting to get fit, growing some muscle mass, clothes are starting to fit better, no…[View]
19913183New job/Sleep schedule advice This one's kind of like a fun puzzle: I start a new job on Monday…[View]
19913147guys i need some assistance ;( tl;dr - my girl and me wanna start getting kinky on camera but im too…[View]
19913406So I moved in with a friend of mine about 6 months ago. Everything is going fine. Only problem is th…[View]
19911810ITT: Ask The Opposite Gender Anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see …[View]
19913329My supposed best friend has started being really critical of everything I do and he will mock shit i…[View]
19913318/adv/ needs treads NOT about girls, so.......... How can I find people who will work just for idea\f…[View]
19913094Yesterday i emailed a proffessor about wanting to know his lab and with my desire to work there volu…[View]
19909978Can I ask my boyfriend to marry me?: >been with bf for roughly 3 years >truly in love with eac…[View]
19913134what is this? since a few weeks, when i shower, my whole body is getting itchy as hell shortly after…[View]
19912713My girlfriend and I have nothing in common. Everything she likes I have no interest in and everythin…[View]
19912139depresión: Every year that goes by things go worse, the situation does not improve, I set goals, but…[View]
19913243The skin on my dick is really dry and is peeling. About a week ago, it was kinda raw with how much I…[View]
19912708what should i do: one of my acquaintances is flying to canada for 6 months on wednesday and hes doin…[View]
19913129my lease is ending. what should i do next?: my lease ends at the end of september and im split betwe…[View]
19913171I want to keep track of my mental health and need some kind of metric. My issues are essentially dep…[View]
19912864Hey /Adv/, I’m stuck in a hard place right now. >just got A-Level results (UK Exams) >End up d…[View]
19911956Getting used to working the very early morning.: Hi /adv/, long time lurker here. I'm finally f…[View]
19911486Does it looks like I need a nose job?[View]
19911910I’m feeling very discouraged with regards to my love life. Besides a few long term flings, I’m 24 a…[View]
19913043I'm at a stage in my life where I want to be in a long term relationship. But I also want to ha…[View]
19912720Is using tinder worth it when you're an introvert who just got out of neetdom and still lives w…[View]
19911381Beard growth: Do i have any hopes of developing a full beard?[View]
19912964Breast enhancement stuff: My gf has told me how she's always wanted bigger boobs, her sister an…[View]
19910972First time posting here, so forgive me if this board is the wrong place to ask this question. To wha…[View]
19912331I have recieved 10 mg of Abilify and I was wondering if it is a lot? I know psychiatrists build up y…[View]
19912374what do I do if I cant attract any girl at all? I used to have really nice beautiful girlfriends and…[View]
19910655>lost without any path to go at all in life >no motivation to finish my education, i fucking h…[View]
19912920Can I get a math + cs degree and still have a part time job? Same question, but math degree only?[View]
19911553How do I ask out a girl correctly?: I've been rejected twice and ex cheated on me. My friends t…[View]
19912678Uh help: How the fuck can I get rid of fordyce spots on my nutsack. I have so, so, so many of them a…[View]
19912046How do I text girls?: How do I text girls? I have issues with maintaining a interesting conversation…[View]
19912514Loser wants to go to college xd: So Im a senior in hs now and I hate life even more than usual. Prob…[View]
19912468I have the best bf ever, 10/10 body, personality, super romantic, cutiest patootie ever but I realis…[View]
19911053Please help I'm shy: I'm so shy I can't talk to boys. I try and just want a boyfriend…[View]
19910372This is a question to male anons, but femanons' input is welcome too If a girl is emotionally …[View]
19911124Hi all, can I get some opinions on how the following text message sounds? I just got this girl'…[View]
19912500sometimes I feel like I have the wrong friends. I don't want to surround myself with the wrong …[View]
19911944Any advice on a good tablet to buy for making webcomics and where should I update my comics?[View]
19912321so is this the board for hopeless romantics that aren't robots? new to /adv/, thx[View]
19911714How important is sex in a relationship? t. never had sex and never been in a relationship. I do wan…[View]
19912741lonely: I'm lonely. I have a family that loves me and friends that I hang out with pretty regul…[View]
19911799I've had a huge crush on a girl from my friend group for the past year or so, I dont think she …[View]
19912459how do i trick myself into being happy and motivated?: Please I need help, I feel like the most wort…[View]
19911347Trades: What are some good trades to get into? Most profitable? Most interesting?[View]
19912182>be me >teenage beta fag >way to strong feelings for best friend >she makes physical con…[View]
19912762How do I deal with regret? I feel lonely all the time and cannot find a loving, healthy romantic rel…[View]
19910640I don't see the point in living anymore and the only reason I don't kill myself is because…[View]
19912522wife/ married thread: so this is a lengthy post. im married, 23 and been married for 3 years. i love…[View]
19911281What are some good ways to make money online?[View]
19912680Eating sounds have never bothered me in my life, never. But lately I've been getting very trigg…[View]
19912145I haven't had a friend since I was 10. I am now 19. Please help me figure out what's wrong…[View]
19912185How do I stop over analyzing every conversation I have? Especially when it's with someone I…[View]
19911765Disorder: I have problems with obsessing over certain people (it usually happens once a year or two,…[View]
19912501Level 3000 autism: >be me in this village in the middle of nowhere >all kids here are assholes…[View]
19911749I was thinking of using the chaos symbol in my card game. If I do it would represent the 'chaos fact…[View]
19911302I'm a white guy who wants to revert to Islam. What should I know in advance? Am I retarded? I n…[View]
19912606A small cut (about 1/5' long) has become infected: it looks reddish and this morning a drop of yello…[View]
19912124Piss: How the FUCK do I stop my neighbor from throwing piss off of his balcony that is splattering o…[View]
19912483antidepressants: It's a bad idea to ask this on 4chan, but are antidepressants actually a meme?…[View]
19911592>Friend tells me that girl I like has a big crush on me >aww yiss.jpg >try to engage her in…[View]
19912433I've drank roughly 110 ounces of water today, but I worked nearly 13 hours so I sweated a lot. …[View]
19912513How to live with IBS?[View]
19910468Leave misery, live for God: Hi there anon! Are you right with God? I promise you, the only way to se…[View]
19908945My girlfriend catched me sexting my ex, she iw willing to give me another chance, please tell me how…[View]
19912262I met this one person on Sunday, and we've been texting for the past few days. The conversation…[View]
19911446DAOES MY FRIEND'S GF WANT MY DONG?OR IS SHE INTO ME?: does my friends gf want some of my dong? …[View]
19910060Is it possible to 'get rid' of phimosis past the age of 18? Currently my case isn't so severe a…[View]
19912196Where's a good place to find hookers? People keep telling me to just hire a hooker, but I don…[View]
19911881Is there any benefit to coming clean about your alcoholism to people in your personal life. Having a…[View]
19912190I am thinking about getting a tattoo and like this image. It has symbolic relevance to my life and I…[View]
19912307What are some symptoms of being ashamed of your sexuality[View]
19912299Went on date with girl. Date seemed to go well..good body language ..convo etc. But at the end when …[View]
19911642Feel nothing: I don't feel sexual attraction anymore at 24. What do I do about this? I feel lik…[View]
19911318I'm pretty fucked up sexually. I have several strange and even scary fetishes. I'm also re…[View]
19912192What's a job that will allow me to be self-employed, doesn't require a heavy reliance on f…[View]
19912220What to do: Hi guys so I was wondering if you could give me some feed back on this. I pretty much ha…[View]
19911516Need help Im doing some voice over and singing work, got a pretty good mic but im still looking for …[View]
19912025Saw an injured segaull on my way home It was hiding in a corner >5am saturday Don't think …[View]
19911452I'm a Karate student and I'm afraid one day someone will do or say something will make me …[View]
19910858Illegal Drugs: >33 >Married, kid, important career, house in the suburbs, normie as fuck >W…[View]
19912079Anyone know how to start over?: I'm stuck in the same dead end jersey town I grew up in and I w…[View]
19911971Guys... Why do I always do this. Today, I was in line in a pretzel store and some cute chick with he…[View]
19911472I'm still kissless but not a virgin. I've had a fwb for 2 years now. Is this weird? I real…[View]
19912002I am very worried. I know I am going to die alone and the fact that I no longer care about crippling…[View]
19911797My gf wants me to try going full trap mode I know this is a dream come true for a lot of people but …[View]
19909932Ex's are crazy: So my one of ex's sends me a dick videos of myself like 4yrs ago it seems,…[View]
19912023I'm a introverted dude that gets grossed out by bad odor. Is there any job where I don't h…[View]
19912021Let's say you go on /soc/ and say that you're (a hot girl) going to meet up with a guy if …[View]
19909698Turns out my former classmate is a stripper.: Recently met this 19-y.o. wild thing again. Told me th…[View]
19912131do any decent people go on dating sites or is it just socially retarded men and picky women?[View]
19910978Boring/Tense Relationship: My GF loves me, but I feel like she only loves me because she wants to lo…[View]
19912067My mom's stupidity is ruining my life.: I have no clue how to handle this. So I'm 21 and b…[View]
19911376How do I get with a girl equivalent to pic related? I'm Asian, I'm rich, but I only have a…[View]
19912117i need to touch and play with my penis to get any reason to live at all: I have to constantly be tou…[View]
19911993How can I get over the feeling that woman are always testing other men? If this is not true? Like, a…[View]
19911979How can I tell if I don't deserve a girlfriend or even just sex?[View]
19911332really want to shag my roommate: Femanon here. Latina,23, pretty,friendly nice body, Living with BF/…[View]
19912015Self studying mathematics: I was pretty good at mathematics through school and took courses through …[View]
19911951Oh shit: Well i fingered my good friends girl and shes saying she loves me. I'm scared, I was i…[View]
19911627So i just found out my ex wife is dating someone else and my child likes them more then me now, how …[View]
19909041I'm going to be studying Literature, and as with most Humanities departments, the M/F ratio is …[View]
19911833Should I get a degree in a major that I'm interested in (history or psych) or go into a college…[View]
19911972how do I find a new apartment/roommates if im a nigger on probation? im trying to move to the big ci…[View]
19910678Need immediate advice, here's the sitch >historically have only pooped once or twice a week …[View]
19911083There is a mantis on the curtain of my room and I don't want to go anywhere near it. What can I…[View]
19911705Girlfriend deleting my contacts: >texting girl >really friendly talk >like this girl a lot,…[View]
19911709Anyone been on probation recently? I got a DWI and am supposed to be on 3-5 UA's a month right …[View]
19908155I'm never aggressive and satisfied during sex: I can never be a man and aggressive during sex a…[View]
19911791How do you makeup with your partner if they dont care about what you have to say and completely disr…[View]
19911778Bought a Squier Standard Strat, and it's used. It's black and white, and the white face pl…[View]
19911850should i risk a relationship and friendship for sex?: my gf and i were discussing threesomes (we…[View]
19909242How to get better in video games if I am unable to learn even after 1k hours and watching guides or …[View]
19909519How do I purge feelings of guilt, especially for petty stuff? This can go from feeling kinda bad for…[View]
19911798I feel like I've lost control of my emotions. Whenever anything goes even slightly wrong, I fee…[View]
19911664Is there any way to get a job by working from home?[View]
19911736So I was practicing one of my voices for voice acting. It's a voice similar to perfect cell fro…[View]
19911775college help: Im being forced to go to liberty university online ; how worthless is it to have a deg…[View]
19906960What do you think about men with tattoos? Please be a girl.[View]
19911590I need advice on my current life circumstances,I'll be 19 in a few days,I my twin brother and m…[View]
19911545On a break with my gf. I made us go on a break because I feel like the relationship was so full of e…[View]
19911426I am going to a massage parlor, either asian or local (east europe). I'm into feet. What should…[View]
19911682>Be me, 30, male, now about to start senior year in college >Break up with girlfriend of many …[View]
19911181I need your help guys.I have crippling social anxiety and I’m practically a mentalcell. Don’t ask me…[View]
19911695This is what its come to??: A nice guy like me has to get fucking prostate cancer if I want a girl t…[View]
19911103Question for femanons: What would you do if one time you walked past your new flatmates room and his…[View]
19911528How do you fix trust and abandonment issues?[View]
19908368>Hate exercise >Hate eating right >Hate talking to people >Family really doesn't ca…[View]
19909707ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see …[View]
19911595How do I avoid smalltalk when I meet someone new?: Cute girl wants to talk to me but I have never me…[View]
19911372Is this tryhard?: Critical/time sensitive question (need input asap) >gf of my dreams breaks up w…[View]
19911199How to not depend on other people: Basically whenever I get close to a girl and starting to gain phy…[View]
19911092What do you do when you feel so bad that you want to die but can't kill yourself? I tried drink…[View]
19911244I'm about to try and marry a girl for money believe it or not. She's a good girlfriend rea…[View]
19908830My friend has slowly become a smarmy piece of shit over the past year that does nothing but try to f…[View]
1991023725+ Feels Playlist: Face it you are older than 25. You probably messed it up with a the girl that yo…[View]
19911404Why do half of the people around me act like fucking gettho niggers in the way they speak and act, l…[View]
19910613how do i get better grades?, im in my final year of schooling and i have never studied before, shoul…[View]
19911003Ruined career goals, don't know where to go from here.: I'm 30, I'm about to finish a…[View]
19911350I like a boi: Help what do I do[View]
19911363I've been a neet for over a decade. Assuming I get a degree and relevant knowledge for the job …[View]
19911429I can't be the only one to do this Anyone shake or tremble when a memory hits and you don'…[View]
19911367So a girl for the first time in my life just left the door open for a potential relationship in the …[View]
19911229Is being around people who only really complain about 'normies and sheeple' good for you?[View]
19911415I want to get into a relationship with a girl that I used to talk with her,I always liked that girl …[View]
19910876>try therapy at begrudging of family >not so bad so far >6/10, might keep going >says sh…[View]
19911349Teachers with anger issues: Any teacher anons here who have wanted to put students in their place? O…[View]
19911322I'm 24 and lost in life. I have shit tier diploma from culinary arts, and I don't want to …[View]

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