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18851464>Taking a super fast Paramedic class >Have to memorize 15 full profile in 2 days >Have abou…[View]
18850939Break the nofap challenge?: Though I never planned it in the first place and I'm able to contro…[View]
18847735Desperate or necessary?: Does it come across as desperate for a girl to ask a guy out? >Approach…[View]
18851334In order to become socially acceptable I've put barricades between me and my feelings for almos…[View]
18848519This perfect girl liked me. It could have been perfect. I ruined it all before it could have even st…[View]
18851401What am I doing with my life?: >22 virgin >Moved a lot, never had time to grow close to anyon…[View]
18851345Hurt my penis?: So I noticed this afternoon when attempting to masturbate that there was this small …[View]
18851347Has my ex been fucking around?: I just had sex with my ex, last time we were together was 10 months …[View]
18851363Abusive relationship?: I am together 5 years with this girl. She loves me and stuff, but I did wrong…[View]
18851277What the heck is a essay memo? I have an essay due tomorrow but my professor said we need to have an…[View]
18849623Birthday Gift for Date.: I have been exclusively dating a girl I met at university for around 1.5-2 …[View]
18850520It sounds ridiculous, but how hard would it be to be a homeless person? I don't care about any…[View]
18851298strange visions and paranoia: I have a weird connection with a girl I met two years ago. On my firt …[View]
18851304How can I break my fear: There is quiet a few girls I would like to ask out in my school however I h…[View]
18850391Boyfriends birthday is next week, and I want to do something special. I am planning on, in addition …[View]
18851313How does one gain the motivation to start studying and the concentration to not go on Youtube after …[View]
18851078Uhhh these are just zits right? These aren't herpes or anything right? Maybe just a cold sore? …[View]
18851126Guys what is wrong with my body? I can't seem to get better at all. My eyes, skin, throat, sinu…[View]
18851123Chick problem: >Go out with my crush >Date goes perfectly >At the end of the date she said…[View]
18847264MANSPLAINING and relationships: If a woman calls you a mansplainer at the top of her lungs in a crow…[View]
18850807Telling wealth-obsessed parents about gf: I'm currently studying at some college overseas and I…[View]
18850338What to do??: Ok, ill just give you a small briefing first. I am 39 years old male, I have a wife an…[View]
18851258>terrible father >found mentorship through an older brother figure That's the short of it…[View]
18848006What drug is this: /fit/ here Today I went to the gym and on my way back I stopped at a (shady) groc…[View]
18851275How do you get over someone? I'm in love with this girl, I'm pretty sure she has feelings …[View]
18850576Girl Troubles: So a girl I like has blocked me from her story on snapchat. She has liked me in the p…[View]
18851146I'm bitter and alone: Like many 4chan users I've resigned myself to dying alone, I realize…[View]
18851256First LTR: Sup /adv/, >Be 23 >8/10 gf >1 week in >SUPER strong emotional connection (lo…[View]
18849264How do I stop overeating? I'm a shut-in NEET loser on the absolute fringes of society, I hate m…[View]
18851224What to do for a career?: Is college a meme? I'm in Ireland so no student debt. Currently study…[View]
18847770What’s the best way to confront someone who has a fake service dog on the bus?[View]
18849726Getting my boyfriend to be rough with me: Femanon here, 20. I live in an apartment with my boyfriend…[View]
18850780>met this awesome guy online 2 years ago >never thought of trying an ldr but i loved him so mu…[View]
18851205I don't like having my apartment clean My apartment was really neat Wich is an odd thing for me…[View]
18850364Halp: Guys I need help A qtπ I've been flirting with invited me to carve pumpkins with her and …[View]
18850888Is it normal to sit on the phone with a girl for hours and neither of you speak for minutes before o…[View]
18849777Need serious /adv/ > moved out to study at college > met my gf > two years older, graduated…[View]
18849932For some reason i cant disclose I need to go off the radar for some months. What can i do to make my…[View]
18850157What happened to her face?[View]
18850896advice/tips/thoughts on importing a wife from another country? i know atleast one or 2 of you guys h…[View]
18850179Why am I so lonely all the time, and yet when I get invited to do something with someone, or to go t…[View]
18851040Problem with a friend: For the better part of the last 2 weeks it's seemed as if one of my clos…[View]
18850994My Christian girlfriend keeps saying 'Don't think you're not valuable'. It irritates the h…[View]
18850126I am NOT a K-Pop star.: >be Asian About 2 months ago I started dating a caucasian girl I met at u…[View]
18851030How do you not cheat on your significant other? I love her, but I am a fucking sex fiend. With that …[View]
18850814How do get over the insecurity that years of childhood bullying has instilled in me?[View]
18850203I met this girl from eharmony last night. she's smart, quick-witted, funny, has her shit togeth…[View]
18849696Do younger guys have a chance with older women or is it more of a rare occurrence and I shouldn…[View]
18850971Moved my arm/wrist at an odd angle after playing Fortnite, and it feels like the tendons for my midd…[View]
18850927How do I get over my resentment of women?[View]
18850940How do I get laid in college if I'm not a normie?[View]
18850643Hey /adv/ I’ve always been a shut in loser but I got kicked out after my parents caught me jerking o…[View]
18850970who the fuck am i: hey bros, im in a middle of a study break so lets have a chat i need some advices…[View]
18840414How do i make sure that i dont have autism?[View]
18849547How do I find new friends, /adv/?[View]
18850670Does worrying about being a stalker make me a stalker?: >19 years old >special ed in highschoo…[View]
18849507So I'm a boy who finally got to grow his hair long. Problem is, I've been out of the loop …[View]
18850925What now?: long story short...used some adv from here how to meat ppl and i have joined dance classe…[View]
18850518'Smart': My whole life it seems I have been privileged in academics, knowledge, etc. >learnt to …[View]
18849607Whats the point of having a career, getting an education or living at all if, in the end, there will…[View]
18850819How do I avoid this kind of fraud?[View]
18850632What does it mean when people say you have quiet 'confidence'? Is that a good thing ?[View]
18850441She's a virgin: How can I make her first time the best experience of her life? >Meet a girl,…[View]
18850792SCHOOL: Ok, so I really want to learn and do my homework but I CAN’T! Whenever i try to study i get …[View]
18850801Is it possible to ask a girl for casual sex?: Like if a girl let's say attracted to you but you…[View]
18850039a couple of days ago I lost my virginity but I had a hard time getting erect. Alcohol was involved i…[View]
18850823Fitness advisor Not necessarily looking for a day to day chat on daily routines but it would help. …[View]
18849473Does anyone find it impossible to urinate when others are around?: When I use the urinal in public, …[View]
18850274What can I do when I'm a dumb fuck? I'm 18 and in high school in Poland. In May I'm w…[View]
18850697Weaponize curiosity and personal interests: How can I put my curiosity to good use? I read the news …[View]
18848554am i a sperg: >be me 20F >social anxiety,depression, generalized anxiety >only a couple fr…[View]
18850741Thread for us Mr Worrys out there who have to deal with worry/anxiety[View]
18849733>move out of the country with parents two years ago >leave a girlfriend and all friends behind…[View]
18850534The Fear of Age: Hello /adv/, I'm... in a bad spot. I know most of us are, and we all need help…[View]
18850454Where to buy?: I want to buy this online, can any of you fags tell me where to get this from? I…[View]
18850502What to get for my 25th birthday?: My parents want to get me a big present for my 25th but I'm …[View]
18850685thedaretv: i have high speed at&t internets. when watching a movie on the daretv it wont load mo…[View]
18850721Why am I lucky and unlucky at the sametime?: A week ago i hooked up with a girl that was in my cours…[View]
18850377Hey /adv/, my father is an alcoholic, comes home drunk almost every night and is verbally and physic…[View]
18850423Tell her to fuck off or nah: I've been dating this girl for maybe 2 or 3 weeks. She got out of …[View]
18850259I started to remember my dreams, and now sometime i cant distinguish reality from dream. Sometimes …[View]
18849861Cheating and relationship disaster: So I'll try my best to keep this short >Me >Dating be…[View]
18848316My (ex-) girlfriend cheated on me and now she's trying to spin it around to me being at fault f…[View]
18848256Wealth: Money is power, so why do people say shit like money won't make you happy, etc? '…[View]
18848502Do guys really care that much about imperfections on a girl’s body? I’m talking minor things like bi…[View]
18850300>Buy $45 piece of art at new local shop >Girl who did it asks if I'd like it polished ove…[View]
18850102Alone: My room mate of 6 years just moved out as of last night. Hes living with his gf now I have to…[View]
18850324Lately it feels like all I do is work. My friends live in another state, the girl I'm crushing …[View]
18850029How can i naturally improve my voice? I struggle to find my natural tone so i tend to sound somewhat…[View]
18848403I just moved across the country to Arizona, and I want to meet new friends who are into anime and vi…[View]
18850107How can i train myself to make eye contact with people? I Struggle making eye contact and i feel the…[View]
18850296I couldn't fit all of it in the box, so I had to take a screencap of what I typed.[View]
18848759Best ways to keep a long distance relationship healthy?: I miss my gf nowadays[View]
18848560ITT: Ask The Opposite Gender Anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see …[View]
18849685Hello /adv/ I am final year med school in eastern europe I always wanted to do computer sciences but…[View]
18850094Life: What’s the point of life ?[View]
18850280some advice pls: There was someone really interested in me..over time i started liking him, we just …[View]
18850061It’s eating me alive. I’m a U.S Marine who just got back a couple months ago from Korea. There I con…[View]
18849203Need an actual hairstyle: never knew what worked with this face shape or any shit fashionable. I nee…[View]
18850036So I work at a pretty homophobic casino. At the end of my shift, an older guest was making conversat…[View]
18843431Girlfriend found my porn folder: It's not like it's filled up with hundreds of porn shoots…[View]
18850141So I met this young beautiful girl, we seem to be very similar but also very opposite. Anyway we bo…[View]
18850053I don't want to live but I don't want to die. I'd like to devote my life to something…[View]
18850007>be me, 6'4' >see qt, english girl, same height as me >astonished.jpg >imagine life…[View]
18850214What does it mean if a girl older and taller than you smiles at you like this?: Also, when I walk in…[View]
188501843 years later and im still dreaming about my ex. I need help I cant take this shit anymore. Get the …[View]
18850034what to say if qt3.14 sits next to you in public?[View]
18844224What do I need by 30 to smash 19 year olds with daddy issues? I'm thinking decent pay, tattoos,…[View]
18848805Is there a way to reverse aging?: I've googled this and all I find is sites with home remedies …[View]
18850133>Applying for job. >they give me 50 page long packet >has weirdly worded questions. >As…[View]
18848088What to do on acid?: I’m going to go on my first trip this next week and need to know what to do to …[View]
18849811My online friend is going to kill herself: I've been talking to her since last year, except her…[View]
18848773I think my gf is preg and we are no where near ready for a kid...: Long story short, we had sex, con…[View]
18850064This fucking retard: A friend of mine fucked a guy and did drugs with him. Convo pictured. Where sho…[View]
18849363THE REST OF THE STORY Has /adv/ helped you? Dozens of people come to /adv/ for advice everyday and, …[View]
18848531Financial Assistance Advice/ Life Advice: I don't know what brought me to 4Chan. I have heard g…[View]
18849946baby fall: So my niece was playing with her baby sister by the edge of this fouton, the baby fell ov…[View]
18849749For those of you who suffered from eating disorders... How do I practice intuitive eating if I don…[View]
18849564Plz help my eyes: Whenever I play PC games my eyes get bloodshot and tired as hell and eyedrops don…[View]
18849331How do you know if you like someone? I'm 22 and never had a boyfriend before, never actually we…[View]
18849898My ex and I were on and off for about 3 years. Right now we're off. He's been in a relatio…[View]
18849256I'm lost in a level of a relationship that I'm not sure how to communicate my feelings. A…[View]
18848199What do you think of the name Celsius for a baby boy /adv/?[View]
18849934How does one know if the problem is your 'luck' or not? What I mean is that if you have bad experie…[View]
18849516How to pick up girls in bars/pubs/clubs.: Ok here's the thing: I came out from being a virgin l…[View]
18849720So stayed over this girls house I like, I’m much older than her. Anyway she kept wanting us to drink…[View]
18848850Accepting you're not smart: I'm 25 years old and after years of being told by virtually ev…[View]
18847198When dating 2 girls same time.: Is it better to keep both in the dark or is it better to have one ma…[View]
18849578she said yes .. where the fuck do i take her? i am FREAKING out[View]
18846856/anxiety/: What methods do you use to handle your anxiety? I haven't been dealing too well with…[View]
18848694So I am at a new country, and my ex came too, we’re studying abroad, but I broke up with her before …[View]
18849642Falling in love with a best friend: Hey /adv/, I don't come onto this board often, but I need s…[View]
18849173I saw a news story on revenge porn, and it make me think to myself, if the hottest girl I knew, who …[View]
18848593How do I fix this b?: I have great social skills and practically can to any stranger I see. However …[View]
18849500Why my cat don't have black color around her eye in this area ? and why some cat have black col…[View]
18849537>have gf for 5 >first love, took my virginity, relationship is at times rocky but in general i…[View]
18849236Said some dumb shit at work now I'm paranoid someone is going to tell on me someone brought in …[View]
18849168How to socialise well?: I've been told by so many people that I'm shy, very introverted, …[View]
18845185Turned into a bigot: Life experience has turned me into a giant bigot. I'm not a racist or a wo…[View]
18848400getting rid of canadian accent: i'm not sure if it's because i moved to NE ohio half a yea…[View]
18848747What's the likelihood of me dying from swallowing a shit ton of pills and washing it all down w…[View]
18849654I've been to two 8-month long relationships with good looking girls, and I'm still a virgi…[View]
18849328Hate being alone, but can't stand people either: Hi all, Just wanted some insight on my problem…[View]
18849622A guy who i barely knew told me 'your not hot' then soon after he said, 'are you mad?' what did he …[View]
18849544What’s wrong with me, 4chan: I’m close to breaking up with my first and only boyfriend, I’ve loved h…[View]
18849100I got a perm 4 or 5 months ago and my hair came down past my chin then but I've cut it in the p…[View]
18849514Freelancing advice: Lately I've been exploring the option of monetizing my writing. I'm cu…[View]
18848291When I get stressed out about something, my balls start to hurt. Anyone else?[View]
18847873How did you get over your autism or does it still affect you? >Been to 3 interviews >Sweaty an…[View]
18849499Returning to Education: Long story short I'm 19 and somewhat recently finished my A-levels, how…[View]
18849181Small dick: Simple as that - I have a small penis. It's about 11cm (4.3inch) when fully erect a…[View]
18848112My Friend Wants To Know If It's Legal To Spray People on Halloween: My friend mentioned driving…[View]
18849408Has anyone else come to the realisation that they're just a shit human being? I've decided…[View]
18849371Currently going through a pretty weird phase of my life: So a bit of a background. I'm about ha…[View]
18849385How do you talk to people without getting scared of judgement? I am a girl and this mostly applies t…[View]
18849389Hello everyone, depression is really hard, as a lot of you know. It eats away at you, and makes you …[View]
18848018Where can I seek help?: This year has been full of betrayals and hurt. About three months ago I got …[View]
18849433Hey /adv/ im almost 120% sure i fucked up a really good potential relationship because im shy as fuc…[View]
18849421Everytime im in a situation where I’m stressed I get a boner: Hey since I’m a kid I’m getting a very…[View]
18847972My bf gave me a gift for a 1 month anniversary. He's A bit of a romantic and I dont really like…[View]
18848558My girlfriend and I have been together for four years and have been having sex the entire time. I wa…[View]
18846894What is a normal amount of underwear to own? My significant other says I have a ridiculous amount of…[View]
18848139can i help a Hot cocaine addicted Girl?: Hey today i met a very pretty Girl, she is 17 ( turns 18 in…[View]
18849342Should I contact my ex?: I broke up a 3 month relationship with my ex about 5 months ago. Even thoug…[View]
18847158Three things I want to ask about: 1. I cannot talk to women to save my fucking life. How do I get be…[View]
18849145I'm Scared to Work: I have serious anxiety, where it boarders on psychosis, and i have to move …[View]
18847787I am an introvert that have lived almost my entire life alone and got used to it. I had some 'friend…[View]
18848129femanons, how do you guys feel about jokes/rap/etc. about pussy, getting laid, etc.? Do you guys do …[View]
18849277I have a reoccurring odd dream: Over the past month I've experienced a odd dream a couple of ti…[View]
18849146Anybody have experience with this? >Be me 26, 6 months ago >be a 6, 7 on a good day >manage…[View]
18849086Credit Advice pls: So here's the deal. When I was a young man I got totally annihilated by iden…[View]
18848592>On phone with a girl >We talk good for 30 minutes to 2 hours >Conversation slowly dies ou…[View]
18845477to all asexual ppl out there: like how did you find out you were asexual?[View]
18849180Go with the Flow: The next time a woman who has been dumped by every other man tries to initiate a r…[View]
18846539Acceptable boundaries for social touching: I always see people talk about the importance of touching…[View]
18847923I'm perpetually lonely. I'm married, I have two kids, but I feel like no one really cares …[View]
18848849How do I make friends at university?[View]
18843759>oneitis got unattractive and now has short hair Guys, I think I am finally free Also why do wome…[View]
18847244Has anyone here gone to clubs or bars alone? How was your experience with it and what should I do if…[View]
18849037How do I make the remaining time I have with my dad more meaningful before he eventually permanently…[View]
18848908Renter's rights: For reference this is in Colorado. So long story short, my live in landlord is…[View]
18848920Is it kosher to date a gay friends straight crush?[View]
18849069Cavities: I’m totally freaking out; I think I have three cavities. The one I’m most concerned about …[View]
18848995What are some jobs of simple tasks that you don't have to deal with people most of the time? Is…[View]
18849045>be me >have massive argument with my gf >dont talk for 2 weeks or so >havent officiall…[View]
18846974stupidity: > be me > 10 years old > lives in east europe > go on school trip > cold w…[View]
18848709I'm 30 and in college and I was in a relationship got my entire 20s that ended this summer. Is …[View]
18848820if i want to join a church to meet people, which denomination should i look for?[View]
18847413Getting dat puss: So I need dat puss and have no relationship. Anyone know a good way to have fast f…[View]
18849012What does a lap pillow feel like? It's 1AM and I don't have work tomorrow. Wanted to ask.[View]
18848718What are you supposed to do when your girlfriend refuses to do any work whatsoever for herself? A co…[View]
18845336is it worth waiting for the right person to lose your virginity. I'm an 18 year old guy in coll…[View]
18848966Pretty sure I just broke a rib. Hurts kinda bad. If I go in are they just gonna give me pills and te…[View]
18848854How do I get white teeth? I have yellow teeth sadly, would love to change that I brush my teeth mon…[View]
18848965Bored: I have become bored of everything, even reading and working out does not do anything for me a…[View]
18848838family member on meth: so this really hurts. i have to stand by and watch him destroy his mind and h…[View]
18848929My girlfriend just sent me a really weird snapchat of her with black lipstick really messy all over …[View]
18848944can you guys give me more articles about colorblind racism? >pic related…[View]
18848893Hi guys... I am starting college and meeting a bunch of new people. I am reminded of a problem I alw…[View]
18848728Can anybody help me out? I'm someone who cares about how they dress, loves cars, has a really c…[View]
18848847Any Dieticians or Personal Trainers in the House?: How feasible is my goal? I really hate my body. 5…[View]
18844574Schizo with autism reporting in: >tfw diagnosed with both Schizoaffective Disorder and Autism How…[View]
18848677Insecure, lonely, paranoid virgin gets it all, then loses it all: On my birthday I met this girl who…[View]
18848801Angry ejaculation?: Let me start by saying I'm a senior in high school (18) and a virgin. While…[View]
18847355Why isn't it ever enough for me or anyone else?: It seems like nothing I do is ever good enough…[View]
18848775thinking about majoring in microbiology. I have been interested in it all throughout high school, an…[View]
18848734Dealing with mother of my child: All right, so I've got to deal with her. There's no wya a…[View]
18848665Any lawyers? I have a Non-Parental Custody trial on Tuesday--Washington State if that matters. Due t…[View]
18848568addicted to masturbation and porn: please i need to quit but i cant its so hard the longest ive ever…[View]
18846860Can't stand it: Everyone on /adv/ is always talking about how you have to suffer in order to im…[View]
18848667my older brother came home from a restaurant the same time i came home from work today, very distrau…[View]
18848613Present ideas: Hey 4chan, I've got £20 spare and I want to treat either myself or my girlfriend…[View]
18847822Has anyone here been through some real shit and managed to come out of it? Has anyone always been in…[View]
18848284Socks: Can someone tell me what the point of shorter socks is? I have always worn long socks, and wh…[View]
18847373I somehow got a date with this girl off tinder who is beautiful all around. She really likes me. im …[View]
18847227Should you text a girl before your first date after meeting on dating websites? I have a busy schedu…[View]
18848571I'm a 27 year old English major who tried to transition into STEM because muh STEM meme but aft…[View]
18845941I was pranked by my girlfriend and I can't get over it. Me and her played PS4 with my mates onl…[View]
18848266Where's the best place to go for sex tourism? Traveling from Australia[View]
18848017My girlfriend and I are getting a motel room today. (She wants to give me a blow job in private). Sh…[View]
18848441I can't get this 5/10 chubby girl out of my mind. She's very much a plain jane, it's …[View]
18848187How to become more independent?: I'm too dependent on my boyfriend. I'm used to us texting…[View]
18846988I have not eaten anything in 4 days. I have food, but I have had no appetite. I feel fine so far, ha…[View]
18848212My girlfriend is boring as fuck when it comes to sex. She pretty much mostly wants either missionary…[View]
18847520First year in uni and I've been completely(studying wise) ignored all my classes for the first …[View]
18847840So I recently passed a school bus stop sign and I'm obsessing over it. I can't stop thinki…[View]
18847748gay when i'm drunk: ever since i was 11-12 i've had some issues sexuality wise. i've …[View]
18846968I'm feeling trapped in an existential hell: Feeling depressed and trapped inside a cruel hatefu…[View]
18847722Sex comes first or feeling comes first? I am an open minded woman, it's doesn't mean I…[View]
18847470What do women really want in a man ?: It looks to me that women just want men who are handsome douch…[View]
18848334Rejected: Met girl, we hang a bit. Then we text and hang out every waking hour. Going out, dinners e…[View]
18846898The Penis Problems: Erectile Dysfunction. Embarrassing topic but I'm pretty young (22) and I…[View]
18846600I'm not sure why the fuck my shit is green. I haven't drake any type of soda or soft drink…[View]
18848249autism and wish for chicken pet: > be me > 8 years old > live in east europe > my birthd…[View]
18848061>girl calls you 'cute' >girl talks about guys she likes, and brings you up saying she's n…[View]
18848238>See something people want out of this world >Really look at it and blow it apart to see if I …[View]
18848213Have any of you used a public records search site and if so which one is best and what made you do i…[View]
18848060WTF IS WRONG WITH ME: /adv/ I could really use some help right now as this seems to be the only plac…[View]
18848082I need to stop hating.: How do one stop being so hateful and negative to other people. I do have fri…[View]
18844972Still have not slept, I am getting worried: So this is the third night of not sleeping. It's no…[View]
18847876My parents died when i was young and our family was scattered to the wind as we went to different fa…[View]
18847954I'm thinking of getting a dog, but the contract for my apartment specifically says no pets. I…[View]
18847802Family troubles: Hey guys, I'll try to make this as brief an explanation as possible. >2015 …[View]
18846603Sketchy guy turned up at my door. Don't know him. He just added me on facebook: He essentially …[View]
18847109/adv/ I don't know what to do. My thoughts are being invaded by feelings of guilt and pain that…[View]
18847669Ok, i'm done with feeling bad about myself all the time. How do i stop being ridiculously crit…[View]
18847494I've just gotten back from seeing yet another tinder girl. This shit is soul crushing. There wa…[View]
18844643ITT: Ask The Opposite Gender Anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see …[View]
18847336ITT: awkward encounters with parents: rewind 2 weeks >on bus going home from school >kid says …[View]
18847738I feel as if I'm backed into a corner right now. I don't have a job. I don't think I…[View]
18847572This is gonna sound weird but I was raised by a single mom and am currently a failure, and I can…[View]
18847041How important is sex in a relationship? Can two people still love each other if the attraction has f…[View]
18846580i get very angry. i have vindictive, angry thoughts. i have thoughts that are criminal and even homi…[View]
18847793I just need an outsiders view on this. Boyfriend has gone out on a stag do, with some friends. They …[View]
18845613Any hope for a legit 3/10?: What am I supposed to do as a retardedly uggo girl? I don't wear ma…[View]
18842042GIOYC - Get It Off Your Chest: This is the place to unload that baggage that's been weighing yo…[View]
18847800You pick.: Get it off yer chest anons Last thread near limit. Welcome to /Adv/, I love you.[View]
18847783Feeling like an abused kid in the body of a man just sucks. My mind is too old for my age, while my …[View]
18847331I fucking hate people. Every day. They all fucking suck. How do I cope with this shit?[View]
18846441>Meet attractive Guy >Unsure if he likes me > Obsess about him for a while > Get him to …[View]
18847668Why God?: I am attractive but i am 5'7. If i was at least 5'10 I would easily be a model.W…[View]
18845878A female friend wants to butt fuck me: Out of the blue a really hot female friend says she wants to …[View]
18845718>be me >be gay >be strictly interested in a monogamous relationship >very slow to warm …[View]
18847657Nz anon here, I use sites like 1 day for cheap barging etc and was wondering if anyone new of simila…[View]
18847495Whats a good desktop computer to buy, I want really good performance for gaming looking to spend bet…[View]
18846737don't know what to do with my crush at homecoming??[View]
18847603How do I get help for depression as an 18 year old male[View]
18846757I'm emotionally repressed, I haven't cried in two years and haven't genuinely laughed…[View]
18847224Need advice, ive been seeing a girl, shes seem pretty interested, we hang out, we even kissed on las…[View]
18846317[19Yrs] Pretty girls Want sex , cant get a boner: Hey i met with many Girls from my City The last We…[View]
18847175By Text or In person: There's a decent grill that I don't know too well, i've only kn…[View]
18847226Dating a girl and she cancelled.: So im daitng this girl and today she cancelled on our plans, said …[View]
18846753Creepy Request?: Hi /adv/, I'm planning to leave my country soon on a one-way ticket, however t…[View]
18847323Any homeschooled anons on here? I'm in my second to last year of college, and I still have trou…[View]
18845695getting done by the system: me and my daughter are being bummed by system solicitors playing god to …[View]
18847306>that feel when gym instructors make fun of you and stare at you because of your bad squat form I…[View]
18847300I'm happily married and I love my wife. I always make sure that our sex life is good, but the t…[View]
18845073How do I stop sliding on the bed during sex?: When my GF and I have sex, and I’m on top, I keep slid…[View]
18846996I'm 19, still living at my Mom's, and going to college. Tomorrow, my Mom is leaving on a t…[View]
18847299Can you help me solve this? I figured i needed som (((advice))). Just discovered that this board is…[View]
18847208>Birthday today >25 >I wish I never lived to 25 >I wish I died years ago >I can'…[View]
18845495I just got diagnosed with BPD. How can I combat my symptoms and mood swings??[View]
18847242Can you ever really stop being jealous of normal people once high school/college is over? The fact t…[View]
18843235how sad: how sad is it that i'm 21 and still a virgin? i know that most people who frequent th…[View]
18846879How do i cheer up?[View]
18847231How do I get a second date? I've taken 4 women out in the last month. 3 of them just wanted to …[View]
18847221Ohhhhhhh god /adv/ >Have a long weekend from school >Go to Aunt in salt lake >They go off t…[View]
18846938How do i drift: Ive always wanted to be drifter and just wander the country. Just roaming finding wo…[View]
18846742I need advice from someone who's had an eating disorder... Basically, I've come to accept …[View]
18847194do any of you do public speaking? how do you prepare for it? xanax? beta blockers?[View]
18846867>weekend >don't have anywhere to go and don't have any friends, so end up just stayi…[View]
18846952Want to shave beard, but not sure about reactions: I have a beard and long hair, and overall pretty …[View]
18847099hello i came from >>/an/2509775/ its a problem about alcoholism and killing animals i would li…[View]
18846333Been in university for a while and I noticed a guy and he was kinda treated really mean by other peo…[View]
18847064>roommate in apartment >don't want to make it seem like I've just being lying in bed…[View]
18846814There's a slimy pretend gay guy that infiltrated my friendship group last year. He's a cel…[View]
18845162Help me find a baby name: It's a girl but I will accept boy or girl names. $50 e-transfer to th…[View]
18847015I hate myself right now: I fucked up. I don't know what to do, maybe some experienced people ca…[View]
18846995Stuck at a point in life: I have no motivation to do anything, I am stuck at a point in life, I just…[View]
18846971What are some hobbies even a depressed, lazy bum like me could pursue?[View]
18846544Should I get out of bed? I am very depressed and I can't imagine any good reason to get out of …[View]
18846854Gramma needs less pets: She has 2 dogs and 1 kitten. One dog is the equivalent of helen keller, wher…[View]
18845942I constantly think about death. Especially at night in bed, when i realize i'm one day closer t…[View]
18846924How to make a cast?: I missed something important and now I need to make it look like I broke my wri…[View]
18846780Tipping when dining in a group: Does each person tip individually i.e. each seat pays 20% of their m…[View]
18846408So I'm dating this girl for almost 3 years, now. We are both in college. Different ones, for t…[View]
18846876I have a lot of trouble saying no and I was wondering if it's even possible anymore to get myse…[View]
18846871I have Empty Nose Syndrome and can't make eye contact: REEEEEEEEE! I want to breathe normal thi…[View]
18845133pic unrelated: Do you think stupid people are better off dead?[View]
18844749I'm a loser who desperately needs your help, what are some good first date ideas From what litt…[View]
18846444My friend invited me to a party and i'm nervous. I don't know what to wear, what to do, et…[View]
18846783Sleep: It's 18:50 where I live. Beside eating breakfast, I spent pretty much 95 percent of my t…[View]
18846826Girl at party: So I went to a party last. I met a girl there, we goofed around for 5min and then we …[View]
18846833Hey /adv/, apologies for my broken English in advance. So, I have a relationship with this girl, she…[View]
18844775I used to write as a teenager. In fact, I just read a story I had written ten years ago at the age o…[View]
18846820I managed to make it and im dating with a girl. I honestly dont know how i did it because im legitel…[View]
18846787What do you do in an argument when you believe you’re firmly in the right and the other person is be…[View]
18846577I have secured a date.: In a wild twist of fate, I have secured a date with a woman. I met her on pl…[View]
18845785I lost my cat approximately 4 hours ago and I was wondering if anybody has found it. I do not know w…[View]
18846206Help, I have no fashion sense. I need advice for pale skin.[View]
18846779Is it normal to develop an infatuation of someone you don’t know? I go to a fairly small college so …[View]
18846789I was just wondering.. I know for a fact that I've never had much bad experience throughout my …[View]
18846464Went on a first date and a few days later my mum passed away and I sperged hard on this girl I liked…[View]
18845640Has anyone ever completely stopped gaming after having had it as a hobby for a while? Was it worth i…[View]
18846386My vice-principle is a dickhead: I have been studying at this school with the most detestable vice-p…[View]
18846478New relationship: I've been divorced for about 2 months now, my marriage lasted for 5 years whi…[View]
18846755Would I be able to buy a gun in Canada if I am on antidepressants?[View]
18845953when do u do when u see red flags: so i was haveing a few drinks a a bar minding my own bizness i br…[View]
18846739So, I'm a female who's been seeing a specialist doctor for some spinal disc problems. The …[View]
18846736When taking note of winners while failing, is the 'anyone who always wins cheats' myth true? Sorry i…[View]
18846643Why do women complain about men sexualizing them? Why don't they just objectify them back? Ther…[View]
18846551I'm quite attractive but during the last years I've made sure that I never have sex becaus…[View]
18846416How to deal with the fact that your oneitis is in a relationship? I just... can't deal with it …[View]
18846610First Party how do you hook up?: Long story short, I'm 18, was homeschooled, and am going to a …[View]
18846295What's the best suicide method? I'm thinking about exit bags, but I'm, not sure wheth…[View]
18846588I'm hiding my true self because it would be embarrassing Im a pretty funny guy that would do al…[View]
18846350'Treat others how you'd want to be treated' Why is this outlook rarely seen? I sometimes feel l…[View]
18846545How do you make friends? I'm doing my best, but I can't seem to connect with anyone. BG: u…[View]
18846709What do I do?: There's this woman I'm falling for. We've known each other for about t…[View]
18846188Can you help me with some real footage of psychotherapy? Ones with serious conditions would be even …[View]
18846510Had a good friend of mine lose his foot at work. He went for surgery the other day and I saw him thi…[View]
18846698What are some red flags in partners? Not necessariy for men in particular or women in particular, ei…[View]
18846597Want to play bass guitar with tiny hands: So I really want to learn to play the bass guitar but I ha…[View]
18846303Is true that males cheat because of physical instict (like the girl is hot) meanwhile girls cheat no…[View]
18846401Masterbating doesn't feel good as it used to be: >22 years old >Uni student >have some…[View]
18846294should i buy super mario odyssey when it comes out or wait two weeks after if i get it on launch ill…[View]
18846189Question to those who broke up with a cheating partner: how the fuck did you do it? Especially if th…[View]
18846204I always thought I was the good guy. But recently I have just felt like I have ruined everything. My…[View]
18846504I cant do math: I can't even count. Help me understand this world.[View]
18844109>tinderd girl >tell her we should go to a bar >didn't expect her to agree >she agre…[View]
18844763Can I smoke resin from an old pipe? it's all hard[View]
18844540This is dark. I'm gonna greentext only because it makes it easier for me to say. > Be me …[View]
18845324>be me >girl in class keeps staring at me >she moves seats next to me because I have to kee…[View]
18846481How can I learn to be more honest? I want to have a lot of personality when I'm with others ins…[View]
18846366rHey, i will start living alone this week, and need help with knowing what i should buy for fridge. …[View]
18846369So I majorly screwed uo last nights date, any recovery?: So I went on a 1st date with a girl last ni…[View]
18846371My sister's a really bright girl, but she's incredibly indecisive, to a fault. I have to p…[View]
18846378Pic unrelated This boy in my class is going back home mid next month and he doesn’t know if he’ll be…[View]
18844493gaming laptop or build: I went to pc part picker and built a pc i would game on. the total came in a…[View]
18846412Jesus I love you!: I do love you Jesus! Woohoo Yoohoo[View]
18844766So when certain people that are trying to be smart asses to me or trying to screw me over in some wa…[View]
18846307I was in a psychiatric ward for 5 days this week after I tried killing myself after a lifelong strug…[View]
18846345Anyone have any experience with google translate dating? I've had 4 dates with a woman and we d…[View]
18846311should i tell my girlfriend i love her?: started dating a girl from work roughly a month ago. it is …[View]
18844673How to make a poly relationship work?: So I've gotten myself into a one of these. My husband an…[View]
18845287Does anyone here vape or is knowledgable about vaping? I'm a non-smoker and don't do tobac…[View]
18846336...why do i still go: > be me know high school friend > high school friend part of religious …[View]
18844962I have a nephew, he is my favorite one because all the other ones are goanna become normies when the…[View]
18846227How do you go from having acquaintances to having friends ? I keep to myself too much and have troub…[View]
18845978Need some advice bros: Alright so I need some life advice fit and you guys seem to be the least dege…[View]
18846249Hey /adv/ at what point should I stop being friends with someone? How do you judge people's act…[View]
18845181Single: I decided after a good month while of suffering and taking a “break” that my girlfriend and …[View]
18844645Odds of being raped: Do 21 year old dudes get raped? I don't think it's really probable, b…[View]
18844776Talking about perverted stuff: I use the word perverted relatively open-ended. I never discuss my ki…[View]
18844931Does it matter: If I don't want kids or a wife?[View]
18845173$50+ in a day?: What are ways to make roughly $50 in a day? Like RIGHT NOW My phone got disconnected…[View]
18846235scammed: Well I might have been scammed out of AUD $200 worth of BTC thinking I was going to buy som…[View]
18845425Shout out to my fellow sex addicts. Need halp. I recently came out of a three and a half year relati…[View]
18845956>the state of modern society is utterly horrifying to me >the methods by which our society is …[View]
18846007>get /fit/ >get a decent/good job >just got a nice car Lose all my ability to distinguish b…[View]
18844923Learning to forgive: My ex cheated on me and lied about it for months, I found out by a miracle. I d…[View]
18843967(Pic unrelated) I'm a guy. Engaged for a year. Fiancee doesn't like it when I go anywhere …[View]
18844973Am I racist?: I’m a white girl who only wants to date white men. I want to marry a white man and hav…[View]
18845216Don't know what to think: A person very dear to me told me the worst thing they've ever do…[View]
18844585What is a good diet and exercise routine I can do to make myself as physically small and thin as pos…[View]
18844518I want to move on: Hey /adv/, so my ex and I broke up 5 months ago, and I am not being able to forge…[View]
18844226Help me out with messaging this chick. She has no bio, she has a Twitter so I know she's really…[View]
18844713relations: Need advice since I have no one to ask. Mid 20-s. Been in long time relationship, last 2…[View]
18846041>Girl threatens to leave >You calmly respond 'OK, hope everything works out. Bye.' >go back…[View]
18845850here are some words for existential crises: existential crises are essentially the state of missing …[View]
18844537>was a nice guy >everyone around me were assholes >became an asshole to survive >move a…[View]
18844892Is love worth the risk?: Going to the point, i met a pretty cool guy on the internet and we became p…[View]
18844639How to stop yourself from liking a girl: I have this problem where if I like a girl, or start spendi…[View]
18843990Long story short: dated a guy for 4 years, we fell in love very quickly. Were due to get engaged thi…[View]
18844999I’m dying out here cucks: I dated a girl last year and she is one of the best people I’ve ever met a…[View]
18844441How do I stop being so anxious and needy?: I recently went on a date with this girl earlier this wee…[View]
18844989how to apologize to friends: I said some messed up things to a girl a year ago (long story short) …[View]
18845848Vivid Dreams: Hey /adv/ My friend has been having vivid dreams which often affects their sleep - do…[View]
18845874I really fucking hate myself, all day every day. What can I do? Nothing, it seems.[View]
18845839sad: never lucky,never good,but im always trying the best and always fail does god love me so much?…[View]
18845792I’ve had some erection problems before, and now, everytime i date a girl i start thinking about how …[View]
18844857>finished midterm essay >didn't feel like I had a real substantial argument and don'…[View]
18844093getting over love: what do when it's been almost 2 years since contact with your ex but you sti…[View]
18844751(Will continue when max text) I have a bunch of shit I just need typed out, there may be lots of spe…[View]
18845822How do you ask for stuff back/give stuff back to an ex? Recently broke up with gf, we're in dif…[View]
18841575Getting sick of my GFs shit: Alright, I'm going to put this bluntly. My girlfriend is being a …[View]
18844280Advice on how to deal with this, or what it even is: Helping a friend paint in the bathroom. These s…[View]
18845757Future: Alright. Trying my best to keep it short, I'm tired of wasting my life. I need to apply…[View]
18845746Hello, /adv/. Over the past 6 months I have been planning something. Something epic. It all started …[View]
18844664My future: Hey /adv/ Wanting to do paramedicine at university next year, but I will most likely not…[View]
18845003Break up with her or kill myself?: I was absolutely humiliated the other day in front of my girlfrie…[View]
18845535Give threesome a try?: Me and my partner are curious about a threesome, but we are afraid that it wi…[View]
18845008so i had sex with my gf and about 2 weeks later she said her nipples were burning and that she felt …[View]
18844922New to apartment living. What's the best way to ask the people above you to shut the fuck up? T…[View]
18844957My ex inventing stories: My ex broke up with me because she said 1. I couldn't sexually satisfy…[View]
18845028People say that I've gone insane.: I've been told that I constantly have this 'manic' look…[View]
18844690Sup homies, I've been dating this girl for about a month and a half now. She's a very busy…[View]
18845097Hey /adv I want to die. I've succesfully been arguing with myself internally all day. For so…[View]
18845310i need someone who can hack: Not sure if this legit to even ask in here. But I need some advice or f…[View]
18845403i have trouble keeping friends/making them and im socially awkward. one of my group (on discord i on…[View]
18845375I'm honestly not too sure about where to ask this, but I'm gonna ask on here since I'…[View]
18845716On Thursday, I was picking up something off the floor and as I stood up, I twatted my lower back on …[View]
18844506rude to women 2 electric boogaloo[View]
18845679How do you look back on the things you've lost in a healthy way? Everything in my past is tinge…[View]
18845618i wanna die: when my gf is on a bad mood i always trying to make her happy,but when i was on the bad…[View]
18845400Going to meet my internet crush for the first to me tomorrow. How do I act around her? I haven'…[View]
18844630identity/self steem issues: >got an 135 IQ score when 15-16 at a shrink i used to visit >even …[View]
18844834Facebook messenger location: Does anyone know a way a semi intuitive way to find someone's loca…[View]
18845629How do I find out about parties in college if I'm a transfer student and I live off campus? Jus…[View]
18845608Condoms: I'm probably gonna hook up with a cute guy soon, but I forgot a pill a few days ago. S…[View]
18844802House won't sell: Our house has been on the market for several months now, but it just won…[View]
18844882I want to propose to my gf. I saved up $1000 but I feel like my ring options are limited. Might save…[View]
18845006How do I sucide 101 I have Ibuprofen to OD tonight but idk how much I need, please help anons I…[View]
18845551my mom just randomly came to my room and told me she was sorry for blaming me for my little brothers…[View]
18845084Is it normal to be jealous of other people getting attention?[View]
18844967I'm 30 and I should be over the baggage from my teenage years but I'm not. Like I really w…[View]
18844836Moving out/renting: I need to move out of my parents house but I have no friends so it's either…[View]
18844870Never used this board but I need some advice. My girlfriend was at work today, she works in retail, …[View]
18845349sex experienced people needed here. I was a neckbeard most of my life and lately I've started g…[View]
18844088Is it ubderstandable that incels evetually become neurotic, or is it just phatetic in your opinion?[View]
18845456What sort of gift do you get for someone who does nothing: No hobbies or interests, never leaves the…[View]
18844334US travel: For the next week, I will be free before starting my new job. So I figure I'd travel…[View]
18844501Long term Life path: Ok lads College or back into the Military? Im 26, i was in the navy from 19-23.…[View]
18845549Sup /adv/. Recently told my mum about one of my teacher’s method of getting up late on exam day for …[View]
18843986How the fuck do I get good at shaving? I go over every part of my face multiple times and there is a…[View]
18844350Help me choose my major.: >Literature >Graphic design >Foreign languages What are the pros …[View]
18845192Blood Donation: I recently found out I'm a universal donor. I therefore believe I have a moral …[View]
18844466Planned Parenthood charging me: >A while back, like 4-5 months ago >go to get Morning after pi…[View]
18845372How do I stop masturbating?[View]
18845262I'm thinking of leaving my job as a teacher, which I love. The barriers that I keep running int…[View]
18843739I suffer from crippling hatred of hot women every day. Did anyone else have this and overcame it? An…[View]
18845150Money: What is the best way to send money anonymously without having to sign up for an account? It…[View]
18844715overtime issue with employer: Let me say a couple things. First, I'm an idiot when it comes to …[View]
18845327How do you hang out with normie friends: I often dislike hanging out with the normie friends I do ha…[View]
18844719Mental Health Infographs: I'm compiling a list of mental health infographs to share with others…[View]
18843921Why did he send me a selfie: This guy I dated for about 5 months a year ago did a fuckboy move and a…[View]
18844754hacking services?: sup, first time here I bought a PS4 with some physical games and some digital gam…[View]
18844875I'm doing really terrible at computer science right now. If I suck at business classes what sho…[View]
18844702Can someone explain to me the appeal of a life without kids? Avoiding the first years of a child not…[View]
18844874How normal is for someone to have basically no sexual experience at the age of 26? the closest I eve…[View]
18844883Anyone become obsessed with someone, and how the hell do you get rid of it? I feel like a major part…[View]
18844526I want to die every time I wake up.: I'm not gonna lie, I'm a fucking pussy. I lie through…[View]
18844480Are Relationships Worth Trying For Anymore?: Basically what the subject says. It doesn't seem l…[View]
18844765Hi /adv/. I have a stupid, long and terribly complicated situation. I'll put a tl;dr at the bot…[View]
18844746Gf just broke up with me: Doesn't really matter, didn't really like her. Sooo what are the…[View]
18844750how do you find purpose in life?: how do you find purpose in life? I feel like a drifting spectator …[View]
18844752My idiocy: First time poster, please have some mercy. So I'm 20 and I've been terribly soc…[View]
18841652Make me feel better about being the poor one of my friends: I fucked up in college and landed a bull…[View]
18844580gils: what to do do if a random girl you don't know and don't particularly find attractive…[View]
18844429Hey /adv/, this is my first time posting here, so I'm sorry if this is the wrong board for my q…[View]
18844031Help a autist navigate the bar: I went to a bar alone, however I cant just 'get drunk' cause I get e…[View]
18844652What should I do in life?: I'm kind of fucked when it comes to plans for the future. I don…[View]
18844636Fear of reciprocation: >Start getting close to woman >Withdraw and abandon them when they exp…[View]
18844633Hello, Was on field trip a long time ago (for band so we dressed up nice) and this girl thats been g…[View]
18844590My best friend has been giving me the cold shoulder for almost two weeks now. His behavior toward me…[View]
18844605Need advice guys? >Me and my ex split up 2 months ago >We had been dating for about half a ye…[View]
18844369How to keep a womans interest?: How exactly can I keep a womans interest? I have fucked up countless…[View]
18844171Getting over the normal limit: Hello /Adv/, so here's the deal- >QT, at least 8/10 >Me, …[View]
18844221Is starting a rumor your coworker has AIDS overkill for insulting your cooking?[View]
18843275Life Goals and Careers: My girlfriend and I want to own a horse ranch. We want to breed/train/coach …[View]
18844427Fwb: I have the option to start a fwb with a girl I'm not too attracted to. She's 19, and …[View]
18844433How dangerous is it to pop an xanax bar while coming down from cocaine. Not right after doing a line…[View]
18844539what's the best way to get a mistress and keep her hidden from your wife?[View]
18842751I don't like blacks, Jews or Mexican people or transsexuals big picture. I don't have prob…[View]
18844568QUESTION: Does anyone work TSA here?[View]
18844122“Friend” stole £40 from me yesterday I need advice ASAP[View]
18844507Catfish situation, how do you find out who a person is: I have been trying to find the real girl beh…[View]
18844547I work a white collar job at a nice company There is a qt who sat in on a meeting with me and about …[View]
18841251Tabletop Gaming: Is this a good thing to get into? Cos I've noticed literally every other geek …[View]
18844447explain SAT scores to a canadian: My sister wrote the SAT (without studying at all), scored in the 9…[View]
18844025Do you get a better high when you snort hydrocodone? -pic not related[View]
18844013The idea is that enyone can pay to replace the ad in the main page with theirs (also put a link to t…[View]
18842910Was I... molested by my mother?: I have been molested by my uncle as a child. I never really repress…[View]
18844119Caught with Hallucinogen at School: hey /adv/ i have a legal problem >18 >highschool >Got b…[View]
18844485Anxiety over not being able to give up porn: I'm in a really bad place right now. I know nofap …[View]
18843548What does it feel like to have a woman like you?: What's it feel like to have a woman like you …[View]
18844484Should I try a matchmaker?: I am 26 yo, average-looking, hard-working, well-educated. Just had a gir…[View]
18844474Friday night and I'm still breathing: How do I get a girlfriend? I'm 23, have a job, car, …[View]
18843606I'm desperate to finish my degree, but I'm too much of a depressed, crippled-by-insecurity…[View]
18844134Some asshole road rager took a picture of my license plate number. Should I be worried?[View]
18844356How do I tell apart a bad surgeon from a good one?: Does anyone have any experience with getting pla…[View]
18843120Im so tired of my life. Im turning 30 in november and i’ve never had a girlfriend. I have failed to …[View]
18843894Should I forgive my friend? We were best friends for six years, we did so much together and never ha…[View]
18844271Cheating, Raping Husband: Hubby cheated on me and abused me sexually for 23 years. Now, he's le…[View]
18844258Need some help: Yesterday, i was hanging out with a girl for about 4 hours. We were hanging out at t…[View]
18842803No friends in uni HELP.: Hey so i am a first year uni student and I have no friends here(uk). Everyo…[View]
18842636ITT: Ask The Opposite Gender: GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see if it…[View]
18844345Army Security Clearance: So I'm being very specific while not doxxing myself. I'm up for …[View]
18842301Do women not back off when they realise a friend has feelings for them to the point of absolute rupt…[View]
1884269640 year oldfag here. What do you do after you've accepted that you suck at your career and are…[View]
18843626Sex drive what do I do: Hi im a girl with a high sex drive. My bf doesn't seem to satisfy. He…[View]
18843836It all started with an anonymous chat platform (I texted a girl & she doesn't know who I am…[View]
18840544Marriage is fucking hard, minus the fucking: Moved in together in may, we've been married for 7…[View]
18844141I see people I don't like succeeding at things and get irrationally annoyed. Which is a stupid …[View]
18843499Dealing with situational depression: I was laid off a month ago and it's been getting harder an…[View]
18843852Going to a busy bar alone: So I'm just recently single and decided to go to a karaoke bar, sinc…[View]
18841885Car accident survivors?: Anyone here survived a major car accident? Or a major accident in general. …[View]
18843927Suffering from bouts of envy: Recently my life long friend made some connections and now he is prett…[View]
18843289My gf is looking for a job My gf has been working at home for herself for awhile, but it's not …[View]
18843900What do I do if I'm grossed out by the idea of eating pussy? Will this get me into trouble when…[View]
18841040I jerk off almost exclusively to a girl I know. I have lots of sexual fantasies about her. Is this b…[View]
18844079Psychological Aid: Certified psychologist here. I want to practice my english and help a friend out,…[View]
18843516How do I stop getting mad about being mad?: Sometimes, I get angry at myself for getting angry. The …[View]
18843907So I just had an Edible yesterday, one who's effects I'm still experiencing. I don't …[View]
18843474Want to quit my job but I need money really bad: Posted in another thread the other day but really w…[View]
18843038Opening up: How do i get my partner to be more open with me about her problems? Ive never met anyone…[View]
18843254career change: I worked in shitty jobs all through out high school and college. I ended up dropping …[View]
18843773Got rejected by another job; I don't know what emoloyers want. I have a bachelors and I work a …[View]
1884383219 year old male. A little screwed up situation, in general: Or let's just put it this way: If …[View]
18843806How to Walk Away: So I need to just walk away from my situation--literally. (No car, money, way) so …[View]
18843391How do I deal with a bitchy manager/supervisor? My supervisor is always on my back and every mistake…[View]
18834885Do I have a mental health issue?: This happened a while ago. There was an incident in which my famil…[View]
18842957>the girl I like isn't interested Well, I've officially run out of women to be interest…[View]
18837978I'm a girl and want to get nipple piercings. Will I be seen as trashy by guys? I'm a KV th…[View]
18843576How to approach random grills on street: >having very few social skills, almost socially autistic…[View]
1884385822 male here, had one girlfriend, I felt true love. We broke up, and had like 2 years where we had s…[View]
18842460What is a comfy job that does not take serious skill? I was set on doing STEM stuff because I spend …[View]
18843665to keep it short: >attractive, sweet, good hearted girlfriend with matching morals and goals >…[View]
18843715I'm not depressed or anything but I just don't want to live anymore It's hard to con…[View]
18843403Copyrighted music in free stuff: Hi /adv/, I'm making a Visual Novel, and I'd like to use …[View]
18843580Career Advice: General career advice thread for everyone who needs it... My question is, I work in a…[View]
18843480Peer groups: Is it wrong of me not to want to belong to a group of people? It seems everytime I do i…[View]
18843771Critique my life: So I feel like I have a few issues that are fucking with me lately and so I'l…[View]
18842628Whats the whole point of this life shit when youre 5'3? >nobody wants you >you have to w…[View]
18843407Thread for sharing your relationship experiences with mentally ill partners. advice would be appreci…[View]
18843577Anybody got any advice on how to make honest money, my current job doesn't pay enough for me to…[View]
18843319Formatting FAT USB to exFAT on windows XP: Trying to format a FAT USB to exFAT to load up a new PS4 …[View]
18843646Should I be worried that literally all girls who I've dated or have ever shown interest in me a…[View]
18843299IIM FUCKING SICK OF BEING ME MAN! I FUCK up all connections I have with people. How do I act accordi…[View]
18843579Hi Advice, I have a dilemma. Ive been going out with my first and current girlfriend for 2.5 years a…[View]
18843518How to meet new people?: Been in the same fkin school/Highschool/Uni for 10 years. 10 FKIN YEARS. I …[View]
18839226Would you date a woman who had had cold sores sometime in her life but wasn't having a breakout…[View]
18841848How should i approch my husbands porn habits? He has always watched porn and i actually don't h…[View]
18843378My brother and his girlfriend shouldnt be in a relation ship they just got out of high school last y…[View]
18843535Ok so what just happened? Today I was at school. It's 3rd period and that's computers clas…[View]
18843635>be fat >get engineering degree in robotics >get job in new city >sit at home on the com…[View]
18843350I want to join the Navy and I need some advice: This is a question I have for the Navy fags. I'…[View]
18843455Why are women so jealous?[View]
18843048>tfw oneitis doesn't want to hang out this weekend >tfw you have to spend another weekend…[View]
18842838How do I become a better person: I am selfish, depressed, keep grudges and I don't know how to …[View]
18843513How can I tell if I'm chemically /clinically fundamentally depressed /if I've been depress…[View]
18843424Cleaning straw: Hey /adv/, I'm making a gift basket, and want to fill up the bottom with straw,…[View]
18843525All my joints are creaking, it feels like its just bone grinding against bone in some places. (was o…[View]
18843333How do I turn down a religious person?: A devout Christian frequents the shop I work at, and after h…[View]
18843189Being more attractive: So I'm not horribly ugly but I'm not someone who's going to ge…[View]
18842256Halloween Suggestions: Suggestions for an a Halloween costume for a wheelchair user? My only condit…[View]
18842137how come every time we have a conflict, my bf tries to break up. He says he loves me but this is fir…[View]
18843110At my disposal I have: >£15 >A motorbike with half a tank >The house all to myself for the …[View]
18843476Is there any benefit in being honest in this world ? I feel I am the only one in my social circle ca…[View]
18843425I'm not sure where to ask this, but does anyone know why/what it's called when one of your…[View]
18842532Paternity: Really starting to think that my uncle is actually my father. I've asked my mum, my …[View]
18841253I was just at my female study partner's apartment. I used her bathroom but accidentally forgot …[View]
18841776how to look less asian: Hey there, Here's the situation: My heritage is half Japanese and half …[View]
18839718Do i have oneitis? How to solve it: I am going crazy over a girl, i can't sleep, can't con…[View]
18843320I want to die but im too big of a pussy to kill myself. Nothing keeps me going and i find no joy in…[View]
18842577prostitute visit: Ill put it plain and simple; i have saved up some cash to go to a prostitute for t…[View]
18841653Is it weird to text the cute girl from work you seems to be flirting with you, happy birthday right …[View]
18842320Hey guys sometimes my gf makes me so mad I just want to say FUCKKKKKKKK ITTTT!!!!!!! do meth coke an…[View]
18843281How do eye use the study of post-modernism to pick up any woman eye would want? Lookin for that 'smo…[View]
18842877First Job in my life. Anxious and stressed.: So I'm M and 20 years old and I'm anxious at …[View]
18843159How do you cope with the reality of being a manlet? Should I kill myself before polluting the gene p…[View]
18842564>midterm essay due in 12 hours >honestly don’t know enough about the source material to do rea…[View]
18840790Last month I had unprotected sex with my girlfriends 4 times in a row, out of paranoia I gave her a …[View]
18843071*ANY ADVICE IS WELCOMED* I'm stuck in a cycle that I can't get out. I wake up at the same …[View]
18842497Don't know how to/struggle talking to people: How do I make friends, develop connections with p…[View]
18842310My girlfriend of 6,5 years and I have been looking for a house to start a family in. The problem is …[View]
18842985What should I do with her?: I'm really interested in a girl in my class. Romantically? I don…[View]
18842081Hi, /adv/. Before I'd like to begin: I am a dependent autist manchild slowly seeking for indepe…[View]
188428272 months ago my girlfriend kissed another guy while drunk. No sex, Just one kiss. I've had susp…[View]
18841904Car and money problems: I purchased a used vehicle a year ago and it has given me nothing but proble…[View]
18843129Girl: So I met this girl and we have been talking for a while now. She's really into me and I…[View]
18842968I finally realize that I'm not interested in human connections and other people. I just want at…[View]
18841824Hate being around people: When in groups of my friends or people I often feel angry, annoyed and sho…[View]
18843078When I feel depressed I act like my depression is a person and tell it to fuck off and it works. Wha…[View]
18843058Fuck Signals: How do you let women know you're down to fuck without overtly saying it or border…[View]
18842656Been wanting to try smoking lately because it looks cool in movies and TV shows. I've gotten mi…[View]
18838269Is stoicism a good way to get though bad shit in life?[View]
18842580On a sale from 1-10 how much would you give to the girl in the picture ? Id give her 4 at most, i fi…[View]
18841840How do I look older?: I'm 18 and my bf is 21. Only problem is he looks like he's in his th…[View]
18842586My life has been so much about not being a jackass that now I am the epitome of the jackass I don’t …[View]
18842684How do you keep up being friends with a female?: A close friend of mine is female, but man she'…[View]
188415522004 Trailblazer: Yes or No?: Yo. Currently looking at cars. Undecided about whether or not to buy.…[View]
18842547How to make a move on a date? I know what I have to do and what a move is, but I don't get why …[View]
18843006Suicide: So, it's been 2 and a half years now that I want to commit suicide, but since I live a…[View]
18842541I'm a desperate mess: >Be me, 400lbs 29/m in high cost of living NE >Living on own for 6 …[View]
18842936I'm afraid i'm too stupid to know what I want. Is everyone like this?[View]
18840768>go out and make out >repeat >she says she's busy on the two following times I ask her…[View]
18842762Should I be worried?: Hey /adv/, when I worry about serious life topics I ask 4chan instead of someo…[View]
18842869Help! My friends all think I'm a psycho-killer! More than one of my friends has immediately rem…[View]
18841990Crippling Nostalgia: My guideline for knowing I'm fucked has always been when I look to 4chan f…[View]
18842552My husband is severely bipolar and has manic episodes where he becomes literally insane and I want t…[View]
18842292If I get into a street fight and I don't have my mouthpiece with me, am I better off biting my …[View]
18842654Do apartments generally care if couples share a one bedroom apt?[View]
18842758What do you do when adults make fun of you, call you ugly, etc.? I mean it's childish as fuck s…[View]
18842648Whenever I like a girl I ask them to leave me alone. Why?[View]
18842645Recently got dumped by text /adv/. Came out of nowhere. The essay she sent contained issues she neve…[View]
18839611What's the most appauling, traumatic suicide method? Something that'll make people say 'Ch…[View]
18841637Procrastination: how do you guys get motivated to do your HW? I sit at my desk for hours and can onl…[View]
18841386Traveling & Customs (bringing something embarrassing): If I'm traveling abroad, how likely/…[View]
18841394/adv/ i need some ideas for a decent holloween costume and i have absolutely no idea what to choose.…[View]
18842726What does she mean by this?: Girl was really into me years ago but we never hooked up. Now and again…[View]
18841743What do you do in Job Corps?: I was told recently to go their by my apartment manager and I'm s…[View]
18841993My teeth are FUBAR and it makes me sad. How do I fix them without shelling out an arm and a leg?[View]
18842080Hey advice, it's one of your local lesbifriends. I'll green text this shit for an easier r…[View]
18842118How to study. I'm in uni 19yo. Iq is above average. No social problems. But I just cant find th…[View]
18842566Most Important question , pls all answer: Hey im (19, male) , all my life i was looking regular, Not…[View]
18842351at first this infographic got to me but then I realised something.. it is literally retarded. What …[View]
18841893Has anyone here ever been to couples couseling? Did you find it actually helped the relationship?[View]
18842450Oh fuck not again: >Current position: 18y/o, 11th grade (mother put me in school a year late, you…[View]
18842389Deep Web: A friend of mine is saying that tor is safer without using a vpn, because it's easier…[View]
18842549Jealousy?: So I moved to a new city for university and became close friends with my roommates very q…[View]
18841788Hey all, How do I get to know Tamara Chambers better? She seems cool. Thanks[View]
18842597Pic unrelated, I think. Gonna try and make this short but I'm probably gonna fuck that up. I do…[View]
18841693Ex from a year ago texted me last week how she felt horrible for not texting me a happy birthday (my…[View]
18842228How do I properly and safely choke/choke out my gf? I've done reading and have tried it a coupl…[View]
18839991HELP ME! I started /nofap/ 10 days ago and now my prostate is leaking all the time. It started 2 da…[View]
18842338Trust tricks: What are some tricks to recognize or catch people motives and values in relation to yo…[View]
18842516I'm almost thirty and the dream I've held my entire life is to be a professional artist, w…[View]
18840730Can I still get stitches? Those cuts are one day old. P.S.: I'm in therapy, I just had a relaps…[View]
18842505Feeling left out?: I used to play games with my mates every night But recently one of them deleted m…[View]
18842484Motivation to suicide: I am suicidal for over 3 years now, life ain't gonna change. I can'…[View]
18842065How can i erase this??[View]
18841289Bipolar: So I've been in treatment for alcohol addiction for about 7 months now. Last week I wa…[View]
18842231Can someone please explain to me the premise of this book? I'm talking about the notion that th…[View]
18842151Foot in mouth: Is this a psycho thing or just general detachment? If I don't monitor everything…[View]
18841781Legality of my Youtube idea: I want to start a YouTube channel but I want the big ratings fast. I’m …[View]
18840519ITT: Ask The Opposite Gender Anything: GUIDELINES: Before you post a question, check the FAQ to see …[View]
18838551Why do women hate being hit on if they expect men to make the first move?[View]
18842115ADHD/ADD: I'm 21, and recently decided I wanted to start up collage, and wanted to know if anyo…[View]
18841141is period sex gross: >be me >roommate is gone for weekend >boyfriend of 3 months wants to…[View]
18839923Why the fuck are women so insane?: My girlfriend of 2 years literally broke up with me today cause s…[View]
18841152Guy hit on gf at work: Some older construction worker hit on my gf when she was at work today. She r…[View]
18842078I haven't busted nut in over a week. I know that this is because of my antidepressants, I can g…[View]
18840274What's sex with a tranny like I haven't been having much luck with the ladies lately so I …[View]
18841946Is my friend bi?: So I'm 20 and my friend often talks about his girlfriend with me. He also mak…[View]
18838739I really think I should break up with my girlfriend: I love her to death, but she has a sexual histo…[View]
18842262Was on the dark web and found this, was thinking about calling them on a burner phone and try to exp…[View]
18840795Why do women get plastic surgery? It’s so fake and nasty.[View]
18840622How the fuck do I measure my dick size correctly? Every time I get it wrong. The first time I measur…[View]
18841514its a shame that people feel like they have to open with 'not to brag' or 'i dont mea…[View]
18840185What do you consider a Perfect Man?: Like the title say what do you consider a perfect man? In every…[View]
18841331So I'm dating a 17 year old (20yo here), and I'm super embarrassed to tell my uni friends …[View]
18840184Why are people always shit? Just now I ordered a coffee and a sundae at mcdonald's. They gave m…[View]
18840831>Am I bad at sex, or does my girlfriend hate me?: For a while now my gf repeatedly rebuffs my att…[View]
18840911I have a strange dick size in that most condoms are too tight and leave no room but the size listed …[View]
18842135What are the the underlying psych problems behind this? And more importantly, how do you work your w…[View]
18841842Advice when going to escorts: I need some advice regarding the subject of escorts. Since my self est…[View]
18841614My gf wants my cum inside her?: >Dating for 2.5 years >GF used to hate the idea of kids >Wa…[View]
18842051I work at a pet shop, is it risky to flirt with customers? I don't want to take a chance and ge…[View]
18841992college ldr relationship: part 1 preface im in a semi ldr relationship with a girl in college and I …[View]
18840981How do I get over my fear of deranged psychopaths?: I watched Halloween (both 1977 and 2007 versions…[View]
18841902How risky is it to drink two 5 hour energy shots in a 10 hour time frame?[View]
18841911As a kid when I heard of meditation I thought it was thinking about one specific thing for a long pe…[View]
18841800How did this happen? This wasn't me. I haven't tried to appeal anything, and I certainly w…[View]
18841899Can't seem to fall in love w/ gf: Has this happened to any of you? 28/m, been dating for 8mont…[View]
18840645That girl: Tomorrow is my shot to get in a closer relationship with her. How do I make that transiti…[View]
18841241Hi /adv/ So, about a month ago, my boyfriend and I broke up. I broke it off due to the amount of arg…[View]
18841521Dating Apps: I'm a 29 yo male looking to get back into the dating game. It's been a while …[View]
18840240How do I get over being abused as a kid: Heya /adv/, usually I just shitpost on /vg/ but I thought I…[View]
18840988Plz halp: Ok, so I'm a 28 yo Chad and I'm working with a hottie milf, my fantasy. She…[View]
18835450If you don't have sex with her, she won't love you.: Hello. I am a male, 30 y/o and heartb…[View]
18841872toilet terror: Am I being watched? I live in a flat on ground floor, everytime I go to the toilet or…[View]
18840629Im a 28 y/o software engineer. How much does a master degree or phd help in the real world? I see ma…[View]
18839911I've been pretending to be smart my whole life. Is it possible to get smart or am I fucked?[View]
18841643I'm 18 and in college, and there's this cute shy girl in my math class I fancy a little bi…[View]
18841642foot fungus: i wear heavy boots all day for my work this fungus goes away on the weekend it comes ba…[View]
18839167>tfw there is nothing interesting about me how do i become interesting? >dont have any skills …[View]
18841772Ok here's the quick run down. >currently 28 >been with same girl since high school >ha…[View]
18841749I just had the weirdest dream ever. I was on my computer playing PUBG when all of the sudden I actua…[View]
18841484trying to stop being a NEET: Currently almost a NEET(taking online classes but not really participat…[View]
18841105I didn't know I had Aspergers until I got fired for the 5th time in a row. I can't follow …[View]
18841730Chemical engineering: I understand the procedure for the Bucking pi theorem but I don't underst…[View]
18840106Manipulation books: is there any good books on manipulation? I wanna get better versed on techniques…[View]
18838500Need help: Does anyone know what this is?[View]
18841613My friend has developed this concept that he can live his life anyway he wants and doesn't care…[View]
18841666Is it /adv/ move to reveal feelings of attraction to a female friend on your birthday after a year o…[View]
18840961>be me >middle-aged army veteran >don't like the public >wearing jeans and a thin g…[View]
18841584Group Activitie: I have to run a 'session'for a group I'm traveling with. A 'session' is basica…[View]
18839867How the fuck do you get rid of acne?? Used to have it on my face, none on my back. Now I barely have…[View]
18841078Porn relapse: I officially stopped watching porn this February and my GF confronted me about it in M…[View]
18841973Alcoholic rant: So my wife of 6 years is cheating on me. It's not the first time I have suspect…[View]
18841468Asking out co worker: Hey /adv/ long time no post. I got a job about 2 months ago and my supervisor …[View]
18840946I think what I'm studying is vain and meaningless, it doesn't help anyone, and the level i…[View]
18841368help me im beta what should i do: >be me >be 19yr old chemistry unifag >semester starts, f…[View]
18841509Is 3 years too much?: Is almost 3 years too big of a difference between an older guy and girl? Im 18…[View]
18841461Sup advice, I'm starting to get angry about shit out of nowhere. The only thing that changed i…[View]
18841171Please tell me I'm weird and all I want to be is normal. I hate myself. My brother and cousin a…[View]
18841366How do I motivate myself to get a job and work I'm sick of being unemployed. Everytime I have w…[View]
18841182How does someone gain motivation and give a shit about their life? I've realized I have been la…[View]
18841483How do I make my freeloader Aunt get a job. She's never had an actual job all her life and at 3…[View]
18841157>be a piece of shit student all semester >dealing with anxiety and stress in an unhealthy way …[View]
18834888Job search: I've been in a panic for the past 7-8 months due to me having graduated in Politica…[View]
18841309Why is everyone an asshole? Especially the people trying to do the 'right thing'? I just don't …[View]
18840563If you're diagnosed with cancer (or any other fatal disease) do you have the right to reject tr…[View]
18840890QTDDTOT: If you have a question but don't actually need advice, ask it here.[View]
18840995Stressed out about solo traveling.: I've always liked my alone time and have traveled a lot. I …[View]
18840555Please listen to my feelings and give me advice. I'm currently 'dating' a married guy. I foun…[View]
18841321How do you improve the quality of your life?: I feel like I care about such stupid shit /adv/. I jus…[View]
18840044Career Choice: Hey /adv/ I've recently turned 18 and have to decide what I want to study in Uni…[View]
18841369Budget PC/ Peripherals: Making a new productivity/ light gaming pc that I will be upgrading later. C…[View]
18841332How do I balance: How do I balance a work life, girlfriend and hanging out with friends. It seems I …[View]
18839885weird black seed looking thing on my neck: i dont know where to post this. i had a big black bump on…[View]
18841312Nutted before the 4 minute mark TWICE today... I'm so disappointed in myself cause I can usuall…[View]
18840888Hey /adv/, senior in highschool here. As it implies, I'm in 12th grade, my last year. Sadly I f…[View]
18841185>22 years old, never the most social person >suddenly got 'invited' by a frat friend in colleg…[View]
18840466Do NOT consider suicide. It’s ALWAYS the wrong choice.: Yes, I do need to address the “suicide” issu…[View]
18841041Hey, /adv/, how was your day?[View]
18840403I want to ask out my coworker, but the only way to contact her is through company email. what do?[View]
18841249Advice on CHSPE Test?(pic unrelated): (pic unrelated) so I'm going to be taking the CHSPE test …[View]
18841058Anti Manipulation tactic: Story: Girl I flirted with is using social humiliation as leverage to mani…[View]
18840053How much fapping?: Have a GF but my sex drive is just higher Is this normal?` How often is normal/do…[View]
18840718VPN and ISP Suggestions: I am a frequent user of Torrents and so on. I download movies and games all…[View]
18840728>does no fap for 5 days >Always tired, stop doing daily cardio, eat more, stop caring about se…[View]
18840898Renting or couch surfing: I need some opinions. pros and cons. I travel 99% of the time for work. Wo…[View]
18841051Got what may be an odd question, and I'd rather ask a room full of faceless strangers than anyo…[View]
18841112I hate my anxiety it makes me worry too much about things that happened and things that might happen…[View]
18840635Anyone else lost attraction to their gf? She has a great personality, but I just....when I see her, …[View]
18841070> be me > 22 years old virgin > never have sex or have a gilfriend > no friends > a…[View]
18841066This evening I was in the parking lot taking a nap between classes. I open my eyes and a man's …[View]

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