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163834499>original tv series looks shit, but the music is great >OVA looks great, but the music is shit…[View]
163837944When did Clamp start to lose their touch? I wasn't a fan of their crossovers in particular.[View]
163835961Why do /a/ hate Cabba so much? He's a good guy.[View]
163831519I'm a simple girl. I drink. I eat.[View]
16383415614-sai no koi/ diabete romance thread: How do you become best girl in one single chapter boys?…[View]
163835763Sonic X: How did Eggman end up in Sonic's dimension?[View]
163836531Is this the one thing that /a/ actually agrees is good?[View]
163830317Berserk: So I just finished watching Berserk, now what the fuck do I do now? I am a little upset wi…[View]
163837027Heavens Feel: anons, so how was it?[View]
163791127Boruto: Was she always this attractive?[View]
163835636Gundam U.C.: Let's talk about Gundam Universal Century.[View]
163833744Onyankopon: It's the most mysterious time of the week.[View]
163836310This Italian stalion fucks super cute yamato nadeshikos and basically you are fucking mad[View]
163836500I was reading this and was deeply moved about that development Are there any other arcs or even mang…[View]
163831127Girls with short hair are much cuter than girls with long hair[View]
163836416Caulifla thread! One of the best things about Caulifla is the bottomless belief she has in her poten…[View]
163826011Do you even remember me?[View]
163805691Overlord vol 12: So how did it turn to be Kuroinu?[View]
163807681Let's talk about Hinamatsuri[View]
163791349Sistine is literally best girl of all time Don’t @ me[View]
163836160Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso: It was a lot better than /a/ had me believe.[View]
163827181Second season when?[View]
163836101Post dem anime girls that are also cancer.[View]
163824813Takagi-san: What does Nishikata see in her?[View]
163832901Dragon ball: Can any of yall wait until goku and vegeta unlock Ultimate Super saiyan god super saiya…[View]
163835695What's with all the kuma representation in anime? There's quite a lot of it.[View]
163818935Why are Fate/Zero fangirls so in love with Kiritsugu? I have never seen anyone cream themselves over…[View]
163803652>Battle harem died after a year >Meanwhile isekai is still goung strong? When can I expect a r…[View]
163828098Do you miss Sakura?[View]
163833396Komisan wa: Where were you when manga reached top adorable? >I was drinking tea…[View]
1638356793 Gatsu No Lion: Anyone watching Shogi done right?[View]
163812225Kimetsu 83: Just got back home. TSanon will probably start working on this tomorrow, so here's …[View]
163829364Thus spoke Yukko[View]
163831143If left is called a slut, how can right be called pure?[View]
163830371Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou: Episode 17 is out for the few watching still.[View]
163824894Parallel Paradise Chapter 24 Raw: http://lhscans.com/read-parallel-paradise-raw-chapter-24.html…[View]
163834290What did he do wrong /a/?[View]
163807986Princess Principal: >4/29/2018 Princess Principal Special Event Season Two Fucking Happening! Jap…[View]
163833200Daily reminder to clean your ears or else your ear canal will be invaded by tiny creatures[View]
163825867Animegataris: This is gonna be endgame, isn't it?[View]
163814917Will she be a good Student Council President?[View]
163807312Kekkai Sensen: Next week is Chain week.[View]
163835305Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time: More anime cut scenes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7F9I5F…[View]
163830517Why does Kae have such big slut lips?[View]
163784574Prisma Illya: A thread about three lovely little cups. We should get this month's manga chapter…[View]
163833146Is he the best cover artist?[View]
163833481best girl prove me wrong >Protip: You can't[View]
163822563She's cute.[View]
163827934Prison school: What is wrong with this girl(bitch)? She denies her own feelings but still feels a ne…[View]
163825730Fire Punch 73: Embrace Agniism and be blessed by the Fire Punch.[View]
163745833Pre-2000 Anime: Finally got through Sailor Moon R! Orphan should just release what they got of Hiba…[View]
163834633That's fucking shinji for ya[View]
163796217Joukamachi no Dandelion: Time for some more Dandelions.[View]
163828011The sluttification of my waifu, Fubuki, Murata continues to promote is disrespectful and borderline …[View]
163832600Fulldrive: This was surprisingly good[View]
163823345So what do you guys think about Raita?[View]
163830701ITT: Characters who did nothing wrong: I'll start with the king who gave humanity a bright futu…[View]
163830164I swear this kid has the most punchable face in Shonen. His crying doesn't help.[View]
163826498>shonen is entertaining but its basis are mostly simple and following a similar pattern, followin…[View]
163834006Strike Witches: Are we getting new season in 2018?[View]
163807022boku no hero academia: we've seen a lot of MILFs in this series, so when are we gonna his? I wa…[View]
163833504Shingeki no Kyojin: Do you think editor-kun told Isayama to leave Armin in Paradis and don´t give hi…[View]
163783477Banana Fish: Banana Fish anime in 2018 noitamina http://natalie.mu/comic/news/253608 Director: Hirok…[View]
163826362DRAGON BALL SUPER: 'Ore wa, Migatte Vegeta da!'[View]
163820220Violet Evergarden PV3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcgxyvX1rVU[View]
163764491Osomatsu-san: Objective best boy power ranking: Ichi Kara Oso Jyushi Choro Todo[View]
163832063I want to marry a girl like Gavrill[View]
163830875She gives you this look. What do you do?[View]
163793947Kaguya Chapter 83[View]
163822422ITT: Wasted Potential: Characters that deserve to be put in a better series that does them justice.…[View]
163822275>gives birth to 7 children >stands and watches them get massacred Is Cell the worst parent in …[View]
163821705Will this manga ever get translated past the 5th book ? I want to see more Umi[View]
163825817Why is hand holding so lewd?[View]
163817150I love Shinobu![View]
163829390Fate Heaven's Feel: Shinji is the best boy[View]
163827450One Piece: Do you want an onii-chan like him?[View]
163827131>Despite being half dead character goes berserk and totally annihilates his opponent: Is this the…[View]
163828389So how come they stopped making seasons of this after the movies? Weren't they super popular an…[View]
163827710How Japan make 50 animes every season? Are there enough audience for all those 50 anime?[View]
163830024After watching Made in Abyss, why hasn't The Dark Crystal been outsourced to the nips?[View]
163825422Whats all the hate about? At least it looks cute, I guess.[View]
163809565Made in Abyss: I really like Tsukushi's artstyle but I don't really know what about it tha…[View]
163792878Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
163823466Yosuga no Sora: How did /a/ feel about this show? The last two episodes made me feel dirty and empty…[View]
163824450Satoko & Nada: http://sai-zen-sen.jp/comics/twi4/SATOKOandNADA/0001.html Halal manga written by …[View]
163827914If they were to make a live action adaptation of Naruto, what race should Killer B be cast as? I ass…[View]
163821804What does /a/ think of Blassreiter?[View]
163779976Houseki no Kuni: Dia is LOVE[View]
163814392Sevens: Why haven't you read about the world's most bloodthirsty harem?[View]
163828120https://twitter.com/irodori7/status/922465273554145280 Tatsuki (Kemono Friends director) did this ne…[View]
163811021Is it good?[View]
163828070Chi no Wadachi: Isn't the new Chapter due out today? Chi no Wadachi thread I guess. …[View]
163827736We ever found out where this came from?[View]
163814484The Big Three: which had the best music? best story? which is your favorite?[View]
163827688Kakegurui: When will chapter 46 come out?[View]
163806426Sword Art Online: Will Ordinal Scale ever got an novelisation? If it was written to take place after…[View]
163827525Daisuki: Nano Nano Suki Nano[View]
163822343I only watch HxH because of Hisoka[View]
163826377Mob would win right?[View]
163819723Isekai Smartphone: This is such a lazy and blatant attempt at wish fulfilment pandering with an incr…[View]
163825264Do you also want to ***** with Konata?[View]
163798047kei best girl[View]
163798579What the fuck is her problem?: Seriously no healthy person can be this obsessed with sweets.Does she…[View]
163826200Is Bonedrewd immortal?[View]
163801191Love Live! Sunshine!!: How do we save this season?[View]
163820531How does one deal with their .hack//sign post-show depression? I just got done watching and I feel..…[View]
163826436Hi! I am a fellow anime poster! Well met!!! My favourite best girl to larp as is kotori! Oh my how i…[View]
163823379Unless some crazy shit happens with other anime this is my uncontested anime of the season already. …[View]
163789555one piece: Who's your favourite Charlotte? Is Moscato alive? What's the next newspaper h…[View]
163822174Dragon Ball Super: >https://twitter.com/DragonBallRedux/status/921966891865952258 Ready for more …[View]
163826242Gash Bell: Started reading this manga today and it had very little development over 23 chapters that…[View]
163826003Which anime has the best soundtrack and why is it Ippo? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2BE3IILRto …[View]
163787689I love them so much.[View]
163825292Why do girls do this?[View]
163818742A girl walks up to you outside your apartment and does this. What happens next?[View]
163810728Raildex: PV when?[View]
163825799Are Fujiwara Hisashi and Suwa Yuuji related? I ask I spotted Freya Senki being posted on e-hentai un…[View]
163824908>Beautiful girl designs >Series is /y/ bait…[View]
163774104Why is it still unsurpassed despite so many attempted imitations?[View]
163787763Is Hisoka a well written character?[View]
163815694NHK anime: Piano no Mori 2018 April Tsurune 2018 Kyoani http://www6.nhk.or.jp/nhkpr/post/original.ht…[View]
163781696season 2 when[View]
163822309Queen's Blade Unlimited Aldra Redesign: Not feeling this one at all. Looks real boring. She doe…[View]
163825211>LN adaptation where average guy enrolls in magic/special academy and on the very first day is ch…[View]
163812621Name a more pretentious series https://youtu.be/S-XFL78aG2s[View]
163825229I don't know why i ever finished this: Name the worst anime you watched. For me its Dragonaut t…[View]
163825241Girls Shuumatsu Tour: How can we stop thoughtcrime?[View]
163820341jiraiya being a peace lover came out of nowhere[View]
163824862The Case Study of Vanitas 020-020.5 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >The Case Study of Vanitas 0…[View]
163822805Spin-offs that are better than the originals: Vigilante > BnHA, I think we can all agree on that,…[View]
163823779Oh God that's terrifying.[View]
163824772shinchi had a hard life[View]
163816287Dioti Manual: Anyone reading this?[View]
163820506Let's play a game /a/. Pick an anime. Now, replace every main character in that show with anoth…[View]
163786623Goblin Slayer is the best fantasy manga: Why Goblin Slayer is the best fantasy manga on the market? …[View]
163804830Shokugeki no Soma: Can it continue if the rebels win and take over the elite 10? What would be the p…[View]
163823300>This is /a/'s favorite JC What's so good about her?[View]
163823482>Watching a sub >Sensei gets translated into Master…[View]
163822605How would you fix SHAFT?[View]
163780727Blend S: do you?[View]
163824340Gundam 0079: >childish >goofy >moeshit (pic related) >lame WWII allegory >toylike des…[View]
163813615Shinsekai Yori: I don't get it. He didn't do anything wrong given the circumstance.[View]
163758251Kemono Friends: What were your thoughts after you watched the first episode? I myself thought it was…[View]
163823892How hard given the chance?[View]
163824115What is it about miko outfits that make them so cute?[View]
163818556Chū-2 running order: Just marathoned Season 1 cos I missed it first time round, and it was great. Ye…[View]
163821669Just Because thread: Please tell me she is gonna win the mc-bowl. I belive.[View]
163821334Ideas for a Manga/Anime: I know we've all had them, what are the ideas for a Manga/Anime that y…[View]
163823804Urusei Yatsura: *murders Ataru*[View]
163821252Please help /a/. I can't stay interested in Casshern Sins, but I can't find a good reason …[View]
163804296Yuragi 84: Clock was behind by an hour and I didn't notice.[View]
163798352Did everyone drop this show?[View]
163823436I'm still mad /a/nons.[View]
163823279Is Guri-chan the only female N.E.E.T. not knowing what love is?[View]
163820303Name an edgier character[View]
163796538Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou: MORE ONE MIGHT[View]
163791467Inuyashiki: Full OP is out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KguH2GtOwEw[View]
163820458Sands Of Destruction Thread: So what did you guys think of this anime series? I honesty thought it w…[View]
163822609Post well draw manga motorcycles.[View]
163783455Animegataris Episode 3: Animegataris is already on its third episode. Has it caught fire yet?[View]
163822147Why no Gurren Lagann?: I thought anime was about MANLY people.This site is cancer[View]
163816997Dragon Ball Super: Say hello to your Tournament of Power MVPs for the next three weeks. Also, any an…[View]
163821515This is my first time watching idol anime and which show should i watch idolmaster or love live? htt…[View]
163812045How is this manga so fucking good; and why does no one ever talk about it?[View]
163820212Violet Evergarden: PV3 out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcgxyvX1rVU[View]
163820670Which one is better, /a/?[View]
163799952yuki yuna is a hero: I only started watching this because of the gif of the red girl spreading her b…[View]
163823632Let's say you have a friend that adamantly hates anime. He's always complaining about how …[View]
163820769what does Dia smell like?: Also Love Live Sunshine thread[View]
163800726Anime food thread. This is the best looking burger I've seen in a while.[View]
163819996Has 'moe' peaked already? Not talking about KyoAni in particular. The cute girls are getting cuter o…[View]
163820636nvr 4get that wen u feel happy or joi that it will nevr last long all tings xpiyre in the nd to sorr…[View]
163822632Hair in anime: Redpill me on hair colour in anime. Is there any interpretation guide? Cultural japan…[View]
163772485Pretty Rhythm/Pripara/Idol Time: How much drifting is too much drifting?[View]
163820857This is a Japanese Frenchman, Pierre.[View]
163820632Kakegurui: So now that a month has passed since it finished. Do you still think it was shit?[View]
163820469What would his Alter form be?[View]
163783065>you will never finish your backlog[View]
163820514ITT: Powerups with lasting consequences. Pic definitely NOT related since hxh i is an asspull smorga…[View]
163820223He could have gotten away if he didn't kill Shigeki[View]
163816741Why did Maidragon flop?[View]
163816248I think Lucoa is a pedophile. Debate me. >Always around Shouta >Always sexually joking with hi…[View]
163817634Cyborgs 17 & 18: Seriously why weren't they the main villains in the Android/Cyborgs Saga? …[View]
163818899if i buy an axed manga does the author still get money out of it?[View]
163817248Little Witch Academia: Good, bad, mediocre? What's the verdict? The first half is a lot better …[View]
163820351What if Gatchaman Crowds got a heavily-edited version with plenty of cut scenes, dialogue/name chang…[View]
163818451What would you do in this situation?[View]
163820282Orphen revival when?[View]
163764532Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Gotcha![View]
163816158Why do people keep defending dragon ball super. It doesn't have any Story no character developm…[View]
163819003Lupin III: Let's discuss Lupin! What is the last serie or movie you've seen and what did y…[View]
163798629Danganronpa: Would you eat Donuts with Aoi, anons?[View]
163805326Characters that deserve to be treated way better by the fans: When TFS ends I'm gathering what…[View]
163814286Go-toubun no Hanayome: Chapter 8 is out so I'm dumping[View]
163817687Allison & Lillia: Just started watching this. What am I in for?[View]
163819083My favorite card from 2013[View]
163802453What are some of the best shootout scenes in anime?[View]
163809158JoJo: Which is the best girl?[View]
163819224Digimon Tri movie 5: Just finished watching it. What happened to the 4- digimon 02 digi destined Wil…[View]
163801726kizumonogatari: Wait, is the Blu-Ray gonna have cat nipples? Cause I'd totally pay money for ca…[View]
163814978I wonder who the main characters are?[View]
163794060post couple or OTP that deserves to haves a child[View]
163809339is it good?[View]
163795067Durarara: Where did everything go wrong?[View]
163817287Accel world: Season 2 when¿[View]
163817527If Aokiji froze the sea and then the battlefield was the field of ice then wouldn't that ice te…[View]
163816682What would their children be like?[View]
163816212ITT: Girls that should've been the Main Love interests for Male MC.[View]
163818210Spin: ITT: Post spinny[View]
163657595Would the Cinderella Girls anime be better if it just focused on the attractive idols(JC and JS)?[View]
163815707Kenshiro attended Tomobiki High (the high school Lum and Ataru were in). Discuss. https://www.youtub…[View]
163818354Hana-san,damn you autistic.[View]
163808873Has someone on /a/ ever changed your opinion on a series/character?[View]
163815829Shomin Sample: So did he get a harem ending? He didn't right?[View]
163808146have you forgotten about this masterpiece, anon?[View]
163813096>First time watching anime >Start with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure >See this I think I no…[View]
163815002juuni taisen: I guess you could say he died like a bitch[View]
163816984Himouto! Umaru-chan R: HAMBAAGAA?[View]
163810595Boruto Thread?: All Naruto has to do is wait for Sarada to turn 18! Simple as that. Also Boruto thre…[View]
163817257Sooo.... did they fug?[View]
163786243>committed countless genocides and planetary destruction >became the nicest guy in the multive…[View]
163816466Kale and Caulifla fusion! DBS Episode 115 title: Episode 115 title name. (12 November, 2017) Goku vs…[View]
163808029ITT: Trainwrecks so bad that you want to forget they exist.[View]
163808041So when does Kuon stop being a bitch? She's like the wrong kinda tsundere, but without the dere…[View]
163816709Hey /a/ who's the manliest man in anime?[View]
1637362593 Gatsu no Lion: It's time for best girl to make her appearance.[View]
163808236Why is mom such a complete slutbag that she thinks it's okay to try and fuck the guy her sister…[View]
163814143katanagatari thread: holy shit.........[View]
163798247OP OF THE SEASON: So what are the contenders for op of the season? I personally think inuyashiki is …[View]
163773264Tawawa: Getsuyoubi no Tawawa Sono IV was finally translated. So I shall post the interesting parts.…[View]
163790977mahoutsukai no yome: This episode was heavy as fuck[View]
163811174Dragon Ball Super: UI Goku was hardly a match for Jiren, so the only way for Universe 7 to win the T…[View]
163754424>Villains got a female member on their organization >they backstab and kill her off for no rea…[View]
163811478Will any shounen ever top this?[View]
163803209Initial D: I just finished first stage that was pretty fucking rad. post favorite eurobeat. https://…[View]
163752326Net-juu no Susume: OLs > NEETs[View]
163809415Shingeki No Kyojin: How will the festival play out? How do you think the eventual battle of Paradis …[View]
163810817You have to live in the One Piece world for one week. If you do, you’ll win a million dollars. What …[View]
163811789Raildex: >Magic gods are back >A billion Aleisterd fighting the Brits >Corozon is also back…[View]
163815486>anime adaptation from an unfinished romance manga is announced >release a single cour season …[View]
163780897Will she ever find happiness?[View]
163802080ITT: Series you have outgrown and can't stomach anymore[View]
163815039Did you spend your sunday watching Christian anime?[View]
163815014How does Studio Deen get work? While I liked KonoSuba it seems like animation-wise it was really unp…[View]
163812579>Medusa dies >Eventually everything turns to shit I wonder why…[View]
163793346This body was made for assassination.[View]
163810245Beach Episode idea: If Net-juu No Susume gets a beach episode, what swimsuit would she wear?[View]
163759812post these[View]
163813295ITT: characters from this season that you can beat up in a fight[View]
163810870Was there a new LWA OVA or something? There are some gifs floating around on twitter with Diana and …[View]
163812916Why was he such a likable character?[View]
163812805>'Shifuto cheinji' >context is clearly referring to shift lever being on the opposite side of …[View]
163795731Favorite anime of this season? I wanted to like Mahoutsukai no Yome but really didn't.[View]
163797726ITT: Pure Love: Scenes that make your heart melt[View]
163810602Maousama Chotto Sore Tottee!! Chapter 16[View]
163812004Assassination Classroom: Just finished this. What did you guys think? It wasn't anything revol…[View]
163811218Gilgamesh can technically be a Berserker class. What would he be like as a Berserker?[View]
163808858Is Dorothy a femme fatale?[View]
163812436this season: What are you watching this season? I'm only watching Kino's Journey so far. N…[View]
163812514>it's good if you pretend it's an unintentional comedy[View]
163810483How popular was Bobobo in the West? Why didn't any of the video games get localized?[View]
163806167In the second panel it looks like she got injured to me, but afterwords she, and even her uniform is…[View]
163810231Is that the kind of girl virgin otaku desires nowadays? Pathetic...[View]
163811660MUH PAST[View]
163812138What anime is the most like Mortal Kombat? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikWeup2QW6I[View]
163808314Name a better villain.[View]
163809667Can some young adult men watch Sailor Moon without be seen as a gay to society in general?[View]
163811138Are they a couple or what?[View]
163802128explain this[View]
163811193Jojo part 5 anime: It's coming, right?[View]
163811108Is there a more perfect idle than Elza-sama?[View]
163791966Tokyo Ghoul:re: >Touka will die and Rize comes back with functioning brain.…[View]
163801692Dragon Ball Super: Honestly this episode was pretty boring and offered no surprises at all. Pretty m…[View]
163809295Who are the most interesting dragon ball characters, and why is it the Pilaf Gang?[View]
163810606>OP has a light/daytime setting >This is later completed with the ED showing a dark/nighttime …[View]
163810290Was there no new airing today?[View]
163809872Western culture ruined even umaru[View]
163810371Koe No Katachi Thread: Koe No Katachi (A Silent Voice) just recently got released to select theaters…[View]
163809139Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu Chapter 22[View]
163808376Am I the only person that thinks that the new Dragon Ball is thrash? >Goku behaves like a retard …[View]
163810247>a being that was doomed by its own creator rebels to save itself, and ends up saving every other…[View]
163808490Why do anime boys who look like this turn me gay?[View]
163810507This is your commander for tonight[View]
163801631>There are people on this board that don't like Umaru[View]
163800450Zero no Tsukaima: left or right?[View]
163803525I just finished reading this. What exactly happened in the ending? Felt like it was kept unresolved…[View]
163806971Gochiusa: By me What is the highest IQ scene in the series?[View]
163805465My name's Chiya and I'm the gayest kirara alive.[View]
163804478What's worse, the talent or the writing[View]
163791838I'm going to marry Galko![View]
163806594DxD: Rias is garbage now please fix this Ishibumi[View]
163806777Himouto Umaru-chan R: Kirie confirmed for best[View]
163808609So, can she beat Demonbane or not?[View]
163791940>Zeta Gundam thread deleted for no reason Zeta is no longer safe for discussion on /m/. It must g…[View]
163807107What a monster.[View]
163804972Hack or genius?[View]
163806716This is Sakura. Say something mean about her.[View]
163807185Will we ever see a good Evangelion game?[View]
163807792Can anime-only characters - pic related -in shows be considered canon, in that given context? Also: …[View]
163807174Why is this show so lewd?[View]
163804311>Best track in the entire anime >Plays exactly 3 times in 26 episodes. https://www.youtube.com…[View]
163798907Raildex: Rest in Peace Academy City[View]
163804214Is Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei the funniest anime of all time?[View]
163800644Was Koe no Katachi the best looking production of 2016?[View]
163770148ITT: Wife material only[View]
163801593horror manga: since it's october I'm making a thread. What do you like to see in horror ma…[View]
163807780Suddenly our 11 year old is trapped inside an alternate reality for 6 months with all his friends bu…[View]
163807760Well that was different. Shame there won't be a Season 2 as the ending is left open to interpr…[View]
163796070>There are edgelords on /a/ that actually support the Empire fucking disgusting, Yang was the her…[View]
163807027Just watched Gundam Thunderbolt. What did I think of it?[View]
163794506You think Buu was originally supposed to be in the tournament? Or did Toriyama plan to use Frieza, …[View]
163799541Do you prefer anime or manga?[View]
163801808Re:Creators: who can beat her[View]
163802457Did they fuck? I need to know[View]
163799217>anime skips the beach episode[View]
163800172Warhammer: Rise of Sigmar: Berserk is just a Warhammer rip off right? They have chaos gods and every…[View]
163806005Does this whiny cunt ever shut up?[View]
163801142How would you handle this situation?[View]
163799492Dies Irae: Why's this shit so full of cliches?[View]
163808724recommendation list: post your recommended anime/manga to read/watch[View]
163805045favourite one piece moment: What's your favourite one piece moment? this is mine.[View]
163783908When arguing with someone on /a/, keep in mind that 90% of the board has not even seen 1000 animes a…[View]
163799191What was his name?[View]
163784071The Night Is Short: Subs when?[View]
163806340This is my wife Umaru. She can be quite lazy sometimes, but I still love her.[View]
163778132This meme has fucking exploded in Japan over the past few months. People just can't seem to sto…[View]
163806079All these plebs fighting over HxH and BNHA, while true patricians know that shonenshit already peake…[View]
163799060Girls und Panzer: Just caught up with Ribbon no Musha, place your bets on who will win the tournamen…[View]
163801432This is a japanese shapshooter.[View]
163803850ITT: Good characters that got a pathetic death[View]
163806006ITT: characters that drastically lower your enjoyment of the anime they're in.[View]
163800974Has this stupid grail actually granted a wish?[View]
163805956Did J.C. staff succeed in saving anime? Has any studio ever actually saved anime?[View]
163804629What are your sexual fantasies regarding Mariko, /a/?[View]
163793876ITT: Shows only underages watch[View]
163803529Which series handled the time loop plot the best?[View]
163798316Why did he lost?[View]
163801507ITT: Anime lookalikes[View]
163790577Boku no Hero Academia: When this asspull arc ends, will we see more from class B?[View]
163805459I love this boy. Not like in a weird way, like a little brother.[View]
163781022Detective Conan: Are they at least going to fuck once before Shinichi goes crawling back to Ran?…[View]
163773081Great first episode or greatest?[View]
163804425Nagisa sucks[View]
163778980ITT seiyuu with only one anime role[View]
163803281Does Homura care about the other megucas or are they simply a means to an end to her?[View]
163788423I want to fuckher. Also why can't we get more shows like this? What happened to the drop in qua…[View]
163798175This is Mizuki in her bikini. Say something nice to her.[View]
163792254The Fire Sisters.[View]
163801628Name a more aesthetic anime. you can't[View]
163798571Reminder that Charlotte and Cecilia are only good for beatings and rape[View]
163803745Interesting Non-Gary Stu characters in isekais with Gary Stus?: >Inb4 Konosuba and Re:Zero I pers…[View]
163801005On the wiki it says he is actually a she.: How come the MC wouldn't know his brother is actuall…[View]
163792922Are you hyped for s3?[View]
163802286Do you like it?[View]
163780974Imouto Sae: Episode 3 airing right now.[View]
163802724On a scale of Hokuto to Akagi where do you like your protagonist's moral compass?[View]
163801231Anime girls cutting their hair should be fucking illegal.[View]
163799719Go-Toubun no Hanayome Chapter 8: http://read.lhtranslation.com/read-go-toubun-no-hanayome-chapter-8.…[View]
163800333So why did this get axed again?: I never bothered wondering why? I mean besides the obvious 'harem c…[View]
163803000What was the point of this loli?[View]
163792880JoJo: Whenever you're in trouble and don't know what to do, ask yourself. What would King …[View]
163779001Post series where author trolled his fans[View]
163779311Why are they ruining classics?[View]
163799216How does she look?[View]
163777487Violet Evergarden: Will it be the best written drama of all time? Will it have the most deep, comple…[View]
163794918Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel]: Knowing that Presage Flower ended with the death of Saber... I…[View]
163781025Re:Creators: So i made it to the wacky halfway point summary episode before I dropped it. I'm c…[View]
163793636There's 2 ways Berserk ends. 1. It's shit and takes another 10 years to happen. 2. It does…[View]
163791376Fate Zero: Why is Kiritsugu so much cooler than Shirou?[View]
163719397Date A Live: Season 3 is in development!!! https://twitter.com/KoshiTachibana/status/921544156173840…[View]
163783126Made in Abyss: Will the Riko-San Squad get the happy ending they deserve?[View]
163802191Welcome to the island of beautiful men.[View]
163798558How did he do it?[View]
163784165I don't understand the appeal of this character. He looks plain and feels like he's meant …[View]
163781994Golden Kamuy: So drunken Asirpa is right, even she can laugh at it. This is the state of Sugimoto…[View]
163785094Fire Punch 73: Do you have time to talk about lord and saviour Agni?[View]
163798700Samon the Summoner: So I know the series is (sadly) kill, but it looks like another group managed to…[View]
163801108When's the next chapter gonna be released?[View]
163791010Daishinkan: Realistically, is there anyone who can stop him?[View]
163741104what are the edgiest mangos youve ever read? some that come to mind for me: wolf guy, shimauma, akum…[View]
163779077Watching picrel right now. 5 episodes in and so far LITERALLY FUCKING NOTHING happened. It's pr…[View]
163766938Houseki no Kuni: Did Orange save anime?[View]
163799967ITT: Cunt destroyers in anime[View]
163800912Sakura Kinomoto is not only the greatest character ever created in terms of anime, but the greatest …[View]
163788607Okay wait... is this yuri romance or not?[View]
163740718How did Watamote go from being a fun little diversion to one of the best manga around?[View]
163798394Just got caught up after a few months: Holy shit yes. I can wait another decade for it but now I nee…[View]
163798349Catchiest Anime OPs: EVERYBODY COME ON[View]
163799257why are there no romantic high school anime where the main girl is a boy?[View]
163800437I want a sitcom about him and his many many kids: I'll call it 'my 12 (or 18 if Zeno didn'…[View]
163781901Gamers LN Summaries - Volume 6: Are you ready for more misunderstandings? Of course you are. Last t…[View]
163750191ITT: 10/10 Canon Couples: Pic related.[View]
163797082How do we go from this...[View]
163790482flcl/ fooly cooly: do you think the new season(s) will have teenagers smoking and children that enga…[View]
163798683I want to fuck this retard[View]
163786532Do you like girls with blue/purple lipstick?[View]
163795476What do you think of this dumb cat?[View]
163784337ITT: Characters who should fuck already[View]
163767969Best girls who lost[View]
163696342Garo Vanishing Line[View]
163783329>tfw this is what japan thinks is humor[View]
163782551Their death battle is happening on the 31st of this month. Who's gonna win?[View]
163768945Quality Translations[View]
163789321What does /a/ think of Ramiel?[View]
163789004What does /a/ think of Gankutsuou Just finished rewatching it for the first time since my first view…[View]
163764563Kekkai Sensen & Beyond: Blood Blockade Battlefront: House party at Starphase's place! You b…[View]
163796859Black Clover: What is his end game? Do you guys liked the last chapter?[View]
163792257https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIgmvyHhc6w >subs will always be superior to du- Subfags on suici…[View]
163793815Why did they make this scene short as hell in the anime?[View]
163782910ITT: anime that's better than the manga[View]
163797684Why the fuck did the fat fuck get the girl in the end?[View]
163798598What culture performs this ritual where you are sorrounded by high school girls?[View]
163791097I want to lick the Chieftain's chieftains![View]
163795674Aqua is getting married What do you do?[View]
163762499Love Live Sunshine: Did we like that last episode? Why is CKRK so cute? Who went to USCAN DV?[View]
163792016Decent subs when?[View]
163790745Mayoiga: I am watching Mayoiga right now and you can't stop me[View]
1637959502017's Mayoiga?[View]
163791048Oh man, this charater tells me everything I need to know about it's intended audience. It'…[View]
163797782This is my favorite picture of Waver: What's your favorite picture of Waver?[View]
163797215Why does it seem like there's less 'iconic' shoujo manga as opposed to shounen? Maybe it's…[View]
163794088Dagashi Kashi: You know, Coconuts is kinda hot, isn't he?[View]
163783719I fixed Megumin.[View]
163795480mfw /a/ worships megumeme, forgetting who the real goddess is.[View]
163780976raildex: I'm gar for touma[View]
163792221tfw /a/ can't stand the fact that Kyoani has always been the best and purest studio to this day…[View]
163796753Girl's Last Tour: Finally caught up with the show and so far is really nice. I'm surprised…[View]
163796915Another Blade Of The Immortal trailer brehs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bYuDgTuNUE[View]
163795994What's with all the anime where the main character's girlfriends want to fuck but he'…[View]
163769478Does /a/ like sluts?[View]
163782262What would you do to amuse Sento?[View]
163797898Wallpaper/Lock screen thread[View]
163773382Is it Sunday morning yet?[View]
163795937They want it. They want to be lead.[View]
163786081remove 1 shitty character from an anime to make it perfect. Ill start off: kissXsis WITHOUT PISS[View]
163792649When are we getting a series where the MC's inaction inevitably leads to every member of his ha…[View]
163792251Tell Haruhi how much you miss her.[View]
163768024Two Car: How will they top this scene?[View]
163783030Think of all his fans dying before he ever finishes Berserk. Release me from this pain[View]
163794047Amazon DRM: can you still easily deDRM mangas? what tools to use?[View]
163795149How can one be this smug and still lose?[View]
163795056why did she have such a hate boner for nippon-ji[View]
163790982Hero Academia: Be creative[View]
163787067This guy would totally run you over with his motorrad and steal your gf in the process[View]
163791507This is my favorite romance manga/anime. Say something nice to it![View]
163784188Does Emperor Time automatically activate every time Kurapika's eyes turn red?[View]
163794649>MC is a brooding anti-hero[View]
163790039>Main villain becomes best girl in the last few minutes of the season[View]
163791409What went wrong with Mekaku City Actors?[View]
163789429HxH Thread: How can 1999fags ever recover? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z00r31hqD6E 0:51 https://…[View]
163785191Nisekoi: What does /a/ think of this show?[View]
163769308Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu esults Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e…[View]
163742559Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
163771767What does /a/ think about High School DXD season 4's art style? https://youtu.be/8fUIjjB0gnU[View]
163792677Whats that one moment in anime that always makes you feel?[View]
163755750LWA: What else is coming up? Is the Ova rumors real?[View]
163792554Digimon Thread: Who really deserves Sora here?[View]
163751096shoujo shuumatsu ryokou: i dont know about you guys but the ending was pretty lame, they could have …[View]
163750419Are you ready for the next season of overlord in 2018, /a/?[View]
163790714Should I be reading the manga or novel?[View]
163790442Watashi wa Hero: Eri never did and never will give a shit about Mirio[View]
163788206Have you forgiven her yet?[View]
163792986How will this impact anime? https://www.thestar.com/news/world/2017/10/22/japanese-prime-minister-sh…[View]
163738916Kusuriya no Hitorigoto: Dumping my tl of Kusuriya no Hitorigoto chapter 3. Ch.2 was last week for th…[View]
163789191Yoru wa Mijikashi Arukeyo Otome: Does anyone know something about the BD's?[View]
163775262Flexing girls[View]
163766614Just Because: >another show where the deserving does not win. Why?…[View]
163789193it was not nice[View]
163790197This is AOTS[View]
163790890Why does /a/ act upset about this ending? It's one of the more pure forms of love and my dream.[View]
163787708The source of his power is his eyes. Screencap this.[View]
163790788So is there like some sort of drama requirement for being a male idol?[View]
163784238ITT: 10/10 characters: no Kekgurui allowed[View]
163790523Manga Covers Thread: >be me >riding through midnight Tokyo with bros >spotting some famous …[View]
163790306There's something happening in here: What it is ain't exactly clear[View]
163790315Are you an /EriitoNeeto/ ?[View]
163790255>watch this expecting harem >get lord of the flies >can't stop thinking about survival…[View]
163789412Why isn't Yotsubato influential despite its overwhelming popularity and critical acclaim?[View]
163723349Drawthread: Make or request /a/ related art.[View]
163762370One Piece: I find it interesting how every DF user that fits the 2-9 theory ended helping the Strawh…[View]
163760652Dies Irae: >The expansion of Ren's harem isn't much of a surprise either, as we see the…[View]
163789018>'hey nii-chan, me and the girls were planning on dropping by the rock and beer store want a lift…[View]
163771535Hero Academia: How do you break Mei? And on that note, how do you make Yui sad as well?[View]
163779157Tokyo Ghoul Re: 145 Will the troops stop Godneki?[View]
163769367YYH is cool because it's DBZ with a more stylish skin[View]
163787418What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
163788783this has to be the worst shit in a while[View]
163788599Ecchi shows: Can anyone tell me what is the point of ecchi shows? I dont understand why people find …[View]
163786908Gintama: So, he's going to be the first Prime Minister, right? I think that's what they…[View]
163791570Caulifla: Why does she make so many people angry?[View]
163791055Dragon Ball Super: What exactly does Frieza want?[View]
163787402Why is Saber dating Rin, /a/?[View]
163785598Hey, /a/, let's star an Anime Club![View]
163788505Banana Fish Anime!!!!!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUGS9j6pcV4 http://natalie.mu/comic/news/2…[View]
163788203>”WOOOOOOAAAAAAHHHHHH!” >”じぶんの 陰茎 は 非常に ハード!!!”…[View]
163787594i kill my sharingun and activated my zongetzu/stand with my rero rero rero's pokemons >wat d…[View]
163786323Post the mc you hate the most: I hate this fucking faggot.[View]
163787108What do you call a sad Japanese person? Red, White and Blue[View]
163736504Ippo: Maybe he just needs more oxygen[View]
163770255Who's hyped for the upcoming Annie OVA? I wonder how much araki araki will edit out, the shower…[View]
163784858Yuri Kuma Arashi: did they die?[View]
163771417Do you think they might have fucked if it wasn't for the chocolate being diluted with liqueur?[View]
163782661Greatest anime villain: Post the greatest anime villains of the decade[View]
163765850Tomo-chan: The lovable moron chronicles continue[View]
163776204gone but not forgotten[View]
163786197A 80s manga gets anime and it's smut fujoshit disguised as shoujo manga. Fujos have the anime. …[View]
163787612Girls that made you cum bucketloads?[View]
163787511Any of you read Okama Hakusho? This got really weird in the end. Expected from Yamamoto Hide.[View]
163781602Best episode of their respective series[View]
163786625Thoughts about Lucoa Lucoas?[View]
163780744What do you think about anime girls with makeup?[View]
163737068The Idolmaster: SideM: Episode 3 just aired, now the wait for subs begins. Best girl also appeared.…[View]
163770628That one anime character you loved the most. What's her name /a/?[View]
163782545Dragon Ball Super: Ladies and Gentlemen, your MVP for the Tournament of Power so far: /ouremperor/…[View]
163770047Evangelion: I don't get it. How is this supposed to be 'deep'? >Shinji learns to love and ac…[View]
163781053I wanna make you a mother.[View]
163786933Princess Principal: Special event next spring announced Sunday morning and the light has come Wake u…[View]
163784341everytime I try to watch or read death note I always stop at L's death and can't bring mys…[View]
163785000Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory: Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory PV https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
163783403my husbando[View]
163778552>looks like a cinnamon roll >could actually kill you why did they do this…[View]
163782443What's the most disappointing show you've watched?[View]
163786244Kizumonogatari Part 3: Seriously, what the FUCK was he expecting? All this time wondering how their …[View]
163780130It's almost Halloween. Bring out your spooky pictures.[View]
163783092boku no hero academia: soon canceled[View]
163778608Houseki no Kuni: should i start reading the manga of Houseki no Kuni? after watching the first 3 epi…[View]
163783750Pingu In The City: king of anime was great this week, soccer episode was good[View]
163735163Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel: What did ufotable mean by this?[View]
163674734Shokugeki no Soma: Chapter 236 real spoilers when? Here are the supposedly fake spoilers. Takumi ser…[View]
163722267Ballroom: >15 episodes in and we're still on the 'muh leading' shit…[View]
163775231Remember me?[View]
163784965Yoru wa Mijikashi Arukeyo Otome: Someone uploaded the full movie with no subs on Youtube. https://ww…[View]
163785281Fate/Apocrypha: This scene was quite ok, don't you think?[View]
163738727Kaguya 83: https://imgur.com/a/TP85i Did I miss the thread or has no one posted this yet?[View]
163718584What kind of man does Cocoa-san prefer? Do I stand a chance?[View]
163777612Are these the sexiest pantsu in anime or manga?[View]
163782529What kind of sub human prefer girls with short hair? Any girl that looks good with short hair, would…[View]
163782736Only Joseph would pull this shit: Seriously, just finished Stardust Crusaders and this scene gave me…[View]
163783574post hetero magical girl[View]
163780498>instead of making the girl 1000 years old, make it so the guy is underage Genius. More authors s…[View]
163783855Animegataris episode 3 am I the only one watching this?[View]
163729119Rokka no Yuusha Thread: This series is seriously underrated. Great cast with Great Male MC, Interest…[View]
163783560What kind of manga do you read /a/?[View]
163782143i'm about to marathon the shit out of naruto shippuden, what episodes are fillers in this show …[View]
163781108post shows where the main girl is also the worst girl pic related[View]
163781273ITT: Childhood 10/10 moments that retain their status. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPR7S-qo8Ag…[View]
163772053ITT: moments where a manga jumped the shark[View]
163780003Ore Monogatari: >episode 18/24 already is this doofus ever going to see Yamato's parents?…[View]
163782617Is there a translation of Berserk vol. 39 yet?[View]
163776532Lose the anime, nerd We're going to find aliens.[View]
163739271Goblin Slayer Side Story - Year One 003 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >Goblin Slayer Side Stor…[View]
163782672The anime handled this better.[View]
163780741If you gave Pitou a litter would the kittens be 75% human? Asking for a friend[View]
163782071Did you guys saw the new episode[View]
163699433Saekano: >best girl loses Hold me, /a/.[View]
163777530konohana kitan: Oh so this is how two girls have a baby. Episode 4 preview https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
163778737What kind of English accent does Joey speak?[View]
163778540Why the negative reviews for the 2017 Kino's journey ?[View]
163782371Alpha as fuck moments in manga/anime Well, not super alpha, but it was a pretty nice move for such a…[View]
163781146ITT:post your favorite OTP[View]
163729521One Punch Man: Murata has literally been streaming Garou vs Genos for the past 5 hours. Get in here …[View]
163781519Goku is actually a genius. Most people think that Goku is a moron because of how he behaves, but the…[View]
163776523Madoka Magica: I didn't really care for it.[View]
163778597Mahoutsukai no Yome: What did she mean by this?[View]
163776031>see this what do[View]
163780108What the fuck was her problem?[View]
163772248what went wrong?[View]
163781981>CGI a shi-[View]
163777003daily reminder that non-isekai high fantasy series will never ever be a thing anymore[View]
163769532What will the next Ilya season cover?[View]
163773807Aikatsu Stars: Do you think Ichigo will be the one who will obtain the sun dress?[View]
163775085Kanna vs Mashiro: GREAT DEBATE[View]
163764178Post pure inexperienced maidens.[View]
163775919Dragon Ball Super: >the entire U6 team from the previous tournament got eliminated are they the n…[View]
163723810what is the greatest anime movie of all time?[View]
163780971post yfw vegecuck got absolutely btfo[View]
163776512Animegataris: So, who was in the wrong?[View]
163756397[ ] TWIRL THE MAID [ ] DON'T TWIRL THE MAID[View]
163769389>Nepgearfags think Neptune loves her sister >She spends 10 years away from home without missin…[View]
163697418JoJo Thread: Would you suck all four of Josuke's balls? I probably would.[View]
163780995what went Right vs Wrong[View]
163780260Why can't normalfags remember what happens in this film?[View]
163780895Who was the better mastermind mascot?[View]
163756578Scanlation thread: What are you working on?[View]
163753241Made in Abyss: Chapter 43 releasing this weekend Which fluff when will in the end?[View]
163777741would you fuck an anime guy if they were real /a/?[View]
163780530Is this Japanese or Chinese?[View]
163779454It's been a while[View]
163780227Geiger Counter: New chapter when?[View]
163776336What's your opinion on human male x vampire female mangas?[View]
163778293What do you think about neighborhood onee-sans?[View]
163779846Is Mio sexy?[View]
163776590Inuyashiki: This is shaping up to look pretty fun.[View]
163779494The Best Loli Characters In Anime: What makes Loli characters so great /a/ and which do you think ar…[View]
163752171Jesus was this really necessary? Did she get reduction surgery between Kizu and Bake?[View]
163779455How does it come that in Gatchaman Crowds, Berg Katze gets stuck inside Hajime 's boobs when in…[View]
163777710Why didn't the just wait 5 minutes?[View]
163762243Super bullshit of Dragon Ball.: What if they had wished using earth's dragon balls for Goku to …[View]
163771933Any news on the KyoAni & Do event that just happened this weekend? What did they show?[View]
163717158ITT: characters that fucked[View]
163775604In harem anime, the loli never wins. Why is that ?[View]
163779133Flip flappers: Season 2 when?[View]
163762003Tokyo Ghoul:re 146: Are you ready for the Nameless King?[View]
163768189Anime That Only You Like: Everyone hated it when it came out.[View]
163778698ITT: S2 when[View]
163777373I'm giving this anime a four out of ten. Why? Just because.[View]
163778602Why isn't Shinka your brofu?[View]
163778145Infini-T Force: How hyped are you for the next episode? I personally can't wait for it, I'…[View]
163753016Blend S: That's just sweat, right?[View]
163778422Forget about tgre or bnha or whatever did anyone see the last chapter of Isobeyan?: BAKA it used to …[View]
163778177So /a/, are you watching proper chinese cartoons? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srTDRlidsHI[View]
163775633SAO: >dislike ALO because of shitty writing and elves are gay >like GGO because Sinon is an in…[View]
163773585ITT: Scenes that made you pick up an anime[View]
163768635IchiRuki is the worst Bleach pairing ever conceived and literally any other pairing is better thread…[View]
163770072Ride Eva[View]
163773413So, friends, now that they 3 episode rule is applicable to most of this season's anime, which o…[View]
163780525Hiro meta approved thread: What is happening with the mods on /a/? I don't frequent as much but…[View]
163741782Go-toubun no Hanayome: IT'S OVER ICHIKA WON[View]
163762538DragonBall Z Other World Tournament: What did you guys think of this the first time you watched it? …[View]
163742899Hoozuki no Reitetsu: Episode 3 is out.[View]
163777167Taishou Wotome Otogibanashi: Tamahiko is the cutest taishou otomo When will tragedy strike again?…[View]
163760509anon, help[View]
163750375Buyfag Thread - buyfags.moe: What are you most looking forward to in November?[View]
163752243Garou: >Nobody understands this character[View]
163769754Who is best Dog Days and why is it Sharu?[View]
163776458Is the new berserk anime REALLY that bad?[View]
163770744Where do we go from here?[View]
163694653Jiren: Why do people hate him?[View]
163769604>Best OP this season >Best ED this season Does anyone else agree?…[View]
163776229o my hipster bitches[View]
163766961Just watched the first episode of this. Is the MC's girlfriend just an Origami ripoff or is the…[View]
163774195Why do people like Rei?[View]
163770885the absolute madman[View]
163773753write anime plots that turns you on: >MC isekai'd in a female body of a side character >g…[View]
163765845Childhood is when you idolize Ikki. Adulthood is when you realize Seiya makes more sense[View]
163754914Literally the most underrated anime ever.: Also the most normal anime ever.[View]
163770700What's worse: >the MC is a filthy degenerate who giggles when they hear 'tiddy' >the MC i…[View]
163774572> good ending Why did this not come to pass? Why did Riko and the gang have to hurt the Lord of D…[View]
163769894Bakarina: http://marumaru.in/?m=bbs&bid=mangaup&p=2&uid=253903 Now even the koreans have…[View]
163734083Will anyone remember this show five years from now?[View]
163769810Dragon Ball Super: So It's basically confirmed now that Caulifla will go ss3, Goku's fight…[View]
163775333Evageeks hate: How come there seems to hate for this from some anons I ask because I have so far 100…[View]
163765237Raildex: NT19 chapter 4 is out, and it's pretty damn good. Aleister and Aiwass are the best. ht…[View]
163755027ITT: Anime characters that start flame wars: Let's start with an easy one[View]
163768738Reminder that Steins;Gate 0 anime will be fucking SHIT[View]
163773952I heard Halloween is big in Japaland. Are there any Halloween-themed mangas out there?[View]
163772891Wouldn't hitting the van slow his fall to the ground instead of speeding it up?[View]
163769793Mascot thread: Who is your 'second' favorite mascot. We all know Kyubey is the number one.…[View]
163772962Inuyashiki: Inuyashiki[View]
163763728Yozakura Quartet: What did /a/ think of Yozakura Quartet?[View]
163769484>Bungee Gum contains the properties of both rubber and gum[View]
163720933How come there's no Mahoutsukai no Yome thread?[View]
163767929Apparently Masuda Eiji is coming back with a new series soon, What do you think the genre will be? h…[View]
163762946This is a sexual deviant and her prey.[View]
163772856yoru wa mijikashi arukeyo otome: Someone please rip this already[View]
163771792Shows that sure were[View]
163775007Tell me anons, why does she insist she has to work naked? And why is the other girl OK with it?[View]
163775739Cute girls doing magical things![View]
163760518>want to re-watch fma brotherhood >remember THAT episode uhh maybe another time…[View]
163701514Kino Thread: Fucking Dropped. Who's hyped for the next episode?[View]
163767426What kind of weapon should a combat maid wear in battle?[View]
163774717Attack on Titan: Can it really be finished in 12-22 chapters?[View]
163771046Jagaaaaaan: how come an edgy manga hits home this close[View]
163676245Saki: Tanoshii: Dumping Ch. 181 raw[View]
163754224MAKE IT STOP[View]
163756021Black Clover: Any serious opinions on this? All I've seen so far as is mostly memes about the s…[View]
163774849Is it good that it didn't happen?[View]
163773387ITT: The Best Villains in anime & manga.[View]
163751605>they make lesbo shit now What the FUCK happened?[View]
163646515Sakura Kinomoto is the best loli[View]
163773279ITT best couples.[View]
163731933they fucked right?[View]
163770294waifu thread: Post your waifu and comment on the waifu above you.[View]
163772681What if in Tachikawa City, a golden apple with the power of mass destruction landed from outer space…[View]
163765514Kyoani: say it with me /a/, KYOANI A BEST! A BEST![View]
163772370For me it's Koyama Mitsuki https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igeYwGslD-M[View]
163772246Biggest Oh shit moments: Was I the only one who was scared shitless of Scar when he showed up?…[View]
163772051I'll start.[View]
163769466What is the best live-action adaptation of an anime/manga to date? Doesn't have necessarily be …[View]
163739733The Witch's House 005 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >The Witch's House 005 (2017) (D…[View]
163769680if your waifu isn't incredible math then she a shit[View]
163770452Post extremely degenerate maidens.[View]
163722549Post your waifu face when you confess your love to her[View]
163764802Code Geass R3: Just another reminder that one of the best, most clean anime endings in history, if n…[View]
163760135Horikoshi's Hero Skool: Reminder that Eri is destined for villainy. She's too broken to fi…[View]
163690151Why was epilogue Rin so ugly?[View]
163764713So I never watched any Macross ever. But I just watched ep1 of Delta, and my realization that that…[View]
163769733What can you tell me about Major?[View]
163755443how fluent are you in Japanese? do you watch raws or use subs?[View]
163645632Yuru Yuri: Season 4 when?[View]
163766118I've been reading the YYH manga (5 volumes so far) and it's interesting how much the anime…[View]
163758065What would you do if you were him?[View]
163768844Why made Char think he was well-placed to mock Amuro when he was just as pathetic?[View]
163769844When does this get good? I just finished episode three and it doesn't feel like anything specia…[View]
163753195Notice me, kohai.[View]
163764342Why do so many anime build up romantic tension between two characters to no payoff?[View]
163770102Could the Dragon Balls actually grant immortality or not? Would that be beyond the power of their cr…[View]
163758393>no brows when going Super Saiyan 3 is there an actual reason behind this?…[View]
1637700263x3 Thread -Anime and Manga Edition: Post and rate[View]
163699227K-ON Thread: Now with snacks[View]
163749501What's the worst anime you've ever seen?[View]
163751985Is Overman King Gainer any good? I'm in the mood for some lighthearted mecha action.[View]
163768572Konosuba: >one of the most popular animes of 2016-17 >STILL no English dub What gives?…[View]
163764999TTGL: Viral deserved better[View]
163769414Musashi Gundoh: You know what, this could have been a fun campy show had it got some little more qua…[View]
163748280One Page Thread: Feel good moments.[View]
163768600Why was season 2 so much worse than season 1?[View]
163765753>tfw no Lawyer Onee-chan[View]
163754151ITT: Characters that shouldn't have been killed off.[View]
163763458Why wouldn't they adjust the shaders to make the CG match the drawn stuff?[View]
163762229She was right. Sybil is truly the peak of human civilization, as proven by the movie, where every ot…[View]
163768538s2 when[View]
163748049Shigurui: Death Frenzy: The atmosphere in this fucking show, man.[View]
163766635Which is the fujo show of this season?[View]
163751236> The best looking show of the season ended up being a CG show What a time to be alive.…[View]
163758214The death game genre meets isekai.[View]
163758131ITT good tsundere[View]
163768028>literally Super Saiyan hair this manga has already jumped the shark[View]
163763061SYD: A n y m i n u t e n o w[View]
163766653The ultimate ninja attire[View]
163760251Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Movie: Hoshi wo Yobu Shoujo: just watched this it was mediocre, boring a…[View]
163767759If you gave Pitou a litter would the kittens be 75% human? Asking for a friend[View]
163745494How do we save the KanColle?[View]
163691612Why is this anime so good?[View]
163755551Pixelation and data corruption: So... I've noticed recently that a lot of the anime I've d…[View]
163764133ITT: Scenes that made you cry: Cried when I watched it as a kid, still crying as I watch it now. ht…[View]
163760638Find a complement.[View]
163767133This is the future you all wanted: https://www.dfx.co.jp/en/cgmaking/summerwars/page02.html >In 2…[View]
163747516Koe no Katachi: So what exactly was this cunt's fucking problem[View]
163762034Characters that can beat Jiren: I'll start[View]
1637355327 deadly sins: Spoilers are out. Dumping Did people seriously believe he lost last chapter?[View]
163763802What did it all mean?[View]
163764124Stop trying to save everyone.[View]
163738755Is Shonen forever ruined because of this?[View]
163763160Dragon Ball Super: Best form is back next episode https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tBMgDeXLzM…[View]
163763793Post the most recent three shows you watched. Rate the above person's tastes. Pic somewhat unre…[View]
163757778Why is Edna the saving grace of that Zestiria anime?[View]
163738903Classroom of the Elite: V7 spoilers are circulating. >Ryuuen BTFO >Kei actually saved >50% …[View]
163760094What's happening here?[View]
163760003Was this the metrosexual Kenshiro?[View]
163765499Why was he so ruthless?[View]
163716285Aikatsu & Pripara: Ajimi needs to be arrested ASAP for being a retard.[View]
163760025Yahari: two more volumes before it all comes to an end[View]
163764887You guys wan to continue where we left off before we were so rudely interrupted?[View]
163690909Yuuki Yuuna/YuYuYu/WaSuYu: KAGAWA LIFE today.[View]
163764590How fucking stupid do you have to be to fuck up an inventory order? Really? 10+ boxes of tumeric and…[View]
163764024Are there studios that are still using cel animation?[View]
163759508There is some lesbian seiyuu out there?[View]
163734635Shoukoku no Altair: Latest chapters discussion. I can see that the cost of retreating is way heavier…[View]
163738438High School DxD: Season 4 is titled HERO, and the new studio is Passione. Confirmed to be adapting v…[View]
163763872Urahara: This show just doesn't seem to be very good.[View]
163748090Who is the cutest waifu this season?[View]
163751872ITT: Canon sluts in anime.[View]
163758983Dragon Ball Super: Universe 6 has only two Saiyans and Namekians left. Will second most relevant Uni…[View]
163742297Watashi no Shounen: Anyone reading this? I hope Christmas Cake wins. [View]
163739209Konohana Kitan: An innocent child who still plays hide and seek is being molested by this sassy fox …[View]
163725829Kekkai Sensen/Blood Blockade Battlefront & BEYOND: She sees your Starphase[View]
163754416Gakkou Gurashi: We back[View]
163754223Stupid anime tropes that you love: I'll start with an easy one >MMO characters unknowingly p…[View]
163748681Houseki no Kuni: How can one mineral be so perfect?[View]
163699601Inuyashiki: Now that episode 2 is out, what do you think about it?[View]
163736988Idolmaster: So with a new game coming out in December. Is there hope that we will ever see another a…[View]
163754015Ojisan and Marshmellow: Holy FUCK this show is lewd[View]
163751030Made in Abyss Twitter Account: OVA Projects to Launch: The official Twitter account for the Made in …[View]
163757494Why is the Gantz author trying to shit so bad in OP? He don't even do shounen manga or was kick…[View]
163737486Raildex: Why is Junko a lesbian?[View]
163736958Love Live! Sunshine!! S2 03: >[HorribleSubs] Love Live! Sunshine!! S2 - 03 [1080p] New episode is…[View]
163745140One Piece: >Entire chapter sidetracking the fight. Goddamnit Oda, just show me Gear 5 Awakening a…[View]
163748136Things have been slow lately.[View]
163736113Why Jannu sad?[View]
163753430>today's the day >no thread Wow.[View]
163740970What Winter 2018 shows are you looking forward to?[View]
163736941Will /ourguy/ knock out Frieza tonight?[View]
163745132ITT: Characters you love seeing fail or lose.[View]
163758960EVANGELION TECH: Can someone please explain to me How the 'nervous system' connection between the pi…[View]
163743239Post and claim waifus. This is my waifu BACK OFF[View]
163754448Haruka Fujita was promoted to series director as of Violet Evergarden. Will she eventually dethrone …[View]
163760016Kyoto Animation To Produce Hinamatsuri Anime: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2017-10-21/kyoto…[View]
163755256Anyone else only watching the uncensored version for the plot?[View]
163760075Honey or Clover: Alright on episode 2 is this Honey or Clover? Also she's going to die isn…[View]
163759866She doesn't deserve this piece of shit anime[View]
163757274So, she killed her friend?[View]
163753838Wouldn't be cool if one of the side universes had Sayans that can go SSJ4?: The same way the le…[View]
163753523Is she this seaon's meme waifu?[View]
163759226> a nice, wholesome anime about superheroes defeating the villains and saving the day…[View]
163755787Dragon Ball Super: Cabba vs the roly poly girl in under 40 minutes[View]
163754574Why force a normalfag to watch anime and read light novel?[View]
163738900>Next arc - More and more people believe he is the son of all might.[View]
163671448ITT: Best couples[View]
163749710Does it deserve the Hellsing Ultimate and FMA: Brotherhood treatment?[View]
163755181Why are the windows always on the left in Japanese classrooms?[View]
163751348TITAN AIDS IS A LIE: I was thinking - what if whole titan aids is just a lie? Being a titan is a pow…[View]
163753128Does anyone else feel like anime is the perfect hobby for poorfags? You don't need to buy anyth…[View]
163745691Are you motivated to /tr/avel to Canada now after watching this Anime? https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
163755449>Neither Madhouse nor BONES nor Trigger will ever adapt Dragon Ball in any fashion It's not …[View]
163727685Full Metal Panic - Invisible Victory PV https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=86&v=KiT4YE7…[View]
163753660Was everyone just suffering from Chuuni delusions or did the stuff with the Dark Kingdom actually ha…[View]
163757286https://youtu.be/2GjW2_eTH2M Is this OP of the season? Why JAM Project is so good at making hype mus…[View]
163753079Whatever happened to this cloak thing? did Kishi just throw it out the window, I mean this was way m…[View]
163747655How do you think Kana got her ability anyway or was she just super sensitive and perceptive?[View]
163755779Why does Yusuke make such a big deal about killing humans when he obliterates demons on a daily basi…[View]
163734047Tokyo Ghoul:re: Best girl please save this trash[View]
163673483The new Precure series trademarked for 2018 is HuGtto Precure.[View]
163756458>confess your love in public ISHYGDDT[View]
163750660Miss Kobayashi's Maid Dragon Season 2: There was an update on the Wiki this morning: https://en…[View]
163745047Whats in the bag, /a/?[View]
163753818Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau: 3rd episode is out for like forever and still no thread?[View]
163751308>putting on lipstick backwards Why is she so retarded?[View]
163755192Who was the better protagonist?[View]
163729258This is Kiss Shot in a turtleneck sweater. What do you think about her sweater?[View]
163752213>there are people right now on this board who don't think this is a hyperbole For starters, …[View]
163747546Dragon Ball Super: Do you even god?[View]
163738503What the fuck happened to fate?[View]
163751769Reminder that the DC episodes are for brainlets.[View]
163753793Best isekai anime: Aura Battler Dunbine Best harem anime: Heavy Metal L-Gaim Best comedy anime: Gund…[View]
163731172IPPO Thread: W-what the fuck is happening bros?! This was supposed to be a round 1 new dempsey KO …[View]
163745701What exactly was the point of this scene?[View]
163754060Would it be selfish to keep Menma on his side and not let her go?[View]
163743364This thread is for posting awesome full blooded Saiyans ONLY. Half-breed bastards need not apply![View]
163735902Juuni Taisen: Cover for Volume 1 is out[View]
163751897Sports manga bullshit: I've noticed sports manga usually has some of the most retarded shit eve…[View]
163753853Can Bellerophon be used on things other than Pegasus? Is any beast or even anything she can ride on?…[View]
163751716Is this the best rivalry between two characters in anime? Only other one that I could think of on th…[View]
163745716Spoilers: >All these recent mangas ending with such shit ass finales Which Manga has the best fin…[View]
163753278How do you fuck up a second season so badly?[View]
163752380Net-Jew: >a cleric >rich How is that possible? Unless she's greeding on items she doesn…[View]
163753264Zaregoto & Ningen: New chapter of the Ningen Shiken novel just dropped. Iori best girl.…[View]
163749462Is it shit?[View]
163752240It's sometimes difficult to ascertain which of the characters are being ruined by sharing the s…[View]
163750450Best girls of the season: I'll start[View]
163752770Is this good skill?[View]
163752725Re:Creators: S2 when[View]
163752458>Started watching Kill la Kill >Best girl >only lasted 1 episode feels bad…[View]
163752141Who could out-gag the other?[View]
1637522868 MORE DAYS M O R E D A Y S[View]
163716501Kemono Friends: >New game is no more than a disappointing gatcha ridden moeblob without a shred o…[View]
163751875I fell in love with HanaKana, I'm a fucking faggot. Also why is her voice so fucking perfect?[View]
163750372Throw all your Yohane art/screenshots[View]
163738817Kengan Asura 83: New chapter is out. Didn't expect that twist at the end, though it does explai…[View]
163702525Blend S: Which Blend would you S?[View]
163747470ITT: Anime and manga that everyone forgot about: I remember being fairly interested with pic related…[View]
163742880This is the greatest manga out there. No anon can refute it[View]
163751731Chinese animation: This animation made by japanese with chinese voice actor. and there is also engli…[View]
163736554New Jump Series: NEW CUTIE SPOTTED[View]
163746791ITT: Good Protagonists: Deku, Gon, Eren, all of them are shitty and boring MCs. Post actually good c…[View]
163732244Goblin Slayer: Why don't they ban porcelain ranks from git gud faggots cry moar gg no re and go…[View]
163750962Who is the best dad in anime, /a/?[View]
163749720I don't get it[View]
163740677cowtits: why are the cowtit girls always the most annoying ones?[View]
163750045Sailor Moon: Was this shit actually good? I remember my sister watched it when we were kids, and I w…[View]
163730956Name a worst shonen MC. Obviously you can't but it's nice to remember that.[View]
163747513Back in Dragon Ball Z there was a huge gap betwenn Picollo and Gohan.: Now they are so much behind G…[View]
163748564WTF? Is he some kind of ERPing homo or something?[View]
163751008This fight just went from being chapters of meandering, interminable bullshit to being hype as fuck …[View]
163749681Would she make a good wife and mother?[View]
163750248ITT: Girls that deserve their own show[View]
163750833Simbolo: Alguien me.puede ayudar si reconocen este símbolo a quien pertenece o en que caricatura, pe…[View]
163705259ITT: MCs that are nuts[View]
163750655Kuneru Marta: Thoughts? I noticed it had a few doujins but never heard of it[View]
163736485Is Illya the most feminine character in the entire Nasuverse?[View]
163749818This show is really good, that OP was cute as fuck[View]
163717011Does /a/ like Lafter?[View]
163745200Fate/Apocrypha: Say what you want, Sieg delivered that hit masterfully and satisfyingly.[View]
163746210If you're all little girls, why don't you read shoujo manga?[View]
163750082Re:Creators: S2 when[View]
163739419Mumei: What the fuck she's 12?You've gotta be kidding me she doesn't look 12 at all.T…[View]
163745890I honestly wish they would just retire Gohan from even being in the fighter lineup at all. They shou…[View]
163749460is this worth of watching, /a/?[View]
163745518Would /a/ eat Guilmon bread? Digimon thread too I guess.[View]
163733529What do you suppose is Umaru's favorite geimu?[View]
163747138Hunter x Hunter: Why the fucks do japs spell his name as 'Curarpikt'??[View]
163742680The Great Debate: Let's settle this once and for all[View]
163746090is there any anime/manga that portraits JAV performers in their school days?[View]
163730671Pop quiz. Which of these girls is better and why? (Misato isnt an answer and will result in failure)[View]
163722121Made in abyssu: The yearning of 43 is not stopped[View]
163746612Eri is trash.: Last week anon called Eri being a complete asspull and this week it is a 100% prophec…[View]
163744123I have a dumb question, but here goes. Were the writers from Digimon Adventure somewhat inspired by …[View]
163748273ITT: your cutest gif/image[View]
163705854Dies Irae: If only they could show this in the anime ~ Also Ep 2 is out ~[View]
163748150New CM2 featuring Robin Hood https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozMmAIBOEKk[View]
163748074Madoka: What a frustrating ending, does any spinoff explain what really happens to madoka at the en…[View]
163741015Why? What is the appeal?[View]
163745643Why is this so cute and annoying at the same time?[View]
163745896always take a loli in the men's toilet[View]
163702484Houseki no Kuni: Less than a day until episode 3. Who else is hype for spoilers, more spoilers, and …[View]
163693765Just Because: Can he please JUST catch a break?[View]
163738357Dragon Ball Super: so when Bulma gathered the dragon balls and wished for everyone that died that da…[View]
163746826I want this old bastard to win just to piss off the waifu fags[View]
163721068ITT: character deaths that hit you hard[View]
163740506So what did tosh mean by this?[View]
163746005Why did Watashiya ruin Kokonoe Rin?: Rin is one of my favourite lolis of all time. She's cute, …[View]
163724425What was the point of showing her tits flop out when she fought with suzaku?[View]
163745028ITT:Mangas with absolutely zero chance to get translated.[View]
163720557trait of the worst girl: Identify them.[View]
163717986Buyfag thread: http://blog.livedoor.jp/mjsgk/ The quest for chernobyl cat continues[View]
163746645This had better be good.[View]
163742620Ballroom e Youkoso: [HorribleSubs] Ballroom e Youkoso - 16 [720p].mkv out[View]
163745565Highschool DxD season 4: Best tits are coming back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aar0gru143M&f…[View]
163729443Ranma ½: What does /a/ think of Ranma?[View]
163745555Post your archive: Others will guess your personality.[View]
163739388Whats her appeal?[View]
163730250Robot x Laserbeam: >3 years later wait what?[View]
163745436Name a better OP and ED. you can't [View]
163745148Isekai Shokudou: Season 2 when?[View]
163735042Yuru Camp △: PV is out, Winter 2018 is going to be the season of comfy with this and Hakumei to Miko…[View]
163741346>be Shaft >produce the 2nd best selling TV anime OAT >end the cashgrab sequel on a literal …[View]
163745299KyoAni: https://blog.sakugabooru.com/2017/10/21/violet-evergarden-episodes-1-2-prescreen-impressions…[View]
163733972Does anyone else ever prefer DVD (or in some cases, VHS even) to Bluray sometimes? I'm not tryi…[View]
163730331One Piece: So how is Katakuri going to deal with Gear 4? Will he try and imitate it, or will he fina…[View]
163744937Will we ever get another MC this based?[View]
163741581King's Game Episode 3: So the girl dies only leaving 10 minutes left for Nobu's friend to …[View]
163732024Potato Girls: Hakumei to Mikochi, airing in Winter 2018 PV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qfgeznlm6…[View]
163734328Gantz thread: How about a comfy Gantz thread[View]
163742500ITT: Body Proportions solely made for breeding purposes[View]
163744292Is Violent Evergreen KyoAni's classiest looking girl?[View]
163744275'Will you be my Darling?'[View]
163717077>mfw Overlord is the best isekai show[View]
163746724Why is it that the trash Naruto has better animation than One Piece and Dragon Ball combined in 2017[View]
163733747>English dub >Japanese Honorifics are kept in…[View]
163742720wtf do they seriously have gun vending machines in japan?[View]
163743909Lone Wolf and Cub: Wow I didn't know that Sasuke was a Daigoro clone[View]
163721347Beastars Chapter 55[View]
163731561Literally impossible that she fell on his face from that position.[View]
163743597His stand is a Lego White House >He works for the President The president will be revealed as Gio…[View]
163733772Pingu in the City: It's out.[View]
163740608Net-juu no Susume: Why isn't anyone talking about AOTS?[View]
163733646ITT: girls with very low self-esteem[View]
163739353Ne ne junon boy, it's Saturday![View]
163742824What caused the death of Space Western anime?[View]
163742995>Goku has a button to summon god How good is this It might have transcended good…[View]
163736849What the fuck man?! This is seriously fucked up.[View]
163741163Maiko-san Chi no Makanai-san: Anyone else reading this?[View]
163734827Reminder that Chitanda is already engaged with the son of another wealthy family. DEAL WITH IT. What…[View]
163720484Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou: The tallest building is .5 km high, the tower is 10 km high, they are now o…[View]
163739604ITT: Girls in manga or anime that are short for their age.[View]
163739317IS this the definitive version of ''Virgin MC is to dense to fuck any of the cock craving …[View]
163692230Weekend Waifu Drawthread: Relax and take it easy.[View]
163742064Ore Monogatari: This comfy lovey dovey show has been going on for 10 episodes without major drama. …[View]
163740560Bebop: Did they really end this shit with just a shitty Beatles lyric?[View]
163737312>Sharing a smartphone with his mother How does that even work?[View]
163739241I'm going to teach Ren-chan how to love men even if that's the last thing I do with my lif…[View]
163740393Tell me /a/, how do you feel about Paradise Dolls?[View]
163737970happy birthday Eli[View]
163741126Where did the good writing in anime go?[View]
163740418YOU WA SHOCK[View]
163740127Flip flappers English dub: Do you want to buy it?[View]
163733806Black Jack: Find me a better doctor.[View]
163740100Dead Mount Death Play 001 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire): New work from the author & artist of …[View]
163739378The fuck this is in German?[View]
163737704Ninja Shinobu-san no Junjo thread.[View]
163738407Why do /a/ and /m/ hate Zeta Gundam?[View]
163741535Anybody excited for the new Robotics;Notes?[View]
163733968Love Live Sunshine S2: three episode rule: >before S2 multiple threads a day >immense hype and…[View]
163741612I. I just died in your arms tonight. Must have been something you said. I should have walked awayyyy…[View]
163740920Don't be sad it's over. Smile because it happened.[View]
163733432Was Corkus right about Guts?[View]
163712890One Page Thread: Badass and Savage moments in manga.[View]
163741424itt draw lolis in ms paint[View]
163733578March comes like a Lion: any time now[View]
163736354Bakuman: Was it good?[View]
163657863Konosuba: >Best girl actually wins[View]
163739220Reminder that Munakata is still out there, dealing with the remaining terrorists all alone while the…[View]
163730386Centaur no Nayami: Finished reading this and its really good. Theres funny social commentary, people…[View]
163727786this show is great why most of the people disliked it? Could that be because they trashtalked abou…[View]
163738064I don't know if it's just me; but ever since Dogtooth has been introduced into the series …[View]
163736609ITT: post your favourite villain[View]
163721738>this is your brain on christmas cake[View]
163736817Was this form really necessary?[View]
163738129Fate/Extra: Last Encore: The latest CM featuring Robin Hood. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2o1r1H…[View]
163723844Geass movir 1: Geass movie 1 covers Clovis stuff, Narita, and Toudou rescue. School stuff gone. Ends…[View]
163737079Why does Kumiko have the exact same hairstyle in high school as she did when she was a little kid?[View]
163728449Why don't anime characters ever have scars or burns?[View]
163734496Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita: Well, that stopped being funny pretty quickly. Are the translations to…[View]
163695589>horny lesbian loli Who the hell is this supposed to appeal to?[View]
163667410Shokugeki no Soma: San no Sara: Thoughts about the latest episode?[View]
163738544She said no, but I have crabbies![View]
163735340Why is pretty much every Glasslip character in love with Touka?[View]
163732872Kyoani must spend a fortune in background art, redrawing the same rooms from different angles and pe…[View]
163697136Classroom of the Elite: Today is /literallyme/'s birthday, say something nice to him[View]
163736376ITT: Anime/Manga that became irredeemable shit after a certain character died I'll start.[View]
163737839What do you think Miyazaki's newest film is about? It should be in production as we speak.[View]
163725483My Hero Academia: >Deku saves Eri >Mirio retires in peace and entrusts Eri's safety to De…[View]
163732860The biggest ASSPULL DBS could still do:: Goku: Hey Vegeta, let's do that thing to defeat Jiren.…[View]
163615797Sword Art Online Alicization: Will A-1 Pictures up the gay between Kirito and Eugeo in order to maxi…[View]
163730695Can somebody explain this anime to me? They say it follows the games different outcomes, but the ani…[View]
163724266Is it just me or is this season flat out shit?[View]
163732837Just because: She should be the MC's love interest. How is she a side character?[View]
163730114ITT: god-tier OPs/EDs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaksNlNniis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0…[View]
163737082Did Hanabi really lead on Ecchan?[View]
163737059I love this man.[View]
163736998How come chinks made the best waifu of the season.: This design is top tier. Are the japs going to b…[View]
163734941Ousama Game: I got lured into this crap because I read something called Oukoku Game... which I kinda…[View]
163731224Kaho: Kaho[View]
163726511Is Garou a discount Kumagawa?[View]
163730428DRAGON BALL SUPER: >https://drive.google.com/open?id=0By3AAjuvowlYaVJXeVNvNnRJRDQ Option A: Toppo…[View]
163730934a duck[View]
163724014>/a/ hates hinata now what the fuck happened[View]
163657509Pre 2000s: Hoy, you crusty old faggots, what're you watching? Just showed a friend of mine Proj…[View]
163736012Autism: The Anime: So that's what this is, right? Haru is a fictional representation of t. auti…[View]
163733532Anyone else find it hard trying to follow seasonal anime while watching older shows?[View]
163731732>draw a girl >call it an old man Why is this allowed?…[View]
163699968Jump Series Final Arc: Why are they the shittiest? >Gintama became a snorefest >Bleach Should …[View]
163732196Your Lie In April: What illness did she have? Google says that it was Friedreich's ataxia, but …[View]
163725184Koe no Katachi: Find a flaw. Protip: You probably can[View]
163721981Tomo-chan: You could have prevented this dick hardening You asked for this[View]
163730138How come you Imouto sis-cons get everything? I've always wanted an Onee to love and care for me…[View]
163715805High School DxD: New information and possibly a PV of season 4 is coming in the next ~12 hours via F…[View]
163727227Is there any other show like Sailor Moon where the filler is better than the main story arc? Call me…[View]
163735006What happened to Kono Shima ni wa Midara de Jaaku na Mono ga Sumu?: Is it still being translated? Ho…[View]
163730547Reminder that Flip Flappers Flop[View]
163733838This is a baby dragon Say hi to her[View]
163730905Leave Jiren to me[View]
163734647Is Isayama going to deliver a grim reminder? I was promised a grim reminder.[View]
163733746Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san: Takagi-san is such a slut[View]
163696906Is there any quote from any anime or manga as true to reality as this?[View]
163731174Why can't real dragons be as cute as Ririrko?[View]
163732199Berserk TRUE ending: >Guts reunites with Casca >He decides to get rid of his hatred and settle…[View]
163733309Guess no one else is watching this.[View]
163715292Raildex: What are you most excited to see in S3? Really excited to see that over the top battle betw…[View]
163735741Open up /a/.[View]
163731775MOST POWERFUL TEAM: Ok assemble your team. Max 3 members no cheating with multiple personalities or …[View]
163722507Non Non Biyori: Season 3 is coming, this is just a cover up for their mistake. https://twitter.com/l…[View]
163732283Himouto Umaru-chan: One day more![View]
163730666Why arent you submitting your works to be adapted by KyoAni?: GodAni needs your writing, /a/! Submis…[View]
163730388Sakuras obvious fag dad raped touya and turned him into a fag.[View]
163726151Was it autisim?[View]
163733423Nurse Hitomi's Monster Infirmary & Dr. Hitomi's Infirmary Hitomi-sensei no Hokenshitsu…[View]
163726918s2 fucking when???? Ruisefags are not allowed on this thread[View]
163734188ITT: Girls that have sexy legs.[View]
163627082/a/ Draws Daicon IV: Frames are below, just call out whichever ones you want to do. Submitted images…[View]
163703835What did she do wrong?[View]
163652939Love Live! Sunshine!!: would you a cute chuuni mom?[View]
163731684Hinako Note: Hinako so cute[View]
163675709How many supais would a supai supai on if a supai could supai on supais?[View]
163725921Is this worth watching/reading in 2017?[View]
163732280Juuni Taisen: It's not a good time to lose one's head.[View]
163730247How come the songs in Brotherhood pales compared to the 2003 version? No songs in Brotherhood were a…[View]
163732752Juushinki Pandora: Probably already posted, but this looks pretty cool. https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
163646879OVA 3 ?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvVTRZd7Yd8[View]
163717685Net-juu no susume: Can you explain to me how a wageslave in her 30s can just retire and play video g…[View]
163706865Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume: >anime ends on a cliffhanger >season 2 never >manga is on con…[View]
163731344Why nobody is subing Robomasters?: What a anime based on a ACTUAL COMPETITON is not being subbed? wh…[View]
163732090> shoujo manga are 99% ntr > basically, shoujo = ntr Prove me wrong. Protip: you can't…[View]
163722224What was the actual point of this character?[View]
163720934Where do maids come from?[View]
163714007Tokyo Ghoul:re Discussion: So we are at the moon on Kaneki's Fool Journey >18. The Moon = fa…[View]
163693626Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san 83 KOREAN Scans: http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/dRTr7H-SWUY Spooky stuff I …[View]
163725597Why are Saiyan girls so cute?[View]
163730941Grancrest Senki: 2018 January start. http://grancrest-anime.jp/[View]
163729360Jesus Christ, this anime was fucking amazing, even in its unfinished state. Is there anything else t…[View]
163731513>mfw the Yamato Nadeshiko turns out to be the villain[View]
163729743Describe their relationship[View]
163711850Full Metal Panic (FMP): Fujimi Shobo festival starts in a few hours. FMP is having a stage event wit…[View]
163729527Tsuki ga Kirei: The post credit shorts were better than the actual show[View]
163725948who is best senran kagura girl?[View]
163719591Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai: Getting anime adaptation We are entering the great …[View]
163730876Kings Game: The only non retarded character in this is gonna die by next episode right?[View]
163729962What show did you download/make the most reaction gifs of?: For me, Ultra Maniac was a gold mine.…[View]
163724543Evangelion: I'm in love with Asuka![View]
163715639ITT: Underrated manga/shonen arcs: This arc may feel uneccessary, but is fun as fuck[View]
163730280French people, how popular is this shit in France?[View]
163729944Has an anime ever drawn breasts correctly?[View]
163727377So whats going on with this manga? Heard it was ending soon and wanted to speed read it because i ha…[View]
163726231Why don't you give catgirls the love they deserve?[View]
163729115Hey /a/ let's play shiritori! Not just any old shiritori, though. This is anime shiritori! I…[View]
163719831Dragon Ball Super: So what kind of wacky antics would he and his kids do in their spin-off show? Is …[View]
163710468One Piece: Longarm girl is pretty cute. Also when's Bobbin gonna make his comeback?[View]
163729174>insert song by mariya takeuchi[View]
163708616>rewatch Evangelion after 15 years >most of the first half is just Shinji getting cucked by Ka…[View]
163716712Would he have raped Guts next?[View]
163727636>Wastes money on shit anime >End Wat do[View]
163647850Heaven's Feel: You did remember to buy tickets to see her movie, right anon? http://www.fatesta…[View]
163727039Infini-T-Force: Out of the way Re:Creators. The better reverse isekai show is here.[View]
163728534>Recently looked through all the anime I watched my entire life >Noticed that for every 100 an…[View]
163725649Lain: Why is this anime so popular? It's not even good.[View]
163721481Naruto until the Pain saga, or Boku no Hero: Which one are you enjoying more?[View]
163729188clichés that you love: >antagonist is wiping the floor with the MC >another character appears …[View]
163728739who's read fourteen? it's so nonsensical lmao. what a manga[View]
163728418Why does she yell 'Tiro Finale!' when she shoots her gun. Is she autistic or something? I mean if sh…[View]
163669614Boruto: Discussion thread. What comes after the Kirigakure arc ?[View]
163723556Black Clover: I have no mouth and I must scream every single line. I know it's your first big b…[View]
163707519Kusuriya no Hitorigoto: Waiting for TLanon. Here's a Halloween illustration.[View]
163728652Rate This Season so far: Godtier: Animegataris Great tier: Net-juu no Susume Just because Good tier:…[View]
163728867I keep Haruhi archived for its historical significance.[View]
163723469Infini-t Force: Alright, how could this thing could go under my radar? Why there's no one talki…[View]
163717321Why are there no MILFS in anime?[View]
163722379Why do I get the feeling this Chad is going to fuck the shit out of their mankos?[View]
163725573Holy shit, I had forgotten how based this manga actually was.[View]
163728712Would you take the easy path as a cowardly demon or kick the ass of monsters all day like the great …[View]
163728670ぐぬぬ: Gununu~[View]
163723919Super Attack thread: Post your favourite super attack[View]
163726401Is he just a ripoff of Bakugou?[View]
163725650What do you think of Zeta Gundam?[View]
163702100Death Note: Daily reminder Light could have won. If he could foresee Near replacing the fake note wi…[View]
163720144Girls Bravo: This anime was so damn good[View]
163727535I know you younger folk think this is great, but wow this -as in anything dragon ball related- shoul…[View]
163724558Hanekawa: Shaft key Animation[View]
16372285720 years later and not a single finer specimen has ever been imagined. How is it possible?[View]
163725450ITT: Good Male MC's that aren't pussies or perverts.[View]
163727932In a later arc of Gatchaman Crowds, Berg Katze would have escaped, stole the form of random citizens…[View]
163717014The nen system had been lauded as very creative and inventive. The characters have also been praised…[View]
163721341Who would win in a fair fight? Lancer's Gay Bulge or Archer's Raw Ass?[View]
163725101What was his facial expression meant to convey?[View]
163704687JUST FUCK ALREADY[View]
163694270Rem is for _________: passionate headpats throughout the night[View]
163680717Kaguya Chapter 82: 1 week late edition[View]
163698489Watashi No Shounen: Anyone else reading this? Office Lady just lost. We all know ill loli is end gam…[View]
163718959Do Americans actually do this?[View]
163712127This thread dedicated to those who have passed away. post some.[View]
163659578So you like this ironically, right? That ossan is shitty, the art is shitty, he looks 80 and not 58.…[View]
163726517Name a more perfect moment in anime. >Pro tip: You can't.[View]
163725682Should Dragon Ball Super have picked up where Z left off (Goten and Trunks are teens, Pan has been b…[View]
163680025Girls und Panzer: What would be your favorite school that could get a spinoff manga as protagonist?…[View]
163708376>the city of Kousaka Reina[View]
163722406So lets settle this https://strawpoll.com/e8rkwach[View]
163695958Bros: I know everyone loves their waifus and such, but I think bromance (not actual gay shit) is ver…[View]
163722956I woke up and suddenly remembered this show. Do any of you remember this one way back?[View]
163725885>I don't want nobody to get killed. So, she does want someone to get killed?…[View]
163684252Kino no Tabi: The pacing the 2003 version was slow imo, but the sped up 2017 version of the coliseum…[View]
163713553Yoru wa Mijikashi: Any Yuasa man in?[View]
163719678>Your favorite anime's protagonist is now being trained by Kamogawa What happens?…[View]
163703042Are these three are the pinnacle of shounen manga? all three surprised me with the depth and theme i…[View]
163714197Gleipnir: What a fucking bitch. MC needs to grow a spine.[View]
163595183Delinquent Girls: Post delinquents[View]
163725066Things that should not be allowed: >Have a beach scene. >Two of the best girls are absent.…[View]
163716645Hero Academia: She's going to grow up totally nutso, right? A cute nutso, but still nutso.…[View]
163724775Danganronpa: Where are my peeps at?[View]
163723903If God exists, it knows about every anime girl. Including originals. I'm envious.[View]
163719847Do people reproduce through intercourse in Shounen or get their periods? It's never really spec…[View]
163720366Norio Wakamoto or Joji Nakata?[View]
163710926Amagami SS: Senpai[View]
163696508Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon: the anime is ok, but why are the lolis so damn thicc? unfuckable..…[View]
163723629ITT post your favourite badass anime girl[View]
163723517Flesh-and-blood soldiers cannot win against Objects.[View]
163689825Left or right?[View]
163721705Is Dies Irae babby's first chuunishit?[View]
163723072Don't be sad that it's over. Smile because it happened.[View]
163699493Oshiete! Galko-chan: This week's chapter isn't really a chapter. Just some cute pics of Ot…[View]
163720580Scanlation thread. What are you working on, /a/?[View]
163723773Full Metal Panic IV Special Stage in half an hour.[View]
163713872>Best girl is flat[View]
163723188Come and make or request /a/rt.[View]
163670462Black Lagoon: Which Braku Ragoon would you take home?[View]
163717717Find a flaw[View]
163665178Drawthread: Make or request /a/ related art.[View]
163722250WUT UP[View]
163719796/a/ 2006[View]
163716541Is Megumin a loli?[View]
163719921Marry, Fuck, Kill[View]
163719269Noot Noot: New episode of Pingu in the City https://nyaa.si/view/971052[View]
163708591Are you still mad?[View]
163719228Has there ever been a main character sidelined as hard as Akame?[View]
163720667Koe no Katachi: Anyone else see this tonight? I'm glad I waited to see it in a theater. The vis…[View]
163700430Made in Abyss: Keep posting more bun bun! I actually have some desk work to do for once, been sittin…[View]
163717023>I will never get to play the new Konosuba game in english. Feels terrible.…[View]
163720338>personality of character completely changes from sub to dub Why is this allowed?…[View]
163721085What's the saddest anime you have watched recently?[View]
163692943Mob Psycho 100 : chp. 100.14: Chapter is out on mangaONE app. Dumping raws with rough translation. S…[View]
163720943How good of a schoolteacher would you be in anime/manga?[View]
163718465Has there ever been a more insufferable main character?[View]
163713869Symphogear: Has there been any info if S5 will really be the last? They still seem to have a lot of …[View]
163703039Nozomi... I just want you to love me. Why won't you love me?[View]
163717051Hail to the king[View]
163720543What illness did she have? People on google are saying it's Friedreich's ataxia, but I don…[View]
163718170How do foxes reproduce in this world if every single one is gay?[View]
163705013Shoukoku no Altair: Episode 15 is out. We are going north, to the land of cute voivodes today.…[View]
163706364Frid/a/y night osu!: Frid/a/y night osu! thread Search for '/a/' in multiplayer filter, password is …[View]
163696977sometime I fell like chineese cartoons are better then japanese anime, what do you think? I think it…[View]
163695359What's the most masculine manga that you've ever read?[View]
163692913yosuga no sora: I can't believe people just write this anime off, because it has a little inces…[View]
163718811>not only does boku no hero rip off Naruto, latest chapter blatantly copies Berserk How shameles…[View]
163719044Invaders from ROKUJYOMA!?: Got around to watching this finally, just finished it. Was the Landlady j…[View]
163661174Hard mode: make it not terrible Nightmare mode: make it good[View]
163704216Girls' Last Tour: Loving the philosophical themes.[View]
16371822210/10 episodes[View]
163719215Blue Blue Glass Moon, Under the Crimson Air: What the fuck does that mean?[View]
163718912Does this mean Sieg gets to pump her full of mana now?[View]
163709987Can anyone explain to me why there doesn't seem to be a single person in Kaiji's universe …[View]
163718410This may be a bit of a brainlet question: In Kokoro Connect, during the 'irresistible urge' phase of…[View]
163719122A Silent Voice: hey /a/, have any of you seen this movie yet? or is this old news? I just saw it tod…[View]
163719021> erisfags[View]
163690627Dr. Stone: Chapter 32![View]
163718963You are now the main villain in the last anime you watched (you are now the consciousness running th…[View]
163702555Describe your waifu in two words, /a/.[View]
163718608How do I get a cute boy to look at me like this?[View]
163717747>Ribrianne had more screentime than Hit >Ribrianne had more screentime than Cabba >Ribriann…[View]
163717580>800+ chapters >not a single guy has been killed off >manga has constantly said the new wor…[View]
163718692Ousama game: What the fuck?[View]
163718782Send your best nani sound clips[View]
163718574Prove me wrong.[View]
163717169How would you respond to this anons?[View]
163708685Dragon Ball Super:: The Grand Priest needs a spinoff sitcom called 'my 12 kids'[View]
163718498I'm confused which one is Honey and which one is Clover?[View]
163703959Why do people live?[View]
163716988If your first thought when looking at this images was 'what cute boy' you are a homosexual![View]
163664064Osomatsu-san: Which matsu interactions would you like to see more of?[View]
163715274Would anyone else join Gaia? Life is exhausting, we'd all be better off dead. Guardian is for n…[View]
163698826RobotxLaserbeam 32: 3 year timeskip next chapter. What are the odds this is getting cancelled? Cause…[View]
163717119KyoAni & Do event: What are you expecting? - new anime announcement - new violet PV - Liz to Aoi…[View]
163711643Aquarion EVOL: Greatest lovestory ever told[View]
163710752Somehow BnHA gets better each chapter: Be honest, did any of you freaks expected Boku no Hero to get…[View]
163715433>non-asians will never understand the true bliss of having their ears cleaned out by someone else…[View]
163683852Buyfag Thread: Bow to your queen.[View]
163715557Never forget.[View]
163693712Kimetsu 83 (Korean): Time for a demon fight. But first, pretty colors[View]
163715367World Masterpiece Theater: Can we get a thread going for WMT shows? I finished Romeo no Aoi Sora the…[View]
163714957What went so wrong?[View]
163714877Osaka is really hot here.[View]
163716399Villain of the year: Who is VOTY 2017?[View]
163710719Gosho Aoyama is a very underrated mangaka for how long he's been active[View]
163717121>Each of the girls in K-ON is a stand-in for one of the Beatles >Each of the afterlife realms …[View]
163717025Is she /our girl/?[View]
163715383ITT: girls who love to fapping[View]
163716464Does he like girls?[View]
163714902Is this nigga's hatsu just the ability to jump really high? How is this shitter a single-star h…[View]
163709767I swear to god if you call it bootleg naruto one more time[View]
163707908>Pegasus has one eye (not counting the millennium one) >does not have binocular vision >can…[View]
163714534Inio Asano: Why hasn't he written/drawn anything noteworthy ever since Pun Pun ended (4 years a…[View]
163716434This is a soldier[View]
163704404why isnt there a series like this?[View]
163716229After: Why didn't you unpause after the OP ended ?[View]
163714941Why did you burn down my house?[View]
163709226Parasites infest the world of the last show you watched. What happens?[View]
163707418why did no one tell me this was happening[View]
163712957Kiki!! Kikiki![View]
163711587will they have their own animu guys? would you like it?[View]
163695171Netjuu no Susume: Who wrote this show and how did they know how to make me feel maximum pain and reg…[View]
163714547You hear it, you lose[View]
163708734How would've manga went from start to finish if Sasuke was female?[View]
163696013The Promised Neverland - Ch. 60: Korean scans out - http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/vLdErkyhV1A…[View]
163712512Evangelion: Lets have a thread dedicated to the best anime ever created.[View]
163713582Has Mayoiga been topped for so bad it's good?[View]
163708780Boku No Hero Academia: >We're already seeing 100% Fuck this, I wanted them to build it up s…[View]
163714940Just read Molester man: It was really good. is it true that the real kansai cucked Molester man?…[View]
163709135There is no one that can defeat him in a sword fight[View]
163713081Can you rape a rapist[View]
163683041Tomo-chan: You didn't listen Why didn't you listen?[View]
163690939Nanatsu no Taizai: Of course he wasn't out already.[View]
163664140Flying Witch: Halloween is right around the corner, let's discuss best witch.[View]
163711526Clione no Akari: New episode! Get hype! I still can't believe she's gone...[View]
163691017Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai/We Can't Study/We Never Learn: Chapter 36-KR http://wasabisyrup…[View]
163713403I'm going to ruin LOGH for you. You will now hear this voice whenever thinking of Reinhard. …[View]
163702396>try to find new anime in the sea of mass production in the latest years >every single adventu…[View]
163709702It's over, not even anime is safe anymore https://www.sankakucomplex.com/2017/10/21/netflix-wil…[View]
163712770Mahō no Mako-chan: Does anyone remember this shit called 'Mako, the Mermaid'?[View]
163712930Juuni Taisen: Cock-a-doodle-dead: Spoiler-filled theory discussion here. >Characters are getting…[View]
163699234Was she supposed to be the bad guy in her show?[View]
163713887So we are at the moon on Kaneki's Fool Journey >18. The Moon = facing up to the subconscious…[View]
163710706Gakkou Gurashi: Is this a hommage for the 'shovel dog' meme?[View]
163710821It seems like China want to borrow logh to adapt a live action to even out with the West's Star…[View]
163710185Hina Logi: OST is out: https://nyaa.si/view/970733[View]
163713563>*click click click click* >*bwe oo*[View]
163709605I feel sick.[View]
163713471>I don't wanna cut into your recess time, Yuki, but there's something I have to talk to…[View]
163714539Better than higurashi?: I'm really depressed I can't find an anime like higurashi and all …[View]
163708120How can a virgin make hentai?[View]
163691253Black Clover: LANGRIS BTFO[View]
163711732>Dragon Ball is a series that was literally made up as it went along is the most popular manga of…[View]
163713013Mitsuru Adachi works: I started skipping past the baseball parts. Am I doing it wrong, anon? Let…[View]
163656335Aikatsu Stars: DESU WAAAAAAAAAAAAA[View]
163703193Non Non Biyori: Season 3 leaked a bit. http://yaraon-blog.com/archives/115351[View]
163706748Inuyashiki: Will the anime cement itself as the greatest anime of all time once this scene gets adap…[View]
163709413Best girl of the year?[View]
163678520Tokyo Ghoul:re: In this iridescent world, the colors are dying out.[View]
163688083Why is her singing so good?[View]
163679655So how hard is this going to fail? Will it actually manage to be worse than Apocrypha?[View]
163631393name something more patrician than delinquent mangos. ill wait[View]
163700762When did Shinka become the queen of /a/?[View]
163711025how will you celebrate the first of november?[View]
163711385Why do people dislike this movie again? I thought it was pretty serviceable for a shounen anime movi…[View]
163707801How can one design a character so boring? He looks like a background character, and has the personal…[View]
163710537Just watched Queen’s Blade: Utsukushiki Toushitachi: I can't believe the studio who made that c…[View]
163711259>Taiwanese cooking is also part of China! Some straight up propaganda bullshit for re-unificatio…[View]
163672047Raildex: At this point, how likely is it that Touma or one of the MC's will die? The only MC I …[View]
163696183Himouto Umaru-chan: Let's do it![View]
163677704Dies Irae: What is the proper course of action to take here?[View]
163625908Overlord Thread!: Narberal is marrying Ainz before the 2nd season debut! Say something nice[View]
163673415Konohana Kitan: Mirror, mirror on the wall,who's the cutest gay fox of them all?[View]
163710470Tamagotchi Dream Town: https://youtu.be/6cmQ24GsF5k[View]
163695176one piece new chapter is out: katakuri best onii-chan[View]

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