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174397206WE NEED TO HYPE CHIHAYAFURU GODDAMMIT S3 SOON taichi best boy[View]
174378353Jormungand: Was she evil?[View]
174370500BERSERK: What your favorite story arc?[View]
174396789The Big O: When does it start making sense?[View]
174388455Golden Kamuy: Chapter 162 is out. Someone else dump it please.[View]
174386693shokugeki no soma: BIG[View]
174396327>side character is hotter than any girl in the main cast This wasn't planned, right?…[View]
174382366How do you go from this...[View]
174372126Is Clannad considered a classic and essentials?[View]
174390545Are you enjoying the oneeloli boom? >Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita (anime coming) >Uchi no Mai…[View]
174390528Sword Are Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online: What is her problem?[View]
174395433Where's religion in anime?[View]
174387398Is their otaku hate justified ?[View]
174396461Perfection does not exis...[View]
174385550Is this the most well written arc in Shounen history?[View]
174386483What do normalfags see in this?[View]
174396485Thoughts on Appetite?[View]
174388337Do HxHfags also hate YYH and YYHfags or would it be friendly fire?[View]
174390342Who are best absolute units in anime? >pic related[View]
174396337Zero Two? More like Zero Lives[View]
174389071Darling in the Franxx: >I hope Hiro stays selfish to the end What did Hiro's VA means by thi…[View]
174396040Nico is cute, CUTE.[View]
174338757Buyfag thread[View]
174395054can any other /a/ girl even compete with this cute tush?[View]
174384934new chapter of mom isekai is up. Discuss[View]
174358111Why are elf girls always so perfect?[View]
174385087Gif thread: Share your anime gifs, anon![View]
174394031Charlotte: Quite possibly the worst ending i've ever seen. >xD just steal everyones powers b…[View]
174393390So, is he literally invincible? Also, why no act 2? Did the author get bored of it?[View]
174391284Loneliness: Does anyone know what the author has been doing? I want to give her a hug[View]
174390355What would a date with Shizuka sensei be like?[View]
174385931Series nobody on /a/ hates: I don't think I've ever seen anybody hate on School Rumble…[View]
174392561You were just put in charge of rebooting Case Closed, what's the new setup going to be?[View]
174386656Who would win?[View]
174382945Why is Kumiko so popular on this board?[View]
174391244>showed no interest in the sexy naked girl that they suddenly see I didn't know gay biker ga…[View]
174391775Goblin Slayer: Justice Crash: >Enough games, Miura. Hand over your audience, and I'll allow …[View]
1743588295Toubun no Hanayome: I want Nino to step on me[View]
174393794Traps: Should a character be considered a trap if they have to dress up to have fooling looks?…[View]
174391662What is Isla doing with her hands?[View]
174394043Apart from Kaos, there is no shame in losing a fight to the Comic Girls.[View]
174357316Dragon Ball Super: We are all witnesses[View]
174359421age gap in anime/manga: Is age gap the purest form of love?[View]
174363520Do you guys like cake + boy?[View]
174391000fathers day: post the best dads[View]
174389652I want to make babies with her[View]
174383239wedding dresses in anime: Post them. The ugly and the pretty both.[View]
174384059this is so fucking cringe holy shit it's like I'm watching a cartoon[View]
174392902Check out these JKs[View]
174377660Raildex NT20: Where were you when Touma took off his pants for Orsola?[View]
174385759>scanlate a dog shit isekai >30000+ views >scanlate some boring ecchi >15000+ views >…[View]
174389635Anohana: Why did they cry so much? Also is the movie worth watching?[View]
174392811Not even nostalgiafagging, and I'm ready and hoping to change my mind, but as of right now, I j…[View]
174388632Oh no! Looks like Yuuri is hungry! Press [F] to feed her some delicious Yuuri Food™![View]
174392798Why are these lesbians so fucking thirsty jesus[View]
174386459The Great Fujo Debate[View]
174388434Imagine being an irresponsible parent and letting both your teenage sons become girls through bad in…[View]
174387550Deku not even 200 chapters in can already solo 99% of villains out there: Feels bad for Bakugo. Trai…[View]
174392200>looks 15 >is 97[View]
174388023Best FINISHED battle shounen?: https://strawpoll.com/ycxp4krc[View]
174385056Was this the greatest love story ever told?[View]
174388310Koimonogatari: Did she cheat on Araragi?[View]
174369938Kino: how popular was last season? any chance of getting another?[View]
174391715I feel like I got something wrong here because I don't see how Kurisu interacting with his chil…[View]
174347191Komi-san: I have never waited a chapter so much. Anyone who will interrompt those two will be on my …[View]
174388961Happy father's day[View]
174387558Prison School Thread what a bad ending, what are your thoughts[View]
174391582People don't understand what character flaws or an actual character arc is so they will say Dek…[View]
174389789Shokugeki no Soma: EELED[View]
174358465A-anon, there's something I've been meaning to tell you[View]
174392977Let's have a dance party.[View]
174360378If Black Beard had combined these two fruits instead of the one he have he would be unbeatable, righ…[View]
174384554City Hunter Thread: Get wild and tough[View]
174389261OVA when?[View]
174347213Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
174384305you don't have to tell me what happened but you do have to eat this[View]
174386331>you couldnt protect this smile[View]
174390822>Haven't read Otoyomegatari in months >download 5 chapters >get to this parrt >gri…[View]
174390722masamune-kun no revenge: One week to her victory. Get ready akitards.[View]
174383305Shoujo/Romance Thread: I've been rereading pic related, which is, honestly, the peak of the gen…[View]
174389056Who else is jumping ship for Alternative? I gave Progressive three episodes and remain unimpressed …[View]
174390569>Lord El-Melloi Case Files It's getting anime at some point isn't it?…[View]
174381100Uma Musume Pretty Derby: I CAN'T BELIEVE EVERYBODY WON![View]
174389986Citrus: Which one would you be to fuck the other one ?[View]
174388797>manga about guy weightlifting cute girls (?) >no raws This world is wrong.…[View]
174390031You know something that's so good about My Hero Academia? The villains aren't so black and…[View]
174389212Is it worth it to read the manga from the beginning even if I’ve already seen the anime?[View]
174388368>Son of the most wanted man in the world >Grandson of the greatest marine hero >Sworn broth…[View]
174388659So what even was the penguin dream?[View]
174384094Sword Are Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online: Why doesnt everyone just make their characters mega m…[View]
174384517Yankee Shota to Otaku Oneesan: Chapter 11 is out. Panpanman continues to be a bro.[View]
174384879Is Boku no Hero Academia as good as Fairy Tail or even better?[View]
174379281cute girls doing cute military things: You have been tasked to make a cute girls doing cute military…[View]
174388945Its amazing that My Hero Academia emphasizes the bonds and faith in comrades for its villains. Its a…[View]
174387851/a/ you lied to me, you told me this was fujoshit: How is a sports series better than almost every s…[View]
174383778Darling in the Franxx: His smug and loyalty: gone.[View]
174388808The Great Debate[View]
174378519Do you still enjoy anime as much as when you started watching it, /a/? I've noticed that my emo…[View]
174378737Perfl/a/t: Reminder /a/ is a DFC board DFC >>>>> Cowtits Cowtits must go and stay go …[View]
174384142What is your favorite magical spell?[View]
174385406Kurome is the best Akame ga Kill character, prove me wrong.[View]
174388450Is this an Evangelion reference?[View]
174384557Will we ever know all might's origin story?: I want to know why he moved to Japan and/or if he …[View]
174385302Happy: Father's day![View]
174378105Cultural Exchange Thread: Go to 2chan.net. Bring something back here.[View]
174385397>Bad shows /a/ tricked you into watching[View]
174383527Rokujouma: Volume 29 comes out on the 30th. This will wrap up the main story, but we'll get mor…[View]
174381719Top Tier Mech Anime: Pic related.[View]
174387806ITT: Greatest of their genre: Plebs will disagree[View]
174384536Did Bort get less boring: I stopped watching around the time Shikadai got a new friend playing Shogi…[View]
174371566Tamako Market was the last great KyoAni anime. Why didn't the masses appreciate it? https://you…[View]
174385710Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: Was this part of the plan?[View]
174387459VOL 4 WHEN[View]
174385573Holy shit this keeps getting worse and worse[View]
174386419So are the K-On! Season 3 rumors bullshit or do they hold any weight?[View]
174387150ITT: forgotten girls[View]
174384204>all girls are best girl[View]
174385238>...Zero Two?[View]
174383884Kingdom: Why do I never see any sort of discussion about this manga despite the fact that it ranks i…[View]
174385669Next, it is your turn.[View]
174385708Case Closed: >claims one truth prevails >constantly lies about his identity >constantly giv…[View]
174378408Mahou Shoujo Site: >'Will you tell us the plan?' >'NO' Is Nana the smartest villian in anime h…[View]
174386375Will the Bullying ever cease?[View]
174349434You have just inherited All for One, ruining the plot of MHA and becoming a shitty self insert OC. Y…[View]
174385342It's been 5 years and White Album 2 still have left a void in my heart.[View]
174371726What is /a/ opinion on Gekkan Shujo Nozaki - kun? Just finished and really liked it. I picked this u…[View]
174385939naruto > boruto: Is this the best 3 man team possible? 1. Medical ninja from the Hyuuga clan that…[View]
174385668Big feet: feet[View]
174385830>barely any movement >generic music >archetypal characterization >run of the mill story …[View]
174380282Oh shit nigga, you got ten seconds to talk Illya out of killing you![View]
174385707Was this really fucking necessary?[View]
174363364How do you feel about Fate as it is?[View]
174382951is this the cutest anime mum ever ?[View]
174384192Here we go lads![View]
174376771Why can't any anime/manga compete with the excitement levels of My Hero Academia?[View]
174385404Was it kino?[View]
174383441whose the purest character this season?[View]
174378486Is Sagiri(12) the perfect age for a female heroine?[View]
174359681Precure Thread: What did you think of this week's episode and the fact that the upcoming movie …[View]
174368085My Boku no Hero: So did the latest manga chapter pretty much retcon Endeavor's power from the a…[View]
174379480Modern anime has no soul. Modern anime aesthetics are no where near as good. These are facts.[View]
174375016Death game: What does /a/ think this genre ? Whats your favorite magna in this genre ?[View]
174382040You know something that's so good about My Hero Academia? The villains aren't so black and…[View]
174369793PMMM: Just how off was his explanation of entropy?[View]
174352952Orchestr/a/: Countdown to Vol. 4 release: 2 weeks We've got two new additions to the album: Kum…[View]
174384178So nobody talking about how this whole episode is ripoff Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0 compressed into h…[View]
174384254This is a hidden gem. I didn't know about it until the new anime came out. And boy, did I miss …[View]
174377165I think sao is shit and akame ga kill is a masterpiece ROAST ME[View]
174380131Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!: This manga would've been a lot better if Hana was a boy[View]
174381525Not so alpha anymore.[View]
174381376How come this trash is getting an anime by Ufotable?[View]
174381286Anohana: I had a friend who died when I was 5 years old and by the time I reached high school I bare…[View]
174377455Happy Father's Day, /a/! Show your appreciation for fathers.[View]
174344736Hinamatsuri 78 raws: Raws for the new chapter are out so dumping.[View]
174384016Asuka is now property of Mexico, as are all german anime girls.[View]
174383136riko is for _____[View]
174383756Will Jump ever axe this shit[View]
174311659Made in Abyss: Bondrewd appreciation thread[View]
174365151Tomo-chan: Aw, fuck, are we ever in for it.[View]
174383787Why is he being such a little bitch? Having illusion love magic is just like being a Chad except not…[View]
174372588How is it still being copied over two decades later yet it remains unsurpassed?[View]
174383764Permanat Hiatus: Exceptional series that never saw another installment. Hard mode: A second install…[View]
174382554What do you do in between waiting for episodes of anime to air?[View]
174364860Porco Rosso: This was the only Studio Ghibli film I hadn't seen and I decided to finally watch …[View]
174374733Darling in the Franxx: Predictions for next episode? >Most of P13 are back in Mistelteinn with Na…[View]
174381055i died[View]
174383280Ichigo is the true end afterall.[View]
174379190Why did he job so hard to a pikachu[View]
174380843One Punch-Man: What killed the hype?[View]
174383209I laughed so hard.[View]
174381480>post yfw when you are no longer getting away with it anymore[View]
174370973darling in the franxxda episode 21: worst episode so far? >suddenly one of ape is a nigga(they do…[View]
174372141ITT: /a/ characters who are essentially dogs[View]
174383058is any one else enjoying their backlog while we wait for next season?[View]
174374661KonoSuba: Was it ever proven that the author of this show is a woman?[View]
174383020One Punch Man - Garou vs Orochi: I'm not sure you've been keeping up to date with the mang…[View]
174375411Name one shounen manga that the mc is not the chosen one, tired of this shit[View]
174382986ITT: we talk about shitty anime dads pic related Saber is a 0/10 dad[View]
174377955I'm several chapters in, and I'm pretty disappointed. There's no character developmen…[View]
174377932i don't get why this show is so well rated, its just a bunch of cliches about how fucked is the…[View]
174376320what is your first thing to do you if you reborn as a loli?[View]
174361878>barely any movement >generic music >archetypal characterization >run of the mill story …[View]
174377184PROTECT ANZU.[View]
174380997cute CUTE![View]
174368461Why does he hate the otaku so much? Do you feel insulted?[View]
174379872>Emiya Shirou >2nd year of high school, presumably 16-17 years old >162 cm >EMIYA >1…[View]
174354335IT'S HERE BOYS: Are you ready for the anime of the century?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=il…[View]
174382646Darling in the Franxx and Boku No Hero Academia threads fucking everywhere. Why are there so many re…[View]
174381693I HURT MYSELF TODAY[View]
174382185SnK: Why didn't Marcel turn into Jaws to avoid being eaten? Why didn't Bert turn into CT w…[View]
174256019Killing Bites: Can somebody give us an overall summary of this scanned chapter? https://imgur.com/a/…[View]
174382497Touhou Ibarakasen - Wild and Horned Hermit: Why aren't you reading it, anon?[View]
174379762Why does Miho's PTSD never appear again after episode 1?[View]
174382044HOLY SHIT!!![View]
174376082Haruko canonically got HUGE TITS now. FLCL was just elevated to pure art.[View]
174380065So are you all in on some elaborate ruse to conceal that pic related was the true best girl of this …[View]
174365038GeGeGe no Kitaro: >this appears in your bedroom at night What do?…[View]
174379940I love Akashi, no homo[View]
174371646ITT: Well written traps[View]
174377661How do we save it?[View]
174374306Boku no Hero Academia on the surface is another shounen school romp, but when you get down to it, th…[View]
174381903Would it be a better show if they did away with the fights and focused only on fanservice?[View]
174379095>the final villian fight is streamed live on big ass tv screens in the middle of the city so ever…[View]
174375069Was that frame really necessary?[View]
174381867>Nature good uguu >Progress bad uguu Why is he such a hypocrite? He wouldnt be where he is now…[View]
174378956Broke: EoE Woke: EoTV[View]
174380113DRAGONBALL: Gohan thread[View]
174379897More like Megalo Bore.[View]
174326327Uma Musume Pretty Derby: THE END IS NEIGH[View]
174316151Shingeki no Kyojin: Will we know more about the Tyburs?[View]
174381018ITT: Cliches you hate: >the group retard binds the group together…[View]
174374283Shounen or Seinen: HxH is very dark in the sense of the storyline. Even though death and murder of c…[View]
174380674Hugtto! Precure: >'Even Boys Can Become Princesses!': Hugtto! Precure Anime Stands Up t…[View]
174373341Is 5 '8' seriously considered tall in Japan?[View]
174379587Either 1) this is a flashback to a defining intimate moment between Asuka and Shinji that would have…[View]
174380706Akagi thread[View]
174380675I just wanted to tell everyone that I love how we all started to call him Shiggy[View]
174371178Yuragi sou no Yuuna: I want to know what are the expectations from /a/ since Xebec will animate this…[View]
174380749Is it kino?[View]
174379102The Great Debate[View]
174378977I was promised good animation. However this handdrawn meme couldnt even compete with kyoanus, much l…[View]
174379989Mone-san no majime sugiru tsukiaikata: What's your opinion on this? I'm surprised no scanl…[View]
174375062https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AO6lopTTqN0 TRIGGER SAVING ANIME AGAIN[View]
174377163Which flavor of Sakura do you prefer[View]
174379425Is she the cutest female character ever?[View]
174378823No idea if people have put this connection out there on the webz but idgaf I felt the need to put th…[View]
174365864Hunter x Hunter: The power system is great and all but when does the deconstruction begin?[View]
174377929Press F ro pay respects F[View]
174380434Oh my gah![View]
174374438Tokyo Ghoul: Reeeeee: >Furuta wanted to free Rize >Furuta wanted to live longer >Furuta wan…[View]
174359044ITT: best girls of their respective shows[View]
174369212Yuusha ga Shinda: New chapters are out. >ein aratoron your dick >ein rahab your anus Do what?…[View]
174374651Nyaruko-san: Surely you haven't forgotten about her?[View]
174379963Happy Father's Day! You can't find a better one.[View]
174379568Violet Evergarden is the greatest show ever made. An artistic, musical, and emotional masterpiece fo…[View]
174372911What went wrong?[View]
174371525So what just happened? Is she actually dead or did her soul merge/enter him so she could pass him he…[View]
174379421Best FINISHED battle shounen?: https://strawpoll.com/ycxp4krc[View]
174374917>ITT: describe an anime in 1 sentence and we’ll guess what anime it is. I’ll start with something…[View]
174376069Darling in the FranXX: Why the fuck is she so pathetic?[View]
174375141What was the point of this show?[View]
174373715Itazura na Kiss is literal garbage: So after watching an endless stream of badly written sexless SoL…[View]
174368873S2 when?[View]
174375526So meta. Such a masterpiece. This was clearly too clever for the Japs to understand.[View]
174357068ITT: Badass Dudes[View]
174378599I just watched the best episode in anime history. I am shaking. Horikoshi, you are a genius. Studio …[View]
174370934ITT: post OPs for long forgotten anime you enjoyed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aypaQJ0FWSU[View]
174378705Vandread: So is this basically Franxx but good, or is Franxx this but bad?[View]
174353324>Trigger produces another 'original' series >Fills it with 90% uninteresting teenage melodrama…[View]
174378055New Goblin is Very Strong, now lewder than ever.: I can't believe Mimit is fucking dead.[View]
174378529Looks like the 3d kanojo is absorbing MC's third dimension. He shoulda known all 3d women as su…[View]
174378194Why does Rin have the best feet?[View]
174378452What are /a/'s opinions on this gook manga?[View]
174374340TIL if you used a Japanese VPN, netflix would show a sizeable selection of animes. These might not b…[View]
174377746She and her forced yuri destroyed Hibike for me. Does she get murdered in S2? I don't know if I…[View]
174378065Potatoes: What are this seasons' new entries in this W I D E subgenre?[View]
174375897It's the third Sunday of June. Happy Watanagashi, Higurashi fans. Also, Keiichi's game is …[View]
174374539Full Metal Panic: Rank em’[View]
174373939>We want the Fate/Zero audience They sure altered the scenes with a heavy hand…[View]
174370731Now that 02 is dead and Hiro is on suicide watch, it's time for our strawberry to step up and s…[View]
174376828Best MC in WSJ's history: Izuku Midoriya is the main protagonist of the manga series My Hero Ac…[View]
174377733Megalo Box: HAH! I FUCKING CALLED IT![View]
174371299Ok, real talk though for a second, why didn't Giorno just use his stand to grow an infinite amo…[View]
174377813When are we getting T-M anime that's not fucking Fateshit #6345734623?[View]
174366736Obscure Waifu Thread: It’s that time, let see some lesser known ones![View]
174375742Is there a single entry in the Fate franchise that doesn't involve some catch powered by compli…[View]
174373508>Some violent thug destroy's Deku's scrotum >His class as well as his instructors do…[View]
174372047What does /a/ think about hard shounen?[View]
174377364What happened to all might?[View]
174328281Why lesbian Akame is such a trigger for so many people? The amount of denial i've seen about he…[View]
174377272Now that the dust has settled, did Bones do this scene justice?[View]
174310366Isekai thread: Why are you not reading best isekai? >Reverse isekai >Not a teen MC >SoL …[View]
174374031Deku is the perfect balance of 'cute&scary af character' at first glance you'd think he doe…[View]
174299142Goblin Slayer Side Story - Year One 012 (2018) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >Goblin Slayer Side Stor…[View]
174373229monogatari series watch order: i recently decided on finnaly watching this show, but i hear lots of …[View]
174372990Is she lesbian?[View]
174374001For me,it's Chloe.[View]
174369049>I want to kill All Might. >Everyone says I lack conviction, I need to find a strong motive fo…[View]
174370718hey, want to lick it?[View]
174373634My hero academia thread! question for the day: how is toshinori going to die?[View]
174375453Nen: I mean, it's a pretty good system for a shonen, but I wouldn't suck it off. For one, …[View]
174372917ITT: Best girls of their respective series I'll start[View]
174373732Thoughts on Gintama? I've only watched the first few episodes so far. I think this is one of th…[View]
174375169Damn, japanese kids watch shows like THAT?[View]
174368536Side character romances are better than the main couple. What anime also does this?[View]
174375325Should anime be only about manly fights or romantic fanservice?[View]
174375717Who the biggest westaboo in anime?[View]
174367845I PREDICTED IT, I AM A GENIUS!!! A GOD AMONG MEN!!! Nobody else saw this coming! You all doubted me!…[View]
174375379Was this scene really necessary?[View]
174373041It's canon.[View]
174364992why didn't goku teach his friends instant transmission?[View]
174369002Is there character you like so much you try to imitate or be like it? I try to be like Light Yagami …[View]
174375200What's so enjoyable about drama?[View]
174371452I just watched The Girl Who Lept Through Time. What did I think of it?[View]
174374915Hitoribocchi no OO Seikatsu - Chapter 56: It's out![View]
174374093>hey you always hang around with that one girl only, she your gf or something >n-no man we jus…[View]
174375040ITT: Overrated Trash[View]
174366306Quick, what are you going to give Revy? You have 10 seconds to answer.[View]
174374279Black Clover Boku no Hero Academia Boruto All three start with a 'B', all three are soulless garbage…[View]
174374385Say nice things about her.[View]
174369211is this the greatest slice of life to date?[View]
174356379Raildex NT20: After many years of shitposting, the bowl has been won. Say hello to your winner!…[View]
174370470The new Riding Bean Kickstarter is seven hours from the end. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/be…[View]
174371335Since he was a Quincy and had a physical body, shouldn’t killing him have just thrown him right back…[View]
174373914Molester man > train man[View]
174355203Darling in the FranXX: YFW the next episode begins with P13 performing a funeral for 002, just like …[View]
174374039>Howdy Ichigo! >I'm 003! I'm gonna be your darling! >Believe it!…[View]
174363476ITT: Good girls stuck in mediocre shows[View]
174363960Why are japenese videogame developers so lesbians, /a/?[View]
174365426What is the superior Urobutcher fight?[View]
174370376Scientists predicted an imminent meteor impact on Earth that would annihilate civilization, but cont…[View]
174367735Anohana: Why don't we talk about this more?[View]
174373441hmmmm... I don't understand the conclusion to this show so the three of them just die?[View]
174372844Why is this darling trash so popular: Ever had one of those moments where you just can't stop c…[View]
174362909She better stay fucking dead or this show is garbage.: An actual decent plot twist.[View]
174372776Let’s pay our respects to a fallen soldier.[View]
174372966OnePunch Man: How do you think Garou's monster form will be redrawn by Murata?[View]
174372999Grancrest Senki: >My pain is greater than yours! Why do nip animators do this?…[View]
174369501What did you think /a/?[View]
174372944>had the chance to catch up with Franxx >watched episode 1 >'how the heck do this beta mc g…[View]
174365160So did the entire immortal side of the human race just effectively get Tang'd? Or was it everyo…[View]
174321972GUP: This portrayal of demonic final boss Miho is getting silly[View]
174372833well, /a/?[View]
174371478Any screencaps of Haruko in her swimsuit?[View]
174361849>no one ever dies! >no stakes ever because no on jobbed and died >what a hack >MC needs …[View]
174362029>meTaL OooPaa!![View]
174360337wow, she actually spoke to Futoshi[View]
174371814Waifus/Husbandos of near past: Looking back at your waifus and husbandos, are there consistent chara…[View]
174371101How can any other studio even compete? Ufotable? Don't make me laugh. This is the MOST BEAUTIFU…[View]
174370692What the absolute fuck did he mean by this? Are Japs so fucking arrogant as to think they can judge …[View]
174368032when will my hero macademia get the nuts to start confirming some ships?[View]
174370781Equal treatment of fighters of both genders in nekketsu: I'd like to see more shounen battle ma…[View]
174372323Aifure, Prichan, Cocotama and other cute shows: The first cour is almost over and Friends is off to …[View]
174366653Láng yá fēng fēng quán[View]
174368522How do /a/nons feel about Oni's death?[View]
174367586NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
174363834What could girls do while they're in this position?[View]
174368135ITT: Characters whose name define their characteristics or preferences: >Naruko 'Anaru' Anjou…[View]
174370597saw this while browsing. never heard of it. checked its publication history. is it bad? i dont remem…[View]
174298982Wixoss: They should bring back more characters from the first show.[View]
174368881So I gather that APE was basically just VIRM in disguise in order to stage a covert invasion/absorpt…[View]
174370865ITT anime that deserved a second thread[View]
174370348How fast is Kumiko Oumae?[View]
174370862The best isekai anime there is in the entire existence is none other than—No Game No Life! No Game N…[View]
174370163ITT: /a/ moments that made you cry[View]
174370809damn why are flat elves so delicious?[View]
174367931Have you accepted that modern anime is not made for you and that's the real reason you think it…[View]
174358215Does Yunyun have to be bullied so much?[View]
174369505TenTen needs love too[View]
174369083Season 3 when?[View]
174366486The Ocean Waves: >tfw you will never grow up in comfy 90s Kochi[View]
174366009>Draw a boy >Call it a girl >They become best girl How does this happen?…[View]
174353173/a/ meet the new BIG 3 of Shonen Jump[View]
174368810being meguca is suffering...[View]
174363142Death Note: Has Death Note stood the test of time or is it just generic, edgy shonen?[View]
174370326maho shojo site thread: so apparently the administrators are robots, huh[View]
174366065Prisma Illya: >Draw a little girl >Make her butt extremely lewd What's Japan's endga…[View]
174367724Who has the largest chest?[View]
174367015Fate Zero > Fate Stay in School[View]
174368292What did Aoba-chan mean by this?[View]
174359855Has an anime or manga ever related with you on such a personal level that you changed because of it?…[View]
174367609He kept his ideals until the end. How long until Midoriya reaches his level?[View]
174360369So, what's the best hero philosophy, /v/?[View]
174370099Now that all the competition is gone we can finally have some Ichigo x Hiro romance.[View]
174368947How does /a feel about Lucy? Say something nice.[View]
174364780Why is anime so boring these days?[View]
174368587Was Neji right all along?: When he gave that speech to Naruto in the original anime about destiny an…[View]
174369015What is your honest opinion of female characters who aren't virgins?[View]
174369900Devil May Cry: Boomer Dante will lose his virginity to Patty right?[View]
174369837What are some quintessential 'cyberpunk' series other than Akira, Ghost in the Shell, and Serial Exp…[View]
174365488Now that All Might is finished, who is the greatest hero in all of anime?[View]
174365067DARLING in the FRANXX: No, Zero Two is not dead. For starters she's too important to the plot t…[View]
174360270What's on his screen?[View]
174352106Who do you consider the hottest of these 4?[View]
174353640Clamp thread? Clamp thread.[View]
174358587So what's next for Re:zero?[View]
174321077Steins;Gate: well that was some terrible writing.[View]
174357459Which side of her is more attractive?[View]
174355330FLCL Progressive: New episode of Fooly Cooly soon, will it be shit?[View]
174369078Mida Love: Is this one of the best gender bender series in recent years? New chapters when[View]
174292815Nanatsu no Taizai Chapter 272 spoilers: First of all, Volume 33 will be released in August with a sp…[View]
174358627darling in the franxx: oof, I guess ape was just a bunch of black dudes.[View]
174356891SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online: Here we can see a wild LLENN in search of her next prey.[View]
174365436Season 2 when?[View]
174368635Germa OP: Ichiji is 2nd commander tier confirmed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTv26kADE7g&t=…[View]
174358522Jojolion: New chapter soon after Araki's one month break.[View]
174363620Post the exact page a manga peaked.[View]
174365506001: is the klaxo princess the oldest 'loli' in anime history?[View]
174364380No matter what happens, your imouto will love you.[View]
174354307More To Love-ru when?[View]
174367965Prunus Girl: Could this ever get an Anime adaptation? I really think it deserves more attention. And…[View]
174362738Maybe cutting her hair stopped her from being killed off?[View]
174364182Do girls like Tae Kojima actually exist? Ever since reading Gantz I've had a massive crush on h…[View]
174364502Ten days until victory is confirmed.[View]
174364983What do you think of single dad MCs?[View]
174367989time for in season camping!@: whos down? i need some people to go with me!@[View]
174367347Why did people like this guy?[View]
174367487How to improve 'Uchiha Sasuke': Go. And no be a straight up good guy excuse either.[View]
174367682>Make fun of dubfags >Don’t watch the raws Never have I met people with the biggest cognitive …[View]
174365728Was Gendou a bad father and role model to Shinji?[View]
174353486The only good thing about this show[View]
174317781I wanna fuck Haruhi[View]
174367187Post reaction images.[View]
174366079Why didn't you protect this smile /a/? Also was this the greatest love story ever told?[View]
174330407Toji no Miko: Come play with Tagitsu-chan![View]
174365988>Everyone has a little pity party for Crona >Ragnarok was a human weapon who got fucking grou…[View]
174364284Death Note: I take a potato chip...[View]
174364576Are you enjoying the third* season?[View]
174366282Is it wrong to have teens and Loli's as your waifu?[View]
174363227Reminder to pray to our Goddess Sena.[View]
174357364One Piece: Remember D Clown[View]
174365995>Brought peace and stability to the region >Crushed and defeated any potential usurpers who wo…[View]
174361511Why are purple-haired girls the best girls?[View]
174364332>Kenshiro Kasumi >Lupin III >Yang Wenli and Reinhard von Lohengramm >Junk Dog >Saichi…[View]
174364281In a way it's kind of bad that Zero Two is dead, because now there's gonna be way more spa…[View]
174363790Where were you when the collective society of onitards got BTFO beyond oblivion?[View]
174348580>Hero Academia Did they managed to top this fight? What do you think of the last episode?…[View]
174359046Why: I don't understand why she taped it up. She hated the mirror and broke it on purpose.…[View]
174356958Gun Gale Online: So they don't have battleaxes because of muh guns, but lightsabers are okay? P…[View]
174365946Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan: EP. 22 WHERE ARE MY SUBS AT? Also, Saiki thread[View]
174365203Hoshiiro Girldrop: How would you feel if they used the money from Pop Team Epic to actually make a f…[View]
174350908holy shit they actually did it[View]
174360521Contrary to popular belief Sword Art Online is not an isekai.[View]
174360025Layton's Mystery Detective Agency: >you will never pretend to be on a date with Kat while so…[View]
174363432Deku is the perfect balance of 'cute&scary af character' at first glance you'd think he doe…[View]
174359906>He still hasn't watched the best anime of all time Zeta and ZZ Gundam…[View]
174365102Has he achieved the impossible?[View]
174365095Does anyone else agree this should get an anime adaptation?[View]
174363949Hey /a/, Wanna buy a watch?[View]
174362017It's so refreshing to see a truly idiocyncratic main character shonen MC get such a big platafo…[View]
174363860My top 3 romance animes of the season ranked best to worst. Change my mind[View]
174322973Aifure, Prichan, Cocotama and more: We're only 11 episodes in. How are they going to top this?…[View]
174362178ITT: Post smugs you couldn't protect. I'll start.[View]
174345563Will anime ever have a golden age again[View]
174363543>It's another one of these Like for fuck's sake they might as well named this 'Hundred'…[View]
174354070How do you feel about Astolfo?[View]
174305695What was the purpose of this scene?[View]
174364170GODA!!!: He foreshadowed his Kaguya 400 chapters in advanced. AND THE FUTURE PK EVEN INSULTED HIM!!!…[View]
174305005>None of the side characters in VRAINS have significant victories How do you fuck up Yu-Gi-Oh thi…[View]
174363253What is the lore behind the way she dresses?[View]
174361664Why was their fight in the anime so disappointing and lackluster compared to the manga?[View]
174363041Kill la Kill: Was this ever explained?[View]
174363611Kyoto Animation: We all know how great they are but have they ever had QUALITY in any of their shows…[View]
174363349All Might vs. All for One: >live in bumfuck nowhere in Eastern Europe >the nerdiest thing peop…[View]
174363700>he hasnt achieved clear mind yet explain yourself[View]
174347710Which Strike would you Blood?[View]
174359770Why did Maidragon flop?[View]
174362813Is this the superior Rin?[View]
174364758ITT: think of your waifu, then post her wearing a swimsuit[View]
174337729How did we go from THIS[View]
174353521In ten years, it will be considered one of the best in the series[View]
174359033>MC is friends with a pair of perverted, idiotic, unattractive nerds >Said 'friends'…[View]
174362829ITT: Main series has no anime, but spinoffs has anime: I'll start.[View]
174362823Shokugeki no Soma: How fucked is he?[View]
174352363So how much longer until we get a manga prequel to My Hero centered around All Might?[View]
174362713I had an erection the whole time.[View]
174361127Muv-Luv: >Expect humanity versus aliens >Get harem hijinks of test pilots fucking around That …[View]
174358314Was he gay?[View]
174359166Fillers: Do GOODS fillers exist? What are your favorites?[View]
174349866Angel Beats: Did /a/ like this? I never see anyone talk about it here. I marathoned everything this …[View]
174357040My Hero Academia: >There's a really awesome happening sticky in this universe you're no…[View]
174356405>Anon-san, there's something scary over there. Can you help me get rid of it? What do?…[View]
174361636I love her. Will we ever get a proper backstop/filler?[View]
174360749> characters: quantity over quality > plot: capeshit for nips > absolute boring ass battles…[View]
174360851Is this cat gay?[View]
174360035So uhh, isn't this like, rape and shit?[View]
174361371Post anime girls that you're in love with but believe would probably friend zone you if you kne…[View]
174359176Top kek: >studio trigger trying to pull a kamina again >mfw franxxfags will still defend this…[View]
174358702Why is Saber the greatest mommy[View]
174361516He saved us.[View]
174357454One Piece: So who's going to suffer for Mossgards decision attempted diplomacy? The Tontatta…[View]
174361283Oda Eiichiro is going to Red Pill the entire male young adult/youth of our world, mark my words. Spo…[View]
174360215Is Umineko a deconstruction?[View]
174352656Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan: Waiting for new episode thread[View]
174360054sao: 'SAO HAS GREAT ART AND ANIMATION' my ass it does, pic related[View]
174361262ITT: The effeminate Bishop master manipulator: Holy shit they are many. They have only 2 types 1.Ant…[View]
174350978why is her hand so small[View]
174359126Help her pull out her weggie /a/.[View]
174361145All Might is best waifu and I want him to be happy.[View]
174342830Bleach: Why do we hate Bleach again?[View]
174357069>4 episode in >havent progressed past twinkle twinkle little star who approved this shit? this…[View]
174292034Bokuben / We Can't Study / We Never Learn 67: Korean scans. http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/P-j…[View]
174359766KonoSuba: Konosuba Season 3 or else ill do nothing[View]
174360557BNHA is one of the few(if not the only one and only) true blue neo post modern shonen in existance. …[View]
174349032I don't want to jinx it but...I think it's time for Vento Aureo https://twitter.com/Heiji…[View]
174346285Why does she have 4 ears?[View]
174358825>hurr durr Toguro is basic shounen antagonist >missmewiththatshit.jpg…[View]
174351130>explosions are powerful enough to lift his whole body Doesn't it mean that he should get pu…[View]
174344528I'm gonna leave my wife Miki here for a bit. I'll be right back.[View]
174355590Just finished reading this, decent shounen overall but the ending was just bizarre. What does /a/ th…[View]
174359980Cocoa-san will grow up into a sexy lawyer![View]
174351486Darling in the Franxx: On the bright side Mitsuru seems to have recovered from the brainwashing. Nex…[View]
174359433>models for Senpai in a bathing suit >he still hasn't made a move on her yet ???…[View]
174356720He can't fly while his feathers are in other places, right? Like, they don't regenerate. B…[View]
174342809High School dxd: This faggot should be followig Ise's examle and be creating his own harem.…[View]
174359332Kill Me Baby: I want to see these two together[View]
174354904ITT god-tier OPs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sF4D-NLykFs[View]
174355403Occasional Watamote Thread: Manga: Still five days away Anime: Season 2 when we have reached peak ho…[View]
174360064Haruhi could have been better. pic related[View]
174358704What anime series has the deepest and the most complex catalog? (sequels, prequels, spinoffs, etc.)[View]
174357184>My wife is 9 months pregnant and i finally got enough money to get us out of this shithole of an…[View]
174356174forgotten bellies..[View]
174359646You'll never get this from Badhouse's mechanical crap.[View]
174359399I wish Ebi-chan would step on me.[View]
174345095What does /a/ think of Mawaru Penguindrum?[View]
174358602Favorite manga styles? Mine are: >Horikoshi >Araki >Robico >Daisuke Hagiwara…[View]
174359485This fucking guy.[View]
174359336Darling in the Troll >Hiro can't pilot because his original partner, let's give him a c…[View]
174337226Persona 5 the Animation: New Episode: Makoto is the worst girl?[View]
174357443Corocoro: How have they survived over 3 decades with nothing but dick, balls, ass, shit, and fart jo…[View]
174358155The early Dragon Ball films are under-rated. They're also right at the point where some energy…[View]
174346619Is he bisexual, just gay or straight?[View]
174358901>that one character whose eyes are much more open than everyone else's Is thing a thing in g…[View]
174357822Quick question. Am I the only one who enjoyed this manga for the most part but thought the ending wa…[View]
174357121Damn, how did they discover that shokugeki exist? It was a secret so well protected though.[View]
174357879This was a perfect episode: Its going to be hard to top this episode. >origin of All Might shows …[View]
174342157Was her show the most overrated SoL ever?[View]
174353943> tfw you'll never bakuretsu inside megumin's loli puss why live…[View]
174358552ITT smiles we failed to protect[View]
174358508Death Flags: Death flags and how to identify them ITT when you thought best girl (or male) would die…[View]
174358173Deku is the perfect balance of 'cute&scary af character' at first glance you'd think he doe…[View]
174358034It's so refreshing to see a truly idiocyncratic main character shonen MC get such a big platafo…[View]
174337358Amanchu! Advance: Yurifags absolutely BTFO.[View]
174357447Would you take this loli home with you?[View]
174354021anime that would've been better as hentai[View]
174355594Does she know how illegal she is?[View]
174357258>serious arc begins in one of the big shounen anime >sakuga skyrockets through the roof I love…[View]
174347915Is she alright?[View]
174294974New PV for Isekai Bronze Age Vikings: It'll probably be disappointing and have zero of the thou…[View]
174357964Is Seikaisuru Kado the greatest NTR ever animated?[View]
174350659How would you feel if One Piece had nudity moments like this?[View]
174356491Logh thread: Recently I have just seen Logh. Can I already discuss politics in / pol / omo as a prof…[View]
174317339Do all Precure thread have such nice proportions?[View]
174354567If you were to gather all the currently ongoing Shonen Jump antagonists and asked yourself >who i…[View]
174334026Is Caster the most underrated servant?[View]
174352089>character driven/slice of life anime >characters are being introduced >there all pretty gr…[View]
174350138ITT moments when a show goes full retard[View]
174352653Party with Aoi![View]
174352367Is this her chance boys?[View]
174357641What could possibly be his motivations to maintain the Celestial Dragons? He seems like a gentle bei…[View]
174357571It's time to choose[View]
174357657ITT manga/anime that pander to amerifats[View]
174355181Is she a good tsundere, /a/?[View]
174344949Daily Yotsuba Chapter: Today is always the most enjoyable day. Volume 7, Chapter 46: Yotsuba & E…[View]
174357357GIVE UP?[View]
174357503ITT: post anime one soundtrack you genuine like https://youtu.be/bt2owd14qn8[View]
174357499I just watched the best episode in anime history. I am shaking. Horikoshi, you are a genius. Studio …[View]
174314452>Hinata nearly dies >she's carried away >triple shot of her massive hooters as she…[View]
174357287Yui, what are you doing?[View]
174348815Reminder that if you prefer the right version, you don't belong on /a/[View]
174337868Okay so I finally started reading berserk in it's entirety after watching the arch age movies(p…[View]
174357325But from this angle, she looks perfectly fine[View]
174356191Still the most intelligent anime to date.[View]
174356704Am I the only one here that think HxH is overrated: I have read most of the chapters (some chapters …[View]
174351253It’s stupid to be a hero. It’s suicidal and pointless. If you’re too weak to protect yourself, you’r…[View]
174346568What if you are the only male in the isekai thread?[View]
174353033How embarrassing[View]
174356272Can we all agree that blue hair is the supreme gentleman's taste?[View]
174356520Who would win in a fight? Considering Mob can absorb psychic powers or if he goes beyond his 100 %, …[View]
174356601What is perfection and why is it Ereshkigal (blonde Rin)?[View]
174356637Can we all agree that black hair is the supreme gentleman's taste?[View]
174355325Kill la Kill is an anime people will talk about 10 years from now.[View]
174356566Kemono Friends cliffhanger: I cried.[View]
174356559Overlord: PA RPing as Touch Me and conquering Remedios route when? Also S2 can't come soon enou…[View]
174354074Just in need of your annual checkup? Anything else?[View]
174335142Hisone to Masotan: This is our new D-Pi. Say something nice about her.[View]
174353384Am I the only one who cares about her death more than 02's? This cutie is actually dead, the re…[View]
174352893What are /a/'s thoughts on the Sun and Moon anime? I don't wanna ask /vp/ cause it seems t…[View]
174353887would you a broken woman?[View]
174347398One Piece: >more than a month since we last saw the straw hats I MISS THEMS O MUCH…[View]
174355864Yonkounigger made a msitake. Ziga is not axed yet.[View]
174342513Next, it is your turn.[View]
174346354Traps in anime: Post traps.[View]
174348397DUCK CUNNY[View]
174355069What is she drinking?[View]
174354771Gundam build divers is garbage: Am I the only one who hates Gundam build drivers and Gundam build di…[View]
174355508Explosive magic is really useless?Try to prevent Megumin from crying[View]
174303517Dragon ball super: New leaks from v-jump, towa confirmed going to be in the heroes anime. More leaks…[View]
174355534Why is this cock lusting and annoying yandere so popular with normalfags?[View]
174353202Jolyne: She is still the best female protagonist of a fighting shonen[View]
174355709Ichigo Hate Thread: Marathoning this show because I thought the Arcsys x Trigger thing was going to …[View]
174350086Oh my god Kaos was the one drawing Comic Girls all along! What a fucking plot twist[View]
174348496What the hell happened to him?[View]
174326033Himawari Furutani: Happy birthday to boob Yuru![View]
174354260NNB is comfiest anime: you made Renge cry in previous thread >>174248627 You have to snap to a…[View]
174328853How do you feel about loli characters?[View]
174346347Otoyomegatari 73: How to develop an 1800s camera: The Chapter. Presented by Kaoru Mori.[View]
174350595what truck is the best for isekaing people[View]
174354492You are reading your Weekly Jump when suddenly this man comes up and deconstructs your genre's …[View]
174351371Violet Evergarden: This anime is literally just try-hard attempts on making the viewers cry with mel…[View]
174354714Grand Blue Thread: share your best Oolong Tea image that you have[View]
174326059How did a wimp like Shikamaru get to win her?[View]
174342989Left or Right?[View]
174354170Which character could beat her in a 1v1?[View]
174324746The declind of sweatdrops in modern anime. What happened?[View]
174354231Chino and her friends are growing up![View]
174301624It's time to reveal what everybody is waiting for.[View]
174315283GGO: New episode tomorrow, who would in in CQC? LLENN or Fuka? I think LLENN probably because dex bu…[View]
174339893Let's improve this character: I hate that Sasuke has a bad wrap after all these years with casu…[View]
174353865Cardcaptor Sakura: Can't wait for today's ep huh guys[View]
174353565so,what was the meaning of this? cool manga,but I don't get half of the shit[View]
174350552Damn. Rare to see a shounen protagonist who is so multi dimensional[View]
174342106I'm crying. When did you start crying?[View]
174315698Yama no Susume: Listen to Aoi and Hinata sing the new ED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvNcD_LzTJ8…[View]
174352796Who is best girl?: And why is it Nico?[View]
174353547Here's you graduation present Izuku Midoriya.[View]
174343445Evangelion: Greetings Weebs! I want to get into animu and thought this would be the best way to sta…[View]
174351635>things from anime that you do in real life. I always say 'garchu' to my dog when I pet her…[View]
174346692Is Boku no Hero Academia worth watching if I don't typically like shounen or action shows? Does…[View]
174353273Was the ending so unfulfilling intentionally as to lure people into reading the manga? Also, why the…[View]
174299284fukudane fukudane Mahou Shoujo Site thread [View]
174353115DBS: What was your reaction when this scene aired? He has 2 kids with her but has never kissed her. …[View]
174353102When will /a/ realize that Akechi-kun was a good boy who did not do anything wrong?[View]
174352498Admit it Fujos. My Hero Academia made it flop[View]
174322806raildex: In case any anons missed it here's today's update for NT20 https://www.baka-tsuki…[View]
174352257>new episode of Franxx >/a/ doesn't care anymore Ichigo truly carried this anime as best …[View]
174351741Legitimate question, does Office Lady have vast appeal in the anime community or is it still conside…[View]
174333133Post panels you like and want to post[View]
174341641ITT: THE greatest debate. Can this question even be answered by a single mortal?[View]
174343426Ikunobros, where are you at? Our girl will be fine, right? I need a hug[View]
174347834Killing Me!: Chapter 8 is up![View]
174352830Hotaru is only 16 or 17, but she already looks like a washed up whore who's been abusing drugs …[View]
174321126Lain Thread: Is Lain cyberpunk? yes, yes it is[View]
174351879Madoka - Magia Record: Who would you want to see in the next update of Magia Record?[View]
174351886Ruki is literally me.[View]
174338504Uniform thread: Uniform thread /a/ Post a better uniform than this. you can't so go fight for …[View]
174345728Haruhi was 12 years ago.[View]
174321506[Spoiler] Hatsukoi Zombie Chapter 129: It's late at night, but let's start TLing this chap…[View]
174350153He is MY HERO: Can we discuss why Midoriya has a good chance at becoming the greatest MC in a shonen…[View]
174347686Is Deku a well written character?[View]
174352053I wanna suck the grease from her hair.[View]
174347953Why are girls with blue hair always the best girl[View]
174334539Beware this girl is a sexual predator[View]
174343112Is anyone capable of writing a proper non generic shonen other than togashi (HxH)? I mean one where …[View]
174319391ITT: Beautiful male characters only: Nothing gay about respecting quality male aesthetics.[View]
174347144What were they thinking? Who thought all that shit was a good idea?[View]
174334744>anime that you like will never get a 2nd season[View]
174346243Why are stripped pantsu so popular in anime?[View]
174344723Darling in the FranXX: How can one single character be so pathetic?[View]
174350895Madoka Magica: Madoka Magica thread! What was your favorite aspect of the show? Mine was Mami-san!…[View]
174344761real question: why by hoshkori's overworked scrotum was you say run not playing here. best part…[View]
174340202>'Hard' Shonen >'Soft' Seinen Is this the new autistic meme?…[View]
174326300It will be a kissing game.[View]
174350833The Utimate Neet[View]
174341482Darling in the FranXX: It was nice knowing you Zero Two. Ichigo wins.[View]
174347489Was MHA the reason why it flopped, how long until it gets axed[View]
174349682How did they get away with this?[View]
174348259Shieldbro Spinoff: Yari No Yuusha No Yarinaoshi CH 7!: Also known as the chapter where we get to see…[View]
174327913I just finished Spirit Circle. Easily the best manga I've read in years. Since Hoshi no Samidar…[View]
174346783i miss her so fucking much[View]
174346913Darling in the Fatoshi: Even to the last episode he's just a fat comic relief character. At lea…[View]
174344348This is the best shounen in recent hisotry and possibly the best shounen of all time if it continues…[View]
174346767Why is Hibiki not more popular?[View]
174349490Fapless: Where were you when dumb bitch got rekt?[View]
174348646For a long time i was confused. Loli/JS was too weird and pedo for me but at the same time i enjoyed…[View]
174345951A FUCKING-[View]
174349645Name a better 'fuck you scumbag' speech, I'll wait. Can we have a threat about how amazing All …[View]
174339898Is this required /a/ watching like eva kill la kill and berserk? or will people shut the fuck about …[View]
174349461Darling in the FranXX:: Press F to pay respects[View]
174344495Protagonists with average intelligence.[View]
174347219School Swimsuits are the hottest piece of clothing an anime girl can wear, you can't deny it.[View]
174344346Why hasn't there been any other series that tried to blatantly rip this one off? All the other …[View]
174346759This is not ok[View]
174343420Valvrave the Penetrator: Season 3 when? Best threads in my entire life[View]
174344117Darling in the FranXX: VIRM is the worst fucking twist I've ever seen. Holy fucking hell. Fuck …[View]
174336291Chikyougai Shounen Shoujo: Anyone have any more news on this? Dennou Coil was so fantastic so I…[View]
174334523Trigger x ASW project is a 'Kill la Kill' battle action game. Coming 2019 http://www.kill-la-kill-g…[View]
174349001>gyaru >fox ears Where were you when the best servant was introduced?…[View]
174345739What exactly would marriage with You be like?[View]
174347056Ookumo-Chan Flashback Ch.5: Dumping[View]
174348551when is he gonna fucking turn blue already???[View]
174348452Way to throw all verisimilitude out of the window. Does Kanna not know this isn't what should h…[View]
174348299I've gotta find out who killed my hype[View]
174299567Beatless!: Snowdrop episode any time soon![View]
174348088Darling I don't feel so good...[View]
174341560Darling in the FranXX: Did they seriously kill the best character just like that? What the actual fu…[View]
174222449Sora no Woto is the thinking man's anime.[View]
174347921Can 02 pull a Luluco?[View]
174347662Is anyone else seriously upset about 01 being killed off? She absolutely didn't deserve it and …[View]
174341379Post underrated anime[View]
174347595the best waifu: Why aqua is the best waifu?[View]
174347518one piece: Have you disciplined your imouto today? Remember that is a necesary step to turn your imo…[View]
174290189Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
174342435Darling in the FranXX: When will Alpha stop sucking Papa's dick? What the fuck happened to this…[View]
174346261New HxH Artwork Drawn by Yoshihiro Togashi: What did he mean by this?[View]
174346548Saike Matashitemo(115 Spoilers): Any raw readers here? What do you think of the final villain?…[View]
174327679boku no hero academia: How does it feel knowing some shitty irrelevant movie is going to have better…[View]
174308950is he fucking gay or something[View]
174342289Renjou Desperado: >anime about cute samurai girls doing cute things >hot as fuck art >no sc…[View]
17434292902 was useless yet again, just as all the other times she tried to do something on her own without H…[View]
174343615Jin Roh Live Action longer trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOkcQMZaXY4[View]
174346048Darling in the FranXX: For us, 16 Jun 2018 will be the greatest day in this year.[View]
174339671boku no bane academia: if you pull that mask off, would he die?[View]
174341793Realistically, could a spin-off arc focusing on 1-B ever happen? Would it work? Who would you like t…[View]
174327065You fuckers told me this was generic and boring You fuckers told me that this had nothing of value Y…[View]
174319188Tomo-chan: Aw fuck it's a tomoback page We're in for it now[View]
174339758irineu: one piece bring one romanticizing of pirates are dont know well[View]
1743322242000~2009 /a/nime Thread: What have you been watching\reading within the best era of anime anon?…[View]
174339389>ITT: Anime people praise that are really total shit. Like, seriously. I have never seen more unl…[View]
174338090>MC friend is in danger >MC gets stronger…[View]
174345216Is this what watching kino feels like?[View]
174339737>Ranna will never embrace you Why live?[View]
174343051Slice of Life: Does anybody else on /a/ think slice of life shows are kinda overrated. They outnumbe…[View]
174344676Where were you when MHA saved shounen?[View]
174341935>think that HxH is the best manga by far in wsj >can't even write it and people will star…[View]
174343137ITT: Shows that started out interesting but went to absolute generic predictable shit halfway throug…[View]
174345181>start reading comedy story about the terrifying monster and its innocent elf sacrifice >it…[View]
174342186Paranoia Agent: >'To begin... The story that seems to have ended... Went round and round and back…[View]
174342693Is Illya a good girl?[View]
174344206Ne ne junon boy, it's Saturday![View]
174329998one piece[View]
174334574ITT: Anime that will never ever get a reboot/sequel/whatever you like.[View]
174343718This is what Studio Trigger has become, why would anyone support this joke of a studio?[View]
174325762name a better manga protip you can't[View]
174342939Why did it flop?[View]
174341255Jujutsu Kaisen: Chapters 8-12 released by Jaimini https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/series/jujutsu-kais…[View]
174291841What would you do to these feet?[View]
174341033Darling in the FranXX: Why is she red if she's a clone of Blue?[View]
174343279Friendly reminder that Illya is destined to grow up to this because her homunculus is modelled after…[View]
174312314>trains all his life and never gives up to prove that hard work surpasses talent >some guy ma…[View]
174337802Rei is a good person who deserves recognition of her individuality and affection. Discuss.[View]
174339818Did Super have any well choreographed fights?[View]
174340846what a trainwreck[View]
174344126>he knows[View]
174338637Reminder that there is such a thing as too flat and Aika was it.[View]
174342608why it reminded me asuka x eva series rape ?[View]
174343947Boku No Hero: How will Anime Onlys react to the massive drop in quality after the AfO arc? Will they…[View]
174339156will the poop machine be included in the next season of attack on titan?, its the best part of attac…[View]
174323444W I D E[View]
174331186Be honest, did you cry?: This episode was fucking fantastic.[View]
174343607post mcs getting their shit pushed to them[View]
174343538GGO: WTF is her problem?[View]
174340598Look at this whiny little bitch. ARUMAITO standing like a retard after Shigaraki reveal was dumb as …[View]
174333012Which was the better punch?: United States of Smash or Serious Punch?[View]
174342858Uh what?[View]
174335978Darling in the FranXX manga[View]
174326942You remember her, right /a/?[View]
174333626who else is glad this dumb bitch only has a couple hours left to live? Please screencap this, /a/ wi…[View]
174340053Episode 20 derailed the entire show. Prove me wrong.[View]
174334478The Great Debate[View]
174342026This changes how I see her...[View]
174330833Hanebado!: Female Haikyu!/Prince of Tennis soon. How pumped are you, /a/?[View]
174340899Chinatsu best yuru[View]
174338709So, why did Franxx fail so hard to beat Violet Evergarden in every sense? Is Trigger losing its touc…[View]
174336096She is a corpse not your waifu[View]
174339894This is a deadass question, can anyone name a villian that had the same level of powerful presence a…[View]
174272547Boruto: What does /a/ think about Vegeta (Momoshiki) and Nappa (Kinshiki)? We knew they would eventu…[View]
174341566Horimiya: damn it Hori.[View]
174339361How come they are so unpopular?[View]
174332857Boku no Hero Academia on the surface is another shounen school romp, but when you get down to it, th…[View]
174341166Guess who's going to be Hiro's new pistil[View]
174340720Yuri phone sex.[View]
174331692I love you /a/![View]
174333004The 'GREATEST FIGHT IN MODERN ANIME' was literally 3 punches: I'm done taking Boku No Pico fags…[View]
174340641ya na Kao Sare Nagara Opantsu Misete Moraitai: Are YOU ready for the anime of the century? https://…[View]
174338043Darling in the FranXX: The kiss was nice![View]
174340581So beautiful and gracious. For me it's definitely Mami-san.[View]
174263234The new Shounen Jump Bleach Interview featured an uptodate picture of Kubo. He looks like a complete…[View]
174280546Post cool as fuck names. I'll start: >Senjougahara[View]
174253377Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume: 3 hours until the End of Bearvangelion. Will the ACE get aced?[View]
174340197Anime movies: What's your favorite anime film, /a/?[View]
174275542Pop Team Epic: How can they get away with this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNnsTEI040g…[View]
174328785Who is the best shounen villain?[View]
174296767Shougeki no Souma: New chapter is out: https://readms.net/r/shokugeki_no_souma/267/5156/1…[View]
174336877Why are some servants very lewd[View]
174332549proud of her[View]
174338444ITT: We guess the anime without posting it.[View]
174307028TOP CAKE: 私は恋に落ちました post cakes that have enticed your heart.[View]
174337783Made in Abyss: I like my girls like I like my coffee, ground up and in a container liquid.…[View]
174331777>larger-than-life hero all the kids look up to >said hero feels like he can't let his fan…[View]
174328306i want to drink Anna's love nectar[View]
174336906If guts is so strong, why did he let himself get cucked by a basedboy?[View]
174335854Monotagari Thread: >Favorite arc >Favorite character >best girl >worst girl pic related,…[View]
174337091I hope you boku no hero fags that are anime only liked this episode because boy oh boy it is fucking…[View]
174324142Takunomi S2 when?[View]
174316445Kusuriya no Hitorigoto: Well, can you handle them?[View]
174333665Why is isekai like this: What the fuck happened to Isekai? Why did it have to become about 'Japanese…[View]
174332411Why was he so incompetent?: >has air cannon that can devastate skyscrapers from long range >kn…[View]
174322445>there will never be an amine produced about a group of plump MILFs/cakes who are actually the mo…[View]
174338996>mfw no season 2 of gakkou gurashi[View]
174336090Would you date this single mother /a/?[View]
174328922Yonkouproductions lied, Ziga was not axed in the latest WSJ: It still has a chance...[View]
174331284Ai is very cunning[View]
174292668Hinamatsuri: New episode today. A man thirsting for Blood, Violence and Money soon.[View]
174331931Name a more complex and lovable hero[View]
174332792Is he the most deep and complex anime villain ever?[View]
174338326ITT: Spinoffs that would be way better than the original[View]
174334534Darling in the FranXX 21: >Daisukina Anata no Tame ni... just in few minutes.…[View]
174301182Grancrest Senki: >[HorribleSubs] Grancrest Senki - 23 [1080p].mkv >1.14gb yfw they're sav…[View]
174274594Danmachi: I don't understand the appeal of Ais Wallenstein. There are so many top tier heroines…[View]
174337762>implying that 02 is dead[View]
174324580What video game would you like to see adapted into an anime?[View]
174328965What's the worst part and why is it 5?[View]
174318039Sheriff Evans Lies 58: He can't keep getting away with it.[View]
174331128Code Geass: It's out and subbed[View]
174325168The countdown for the Trigger x ASW project ends with a message about watching today's 'Darling…[View]
174335919Darling in the FranXX: Red 02. Like you wanted.[View]
174328668Did you get a Holo gf yet, /a/?[View]
174335426RIP ALPHA[View]
174306624ITT: 1/10 anime[View]
174337192one piece: so is it safe to guess that those with the initial d. are descendants of joyboy and that…[View]
174332772How flat is too flat?[View]
174336939Magane a cute[View]
174336754ITT: Main characters that died you shed tears for: I'll start[View]
174308567>[HorribleSubs] Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory - 08.5 [1080p].mkv >it's another reca…[View]
174335144>you now remember OTP amvs[View]
174328449>Want to search up something about an anime character on google >First search rec is 'x d…[View]
174334339>[Asenshi] Hisone to Masotan - 10 [NIGH8TER] It's finally out lads.…[View]
174333684Which flavor of Sakura do you prefer?[View]
174275618Buyfag thread[View]
174336631I love Hotaru![View]
174331694The great debate.[View]
174331855Puppy Lovers: Last chapter is out, only took 4 years but it's finally completed.[View]
174335090Episode 10 of Unit Pandora aka the best anime of 2018 has not been released.[View]
174333533What does /a/ think of the Polish Miyazaki? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZtfwRlTpHA[View]
174333739Who wins[View]
174333574Any wrestle fags here? If so los ingobernables have a manga. And I'm storytiming it[View]
174320938Kumiko wants to practice her boxing skills on your testicles. How do you respond?[View]
174334282Orenchi no maid-san: What is /a/'s opinion on this manga?[View]
174335600Name a better studio[View]
174334813The things I'd do to those ears...[View]
174315749Anime you could watch with your Mom: Death Note seems alright and maybe FMA if you preface the weird…[View]
174332782Do you like retarded girls?[View]
174324286Would you watch a Kingdom Hearts anime?[View]
174335485>MC has close and reliable male confidants well into his 30s The underappreciated self-insert fan…[View]
174334993He and Madara should have been the final villains How would you fix the end of Naruto?[View]
1742933025toubun no Hanayome 42 spoiler: quintessential quintuplets 42 text spoiler[View]
174335407Have I ever told you how much I hate this bitch? I want to beat the shit out of her so bad, I hate t…[View]
174279163Comic Girls: >taking this to heart, I will minimize my environmental footprint on this earth, liv…[View]
174333832That's a rather lewd outfit for master.[View]
174332675Darling in the Franxx: It's almost time to save darling! Got any last minute predictions before…[View]
174334761I’m bored and have nothing to watch. Suggestions?[View]
174333430/a/ is always right.[View]
174330776What is he looking at /a/ ?[View]
174333928Merry Christmas![View]
174332012Mordred is so cute when she's at the beach What do you think, /a/[View]
174332469Ryuko is the best girl in all of anime. That's all. Enjoy the rest of your day.[View]
174333535Made to suffer.[View]
174329823All Might is such a good character. When I first started BNHA I expected him to be shady and Deku wo…[View]
174333567Get ready for the true ending.[View]
174333294Shonen version of berserk[View]
174333549How did Dragon Maid get away with copying Muromi-San almost 100%? Even the manga came out barely a m…[View]
174315058>a very powerful religious organization exists within the setting and is involved in internationa…[View]
174332749OH NO NO NO NO[View]
174313413All this time and still no shonen anime has ever managed to surpass this, or even just the Dark Tour…[View]
174254294I'm saying this without any exaggeration - Hibiki is the greatest anime character of all time. …[View]
174333307>starts pretty normal, but has a twist right off the bat >some interesting characters, a lot o…[View]
174332314>seson 3 we must keep hope on[View]
174332453You want some chicken /a/?[View]
174333226Goblin Slayer: There are people on this very board who are goblins.[View]
174320772Shirley a shit. No room in Lelouch's harem for her[View]
174294012Yuragisou No Yuuna-san Chapter 115: Korean scans are out . Time to best girl to shine http://wasabi…[View]
174326991Watamote: Day Of Pliers Is Upon Us! It'll all be forgotten by the next chapter. We are moving o…[View]
174317610What the fuck was his problem?[View]
174331782Anyone else literally watched most of this just for the plot?[View]
174326421What's the most fucked up thing you have ever seen in a moe show?[View]
174330847Count Over (Oneshot): did you like it?[View]
174332728Saber Alter is cute!!! CUTE!!![View]
174324057Juu-kun denpa![View]
174330842How can any other Yu-gi-oh protag even compete? The latest ones are all sub 175cm manlets. The age o…[View]
174306270Is this the worst first episode ever created?[View]
174329733Which series is better?[View]
174322169Is this worth the read?[View]
174316745>we're not blood related >okay let's fuck…[View]
174329806Darling in the Franxx: Episode in a few hours >Milkman showing emotion I wonder what he is being …[View]
174316666Ok, so we already had add and remove. Let's have a thread where we replace a letter.[View]
174321587ITT: Characters with inconsistent bust size.[View]
174305413What manga author would you like to have a dinner with in real life?[View]
174332159onii-chan buy me geimu[View]
174322887They are all gonna die: Everyone who has a connection to Luffy. Even Wapol[View]
174321771I want to _______ Karen.[View]
174323655Convince me he did anything wrong besides be a narcissistic sociopath[View]
174311824ITT: Bad OPs[View]
174325360Anyone else surprised by the size and flabbiness of Lucy's ass in Fairy Tail?: I didn't th…[View]
174329999Make new anime: call it Yuri on ice: >it takes only one episode to realize that in reality it…[View]
174326208She'll cut it off.[View]
174329993How the fuck do you get caught when you have a paranormal weapon in the form of notebook that can ki…[View]
174330633Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo: This is my wife. She is perfect. I enjoyed her show very much. under NO…[View]
174331585I don't know how much longer I can last bros... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70GD2SBCq64…[View]
174331582Love Live! Sunshine!!: Riko isn't pure.[View]
174327452Steamboy: How did this thing end up so boring and shallow? how does Otomo + Murai = this?[View]
174315617Hisone to Masotan: TONIGHT[View]
174330721ITT: /fa/ casual wear in anime[View]
174330794>2018 >he doesnt worship twintails[View]
174228817High school DxD: Why is Issei such a baka?[View]
174326787ITT: Used goods.[View]
174325567hero academia Season 3: ONE. FOR ALL: Plus new shoujo head phone jack manga cover.[View]
174331470Shit that could be me!: Some guy found dead next to a Tohru body pillow either he was dying and want…[View]
174283708Why is she so smug?[View]
174330307I want to tie up Yellow.[View]
174318399ITT: shit characters with good designs[View]
174330101I miss her[View]
174317181You fuckers recommended Initial D, so I watched up to the AE86 vs EG6 episode. next day I hit some i…[View]
174311797Darling in the FranXX: Can we just agree that Alpha needs a girl and it will be either miku or ichig…[View]
174326275Literally did nothing wrong.[View]
174328642Will there ever be another show where we actually grow to love and care about the irrelevant side ch…[View]
174326364>op by derek and the dominos[View]
174325768I hate you /a/[View]
174321867This is not a loli.[View]
174318979What does /a/ think of the latest episode to megalo box. Seemed like if they can get a 2nd season, i…[View]
174310223How cool did you used to think he was?[View]
174310289Toji no Miko: Imagine this show with same choreography and style but KyoAni animation.[View]
174307089So this is the only good thing about this show, huh?[View]
174323884What is it about Rin that makes her so appealing?[View]
174325605How can a simple design be so perfect?[View]
174327268Would you beef with Rin to boost your own popularity?[View]
174324380What's the consensus on soul eater? I found the beginning to be good humor and fun and exciting…[View]
174313577Why don't Saki characters wear panties?[View]
174311874What is the first image from /a/ you saved?[View]
174325802Bakemonogatari (Manga): The adaptation to manga deserves more attention for this type of pages…[View]
174326564What did he mean by 'marijuana addict'?[View]
174304770FLCL PROGRESSIVE: So did Episode 2 kill all hype for this?[View]
174323864>A girl will never go out of her way to save you from your loneliness >You'll never save …[View]
174326233Stacked harems: Nothing comes close to how stacked Tenchi's harem of best girls.[View]
174324128>Emiya Kiritsugu’s right hand continued its work of writing while his left hand mechanically shov…[View]
174310381Boku no Hero Academy: Why do so many people in the West hate this couple?: Do not they want them to …[View]
174324448There is literally not a single female character in the Gantz series worse than Kishimoto. Prove me …[View]
174326019Uma Musume Pretty Derby: Moo~~~[View]
174325424Why can't I find chapter 197 or anything past it anywhere?[View]
174324715There's currently a thread about first inages fron /a/ Now I say, let's post our funniest …[View]
174321265>2018 >having your own persocom is still not a thing So who here still remember Chobit?…[View]
174325339Shit series[View]
1743253973x3 of manga: this is mine (Made in Powerpoint)[View]
174322096He's more successful then you[View]
174314194What was he listening to?[View]
174312202Soul eater: Crona was boy[View]
174325876Are you ready, anons?[View]
174324765Will you protect this smile anon[View]
174322338Who made the greater sacrifice?[View]
174325235ITT: Characters from this season that are literally you.[View]
174322358>Megumin confession >Fails like 5 times and spends months dancing around the issue >Darknes…[View]
174325319anime: zoro best man?[View]
174324254ITT post anime characters who influenced you as a person[View]
174325286Asagao to Kase-san: >[Anonyneko] Asagao to Kase-san - OVA [BDRip 1080p HEVC FLAC].mkv Looks like …[View]
174322296Has anime plateaued in terms of animation? It seems like Redline (2009) was the swan song of the ind…[View]
174322925Fuckin Gaijins![View]
174315886Love you, /a/.[View]
174321998Vanadis: Is the seethrough skirt necessary?[View]
174322860How does Japan keep getting away with this[View]
174325015I really liked harry potter[View]
174322589Why is it so hated?[View]
174324515>/a/ hates glasslip >/a/ loves nna[View]
174263724Uma Musume Pretty Derby: I can't believe Special Week killed her second mom![View]
174324775>“Welcome back.” >“You’re making dinner, dad?” >“Yeah, the kids wore themselves out playing…[View]
174318744Admit it, it was a pretty hot outfit.[View]
174311122Times when a series made you cry[View]
174323849Thoughts on Megalobox?[View]
174317372>30 minutes until the big TriggerXArcsys reveal What are you're final predictions? Don'…[View]
174324477I was thinking about this the other day. With certain series that have tons of volumes, do you try t…[View]
174323152GUNNM: Gally appreciation thread[View]
174323161The World's Strongest Sage Reincarnated Himself to Become Even Stronger: This seriously needs a…[View]
174324109What's his end game?[View]
174322420Great characters in bad series[View]
174236824Love Live: Watanabe You is a perfect miracle of the universe![View]
174323919Doppio: >be me, Doppio >live in your boss and twin brothers body and be his bitch >get paid…[View]
174315439Do you think Berserk is worse now?[View]
174323089Griffindor: How should he suffer, /a/?[View]
174323288LISTEN UP INCHWORMS You can't just watch anime all day long! Clean your room![View]
174321736What was the fucking point?[View]
174323308Scanlation Thread[View]
174308168Why do anime imouto smell oniichan pantsu?[View]
174323146Did you notice the bongos? Have another listen. I didn't notice they were through the entire op…[View]
174319452Would it have killed her to snuggle with Yui a little bit?[View]
174319883OK, I have watched a fair amount of Naruto and Bleach. They are both by the same studio but bleach h…[View]
174318284Sirius the Jaeger: Do you guys think PA works has another hit on their hands here? https://www.youtu…[View]
174316391Darling in the Franxx: You now realizes that this is meta-commentary on the quality of the show itse…[View]
174319578Scenes that made your heart go doki doki[View]
174315099Would Violet make a good mom?[View]
174274443ITT: OTPs[View]
174320987Maria x Holic: This show was ahead of it's time.[View]
174316174What is the most 80s anime out there?[View]
174318317Could you beat Kaiba in a duel with the best deck you have or had before? How badly?[View]
174320261What have you been reading, /a/? >finally picked up Berserk and caught up >caught up to Hyouge…[View]
174299853Can someone explain this?[View]
174317601Tasorage otome x amnesia: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!! WHAT KIND OF SHIT FINAL IS THIS?[View]
174228656Tokyo Ghoul:re: Are you ready for part 3? Because I am. Also Touka best girl, don't forget it.…[View]
174322473NEVER EVER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBFSMzBAod0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrL2uX9JZ-w…[View]
174302867Daily Yotsuba Chapter: Today is always the most enjoyable day. Volume 7, Chapter 45: Yotsuba & t…[View]
174320838Why translate lolicon like this?[View]
174317562Would you rent a girlfriend, /a/?[View]
174315672One Piece: Sabo is gonna die, isn't he?[View]
174289805What's her endgame?[View]
174320313>pls watch our show[View]
174311685ITT: Anime Only You've Watched: DUDE WHAT IF YOU COULD FUCK A CAN OF SODA[View]
174322130Incredibly gory and gruesome anime deaths Pic related[View]
174318332>LITERALLY ANNOUNCEMENT FOR AN ANNOUNCEMENT don't miss tonight's darling in the franxx…[View]
174316448Why do retards pretend Fate isn't shonenshit?[View]
174321262Favorite tropes: >Gaijin asks for directions >When two fighter's attacks collide there…[View]
174320699Hinamatsuri: Just caught of with the manga. What's his endgoal?[View]
174317217What did he mean by this?[View]
174321177Nidome no Jinsei wo Isekai de Anime Cancelled Over Authors Remarks on China & South Korea: I…[View]
174291597Kimetsu no Yaiba 114: It's out boys http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/m5dvLa6MMXM[View]
174314963Storytime Shit: Fucking bored as shit.[View]
174273998You do have a breath fetish, don't you anon?[View]
174319007Was this a master piece? Let’s discuss the best moments[View]
174320014Let’s be honest, you were going to watch anyway[View]
174316711Should Deku be a quirkless iorn man?: hero academia >Horikoshi being silly…[View]
174309206One Mangaka has to go[View]
174318987Who was the best written girl with the best arc?[View]
174305707Why is crossdressing/trap still cosidered yaoi? Yaoi is gross.[View]
174288392What did Japan do to your local historical figure /a/?[View]
174283129AiFure and Pri-chan: My sister! my sweet sister! if a name Dearer and purer were, it should be thine…[View]
174268064Does /a/ consider Saber to be a good mommy?[View]
174309515ITT: We play Detective Conan by trying to solve mystery riddles.[View]
174315423Araki’s preview for JoJolion #076 is out. Do you think Poor Tom is finally gonna get it this chapter…[View]
174310830My hero academia: episode in t-10 hours.[View]
174295052Raildex: So now that her motivation actually makes sense. Is there anything else we can find that in…[View]
174317242Has there been a sadder scene in anime?[View]
174319244>The .hack franchise was one of the first to present the concept of isekai as actual virtual worl…[View]
174315418summer: AAaaaaHH It's so fucking hot in this weather, post girl in heat to cool off.[View]
174316423What did he say, /a/?[View]
174316759Who was the target audience?[View]
174319320The thinking man's Amanchu[View]
174317123In your opinion, whats the most underrated anime/manga?: In my opinion its Hyouka[View]
174311488ITT: 10/10 MCs[View]
174316690You know, for a fapbait show, the plot is really interesting now I just need to know if they die in …[View]
174318073If every single anime girl (female) was pitted in a Battle Royale match, who would come out on top?[View]
174315037hey guys, i love all of you. let's have a good discussion of[View]
174304332What the fuck?[View]
174313136Toji no Miko: Only 1 episode left. How will they conclude Tagitsu's wild ride?[View]
174318087What shows had un-disputably good dubs? Starting with an easy one.[View]
174260769The Promised Neverland chapter 091 spoilers: Source - 5ch and MH - Lewis is thinking about human bei…[View]
174254642One Page Thread: This fucking manga, i can't. OPT while we're at it, post one page to conv…[View]
174313892Just watched the first episode of Darling, it felt as if I was rewatching Evangelion all over again.…[View]
174317455We can agree that only good part of this shit adaptation was the insert song, right?[View]
174317815Darling in the FranXX: bloque gamma[View]
174311971How can Symphogear be good agian?[View]
174315930Why did he betrayed his m8s? Also why did the translations stopped?[View]
174316006Is Caster the perfect wife?[View]
174313580What are they feeding JC these day to get this big?[View]
174312390why: Why didn't kira just say that the hand was a fake or something or why didn't he at le…[View]
174289958Anime about polish girl playing shogi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZtfwRlTpHA[View]
174317197What is the most cruel plot twist you ever saw in manga or anime?[View]
174202482Post suffering.[View]
174317105I want to FUCK Pucks butt![View]
174292503Iya na Kao Sarenagara Opants Misete Moraitai Hon: This doujinshi sold really well and was made into …[View]
174314685What kind of guys do you think she likes?[View]
174312577What the shit am I watching? We Mad Max now?[View]
174293552Why did she have to get FAT?[View]
174294273Classroom of the Elite: 3rd Week Sales (June 4 - June 10 2018) >7,166 Total (3 weeks) >74,225 …[View]
174291445Shingeki no Kyojin: What is his next step? Is Eren using Zeke? Or Zeke is using Eren?[View]
174304926Black Torch: This is Black Clover + Bleach + ao no exorcist combined which produced a good thing dum…[View]
174314077Idolmaster: Will we ever get a S2 of 765 or Cinderella Girls (non-Gekijou)?[View]
174312703Kekkai Sensen: S3 when?[View]
174316547>It's luffy's original hat and not the one he currently has[View]
174309069please fill in the blank. >I keep my _____[View]
174315555ITT: Books that deserve to be an anime[View]
174314860What's the consensus on the best shounen villain?[View]
174313818Why was she such a cunt?[View]
174312261The fuck is his problem?[View]
174307923GO GO LET'S GO LET'S GO[View]
174312988Boku no Hero Academia on the surface is another shounen school romp, but when you get down to it, th…[View]
1742377344.5 years ago, this girl sacrificed her happiness to save the universe. What have YOU done to thank …[View]
174310940How do i acquire a cute, obsessive girlfriend like Yuu?[View]
174314401Is there any anime character that could beat Zenkichi Dios Alterado (Perfeccionado)[View]
174310417One Piece: What kind of relationship did they have? Lovers? Siblings? Mother and son? Place your bet…[View]
174308264Could you imagine what it'd be like to be the great lupin?[View]
174313295How come Japan has some of the more interesting super hero stories?[View]
174270939Precure thread: What expectations do you have for the debut of Ma Cherie/Amour?[View]
174313893Deltora Quest: How the fuck did an obscure australian children's fantasy book series get a 65 e…[View]
174311003Asagao to Kase-san: >Liberal translation with some cool Americanisms. Aimed to get some different…[View]
174313666Saten is a fair and lively girl beloved by all.[View]
174300743Darling in the Franxx: So what do you think this big ARC and Trigger announcement has to do with Dit…[View]
174301457ITT: we write an anime one episode's name at a time[View]
174314186>Anime's title is 'Tada-kun Never Falls in Love' >Tada-kun falls in love How is this poss…[View]
174312800How come other shonen don't get as deep as Hunter x Hunter? It's all fight and friends and…[View]
174314154>tfw your new waifu dies NOOOOOOOOO[View]
174313718Furuichi: is a cool guy[View]
174314093Has there ever been a more lewd-minded girl?[View]
174314079Best Amagami couple[View]
174312948What do ?[View]
174312777Who else watched this masterpiece? I seriously think it doesn't get the recognition it deserves…[View]
174309912Please describe this child.[View]
174309219You know something that's so good about My Hero Academia? The villains aren't so black and…[View]
174308864Jesus Christ...[View]
174307428Did they have sex right after this conversation?[View]
174313273Post cute cakes.[View]
174310844She's a good girl.[View]
174312545its not bad.[View]
174312801Why does /a/ like this turd?[View]
174302048ITT: characters who didn't deserve it: He didn't deserve to get done dirty like that.…[View]
174296319Dungeon Meshi chapter 45: Egg[View]
174301490Why does she have an egg on her head?[View]
174293969Planet With PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dh-j_kBv-B4 Mechs are CG.[View]
174307901Wait I don't get it are they gonna fuck in the next movie? I know next to nothing about the ori…[View]
174312947Where's the love for thicc chicks /a/? Its like riding a moped, no one has to know...[View]
174311747well, /a/?[View]
174302102Animation & Comic: Who is the strongest person?[View]
174298462Let's settle this once and for all. Choose.[View]
174301272I am shocked that this was not a manga years ago. Like how is this only now a thing?[View]
174312519Gurazeni: How many professional careers will this madman end?[View]
174312470God fucking dammit Harley[View]
174312392What do you think she smells like?[View]
174311566Why can't Togashi's shonen can be like Berserk or Fullmetal Alchemist when there are both …[View]
174261271Why was this piece of shit ever popular?[View]
174312364What design looks the best here?[View]
174307581ITT: Seiyuu that are past their prime[View]
174297734Is Re:Zero a masterpiece?[View]
174307542What does /a/ think of BIG GIRLS?[View]
174304727Youjo Senki: How am I supposed to focus on the show when they made the characters so sexy?[View]
174310955The MOST perfect anime ass: >not too small >not too big >not too flat >not too fat It…[View]
174290172>OP by Phil Collins[View]
174265616>Nagatoro Vol.2 hits #3 on Japanese top 5 best sellers At this rate an anime seems inevitable. I …[View]
174305275Any reason why A-kun won't go after her?: She is a pure girl with a kind heart.[View]
174311651>another WIXOSS anime is it worth a watch?[View]
174308729ITT: The world is now an anime.: Whats different? Whats our intro? Who is the enemy? Discuss.[View]
174311087Who would win in a death battle?[View]
174310368Kase-san: good subs out https://nyaa.si/view/1047568 >The updated version. 1080p, honorifics, no …[View]
174307546Why is she so perfect despite being an annoying cunt?[View]
174307588Is the Japanese government procreation agenda really true? Where the proof?[View]
174249452Houseki no Kuni: What the fuck is even happening anymore? I just want Phos and Shinsha back together…[View]
174272045Kiss me[View]
174299422Akkun to Kanojo: Best romance this season.[View]
174299583Daily reminder physical manga is the best, digilets will never experience.[View]
174258043>no 3x3 thread Let's fix that.[View]
174308893Will he ever find commercial success?: Perhaps the greatest anime director of our time, yet all of h…[View]
174308630Appmon: Unironically the best season of Digimon[View]
174306886One Piece: So, what are your opinions on Imu-sama? Awesome plot twist by Oda or is he just a charact…[View]
174309236Shingeki no Kyojin - Based Gabi Edition: Shasha's character was just a meme that lived because …[View]
174310335Nanatsu no Taizai Ep 22: The raw is out. Escanor vs Estarossa sucked and had deep faces. Titty godde…[View]
174297082Shinji! I need you to come and pilot this giant robot alongside these 2 hot chicks. You will also be…[View]
174309416is dragon ball z painfully overrated or is it just me who thinks so? I feel as though there's s…[View]
174294668Saki tanoshii - chapter 191 raw dump: last time we only had part of the pages of the last Saki chapt…[View]
174302352Can girls truly love other girls?[View]
174305573How does 2D magic manage to make even blobs look adorable?[View]
174307063AOTS - Gurazeni: It only took 12 episodes to get to the point. I watched 11 episodes waiting for a c…[View]
174296104Toji no Miko: New ep out. Yume will be in season 2.[View]
174309757god bless anime[View]
174307853>ditf isn't an eva clone name ONE anime older and as memorable as Evangelion that had angsty…[View]
174306486Isn't he like 40 while she's 16?[View]
174298896>There are people on /a/ who haven't seen the kino Gundam 0079[View]
174289253Dr Stone: https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/dr-stone/en/0/62/page/1 No thread? It's out.…[View]
174309487tfw you'll never lick your waifu fang[View]
174294720He's going to marry his daughter and there's nothing you can do to stop him.[View]
174307613How's the dub?[View]
174297881Boku no Hero Academia: Why does Hawks look so bored here?[View]
174303727K-ON!: I wish we had seen this in the anime![View]
174304992Darling in the Franxx: Miku is a cute boy![View]
174306734Amano Megumi 125: dumping[View]
174300640Where is my general-san new vol /a/? > Give it to me now[View]
174295431Now that the dust has settled, what's your honest opinion of these two?[View]
174301921Darling in the FranXX: Script: Naotaka Hayashi (林直孝) Storyboard/Episode Director: Manabu Okamoto (岡本…[View]
174306399>main heroine is so ugly that you couldn't care less about what happens to her Who the fuck …[View]
174307124Kimagure OrangeRoad: Help me /a/, I want to watch this, what's the correct order? I read that t…[View]
174307402Rewrite: Please tell me the second season is worth watching.[View]
174298935God, i wish she was my daughter.[View]
174299372Son Goku: What makes him the best Shonen Protagonist? Why is he so popular and inspirational to mill…[View]
174307919>it's a recap episode[View]
174265198>Nanoha is the magical girl anime for Otaku Is this statement true?[View]
174296596Saber riding a banana[View]
174298557Wanna go to a formal party?[View]
174292653>animation is so bland I thought this was the main heroine[View]
174254156Black Clover: WSJ Cover +Popularity Poll Results: 1位 Asta 3064 2位 Yami 1967 3位 Yuno 1421[View]
174307236Hunter x Hunter is bigger than shounen: I told you faggots. Wan Piss just revealed its true nature: …[View]
174295964One Piece: How many of these are leaving this Reverie alive? >inb4 dragon and sabo blast out of t…[View]
174263266Megalo Box Thread: Episode 11 is out now Discuss Poor Nanbu[View]
174298847Do it for her: Post them.[View]
174293515anybody else on this board likes watching anime?[View]
174305830Hi, I know this is kinda /v/ related but I think /a/ would know better about Nichijou. Has this game…[View]
174303875What does it take to make a good sports anime? I loved Ginga E Kickoff since it was realistic and d…[View]
174298408Holy shit can Boku no Hero Academia keep up its God-tier writing forever? It's the first battle…[View]
174303489All Might: >Relies entirely on his overpowered quirk, got to where he is simply because he's…[View]
174303692Tsurezure Children: Holy fuck this chapter[View]
174288498Tonikaku Cawaii: new chapter is up prepare for diabetes[View]
174305255So what's up with Ippo? Has Morikawa croaked? Have the scanlators given up? Haven't seen n…[View]
174303991Nidoume: 7 new chapters are up best girl is back[View]
174279901Yagami did nothing wrong.: >decrease international crime rate by 70% >stop wars >put an end…[View]
174304335So, just to confirm, we're all agreed on the following facts: Bonney is an old woman using her …[View]
174304625Best Anime Soundtracks of All Time: Here's my pick[View]
174295179Asagao to Kase-san OVA: https://nyaa.si/view/1047434 subs out. anime is saved.[View]
174246725Yuusha-ga-shinda: No! This is bullshit! This manga was supposed to be comfy![View]
174296766Shokugeki no Souma: Becoming part of the Elite 10 has really changed Megu.[View]
174257673ITT: Post your waifu without posting her.[View]
174257479Dies Irae: 01/07/18 Finally, the last Episodes. Will we see this cute beauty again?[View]
174279418Hatsukoi Zombie Chapter 108: I put the unredrawn/unQCd chapter on the spoiler thread last night, but…[View]
174299649>[HorribleSubs] Gurazeni - 11 [720p].mkv Best girl of the season will finally appear in the final…[View]
174305576Oh no: Even worst girl started acting like Souma[View]
174275855Is it safe to like Emi now?[View]
174305396>mfw it's been 4 years[View]
174300259Keijo!!!!!!!!: New scanlated chapter[View]
17429502113 years old.[View]
174293666Wake Up Girls Is Dead: Yamamoto did it again[View]
174298174Shuwa Shuwa Yura Yura Fuwa Fuwa: Pastel Life Episode 5 has been subbed. https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
174303771When a panel in a manga have dialogue boxes in these positions, which one comes first?[View]
174297694>is obsessed with Koizumi and gets jealous when dudes or other girls start hanging out with her …[View]
174289874This is Ruri Gokou. She's not a model or a top student or a track star or a best selling writer…[View]
174256861[gg]_Code_Geass_Episode_II_-_Handou_[3DC042A1].mkv: Holy shit what a faggot[View]
174303916Actual bad Isekai?: Like it's not even 'so bad it's good'. It's just bad. Another ba…[View]
174221494Was this scene necessary?[View]
174303836Haikyuu!! 306: >that fucking feel when no reliable senpai[View]
174303737Dragon Ball Super Movie 20: Will Vegito return in the new film?[View]
174291113One Piece: New chapter out: https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/one-piece-2/en/0/908/page/1…[View]
174301404How do you go from this..[View]
174302834Why was Roger in Digimon?[View]
174291425ITT: Best girls that get a lot of injustificaed hate from autistic people. (Kirino is excluded becau…[View]
174282790ITT: Characters that will shoot up their school[View]
174301106JoJo: SC: So...when Jotaro said pic related, does that mean Terance was the weakest of the Darby bro…[View]
174302824>came out 24 hours ago >still no rips Is it that unpopular?…[View]
174300740Is there a series that gas made more money than Fate? I don't think so.[View]
174246118Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: here's your new dante[View]
174301542https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2oHqJaVikE the madmen actually dubbed the most iconic moments (well…[View]
174297369compulsorily best girl[View]
174294186What are the chances that Guts was pozzed? I am thinking he is most likely pozzed, 75% sure. By exte…[View]
174302488Why is he considered a girl?[View]
174302276I just watched this yesterday. Did I like it?[View]
174295082Where do you find a girl like this?[View]
174299780Komi-san: So if there is an anime coming like the rumors say, what do you expect from it? Should it …[View]
174301734Aoi Horus no Hitomi: Worth reading? It will be published in my shithole and I liked Otoyomegatari, i…[View]
174296069I miss Violet.[View]
174295229Who has the squishiest cheeks in all of anime and manga?[View]
174294155>wake up >see this Wat do?[View]
174301405Name an underrated anime/manga pairing that you like?[View]
174298014Friendly reminder that all you're favorite villains pale in comparison with the pure evil that …[View]
174288048Darling in the FranXX: Tunnel snakes rules.[View]
174300646Shonen Jump's Future!?: What the fuck will they do once One Piece ends? With the latest chapter…[View]
174287317which GJ would you BU?[View]
174291288I... I wrote a song for Chitose. Oh Chitose, my Chitose My one and only Chitose Your voice and your …[View]
174292739jojo thread: Preview of the chapter 76 What is exactly in the bubbles? Who are these guys in fire en…[View]
174243619Friends: If you're reading this you are now my friend.[View]
174299944Black dynamite: All other anime is banned, fuck you[View]
174215563Hisone to Masotan: Are you taking good care of your intestinal health, anon?[View]
174292886Christmas cakes swapping bodies with lolis y/n?[View]
174298939What exactly was her fucking problem?[View]
174299333How does Lancer's heart taste like?[View]
174299323cursed images thread[View]
174299287So. I was thinking of traslating some stuff, but how can you grab images from java/flash readers? I…[View]
174297165>no magic in this world[View]
174296493Overlord: >Has a literal wall at her country's border >No beastmen leader ever told her t…[View]
174296088Toji no Miko: Op without spoilers and chocomint![View]
174299068ITT -> exotic anime OP: In this thread you may post anime OP that you think it isn't to shab…[View]
174297947Does anyone know any places to download creditless anime openings?[View]
174291339Full Metal Panic! IV: I miss Kana-chan.[View]
174297047Gun Gale Online: It's almost over.[View]
174295041ITT: Adaptations better than the source material[View]
174272823does anyone else have ideas for great doujins but cant draw[View]
174295785Mashima's new series starts on the 27th. You're about to get trapped again.[View]
174284913Serial Experiments Lain: What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
174286913don't mind me[View]
174293989ITT: Out of context anime pictures[View]
174284754Mawaru Penguindrum: In your opinion, is this show a masterpiece? I think it is, despite a few flaws…[View]
1742950465toubun no Hanayome 42: 五等分-42  風太郎與六海一同划船聊天 一起看煙花  風太郎也確定這位確實是他小時候遇到的 即將上岸時六海先行上岸 並要離開 風太郎想去追 卻掉進水裡…[View]
174214085Toradora is now 10 years old. That makes me very happy.[View]
174245776Made in Abyss thread. Post moms.[View]
174293404How can one group be so perfect?[View]
174297968Season 4 when?[View]
174291701Asobi Asobase: New crazy JC comedy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYDZAvNJQkM[View]
174276864Why is she so perfect?[View]
174223062Kaguya Doujin Edition: So[View]
174297775She's so precious[View]
174242328Steins;Gate 0: >Okabe is sad btw >slice of life moe fan service scene >should I tell her/hi…[View]
174297524Post anime ideas: A cool flamboyant fashionable gangster dude creates an equally cool social network…[View]
174288534Have you ever watched anime in the cinema?[View]
174289984Why do we hate Mirai Nikki again? I lost the memo.[View]
174296811She's finally done it bros, a round of applause for our girl Kaos.[View]
174254185Tada-kun: Episode 11 in less than two hours, subs should come soon afterwards. Ready for your weekly…[View]
174294420Why was this scene even in a mahou shoujo anime?[View]
174291936Is this series the pinnacle of Japanese literature? >no isekai shit >MC isn't overpowered…[View]
174296690>start a new series >a scene where a girl has a haircut >turn it off >never watch it eve…[View]
174284451Trivialize a character's struggles with muh. >muh waifu[View]
174294567He's absolutely, unquestionably right, you know.[View]
174281231Why does UFOtable get so much hate here?[View]
174296091Toji no Miko[View]
174291666Weekly Shounen Jump: Rank em[View]
174293593Does anyone know the name of the “medicine” Dio was giving to Dario and George? Asking for a friend.[View]
174290014Yuru Camp: https://twitter.com/yurucamp_anime/status/1007548268136534016 AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…[View]
174293791Part 3 is better than Part On-[View]
174291104One Piece: More dictators punished by the World Government when?[View]
174238030Dungeon Meshi: >Back home >Open door >See this What do?…[View]
174294726OG naruto: just finished the last episode of OG naruto and every other anime seems super shitty now…[View]
174288695Hero Academia: It’s stronger and faster https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/my-hero-academia/en/0/18…[View]
174294914Devil May Cry: Season 2 of the anime when?[View]
174288863Why is there no good high fantasy anime?[View]
174294843>He doesn't watch 80s animes >He doesn't watch 80s animes on laserdisc and listen to…[View]
174273597Best asses in anime?[View]
174294700What are your thoughts in Ice Goddess Yukina?[View]
174293867If two boys turn into girls and start dating and kissing and smelling each other, is it yaoi or yuri…[View]
174293617Darling in the Franxx: Actual shitpostproof Darling Thread What do you think about every P13? >02…[View]
174294383Tokyo ghoul: Why doesn't he have a mouth /a/?[View]
174280437I don't get Hifumi's wardrobe choices. She's shy and doesn't like attention, but…[View]
174289883ITT: Useless Main Character[View]
174290167Saiki Kusuo S2: Subs is out! Why are you not watching it?[View]
174269328Darling in the Franxx: Was the wedding episode really necessary? Pretty much nothing happened in the…[View]
174293843Haikyuu Thread: The best girls have arrived: http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/_mCnNoDHmXc#_sv…[View]
174293408Who was in the wrong here?[View]
174224796New PV for Isekai Maou: A lot more ecchi than I was expecting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlhUs…[View]
174292356Did she finally beat the big three in popularity and renown?[View]
174292987Why Cant She be Real??!!!!: Please god tell me we will genetically engineer her. We could do that ri…[View]
174278856How strong is he?: I can't get a clear read on how he stands in the world especially after he l…[View]
174293115LoGH DNT: So, only two episodes in Die Neue These. Where do you think they'll cut it off and ar…[View]
174290753Bakemonogatari: chapter 10 is translated fug oh!great really is going to give shaft a run for there…[View]
174291315Strawberry Panic was a cool series, but why couldn't our girl Tamao win?[View]
174284313Why does best girl always have to die???[View]
174237161Characters who the dub improved[View]
174291522Why did Shanks bend the knee?: Isn't Shanks the most powerful in the world right now? Maybe 2nd…[View]
174291457Steins;Gate 0 is fucking disappointing: I'm litteraly shaking. They had one fucking job. They r…[View]
174292006characters that did nothing wrong: reminder gil is canonically aligned good[View]
174292766this is a japanese serial killer and a best girl[View]
174204797These thighs could break your neck.[View]
174243915Toji no Miko: Why aren't you talking about AOTS, /a/?[View]
174275249When's her anime coming?[View]
174288218Why does Azusa play rhythm guitar when she is 10x the guitarist Yuitard is?[View]
174285524What was his problem?[View]
174292106hero academia Movie: It's cannon! BELIVE IT![View]
174287983Canon male virgins: Keep it Anime and manga related /a/. post them![View]
174292539Which ones do you like?[View]
174288886can love be explained scientifically?[View]
174235369OPM: Murata is back awake, streaming. I think that's Bang and Bomb.[View]
174289672Best MC in WSJ's history: Izuku Midoriya is the main protagonist of the manga series My Hero Ac…[View]
174292272cobra will die[View]
174292080Why is Natsuha so cute?[View]
174285708http://wug-portal.jp/ http://cache.avex.jp/artist/wugportal/kokuchi06152.pdf Wake Up Girls to disban…[View]
174242179Bokuben, can't study, never learn, etc.: 雑だけど 問67.祭りの騒ぎは留まらず[χ]どもは茨の道を往く 軽音部のOGだった先輩は助っ人でステージ…[View]
174270482did the world just forget about this it haven't even been a year or even a half a year[View]
174288755Childhood is idolizing Emiya. Adolescence is praising Kiritsugu. Adulthood is realizing that Kotomin…[View]
174273555Why does the Asukafan intimidate the reifag so?[View]
174284658What is your favorite final goal for protagonists /a/? I often see threads about what makes a villai…[View]
174290101Hanekawa did nothing wrong[View]
174289967Yuru Camp: Summer Camps[View]
174280092Why are idols like these so popular?[View]
174243478Shokugeki no Souma: 267 創真と恵の湯けむり事件簿 其の3〜真夜中の料理人〜 一連の犯人の外人 地方の温泉宿が好きだと言ったのは本当だが お客様は王様で王をもてなすには高級…[View]
174277519Kitaro confirmed for at least a year. I wonder if it will be successful enough to keep going. Even S…[View]
174288491Am I the only one who feels like 0 was a kinda subpar sequel to steins; gate?: >watched the show …[View]
174288813>155 cm >dresses as edgelord Makes sense[View]
174290263Name a single thing about her :''character'' other than MUH DEAF.[View]
174286188(CAN'T WAKE UP): https://twitter.com/soreyoriramen/status/1007505980760862721 RIP Wake up Girls…[View]
174279285One Piece:: How are they going to save Kuma bros? He had some sort of contingency plan programmed in…[View]
174288577What's her endgame?: Ballroom e youkoso[View]
174280962ITT: Characters who did nothing wrong: I'll start[View]
174290476Just end her suffering already[View]
174282403I love rape!![View]
174290602What was the purpose of this scene?[View]
174287821Is it true we’re getting a short story sometime this year? Or is it just a rumor?[View]
174289929HxH: Not sure if this was posted yet, but Togashi drew the protagonists as antagonists.[View]
174282401In this new universe Madoka wished for, harvesting despair from witches is no longer required. Rathe…[View]
174218662ITT: post your first anime ever and people try to guess how much of a newfag you are. and if your fi…[View]
174290255It won't.[View]
174289916Fucking annoying cunt.[View]
174290058Did he get the Net Terminal Genes in the end?[View]
174277679Watching Eva for the first time. What am I in for?[View]
174277096buttered toast[View]
174288096She cute[View]
174285525KIMI TO[View]
174287416New Yu-Gi-Oh! anime announced: From V Jump themselves. More details on the August issue.[View]
174284515did the world just forget about this it haven't even been a year or even a half a year[View]
174231159JOJO PART V: ITS HAPPENING >https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2018-06-13/jojo-bizarre-adventu…[View]
174271847wont forget häduki: Will the story ever be finished?[View]
174281941Kyon-kin denwa![View]
174287203>you can smile again[View]
174284562Ignoring the movies he's made. You can't deny he's a genius.[View]
174260457Weekly Wotakoi thread, what otaku romcom hijinks will we get this week?[View]
174288155ITT: Smiles that need to be protected[View]
174280130This is the best bnha ship prove me wrong[View]
174284768>no one cares anymore Anon that translated this, are you still alive.[View]
174277630Name your top 3 Mangas and the reasons why you like them Mine are 1) Berserk : absolutely beautiful …[View]
174281653Kokkoku: Am I the only person who has watched this? I thought this was alright to be honest. Only ju…[View]
174287438Ships aside how is the fanart of Boruto (Naruto: The Next Generation) coming along?[View]
174263469ITT overrated series: Any series with a cancerous fanbase[View]
174283276Higashi no Eden: did he fucking go back to her or not????!!!![View]
174280982Tomo-chan: It's keikaku all the way down[View]
174268981Which Fate servant would make the best roommate and why is it Mr. Astolfo?[View]
174265837ITT: good scenes in otherwise mediocre shows[View]
174237060Hey /a/, I have to go out for a bit, can you watch my dragon for me for a bit? Please feed her somet…[View]
174279703Which of these four would you take with you on an adventure?[View]
174285435Hero Academia: It’s out https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/my-hero-academia/en/0/187/page/1…[View]
174288271Is ONE saying Lelouch was wrong?[View]
174274343>humans are the true evil I thought you guys said this was good? It's the most cliche shonen…[View]
174285859So /a/, are you the Real Deal or are you the Genuine Article?[View]
174282038Who is he?[View]
174283167krul tepes[View]
174283422What was she ponder over here?[View]
174283028Eiken: What went wrong?[View]
174270242Darling in the FranXX: PV 21 predictions: What do you think will happen in the next episode, based o…[View]
174287872Food Fighter Misaki: Anime when?[View]
174282247KEIJO!!!!!!!!: New scanlated chapter.[View]
174287609Post mommies.[View]
174268620Seeing this image, did Mizuno Ami ever wore a bikini in either the manga or anime?[View]
174284458ITT: Post an anime character without posting them using MS Paint[View]
174278547Do you actually love your waifu and want to make her happy, or do you just want to fuck her brains o…[View]
174284934One Piece 908: Chapter out. https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/one-piece-2/en/0/908/page/1…[View]
174234184Just had one about removing, let's see how creative /a/ is with addition.[View]
174273298Raildex NT20: >not using pants as a weapon[View]
174271967I haven't been on here in a while. What's the general census on FLCL2 so far? Is it shit?[View]
174279019We've finally come full circle from >draw a girl and call it a boy to >draw a boy and cal…[View]
174285946Do 20 push-ups! Right now![View]
174272990Type-Moon: Who the hell is the titty monster on the left?[View]
174285536>Gorosei bow to Imu >In contact with space pirates >Rumored to possess global CoO >Contr…[View]
174280073So after all these years watching anime and being on /a/ have you learned Japanese yet? What is stop…[View]
174284813Eureka 7 Manga: I just got done watching Eureka 7 and AO and was wondering if reading the manga was …[View]
174282584What if they stuck to pilot?: How do you think certain manga would have faired if they stuck to thei…[View]
174283779WHERES MY ONE PIECE!?!??!!?!!?![View]
174283069Holy shit, this is a dream, now there's just one question to answer. If they die in the dream w…[View]
174283746I've been binge watching this and I can't help but think how Tsutsun is autistic. Not the …[View]
174280380Do you like girls with a lot of 'experience'?[View]
174279581OST Thread: let's have a fun thread post some good ost songs, anything that you like[View]
174280651Battle Shounen Criteria: What would you describe the trademarks of a 'battle shounen' series to be? …[View]
174279125One Piece: At what point in the story did retards who never followed from the beggining enter the fa…[View]
174284319Yep, I'm thinking they are back /a/.[View]
174283943Made in Abyss thread: My Dad was a Shota edition (USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS POST)…[View]
174284200What have you been reading, /a/? >finally picked up Berserk and caught up >caught up to Hyouge…[View]
174274093Boku No Hero Academia: Will AfO's doctor show up again soon? We haven't seen him in a whil…[View]
174284017M.E.M: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PI_VoFlMEw Misaki Evocation Meditation for ya'll NEET…[View]
174281491Why are boys so hot, /a/?[View]
174208742Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt[View]
174283655Imagine fucking the colors.[View]
174283365ITT: Your favorite tropes/elements in anime: >anime has an awesome OP theme >it plays again in…[View]
174283109how can he be both kowaii and kawaii at the same time?[View]
174278779Lets talk shonen main hero pairings: Especially shonen hero harems, what is the thought process behi…[View]
174279204How do I look?[View]
174281251Why didn't Uraraka just levitate Toga to disable her? Did she forget she could do that?[View]
174278478Dragon Ball Super or Boruto: Who did it better?[View]
174280854Man, this girl was getting the dick like 4 days a week and now she's been dick deprived for lik…[View]
174281224Cute neeko: I want to smell this dirty neet pantsu[View]
174281883Why are tsurime eyes so much more attractive than tareme eyes?[View]
174281533Yama no Susume: ED out. 17 days until new season https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvNcD_LzTJ8…[View]
174274590Does he ever stop being such a whiny little bitch?[View]
174271779Yoimonogatari released today: It's about Snail![View]
174281296Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!: Dogakobo saving anime again http://watatentv.com/[View]
174266538Will Guts go for the loli or the excatholic pagan?[View]
174268393Why are so many good shows deciding to create movies as sequels now (made in abyss, princess princip…[View]
174276617ITT: We post girls who would make excellent mommy milk.[View]
174250005Shingeki no Kyojin: How much will Eren protect Historia? Will Zeke try to do something to her?…[View]
174280294what's his fucking problem again?[View]
174276277Meanwhile, in Cyberpunk /a/...[View]
174278920AOTY,easily! A touching story,nice character development,no fanservice and nice artstyle[View]
174254155Saki tanoshii: Saki chapter 191 leaks... Are you ready for more Yuuki? Too bad, it begins with a fl…[View]
174280610Why is this movie so bad? Why did the girl have to get cucked? Why did the cute little girl have to …[View]
174281321KinPri ( King of Prism by Pretty Rhythm): Would you marry a Rinne?[View]
174247734Lucky star thread[View]
174281166More like DORKS in the shell![View]
174271321>Cutest Ghost Girl My vote goes to Yuuko Kanoe, i honestly wanted to see more of Yuuko and Teiich…[View]
174277675People don't understand what character flaws or an actual character arc is so they will say Dek…[View]
174275245Anime music hard to find: ITT we post top tier anime music that's impossible to find anymore on…[View]
174275040The only Gundam I can still enjoy as an adult.[View]
174210471Good animation thread: Post webms featuring good animation[View]
174280425what am i in for?[View]
174240896Dragon Ball Super: Yamcha needs more love. After all he beat Goku before.[View]
174269519Hero Academia Movie: How is this even possible? We have seen All Might's debut video and he was…[View]
174280308Boruto: This is the best episode so far. Shit animation at times though but amazing animations at ot…[View]
174273898Describe this woman in 1 word.[View]
174279512Ajin: Demi-Human: Is there actually any downside to being a Demi other than people wanting to captur…[View]
174278606The dumbest thing Goku has ever done is not kiss his milf wife. What the fuck is wrong with him /a/?[View]
174274391Why is anime so obsessed with panties?[View]
174278144Why didn’t he go on the path of self improvement aka /fit/?[View]
174278789My wife Winry is very cute![View]
174278736Hideaki Anno abandoned animation too early. Imagine all stuff from the 2000's-present that coul…[View]
174277807How does he do it?: He got away with everything seriously. when i grow up i want to be like this guy…[View]
174277308Why is mechashit so embarrassing?[View]
174278640ITT I laugh at everyone who hasn't dropped this garbage yet.[View]
174272156One Piece: Chapter in a couple of hours. Bonney is back![View]
174267963>It turns out the true adventure was the friends you made along the way Bravo, Togashi…[View]
174200986Purely theoretically speaking, what would marriage with Darkness be like?[View]
174277958I love K-on's music soooooooooooooo much. I love K-oon's music sooooooooooooo much. I love…[View]
174261816Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii: Nips are so fucking tiny, it's hilarious.[View]
174266963how do i appreciate utena anons? it kinda sucks, i thought it would be like my favourite show Neon G…[View]
174276173This randomly popped in my head, so you know I had to make it.[View]
174274871Elfin Lied: This is premium smut[View]
174274018MHA Movie: YOU KNOW HE BOUTTA DO IT TO EM[View]
174275153Name a better underdog story[View]
174273880Best outfit.[View]
174270280Post punchable faces[View]
174273913Seven Deadly Sins: So who wins? Escanor or A-1 pictures? raws when?[View]
174273659Is there a greater villain than water vapor?[View]
174272401Do you love vampires /a/?[View]
174275427Susumu-chan Dai Shock (Go Nagai, 1971): The Devilman character first appeared in this short story, t…[View]
174271816The Great Debate[View]
1742696541994 recs.arts.anime poll: Did they have taste? Favorite TV Series ------------------ Maison Ikkoku.…[View]
174270536There should be an edit of Darling in the Franxx that cuts all the scenes 02 isn't in, and also…[View]
174247752Comic Girls: Kaos' bun game stronk. Also, new episode today![View]
174253660AiFure and Prichan thread: This Onpu looks weird.[View]
174276206Why does Kinoko Nasu get away with being a hack but Reki Kawahara doesn't?[View]
174273979Hang on bros.[View]
174222875Why is she considered a boy?[View]
174275090Do you mind, Anon?[View]
174274076Full Metal Panic!-why does no one care?: I thought /a/ liked FMP! what happened?[View]
174266322Meanwhile, at NERV Headquarters...[View]
174260137How come they keep leaving out emotional moments like Reinhard running off to shoot the Kaiser, Kirc…[View]
174275613Hataraku Saibou: So this is just gonna be Osmosis JoJones: The Anime, right?[View]
174272229>My Girlfriend Is A Sports Car! would you watch it?[View]
174270686You will grant me the fish eggs, Father, or I will rip them from your corpse asunder.[View]
174258751How do I acquire my own obsessive lesbian stalker?[View]
174274028I'm a self-identified anime casual and only watch about 3-5 series a year. I've seen most …[View]
174270905what do you think about thick eyebrows in anime girls?[View]
174270155Holy shit my dick i fucking LOVE sibling love[View]
174275327Sagrada Reset: Started watching this show and so far reached episode 15 and it’s still hot garbage. …[View]
174269783Amazing: Is pic related the best shonen ever? I'm at chapter 112 and can't believe how dif…[View]
174273169Her show was shit but you gotta admit that Nina had a great ass.[View]
174274131Let's have an Accelerator thread.[View]
174263463Daily Yotsuba Chapter: Today is always the most enjoyable day. Volume 7, Chapter 44: Yotsuba & F…[View]
174267716when did you realize Bleach was unironically to intelligent for the majority of people reading it?[View]
174222104Since is Kaede's birthday, let's celebrate with a Cake thread[View]
174247617Orient: Chapter 03 is out[View]
174270153My hero academia the movie: New best girl? White people? Other countries? Horikoshi is writing it? T…[View]
174274084Its amazing that My Hero Academia emphasizes the bonds and faith in comrades for its villains. Its a…[View]
174268688This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
174267630>turn off subs >understand everything being said because anime re-uses phrases and i've m…[View]
174268965>mfw watching 00s anime comedy Why did it age so badly, /a/?[View]
174274161Yes, I'm Kazuma: Where is season 3!?[View]
174267614Why does he look retarded, not fearsome?[View]
174264426THE PROMISED NEVERLAND: Is this the most overrated series of Jump right now?[View]
174261777Do you still hate her?[View]
174274527Whats her powerlevel in soccer? >Abilities of an young girl due to no prana >Instinct borderi…[View]
174274070What mangoes should I be reading?[View]
174273417What a loser.[View]
174274000Assrape please.[View]
174269833Who's the best girl: Rem, Aiz or Saber?[View]
174269695Darling in the Franxx: Time to save Darling has come.[View]
174272862myass: dat is a hot boi[View]
174263877>144cm >35kg Someone feed this twig[View]
174268523Gyeoggi 3 Ban - Round 36: So y'all thought this was over? Maria is a savage... Previous chapte…[View]
174231359Buyfag thread[View]
174264452Boku No Hero Academia: What would have happen if Overhaul founded a quirkless Izuku and took him in?…[View]
174270372Edge / trash isekai: Can anything even compare to Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi ? I feel like it ou…[View]
174267547>all those retards saying the problem with the woman called fujiko mine is that it gives her a ba…[View]
174271706SAO (ToS): I'm bored, so I'm gonna write a short post/critique on the original series of S…[View]
174268639ITT: Good girls from shitty shows.[View]
174272693Freeza: Goku : Trains for a year on yardrat, trains 3 years in prep for androids, trains in ROSAT wi…[View]
174272074S2 when?[View]
174255432What was the purpose of this scene?[View]
174266056Which failure of a human is the cutest? My vote goes to Ako Tamaki.[View]
174253955Goblin Slayer: year one 12: >http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/v1ciFdxFY_I New chapter out, but is …[View]

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