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171755380How come that in every single of the few mecha anime I watched, the protagonist lived in nice flat o…[View]
171758554Gundam kino is back on the menu[View]
171757109Did anime went too far?[View]
171748661Characters doomed to never generate much porn.[View]
171758333COCKEN ATTACKEN!!!![View]
171751207Jun Watarase Appreciation Thread: >Extroverted to the max >Loved by everyone >Confident eno…[View]
171703354Toji no Miko: She won't be back?[View]
171693543AiFure & PriChan: Almost time for the new episode. Remember to not watch eggpets.[View]
171723956This show is pretty funny.[View]
171589097Who in their right mind could love a devil?[View]
171755261darling in the franXX: the best couple in the next episode[View]
171757216How often do you fantasize about Shinka?[View]
171755280Higurashi/Umineko: Please explain me the connexion between them[View]
171750753One Piece: It's Reverie time, bros! Wanofags suffering will continue for a little longer. What …[View]
171757301Oregairu: Hachiman is gay: Saika already won, they already slept together twice[View]
171754840How can she wash her own hair without scrambling her brain?[View]
171724424Shokugeki no Soma: Spoiler pics later Chapter 260 'Deadly Course Cooking' https://www.bakadata.com/s…[View]
171752291Darling in the FranXX: Onifags will defend this[View]
171757080Do you like anime original character?[View]
171752887What Monogatari character do you think is the best: Recently found out about those interesting anime…[View]
171755614Gintama Manga spoilers: SASUGA GORILLA[View]
171752377So I just finished watching this. What did /a/ think of K?[View]
171739050There is nothing wrong with eating ass /a/![View]
171756564smoke weed erry day[View]
171756175Hazuki should've been naked for the whole season, that way the animators would've saved ti…[View]
171681069Legend of the Galactic Heroes DNT: Well it's been 3 episodes. What do you think of it so far?…[View]
171756026What does /a/ think about Daisy Luck. Just watched the j-drama version (apparently it aired today on…[View]
171750802Finished FateSN/HA visual novels. How is Fate/Zero? Everyone says it is the best the Fate series has…[View]
171754345Post smiles /a/ failed to protect[View]
171710245ITT: Worst girls of their respective series[View]
171753562Bleach movie: For the 5 remaining bleachfags in /a/... will we like this? What do we think of it? ht…[View]
171746916Restaurant isekai: >Isekai Shokudou >Isekai Izakaya 'Nobu' What's the appeal of restauran…[View]
171751948When will the anime industry quit being pussies and give us a real trap main character, not a cockte…[View]
171754993Noah's Notes: Korean scans for those who still care http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/268WL5ZEubo…[View]
171751105So I finished the manga after liking the anime when that came out. I can't help but feel in the…[View]
171739804Long or Short?: Choose between them. Only one.[View]
171747573For me: it's the great cornholio[View]
171754746Have you already forgotten PriPri? Season 2 soon[View]
171722956Trèfle Noir: REMOVE ELVES! Black Clover thread. Chapter tomorrow, place your bets.[View]
171750496ITT: Anime americans pretend to understand but quite literally cannot[View]
171754561What did you guys think of Mob Psycho 100? Any favourite episodes?[View]
171738610Why did Violet Evergarden have so little discussion while it was airing? Was it really that shallow …[View]
171751348I just want her to know that everything is going to be okay...[View]
171722025Drawthread: Draw or request /a/rt.[View]
171747379>100 cock stare[View]
171751240sao is a very bad show[View]
171753370How can any other shonen even compete?[View]
171748827The new BIG 3 boii[View]
171750372Explain to me the psychology of a Gorofag. How does one stare at their beloved ironboard waifu, the …[View]
171753035neko musume[View]
171749397Norway Scans: >You're reading a new chapter and see pic related What's your reaction…[View]
171737332Anons have died waiting for these There is blood on their hands[View]
171751215Honest thoughts on Fate/Apocrypha?[View]
171753608God-tier anime Prove me wrong.[View]
171745273This kind of thread[View]
171752214Hey, this is pretty good. Why did you guys lie to me?[View]
171724817Red or Blue? there is only one correct answer[View]
171753507Was Tokyo Ghoul ever good?[View]
171753389What are the odds of Zero Tsu dying?[View]
171749602DOMO NINJA SLAYER desu[View]
171704333>final arc of the series >main character learns the truth behind his powers >forges himself…[View]
171752024Ultimately the episode won't matter in the end.[View]
171751737Did /a/ forget about her already?[View]
171744363P.A. Works doing P.A. Books: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2018-04-20/p.a-works-launches-p.a…[View]
171740580Chapter 46 fucking when[View]
171751486Was making the programmer a guy that looks like this really necessary? Why does Japan do this?[View]
171740039Holo: Being naked isn't very wise of her.[View]
171751911Is she the worst mom in anime history?[View]
171751719Like Darwin's Game but actually good?[View]
171748417Darling in the FranXX: Who is going to die next episode?[View]
171728146Harukana Recieve: Are you ready for beach volleyball girls?[View]
171752198I really wish this got a second season[View]
171737835Who are Kaneki's real family?[View]
171752148ITT: characters that can't keep getting away with it[View]
171741955Kill la Kill must always be on the front page: Hail to you, my KLK brothers. In this thread we post …[View]
171743742>tfw I thought it Darling in the FranXX was going to be a bad ass mecha anime with a little roman…[View]
171751864Could these two handle each other's waifu?[View]
171738004wixoss: I want to fuck Piruruku[View]
171736516>draw a woman >call her a demon Why is this allowed?…[View]
171701802Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai: Time for another weekly thread! Subs for episode 3 should be out very soo…[View]
171747314What do you think?[View]
171741933What the hell was this a South Park reference in FLCL?[View]
171747915I'd be her slave[View]
171748761Love Live! Sunshine!!: I miss them.[View]
171737299So... what's the point of this series? If no one can ever challenge Saitama, then nothing will …[View]
171751624Don't mind me, just contributing to the downfall of this board by flooding it with another Fran…[View]
171740871Boku no Hero Academia 180: Spoilers are out https://www.bakadata.com/boku-no-hero-academia-180-spoi…[View]
171745712ITT:Characters that did nothing[View]
171745303NTR in the FranXX: How is it possible that this show is both the only true spiritual successor to Ev…[View]
171749408I'm sorry, but did Ichigo already lose? Oh, that's right. The show isn't even over ye…[View]
171749120studio ghibli: >katabuchi sunao tries to direct kiki's delivery service but gets demoted and…[View]
171732778Dungeon Meshi: Why's he so cool, lads?[View]
171742956One Piece 902: Chapter OUT https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/one-piece-2/en/0/902/page/1 What did …[View]
171749482Samurai Champloo: >virtually zero chance of survival years later and I'm still mad. please e…[View]
171684353Kill la Kill came out 8 years ago. What does /a/ think of it now?[View]
171750853>Slut got kissed by some faggot >Slut kisses MC >MC is now a faggot for indirectly kissing …[View]
171741820Why didnt any of the girls from the order of rose knights get raped?[View]
171748311Yoshiko is so good![View]
171750718would you watch[View]
171748009Self Inserts: Self inserts are the reason we can't have good writing anymore in anime. Discuss.…[View]
171713268Yotsuba Thread: Let's have an actual Yotsuba& thread I swear if that faggot from yesterday…[View]
171750619Ah, I wanna taste a tail![View]
171737125I love my yandere loli gf wife[View]
171749826Some of you guys are alright. Don't go to Gran Crevasse tomorrow.[View]
171745867About to watch this. What should I expect?[View]
171746892When is Fate going to be laid to rest for something else again, even for just a little while?[View]
171715786Steins;Gate 0 ep2: What an intense episode. Just wow. I can only imagine how intense it would'v…[View]
171741824Inconclusive Stories: Post closed LN/Manga/Anime whose story will never get an ending[View]
171747152Glasses make girls look (more) beautiful, not smarter.[View]
171748533When they kiss, why do they always have to do so in such suggestive positions? It's like like t…[View]
171743311Post anime characters without actually posting them.[View]
171747629Why didn't you listen, /a/?[View]
171740265Darling in the Franxx: Episode 15 PV https://twitter.com/DARLI_FRA/status/986892959097356288 shit is…[View]
171746571>favourite anime >favourite subreddit I'll start >VEG >/r/twoxchromosomes or /r/rel…[View]
171742188This is what the peak of comedy anime looks like. One episode of Teekyu provides more entertainment …[View]
171744744Every character Yoko Hikasa voices is automatically the best character Prove me wrong[View]
171735274lotgh: Do I watch the new one or the old one?[View]
171747657Who's got a more autistic fanbase: Who gets headcannoned more out of fans? Based on unhealthy a…[View]
171736486Was Naomi the spider all along?[View]
171745373ITT: best girls with literally 0 competition[View]
171744561ITT: characters that did nothing wrong[View]
171746801Basilisk Ouka: Wait, Hachisu is a girl? When the fuck did that happened??[View]
171742981One Piece: Chapter out. https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/one-piece-2/en/0/902/page/1[View]
171726719Goblin Slayer: New Year One chapter translation soon, korean scans have already been uploaded.…[View]
171741215I miss Aria.[View]
171706702Why are childhood friends cursed?[View]
171744284MUHYO AND ROJI'S BSI FINALLY GETTING AN ANIME ADAPTATION >Studio DEEN Why is 2018 the monkey…[View]
171744291Shes right.: You can't dispute this. She's right.[View]
171672715Shingeki no Kyojin top selling manga in the week: I think this settles that people want to see the s…[View]
171686743One Punch Man: Murata is streaming http://www.ustream.tv/channel/nebu-kuro1[View]
171742705This anime has 0 plot holes Change my mind.[View]
171746200Votoms: Is this pic at all accurate or it's just a dated mecha anime to sell toys?[View]
171732673why did they put such a hot girl in a homo anime?[View]
171743548It's time: Emilia or Rem???[View]
171745674Is he going to keep up this whiteface accent for the whole series?[View]
171741343What does /a/ think of girls in manly clothes?[View]
171732324isekai: slavery, skills collection and crop rotation: If you get Isekai'd, would you get slaves…[View]
171744751Madoka Magica: How come you guys don't understand Rebellion? The ending song literally explains…[View]
171741874Metentei Conan: >Only HorribleSubs on it from episode 754 onwards >No source for half the epis…[View]
171745228>Itachi: Do you remember when I left Konoha? Before all this, before Madara? I was gone seven yea…[View]
171707354Whats the best way to teach Violet what love is?[View]
171738519It's been 8 years since disappearance already. When will we finally get season 3?[View]
171745056Smash 5 confirmed new character[View]
171744824ITT: deepest lore[View]
171727105This is what peak anime looks like, and I know you love it.[View]
171740061Daily reminder that according to physics whenever Homura stops time she either (depending on photons…[View]
171744610Chapter 180: New Chapter out; Is Hori writing this as he goes?[View]
171738238Alright you fucking fagots I want a real discussion in this thread with minimal shitposting and genu…[View]
171744540It's that time again: Let's do this[View]
171741920Why are OVA so much better than anime?[View]
171702046Howl's Moving Castle, Ghibli: Is this the worst Ghibli film?[View]
171734633Congratulations! The ancient spirit of kawaii has decided to grant your wish of making whatever mang…[View]
171735451>a man and a woman meet each-other >they fall in love and have kids >a son and a daughter …[View]
171730244ITT: OPs you can't skip: bonus points for comfy EDs are welcome too https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
171744076Watamote: Has Tomoko been wearing a dead fox head around her neck? And is this a normal thing in Jap…[View]
171733738My Hero Academia: Which one would you prefer?[View]
171730493>tfw nothing Trigger will ever make will ever surpass it[View]
171733031>Spend time making a ring. >Spend time training. >Spend time making the announcement. >S…[View]
171739743CHITANDA STROK![View]
171701949Who the hell decided it was a good idea to have Jin as the MC. He's a miserable cunt.[View]
171741773Shuffle: Which girl was best?[View]
171743610Macross thread: what are Makina's official sizes?[View]
171737205SAO Alternative: GGO: P-chan is cute and all, but I honestly wish she kept the Skorpions.[View]
171715396Mozgus /a/ church: Confess your deepest and shameful /a/ related sins /a/non, and be saved.[View]
171701237Is Takizawa-san a well rounded character?[View]
171732159This anime is legitimately underrated. Best comedy anime I've watched in years.[View]
171733124How the mighty have fallen: How the mighty have fallen[View]
171740371name a better directorial debut in anime tv or film. not including episode director gigs.[View]
171737832One Piece: Wano soon. Are you guys ready for Year of Chopper?[View]
171739242WTF is this shit[View]
171728873hachiman: Was he right bros?[View]
171736943Thoughts on headpatting /a/?[View]
171742808I JUST FINISHED DARLINGFRANXX: So I just finished a marathon run of this Anime. And here is where I …[View]
171741845Closet homosexuals: Post closet homosexual characters.[View]
171737142ITT: Best girls of their respective series[View]
171740524ITT: Underrated cuties[View]
171735416Buyfag Thread[View]
171741244Does this show have the best soundtrack for an anime of all time? Yes or no, and why is the answer y…[View]
171742291Favorite JoJo Parts by Fans: >Japan(overall) 3>>5>4>>2=1>6=7 >US(normies) 3…[View]
171730937Is pink the best or the worst?[View]
171732188ITT: Forgotten anime[View]
171735940Mahou Shoujo Ore: Why is no one talking about the best show this season?[View]
171741900Hero Acdemia: Did Sir Nighteye deserved to die and how could the show benefited from him being alive…[View]
171741416Spin-offs that are better than their parent animango.: Post em'.[View]
171740442Have you ever fapped to the anime itself instead of hentai based off of it anon?[View]
171739817Censorship: I’m curious, has there ever been an instance where censorship has IMPROVED a manga?…[View]
171741768Uziga Waita's collection when?[View]
171740617Japan ranks its top 10 most iconic characters: Someone compiled a list of rankings from an online po…[View]
171686713Kyou Kara Ore Wa Loli No Himo! Ch. 1: Dumping chink scans.[View]
171660486Who is the original emotionless loli and why is this archetype so popular?[View]
171740912What are you doing here, geek boy?[View]
171740618If you don't like this studio, then you need to get off this board. Hating Kyoani is hating ani…[View]
171725794Boruto: Sealed for 10,000 years. Did he deserved it?[View]
171737138Boku no hero academia: It's Kacchan's birthday! What do you think of the new chapter so fa…[View]
171733772What's so bad about NBR?[View]
171733359Is this the Red vs Blue of our generation?[View]
171739603http://blog.nicovideo.jp/en_info/2018/03/post-067875.html Does /a/ have an opinion on this?[View]
171738820I like this anime.[View]
171738553As much as I miss them I it really wouldn't be worth it to force a sequel or OVA or something. …[View]
171737650Last Period: What the fuck is this goofy shit and why the fuck can't I stop smiling throughout?…[View]
171702830Why isn't there an ANIME or MANGA where magic > technology? Something like a reverse GATE wh…[View]
171739515What do you guys call these kinds of illustrations? I know it's not storyboard or concept art.[View]
171737049What are the relevant similarities (themes, settings, etc.) that often show up in your favorite show…[View]
171737371>character is humming the op[View]
171739782Is this the season for RomComs?[View]
171737840Naruto: Sasuke should've lost. If Naruto actually tried, he could've summoned Gamabunta. D…[View]
171739467new OVA from dxd: ohhhhhhhh, my god, if they look? The new ovaaaa![View]
171738975Would you pretend to be her fiancé for the weekend to impress her Grandmother?[View]
171730196Girls' last tour: The potato crop will not survive the winter.[View]
171738836here you go[View]
171737983Do you think it was a mistake to only have one likable character in your entire anime? How will Trig…[View]
171736863Season 3 when?[View]
171735722Why was SEIBAH such a fucking dyke in Fate Zero compared to Fate Stay Night?[View]
171734670Masamune's Revenge: Dumping latest chapter. Maid won.[View]
171733950Darling in the FranXX: Left or Right?[View]
171707343Godzilla: City on the Edge of Battle: Second part of Urobuchi's masterpiece! https://www.youtub…[View]
171734609Does /a/ still read manga?[View]
171735248ITT: Shows where the commie subs are actually better[View]
171737392DBZ outfits: What are your favorite outfits for each of the main characters in dbz? Who's the m…[View]
171737755When is Boruto going to be post mortem molested by the Alien?: Additionally what do you think the cu…[View]
171735914I cant stop watching eva: My only ever problem with eva was that shinji was such a virgin and i coul…[View]
171731062One Piece: Now that the arc is over, what would you have done differently to improve his character?…[View]
171736263I'm gonna impregnate Chiyo and don't care what kind of monsters she'll birth[View]
171732012I just realized that kobayashi is in her twenties meaning that she will graduate as a wizard at the …[View]
171721755Why does everyone argue over Asuka and Rei when Misato is so much sexier?[View]
171724321Why do autistic anime girls like pizza so much??[View]
171736267>June 8th I don’t think my penis can wait that long[View]
171676156It's time to talk about the best ass of the season.[View]
171737000I've got a feeling~[View]
171729993Asuka who? Never heard of her[View]
171728063Boku no Hero Academia: We pretend that the manga doesn't exist, and the anime is an original Bo…[View]
171734926Boruto's True Age: So in the latest episode of Boruto (ep.54) they said that the Great Ninja Wa…[View]
171735988Shousa wa[View]
171736662Dr. Stone: Spoilers[View]
171736539>New 00 gundam >No Wing WHY[View]
171718608Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: How does a show like this even happen? I just finished this show a…[View]
171734133Fate: How is it possible for a king to possibly be this cute?[View]
171735572Kengan Asura: It slipped my mind earlier, but this is relevant to those of you who read the current …[View]
171734958Prison School: not enough good shows airing this season, so I'm going to marathon Prison School…[View]
171730607>Urashima, an island far from the mainland. The people who live there lead carefree lives. But fi…[View]
171727530This is the only good anime adaptation of a video game[View]
171733685I don't get it, which one is Champloo?[View]
171735068What have this board become? People just going mental about their 'waifu's and shitting each other. …[View]
171732590Am I missing something? Why are people comparing this to NGE? they are barely alike[View]
171730893Sadness thread: No happy feelings. Despair, melancholy and feelings of self doubt very much welcome.…[View]
171733204Vegeta bros, how we feeling about the (temporary) end of Super for our guy? Considering how pessimis…[View]
171731675How would FSN been different if Tohsaka had given Rin to the Matous instead of Sakura?[View]
171729710ITT: anime that rarely/never get their own threads: Super Milk-chan deserves a new series[View]
171704526>tfw you'll never run a restaurant with you 3 wives Why even live?…[View]
171674530Bokuben: >all the girls are best girl How is it even possible? Next chapter when?…[View]
171732928Does Griffith, deep down, regret what he did? After being reborn he always looks miserable, and he D…[View]
171624539Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru: In what order is one supposed to watch this if one is intending to enjoy …[View]
171733432Yamagami Lucy Kimiko Akie Airi Shiori Rinne Yoshiho Chihoko Ayano Fumika Chitose Sanae Mikiko Ichika…[View]
171735315Goro Uprising when?[View]
171733931This art club has a problem: What was the point of this character? I like her because shes really sw…[View]
171727875Did anybody find her funny?[View]
171716912>HunterxHunter gets a remake twelve years after the original anime. >This masterpiece from 198…[View]
171730528>Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann was 11 years ago[View]
171724440When did anime lost its edge?: At what point did anime stop being viewed as extremely dark and matur…[View]
171730042Do people actually unironically enjoy these low effort bottom-of-the-barrel pandering cashgrabs or s…[View]
1716478815toubun no Hanayome 34: dumping[View]
171731608>Show abandons the MC halfway through I don't think I've ever seen anything like this b…[View]
171732796>went in looking for a fun little body swapping manga >ended up with an amazingly deep and sus…[View]
171644412Love Live! Sunshine!!: Riko is pure.[View]
171727245is trunks the original chuuni? maybe I'm just a newfag but I can't think of a character fr…[View]
171733993She's Alive!: She's in the boat She's wants revenge She's after them She already…[View]
171718904darling in the franxx: >episode 15 >1 = ichi >5 = go >15 = ichigo >episode ichigo nex…[View]
171733906Classroom Crisis: Will there ever be a second season? Would the Kiryuus learn that 'It's just g…[View]
171731167Did Hajime No Ippo actually end or what? it's been months since i've heard from it.[View]
171731461Kirara: I think we can all agree that A-channel was the third best Kirara series of all time[View]
171729324Is there a character that could even possibly EVEN TOUCH Kirei Kotomine? Let alone defeat him. And I…[View]
171718234>one of the most popular Children's cartoons in Europe from the 70's to 90's >o…[View]
171733264Is Steins;Gate 0 any good?: I’ve seen people saying it’s just fanfic garbage.[View]
171731708will speedwatchers ever recover?[View]
171729802Why do anime girls like to joke about chikuwa? What is the significance of this particular food to t…[View]
171713722Comic Girls - Episode 3 Discussion Thread: Lewd mangaka is at it again! English Danmaku stream here…[View]
171728396Why can't anime look as good as this anymore?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-nRnddi7Q8 Did …[View]
171732939What’s going on with Burrito and Salad these days?[View]
171732359Is Mahoutsukai no Yome worth watching? Or is it shit?[View]
171731305>Femdom >Shota is this the best combination, /a/?…[View]
171717188Good SAO: Is this true?[View]
171732133How the FUCK is this a boy?[View]
171706578Huh!? Darling, what the hell is this? Doesn't it humiliate you as man? You've always said:…[View]
171728039i watched toradora for the first time this week. i don't know what to feel[View]
171660554Buyfag thread[View]
171683802Will he ever smile again /a/? isekai thread[View]
171729193How many anime MILFs can you remember?[View]
171729467Hisone to Maso-tan: Oh shit, no again[View]
171731688>sports series >all the characters not in the current match can hear each other's color c…[View]
171731236Kakegurui: The fuck are they feeding these high school girls. How can you even read this without hav…[View]
17172688702 will go into stampede after her partner dies and Ichigo will lose yet again when she is forced to…[View]
171731638This will probably 404 with less than 10 posts but does anyone here still care about Iris Zero? it s…[View]
171731599Who is he?[View]
171731361Sakura a qt desu[View]
171727860Ukoncha!: Ukoncha! Ukoncha![View]
171686609So what is the go to media player to watch anime nowadays? I built a new computer and used to use mp…[View]
171696670Made in Abyss: Oh boy. I can't wait for the new chapter tomorrow. I hope Tsukushi's workin…[View]
171723436ITT: overrated shit[View]
171731297>MC tends to lose low stake battles >Always wins when it high stakes...…[View]
171724678Dorohedoro 158/159: Get in there for gyoza shenanigans[View]
171729261Ten best characters from this franchise: go[View]
171730882Why is Kumiko Oumae so cute?: Imagine cumming all over her cute octopus hair.[View]
171711865What the hell did i just read[View]
171648522Would you fight for her?[View]
171729626You got all these people talking about cat girls, monster girls, ect, but have you ever heard of C A…[View]
171725095>tfw you finish Yoshiyuki Tomino's epic Mobile Suit Gundam saga and every other anime seems …[View]
171722309One Piece: This is Brulee. The designated winner of the Onii-chan Bowl. Say something nice about her…[View]
171726141What the fuck was his problem?[View]
171704104ITT: Pleb Filters[View]
171729560Do people actually unironically enjoy these low effort bottom-of-the-barrel pandering cashgrabs or s…[View]
171730461Post your personal 'OH SHIT' moments.[View]
171725765Game over AUfags. Unicorn's twitter just posted see you tomorrow. Based Fukui saving Gundam one…[View]
171724296This is my daughter. She's my pure angel[View]
171729752Wanna drink?[View]
171729175IT'S SHOWTIME![View]
171727386I miss this stupid frenchman[View]
171729196Which one?[View]
171729605more pistil action when??[View]
171728118If only...[View]
171726073How do you feel about this?[View]
171729682Get in the dragon Hisone.[View]
171723879Is this manga an accurate depiction of Japanese salarymen?[View]
171619396Create your own jigsaw: https://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=createpuzzle[View]
171729513Hisone to masotan: Was the thing inside masotan literal moon-runes?[View]
171723155She not only has the biggest tits but the biggest pyramid in the world is dedicated to her https://e…[View]
171729295op/ed thread. post em if you like em https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjjTMNDZi-A[View]
171726011Guts is sad. Cheer him up.[View]
171728634Anata hooo hikakete.....[View]
171727871Post time when anime got too close to real life...[View]
171725097Where is my comfy and healing anime of this season? I need more yuru camp and I only got a crying ka…[View]
171728114what did she mean by this[View]
171726392A MULBERRY'S A TREE...[View]
171727336>A complete story told perfectly start to finish in 25 episodes without relying on OVA's or …[View]
171712970Cross Ange: Did you forget about this trainwreck?[View]
171715444Well, what do you think /a/?[View]
171714353>[HorribleSubs] Saredo Tsumibito wa Ryuu to Odoru - 03 [720p].mkv Deadest show of the season?…[View]
171724169Teruaki Murakami is the greatest anime director[View]
171728363SEIZON SENRYAKU![View]
171728507I'm Luluco![View]
171725688Why are people pretending this show is good? It is quite possibly the most bland and unoriginal piec…[View]
171725741What did /a/ think about Dennou Coil's theme on reality?[View]
171728364This girls maid is cuter than her. Say something nice.[View]
171706968I know this question has been asked 10000 times but how enjoyable is Akagi if you know nothing about…[View]
171727951Well, /a/?[View]
171728203Dorei-ku the Animation: Anyone still watching this? Eia is cute[View]
171719134What's your AOTS so far?[View]
171726897Bruh, yo why is Saber's ass so BIG[View]
171725933Jack the ripper.[View]
171676115Kengan Ashua: Ooooh shiiiiiit...[View]
171726177He should have fucked her brains out It wouldn't take much[View]
171705750Steins;Gate: Based on what we know about the events of the Alpha and Beta worldlines, what would the…[View]
171710223Yonakano Reiji ni Haremu Wo!!: Chapter 2 is out. Who's ready for more goth loli ghost trying to…[View]
1717257243d kanojo real girl vs wotaku ni koi wa muzukashii its not even a debate which ones better..right?[View]
171721239is she a race traitor: >be a dino herself >kills as many as dinos she can to become a human…[View]
171715375Boku no Hero Academia: Which pro hero would you like to see more of? I can't wait to see Fatgum…[View]
171724621why is snake so fucking sexy? i was rock-hard for all the episodes she was in, helped that she had t…[View]
171727095Hey cutie, need a ride?[View]
171727062Chap53+ Talk To Me |Korean Manga|: Hey , I´ve been into this Manga for a while now , but i cant seem…[View]
171725696Why is the show whit the shittiest writing and literal 'dues ex my rubber nen' mechanics the most po…[View]
171703652Story Time: Kiss & Cry: Recently WSM started a new series about figure skating. It's the ma…[View]
171726754where can I find this article in full and translated?? what did they talk about?[View]
171724614>Literally Gunbuster and Evangelion done right Prove me wrong.[View]
171725799ITT: middlebrow trash[View]
171720284What is your favorite show you watched with /a/?[View]
171705308DRAGON BALL SUPER: Actual leaks out, this is what happen Hit vs Jiren Jiren beats Hit, but Goku save…[View]
171718785what did /a/ think of this?[View]
171722408Taimashi to Akuma-chan: This was dropped like 3 months ago and i thought it was cute so i'm dum…[View]
171709607Would you sniff them /a/?[View]
171712965Do I need to watch/play Fate/stay night to watch Fate/Apocrypha to fap to this fella?[View]
171722510With this being the generation of 'what's old is new again': (new Ashita no Joe successor, new …[View]
171726128Bincho: I've found this, it's really cute and slow passed. I've watch only the first …[View]
171652742Goblin Slayer: New Year One chapter soon, what do you think it's gonna happen? More goblin slay…[View]
171723465ITT: Anime that's worse than the manga[View]
171715490If you've never read an Urasawa manga, leave this board and never come back.[View]
171725875Kingdom - Chapter 555: Huh, looks like things won’t be going according to keikaku after all ... at l…[View]
171720305>174cm Why is Kaos so short?[View]
171721365Who was in the wrong?: >Top 10 anime decided by animators and critics 1. Future Boy Conan 2. My N…[View]
171725441You now remember Masou Gauken HxH.[View]
171719495Gomenasai! Watashi wa sugoi nigero, daijobu desu. Arigatou senpai, sushi ne doko? Hayai-san! Gambaru…[View]
171722105Now that the dust has settled, thoughts?[View]
171717309>any wish Why don't they do the right thing and wish for Future Trunk's timeline to be …[View]
171724323ITT: We post girls who lose.[View]
171724527How the fuck did this nigga make it into UA[View]
171682306Do people actually unironically enjoy these low effort bottom-of-the-barrel pandering cashgrabs or s…[View]
171724872are we allowed to talk about manhua here? if so, whats your faves? I am really getting into Storm Ri…[View]
171713257Was it rape?[View]
171722327What are flat girls for?[View]
171704939Boruto Discussion: Who else liked seeing Sasuke kick the shit out of Boruto? Also killer B vs 3 ali…[View]
171722370Hey you! Yeah you! Do you want to become a magical girl?[View]
171697578Memesis dump: It's been a while, so here's a dump for chapters 5-8[View]
171724561I have a crush on Satone and I'm not afraid to admit it. Why did she turn Yuuta down in middle …[View]
171718474Darling in the FranXX: What are your expectations for next episode? Ichigo a cute.[View]
171723041Tejina Senpai: whatever happened to it? also anime when?[View]
171724481It's fine now. Why? Because I am here.[View]
171721849I need answers /a/. How much LSD did Hideaki consume before making this show? After finally catching…[View]
171723274How do you go from this...?[View]
171615008Shokugeki no Soma: When did you realize Erina was the best girl?[View]
171720888Are you ready to apologize to Ichigo this weekend?[View]
171698841Why do they hate otaku so much?[View]
171719745Yuru camp: we need another thread for the qt campers[View]
171719586To you, the immortal 63: I expected La Tasty Peach to be a worse character than he seems to be.…[View]
171723752what did she mean by this[View]
171623681Pre-2000s Thread: This show just clicked with me a couple episodes ago. This is getting really good…[View]
171704291Gundam Unicorn Sequel: How does /a/ feel about the upcoming announcement of a Gundam Unicorn sequel …[View]
171702729Thus Megalo Box[View]
171721614advices: So I have gathered bunch of people that can draw. We this idea to create a short movie anim…[View]
171716986>There are people who consider Imaishit to be 'old Gainax'[View]
171719051Sukasuka: What went wrong?[View]
171723182>new series come out >faggots who have been reading mango for 30 years sperg about it being un…[View]
171718054How did the Hellsing family have the knowledge of how to seal the world's only true vampire? Di…[View]
171721257Wow that was really shitty. Especially the entire second half of the show they spent on one shitty s…[View]
171698127Gilgamesh has gotten sick of (your) shit and is about to unleash the Gate of Babylon on (you). What …[View]
171700176What is the worst anime you have ever watched?[View]
171720331Anyone remember Eva? Remember 1.0+3.0 was supposed to be a thing?[View]
171722763Does this count as /a/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDQLE_1O63Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
171670590Black clover: Are you ready for new chapter niggers? Who do you think will appear? what are your exp…[View]
171717349Oneesans are Important!: Why are oneesans, whether they are blood-related or not, considered the pat…[View]
171718291What other anime/manga romances have ended in unplanned pregnancies?[View]
171722110I can understand copying someone's technique, but how could you copy a person's physical s…[View]
171720857Megalo Box - Episode 3 Out: What did you think of J.D's new sidekick?[View]
171722223What went wrong?[View]
171713177One Piece: Post your favorite quotes from the arc[View]
171715985well what's your excuse?[View]
171719961Yu-gi-oh girls: Who is best girl and what is the best pairing, and why is it queen and queen/akira?…[View]
171720321Thoughts of this forgotten gem?[View]
171708894Dies Irae: What would your Beri'ah be?[View]
171721907Haruko Ichikawa Interview Translated: Not sure if this was posted yet, but here it is anyway. https:…[View]
171674280Drawthread: Draw or request /a/rt.[View]
171721887Dorei-ku The Animation: Just like my Chinese porn.[View]
171710682Was she pure?[View]
171720502Why don't shows have thick black outlines anymore?[View]
171717388Bob Team Epic: Is Bob Team Epic a better show than Pop Team Epic?[View]
171719257watch Mobile Suit ZETA GUNDAM[View]
171716600Chinatsu isn't that bad[View]
171721439Happenings: What’s the proper Happenings ranking? Oreimo>FranXX>Code Geass>Re:Zero>Free…[View]
171714366Why was this show so good?[View]
171721417Sayaka Sayaka[View]
171699742Scanlation Thread: Favorite group?[View]
171720485Masamune-kun no Revenge: Aki a shit.[View]
171715228They're nothing more comfy than this. You can't deny it.[View]
171672536Cheat: If you were a god in charge of sending dead NEETs in to another worlds would you give them a …[View]
171720347Saiki Kusuo: SUBS IS OUT!!! let's discuss the episode! occult club part is seriously scary.…[View]
171686096Golden Kamuy: Do you like squirrels?[View]
171720190They are trying to get brother and sister to fuck? Basilisk is a masterpiece.[View]
171676552Saki: Tanoshii: WHERE'S MY NEW SEASON[View]
171718438It's time for you to apologize, /a/.[View]
171714163Nagatoro: Ok /a/, what do you like most about nagatoro?[View]
171714403Darling in the Franxx: We are so fucked.[View]
171692135Kaguya Volume 9: This is the longest Volume in the series[View]
171676724Get in the fucking dragon shinji!: HisoMaso>>> Darling in the Ass This is the mecha show Tr…[View]
171691759Things you never knew about Kyoani anime: 1) Princess Latifa from Amagi Park is actually blind and h…[View]
171716932drugs are bad[View]
171701106HxH: Why aren't there any females that have personality traits, internal struggles, or contribu…[View]
171718166>we'll never know if Kaban finds the other humans >we'll never know what kind of new…[View]
171713365>the first female character that isn't just a fucking cardboard of a character is in a fucki…[View]
171709400Claim a knight to defend you. Sadly for you all, I already chose the Turtle.[View]
171671999The Night is Short, Walk On Girl: Did you like it?[View]
171704974Urara Meirochou: Why wasn't this more successful? Kon-chan is so cute[View]
171681930SAO Alternative GGO: >3Hz >Kuroboshi >Sigsawa >no kirito >cute pink loli MC I never c…[View]
171718776Spring 476 anime season: This season look great![View]
171710957Is it worth rewatching Konosuba solely for Megumin?[View]
171613371Why no MILF-centric sol anime yet? It would trigger the next boom in revitalizing the industry just …[View]
171712586Do you like Satone?[View]
171667016If you had to describe Asuka in one word what would it be?[View]
171718264Flip Flappers: I'm looking for flip flappers thread.[View]
171710467I dont get it[View]
171715665Just finished reading Trigun, discuss: Agaisnt all odds, it had a happier conclusion than I had ever…[View]
171716605can we see her smile again[View]
171712771Short haired cute girl confesses in adorable way to MC in his most vulnurable moment, soon after he …[View]
171717399a few more days guys[View]
171717031I KNOW[View]
171711760Digimon Tri: >Vanilla Omega >Omega X >Edge Omega >Edge Omega X >Palette Swap Omega …[View]
171715939K-ON: click on the keions[View]
171708949Shuffle!: It's been 13 years now /a/. Are we cool now?[View]
171715478Maki thread: Happy Birthday Maki-chan![View]
171716282HOLY FUCK[View]
171714283Nanatsu No Taizai: >tomorrow fugg prepare your bumholes sunfags hopefully it doesnt suck…[View]
171702468Did Ichigo just win yet again?[View]
171624846Vocaroo Thread - Sing your Favorite anime OP: Hey guys! Haven't seen one of these in a while Si…[View]
171700820Is this movie really that good?[View]
171711520Post your hasubando's face when he sees your dick.[View]
171704004Yuru Camp: Forget winter camping, it's time for summer camping[View]
171715100ITT: Anime which's created solely to promote it's source materiel and really unlikely to g…[View]
171716087Steins Gate Amadeus: Isn't this just a shameless advertizement for future Amadeus waifu simulat…[View]
171714641How sexually frustrated do you think Balalaika is?[View]
171695232Idolmaster: New Idolmaster anime when? Your favourite idol?[View]
171715860Megalo VS Darling. ITS A 3rd ROUND KNOCKOUT! aoty.[View]
171715857darling in the franxx episode 15: >'You and I are both alone. Separate.' >'I tore apart my win…[View]
171704981I don;t know if it's just me, but is the anime industry just all around more competent than Hol…[View]
171710042how upset were you when you realized the kengan ashura anime is gonna be in CG?[View]
171707233Doreiku: Anyone else enjoying this fucking trash? Shaping up to be the Ousama Game of 2018.[View]
171677032How the fuck is France the second biggest market for manga in the world? How the fuck do they buy mo…[View]
171644889Overlord: >tfw JUSTniv's slow descent into madness will be the highlight of the anime…[View]
171709432Darling in the Franxx: Do the other Franxx look similar to this without their top?[View]
171708704Kemono: What do you think of the new PPP disc? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfuZZ0w5WDE…[View]
171698483>Fullmetal Alchemist >He isn't fully made of metal Nani the fuck?…[View]
171684307Is there a more perfect girl than nekomusume?[View]
171701805Which one, /a/?[View]
171713275I miss her, /a/[View]
171712254Girls who deserve to be single mothers.[View]
171656624Comic Girls: LITERALLY ME. This is me. Literally me. No other character can come close to relating t…[View]
171713030Shonen Jump Issue 21/22 ToC[View]
171696877it's not gay if the balls dont touch[View]
171706889Who is the sexiest female warrior in all anime and why is it Kefla?[View]
171703508>be a 10/10 girl, slender, tall, decently endowed, beautiful black hair, Have personality all men…[View]
171705663Boku no Hero Academia: Midoriya shounen, you have proven to me that you don't need a quirk to b…[View]
171708047>the VA of Joe has literally not voiced any other anime character since Is this normal?…[View]
171706588Evangelion: People thinking that Shinji is a pussy are the biggest normalfag plebs. I’m rewatching E…[View]
171712909Putting aside all gripes you may have with the actual content of Dragon Ball Super, I just want to s…[View]
171712814Animu: >be me weeb >no life >mfw no life…[View]
171706088What is your most hated trope? >Naruto run[View]
171702871ITT: forgettable shows with great OP's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkmMsH5ssc8 https://www.…[View]
171710894I guess she's terminally ill?[View]
171707339Season 3 when?[View]
171708781So we're getting skyfall in ep 15 right? Right?[View]
171687955Are Japanese as bad as Germans?: Why is this guy the only mangaka who can get humor right?[View]
171684683Shonen Jump Issue 21/22 ToC: One Piece (lead cover)[View]
171706707>I wish I was a black woman[View]
171711585Did villains peak with Washizu Iwao? >ordinary goal since he already took over the world >uniq…[View]
171705374One Piece: Best siblings officially confirmed[View]
171711732POWER OF THE MOON![View]
171709857Post smooth characters that know how to seduce.[View]
171706557How edgy can magical girl site get?[View]
171709562So which Mahou Shoujo will be the Mahou shoujo of the season, ore or site?[View]
171704943Did villains peak with Kira Yoshikage? >ordinary goal. no take over the world shit >unique rol…[View]
171701083Bleach: What went wrong?[View]
171710911Perfection, you might not agree, but this is what perfection looks like[View]
171701830Imagine taking a DNA test and finding out that you're part Shinka.[View]
171670903daarin give me kissu! daarin ride my franksu! daarin read my book! daarin~![View]
171703064>Hews is a Zero-Tsufag >We'll probably never get art of best girl Ichigo Fuck this gay ea…[View]
171705879Yotsuba&! manga: Yotsuba thread?![View]
171710821>be Hiro >just want to pilot big ass robots >get emotionally and physically abused and man…[View]
171710604Is spring 2018 a boring season? Or is winter 2018 just that good? Spring season feels weak compared …[View]
171654106Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: soulburner about to steal the spotlight[View]
171705290Boogiepop wa Warawanai, is scheduled to air in 2018: this sounds interesting. what background will b…[View]
171707088Are japanese heads really 14cm tall?[View]
171709865Rest of Shounen Jump Leaks when?: Pic related, it's Gentle and LaBrava[View]
171706315>Watch half a minute the show >See Okabe sperging >Close the tab out of indirect shame >…[View]
171709340That was a great first episode. Can't wait for next week! It's nice to finally get away fr…[View]
171674520Blend S: You can choose one and only one[View]
171701633Darling in the Franxx: So what the fuck is going on here? My guess is she trying to get Hiro out of …[View]
171689047Leskinen: This mongoloid is the best boy of the year.[View]
171707327is there a manga that did a kind of 'choose your own ending'? For example a harem where t…[View]
171708739My Hero Academia to Toonami: Better have a cable subscription.[View]
171705551Its digi digi time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=th6KZ6mbi_U&feature=youtu.be[View]
171701950Pick your battle harem color[View]
171698972Give him an VA, /a/[View]
171705862Post anime/manga characters you had dreams about.[View]
171696667Let's be honest. You enjoyed the ride,characters and ost.[View]
171702150Darling in the FranXX: What did Zero Two mean by this?[View]
171706586How can you sleep knowing that ichiya managed to score a hot chick and not you?[View]
171705657bunny cunny[View]
171706051I enjoyed the anime. Will i enjoy the game too?[View]
171706110This is my wife, Arthuria Pendragon, king of England. Say something nice about her.[View]
171693383Rin looks like someone who's been selling crack since the fifth grade.[View]
171705838Any new V-Jump info on the movie[View]
171705776Need more demon girl animes or else I'm finished[View]
171703081Try and name a better ending https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03qBqP2I4p8[View]
171705793How hard are they laughing to the bank?[View]
171682731How would /a/ feel about a Fire Emblem anime?[View]
171703878What did he mean by this?[View]
171705301Remember the time Yukiatsu dressed up as Menma?[View]
171645412High School DxD: This new Asia is so much better.[View]
171704797Tsundere is Dead.: Where were you when cancerous tsundere trend died? S[View]
171703557Lupin - he's a nice man.[View]
171679658Boku no hero academia: Let's talk bakugo. What would it take for him to apologize to Deku? What…[View]
171697610One Piece: >BM can get the Germa technology now >She makes an army of herself >Hundreds of…[View]
171704762Amazing Grace, How sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me I once was lost, but now am found T…[View]
171702398Megalo Box: Only a few hours until the best, blurriest anime of the season.[View]
171697439>FBI kicks down door[View]
171705094The Outcast: Why do people watch this trash? Goes to show that the Chinese can't into anime.…[View]
171621249Shhhh......... Chito & Yuri is sleeping....[View]
171703155I feel like the only person that's read this.[View]
171694544·-=RAILDEX=-·: Guys, What kill the hype?[View]
171683903Dragon Ball Super: The leaking has begone! Prepare yourselves.[View]
171698725>enemy explains his powers to the MC >MC uses said info to win the fight Why do they keep doin…[View]
171692201Re:CREATORS: Only just got around to finishing it though I was following the weekly threads for the …[View]
171699527Do you?[View]
171697859This is my clock[View]
171701196Chuunibyou: Holy shit. Satone has been given a HUGE upgrade in breast size for the movie.[View]
171703762Trigger BTFO royal, Shoji Kawamori and Satellite are the real saviors of anime this decade! Pandora …[View]
171701075ITT: Painfully unfunny 'comedy' anime[View]
171691192Violet Evergarden: ARE you guys hyped about the second season where she fights magic battle nuns fro…[View]
171697022why wasn't this drug addict censored in the western version?[View]
171686013What is the appeal of Infinite Stratos?[View]
171697741You hear it you lose.[View]
171703573Masamune-kun No Revenge: Maid one, my boys![View]
171680183How do you feel about maids in anime? Overused? Need more?[View]
171651698Hinamatsuri: what do you think of the show so far, anon?[View]
171684533tiny: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_YXSHkAahE[View]
171694894Nothing happens: the anime[View]
171681691How can cyborgs fall in love?[View]
171702103Miss me with that trash shit[View]
171703593>sacrifice band of hawk[View]
171677720Tell me why this show isnt just a shittier version of NGE?[View]
171703552YuYuYu: This is why Japan is great https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXz8QfGk520[View]
171699713Would you?[View]
171698177Would 02 be improved if she had a penis?[View]
171703341is tokyo ghoul season 3 a continuation of root A or does is follow the :re manga ?[View]
171688713Oni is the biggest slut /a/ has ever seen.: so this slut can get away with anything just because she…[View]
171702739What did you think of this manga? (best manga of the decade?)[View]
171701488Is Heaven's Feel essentially just one big pro-abortion propaganda?[View]
171701416Fireworks (Shaft): For anyone interested, raws are out.[View]
171700879OP/ED/OST thread https://youtu.be/KMZBauH47Jo?t=43 What is a good website to download good quality O…[View]
171693741>Jobs to nerfed Saber and Cu in melee >Muh strength that moves mountans >Muh divine skill E…[View]
171704065How do i stop getting attracted to fictional characters?[View]
171703203So how the fuck did you guys get into anime? I've been into it since Azumanga Daioh in 2002. My…[View]
171699848Darling in the FranXX: Next episode will make DitF Anime of the Year, post your predictions https:/…[View]
171669196Boruto: Naruto Next Generations: Did you like the new version of Sasuke Vs Kinshiki /a/?[View]
171693172Reminder that Homura did nothing wrong[View]
171698853Good lawd, what are they feeding kids today in japan![View]
171690851>tfw no Kaori gf[View]
171701164Poké gyaru Lisa is cute! CUTE![View]
171693845Himouto! Best Girl?: Sisfags blown the fuck out.[View]
171700681>claim to like anime >not even making an effort to learn Japanese What's your excuse?…[View]
171697231am i the only one who still loves ichigo: this scene was so heartwarming[View]
171701280>good series >discontinue/no update ???[View]
171697117Any word on the next chapter?[View]
171697124ITT pure anime characters only[View]
171672016Does this shit ever get good?: Watching HxH 'the best shonen' with my imouto, about 20 episodes in. …[View]
171689826Don't mind me anon , just the most iconic anime character sitting here alone, continue with wha…[View]
171689819Alice or Alice: The childhood friend enters the stage.[View]
171700526If you wanna see some action Gotta be the center of attraction Make sure that they Got their eyes on…[View]
171694987Why aren't you applying to be an animator for Polygon Pictures, /a/?: >You've mentioned…[View]
171699903Another big manga's piracy website is closed, I still can access to it around 2 hours ago I kno…[View]
171694628Darling in the Franxx kiss scene: >kiss is Joke I think Hiro pilot on Ichigo head and she send Hi…[View]
171699967Yahari Oregairu: Where's vol.13?[View]
171680383Domestic na Kanojo: Rui's new hair a cute![View]
171697165Darling in the FranXX: Which girl does /a/ hate more Ichigo or Kokoro? New PV:https://www.youtube.co…[View]
171699774DITF 15: So is this the episode where either Ichigo or Goro dies?[View]
171687699How does one achieve such a comfy family?[View]
171646662'Ama Usa An' vs 'Fleur de Lapin'[View]
171667376I want to fuck Hinata. She was the best girl in the series.[View]
171699297Is this manime?[View]
171697534What anime got the best OST past year?[View]
171699159This is so stupid. Shin is an orphan boy raised as a kid soldier. Why the fuck would he have any app…[View]
171698904sup komugi[View]
171698862what did she mean by this? i'm not sure if this is a joke or i don't know anything about g…[View]
171677683Death march: >get godlike powers >use them to craft pots >get slave harem >fuck paid wal…[View]
171698721Best Character Traits: >sweet tooth[View]
171697737Shaft ran out of money for fate extra: >it looks artsy[View]
171683409Where is it?[View]
171690901Tell me /a/, what is your DESIRE?[View]
171694128arling in the Franxx ichigo vs 02: Waifu wars is coming[View]
171670799Why does everyone still love 02 so much and hate ichigo: Like I get that ichigo was a bitch the last…[View]
171690281Is the any argument against Kyubey besides 'm-muh feels!'?[View]
171697035how do I become cool like Mr. Kaji, so cool that I'm able to reach such I high position in NERV…[View]
171696910>finished anime version of Akagi >they just cut the ending cause manga was still ongoing >…[View]
171697957Is there any more based revolution/a/ry than Saint-Just?[View]
171652646Last Period: Owarinaki Rasen no Monogatari: Was it kino, /a/? How did you enjoy the first (and secon…[View]
171684968Freudian complex is not a one way street[View]
171689707One Piece - 902 spoilers: from oro jackson – Thousand Sunny managed to escape from Big Mom pirates. …[View]
171695930>/a/ complains every day about the industry relying on gimmick plots to carry their seasonal garb…[View]
171684184Oh shit, /a/non! The Tohosaka sisters have blocked your path![View]
171697410Time Slip Otagirl: 30 years old otaku girl gets hit by a train and travels to the past to live her y…[View]
171697402Have you heard about the new Gatchaman Crowds Viz dub release coming out? Wingman Intensity,as how i…[View]
171697304Darling in the FranXX: 'Leave 02 to me.' >https://twitter.com/DARLI_FRA/status/986892959097356288…[View]
171692900Will we ever see an adaptation of Unlimited/Alternative? Not the spin-offs?[View]
171694976LWA: Would LWA have been better if it was a shoujo anime?[View]
171694516Darling in the FranXX: New PV: https://twitter.com/DARLI_FRA/status/986892959097356288[View]
171622491ITT: claim you are waifu: claim her before anyone does me pic related. i had a dream today where i w…[View]
171697045Mycute girlfriend can't be this unlawful!: What's the best show with a female delinquent a…[View]
171687313Whats the point of this character?[View]
171696756I just caught up after seeing my friends arguing over this shit. You lot and them are the biggest be…[View]
171692666Hiro (016) is Mastered Ultra Chadstinct School Days MC tiers of OP: Human females want to fuck him. …[View]
171687579>tfw your old waifu gets a 4th season and becomes your waifu again[View]
171695263Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan: Oh[View]
171686296greed island arc was such a garbage compared to yorknew arc. should I continue watching? does it get…[View]
171695527Is there a term for anime series that is just a bunch of comfy feel good/comedy times versus shows t…[View]
171692461Berserk: If this is what female Guts looks like, what do you think a male Casca would look like?…[View]
171694441What is best Anime Hair color?: I think it's pink, prove me wrong.[View]
171674365this is the greatest moment in anime history, prove me wrong protip: you probably can[View]
171695745Whats the best way to make Violet blush?[View]
171695864*zawa zawa zawa's your path*[View]
171691947Name a more memorable ED than hare hare yukai.[View]
171683250Do you miss Dogakobo's Yuru Yuri?[View]
171681979Has Abe's propaganda gone too far?[View]
171687323Would /a/ rather watch an Isekai show with a socially awkward and disheveled-looking MC (basically T…[View]
171692683Are they interchangeable?[View]
171678462HOW BIG IS TOO BIG?[View]
171686690One piece 902 spoilers: - Thousand Sunny managed to escape from Big Mom pirates. - Sanji seems to be…[View]
171692311Why is she so perfect?[View]
171694033I still wanna fuck this witch.[View]
171694523Look at the top of his head[View]
171689144Darling in the Franxx: PV in 3 hours.[View]
171694198Nagatoro Thread: So when will the doujins for this come out?[View]
171694191Finally some justice[View]
171694131PV is out: 02 goes stampede mode again[View]
171554208/a/ draws: Jojo, DIO's World Part 18: Previous threads: >>171480403 >>171439570 Im…[View]
171691627So is it doing and selling well?[View]
171694003QUALITY thread[View]
171690053Is VEG the most masterful written, subtle, thought provoking, authentic, historically accurate story…[View]
171693751Chicchana Yukitsukai Sugar/A Little Snow Fairy Sugar: Why was Saga always such a little bitch to the…[View]
171689148Darling in the Franxx: Episode 15 PV in 3 hours[View]
171681953Fate: How will Ufotable ruin Shirou vs Kirei? >add more pointless 'epic' 360º spins…[View]
171691874Is Marley kill?[View]
171690997What was the picture that got you into fapping to anime?[View]
171691060>graduation scene >everyone starts crying as they head off to their own paths…[View]
171692397Steins;Gate: Hey guys, quick question. Is Episode 25 as well as the movie, 'Steins;Gate Movie: Fuka …[View]
171682981Gun Gale: Would you accept her friend request? She's amazing Also, requesting spoilers for what…[View]
171693065Objectively speaking was he actually in the wrong?[View]
171669285Great anime OST: I will start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXQLrkW33f0[View]
171684364any reason why Nips love melancholy endings?[View]
171689774Book that would be a good anime[View]
171690292>Will Hiro Saurify or not???? How did we not notice from the first few episodes the fact that the…[View]
171689128I wish Megumi was my girlfriend.[View]
171688502So this guy is what, 8'6-9'5?: Anyone have a rough idea of how tall Thorkell should be? is…[View]
171686332>that one anime/manga you initially checked out because the premise seems amusing/caters to your …[View]
171687562In your own words, what would you say makes anime&manga distinct as a medium?[View]
171685794You think when he has a kid of his own, will he put him through the Yujiro treatment to get the same…[View]
171603269Killing Bites: The cutest imoutos win only to get flash kicked in the face. That's what Killing…[View]
171691282Why do they have twice as many months on Aqua instead of twice as many days in each month? Wouldn…[View]
171685125What is Saber's tax policy?[View]
171690924I don't trust his wife's son at all. This is a fucking demon child and he literally isn…[View]
171681175KIMI NO HITOMI NI UTSURU WATASHI WA NANI IRO DESUKA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJ0-VPr75Y0…[View]
171677414Do you prefer main girls to be useful to the story or just revolve around the main guy's dick?[View]
171688406>picked it for Diana >keeps hooked on masteri instead Do I have a problem?…[View]
171680225What the absolute fuck went wrong? How could they screw up so badly adapting the game?[View]
171670142Why did Ryo destroy the world? Yeah, I get that he's Satan but is that really his entire mot…[View]
171690351Why is No One Talking About the Greatest Anime of All Time?[View]
171688813Bijin Onna Joushi Takizawa-san: How do you feel about this up-and-coming manga, /a/?[View]
171690182Natsume Yuujinchou: Poor lonely guardian ;_;[View]
171687439If apostles need to sacrifice someone they hold dear to the God Hand then how does a lonely hunter b…[View]
171685421So does /a/ like Inuyashiki? I'm a superman fan, so I love stories about virtuous do no wrong h…[View]
171678130Why can't we get more anime like this?[View]
171687206Darling in the franXX: May i have the link of the priview and maybe subs cuz i dont understans ahit …[View]
171676802One Piece: What's his endgame?[View]
171684074himouto umaru chan G final chapter: full raw http://netabare.io/?p=74412 farewell, umarubros >tfw…[View]
171680377He's not gonna make it, is he?: YOU COULD HAVE IT ALL MY EMPIRE OF DIRT[View]
171625416AiFure & PriChan: Slutty Idles not welcome.[View]
171675845Berserk: Casca is just such a bad character. Probably one can't consider her more than a plot d…[View]
171688883Would their relationship work?[View]
171683140Post punchable faces[View]
171666609What a cute scene. Why are you guys fighting over this series again?[View]
171687070How does /a/ read their mangos? For those of you with tablets, convince me to get/not get what you h…[View]
171602574Lucky Star: Right, it's that time again. It's time for the question of the ages. Who is be…[View]
171688649>did jackshit against Hilda >did jackshit against Poseidon >did jackshit against Hades >…[View]
171687763Show me your best Ecchi-Sketchy[View]
171684360Post a random capture from an anime and other anons have to guess where it's from. I'll st…[View]
171687215Metamo Kiss: Just read this. What did I think about it?[View]
171649629Why didn't Honoka want to enter Love Live at the beginning of season 2? She should've join…[View]
171683053At the end of your life, you will never regret not having passed one more test, not winning one more…[View]
171688217Pretty cure thread: Witch cure group is the prettiest and fabulous in your opinion ?[View]
171686106so the other side is full of souls, now they enter the wired, an alternate plane of existence brough…[View]
171681780Kobayashi-san chi no meidoragon Ch 70. I hope you like final arcs. Becuase you're looking at on…[View]
171630316Reading WataMote. Good stuff, eh? Season 2 never?[View]
171676709Full metal panic: FMP was like 16 years ago and I don't remember anything outside MC going nucl…[View]
171643925What if Girls und Panzer was a boys only sport? Would you still watch it? Would it still be popular?[View]
171642769JoJolion: Chapter predictions for 75? This thread is specifically for the new JoJolion chapter that …[View]
171687587So I'm rewatching the Tournament of Power arc in Dragon Ball Super and...[View]
171686101>Cheap animation >Bad dialogue >Forgettable characters >Story structure is a mess >…[View]
171686118Please say something nice about this cute Auto memory doll.[View]
171682483Just read Onani Master Kurosawa. What did I think of it?[View]
171686345MHA new opening theme: Anyone else fucking HATE the new MHA opening theme? all i can find for review…[View]
171684831I hope nothing spooky happens on my way to page 10[View]
171685571Is Sora Kajiwara the only canon autistic character in anime? VEG is not autistic. She just had an em…[View]
171639786Hatsukoi Zombie: Ebino intensifies.[View]
17168645802 has such a cute girlfriend![View]
171686514bunny cunny[View]
171677500Is this the rei vs asuka of our generation?[View]
171681600how do you feel about silicon girls in anime?[View]
171670670Has Karen's real life friend even tried to get her over the fact she's a beauty irl and th…[View]
171600203Before the anime aired I kept saying that little witch academia would be better off left as a once …[View]
171659270Made In Abyss: Progress: 1 stream today. Next chapter is still promised to be released tomorrow wit…[View]
171678490Darling in the franxx: What's the official best girl ranking?[View]
171677364>Character says psshoo >Subs translate it as 'that's the shit yo' Why is this allowed…[View]
171683853>>167819226 Will this remain the thread of the year?[View]
171681668I fucking hate those lips[View]
171684136Isn't about time we had a Bebop reboot/remake?: Animation is outdated, the video format is 4:3.…[View]
171684079Did you like the cat episodes in Aria? I personally felt like they were out of place most of the tim…[View]
171682226Kingdom - Chapter 555: Huh, looks like things won’t be going according to keikaku after all ... at l…[View]
171681073Ok /a/ tell me how would you self-insert in your favourite show? >Background story >your plot…[View]
171678821Steins;Gate 0 - Episode 2 Maho best girl edition: Discuss. Title and new chapter.[View]
171680237Why are all Isekai stories (i.e. most modern adventure manga) fantasy based? Does science fiction no…[View]
171668747ITT: Best girls in their respective series[View]
171682004Itoko, I want choccy milk.[View]
171685036Isn't Jotaros stand basically just one of the pillermen?[View]
171681944vanilla or chocolate?[View]
171682581Is she the designated 'fanart' magnet of the season?[View]
171679749Which one is higher on the Autism spectrum?[View]
171683292I swear to god if Kyoani play the same episode again next week I'm going to fly to japan and pe…[View]
171653107ITT we thank Trigger for saving anime[View]
171682448ITT: Post your manga husbando and have other anons judge your shit taste[View]
171678320Why do people say that Squealer was the villain? Don't they realize that they would be the same…[View]
171673623SHAMAN KING New Chapter Prologue: Prologue chapter out https://imgur.com/a/StmH0 Dumping Have no ide…[View]
171684361Anime/manga you hate: anime and manga you hate and why[View]
171684329Senpai: who's your favorite Senpai in anime? pic related, it's Senpai. thread theme: http…[View]
171664485I literally couldn't finish the fate VN because of this autistic piece of shit >HURR DURR YO…[View]
171678253I'm going to MARRY my girlfriend Sharo-chan![View]
171665972Dragon Ball Super: Manga leaks soon Can we actually hope Toyo will improve from the last couple of c…[View]
171683459What did he do to deserve this?[View]
171679156Only /badasses/ thread[View]
171666591Violet Everboring: Why is this considered so good? I'm on episode 10 and I'm dropping it. …[View]
171681114Who wants to fuck the fish?[View]
1716590953D Kanojo Real Girl: This has to be a lie, right? The girl who lets any boy kiss her, who LET'S…[View]
171682897Who's your favorite anime girl? And why is it Saki?[View]
171598907raildex: What's the next step in her master plan?[View]
171682236Pokemon The Movie 2018: Animation and art style look great to me. Is Wit Studio going to save Pokemo…[View]
171673290Get over it.[View]
171682769Why isn't Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva considered a stellar and fantastic anime movie?…[View]
171682457This is Ginko and she is a JC[View]
171678236Are you currently watching any long-running anime?[View]
171678659Limited time offer for the evening and night: One Mori Summer session for 100 円.[View]
171681970How do you feel about Shūzō Oshimi?[View]
171682654FLCL Progressive: so /a/ are you ready for another fun summer?[View]
171680334Yuusha ga Shinda!: Who would win in a fight Kyle, the man who exceeds the gods, or Blake, the man wh…[View]
171677891Season 2 soon[View]
171600765What's with all the /ss/ manga getting released lately? Did we enter the shota age while I wasn…[View]
171682385>Hestia is no longer Bestia Danmachi thread[View]
171680737/a/ Sings Asphyxia: Prepare to kill your vocal coords and your family’s ears. Record audio without b…[View]
171669135Why is he always so smug?[View]
171682068i genuinely dont know what people expect from trigger shows seems like no matter what the premise is…[View]
171662806can we stop drawing mouths like this? it looks absolutely retarded thanks[View]
171681982How come other studios don't just copy Kyoani? Why don't they open up their own publishing…[View]
171673834Darling in the FranXX: >tfw you realize that 02 vs Ichigo was 9 Alphas plan all along Next episod…[View]
171666523why the fuck are so many mcs beta?: Seriously cant stand it. its hurting my ability to self insert. …[View]
171664222I just watched this. How is it?[View]
171678069Estarossa: what is his character arcthype called?[View]
171676307Who is best Dragon Ball girl and why is it Chichi?[View]
171681081What series has, through some sort of common experience or symbolism, helped you through hardships i…[View]
171678322Will Oda ever explain this? Moon arc when?[View]
171673686I've only ever read random chapters of Yotsuba anons have posted. I just started properly readi…[View]
171650923isekai: making potions: Potion-danomi de Ikinobimasu, an isekai with a girl who makes potion and is …[View]
171672470Why is she so fucking awful?[View]
171680621Say 'Ahhhhh'[View]
171680548Abe ordered Memesis' author to stop gaying up the new generation of japanese alpha males.[View]
171672192Mitsuboshi Colors: Ueno is not safe anymore.[View]
171649581Angry asuka is the hottest asuka. Just look at that sex hair[View]
171680036Steins;Gate 0: Posting my unpopular opinions: >Kagari wasn’t that bad of a character >S;G0 was…[View]
171671683Series you've watched/read more than once.[View]
171679361Is Spopovich vs Videl the most brutal beatdown in anime history?[View]
171679995You’re the one i saw first...[View]
171676762If I watch anime with no subtitles will I learn Japanese?[View]
171675515Name a bigger ass woman I fucking dare you. Fun fact You fucking can't.[View]
171674514B: The Beginning: This show was unironically better than Devilman: Crybaby, why does no one talk abo…[View]
171673639>it's a fighting tournament arc that takes up 1/4 of the series[View]
171679239Evan: Is this true?[View]
171677900I don't get, why is Kirisu dead?: Wasn't she well and alive in the end of the movie?…[View]
171664576Is he the GOAT at making OSTs?[View]
171678113Violet Evergarden: How do you see Violet? https://www.strawpoll.me/15532196[View]
171649259Is dual wielding swords actually possible?[View]
171677004What would you do if your daughter starts complimenting you like this?[View]
171677674DARLING UNMEI GA[View]
171676041What kind of music does Goldship listen to with those headphones?[View]
171671852Best contemporary anime director?: https://www.strawpoll.me/15522555[View]
171677095Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii: Didn't the superior redheads show air? Where's her subs and t…[View]
171654438Does this series make you feel happy or suicidal because it's such a sweet fantasy?[View]
171662693Steins;Gate 0 - Episode 2 Subs out: Sub is out, get in here, discuss Leskinen accent and why AI Kuri…[View]
171615662Uma Musume: The one with the fastest hooves wins. That's what Pretty Derby is.[View]
171677725Thoughs on the return of shaman king?[View]
171673826Darling in the FranXX: Confirmed leaked scene from the final ep.[View]
171678018Those who hurt my friends, I won't forgive!: So I guess Goku just hates everyone on his team th…[View]
171677840I'm still mad[View]
171662720Story time in the FranXX: >You are Eo To You just met the second person to ever be nice to you. D…[View]
171674179Yuru Camp: I want to hug this drunk cake![View]
171676774Best girl.[View]
171674938Will we ever see them again?[View]
171675991Is there a more emotional scene in anime history? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1mhx7O3-LA[View]
171677532From what?[View]
171677456Where were YOU when anime was saved?[View]
171677571j*n is the worst part of an otherwise great anime, she deserves to die[View]
171670615Citrus: >new chapter >no thread ?[View]
171650626Boku No Hero Academia: Who is best girl, and why is it Tsuyu?[View]
171676738Why the fuck do the Eurofags get this fucking masterpiece on Blu-Ray but Amerifags don't? For t…[View]
171659410Literally the only good anime ever made >Angel's Egg >Midori: Shoujo Tsubaki >Belladon…[View]
171617206Do you think Takizawa-san is a good boss?[View]
171664306Rosetta Appreciation Thread: General dump of Rosetta. Feel free to contribute or post about your Gra…[View]
171655153SAO Alternative: RED SUN[View]
171677100'Don't apologize, you were awful.' I hate her but the way this segued into the ending theme mad…[View]
171677310>anime fights where the rivals do unnecessary movements which would exhaust them even more and ar…[View]
1716736933x3 thread[View]
171658378Senor cat is dead. (above pic is cloudfire. Bottom is nyaa)[View]
171623033Why is he so grumpy?[View]
171661176You finally find some interesting manga and decide to check it out, when this page pops up first. Wh…[View]
171664945Anime/Mangas that were told it would be better after more episodes: Post those sinners Mine is pic r…[View]
171660022One Piece: What is her next step? Destroy FI? Go after SH personally? Pudding deus ex machine?…[View]
171659319Oreta awai tsubasa[View]
171670104HELP ME TO BREATH[View]
171676693Kuwabara and Yuki :c: It's been year already /a/ and i still can't deal with Kuwabara not …[View]
171672930since this season is dogshit, what were some top-tier seasons for anime? if I go all-in with fall 20…[View]
171673456So... Anybody wanna explain what this was about?: Or just talk about it in general.[View]
171674951What if there was a Rozen Maiden with Kanaria as the main character?[View]
171675986so my friends are constantly saying hiro will turn into a lelouch but i just can't see that as …[View]
171638807One Punch Man: Murata is streaming: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/nebu-kuro1[View]
171673474Tokyo Ghoul: re: So, how badly do you think 'AAAAAAH ITORI SAVE ME CONTINUOUS' will be for Renji? Wi…[View]
171675915I love shark teeth girls[View]
171676077Whatever happend to the good, ol' dueling custom?[View]
171675727YOU BELONG TO ME~[View]
171675409something bad will probably happen between the only normal couple.[View]
171674554Robutt thread.[View]
171673134Jigoku Shoujo: Just finished this. It was really good. Should have been a little longer though.…[View]
171648105Golden Kamuy Ch.155: It's time for some circus antics with Sugimoto and his friends[View]
171675615Why do people like Goro? I don't get it.[View]
171666670>B-b-but the soundtrack is good though 'No!' It's literally the Japanese equivalent of Weeze…[View]
171675008This series makes me want to hunt down every person who used to bully me in high school, sneak up on…[View]
171671149Psycho pass sub or dub: I’m going to watch psycho pass, but which do you all think is best? Subbed o…[View]
171669597Steins;Girls thread: Steins;Girls time once again. Who's your pick? Some calculus with Kurisu?…[View]
171672709Tfw no genki nadeshiko gf to fill my depression[View]
171649504How is anyone supposed to believe a girl who shows as much as skin as possible and sexually teases m…[View]
171672379How much of a mistake next Code Geass is going to be?[View]
171674260-Killing Big Mom: for now, total failure. -Saving the Vinsmoke (that's why they stayed): the Vi…[View]
171672567Things you hate in manga/anime: I guess it's kind of a trope thread, but I guess it could be th…[View]
171590365Re:Zero: Who pushed Subaru down the stairs and why did they do it?[View]
171594230Gundam Build Divers Episode 3: >[HorribleSubs] Gundam Build Divers - 03 [720p].mkv https://www.yo…[View]
171648545Renai Boukun: Should have waited instead of making a thread last night. As soon as it died chapter 5…[View]
171673701Black Clover: So I read this anime in 3 days and I quite liked it. What do you guys think of it ?…[View]
171674593THERE'S A MAN.[View]
171674301I'm typing on the front page. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1n3xXuEyr40[View]
171672190GUNNM: o my will[View]
171670823you can only punish one[View]
171664379Fushigi Mahou Fun Fun Pharmacy: Narande![View]
171674134popo is zeno: Zeno has them popo eyes and at 0:25 in this video here you can see through popo's…[View]
171635293Drawthread: Draw or request /a/rt.[View]
171659459Darling in the Frankxx: So, tomorrow preview will come out. What kind of new shitpost will appear?…[View]
171669976Was Rei secretly mad at Shinji in ep. 5? I never understood the characterization in this episode.[View]
171669367Is this as lit as Aria?[View]
171673613Goodbye Isekai Tensei: When the fuck will we get more chapters?[View]
171669248Is Chaika the cutest character ever? Please discuss[View]
171668334Oreimo: a modern family model forced by Japs[View]
171673195Full Metal Alchemist: What did Ed and Al do on their journeys to the east and west after the manga e…[View]
171665067Dagashi Kashi 124: We've finally reached that point. dumping the chapter[View]
171672073Please, can some specialist tell me why the hiragana あ means 'You' in this case? I searched why and …[View]
171672857ITT: Background characters you'd watch a whole series about[View]
171672285So how do people like Haruhi again? She's literally just a massive cunt and her entire reason f…[View]
171663872I'm on episode 64 of this and there's something that's been bothering me. Isn't …[View]
171672297Spring anime: What spring anime are you watching? Have you found any 'hidden' gems? What are your to…[View]
171644499Was this shot 100% necessary?[View]
171648696There's really nothing she can do for you to stop hating her is there?[View]
171671945>VEG An intricate, personal look at Life and death, love and loss, friends and enemies set agains…[View]
171672115>episode 2 >animation already down the shitter Will persona ever get a good anime adaptation?…[View]
171671953rip 02[View]
171672019Why do people call the libidoless peaceful Namekians black? Isn't there a particularly ruthless…[View]
171662864Oh no![View]
171668607Does /a/ remember Calimero?[View]
171671628Is he right about the state of the industry?[View]
171670223I was completely confounded as to why people hype Franxx so much. It's a mediocre show and whom…[View]
171635930SYD: Stuff time[View]
171671104YFW Ichigo calls Hiro her darling next episode[View]
171666239Is there any interest in a slayers remake? Which studio do you think could do it without screwing it…[View]
171669297ZZ Gundam is the definitive 80s mecha show.[View]
171667309Is your anime collection apocalypse prepared? Do you use VHS or DVD? You do want future generations …[View]
171669407Darling in the Franxx: So why are they doing this stunt of airing the next episode in a theater? Did…[View]
171664617Does Rewrite have Key Feels. I hear its supposedly the worst of the Key anime adaptations. Feels are…[View]
171671028Is she a loli?[View]
171666731Do you consider characters with flaws to be 'better' than Messianic characters? I'm n…[View]
171658636>only wants to be with darling >still can’t help but canonically take hundreds of dicks while …[View]
171664979You will never experience a manly friendship as pure as this.[View]
171670086[CabbageSubs] Wakaokami wa Shougakusei 02: Subs are out for episode 2 of this lovely half-length ani…[View]
171660317What are you hoping to hinted at in the PV tomorrow?[View]
171670374so when's this bitch gonna be relevent again[View]
171670718Where's that next chapter of Year One? It's been a month. Gib goblin slaying.[View]
171670709Emilia is the best Re;Zero girl. Fite me: Post I love Emilia if you agree[View]
171663755Why do people like it?: It was pretty annoying in my opinion.[View]
171666912Ayy lmao[View]
171667684Who is best Amagami and why is it sex hair?[View]
17166710740 kg[View]
171643094Tokyo Ghoul Episode 3 Half a day late Edtion: 3 episodes are already out. So what do you think? Is t…[View]
171663167I can't believe the first 2 volumes of berserk made me hate Guts genuinely. Hkw can anyone hate…[View]
171670552So, this season's most packed day is friday? Hinamatsuri Lostorage Mahou shoujo site Full metal…[View]
171654340Kengan Ashua: Gensai, take my enerjah! http://dammetruyen.com/book/kengan-ashua/chap-225.html…[View]
171661181Who is the better best girl?[View]
171670513My wife Ochako is so cute, dontcha think?[View]
171667193Hiro did nothing wrong: >Be raised as a test subject >Only people you know are other children …[View]
171670503Please tell me she shows up again. I miss her[View]
171669167I miss u...[View]
171670455Takagi-san: the ultimate truthe[View]
171661074Remember when Pokemon felt mystical and mysterious?[View]
171665174Ashita no Joe has been in my backlog for a long time now but Megalo Box looks really cool. Is Ashita…[View]
171668010>he thinks the 2011 version is better than 1999[View]
171670131What are some girls that are part of popular series that would have much more fans if they weren…[View]
171660979>you will never work as a hit man for balalaika >she will never invite you to her office late …[View]
171670031When is it okay to download anime over 720p? At some point 1080p is going to become standard r-right…[View]
171670029is pic related actually as good as people say it is or is it just a meme >110eps of old disney je…[View]
171669834You mad yelloboi?[View]
171668102Shirou! Who the fuck is violet?[View]
171642780Jojo: Can we have an actual discussion about part 6 or 7 without shitflinging please? I love both bu…[View]
171668941Why is she aroused almost all the time?[View]
171654567Houseki No Kuni: How many days until the next chapter. What do you think is going to happen?[View]
171658437Umaru ending forever https://twitter.com/sankakuhead/status/986627150819115009[View]
171669558>>you didn't let nasty old man rape your butthole?Lmao good job ruining you family,you du…[View]
171635248Why do people like Sakura? Besides 'muh childhood friend' What's so great about her?[View]
171668402Vividred was way more fun than Strike Witches How come that got 2 seasons, a movie, and a spin off y…[View]
171665131Girls with stockings = best girls from their respective shows This is a fact that cannot be disprove…[View]
171635818Imagine not rating Shinka[View]
171664432who's the real black swordman? thats how i spot potential good buddies from fags.[View]
171655358Shingeki No Kyojin: So who does Gabi kill? I am 100% sure its connie[View]
171667976CLAYMORE: I am currentllly watching it and it is great is original manga worth reading?[View]
171667492Was Clannad a good anime?[View]
171654660Steins;Gate 0 - Episode 2 Discuss Thread: Are you ready for time machine? Second episode will start …[View]
171665797Contrarian antishounenfags are weak, prove me wrong: How come elitist/contrarians/antishounenfags al…[View]
171665070Why do girls love this anime SO MUCH?[View]
171666498>Slogging my way through Shippuden every week >Suddenly Jiraiya episode out of nowhere >Jir…[View]
171664964Tomboys in the tub![View]
171663040any good shows with accurate depictions of female behavior?[View]
171665314>10 years old[View]
171664862Just the yearly reminder that best girl never actually existed. Now carry on with your daily life.[View]
171665086Why is alcohol abuse shown in such positive light in anime and manga? Japan usually displays it with…[View]
171667843Tonari no Kashiwagi-San Ch 80-84: Was wondering if anyone could drop these chapters as it seems the …[View]
171658172Shonen Jump Issue 21/22 ToC: Jujutsu above Haikyuu in its first ranked ToC edition. Issue 23: Cover…[View]
171666749Piano no Mori: >AOTS >no discussion on /a/ Can't say I'm surprised…[View]
171667651God fucking damn. Do we really need this?[View]
171665236why can't she be real da vinci?[View]
171605712VEG: >be degenerate hebephile into blonde blue-eyed girls >can't lewd Violet Why???…[View]
171628984Boruto Discussion: Will we see Sasuke vs Kinshiki or will they not show the fight? I doubt they anim…[View]
171632478ITT we poorly describe an anime and try to guess what it is.: I'll start: A wealthy gay man goe…[View]
171655366https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOmnZEOVME8 >'Anon, what are your intentions for my sister?'…[View]
171665081I M A G I N E[View]
171660756Darling in the Franxx: https://twitter.com/DARLI_FRA/status/986578440710078466?s=19 Next episode wil…[View]
171665494This is the most bisexual show I've seen.[View]
171663726why does black clover look so terrible: is their budget $5?[View]
171662808Was he truly in the wrong?[View]
171647763REWRITE OF THE LIFE[View]
171662980why is she so perfect /a/?[View]
171661290Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!: What did Fumita mean by this? https://twitter.com/humitan/status/98657024649…[View]
171664482ITT: COMPLETLY OP female charcters. Post your best.[View]
171659263Nanoha Reflection: Well, that was better than expected. And being male in magical girl series sure …[View]
171664845MAKO: why is she so perfect /a/?[View]
171664571I guess she went on too many risky missions.[View]
171664790OH DARLING[View]
171652172For me its The Fang. The greatest quality of an anime girl.[View]
171659911How and when did you get into anime /a/? Was watching 'non mainstream' anime a turning point in your…[View]
171661632Fate stay night girls in a nutshell.[View]
171663294Favourite anime thread: I'm interested in knowing what some of /a/'s favourite anime are. …[View]
171562149You've just summoned Medea in the holy grail war, what do you do next?[View]
171646679Digimon Frontier: How the hell did this design make it to TV in the west? Not that I'm complain…[View]
171660244I have a big gun I took it from my Lord[View]
171660752fuufuu rattatta rattattatta fuufuu rattattarappa yeah yeah rattatta rattattatta fuufuu yeah[View]
171663325What did Komugi mean by this, /a/?[View]
171621079Dungeon Meshi: Elves are for...? Dungeon Meshi thread too.[View]
171657566LOGH discussion: Am I the only one who loved history channel episodes and wanted more of them?…[View]
171659509ITT: shows where you legitimately can't decide who the best/worst girl is and love them all.[View]
171664084The time has come...: It is time for you to claim your [RARE] waifu. Act quickly, as the [RARE]est w…[View]
171652049When your waifu sees your dick...[View]
171663742I'll get my darling and get away with him too![View]
171659414So is she a dom or a sub?[View]
171661655Saber is so popular![View]
171663727ITT Directors who keep rehashing the same theme[View]
171648765Classroom of the elite[View]
171654669Kobeni gets my dick so goddamn hard. It's a crime that there's still no second season.[View]
171663288Hey sailor! Want some fuwa fuwa time?[View]
171662649>tfw Senpai notices you >tfw you're Senpai yourself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1M4Z…[View]
171658806Would Mako make a great lover?[View]
171663175Why does /a/ h8 deku so much[View]
171660186Literally who is left to challenge Son Goku? Jiren was the strongest being in the universe.[View]
171655771ITT: Worst secondary anime characters of their respective anime Gonna start with an obvious one[View]
171638022Hazuki is the most feminine anime girl of 2018.[View]
171657539Naruto anime franchise hate thread: >make a cool anime world with a lot of different countries …[View]
171655351Why is /a/ so Tsundere for them?[View]
171659896Which Servant would you use to win the holy grail war?: Which servant would you use to win the: 4th …[View]
171660443Bow down to the cutest mass murderer the world has ever seen.[View]
171652483Is you're waifu a well-written character?[View]
171659777Yama no Susume: 3 Months until more mountin lolis. I can't wait to see the boy actually part of…[View]
171662205>having a relationship with female (you) from parallel universe Name a better romance plot.You ca…[View]
171633830In all honestly, how do you even win the Holy Grail War with a Caster?[View]
171662490Surely he could have come up with a better name than Zero Two? Wouldn't just 'Otsu' be fine?[View]
171655172Toji no Miko: Who is this semen princess?[View]
171662311Shiyan Pin Jiating: Episode 3 is out. Did anyone find subs? For some reason, the only translation av…[View]
171659431Sakura-chan and Amane-kun: Finally, Tomboy X Trap time, Have you read it anons?[View]
171659261Koi to Uso tentatively delisted from Chinese streaming service due to parents complaints: The parent…[View]
171647872Discuss Kurisu. The hot, lovable, tsundere genius scientist. Also steins;gate[View]
171662052Steisn;Gate 0 Episode 2 SUBS OUT: Sub is out, get in here, discuss Leskinen accent and why AI Kurisu…[View]
171661834You still remember us, right /a/?[View]
171657509cromartie high school thred![View]
171649502Nagatoro Thread: Discuss best girl Friend 2 fags need not apply New chapter when?[View]
171659711>'Buy my blu-ray!'[View]
171659244>best girl in the show is the oni[View]
171660373I made Violet look like the best girl, so please talk about her show too.[View]
171657335What the fuck japan[View]
171658844Tsugumomo: >stream on Youtube >get BAN…[View]
171658751>initially panels only have color when she feels strong feelings for senpai >over time, all th…[View]
171640432One Piece: When will his true nature be revealed?[View]
171644683Boku no Hero Academia: What the fuck was Horikoshi thinking when he made this guy and his quirk?…[View]
171654794Darling in the FranXX: tick tock tick tock[View]
171656440A copy can't beat the origin-[View]
171660160>it's okay if every guy in school has kissed me but it's not okay for a girl to cut you…[View]
171658151Is there anything more pure than the love of an onii-chan and an imouto?[View]
171654973I just figured out. This is the reason she eats everything with honey and is obscessed with sweets.…[View]
171655561BIG NIGGAS[View]
171649788Who would win in a fight, the entire Phantom Troupe or Sasuke?[View]
171659424What did he mean by this?[View]
171659640Can we have a nostalgia thread to get rid of the bad taste VEG and Franxx are leaving on the board? …[View]
171659644Is she erotic?[View]
171657998Well, I guess Kyoani/Do won't be giving any more tours of their studios during fan events. They…[View]
171656996Will /a/ ever go crazy over a Kyoani show like they do with most Trigger shows?[View]
171659289>tfw no Asuka gf to say Anta Baka?! to me[View]
171659343post best openings and osts' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYTTDecPO7I[View]
171661325Did Nyaa finally kick it?[View]
171655571Season 3 when?[View]
171652788Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san: Here is chapter ten of loli fox housewife. I need to hurry and catch …[View]
171623855>My name is Inspector Zenigata working with Interpol and I’m here to catch Lupin the III >Have…[View]
171657533Darling in the FranXX: Confession coming very soon...[View]
171659090Exams are over or ending for many people! That means it's officially the start of summer! Let…[View]
171658352Does /a/ like Hiro now? Is he our darling?[View]
171651873look at this smile which you couldn't protect[View]
171654544How does it feel knowing there's official porn by the official artist of Rem?[View]
171637756How the fuck did Active Raid not become an /a/ classic?[View]
171658778Am I the only one who's starting to pity Reiner? Obviously what he did was irredeemable but sin…[View]
171657414ITT: Anime characters you self-insert as I’ll start[View]
171655010Have you thought about Kumiko lately?[View]
171649489Are you reading the sequel to Dragon Maid, Yurine-san Chi no Familiar Lamia?[View]
171647550ITT: anime girls that have had multiple dicks inside them[View]
171658365I STILL CRY[View]
171658019I want to Mt. Mt. Lady![View]
171650760>We are the two most self-important assholes in the industry[View]
171611774Monogatari: What's so great about Shinobu?[View]
171656888It was actually I, Beato![View]
171656955>yfw ichigo calls hiro darling[View]
171634503Would you marry a retard? Hard mode: your kids will be retarded, too[View]
171657909Eh? Nandatte?[View]
171654217God, rei is so ugly. How could anyone find this attractive?[View]
171657235Hey anon![View]
171656808Who would watch such a miserable, nihilistic show? This is edgier than Elfen Lied.[View]
171641442Are you looking forward to our official studio's next project?[View]
171656205is she our flavour of the month?[View]
171657769Will anyone take his spot as best jeanist[View]
171657612good naito desu shimekawa deskedo[View]
171649546>walk through Shinjuku at night >see this running toward you What do?…[View]
171603366Buyfag thread[View]
171605754Madoka Magika[View]
171653390Why is Casca passionately kissing griffith? Shes being raped![View]
171654893>Anime that rely entirely on misunderstandings to move their plot / set up their gags…[View]
171654698I want to murder the mangaka who thought this was a good idea with my own hands.[View]
171655394Darling in the Franxx: What did Hiromi Wakabayashi mean by this?[View]
171654947Latest Chapter: Who the fuck is this nigger?[View]
171643908Macross Delta: This show had 10/10 girls. They really deserve S2 without that retarded windfags plot…[View]
171656745Why can't pink & blue get along on FRANXX like in this series?[View]
171655071If this scene did not give you a boner you are a fag[View]
171630424Fate: Speculation on Grand Servant candidates? Grand Saber Ado Edem when?[View]
171652682Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii: New episode today. Hopefully we can have a normal thread.[View]
1716396863gatsu no lion 10/10: I'm just watching this now cause I like to binge watch series but damn I …[View]
171632503Is anal rape making a comeback?[View]
171650069I just watched Kizumonogatari: that's a joke. only japs can animate something so beautiful yet …[View]
171653272Mayoiga: Have you accepted your Nanaki yet, anon?[View]
171622386Made in Abyss: 2 more days until the next chapter is released, or i'll give Tsukushi-kun a tast…[View]
171655645What are the chances Momo will pull through as a commander and carry Ooarai to beat BC Freedom?[View]
171649127Was 2003 the ultimate year of the shitstorm when it comes to anime?[View]
171650252Childhood is when you idolize Steins;Gate. Adulthood is when you realize YU-NO makes more sense.[View]
171654447let's talk kitoh[View]
171610808Hugtto Precure: Do we know when the next cures are joining the team?[View]
171624680This does not hold up.[View]
171643336Darling in the FranXX: How will she redeem herself?[View]
171646884why does /a/ love her so much again[View]
171654611I've got a feeling~[View]
171652388Tsugumomo: Why kokuyou so big[View]
171639835watashi ga motete dousunda: Did any of you watch this when it aired? Or were you too insecure about …[View]
171654318>You seem happier since you got some friends, MC-kun For fuck sake, I watch anime to escape my mi…[View]
171647422Darling in the Franxx: Real discussion time, why is Dr Franxx such an inconsistent as shit character…[View]
171654189Did I accidentally travel in time? Why have I already read the new chapters translated in english fo…[View]
171655157Loli thread: Loli thread[View]
171651342Queen blade: Who was the best character in the end?[View]
171629529Konosuba: No one appreciates wiz. It makes me sad.[View]
171651649So I just watched this show (Serial Experiments Lain) for the first time and I have to ask: wow; wha…[View]
171653910Based trigger doing what anime was suppose to be[View]
171652505>SHINEI Fuck these OVAs were terrible, they even tried to draw people in with Lelouch and then he…[View]
171652205Why aren't shows like M3 and Kiznaiver not popular anymore? They used to be hot shit and cool i…[View]
171653694Dub or Sub?[View]
171649656Why is Taiga treated as the ultimate tsundere when she isn't? She initially feels nothing for R…[View]
171615731SAO Alternative: How would you deal with the terror known as the Pink Devil?[View]
171651700Praise Jahy-sama[View]
171652173Not the worst season ever, what are you fuckers watching? I'm watching more shows this season t…[View]
171651020Darling in the Franxx: Why are people shiting on Ichigo so much? Are self insert really this upset t…[View]
171648017ITT: Anime characters you can relate to: LITERALLY ME[View]
171652917ITT: Smiles that must be protected[View]
171652845Hey my name is Kaworu and this is Jackass[View]
171652648thoughts on mousou telepathy?[View]
171648964What is the most autistic research and/or analysis on a manga or anime that you can find? Starting w…[View]
171648798What does /a/ think about this?[View]
171652409Hosoda: What went right?[View]
171631251Is this the worst character in the past decade in anime?[View]
171650908https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3Z2GYnDUOPg Best Opening of the Season https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5…[View]
171651701Marry, fuck, date:: Not a hard decision, right anons?[View]
171651795Is FranXX normalfag but cool (like Kill la Kill) or normalfag but lame as fuck (like SAO)? I enjoy t…[View]
171652311Oregairu: DEEN > Feel Disprove me.[View]
171642264Let's love Levi![View]
171647584Guys, I fixed Megumin.[View]
171651578Shingeki no Kyojin: How will the reunion between Eren and Armin go?[View]
171599822Rei. The best Eva girl.[View]
171621861Dragon Ball Super: Reminder that Shueisha considers the manga the official continuation of the origi…[View]
171650805Why is Zero Two the most hated character on /a/ now?[View]
171619835Legend of the Galactic Heroes - Die Neue These: Episode 3[View]
171652004>m-muh nakama Thoughts on One Hen Poker?[View]
171651817OTP of the season.[View]
171641148Will anyone win the KyoAni prize this year? http://www.kyotoanimation.co.jp/kyoani_award/[View]
171650997What's with Japanese obsession with Crosses? I don't much Crosses outside of anime.[View]
171649606Berg Katze has got to be one of my favorite anime villains ever! He fits all the bills of what make…[View]
171645753Anime Producer Yuichi Fukushima Endures Harassment Over DARLING in the FRANKXX Episode: https://www.…[View]
171642113>there are people on /a/ who weren't alive when Ranma was first published in Japan Wow...…[View]
171648769Let's settle this shit once and for all. What is /a/'s official Anime of the Decade? https…[View]
171650916>60 days until Watanagashi[View]
171649875What punishments do these loli tricksters need?[View]
171644671Watari-kun no xx ga Houkai Sunzen: please tell me she'll win she's not, right? ;_;…[View]
171650645Kotae wa doko e~ Wheres my OP Thread?[View]
171634878>you'll never wake up to this cutie shaking you to get you out of bed why live…[View]
171650286This is your UMU for tonight.[View]
171650314https://youtube.com/watch?v=HkXTzoEDTtA I knew this shit will happen in the end, and yet i didn…[View]
171632622Tomo-chan: >Tomo-chan is 4 days late for being off hiatus. It's dead. Thread is to discuss t…[View]
171650258I am Code 016 'Hiro' and I was born into this world just like you. A world of unceasing war and end…[View]
171643657Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro Biyori: Why does /a/ always, without fail, ignore the best anime every season?…[View]
171646869Answer me /a/: Is this how an M behaves IRL?[View]
171650150Wait a minute, is she actually pulling the strings behind this entire rise to power thing?[View]
171646690Besides franxx and comic girls this season fucking sucks. We had it too good in the winter.[View]
171647309Remember this shitshow? Males me wonder what it could have been...[View]
171631255>itt isekai support casts that act proactively because MC sure as fuck isn't taking action…[View]
171638465Takagi-san a shit: This show was better when it was called Tonari no Seki-kun.[View]
171644868Citrus 37: Raws are out, nothing happens https://imgur.com/a/YaWa5[View]
171648391Aila is hot and super cute, being beaten only by Rinko in hotness and sharing the second place with …[View]
171642707>Lifespan of an Affair How much truth is there to Shinji having a mom complex for Misato?…[View]
171632350I have 3 episodes left and I'm scared to finish it. I want it to keep on going forever and watc…[View]
171649440Why is he so misunderstood?[View]
171645289Just read this. http://alexsheremet.com/neon-genesis-evangelion-place-animation/ So apparently Evang…[View]
171649216*blocks your path*[View]
171648861Anyone on /a/ read Gunka no Baltzar? I've never seen it being discussed here.[View]
171649161What would Jim Morrison's favorite anime have been?[View]
171641990>best character combo gets hardly any screentime Why do they do this?[View]
171648639How come Araki doesn't age /a/?[View]
171641041Cardcaptor Sakura: >a single CCS thread can't even last on /a/ for more than 24 hours anymor…[View]
171639992>no route[View]
171641455Typical love interest in each demographic: Shounen: abrasive tsundere who treats the protagonist lik…[View]
171646870NYAA BTFO'D YET AGAIN: Time's tickin', anon. I really hope you joined the best anime …[View]
1716117715Toubun no Hanayome: Chapter 34 is out! Baset LHT delivers hq release yet again[View]
171648447Eggplants are not to be trusted[View]
171648564Why did she do it?[View]
171646183What is a series that you will automatically like, even if it may not be done well, simply because o…[View]
171645979which one of these will get an anime first?: wsj battle of bokutachi wa benkyou ga dekinai VS dr sto…[View]
171606464Overlord Thread: Don't you want to fix her? Also: Neia is dead. Accept it.[View]
171641269times the slut actually was used goods[View]
171640024Momoyo a cute[View]
171644053>muh elaine[View]
171640410Whenever Kotoha made a silly pose, I couldn't help but to get up from my chair and do it too. S…[View]
171641820Why did it have to devolve into bara faggotry and meme faces?[View]
171593723Black Clover: New opening (for some reason, no Gauche) https://twitter.com/pkjd818/status/9861745896…[View]
171608380Grashros: Is anyone else reading this caveman shonen? It's fucking hilarious.[View]
171631723This is my ability, Countdown. It lets me plant on bomb on some one when I touch them and say 'bombe…[View]
171647504Queen's Blade Unlimited: I hope that the art style looks good in motion and grows on me.[View]
171640858Maho: I want my own Maho. I could lift her up in the air whenever I wanted and she couldn't do …[View]
171641655Why does /a/ like this moody bitch again?[View]
1716145363D Kanojo: The quest for more cocks continues. How many dicks will she ride in this episode?[View]
171646794Coat Cape: I would just like to remind you all that there is not a single thing in anime cooler that…[View]
171629132The next episode won't be about the grand crevasse at all. It'll be a prequel episode abou…[View]
171646561darling in the franxx: dat voice my dick[View]
171596828This is my wife, Kurisu. Say something nice about her[View]
171631830Why: What exactly is her appeal? Answer me, Saberfags[View]
171609519Tokyo Ghoul: I want to ______ trap Kaneki hard![View]
171646484This is the perfect smile from the perfect girl![View]
171645570re:zero thread: If Subaru fucked Rem while she was in potato mode and she discovered it. Would she g…[View]
171646692Does it deserve an Anime? Even though that's unlikely since it's completed[View]
171645425If you can change one character's gender from your favorite manga/anime,whom would you choose?[View]
171641773>that one super catchy OP/ED you listen to all the time even though you couldn't give a shit…[View]
171644223Does a more infuriating scene exist?[View]
171646358Oh jeez! Asuka has some big knockers for a 14 year old!![View]
171646336What the hell is with this drastic change of mood?[View]
171645607who's going to stop him?[View]
171534695Yu-gi-oh Vrains: 2 more days till this hot head makes his appearance. Are you ready, anon?[View]
171644736What went right?[View]
171645922ITT: Your waifu's footwear: Show off her sexy shoes.[View]
171645620ching chong translators: I need someone who speaks Japanese to translate manga for me. I'll do …[View]
171642157I'm slowly subbing Departures from the existing spanish subs. This is taking forever, why does …[View]
171632277Who else can't wait for DitF to stop being relevant so everyone can shut the fuck up?[View]
171639624Hey /a/nimals, my faggot friends are having a dumb argument. Who would win in a fight to the death, …[View]
171644730>I'm so tired, but I can never lay down my head >I'm alone, but I can never quite re…[View]
171645022Goro's gonna off himself. He can't live in the cuckdom any longer. My friend tried to deny…[View]
171640539How wide is too wide?[View]
171636374This is why Italy can't have anime.[View]
171644833Why are the visuals so boring?[View]
171638730Darling in the FranXX: Was it rape? How could a man even get raped by a midget?[View]
171644813ITT: Characters who could beat Goku in a fight[View]
171644771so what will happen in episode 15: also watch this video for maximum comfiness while waiting for epi…[View]
171640385Check out my Ecchi-Sketchy[View]
171643773Well... Fireworks is out today.[View]
171644450Rintards: >some anon trashtalks Saber >some anon trashtalks Sakura As an equal opportunity tra…[View]
171634341How does his beard not catch fire when he does this?[View]
171644288You either die a villain or live long enough to become the hero.[View]
171643804Which animu has the best hands?[View]
171640061Wow. It's shit. This is what we get after part 4 and WCFM?[View]
171642453Anime Parenting: >Leave baby son with relative to go adventuring >Leave trail of clues through…[View]
171643365Steins;Gate 0: New episode in 7 hours. Who hype here?[View]
171639404Is mecha anime saved?[View]
171638601One of the misunderstood but brilliantly genius TV anime endings since Evangelion. It turned a seemi…[View]
171608050Let's say we had a original version of FSN which had a female MC and a male Arthur instead of F…[View]
171642284In Bleach, something confused me about the Fullbringer arc. Tsukishima has the ability to insert him…[View]
171643473Is there a more precious and kind soul then hers.[View]
171632399Admit it, if the genders were all flipped you’d be worshipping Ichigo for saving the princess from h…[View]
171641696Very fast Alec running at incredible hihg speed[View]
171626738Why was this the only solid and consistent show in 2015?[View]
171642775JoJo: Why do people think Joseph is the best JoJo?[View]
171640199One Piece: With all the winning he did last year, will Brook pull something off in the final chapter…[View]
171639956Did that stupid cunt and her fanbase of 70 IQ subhumans forgot that without 02, her team would have …[View]
171642895DTB 10th anniversary newtype: This was posted a few days ago and it talks about the 10th anniversary…[View]
171636809What are your thoughts on beach episodes?[View]
171634199Hunter X Hunter: When will we see them again? 2020?[View]
171547779My wife has so many sisters...[View]
171629544Princess Principal: Wait, that's it?[View]
171630313Bleach: How powerful will Kazui be when he hits his teens? He has Soul Reaper, Hollow and Quincy DNA…[View]
171638843Grand Blue: I will never get over how misleading this trailer is to people who haven't heard of…[View]
171641603She killed dozens.[View]
171635404Tamaya Tuesday: Some licensed manga released today. >The Seven Deadly Sins 263 (2018) (Digital) (…[View]
171632338Why do women mangaka always make the best non-H lewds?[View]
171630022I miss them ;_;[View]
171641426Please talk about Drifters?[View]
171642756NTR fags are an irredeemable existance. I look forward to the days when they're hunted down, li…[View]
171605118Highschool DXD Hero Subs out: New episode out. Get in here! Danmaku stream: http://kawaiifu.com/seas…[View]
171639648sailor moon: how have I only just started watching this?[View]
171641348Inuyashiki: I miss him so much.[View]
171621775I have never hated anyone more than this selfish manipulative bitch.[View]
171636758Thoughts on LaserDisc?[View]
171638991Since last time, anon, I have taken a liking to your banana and want more of it. When is our next fu…[View]
171639882I'm gar for Sakuyo[View]
171640131ITT: characters /a/ is too hard on[View]
171635836Will it be good?: Please let it be good.[View]
171638715'Use as many as you want.': How exactly will she use them?[View]
171632722Boku no hero academia: When did you decide to drop the anime? This was it for me, Bones went too far…[View]
171632244Smug thread[View]
171613406Is there a logical reason as to why Gobro isn't the leader? >Has his emotions in check more …[View]
171638953How can you tell the difference between when something is complex and when something just has shitty…[View]
171640136Yoshi Tsugumomo Stream's: Yoshi has been streaming a lot lately, did anyone else screencap more…[View]
171627305ITT scenes that made you drop a series[View]
171627143'Now I'll never have to be alone again!~'[View]
171614469One Piece: Will Pudding save the Straw Hats from Big Mom by revealing that Sanji made the cake?…[View]
171640007Darling in the frankxx: I finished this show up to episode 14. I am fucking sad and i am predicting …[View]
171623241What are some of the contenders for 'Worst Anime of the Decade?'[View]
171638355Does anyone remember Drifters?[View]
171628026Was she an appropriate inclusion to the cast or would shinji and rei be enough to support the rest o…[View]
171633601>animation for the second half is completely different from the first >heavy use of still pann…[View]
171633161top think: >hey, you know that one country that dropped TWO fucking atomic bombs on our cities th…[View]
171639827>YOU CANT KILL ANOTHER HUMAN BEING fucking dropped.[View]
171631722Saki Tanoshii: In this corner I will build a mountain For in this game ONLY I SHALL BE ROLLING THE I…[View]
171635711For anyone who may care, the BDs of SHAFT's Fireworks movie are out and got chinksubs yesterday…[View]
171639678Re fucking sucks donkey dick. The whole amnesia thing and kaneki working for the CCG triggers me so …[View]
171625506This is the face of the best living anime director.[View]
171639630It's hard watching this pure and cute anime when you realize the creators made shit like Blood+[View]
171638151ITT: Hidden gems.[View]
171633363what's the point of this shot?[View]
171625166ITT: characters that are literally you[View]
171623856ITT characters with canon big dicks[View]
171636997I completely forgot this anime even existed.[View]
171638447>The latest movie from Japanese helmer Mamoru Hosoda, Mirai of the Future will screen as part of …[View]
171632617HOW IS THIS MANGA SO PERFECT?! >Fencing >Fighting >Torture >Revenge >Giants >Monst…[View]
171637691Post your top 5 for each decade.[View]
171637801that kind of thread: that kind of thread[View]
171639221Kirino is not the worst girl. Discuss.[View]
171635921I want Yuzuki to kill me in my sleep![View]
171633272Hinamatsuri: This show is making me want to adopt a daughter and give her all my love. Is this Abe…[View]
171638868Hey Drifters tho?[View]
171631526Yuyushiki: No more yuyus left to shiki[View]
171633866Tsuredure Children: woop woop[View]
171624095Hiro has special permission to stay even if he can't pilot. Naomi gave her life for Hiro's…[View]
171637963/v/idya or airshit? Loli skyscrapper or trap twin? SAO or spec ops the line? Rookie VA Ai Kayano or …[View]
171624092Symphogear: What's the objective best season of Symphogear?[View]
171614071HisoMaso: We need more JSDF anime. GATE and Yomigaeru Sora were great. Hopefully this one lives up t…[View]
171635618Amanchu: Why do they make so many silly faces in this show? I wish they would stop.[View]
171634863ITT: Characters from an anime ruined by an some other anime[View]
171598620Monster girls > Human girls[View]
171638378existence is perception. everybody love lain.[View]
171637427This is the way it should be[View]
171637856ITT: characters from this season that you can beat up in a fight[View]
171637144Panty and Stocking was quality: FLCL gets a season 2 and 3 Episode on April fools day seemed gud Too…[View]
171637168i think people who argue whether or not a series follows the manga are stupid. sometimes fillers hap…[View]
171635004Is there any anime illustration famous in japan that is a western gaijin? Just like there are famous…[View]
171636310Dragon Ball Super: It's been a long time, my dimwit brother.[View]
171627661Name 1 (one) person in the industry who didn't end up becoming a hack You really can't.[View]
171626086Characters with small pupils: Post /a/ characters, males or females with default expression small pu…[View]
171636598>character has fangs[View]
171635969Have you prayed to the patron studio of /a/ yet?[View]
171633780it's been a while since I last watched anime. so what are the big three nowadays?[View]
171590617HAHAHAHA! So, you want to get this medal, huh? Well, you are going to have to tell me what EVIL deed…[View]
171636401Character who did nothing wrong: Let's go[View]
171636285How hard have you defended Ichigo?[View]
171635983What does /a/ think about Ghiblifest at Cinemark?[View]
171635309Golden Kamuy: Will the Ainu loli heal the mentally war damaged veteran? Or will his heart forever re…[View]
171633318Thoughts on this masterpiece?[View]
171578333ITT: QUALITY[View]
171630671Hayao Miyazaki - Guillermo del Toro Isao Takahata - Yasujiro Ozu Mamoru Oshii - Chris Marker Satoshi…[View]
171608534Volume 1 BD/DVD sales - 2018 Winter - Updated: 37,837 - Idolish 7 14,063 - Yuru Camp 12,003 - Touken…[View]
171633834THIS is the best waifu, nothing even comes close to this[View]
171607639Kyou Kara Ore Wa!!: Mitsuhashi or Itou?[View]
171633522Ichigo did nothing wrong[View]
171632223This is the best anime period, find a better one. Pro tip: you cant[View]
171625895I love loli Yoshiko![View]
171585655Drawthread: Draw or request /a/rt.[View]
171634966I enjoyed today's thread for cute girl version of the American states. Have we ever had a threa…[View]
171635048What others animes have main girls so cute that it takes you 1 hour to watch a single episode becaus…[View]
171634697Dam this show was cool[View]
171626749Why isnt snuff and gore more popular in anime and manga?[View]
171631984Since Kurumi is clearly the most popular date a live girl, why don't they do an anime or manga …[View]
171630833why does /a/ hate kiznaiver so much? was it really that bad?[View]
171625499Darling in the flopXX: What went wrong?[View]
171629418What was the point?[View]
171631080was this really necessary?[View]
171630974Shaman King 2018: Get hyped guys, reminder that Shaman King returns on May 17. Now lets appreciate o…[View]
171615993Maho is not aho: Look at this girl, she's amazing. I wish women all around the world would aspi…[View]
171634117How intelligent do you have to be to understand Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita?[View]
171632634What went wrong?[View]
171548526Goblin Slayer: So when is the next chapter coming out?[View]
171622275>character buys a cake for someone >only one slice in the box Why does anime do this?…[View]
171625915Post girls that please men for money.[View]
171626977post a series with better worldbuilding >http://khooz.com/ you can't…[View]
171632495Friendly reminder Dragon Ball GT is actually pretty good[View]
171633047Why are the Zoldycks so fucking gay?[View]
171631104Hakyuu Houshin Engi: How does an anime adaptation like this happen? I don't think I've eve…[View]
171632041>close up of character's face >add blinding lens flair to environmental shots for no reas…[View]
171633126Is Tarble the best CANON DBZ character? Is Beerus the best Dragon Ball Z character? I said Z, not D…[View]
171631321This is the state of Mahou Shoujo in 2018. What went wrong?[View]
171629130Girl's whose smile needs protecting[View]
171632863>you will never be manhandled by your whore of mothers feet why live?[View]
171631298What was her name?[View]
171632475Why don't female characters mention their periods in anime or manga more often? >It's k…[View]
171628287What the FUCK was her problem?[View]
171632303Those pretty green eyes aren't just for show, you know.[View]
171626128Boku no Hero Academia: Will we ever see her again?[View]
171620964One piece is trash, change my mind pro tip: you can't[View]
171626183Remember when Ash was a fun character?[View]
171578588those brown girls are pretty great[View]
171617999Does /a/ still pretend to hate KLK and deny it was the biggest thing to hit /a/[View]
171628966Dragonball super: Cutegang unstoppable[View]
171629179Renai Boukun: Best girl gets the cover of volume 13.[View]
171629520Does it get better?: So, I re-watched season 1 of yugioh DM (in japanese but with english subs). Man…[View]
171621261>1 year old[View]
171628484K-On!!: What was Yui insinuating here?[View]
171594550>character says 'y-yeah' >subtitles say 'No.' ???????…[View]
171631277ITT: characters that don't fit their zodiac sign[View]
171631046Shichisei no Subaru: Summer 2018 by Lerche http://www.tbs.co.jp/anime/subaru/ >In the popular MMO…[View]
171615740Why does /a/ like this anime again?[View]
171627788I have a question for /a/ about yandere. Are all yandere characters violent? I'm looking for an…[View]
171629514Death march: Have you forgotten about your loli slaves?[View]
171629442it's been four years and nothing has even come within 10 miles of this[View]
171624177ITT: characters that make you realize you're a waste of oxygen.[View]
171629092How do you find someone who would be willing to translate a manga?[View]
171623508Which one of these regurgitated turds is the bigger rip off? Props to KnB for doing it's own th…[View]
171624431>To Your Eternity 063 (2018) (Digital) (danke-Empire) https://userscloud.com/ce1q31xzv47h/063 htt…[View]
171626625I like my coffee like I like my men With piss[View]
171624847Times When Best Girl Won: Are people still mad about this one?[View]
171622497Shh... Yuuri is sleeping.[View]
171624910Will it ever end?[View]
171627252Do Jump artists hold the rights to their own creations? Can a mangaka keep publishing content for h…[View]
171625804Anime dad appreciation thread: Let's show our appreciation for these stalwart defenders and bre…[View]
171629184Would you?[View]
171626542Only newfags think HIgh school DXD is harem.: MC is 100% commited to Rias sempai. Thus it can't…[View]
171629243I want to make Karen a single mother![View]
171629239>bitch be going to try and mess with a curse laid by fucking yahweh. there is no way this ends we…[View]
171613990>Isekai >MC gets his hands on a harem >still tries to go to a brothel Why does this shit ha…[View]
171624260Utaha a best[View]
171627697The Promised Neverland: So is this just another stock-shounen, built to go on forever with no worthw…[View]
171625314Did you do a good job today?[View]
171623715I watched the first season last year; I liked it enough to give the second one a go. But five minute…[View]
171604178What does /a/ think of Ragnarok the Animation?[View]
171626361What is the best thing about /a/?[View]
171628360This is the face of the best living anime director. You may not like it, but this is what peak perfo…[View]
171625440I'm so glad that people stopped pretending that shit was good and only literally autistic yurif…[View]
171628557What was her name again?[View]
171623015why is this shit allowed in anime?[View]
171628779REALLY WAS NOT EXPECTING ALL THE ABORTION YIKES Still cool so far though[View]
171623035What's her ancestry?[View]
171627737What's she going to do under the desk, /a/?[View]
171627387What does /a/ think of the 'Saturday morning' era of anime?[View]
171622912My wife is so cute![View]
171605544I wanted to discuss this on /a/ but they told me I should come here[View]
171615002Steins;Gate 0 Anime: You thought you were meeting with a young loli named Kagari for some fried chic…[View]
171627929Is nips doing dramatic readings of manga a common thing on youtube? I stumbled upon this video and w…[View]
171563560Komi-san Chapter 138: Gook scans are out. Tadano is sick again[View]
171627751>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJxWIsI0DNc Which is better? The Japanese or English version?…[View]
171566934Amagi Brilliant Park: Why was this so good /a/?[View]
171626588Kurozuka, Ultraviolet: Code 044, Viper's Creed and Rintaro's Metropolis are going to be re…[View]
171625198I fixed Megumin.[View]
171627565Anime Erased from Collective Memories: I watched this about a decade ago on youtube, a summer during…[View]
171627335Fate/Zero is art in its purest form. Leonardo Da Vinci wishes she could craft something as excellent…[View]
171626597>watching anime >there's no beach episode >there's no onsen episode…[View]
171626170MUH different: Why people don't realise that this shit is as generic as other shonenshit[View]
171579140Katrielle Layton's Mystery Detectiuve Agency: Took me a little but longer than I expected, but …[View]
171621015You kept your old VHS right?... /a/?[View]
171620423Holy shit, I never thought I would see the day where a tsundere character would be best girl of the …[View]
171623796Fooly Cooly: I THINK I CAN I THINK I CAN I THINK I CAN[View]
171624616Is there anything more autistic than 'sakuga'?: Imagine unironically thinking this looks good[View]
171626370Why does /a/ hates Glasslip?[View]
171611626What does /a/ think of girls wearing male suits?[View]
171626380ITT solid 8/10 shows[View]
171597736Boruto: Next Generations: What went so wrong?[View]
171621125>Characters is part of your fetish >Don't know if you like the character as a character o…[View]
171618387>Ange is now the MC of the last show you watched Did it just get better or worse, /a/?…[View]
171575880I want to ride a Suzuki now.[View]
171627974Mods, can you at least limit Darling in the FranXX to one thread?[View]
171612799I just caught up with Franxx and I still don't get the big deal, it's just interpersonal m…[View]
171599143Yuri on Ice: >still no movie news Did they just forget their 50k sales?…[View]
171623745Do you know what your problem is, /a/? You just handle a strong, independent waifu.[View]
171625774this is my husbando say something nice to him[View]
171624879Childbearing hips[View]
171625742If You Had An Anime...: What would it be about? Here's a synopsis for mine: Hell has lost a bun…[View]
1716148739 years: >It's been 9 years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XP5lz2CYNR4…[View]
171624615Is this the cutest girl from 2017?[View]
171619491Let's play a game /a/: You have been isekai'd to the last anime with action/horror you hav…[View]
171612525ITT: series that nobody gives a shit about anymore[View]
171563476Golden Kamuy: Possibly THE dumbest plot I have ever seen. A bunch of prisoners were tattooed with a …[View]
171625289HOLY FR*CKEN HELL: purityfags btfo LMAOOOOOOOOooooooooooo[View]
171571131DanMachi: Will there be Bell suffering?[View]
171602069Komiyama < Tomoko[View]
171624833Cutie Honey Universe: How do you think things will wrap up in the finale?[View]
171623905How would you bully him?[View]
171605841I LOVE GALKO. SHE'S PURE! PURE![View]
171621190>he's still not in the autistic sekrit club I really hope this doesn't apply to you, an…[View]
171559428JoJo: What are some of your favorite Jojo quotes? Which characters and one liners left the best impr…[View]
171623061How is /a/ handling Clearcard? Pic unrelated[View]
171616563What do you think those buns feel like/[View]
171624481Dear Ichigofags,: >002 has a prominent place in the OP >Ichigo makes literally only one appear…[View]
171614336I’m confused was this suppose to be unattractive?[View]
171619601This is Araki's 'I'm going to die before the end of the series' face. You may no…[View]
171582423Kaiji thread: Now that One Poker is finally over (in English), what are your general thoughts on it?…[View]
171617124Darling in the FranXX 14: Why do anons think that she is a slut?[View]
171615486She's so beautiful, is her show worth watching?[View]
171622123I have come to remind /a/ that Munataka Kyosuke did absolutely nothing wrong[View]
171613392My Hero Academia: Who's the best villain in the series so far?[View]
171602964Horikita of the Elite: New manga volume is out and continues to tell the tale of the TRUE heroine of…[View]
171596941Is there anything more saddening than when a manga ends with a thank you and the characters saying g…[View]
171622862Chi Chi is now your wife, how miserable is your life now?[View]
171612820girls und panzer: Started reading this, they're not even trying to hide undertones this time, a…[View]
171623097Would you allow your son to dress up like this?[View]
171618048>goddess is supposed to be the bad guy, but you agree with her ideals more than the supposed good…[View]
171619882How do we go from this[View]
171549912Love Live thread: It's less than an hour to go before You's birthday in Japan, have you do…[View]
171618160Post characters without actually posting them[View]
171623029Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai: Club rooms look like this?[View]
171624357If you don't know the name of this anime, BEGONE newfag!: I'm sure most of you guys don…[View]
171606435Tachibanakan To Lie Angle: How do we save Hanabi(the boy)?[View]
171608753Doesnt she need to wash her panties every day because they keep getting wet?[View]
171620643So did he go back to killing people or what? What was his fucking deal[View]
171609763How did someone so unbelievably petty become leader?[View]
171621376https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7x8L8B83zDE God I'm tired of this 'inspired by Souls games…[View]
171610823Darling in the FRANXX: What went wrong?[View]
171620606ITT: Post only certified NEETs[View]
171620497saddesz shit ever[View]
171621919the biggest tearjerker[View]
171583083***OFFICIAL*** BEST GIRL THREAD Christened by the creators themselves. It's over. Accept it.[View]
171588872Kyou Kara Ore Wa Loli No Himo: Is /a/ going to read the manga adaptation? Art by Henreader.[View]
171558743AiFure and Kiratto Prichan: Was it autism?[View]
171615264Name a better anime moment[View]
171621690Rumbling Hearts: Is there anything like it? I want more anime aboit adults dealing with relationship…[View]
171602128Praise Jahy-sama[View]
171614527OPM: Since Murata has more freedom over the manga's story now, do you think we will get Limit-B…[View]
1716212543-gatsu no lion: I finally started watching it. I love the art. I am only at 2nd ep but I wonder do …[View]
171608848Please stop bullying Ichigo. She didn’t do anything that bad.[View]
171608386ITT characters made to be bullied[View]
171615161She really was just a pump and dump. Is there any character more JUSTed than Sakura?[View]
171620345Ugly shit[View]
171621202Did Violet Evergarden lack depth?: I've been wondering why the threads of this show were so dea…[View]
171617743Detective Conan 1010: Dumping[View]
171618123still hyped[View]
171602184Okay, /a/, you're tasked with writing an anime where all the girls are based off of the states …[View]
171608744You know of all the mass outrage that happened on /a/, this one still gets to me the most. How could…[View]
171614635How did we go from this....[View]
171618047ITT: Shows that were hyped to no end for 2 years only to be forgotten a week after they aired.[View]
171619943OP: Will the rebel alliance leader appear to take Poseidon? Will he just send Sabo to stare down Ak…[View]
171619236I miss the tiny little people.[View]
171615859This is the best done relationship ambiguity in anime. Spike and Faye held on for a long time until …[View]
171617946ITT: Forgettable manga[View]
171617446Sound of the Sky thread: DON'T BULLY THE BUGLE BABY thought the show was kinda boring but it w…[View]
171619860Megumin is all grown up![View]
171609286Shiyan Pin Jiating: Dare I say AOTS? How did you like first episode, /a/?[View]
171607057What should they adapt next? What would bring them back to the pre monogatari days?[View]
171617542What do you think of girls like this?[View]
171619809What if for an alternate take on the Cell Games arc it was arranged for a two team battle royale, wi…[View]
171618504So how would you get the twitter likes? Is there a rule saying you HAVE to get them with your manga?…[View]
171618190Stinky bweath thread: Post some stinkers[View]
171617072Has KlK completely been forgotten?[View]
171598044Is it justice when a bully gets bullied back?[View]
171613185You niggas claim 016 but we OniK[View]
171598640Since Kurumi is clearly the most popular date a live girl, why don't they do a spinoff where sh…[View]
171619308Is Hello Kitty anime?[View]
171617257How was he so fucking based?[View]
171613178Shingeki no Kyojin: Are the SL going further inland in their blimp? They aren't showing any sig…[View]
171588966Is this true?[View]
171617196One piece: Why is Alabasta arc so boring?[View]
171599614Which team wins in a fight?[View]
171617670If the problem was the Eclipse's magic-nullifying ability, why did they never send in the Numbe…[View]
171618119Akari is PISSED[View]
171607351tokyo ghoul re: tokyo ghoul gets a new anime no one tells me about it no one talks about it whats wr…[View]
171617761Hiro and Zero Two made the situation worse. If they stayed put like good children none of this shit …[View]
171617986Light or Lightning, which do you prefer more?[View]
171616384Something's wrong I can feel it.[View]
171614017What went wrong?[View]
171612669Ballroom: I miss my giraffes.[View]
171618178Rozen Maiden Zero Translation project: Update 1: hello again /a/ I have come with some news along wi…[View]
171592279Dragon Ball Super: What characters do you want to get some attention next arc/series? personally i …[View]
171617737Reminder that this is the best show to air in the last 20 years and that if you have not watched it …[View]
171595386AAAAAAHHH! THAT'S A WAR FACE NOW LET ME SEE YOUR WAR FACE!!!: (post anime war faces) (rip r. le…[View]
171610455It has been more than ten years and we still have not seen a girl come close to Hinagiku.[View]
171599296Legend of the Galactic Heroes - Die Neue These: Episode 3 - Discuss[View]
171607335Nisekoi live action: https://www.sankakucomplex.com/2018/04/17/nisekoi-live-action-movie-announced/ …[View]
171616550What are shows where the cast is comprised of bros and thots?[View]
171616427Glutton Berserker: Would Goblin Slayer be proud of him, /a/?[View]
171615863High School DxD: Episode 1 subs are out. Rias has ventured down the path of bullying, and the sparri…[View]
171613360Hello /a/ My name is John Titor, and I come from the future (year 2036) AMA[View]
171616229What does /a/ think of Sumire?[View]
171592441Non Non Biyori: The best girl.[View]
171583046Made in Abyss: 3 more days until Riko saves this retarded bun[View]
171616189Violet Evergarden: Was Dietfag the reason lil autismo Violet turned out so fucked up? >Would beat…[View]
171613928Would you ever go to an anime cafe of your favorite series?[View]
171609058What does /a/ think of Flip Flappers?[View]
171611333Remember when Gainax made masterpieces with powerful god-tier endings instead of ironically bad meme…[View]
171615469Lupin III Part V Episode 3 Act 2: So how did everyone like this week's episode?[View]
171603668ITT we post alcoholic anime girls.[View]
171610046Come on now, isn't this just way too obvious?[View]
171608660So...: Yui and ritsu get access to potara earings pre errata become a fused being and no the dragon …[View]
171613909More anime and manga should have that weird sci-fantasy apocalypse aesthetic like Vampire Hunter D. …[View]
171609188Aho Girl 115[View]
171608575Gas all Creators! Heil Setsuna![View]
171613874>hero and villain shout each other's names right before they clash…[View]
171598445Does /a/ like her?[View]
171592981I think we can all agree.[View]
171614874Does Hazuki have a feminine personality, or is she more of a mild tomboy?[View]
171602050Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen chapter 46 omake: Raws out here: https://cycomi.com/viewer.php?chapter_id=…[View]
171615217Is this the most soul crushing series involving Mechas? At least the manga. The anime was pretty shi…[View]
171613077>made Ecchan go farther with Hanabi than any other character >spent more time on Ecchan's…[View]
171615152HxH thread Also how would a small 2D or Isometric HxH mmo work? What would you like to see in one?[View]
171612046Hinna Hinna[View]
171603079Steins;Gate 0: Leskinen did nothing wrong[View]
171604446Hunter x Hunter: This show isn't actually as good as people say it is, right? It just looks lik…[View]
171613019Saekano: Koisuru Metronome: Just started reading. Utaha is a miracle of the universe.[View]
171611698Is Kogure's lewdness a bannable sin?[View]
171612357When will Kyoani become great again? Maidragon was a step in the right direction but then VEG aired.[View]
171607384What's the appeal of this character?[View]
171607522When you see this image, what does it remind you of?[View]
171614468JoJo: New chapter soon: New chapter coming soon! Any predictions? If you could have a toy based stan…[View]
171608126Gregory Horror Show: >New season announced a while ago >exact date never >Anime and Manga i…[View]
171606090Hinamatsuri: Why haven't you told me how comfy this show is, /a/? I've almost missed it.…[View]
171614260What do you think of 2D anime? Will it survive?[View]
171588017High School DxD: Episode 1 is airing in about 8 hours. It's time for more Rias bullying, and a …[View]
171611978is she out cute ( fattie) of the season?[View]
171613789ITT good shows only you watched[View]
171599527Amagami SS[View]
171613755ITT: Interesting character design & worldbuilding, but ultimately mediocre bad anime[View]
171602047One Piece: Now that WCI is over, what are you looking forward to the most at Reverie and Wano?…[View]
171613498I solved it. I get zero equals zero, which is true.[View]
171609660How did ichigo get away with it?[View]
171596740What would you call this physique?[View]
171613338What anime girls have the best looking fingernails and/or toenails?[View]
171612361I wish I had these when I was going to school[View]
171610694CLAIM YOUR ANIME SENSEI: >ywn be Kaito's student >leaning nen while learning about zoolog…[View]
171584529ITT best girls only[View]
171611115Imagine the smell.[View]
171611677Has Dragon Ball became cool again ? Does this scene forgives the shitty previous episodes ?[View]
171611952Since when I was a kid I was attracted to dark haired girls with thick eyebrows (and still do). ...I…[View]
171604694Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai: What's he doing here?[View]
171611673Ever 17: Anime where?[View]
171606322Name a better daughterfu I'll wait[View]
171603661>make another season 12 years after the last one aired and well after the original novels ended F…[View]
171611497Best couple?[View]
1716093073D Kanojo Real Girl: I'm two episodes into this show and I don't believe this girl's …[View]
171609444i have never been able to figure out if neferpitou is a boy or a girl. so /a/ could you enlighten me…[View]
171611239Now that the dust has settled, what do you think of Jiren the Ayy?[View]
171610202So this is basically a show about a girl courting a guy? And these silly nips wonder why their birth…[View]
171604649How on Earth was Toei's AIR better than Kyoani's?[View]
171567350Uma Musume Pretty Derby: VERY fast horse running at incredible high speed[View]
171610160Is /a/ ready for another season of bureaucracy of hell?[View]
171596919Darling in the Franxx: Are Onifags still delusional?[View]
171595080Boku no Hero Academia: Did Overhaul deserve what happened to him?[View]
171575959shokugeki no souma: Is this the dere season?[View]
171589461Tsuki Ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu - Ch 31: Moon-led Journey Across Another World - Ch 31 Also isekai…[View]
171599941>open door >see this What do?[View]
171608549Devils Line: Isn't he right?[View]
171561755Fuck Onifags Fuck Kokorofags Fuck Gorofags and fuck Mikufags the most.[View]
171605238What does /a/ think of Maids?[View]
171565518Tokyo Ghoul: anime & manga: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ITORI SAVE ME[View]
171603233Rewrite: What the fuck went wrong? Isn't Key shit usually supposed to be at least alright?…[View]
171609912High School DxD Hero: Going to Kyoto? Unfortunate we won't see her for an episode or two. LN re…[View]
171606364Public Service Announcement: This is a publis service announcement by Abe. >start having sex (aga…[View]
171580530SAO:GGOA: Anyone want to explain to me which loli pissed in the mod's cornflakes and why he was…[View]
171599815Does she have any flaw? Is she too perfect, even for the MC?[View]
171606646What did you think of the ending?[View]
171609285Why is Getter Robo so cringe? Imagine thinking you're superior to TTGL fans for liking this shi…[View]
171597710You are now the writer for Darling in the FranXX: You get as many episodes as you want to complete y…[View]
171609185Detective Conan: Is Akai Tsutomu Asaka? Are Mary and Elena sisters? When will Gosho reveal that Misa…[View]
171607180AOTS aka Mahou Shoujo Ore: Loli Sakuyo > Bara Sakuyo > JC Sakuyo JC Saki > Bara Saki > L…[View]
171606346whats /a/ think of this[View]
171602955Konosuba: > strong woman who can easily dominate you > actually is a masochistic horndog who l…[View]
1716080382nd best girl holding up best girl while worst girl and girl nobody really cares about watch[View]
171601958Post cute[View]
171606981BD and DVD sales for this week.: *1. 25,991 *25,991 Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: Reflection Super Sp…[View]
171601157Violet Evergarden: I like how they changed Dietfriet in the anime, because in the LN he was comicall…[View]
171606339Haruhi is the cancer of modern anime. If this garbage never aired anime would have been better for …[View]
171607798New Black Clover OP + general badass OPs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzcoGUwdJK4 Genuinely one …[View]
171606485HCLW: Anyone else reading this? It's your typical neet guy got into VR MMO themed stuff but I …[View]
171558247There is nothing wrong with ss or incest /a/![View]
171605536Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Do you miss it? It's a bit sad that some jokes are lost in translatio…[View]
171533007Yuragi 107: Less people now, so I'm just gonna do this in a corner. Still a bit rushed though. …[View]
171544579Fate: Best character right here[View]
171583769ITT: characters that need to fuck already[View]
171605422How do you defeat the BETA?[View]
171608037឴ ឴឴ ឴ ឴ ឴឴ ឴ ឴[View]
171598062Do you think of Shinka at all?[View]
171600042was she gay?[View]
171607076Neon Genesis Evangelion: Here we mourn the passing away of the true best girl.[View]
171603403Just finished this and I don't understand her purpose in the story? She gets the heroine treatm…[View]
171602783What went wrong?[View]
171601602How do you even start to tackle shit like Detective Conan and Lupin III?[View]
171589350New episode is out. Be manly and watch manly show instead of teen dramashit[View]
171606708I would like to recommend Robot Carnival, an OVA from 1987 with different animations set to music wh…[View]
171606131New Macross when?[View]
171605367Have you ever watched/read something so good that you want to stop reading/watching it because you k…[View]
171607157>I love Emilia[View]
171604259Goro deserves better!: I WILL LET YOU DOWN I WILL MAKE YOU HURT[View]
171607091a i k a: post better cartoon show pro fedora tip: you can not[View]
171606029Would you teach Violet what love is?[View]
171588260Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon: Kanna no Nichijou: Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: Kanna's…[View]
171592889Caption them...[View]
171606034>Just wanted a boat >Saves 8 universes How the hell did he do it?…[View]
171606690Well?: https://www.strawpoll.me/15522555[View]
171587093Forget about zero two: Fucking Goro is gonna lose it in the up coming episodes, i doubt he can keep …[View]
171597547What would change in TTGL if Kamina was a GIRL?[View]
171595579Tanakakun wa itumo kedaruge: season 2 when?[View]
171599714What's a realistic date for Geass season 3?[View]
171606347Ghibli Thread: Pic related is official ranking.[View]
171593770Violet Everwho?: This anime was supposed to be Kyoani's magnum opus, the show that would revolu…[View]
171596382HE JUST A SOLDIER[View]
171598523anime webm thread: Do you like MY CAR?[View]
171605877Would any of you ever voice act in anime dubs if you had the opportunity to? Could you do better tha…[View]
171602855I love Miku now![View]
171605327>anime character looks like a cat >says 'nyaaruhodo'…[View]
171597915Kings' Viking Dump: Also known as Ousama-tachi no Viking.[View]
171598491Best OP this season? I nominate Ryusei from SAOA.[View]
171605649What's a universe where all the main cast/heroes would be rendered useless before a modern US N…[View]
171603739How can he redeem himself? We thought he was an alpha.[View]
171538476Hunter X Hunter: I miss him bros.[View]
171598957Comic Girls: What did she mean by this?[View]
171598569Shuukan Shounen Hachi Chapter 11: It's been quite a while, sorry. >looking for TS, Proof, QC…[View]
171600380Why are these so fucking terrible.[View]
171599325>154cm >45kg And Britain people took her seriously?…[View]
171563730Not so fast chump![View]
171602348Christ, really?[View]
171605456ITT: Nostalgic Anime OPs: What are some anime OPs that make you reminisce of the past or your childh…[View]
171605028Do you rewatch a certain episode of an anime without having to trek through the entire anime itself?[View]
171594396So, the new Captain Tsubasa remake is good?[View]
171605225Do you forgive her, /a/?[View]
171602152Well now I'm fucking angry.[View]
171604100What does /a/ think of The Star of Cottonland?[View]
171593173>Jojo movie 'subs' are out >It's in frog speech…[View]
171585400Sword Art Online Alternative - Gun Gale Online: >183cm Imagine how fun it would be to be manhandl…[View]
171582221Is it possible for /a/ to come up with better anime than Japan?[View]
171602694Darling in the FranXX: Ichigo is best grill[View]
171603301>best boy is partners with best girl[View]
171595396Evangelion: 3.0+1.0: >instrumentality is just another metaphor for sex >asuka and shinji be fu…[View]
171564685Overlord: It's coming anons. Accept it. The blondes will die.[View]
171548061Toji no Miko: >Tagitsu-hime will never squeeze your sticky liquids out of you…[View]
171604760Tropes you never get tired of seeing: >In an insurmountable odds >it's looking bleak >…[View]
171597462Darling in the FranXX 15: What are anons expecting from next episode?[View]
171555851What's the best and worst EVA fic you've ever read?[View]
171603419Junji Ito: What is the best story from Fragments of Horror and why is it “Blackbird”? http://bridges…[View]
171595033muscles on girls are pretty hot, huh?[View]
1715449663x3 Thread[View]
171597531So, everything that makes me whole. Ima kimi ni sasageyou. I'm Yours[View]
171602824Boruto: New screen caps Series moving to Thursdays on episode 56[View]
171602755Post anime/manga using unrelated /a/ material.[View]
171601577It's been about 3 episodes for each show so far, so what's worth watching, /a/?[View]
171595499Imagine what it would be like to date her and telling her that her height is fine, while cuddling at…[View]
171593458Did Devilman take inspiration from Paradise Lost?[View]
171601979I got to episode five of Fate Apocrypha. Is it just me are all the designs of the servants shit? I m…[View]
171581839One Piece: No one piece threads? Is WCI that bad?[View]
171598507How do you feel about Ice Cream? Is there any chance at a season two? Why does the author refuse to …[View]
171600844This is a topnotch illusion Is Nitta raising his daughter to be a magician? How did she do it?[View]
171600665Lessons from the Franxx. Good Ol' Abe Edition: Now that the dust has settled, and the show is a…[View]
171527449after all... were the girls alright?[View]

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