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177183094Hello /a/ I don't normally watch or care about anime (or browse /a/ for that matter), but I…[View]
177161317so I watched Rozen Maiden and I just wanted to say that Hina > Suiseiseki[View]
177181806Madoka is, after giving a composite score taking into account thematic delivery, animation, innovati…[View]
177179449Tonikaku Cawaii: They're back. Bless Hata[View]
177183274>literally me[View]
177171562So who's the best girl in monogatari series and why its senjougahara?[View]
177183476Violet Evergarden: Light Novel Violet >Sociopath >Mary sue >Admitted to enjoying killing pe…[View]
177181212How long until we see a Netflix like service with a subscription model, but just for anime? Hosted b…[View]
177177507What happens when newtypes have sex?[View]
177175912Just Bought this and remember seeing it in some anime.: I can't figure out what the fuck I saw …[View]
177180236>watch the HF PV >Ilya and Rin were more prominent then Sakura https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
177182652Imagine reading a post, but over the course of it the quality seems to deteriorate and it gets wose …[View]
177180990reminder that Angel Beats! is still an ongoing series[View]
177119078Would /a/ defeat Hades for Kanna?[View]
177180751Precure thread: What did she mean by this Is it foreshadowing something between her and Traum or is …[View]
177143206So who is your favorite character in all of anime?[View]
177177218ITT manga that could never be translated to anime[View]
177178787Am I the only one that prefers Ciel to Arcueid Brunestud and Akiha? I love how down-to-earth Ciel i…[View]
177180574Holmes of Kyoto: Episode discussion. Why is Aoi so perfect?[View]
177145244Who's the most alpha girl in anime or manga?[View]
177168789Shingeki no Kyojin: Can Falco protect Gabi forever? What if Sashas family transform?[View]
177174462This is truly a faultless mangaka list.[View]
177170099Is okusan a good wife[View]
177162873Asobi Asobase: Olivia needs to be venerated on every occasion.[View]
177170418Why do you love this idiot?[View]
177179727UNPOPULAR OPINION >Near and Mello teaming up and beating Kira was much more satisfying then if L …[View]
177149917How do you feel about tall girls in anime and manga?[View]
177182329Oh shit https://youtu.be/EstNcJOQRzI[View]
177179725Did you like her show?[View]
177180300My Hero Academia is good, and the only time I see people shitting on it for being the worst shonen e…[View]
177156582>140cm >98/58/88 Is this what they meant by saving anime?…[View]
177178090Why is Horikoshi's art so amazing?[View]
177180667Precure: Why don't more cures have ponytails, /a/?[View]
177180719Is this the most underappreciated studio of this generation? Sure, they've had some some failur…[View]
177180907STANDING...ON THE EDGE[View]
177177266What the fuck went so wrong later on? So much edge[View]
177170570I have a theory that if you give FMA 2003's OST to Brotherhood, as well as its first six episod…[View]
177179796What did they mean by this?[View]
177181082Guys, help, this shit is driving me crazy. I finished watching Fate/Kaleid (don't know what sea…[View]
177179526>Tsukihime remake was announced with Mahoyo trilogy TEN YEARS AGO >In those TEN YEARS, all th…[View]
177180528You said it would never happen.[View]
177177209Blend S: This is Kaho during her break[View]
177173404Who should be her opponent?[View]
177179758How powerful are her thighs?[View]
177169456ITT: the best villains anime and manga has to offer Hard mode: No pic related, there’s more classic …[View]
177177384Twinkuru, Twinkuru, riruu staa, How I wandaa watchuu ahhh! Upwababzuwa word so high, likuwa diamond …[View]
177157817How can Type Moon regain its honor and go back to FSN's excellency?[View]
177167032>robot arms >typewriter Lol[View]
177179747This show was good. Too bad it flopped. What was your favorite moment?[View]
177147137Don’t mind me, just the worst Jojo story arc coming through. Why did it have to be the first one tha…[View]
177178721OPM was good at first but now it's for your average normie who says 'Oh I don't actually l…[View]
177174191Sirius the Jaeger: Where the hell are episode 6 subs!?[View]
177178059Pipimi and Popuko got Hueg.[View]
177170530>Sho starts selling the translated chapters of Dakini on Amazon for Kindle, as well as the Japane…[View]
177179900jinbe more like jinbae[View]
177128085One Piece: Luffy vs Katakuri begins next week. Will you be able to stand the heat?[View]
177172909Does this anime character remind anyone else of a big tub of cheese balls?[View]
177174555Anybody else still want the wired to be a real thing after all these years[View]
177161058>Itt: Manga you read primarily for the fap[View]
177174918The Alchemist Code: Anyone play The Alchemist Code? It's an app game that feels like a virtual …[View]
177176155>Enjoy FSN/FHA >Get into the rest of the Nasuverse >mfw Servants end up being the least int…[View]
177175596ITT: 'Villians' who did nothing wrong[View]
177177013Say no to megane[View]
177179227Somebody help this girl.[View]
177177056Sometimes an anime is so smart that 'general audiences' think it's stupid...[View]
177172545Who is the most handsome mangaka?[View]
177178632Super Sonico: Will there be a season 2?[View]
177169755Are there any Type-Moon girls who are NOT bisexual?[View]
177175212ITT: Manga where the villain won: Or at least, got away with minimal consequences.[View]
177175228The pinnacle of harems[View]
177178892i are the smuggest[View]
177178974Why aren't there complex males in anime anymore?[View]
177170375post anime music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCgr3dj5mqY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tybHA2x…[View]
177173333Dragon Ball Super: So, will the Manga also cover the New Broly movie too? Will it be the same?…[View]
177167981Have they ever answered the question of 'How the hell are Lupin and his buddies live so long and nev…[View]
177174544>anime is full of obscure kanji puns and cultural references to keep the baka gaijins out…[View]
177164880Raildex: What type of quirk would their kid(s) have?[View]
177177126Does anyone remember when this manga was the peak of vanilla comfort?[View]
177176955I want to punch this cute retard[View]
177172701Is Attack on Titan a copy of Evangelion?: >The way the fanbase treats its waifus and worships the…[View]
177178241I miss him, /a/. Also thoughts/expectations on s2?[View]
177176689Oh shit! I just started watching this for the first time AND DAMN, every girl in this show is FUCKIN…[View]
177178097it's time to turn the chessboard over[View]
177176090DIO replaces the MC of the last anime you watched. How does it change?[View]
177164746Daily Azumanga Chapter: You belong. Volume 2, July.[View]
177152865Vinland Saga Key Visual[View]
177177770*blocks your path*[View]
177174079This season is criminally overrated.[View]
177118123>'One piece is for childr...'[View]
177175602If only I could be as strong and noble and had a chance to prove myself.[View]
177168447Why is she so thirsty?[View]
177175539>Oregairu thread got deleted because of toxic Anti-Haruno fags stop being so insecure about your …[View]
177170821Boku no Hero Academia: How many of you tried to drop the series but couldn't?[View]
177176387How was this allowed on tv?! Is this the best anime?[View]
177111544Il Duce is the cutest commander in Girls Und Panzer: Prove me wrong. Footfag feel free to post your …[View]
177175611Anime where the 2nd season had a higher budget than the first.[View]
177166217Let's fix the Gantz Ending, /a/.: What do you change?[View]
177176163>It's been a while since we've tackled an autobiography, over two years since we did Ha…[View]
177173138>I’m gathering bijuus so that I can develop the ultimate Jutsu that could destroy entire nations …[View]
177175970No one can compare to moth goddess as waifu[View]
177122494Hugtto! Precure: This needs to stop. Would it really be so hard to have an episode about how much Ho…[View]
177173777Reminder Dub < Sub[View]
177174822There has truly never been another director as consistently mediocre as Yonebayashi. Miyazaki should…[View]
177175204Aria: does it live up to the hype?[View]
177169503Do you guys like Shinobu?[View]
177173321Akagi Shigeru: Will we ever know what he did after the infamous 20 years night?[View]
177016555Was this another way of shaming Sxaro?[View]
177175497Would you play strip poker with Kurapika if you had the chance?[View]
177170210All the girls at the school as so hecking kawaii desu.[View]
177166483ITT: The most shitty anime idea you can think of: A GAINAX/Million Dollar Extreme anime.[View]
177172729What is /a/'s opinion on Junji Ito? Personally, I like a lot of his work, but I feel like hes o…[View]
177173914Classroom of the Elite: What's up bros. Been a whole while since I've seen shit regarding …[View]
177174564Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai: The man in the middle is Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai's aut…[View]
177172669End of Evangelion: What a beautiful scene in the midst of depressing shit.[View]
177171490Shinmai maou anime thread: Season 2 dub will be out soon, anons! Are you already excited for more be…[View]
177168311Phantom in the Twilight: What a ride. not really[View]
177131896WSJ: So what exactly is going to happen to the magazine once OP finishes up? No currently running se…[View]
177150801Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight: Karen and Mahiru are very good friends.[View]
177168393Overlord: Are you ready for best boi Kyouhukou?[View]
177174251high school dxd thread: which girl is the best for you from the anime, novel or doujin.team milfs or…[View]
177173596itt: characters that didnt need to exist: characters destined to be forgotton whose only purpose bei…[View]
177172372Is it my impression, or are they trying to make Love Live just like Gundam and Precure.: Sunshine ba…[View]
177169645See ya. <3[View]
177173951Underated girls[View]
177172501Is there really anyone who can challenge him as the greatest TV director of all time, in both anime …[View]
177165219What did M stand for again?[View]
177173361What did Horikoshi mean by this?[View]
177166535Dragon Ball Super: https://youtu.be/lavpejvNENk Daily reminder that Goku actually KISSED Chi Chi.…[View]
177156234Darling in the Franxx: Did you like the second half more than the first half or viceversa?[View]
177168119Asobi: Man, no one hates boobs more than the ones who have them from the comments I see these days. …[View]
177159322Dragon Ball Super: WAKEY WAKEY[View]
177170568>[Saizen-HnG]_Be-Bop_High_School_-_06_[DVD][EC7FF8C1].mkv It's here.…[View]
177169941why did the ending of this feel so abrupt? nothing on what happened to miya, tomoko, or mariko?[View]
177163367/a/ sings PONPONPON by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu: Music: www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzC4hFK5P3g Lyrics: pastebi…[View]
177170805Why was his anime so influential? Why was he best main character? What about him compelled the fema…[View]
177172013>20th century to Mid-'00s >Japanese VAs, writers and singers constantly struggle with pro…[View]
177168478god DAMN that thigh gap Asuka.... When this first came on the screen all those years ago I knew she …[View]
177167333What's his problem?[View]
177170930High School dxd: Anyone else hoping Ise will also add Yasaka to the harem as well[View]
177171401Shirou, please stop posting and start cooking, I’m hungry![View]
177078763[HA/ss/] Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san - 07 [223E53D2].mkv[View]
177169142>when I poop I do Tien's Tri Beam hand gesture and yell AHHHHH! What do you do in your daily…[View]
177171080Paranoia Agent: Recently got into Satoshi Kon and saw Paranoia Agent. Don't think I've eve…[View]
177143706Junko thread: Why is she so perfect, lads?[View]
177168202The Promised Neverland: is Emma really a Mary Sue?: How to improve the characterization of the serie…[View]
177170638So... What would've happened if he didn't get Ninja Aids?[View]
177171709'Destructo Dick' also works as an attack name.[View]
177170604Why do many directors who worked on the anime industry then try to distance themselves from it?[View]
177166248In an alternate timeline 3 absurd anime ideas arise but only one of them will be green lit. Whicheve…[View]
177170495Monster: I just finished watching all 74 episodes of this gem. For anons who have finished watching …[View]
177159076Why did it flop?[View]
177170152What is love?[View]
177162530Why are the character designs so bland?[View]
177097905YuYuYu/Yuusha de aru: The YuYuYu exhibition starts today and runs to the 31st, today is a special pr…[View]
177170385CRAB PEOPLE. CRAB PEOPLE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVdBqDSa51o[View]
177166281Are you in favor of the Hibike franchise changing its artstyle to the Liz and the Gaybird movie…[View]
177168462Why have there been no great anime horrors when there have been great manga horrors and Japanese liv…[View]
177168380Go Toubun: So when is the real heroine and past love of MC appears to NTR the siblings?[View]
177170092Truly Chiaki Konaka's magnum opus[View]
177170222Would you?[View]
177161482Boku no Hero Academia: Do you see this new arc being long or will end up like Licence retake courses…[View]
177170082How's the quality of the movie going to compare to the quality of the show?[View]
177170060I love this anime[View]
177164557Miuna Monday is an ancient and honored tradition.[View]
177157316If a series did not age all and is still watchable and great why bother remaking it?[View]
177153144Uma Musume Pretty Derby: Grass Wonder is best Horse Wife - she should get her own Spin-Off Manga!…[View]
177163043Do you consider yourself a diehard fan of any particular anime?[View]
177159063>From #1 best Tsundere, best girl to #9999 worst girl of history of Anime/Manga…[View]
177169359Which 2018 movie are you looking forward to seeing?[View]
177162097Act-age 22: Is out folks[View]
177168486i do like Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise, Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, Nadia, han…[View]
177167759/a/ sings Kiss of Death from Darling in the Franxx: Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTgPpXDm8…[View]
177107478/opt/ - One Page Thread: It's time once again for a One Page Thread. Post a single page from th…[View]
177150578Hinamatsuri: Was it shit after the time skip?[View]
177147717>they said just hang in there >they said it's about to get good >I've been promis…[View]
177168103Why doesn't Rei use her fire powers more often in a situation where fire would be helpful, like…[View]
177152891>play the original steins;gate game >a few things seemed outdated but it held up pretty well …[View]
177162901Girlfriends anime adaptation when? I wanna see these two adorable dorks animated and voiced.[View]
177168488Precure: is this for children or for fat otakus? who is the main target now?[View]
177167566YKK: Which one is better: First OVA or Quiet Country Cafe? Manga‘s the best, though.[View]
177159778Shingeki no Kyojin: How many episodes until this?[View]
177166123Are there any bisexual males in the Fate series?[View]
177168844Dragon Ball Super: Reminder that Goku never actually kissed Chi Chi https://youtu.be/grC47CwkPYs…[View]
177144126How did this outsell every WSJ series volume wise[View]
177096654Comfy watamote thread: How's everyone holding up waiting for the new chapter (and season 2)?…[View]
177167656What does /a/ think about fanservice in anime?[View]
177168015What was the jam made of?[View]
177154239>nice girls[View]
177141283Deadly anomalies, dangerous mutants, Nanachi and Bondrewd... None will stop Riko on her triumphant m…[View]
177168426I have some questions about Biomega. Kozlov was needed to destroy the drones, was that because he wa…[View]
177168292waifu bread?: We need a waifu thread. Anons, post thy waifus.[View]
177165723Hibike Euphonium: Just finished this show. Are Kumiko and Reina a yuri couple or not?[View]
177162300Why do people hate Digimon 02?[View]
177160676[X] Tall [X] Beautiful [X] Strong [X] Kinky [X] Wealthy [X] Influential family [ ] Damegami [ ] Loli…[View]
177166776Has a S2 of 'I want you to show me your panties while making a fart smelling face' been confirmed ye…[View]
177165673What is this hairstyle called?[View]
177155546Kakegurui XX: Kakegurui Season2 2019 January[View]
177165198This fight was some real fucking kino[View]
177166975Just finished this: What an absolutely amazing movie. I felt guilty for putting it off this long. Th…[View]
177167920What is Nagatoro doing with her phone along Sempai?[View]
177164738Remember good character design?[View]
177148657Hey kid, do you want to get BEFRIENDED?[View]
177157775ITT: short anime girl[View]
177161639Sirius The Jaeger: S-Subs anytime I think this is it, lads, let's just wait for the Netflix sub…[View]
177161859KANASHII YORU GA[View]
177167248Darling in the franxx sequel idea: >plot takes place 10 years after the events and it's an …[View]
177160814Name me a more iconic scene from anime I'll wait... https://youtu.be/LigcOxX-wJw[View]
177165628Thread Kuroko[View]
177152628Look at her go[View]
177166991Is this the age of the salaryman?[View]
177165223As someone who managed to stay totally oblivious to Naruto in its heyday and all that shit, should I…[View]
177165857Does this kind of hair have a name? I see it quite a lot in anime, I'm thinking 'M-cut' due to …[View]
177135076Early Naruto chapters were pretty comfy. Where did it go wrong?[View]
177147499This is some of the most formulaic garbage I've ever seen. How the fuck does this have an anime…[View]
177162644Kumiko: Guess whose birthday it is.[View]
177159140Is the 2016 anime any good? I just watched the 1997 one and want more but the 2016 looks so fucking …[View]
177166036>show is 4 minutes duration >opening and ending themes are a 1 minute 30 seconds…[View]
177162499Hatsune Miku Anime when ?[View]
177165874https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyHAI-70DSg What Kind is /a/?[View]
177165985Reminder that all the other students have left, and now Renge is all alone at school.[View]
177166164I want Speedwagon to pound my ass until it bleeds[View]
177164943how can there be an objectively best CGDCT show when they are all the same?[View]
177164525This is my King, Mordred! Please say nice things about her![View]
177161959>[VON] Baki (2018) - 09 [1080p][980C71DE].mkv[View]
177166073The Evangelion of Sanrio anime.[View]
177164104Today I shall remind them of the true masterpiece.[View]
177165793>complaining when CGDCT anime doesnt have a plot[View]
177165887>'what seemed like a good plot ruined by >excessive fanservice >sexualizing female >fict…[View]
177157968OPM Ch. 94 (135) RAW [Updated]: Updated version of the latest One Punch Man chapter is up. https://…[View]
177165896They're presenting, we thought this would take years to happen![View]
177162976Sure feels good being /a/'s Official Studio.[View]
177144205Why don't encoders use h.265 to save bandwidth? Also what's the point of FLAC for fucking …[View]
177165049Mfw I will never see a Stroheim one-shot where he fights cyborg russian communists and develops a st…[View]
177163783Junji Ito's 'Fashion Model' based on actress Joanne Tucker?: The resemblance (both physically a…[View]
177160796FUCK Kawaki, this is unforgivable[View]
177162279ITT:: For me, it's Cross Ange.[View]
177161328Unironically think she's a cutie, being a self-centred autist doesn't make you a bad perso…[View]
177134794Hanebado: This is the final boss, Ayanon, Lord of Cinder[View]
177165488when you see shit like this it really makes you appreciate the anime[View]
177156239You're pathetic enough to actually consider getting a rental girlfriend right /a/?[View]
177165209How can people hate her? Just because she won? The only legitimate reason I can think of is the stap…[View]
177158938Post anime you watched with your mom.[View]
177153461So I heard pic related isn't getting translated anymore. I'm in Japan right now so I can g…[View]
177162916Why aren't there more anime/manga featuring JAV girls?[View]
177163196What did /a/ think of this weird one? Also how well did it do?[View]
177165204ITT: Alpha anime MC[View]
177161523dragon ball: Have there been any updates to the official power level tier list???[View]
177154834>fan translators make an error >its actually better than the proper translation…[View]
177158645What are your favorite looking skies in in anime? I really like the way the sky looks like in Nagi n…[View]
177147592Is he a Gary Stu?[View]
177162667manga discontinued and no season 2: why does japan have such shit taste. do they really enjoy harem …[View]
177162229After the harem: What happens after the winner is chosen? Do the girls move on with their lives and …[View]
177117842I have witnessed perfection[View]
177162856Weak 5000 Year Old Vegan Dragon: I just discovered this relatively recent series, and it’s just incr…[View]
177164115>think of your favourite anime ever >it now only exists dubbed Is it still your favourite? Pi…[View]
177160896Violet's smie is worth a million dollars.[View]
177160805Medarot: Kikuhime is my waifu![View]
177147803ITT: Bitch-made MC's Only the absolute worst of the worst allowed. Post 'em[View]
177158385'Yeah, I can take this jap' - guy that can't take the jap[View]
177157621Canonically autistic characters.[View]
177145320Overlord: Which is better, the anime or the manga?[View]
177160440Yo /a/ grown any yet ?[View]
177141414Izetta: What did /a/ think of this show? I remember it receiving some praise but I didn't real…[View]
177153857Studio Gainax are now named Gaina: What went wrong? http://studiogaina.com/[View]
177156269>binge gurren lagann for four days >the end was too long >feel tired after finishing last e…[View]
177130836Post very important scenes.[View]
177156548Most 80s Anime OP ever: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cqnmNMb-BY[View]
177163555Why would you do this? Why would you shoehorn some shitty meme-shit into your scans? Also, da-san is…[View]
177157874Akagi: Why was this not allowed? Also, who was your favorite antagonist in Akagi?[View]
177158827I lover more than life itself.[View]
177159197anime dubs: was hisoka always a french accent faggot?[View]
177159591ITT: shows only you remember[View]
177140084Raildex: The slow wait for new Raildex's stuff is painful[View]
177161748What went wrong?[View]
177162848Patlabor >evangelion[View]
177162162Does Luffy stand a chance against BM?[View]
177158721Why does MHA seem attract sensitive folk?: I just into watching the anime and reading the manga back…[View]
177161221I miss the old Okarin, straight from the Go Okarin Chop up the soul Okarin, set on his goals Okarin …[View]
177161832I watched, I expected, I got: Let's have one of these going. Try to keep it seasonal if possibl…[View]
177125376Siscon ani to brocon imouto ga shoujiki ni nattara 16: New chapter is out, dumping TL as I finish ty…[View]
177147326Berserk: Look upon the future of Berserk, my Berserkos and despair![View]
177161552Why didn't you protect her smiles?[View]
177148210Do you smell it? That smell? The kind of smelly smell. The smelly smell that smells... smelly...[View]
177159024Hey anon, why don't you join me here in my bed to discuss the Persona 5 anime?[View]
177155469is there any fucking happy ending for saber ? why fate series is so cruel towards to her[View]
177160595What does /a/ think of Saint Seiya? I am thinking of watching it[View]
177162249Why don't Kari/TK care that the 02 cast is missing? Where are the 02 cast now?[View]
177158472Angolmois - Genkou Kassenki: >AOTS >but nobody is watching it What did /a/ mean by this?…[View]
177162041Yotsuba got nothing on Asagi[View]
177116066Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken: This is a slime. This slime is neither cute nor sexy for it does not…[View]
177139522Can we talk about my beautiful wife and her route? Thanks. Also new PV for 2nd HF movie https://www.…[View]
177161164This is the ideal anime semen demon. You may not like it, but this what peak performance looks like.[View]
177161526tiny irises: why can't Japan make crazy people/villains who don't have facial nerve palsy …[View]
177160766Live action adaptation when?[View]
177155892No thread on this? Yeah, it's a shop.[View]
177154147Go Toubun: It seems due to quntible birth, their intellegence was divided between them equally as we…[View]
177106436What is the best Evil organization in all of Manga or Anime?[View]
177138840Hataraku Saibou: All the Platelets are obsessed with this new girl and not doing their jobs! What do…[View]
177156295Why is King Arthur a girl[View]
177161171Toaru Majutsu no Index: I wish I was Touma. He's so lucky.[View]
177151058SSSS Gridman: Look, actual mechs unlike DITF.[View]
177154621Boku no Hero Acadamia: What do you think about the new volume cover? If I could describe it in one w…[View]
177161021Love Live! Sunshine!!: This is Sakurauchi-san, conqueror of the isekai world. Isn't she cute?…[View]
177161003>see you space cuckboy[View]
177157949Killing Bites: Why is this show full of rape scenes?[View]
177159514Please come up with a diagnosis for this girl. There's something wrong with her but I can'…[View]
177154909Ayano + Kyoko = perfect ship[View]
177084732For Renji, it's Rukia[View]
177151008Which high school would you DxD?[View]
177144965Twintails was a good anime.[View]
177120068Reminder that Hinata is the best waifu: >uses her Byakugan to check Naruto's wallet and reco…[View]
177157272Will there ever be Unit 731 anime?[View]
177092881Cake thread: Who is the best cake of all anime and manga?[View]
177152910Maihime demands you to venerate her /a/![View]
177150081Shingeki no Kyojin: I don't understand what's going on here, is she going to commit a sinf…[View]
177158204Was she autistic?[View]
177157763ITT: Your spirit animal[View]
177156411what happens to Harem losers after the show ends?[View]
177139863Who here likes Black Lagoon? What makes you like or hate it?[View]
177154395Is it ok to watch shounens in your early 20s?[View]
177142007Dragon Ball Super: Jiren > Gohan = Kefla > Kale > Blue Goku/Blue Vegeta/Toppo >= Golden …[View]
177155100ITT: worst girls: Only the worst of the worst.[View]
177158740Been watching K-On since it was long overdue on my backlog, I am familiar with the history of the se…[View]
177149453My poor little cell is lost, could you guys help her find her way? No funny business.[View]
177155870Anime nekos[View]
177153337Did you remember to worship Shinka today?[View]
177158843Never tolerated this creature. Have I no soul?[View]
177158660Patlabor 2 politics and plot: What is the politics in this show??? What I took away from it is that …[View]
177118478>nice hair >lovely eyes >big tits >killer body >pretty nails >cute feet >fantas…[View]
177149692The fact that this little cunt and her garbage meme series are eternally BTFO is so satisfying[View]
177144011>create the perfect woman >don't give her a name…[View]
177154423Who is the best jobro, after Bruno?[View]
177106742Post your favorite OP https://youtu.be/cGcoZh3MIiY[View]
177152635How can a 5th grader be so stunningly beautiful?[View]
177153709Shhh, nothing personnel girl[View]
177157884OPM One Punch Man: Murata just posted the updated chapter https://tonarinoyj.jp/episode/108341081566…[View]
177157510Awful voice acting in jojo part 4: Is anybody else as appalled as I am at how god damn shitty the du…[View]
177149941Don't make me go to leddit or a freaking general. Shingeki no Kyojin latest episode, who liked …[View]
177140930What does /a/ think of Saone?[View]
177150916I've been avoiding tokyo ghoul because the fanbase is a bunch of edgy wrist cutters and it seem…[View]
177150345Why the first arc is so comfy?: .[View]
177141709What if Saitama did 200 push-ups, sit-ups and squats and ran 20km everyday?[View]
177156888>'If we kill the remorseless, omnicidal, walking weapon of mass destruction, we'll be just l…[View]
177156066Hey Kotetsu anaon you ok? (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)[View]
177157259Baby Steps: Paralympics short airs in a few days. Art and animation look terrible as usual. I wonder…[View]
177153513Why does my sight of everything else blur away whenever Kogure's armpit is in view? What should…[View]
177129214Asobi Asobase: Olivia is smelly, has acne and is unintelligent.[View]
177147990yama no susume: >climbing mount fuji Are they /fit/? Can we all agree that Kokona is best girl?…[View]
177157077Anime of the Decade right here, folks. You may not realize it, but this is what peak performance loo…[View]
177110400Osomatsu-san Movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMrs6k_-QwI[View]
177149913Does this anime top the 'what the fuck is Japan on?' Or are we not there yet?[View]
177156831Garupa-pi-pi-pico Episode 7: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oR7cwEZyJio CiRCLE Meeting.[View]
177156667Why is no one talking about this awesome film? [Big Fish and Begonia][View]
177118682Elf-san wa Yaserarenai: Who's the father?[View]
177147004How is she so hot[View]
177154022she deserved to win the harimabowl[View]
177152292Post character who only exist as FapBait.[View]
177153386Shin DxD: I knows she's locked up and is already used goods. But I really want Issei to pursue …[View]
177156185Characters you would repeatedly punch until their head somewhat resembles a volcano[View]
177154042Lu Over the wall.: This movie despite with absurdities is so fucking cute.[View]
177154441Best chojin passing through[View]
177154365What is this hairstyle called?[View]
177153693Was the part where Zeno was being interviewed by some unseen person about Netero supposed to be a re…[View]
177146796Why is this show so hated?[View]
177153625do your friends tweet dumb shit about anime?: inb4 >/a/ >/friends/ (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS…[View]
177138893getsuyoubi no tawawa: 月曜日のたわわ その183 「この柄なんてゆーんだっけ」[View]
177152499Anyone know this little gem? Where can I find the original japanese uncut version?[View]
177144404What's your favorite anime's core theme? You're not one of those boring fags in love …[View]
177152378I know that /a/ loves to shit on anime adapted from Light Novels. But are there actually any well-wr…[View]
177151640Show me your favorite or funniest One Piece frame.[View]
177152027Anime when?[View]
177155057Mangaka telling it like it is.[View]
177142554Robotech or macross[View]
177142178What makes certain anime forgettable? I keep forgetting this and Bakuon were a thing.[View]
177152559So we can all agree that murata is now pretty much the best manga artist in terms of both quantity a…[View]
177155000Well Asuka... I'm not so sure, the human body is a tricky thing. How about we try an experiment…[View]
177153578morons: Comics are better then manga (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)…[View]
177151542What happened to the author after Lucky Star?[View]
177151366Ichise: Was he autistic?[View]
177154133I love these useless idiots.[View]
177150524Does he watch seasonal anime?[View]
177150692What was this old lady's problem?[View]
177141295Kimetsu 122: I want a nap 122: A Temporary state of excitement [side] To those who believed in him/m…[View]
177142152What's with Japan and their boner for Baseball? Do you understand the spirit of Koshien?[View]
177151990Why do so many people treat demographics like shounen and shoujo as if they're genres when all …[View]
177150751Are you smarter than a first grader, /a/?: Have you ever beat Conan to the punch before?[View]
177148512Boku no Hero Academia: do you prefer vigilantes or the main series?[View]
177150291What happens when newtypes have sex?[View]
177127956Name a stronger shounen MC that has never cried[View]
177154219Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: I've seen this guy all around the Jojo forums and communities, a…[View]
177144112Why does this series try to have stuff like character development or a plot when the main character …[View]
177154243Free: It's this incestuous swimslut's birthday today. Say something nice about him![View]
177151048The soundtrack, and the way it was used, was one of Violet Evergarden's strongest points.[View]
177144338Season 4 fucking when?[View]
177143035Why do so many people hate Sanji? I'm 50 episodes into One Piece and he seems perfectly fine to…[View]
177152850Is this true?[View]
177142866Yuragi 123: I should finish this as well. 123: Yuuna-san approaches the Tenko family [side] Yay! Che…[View]
177152192I'm going to take this potato chip...[View]
177140272aiolia fags BTFO[View]
177135127Kuzu no Honkai: Is this the prettiest anime ever made?[View]
177146269Did it hurt?[View]
177150402Tsukihime: Which is better, the VN or the manga?[View]
177146965is this common in japan?[View]
177141346Is he the best mangaka whos ever set foot on this planet? Im leaning towards believing he is, does a…[View]
177097979What is your favorite loli anime and/or manga?[View]
177140475>character is about to do something embarrassing >pause the episode and start doing something …[View]
177121109Why can't you fags just get along?[View]
177148623>tfw the same page you get introduced to best girl is the same page you know shes going to lose I…[View]
177142019How to kill one of the most grossing franchises of the decade: >Announce season 2 during season 1…[View]
177148304Post anime where the main character is a terrible person on purpose. Pic related[View]
177136132Thoughts on Mob Psycho? Anyone think it goes too overboard on the whole finding true happiness theme…[View]
177150752Manhua and Manhwa generally are trash, but if there's something that they do right and I would …[View]
177140593Darling In The FranXX: Best friends all the way from childhood to teenagers. Name a better trio in A…[View]
177150259Why hasn't the Sun/Moon Pokemon series gotten much normie attention? It's easily the best …[View]
177147860Season 4 when?[View]
177150092Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt.[View]
177136465Megane = Best: Girls with glasses are the best[View]
177025845Satsuriku no tenshi / Angels of death: Weed Priest this week Zack still a cute Thought's on sk…[View]
177111085Why is she so perfect, bros?[View]
177150494*sips* ahhhh haruhi, yeeep. now THAT was anime. Shame about the whole aya hirano thing let me tell y…[View]
177136325Shingeki no Kyojin: Not even Araki will stop the deep love Eren and Historia have. When do you think…[View]
177147998Let's have a thread for great girls who get lost in the shuffle of their respective series beca…[View]
177147576I am the bone of my Desu. Ceramic is my body and Desu is my blood. I have spammed over one thousand …[View]
177148124rebecca was better[View]
177147051Just finished watching Boogiepop Phantom. I really enjoyed it but found out only after I finished it…[View]
177148321Best: >he isn't watching Attack No. 1 right now Why aren't you seeing the best volleyba…[View]
177149760High School dxd: Ishibumi needs to properly introduce these two in Shin and give them some love.…[View]
177147074One Room: I MISS MOKA[View]
177094227How big is too big?[View]
177150026Just finished this, yeah it was a pretty fun read I guess.[View]
177025197Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt[View]
177147385Reminder that little anime girls are only for fatherly love and never for lewd Pic related is my dau…[View]
177147298Reminder that there's no such thing as too flat and Aika is perfect.[View]
177142353Takizawa: What are your thoughts on Takizawa's Takizawas?[View]
177149680/jp/ sends their regards[View]
177146804>Be massive cunt >still somehow lovable How??…[View]
177149687Rin has been tamed.[View]
177144531the later parts are great and all but araki peaked here. prove me wrong.[View]
177149461Now that the dust has settled, can we agree that Shion was best girl?[View]
177120576Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight: Gay potato.[View]
177149226Are you ready for it?[View]
177147394My sonwife Mordred is very cute[View]
177134988Boruto: Teuchi and Kashin Koji were Minato's Teammates. The middle guy is Kashin Koji. This is …[View]
177144764Yui is better than Yui. Change my mind.[View]
177128870Violet Evergarden discussion: What was the best episode and why?[View]
177146729why didn't netero make a restriction that he could only use zero hand on the king and using it …[View]
177146554This is Satania, please be nice to her.[View]
177147697>pussy literally magnetized to him >avoids it like the plague Is he actually gay?…[View]
177144249post underrated girls from underrated animes[View]
177094802AiFure, Prichan, Cocotama, Fairilu etc.: What other characters do we know of who exist across multip…[View]
177146674No talk about 7 deadly sins?[View]
177109141Was ReZero a good anime?[View]
177147525Why has no one made a doujin about this yet?[View]
177120781>being attracted to evil girls,daemons and succubus. Are you really so pathetic? Your body betray…[View]
177142908season 2 when??: just finished this masterpiece and i want more but i dont like reading manga (which…[View]
177130716Is she bisexual, just lesbian or straight?[View]
177101421Post pairings that make you smile.[View]
177121880Rei is love Rei is life[View]
177147431Is the manga or the anime the better medium for this story? From what I can tell its pretty goddamn …[View]
177142673Hai to Gensou no Grimgar: Just finished reading volume 10 translated by J-Novel and man oh man that …[View]
177143292Is breast envy really that big of a deal in Japan? It's a really common trope in most anime and…[View]
177147328He was gay, right? Or was it Ho yay?[View]
177146191Fate/EXTRA Last Encore: >Nasu would rather re-write Fate/Extra, something literally no one asked …[View]
177089443Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
177143098Joe Yabuki's career went to shit after Rikiishi's death and as a result many characters we…[View]
177119888Bokuben/ We can't study/We Never Learn: Thoughts on Chapter 75? https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/…[View]
177134450Can someone explain the appeal of this show to me?: People keep recommending it and now I have watch…[View]
177146876Why is it so sub par?[View]
177144883This guy is pretty much inverse Shinji, he is always cheerful and upbeat, he is optimistic even in t…[View]
177118179Go Nagai is an absolute madman[View]
177133627How am I supposed to relate to Shinji if this would never happen to me?[View]
177142474is he a mommy or a daddy? You must justify your answer.[View]
177098313Episodic Anime: What's your opinion on episodic shows, /a/? What makes them successful, and wha…[View]
177112000Houseki no Kuni: Will Phos ever find a job for Cinnabar?[View]
177141909I want a 2D riajuu gf[View]
177144554Fubuki = miracle of the universe: Fubuki is the prettiest manga/anime girl ever. Waifu of the centur…[View]
177142081Why is this saga so overrated? >Goku and Vegeta try to beat Black >They fail and retreat >T…[View]
177145827Haruhi 3rd season: Haruhi 3rd season confirmed[View]
177121833Gintama Thread: 10 minutes until next episode[View]
177127979>174cm Why is Kaos so short?[View]
177143599Why is sports anime so violent?[View]
177135976Left or right /a/?[View]
177140985Anime of the Decade right here. You may not realize it, but this is what peak performance looks like…[View]
177145705I want to sniff Kitagawa-chan.[View]
177142963Undies or Swimwear: Swimsuits or underwear, /a/ Which is sexier?[View]
177144731Otome Danshi ni Koisuru Otome: This 4koma is so fucking adorable[View]
177140605how do /a/ feels about the upcoming to the moon anime? why isn't /a/ making a shitty rpg maker …[View]
177129929I'm sick of the brainlet praise this fucking arc gets. It's easily 4x longer than it needs…[View]
177142967Almost 3 years have passed since then... It hurts /a/[View]
177139070What the fuck is his problem?[View]
177060307Buyfag thread: This bunny is packing heat[View]
177144093She looks like someone who regularly gets expelled from school for fighting.[View]
177140416Zannen onna kanbu black general san: been a while since I saw a thread, nice to see translations aga…[View]
177142352I want to be him.[View]
177125364Daily Azumanga Chapter: You belong. Volume 2, June.[View]
177139578Asuka's nipples had to be visible to some degree to Shinji during this scene right? How did see…[View]
177125514Boku no hero academia: How the fuck did he lose? >Has a quirk that can grant him ANY quirk he wa…[View]
177135920You summoned her. Now what?[View]
177142850Why did Akiha's route feel so different compared to L'Arc-en-Ciel? It is much darker.[View]
177142900new geimu: reminder that aoba is literally satan[View]
177140237Onimonogatari: That was hard.[View]
177134669Opinions on Shokuhou Misaki?[View]
177143096>he Wait, so do they identify as male or is this just the translator's preference?…[View]
177141919This manga is garbage yes or no?[View]
177142925What's your favourite pro-Japanese manga?[View]
177142750Can we all agree oversaturated colors are a bad thing?[View]
177141412Anime MILFs[View]
177142810Is there a Guts version of this image? I can't find one.[View]
177135197OH MY ____________[View]
177114075Overlord: (((GMs))) are against us. How long until they all ask Demiurge for some advice?[View]
177137286Prison school: I just finished reading this for the first time and am kinda dissapointed I missed th…[View]
177142485I didn't expect them to sound so cute.[View]
177135911is this true /a/?[View]
177141875Hamatora: opinions?[View]
177131923Dragon Ball Super: So how will the ToP end in the manga?! Freeza is gonna job next.[View]
177125222Harukana Receive: This is the ideal female body. You may not like it but this is what peak performan…[View]
177136846Wtf I thought Diamond was unbreakable[View]
177141552Revolutionary Girl Utena: I thank the anon who recommended me this excellent show Also, Nanami a pur…[View]
177138192Sat-chan is the best Color, prove me wrong[View]
177142273In Soviet Russia, loli rapes YOU![View]
177136861If you were the genius scientist of any series, would you violate the laws of nature and physics for…[View]
177141994Name one classroom anime better than this one. I'll wait.[View]
177133491What did he do wrong, anons?[View]
177141435I know /a/ in general doesn't talk about anime movies too much. Still this was a very very cute…[View]
177141985Raildex: What type of quirk would their kids have?[View]
177141972why didn't erika just mow down civilians?[View]
177134228How much stronger would Musubi have been if she was okay with fighting with her boobies exposed?[View]
177128973It's a Baki day. Why the fuck are there no threads?[View]
177141289This ends happily, right?[View]
177112046Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet: How does it make you feel next season Juliet airs and will completely dest…[View]
177133632Nanatsu no Taizai / Seven Deadly Sins: Cultural relativity aside, does anyone -actually believe- thi…[View]
177092261Is she going to turn into a yandere villain?[View]
177136940Damn...cancer sells were the real victims all along[View]
177135245What does /a/ think of Shinka?[View]
177136956Can I watch Kaiji if I know absolutely nothing about Mahjong or card games in general? I don't …[View]
177073018Black Clover[View]
177138924WSJ needs you to write the Next Big Thing: An iconic series that becomes a staple of the magazine. T…[View]
177139542KumaMiko: Anyone remember Kuma Miko? The manga is still going on, and the latest one has crossdressi…[View]
177133712Is this the worst moe show in recent years? How do you fuck up this bad?[View]
177134965Will it ever be topped?[View]
177127042It has been nearly two weeks since the last Komi-san chapter. I am at my limit.[View]
177138397Azumanga Daioh: best girl[View]
177139637One Piece: A story that relies heavily on it's world building but lacks depth and good writing.…[View]
177122840Parallel Paradise 34-35 ENG: Two new proper releases at once. Well, maybe they catch up one day.…[View]
177140684Monogatari: Why is he so based, /a/?[View]
177131642JoJo's bizarre adventure: So what's been on my mind these past months is that I've wa…[View]
177139421Homunculus, Volume 5: What the fuck am I even reading right now?[View]
177137259Is it wrong that I'm having a lot of fun with this manga?[View]
177135243Which of the Prisma lolis do you think big boobs fit the most? Breasts don't seem to fit Miyu f…[View]
177139475Full Metal Panic: Are they ever going to fuck?[View]
177108896>this is funny in japan[View]
177137809Maou no Ore ga Dorei Elf wo Yome ni Shitanda ga, Dou Medereba Ii?: What's up with this series? …[View]
177125965Goblin Slayer Side Story - Year One 014 (2018) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >Goblin Slayer Side Stor…[View]
177128034Was this cancelled? Chapter 15 was released like, ages ago.[View]
177117908DARLING in the FRANXX: Will the manga change anything anytime soon?[View]
177133071Hahaha what the fuck does German nihilism have to do with card games hahaha what a fucking idiot.[View]
177135546ITT characters made for bullying[View]
177125191Vinland Saga: What was wrong with this man?[View]
177129770ANIME JA NAI[View]
177139526German Ubermensch slams multiple rounds into Aztec beefcake[View]
177139414Gayass would have been way better if Rurushu was a girl (but nothing else at all changed). All the h…[View]
177138326Does 2202 get good? I really liked 2199, but 2202 is really, really lame. Like I just can't sta…[View]
177120782Gintama ends in 5 chapters[View]
177115912What's this heresy?[View]
177137384What's this? No Major 2nd threads? How am I supposed to talk about best girl?[View]
177129625I don't get it.[View]
177136863Kanojo, Okarishimasu: I have never seen another manga that has failed so hard at basic storytelling …[View]
177137258How can anyone dislike something this CUTE?[View]
177126303Why aren't there more dominant girls in Anime and Manga?: Why does Japan hate them?[View]
177133047Would you like some anon?[View]
177137933what if thread: in this thread we discuss old shows and how we would change them for the better, i…[View]
177137935Why does it feel like all the budget went into the Chimera Ant arc?[View]
177134916Post characters who have suffered enough.[View]
177133387/a/, I'm putting together a squad for one last job[View]
177113017Made in Abyss thread[View]
177130255Kanojo, Okarishimasu: New chapter out. Best actress, best girlfriend, cute face, what more could you…[View]
177130661What makes her so lovable?[View]
177128070Which one would you want arresting you?[View]
177136892Pretty much every one of these owns any Miyazaki in having engaging coming of age stories. Others li…[View]
177131947Name 1 retard that's cuter than Hirasawa Yui.[View]
177097792Planet With: So, what do we expect from Sirius?[View]
177130880What is her character archetype?[View]
177128270Shingeki no Kyojin: First who says something about shipping gets titan aids.[View]
177134482He didn't do a single god damn thing wrong.[View]
177128871Haruhi S3: You faggots better watch the entire Endless Eight streams.[View]
177136085filename thread[View]
177092750You wouldn't eat out alone, would you anon?[View]
177135924>8/19/2018 The magazine has been out in Japan for a full day now. Where the FUCK is my Chapter 12…[View]
177133606Is Death Note worth the rewatch?[View]
177130981>all 3 main characters for Promised Neverland are voiced by women Who didn't see this coming…[View]
177115086Go-Toubun No Hanayome: This was Ichika, right?[View]
177130194Is Luffy a well-written character?[View]
177134750how can we make idol popular in anime?[View]
177132777GochiUsa: Will this monster ever be stopped? We can't let her do whatever she pleases, she…[View]
177129502>mfw someone likes moetrash and doesn't like better shows like hokuto no ken or /m/ shows li…[View]
177129307Is it okay if you watch anime for the anime girls? Or is it gay?[View]
1771322191000000% Smash: Why was this so controversial?[View]
177132466They should have given Blair more screentime in Soul Eater. Kinda stupid to not cash out on a charac…[View]
177117023Hanebado: Ready for some badminton tomboy action?[View]
177117466Kemono Jihen Chapter 7 Dump: Get ready for some cuteness.[View]
177110727Is it morally right to betray your species for space elven poon?[View]
177119520How do we fix mecha?: >mecha anime made after Evangelion >it is a PG-13 cancer in school setti…[View]
177134178SEIEKI Obadoraibu[View]
177129892Weird anime tropes: >mfw anime characters react to anime in anime as if they are real and not als…[View]
177133756What’s up, everyone?: Some people call me caped baldy, but you can call me Saitama.[View]
177133216Seriously, what the hell does this stand ACTUALLY do? I have no idea what they're saying about …[View]
177111760Did she make your heart race?[View]
177123137Who was more badass?[View]
177118080Boku no hero academia: Will Deku unlock his bara form in chapter 200?[View]
177128684Rokudenashi: You haven't forgotten about her right /a/?[View]
177128590>every anime you watch is one less anime you can experience for the first time How do you deal w…[View]
177119876Is possible for western writers to write something popular among japanese people? Are there any popu…[View]
177128393Post characters that would've been better Main Characters than the actual one[View]
177130349Hair color: >green hair What's your favorite hair color in anime?…[View]
177132612I miss Bleach[View]
177131889>you didn't forget about me did you anon?[View]
177131205Why was Your Name more popular than this kino?[View]
177102339Steins;Gate thread: Why didn't we protect Okarin's smile?[View]
177132975S3 soon[View]
177128878Okinodoku Desu ga: So you are a powerful and cruel demon lord,.......What is this face trying to con…[View]
177131664Why fire types are never MCs? It's always physical types or sometimes electricity.[View]
177121516What was her problem?[View]
177116524Kantai Collection -KanColle-: Assuming we get season 2 with a competent producer, director and scree…[View]
177132757Persona 5 - The Animation: Did they forget to put hair on her 5head? I can't tell if they yet a…[View]
177132702Movie when? Genuine when?[View]
177130119From all the character flashbacks in One Piece. Which one is the saddest? Or at least the one that g…[View]
177131203Why was Toguro and everybody else so obsessed/impressed by this guy? Nothing about his style of figh…[View]
177132591Spin-Off when?[View]
177113902>murderer >war criminal >goddess >biorobot >bewitchingly beautiful doll >autist …[View]
177130698I miss Anitore can we have a thread of the show? So S3 when?[View]
177131561What the fuck happened to anime? The moe genre needs to be stopped, Kyoani should be mocked for ruin…[View]
177101160Cat is superior[View]
177125050She. Fucking. Won[View]
177124461Dragon Ball Super: This is top meme material[View]
177129912This is the new big 3 of WSJ.[View]
177119193Choose one (1)[View]
17712965090's Anime: Does anybody know 90's anime with retrotechnology, vintage ads, strobe lights …[View]
177129077Don't mind me, just posting the pinnacle of japanese animation.[View]
177131197Was she a good FeMC?[View]
177117432Were they bisexual, bicurious, just gay or straight?[View]
177114826>watch a shit anime >say why its shit in the threads >'hurrrrrr read the manga/ln!!!!' >…[View]
177116053Anzu belongs to Sabu and the author will ship them. Why do people even dislike Sabu?[View]
177124285Mitsuboshi Colors: The Colors are mad at you, anon. Say something nice to them.[View]
177129936Stalker Point Threed: not sure if anyone cares but apparently staler page closed. How do we estimate…[View]
177128141Layton's Mystery Detective Agency: https://nyaa.si/view/1068001 The real treasure Relics was th…[View]
177129256Important survey: https://www.strawpoll.me/16299681[View]
177104659Index III: Under two months to go for season III[View]
177130340It could ONLY be magic[View]
177128645Golden Kamuy 169: Chapter 169 is out. Link: https://mangadex.org/chapter/430171/1 ITT: > A Lot o…[View]
177123306Top KEK[View]
177129626Why didn't we get any more villains like them later on in the story?[View]
177116272Is this the peak female form?[View]
177127649ITT: it's 1986[View]
177115581Is there such thing as good yuri anime?[View]
177126435Luffy punching glass. That's a YIKES for me.[View]
177094957Name a more iconic group of villains[View]
177124525https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcXGgjyV4WA sex with Asuka >Do you love me?... do you really love…[View]
177124391It truly makes me sad that you cunts don't see who's the true best girl when she literally…[View]
177127434Post Main Characters that aren't Manlets.[View]
177122817Seraph of the end - Owari no seraph: I recently remembered watching the anime a few years ago, is th…[View]
177128716Reminder this is still true[View]
177128498Who's your favorite student council vice president?[View]
1771245093x3 threads are for pseudo intellectuals. After all, brevity is the soul of wit and thus, I conclude…[View]
177123549I just finished watching the school festival arc, but I didn't get the ending. Why did knocking…[View]
177121787Shinsekai Yori: Could the PK society have prevented fiend outbreaks by altering their death feedback…[View]
177068370Goblin Slayer Year One 14: English scans should be avilable soon[View]
177128109Why haven't you taught your coffeefu to swim yet, anon?[View]
177128205Why did the author ruin this perfectly fine design? She looks like shit in the new chapters.[View]
177106119>powers of Death >rank 2 HOW?[View]
177128318How do you handle this situation?[View]
177125216Kyoani appreciation thread. Ya, they have produced some shit, but overal I wouldn't want to do …[View]
177121978Why do you like Tomoe Mami?[View]
177125945what is this bullshit?[View]
177118369God I wish that were me.[View]
177101948One piece:: Would you rather have sanji or patty on the crew?[View]
177127663ITT: Wasted potential[View]
177112799>he thinks code geass is well written[View]
177124084SSSS Gridman: Who is the best girl?[View]
177119434Shokugeki No Souma: Why do people even bother to flip out about the latest chapter possibly going NT…[View]
177121801Masashi Kudo released an artbook at C94 containing Bleach/BurnTheWitch/Code Geass stuff: (New) Anime…[View]
177124127In the anime, Goku in the UI form is muscular, in the manga he looks like a fat somalian. Why?[View]
177073905One Punch Man: Do you think ONE will make Fubuki an A rank hero after this arc in the manga? I know …[View]
177115772This is kind Arthur. He's the King of Knights and father of Mordred. Say something nice about h…[View]
177124305When will the betafag MC meme die? Why does Japan love it so much?[View]
177120038Man, imagine working in a place where you get physically abused by lolis on a daily basis[View]
177105168Asobi Asobase: New episode in 8 hours. Hanako will asobi with a huge fucking beetle it seems.[View]
177117764Shingeki no Kyojin: New episode soon. This season will be full of romance I'm talking about Zek…[View]
177125708Post upcoming anime light novel adaptations you are excited to see come out. The one that excites me…[View]
177125333Will we ever see more of him in the anime ?[View]
177112925is there any hope for a 3rd season?[View]
177122363Siscon Ani to Brocon Imouto ga Shoujiki ni Nattara ch.16 is out!: I starting to get feeling, that gy…[View]
177125037Tomo: Is love[View]
177114346Noah's Notes.: It ends with the gyaru going back in time and her teacher sending her notes and …[View]
177118437Gundam or Precure?: Which franchise should I be an expert on? Both around the same number of episode…[View]
177123460Guys please I cannot find some good scans for Baki the Grappler. All of them have that huge gap betw…[View]
177118608Does /a/ hate this movie?[View]
177124619Dragon Ball Super: >next chapter released >it will have another tori interview >tori says t…[View]
177124526Asobi Asobase: pssssssss[View]
177124076BAKA BAKA BAKA[View]
177124188>ywn be a mother[View]
177104037GeGeGe no Kitaro: How do I get a body like this?[View]
177123090So how amazing was the Anal devastation when this happened? I wasn't around when it dropped but…[View]
177115552Dragon Ball Super: Apparently Goku isn't using Kaioken in the manga. >Beerus: 'His ki just s…[View]
177119739Evangelion copied Akira.[View]
177122269Shiki Thread: AAA ANATA NO YUME AAA SAKEBU SAKEBU[View]
177123273which is the best anime movie?[View]
177109223Takizawa-san: new chapter is up and i havent seen a thread[View]
177119763This is Teko. Look at all her hearts! Look at how cute she is![View]
177119139Best waifu material: Smart, good at sport, rich, innocent, nerdy, and funny. What's not to like…[View]
177117109ITT: Characters who did nothing wrong: he[View]
177114163And it all ended happily ever after.[View]
177114441SHINY MAKEUP season 4 fucking when?[View]
177120390Citrus: If they didn't have hot lesbian sex to consummate the marriage, then is it still a good…[View]
177112174I just love anime[View]
177090470Why is Togashi wasting so much of his life on this shit? When is he going to finish this and move on…[View]
177120740Most overrated anime moments.[View]
177121494Who the fuck is this dude?[View]
177116592>when girl says 'boku'[View]
177118081ACTUAL greatest SoL anime of all time: 1. My Neighbor Totoro 2. Heidi, Girl of the Alps 3. Anne of G…[View]
177112475Sanctuary: Just finished this manga. What's /a/'s opinion on it?[View]
177117226Bros, I have to say Kubo really outdid himself with Burn the Witch. Both Noel and Ninii are peak del…[View]
177122414Whats your fav pokemon loli[View]
177096491What is the best anime of 2018 so far? Has it been worse than 2017?[View]
177118417Do you own any gifts given to you by studios?[View]
177100556RIP Stalker threads: http://www27392u.sakura.ne.jp/index_news.cgi[View]
177121630This doujin pretty much proves why this is the best ship in Boku No Hero[View]
177121549Mirai no Mirai: This movie was released at theaters in summer and are getting released on DVDs in No…[View]
177116744this man is one of the few truly great filmmakers in anime[View]
177058696When will we get a good Precure series again?[View]
177118476>BTFOs Saber twice in HA >BTFOs Alter once in HF >BTFOs Medea in FSN >BTFOs all kinds of…[View]
177116847What are some gilfs or webmds that are the definition of maximum moe? I'll start[View]
177069038I showed Evangelion to my mother and brother and it was a fucking disaster, oh God do I regret it. I…[View]
177119623Hey /a/, do you remember us?[View]
177116933What the actual fuck is this assholes problem?[View]
177118534Which version is the best of Tite Kubo?[View]
177114183what is the appeal of potatoes shaped characters?[View]
177106979Fafner THE BEYOND: PV is out, we're getting a 2019 release boys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
177120387Is Haikyu! the best Shonen anime/manga ever made? What can even compete against it? Also Tobio is a …[View]
177033259Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro/School road: Are they actually friends? They betray each other a lot. New e…[View]
177117204Second doll best doll, kashira?[View]
177113387Anime you really wanted to like but that just didn't grab you: There's so much I about Hyp…[View]
177092405Jashin-chan Dropkick: So what did they do with Jashin-chan?[View]
177118782Why does anime struggle to do medieval fantasy well?[View]
177118945Is the gyaru heroine fad dead before it could even be born?[View]
177117142Just watched the first season. Did I have fun?[View]
177078443I miss her, /a/. Do you even remember her?[View]
177115057Detective Conan: With all the female characters in this series, I'm surprised /a/ doesn't …[View]
177085477Be honest: If you summoned a servant by compatibility who would you get? Could the two of you win th…[View]
177096223Harukana Raceive: Do you like this ACE?[View]
177118931Did they ever get to see her again?[View]
177116621Is there such thing as an asspull that's also good?[View]
177113718One Piece: Anime>>>Manga[View]
177106308I just want to know: why does Toriyama and Toei hate Tien?[View]
177109318what did you think /a/?[View]
177118537Is there a way to bulk download from goddess?[View]
177108352Why does One Piece have a decreasing number of sales and readers every year?: Is Eiichiro Oda losing…[View]
177118463Bakemonogatari - Chapter 13: If someone drops a TL i'll do the cleaning redrawing and typesetti…[View]
177118188Thy should re-use the SSJ4 designs, this looks much better than muh red/blue/pink/white haired SSJ1.[View]
177086059Hataraku Saibou: Laughter is good for your body[View]
177112980Nichijou done right.[View]
177115170ITT: authors/titles that cannot be trusted. There are probably many more of these: 1) Kenji Inoue Cu…[View]
177109269how do OPfags take these designs seriously?[View]
177112413Legend of the galactic heroes: Is it actually the pinnacle of eastern animation or is it just a big …[View]
177099794Shingeki no Kyojin: Will Reiner and the other warriors save Annie?[View]
177108131Boku no Hero Academia: When will shit hit the fan?[View]
177117513>July: We'll have franx threads every day for years >August: Darling and the Fags pretty …[View]
177114604If Light from Death Note and Zero from Code Geass were in the same universe, will they be enemies or…[View]
177117411Haruhi: S3 confirmed[View]
177116195happy yet sad fact: k-on was a once in a lifetime magic that can never be recreated aki toyosaki (yu…[View]
177101679Pros and Cons of abridged series: Pros and Cons of abridged series Pros: Short Smart Funny Better th…[View]
177078912Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight: You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.…[View]
177085269https://180817.magireco.com/ Have you accepted that we are getting Magireco anime long before Madoka…[View]
177117214How do you watch Occultic Nine without falling asleep? Episode was 3 interesting... somewhat, but ev…[View]
177090950Shieldbro volume 12 release!: Today is the day when shieldbro volume 12 is officially released. The …[View]
177114893It's Ayase, isn't it?[View]
177103043post your favorit OSTs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjyTzL6sxdQ&t=0s https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
177035700JoJolion: https://news.yahoo.co.jp/feature/1055 >Finally, I asked the development of Part 8 'Jojo…[View]
177114637Childhood is idolizing Kaiji. Adulthood is when you realize Akagi makes more sense.[View]
177109409Shinka makes my pee pee hard[View]
177116643Haruhi Suzumiya: Just finished the 2 season and the movie chronologically, I have to say that it was…[View]
177092332Ongaku Shoujo: [HorribleSubs] Ongaku Shoujo - 07 [720p] Beach episode... sorta kinda.[View]
177100698Did those wolves rape her?[View]
177105503Are traps best in a skirt? Or is there something to be said about being able to pull off boyish clot…[View]
177114798Most 80s OP: I think we can all agree it's this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cqnmNMb-BY…[View]
177112155Theory: Kurisu used her superior knowledge of the human brain to scientifically determine which comb…[View]
177116693No closure then, huh?[View]
177101502Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san: Would you date a ghost?[View]
177112009NonNon Byori: Movie when?[View]
177116158Gundam Build Divers: Stop trying to make Tigerwolf look cool. Tigerwolf is never going to be cool.…[View]
177116200I want you to make-believe it's the first time, and I gotta say to you: love will find a way, a…[View]
177103930What do you think about these designs?[View]
177115329>Drink tons and tons of beers >doesn't grow a big pair of boobs…[View]
177078802Cute Spiders: So how far can we expect the Kumo Desu anime to get? Ending on Volume 3, with kumoko l…[View]
177113966Why don't anime artists care about shading anymore?[View]
177100794>her face when she sees your dick[View]
177111681why did it fail?[View]
177112387ITT god tier scanlations.[View]
177107939Why did this series receive so much hate compared to the rest of the big 3?[View]
177105049Darling In The FranXX: So far the Manga is proving to be a better way to experience DITF than the An…[View]
177088177Does /a/ like thick eyebrows?[View]
177113594Is there any reason to read a light novel if it has a manga adaptation?[View]
177114242Spice and Wolf: Will I like this anime? The only reason I was interested is because I want to fuck t…[View]
177115576Layton's Mystery Detective Agency: Subs are out extremely fast: >[Pitohui] Layton Mystery Ta…[View]
177115535>let's get these kids into NTR![View]
177107106When does this faggot stop crying?[View]
177111461Shinsekai Yori: I'm only halfway through, I'll return to this thread when I finish it. In …[View]
177104354Dragon Ball Super: DECEMBER 2018[View]
177106779>mangaka starts milking the shit out of his series[View]
177106955Uma Musume Pretty Derby: Eishin Flash -Cute -Kind -Friendly -Beautiful is she best Horse Girl?…[View]
177115325Miyazaki deserves all the praise he gets.[View]
177111070What kind of relationship goes beyond friendship for two girls?[View]
177115148Is it just me or the anime suddenly raised it's quality in the last episode?[View]
177108447My favorite anime genre used to be harlem, but as I grew up, I've lost interest in them. When I…[View]
177106914Fate/Zero is amazing. Why couldn't other Fate spin-offs be as good? I know the only TM writer w…[View]
177113222is ichigo the most chad shounen mc?[View]
177105743Bokuben / We Can't Study / We Never Learn 75: It's out. https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/rea…[View]
177114497How do I go about watching anime on a mac? Do they have codecs and shit? Do the subs work fine?[View]
177114525How would you help ease Lucifer's suffering /a/?[View]
177112441Hanebado!: Nagisa would make a better main character, and the series would be called Nagibado! Also,…[View]
177112700>Love Live isekai This is such a wonderful idea. I wish it was more than some game event.…[View]
177113959I Hate You ![View]
177086303Post your daughterwife[View]
177114050Psycho-Pass: Almost 6 years later and Akane is still the girl of the decade. Also, real second seaso…[View]
177078792The Promised Neverland chapter 099: Let's go[View]
177111463what did she mean by this?[View]
177114170Is anyone on /a/ reading Ao no Flag? It's such a great manga![View]
177111495Is Dr Stone worth reading? I’m currently at chapter 8 and I have serious doubts this will turn good …[View]
177097246Why don't more girls wear leggings?[View]
177101765yui: /a/'s thoughts on yui?[View]
177104218ITT: Underutilized doujin fuel[View]
177113479>El Hermano is stealing Erina from Soma When you think SnS can't get worse, but the author k…[View]
177113395>anime characters tend to have abnormal hair colors >the best girls are always the ones with b…[View]
177110220Bakugan Teboot: >mfw other franchises that deserve a rebbot are ignored >mfw no Shun and Julie…[View]
177090447What exactly is Rito looking at here?[View]
177108793there's an awful lot of white people fot a series that supposedly takes place in Hawaii[View]
177110123>tfw only one show worth watching this season at least it wasn't as bad as spring 2017…[View]
177112747did aposimz ever get good? I read the first 7 or 8 chapters and it was just the mc levelling for a b…[View]
177086092Last thread reached image limit. ITT: Post your favorit pages/panels, and if possible tell us specif…[View]
177108570tfw no s3[View]
177107309where did the artist that made noriko pictures go?[View]
177109395Madara Uchiha: What the fuck was his problem, /a/?[View]
177112225>OP by Meiko Nakahara[View]
177045732Grand Blue: >more alcoholism, cute girls and homosex here Are you ready, /a/?…[View]
177112089What happens to mangaka who fade away? Can't think of any specific examples off the top of my h…[View]
177110077God I wish that were me.[View]
177106667Japan is going straight to hell.[View]
177110346Dbs writing godly: I guess Roshi is as strong as jiren[View]
177106691So I dropped One Piece Anime after finishing Dressrosa arc because of the shit pacing. The entire se…[View]
177109661Berserk Quotes: Favorite Berserk quotes? Pic related[View]
177109798Which was better? The one with Aptom [View]
177105394>Trains every hour of every day of his life >Still only gets big wins against no-names >Sti…[View]
177111876Cardia is sooooo cute.[View]
177103206Was the point of his character to be a cool and edgy mentor or something? Because that point ends up…[View]
177111311I can't believe I've invested so much time into this series so they could pull up a fuckin…[View]
177107074ONE: How does the absolute madman do it? >disregards shading, color, perspective and even symmetr…[View]
177108946ITT: Girls with sub-80 IQs[View]
177102142How did they explain him coming back to life to the school and neighbors?[View]
177093401Overlord: Saucy new bread dedicated to besto girl: the sweet slime[View]
177110437>ends world hunger >creates infinite wealth >no more fighting >show ends…[View]
177078435Show me your face[View]
177104983Ranma 1/2: Anyone remember this series? ...Anyone out there agree that Shampoo or Ukyo would have ma…[View]
177108932Kanokari: This manga is amazing, /a/ is crazy for shitting on this.[View]
177109145pripris: Is it Sunday morning yet?[View]
177110143Jojo: F[View]
177107213BangDream: Why these girls are so perfect? >also BangDream >>>>Im@s>>>> L…[View]
177100980Is this still the greatest cliffhanger of all time?[View]
177102615Hanebado: Who is ready for some tomboy badminton tanoshii?[View]
177109124Favourite shows 2017: What was your top five favourite anime in 2017? Regardless of genre.[View]
177109308World's End Harem: Slow Grandpa got a makeover and looks like a Chad now.[View]
177109493>OP by Lotus Juice[View]
177102616Nom Nom[View]
177108467you still listen to ~trust you~? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hv5sgsnHjY[View]
177108384He must be so lonely.[View]
177095591ITT: anime with good english dubs[View]
177103322At what point does a show become 'edgy'?: I've noticed that people like using the term 'edgy' t…[View]
177105462I had a bad dream, /a/....can I sleep with you in your bed tonight?[View]
177109013Ravages of times: Help me guys,how can i become a chad like lu bu?[View]
177107307Vivio has TWO mamas![View]
177102272Was it an asspull?[View]
177108719Would you still love your waifu if behind her make-up she looked like this?[View]
177108589Why is Yotsuba so wonderful?[View]
177106451DBS Chapter 39: >SSBKK is in the manga >SSBKK isn't in the movie >NEITHER THE ANIME OR…[View]
1771083813x3 threads are for pseudo intellectuals. After all, brevity is the soul of wit and thus, I conclude…[View]
177108077Did I miss the Layton thread or are we all still waiting for subs?[View]
177107496Which anime/manga posting span did you enjoy the most? Image very related.[View]
177108308Is she right?[View]
177105338Why can't she stop staring at walking garbage?[View]
177081304Initial D: >Bunta is dead >Takumi crippled >Bunta spin off never >all we have is a shitt…[View]
177106771Symmetry Thread: Is there any symmetry here?[View]
177104456is it any good? or is it bad?[View]
177073949POPOTAN: This series ended exactly on the 2nd day of 4chan's existence. Most oldfags won't…[View]
177097259>30+ episodes on a single fucking fight How did this hot garbage series ever become so popular?…[View]
177105983Diamond is unbreakable dub: Wow this is uh, interesting[View]
177105218Holocaust Saibou: You know Japan Cancer Cells fucking kill you, your not suppose to feel guilty for …[View]
177103764Maou-jou de Oyasumi: This is Scissors Demon Suyasuya. Say something nice to her.[View]
177096847Do modern traps have shallow characterization?[View]
177106073It was the chasing she really loved[View]
177105989Dorohedoro: Hole did nothing wrong.[View]
177105982KEK kaji thread?[View]
177105953Which anime character is the deepest?[View]
177104409Never has a clone of your own mother been so loveable.[View]
177103306Send help. Too me and the author to get more chapters . The art style is really nice and the story i…[View]
177090422Oregairu: What would happen in the rare case of an Irohasu victory?[View]
177093592The Goddess of smiles![View]
177106081>sexualizing the colors[View]
177105846>Not getting bullied by a younger girl.[View]
1770415302000~2009 /a/nime Thread: a thread about the best era in anime. what have you been watching\reading …[View]
177106268The Promised Neverland thread Why is nobody talking about this yet???[View]
177106593Citrus: Yuzu is an idiot. She realizes that she was just scared when turning down mei and instead of…[View]
177106446Where Do I Translate Japanese From?!: Help me. help me! >pic unrelated…[View]
177106441Post gilfs or webmds that are the definition of maximum moe. I'll start[View]
177084897Daily Azumanga Chapter: You belong. Volume 2, May.[View]
177105365What do you think? Underrated? Better than its contemporaries?[View]
177084670re zero: What are the anatomical and cultural differences of oni compared to humans in the re zero v…[View]
177105549Anime/manga/light novel /a/ tricked you into watching/reading: I'll start. People recommended t…[View]
177071928ITT: Anime that a small number of people like very much.: Stuff that isn't popular or widely kn…[View]
177100059Boku no hero academia: Once Bakugo and Kirishima travel back in time, how do you think they'll …[View]
177098874tsukihime: So the reality is, Aniplex and FGO made Nasu filthy rich, and now he doesn't give a …[View]
177104874Kill Me Baby: Viewer discretion advised.[View]
177100079Shingeki no Kyojin: How many chapters left till CHADmin kills edgeren?[View]
177105744Aguu: Tensai Ningyou: > [Ganbatte-Subs] Aguu Tensai Ningyou - 06 (BS11 1280x720 x264 AAC) https:/…[View]
177104338SHE'S BACK http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/wDCNLZDfL_M[View]
177079227Could an anime with better sword physics even be possible?[View]
177103303>bibidi >babadi >buu…[View]
177102923When you hear the word 'pride,' which anime character comes to mind first?[View]
177103918What's next for based Daddy Endeavor?[View]
177102071Best girl. No questions asked[View]
177105269Show me your best[View]
177098279227 Days left...[View]
177103631Stalker Thread: Not sure if anyone cares but the stalker points for current season anime has shut do…[View]
177103014Favorite MANGA ONRY fights[View]
177095466>TTGL has good animat-[View]
177103586>shonen anime >mc is sad because he's common >several girls fall in love with him >…[View]
177019444What does /a/ think of Akaza Akari...in a sexual sense?[View]
177103312is she waifu material?[View]
177100518ITT hacks of the anime/manga industry[View]
177102892Give me a reason to continue after Episode 68 The dark tournament is over, yusuke is back in school,…[View]
177103628yurucamp / yurukyan / laid-back camp: Nice banana? Nice banana.[View]
177102604How deadly is the Japanese cold?[View]
177102731Come up with an idea for an anime. Hardmode: It can't have >high school girls >isekai …[View]
177078942Darling in the FranXX manga: New chapter. And it's a beach chapter[View]
177070732Is this the new Big 3?[View]
177104530Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria: Is this the spiritual successor of Smartphone?[View]
177088824Aho Girl: say stupid things[View]
177102759Angel Densetsu: Do they have any idea what Seiichirou will do when he hears Angel Densetsu still doe…[View]
177098101Dragon Ball Super: Man this last Toyo chapter was embarrassing huh? > Gohan = LSS Kefla > Mast…[View]
177090279>ywn have a hat that is alive and eats your brain[View]
177088493What the FUCK happened to mecha anime?[View]
177102427Who else prefers this anime over dbz?[View]
177101392Why did they completely change the plot in the English translation?[View]
177104024>its another 'deconstruction of the genre' anime[View]
177065517Kanojo, Okarishimasu: I fucking love this manga. It's a nice change of pace from haremshit like…[View]
177064409Does your family watch anime? >grandpa is enjoying My Hero Academia >pic related shows up >…[View]
177098356I bet this idol could kick your ass.[View]
177094274ITT: Post the perfect episode from an anime. I'll start with GTO ep 1.[View]
177064472Raildex: Is Kagun's corpse what lies beneath Ryoran Maid School?[View]
177088984Who is the best Sailor Senshi and why is it Mars?[View]
177013496Sometimes I wish I was Kaos.[View]
177082094Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san: >when she's bullying you again and you've had enough…[View]
177097581Name a better and more iconic hairstyle than the hime cut you can't[View]
177102915So what are their curses /a/?[View]
177084156Kanna vs Mashiro: Who's winner ?[View]
177093900No Centre Bangs Thread: You know what I hate, /a/?[View]
177103064When They Cry: When They Cry 5, soon.[View]
177095843>15 years old[View]
177100345>Lintahlo, for the last time tell me where the shaman girls are or I'll start WW3…[View]
177102598What are some great references in anime?[View]
177099410The battle systems of your 2 favorite battle shounen are swapped. How much they change?[View]
177101900Pop Pu Teh Pi Pi Ku![View]
177097345ITT: Canonical non-virgins[View]
177100642Can we take a moment out of our days to appreciate this goddess?[View]
177097372I've forgotten, which arc is it where they sail to an island beat up those evil dudes and have …[View]
177088255Just finished watching Hisone to Masotan. It was nice! I´d wish I watched it live instead. What did …[View]
177083275ITT: Japanese words you learned from watching anime: >chottomatte…[View]
177095686Did we just witness villain of the season?[View]
177099231what are /a/'s thoughts on the monogatari series?[View]
177100455Was Matou Shinji twisted by the circumstances or an outright villain? It seems Shirou and Shinji wer…[View]
177098251Berserk: Golden Age/Black Swordsman arc remake 2020 leaks: Hello /a/. I'm a Japanese animator w…[View]
177098442Dammit, this event made me remember how great Sunshines are and how nicely Aquors could work in a ma…[View]
177100025Mako-san wa Shindemo Jiritsu Shinai: This is Mako. Despite being a college student, she still needs …[View]
177101453Junjun is the only good thing Starlight brought.: Damn, why isn't she the main character?…[View]
177099876why are fansubs no longer fun?[View]
177084686Shingeki no Kyojin: Can Chadmin love save Annie?[View]
177100162Why would you have a girl that has been ravaged before/canonically has a love interest/boyfriend as …[View]
177100440Best girl thread: Post the best girl of a series[View]
177033063Sirius the Jaeger: Ep 6 was the best one so far.[View]
177101002mi tsu mitsudomoe![View]
177086581>new manga releases >its isekai[View]
177098907We must fight for Cancer rights[View]
177100158Is there anything more satisfying than watching something on your backlog, and discovering where a m…[View]
177078152What do you think about Sayaka?[View]
177087773SAO is better than what you are watching right now.[View]
177100189Boku no Hero Academia: Boku no Hero Academia applauds people for risking their lives to save others …[View]
177097171Genderbender/Sex Change manga: What is it about the exploration of two different psychology of the h…[View]
177100592Yuuko stupid.[View]
177093147Imagine liking this plot device as a character.[View]
177099494Why do faggots like anime so much?[View]
177100287>Rewatching Chuunibyou >Expect lukewarm watch only good for nostalgia >Series is actually g…[View]
177079575Persona 5 the Animation: New Episode[View]
177087488Shoujo/Romance Thread: Is this the best one?[View]
177090356LUCKY STAR: I love Konata and think she is really cute and I wish she was real because she is just l…[View]
177098275How much value do you put into auteur theory? Do you refer to directors only, do you look into every…[View]
177098123Dragon Ball Super: >makes Toei bring SSG back for the anime ToP >makes Toyo bring KK back for …[View]
177098979When can we watch this? I can't wait for more Shink.[View]
177100256Medaka Box: Minus when?[View]
177098467Dragon Ball Super: So how will the ToP end in the manga?[View]
177093805Boku no Hero Academia: post your favourite character and their theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
177075303Is Rin bi?[View]
176990017OPT/one page thread: Post a page, convince someone else to read something new. This series, Boku no …[View]
177099729Where the fuck are my old weebs? Classics like wings of honnemaise or dubbed gold like cyber city. …[View]
177099340>janky CGI ass >disgusting hands What the fuck is happening MAPPA? Don't tell me they ran…[View]
177085700I want her to test my penis[View]
177097164Can japan manage to do horror/thriller right? Pic related was the best attempt I have seen at a succ…[View]
177095562How do you feel about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender anime and manga?[View]
177086234I dont get it.[View]
177099249Miyuki: where do i even begin looking for this[View]
177090582Kenichi Sonoda Is a total faggot cunt dick monger for making Rally lesbian. How am I going to make h…[View]
177095793>get to a certain proficiency level in Japanese >realize most fan translations are awful I wa…[View]
177061159Made in Abyss: Best Shota Anime of the last decade. Show some Regu Love.[View]
177082827Why is she so perfect?[View]
177078283How would Violet react to someone taking her virginity?[View]
177092901It’s obvious the Fullmetal Alchemist is the prequel to Full Metal Jacket but why was it never explai…[View]
177095152Machi is my waifu that I love so very much[View]
177065251Digimon: Here´s your 22 years old Taichi and Yamato.[View]
177097335Can someone explain me?: Why is this a thing? No, seriously why? I understand Why Sasuke chose her b…[View]
177091402Magi: What went wrong?[View]
177071730One Piece: >law is back Rejoice.[View]
177091156Dragon Ball Super: gohan chooses to fight as a human and not go super saiyan? explain to me how does…[View]
177091081Will we ever get anymore decent content? Perhaps a third season of SaC?[View]
177097781I want to be a cute anime girl so bad bros![View]
177097624>used to prefer dubs because I didn't like reading during a marathon >2 years later >c…[View]
177097640Hataraku Saibou/Cells at Work!: Can't spell slaughter without laughter.[View]
177093312Hanebado: It's a tomboy episode next, post your thoughts, expectations, who you want to marry a…[View]
177078007What the fuck is his problem? Was the real jimi this big of a faggot? Dropped[View]
177093945Idols are old and busted: CHEERLEADERS are the new hotness. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpPsqkIS…[View]
177071859Hataraku Saibou: A new episode airs today. Cancer doesn't seem as scary now knowing that fighte…[View]
177084681What happened?: Why is it that even the shittiest adaptations used to be entertaining and nowadays a…[View]
177094582Shinzou's mouthguard looks a lot like Dekus, and he's using the same rope things Aizawa us…[View]
177028335Bokuben: How can a girl be this cute?[View]
177080739It's been 5 years, are you still mad?[View]
177093769Is anime the highest form of art?[View]
177096720Saiyan Tails: What are te chances they come back?[View]
177024997Who's the best girl in DxD? And why is it Rias?[View]
177095758leave goku to ME.[View]
177094719This is the peak of anime visuals[View]
177091831Overlord: You may not agree with me, but this is the best one-hand weapon in the New World[View]
177091308Bruh, is not the same[View]
177024775Girls und Panzer: DUCE![View]
177086282Can he be redeemed?[View]
177085973Where were you when slow granpa became CHADgranpa ?[View]
177089505Duckface S2 WHEN?![View]
177092753Is she telepathic? Every time i rewatch some episode I think about it[View]
177096025I want to violate her regulations.[View]
177069724ITT: Pleb Filters: pic related[View]
177087577Zvezda: Find a flaw.[View]
177090510ITT: manga which ran through it's original concept: >Gakkou Gurashi Let's face it, it s…[View]
177045454Happy Sugar Life: >[HorribleSubs] Happy Sugar Life - 06 [1080p].mkv Lots of Asahi suffering today…[View]
177094191Mahōtsukai no Yoru: Mahoyo was supposedly the first story Nasu ever wrote back in highschool. Does i…[View]
177094116Would you a Midari Ikishima?[View]
177081578Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san: >new episode today Get pumped![View]
177095196/Tonegawa General/: Lets all take a minute to appreciate Tonegawa. He is my inspiration.[View]
177094433/a/ writes a battle-shounen / Blueshift-Redshift thread: A shitposting thread turned into something …[View]
177089831Do you still think about the Keions?[View]
177094416it's that time again. fuck cicadas[View]
177093077Serious question, whats the purpose of ecchi anime and why is so popular? i mean, if i want to watch…[View]
177093836Teen-A Gundam: >Let's turn Gundam into pretentious shit[View]
177094449What do you think of ryona scenes in anime and manga?[View]
177093692>casually falls into water >proceeds to have one of the best episodes of animation ever drawn…[View]
177094244Kemono Friends: Is 'Kemono Friends' (precisely Japari Park) an isekai? Who knows, maybe Kaban-chan i…[View]
177090926Why can't I just fucking admit that he is well written?[View]
177085573Who is the best animal mascot?[View]
177093899Post a meme from an anime airing when you first came to /a/: 2006 for me.[View]
177091004so was the big mom arc with Sanji just identical to the Nico Robin arc with cp-0 or am I and idiot[View]
177093457Nino will never, EVER love Futarou(she hates him for so long), so start deal with it, okay?[View]
177086771Boku no hero academia: It's obviously Bakugo. Are you fuckers blind or something[View]
177093070Hataraku Saibou ep 7: Duing the battle in this episode, around 15:45 mark, I'm pretty sure that…[View]
177083777Uma Musume Pretty Derby: >Knows from were little Horse Girls come >Knows that her Dad loves he…[View]
177045040Mitsuboshi Colors: I fucking love the Colors so much[View]
177084822Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria: New episode is out, this week we got the slutty berserker V…[View]
177091265Don't mind us. Taking this cosplayer to the last page.[View]
177091707Boruto: So who here thinks Naruto is going to get killed by Kawaki? Personally I think this is a red…[View]
177088531Hoshiai no Sora trailer out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zQxCQ9C9PY&feature=youtu.be Opini…[View]
177085049Behold: the ideal female body. This is the peak of femininity, and you know it.[View]
177065839Legend of Ashlean: Waiting for TL. Also, thread. http://rawneko.net/manga/legend-of-ashlean-raw/…[View]
177089980I bet she would break your ugly face.[View]
177073059>Watch Koihime Musou anime >Expecting epic battles like its three kingdom novel counterpart …[View]
177001948Aifure and Prichan: The power of friendship is the strongest.[View]
177091685Don't mind me just posting the most captivating and cathartic ending in all of anime. https://w…[View]
177091387Bad cliches: >le prodigy >I'm good at everything I do >adults are always 'Sasuga, kare…[View]
177090494naru is a very strong girl. Can you prove your favo small child to be the strongest?[View]
177075726Asobi Asobase: new episode in 1 day GET HYPE[View]
177082312phrases you learnt from anime: diejobu[View]
177090092Amagami SS[View]
177088341ITT: anime/manga that really activated your almonds and made you question things in life.[View]
177088037Will we see the best cell at the end of this season?[View]
177081735Parallel Paradise 54: SO here chapter 54, but got to wait for someone to solve the password ETC,ETC …[View]
177052464I can't believe Harry Mendez is fucking dead[View]
177077088Darling In The FranXX: New Manga chapter in 5 minutes. Expectations? Will Yabuki do the beach episod…[View]
177091206is this the best soul society has to offer?[View]
177083046What's /a/'s consensus on Kagerou Project/ Mekaku City Days as a whole? >3rd album comi…[View]
177091005/a/, what's your favorite romance series? I found myself feeling actual human emotions while wa…[View]
177072900Why do women like this character so much?[View]
177080687kumamiko: What went wrong?[View]
177066322Overlord: The GMs are against us. How long until Ainz and the Nazareich genocide them along with the…[View]
177087815Cerval stupid[View]
177089481Yun talks funny![View]
177086593Dragon Ball Super: >Kefla leglocking Gohan Now this is way too blatant.…[View]
177090314the promised neverland: will there be deaths on this journey?the previous arc says no[View]
177089074Eden: cyberpunk, philosophical, gore, hentai... Why don't you read it?[View]
177087294What's her height?[View]
177082600For me, it's Oberstein[View]
177085400Would you watch an anime that combines both 2D and claymation?[View]
177087286Yu-Gi-Oh!: How do we fix YGO anime? The latest series are all shit compared to the older ones. And y…[View]
177084988Some of you guys are alright. Don't go to Scarborough Fair tomorrow.[View]
177089466is this an underrated masterpiece?[View]
177031992Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
177088447Will manime ever return?[View]
177087979Is it worth watching[View]
177081819Your opinion on boys with big breasts? I mean, what's your opinion on Magical Girl Raising Proj…[View]
177088743What went wrong?[View]
177024262Aoni has announced that their seiyuu Ishizuka Unshou has passed away on the August 13th at the age o…[View]
177086111Are there or have there ever been any attempts to be truly innovative in the world of anime and mang…[View]
177080888why is this considered one of the best romantic comedies? I found it to be very average[View]
177088848HATARAKU SAIBOU: Imagine that the first season ends with a cliffhanger in this chapter and the sign …[View]
177086172Bilibili moe war 2018. Do Chinks have shit taste or not?[View]
177029052Shokugeki no Souma: Let us discuss our favourite NTR food manga[View]
177083566GOD DAMN IT! You NTRfags have ruined me and I can't watch anything now without thinking about i…[View]
177084727Sheryl the piece of shit should have died from her sickness and Ranka should have won.[View]
177084832This is Erika, say something nice about her.[View]
177036216>nice hair >lovley eyes >big tits >killer body >pretty nails >cute feet >fantas…[View]
177088354ITT: Companies who did nothing wrong[View]
1770882495toubun no Hanayome: Nino doesn't like Fuutarou and never, ever will. Who else is hyped for the…[View]
177085533Big fucking elf TITS.[View]
177065076Harukana Receive: Is eating lots of melon bread the secret to getting the perfect bikini body?…[View]
177086905Alderamin on the Sky: Is Ikta actually dead? Holy shit the author sure has balls of steel if this is…[View]
177040710Satania was the only reason that Gabriel Dropout was good.[View]
177086457Gingaian: Ready for Trigger's new Meme Show /a/? I have the feeling time time it will be Kino a…[View]
177084707It had potential[View]
177086880It´s time for the Best Cell[View]
177085344Yattodetaman: you sure remember him![View]
177087466Kyoani Thread: no hate please[View]
177086582Boku no Hero Academia: Shinso will save this series[View]
177080021>Give the MC too much personality and it alienates people >Give the MC little to no personali…[View]
177087282What did he mean by this?[View]
177066536Her appetite's too big for me alone / Ano Hito no i Ni Wa Boku Ga Tarinai: Chapter's out. …[View]
177085004>character is a native European >can't even pronounce his own name…[View]
177084476Kinnikuman: Will he make it into Jump Force? Ideally with Robin Mask and Terryman alongside him…[View]
177085324ITT: Characters that deserve much Better[View]
177081016Dragon Ball Super: The end is nigh[View]
177076668yotsubas: say nice things[View]
177069861>Overlord but it's actually interesting and not a snoozefest Why did /a/ say this was bad?…[View]
177086473Dragon Ball Super: wakey wakey[View]
177086157Why is he so based?[View]
177082257Why do people insist on slapping 'isekai' onto generic fantasy settings? What's the point of ha…[View]
177083260http://www.onsen.ag/program/wa2/ The White Album2 radio got revived out of nowhere for a new season …[View]
177077436Boku no hero academia: Are you excited for the time travel/reincarnation arc?[View]
177077500How's that manga project of yours coming along?[View]
177082294For anyone wondering this series concluded today. It was rushed with an instant happy ending for eve…[View]
177081388>MC and his friends go to America >Sweet home alabama starts playing…[View]
177078818Report: Anime Production Industry Reaches Record High Income With 200 Billion Yen: >'The financia…[View]
177076703ITT: 10/10 panels[View]
177084072>intimidated by Babadis minions Why is he so rediculously weak compared to Zamasu?…[View]
177032401Haruhi Suzumiya 88 Hours Special: This is it lads >https://natalie.mu/comic/news/295702 >https…[View]
177082902>anime has an all girls cast[View]
177085022Worst girl of the season.[View]
177041370Mecha Animator Kunihiro Abe passed away at the age of 50: アニメーター阿部邦博はかねてより病気療養中のところ、8月15日、50歳にて永眠いたし…[View]
177068192Shingeki no Kyojin: When is Mankasa finally going to snap and go on a rampage against blonde midgets…[View]
177081964Why do Finns make for the best anime girls?[View]
177083844So, was she?[View]
177085000slice of life and romance anime sucks ass, nothing in these genres is worth watching they are BORING[View]
177082759For me, it's Ueno.[View]
177084745>Acts like a boy >Gets treated like a boy >Y do u treat me like a boi, Kei-chan? D^': …[View]
177043395The love for tomboys will never die right?[View]
177054848What can the Haruno clan do?[View]
177083108Why is Vegeta like 5'2 when his father was a giant?[View]
177073719Are you still mad?[View]
177056885ITT: as many MILFs as you can think of[View]
177079086I got meme'd by doujins and /a/ thinking that Tohsaka or Seibah were best girls. Now I find out…[View]
177084438ITT: Times when the west name is way better than the original: Not only is her name, the manga itsel…[View]
177079489>a-at least the manga was good though 'No!'[View]
177077953ITT: Anime for teens who believe they are above average intelligence[View]
177083924How we feel about 2018 anime movies?[View]
177067700ITT: Shows that will never, ever get a season 2[View]
177071308Mamoru Oshii : your thoughts?: overated? or deserves to be treated legend like Miyazaki and Tomino…[View]
177084237Why Dark Horse Comics did not release the last 4 volumes of Eden?[View]
177068959Aku no Hana: What did you guys think of the ending? The manga as a whole? I know I'm late, but …[View]
177083080Are any of the Madoka Magica spinoff manga worth reading? I used to be a big fan of the show but I n…[View]
177075978Was he gay or just innocent? What did Anno mean by inserting him in the show?[View]
177074766is comedy/ecchi isekai saving anime[View]
177080729Real victims of CAA. Fuck that retarded turtle cuck. It was really hard for me to push through the l…[View]
177078100FACT: Let's be honest, if the ToP was considered a separate show from Dragon Ball Super then it…[View]
177075524Boku No Hero Academia: why did Hori decide to write a super hero manga if he cant draw battle scenes…[View]
177080349Anyone else looking forward to the YU-NO anime?[View]
177083457-: Boku no hero is soulless compare to other cartoons >Dull >Bland >Lackluster other synon…[View]
177083337*wishes to be a B-class demon*[View]
177069885You can pick two[View]
177081627For me, it's Johan[View]
177049834BLEACH : Can't fear your own world ll: Friendly reminder that Chapter 11 of Bleach: CFYOW II is…[View]
177080229Please describe this man.[View]
177081164Hinamatsuri: Chapter 80 out[View]
177080274Why is anime so shit lately? And by lately I mean the last 10 years. Name me a work that has become …[View]
177083025Official laugh at kefla thread: AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA[View]
177077161Watch Major 2nd.[View]
177082744Is she /ourgirl/ ? (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)[View]
177076167Nanatsu no Taizai: Pics from the movie tie-in special chapter are out. >I'm Mael of the Four…[View]
177082561Will she ever be surpassed?[View]
177080167I guess this is it. A body beyond compare. The female figure at its absolute peak. The result of com…[View]
177082584For me, it's Sayaka.[View]
177062658What class would he be in a Grail War and how useful/powerful would he be as a Servant?[View]
177082095Tenma Today was a good day.[View]
177082132Man I wish this was a full weekly manga instead of doujin[View]
177081640Me on the left[View]
177076028Absolute Comfy: Post absolute comfies This is from Miss Hokusai, a very good movie about Hokusai…[View]
177081647Giorno and Joseph: >tfw when my uncle was born 10 years after i died and is the half brother of m…[View]
177079407Overlord: When do things get interesting? I'm struggling to finish the first volume because not…[View]
177077317This fucking series[View]
177072334Go-toubun no hanayome: At least Negi is self aware. Itsuki is adorable btw[View]
177076839It's quite simple, one of these is superior to the other[View]
177075851Why is the dub so KINO ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYvy1NtZ_Y4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
177073913Is she a good girl?[View]
177078729Worst isekai series. I'll start.[View]
177081258Why is bullying anime girls so funny?[View]
177073775You guys have any obscure or extremely specific character archetypes you're massive suckers for…[View]
177069026Will darling in the franxx be remembered as a great time spent on /a/ like toradora?[View]
177077873Is she bisexual, just lesbian or straight? (I'm talking about Ueno)[View]
177074638DRAGON BALL SUPER: Goku will beat Jiren with Signs of UI only. The full UI form will be used for Bro…[View]
177080493Where is the new Cells at Work episode at REEEEEEEE[View]
177080495Why doesnt ABe's designs translate well in modern anime? From Lain, NieA Under 7, Haibane Renme…[View]
177013589Sugoku sugoku gokudoruzu! Get in here faggots: [sxrp] Back Street Girls - Gokudolls 07 https://nyaa…[View]
177078038>Watch anime to escape the reality of being a loser virgin >MC either has friends, has a rela…[View]
177079076Pickup lines you'd use at an Anime Convention[View]
177072635Kazuki Akane is back with original project: The title is 星合の空 Will be announced soon-ish at TBS Anim…[View]
1770790514chan is the one place i dont care if ads are there or not >they are non intrusive and just plain…[View]
177074414Is the Island Anime worth watching? The promo images look quite interesting.[View]
177062918Macross Delta: What was Delt'as biggest problem?[View]
176992294Look how satisfied this dragon is.[View]
177078015When are we getting the obligatory IS yuri spin-off?[View]
177070477Yuru Camp: Season 2 soon...[View]
177078608>loli >grow up I fucking hate this[View]
177077530When did you realise that Ecchi and RomCom series' are the best things anime and manga has to o…[View]
177077985What is best in life?[View]
177074877Incest is immor(t)al[View]
177076334Where the FUCK is my Season 2, Madhouse?![View]
177078022>this is what anime fans thought was sexy during Winter 2010 We really have come a long way since…[View]
177077291A Certain Magical Index: Does any know where I can find any online copies of Tanaka Yuuichi's '…[View]
177077196Does kyoani not know how to do depth of field?[View]
177076485S3 soon[View]
177073418Why did the good Doctor want a vessel other than Illya's body? Also, let us give thanks for Rin…[View]
177077783Has /a/ forgotten about black lagoon?[View]
177056892Be honest...: Do you actually like GITS, or do you just cave and follow everybody else's opinio…[View]
177064073Mecha Animator Kunihiro Abe Passes Away at 50: >Animator Kunihiro Abe passed away on Wednesday. H…[View]
177068133Did one of the artists of LWA made more swimsuit pics for the characters besides pic related?[View]
177076404Saki: Tanoshii: It's time to go where fashion sits. Putting on' the Ritz (chapter 2)…[View]
177065555this was better than franxx[View]
177057830>only put one kemonomimi baby into this instead of a litter what the fuck was Lawrence thinking?…[View]
177073539Hate elf girl all you want. There are only so many ways you can describe Goblin Slayer's favori…[View]
177072004Isidoro: Where do you see his character going, stay as comic relief or mature a bit?[View]
177077858Don't gimme a heartache! Girlchan you're mine and that's all it takes! I don't…[View]
177077818Worst anime characters: I have no problem with evil characters, but this dipshit was at a whole new …[View]
177068957Was Fairy Tail simply a parody of the shounen genre?[View]
177072333Why does Shoebill never smile?[View]
177074088Certain Magical Index III: Who’s ready for AOTY?[View]
177015393Uma Musume Pretty Derby: >anime flopped >OVA delayed >BD volumes delayed >game is vaporw…[View]
177071613Boku no hero academia: Anyone else tired that eps lately are just filler and fanservice?[View]
177071337You can only pick one.[View]
177067251ITT forgotten masterpieces (pic related)[View]
177065645What the actual fuck is this bullshit?[View]
177075547ITT: characters that you could beat up in a fight[View]
177072727I know Im late but WEW. That was a thing I watched![View]
177071306The Persona 3 anime is a lot better than Persona 5.[View]
177048155what anime has the best panty shots?[View]
177076595The matches still suck ass and I still couldn't give two craps about nu-raimon but at least the…[View]
177076688what went so wrong for us gohan bros?: when did we go wrong?[View]
177060039How to Summon a Demon Load: So Isekai Maou actually manages to show an understanding that most loner…[View]
177072264She's finally back.[View]
177035329Revue Starlight: >finally drops the whiny pathetic act >instead of losing the girl she likes, …[View]
177075008Why aren't there any other Shônen, that attempt to get a message across which is on the same pr…[View]
177069626How did such a mediocre anime series give birth to such a fantastic anime movie?[View]
177072427Why are small idols so much more fun to watch?[View]
177054845Darling in the Franxx: Will Yabuki deliver the manga tomorrow?[View]
177071302Here ya go: enjoy[View]
177073374Same character, different show.[View]
177055886Why can't normalfags into mecha?[View]
177074491Opapagoto Final Chapter: Its over. What a good ending. Where do I find a yukari wife ?[View]
177074382I haven’t watched any anime all year. Anything worth watching? 2017 was a bust.[View]
177061631Are the classes beside saber actually viable?[View]
177068271Make up your own story to describe what's happening in this image. Here's mine. It's …[View]
177076392Banana Fish: This shit is getting awfully gay, isn't it?[View]
177017706For every reifag thread, theres always an asuka thread to triumph over all the wonder girl lovers.[View]
177070255Villain characters: >pic related Maybe I'm just an uncultured swine who hasn't seen eno…[View]
177071309Why was Ninja Slayer so underrated? Was the world just not ready for it? Nancy best girl.[View]
177071950What’s wrong anon-kun? Could you be craving my... McKabaddis?[View]
176971156Sunoharasou no Kanrinin-san: It's penis inspection day[View]
177074711My blood tastes like iron[View]
177070913How can a manga about a sleepy little brat be so engrossing? It doesn't even use the tropes pro…[View]
177074114Sword Art Online: Will the new season be good? There are some who say yes and some who say it’s no d…[View]
177072326What is the greatest anime of all time and why is it steins gate ?[View]
177075451Jigokuraku: This manga is great. Anyone reading this?[View]
177065638Best girl thread: QUICK! POST BEST GIRL[View]
177069276>Dragon Dentist >Japan Animator Expo shorts >The Rebuild presentation So why this studio …[View]
177066209Are stupid girls cute?[View]
177074446i leik poteitos do u leik poteitos?[View]
177064216Dragon Ball Super: Manga >Goku realizes that to master UI he must go back to the basics of martia…[View]
177064430What, if any, anime or manga has remarkably improved your life or happiness?[View]
177056899Kengan Asura: Well, what did you think of the ending?[View]
177073854https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zQxCQ9C9PY PV for Kazuki Akane's new original project, Hoshiai…[View]
177067963Alderamin on the Sky: I miss Alderamin, it was a good show, and did Ikta already fuck the princess i…[View]
177069321How do you feel about Nasu retconning Archer/Every iteration of Shirou ultimate meeting Saber in Ava…[View]
177070936Does anyone else feel so dissociated from reality that anime feels more real than the 3d?[View]
177072685What the fuck was her problem and why is more than half of the cast from Darling in the Franxx copy …[View]
177073802Hoshiai no Sora: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zQxCQ9C9PY 2019 - http://www.tbs.co.jp/anime/hoshi…[View]
177030937The gangs all here, feels good. Post your rarest manga, figures, or anything special you own.[View]
1770691963x3 Thread, Red Edition: Post your regular top-lists, but, if possible, pick their 'edgiest' scenes …[View]
177071830ITT: Post your collection and rate others. Pic related is mine to start.[View]
177073122Combat sports should be a bigger deal in manga/anime considering Japan has had a rich history in the…[View]
177073590Boruto: Is it true that Jigen actually possesed by some Ootsutsuki? If so, does that means Hinata c…[View]
177073412About to prepare a dish of Bell Peppers and Beef in his honour. Sleep tight Jet[View]
177068751lain thread for lain appreciatuon[View]
177068673Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro: Why doed no one on /a/ talk about this? This shit is fucking great.…[View]
177072387>J-Jojo isn't a Fist of the North Star ripoff! Wow, how did he even get away this?…[View]
177071070>open door >see this What to do?[View]
177073143The Lack of Jojo is Disturbing.[View]
177069963What's the first thing you thought about when Asuka first appeared onscreen? For me? All I coul…[View]
177070361https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5TYGGNTTvg Are you hyped /a/?[View]
177072891Holy shit[View]
177065425Show me your war face /a/.[View]
177068572Best meguca.[View]
177072084Biztard here: I haven't watched this in decades. Jap with subtitles or Engrish with shit acting…[View]
177017938What are your favourite anime/manga tropes? Pic related is mine. I love me some good redemption arcs…[View]
1770724985Toubun no Hanayome: Just got up to date with this. When /a/nons said this was the HxH of RomComs, I…[View]
177047441Is there an anime character who is like Kamina, but evil? If there was, what would they be like?[View]
177070735Cells at work: Post a better waifu protip: you can't [View]
177006098Yugioh vrains: Ryoken daisuki[View]
177071101OW FUCK MY EARS[View]
177070176Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior being X?[View]
177069133>Spike is dead >Jet has died >Ed is somewhere else >Dog is probably dead >Faye is now…[View]
177070380Is an animated adaption of the Eva manga possible after 3.0 + 1.0 comes out?[View]
177068923Would you a degenerate?[View]
177066568What's with Japan and their boner for Baseball? Does anyone enjoy the obligatory baseball episo…[View]
177047896one piece: >can see into the future >cant stop some jobber side character from stealing the g…[View]
177067073Boku no Hero Academia: ITT we celebrate the only good mutant[View]
176986817Hataraku Saibou: >you literally got tons of pure sex moms inside of you I want to be a cell too.…[View]
177064426Why is flat + tsundere the perfect combination?[View]
177071442Lin is the ideal waifu and there is no other that can compete You cant prove me wrong[View]
177068881There is something odd and uncanny about the way Sayaka o'Hara pronounces Japanese Speak what y…[View]
177069870Were his actions justified?[View]
177000091Gate: Would you have a Problem if Delilah is your Girlfirend and is so hairy? She is also from a bar…[View]
177071162228 days...[View]
177069658Nichijou done right.[View]
177064751Deku = batman ?: just a thought but how do you think the story of MHA would've develop if Deku …[View]
177066560I want to hug her.[View]
177067921Did you like Eden: it's an endless world?[View]
177070425Why would Violet need such a lewd body?[View]
177065979The Ratt: So how would Part 4 have gone down if Josuke never caught the second Rat? It’d have a high…[View]
177037857Boruto: >Let's adopt this totally stranger and genetically modified emo serial killer kid wi…[View]
177064534Okitegami Kyouko no Bibouroku: Do you have what it takes to keep her up all night long /a/?[View]
177070385I choose...Magmar![View]
177065239Digimon: Which was the best season?[View]
177055163Red or blue?[View]
177065319The last chapter is out what are you waiting /a/[View]
177066354It's still National Black Cat Day. I want to pet this cute black kitty.[View]
177068632Why is manga always ultimately going to be better than anime? I will never find myself wanting to si…[View]
177066406Different world petshop: >From the author of Konosuba Oh I can't believe that a story about …[View]
177034248Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san: Chapter 123 Korean scans: http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/1tgaGPh31vM This …[View]
177068737OG Gundam Borders: So ive been watching 1979 Gundam and the route that White Base takes is strange, …[View]
177065607Angel: i love her[View]
177069305wish someone would pick this up again[View]
177049908UI Roshi vs Jiren: Based Toyo[View]
177068195Conan gets every girl in the end, right Aoyama?[View]
177058863Is she beatable?[View]
177065056Felix will be the next kaiser.[View]
177068976Bermuda Triangle: Cardfight Vanguard's Bermuda Triangle is getting an Anime Adaption. First art…[View]
177058948Saintia Sho: More battle anime[View]
177059316Boku no hero academia. A story about how if you do nothing fate will handle everything for you: >…[View]
177058441>you need a minimum IQ of 50 to become an A-class detective for the galaxy police was it affirmat…[View]
177065636Imagine the following situation. A vampire loli wants to suck your blood till you die. Your reward i…[View]
177067945Lost Canvas: 2018 and I still can't... why?[View]
177068247Why is my attention span dead? I'm not able to watch something without getting lost I CAN'…[View]
177064585Why does /a/ keep saying Hina isn't sexy? Just look at her.[View]
177064621What does /a/ think of the Nasuverse?[View]
177061584You think he'll get into Jump Force?[View]

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