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156311486Berserk Thread: What'll Guts do once he realizes he'd killed his comrades in arms? what ha…[View]
156316020>Utaha episode >Megumi and Eriri interaction more interesting…[View]
156314892Yamato 2202: Subs when?[View]
156316754Hold it right there /a/non, care to explain why are you out so late in a kids' park?[View]
156317022That feel when there will never be a Bluray release of Kaiba and Texhnolyze[View]
156316022Why does Araragi need his vampiric nature to see Hachikuji but Senjou and Hanekawa can see her just …[View]
156284012Hungry Marie 9: https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/hungry-marie/en/0/9/page/1[View]
156315482Would anime be better if they just didn't bother censoring everything?[View]
156316810Minami-ke: >tfw we will never get a sequel with the three of them all grown up and trying to navi…[View]
156307273Post quality anime harems.[View]
156316565Good night, /a/.[View]
156316783Mahou Shojo Site: Jesus fuck this is intense. When does it get another chapter?[View]
156315843The most iconic villain in the past 20 years[View]
156316379why is this allowed?[View]
156315398why don't you bully your waifu? it's so fun[View]
156311938Would do you do her /a/? I know I would.[View]
156259296SAO - Ordinal Scale: So the movie was basically a rehash of the Alicization plot, but with more roma…[View]
156314920is this kino[View]
156257725Was he autistic?[View]
156314514Anime characters who have had a hard life: Is there an anime character who has endured so much suffe…[View]
156310765>Can't watch Original DVD's because Ocean dub >Can't watch Dragon Boxes because…[View]
156308078Kemono Friends: Which friends would you like to see in future seasons of Kemono Friends. I personall…[View]
156307405Did you like my opening theme?[View]
156302210Dead Leaves: What does /a/ think of this movie?[View]
156310605Autism: Who is the most autistic MC and why is it Subaru?[View]
156215465Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt Old >>156146721[View]
1563033733x3 thread yet again: You know the DORIRU people[View]
156314651lads have you ever stopped to consider we can easily make anime real? We just need to start a priva…[View]
156311000Re:Creators: What are the 2ch and 4chan of their world doing right now?[View]
156312509>slut leads two guys on then confesses to another guy in front of them on valentines day Why is t…[View]
156301592I want to sexually fuck Collette.[View]
156309108Why did he take his wife's last name?: Would you take your waifus?[View]
156286013Elf-san wa Yaserarenai: Please don't make fun of Kuroeda's fat butt.[View]
156306154>Mou ikkai~[View]
156272992less than one week left until Yuri on Stage and a SEASON 2 announcement. How are you going to celebr…[View]
156313782Has anyone else noticed when they do a close up of Nadeko's face they often only draw her nostr…[View]
156276962The last good arc to be good for the most part[View]
156313723They can't keep getting away with it.[View]
156306979I like Initial D, but why is the animation so dogshit? Aside from Third Stage there's so many s…[View]
156305316Why can't other studios try as hard as KyoAni? What makes KyoAni so special?[View]
156301626>Villain used to be the hero's best friend[View]
156304892Hey guys, I just got this weird egg. What should I do with it?[View]
156298076Why are they so perfect together?[View]
156310919>No re zero episode today[View]
156304623Mai or Sento?[View]
156312255do you miss them? I miss them[View]
156313140Was their a route that she lives in the Vita VN? Kinda miss her.[View]
156311835WHERE ARE THE PARENTS??[View]
156302838>tfw wiz is secretly a cockhungry slut[View]
156288793where is the dark continent supposed to be?[View]
156312286Best ED of the season? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwQiLmhTpNY[View]
156310647/a/ high school: The morning bell rings at /a/ high school, beginning a new day...[View]
156312580Ok people, let me say this crystal clear so there a no misunderstandings. This is a show with plot t…[View]
156310303K-On: If they made a third season or movie based off of the takotsuboya trilogy, would you still wat…[View]
156306467Fuck you I liked it[View]
156312033Black Torch: Where are the damn raws or chapter?[View]
156312506Well, fuck you.[View]
156307877Little Witch Academia: Subs during this thread or no more bullies.[View]
156307198What's the deal with anime lately with Aztec gods and Mexican culture/history?[View]
156300038ITT: Characters that just need to get it over with and fuck already.[View]
156310959Why didn't we get an Oberstein origin story? He is the most interesting motherfucker in the ent…[View]
156299998How can this be considered a good ending, this was the only character that you could empathize with …[View]
156310621Yuusha ga Shinda sure took a turn[View]
156279228Code Geass: What was his fucking problem?[View]
156308271Was the manga better? Except the ending of course.[View]
156310982Reminder that Minami does the 'plain but very good looking idol' thing better than Rin.[View]
156305908Who is your god, /a/?[View]
156311658Been reading more manga and less anime recently. Finally got aroudn tow atching this and it has to b…[View]
156311404O HA YO[View]
156310675This is doraemon Say something nice about them[View]
156308868Think he would've fared better is he had Berserker fetch him a 9mm before the fight?[View]
156306808Flying Witch: How was this so good despite nothing really happening?[View]
156308030Who is the best gyaru and why is it this one from space?[View]
156304000Psycho Pass: I'm on episode 2 right now. Is this just her design or is she crazy depressed? I…[View]
156308440I just started ARIA and this is the best anime to watch before sleep. prove me wrong[View]
156310854So digimon want to fuck humies?[View]
156310707Noobsubs, do they always lose on purpose?: They are always second place to release any sub. It seems…[View]
156304928Fang Thread: Which girl has the best fang?[View]
156306128the heart: how is this acceptable?[View]
156285836Re creators: Is he a creator?[View]
156274407What's your favorite piece of clothing you like seeing on anime girls?[View]
156303994What did /a/ think of ME!ME!ME!?[View]
156300810Why does every other P.A Works production pale in comparison to Uchouten Kazoku?[View]
156308710Bokurano: What the fuck was this kids problem? Is stomping on and slapping your sister in the face a…[View]
156306296How does /a/ feel about manhua? I quite like the series Blood and Steel. Set in 16th century China, …[View]
156309688>any character with short hair, looks objectively better with long hair Why is that?…[View]
156304081Am I a pleb because I prefer the 2nd Death Note opening? at least it's in touch with how the sh…[View]
156306351Tights: Why is this so magical? How can a piece of black cloth turn an average girl into best girl j…[View]
156309448Why is he such a bro?[View]
156307733Little Witch Academia: Is Borislava for romance? If so, with who? Who could tame this wild mare?…[View]
156305863Remember when people liked this series?[View]
156308052'You're going to be alright, you just stumbled over a stone in the road. It means nothing. Your…[View]
156299549Find a flaw.[View]
156277145Would you Cross Ange?[View]
156303348Youjo Senki: >expect a war-themed loli show >get an exposition of fedora-tipping atheism and a…[View]
156298126What does /a/ think of pic related?: Sure was better than No Game No Life huh?[View]
156275083Is there a better JC this season than Sagiri?[View]
156306720At the end of Kiki's Delivery Service, it's never clarified whether she can talk to the ca…[View]
156297162Little Witch Academia: Subs in 6 Hours..... 475 Hours left for Best girl episode....[View]
156304402Fate/Extra Last Encore: >Saber(face) again How original. Brava Natsu Truly a creative idea and se…[View]
156306291Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka Gaiden: Sword Oratoria: I was hoping for a …[View]
156267473Our life is twofold; Sleep hath its own world, A boundary between the things misnamed Death and exis…[View]
156243960Goblin Slayer: Chapter 12 imminent.[View]
156307742Why didn't Ono save Arc-V like he saved 5Ds[View]
156307403What do you guys make of this? At first, I thought it was the original 9 Titan Shifters being creat…[View]
156306706ITT mistakes swept under the rug[View]
156292400What does /a/ think of Mob Psycho 100?[View]
156307426>using 'moe' in a negative context[View]
156295629Wolf Guy: So what am I in for?[View]
156306896Why was the 'Again' the best OP for FMA:B? ITT: animus with whose first OP you really liked then the…[View]
156290266Hand to hand combat. Caged hexagon. No titan shifting or weapons. Annie - 5'0' 116 lbs Mikasa …[View]
156307158This is one of the dumbest thing I've read for anything Evangelion And I'm a Asukafag…[View]
156307157Would you watch a David Attenborough-style documentary on lolis? Like stuff about their natural habi…[View]
156305128Why do anime dub VAs all have one way of delivering their lines that you never hear from actors with…[View]
156296393I was 3 when this shit came out. How the fuck haven't found the treasure yet?[View]
156248564Tokyo Ghoul:re 122: Psychotic Etofag meltdown edition[View]
156303227>Lives alone in an island far from his family >Just about all his pay goes to support them, he…[View]
156306479Why chase Sango all those years? Couldn't he just use the wind tunnel on his DICK?[View]
156306346I want to see this succ grow up healthy. It's too cruel that she ends up living in a van down b…[View]
156306068>loli was replaced with fat pandering how does it feel being in the worst timeline?…[View]
156305984Anyone else having pizza tonight?[View]
156276804ReLIFE: >4 episode 'final chapter' OVA >meido hishiro-san animated i'm cryan m8s…[View]
156304178Just saw The King's Avatar on nyaa. It's about MMOs and gaming.[View]
156304104Hop in and try to describe what would be your dream show Mine would be a phantasy shonen written as …[View]
156302151Are you kidding me? I have to wait a whole week now? What the hell am I going to do?[View]
156237352Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai: Is this unironically the best show of the season?[View]
156303381galaxy angel: Seriously,I want more galaxy angel stuff. Why don't make sequel broccoli? fucking…[View]
156301213Is there a more tragic character in the history of anime?[View]
156302362Toriko thread: It was one of the most underrated gourmet manga wasn't it.[View]
156305118This is Botan-chan. Say something nice to her.[View]
156296213eva is shit and anno is talentless hack: why is he working in the industry? i mean he is talentless …[View]
156292823Kemono Friends: It's been ages since I enjoyed an anime this much.[View]
156304973High Quality: Why is this good? https://youtu.be/W3_BIZLuXuw[View]
156293417ITT: post characters without actually posting them[View]
156299967ITT: Animes that need a second season.[View]
156288759Dragon Ball Super: THIS is how you deal with some faggot threatening you with a remote.[View]
156300443is /a/ still pissed?[View]
156304630Is she supposed to be Japanese ? Why is she blond?[View]
156302525Post the last good moment before a series turned to an insult to life itself[View]
156297263Subtitles now illegal in Amsterdam How long until it spreads elsewhere? https://ca.news.yahoo.com/co…[View]
156293613Smug anime face thread[View]
156302839Sento is a miracle of universe. Prove me wrong.[View]
156297358Who would you nakadashi to the point of not being able to masturbate when you go home?[View]
156304049How is KADO doing in nipland?[View]
156304417Don't mind me, just being best girl[View]
156301775Tales of Zesteria the X: wasn't the last episode supposed to come out today?[View]
156291571dragon bear[View]
156302857I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.[View]
156290566These are Japanese cake idols.[View]
156295808Is gurren lagann still considered entry-level?[View]
156300566Nanbaka: Never watched it when it was airing, but after noticing it is 25 eps long, I'm curious…[View]
156301275Kuma Miko: Wow you guys weren't kidding about that ending. It's crazy too because up until…[View]
156296637>at last, an anime with an aesthetic pulled from fifty years ago. Something free from teenage sex…[View]
156304032Saru-Getchu On Air: It being the year of our lord 2017 and there's so still no english subbing …[View]
156299027Anime women never will understand.[View]
156247569Saekano: Was this supposed to be sexy?[View]
156295725Now that the dust has settled, what are /a/s thoughts on pic related?[View]
156303741What did Anno mean by this?[View]
156300143What's /a/'s opinion about this anime? I don't see any thread about it in the catalog[View]
156303601I think it's been a while since the last volume was published. Any news about monogatari series…[View]
156300029What does /a/ think of my wife Rem?[View]
156291216Shingeki no Kyojin: A thread for those who like reverse harems.[View]
156301610Why are dykes so cool?[View]
156302316When does this stop being a cringey NEET pandering powerlevel fantasy?[View]
156286175I have had made my manga for contests of japan. What is the opinion of the 4chan? I want to have pos…[View]
156303006>they want to pork >can't because related >they find out they're not actually rel…[View]
156300289Kyoani is so good at making femdom characters, they should do more of them[View]
156295773Plunderer: Anyone reading this? Same author as sora no otoshimono[View]
156283573One Piece: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkzsQeWszNc Thoughts?[View]
156298531Was killing Donovan really necessary? Why couldn't they just talk it out?[View]
156299849Bleach Gaijin 4koma: Does anyone have any ideas to actually finish this thing? Regardless on your t…[View]
156269736Umi Sonoda is a dork.[View]
156286292Gabriel DropOut: Let the God level shenanigans begin... Also gab is best girl.[View]
156300037should've just operated on the mayor back then[View]
1562956854.0's original release date was in fucking 2013 and now we're here. Anno you fucking hack[View]
156286220What are senseis for?[View]
156297700Karen: I heard Karen was posting here?[View]
156302020W.E.G. Thread: You know the drill[View]
156300223when is big, too big?[View]
156301164S2 when?[View]
156298938>This is an 11 year old girl in The Land of the Rising Sun[View]
156286936SHIROBAKO: *dun-dun* Masshiro na omoi ni Yume no kakera o Egaite ugokidasu mirai[View]
156299620Can we at least acknowledge that this 2 are the same?[View]
156294411BERSERK Final Showdown: How can anything Miura dreamt up even satisfy the hype anymore. It's be…[View]
156293991Madoka Magica: 'anon, quick make a wish'[View]
156292182Say something nice about my cute wife Mugi.[View]
156286971what did they mean by this ? who was the bird ? why did rakka feel being unwanted ? the rest of the …[View]
15629880126 years later and it still has the best animation of all time. Sunrise and Gundam can't be top…[View]
156280024Who the fuck is Sakura anyway?![View]
156283652Have you watched Oniisama e yet, /a/?[View]
156294763Sakugafags, a question.: How can you tell when something is made in CGI and when in cel animation? A…[View]
156299993omae wa mo shindeiru[View]
156300719Aztec Neko[View]
156300203ITT forgotten anime which deserved it[View]
156299545Do you likr まんスジ ?[View]
156300247Grand Blue Bullshit: is gran blue another one of a-1's shit in a trophy case? it got relatively…[View]
156300210Why is this season so shit? The only remotely good thing is 'Shirobako but with small hick town tour…[View]
156297276Tanaka Tatsuyuki Storytime: Do you like Tanaka's short stories? Because I do. So here's on…[View]
156299100>tfw season 2 never[View]
156234055Made in Abyss 30: Here comes chapter 30, the one I'm pretty damned sure you know already about.…[View]
156277780Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records: What are the Akashic Records?[View]
156292340WAT HOW EXPLAIN[View]
156299346Who is the cutest 2D?[View]
156299832what is your favorite mangaka's favorite manga?[View]
156285244Hinako Note: I want kuina to eat my penis![View]
156297558Twintails: Why are twintails a thing? What makes them so attractive to some people? When did this ph…[View]
156294001How do you feel for this?[View]
156247691Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: Hopes for the new series? Personally i want Yusaku to be just like Atem but i woul…[View]
156299551Do yourself a favor and start watching the AOTS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKXiea-9uB4[View]
156299091Hey Moeka-san! ~Tutu-[View]
156272765Koe no Katachi: This will get an Oscar ;_;[View]
156299149Boku No Hero Academia: 1-Pros and Against of being one of the class 1-A. 2-The animators love Hatsum…[View]
156299006Boku no Hero Academia: New thread. Please post cute images.[View]
156288209Gabriel vs Umaru: Which lazy loli do you prefer?[View]
156229628Would I enjoy this show if military stuff has zero appeal to me but I think the girls are really cut…[View]
156298943Is Ryuuko for lewd?[View]
156289148FAVORITE ANIME INTRO THREAD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uUjdTs1lBs[View]
156289012Gakkou Gurashi Chapter 56: I missed the thread. >Ch. 56 Infection…[View]
156278047Code:Realize: >When the MC is more popular than some bachelors https://youtu.be/QMBnt-RShko Anyon…[View]
156287458Which girl has the most deliciously hourglass body?[View]
156298047Why is writing in anime such shit now? Will we ever see anything as complex and nuanced as Zeta Gund…[View]
156295019BeRSerk WHY: >Finds out that season 3 of Berserk has come out >cool opening without CGI >no…[View]
156298270Love Live! Sunshine!!: I... I wrote a song for Kanan. I miss the old Kanan, straight from the Go Kan…[View]
156281099Uchouten Kazoku S02E03: >[HorribleSubs] Uchouten Kazoku S2 - 03 [720p].mkv Benten's back.…[View]
156297307Little Witch Academia: Wherein in we'll endlessly bitch about slow sub progress inevitably.…[View]
156285209Gintama: Utsuro did nothing wrong[View]
156296323I made this lunchbox for you anon.[View]
156297093dead anime girls: >dead but cute[View]
156286359K-on turns 10 in a month.[View]
156298119It's time.[View]
156286650A wizard offers to make you taller, but for every inch you grow you become 50% more homosexual. Do …[View]
156265051JoJo Thread: How'd you get into Jojo?[View]
156297995You can obtain anything you want in live if you just try to. Goodbye.[View]
156296871Don't be a sicko: don't licko the Rico.[View]
156296543Ore no Himekutsu o Haite Kure: well it was a nice read[View]
156294555Why do shoujo manga female leads always have short red hair?[View]
156296097Can Kantai Collection be saved? Did Japan even like the movie?[View]
156297875Why do you like middle-high school girls so much, /a/?[View]
156297893Why is this season so shit?[View]
156297324>'Ok so get this, first a super strong guy stronger than the last DBZ villain comes to Earth to f…[View]
156291068Why is this show so popular /a/? Is it really that good? Should I watch it?[View]
156284248Let's create an anime in MS Paint. I'll start.[View]
156296793Lets see the lists: AoTS Tier Atom - The Beginning Great Tier Alice High Tier Bahamut, Berserk surpr…[View]
156284502Little Witch Academia: Stream just ended, Now waiting for subs..... 3 weeks left to the last chance …[View]
156293474Art house anime thread: What has been everyone's favorite art house anime of 2017?[View]
156296828I have some stuff to do, please look after my waifu Chino for a few moments.[View]
156297208Any news about Takehiko Inoue?: Do anybody know when will he return Vagabond and Real?[View]
156296810ITT: Plot Armor[View]
156269884Weekend Waifu Drawthread: Take it easy, for their sake.[View]
156282043Wait, Rin is a prostitute now?[View]
156290702The great debate[View]
156294990This dumb bitch avoided the most annoying constantly present deathtrap on the planet and she's …[View]
156295448Would it be possible for Sailor Moon to ever get a BD release? I imagine it would be as gorgeous as …[View]
156279508Boku no Hero Academia thread.: Waited awhile to see if anyone was gonna make a thread, guess Ill mak…[View]
156270336>noble phantasm strikes the heart and kills without fail >only ever succeeds once >when it …[View]
156292216ITT: Adapted scenes that are better than their source material[View]
156290374Onii-chan buy me gamu[View]
156291601Love Lives are for lewd, music, and yuri[View]
156293648Kuzu no Honkai: Remind me. What did Akane do wrong?[View]
156294788Yunyun pleases old men for free.[View]
156292880C.C. / C^2 thread: From the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew I wanted to creampie her.[View]
156292281The author really wanted to live.[View]
156291298Couldn't you just give the notebook to a retarded person and tell them to write your name 4 tim…[View]
156294397Did anyone else feel like Kimi no na wa would've been better as a TV series? I feel like it mov…[View]
156294534DBGT KAI Manga Thread. last one 404'd. I will make a pastebin like anon suggested and upload it…[View]
156282484We can all agree on this right?[View]
156292199waifus strong enough to defeat the cock[View]
156294355Best anime character.[View]
156291565Netsuzou Trap -NTR-: Why is this shit getting an adaptation?[View]
156281676RIP Ed Blaylock: http://en.rocketnews24.com/2017/04/23/fullmetal-alchemist-one-piece-voice-actor-ed-…[View]
156273861Eromanga Sensei: Why is Sagiri so lewd?[View]
156293058What does /a/ think of Chang Sheng's BABY?[View]
156237996Prison School Chapter 251: With all pages. http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/0cDaJOcBKVA[View]
156221019Boruto: >Teaching a 10 (?) year old to open the gates Was that really the best idea Lee?…[View]
1562834543x3's: You know the drill f/a/gots post and rate[View]
156247030What's the best character in Berserk, not counting Guts, Griffith, or Casca? I'd say eithe…[View]
156286526why do people hate snake? the only thing she wanted was everything[View]
156281243ITT:Canonically gay characters[View]
156292253Did you cry, /a/? Be honest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Nc_AsHUOJE[View]
156290962Stop self-pleasuring to middle school girls[View]
156292716Wouldn't the angels have given off radiation or something after the first or second try?[View]
156265670I don't get it[View]
156290635memegirl of this season[View]
156286066Full Metal Panic: >It got delayed again[View]
156292131Who else always skips these two unfunny sluts?[View]
156291130Let's have an Accelerator thread.[View]
156286116Post homosexuals.[View]
156288730Alice to Zouroku: What do you guys think about this show?[View]
156287944Is anime an art form?[View]
156275290What's his end game? Will he kill memelogia?[View]
156278604kemono friends: You can meet the serval at Non Hoi park! https://www.nonhoi.jp/news/detail.php?id=17…[View]
156285716Why is turbolewd anime with 'regular anime' animation/quality a thing but hentai is always horrid fu…[View]
156288419Is she going to save Raildex?[View]
156285233Why are magical girls (male) criminally underutilized ?[View]
156274693>The perfect waifu doesn't exis-[View]
156278951how does this stance even have any advantage? i thought the author of this series knew about boxing[View]
156289229Why are pure sports anime rarely ever good?[View]
156291032How's the progress going, anon?[View]
156280383Shingeki no Kyojin: Thread for those who like lesbians http://www.strawpoll.me/12772673…[View]
156289499Alice to Zouroku: Are you happy now? A little girl has cried.[View]
156287263 This depressed son of a bitch is writing super complicated anime and basically, it's too deep …[View]
156289335Shouta thread?[View]
156290854Yo, /a/. I'm at a local con and they have David Vincent here, should I get anything signed by h…[View]
156287594How would you fix SHAFT?[View]
156289034Post anime characters with their bikes. Who's got the coolest bike? I'm going for pic rela…[View]
156287028Why are anime mom's so ______?[View]
156285398Why are pictures like this so rare in anime?[View]
156288826Kingdom 515 - What's his endgame?: So what the fuck is Ousen up to? apparently these are all j…[View]
156287855u19: Is anyone still reading this? Like seriously, I get that it was the funny thing to do to say th…[View]
156285099English Seiyuu Thread[View]
156288095Natsu is going to win Ace should win https://youtu.be/7voWZqIkVdw[View]
156288897>/a/ hates beta faggots >loves Lelouch[View]
156251210Seikaisuru Kado: So can we talk about the possible sleeper hit of the season? tl;dr: It's Arriv…[View]
156216716We've never had any IS threads anymore. The show was such a masterpiece. All the intelligent pe…[View]
156281470Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo: What in the living fuck was this.[View]
156287033What the fuck is his problem?[View]
156290219Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism: Why are shrine maidens the best by default?[View]
156285425Is this Eromanga sensei from the same author of Ore No Imouto?: It seems the author has a sister com…[View]
156290165>watching non-mecha anime I came here to laugh at you.[View]
156273905Sword Oratoria: Why no one is watching this show?[View]
156290130Where can I read this?[View]
156290074What did he mean by this?[View]
156289634Ouran Koukou Host Bu: Is it gay ?[View]
156290038Would you love a jealous wizard in her 30s[View]
156259250>No Steph in upcoming movie It's going to be shit right?[View]
156273953UchiMusume: >what is this silly thing? >... >cannot stop reading…[View]
156287631Oregairu Yahari: I wonder how well she will take it. Rejection is usually quiet and soft.[View]
156288775>'I never loved you!' >'I'm going to fuck everyone over!' >'I will become God!' >'I…[View]
156185796Thanks for the new KEIJO!!!!!!!! chapters: Thanks for the new KEIJO!!!!!!!! chapters, anon. Holding …[View]
156270383Dragon Ball Super[View]
156287073Subs and dubs: While most dubs are indeed worse than subs, why do people always act like mediocre du…[View]
156287402Be honest...: Did you cry?[View]
156287344You haven't forgotten about Kumiko's feet, have you?[View]
156287304>tfw I was too excited to see this nigga's abilites WHY[View]
156283809ITT: best girls from their respective series ONLY[View]
156258035Little Witch Academia: 'Selfie time! Yay!' 'Yay......'[View]
156287601madokami: Has the madokami join process changed? I used the commands in IRC that I used when I made …[View]
156287367Opinions on this post? I was kinda buying his opinion until he mentioned SAO and now I'm not so…[View]
156287282Renai Boukun: Good to see the kissing wasn't just a one-time gimmick for the first episode.…[View]
156272386>'it's about how much time you spend practicing and perfecting your strategy.' >spinning …[View]
156283770ITT: Autistic Things you do related to anime/manga/this board: I always attach images to my posts, b…[View]
156228862One Page Thread[View]
156286871Honestly if this fucker just accepted that humans are flawed all of his problems would go away. Just…[View]
156283185Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Just finished the manga. The first half is really fun when he is spending …[View]
156284897Scanlation thread: What are you translating / cleaning / editing / typesetting?[View]
156278071Did he deserve his happy ending?[View]
156278495Why people prefer Lisha over her is beyond me[View]
156284754Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?[View]
156281733Why are girls with long straight hair and straight bangs so best?[View]
156286350Pick A Clock, any Clock[View]
156286316The exchange in the last two episodes make him seem like a nihilist and rather selfish >Huh the u…[View]
156285335Which height class is the best and why?[View]
156286022ITT: moments where characters became 'great' characters[View]
156220830Buyfag Thread: buyfag.moe Read the guide before asking questions.[View]
156285492>'Fa la la la, dong-ding, now I am a Witchling.” >'Puritti Wichi Doremi-chi' Which is better?…[View]
156286163Best abridged Anime: So which are the best abridged series around? My favorite so far is 'Sword art …[View]
156170696Tsugumomo: Do you like the anime?[View]
156271152Re:Creators: *VROOOMS your path*[View]
156281188New Game!: I don't know how I'm gonna do it, but I'm gonna ram my head straight in to…[View]
156283688>romance anime >the girl is an abusive completely unlikable cunt What do they mean by this?…[View]
156280245Gakkou Gurashi 56[View]
156285252This is Japanese kobold.[View]
156284695How many people did she actually kill?[View]
156285367Figure 17: Has anyone seen this? Is this show any good?[View]
156279692ID-0: Episode 3 soon. http://board.futakuro.com/jk2/res/3815283.htm[View]
156285247Post anime characters with their cars. Who's got the coolest car? I'm going for pic relate…[View]
156276349Is this really what anime has come down to? It's kind of depressing to be honest.[View]
156281549Does this bitch ever stop making every single thing about herself? 5 episodes and I'm already s…[View]
156281856ITT: Worst boys of their respective series[View]
156285579ufortable is godlike: damn son ufortable is good at doin cgi,[View]
156215043Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism: Girls disguised as guys really are the best >that voice MUH…[View]
156284978>reading manga colored[View]
156283805I'm writing the Dragon Ball GT manga. but to keep it fast paced I will remove some fights and m…[View]
156277037>his favorite studio adapts works of fiction without any literature awards…[View]
156285141Why is this show so well regarded?[View]
156283422Why are anime tiddies so amazing?[View]
156260161Orchestr/a/ plays Lucky Star: Thanks to everyone involved, this time it's the Lucky Channel the…[View]
156282390>tfw no netorare thread[View]
156279718Little Witch Academia: Stream Soon.....[View]
156284713>Dr. Stone was the only okay-tier series in the 6 series batch in WSJ Now I understand why they i…[View]
156281155>comes in >sits down on floor What do you do?…[View]
156282411she is my role model do you have an anime role model?[View]
156280604did you like it?[View]
156283349ANIME IS SAVED!: https://camp-fire.jp/projects/view/11715 http://manga.tokyo/news/director-yutaka-ya…[View]
156284484Favorite Special Move?: What's you favorite special move in anime? THUNDER CROSS SPLIT ATTACK n…[View]
156284437Seacats: Did you go to church and praise Beatrice today anon?[View]
156284119If Snail is a ghost, how can Araragi molest her?[View]
156281764This is a japanese zombie.[View]
156250963ITT: Anime quotes you live by.[View]
156279921eromanga sensei: Holy shit. Episode 3 somehow made this series even worse. This show sucks.[View]
156283681Post characters whose's introduction saved a show[View]
156281342How come Nips are so obsessed with the whole 'Natural talent vs. Hard work' thing?[View]
156259442Yuusha ga Shinda: Truly the Hero we have all been waiting for. Chapter 88.5 and 89 are out[View]
156284253>VEG received an award from kyoani, its own and only publisher Wow it's like getting a 'lite…[View]
156284195Kuroshitsuji 127: And so dies Indian butler[View]
156275218Why shouldn't we exterminate the ghoul species?[View]
156236706This is Mami-san. She likes tea, keki, lolis and guns. She hates witches, lesbians, rude people and…[View]
156272822I just can't like the new opening. The ending is still good though.[View]
156264004One Piece: I think that “birdlime” is the identity of Katakuri’s devil fruit. It will make perfect s…[View]
156271075I just finished Evangelion. Can someone explain to me why it is memed so much? It was a pretty aver…[View]
156267939Initial D - Project D: What the fuck is this bullshit? 'Twin Aces of Project D' but they keep skippi…[View]
156279241Started to watch this, while expecting nothing and was pleasantly surprised, how good it was. What i…[View]
156275414 [View]
156273590Koi Kaze thread: I'm only making this thread because the other one 404'd before I could re…[View]
156281033One Piece: This is the face of the future Kaizoku-ō. Get on your knees[View]
156276365Doga Kobo is going to animate this next. It is inevitable.[View]
156279805>mfw people complain about a weekly series taking a break[View]
156274960Can we put the body of a Dullahan on the opposite site of the world and pass information faster than…[View]
156241374Precure Thread: Precure Thread[View]
156282243How come everybody and their grandmother can become as SSB Goku just by doing basic training? Buu wa…[View]
156279569Vinland Saga: Who gave Thorfinn his face scar? I just finished catching up and it's bugging me …[View]
156266520Flavor of the Month: Is it wrong that I only watch meme anime?[View]
156281402can we talk about actual interesting anime like Laughing Salesman and Onihei? please? This moe crap…[View]
156278615>not even halfway through my backlog >BakaBT is down and account got pruned…[View]
156276192Why did she get so little screen time?[View]
156248746Post Despair[View]
156278172Hibike! Euphonium: Was it yuri?[View]
156276303Which anime from this season has the best visuals?[View]
156279294Meguca: *blocks your path*[View]
156262132Bahamut: Wait, what?[View]
156281542So I've compiled a list of every kyoani show with any amount substance and meaning. Start of li…[View]
156279394Are you smarter than a little girl, /a/?[View]
156263100>his waifu doesn't lift[View]
156281182ITT: Worst Girl lose[View]
156278981Vampires: What's the best vampire animu? Inb4: Rosario + Vampire[View]
156279174Did anyone actually think this looked cool?[View]
156280808Death Note[View]
156274514Have you seen the second episode? I have and I didn't liked it, but it's our anime, so her…[View]
156280504Best eromanga sensei classmate?: This one is very cute![View]
156280116Your thoughts on bullies in anime/manga?[View]
156277982Can we all universally agree that Digimon Tamers is the best season of Digimon? Especially since the…[View]
156280523Seiren: I think this was foreshadowing.[View]
156273056Would you be her producer?[View]
156279333Grimgar: Has anyone tried to communicate with or befriend goblins any other creature? I mean, they c…[View]
156280153This is your Sensei tonight.[View]
156278724Reminder to bap your daughteru.[View]
156277343Is it worth reading the light novels lads?[View]
156278289>Five wotos(six if you count Aisha)=Five Archangels + one Fallen, Lucifer >Kanata represents G…[View]
156231126What the fuck are they doing?[View]
156278658ON CHAN!! SUBBU[View]
156273743ITT: Characters you can beat in a fistfight[View]
156228666itt: the anime life you want[View]
156277919Kimetsu no yaiba side story[View]
156276696would you?[View]
156182768C.C.: C.C.[View]
156278991Just looking through 'old' anime seasons and trying to figure out if I missed something. How good ar…[View]
156269218Kemono Friends: RULES OF NATURE[View]
156275230Was she autistic?[View]
156261751Shingeki no Kyojin: Stop wanting to cum in Hisu.[View]
156274144Worst KyoAni show: >Unfunny slapstick comedy >Overused sexual jokes >Kissing underaged hero…[View]
156278419Why is she so perfect?[View]
156276844KOUME! It's eight of clock! WAKE UP![View]
156276496Whats wrong with translators this days?: so why there is so much censored hentai translated when the…[View]
156269801The Maki VN english translation is out!: https://vndb.org/v16484 https://maki.vntls.com/[View]
156278036>Last episode/chapter >*Title of the series*…[View]
156276094>Incest threads keep getting deleted >There is always at least 3 Eromanga Sensei threads up Th…[View]
156276172Anime Movies vs TV Series: Despite being limited to 2 hours running time; why are anime movies gener…[View]
156269353why does anyone defend this trash?[View]
156245139Kuroshitsuji | Black Butler: new chapter is out http://readms.net/r/black_butler/127/4207/1…[View]
156275009>meguminfags ruin /a/ >everyone knows aqua is better Try to debate me >Protip: you can…[View]
156275106Is teekyuu a reference anime ?[View]
156275194NEWSFLASH: saying 'hentai' even in late nite anime is now censored (bleep) ![View]
156276855Mousou Telepathy: I want to kill this fucking cunt[View]
156267320>Literally Umaru >Everybody loves her What happened to /a/?…[View]
156275132Is there anything else on par with either of these?[View]
156277865Fucking stupid[View]
156264054I just can't get over this hideous artstyle, seriously, it's a shame because I really want…[View]
156263983Tomo-chan: ...[View]
156263723>opening is reused footage from the show[View]
156277574Another show ruined by navel-gazing.[View]
156269007Have you ever meet your favorite mangaka/anime staff before /a/?[View]
156276553Harem Ending: Why are harem endings so rare? What are some harems that would have benefited from a h…[View]
156183210wtf i love school uniforms now[View]
156270755What's this stuff about Shino being gay? He's clearly straight pic related. He even tried …[View]
156276495Oh for fucks sake Kaiji don't you like happy endings?[View]
156277392I get why the Alice was distracted by that fucking bear, but why didn't her gunner (who can…[View]
156262329Boku no Hero Academia: The last thread got canned and I didn't see a new one.[View]
156276423Praise Chitose![View]
156272284So I just caught up with Gakkou Gurashi, I'm depressed now. Is there any hope at all for a good…[View]
156267465>america is portrayed as blue-eyed blonds[View]
156269019Magical school harems are garbage and Phantom World is not the one of them.[View]
156250092Perfect OPs/EDs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPvzEZ_-0F4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpuwLex…[View]
156276402I'm going to leave this pig here. Watch over it for me until I'm back.[View]
156267029So, uh, did the Imperial draft it's citizens? This will determine if I have respect for Reinhar…[View]
156269976Tiger did nothing wrond[View]
156276071Find a flaw[View]
156272419Where the fuck is season 3. Holy shit what a fucking ending.[View]
156256470So I recently rewatched all episodes up until Koimonogatari, and I was surprised to find that by doi…[View]
156275510Brynhildr: Can we talk about the ending for a bit? Was it a complete mess? assuming that Ryuta and K…[View]
156260073Hinako Note: This girl eats books.[View]
156266147>Grind through JoJo >'It gets better' they promise, stardust crusaders is gr8 they promise …[View]
156271854Sports anime: Ok so I've watched both kuroko no basket and eyeshield 21, and I love the surreal…[View]
156260260What does /a/ think of Birdy?[View]
156275404What will Hakase's next invention be?[View]
156267083I summon Celtic Guardian in attack mode. Your move /a/.[View]
156274169This ad of Sukasuka is amazing.[View]
156190730Is it worth going to the theater to see this?[View]
156270169How did we go from this...[View]
156273261Why is Snoozin Susan so shit? She ruined the whole episode![View]
156275393Why was this so good?[View]
156271260>pick a random ass subject >research it for 1 or 2 hours >insert 15 year old girl boom! yo…[View]
156272455Code Geass: When are we getting a BDrip of the event and the S3 pv?[View]
156272990Hold still anon, this'll only hurt a bit ufufu~[View]
156268204Something about this bothers me but I can't point what[View]
156274935I just finished this. So what is the meaning of this show? It's just teenage love drama with a …[View]
156257260The girl posted below you is your new waifu[View]
1562404873x3 Thread Rate others[View]
156258787This is a Korean comfort woman.[View]
156165521Soushin Shoujo Matoi OVA: Did anybody even know this was a thing? It just came out on himado. http:/…[View]
156274587Thoughts on this show: Been wanting to start this series for some time now, heard good and bad thing…[View]
156264724Favorite 80's films and OVAs: I've always wanted to have a decent thread talking about gem…[View]
156260684Its Saturday Night, how are you doing?[View]
156267340In this thread we post Anime that have been forgotten[View]
156266367POST BEST BRIDES ITT: >best girl must be in bridal gown >Groom a plus but not required…[View]
156272838Whats this guys problem?[View]
156274082It's interesting how Blame! manages to be both quite simple and yet also overwhelmingly chaotic…[View]
156274042It's time.[View]
156271256Slam Dunk: What the fuck was his problem[View]
156273804I...don't know how this picture got out...[View]
156266502Shokugeki no Souma: NANI!?[View]
156272165Hiroyuki Sawano is a fucking genius: Am I the only one who thinks this OST may be one of the greates…[View]
156262955ITT: Endings that will never not trigger you[View]
156269934Weekend Waifu Drawthread: Old-chan >>156252891 Have fun and behave.[View]
156256902Eromanga Sensei: Why is elf the best girl?[View]
156260297Post yfw everything went according to keikaku[View]
156272225Why direct-feed PV for Resurrection from BD/DVD release still hasn't been uploaded online?????[View]
156248452Do the japanese have good taste in Urusei Yatsura episodes? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OU9hYWr…[View]
156269082This is now a /dance/ thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4feUSTS21-8[View]
156234193Why do people think this is amazing? Don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoyed it, the animation…[View]
156210303Well /a/? Which of these chubby elves has the better figure?[View]
156264972What is wrong with this girl[View]
156220366Why do people say she isn't a realistically-written child character, or that she doesn't f…[View]
156268206Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau: Is this the reason for the QUALITY in the first episode of Alice to…[View]
156269451Seacats: Umineko is first and foremost a Romance, a story abou the romance between two persons whose…[View]
156262360Am I the only one who thinks Shouta and Riko should be together? Maybe i'm just too into this /…[View]
156271188I think it's been a while since the last volume was published. Any news about monogatari series…[View]
156268400give this nug something to snug /a/[View]
156260262Re:Creators: I think Persona is a pretty cool guy. Eh gets friends and doesn't afraid of creato…[View]
156270535The things we do for our waifus?: With the recent chapter of Kaguya in which the based Prez decides …[View]
156267474Comparisons can be drawn.[View]
156264258I doubt anyone will remember maruko chan[View]
156268974No, wait, does it mean she is naked when she is in her 'hero costume'?[View]
156261782Dragon Ball Super: We bangs now.[View]
156268268It's itching, anon.[View]
156265559Pop Team Epic: Would you let Popuko be your Spicy Gal?[View]
156268485BNHA: Check out those [BABIES][View]
156269854End of Evangelion: Why is this movie so disconcerting.........[View]
156231663One Punch Man: Chapter 73 and 74 are out. Still waiting on the special chapter[View]
156247999Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
156262809What's wrong with this girl?[View]
156268248Nothing in her hands.: She needs something and quickly.[View]
156268151What's your favorite kind of anime girl hair?[View]
156262352>they see your dick[View]
156264924Who's your Mistress-fu, the Anime girl you cheat on you're waifu with?[View]
156265162Anime ranting thread: (DB SUPER) The real reason that Android 17's new power is so controversia…[View]
156265148Explain this phenomenon.[View]
156268868This is your Archer for tonight.[View]
156268087>watch madoka magica last autumn >'wtf I love homura' >second favorite girl >rewatch ser…[View]
156268711Madoka Magica: I just finished watching this series. I thought 'Kyubey did nothing wrong' was just a…[View]
156222512Never ever.[View]
156258546Little Witch Academia: >next week isn't a Sucy episode >the couple of weeks afterwards ar…[View]
156268464So what exactly were the theories as to Pride's identity prior to Chapter 70?[View]
156265562Is this /a/'s equivalent to Moby Dick? Planetes thread.[View]
156265571Just got through watching this. I want more. Is there more?[View]
156264142Is it me or this season has been pretty bad?[View]
156263585Have you ever encountered an anime you didn't really enjoy yet couldn't stop thinking abou…[View]
156262828Bad Animation Redraws: I was watching some Boku No Hero Academia, when I noticed that some of the ch…[View]
156264364Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: What are the best parts of Jojos BA. Best to worst 6-4-5-1-2-3 haven…[View]
156263789Remember when this was a Hentai Video Game?[View]
156267861Has science gone too far?[View]
156263670What's the Seinfeld of anime and why is it Nichijou?[View]
156267646I don't get it. What the hell is 'Wakaba Girl'???[View]
156259211Kumamiko: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
156264703Seitokai Yakuindomo: I don't know if this is a movie or a new season but hey its getting someth…[View]
156238846Granblue Fantasy.: Fly away little bastard.[View]
156263107Kumeta: Dumping this time thief of a chapter.[View]
156233453Gundam 00, thoughts?: After the disappointment that was IBO (I enjoyed the death scenes in the secon…[View]
156261142Which Hidamari would you sketchi? Personally, I prefer Miyako.[View]
156264888About halfway through. Not feeling it at all. What's so good about it?[View]
156253459If you died, would you further ruin your friend's lives like menma?[View]
156259643Mad Kaban: Furry Road: Kemono Friends[View]
156266142Was she wearing tights with nothing under (and nopan after this) or did she piss through her panties…[View]
156266118WAT DA FUQ[View]
156248805Hokuto No Ken: Why is no one talking about Hokuto No Ken??????????[View]
156245219Re-reading Yotsuba for the first time in a while, and retroactively realizing what an *asshole* this…[View]
156266325If I see one more popTeam post in catalog...[View]
156258030Of /ABe/'s 4 anime, which one best corresponds to which season of the year?[View]
156254138Nichijou was shit: There I said it. It's a shit anime[View]
156199958The Promised Neverland: Chapter's out http://readms.net/r/neverland/036/4202/1[View]
156266015Mawaru Penguindrum: I'm trying so hard to understand the ending of this show. Was he giving her…[View]
156235449Let's talk about romance in shounen: I think this is worth a conversation. Why does it seem lik…[View]
156266038thoughts on the Eva rebuilds?[View]
156262691ITT: Shows you weren't expecting to get feels from[View]
156258499>'onii-chan where are my subs'[View]
156254574The weekend has arrived. https://pastebin.com/hABAb8Tg[View]
156264538If I have a waifu what can I masturbate to? Do I only masturbate to my waifu, or do I not masturbate…[View]
156265715Why the fuck is this allowed[View]
156261221/tv/ here. What do you guys think of this? I liked it.[View]
156179328Kyon-kun, denwa![View]
156260314So afterall, did the young boy become legend?[View]
156210900JoJo: Does he have the beetle balls to kill someone important in the story?[View]
156262929This guy is literally the strongest anime character to ever be written. The only reason he lost is b…[View]
156260463Say nice things about Sakura![View]
156264320>Lifts up shirt G-gomenasai~[View]
156251787>trigger animes always have bad animatio-[View]
156260895How much would you pay for your waifu?[View]
156262431Which Bulma is best Bulma? Teen Bulma = Super Slut Cake Bulma = Desperate Slut MILF Bulma = Deceivin…[View]
156255428Look, I'm a crab fag, but after watching this it makes me mad as hell that she didn't win.…[View]
156245788Art house anime thread: What has been everyone's favorite art house anime of 2017?[View]
156221729>[SMC-Subs] Idol Time PriPara - 003 [43C4480F].mkv I don't care about /ai/ tradition Here…[View]
156264386Make me like Eromanga Sensei: I hated the first episode. Either make me like it or further confirm m…[View]
156264487>/u/fag these week >>156261812 Too Shakespearean[View]
156263170Why aren't there any good femboys in modern anime?[View]
156253259Atom - The beginning: >New episode >No thread Did everyone drop this already?…[View]
156263451Tales of Zestiria the X: This is your waifu for tonight.[View]
156255225Lucifer and Biscuit anime: IT'S HAPPENING LUCIFER AND BISCUIT ANIME ANNOUNCED Date Pending. htt…[View]
156263956What does Yoshinoya-sensei use this for?[View]
156264105Why is Time Kirara so good?[View]
156262474Lupin thread[View]
156258683Where the fuck is it[View]
156260240Name a worst artist.[View]
156261720>Finally decide to finish reading Naruto because nothing to do I can't fucking believe Narut…[View]
156263727Slaine Troyard? More like Slaine Tryhard which isn't necessarily a bad thing.[View]
156257727ITT: Shows that deserve another season but never got one[View]
156257075Best hikikomori anime Vs Worst hikikomori anime[View]
156215403Hibike Euphonium: Kumiko is _______[View]
156260769Simply the best 2D.[View]
156249503K-On!: What has Ui been hiding?[View]
156251895One Piece: Can we all agree that this arc has the best cast of characters since the timeskip?[View]
156260236Was there a point to this thing or did Anno add him pressured by the TV station as a mascot characte…[View]
156256447Why does she sit like that?[View]
156228144I thought Japan hated foreigners?[View]
156263061Higurashi: I loved the first season. Everything was really messed up. People are just dying like cra…[View]
156235790Amano Megumi wa Suki Darake: Oh well, I may start at least. dumping[View]
156260170Has any show motivated you to do something? Free! made me want to get /fit/ to goto the gym and get…[View]
156242621Do you think 'Molester Man' was ACTUALLY a true story?[View]
156262798So realistically how much of the troll rape scene will they be able to show on TV?[View]
156251725This gentleman offers you a new, 26 episode season of your favorite anime. How do you respond?[View]
156262732Why is Kill la kill so much better?[View]
156258995Ne ne junon boy it's Saturday![View]
156254139What's with all those elves appearing in anime recently?[View]
156247470What does /a/ think about Casshern Sins?[View]
156262400Is the person who decided to use eurobeat for the racing scenes in Initial D the greatest mind of ou…[View]
156214333Murenase Chapter 25: Thanks based Rapeman. Rip tomgirl for dyke.[View]
156255413Why this so confusing[View]
156258580Is Honk autistic?[View]
156262267Where were you guys when Sawano turned into Linkin Park? https://twitter.com/R3BR0K/status/852277886…[View]
156250070Why did people like this shit so much? It wasn't without good moments but the way the movie was…[View]
156245744Fairy Tail 532: Well, that happened.[View]
156262067Why do certain shows not have Japanese subtitles? pic related[View]
156261632Will Mob Psycho 100 ever get a western manga release? I'd buy the current volumes but I can…[View]
156261592Why do good series go unloved?[View]
156238621Why do they make him so useless in Super? He has more potential than Gohan and he wants to find inst…[View]
156254274>[Team Hoshitsuki] Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai - 03 Is this what siblings should look like?…[View]
156259345why couldn't you protect her, anon?[View]
156253821Naruto is a fanfic: Naruto has copied up to 3 series, Ninku: 1.Rasengan=Kuatsuken Kuatsuken in a …[View]
156215575....: I miss Youjo Senki[View]
156257405So, was she a good villain or not?[View]
156256784https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKXiea-9uB4 This is the OP of the season. Pay your respects.[View]
156260369Great manga that anime only faggots will never read. Bonus points if it almost certainly never be an…[View]
156257314What made SAO committing the sins of questionable LNs more offensive than the usual suspects?[View]
156254259Shingeki No Kyojin: No Fun edition[View]
156259685ITT: animes that ended your nihilism.[View]
156260172>Open the door >See this >Wat do?…[View]
156250660NEET-chan: >Neet-chan being used as a model by her sister. It's that time of the week! Would…[View]
156258503Little Witch Academia: Reminder that Akko still wins against Diana so far... >Ep2 = Akko Wins (Ak…[View]
156252234Who has the eyes in anime?[View]
156248631Re:Creators: What was her name again?[View]
156260028/Battle Angel/: Does this have its positive buzz from nostalgia and being hard to find for a long ti…[View]
156256329ITT: Retarded lines[View]
156259972ok chinese moot this one is good[View]
156259764What anime series should i watch next?[View]
156252222What was his problem?[View]
156249935ITT: People who did nothing wrong CCA is not cannon [View]
156255998Why is Azusa Nakano so curious?[View]
156253896Renai Boukun *Love Tyrant*: Bring on your best girl and memes of the series.[View]
156250861ITT: Describe an anime that you haven't watched based solely on what you've gathered about…[View]
156085171Schwarzesmarken / Total Eclipse / Muv Luv: Why are they warning us about? It seems like Stella is al…[View]
156249478Boku no Hero Academia: Can we all just take a moment to appreciate this godly ship?[View]
156247228Tiger Mask W: Fuck Naoto edition[View]
156210520Shingeki no Bahamut Virgin Soul: Would Azazel turn against Mugaro?[View]
156258933What do you have against our lord and savior, anon? Well? Spit it out! >Haruhi is the thinking ma…[View]
156258896Why is anime BL such crap?[View]
156258595This is your mom's new boyfriend. Say something nice to him[View]
156204244Parallel Paradise 05: Our MC cant be more based! RAWs: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5083774462…[View]
156249038Little Witch Academia: Who is better: Borismom or Finnegan's daughter?[View]
156249884W-what do?[View]
156254830Code Geass Lelouch of the Resurrection: Where's the PV? Seriously not one anon here lives in Ja…[View]
156258481Is Buu some sort of european clay character that went out of control?[View]
156258211What options are even left now for finding some of the older, more obscure shows out there? Should I…[View]
156257950Animes that left a lot of questions unanswered!: Why was Haruhi god?[View]
156253178Love Live! Sunshine!!: I like Sakurauchi Riko.[View]
156258170*Teleports behind you*: nothing personal, kid[View]
156257909Watching Code Geass for the first time, midpoint of R2.: Three thoughts. Are there any guys in anime…[View]
156252798ITT: Characters who didn't deserve the pain[View]
156254608Cowboy Bebop best anime[View]
156254546Yama no Susume is a Japanese anime and manga produced by Earth Star and 8-bit that has 2 seasons com…[View]
156246434There's something wrong with this image[View]
156257239Where is the FAGGOT that translated the first 2 episodes and why hasn't he translated 3 and 4 y…[View]
156251954Series you want to livewatch with /a/ again[View]
156172774Re:Zero: what are the chances that Subaru gonna fight Rem in arc6 like they did it with Reid[View]
156253973>Everybody finds love in the end. Is this true?[View]
156256608Is Celestial Method the true patricians choice in anime?[View]
156234265Saki tanoshii: guess what? http://may.2chan.net/b/res/478868945.htm Is Toki jumping the shark?…[View]
156255402What is she doing to him?[View]
156256363Kuzu to Megane to Bungaku Shoujo (Nise): Does this not get threads or am I just missing them?[View]
156241424Kemono Friends[View]
156255574due to recent comlition of first arc of sao abridged, i think the swe made great job of making sao w…[View]
156250448I want to do unspeakable things to Space Jesus.[View]
156244572do we have to nuke japan again now[View]
156252994FMP: >KyoAni finishes Full Metal Panic! >arm slaves are CG There's no way that'll ha…[View]
156253985Killing Stalking: What is /a/'s opinion on this?[View]
156254897Why did Oshii become such a no fun faggot? He was doing great stuff with the Red Spectacles, Patlabo…[View]
156246100what do you think about Lain?[View]
156227152BakaBT: How has BakaBT going private affected you?[View]
156255086What was her problem?[View]
156255446gee.. I wonder what did she mean by that...[View]
156255237Why are foot fetishes invading manga?[View]
156251934Brainless faggot here: Could someone please explain me this scene? I've been watching like ten …[View]
156247028Why do people pretend to not like Madoka now? It wasn't like this before.[View]
156234906Eromanga Sensei: already started[View]
156243918Fire Brigade of Flames: This is the superior Hero manga. No Hero Academia just pales next to it. P…[View]
156251590Yugioh: So you're telling me this guy invented an inter-dimensional transportation device to be…[View]
156254833>mage of justice >unconventional magic >floaty swords bad guy >bone soldiers cannon fodd…[View]
156255028W..what are you peeking onichan?: Hentai![View]
156252506>Wants to eradicate the Joestar bloodline >Sticks Jonathan's undead cock in women complet…[View]
156249808Which one was the better girl?[View]
156189727Am I the only one who would marry Kobayashi if she were real?[View]
156253466CLAMP: Did they perfect the Monster of the Week formula?[View]
156254355Are you /fit/ yet?[View]
156198103Watched, Expected, Got: WEG thread[View]
156254708Find a flaw.[View]
156254437Sagiri on the front page![View]
156236477Is it time yet?[View]
156243721The main character of the last anime you watch is Kidnapped by Giselle. What happens?[View]
156242816Shingeki no Kyojin: Thread for those who like fathers http://www.strawpoll.me/12772673/r[View]
156222267Can you survive the challenge /a/?[View]
156248704there can be no /a/ without a SZS thread[View]
156252128Why did J.C. Staff destroy their Slayers IP?[View]
156232295Who is best girl in Tsukihime?: Akiha > Ciel > Arcueid > Hisui > Kohaku >>> Sat…[View]
156232109I never played the game so can somebody explain to me why the pro-tag is such an asshole?[View]
156246450I just finished this. Did Ushiro become the new dung beetle for the new team?[View]
156238774Just a reminder. Battle Angel already finished shooting. Since we are getting a new GITS anime partl…[View]
156251532Favorite anime songs, covers, reinterpretations and doujin music thread! https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
156249109Why are tall girls>>>>>short girls?[View]
156249696>ED by Larval Stage Planning https://track3.mixtape.moe/ulsogz.mp4…[View]
156252661Is KyoAni good at world building?[View]
156242384Tsuki ga Kirei[View]
156249370I want her to stomp all over me with combat boots[View]
156248228You need to look at least like this to get with monster girls.[View]
156251174>Nicely animated fully drawn opening sequence >show is nothing but CGI garbage Fucking why?…[View]
156251793>secondary couple progresses much faster than the main in a romance anime…[View]
156251916Occasional reminder to always skip the first episode of this classic show.[View]
156248239This was sort of a let down after all the hype. It feels incomplete.[View]
156246660Kyoukai no Rinne - 53: Don't let this thread die with less than ten replies. Do it for Renge.…[View]
156248601> Saturday comfy and hikari: gone Sad[View]
156247152>yfw you realize those aren't actually cat ears[View]
156251965Who is best mascot in anime and manga?[View]
156248582Don't you just want to make her an honest woman?[View]
156246686If I havent read or seen one piece since the impeldown arc where should I start?[View]
156227158Are backgrounds overrated?[View]
156246401Can we have a thread about underrated/forgotten/unpopular as fuck yet awesome anime? This boring adu…[View]
156250245Could someone explain to me why everybody pretends that titans are this huge threat when we have see…[View]
156233803Why are we always having threads about Haruhi when Yuki is the superior being in every way?[View]
156251627So, was Kircheis gay?[View]
156217526Pic related is now your sister.: How fucked are you?[View]
156248828>a year passed >still the best imouto eat shit…[View]
156247175Gokukoku no Brynhildr / Brynhildr in the Darkness: just finished reading it. did you guys enjoy Elfe…[View]
156250444Best JC this season[View]
156248186What's the lewdest anime you have ever seen?[View]
156246371What the fuck was this series? Was it made for tax purposes? Music promotion?[View]
156248929Uratarou 32[View]
156243882Local elf ruins EVERYTHING[View]
156246306Umineko: Am I alone in thinking that, out of the four Ushiromiya siblings, Rosa was the best parent?…[View]
156241356I won a bookshelf and I was thinking of filling it with manga. The problem is that I just realized m…[View]
156250091BB Thread Kancolle Collection: This is a Kancolle Collection thread that focuses primarily on the bi…[View]
156219961how is a drawing like this achieved? how did the artist drew those lines and shades so well? is this…[View]
156250852Suffixes vs. Nicknames: Which do you prefer to see used?[View]
156219322Yuuna Yuuki is a Hero (and Prequels): Sumi Washio chapter #2 (Spirit) is OUT!!! >[MajiYuusha] Yuu…[View]
156245356I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.[View]
156248801Strike Witches: Who is your favorite witch /a/?[View]
156224999One piece: Miss Golden week finally gets the OP[View]
156246616Was it a faithful adaptation? Did you like it?[View]
156244427Should i keep watching Jojo after Stardust Crusaders? I started reading Diamond is Unbreakable but i…[View]
156232828Its Yui Funami's birthday today /a/. Say something nice about her.[View]
156236491Fuuka: So the anime for this just recently finished, but I don't think I have seen any threads …[View]
156244968Why is she so perfect?[View]
156241631So he's basically just Hououin Kyouma in terms of personality?[View]
156245379Name one thing he did wrong.[View]
156247798Ore wa Tenkuuji Takeru: My name is Tenkuuji Takeru. I was attacked and killed by a Ganma on my 18th…[View]
156248590Find a flaw.[View]
156232721Tokyo Ghoul:re: Chapter's out. ToukaXKaneki confirmed. Sexing soon. http://readms.net/r/tokyo_g…[View]
156248475Nipple thread?[View]
156241838Re:Creators: From right to left; Daughter, Mom, Dad, Son, and __________[View]
156247040Hello /a/, a simple question, what are your favorite funny scenes/episodes in gintama ?[View]
156244887What will his next masterpiece be about?[View]
156233096Little Witch Academia: Diana with a full yay is the best Diana 20 Hours left until streams... 30 Hou…[View]
156245723Kokkuri-sama, kokkuri-sama, can girls love girls?[View]
156242963Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai: ONEESAMA PANTY! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UK7SEE-q5jo[View]
156221722Weekend Waifu Drawthread: Remember to relax and take it easy.[View]
156241802I'm going to post this every day until you like it.[View]
156244019Misa-nee is divine and pure.[View]
156237805Sakura Quest: This is better than I expected. Just the right balance of comfy and conflict. Gives me…[View]
156246212Whats the appeal of this?[View]
156247438I'm confused is bruno's name actually blono? even in the video games he calls himself blon…[View]
156242101Berserk: It's uncanny how we started to get used to those CGI.[View]
156247107I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.[View]
156245600This is Anno Hideaki, the best anime director of all time. Say something nice about him.[View]
156208842Love Live! Sunshine!!: Ruby Kurosawa is a giant Baby![View]
156215928ITT: characters that are actually autistic, like they would be literally diagnosed with it under the…[View]
156207252Sekaisuru kado: He is testing humanity, right? They need to reject this first gift because the poten…[View]
156244659TT Mentally ill characters: Il start with an easy one[View]
156241662THIS HAS TO STOP: How the fuck does he keep getting away with this shit? Why does he enjoy ruining b…[View]
156233389Boku no Hero Academia: Is there a release date for the OST and the full OP/ED?[View]
156245943time for another one of these shitty threads[View]
156245343Continuation from >>156219181 Against my better judgment, I have decided to continue my Higura…[View]
156245472Is this what's called AOTS?[View]
156245936>She will never have her own spin-off series where she continues her research on the mysteries of…[View]
156244228>Want to watch new anime of this season >Have a huge backlog of the previous season /a/ how do…[View]
156246052Just finished reading this. How did this got axed again? Looking at series listing on WSJ, 3 new ser…[View]
156242681Shingeki no Kyojin/SnK: YH is _____[View]
156243149So new Berserk comes out on the 24th this Monday right ?? So eager[View]
156243042Why haven't you watched Kare Kano yet?[View]
156245528It is been a year of this masterpiece >walking on the mountains >hear a noise >'It may be a…[View]
156230174Full ibuki: Any fans of Fuko from Clannad?[View]
156230463>summon Average High Schooler from Modern Japan (tm) to save your isekai >accidentally summon …[View]
156245789>Americans are better at making anime than fucking nips[View]
156245776Heavy Object: So volume 13 is already translated.[View]
156237338He did nothing wrong[View]
156233445What the fuck was this guy's problem?[View]
156245225Seven Deadly Sins: Those lips look kind of suggestive. Like a different kind...[View]
156242505Haato mofu mofu[View]
156244960>main character falls for a literal whore[View]
156235820I just watched this show. Thoughts?[View]
156236691I'm rewatching Gurren Lagann, just got done with episode 4 and holy fuck I don't remember …[View]
156243718This is a man. How Does that make You feel?[View]
156171545Explain this picture to me /a/.[View]
156242718so how much manga does /a/ own?[View]
156244637Why aren't Milky Holmes or Kill Me Baby on any recommendation charts? They're the Evangeli…[View]
156242908;3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4ViWlH4gso[View]
156235943>Male MC[View]
156238231Spot the MC[View]
156241323Who do you gotta marry, /a/?[View]
156239738Here we go! https://www.theguardian.com/science/across-the-universe/2017/apr/21/space-debris-must-be…[View]
1562400884 episodes in, an nothing important happens Will we have another 2 episode with the soldiers trying …[View]
156244185new episode of re:creators just dropped. yuuya new bist girl[View]
156221916Would they get along if they existed in the same show?[View]
156242210Who is the cutest Dogakobo girl?[View]
156243657Rin is cute. CUTE![View]
156234330GRAPE CUNT: how can 1 character be so irritating[View]
156241155why is Hana the best girl in Prison School?[View]
156244013>You seem to get along very well with her, Nii-san. Oh shit. I didn't expect this from a cut…[View]
156243691What do you do in this situation?[View]
156238769This is a japanese snail.[View]
156243048Umaru OVA: >This is a story in the not too distant future >If you want to know the rest >Bu…[View]
156243713What's your favorite art house anime? What are you looking forward to this year?[View]
156239304>The best girl always turns out to be gay >The gay always turns out to be best girl Which is i…[View]
156236455Well /a/?[View]
156242658Jakka Jakka JanJan Jakka Jan[View]
156242349>'Nooo Daddy!' Really girl? Are those your last words?[View]
156234628Who's the better edgelord?[View]
156224759>the girl with least meat has the most substance Is such thing even possible?…[View]
156234324ITT you hear it, you lose[View]
156182754Is Sagiri cute?[View]
156233107Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: First look at both Aoi's personas by Noh Gil-Bo.[View]
156242673Is Sasuke a well written character?[View]
156242443Can characters be polished turds?[View]
156205976Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai: Come for the boobs, stay for the bullying.[View]
156237755Shingeki no Kyojin: Thread for those who like lesbians http://www.strawpoll.me/12772673[View]
156242291Yowamushi Pedal: How did the third day start off with such a shitty villain, yet become so hype?…[View]
156232351I want to fuck this girl.[View]
156223488Danmachi: Sword Of Oratoria: Is it wrong still to pick Hestia as the best girl ?[View]
156241007So wait, did she suffer a stroke or something before the events of the movie or were all the things …[View]
156178458Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku: >ywn have a stalker like Rain Pou https://docs.google.com/document/d…[View]
156237400Unintentionally, I realized that I've followed the career of Mikako Komatsu from as far back as…[View]
156231914Okay, faggots. I see no thread, and some of you might be interested. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com…[View]
156234611Re:Creators: Do you think she's still qualified as a magical girl?[View]
156241439Kemono Friends: American Edition: Who is your favourite American animal friend?[View]
156234523SAO: @ EP 16 right now, when does it get good?[View]
156237752http:// wasabisyrup.com/archives/0cDaJOcBKVA Gook scans out[View]
156230148Kyoukai no Kanata: What'd you think of it?[View]
156233051Kabukibu: What is this face trying to convey?[View]
156236755Lost Seiyuus: Whatever happened to those seiyuus who seemed like they were gonna hit it big but simp…[View]
156217478Tell me /a/[View]
156231782Grimgar Novels: Fuck this useless asshole. How he never ended up catching a stray round in the back …[View]
156114804Goblin Slayer: Volume 2 of the light novel up on Nyaa.[View]
156236634Fate/Type-Moon: Nasu repeated statements in interviews: 'I want to make a Tsukihime collab with F/GO…[View]
156231024Reminder that Prisma illya shit is not canon and not part of the Nasuverse[View]
156237465ATOM Episode 2: The daily thread was just archived, so here you are your 7th friendly thread to disc…[View]
156236157These are middle schoolers[View]
156239378Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?[View]
156228417Why are anime characters white if anime is made by Japanese?[View]
156236920俺を好きなのはお前だけかよ: New chapter is out. https://shonenjumpplus.com/episode/13932016480028861456 https://p…[View]
156232720One Piece: >Still not realizing that if Oda wanted jinbe to join the crew he would have a long ti…[View]
156237541Why can't this little faggot take a fucking walk already? Is there no character development at …[View]
156239620>can make millions of shadow clones >still chooses to do paper work Why?…[View]
156235045Fukumenkei Noise: Anyone watching it?[View]
156238319It was a great idea to watch old anime today What an experience[View]
156219418Dragon Ball Super: What is he thinking about?[View]
156232086I miss Flip Flappers so much, /a/. Nothing has come close to it in the past 4 months.[View]
156229779Yamaneko-sensei no Monogatari by Yamazaki Hiroshi: Is anyone here familiar with this cute children…[View]
156238753where the fuck is today's thread ?[View]
156238150Is Hinamatsuri everthing that Elfen Lied should have been?[View]
156238851Why is he so damn homo?[View]
156232308waifu in ms paint thread?[View]
156215467Tomo-chan: Kubo is that you[View]
156229652Post your favorite anime openings from your country https://youtu.be/TfsQL5reLRs[View]
156234144Chingiri: >http://readms.net/r/one_shot/Chingiri/4200/1 This was fucking amazing…[View]
156224321Is there an anime that /a/ ACTUALLY likes?[View]
156168846Prison School 251: after one of the worst arcs in manga history, this series gets good again spoiler…[View]
156233206Fire Punch: On this episode best character dies.[View]
156236248What does /a/ think of Sun-ken Rock?[View]
156237964Way late to the anime party. What are the absolute must watches for someone who's new to the me…[View]
156166393Precure Thread: Precure Thread[View]
156225285Kemono Friends: よろしく[View]
156120233This is a Heavy Object[View]
156236719GOAT: ITT we post the greatest shows of all time. Furi Kuri can't be topped for originality and…[View]
156197978ONI CHAN! GET ME SUBBUS[View]
156235074has there been anything like the Boku no Pico since the Boku no Pico trilogy?[View]
156237003Edits: Post edits.[View]
156236639>taking about these specific things When exactly did he regain all of his memories? I thought he …[View]
156229926Shingeki no Kyojin/SnK: New ep in 10 minutes.[View]
156217687I get wanting national pride, but holy shit this is a blatant fucking lie.[View]
156222936renai boukun: Blocks your path![View]
156230619What do you think of Ririchiyo?[View]
156236216ASS ASS ASS: I'm gonna step on the ass[View]
156234507When will the age of sexually aggressive woman arrive in anime?[View]
156233553How do you fix this girl? Doesn't feel like there's anything or anyone that could fix her.[View]
156236277>Saddest anime ever[View]
156231837What did you think of luffys reaction to aces's death[View]
156205216Is K-On a masterpiece?[View]
156230368why are anime girls so hideous?[View]
156235427Does anyone else appreciate this fine vixen?[View]
156227130>That empty feeling you get after finishing an anime/manga What's her name /a/?…[View]
156235360So when did these two become Sailor Senshi? Were they around before even Sailor V? Or did they awake…[View]
156225295Hinako Note: I want lick dat belly[View]
156229017Why are shougakusei allowed to be this sexy?[View]
156230629When is favaro back?: Which episode do you guys think when we will finally see favaro? Its probably …[View]
156231544Rate/post 3x3 grids? >Nausicaä >Kaiba >Bakemonogatari >Ping Pong >Mononoke-hime >T…[View]
156229055Instadropped: >The Private Aichi Symbiosis Academy was originally a high school blah blah blah fo…[View]
156232779Umaru: Why is /a/ still so calm with S2 coming? This is like a doomsday prepping scenario. What the…[View]
156231705>tfw no gf like ryuzu[View]
156225106Re:Creators: Hime-sama is best girl[View]
156187640Berserk: Episode 16 is out[View]
156221580I'll post this everyday untill you watch it! 6th friendly reminder that ATOM The Beginning is o…[View]
156233788Foomy: Why wasn't Fumika's book-rack featured more prominently in the anime?[View]
156233714Terra Formars: China has a second bio weapon?[View]
156233662What did she mean by this?[View]
156226212>Valvrave is 4 years old now[View]
156230045This is really retarded.[View]
156231916Is it true that you will have a second season and a movie?[View]
156218920You're waifu's face when you confess[View]
156211231Little Witch Academia: Any Sucyfags here? I'd really like to beat the shit out of you![View]
156230589is he any edgy?[View]
156232762>mangafreak is down and i can't find another site that allows me to download manga without a…[View]
156204867what anime had the best first episode?[View]
156225388Tokyo Ghoul: re 122: Etofag mass suicide edition[View]
156222153My Hero Academia: Waiting for the stream >tfw no sound[View]
156231183Bestiality?: So you're telling me she gave birth to a half tiger because she had sex with a tig…[View]
156232668Opm Nazi = What a HACK![View]
156232484I wish it had fanservice.[View]
156232544Kimi no na wa: Help /a/, I'm well aware that there were several flaws in this movie, and aspect…[View]
156230479Kuroshitsuji: Ciel is so beautiful :3[View]
156221677Why are cowtits and flat chested characters always rivals in anime?[View]
156227432'Villains' that did nothing wrong.[View]
156231462Botan: Botan[View]
156220105Anime girls with deep voices.: I'm tired of hearing the same high-pitched voices for women in a…[View]
156231828Nobunaga no shinobi: This is a shogun[View]
156231988Shokoku no Altair: Trying rationalize why the main character isnt trying to rebuild his clan[View]
156232103Season 2 of Heroman never. Why?[View]
156229689my friend said Wolf Guy is a nice SoL so i've started it, said if you liked namek you'll b…[View]
156229334Why is Takane so indecent?[View]
156231956Spats: Spats? Spats.[View]
156228241What is this implying?[View]
156227698ITT The most fuckable waifu #1 Now and Forever - Haruhi[View]
156231521When are we getting the inevitable Dekomori spinoff?[View]
156231688Why do faggots like this slut? How many times has she tried killing Yato for trying to save her dumb…[View]
156172282SukaSuka: Are you going to Scarborough Fair, anon?[View]
156220316This is your sensei tonight.[View]
156216452Lolicons are a mistake.[View]
156231415I will this here everyday till my death[View]
156230202ITT: Characters who single-handedly ruined their series[View]
156230924>draw cute girls >don't get enough attention >'l-let me make a slight alteration' >…[View]
156227719ITT:Anime Quotes[View]
156231192Gabriel Dropout: Family friendly show[View]
156223700Dagashi Kashi: New chapter out. dumping[View]
156221562Digimon Tamers: Come to think, did this faggot have an actual motive?[View]
156225785He is fine right? He is going to stand up and beat the crap out of bakuzan[View]
156225420*approaches you*[View]
156220724ITT: /a/ Characters that are you. Pic related[View]
156230677Whats up with the scared of spoilers fags.?[View]
156229421Seven Seas: >Dance in the Vampire Bund >Franken Fran >Freezing >How to Build a Dungeon …[View]
156230556Kiga means: 1) Penguin 2) Starvation 3) Daily Life[View]
156228717Does a more smug face exist /a/?[View]
156223986Twin Angel Break: Did he died?[View]
156230465Spiral energy is bad, mmk?[View]
156225501Um...so, was he gay?[View]
156228322>it's a 'slow /a/' time of the day[View]
156220615Why is Sophomore Student so whit? She ruined the whole episode![View]
156230155why this fight makes me hard since I was a kid? Dragon Ball Yamcha vs Tien[View]
156229507>they are called samurai >their behavior and tactics are ninja…[View]
156229441Love Live is cool[View]
156229947So who is this girl who's hiding both arms in her sleeves and why do I find it arousing?[View]
156206061Shingeki no Kyojin: Thread for those who like Shingeki no Kyojin Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
156203505One Punch Man: tonarinoyj.jp/manga/onepanman/ https://imgur.com/a/1C2FU[View]
156218306Danganronpa: What is the appeal of Junko Enoshima, and a more serious question: are Juzo Boys still …[View]
156229678Is it just me or is this difficult to 'read'?[View]
156222089can you?[View]
156226144tfw you're the strongest being in anime: yet still as childish as an idiot Saiyan monkey named …[View]
156210837Was she the main character?[View]
156219649There are plenty of SoL takes mostly in Japan, but there are hardly any other SoL anime about other …[View]
156224964Find a flaw.[View]
156224988Spring 2017: What's the current opinion on this season? >SnK S2 SoL in post apocalyptic >…[View]
156130588Write an ln/manga/anime: >a sgt in the US army deployed in afghanistan gets sent home early. >…[View]
156229380what Yamcha say at the minute 6:05? Dragon Ball Yamcha vs Tien Shinhan: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
156229351Why don't they make a show with themes?[View]
156215568Press F to pay respects[View]
156228303i thought hunter x hunter was special: I thought Hunter x Hunter was an special shounen because of h…[View]
156229150Yuasa: This nip produced the best anime of the past 15 years. Prove me wrong. Protip: you can't…[View]
156228874Kimi ni Todoke: I found this show yesterday, and oh my god, its so adorable. Why is the art style so…[View]
156182223Konosuba: What do you think the next volume will be about? According to the title, it's going t…[View]
156219007What's the next anime trend once the Isekai meme dies out?[View]
156228819KOUME! It's eight of clock! WAKE UP![View]
156212483How does /a/ feel about Cardfight Vanguard?[View]
156228691Hold still anon, it'll only hurt a bit ufufufu[View]
156227733>eh, nandatte? Fuck off.[View]
156219583ITT : Impossible to adapt animes[View]
156214589>Bluray/DVD re-release of an old anime with reanimated scenes has more seeds than the original la…[View]
156226245>see this get talked up everywhere >decide to see what's up >check around for trailer …[View]
156208641What do these three have in common?[View]
156208043thoughts on the /m/ power chart?[View]
156224937ORE NO[View]
156224325Was she right or wrong?[View]
156226209Does pirating girlfriends count as NTR ? I'm confused /a/.[View]
1561808873x3: r8 and critique[View]
156227589ITT : Post cute boys sexualized contents not allowed[View]
156174358How about a game of mahjong? http://tenhou.net/0/?L7447[View]
156217371I... I just don't understand Japan's taste in anime[View]
156227112Best Christmas Parties: ITT post best christmas parties[View]
156221905When did you outgrow anime?[View]
156215088So why hasn't there been an s3 yet? The first two were massive successes and they even released…[View]
156227034Kumo-Desu ga Nani-ka: Is it legal for spider to be this sexy?[View]
156221657Kemono Friends: Ep.1 remastered version is out[View]
156225736IT'S CATURDAY[View]
156226856Anon help me. I need to stop her from destroying my brain and dick.[View]
156226058Anime Aesthetics: Post aesthetics[View]
156225833Thanks to her the third episode was a lot better than I expected.[View]
156219535>hero of justice[View]
156219860What are some poor writing decisions?[View]
156226373Aikatsu/Pripara thread: Akari is cute, CUTE!(And better than Ichigo in every way)[View]
156221925Which Naruto would you Shippuden?[View]
156181142Image Conversation Thread: Reply to this thread with images only. [View]
156219440I love you /a/![View]
156220885ITT: Nuking an entire anime in less than a minute[View]
156223815Anime Bros: Can you find a bigger bro than him? I doubt it.[View]
156223864Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records: this episode when?[View]
156221539What does /a/ think of Future Card Buddyfight?[View]
156220046Have you seen Pupa: Have you seen the animu Pupa, and what do you think of it[View]
156225572Gakuen Babysitters: Are you excited for toddlers?[View]
156221908Why is the student counsel member always the hottest one?[View]
156218083Do you like anime with a lot of quality?[View]
156218340Tokyo Ghoul:re: Has Ishida redeemed himself?[View]
156225244What will his next masterpiece be about?[View]
156220728Granblue Fantasy: Is this the best girl?[View]
156222251Six years ago today, Madoka Kaname died for our sins.[View]
156212454What's her secret ambition?[View]
156193491Re:Creators: what does it mean?[View]
156212393How can other dudes even compete?[View]
156222266Excluding Gundam Unicorn, which is Sawano's objectively best OST? I know that people love to ha…[View]
156218171>so many great fucking anime this season What went right?[View]
156219722Yuki: sip[View]
156223490When will monogatari finally end?[View]
156223528Why are the girls in this almost all insufferable cunts? I don't fucking get it. All the guys a…[View]
156221900OPM: 2 months and still nothing, anyone knows if they will stop the manga and only focus in the anim…[View]
156220297ITT: Anime that Rottentomatoes like[View]
156220194Best and worse girl?[View]
156217008Why was anime so much more detailed in the past than it is today?[View]
156219181I just watched the first story arc of this. ... I feel sick, disgusted, and disturbed. I'm an H…[View]
156223508Overlord: Best boy time to shine.[View]
156217372Are 2D girls inherently stronger than their male counterpart?[View]
156201175One Piece: What will Pudding do when the arc is over?[View]
156203251Watching Ranma for the first time right now. Question: Do girl-type Ranma and Akane ever kiss?[View]
156217896So did Shinji die a virgin?[View]
156223272>Why is X popular instead of Y? >Otaku pander trash >Japan has shit taste Can the people wh…[View]
156223273What show has the best OPs and EDs? And why is it Shana?[View]
156222161At what point did you accept that yuri was a certified homosexual?[View]
156221910Where the flying FUCK can I find the full op of Bersucc 2016? DOES IT EVEN EXIST? FUCK. https://www.…[View]
156149708>You will never obtain beautiful twin slave girls who are magically compelled to follow your ever…[View]
156217078Why do people call her a prostitute?[View]
156217321Sex? with such height difference?[View]
156222135Finally caught up with this. Did Hanabi really deserve this ending while the evil Sensei finds a shi…[View]
156222531Shimakaze is a miracle of the universe[View]
156222585May I have a moment of your time to speak with you about the best girl, also known as Erika?[View]
156215131Women: The Manga, Satanofani Chapter 6: Manga about how women behave if they live in one place, the …[View]
156214984You have 10 (ten) seconds to post your OTP.[View]
156214958What does rice wine taste like?[View]
156222187Kemono Friends: Tobu Zoo is swamped.[View]
156221980You guys are dicks.[View]
156211074My Hero Academia/Boku no Hero Academia: New episode is just 9 hours. New chapter yesterday. Best bir…[View]
156185431Sword Oratoria: >anime about lesbian elves, half-naked brown girls, and Wolf Accelerator kicking …[View]
156202956Weekend Waifu Drawthread: Remember to relax and take it easy.[View]
156202475tsuki ga kirei: AOTS?[View]
156199937So it's probably only a matter of time before this faggot is at the helm of an anime series. Wh…[View]
156220906Tokyo Ghoul:re: Why did Ishida turn him into a pussy?[View]
156113026I can't stop re-watching Ojamajo Doremi, send help.[View]
156210064Light Novel thread: Any moon reading anon know about this light novel series? Its called Seraphim Zo…[View]
156210746>Looking for something relaxing to marathon >'Oh hey it's that magical girl show!' >'N…[View]
156218495I want to look EXACTLY like S[̺͆h̺͆]aro[View]
156220705ITT: Series you expected to be a little more different than the rest of the genre but ended up being…[View]
156201606S2 WHEN[View]
156148347Saekano: Get in here utahabros[View]
156220400what makes a fighting manga great story-wise? which narrative memes do you think are staple for the…[View]
156208327Dragon Ball Super: Why did his story have to get ruined twice?[View]
156180612Nanatsu no Taizai 215: King gets it guys http://www.mangasail.com/content/nanatsu-no-taizai-215?page…[View]
156215101Could you win in a fight to the death against the Keions in a fight? All five of them trying to kill…[View]
156216535Who is the most disturbing villian in anime: Ok you weeaboo trash it's time to decide who is th…[View]
156219960What's the one anime scene that gave you the most second-hand embarrassment? Did you pause the …[View]
156208404Why is it whenever there is an emotional scene between two characters and one is saying some deep sh…[View]
156215871How confident are you that pink Aoi can rebuild the village?[View]
156179957Hinako Note: New episode in 3 hours. This is a smug bunny. Say something nice about it.[View]
156211806is manga or anime more pleb: i read way more manga than i watch anime, was wondering what people tho…[View]
156219746I never thought I'd like a cake this much.[View]
156110182Raildex: What will he be doing after his Keikaku succeds ?[View]
156214216Can some one explain the jokes I don't get in Konosuba? >lalatina is a hilarious name >me…[View]
156179371Buyfag Thread: buyfag.moe Read the guide before asking questions.[View]
156213497>/a/ already forgot about Hikari[View]
156212298Time Travel Shoujo: Can we get all 8 fans of this show in here?[View]
156219475I wish to civilize these savages[View]
156211327Kemono Friends: Kemono Friends[View]
156170678How long would you last inside Colette before exploding? Be honest.[View]
156202275nobody is subbing hentai anime anymore Why[View]
156214322Like, i get it's a metaphor, but of what?[View]
156210440Does Revy like vanilla?[View]
156213353Hi, what was your favorite code geass moment?.[View]
156213727Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS: Zexal and Arc-V were shit. Now that we have an older protag, will it be as good as …[View]
156201412>be savior of anime >nobody cares you >tfw…[View]
156183136Magi 347: Rune scans are out: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5082890620?lp=5028&mo_device=1&is_ji…[View]
156218841I read late 2017 for new episodes but jeez I can't wait that long[View]
156215982What is this expression trying to convey[View]
156206983What the fuck was her problem?[View]
156217908Your waifu went oversea for a trip, which skill did she gain?[View]
156216660is it true that the dick only makes it cuter?[View]
156213180Was he actually evil?[View]
156196571So i got this crazy idea. According to MAL, there are about 1,158 hentai out there. In theory, it sh…[View]
156211607wwyd if:: ...this guy came up to you on the train and DORO MONSTA CARDO?[View]
156191774Boruto: Metal's nervousness has been turned into a gag already: Remember how funny it was when …[View]
156218285What a twist[View]
156205211Kakegurui: So, Asmodeus or Lucifer?[View]
156217413Sagrada Reset: >qt. is kill Is this show going to kill a girl each time a case happens?…[View]
156175751Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru: I just finished this. I liked it and I got teary three or four times w…[View]
156214807Tokyo Ghoul:re RAW spoilers: Toukafags BTFO[View]
156217509Favorite scenes from animated manga? here's mine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koowNJvRty8…[View]
156206151Template threads: Why are template thread allowed? Why are generals allowed?[View]
156197073HxH: It's been one year...[View]
156215990People that did nothing wrong[View]
156217826>http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheGlassesGottaGo How the fuck is this allowed?…[View]
156201582>second KING OF PRISM movie looks potentially even gayer than the first https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
156216285There's only one King, ma'am, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't dress like this.[View]
156216090>that time You almost fell to her death[View]
156217576How much value do you put into visual direction?[View]
156214946Fairy Tail: Why is Zeref so based lads?[View]
156216510Maybe you guys can help me. I'm looking for an old review video of Sword Art Online. Not just a…[View]
156216560ITT: aged like hot milk[View]
156211143YooOoooooooooO!!! Jugemu jugemu gokou no surikire Kaijarisuigyo no suigyoumatsu Unraimatsu fuuraim…[View]
156207575What does /a/ think of space cat girls?[View]
156215376What do you think about licensing manga in the West?[View]
156211114What is this object /a/?[View]
156216263Why are evil waifus the best waifu?[View]
156216505You mustn't run away from your problems any longer, anon:[View]
156216501anyone here like Jagaaaaaan? I think it's pretty cool.[View]
156215633Why do people continue to watch DB after the Piccolo Jr. saga?[View]
156208762You can't possibly defend this.[View]
156212356Is this the AOTS of the season?[View]
156136533It's Ruri's birthday today. Come say something nice about her.[View]
156212117>this wasn't a full on yuri show What a missed opportunity.[View]
156208864Berserk: How can one character fuck up so much?[View]
156212382When your wife is a dumb motherfucker but she's trying her best and really is a good girl: Who …[View]
156208744Kaoru-dono wa best girl de gozaru.[View]
156209242Arslan Senki: >it's popular in japan they said >season 3 is guaranteed they said where th…[View]
156212473Why is she such a slut /a/?[View]
156186560Tokyo Ghoul:re: Who's ready for his response tonight?[View]
156146721Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt Old >>156072604[View]
156206362Marry one Adopt one Bully one Ignore one[View]
156213933Why do I get the feeling there's some kind of deep philosophical meaning to this fucking show?[View]
156214562who would win, DIO or Sakuya Izayoi? >if DIO had over heaven form, would the results change?…[View]
156212869I like the Akari. She is very nice girl. Do you like the Akari?[View]
156205798Ichi is best matsu.[View]
156214348What the FUCK did I just watch[View]
156197590Why aren't there more Indians in anime/manga?[View]
156199660Was Hyouka a masterpiece?[View]
156214233Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasuka: You could've prevented this.[View]
156214160Time paradog[View]
156201660Should i watch the monogatari series?: Is it really good or it's just a pretentious shitty hare…[View]
156209791Why is there so many characters from Evangelion in Mirai Nikki? Its actually kind of annoying, how m…[View]
156201577BanG Dream!: I have faith in bandori.[View]
156213534(Your Name. spoilers) Why didn't her braided cord make the bell-ringing sound at the end?[View]
156134411Kiki No Na Wa - Your Name: I just marathoned this /a/. What should I expect?[View]
156211903I'm gonna post this everyday until you like it.[View]
156208995Pair of glasses in medieval times.: LOL! Those anime authors know shit about anything.[View]
156197479should i watch this ? i don't like pretentious shit and shows needs to watch them twice or more…[View]
156136462Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism: This girl lives to be punished.[View]
156213426Don't get me wrong, Naoto is the best protagonist for wanting to fug the robutt But why is he s…[View]
156210711Is Kumiko a well-written character?[View]
156211054Who's watching the Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress double feature in theaters this Wednesday? htt…[View]
156212527You are waiting at the train station. This little bitch walks up and slaps your waifu on the ass. Wh…[View]
156212130Tell me /a/, why does this series went so wrong? Was it because Ryner goes full Hitler and kills Fe…[View]
156203920What was her fucking problem?[View]
156212910hey guys i drew CC i bet i like her more than you do[View]
156202145On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you for Umar2?[View]
156212246Kokoro Connect: What went wrong? What went right?[View]
156212057Why is she so fucking cool[View]
156210360Renai Boukun: This is truly the best anime of the season Will Renai Boukun save anime? …[View]
156210505>Alice Through the Looking Glass >ends up in a garden of flowers in a new world Whoa, deep.…[View]
156194945What went wrong?[View]
156146951Clockwork Planet: Episode in less than 2 hours[View]
156211649Find a flaw.[View]
156211546Full Ahead Coco Chapter 184: It's out![View]
156208709Where did anime go wrong?[View]
156201979Little Witch Academia: >tfw no Diana on episode 16 PV : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIqe-IYAh…[View]
156205230TLR and Darkness are going to be published as omnibus releases this year. According to Seven Seas…[View]
156210471In the Garden of Words: I just marathoned this /a/. What should I expect?[View]
156211150Kabukibu ep03: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUU-[View]
156197267Why did ReLife have no impact on /a/? Did it hit too close to home?[View]
156207802Hunter x Hunter: When does this start getting good? I stopped watching after the gay clown got outsm…[View]
156166273The idol is dying She bends back like a wave As her spirit is climbing Through the hospital wall an…[View]
156201736what the fuck is his problem?[View]
156208262Baki Dou: Why does everyone on this board hate him?[View]
156181943Jojo: >ywn have a friend as emmaculate as part 6 Dio[View]
156200703ITT: tropes that never get old >opening theme plays during a heroic moment >ending theme plays…[View]
156208766Code Geass Lelouch of the Resurrection: PV when?[View]
156194976How would you answer Satania?[View]
156209770Was Saber a virgin when she had sex with Shirou??: I'm talking about Fate route. I'm just …[View]
156195558Remembering Rosario + Vampire: Considering Capu 3 is never going to happen, let's reminisce wit…[View]
156206433Someone give this literal cuck an eyepatch so he can finally stop winking at me like a faggot[View]
156210100Never forget.[View]
156206679>Imouto threads keep getting deleted, even when blogshitting is kept to a bare minimum This injus…[View]
156210029Usagi Drop (manga): Where was the editor while this was happening?[View]
156208791Have we got the answer to this yet /a/?[View]
156208133this is too boring the only entertaining thing is her FAT ASS[View]
156208252>last arc >diana screw up something big >everyone panics >akko stop it before that somet…[View]
156207350Befriend, Marry, Serve[View]
156181493Is /lit/ fat, /a/? Would you care to check[View]
156207118Autistic Waifus Thread: What the fuck is she wearing?[View]
156209140Kaiji: Wanted to get into gambling series for a long time. Where to start? There's like shitloa…[View]
156204586Cinderella Girls: Gekijou: Was her segment the cat's meow? How often did you paws it? And is th…[View]
156208481Haifuri: Did you enjoy Kancolle lite?[View]
156200245>Big tits makoto Is this a meme?[View]
156209482Why do this? Why ruin a show on the last minute of the final episode?[View]
156206769To-Love Ru Licensed for English Release: So now we can actually have physical copies in English. Any…[View]
156203134Can you be my onii-chan, /a/[View]
156193440My Hero Academia / Boku no Hero Academia: Anyone else playing that new mobile game that came out for…[View]
156206722What was the underlying symbolism of this scene?[View]
156202436FLCL Thread: Because, fuck it, why not? Are you guys excited for the new season?[View]
156200758Is it just me or is every punchline about going to the super market just not funny?[View]
156194093Kemono Friends: JAPARI COIN DA[View]
156198590I AM THE BONE OF MY SWORD[View]
156200235Dragon Ball Super: >Zamasu's ultimate attack is throwing a bunch of blocks Anyone else becom…[View]
156199477>Started semi-flat >Her figure has become more defined and curvaceous over her first two years…[View]
156207134The regular working life is an underrated setting for anime. Maybe it's because I'm leavin…[View]
156197646>Draw a girl >call it a boy Thank you Japan…[View]
156184425Shingeki no Bahamut: What, couple hours until new ep and still no tread?[View]
156208341>Up until a few years ago I only watched a few anime, and my complaint about most of it was 'Just…[View]
156192806Post smug.[View]
156207931Momo Yaoyorozu & Chisaki siblings?: There quirks seem similar in a way and look like they could …[View]
156207703>Kajiura and Yoko Kanno are the best composers of all ti-[View]
156207540Why anime girls always have stupid hats ?[View]
156199160What was her name again?[View]
156202241>The anime market is almost entirely supported by the fanatical otaku audience which has both dis…[View]
156204584What will anime in 2027 be like? What will be the trends? What will the animation style look like? E…[View]
156182960Are JCs a 10?[View]
156177058>The only character that can beat the protagonist is literally called Mary Sue You cannot make th…[View]
156207635My strong wafu Nina literally can't stop winning![View]
156198922Left or right?[View]
156185287>Had two seasons, a movie and even a bunch of 'side material' (Manga, School Idol Diary, Drama CD…[View]
156197537Kabukibu!: Seems I have to make this thread weekly then. Episode 3 is out for all 5 anons still watc…[View]
156201761>Everybody finds love in the end. Is this true?[View]
156207176do you love boobs[View]
156205169>tfw to intelligent for monogatari Isin peaked in Medaka Box brainlets[View]
156206103>by episode 2 they're already having long kissing sessions Why is this allowed? Why are thes…[View]
156206107Is this anime any good?[View]
156204268Anon, why do you like moeshit? I don't understand![View]
156191022What's the oldest anime you've seen?[View]
156204036What's with the hate for this show?[View]
156205237why are japanese artist so perverted?[View]
156200478Why do Goddesses have such big tits?[View]
156198404Gantz: is Gantz the greatest manga ever written? Did granma and the little boy fuck you up too? Jesu…[View]
156204948Why aren't you holding her /a/?[View]
156204527Is Shinka a trophy wife?[View]
156193032Shingeki no Kyojin: Thread for those who like warriors Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CID-sY…[View]
156181424Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai: New episode later today Ready for more cute molestation.[View]
156205503Why is the P4 anime so much better than the P3 movies?[View]
156187148Sekaisuru kado: These human and their useless chairs, primitive language, and limited amount of elec…[View]
156199672Mousou Telepathy: Pure kino[View]
156205220Tomorrow I'll go at a fair, any advice about which manga to buy?[View]
156199541Post anime characters that look like you Pic related, that's more or less me in the middle[View]
156201016>anime is frequently described using the words 'psychological' or 'existential' This always means…[View]
156200114What kind of father would let his daughter hitchhike around neo-Japan dressed like this?[View]
156201699do you listen to music when reading manga? do you listen to different genres depending on what you…[View]
156201193Art house anime thread: What's your favorite art house anime? What are you looking forward to t…[View]
156204388I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.[View]
156203476Is Ritsu - Mio one of the best comedy pairings in anime? You really get the feeling that they'v…[View]
156203985Platinum End: What the fuck are Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata doing? anyone else reading this? Atle…[View]
156201199thoughts on the /m/ power chart?[View]
156198618anime pizza thread[View]
156201550This is an average anime cat, say something nice about her.[View]
156197802I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.[View]
156186219One-Punch Man: https://twitter.com/NEBU_KURO/status/855413207619457024 So are we getting the chapter…[View]
156178935Eromanga Sensei: Would you?[View]
156181696Weekend Waifu Drawthread: Remember to relax and take it easy.[View]
156200111Post anime too ahead of it's time. The only AnH's mistake was be made before the moe era …[View]
156191865She did nothing wrong and didn't deserve that ending.[View]
156194076>You wake up like this What do?[View]
156202541I want to start reading a new battle shounen series, which one of these is the best?[View]
156196617>You will never take Salad's virginity[View]
156135373watamote chapter 114 is out now.[View]
156202165What went so incredibly right?[View]
156202025Little Witch Academia: Even Lotte can't believe she's getting another one.[View]
156197600The Eng dub version will be the same final version with Improvements in animation and audio like the…[View]
156191284>a Lotte episode? What a disappointme- Also, PV for next episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
156195611>[HorribleSubs] Nobunaga no Shinobi - 29 [720p].mkv 10/10 character.[View]
156199322ITT: anime with significantly better dub than sub[View]
156201080Post Mexican anime characters: .[View]
156190095One Piece: Is he really such a bad person?[View]
156199344>DUDE HE WAS AN ALIEN THE WHOLE TIME LMAO The writers of Zexal deserve to be shot…[View]
156188880Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel: >Twin Angel BREAK - 03 [720p].mkw[View]
156189280Made in Abyss 29: Remember the horrible translation of chapter 27? Well, better prepare for another …[View]
156170779Dragon Ball Super: Still best angel.[View]
156198211Youkai Watch: Did these two single-handedly ruin the whole show?[View]
156174064Why doesn't Japan appreciate oneechans like they do imoutos?[View]
156198711Why does no one want to translate her manga /a/?[View]
156182318why was pluto so much better than monster?[View]
156200217Monogatari Series: What is best arc and why is it Shinobu Time[View]
156196100admit it /a/, this is the best solution: . just put him in a ship with two chicks already. why dont …[View]
156200363seriously if her husband is a girly shonen protag piece of sh*t instead of a badass buff MAN i will …[View]
156200422Sin nanatsu no taizai: Finally. A Christian show for Christians like me.[View]
156198689One Page Thread[View]
156199515Is he the best MC ever?[View]
156186733>random loli tells you your secrets and talks about your granddaughter, no reaction >she is in…[View]
156198127Koe no Katachi: So is this damn thing nowhere to be seen online? just watched Kimi no Na Wa and love…[View]
156200088>Chidori is for lewds now[View]
156198089Where's the Neverland thread? Where in the world is the plantation? Europe? 'murica? Japan? Whe…[View]
156198937Why hasn't there been an anime about Nazis? Jin-roh doesn't count, it just copies the aest…[View]
156197694Characters who killed millions[View]
156199968Yowamushi Pedal Thread: >be koga >in a manga/anime about racing bikes >sit in the corner fo…[View]
156198476The Dragon's Dentist: Why haven't you seen winter's AOTS yet?[View]
156198811What will anime in 2027 be like? What will be the trends? What will the animation style look like? E…[View]
156195738bakabt: it's back up[View]
156199598Find a flaw.[View]
156198888man, I wish this would me my imouto: I would cuddle her all day long[View]
156196121who is the strongest character in anime & manga?[View]
156193176Are you watching those Chinese cartoons again /a/?[View]
156198415Is this seriously the best action gag drama of all time?[View]
156199479Iggy is perfect[View]
156198628Made in Abyss: This is so damn cool.[View]
156196066Just finished this. What kind of sadistic person ends a story like this? Is there not a point where …[View]
156187824She did nothing wrong[View]
156185096Now that the dust has settled what are your thoughts about this series?[View]
156194432Se/a/cats: <Good!>[View]
156196147season 2 when?[View]
156174311Succubus Ja Nai Mon!: New Monster Girls manga! Posting the links to the raws here since it would tak…[View]
156198375Konosuba will have a third season: Source: an anime industry insider You heard it here first. Screen…[View]
156198672Speed of Translations: >Get asked why I'm watching anime when I can just read the manga and …[View]
156193764Good anime: What seperated anime like this from the rest, can we have a thread discussing on-waifu a…[View]
156198552hibike: I will marry this clarinet.[View]
156198308>Gets brain destroyed >Intentionally makes Index cry as a joke >'Why did you lie to her' …[View]
156198466Manga/LNs that deserve a better anime adaption[View]
156198085>Class with the worst students of the school >146 males and 2 females What kind of feminist …[View]
156198414fuwa fuwa[View]
156189787Rin is my Waifu[View]
156191144Gabriel Dropout: Its Gab-chan birthday today. Wish a happy birthday to her[View]
156198238https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qp52SAUO7k&list=LL8dWpfQGvZ8QJKk45jA28Cw&index=1 Well /a/? …[View]
156197793This is Aladdin. Say something nice about him.[View]
156188923Where the fuck is her nose?[View]
156196265Why there are barely any Action Anime with girls as the main characters? I'am tired of seeing e…[View]
156191734Is Fllay the youngest anime girl to have an on-screen sex scene in a TV release?[View]
156197983CHO, KAEEEEEEEEEEN GATTAI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDMYiWIqzek[View]
156196777What went wrong[View]
156185829Why the fuck the best girl always lose?: Are nips that much into NTR?[View]
156197554KyoAni: Objectively, who are KyoAni's best written characters?[View]
156195830Do you think they watch TFS DBZ? I[View]
156197544Best Abridges series?: I've seen a few good ones: UBW Abridged (with Actually Satan): https://w…[View]
156183882Which Ama would you gami?[View]
156194879She's looking at you.[View]
156191215SciADV thread[View]
156185726You wouldn't a Ple 12, would you anon?[View]
156197120King better fucking reciprocate this.[View]
156196832Tell me what team you were 1982 - Lynn Minmei 1995 - Asuka 1999 - Hinata 2000 - Ahome 2000 - I don…[View]
156192092Flip Flappers: I just finished marathoning Flip Flappers. Can someone explain this to me because I…[View]
156196643Reminder: Nisekoi was Komi's way of getting back at everyone for axing Double Arts.[View]
156182199Is there a single early 2000's show that didn't age poorly? Shows like Azumanga, Tutu Kin…[View]
156195849>tfw assistant to a hack >he's depressed as fuck and abusive >can't draw a backgr…[View]
156196683ITT: Shows too subtle and nuanced for most to understand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adetEssKx…[View]
156148794Renai Boukun: Episode 3 in approximately one hour. Get ready for more of best girl.[View]
156189019See this in bed Wat do?[View]
156150905Medaka Box: This is the best Nisio[View]
156196484JOJO PART 5! WHEN?: thats kinda it sorry if this title made your expectations higher than it should …[View]
156196399Shh! You'll wake them.[View]
156195779sekai no yami zukan: sekai no yami zukan > Yami Shibai[View]
156147820Unskippable openings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMoVmSV4yA8[View]
156182677Tatami Galaxy: Why is this a good anime? I would argue that Hyouka did a better job at showing how t…[View]
156190744Little Witch Academia: Does Sucy ever wish she was an elf so she could be enslaved and put into the …[View]
156196214Where is my FAVAROOO /a/? Where is my fucking FAVAROOO at?[View]
156182067What did she mean by this?[View]
156190074Are you not tired of every manga that you like getting the axe?: how can we stop this? Really asking…[View]
156194151Okay /a/, I've played the original VN and seen Fate/Zero multiple times. What else am I missing…[View]
156194254What is Kanna's favorite type of Ravioli?[View]
156192358chingiri: Time for gags.[View]
156188851Who will handle the inevitable adaptation?[View]
156191249The Tsukihime remake was officially announced 9 years ago on April 21![View]
156123262Overlord: New chapter is out.[View]
156162160ITT: Manga that made you feel like shit after reading Pic related for me[View]
156195325i want a parody where the straw hats are pimps: any one elce[View]
156182217ITT: times a manga/anime hit too close to home.[View]
156188172code geass: soon[View]
156190747Yawn Gabriel on the front page[View]
156194143Something Something Katman360 Yes guys i know it is the 3rd 'loli' thread, but both of them had most…[View]
156191905What is ABAJ, /a/?[View]
156192855Why is this girl naked?[View]
156179016Monogatari Series: who is best Monogatari?[View]
156194043Universe Survival ARC: >they will save the other 8 universes mixing it with universe 7 >movin …[View]
156192415You wouldn't bully a cute miko from the countryside, right anon?[View]
156190415Is ursula getting fat?[View]
156194381ED of the season: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNL7Y_EjuhI[View]
156180185What did he mean by this?[View]
156194150Adaptation when[View]
156187012Neon Genesis Evangelion: It's my birthday today. I turned 25. Can you guys post me cute Evangel…[View]
156183069It's that time again where I post some cute pics from the Nips' adaptation of Western nove…[View]
156193525>low energy all the time >dreamlike hallucinations whenever his emotions are stirred Is he nar…[View]
156182979It's my birthday today. Can I get a Kiniro Mosaic thread going?[View]
156191291Why is she such a fucking bitch? How can anyone tolerate her?[View]
156192977>I'm not a fucking faggot monster nigga like you guys Good damn, guts. That's a problem…[View]
156165659Shingeki no Kyojin: Thread for those who like Veterans Previous thread: >>156145800 Chapter 92…[View]
156187389>series name start with ''Re:''[View]
156187198Do you lewd the K-Ons?[View]
156170975Luvia: Why does this big-breasted slut wear her hair in dreadlocks?[View]
156189301ITT: imoutos that won[View]
156169128Re:Creators: lettuce hope our hime appears next episode[View]
156192105Cooking manga general: Cooking manga is one of popular genres in Japan but why few translations exis…[View]
156183321Kemono Friends: New Kemono Friends stage show, game and video project.[View]
156181989One Piece: >a hammer >cuts through a photo Oda is a hack.…[View]
156191743Escape failed. Wew lad[View]
156165505Tsuki ga Kirei: Akanecchi said knock you out![View]
156078172ITT: moments where shit got real[View]
156168824Boku no hero academia: endeavor was just moved to the 2nd place on the shit dad list.[View]
156177432Little Witch Academia: would you watch an alternate continuity regular human spin-off?[View]
156189297Disappearance: Would you have done the same?[View]
156188233Do you watch high school anime, because you yourself failed at making your high school time a great …[View]
156172418>Himawari develops the byakugan in both eyes >Boruto only develops it in one explain…[View]
156186802How do you live with the fact that your waifu will never be real?[View]
156181324This is Asuka. How did /a/ feel about her?[View]
156182840Fruits Basket: >Anime remake fucking WHEN?![View]
156189723Who /hobbyistmangaka/ here?[View]
156190181Who is the greatest anime character in anime history and why is it Char Aznable?[View]
156190084why does the empire has so much trouble against Bewcock?[View]
156156732hunter x hunter threads: How do you feel about the Chimera Ant arc? Do you think it was good or bad?…[View]
156188234YuGiOh VRAINS: Not sure if slowpoking, but VA cast and new characters revealed.[View]
156189149>the last episode of super will be goku making a wish on the super dragon balls to erase all know…[View]
156187328Is Kyon a well written character?[View]
156138760Ghoul: Well, is he?[View]
156178678And axed http://yaraon-blog.com/archives/103911[View]
156186369Tell me about Alice, why does she wear that mask?[View]
156184992Is she ok?[View]
156186799Berserk: Waiting for the next episode edition.[View]
156188006My Shinka is better than yours[View]
156187841Let's talk about this chick[View]
156179269Underrated shows[View]
156187836Does anyone feel like shows with an all female cast are the best?[View]
156184809did he deserve it?[View]
156187089PS or GITS: Psycho pass or Ghost in the shell?[View]
156186182I love Akira[View]
156188070There's been a lot of this stuff made lately, let's share some of em ITT: We give one mang…[View]
156187926The worst OVA Koichi Ohata worked on[View]
156187927It's time.[View]
156187924I'll take 10.[View]
156169925Reminder Rolling Girls was AOTY[View]
156133211Shokugeki no Souma: Nene a cute! A cute![View]
156152843What did she mean by this?[View]
156187172KADO: Episode 3 subs are up.[View]
156163845Is he still the strongest in the game? I've been out of the mix since 2005. If not what's …[View]
156184964Jojo: Who's your favorite Jojo character/stand?[View]
156186273What did Ishihara mean by this?[View]
156187194Most annoying anime character you've ever encountered: Peaky Angels (Minael and Yunael) Glad t…[View]
156139334Gabriel Dropout: It's Gabu's birthday Say something nice to her[View]
156184635Which country tends to have the best waifus?[View]
156186423Series cut short for the dumbest of reasons[View]
156186872Every day until you like it: You know, I always thought Fujiko would be more of a vodka aunt. Maybe …[View]
156184575Do you must watch a certain show before you can fap to a certain character from that show?[View]
156187084Best OP of the season. Post your favorites. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKXiea-9uB4[View]
156187046>But it can't be helped[View]
156162048Akiba Strip: If she dies when undressed then how is she going to have sex with Tamotsu?[View]
156186785Oh shit.: He did not deserve this[View]
156184565Why dont we have a Narcissu anime yet? Why is the whole terminal disease subject rarely approached o…[View]
156186580What's the lewdest anime of the season?[View]
156097463OPT - One Page Thread: Old Thread cause Image limit >>155993896[View]
156184041Beggars belief that Otomo spent 10 years and $20 million on this piece of shit The Protagonists name…[View]
156185031Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?[View]
156178557>the best anime of the season is a low budget advertisement full of product placement How does th…[View]
156177561say something nice about Maho[View]
156186032Are there any lists of most important/best manga that were made a more selected group of mangaka, cr…[View]
156186017Next chapter: Is it Late April yet?[View]
156185896This is a Japanese idol. Say something nice about her![View]
156182476Do you understand the pain he had to go through?[View]
156178763So, /a/. Who is the evil lesbian of 2017?[View]
156178808Infinite Ryvius: Can we talk about this masterpiece?[View]
156111029Seikaisuru Kado: I know this lewd alien is cute and has nice feet, but why did Shindou trust him so …[View]
156185380Devilman: What were they thinking?[View]
156185623inb4 OP[View]
156182654It really wasn't that bad.[View]
156182124Are these the sexiest middle schoolers?[View]
156185141the SoL and Harem manga per excellence Genshiken General[View]
156185268Jojo: The movie's lookin' slick https://youtu.be/v1heFIhvL3s[View]
156160825Why was Dangan Ronpa 3 so bad? How come hardcore Dangan Ronpa fans just eat this shit up?[View]
156182694How come all the main characters in Gundam shows are high functioning autists?[View]
156185243Homewrecker/Reverse Cuckqueen general[View]
156180499Nanatsu no Taizai 215 spoilers: King's suffering finally ends.[View]
156180488Murata is drawing(was drawing): This guy might give a scratch to Gouketsu.. Or not ?[View]
156182567Angel's Egg: What are people's thoughts on this film?[View]
156179115What's /a/'s opinion on Prince of Tennis? I've never seen it discussed here. I used t…[View]
156184214>Don't tell me you're one of those fags who only watch 1 or 2 series, or only old shows…[View]
156179414Most annoying voices in anime?[View]
156184235Would you bully Sana?[View]
156184659>it's a fantasy >'Gee I wonder if this new fantasy anime has any interesting races or wor…[View]
156184752From studio who made Onara Garou: >[Linguistic] Hey, President Trap-kun! Episode 01 (aka Yo! Dait…[View]
156183510KOUME! It's eight of clock! WAKE UP![View]
156178508Yu-gi-oh VRAINS: New manga chapter out http://imgur.com/a/xpq2A[View]
156180414>she is a demon, a.k.a. cursed being >possesses the heaven itself between her breasts explain …[View]
156182373Is your favorite anime a work of passion?[View]
156154389Has anime ever inspired you to make a positive change in your life? If it has, which show?[View]
156177066Kengan Ashura: This is a qt male.[View]
156179346How many shows are watching this season, /a/? Don't tell me you're one of those fags who o…[View]
156165830ITT: Characters that ruined the show[View]
156183201Remember me?[View]
156172383What the fuck did I just watch[View]
156175448ITT: Girls scientifically engineered to please your dick.[View]
156182105+Hey! Other maniwas can manipulate the luck, view the history of an object, move from a body to anot…[View]
156183255What did she mean by that?[View]
156182976Was it rape?[View]
156182962Sakamoto Thread: This is the perfect human. Prove me wrong. You can't[View]
156182641JS > JC > JK[View]
156178146>You will never obtain your personal loli vampire who is 300 years old[View]
156182636Can ladies love other ladies?[View]
156182555AniSphere @ Mogra: Anyone going to Mogra meet a filthy gaijin event tonight? LiveStream should be u…[View]
156181198Anno a shit.[View]
156182547Roku de nashi majutsu koushi to akashic record: best mommy here! reminder vote for serika http://www…[View]
156180438>It's a show /a/ universally pans >50% it's a master piece >50% they are right…[View]
156181664Worst character in Yu-Gi-Oh: Who is,in your opinion,the worst character from the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise …[View]
156177795Nitpick the style: I really dislike how her eyes are done, make her look like a downs person.[View]
156182309Fairy tail 532 and 533 spoilers: RIP Natsu [View]
15617335220 Years later, is Kenshin still GOAT Tier protagonist and Manga? I'm inclined to say yes[View]
156182297KyoAni: Objectively, who are KyoAni's best written characters?[View]
156178155Imagine if she wasn't cute.: Nobody would have given a shit about a random disabled girl.…[View]
156173005One Piece: >tfw the plan was almost ruined[View]
156182114How would you comfort her?[View]
156181968K-On: What K would you On?[View]
156174692>Kemono is not popular with the Japs[View]
156181562shouldn't her nips be showing with the bikini positioned like that? Does Faye even have nips?[View]
156175440Why do nips hand their laundry to dry? Are we privileged for having laundry dryers?[View]
156176720This is King Arthur Say something nice about her![View]
156181284What did they mean by this?[View]
156179377Buyfag Thread: read the meme http://buyfags.moe Don't ask questions![View]
156078125ACE: ACE Where is the chapter?[View]
156178210Why are SoLs so comfy and enjoyable?[View]
156179540Why are medium-sized breasts so patrician?[View]
156180512Your favorite manga will never get an artful anime adaptation better than source material made by be…[View]
156134648JoJo Thread: So what the fuck was this about?[View]
156172617Kemono Friends:: Here are all the character voice clips from the game. Use them however you want be …[View]
156179777Love Live! Sunshine!! world image girl: What's your favorite costume. http://lovelive-sunshine.…[View]
156181270Would you heal a broken girl?[View]
156181100Will the following Anime & Mangas ever be finished? >Hunter x Hunter (manga&anime) >To…[View]
156178592Canon Futanari: Is there another anime series that has a canon dickgirl and isn't hentai?…[View]
156181113Short-haired Katze: What do you think?[View]
156176604I want Snoop to voice an anime no joke.[View]
156180430What happened here? It seemed pretty cute. Is she tripping?[View]
156171749Tomo-chan: kita[View]
156180906Post a GIF/webm and convince people to pick up a Spring 2017 anime: Post something from this season …[View]
156176686I always skip OPs & EDs: Give me a reason why I shouldn't.[View]
156172062Who was right about Haruhi?[View]
156180352This is so cute.[View]
156180762Shut Hell: So is anyone still working on this? I need to know what happened after she got beheaded…[View]
156171510cowfee or gween tea?[View]
156180125Subs when?[View]
156144297Ange Vierge: RIP TCG https://ange-vierge.com/news/?id=710 S2 never[View]
156151044Hayate no Gotoku! What happened to it?[View]
156180389Are you excited for Narancia's anime?[View]
156170599This is the 8th rank Urara Nono. She's cheated death twice. Say something nice to her.[View]
156175247this came out 15 years ago, you're old, you're welcome, suck my fucking cock[View]
156156283ITT: Untranslatable words[View]
156179980Weird manga: So i read this weird manga many years ago and I've never been able to figure out w…[View]
156179860What animes feature mid 20's characters?[View]
156173236Alright /a/, in your opinion who is THE Jojo? The one who best represents the series as a whole?[View]
156177622have you ever wondered what anime girls look with nose? no worries anymore! here they are[View]
156176141[8-Bit Cruel Angel Thesis starts playing][View]
156175809I'll post this everyday untill you watch it! 5th friendly reminder that ATOM The Beginning is o…[View]
156174732This is the strongest man in the world.[View]
156179331>10 Episodes in >MC is having a dream sequence…[View]
156175004Kaguya wants to be confessed: New chapter out[View]
156178047Rare waifus from popular series: Pic related.[View]
156167818Uchouten kazoku: Who is best tanuki and why is it Frogbro?[View]
156176991This is a Kanna She is the fattest loli[View]
156169404This is your best friend now. What do you do?[View]
156161116Shimoneta: Anna was the highlight of the show and made it much more funny that it could have been.…[View]
156131610Konosuba: Stop preferring Aqua.[View]
156177480Code Geass: 4/21 guys. Where is my BD rip? I want to see my glorious C.C. in one of her new outfits.…[View]
156178787Why is Satisfactory Saccharin so shit? She ruined the whole episode![View]
156178058seiyuu Binaural asmr: https://youtu.be/A5YCDveJ7Eg ai kayano MAO[View]
156175729THREAD KUROKO[View]
156160931When will K-On be surpassed in its genre?[View]
156177769Can someone explain to me the ending of Boys on the run since the last volume isn't translated …[View]
156178430I want to beat up Ume this bad.[View]
156084703Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku: First half of Limited is on the Gdrive and drafts of Trick or Magical G…[View]
156175874Comfiest show of the season.[View]
156178193Yuru Yuri, especially season 3, is Adhorrible. Yes, it has cute girls doing cute things, and is gene…[View]
156169155Could /a/ take her down in a fist fight?[View]
156177293This is a Japanese cat. Feed it something nice![View]
156161646How do you feel about moths?[View]

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