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179395876This man adapts your favorite show/manga into a movie. What changes?[View]
179388402How many people has Ainz killed?[View]
179391827Umimachi Diary/Our little sister: Does anyone on /a/ even read Umimachi Diary by Yoshida Akimi (the …[View]
179377267Hunter x Hunter: Where do you think Hisoka is hiding at, will we end up seeing Leorio first for once…[View]
179382992Well /a/?[View]
179386317>tfw battle shonen are so fucking bad at powerscaling they lose what makes the series good in the…[View]
179395231You get Isekai’d as Neji Hyuuga right at this moment. What do you do? How do you go from here?[View]
179394224look at this cute monster from Chibi Devi!, his name is Pepe. You guys know what to do[View]
179392361Haro replaces the protagonist in the last anime you watched, what changes?[View]
179393285Look on your keyboard between T and O![View]
179352709Release the Spyce: Do you like gay spies?[View]
179396753Anyone who hates lolis are certified faggots.[View]
179250306VRAINS THREAD: Last thread got rekt for trying to look like a general. Let's get this going. Ep…[View]
179385358Have you visited anywhere anime related?: I finally got around to making it to some anime locations.…[View]
179374551Is he a Sephiroth tier イケメン under that helmet?[View]
179394004so when is the next episode of attack on titan?[View]
179393853How can something be so pure and sweet?[View]
179355222>[anon] Hugtto! Precure - 36.mkv[View]
179390246Tsukumogami Kashimasu: > [HorribleSubs] Tsukumogami Kashimasu - 12 [720p].mkv Its the finale and…[View]
179381471Umineko Thread: >denies the existence of magic >is transported to a meta world to watch a fake…[View]
179392924Diversity is strength.[View]
179394914>no longer a teenager >still watches anime explain yourself anon…[View]
179390550I regret that I've never joined the clubs when I was in high school[View]
179379650JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: EVERY TIME I CLOSE MY EYES[View]
179390440Choose your weapon to kill Yoshiko[View]
179392584What went wrong?[View]
179392498If you hear jazz, it means I'm coming.[View]
179392499Anon-kun, Why in the world are we here? Are we the perfect casting to be here? Don't you feel l…[View]
179341608>all gore was censored >rape censored >pretty much anything that could make you actually fe…[View]
179376924Shingeki no Kyojin: This is the face of a true royal worthy of leading Eldia. Not like those midget …[View]
179390704best imouto of the season?: prove me wrong[View]
179391491>another year of this Truly we are blessed. This is the best season in a long time…[View]
179384042What would Goblin Slayer do if GG (who looks and behaves like his sister) got gobbed to death?[View]
179384697Story Time - World Trigger: WORLD TRIGGER IS BACK!!! Hey, re-readers: how do you feel about reading …[View]
179373249Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet: Nisekoi done right.[View]
179391316Bullies beware, the anti-bully ranger is here[View]
179390803>Gee I wonder how Pokemon doin-[View]
179390096Tsurezure children: what is /a/ opinion on Tsuresure children?[View]
179385170Why would anyone wear a t-shirt that says 'Cement Addiction'?[View]
179376368>2005 anime >4:3 aspect ratio No excuse for this. Fuck Akagi, dropped.…[View]
179386757comfy/crying: Why do tomboys never win. my drunk self wants your best tomboys[View]
179375734this is your roommate for the next one year[View]
179391080So it's obvious One Piece is the best out of big three. But what series was the best at its pea…[View]
179385670Got any axed series that you wished were continued?[View]
179390888Tamamo no mae / Fate: Tamamo the tamago[View]
179384592yotsuba: say sorry[View]
179385110What happened to old mcs like jotaro, kenshiro, and onizuka ? The pinnacle of anime masculine or may…[View]
179375280Yuragi 131: >tfw you oversleep by 2 hours Anyway, I'll make this one quick [side] You'r…[View]
179381094I'm a huge fan of Sailor Mars, so I'm thinking of getting into the original Sailor Moon ru…[View]
179390207ITSUDEMO I LOVE YOU[View]
179372435Is Japan running out of ideas?: City Hunter 2019. Why would they ressurect a dead anime from the 80…[View]
179388438what the fuck[View]
179293798Kengan Ashura: 149: Kamikaze featuring based hard head man[View]
179390104[] Accept [] Decline[View]
179380955Post /a/ images you want to post but never have the chance to.[View]
179379994You get isekai as issei right after the events of fate/zero. What would you do?[View]
179388442Why is she the only good female character in Digimon?[View]
179389122Have you learned to do this with your bro yet /a/?[View]
179384283gab drop: i'm bored /a/ show me something cool[View]
179377719Who was your first waifu?[View]
179388524Tsundere: Eri Sawachika >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>…[View]
179375732SSSS.Gridman: I get some Ultraman flashbacks. I missed this good old shounen kind of tokusatsu.…[View]
179388806Has anyone suffered more?[View]
179338893FLCL alternative thread: Wow this ended up being a pretty big trainwreck. It's a shame because …[View]
179388098Stupid stuck up tit-cow skanks and their stupid salamanders.[View]
179389109Concept: >Himouto Umaru-chan >Umaru never turns Rat form >Everything else stays the same th…[View]
179388847Akanesasu Shoujo: Less than 2hrs until Twintails' marriage.[View]
179373695How will Berserk end?[View]
179363352You may not like it , but this is what the ideal female form looks like.[View]
179382935What a whore[View]
179386005What's your favorite pairing /a/ and why is it kacchako???[View]
179387423Sword Art Online: Are you enjoying aoty anon?[View]
179384932ITT COOLEST CHARACTERS IN ANIME: I think Cowboy Bebop has to be one of the coolest characters. He is…[View]
179388058Did they put it in her butt?[View]
179384667Reminder that Fighting Gold sucks because it's the only Op without best JoJo in it[View]
179388802After Garo and Gridman when is Kamen Rider's turn to get an anime?[View]
179329255/a/ 2006[View]
179382949>This fall season Guys I want my mundane almost-nothing-to-watch seasons back if this is the new …[View]
179374371NT21: How will hetfags ever recover?[View]
179384185What's wrong with Seras voice? She sounds like a legit autist in the OVA[View]
179386916Rei Hiroe`s BARRAGE : Phantom bullet: Sup anons. I managed to find this 'phantom bullet' manga by Re…[View]
179388652I get the impression I'm supposed to find this sexy and arousing. But I don't.[View]
179317169goblins have invaded the last anime you watched, how safe are the women?[View]
179361020>[VON] Baki (2018) - 17 [1080p][718FACD4].mkv Time for a watch Baki thread, get in here boys…[View]
179387385Can we fix the tsundere heroine by having her object of affection be aware of her affection, but too…[View]
179377819>cute, based duck btfo's raven bitch[View]
179363689How was Binbougami ga! overshadowed by SAO and Kokoro connect when It had a better premise and anima…[View]
179387190Noein: Am I going to enjoy this /a/?[View]
179355067Siscon ani to brocon imouto ga shoujiki ni nattara 19 omake: New omake is out, I'll dump chapte…[View]
179385721Post your harem, see if it's better than mine protip: it is not[View]
179380985Welcome to PURE ILLUSION!: Welcome to PURE ILLUSION![View]
179366347Why didn't you tell me Kaiji was great?[View]
179388207Did she see something?[View]
179382121Mahou Shoujo Site: Where tf is this thing going?[View]
179388381Did reading this make anyone else extremely sad for thinking about something that you lost out on or…[View]
179383956Angel: isn't she cute ?[View]
179383569>even Pokemon is gay now[View]
179378853What is the origin of the 'eating monsters absorbing powers/skills' trope in manga? It's in at…[View]
179371250Tawawa on Monday: https://twitter.com/Strangestone/status/1051613655081480193 Smug loli this week…[View]
179378204Classroom of the Elite: >*3. 14,077 *68,758 Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e Vol.9…[View]
179386708Say my name[View]
179347776Hanebado!: Chapter 21 What happens when a top mom and a top dad collide?[View]
179385136>tfw already bored of this season[View]
179387318Tokyo Ghoul: re: Do I stay for the party or do I spare myself the pain?[View]
179386437Iroduku sekai thread The most stunning anime of year[View]
179380145Hellsing Ultimate: What do you guys think about it? Its my favorite anime of all time. The animation…[View]
179379859>RBF idol Why would anyone think this would be a good idea?[View]
179384849Was this as butchered as Root A was or is it worth watching if you haven't read the manga?[View]
179303209AiFure, Prichan, Cocotama, Fairilu etc.: Say hi to the second coming of Roller.[View]
179235635Dr. Stone 78: https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/dr-stone/en/0/78/page/1[View]
179380676Beastars: Louis-Senpai turned out to be a bro. What do you think of his character arc compared with …[View]
179371088Why is she so popular?[View]
179383473W'z: Do I need to watch K in order to get this?[View]
179292609Cardfight!! Vanguard: This week we delve into Kai’s past, see a sick Aichi, and get more of best mom…[View]
179380806Houkago no Pleiades: Has any other anime, ever, managed to be so many different things at once and e…[View]
179384048Is there such a thing as 'too big'?[View]
179377030How well would your waifu do if she had to clear a goblin's nest? Would she slay or get gobbed?…[View]
179381201Why doesn’t anybody talk about how cool jojo sounds? Every time Stickyfingers is used it sounds so f…[View]
179374553Boku no Hero Academia: koichi is officially a better hero than aizawa[View]
179383903>other anime get new seasons here and there >your favorite anime will never get another season…[View]
179368762World Trigger: It's back. Continuing from >>179344508[View]
179357078Name a more Nightmare fuel scene[View]
179378595Tsuyuki-san Hasn't Been Rejected: Storytime: Tsuyuki-san Hasn't Been Rejected This is a sh…[View]
179381433Japan has perfected 3d anime: Himote House[View]
179367815Dragon Ball Super: Remember, Jiren > Buroly.[View]
179381345GOAT tier OPs: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4h3xtw[View]
179377779yurucamp△: I can't wait for s2, yurubros. What can I do to get comfy right now?[View]
179382163Samurai Anime: Will they ever come back into popularity?[View]
179378100he has a suzu[View]
179380709ITT: memorable OPs from forgotten series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBumj2BwTlo[View]
179375306So people are only freaking out about this because it's on Crunchyroll, right? We just had Kill…[View]
179364169Prove you are a pleb with bad taste: Genuine opinions only, no bait. >I dropped Non Non Biyori an…[View]
179383553Who is the target audience of this character?[View]
179382474>fairly normal art style >aside from outlines being red instead of black >this somehow make…[View]
179374697Karakuri Circus: Is this our shota of the season?[View]
179380495When was the last time any anime had a fang this cute?[View]
179378673ZZ and CCA are best Gundam[View]
179380382Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: So they're rebooting Orphen? Any further information come out since M…[View]
179383552When does she stop being a rude sarcastic cunt?[View]
1793823793x3 Thread: Post 'em Rate 'em Hate 'em[View]
179382866How will this look in the anime?[View]
179380672Sundome Milky Way: New chapter out, I wish this had more frequent updates.[View]
179379721rewatching this, what the fuck was this scene?[View]
179383248Why hasn't the otaku industry been able to top FSN yet? It's been over 14 years.[View]
179326491Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
179350137The Promised Neverland 107: It's out. https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/the-promised-neverlan…[View]
179372366> manga series translated by team of spics > they decide to translate from Japanese to Spanish…[View]
179368961Has Deltora Quest been fully subbed? I can only find 20 or so episodes with subs. Also, let's t…[View]
179381743Hand over the classic rock CDs or she gets it[View]
179381536Should Himawari have been the successor to Naruto?[View]
179379472Deshi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai/ Her Disciple is too Cute: I tried.[View]
179368243Honest thoughts on 3D CGI in Japanese anime?[View]
179374726Let's talk about High School DxD, the greatest romance harem to exist.[View]
179382744Who are your new waifus this season?[View]
179374213The Eccentric Family: >Kills boy's father >Boy falls in love with her >She falls in lo…[View]
179331213Bokuben: Holy shit Fumino end confirmed.[View]
179380776What's going on with them?[View]
179376860Is there a second season in the works? This show was absolutely fantastic.[View]
179373596Who is the most compatible with Goblin Slayer?[View]
179369214Zombieland Saga: When are we going to get the free form jazz episode?[View]
179348010v2 is almost done.: I have finished making all the edits that were on the to-do-list for v2. What ne…[View]
179374574I like it[View]
179333902Dungeon Meshi: New Chapter released. Now with the timeless classic: 'Dwarves digging into places th…[View]
179376049Is any of the anime shit canon or can I just read the manga?[View]
179370902Mitsuboshi Colors: I’m not afraid of these fucking little cunts, t. Saito[View]
179381008>take someone's raw encode >re-encode it with h265 >everyone praises me for the 'bette…[View]
179367973>ITT: Bodies built for sex[View]
179380765Akko smatr![View]
179377126>can see future OR >can change past What is stronger? And what obeisance could you get with th…[View]
179276970Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt.[View]
179375521Why do Japanese authors tend to include so many characters who are completely superfluous to the sto…[View]
179366530>mfw Americans say 'Kuu-lu-rin' rather than just Krillin[View]
179379208Would you crawl into her maggot ridden snatch?[View]
179374992Subete Ga F Ni Naru: Is this the most pretentious anime ever created?[View]
179365319Space Cobra has all the things that people claim Cowboy Bepop delivers, wheres the props to it?[View]
179370474So can /a/ tell me what's the appeal of this manga? Because I found it boring as fuck to read.[View]
179368985The new one comes out in a month.[View]
179376283>'Anime girls are simply better than real women. In their indefatigable quest to emulate reality,…[View]
179374409Boku no Hero Academia: All Might's Death >All Might said himself he barely has enough energy…[View]
179374419Would you kick her in the ass?[View]
179370699Utena: This is the greatest of all time The ending is perfect. The ost is brilliant. I don't th…[View]
179349636Now that the dust has settled, can we agree that Fighting Gold is the best Jojo opening?[View]
179336518Characters who didn't deserve their suffering[View]
179374224Ok so I read through all of Baki recently and I loved it. I even enjoyed the Musashi arc and thought…[View]
179378265Soukyuu no Ariadne: anyone reading this? it's from the Claymore author[View]
179374795WORLD TRIGGER IS BACK: https://twitter.com/W_Trigger_off/status/1051638307354890240[View]
179346206Is it wrong to believe that she deserved better[View]
179375106IT'S MIYA TIME[View]
179370408>cutest girl in the manga >anime makes her look like she has Down's What the fuck happene…[View]
179375210You Hear It, You Lose: It was just a typical day around the Tendo training hall... then something di…[View]
179366426Princess Principal: Why did /a/ like this so much? The story was barely even coherent[View]
179374436Why are poorfags in anime so rare and cute?[View]
179307775Boruto Discussion: Any spoilers out so far?[View]
179377511Koi Kaze: I watched this anime last night and I wonder what it's /a/ consensus on this anime ab…[View]
179372668Was Paradox Spiral the pinnacle of Nasu and ufotable's work? Nasu's best material is his u…[View]
179374698Is rape the new paradigm of anime?[View]
179370960ITT: Characters who embrace their inner slut on Halloween[View]
179375317My wealth and treasures? If you want it, I'll let you have it... search for it! I left all of …[View]
179377225>like a manga >it gets an anime adaptation >it gets popular suddenly >stop liking it why…[View]
179371014You now remember Wizard Barristers[View]
179373718Maou-jou de Oyasumi 78: New scanlated chapter is here.[View]
179323403>sword art online is now good again What happened?[View]
179364307Shingeki no Kyojin: >No anime till april 2019 Did you like the season?…[View]
179357006Best girls[View]
179374002Beastars 101: >Slut Rabbit already cucked.[View]
179375183finally best loli is back[View]
179375533How would you rate this season? It is one of the best in my opinion!: >Top Tier SSSS.Gridman SAO …[View]
179373296Why did it get shitty anime adaptation?[View]
179376557Live Action One Piece: A live action adaption of the East Blue saga is being made in America, and yo…[View]
179341820Hunter x Hunter: Yoshihiro Togashi's author comment from Shonen Jump issue 46: 'I already had a…[View]
179374617A Certain Magical Index: There's only one likable character in this trash heap and it's Ac…[View]
179374395This is unironically the best scene in Eva.[View]
179370893Remember that time they kissed? Me neither[View]
179371658Is Ao the worst sequel to any anime ever? The original was a masterpiece, sad that is was followed b…[View]
179363892SSSS.Gridman: So episode 3 is being hyped up as some crazy episode What exactly is gonna go down?…[View]
179374737Why is the animation industry so adamant about picking good BL to adapt?[View]
179375332Does someone want to explain to me what the hell happened here? What did anyone's Geass in this…[View]
179371838Why is she so perfect, /a/?[View]
179332954Blah blah blah, forced into playing an otome game. Blah blah blah, reincarnated into said game as mo…[View]
179371522Goblin Slayer Opening: I love the tone this sets for the series. As far as visuals go it's quit…[View]
179371575Look after a hole in the wall: Here is a hole in the wall, look after it so nothing happens to it un…[View]
179300762>you are isekai'd as Shinji a week after Zero ends >you keep all your meta knowledge and …[View]
179373698Name one (one) single battle shounen arc better than Soul Society in terms of character development,…[View]
179373307Well, is this true?[View]
179363964boku no hero academia: i missu the pro heroes[View]
179374476>Miki wants to get his Shining Thing >Solaire of Astora wants his own sun >Miki plays a tun…[View]
179374427ITT: satisfying moments[View]
179373560So I've not just watched just watched this Serial the Series Television Series Experiment Lain …[View]
179340675Could it be that goblino slayer is milk girl's childhood friend from the start of the episode?[View]
179373585Wtf is wrong with her?[View]
179296496This season: Worth watching-tier: Zombieland Saga Goblino Slayer SAO S3 Tensei Shitara Slime Datta K…[View]
179369156>This is a story about dispelling a curse - for curses must be dispelled What did they mean by th…[View]
179372147YOU have been tasked with clearing out a goblin cave! You can bring any equipment that would reasona…[View]
179372468KISS ME[View]
179369901What the fuck is humanity in 'Hellsing'? Is it physical? Are the Major, Alucard, and Anderson monste…[View]
179351379Raildex NT21: This thread is for people who are either caught up with the source material or don…[View]
179373673ITT post anime characters who are literally you. Pic related for me.[View]
179373664Are MAPPA literally /ourguys/?[View]
179371024Sword Art Online (SAO): Alicization: Are you enjoying it so far?[View]
179372163Has any gaijin ever learned enough japanese and won a light novel contest? Is not like the light nov…[View]
179368626Post Yui: Post Yui[View]
179371876What did Yumeko see in this guy?[View]
179359768Why did SAO resort to being fucking gay.[View]
179371244Watch this show instead of SAO. You may thank me later.[View]
179373454sao: it feels weird when kirito explains stuff like he says something really corny sounding and then…[View]
179369827Who has a better body of work, Nasu or Urobuchi?[View]
179371074>it's a 'meme ship gets acknowledged by the creators' episode[View]
179368200Favorite anime and manga series: Simple: Just state your favorite anime and manga series The anime c…[View]
179372936how are you liking the best anime of the season aka Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet?[View]
179373112Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet: Can a kot become a doggo?[View]
179289170Buyfag thread: Will you buy her scale?[View]
179348859What is best school uniform? Posting one of the top contenders.[View]
179371753>be me >go on rule34 >search tsuyu…[View]
179349149Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san: Here is Chapter 23 of Kitsune Loli Wife Mother. Comfiness is over.…[View]
179349872This is Code 016, the goodyest boy in the world. Its his birthday, say something nice to him.[View]
179368551>just finished ep.13 Somebody hold me.[View]
179360479What the fuck is this?[View]
179366601First squad: After 8 years on my backlog I finally watched this I liked it I dont see why it was s…[View]
179347945Double Decker: >[HorribleSubs] Double Decker! Doug and Kirill - 04 [1080p].mkv Doug is pretty fun…[View]
179369096Show me your O face, /a/.[View]
179364947SHOW ME YOUR WAR FACE, /a/[View]
179369889Goblin Slayer: >SFX: rubs pole in CGI This adaptation is fucking Overlord-tier trash so far. What…[View]
179367826What are your opinions on Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san?[View]
179370078>Nippon Legal System folded 1000 times[View]
179332473>This is MY Gate of Truth. Which means I can do whatever I want with it, right? How is this serie…[View]
179357880Why do people hate CGI?[View]
179365818Anima Yell!: Best Chair[View]
179369421So what had the better climax the show or the movie?[View]
179369995You need to have a mental age of 10 or below to enjoy these shows.[View]
179365638Gesamtkunstwerk (German: [gəˈzamtˌkʊnstvɛʁk], translated as 'total work of art': What anime define t…[View]
179369663HimoteHouse: EP2 Too Dangerous[View]
179368500Will Guts ever be rewarded?[View]
179370137Cowboy Bebop is a shitty show. The show overstays its welcome with so much filler. Sometimes there…[View]
179366132Maybe her butt hurts?[View]
179369437Daily Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou Chapter: Regular poster didn't show, so here's a late versio…[View]
179370525You wake up and it's 1998. What are you gonna watch this season?[View]
179329490Post some wholesome pics, please.[View]
179370802>that edgelord that hadn't read Dungeon Seeker[View]
179368627Asuka can you please shut the DOOOOOOOR: https://youtu.be/RJbouvSvX5Y A crossover 10,000 years in th…[View]
179370610Are you taking good care of your body, /a/?[View]
179370421Gold Pollen - Hayashi Seiichi: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/uno43rtclx0jn/Hayashi_Seiichi https:/…[View]
179364621One-Punch Man: Assuming season 2 will end with the EC fight, is the manga material for the new seaso…[View]
179367449Mangas that have been dropped that cause you endless frustration. The series took a weird dive relat…[View]
179363190Haruhi Season 3: Can I still hope for Haruhi S3 or is the series completely dead because the author …[View]
179364021Is this where anime peaked?[View]
179364338What is it that makes muscle girls so hot?[View]
179363148Can fans of Overlord please tell me why they like it so much? I want to understand the appeal.[View]
179370155Goblin Slayer: So I’ve started watching goblin slayer, anything I should beware?? Pic unrelated…[View]
179368589You wake up 20 years from now. What anime/manga you gonna binge first? And what are your predictions…[View]
179349778Index III: “…Haaamazuraaa….” My body is ready.[View]
179341110>silver hair >too tall to be feminine >too strong to be feminine >ugly voice >ugly pu…[View]
179366867Do you like them small or do you like them tall? What will it be, /a/?[View]
179354662Gaikotsu Shoten'in Honda-san - 02: Episode 2 is out, are you ready for some more skeleton libra…[View]
179369620How can flatfags exist when even they want to be milk cows?[View]
179368654OPT with a twist: You have one page to convince the other /a/nons that the manga you like is interes…[View]
179346941ITT: The most Overrated Shit of this season[View]
179361801>you'll never love Sinon as much as this guy[View]
179368902Overlord: I just finished watching overlord season 3, should I start reading the novel from volume 1…[View]
179339618Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc to Renkin no Kishi: History's best loli makes her debut.[View]
179368199>SnK >SAO >GS >all in one season Is this the greatest season of all time?…[View]
179354418serious manga: has anyone else stopped reading manga lately? like is there any manga that's jus…[View]
179366528Imagine being raped by gobs[View]
179356819>it's a love story between a grown 28 year old man and a 15 year old schoolgirl anime classi…[View]
179365180ITT:Credit-less/text-less OP/ED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4i4ETL-64I[View]
179368183Beelzebub-jou no Okinimesu mama: Is this the footfag anime of the season?[View]
179366661So, we all agree Golden Wind has the best set of stands and fights in the series, right?[View]
179364606sasuga truck-sama[View]
179367793Jank thread: Post jank anime[View]
179367615Adroc did several things wrong.[View]
179365783This is a monster from a children's card game[View]
179365719FLCL Progressive: So I finished the 5th episode of pic related and was surprisingly entertained (des…[View]
179366046Woah, scary skull face with cool racing car stripes. Thats some award winning character design right…[View]
179366890Where do I get a sadomasochist gf, /a/[View]
179343246Why can't the medium surpass Evangelion?[View]
179333826Gegege no Kitaro: Super Sayan Kitaro now[View]
179367095Could Gridman defeat Godzilla?[View]
179356326Press F to pay respects.[View]
179353891Just what makes these two so great as protagonists? Is it because they're plain and ordinary bu…[View]
179344905I have to say, Zombie Land Saga is pretty dam good, I thought it was going to be an all-female high …[View]
179366912DEEP LORE: Is there any other anime that can even fathom to reach Bobobo's incredible lore? Ten…[View]
179366469Did /a/ enjoy Hinamatsuri?[View]
179357527ITT Anime references another anime.[View]
179366629ITT: Extreme art fuck ups that were released[View]
179366541#NotAllGoblins: Some are alright[View]
179365327Kazuki Takahashi's new manga THE COMIQ: Raws are out: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5914122293 Look…[View]
179364363Holy fuck, I just finished Happy Sugar Life, I didn't see it ending like that. Im so fucked rn.…[View]
179349827That's not a good maid.[View]
179366390What does it take to manage a soccer team like Tatsumi?[View]
179363833Would you marry an orphan like Ann?[View]
179363308Come on Madhouse Hurry up and save anime again[View]
179361276Why do people think One Punch Man is better than Mob Psycho?[View]
179347609Kengan Ashura: 150: Newest featuring sasuke flashback[View]
179364658Goblin Slayer: Even though they use cgi for GS. The OST is fucking gorgeous. This one https://www.yo…[View]
179364520FLUFFY BELLY[View]
179365567All villains that I dislike are jobbers[View]
179344508World Trigger: Guess who is back[View]
179364766>Not only are you not going to get another season but we are going to show you a bunch of clips f…[View]
179345490Dragon Ball Super: When will you acknowledge that the Cell arc is worse than Buu's?[View]
179364539ITT: Animes that did covers of other anime OPs/EDs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oaXwBWF4PY…[View]
179361893>Lets make a serious story about the Occult >Also lets make one of the girls breasts Too Big t…[View]
179355457Is she talking about penises?[View]
179364025THIS IS NOT OKAY[View]
179357227Anime Fantasy Tropes you like: Bikini armor[View]
179364899People always blame FGO for ruining the Fate franchise but basically everything that you hate about …[View]
179363883SSSS.Gridman: Yuta, and a host of powered human weapons. I like it.[View]
179357725Release the Spyce: Would you be able to do it, /a/?[View]
179364821ITT great anime that no one talks about[View]
179359646did /a/ dislike eden?[View]
179359437>it's another spin-off JUST FUCKING MAKE PART 3 ALREADY[View]
179344005>SAO gets a 100 episode adaptation >AW gets jackshit It's not fair. They're literall…[View]
179364747did /a/ forget about her(him)?[View]
179344376Now this is an isekai protagonist.[View]
179354290Shingeki no Kyojin: >See you next year![View]
179363350Overlord: How strong is this guy anyway? Can he produce more energy than the dinosaur meteor? Can he…[View]
179351825Goblin Slayer: This is so fucking video gamey and cheerful you'd think they live in some kind o…[View]
179357122Crossover between all six series, when?[View]
179358462...why did this need it own frame?[View]
179364322How might a filthy gaijin go about playing this game? I have a PS4. Asking for a friend.[View]
179359339What is the most important aspect of female character design?[View]
179345327How the fuck do you even stop this thing realistically? Hands down the scariest Stand in JoJo[View]
179342861Anima Yell!: 3hrs till the next episode. Discuss the chairs. Who do you most want to sit on?[View]
179345873UMA MUSUME PRETTY DERBY: NEW PV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDn424Kc8MY[View]
179358943What went right about Frontier and wrong about Delta?[View]
179359301whats so good about overlord anyway? i think its just another trash anime[View]
179353826There is nothing but trash in this anime season. >Isekai trash >Tryhard trash >Moe trash …[View]
179321153Sword Art Online Alicization: This is your new Meteora, Cardinal-chan, or should I say the original …[View]
179343241Germans are the worst girls![View]
179361793Who are some of the biggest jobbers in anime and manga?[View]
179358584Holy shit this show is hot garbage.[View]
179358019I love big, huge, bouncing, jiggling anime boobies.[View]
179349097Boku no hero academia: When are we going to see them again?[View]
179359420ITT: Characters who would've been OP or at least more than a match for the MCs if they weren…[View]
179345597will it surpass Gantz in popularity?[View]
179359752Say, what happens after the Goblino Slayer has slayed all the Goblinos and all the Goblinos have bee…[View]
179313338Pre-2000 anime: Pre-2000 anime[View]
179355015Anime needs more scenes like this.[View]
179349231Do you prefer red or blue?[View]
179360821Shimarin is my kind of girl.[View]
179352897SSSS.Gridman: Did you guys like Episode 2?[View]
179361434Are they dead?: I'm pretty sure the party in the old elf tree were dead but someone I was liste…[View]
179357746ITT anime only you liked[View]
179362474wtf would happen if I removed her ahoge?[View]
179353013Himote House: Why aren't you watching the ATARASHII tesagurebu?[View]
179360002ITT: timeless OPs, past or present[View]
179360000SAO HUGE PLOT HOLE: Why didn't Kirito try to kill himself? He already knows he is in a virtual …[View]
179354460Nozaki 100: Time for Kashima imouto.[View]
179361581have any of you had ideas for a manga/novel but because you either got lazy or just got the idea rec…[View]
179358788Flip Flappers is about as subtle as a Georgia O'keefe painting.[View]
179358890I'm gonna leave this girl here, okay? Please look after her. And please, under any circumstance…[View]
179355894Ssshhh, Umaru is dreaming about getting a season 2[View]
179357048The last main character you watched is the last anime of the new main character. How long can he/she…[View]
179353765Goblin Slayer: How would GS and co react to priestess getting a boyfriend assuming GS doesnt take up…[View]
179359610Have you ever fallen in love with an anime character?[View]
179357599I'm just gonna say it: FUCK EVANGELION AND EVAFAGS This cancer is why mecha has been shit since…[View]
179357187ShoujoKageki Revue Starlight: Mahiru will never be your mommy.[View]
179352956You're all loving that new bunny girl anime, but keep in mind THIS is the author's magnum …[View]
179360540Japanese favorite premiers of fall 2018: Anything not on there isn't on Amazon or only has 0-2 …[View]
179360521is he the main character of detective Conan?[View]
179283364Steins;Gate: Because there wasn't one up. Also Mayuri is best girl. Kurisufags need not apply.…[View]
179358284Can we stop pretending this guy did something wrong, and finally acknowledge he's actually a vi…[View]
179359690>Archer >Primarily uses swords What did they mean by this?…[View]
179358922What does /a/ think about kemonozume?[View]
179352688Fate/Stay Night: Out of all the characters, who would be best bro for you?[View]
179356636Why do you moeshit lovers support that bimbo slut named galko ?[View]
179359115>canon couple is also the fan favorite.[View]
179303545ITT: Instant boner scenes: HHHHHNNNNNGGG![View]
179356407Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru: Why did it take Japan so long to finally give use a main protagonist that…[View]
179353286Questions science or religion can't answer.[View]
179349093Standing at 5'5' tall, weighing at 125lbs.[View]
179342823What is their relationship?[View]
179342795Reminder that older ladies need love too![View]
179358201why is she so OP?[View]
179356016>this anime is 8 years old already jesus fucking christ[View]
179353596ITT: anime where only the first episode is good[View]
179355175Kyoani HQ wants to die, do they?[View]
179352114Would you watch a male version of Galko chan? Would it even work?[View]
179355425NASTY BEAST[View]
179355599Sum up all anime MCs with a single picture.[View]
179357486Was Mino-san dropped? Seems like ages since the last chapter...[View]
179357335Eros Survival: Anyone know anything about this manga? Seems to be about a weird sex game show.…[View]
179353637We all know she's a pedophile, but can we talk about the most disturbing fact about this show? …[View]
179349454Wow, look at the time![View]
179354475Why can't the medium surpass Gundam?[View]
179346307No Gintama today: Do you think they would get mad if they saw the anime?[View]
179355068Precure Trhead: Bunbee Thread[View]
179352371>Manga is called Good Ending >Has shitty trash ending Why is this allowed…[View]
179356842Based maomao: Anime when?[View]
179356790Ayo Jiren[View]
179237558>1000 chapters >900 episodes >25 years Can Japan put this fucking series out of its misery …[View]
179350276Did she need breasts this big? It's distracting from the extremely high IQ plot.[View]
179340660Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet: why is no one talking about this?[View]
179351247what's his endgame?[View]
179336211Goblin Slayer: Is GS going to become a harem knight?[View]
179353717What does /a/ think of one piece?[View]
179355389Hibike! Euphonium: Why wont Kyoani just make a 3rd season instead of shitty rushed movies? There…[View]
179355781Was this the best speech in anime History ? In can't find one so accurate and so straightforwar…[View]
179352307Hinamatsuri: S2 when!? I need more Anzu[View]
179205094>I will never be able to grow old with Miss Kobayashi. >Eventually the day the time will come …[View]
179352086In the end, which was more forgettable?[View]
179346248Shingeki no Kyojin: >Create 'hype' with the part that will kill the anime Why?…[View]
179354518Beako spin-off when?[View]
179355012ITT: Intros you NEVER skip. Pic related for me[View]
179332919Why are you faggots so obsessed with rape? Whatever happened to wanting to marry the cute girl and h…[View]
179353628Convince me she is best girl: I was shocked when I found out there are people who think Asuka is bes…[View]
179352473I'm watching the second episode of Zombieland Saga and it made me curious. What other anime use…[View]
179352745Does /a/ remember Asobi ni Iku yo![View]
179342248ITT - Girls that tried really hard to get the MC's cock but failed to do so.[View]
179349862Black Clover: I think many MHA fans are really mad about Black Clover’s growing popularity. And I th…[View]
179353383Was she in the right? Are humans the real monsters?[View]
179346631You should watch this instead of Goblin Slayer. Thank me later.[View]
179350412Best Anime OPs/EDs That Aren't Generic J-Pop Bullshit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GZgzc3_-…[View]
179350157What did the author mean by this? It's the ultimate 'nothing lost, nothing gained' manga.[View]
179353611Chihayafuru: Where were you when Taichi told Kana his love for Chihaya was fading?[View]
179349224>something as basic and shallow as goblin slayer constantly getting attention because of one off …[View]
179352775>there is a griffith reference in goblin slayer mangaka confirmed bro[View]
179352878SSSS.Gridman: Why do nips love this show?[View]
179354550Are there any anime where all or most of the cast is traps and reverse traps? When are we going to g…[View]
1793445435toubun no Hanayome: Everyone calmed down yet after yesterday? Also any hope of ants or korean scan …[View]
179312573What does she smell like?[View]
179339674Being a Trap is gay. However, being attracted to Traps isn’t gay.[View]
179351790Are you all enjoying Mr. Tonegawa's anime?[View]
179349832Kill anglo scum.[View]
179353840>looking for some random manga >reads the name of the manga >has isekai on it…[View]
179349945AI DESU[View]
179343688Was this show an accurate representation of life working in anime? If so, no wonder 99% of anime is …[View]
179352876Is anyone subbing this when it gets released on the 26th?[View]
179351845I place Dark Magician girl face up in attack mode. Your move, /a/.[View]
179350454Why are the yurus so fucking sexy?[View]
179342886Best OP/EDs of the season: Best OP/EDS of the season OP of the season: Anima yall https://www.youtu…[View]
179326890Who keeps pushing procreation in anime?[View]
179325851FACT: Isekai is the most powerful genre on the planet.[View]
179310455Tokyo Ghoul: ......Fuck pierrot[View]
179353126Grindshit: Hurr durr teenage rage. Anime for sub-iq 50 monkeys confirmed.[View]
179350502With the 'Hi Evolution' movies, has Eureka Seven finally saved even modern anime?[View]
179347878potato duo: what was the moral of this anime?[View]
179349657KIMI TO[View]
179351261Which one of you fuckers is scanlating this shit?, because on Mangadex it says the group is /a/nonym…[View]
179348541Bungo Stray Dogs: How can Lovecraft be best boy in this manga as well as irl? He’s just too perfect…[View]
179310922Precure: >upcoming episode brings backs past cures >thread dies This wouldn't have happen…[View]
179352769Why is jeremy so rent free with MHA and BC. Does he has nothing better to do with his life?[View]
179352091Promare: At least the music is hype https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWxUaUU4Heg&list=LL0O65ZTcoJ…[View]
179342234SSSS.Gridman: Those kind of jump cuts wouldn’t even need any character animation. Just to have the c…[View]
179352168>another Sunday without the Asobis How do I go one living like this?[View]
179344316Why is this show so boring and shit?[View]
179337105Strike the Blood 3 to have 10 episodes: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/daily-briefs/2018-10-14/str…[View]
179348658The Great Debate[View]
179281406Buy the fucking BD box set[View]
179349542Bocchi: which girl is best girl?[View]
179351273Non Non B: Is the countryside really this comfy?[View]
179351690Would you watch a show about an cute anthropomorphic planet girls doing cute girly planetary things?[View]
179347942Is Accel World and SAO somehow related?: This whole new tech Kirito is testing. Seems like the tech …[View]
179351507Elves are just an allegory for social justice: Motives >Elves hate humans for a perceived misdeed…[View]
179348389why does newer anime have the awful bloom on everything its like a horrible haze of pee[View]
179351410What is this girl doing showing up already? Are White Fox going to do the scout interview early to p…[View]
179351338Goblin Slayer's got nothing on Anglo Slayer[View]
179351232Basquash!: What went right?[View]
179348341>anime original >engaging plot >excellent animation >no threads Will she start whoring o…[View]
179340743>they start to cut rape scene Is this good thing?[View]
179348733ITT: Tropes you cant get enough of: >Villain vs Villain fights Pretty much every fight with pic r…[View]
179344279Why did Goku never learn the dodonpa? I mean it is stronger and quicker than his main kamehamha move…[View]
179337294Release the Spyce: Momo is going to find the traitor and kick their ass. Unless she's the trait…[View]
179319588Dear japan please stop mixing 3D and 2D animation like this, it's so fucking bad.[View]
179347111Why were all those casual babies shocked by goblin slayer?[View]
179349859>click on AMV >IT STARTS WITH ONE THING[View]
179347349Banana Fish: Colonel Foxx isn't in the opening. Are they really gonna cut him and his arc?…[View]
179347447Goblin Slayer: Instead of a Gate spawning at japan, a gate in the middle of new york opens up to the…[View]
179342396Why do little girls program?[View]
179348593Violet Evergarden: Violet is a cute daughter![View]
179347190Karakuri Circus: I'm really loving the '90s vibe and aesthetic that this show's anima…[View]
179346103Post Chad anime girls who can wear bikini. No virgin anime girls who cant wear bikini please[View]
179345383What did they mean by this?[View]
179347823This happened.[View]
179349139>tfw your fav anime will never win SAO[View]
179349002*ruins your season* heh, nothin' personnel kiddo[View]
179347694why?: how in the bloody hell is this good?[View]
179348718Re: Overlord character design ideas for characters without designs: ok, here is the same faggot OP f…[View]
179330241How the hell did this get published?[View]
179331803Are girls in poverty moe?[View]
179334874Boku no Hero Academia: What will the anime play for the song? Original song or something outsourced?…[View]
179316986Index 3: Just watched the new episode, the Itsuwa girl is cute. Is Terra supposed to look like a gob…[View]
179348729>isekai slice of shounen[View]
179348701Kakarot: Carrots are tasty.[View]
179345262>SAO airs and spreads cancer across anime communities >finally SAO is over and quality slowly …[View]
179348647Hunter x Hunter: When will we see /ourguy/ again ?[View]
179348242This drops today.[View]
179348422Whoever of you fuckers who's holding Miura captive, give him the fuck back.[View]
179339007The childhood friend get NTR again. Who else is getting sick of this trope?[View]
179347711Would you watch a Doctor Who anime?[View]
179344994Best girl ??[View]
179346968What does the /a/ starter pack look like?[View]
179347961Double Decker: Derick returned and the cutie was cute[View]
179315041Shingeki no Kyojin: Paradis messed with the wrong brother[View]
179337852The cutest[View]
179325312Jojo Part 5: What is wrong with the sound effects?[View]
179346092How can anyone hate SAO if it has this literal miracle as a main character[View]
179344881Hey you. Have you seen this man?[View]
179296527Kusuriya no Hitorigoto 15: A new chapter of Maomao's manga is out, and there's no thread f…[View]
179347284So he wasn't hypnotized? he's just a cunt.[View]
179344744What went so horribly wrong? Was the original anime also that bad? I watched it long time ago and i …[View]
179345658Why won't he shut the fuck up?[View]
179343995Goblin Slayer 2: This week's episode was really good. I don't normally like exposition but…[View]
179344294I thought the whole point of Polnareffs fight with Soul Sacrifice was that he had to fight without r…[View]
179345008Does this make your penis hard too?[View]
179344040Was she /our girl/? Also why didn't Araki do yuri when he was writing about a women's pris…[View]
179346762why was the ending so bad?[View]
179342679Name a better shonen arc[View]
179320423ITT: Characters made for rape[View]
179330912Whats with the japs and making 20+ year old guys groom there blonde 15< daughteru's to be th…[View]
179337096What do you think about Kantoku's art being animated?[View]
179344309Kohane Hatoya Appreciation Thread: from the new anime Anma Yell![View]
179329177Tomo-chan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRg_6Oy435A[View]
179344475pripris: Is it Sunday morning yet?[View]
179333693Knight's & Magic: >ボキューズ大森海での騒乱を終え、銀鳳騎士団は巨人族と共に王都に帰還する。巨人族、そしてエルネスティを襲ったという第一次森伐遠征軍の末裔の存…[View]
179344332Fairy Tail: Their song was shit[View]
179345375Fire Punch: Was it Kino?[View]
179326117Serious Talk:: What is the level of Big Mom compared to the characters of Dragon Ball and Naruto? Sh…[View]
179345311Saintia Sho: Is this still happening?[View]
179341742Anime Girls That Turn You On: Ill post a few of my favorites[View]
179343958Does anyone else get annoyed at the jumps between Goblin Slayer's 2D renderings and 3D model? I…[View]
179344013Your favorite anime/manga is adapted into a feature length movie by The Genius, Mamoru Oshii. What c…[View]
179345678overlord theory: Albedo might have another sister Rubedo is actually the 4th one, with the 3rd one b…[View]
179345483What does /a/ think about cowtits?[View]
17934582124 episode remake when?[View]
179337876I'm sorry /a/, I don't think I can enjoy CGDCT.[View]
179284428Black Clover: When will she be back in the story?[View]
179345693He may be similar but at least we can admit Luffy is funnier than Goku[View]
179339347Anyone else loved him and his arc? Was this the highest quality filler in shonen anime adaptations?[View]
179345192Bros, I heard Sakura Trick ended and that Kaede confessed to Yuzu, but got rejected cause Yuzu isn…[View]
179322864Dragon Ball Super: Thoughts on cell coming back?[View]
179317449What's the best way of drawing anime titties?[View]
179340762Is there any more rape? I don't see any other reason to keep watching[View]
179344828Seems World Trigger is back to life https://okachi.fr/le-manga-world-trigger-bientot-de-retour/[View]
179340936Senran Kagura: SMELLY UNWASHED BEEG NEET BOOBS IS THE BEST Am I wrong or right?[View]
179344153Hunter X Hunter manga: Getting close to finishing the '11 anime, how's the current manga a…[View]
179329551ITT create a harem story/plot from pic related characters. R-18 scenario is encouraged Hard mode : A…[View]
179344618This is how we said hello in the sixties.[View]
179331318Never waifu a girl that is stronger than you. She will pin you to the ground and have her way with y…[View]
179344502World Trigger is returning in Jump SQ.[View]
179344388Did they bang?[View]
179338597As much beelzebub likes: No thread? Let's change that.[View]
179342295How can kyoani beat this shit?[View]
179343277hxh is the only current mainstream manga i can respect. the only other weekly manga i find reasonabl…[View]
179321653Gal Gohan: In this chapter of Gyaru cooking antics, a neutron star causes severe flooding in the loc…[View]
179313180We're all gonna cry, aren't we? Damn.[View]
179280549Gyakuten Saiban/Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright is taking on a non-murder trial, but the defendant alre…[View]
179340080Is there any better villain than this guy here?[View]
179343525Eureka seven: Eureka appreciation thread?[View]
179336162Who has the best soundtrack?: Cliche, but I think with the series and movie Cowboy Bebop holds up re…[View]
179342072Watching goblinos interact actually entertain me So what the fuck is the one on the lower right doin…[View]
179342352post legends[View]
179343300Puzzle & Dragons Cross: Just randomly watched the first episode of this. Its surprisingly fun. D…[View]
179327813So we can all agree that Devilman Crybaby was 2018's AOTY, right?[View]
179343083Is the pace going to pick up soon?[View]
179334904Zombieland Saga: A delincuent should not be this hot[View]
179342246I've known the end of yuyu hakusho, more so what happens to Yusuke for years but never picked i…[View]
179340497Do you know how to put out the lamp, /a/? Because kazuto sure didn't. But he lied and said he d…[View]
179342084Overlord character design ideas for characters without designs: it's 13 volumes by now, and Rub…[View]
179337588Yu Yu Hakusho: whats the best saga?[View]
179336592Kokoro Connect: Just finished this series. I can't believe best girl won![View]
179339086Unpopular Opinion: I didn't like FLCL. I get it has this weird sense of growing up and shit, pl…[View]
179341030I'M DUMB SHE'S A LESBIAN[View]
179338428Post characters that have gone to America[View]
179340434This man is the incarnation of selfishness and pettiness. What the fuck is likable even before he tu…[View]
179341298How do we go from this?[View]
179334817Haibane Renmei: Who is best Haibane and why is it Hikari?[View]
179330033SSSS.Gridman: Episode 2. Akane and Bro best couple![View]
179339866SSSS. GRIDMAN: The Most Realistic Anime Foot Ever?[View]
179306450Jojo part 4 is better than jojo part 5: change my mind[View]
179309659Fairy Tail: New episode with plenty of magic loli combat is in a couple hours. Not much else to say …[View]
179341702A Dyson Sphere? You say we're on a DYSON SPHERE? Listen here, you knuckle-dragging scientific i…[View]
179339180Miss me yet /a/?[View]
179338728Radiant: Is it /a/ now that it has an official anime?[View]
179325708komi thread: when is Komi getting a new friend?[View]
179336431Which cult are you part of /a/?[View]
179341422Is Hina JC of the year?[View]
179334954What does a choker say about a girl, /a/?[View]
179332424Iris zero new chapter: https://mangadex.org/chapter/463021/1 It's back. Someone please dump it.…[View]
1793378859 months... I am forgotten...[View]
179340317>yfw goblin slayer got btfo by sao[View]
179340939Still the best villain of the current decade.[View]
179324106[HorribleSubs] Goblin Slayer - 02 [720p].mkv: Where is the goblin rape I was promised?[View]
179340094Physical media is dying, how will home releases of anime be distributed when blurays die completely?[View]
179310602Satoshi now has an Eevee[View]
179320855Is KanoKari the best RomCom manga in our time?[View]
179340030This anime is breaking my heart. I'd do anything to not be a shutin sperg and have a group of f…[View]
179336716Patlabor v6c07p05 typeset for the lazy: not TL, but here's all the other translations https://d…[View]
179200520best doll[View]
179338632It's time to end the debate: Brotherhood and 2003 are both for kids. They have some cool elemen…[View]
179301024Hunter x Hunter: Without a doubt, Tse is going to kill Theta in 2 or 3 chapters.[View]
179254763Made in Abyss: Reg is cute[View]
179291502One Piece: Any one here warm up to the Super Powers OP? Also, fuck, it's been since the Straw H…[View]
179339601Gakuen Basara: 2nd episode has been way better than the first, still doesn't make any fucking s…[View]
179301698Would you have accepted the gold coin? Grimgar thread[View]
179336280jankenpon: Why does anime love rock paper scissors so much?[View]
179337590You have just replaced the protagonist in your favorite anime or manga. What mango/animu is it? Whic…[View]
179329381Senran Kagura S2: You have been blessed by the Smug Snek of Festivities.[View]
179332060Fuck Pink Giorno: What could've been......[View]
179337109Why is there NTR in everything?[View]
179317471FLCL Alternative: The last episode airs tonight and I still see much reason for this to exist, even …[View]
179338977Get well soon, Monk! We wish to see you again strong and healthy.[View]
179338695Admit it, /a/. this is your ultimate dream. Bro-con imotou and cute gf are sandwiching you[View]
179287847Isekai'd Into Goblin Slayer: Oh shit you just got isekai'd into the Goblin Slayer world. R…[View]
179265609I just masturbated to Kumiko and Reina's feet.[View]
179331978She slaughtered millions[View]
179336526There's no way they'll befriend these dorks after all that shit right?[View]
179335433I hate this fucking cunt![View]
179334918Why did they skip this part? Are they worried of criticism?[View]
179333205Yes, Taiga. You look like the most amazing angel to have ever existed, and that's because you a…[View]
179331206Vesperruĝo, fluas en ondetoj. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bqcM2Jz2CQ[View]
179337733>ntr what the FUCK[View]
179322490Kare Kano: Do any of the post-episode 18 episodes get any good? I feel like Episode 18 was the high …[View]
179329279It insists upon itself.[View]
179324122is it worth watching all 131 episodes?[View]
179336242yugioh season 0: So I heard there was a season Zero of Yugioh- what is that, like a prequel? pic no…[View]
179337035Nightly reminder that human sexuality was a mistake and an impediment to greater self-actualization.…[View]
179331829Why isn't this the compulsory sports uniform worldwide?[View]
179336793Did he relapse after the show in a never ending cycle?[View]
179297148Darling in the FranXX manga[View]
179317755Release the Spyce: Which pair is the best pair?[View]
179328838Things that frustrate you: >mfw people still think SAO is a better anime than JoJo's…[View]
179335124Why don't we have more exhibitionist mahou shoujos?[View]
179336057Zombieland Saga: Why does not she stop biting her?[View]
179334446If you need a narrator to explain to you every tiny little thing you are a low IQ nigger whose DNA n…[View]
179321233>20 to 30 trillion of these dorks are inside you right now How does that make you feel /a/?…[View]
179331673Is she going to become the canon love interest?[View]
179318896I proposed to Shinka and she gave me this look.[View]
179335965SILENT THIS SIDE[View]
179328583Anon, I don't know who betrayed you in the past, but your hate and sorrow are only found in tho…[View]
179322154Boku no Hero Academia: so he's actually going to fight something this time, right? not get rele…[View]
179335143How is the turned into slime monster isekai show?[View]
179329239'I'm going to save everybody.' >literally everybody dies what did she mean by this?…[View]
179335211I remember Death Note's TV animation being much worse and it being revised for the DVD release,…[View]
179316807Are the bakemonogatari books worth a read? Do the translations do it justice or should I just learn…[View]
179331090Goblin Slayer: God I wish that was me[View]
179316788Raildex: Any theories as to why the dragon chose her? Does it have a mind of its own?[View]
179331298Who was best neko?[View]
179292672Homo Time: So what are you enjoying this season?[View]
179334488Studio 4c: Why isn't Studio 4c talked about more. Everything they make is 10/10 eye porn. I see…[View]
179324752>rich enough to build a low-orbiting satellite as a symbol of his power and influence >builds …[View]
179333776So what now? Why the fuck did these shitters end the story on a cliffhanger like that? Would I have …[View]
179332336Demon Isekai: You just got sucked into a fantasy world as a succubus![View]
179334244Literally me[View]
179320220Goblin Slayer: I wanna be a bandit and capture priestess and spank her ass until she bawls like a ba…[View]
179333367I want that hot shit. Only the best, most emotionally satisfactory endings. Hardly anything tops mar…[View]
179329029KyoAni has gone too far this time. They should be forced to animate in full 3DCG from now on so they…[View]
179333226>I see dead people Seriously?[View]
179312600eromanga sensei: S2 where? Why is MC cockblocking himself?[View]
179331640Will we ever produce a better loli anime?[View]
179330520Why don't more girls kiss each other as friends or maybe more in anime?[View]
179329724Why is /a/ a blue board?: Are there any oldfags around that could explain to me what the reasoning b…[View]
179329850Handsome men: Post Only the most handsome of men.[View]
179332763Watching Steins Gate 0, Since Ep1 he's been making this same scared dumb face. Does he ever coo…[View]
179333152Nobody is talking about FLCL alt. I wonder why that is.[View]
179331999So we're Diebuster all of a sudden?[View]
179328069Violet Evergarden: >Your commanding office finds some random girl on island >Doesnt talk proba…[View]
179319541Zombieland Saga: This is obviously part of a joke, you damn idiots. Stop crying about muh CG[View]
179327841So black lagoon pretty much DOA at this point?[View]
179332135Hello /a/, it is I your matcha best girl. What do you think of my coming return next February?[View]
179317205Was it actually good?[View]
179325019I have tried to start this anime 3 times. I can never get past the first couple of episodes. I find …[View]
179329142Will they get Tim Curry to reprise his role in the dub?[View]
179314051Index S3 is completely shadowed by this shit[View]
179326302What is the correct way to draw a girl's tummy?[View]
179331957rerided: YURI IS ANGE Anyone else banking on this being some epic reveal in an upcoming episode?…[View]
179321836what is my wife chino-chan thinking about?[View]
179312556If you aren't watching SAO and GS on saturdays you are missing out. Gridman and Spyce are trash…[View]
179318592Why is she so perfect?[View]
179319121What was his problem?[View]
179321165Just finished reading this: Holy shit what a fucking ride The first 70 chapters or so were some of t…[View]
179329976Does she get raped too? I want to see them all raped. I have awakened to a new fetish.[View]
179328672Was light actually that intelligent strategically or did he just have overpowered tools like Ryuk, t…[View]
179325725Who’s hyped for Trigger saving anime in 2019? https://youtu.be/rWxUaUU4Heg I might have to go to Ani…[View]
179320881Characters who didn't deserve their suffering[View]
179328585I've watched over 200 shows and only 1 deserved a 10/10. What the fuck is wrong with this shitt…[View]
179331038Overlord: I want to _____ Renner! Volume 14 when?[View]
179253167Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet: New episode today! Best girl Julio will finally debut.[View]
179314957What makes for a good anime mom?[View]
179308215Best EDs: Post them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbP93ZtiowE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPn…[View]
179307186I cant believe SAO wins this season[View]
179313939Kemono Friends 2: New visual out, features Giant Anteater, part of Moose's crew, and a new frie…[View]
179328551Hey guys its me Deku132 again, don't call me a faggot this time, I was walking down the street …[View]
179316652Are panties a good or bad thing? Why are there so many in anime? What's the appeal?[View]
179281068Who's ready for FALSE RAPE CLAIMS all over /a/? isekai thread[View]
179322937Was this necessary?[View]
179327757Best Girls, /fit/ edition: Best Girl pushups thread. Post a pic of a best girl. Your last two digits…[View]
179322778Enri vs Goblin Slayer: Who you got?[View]
179298924Ara ara: Do you like ara aras?[View]
179322465What was her name, /a/?[View]
179320765SSSS Gridman: Guess we should spark up a 4th one.[View]
179329051>no rape Honestly what even is the point of watching now?[View]
179318075Rarara Ramen Daisuki Koizumi san~: Did you eat your daily serving of ramen today?[View]
179325599Would you receive Haruka?[View]
179328031Is there any reason to watch the first 30 something episodes of DB Super as opposed to the 2 movies?[View]
179313703What's the big deal with it? Yeah it was good, maybe even great, and some ideas were definitely…[View]
179327525Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara: If she was ugly no one would have believed her[View]
179324381What does /a/ think about spooky heroines?[View]
179328746AOTY >VEG AOTS >UzaMaid Runner up worth mentioning >Zombieland Cringey Me-me shit >Gobl…[View]
179328375Show me your dance moves, /a/[View]
179328512What's her superpower?[View]
179320415>THAT piece of music from an anime that makes you feel like pic related Well /a/?…[View]
179328318What do Historia's feet smell like?[View]
179326259Ace Attorney: Ora, ora Anon-kun! Shiraberu, Shiraberu![View]
179328158She is a Rokurokubi.[View]
179324435Uma Musume Pretty Derby: New Starting Gate chapter[View]
179327930I don't actually watch anime anymore. Why are people losing their shit over Goblin Slayer? Some…[View]
179305991raymoo: Name a single anime character who can defeat the Wonderful Shrine Maiden of Paradise. Protip…[View]
179323809GS Sorceress: It isnt fair. All other girls look great buy why do they dip the quality of Best Sorce…[View]
179327804Was it rape?[View]
179295512>Ctrl+F >No Meshi thread I know the last thread died fast but that's no excuse. Punished …[View]
179323210It's been 3 months, Can we just admit that this sucked?[View]
179327479YOU WON'T LIKE ME WHEN I'M ANGRY!!: >turns green[View]
179305312I hope the goblinos won't get her.[View]
1793272743DCG is fine, I don't even mind the limited framerates. But if they're trying to emulate a…[View]
179327170Its that time of the day.[View]
179304117Bokuben/Study/Learn 83: https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/we-can-t-study/en/0/83/page/1 It's …[View]
179326571>he doesn't like Fighting Gold[View]
179321632>no one cares about kaibutsu oujo[View]
179326275Any CGDCT protagonist who can wear a bikini??: I haven’t seen one.Cuz most of the protagonists of th…[View]
179319246Kanokari: Reminder that Sumi has terrible morning breath.[View]
179309290Are you a monk girl kinda guy or a mage girl kinda guy?[View]
179320578Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?: Out of fucking nowhere a Kiriha doujin got translated, rips of volume 2…[View]
179324811Amagami Best Girl: Been 8 years since the original Anime. Who is your favorite? Fuck that shit Seire…[View]
179319481/a/ in his room[View]
179239250Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
179315890What are the mechanics of this relationship?[View]
179311520Who rides a ferris wheel by themselves in the middle of winter?[View]
179317406Sword Art Online (SAO): Alicization: Episode 2 of AOTY is out and it delivered. A-1 is truly living …[View]
179316023Goblin Slayer: Guild Girl did absolutely nothing wrong Also contender for best girl[View]
179324257No one-page thread? Let's fix that.[View]
179324712>stockings Automatically the best girl[View]
179323615Moe > Miyazaki: These are the results. And he can shove his statuette up his butt, it means nothi…[View]
179194717Darling in the Franxx: I miss Ichigo. Do you miss her /a/?[View]
179323459ITT emotionally dishonest anime[View]
179325322One Piece: I wonder where this man is going in Wano[View]
179294491So, what is /a/ watching this season?[View]
179291522That's a gay pose.[View]
179321285Golden Kamuy: I want to pick up this series, but will reading it make me gay?[View]
179318137It's like she wasn't aware what are maids supposed to be for.[View]
179321039What's the best OP and ED this season? I feel like OP wise it's basically a competition be…[View]
179319416isekai Quartet[View]
179323508Why is Nero such a bitch?[View]
179322378Trying to Figure Out What Manga This is From: Been searching for a solid two hours now and couldn…[View]
179290222ITT: Post 10/10 antagonists: Bondrewd did nothing wrong[View]
179312480Ueno-san: This manga is depraved.[View]
179322758SSSS.Gridman: Literally worse than Power Rangers.[View]
179317584Gakuen Basara: KIZUNA[View]
179305133Dragon Ball Super: Why do western weebs get so angry at toriyama's decisions? We've seen b…[View]
179321647This makes me physically sick. Is she just being tsun? Can I continue the manga or is it trash?[View]
179314170Which is the best romance anime: Toradora or this?[View]
179315755Shonen tier[View]
179321891So Which one was better?[View]
179320268Why is jojo so homoerotic?[View]
179321541K-on: one two three four[View]
179320195What do you think of this outfit? Would it be fair to call it a schoolgirl ninja outfit?[View]
179318881Was the new season of FLCL good? Was thinking of starting the original and was wondering how I shoul…[View]
179317244When we will get our first sister ntr anime? It's such a great subject that has never been expl…[View]
179318110Will SAO use CGI goblins for their next episode like gobbo slayer?[View]
179314867What did you think of Tenshi no 3P?[View]
179245567>worst tanks >best girls What is Anzio's secret?…[View]
179300279Fall 2018 Season: What do you think of the current season? Surely pic related is the most accurate y…[View]
179320309I would have dropped HxH Chimera Arc: If I had to wait a week between each episode. Lol. There were …[View]
179289313>28 yo: mistery solved[View]
179321485>2018 >hating CGI[View]
179318070Is Nanatsu no Taizai worth watching for the main girl? Her design is pretty hot.[View]
179317549Chinatsu is a cute and sexy psychopath. I love her.[View]
179315624Post the worst series you love. This wasn't even a train wreck, it was a train with half the wh…[View]
179318437Reminder that Long Ears MURDERED Goblin Slayer[View]
179309603Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru!: The fuck am I watching?[View]
179307768Boku no Hero Academia: so when do we see them again[View]
179320934Beelzebub-jou no Okinimesu mama: So basically Japan is Hell?[View]
179318888Radiant: Thoughts on the anime?[View]
179313599Stitch thread: Let's have a stitch thread[View]
179320341Saiki K.: Why do I like this trash so much?[View]
179306469Sora yori mo Tooi Basho: >no Mountains of Madness twist I'm still mad…[View]
179304581What does that mean?[View]
179302910What is the appeal of twin tails?[View]
179318960Ergo Proxy: I honestly liked the world and narrative a lot more all the intellectual philosophy shit…[View]
179316445Index S3: Why did they wait until literally no one cares about this shit series anymore to do more a…[View]
179318410So I want to clarify things. Yesterday I posted how Fighting Gold the new Jojo op was legit Chase Ve…[View]
179253474Kaos is very fashionable.[View]
179315861Does Flip Flappers bring back warm memories for you? Memories of better times?[View]
179319669Why was the ending so rushed?: and why they decided to only make 10 ep instead of the usual 12 ep? s…[View]
179318757I bet even Hotaru's nails are made of candy at this point.[View]
179316227Wait a minute, isn't this show just Fuuko's arc from Clannad?[View]
179319295>You will never a cute, pure, loyal husbando like WBC-kun How does that make you feel, femanons?…[View]
179319621Why cant this become new sao?[View]
179314782SSSS.Gridman: Episode 2[View]
179311304Goblin Slayer: Second episode was great. Are you enjoying goblin slaying /a/?[View]
179310202>wake up on saturday >SAO and goblin slayer This season is great…[View]
179310886Goblin Slayer: Goblin Slayer[View]
179312566Why is /a/ so fond of incest between siblings? Isn't that sick and unnatural?[View]
179317317Why wasn't OD evil like Berg Katze?[View]
179301748Zombieland Saga: free jazz episode when?[View]
179292207Shingeki no Kyojin: Why did they betray Mikasa?[View]
179309448Will Goblin Slayer lose hype when it gets back into more light action in a few episodes from now? Wi…[View]
179313451What in the acutlly Fuck Did I just watch[View]
179313882MFKZ: After this stops being shown in theaters, where am I going to be able to buy it online[View]
179318079Did I mention how much I fucking hate this design? The hair is not even brushed nicely. Not even wea…[View]
179318004Food Halberd of Soma: boys what the actual fuck am I reading right now? is this shit getting canned?…[View]
179310664What the fuck was his problem ?[View]
179314452Do you think making your protagonists 30+ year old is the new trend in anime? Are characters your ag…[View]
179308312Goblin Slayer: What D&D build would suit him best? What attributes do you think he would have?…[View]
179302883Daily Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou Chapter: Story 25: Distant summer vacation.[View]
179316944SnK Movies: Recently I have felt the itch to go back and finish watching the first season of SnK, wh…[View]
179312580>voice: Kirito-kun >subs: Mr.Kirito ?????…[View]
179313264ITT: Series you remember watching but you did not understand what was happening at all pic related f…[View]
179313745>where am I?! >who cares! It is winter everywhere! >WINTER???…[View]
179312156Is this a really loli?[View]
179315057yuru camp: Why have you not submitted to the will of BLANKET?[View]
179317278JOJOs ed: why is no one talking about the fact that they gave Purple Haze a fucking cool ass cape in…[View]
179312666Top milf in autumn season[View]
179314666>'Anon.. will you help me take over this city?'[View]
179264483Senran Kagura: I can't believe Hibari, Yagyuu, Katsuragi and Ikaruga are fucking dead.[View]
179315637Shit art online: Some years ago I stumbled upon the first episodes of log horizon and thought 'hmm w…[View]
179314370Is there really something at the bottom or is it just an elaborate hoax?[View]
179316504I've been watching this episode of Gundam Wing and it looks different[View]
179251106Deshi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai/ Her Disciple is too Cute: Dumping the first chapter raw. The serialize…[View]
179316248Let's discuss this seriously for once: Was Squealer right?[View]
179314010Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru!: Comfy and warming anime of the season[View]
179316803Why the fuck are horriblesubs files so fucking big these days? Just a year or two ago it was around …[View]
179316284Was she crazy?[View]
1793101493x3 Thread: Play nice.[View]
179314209Is his Stand underrated? He could defeat most of the cast rather handily except for Avdol(Direct cou…[View]
179316366E-Eri chan[View]
179296468She secretly worked for the gobbos.[View]
179313999Lets talk about shows that really mentally fucked you up in ways you didn't wish for that you w…[View]
179312161ITT: Shows forgotten by /a/[View]
179304932Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san: It's too bad she won't live. But then again, who does?[View]
179293074Overlord: >Ainz: Be mind, hero >Gazef: I refuse Seriously, Gazef should have just accepted, li…[View]
179288301RELEASE THE SPYCE: Who's up for more homo spy adventures? This one had a pretty solid premier s…[View]
179307035If your waifu got GOBBED and gave birth to litter upon litter of goblin babies, would you still love…[View]
179314100Just had to pause after seeing this. its pathetic that they are ripping off so blatantly. im thinkin…[View]
179308788YATA!: Yay...[View]
179299625What's the final conclusion we can draw from Monkey's ass?[View]
179314773We have series specific Tumblr blogs but I don't think anything will ever capture the feeling o…[View]
179306440What can you tell me about this guy?[View]
179314015I'm so fucking confused. So Kirito has been isekai'd into this virtual world called the Un…[View]
179311191Crunchy hired Commie as the main subber?[View]
179314378Goblin Slayer: Is the Manga or the LN better, /a/? Are there similiar ones like Goblin Slayer?…[View]
179297255ITT: We post Best Girls of their respective shows: BUT THERE'S A TWIST: It must be a show you n…[View]
179306149Are there any anime with Ishtar (FGO)? Too much of titles with fate/ in name to just watch them all.[View]
179286358Sword Art Online Alicization Episode 2: SAO S3 episode 2 airs in 7 hours, 47 minutes. How are you en…[View]
179268665>depressed >has eating disorder >has no friends, even after becoming a successful mangaka …[View]
179313593Did PriPri have the best costume design of the last 5 years?[View]
179309227SSSS.Gridman Episode 2: Reminder Akane did nothing wrong. That slut saw it coming[View]
179310230would DIO have made a good dad y/n[View]
179300867Goblin Slayer: Is this series the most accurate depiction of women in combat?[View]
179293028MHA Vigilantes Chapter 39[View]
179270565Tokyo Ghoul: What would have happened if this girl was the main heroine?[View]
179307191this is awful[View]
179293873Sailor Moon: Why is the BGM so comfy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Vtrqoe-QzY[View]
179313486>people actually like this try-hard autistic edgy dribble[View]
179311225Louise is a delicious lady. Let's discuss how cute she is.[View]
179286047W...what did he have on his computer?[View]
179311426>Best selling Capcom games in history >Critically acclaimed and a beloved by many >Spawned …[View]
179301863Hunter x Hunter: My waifu Theta is so adorable[View]
179277895Index S3: >Roman Orthodox Church what the fuck CR? Since when did Rome become Constantinople?…[View]
179305266Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara / The World in Colors: Is this magical realism or urban fantasy? I was…[View]
179308557Bleach: Was this the peak of evil organizations in any series, ever?[View]
179311843Best Power System in Anime: Nen is a combination of hamon and Stands. But more consistent and in dep…[View]
179302263Index III: >Quality Animation >Fanservice every 3 minutes >Cringe scenes fukuoda! I dont re…[View]
179311662Let's be honest, she didn't deserve her own anime adaptation.[View]
179312075Fire! Fire! In English it's fire!![View]
179312005Love Live! Sunshine!!: I miss them.[View]
179309061literally me[View]
179300005Never gave a fuck about Naruto, but how much did this guy get screwed over?[View]
179302346Ragna Crimson - chapter 14: This time it was a fast release. Only a few days passed since chapter 13…[View]
179311188>He doesn't watch aesthetic 80s animes[View]
179310588Goblin Slayer: Best girl.[View]
179310146Japanese goblins: Do you have the soaring knight for the oni slayer?[View]
179306106>tfw Yuru Camp S2[View]
179311465>tfw no big tiddie zombie gf[View]
179310985Hey /a/, the new episode of The Billy Bat Hour is starting! That Chuck Culkin is a genuis.[View]
179311029What makes high ponytails the best?[View]
179308142The Great Debate: Which anime had the better asses?[View]
179295092>I killed them... >I killed them all... >And not just the the men, but the hobgoblins, and …[View]
179310292Do you think the more westernization in some shows is because of Japan or North America? I've n…[View]
179307361Do you prefer either Yurin or Launch as Tien's mate?[View]
179280698Raildex NT21: Do you think some of the Golden magicians should become recurring characters?[View]
179310249angels: i love then to bits[View]
179310912duke of death: Will his curse ever be lifted /a/? why is his brother such a bitch?[View]
179307013one for all: if Deku cums in someone does that person inherit one for all and does his children alre…[View]
179309259it still hurts, guys.[View]
179310760ITT Best girls: this one it is[View]
179301472How can Cygames have good male leads in their idol parody shows and in the first Bahamut season whil…[View]
179305910Did anyone ever see this?: 'Delete Beach is a futuristic tale set in the near future about a schoolg…[View]
179308236What did she meant by this? 失敗した 失敗した失敗した失敗した失敗した失敗した この人生なんの意味もない 意味がない 意味がない 意味がない こんな人生は無意味だった[View]
179304282It's like pottery.[View]
179302845What killed the hype?[View]
179309702yotsuba: say nice things[View]
179276613Rental Sluts: So who's your favorite Rental Slut (even if Mami isn't one)?[View]
179310406What other western cartoons should have an anime adaptation?[View]
179303953Is this image showing to you guys?[View]
179304341What was her problem?[View]
179307543>Jouji Nakata will never sing of your deeds to the common people[View]
179309466Women are all the same.[View]
179307595I didn't expect season 5 to be so depressing.[View]
179292161What's the connection between Index and Railgun? I'd like to pick up Index S3, but don…[View]
179307026Goblin Slaying in Grimgar: Would more people watch Grimgar if Yume gets gobbed?[View]
179302333I miss Umaru I also miss pre-shounenshit general /a/[View]
179309814I KILL THE FIGHT [HUH!][View]
179309934Oh, aren't these chibi comics simply adorable?[View]
179307611>first episode you have awesome death metal >second episode you have an awesome rap battle …[View]
179281190I miss 4kids[View]
179296689Barakamon: Manga ending on 12/12 S2 never[View]
179289651ITT: Completely forgotten anime[View]
179306629Translations are out![View]
179308235How is it that most dubs are just so much better than subs? Case in point https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
179304481One Piece: What exactly did Nico Robin mean by this?[View]
179309445What exactly was Teruhashi planning on doing to Saiki in the ferris wheel??[View]
179309348Can you help me find the artists of this fanart?[View]
179289333Expelled from Paradise: Lets talk about one of Urobuchi's masterpice! Also, how Angela is cute …[View]
179309092god fucking damn why is anime/manga so obsessed with this shitty experiment?[View]
179306153Goblin Slayer - DDL: Hi fellas. I recently got cancer by trying to find all the chapters of GS'…[View]
179308346Gridman Aliance vs Kaiju faction?: How come the Kaiju faction is better? Gridman Aliance doesn'…[View]
179308725Mature romance: What are some good romance anime with more mature content? You know, the type where …[View]
179302982SSSS.Gridman episode 2[View]
179195031Grape-kun: 1997-2017 One of us.[View]
179302528>Isekai + beta self-insert mc that magically produces girl attracting pheromones just by existing…[View]
179305584Jojo BA GW: I just finished part 5 manga and still don’t get how pic related was still alive (zombi)…[View]
179307318Given the wide range of criticism, mostly hiding their own triggered events, has any other show in h…[View]
179227372Precure: Which sequel season is better, Max Heart or GoGo?[View]
179288136Radiant: >next episode of cute girls with nice lips and NOTLuffy/Asta/ today Are you pumped, /a/?…[View]
179307786I am the horn of my helmet Revenge is my body and fury is my blood I have slain over a thousand gobl…[View]
179304364Who is better parallel world sender? Truck-kun or the girl that loves you?[View]
179305551Ajin: Can we have an Ajin Thread? Why was Fire Punch so Popular here and Ajin gets shat on when thes…[View]
179281679Yagate Kimi ni Naru / Bloom into yuu: Endgame confirmed.[View]
179295356Boku no Hero Academia: Winner of the Dekubowl[View]
179304876FLCL Alternative: What the fuck was her problem?[View]
179287739Dragon Ball Super: Where were you when Shintani saved Super?[View]
179283660How many times have you fapped to this? Be honest.[View]
179301106Goblin Slayer: What did she mean by this?[View]
179289684Define sakuga[View]
179298228The Colors are immunized against all dangers[View]
179304353Is her voice this bad in the manga? Alraedy considering dropping this shit[View]
179302271Love Tyrant: So whatever happened in the manga? Last I heard it was going for a Guri end.[View]
179302094I've watched alot of anime in my life. like a LOT of fucking anime. literally almost twenty dif…[View]
179305532Best yuri couple this season?[View]
179292340Tallflat or Shortstack?: Which one do you choose?[View]
179306092One Piece: Since erections happen because of blood being pumped into ones penis until it's hard…[View]
179306031>Gilgamesh cameo Author confirmed bro[View]
179302173SAO RIP-OFF: Isn't this Globing Slayer character just like Sinon from SAO?[View]
179296828Why don't they fight titans anymore?[View]
179303587Berserk Discussion: Just started watching the Berserk Arcs/anime and it's still just as cool as…[View]
179305536you're now pregnant[View]
179305504Manga: Also been more of an 'anime' over 'manga' person myself. Fluid animation and soundtracks add …[View]
179291478Karakuri Circus: how's everyone finding ep1?[View]
179304686Name a better series, scratch that, you can't.[View]
179304448Hinamatsuri: Nitta, where's my new chapter?[View]
179299461MY FUCKING DICK[View]
179301170This character is really annoying. I'm watching the anime which was probably a big mistake.[View]
179276757So ultimately what was the correct way to eat a chocolate cornet? Which Luck Star was in the right?[View]
179304385karakuri circus: That was suprisingly good. Did you like it, /a/?[View]
179302457The King of Fighters: How to evaluate KOF animation? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkzGKuZlN4E…[View]
179291655So I'm confused by the protesters in Toaru Mjutsu no Index III. It seems the protesters are sup…[View]
179304018Why was everyone so gay?: Why was everyone so gay[View]
179302136What does this gesture mean?[View]
179288248>ruining a perfect yuri romance developed for two seasons with this This is worse than NTR, I sw…[View]
179302149Objectively, Sasuke did nothing wrong.[View]
179296132Launch: Wanna eat some Lunch?[View]
179298599Platinum End: Your thoughts on Platinum End so far...?[View]
179295239Jojo's bizarre adventure: Golden Wind: Do we like the OP and ED? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
179300817>the MC is a war veteran Why is this so rare, especially in shounen?[View]
179267398Grand Blue: Why is worst girl always destined to win?[View]
179301865Hah GAYYY[View]
179297618There's something off about Sharo today. She isn't her usual self.[View]
179285592ITT:: characters who you've fapped to but haven't seen the show of[View]
179303580>he still read manga/LN garbage harem romcoms and watch the adaptation[View]
179285746OPT: One page thread, maggots ![View]
179302424How would you fix SHAFT?: >Shaft breaks it's sales record >2009 No progress in 10 years…[View]
179299567MONKEY MAGIC[View]
179301312Radiant: >French written shounenshit >a Muslim family of 8 right in the opening Why is /pol/ a…[View]
179288151Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai: how are you liking 8man 2.0, /a/?[View]
179302838A Trail of Blood: Okay, fuck you for making me read this, this isn't even scary per se, but thi…[View]
179282482Reminder my friend Hazuki's story is still unfinished[View]
179303123Why did we allow this train wreck to happen?[View]
179303056Ne ne junon boy, it's Saturday![View]
179300841>Oh, Boruto, you're home! >You should've told me you were bringing company, let me …[View]
179286719>tfw the new jojo opening is legit Chase version 2[View]
179281076Is out.[View]
179277672Which is cuter[View]
179295723Who's the best female genius: Kanzaki, Haibara, Makise, Cibo, Sofia[View]
179302929Hunter X Hunter.: Why Franklin dust this nigga so easily? Why was ole Satchmo' such a shit char…[View]
179302309Citrus: I miss it[View]
179293117>has a noble reason to become an adventurer instead of fame and glory >the only competent memb…[View]
179296715Leave Isekai too me.[View]
179302016Why didn't he use Caladbolg against Lancer?[View]
179291485Name a SINGLE thing he did wrong.[View]
179300951Is it actually good /a/? I liked Kaiji.[View]
179299964who should voice Aru in the upcoming Hitori Bocchi anime? IMHO Saori Oonishi is perfect https://www.…[View]
179285324Yuki means snow[View]
179297228Why couldn't this piece of shit beat a single worthwhile opponent in his entire life?[View]
179301410Your watch list from this season: - Index III - Slime OP - Globino Slayer - SAO - Loli Maid - Bunny …[View]
179292296Crossovers: It's the 41st Saturday, of the 18th year in the current millenium and you know what…[View]
179288321ITT: Beautiful spreads: Rather than gritty artwork, go for beautiful ones.[View]
179298985Isskai: Stat screens are the best Isekai troupe.[View]
179296601Pandemonium: Majustushi no Mura: I just read this. It was lovely, though it had a brighter ending th…[View]
179299025I'm going to become a Gang-Star.[View]
179161461Draw your waifu in Paint.[View]
179288809Who is the best girl this season?[View]
179298994SAO Alicization: So this really did turn into fujo pandering eh?[View]
179299355Is there a more pathetic story than that of Yamakan?[View]
179299432ITT: No Happy Endings: Anime/Manga without happy endings that don't suck[View]
179246140AiFure, Prichan, Cocotama, Fairilu etc.: They keep dying on us. Why?[View]
179244059Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara: Episode 2 airs today. What kind of wonderful adventures await this col…[View]
179296121What's the ITAOTS of anime? It's my favourite album because it's so bittersweet, so l…[View]
179300836(manga) How is it going for rawfags?[View]
179293197PROMARE: Woah, it looks like shit! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWxUaUU4Heg[View]
179296643Goblin Slayer: Second episode soon. How do you feel about these designs?[View]
179282400How would you describe LLENN's butt?[View]
179295201What are your thoughts on Christmas cakes and OLs in anime/manga?[View]
179298896Guys! Vento Aureo is coming fall 2018![View]
179286267Fudatsuki no Kyoko-chan: Well, what do think of the ending?[View]
179298309ITT: 10/10 Character designs[View]
179297274Happy Sugar Life: Are we agree this was AOTS?[View]
179300597Otokonoko thread: Looking for more Otokonoko anime to watch after finishing Himegoto. Any recommenda…[View]
179299050>change consciousness dozens of times between space-time >not once take a look at the calendar…[View]
179300377With a body like hers, can anyone really blame the goblins?[View]
179291735One Punch Man (ONE): Is this worth reading or should I just stick with Murata edition?[View]
179300192is anime mainstream now?[View]
179285325Why return a wallet that was stolen if you're just gonna steal from them anyways?[View]
179299914WHERE IS AOTD[View]
179291197I can't believe you guys want to do lewd things to Char. I mean, she's only six.[View]
179299814Is anyone even ready for this utter bullshit when it finally televises?[View]
179299544what was your first anime[View]
179299247Is he an Eldritch Horror?[View]
179299441This was a good game /a/. And Fugo was a playable character, and surprise surprise he sucked ass.[View]
179299418Dragon Ball Super: Father of Goku was never canon. Toriyama only put 2 panels in his manga from that…[View]
179285625My legendary zombie cake can't be this cute?![View]
179262547Why is such a pretty girl so mean?[View]
179229470Parallel Paradise 60: WHAT THE FUCK[View]
179277025Hunter x Hunter: Will she survive Tse's murderbowl?[View]
179289746Why is the stoic yet feminine badass such a perfect archetype?[View]
179297617High School DxD: The next V25 chapter is translated. https://mrleoo01.com/highschool-dxd/volume-25/l…[View]
179288831Did you already forget about me /a/?[View]
179293917Have you forgiven her yet, /a/?[View]
179288024ITT: weaklings and cowards[View]
179298085What were the best and most interesting OSTs of the Summer Season? For me, it's Harukana Receiv…[View]
179294098ITT: We post characters with KINO in their name Takao Kinomiya[View]
179295786What's your take on sexually aggressive little girls attempting to defile innocent Japanese boy…[View]
179297300ITT: huge plot intricacies or features essential to a series or arc that were redundant all along …[View]
1792893905toubun no hanayome 58 text spoilers: She passed[View]
179297190I know we say this every season, but I feel like this one is legit barren. I've only picked up …[View]
179296645Why are anime intro lyrics so cringe? >the disintegration of my soul hinges on the prospect of yo…[View]
179297125Does Native Isekai discussion belong in Isekai threads, or should they have their own?[View]
179290752How high is her IQ?[View]
179252861Hinomaru Sumo: what? no thread? get in here, fatass![View]
179296760Why did the Naruto anime have so much love and care put into it? It's a long-running shounen ye…[View]
179221074Watch SSSS Gridman.[View]
179296604Himura: Asuka.[View]
179294608Pew Pew!Pew!Pew Pew![View]
179296327So considering that ep2 is most likely gonna start off with another rape scene by sheer coincidence,…[View]
179279717Tomo-chan: That's it. That's all of it.[View]
179294935How would current audiences react to 80s anime?: Considering all the fuss there is lately and overre…[View]
179293849Ekusuperiensu in Japanese means wind.[View]
179293252Hey B-B-Baka I-I-Inus....! What are you going to dress up as for Halloween? I told my friends I was …[View]
179295298Let's go on a date, Anon![View]
179293077Was this necessary?[View]
179289435Goblin Slayer: You'll never guess what episode 2 will be about.[View]
179280544Harem endings: Are we seeing a trend towards an overall increase in harem endings in recent years co…[View]
179295325Damn, what a cool stand name.[View]
179293824>That rape scene in the new Double Bind episode Get FUCKED mimafags. Rei wins again. Enjoy your '…[View]
179289953Isn't this supposed to be a kids' game? These guys don't look healthy.[View]
179292150Should I continue this anime? Ive watched the first 3 episodes and while I found the first episode a…[View]
179260857How come Yoko was so incredibly hot? She was suppsoed to be underage.[View]
179289423I'm not well versed in the process of fansubbing, but shouldn't this have gotten something…[View]
179279626Boku No Hero Academia: when will ochaco SNAP?[View]
179282190>another god tier opening How the fuck?[View]
179291985Do you guys think this game might be funding the last eva movie? https://youtu.be/Blcs_aN1sI4[View]
179295145If you get isekaied how do you know your an NPC or a Player?[View]
1792909002018: BEST LOLI[View]
179269630Shingeki no Kyojin: It's a Gabi chapter. She's gonna call Nicolo a traitor and blow her co…[View]
179279253This is the only Shonen Tier List that is correct.[View]
179262703Why did Araki underutilize him so much in P3? Out of all the crusaders, his stand is the most intres…[View]
179265300It wasn't even a good rape.[View]
179291233>All this time I've been thinking, if I was born just to suffer wouldn't it have better…[View]
179292171WHERE IS MYAANO'S SEASON 2?[View]
179287749Danganronpa 3: What went wrong?[View]
179294456>my favorite comedy series died where the fuck is the chapter?[View]
179290274ITT: False Prophets[View]
179278224new translated bocchi chapter some time over the next week[View]
179284763Alien 9: This anime is fucked up.[View]
179291835Who else can't wait for this? Anons who saw the dub release need not apply.[View]
179293785LAST NIGHT[View]
179282921Why didn't he pick best girl Ayase?[View]
179289572AOTY, huh?[View]
179289100Goblin Slayer: Best girl right here:[View]
179292865For me, it's Steel Ball Run. The greatest manga.[View]
179292617>anime takes place in high school >school principal gives an inaugural speech about the import…[View]
179292361Well it ever come back? Is it even possible?[View]
179292878fuck yeah: fuck yeah[View]
179292263Darling in the Franxx: Do you guys like my poster?[View]
179292747Senran Kagura has the best fanbase. We are united in boobs and ass, there's no drama and no ins…[View]
179289331Do we have a Megane of the Year yet? And if so, who looks most likely to win?[View]
179279952Jojo: It seems like there's a missing link here[View]
179290827>goblinslayer and sao is sameday[View]
179289637MY SENSES ARE GOING BESERK BASED CODA MAKING AN ENGLISH DUB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8Kxyj_H…[View]
179265887How often does the best girl win?[View]
179286235Will Kyoani make the worst anime of the season again?[View]
179228737>Have actual real physical proof God exists >Sperg out and claim that you're still an ath…[View]
179195563Sword Art Online Alicization: First episode was pretty great. Looking forward to these two's br…[View]
179291749Think they made this game to fund another movie?[View]
179265840Dungeon Meshi: new chapter never[View]
179288244After having watched many, many hundreds by this point, I have come to the conclusion that these are…[View]
179289239Evangelion Mind Fuck: [SPOILER THREAD] Just finished Evangelion and the movie? What the fuck happene…[View]
179289513What are your thoughts?[View]
179289517Highscore girl: only 153±15 until the next episode. How are you handling the wait?[View]
179289968Working!!: .[View]
179291435Boochi is very strong[View]
179283383Are JS idols the best idols?[View]
179238314One Piece: Let's celebrate Smoothie's birthday![View]
179287037What is the dumbest solution to a murder you've ever seen in a mystery manga?[View]
179288318What does Asuna mean by this?[View]
179286308Would your country's food be able to satisfy her sense of taste?[View]
179278259Please describe this child[View]
179282364Should I watch Goblin Slayer anime or read the manga?[View]
179290289Was NHK /ourguy/?[View]
179287762I've only just now decided to watch DBZ. should I start with DB? Is any of it actually any good…[View]
179289876>show introduces best girl >automatically loses to first and worst girl why does this happen?…[View]
179289515>Rookie group >2 Martials, 1 Caster, 1 Healer >Zero items >One light source >Enemy ha…[View]
179280386ITT we discuss why Berserk 2016 is the greatest anime of all time and all your other anime are shit.[View]
179290379you can't prove that I don't look like this[View]
179241219Being a mother really destroyed hinata's character >No more cute behaviour >Absolutely AT…[View]
179289891Are there any kids' shows designed to teach Japanese children hiragana, katakana, and kanji?[View]
179240412Kimetsu no Yaiba 130: Uzui and his three wives are back![View]
179289671>people freak out about goblin rape >people just ignore the literal pedophile explain…[View]
179243066Kengan Ashura: 148: Nonkilling featuring the lightning autist[View]
179286425What would happen if Hikari won the election?[View]
179288557The Great Battle: Can you identify the studios from those shots? Which is greater, based on them?…[View]
179284815Was this on purpose or did they just not care? How the hell does this get animated and nobody stops …[View]
179289293What would chirico vs kenshiro fight will go ?[View]
179288853It's Priestess's fault her first party got fucked up. Prove me wrong[View]
179289266What does /v/ think about SAO goblizations?[View]
179285025What was his fucking problem?[View]
179282773Get well soon, Monk-san![View]
179288088What's going on here?[View]
179260669Beastars Thread: This smile wants to protect you[View]
179288124Mangaka that died into obscurity: What Mangaka was popular but became irrelevant/forgotten even thou…[View]
179246540The Promised Neverland chapter 107 Korean Scans: action chapter incoming[View]
179286220Why don't they just shoot him?: Explain why they don't just shoot him. I mean guns seem pr…[View]
179284684What are your thoughts on DFC?[View]
179288854Screw this test. I'm getting us out of here![View]
179287755失敗した 失敗した失敗した失敗した失敗した失敗した この人生なんの意味もない 意味がない 意味がない 意味がない こんな人生は無意味だった What did she meant by that?[View]
179265437>Yes, I'm a accomplished Mage. My magic powers? I can shot a bit of fire at someone. That…[View]
179278977>really like the idea of unique weapons >cool animation and shit >interesting story >lit…[View]
179285236Wakete wai kenai![View]
179285411What kind of being/person was Melzargard? Do the 5 heads care about each other?[View]
179268220Dragon Ball Super: What is her master plan?[View]
179286449What is your order, sir?[View]
179287502the ending was good retards[View]
179288063Celebration for Kusuriya manga.[View]
179262979ITT: Great Character Designs: Hard mode: not from a sexual point of view[View]
179283691Steins;Gate 0 sucks. It ruined my favorite characters.[View]
179258804Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru: You encounter this wild bear while camping. What do you do?[View]
179245763How do you like your seasonal imouto so far?[View]
179278201Was Hamtaro the most pure anime that's ever existed?[View]
179285786Anime only here. How much BGC are they gonna take this episode, /a/?[View]
179287613It's shit. Nothing but shit.[View]
179256725Gotoubun no hanayome: Quintessential Quintuplets I missed the release threads. So Futamom or futamom…[View]
179279413>ousama game >dead tube >pumpkin night >friend eater classroom How much lower than this …[View]
179284839>tfw you will never be able to hear your waifu's voice[View]
179273593Goblin Slayer: to hours for more shitty CGI and goblin slaying[View]
179278232Is this supposed to be cool? What was Araki thinking?[View]
179281412Who is best girl in anime?[View]
179286678How does he sheath his sword? I get it theres a hook attached on back of his costume but that would …[View]
179240368Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san: >2 hours until an ancient vampyr will consume your virgin soul IS YOU…[View]
179281814Jojo Golden Wind: Have we tried this yet? http://www.youdubber.com/index.php?video=UebdGI5j6ME&v…[View]
179282881what does the director mean by this?[View]
179280130I've been enjoying the short stories that are present in brand new day, but this one came off a…[View]
179279406Patlabor Translation Thread, V. 6, Ch. 8, Pt. 2: Patlabor Translation Thread, V. 6, Ch. 8, Pt. 2 htt…[View]
179286022How much do you put into visual direction?[View]
179283321Goblins?: Did someone say goblins?[View]
179266009How the fuck did he die[View]
179187347buyfag thread[View]
179281640Do women really do this?[View]
179282795holy fuck, what's wrong with her face[View]
179283960Ore no Genjitsu wa Renai Game?? ka to Omottara Inochigake no Game datta: Interesting concept for a d…[View]
179284258Gakuen Babyshitters was awesome and you're awesome, /a/[View]
179284364How do you go from this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NggC8Ga8vI To this?! https://www.youtube.c…[View]
179284077post youre favorite foreshadowing of a series[View]
179281066many times, drama and romance are stories that we could have had if we were more brave. i love tha…[View]
179278855Was this the farthest Hiro Mashima will ever go?[View]
179280204What went so wrong?[View]
179283826>The MC unironically has autism[View]
179206551Why don't you like Saya?[View]
179284125Had Anna not died or ganged up upon, what would have happened with Jagi?[View]
179279088I want to fug a slime.[View]
179273912student council presidents: Do these bitches ever get broken down?[View]
179278733I want to protect Dakini's smile![View]
179280365Gakuen Basara: Put your guns on, all three of you. It's school day.[View]
179281858There's no such thing as 'too big' and you know it.[View]
179284371nice boat[View]
179281114Pretty cool chapter of Haikyuu this week.[View]
179284491Wow, that's a lot of SEA names in there. Thank y'all guys, Shingeki no Kyojin is awesome.[View]
179281469Would you kabedon a Beelzebub?[View]
179282249'I heard a song!' 'Yes, I was surprised!' There Xenovia, Irina, Kiba, Lint-san ............ His Exce…[View]
179268925Bleach: It was only after it ended that I finally realized how superior it was to Naruto and One Pie…[View]
179227549Karakuri Circus I'm completely new to this series, but the aesthetic was just screaming at me t…[View]
179282038Jashin-chan: >we will make s2 for sure if the anime sells 1K BDs >anime preorders at 800 >…[View]
179280382Rurouni Kenshin Hokkaido: Alright /a/, who picked it up? I literally can’t find it anywhere.[View]
179262110alrighty /a/, you just got fuckin' isekai'd. here's the scenario: >fall asleep whi…[View]
179278277>generic shonenshit naruto tier opening >/a/ loves it >Not even Gangstar's Paradise as…[View]
179251653>You are isekia'ed as Shirou a month after Kerry dies, wat do? >You retain all your meta …[View]
179272602Zombieland Saga: this is Tae-chan, the LEGENDARY YAMADA TAE say something nice about her[View]
179283066Why so much mating press in anime?[View]
179227946תלתן שחור: The Human and Elf alliance draws near, once enemies they will now be allies. I suspect Mo…[View]
179278778>This is an anime movie What went wrong with anime? How do we fix it?[View]
179277700Why is I, Syaro suffering? Why is she suffering? She is precious, but she failed here. why? Who am I…[View]
179282825So why is this considered a good background nowadays? It's a fucking shitty low effort art styl…[View]
179240815Scanlation thread: Welcome to my life[View]
179281410Release the Spyce: Can't wait to lick senpai[View]
179277610Happy birthday to the biggest mess of a witch, Croix![View]
179270632>27 years old >it's my spike spiegel year >have accomplished nothing with my life At l…[View]
179260571PROMARE: Are you ready for TRIGGER to save anime, again? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWxUaUU4Heg…[View]
179282473Ourboy Shunmen used 4D chess: The mountain tribe's braphog played Yotanwa into sitting on him. …[View]
179248975>Kawahara: If Kirito fought Touma in the real world, he would lose with one punch. OH NO NO NO ht…[View]
179273409jolyne best jojo[View]
179281809Out of all the names they could have went with, they picked fucking >ZIPPERMAN…[View]
179279992A Certain Magical Index: Why is this show praised so highly? I'm halfway through season two and…[View]
179240118Bokuben / Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai / We Never Learn: Gooks out.[View]
179278293Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl-senpai no Yume wo Minai: 2 episodes in and we're in chapter 18…[View]
179281413Was he a shit dad even by Jap standards when the story took place?[View]
179270155Are you watching his anime?[View]
179278607Post your face when 「Freek'n You」[View]
179279618Boku no hero academia: More Todoroki family drama[View]
179276705ITT: girls who have straightforwardly and explicitly asked to have sex[View]
179267988Little Jolyne Goes to Morioh dojin: Found this cute little manga that was surprisingly official…[View]
179279301Why is Dabi so hot?: hero academia[View]
179280279JoJo deaths that made you cry: Narancia got pretty close too[View]
179275897Uran's new manga: Dumping, thanks to the anon that uploaded the magazine raws: https://mega.nz/…[View]
179279194Why the hell do Raildex productions have such an inflated budget?[View]
179276276A Female Shonen MC: Its 2018 where is my new Lina[View]
179273710>fighting shonen manga >training is always skipped >we're never shown what kind of tr…[View]
179276089>Two cute battle rifles block your path What do, /a/?[View]
179277711Was this the the first Isekai anime?[View]
179277039Why did you forget about her /a/?[View]
179274923What made 1998 so great?[View]
179277735Komi-san: First love appears when?[View]
179266071I am confused. Why is it that big brothers in anime, even those who are affectionate (not incestuous…[View]
179276828Are anime characters supposed to resemble the oriental face or no? Monolids? Double lids? I'm s…[View]
179279545Happy Sugar Life: Shio made everybody's life worse just by existing[View]
179242217Yagate Kimi ni Naru / Bloom into you: >episode airing right now >no thread what the hell /u/?…[View]
179276178>tfw you fall in love with a throwaway design that shows up for 3 panels and never again. What…[View]
179278696Is this still a thing now? are there any new season or something?[View]
179279285look at these fucking retards[View]
179263530what the fuck /a/ why didn't i hear about this sooner. This is easily aoty[View]
179275186Why couldn't the show just be satisfied with Kirara as the mascot? Shippo episodes make me wann…[View]
179278143Ougon No Kaze: where have i seen this artstyle before?[View]
179278577Dementia Anime: What is the dementia genre? I don't understand what make's an anime part o…[View]
179275425R.I.P. Satoshi Kon: Happy birthday, Satoshi Kon. He would have turned 58 today. Did any of you remem…[View]
179267041Boku No Hero Academia: You know, Endeavor is right. In a world where people are born with genetical…[View]
179277246>poster screams yuri romance >movie has 0 romance, yuri or otherwise Why was this allowed?…[View]
179274706>Chairs in your direction[View]
179278145Why did they make it so different from the manga?[View]
179204217Is Steins;Gate the greatest love story ever told?[View]
179274161Hatsukoi Zombie Chapter 129: We're getting there.[View]
179276973Rokkenjima. Home.[View]
179275906Is this a boy with a gay haircut ?: hero academia[View]
179272131Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san 131: Bird chapter[View]
179255113So, how do they control their beyblades?[View]
179277598Uplifting Anime: What's the most uplifting anime you've ever watched? You know, the one th…[View]
179268455Index III: Our lord and savior Accelerator makes his grand return next week.[View]
179271894RELEASE THE SPYCE: EP2 preview! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPf1mGpK7r8 https://twitter.com/rele…[View]
179277128What's with the germanized setting, why couldn't they make something more unique? It'…[View]
179258167Sword Art Online: Is this normal gf behavior?[View]
179273154Why did you drop that one manga?: People have different reasons for giving up on that one manga. Wha…[View]
179262420Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Did the OP make your senses go berserk?[View]
179275407This is your demon lord for tonight.[View]
179263532Jashin-chan Dropkick: Translate it for me friends. https://twitter.com/jashinchan_PJ/status/10507633…[View]
179242811Oh fucking shit nigger, you got isekai'd. And you're a woman now. There is one condition, …[View]
179277142Goblin Slayer isn't edgy v1: GS isn't bad bc of edge or muh essjaydubyas as goblets would …[View]
179264209H-Hey, anon-kun...: I sure hope you aren't doing lewd things to lewd pictures of me...[View]
179275210Kagerou Project: I love the music, is the manga worth my time?[View]
179276188What did she mean by this?[View]
179276736Durarararara: Good show Its rushed in S2 and onwards though, Also Ryugamine and his story started to…[View]
179184273Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt.[View]
179272711>it’s a “epic funny antics” in the hot springs episode[View]
179266346Long haired or short haired anime girls, /a/?[View]
179275318will goblin slayer save anime? Make Anime Great Again[View]
179275071Literally the worst fate an anime character has met.[View]
179276154Post Whole Cake Island Luffy in pic related, what happens?[View]
179260216Goblin Slayer: Will they ever reveal his face?[View]
179259307Hunter x Hunter: Reminder that based Kakin has been cutting their royal bloodline down to the most c…[View]
179272269Naruto vs. DBZ: I just want to put this argument to rest.[View]
179271801Why the fuck do people hate this scene so much. Lelouch was obviously (and it's explicitly stat…[View]
179275307Who else expected it to be Cruel Angel's Thesis Part 2?[View]
179269773Where dreams go to die.[View]
179273338>EVERYTIME I CLOSE MY EYES >I WAKE UP FEELIN' SO HOOORRRRRRNY Who else doesn't mind …[View]
179273650Who does Japan like Sakura so much?[View]
179275840Goblin Slayer Tabletop Game: On sale for a limited time. Now you too can experience getting gobbed t…[View]
179275909I am in love with priest[View]
179274220Evangelion and Your Take on Life: So I just finished my first rewatching of NGE and of course EOE Th…[View]
179275651About Schrödinger's Cat is a thought experiment proposed by Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinge…[View]
179272942>he never watched Himouto Umaru-chan[View]
179268636Would you go out with Monk Girl even though she got raped?[View]
179273685I been reading Japanese comments and apparently even Japan does not like the Eureka Seven movies …[View]
179267688Gj-bu needs another season.[View]
179274631Double Decker: What did he mean by this????[View]
179269964Yurucamp / yurukyan / laid-back camp: Why did they use English in the OP for the credits?[View]
179256824Fate: Mordred is.....[View]
179266010Why does Jojo have the most insufferable fanbase ever?[View]
179272764>be me >vrain thanks, vrain[View]
179275044What did Hachiman do to Yukino in the later part of series?[View]
179266965Boku No Hero Academia thread: So no one likes him? Or cares about him winning? Even if he loses he s…[View]
179275243Violet Evergarden: Violet getting what she deserves!!![View]
179271231Who from the anime world would you gob?[View]
179271583Which one /a/?[View]
179269136Find a flaw[View]
179238678This isn't funny[View]
179274689Draw this season on toys[View]
179261034Слава богу, он был русским. ¡Gracias Hidan![View]
179271400>Every time Freek'n You comes on at the end of Jojo for the next several weeks.…[View]
179266764Mutafukaz: Just started it's run in Japan, hope it finds an audience. I found the postcommentar…[View]
179270546Index: What was her fucking problem? She ruined itsuwa's moment[View]
179273695Why is bullying Aqua so fun?[View]
179267790Post based moms[View]
179267547>Present Day >Present Time >Not loving Lain HA HA HA HA HA…[View]
179266494Sekirei: This woman carried the entire team on her back for the S2 finale. After all that she did to…[View]
179268976Would you a imouto?[View]
179270088One Piece: Do you remember that Luffy had a draw in arm wrestling against a yonko commander pre-time…[View]
179264426What does /a/ think about Boku no Kanojo ga Majime Sugiru Shojo Bitch na Ken?[View]
179271671Pitch your own jojo part: I'm sure we've all thought about it at one point or another, but…[View]
179272030>watch anime >the good guys win at the end…[View]
179271776tokyo ghoul: anyone else hoping that :re is retconned as an alternate route like root A and ishida m…[View]
179272538Please describe this child[View]
179269586Would Darkness get gobbed?[View]
179266577Where's the new season/movie?: Also post your favorite song from the series. Here's mine …[View]
179267448W-what are you planning on doing to me, /a/non...?[View]
179269142The movie was moderately successful, right? We will get a second season, right?[View]
179253662Tonikaku Cawaii: Rejoice, TWO! new chapters are up. Commencing dump[View]
179270899Maybe I'm just socially inept, but I don't think this is how two friends hold hands.[View]
179259818Is there a girl that is just your type?[View]
179269412Samurai 7: 14 Years ago Samurai 7 aired. What are your thoughts on it? Has it aged well?[View]
179272163Fate, Tsukihime and Mahoyo seemed like stories it's creators wanted to tell, with very personal…[View]
179268879Nanana's Buried Treasure, wtf was the end?: So, did they end an anime leaving us with a lot of …[View]
179266660Kyoukai no Kanata: Why does /a/ hate this show?[View]
179258884>mc tells the hitman that if he's prepared to kill someone that you should also be prepared …[View]
179238598Finally an isekai self-insert MC I can relate to.[View]
179266744Was Melzargard a psychopath or just enjoying violent and bloodbaths?[View]
179269578ITT: The joke is in the title[View]
179259535what went so wrong with this series? /a/ used to love it and had threads everyday. Now even with an …[View]
179270616>was ready to literally murder his entire family to start a new life and have children with a 'gi…[View]
179262395JoJo Part 5: Is this the best opening yet? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyJiV9vWUYU[View]
179270433I love you, /a/![View]
179268114Alright anon, pay up[View]
179263678Who exactly is the target demographic for this show? The dialogue seems childish enough that it coul…[View]
179270518Gon i...[View]
179264484Which football / soccer anime has the best tournaments? I especially like the ones in which the orig…[View]
179268944Hibike! Euphonium: How do you feel about tall girls?[View]
179270348Best butt in Keijo?: Some people would say Non, but hers is fat. Aoba on the other hand (pic related…[View]
179244890Shokugeki no Souma 283: >Let's invite a bunch of shady criminals with no official records to…[View]
179266592In terms of writing and explanation, whos transformation was the best written?[View]
179249425zombieland saga: sakura best zombiegirl[View]
179265736What does /a/ think of this beauty[View]
179206319Daily Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou Chapter: Story 23: Person of the moment.[View]
179264309Hairstyle: Post your top 3 favorite hairstyles.[View]
179269293Not the Nagatoro i signed up for[View]
179259085Post the fucking girl you hate the most. > And the next girl posted becomes your waifu.…[View]
179268354Who do you side with?[View]
179268055LAST NIGHT[View]
179266757What are the students of Honnouji Academy actually learning in school?[View]
179260514IronMan from Madhouse: >shows awesome teaser >the real product is total garbage with disgustin…[View]
179267856Why is Shiburin so ruthless?[View]
179268185Will she win the Erenbowl?[View]
179266309Can we talk about Sasuke without bashing him?: Is it possible?[View]
179268317Welcome to (not)Gensokyo![View]
179268090Now that the dust has settled...who was more CHAD? >Grisha >literally the only character to ge…[View]
179268042Princess Principal: JUUUBEEEIIII[View]
17926690953 days until Liz and the Blue Bird[View]
179265890What if Oda dies and we never find out how One Piece ends or who Luffy ends up with?[View]
179265279Goosh goosh meme from Tokyo Tribe never caused so much uproar, so why Goblin Slayer? Oh, I forgot: i…[View]
179267912How much do you love your Kirara shows? What will we get for next season Kirarabros?[View]
179212020Beelzebub-jou no Okinimesu mama.: It's out[View]
179267728ITT: Post characters that were quickly sidelined after the early arcs of the manga.[View]
179267703Vagabond: Why can't Vagabond or Sun Ken Rock get an anime they are pretty good manga with prett…[View]
179244231Satsuriku no Tenshi/Angels of Death - Episode 14: The GREATEST love story ever told.[View]
179261771The Edginess and Rape in Goblin Slayer: Part 1.1: The Edge 'Edgy' is a buzzword that has lost almos…[View]
179267521Was he the good guy?[View]
179267436>Slimegirl (male)[View]
179252844Index: D-Dozo![View]
179209142What does /a/ think of Madoka Magica?[View]
179259966Boku no hero academia: There can only be one.[View]
179266196Why didn't Goku just take a shortcut through hell to get back from king Kai's faster?[View]
179249766Dragon Ball Super: This was retconned after RoF right?[View]
179267071Jakuzure Nonon in her three-stars Goku uniform vs the entire school from Hibike! Euphonium in a pure…[View]
179267002Hey anon, you dropped this.[View]
179265144This ending killed all my hype https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZR4eU_Fe2OA[View]
179266953can someone explain the joke he made here? I just didn't get it.[View]
179264599ITT: Girls who are canonically not virgins.: Bonus points if they actually end up pregnant at some p…[View]
179262921>extremely secretive group operates within another powerful, established organization and increas…[View]
179265793Remember me, /a/?[View]
179264418What went wrong after MarineFord arc.: one piece is becoming trash lately. 2 year time skip things h…[View]
179266452Afterlife is an isekai: Literally when you die you go to another world, heaven or if you were a bad …[View]
179249187Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai: Whats her endgame? Also thoughts on the la…[View]
1792178913x3 Thread: Post your 3x3s[View]
179265337Third one when?[View]
179260516evil slut: so we're just going to pretend that she has 0 responsibility of episode 1's aft…[View]
179263170This episode was such bullshit. Did they really expect us to believe Cockona doesn't want to sp…[View]
179216159How do we solve the Goblino question once and for all? We need a final solution.[View]
179264763It is illegal to be this cute[View]
179264629JoJo Golden Wind: Good ED choice or nah? What s/a/y you?[View]
179247894Kyou Kara Ore Wa!!: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2018-10-12/kyo-kara-ore-wa-manga-gets-new-…[View]
179259556Post an anime that deserves a reboot: Starting with an obvious one.[View]
179265788Shingeki no Kyojin: What did Isayama mean by this? Eren is the father. EH is endgame[View]
179264261is he the deconstruction of the typical isekai MC? >eager and impatient to start adventuring and …[View]
179264411Jojo: this two should be canon gay.[View]
179264940Bakumatsu: Is anyone else watching this? What do you think about it? Me personally, I think it'…[View]
179208615>romcom where main girl is literally a prostitute This shit is hilarious. Anime when?…[View]
179264465To be honest, three king arc was really shit without this mvp[View]
179233030FUUKIN DROPPED[View]
179264554Fate/Stay night is sooooo sad. i finished this game like 2 years ago but even now i have this sad fe…[View]
179265282Don't sell drugs[View]
179263753Is she going to be okay?[View]
179265258>ending isn't Gangsta's Paradise you had one fucking job Davidpro…[View]
179265228gay romance discussion: why is every single yaoi/yuri and shounen-ai/shoujo-ai the worst shit on the…[View]
179263526FUCK Literally ALL GOBLINS[View]
179261623Yuno has made these eggs for everyone to share. Please enjoy.[View]
179264310Was Kino kino?[View]
179252718What does /a/ think of Otokojuku?[View]
179261279Wasn't this part a bit too bold for a non-h anime?[View]
179264852Let's have a chill music thread, shall we? I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRe…[View]
179244000Conception: Is Abe-san getting desperate?[View]
179261953Asobi Asobase: JCs shouldn't say such dirty words. What do we do with this girl now?[View]
179264335So I'm on like episode 8 of this and I'm actually having a good time. Haru is probably one…[View]
179231573Get well soon, Monk-san![View]
179264529Some of you guys are alright, don't go to Homurahara Academy tomorrow.[View]
179245730AiFure and Prichan thread: Ange debut this week![View]
1792363723DCG is the cancer killing anime. It's already killed the mecha genre.[View]
179237286Shingeki no Kyojin: Would you do anything for your little brother and the little man you love?…[View]
179262891And actually it's my soul[View]
179264138miruukuu dieskii[View]
179263589JoJo Part 5 Ending Theme: >'Every time I close my eyes' >'I wake up feeling so horny' >'I c…[View]
179264199Goblin Slayer: I hope priestess gets a cute shota bf who dies horribly in front of her I mean like i…[View]
179243307How did we go from this[View]
179258621Ken En Ken - Aoki Kagayaki: >cute girls >lolis >cute sheep >mechas >magic >top int…[View]
179232599Senran Kagura Shinovi Master: Tokyo Youma-hen: Kats' and her insane shirt physics return to TV …[View]
179258196Sora no Woto: Why did it fail in Japan? Why was so popular in /a/?[View]
179262326I going to post this every day until you like it[View]
179264006How likely are we to get more of cheese-boy than we did in the Manga? They’ve been showing him a lot…[View]
179263967I love this dumb frogposter[View]
179259928>interesting urban fantasy setting that integrates magic with a city that isn't tokyo or kyo…[View]
179252048What was Sakura's problem?[View]
179261072GAY NIGGAS[View]
179254324EDEN: was this manga realistic?[View]
179262310I liked it.[View]
179249990Hey /a/non! Look at this![View]
179256412Why were these teenaged girls sexualized so much?[View]
179263444Oh no, Waifu is drunk and depressed, Anon! How do you cheer her up?[View]
179263414Godzilla: Say what you want about it, but the mechs were sex with wings.[View]
179262659Is it still worth getting into Index? I haven't seen anything of it.[View]
179262672Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu.: >[HorribleSubs] Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu. …[View]
179259965This is literally the only clean hit Naruto landed throughout the entire fight.[View]
179262762What is your favourite song from Love Live? My pick is Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare.[View]
179263126>about 70 shows this season including continuations and shorts >I'm watching around 60 Go…[View]
179245209Even Elizabeth fucking Bathory can kill Gilgamesh: There is no excuse anymore. He is just weak.…[View]
179256676JoJo Friday: It's that time of the week again. What are we sippin /a/?[View]
179244127You're a Yakuza boss and you need to assemble a team of 2 rep players to take on Prime Akagi at…[View]
179253137This manga is fucking ridiculous[View]
179262671Submarine anime: Hey! Let's make a submarine anime with lolis on board! It will make billions. …[View]
179262500That feel when: >near the end of episode >ending theme starts playing while episode keeps goin…[View]
179262332Were we supposed to root for her?[View]
179261305Why is Sonya such an asshole?[View]
179245953Hunter x Hunter: So just a few clarifications about this chapter: >Morena and her goons are the o…[View]
179254412Was Keima Katsuragi a good MC? How does he compare to the current crop of male harem protags?[View]
179260103Are all girls like this /a/?[View]
179255921JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind Episode 2: Was this dare I say kino?[View]
179257655Settings you would like to see more often in anime: Is not kind of boring that anime are set in the …[View]
179256628Initial D: What made the people in charge of the original adaptation decide to use Eurobeat? As popu…[View]
179246720Best english dub ever made. Fight me[View]
179257379Oops you were killed by [x] while doing [y] But luckily you've been Isekai'd to another w…[View]
179260874Kino no Tabi: Who the fuck was she? What was the point of the flashback?[View]
179253551'Domestic na Kanojo' Announces Additional Cast Members: New cast members announced >The…[View]
179259794Where were you when piss-chan won?[View]
179260553Best idoru[View]
179253976So /a/ if you found out that some faggot NTR'D you of your waifu. What would you do?[View]
179260441Hunter x Hunter: The Absolute worst line from Chrollo[View]
179257738Classroom Of The Elite: What happened to the translation of Volume 9?[View]
179252878Who doesn't love this candy slut[View]
179258604Chart thread: Chart thread[View]
179236925Promare: Director: Hiroyuki Imaishi Script: Kazuki Nakashima Chara Design: Shigeto Koyama Background…[View]
179258718i watch this show for the cleavage, underboob and sideboob.[View]
179239233This stupid bitch should be skinned alive for what she did to the MC >druged him with dangerous d…[View]
179254505Rurouni Kenshin Hokkaido Arc Ch.8: Dumping[View]
179252953What does Tomokos hand sweat smell like?[View]
179248503Boku No Hero Academia: 179235211 So does real steel get harder as well as heavier? Kirishima's…[View]
179259864*heals the enemy* Muh merciful mommy[View]
179258051This series was really good.[View]
179240436Goblin Slayer serious discussion: A lot of people compare Goblin Slayer to Berserk, while claiming t…[View]
179243631Hey Onii-chan guess what time it is[View]
179250990Why are hats considered so cool in anime but not so much in the west?[View]
179224009Cells At Work/Hataraku Saibou BLACK Part 2: Dumping the newest chapter. It's finally back from …[View]
179256184How come isekai protagonists are always some average loser, why can't he be a drug lord or some…[View]
179242447Things anime does or doesn't show about Japanese society.: Things that are shown realistically,…[View]
179253654JoJo: She's so fucking cute.[View]
179258790Come on, drink my vegetable juice, /a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a/.[View]
179254657Pseudo Harem: >tfw you'll never have a cute multiple-personality acting kouhai…[View]
179228545Tomo-chan: OH NOOOOOOOOOO[View]
179248592Index III: It's time[View]
179249038is this the peak of shonen, and dare i say it.... all anime?[View]
179238685Nanoha: Is /a/ excited for Detonation?[View]
179255385Post yfw pic related and WAKE UP FEELING SO HORNY in the same episode[View]
179228924Fall 2018 sales predictions: From pripri.site: ***,*42 SAO ***,*93 Index ***,123 Jojo ***,290 Himote…[View]
179255882Death Note: Was Near too similar to L?[View]
179256188Did you know? If you kidnap a little girl and hold her captive, not allowing her to interact with an…[View]
179255091Tiger Mask W: There must be zero pro wrestling fans in the manga world, because Miss X is someone wh…[View]
179255524Why do people use the words 'lolicon' and 'shotacon'? Those are mistranslated Engrish. It should be …[View]
179240330>Are ga DENEBU, ARUTAIRU, BEGA >kimi wa yubisasu natsu no daisankaku >oboete >sora o mi…[View]
179253608Sailor Moon: Which Sailor scout was the best girl?[View]
179238559JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Are you ready, /a/?[View]
179255750One Punch Man: I wish the chapter ended like this.[View]
179257338Why is it that anytime there's a Tsundere she always ends up abusing her love interest? Do peop…[View]
179253867Present day... Present time HAHAHAHAHA[View]
179255678Why in the everloving name of God did this punishment catch on in Orth? I have a feeling the author…[View]
179254098Does anyone on /a/ watch IDOLiSH7? It has more sales than any other anime this year. I really like i…[View]
179210694Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru: What kind of pervert actually gets turned on by this?[View]
179257558Love Live! Sunshine!!: Can we all agree that Mari is super cute?[View]
179245001Can you imagine seeing your neighborhood in an anime?[View]
179249150It looks like pastel shaded garbage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWxUaUU4Heg&feature=youtu.b…[View]
179224793Jojo rankings: post em fags 4>7>8>2>5>3>1>>>>6[View]
179256581Does anyone else not like him... Like at all?[View]
179256602i'd eat his ass[View]
179251309Choose your favorite runner: Please circle the area you are most interested in. How does that area m…[View]
179254287Good show Its rushed in S2 and onwards though, Also Ryugamine and his story started to get annoying …[View]
179256190Elf-San Wa Yaserarenai: This is the ideal potato. You may not like it, but this is what peak perform…[View]
179250321Did everyone drop this after the initial novelty period or something?[View]
179255797Cute boys in anime/manga: Why isn't there a pushback against cute boys on /a/ at the very least…[View]
179252753Ragnarok Online anime when? The shitty one doesn't count.[View]
179255224Merc Storia: Anyone watching this?[View]
179254973If an anime came out for this VN, who would voice the girls? My picks would be: Asami Imai as Yuri I…[View]
179232252These are your maids for the evening.[View]
179251472Tokyo Ghoul: Who remembers this master peace? Part 1 was best Part 2 was meh but had Furuta and the…[View]
179166759[Love Live] Kotori, I love you[View]
179242050JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind #2: Guys, remember, is Friday.[View]
179254062Office Lady manga where are they?[View]
179249289>MC is weaker than his imouto What do you think of this trope?[View]
179255082>new episode is out >have to wait for HiJo to fix the garbage subs…[View]
179254038what anime girls would you like to get dommed by and how would they do it[View]
179252437Meido: Best maid. Best voice. Best shaft anime.[View]
179254674You know at first I was totally out off by the whole goblin rape and breeding thing, but I came to u…[View]
179230815Remember when anime VN adaptations were actually good?[View]
179250841VENTO AUREO NOW: https://vaughnlive.tv/cd1212 GET IN HERE[View]
179250413My Senpai is Annoying: Here be Chapter 47th of a cute little romance with loli kouhai. As always, pl…[View]
179189962Fat fucking PIG FATTIE[View]
179250006zyashin chan drop kick: This is very bad news. Amazon has cancelled the devil-driven anime after fir…[View]
179248513Was this a masterpiece?[View]
179249211I wanna freak you I wanna freak you I wanna freak you[View]
179216313Hanako Oomuro has been diagnosed with a terrible disease: Severe Acute Loli Syndrome. Symptoms inclu…[View]
179253375Every time I close my eyes I wake up feeling so horny I can't get you outta my mind Sexin'…[View]
179252956Its ON https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_h7-mAe1Dw[View]
179249743>All this CGI The fuck is this? Was this made on a shoestring budget or something?…[View]
179238698>'Anon, stop this! The Grail is cursed! Is being united with your waifu worth the lives of millio…[View]
179252186Was she autistic?[View]
179240006Do nips really do this?[View]
179252137Aniplex USA: Are they saving anime in the United States with their gatekeeping prices?[View]
179239700Jojo: You don't think they'll a tually stick with Zipperman for the name of his stand do y…[View]
179250603Parasyte Reversi ch 17 (raw) by Teppu mangaka: Rips and web publication: mega.nz/#F!64wR2SKB!ZnZVmzv…[View]
179243386Goblins?: Did someone say goblins?[View]
179251228Mastered Super Saiyan 3[View]
179247997Is she the most iconic character of the season?[View]
179246679do you think the new bocchi chapter will be out this weekend?[View]
179241982Code Geass Order: Can someone tell me the chronological order of 'Code Geass' anime. Much help appre…[View]
179249520The Need to Read: >Be me on a random night >Crawl into bed at a responsible time (~10pm) >H…[View]
179249788Kyou mo dare ka to dare ka ga koi ni ochite yuku sekai no doko ka de[View]
179243396What do you think about this OVA?[View]
179224366Strike the Blood 3: PV released senpai https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Xdd_dEX1uY Looks like we…[View]
179187496WSJ TOC 46: Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 46 TOC Haikyuu!! (Cover/LCP/34p) Kimetsu no Yaiba act-age Dr. S…[View]
179247350Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu: >lets cut out all the actual sex from our rape-happy anim…[View]
179248232Nyaa back online: doomposters BTFO again[View]
179231200Imoto sae Ireba Ii: DROPPED[View]
179250717ITT: Draw your favorite super power in 30 seconds: D4C JoJo's bizarre adventure: Steel Ball Run…[View]
179250602How do I overcome my Japanese schoolgirl femdom addiction /a/?[View]
179246902Haikyuu Thread: Who's enjoying the current match?: I was finding the game boring, but since the…[View]
179246231God I wish I were me[View]
179248638What is it about the double peace that makes it the perfect lewd gesture?[View]
179242622Double Decker: Would you read capeshit with Kirill?[View]
179250077I miss Megumi so much, bros.[View]
179232046People who did not deserve their fate. Starting with easy one.[View]
179249258Is Kite still a considered a hentai?: Or has its status gone to 'mainstream anime'?[View]
179250333>KIMI NO SEI KIMI NO SEI KIMI NO SEI DE WATASHI OH~ send help plz[View]
179239471Muv-Luv: What does /a/ think about Sumiko?[View]
179222308Who would win in a fight: Goblin Slayer or Guts (Black Swordsman/Conviction arcs)?[View]
179248369It's back![View]
179240609What could make you fight for a chance to bring a world revolution?[View]
179248429Gurazeni: >[HorribleSubs] Gurazeni - 14 [720p] Go ready go.[View]
179247889Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight: New episode in 2 hours[View]
179231468how do i into manga? like i can understand wanting to read a manga of a series that doesn't hav…[View]
179224745Dragon Ball Super: Chadhan will defeat Broli.[View]
179115903OPT: One page thread: OPT: One page thread post pages from something you've read 100 extra like…[View]
179248462What a heavenly angel she is[View]
179245632So, any news about next chapter? Is this a new hiatus?[View]
179233329Raildex NT21: It's been a while since we've had a menacing and charismatic male antagonist…[View]
179238815Episode 2 incoming.[View]
179238876Is this anime worth watching?[View]
179246588>Barely any gundams get higher than 8 on MAL I thought this series was good?…[View]
179242601How come InuYasha is the only Shounen Sunday series to gain super massive popularity in America?[View]
179245445Post objectively non-reddit shows.[View]
179249137don't mind me, just gonna list off every main girl from good anime/manga who doesn't job: …[View]
179243672>He watches seasonal anime[View]
179249019The cast of Madoka was more enjoyable and better written than Evangelion's. Each had a better b…[View]
179213684What happened to priestess during the time skip?[View]
179244865Skipping JoJo Parts: I seriously don't understand why people think skipping parts is some sort …[View]
179244480>manime Why is it not as popular anymore?[View]
179248075>le nanpa meme: Is there seriously any first world city where this is actually how people try to …[View]
179243492Violet Evergarden is getting an OVA. A weird one at that. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2018…[View]
179239855Boku No Hero Academia: It's a Todorokis chapter[View]
179236329Post characters that are literally you.[View]
179246081What if Bulma never found Goku? Would Goku at some point leave the forest?[View]
179244262Minami-Ke: Why are the boys so shit and unnecessary? Why does the other Minami family exist (besides…[View]
179246656Watch Overlord[View]
179239031Sora yori mo Tooi Basho: Now that the dust has settled, was this as good as people claimed?[View]
179237922So which parts do I skip?[View]
179245557When did good animation die?[View]
179242556Slime Isekai: Is this based on the LN or manga?[View]
179244171>Ending is logically explained if you paid attention >Isn't a deus ex machina asspull …[View]
179222191Chio was hot.[View]
179246877>Live action can't be grea[View]
179246116>International break[View]
179234530Zombieland Saga: I wasn't too sure how I was going to feel about this show. I watched the first…[View]
179246586>tfw debt[View]
179241408Why the fuck aren't you reading >86 ―エイティシックス― yet? It's the hottest new LN series in…[View]
179244306>less than 3 hours for the new OP and ED get hype[View]
179241179What does /a/ think of Uchuu Kyoudai?[View]
179209198Just finished watching every single piece of anime media of SAO and it's not half as shit as pe…[View]
179178519Well, /a/non?[View]
179241201RIP Nyaa[View]
179241969Index III: Half an hour until episode 2 is live.[View]
179240914What makes one piece swimsuit so superior to bikini?[View]
179241018So that's how lolis are made[View]
179233589Bakii Douu - Installation 2: I was asleep far longer than you would think probable, and then I got a…[View]
179208341Would Yakumo-san be a good mother and wife? Also cake thread since the old one got deleted[View]
179239765Do you prefer Akagi or Kaiji, /a/?[View]
1792437835 years for this?[View]
179194055Isekai crossover (Isekai Quartet): What does /a/ think of the annoncement of the Overlord, Youjo Sen…[View]
179223702Goblin Slayer: >everyone's rape fetish is being activated >nobody's omorashi fetish …[View]
179241050She was the best girl in Keijo and you know it: She was the quiet, cute one. Not as aggressive as th…[View]
179244881Is Fairy Tail a bad anime?[View]
179242434Flower Knight Dakini: New chapter, new exploits with our favourite gremlin[View]

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