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157670382>character in anime is from the desert >they're white…[View]
157663248is this good?[View]
157663434I know it wasn't the point of the movie, but the lack of a romantic ending without a kiss or a …[View]
157667282Kaguya 65: Time for some Kaguya.[View]
157669513>yugioh mcs that kill It's like the good old days when yami was walking about…[View]
157669872Do you think the anime will cover the entire manga. Considering manga seams to be over soon. I mean …[View]
157664881WCW 58: Our love story continues. Chapter: http://imgur.com/a/Z1DLy Dumping commences. Shota Honks …[View]
157663067Would you date an Archdemon?[View]
157662998Is there any other anime character as pathetic and a loser as much as Chrollo is? He is a boss of te…[View]
157667108death note: This series would have been a solid 8 / 10 if not for the last 10 episodes. The story al…[View]
157668341Kumo Desu Ga, Nani Ka: New manga chapter TL'd. Which title is the best?[View]
157662490Boku No Hero Academia: This is a japanese bubble.[View]
157661977One Punch Man: Raws are out. Niggastream soon.[View]
157650797Is Rebuild of Evangelion a remake? Or a sequel?: Okay, so I just rewatched NGE for the hundreth time…[View]
157668606i love this... it's just too fucking comfy[View]
157623828Berserk: New chapter soon. Eclipse in the chapter afterwards as we apparently haven't seen Casc…[View]
157660431One Piece: Is she going to be redeemed?[View]
157666386Don't carry a chain saw like this, you could really hurt yourself.[View]
157664970Quick rundown: Heres a quick rundown. >Akatsuki bow to the Uchiha >In contact with Kaguya …[View]
157622565Otoyomegatari: So why don't Amira and the other girls wear hijabs? Aren't they Muslim?…[View]
157667563Would you do it?[View]
157664416Friendly reminder that Nepgear is a murderer.[View]
157665094Hinako Note: Maybe I can pretend to be Konata for tonight[View]
157657063Was it kino?[View]
157664323Trap Thread: Well, now that Boku Girl is over what am I suppose to read to fulfill my sexual fantasi…[View]
157664378Kaguya wants to be confessed to ch 65 Korean scans: http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/mME0IiFT3yw…[View]
157664179Why did they make Chika so damn ugly? Girls this ugly should not be allowed to be idols. At least Ho…[View]
157664818Evangelion: Is Evangelion a good anime /a/ ?[View]
157666151Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?[View]
157644164Why did Mio, the largest K-On, not simply eat the other four?[View]
157665183Do you ever take barefaced pleasure in the misfortune of others?[View]
157666846Tell me /a/, why does Tapris wear the mask?[View]
157661651MAYOIGA: This was a fantastic anime that was thrown under the rug last year. Up there with Valvrave …[View]
157636713Aikatsu and Pripara thread: Surprise, the whole world's got idles! (It's faster than ever!…[View]
157666093Shirou's children really have no hope of a normal mother do they? >Autistic overly masculine…[View]
157663119Find a more based girl. (except Ange,sure)[View]
157629914Tsuki ga Kirei: Is this some kind of metaphor?[View]
157652556Is the author trying to make Naruto unlikable so that the backlash for his death in the future isn…[View]
157663516What fuck happened /a/?[View]
157645294Why are you so obsessed with her eyebrows?[View]
157666063Beastars: Well That was an odd chapter[View]
157662158Granblue fantasy: Where is episode 06? How could they afford that AAA cast for the games? Also: Zeta…[View]
157663571Funny how the downfall of anime can be traced back to a single company, huh?[View]
157651821made in abyss: Is this still getting typeseted? Last uploaded chapter was 5/5, I am getting worried.…[View]
157647790Black clover spoiler[View]
157660358Characters who MUST be bullied[View]
157663741Madoka: Kyubey's design is based off female ovaries and fallopian tubes (Incubator for eggs) an…[View]
157639912shingeki no kyojin: Erwin was a good man[View]
157662595Was it autism?[View]
157655888non non biyori third: decided to produce.[View]
157660586Kengan Ashua: Man i'm loving this ride, even if I have to read it in vietnamese and don't …[View]
157662907Renai Boukun: Subs are out. Other thread has a shitty phone pic.[View]
157652552Dragon Ball Super: Leave Zen-Oh to us.[View]
157647601Find a flaw.[View]
157664551What's her endgame?[View]
157664268The cutest. Would you've been able to protect your waifu during those two years?[View]
157654550Chaos;Child: https://twitter.com/PQubeGames/status/867757159299284992 Finally the official announcem…[View]
157664221Why did she lose? She was clearly the superior girl.[View]
157664201Is this what tumblr feels like?[View]
157657624Will you be my friend, anon-kun?[View]
157643289>hyouka dub I know you're all allergic to dub but please hear me out here ok? This dub is, d…[View]
157662689ITT post Funsized Girls: Maximum height: 155cm Maximum weight: 45kg Minimum age: 12 because lolis ar…[View]
157659864'''Villains''' that did nothing wrong[View]
157662973Hunter x Hunter: Chimera Ant arc is underrated.[View]
157662080Gintama: Shinsengumi is looking good these days[View]
157657609Was this the best moment in all of Naruto? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yg4Dd6XYAdA[View]
157640103Dies irae: Will it suck? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuRIwIgwHOo[View]
157663433How much truth is there to this?[View]
157622855Why are they so popular among normalfags?[View]
157663304Official Ajin Thread!: Chapter 50 Diskussion Also: How can one man be so damn Based?[View]
157659247Suzaku Kururugi is a perfect representation of the average human being.[View]
157643985Prisma Illya: These are your movie tickets for tonight.[View]
157655329you will never marry your 2D girlfriend and have 2D daughters[View]
157657738Death Note had a very good discussion on the nature of paw, justice, ethics, and degrees of restrain…[View]
157662392Magi - Arba: Why does Arba always has hard nipples when she fights?[View]
157588522BLAME! thread: just recently saw this. it was decent.[View]
157660646Gothicmade is getting rescreenings in 15 different theaters in Japan on June 25: https://www.dreampa…[View]
157662795guys what do you think of my car?[View]
157660123Mahoyo was released 5 years ago.[View]
157662747Shiori is nice. What do they mean when they call her 'an airheaded little demon' and 'Satan'? (I am …[View]
157661776Can we have an AMV thread?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqNoPWL26s0 Pic unrelated[View]
157637349Best anime of the decade by each year: What are your AOTYs of the 2010s? for me personally >2010 …[View]
157650597Tsukasa is crying! What did you do?[View]
157662343Utawarerumono: Was the anime adaptation of the first game good?[View]
157654787Is it possible that the series is just Kyon narrating it from the future? Given how low intensity ev…[View]
157614156Precure thread: Precure thread[View]
157657828What do you think about No Guns Life /a/nons?[View]
157626463How do you feel about brocons?[View]
157655406Perfect Cell gets a Senzu but Frieza doesn't?: honorless, filthy saiyan monkeys[View]
157661161Who's your favorite yandere?[View]
157658523BleachXAssClass Interview.: Maybe some tumblrina will translate it one day, maybe not. Either way, h…[View]
157660808So is superman now the strongest Manga hero of all time?[View]
157653826One Punch Man: Chapter in a hour or two. Get hype as Murata confirmed it concludes this arc.[View]
157642736Fire Punch: ch 53 just came out I'm confused[View]
157660778I'm still mad.[View]
157615726Waifu Wednesday Thread: All waifus are adorable, be sure you let her know how much she means to you,…[View]
157661042TOKYO GHOUL:KING: Furuta chapter next.[View]
157659339So I just watched this for the first time I wasn't expecting a ''happy'' ending but I still go…[View]
157649786Hard mode: Post intentionally terrible anime ideas that would make a load of money in Japan. inb4 ba…[View]
157652724ITT: Childhood Waifus: >tfw I was all like 'RANGIKU BIG BOOBS + FLIRTY = VERY SEXY'…[View]
157658821Realistically, do there exist any characters in the entirety of anime that would not be able to NTR …[View]
157661455Re:Creators: NOBODY WILL DIE[View]
157660524An anime genie can grant you one of these 2 wishes. Which one do you chose? 1. All anime you like no…[View]
157659105Pokemon S&M: Why do nips like baseball so much?[View]
157659955Do anime studios care about quality anymore in choosing what to adapt? Or do they just pick whatever…[View]
157622965Re:Creators: What happens to ongoing media when they've had their main character taken out into…[View]
157659170>translated in my native language >not translated in English Thanks Yen Press.…[View]
157646327Are you ready for a DIVE!!, a better version of Free!!: PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iYs1qTt…[View]
157660989ITT: Characters from this season that you can beat up in a fight[View]
157631214Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen: Why do people like cats again? Translated omake.[View]
157659682KyoAni: KyoAni ecchi shows when? Would you look at that perfection.[View]
157654610One Piece: Meet Big Mom's first husbands.[View]
157649172Boku No Hero Academia: Wait so not only did he make a top and pants and gloves and shoes, he made an…[View]
157657482ITT: Girls with canon ass http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGZVcO_Dzak&feature=youtube_gdata_playe…[View]
157658424SUIKEN DESU[View]
157655104>Kill la Kill was 7 years ago[View]
157652119>You will never read 20th Century Boys for the first time again[View]
15765587010 year anniversary for me and my waifu. Congratulate us![View]
157656782Goblin Slayer 12[View]
157651565Shonen jump big shonen[View]
157658111fuck this ending, GAINAX![View]
157655043>episode x.5[View]
157599072They can't keep getting away with it[View]
157640446Little Witch Academia: LineArtAnon is /ourguy/[View]
157621114Kusuriya no Hitorigoto: Well, this series just started on the most recent volume of Gangan.[View]
157657265Hahaha. Epic meems on muh subs.[View]
157655469season two never[View]
157647888How was it possible for Sasuke's sword to stab Naruto in Six Paths Sage Nine Tails chakra cloak…[View]
157645492The great debate[View]
157652776How do you guys get into or stay with Anime?: I grew up in a house with no cable or internet until a…[View]
157655644Is Akko the best tomboy of 2017?[View]
157656253Has hype ever killed the enjoyment of an anime for you?[View]
157648291What's the best manga reader for pc/andorid respectively?[View]
157658499bakemono no ko[View]
157639400madoka Magica: Why didn't Homu just kill walpurgis with the other characters?[View]
157634251Why did Maid Dragon flop again?[View]
157617628Tokyo Ghoul:re: Are you all ready for the queen to return?[View]
157655565This is better than anything KyoAnus has put out in 5 years[View]
157654551Who's your favorite anal queen?[View]
157654107you are given the opportunity to remake an anime but under these conditions: 1) its an anime you hat…[View]
157650571Which K-ON would be the best fuck?[View]
157652509Oniisama e: Anyone here found it hard to treat this show seriously? I mean I like the visual directi…[View]
157611275Koe no Katachi: Only if every anime shows had a girl as fabulous as Ueno Discuss[View]
157657274Would you a worthless cripple? I wouldn't[View]
157655057Finally got around to watching pic related. Expecting a romance but this is actually more of a self-…[View]
157657514ITT post meme subs[View]
157655318Otome Sensou: Was he the first chuunibyou?[View]
157657247kiss him, not me/Watashi ga motete dousunda: what the fuck is wrong with her[View]
157635775Kemono Friends[View]
157627932ITT: Vaguely spoil an anime/manga and other anons try and guess it.[View]
157656754would you lick this famous feet?[View]
157650047That gyarados nearly murdered a bunch of spectators >loud cheering in the background…[View]
157573325Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt Previous thread >>157502696[View]
157634832Vinland Saga 139: New chapter's out.[View]
157656443Meruem lived the fucking dream. This perfect cell looking motherfucker became the most powerful char…[View]
157656232>literally nothing happens the show I've never felt so fucking cockblocked in all my life.…[View]
157653368Has the anime completely forgotten about what's in Eren's basement? Anyone who's read…[View]
157654251What show is this and is it good?[View]
157632888Isekai Smarphone PV2: https://youtu.be/Tpl6mSXo8po >After a freak accident involving some lightni…[View]
157646809Tokyo Encounter: What is it about Sugita that brings out the best in female seiyuu? https://streama…[View]
157655201Knight's & Magic PV 2: Second PV is out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4gSzsfTsFA…[View]
157653509Blend S Kirara adaptation to air in Fall 2017: Oh, look, some Kirara stuff. >A-1 Pictures Never m…[View]
157622522This is Rumiko Takahashi, mangaka and creator of Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha. Say something nice to her![View]
157650380Hunter x Hunter[View]
157650697>tfw no gf like shouko[View]
157645510Do you feel fucking welcomed yet[View]
157650130One Piece: Hajrudin and Stansen Flashback when?[View]
157646205find one (1) thing wrong in this picture[View]
157653973one punch man: new chapter out http://viewer.tonarinoyj.jp/series/FlR8CfEDXW0/FlR8CfELgS0…[View]
157652505Jump shop[View]
157649023It makes me extremely sad that I will never go on a quest with megumin[View]
157644898Don't slack off!! shaft[View]
157653558Guts is hot: I want Guts to fuck me so hard that I die. I want him to take his huge dick and shove i…[View]
157646922Dr. Stone: Chapter out boys. It was all just the Beginning. https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/dr-s…[View]
157645628           ‌ ‏[View]
157653713Is that a jojo reference ?: I'm dead inside[View]
157618384One Punch Man: RIP in pieces, my sweet princes.[View]
157651342G-gunindom rog, Riisu.[View]
157652255I´ve never cried watching anime, probably because I just watch things like Jojo, HxH or Drifters, I´…[View]
157653291What w/a/s his problem?[View]
157652522https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIMrFnl5NiA Alright /a/ it's time to play, 'Is this Anime or no…[View]
157647673Post your favorite unintentional comedy.[View]
157648920Yuru Yuri Thread: /r/ing the one doujin where they draw a manga of them all dying and they kiss, the…[View]
157642334Who was in the wrong here?[View]
157652603Now that the dust has settled, can we all agree that TOHSAKA RIN PLEASES OLD MEN FOR MONEY[View]
157653025How long will I have to wait before I can pirate the dubbed version of this? Only upto E19 are out r…[View]
157652929Oshiete! Galko-chan (Please tell me! Galko-chan): Why the fuck are they asking Galko anyway? Are the…[View]
157641800Kill Me Baby: What does /a/ think of Kill Me Baby?[View]
157632372Make sure you don't do it![View]
157618007Chichi Chichi: It's that time again. Sorry for it being so long, but people get busy. Here is c…[View]
157633137Dragon Ball Super: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Atu5oEaEFxY How high is his power level?…[View]
157637839why didn't he have a dick?[View]
157651009Macross Delta: Macross Frontier was great. What went wrong with the sequel /a/?[View]
157649330Every single person wants to look EXACTLY like Koito. Explain.[View]
157645747Who won?[View]
157651114ITT: shows that were popular while airing but are now forgotten: And explain why.[View]
157643627Can we all agree Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho has the nicest ED of the season? https://www.youtub…[View]
157636636Sanae, why are those girls wrestling?[View]
157613643JoJo Thread: 23 years have passed. But I...do not age. Time, has stopped it's effect on me…[View]
157650668Is there anything more hype than Saint Seiya ?[View]
157645066Did you like my show, /a/?[View]
157639370Kuzu to Megane to Bungaku Shojo (Nise): Daily dose. It's yuri time.[View]
157627034ITT: '''''Villians''''' who did nothing wrong.[View]
157645300Madoka is trash: No true anime enthusiast would consider MSMM a particularly notable or interesting …[View]
157628791How come I can't find any info on this show's OST? It was pretty good but it's nowher…[View]
157645761ARIA: I don't get it, why did Akari cry? Is this some sort of foreshadowing?[View]
157647709She killed some people today anon, aren't you going to give her a spanking for being a bad girl…[View]
157647070Vento Aureo: WHEN THE FUCK IS THE ANIME FOR V.A COMING OUT DAVID PRODUCTIONS? My guess is Jan 2018…[View]
157643835This was basically Koe no Katachi but done better.[View]
157650583Winter was the season of bakas. Spring is the season of jailbait. What will summer be?[View]
157647705What's Yamada's best work?: http://www.strawpoll.me/13038321[View]
157650416name a more enjoyable arc pro tip : you can't[View]
157647178One Piece: It's out. https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/one-piece-2/en/0/866/page/1 http://rea…[View]
157648779Why's this retard allowed to have such a fat butt?[View]
157614912Left or right?[View]
157649221KOUME! It's eight of clock! WAKE UP![View]
157648780Weekly Shounen Jump #26: Actual Cover and Colour pages[View]
157649264Incest declining, NBR on the rise: What is the cure for this?[View]
157650040Hey /a/, remember us?[View]
157631388Best Love Live song thread?: Pic related.[View]
157644178This is pretty funny.[View]
157626799Find a flaw.[View]
157644152Ichigo 100% Korean Scan[View]
157647657Akashic: mm, steamy lips[View]
157645922What did the Young Master mean by this?[View]
157635561ITT: Make your own light novel titles: My Disrespectful Teen Son Somehow Got Ahold of a Gluten Produ…[View]
157638837So /a, is Nagi no asukara worth?[View]
157640616Baki Dou 158 translation: 'Any of you fucking pricks move, and I'll execute every motherfucking…[View]
157597511Why do you like little girls?[View]
157646479Anime Blu-Ray: What anime movies are essential to get on BD because of how they were improved or rem…[View]
157641750Do you think a nudist anime featuring elementary or middle schoolers would work?[View]
157648853What is he recording?[View]
157641046Asterisk vs Chivalry: Now that the dust has settled, which one was better? To me, even with his fans…[View]
157649010Is using the loser's suffering as comedy material acceptable?[View]
157648476Was Princess Mononoke truly what it's like when worlds collide?[View]
157643051Muscle Girls: what's your ideal muscle girl, /a/? i prefer >muscle girl on the outside >s…[View]
157639452Where can I get my own Miyano?[View]
157643867Can girls love girls?: See this. What do?[View]
157614551Tomboys & Hiatus: I can't be the only one jonesing for more Tomo so this thread is for hiat…[View]
157647789What's her problem? I don't get it.[View]
157643375Parts from OPs or EDs that you immediately hear. KI MI TO[View]
157641360Hero Academia: Spoilers soon.[View]
157647187Are bald girls attractive /a/?[View]
157633092Who was the father?[View]
157607816Goblin Slayer ch.12: And people said the rape has ended. It just began.[View]
157641558one piece: linlin is cute! CUTE![View]
157646166Why is so difficult to find a good anime OP/ED download link with instrumentals? And why fucking iTu…[View]
157624078Sakurada/Sagrada Reset: This is a happy villain. Also more information on Misora.[View]
157633734Have you read the spiritual successor of High school of the dead?[View]
157636225criminale: >criminale >tfw sarah didn't win >tfw NO ONE won, it was just a rushed open…[View]
157610187Sakura Quest: Episode 8 dropping in 2 hours[View]
157641021Granblue Fantasy: I want this to die.[View]
157646548Makoto Shinkai general: Asuna's father obviously either went to Agartha or came from there, but…[View]
157645662Muhdoka thread. Who has the best arc?[View]
157644816What was his fucking problem?[View]
157645687>he watches cute girls doing cute things[View]
157631486is this the reality after end of evangelion??? is this the only form of nutrition that was possible …[View]
157645323>OP starts playing during epic fight/scene[View]
157574396Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: DanMachi volume 12 is out. Posting the illustrati…[View]
157639281BLAME: How is this?[View]
157643234Hinowa ga Yuku!: are you ready for the new Takahiro ride?? >The story is set in a distant eastern…[View]
157596513Rokudenashi: >Player1 - Glenn Radars >Player2 - Glenn Radars…[View]
157637547>best Jump series is a manga about American Football Westaboos are amazing…[View]
157639940What's next for Shinka?[View]
157638644Who is the cringiest MC ever? Seriously, sometimes I couldn't look at the scream, this scene is…[View]
157640666Why is she such a cunt?[View]
157645508More leaks when?[View]
157620761I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.[View]
157580334>[HorribleSubs] Natsume Yuujinchou Roku - 07 [720p].mkv Time for a Reiko episode, get in here…[View]
157641505Sakura hate thread: Remember, sluts should die a horrible painful death[View]
157643536Big Order: Was it intentional? Is it possible to create something so hilariously bad without trying?…[View]
157643427your lie in april: >WAAAAAAAAAAAH WAAAAAAAAH : The Anime Worst anime i ever seen in my entire 26 …[View]
157640105IdolM@ster: What does everyone think about the CG Theater? What is your favorite strip that you want…[View]
157643244The best anime of all time coming through.[View]
157637257There was no good anime in last 3-5 years.[View]
157636590>mc was never an otaku >just a failure of normalfag…[View]
157644767Ichigo 100% east side story: ch 2, Korean translation. It's Satsuki time. http://wasabisyrup.co…[View]
157645209Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu: Shintaisou![View]
157634913>13 years old >already this sexy How does Luluco do it?…[View]
157629815is there actually any better butt that exists in anime???[View]
157644982Legend of Galactic Heroes - Ryu Fujisaki: Dumping ch67[View]
157594267Do you miss Akame ga Kill?[View]
157644818One Piece 866: Chapter's out. Niggerstream BTFO. https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/one-piece-…[View]
157644829>it's a Hawaii episode[View]
157637987Boruto.: How is this acceptable in the village?[View]
157643035What is Erina reading?[View]
157636471as we become more and more close to 2020 and leaving 2010s behind us we can all agree on that 2000 t…[View]
157641438Who did it better?[View]
157612216I love isekai, they satisfy my nekomimi fetish[View]
157480499Is this the best imouto?[View]
157619011>Government arranged marriage partner for you Well /a/?[View]
157640272Manga that need an adaptation and save anime.[View]
157607746Eromanga Sensei: Sagiri is for[View]
157641830Who doesn't like cakes? They're delicious.[View]
157630953Why are lolis so evil?[View]
157610689Gabriel Dropout: Raphi on the front page![View]
157638088Wave, Listen to Me! 030 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >Wave, Listen to Me! 030 (2017) (Digital…[View]
157636006'train' thread: Good morning, Akihabara, how are ya? Don't you worry, I can make ya c*m I'…[View]
157634345Did she die?[View]
157641234Detroit Metal City: I just marathoned this /a/. What can I expect?[View]
157635005Non Non Biyori: Season 3 HYPE[View]
157621539Raildex: 2 more days[View]
157589913Have you praised Satori today?[View]
157641746QUALITY Thread: Post quality animation[View]
157632820One Piece: Spoiler pics soon. Chapter title is 'NATURAL BORN DESTROYER'. Big Mom's height was a…[View]
157635422Welcome to the Madness: Where were you when BikeFairy became canon? full video when?[View]
157640199Who is Hawk? Also Lupin the 3rd General: A bit confused on who exactly is beyond a super soldier who…[View]
157640931What a fucking train wreck[View]
157616789Saekano: Who was in the wrong here?[View]
157597342Darkness is a good girl![View]
157640094Souboutei Kowasu Beshi: http://helveticascans.com/r/read/souboutei-kowasu-beshi/en/1/1/page/1 Fujita…[View]
157638443>tfw no deaf gf[View]
157636650One Image Thread: Try to make someone pick up a series with one image, but it doesn't have to b…[View]
157636671How should I watch this series?[View]
157623003Little Witch Academia: The Littlest, Lewdest Witch Edition[View]
157640163Who let this happen. Why.[View]
157592842Buyfag thread: buyfag.moe[View]
157639525Post pig girl, oink[View]
157621027Shingeki no Kyojin/SnK: What kind of behavior would be appropriate in such situation?[View]
157633210>tfw there'll never be an anime about MC dealing with severe acne[View]
157639144Everyone Else is a Returnee: This is one of my favorite light novels. I'm reading it from https…[View]
157635155I appreaciate the fact that Yamada loves film and tries to replicate the aesthetic, but what fucking…[View]
157637563So who was best?[View]
157638563Hey look at this fucking retard eating pizza[View]
157590351/a/ - Scanlation thread: whatcha working on?[View]
157622137Hero Academia: Spoilers in 10 hours or so How injured will Deku be after the raid on the Yakuza hide…[View]
157635270ITT: Write a Shōnen Anime Plot: Hard Mode: Make it simultaneously stereotypical and good Extra Hard …[View]
157631102>thought it would be average >cried for 2 hours…[View]
157638061TOPPU GP 014 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >TOPPU GP 014 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire) https…[View]
157624499Knights of Sidonia: Season 3 fucking when?[View]
157633643Vegeta always gets crowned for letting Cell reach his perfect form but wouldn't Goku have done …[View]
157636288This was cute[View]
157628714ITT: Awesome characters that died too soon.[View]
157606100>ywn bully someone with Ueno[View]
157636181Was Kiznaiver the last good arthouse anime?[View]
157637633DIVE!!: are you ready for NOT heterosexual divers!! From the same studio that is giving us Tsugumom…[View]
157636069Seiren: Ok what the fuck Do the other arcs also have such awful endings?[View]
157637380Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: >[MonoSubs] Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS - 003 [720p].mkv[View]
157622141ITT: Edgy moments we unironically and shamelessly enjoyed[View]
157634650Hyouka was the last good anime from KyoAni.: Koe no Katachi = fail, blame the victim and self improv…[View]
157628296Was the eva horse part really necessary? Fucking Anno[View]
157635798Kemono Friends: Who is your favourite bat friend?[View]
157591757BLAME!: Why did Killy shoot him even when he dindu nuffin? Was Killy a racist?[View]
157627376So am I supposed to take this seriously or not?[View]
157634046Post anime that's better than the manga. I will start with a recent one. Youjo Senki manga is r…[View]
157625503Why doesn't anime appreciate kisses?[View]
157624768what do you think about gantz[View]
157636541The Manga that nobody read on 4chan: it's been one year,since i was reading this masterpiece...…[View]
157635681Why can't anime make female designs that look like this?[View]
157634271GE - Good Ending: >tfw your friend is going out with the girl you like so you trick him into fuck…[View]
157635777Cakemono friends[View]
157630368Do you like intelligent girls?[View]
157623095What does moe mean, /a/?[View]
157624496How much value do you put into visual direction?[View]
157635653You didn't forget him, did you? I did.[View]
157631030Name a more moe male character protip: you can't[View]
157631094Just Finished Evangelion: I will never understand why people pretend to like this show It was fuckin…[View]
157603435Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains: Almost time for our weekly Duel Links advertisement[View]
157631120Utawarerumono sequels thread Anyone get far enough in the game to have a new perspective on the anim…[View]
157624099Name one character that suffered more than this guy.[View]
157635125What is this expression trying to convey?[View]
157628575Was this an asspull?[View]
157633945I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.[View]
157623955Boruto Ep: 8: >When the Keikaku go as Keikaku'd.[View]
157606175Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai (The World God Only Knows): Does /a/ still hate me?[View]
157634807Is this the greatest scene in anime history? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lA1K3xUlZ50[View]
157594531Why is Revy the true best girl?[View]
157626935>Your Name is already in IMDb top 100 Is anime saved?[View]
157616293>download viz high quality manga scans for the first time >absolute blast with it, manga becom…[View]
157612240Mio is so beautiful and hot that it hurts[View]
157632811Why is she so smol[View]
157623876Anime of the decade: >tfw there's 3 (three) years till the decade is over but you've al…[View]
157634168Did you like her?[View]
157631816Why do people say that Bebop have a good dub when all character expect for Spike sound incredibly st…[View]
157626262space dandy: Due to the recent space dandy threads, i marathoned both seasons and finished it just n…[View]
157594089Why is Madoka so popular?[View]
157627559>has remained static through the entirety of dragonball, Z and super >wife beater >abandons…[View]
157621150Which is better, slender or child-bearing hips? Left or Right?[View]
157625550Characters you would gladly call mommy or daddy[View]
157632857A person buys an innocuous trinket from a junk dealer, which has the power to summon interdimensiona…[View]
157620778what are you looking at, anon?[View]
157626282KyoAni: >Maidragon Winter 2017 >Violet Evergarden Winter 2018 A whole year between shows. Why …[View]
157629973I normally despise bazooka tits, but... hnnng...[View]
157631784DIVE !!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iYs1qTtrtE New DIVE !! PV and cast 坂井知季:梶 裕貴 富士谷要一:櫻井孝宏 沖津…[View]
157628768When will oppai lolis rise again?[View]
157631447Initial D: how can they get away with this?[View]
157624693Would it be better if it had three seasons?[View]
157618002Dragon Ball Super: Was Vegeta meant to do the SSG ritual before Resurrection of F?[View]
157599717Welcome to the Madness: SOON.jpg[View]
157619143One Piece 866: Chapter 866: NATURAL BORN DESTROYER: Linlin was 5 years old at that time and both her…[View]
157623198Post bad deconstructions: Often the word 'deconstruction' is used as if it were synonymous with 'goo…[View]
157632675ITT: Climaxes straight out of a Vince Russo storyline[View]
157625393Who made the better film?[View]
157611952ITT: Best girls that won: pic related[View]
157629293Is there a more obnoxious group of stick-up-the-asses than these three? Literally, every episode is …[View]
157630396Konosuba gone forever: I have no reason to live anymore[View]
157630253Nothing Like A Good Ole' Nut: Post the Based Nutman[View]
157631850It's no surprise that none of the Fate/Stay Night adaptations were particularly stellar. You si…[View]
157608112Just got finished watching this. So what the fuck did the ending mean? Did Saki just not change any…[View]
157628907What was the point of this character?[View]
157631369Fullmetal Alchemist > Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood > Fullmetal Panic[View]
157631349Post best truck-kun[View]
157595919Aikatsu and PriPara: This is an OP It's not a massive poem because I'm lazy This sheep is …[View]
157629748To You, The Immortal: >murder every character with a happy life >introduce character that just…[View]
157630884Was this axed? It was so fucking good. Nips have no taste but we all already knew that.[View]
157621334Saki Toki: Tanoshii: We have leaks, probably the chapter too somewhere.[View]
157615448Room Mate: Will you be Blondie's acting partner?[View]
157613185They don't make anime like this anymore.[View]
157629128What did commie mean by this? Should I just switch to Coalgirls?[View]
157623995STORY TIME: A story how pathetic americans in the pacific theater got btfo by based japs.[View]
157630705Why is Nui so perfect? Also whats your opinion on Twin Angel BREAK so far?[View]
157630609WEG: WEG thread[View]
157630351These two shows will air in the same season.[View]
157629700What is this gesture trying to convey?[View]
157627379why is she smiling some fucking asshole who made her life hell shows up again after years and wants …[View]
157626397Why does the autistic girl always win?[View]
157609027seiyuu thread: Left to right: which seiyuu should voice which heavenly body?[View]
157627741Series you want to livewatch with /a/ again[View]
157627691Megane makes any character better. Prove me wrong.[View]
157622931ITT: Moments that make you cry/depressed: >that intro & OST https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
157624806Fate/Apocrypha: > The setting is a parallel world to Fate/stay night where the Greater Grail myst…[View]
157629352deep symbolism[View]
157627762Occasional reminder to always skip the first episode of this classic show.[View]
157611610Helck thread: Chapter 95.1 by Kirei Cake Since the Tlanon no longer appears the sundays here is a t…[View]
157629159Plastic Nee-San: Just watched this for the first time. now i'm a little sad that this is it... …[View]
157629086Subaru a cute! CUTE![View]
157628382One Piece: Real One Piece thread not infested with shitposters.[View]
157628748even dragon ball z wasn't safe[View]
157567705ID-0: Why arent you watching the best show of the season? subs: https://my.mixtape.moe/fadcla.zip li…[View]
157628550Has there ever been a reverse harem show where the best husbandu won /a/?[View]
157625967HOLY SHIT[View]
157627749One Piece - Loli Mom incoming: Shippers have infected and taken over the other thread Let's sta…[View]
157609294Kemono Friends: (Official) https://twitter.com/kemo_anime (Serval VA) https://twitter.com/yuka_bushi…[View]
157620777what scares you anon?[View]
157611338ITT: Worst girls of their respectives series in which we all agree[View]
157628147Spoil a plot point of an anime series in the lewdest way possible.: You can make this a guessing gam…[View]
157588457Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu: Subaru finally has a temporary respite from suffering https:/…[View]
157627760You better not have forgot to do that workout today anon.[View]
157620246>Megumin will eventually grow out[View]
157625117Is the Adolescence of Utena the Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me of anime or is that End of Evangelion?[View]
157619520>animes that are too deep and emotional for most plebians to understand >animes that go over t…[View]
157612107ITT: anime virgins will NEVER understand[View]
157627680*Jacks your path*[View]
157625716Kancolle BIGGER 7: Who here happy for BIGGER 7 ?[View]
157623580The soundtrack is the most important part of an animu and it what makes it good or bad[View]
157622914I'm trying to watch boku no hero academia. Is the entire series a festering swamp of weakness a…[View]
157624036Masamune-kun manga: Is the Masamune-kun manga worth reading? I thought the anime was mildly entertai…[View]
157627504Who couldve guessed that Master Roshi was once such an alpha stud[View]
157622959post pictures worthy of the king: im waiting mongrels[View]
157624480WTF?: http://comicbook.com/2017/05/24/justice-league-manga/ is DC now manga?[View]
157625419How much value do you put into unenjoyable dates?[View]
157622251KonoSuba: Megumin to Kazuma: 'Every day Aqua always said [ That lecherous hikikomori hasn't com…[View]
157609981Dagashi Kashi: Trolltaru the chapter. TL by s07195. 'Hmm....' 'Uh,' 'Hotaru-san.' 'What's up? W…[View]
157626904AMVs or MADs? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tf52mbGTB4o[View]
157623989Carrying the show.: You can only pick one. Who did better?[View]
157626001This is an Aztec Goddess Say hi to her[View]
157619588Sanrio Danshi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFDv6_Ok1qw http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2017…[View]
157625924>Character is this sexy >/a/ gets mad when you sexualize them ?…[View]
157624238Why does Japan turn every male historical figure into a girl?[View]
157568292SukaSuka Shuumatsu nani shitemasuka: Are you ready for the best girl?[View]
157584146>reading Kaiji >get to chapter 23 >no more chapters left, at a cliffhanger >look it up …[View]
157623992This was cute.[View]
157625037Shinsekai Yori: Just finished it. My heart hurts /a/[View]
157596943OPT - One Page Thread: Previous thread >>157441552[View]
157622825No game no life: Did he really exist or was he only a part of her imagination. I can't get over…[View]
157598813ITT: Try to guess the best girl in a show you've never watched Pic related, gonna guess it…[View]
157621679ITT: Impossible poses[View]
157621406would you a squirrel girl?[View]
157625418World Witches Series: Dumping a translation for chapter 2 of the Brave Witches prequel manga.[View]
157621621Love Live [Kotori, Honoka, Umi] [They are adorables][View]
157625402Why is akko such a worthless piece of shit?[View]
157615626Just finished this and it was so good. /a/ you were right! The ending was GOAT! A big fuck you in m…[View]
157625629Did any of you get hacked? blog.checkpoint.com/2017/05/23/hacked-in-translation[View]
157622183post your goto anime reactions[View]
157612346Shingeki no Bahamut: Demon vs Ningen next episode. Also, is Cheerios using Jeanne's sword?…[View]
157624884Valrape: Is there anyone who watch this anime? I want to know opinions of the anime, bcs for me is g…[View]
157605238Write your own plot: Anime original edition Hard mode: science fiction or science fantasy premise is…[View]
157623871Riko is a nice girl![View]
157612051Koe no Katachi fail: >Guy regains consciousness in hospital >Is only on a nasal cannula What t…[View]
157621438Late night Kumiko thread?[View]
157624139QUALITY thread: Post QUALITY animation here[View]
157612628What would you do to Kanna's chubby cheeks?[View]
157623497It seems that Sagiri's superiority has caused some controversy[View]
157623907Seikaisuru Kado: Honestly one of the better scifi anime in recent memory, and actually avoids the un…[View]
157602136These are the most iconic heroes of Jump. How does this make you feel?[View]
157618637Confirmed virgin characters[View]
157623167who dat?[View]
157605075Berserk: What happened to the berserk thread? Anyway chapter 350 soon. Lewdening incoming.[View]
157622991Re:Creators: >I must go, my planet needs me.[View]
157559314ITT: Cheaters that had to fight unfairly to win against the superior fighter[View]
157614008ACE: >There are people thinking that ACE is going to lose. ACE is going to win, Koyori said so. K…[View]
157606755Like him or hate him, you can't deny that Kiritsugu was a FAR more interesting protagonist than…[View]
157623023Dagashi Kashi: Does someone know a site were all the OSts are listed there? Some are really great!…[View]
157622367Kenka Banchou Otome: A question to Japanese highschool delinquents lurking here: how accurately does…[View]
157615277Anime/manga cake thread. Do we really need to wait until 2025 for the era of cakes? What if we'…[View]
157623260Mujaki no Rakuen: why this hyperactive girl is the best?[View]
157617409Why did he lose?[View]
157618830Tell me about Alice, why does she wear that mask?[View]
157619070One Piece: So Big Mom was a female chris chan?[View]
157619271ITT: underrated villains: Post yours, mine is pic related.[View]
157620590What is your opinion about dominant women in manga and anime?[View]
157604702Re:Creators: Episode 8 preview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pp-R-3IKPmk We /u/ now[View]
157621729Prison School: Can we have a thread without: >Rampant shipping shitposting >Chiyofags >Tumb…[View]
157608750What did /a/ think of this movie[View]
1576224562.22 > EoE > Manga > Original Series > 1.11 > Power Gap > 3.33[View]
157621716>someone knocks on your door, so you open it >see this What do?…[View]
157615363Why aren't magical girls popular?[View]
157620052ITT underrated villains.[View]
157554499Bleach: New thread Old thread >>157464677[View]
157620599Episode 8 was the best episode of any Idolmaster series. Prove me right[View]
157603278Little Witch Academia: Try to not get the thread 404'd this time lads[View]
157615756. . .[View]
157617919>male character >female VA[View]
157620084When will Ran finally fuck him[View]
157616083you know what: sometimes I think I will never find /a/ and get my revenge on Ranma.[View]
157621237Zetsubou no Hantou - Hyakunin no Brief Otoko to Hitori no Kaizou Gal: Hello guys, I want to know if …[View]
157585041Heh, nothing personal kiddo[View]
157607917Boruto Episode 8: We chuuni!Bort now.[View]
157617441Daiya no Ace Act II Chapter 79 Based Miyuki to open the chapter > Major league…[View]
157574518Why is she so lovely?[View]
157613546Say something nice about Rei.[View]
157567178Do you like Metal slug? Were it to get a proper anime adaptation in a proper format would you prefer…[View]
157617743To you, the immortal: New chapter out http://sensescans.com/reader/read/to_you_the_immortal/en/0/25/…[View]
157618541Does /a/ like used goods? Ignore the talking mouse.[View]
157618773Befriend Marry Kill Ignore[View]
157618732Why is Akagi so wide?[View]
157617329Koe no Katachi roundtables: https://blog.sakugabooru.com/2017/05/23/koe-no-katachi-layout-animation-…[View]
157620606WTF made them go down the road of of resetting the whole fucking series they could of explored the s…[View]
157616481Worth giving a watch? I have a bias for series with fantasy settings, but I don't dig the whole…[View]
157620381Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?[View]
157612140What was the old man's deal?[View]
157620160Is this the most beautiful digitally colored anime?[View]
157621734What did they mean by this?[View]
157611707s2when: >s2when s2when[View]
157620022>Kill interesting character >Replace him with more waifu bait Why? please tell me this cunt di…[View]
157520060Why is genderbenging manga/anime so uncommon?[View]
157568567Frame Arms Girls: They actually did it. 2D FAGs[View]
157613475Name a worst MC you can't[View]
157614444Koe no Katachi: Did they end up together? Or did she find a nice deaf guy and left him[View]
157615207Should every anime end with a wedding?[View]
157618633What does /a/ think of Urusei Yatsura?[View]
157610657Just finished pic related, anyone who called this good should require their head examined because th…[View]
157619387Defend this /a/ hint: you can't[View]
157616372How many anime are there that had OP or ED themes by Western artists? I know about these Eden of the…[View]
157613844Is this really what anime's come to? Slapping tits on an otherwise nondescript character and ex…[View]
157617324what do you think happened back there?[View]
157618714Gin no Guardian: Pic related. I am kinda lost here, I thought the game just came out? Why are their …[View]
157608483Is Piccolo the most well designed character in anime history? Purely from a visual standpoint, he…[View]
157605339Post your favorite cat girls[View]
157613047>an entire final arc (14 chapters) of rape scenes What was the point? Do nips think rape is an el…[View]
157607489One Piece: Chapter 866: NATURAL BORN DESTROYER: Linlin was 5 years old at that time and both her par…[View]
157603585Shingeki no Kyojin: Why is Krueger so based?[View]
157567244OnePunch Man: Murata is back with the daily streaming, two days left before the new chapter's r…[View]
157617239What is the appropriate size of a harem? How many girls is too much, and how many are too few?[View]
157583397dragonmaid: You're at the playground and this goddess slaps your son's ass, what you do?…[View]
157611530Dragon Ball Super: Leave Cabba to me.[View]
157617139shhh, Yuno is sleeping[View]
157608304>a fucking shield >a fucking stick >a fucking machete >a fucking... thing >no armor …[View]
157617804Busou Shoujo: Her mother was right, she needs to put that mask back on already[View]
157611845I want to steal Akari's pantsu during swimming class so she has to spend the rest of the day no…[View]
157617333>50th anniversary this year is there a single 21th century franchise that could last as long as L…[View]
157588723Raildex: Only a day or two left until spoilers.[View]
157609377Toriko: What does /a/ think of this manga?[View]
157617583The first 23 episode, I loved them. But when it ended I realized I wached a whole lot of nothing, wi…[View]
157601803I don't get the ending[View]
157616142>Gouketsu didn't get a fight what a waste of a good character[View]
157613683Sakurada/Sagrada Reset: > [HorribleSubs] Sagrada Reset - 08 [720p].mkv Episode out.…[View]
157617393Any anime you can think of would improve automatically if there was a softcore femdom subplot betwee…[View]
157607431so does /a/ agree that she did nothing wrong?[View]
157609518Where should I begin with the Jojo series? Is there a good starting point? I'm very confused.[View]
157611068>vutting hair=character developtment why is this allowed[View]
157602262Can love bloom between a woman and a girl /a/?[View]
157604849What's up with all this lewd shit lately? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOsrDy-IKRo[View]
157612924Find a flaw.[View]
157611519The guitar girl.[View]
157611919Dragon Ball Super is the best generic battle anime around right now. Prove me wrong. Don't say …[View]
157590709I bet they will ressurect Muse again.: Love Live sunshine is a failure. Thus they had to create a ne…[View]
157569540Tokyo Ghoul Re Thread: Is there any better feeling than being a long time reader, looking back after…[View]
157615349Reminder Lucifer best senshi.[View]
157607474Can you do this, /a/?[View]
157611339Which Rebuild was the best one?[View]
157616080Will we get an anime for the 2020 Olympics?[View]
157530853Today, I will remind /a/[View]
157597928Would you ravage her?[View]
157609752Here's a question, why was this animated? Yes it's a beautiful masterwork of craft and ski…[View]
157572524Prison School 253: translated chapter out, dumping[View]
157613065What would their children look like?[View]
157612761Karen is for ___[View]
157612159What the hell? Those last 2 episodes were 10/10. This is turning out to be the best show of the sea…[View]
157612667Have you ever hated a female/male MC so much you dropped the manga/anime? Pic related[View]
157604694Penguins are for _______?[View]
157612945Do you like peaches?[View]
157591822ITT: Vaguely describe an anime/manga and others try to guess it. A tentacle monster teaches a bunch …[View]
157611057Do you think he resented being a place holder Hokage?[View]
157612742b-but punks can't be idols![View]
157614392Should this hack stop trying to make manga and focus on making hentai instead?[View]
157613425Did they just make naruto the last movie villain canon?[View]
157611226why does /a/ rave about this overrated garbage so much?[View]
157611740Show me your tail[View]
157611462>boys can get pregnant, too[View]
157609530Wait a minute, where the fuck are they getting all this shitty boats from? Why do they keep breaking…[View]
157608146Starting from left, they are...: Rumia/ Lumia 'The damsel in distress' Sistine 'The useless pig' Re-…[View]
157612573She's sorry she couldn't say goodbye and also Mashiro.[View]
157604699I've masturbated to you before.[View]
157614006Why are lolis allowed to have legs like these?[View]
157610725Just finished reading Manhole, did I like it?[View]
157595826POST AXED MANGA[View]
1576035603X3: Manga wherever that version is better. Pretty obvious.[View]
157605832No Game No Life: Retard or incest? Which would you choose?[View]
157608252Why Taihei just don't kick this dumb rat out of his house and make Umaru go live with her paren…[View]
157614075http://vocaroo.com/i/s0mMMSOpZWZP Is Baata a Baka?[View]
157614033How sexy can JCs get?[View]
157595271Weekly Shonen Jump WSJ TOC: Issue 26: Hinomaru Zumou (Cover, Lead CP) Boku no Hero Academia One Piec…[View]
157612356Characters you thought you'll like but turned out to be annoyingly useless.[View]
157611073Do you remember love?[View]
157553693Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?: Guess what time it is? That's right, it's Kumo time! New manga cha…[View]
157591252Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Vivid A's StrikerS Strike Innocent Reflections: Is magical China su…[View]
157565605JoJo thread: Who is the best Jojo and why is it Johnny?[View]
157606705Wonder Rabbit Girl: Remember the ecchi manga where the MC is acting as his mentally shattered brothe…[View]
157611434>Big brother![View]
157609753I just finished Sky Crawlers. Did you enjoy it /a/?[View]
157611771Kine-san: Anyone reading this?[View]
157586137Who wins?[View]
157597944Wiz Wednesday![View]
157609613Would your waifu make a good husbando?[View]
157605040Yuno is cute![View]
157513610Precure Thread: Precure Thread[View]
157606684>'I have a secret I haven't told you...I'm a magi.' Three years after the death of his …[View]
157607195Goat ED. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXDxZ0YGWG8[View]
157595230Dragon Ball Super: https://youtu.be/Atu5oEaEFxY How MAXIMUM is his power?[View]
157604383Old school manga worth reading. Pic related[View]
157610963When: Will Izaya finally get his shit pushed in. I recently came back to watching Durarara after fin…[View]
157609250Kurumi: Why does she wear the choker?[View]
157610514Post characters that are literally you. I'm pic related. A souless adult salaryman who's j…[View]
157574598Will 3D anime ever not look like complete fucking arse?[View]
157597815I love you /a/![View]
157603612Dr. Stone Chapter 12 spoilers: Tsukasa emerges from the explosion unhurt. He skillfully scattered th…[View]
157610316How do we fix /a/? Why is half the board /e/-tier image dumps?[View]
157607398God an idle question I've been pondering while watching anime of late. What is the Japanese pre…[View]
157584383ITT: God Tier Protagonists[View]
157609263Murata is live and Suiryuu is handsome again[View]
157610277>OP/ED by Abingdon Boys School[View]
157599723Why does she stand like that?[View]
157598370Koe no Katachi: How did MC grow up to be so lame when his mom was David Bowie?[View]
157608555>Make second season >replace half the fanservice allocation with extra Miton abuse Who thoug…[View]
157599559Does this bitch ever shut her damn mouth?: I just started episode 5 of ReCreators and so far my bigg…[View]
157609402What's her secret?[View]
157609875Digimon frontier was my favorite season, what was your favorite spirit form? mine was velgemon the c…[View]
157609298Parasyte: Did Shinichi stop seeing Migi as a monster? The top image is from volume six and the botto…[View]
157609717Post quality animations ne x3[View]
157598173It's been 10 years. You haven't forgotten about the best dog, have you?[View]
157605748Who the fuck drinks tea at the beach[View]
157601012Fuck marry kill[View]
157609084Figuratively perfect for each other[View]
157608039There can be only one![View]
157601354Is there an anime that surpasses the manga? Only one I can think of is Vandread.[View]
157609265Does Tsukihime/Melty Blood deserve another chance?[View]
157600784This is your eldritch abomination for the rest of the week, even if the mods are afraid of it.[View]
157605599Hatsukoi Zombie: Eve is cutest and best![View]
157607353sheer heart attack: tell me all of this fuckers weaknesses[View]
157518432Reminder that dragons are sluts.[View]
157608941Koe no Katachi: was it autism?[View]
157605713>last update 8 months ago[View]
157596129what did she mean by this?[View]
157604286What's your favourite type of villain, /a/?[View]
157606363What the hell was her problem?[View]
157603749What do you think Kurisu's skin feels like? What does her hair smell like?[View]
157607890KOUME! It's eight of clock! WAKE UP![View]
157608126Which is the acutest angle?[View]
157585618Why does no one in this show have genitalia?[View]
157604776Would you want to be isekai'd if that means you'd be reborn as an inferior creature (slime…[View]
157605350Can You Recognize All?: shaft fans[View]
157607516One Piece: Post weapons to surpass Big Job[View]
157604627My name is Panty, the crazy sexy blondie And I'm not dumb I'm breaking the news, now boys!…[View]
157585828Boruto Anime episode 08: >Boruto tells Naruto about the eye >Hyuuga story time with Hiashi…[View]
157593783One Piece: Spoilers very soon.[View]
157606058ZZZZZZZZZZZZ BORING How is a massive war on earth so much more boring than when they were on mars? T…[View]
157596984Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho: And so Youhei settled down to run this little pub and then married …[View]
157605851How is Maria his sister when she is the daughter of his sister? Wouldn't that maker her his nie…[View]
157603790How do you feel about sluts?[View]
157604037What a drag. I'm about to fall asleep every episode. And I usually don't mind slow paced S…[View]
157606769what episode does he first appear in?[View]
157606246Is there going to be any more anime events full of announcements like that thing back in March? Thin…[View]
157606587ITT: Couples that need to fuck already[View]
157586286>Fails to get student council prez >Fails to get the childhood friend >Is now being blackm…[View]
157603561Is this the only instance of an ''usagi drop'' done well?[View]
157604998Diana...: Diana... is she a good person?[View]
157598063Does /a/ like literal fire fighters?[View]
157579679>[HorribleSubs] Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine - 08 [720p].mkv[View]
157603803Live Action thread: American Desu Note fucking when[View]
157603512Would you answer?[View]
157595265ITT: the worst MCs in animu/mango[View]
157595808Why didn't he go with her?[View]
157597869Would you pick this call?[View]
157602811Scum, Glasses and Literature Girl (Female): Daily dose.[View]
157602867What did they mean by this?[View]
157547472Was he autistic?[View]
157581300Kemono Friends: Guidebook Vol. 3 soon. Stage show soon. Season 2, also soon? It's up to fate to…[View]
157601752You've now realized Kiseijuu was based on The Thing.[View]
157601026Is he the best anti self-insert? Is that why people don't like him? Because he rubs people the …[View]
157600374Legs make the world go round.[View]
157588366ITT: The worst anime you've ever seen Pic unrelated[View]
157599413Hinata best girl.[View]
157595986Characters that are strong as fuck but dont give a shit.: Applies also characters who - Have their o…[View]
157592807>see this What would you do?[View]
157596868SYD: Time for stuff[View]
157599574Freddy on the front page![View]
157603545ITT: Your favorite manga gets animated, but it comes with a catch. Jojo Part 7 gets immediately anim…[View]
157594640What was your first impression of Shinka?[View]
157604831Do her feet smell like cornchips? Do her fingers smell like love juices from the mastubation maratho…[View]
157575067Why are there no anime that are like NHK ni youkoso? Why? Seriously, why? This show is an absolute m…[View]
157604401Is this really something to be excited about?[View]
157600943How's that manga you've been working on /a/?[View]
157601992Is it too late to find my 90s Japanese waifu?[View]
157578353Re:Creators: Bros before Selesia[View]
157602984Uratarou chapter 35: Uratarou's alive and kicking ass! It looks like he's got a replaceme…[View]
157604036When life becomes stranger than fiction[View]
157583499There wasn't anything else that could've been done so don't act like you can judge hi…[View]
157596888ITT: Anime plots: Readfag come on in![View]
157598957>Neone Genesis Evangelion still has a ton of staying power over 20 years after the fact how did t…[View]
157598870I was in Japan a month back. Spotted this poster in a convenience store in Toyosato (the local schoo…[View]
157590154Unsolved Anime Mysteries: ITT: We talked and theorize about the answers to some of the biggest quest…[View]
157603506Yowamushi Pedal: Why is Kaburagi so incompetent?[View]
157599332Fool me once, shame on you...[View]
157603305ITT: Charisma Vacuum MCs: Hard mode: no harem MCs[View]
157597006Can compressed air fired at really high speed actually cause damage?[View]
157601637Which one you prefer, delinquent or gyaru?[View]
157596451Sex? With Erina?[View]
157600437Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism: New thread for best girl[View]
157602782Why are student council presidents always best girls?[View]
157602510Has your home town ever been in an anime? Pic related, I live a couple miles past the end of this ai…[View]
157589962Sub for Gabriel Dropout OVA when?[View]
157601618Who os the whiniest bitch in the business? Pic related.[View]
157598843Wake Up, Girls!: Why is this anime so good? Why are the girls so much better than any other girls in…[View]
157599386Do you like sport romance?[View]
157585105Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro: Chio #23[View]
157544823How differently would Stay Night have played out if Shirou had summoned her instead of Saber?[View]
157576822The future of anime is here. Your thoughts?[View]
157601562What actually happened to the animation quality in this arc?[View]
157598750Would you call Haruhi Suzumiya a well written character?[View]
157593421Do you guys still like K-on?[View]
157601224Is the manga as big a mess as the anime? Will it still make me want to claw my eyes out?[View]
157596431> you will NEVER have a big muscular GF who is taller than you Why is this Niche.if tall.strong.g…[View]
157600772How do you feel about shitty translations?[View]
157597204>the actual good guy is portrayed as the bad guy[View]
157584781Goblin Slayer: New chapter incoming.[View]
157600370How did the Matsumoto Sarin attacks shape the common wapabese interpretation[View]
157599189Bully thread.[View]
157586065Shingeki no Kyojin: When they know EMA don´t sell.[View]
157589539Do you guys like the meat master?[View]
157599534How would a titan invasion do against humanity with WW1 level technology including[View]
157593398Why did it have to be this way, /a/?[View]
157599297Do you think samawura make the right choice?[View]
157599128You'll never live long enough to watch all the best anime shows ever made or ever will be made.[View]
157592455What did you say to Touka this time anon?[View]
157592732Sup /a/, are you an alice or a Zouroko?[View]
157590188Why is Love Live so popular? I watched it and the characters seem pretty boring and generic compared…[View]
157589441Parallel Paradise: Okamoto is trying to become new Yabuki really hard.[View]
157441552OPT: One Page Thread previous thread >>157305686[View]
157586629Best Girl Animage Rankings per year: And they said Japan had shit taste.[View]
157592240Tamaya Tuesday: Some licensed manga released today. >Delicious in Dungeon v01 (2017) (Digital) (d…[View]
157597130Working!!: Will A1 ever consider animating the crossover? Did WWW.WORKING do well enough for it?…[View]
157593186Shingeki no Bahamut: This shit is starting to lose me. The plot's been circling around not goin…[View]
157596132Arcuied Brunestud: Which ending is more canon, True or Good?[View]
157592940ITT: Male characters that you could beat on a fist fight[View]
157597525Is this the worst anime of 2017? kira kira hikaru[View]
157591624So /a/... how refined is your 'anime' palate? Let me put your sophistication of the Anime medium to …[View]
157594410ITT: Unknown but perfect girls[View]
157596695>defeated the protagonist who was also the king of games >not only beat him in strategy but al…[View]
157595532Tell me /a/ have you trained your ass muscles today?[View]
157592159Marry one Fuck one Kill one Adopt one[View]
157574911Koe no Floptachi: Why is the animation so mediocre? Aren't movies supposed to have higher budge…[View]
157591641LOVE I'VE GOT TO FEEL IT[View]
157595619Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari: I've got the biggest hard-on right now[View]
157586867Dragon Ball Super: Why is Goku such a shit father?[View]
157596713What the fuck is up with Araki's licking fetish?[View]
157595881Cancelled anime/manga: Stuff that never made it to the screen or was dumped[View]
157581360Why the hell did One Punch Man get so much more popularity than Mob Psycho 100? I honestly feel it…[View]
157595994Do you think he purposefully makes bad movies because it wins him prizes?[View]
157587774Griffith rape count: was it rape? She did say no a couple of times...[View]
157568365Wizard's soul: holy war of love: Snitches get stiches.[View]
157591613so how much is this going to disappoint yuri on ice fans when they realize is pretty much not their …[View]
157596230What's your opinion on ojou-samas?[View]
157581620Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records: Riel is a good girl.[View]
157594561Why are JCs so perverted?[View]
157483848Eromanga Sensei / Errormanga Sensei: >145cm >roughly 40kg Imagine how fun it would be to manha…[View]
157587640Have you forgotten about her already?[View]
157595779Whats one show /a/ doesn't like that you like Brotherhood BnHA Geass[View]
157562731Post your favorite reaction pic.[View]
157592158Is she the beginning of a new archetype?: - Asuka was the first tsundere. Had a lot of clones later.…[View]
157594875Vns had been top with this masterpiece i can get myself to play anything else[View]
157594845Granblue Fantasy: The Animation: So this show is going to sell like hot cakes? I wonder how big woul…[View]
157587520What kind of gaijin trait in anime and manga do you prefer?[View]
157591235How can i stop loving C.C. /a/?[View]
157595019What was his fucking problem?[View]
157580898I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.[View]
157594677hinako note: i like kuina but how did they get away from this show? it's a near carbon copy of …[View]
157585952Wow. I definitely didn't see an Asuka end coming, but I'm ok with this. What does /a/ thin…[View]
157592878How long has the anime at the bottom of your backlog been sitting? >pic related…[View]
157568999DAL: Kaguya or Yuzuru?[View]
157591498Anime of cute girls doing cute things Did they save anime or kill it?[View]
157594100Why did both Medabots and Bayblade second seasons suffered from the same problems? > Lame animati…[View]
157587670Summoning Jutsu![View]
157591160>ywn bully someone with Ueno[View]
157575460One Piece: Spoilers tonight. Whose ready for it? 32 x 73[View]
157589242Tsurezure Children Tsuredure Children: moob moob TL anon is dead, I killed him. It's actually a…[View]
157592733Gankutsuou: I'm on episode 13 and this shit is so gripping. Why didn't /a/ tell me about t…[View]
157591263What are some anime that you think should get remade?[View]
1575736993x3: The problem about 3x3's is that they aren't really representative of my opunions. For…[View]
157592960You are in charge of washing Sagiri's pantsu.: What do you do?[View]
157573811Best KyoAni female protagonist: http://www.strawpoll.me/13026595[View]
157502921All Lives are Love[View]
157591460This is my cat /a/: Say something nice to him.[View]
157592872Is there an archive or something for his missing videos?[View]
157574311How big is your downloaded anime / backlog folder? Don't tell me you're one of those plebs…[View]
157553610ITT girls only YOU have fapped to[View]
157585841How do I stop feeling infantile when I watch slice of life? I genuinely enjoy them but I can't …[View]
157590078What's her type?[View]
157592397Fuuka 156 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >Fuuka 156 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire) https://use…[View]
157583660/a/ character chart - Part VI: Last threads: >>157544847 >>157461101 Our main goal right…[View]
157556601New Non Non Biyori Anime Project Confirmed in Volume 11: https://twitter.com/animatesendai/status/86…[View]
157546457Yuri on Ice: More leaks[View]
157586978Name a better studio than pic related. I'll be waiting.[View]
157586076Tanya Tuesday: Heil Tanya Season 2 when[View]
157587995Find a flaw.[View]
157571399Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia: Hey villain, ever heard these words?[View]
157588974Dungeon Meshi: Anyone else get their physical copy today?[View]
157588494Anyone know if the manga for this is any better than the anime? The anime ending fucking sucked dick…[View]
157589171Which anime adaptations are objectively inferior to their original manga?[View]
157589056Hunter x Hunter: Just watched episode 131 then started reading the manga, I feel bad for being a fil…[View]
157590853will there soon be a time when we run out of good source material for anime? like if you look at mos…[View]
157580478>anime original ending Is there any series that did more than just a serviceable job with one?…[View]
157571113Little Witch Academia: The bitch trio is OK![View]
157590298Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume: New manga chapter translated! http://dynasty-scans.com/series/shakunet…[View]
157590136Is togashi a genius or a shameless asspuller? I can't tell[View]
157591246ITT: Soundtracks that make you feel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXOJusSQA5Q[View]
157583563What's /a/'s consensus on armpits?[View]
157591109I heard you like anime.: I FUCKING DARE YOU Where can I watch this? Astareul Hyanghae Chaguchagu htt…[View]
157591098Drunk. Can I include Manga in these? Doing it anyway. Manga wherever that version is better. Should…[View]
157576007The Reflection AOTY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvBD6PBAKZk Looking foward to this Anime /a/? S…[View]
157590117Nico Nico Nii~[View]
157590961Why the fuck do they do this?: >Best girl >Is a vampire >Centuries old at that >Amicable…[View]
157590915Guys look, it's Eli Ayase aka worst girl Let's mock and laugh at her![View]
157576098>Power level: X >The scouter must be broken! Why do they always assume it's broken? Isn…[View]
157582641What was her raison d'être?[View]
157590578What the fuck did I just watch: But more to the point, is this how the idol industry and fandom real…[View]
157584166Anime completely ruined TV and movies for me: I started watching anime about 6 months ago. I watched…[View]
157588691Can you name a single anime more shit and overrated than this?[View]
157586987>Nyaa is down >Back-up sites are also down. Is this the end of torrent era?…[View]
157586318ITT: anime you feel no one besides you has watched[View]
157590468Remember us?[View]
157541641Buyfag Thread: Read the guide: buyfags.moe Previous thread: >>>157494148[View]
157590237will she get to fuck guts ?[View]
157589960why is this allowed?[View]
157589930JoJo: Who is the best antagonist in parts 1-6 and why is it this cocksucker?[View]
157587616If Japan stayed how it was during WW2 but went through some reforms could Anime still somehow exist?[View]
157587703OP by Mami Kawada[View]
157585395Is this the same mangaka as Nana no Kaoru?[View]
157587856Inferno Cop: Is /a/ excited for season two?[View]
157587947Evangelion: >Everybody in this show has a dead mother What did Anno mean by this /a/?…[View]
157587567Can girls love greys?[View]
157571668High School Fleet: Part 2 of the Haifuri OVA soon.[View]
157589416Fucking masterpiece[View]
157583207After lurking here for a long time I decided to put the anime /a/ loves the most to the test What is…[View]
157586938It's always Monday somewhere, Anon. Let's do this.[View]
157586823Alice to Zouroku: Was it autism?[View]
157586299Started reading Kinnikuman, how much long it takes for him to stop being a goofy dumbass and becomes…[View]
157589031Was this ship one of Toriyama's greatest ideas?[View]
157584037ITT: Characters who ruined an otherwise perfectly good anime[View]
157588842>I will never be a hero >I will never be a vampire >I will never be an unbeatable Gambler …[View]
157587719Baki-Dou: How long do you think Hanayama is going to last? http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/EVjp8SWQG…[View]
157583143>Watch Space Dandy Dubbed >Its pretty good, especially the English voice acting >Look up th…[View]
157587708Serious question. How does one develop an intense discipline to finish off their anime backlog? Plea…[View]
157588363Supaceu Danudy: Is Dead Dandy the best stand-alone episode in any anime?[View]
157588273Chio-chan: I can't believe Andou-san is fucking dead![View]
157587263The fuck am I watching? Who are these people? What are they doing? What's happening? Why is it …[View]
157586340she's fucking smart[View]
157568835What does /a/ think of Houkago no Pleiades?[View]
157584890The age of Gyaru has finally come.[View]
157586108Someone know where can I read the manga or the novel in English?[View]
157585431Isekai: wew[View]
157586321Alicization anime when? I want my comfy school life, tragic character backgrounds, and war-scale bat…[View]
157571194New Detective Conan Spinoff has the leader of the Black Organization as MC.[View]
157587831Is bullying wrong? Who'd you bully given the opportunity?[View]
157565138Ueno did nothing wrong. She has best thighs[View]
157560566All Yuyus are equally prepossessing. Yukari is simply more equallier prepossessingieriestererererere…[View]
157584192what do you think about muscular girls /a/?[View]
157570322THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS Theater: ep8 Sunrise[View]
157544442Why did everything have to end like this? Im sad for the girls, specially for Homura, she is going t…[View]
157523589Bijin Onna Joushi Takizawa-san: Chapter 1: http://bato.to/reader#93adde67330e24aa[View]
157586654>Demon who thought he'd lost all hope loses last additional hope he didn't even know he…[View]
157587225>think Soun's rock is kinda crappy myself >Juroujin gives it away >feelsbadman…[View]
157587423ITT: a main character of the last anime/manga/LN you watched/read does not appear. describe what hap…[View]
157580631she's fucking retarded[View]
157579233Dragon Ball Super: Why doesn't U7 have qt Saiyan waifus?[View]
157586266Koe no Katachi: Just my two cents here, having read the original manga when it initially released an…[View]
157586869How gay would kemono friends be if all the animals were male instead of female?[View]
157586957trap doujinshi: How do you like your traps, /a/? >age difference >kissing >foreplay (not to…[View]
157547346You are given a time machine and a one-time-use device to brainwash Kishimoto: How do you make Narut…[View]
157586805Is it just nostalgia or were the eras of magical girlfriend or battle harem series ever as bad as is…[View]
157577264Saki Toki Shinohayu not tanoshii anymore: Guess what time it is? time for leaks and hopefully - hope…[View]
157584732All your Chiyo fags can die. She finally admitted it to herself and declared Chiyo a rival.[View]
157580989This guy comes telling you he's you from the future. He'll tell you how your waifu gets ei…[View]
157586219What did she mean by this?[View]
157586570I like how giving arlong a backstory made him more unsympathetic[View]
157551465This is your villain for tonight[View]
157567400Is there anything more enjoyable in life than lolidom?[View]
157572641Shingeki no Kyojin: Should he have been eaten?[View]
157575447Strike the Blood: The final Strike the Blood ovas are coming out today, you ready?[View]
157582067Was it wrong to expect better of this? I mean, even for present-day Toei, this has been pretty horri…[View]
157548489Can we have one of these? Write a plot for a space opera anime Hard mode: no deconstructions Ultra H…[View]
157586040ITT: post your awakened fetish and your favorite anime/manga with that fetish[View]
157582350Remember the beginning when Tomoko actually used to be sympathetic and interesting? What happened?[View]
157585985FLCL 2 and FLCL 3: Anyone have any news on FLCL? I love the show and I'm nervous about the sequ…[View]
157585922I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.[View]
157581867anime aesthetic thread[View]
157585375Everything he is doing is for Guts. He wants Guts to get stronger and have the power to be able to f…[View]
157584156God is in his Heaven, All is right with the world.[View]
157581087Sakurasou no pet na kanojo is a good show and I want to argue with people who think it isn't. T…[View]
15758216912. *1,250 *1,250 Shingeki no Bahamut: GenesisBlu-ray BOX Special Prize Edition 16. **,547 30,299 Gr…[View]
157582611Fukumenkei Noise: Anyone still watching this?[View]
157585735Who was best girl? Who was worst?[View]
157583793So what's the Japanese word that keeps getting translated as 'lewd' in muh mangas and doujins?[View]
157581995Evangelion: Is this a coincidence?[View]
157585423Minorin Awards 2016: I know a lot of people from here will not care about that but here is some more…[View]
157585314akashic records went really fucking dark this episode[View]
157581935Code Geass is the best anime. Debate me.[View]
157584548What the fuck am I reading? I'm liking it a lot[View]
157580453Who's better, /a/?[View]
157579693Is Rance what Gaijin men look like to Japanese women?[View]
157582663Would you massage your waifu's cervix as she goes into labor?[View]
157541761Miuna Monday: >Monday >no thread Why did the love die?…[View]
157580555Yuuutsu-kun to Succubus-san: Do you want a funny and heart-warming story about a depressed salaryman…[View]
157580753A Silent Flop: >Koe no Katachi >25,078 BDs, 7,482 DVDs What went so incredibely wrong? Why did…[View]
157575944Koe no Katachi: What did you think of the movie? In your opinion, how does this compare to Tamako Lo…[View]
157569156>After a freak accident involving some lightning winds up zapping him dead, 15-year-old Mochizuki…[View]
157584798Koe no Katachi: Is it bad that I legitimately want Ueno to bully and NTR Nishimiya until she commits…[View]
157584670Reiner was the one who came up with the plan to kick down the Wall after Marcel died. Bert is not go…[View]
157581371ITT: Worst girls of the season: Starting with an obvious one.[View]
157584274itt: girls that didn't do anything wrong and still lost horribly[View]
157553292Kantai Collection KanColle: Today's the day. Dumping some anthology chapters.[View]
157561827What makes evil cowtits so best?[View]
157568501I'm trying to compile a list of all cel painted anime that's available in HD. Post titles …[View]
157582626This is your alien tonight.[View]
157584259Help me /a/ there has to be a problem, there just has to be some fault...[View]
157537455Warau Salesman: It's that time of the week again.[View]
157584266I saw a thread about this some days ago and decided to give the manga a try. Holy fuck, this shit is…[View]
157443160Amano Megumi wa Suki Darake: It's time. dumping[View]
157543663>A renowned critic of literature and film approaches you. >He declares all anime and manga is …[View]
157583941Why am I supposed to click this ad?[View]
157581837Official subs of ED are avaible https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTqXSxE4fX4 Lyrics are so deep…[View]
157578044Baki Dou 158: no anime news, no hype; them's the rules gist of the chapter: Hanayama is retarde…[View]
157583267How would one upload about 2TB of Manga which I snatched from nyaa b4 it went down. PS should be sa…[View]
157583787NTR inc: I have a strong feeling this won't end well.[View]
157583739todoroki is for edgy cunts[View]
157574574Why can't normalfags into romance/drama anime?[View]
157577843Why were they all autistic?[View]
157578569Has there ever been a more in-vain death in anime?[View]
157582540Your favorite charter from the last anime or manga your watched/read gains pic related. How does it …[View]
157581516Characters who unironically did nothing wrong[View]
157570844ITT: girls with 10/10 bodies but with a shit personality[View]
157583127This board is unironically the most informative. Proud of you lads.[View]
157583125>you will never be a teenager groomed by a busty older woman[View]
157582994I never care about relatable characters or likable characters: Why is so important anon?[View]
157579823Oreshura thread: Started rewatching this shit and Silver>Pink>Black>Blacks shit>Oranges …[View]
157568413Gabriel Dropout: Second OVA drops tomorrow. Who's ready for some more Satania?[View]
157574613Dagashi Kashi: dumping[View]
157531662Who's better? Failed demon, or failed angel?[View]
157581718I hope your waifu is a beautiful blonde lady, right?[View]
157578647Gakkou Gurashi chapter 57: >Ch. 57 Rooftop[View]
157567749Tokyo Ghoul: I mean we can dream right?[View]
157556192What fucking bad movie.: I was expecting a big romance. But MC didn't even try to kiss the girl…[View]
157520885Megumin Monday: Path of explosions[View]
157569648>neji born to a branch family of the cuck clan >raised as a literal slave >has a swastika o…[View]
157579880Kumiko is ____[View]
157573054Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen chapter 27 omake: The raws are out here: https://cycomi.com/viewer.php?cha…[View]
157582469>this is a kyoani anime How did they actually manage to create a good story?…[View]
157580425Just a bunch of random thoughts about adventure anime: >inb4 all of the shows you're talking…[View]
157578284Best anime fights: Best anime fights itt. Say what you want about this show but this fight man. htt…[View]
157575628Is this considered the greatest anime scene of all time? I can't think of anything else that ca…[View]
157579011Who's her future husband?[View]
157537457Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho.: Time for a new girl for /ourtiger/[View]
157582105ahem...so, did they do it?: >You know what I mean...[View]
157581723Why haven't you watched the Old Testament anime /a/? https://myanimelist.net/anime/2282/Tezuka_…[View]
157569381Utaware: English game is out today. Time to learn just how badly handled the anime was.[View]
157575681What kind of gaijin trait in anime and manga do you prefer? The lovable Weaboo or unapologetic /pol/…[View]
157579665Who hyped?[View]
157577531Somebody irl suggested I watch this a while back, and I just started to get around to it. Just me, i…[View]
15757429999% of /a/ gets this wrong.[View]
157503903Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records: Left or Right?[View]
157577514Will BRS ever get a good anime it deserves?[View]
157579481Why didn't he just kill Suzaku?[View]
157580620>she will never get the D[View]
157579155Hinomaru Zumou 131: We really are the Last of us Final chapter of Hinomaru vs Tennouji[View]
157577114You guys told me IBO was good, it's hands down the worst entry even surpassing Gundam-san and G…[View]
157575711Hajime no Ippo: >Ippo get hit and push away at the start >Kinda fear that George will give us …[View]
157575051How would you fix SHAFT?[View]
157576807How do you feel about flat chest envy?[View]
157549563Blame!: >OTP[View]
157579244HNK vs HxH: Which is the better anime and why?[View]
157571053Girls that have no chance of winning harembowls should hook up: Yes[View]
157576854which anime character has the nicest nails?[View]
157579804Has a manga or anime ever had a profound and inspiring impact on your life? For me, it's KKH. I…[View]
157572885>boobs with no boobs What is the appeal of pettanko, seriously[View]
157568794Dragon Ball Super: U6 Saiyans are best Saiyans. Prove me wrong. You can't.[View]
157570709Black General-san: This shit is hilarious.[View]
157570366Is it worth watching?[View]
157561808Berserk Theory Thread: >ITT: Make predictions of how the final battle between Guts and Griffith w…[View]
157547769/a/ sings Eromanga-sensei (OP and ED): /a/ sings Eromanga-sensei (OP and ED) Mixeranon for /a/ sings…[View]
157573248Is this the single best directed scene in all of anime history?[View]
157575880Sin Nanatsu no Taizai: What the fuck is even going on in this show anymore?[View]
157571983Wouldn't a bunny costume be deemed inappropriate for a Japanese High School? Why didn't th…[View]
157561842ITT: post a character without posting them[View]
157573278ITT: OPs that get you hyped as soon as the music starts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlXqFVnihAE…[View]
157487260Girls und Panzer: Why does looking at this picture make my heart beat faster?[View]
157528474Space Dandy: What's your favorite episode? Season1: >Episode 1: 9/10 >Episode 2: 9/10 …[View]
157578163Who is this cute girl?[View]
157578473best girl[View]
157575332Yuru Yuri: China PEE[View]
157518871New Game!: Character sheets and seiyuu are out for season two. http://newgame-anime.com/news/[View]
157570118stop hating honoka[View]
157543186Re:Creators: LEAVE FEBRUARY ALONE[View]
157575757Will you take responsibility?[View]
157577391Give me your best anime/manga one-liners, NOW![View]
157577878get hype[View]
157567543I dont particularly love mechs. Would I like Evangelion?[View]
157562483Kemono Friends: Late night time for a fright[View]
157577348Whats your top 5? black lagoon FLCL cowboy bebop Samurai champloo dragon ball[View]
157571279Worth watching or is this one of those episodic shows where the plot goes nowhere for 90% of the epi…[View]
157577573Koe no Katachi: Koe no Katachi layout animation directors roundtable https://blog.sakugabooru.com/20…[View]
157577373Modern anime may be dead but at least there are still great modern manga out there. They just have t…[View]
157567406>Character speak a different dialect >Translated to a Southern accent…[View]
157541312kino journey: was it kino?[View]
157574038left or right?[View]
157572273FAO: Anyone who thinks Tamayura is boring: Shut up! Shut up! President Potte and the rest are super …[View]
157572237What is your favorite New/ Raising/ Under Dog studio /a/ ??? Mappa and Passione[View]
157576134Cartoon Network endorses children reading Oyasumi Punpun. How do you feel about this?[View]
157574989oh no it's a chino thread[View]
157560989Shows you watched ONLY for the girls ITT[View]
157562203ITT: Art Style Evolution: >inb4 Togashi[View]
157571443Did NHK resonate within you ?: Did Welcome to the NHK resonate within you ? Did you feel that you co…[View]
157574926>Weakest member of Team 7 >Genius in some areas but ultimately useless >Starts training und…[View]
157574943SCIENCE SARU: Yuasa's Lu over the wall is better received than his other movie, Night Is Short,…[View]
157573524KyoAni is moving towards film, but could Ishihara, Takemoto, or Kawanami really top Yamada?[View]
157546553Is Luluco the sexiest middle schooler?[View]
157557029One Piece: >The Manlet and Jinbei can't handle Katakuri I am now convinced Zoro is the stron…[View]
157575571fate thread: who also thintks that graham chapman's king arthur appeared instead of og saber? o…[View]
157531537Shinobumonogatari July 30: https://www.kinokuniya.co.jp/f/dsg-01-9784062839020 Predictions?…[View]
157571755We always have 'girls who should have won' threads. How about 'girls who deserved their win'? Boys c…[View]
157567657Helck: Just finished reading everything that's been translated, was hoping we could have a Helc…[View]
157556350Busou Shoujo: Why even have any other characters[View]
157569996ITT : Tsundere done right[View]
157574812Flandre Scarlet thread (because Flandre>all)[View]
157572513Is Ao best girl this season?[View]
157569971We've got so many shows about cute girls doing cute things. When will we get a show about elega…[View]
157574490ITT: Post an anime by posting other anime title.[View]
157566834BURRAM!: No one talking about this well animated flick? I want to see more anime set in this world.…[View]
157545788We Never Learn/ We Can't Study: was there a thread for this? Was a cute chapter https://jaimini…[View]
157552710Is it just me or Koe no Katachi kind of blame the victim?: I mean, even indirectly. Ueno, Kawai, the…[View]
157487636Scanlation thread: What are you working on?[View]
157574115>Initial D copied Yugioh filler more than six years after it aired That artist really was becomin…[View]
157570792Everyone best noitaminA girls?[View]
157567626Let's settle this once and for all.: Which body type do you prefer?[View]
157566886What is your response?[View]
157570554Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai: Why the last episodes of anime ( the special of second …[View]
157572133Post cunts[View]
157569441ITT worst girls in their series: These two sluts and Cecilia are trash.[View]
157545437>long straight black hair >blue eyes >busty >amazingly curvy body in general >sexy vo…[View]
157573500Inu Yashiki 81: Predictable as fuck[View]
157571543>Top 10 anime movies list >Akira >Ghibli >Satashi Kon >Ghost in the Shell >Shinkai…[View]
157570333Why did they change the name of the movie from a silent voice to the shape of voice at the end? It m…[View]
157568303>koe no katachi will smash all records 25,078 + 5,442 AHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH…[View]
157567227This madman has now complete creative control over you're favorite anime and is working on a re…[View]
157569063Death Parade: Why is she so perfect[View]
157569389JoJo Lore: >Part 1: Kill evil vampire brother by becoming sunlight faggot Nice >Part 2: Kill a…[View]
157571967Durarara!!: How come /a/ never talks about 'Durarara!!'? Doesn't it have a cult foll…[View]
157571495Newest episode of Alice to Zouroku was set in the southern side of downtown Yokohama about half a mi…[View]
157502696Drawthread: Make or request /a/rt Previous thread >>157389860[View]
157548166Reminder this (and k-on) are the peak of cute girls' slice of life. Everything else is pointles…[View]
157563478Granblue Fantasy: I like this girl.[View]
157569919ITT: Malicious Villians[View]
157572629What the fuck happened to this?[View]
157568689It's time.[View]
157563220Shingeki no Kyojin: Was kenny ackerman waste of a good character? or just a plot device?[View]
157571177Saki:Tanoshii: BG leaks are out.[View]
157569970>Nine year old with DD cup breasts How is this possible?[View]
15756233110 years ago... the last great Bones anime was airing.[View]
157567507Post JC staff[View]
157568568Fate/Apocrypha: What the fuck is wrong with A-1 studios? They chose the absolute worst voices for th…[View]
157542953Danchigai ch75: New July issue chapter focusing on the twins, but aneki is always around and Yayoi o…[View]
157560705Am I wrong for having thoroughly enjoyed the first season?[View]
157571179No Hare[View]
157569366I need a Needless thread right now: >decide last week to reed needless since i found it though so…[View]
157570103>watching or reading something set in Japan set around the 1910-1930 >get emotionally attached…[View]
157570843a cute mother.[View]
157551576Kimetsu 62: Sorry for delay, got held up all day yesterday. 62: The nightmare ends [Side] What is re…[View]
157567236I like Code Geass and all but if it's possible to make someone listen to your orders for all et…[View]
157568105Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume: >new chapter >SHE WON'T LOSE! >lose on purpose What?…[View]
157489157Tsugumomo: What is this? No active thread about AOTS? FUCK THAT - LET'S GO[View]
157560615Little Witch Academia: So, how H&B will react after Akko successfully bring Diana back to Luna N…[View]
157567329Why has the average fan-TL quality of manga been going down so much in recent years?[View]
157567572it's time to get chimpy![View]
157548869Is this a well written character? I didn't think KyoAni could top Asuka (Tanaka).[View]
157569189Which of these fucks you hated the most?[View]
157562147Koe no Katachi: In which David Bowie with his adopted daughter sneaks up on an unsuspecting schoolbo…[View]
157569030>anime/manga that are carried by how likeable are the characters, even if the plot is subpar…[View]
157569556raildex: >ctrl+f accelerator >0 results >ctrl+f raildex >0 results >ctrl+f misaka …[View]
157569840>3 fucking years for 17 pages >NO porgress in story in the chapter >but hey, guys, here…[View]
157569394KOUME! It's eight of clock! WAKE UP![View]
157563403Reminder that the only correct order to watch this in is episodes 12-19 in a loop 3 times[View]
157556565Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia: SHADOWED[View]
157558031Dragon Ball Super: Was killing two people really necessary here?[View]
157560377This is my favorite sensei! Say something nice to her.[View]
157566519Openings: 3x3 for Openings[View]
157544620shieldbro chapter 33!: IT'S THAT TIME OF THE MONTHS GUYS! with this, the adaptation of volume 5…[View]
157560970>tfw no deaf gf[View]
157568115>the perfect design doesn't exi-[View]
157568535What happened to her?[View]
157539765>sequel of a finished story >manages to be good literally how?…[View]
157568892ITT: Those moments you go 'OHSHIT': I love this anime so much.[View]
157567313Knights of Sidonia: Season 3 fucking when?[View]
157560194It's been 36 years now. Why has this anime never been topped?[View]
157525353what does /a/ think of Eromanga Sensei?[View]
157568021why did she take her skirt off?[View]
157557211ITT: Anime characters you can imagine being school shooters.[View]
157567782new yuno[View]
157542929Welcome to the NHK: Holy shit, that was equally devastating and awesome. What a ride.[View]
157567081Is she retarded? Why didn't she bring the kitchen sink?[View]
157567504what do you think of tan lines[View]
157565685ITT: /a/'s forgotten waifus[View]
157561862Explain King Crimson to me like I'm retarded.[View]
157546070>still the best anime fight after all these years Will it ever be topped?…[View]
157537270Elf-san wa Yaserarenai: This is Erufuda, she may be a bit fat but she is trying her best to lose wei…[View]
157566217Just starting watching this. When did anime get so /comfy/?[View]
157560519>a show about nothing[View]
157564605Post your ringtone/notification[View]
157567594When does Sagiri get NTR'd?[View]
157565902>implying kuroneko wasn't the best[View]
157563756Darwin's Game: >You're playing a death game when this guy shows up >What's your…[View]
157566999why is this the best slice of life we will ever see this generation and why do i have god tier taste…[View]
157567090You're waifu is a slot[View]
157564853What do you think of this angle?[View]
157560367post you're godessu[View]
157561409>nature is good >progress is bad[View]
157566960Delinquents are the best protagonists[View]
157566376What Slan is for?[View]
157564251>Why don't the tanuki just fight back?? Because this shit happens. I kind of understand why …[View]
157566934so much cuckoldry in my anime, and NTR next season. who can't wait?[View]
157562155What's your favourite kiss scene in anime?[View]
157564891Isn't it already just hot water: I just don't get it. It just seems like it's already…[View]
157542880b-but girls can't fight![View]
157513882Frame Arms Girls: Episode 8 in a few hours.[View]
157562456Tsuki ga kirei: why does this series makes me want to end myself?[View]
157565379Pokemon is being garbage for some time, but this... Also, why the fuck they don't let him grow …[View]
157562777>you will never be bullied every afternoon by five cute girls Why doesn't Kyouya realize how…[View]
157546160name a sadder piece of music than this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3xcDGFy9KrM you can't…[View]
157564855My wife Mugi is so comfy![View]
157562886is he autistic?[View]
157565818Hana for the win. Chiyo is just blank waifu garbage. Come at me anon[View]
157564333Ouran High School Host Club: I just marathoned this /a/. What can I expect?[View]
157498990What's your honest opinion on feet[View]
157450834Saekano: >asks why she wasn't consulted >then promptly leaves before giving him a chance …[View]
157565233THE GODHAND[View]
157554958Honest question from an uninformed faggot here. Is there any reason to watch Re:Zero aside from the …[View]
15756277610 days until Slut Day.[View]
157555761The realist nigga in all of anime[View]
157556508why is this the worst shonen arc ever?[View]
157565894https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9L6ejKsOuE I still feel it[View]
157558140mahou shoujo ikusei keikaku: I initially skipped this thinking it'd be pretty shit. It was stil…[View]
157523464Thoughts on Franken Fran?[View]
157562444This is a mom.[View]
157565596Pedro general: Everything Pedro. >Learnt Japanese >Caring father >Good friend to the family…[View]
157561779Are the Illyas lewd?[View]
157543012Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume: Chapter 21 Ace begins her comeback. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TE…[View]
157564915These kids slap your girl's ass. What do you do?[View]
157559287You haven't forgotten about Osaka, have you?[View]
157563438Best Hug Scene: What in your opinion is the best HUGGING scene in anime /a/? Hard mode; HUGGING ONLY…[View]
157557733Why is no one trying to write good mahou shoujo these days? Is the industry to blame?[View]
157551332Tokyo Ghoul:re: When's her turn /a/?[View]
157555397She's a dork. She's a lesbot. She's a pandora in the crimson shell.[View]
157562006What's with japan and no sequels?[View]
157562005Koe no Katachi: Just my two cents here, having read the original manga when it initially released an…[View]
157487653Yu-Gi-Oh Vrains: Wait a second, something's not right here[View]
157456161Why is this so much fun?: How come this cheap show made by TOEI's D team is so much fun to watc…[View]
157562564Is this censorship shit limited to shows airing on certain channels or during specific time slots? I…[View]
157563872Was it seriously fucking necessary to cut off Kaisar's arm just to point his bracelet at Gille?[View]
157562378I think it's cute how they include actual animal facts in kemono friends.[View]
157563509Kirishima, you fat lard, come get some dinner.[View]
1575472942016's Best OP: You've had nearly 6 months /a/. Have you decided what it is yet? https://w…[View]
157522340JoJo Thread: Weirdest moment in the entire series? Personally, I say Stray Cat. A cat dies, and is r…[View]
157563302THE HEART BENEATH[View]
157561107Why are anime directors so fucked up?[View]
157534015Shingeki no Kyojin: Historia is pregnant but you are in love with Annie. Also your adopted sister is…[View]
157560223Anime music thread: My whole life, my whole fucking life I've loved anime music. Care to share …[View]
157562796Left or Right?[View]
157562800Made in Abyss: Do you think Lyza is alive? Will the suffering ever end?[View]
157530543Galko: >https://nyaa.pantsu.cat/view/924434 Oh look, accurate subs.…[View]
157561833>Cat Ears >Loli >Sukumizu >Thighhighs >Fang Holy shit anyone want to fap with me to t…[View]
157562431Tsugumomo: next chapter of the manga when? just askin out of curiosity, no need to rush you scanlato…[View]
157558228Feed me a stray fat girl![View]
157549910What the fuck are you gonna give her?[View]
157562067Top tier: Catgirls that have a full cat body below their waist High tier: Catgirls that are fully ca…[View]
157561514ITT: GOD tier OSTs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XQBPWNMwhI[View]
157558053is this true?[View]
157540702Which western comic would you like to see illustrated/written by a mangaka?: And which manga would y…[View]
157558722>show about glorifying otaku >the normalfag is by far the best character Funny how things work…[View]
157561147Frieza: What do you think he'll contribute to the tournament? Will he carry the U7 team to vict…[View]
157559002Kusanagi Motoko: Name one (1) superior woman in all of anime. Protip: You can't.[View]
157555407Suddenly! when no one is expecting it! A megumin thread![View]
157560914Expression: Anyone know what its called when a character seems flustered and gets that scribble mark…[View]
157555864I hate this little bitch.[View]
157557256Who's next?[View]
157555886SSY: Did he deserve it? Is this entire show just a metaphor for homosexuality?[View]
157561040>Hunter X Hunter >Episode 36 >Episode 128 What the hell, /a/? Seriously. What the hell?…[View]
157556103Tell me, what do you know of Shinka?[View]
157549698Girls easy/desperate enough for /a/utists to score: Starting with obvious one[View]
157556713finished Zestiria, anyone who played and completed the game care to comment how it compares? also, r…[View]
157553587Raildex: Was Carissa right?[View]
157557131Sakura Is Best Girl In Naruto: Sakura contributes the most, is the most attractive, and the most pow…[View]
157557872Seitokai no Ichizon: >the world will never know the glory of this baka couple Anyone else want to…[View]
157558220yo, how goes it /a/-aniki[View]
157560743Get lost. You wouldn't recognize a goddamn vampire if one jumped up and bit you on the end of …[View]
157527102He is right He built a beautiful castle Everyone can live a happier Life[View]
157550992Koe no Katachi: This is the magnum opus of Kyoto Animation So beautiful and so perfect in every ways…[View]
157551643Little Witch Academia thread: Why is Shiny Akko a lot cooler looking that Shiny Chariot? Will we se…[View]
157560285Thanks, its been 8 months since last chapter.[View]
157543140Kobayashi's name: Kobayashi-san. What's her name? Any guesses?[View]
157542498Kemono Friends: The owls are very kashikoi[View]
157559542Do you think KyoAni would have done a better job?[View]
157542637ITT: Anime you wish you could drop retroactively: I'll fucking start. How much can I pay to hav…[View]
157559736Seikaisuru Kado: >Can't sleep for another four days.[View]
157555885Why are boring series so critically acclaimed?[View]
15753918320-Year Veteran Anime Technical Director Reports 100,000-Yen Monthly Salary: Anime technical directo…[View]
157558957Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko: Azuki Azusa best girl.[View]
157552411>A decade later and still the best Anime ever what went right?[View]
157554284Sakurada Reset: How is this anime being shadowed by Eromanga Sensei... THIS IS AWESOME. Please if yo…[View]
157558625Saki: Did she deserve it?[View]
157558598Yuru Yuri Pantsu: Which yuru has the most sniffable pantsu?[View]
157540925One Piece: Are there still people who seriously believe Jinbe isn't joining the crew?[View]
157520451Naruto/Boruto: Why is he crying?[View]
157558539So what happened to this manga?[View]
157558196The protagonist of the last anime you watched, is the protagonist of the last anime you watched.[View]
157550270Is Rika the quintessential JC?[View]
157556197was it autism?[View]
157556053Why do all anime girls look the same except for there hair?[View]
157556371How should imouto refer to her brother?[View]
157556388Damn that was SHIT[View]
157557561Non Non Biyori: New animation project confirmed.[View]
157544847Is the chart completed? I haven't seen it done! The most recent I can get in the archive is pic…[View]
157549106Dragon Ball Super: Guys I found Gowasus account. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dp_-zEZfPDg…[View]
157553841Katanagatari: Was he autistic?[View]
157555640So out of Americans, Canadians, and Britains, who are perceived the best in anime?[View]
157556709ITT 'villains' who did nothing wrong[View]
157557546Things that need adapting into proper tv series: Hoihoi-san cute robots shoot bugs in a future where…[View]
157555702Logh: Is it gonna suck? http://gineiden-anime.com[View]
157557477Reminder that the knights did nothing wrong.[View]
157555554Favourite Songs: Let's get one of these rolling. I'm in the mood to listen to some good st…[View]
157435475Yuuki Yuuna/YuYuYu/WaSuYu/NoWaYu/KuMeYu: Tomodachi PV is up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owwnac…[View]
157557127>claiming ownership of onii-chan >dorobonekos just sit there dumbfolded I was not expecting th…[View]
157554407ITT: Anime or manga with perfect endings: I'll start.[View]
157553360What's he going to get her as a present?[View]
157551803nips try to include other languages. Why are they so bad at it?[View]
157555436After so many years I finally found this doujin again. Easily, one of the best trap doujins.[View]
157555590HxH will never come back guys. Just accept it.[View]
157547022Is this a normal thing for a mother to do to her daughter?[View]
157554767Season 2 when?[View]
157544206Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu: Sidestory 1 has been translated >This is a short sidestory…[View]
157545853Thoughts on Watching Anime on Inferior mediums like VHS & Laserdisc?[View]
157484067O my rubber nen was fine This shit right here was fucking retarded as fuck and came outta nowhere. …[View]
157534170Shingeki no Kyojin: Next chapter coming soon How do you think EMAL will look after the time skip?…[View]
157544860Which one was better?[View]
157554827Bleach: Does this get any better? I'm only on ep 73. It seems to have really lowered in quality…[View]
157553541Have you lost your way, /a/?[View]
157555311WATCH THIS: Please fellow weebs, IF YOU HAVE ANY SENSE WATCH THIS. This show is beautiful. Watch it …[View]
157553685What did /a/ think of this pile of garbage? I thought it was a pile of garbage.[View]
157552318Suisei no Gargantia | Wasted Potential: Let's waste the following: >a comfy and cool and set…[View]
157549506Try to say something positive about this man. hardmode: try sounding sincere[View]
157554845What will be announced by kubo on thursday/Friday also bleach thread[View]
157555044what does the image mean anon?[View]
157548041She's ok, r-right?[View]
157553658>20 years later >still the best mahou shoujo out there…[View]
157540699Why is Yano the best Shirobako?[View]
157546664WSJD: Literally forgot. LIKE IT MATTERS WSJD Shokugeki no Souma The Promised Neverland Boku no Hero …[View]
157553597Fuck this movie: After 90ish minutes of baiting, the retarded MC chooses bland girl with nothing spe…[View]
157553956These guys are literally the only thing in a tv series ever that got me close to crying.[View]
1575540172017 and Kill la Kill is still the greatest anime of the decade. What went right?[View]
157552948Is Patlabor the pinnacle of /a/-related kino?[View]
157554415SOON what did Otabek do wrong here? >こんなムシャックシャした夜に一人にさせるなんて…それでも友達かよ >Leaving me by myself on…[View]
157551289>Fighting against the degenerate Aleister Crowley who is responsible for all the shit that's…[View]
157534941Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia: So are Anime Onlys hype for the final fight between Ochako a…[View]
157534075Why is it fucking impossible for nips to create Toy Story? Literally 60 FPS in one shot and 10 in th…[View]
157553586Tomoyo there's no way a girl can love another girl. Will she ever understand.[View]
157545753Pics of a cute cpuple kissing thread[View]
157552708>Uenofags >Shoukofags >Kawaifags All of you are utter fucking shit. Make way for the true b…[View]
157484315Uchouten Kazoku 2: WELCOME TO HELL[View]
157551901This must be the most forgettable and mediocre anime movie I've ever seen. What's the big …[View]
157546566Is /a/ still reading this?[View]
157553436What did Yamamoto mean by this?[View]
157553049Mantis is best[View]
157545703What would sex with her be like?[View]
157549391Inuyashiki 081 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >Inuyashiki 081 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire) h…[View]
157552527How come Samurai Champloo is classified as shounen when it's an original anime? Same goes for o…[View]
157549255Ouran High School Host Club: Childhood is rooting for Haruhi to end up with Tamaki. Adulthood is rea…[View]
157552596What kind of vampires do you like?[View]
157550478What the everloving FUCK went wrong?[View]
157533425girl (female)[View]
157552622How can people seriously like this more than 20th Century Boys? It was fucking horrible. Even for /a…[View]
157551802How does the idea of Botan losing makes you feel ?[View]
157552238>Uenofags >Shoukofags Can we just get along and agree that Kawai is the true worst. Nothing ab…[View]
157550520D-did they just outright forget to apply shading to this movie? Is there something wrong with my cop…[View]
157546741Haruhi is super cute! I want to hug her![View]
157545274Here's a question, why was this animated? Yes it's a beautiful masterwork of craft and ski…[View]
157539082Tomo-chan: Is this shit coming back or what? Is Fumita dead?[View]
157551882Would you play basketball with her?[View]
157521459Saber is a fine wine: It took many years for me to realise this, but Saber is actually the best girl…[View]
157547029How can a show this good, have such a terrible, terrible fucking sequel? AO will never stop pissing …[View]
157551740Are you still Chuuni?[View]
157547395I think akko want something[View]
157552203when i was little i drew lots of heroes/villains and had a story i made nearly identical in the one …[View]
157544025Anon, why is your ____ so ____?[View]
157552100Happy Sugar Life: These aren't my glasses[View]
157550327This is the ideal anime. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
157535403How can you people still deny there has been a decline in quality in the last 10 years? I know you g…[View]
157548799I just watched Non Non Biyori Is this the only anime where nano.RIPE made a good OP? https://www.you…[View]
157530340ITT: People who did a few things wrong[View]
157549091Terra ForMars - A New Chapter - #37[View]
157541595just try to name a better sports anime[View]
157544545A Yowamushi Pedal episode just aired a little while ago, some dudes yelled a lot and used weird bike…[View]
157547782Lewd Thread: Blue Board, you say? Nah, post the lewdest of the lewds! Stuff to kill virginities fore…[View]
157545006How much more of a Mary Sue can Yona become?[View]
157549310why did the movie animators put so much detail into this scene? Not that I'm complaining or any…[View]
157550936Am I a good girl?[View]
157549828How does Koihime Musou stack up in the annals of Dogakobo? It got 3 seasons which not even YRYR got …[View]
157543869>got some time off today >started plowing through big backlog of anime >just finished watch…[View]
157519370Koe no Katachi: Just my two cents here, having read the original manga when it initially released an…[View]
157548211Are bald anime girls cute?[View]
157544342Dragon Ball Super: What's eating dudebro? I mean, who wouldn't be happy to be free from su…[View]
157544116>still no Eiken remake With huge breasts becoming increasingly more common in anime lately you…[View]
157542723About to watch Kemono friends. What should I expect?[View]
157530945Why is reverse harem such a dead genre compared to others /a/?[View]
157535619Tokyo Ghoul: i want to fuck Touka[View]
157539135Kyokou Suiri / Invented Inference: Anyone know whatever happened to this manga? I forgot it existed …[View]
157538453Little Witch Academia: Inevitable Diana & Snake Familiar doujin coming soon...[View]
157489093Alice to Zouroku: Episode 7 soon Her new haircut is cute.[View]
157548577ITT:Characters you want to bully: I hate him with all my my heart,he is a pervert and a coward need …[View]
157549074what was her fucking problem?[View]
157544789Tenshi no 3P!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHuin99U3XY Feels good to be a lolicon.[View]
157531673Sakura Quest: Goddess of Chupacabra Kingdom[View]
157395404Schwarzesmarken / Total Eclipse / Muv Luv: There's a stream in a few hours. And apparently an a…[View]
157548504WEG thread: Starting with original.[View]
157538253Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler 041 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambl…[View]
157541619Violet Evergarden CONFIRMED for 2017: Get in here >Composer and lyricist management company Mirac…[View]

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