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167397943Alright, listen up maggot.: Do you see this girl? She's everything you could ever want; >sma…[View]
167391857Konosuba: >tfw they're not working on a third season Fucking LN writers, man. >hey look …[View]
167398093>You can't be a hero while quirkless, it's too dangerous! >Knuckleduster basically d…[View]
167392408To aru Majutsu no Index: She ate the plastic wrap[View]
167399934Drifters: Episode 13 OVA is subbed now https://nyaa.si/view/998551[View]
167401073What? Shonenfag is evolving![View]
167395445Post your underated anime: I'll start[View]
167399271Uwagaki: What was He again?[View]
167395800ITT: relatable anime moments[View]
167398449Mahoujin Guru Guru might've ended last season, but fear not anon. Now you can watch the 90…[View]
167391992Is Evangelion about to be surpassed?[View]
167400314Characters that make their otherwise shit show worth watching[View]
167398538Take your pick.[View]
167374159Ichigo Franxx: Well the loser was sure decided fast here. Guess you just can't compete with per…[View]
167400148Symphogear: Miku is opposite to Finé in this pic. What does it mean?[View]
167391817ITT: good characters from bad series[View]
167390596ITT: characters made for rape and only for rape. /thread[View]
167399555Did berserk 2016 ruing everything?[View]
167382127Darling in the Franxx: Episode 2 In One Pic[View]
167300984y-you didn't forget about me, anon... r-right?[View]
167395468Darling in the FranXX: New 4-koma just released.[View]
167394875Mao Dante: Why wasn't Demon Lord Dante ever conluded?[View]
167373598A Place Further Than The Universe: What does /a/ think of this anime? Who is the best girl?…[View]
167398002ITT: Only the comfiest shows[View]
167398379Ne ne onii-chan, mite mite[View]
167396263So after years of avoiding super threads and videos, Black finally made his first English appearance…[View]
167399005How does this make you feel?[View]
167396063New Hitomi-sensei chapter raws are out.[View]
167397443Did it hit home /a/?[View]
167300580Why is she so perfect?[View]
167333269Toji no Miko: Holy crap this show is actually quite good. Expected a shitty CGDCT mobage ad, but in…[View]
167392074Is it TOO sexual?[View]
167399429So, has your favorite anime hero obtained God status yet?[View]
167398308Is it just me or Ichigo has a thing for MC?: Did you all realise that she may like MC?[View]
167392225Ichikawa Haruko Collection: Final story.[View]
167396943Mikan-chan is going to America![View]
167396944Mods are awake! Post pure good clean boys![View]
167385507Why is she so fucking stupid?[View]
167393733ITT: Animes you want to forget, but you can't: Most people I know can't stop talking about…[View]
167395315This is literally and I mean literally the best Naruto movie.[View]
167369501anime tropes you cant take it anymore: >character named Sakura >has pink hair…[View]
167382934Has there even been a Yuri show with a genuinely good plotline that isn't just loved because of…[View]
167394751Hatsukoi Zombie: There was a nice thread for this yesterday. It looks like translations of the manga…[View]
167397557Hell's Paradise: https://shonenjumpplus.com/episode/13932016480029295972 New manga that has bee…[View]
167394929How can we save scanlation[View]
167392163>Hype an opponent so much that you need an asspull to defeat him. Why are people doing this?…[View]
167395622Alright so help me understand Devilman > Ryo was Satan > Destroys world and kills Akira > G…[View]
167390026How did this ever even get popular?: It's so mediocre and bland that there's no way anyone…[View]
167377317Has there ever been a better character in anime than Kuwabara? Yu Yu Hakusho thread[View]
167300389Drawthread: Draw or request /a/rt[View]
167391762Darling in the FranXX: The best girl.[View]
167397160>he can not be stopped place your bets, how many years until anime is finally dead…[View]
167390077Was this scene really necessary?[View]
167391230Make your choice: Make your choice[View]
167379907Dragonball Super: >Vegeta returns from tournament >Bulma is dead What do?…[View]
167351698Citrus: Yuri will conquer the earth! What did you like about the last episode?[View]
167396120Thoughts on this DBS leak?[View]
167386696Get in the fuckin robot.[View]
167283514Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan S2: Still no subs.[View]
167394439Was her sluttiness justified[View]
167396486Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei.[View]
167368295Koi wa Ameagari no (You) ni: Just caught up with this and it's really good, my personal AOTS so…[View]
167385533Just a Quick Bitch/Complaint Thread Mine is: Strike Witches: At some point in the series Miyafuji Yo…[View]
167384753Mitsuboshi Colors: Colors assemble, new episode soon.[View]
167326821That's what Killing Bites is.: That's what Killing Bites is. That's what Killing Bite…[View]
167392444Just Because!: I'm catching up with things I missed last season. Was it worth a watch? I really…[View]
167391542Tell me about the imouto Why does she sit like that?[View]
167384881Quick /a/, the culture festival is right around the corner, and we still haven't figured out wh…[View]
167393721Will japan ever create a girl as perfect as this one again? It's really sad that they haven…[View]
167389074Could prime Netero have beaten The King?[View]
167387085One of the last dudes on earth. Literally any chick on earth wants to fuck. Lolis are okay. >muh …[View]
167385408Cardcaptor Sakura and modern moe expressions: Why won't clamp draw Sakura with modern moe facia…[View]
167378669But she's 12[View]
167393064what a beautiful...movie....[View]
167369819I want to _____ chimame![View]
167385844JoJo: Just finished Steel Ball Run. This is amazing. Holy shit, is Part 7 the only part where the ma…[View]
167391834Music Manga?: Are there any good music manga, especially about the individual growth of a musician?…[View]
167393407Are /a/utists actually lolicons or is it just a meme[View]
167388853Himouto Umaru-chan: THIS SHOW IS ETERNAL.[View]
167391818Classroom of the Elite: It's Hiyori's birthday today. Too bad she's not an important …[View]
167389285Do you find characters who are perverts funny or annoying? I like em[View]
167376097>it's CG thus it's bad >it's hand-drawn thus it's good…[View]
167392549Why to they have rape whistle? Are japan really that unsafe?[View]
167393071Do you like retarded girls?[View]
167386100DRAGON BALL SUPER: >animation ticks back up 7 days just in time for ultra bara toppo how strong…[View]
167392623Question pertaining to a common cliche and its relation to the consumer market: Why do more recent a…[View]
167389975Devilman OVA appreciation: Let's share our love for the OVAs. The obligatory English dub versio…[View]
167385897Is it true that /a/ hasn't watched this underappreciated show?: Yes?[View]
167387372ITT: Relationships that should have been the end game, but weren't.[View]
167389624This is literally the only canine (dog) I have ever gave a shit about my entire life. Most dogs are …[View]
167391374Hoankan Evans no Uso: It's basically Wild West Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai. Are you reading it? …[View]
167385007Hello brain let here question about Made in Abyss Chapter 27 What is reg talking about when he says…[View]
167392435Where does she piss if she never leaves her room?[View]
167372776You are objectively an idiot if you think DBS is good.: Dragonball Super is the biggest steaming pil…[View]
167388652Hey anon, wanna be a hero?[View]
167392356Is her uniform and sense of fashion GOAT?[View]
167392316Is everybody aware that Sakura and Shaurion are a couple?: Also do you think Sakura changed her FB s…[View]
167381238Good evening fellas. See any goblins around here?[View]
167391841Darling in the FranXX: 002 is attractive, cute, level-headed elite pilot. how can even Ichigo & …[View]
167391877What would you have done if you were born 10 years earlier?[View]
167385568Any word on season 2?[View]
167388709What do you think of ryona scenes in anime and manga?[View]
167381523What's the worst anime you've watched?[View]
167389826Kyuubey has just tricked your waifu into becoming a magical girl. What the fuck are you going to do …[View]
167388105Darling in the FranXX: >emotional and impulsive >wants to get even like a fool, but can't…[View]
167332076Darling in the FranXX Livewatch: Starts in 15 minutes. http://ru.leopard-raws.org/?stream[View]
167389782Quick new aspe chan is out translate![View]
167380834What's the final verdict on Hestia's body of work?[View]
167359579Buyfag thread[View]
167386621Is it wrong to love boys (female)[View]
167387232Why did this guy get his own panel? I laughed at his speaking mannerisms, though.[View]
167387301What the fuck did I just watch? Why is Kunihiko Ikuhara so good at making excellent shows?[View]
167389736Slug girl is cute! Cute!![View]
167386604I'm no /g/entlemen so I don't really get how this works but is it worth learning for windo…[View]
167387202i like naruto[View]
167389024Remember when anime was good?[View]
167386231https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbi6zpyMUeo Why can't English dubbing studios do anything right…[View]
167387140Why is the fanbase for this series so cancerous? I enjoyed both the manga and anime, but the average…[View]
167376015Who are some underrated idols that only YOU like?[View]
167388566>how do we stop the gaijin from doing stupid localization >we'll just make them eat hambu…[View]
167389722Where is my gundam?[View]
167389870I want to fill Anna with my hot sticky love and respect[View]
167365969Beatless: I don't think i can trust her, way too kindly.[View]
167388159ITT: Characters that are for Hugging & Head Pats only.[View]
167385258LORE discussion thread. Can you impregnate her cyber-body?[View]
167389528When you need to smash something.[View]
167385924ITT: manga art evolution[View]
167389645>CUM IN MY GIRLFRIEND SHINJI What did he mean by this?[View]
167389570Tokyo ghoul re 157 when?: Anynews about new chapter? Last chapter ruined my hope :( its either trage…[View]
167385733How could someone leave a girl like this behind?[View]
167389297Kasumi is still my waifu![View]
167386436>Better implementations of the 'Gohan' I'll start.[View]
167388301Pop Team Epic: /a/ sings this when?[View]
167389073It's not fair that my wife is stuck in joke episode previews[View]
167297764Make Isekai Great Again.[View]
167373935What kind of idiotic bureaucrat builds this many piers and just leaves them to rust?[View]
167386816Spin-offs that are better than the original series: I'll start.[View]
167384743Gangsta appreciation bread[View]
167387385What can you see in the picture?[View]
167363993It's never coming back, is it?[View]
167365940What's your favorite Yuasa work?[View]
167387759So I'm a bit late to the party, but...: I finished watching Mirai Nikki a good few hours ago, j…[View]
167382920>itadakimasu >'I'm eating'[View]
167375349>wageslave turns into appealing eritonito at episode 1 >eritonito turns into a normalfag whore…[View]
167383045Shows /a/ told you were shit but were actually good.[View]
167383343>It's an '/a/ starts hating an anime because it got popular' episode…[View]
167376483post your old /a/ images[View]
167385671I want to cuddle and SQUEEZE Popuko. Is that lewd?[View]
167385424Why is it trendy to hate Yuasa and call his fans pretentious nowadays?[View]
167388405What a load of crap. Why couldn't Kishimoto follow up on this? Boruto has actually been good ab…[View]
167385740>seen as the character most responsible for popularizing tsunderes >is never actually dere wh…[View]
167384818Darling in the FranXX: Best tummy![View]
167385502K-on being overrated: Why is this so universally praised when Love Live is objectively vastly superi…[View]
167386327This guy appears before you and sinks your ship. What can you do about it?[View]
167376824Has translation always been so shit?: Has the overall translation quality of scanslations dropped th…[View]
167342375Amagami SS: Dozo[View]
167374982who will he end up with in the end?[View]
167386894Dragonball Super: Press 'D' to pay respect[View]
167343350Scanlation thread. What are you working on this weekend, /a/?[View]
167349453Orchestr/a/: Another week, another few finished songs from the orchestr/a/: https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
167385381I need more Dirty Pair picture. Post Dirty Pair pictures.[View]
167356930Urusei Yatsura: Discuss this old anime here.[View]
167381483Do you stream your manga /a/?[View]
167385682Toppo is a faggot.[View]
167385758Berserk: any leaks out yet?[View]
167384780Are Fuymi Onos other works good as SHIKI? Seems like she has bunch of manga and three anime under he…[View]
167384749why is Jotaro censored but the popteamepic girl isnt?[View]
167383085Koi wa ameagari: Alright I got memed into watching this I like the cinematography. However the chara…[View]
167345904Batoto is finally dead and the thing I'm sad about is not that they're shutting down, it…[View]
167375302Can we have a thread for stupid, simple visual gags?[View]
167373300is this the most pretentious anime ever?[View]
167381782I'm so confused: On the precedent ep Eriol has not responded to Sakura for long time for myster…[View]
167382550>If you betray us I'll knock you off myself. Why is he so based?[View]
167362070Devilman is just not a good story, period. It's influential, sure, but it's not good, peri…[View]
167350349Osomatsu-san: Some episode PVs for you all. Looks like Matsuyo gets some more screen time. Who'…[View]
167379106Does she know how to perform a triangle choke?[View]
167382207What is the point of this crab?[View]
167380508Darling in the FranXX: If this leads to some Cocona against the world shit later on, a-1 needs to be…[View]
167378036Do you get it? They are having SEX.....IN THE ROBOTS! The father dude convinces them if they can…[View]
167384813He'll be here soon guys, you'll see the true power of Gohan Blanco when he unlocks his new…[View]
167375580why did NERV make 14 year old girls/boys wear such revealing clothing? Surely there was a less sexua…[View]
167378271Hakata stuff trap ramens 02: No one is watching this?[View]
167374102ITT: Shit Openings: Let's see em. No bait please. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHbSXOrmOoQ h…[View]
167255944Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: This show is even worse than ARC-V Post Synchro arc and if you like it you should …[View]
167354181GATE: >'itami will kill the dragon' >ten episodes of itami saying 'hurr i cant go kill the dra…[View]
167373775Son Gohan: >biggest jobber in late Z, GT, and Super >only thing that redeemed Gohan was a fuck…[View]
167379635why does she make this face?[View]
167378959Komi-san is for[View]
167379616Is he a hack?[View]
167317285Yuru camp: This is a pretty weird fairy Would you let her in?[View]
167333813Darling in the FranXX manga[View]
167381732You'll never have a cute banshee homekeeper to greet your return home.[View]
167374777NEW GAME: Event today S3 announcement soon[View]
167378485HxH is coming back for good this time, right? What else can hold back Togashi now that he’s healthy …[View]
167382923Was this the best yuri love story of the 2017?[View]
167374287Fate/Extra: Last Encore: Who else is utterly excited? I can hardly wait for next week.[View]
167348118ITT: worst attempts to make a likeable cute and rememberable mascot character[View]
167337321Shonen Jump 1983 - 1988: 1968 - 1973 >>167209591 1973 - 1978 >>167249251 1978 - 1983 …[View]
167319505Shokugeki no Souma: We wait for Niggastream.[View]
167379492Is this the best anime since K-On! ?[View]
167380183Shigeru Mizuki's Showa: I've been cleaning scans of the first volume recently: https://ope…[View]
167381478Anon, will you be waiting for me?[View]
167372262Will this fucking stop already.[View]
167377692Why do people on /a/ defend Squealer? He literally murdered innocent children and attempted to genoc…[View]
167363895ITT draw a shitty image on Paint and other anons try to guess which anime.[View]
167377272this is Kobeni[View]
167380926Mami-san on the front page![View]
167378919Black Lagoon: I don't even understand what's going on anymore. Now Revy is in jail and the…[View]
167377563>h-hand over the makai knight secrets and nobody gets hurt[View]
167383286Eureka Seven: Brainlet here, can someone please explain the ending in episode 49 and 50 please? What…[View]
167369796Urasawa Naoki no Manben: fucking amazing http://www.dailymotion.com/playlist/x4dqih[View]
167381300WAKE ME UP.[View]
167382872THIS YEAR[View]
167380616When we will get more information on Gyro?[View]
167378298Unironically the best ongoing manga these days: Anyone else reading it?[View]
167369561/a/ Olympics: Wanna update it ?[View]
167381691If your waifu gets posted in this thread, you will be erased before Feburary[View]
167349976Kanzaka is continuing Slayers from where volume 15th left off. What do you expect?[View]
167379963What ethnicity does Goku most closely resemble?[View]
167382222Beset OP/EDs this season: Best OP 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bl1ZI-J6hM 2. https://www.yout…[View]
167381329This is unfair. Why japanese have some good extra books in their dvd collection? (pic related from L…[View]
167380761Animegataris: I loved this piece of shit anime. How about you?[View]
167366391SEASON 2 WHEN[View]
167354773Jojo Part 5 Ruined: It's all downhill from here[View]
167381956itt: your weird anime boners[View]
167376981How many BEDs (Banana equivalent doses) is she exposed over a standard day?[View]
167333391Why does /a/ like incest so much? Isn't it immoral?[View]
167355948How spicy can we get this thread.[View]
167375000Is this a good anime?: I just want to know who thinks Hellsing is a good anime, and tell me if you l…[View]
167380417Perfect anime boys don't exi-[View]
167376937Why does Hazuki have such nice lips?[View]
167378997Why is this allowed?[View]
167376856You guys told me he was based: He's another whiteknighting simp. Why was this psycho bitch allo…[View]
167297672>make a Dr. Pepper commercial vaguely disguised as a anime about time travel >it actually tur…[View]
167380003why is she hated?[View]
167378163>attained mainstream popularity It's shit, right?[View]
167379017Katanagatari (sword story): This has been one of the best anime I have ever seen. Also katanagatari …[View]
167376883Evangelion Geass: So will this show end up going the full mile and becoming the Evangelion or Code G…[View]
167339056Made in Abyss: Who is going to win the Regubowl?[View]
167348012Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card: Episode 3 very soon![View]
167380034best ed song: This is objectively the best ed song this season https://youtu.be/SJLx0H6g5DY[View]
167343972Hatsukoi Zombie: You made me read it, /a/. I saw a threat where you were posting an athlethicc girl …[View]
167378066This is the trainwreck we've all been waiting for.[View]
167379750Isn't Pop Team Epic just Japanese AMV Hell?[View]
167356656Why does /a/ hates this? >looks great >top-tier waifu material /a/ should be thrilled, yet ev…[View]
167379016Admit it /a/, you squealed like a faggy girl at this scene like I did.[View]
167374117Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness can step aside. Wiz is best girl. Cutest demon general.[View]
167374956Dragon Ball Super: The Emperor's new broken teeth[View]
167372873ITT: Guilty Pleasures: I thought ichi the killer was pretty fun[View]
167377027What did /a/ think of Toradora![View]
167374466Welcome to the future. Enjoy your mecha-ass.[View]
167368421What would you do to this color? You're not one of those bad guys, are you, anon-kun?[View]
167376752WHY WON'T HE DIE???[View]
167378039This is cute moe manga, but I have no idea wtf they're talking about half the time.[View]
167375370DBS A SHIT: Is this the last good arc in the DB Franchise?[View]
167378671Will Satoshi Kon's final work ever see a release? It's been eight years...[View]
167337071Aikatsu: Where are everyone? Why does my face feel wet?[View]
167374726We all know 2017 was a horrendous year for anime. It's crazy to think 2018 is making up for it …[View]
167378335Updates when?[View]
167376458Why does this guy get so much shit, he is literally the best character in Overlord? Pandoras Actor i…[View]
167356283They're listening to you, /a/. Be grateful.[View]
167329996Houki: Was she really such a bad character?[View]
167344526Mahoutsukai no Yome: New episode out >tfw no Silky girlfriend[View]
167378228Just finished Dorohedoro's Vol. 21. I've never seen a discussion on here about it so let…[View]
167376183Exact moment you dropped a manga[View]
167313418Violet Evergarden: Serious question, how can other studios even compete? A random cut in this show i…[View]
167378071>tomboys never win the MC bow-[View]
167335208Quick, you can only pick two![View]
167377907no game no life: I originally passed on this because I have zero interest in isekai and don't p…[View]
167377799Watching anime isn't a right way of living life correctly? If so, how?[View]
167375455What are the chances Luantic becomes a major character in the new season AND works with Tiger a bit …[View]
167377224Best girl franxx: I can't be the only one here who loves femdom type girls right? She's in…[View]
167376411Is it normal to have a crush on Mikochi? She somehow has a naturally seductive air. I find her matur…[View]
167374638Why does he crossdress anyway[View]
167377188>lucky star was 12 years ago[View]
167357081DARLING in the FRANXX Episode 2: Now that it's subbed what do you think? Based on the op lyrics…[View]
167376724https://youtu.be/U4pMQv46vz4?t=80 'No, Stop it Goku. If you do this now, it's going to drain al…[View]
167375013Is it okay to abuse you're waifu? just asking for a friend btw[View]
167376800Why does Boichi have such a bad case of same face girl? Origin and Sun-Ken both have same face girl.…[View]
167376619Please God, let me meet her. All I want to is to find that perfect girl I know exists. She’s sweet a…[View]
167374548Best girl 02: How does anyone compete with literal perfection? How does Ichigo even hope to compete …[View]
167354593Have you watched it, yet? Thoughts?[View]
167371107>Goku wins the wish > 'Sorry everyone, but I promised King Kai I'd wish him back to life!…[View]
167373906You could stop comparing my pretty violet with that failed king[View]
167346235Prisma Illya: Is this the most powerful thing in fate?[View]
167267791HuGtto! Precure: Now that DBS is confirmed dead, do you think HuGtto might have a chance of being de…[View]
167374584ITT: Tearjerkers[View]
167351297Citrus: >you made me gay https://my.mixtape.moe/iuflyx.webm[View]
167376046Stuff that should get an anime: Picture related[View]
167371619Sanrio Boys: This is your little sister, /a/. She thinks you're gross. What are you going to do…[View]
167376112Admit it, /a/: You've cried watching/reading Naruto and You know it.[View]
167376070Scenes that hurt[View]
167375812Is Re:Zero just Isekai Steins;Gate?[View]
167370827call the cops CALL THE COPS[View]
167375246when are they showing the rest of the cast?[View]
167372834Watashi no Shounen Chapter 6[View]
167365487KF/MiA: So which one was your AOTY?[View]
167362391Secret S/a/nta in January: On the anti grinch squad? Still waiting for a gift? Still waiting to se…[View]
167360160***,*36位/***,*36位 (**1,027 pt) [*,*60予約] Pop Team Epic ***,*47位/***,*47位 ◎ (***,595 pt) [*,*16予約] Yu…[View]
167372541FUCK: I just finished this anime and why did this have to happen? Why couldn't Madoka and Homur…[View]
167367586ITT: We post characters that are racist.[View]
167350119Boruto thread: What will happen to Team 15? Also team Yaoi = best team.[View]
167330202First time posting to /a/, so I don’t even know if 3x3’s are even a thing anymore. Nonetheless, here…[View]
167367192Have there been any instant classic Anime in the last 3 years? Something akin to NGE, Cowboy Bebop, …[View]
167372277ITT: post 'villains' who did nothing wrong[View]
167373694gohan may be a jobber but at the end of the day he gets to go home and have sex with this[View]
167360046Re:Creators OVA: Despite all the hate, it wasn't a bad show. Beach Ova when? I recall seeing it…[View]
167374427kek at this point even krillin is better than this fucking jobber[View]
167370603Dragon Ball Super: At least the meme image of Gohan struggling Dyspo happened in the end. Based Toei…[View]
167371184Do you miss it?[View]
167313072One Punch Man: So, what would the next chapter be about? Dine and dash scene or will it cut to Zombi…[View]
167373992Yamakan is going to be making a new cryptocurrency aimed at serving the anime industry. It's ca…[View]
167363121What was the most hard hitting anime you ever watched?[View]
167358896Which one, /a/?[View]
167369168Would you?[View]
167363598Post pairings you've always liked as a kid and still does now.[View]
167373409>lets pick out all the slutty girls and put them into an idol group Was it genius or what?…[View]
167360658Magi: I honestly believe this was a great manga and I dont get the hate for the last arcs. When you …[View]
167368775Mary and the Witch's Flower: Anyone seen the movie yet? Is it any good? Thoughts on Ghibli vete…[View]
167372996Never thought I'd live to see the day to see this animated Living in the future sure is cool[View]
167367665How can anyone prefer this shit over 2011?: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIwK1R3jIIs HAHAHA, …[View]
167354318Did someone say goblins?[View]
167371178How did Araki get away with this despite part 5 being published in shonen jump? In a lot of ways, Pa…[View]
167352964ITT: Worst girls: She's only remembered for the fart jokes.[View]
167362505Darling in the FranXX: Why does Miku have the best and most sexy ass?[View]
167264676Colors thread: Look at this Yellow that I just found. Ain't she cute?[View]
167367137Eromanga Sensei VR: Loli incest VR. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJz94aogyEM[View]
167330918Date A Live: How do you deal with baka, anon?[View]
167371953hurr the bishie nobody was actually the protagonist's brother who manipulated everyone to their…[View]
167370755would FSN have been better with Rin as the protagonist?[View]
167371207Why are the fights in Naruto so satisfying to watch? The story wasn't anything particularly app…[View]
167362344>anime set hundreds or thousands of years ago >characters say modern japanese loanwords from e…[View]
167346678Is there any studio with better visuals than Ufotable?[View]
167357205Takunomi.: Is this the drunk cake show everyone has always wanted?[View]
167369765Same Voice Actor: 'None Surpass me. No one Even Comes Close! Etch this into your Skull! I am the Emp…[View]
167330464Slow Start: New episode soon. What are your expectations?[View]
167285488Girls Und Panzer: Blu-ray announcement movie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qltq7XmPIzs…[View]
167370190How does everyone feel about Goku Negro's English dub voice so far?[View]
1673317453-Gatsu no Lion: >Episode in 3 hours >No threads Is this show dead?…[View]
167369787Do you read DARLING IN THE FRANXX /a/?[View]
167370236Why was season 2 hated by everyone?[View]
167363752Name a show with better atmosphere, plot, music, pacing, feeling of anticipation and mystery. You fu…[View]
167360864What would be your reaction if Rei kisses Asuka in 4.44?[View]
167354258Laugh at Ichigo. She's so bad even her partner wants her to get with another guy.[View]
167367478Dragon Ball Super: I'm gonna go down my own path, with a new form no one has ever seen![View]
167370125What is up /a/? I for for forgot my bag[View]
167343034What does /a/ think of Golden Time?[View]
167364836Post characters whose seiyuus have passed away.[View]
167369589Darling in the FranXX: Taking bets on when this guy is going to die. My guess is Episode 7.[View]
167362555Where is my gundam?[View]
167368118Why didn't they continue to be together?[View]
167365081Would you watch an anime with a traditional Japanese art style?[View]
167364850Hunter x Hunter: Hi /a/ I have just started watching Hunter x Hunter (up to episode 40 in the 2011 v…[View]
167336509>You can't become a hero while quirkless, it's too dangerous! >Gadgets exist in the …[View]
167360427Why didn't they just wish for Gohan to be transported to where they were after they wished ever…[View]
167367080Diebuster: Why was Nono collectively shat on by the society of rich kids, even when she proves her w…[View]
167337082ITT: Anime you have cried watching[View]
167343059what was anime of the year this year? lwa or made in abyss?[View]
167367075Battle Shonen with best girls?: Which is the battle shonen with the best cast of female characters?…[View]
167364710Tetsuo is the most sympathetic character in Akira.[View]
167357241So why does /a/ hate Violet but love Sento? Sento had even less personality than Violet.[View]
167309560JoJo: If everyone who was supposed to die from the main cast in every part lived, would JoJo be as g…[View]
167360541Dragon Ball Super: Captain Ginyu uses Dance of Joy[View]
167337681Is it still worth giving Ashita no Joe a try even though I already know the famous ending already? A…[View]
167367961Why wasn't her love returned?[View]
167367943Cars 'n' girls: Does /a/ like Zesshaka?[View]
167356424if you could only watch one more anime which one would it be?[View]
167353659Wtf did I just watch.: Popped this on for what I was expecting would be some relaxing anime viewing,…[View]
167365917What does /a/ think about this version of Twilight?[View]
167367549This episode wasn't canon. This episode wasn't canon. This episode wasn't canon. This…[View]
167367382Watamote: me on the left[View]
167329711One Piece: How soon do you think Blackbeard will kill him?[View]
167367249Yandere is best dere. Prove me wrong. No, really, I want to be wrong...[View]
167348715ITT: Losers[View]
167364792popteamepic.com: popteamepic.com WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT THIS WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON[View]
167355746>villain shows off lots of cleavage[View]
167350122is Stocking pure?[View]
167351738*BLOCKS YOUR PATH*: Which protagonists from any anime or manga would be most amusing to see have to …[View]
167361858Watamote: This was a great scene and very moving scene because Tomoko felt sad and abandoned, and sh…[View]
167362477Darling in the FranXX: Hello faggots, my name is 02 and I hate every single one of you.[View]
167366179Berserk Scanlations: So I put all the Berserk volumes in my cart on RightStuf and this shit cost 417…[View]
167360224Is there such a thing as a girl who is too tall or a girl who is too short?[View]
167362455What the hell happen after chapter 280 ? why it went out of place ? Also Eri is the best Tsundere A…[View]
167362732Dagashi Kashi 2: S2 is all about Hotaru's oppai. Dat bathroom scene... was it really necessary…[View]
167362506The luckiest motherfucker to have ever lived.[View]
167365085Chiya or Rize?[View]
167354979>OMG REFERENCES LOL And plebs wonder why /a/ doesn't like this show…[View]
167365066whats the most overrated anime ever?: pic related, I nominate these[View]
167365907>pop team epic was the last anime bulma's VA did after dying[View]
167361237Captain Tsubasa: new TV anime series is scheduled for 52 episodes. Series premiere April by David Pr…[View]
167344723What was the best thing about GatchaCrowds,/a/?[View]
167317887Just finished shoujo shuumatsu im a bit confused please tell me what to think of it /a/[View]
167356649Man, this was a great story.[View]
167360304Dragon Ball Super: So how strong is he going to be?[View]
167338380Why is /a/ so defensive about the piece of shit Devilbugman? Is it just sheeple offsiters hopping on…[View]
167359347Season 2s we'll never get.[View]
167349354Hoshiiro Girldrop: >Three episodes in and Sosogu already won It's over faggots Pink is best…[View]
167358875i want to fuck You.[View]
167349847Lupin III Part 5 teaser. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yEOs2PkswU&lc=z23fszfgxtrrvrct3acdp43…[View]
167363793are there any good car anime apart from initial d and wangan midnight?[View]
167363215Miss Monochrome was a good anime.[View]
167361768Girls whose hair you want to smell[View]
167355400An anime about a dangerous girl maid cafe with actual dangerous girls and some customers getting kil…[View]
167356607Why are the best girls always underused?[View]
167359444Buyfag Thread: Heya please check out this figure i found online[View]
167362692Drahon ball super: The leaks were right[View]
167361613Is it bothering anyone else how off model the characters look in the Junji Ito Collection anime? Som…[View]
167363259Is there a sequel or a second part of this manga? Could there be an anime or ova of this? Is there a…[View]
167342207How will Toei fuck up Android 21?[View]
167360943Am I a furry if I want to go balls deep inside this ratel?[View]
167360685Who is this? She looks so familliar but I can't tell where from[View]
167362532Poputepipikku: HOLY SHIT! They did it again! The absolute madmen! Poputepipikku has changed all what…[View]
167360344Dragon Ball Super: It's over.[View]
167293927>lesbian dork with no friends finds a portal to a school full of magical girls Honestly, who is t…[View]
167325437Raildex: Why is the mexican dude obsessed with mikoto?[View]
167357186Darling in the FranXX thread: Coconafags, Dinofags, step aside. This double handle beauty is the rea…[View]
167358812i stopped watching around the point nina went to heaven for reasons of being unable to watch, should…[View]
167362021How much Metch would a MetchMetch Metch if a MetchMetch would Metch Metch?[View]
167358972Captain Tsubasa: 52 episodes confirmed. http://moetron.news/post/169939062730/ Next season belongs t…[View]
167348173>MC has an active sex-life It's becoming more frequently, nice.[View]
167355699Amou is objectively the most interesting character in this show. She conflates physical strength for…[View]
167353561Dragon Ball Super: Get in here Dysbros, it's Gohan's day of reckoning.[View]
167355818What are some things you want to see in more anime? I really like womb tattoos for some reason and I…[View]
167352187out of context[View]
167331795Black Clover: >Hero Academia has lively threads >Boruto has lively threads >Shokugeki has l…[View]
167347848Initial D: Where the FUCK is my Eurobeat Thread? What happened to /a/ ?[View]
167359360What makes a good mascot character?[View]
167356915Will Vagabond ever return?[View]
167359356> Hear all this talk about Made in Abyss being anime of the year > Hell, anime of the decade e…[View]
167359354How come there are no shows about hostess clubs at all? Gintama is the closest you can get with the…[View]
167346588Whatever happened to shading in anime? Everything looks so dull and lifeless these days.[View]
167357307Are you ready for best girl to make her debut next episode /a/?[View]
167355468What did you think of Mary and the Witch's Flower?[View]
167342896What are your favorite 2D detectives?[View]
167359267tree: Okay anons, the time has come. Share the 'tree' output of your anime image folder(s)…[View]
167355450i just want them to be happy ;_;[View]
167359253beep beep beep beep beep[View]
167356097SHIRITAI NO DESS.[View]
167355987Did they fug?[View]
167359004Space Cowboy[View]
167348523Darling in the FranXX: This episode was unintentionally hilarious or was it intentional? Fuck if I k…[View]
167352135Post anime no one but you watched.[View]
167351264>Best OP of the season https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhBA6ynorvc >Interesting plot >decen…[View]
167358669This anime is pretty great. Has anyone seen it? I don't think it gets discussed on /a/ very muc…[View]
167358599Dragon Ball Super: Romaine: Goddess Caulifla: Assdrinker. Anyway, what's the episode like? Is H…[View]
167337939Sanrio Danshi: >[HorribleSubs] Sanrio Danshi - 03 [1080p].mkv Anyone else still watching?…[View]
167358563Post REAL heroes[View]
167340894Poptepipic: Fuck this.[View]
167352635Weekly reminder that /a/ is blissfully unaware of how hard it got baited[View]
167341760Feels specific to your waifu thread: >having to Photoshop the penis out of fanart…[View]
167342993HaiFuri: >world of warships collab >mobage incoming S2 when?…[View]
167358285The ending was kinda flaccid.[View]
167353504Dragon Ball Super: Gohan's last stand in less than two hours.[View]
167350686Characters women will never understand: I start[View]
167356857Detective Conan 889: Say something nice about Wakasa-sensei.[View]
167356412Seiren: DROPPED[View]
167351606You know how in some anime there is a handsome, muscly guy who the women ignore? Is there a similar …[View]
167346644ITT: Scenes in anime/manga that trigger /k/.[View]
167355037Question. Are (You) okay with this?[View]
167348379Goku is clearly not an Asian man[View]
167356055Which Working!! would you work?[View]
167353413Reminder that Chitanda is already engaged with the son of another wealthy family. DEAL WITH IT. What…[View]
167335702Rate This Season So Far: Epic: Pop Team Epic AOTY: Violet evergarden Godtier: Death march Yorimoi…[View]
167355392>take a bunch of real world war 2 men (and one woman) >make an animated series about these re…[View]
167308400Buyfag thread: Just got my Shadow wing, what do you guys think?[View]
167353884Darling in the FranXX: Do you think she used a FranXX before?[View]
167356439anyone know if there's going to be a season 3 ?[View]
167317266For what was an adaptation of a fucking gacha game, this wasn'ttoo bad. I liked seeing Chulain …[View]
167355968>his waifu doesn't sing Sad! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UstLoG1uJxM…[View]
167352939>you walk in to your room after a stressful day at work and see this what do?…[View]
167345905Birdy the Mighty OVA: I never see anyone talk about this, is it not well known? I absolutely loved i…[View]
167353995Cigarette & Cherry Dump: Dumping the new series I'm doing. Looking for a cleaner who can do…[View]
167352755how do you feel about houseki no kuni bringing on the second coming of gemsonas[View]
167352409So, the cities don't really retract?: Kaji is sitting in front of the city in both states.…[View]
167348493ITT: 10/10 series that got a 0/10 movie[View]
167355272idolmaster: are they right about this?[View]
167350107Can somebody please explain to me the appeal of shonenshit and 'manime'? It's lame teenager act…[View]
167352916Darling in the FranXX - lore speculation: So now we know that the setting is the former southern coa…[View]
167353754Pop Team Epic: Pop team epic has way too many lame parodies. They should challange themself with mor…[View]
167354960Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Can't believe I never watched this before and it's makin…[View]
167306863Golden Kamui: thread in anticipation of the upcoming anime Post your favorite page.[View]
167341302Is Magic Knight Rayearth Worth Watching?: Is it a good anime? It's fun? How does Card Captor Sa…[View]
167346550Darling in the FranXX: How would you rate this episode anons[View]
167354644Opening/endings thread: post good openin/endin, rate others' mine https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
167352435Daily reminder she was fucking dead all along.[View]
167353269>anime about going outside is one of the most popular anime this season in Japan What did otaku m…[View]
167347490How bald is Sugita now?[View]
167349247It has come to my attention that some people didn’t like the ending to Shiki. I can only deliberate …[View]
167349759>DBZ has better animation than Super[View]
167350100Darling in the FranXX: I think I may have been born just to meet you, Shinji Ika- I mean Hiro.…[View]
167347710Dragon Ball Super: Ready for some Dyspo action?[View]
167346789>Dragon Ball SUPER >the REAL hero and good guy is literally alien SUPERman Bravo Toriyama…[View]
167346219Why the heck is new generation so overpowered?: In the original series the characters had to work ha…[View]
167348712>confesses to Nike >Nike gives no real answer >next time they meet they act like nothing ha…[View]
167351006So /a/ let's talk about this show. Why the hip-hop themes anyway? It's such a strange fus…[View]
167348836Takunomi: This is a Japanese alcoholic.[View]
167352237>his show is mass produced garbage drawn by korean slaves Pfffff[View]
167352352Do you buy anime/manga to support the original creators? Why or why not?[View]
167351155Kancolle: Whats your favorite ship /a/?[View]
167323341So what do they actually look like?[View]
167348878Do you think fat anime characters becoming more popular?[View]
167343289Modern Anime HATE Thread: Eternal Reminder that in 5 years, NO ONE will be discussing (Isekai) …[View]
167351855Yotsubato!: is the original version a simple manga to learn and practice japanese reading for starte…[View]
167350183Who is this semen demon[View]
167344176Has anyone seen this yet? Is it any good?[View]
167351764How it should have ended[View]
167351939Shoujo with male protagonists: I started reading this manga called 3D Kanojo and thought about how r…[View]
167351931Takunomi Alcoholics: >they water down their soju >they eat troughslop >tips fedora get. the…[View]
167351797Hatsukoi zombie: Have you given thanks for the bountiful blessing that is chapter 94?[View]
167351703Does anyone else find SAO strangely interesting? Like, it's SO bad.[View]
167340308>literally zero pop culture references since ep1 APOLOGIZE[View]
167350062Junji Ito Collection: thoughts so far?[View]
167349687Is this show good or it's just ok?[View]
167338588They are too big[View]
167285062Weekend Waifu Drawthread[View]
167349990Why wasn't Devilman as stylishly directed as this movie? Devilman's direction was so poor …[View]
167350251What's /a/s opinion on Otome anime?[View]
167337102Citrus: Is it possible for two people to simultaneously rape each other?[View]
167344564Can someone please explain why Japan is so obsessed with underage teen romance and marriage in anime…[View]
167345296Dagashi Kashi: >tfw Hotaru will never blow you like this[View]
167334961This is Tanya! Say something nice about her![View]
167332082I am the bone of my sword[View]
167348586Here's your controller bro[View]
167347442Did I just watch a masterpiece?[View]
167326915Overload: This girl is quite cute. Will we get more of her?[View]
167346176Darling in the FranXX: AOTS[View]
167337949ITT: Shit Openings: Starting with: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUYcZ3ZQoOg[View]
167338604Say something about Shinka[View]
167341812ITT: Characters who did literally nothing wrong[View]
167342051What do hitmen and baseball players both need?[View]
167346240Jesus fuck, this is almost as unwatchable as Pop Team Epic. What the fuck happened to KyoAni?[View]
167329994Is CCS anime (the almost-20-year-old one, not the currently broadcasting) actually good? Should I wa…[View]
167349493That's what Killing Bites is.[View]
167349546Tomoko: I want to be an ant[View]
167347427How can one man be so based?[View]
167348304Heart melting anime.: Lastly I've watched Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko and oh man, something in …[View]
167346273Darling in the FranXX: What did she mean by that?[View]
167344577Why do they keep cutting the all the girls’ hair short?[View]
167339981bokura wa minna kawaisou: chapter 90 - FINAL END dumping raws while waiting on transl[View]
167347411The cock has been slain.[View]
167342129This would have been great as an anime[View]
167348799Is this the original waifu for Toonamifags?[View]
167340138wtf I love Antarctica now![View]
167333696Sousei no Onmyouji/ Twin Star Exorcists: New Benio chapter dropped. kek[View]
167347959Why is Nero such a bitch?[View]
167346231Waifus n shieet: This is our new queen of /a/ please respect her before i'll use my katana and …[View]
167348428Akko is Shit: Akko is the shittest character of 2017[View]
167340203Darling in the Franxx: This is what purity looks like[View]
167347682where can I find classroom of the Elite's LN translated? I sometimes see threads that say it…[View]
167326713Would megumin survive giving birth?[View]
167231287Ryuo no Oshigoto!: Serious discussion here guys. Does our shogi loli have autism?[View]
167346491Ne ne junon boy, it's Saturday![View]
167346165Why was 80s anime so good? Flash does not exist[View]
167347103She LOVES eating bananas! Do you give her yours?[View]
167322078Left, Middle, or Right?[View]
167345846Darling, let's be franxx.: Any good so far? Will it get better or worse from here on out?…[View]
167346862Well, aren't you going to drink it? Also, is it true that whenever this anime is brought up on …[View]
167346348>what if we made this again and called it Darling in the franxx[View]
167347222ITT: Underrated Anime[View]
167298230Boruto chapter 20: Ao confirmed to be Boruto's darth vader.[View]
167338922Ito Junji: Collection: Every last bit of hope i had for this is ruined. It's sooo fucking bad. …[View]
167343124Sora no method thread.[View]
167339722Is this man a fraud or the epitome of 'merely pretending'?[View]
167337729GeGeGe no Kitaro: Are you gonna watch the new one when it comes out?[View]
167342866Now that Super is dead, can we finally admit that GT was better?[View]
167346020Please don't bully me, Nagatoro: is she the most smug anime girl?[View]
167331723Dragon Ball Super: Remember when idiots thought this was a new form?[View]
167328253Do you like Misa?[View]
167340133Now that the dust has settled. Is she retarded?[View]
167319129Gal Gohan: Anyone else read this? When's a new chapter coming out?[View]
167344714What the fuck happened to internet anime culture over the last five years?[View]
167343145Anime intros are sometimes just whatever is considered pop music at the time, but then there are ani…[View]
167346326Was he truly in the wrong for his actions?[View]
167343431Did Waver walk in on her intentionally? I know I would have if I was in his position. Literally the …[View]
167346007so wait, there's no OP?[View]
167345269Well that was different. Is this the work Yuasa had the most creative control over? Despite the last…[View]
167345815https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WubxiCm81wU What were your favorite times on /a/[View]
167343077Darling in the FranXX Thread: ending of the season[View]
167339480Every day is a good day to bully Umaru[View]
167341671The greatest love story ever told.[View]
167345402Anime/manga you dislike and get called a brainlet for doing so. Pic related[View]
167295635Classroom of the Elite: These are the bonuses when v7.5 comes out in the 25th depending on which sto…[View]
167332267Why haven't you started working out, /a/nons?: Your waifu won't love you if you look like …[View]
167317669boku no hero academia: [SPOILER] is aoyama the rat inside UA?[View]
167330489Takunomi: Episode 2 is out. Have a drink.[View]
167336845Holy shit, this nigga is so unbearable are you fucking kidding me shit. I just wanted to caught up w…[View]
167285575Hakumei to Mikochi: 10 minutes my dudes. Are you prepared for massive amounts of comfy and qt?…[View]
167345115spider riders: Is this anime[View]
167318960They can't keep getting away with it![View]
167341523who is canonically stronger?[View]
167344724Mahō Tsukai no Yome: It's a Silky Episode! Say nice things about the cutest Banshee![View]
167296479Little Witch Academia: someone marry this woman already[View]
167339070Citrus Thread: Favourite fruit? https://strawpoll.com/23w665kd What did you think about episode 3? h…[View]
167335473has /a/'s opinion of SAO matured with time?[View]
167339719Butterfly Storage - File:02: This thread is a continuation of >>167320494 Time to dump chapter…[View]
167344115Is this true?[View]
167327818Beatless: What even is this show[View]
167343946Dagashi Kashi: What did she mean by this?[View]
167339630Will they ever finish the anime?[View]
167293360>Grancrest Senki - 03 Episode is out. Dead anime thread I suppose.[View]
167343286>knock up a chocolate goddess >don't have sex with her afterwards because you know nothin…[View]
167343317How long until it is out ?[View]
167333304What does /a/ think of beastars?[View]
167343835My dream was half realized now I can die happy[View]
167343403I want Maika to step on me.[View]
167343878So did they fugg? I need to know[View]
167343723koe no katachi: so this must what they call 'feelings' ._.[View]
167335871Waifus: Thread of your waifu.[View]
167343507Why'd they waste this? They could've done a whole episode with it.[View]
167341773What a fucking faggot. Is this the worst possible start for S2? I read the manga, but yet[View]
167343412What? Was she talking about the kiss? The impotence? The way he drove her? Is this the new 'kimochi …[View]
167339595Cleanliness: How would you NEETS keep something like this clean? I just dont want to fuck it up. Its…[View]
167342950Citrus: > egoist > rapist > arrogant cunt with 0 gratitude > selfish cunt Fucking human …[View]
167343127ITT: Rape material[View]
167339648When is it released?[View]
167341426Futago no Teikoku 7: for the 5 people that cared, Hox and I brought this back[View]
167325304Otoko Ippiko Gaki Daisho: Posting chapter 1 of the legend, the father of delinquent mangas, the mang…[View]
167313819D.Gray-man: >Farewell to Allen Walker It's ending[View]
167340547Darling in the FranXX: Suffering's already here. Subs out.[View]
167338287High School of the Dead is for: FAP[View]
167260942I'm getting sick and tired of lolis and highschool girls. When will we reach the age where ever…[View]
167340926Why the fuck are all the cakes in anime the same?: Seriously, it's always the same fucking thin…[View]
167340702Devilman Crybaby Opening Theme: Why can't I find the god damm intro song that comes on after th…[View]
167322414Invaders of the Rokujouma: >MC literally has his life and building saved by Yurika doing magic in…[View]
167341312She's a slut[View]
167342192So the Godzilla anime's first episode is out. I think it was cool.[View]
167340073Honest thoughts on Dragon Ball Super as a continuation of DBZ?[View]
167336739How did people react when it was revealed Goku was an alien?[View]
167327556LotGH: Why is he so cool?[View]
167341651Be honest /a/,would your life improve if you had a kamina in your life?[View]
167342100What anime features a male character punching a cute girl in the face? Just right in the face. Not …[View]
167338378Why is the sequel so shit?[View]
167329697how do we stop her from being so pretty and perfect ?? how can the other anime girls even compete[View]
167341970Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka?: Would you let her eat y…[View]
167335576> literally plants on head retarded > still best girl can anyone explain this?…[View]
167336985Rance replace the MC of the last anime you watched: Is it better or worse?[View]
167287751Do you like her show, anon?[View]
167341564Is it autism?[View]
167341413What are the peak performing CGDCT shows?[View]
167341461Hibike! Euphonium S2: I don't get it.[View]
167309752Love Live! Sunshine!!: Do you think Saint Snow deserves a spinoff manga/OVA too?[View]
167336501miss him yet?[View]
167341408jjba: boi part five is confirmed r u serius?[View]
167328178When did it become cool to hate Haruhi Suzumiya?[View]
167338749Is there a reason why the manga can't just go on past the Tournament of Power? Do Toei or Akira…[View]
167331892Was tomoko the first anime character shown using a smartphone?[View]
167336233What if it were a girl?[View]
167322037Unavoidable Fate: >tfw you are not the protagonist[View]
167340602Mao Dante: Anybody up for a Mao Dante thread?[View]
167338014Wolverine... easy on the carrots[View]
167339086Does this shit ever get good?: Watching HxH with my imouto, about 20 episodes in. So far, there…[View]
167327214Sadamitsu the Destroyer Ch1: Freshly translated. It only took 19 years.[View]
167340469J U S T[View]
167329839Kill me baby: What do you think of Agiri's new VA? https://www.sankakucomplex.com/wp-content/up…[View]
167338064Square Enix's Grimm's Notes RPG App Gets Anime: Developer indicates it will not be a 5-min…[View]
167338812He killed millions,[View]
167338897come out Gantz fags you should be ruling the world by now[View]
167336409Darling in the FranXX: Subs soon![View]
167334049It's official. Me and Chinatsu Yoshikwaw are getting married![View]
167337021Is genderbending gay?[View]
167339800ITT: edgelords done right: pic related, sasuke done right[View]
167338929Mary and the Witch's Flower: https://www.maryandthewitchsflower.com/ Fathom Events showed it ev…[View]
167332971Ohio: why do everyone says 'Ohio' in almost every anime? Is this state so relevant?[View]
167339318Seishokuki: Why the FUCK has no one picked this up past chapter 47 in over a year?[View]
167293432Beatless: New episode soon Also listed with 24 episodes.[View]
167330763Koi wa Ameagari no You ni: Ok, so it took 2 episodes to establish the main characters and their powe…[View]
167336024just finished season 1 , i think it is a good but they need to explain more about the game because a…[View]
167335908It's Inoue Marina's birthday today. Say something nice to her.[View]
167338813Ouch. Better luck next time.[View]
167335482Is this the normalfag show of the season?[View]
167317367Can we all agree that Dragon Ball was much better than all the sequels?[View]
167338409But why?[View]
167338345Кaтюшa: The best tank soldier[View]
167299490Citrus: >tfw the raped becomes the rapist[View]
167266140Poputepipikku Meme Dump[View]
167322948fuckin pussy ass mcs[View]
167338006>People think this shit is deep[View]
167333068What is the best thing about Ryuuko?[View]
167249252Is the new Godzilla movie any good? It came out on Netflix yesterday. The cel shaded CGI looks like …[View]
167303802Would you Hotaru's hotarus?[View]
167337897Talk about gay shit.[View]
167337297opinions on Shonan Junai Gumi and GTO?[View]
167331023Would you like to be hugged from behind by this woman?[View]
167328070>girl always acts strangely and/or angry in front of guy >guy: 'i wonder why she acts like tha…[View]
167336464>dead parents as background story Weak writing? Or weakest writing?[View]
167334900Nothing is original anymore: Does anyone remember when all anime wasn't a copy-paste of the sam…[View]
167335410Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou: I miss my potatoes, guys.[View]
167335963Haifuri: World of Warships got a Haifuri update Is there a hope for a s2 yet?[View]
167337124Godzilla Netflix: What do you think guys? I like the Syfy things, but the CGI still like shit. Plus …[View]
167332052Is it just me...: ...or is this season a little bit shite? Violet Evergarden, Darling in the Franxx,…[View]
167336792>character A is surprised to see character B >stutter's the first syllable of B's na…[View]
167335766What did she mean by this?[View]
167331221>this is official art Isn't that like, way too lewd? Konosuba is not a Hentai.…[View]
167327658ITT: Jewish Characters[View]
167335117Is he a virgin?[View]
167335686I'm looking to make 'transparent' encodes of Dragon Ball Z Kai (through the Cell arc since that…[View]
167331817What is your favorite speech pattern/quirk in anime? I'm really fond of desuwa.[View]
167336056Pop Team Epic: 3rd episode airing right now, time for the double dose of the week[View]
167335779Who is the best Amagami and why is it Sex-hair?[View]
167334385*blocks your path*[View]
167331712Nico is sick make her feel better while she rest to get healthier[View]
167334466Can we please take a moment to pay our respects to this Kurumi.[View]
167324188DBS spoilers (2ch leak), the same guy who leaked the end of Mirai Trunks' Saga. 6 minutes left …[View]
167335232This show is gay propaganda. The MC is also gay.[View]
167325403Fact: no one has watched machinedoll since it finished airing. Strange, isn't it?[View]
167330940How does one deal with lolis?[View]
167336016Why couldn't I like Ashita no Joe? I tried reading it, but I just couldn't get into it. I …[View]
167331940When is Amahara Teikoku going to get an anime based off one of his works? Which studio would be best…[View]
167333651Darling in the Franxx: POOR MC CANT GET IT UP WITH COCKONA[View]
167335748How can one character be so based?[View]
167319852Story time: I'm really, really board so I'm going to be dumping my favorite arc in Elfen L…[View]
167335390Best OP/EDs of the season: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c37Ccpvr5JQ https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
167333270why did Alices parents know japanese? wouldn't it have made more sense for Karens family to do …[View]
167335126Outlaw Star vs Trigun vs Cowboy Bebop: Which of the 3 did you prefer?[View]
167332797Greatest love story ever told.[View]
167334057I don't think I'll watch anime ever again, bros. I'v seen perfection. I don't th…[View]
167332539Overlord thread: Renner-sama is confirmed smarter than Albedo/Demiurge despite being a human. NW kei…[View]
167334529ITT characters the author regret killing.: I'll start with an obvious one.[View]
167334942What a crock of shit[View]
167310497OPT: 1 Page Thread.[View]
167332903Why is she so perfect, bros?[View]
167334755post opening that makes you feel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEIUFtpDeFI[View]
167333069Chifuyu is ONLY for her brother.[View]
167330206What would you do in this situation? Asking for a friend.[View]
167334211Soukyuu no Ariadne: The author of Claymore and Angel Densetsu is making a new Shonen manga, the gimm…[View]
167331261I like Antarticite. She has a cute perky booty[View]
167331894Who was in the wrong here?[View]
167332550>check catalog >no Umaru thread What the f*** is wrong with you guys?…[View]
167329647Characters who did nothing wrong. I'll start[View]
167321268New Lupin III Part 5 teaser is out and there is no thread. Gotta fix that. https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
167327414What's the best anime set in feudal Japan, /a/?[View]
167330209>eyes show through hair dropped[View]
167329315Hello, /a/. I had a bit of a debate recently and I want to hear your opinion - why do you think moe …[View]
167328328Do you guys think my wife Asuka is cute?[View]
167311600Why are modern mahou shoujos so lewd?[View]
167295875Utawarerumono: Can we talk about Utawarerumono? /v/ and /vn/ don't seem to care about it. What …[View]
167333455>episode/chapter title is goodbye forever[View]
167329176Every time this thread is replied to, I die.[View]
167329510I like Drama anime and I like stories where socially maladjusted People slowly mature and learn but …[View]
167332939are are[View]
167331834What makes megane far superior over no megane?[View]
167325162are you guys still using cccp or is there a new hotness around (sorry just realized they aint update…[View]
167329038no game no life: I originally passed on this because I have zero interest in isekai and don't p…[View]
167332976Why is it so hard to find crunchyshit manga in non-crunchy sites?[View]
167263499Last Anime Magic Card thread hit bump limit, but people still have stuff to post. https://mtgcardsm…[View]
167326484Darling in the FranXX: Only 5 hours and 30 minutes until we finally get to nut inside these cute rob…[View]
167329142You may not like it but this is what female peak performance looks like.[View]
167328209Dagashi Kashi 103: dumping[View]
167269679Made in Abyss: Do you think she is going to try to kill Riko and take back Reg?[View]
167329144Scanlation thread: I've got a question - how do people rip digital copies of manga from sites t…[View]
167304979Persona 5: Would you go shopping with Ann, /a/? http://p5a.jp/[View]
167312264Devilman Crybaby: What was her name, again?[View]
167286827Junji Itoh Collection: Next episode in 3 hours. What stories are getting adapted?[View]
167329710Kanbaru is the peak of female attractiveness you cannot dispute this[View]
167330063What makes Megumin so damn fuckable?[View]
167303349Now that Dragon Ball Super is ending, how would you rate it against DBZ's other sequel Dragon B…[View]
167332650New board for dragon ball: Well since we decided to vote yes, what should we do now http://www.stra…[View]
167325557Why the heck does /a/ love big breasts so much?[View]
167331849Surely this is the year when heart pupils return to anime in general?[View]
167327726How would you fix SHAFT?: Isekai ,fujoshi ,idol sells well. Will they do this?[View]
167329253Smartest anime characters ranked: I'm looking for a white picture with rank like S+, S, A+, etc…[View]
167331050what are you watching tonight /a/?[View]
167330736Are the Milky Holmes magical girls?[View]
167328876And this is supposed to beat VEG for AOTS and AOTY?[View]
167292968Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens: Ep 2 out.[View]
167321417Which is the king of all mecha anime?[View]
167329383The role of anime and manga in art history: I honestly believe that in the distant future the preval…[View]
167321649Lets post our dear wifes.[View]
167329536Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san: anime adaption with 5 min per episode when?[View]
167329394How long will be next OP arc after WCI?[View]
167325575Characters that only you disliked[View]
167326715Would you watch an SoL anime where everyone has a 1920's New Yoik gangster accent for no reason…[View]
167329561Really though, why do boys make the best girls?[View]
167328132The time of Rukia's execution... got changed.[View]
167331210Theme: Plot must revolve around saving the Earth (as a planet, particularly its environment). Earth …[View]
167331787ITT: jobber[View]
167330173left or Right?[View]
167330915anime sucks[View]
167330510fate stay night: shirou summon the main character of the last anime you saw[View]
167329351People always say Mashima should start doing H, but that would be retarded from his perspective. Ins…[View]
167327191ITT: Good characters stuck in shit animes[View]
167328844Take your time to read all of them and then decide which one is the best http://www.strawpoll.me/148…[View]
167329053That's pretty perverted for a kids' show.[View]
167327852Anon, did you forget my full name or do you hate me?[View]
167318672the greatest power on earth? weaponized autism[View]
167328763Chapters 303 and 304 of Akagi are out. Those are pretty cool, but what kind of closure is FKMT plann…[View]
167298344So what exactly happened with the kemono friends kadokawa thing?[View]
167329726Cakes do enjoy their lonely drink, don't they?[View]
167326874>take a bunch of real world war 2 men (and one woman) >make an animated series about these re…[View]
167321552Dragon Ball Super: If you’re not willing to let the anime team take a rest while the manga gets ahea…[View]
167329980What the hell is wrong with the people of that website? Is this the next generation of anime watcher…[View]
167292250>Characters you wish got a happy ending[View]
167303115Toji no Miko: Which Academy would you enroll in to be a Toji? Renpu Girls' Academy - One of the…[View]
167282869One Piece: What do you think Raftel and the One Piece are?[View]
167317985Which Non Non would you Biyori?[View]
167326252It's been 10 years since good anime ended.[View]
167328974Rei or Asuka? Who is better?: https://strawpoll.com/pc5ggwc1 I want to see /a/'s opinion[View]
167319515>yeah lets put an autistic aspie in charge of some heavy emotional work what can go wrong Is the …[View]
167328934How To Keep A Mummy: This shit is fucking adorable. I hope the other little creatures start popping …[View]
167319957How does /a/ like their powers? Simple or convoluted? Weak or strong? Classic or obscure?[View]
167328863Is Root A the greatest fuck-up in animated history?[View]
167326996It's about lesbianism right? The swords being traditional male power used in duels for the girl…[View]
167324917Left or right?[View]
167320218Why is K-On!! your favorite anime?[View]
167325641Who can even beat them? I think even Altair and Saitama would struggle.[View]
167322624wow, ive never seen a show go from shit to shitter so fast[View]
167324698Does anyone here ever understand GitS's technobabble? I just barely manage to keep track of wha…[View]
167321328>spend several years writing a story >never finish it…[View]
167325828Out of all SAO girls, Sugu/Leafa is the one that needs hard, rough fucking the most.[View]
167328284OTP: Male high school student turned into an elementary schoolgirl x Elementary school tomboy girl i…[View]
167319317Seriously /a/, who is the target audience of this show?[View]
167327831Eureka Seven: What went wrong /a/? AO was much better than this snooze fest[View]
167317719Did... Did it even happen? It had one good arc, the one we're having now, and now you're t…[View]
167328042fate stay night: shirou summon the main character of the last anime you saw[View]
167326794*sparkles menacingly*[View]
167291877Shonen Jump 1978 - 1983: 1968 - 1973 >>167209591 1973 - 1878 >>167249251 Time for some b…[View]
167325136Is that the ending?: What about all the other boys relationships? I don't feel like much was re…[View]
167302336Elf-san wa Yaserarenai: Would you be okay with it if she stayed like this for the rest of the manga?…[View]
167303833Galko suddenly starts wearing glasses. What's your opinion on this sudden change, fellow anon?[View]
167320077New Game!: So is this Social Awkwardness: The Series or what?[View]
167291813Hakyuu Houshin Engi: Best boi appears.[View]
167314702I just finished this. When the FUCK is s2?? There was not enough Elma, goddamn it.[View]
167323772What the fuck. I've watched some real shit, but this is the first time an anime has ever made m…[View]
167327519Does /a/ love alligators?[View]
167324113why was the idolmaster thread deleted. let's have a proper one[View]
167326465What the fuck man[View]
167279406Would Yuuta have bothered with her if she wasn't so cute? Like imagine if she was only a 4/10 i…[View]
167326946Show is legit a 7/10 and the japanimation is gucci.[View]
167310272Nightmare mode: It must contain mecha, magical girls, crossdressing and isekai as major plot points.[View]
167309601Killing Bites: How can an average high school girl achieve a body like this?[View]
167326249She's like Umaru except she prefers alcohol instead of cola[View]
167322629Is Sakura right?[View]
167322597Is this an accurate representation of a traditional Japanese lady working in France?[View]
167323031When did you realize that Nui was best girl?[View]
167324393Ajin Thread: I didn't realize they had 1 and a half new chapters out. Sato is way too fucking e…[View]
167257639New GeGeGe no Kitaro PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JL7nXF6BoOk A toast to the killer of Dragon…[View]
167319719Does /a/ like crazy girls ?[View]
167326328What ever happened to the live-action Akira? It's been confirmed for like 15 years now.[View]
167326150would you a tomoko (male)?[View]
167325858>Still no cute girls doing cute winter sports anime Why live?[View]
167323661Yuusha Ga Shinda: Why? Why has translations stopped? Just LOOK at pic related, we need them more the…[View]
167323815Why is he so perfect[View]
167324861Two Car: No it didn't have the best story, but it did have the best butts, and THE BEST OP O WA…[View]
167325559>tfw no android gf Why live...[View]
167301709Darling in the FranXX: Less than 20 hours left. EP2PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9X_lqdryG4 …[View]
167319573list of worthwhile anime: So is there an updated version of this? I can only find 2011 on google but…[View]
167322829ITT: Anime with great dubs[View]
167279951After the Rain: /a/ she's so lovely, she's so beautiful... I can't stand it.[View]
167301403How can this be so popular?[View]
167302274Overlord S2: How does 3 more episodes of lizard sex makes you feel like /a/? Followed by the arc fe…[View]
167321478Will there ever be a show as good as monogatari?[View]
167286833Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san 95 KOREAN Scans: http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/KeO_8lcsyGM Hibari consults…[View]
167320463Butterfly Storage: Sci-fi / Action / Supernatural/ Seinen manga created by Icori Ando, which is runn…[View]
167322883Do girls really get turned on by man stink?[View]
167299447Yuru Camp: 6 days, how are you holding up?[View]
167198847Commit incest![View]
167311629Modern anime is the cancer killing the medium.[View]
167324578Raildex: No PV on sight. New NT doesn't come out until April.[View]
167320883YU-NO: Is /a/ ready for anime to be saved by feel?[View]
167323574Post girls who attained happiness.[View]
167324430Rin teasing Shirou[View]
167321482>catch pic related on TV as a kid >no idea what it is but hey, cartoons! >scares me shitles…[View]
167319397Butterfly Storage: I was actually really really worried she would die.[View]
167324151Koi wa Ameagari no You ni: >Eh, nandatte?[View]
167320708ITT: Overrated shit[View]
167321411Is this the most overrated and shitty Gundam series ever made? It had the worst OP too. How did Sunr…[View]
167268929Aikatsu: What are your thoughts on these spoilers?[View]
167322258Did anime peak?[View]
167319390jojo: should i watch jojo's bizzare adventures then stardust crusaders or just skip to stardust…[View]
167320864Is this anime worht watching?[View]
167316842Admit it: The only decent character in this shitty anime besides Kakashi[View]
167323764Who's the protagonist of Yugami-kun ni wa Tomadochi ga Inai?: Is Yugami the protagonist or just…[View]
167308122what's the most overrated piece of gargabe anime ever?: and why is it spice & wolf?[View]
167323194Was it autism?[View]
167323065>ominous drum sounds[View]
167322234'You're a big guy,' said Manato.[View]
167322067New episode today! Place your bets on the voice actor couples this time.[View]
167295025ITT only top-tier wife material[View]
167322176Am I allowed to like Naruto /a/?[View]
167319986Flip Flappipikku: >COCONA[View]
167320425He's the best he is at what he does. But what he does best, isn't very nice.[View]
167322448This is Madison Taylor.[View]
167322766What the hell happened to Coconuts? He's looking rough[View]
167321298>fried noodles >chopsticks I thought this was supposed to be a European setting?…[View]
167322681This doesn't make sense. Why would any of the executives side with Mujin against Jin? Also any …[View]
167302946Is there anything more unrealistic in anime than a christmas cake? I would rather believe in spiral …[View]
167321605>mfw the anime has a female protagonist[View]
167314839Last anime you watched...: has the MC swapped with Satoo from Death March. The main heroine is also …[View]
167321696ITT: Good shows that will never get a second season[View]
167318534Azumanga Daioh - 2018 Remastered Edition: I'm pleased to say that the first part of the Azumang…[View]
167320598Rurouni Kenshin Hokkaido-hen: If rappers can make albums from jail then a mangaka can make manga fro…[View]
167321697So I picked this to knock off my backlog on a whim and I'm on season 3. Do I just have to incre…[View]
167321620ah ah ah ah~ ah ah ah ah~[View]
167321638I'm making a parody 3D model of top ramen, and I need some body text to put on the top where th…[View]
167321570Is it just me or is Kekkai Sensen and Beyond way worse than season 1? -Very little new worldbuilding…[View]
167246678Houseki no Kuni: I just finished the Houseki no Kuni anime. Does the manga go on for longer? If so, …[View]
167315434Dragon Ball Super: So now that this garbage is over, can we finally man up and admit gt was better?…[View]
167319752Love Live?[View]
167321323Kaiba taking off in his Blue Eyes plane is unironically one of the best anime moments in history: ht…[View]
167321248most punchable scumbag on anime history.[View]
167319923Why do normalfags put Asuka down as a great tsundere, when she is rarely (debatably not even at ll) …[View]
167320246I do not know what anime to watch, help me[View]
167319070How is it possible for something so beautiful to exist?[View]
167314762So now that this colossal piece of shit is ending, what happens next? The ratings in the last 30 epi…[View]
167318837you dick her sea[View]
167321013You DENSE mother fucker.[View]
167312189Why does it seem like so many male highschool students in anime are /k/?[View]
167318204Can we talk about this manga?: Arigatou: This manga Arigatou by Yamamoto Naoki is probably the most …[View]
167316989I feel like Yuushibu could've been a lot more than what the show was. No idea if the LN was the…[View]
167311235Is there a reason why Mahiro would ever dislike this cute frenchman?[View]
167311636IIT: Anime that are super niche[View]
167319312ITT: Anime pet peeves: >Another anime about a group of girls being competent at something Serious…[View]
167315613I don't think little girls should be doing this.[View]
167318760Jojo bizarre adventure can solo naruto[View]
167314166Who do you think is the strongest anime character? Pic related[View]
167318426Devilman: I'm on a mission to watch all things Devilman. I'm watching The Birth at the mom…[View]
167305836Cardcaptor Sakura Thread: When will Touya and Yue interact more?[View]
167319373Re:Creators: first two chapters of the spinoff manga were translated[View]
167317430how do we make this happen?[View]
167320288What's the best sci-fi manga and why it is Kanata no Astra?[View]
167283809Dr. Stone chapter 43: Chapter is up. I'm not going to post the pages, feel free to do it yourse…[View]
167304312Isn't this rape?[View]
167293183Garo: Vanishing Line: ep 14 is a Luke episode[View]
167310893>trying to save as many people as possible is idiotic and will not work! I don't get it. Wha…[View]
167312009Tokyo Ghoul:re 157 Pre-chapter Discussion/Spoilers: It's time. As we know, spoilers could drop …[View]
167318014Holy shit this was kino.[View]
167317355This is a japanese: white grill.[View]
1673057203x3 thread: Rate and hate[View]
167317984I've just started reading this and i'm wondering, are her turds giant sized? what does she…[View]
167319121Do you think Naruto's talk no jutsu would work in real life bad people? I bet even George Soros…[View]
167318518daily reminder that Griffith did nothing wrong[View]
167314777>its a body horror episode[View]
167308839It's out[View]
167313486Violet Evergarden: How would I go about recutting these episodes?[View]
167314009Find a flaw[View]
167279235Shokugeki no Souma: Just fuck already.[View]
167311608Fate/Extra: Last Encore: You will provide me immediately with the leaked OP in good quality. Umu.…[View]
167310564It's Friday night Let's play some geimu's, onii-chan[View]
167310221>She sees your dick[View]
167307340So I finally got round to watching Serial Experiments Lain. It was... interesting. What are your tho…[View]
167313023Does this expression make you feel intimidated?[View]
167115693Re:Zero: It's January 16 in Japan. You know what that means.[View]
167317994I must have more of this anime: why wont they make more?[View]
167318311When did the magical girl genre start targeting 30 year old males as their primary audience?[View]
167296281I haven't seen a reaction image thread in a while. Where ya'll at?[View]
167317139Say your prayers, Nichijou haters.[View]
167315663Why does this faggot keep hanging around?[View]
167315753Do comparison charts like these exist for other anime?[View]
167317972ITT: Spin offs better than the original.[View]
167309087>Best isekai manga >worst translations by far Christ. It's not fair.…[View]
167317808Imagine hating enjoyable/fun shows just because they aren't thought-provoking or deep. How path…[View]
167315315>Best OP of the season >Best ED of the season >Solid premise >Interesting family dynamic…[View]
167317629Bullying stops right here right now![View]
167316078Headpats are the ultimate form of love and friendship.[View]
167287495Nanatsu no Taizai 251 Spoiler: The king of Liones is informed of the return of the people and receiv…[View]
167314288The good old days.[View]
167278146Sub or dub?[View]
167313739Romeo x Juliet: I just rewatched this and don't think I will be watching it again. This is Herm…[View]
167311093Mekakucity Actors: What's with the hate for this? It wasn't that bad.[View]
167268527raildex: Nobody could have predicted a Tezcatlipoca thread. Lets talk about the most underrated god.…[View]
167310117Wait a minute why in the fuck wouldn't she immediately get fired. Everyone is just a colossal p…[View]
167315514I want to love and protect her /a/[View]
167316249Anyone else incredibly jealous of Yuuta for having this qt to cuddle/fuck/headpat?[View]
167311082Who's your favorite Brown girl in anime?[View]
167313855Panties: the thread[View]
167313248Who is your favorite band/singer?[View]
167316094Name a better MC than Cobra.[View]
167316034What would you're waifu's name be if her show was dubbed by 4kids? Rita Lee here[View]
167315376God tier OP thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYhVtMSQ-Nw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yM6-…[View]
167314597JustlivingintheDatabase: So I'm currently watching (I'm very late I know) Log Horizon beca…[View]
167315940When the fuck is this coming out?[View]
167315894Be honest, fellas, is it gay?? [View]
167307149Batoto's Death moved to the 25th.[View]
167315806You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
167311072How can characters like this exist? Hes still a minor. His parents can just force him to go to schoo…[View]
167315744ITT: Girls who get turned on by the thought of accidentally getting pregnant[View]
167315652Lookism: anyone reading this koreanshit? is really good and i have a blast reading it i like more th…[View]
167315558>My Vampire Older Sister and Zombie Little Sister Have Gotten Into a Pretty Serious Fight…Only in…[View]
167315487It is time to decide: Kukuri or Juju?[View]
167313182Hibiki - Shousetsuka ni Naru Houhou: New chapter[View]
167301791power level thread: who can beat it[View]
167308052Immortal: Serious question, when did Vegeta give up his bid for immortality? I mean surely with the …[View]
167315160Gakkougurashi: stupid dog lol[View]
167310532ITT: Forgotten anime[View]
167306671How come there isn't any chess(-dedicated) anime? It seems like the perfect game for a dramatic…[View]
167314921Anime and/or manga with good character designs[View]
167290687>The villain is gay for the main character.[View]
167314233ITT: forgotten best girls[View]
167206964Hinata is sex on legs.[View]
167299405best character in HxH[View]
167313147I didn't know that Cocoa, Chino, and Rize looked like this before koi underwent art style evolu…[View]
167314006Why does she want to stop these girls from going to the hotel? What will they do in the hotel? Why i…[View]
167293881VIOLET EVERGARDEN IS A BEAUTIFUL ANIME: Aaahhhhhhhh its a pain in the ass when people dont understan…[View]
167241316Shingeki no Kyojin: What do you think will happen to Liberio in chapter 102? Do you think that Armin…[View]
167312950Berserk: Berserk tomorrow? Last chapter was released on 21st of December so should be real soon…[View]
167307761Spring 2018: Which anime will you be watching next season?[View]
167311186Adult Yoko >>>>> Teenage Yoko[View]
167313920What did you learn from this deep and thought provoking show?[View]
167313084Did he really die?[View]
167313381Does /a/ still hate them?[View]
167300242Actage or Act-age Chapter 1 Raw: New WSJ manga. The art is pretty.[View]
167307755>This suppose to be genderless BULL-FUCKING-SHIT[View]
167313728Storytime - Cat-eyed Boy - UMEZU Kazuo: Hey. Dumping part of Viz's Nekome Kozou. >Cat-Eyed B…[View]
167275626Goblin Slayer: The Goblining ; Part 2 of the Slayering: >simple premise of fantasy, adventurers, …[View]
167312515Is Hirasawa Yui autistic?[View]
16731296625+ is prime[View]
167307237Why do they do this?[View]
167312267What is your opinion on reverse character development?[View]
167307827Legitimately one of the funniest anime I've ever watched. It's like watching an older and …[View]
167312173bath scenes: Can we talk about the fucked up bath scenes in Jojo real quick? >part 2 Joseph spies…[View]
167158785Would you a Phoenix?[View]
167308135Post beautiful male/female friendships from anime/manga.[View]
167272097One Punch Man chapter 127: It's out and there's a rough translation available. >https:/…[View]
167308280post anime music that give you goosebumps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnaC0RgEPCw https://www.yo…[View]
167312584Hyouka: So this is what subtle character growth looks like.[View]
167312563ITT: Mincemeat[View]
167308563Buyfag thread: Do you collect FAGs?[View]
167311552Everyone is literal god mode now so why haven't the fights scaled properly? We dont see any cra…[View]
167306075TYPE - MOON: Who's the best TM protagonist? And why is it Shirou?[View]
167309952In what anime the best girl doesn't win?[View]
167308146Info on season 3? Or what chap to read it in the manga?[View]
167306090What was her problem?[View]
167311870Anime Hair: What's the strangest hair of all anime, and what are your thoughts on hair trends l…[View]
167312183Is the Cowboy Bebop manga any good?[View]
167302208Miira no Kaikata / How to keep a mummy: >show about mummies >it's dead on arrival…[View]
167303504I want Mugi to sit on my face[View]
167307413You would have signed her contract, right, anon-kun?[View]
167270783ITT: Perfect and CANON couples: Canon means they actually became a couple, not just hinted at or lef…[View]
167307712Frame Arms Girl: 'I want to body swap with Ao!'[View]
167307510Why didn't Kiritsugu rescue Sakura from the Matou family mansion when he went there to interrog…[View]
167309446What is this face trying to convey?[View]
167310389Walkure Won't Betray You!: 'Walkure Won't Betray You' music video. https://www.bilibili.co…[View]
167304829If an anime were a restaurant: explain an anime as a restaurant[View]
167310776Mordred deserves to be the king[View]
167306186Heaven's Feel is coming to Mexico. http://cinepolis.com/contenidos-alternativos/pelicula/fate-s…[View]
167311057How is she so perfect?[View]
167302473Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody: What does /a/ think of this new isekai? I liked the idea…[View]
167310740Devilman Crybaby: >there are people who watched Devilman and still don't know who Go Nagai i…[View]
167309288Daily reminder Sakura is a bad mom[View]
167306746i am only 4 episodes in and this is already better than the vast majority of kyoani shows. i thought…[View]
167308648What the fuck kind of ending is this? I'm expected to believe that she's allowed to ruin t…[View]
167286235Devilman Crybaby: >there are people who legitimately hate Devilman No, I don't mean people w…[View]
167303448What happy ending would you give to Mami-san? Honestly she deserves one.[View]
167305241Why didn't he produce a nuke with UBW to end the war in one day[View]
167304281Dragon Ball Super: The Anime is over. What are your honest thoughts?[View]
167307485I didn't intend to cry today.[View]
167308529i'll give it my all...tomorrow: anyone read this? i bought it on a whim a few years back and it…[View]
167310053https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULi2uGhyQzI JIREN BTFO[View]
167305853You're in the Winter 2018 Grail War and you can pick only one of these MCs and their shows to w…[View]
167308082New Game!!! getting announced when?[View]
167308874When will madokami open registration again? pic unrelated[View]
167308496Scene that made you go 'Damn.'[View]
167297548Is there an updated version of pic related? Also Hunter x Hunter thread[View]
167307688I just finished reading Oyasumi Punpun Somebody please hold me I'm not sure if I should be angr…[View]
167295881What the fuck was her problem?[View]
167308020Fate: >so this... is the power... of rank A instinct... whoa[View]
167309295Oh my God! What was even the point of this?! Why does her eyebrows gotta look like that???[View]
167278308>this design What went so wrong?[View]
167277032ITT: Anime Characters that are universary hated: I start with an easy one.[View]
167309218what shirou is the best shirou[View]
167299720My Hero Academia: Chapter out on Jaimini's Box. https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/my-hero-ac…[View]
167308097Why is she a traitor /a/?[View]
167159871Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou: I have a doubt, Yuu and Chi end up dying? Or alone is a open ending?[View]
167229505Jojo: Kakyoin should've survived instead of Joseph.[View]
167301877Toriyama is very disappointed with the DB fans!: According to Hideki Hiroshima, Dragon Ball Super…[View]
167308462I'm in love[View]
167299223does being attracted to tsunderes mean you have mental problems?[View]
167305778Why are we still here? Just to suffer?[View]
167274869Remember, stop pirating and buy a subscription to a LEGAL streaming site! It's worth every penn…[View]
167305112What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
167308028Why am I so obsessed with this? I played it for first time like 5y ago and keep replaying 2-3 times …[View]
167307977>spend 30 episodes dealing with time travel, training, figuring out who Black is, fighting Zamasu…[View]
167303218WATASHI NO SEKAI[View]
167296541ITT: Characters that ruined the whole anime[View]
167307016I though japs were suppose to be based instead they shove this dyke plot in my face disgusting[View]
167303939Overrated shit?[View]
167297423Killing Bites: New ep is out. More /fit/ badger girl shenanigans[View]
167307762Remember when /a/ wia[View]
167300547I want to ______ Kumiko chan: Well?[View]
167228234Love Live: I thought she was american and her name was Mary O'hara.[View]
167286142Dragon Ball super will continue. Official tweet. Stop shittalking now[View]
167302989Akagi: I'm on chapter 150 and the pace is getting tedious and glacial, i don't know if i c…[View]
167282511Kemono Friends: So innocent. Wretched Beasts must not bully Cerulean.[View]
167238938ITT: Forgotten anime[View]
167302827ITT: Post an anime character without actually posting it.[View]
167306672Now that seasonal anime is the law. Will animes have shorter hiatus?[View]
167299696>'it can't be helped'[View]
167306686MANGA apprecation thread: PVC scales and SOL anime when?[View]
167306636Is mangaupdates.com down for anyone else? I need to check and see which mangas haven't been upd…[View]
167266023Buyfag thread[View]
167306593In Black Lagoon episode 17, you see Fratelli Meu's brothers leg. He was killed by Balalaika 2 e…[View]
167292880Did Louise set a new standard for tsundere characters?[View]
167289527Remakes & revivals: This year alone: >new Cardcaptor Sakura >new Devilman >new FLCL …[View]
167296260Violet Evergarden: She's so ugly, why do I feel so attracted to her?[View]
167303333What the fuck, is Yoh wearing a WEED shirt?[View]
167302191Devilman Crybaby: AOTS or shit-tier adaption?[View]
167304017Infinite Stratos: Do you think they will animate the spin-off?[View]
167291786Lupin III Part 5 teaser: https://my.mixtape.moe/ayeexc.mp4 can't find a source without that ann…[View]
167305929How is it?[View]
167303694Gin to Kin: Does anyone know where I can find a convenient zip or torrent or even a mediafire folder…[View]
167305833>slut ai gfs won't be a thing in your lifetime Why do we exist? Just to suffer?…[View]
167305657shirou summon the main character of the last anime you saw[View]
167305351ITT we praise the true unsung heroes of their series[View]
167298418If Kaioken doubles your power, what does Kaioken x2 do?[View]
167304452How was this steaming pile of shit allowed? How are people so fucking stupid and blind to how low qu…[View]
167303401Who was the best girl?[View]
167297892Dragon Ball Super: Bye bye Toei fanfic Anime[View]
167304448how are those new years resolutions going /a/?[View]
167304242How would you describe Yui?[View]
167304142>Claudia Pffff[View]
167275396Cells At Work TV Series Announcement: You wouldn't fuck a red blood cell, would you? http://yar…[View]
167303711Shimoneta: What should I expect from pic related? From what I've seen girl in pic is lewd for M…[View]
167300032Darling in the FranXX: so it's a Boy riding a Girl who is riding a Robot.[View]
167302440Jesus Christ she is thirsty.[View]
167299846Why is she the only good oppai loli?[View]
167297137Dagashi Kashi 102: dumping[View]
167291268Today is Sugiura Ayano's birthday! Say something nice to this tsun tsun tsunami.[View]
167301327Why is the first two Gundam so autistic and bad? ZZ is much better.[View]
167275929ITT: Characters too good for their respective series.[View]
167302517Yoko is cute! CUTE![View]
167302265Simon didn't deserve this ending[View]
167303029Does holograms hurt?[View]
167300239Anyone else misses Tomoko's thoughts?: I have nothing against character development, and presen…[View]
167293248So in the end, what did everyone think of Black Lagoon? Love it? Hate it? I don't really hear a…[View]
167302795>Is a young genius that can hack into multiple people's phones >Doesn't know that pe…[View]
167300638Why are anime girls always hungry?[View]
167302753ITT: Shows you will never watch due to shit character designs[View]
167299640Bozebeats: Chapter 2 raw https://netabare.city/archives/16516[View]
167301148Why do people unironically like this show for any reason besides 'huhuh it has le funni memes xd'?[View]
167301196Grand Blue: When will Azusa discovers that Iori only swings one way? Do you think it'll ruin th…[View]
167302574Ito Junji: Collection: What did you think of episode 3? What did you like better, Crossroads or Slug…[View]
167281525Slayers: April 1st came early. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2018-01-18/slayers-novels-get-s…[View]
167288278Would you like to see more fat characters in anime?[View]
167290258How does kyoani do it?[View]
167302455Overlord: The ride never ends Edition: Lizard arc is best arc[View]
167300569Best/Worst Monogatari OP/ED's: This was a hard choice, but pic related for best. Unpopular opin…[View]
167299169Idolish7: What the hell is that pink thing?[View]
167294006Is Fate/Zero canon?[View]
167302244Ainz's has awesome armor.: Ainz looks so badass in his armored form. I know he is weaker, but h…[View]
167298877Tiger & Bunny S2: Provided the new anime announcement is for season 2 and not some shit OVA or n…[View]
167300185post hetero magical girl[View]
167285107Toji no Miko: New episode in an hour Subs in 4 hours 24 episodes confirmed[View]
167300235So is it gonna be moved to an adult timeslot or what?[View]
167293124Sharkteeth characters are the best! Magane is the best of the best![View]
167293551Kimetsu no Yaiba 94 Korean Scans:: http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/fMzPohwkUpg[View]
167301970Is there any MC similar to him?[View]
167299750Boku no Hero Academia: Why does he Twinkle? What is his motivation? https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/r…[View]
167301953>Madara: wants to be proactive and stop suffering and conflict >Hashirama: Is a retarded ideal…[View]
167297484Now what?[View]
167288950The Promised Neverland chapter 071 Korean scans: Looks like we're getting pretty close to Miner…[View]
167297874Could someone explain the last two episodes for me? Am I just dumb? I have no clue what was going on[View]
167301079I'm not sure if my thread about this posted due to my shitty internet but Ever relate to a mang…[View]
167298265Aoi Bungaku Series: first story was too long for its own good second story was terrible from a narra…[View]
167284806>Flop Floppers[View]
167298260Boruto: New chapter out http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/Dkw5n8EkQuQ[View]
167300848ITT: post your best girl[View]
167299661Is Yoshiko analphabet?[View]
167284641Isnt there a single pure FSN girl? Even the child of god is an hedoistic slut[View]
167285262Darling in the FranXX: 015 vs 002[View]
167297818Are anime /his/?[View]
167295315So is this supposed to be the anime equivalent of Robot Chicken?[View]
167278059What is the future of Studio Ghibli? Hayao Miyazaki is getting old enough that his upcomoing 'last f…[View]
167299773K-On!!: Why has no one surpassed it?[View]
167272678Describe her without using 'A'-words.[View]
167298856What were they thinking?[View]
167299583Ito Junji: Collection: Slugooo girl and crossroads episode. Crossroads is whatever. Sluggoooo girl i…[View]
167298491WHAT A THRILL[View]
167299366Satoo: Death March is for cultured men. Discuss.[View]
167296932ITT: kino[View]
167298215Bleach: Anime when?[View]
167299135ONII-CHAN!!! KIBISHI!!![View]
167299305Fuck making the world a better place. Status qo is the best everything should just remain the same.[View]
167297992I really wanted to see him in the chimera ant arc, this is sad.[View]
167298960Why is this season's friday so great? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfVsfOSbJY0…[View]
167298791Jigoku Shoujo Yoi no Togi: was it the weakest of Jigoku Shoujo series? its seemed cheaper and less i…[View]
167298774where are all the mecha that sexulize the boys outfits more or equal to the girls??[View]
167298764'it's just a prank, bro'[View]
167298722'That' Track: >Up Next: From Here to Eternity[View]
167298297You didn't forget about Rusalka-chan, did you?[View]
167296994When will we get a second season of PSG featuring the demon sisters rescuing Panty from Kneesocks?[View]
167289524Her outfit was rather risky[View]
167292123Dragon Ball Super: >Hiroyuki Sakurada and Masatoshi Chioka (Director and Producer of Dragon Ball …[View]
167293806Devilman Crybaby: What was the message?[View]
167220061Is Sakura-chan a good little sister?[View]
167298404Long, bushy ponytails are LITERALLY the optimal female hairstyle. You cannot disprove this. As evid…[View]
167297858The Anime is dead but at least we stay with Toriyama/Toyotaro canon Manga[View]
167285445Why can't he just take the hint?[View]
167297547Don't mind me, just being the show that all 'intellectual' mech shows are derivative of.[View]
167297822what expression is this supposed to be[View]
167228797Drawthread: Draw or request /a/rt[View]
167297837Have any of you ever fallen in love with a fictional character before?[View]
167288449Best OP/EDs of the season: Best OP 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bl1ZI-J6hM 2. https://www.you…[View]
167257652Boruto: Chapter releases in 12 hours. Rumors that Bort will get the scar over his eye this chapter. …[View]
167281935Yuru Camp: Is Nadeshiko a yuru pixie dream girl?[View]
167252072Citrus: Mei is gonna take the right decision, lads.[View]
167288253Would Violet Evergarbage actually have lived up to its hype if they had done it?[View]
167292231Post canonically ugly characters.[View]
167295085>MC pretends to be weaker than the main girl Name me a better manganime trope.…[View]
167297442fate stay night: shirou summon the main character of the last anime you saw[View]
167292207My Hero Academia: Deku is the first rape victim. Reminder that next victims are birb and dark shadow…[View]
167297278When will Sayaka get to win?: >gets cucked by her best friend >according to the writers, even …[View]
167297268DESU WA[View]
167292646Osomatsu-san: There's too low amount of best guy in the new season[View]
167296452Multiple little Sisters > Only One Sister[View]
167290288How can one man be so based?[View]
167286013Every day is a good day to worship Umaru[View]
167293553>15 years old[View]
167296503>hurr must find Kira and kill him >Kira bad because he kill peeple >To get Kira I'll v…[View]
167284127Blend S? More Like Bland S(hit). This is the most overrated moeshit show since K-on. People only lik…[View]
167294209No... don't approach her. Damn it! Can't a bitch, just once, face the consequences of bein…[View]
167284857Saki 184 raw - tanoshii: After the last Saki thread died with some 15 posts while having leaks, it…[View]
167293995Post yfw Son Goku and his friends return[View]
167292843Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters: Netflix Godzilla is sh- She showed for two seconds at the end and …[View]
167287513Slow Start: Anybody watching?[View]
167295346Does Go Nagai hate gays or something?[View]
167295607Himekishi ga Classmate chapters 1-5: Where can I Download chapters 1-5 from Rapeman Scans ? I want a…[View]
167296195Why do video game adaptations almost always suck? It makes sense for studios to pour money into LN a…[View]
167293026What does /a/ think of Yawara? Is she cute?[View]
167239383Ramen daisuki koizumi-san: Itadakimasu.[View]
1672946834/10 anime girls thread[View]
167289607ore monogatari: she likes it big[View]
167288787Shit characters: ITT: completely unnecessary characters that only made the show worse. >'fart jok…[View]
167294776Mao is best girl and Loli Mao is super cute, that is all.[View]
167234252We Never Learn (Boku-tachi Wa Benkyou Ga Dekinai): New chapter will soon.[View]
167285469>***,*49位/***,*51位 ◎ (***,425 pt) [*,*11予約] 2018/03/28 ゆるキャン△ 1 [Blu-ray] Where were you when com…[View]
167293921ITT:: post 10/10 EDs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEP0imLkBl4[View]
167294236>Ping Pong the Animation >Devilman Crybaby >Music: Kensuke Ushio Holy fuck this guy is good…[View]
167279239Violet Evergarden - Anime and Novel: Episode 1: Violet Hairkino Episode 2: Erica Everkino Episode 3:…[View]
167280351Overlord: When will we get to see Ainz mape the raids?[View]
167292752Is he biggest Bro of all time?[View]
167284583Buddy Complex: What does /a/ think of Gundam SEED: time travel edition? I liked it.[View]
167293889>hellsing >welcome to the NHK >last exile >kaleido star >full meta panic >gantz …[View]
167295096power level thread: who can beat it[View]
167288032I don't get it[View]
167292652Rance is now the MC of the last anime you watched.: What would happen?[View]
167287564What was the relationship between these two like?[View]
167292661How the fuck did Nasu approve this level of graphic violence to the point of exposed bones?[View]
167291824>ugly hair color >ugly hair style >ugly eyes >punchable face Worst girl.…[View]
167293967What does /a/ think of anime girls who drink alcohol?: >tfw ywn take Cattleya out for a drink and…[View]
167284053Watamote: It's going to be a disaster next chapter[View]
167291967>Crunchyroll Anime Awards >Lists Tanya as a candidate for Best Villain >Not a candidate for…[View]
167293871OfA: Genuine question, if she swallow his sperm, will she get OfA? Is this final prize of winning De…[View]
167293529Beatless: Episode 2 soon.[View]
167292307Post useless fap bait![View]
167291258what was the point of this episode? alternate question: how does kaworu manage to be such a memorabl…[View]
167293259How did every single Espada die but none of the Soul Reapers died?[View]
167291327Will she die alone?[View]
167288301Dragon Ball Super Matchup Leaked: Here we go, from 5ch: 1/21 124話 残り6分 疾風怒涛の 猛襲!悟飯背水の陣 悟飯ディスポ脱落 1/28…[View]
167291495Kiss Him Not Me: Why is every single character in the manga in love with Kae?[View]
167285430What sorcery is this?[View]
167292672Fate/Nobu when?[View]
167284117NO NO NO NO NO NO: >Super is done in 7 episodes due to poor popularity >rumours say they think…[View]
167292495Two Car: daily Two Car[View]
167289968fate stay night: shirou summon the main character of the last anime you saw[View]
167286948ITT: Characters that didn't deserve their fate[View]
167287231Can you imagine the shitstorm on /a/ if this aired today?[View]
167289914cheap slut[View]
167289061>Starting saturday won't be able to read manga or watch anime for about 2-3 months Kinda loo…[View]
167247139Please don't bully me, Nagatoro: This is going way too fast. She's already going to kiss h…[View]
167290225This is such bull, why didn't they say she drank at home under the supervision of her parents? …[View]
167287734redpill me on the state of animu upscaling in the year of our lord 2018. is nnedi3 still the best th…[View]
167291713Looking for this Anime: All i have is this gif[View]
167290577Sekirei: Going to dump the raws for chapter 8 of Kanojo no Inai 365-Hi no Koto.[View]
167291252>You will never go back to watching Cross Ange for the first time with /v/ Life is truly hard, ha…[View]
167286963It's still working.[View]
1672896347 Seeds: What does /a/ think of this?[View]
167274693Violet Evergarden: Mods deleted the other thread for some reason, maybe they don't like the sho…[View]
167291235Nanatsu no Bitoku Thread: http://www.moeyo.com/article/94099 Interview with the voice actresses. An…[View]
167249251Shonen Jump 1973 - 1978: 1968 - 1973 >>167209591 Time to see the hits of these five years. Thi…[View]
167283697one piece: it's friday. you know what that means? break week is over[View]
167263822Asuka Langley: why do they call her 'tsundere'? she never 'dere', she always 'tsun'[View]
167290548How much value do you put into visual direction?[View]
167284249What does /a/ think of Parasyte?[View]
167291694Non-english subs: What are the best subtitle groups for european languages? What european language …[View]
167291684Can anyone interpret this?: It's from violet evergarden episode 2, and translated from anime…[View]
167288727Holy fuck is this arc overrated: >entire arc is one huge action scene; falls flat considering the…[View]
167291228ITT: manga only you read[View]
167291157Key the Metal Idol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9y7KrcfuxAw Lain wished that she was this cool. …[View]
167291203Macross Delta: Mikumo will never sing the borg song for you![View]
167270071>/a/ calls a show overrated >it's actually good…[View]
167270880Steins Gate 0: How likely is it that Kurisu is going to be disliked and labelled as a mary sue after…[View]
167289159>really like a VA >she gets a role for a characters that gets painfully murdered How do I hand…[View]
167289306If I were Issei I'd elope with Asia and breed a family with her.[View]
167291030I didn't know they still made anime this cheap looking, badly and full of shit. Was this just a…[View]
167267447Fuck.: Why didn't they make Kurapika a girl?? Or at least not make him look like a girl when he…[View]
167274178Stupid Adorable Comm Shit: Dumping Komi-san wa Konyusho desu If you think Aspe-chan was cute, you ai…[View]
167286483What is /a/'s stance on daughters?[View]
167289633ITT: Underrated Anime[View]
167290509This picture is physically painful to look at. Confessing your feelings to Hazuki and being turned d…[View]
167258588Death March 02: Don't talk to me or my pets ever again.[View]
167288631Do you ever buy art book compilations of manga you like?[View]
167274364Was Premiere an attempt to remake Yui? As in create a character that actually feels like a daughter …[View]
167288518Umi is love.[View]
167288080How can a regular schoolgirl be so intimidating?[View]
167261995Is Taiga marriage material?[View]
167287065How can we improve this violent tsundere bitch called Shinka? How about other violent tsundere bitch…[View]
167282788Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 167: Out on Jaiminisbox: https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/read/my-hero-a…[View]
167280890I enjoy the fact that she speaks so little, but we know so much about her anyways. Good animation by…[View]
167288021She's a cute lesbian.[View]
167288338Such a responsible and diligent boy, the perfect partner for my daughter[View]
167285617Better than violet evergarden[View]
167288820Anybody else kind of Tomoaki Maeno being fucking everywhere?[View]
167289164Are Anime Titties Aerodynamic: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/322530755_Analysis_and_Quali…[View]
167280785Is there a reason why JS/JC idols are always the most loved by fans?[View]
167280301I'm watching the original Cardcaptor Sakura to get caught up on the new series. What am I in fo…[View]
167287862What's her height?[View]
167288979Post absolutely terrible OPs https://youtu.be/RNu46BRGx3k[View]
167286791minamoto-kun: guess who's back![View]
167285400hello I just finished berserk anime (old) and I'm finding it quite difficult to identify quite …[View]
167287003are you /m/ enought?[View]
167283274What is the best Gundam series and why are the other anons wrong?[View]
167264769Why is this terrible manga on the /a/ manga recommended section?[View]
167287836>Smartphone has 6.80 rating on MAL >Death March has 7.22 How?…[View]
167279775Dragon Ball Super is coming to an end: Post yfw the nightmare is almost over[View]
167286887It was shit. Miyazaki must be rolling in his grave[View]
167264679Have you done your homework yet, anon? https://www.researchgate.net/publication/322530755_Analysis_a…[View]
167286679ITT: Characters That Shouldn't Be Forgiven Starting with an obscure one, this cruel bitch shou…[View]
167285779A-any news about season 2? It hasn't been confirmed or anything?[View]
167285866ITT: great designs wasted on shit girls or shit series.[View]
167286831post couple or OTP that deserves to haves a child[View]
167286266Characters that only you liked[View]
167283676this is japenese detective[View]
167288219is Makino's virginity unobtainable?[View]
167243371have you ever felt physically ill by something happening in a manga or anime?[View]
167238899Classroom of the Elite: Dumping the rest of the translations of the trial reading of volume 7.5. Kep…[View]
167287219What's her problem?: Is it autism?[View]
167285033What's his name?[View]
167286321Why does everyone put madokami on such a high pedestal, powerwise? Isn't her power only relevan…[View]
167287688Could anyone translate this chinese comic plz: Found this comic from the internets and I'm wond…[View]
167285439RIP anime Too much moeshit[View]
167284481baki anime: fucking finally[View]
167217002ITT : Your favorite manga panel[View]
167287394Will it be only 12 episodes?[View]
167282427When you watch anime for the MC instead of the girls.[View]
167285074Black Clover Chapter 141: This here is why Black Clover is called the BNHA killer.[View]
167164323OPT - One Page Thread: Use the following to find the source of a page: https://saucenao.com/index.ph…[View]
167279222Black Clover 141: Let's go[View]
167283597Just why?[View]
167287007Shonen Jump Issue #9 Preview: Hunter x Hunter returns[View]
167286689WE ARE[View]
167285147'If I must die, I will encounter darkness as a bride, And hug it in mine arms.' - William Shakespear…[View]
167285187>OP by Mami Kawada[View]
167282974Blend S: Season 2 when?[View]
167286245So do we know which stories they're gonna do this week? Will they adapt another one with my boy…[View]
167280159I want to Get Along with My Childhood Friend: http://manga.fascans.com/manga/osananajimi-ni-najimita…[View]
167253208Saekano: You can only have one.[View]
167286118>download 80's/90's OVAs >native film grain so good…[View]
167239323ITT: Post an anime without actually posting it. Starting with an easy one.[View]
167256088Miira no Kaikata: Episode 2 is out for the cute mummy show.[View]
167277572>It's the year Two Thousand and Eighteen >Some people are still shitting on this average …[View]
167285563Are they special friends?[View]
167261483Darling in the FranXX: Shh, no more girls; time for robots now! EP2PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
167278061What does Chihaya think about right before going to bed?[View]
167253271Best girl in their respective series[View]
167281037Just finished the first episode of 'Boku dake ga Inai Machi' and I think this is way better than Wel…[View]
167272395What age did you stop watching 'serious' anime and realized you are waifufag? For me, it's when…[View]
167269048Cute anime cats[View]
167268578What makes an Opening sequence bad? I'll start: >Spoilers in OP >Characters running acros…[View]
167278737This is Shirase. She wants to go to Antarctica to see the penguins and exhume the frozen remains of …[View]
167262707Can we talk about how STACKED next season looks?: This season is okay, but Spring looks absolutely i…[View]
167263748Märchen Mädchen: Is it normal to have romantic feelings for Hazuki? She's the most feminine gir…[View]
167282187I like the anime and the girls for sure but there is something missing, a character for guys like us…[View]
167282134ITT: Spin offs better than the original.[View]
167278132I wanna sniff brat ass[View]
167235721Write a battle shounen manga/anime/game/novel plot: >Type of format (manga, anime, game or novel)…[View]
167270643DRAGON BALL SUPER CANCELLED. Thanks to the worst antagonist in the history of Dragon ball.. Casual d…[View]
167279681I didn't they could top Hyouka but they actually did it, they managed to make the most boring a…[View]
167271613Does /a/ like crazy girls ?[View]
167284411fate stay night: shirou summon the main character of the last anime you saw[View]
167283590Does this have any of the charm of the original?[View]
167283938Legend of Galactic Heroes - Ryu Fujisaki: Dumping ch93[View]
167278961>super is cancelled >boruto will be soon >Wan piss on surprise hiatus The day is coming my …[View]
167281577>watch a few eps of Yuri Camp because i like camping >it's cute >it's comfy >…[View]
167279427Madoka Magica: 2 hours before the end, what will be announced?[View]
167207626Literally the best thing to come out of anime in the past 5 years or so.[View]
167282679Is she a great character or does she just have a greatest of all time ass?[View]
167275373season 2 fucking when[View]
167271484Zeta Gundam: Is he actually?[View]
167281845Is this humanly possible or was he just able to do this because it's animation?[View]
167283404One eyed midget: >steals your timeslot[View]
167283344I summon you farmer-kun we need you and your tractor.[View]
167281944Why is Land of Waves such a big deal?: I dropped Naruto well before the infamous time skip, but why …[View]
167254957Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu.: Chapter 119[View]
167283060Slayers are getting a 16th volume. Here's to hoping they won't suddenly find child porn on…[View]
167282939Sheesh... Yuasa has another Kino under his wing[View]
167282909Is there a better anime arc than School Rumble's school shooting arc?[View]
167281855What is your opinion of Freezing? I thought it was kinda sucky, despite the ecchi and the meganekko …[View]
167148621Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan S2: Less than 10 hours until season 2. Who here is excited?[View]
167243555One Piece: Is Sanji the one arriving with the cake? How will he feed it to Big Mom?[View]
167276687Is this guy even human?[View]
167281945Junji Ito Collection: Are you ready for the third episode?[View]
167267335best anime ever: prove me wrong, you literally cant[View]
167278567Albedo true form is an octopus. Source: volume 10[View]
167280361>Make an anime adaptation of a 50 year old manga >'ZOMG, SO INNOVATIVE AND UNIQUE!'…[View]
167282629The age of consent in Japan is 13. T H I R T E E N H I R T E E N[View]
167272733do you like chubby lolis?[View]
167280948Has anime ever taught you something /a/?[View]
167274047Storytime - OPUS by Satoshi Kon: Today we reach the ending. Previous thread >>167226192 Chapte…[View]
167280495Amagami SS: Pure maiden with nothing to hide[View]
167279928Who said VN adaptations can't be better than their source material?[View]
167277896Just got back from the theater. Anyone else see this? I was pretty disappointed desu.[View]
167263994Watamote chapter 128[View]
167269120ITT: Anime you wished you didn't put off for years Just finished this little gem. I have feelin…[View]
167280006Marchen Madchen: I wanna bully this DORK[View]
167280175in a stunning win for gohanfags everywhere, super got cancelled now, before the inevitable remake th…[View]
167261791Reigen was the best character in the whole series, prove me wrong.[View]
167277293>mangaka creates and finishes a masterpiece >is never heard from again…[View]
167275638One will protect you. The other four will try to kill you.: Choose wisely.[View]
167279506What would you use this slutty robot for, /a/?[View]
167228265Is devilman crybaby a Yaoi?: I finished the whole anime and there is so much gay fan art all over Tw…[View]
167279536*monogatari: Owarimonogatari was cash. Why is there more after this? Also, why was Ougi looking for…[View]
167279472What does /a/ think of Oshikiri?[View]
167279759She's 81, how the fuck does she not get tired of voicing men who scream all the time?[View]
167254851I am actually deeply impressed. I remember that about 10 years ago I watched Vampire knight and tho…[View]
167272885Character designs you love from shows you didn't watch: Post girls you've fallen in love w…[View]
167252356I see so many controversial opinions on Hunter x Hunter. Can anyone actually break it down?[View]
167279445So I just watched Devilman Crybaby right now and finished it in one sitting being a huge fan of the …[View]
167279324What anime is the 3rd one from the left from?please help I remember seeing it but I cant remember it…[View]
167265877Yuru Camp: Nadeshiko is wife material[View]
167242383Shokugeki no Soma: Chapter 247 spoiler pics soon.[View]
167275243inb4 Keit-Ai[View]
167278916Were they justified in turning against Zero?[View]
167273908Dragon Ball Super: Now that the Anime is ending in 7 more episodes the Manga will have the spotlight…[View]
167273538Iida Pochi Appreciation Thread: Why is Iida Pochi such a miracle of the universe, /a/?[View]
167275017When does she let her guard down?[View]
167276850Magic Sword Cartoon From North Korea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1p75XqOyck&t=560s so this…[View]
167277685Violet doesn't need to be original when there are many other anime do things like this.[View]
167268844BEASTARS: Who else is hype for Ultra Instict Legosi?[View]
167271339Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens: She is the best girl of any show this season, right?[View]
167277858Are you excited for Prism Nana!?[View]
167277683'Draw a girl, call it a boy' is done a lot. But what about the opposite? Draw a boy, call it a girl…[View]
167275510Find a flaw.[View]
167274674ITT: characters that did nothing wrong.[View]
167270009Season 2 when? i want more Galko[View]
167262578Favorite Chinese characters: I feel like there's less Chinese characters in anime than there us…[View]
167276487Seishokuki: Why the FUCK has no one picked this up past chapter 47 in over a year?[View]
167274161Reeee creators: So, this bitch basically created a new universe to fuck off to and have eternal lesb…[View]
167266652Boku no Hero Academia: Chapter Soon probably[View]
167271093How gay does someone have to be in order to basically turn this down?[View]
167271032ITT: We post characters we want to become.[View]
167266273Koi wa Ameagari no You ni: The character designs in this show are really nice.[View]
167277753Illustration thread: Hey /a/, who's your favourite Japanese artist? I personally love Minaba Hi…[View]
167221683Why is prime 14 the best age for female characters?[View]
167277659Cat Soup: Is this the best /a/ film ever made?[View]
167267534Post that one show you watched years ago and looking back at it now makes you think >why the fuck…[View]
167271311can we get grimgar thread?[View]
167277327>OP by Mami Kawada[View]
167261928Slayers Sequel Novel: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2018-01-18/slayers-novels-get-sequel-aft…[View]
167275634Childhood is when you idolize Berserk. Adulthood is when you realize Claymore makes more sense.[View]
167268445Just finished this. Am I too drunk or did literally nothing happen on the last episode?[View]
167253047Overlord Thread!: - Praise Justice Edition - How close are we to see more on Sebas and his based cre…[View]
167274868Anime OST Threadapalooza: I've seen a bunch of OP and ED threads in the past while, a lot of th…[View]
167274101>Just rewatched Cromartie after several years >Still don't understand what was wrong with…[View]
167275151Ozen is my wife! Say something nice about her.[View]
167238055fate stay night: shirou summon the main character of the last anime you saw[View]
167276527why is ryo retarded? the natural order is wrong because it only determines only one value, not to me…[View]
167276404heh heh heh[View]
167272775Garden of Words: Foot fetish: the animation[View]
16726017031 is a prime number.[View]
167269463'Violet Evergarden', you say? That's a really nice story you have there. It was the first to wi…[View]
167273814hes going beyond both goku and vegeta right?[View]
167247467Dagashi Kashi 2: Did everyone drop this already? New episode in 13 minutes[View]
167274149How do you feel about fanservice in anime?[View]
167273244Major 2nd: This is your Shigeno for next season.[View]
167275466Just watched this. Why the fuck do people say it's bad? I unironically think it was fucking ou…[View]
167275290Fuck yes Cells at Work anime coming Can't wait to see cute platelets[View]
167275257This season's saberface show looks incredibly detailed[View]
167271709Just finished this. Not a bad show at all, but the plot twist came out of nowhere for me. Very, very…[View]
167273912ITT: Anime or Manga series with good art and character designs: Pic very related[View]
167268355movie BDs when?[View]
167273518Cover Art for 'Tsuki to Hanataba' by Sayuri (Fate/Extra Last Encore ED)[View]
167269062Fairy Tail: Mashima drew another shipping story. Why doesn't he draw hentai, /a/?…[View]
167269076The awful truth abnout Poptepipic - it doesn't suck: In the matter of truthfulness, one needs a…[View]
167272878Will Bkub do the unthinkable and devote a whole episode to this gag? I really hope he does[View]
167184085Just what the flying fuck is the appeal here?[View]
167270520Dragon Ball Super: The Super Anime may be ending in 7 more episodes but at least we stay with the tr…[View]
167273146>s7 never[View]
167265359Who was the worst protagonist of 2017?[View]
167269151What the fuck was his problem?[View]
167273782Favorite Anime Openings: Endings too. Post only your favorite of either. https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
167273981ITT find a better scene in anime that both makes you happy but also tears you up inside[View]
167273512IKUHARA THREAD: What'll his next masterpiece be about? Will he ever be able to top Utena? Will …[View]
167268691How are the Yu Gi Oh seasons?[View]
167266621What's you favorite thing about lolis? For me, it's a tie between their cute littlesmiles …[View]
167272034Eyeshield 21: Did /a/ like it? Was Hiruma the best boy?[View]
167270567Why didn't he carve transmutation circles on his gauntlets?[View]
167253691What's the purpose of this pairing?[View]
167269895What will be his final wish, /a/ ?[View]
167269638Who else here actually thinks Shion was a bit heartbroken her cousin rejected her non-existent confe…[View]
167268495raildex: Was it really destroyed?[View]
167270999Why did Gon barely give a fuck about Killua, and go after Ging instead? Seriously, his dad doesn…[View]
167273110Tomoyo: Why is she so best?[View]
167272317New Hiramoto work is fantasy isekai: thoughts?[View]
167272871Emiya-san Chi no Kyou no Gohan: PV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2h556Ttqi4[View]
167256956Killing Bites translations: Got translations I can translate back to english. Will start with ch 30…[View]
167261846Did she deserve it?[View]
167241531Just why?[View]
167271462Just read Oyasumi Punpun because there was a thread about it earlier. Do we really reap what we sow?…[View]
167266437stop browsing /a/ and finish watching the episode[View]
167270382Anyone one else really enjoying the boruto anime? The fights so far aren't that good but i can…[View]
167250967Was there ever a bigger asspull in the history of the entire medium?[View]
167271483I miss him[View]
167255350Violet Evergarden: What settings are you guys using to watch this show?[View]
167268515Bravo, Togashi: >ultimate goal is to meet his pops >never gives up and is sometimes foolhardy …[View]
167270976TRUE and HONEST VEG thread: How are you holding up my fellow evergardeners?! What did you thought ab…[View]
167266765Is Crybaby worth watching? Already been spoiled on most of it.[View]
167268668Why are they telling two series worth of stories at once?[View]
167269269Keiji: How are you holding up, Keijibros? Doing any rewatches/rereads?[View]
167269445What did KyoAni mean by this?[View]
167249052Love Snake![View]
167270730ITT: Post anime what never going to have a new season.[View]
167264295Is Tachibana the thirstiest girl of the season ?[View]
167267493Dragon Ball Super: The disgrace known as the Dragon Ball Super Toei Anime finally ends in March. Onl…[View]
167270733Frame Arms Girl: ASSIMILATE THE AHO[View]
167267369So you're telling me this is a girl?[View]
167266905Hibiki: Shousetsuka ni Naru Houhou: I still don't know what to think of it. A typical generic Y…[View]
167270235Who would win?[View]
167270309Yugioh: >What the fuck is this Arc-V shit and having cool, competent female characters? Let me se…[View]
167256405Which franchise is better and which fandom has more autism /a/?[View]
167268883Get inside the pachinko, Kaiji.[View]
167265595HAI YO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjITvchkHFQ[View]
167265249Danberu nan kiro moteru?: Another Thursday! Not a new RAW chapter, but a new ENG Chapter!! Let'…[View]
167269975Hibiki: >Gyaru >Attractive lol, stupid nips…[View]
167264768Why is she so ugly? This animu seems to be neat, but I can't watch it because of Tanya's f…[View]
167268554This is what peak Gundam looks like.[View]
167269617What happened to lewd anime? We had like 3 seasons without it already[View]
167268116What was the point of this character? >She's 12 >she likes dicks Is that it?…[View]
167267770Baki: ITT we thank Netflix for funding Baki anime. Thank you, Netflix.[View]
167260617Can someone explain to me why people defend this garbage?[View]
167268595It's airing in one hour (mountain standard time), if anyone didn't know, knows your last c…[View]
167262888>this whole scene Holy fuck thank you based Kyoani[View]
167240547Why does anyone fistfight in HxH when you can just kill the enemy with a cheap pacemaker sized bomb?[View]
167268755This was neat, the MC is space Eren. Its almost like Moby dick, but holy shit that cliffhanger endin…[View]
167267124What's wrong with this?[View]
167246926something seems off, doesn't it?[View]
167255585ITT: Anime girls that should be no ones waifu.[View]
167258820Fate/Apocrypha: Consensus on this entry compared to Zero and Stay Night? What do you think of the Al…[View]
167266420ITT: Characters that deserved to be in better shows[View]
167257340Ok, I dont wanna start watching this if its ending leaves me lusting for another season. Does it end…[View]
167268505Raildex: NT20 predictions? It's likely the April novel which will be revealed a few weeks, Alte…[View]
167212838ITT: Characters with the best fashion style.[View]
167262937Osomatsu-san: What did he mean by this?[View]
167250734Kengan Asura: Chapter 92 : Expert Pray for Rihito, lads.[View]
167260076Thoughts on Oyasumi Punpun? I want to hear anyone's interpretation of it, comments, or what the…[View]
167251727One punch man: It's out lads https://tonarinoyj.jp/episode/13932016480029295572 Dine and dash n…[View]
167267767Baja no Studio: >[giosann] Baja no Studio [BD][1080p][Opus][8561709B].mkv Can we put the Violet …[View]
167267815What the fuck, Simon? Literally why.[View]
167220866Kemono Friends: Are you surprised that FUNimation, Viz, Sentai, someone hasn't licensed/subbed …[View]
1672548853x3 thread: Lets to this you philistines. Does your taste match the /a/ approved standards?[View]
167237736Scanlation thread: What are you working on?[View]
167264301Dragon Ball Super: Anime Super is finally dead and now we stay with the superior Manga version of Su…[View]
167262212Name one show that does hand-drawn ships better. You can't. It's all CGI shit from here on…[View]
167246356>There are imouto on /a/ RIGHT NOW who have not mickey moused their Onii-chan. Disgusting.…[View]
167265223Post anime girls that should be wifes, just for beating and raping Those tits are the perfect puncin…[View]
167264816lol it's still up, i thought it was going offline today[View]
167266080The Climber: I'm on 109 right now and I'd say the biggest thing I've taken away is th…[View]
167221395Do you like big eyebrows?[View]
167228556Devilman Crybaby: What went wrong?[View]
167264288BNHA Spoilers when?[View]
167241235>usagi drop >not a single rabbit fell[View]
167251326Why do they not even try to make unique original shows anymore? Will it literally just be idol and G…[View]
167267052Devilman Crybaby: Just finished it. damn that was a disturbing watch, kinda cuestions your fate in h…[View]
167267074Knights of Sidonia: Is she the best looking heroine in anime history?[View]
167221134Aikatsu and Pripara thread: New episode soon[View]
167259061Why were the Saiyans so comfortable being lackeys to Frieza? Shouldn't they have a drive to kee…[View]
167263233Daily reminder Sakura is a bad mom[View]
167261093Chaos;Child: So I finished this yesterday, and I'm confused about the 'silent sky' OV…[View]
167266592Miirano Kaikata: Would you a 6,000yo mummy?[View]
167260801Why is this the most common seat for MCs? Is it so they don't have to animate other characters?[View]
167266603am i the only one hyped for tokyo ghoul :Re 2018?[View]
167265254Where did anime go wrong?[View]
167266496Is MiA kino?[View]
167261367How many of you actually buy physical media?[View]
167249589How can a childhood friend win? Is it even possible?[View]
167259604Erica: best girl from Violet Evergarden[View]
167210180/a/ makes a card game: >go to site >get a picture of your waifu, favorite anime, can be anythi…[View]
167266075buyfag thread: Is there such a thing as too big?[View]
167250993Why is Iori so much more popular than Yayoi?[View]
167251660so /a/ definition of edgy is everything that goes out of the kawaii/fanservice/slice of life/basic a…[View]
167240841So when is the movie coming out?[View]
167239786Raildex: Whats kamachi history of release during animatee seasons? In other words, will he pump out …[View]
167265303Rural Japan: Why do anime depict these areas as boring and places of shit?[View]
167265663>boys are the best at being girls >girls are the best at being boys…[View]
167260885ITT: Unironically good OPs. I'll start. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bl1ZI-J6hM[View]
167263731Mitsuboshi Colors: Why are lolis so evil?[View]
167264163Cavalier of the Abyss: So any news? Baka updates says it's finished with 145 volumes although i…[View]
167260156Don't open[View]
167243086I love emilia[View]
167257575When did you realize that girls in a decent outfit are better than naked girls?[View]
167241955Märchen Mädchen: Märchen Mädchen/Maerchen Maedchen Subs in under 2 hours.[View]
167264170Is there any anime you wish to see remade but know will never happen?[View]
167264732What anime shows did you drop but later picked up since the season was so bad? For me it was hyouka …[View]
167264493Kinnikuman thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVQPe75waIE You jokers been eating your Gyudon?…[View]
167257104Dragon Ball Super: https://twitter.com/Herms98/status/954086203044675584 >'Fuji TV says that whil…[View]
167257779What is your opinion on Ayame,anon?[View]
167262422I'm behind the times and still using kcp to watch stuff, is there a better alternative or shoul…[View]
167263313Best ojou-sama character?[View]
167220380Pop Team Epic: So who's best girl? [View]
167225631ITT: Times worst girl won[View]
167263800>mfw everyone forgot about Umaru[View]
167243138Koi wa Ameagari no You ni: Episode 2 in a few hours. Akira is fast, Tenchou is pure.[View]
167251016Yuru Camp: This much comfiness should be illegal[View]
167263843Japan sure likes leaves.[View]
167256802Bleach: Is Karin Kurosaki Bleach's biggest ruined potential?[View]
167259367Hand-drawn Frame Arms Girl: >>167242644 >>167242718 >>167242758 RAWs are a thing t…[View]
167248390MD Geist replaces the protagonist of the last anime you watched. How does it change?[View]
167260665Sousei no Onmyouji Benio manga: What is happening on this manga?[View]
167211699why do people watch this?[View]
167260592FUSHIGI MAHOU FUN FUN PHARMACY: GET IN LINE! CAPS LOCK EDITION EDIT.I lied, I used the 'Shift' butto…[View]
167247509What the fuck, he literally did nothing wrong. Did they just blame everything on him?[View]
167209246Buyfag thread: Do you own any kimono figures?[View]
167252778Was this the best love story ever told in Anime/Manga? Still makes me cry and gives me shivers every…[View]
167253976It would have been so perfect if Dragonball ended with Kuririn saying 'fuck you Goku' and just strai…[View]
167257754>Play with best girl's heart for 30 chapters >Finally accept her confession >STILL ign…[View]
167256452Am I the only here that thinks Guts has had enough suffering?[View]
167262076>45 year old man >had a wife, made a kid, got divorced >still acts like a high school stude…[View]
167249328Which anime is the most manly, /a/?[View]
167259703Devilman manga from CLAMP: Very gay. Akira and Ryo have a baby.[View]
167247977Mary and the witch's flower: Did you see it? will you see it?[View]
167254792Dragon Ball Super is cancelled!: >According to this newspaper, the new Gegege no Kitaro series wi…[View]
167247332power level thread: who can beat it[View]
167261931>Kills KanColle >Kills Kemono Friends Now I see why Zun never wanted a Touhou anime.…[View]
16723481110/10 episodes: It's been a while since I've updated this list, but the episode about Hina…[View]
167259606Is Guts relatable because he's full of regrets? Anime/manga protagonists are always so full of …[View]
167256132Wew, this shit is a bigger snoozefest than Hyouka.[View]
167258644What the fuck did I just watch?[View]
167261017>MC is dumb and naive beyond belief >other characters are pretty mediocre except for the Count…[View]
167258677Koi wa Ameagari no You ni: Why this is so fcking cute? This anime heals me rly[View]
167245977Darling in the Franxx: Why did they make such a good frame and then only use it for 1/12th of a seco…[View]
167258023Find me a better voice actress. You can't.[View]
167258433who wins???[View]
167240855Will the sequel suck?[View]
167247134Boku no Hero Academia: Is he a hero? Or a traitor? Only time will tell...[View]
167254834Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou: Anyone who likes this anime? It's my favorite. Hidenori has remai…[View]
167257042Kotonoha no niwa: nothing special[View]
167257634Holy fuck, why did I wait two weeks to watch this? Easily the best anime of the season and I missed …[View]
167229580Boruto: Was it a good first mission? I mean It was no zabuza arc but it was alright[View]
167198576THICC: How the japs can keep getting away it?[View]
167258652Better than anything that we got is Super so far desu[View]
167255309Would you let Mami ride you as her last request?[View]
167242979Kingdom 544[View]
167238243She's an easy woman.[View]
167258769Blasco in manga[View]
167255151So his big plan when he became God was 'Kill all poor and ugly people, and keep the attractive poor …[View]
167213103How long does it take for a japanese artist to achieve professional level manga art?[View]
167253598So I just finished watching the whole thing, the new series and I had already watched the Yuna arc. …[View]
167257462Fuck you I liked it[View]
167243212Beatless: 24 episodes confirmed >source LN is total 2 volumes then adapt to 24 episodes Wat?…[View]
167250941>anime 10 years ago had good stories and excellent animation >anime now is just some generic r…[View]
167258141Devilman 'The gayest scene ever': https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YM3lVxvf-sk[View]
167232995Why is nobody talking about this cute fucking show[View]
167257644Piano no Mori: What are you guys expecting from this new Piano no Mori anime?[View]
167251221Dragon Ball Super: Based Manga is out and Toei are a bunch of liars for hyping up shit that will nev…[View]
167253676under rated show[View]
167242970How come male characters always lose to females in fights?[View]
167177391Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku: Is it at least entertainingly bad?[View]
167249789Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san: Let's make Takagi say more bully things.[View]
167253376post bulge[View]
167256895Who was in the wrong here?[View]
167245245>let's repeat the same episode eight fucking times because that's art…[View]
167247213Let me be with you /a/.[View]
167248099of course i'll b-be your boyfriend, /a/. i'll do my best![View]
167254786Marchen Madchen: Am I the only one watching this?[View]
167247876I want to order a rabbit.[View]
167249504Was it really that bad?[View]
167222530is School Rumble a 'classic'?[View]
167248104Makes you think[View]
167254182Is there a sexier thing than wearing spats with ZR?[View]
167222948Watamote 128 raw: Chapter: http://www.ganganonline.com/viewer/player/viewer.html?tw=2&cid=SQEX_W…[View]
167255043we can all agree that the ost was absolute amazing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQ21X_WvHco http…[View]
167255171ITT : Cringy openings: I'll start : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMYhMnRxj-0[View]
167254720>the same people that say Dias Irae, King's Game, and Juni Taisen are bad are the same peopl…[View]
167250287Smug Anime Girls: Post your smuggest anime girl. Winner gets a prize[View]
167250224FLCL 2 and 3: Who /hype/ here? I check on it once a week for updates, still none yet. Trailer: https…[View]
167241702Violet Evergarden EP02: VEG EP02 1080p release is out. Quickly, we have a few hours to discuss it be…[View]
167255143ITS JUST A STUPID BOULDER!!!!!!![View]
167255134Tsuredure: Reminder that you cannot be the protagonist /a/[View]
167253277Are you still upset?[View]
167246814Guilty Crown: Why aren't there more doujins about Arisa getting fucked?[View]
167250476Opinion of this manga? I think its cute as hell Western thread[View]
167252160Megumin is best girl[View]
167158251One punch man: Our Lord is streaming. Royal ripper and bug good have appeared[View]
167244683Did people seriously expect her to wait for a kid in a coma?[View]
167181805Houseki no Kuni OST: It's finally out http://hikarinoakariost.info/houseki-no-kuni-sound-track-…[View]
167253054It's not like I like talking with you anon, I just happened to be here and have a lot of free t…[View]
167222409If you're not watching this show then you're a dumb dumb poopie head.[View]
167253513Will he be eliminated next episode?[View]
167247968Sora Yori: Why the fuck isn't there lewds of Hinata yet? She's so fucking hot.[View]
167253478Jiren: Jiren[View]
167253359Post cute female sensei stories[View]
167251776anime: Show here your best arts[View]
167197118Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS: I expect nothing and I'm still let down Episode 37: 我が母なる樹 – Waga Hahanaru Ju…[View]
167252115Will there ever be a better Captain?[View]
167253152If Hanekawa had to pick who would she choose?[View]
167243383He's still alive isn't he?[View]
167236166Fumetsu no Anata e / To You, The Immortal: Oh my![View]
167252926Gundam: Hello weebs my name is char we must kill all ((MOES)) and ((TRAPS)) because they're deg…[View]

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