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154929177I want candy[View]
154959105ドロヘドロ(Dorohedoro): Anybody get the soundtrack for Dorohedoro? I'd like to get it, but I'm …[View]
154944193Wait, what? Are you fucking kidding me? 5 years and this, THIS is the fucking ending? What the actua…[View]
154955381Pay your respects to your new overlord.[View]
154954703just finished ashita no joe ! fuck that was an amazing end and you faggots spoiled it on me ! fuck y…[View]
154958139Is he right, /a/?[View]
154951904Starting the dubbed Berserk 2016 anime: Oh wow it is incredible![View]
1549533213x3 thread[View]
154952692Season 2 when?[View]
154958030If he premiered in Part 4 his stand would've been called 'Chickity China the Chinese Chicken'[View]
154957476In Insufficient Direction, Anno is described as one of the Big Four Otaku of Japan. Who are the othe…[View]
154952274JoJo Thread: Why does JoJo bring up the most philosophical questions?[View]
154950747Why is Anime more drama oriented than Western cartoons?: Why did Japan develop cartoons that are mor…[View]
154925618The reaction to this is one of the biggest shitshows I've ever seen.[View]
154957724So based off the new opening of DBS, the final two fighters in the tournament will be Jiren The Ayyy…[View]
154927981Post Semen Demon[View]
154950990Kemono Friends: I cant believe that serval is fucking tang[View]
154946676Berserk 348: Translation is out. Dumping[View]
154955340Brown Town: Why are brown girls so perfect, /a/?[View]
154951280Was K-on actually good or is it just a bad meme at this point?[View]
154953091Was he better before the time skip?[View]
154924855 I didn't even have to say anything [View]
154944715A bit late finishing this, but god dammit this was fucking good. Season 2 announced to air on 2017 f…[View]
154953873Why are you attracted to anime girls?[View]
154931122Yuragi yuuna 56: Chapter when?[View]
154947065Gakkou Gurashi: #55 snaps: http://blog.livedoor.jp/yuriton-garuon/archives/1065079173.html And are w…[View]
154949268Junko General: Time to start another thread for best girl in the whole danganronpa series[View]
154955754Coppelion was a very fun and good looking show. Why didn't it become popular?[View]
154956167One Piece: Psssh..... nothin personnel kidd obligatory edgepost[View]
154945591Monogatari: Why didn't she win? She's the only one who could handle the MC's suicidal…[View]
154956135Servals in real life are shy and solitary animals. What gives?[View]
154943692One Piece 860: Thoughts on these guys? Will they actually be relevant?[View]
154943811Dragon Ball Super: So far Super had consisted of: >two film rehash arcs >one tournament >on…[View]
154955761>manga translator makes a duplicate panel in a chapter just to fill in his shitty memes…[View]
154955025Why don't you like Yujo No Change?[View]
154927514Dr. Stone: >In the end we truly are Dr.stone Really? It's out http://mangastream.com/r/dr_st…[View]
154900322Berserk: New chapter out on April 28th New chapter leak: http://wasabisyrup.com/archives/le9CSigleXI…[View]
154945974Why arent you reading Vector Ball? Its Gash Bell if gash was a 3d printer.[View]
154952896ITT : Character that reminds you of yourself For me it's Griffith. Intelligent, nihilistic and …[View]
154941030Chichi Chichi: Next chapter translation fucking when?[View]
154905061I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.[View]
154954919Is he a cherry boy?[View]
154955355Occultic;Nine: >Ascension Was it autism?[View]
154954745Forget Demonbane, Accelerator, STTGL, Madara Uchiha, etc. What are some /a/ characters that are so p…[View]
154955040Who would win?[View]
154950246This was easily the edgiest manga I've ever read in a while. Why the fuck was he so obsessed wi…[View]
154954693I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.[View]
154933597So futas, yay or nay or gay?[View]
154949888Rate my wife.[View]
154938716what went trough the minds of the writers, the developers, and what else... when they made the Endle…[View]
154950140Say something nice about Misa-nee.[View]
154953159Is there anything more comfy than old WMT? Modern SoLs are shit in comparison.[View]
154942948Characters that look good with Duel Disks[View]
154919123What went right?[View]
154951496Which other anime had GOAT-tier dub openings? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqPwarOp-KI[View]
154953602am I the only person who thinks rakugo is amazing? last years and this years seasons are both incred…[View]
154943955Kimetsu no Yaiba 55: dumping scans for korean translation bro[View]
154950832Kaguya 58: Who's ready for some Kaguya?[View]
154951839KyoAnus: People will defend modern kyoanus' visuals.[View]
154953217Did this guy ever come back? If he did, someone please link me to his thread on the archive. I meant…[View]
154949104Oyasumi Punpun Thread?[View]
154951120Maid Dragon: Finally got around to Maid Dragon and why is Kanna so fucking thicc? It throws me off w…[View]
154952347Why did she have so much trouble finding work? Is becoming a seiyuu really that difficult?[View]
154950777ITT: Anime That Everyone Hates But You Like[View]
154943539Snek still a best[View]
154949069I haven't enjoyed a series like this in a long while. ITT post manga series with trash/scum/deg…[View]
154941262QUALITY anime: Post all the quality shot in there[View]
154919029JoJo Thread: What are the best examples of pottery from Araki?[View]
154949247Can girls love bears?[View]
154951300I want to make Akame an honest woman![View]
154952088Would you brace Nene's lower body, /a/?[View]
154947865Kanna has big legs[View]
154949774Hajimete no Gal: OHHH SHEEEEEIIIIITTTTTT[View]
154943220Naruto Ends Today Thread 3: Might as well do a third one since mods are ignoring us Last thread …[View]
154946629What's your go to anime you watch when you're depressed or sad that always picks you back …[View]
154943145Kaguya: Where's today's Kaguya thread?[View]
154950741Why don't they make sci-fi anime anymore?[View]
154932994Why was she so jealous of her older sister? She was just as beautiful as her![View]
154915448Kobayashi-san no Maid Dragon: I LOVE EGGPLANT LUCOA!![View]
154950891Lucky Star Tribute Thread: I BUY SASAGE![View]
154899620Buyfag thread: Please read the guide before asking any questions. Buyfags.moe[View]
154942526Holy shit she's hot[View]
154950801Rereading the old Yu Gi Oh manga and I just really REALLY love villains getting a poetic punishments…[View]
154909305Shokugeki no Soma: It's Erina's birthday in some hours, say something nice to her! Also pi…[View]
154950382will you watch it Belphegor best titties[View]
154893075Who has the best tits in anime?[View]
154946490Do you miss Medaka Box?[View]
154949718Mind Game: Mind Game BD release coming (whether it's native or at least a decent upscale is yet…[View]
154948804Is Kimi No Na Wa the best animated film ever made, /a/?[View]
154943949How is it that it's been a decade and still nothing has come out as good as this?[View]
154947312Is this what being high feels like?[View]
154941246Sousei no Onmyoji: It took 49 episodes, but we finally got there. I think we should have a thread in…[View]
154949594BESERK CHAPTER 348 OUT![View]
154945188Is my waifu trash /a/?[View]
154834692What's so great about Hunter x Hunter: So I just dropped hxh after watching 132 episodes . I…[View]
154949644One Room: While Yui is still my wife, I'm starting to warm up towards this fine slut more than …[View]
154948656Teaching Shogi: This cute girl I've had a crush on has asked me to teach her shogi. How do I do…[View]
154829704Would you a Genderbender?[View]
154939043>Mage >Warrior Guess which class Momonga become next >Inb4 Paladin…[View]
154933314What would /a/ do for their daughteru?[View]
154948457This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like[View]
154949529Gundam Thunderbolt 2nd Season: It comes out today.[View]
154947303What happened /a/?[View]
154948210Let's play a game. Anime Trivia - Throw your questions at me and answer mine. For images i…[View]
154910112FLIP FLAPPERS!: Remember when there was always a thread on the first page? YYK remembers[View]
154941397Kemono Friends: I wish we got more lizards in this show.[View]
154946284Why do people watch moeshit like this? It has no tension, high stakes, or plot.[View]
154948635Is this the most erotic anime girl of the decade? Every part of her design is lewd.[View]
154948738Is it possible that ursula might be shiny chariot twin sister!?[View]
154945830Galko chan: >wake up >see galko's sister What would you do?…[View]
154921626Why is Japanese comedy so painfully unfunny?[View]
154947576Berserk 348 Thread: He's improved since he started drawing digital. Short 21 pages, but better …[View]
154876172how does /a/ like their tomboys?[View]
154948391Mountain Dew Baka Blast?[View]
154942480One Punch Man Season 2 Updates & Spoiler: Psykos vs. Saitama? Rumors are making rounds regarding…[View]
154948125africa no salaryman: Where my african bros at?[View]
154940034ITT: Best girls that couldn't win.[View]
154934670Was SSJ3 a mistake?[View]
154943386Post Your Favorite Character of all time Me. Sagara[View]
154937074Does a bigger jobber exist in the history of manga/anime? Also why is the artstyle so much better in…[View]
154924519How much value do you put into visual direction?[View]
154944060Can you actually believe that you share the board with people that aren't under the impression …[View]
154943724Well this seems pretty cheerful.[View]
154936657All Out: >not wearing a gumshield Hooligans.[View]
154934680Signs an anime wasn't made in Japan: >'Boy, I'm hungry' >'Better make our traditiona…[View]
154944944¿What would you do with these two?[View]
154942879Hmm, is Ideon worth the 39 episodes, or better to watch the recap.[View]
154934678Kengan ashua: My boy Dudley still going strong. Also, cute company owner girl gonna be soon saved (i…[View]
154946078what if beserks end up being a deconstruction that breaks the 4th wall in the end and the bad big id…[View]
154946227Why does a gag manga have so many shippers and shipping? Shipping fanart makes up like half of the h…[View]
154939165What made Needless so good? Why did it never get another season?[View]
154943867Next movie this year or next year?[View]
154944727Yuno's Sexuality: Could Yuno be bi? Could she have just as easily been attracted to a girl inst…[View]
154943186Is it possible to jerk off so much that you break your penis engine? I mean the wiring behind the pe…[View]
154942469http://zidorym.sunnyday.jp/aaaaa/ranking.php How did Rabbits overtake the Keions?[View]
154945567stop the code geass hype train, before its to late[View]
154893349Let's twist things up a little. When it comes to bedroom: Left on is into cuddling, cosplay sex…[View]
154939252Yeah,don't mind me,I will just sit here eating shitty Haagen Dasz while there's a perfectl…[View]
154940739>horriblesubs >their subs are actually horrible >1/3 of the time, subtitle doesn't app…[View]
154945457So the new Ichigo 100% manga is titled Ichigo 100% East Side Story. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/…[View]
154942346How much do you like teary-eyed and crying girls?[View]
154942288Is she anorexic?[View]
154944504Will KyoAni ever make another anime with a compelling story like Clannad?[View]
154942617I didn't know /a/ managed to take a group picture.[View]
154942774I'm so fucked up...[View]
154942236Allah akbar Subaru[View]
154941920Is Gowther best sin?[View]
154943676What are the chances of us getting a 2nd season of this?[View]
154944150Is Shinka a well written character?[View]
154935133Not enough suicide in anime.[View]
154942121Mob Psycho 100: New chapter out today. Where you at, dump/translator anons?[View]
154931013is this an accurate depiction of french?[View]
154926464Dragon Ball Super: Will Super conclude with this arc?[View]
154887440Konosuba S2 episode 11: Less than 12 hours Who hyped here after last episode?[View]
154942131Being Guts is suffering[View]
154939740Kiss X Sis 111: Sensei is back, but I dunno what happened with the last page, anyone can understand …[View]
154936289One Piece: step aside mammoth-boy >sees into the future >shoots jellybeans nothin personnell..…[View]
154871554Gabriel Dropout: can someone tell me what Satania does for the show?[View]
154938974When will she direct a yuri anime?[View]
154942796Only 16 days to the AOTY 2017. Have you rewatched the first season in anticipation?[View]
154936695>best girl leaves and never returns Pic related What other mangos do this?…[View]
154916212seiyuu thread: This is Ai Nonaka. Say something nice about her[View]
154927727Is the success of Kemono Friends proof that having good characterization and stories are more import…[View]
154937058Naruto Ends Today thread 2: Mods don't know how to sticky edition[View]
154940539>His favorite studio's recent show wasn't based on actual novel…[View]
154942740When will we see Ayy in action?[View]
154940243What can I expected?: Starting this today,what can I expect? Seems like a likely mediocre to above a…[View]
154940783Yamete Thread: Just post your Best Yametes[View]
154919219watch Sword art online season1 only the first 8 episodes. rest is trash, right /a/?[View]
154917983Little Witch Academia: Today we'll be discussing why Diana is best girl.[View]
154940176You said there would be a Bleach sequel after naruto ended so where is it /a/.[View]
154933388What about those BDs?[View]
154939618OP of the season ED of the season Character designs of the season Slice of life of the season Voice …[View]
154940718r8 my library many more things will be added when I get around to torrenting them[View]
154938503Koe no Katachi / A Silent Voice: Anybody see it during the UK/Ireland showings? What did you think o…[View]
154892451BanG Dream: This week's episode was COOL.[View]
154941309New chapter is out on Mangastream. Predictions for who will win/lose from each side?[View]
15493023310/10 series that deserve a third season[View]
154936025Why are lolis so sexy?[View]
154941892Why can't they show more of the dragon forms in the show? I think its cute >pic related…[View]
154941548your favorite anime? pic related[View]
154938633This is your date for tonight.[View]
154940491ITT: Unskippable OPs and EDs[View]
154938528Manga with as much fanservice like to love ru darkness[View]
154941448What happened to them?[View]
154935907Stilted Translations in Manga: Why does the dialogue in manga always sound so stilted? If you can ac…[View]
154935639Now and Then Here and There: So did anyone else drop this after our 'hero' forced a girl to keep a f…[View]
154821916Made in Abyss: Anime airs in july. New HQ raws here: https://mega.nz/#F!Kcl3QY7S!JVE3b0pfa3hqPkPdslL…[View]
154933874Why doesn't Lucoa have scoliosis by now. She's 1/3 tiddy and she walks perfectly fine. I k…[View]
154940815Is there a single anime studio currently able to compare with Trigger?[View]
154937040Childhood is liking Chino, Teenhood is loving Syaro, Adulthood is realising Coca makes the most sens…[View]
154940090Infection: >worst girl is winning Disgusting. Another mango to drop.…[View]
154934814This shit hits too close to home, it's funny and depressing at the same time.[View]
154933150Witchblade anime: What the hell?[View]
154939625Since we have a thread for tits, let's have one for best butts in anime. Only official art, as …[View]
154935230Monogatari: Is Hanekawa the best Monogatari?[View]
154932926Kemono Friends: @irodori7 >(トレンドがけものフレンズのキャラだらけに… 粛々と最終話、作りこみます) What does he mean by this?…[View]
154936706How hard does this nerd get bullied in school?[View]
154936532something I've noticed about modern anime is that it's low contrast and looks washed out. …[View]
154932694did escha love logy[View]
154929608Weekly Manga Sales: Rank / This week's sales by copies / Cumulative sales / Titles - March 13 -…[View]
154931817Would dating her make you a cuckold?[View]
154916101Demi-chan: Adopt. Marry. Befriend.[View]
154938702Well, /a/?[View]
154933915What episode does this get good?[View]
154900135The Promised Neverland: Spoiler out Ever since Isabella began controlling them directly, the main ta…[View]
154939313Why is everyone gay in this series?[View]
154897424Waifu Wednesday Thread: All waifus are wonderful! Be sure to make sure to tell her how much she mean…[View]
154930506Can girls... Really love another girl?[View]
154938068Digimon: Release when?[View]
154924674Black Clover thread: This chapter has been actually pretty good. Fuck yes Noelle[View]
154926357Your rival notices you[View]
154932956Nanbaka: So I was going to check what's been released recently and I noticed this was on season…[View]
154937364Kengan Ashura: This is a qt boy.[View]
154937815What's his name /a/?[View]
154854126Seiren: Timeline updated Now that Tsuneki is confirmed to ruin EVERYTHING she touches (poor Miu had …[View]
154938403What's your view on otoko no ko?[View]
154935661Golden Kamui: Discuss this manga and hand over the fucking Asirpa lewds already[View]
154938336Does /a/ love their daughter enough to give her a good dicking when she asks for it?[View]
154908240Overlord: How do you stop Brita from becoming Humie Snacks for Shaggy and Lupu?[View]
154937445Please tell me I'm not the only one who stuck with brynnhildr to the end.[View]
154930726ITT: the best episode in their respective series[View]
154935606New Slayers anime when?[View]
154936512>2017 >still no new WMT series Must we really wait until 2019?…[View]
154935599These are your garbage meme girls for tonight.[View]
154905590Re:Zero - A Series of Unfortunate Events: The young siblings Rem and Ram are adopted by uncle Count …[View]
154900616Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: YU-GI-OH! ARC-V Finale, Interview of Ceremonial Duel with Ono Kensho and Hosoya Yos…[View]
154933555The anime idea thread: Ok /a/ I don't think I've seen these in a while, get your anime/LN …[View]
154936848New PV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqiRF7ovKM4[View]
154897646Drawthread: Come and make or request /a/rt[View]
154936410The Royal Tutor: Will this be the fujoshi show of the season? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1qNPR…[View]
154928423Why didnt she just fuck Shinji?[View]
154927299>This is a 10/10 in Japan Is anime kill?[View]
154935717Why do you dislike Vanquished Queens?[View]
154931696Rank good entry level anime series from this pic.[View]
154927896Why do people pretend to like this crap? Is it because it's popular in Japan? Looks like ultima…[View]
154934679Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu: Post best girl Shouko and don't let that Aoifag hijack the thread.…[View]
154927401One Piece Chapter 860: Chapter's out on Jaiminisbox and Mangastream https://jaiminisbox.com/rea…[View]
154922290Naruto Ending Today: So today is the day anons the wedding chapter is today and naruto ends in a cou…[View]
154936111Thugs get lonely too[View]
154926087Kiss x Sis: >let's break up I hope I can finally drop this shit now.…[View]
154934436/m/ here just stopping in to remind you that Cima did nothing wrong, and was actually the protagonis…[View]
154902631Is there any doubt that Mob Psycho 100 was AOTY 2016? >stellar adaption of the manga designs >…[View]
154935803Rurouni Kenshin: I just got into Kenshin and I found both of these characters to be intriguing. What…[View]
154933435What would you wish for?[View]
154923674Boku no Hero Academia: Spoilers are out. >>154923108 >>154923108 >>154923108…[View]
154934402I'm watching Hikaru no Go and it makes me want there to be an anime about Paul Morphy coming ba…[View]
154926502Dragon Ball Super: Please don't be racist this time. Dragon Ball is a show that should be enjoy…[View]
154933124>A flyer from this year's AnimeJapan 2017 event revealed on Thursday that the anime adaptati…[View]
154934095Dead Dead Demons: >two chapters in a row with almost zero legible dialogue >now this…[View]
154935261favourite manga artist/writer[View]
154934350Can we get a precure appreciation thread?[View]
154934975Soul Eater vs Fire Force: Both are by the same creator. Which one do you think is better?[View]
154932472Let's post some interesting anime songs. You know, stuff that's a little different from th…[View]
154929785Tell me why Kazuma is the best MC[View]
154934578Anyone remember this old gem?: I remember... this was before YouTube even existed.[View]
154892777Akiba's Trip: Time to ban anime[View]
154934391Is youjo senki considered a /pol/ anime?: Or similar to /pol/?[View]
154934560Is the average Japanese salaryman really this pathetic?[View]
154931971ITT: Great characters in terrible shows[View]
154934221>hey kid, wanna /ss/?[View]
154925622Why are there no anime characters with canon autism? Are Japanese not aware of the disorder or are t…[View]
154934026Husbando thread[View]
154932912Who's the best redhead tsundere and why is it Makise Kurisu[View]
154933577This is a japanese shark[View]
154933697Cat Soup: thought?[View]
154899791Parallel Paradise: New work from Okamoto Lynn! http://bzland.net/?topic=81787.0 Translation when?…[View]
154919084Has Suu met her match?[View]
154921463ITT: Well done edgelords[View]
154915059I set not one, not two, BUT THREE cards face down, and end my turn. YOUR MOVE, /a/![View]
154933067Kuzu no Honkai thread ep. 11 thread: Today is the day, as usual we watch it together One hour left f…[View]
154931134>anime has asian and caucasian people >white people have smaller eyes…[View]
154932160If only you were here, Kircheis[View]
154932033Why the hell modern weapon always be fodder: Okay, no seriously, why the hell modern weapon always b…[View]
154928523Haikara-san ga Tooru: Staff for the film adaptations have been announced Original creator: Waki Yama…[View]
154914954Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa 163: Well, now that Alium is gone, we can get back to some wacky hijinks...…[View]
154911235>*slaps your gf's ass at the club* What do you do?[View]
154920576Why aren't there more dank shows like this?[View]
154919283ITT: Bad character designs[View]
154932156What did he mean by this?[View]
154931896ITT: Series that overstayed their welcome[View]
154931111My mummy Lucoa is so _______.[View]
154931402Tell me ONE thing wrong with the theory of lelouch being alive for r3 Pro tip: you can't[View]
154927653What did she mean by this?[View]
154926460>My kung fu > The Professional[View]
154926030Its out http://mangastream.com/r/one_piece/860/4122/1[View]
154927326Onihei: Would you marry used goods?[View]
154923778Why haven't more JAV stars been adapted into the 2D medium?[View]
154907471This far into 2017 and still no girl cuter than Usagi. Have the nips finally run out of ideas?[View]
154850462School Rumble: Who here looking forward to the continuation?[View]
154905658Being a little flat doesn't mean she's a boy.[View]
154923993S on the outside, M on the inside[View]
154931384Where is the fuck release date for the s02 it is fucking april of 2017[View]
154930429Jormungand: who is the sexiest girl and why is it Karen?[View]
154928198When is Vagabond coming back, or is it already over, and it's just that no one has scanlated it…[View]
154927785Evangelion: this scene doesn't happen in the film, it's just the poster, there is no scene…[View]
154913753Made in Abyss: Chapter 5. Needs proofreading And redrawing, but that will come later.[View]
154929383Why the fuck didn't he just get an artificial limb like Naruto did?[View]
154924656Isn't it time you watched her movies, anon?[View]
154925024Who will play him in the inevitable live action adaptation?[View]
154927300ITT: Shows everyone already forgot. Asuka-clone best girl.[View]
154924900Kemono Friends: >けものフレンズガイドブックのヘラジカ監督インタビューにカバンちゃんの正体書いてあるので、見たくない人は注意してください。 https://twitter.com…[View]
154927801What would you do in this situation?[View]
154883669Do you still remember me, /a/?[View]
154928011zero kara hajimeru mahō no sho confirmed only 12 episodes. http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/daily-bri…[View]
154925457Delinquents or Tsunderes /a/?[View]
154929424KyoAnifags will defend this dogshit[View]
154928455I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want a guy to stick my head under his arm like this…[View]
154926206*blocks your path* Where do you think you're going nerd ?[View]
154924468Is there an edgier edgelord?[View]
154929878>watch this >come back to my real life >trynottocry.jpg >cry a lot Where did my life go …[View]
154929417Please tell me she grows her hair back in the manga since i'm triggered how ugly she looks now[View]
154926956So when's the Oku-san anime?[View]
154920707How can one man write teasing so effectively? I feel such strong emotions[View]
154921248Dog Days: So, S4 never? I watched S1 and S2 with you /a/, but only now just finished the third one. …[View]
154928946KOUME! It's eight of clock! WAKE UP![View]
154929266>OST by Taku Iwasaki[View]
154919858anime pizza thread[View]
154918800Kakegurui thread?: Kakegurui Thread: Chapter 39. https://www.mediafire.com/?ucefwwwwulwsnuq…[View]
154920832You can rape her, and then undo it with the time leap machine.[View]
154926081Which major best major[View]
154924501JJ: What if Araki made stands based off of modern day music? Example: 'Behold the power of my stand…[View]
154928345Mazinger Z: God or Satan? http://www.mazinger-z.jp/[View]
154927393What's your thought about paprika ! I've just rewatch it yesterday and always think it…[View]
154928265Come here minime, can I have a hug? I love you.[View]
154928130DSioD: 15 fucking gigabytes[View]
154923700Why is nobody translating the next big shounen?[View]
154927691This is your girlfriend for tonight.[View]
154910070Can there ever be too much motherly love?[View]
154925388Why does she love this fatso? She can do much better[View]
154920712Find a flaw.[View]
154925987translation when[View]
154921020How do you decide what to watch next on your backlog?[View]
154919273Baki Dou 150 translation: ugh, fuck, okay fine but only because I love you so much let's start …[View]
154920921Who draws the best mothers[View]
1549071793x3: 3x3 rate & roast pls.[View]
154919371Left or right, /a/?[View]
154912471Dragon Ball Super: Old thread is close to the reply limit. Does anyone else think that the Pride Tro…[View]
154922935Comfy anime: Why does it exist? Just started ep. 1 and it ruins the otherwise beautiful show for me…[View]
154925066Why's he so damn great?[View]
154920291Have you ever dream in anime version /a/?[View]
154912927ITT: Girls that everybody on /a/ fapped to at least once.[View]
154910460One Piece: Spoilers pics in 4 hours. leave katakuri to me[View]
154926132Honest woman[View]
154916272Muricans are really lucky that this piece of shit never became a hit in the U.S. In my country most …[View]
154901765Well, you've got some explaining to do, /a/.[View]
154919937Touhou anime when?[View]
154880635every night you light me with your gasoline everytime i feel delight when you recall my name so you …[View]
154923679Did you all think this was a good chapter this week? I thought it was crazy super good to make up fo…[View]
154925895Fukumenkei Noise: Spring anime to premiere at Anime Boston on April 1 for free by Sentai Filmworks a…[View]
154919877Is this the greatest OVA of all times? Also Old-School thread.[View]
154924803Iron Knight: What happened to this? It had decent art and the base idea was rad as fuck. Propably my…[View]
154910972wait... what wrong with this ending? I thought it was fine.[View]
154922116Of all the manga/anime that has introduced some kind of innate chi that humans could bring about and…[View]
154925184I miss Working https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YjLZZGZnXk[View]
154925696Legend of Galactic Heroes - Ryu Fujisaki: Dumping ch60 raws.[View]
154920449Best chapter for breaking the 4th wall. 'Yes; it is.'[View]
154921760If she were deep throating me would my dick be traveling through another dimension?[View]
154925486Has /a/ seen the most amazingly animated production Japan has produced? https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
154920061Why do anime openings have such retarded, nonsensical lyrics?[View]
154918938Why haven't he done anything until humans were harming him directly?[View]
154916952if you could only watch one anime for the rest of your life, yes you can rewatch it as many times as…[View]
154916753You stay in the car Anon, I'll take care of this.[View]
154916976Kizumonogatari III: Get your asses in here. Only screening location that matters is finally up for t…[View]
154906552He died a virgin Is this true?[View]
154921309so, when does this get good? im 13 episodes in and the only thing i appreciate about it is the chara…[View]
154919239has /a/ ever cried watch animoo? which scene specifically?[View]
154924450Worst Thing About Your Favorite Anime: Nothing is perfect what is the biggest flaw(s) of your most b…[View]
154914010wtf is wrong with her legs? This isn't normal[View]
154897798One Room: New ep is out.[View]
154892096Gundam Twilight AXIS anime announced. http://otakomu.jp/archives/517297.html Finally Gundam anime fr…[View]
154896162thread FRENDA: Frenda thread[View]
154919292Yokao shoujo: Translations have finally reached megazord time.[View]
154882544Is Saki really about mahjong?[View]
154903678Danchigai: Dumping new chapter.[View]
154922800Is this what working in an office is like?[View]
154879604I WANT TO BE A HERO![View]
154915345Masamune-kun no Revenge: >You will never have a loli mom that always cooks you fattening food…[View]
154923137Does Kyoani make one of these for every show? I know there's one for K-ON too. Does any of the…[View]
154922804Youkai Shoujo 95: Scaredy cat.[View]
154919493Do You Like Samurai Champloo?[View]
154918908Dead Dead Demons: I want off Asano's wild ride[View]
154918842This is your waifu getting ready to go to the firework show[View]
154907652why is bulma so perfect?[View]
154921197>his favorite studio isn't on the top of production committee[View]
154920708ITT: doormats[View]
154916443Kemono Friends: So would it be in bad taste for Raccoon to take the hat back now?[View]
154922327Konosuba last episode went up this morning, anyone know if they will continue?[View]
154919325Hey, you didn't hear this from me, but I'm pretty sure Takane is a fucking space traveler.[View]
154895784Ahahahhahaha. WHERE'S MY FUCKING TORTURE PORN[View]
154919369>the cow from Occultic Nine >Kanna >Mai >Hestia Are fanart meme girls doomed to flop?…[View]
154917948Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun: Where did she get hips like that?[View]
154916621Who wins in a cooking contest?[View]
154894587Death Note: https://twitter.com/netflix/status/844558330697859072 Trailer's out yo[View]
154809540Schwarzesmarken / Total Eclipse / Muv Luv: There are people out there that think the person to the r…[View]
154918112Which order do I watch them in?[View]
154918457alright /a/. What went wrong? What went right?[View]
154919217Well you can't argue with that.[View]
154892960So that's it? To Love Ru Darkness just ended with NOTHING happening? No harem? He doesn't …[View]
154919753Kengan Ashura: What's the secret to his power?[View]
154909927What'll his next masterpiece be?[View]
154918054https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9u6Yaw1zFo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75gUJ_4SyY0 There is not…[View]
154907990ITT: Characters you wish you'd look like 100%[View]
154919366>'Sasha passed some gas, Commandant.' /a/ moments that blew you away.[View]
154919224anime when[View]
154918592Is Death Note trash?[View]
154916770What are some proper places to take your waifu on date? is pic related any good?[View]
154917993Rakugo: I can't contain these feels. Why are the most satisfying deaths always the saddest?…[View]
154886928JoJo Thread: What's so dangerous about the grafted Rokakaka that Dolomite was talking about? Wh…[View]
154911508ITT: Anime that made you cry like a little bitch: I don't even know why this one got me.[View]
154912999Dragon maid hate thread?: Seriously, how the fuck is this popular? It's just another bland moe …[View]
154910835>it is an Africa episode[View]
154913213Who was worse?[View]
154853862ACCA episode 1: Watch your back, ACCA is on the way.[View]
154914425Been a while since I heard about this. What happened?[View]
154863597ITT: 10/10 moments[View]
154911349Alright anon, smile for the camera.[View]
154910337How do I get 'good taste in anime' /a/?[View]
154915044I'm gonna start watching this, so i wanna know? Is it fun/good? What about the ecchi? I love ec…[View]
154913678https://youtu.be/zS9UW2xjdqE Opinions?[View]
154914069This is why I hate men[View]
154917969What should I watch next /a/? Planetes or Kino's Journey? Was m00t right, or is it shit? Inb4 m…[View]
154917851Text cutouts: Its been a while since we had these.[View]
154916099If your waifu watched anime (if she doesn't already), who would her husbando be?[View]
154905557Has there ever been a better MC?[View]
154915594Initial D: What was their problem? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0fVylX8erU[View]
154915896Convince me that Ryuko isn't objectively better than Satsuski.[View]
154911100Can we all agree that this is the underrated show of the season?[View]
154914078Would Naruto have been better if the Akasuki's goal never moved beyond their phase 1 which was …[View]
154915378Aku no Hana[View]
154916107dayum, i wasn't expecting it to be THIS sad ;_;[View]
154917335doujins when?[View]
154907584Little Witch Academia: What does it all mean?[View]
154914977Was it any good?[View]
154908797Rate my wife.[View]
154884505Magi: chapter 340 and 341 is out http://reader.sensescans.com/read/magi__labyrinth_of_magic/en/35/34…[View]
154891470I'm Japanese: Create a popularity vote game for Anime. http://zidorym.sunnyday.jp/aaaaa/index.p…[View]
154916991Why is Sila so shit? She ruined the whole episode![View]
154916547Winter 2017: Post the best of Shot Composition: Background design: Action animation: Character an…[View]
154907651Best Character Themes: Nothing makes or breaks an anime more than lackluster music, and the inverse …[View]
154916918Digimon: https://youtu.be/eCjH7YnJksA?t=28s Batista[View]
154902863Battle Girl Highschool PV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yU24cpYtkng What do you guys think?[View]
154915239Openings: Love it or hate it, flopdragon or bestdragon, you gotta admit: Maid Dragon has the best OP…[View]
154907119>'Eeeeehhhh!!!!' >pan to sky[View]
154915810Hngggggg Murata is really a god of drawing mangos.[View]
154856042Amano Megumi wa Suki Darake: dumping[View]
154913767Post OTP[View]
154912830Dumping the greatest love confession of all time[View]
154910259Kemono Friends[View]
154916014ITT: series you would pick up again[View]
154913012Sorata no baka[View]
154915790What's the most afraid you've ever been watching an anime[View]
154915721have we disscused how SHIT this shopping district is?: SHIET SHIET, no wonder they cant sell shit he…[View]
154913157MAMA TADAIMA[View]
154915547Are you ready for AOTY 2017 in a little over 2 weeks?[View]
154912141Would dating Miyabi make you a cuckold?[View]
154915528Buyfags.moe We need more rule 63.[View]
154905297Hiashi is the genius we deserve[View]
154911050Anime/Manga you don't get the hype for[View]
154898311Kobayashi San no Maid Dragon: Quetzalcoatl is literally an Aztec goddess![View]
154908926Why does no one like this movie? It's cute and has beautiful animation.[View]
154914620Opening / Ending latin dub: Un viaje emprenderas, en el entenderas ... que mas alla del tiempo algo,…[View]
154914549Literally me[View]
154908792how do I become cool like Mr. Kaji, so cool that chicks are all over me even when I'm dead?[View]
154912406Madoka was a mistake[View]
154911479>shit tier character design >yurishit >KyoAni This is ass, stop lying to yourselves…[View]
154909802How old do you think Chino is? My friend insists she is four or five, but I think she's more in…[View]
154903707>B-But Your Honor, she's actually 498 years old![View]
154832771what about a Gj-bu thread?[View]
154910098I have a theory: Samurai Flamenco, Concrete Revolutio, Active raid and Gatchaman Crowds all have the…[View]
154913720They don't make 'em like they used to.[View]
154910179Where is today's Konosuba episode??[View]
154906595>The perfect daughter doesn't ex-[View]
154910315Good battle harem anime don't exi-[View]
154913923>letting the Gundam Unicorn thread hit page 10 You maggots disgust me.[View]
154895871I want to save up 3 liters of my semen and poor it all inside her at once[View]
154906580Dragon Ball Super: Has anyone actually dropped this series, or considered it at some point?[View]
154913227Is there a single studio currently able to compare with Trigger?[View]
154911963I wouldn't be suprised if none of these made it into the movie, but why restrain it by the eyes…[View]
154906943Tfw too beautiful to hate: I love that bitch[View]
154911554The perfect comedy doesn't ex-[View]
154910698so, has anyone watched Hoozuki no reitetsu? I never see it mentioned here. Hoozuki is cute.[View]
154909060will this ending ever be topped?[View]
154913029Viz Shonen Jump: Anybody want to talk about the magazine? I wish I hadn't tossed my issues, loo…[View]
154913007>When you just thought Berserk had begun toning down the tearjerking moments Will Miura ever let …[View]
154907910Did he just not understand how the time travel? Because Trunks and Cell were crossing alternate real…[View]
154911475I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.[View]
154912866How can everybody happily forget that he ate fucking human flesh? It's a really big issue being…[View]
154912574>flop dragon[View]
154892803this scene doesn't happen in the film, it's just the poster, there is no scene where askua…[View]
154910491>Smiles that no one protects, but you could protect if you want.[View]
154904716Shonen Jump Issue #17 ToC: It's Wednesday, so why is there no ToC Thread? Looks like WSJ found …[View]
154909954Magical girl of the end: Why a hasn't there been an adaption yet?[View]
154911657Full anime when?[View]
154840183Precure thread: Precure thread[View]
154912358Yuri!!! On Ice: you youngins better behave please[View]
154911825You're going to post midriffs in this thread.[View]
154909348Anime Composers/OSTs: Who are your favorite composers for anime and what are some of your favorite s…[View]
154910233We widened your idols.[View]
154911489Why does Naruto filler have better production values than any currently airing anime?[View]
154909218ITT: You make /a/ remember THAT scene[View]
154876001Yuri!!! on Ice: They're so in love[View]
154911233What made Konosuba such a stellar anime?[View]
154906477Hinako Note: Has anyone read the manga? How's it?[View]
154910960Marida Cruz is best Gundam Unicorn girl[View]
154911169Daily reminder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6-CsUP9WsU[View]
154900714Which /a/ template is your favorite? Mine is 'this is your ______ tonight'.[View]
154910955What kind of name is Fear for a girl?[View]
154908738Stand Alone Complex BD: How will Anchor Bay ever recover?[View]
154910757How much is too much?[View]
154907634Would you watch a show about cute muscle girls lifting cute weights?[View]
154890018One Piece: >Spoilers out >Spoiler pics soon Ch. 860 10:00 Opening of the Reception Pekomz has …[View]
154910469Clannad: Alright, here's my honest opinion on Clannad Meme Afterstory. Its a good anime. The co…[View]
154906371Reminder that Shinka is girl[View]
154902573Everyone has a backlog. Don't even try to deny it. It may be just a few bullet points or pages …[View]
154910602Flip flappers: Douzinshi collection.[View]
154909502When did Japanese animators starting forgetting how to properly animate things?[View]
154892481What exactly is so bad about RE:Zero ? It has great characters, great plot, great animation and soun…[View]
154905659Anyone else seen this? I'm a bit late to the party but I just saw this and it fucked me up desu…[View]
154908246Was the Pain arc a good deconstruction of the battle shonen genre?[View]
154910139This will be your anime quality for tonight[View]
154908257Why do you assume that anime is the best medium?[View]
154898028How is your country represented in anime?[View]
154905952Let's have a Codename Sailor V thread. If you like Sailor Moon and haven't read it already…[View]
154909573私は自分の背景を描き、月の都市にテレポートした (28-29): http://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/%E7%A7%81%E3%81%AF%E8%87%AA%E…[View]
154907700Umaru on the frontest page.[View]
154899906I'M CURIOUS![View]
154902586Kemono Friends[View]
154904072Kumo: What would have happened to her if she'd been killed by the demon king but hadn't la…[View]
154907608Make Japan Great Again: YES! YES! SHE SAYS WHAT WE'RE ALL THINKING! shinzo abe's propagand…[View]
154908164There was no season 3 announcement[View]
154907938Sukedachi 9: >next chapter is the final chapter[View]
1549042222D when?[View]
154907846Hi I am Yuno. Hi am from Japan. Your site is cute. Many many cute photo. I am in your site for many …[View]
154895204Dragon Ball Super: Will we see more of best goddess?[View]
154908535York new city > chimera ant > heavens arena > hunter exam > zoldyck family > 13th hun…[View]
154907159Ok fags, everywhere on the internet Bites the Dust is considered a Requiem Stand. It's here tha…[View]
154904910Detective Conan: Let me guess, he's got deduction skills too[View]
154884842Kakegurui anime PV: Animated by MAPPA, airing in the summer. https://youtube.com/watch?v=Kpaq6EXwSTY…[View]
154904563Yowamushi Pedal: Who is best boy and why is it Sugimoto?[View]
154908540Anyone else skip straight to the fight? I could sit through the first 14 minutes of dialogue. I watc…[View]
154908860Will it get a 3rd season?[View]
154907317Season 2 when?[View]
154850384Shingeki no Kyojin: Let's see how long we can have a thread before it gets deleted. Try not to …[View]
154900528ワキフェチ: ワキフェチ[View]
154908760Will she be able to save us?[View]
154907335ITT: Waifus you can take in a fist fight.[View]
154903918Do you like gambling, /a/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kpaq6EXwSTY[View]
154905871What do you think of girls with tanlines?[View]
154908549Low quality censoring: I was watching Fuuka and noticed it has what's probably the worst censor…[View]
154901060Why do only males have nipples in anime? How do anime women feed their infants?[View]
154908498Wedding in 12 hours[View]
154870664Shokugeki no souma: Best girl.[View]
154908356Never seen Evangelion before. Should I give it a go?[View]
154907406no cg thread? lets change this.[View]
154901884Heavy Object: I just want my INNOCENCE back[View]
154893425Prison school: 248 spoilers are out.[View]
154904592wtf i love anime now[View]
154904471[HorribleSubs] Piace - Watashi no Italian - 11 [720p].mkv: No thread? Am I the only one still watchi…[View]
154904421What an utterly useless power[View]
154878408Tomo-chan: >error 403: forbidden I don't know what's happening…[View]
154905468Madoka: How are the first two Madoka movies compared to the series?[View]
154900174/netoge/ thread: Can we discuss this gem of an anime? The characters are great, the art is great, cu…[View]
154907779Crossover thread[View]
154889579Rin is ready to fight, Are you?[View]
154906782Mousou Telepathy 227: Could you guess what Nakano is thinking?[View]
154899523Just because a girl is not a virgin anymore doesn't mean that she's a slut.[View]
154907066Wait holdup am i missing something? Are these two people the same person or something?[View]
154906830Who else was happy and pissed at the ending of I's? can't believe best girl really never came …[View]
154904238jagaaaaaan: new chapter's out and new guy has appeared[View]
154907207Why do you fight over Rei and Asuka when Maya is best girl?[View]
154895536Where have you been when Masaaki Yuasa saved the anime ?[View]
154898585Say whatever you want about the writing, but you can't disagree that this show has the most cre…[View]
154905770What exactly did he mean by this?[View]
154894292Little Witch Academia: Barbera is going to be the real MC She's going to puke mystic energy eve…[View]
154899175>picking the guy who regularly molested and tried to rape you Uh okay[View]
154906623Favorite hentai quotes?[View]
154891990This is a japanese goddess Say something nice about her[View]
154905793How tall is she gonna be by 17y?[View]
154898483How did Shaft get away with this?[View]
154901629It's crazy that people say that she is useless? Are there problems with her character? Yes. Doe…[View]
154896802Binetsu Kuukan: It's time for the tri-annual dose of WIDE . Dumping chapter 10 now.[View]
154902247>Demon is destroyed >Still presumably 2 eps left How are they gonna spend the rest of the seas…[View]
154905636Should I go see Kimi no Na wa on April 7 in theaters? Last time I saw an anime movie in theaters the…[View]
154901121This is a Japanese meido[View]
154904047>Make a main character is wholly unaffected and uninterested by the feelings of people round her,…[View]
154905908Best girl coming through: Post best girls[View]
154901014So, can someone tell me how and why did he transport into another word? They never explained it in t…[View]
154905055Do you think Madoka is sexy? What attracts you to her?[View]
154902861wat do: >wake up >look in mirror >see this wat do…[View]
154905109There is nothing sexy about this body you degenerates.[View]
154751822Urara: Is this what perfection looks like?[View]
154904330Kantai Collection: KanColle: W I D E S H I P S Would the KanColle anime have been better if the anim…[View]
154905443This is your japanese Alien for tonight.[View]
154904431You're going to love this, trust me. What you're seeing now is my normal state.[View]
154905478Re:CREATORS: New CM http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5fg3h1_re-creators-tv-anime-cm2_tv and a new P…[View]
154905377Akina's potato is keeping up with me?[View]
154902063/a/ sings Konosuba ED 2 - Ouchi ni Kaeritai: /a/ sings Konosuba ED 2 - Ouchi ni Kaeritai Instruction…[View]
154900090How do you like the new season?[View]
154904227Dragon parents when? Kobayashi's Maid Dragon[View]
154901944Is it canon?[View]
154903307Will anime as an artform ever be able to top this?[View]
154904831BATTLE MAIDS: You know em, you love em, battle maids protect their master and destroy anything in th…[View]
154898848SAO: Ordinal Scale: The movie has now broken a new record for fastest late-night anime movie to hit …[View]
154904630maa onee-sama! maaa maaaa onee-samaa![View]
154886776CGI Anime: So is this the final form of anime? Are CGI puppets going to become and the norm, and is …[View]
154902835Ok, who else thinks the new Trinity seven movie is hot garbage?[View]
154899499What's the future of monster/animal girl anime?[View]
154897119Keijo!!!: Is this already forgotten?[View]
154903352What are they doing to her? Yamero.[View]
154904290Statistics with weebs: Help me not fail my math class /a/ I can only learn through anime and manga…[View]
154900216ITT characters with boyfriends. I'll start.[View]
154889348How would you fix SHAFT?: no fujoshi anime no idol anime This company will go bankrupt soon[View]
154904113Ghost In The Shell: does this have the original version of the film or the 2.0 version??[View]
154875694What went wrong /a/?[View]
154900947Are you ready for a disappointment from Wit Studio and Production I.G?[View]
154879155I want Chinatsu-chan to rape me.[View]
154897785OVA was awesome, is the TV version worth watching or should I avoid it?[View]
154903620What's /a/s favourite Thriller anime? Mines pic related[View]
154901164Is this animated series something I should give my previous free time up to watch?[View]
154886591How would you have fixed Akame ga Kill?[View]
154854135Why are hot girls attracted to cringey beta retards such as this guy?[View]
154902580'Best' anime Husbands, Wives, and Significant Others: I'll start: Son Goku: Has the power to bl…[View]
154899631Tsukasa>Konata>Miyuki>Yagami >>>>>>>Akira[View]
154890822the Great Debate[View]
154898525why is she so perfect?[View]
154897344So Haruhi is going to be the new Elien Baker now?: This is awesome but did they not take notes on wh…[View]
154896541Netflix's Death Note - Trailer: What does /a/ think of the new Netflix Death Note trailer? Tra…[View]
154899727Does /a/ like Blame?[View]
154901618At this point does any other anime even matter?[View]
154798253> god of thunder KUBOOOOOOOOOO Also, is he doing a new manga already or wat …[View]
154821151Danganronpa: Who is to blame for ruining 3 and why is it this faggot?[View]
154856746One Piece: Leave pudding to me[View]
154901696You will never eat out hot Russian pussy[View]
154901344stare and stroke[View]
154898630Why is Momiji so perfect? Season 2 never [View]
154899405Hideaki Anno is known to be THE most hung guy in japanese animr, possibly one of the biggest in the …[View]
154897260What do you think about the promised neverland?[View]
154814620Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen: New chapter out We panda now[View]
154900114>no chapter for february and march is almost over HIIRAAAAANOOOOOOOOOOOO…[View]
154901020It has been nice while it lasted but after seeing Kizumonogatari I seriously think that they should …[View]
154893506Evangelion 3.0+1.0 not until after Shin Godzilla SEQUEL?: https://www.madman.com.au/news/hideaki-ann…[View]
154899564Kengan Ashua: Is this an accurate portrayal of MERICA? The author has actually been in the U.S.…[View]
154876974Overlord: Season 2 probably won't reach volume 8, but it will still include the best girl... Ri…[View]
154900720Yuusha ga Shinda! - The Hero is Dead!: Will it ever get an anime adaptation?[View]
154897561Can we all agree that Konosuba is by far one of the best anime of this year?[View]
154900585What on earth did she mean by that?[View]
154895813>There will never be anything funnier than Konosuba Why even live?[View]
154897486Stupid useless bunny[View]
154879142Ballroom e Youkoso PV3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZ23ztD_Uxo Mix Juice no Iuutori by Unison S…[View]
154868534Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: Only one episode left until we get Aoi, who will surely become the best main girl i…[View]
154897912This is Chise Hatori, she is very cute. Say something nice about her.[View]
154893497Is he autistic?[View]
154896674ITT: post amazing anime soundtracks. Hard mode: it has to have more than 3 great tracks. I'll…[View]
154894276Kemono Friends: Reminder that Kaban-chan will be OK and that she and Serval-chan have plenty of fun …[View]
154897937One room[View]
154899969私は自分の背景を描き、月の都市にテレポートした (28): http://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/%E7%A7%81%E3%81%AF%E8%87%AA%E5%8…[View]
154895951What are some shows that you thought was shoo-in for a second season? Pic very related. Almost 4 yea…[View]
154897687Drawthread: Come make or request /a/rt! And say thanks to any deliveries you get![View]
154829162ITT: S class antagonists only[View]
154895605Which of these destroyers would you zuki?[View]
154898606Does nobody watch this shit anymore?[View]
154850441Youjo Senki: So if the Brits are riding brooms then what will the Americans ride?[View]
154899336Loose tank tops with short shorts is the best outfit you can have on a girl. If you don't agree…[View]
154898301Sakura is a MAGIC girl.[View]
1548912071, 2, 3 or 4? Which one of them would make the best commanding officer?[View]
154899424>even dragons have to deal with family issues Really makes you think[View]
154899392favouarit 10/10[View]
154896741<Infinite Dendogram>: I found this while browsing the trash can called isekai, and find it som…[View]
154899221One of these cons' is yours for the night, which one do you chose?[View]
154858575Berserk: So has anybody got any word on the new chapter from Berserk? Apparently it's out in Ja…[View]
154888232He's thinking about all the anon's who took that 'wait a little bit longer' shit seriously[View]
154896416>itt GOD tier ships[View]
154897933>[HorribleSubs] Sousei no Onmyouji - 49 [720p].mkv Second to last episode is out…[View]
154854234UMINEKO THREAD: What is the true aspect of Yasu?[View]
154898439> L: [thinking] Kira never stopped killing people, even while the surveillance cameras were in pl…[View]
154898408Time to worship a REAL goddess![View]
154895890>Five years ago Naruto Bleach One Piece HXH Reborn Gintama Bakuman Sket Dance Nura Toriko Kuroko …[View]
154896312You're fixing to go on a ride with your bike club when these guys block your path. What do you …[View]
154895163>70's anime look better than today's anime Truly pathetic. Not even gonna start on the …[View]
154858660Kobayashi San no Maid Dragon: I love Lucoa![View]
154898194I don't get it[View]
154889009Since there are some anons here who really like the first couple from I Shoujo, I'm dumping the…[View]
154898121Togusa is a cool guy.[View]
154898092get wrekt[View]
154895950Is Taneda Risa still your favorite seiyuu?[View]
154897899One room: This is even more depressing that the imouto arc.[View]
154897723What's the second best anime of the season after Maidragon?[View]
154890923I have never watched a show so calm and disturbing without even trying. Thank you based sticky.[View]
154895258So, it's the common consensus that zoids chaotic century is drastically better than all the oth…[View]
154897727Animeonly fag here. Why do people hate the anime adaptation of Yumiko's route so much?[View]
154881835You didn't forget about me, right?[View]
154878483Shonen Jump Issue #17 ToC: Boku no Hero Academia (Cover, Lead CP) Boku no Hero Academia Smash!! (Spe…[View]
154896538Mekakucity Actors: Why haven't you watched this anime yet? If you actually did what's your…[View]
154897376ITT: Lewdest outfits Post them.[View]
154874517Season's just about over. Give me your opinions. >AOTS >Surprise of the Season >Disapp…[View]
154850186Buyfag Thread: Read the meme http://buyfags.moe/ Don't ask questions[View]
154897124so i've been recently trying to get back into watching anime and have been watching some things…[View]
154893145Why is this series so perfect?[View]
154897125Was this fight the most kino Naruto has ever been since Rock Lee vs Gaara?[View]
154890170he hatched from Picollos egg but he's not a Namekian explain this[View]
154896883Do you protect her?[View]
154895713ITT side characters with a more interesting sub plot than the protagonists. Alternatively great char…[View]
154896994ITT post girls who you think are best girls from shows you have not seen.[View]
154896132[HorribleSubs] Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 - 11 It's out early guys! ;_;[View]
154891838How come there is no true western anime? It's everywhere in other media but there's barely…[View]
154856390Drawthread: Come make or request /a/rt![View]
154883702ITT: 'Villains' who did nothing wrong[View]
154890796Parallel Paradise: First chapter from Okamoto Lynn's new manga is finally out! http://bzland.ne…[View]
154891246What would marriage with Aisha be like?[View]
154894032Why is Toyotaru so Based? Why does he constantly cuck Toei?[View]
154891601So we're all in agreement that Simon led to the universes inevitablr destruction, right?[View]
154888958Why do all mahou shoujo shows have an urban setting?[View]
154889157Kuzu No Honkai: 5 episodes in and I can say without doubt that sensei is the best girl - no, the bes…[View]
154895416Dorohedoro: GYARU NIKAIDO[View]
154881781One Punch Man: Good thing I'm here.[View]
154893924How does it make you feel that Code Geass season 3 is going to save the last anime decade from being…[View]
154829372>Kazuma mentions multiple times that he's not attracted to Megumin, he just gets caught up i…[View]
154895858Would dating Miyabi make you a cuckold?[View]
154894452ITT: Anime tropes you would to see more often. >tsundere beats the MC >she's too weak to …[View]
154875204Did you know Initial D isn't the only anime to feature Eurobeat? Back in 2003, the same studio …[View]
154896236Brown loli professors are the best! THE BEST![View]
154896196haha. time for fat dragons[View]
154895723So I might be late here, but I finally sat down to watch the highly advertised Season 2 that Netflix…[View]
154896163Season 3 announcement soon[View]
154894457Which one, /a/?[View]
154893000What the fuck is her problem?: >Go Shinji, get in the robot, fight the Angels! >Shinji, you pi…[View]
154894425>yfw reika got blacked[View]
154892095Is Kazuma the most alpha of all MCs?[View]
154895247Gantz:g: Is this how it end ? I remember it being announced that chapter 17 was supposed to be the l…[View]
154895637Anime Composers/Soundtracks: Who are your favorite composers for anime and what are some of your fav…[View]
154892833Ask someone who was at the premiere of GitS yesterday anything.[View]
154894108Chi no Wadachi: BRAVO OSHIMI R A V O You just made me a mothercon[View]
154887733Garden of Words: >45 mins Can you name another thematically strong narrative presented in less th…[View]
154879266Who here excited for Tsugumomo anime?: If you haven't heard of it, read it right now. Insanely …[View]
154886396Ichigo 100%: Sequel to run in Jump GIGA. Seriously, Japan?[View]
154894196What is the most overused song in AMV's in your opinion?[View]
154892465Fuck all this Fate shit and servants, Nasu has forgotten the real and true fans, the original and re…[View]
154884863Dragon Ball Super: This is Bra, she was just born. Say something nice to her.[View]
154895057https://www.sankakucomplex.com/2017/03/22/haruhi-now-teaching-english-to-students/ The Haruhi franch…[View]
154889725Why not route?[View]
154863344ITT anime characters that remind you of yourself[View]
154892220Would Madoka be better if it was like this?[View]
154893949Anime that men will never understand.[View]
154893931Who is your favorite SPHERE?[View]
154884453Nobody remembers Kill Me Baby Nobody except me[View]
154894481Oneesans: Post the best oneesans and characters you want to be your oneesan too.[View]
154872005Hayate no Gotoku 565 scan-Thing went south edition http://imgur.com/a/AgR7v[View]
154821066Saekano: V12 summary is out. What do you think of Megumi's victory? >http://pastebin.com/pBa…[View]
154872477How do you think this manga should be handled? Timeline wise it's gonna be weird.[View]
154876744Is Naruto the 'smartest' battle shonen?[View]
154894217Bure > Rumba > Ringo[View]
154894210Ending of Madoka Magica: Rebellion: Do you consider this a better ending than the original series? …[View]
154894194It's unfortunate you had to see this, boy. This moment will always haunt you. Challenge me when…[View]
154870801What about caffeinated green tea?[View]
154893420Why people forgot about Umaru? She was supposed to be our queen.[View]
154845667This is Liese, the best and the strongest mage. Compliment her.[View]
154878305ITT:: Great girls in shitty shows[View]
154888866To Your Eternity 017 (2017) (Digital) (danke-Empire): >To Your Eternity 017 (2017) (Digital) (dan…[View]
154893965Beatrice is cute! CUTE![View]
154893947ITT god tier scenes in manga[View]
154889874Handa-kun: I feel like I'm reading a Harem-manga, the number of his male followers seems to ste…[View]
154893130Let's have a good thread with posting some good manga.: Which one should i post to start with?…[View]
154882001SYD: Oh, it's time isn't it. Lemme get set up. Double comic this week[View]
154881068Little Witch Academia: Love it or hate it, Diana IS gonna be the Main Villain of LWA soon.[View]
154893563>mfw no more Konosuba today[View]
154893526HEY GUYS IT'S KONOSUBA WEDN... oh, right.[View]
154892419What is your 10/10 anime? Pic related is mine[View]
154892605How would I go about obtaining this particular skill and mastering it?[View]
154890510What's Tokyo Ghoul like?: With Toonami airing Tokyo Ghoul soon, I wanted to know what's th…[View]
154891845Reading the manga and just got to this part. Why can't nips ever make time travel simple? This …[View]
154860576>Maidragon v1 sells 2330/409, total 2,739. What the fuck is wrong with Japan?…[View]
154885508Kemono Friends: 'Don't you........forget about me Please, Serval-chan'[View]
154888166STnBD, Blade Dance: >Kamito in charge of taking responsibility[View]
154892232dies: if you don't like choking anime girls you are a certified homo[View]
154892183Dorohedoro: >thick half-devil Nikaido Oh Lord please help me for I am about to commit a sin.…[View]
154890435>ITT we mention overrated anime that only an autist could love I want to see some hatred.…[View]
154883712Shinmai Maou no Testament: When does Basara give the D to the best girls Zesto and Maria? Mio was a …[View]
154892035I want him so badly[View]
154887531Golden Kamui 89: Sugimoto is done fucking around.[View]
154890978When will they make Shirobako 2?[View]
154890460Do anime and sports mix well?[View]
154890570why is there no Narcissus anime adaptation? the source material is great , its easy to adapt , you g…[View]
154890059ITT: Characters who make you question your sexuality For me it's Grell. Everything about him, f…[View]
154887010>his favorite studio can't animate 10 minutes of wind orchestra concert with actual applicat…[View]
154879971More To Love-Ru when?[View]
154890548Sword art online ordinal scale: 5 weeks in and it has surpassed k-on Will it beat Evangelion you thi…[View]
154890205What went wrong?[View]
154888904Baki Dou 150: Let's do it, friends![View]
154870908The last anime you watched has Rance as the main protagonist now, did it make it better or worse?[View]
154889289Knights of Sidonia: i finished s2 not too long ago and want to continue the series. should i wait fo…[View]
154891361Why is it that the more talented and moe Ishihara gets no recognition on /a/ while Yamada and Takemo…[View]
154889911Who's the best daughteru in anime? (It's Mako)[View]
154891252I don't get it. At first I thought Bakugou was just a dickweed childhood bully but they care fo…[View]
154891275Is he still the King of /a/?[View]
154874623Shieldbro chapter 32: And with this, volume 4 has been adapted in it's entirety. Good news, the…[View]
154890384Fuck the ending, fuck the progression, and fuck the status quo of this show. The best development Ri…[View]
154843420Lupin III: You guys like Lupin? I like Lupin[View]
154886827So /m/, can we talk about the ending of Orguss? What the fuck happened?[View]
154890670KOUME! It's eight of clock! WAKE UP![View]
154889474Was it rape?[View]
154889182Whats so good about this anime? My friends constantly tell me to watch it. I tell them it looks rea…[View]
154887615Hey Anon, wear this ufufufu~[View]
154888714Is it fair to say that pic related is the studio whose shows have the best OPs and EDs in anime?[View]
154887410Why is the Lucky Star anime so much better than the source manga? I could marathon the Lucky Star an…[View]
154884981Did they ever rescue her?[View]
154890451How come there aren't more good mother characters in anime? Rinko is single-handedly carrying t…[View]
154887665Would you?[View]
154877115A character made to be corrupted.[View]
154886527What were they trying to convey with this scene?[View]
154887727Is she the angriest girl in all of anime?[View]
154889208>almost one year hiatus is the author still alive?[View]
154879195What went wrong?[View]
154889069>kill off every character that has something to live for >let the kid that just wants to die s…[View]
154883789Everyone needs a little bit of Shinka in their lives[View]
154855857Best animu from the year of your birth[View]
154884390ITT: characters who did everything wrong[View]
154889492ITTL oh yeah that was a thing[View]
154889111Is this the most depressive anime ever?[View]
154884589How do you remember what you're reading /a/?[View]
154882490Daily reminder: Never forget to bap your loli[View]
154881456Fuck you, I liked it[View]
154887853Mion and shion images !!![View]
154883367中古でも恋がした: Left of right?[View]
154882874>mc punches main girl in the face Now what?[View]
154888155What make Chicka's face so popular?[View]
154887443I'd LOVE TO FIGHT Tama-chan[View]
154885592Could a sequel series work?[View]
154888649Jesus Christ; why the fuck is she seriously being such a fucking selfish bitch?! I mean; come on; yo…[View]
154887422What happened?[View]
154863067Hey /a/, lets have a quotes thread.[View]
154885898>burgers say japan has bad taste >burgers love little witch academia and hate on moe and idols…[View]
154881122The promise with the man I love.: What did she mean by that?[View]
154878490Post some flawless anime MCs. I think Goku is one of the best anime MCs of all time.[View]
154879491I understand that every panel can't be perfect, but during my binging of Ajin, the way the art …[View]
154881261Desperate cakes always have better options than seeking for a man.[View]
154888189Who is best nemesis in anime/manga media?[View]
154869710Was he autistic?[View]
154872292Name a more overrated mangaka. Protip: you can't[View]
154852462i know the ost has been out for a couple of days, but has anyone found a place to actually properly …[View]
154883580Season 3 coming out S00N: Season 3 is coming out very soon. Anyone follow this anime? It is my favor…[View]
154879274Endings: Animes where the ending are much better than the opening.[View]
154887750Rokudou No Onna Tachi ch 11: here it is[View]
154878867>find anime with godly character designs >really want to watch it and love it >but it'…[View]
154885116ITT: Japan is weird: Post those times when things just got weird in anime.[View]
154878176code geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection: are a >slince of life anime > no fights > no polit…[View]
154880710Why do only males have nipples in anime? How do anime women feed their infants?[View]
154880665Kengan Asura: DREAMS.[View]
154887341Why is Fate/Zero so bad?[View]
154879165This series defied my expectations I never thought that any funnier anime could come around Have we …[View]
154886572Dagashi Kashi 136 TL: Hiya, it's TS/TL anon here. Let's get down to it. P1 [Dagashi Kashi]…[View]
154883475Stare at my boobs.[View]
154879273Can someone give me the run down on this show, is it actually bad/very mediocre?[View]
154886266Which Lagoon would you Black?[View]
154875964Pic VERY related[View]
154876286amakakeru ryu no hirameki: Anybody walk around muttering this move under their breath, or it that ju…[View]
154883872This is what perfection looks like[View]
154880550Can we solve the mystery of how this show lasted so long, got dubbed, and aired on cartoon network? …[View]
154884293Looks fucking good guyzz[View]
154865138JoJo Thread: No seriously, what's going to happen in JJL next?[View]
154835117Hatsukoi Zombie: Well, I have some time, so I'm just gonna quickly bring the manga up to speed …[View]
154884991Let's have a thread for comfy anime. This is pretty comfy.[View]
154872124ITT: Characters no one hates[View]
154886539Aka don't be a dumb lazy ass; you create your dreams and world with your hand; it was never out…[View]
154878534Does the k-on manga suck? I've heard it's awful.[View]
154864505How can such a short series top the majority of anime from 2016?[View]
154882633ITT: characters who were raped[View]
154883453Tell me I have shit taste again I double dog dare you.[View]
154885400I just finished watching the Kingdom of Dreams and Madness. If you wanna know about the philosophy, …[View]
154843197Gabriel Dropout: Tap-chan is the cutest[View]
154881711Kemono Friends: So how is the farewell going to be like for Kaban and Serval come ep12?[View]
154851505Why is she so perfect anons: She's melting my heart![View]
154883290/a/, how do you get rid of post show depression? That feel when you got into a show, and it ended be…[View]
154882262>not liking tsuneki >being this pleb[View]
154884976What are your favorite Christmas episodes /a/?[View]
154884963TomokoKuroki: post pics of tomoko kuroki[View]
154829404> Hundreds of anime about high school girls > Barely anything about college aged girls Why?…[View]
154879297I want to bully this deaf bitch[View]
154881081So what exactly is the purpose of making a character a trap? Isn't the point of anime to encour…[View]
154882662passin' through, lole![View]
154877856>people still don't get it 'Kill Me Baby' was an allegory for the relationship between the W…[View]
154879069Can you refer a comic that has massive influence by Japan a Manga? What series would come to the clo…[View]
154882291I have this feeling where I REALLY want to pump all of my cum inside her. Does this happen to anyone…[View]
154869746So were lolis created by the anime industry to bolster declining birth rates by romanticizing the id…[View]
154879050Post them sleep deprived babes.[View]
154881063which sis would /a/ kiss x[View]
154871338Edge thread: Post edgy characters.[View]
154867159If you like Lum you are responsible for the death of anime. Anyone who remembers this series will re…[View]
154882737>2300 You know, your COOL Kyoushinsha isn't cool at all. Even Kyoani improvement with god ti…[View]
154882382>I just thought since I sold all those discs I could have a 3rd season.…[View]
154881979Ansatsu Kyoushitsu: Just finished the first season. It was entertaining but found it average overall…[View]
154867810What was Kanna saying here?[View]
154872342How many images of cute anime girls with question marks do you have, /a/?[View]
154881967Been a while since I watched anything Im@s related. So, uh, what exactly is going on here?[View]
154817878Megumin Monday: Why is she so perfect, guys? She makes my heart go doki doki.[View]
154867749I'm going to post some World Conquest images. Feel free to join. Everyone sleeps on this show t…[View]
154863421>KyoAni doesn't have a single memorable design Defend this.[View]
154868049HER NAME IS ____[View]
154870250ITT We post our favorite anime quotes. My favorite is the pharaoh 'It's time to f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f…[View]
154881282What does /a/ really think of this?[View]
154881172Azumi: oh man oh man, did this manga finally get good?[View]
154880910Best sensual scenes of Masou Gakuen: Do you think these are the best sensual scenes of the first thr…[View]
154873474Little Witch Academia: >there are people who liked the live-action Night Fall arc…[View]
154878423why does every character from jojolion looks just like M.I.A.? I can't be the only who have ev…[View]
154878815Most disappointing anime?: What was the most disappointing anime you have ever seen? For me, it was …[View]
154880375Can anything match the dedication of the Japanese salaryman?[View]
154877493Watching Fullmetal Alchemist again why does it still hurt guys. I know what happens to the poor girl…[View]
154870084> ''Ainz-sama was defeated in battle and has died..'' Wut? What did Lupu mean…[View]
154867981Choose one to spend night with[View]
154874838>wake up in hospital >16 March How will you try to defeat Walpurgis and save Madoka this time,…[View]
154870363>MC obtains super power >WAHHH ORE WA BAKEMONO DA…[View]
154879743Tomo-chan: What the fuck anon who usually does this?[View]
154879767TUMBLING DOWN[View]
154879064Cutest couple[View]
154879823Who are some based harem MCs?[View]
154879539Why did she want to fuck her own nephew?[View]
154872896ITT:God tier soundtracks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqzt03rA8VU https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
154879373ITT: Shitty series that /a/ tricked you into watching[View]
154876541Shiburin gets high quality fan arts almost every day, why is that?[View]
154877811Why is she single?[View]
154874624Kemono Friends: Aspire to be like this human.[View]
154878215I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.[View]
154873501ITT: anime boys with the biggest dicks[View]
154879268Shokugeki no Soma: Spoilers soon Soma gets a color page this week[View]
154879083Has this happened in any anime?[View]
154840964prison school 246: Kiyoshi's retardation is reaching new heights.[View]
154878497To celebrate Rumiko Takahashi's success for having over 200 million books printed, Sunday'…[View]
154879194post milfs[View]
154878269Why was it literally perfect?[View]
154879045>OP starts out amazing and unique >Devolves into generic whiny animeshit early in and stays th…[View]
154871479So... Did it do child pilot introspection better than NGE?[View]
154878096Is Goku really that much more selfish and reckless then other shonen protagonists in his behavior (L…[View]
154866024Is there anyone softer?[View]
154878900Gatchaman Fighter Coming Soon to DVD: http://pastebin.com/kddQH2D4[View]
154878899>MC is an 'otaku' that hates 3D women[View]
154874192Konosuba or rezero?[View]
154863212Just a reminder Seal of quality.[View]
154874603What would Evangelion be like if Kubo wrote it?[View]
154877059Why did they have so much confidence in this manga? It's the norm to hype up new series but thi…[View]
154867390What do you call this type of girl?[View]
154839485Animes that only you saw.: I bet 99% of /a/ never saw Ebichu the hamster.[View]
154875984Fire Punch: Is this is the next big thing? it's going to blow up like crazy when anime adaptati…[View]
154878139Lastman: Great News everyone ! I started subbing the first 7 episodes of Lastman https://www.youtub…[View]
154872002This will be your secondary waifu for tonight, suc is busy[View]
154872375This body can not be legal[View]
154878006Will Citrus out yuri Hibike! Euphonium?[View]
154858090Kemono Friends last episode is World Trending Topic: Explain this to me /a/[View]
154876482ED of the season - LWA OP of the season - D for dragon.[View]
154876967Why is Illya drawn like this?[View]
154862283Find a flaw.[View]
154875472Was that really the end?[View]
154877366Kuroko : last game: Do you guys have any idea when this movie will be available on the internet? Al…[View]
154877076Why is Subayai so shit? She ruined the whole episode![View]
154869155Monthly Alternative Manga Garo: For those interested, I'm uploading some issues of Garo that I …[View]
154868443Boku no Hero Academia: I'm starting to become convinced that earlobes is the traitor. >Quirk…[View]
154875991ITT antagonists who did nothing wrong: >Fighting a clan that strips people of their free will, th…[View]
154847827Which one would you marry?[View]
154859861Who changed her clothes again?[View]
154863169This is Kallen's butt. Say something nice about her.[View]
154876191JAPAN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UFEe8xIRUU[View]
154862102Would you watch anime about Byzantines and Ottomans teaming up against the eternal kraut?[View]
154876937Why is the spirit tree calling sensei as Chariot?: Could it be that Sensei is actually Chariot. But …[View]
154864540Opinions on Sae?[View]
154875116So wasn't Black Lagoon supposed to continue this month? Any sightings? Did Hiroe deliver? Also,…[View]
154866085>you can come inside >it's my safe day!…[View]
154876349This is Sawyer, say something nice to her.[View]
154870515Would you support her cause?[View]
154874975ITT:Underrated characters from overrated shows[View]
154875113Subs are finally up on nyaa. What does /a/ think of the movie?[View]
154875596See, Kill La Kill? See, PSG? This is how you make a female character. Has a female character ever be…[View]
154874638No Game No Life is back!!!: No Game No Life Zero Film to open July 15th, 2017. The movie will adapt …[View]
154876049Whats the best Dragon Ball movie and why is it Wrath of the Dragon?[View]
154871960I miss.hack[View]
154871774Why does Toei still fucking exist?[View]
154872750was he right? was killing him anudda shoah?[View]
154869006Spring 2017: So /a/ what are going to watch?[View]
154870849Who would win, Kaiokenx10 Super Saiyan Blue Goku, or this mother fucker?[View]
154874227Doesn't Kazuma basically worship The Padded Goddess now?[View]
154875403so will dragon ball af start when super ends??[View]
154863640What is her fucking problem?: Yeah we get it, she lost her family... like almost everyone in this ma…[View]
154872820>MC chose a literal retard over this 11/10 beautiful and loyal woman FUCK THIS SHIT TASTE OF AN M…[View]
154869106Do you like this type of character?[View]
154871985Why is she so cute?[View]
154874966There needs to be more dick-ass thief(saboteur) MCs in anime.[View]
154869328Go Nagai Scanlation Collection: X Gon' Give It To Ya[View]
154870118what was the point of this?[View]
154871100What does /a/ think of Getter Robo Darkness?[View]
154874546There's only one God, ma'am, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't swing that way.[View]
154871160Kill La Kill is a fucking masterpiece. Only faggots trying to fit in disagree with me.[View]
154865579This is Naze-san. She's feeling a bit overlooked. Say something nice about her.[View]
1548741822017>No new manga can hit 1 million frist print: >What wrong with shonen jump…[View]
154870048What are some Anime where faceless Soldiers/Goons actually get shit done?[View]
154873579Who wins?[View]
154863026Dagashi Kashi: Dumping new chapter.[View]
154870607Kemono Friends: A hero to all Friends.[View]
154870871I was watching Kill La Kill and I got kinda concerned, I think this girl is a literal sadist[View]
154873607Was episode 11s sole purpose to show that Satania truly is best girl?: Yes it was.[View]
154873441Why do most hot girls in Shounen have to be stuck in series that are poorly written?[View]
154872520Will there ever be another anime like WataMote?[View]
154873102How should I go about Eva 25+26 and the movies? Just switch to 25+26 after a certain point in EoE or…[View]
154873358So what actually are the top ten anime deaths of all time?[View]
154870984Lets talk about the women in DBZ and their character development? aka PICK YOUR WAIFU[View]
154864298I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.[View]
154871469dead girl best girl: ITT: dead girl best girl[View]
15486523148 hours until we get another great shitstorm. Who here is ready?[View]
154867992This is your daughteru, Hina. Say something nice about her.[View]
154844316Tell me /a/, why does he wear the dress?[View]
154870836I know who your leader is: I know that there is a 4chan troll mafia that hates emos and wears pepe m…[View]
154870228Hi /a/, I wanted to introduce you to my wife. Please be nice to her![View]
154872048Has anyone ever seen an episode of Sazae-san? Is it any good?[View]
154868873>literally nothing will ever top this why continue living[View]
154824276It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes /ai/ - Idle Activities interesting.…[View]
154864197Blood Sign: You wake up one morning and find your yandere ex-lover in your bed giving you this look.…[View]
154872324Konosuba: Can I get a konosuba gif thread?[View]
154860256Nanbaka s2 over S3 when?[View]
154825309Berserk: New chapter out on the 24th Volume 38 is coming out on July 18th Volume 39 is coming out in…[View]
154810372Girls und Panzer: GuP Final Chapter Part 1 Theatrical Release Date: December 9, 2017 http://dengekio…[View]
154857297Here are your friendly neighbourhood homos.[View]
154870304Which kind of mahou trapjou is this anime? Meguka or precure? I don't want the cute male girl b…[View]
154871086Which Moe would you Tan?[View]
154860867Artisan weaver thread![View]
154864531Little Witch Academia: Will she ever discover the wonders of motherhood?[View]
154870343Daily reminder that Gohan is the true hero and chosen one of the series. If you disagree, drink a bo…[View]
154867960>tfw the main girl is perfectly suited to your preferences in every way Has this happened to you …[View]
154871327Kodansha has reprinted Ghost in The Shell because of movie. Does anyone know if it's worth buy…[View]
154870564So what was Okabe's 'ultimate technique'?: pic related[View]
154866726ITT: Beloved characters immune to shitposting[View]
154856943Keijo: Raw 173 no chapter next week[View]
154850399Parallel Paradise: Okamoto Lynn's new work. It's Isekai! It's LEWD Isekai![View]
154861914So when does it get good? I'm 8 episodes in and still find it pretty boring.[View]
154797477Yuki Yuna/YuYuYu/NoWaYu/WaSuYu Thread: WaSuYu was ripped, Chinese hard subs only. TL anons are worki…[View]
154854498Ai Mai Mi - Surgical Friends - 12: Get in here, weirdos.[View]
154871048私は自分の背景を描き、月の都市にテレポートした (28): http://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/%E7%A7%81%E3%81%AF%E8%87%AA%E5%8…[View]
154870971Why are they so perfect /a/?[View]
154868828Why did he cry when Theresia sais she was going to kill him[View]
154870625Kemono Friends: What a great episode. It was raining in my room when I watched it.[View]
154870550...Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how perfect she is?[View]
154865229Dragon Ball Z: how the hell did Doctor Gero create robots that are more powerful than a super saiyan…[View]
154859755*blocks your path*[View]
154868883Choose your sword ![View]
154867002GochiUsa Chapter 7: Haven't seen anyone post this yet, So I guess I'll post it. This chapt…[View]
154868352Yowamushi Pedal: Did this guy really just go from an annoying comic relief side character to a fucki…[View]
154870083SAO Ordinal Scale: 'We will have an improved version in animation, superior to any previous projecti…[View]
154868404Who was in the wrong here?[View]
154868141Hataraku Maou-Sama: >kills an entire nation >slaughting millions of humans >laughing at th…[View]
154868463Jojo: ZA WARLDO[View]
154817799Chuuko demo koi ga shitai: Which one is a better look for her?[View]
154860496Tsuredure Children: Woop woop[View]
154862407ITT: Quotes that describe you.[View]
154849080Raildex thread discussion: How much content is going to cut in Index Season 3 anime?[View]
154869657Jolyne is cute! Please do not call her a man.[View]
154844467Brynhildr: Holy shit, this is a serious contender for the worst ending of all time What the fuck Lyn…[View]
154868314Space: Thread for space anime. So I seen the sekai chronicles, LoGH, outlaw star, nadesico, gunbuste…[View]
154856130Golden Kamui 89: Holy shit[View]
154869388What is the font of font ... in kanji[View]
154869348anya in r3 /a/?[View]
154868832you just know he is getting threesomes everyday, and that's discounting when Clare's frien…[View]
154792257Konosuba: S3 announcement soon, right?[View]
154869120Neuro: Supernatural Detective: this manga was great in the end I couldn't stop crying[View]
154869042>it's a jojo pose episode[View]
154868835>go on summer vacation >this guy apparently drowned >No he didn't! >well okay how a…[View]
154863008Did they skip an episode or something? Last time they were going to sneak Satan girl into heaven but…[View]
154868847>Anime has a surprise, soul-crushingly depressing and psychologically stimulating ending…[View]
154833278Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: No Link lady OP again, you're welcomed Thank you card makers for Odd-Eyes Veno…[View]
154857526Hinamatsuri: Extra chapter 61.5. Needs proofreading.[View]
154864501ITT: Good adaptations[View]
154864593There is nothing attractive about 2D girls acting like 3D piggu.[View]
154865823Are you ready for KyoAni's deconstruction of Sci-fi?[View]
154857605Dragon Ball Super: Totally not a general[View]
154866018Post an anime girl without posting her.[View]
154868131cancer man's #1 film, don't bother to argue[View]
154857816Hand Shakers - 11[View]
154867182I love you, Onii-chan[View]
154867889Anime you thought would be a classic but nobody talks about anymore[View]
154854438Who was in the wrong here?[View]
154866944So does Ukyo peg Konatsu nightly, or does she save it as a reward for special occasions?[View]
154854673Demi Chan Overrated?: Does Demi-Chan actually suck? The first EP left me disappointed, here is why. …[View]
154866669This girl broke my heart.[View]
154867604it must be nice to have someone who stands your autismo and reads manga with you[View]
154851566ITT Times /a/ was right: This really is the greatest love story ever told.[View]
154839730Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo Ni.: Anime Announced for summer. >https://twitter.com/pKjd/status/84…[View]
154867240Why are they so perfect?[View]
154850526new Witch Hat Atelier chapter[View]
154852532Why is he such an amazing character?[View]
154864995Hinako Note: Let's all appreciate this butt[View]
154866476I also love Shinji.[View]
154855439KyoAni: http://www.strawpoll.me/12577558[View]
154864890Is there a boyfriend (female) more reliable than Mio?[View]
154857110Sugimoto,Ushyama and Ogata going nuclear on the yakuza[View]
154826562Seriously now, is this happening this decade?[View]
154863847Left or right, which form do you prefer?[View]
154865199Jojo Thread: This is Jobin. Say something nice about him.[View]
154865506How do people make such obvious translation errors?: Sometimes I see translations done by fans and i…[View]
154863162Name me a better dere scene. >protip: you can't![View]
154865498Kyoani invented dragons, so I hope we'll get more dragon anime in next few seasons.[View]
154864614Did anyone else start ice skating because of this guy?[View]
154816297Why are lolis so lewd?[View]
154832152JoJo Thread: Take a little rice, take a little beans.[View]
154864843I'm not bad about Noe losing anymore, I just want to return to harems like this, and not harems…[View]
154862979ITT: We save anime with stupid ideas. I start: No more waifu wars because every harem anime is now t…[View]
154855487Where were you when Toei BTFO Kyoani making the same anime in the same year?[View]
154862515JoJo Part 5 Vento Aureo Confirmed: It's happening /a/nons[View]
154864303Violet Evergarden: Fuck Maidragon, the real BIG thing from Kyoani is coming.[View]
154861592This is Cagliostro. Say something nice about her![View]
154864665Will KyoAni ever do another anime with a compelling story like Clannad?[View]
154862948https://strawpoll.com/ecyx8z7 How and why is Paranoia Agent losing to Paprika[View]
154864480Quick question, I started watching the 2016 version of Berserk, but Farnese's nipple-less breas…[View]
154864165Fate: Was the hate for Arc's redesign largely unjustified?[View]
154862778Leave no sales to me![View]
154861321What do you guys think of this show?[View]
154857250>he can't speak his waifu's language[View]
154863135Best OP of the season: So /a/, what's your favorite? Openings not included in the current seaso…[View]
154864146Kemono Friends: This is the hero Japari Park deserves.[View]
154864035Crop a decently sized part out of a recent (last few years) anime and have others guess where it…[View]
154863993Little Witch Academia: Here we find the Atsuko Kageri, more commonly referred to as Akko, in her nat…[View]
154845893Stupid shit in anime: >MC getting embarrassed when some girl see his boner…[View]
154863912Kemono Friends: I can't believe that Kaban is fucking dead[View]
154859732*Blocks your path* Rewrite thread[View]
154863146Do you hate KyoAni? Why?[View]
154860277Kemono Friends: The forgotten days of old, the ominous forshadowing within the background but forgot…[View]
154859106>This is your new Cyborg little sister, you're her handler: Treat her nicely[View]
154852517Little Witch Academia: Ursula-sensei is angrily asking you whether your yearly salary can support a …[View]
154863281>leaving the band just to spite your crush did they just fucking pulled a fucking Mio Honda on us…[View]
154863189Is this a solid benchmark for depravity on /a/?: A lot of people are saying it was pretty rock botto…[View]
154833683Quick question about the official Overlord LN translations. In the second volume, in either the last…[View]
154862100'With the 35th volume of Kyokai no Rinne, Rumiko Takahashi surpassed the 200 million volumes sold ma…[View]
154863117Leave Faggots on Ice to us[View]
154859804Hoshino, Me o Tsubutte: Oh, here we go.[View]
154863027You know, with the Isekai craze we have, as a result, witness a parade of different 'God' characters…[View]
154861285Best ninja[View]
154833174New Game: Season 2 when? >we will get more nene[View]
154861809I want to protect this smile.[View]
154858675>Downloading shitty 480p HorribleSubs instead of glorious 1080p Coalgirl kino.…[View]
154862666>You'll never travel across post-apocalyptic America with Sophia[View]
154848852One of the comfiest movies ever, a fact that is.[View]
154813157It's almost here.[View]
154850962Remember when he got man handled by cock craving slut? Was he the worst Akatsuki member?[View]
154862462ITT criminally underrated anime[View]
154860812Violet Evergarden full staff: Director: Taichi Ishidate Series Director: Haruka Fujita Series Compos…[View]
154861926Decadence: Why does she drink bottled water? This is Japan, not some third world shithole. If this s…[View]
154856248>literally becomes what it was parodying what did he (the author) meme by this?…[View]
154855032Help. I'm in love[View]
154861846*blocks your path*[View]
154840491Can you beat up Shinka in a fight?[View]
154859622Did Trigger save anime?[View]
154861637Why is she so perfect?[View]
154855083Kobayashi-san no Flop Dragon: >have an extremely popular loli character >make the adaptation a…[View]
154859875Yowamushi Pedal: Holy shit this season is so good, i was fucking hyped for our boy Sugimoto.[View]
154853765Name something in either anime or manga that really pisses you off. GO ![View]
154860742ITT >pic of your waifu >her name >what she's from >why you like her Seras Victoria…[View]
154858552You read manga backwards so why not watch anime backwards?[View]
154857288Mousou Telepathy: >Leading him on with the promise of addition Slut. Should divide herself by Zer…[View]
154859836Has there been any updates on this at all?[View]
154860477So when are video-game based anime making a return? Because I want An Asura's Wrath anime alrea…[View]
154843131Is Yu Yu Hakusho worth reading as someone who started with Hunter x Hunter?[View]
154858995Why didn't they just kill her? Especially when she was about to end the world herself.[View]
154857864'Sup, /a/? I've been gone for a bit and in the meantime finally caught up with Urara Meiro…[View]
154857134We don't know fucking anything about her. How old is she? Is she going to school? Is she older …[View]
154860420Well, /a/? Are you? Galko thread[View]
154850461what did she mean by this?[View]
154850895Kino no Tabi: Started this yesterday. Kino is cute![View]
154859758>best girl dies halfway through the series[View]
154860332Hop in, loser.[View]
154856126Kemono Friends: Ep11 airing now.[View]
154860215Why do we love this show again?[View]
154851044Amagi: Im all about Sento's thighs but Jesus fucking christ is this cunt adorable.[View]
154858761Is this unironically the worst anime ever made?[View]
154859856So this is basically Evangelion for girls?[View]
154848641ITT: Small guys who scored the hottest chick in their series: Starting with the most obvious confirm…[View]
154859777This person gets very embarrassed from being seen in regular underwear. Yeah.[View]
154858405Was he even necessary in Rebuild? It's not the mid-90s anymore, so the military otaku character…[View]
15485859325 episodes in: When does it start to get good? Haven't laughed at any jokes so far.[View]
154855437Why is K-on so garbage compared with top tier moe like Love Live and Madoka?[View]
154855939Is this the worst romance in anime? >starts with hahaha he's looking at her tits jokes >a…[View]
154838519What happens when two lolis love each other very much?[View]
154857899just started ashita no joe 2 and are they going to reanimate the last 28 episode from ashita no joe …[View]
154857494Why did everyone forget this masterpiece?[View]
154856017How was the movie? Did it redeem TV series in any way?[View]
154852492DO IT, ANON[View]
154858897Post in this thread if you're going to marathon 1st season of Rakugo before the last episode of…[View]
154704973BanG Dream![View]
154839339Tomo-chan: Look at this totally unexpected twist[View]
154855556Dagashi Kashi: dumping[View]
154854220Is this the greatest scene in anime history?[View]
15483996010/10 grills who aren't the main grill of their series[View]
154850971Inaba a best: Imagine Inaba confessed this to you, what do?[View]
154851992How do I stop fapping to her?[View]
154781244Kobayashi San no Maid Dragon: This is your Aztec (Mexican) Goddess for tonight[View]
154855014I luv Shana!!!!! She's cute and brave and very loyal.[View]
154851015God I hate Ebooks so fucking much[View]
154852529How do you feel about Lum, /a/?[View]
154854432Why aren't you a Friend yet?: This show it's truly meta as fuck, comfy, good pacing, lots …[View]
154781372Remember when this motherfucker was without a doubt THE main antagonist of Naruto?[View]
154854808Why do people claim Nasu Kinoko a shit? I'm reading his novels right now and his works are bett…[View]
154857223Kemono Friends: FUCK[View]
154856295Wait wot[View]
154853278Who is objectively the best waifu?[View]
154854979damn japanese rugby players sure are hot[View]
154853826You have 1 minute to express your love to Anchovy Nee-san[View]
154857105>tfw pixiv is down[View]
154841192DRAGON BALL SUPER: >SS3-tier SS >SSG >SSGSS Why is Vegeta so perfect?…[View]
154847056I love 11![View]
154855215And then[View]
154856950OPM - One Punch Man: new chapter when? also: fub = tat REAL MEN appreciate both worlds[View]
154856382Occasional reminder to always skip the first episode of this classic show.[View]
154804638One Piece: Will the plan succeed?[View]
154855236A wild Chi-[View]
154854317Cowboy Bebop: Cowboy Bebop thread. Preferably reaction pics but anything related goes.[View]
154855890Would you fill the keyhole of your chastity cage with superglue for her?[View]
154851313Yugioh - Dark side of dimension: Subs out.[View]
154852601Is she tsundere or kuudere?[View]
154852566Whats her endgame? She's currently the closest person to the Touma. Hoe can the others compete?…[View]
154849923KyoAni: KyoAni's female characters have breadth of variety, but why are their males all lifeles…[View]
154849400I never found the appeal in these wish fullfillment kinds of isekai, convince me otherwise.[View]
154856224It's the truth.[View]
154849557ITT: S-class Protags only[View]
154830393Post fight scenes[View]
154853108What would a blowjob from this angry politician be like?[View]
154853150Subs never[View]
154851700>Itadakimasu >Subs is bon apetit[View]
154829624If there's anything you want, anything at all...[View]
154854943What are imoutos for?[View]
154852533Why the fuck do people like this: This show sucks, right? I just got done watching the first 5 episo…[View]
154828587This is my wife, Tohsaka Rin. Say something nice to her.[View]
154855346What kind of demon is this?[View]
154855494what am I in for[View]
154848756Next Kemono Friends episode starts in 5 minutes. Are you excited?[View]
154835214Which boy has the cutest abs?[View]
154855955Top 10 anime friendship[View]
154852481These are your maids.[View]
154854823Why do Tomboys never win,/a/?[View]
154855876Nyanko Days: Why is she scared of strangers?[View]
154853992Which one?[View]
154849418DAOKO's 'Haikei goodbye sayounara' (Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul ED) music video (full song…[View]
154854127>[HorribleSubs] Nobunaga no Shinobi - 25 [720p].mkv The biggest casualty in the anime to date.…[View]
154824508What'cha watchin' anon?[View]
154805972Drawthread: Come make or request /a/rt![View]
154851861Is The Pillows just a band for weebs?: They've never really achieved mainstream success. https…[View]
154850116Which of these two pleasant gay couples would you invite to a dinner party to show how open minded y…[View]
154853332The Cutest![View]
154850990The Sacred Blacksmith v01-09 (2013-2015) (Digital) (danke-Empire): The Sacred Blacksmith links at …[View]
154854748Kira is a shit villain tbqh. His motives are hands make him horny and he lost because his autism wou…[View]
154840237Onihei 11: Episode is out. Hisae and the others get the spotlight[View]
154851486This is Mami, the smuggest mahou shoujo in the galaxy[View]
154853406Is it normal for sequel animu to completely shit the bed like this and then promise to fix it later?…[View]
154854841konosuba: KONOSUBA 3RD SEASON WHEN ???[View]
154854585Attack on Titan - Guren no Yumiya: So is there any point in watching it? inb4 it's shit, the En…[View]
154846358>>63065354 Nobody really cares, dumbass.[View]
154849607Haurhi S3: Haruhi will get Season 3 once this video gets a 100 million views https://www.youtube.com…[View]
154846359I don't get how this became a thing.[View]
154850972left or right?[View]
154850309>mfw no more Konosuba mondays[View]
154853611Anime adaptation by Ufotable fucking when?[View]
154850111Amagi Brilliant Park S2 announced: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2017-03-21/kyoto-animation-a…[View]
154849679Post your favorite tsundere[View]
154839104Love Live! Sunshine!!: Kurosawa Ruby is a giant Baby![View]
154850145Okay so what the fuck did I just read, theres so many questions left unanswered and it just ends abr…[View]
154846181Fuuka: What a load of fucking garbage[View]
154852388Miuna: Miuna[View]
154786638Watamote: Is mokocchi gay?[View]
1548458313x3: R8 and judge the person based on their 3x3[View]
154834913Steins;Gate: Talk about anything Steins;Gate[View]
154848929I can't believe it's over ;_;[View]
154848203Why was this the greatest show of all time?[View]
154849096>mfw I'll never go to the brilliant show put on by the brilliant girls Why even live?…[View]
154811194When do we get more Galko and more of this chick?[View]
154853322Is Mugi pure?[View]
154853470What is going on with Kancolle movie BD's? Do we still not have a release date? And are they g…[View]
154850126KOUME! It's eight of clock! WAKE UP![View]
154734644How do I stop thinking about her?[View]
154845098Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans: Don't you lie to me, /a/, you cried.[View]
154844060Dorohedoro 15: Best villan saving the day[View]
154845540What did she mean by this?[View]
154851907>tfw I just want to read about the further adventures of the schoolgirl spider but I keep getting…[View]
154851957What the fuck was her problem?[View]
154845936Gaworare: WTF did I just watch?![View]
154851717Kemono friends Shoebill: Do anyone know who's voicing Shoebill in Kemono Friends?[View]
154839904Why does /a/ not talk about one of the best anime of the last 5 years?[View]
154848952'o-obito's a shit villain! Doing it all fro rin, he wouldn't even know what love is!' >…[View]
154852477ITT: characters who did nothing wrong i'll start[View]
154850001What is this look trying to convey?[View]
154840753Urami Koi, Koi, Urami Koi Chapter 28: New chapter is out, girls are still as cute as ever[View]
154820980How does /a/ feel about tsundere characters?[View]
154851713Elf-san wa Yaserarenai: Also known as Thick Monstergirls. This should be Erufuda's final form.…[View]
154849266Who is the final boss of /a/?[View]
154844885is this hentai?[View]
154849686Why are people so crazy about Index S3 when Railgun S3 would be much better in every way?[View]
154747586Seiren: Why couldn't the other arcs be great as Kyouko's?[View]
154850789Reifags must be systematically exterminated for the purity of the Asukuan race[View]
154846622Beet the Vandel Buster: So I just read that after finally returning from its 14 year hiatus a little…[View]
154837040ITT:: Post your favourite blonde anime girl.[View]
154801885How does /a/ feel about monster girls?[View]
154842449Little Witch Academia: So she's still a fire crotch right?[View]
154849312There will be no Owari 3 and Zokuowari in 2017 and the first half of 2018. Shaft is the best friend …[View]
154843452Just finished katanagatari a few days ago and can't stop thinking about the ending. What was he…[View]
154835451Do you think it's possible for Super to connect to the end of Z and GT?[View]
154849708I really don't understand why people like this so much.[View]
154850610Why is she so perfect?[View]
154844259How wide can you go?[View]
154849816ITT: Underrated Masterpieces[View]
154841283rate this anime[View]
154847290>Americans in anime always have blonde hair Why Japanese people, why?[View]
154836126Desu: desu[View]
154846495Choose one and only one, /a/.[View]
154746816Do you like older women?[View]
154848101brynhildr: But who was she???[View]
154849779New Keijo adaptation looks good: Enen no Shouboutai Thread[View]
154849454Beyblade Burst: I want to know your thoughts /a/, what do you think about the show? I think it has p…[View]
154823230What's the lewdest scene to happen in a non-hentai anime or manga?[View]
154846937Have you ever tried this?[View]
154831229This is your party member for the raid. What do?[View]
154848642humans are what?[View]
154845010>watch an anime >like an anime >go to read the manga >less than half of the current chap…[View]
154845026Is this a good anime[View]
154848894Is re:zero the naruto of isekai?[View]
154815844what happened to this show[View]
154846847Should I read it or watch it? I prefer watching anime, especially if the soundtrack is good, but I…[View]
154847436What did she mean by this?[View]
154837884Saw cute anime girls drinking sake and thought I'd give it a try. It's really bad. What ha…[View]
154848415Potemayo: >There are people on this board RIGHT NOW, that have never watched one of the progenito…[View]
154848757>tfw you will never dcuddle Yohane Tsushima >you will never achieve this kind of perfection…[View]
154793457Youjo Senki: >Mary, I'm Already a Demon[View]
154845876Do you like megane girls? to bad they're all for Chika[View]
154831400Eris pads her chest![View]
154848106Reminder that he is a good boy who wanted to be better and it's all women's fault that he …[View]
154838421>Cute girls fishing http://arc.akitashoten.co.jp/comics/teibou/1 Is there anything cute girls can…[View]
154845132I love Akko: isn't she the best?[View]
154848161Reminder that Rin is still glorious outside of the bottom of the Internet such as /a/ that can only …[View]
154847054ITT: 10/10 girls that never got any good doujin[View]
154830889Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume: Chapter 16[View]
154798833Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans: He will never get it back[View]
154841951Friendly reminder that Speed Racer is the only good anime to live-action movie adaptation.[View]
1548441195 min into karuta and chill and she gives you this look.[View]
154836810What does /a/ think of Homunculus? I'm not much of a manga reader, but gave it a shot. Did you …[View]
154847055I think I prefer 'Dirty Red'[View]
154848068Your purity in danger[View]
154815737Post Mexican anime characters[View]
154843901Ujiie Tozen: Let's see if edit anon shows up[View]
154845397Why does Naruto have better art and animation than every other anime?[View]
154847854you must admit Eizan's complete victory over that faggot Souma I mean he didn't expect to …[View]
154841572JoJo stands.: WARNING: THE FOLLOWING MAY BE A BIT NSFW. So I thought we could have a casual discussi…[View]
154830038You have summoned the eternal choragon.: What is your wish?[View]
154845906We Yabuki now?[View]
154833563Will we ever get BD's for this masterpiece? >29.970fps These old cor.ova encodes are pure c…[View]
154847279Kengan Asura: What did Mickey mean by this?[View]
154845507Look how cute they are. Specially the white one.[View]
154841084more bait pages like this[View]
154823027Find a flaw[View]
154834870These two lesbians are hetero-curious. Will you teach them about dicks?[View]
154790070Buyfag thread: Read the guide before asking any questions: buyfags.moe[View]
154845221>The MC's best bro was a girl all along[View]
154847846How do we fix the isekai genre?[View]
154843678Was this the peak of dragon ball right here? man dragon ball was so good[View]
154843484Wakako-zake: >ywn befriend a cake this cute[View]
154824761Yowamushi Pedal: > [HorribleSubs] Yowamushi Pedal - New Generation - 11 [720p].mkv…[View]
154846216Why was Code Gayass so gay?[View]
154829583KonoSuba: Who was objectively the worst girl, and who was objectively the best girl? Asking for a fr…[View]
154841553Kemono Friends: 5 more minutes to go[View]
154842838psssh, it's kinda personnel yugi What the FUCK was his problem[View]
154835025Which did you like more, the OVAs or Universe?[View]
154837037So what's going to happen to her?[View]
154808078Why aren't there more Chinese characters in anime?[View]
154842557Post animes that would be better than the actual anime[View]
154845756If Kirito is such a 'gary stu' then why does he choose to use a sword instead of learning how to use…[View]
154843825>mc becomes stronger than main girl Now what?[View]
154843542Was this really fucking necessary?Jesus Christ Araki.[View]
154817400Parallel Paradise: New Masterpiece![View]
154824396Sketchbook: What the fuck was her problem?[View]
154843908The King of Fighters CG anime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXZtohAeuWg https://www.animenewsnetw…[View]
154840264Battle Angel Alita movie: Alita actress has been confirmed. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0437086/ Ros…[View]
154843274Deadman Wonderland: Help me out here, /a/. I've heard mixed things about Deadman Wonderland, an…[View]
154838129Who here loves long legs?[View]
154845083Howdy /a/, my name is Kenichi Smith. I'm a 27 year old Japanese Toonaholic (Cartoon fan for yo…[View]
154830233What is Trigger's magnum opus?[View]
154820341WSJD - Boku no Hero Academia: Okay, I've gotten my fill of Friends for this morning, time to ri…[View]
154837279Do you think Dragon Ball would have been as popular in the States as it is today if it originally ai…[View]
154836733Would you like isekai if the MC was a gyaru?[View]
154827929Gabriel Dropout: I'd compile Tap-chan's source code, if you know what I mean.[View]
154840996What the fuck is this shit?[View]
154833859Did I just watch animated fanfiction?[View]
154832685Does this shit ever get good?: Watching HxH 2011 with my imouto, about 20 episodes in. So far, there…[View]
154841365>obviously big girl >5'7/170 >never portrayed normally above 5'7, just fetish ap…[View]
154841919>Get around to watching anime again >Find this amazing hidden gem >Has a kid at the end but…[View]
154828138[xPearse] Mobile Fighter G Gundam Episodes 25-37 [1080p][View]
154824244Konosuba is legit a good show, you are all just being contrarian for the sake of it.[View]
154815861>ITT Top Tier ships[View]
154783557Do you approve of Rem as a psycho maid?[View]
154837827Any reason why she won't tell Akko she is Chariot?: This is dumb, why does she need to keep it …[View]
154836599What's her endgame?[View]
154840587Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Gift?: What was in the box /a?[View]
154835491Why Lisha is so perfect[View]
154830990Why does this get so much hate? It's pretty great when it's taken as a deconstruction of b…[View]
154840248>look under bed >see this What do?[View]
154835297Beast Wars has gotten really populara in Japan. Like Touhou levels populalr. Are there any edgy douj…[View]
154842195I want to commit a crime![View]
154741848You thought Hime was the best girl, right? Right?[View]
154808359Why don't best girls ever win, /a/? What is this cultural phenomenon?[View]
154841685Rikka is for bullying [View]
154830155Himizu: Every day in Japan, 2500 people die due to any number of causes. Do you think you'll be…[View]
154841028Not that anyone reads this but I wanted to vent: I just sped read through nejimaki kagyuu. It's…[View]
154841442/a/ do you celebrate your waifu's birthday with her?: Our pic from our last year celebration~…[View]
154842475Little Witch Academia: Here we find the Atsuko Kageri, otherwise known as Akko, in her natural habit…[View]
154839809When did you realize that Ume-sama is the best girl?[View]
154837316Don't judge a book by its cover.[View]
154837723It is wrong to sexualize the Emma ?[View]
154841904Kemono Friends: So do animal friends live as long as a regular human being or do they have their ori…[View]
154833713Little Witch Academia: Time to discuss why Diana is, without a doubt, best girl.[View]
154835790Why has Madoka garnered so much hate on /a/ over the past couple years? Did it get too popular?[View]

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