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File: Pity Vote.png (316 KB, 847x364)
316 KB
316 KB PNG
Is "MUH POTENTIAL" officially a recurring meme for Megumi now?
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We know who got the third years and Alice was not of them, she got a second year.
You're hiding the fact that you're twittertard falseflagging as a regular poster after you got BTFO
Alice lost to Dog as well.

Alice lost to Dog multiple times.
File: 1489370603508.gif (1019 KB, 400x324)
1019 KB
1019 KB GIF
Ok mate. I'll just leave you to your devices.

File: 1510958806450.jpg (195 KB, 1400x1000)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
Best girl
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delete this you sick fuck
We were lied to about Sakurachan cosplaying in real life. I;m literally shaking here
File: 1510123136601.jpg (78 KB, 770x455)
78 KB
mid = blown

File: bigguard.png (346 KB, 713x1024)
346 KB
346 KB PNG
Billy outsmarted Armin, big guard is an Ackerman.
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You're odd.
Mikasa has already achieved SSJG, Annie is irrelevant, she hasn't even moved past Kaioken, kys. Fucking no count irrelevant scum.
SSJG? What are you talking about?
>I honestly at this point prefer the shipping and waifu posting given the mentality and brain capacity of the theories and conversations i'm seeing in this chat.

Nothing else to do at this moment.
Big guard is the Warhammer titan.

File: 1489863621163.png (259 KB, 564x389)
259 KB
259 KB PNG
It's time. As we know, spoilers could drop any moment now. Discuss last chapter, predictions, theories and symbolism.
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>Kaneki did all that research on the first OEK


Sasuga, Ishida.
>This was all Kaneki's plan
I would suck Ishida's dick.
I doubt your arteries make a "fssht" sound when you cut them open. Was Arima a robot?
File: ArimaArimaArima.png (152 KB, 500x321)
152 KB
152 KB PNG

File: Overlord.jpg (252 KB, 900x1097)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
After scrolling through hundreds of Isekais (yes, pic related) I realized that not wish granting thingy is actually the worst (which appears in like 90% of all isekais) but the combination of this and RPG mechanics.

I mean what the fuck. We are talking about realism right? Do we have here any RPG mecahnics? No. Why the fuck are they supposed to be in another world? Even if you can use magic why does it have to be with fucking levels HP and MP?
I would say nothing but almost EVERY SINGLE ONE of those (isekais) contains that RPG mechanic.

This is why people like Mushoku Tensei and hate most of other isekais. It has wish fulfillment but no RPG mechanic, here.
Of course not having RPG and wish fulfillment won't necessarely make isekai better I love emilia but it won't throw it in the trash can at the first chapter.

But really, why are nips so obsessed with RPG mechanics? Can't they have some originality?
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This is the real answer here. Faraway Paladin is the savior of light novels. No game mechanics, no harem, character-driven story, epic fights, a meaningful op protagonist. I think I heard the author got his inspiration from DnD
Plus an original magic system
I know this may sound wild. But maybe, just maybe Narnia is a metaphor for Christianity. Just thought of this, crazy right?!
The author's storytelling turned me off the most. The side stories that were sprinkled in during the first arc were boring as shit and I actually skipped/skimmed many of them. It was worse than watching LOGH where they'd just fucking leave you hanging for 2-3 episodes and switch perspectives right when you were getting interested in what was going on. You want to see what Kumoko is doing next and he just wastes your time with another side story about Hero-kun and his merry band of misfits you have to slog through. But then as soon as she's out of the dungeon, they're all becoming part of the main cast, so those chapters you skimmed or skipped are now important backstory. It didn't help that the story immediately tanked as soon as she became a god. Oh and the naming of the chapters and chronology is completely fucked too.
It's an allegory for Rapture with Asian as jeebus, i think he unfortunately assumed his readers would pick up on this and just run with it due to muh christianity

File: 1506911743395.jpg (1.22 MB, 5542x2048)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG
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not using bra allows ligaments to strengthen and hold themselves up.

File: 1481566294881.png (514 KB, 789x670)
514 KB
514 KB PNG
A fun character.
File: volleyball.jpg (2.6 MB, 5925x4094)
2.6 MB
2.6 MB JPG

ITT: The exact moment the show went to shit.
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Because it's over the top retarded and that makes it fun, and solely for fun and Lelouch charisma this show is praised.
Agreed. I was glad to see that little shit Nui get her comeuppance. Fuck that bitch.
If only he told her to suck his dick instead.
Shindo should have though better before cracking open the cold one with the alien

File: 1510782338581.png (1.28 MB, 1146x1315)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
Come and make or request /a/rt.
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Those bows on your pigtails look cute.
I'd fuck you, but only if you had a dick to fuck me back with
diet coke is something you can drink constantly no matter the situation. alcohol you can't.
only sillies get addicted to alcohol, I got too much shit to do for that.
diet coke lets you get shit done, alcohol makes you get shit not done.
Viper-tan has big fat tiddies and that's all that matters. Have you not seen that cleavage and sideboob?

Requesting Viper-tan paizuri.
Viper isn't female. Although if he is, now I really want him to draw that sph request made.

This was a cute episode. What kind of girl wouldn't follow a path that was clearly marked with arrows?
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They use each other's saliva offscreen.
File: 51468541.png (856 KB, 1280x720)
856 KB
856 KB PNG
>you will never by happy and flat
why live?
File: 1508894723327.gif (2.21 MB, 600x338)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB GIF
It turn Yuu on.
I think the point is that either is valid.
Sawi tribesman pls go and stay go.

File: 1510929890700.jpg (314 KB, 747x1080)
314 KB
314 KB JPG
New waifu unlocked: Akita Inuzuka
what is your opinion on her?
also we star wars now i guess
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That Sumire dies FOR REAL this time!
how many more duds are you going to predict, saradick?
File: Sumire11.jpg (218 KB, 960x1200)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
>>You refered Sumire fans as "Hawawas".

Sumire being away for more arcs thanks to being in R&D is a better prediction

File: 1510820698618.jpg (51 KB, 500x500)
51 KB
What would have happened if Homura kept her mouth shut after the end of Episode 12, and never told QB about the previous existence of Witches and Madoka?

Did she jinx it all by sharing that knowledge with QB, who subsequently started the events we saw in Rebellion?
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The emotions she felt gave her enough magic to become nearly as powerful as Madoka.
blowing their cover before whom? A tiny wink wouldn't hurt anyone
If they weren't concerned about maintaining absolute secrecy, Homura wouldn't have been playing up the whole evil devil act, and Madoka wouldn't have been pretending to have lost her memories.
Rebellion was a mistake
File: incubators.jpg (156 KB, 768x780)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
You fools don't understand. Everything was Kyubey's plan all along.

File: 230px-TorikoVol1Cover.jpg (31 KB, 230x361)
31 KB
Post manga that deserve a better anime adaptation.

I'll post 4 to start.
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So fucking true, Toei fucking butchered this. Could have been like HxH 2011 if done right
>tfw ufotable toriko could've been a thing
Almost every anime doesn't live up to expectations, a more interesting thread would be something like "anime adaptations that did it better."
It has one.
But I warn its all cg battles that don't look to good.
I think there's a difference between living up to any sort of expectation and completely dropping the ball. Usually this is the fault of going for an anime original ending which most times is going to completely shit on the established story. And there's also something to be sad about when a studio visually butchers a manga adaptation.

I do agree that in more interesting thread would be one talking about the adaptations that got it right.

File: 1441602658903.jpg (161 KB, 960x691)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
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File: Rikaref.png (3.64 MB, 2326x1460)
3.64 MB
3.64 MB PNG
Requesting Rika training with a naginata. Or her own scythe would be good too. Wearing her miko outfit.

Or anything cute, with her smiling or sexy would be great.
>watching anime
Never heard of it
Don't worry anon I got it and it was funny. I thought that anon was referring to it actually.
File: 2017-11-17 nowi nah.png (170 KB, 575x641)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
My close friend actually drew that Robin/Morgan, was surprised seeing it here

File: card face down.jpg (59 KB, 432x297)
59 KB
I´ll put this card face down and end my turn.

Your move /a/non.
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File: IMG_0070.png (1.51 MB, 2208x1242)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
Get double doubles
File: yugi.jpg (111 KB, 555x555)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
u are like little baby
File: toast.jpg (71 KB, 640x437)
71 KB
Let me try.
I win.
Not if i summon this 3!

File: satenvo.jpg (243 KB, 1920x1080)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On OP
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Kakine go back to being a volleyball.
Oriana (apparently according to a boob chart) has a 100 cm chest, Miyabi has a 90 size
I don't have a phone. what emulator is everyone using? I tried a bunch a while ago trying to do something else, but nne of them seemed to work well.
I use MeMU and it hasn't failed me yet.
MuMu has true controller support

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