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How can one man be so controversial?
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File: 1520978169613.jpg (1.39 MB, 2000x3000)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
Look at these milkies and think for a moment.
File: 1520598347588.jpg (462 KB, 1032x1127)
462 KB
462 KB JPG
will Futoshi forgive her?
I know this has been going for some weeks now but why is Mitsuru the milkman?
I feel like I missed something crucial.
File: 1521524153955.png (82 KB, 292x251)
82 KB
Because he won't stop until he gives every female character a taste of his "milk".
Who cares? Not her for sure.

File: 1517853187068.jpg (255 KB, 1200x1200)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
>The setting is the office of a major Japanese tech company
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And he starts to run over people crossing the road.
until he runs out of fuel, his one weakness.
But luckily the (((government))) gives him free funds
Boy refuels and runs over a couple that look suspiciously familiar...
Turns out the government had been funding violent truck drivers for ages.

File: nisekoi edcard 1.jpg (399 KB, 1920x1080)
399 KB
399 KB JPG
So who was the best Nisekoi?
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chitoge tsugumi and haru, I forgot about the rest of them, so they are the best
I thought I was the only one who liked Haru. I never went to the weekly threads, so how did /a/ fell in love with her?
I'm pretty sure it's Hirokazu Koyama. Takeuchi can't anatomy
None of them were "best". There were only varying degrees of bad.
File: 1455646661264.jpg (512 KB, 891x1300)
512 KB
512 KB JPG
Tsugumi leaves me with a genuine feeling of emptiness at her non-existence. She's too perfect.

File: 1331214393019.jpg (289 KB, 800x647)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
Chie almost ruined Persona 4.
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File: Scatebra1519599876.png (378 KB, 889x960)
378 KB
378 KB PNG
My wife Ann will save the anime adaptation and Persona franchise!
File: 407406.jpg (740 KB, 1405x2000)
740 KB
740 KB JPG
No functional male would prefer Chie over Rise.
But Yukiko beat her to it.
File: 1435871776086.jpg (138 KB, 850x1198)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Don't mind me. I'm just here to collect all the Rise's pieces.

File: Himi-Chan.png (324 KB, 394x421)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
Hitomi-Chan was so cute. How could she ever change?

Those with the cutest sharp Fangs will win, that's what Cute Killing Bites is?
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So, the manga's ending soon, huh?
File: 1521660722523.jpg (187 KB, 800x1440)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
Do you think this nice lady is selling killing friends doujins now?
Who is this?
Is Nomoto's transformation going to be 90% furry like Leo's, or bishounen furry like Taiga's?

File: IMG_1963.jpg (543 KB, 1536x2048)
543 KB
543 KB JPG
Just got confirmed
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Nice. Looking forward to summer now.

I don't remember people shitposting in Free threads, then again when free aired the shitposting problem wasn't as big as it is now. I can't picture retards watching the first 2 seasons only to shit on the 3rd one though so it probably will be fine.
Free is probably the worst Fujoshi show possible. At least the other portray fujo baits and gay men, like Yuri on Ice, idol stuff etc.

Meanwhile Free portrays sexy boys that behave completely like K-On girls.
>Meanwhile Free portrays sexy boys that behave completely like K-On girls.
Picked up
>trash turns out to be trash
Free is shit but no one really watches it because it's some realistic portray. A person has got to have brain problems to think it's good.
Based GodAni always finds a way.

Was this the best episode so far?
It was the worst episode so far.
I want to say yes but every new episode is the best so far.
Shirase episodes are above the rest though, I like her the most.
Isn't this the last one?

File: 1519293028796.png (1.61 MB, 1949x641)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG
***,*10位/***,*10位 (**4,184 pt) Antarctica
***,*27位/***,*25位 β—Ž (**8,818 pt) Yuru camp
***,*92位/***,*98位 (**2,446 pt) Violet Evergarden
***,103位/***,102位 (**1,500 pt) Takagi-san
***,123位/***,155位 (**1,686 pt) Takagi-san
***,145位/***,158位 (**1,845 pt) Violet Evergarden
***,154位/***,154位 (**1,176 pt) Antarctica
***,216位/***,209位 (**2,439 pt) Cooking with fateshit
***,253位/***,247位 β—Ž (**1,533 pt) Overlord II
***,265位/***,234位 (**1,842 pt) loli shogi
***,369位/***,379位 β—‹ (***,597 pt) Antarctica DVD
***,410位/***,355位 (***,532 pt) Hakata Pork ramens
***,446位/***,393位 β—‹ (***,800 pt) Takagi-san
***,525位/***,467位 (***,780 pt) Slow Start
***,540位/***,489位 β—Ž (**1,130 pt) Hakumei to Mikochi

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Pretty much this. I don't think KyoAni itself is disappointed considering Netflix and the Chinese sites probably gave them good deals, but observers probably won't be able to help but feel it could have sold a lot more (10k at least).

With that said, I wouldn't be surprised to see a S2 or at least a movie in a few years time, once more LNs come out.

Yeah but the anime has been really good and they've actually really put a lot of effort into not just making it a shitty mobage tie in. It feels like a real show.


Well I hope that's successful
not just box, but highpriced items in general. For example Yurucamp is marked as such as it costs around 125$ and thus points calculation is adjusted accordingly for it
Of course most people who talk shit about VEG don't even watch the show.
Shut the fuck up faggot.
>people who drop a show didn't like it
Big surprise

Only one episode left till it's all over.
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Ema doesn't look as cute there as she did in the promotional material.
The blue haired girl basically has Roller's face in animation.
File: 1000123914_1.jpg (93 KB, 560x560)
93 KB
With Nozomi's cameo and these toys coming out next week, they may be gearing up for her to make a return in conjunction with a later set of toys like these. I can only hope anyway.
And in a week, Stars will leave and it's as if they never existed since the two series won't have continuity :^)

File: Metal_Bat.png (93 KB, 813x762)
93 KB
Is he the strongest S-class hero?
280 replies and 37 images omitted. Click here to view.
>You seriously have to be a brainlet to think ONE isn't going to have some showdown between an antagonist who can damage Saitama
You have to be a serious brainlet to think that will actually happen. The character's full concept is that this will never happen and he has to cope with that idea and how the world interacts with him. Giving him a fair fight would completely destoy what the character -and the manga itself- stands for.
>Zombie Man is literally indestructible.
Pretty sure he simply can't be killed and can reassemble, but he can be chopped into pieces.
The autistic need to quantify the strength of fictional characters and rank them accordingly
Outside of Blue flame, when has Garou ever maimed another human just to disarm them? If anything he would just try and remove the bat from the equation directly because unlike Blue Flame, MB's weapon isn't concealed inside/alongside his arm.

Even "monster" garou didn't go that far so no, is't incredibly unlikely he would remove Metal Bat's arms just to win. It's completely out of character given the situation.


Chapter almost done
He’s currently streaming
Post more caps, and how many pages are left?

File: 1494264714281.png (166 KB, 279x312)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
- Title is "The last stronghold".
- In the cover a New Kyohei Pirates appears, he's Goldberg.
- People around all Big Mom territory are worried about the situation in Cacao Island.
- Bege leaves wedding cake in an island, Big Mom is in front of the cake.
- Judge protects the Sunny with his castle from Big Mom ships. He's injured with bandages in rigth eye.
- However new ships appears in front of them becouse they surround Cacao Island.
- Daifuku attacks Sunny with the genie but Sanji stops him.
- Something appears under the sea... It's Wadatsumi!!
- Taiyou pirates appears to help Mugiwara crew!!

No break next week. To celebrates One Piece chapter 900, Jump cover and Color Spread in next chapter!!!
304 replies and 47 images omitted. Click here to view.
looks like youre growing up. Next step is to stop trying to explain events through the One Piece universe and link everything to oda instead

Why is every strong and important character in One piece a human?
I get the resentment from fishnigs.
How can other races even compete?
Why not? They could use another devil fruit
he doesn't call luffy -kun anymore
Does Brook still call him Luffy-San?

File: 1516341471307.jpg (277 KB, 1920x1080)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
I hope you haven't forgotten about the sexiest girl this season.
22 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Source? Or at least family name
File: 1515843278796.jpg (757 KB, 1216x1681)
757 KB
757 KB JPG
You just don't lurk enough. There have been multiple threads reaching bump limit except for the last two weeks since it stopped airing.
People forgot about it the moment it started airing, though. Which is odd considering Kantoku art.
To some degree yes, I didn't visit the threads. But I've rarely seen it be mentioned outside of them.
Its a pretty big letdown. Intial ep was really strong. Cute dork gets isekaied to hogwarts spergs out. Wants to make freinds/learn magic. Then it turned into constant character introductions and a tournament arc. Which would be ok but all the new characters are barely characters and theres way too many of them.the fights are pathetic and make you wonder how low the budget was.

I see
No Way
Kill Me
297 replies and 82 images omitted. Click here to view.

please stop!
plz seriously learn japanese
>Esto es el fin, el Grande Padre
File: JokeOverHead.png (24 KB, 425x404)
24 KB
Are you trying to become a harem protagonist?
File: 1519250871054.jpg (1003 KB, 1920x2580)
1003 KB
1003 KB JPG
>sore ga killing bites da
The one with the sharper fangs wins.

File: that's nice, nobu.png (15 KB, 610x599)
15 KB
Spoilers in FIVE minutes.

Make sure to post fake spoilers.
203 replies and 42 images omitted. Click here to view.
>narrator talks about hisoka
>Hisoka apparently has been building his third ability for over 9 years
>he needs to kill 100 people he deems worthy in order to use it daicho being the last one
>he is not allowed to skip or switch targets
>if the target dies by outside forces he can change to a new one thou
>victory overhaul: the ability allows him complete immunity against nen for 5 minutes a day?
>him dying 'reset the counter' so he discarded it for a new healing technique which has synergy with his old abilities
>back to Tse
>he tells Theta he is bipolar and he orders her to get far away from him tonight since his other him is not that 'nice'.
>he is addicted to his mafias medics
>Tse changes from casual clothes to a suit his face gets more sharp
>his other self knows how to use nen and already has a ability..
>Gin and Parriston are already on the fake dark continent. lots of dialog
He probably is one of the strongest spiders desu senpai
Fuck off.
>Its looks so fake that could be real!!

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