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File: shot0029.jpg (124 KB, 1280x720)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
I want her to bear my children.
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Fanfic writing would be if Miku did that.
Anyway you'll wish you listened when we have a tiny Fine loli helping Genjuro in season 4.
When will you realize most Symphogear doujin artists are female?
We need a timeskip first, we can't have Hibiki-mama and Miku-mama quite yet.
I'm a straight male and I want to impregnate Hibiki with my penis.

File: 00 (3).png (738 KB, 786x744)
738 KB
738 KB PNG
>Cocky bitch gets raped

Is there a better fetish /a/?

i think not
Too cliche', I want the ugly chick with 0 self esteem and has nothing good going on in her life to be defiled
Delinquent girl becomes addicted to nerd dick.
Delinquent girl has vanilla sex with nerd. Understands true love.

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Maybe some other day. But not today.
I would not at all be surprised if by the end of this thread, the unique IP count was still at 24.

I sincerely hope that every one of you making this thread a fucking monstrosity dies a slow, painful death.
That post doesn't even mention Eriri or Eririfags.

Are your persecution and victim complexes that bad?
>Implying you didn't >>125944563
Stop pretending.

File: Chrollo Sex.png (1.03 MB, 1280x800)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB PNG
Things we will never get because Togashi is lazy:
- Chrollo vs Hisoka
- Gon vs Hisoka II
- Kurapika vs Kakin princes
- Killua's Godspeed Ability getting a boost from the Dark Continent
- Zeno and Silva flashback arc
- Hanzo joins the Dark Continent expedition
- Gon regains nen; new ability
- Leorio becomes dedicated white mage
- Zodiacs vs Dark Continent calamities
- Pariston Chimera Ants
- Beyond Netero vs Ging
- Gyro vs Ging
- Illumi vs Killua
- The rest of Kite's crazy slots

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File: 1344005593467.jpg (215 KB, 1280x720)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
Is there a high school girl character that can beat up Touma in a fight?
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Most Teppu characters.
Most cast is ax crazy, never hesitate to beat man, strong as fuck, no magic, no esper, just hand to hand fist.
File: images (76).jpg (11 KB, 300x168)
11 KB
Shinigami High Schooler Kurosaki Ichigo here. heel bash his fookn head in m8
why would touma even bother fighting people that is living their life correctly?
fukn retracting my statement );
isn't he considered an abnormal being? nigga would explode if touched or not.

File: GNXA-1129.jpg (116 KB, 500x676)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Yoru no Fantasy thread. Last event for S1 releases, first event since S2 announcement. This time live from Rakuten cafe, Shibuya. Starts in 8 minutes

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File: 1415428916883.jpg (57 KB, 1280x720)
57 KB
Well, I think people who complain about fanbases are disgusting. Everyone's got opinions.
If we compare it base on the size, it's already shit. There are people that will post homoshit every 5 post.
File: ot3.png (840 KB, 1280x720)
840 KB
840 KB PNG
I think we found the source of your problem.
People who post about yaoishit every thread are disgusting. You want cute Kaisar, I don't care but posting a pic how Kaisar and Favaro tongues wrapping around each other is disgusting.
I don't see how that's any different from the shitty fetish shit guys post on /a/ all the time. Both are equally annoying.

File: Yasuho a best.png (1.55 MB, 973x1400)
1.55 MB
1.55 MB PNG
What characters have the best fashion?

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/qzDMjL87

Anthology 3: https://mega.co.nz/#!BgYDjDKb!jay4Y-IiuzTcDL70fAhuca6FYY6axwhpnAEBXebr29s

New Soundtrack song preview: http://a.pomf.se/zynqrp.ogg
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File: Pucci_Harem.png (606 KB, 519x810)
606 KB
606 KB PNG
Did Gay Priest fuck Gay son?
>Gay son
Pic unrelated?
Why did he dress like a cow?
I'm pretty surprised only Stand Proud Dramatic version has been uploaded on Youtube from the new Anthology
File: scan0006.jpg (112 KB, 411x688)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
>In a life or death battle
>"Hey, wanna pretend we're cowboys?"

i want to cum in her
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File: Shenhua .jpg (510 KB, 1376x2000)
510 KB
510 KB JPG
Oh and Shenhua too, no confines with the one child policy...





Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
she's not real.
File: Revy Smoke.jpg (118 KB, 550x508)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
None of this is "Real" it's just fantasies of the mind... you could even say that about our so called "reality" that is a fantasy that we have created, think about it a little bit...
tfw i went an all boys middle school AND high school

Are you fucking kidding me? This is how Kirei dies? Ridiculed by some gay faggot?

That was it?

Holy fuck I am mad
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I hope this is bait.
File: 1432092183516.jpg (339 KB, 1053x1500)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
The differences between the noses Ufotable draws and the ones he draws are so small that trying to argue it's a serious difference is just silly.

They wanted to animate the show in a style that would emulate what the artist of the VN would do, and they have for the most part, for better or worse.

I don't think they're fucking up. There are ridiculously tiny differences between the two when translating the style to animation, and that's what they've done overall.
>pssh, nothing personnel, kid
Why are the characters so awful in UBW?
This is actually the first time I've complained about a character's nose. I generally get autistic about clothes.
>The differences between the noses Ufotable draws and the ones he draws are so small that trying to argue it's a serious difference is just silly.
You are deluded, blind or both.

Hey there. Dumping a short Lodoss manga. This serves as the prequel to Grey Witch, which was the basis of the 1990 OVA (which also got a BD release, thankfully).

>There was a time when Lodoss Island was pure and the forces of light and darkness were in balance. It only took the greed of one man to change the face of Lodoss forever. Now it's up to the warriors of legend to restore the tenuous balance.

>This is the conflict that will decide the future of Lodoss Island! The forces of Light and Darkness are at odds, and only a rag-tag band of warriors stands between a powerful succubus and the destruction of all creation!
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But it's barely any uguu here.

File: 01 - 9SNzQJp.jpg (404 KB, 831x1200)
404 KB
404 KB JPG
Rin: Please, don't worry about it!

Sidebar: In the din of break time, Rin's voice rings out

Rin: The exchange program is only for a year

… So I'll be gone by next year anyway

It'll be fine if you just leave me alone.

Issei: You shouldn't even say something like that!

Rin: If you'll excuse me.

Issei: Hey, Tohsaka, your early dismissal hasn't been appr-

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 13clean.png (524 KB, 900x1312)
524 KB
524 KB PNG
File: 14clean.png (587 KB, 900x1312)
587 KB
587 KB PNG
>It may be safe to say that the series may be ending.
They didn't even resolve the whole problem with Julian though. He just kinda fucked off.
Oh yeah, I mean after the whole Julian Miyu's world drama. There's not much to do in the previous world
File: 15clean.png (517 KB, 900x1311)
517 KB
517 KB PNG
and that's it, let's hope someone shows to typeset it

Rider is going to sleep with you in bed tonight, is that okay?
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File: Rider 1 .jpg (881 KB, 4332x3125)
881 KB
881 KB JPG
As long as she agrees to make breakfast in the morning I'm fine...
I don't think she'd fit.
I've only got a twin size bed so there isn't room for both of us.

It's a little troublesome, but I guess I can sleep on the floor.
>Not letting her use your chest as a pillow.

File: oz8sAoN.jpg (89 KB, 320x467)
89 KB
Spoiler Anticipation thread

Will Kizaru appear?

Is it Hotarubi?

Is it Monet?

Will Luffy defeat Doflamingo?

Find out in the next 30 mins - hour on One Piece Z
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I don't have time to waste uploading a file to answer that, just refer to >>125943560 's pic.
Fujitora is just pretending. He is holding back his true strength for his goal.
>Sanji is still missing all the action

Man, Zoro should have been the one to go against Big Mom instead. There is no way now they can take her right after this.
new mangapanda reader is trash

File: 1354308034161.jpg (103 KB, 1069x750)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Any predictions as to what will happen next? Protip: Nothing will happen, again.
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Makes no sense.
rollan. why not?
How do you pass the time away on new chapter night?

I myself like playing DaS to various movie OSTs playing in the background.
is yamamoto canonically the strongest shinigami

He only ever loses because opponents literally have to come up with contrived plans to avoid facing him directly

File: perfection.jpg (101 KB, 540x698)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Find a flaw
Protip: You can't
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Pibb doesn't have a PhD, son.
File: 1427814055179.jpg (67 KB, 300x300)
67 KB
they are, just not with us
Her legs are way too skinny.
Anyone who disagrees is an under 18 year old kid who still thinks the body type of a little boy is ideal for a woman.
File: kurisu a qt.png (306 KB, 400x500)
306 KB
306 KB PNG
Best girl

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