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File: 1502479804302.jpg (270 KB, 1280x1024)
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I haven't found something this enjoyable in a long time, S2 when?
The Quentin Tarantino anime.

I'd like to see more replications of this narrative style.

Anime western when?
Bebop and Trigun are probably the closest you're going to get unfortunately. Kiba no Tabishounin for manga as well.

What are some good quirk pairings?

Bakugo and Kendo
Aizawa and Hatsume
Shiozaki and Kamui
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File: 68706427_p0.jpg (281 KB, 1280x1024)
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281 KB JPG
why does the last chapter feel like a month ago?

For pro heroes:
Best Jeanist and Edgeshot probably have the most synergy.

Addtionally, Eraser Head and a ranged hero like Endeavor would probably work well together

For Class 1A:
Cellophane and Mina, since Mina's only weakness is her ability to hit things

Shoji and Tokoyami since Shoji is the only one in 1A who can fight well in low light conditions.
File: Icymom.png (1.14 MB, 1515x1041)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
Based Viz translator indulged in another act of shipfaggotry and didn't pussy out by censoring Rei's true feelings.
AfO borders on being an unstoppable force by himself and there are probably at least a few people on his level around the world. But that level of power isn't really required to destabilize a country. All it takes is one guy with a mind control quirk not as limited as Shinsou's or an epidemic creation quirk or even just a really good precog and society is at their feet if they so desire. Any hard counters are useless if those would-be dictators surround themselves with allies who have strong quirks themselves.
because of the stupid spin-off I don't care about the other countries it's okay for world building but it doesn't matter for overall story so it just be pointless info dumping

What is his endgame /a/?
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Stop being an autist.
There was no development. He went from an extreme to the other.
>central fertility
That's more about Kokoro though than Hir02. Being immortal with your darling isn't a particularly bad thing so long as they have eachother to accompany one another in their travels so I don't get why you are so opposed to it. In Code Grass CC fags consider being immortal together a pretty good end for their ship. You are not in competition with MitsuKoko for who has the most children.
Hiro said he wants to become 002's wings hinting at an inhuman end for them. There's also Hakase in episode 15 teaching Hiro that being human isn't a necessity to being beautiful.
Flay's death was dramatic though, not like Zero Two's.>>174451616
File: IMG_20180610_063701.jpg (57 KB, 600x756)
57 KB
Its out!

File: 1529331948209.jpg (1008 KB, 1660x1633)
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1008 KB JPG
Why is he obsessed with Vivi? She has no special powers.
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>Supreme leader of the world
its going to be a young female child
Yeah, but Tamago gave Judge the information and Pekoms said their loved ones would die if they fuck around.
He gave Judge the info for Germa to use as leverage. Not the Big Mom pirates.
Big Mom pirates are just going after the Straw Hats, they don't give a fuck about Zeff, never did. Germa is probably defeated, anyway, so, not even bothering with them anymore.
File: Spoiler Image (174 KB, 853x1199)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
Then that goes against what's been estabilished. Big Mom killed that one guy's parent for not attending her wedding and will just leave the strawhats' people alone when her crew clearly knows who their loved ones are? Makes no sense.

File: Infinitebun.gif (337 KB, 220x165)
337 KB
337 KB GIF
What does everyone think is the most likely date for the next chapter, personally i'm hoping for the 30th but that might be too optimistic.

Also post buns
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Can a robot even feel fluffy things with metal hands?
His hands twitch just looking at her. Bun fuwa fuwa transcends all logic.
they're made of abyss magic metal, so he might as well feel with them.
Technically yes, but I doubt Tsukushi put much thought into the how of Reg having sensation in his hands
All mental energy was being expended on the sensation of his budding nipples.

What do you think the future occupation of the Boruto cast will be?
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File: Spoiler Image (139 KB, 185x533)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
What do you think of Mitsuki?
>Keep calm Hiashi
>Keep calm Hiashi
>Don't think about Boruto ending with your daughter thus Hyuuga will grow ever strong
File: Spoiler Image (134 KB, 201x540)
134 KB
134 KB PNG
and Shinki
>Hiashi trying so hard not to burst out laughing over how well his eugenics plan is going.
Not Tobirama's or any of the other Hokage's fault that Uchiha are instinctively criminals marked with the curse of hatred with powers that as they progress make them more and more likely to commit crime and harm innocent people.

are you upset?
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I think it's one of those bamboo people that stand in for Takeshobo
Why would they air this? It belongs in various bumps at the absolute most. Are they idiots?
>tfw they’ll never air Kekkai Sensen
File: 1528644509239.jpg (43 KB, 432x306)
43 KB
Now I'm upset.
All my casual, normie coworkers are going to know of Pop Team Epic. It'll be even worse if they enjoy it, then I'll have to listen to them scream quotes in the breakroom like they already do with Dragonball
Sure you can't convince the judge because you've done it too many times before?
The first time I got convicted, it was an actual misunderstanding and mistake, but the most the judge did was cut my sentence in half. I kept getting sentences for screaming the same thing over and over again. Finally I encouraged suicide to an Evangelion fan while screaming like an autist and I guess the police finally got fed up and decided on a life sentence. I was being an autist but I wasn’t doing anything actually illegal so I think a life sentence is a bit extreme.

File: Q1.jpg (847 KB, 1114x1600)
847 KB
847 KB JPG
what would you do, /a/?
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>You may have defeated me, but above me are the Four Heavenly Kings
I know what you mean.
But I don't think a kid would fit in there.
You're not cute for addressing yourself in the third person, shut up.
Just fuck her eye-socket, mate.
Fine, then just lobotomize her.

What would you do if you saw this happening?
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Next season is going to be great. It's pretty much just comfy baths, snowball fights, and dress-up topped off with a spicy Beato encounter with then new installs.
If you read carefully between the lines you can tell that those two were supermassive hamplanets.
File: 020.png (174 KB, 800x1161)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
It's been a while since I've watched or read S1, but even then I get the impression of her as a person who needed Illya's protection. Her coldness and solitude convinced Illya that she was strong and thus Illya didn't need to be a magical girl as Miyu could take care of it alone, but by the end realized that Miyu did indeed need help and became her main motivation for fighting (she mirrors Shirou a bit here).

Zwei introduces Kuro who is pretty much a direct foil to Illya. Illya is weak-willed and indecisive, whereas Kuro is bold and decisive, and she also takes Miyu's schtick of being a motivator for Illya (as Illya's basically the direct cause for her survival). Overall Kuro just feels more compelling because she actually has a lot of things over Illya while needing her support, whereas Miyu doesn't have much going for her at all as her entire character is tied into a plot that takes place in a completely different universe that Illya is completely uninvolved with.

A lot of the best scenes in 3rei are directly the result of Kuro challenging and placing expectations on Illya, something that Miyu never really bothered to do because she's kind of an autistic loner.
Do we still not have enough material for at least a ten episode season?
I posted my own badly translated version of chapter 51 on this board, but it was apparently so terribad nobody took notice of it luckily. I'm currently working on 51.2.

New M20 characters
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File: side.png (65 KB, 232x206)
65 KB
Not much. I just feel that Freeza looks better without his angery wrinkles. Look how slick he looks from the side.
he got too used to gold
Rai said he'll have leaks soon
He's based off his DB Minus design.
im glad Vegeta's back in his old black outfit

Post the best written anime characters. The characters with the most thematically deep and complex characterizations.
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Why do you keep posting this when Meruem was proven wrong?
File: maxresdefault.jpg (82 KB, 1225x855)
82 KB
the main cast of ping pong (especially this tortured boi)
meruem is like a week old
he has such little concept of the world and everything he does is a knee-jerk reaction to what he sees and he acts immediately on it without any knowledge of why the world is put together the way it is

he is young and dumb and thinks muscle will solve all problems
How is he proven wrong? Just turn on the news
File: Kumami_Tsukinowa.png (962 KB, 1366x768)
962 KB
962 KB PNG
>anime characters

File: waifus.jpg (89 KB, 418x268)
89 KB
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Rei >>> Strawberry >>>>> Asuka = Oni
Using a "=" in a character ranking invalidates any value it might have had, anon.

Also, I'm genuinely sorry:
I don't think bad taste is treatable. But I've heard of people refining theirs when they mature ... so there might be some hope for you!
You really do sound like a turbo autist, anon.
>You really do sound like a turbo autist, anon.
Sure, if that's all you can say to support your opinion ...
But, really, whatever it may be: Do yourself a favour and don't ever use that equal-sign again. That's just evidence of how sloppily you "compiled" your list.
Here you go then;
Rei >>> Strawberry >>>>> Oni > Asuka

>How Not To Summon A Demon Lord
Why not just translate the title directly? Did they think they wouldn't be able to sell something called "Isekai Demon Lord and Summoner Girls Slave Magic"?

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That or editors wants em' to keep the story going just keep milking their cows.
That too. I don't blame them, if I was making bank off the dumb shit I type I'd do whatever possible to keep it going, even though I hate writing.
>16-52. Sage's Tower
Satoo new WN chapter translated. Is Karion a loli trap?
They can just write sequels set in the same universe.
Eh, those kind of sequels usually suck, like the Evil God Average sequel for example.

Things that ruined girls.
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That's always the case
File: 1513391279520.jpg (91 KB, 1280x720)
91 KB
What the fuck, get out and never come back you uncultured swine.
Fuyukai des.
Shit taste
File: 1498302641416.jpg (47 KB, 830x606)
47 KB
This and pic related

File: CxTtBqSXAAEROPe.jpg (45 KB, 908x530)
45 KB
Ok hear me out.
I'm a HxH fag and MHA fag, so when I heard people saying that BC was better then those two I decided to check it and holy shit it was Horrible. How the fuck can someone have the audacity to like that piece of shit? It's Naruto but more retarded and cliche. Hell I couldn't last a few chapters before I dropped it. The only other manga that made me do that was Fairy Tail. So explain to me BC fags, why do you think the series is so good?
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Based. We are truly the kings of /a/
Black Clover has the potential to be extremely good.

Almost every single character is likable; and they've finally figured out how to make a female deuteragonist not a walking fuck puppet or completely useless and even though her particular trait design isn't unique the manifestation of those traits is.

My only gripe would be that Asta should've stolen his grimoire or worked to get his book rather than it being handed to him, which is my only gripe with Asta; overall he's an incredible character.
File: 1523127497945.jpg (21 KB, 626x348)
21 KB
>mfw MHAfag tries to ally with Hunterchads, so he stops getting bullied and divert the negative attention to BC
Reminder only retard like boku no hero academia
File: 1528331407951.png (540 KB, 815x455)
540 KB
540 KB PNG
Retard vs retard

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