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File: lHdnPIV.jpg (192 KB, 1600x1200)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Medea is perfect for abandoning! You don't ever have to take responsibility, because she kills any kids you leave her with. Made to be abandoned!

Shes a cute pump-and-dump witch!
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Based Jason.
I agree, but you know what's better? Killing her. Specially if she turns out to be an amazon
File: JASON12.png (942 KB, 680x823)
942 KB
942 KB PNG
This is from Hollow Ataraxia OP, right ?
>being so frustrated that you'd take the time to make this shitty OC

File: ssh.jpg (10 KB, 225x225)
10 KB
What are your favorite Anime to watch while high/drunk/whatever?
i only drink tea

File: DWxsHQQUQAAx2wP.jpg (187 KB, 700x928)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
First sister is without a doubt the best one. Also new chapter soon I hope
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They were probably all his childhood friend at one point, so I think they're all still fair game. I've pulled a bit of stock out of NNO since the latest chapter, but ICK and YSA are looking pretty good right now.
I'm going to send this to Negi
I dare you.
There are way better fat jokes desu
Itsuki has a reason to be annoyed with him though. He's been mostly a jerk.

File: 01.png (538 KB, 853x1300)
538 KB
538 KB PNG
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Wait does that mean that Fuji would do to Shirogane what slut and her boyfriend do all the time?
Kaguya might commit suicide
I want more chapters of Maki interacting with the two boys. It would make their social circle look larger at least.
How do you think they can have 9 children?
what is maki's best quality?

File: 20170415012055e04.png (166 KB, 550x745)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
What do you want to see most in the upcoming adaptation?
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File: 37866464_p7.jpg (1.4 MB, 1000x1500)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
Bring him back already you keikakushitter
>Touma trusts that Lulu will do just fine even without him
>his face when everything come the Black Knights Rebellion, up to and especially Zero Requiem
Trying to look cool
It finally happened!
love-bite on his chin?

maybe its not pretty known but its good and funny
its tonari no kaibustu-kun's author
>its tonari no kaibustu-kun's author

Oh god please no. Just tell me that the male MC isn't as bad as fucking Haru.
well he's an stupid one with poor grades and has a trauma with women in general cuz his 4 aunties "bully" him but he faps with porn in class with friends so...
I'd read it if it was TLed regularly
where to pirate chapters though, I've seen some posted here
I really like this manga desu.

File: 2277004-iAAY8A9nuOIa9.jpg (357 KB, 1920x1080)
357 KB
357 KB JPG
Why didn't she sleep in a coffin?
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I wonder how it is something like that, I mean a fucking house in the shadow, amazing :o
File: madokami magic.jpg (794 KB, 1000x1415)
794 KB
794 KB JPG
File: 64476140_p14.jpg (617 KB, 1000x1414)
617 KB
617 KB JPG
I wonder how many nights Shinobu has spent cuddled up against Araragi, only to sink back into his shadow when she hears his sisters coming to wake him?
Ah there is no romance then
What do you mean?

File: 67353292_p0.png (3.44 MB, 1572x2240)
3.44 MB
3.44 MB PNG
New episode soon! Are you excited?
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Homare is so complex, she needs two episodes to become a Cure.
Don't forget about Karen and Kirara
I'm glad they aren't over like I thought
Suddenly I don't think that's where Homare would be. She'd possibly indulge the children if they are cute enough.
File: DWuuhcTU0AENcBx.jpg (174 KB, 800x1000)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
Saaya is more of a Tender than a Fortune

File: 1439698049619.png (1.62 MB, 1214x1720)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
Why would Sebas behave so irresponsible? Surely he should be aware that Ainz is a very benevolent ruler; If he would just ask him whether he can keep Tsuare it would obviously be granted.
Anyways, next episode he will finally meet Climb and spook him.
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Fan Long
No. Mentioned but they are all dead now.
Elf king is a player.
You don't know that.

File: 21.png (192 KB, 902x1300)
192 KB
192 KB PNG
Why did Kubo end Bleach on a Cliffhanger?
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>I'd feel happier if the Head's adopted sister marry out of the family, rather than her bringing in yet another peasant into the family

This actually makes a lot of sense. They never wanted Rukia in the first place.
kek, i remember that meme
are you retarded? bleach is dead
>live action after the manga ended
>new games still coming

File: image.jpg (400 KB, 1860x1316)
400 KB
400 KB JPG
We finally got it popular boys and girls
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Make me wonder if Nemo backstory (she meeting tomoko during her entrance exam) was already at the back of their mind at the start. Nemo only decided to speak to her at the start of their second year and she still has the grudge of Tomoko ignoring her back then.
She's been molested by Tomoko though. Several times.
Do you think she's a stealth nerd?
File: 1516323214303.jpg (35 KB, 400x248)
35 KB
How will Tomoko react when she learns that they're all only hanging out with her out of pity?
The solution is simple, following Tomoko's graduation of high school with a bunch of friends and possibly a boyfriend, the series shifts towards Kii-chan. Don't forget that on the path to Tomoko's normalcy, she utterly destroyed a young girls innocence.

The series should continue on for years as we see Kii's degenerate hijinks. Adult Tomoko (and eventually Mommy Tomoko) can make sporadic cameos.

File: 01.png (1.11 MB, 1426x2048)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
Still working on the chapter but I might as well start dumping since it's only 20 pages.
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>Come to think of it, he was cheated there by Askeladd, wasn't he? With the sun in his eyes.
Of course he was, Thorfinn at that point was nowhere near Thorkell's level to begin with, he simply had a style suited to survive because he's small and agile versus Thorkell being a lumbering hulk and even then he was gonna lose because he used far more stamina for his movements.
About time
Thanks Hox. I hope both Garm and Baldr will live.
Must have been pretty comfy under that rock, huh
He's really dex Thorkel, this is some horse punch level of shit.

File: Pre2000.jpg (2.25 MB, 1919x1281)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB JPG
What are you watching?
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Sorry, can't help facts.
>not being able to enjoy other media
this is why you have such a narrow viewpoint and your arguments are pathetic and weak

>"Overrated" means absolutely nothing.
It means it gets praised a lot and doesn't get enough criticism. Not hate, mind you, but actual critical thought. A thing can be flawed and still be good, you know? Gunbuster has a lot of good points but recommending it calling it as good as Evangelion doesn't seem right.

Also having a variety of opinions is better than falling for the hivemind consensus this board usually wants.
just to mention, not the guy you were talking to >>168941627
I'm here >>168941728
File: 1470099453674.gif (420 KB, 616x338)
420 KB
420 KB GIF
I don't buy that. It's a term that's used to champion critique and you know it. It's used as a way to put down a work in completely arbitrary ways. I could for example say that Miami Guns is overrated, but you'd probably be hard pressed to find anyone who's even watched that show. ( It's actually a pretty great and funny show by the way ) But I guess just because the very small fraction of a percentage of anime watchers who have seen the show aren't going out on YouTube to do hour long analysts and breakdowns of Miami Guns it's a completely valid "critique" to call it overrated. There are way more elegant ways to show your opinion of the show, and you even did that in your post too. So there's no need to resort to cheap put downs.
I started watching You're Under Arrest again and it's just as comfy as I remember it.

File: 1519466746001[1].jpg (2.25 MB, 1920x1080)
2.25 MB
2.25 MB JPG
Riposa in pace, dolce amore. Riposa, riposa in pace.
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It was. Is sad that people can't appreciate it because it's not an anime.
I want to ravage Beatrice for 1000 years
You can't ravage it because it's Beatriche.
Also, give me an opportunity to post webms with sound. I have the whole OST being neatly wrapped in webms.
Please do. Post the siestas theme <3
But Yasu has always been a girl.

File: 16 - 1QQ513PFX.gif (968 KB, 500x530)
968 KB
968 KB GIF
How's that KLK rewatch going for ya, anon?
54 replies and 18 images omitted. Click here to view.
>spic ball
File: some of them.gif (2.98 MB, 201x290)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB GIF
Here we go
Thank you kindly.
Re-watched it dubbed this time and it was actually pretty nice.
Rewatched it last year with 6 stoner mates 2 of which were girls.
We watched 8 episodes in 1 night and the rest the next day.
Every one Fucking loved it.
You cunts don't know you should turn your brain off and go along for the ride with some shows.

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