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File: 1348249535707.jpg (331 KB, 1225x1225)
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331 KB JPG
Post your favorite seiyuu.

With an image like this if possible.
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nanjo yoshino.
File: aoiyuuki.jpg (356 KB, 1205x1205)
356 KB
356 KB JPG
Second favorite though, after Tomato.

Why does that dress look like those Epsilon clothes from GTA V?

I await the day she comes to my country. It would be glorious.
Too many to pick one.
File: 1418005401186.jpg (399 KB, 943x885)
399 KB
399 KB JPG
I have too many of these pics for Y.Aoi.
Seigi wo Shinjite
Great taste.
File: MAI NAKAHARA 1.png (2.56 MB, 1200x1200)
2.56 MB
2.56 MB PNG
the admiration started for me with Mai-Hime and never wavered.

File: 1437117627363.gif (998 KB, 500x368)
998 KB
998 KB GIF
>That manga you like that got a god awful anime adaption
What's her name?
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Eyeshield 21
>implying it deserved a good adaptation
The anime even highlighted why this manga is so shit by adapting mainly the NTR part
Boku no Pico
File: 2007-08-21-68514.jpg (399 KB, 1200x844)
399 KB
399 KB JPG
File: jidf gate.jpg (300 KB, 640x911)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
I haven't seen it, but from the PV, the anime looks shit

File: image.jpg (47 KB, 432x288)
47 KB
Can we post some OSTs that gets you pumped up? I know there's a few /a/ workout mixtapes floating around, but they're mostly full of garbage.

Posting examples:
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>dem claps
Why am I laughing and why am I so hype?
Too bad his arc sucks

Unsung show and soundtrack.

File: shit.png (152 KB, 500x200)
152 KB
152 KB PNG
Whats the worst anime you have willingly opted to endure?
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Most yurishit in general
Dragon ball super
Kenichi the Mightiest disciple.
It was fucking awful.
Futari wa Milky Holmes

File: 2R6AUtZ.jpg (793 KB, 1800x2560)
793 KB
793 KB JPG
Which WN or LN should get a manga or anime next?

Pic related.
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>draws a girl
>calls it a boy
Actually that makes me think about the passing of time. For Rihoko (MC, I'm just calling her by her classmates nickname for her since it's the only official name she has that's been mentioned) it seems like it's been a few months, but for Shun it's been years. Did they arrive in world at same time? Will Rihoko massively outclass Shun by the time they meet, given how rapidly she levels and gains skills.
Yeah seemingly Kumoko's talent factor is ridiculously high, she got appraisal for only 100 points while Katia for instance it cost 1000 though for Shun it also cost 100. Well Shun is from a family that has had heroes in it and his brother is the hero so I guess it's somewhat understandable.

And of course Kumoko's mom is a Queen Taratect which is an S class Mythical level monster.

I don't know, the classmates all seem to have ridiculous cheat abilities, and they all seem to be born with like 100x skillpoints than Kumoko. The only real advantage Kumoko has to the others is having several years of head start where she gets to level.

It seems very likely that once the main story catches up in timeline with the sidestories, Kumoko will be the last boss, having reached maxed level and stats some years ago, but the classmates party don't need to take too long to catch up.
[an-droj-uh-nuh s]
having both masculine and feminine characteristics.

File: CLocRrDWoAEVEN8.jpg large.jpg (355 KB, 1024x1470)
355 KB
355 KB JPG
Shingeki no Koyjin thread.

This month's BSM cover is out. Chapter 72 spoilers soon. How will Connie take care of his mother? Why is Eren eating his sword?

Mysteries all over the place.
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You again? I don't give a shit about EM, but now I hope it happens just to see your cucked face.
Man, /SnK/ generals must have the highest amount of rape survivors out of anywhere on 4chan. Smh tbh.
Call me if spoilers are posted.
This is by far the dumbest SnK cover I've seen to date.
It's only obvious if all of them hail from Tumblr.

File: 50539240_p0.jpg (2.7 MB, 2203x1375)
2.7 MB
2.7 MB JPG
Its' s no longer August 1st but that matters not as anniversary celebrations can continue on!

Today is August 3rd, and as the day comes to a close let us reminisce on our adventure. We went to camp, got sucked into a diffrent world, made friends with the Digimon, and kicked bad guy butt! But let us not forget the friends we have lost on our adventure like Wizardmon or Leomon. Even though our adventure is over for now, we will soon return to the Digital World and reunite with our Digimon pals.

Second PV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIGcjZ2nxbI

The first tri. movie, Reunion, will be shown in a limited number of theatres on 21st November before getting a DVD & Blu-Ray release on 18th December. The length of Reunion is reportedly 80 minutes.
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>friendship laser
Sounds like something a dubbing company would use to bypass the censors.
List of theatres showing Reunion: http://digimon-adventure.net/theater/

Just the ten.
File: mimi.png (94 KB, 232x416)
94 KB
and that list in machine-translated English

>[Tokyo] - Shinjuku Wald 9; Shibuya TOEI
>[Kanagawa]- Yokohama Petersburg 13
>[Osaka] - Umeda Burg 7
>[Kyoto] - T · Joy Kyoto
>[Aichi] - 109 Cinemas Nagoya
>[Fukuoka] - T · Joy Hakata
>[Hokkaido] - Sapporo Cinema Frontier
>[Hiroshima] - Hiroshima Baltic 11
>[Miyagi] - MOVIX Sendai
I would prefer the Big Bad to become good if they have to use a cliche to end this.

File: nyaruko.jpg (325 KB, 585x697)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
Should I?
The studio is anything but trustworthy
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I like her either way but I love seeing her run her fingers through it. This song is pretty great too.

>MC keep stabbing a girl in a face with a fucking fork for no reason
Was that supposed to be a 'gag'? Dude's a psycho
First season is 7/10 second is lower, but if you like any of the characters (not necessarily the Lovecraft lore) it's worth watching.
File: 1335269374850.jpg (320 KB, 1280x1440)
320 KB
320 KB JPG
Honestly, no, it's really bad, it looks horrible and it's not even funny/inventive/interesting, especially the characters are appaling.

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>you will never be Yamada
>you will never be natto
It's been obvious from the beginning that Inami and Takanashi are going to end up together. Popura doesn't give a shit about her love life, or lack thereof, and Yamada has Souma. So what are you even bitching about, anon?
Because MC is a masochist crossdressing beta who doesn't deserve chibiko or best girl.
>you will never be natto
fuck yes i will!
Natto is pretty disgusting tbh

Can someone tell me how this show became so popular? Looks like generic idolshit #257897 so why aren't other idolshit shows as popular as this one?
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Those were the days.

Cosplay Dance videos were not fucked over by copyright.

You could upload entire solo albums and it would stay up.

MVs would not get taken down.

And then there was those French Girls.
File: JukkiHanada.jpg (46 KB, 250x350)
46 KB
With the same scriptwriter as well.


Studio 8 used to make some pretty weird shows.


I just recently found an iDOLM@STER song I liked in Nation Blue, but generally I've kind of found them unpolished and either overly cutesy or just kind of similar sounding dance pop. A lot of them just have this rapidly assembled feel to their general sounds and compositions, but Nation Blue is kind of better. It's the first song I've really heard from the franchise where it feels like they put any real significant thought into the production of the song, the sound and how the tempo changes as if they planned it on being a headline song that would stand out.


Love Live just has more personality to me somehow and the songs go through more different phases.
True, It's the anime that made it huge.

But those early marketing attempts I think it helps also. From the youtube video of the very early PV I saw comments by people from various nations. And these guys share the vids on their facebooks or whatever socal media they were on.

File: 1231651651651.jpg (143 KB, 1280x720)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Episode 5 soon.
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>no poor gf that I can cuddle to warm up after she has a cold shower
That's extremely unlikely right now anyways even if you put aside the pointlessness of not using a Granrodeo song.

You seem lost.
Do you even know who Taniyama Kishou is?
Here you are, he participated in both shows and he's the vocalist of GRANRODEO, it's perfectly possible to have those covers.
Maybe it’s because they’re afraid she’d commit sudoku otherwise.

File: Yuya_y_Reiji.jpg (90 KB, 640x360)
90 KB
The story of Arc-V is basically just Yuya and Reiji working out their daddy issues because they left them as children.

Reiji who hates his father tries to become the exact opposite of him but ironically becomes exactly like him.
Yuya who admires his father and tries to be exactly like him delves further and further away from his footsteps and eventually become the exact opposite of him.

This will all culminate in a final tag duel between Yuya and Reiji vs Leo and Yusho

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Is Frightfur March good? Seems rather situational to me
It's searchable is the main thing. Protecting a sheep from a Castel or something is pretty gud too.
File: 1393238960192.gif (89 KB, 600x450)
89 KB

>Not furnimal
If Himika is so eager to use a traumatized kid to experiment in creating a soldier from a blank slate, what's stopping her from making even more like Reira (or trying to replicate his ability) with other unwanted/orphaned kids? Especially since LDS seems to have so much power in Standard.
What do you think the back-up lds army will be?
You already saw the propaganda video.
All 'volunteers' will go through conditioning

When will Allen's suffering end?
241 replies and 58 images omitted. Click here to view.
So only 20 pages of the manga per month? LOL
Better than nothing. It was the same before the hiatus anyway.

This chapter was 58ish pages.
Where can I download the manga? MangaTrader's chapters seems to have JPG files labled as PNGs.

File: worldtrigger.jpg (271 KB, 1440x900)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
>All the soldiers are a bunch of kids
>Don't even have the excuse of "only kids can do it" since there are adults with the same powers around and they're super overpowered compared to everyone else
>Divide the soldiers into arbitrary classes with MMO ability loadouts despite there being no reason to make that distinction since your weapons fucking transform and are made out of energy so you could just carry all of them around to make yourself balanced
>Training is exclusively human soldiers fighting against each other, despite the enemy mainly being non-humanoids, and the fact the few humanoid ones don't use any weapons comparable to the human ones
>Furthermore this competition directly results in kids withholding crucial information and techniques from one another because they are competing for rankings and consider each other enemies, directly interfering with the whole "protecting humanity" mission
>Arbitrary three person teams for no reason
>Moeblob sniper "can't shoot people" despite everything she's shooting at explicitly being a virtual construct so she's basically just playing Call of Duty
>In order for the plot to happen, trainees can't bail out because it would be too expensive a function
>Instead of manufacturing more B-class triggers to maximize the number of effective soldiers with their limited resources, the majority of triggers are C-class ones that can't do shit and aren't meant for combat
>The bipolar "kids fighting in a virtual world" and "save the Earth from monsters" plots don't mesh at all and the tonal shifts makes the manga really suffer
Why can't I stop eating this shit sandwich, though, /a/? It's like I look forward to seeing just how bad and shlocky Japanese shonen storytelling has become.
Are you just baiting or are you actually this retarded?
>Divide the soldiers into arbitrary classes with MMO ability loadouts

Fuck I hate this, but it's so prolific I can't avoid it.
He's right, though. WT is basically Gantz and Sword Art mashed together, which comes off really strange since the Gantz formula doesn't really work once you start applying MMO rules to it.
Almost everything he said is wrong though. There is no virtual world and the "monsters" are usually not even a threat. I don't understand how OP could get so many things wrong, they literally explain almost everything in a way the biggest idiot would understand it at the end of each episode.
Feel free to explain what's factually incorrect, then. The two strongest characters in the show are both adults. The classes are completely arbitrary, as we see people use multiple triggers, but they still force you into specific classes for no reason rather than going the sensible route of "everyone learns to use a gun and brings a sword/bayonet/knife for close encounters" like most modern armies. There totally is a virtual world, they even choose which virtual world they're going to fight in for their little mock battles. People have been denied tutoring because "it would make the enemy stronger". The monsters are totally a threat given they killed a handful of operators and kidnapped like 50 kids (which only happened because WE HAVE NO MONIEZ DESPITE BUILDING DOZENS OF THESE ELABORATE VIRTUAL TRAINING ROOMS ALSO WE WASTED A BUNCH OF RESOURCES ON TRIGGERS WE HAVE ADMITTED SHOULDN'T BE ABLE TO KILL NEIGHBORS DESPITE ALL OF THIS FOR SOME REASON).

If it was either "kids fight for rankings" or "kids fight aliens" it would've probably worked better, but as things stand the two storylines actively make each other make less sense because of the way it's set up.

Who is this?
110 replies and 43 images omitted. Click here to view.
Don't act like you don't know, anon.
Large insertion sounding.
Oh those are fine. I was just worried it was shoved up people's butts.
That's way too fucking lewd.
it looks like her hand would hurt the inside of your ass, though
The fingers add texture which enhances the pleasure.

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