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File: nakane.jpg (47 KB, 225x329)
47 KB
Has there ever been a better bro?
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your home, preferably sitting on a chair
So I'll end up as a hero for a bunch of hobos and then wake up from my coma to two faggots fucking in the bed next to me?
>then wake up from my coma to two faggots fucking in the bed next to me?
stop making me want to read part 2
At your local soup kitchen

File: was it rape.webm (998 KB, 1280x720)
998 KB
Was it rape?

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>>and 6 days vacation per year
That much?
Probably including sick days and New Year.
File: Spoiler Image (313 KB, 1070x1600)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
Lewd Gouda!

Gotcha, Kamine.
>all couples being great doesn't let you have a favourite
>liking yamane even if he was likeable in most recent chapter
>liking martial arts couple

Come on.

Well I finally finished it.
Kind of glad the Reina shit got sidelined in favor of senpai.
The LN doesn't have Ky/u/ani goggles right? Still OTP.
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I fucking love Kumiko's thick thighs
Oh my
Drills face is copy pasted on blondie
Reina's face on that second MC friend
Sausages K-ani
kek they got tired drawing their clothes and the train station

it's not called hibibait for nothing
File: 1501895398759.png (284 KB, 650x581)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
>watching horrishit when the BD's have been complete for over a month already
No thanks.

File: senketsuakko.jpg (72 KB, 500x666)
72 KB
Studio Trigger is 6 years old today. They might not be perfect but they're at least unique. For better or worse nobody else would do the shit they do.

>Little Witch La Kill
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The character designs for Tokyo 7 Sisters are made by mysterious artist MKS; the true identity of MKS is Atmosphere: Yoneyama Mai, Shota Iwasaki and Shuhei Handa. All 3 of them are Trigger animators.
File: Gainax.png (1.83 MB, 1255x833)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB PNG
I fucking love Trigger. Not everything mind you, though. I agree with the criticisms towards LWA, even though I personally really enjoyed it. Kizknaiver and Inou battles were pointless.
File: digust.png (84 KB, 510x450)
84 KB
LWA TV doesn't feel like something Trigger would make. The OVAs maybe but the TV anime feels like something Toei would produce.
because you watched didnt you?
I get the feeling that that tag won't get much exposure

File: aizen.jpg (83 KB, 1002x564)
83 KB
>i'm so strong i can't sense you
>wait you're so strong that i can't sense you

what was meant by this?
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Succeed at what?
He's already the soul king, who was a dissapointing faggot to be honest.
What else is there to do?

Got cocky and thought that Ichigo's power level was so miniscule that he couldn't register it.
As it turns out...pseudo completed ichigo was on a whole other level of existence and thus could not be sensed by him.
It meant that ichigo surpassed him in power and that everything he did was for naught because he was nowhere near strong enough to fight the soul king let alone survive in a battle against the kings guard.
Kubo didn't care about story at all, just drawing cool shit and trying to half-assedly explain it
Tell me bitch. Also the cleanser was destroyed and the Dangai Precipice World slows down time, no shit 3 months would help Ichigo surpass Aizen.
Make it better.
File: JKzN6hH.png (355 KB, 500x421)
355 KB
355 KB PNG

File: PLOT.jpg (102 KB, 1456x1339)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
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why does just looking at them makes me feel happy and calm?
File: 1387818306034.png (23 KB, 400x400)
23 KB
Will we men forever be destined to be titslaves?
Hanekawa is boring and ugly. Worst girl.
You underestimate the ability of Monogatari fans to overthink things
Please remember to take your medication

File: xamd-long2[1].jpg (139 KB, 940x395)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
ITT:Animes that only you watched
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File: Manliest suicide.webm (2.61 MB, 960x540)
2.61 MB
2.61 MB WEBM
Kill yourself. Lurk for at least 2 years before posting.
what is this?
He's not wrong though. It's anime, not animes, newfag trash.

Read the thread. Reverse search. Stop being a newfag and lurk. It takes talent to ask such a stupid fucking question.

boku no pico

>chidori is an assassination technique

Yeah, not with that loud ass buzzing noise that can be heard from the stands.
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Why didn't Kakashi teach Naruto the Rasengan or any summoning techniques?
You've got a point there, but Jiraiya was still only Naruto's godfather because Minato was put in Jiraiya's team by random chance.
Because Chidori is really, really good at piercing walls and armor, both of which Gaara had.
I think that the boost in velocity Sasuke had from chidori was more or less like a bastardized (and much, much weaker) Lightining Armor from the Raikage. So, as he wasn't accustomed to the suddenly jump in speed (and never will be, because it will always be a bit faster than his normal speed), instead of habitually training on that speed like Lee, he develops tunnel vision, hence the need of the Sharingan.
Are you dumb? Jiraiya trained Minato like he trained Naruto (and thinking he would be the child of prophecy), Minato too was his successor with the Frog Contract and his disciple, it's more than just "a little guy I train with his team".

File: megumin safada.png (1.39 MB, 1366x768)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
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You're the worst
>Not even trying to be contrarian

File: AquaDisgusted05.jpg (129 KB, 892x878)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
>Replying to me
Youre right, it isnt good. Its a breath of fresh air and arguably exceptional for the seiyuus alone.

This is a good example of the quality of posts in konosuba threads.

File: hana.jpg (538 KB, 850x1213)
538 KB
538 KB JPG
Why is she best girl?
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fuck that shit anon. give her a chance. take it from an oldfag, the worst is having a gentle but boring girl.
I will think about it. We are both graduating this year so I will see if she matured at least a bit through summer.
This anon >>161463943 here. I'd say depending on where you are in maturity, you might grow frustrated in dealing with a girl who doesn't know what she wants. Give it a try, but definitely look out for any signs of indecisiveness that might get in the way. Young people, girls and guys, tend to not actually know what they want even when they think they do. Good luck.
>best girl

Silly OP, Chiyo is the true best girl.
This, equal parts lewd and loving. She's perfect.

File: lole.jpg (505 KB, 1457x1886)
505 KB
505 KB JPG
What a wild creature from the far east
A monster to onii-san
>being bullied by a hamster
Just squash that little bug.

Holy. SHIT.
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Bug eyed fresk
File: Clannadallgirls.jpg (128 KB, 1024x640)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Enjoy the ride.
File: cgak11h.png (333 KB, 800x600)
333 KB
333 KB PNG
Play the gemu

File: 1497154960491.jpg (463 KB, 1898x2921)
463 KB
463 KB JPG
Lucoa is so cute!
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It's ok, I'm immune to normalfag weeb memes, sexy children are meant to be sexualized and Kanna knows that well.
File: IMG_0079.jpg (238 KB, 1920x1080)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
I want to be molested by Lucoa
Come on, she just raped her own little sister and now is planning to do the same to a little boy, it's hot.
Why does that tongue go with everything?
What if they're a cute girl?

File: serveimage.jpg (51 KB, 1024x576)
51 KB
>shoots you in the face multiple times
>throws you off an elevator
>sends hit men after your quasi-girlfriend
Is there anyone more scummy than him?
Hey, he only shot Brandon in the face once.
He's doing what his kind does best. He follows through and that's a good thing.
looking fine
He thought Brandon betrayed him for the family.
This show is fucking mediocre.
Why do people like this so much?

It was decent up until the death of Brandon and it just went pure shit.

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