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Your Uber driver has arrived
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>implying it’s not true
Why the fuck would I be outside?
Obviously it’s Uber Eats
I want Arararagi to Uber Eat me out.

File: 1531673608156.jpg (190 KB, 1200x1200)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
Now accepting applications for the Banana fan club.
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Make Iincho the protagonist
Have you read YuriCam?
>Earth Girls
Anime when? Mira is hellbent on making Kidaha lose more wives with every new story.
Help, I can't stop re-watching the revue battle scene.
>, this is pure US Amurrican bullshit
japan is doing this since forever

File: Imouto Sae 7-1.jpg (725 KB, 722x1012)
725 KB
725 KB JPG
Don't actually read this thread if you want to eventually read the official English releases, but at the rate Yen Press is going, it's going to be at least 2-3 more years before you get to material not covered in the anime.

Past Threads: https://desuarchive.org/a/thread/175038726/#175038726

I recommend you actually read the last thread to know who's who and what's going on, because if there's one thing this series has, it's a huge ensemble cast that keeps getting characters added to it every volume. In case you don't want to, here's a short recap of new characters that weren't in the anime:
>Goudo Satoshi: Chief editor and head of editorial department at GF Bunko, scary old man.
>Kaizu Makina: Creepy old man LN author at GF Bunko who keeps pumping out mediocre work after mediocre work. He looks like shit and acts like an asshole, but Haruto secretly respects and admires him.
>Kasamatsu Aoba: Edgy JK who wrote an LN copycating Nayu and thinks she's hot shit
>Aioi Ui: Former Isekai hater who gained an appreciation for isekai harems and Haruto after Haruto lost his shit at her a few years ago. Won the newcomer award with an isekai harem.
>Kiso Yoshihiro: 67 year old man who stumbled into writing an LN good enough to get noticed in the newcomer award.

Last time on Imouto Sae Ireba Ii: Itsuki and Nayu are a couple now.
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Looks like Itsuki and Nayu on a daitu to me.
Nayu is there to breed more LN authors. Actually, if they are doing it a lot, that might come sooner rather than later. Miyako should get over her little crush already.
How will his imouto react though?
>Kasuka publishes her most influential and popular work by a mile: "Imouto Sae Ireba Ii"
>title drop via an in-universe novel
How far does the loop go?
>the final sentence of the book was "in the end, an imouto was all I needed"
>the final sentence of this one will be Itsuki saying "in the end, an imouto wasn't all I needed"

File: mpv-shot0002.jpg (120 KB, 1280x720)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Wouldn't her friends literally have fucking died? How is this a question?
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Now she can give it to best waifu Erika
>Best waifu

I see. That's why she cried.
File: Dc6lJm7U8AI6wvl.jpg orig.jpg (392 KB, 2048x1908)
392 KB
392 KB JPG
New Ribbon Warrior / Variante manga chapter when???
File: Dc6jSJ8U0AAe48c.jpg orig.jpg (405 KB, 2048x1716)
405 KB
405 KB JPG

File: icried.png (1.26 MB, 1788x1002)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
I can't be the only one
Who fapped to this scene? Maybe not.

File: 1514472563997.jpg (47 KB, 390x380)
47 KB
>ranma doujin
>red hair
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I agree to that. It's not gay if he was a she all along and you were attracted to the feminine aspects of the tomboy.
"Fucking tomboys is gay lol"
The delusion on /a/ nowadays is almost unbearable.
>but you wouldn't fuck your best male friend if he suddenly turned into a hot girl
You're right, it would most likely be rape.
I didn't say anything about tomboys. I said a guy whose mind got transferred to a female body. He's still gonna be a guy mentally. I don't want to see a guy feel pleasure and ahegao, I want a girl that's a girl through and through to. The mental aspect is important to sexiness.
File: 935.jpg (84 KB, 800x450)
84 KB

There's H where this literally happens.

You have an unreasonably high expectation of what we wouldn't stoop to.

If they just wanted to make a show about food, why didn't they make a spin off where Sakura just cooks stuff? But they keep trying to pretend there's a serious magic plot going on, when 75% of every episode is just them talking about or eating food. It's such obvious filler it's actually making me hate the new season.

File: deed23.jpg (314 KB, 1038x1393)
314 KB
314 KB JPG
Why is she so perfect bros?
You like generic elves?

File: 1528416137512.jpg (189 KB, 870x1237)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
Well, /a/?
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there are kind anons that bite the bullet and buy/screencap the chapters as it releases in english. I dont remember which days it releases in the month but its there
Japs just killed several site on the weekend. rawlh had to move to another domain too.
The first chapters are not that great, imho. I only hope to see all of the Okinawa arc animated.
what's the new domain for rawlh?
Nice try NipFBI

File: ne good.jpg (1.03 MB, 1079x1342)
1.03 MB
1.03 MB JPG
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I miss Haikyuu
it's pretty good
File: Haikyuu!!.full.1770569.jpg (590 KB, 959x711)
590 KB
590 KB JPG
fuck yes it is. Believe in me and jump.
Yeah, try like half season 1 and you'll like.

File: 1449208590879.webm (415 KB, 640x360)
415 KB
Season 4 when?
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I'm still mad.
Just like my other favorite girl.
>official /ss/ with one of the best girls
Just sounds like a lot of shit taste to me.
Bunny is just a bad character, they found a way to ruin SS with motherfucking bigfatcattats.
File: boibunny.jpg (1.14 MB, 1280x2356)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB JPG
Cute bunny.

File: 1529796434289.jpg (350 KB, 919x1300)
350 KB
350 KB JPG
post female character design that you love
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File: drhdrnoi.jpg (82 KB, 625x932)
82 KB
File: Karen.jpg (40 KB, 402x600)
40 KB

File: 5jh2yxlgio701.jpg (506 KB, 1905x1325)
506 KB
506 KB JPG
Post anime/manga quotes you live by.
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File: 1437481717831.png (784 KB, 698x840)
784 KB
784 KB PNG
File: Chuunibyou.jpg (92 KB, 1280x720)
92 KB
What is your superpower, /a/?
File: 1526173460250.gif (65 KB, 500x282)
65 KB
File: 1488444282392.jpg (254 KB, 1280x1440)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
I have never once forgotten these words.
File: fren.jpg (140 KB, 1279x960)
140 KB
140 KB JPG

File: maquia-visual.jpg (34 KB, 678x288)
34 KB
What do you think about Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms?
The theme song I found for this movie is really good.
Does this movie have a relatively small following? Because I haven't seen much talk around it or anything. Even the big anime sites don't have too much going on about Maquia. It's a shame really, since it's a great movie.

File: TLR.png (277 KB, 698x768)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
What do you think will the next part of To Love Ru be called?
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>what started as an intial awkward push by mikan to be more forward with Rito turned into them casually taking baths together often without Rito being put off by it at all
It's so hot.
Hopw she becomes a mangaka who does wholesome stuff.
Porn artist make fuck all money. It's that simple.
File: 3519_003.jpg (31 KB, 205x240)
31 KB
Top ones actually make pretty good money, it's just that Yabuki is one of the most famous if not the most famous ecchi artist ever and is in a complete different ballpark in terms of money made compared to most artists. His Franxx manga adaptation is already hovering around top 10 sold manga this year at 500k+ copies, on top of what Aniplex probably paid him to even get on the project he's loaded to hell just through that. Now consider how much TLR has sold over the years, the numerous royalties he gets from the fuckload of merchandise or the fact he's the illustrator of some of the best selling artbooks out there. HG sold out in the preoder phase with over 100k bought, and that's for a 3500 yen book that has had like 2 or 3 rereleases by now.

I think it's just a matter of staying in a shonen demographic, as lewd as his art gets.
good thread

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