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File: file.png (1.2 MB, 1000x667)
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What's it like to wait for the riders on a mountain stage? Is it a bunch of drunk people having a good time or is everyone just standing there like a braindead zombie? You'd have to wait for hours to get a good spot right?
he's getting piss thrown at him for sure
comfy af

File: kante.png (852 KB, 754x779)
852 KB
852 KB PNG
This humble, but /sp/ will hate him for being black
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fair enough senpai. /eugenist/ here
it's just a meme bro
I know, I know
but it is wierd, brazil and uruguay have black people, we don't (because we killed them in the triple alianza war)
>american thinks swedish food is just meatballs and potatoes

wow surprised

File: 1389452357331.jpg (25 KB, 400x380)
25 KB
What can cure me of the motivational collapse that I have had for 4.5 years?

I'm a 27 year old ugly beta autist with no friends or social experiences since school. I've never had female attention ever. I have no passions and no hobbies except for mindlessly browsing the internet, reading, exercising, and walking around while hoping my 20s spontaneously stop feeling wasted.

I currently have a boring bureaucrat job, though it gives me miraculously little work. My ugliness, autistness, and lack of poshness cause me to fail almost all job interviews. Working 9-5 crushes me mentally and it is worse when I save almost nothing and will never advance the career ladder quickly.

I did very well in education when I was motivated but being around normies in their prime while I was a loser doing a degree I didn't care about was tortuous. My motivational collapse started in university. My work ethic became non existent and I barely passed with an acceptable grade.

I live in a tiny flat in London and save nothing, though I will start a higher paying job at a famous employer later. I waste large amounts of money on coffee and junk food binges to stop feeling sad.

I have had so much free time but I have wasted almost all of it due to an extreme lack of initiative. I find it nearly impossible to do productive things in my free time when I know normies are out having fun or getting large salaries for rewarding jobs.

I know that social skills are mostly down to looks. I know that I have life on hard mode because I'm an ugly male. I know that all women and Chads have life on easy mode.

I understand that all philosophical axioms are arbitrary. No self help or religious bullshit will ever help me. I constantly think of myself in psychological instead of definite terms ("If I eat now, I'm less likely to do work in an hour"). I constantly feel guilty for not being productive, like a loser for not having fun, like a coward for not having my own personal philosophy.
Kys yourself
didn't read lmao

File: 763.jpg (38 KB, 763x417)
38 KB
Hernandez said ”pour la Belgique, allez, allez!” during the French celebration before Giroud shut him up
What did he mean by this lads?
Good Belgian banter, it's rare nowadays.
based and redpilled
We are reaching critical levels of smugness
He was secretly wishing it would have gone to the Glorious Golden Generation of Belgium. the awareness that they stole this cup through refball and mindnumbingly boring football is slowly crushing his soul. It's a cry for help. Expect reading about his suicide in the gazette pretty soon.

File: still i rise better.png (652 KB, 780x438)
652 KB
652 KB PNG
>Countdown to German GP:
(click menu on left for session times)

>Countdown to FKino at the Hungaroring:

>Previous thread


>FantasyGP.com /f1/ League Formula Autism v2.0:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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apologize letter
Thanks, Weichai powa, for great support. We are one team, with one goal: We want to win. My dear Chinese fans, we're coming to China, we are racing around the world, with the support of Weichai... powa. Weichai Power. Green Power. The Drive of Dreams.
File: 1502188415476.jpg (70 KB, 1206x723)
70 KB
Isn't it a bit odd that a 33 year old man has neither a steady girlfriend or a wife and children?
''What is he typing''
I'm 38 and I don't find that weird at all

File: images (16).jpg (16 KB, 514x286)
16 KB
>"But I am very ambitious and I like challenges. I don't like to stay in my comfort zone, I like to seize new challenges."
Messi btfo out
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>I don't like to stay in my comfort zone
>stays 9 years at Real Madrid
File: skoobydoo.jpg (19 KB, 221x319)
19 KB
i doubt he's reading this thread sweety
>leave a 3 team league for a 1 team league
You do realise serie A last season was far more competitive than la liga right? Plus the guy has played there for a long time, he's not obligated to stay
My dream is Juventus finishes 5th but wins CL, Napoli or Inter 1st and then Juventus celebrates in the city of whoever won scudetto. Napoli will require an armored bus, but it's okay.
I feel sorry for him, last season was a beta test for English teams, we're gonna go hard this year and kill all the Spanish/Italian and German teams.

File: 1531425163763.webm (778 KB, 226x400)
778 KB
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Je zou versteld staan hoe veel Jeroenen precies zo denken.
Now do this but instead of comparing whites vs blacks, compare the rich vs the poor. People don't kill because they are black, they kill because they are poor, they value life lower than what a rich person does because their own life is worth less. A poor person is more likely to be desperate and resort to means such as murder in order to survive. A poor person is more likely to form gangs with fellow poor people based on a common characteristic (nationality, neighbourhood, whatever) and resort to criminal activity in order to gain the resources of other groups.

The fact that generally the average black person is less well-off than the average white one obviously makes statistics show that blacks are more likely to kill than whites. But you can always check the statistics from a country with an extremely low percentage of black population and see where the murders are coming from.
>instead of comparing whites vs blacks, compare the rich vs the poor
See >>86363425
and >>86363453
>come into thread
>/pol/ inforgraphics

Yup it's butthurt
>ad-homing official sources

Yup, it's denial.

File: Logo_Umbro.png (14 KB, 510x330)
14 KB
You now remember Umbro
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You now remember Kappa
Trendy students still wear these brands “ironically” of course
I still wear umbro checkered shorts

Umbro is making based kits for based clubs m8
File: 21001_5b4370e4296cd[1].jpg (366 KB, 2000x2000)
366 KB
366 KB JPG

File: doček vatrenih trg.jpg (211 KB, 1080x640)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
>In Zagreb, more than 550.000 people (18% of population) went out to welcome the players.
>Been on the streets and main squares from 10 AM to midnight.
>Hadn't shut their mouth for a single minute because of constant singing, celebrating and cheering.

How can France even compare?
>inb4 one million people
That's little considering their population, ain't it?
>inb4 "we won, u didn't!!!"
I'm talking about welcoming the players, not the match, learn to read.
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I love 4chan, only place where nobody looks at you weird because you're a racist Nazi. :)
21 fight, 18 wins and still unchallenged by 0 Swiss Nazis in MMA.
Is this a movie scene
>google image search says it's Islam
Now that's sad

Are they the most sore losers in WC history?
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If anything, Belgians hated the French more in the past. Generally speaking, rivalries are softening in international football.

le reddit typical user
Argentina 2014
File: 1531765965595.gif (2.36 MB, 313x250)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB GIF
Most of the Croatians aren't sore losers. The vocal butthurt ones who shitpost here just feed your confirmation bias.

The people know who the real winner is.
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there will forever be an asterisk above this win and you know it, otherwise you wouldn't have to even enter this thread and make your defense mechanism cope post


>w-we w-won !


No you didn't, France did.

You'll have to learn to lose if you wanna learn to win someday.
LMAO 4-2 buddy !

Not Even Close !
you're only proving my point
Yeah if you want !

Where is your trophy for that ??

File: 15313099747922.jpg (41 KB, 660x371)
41 KB
>"France" wins with unironic use of African slave labour brought up on Parisian "football farms."

>Liberals have no problem with this.

What am I missing?
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All of those players voluntarily play football and are payed well above average to do it.
You're just showing your inner globalist because you are triggered that France sees those niggers as their brother and as their fellow countrymen.

I have much more trust in a nigger from a former portuguese colony than anyone else from a European country. I don't belive in the "western culture" maymay. That's just a concept invented by americans in order to standardize Europe
vou roubar sua carteira. fica esperto

In France, there is a long tradition of antiracism and denial of human races. For French liberals, these non-Whites are French before anything else.
Meanwhile liberal Anglos tend to speak about race for everything, so they would expect the French to thank Wakanda and be grateful, which creates clashes between both sides.
Also non-Whites tend to become more revendicative because ultimately racial identity always prevails.
don't spread my country's secret now. we fit every narrative

>Sign no Star this year...

Real Madrid wtf
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dubs confirm
Hazard, Courtois
Just another isco

not much of an improvement over navas.

And they will cost more than 250mil combined. Just not worth it.
real madrid went full super nova just to become a white dwarf and fade away. this will help cr7's narrative of being the goat
Have to save money in order to get juicy kickbacks from buildingthe overpriced stadium nobody asked for

File: lequipe.jpg (67 KB, 763x391)
67 KB
L'equipe, France's biggest sports newspaper, remarkably rates Belgium as the best team of the world cup; winning in almost every category. France is rated 2nd.

>Best team: Belgium
>Best player: E. Hazard (Belgium)
>Best goalkeeper: Courtois (Belgium)
>Best coach: R. Martinez (Belgium)

Hand over that fucking trophy, you thieving nigs.
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
De Bruyne didn't play his top level each match, but he had amazing moments.
>His work in the counter against Japan
>His work in the counter against England
>His goal against Brazil
L'Equipe is often tougher on France than on others.That said I see no issue with ranking Courtois and Hazard first, but ranking Martinez first is a joke.
Those are the average match grades that they had throughout the competition btw.
I rather see Coutinho or some player like that make the XI in that case. His moments had more spark to them than Pogba or De bruyne. The assist to the equalizer against Belgium for instance was probably the most beautiful assist in the tournament.
>Pickford that low as a keeper
>De Gea ranked better than half of the keepers despite making 1 save all tournament
File: 1529932389479.png (47 KB, 448x360)
47 KB
>best coach: Martinez

> Get in without having to worry about visa regardless of where you're from
> Free transport between all cities, go see any game easily
> Free public transport
> Awesome stadiums
> Tonnes of things to do in your free time
> No crazy or stupid laws, do whatever you want and nobody gives a shit
> Wear whatever you want, celebrate however you want, local authorities don't care, country is very laid back
> Cheap alcohol everywhere, lots of food
> Great atmosphere
> Everyone friendly and helpful
> Police prevented any habbenings
> Nobody beaten up by any country's fans
> No terrorist attacks
> Literally everyone says it's the best hosted WC ever

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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yeah but qatar has all that sweet sweet petroleum $$$
My gf has better legs and she's fuckin 30 ears old
File: 1522436699569.jpg (53 KB, 800x600)
53 KB
t. Bosnian
but Greece did not get Olympics hosted in 1996(the year the Olympics hit 100 years).

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