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Yawn. Soccer sucks ass

File: relegation.jpg (165 KB, 672x380)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Who's gonna be Hamburg's relegation play-off opponent?

We're gonna find out today!

>Current 2nd Bundesliga table:
2. Darmstadt 56pts +17 GD
3. Karlsruhe 55pts +18 GD
4. K'Lautern 55pts +14 GD

>Today's matches (15:30 CET)
Darmstadt vs St.Pauli
Karlsruhe vs 1860 München
K'Lautern vs Ingolstadt

2nd placed gets a direct promotion to the Bundesliga, 3rd placed will play the relegation play-off against Hamburg and 4th placed stays in the 2nd Bundesliga.

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File: shitgart.jpg (58 KB, 960x540)
58 KB
>the city of shitgart
no, but
>muh schweiß, bratwurst, and dosenbier
no but muh tradition muh ehrlicher fussball muh gegen den kommerz muh altes, unüberdachtes stadion, muh bestes aus den vorhandenen Mitteln gemacht etc
>Schade... dieser Mann ist eine beeindruckende Persönlichkeit!
Great escape tbh

File: declan lynch.jpg (100 KB, 792x499)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
press F to pay respects
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File: 1416180866791.png (467 KB, 716x720)
467 KB
467 KB PNG
literal obsession
Vidal's basically a Steven Gerrard in his prime or a Bryan Robson. Good tacklers, hard workers but not DMs.
File: abstractly disgusting.jpg (179 KB, 854x859)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
People who doubted Walcott should fuck off and go and support Chelsea

>one of our most iconic and loyal players becomes one of our best players, really lethal and just what Arsenal need
>gets injured for OVER A YEAR
>comes back and isn't instantly scoring a goal a game despite looking fitter and still making great runs. It's common knowledge that finishing is one of the last things to come back to you after a long time out.
>a ridiculous amount of fans in these threads want him to fucking leave

Just fuck off you disgusting fickle shits, I'm not even just changing my mind based on this game, I've been saying this since he came back
zero losses though

File: file.png (15 KB, 149x68)
15 KB


Coverage on ABC starts now

Race starts in 1 bong, 20 bings
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Blind people in this thread

*high five*
They always talk about NASCAR drivers running Indy, why not an Indy driver run the Coke 600?
accomplishments don't mean much when you still make mistakes every time you open your mouth on a broadcast
File: david-letterman-636.jpg (130 KB, 636x477)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
anybody seen dave?

File: niggers of britain.jpg (29 KB, 620x413)
29 KB
You're walking down the streets to your local fish and chip shop after watching an enjoyable game of football. Suddenly you're ambushed by this youth, who angrily asks you


How do you respond?
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I'd look at him sceptically and just say
A death worthy of a hero.
Came here to post this.
I'd go for the club that

>supports the queen and the empire
>would proudly yelled "fuck el papa"
Hello, Hello, How do you do?
We hate the boys in royal blue
We hate the boys in emerald green
Fuck your Pope and fuck your Queen

File: 19782801.jpg (49 KB, 511x425)
49 KB
PNE vs Swindle

Kick off 5.30

PNE lineup: Johnstone, Clarke, Wright, Huntingdon, Woods, Welsh, Kilkenny, Johnson, Gallagher, Beckford, Garner

Can Preston win the playoffs on their 10th time of asking?
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Ring your GP or local surgery now, leave a voicemail.
Damn. Hopefully get someone else decent in. Maybe we can get a deal with Madrid after stealing their assman
Looking forward to not playing against a Grayson side next season the great fucking cunt.

Also half of Swindon's good players are loanees and a couple of others will get sold so they might not be so good next season.
lad who pissed in his housemate's ribena and filmed a girl he lived with in the shower

File: 1375921793553.png (319 KB, 450x500)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
Last thread:

Useful /trb/-related links (only if you read them):
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File: 1330270451093.jpg (21 KB, 400x300)
21 KB
>greece won Euro 2016 in my save
yup, it says that all players in the world played for algeria (as if it was a club). Its pretty shitty but im not starting over now
pls tell me it was against poortugal
And Ronaldo was playing
Against England, on pens, after a 0-0
Belgium is bizarro

File: FB_IMG_1431882301774.jpg (31 KB, 547x540)
31 KB
>tfw you find yourself cheering for LeBron because you don't want to see the biggest memeteam in NBA history win the chip

God I fucking hate Steph Curry, and if it wasn't for this one little 13 year old faggot I'd actually like watching the Warriors and wanting to see them win, but I cannot fucking stand seeing this chucker get three after three and ruining the game of basketball.
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File: 1429204253563.jpg (17 KB, 240x320)
17 KB
This is just like the seahawks/patriots

> lebron = brady
> traditional, long-established star. hated for obvious reasons

> gsw = seattle
> west coast meme teams, most fairweather fanbases ever, non-existent even 2 seasons ago

Whomever wins the title, it's a bad day for /sp/ the shitposting will reach maximum levels and the asspain will be rampant. Fuck both these faggot teams. A sad day for /nba/
The rockets are running out a 37 year old Jason Terry and 35 year old Corey brewer.

Add that to a declining/hurt Dwight and the traffic cone harden is at defense and it's not surprising a fast small ball team is raping them.

The Warriors are about to to play the man who invented small ball, Lb6, if the warriors go small, they do so by having lebron be the largest player on the court.

That's bad news when you have schumpurt and smith/Irving out there on the arc
I bet it's fun for his team. He plays for the wins, not the entertainment.
>most fairweather fanbases ever, non-existent even 2 seasons ago

Except they sold out for decades with a super shit team and earned a reputation as one of the loudest arenas DESPITE being shitty for 30 years solid.

Other than that, yeah clearly fairweather and nonexistant.

File: cristianohomo.jpg (70 KB, 225x353)
70 KB
Ladies and gentlemen your 2014-2015 Spanish soccer league top scorer.
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File: rijkaard.jpg (743 KB, 2880x1890)
743 KB
743 KB JPG
>dutch "people" talking about class

Something Ronaldo is better at by a 20% rate throughout his career
>Shitting on your own teammates

Stay classy Penaldo.

File: hull-city116-46079.jpg (88 KB, 806x605)
88 KB
Not too miffed really, gave it a good go today but the damage had already been done.
whos leaving/staying for championship?

will they be able to return to premiership within 10 years?
If only the name change had gone through.

I saw Jela already came out and said the other day he wants to be loaned out, prick. As long as we keep robertson, brady, quinn, dawson, macca, elmo ill be happy. The rest can fuck off.

WAS:Buzz continues on Redskins rookie Matt Jones
BUF:Bills giving Tyrod Taylor legit shot to start
TB:Tampa Bay coaches 'very high' on Charles Sims
ATL:Freeman and Coleman will get 'equal reps'
HOU:Report: Texans favorites for 'Hard Knocks'
FA:Michael Sam latches on with CFL's Alouettes
DAL:Cowboys, CB Scandrick ink contract extension
SF:Carlos Hyde missing workouts with leg injury
MIA:Daniel Thomas works out for Dallas Cowboys
MIN:Coach has 'indication' of when AP will return
SD:Report: SD now 'optimistic' about Rivers deal
FA:Report: NFL intent on L.A. team by next year
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Broncos were a great team. Manning blew it. Suddenly he didn't have multiple receivers open on every play and the pass rush was getting to him so he caved.
Why are these threads such shit?
Because of you.
File: dank.jpg (50 KB, 900x623)
50 KB
not enough dank memes
File: 1432057393133.jpg (22 KB, 351x293)
22 KB
Or maybe you're wondering why he would shoot a man, before he threw him out of a plane

File: unnamed (1).jpg (21 KB, 384x384)
21 KB
Ugly kits thread
6 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
I recall them having a similar kit in the late 90s/early 00s.
beer kit
octopussy kit
tuxedo kit

File: colin.webm (1024 KB, 1280x720)
1024 KB
1024 KB WEBM
>Main Card (PPV) 10pm ET/ 7pm PT/ 3am BST

UFC Light Heavyweight Championship
Daniel Cormier def Anthony Johnson via rd 3 submission(RNC)

UFC Middleweight Championship
Chris Weidman def Vitor Belfort via rd 1 TKO

Donald Cerrone def John Makdessi via rd 2 TKO(broken jaw)

Andrei Arlovski def Travis Browne via rd 1 TKO


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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"Hey I said gimme the easiest fight in the division, gimme Ryan Bader, I want an easy pay check so I'll fight you"

-Daniel "DC" Cormier.
>the last time GSP fought was in 2013
>Jones beat DC convincingly literally months ago
Daniel can't even believe he won. I like him but he is so lucky Jon fucked himself.
>tfw you like Arlovski because he looks like a heavyweight version of Condit
>also he lost his last fight
>implying implications

File: rodger.jpg (20 KB, 263x267)
20 KB
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my fucking sides
File: 192898_large.jpg (51 KB, 700x461)
51 KB
Brendan has to take responsibility.....

>But my main anger is reserved for those swivel eyed shits at FSG, Ian Ayre and the fucking goons at the Transfer Committee. It's those fuckwits who have turned the club like this. They need shooting.

ruh roh
File: 1413673965965.jpg (245 KB, 1292x1044)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
hahhahahhahaahaha slips btfo
File: 156484804_640.jpg (67 KB, 640x464)
67 KB
> I am having flashbacks to the days under the owl. Things have to change. I really am too upset to say anything else, the Captain deserved better than that. An utter disgrace.
Fair play to Gary Gillespie and the others on LFCTV, they are crucifying Rodgers.

Fuck they are raging. Maybe he'll really get the hook.

File: Roland Garros.jpg (730 KB, 1209x680)
730 KB
730 KB JPG
Official site links:

Eurosport 1, 2 and 360



Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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You're chicken aint fully cooked bro
Is Nishi a superstar in Japan?
It looks raw on the foto for some reason.
People here love him. He's basically Asian EBAM.

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