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4th quarter
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Y-you too
>3 years into his career and is about to surpass Matt Ryan(11 iirc) in game winning drives
Didn't you fgts get blanked the next week?
File: 1467263903732.png (21 KB, 900x900)
21 KB
what did he mean by this?

File: Broncos.png (292 KB, 442x442)
292 KB
292 KB PNG
This team hurts people
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Wtf were they thinking
this desu, semen is god
You should've said Osweilel
It's pretty funny how Denver fans are so stupid that they bought into the "kill Osweiler" joke this week and started booing him. It's ridiculous how much the media has hyped this meme. If anything, people should be cheering for him because he managed their season for Peyton to return. Also they should be happy since Trevor so far has been better. I doubt anyone in the Broncos organization has any hard feelings toward Brock and same goes for Brock- he got paid.

File: 1425913729897.jpg (24 KB, 340x471)
24 KB
England 293 & 240 v Bangladesh 248 & 253/8 (78 ov, target 286)
>Bangladesh require another 33 runs with 2 wickets remaining

Pakistan 452 & 114/1 (39 ov) v West Indies 224

If you or anyone you know needs help:
>Lifeline on 13 11 14
>Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800
>MensLine Australia on 1300 789 978
>Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467
>Beyond Blue on 1300 22 46 36
>Headspace on 1800 650 890
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He is a good FC bowler you casual. More so at home but for an allrounder he is very serviceable. On par with Marsh at least
>t. Tasmanian
is basically the equivalent of saying
t. i'm genetically handicapped
>On par with Marsh at least
Lmao. Marsh is twice the red ball bowler that he is
He is not and you cannot prove otherwise. Faulkner has a better record, is objectively a very good new ball bowler and his red ball batting is definitely no worse than Darsh's.

Marsh hasn't done a thing in Test cricket except be useful on Poo Peeland greentops. Fuckner was raised on that shit and if he had played would definitely have outperformed Darsh.
Fuckner hasn't bowled a decent spell in yonks mate and if you weren't such a seeeeething fucking casual you'd know he's on overs restriction.
>tfw no au/sp/


File: 1439148429036.jpg (52 KB, 635x423)
52 KB
I am aware I am taking the bait but you do realize in the postseason they keep playing until there's a winner, right?

I suppose the real bait here is the Seahawks playing in the Super Bowl. The NFC is such a shitty division I'd be surprised if the winner of it even makes the playoffs.
> owl rematch ends

>I'd be surprised if the winner of it even makes the playoffs


This photo is truly captivating.

Brady looks like he has a lump in his throat because he knows what it's like to lose a superbowl in the last minute of the game. Wilson looks sad but honored to have played against Brady. He also looks composed to get better as a QB and to not let the loss phase his determination.

Best 2 Qbs in the league IMHO.
Jimmy Garoppolo is better than Russel Wilson. Both have a ring and jimmy has a higher passer rating and less INTs

File: crop_exact_preview.jpg (22 KB, 512x310)
22 KB
CLE:Corey Coleman sounding unlikely for Week 8
GB:Position switch: Montgomery now running back
ATL:Falcons preparing for Coleman to miss time
BUF:Schefter: Shady in same situation as last wk
BAL:Harbaugh wants Kenneth Dixon more involved
CIN:Tyler Eifert expected to see expanded role
ARZ:Arians expects John Brown back for Week 8
ARZ:Mike Floyd dealing with minor hamstring issue
WAS:Jay Gruden: Matt Jones could lose carries
WAS:Jordan Reed cleared to practice on Wednesday
CLE:Hue Jax insists Browns won't trade Joe Thomas
TEN:Delanie Walker dealing with bruised chest
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Who is worse right now? Case Keenum or Osweiler?

The loins made Keenum look elite, it will be interesting to see what Osweiler can do.

File: 1380958007029.jpg (48 KB, 514x564)
48 KB
>64 yards
>1 fumble
File: 1476564574241.jpg (72 KB, 412x635)
72 KB

only quarterbacks can qualify for the "elite" label

WORLDS ERIES starts Tuesday 8pm

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Everyone's saying Schwarber is coming in to DH.

What do you guys think? Is this an awful idea or a meme idea that will evolve the game?
What are you even doing you fucking weirdo
hes playing the position he should be in the first place

>you now remember how incompetent schwarber looked even in left field
File: Royalspacha2.png (294 KB, 625x625)
294 KB
294 KB PNG
So basically right now Comedy central it's /our/ time?

Tbqh I want the Indians to win, because really, I don't hate the Indians as a royals fan, I just absolutely fucking hate the Tigers, and don't really care for the Sox and really, what would piss off Tiger fans more then the Indians and the royals, one team has the second longest WS win drought in baseball, and the other was the divisions basement dwellng joke, winning a WS before the them and their 4 consecutive division chokes?

tl;dr: Fuck Detroit, Indians winning would be worse for Detroit.
Idk breh, I don't think this "Designated Hitter" gimmick will catch on if you ask me. I can't see it evolving the game

File: falmin' hawks.jpg (51 KB, 450x450)
51 KB
Disregard Football, Acquire Hockey. Also a defenseman. Even if it's fucking Rozsival.

Elliot and Crawford in between the pipes tonight. Get the alcohol ready.

Puck drop at 7:30PM CST.
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Will Toews go the whole season without scoring a goal?
dammit panik
Yeah idk. I'm just old and stuck in my ways. It could work I guess. Better than using Bettman-vision.
how many frogs would it take to fill the penalty box at the uc
what kind of frog are we talking?

File: lifelong.jpg (55 KB, 736x736)
55 KB
who /lifelong/ here?

I'm from Baja Avondale.
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File: IMG_0110.png (92 KB, 1018x919)
92 KB
>be from part of Michigan that can safely be Cubs fan
>be a Tigers fan
Chicagocuador here. Lifelong fan since April.
Chicadalajara here /lifelong/ since yesterday baby burrs are best burrs bring home world series owl
I've been a cubs fan since early 2016, I can't wait for us to win it all!

go cubbies!!

File: s-l400.jpg (9 KB, 356x400)
9 KB
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calgary's defense sure doesn't look like the best in the league
File: goose_loose_on_tampa.webm (2.65 MB, 1280x720)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB WEBM
As long as I get to shitpost through it I'm happy.
got any recent loosenings?
Give me a few minutes, I've been meaning to encode some webms. Need to figure out how to make nhl.com spit out some nice 60fps footage
Just your mom's ass

File: peypey.png (79 KB, 350x850)
79 KB
What's his name again?
Chicken Parm
Papa John
Discount Double Check Guy
is this real?? or photoshop?

Is this the biggest fantasy football flop of the year? Is there any reason to keep him on your team?

who is the better athlete?
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>t.meme sport

I dont mind you prefering your sport. That's fine. It's just that the rest of the world knows the best sport so no hard feelings.

Enjoying nigger #39994 bumping into #4005 though.

Go Wilcats!

Fucking This.
What do you want you faggot ? He scores the most against quality oppnonenst and he also won more in his career than Bradey.

He won his league 8 times and the CL 4 times.
So did Maldini who I think had a few less leagues but has more champions leagues and also holds many defensive records as does messi with offensive records. Why isn't Maldini the GOAT?

He is one of the GOATS. Thing is though this isn't a Maldini vs Deflatetheballs man.

File: kanye-west2.jpg (367 KB, 1203x803)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
ITT: Americans rank their city's Big 4 sports teams from most popular to least
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OP said city
Michigan is goes
>tfw hated the mid 2000s bandwagon growing up and felt bad for the clippers so by default im a clippers fan

It made my dad happy because he could actually take me to games
Some Americans watch soccer, way more mexicans do. Not many Americans or Mexicans watch the MLS though even if they like soccer
tbf, Oakland is literally right next to SF so it's really nothing egregious to root for the raiders.
Red Sox

Red Sox/Patriots tie

File: nba-map16.jpg (181 KB, 1920x1080)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
>OFFICIAL /nba/ discord chat
[ https://discord.gg/e2xBDex ]


>NBA Schedule

>NBA Scores
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i'll help you, make a throw away email so i can send you the invite. ever make one of those before?
here senpai, thanks for the help
check it right now, hurry senpai lol
kemba walker spicy dank memes

Did you just seriously made me post this? kek
yes, now check your email again.

File: greg-ward-jr.jpg (40 KB, 920x675)
40 KB
(25) Virginia Tech @ Pitt
Appalachian State (5-2 (3-0)) @ Georgia Southern (4-3 (3-1))*

(22) Navy (5-1) @ South Florida (6-2) (Fri)
(10) West Virginia (6-0) @ Oklahoma State (5-2)
(2) Michigan (7-0) @ Michigan State (2-5)
(14) Florida (5-1) @ Georgia (4-3)
(4) Washington (7-0) @ (17) Utah (7-1)
(13) Boise State (7-0) @ Wyoming (5-2)
(7) Nebraska (7-0) @ (11) Wisconsin (5-2)
(3) Clemson (7-0) @ (12) Florida State (5-2)

*G5 Game of the Week

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Can someone shop this and put dinosaur heads on every person in this picture?

Do other fans meltdown like this after a "quality loss"?
>Mexican Tony Romo on the right getting in on the meme
File: 1387862673011.jpg (87 KB, 450x370)
87 KB
>Curtis Samuel
>unironically eating candy

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