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File: dog hoc.png (2.18 MB, 4200x4200)
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>st poois poos
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GWG: Phil Kessel

Check em

when did they not show up in a game 7
these are both evidence of the league being shit
File: 1442972426610.jpg (81 KB, 868x648)
81 KB
those digits don't lie
>the best way player in the league is a whl alumnus
>this means the league is shit
Delusion only a laffs fan could come up with

File: rg2.jpg (236 KB, 1100x618)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
Second half of the 2nd round today. Berdych, Nadal, Djokovic, Tsonga in action. Rain & thunderstorms returns once more.

Official Site Links
Draws: http://www.rolandgarros.com/en_FR/draws/index.html
Schedule: http://www.rolandgarros.com/en_FR/scores/schedule/index.html
Livescores: http://www.rolandgarros.com/en_FR/scores/index.html

Official Stream (geoblocked outside France):

UK - ITV, British Eurosport 1 & 2
Ger - Eurosport - 1, 2 and 360
USA - Tennis Channel, NBC

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Actually, MC is the only non-mandatory masters, so if players want a break, it's better to pick this one, they're free to do so.

Older players are allowed to skip more than 1 masters by the way.
>matches in the middle of the night

nah your alright.

genuinely dont think i've watched an IW match ever
Plastic. Easily the best masters. The sun the palm trees the stadium. Amazing tbqh. Aussies should fuck off and we have 2 US opens.
File: 1464098827810.png (67 KB, 1456x1108)
67 KB
>wanting to watch tennis at 5am



Jose Mourinho has been confirmed as Manchester United's new manager.

The former Chelsea and Real Madrid signed his contract at a London hotel at around 5pm on Thursday to take charge at Old Trafford.

Mourinho met the executive vice chairman of Manchester United, Ed Woodward, to conclude the talks earlier in the afternoon, symbolically wearing a black and red tie for the final stage of negotiations.

The deal is completed on the 12th anniversary of Mourinho winning the Champions League with Porto; during that run, the Portuguese club knocked out Manchester United.

Mourinho, who has been out of work since being sacked by Chelsea in December, replaces Louis van Gaal, who was himself dismissed by United two days after they won the FA Cup by beating Crystal Palace 2-1 at Wembley.
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He still managed to choke even mid-Mourihno breakdown
I browse /r/soccer too, bro.
>going on leddit

kill yourself florin
>the team Mourinho has won the most games against is Liverpool

First for


File: 1432476331561.png (302 KB, 687x822)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
It's the Monaco GP lads
FP1 on now

>Nico will win yet another Monaco GP
>pic related will happen again

acestream: 3dfd1fd2887cab90f794674bf6d4ff23d5fdda2c
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Having just watched the Formula E race at Berlin

How can JEV be this much of a choker?

>choke away from pole into T1
>actually recover
>choke it away almost immediately
>completely unable to keep up with Buemi
>choking to worse cars behind him
>actually lose position
>lose part of wing
>choke even harder and lose the whole fucking front wing because of your spaghetti
>somehow choke even more during/after pits
>start P1 - Finish P5 or something

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how much poo is on the average beach?
post proof rasheed we want a /f1/ selfie
dunno, like in merc w124
or is it a special brake pedal like in 1997 mclaren
File: poo attack.png (83 KB, 279x206)
83 KB

File: KOBE KILLS BIG BEN.webm (771 KB, 640x480)
771 KB
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Yes they are too dangerous too sleep on them
>NBA TV and Inside the NBA will tell it like it is most times, with sprinkled-in humor and trolling.
Didn't the Inside the NBA guys defend Green for blatantly and intentionally kicking Adams in the nuts?
>tfw girl was pursuing has a boyfriend
no feel is worse
You steal her from him you fucking beta bitch.
File: take-my-energy-fampai.png (1.04 MB, 1280x712)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
Guys I'm gonna be travelling tonight and miss the game. Pls take my energy and use it to defeat the meme team once and for all.

File: 1445688111244.jpg (151 KB, 960x897)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
no off-topic posting
no foreigners
bundesliga only
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Mhh, I liked Colin Todd
Just blank it and redo later

If it wasn't for my graduation in three weeks' time I would. Useless exam, which will serve me no purpose later in life as an engineer.
>being from 'germany'

i seriously hope you guys dont do this

Old thread:

Obligatory /trb/ related links:

Macca's official /trb/ database:
2015: http://pastebin.com/uj27eQhe
2016: http://pastebin.com/7e3Vv0ap

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hey sure thing mr. totally legit SI guy, since you're so enthusiastic about it you should gift me a copy, then you can prove how right you are while spreading the spreadsheet gospel, I'm sure marketing would love you for it.
I can't do that I'm sorry, if I gave out free copies that'd be as good as stealing from my company. I don't really have much power, I'm the bloke that goes on esteemed internet communities to look at features users suggest. We really, really value features you the players come up with, and I can guarantee that some of your favourite features will be in the next game, which will be the best one we've ever made.
>very fluid
I mean kinda asking for it tbqh
rate my champions league final

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File: farsa.jpg (293 KB, 1600x877)
293 KB
293 KB JPG

you could've just circled nike to make your point, mustafa
The horizontal pattern looked way better imo
>thinking the kit manufacturer is a sponsor

go back to your fried chicken, tyrone
That's nothing.

File: czechthisout.jpg (31 KB, 630x419)
31 KB
Our athletes are unironically wearing fedoras this year baka desu
File: image.jpg (105 KB, 820x471)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
>ralph lauren continues to cement american fashion stereotypes

File: NFL-logo.jpg (21 KB, 300x232)
21 KB
DAL:Zeke Elliott behind McFadden at Cowboys OTAs
NYJ:Protesting for Fitzpatrick, Decker skips OTAs
PIT:Ladarius Green sidelined after ankle surgery
PHI:Eagles OC: Bradford not locked in as starter
CIN:Report: Eifert may miss 'first couple games'
FA:Dolphins 'continue to monitor' Arian Foster
OAK:Owner: Vegas move would 'unite' Raiders fans
GB:Report: Eddie Lacy still weighs 'in the 240s'
DAL:Ronald Leary skipping OTAs, requests trade
FA:Atlanta, Miami and L.A. awarded Super Bowls
OAK:Mario Edwards (neck) participating in OTAs
CIN:Tyler Eifert 'in jeopardy' for season opener
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USC doesn't play clemson any time soon, their usual biggest OOC game is notre dame.

Tons of classic football games
>that's part of why cleveland's fans seem kind of amazing until you realize there's not much else to do in cleveland

It's just that Cleveland has always been a football town. The Cavs are elite now but their support is still pretty much nothing while the Browns have like 40 consecutive sellouts or something despite being always shit.
>Using a Z

Check out this edgelord
File: lel.jpg (101 KB, 539x286)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
>Matthew Stafford, when asked how long it took him to turn the page after Calvin's retirement: "Apparently, a lot quicker than you guys."

File: twitter ats.jpg (40 KB, 589x356)
40 KB
Mourinho confirmed, Zlatan soon.
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still lacking a new CB and some creativity in midfield
inb4 mouyes turns martial from future goat into current hazard
>Zlatan to statpad against relgation fodder
literally what any team needs to win the league. Someone like Ronaldo or Suarez to just obliterate the shitty teams
Any update about Leonardo to PSG?

File: Veryverysmugpepe.jpg (26 KB, 763x581)
26 KB
>Team A beats Team B
>Team C wins the Championship
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File: 1367471169227.jpg (29 KB, 409x393)
29 KB
May need to reCzech those votes
Well in the FA Cup, Stoke City are better. In the PL, ManC are better. But in each season there's 3-4 trophies to win each year, as opposed to only one in American Sports.

A top team in ManC will prioritize the league and CL any day of the week, but a mid-table would probably prioritize the FA or Capitol One to win some silverware. meaning different teams have different priorities in what to win due to their position in the league.

In American sports, there's only prize that professional teams are gunning for, and their sole priority for existing as a franchise. So the only way to determine who's better is H2H competition. So if a team is the #1 seed and loses to the #3 seed, the #1 seed is shit and were overrated all along.
Keep slurping that semen Europe
File: kryle.jpg (464 KB, 1920x1080)
464 KB
464 KB JPG
>every sport needs playoffs

Post objective and realistic predictions for next season.

1. Mou United
2. City
3. Liverpool
4. Chelsea
5. Arsenal
6. Tottenham
7. West Ham
8. Leicester
9. Southampton
10. Stoke
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The league will end:

1 Arsenlel

2 manu

3 spurs

4 liverpool

5 Lester

6 Chelsea

7 soton
1. West Ham
2. Liverpool
3. Man United
4. Leicester
5. Arsenal
6. City
7. Stoke
8. Chelsea
9. Everton
10. Southampton
Poop is going to shit all over the eplel

1. Shitty
2. The rest
West Ham champions league placement led by new midfielder Emerson "the American Pirlo" Hyndman
Whos in your England team for the Euros, lads?

File: WrveBBpi.jpg (24 KB, 400x400)
24 KB
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You can wait til you get home to update your facebook Carly.
And again, no one cares. Talk about the damn game, if he wants to so vehemently defend himself do it in an interview after the fact.
Lol, what?

>interfering with a game and causing your team to lose is okay

Wew lad, kill yourself please
File: image.jpg (27 KB, 228x260)
27 KB
you have to go back
I care. So La Russa barged into the Pirates broadcasting booth during a live broadcast to argue with them? I can easily see some fines or worse coming from that.


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