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File: Cow.png (109 KB, 357x261)
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109 KB PNG
HOU:Ryan Mallett overslept Thursday's practice
BUF:'Nothing' indicates Manuel in starting mix
PIT:Martavis failed 'multiple' marijuana tests
GB:Packers expected to sit starters this weekend
BAL:Ravens sign S Will Hill to one-year extension
BAL:'No timetable' for Breshad Perriman's return
BUF:Bills still 'optimistic' about Shady's status
CAR:Rivera hints Funchess will replace Benjamin
CAR:Rivera: Do not expect more read option
PHI:Agholor will be 'second-most productive' WR
STL:Rams holding Gurley out of pass-pro drills
GB:Rodgers 'not sure' whom 3rd receiver will be
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>The Jaguars' last playoff win in its entirety is on Youtube


You sound like raven faggots defending the $120 million

You see what that has netted them, right? How many big contacts have they been able to sign since? All their good players left, you say?
File: image.jpg (134 KB, 940x652)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
This is true
>mfw working retail during todays pats game
Seattle has Bennett, Wright, Avril, Graham, Lynch, Wagner, Thomas, Sherman, & Chancellor (lol) locked up through the 2018 season, some even longer

Wilson's Cap hits:
2015: $7.054M
2016: $18.54M
2017: $18.8M
2018: $21.7M
2019: $23.2M

Flacco's Cap hits:
2013: $6.8M
2014: $14.8M
2015: $14.55M
2015: $28.55M

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James Pearce of Liverpool Echo telling some fascinating stories on Mario Balotelli:
• When the Italian striker asked what a team-mate was holding, he was informed it was the new iPhone 6. Balotelli, not yet in possession of Apple’s latest smartphone, was visibly irked according to observers.
Moments later he trooped out on to the training field to take part in the warm-up but within minutes he pulled up complaining of discomfort in his hamstring. Staff sent him straight back inside to be checked out by the medics.
When the Liverpool squad returned to the dressing room at the end of the session 90 minutes later, they were surprised by what greeted them.
There was a beaming Balotelli sat in the corner, with a new iPhone 6 in his hand and a few spares boxed up next to him. One of his minions had been hastily dispatched to do some shopping. The pain in his hamstring had miraculously eased.
• They couldn’t quite believe when they found him smoking inside the grounds of Melwood.
• During a team bonding exercise he claimed not to know who Joe Allen was - despite having shared a dressing room with the Wales international for months.
• Rodgers was angered by the size of the entourage that Balotelli welcomed into the team hotel the night before Liverpool’s Champions League clash with Basel last October. They stayed until the early hours of the morning.
The manager’s mood didn’t improve after that defeat when Balotelli, who hadn’t once touched the ball inside the Basel penalty box in 90 minutes, ignored his request to go and clap the away fans.
• After making a short cameo in January’s FA Cup win at AFC Wimbledon, Balotelli shrugged off the attentions of fitness coach Ryland Morgans and refused to do the usual shuttle runs requested of him during the warm-down as he headed for the tunnel.
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File: frcet.jpg (92 KB, 607x569)
92 KB
never gets old
File: Episode02.jpg (73 KB, 1806x951)
73 KB
his shadow looks like that alien from Gantz, 2spooky6me
>American houses are cheap
>Space is a premium in the UK

Do the maths bruv. My dad lives in Michigan near the lake or whatever in a pretty big house and it's super cheap but you have to pay massive rates so I guess there's the rub.
hhqhqhqhqhq good shit

File: brendan.jpg (213 KB, 1600x1070)
213 KB
213 KB JPG

12:45 Newcastle United vs Arsenal
15:00 AFC Bournemouth vs Leicester City
15:00 Aston Villa vs Sunderland
15:00 Chelsea vs Crystal Palace
15:00 Liverpool vs West Ham United
15:00 Manchester City vs Watford
15:00 Stoke City vs West Bromwich Albion
17:30 Tottenham Hotspur vs Everton


13:30 Southampton vs Norwich City
16:00 Swansea City vs Manchester United
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is he the first columbian to play for southampton?

didnt know that tbh
It's Jay.

whoever he posts you'll say is shit kek

Aurier is shit but it was a rumour posted by TalkSport so I doubt it's authenticity.

File: image.jpg (142 KB, 824x919)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
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Seems pretty standard for /sp/ jannies.
File: 1415759480546.webm (2.34 MB, 1000x563)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB WEBM
Who /stateofhockey/ here?
same old same old. Waiting for NHL to start and watching some Jokerit games before it. Yeah going back to uni too on monday. Didn't work much in the summer as i have enough money right now. 40000 refugees coming to finland this year and a little scared to see how many can stay.


I thought it was 15000 (which is way too much as well).
read the iltasanomat. the new estimation is 40000.

File: Spinning kick to nuts.webm (2.91 MB, 1280x720)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB WEBM
Last thread >>61370130

Upcoming MMA Events:
September 5 - UFC 191
September 18 - WSOF 23
September 19 - Bellator 142: Dynamite
September 27 - UFC FN 75
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damn what a slow thread
instead of typing that you should have raised an mma topic like whose the next Brazilian to get caught roiding

File: 3d.jpg (73 KB, 540x360)
73 KB
It looks like the Dudleyz are here for the long haul

What are your expectations for this twilight run?
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> bear hands
Then he will fuck you with his chipmunk dick
Does Kevin "Can't stop" Growens have a match on Smackdown?

Nah, that's actually my signature space.

> implying I'd go near that queer hole Essex

Feel free to get the special bus down to London and I'll kick your fat chav head in for it. Or just trip up already you attentionwhore.
Did JBL really finger someone's asshole or is it just a meme?
Yeah, Kevin 'mr no nights off, can't get his tights off' Owens is on smackdown


What part of Londonistan i coming too then you paki cunt, I got my oyster and my holster ready for you now

File: 4z0TD.jpg (83 KB, 960x720)
83 KB
>you now remember this
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We can understand the Spanish slang, maybe these Mexicans you spoke to were too dumb
he can go to the falklands

no need to get upset m8, we're allowing you to use it without charge after all


You mean Broon man ?
If I wanted to see Chileans I'd go to Mendoza

I've met a couple aussies, that's the closest I've been to met a Brit

File: rugby_world_cup_2015.jpg (72 KB, 1024x509)
72 KB
>New Zealand wins lol
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Triggered tbh
Rugby is played professionally in all continents, this doesn't happen with many sports
You're totally right, he's Kenyan.
Come on, the Japanese league is a meme league, and I don't even talk about the US one. Fact is there are only 4 relevant professional leagues in the world: super whateverthenumber, and the 3 European ones. The number of high level national teams is an absolute joke.
Ireland is the best Home Nations team.

File: BarclaysPremierLeague.jpg (316 KB, 1425x1095)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
Ignoring the top four teams in La Liga and in the Premier League. Which league is superior?
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the bottom half of La Liga is a fair bit worse than the bottom half of EPL

Man City have gone from a joke to winning two league titles in just a few years, plus guaranteed European placing

they're in a healthier state than any kraut team aside Bayern
More jew owners as with Tottenham tbh

You are basing this off of absolutely nothing.
>being completely depended on the mood of 1 (one) bored billionaired

alrighty tbh

File: mcgatnight.jpg (127 KB, 900x600)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Collingwood Magpies versus Geelong Cats at the Melbourne Cricket Ground; 19:50 AEST
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File: david-hale.png (116 KB, 297x317)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
Fawk yeah
File: 437796-.jpg (21 KB, 310x232)
21 KB

m8 NRL has been certified gay since conception.
>NRL not the all time gayest Australian code
>John Hopoate

pick both you shitter.
who /playoffs/ here?

Crows to win da ship yo
last 4 da iggs

File: 1440688326894.png (612 KB, 540x540)
612 KB
612 KB PNG

Useful /trb/-related links:

/trb/ official database:

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>Everton have turned down a shock £20m bid from Paris St-Germain for Irish defender Seamus Coleman, 26, according to Talksport.
Really PSG? I mean I rate Coleman but when you can virtually have your pick of any player in the world...
it isn't, im already doing it, i just did it for the laugh
Argie manager, welsh club, winning every season the PL, just imagine the butthurt that would bring irl
Pretty cute. Chances of getting laid depends on the girl though so I can't really said. But most Indonesian women are very loyal.
Because of the way EPA values work, researchers have to overrate very young players to give them any chance of making it to the top level.

The English u21s & u18s league is overrated because the head researchers haven't clamped down on the assistants for the top teams giving every player in the u21s -7 and up potential, with CA to match. In reality (and in most other nations) you get one or two good players supporting a team of shit at that level.

If I were to rate my team's u21s honestly they would lose every game, when in reality they are pretty decent. If the guy in charge of Liverpool were to realise he wasn't getting 11 (mostly English-born) first team players out of his current youth side (incl. several -9s) then we wouldn't be in this mess.
How much does a decent premier league keeper cost?
Never signed one before

File: 1440716363243.png (1.82 MB, 1910x1077)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB PNG
Page 10 edition

Previous thread: >>61366364

>Helpful links

>FAQ and abbreviations list for those new to /bet/

>/bet/ wikia

>Help for gambling addiction/suicide hotlines

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: waiting.png (19 KB, 289x637)
19 KB
Who /waiting/ here?
Hey, I'm not there for animal rights, just to get drunk and have some fun. I don't know what a reasonably safe or exciting bet would be, so if you have any ideas? Otherwise I'll just wing it.
why volendam? VVV aren't bad
Blogabet told me tbh
Another huge blunder!

ural shrewdies S W E A T I N G .

File: 1432810837134.jpg (56 KB, 615x686)
56 KB
What team does your dick support?

Pic related.
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File: lana-del-rey-liverpool.jpg (230 KB, 597x398)
230 KB
230 KB JPG
Very fuckable club tbh.
AS Nancy
File: West Am.jpg (71 KB, 634x411)
71 KB
Liverpool has the weirdest celeb fans. Shrek, Lebron, Dr Dre...

Pic unrelated
Is that a local prostitute?
She only wore it because she was married to Russel Brand at the time, who's a West Ham fan.

File: GOAT.jpg (290 KB, 2320x2622)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
Ready for tomorrow?

5 years win streak on the line

File: relevant countries.png (305 KB, 1600x900)
305 KB
305 KB PNG
Here is a map of all relevant sporting countries.
79 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
The Argentine basketball league is more prestigious than the well known rigged NBA and we won every single final
England are 7th, faggot. Look where all the other big countries are. Disgusting.
We have more finalists than england despite not being in yurop, how?
Who is demon of semen?

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