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File: image.jpg (139 KB, 960x649)
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139 KB JPG
>Manchester City
Hart, Zabaleta, Kompany (C), Otamendi, Clichy, Fernandinho, Fernando, Toure, Sterling, Silva, Aguero

Lloris (c), Walker, Alderweireld, Wimmer, Rose; Dembele, Dier; Eriksen, Alli, Son; Kane

Vorm, Davies, Trippier, Carroll, Chadli, Lamela, Mason

Starts in 1 bong.
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If this was Leicester they'd have 5 red cards already
I keep watching Yaya Toure and it is infuriating me. All he fucking does is slowly jog in the direction of the ball.
>Sterling shoves Walker out of bounds
>throw in for City
Sterling literally shoved walker
Sterling just tackled him

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Newcastle are only big in the north m8
>big club

They were fucking appalling.
Outside of Austin, they were crap m8
File: me on the right.png (547 KB, 584x407)
547 KB
547 KB PNG

File: farrell_3557279b.jpg (177 KB, 620x387)
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177 KB JPG
Half Time Edition
Italy 9 - 11 England
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File: 1453656494191.jpg (48 KB, 389x256)
48 KB
>tfw waiting for ICEMAN, JJ, Billy V, Parisse and Watson to update
Just realised I swapped North for Nowell

>France chatting shit


Irish cucks cost me dearly in the fantasy league

>Not remembering potatos bruise easily
File: fixture list.jpg (76 KB, 540x374)
76 KB

File: 19450090-mmmain.jpg (40 KB, 620x413)
40 KB
>doesn't deny wife received HGH
>stick ass and balls in face of female trainer and holds them there for 5 seconds
>daddy brings it to court and tries to ruin her life

Why do the Mannings hate women? Why do they pathologically lie so much?
>bradyfag so devastated by peypey's success this year that he's been making multiple hate threads on /sp/ for weeks
>2 brothers combined is barely equal to brady

>two brothers combined is 5-2 heads up against the system babby

someone told me that tom brady had deflated those balls because he couldnt anally fuck himself with a properly inflated one, imagine being on the pats offense knowing tom is throwing around a ball that was up his ass, thats pretty fucked up

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How does a country the size of Louisiana and with a comparable elevation support an entire soccer league?
Because we're wealthy as fuck
cause they're not fags like you
File: 1453746642965.jpg (91 KB, 599x637)
91 KB
>mfw no more guldens and florijns which used to be strong as fuck currencies

We could have been Switzerland tier rich.

File: image_9434636_1.jpg (73 KB, 1280x874)
73 KB

>General Discussion

K-Spot: 200m
Hill Size: 225m

Hill Record: Anders Fannemel, 251.5m (WR)

Is Peter Prevc going to win another time?
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not a WR, but I'll take a win like that too
What the fuck just happened
too bad /sp/ doesn't like winter sports

File: LCFC_125_Years.png (123 KB, 340x400)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
How do we fix this piece of shit?
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>not realising Ranieri is a serial choker who's never won anything of consequence in his career

They'll fall apart durian the run in under him. Hate to say it but I think we're in for another boring City win
Leicester must irritate the anus of all the weirdo plastic Irishes who support X English club for Y dogshit reasoning.

>"my ninth cousin once tarmacked a road in Hinkley"
>"I therefore support Pickled Potato City and Leicester"

Fuck off cunt, stick to drunken kiddy fiddling and that rugby hockey stick gayness.
Irish people all support livershit lad, and they suffer plenty for their bandwagoning ways
Its odd realizing that the Irish are an actual people and not a rare extinct race that half the white people in America claim to be descended from
An actual people who enjoyed bombing innocent citizens largely funded by your naive muh heritage lot who couldn't understand the difference between the American fight for independence and a territory which actually wants to be part of the UK. Unfortunate really.

File: 24726534890_2572037610_k.jpg (1.05 MB, 1639x2048)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
chat shit get panned
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en la bolsa vatos
File: usaspecialforces.jpg (56 KB, 670x500)
56 KB
>TIL arsefail can only beat Leicester when they get them down to 10 men
what about the 5-2 senpai?
They had 11 men when we beat them 5-2 on their own ground

Poorly memed

File: bundes ellyse.jpg (164 KB, 1161x1024)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
games today:

>2nd bundes
freiburg - düsseldorf
braunschweig - bielefeld
union - 1860
(13:30 cet)

hsv - gladbach (15:30 cet)
augsburg - bayern (17:30 cet)
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Hi, I am Holger Badstuber and welcome to Jackass Bundesu

>aua aua mein Bein
>booing Robben for no good reason
I hope Memesburg gets relegated.
>no good reason
customer pls
what the fug is this shit

he said he'd stop

File: meow.png (53 KB, 1200x1200)
53 KB
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the outrage is fake senpai
clearly done just to get a viral video, which they accomplished, and probably already recouped on the damage done
I won money betting on the broncos in the sb so I don't gaf about panthers
Wasn't this a thing like 10 fucking years ago
How much money would I have won if I had bet 100 on Denver to win?
>Panthers "fans"
money line on broncos win was +160 before the game, so $160

Old Thread: >>65571921

Upcoming MMA Events:
2/19: Bellator 149: Revenge of the meme card
2/21 - UFC FN 83: Cowboy vs Cowboy
2/27 - UFC FN 84: Silva vs Bisping
3/7 - UFC 196: Red Panty Night

>Camozzi vs Riggs bout moved to main card of Cowboy vs Cowboy fight night:

>Brandon Thatch vs. Siyar Bahadurzada moved to UFC 196:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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rory vs woodley
I don't know about that, i think he is gonna submit 2 more cans and then get heemed.
Where's Artem?
Maybe if he retardedly tries to strike with people out of pride like he did with Saul Rodgers
Literally right before this photo was taken Croatbro said aloud "I bet I could heem every here"

File: NFL teams logos.png (228 KB, 800x1047)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
What is the NFL team with less fan and the worst fans?
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File: 5eb.jpg (21 KB, 480x600)
21 KB
Haha not like us patricians amirite?
File: fedora giveaway.webm (696 KB, 480x270)
696 KB
>teams been here since 1933
>drop of a hat
Best team ever of all time bengals
Worst gayest fag team steelers by far
worst: last team to win the super bowl

least: how the fuck can you even figure this out
Patriots fans are the worst.
Until recently, I lived in New England my whole life, and they're only concerned with success.
They also credit Brady with everything and never the people responsible.

can he fix them?
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joe coles career was ruined by his shit lifestyle and his shit knees
hazards career is fine
shevchenko was 30 when he went to chelsea
He's the right guy. They need a proven winner and a big name that can still draw talent despite their current position. Plus the money drawn from the Peo vs Mou inter city rivalry would be massive; can't see how Woodward would let it slide.

They should set down some ground rules (which mou would probably agree to since he really wants the job).

1. Giggs stays on as assistant
2. Keep his ego and attitude in check
in the short term
yeah, probably
Yes he is a proven winner and with the MU cheque book he can do it.
He also don't take shit from under performing players (balotelli inter) so can bench Rooney no problems.
Also big name players will go to united if they know Mou is there as they will then know MU have serious intentions of winning trophies.
I think he needs to keep his character in check and will be told this, but that's part of his appeal and will generate huge publicity for MU.
He should have been made manager after Ferguson.

File: 1454977687081.jpg (105 KB, 600x800)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
WPG:Report: Jets to host Oilers in outdoor game
BOS:David Krejci scores two pts in win over MIN
PHI:Michael Del Zotto (UBI) is out indefinitely
PHI:Gostisbehere sets new rookie record in OTL
CHI:Artemi Panarin will play on Saturday night
NYR:Ryan McDonagh takes part in NYR practice
LA:Kings place Marian Gaborik on injured reserve
BOS:Jonas Gustavsson will face Wild on Saturday
BOS:Patrice Bergeron won't play vs. Wild
EDM:Taylor Hall, Draisaitl split in practice
ARI:Ekman-Larsson now up to 41 points on year
ARI:Shane Doan captures franchise scoring records
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Don't worry, only ten more years of suter and parise
No Price, shit coaching.
>injuries to Price

this meme needs to stop.
Injuries to Price have nothing to do with them suddenly not being able to score.
They beat Vancouver lastnight lmao. But I agree their lineup is a fucking joke.

What kind of dog is that? I want one.

File: manning.png (51 KB, 627x353)
51 KB
Balls on face you feel so good
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Jameis accuser who never had a case just got more than enough money to last her a lifetime, so don't be shocked by lots of girls coming out against big uni quarterbacks of old and new looking for a pay day
>ESPN isn't covering it

Hit pieces against super high profile rich guys based on unsubstantiated 13 year old accusations are an easy way to get sued, and ESPN is losing enough money as is.
they're covering right here dumbass

File: 1359668208154.jpg (42 KB, 321x362)
42 KB
Obviously there's a lot of people who don't understand what "boys horsing around" is. I mean whether it's being held down while a scrotum is placed on your mouth for you to tongue, or it's a little game of friendly goose in the showers, when you're with the fellas of course you're gonna horse around. There's nothing sexual about it, it's all in good fun.
The testimonies pretty much completely shit on peypey

And it comes from his fucking teammates, so yeah

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