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File: 1473263445490.jpg (57 KB, 600x436)
57 KB
LAC:Chris Paul (thumb) to play against the Spurs
NO:NOP waive Casspi, will sign Reggie Williams
DEN:Danilo Gallinari and Faried are active Friday
PHO:Alex Len listed as the starter for Friday
UTA:Rodney Hood (knee) to start, Ingles to bench
TOR:Serge Ibaka is starting on Friday vs. Boston
TOR:Cory Joseph will start for Kyle Lowry (wrist)
OKC:Victor Oladipo (back) ruled out vs. Lakers
BOS:Jaylen Brown starting, Marcus Smart to bench
IND:Thaddeus Young, C.J. Miles in starting lineup
OKC:Domantas Sabonis getting another start
OKC:Victor Oladipo (back) a game-time call
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lowkey he's been averaging 16 PPG since December 26th
File: 1462258087731.jpg (20 KB, 318x318)
20 KB
do you think hes ever posted here? hes fat, hes a big guy (for you), hes half retarded, hes a massive troll who got rules changed to spite him, he hates the warriors, he gets btfo often, he loves BBQ post play and hates meme ball, hes politically incorrect, hes a loser because he never won a ring

hes like all of /nba/'s traits and flaws put together into one round mound of rebound
he would've dropped some /nba/ memes on Inside if he did

he's that type of person
I mean, its like some games he just goes off, he's dunking on guys and making every contested lay-up and difficult shots, shootings contested 3s.

File: Nba_on_nbc_old_logo.jpg (58 KB, 538x350)
58 KB
>ever alive in the first place
The only people who watch NBA are niggers and suburban hipsters. It will forever be the 4th most popular sport in the US.

5th soon enough.
What are the other 3?
*snores loudly*

File: mess.jpg (31 KB, 330x440)
31 KB

It's clear he doesn't understand why the mean court men are making him sit there and say things.
Any rule of law country (like Spain) absolves retards from criminal responsibility.

Why is this happening, why are not Messi's lawyers using his condition to appeal for him to be absolved?
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>pk7 is an even bigger tax cheat
>Gets away with it because halal
Shitskins pls kill yourselves
He was made an example of because he is a famous public figure desu

they keep forcing the poor kid to say things he doesn't understand. it's discusting.

doesn't matter. his rights should be protected regardless of being a public figure or not. it's a sick society the one that does this to its most vulnerable people
What do these vids mean. Can I get a quick rundown
because he is from barcelona and not madrid

ODI South Africa 97/1 (19 overs)
vs New Zealand
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Thanks onii chan
ABDV just don't give a fuck WALLOP
bad luck AB
Fucking smith opening the cracks by the bat.
Fucking indians shitting on the street

Australia 1st Inn 260 All Out
India 1st Inn 105 All Out

Australia 2nd Inn 4/143

Live on Fox Sports.
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no, I'm a true seppo
oh, you meant runs. fucking so say next time fucking idiot
This touring squad is fucking retarded. Any extra bowlers are going to be surplus, even Mitch Marsh is useless. Ideally you want to replace him with a specialist bat, but the only batsmen in the squad are Khawaja who can't play spin to save his life and Maxwell who can't play full stop.
CA has to drop a FAT STEAMING DARSH from this test side

Which Darsh goes? and Usman is coming back.
(I called Maxwell a batsman because his """spin""" is worse than Smith's)

File: Ferrari2017Kimi.jpg (3.12 MB, 5184x3456)
3.12 MB
3.12 MB JPG
Countdown to Aus

Already shown
>Williams FW40, Online preview
>Sauber C36, Online
>Renault RS17, London
>Force India VJM10, Silverstone
>Mercedes W08, Silverstone
>Ferrari, Fiorano
>McLaren MCL32, Woking

Car Launch Dates
>Feb 26: Red Bull RB13, Online
>Feb 26: Toro Rosso STR12, Barcelona

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fucking waspies
>not supporting your team
wew, almost like your not a fan or something
I acknowledge I could go the way of Yul Brynner and I accept the risks of inhaling tobacco smoke up to 4 times a day.
>still less exaggerated than some of the real nip cars
>tfw skoal is a sponsor

I miss this shit

File: ef9IZT3.gif (3.23 MB, 404x404)
3.23 MB
3.23 MB GIF
how the FUCK is this possible?

File: Untitled-1.jpg (861 KB, 1392x1267)
861 KB
861 KB JPG
Rebels 18-56 Blues
Highlanders 15-24 Chiefs
Reds 28-26 Sharks

>Saturday 25 February
17:15 Sunwolves v Hurricanes, Tokyo
19:35 Crusaders v Brumbies, Christchurch
21:45 Waratahs v Force, Sydney

>Sunday 26 February
02:05 Cheetahs v Lions, Bloemfontein
04:15 Kings v Jaguares. Port Elizabeth
06:30 Stormers v Bulls, Cape Town

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poor sunwolves ;_;
does statscunt support his hometeam or his gook brothers
up north we call that a forward pass
lovely offload by savea though
Damn, will this be worse than how the Rebels got thrashed by the Crusaders last year?
File: 4bPzL.png (114 KB, 232x324)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
this is nothing like my animes

Ok. There was a time when this was just fun and games, Javale himself got interviewed about it on TNT, and then Shaq promised last week that since Javale had been playing well that he'd lay off.

And then now we're here. There was a line in the sand dividing memes and actual belligerence and we've clearly crossed it.

Where do you stand on this /sp/? Is enough enough? Or does trolling never stop?
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I used to think Shaq had become classy in his old age but this is very revealing. It shows he still has the same bitchy mentality he always did as a player.

>only played one full season, his first
>showed up overweight and out of shape every offseason
>took forever rehabbing toe stress injury which was directly caused by being overweight and out if shape
>could have had a much longer and more effective career if he had cared about conditioning
>didn't run the floor ever
>worst free throw shooter of his generation
>so bad it was a legitimate strategy to foul him because it would never result in any points for his team
>Got dominated by Yao Ming and then complained to press that he was "not impressed" even when Shaq was the one who got his ass handed to him
>intentionally dropped the f bomb twice during an ingame interview just to complain about the refs
>one of the most inarticulate players in any sport in history

He is certainly not without his flaws as a player. But going so hard on twitter as he is right now about Javale bitch ass and slapping the shit out of him is just embarassing. TNT should fine him for misconduct. He is acting like a child.
McGee called him a coon, that's some serious shit. Shaq has been mocking him for at least 4 years, and that's no doubt annoying. But McGee took it up to 11.

Barkley as the ref?
The fun and mature thing to do would be to put himself on an episode of shaqtin a fool. There are numerous plays to choose from.

Too bad his ego is twice his physical size so he is incapable of acting mature and cool. He, as an MVP, NBA champion and multimillionnaire is only satisfied by relentlessly attacking a guy who was on the way out of the NBA until this season.

He has a bully's mentality. Very sad!
>The fun and mature thing to do would be to put himself on an episode of shaqtin a fool. There are numerous plays to choose from.

Yeah, that's probably the last thing Shaq would ever do. He can barely tolerate lighthearted teasing from the other people on the show.

File: 1486261278325.jpg (243 KB, 590x354)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
LAC: CP3 back after broken body part

SAS: Pau back after broken hand
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More gasol threes
do you know that gasol is known to shoot?

>there you go
Kawhi already has 6 assists, double double incoming, just hope he doesn't force it

File: image.png (257 KB, 485x433)
257 KB
257 KB PNG
This shouldn't be allowed
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literally all queers must die
>(still sub-man though)
women pin and win tournaments against boys all the time
In NC Wrestling only has weight classes and all girls wrestle boys. I don't know if any ever won state.
Did you just mansplain her pronouns??
Spectacular - I just love this. Hopefully he's just doing it for the keks.

"Sure . . . I'm transgender. I'm not even to enjoy grappling with those young ladies."

Society is so degenerate - end times can't be that far off.

What will be really great - is watching all female sports being taken over by "trannies." If I was a male tennis player - think of how much you could clean up on the female side even if you're ranked below 100.

File: khabib8.jpg (630 KB, 1776x1000)
630 KB
630 KB JPG
Upcoming events:

2/24: Glory 38 - Vakhitov vs Cavalari
2/24: Bellator 173 - McGeary vs Somebody
2/24: LFA 5 - Edwards vs Townsend
2/25: WSOF 35 - Ivanov vs Jordan
3/3: Bellator 174 - Coenen vs Budd
3/4: UFC 209 - Woodley vs Thompson 2
3/5: EBI 11 - The Welterweights
3/10: LFA 6 - Junior vs Rodriguez
3/11: UFC FN 106 - Gastelum vs Belfort
3/11: ACB 53 - Khalidov vs Barnatt
3/18: UFC FN 107 - Manuwa vs Anderson
3/25: Glory 39 - Doumbe vs Kongolo
3/25: Invicta FC 22 - Evinger vs Kunitskaya 2

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Literally no one should win that fight, it was shit.
On UFC 189


On UFC 196

i, for one, love australians and australian culture but if they really bother you just post this picture and they'll leave you alone.
File: 5412314.gif (90 KB, 340x480)
90 KB

What is Australian culture exactly?

Why don't more people bandwagon Boston teams?
think of all those mls cup losses
Legitimate answer? Boston is rivals with perhaps the two biggest markets in NY and LA. Both are flashier, more commercial than Boston, and thus they are the ones that ultimately getting the bandwagon fans.
The Pats have a bigger fanbase than the Steelers, Packers and Cowboys combined
>Bigger fanbase than the Cowboys

You poor fool. You know not of what you speak.
Ok flyover state

This will be the last time this meme tournament is going to be held, right?

No one gives a shit about it and I'm glad the top baseball players aren't going to play this shit.
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tHIS WAS put in favor of the mlb japan classic
Maybe Goldschmidt
>a. jones
yeah there are some okay players I don't want injured
Roark, Happ and Archer were the 20th, 22nd and 23rd best American starting pitchers by fWAR last season

2012 Dickey and Gonzalez were the 5th and 6th best (Dickey won the cy young)

2008 Oswalt and Peavy were 24th and 26th

2005 Willis, Clemens and Peavy were 1st, 4th and 7th (Clemens got the ERA title)
>us flag
Called it

File: bell.jpg (59 KB, 534x712)
59 KB
Coverage on FS1.

Get in here senpai.
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File: austin-dillon-crash.webm (2.85 MB, 1260x720)
2.85 MB
2.85 MB WEBM

Those crashes where someone spins into a backrear corner panel are always crazy af. Lucky for Crafton that wasn't worse. Sauter too.
I love how the scoring monitor just gives up on updating properly.
>pay extra for front row seats
>get a cooling duct to the face

The seats closest to the racetrack are actually the cheap seats in racing.

Not only can what you described happen but the vantage points are also shit.
5 TRUCKS LEAVE!!!!!!!!
5 TRUCKS LEAVE!!!!!!!!

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