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10/01/15Happy 12th Birthday, 4chan!
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Happy 12th Birthday, 4chan!

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File: NZ.jpg (297 KB, 1370x572)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
Based NZ slags edition
>biggest misprice of the year sub-edition

Previous thread: >>62435748

>Helpful links

>/bet/ wiki

>FAQ and abbreviations list for those new to /bet/

>Help for gambling addiction/suicide hotlines

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File: betgoestodainava.jpg (348 KB, 1588x1629)
348 KB
348 KB JPG
New trip it is :^)

Plus ancient pic to sort of prove it's me

>tfw >we never went through with this
>tfw we will never buy a Finnish kokkenan team to help us fix matches
In this instance it just means other bookies are offering the same outcome at substantially shorter odds. Its not saying "OMG YES THIS IS GOING TO WIN"
Betting value isn't always about betting on what you THINK is going to win. Its about betting on what is more likely to occur than the odds offered.
What is the story behind this?

File: wgpday3a.jpg (328 KB, 1023x596)
328 KB
328 KB JPG
When he loses to his peers at the top of the game, it’s funny. When he loses to a youngster with no track record and no fear, it’s hilarious. But losing to a bona fide member of the PDC jobbers club, it’s hilarity on an unprecedented scale. Taylel’s bid for a 12th World Grand Prix title ended last night at the hands of VvdV, a continuation of his poor form this year that has seen him win nothing but a solitary Players Championship event & three of the glorified exhibitions Barry insists on calling the ‘World Series’. This is more than a dip in form, we could finally have seen the end of TWL. Moving on to tonight, the format lengthens to best of 5 sets with the second round ties from the top half of the draw. Opening the evening, Michael Smith takes on Jamie Lewis in a tie that Rod Harrington will excitedly remind us is a guaranteed, nailed-on World final in 5 years time. At 35, Dave Chisnall has the highest age/lowest IQ of this group, and the Morecambe-based simpleton will need to bring his A-game to get past Jelle Klaasen. This one should rattle along at a decent pace, and with plenty of power scoring from both men it could be the tie of the night. Kim Huybrechts had to work for his round one victory over Benito van de Pas, and with MVG now heavy favourite to retain his title, the Belgian could be in for a tough evening. Rounding out the night, Snackpot should complete a routine victory over Mark Webster, who has made it this far by having the good fortune to draw the man who has gone from PDC poster boy to serial jobber in record time in the first round. Coverage from 19:00UK on Sky sports 1.

>Tonight’s matches (best of 5 sets)
Michael ‘Snackpot 2.0’ Smith v Jamie ‘Rastamouse’ Lewis
Chizzy Rascal v Jelle ‘Yewtree’ Klaasen
MVGOAuTism v Kim ‘Husband of Dana’ Huybrechts
Snackpot v Mark ‘Spider baby’ Webster

>Day two roundup
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Clutch Jizzy
Hot doggedie Jizzi is in the race again!
What was the stat page for this again?
File: simple_dave.jpg (81 KB, 512x512)
81 KB
just created!

File: 2752736839.jpg (77 KB, 770x433)
77 KB
what are the most popular sports in your country?

i'm making this thread because for some reason people seem to think that rugby is a popular sport over here and that it's a close 2nd to football, when reality couldn't be more different.

so i figured that if that's what people think, i might myself have the wrong idea about other countries.
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1. Football


2. TC


3. Boxing and Tennis
4. Rugby
5. Basketball
6. Female Hockey

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Where I am from Rugby League is drastically more popular than football
Theres like 3 places in the UK where thats true.

Cycling and golf come after F1
Yes,pride in your parish and all that craic lad.

Previous thread: >>62458083
aint shit in the news to be seen and the next card is forever away
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So just like UFC 190 then. Sit through a card of shit past it decision point scoring fighters to watch the 30 second main event.
>Ronda might get heem'd
>Hunt vs Bigfoot 2
>Uriah "Memekicks" Hall
>shit card
u trollin

>Ronda might get heem'd

I like Holly Holm but there's no chance of this happening.
Hopefully Joanna and Ronda lose
>Ronda might get heemd
>hunt vs Bigfoot
It's 2015, guy
>Uriah hall
Most of his fights have been quite boring, could be good or complete shit nothing to get hyped about

File: 12.jpg (6 KB, 232x217)
6 KB
soooo the 12th man is the ref? now i get it..

File: image.jpg (115 KB, 619x415)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Who /won or lost thanks to Calvin Megameme Johnson/ here?

I can't be the only one?
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Also here for this question: I'm leaning hurns if long term Austin if just need a 1 week mercinary
File: Capture.png (117 KB, 1034x624)
117 KB
117 KB PNG
guys, i've lost the last two games, both by more than 30 pts.

last week i can sort of attribute the loss to Pats byeweek, but now i'm 2-2.

are there any glaring problems with my lineup? anyone I should just throw away/trade/replace?

also, is shady kill for FF now that karlos williams is taking his workload?
I have a dilemma on who to start for my flex.

Latavius Murray or Dion Lewis?
forgot to mention: PPR, 12-man league
Lewis, rather not fuck with the Broncos D.

File: 2844.jpg (31 KB, 370x511)
31 KB
you now remember crespo
Nigga moved into middle age really fucking quickly
>xabi alonso
>jerzy dudek
>j.a riise
>djibril cisse
>milan mid-table team now

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: greece was a mistake.jpg (114 KB, 636x556)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
No Greece Allowed Edition
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File: 1332997075730.png (72 KB, 299x276)
72 KB

Reminder that Corrado literally wasn't good enough to play for the Canucks' paper-thin D

>hey, here's ANOTHER guy who's not good enough to play for Vancouver!
>the last 5 have worked out great, wherever they're playing now

They never learn. Corrado deserved better though
File: laffs_pig.png (40 KB, 324x426)
40 KB
The Americaitlyn reports all pigs

File: image.jpg (63 KB, 577x472)
63 KB
>Määttä assigned to AHL
Vancouver's asset management the past couple of seasons has been pants-on-head retarded

File: cuck.jpg (80 KB, 634x490)
80 KB
>Rodgers arrived at Malaga airport with his girlfriend, Charlotte, and her daughter on Monday.

What a cuck!
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say what you want but that's a horrifying thought
yeah but he already fathered like 3 kids, he can afford being a cuck
>watching black men in a dominant position, ever

it's like you're gay or something
A woman at that age without a child is likely to be a crazy cat lady psychopath
while everything you said is mostly correct, the lad still spent a boatload of money this and last summer and Liverpool have like what, 2-3 wins this season?

Have you been awesome lately /wwe/
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Is Argentina basically as close as you can get to being a third world shit hole while not actually being one?

>hehe is funny cause le trolls

I have Ecuador filtered and so I don't even see most of it, and to be more clear, I have no problem with someone using an anime reaction until they start avatarfagging ie seeking attention like bronies.
File: 13d2a8404b94.jpg (17 KB, 320x344)
17 KB

>implying they aren't
Well I mean I'm sure there are some upsides to living in South America.
File: STATE OF GAMETHREADS.png (98 KB, 991x515)
98 KB
Well, like I said, I just like that it makes people sperg out.
But yeah, the sexual roleplaying is fucking cringeworthy.
Look at this bullshit.

File: lewa.jpg (252 KB, 1600x900)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
so who's the best?
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In form Suarez > Aguero > Lewa
You bundesliga dickriders are the most delusional autists on this board
Specifically talking about all the non Germans who suck its dick nonstop
That Aguero is more complete than Lewandowski argument always buffles me. Kun is faster like you said, that is pretty much it.
File: ##tt.gif (1.54 MB, 500x280)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB GIF
If I had to choose
fuck off retarded nigger
have fun getting raped by munich you nigger piece of shit
is this a maymay?
wolfsburg, lever, dortmund...


>Button set to stay at McLaren for 2016
>Manor land Mercedes power for 2016 onwards
>Grosjean says he would have liked to have stayed at Enstone if Renault bought the team sooner
>Palmer, Vergne and Magnussen linked with Renault drive next season
>Honda rules out Toro Rosso deal

Next race is the Russian Grand Prix from Sochi, 9th-11th October
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It restrains Ron's flailing body when he has an autismal fit
this is so wrong

also >>62481861
>If McLaren fail to win at Sochi they will equal their worst run of 53 races without a win
File: welles2.jpg (38 KB, 470x365)
38 KB
mfw Bernie puts his own brain in Schumi's body
Digits confirm my signing to the Porsche GT program
You mean his holocaust-tier, 45kg, almost-dead body?
Bernie has a better body right now fam

File: maxresdefault.jpg (285 KB, 1536x988)
285 KB
285 KB JPG

Am I the only one tired of "-gate" for every controversy in the NFL?
22 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1417857010376.jpg (36 KB, 512x394)
36 KB
>in the NFL
The suffix -Gate gets used for EVERY controversy or possible conspiracy ever. It's not going anywhere.
its batghazi
>in uk
>incident involving an MP and a policeman takes place at a gate
>suddenly plebgate
>scandal about the original scandal
>doesn't go away

File: 1439172364630.jpg (136 KB, 800x485)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
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We would have, we shut down Faggin all day.

1 TD and two INTs.

We would have won 20-13 if it wasn't for the REFS TOUCHDOWN Drive.

We INT Manning with 1:30 left and EASILY drive down the field and SCORE A TD, all the momentum in the world.... Right away after half time REFFF BALLLL, Bullshit PI gives them the momentum, they drive down after that, WE GET THEM TO 4th DOWN AND THEY GO FOR IT, Floyd gets HELD and they don't call that either (Watch the game, his shirt was up) That should have nullified the 4th down TD at the goal line.

But Nope, can't let the Vikings beat the Broncos, have to have the Broncos go undefeated until they face the Packers or Pats so they can end their streak.
This guy haas gone full tinfoil, I honestly hope he gets some medication
Which he didn't, therefore making your comment pointless.
Dude, watch the fucking game. Just like the Lions bullshit NO CALL.

The NFL is rigged, not in the classical sense where everything is rigged, the refs just give a few key plays to certain teams to give them a nudge to win.

Even the commentators said that was NOT PI and shouldn't have resulted in a 20+ Yard gain.

Watch the game and it'll prove it. I've watched that game 3 times already.
Oh the Vikings definitely got fucked over in that game, no one is disputing that.

The problem is getting fucked over by the refs happens to every single team. It's not rigging, it's a mixture of incompetentce and the need to make split second judgement calls with complex set of rules.

Stop being overly emotional and look at it objectively.

File: EnglandsHarryKane.png (455 KB, 750x732)
455 KB
455 KB PNG
2 goals in 2 games tbh
>british genes
charming fella
Eggy could get girls if he embraced the egg aesthetics.

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