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File: lrubhUB.jpg (28 KB, 400x230)
28 KB
Also GP2 Feature Race
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I hope Rosberg pulls a Monaco 2014 now.
>button has 50 podiums
>beta has 48 podiums

>Rosberg lives in Monaco
yeah, because Hamilton totally lives in the UK
>NFS 3

File: paul whitehouse.png (1.75 MB, 1583x741)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB PNG
Paul edition
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Absolute banter that people are still butthurt and jealous of the biggest club in London and resort to petty namecalling and general patheticness to get over the fact that their anus requires soothing
Absolute banter that the MIGHTY ARSENAL has to resort to "biggest club.. in London"
File: lucas.jpg (31 KB, 650x434)
31 KB
is urs gold, tho?
by selling them to meme clubs like United, Arsenal, PSG, Wolfsburg etc.
That everyone expects him to sign for Manchester United, and are eagerly awaiting updates on his transfer.

So Pogba, being the cheeky chappy that he is, has posted an ""update"" about his holiday, which has absolutely nothing to do with any transfer and is just enjoying himself in an amusement park whilst making a comedic comment about undergoing a medical. Obviously nobody has a medical in an amusement park, so it's clearly a joke. He's trolling the shit out of the media who are desperate for updates and forcing them to take an interest in his completely irrelevant and unrelated holiday plans.

That's the joke.

File: UFC UNDISPUTED 4.webm (372 KB, 498x282)
372 KB
Upcoming events:

7/30: UFC 201 - Lawler vs Woodley [FP Prelims start at 6:30 PM EDT, 3:30 PM PDT, 11:30 PM BST, FS2 Prelims start at 8 PM EDT, 5 PM PDT, 1 AM BST, Main card starts at 10 PM EDT, 7 PM PDT, 3 AM BST]

7/31: Pancrase Osaka - Kitakata vs Hayasaka
8/5: Titan FC 40 - Cavalcante vs Assuncao
8/6: UFC FN 92 - Rodriguez vs Caceres
8/13: ONE FC: Macau - Leone vs Moraes
8/20: UFC 202 - Diaz vs McGregor 2
8/26: Lellator 160: Henderson vs Freire
8/27: UFC on Fox 21 - Maia vs Condit
8/27: ONE FC: Jakarta - TBA
9/2: ONE FC: Kuala Lumpur - TBA
9/2: Lion Fight 31 - Baars vs Whitley
9/3: UFC FN 93 - Arlovski vs Barnett

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If woodley robs us Lawler vs Wonderboy imma be pissed
File: image.jpg (51 KB, 630x420)
51 KB
Post Walk out songs that fit a fighter
File: image.jpg (99 KB, 640x427)
99 KB
They're pulling the old wwe vs wcw ratings war.

>around blacks never relax
File: image.jpg (53 KB, 600x210)
53 KB
You can my man. Let's prove that we don't need predictioncuck(I miss you buddy come back)
>Saturday morning
>wake up
>say good morning to your friend simulator

what a time to be alive

File: chelshit.png (43 KB, 660x300)
43 KB
What do you think, how many current players in Chelsea regret joining Chelsea?

By that I mean, players who had potential and had a chance to sign with a "big" team and chose Chelsea and now probably hate the choice they made.

I'm guessing:

>Baba Rahman
>Loic Remy
>Papy Djilobodji
>Marko Marin
>Victor Moses
>Mario Pasalic
>Lucas Piazon
>Marco von Ginkel

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Pedro yeah

Baba is still young and will likely play a lot more next season

All the others are/will likely never be good enough for a top European team except maybe Van Ginkel

>Saturday 30 July
19.35 Hurricanes v Chiefs, Westpac Stadium, Wellington

>Sunday 31 July
1:00 Lions v Highlanders, Emirates Airlines Park, Johannesburg

New & Previews:
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Why do you think it took so long, gym's only a couple hundred metres from my house
Well at least you know you trained properly.

If you'd walked home fine it would have been a waste of time going to the gym.
File: 1462608278223.jpg (96 KB, 640x640)
96 KB
almost time
who /awake/ here lads

File: 1406590017901.jpg (23 KB, 430x241)
23 KB
Only just woke up and the thread is on page 8 why didn't someone else make a new one edition

Solid NPL today sub edition

Previous: >>69759941

>Thread theme song
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5PPKneH-hQ [Embed]

>FAQ and abbreviations and helpful links
http://pastebin.com/FSvbhnAi (embed)

>/bet/ Advice

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Is it a bad idea to deposit via bank deposits? Will the banks know what I'm up to and try screwing up any potential benefits in any way?
Here in the Netherlands we have taxes with bank withdrawals if you receive more than 448 euros with gambling, so I always withdraw several sums of ~200 instead of say 400 at once. Check it out for your own country I guess.
Everton RT7 corners @evens
wait this seems like a WORLD bet
How hard is it to leave everyday winning just one bet at around 1.9 or lower if you can stake more?

File: Wew anime kobe.jpg (144 KB, 1200x1200)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
David Lee signs with the Spurs

Nothing else really happened tbhwy family

No shitposting allowed.
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Whats wrong with that dudes face lmao
Don't want any more preacher coaches
create a player looking nigga
File: large[1].jpg (154 KB, 749x1126)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
He does look like my attempts to make a white guy in the latest 2k

>your age
>your country
>what do you call pic related in your country
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Yes. It's also a common mistake for Germans to use "hand shoes" in English as well.
Soccer shoes

File: jenneke.gif (926 KB, 280x281)
926 KB
926 KB GIF
Who is your most bangable woman in sports?
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miss this grill. total qt.
File: Coralie 45.jpg (27 KB, 453x500)
27 KB
This thread is a week old.
File: 1438948421855.jpg (1.17 MB, 2500x1668)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
love her prop comedy

File: 011_Conor_McGregor.0.0.jpg (196 KB, 1600x900)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
What happens if he doesn't beat Nate?

What consequences will it have?

Will he still be the biggest draw of the UFC?

Share your thoughts.
ufc dies
He goes back to starving himself and dominating
It's been a tough year for the UFC hype trains.
>Ronda is fat/retired
>Conor got finished by a guy on 11 days notice
>Sage Northcutt and PvZ are shit
>Brock is gonna be suspended for 2 years

Well I suppose that's just the nature of the game, some new people will pop up in the next 24-48 months.

I think there's a good chance Nate finishes Conor again. After that he might go back to 145 to rematch Aldo but there's no way he stays there because the weight cut is too hard. He'll prob move to 155 and get a title shot unless Khabib is champ by then. There's lots of nice matchups like Ferguson, Barboza, Cerrone, Pettis at 155 where he stands minimal risk of being smeared across the octagon floor like Khabib would do to him.

He will still probably be a big draw but his trash talking will suffer, since anyone with over 80 IQ will be able to find obvious comebacks.
Also didnt jones get busted again. that nigger has no self control

File: tfwzara.jpg (890 KB, 1280x961)
890 KB
890 KB JPG
Australia require another 107 runs with 2 wickets remaining

Zimbabwe 164
New Zealand 360/5 (114.2 ov)
NZ lead by 196 runs with 5 wickets remaining in the 1st innings
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>A third of BJ's centuries have come against Zim Zam
How shit can one man be?
It's fucking dumb Tbh. 99% of people wouldn't even know it's on
hed walking into your team desu
Will Joseph (future goat) make his debut today against India?
Will Joseph was a Welsh Rugby player m8

>invent a sport
>be shit at it

>Will Newcastle walk the league or spectacularly choke?
>Are Villa gonna slip straight down to League One?
>Will Leeds actually challenge for promotion? (spoilers: no they won't)

Football League 16/17 thread, only a week to go before kick-off!
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File: image.png (9 KB, 160x160)
9 KB
Off ter Atlanta game today, very interested to see some of these new signings, especially Roofe and Sacko; we've been massively lacking a few fast black players with yellow boots for a while now I reckon.

Also really not too fussed about letting Cook go. Really hope we keep Taylor tho.

Going today mate? We're risking the eight or so first team players we have left for this.
Still pissed off about PL U21 teams going into the fpl cup.

>all these bootyblasted Chairmen who suddenly wouldn't have voted for it had they known they'd get drawn in a group with Reading u21s

No way the FL Trophy needs a group stage either, hard enough getting people in, never mind if it's a basically pointless match on a wet autumn night.

Oh well, the shittier this trial is, the lower likelihood of any u21 bollocks in the actual League.

What I didn't realise though is that the "Academy" teams only have to have 6 u21s, so they are closer to B teams than youth teams.

>Alienated Lukaku and De Bruyne to the point they wanted out
>Sold Mata and Schurrle to replace them with shit like Salah, Cuadrado and Pedro
>Burned out a bunch of core players by playing them twice a week and refusing to rotate which rotated in them being exhausted and playing like shit last season
>Only one title in three years to show for it (During all 3 of which City and Utd were weaker than usual and Arsenal were Arsenal)

How badly did Mourinho fuck Chelsea up? It seems he did more harm than good
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The only bad decision was De Bruyne and even then, he's overrated.
he's a merc
> man city season went to shit after he got injured
> man city starts winning games consistently when he returns
> overrated
Couldn't step up for Man City in their two biggest games of the season. Did fuck all for Belgium against a shitty Wales side.
>Everything is everyone's fault but mine

This guy is a joke at this point

Post them
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File: 44679.jpg (50 KB, 500x626)
50 KB
alabas not even necessarily a midfielder and he's better too
Fuck he looks a lot like Ronaldo
Muh African box-to-box players.

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