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File: 1513644541090.jpg (94 KB, 657x527)
94 KB
Where's neil funk? Is he retired?
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why is lavine so good now
File: coffee2.jpg (39 KB, 556x565)
39 KB
Cam Payne might be the worst player in the NBA.
>no neil funk
Because he works hard. He was actually good in Minnesota too
Dat mega flop
A lot of the Dallas players have punchable looking faces desu

File: monday.png (489 KB, 540x540)
489 KB
489 KB PNG
Carolina Hurricanes @ Detroit Red Wings
>game starts at 7:30 Eastern

>Carolina is 4-3-1
>Detroit is 1-5-2

>Carolina will be wearing their third jerseys on the road for some reason
>Mrazek is starting against his old team
>Svechnikov vs. Svechnikov, hey, that's something
>this really should be a snoozer of a game (god help >us if it isn't)
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GG wongs
Carolina fell asleep for most of the 3rd, that was their chance to come back.
Yeah. They had a chance, no doubt. But I'm not going to feel too bad about them not taking the chance, when I weren't expecting them to have one to begin with.
I believed they could get a chance, just weren't expecting it.

Anyway. Good night!
Good night, my Scandinavian friend.
Say a prayer for Victor Rask's hand, if you would.
I’ve never said a prayer in my life, but I’ll give it a try for you, g’night

Wtf I support the raptors now

It’s our year now bois
Such a fun to watch and humble team.

I pray they get to the finals to take out GSW and end their run.

File: Giants-at-Falcons.jpg (109 KB, 708x400)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
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Gib refball for Bills please.
Who wants to meet in the foam zone
Marco Rubio
Wtf is this foam zone shit? Literal ads in the middle of a broadcast. Fucking e$pn

File: IMG_1443.png (102 KB, 403x293)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
Giant blacks playing BBCniggerball
What are American sports for 500
>apehoop already back
>first game they can't stop fighting and spitting on each other
gonna be a great winter

File: 1540153020047 (1).jpg (566 KB, 2048x1365)
566 KB
566 KB JPG
>Countdown to Mexico City GP:
(click menu on left for session times)

>Countdown to FKino at Abu Dhabi:


>Previous Thread:

>FantasyGP.com /f1/ League Formula Autism v2.0:
Passcode: 12481614

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Do you think Hulk will get exposed next season?
File: hulk.jpg (113 KB, 825x510)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
forgot pic
What are the rumors regarding the second seats at STR and Williams?

Binland edition
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for those who shan't
>not rinne
he is the best goalie at handling the puck 2bh
>the virgin Kariya
>the chad Stevens

Why is it so shit compared to their English counterpart? Also, why is this guy so red?
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What happened to Scotland to go from a nation that produced great engineers and scientists to people that drink four loko wine?
Quite neato lad, did your grandfather ever talk about the team?

McGregory is scottish as fuck, Gentleman maybe
It's pronounced "brazzle" here (rhymes with frazzle). I went to high school with a few people with that last name
Its gonna be an Old Firm Europa Final next tbf
scotland is norf norf

File: ehh.jpg (78 KB, 1280x720)
78 KB
Ehhh gud ebening ehh fank you far caming
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What do you think he was looking at in the museum?
hard lol. fuck.
Sounds like how I bullshit my english essays kek
If only this post had preceded this one >>88482630
as a perfect example. I'm still chuckling about it.

File: 1540046161045.jpg (511 KB, 1876x2155)
511 KB
511 KB JPG
what is this expression trying to convey?
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>i don't feel so good Mr. Glazer
>being surprised that someone who kneels towards some meteor at mecca and prays 5 times a day has a bad perception of reality

It's also the face we make when you post.
popovich maybe

File: boxing.jpg (1.46 MB, 3008x2000)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB JPG

why do you think mayweather fights like he does. dude saw his dad and was like im not gonna end up like that
woah who knew getting hit in the head for a living causes brain damage. upvoted for being so informative my good sir

Booger McFarland has a job talking nonsensical ebonics and you don’t even have a job. Explain yourself.
Isnt that stuff you have in your nose?
Actually I have a job packaging hazardous waste for transport

How come he don't want me?
File: Halloween 6 runes.png (393 KB, 640x425)
393 KB
393 KB PNG
q predicted this
please, which nigger is this? i cant keep track of them all
Dez Bryant
File: cowboysdab.png (89 KB, 554x400)
89 KB
Who said we don't? Today was just phase one of our master plan


File: usa_today_10391478.0.jpg (174 KB, 1200x800)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
Avs lead 1-0
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I was hoping Zadorov would just smack him down on the spot desu
File: 1417903645711.png (154 KB, 254x284)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
Don't worry bout us

We got bills to pay and love to make

Fuck off I've got work to do
gg floyers
What a fucking road trip for the Avs
File: Avs_Win.gif (1.77 MB, 196x196)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB GIF
gg non existent flyers fans

Why is he so greasy?
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Is your Army going to blow them away?
is this guy that anal rapist?
File: 1524425133042.jpg (10 KB, 183x183)
10 KB
head is slowly turning into a ballon d'or
Self lubrication is the kino genetic trait for raping.

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