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File: gamethread.png (47 KB, 435x296)
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Why is your stadium so empty.
I thought you were Hockeytown
File: 1479210520947.jpg (259 KB, 1284x980)
259 KB
259 KB JPG
Stay angry 52.5% white pajeet.
>v-vancouver doesn't have more indians than edm-
Yes, yes it does lmao
Your city is marginally more white to make up for the fact that everything around you is brown
>Your city is marginally more white to make up for the fact that everything around you is brown
Compared to Vancouver, it's not.
Honestly don't understand why. Everything is superior. Having been there during pre-season, there's not a single flaw. The location is primo.

I think the hike in prices and less seating available to the average fan is killing them. Yes, all the seats are purchased... by no-show season ticket holders... who for unknown reasons do not sell the games they don't want to go to on reddit or stubhub. Seriously, you can make 2x your face value on a decent game. It's outrageous how bad season ticket holders are making LCA look.

At the joe it was possible to go to the lower bowl if you had a upper ticket and the lower was thinned out. Apparently now that's frowned upon. That and shit like banning octopus throwers FOR LIFE from LCA. What the fuck?

Every Detroit fan knows this season would be bad, but we didn't have this issue at the Joe last year, and that was a sub 500 season.

>dude soccer is awesome just give it a try
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All the fucking time including the match I went to on Saturday. If you move to kick the ball after the whistle is blown and it's not part of your current movement you get a yellow. Diving still needs to be punished more though.

Can agree with this. It obviously works because look at the decisions some teams get, but it should be clamped down on more.
I believe that talkin to or surround the ref if you're not the captain should be punished with at least a yellow, that way it'll stop.

look at rugby, that's what happens, nobody talks to the ref and it's not just a "oh it's the gentleman's game", it's because it gets punished.

what's the fucking point of a captain otherwise?

I always found that annoying.
yep fully on board with that

Man United and Arsenal in the mid 2000s were shocking for it here
What is this meme that europeans care if murrikans watch football? The only people who actually care are rich guys who want to be able to advertise to 300 million americans. Americans liking the sport has no benefit to us fans. In fact it's more likely it would hurt the sport with rule changes (already happening)
Have you heard of basketball you dumb fuck? Did you see what happened to Curry? BB players complain every other foul.

File: saehooks.png (9 KB, 150x86)
9 KB
Hawks are back, baby!

>owl bound
>Hawks are back, baby!
>>owl bound

Both are FACTS.

File: 1486355689300.jpg (783 KB, 1920x1080)
783 KB
783 KB JPG
This happened edition
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Gee, it's almost like they hold a marathon every year in Boston
28-3 pats is actually happening
File: QNyF8OV.jpg (376 KB, 1080x1080)
376 KB
376 KB JPG
mixed is patrician, this woman is amazingly beautiful
File: 1500222329538.jpg (51 KB, 680x813)
51 KB
where is the benis??

File: wentz prescott.jpg (51 KB, 660x400)
51 KB
You may only post in this thread if your team's quarterback position is set for the foreseeable future.
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File: IMG_4148.jpg (373 KB, 2048x1363)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
File: 1507006820470.jpg (117 KB, 961x541)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
At least he got a ring, what about you?
Nobody mentioned Derek Carr yet
>tainted rings
kys cheater

File: large.png (56 KB, 1200x1200)
56 KB
#7 is coming
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bengals fan here, well played.
Apparently you weren't in the game thread. Dalton is elite, all the Ohiofags confirmed this. The Steelers only won because of refball.
daily reminder that Super Bowls won before 2000 don't count
t. Pats fan
confirmed cheats fan

File: Pepe Pelvic Thrusting.gif (135 KB, 500x500)
135 KB
135 KB GIF
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>There are actual Cowspics "fans"
Imagine having to be a fan of an actual shitty beaner team
Must suck desu
>the shitty of San Fagaidsco being this upset
File: 1476197177648.png (89 KB, 554x400)
89 KB

File: houston sports.jpg (57 KB, 1000x454)
57 KB
Why are all our teams such big chokers?
Dynamo just snuck into the playoffs, they're a cheaky pick to meme their way to the final from a weak western conference.
Plz no houston hate
>falseflagging OP
OP is a faggot, as usual.

File: easy.png (213 KB, 549x581)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
Get in here Swagfans
>500 yards of offense without Fournette

Ramsbros on the brink
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Chargers, Rams, Jags broship of defensive perfection
File: 1484336931515.jpg (28 KB, 468x313)
28 KB
feels good my friend
File: image.png (96 KB, 416x357)
96 KB
Sorry jagsbros, we're gonna have to expose you this year

You can still win your garbage division though don't worry
File: 1491882500705.jpg (123 KB, 1000x668)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
>Implying we're going to lose to a team that could only get 21 in their shutout

Your shutout was a meme faggot

File: IMG_3059.png (18 KB, 800x598)
18 KB
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Nobody likes Westbrook, he's a ball-hogging, chucking chimp and didn't deserve to win MVP. George and Melo are likeable
this right here
>Lebron at 2

member the Steve Nash days?
>Spencer Hawes
He's a generic conservative
48 Million Americans aren't /pol/
(They are to Shawn King though)

File: Browns.png (6 KB, 140x160)
6 KB
What is is like to be a Browns fan?

Do you even feel pain or disappointment?

Why would you even become a Browns fan?
Were you raised to be one? Your dad's team left to Baltimore to become the Ravens so don't tell me it's about tradition or loyalty.
You have Bengals in the same state for fucks sake!

Is this a form of self harm like cutting?
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File: 1402656751315.png (208 KB, 327x316)
208 KB
208 KB PNG
>O fence ?
>Dad raised me to be a Browns fan.
Your dad's team is the Ravens
File: 1508703477529.gif (13 KB, 344x382)
13 KB
Suck a dick you dirty water trash.
they should move the browns out of cleveland

browns franchise makes all of northeast ohio worse
>but she is black and a Harvard grad.
um, okay

File: Capture.png (8 KB, 333x155)
8 KB
AFC bEast bros where we at?

The fucking state of the rest of the NFL
File: 1477239258180.jpg (25 KB, 398x394)
25 KB
I litterally hate all of you though
>outscored by 13 aggregate
Kinda weird from a sample of 4 teams
When the Bills point differential is better than the Pats
I guess that's what a defense does
It's ok we love you as our "special" little bro

how does this make you feel, /sp/?

File: DMtsLJ7W0AEECjO.jpg (73 KB, 680x510)
73 KB
What the hell. Imagine the amount of people that look like Springer that are walking around amongst Americans who you believe to be white.

Its only a matter of time before the whole country is full of George Springer's.
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Who cares?
Relax its nothing serious. I never knew Springer was biracial so it quite surprised me.
I want half asian babies
some of them look really fucking strange. when i look at those ones i can feel my body telling me that something is wrong, that was never supposed to happen. either the whites or the blacks were supposed to become extinct before we made contact with each other.
Astros players are ugly as sin tbqh

File: rams_.png (30 KB, 500x500)
30 KB
Ovis Canadensis?

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