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File: dodgers fan.webm (2.77 MB, 640x640)
2.77 MB
2.77 MB WEBM
INT:Seibu willing to post lefty Yusei Kikuchi
ARZ:D-backs re-sign Escobar to three-year deal
LA:Kershaw to start Game 1 of WS vs. Red Sox
BOS:Price officially named Game 2 starter for WS
MIA:Marlins announce deals with Mesa brothers
LAA:Angels name Brad Ausmus new manager
CIN:Reds announce David Bell as new manager
LA:Bellinger named NLCS MVP for Game 7 heroics
LA:Puig goes off, Dodgers return to World Series
LA:Pederson starts, leads off for Dodgers in G7
HOU:Altuve undergoes right knee surgery
MLW:Aguilar plates three as Brewers force Game 7

is that a woman? or a man with a wig?
That’s a man baby

File: eli.png (144 KB, 350x254)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
*has 2 rings*
It wasn't even his fault this time
Should he be too ashamed to wear them? Seeing that he didn't really earn them.
the real goat


Boss... You forget put me into the team vs juve.

Boss? B-boss?

Boss , my dogs need the championsss bonus.

File: Screenshot (4).png (2.45 MB, 1920x1080)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB PNG
Late 3rd Quarter
6 - 10
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They tried to address it with Solder, they just didn’t realise theres a reason the Patriots let Brady’s LT go
>Matt Ryan: "defense was amazing"
File: poo york.png (4 KB, 656x62)
4 KB
A tank among women

File: IMG_1467.png (290 KB, 598x447)
290 KB
290 KB PNG
>Be me
> Nog
> Win final game of season, playoffs next week
> Take fellow WRs out to celebrate, nothing crazy
> Stay up into next fucking day partying on a boat
> Lose playoff game to gay QB

File: 1137130623-1535646460.jpg (308 KB, 800x800)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
How serious is the NFL about eventually locating a franchise to London?

Is it actually feasible or is it just a pipe dream?

I feel like Mexico City would be more successful in the long term, but I'm a stupid leaf so what do I know
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Canada and Mexico doesn't make much sense business wise because they're already tapped markets. Europe is untapped and it's already happened before with the WLFA to have American & Euro handegg teams in the same league. The second there's a new type of Aircraft like Concorde that can cross the Atlantic in 3 hours there will be a Franchise in London.

I’d rather see a team in Hawaii
>Honolulu royal hawaiians
>kamehameha is the logo on the helmet, red and yellow using the traditional royal colors with a feather motifs
>can have actual royalty be the mascot
wait did they really? kek.
Is it because it was technically supposed to be a Chargers home game? Does the "home" team get to control the stadium during London games?
File: Silly-Pussies.png (111 KB, 457x486)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
It's idiotic. So they're definitely going to do it.

LAD: Bellinger named NLCS MVP for Game 7 heroics
LAD: Puig goes off, Dodgers return to World Series
BOS: Red Sox (-135) open as World Series favorites
INT: Report: Marlins nab Victor Victor, Mesa Jr.
HOU: Altuve undergoes right knee surgery
BOS: Cora: 'Always a chance' Betts plays 2B in WS
CIN: David Bell the favorite for Reds manager job?
PIT: Joe Musgrove undergoes abdominal surgery
MIA: Reports: Marlins to unveil Cuba's Mesa brothers
BOS: Chris Sale (illness) on track for WS Game 1
BOS: Jackie Bradley Jr. named ALCS MVP
BOS: Devers hits three-run shot in clinching game
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>Dodgers barely get past Milwaukee despite the only reason the sewers got there (Yelich) played like total shit in the series
>Astros were at the same level they were last year, in a better position then the dodgers
>Got bodied 4-1 by the Red Sox, an even better team
>Dodgers now hobbling along to the world series thinking they aren't about to get totally embarrassed

Doyers are a shadow of the team they were last year and are so lucky to be in the world series again. I don't see any chance of them putting up a better fight then the Astros. The Lads are about to get CREAMED.
>10/22/18(Mon)22:26:19 No.88486830 Anonymous 10/22/18(Mon)19:26:19 No.88486830>>88487027 >>88487107>>88486762
>what team do you root for
white sox
I hope you enjoy telling people that the dodgers are going to rape the red sox because you won’t be able to say anything next week.

LAK: JaVale McGee scores 16 with five blocks
LAK: Rajon Rondo ejected, suspension likely coming
LAK: Brandon Ingram ejected for throwing punch
HOU: Chris Paul ejected, suspensions coming
DET: Blake Griffin scores 33 points vs. the Bulls
MIN: Derrick Rose goes off for surprising 28/5/5
MIN: Karl-Anthony Towns scores 31, hits 4 treys
CHI: Zach LaVine scores 33 points in 37 minutes
CHA: Kemba Walker explodes again with 39 points
DAL: Dennis Smith Jr. scores 19, hits game-winner
DEN: Nikola Jokic posts perfect triple-double
DAL: DeAndre Jordan goes for 22/10 with 5 blocks
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wew kobe
>LeBeta getting bitchslapped by a Kawhi-less, Green-less SAS

Thanks for the help, leaf.

>forget PE kit
>have to play football in the stinky spare kit
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>goofing around with a basketball waiting for the PE teacher to comeback
>friend drop kicks the basketball across the entire hall
>trying to get it in the hoop
>he misses and the ball goes towards the closed door into the hall
>door opens just before the ball is about to hit it
>hits down syndrome guy walking into the hall straight in the face
>breaks his glasses and he runs away crying

Pure kino school moment
This, but it was never ever football.
We seemed to endlessly play badminton (?), volleyball (???) and in winter we'd play rugby outside (?????)
we got football for literally a fortnight in second year at some point. That was it. We kept asking for it but got loads of badminton and volleyball. Just what in the fuck.
File: 1524859224577.jpg (154 KB, 557x595)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
>tfw someone put my clothes in the shower room while I'd already left the locker room
aussie rules footballs players used to come to america and kick handeggs into NFL stadiums from the parking lot to get tryouts
File: why.jpg (22 KB, 282x478)
22 KB
>randomly assigned to the team that was forced to wear the pinnies that smelled like BO and axe

File: IMG_7368.jpg (1.2 MB, 1920x1080)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
How do they do it bros? No matter how shitty the season is for them, they still manage to play beautiful football and score jaw dropping goals. Why can't other clubs entertain like this?
t-they've only played against shitty tier teams
They're the heroes we deserve but not the ones we need right now

File: 1540195010233.webm (1.51 MB, 480x600)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB WEBM
Which franchise does this man best represent?
god i wish that was me
Chiefs, getting overwhelmed by the power of the black QB
File: LaRaza.jpg (102 KB, 634x481)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
>literal wendys managers get their choice of black and latina women
>blacks and beans get pic related and the fattest ugliest white girls
The girl twerking is patrick mahomes, the guy is the rest of the NFL

>anon, CR7 is the most hard working player
>look at his bod and abs, m8
what the fuck is this logic
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>3rd worlder talking about amenities
Seriously why does Brazil smell like shit?
>he doesn't shave
enjoy BO
>what is deoderant
I would make myself available to that man.

File: images (10).jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB

*steals your first round pick by trading you an overrated player*

Chicago and Dallas, how does it feel knowing you have been fleeced by GruGOAT?
Getting a first rounder for Pooper was definitely a steal.
Trading Mack was still a fucking mistake.

LOL you've been listening too many NPCs.

Mack is fool's gold. No way in hell he's worth that contract. Chicago is fucked for years to come with that contract, especially with a garbage QB like Trubisky.

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