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File: down by contact.jpg (81 KB, 701x390)
81 KB
are jaguar fans blind
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> loss of "control"

This is the world you created.
Lewis was already a runner by many yards, while James was not. How can you miss such a crucial fact in your haste to shitpost?

Did you somehow miss the part where the ball was stripped and fumbled _before_ he was down and thus it was a live ball that the defense could run back for a touchdown, that would have changed the nature of the game if not for the NFL rigging the game?

But no, you're a Patsfags and thus perfectly cool with cheating...
>you created this

The rules are the rules. One situation he's a runner, the other he's still in the process of catching the ball. Don't like it? Suck a dick, because it's clearly in the rulebook.
At that point it's a fumble. Anybody have a multi angle reply webm of this?

File: Dnjsksk.png (1.52 MB, 1337x1783)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB PNG
What do Cowfags prefer?

NE: Rob Gronkowski placed on IR after severe concussion
MIN:Dalvin Cook (ACL) has resumed jogging
CAR:CAR expected to promote Eric Washington to DC
ARZ:Cardinals hire Steve Wilks to be head coach
MIN:Bridgewater sees himself as a starter in 2018
NE:Patriots 'optimistic' Gronk will be cleared
NYJ:Jets expected to promote Jeremy Bates to OC
FA:Report: Dick LeBeau will not return to Titans
NE:Tom Brady will get stitches removed this week
PHI:Foles underwent precautionary X-rays on ribs
MIN:Thielen struggles through back injury in loss
MIN:McKinnon totals 126 yards; up for free agency
First for gronk did nothing wrong
File: frogger.jpg (47 KB, 590x518)
47 KB
>NE: Rob Gronkowski placed on IR after severe concussion
Why do you insist on inserting this fake news into every thread you make? It's literally just a lie
File: Jimmy G Trade.jpg (61 KB, 480x348)
61 KB
Fuck Trump and fuck white people

File: 1516576134643.jpg (180 KB, 782x670)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
>be 2017-2018 football season
>the Patriots lead the NFL with thier football god
>Tom Brady
>rumors spread that Tom won't be able to play against Jacksonville
>New England fans panic as their lord and savior, Tom Brady won't be able to lead them to victory
>as the game comes around New England fans eat their clam chowder and drink their dunkin donuts in agonizing anticipation
>as the Patriots run out you can see the offensive linemen carrying Tom in a silver and red, white, and blue throne
>the Referee's mouths start to water as they see their demi-god of football come out
>the Patriots fan's are all screaming and moaning at the same time
>Tom Brady smiles eat to ear with the biggest shit eatting grin on his first play
>the ball is snapped
>the referees erections are clearly visible as they throw their flags, moaning in pleasure as they please Tom
>"P-Penalty, defense o-off sides for 15 yards"
>This is clearly bullshit but nobody cares

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File: Sergi Roberto.jpg (28 KB, 590x350)
28 KB
This is the most underrated footballer in the world right now, say something nice about him.
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Most of his dribbles will have been against wingers, not actual defenders. Sure the occasional dribble will be against an actual defender but most will be against people that dont really know how to defend. Also, losing the ball in a wide position doesnt really do all that much, unless youre literally last man but I doubt he would have tried if he were.
lmao who
Then why does no other fullback have those stats?
the moorish kimmich
If Kimmich was a good dribble, maybe

so he's emerged as an outstanding head coach, what's his secret? why isn't he just a shitty andy reid?
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Still got a ring out of the deal which is more than a lot coaches can say
He just lucked into the worst season in recent NFL memory. Belichick and Brady will sweep him back under the rug in two weeks.
>leads his team to two owls
>almost shuts out peyton and john fox
>almost beat belichick (LOL BUT HE DIDN'T, I know)
then what the fuck constitutes a good coach
He learned fast, his playcalling was dumb af last year and got better every game
He learned smart football from Andy but he's not autistic like Andy.

File: 1507507224836.png (445 KB, 615x409)
445 KB
445 KB PNG
is northern english rugby a sport?

File: KOBR.jpg (127 KB, 1920x1080)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Kobe Bryant is about to win an Oscar.

Say something nice about him.
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Kobe is officially better than Jordan, Lebeta, all those other old faggots that came before them. This makes it official. Anyone that knew anything about basketball already knew that though.
Ladies and gentlemen, your nominees for the Shitposting Oscar are
More like the mentally ill Oscar
wish a nigga would say that to my face bruh cuz he gonna catch these hands
>a town full of rapists nominates another rapist
oy wey

File: IMG_1050.jpg (40 KB, 376x400)
40 KB
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I'm sorry Pepe but we're ran ng that cash to pay Poogba after he threw a hissy fit about Sanchez' wages
Just pre-ordered two Alexis shirts
who else #contributing here?
based Arsene, he'll never be sacked
>United fans celebrating the revenuewewillneverseeinourlivesellingoursoulstothisfranchise trophy

Ah interesting
t. 9th place

File: CHAN.png (158 KB, 297x380)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
Why are niggers so based?
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File: Ahegao.jpg (76 KB, 609x587)
76 KB
>Continental cup in the same year as the WC
File: group a sucks.jpg (501 KB, 1705x782)
501 KB
501 KB JPG
printing money..sorta
Championship: only players from local clubs allowed
Cup: everybody allowed
File: Más placer.png (406 KB, 720x514)
406 KB
406 KB PNG
For more pleasure.
>state of Rwanda
>keep a clean sheet for all three grames up until the 93th minute of the third game
>get eliminated due to conceding that one goal

File: 1506284891776.png (87 KB, 500x600)
87 KB
If anyone expects us to fold in the 4th quarter like JAX last week, ATL in SB51, or the Sixers in almost every game this season -- you're wrong. We don't do that. No Brady heroics this year. We got this.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Your defense isn't nearly as good as Jacksonville's, your secondary is going to get exposed in the first half.
remember, to blow a lead you have to have a lead
>Eagles don't fold
>literally 0 super bowls in 24 playoff appearances
0 superbowls will remain intact

File: 691833900.0.jpg (110 KB, 1200x800)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
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shutup fatty
>being so low-test you don't go bald in your late teens
was the trash the remains of his murdered wife?
Holly Michaels

>Say my name
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Barca reject
File: eh.png (833 KB, 871x1066)
833 KB
833 KB PNG
File: 3547065_n_vir3.jpg (50 KB, 770x450)
50 KB
He doesn't need to be handsome
le overrated piece of shit man
dog owner not going to the world cup wo made a shitte decision in his life.

File: ALEXIS-SANCHEZ-2.jpg (416 KB, 900x600)
416 KB
416 KB JPG
which position will he be playing?
58 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
He's from Bahrain
>why do you let your real life get in the way of 4chan

lmao at you're life
File: IMG_0956[1].png (101 KB, 640x1136)
101 KB
101 KB PNG
I don't think you got the joke
>why do you let important phonecalls get in the way of 4chan
t. havent watched Napoli or Roma this season.

File: megaregions.png (1.01 MB, 1500x844)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
Too bad the Raiders are moving to Greater LA, faggot
San Diego here. It’s cool having 3 NFL teams
What part of Greater LA is everyone else from

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