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File: heem hiro feels.jpg (241 KB, 749x1683)
241 KB
241 KB JPG
Previous >>86366853

>Jul 21 Invicta FC 30: Frey vs. Grusander
>Jul 22 UFC Fight Night: Shogun vs. Smith
>Jul 27 One Championship 78: Reign of Kings
>Jul 28 UFC Fight Night: Alvarez vs. Poirier 2
>Jul 29 RIZIN FF 11
>Aug 4 UFC 227: Dillashaw vs. Garbrandt 2
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UFC Brass doesn't want it, but it's the fight Israel asked for. Natty Paulo said he'd be ok with it too.
>all those fake comments from rival roasties
The absolute state of instagram using (((women))).
Can somebody faceapp this picture and make him smile
>tfw no eskimo brother
Rampage got clowned on that show.

That was peak Rashad era.

*becomes the next Ronaldo(fat)*
pshhht, nothing personnel...mon amie
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>How do they keep producing world class players while having a pub league at the same time?

the Parisian urban area is the biggest talent pool in the world

or more exactly, maybe the Brazilian favella have even bigger pools and potential talents, but they are utterly shit at explointing them correctly because of the shitty infrastructures, the fraud and all the corruption that plague them and fucks everything

in the end, the fact ligue 1 is shit doesn't matter, as all the best players go to better leagues and improve, and the ligue 1 club forced to pick new prospects to replace them and give them gametime, ensuring a continuous stream of players
>top class player and world cup winner at the age of 19
He'll be relevant for a long time m8
you now remember Kingsley Coman

Coman, Martial, Dembele, Lemar, Sidibé, Mendy, Bakayoko... all replaceable pacebabies who will be replaced by the next batches of pacebabies
MBappé has literally been better this WC than Henry has been in any WC in his career. Let that sink in.
He's definitely several tiers above all our other pacebabies. If he doesn't crash like your yearly The-Next-Pelé Brazilian who stops caring once he got his first ferrari and white gold-digger model whore, I doubt he'll be replaced anytime soon.

File: i.jpg (34 KB, 750x422)
34 KB
>Dan Carter goes to Japan
will play in "Kobe Steelers"
What are you think anon?
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>warburton gone
not good lads, even if he did play for >wales under >gatland
Unlike me, i hope this thread lasts the night
lol no i did not
carry on
I hope ur mum pusy lasts the night
File: 1513448810673.png (181 KB, 303x311)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
>invents a language
>and is incredibly poor at using it

What do you think is going through his mind right now?
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File: Rare Pepe #23451.jpg (107 KB, 666x800)
107 KB
107 KB JPG

>Actually pretty fucking funny
>tfw no worldcup
>tfw Zizou left
>tfw Tsu left so it's only a matter of time before I get benched at real
>tfw this is all the racist France fault!
eating pussy
I guess it's a bit beta to define your own country by opposition to another, especially one under its current form
our current form could wipe algerians off the face of the earth if it woke up one morning and decided to make it so

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I honestly don't know.
I kind of want to believe that he indeed doesnt know that it means "loser", and that he just saw the dance and thought it looked funny or something.

But how can anyone not realize that the L stands for an insulting "loser" ? Even if he didn't know, surely people have explained it by now. He's been using it for a long time.
So I think he knows, but doesn't care. I think he's just a massive troll who enjoys mocking and insulting his opponents.
Yeah and so did Korea, and so did you.. how did that go for you Hans
based and redpilled
>first field red
gtfo communist faggot
Why not both?

File: 1518928103783.png (17 KB, 900x900)
17 KB
why do the germans seem so salty on this board?
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It's always home o' clock in Bongistan. Right now some chav is getting a tattoo of Southgate saying EURO 2020 winners
lost alsace to you even though you didnt do fucking anything in ww2, if anything alsace should be a british exclave
because destiny robbed us yet again of our rightful spot as number one of the world
>Pretty much every English person knows we were the weakest team in the semifinals and we overachieved with a mediocre squad of players.
Didn't seem like it when you guys were gloating about barely beating Tunisia, crushing Panama, and "losing on purpose" to Belgium.
now THIS is what I call premium butthurt

the other germans ITT are just baiting, but this post is bursting with anal agony

have a (You) for your trouble

File: ed.png (3.23 MB, 1920x1080)
3.23 MB
3.23 MB PNG
Kino Alpe d'Huez Édition Our Guy Geraint In Yellow
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we here
File: SummerOfVroom.png (355 KB, 640x582)
355 KB
355 KB PNG
>who will win the stage today?


Oh wait, nevermind, he dropped again.
Not anymore
>two threads

I started this trend

File: 1519105149995.jpg (26 KB, 600x400)
26 KB
DEN:Michael Porter Jr. had surgery last week
PHI:Shams: Kings, Nemanja Bjelica to discuss deal
OKC:Report: ATL-OKC discussing Melo-Schroder deal
BOS:Marcus Smart in serious talks with Boston
ATL:Report: ATL having trouble moving Schroder
SA:Report: Jakob Poeltl traded to San Antonio
TOR:Danny Green headed to Toronto in DeMar deal
SA:Woj: Raps, Spurs agree to Kawhi, DeMar trade
POR:K.J. McDaniels leads Blazers to Vegas title
LAK:Svi Mykhailiuk struggles in Final Vegas loss
LAK:Josh Hart ejected in Finale blowout loss
MLW:Brook Lopez deal with Bucks official
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You hitting up aliexpress or dhgate? Which one is better?

illmatic is not better than aquemini. It's crazy how Outkast somehow manages to be underrated despite everybody respecting them
>How do you think Nas feels knowing that his first album was the GOAT Hip-Hop album?

yea that's also true. still must feel weird for him
Dhgate from what I've heard

Reminder to talk trash while playing basketball, bros. Stay alpha.

Is all MLS as cheesy as this photo makes it look?
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>leaving work
is posting on 4chan your job?
fuck that retard nigger. At least get a respectable white
true la
Kek literally my OC from like 2011 /sp/.

Same era as that comic about Pep managing Barcelona.

File: DiLs5_8X0AM95HM.jpg (215 KB, 1200x885)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
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>salty espee bread about how they killed /arse/
topkek, defeated he said, season not even began
/arse/ is alive and may Allah keep it that way
File: bellendo.png (55 KB, 301x227)
55 KB

Took a fat shit on this board and I really got you good
Suck my dick sports
Soccer is fucking gay
File: 1531932055376.jpg (67 KB, 800x566)
67 KB
Tell us more kiddo
Fuck you

File: 115318148766d33c968.png (213 KB, 500x500)
213 KB
213 KB PNG
>he hasn't ordered the French shirt with TWO stars yet

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>americans where loose ones that reach until their shins
It's been almost a decade since that was the style here
Varane is objectively the patrician choice.
#TeamAfrica Jersey. LMAO
>tfw wanted to buy a Lemar shirt before the WC
Pfiou, dodged a bullet there. But at least he'll play during the Euro 2020 r-right?
If I was french I'd buy Mbappe, that nigglet is going places

File: IMG_4690.png (47 KB, 803x520)
47 KB
I can't fucking wait for copa américa next year. South American rivalries are unmatched
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>tobacco and tomato
Nah, it's football exclusive.
I had nothing against Chilel, but after the last 3 years I hope Brazil smashes those mapuche indios whenever we face each other.
we dont care about wars and gay stuff like that
Literally no rivalry in SA goes beyond football and slight bants; leave wars to europeans and other firstworlders.

*outpaces your team*
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Everything you said is false kek

I don't understand why some people want to picture Messi as a villain, he wants to win the WC more than any other person, he wouldn't ask to have some shitty teammates just because they are his friends (if that was the case, Romero or Guzmán would have been the goalkeeper, or Lavezzi would even get called)

We sadly just don't have better players than Mascherano and Biglia
>top finishing
that's the part of his game that is not top
Of course he's talented, but he's also fast as fuck
m'bappé only really shone against backlines ran by 40 years old guys. he was utterly stifled against busparkers.
*kicks and rushes*
notice how this nig and lukaku just kick and chase the ball with no control? Someone just needs to completely wipe them out on a tackle.

File: lol.png (1.06 MB, 799x919)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG

>But the real issue with baseball has less to do with the quality of play, number of games or price of tickets. It’s whether an unstoppable generational realignment is taking place that is going to eventually lead to soccer replacing baseball among America's most favorite pastimes.

>Something has changed in America, even if it’s a bit hard to pin down yet or quantify. You can see it in the social media chatter during a big soccer match, whether it’s the World Cup or the English Premiere League on a Saturday morning in the fall. You can sense it in the packed pubs and parks over the past month to watch games that didn’t even involve a team from the U.S. You can feel it in the energy of a city like downtown Atlanta – the nation’s college football capital – where an MLS team put 72,243 fans in the stadium Sunday and it wasn’t even a surprise.

>You’d struggle to find a single player in the baseball All-Star Game besides maybe Bryce Harper who is as well-known and recognizable among Americans under age 40 as any of the top international soccer players.
315 replies and 34 images omitted. Click here to view.
bigger stadiums, less games.
>Systematic racism prevents fathers from being present
Yeah, it sure it is white people's fault that niggers kill more people than any other race and can't do anything besides selling drugs
>Something has changed in America, even if it’s a bit hard to pin down yet or quantify.
How about 56%? How about 1965 immigration law? How about the Jews?
>if italian migration didnt made soccer the top american sport is stupid to think latinos will
Very different kinds of immigration.
>b-baseball is dying!

I mean the Yankees, Dodgers and Cardinals are all pulling over Stamford Bridge's total capacity per game, and that's over the course of 162 game season.

But you know, baseball is definitely dying.

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