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File: Sopoaga.jpg (97 KB, 506x601)
97 KB
M10 Cup Finals

>Fri 26 Oct
Championship Final
7:35 PM Waikato v Otago, Waikato Stadium
>Sat 27 Oct
Premiership Final
4:05 PM Auckland v Canterbury, Eden Park

Bledisloe Cup
>Sat 27 Oct
7PM Australia v New Zealand, Nissan Stadium, Yokohama
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There's also a World XV coached by deans playing Japan on Friday night, can't find a time for the game though.
That's true, and I have it listed as being at 11pm NZT. Duno who is broadcasting it though.
Anyone done the Routeburn?
Planning it for next year.
Done the Abel Tasman Coastal Classic but not the Routeburn Classic. Wasn't it cancelled this year?
I mean just hike the track.

File: 1540246932179.webm (2.95 MB, 1280x720)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB WEBM
Is there a more kino goal from the past week?
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The craziest thing about this goal is that Ozil takes one look at Lacazette around the 12 sec mark and then he's off.

Never looks at him again but still knows where he is for the dummy.
File: unnamed-6-1.jpg (45 KB, 583x583)
45 KB
he peripherals him at 0:13 also.

but you're right, that spatial intelligence is what makes such an elite playmaker. often wonder if it can be deliberately developed in academies and if so what methods are used.

i can imagine small pitch games where only no-look passes are allowed, or something
eye-foot coordination is very rare, if a player turns his head efficiently he probably learnt it at like 3-7 years old
arsenal is a shit team but damn their goals are fuckin kino
Everybody loves Kamerad Chamäleon.

Aesthetically beautiful plays

Any sport welcome.

Except cricket, not a sport.
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File: tea break 1938.jpg (26 KB, 500x334)
26 KB
>black people have all strength and speed
>cant do jack shit in test cricket
proof that cricket is a big brain sports
File: 4hoursmen.jpg (7 KB, 265x190)
7 KB
>what are the windies in the 80s
but yeah agreed
this is something we must all ask ourselves brother
baseball remains the highest IQ sport, see: east asia
nah it just requires zero athleticism which is why asians can do all right at it. theyre also shit compared to americans and spics, unlike cricket where whites dominate

File: mods.png (583 KB, 792x587)
583 KB
583 KB PNG
*eternal /bundes/ edition*

>upcoming mätches:


/bundes/ in /cl/
18:55 AEK Athen - Bayern München
21:00 Hoffenheim - Olympique Lyon


/bundes/ in /cl/
21:00 Borussia Dortmund - Atletico Madrid
21:00 Galatasaray Istanbul - Schalke
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Guten Morgen liebe Bundesliga Fans und Fänninen.
Goooooooooood morning
At the Amerilard from the last thread: Kafka is not good because he is "deep", that criterium is really stupid and should be purged from the collective mind of internet nerds. He is good because he knows extremely well how to utilize syntax to create tension of meaning. Doesn't really work in translations, in case you read him in English.
Hope you enjoy Jack London.
Comfy as fuck. Even though Buyern wins almost every year, it has more top-down parity so the race for EL and CL slots is more engaging than watching them get passed around by the same 6 EPL clubs. Bayern's having a bit of a meltdown right now, so this season might be extra kino if Dortmund or someone else actually manages to snag the league title this year.
File: 1420924311405.jpg (755 KB, 2272x1704)
755 KB
755 KB JPG

File: 1540257665702.jpg (52 KB, 1024x1019)
52 KB
Winnipeg jets gamer girl pee edition
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for me, it's one-timing the puck from the blue line through multiple bodies and into the back of the net (no deflections).
File: 1533245248384.jpg (206 KB, 534x629)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
he's really starting to grind my gears, lad
>having beyond 1 point

that also works.



Chinese government is probably looking for ways to get the Canadians and americans who play on the CWHL team to become citizens in time for the Olympics.


Blueliner works better as someone had said

daly reminder mods = bogs
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dead poomunity
will this thread pick back up when the baseball starts?
File: fettucine boscaiola.jpg (97 KB, 648x486)
97 KB
*blows smoke in nightshifts face*
Hello big boy!

File: acl6.jpg (20 KB, 417x360)
20 KB
>There is atleast a player every week in American Football that tears their ACL and is lost for the season
Why has this become common?
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The kneecap flexion ACL test is unpleasant as fuck
>tear acl
>try to bike up a hill
kek why?
Holy exaggeration. I grew up playing soccer so no bias but you're crazy if you think football is ever going away with how big college and NFL is.

You'll probably see less participation but youth from poor upbringings will still be playing it with an opportunity to make millions on the line.
Guys,I'm scared now
Mostly what happened to Bo Jackson.

MEM: Mike Conley scores season-high 23 in big win
GS: Klay Thompson leaves with mild ankle sprain
MIN: Andrew Wiggins (quad) says he'll play Wed.
DAL: Dennis Smith Jr. shoots 18% in win vs. Bulls
DAL: Luka Doncic scores 19 w/ career-high 6 dimes
DAL: DeAndre Jordan grabs season-high 16 boards
NY: Super Mario Hezonja scores season-high 18
CHI: Zach LaVine torches Mavs for season-high 34
CHI: Kris Dunn debuts with 9 points, 7 dimes
NY: Tim Hardaway Jr. has another 20-point game
MEM: Dillon Brooks leaves game w/ foot soreness
MIL: Eric Bledsoe double-doubles w/ 16 & 13 dimes
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>justify teams not wanting to resign him
Sign him for the max I mean. Somebody gotta sign him for the max if not just to keep him off the Warriors at least.
Umm, anons...
this thread was first

File: torres.jpg (246 KB, 599x900)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
Now that the dust has settled, what happened to
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This. Also like all high-level Spanish athletes of the era he was doping. That caught up with him.

(Don't you) forget about me

He's been pretty good for Sagan Tosu
he was GOAT

golden boot winner, CL goal scorer
he didn't call my name
he didn't call my name

File: you just know.png (856 KB, 595x558)
856 KB
856 KB PNG

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File: ostapenko_3.jpg (1.66 MB, 2789x4000)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB JPG
>mfw people unironically think ostapenko is actually good at /tennis/
File: Thanks.jpg (9 KB, 387x140)
9 KB
she's just a ball basher
Penko had a year from hell and still made a slam SF and masters final.
My wife

File: player2.gif (35 KB, 656x560)
35 KB
Did You Win This Week Edition

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File: oYo8aKO8tU8.jpg (69 KB, 979x193)
69 KB
gotcha. I feel like with the Cooper trade Jared Cook might be better. Good idea to try and get him for Rudolph? And while we're at it what about David Njoku and Austin Hooper? Are they much better than Rudolph or i'm better off just sticking with him?
I disagree with >>88490244, he will produce. Luck’s getting more comfortable. His value will decline when Doyle comes back though, and he won’t have another insanity type game. Also his owner is probably overvaluing him.

Go for Trey Burton, George Kittle, or at a lower tier David Njoku.
I think that Njoku is a slight upgrade over Rudolph. But not good enough to throw in Ekeler for also.
>put up 163 in standard today
>bench (no QBs) scored another 71

ho lee fuk

File: 2ZbHS3j1_400x400.jpg (30 KB, 400x400)
30 KB
Congratulations to cricketing titan and Sri Lankan great Herath Mudiyanselage Rangana Keerthi Bandara Herath for his long and fruitful career, and good luck in his imminent retirement.
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Meme Shit back in 5 months
For me it's the Vaas story
Really shameful player, I hope the CA has had time to reflect and realise that he deserves nothing less than a life ban
For me it's a public lynching in Federation Square
Tnx Ranga . For Everything U Gave. Plz Stay With Srl As A Spin Coach plzz..

Is Olivier Giroo the GOAT goal-less striker?

File: 8e16e.jpg (59 KB, 624x416)
59 KB

Which Country has the hottest sports fans?
sweden yes.

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