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File: IMG_20170221_123753_526.jpg (170 KB, 1600x1562)
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170 KB JPG
/po/, it's time to retake the holy paper land.
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Errrr....yeah, me too.......can you origami a burning pyre with heretics on it? Preferably from brown paper.
File: IMG_1052.jpg (213 KB, 2048x1333)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
Lol wut.
/pol/ here, mistyped url.

Thou shalt be equiped with a special weapon!

Is there any good, inspiring papercraft artists to follow on instagram? I follow a thousand 3d artists, creative coders, game developers, painters, but i cant seem to find anything good with the tag papercraft but stupid cards and other bullshit.
Pic is the AR version of a papaercraft i did for my gf that apparently i took no pics of...
dont bother with the bumps my dude, you're gonna be here a while
not on instagram but: http://xp.sg/
>creative coders

what do you mean? pls link

File: 1470307678867s.jpg (13 KB, 250x250)
13 KB
Thread origami
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Heres macromedia freehand 11 Origami diagram program https://ufile.io/ef6be
No, they don't.
神谷 哲史 is satoshi not tetsushi (bad translate lol)
That's google translate for you; always getting it wrong.

File: valentinky2.jpg (49 KB, 960x720)
49 KB
Anyone knows what model this is?


Not sure who created it, but here is a video tutorial.
ty, just made this for my gf
>tfw no gf to make cute origami hearts for

File: expect us 2019.jpg (56 KB, 562x496)
56 KB
Is this the most scarcely inhabited board? I want to get into papercraft but i'm scared that no one will help me.
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that's me on /po/
It must be because this was like 2nd in the list on the catalog and it's from August of last year.
the internet will surely help you.

File: Wolf had.pdf (95 KB, PDF)
95 KB
its that time of year again,

since october and by association halloween is right around the corner let's post halloween themed papercraft, origami and costume ideas/tips so we can help our fellow /po/lite friends

please no arguing this board is too slow for that shit

ill start with this wolf head i found in my folder and a question on whether i should do something like this or a helmet from skyrim
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I've heard people claim a few other boards were slower but this is one of the slowest. We share papercraft templates, origami diagrams and crease patterns and share works we make. We're a bunch of nerds for paper and this is a good place to be one.
i think /i/ is slower, it often has older thread anyway.

/u/ is also pretty slow. But at this level comparison doesn't really matter, all these boards are extremelly slow.
i love /po/and vist it at least once a week I normally lurk in the origami diagram threads and occasionally answer questions that pop up on /po/
Why are these boards kept around then? I always thought /d/ was so slow because people are wacking it.

I am glad you are still around. Hopefully we keep this going until next halloween.
they're kept becuase slow as they are people still use em i guess

Does anyone know if Gwi Jang is finally selling this?
I read somewhere that he doesn't plan to sell it anytime soon. Making a version suitable for selling would take too much time.

I've looked everywhere and can't find anything the artist is called Ingrid Siliakus she does some cool stuff but wondering if she had any templates or does she keep this stuff secret?
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If you're still around, I found the program here, works fine. It's a spanish site but it's the english version.

File: 428.jpg (63 KB, 250x250)
63 KB
File: IMG_20170211_210522[1].jpg (1.89 MB, 2448x3264)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB JPG
Awesome, thanks a lot!

File: 1475875281699.jpg (74 KB, 720x720)
74 KB
Fully functional paper computer with logic gates how do
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It seems like a better idea to try making that in lego.

Anyone on here work with pepakura? I've gotten to the stages when I've hardened and smoothened the outside (bondo, car filler) but a part of the helmet was flimsy so I decided to rework that area but now i cant fix it and get the pieces on, heres a pic. Any one know a way I can fix the ears back on? :(
Did you use fiberglass for supporting the bondo?

Were you applying bondo modestly and not caking it on?

I have had some works warp on me due to trial and error. I had to unfortunately start over.

Cant tell very well from pic but it looks like you didnt apply fiberglass resin to the inside of the helmet. You're only supposed to apply bondo the outside and not the inside. Papercraft can deform while working on them. It's good to put thick and sturdy card support struts to the inside and remove them later.

File: IMG_1763.png (20 KB, 151x129)
20 KB
>people are replying to 2 year old posts
I fail to see the problem

Over at /b/ you fags can't even have a thread last a week
kek. At /b/ a thread is lucky to last past an hour. You guys should seriously just merge with other artistic boards into /art/.

Just bought one of these things.
After considering buying a USCutter Titan or something else, I realized my ambitions were too great and I didn't really need more than 12" of cutting.
I read some reviews of the Explore Air 2 vs Cameo 3 and I felt the Explore was slightly better.
I got it at Joanns.
What do?
No idea what you are asking. But if you dont want the cutter you got...send it back?
File: IMG_20170211_210522[1].jpg (1.89 MB, 2448x3264)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB JPG
Just made this. also gonna post it in the kirigami thread.
File: IMG_20170222_221244[1].jpg (2.12 MB, 2448x3264)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB JPG
cut and scored this beautifully, folded and glued like shit

File: Tupolev.png (2.94 MB, 1279x801)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB PNG
Anyone got links to any sweet paper model airplanes? Some jet bombers would be sweet...
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build with heavy paper

no instructions but you can figure it out
File: tandem wing.jpg (102 KB, 494x622)
102 KB
102 KB JPG

same thing, but build up the fuselage by lamination
File: ring wing canard.jpg (83 KB, 494x622)
83 KB
Maybe a single /arts/ board for artistic shit like painting, craftmanship and origami, it would probably move at 2km/h which is considerably faster than the 2cm/year at which this board currently moves.

File: IMG_1760.jpg (1.3 MB, 2048x1536)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
So every time i watch a movie i make paper cranes. Any ideas what to do with them or maybe to make something else?
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Cranes are nice, but if you like folding the same stuff (which is meditative, same here), why don't you try modular origami? Personally I prefer modular stuff because I find kusudama balls and similar stuff make better gifts, too.
You can give them away to people you know

You can make other birds

You can take them with you when you go out in a car and throw them out the window at pedestrians while shouting CAAAWWW CAAAWWW
After crafting 1000 cranes you get a wish.....
Unless you wish to not have cancer anymore.

Donate them to a childrens hospital or something.

File: 20170222_152318.jpg (1.39 MB, 3264x2448)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
You can do better than that, anon.

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