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/po/: The Movie

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Good paper folding, but unrelated. Take it to /pol/
i thought it was pretty creepy tbh
I HATED the ending with her screaming at it, but I loved the subtle scares (the coat on the hanger in the police department gives me chills thinking about it)
The little kid pissed me off so much that I couldn't concentrate on anything else.

File: DSCF2655.jpg (268 KB, 1600x1200)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
also tank thread
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Found it
I take it there isn't a version with tabs.
File: P1380151.jpg (1.1 MB, 1333x1000)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG

Any instruction file for these?
HEY LOOK! We have a grill in here!

File: F22-4-ic.jpg (26 KB, 250x188)
26 KB
Anybody have these?

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File: xb-70.pdf (110 KB, PDF)
110 KB
110 KB PDF
Wait, there is more!

>I just finished this today.

I have the white version
There you go, the original one with instructions :)

OP's image is of an F-22. Yours is an F-14.
Though I'm grateful to have your F-14, I would love to have the F-22 depicted in the original photo.
Got any more if so please post

File: F77K77HHRKQWX0P.LARGE.jpg (47 KB, 640x640)
47 KB
love this look dose anyone have more?
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Needs more in the titty department.
does anyone have those masks made by wintercroft?

no one wanted to buy them so wintercroft kept them all. dont ask anymore

File: 1381757851979.jpg (88 KB, 576x576)
88 KB
Bump limit reached

So until I hear that Lotus has an official ruleset somewhere, my friend and I are going to make our own. He's got the list we're working on for what we want it to be, so I'll just be posting what I can remember. Would very much appreciate any ideas or criticism you guys could offer... Here goes(In no particular order).
(Again, we're still just in the brainstorming phase, none of this is concrete)
We were thinking the army would be similat to red's from an infantry-heavy standpoint. Rather than a lot of weak infantry, however, have few strong infantry.
Basic infantry are 15pts each
Squad sizes 3-6.
Equipped with cavalry sword and pistol.
(Which means in addition to infantry always moving double-time regardless if they attacked, they also deal more melee damage than other armies' basic inf)
We haven't really figured out what we want to do with the lotus bomber, we were thinking just give it another bomb, so it will run with 3 bombs instead of 2. We don't know what to do with it, but we figure it'll be somewhere near the front lines with the infantry, and because they're a bit faster, they could do bombing before the infantry arrive, to weaken the front lines a bit.
For the dragon tank, we were thinking of giving it the ability to turn into a long range artillery. (Basically a mortar team, but able to re-position as needed) It's base stats as a tank would be only slightly modified from Black X's tank. It wouldn't be very much better than Black's(even though it's so much larger) because it would have the ability to deploy as an artillery. As an artillery, we thought it was more fair(on account of it being able to move) to have a minimum firing range in addition to a shorter maximum range than a regular mortar. The minimum range would be 6-8" and max would be 24". In order to fire as the artillery, the tank would have to have not moved on the previous turn(for aiming or whatever).
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So is there still somewhere I can get the beta rules for version 3? The pdf link in this thread is inactive and the only thing I'm seeing in the drive folder is a .png file of part of one page.
I tried to upload to the thread, but it won't let me since it has already been uploaded once, even though it's 404'd. Can't upload to the drive because we don't have permissions. Not talking crap to Jack(I think that's who made it, sorry if I'm wrong), I wouldn't give 4chan access to a folder in my drive either, even the Anon /po/, lol
Eh, no worries. Not like I'll have a chance to actually play it for quite a while yet.
you can upload it to mega (or any filesharing) and share a link, makes it easy for all of the newer guys to get them. I need them too, lost them somehow.

Or we could make a new thread and let this one die.
Was bored today so I wrote down a first pass of the rules. I tried to keep the game in the spirit of the original rules, so you have alternating phases with resolution after shooting, which actually makes combat feel more "simultaneous". Another thing I was toying with is that there are not rules as to what types of units you can take in your army, instead there is a simple rock/paper/scissors system in place to keep things balanced. The way it goes is Infantry < Vehicles < Aircraft < Infantry.

This is very rough so it only serves as a general idea of the direction I am taking this, any feedback is appreciated!

File: pirates.jpg (8 KB, 249x148)
8 KB
I'm looking for Viking Horde stuff please. It looks really cool and i wanna give it a go.
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no no, you misunderstand, someone already said they would post it. We are just waiting for that :-)
File: 45765485.jpg (5 KB, 248x200)
5 KB
>someone already said
18 days ago, and guess what? still nothing
>We are just waiting for that :-)
i'm not sure if you trolling or you are just awful stupid
You need to be patient lake me :-)
Any news?
>You need to be patient lake me :-)
Me only have patience of pond.

File: hwgonpo.jpg (67 KB, 577x483)
67 KB
Greetings denizens of this board, I've come bearing the colors of /hwg/ from /tg/. I've uploaded some papercraft terrain I thought I'd share with you - if you have any more, and willing to share, feel free to add more links.








Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Another /hwg/ anon reporting, thanks.. just pure chance finding these gems! Thanks!

File: Untitled.png (535 KB, 1194x850)
535 KB
535 KB PNG
I am going mad about this! Can't figure out how to proceed with steps 57 & 58 of Maekawa's Peacock. Can somebody explain these steps?

File: general400k.jpg (415 KB, 1150x1154)
415 KB
415 KB JPG
hi /po/
i want to make a paper model of the harpsichord for my music teacher. i searched everywhere for the blueprints but i couldn't find any on the internet and frankly i'm not that surprised. i did however find a 3D model, but i don't know how to make it into a pepakura file or a pdf with plans. could any of you 3D oriented people please help me ? i know nothing about modeling and i would love to work on that thing.
the file is avaliable for download here
could someone please take a look ? i would be ever so thankful.
alternatively, does anyone have a model for a paper harpsichord. thank you
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Emotions Self-Responsibility Theory ; All problems,troubles are caused by prejudice.Only proper education solve them.Please utilize this rationalistic philosophy

OP here, bumping but i kinda lost hope :(

File: FOZCQLQHO7XNBTF.LARGE.jpg (92 KB, 806x1024)
92 KB
Years ago I found here a HUUUUUGE .zip full of kirigami diagrams.

I can't find it now :/

Anyone has it and can share?
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Also are these postings last... so check them...



Thanks LEX. U da rial mvp
I know this is /po/ but I still don't trust it
someone confirm now
I found another post that made LEX and there are other ebook in pdf here:


And in this there are houses and a "Pokemon Meowth Balloon" (but pay attention, are in the middle of posting):


Lol : -9
YA1000KIKE: I do not remember that, but very good by seeking and finding ...

The other I bring you is this: https://archive.moe/po/thread/504909/#505225

Hopefully help you and you can serve. Take care and greetings.

So I'm trying to make a set of dice as a birthday gift for a friend who loves D&D. I've found a bunch of models already, but I have yet to find a good one for a d10. Anyone have a pattern that isn't just a platonic solid?

Also, general sonobe/kusudama/modular origami thread.
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File: DSCN1232.jpg (4.46 MB, 4320x3240)
4.46 MB
4.46 MB JPG
made this sonobe units 'hollowed cube'(?). it's quite hard to keep things together while assembling it
How many units is that? I'm guessing 24
66 units!
Menger Sponge. Nice.

Has anyone got Kirin Bear Papercraft Automat - Lemon Tea. You can share please ... (photo related)

I have but incomplete, because he needs the cash and I want to share the files that I need ... that would be great.

In advance thank you very much.

Please... My mail: lexdarksidius@gmail.com
Incomplete TEMPLATE
TUTO / Instructions
File: AUTOMATA Kirin PANDA.jpg (656 KB, 992x1389)
656 KB
656 KB JPG
Someone be so kind and help me to obtain a copy of the files that are locked into the circles of the image that I put reference... Please.

Thanks a lot!!!
I am also wanting the missing parts :0)
Oh mi goodness.

Please someone... anyone?


File: stars 4.jpg (876 KB, 3264x1840)
876 KB
876 KB JPG
With the old thread gone it seems appropriate to begin anew. Feel free to post your collections, your works in progress, or your star hordes!

This was my anniversary present to my girlfriend. It was my first time ever doing stars, and they didn't come out as clean as I would've liked. I used three packs of star paper I picked up from a hobby store. I also cut up some receipts and tickets from dates we'd been on and folded those. It took around fifteen hours total. I threw in some larger construction ones to fill up the box which I regret. they were too large, poorly done, and clashed with the rest. I had an old necklace box which I repurposed and tied with a red ribbon.
141 replies and 59 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: IMG_20150517_124842.jpg (538 KB, 2048x1536)
538 KB
538 KB JPG
Before I started filling the above, I poured them all out on the floor. Got the idea to shape it into a heart, put my future dream wife's name (ayameofazuma) on top, and send her off a pic.
ink costs an arm and a leg, and unless you are hijacking a work or school printer, its easier to buy patterned paper from your craft store to cut up.
I always struggle to get the stars to puff up.
Make sure you aren't creasing your folds when you are wrapping the tail around the body, and ensure you are using enough paper.
That did it. Thank you.

File: Dog+group+shot.jpg (180 KB, 1188x767)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
Does anyone have this?"Paper Pups by Hiroshi Hayakawa"
oh mi goodness.


please someone... anyone?

File: finished.jpg (30 KB, 480x360)
30 KB

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I've got it
Is it possible to have it without being forced to download it on 4 shared?
For exemple in one file on Mega or in my email adress : galonas8@yahoo.fr
Lazy cunt !!!

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