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File: 2011-112.jpg (113 KB, 800x600)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Let's get that League of Legends papercraft thread back up.
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Here another one:

What I would give for a regular Cho'Gath model...
All I can find is a Gentleman Cho model. I just want the plain standard skin Cho: http://www.lolking.net/models.php/?champion=31&skin=0

File: cover.jpg (152 KB, 944x844)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Does anyone have the Unseen University papercraft in pdf? Or anything else Discworld related?
Thank you.

Hi "ANON-friends" of 4Chan/po/a huge favor, anyone know of a patch to be able to open files of PEPAPAKURA Designer but for the new version 3.1.4. It is that the "PepPatch313b.exe" (obviously) does not work for this version.

Before hand thank you very much for your kindness, interest, support and attention.
File: Flint-Sorprice.jpg (41 KB, 469x234)
41 KB
Is to be able to unlock files PDO and who can edit them in the Pepakura Designer in the v.3.1.4.? I didn't know you could do that with this editor 3D. If there is something, could share it with me, please? Thanks a lot!!!
Found it on the archive:


Also looks like he did one for the High Resolution version but you have to apply it manually:

File: Homer2.png (770 KB, 1366x768)
770 KB
770 KB PNG

Thank you very much for sharing and for your kindness.
Really I am totally grateful. Take care and regards!

File: download.jpg (8 KB, 264x191)
8 KB
hey guys i have made many paper craft in my time, but they keep falling apart because of the glue and paper i use... i was wondering what paper and glue do you guys use that works
Use PVA glue.
"White" glue (wood glue). Ulta cheap. Uber durable

File: 20150228_211650.jpg (2.01 MB, 4128x2322)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB JPG
cardboard toppers
02/28/15(Sat)21:21:36 No.777836

2.01 MB JPG
Anyone know where I can get the cardboard do make something like this with my own design? Also what kind of printer do you need to print on this type of cardboard? I tried Avery but their cardboard is way too thin and non sturdy.
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File: Untitled.png (9 KB, 1283x852)
9 KB
You could also scan one and work from there. It's just paper with a mountain fold. Do you need someone to fold it for you too?
I've been working on a startup project so I've done some research. You want "chipboard". At least .022 thickness. You can find it through online distributors.
chipboard = kraft chipboard

File: love-card-1-1024x768.jpg (94 KB, 1024x768)
94 KB
Hay there /po/

How do I pop-up cards? I need to make one from a drawing, but I can never understand the mechanics behind it.

I can make a basic somethin'-somethin' that pops out from the card, but I don't know how to make one of them fancy and complicated things.
File: blueonturq_2.jpg (307 KB, 2736x2736)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
Depends on how fancy and complicated. Try here:
File: craigs corridor.jpg (1.62 MB, 3504x2664)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB JPG
I made this a few weeks ago and figured out what needed to be done as I went


>me and some friends play table top RPGs and one of them is called 'stars without number', a game set in the backwaters of space in which the players tend to be, as the GM puts it, "murder space hobos"
>my friends character's name is Craig and basically in his first session we boarded a pirate ship and when we did there was a corridor filled with 4 pirates. Craig, jumps out and kills them all in one go.
>3 he shot and threw his sword at the last. after that the ship surrendered and we got quite a bit of cash.

i just cut out the pieces and messed around with strips of card until it was right, you just need to remember that the bits can only come out from the back as high up as the braces are (if the bit you want to stand up needs to be 3cm away from the back then the bit that connects it needs to be 3cm high)

The link to this papercraft is down, does anyone on /po/ happen to have a copy?
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Thought that was a stacked pair of papercraft ladybugs or something at first lol.
No, this is the original source:
I figured a working link would be slightly more informative than one that 404s.
File: photo(015).jpg (28 KB, 300x400)
28 KB
Found it thanks to that link:

Thank you!

File: 12.jpg (64 KB, 563x760)
64 KB
Hey /po/! I've been away from the papercrafting community for awhile. Just came back and I'm needing help getting some models (assuming anyone has managed to get their hands on them). /po/ has always came through in the past. Hopefully you can help me now.
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You really don't need to bump here, it will be on here for years anyway
the lego one is in page 4.

File: wolfsimp.pdf (119 KB, PDF)
119 KB
119 KB PDF

all these animal models

website error, only one worked. need reposts or mirrors for the rest

Bunches of paper models of animals there.

Also here:


some batman papercraft.
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anyone have other lego models by yobee?
they used to be free

dang, looks like he has abandoned the site?

Dear 4chan paperart community! I'm looking for die-cutting (I'm not native english, so not sure if this is correct naming) for cigarrete and condom (durex e.g.) package, maybe anyone have this in his/her archive?
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do you want dimensions?
Weow in native tongue, then translate via Google
Here's the template. Cut the solid lines, fold the dashed
Do you have any other templates like this?
File: Baby Face.jpg (66 KB, 389x388)
66 KB

File: tango.jpg (201 KB, 1000x669)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
Was wondering if anyone reconizes this fold, I made it about 8 years ago out of a posted note and cant seem to find it to remake it. any help would be gr8
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File: Lady.jpg (1.33 MB, 1456x2592)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
This model brought me great memories. Thanks for reminding me of it, OP.
oh my god, you have just made my everything

I cannot thank you enough

No problem, OP. I hope you enjoy folding it.
File: tango2.jpg (32 KB, 697x523)
32 KB
When I was 14 or so I first found that diagram and folded it for my Mom. She has sense treasured the lady deeming her the "tango dancer" and is one of her favorite things.

She wouldnt ever let me unfold it to remember how to fold it and that pic was the only one I have of it. You just made my Mom very happy with a new one haha. Made it out of 8.5 inch right triangle tracing paper.

Hope she likes it

happy mother's day guys

That's very heartwarming. I'll have to make one for my mom now.

Sup, /po/, I hail from /b/ and we rolled for a new board to browse and, well, I got this.

So I'm stuck with you guys for a month.

Seems like a cool hobby so does anyone have any beginner info I can use to get started? Like, some easy stuff to create or some literature on this subject? Much appreciated.

>pic related I want to make this some day
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

>sucks at shaping

kek pleb
talking about raijin's ring, as a purist his models kinda suck. not sure how pure using wet folding is but that's the most i'll ever do.
Origami "purity" is your own constraint...
It's only your "problem" if you only want to use real paper (i.e., no tissue foil nor other composites), only squares, no "tools" (pincers, water, MC, ...), not folding on a surface, etc.
But then, don't complain about models not designed with these constraints in mind!
>implying Hojyo isn't the best designer of human models besides Joisel in the history of Origami
Not OP but ,could you please upload the books.Thank you. Joisel and Hojyo's work is amazing thanks for introducing me. I used to find origami interesting but i gave up when i couldnt find much on the human form. I wanted to make fantasy things like dwarves,elves,goblins,wizards and dragons.

File: nano_crane.jpg (252 KB, 2048x1536)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
nano origami general?
nano origami general

show me what you got
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have you seen this motherfucke?
File: foto 2(1).jpg (1.88 MB, 2448x2448)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB JPG
File: rose.jpg (558 KB, 1224x1224)
558 KB
558 KB JPG
I am so disappointed in myself
That's some badass nanogami. I remember the rose to be fairly difficult, even with larger paper.

File: box rose.jpg (84 KB, 640x640)
84 KB
Magic box rose I made. I'm pretty much an origami beginner, so this is the first thing I've made that took more than one piece of paper.

I think it turned out OK.
Sweet! I want to make one now. How long did it take?

Also, a single piece of paper can be as complicated as anything, and a hundred sheets can be really simple.
All told, I think about twenty minutes from start to finish. I followed the instructions from here:

Good job anon, I like the double-sided paper
open the hole in the middle a bit
That's really cool!

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