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File: image.jpg (895 KB, 4032x3024)
895 KB
895 KB JPG
First person to suggest a med-intermediate origami model and provide instructions will decide what I fold.
If your actions depend on what some anonymous stranger in 4chan tells you, then you must have a really meaningless, sad and empty life.
And you don't?
He obviously doesn't. He comes to /po/

You're welcome
I think by intermediate you mean any models of between 30 steps up to about 60

Anybody has a layout for a horse head like this one? My GF came up with it, and it would be a nice last minute craft to her
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Link pls
thank you!
no thanks anon. I prefer horses.
Old. Thread
You can read about it and buy it here:

Here's a zebra head that you can download for free:

So you guys ever found the "schematic" or what's it actually called for the little red dragon yet?
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Website for these are found here http://bad-dragon.com//
thats a damn good dragon

All I'm doing at these comments-
real answer

File: ioio2015.pdf (6.06 MB, PDF)
6.06 MB
6.06 MB PDF
Got a few pdfs taking up space
That's really "a few", anon.
Thanks for that IOIO anyway.

File: Eagle.jpg (114 KB, 960x960)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Folded by me

Ps: There are rules to post here? I can upload anything I've folded? If I'm out of the rules, please let me know!
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>It's glue.
could you please elaborate on that ? What type of glue are you using and how do you apply it ? Do you brush the whole model with glue or just at precise points to lock some folds/shape ?

It's regular white glue. I don't know how it's named in your country. First of all, I glue some strategic parts, so all parts of the model can stand by itselfs as I want. Once dry, I simply apply the glue from it's own vessel all over the model, then spread with the point of the vessel and fingers or brush.
By the way. Here follows another old fold of mine: Satoshi Kamiya - Spinosaurus. I recently refolded this model with a 15x15cm square, it gets very tiny in the end. Later I'll take some photos then I'll send here.

Sulfurize paper
~~ 40-50cm starting size
Painted before folding.
File: origamibookstern.jpg (38 KB, 228x300)
38 KB
That's some good folding... for a goy.

File: shosa.jpg (149 KB, 1500x1500)
149 KB
149 KB JPG
Hey, /po/.

I was wondering if you were any good at reverse engineering origami?

There is a wallet called the shosa short 2 and the entire thing is made out of a single sheet of folded leather with a single bolt holding part of it together.

I found out where the bolt is, and i believe i have most of the wallet mapped out until the coin pocket. The coin pocket is driving me mad

I cant figure out how they did it. Ill upload pictures of how i think the wallet is mapped when i get home.

And if you want to know, the bolt is located the end of the leather piece that wraps over the coin pocket.

tl;dr: How to reverse engineer a origami leather wallet.
>How to reverse engineer a origami leather wallet.
Buy one, take pictures for each step while unfolding it, then use your pictures in reverse order to refold it and fold many others too.
I actually already figured out how its folded without buying one. Will put the lay out on here in afew moments

File: 1457387116929.jpg (77 KB, 552x414)
77 KB
What should I use to solidify a papercraft? I was thinking about using a brush and white glue, or maybe a brush and clear polyester casting resin, or even just a clearcoat of spray paint. Anyone have any recommendations? Pic unrelated
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File: mask2.jpg (146 KB, 1200x1600)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
I've been laying layers of glue onto this mask for the past two days, and I can say that while it works for perfectly for smaller parts like the teeth, the larger parts still remain wobbly.

At least it's weatherproof though - I've actually fixed parts of my car with just glue and paper this way.
Yeah it really does start to degrade after a while

If you want to do it right

Remake your shit in cardstock. It needs a sturdy base. Put it together with wood glue.

Buy a bottle of "Wood Hardener" for about $10 . It is a very very thin resin suspended in mostly solvent. You'll paint it on in multiple layers. It'll turn your paper into plasticard by the time you're done.
ide recommend jizz, always sticks my covers together


File: unnamed.jpg (31 KB, 540x960)
31 KB
Feel free to post your collections, your works in progress, or your star hordes! You can find lots of inspiration in the old thread (http://boards.4chan.org/po/thread/515222) Remember /PO/ is a slow board so please don't bump the thread. I created the last thread over two years ago. Here's to two more.
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more like 10 minutes you stupid paper wrangler
>being rude on one of the most comfy boards
>being tripfag

ok, 40 seconds speed folding, 50-60 sec without a rush
Real talk, if it takes you more than 30 seconds to fold a paper star, you need to fold more paper stars.

I bet you still have to look at the strip of paper while you fold, too.
/po/, anons are saying mean things about my country in /int/. Please come say something nice about my home country and how it is one of the best in the world, thanks faggots

I wanna make these so bad, but the idea of doing so intimidates me.

File: Caterpillar-Instruction.jpg (2.59 MB, 2806x6246)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB JPG
Can anyone tell me if this is a copywritten model or not? I'm doing Alice in Wonderland themed projects and need a traditional caterpillar fold to use, but since I'm selling them I don't want to run into legal issues.
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Have you tried asking the website it's posted on?
The link says patent, not copyright. Two different things.
I did, they seemed confused to be honest and there seemed to be a bit of a language barrier. I think they thought it was ok. To be honest I'd like to find a better version or come up with my own, I am trying a version with styrofoam balls right now.
Is it that you want to publish diagrams, or is it that you want to utilize the model in something you are going to sell?

If the former---better to not do it. If the latter, you can always give credit. It's not like it is some extremely complicated model.
Using the finished model in a physical product.

Airliner thread. Does /po/ like my 1:144 Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental? I designed it myself and am going to rebuild it at 1:72 soon.
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One away from satan trips. Damn.
You're welcome. It's very nice anon. And I love the x1. Cool stuff.
File: TWL7214000.jpg (41 KB, 500x235)
41 KB
The only practical 1/72 747 is made by Aircraft in Miniature. It's made of vacu-formed plastic. There is a resin 747 from Anigrand, but it's got poor reviews and was limited-edition anyway.
I love it. Good job.

Does anyone have any templates or plans for pretty paper-cut lanterns? I'll post some examples. I'd like to add my own stencils/images to them, but I have no basic plan of how they go together...
File: Blog-1-604x270.jpg (39 KB, 604x270)
39 KB

File: 20170504_145401.jpg (3.44 MB, 3264x2448)
3.44 MB
3.44 MB JPG
Got lost on my way to /pol/ and found myself somewhat intrigued by this place. I figured this might be a nice and quiet hobby that would keep me busy, so I just went and bought pic related. I have never attempted origami in my life so what should I learn first?
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File: 20170506_130319.jpg (3.08 MB, 3264x2448)
3.08 MB
3.08 MB JPG
I made a couple things since.
File: 20170506_130458.jpg (2.82 MB, 3264x2448)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB JPG
Let me try that again.
Welcome, enjoy your stay.
Keep practicing, I've noticed about origami is that you can learn each step and at the end you've got a crane, but you havent learned how these folds result in the end piece.
So if you like origami and wanna go places with it maybe learn how origami works.
Paper crane

it has all the fundamentals of almost every basic or classic design. Just remember
>you'll never do it right
>you're never gonna get it right on the first try
>only losers with none existent social lives have this hobby, go do the world a favour and blow your brains out
Learn the basics: http://www.origami-resource-center.com/origami-basics.html

A good beginner one to try would be... cootie catcher :P Then onto something like jumping frog... then a crane is always good to know... can learn the flapping crane too while you're at it:

Cootie Catcher: http://www.momsminivan.com/article-cootie-catcher.html
Jumping Frog: http://web-japan.org/kidsweb/virtual/origami2/exploring01_06.html
Crane: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/1f/22/93/1f2293fb6e27a4c79dd24afe82814c6a.jpg

Def learn to fold using diagrams... videos go too fast to keep up and sometimes u might not have internet connection to watch

File: ychqpic1.jpg (263 KB, 600x450)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
I've been swamped with all kinds of things for a long time, but I finally managed to finish a new papercraft, for my Advance Wars series:


I hope you like it, have fun building! ;o)
Please, more! I have build all your advance Wars models and I love them
There might be a copy & paste error on the dowmload page (orange star hq, also in the text).
Whoops, you're right! I fixed the links, thank you for letting me know!

I'm happy you guys like my Advance Wars series, I find it fun to do, and I will definitely keep making them! ;o)
I usually use Photoshop to erase the folding lines though.

File: finished.jpg (26 KB, 480x360)
26 KB
holy shit
4chan has an origami board?
im in heaven
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File: IMG_0007.jpg (101 KB, 600x600)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Then he's too old.
File: hooked!.jpg (12 KB, 299x300)
12 KB
Nice dubs
I stumbled on this board while trying to click on /pol/...this board made me forget about politics and want to pursue art.

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