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Janitor acceptance emails will be sent out over the coming weeks. Make sure to check your spam box!

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File: c4.jpg (124 KB, 600x677)
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124 KB JPG
What is your favorite modular Origami?

Pic related, My favorite
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File: Hulme Pixel Unit.png (1004 KB, 785x1027)
1004 KB
1004 KB PNG
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pv345H9c58g I've always wished I could make these in paper craft. I absolutely love modular architecture.
Love that one too
My favourite ones froms left to fright
Five intersecting tetrahedra from Thomas Hull
Don't remember this one
Neither this one. Name its somthing like spiked star
Star dodecahedron from Francesco Mancini

File: Model Render.png (583 KB, 1920x1080)
583 KB
583 KB PNG
posting this here because I thought someone might want it. no idea where it came from but it was on my chromebook.
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So this is going to be my first /po/. How difficult of a task an I getting myself into?
Also quick question, the _ _ _ _ means valley and the _ ._ . _ ._ means mountain correct?
Nice one

doable but maybe a little bit long for a first model

anyone have pdf Automata Collection - Jolly Boating Weather keith newstead currently found thank you in advance
Good form pupper
Good form, pupper
where'd the post go?
in this section with a link to take. if not I send you my email

File: P1050036.jpg (52 KB, 413x551)
52 KB
you help me please have this model?
Lineage 2 - Female Dark Elf Papercraft (Victoria's Secret version)
File: ca8455ff.jpg (20 KB, 450x543)
20 KB
you got it?

File: file.png (179 KB, 324x584)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
Does anyone have a papercraft cat that resembles the one in the pic?

If not, would a kind soul do it from the closest I could find? (next post)
File: CNT-0011769-01.pdf (718 KB, PDF)
718 KB
718 KB PDF
Model from http://cp.c-ij.com/en/categories/CAT-ST01-0077/index.html
Also, I will give credit where it's due. If you wish, I will insert your name/website on the inside.

Hey, what papier maché recipe do you guys use? Which do you think is most effective?

I am torn between using just flour and water, or using corn starch and water. I am Canadian and cannot buy liquid corn starch for reasons unknown.

And should I spray my work with acrylic sealant before painting?
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This, flour and water. I paper mache over an exercise ball (wrapped in plastic), was kinda fun to do. Done over a course of days since I wait for the layer to dry before adding a new one.
good double
That glue un grain you mix with water to stick colored paper to the walls of a house + water = GOAT
Looks Like Some People I No
How did you shape that?

How'd I do ?
threaded it on the inside to pull towards the center, but not sure I lined it up just right.
pretty good

last one went to the archive:
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Consider these dubs officially CHECKED
Took me a while to find the new thread.
@pik8 are those new versions?
File: hammer truck 2p1.png (103 KB, 816x1020)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
did the three-axle truck to transport a squad of eight. the other versions derived from that.
File: hammer truck 2p2.png (137 KB, 816x1020)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
sorry forgot the second page
uploaded to drive

Hi I'm both relatively new to /po/ and to papercraft. I'm currently working on a deer head, but all the templates I've looked at aren't like in the picture. Is there anyone here who can edit the template or find me a template that follows the picture?
Got the template I'm using from here http://www.papercraftsquare.com/simple-deer-head-free-papercraft-download.html

What do you think about Bible paper?

Where can you find it?
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go away obvious LGBTWTFBBQ
File: ill.jpg (5 KB, 200x230)
5 KB
Salvation army gives them away. Free, from what i hear.
File: Good double.jpg (11 KB, 320x272)
11 KB
Noice dubs
File: cat-eating-food.jpg (33 KB, 600x401)
33 KB
I like to feed my cat. Works just as well

File: 3d_ant_attack_1.gif (3 KB, 256x192)
3 KB
I would like to yellow some pieces lightly, with as little crumpling as possible. do you have any tips?
just wait 30 years, how hard is that ?

Acid in the paper turns it yellow over time.

Try speeding the process with some acid.

don't over do it.
used tea bags
Tim Holtz Distress Ink pad, or stain in "Old Paper", results in a cool-toned greenish yellow.

"Tea Bags" is the colour-way I prefer, it's a warmer-toned, brownish yellow.

"Vintage Photo" is a darker brown.

"Brushed Corduroy" [I think that's the name, it for sure has the word corduroy in it] Is a sickly greenish taupe colour.

Ink pads can be purchased in any craft/hobby store, or online. The "mini" size is more affordable and sufficient. They last a very long time.

If you'll be yellowing/aging paper a lot, I strongly recommend their new round tool with foam pieces to get good coverage and have more control.

If you'll only do this a couple of times, I recommend inexpensive triangle make-up sponges available at most pharmacies/drug stores.

If you spray or mist the page after applying the Distress Ink, the ink reacts with the water for some very neat effects. But, the paper may warp/bubble as it dries. This is easily remedied with an iron on a medium setting.
are you in a hurry?

I'd recommend buying paper that has acid in it (acid free is usually labeled as such) and then putting it next to a window or somewhere in the sunlight.
This is most definitely not a fast process, but the UV rays will help speed up the process somewhat.
Or just buy paper that is already off white (but seriously just do this) Any craft store where they sell scrapbooking materials will have this, and the color will be consistent across the board unlike tea bag dying.

File: 20160507_103544.jpg (1.44 MB, 3264x2448)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB JPG
So I forgot about Mother's Day until just now and my step-mom wants a handmade card from me. What can I make with pic related?
Just write on the paper "you're not my real mom"
Valery Vann's "magic cube rose" is always a hit with the mothers.
Slits in a page with complementing colors woven into them. if she is a poor character.

If she is a good human, you could make some 3d unit origami piece? Draw something clever?
Hey this is sort of a really late reply but a totally cool paper thing to make would be like paper animals! Bending and creasing the shapes would totally be easy with this thick paper depending on what you do. Just an idea

Has anyone here made thousand cranes?
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I did a similar thing for my wedding, I made 11 of these table centres. Probably around 6-700 flowers in total. The humming birds were a last minute afterthought
this is beautiful. I am moved by your story and impressed by your color and paper choices... this looks very high quality and good taste
clearly the original poster - take this shit somewhere else
File: DSC_0002.jpg (1.6 MB, 3920x2204)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB JPG
I made 3 and put them on my speaker, first origami i ever did.

File: hagia_sophia.jpg (329 KB, 1549x1074)
329 KB
329 KB JPG
I'm looking for a model of Hagia Sophia, saw someone saying you could get it over the Cannon site but I don't seem to find it, does anyone have it saved or has another model similar to it?
There is none in the Cannon site, the closest thing is pic related:

The only other available papercrafts are kirigamis like this one:
Thanks anon, and yeah I know there isn't one on the Cannon site, the information I saw about it was old so I was wondering if anyone had it because I think it could have been taken down from the site
Found a site with a 3D model of Hagia Sophia but in 3dmf and I'm still not able to export it to 3ds or another filetype, my idea was to try and make a pepakura model, but might have to give up on the idea
File: Good double.jpg (11 KB, 320x272)
11 KB
Good dubs

does /po/ still have an archive? seems https://archive.thedarkcave.org/po/ is not working for me.
thank-you but now i forgot what i was looking for :P
>new janitor deleted this post
Wow, talk about priorities

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