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idk if this really fits with /po/ vibe, i have two "sculptures" in this format, a deer and a dragonfly, but i've been looking on making an unicorn for my gf, but i cant find schematics, blueprints, tutorials or anything of the sorts, and im a legit amateur, does anyone have a diy tutorial, or schematics or anything?
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Autodesks 123D make can be used to make one from a 3d model
nice dubs
File: hqdefault(4).jpg (13 KB, 480x360)
13 KB
checked my man

File: strike freedom.jpg (74 KB, 416x416)
74 KB
I made this guy over a year and haven't done any papercraft since. Gimme some links to some more gundams to make, preferably in a normal scale.
That's fucking cool, it reminds me to those chibi MGS figurines that came out a while back.
That's really fucking cool, i'm certain I'm not able to do it.
The hardest thing about this model is the instructions and the the fact very few parts fit together well.

File: untitled.png (123 KB, 300x225)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
does anyone have Paper Pendulum Clock kit or pattern? I have a kind of kit book but it quality is bad. pls share if you have better. I really want to make this one. thank you!
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Any progress with this project? Did you finish it?
File: 14896124296201904678355.jpg (753 KB, 2560x1536)
753 KB
753 KB JPG
not yet dude, the ancora is a problem

Yet another anon here. Thanks for this one guys. I just printed layout on flourescent orange/green alternating pieces. Hopefully i can finish this and show it off here sometime soon.
>Paper Pendulum Clock

Christmas stuff
But we are in April anon
Not in Australia, cunt :DD
In Australia, it's also April even if they're walking upside-down.

Hi guys, has anybody had any experience with making the kind of warehouse as seen in the video? It doesnt have to be complex but I'm trying to make a simple warehouse with these sort of automated roll things...

i'm not sure this is really paper related. Try >>>/diy/ maybe ?
well I want to make a paper model so I would think this to be the best place. I dont actually want thinks to move, just to have the look of the machines
Neat idea. Do you want to make a paper model diorama? Maybe like an exaggerated perspective shadowbox with a warehouse scene printed on the back and side walls to give the impression of complexity.

I might try to find front, side, and top pictures of the actual rollers and sorting machines online, then paste those onto foldable shapes and print them. I would probably use a free image program like GIMP to adjust the images so they fit on the shapes I wanted to print.
yeah that's what I kinnda had in mind, I'm doing a small presentation about the machines that move the merchandise inside a warehouse and I thought it would be a nice idea to have a simple diorama sort of thing set up to give people an idea about what it would look like in 3D

File: 798Kartana.png (155 KB, 535x535)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
Ey /po/, one of the new Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon version is Kartana. It looks like this. Can you make it in real life with origami, and if so, how?

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i agree, check these dubs though
File: mad and crazy.jpg (10 KB, 144x187)
10 KB
You need to do bird base.
I dub thee: /po/kemon!

File: Paper-Jar-Bug-House.jpg (69 KB, 556x493)
69 KB
Are there any functional paper craft bug houses? I'm hatching mantises, and wanted to build some decorative houses for them. They can't live together, and literally hundreds can come out of a single ooth (egg sack), so it would have to be something that could be built a few a night until they hatch. Not enough for all hundreds of course. I was planning on using nylon mesh and hot glue to seal the openings and cracks, and wanted to do better than pic related.

Also, stupid questions thread!

File: printer.jpg (33 KB, 500x500)
33 KB
Alrighty /po/, I was gifted a printer that doesn't work, and I want to get a decent one that prints on cardstock. Any recommendations?

pic related, the broken gift.
Scavange the parts of the broken one, if it's a laser printer you can get a useful stepper motor. Also will have good steel rods, gears and maybe a belt. Could probably also get an h-bridge from the circuit board by the motor.
www.staples (.) com/Samsung-M2880FW-Xpress-Mono-Laser-All-in-One-Printer/product_1013936
Dell usually doesn't make the guts of their own printers, but I've never known them to use a print chain that's easy to maintain or fix. They always pick obnoxious finicky ones, that admittedly have good print quality.

Your best bet would be to find a vendor of third party inkjet carts that you can get cheaply on Amazon. Print out the compatibility list of their best priced ink cartridges (at school/work/library, depending on your situation), and head to the thrift store. Even if what you find doesn't have windows 10 drivers, you can almost always get it to work in cups (the print system on osx and Linux).

The world is now your low cost oyster!

File: IMG_6448.jpg (70 KB, 750x693)
70 KB
Any help with some dragons? Origami
Imagine if Cats are like that hehe
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_y0sGezNX_w Here is a tutorial on a dragon. I personally love the look of this guy. PS, use some big paper if possible.
File: 1489496280365270288642.jpg (1015 KB, 2448x3264)
1015 KB
1015 KB JPG
Has video tutorials and PDF too. Here is my butchered attempt at baby dragon
Sorry forgot link
Its pretty good website very useful
Not op here but thats a really good website, Thanks!

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What the fuck bugs are those, I keep seeing them and squishing them.
How do I get them to go and stay go.
i like this
Maple/Boxelder bug. You're screwed. Gotta wait til winter rolls around to get rid of them. They burn pretty good though. Lots of screaming/hissing.
File: Jarate.png (979 B, 342x321)
979 B
979 B PNG
Saged, do not bump, this is a raid thread.

Pic unrelated.

File: hitler.png (490 KB, 1490x1177)
490 KB
490 KB PNG
Natsoc papercraft here please
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I like /pol/
He means well
Natsoc papercraft is my favorite papercraft.
Anyone? There is no sticky with guides...
File: 1492563769670.gif (1.25 MB, 151x245)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB GIF
Beware black samurai
Praise kek

File: 13830-post-img-1.jpg (122 KB, 600x302)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
what do you think about making sculptures out of aluminum foil?
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Akira is pretty shit desu
File: Capture.jpg (139 KB, 985x606)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
>Papercraft and Origami

Wait, so all this argument about what is and is not origami only applies to a subset of what this board is about? Something could NOT be origami and still be on topic?

Welcome to /po/ faggot
That's where the P in /po/ comes in Papercraft and Origami
P for Papercraft
O for Origami
Get it?

any Koreans here? where can I get this template file
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*Any Koreans here? where can I get this template file?
I'm Korean
File: http://cafe.naver.com/apaper
Foreigners are not welcome, only Koreans can join
I'm not korean but I was able to get in.
Also got into some other cafe(?)s as well
I'm American

File: paper springy thing 1.jpg (30 KB, 814x601)
30 KB
Greetigs. /po/ visitor from /trv/ here -- was attending a kite festival in Mexico, a kid from an orphanage which brought kids out to the event gave me this. I have no idea what it would be called, and can't figure out how to un-fold it without wrecking it. But it is intriguing, would love to know how to make one.

Anybody know what this is or know where a plan for the folding is?

Pic 1 of 3
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Thank you!
Slowest moving board with the quickest responses
Good luck anon. It's actually quite difficult to fold that model for the first time. It might be easier if you have a working model to compare with, though.
I found both printed and video instructions to be somewhat lacking, although once I had figured out what to do, it became much easier to duplicate. It's just hard to explain exactly what you need to do, and hard to show in a video because unless you know exactly what the fingers are doing, the spiral seems to form as if by magic.

Once you figure it out I think it's very rewarding. I love models that can be pressed flat and I love action origami. Try making it out of different weights of paper and see how the "springiness" changes.
The other day I was thinking I should start folding again. Then I found this haven for paper art.
Thank you for making things easier. Xx
Video tutorial

I've looked everywhere and can't find anything the artist is called Ingrid Siliakus she does some cool stuff but wondering if she had any templates or does she keep this stuff secret?
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If you're still around, I found the program here, works fine. It's a spanish site but it's the english version.

File: IMG_20170211_210522[1].jpg (1.89 MB, 2448x3264)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB JPG
Awesome, thanks a lot!

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