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File: pipeseambr+piperunner.jpg (262 KB, 600x450)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
A very simple papercraft, to go with the Advance Wars Pipelines and Pipe Bends that I did years ago already. ;o)

Looks really good. I looked through your Advance Wars models and am seriously impressed. Really dig the infantry and the aircraft. The submarines surfaced/submerged is a nice touch.
Thanks! ;o) It's an ongoing project, in the end I want to make all the units from AW1, AW2 and AWDS; I've been saying that for years now, but I still mean it though, it's just going to take me a loooong time. ;o)
Godspeed to you, Anon. That is a lot of units. Your work has got me wanting to give papercraft another go.

Have you done anything for the b-copters yet?
No I haven't done any of the copters yet, I think they will be a bit more tricky than most of the ground units because of the shapes, but they will look pretty cool! ;o)

File: UHU.jpg (156 KB, 652x1251)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
Fellow /po/ers, you can do it all! I come to you in search for help.
Once I had this two kits by UHU. The original (uncorrected) EVA pod and Time Machine. He later made more detailed versions. But I look for the originals, which he no longer hosts. I know the old PDOs must exist somewhere out there. Sadly I lost them in a computer crash. Does anyone else have them? very please. My eternal gratitude to the person sharing them.
File: Time.jpg (346 KB, 1152x661)
346 KB
346 KB JPG
OP here.

I knew they existed. Found them in some dark corner of the web after searching for a couple of days.

Time Machine is the original first version in PDO.

EVA pod is the original first version in PDF with gray background.

Now my collection of UHU paper models is complete.

My eternal gratitude to me :)
well, you didn't shared them so no eternal gratitude for you yet buddy !

File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (194 KB, 1368x740)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
Is there a program like Pepakura Designer, but for origami?
TreeMaker is probably the closest thing.
Anything that's easier to understand?
Probably not.

1) Mathematically speaking papercraft is way way simpler than origami
2) 3D modeling is close to papercraft designing in some aspects so pepakura doesn't start from scratch but, as far as i know, nothing comes close to origami designing.

You'll have to learn the hard way !

File: image.jpg (895 KB, 4032x3024)
895 KB
895 KB JPG
First person to suggest a med-intermediate origami model and provide instructions will decide what I fold.
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He obviously doesn't. He comes to /po/

You're welcome
I think by intermediate you mean any models of between 30 steps up to about 60
Maybe anon just wants a challenge. Something different.
File: IMG_2605.jpg (1.72 MB, 3264x2448)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB JPG
Fold Eastern Dragon from Genuine Origami
just do the frog from that book. I love the frog from that book. make it wear a samurai hat.

Does anyone have the pdfs and wanna share it
SOme one nibba
honestly i dont really like visualspicer's models because they're all 'flat' if you know what i mean. His star wars stuff is fine because they are smaller but his cars are like 2 feet and have little details in the parts which really is a shame because gundam models have way more detail put in to them, and even he's created a 6 foot gundam! if you really want to miss out on detail i suggest this model, though it might not be of your interest due to its size
Either way thanks i can split up the images and enlarge them so the size could be better thanks

File: Mach Patrol.jpg (22 KB, 350x262)
22 KB
Hi po/,
Does anyone have a sheet/scan to make in paper this beautiful model?!


Dear people of /po
I´m in dire need of papercraft masks and heads, I have to dress about 50 persons as animals, farm animals, but anything that resembles an animal is welcomed. I´ve searched the webs and cant find anything for free (I dont have a credit card)
any template you have will be very much apreciated.
Your googling skills are not good then. What you're looking for is "low poly mask".

Some masks of winter-deletethispart-croft can also be found on TPB, don't bother to ask them here.

50 masks is a lot, good luck with that, don't forget to post the pictures of the masks here if you ever build them.
you are a fine gentleman and a scholar.

File: 20161011_165825.jpg (1.42 MB, 1550x1559)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB JPG
I am going on holiday to Japan in a few weeks, and was wondering if anyone has any advice on origami related places/museums/shops that I should make the effort to visit
Thanks. I had googled it and seen that link. Was hoping if there was anyone who had local knowledge of things that were of the radar
I have no idea.
Origami kaikan from the given link is interesting indeed. Lots of models exhibited, various workshops (different each day / half-day), they make paper on the top floor, many kind of papers in the shop, ...

Also, go to Origami house if you want to see complex models and buy Tanteidan books (and maybe meet Kamiya behind the desk).
〒113-0001 Tokyo, Bunkyo, Hakusan, 1−33−8, 朝日白山マンション (Asahi Hakusan mansion, 2F)

Another interesting place is the NOA headquarter. Many model exhibited too (lots of modulars, scenes, multi-pieces and 1-sheet models). There are workshops too, but I don't know the schedule.
〒130-0004 Tōkyō-to, Sumida-ku, Honjo, 1−31−5, 日本折紙協会 (Nihon origami kyokai)

That's it from the top of my head, but maybe it can help you a bit.

File: supconsul.jpg (263 KB, 1654x854)
263 KB
263 KB JPG
Alright so for shits and giggles I went onto this meme ass board and this origami shit seems pretty neat, and I'll probably learn how to do some folds.
I have a question though, when do you progress from doing planned folds that other people have designed to making and designing your OWN folds and projects?
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He is good at creating/inventing/designing models.
But he is not as good when it comes to fold.
Many regular folders (as in non-designers) can fold his own models much better than he can.
I feel like a lot of that is due to paper choice usually. Many times montroll created models that are simple enough to be folded with cheap kami
I started making my own models in 2009. I just did it because I was bored in class. I also made the decision to not fold other people's models for the most part after that. I felt that a lot of artists ended up folding the exact same way and style, and I wanted to do my own thing.

There are plenty of ways to design your own model, but most require a concept of what you want to fold and where everything is going
John Montroll is intermediate you want to begin with repetition like Sobobe units.then move on to A4 models till you are comfortable enough to do a 30 step model..plenty on Google search
Give me the url of that meme ass board

File: bugz_pic.jpg (97 KB, 869x450)
97 KB
Sup, anybody have a dl link for jim hartman's 2.5d starship troopers bug? pic related.
File: 1381757968460.jpg (87 KB, 640x512)
87 KB
File: StarTroop-bugs.pdf (652 KB, PDF)
652 KB
652 KB PDF
Have a file... ;)
that can't be that accurate...
Joost Langeveld has links to a star wars site that has loads of crafting stuff on it
File: klendathu.jpg (43 KB, 610x331)
43 KB
starship troopers memes are dank memes

File: ioio2015.pdf (6.06 MB, PDF)
6.06 MB
6.06 MB PDF
Got a few pdfs taking up space
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File: mummy.jpg (49 KB, 640x480)
49 KB
This board was too slow..
Thank you a lot!

File: maxresdefault.jpg (275 KB, 1920x1080)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
does anyone have any papercraft models for at your desk? I think the beetle from Kubo (pic related) would be cool to have along the back of my desk, but I would like more ideas for a series.
And box papercraft kinda sucks, i did that as a kid and now im out of the minecraft phase.

Guys, so help if possible

I was looking for this template, but it seems to be hard to find, i have looked everywhere but it keeps linking me to the artist DA page, which only contains a broken link.

Any help?
the virgin greentext
>posts on /po/ because he is embarrassed of someone finding his search history
>leaves textbox in default position so as not to mess up the webdevs work
>uses all lower case so as not to draw attention
takes frequent breaks to not strain the reader
>deletes post if he thinks people will reply to it. they never do.
>always replies to a specific post to get his daily dose of social interaction
>always finishes typing before verifying so he doesn't have to panic-change after being ticked
doesn't look too hard to diy
Bump. I wanna see the instructions for this.
Woah what is it from? Also bump

File: origami-unicorn.jpg (14 KB, 500x298)
14 KB
what did he mean by this /po/?
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Yes, the Deckard day dream was added later on, the clip of the unicorn is from another movie all together.
The origami unicorn from Gaff was to represent Rachel and how unique she was and leaving the origami unicorn at Deckards home was to show he had been there and let Rachel live.
Ridley Scott is a big dumbdumb idiot for trying make Deckard a replicant. Wouldn't even make sense, why would Gaff leave the unicorn there to say "I've seen your file". So dumb.

Funfact about the origami unicorn itself, its not possible to make out of 1 piece of paper, you need 3, 1 for the hind, 1 for the front and a tiny piece glued on for the horn.
File: mediocre.png (397 KB, 610x252)
397 KB
397 KB PNG
>Funfact about the origami unicorn itself,
3 pieces of paper, glue and scissor for this ?!
immortan joe is NOT pleased. No valhalla for ridley scott.
Fun fact in the trivial movie way.
Sorry anon, not everything can be made from 1 piece of paper.
no, Ridley scott shot the daydream sequence as part of the original production. it doesn't necessarily mean he's a replicant https://www.wired.com/2007/09/ff-bladerunner/
Do you know if the model existed before the movie ? if it was created specifically for the movie i guess they didn't bother to hire a good origamist to design a unicorn in 1 sheet.

Not the anon you're replying to but deckart being a replicant doesn't make much sense to me. He found out easily that rachel was a replicant, and that she didn't knew that. At that point the average person would ask themself "am i a replicant ?", and deckart would be the best one to realize he's (or not) a replicant. And if he was a replicant how would he know the "bad" answers for the tests ? The answer of rachel to the question about the boy who kills butterfly is oviously weird to any human. If deckart had to be taught what are the bad and the good answers he would have taken the hint and guessed he was a replicant doesn't he ?

Also the whole film revolves around the fact that they only live for a few years and deckart is shit-old in 2049.

File: poopyboxx.png (186 KB, 303x283)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
Hey /po/ I'm wondering if y'all know any other paper projects that do things. Things like paperbombs and fortune tellers are what got me into papercraft and origami in general, so I was wondering if there are any other fun things to make.

Perfect example is this video I found.
>pic related
Also, does cardboardcraft count as papercraft?
Forgot the link, sorry! https://youtu.be/nUOtljCAiuo

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