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File: models.jpg (2.95 MB, 3204x2805)
2.95 MB
2.95 MB JPG
I was thinking about starting a build thread. I have a bunch of models and can't decide which one to start. Any preferences?
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How about the WW1 tank? Looks pretty awesome.
File: 01.jpg (1004 KB, 3586x2887)
1004 KB
1004 KB JPG
Decided to go with Жopжъ Бopмaнъ.
Where did you get all of these?
File: skeleton.jpg (648 KB, 3050x2062)
648 KB
648 KB JPG
Bought most of them in a models shop. Others - as a presents from friends. I'm in this hobby for several yers now, so I had time to acquire quite a collection.
that F1 car looks pretty neat, either that or the maserati

File: unnamed.jpg (31 KB, 540x960)
31 KB
Feel free to post your collections, your works in progress, or your star hordes! You can find lots of inspiration in the old thread (http://boards.4chan.org/po/thread/515222) Remember /PO/ is a slow board so please don't bump the thread. I created the last thread over two years ago. Here's to two more.
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having slightly longer nails helps
Put in some effort.
File: IMG_20180606_162939.jpg (723 KB, 1944x2592)
723 KB
723 KB JPG
I'll have to take pictures of all the bottles I've filled with these. I still need to get an empty Patron bottle.
Oh, these looks cool! I'll probably copy it...
Go for it! My favorite thing is to fill bottles and jars with stars the color of what they originally had. Salsa jars are fun gifts.

File: 5407117155_6988792854.jpg (186 KB, 375x500)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
I'm new to /po/, although I visit on a blue moon. I wanted to talk about these stickers I recently discovered. Bikkuriman stickers, and similar ones to it. Is this the place to talk about stuff like this? Not sure where else to go. Anyone collect these? How about stamps?
I'd love to talk about sticker collecting! Or stamp collecting!

File: book.jpg (33 KB, 349x499)
33 KB
which books are similar to this one? i used to own a copy when i was a kid and didn't understand most of it but it looked impressive. maybe now i can do the more advanced stuff
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Maekawa's "Genuine Origami" is very very good for new folders.
See >>564550 for good newbie books.
Should I read this before the Origami Omnibus?
I don't think order matters.
Saw it at a shop a while ago, seemed okay for noobs

File: 1202170045.jpg (5 MB, 4160x3120)
5 MB
Based on vestments is in 1:18 scale and smaller made from scratch never been done before Eastern Rite Catholic/orthodox/Byzantine style
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maybe /fa/. if not, /fa/ might be able to help you find a home.

i don't care about clothes at all. but this isn't the place for it. /po/ is papercraft and origami.

and we're all autists here.

good luck trying to find a home, and post back here if you do find a home. it feels good knowing that a fellow autist found a home.
I've been looking at this thread for nearly a week and it's only occurred to me that you're making a doll-sized clothes. Which I think is cute.
Walk us through the construction OP. It evidently looks like you just... taped on... some of the emblem stuff. Perhaps you could get refined results if you sewed on some patches of that design, if you could make or obtain those.
I don't know, this is cute and weird to me. Bless you OP.
This is probably about as /fa/ related as it is /po/ related, perhaps even /toy/ related.
Thanks anon, thank you very much.
Yeah it's like you guessed it was made its on the money, I'll check out/fa/ like you suggested, thanks for not being harsh like some of the previous posts were.
yeah this is totally /fa/ here not /po/, sorry anon better luck next time.
Wow, how is this still here????

for me it's kirogami
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here you are
and another similar book
Absolutely based
For me, it's kiragami
come on, it's not too difficult to find out on your own...

File: IMG_20180611_175302.jpg (29 KB, 480x640)
29 KB
This took me 5 years
How did I do ?
Not bad, but now that you've paid it off, it will probably break down, that's what happens to me every time.
duct tape might help

File: Origami-reptiles-cover.jpg (142 KB, 741x1002)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
Any of you guys have a copy of Muneji Fuchimoto's Origami Reptiles and Amphibians? Or just share any good animal related origami book :)))
Here's one for you guys
Beautiful amphibians hope someone has it

File: top.png (39 KB, 520x316)
39 KB
Hey po/ do you know where i can find the last version of pepakura designer 3.1.8 full with the patch to view locked models? thanks a lot for your help
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File: all hope lost.jpg (73 KB, 853x552)
73 KB
>this thread was made 2 years ago
Pepakura 4.0.7 (2018) Offsets
the info provided below DOES NOT give you a free 'illegal' working copy of Pep.Des
what it does do is it allows you to eddit, including resizing, .pdo files that have been password protected.

why use offsets?
because many people are finding that the patch requires files they cannot install without first uninstalling previously installed more up to date versions of MS Visual C+ dll files.
I searched for hours on ways to do this without risking my pc boiling over, then followed this thread till I found the info I needed.

download/install/run HxD hex editor

in pepakura designer 4.0.7

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
amazing thread everyone
>patch requires files they cannot install without first uninstalling previously installed more up to date versions of MS Visual C+ dll files.
That shouldn't be the case, could you elaborate?
TYTY. I just used -4934 successfully

File: 15277305539331563973494.jpg (5.32 MB, 4160x3120)
5.32 MB
5.32 MB JPG
Newfag here.
Looking for a couple easier templates to ease myself into the harder ones here.
-No pornographic pictures
-If you post drama, post a craft too
-No "bump" or other thing like that
-Complicated cutting is OK but no 60 peice mechas or the like
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alternatively just type "interests"+papercraft in google
Try looking for templates of N64 characters.




There are 150 threads on /po/, newdyke. Most of them have simple papercraft in them already.
You're welcome.

Please post origami diagrams you've got.

Whether it's an individual figure, or a whole book... just beware 4chan has a 8mb per post limit. You might be stuck extracting the pages of single figures, to stay well under this limit, or break it up into say 20 page blocks so you can post a whole book, just in fragments... however you wish to do it.

I'll start off with one of my favorite (and smallest!) origami books; here's the cover, I'll be posting several diagrams from it.
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anybody has a good bull/cow diagram?
Jeez, that first page felt more like a riddle than proper instructions, talk about messy.
File: image.jpg (1.61 MB, 3264x2448)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB JPG
Big fan of the ship, thanks. I’m building a pirate armada so y’all might as well surrender your booty now (only one boat in pic related)
I don't understand step 24 and 25. what does he mean with "hold, stretch and sink"?

File: untitled.png (123 KB, 300x225)
123 KB
123 KB PNG
does anyone have Paper Pendulum Clock kit or pattern? I have a kind of kit book but it quality is bad. pls share if you have better. I really want to make this one. thank you!
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Just doing this right now, and I’m wondering - in the diagram for the 20 tooth gear, it appears that the gear front and back go through the outline of the teeth. Do I need to cut a flap for that, or do I just assemble it like the other gears?
"Go through"? C6 has extra bits that you fold over onto the teeth on each side. But that gear is constructed kind of strangely.
Did you ever have any success with this anon?
File: 1523129045724.jpg (243 KB, 800x909)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
Koakuma kunny
It does look cool, but looks way too complex for me. I've barely done any papercraft to begin with.

File: roonroon.jpg (64 KB, 596x381)
64 KB
i just want to have fun and create some projects. What is required for this hobby? I don't have a printer or nice paper.
You'll need to get a printer, but that's about the only pricey thing you'll need. Other than that cheap a4 paper works great and a simple exacto will do you just fine. Also elmers glue is all you need for an adhesive.

I'd start really simple with box figures and go from there to whatever topic interests you.

Best of luck!
Note that for origami you don't even need a printer nor nice paper. Any paper will do.

If you tell us what paper you can find, then we can suggest models for it.

File: 695045.jpg (15 KB, 231x256)
15 KB
So Dark Souls Remastered was released recently. There's a distinct lack of DS merch out there (figures coming soon). Is there any chance someone could turn this simple Onion Bro figure into an easy-to-build papercraft figure? I would say Sun Bro, but there's already a Solaire papercraft out there.
4 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
This board is slow as a glacier, no need to bump my friend.

I tried ripping the models from DS1 using 3dripperDX and they're completely fucked by LOD issues, DS2 rips perfectly but has no UV map coordinates and extracting the model directly only gives you a t-posed one. Nothing to do
File: LAUTREC_1.jpg (410 KB, 1440x810)
410 KB
410 KB JPG

wow thanks! I really appreciate the effort! I've been thinking of a different approach lately-I don't need something complicated, but just a simple, easy to build version of my favorite Dark Souls armor set would be awesome.
File: botc.png (259 KB, 700x764)
259 KB
259 KB PNG

For the record, this is what I mean for the DS2 models texture problem. (part 1)
File: botc2.png (102 KB, 1322x944)
102 KB
102 KB PNG

(part 2)
The UV map of every material is just a mess of faces in the shape of a circle, I don't know what's causing this as I've tried tweaking all the in-game video options and nothing has worked so if anyone knows the solution it would be of great help!

Does anyone have blueprints of greeting cards in this style?
Lovepop has really nice greeting cards, but I like to make them yourself.
I'd like to know that as well....

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