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File: 0119.jpg (5.53 MB, 3530x3456)
5.53 MB
5.53 MB JPG
Looking for lightbox templates other than the ones from here. http://otakucrafts.blogspot.ca/2015/03/lightbox-templates.html (my pic is a rough test based on one from there)

File: top.png (39 KB, 520x316)
39 KB
Hey po/ do you know where i can find the last version of pepakura designer 3.1.8 full with the patch to view locked models? thanks a lot for your help
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File deleted.
Thanks for your answer and excuse me again, but with this it says at the end of their posting and their patch ....

Also apply the patch or what has to be done on their part with hex editors?

I mean this paragraph:

"For anyone who cares, I discovered something interesting while debugging the code path for the new PDO format:
PDO byte files Contain That tells Pepakura Whether it's locked or not, in previous versions it would validate esta value Against a hash of the password salted to make sure You Had not tried to tamper With the file and unlock it manually. With the "upgraded" PDO format they've Introduced in 4.0 the hash check is completely missing, so you can just open any locked PDO made with Pepakura 4.0 in a hex editor, change the byte at 0x44 to 0 and Pepakura Have open it without complaint. "

Thank you for your patience / understanding, attention and help.
You don't have to worry about that bit. It's just some technical info I thought people might find interesting. The patcher program handles everything, no additional effort required on your part.
Thank you indeed for your time and patience.

Also for sharing this cool patch... Personally, do not use it to sabotage to designers or artists trying to steal his works, perhaps just changing the size of them or remove / put the lines.

Greetings and thank you again.
Seems like they fucked up support for some version 3 pdos too.
I get "failed to open" on a bunch my old files. Confirmed it's not a problem with your patch, happens with the original .exe too.
Thank you!

So I've been shelling out a shitload more for printing than I probably should at Kinko's and I want to get a halfway decent printer for printing my own models out, but I have no idea where to start. What do you suggest?

File: c.jpg (59 KB, 436x450)
59 KB
I found instructions for the cosmosphere finally
figured you'd want in
File: c1.jpg (119 KB, 597x796)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
File: c2.jpg (82 KB, 602x811)
82 KB
File: c3.jpg (75 KB, 589x808)
75 KB
Those came from Tanteidan Convention #10, so not rare.
But thanks for contributing anyway!
File: golfball[1].jpg (15 KB, 399x368)
15 KB
yeah it's literally an elaborate icosahedron. P cool, considering how close it looks to a sphere.

Pic semi-related

File: johanscherft.jpg (98 KB, 868x569)
98 KB
po/ I'm looking for realistic bird templates for a project, pic realated
im trying to keep costs down so i am unwilling to pay for templates if possible, if anyone has anything along these lines, would much appreciate
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another one
give me another one
lol dude ur fuckin memeing right now
triples for globby haha! :^)

i did it lol
absolute madman

File: DESIGNER 4.0.0.png (1003 KB, 992x711)
1003 KB
1003 KB PNG
Someone who can help me with a patch for Pepakura Designer v4.0.0 to crack or break the security password to read files or models that come to have so editing.

Thank you very much in advance...
Oops, didn't see this thread, see my post here:
Thanks dude ... You're great !!!

Just a question ... the patch is applied and apart must be opened with a HEX editor to implement and change it from 0x44 to 0 for the Pepakura Designer open it without complaint ????

Thanks in advance for your answers....
Nope. If you apply the patch, you don't need to do anything else.
0x44 bit is just for information.

File: mein paper plane.jpg (349 KB, 3000x2000)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
From /pol/
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its right above you jesus

The original swastika does, anyway. The Nazi's version is flipped. How did you not know it wasn't the same symbol?
Looks like fucking shit. Faggot
File: 022.jpg (260 KB, 816x816)
260 KB
260 KB JPG
>The original swastika does, anyway. The Nazi's version is flipped.
Christ. Nazi appropriation was shit but so is this massive ignorance surrounding the symbol.

The Swastika aka the Sun Cross is an ancient symbol with home in, but not limited to, the Ancient Greeks, Romans & "Byzantines", Illyrians, Etruscans, Baltic peoples, Celtics, Germanics and Slavic peoples in all of which it is found in many forms including "both ways".
Finds go all the way back to the Indus Valley civilization later on to the early Hellenes on to the Germanic Iron Age, and well into the medieval era.

File: download.png (9 KB, 252x200)
9 KB
who could put a media file or some file share site peferably zip or rar thanks
bump for OP.

looking for the same

this has to be the weirdest request. This is for a friend and i am not sure what he is asking for but he wants a Gambit Mask. google gives me nothing. any DIY alternatives?
Couldn't find any papercraft, but a few diy with ski masks like http://ne0ven0m.blogspot.de/2011/01/my-gambit-costume-v-10-wip.html which look decent enough since paper wouldn't look good
thank-you! i will show him that and see what i can do.

File: Hellcat.png (6.87 MB, 1008x1328)
6.87 MB
6.87 MB PNG
i have more if anyone want's em
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piss on it or me
bump :^(
File: DSCF0028.jpg (113 KB, 640x480)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
not sure if thread related but.. back in 2002-2003 something like that my friend found a book of cut & glue flying paper aircrafts on hard paper (a paper more strong, pardon me for my English)

and boy, did they fly.. but even though i've searched through the interwebz I couldn't find any worth print plans.. does anyone knows something about it?

They did ressemble something like this
File: whitewings.jpg (32 KB, 499x332)
32 KB
The name is Whitewings. Some are made only from paper, and some have paper glued to apiece of balsa wood.

File: image.jpg (43 KB, 284x405)
43 KB
Hi /po/, I'm looking for someone who is experienced in making articulated papercrafts. Im a huge fan of the Netflix Daredevil and aside from a few of those vinyl PPP figures there's not much in the way of merchandise. So I figured why not make my own? I have a 3D model ready and stuff I just need someone who can convert it to papercraft and add some joints. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Heres a video showing how to make one like this
Thank you! I may give this a try. I've been trying to get the model from Marvel Heroes but unfortunately my computer has a virus now :( I'm posting from my phone>>537491
Hope your computer be fixed soon
Hey do you have any news?

Hey /po/ I'm new to origami and I'm wondering what is the best paper to use for folding? I only have printer paper so far.
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File: pol_visits_po.png (254 KB, 720x751)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
Opposite day
>pic related
>But yellow paper is honorary white paper too
Nah, yellow paper is just old shit quality white paper, only good for a fire starter
if your just starting, i personaly would stick with printer paper becuase its cheap, and can buy in large packs, as well you can make reasonable large squares out of it to practise with. Its also fairly durable so it takes refolding quite well. Then move on to origami paper after you become fairly confident with it.
This is good starting paper, fairly cheap
Cheap? You can get thousands of sheets for the same price in dollar stores or online.

File: origami pouch.png (10 KB, 396x408)
10 KB
A few years ago I found an origami pouch that looked like this, as far as I can remember. Does anyone know what this model is?
Maybe you mean a "paper cd case?"
that's not it, it was definitely 3D
>impliying this is not 3d
As in, not just flat layers of paper. The base and sides opened up like a gift bag.

File: ABC-2802a.jpg (13 KB, 260x194)
13 KB
I am looking for a few (for me) hard to find car models from the excellent Czech Magazing ABC that contained card models in their pages.

The 3 I am having trouble finding are listed:

Fiat Ritmo Abarth (Volume 23 published in 1978)
ABC Epsilon ( Miura Racing ) unsure...
Lotus Espirit (supposedly published in Volume 40 in 1995).

Images posted. Starting with the Epsilon.
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I need all of them, they are so nice
I first started into paper car modeling today. This is my first attempt to a decent replica.
I found all the instructions on a page named papercraftsquare. There are lots of stuff like this
The Bimmer looks nice! 1:24 is a nice scale!

File: 3d_ant_attack_1.gif (3 KB, 256x192)
3 KB
I would like to yellow some pieces lightly, with as little crumpling as possible. do you have any tips?
just wait 30 years, how hard is that ?

Acid in the paper turns it yellow over time.

Try speeding the process with some acid.

don't over do it.
used tea bags
Tim Holtz Distress Ink pad, or stain in "Old Paper", results in a cool-toned greenish yellow.

"Tea Bags" is the colour-way I prefer, it's a warmer-toned, brownish yellow.

"Vintage Photo" is a darker brown.

"Brushed Corduroy" [I think that's the name, it for sure has the word corduroy in it] Is a sickly greenish taupe colour.

Ink pads can be purchased in any craft/hobby store, or online. The "mini" size is more affordable and sufficient. They last a very long time.

If you'll be yellowing/aging paper a lot, I strongly recommend their new round tool with foam pieces to get good coverage and have more control.

If you'll only do this a couple of times, I recommend inexpensive triangle make-up sponges available at most pharmacies/drug stores.

If you spray or mist the page after applying the Distress Ink, the ink reacts with the water for some very neat effects. But, the paper may warp/bubble as it dries. This is easily remedied with an iron on a medium setting.

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