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Found this on deviantart, and was wondering how they did the fingers. Unfortunately, couldn't find anything else from them on it, so was hoping something similar in that style was out the.

Appreciate the help!
Nothing new Anon.
they're attached by strips of paper or fabric, like the one attached to the rivet in the bottom right pic.

one for each finger. i think the finger segments are attached with glue.

File: 1434749452021.jpg (14 KB, 211x253)
14 KB
I want to get into the Papercraft hobby, but I don't know where to start. It'd be nice if there was a sticky with resources.

Any suggestions?
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Hey what you do with your jizz is your issue, just saying
/po/ not having a sticky is some sort of on-going meme.
Printing & cutting
it is, however, a meme at the detriment of your community.

You'l get fewer people asking stupid questions if you aggregate answers to common questions to a single post on the front page.

Can you imagine how many "how do you roll" or "what programs should I use" requests /tg/ and /gd/ would get respectively, if they didn't have a sticky?

At the very least you need one like /e/ or /diy/ where it defines what is and is not on-topic, as >>527445 points out.

Like, does card proxy-making count? I know several people who do that stuff, and it would definitely pull in some extra people, discussing what are good techniques, what paper to use, what inks, good stripping materials, etc.

i found this image on papercraft square...and the model looks amazing...must find this!
help me out, please!

I imagine this quest will be eventful and I will find out a lot about the protagonist and also myself in turn. I will follow your adventure with baited breath.

It's a custom build by a korean dude. He designed magnetic joints based on RG models and implemented them into this build.


File: wtf-.jpg (43 KB, 337x600)
43 KB
Give me all your penguin models
Like rat thread but with penguins
File: Tux.pdf (540 KB, PDF)
540 KB
540 KB PDF
File: PINGU fatherĀ“s.jpg (26 KB, 550x412)
26 KB
A classic of animation....
PINGU...On this occasion, his father.

File: PaperPenguin.gif (296 KB, 3157x2232)
296 KB
296 KB GIF
Thos one looks cute :D

File: po.png (710 KB, 1200x1500)
710 KB
710 KB PNG
The folks over at /qa/ wish you guys a happy 9th birthday!

If you weren't aware your board was created April 6th 2006.

May it live on for eternity! (or when we run out of trees)
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If we run out of trees could we could use animal skin? The stuff crusaders grew up with?
happy birthday /po/

I can't believe I've been visiting this board for 5 years

>not being 7'2
Fuck. I remember the early days, all those origami boulder jokes....

File: sentinel.jpg (88 KB, 300x400)
88 KB
Hey guys! Im looking for the next pepakura files!

-Classic IronMan Armor (Or any of the first Ironman Armor, except those who appear in the movie)
-AntMan Helmet from the Movie
-Items from marvel like Cyclop's thing he use in the eyes, Thor's Hammer or Captain America's Shield.

Also, will be cool you post marvel's pepakura files you'd like to share, or pictures of finished works.
here are all the models i found in my collection relating to Marvel. hopefully it is what you are looking for.


Thanks Anon, I'll download it and check it!

File: 1405468980001.jpg (2.8 MB, 3504x2336)
2.8 MB
2.8 MB JPG
Resurrection thread. A mashup of Jim Bowens MiniatureDungeonAdventures (+ a splash of FlipIt) with 40k.

Come back and post more, OP of the last thread!
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Holy crap. These are awesome.

Thank you very much anon.
I'm happy to see that you like it. If you have any requests pls write it and i will happy to help you. G24:)

someone has this template?
Bump for unicorn
Bump for cgi unicorn
Check the archive or ask here >>518216

next time maybe look if there is a thread here that comes close to what you need before posting some vague request.

If you actually googled you would have seen that the dude that makes them only sells them printed and that they are quite expensive.
That is why no one has the digital version

File: DSCF2655.jpg (268 KB, 1600x1200)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
also tank thread
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File: P1380170.jpg (840 KB, 3072x2304)
840 KB
840 KB JPG

Suspension system is finished
woah, that's incredible. Are you using real wire for the shocks?
What kind of paper is that? It looks really thick.
File: P1380174.jpg (616 KB, 2560x1920)
616 KB
616 KB JPG
Yep. Originally that should be just paper tube with black line symbolizing a spiral. Thought I can do something better than that.
File: P1380175.jpg (936 KB, 3072x2304)
936 KB
936 KB JPG
Model came with laser cut sheet for thick parts.

You guys have a really slow board.

Incredibly tiny origami thread?
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File: crane2.jpg (17 KB, 540x406)
17 KB
Not small enough, need a crane the size of a cell plz thanks
how is that possible?? >>527639
Read the story here:
And another one for the smallest crane:

File: paperkurabanner.jpg (7 KB, 166x36)
7 KB
Hi pals!

I run a pepakura homepage since a half year. Might some of you are interested in it! I am open for feedback! www.paperkura.com

stolz holz
what does it mean when some models are labeled with "+foam"
This is a template unfolded to be built with craft foam. There are no tabs and parts are attached by gluing their edges together.
This is a pretty legit site, OP. Easy to navigate and looks good too.
Thank you anonymous:)
File: 2015-07-10-18-40-11.png (516 KB, 707x732)
516 KB
516 KB PNG
The Alien Predator Trophy is actually a Halo Legendary Plaque. http://halo.wikia.com/wiki/wiki/McFarlane_Toys/Halo_Anniversary_Series_1

Does anyone have any links to download some paper craft D&D stuff? i seen one on here a while ago but i didn't get around to downloading it.
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ou can also look for a PDF of Cardboard Heroes; they're just cut-it-yourself sheets with a back & front, depicting the back & front of a character or creature. They're good for replacing miniature figures.
File: fantasy paper model.jpg (81 KB, 793x427)
81 KB
this guy has made some pretty cool table-top creatures. hopefully it's something to help you out with for now.

Where is the archive for a newfag?

File: stimpak_papercraft.png (342 KB, 548x755)
342 KB
342 KB PNG
Does anyone have any kind of "basic things to know about papercraft" thing that I could look over because I really know jack shit about the kind of stuff I am trying to make. Like do I need special paper ect
What kind of glue do you use thread?
shitty gluesticks and sometimes superglue for things i really want to hold

File: 65745643.jpg (5 KB, 200x200)
5 KB
Hey /po/

I got into papercrafts (the pepakura kind) maybe 3 months ago and, well, I fucking suck at it. I could drop it entirely like with everything else I ever try to do but I really want to get better and continue making crafts. Do you guys have any tips or pointers? I have a lot of trouble with smaller tabs on models, and sometimes I make so many small mistakes that it's literally impossible for me to connect the last piece to the rest to close up an area. What do, man?
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Another moron, is 1,41 times bigger not twice, learn your scales.
Practice. At first I sucked, I didn't even know scoring lines helped me fold. Read the FAQ posted above. Don't spend too much before you get into it. Leave the die cutting machines and printers for when you get better.

I really like uhu all purpose glue. That stuff is amazing. Easy to put on, and holds well almost immidiately.

I do have aquestion, how do you feel about tabs? I had lately a few pieces where the tabs overlapped and with 0.5mm card thickness that stuff adds up. Cut off the tabs and glue a tab under both parts? Or just fold the tab a bit more and just make it sorta fit?

Oh also for scoring, an empty or not empty ballpoint pen is pretty nice.
I don't seem to run into too many problems with tabs. I would say score the tab a little further in to keep the original tab.

As for scoring, I don't use a pen, though I've heard that before. I usually use 120-200lb card, decently thick. All I do is use my hobby knife, I just don't press as hard. A pen is nice because it doesn't cut the paper, so you don't have a bunch of white lines over every corner. I really like that aesthetic with papercraft though, so I use the knife so I can see the white. For a few of the korean models I have, they're just all blank and you print them on the color paper you need for those parts.
Hilarious watching the guy at the print center's face when I told him I needed him to print on black paper.

File: maxresdefault.jpg (255 KB, 2004x1448)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
Okay so I'm new to origami and papercraft and was wondering where I could go to start getting better like websites, forums etc.
wow this is amazing
It looks like a hopf torus.

Puedes mirar en exvagos
En concreto ese toro modular puedes encontrarlo en el libro:Modular Origami Polyhedra de Lewis Simon & Bennett Arnstein & Rona Gurkewitz
the internet

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