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Should I use papercraft? What are the pros and cons? I was thinking of a Revan mask. Can I do that?
Just a mask? You could do it all in a day.
If you have 3D printer, following link is good for you
But with what method?
Pepakura? Ever heard of it?
Isnt Revan dead 3000 years before Episode 7? Wouldnt it be like dressing up as George Washington to watch American Sniper?

File: stimpak_papercraft.png (342 KB, 548x755)
342 KB
342 KB PNG
Does anyone have any kind of "basic things to know about papercraft" thing that I could look over because I really know jack shit about the kind of stuff I am trying to make. Like do I need special paper ect
What kind of glue do you use thread?
shitty gluesticks and sometimes superglue for things i really want to hold

God bless you!

File: CNCRA2_Terror_Drones.jpg (44 KB, 620x387)
44 KB
Hey /po/! I was wondering if anyone could make a net for one of these Terror Drones from Red Alert 2. Please make it small, about 1" diameter with legs going out not much further.
Here are some links for reference:
why would we do that?
b tard here, saw your shitty post on the front page. GO TO /r/ YOU FUCKING MONGALOID

Also came here from front page.

Ill rape your fucking grandma outside of tesco.
Why else do you think the bitch hangs around the tesco you moron?

File: Habitat 67.jpg (3.26 MB, 3580x2276)
3.26 MB
3.26 MB JPG
I've been looking to get into modeling classic brutalist buildings like pic related. Do any of you know of any kits that I could get started with?

Many thanks.
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some buildings, different scales
Brutalism gives me a parkour boner
thats my favorite building of all time, good choice OP.

This looks like a clusterfuck.

File: iso.png (26 KB, 900x900)
26 KB
Looking for advice on making a very plain isohedron (20 triangles)

I would want the faces to be as clean as they can be within reason.

I don't mind cutting and using glue just want to get the end result so I can paint it.

Any help would be appreciated been trying to do tabs but the final one just will not go in well.
First time on /po/ and I know how to do this one!

Make 20 paper circles of whatever diameter you want (This can be accomplished by tracing a cup/round object).

Second step is to create an equilateral triangle that touches the interior of the circle with its tips. There are many ways to do this. Use cardboard because the next step is to trace the equilateral triangle over each circle.

You now should have 20 paper circles with triangles inscribed in them. Fold the circles along the traced lines, creating the outside faces with 3 tabs. (I hope this isn't what you've been trying to do, if so my bad. This is probably the simplest way to do this.) Glue the tabs to each other until you have a full tetrahedron.
*Icosahedron, my bad. You can use these steps to make any of the Platonic solids
File: icosahedron.jpg (485 KB, 2480x3508)
485 KB
485 KB JPG
Fist of all you are looking for a (convex) icosahedron

You can use a regular woodglue to clue everything together and a no glue connection for the last flap.

here is a quick edit I did to a regular plan.
oh the flap with the line goes inside the icosahedron and you need to fold it so the ink is on the inside.
would be great but might be hard to do the last one without trouble. Never thought of that method

The huge issue with this is that i want to do it on a large scale

and secondly some edges would be open while others are seamless and for me its a dealbreaker

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