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I know this is ITEM Entertainment papercraft
Can anyone share it?
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Nice dubs!
I wonder how big this model gona be if I print it on A4.
Kek wills it

Hi, i need ideas of papercraft or also for this Chracter, is a crazy dog with crazy glasses,

File: lowtier1.png (35 KB, 612x792)
35 KB
I made a /tg/ mini game about bikini armor based battles a while back, with /po/ minis. I think it was destroyed in one of the new thread spam purges or something. Anyway, I opened up my old files and fixed them up a bunch today. Here's some stuff. Enjoy, but I'm looking for comments along the lines of "This specific thing right here looks like shit/is needlessly difficult" so anything along those lines is appreciated.
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File: skull 2.png (1 KB, 102x104)
1 KB
A skeleton will look even more funny.
Red Sonja
This is nice. I had thought of doing a skeleton as a wall decoration for the standard dungeon thing, but it's a low priority.

This is great.

I've come up with the full list of stuff I need to make the /qst/ thread and I'll be putting it together slowly.
File: IMG_2035m.png (306 KB, 300x400)
306 KB
306 KB PNG
Ordinary foot soldier with bamboo armor, short sword (or Naginata/Guan Dao) and small shield (optional straw hat). Will make up the main troops of the yellow army.
File: goblin pale green 1.png (2 KB, 105x112)
2 KB

File: witcher_papercraft1.jpg (124 KB, 590x332)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
I got witcher 3 on Xbox due to my PC being dead so I'm unable to get the PDF can anyone help me out?
Hello, dear visitor.

Try searching for witcher papercraft on your favorite search engine. The results will lead you to the GoG site. There you can find three of these "doll" patterns. ^_^

God bless you and may you have a wonderful new year! <3

Anybody has a layout for a horse head like this one? My GF came up with it, and it would be a nice last minute craft to her
just ride her will do. ;-P
Had it, but my hdd crash took it before I could build it. So looking for this, other trophies or masks too.

Any tips on cutting paper with an hobby knife? I have a relatively difficult time working my way around one because I am pretty new at doing this.
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>Use a steel instead of plastic ruler.
Also, this is important. When I was doing a ton of low poly pepakura work I damaged most of my plastic rulers while cutting with xacto and now they do not draw straight because of the indents and such
"self healing" mats are a godsend. Get one if you don't have one already. >>548634 this is spot on.
Always keep blades in stock so you wont be shy about changing them. Also keep a half decent pair scissors around to deal with things that don't require a lot of precision as to save wear on your blades.
How often to change blade?
really depends on what you're cutting. Cardboard, cardstock and foam are obviously going to take off way more life than say paper. If you're getting partial separations or it's not cutting all the way through the material under reasonable pressure try a new one. I have a strop with diamond stropping paste. (for razor blades and non-disposable scalpels) so I use that to resharpen blades rather than discard them. This may be pedantic but I put a paper weight on the back of my hand (about half a pound) and just let the knife rest with my elbow on the table then pull a piece of normal printer paper past the blade. If the paper does not separate cleanly then I put in the blade away for resharpening. You'll probably get a feel for it but I'm just never sure if it's me or the blade sometimes so I do the aforementioned.
Sick dubs m80

need poni origami

pic unrelated
>no actinides
I have some saved, but I fear the retribution of the mods and populace. I'm not sure how the climate on /po/ is toward pone

Hey, I cant find any links that are not dead for this space marine mk7 helmet. Any help is appreciated, and if you have the pdo's for any other warhammer 40k models that would be awesome too : )

File: IMG_2775.jpg (632 KB, 1811x1811)
632 KB
632 KB JPG
Meh first, fox by HT Quyet. Well really, I'm folding Satoshi Kamiya's smilodon, but there's no picture of it on my phone so I'll probably share it later.
Good fold, Pu55y D3tr0y3r!
Your fox needs color

File: 1465294115062.png (100 KB, 506x395)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
What kind of scissors do you guys use?
If you use other tools, what is it?
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nahh they arent shit, you just have to learn how to use them realll good, of course using only scissors isn't a plausible thing (or not if you want your crafts to be as flawless as possible) so having an exacto-knife is essential

personally i use both scissors and a normal cutter, an exacto-knife is much recomended though for its ease of use
If you need to use scissors, use these.
xacto knives, scissors are good for long straight cuts though.
How about a good knife for larger tasks?
Does anybody know a good craft knife for someone with arthritis?

anyone here read this whole book? how's origami design going?
I have a copy of this book, its dense.

It codifies alot of the oragmi shapes and gives you really good base templates to fuss around with. Mostly I've just used what I've read to adjust models that might be weird or have odd folds.
Yes but its hard to read. I have read the first edition and i have bought the second one also.

If you have the money buy it. It is THE book to learn how to design. It mix art and math and geometry.

If you like too much origami. Soon you wil get bored of book with instructions. Thid book is diferent his focus is design. But if you are a origami fun you should have it

I have also "creating origami" but it is a lot more easy to read and it is funny.
It only explains a few designing techniques. You won't be the next kamiya satoshi by reading this book alone. However, if you are interested in CP's this is a great book. I remember when I first started with cps this book helped me a lot to develop my skills
Does anyone have a full download for this?
You can easily find it with a simple google search. It's one of the few books I recommend buying IRL. You won't regret it

File: 1457387116929.jpg (77 KB, 552x414)
77 KB
What should I use to solidify a papercraft? I was thinking about using a brush and white glue, or maybe a brush and clear polyester casting resin, or even just a clearcoat of spray paint. Anyone have any recommendations? Pic unrelated
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$2 is our sale price where I work, not that I intend to advertise where that is, but it's normally about $4 - $7 nominally.
I've used brushed on PVA glue (thinned down a bit with water) but that was mostly to keep everything in place.
Spray adhesive seems like overkill to me unless you're trying to make your papercraft do things that paper isn't really meant for. Like are you just trying to get some fluttery elaborate paper to sit still or are you trying to use it to hang glide with or something?
I used clear resin for that. It soaks really well into paper and helps quite a bit.

If you want to make it more perfect, carefull stuff parts (arms, legs, torso, head) with wad and let a drop of resin soak into it now and then while stuffing.
You'll end up with pretty much a resin modelkit which you can even carefully sand down some and airbrush.
Do you just brush it on?
I was planning to, but it turned out that the viscosity of the expoxy I had was so low (between water and syrup) that it soaked right into the paper.
It was no glossy paper, just some random paper I use for the laserprinter.

You can use eg a toothpick to put drops onto the paper and if needed, wipe it around a little.

I would like to know a couple things about papercrafts harder than this kind.

1 - How do I open pdo files? Are they essential?
2 - How do I know how to go on without a step by step guide?
3 - When should I use hot glue or normal glue/scotch tape?

Thanks in anticipation, any other advice is welcome.
1- papekura viewer. Only if the model is complex
2- ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ you just kind of figure it out
3- just withe old normal glue
You need to be a pedo to open .pdo files.

try getting your hands on sime loliporn

File: download (6).jpg (7 KB, 213x237)
7 KB
Hey /po/ I'm looking for this Code Geass Zero Mask pdo I saw it here a while back and seemingly the owner removed it because he released it and -gasp- people made it and edited it.

> bump
File: Cat 2.png (121 KB, 297x329)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
here is a V2 of that helmet. enjoy :)

OP here too caring about the environment and not feeling making a new post for stuff. How about the DBZ armor all the links I've found are dead.
google reverse image search brought me here. http://www.mundopapercraft.com/television/armadura-saiyajin

d/led and verified working pdo. enjoy and Merry Christmas!!!

File: 14824989834381050448507.jpg (3.61 MB, 2448x3264)
3.61 MB
3.61 MB JPG
What kind of A3 card should I use to make a Custom DVD boxset. Any ideas?
Pic below is the paper version I printed out
Just do that but use different colors and lay them on top of eachother using a craft knife to cut.

Also fun fact kill la kill is r18+ in Australia for "high impact animated sexual violence"
Can you please explain that a bit clearer, also thoughts on the box itself would be appreciated
As in make a box of black, cut out the grey part and stixk it on, and then the red and so forth. Better finish, less tacky and no ink stains. I suggest getting rid of that front part and just having it as a slip cover for all 3. Get the thickest card withim reason.

Hoeever it it was me id just wrap them in plastic and never use them again
File: 1482514499568-284322632.jpg (2.72 MB, 2448x3264)
2.72 MB
2.72 MB JPG
Thanks for that, but what should I do for the sticker part (maybe print em on peelable sticker paper?)

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