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File: 1516226853591.jpg (191 KB, 1186x775)
191 KB
191 KB JPG

Vidya meets Cardboard Papercraft. What does /po/ think of this synthesis?
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Kind of looks retarded in the commercials.
nice, any idea wher to get replacements of the other parts?

also what dimensions are those printed? (35cmx50cm)
the scale is missing and they're definitely not meant to be printed on a4

doesn't look so bad. not worth $80 but I could see it at ~50 with their other games

File: laborobot3.jpg (59 KB, 960x720)
59 KB
I made a template for the in-game robot for the new Nintendo Labo game.
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I'm gone from /po/ for a couple months and return for 2 of papercrafts heavy hitters dropping hits. Christmas already?
Both these models are suh-wheetness!!!
Are there templates for this specific model?
Unless you're asking for instructions, then you're out of luck because Jim doesn't normally include them

sorry to hyjack but this doesn't seem worth it's own thread bumping something off

nintendo posted templates for replacement labo parts but provided no scale. I know they're much bigger than standard printer paper but does anybody know what I'd use, or have a converted a4 printable version of the template sheets that when pieced together come out to the proper size?
forgot the link

Someone has this file, it is no longer available for download.
Can you be a little more specific (title of creation, name of creator)? Can't google without it. >Someone has this file just won't work.
That's just it, I just found his image with a link that does not work.
reverse google image search is a wonderful thing :)


File: 1400544349555.jpg (39 KB, 497x470)
39 KB
Hi /po/ erm so as a grand gesture I'm going to send the girl I love a gift box for her birthday - she lives in another city, she is back with her ex after telling me she doesnt have that "spark" with me.
I have all the finer details planned (gift, letter and asking her professor to call her into her office before her birthday) but I want to know if there are any ways to prepare the gift box - other than what I found on this website.
Youtube hasnt proven helpful.
Thanks /po/ and yeah I know it is hopeless. But I'll rahter go down swinging than watch from the sidelines desu.
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Also the package is good, but save it for the next chick seriously, this one is being polite but you're annoying her at this point trust me

This exactly, if one of my mates did this IRL we'd be able to put some sense in him at least

Holy chuckles, this is accurate
Buddy, like all the other anons say: let her go. I know it feels hard to, but you must forget about her. If you want to make the box, go ahead, but give it to someone who loves you. That can be a friends, family, or anyone you look up to. They all love you. Do not waste your talent and effort on one girl. You lived your life normally without her before you met her, you can continue to live normally even after her. Distract yourself and forget. Cut all contact if you want to stay sane, man. If she went back to an ex, who's to say she could've done something worse? I may not know her, but it's a possibility. You must let go.
Kill her and the bf
Yeah, don't do that.
Girls can say the dumbest shit to a guy they aren't interested in in the slightest. Saying the spark or passion isn't there is what couples say right before they divorce, why do you think that is? What do you think saying that to someone you've never been with in the first place represents? This is so painful to see. I'm sure you've already done this and it's too late, but no matter what she has ever said, she does not love you at all. You can blame her "wormy" ex she probably cried and exaggerated to you about, blame that it wasn't the time or that young girls "need passion" but the simple fact is you probably lost this game from the start. It almost sounds like you want to wait for her or something awful like that but please don't. She probably doesn't think about you anymore.
I'm sorry.

The website is to showcase some of my models as well as act as a free resource. What should I add to the site to help fellow enthusiasts?

What more should I add to the website, and a general critique of how it looks and feels please. I'll be greatly appreciative

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File: IMG_20180802_141331.jpg (6.01 MB, 3120x3120)
6.01 MB
6.01 MB JPG
I'll keep that in mind the next time I fold the model. Thank you for sharing your opinion.
it doesn't even load for me so I mean... at least the loading screen looks crisp asf
It's not all that impressive right now.
its stuck at the pink loading square for me
You have an “h” floating around the mobile page hehe

File deleted.
>like geometrical origami more than figurative/animal origami
>I don’t like folding huge grids for tessellations or making tens of modules for modular constructions
>I enjoy the process of folding a figurative model, but hate shaping it, since I’m not an artist and it comes out looking bad
This means that the only models I would completely enjoy making are the really simple ones without any shaping, and those are not interesting to me or anyone else at all. Is there anyone with the same feelings?
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There's all kinds of modular stuff out there to work with.
File: 8e94656.jpg (146 KB, 719x1280)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
It was a meme, can’t remember what it was though. For this inconvenience have two complementary memes on the house. (I’m the OP)
File: f8c8495.jpg (15 KB, 183x275)
15 KB
Yes, for example Hideo Komatsu's horse. Other extreme would be Robert Lang's Praying mantis which is
technically really simple (for a complex model) but the shaping on the final two pages takes forever.

I can't find any life sized papercraft models of the Keaton Mask. Can someone tell me where I can find a print out of this for free?
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I used the wayback machine and got a snapshot of the site it was hosted on before it got nuked. found a mediafire link that has all the pdfs for the Keaton mask. You're quite welcome lads.

Thanks so much for your help! I love you anons
No problem pal.
Hey man, thanks for this.
Thank you!!

File: paper.jpg (4 KB, 275x183)
4 KB
Hi /po/, first time posting.
How to bend paper?
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also new, what are the people like on this board?
Polite, mild mannered, practical. Go to page 1, and progress to 2, 3, 4, then you'll get an idea.
you can't dumbass. it'll shatter if you're not careful
bend over and place paper between the cheeks
File: DSC_1847.jpg (1.81 MB, 3920x2940)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB JPG

File: um-tsuru-para-um-amor.png (19 KB, 510x370)
19 KB
Post here your origami.

Share your origami art gallery.
Flickr / deviantart

Let's fold your origami.
Challenge us.

the man who bended?

Not today

go away .

Nobody will help you.

And turn off the capslock

File: 2018 Aug 28 18-17-09-01.jpg (4.02 MB, 2368x6337)
4.02 MB
4.02 MB JPG
What do you guys make of this?
Shitty instructions by the most overrated origamist ever whose models are impossible to fold without tons of glue
File deleted.
The proper diagrams that he published are fine. Also he’s not overrated, you cannot overrate someone like Eric Joisel. Also
>what is methylcellulose

Anyone have the Cameron TSCC Terminatrix zip from Neolxs's DA? He hasn't updated anything in a few years & the link is long dead... i've googled the hell out it, & not hosted anywhere I can find...
Looks very nice, someone actually made paper craft model?


it looks poor
I'm actualy thinking about using it for a new PC case... convert & cleanup the files for 3D printing.
It's either this one or the Starcraft Adjutant...
After about 10 solid hours of googling myself cross-eyed...I finally found what appears to be the only existing copy.


Thank dog for the russkies... :)

Starcraft Adjutant is a nice pice of paper craft, much more better in detail and form.

Some long time ago here on /po/ there ewas a tread about making one. here is some pdo file.


Show us your case after you finish.

File: howling dogu.jpg (35 KB, 570x614)
35 KB
anybody that could help me get this paper craft
or a simular design

File: unnamed-1.png (53 KB, 283x400)
53 KB
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I do believe its for sale at the Origami House (JOAS).
Hey anon, could you please post a pic of the end of the diagram for the wagtail by Yoshio Tsuda ? I can't see shit on the origami house site and i didn't found any photo of the completed model on internet... Also i would like to know how many step there is.
File: untitled.jpg (138 KB, 1223x1585)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Here is the wagtail and it has 155 steps.
Mariano zavala is gonna make tutorial of every single kamiya model, even the non published ones like Winged kirin and stuff. I am sure he is responsible for the delay in WOSK 3. I did some research online and found out he is making 550$ every month and his channel is growing everyday so this is kinda worrysome . What a snake
maybe kamiya should make youtube tutorials instead of diagrams then

File: pepakura.png (528 KB, 1732x1216)
528 KB
528 KB PNG
Is it true? Did he invent the paper model?

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