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File: 2017-11-23_1621.png (181 KB, 976x475)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
guys you know the figures like the ones on cubeecraft? is there a blank template one of these or something similar somewhere?
i guess i could make one myself but i just want to cut stuff out for kids to color, not reinvent the wheel
Yes, on http://www.cubeecraft.com/template.html
thanks anon

Where can I find pdf's on papercraft sculptures like pic related?
File: elephant.pdf (6.15 MB, PDF)
6.15 MB
6.15 MB PDF
Heres the elephant
File: deer.pdf (288 KB, PDF)
288 KB
288 KB PDF
and a deer too
any more?
I'm new here. How the fuck do I do this?
I think the pdf is dead

File: 1473949948340.gif (1.54 MB, 320x240)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB GIF
Want to get into origami. where do I start?
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File: 12.jpg (60 KB, 842x562)
60 KB
I'm new too. This is my first work. Don't hate.
newfags = AIDS
go back to 9origagmi and stay there
Very avant garde
For the longest time I just made notebook paper into a square. Really any paper works. When you get into the bigger more complex models you are going to need more specialized paper. Also the biggest advice i can offer you is to start small and simple maybe buy some beginner books and most importantly be patient. Your models are going to look like shit and you might get stuck on some steps (even advanced folders get stuck too so don't feel bad) but once you understand how to control the paper and how the folds work you will love it. So basically practice makes perfect as generic as that sounds.
Just bumping this thread up to protect it from the /v/posting

File: Dexter PDO.png (70 KB, 400x213)
70 KB

File: b_1_q_0_p_0.jpg (13 KB, 453x310)
13 KB
i have been into origami for a while now and i feel like i can't find any challenging origami. Anyone have any REALLY challenging origami instructions? Found some cool pictures but i cant find the instructions.
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File: sadjew.png (225 KB, 300x434)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
>instructions in hebrew
>Find some crease patterns (Origami Tanteidan Books are good for them) and decipher them
>Follow diagrams from Shuki Kato, Kamiya and Robert Lang if you are too much of a retard to decipher CPs
You probably already have this but take it anyway
And here’s a really challenging model, a Pegasus. Try making this.
thanks for the snail also i might do the Pegasus

File: k.jpg (65 KB, 926x712)
65 KB
Currently in the process of unfolding the armour bits on pic related and it's blasting my ass by how tedious it is since it's some shitty game rip and stuff is clipping everywhere.

How do you keep yourself motivated when unfolding something like this?
Put on some music and chip it away. Aint no way to get it done than just doing it.
It can be quite relaxing once you get in the groove.

First time poster here. How do you make an origami model more permanent? Need to stick one onto a trophy for a project.
But your pic is not origami, it's papercraft.
lol that's just a random pic from the desktop. The model I need to stick is the size of a standard crane.
>>558176 there are a few ways like using glue to make it more resistent and more shiny or use scotch tape in one side of the paper
a lot of acrylic or glue

File: origami-screenshot.png (51 KB, 1133x906)
51 KB
Don't know how useful this would actually be, but might be nice for seeing how the more complex fold patterns actually work.

Its useful to me if I can import files it then reads and shows the sequence if folds for a collapse
Here's something completely useless - an origami puzzle game I found a while ago.
Mods sticky this

File: Oregano2.jpg (41 KB, 700x525)
41 KB
So one of my friends told me about this and told me it's fun. He told me it's about arts and crafts but I have no idea how to do that with this, the material just kinda is too hard and if you try to make it softer to fold it gets ruined way to fast. Some friends told me if I'm bad at it I could try it with glue but it has problems sticking. Help pls
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Are you the origami police now, deciding what can or cannot be used in origami? You'd be surprised how much glue is used in some models to help hold them together.
I don’t want a semantics flame war, but origami is by definition without cutting or gluing.
It used to be before the creations got so evolved that they need a little help keeping their shapes and just being able to stand in general. This isn't the era of just the crane anymore.
if it looks nice no one cares.
At least i dont care if the model is stable without glue but Will be better with It (And is just your election to use It) but not much old models use glue ir cut And the actual models there are not much other models wich use it

File: finished.jpg (30 KB, 480x360)
30 KB
How do origami artists create their own work? Do they use any programs?
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You massive faggot purists sicken me. Eat a dick
There are several books about the designing of origami and the math behind it, such as Origami Design Secrets by Robert J. Lang. You can find many of those books in the book-tread.
Now go suck a dick.
Wo Wo stop with the swearing kiddo,
Honestly, it's pretty impossible to shape any complex model without glue and stuff.

The alternatives to just using glue are pretty bullshit, and totally don't meet purist-y definitions.

Sizing the paper really aggressively with MC and wetfolding is the same as just shaping with MC, which is pretty much the same as just using any other kind of glue.

I guess foil works, but it's really delicate that way and degrades pretty bad over time. Also, if wires aren't cool, why would foil be okay? Neither one is exactly paper...
Typically I have a vague concept, not of a finished product, but some aspect of it. Mostly I just doodle.

Like any artform, origami takes practice as well as an awareness, whether conscious or not, of fundamentals and techniques.

If you're just getting started, observation and skill building is key. Next time you fold, pay close attention (and if you think you already are, pay closer attention). If it's a diagram, look at how each step transforms the paper, notice the techniques used and what the result is. If it's a video, pause and try to predict what the next step would be and how to achieve it. If they don't point point out where everything is placed on the sheet, try and figure it out before it becomes obvious. For crease patterns, look for repeating sections and remember what that folds into, as well as how to related to the rest of the model.

Also, it's good to critique (not necessarily negative) other artists' work. How would you improve their model, what would you have done differently? If you are folding someone else's design and think of some method or aesthetic you'd like more, try it.

File: seychelles.jpg (60 KB, 500x283)
60 KB
I found a bunch of origami flags here: http://www.giladorigami.com/origami-Flags
However, I can only find instructions for Brazil. Could /po/ help me find/reverse engineer instructions for these?
Brazilian flag for reference

Rediscovered how comfy and awesome DoK was designed, any decent papercraft vehicles from that game?
you could try following this thread.

Not DoK, but here is some fleets from Homeworld.


File: TestBuild 03a.jpg (258 KB, 1600x729)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
The creator of the papercraft that i will make recommended to me to use a4 paper but the only paper available was only long sized.

>How can i print like a4 on a long sized paper?
>Pic for reference
>Needs to be 1:1 but needs A4

Srs answer pls i need for school project
I'm pretty sure there is no "long sized". Do you mean legal? I assume what you're asking here is if you can make A-series paper ratio (1:√2) using legal. However, you also mention that it "needs to be 1:1" which is just a square. You're gonna need to state what you need a little more clearly.
Op here
My problem is im using 8.5x13 paper instead of 8.5x11.5. Can i just fix it on the printing options on word?
I'm pretty sure you can just scale the image itself to fit the page. There'd be some excess tho.
Thanks anon will do and hopefully my m8's will like the props that i will make
It's actually 8.5x11 that's recommended.
A4 is just a suitable sub.

Actually, if you have 8.5x13, just have the printer recognize it as 8.5x11 (or cut it down to that size) and go with that.

I messed up, help
I dunno, that is a pretty flawless origami rock. Just reinforce the creases a bit.
Step 34 is a closed sink through the top two layers only.

File: indeks.jpg (6 KB, 259x195)
6 KB
Any good pdf files for a origami noobie?
I'd like something in mediocre difficulty.
(if you know the YouTube channel called Yo Nakashima, something simmilar in difficulty like his videos from his "intermediate" playlist)
Try Jeremy Shafer on YouTube. He has a range of projects which vary in difficulty. He also has two books which I can give a link for Google drive if you want them...

Can you put up the link?

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