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File: robot overlord.png (1.24 MB, 1024x1265)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
/r9k/ is an imageboard where there are no exact reposts.

1. If you attempt to post something unoriginal, it is not posted, and you are muted temporarily.
2. The time with which you are muted for doubles with each transgression.
3. Each mute time is 2^n in seconds where n is the number of times you have transgressed. So, your mute time doubles each time you fuck up.
4. Backlinks, eg >>1, are not viewed by the robot. So "lolwut" and ">>2 lolwut" are the same post, in the eyes of the robot.
5. Gibberish at the end of a post to force originality may result in mod intervention (no BLOX posts please).
6. Images are NOT included in the filter, only text.
7. Your mute count slowly decreases over time.
8. You cannot post a picture without text.
9. Unicode is blocked. Sorry, too many exploits (Cyrillic letters, etc).
10. Posts require a certain minimum amount of original content in order to be posted.
11. Post sane, real content, well thought out replies, and mutes are unlikely.
12. The original algorithm was designed by XKCD:
/r9k/ has no topic, but unlike /b/ Global Rule #3 is in effect. In addition, advice threads and camwhoring/hookup/"rate me" threads should go on /adv/ - Advice and /soc/ - Cams & Meetups respectively.

File: 1125px-No_selfies.svg[1].png (64 KB, 1125x1024)
64 KB
Do not post pictures of yourself on /r9k/.
Do not post threads asking for pictures of other users.

All "rate me" and camwhoring threads belong on /soc/.


File: 42.gif (932 KB, 342x355)
932 KB
932 KB GIF
Previous thread>>49755622
>How does it work?
People will post their Amazon wishlist link according to the instructions in the next post down, thanks to you all. People who enter the thread may post their liist at will, and it is your decision to gift who you want.
>Does my address get shown?
Your city and state, and shipping name. Refer to the instruction image below. Shipping name can be anything you want.
>How will I know if something has been bought for me then?
Items disappear off your list after being purchased. You can also go to your list, press Filter and Sort, then select Purchased.
>Will the information of the gifter be shown to the recipient?
No, all of your information will be protected. The recipient will not see any info.
>How can I post my Wishlist without being blocked by the filter then?
Press the Share Envelope and copy the permalink. If that doesn't work, remove the dot from your link.
>Why should I gift something? I'm not gonna get anything in return for it!
This is a different take on a Secret Santa, where anyone can gift or get from anyone. If you're feeling generous, please do consider giving back to others.

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i'm legit serious, but i don't care if you believe me
File: 1544114444880.jpg (86 KB, 931x700)
86 KB
Going to sleep for now, think of art requests for tommrow fellas.
Goodnight anon. Bring more spook into Chritmas soon.
my gift arrived. THANK YOU NYbro. you saved christmas yet again. the coat looks lazy but it has an official tag so its legit. its also way bigger than in the pictures. thank you soooooo much. ill be back on christmas week i hope youre there so see what im gonna do
Good night Bros. Glad to see a few gifts came in for people tonight. Merry Christmas!


File: punch.png (186 KB, 1317x689)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
Reminder that /lgbt/ and /pol/cucks are NOT robots

Being a robot is being a social outcast because of immutable charateristics that are inherent to you

>if you're an outcast because of an ideology, you're not a robot
>if you're an outcast because you wear dresses and keep telling everyone you suck dick, you're not a robot
>if your only problem in life is not having sex, you're not a robot

Also, homos cannot be robots in general because you are all extremely social and have such good people skills you're known to be very manipulative.

You ARE a robot if you are an outcast because you are
>mentally ill

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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There you go my /pol/ friend. At least you're honest about how you guys feel about us.

Make no mistake robots, a loser is a loser. Nothing you do can change that fact that you're a beta. Even if you allow yourself to be used as a pawn in a culture war where neither side is fighting for your interest, you'll be discard just as fast as they recruited you once you outlive your usefulness.
No, you have to be autistic as well. Thats kinda the main part. If you're in any way socially capable, you cannot be a robot.
File: 53f.jpg (7 KB, 196x250)
7 KB
well, i am happy that im not hopeless at least
AbsoIutely fucking based and redpilled
This honestly. Im glad someone else here understands this

File: 14792739377.png (174 KB, 500x500)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
I'm taking a break from LSD and am gonna try some DMT. Describe to me the differences in the trip, length, visions etc

Also what you fellow druggies up to?
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ive been meaning to try it, think it would be okay if i came home while high? (i live with my parents) will i be alright?
dont do it man youll traumatize them all
yeah you can keep it together pretty well but make it so they are asleep or go asleep shortly after, it will be incredibly weird knowing you are on such a different plain of existence and they arent and probably never will be
I've never managed to see shit with weed. Just makes me feel happy but also super sleepy.

Once I tried psychs, I never went back to it.
No you retard, you shouldn't talk to anyone while tripping on psychs

>tfw didn't eat all day since I'm trying to quit eating McDick's
>got a headache that even a nap won't fix
>go to my mom's and get a bowl of Turkey Vegetable Soup
>currently the most fulfilled and satisfied I've been in a while
Holy shit, anons, actual food tastes great. I've got a couple recipes for non-trash food that I like but they take a little time. Maybe I need to start taking that time I could be playing vidya and applying it to actually sustaining myself.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>actual food tastes great
Lol i remember when i had this revelation. It made me quit fast food entirely. When people told me to stop eating it i just thought they should fuck off and let me enjoy whatever i want but now i realize it isnt actually even food really
I've been trying to wean myself off of it for a while now. I think it was around Thanksgiving when I realized "Holy shit, I can just make my own food and it can sustain me so much better than shelling out $10 a day to Mr. Shekelstein to kill me". That was when I made that Tuna Surprise recipe, and only recently have I really taken it to heart.
Mac And Cheese was like the first thing I ever learned to cook. Once I got good at it I started eating it more often, and that wasn't good for me at all.
No one ever taught me how to cook. Just pick things with directions and follow them. Use google if you are confused. It's not hard if you want to do it.

The headache is probably from harmful artificial food chemicals evaporating from the food and being inhaled.

Let's discuss the possible pros and cons of moms fucking their sons while they're growing up.

I'll list some pros for start:
>better mom/son connection
>son feels loved and appreciated
>chances of developing porn addiction reduced drastically
>he is almost guaranteed to feel sexually competent, won't develop humiliation fetishes
>no bitter virgin behavior, even if girls in school hate him
>can learn so much about sex and intimacy
>will just feel much better, getting sex every day, in those high-hormone crazy years

What is your opinion on this?
161 replies and 26 images omitted. Click here to view.

55 but she could easily pass for early 40's, she is attractive and so am I. I'd never fuck her or anything like that, we have a great relationship and honestly I don't think its weird what we were doing. My only regret is that I didn't ask for a regular handjob. And no my dad left her when I was young for a girl in her 20's.
sounds like she would've done anything you asked for. when's the last time you did anything together?

Almost a year ago, I moved out and rarely get to see her. I think she kind of got off using it on me, she was more than happy to do it.
lol she jacked your cock with a fleshlight anon, she definitely liked it. I guarantee you could get her to do it again and a whole lot more
I love mommy threads

File: chadman.jpg (78 KB, 999x999)
78 KB
>wake up
>Iook in mirror
>see this
now what?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Cry because my twinkish looks are gone
Honestly kind of upset. The guy is very good looking, but he's clearly 30+, And I'm very accustomed to my prettyboy minority lifestyle/culture.
File: cm3.jpg (89 KB, 667x1000)
89 KB
>have you fellas tried being yourself?
File: MGC_02Feb.1.1-1.jpg (1.31 MB, 1920x1080)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB JPG
That is a great example of a Wide Jaw+Pointy Chin combo.

For educational purposes, here is a guy with the far superior combo, Medium Jaw+Square Chin
those look like implants to me

The faces they give the shooter etc really hits home the same types of reactions I got in high school. I feel for the poor fictional lad.

59 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
The year I left (2007) two security guards were placed on the school entrance to pat you down and search your bags.
>locked doors and hall monitors
You are like little baby. watch this:

Gmod, Columbine game, done
I think it would work as a modded gamemode for Gmod or something. Makes it harder for the normies to attack it, and you might be able to recapture the same sort of hype that brought Trouble in Terrorist Town up. Matter of fact, it would be a lot like TTT. With multiple potential shooters going through various different motions they need to start their shooting and a set number of special class students with abilities to combat them and try to find them out before they start shooting. Like a football jock class with a charging attack and fists for melee, a baseball player with a bat, debate team captain to act as a detective of sorts, capable of recruiting NPC students to fight alongside him and gather evidence.
Ayy mind reader.
Problem is a lot of source engine games, not just gmod, have pussy mods and admins that are ban happy or like to abuse their power subtly cheating or something.

File: s-l300.jpg (17 KB, 200x300)
17 KB
Do you watch the plot in porn or do you just skip to the action /r9k/?
15 replies omitted. Click here to view.
if you quit something and then come back to it thats not quitting.
If it was porn addiction, I'd be searching for more "extreme" content, but I'm not.
I meant it as a joke, friend.
That's not true. You can be an addict without searching for extreme content. Just like you can be addicted to weed without moving on to heroin. If you have a hard time getting off to normal shit or you need a certain thing to get off or you simply can't stop watching porn, you're addicted.
I only care about the story if it's incest stuff.

File: hunger games.png (14 KB, 1200x460)
14 KB

167 replies and 86 images omitted. Click here to view.
What the fuck is happening man who's idea was this
I can't even wrap my head around this... THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS. Also Chad btfo.
now back to our scheduled posting

gotta be some fucked up shit in that guys mind

holy shit they killed based bond cause he was investigating the murders, bond got too deep

How do you feel about westernized asian girls?
67 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
The european ones are fine, it's the americanized ones who are fucked up
i don't care about asian girls, they just look boring to me
hot because of identity crisis = fucked in the head

but not wholesome, not gf material, and probably going to hell
File: 1505164068605.jpg (37 KB, 500x273)
37 KB
So you're just another roastie thot that does nothing but have sex, drugs and alcohol?
It depends, from what I've heard they are materialistic as fuck. A few can be wholesome but it depends on how/where they were raised.
Personally I like Asian girls the best, but foreign ones more. For me its more about the fact they are entirely different culture wise.

Any deformed robots out there?
Pigeon chest freak here
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
not sure if it's a protoss or zerg
hiding this thread because op pic really freaks me out
I have a concave chest. I used to put off working out because I figured that I would never look good with my shirt off no matter how built I was bc my chest was deformed. At this point I'm past caring what other people think of me shirtless and I work out for myself. Probably a more productive mindset anyways desu
I got a bit of pectus excavatum, but my biggest problem is rib flare. Shit looks weird and makes me look fucking skeletal.
i have a hunchback because i was retarded and didn't wear my back brace for scoliosis as a kid.

I don't understand whores like these. How can you be this much of a slut. What pisses me off is that one day she's gonna decide to settle down and some cuck is gonna allow her too.
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I'm not op but...
>You're just as bad as orbiters who fawn over ethots.
You're fucking retarded for even thinking this in the slightest. You should really reconsider ever sharing an opinion ever again after saying something like that.
>Why do you care so much about some girl having lots of sex?
There's literally dozens of extremely legitimate reasons to not find this life style, healthy, desirable or beneficial to the person engaging in it or society as a whole. Instead of answering for OP how about you answer why don't you give the legitimate reasons it's a good thing to do what some one like that is doing?
god damn, her pair bond thingy magigy must be all sorts of fucked up.
Spotted a thot that got audited.
Attention, why else would she create a Reddit post online about such a heinous senseless "achievement"
I never claimed it was "good" or "healthy". Why do you even think you're qualified to tell someone what is beneficial for them to do and not to do? Even if you think it's bad, why should you care what some thot does with herself? Why don't you back to hate-stalking ewhores on reddit?

File: 2018-12-06-smash.jpg (931 KB, 1200x2399)
931 KB
931 KB JPG
Not gonna lie, this is fucking hot. Shad made something good for once
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I know there was one up, but I saw this and couldn't help myself, please forgive me anon
i unironically like shadman

>wmaf with a boomer and a fit asian chick

this ismyfetish
File: 1519858010279.jpg (2 KB, 20x30)
2 KB
better art, hate the concept. Just want to see her solo.
File: 1483192733853.jpg (484 KB, 1000x1583)
484 KB
484 KB JPG
he's got some good stuff.

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