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/r9k/ is an imageboard where there are no exact reposts.

1. If you attempt to post something unoriginal, it is not posted, and you are muted temporarily.
2. The time with which you are muted for doubles with each transgression.
3. Each mute time is 2^n in seconds where n is the number of times you have transgressed. So, your mute time doubles each time you fuck up.
4. Backlinks, eg >>1, are not viewed by the robot. So "lolwut" and ">>2 lolwut" are the same post, in the eyes of the robot.
5. Gibberish at the end of a post to force originality may result in mod intervention (no BLOX posts please).
6. Images are NOT included in the filter, only text.
7. Your mute count slowly decreases over time.
8. You cannot post a picture without text.
9. Unicode is blocked. Sorry, too many exploits (Cyrillic letters, etc).
10. Posts require a certain minimum amount of original content in order to be posted.
11. Post sane, real content, well thought out replies, and mutes are unlikely.
12. The original algorithm was designed by XKCD:
/r9k/ has no topic, but unlike /b/ Global Rule #3 is in effect. In addition, advice threads and camwhoring/hookup/"rate me" threads should go on /adv/ - Advice and /soc/ - Cams & Meetups respectively.

File: AverageGF.jpg (103 KB, 1280x960)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Why don't you just go for an average looking girlfriend?
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Too true about the scam shit, thanks for the tips, i appreciate your time!
she just has absolutely no self-control

I figured that must be the problem with most fat women. I was a fat teenager and I lost all of the weight by myself with only self-hate to motivate me.
File: B9s8bIuCIAArUJ4.jpg (96 KB, 599x798)
96 KB
And they marry the good shy decent guy
Nah. Hell, for her race she's a 9/10
Idek apparently i became "too positive" for him. Such is life?

File: rsz_img_20160620_125400.jpg (1.63 MB, 3264x2448)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB JPG
>ctrl-f no /comfy/ thread
/comfy/ thread lads
i'll dump a few pics
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File: 2323.jpg (91 KB, 1280x883)
91 KB
File: 0151_small.jpg (1.86 MB, 2112x1584)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB JPG
wallowing in the bog is my kind of comfy
heres some vines
File: IMG_2399.jpg (801 KB, 2000x1333)
801 KB
801 KB JPG
Ill dump some comfy OC. I think Ive posted most of them before. I hope someone who hasnt seen them before likes them.
File: IMG_2580.jpg (1.3 MB, 2000x1333)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
there's dry land right next to it it just isn't in the picture
don't be rude anon

File: pepe.png (41 KB, 296x200)
41 KB
>been pretty happy lately
>check my old Twitter (used it for a couple close friends in DM)
>my best friend/only friend from middle school is on there going on about some vidya shit
>hadn't spoken to him since I was 12 because we randomly grew apart
>found his twitter a few years ago because I googled him out of boredom
>mfw my old best friend is now posting furry porn and going on about coming out as trans to his parents
>mfw he's a terrible shit now
>mfw my best friend doesn't even remember me and is basically gone forever

I miss my old friend, /r9k/.
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i had a dream last night where i made hillary clinton blueberry pancakes and she got angry with me for some reason that i don't remember
maybe she wanted normal pancakes
File: A9c5evK.gif (653 KB, 500x281)
653 KB
653 KB GIF
Similar story
>really bored
>go on facebook
>childhood friend added me
>I add him back
>we caught up, seemed like the same old guy
>pretty happy about that
>a week later, he posts a bunch of minions memes
>mom starts telling me to grow up and I'm retarded and have no life because I didnt get her ear plugs
>I usually don't say anything but this time it was really late and I was tired so I said something really mean
>I feel bad because she didn't even beat my ass or anything, she just sounded actually offended, which is retarded because she's always doing this to people and just doesn't expect anyone to fight back
>mfw my mom will never love me and I don't love her anymore either
I just want a nice mom who likes me
I wouldn't of said that mean thing if she wasn't always making cruel comments.It hurts to admit but some times I really hope she just dies. It makes me really sad because I used to love her so much but she doesn't love me at all
> try my hardest for my daughter because her bitch mum just ditched me for anoyher rich guy
> take care of her myself. Pay for everything
> work 12 hours a day
> still dont get enough money to keep our life stable
> mum takes care of her while im working for free

Then guess what. My daughters bitch of a mum. Comes into MY LIFE, and starts criticizing me about OUR daughter and how im an unfit parent.

> she's most likely going to tell dhs
> the kids most likely getting taken off of me
> if that happens I have no reason to live
> told her mum this she still dosnt care

File: image.png (29 KB, 398x394)
29 KB
Find Internet bf/gf

Basically you already are aware you two will never meet and the only purpose of this is that you text daily and have some sort of love chance (it's better than nothing)

Describe yourself and what you're looking for

Anything else:
dated online grill before
worst 4 months of my life
>she made me super depressed, worse than being alone
>I tried to kms countless times with her
>started doing herion because I didn't wanna lose her but I hated her
>constant fear of her cheating/me getting cucked
>she lied to me a lot

don't fall for the ldr meme lads, worst meme to fall for
A number? Idk like 3 or 4. Brown Hair/Eyes, short hair, 5'11 or so, white? Male obv 20 y/o
A bit shy at first but open up over time? Like most people here.
Vidya, probably other shit I haven't discovered
Women dont exist here

File: 1466742653612.jpg (15 KB, 312x312)
15 KB
this bitch was trying to be the next anzu but gave up and became white trash


File: image.jpg (19 KB, 249x249)
19 KB
Remember when /r9k/ wasn't filled with trannies?
Nope. It's always been like this.
No it hasn't. r9k was basically a combination of pol, soc, lit, and sci mixed with a little /b/. Then for the purpose of refocusing r9k, moot created all aforementioned boards. That's what ultimately killed r9k, because it just became what it is today.

File: tmp629375744086114304.jpg (53 KB, 638x479)
53 KB
>read about klinefelter syndrome on /r9k/
>think I have it
>too scared to go to the doctor, worried to find out I have it

H-hold me /r9k/
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my brothers a gym nut and he rates stuff like that highly for chest so yeah very good
They are solid. Try inclined flys to switch it up every now and then too
don't do flys if you are just starting out

you will have trouble balancing the two dumbbells, stick to barbell presses and pushups
All symptoms here but no breasts whatsoever
Hey man I've been worried that I have this,
I'm 6'4, with a big'ish dick but

>have no body hair except pubes and armpit hair.
>absoulely no facial hair
>hit puberty very late
>small balls
>low af energy

Does being as tall as I am make it less likely that I have this?
I'm scared to go to the doctor about this :/

File: 1394062557857.jpg (60 KB, 550x366)
60 KB
>June 25, 2016
If I could travel through time some time I'd travel to the end of all of mankind. and there I'd find a brother of mine.
we'd travel through space.
on his crystal ship.
we'd pass through the stars.
and over the moon.

File: me_and_my_bf.jpg (27 KB, 400x276)
27 KB
this is your daily reminder that there's nothing wrong with race mixing.
39 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
Top lad so true

If a man isn't able to get a woman of his own race, it's practically impossible to get one from any other race.

Unless she's from the Philippines or something and you just need to buy her family a cow.
File: 1454375541320.jpg (213 KB, 1052x789)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
>redditcuckolds have been shilling their bullshit on this site for the past 5+ years and it still hasn't swayed any opinions
>race mixing

Only when it's black male and a woman. A white man is unwanted in this day and age and they remain virgins well into their thirties and forties.

95% of all women have sex with a black man and those women average 58 partners in their lives.
File: 1450216074550.gif (777 KB, 245x170)
777 KB
777 KB GIF
Thats a lie and you know it. EVERYBODY knows black women are easy, because black women are the least desired women on the planet. Look at this >>29515310
its disgusting only men who have fucked up so hard in life they can't get with anybody else settle for a black woman.

File: TrapVsPussy.jpg (1.15 MB, 2100x1500)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB JPG
What happend to straight men's sexuality?
311 replies and 68 images omitted. Click here to view.
You seem like a smart person. Get out of here while you still can.
The people on this board are absolute cancer.
Thank keep us straight guy out of these. Lets there closet faggots figure themselves out.
>I may make an anal risks p3...... I have enough material to do so.

oh shit, i haven't seen these posts in a few years. glad to see you're still fighting the good fight
the left one is putting way more effort into being likeaable and sexy, the rigth one thinks she is worth by the only fact that she is a woman with a good ass.

What was he trying to even accomplish? Anyone can do research. It makes some people cringe to know if they're going to do whatever they want anyway. People and their conscience. I wonder if gov Shills are payed to go after borderline obscene things now that they're done with look. I've read as such with been people being afraid of new laws.

File: 1466825827625.jpg (129 KB, 1023x767)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Which one of them is Hiro?
>pigskin can't comprehend other people can live their lives not being an angry sociopathic cunt
there's something going on, there's something going on. either he doesn't know what he's doing or he knows exactly what he's doing. but there is something going on and either answer is unacceptable
I don't know if this is him but how do none of you know the gaijinsmash guy?
He's like the only relevant English teacher in Japan too, besides that Mary chick that makes the comics, and he predates her popularity by years.
JET teachers are trash

they come and try to take advantage of their foreigness while at the same tame shitting on the local Japanese for being "so weird" compared to their own culture and comparing them to their relative standards.

File: 1307835755001.jpg (251 KB, 638x749)
251 KB
251 KB JPG
>tfw boys would rather date traps than me
134 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
Who /livingwithabusivemother/ here
File: 1466004540835.jpg (19 KB, 378x249)
19 KB
me3, anonymous

meant to type "family" instead of boyfriends.

My family makes me work at a relative's farm.
You need to tell us more.

>bra size
>number of sexual partners
File: image.png (29 KB, 244x194)
29 KB

File: image.png (103 KB, 640x1136)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
What does r9k like most, and hate most about women?

File: Chiptune girl vomit.gif (926 KB, 640x360)
926 KB
926 KB GIF
ITT: pros and cons of having autism
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>debate king

>crippling depression
>socially retarded
I know a few people on the spectrum who are really smart, but they act out a lot (they're either super social and well-liked, or they're socially awkward and cringey)
Pros: ?

Cons: I have autism
>Infinite Knowledge
>Anime powers
>The culinary skill of an Iron Chef

>No friends
>No Gf
>Parents hate you
>You hate you
>People literally think you are Sub human
>People pretend to care about you just pity you
>Life is hell
Pros: great at memorizing even trivial bits of information, great with math, geography, identifying flags, can do the same things over and over without getting bored
Cons: Don't know how to start conversations with people you don't know, picky eater, autism dials up to 11 when on the phone

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