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Do looks actually and unironically matter that much to women?
File: 1565828939973.jpg (46 KB, 285x322)
46 KB
But anon, where is the pink pill?
yes especially in the west where women are given options but in places like Africa , Asia or the Middle East , it doesn't matter that much
honestly, does it truly matter?
>he isn't sleezemaxxing
Life is easy mode when your attractive, most women are considered attractive, and attractive men are top of the food chain.
Although, having skills and passions will get you further than looks, because looks fade away

yes but looks refers to height as well. Height is the ultimate deal breaker for many women. you can be good in all areas but if you're below a certain height it is absolutely over for you.

File: 16.jpg (102 KB, 1236x1078)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Hey Moon,
I hope that everything is going alright at work, and that things have gotten a bit easier for you. I haven't done much today - mostly just laid in bed and binge watched Chernobyl. I just got up for a little bit to work out.
I had a dream last night of that time when we sat on the rocks by the river and talked about the past and some of the things that were on my mind at the time. I wish that I could go back there and relive everything again.
I miss you buddy.
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okay, i'll look out for your threads then. idk if i'm going to my friend's after all. it would be best if I wait until my other friend moves in so we can all meet together, but i did say that I could come over today.
Just use discord
well what are you gonna do now? we can keep talking if you want
i'm just going to lay in bed and use my phone unless they text or call me. i'll keep talking to you
okeydokey, is there anything specific you'd like to talk about?

File: hot5.jpg (606 KB, 1080x1350)
606 KB
606 KB JPG
when women dress like this, are they trying to impress other women, or men, or does feeling sexy just feel good for them in some weird pride or power trip kind of way?
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To mog, to attract, but mostly for attention. It's the same power rush any human would feel if they knew they're the best looking person at a place, and they could take home anyone they wanted. This is why you steer clear of bisexual people if they're ridiculously hot; they're egos are barely contained by their bodies.
Because they want to fuck Chad. Everything they do is for that end goal.
i wasnt being ironic. i mean that was an actual interesting thing to say
oh, okay, sorry, thank you
Attention for women sometimes means much more than sex. You'd do well to remember that. Why do you think whores here willingly embrace their orbiters? As do women in real life.

File: spoilers for real life.jpg (151 KB, 468x594)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Tell us about your family or whatever I guess.

Chris where are you.
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No, it's just common fucking courtesy you Mongoloid.
>Taking advantage of the vasectomy, I see. How is he handling it? Is he excited, or nervous about the surgery?
That's the plan! We're looking into doing an air bnb up in the mountains with the jacuzzi. He seems indifferent, he was initally nervous but after the consult and hearing how minimal it is he's been fine. I think I'm more nervous, because we have to go about 25 minutes out to a neighboring township for the procedure.
No it's not. You're fucking loser using these threads as a way to achieve minor social validation for that tiny dopamine rush. Go jack off to some traps and feel the same emotions.
Oh, I see. You're just a pathetic, autistic piece of shit who doesn't understand social interaction.
Sorry, I'm not the one trying to comfort an obese mexican girl on an anonymous image board so I feel better about myself. You're such a white knight.

File: 1554136657789.jpg (193 KB, 1920x1080)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
>walking back to dorm
>behind girl wearing tight jeans with really nice ass
>her gait is extremely sexy to me
>like a 15 minute walk behind her the whole way
>stare at her ass the whole way, its twilight so no worries of being seen staring
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It's high-risk low-reward behavior.
You might actually be retarded. It kind of just sounds like a cucked rape fantasy. You should probably stop spending so much time online.
Probably both. We got raised to be so two faced towards girls.. I'm a fucking little skeleton, a ghoul in cotton clothes, living dead or something. Man I haven't felt like this in forever... there must be 24 year old virgin women out there there must be.. not even the religious sorts
If this isnt a larp then Im afraid youre a literal homosexual, anon.
I'm not a homosexual, just not attracted to nasty skanks.
She definitely wasn't putting on a show for me, she had earphones in and there were other people behind me. When we parted ways in a parking lot she moved to the opposite side away from the path

Whats happening to him? Is he going senile? Is the pressure of his policies not working, the economy failing, and the 2020 election breaking him?
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>"im not left stahp it!!"
btfo bud. your chart means nothing. try south america bud its more your style
>racist gaslight
theres no proof these "hate crimes" were done by right wingers. for all we know it could be a false flag. nice try kid
Still havent proven im a leftist
I hear boots taste wonderful this time of year
>"still no proofs!!"
typical leftist. your kind is so played out and out of tricks.
Lmfao. Not taking sides here, but this is an awesome insult.

File: 15652671576.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
>JAV girls acting like taking some 4 inch Japanese wang is the greatest pleasure imaginable
Yeah... I don't buy it.
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I'm semi-bisexual and get off to male bodies but not gay sex.

Honestly though it's not just that I want to see a big cock it's that when girls are cumming to a 4 inch wang like the OP says it sort of takes away from my ego stroking fantasy that girls find big dicks extra special and cum buckets with them. So it's not just a gay thing although it kind of is.
Meh. It's situational. Sometimes I want to watch a bitch get literally tortured to multiple orgasms, sometimes I want to watch wholesome loving sex with a nice creampie. JAV offers both, the thing just is, the girl always looks and sounds the same.
>It's rape 99% of the time
Why can't there be any good vanilla bondage
File: 1558577021687.png (381 KB, 625x573)
381 KB
381 KB PNG
seeing the man's feets and hairy legs
Semi-bisexual is just a term snowflake faggots use to make their faggotry seem more special. Your just a gayass nigga in denial. Embrace your faggotry.

File: 08 august night.jpg (1.9 MB, 3877x2823)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB JPG
Rest in Peace Bobbin 2003 - 2003
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why dont you just choose to be straight?
You are the one that has made a tit of himself by proving my point. carry on digging yourself a hole
nice deflection
it is a decision they choose to make, for whatever reason
do you have the least bit of respect for that?
>nice deflection
it's not I was genuinely asking.
Just accept it is a fantasy like any other
But they are delusional so most will never realise that
I could choose not to live homosexually
Only thing is, society is collapsing and not worth sacrificing my own hedonism for so I dont really care
T. Chavbrain

Send help to metro cumming i want to fucking die.
We also have a wsp group for chilean robots, i made it from tagmaps please join and make autistic frens


File: 1566673494534.jpg (28 KB, 437x431)
28 KB
>be beta khv
>finally decided to give college another try
>determined to do well
>be studying hard for first exam of the year in the library
>poo in the loo Indian girl sits down near me and start chatting in FULL VOLUME with her friend
>try to ignore and focus on material
>she starts giggling, then hitting the table in laughter
>go through senarios in my head of beating the shit of her her
>contain anger for several minutes
>finally can't take it anymore
>walk over and told her and her friend they're being too loud and if they're gonna have a conversation, then don't do it in a quiet area.
>heart rate 200bpm
>girl looks at me and said oh I didn't know it was a quiet area blah blah
>I sit back down
>they start talking again but in lower volume

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1565710322428.png (21 KB, 1196x752)
21 KB
If you carry that kind of energy wherever you go, you will be Chad

File: 1519923096915.jpg (20 KB, 438x428)
20 KB
everything is normal somehow start thinking how life is shit and I want to die.

why does this happen so often?

File: 43383_mrMghRaE.png (268 KB, 600x600)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
picrew thread
male version: https://picrew.me/image_maker/135049
female version: https://picrew.me/image_maker/43383

make yourself and assume things about each other
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File: 1551679653714.jpg (88 KB, 635x900)
88 KB
girls dont have penises silly bean "^"
Feminine looking character, nonwhite fetishizing my race.

I'd bet money you're not actually a girl, I've been surprised before though
File: 19138_FrDUNs7I.png (165 KB, 600x600)
165 KB
165 KB PNG
Worked perfectly for making the BBEG in my current D&D game.
post girth white cock uwu
i'm a girl (male)
I'm not a pervy girl so its definitely not butts or sweaty armpits haha

File: slap.webm (1.97 MB, 960x540)
1.97 MB
1.97 MB WEBM
Why do so many girls enjoy pain during sex?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: betaman_03.png (547 KB, 1024x1400)
547 KB
547 KB PNG
Girl I'm talking to online likes that too, getting called humiliating things and having her face slapped.
And my hearts just says "I don't want to hurt your face I love you, I don't to make fun of you, I love you"

I'd say to compromise, let her know that you truly don't enjoy those things and have her let up on some of it; likewise you should meet her half way in some areas too.
That's what we call being in a relationship.

The more I think about it I feel it's very natural to fall into that line based off a physiological aspect.
Honestly it shows a female has a lot of trust for you to let you fuck her being the weaker partner, and during the act she's staring at someone much bigger and stronger than her while she's in this compromising position.
So you mix eroticism with the feeling of being in that weaker position and you get submissiveness, and in other tangents from that you get off on the idea of pain based on the equating factor of pain to the idea that this man is so much stronger than me and yet I trust him to be inside me and show me pleasure.

Of course these are observations of the trending norm, outliers always exist.
Because a girl's first or second bf is usually an abusive asshole

abuse ruins people, period
>during sex
Here's the mistake.
I assume it's because a lot of sex is inherently painful. I'd be fucked if girls didn't get off to pain given my dick size.
File: aliens guy.jpg (184 KB, 600x300)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
Not saying it was jews...
But it was jews

File: file.png (256 KB, 626x800)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
>gentle femdom thread

anon, what do you like about gentle femdom?
what kinds of things would you like your gentle femdom gf to do to you?
what kinds of things would you like to do for your gentle femdom gf?
describe your ideal gfd gf

also, please post gfd images and stories
333 replies and 96 images omitted. Click here to view.
youre too wholesome for this world, anon.

i hope you find the tall gentle girlfriend of your dreams :)
I don't think about your kind much at all.

I think most normies would just shrug and think it was a ~*~wacky~*~ and hilarious subversion of gender roles. A man in woman's clothing! Women picking up men! Hilarious!

Yes, well, you have the courage to admit your weaknesses. This dude LARPs as a tough guy like a fag.
Almost every girl has a BF, but I'm constantly running to boys who are single. Really engages the old almonds
I'm so tired of trying anons
Hours of my time spent trying to talk to people that don't really care about me
All I want is to love, but this stupid fetish trapping me into impossible desires and I just want to give up and be alone since that's what I'll end up as eventually
My infp retarded emotional heart just wants a bullet, I've felt this kind of suicidal despair before but it hasn't flared up until now
File: GerudoLink.png (442 KB, 520x751)
442 KB
442 KB PNG
>A man in woman's clothing!
I didnt realize you meant the guy would be would ac6be in a wedding dress though. I have to disagree with you there, normies aren't that clueless. The image of the wife wearing a masculine suit prince carrying a guy in a bridal dress would be super blatant.

>you have the courage to admit your weaknesses
You're being way too generous...thanks

Give me legitimate reasons that I shouldn't just be a slut.

>walk into a room and get hit on type looks
>friends enjoy night life and clubbing
>sexually open and pretty damn kinky
>have enough experience that not much is intimidating anymore

Give me a reason other than your shitty post-modern conservative values.
38 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.

I don't care if you suck 10000 cocks that's on you

> tfw no matronly gf
Unironically be yourself. If being yourself is being a slut, that's up to you to decide.
Do what ever the fuck you want. Just be prepared to face the consequences of those actions. Because it turns out, men, at least the ones worth any interest at all, don't want to have a long term relationships with busted out 30+ whores. So the guy you'll have to settle down with will be... less than optimal.
>muh I don't want to settle down
You do. You are biologically hardwired to. If you really stay adamant and don't do it (or can't, depending on your milage) enjoy constant clinical depression as soon as you hit menopause.

To answer you question in one statement tho:
>Whoring around is a shit idea because you can't do it forever, and if you do it, you will be marked and avoided like the plague for the rest of your likely long as hell life. So choose between 10, maybe 15 years of cheap fun or a fulfilled life
Do it you fucking degenerate. No one wants you because you have no fucking value. Go fuck yourself you dumb whore.
Sluts are less likely to be happy when they are in
their 30's and forward, they won't be able to have a stable marriage and also won't be able to form a family because they became vinculated to so many men that they just become crazy of how much cock penetrates it's pussy liberating large amounts of oxytocin so that she becomes in love with a man for the rest of her life, while men don't have this type of mechanism because they're more independent than women.

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