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File: flowsers.png (51 KB, 970x644)
51 KB
hi femos i pik theses for you

File: 1480734280483.jpg (88 KB, 750x750)
88 KB
How do I stop eating fast food for almost every meal?
Learn to cook, and pack a lunch .

File: middle east.jpg (32 KB, 470x401)
32 KB
Why did I have to be born an Arab girl?
I will never get to experience all the cool things teenagers in the west experience. I will never have fun adventures to think about years from now. I will never go to a party. I will never get drunk as a teenager
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It's not the television. I follow random American teenagers on social media (not famous literally just random people). There's so many things Americans do as families and stuff, middle-class people have nice lifestyles
File: 1474349645825.png (243 KB, 600x550)
243 KB
243 KB PNG
ummmm originally, no
You can come live with me in California if you want. You just have to let me dump my cum in you when I want to, other than that you're free to live and enjoy life as you please

Unless she is under bombs, literally the ONLY thing she have to do in life is marry a decent husband and enjoy a quiet housewife life.

Compared to west man, we have to do 1000 things just to have a mediocre job, a small apartament and an ugly wife that will divorce after 3 years of marriage.
t. buttmad roastie

go post on /soc/ with your own ilk

>be dwemer
>promise to protect snow elves
>ask for the enslavement and blinding of most of their race for protection
>rape their women
>defile their children
>perform experiments on them
>the men encounter pretty much the same fate, except with forced labor in the bargain
>the dwemer cucked the snow elves into another degenerated species entirely

Are dwemer the jews of skyrim?
No the dwemer actually accomplished scientfic and magical feats beyond anything the other races could possibly replicate or surpass. The khajit are the jews of Tamriel.
Outcast merchants who peddle addictive substances to the masses.
How about the imperials? Money loving people they are.
Nah the imperials make money from establishing empires and the jews infest power structures and then they make money
Imperials are the white people
>white people
Closest ones would be bretons or nords.

Most imperials are jew as fuck, at least the business owners.

File: gycitriae6cws4wsdgtb.jpg (97 KB, 800x450)
97 KB
Why the fuck do people waste their money on a fucking knockoff cookie like Oreos. They literally stole and copied the cookie they use from Hydrox.

Why the fuck do people fucking eat these fake fucking cookies acting as if it's the real damn thing.
>eating a cookie that rhymes with Clorox
No thank you anon

File: Chad goes on tinder.png (201 KB, 1080x1920)
201 KB
201 KB PNG
So, I just made a new tinder account. I used to have one but I didn't get any pussy. My strategy this time was to go for the most ugliest women. I said that I had nothing to lose. After all, I lost my good mood. I got some matches but they never reply to my messages. Like what is the point of matching with someone if you are not going to answer? she was supposed to like me in the first place in order to swipe right. unless they only do it for how many matches they can get and brag to their friends. also, the ugliest women i could find still wouldn't talk to me. why do they think that they deserve Chad? why would Chad want a 2/10 hambeast? fully deluded. did you have any tinder successes? how did you manage to do it? are they replying to you? please redpill me on tinder fellow robots

>pic unrelated, it's a Chad getting lucky as always
you need to have pictures of you out with your friends doing cool shit. furthermore, you need to research how to open on tinder. it works decently well. that guy probably looks like Adonis. the rules don't apply if you're a 10/10 looking guy.

File: unnamed.jpg (127 KB, 1064x709)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
Ask me anything robbits
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honestly anon, do what you wanna do. i can assure you that social skills and social status trump looks. if you want girls you gotta play the game. looking good is just another asset.
I had muscles at one point in my life. It felt pretty good. Everything that I touched and lifted in my everyday life felt really light, my posture was perfect. The only downside was my clothes became a bit tighter but when i wore larger clothes everything felt right. didnt do roids or creatine or really any thing like that. my diet didnt change at all.
does pussy still smell good when you're not horny
>social skills
People think I'm a perfectly functioning normie so I think I'm good there.
>social status
pretty much non existent
>looking good
Like I said, I'm alright in that department. However there could be improvement if I bothered to actually care about my appearance.

desu I'm not too troubled about being a kissless virgin, or at least not anymore. The whole girls meme seems like too much trouble and I can honestly say that I've never even tried to get with a girl.

huh, alright. I don't have any problems lifting shit or going about my day to day life, but needing to buy new clothes would probably piss me off. I already buy large shirts because of my height, going to extra large would probably feel demoralizing.
you bet your tight little robot ass it does

File: 1505644473911.jpg (77 KB, 700x658)
77 KB
>tfw shitty resume because unskilled NEET
>tfw want to get a job at H&M
sounds queer. get a job as an attorney or something instead.
do overnight stocking. lie on your resume. research the lingo
H&M as in the clothing store? What kind of skills do you need for that shit? As long as you aren't a fuckin aspie and are generally hygienic you should be fine.
why is she putting that controller in that sandwich

File: 2017-10-17_14.37.58.jpg (121 KB, 1080x1080)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
You can only choose one: A career that pays and YOU LOVE IT or being in a mediocre job but having a 7+/10 wife
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Meaningless question, there's a point where a woman could be so good that it'd outweigh the mediocre job and there's a point where no gf would outweigh a good job.

Maybe if it was a 7+/10 who LOVES YOU I'd do that but an roastie wife could actively make things worse
Career. I'll be booming with confidence since I love my job, so that'll attract the QTs

Hahaha!!! I literally almost just sprayed coffee out of my nose... That was funny as shit, man....

...lol @ you thinking I don't realize 'how annoying and hypocritical I come across'....

... did you actually think this was accidental ?... did you think I'm not in complete control of how everybody perceives me ?.....

Let me guess... You probably thought I came here to 'be liked' ?.....

Hahahahahahaha !!!

... like I said, now it's time for my wife and I to enjoy a fantastic dinner at home and watch a little bit of TV....

Take care and be sure to treat yourself well
Yep, me too. Work sucks, marriage sucks.

I feel like I'm on a ride at a fair ground and I'm just really queasy, have already barfed all over myself and just want to get off.

File: PicsArt_10-17-09.50.05.jpg (116 KB, 1017x810)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
Here's my dinner. Delicious as fuck!..
Aaahhhh, the joys of marriage... and now to watch a movie, and get some head....

LOL @ guys pretending they 'want to spend their life alone'...


File: kill me.jpg (122 KB, 1191x670)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
I got a bad cold from one of the Stacie's at my uni, I swear she did it on purpose because she sneezed and looked at me smiling.

Fucking cunt.

Now I'm all bundled up and constantly sneezing and coughing up my lungs, I can't even watch anime because my eyes keep watering and my whole day's been fucked and the next few days are gonna be even shittier if this is just the start.

I'm angry robots, angry and unwell.

File: images.jpg (4 KB, 311x162)
4 KB
>be me
>graduated high-school last spring
>played junior hockey so I lived away from home the last two years
>come home after the season and say fuck it I want to get on with my life instead of trying to be a college hockey player
>enlist in the air-guard to pay for college
>don't go to basic till december
>stuck at home in a town where i don't know anyone
>start getting involved in church
>get a pretty good group of friends
>one girl in the group is an 8/10 brunette
>really hit it off
>whenever the group hangs out we spend most of the time talking just the two of us
>start hanging out by ourselves a lot
>she invites me swing dancing
>me being a hockey player that has no idea how to dance reluctantly says yes

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>be highschool grad
>be normie who played sports

already knew a roastie would be involved in this story

File: get-over-here-bro.png (37 KB, 500x473)
37 KB
As someone who is currently stuck at their home town after high school, I understand your feels. Hope things get better for you Catholic, Pr*testant or Orthodox bro.
>hehe you played sports and were active,YOUR NOT A REAL ROBOT!!!!!
The absolute state of this board.
Thanks m80 also pr*testant
File: Spoiler Image (11 KB, 236x203)
11 KB
Enjoy your female clergy faggot

File: 1506623704376.png (64 KB, 658x901)
64 KB
>cant shave without cutting myself
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>Have to piss
>Have to piss really vehemently
>Rush to toilet
>unzip pants start pissing
>realizing that i didn't open the lid
ok i did this but how do I get the shoe on my foot
File: a15.jpg (34 KB, 668x729)
34 KB
>can't fucking do calculus
>Never understood what trigonometry was about, or more correctly how to correctly use it
>Did my final math exam without studying
>Just barely didn't fail

At least i don't have to deal with it anymore
I got dyspraxia and the only way I know how to tie shoelaces is because I practiced doing it. I forget sometimes but it's not at all hard anymore. Keep trying anon.Wait until you habe to tie a tie

File: image.jpg (140 KB, 800x800)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
"Wageslave" here
>2 years ago
>30 lb overweight, broke, social autistic, no car, rides from mummy, virgin
>/fit/ as fuck, make $800-1100 a week, own car, confident and sociable, have apartment, good pussy regularly
>start as temp literally only requirement is a body that can somewhat function
>actually try, put myself out there. Many sore days and t-shirts soaked in sweat
>many awkward moments as I tread the water in social situations and show my autism
>persistence pays off
>love my life. Blew my load deep inside insanely hot polish co-worker earlier tonight
>have over $6,000 banked and always end up spending less than paycheck
>you could be me, but you refuse
>I could've still been you, but I said enough is enough
Sounds lame as shit. Autism doesnt just go away
Id rather be broke and still have all my free time to myself desu
a temp? a temp what?
op is originally a faggot
You were a temp laborer and now youre making a rack a week. What are you doing now?

Virgins, how close have you come to losing your virginity? Your answer will determine if there's hope for you yet.
93 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: mfw120.jpg (56 KB, 512x384)
56 KB
>accidentally touch a girl's ass at my weekly swimming sessions when I was 13

I can tell the entire sperg-out story but it'll cost one (You).
File: M O V I N G - Copy.jpg (73 KB, 352x367)
73 KB
gib it daddy
Once a random girl kissed me in the lips an ran away. Never knew who was and why she did that.
Got asked if I wanted to fuck some girl I know. I initially said no, but then got more drunk and decided to go for it. I was talking to her and the next thing I know she disappeared. I noticed the morning after that she phoned and messaged me a lot trying to find out where I went, but I was too drunk to notice my phone
Once a girl said she liked me.
I don't know why, but instinctively I said "Thanks".
She ran away.
I still regret it.

File: space.jpg (88 KB, 1024x694)
88 KB
>erections are getting smaller
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Take HRT to make it extra cute.
>no longer have the libido I had as a teenager.
>every year that passes libido is less
>remember being 15 and horny all the time
>still horny every day but not with the same intensity
>still a virgin
File: 1483418427593.png (103 KB, 256x443)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
>Ejaculations are getting larger
I'd become a cuck if I could be that
File: 1507176305759.jpg (19 KB, 495x362)
19 KB
>didn't have sex at the peak of your sexual power
>it's ALL downhill from here

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