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File: 1526580364045.png (16 KB, 882x758)
16 KB
Why the fuck are people so rude to fast food workers?
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Lol I was the opposite and didn't get fired I quit most of my jobs
Haven't worked in over a year feels mixed because aus is so fucked I can't find work if I tried
Shits really hitting the fan here and cunts kill themselves every day so hopefully me not being a prick will make some nice white fella no off himself
>Shits really hitting the fan here and cunts kill themselves every day so hopefully me not being a prick will make some nice white fella no off himself

you are practically spilling tea in a sea of piss, but I guess some people feel a personal reward for making someone happy

I would have been like you if I was not convinced that "some nice white fella" does not exist
fast food joints attract a lot of frivelous low class plebs that are in a hurry and/or have screaming children with them
I don't think I could last longer than a day
More people than you realize can tell fake emotions from real and you're probably putting on a fake smile and using unnatural diction with customers who are thus annoyed and feel such an act is contemptuous.

I work at a Panera Bread and speak to customers like I do my friends absent the swearing and racial remarks. People respond very very well to it and because I'm a food maker rather than the main cashier none of my managers care what I say because I'm not an official "face of Panera Bread" like our register jockies are.

Fun story
>Basically fulfilling every role in the place because weirdo circumstances
>Get thrown on a register
>Casually speak with customers like I do when on the line
>Manager walks over and here's me talking like I am
>Every customer I've dealt with has been nothing short of delightful despite any mess ups (Only cashiered once or twice)
>Overhear manager ask the other "Did you really put him on a register? Do you not hear how he talks?"
>Random black guy I was dealing with overheard it too and says "Yo, I like this white boy. He real. Get more of'em"
6 aussie men kill themselves a day mate usually all tradies and young fellas as well farmers retail blue collar
I can see it in their faces they are just as mentally fucked as me if not more so because they have to put up with a shit boss and retards every day where I barely see anyone else outside my home for weeks if I choose

File: 1434478495223.jpg (51 KB, 648x595)
51 KB
>therapist says I should stop posting on 4chan
>says it's toxic for me and that reddit is a better environment
>gives me a list of subreddits for people with my problems
>explore them
>see that people are genuinely helpful and supportive unlike on /r9k/
>see that everyone who opens up about their feelings gets at least a few responses and is listened to
>try to make threads opening up about my feelings and problems in life
>0 responses

You people are the only friends I have in the world
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It does as I spent nearly 2 years on a medication with known side effects that nearly ruined my life.
>Memory problems while I'm in University
>Slowed cognition while I'm in University
>Increase in muscle pain while I already have a sore lower back.
It took 2 weeks of progressively worse withdrawal symptoms to get off the medicine and I suddenly went from a C average student to A average. I also had to shake the chemical dependence to keep me evened out so I spent nearly the whole summer flipping out on people for minor shit.
I remember joining some pol one and said black/mixed chicks are hot and got instantly banned
That was last year what a bunch of morons
Most normal people don't understand this place
That Said you'll find some who do but they don't readily admit it
>I spend $100-200 a month on drugs
Bingo, so you do spend your income on things you like.

Imagine how much drugs you can buy with an extra 1,000. Maybe youll also get a new TV.

Money > roast
I'm saying there's also social reasons why women don't want sex. Because they don't want to be seen as sluts. No contradiction here.

>just because men like sex more does not mean women don't want sex
We're generalizing here, so we're talking about the vast majority of women. Inb4 just look for exceptions. That's gambling with a very low % of success and gambling is for stupid people.
if you legitimately think women don't want sex then you're a fucking moron.

File: 1537074816134.jpg (1.02 MB, 1660x1171)
1.02 MB
1.02 MB JPG
*pow pow* cute loli just shot you with water and now you need to get clean and take off wet clothing
>you dont want a cold
what do
(a) stay wet and get a cold
(b) take your wet clothing off and use the loli to warm you up by giving her a big cuddle
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File: 1525071767678.jpg (46 KB, 240x320)
46 KB
What likely happened is they banned the anon and clicked the "delete all posts" option.
If he was posting CP here then he was likely posting it elsewhere.
he didn't post any, though
just a dumb edgelord baiting for replies
thank god the mods are doing something
Yeah fuck these weird ass threads
File: plastic shinobu.jpg (290 KB, 967x1300)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
he didnt post anything illegal tho?

File: 1537958863926.png (1.83 MB, 794x921)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB PNG
How we holdin' up tonight, boys?
Feel free to discuss the drugs you're using, the feels that got you using, and the feels you get from using.
Opening question: What's your favorite class of drugs? Why?
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That's fucking why, Celexa is an SSRI and ruins literally everything. Fuck that.

I take 900mg of Gabapentin (3 capsules) and 3 or 4 10mg Hydrocodones and it felt like the first time I got high. It was incredible.
yeah i stopped taking it because I ended up spending $6000 in a month on impulse buying
tfw I work at a pharmacy so i can just steal more gabapentin when i'm running low
I keep hearing rumors of the government making gabapentin a controlled medication. I hope not because i won't be able to steal anymore
File: punpun.png (45 KB, 195x195)
45 KB
can i just snort the white powder heroin they sell on the darkweb or are there specific types of powder?
you can get someone hooked on them really easily.Become a dealer and become a rich fuck

Ive been doing coke and weed lately.
i do it for shit and giggle with my friends cause i have nothing better to do with my time
File: 248-001.jpg (156 KB, 864x582)
156 KB
156 KB JPG
what is this mythical gabapentin and how does it feel like

File: bigcheese.jpg (28 KB, 433x446)
28 KB
i fapped with soap now it hurts like hell when i piss wtf do i do
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you're alright OP
File: 1509489744099.gif (1.52 MB, 480x270)
1.52 MB
1.52 MB GIF
>used shampoo as lube once
File: snuggle.gif (899 KB, 540x540)
899 KB
899 KB GIF
You're gonna be fine, just continue to piss and grit your teeth.
I put up with the burn and went at it for MONTHS. Hopelessly poor
Jesus christ I'd have even done with something like butter at that point

File: idealbf1.jpg (104 KB, 818x539)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
share your ideal bf here
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Aint got nothing on me
*rapes both of you prison style*
t. 6'5
t. 240 lbs
Oh my God what is this /soc/ faggotry?!
That's exactly me, maybe there's still some hope.
tfw this is mostly me including the diaper stuff
Yeah If you mean cute in that sense then I'd say I fit

File: lcg-2018-mobile.jpg (62 KB, 776x269)
62 KB
No r9k user will be at Lucca Comics?

File: 21898492194321.jpg (269 KB, 713x1311)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
>ywn be a gayboy sissy maid
>ywn be in a 24/7 tpe relationship
>ywn have to clean, cook, and do all kinds of chores all day
>ywn have to sexually please master whenever he wants
>ywn be in chastity all the time
why even live??
40 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
you're right, pretty sad that something like that will never work tho.
>and usually have vagoos
what the fuck kind of trap doujins are you reading
A man? Who in their right minds would like to be such an obnoxious piece of trash? As a trap you have chances to score with someone, as a beta you're permanently wallowing in your self-hatred in the hope that some stacy will fuck you out of pity.
We know why whites ain't breeding
>hormones in food water medication and urine from chicks on the pill getting into ground water and femenizing men and screwing with women's body chemistry just as much
Then theres the whole assault on muh right to abortion and girl just go be a career women lul *jangle cheap new chink made consumer item in front of face*
Now everyone is miserable and suicidal despite being on ((anti depressants))
Not sure how I feel about urithra stuff tho docking is weird
Yep it's why I'll never go with a trap
Besides I've heard on here they have insanely high standards as bad or worse than a real girl
So either tomboy mumfu or nothing for me (and nothing it has been)
Well I love making her sit in my lap or lay on me while we watch anime or movies and just treating her like a pet, petting her head or stroking her body.
It's also fun to surprise her with groping or tickles when she's doing thing.
She loves that I buy her cute clothes and makes her weird certain outfits or cosplays when I'm in a mood for fucking her with them on. She really likes her maid outfit and doing chores or sexual acts for me.
She also loves being a cat as well, especially when I put a collar and leash on her.
It's a nice relationship and I hope it lasts.

File: realisaatios.jpg (223 KB, 555x555)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
I literally can't get along with women. I've never in my life met a woman that would be nice to talk to and would share my mindset. This is why I am and will always be a virgin.
I've known dozens of women and they've all been childish and annoying as fuck and it always ends up in a fight before I get to fuck. Women just have so fucking infuriating opinions on everything that I can't take it, I always start arguing and that's it then. Other guys just lie and act like they agree with women to get to bed, but I can't lie.

I long for a girlfriend and connection but it just doesn't work. If you get along with the average woman, well, you're probably just as stupid as they are.
We live in a society that likes to blame it on the guy, of course, but it's not the truth. The truth is that a woman can never offer intellectual company to an intellectual man. My IQ is in the 130-140 range (Mensa measured) and this is enough to alienate me from the female species completely.
11 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>The fault is always in the man not compromising.
>Seriously, does the woman ever need to fucking compromise anything or does she literally get whatever the fuck she wants because if the man is not putting up with her shit, he's either weak or stubborn?
>The amount of pussy on a pedestal in 2018 is out of hand.
Women have all the sexual power today. Either recognize it or try to do it your own way. If OP or any of us choose to not pursue a woman, she'll have others lined up.

This scares the fuck out of me. The stupider sex has the power to choose who reproduces.
File: 1526793082628.jpg (3 KB, 119x125)
3 KB
Make a time machine and go help Hitler.
I feel you OP
Ive met 2 women in my life worth talking to.The rest should be just killed.
women at 130 iq are over twice as rare as guys. it gets way worse for any additional point. finding a woman with high INT seems futile.

File: 1538921847476.jpg (38 KB, 320x320)
38 KB
Anons here need a gf or lose their virginity or both. What about being with a gf? What would you even do with a gf?

Are you honoring his memory today, anon?
Are you living a life he'd be proud of?
Definitely not,

Definitely fucking not

File: 1539540966337.png (609 KB, 638x551)
609 KB
609 KB PNG
What would normies do if they found out how comfy we are?
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
but i'm fucking miserable
They are very few NEETs living the high life so probably never. Even the ones who succeed at getting genuine NEETbux still live a horrible existence and want to die. The only ones I see 'winning' are those with parents who don't care that their son is a failure and are allowed to live a life of hedonism.
File: 1535509275743.jpg (115 KB, 1280x720)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
im a neet and love my life.
They'll ruin your life. Normies always hate everyone who have better live than them.
this. every comfy neet thread on r9k is full of whiny wage slaves either hard coping or pretending not to be horribly miserable slaves

File: t2qZ2_tp-jYhd.jpg (223 KB, 1280x720)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
I never got the appeal of marvel movies. Whenever I'm asked about my opinion on marvel movies, I respond with "Ehh it's not really my thing", this statement gets me a litany of groans and feelings of personal offense, "Why don't you like what I like!!!!!!111!!!".


Look at the comments section of this video as well as the like to dislike ratio. So many personally offended people.
3 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: maxresdefault (4).jpg (99 KB, 1280x720)
99 KB
They're so fucking dumb. The very concept of the superhero is explicitly drawn from and based upon fucking fascist political philosophy kek.
I would've thought religion. Stories about demigods and the like.
the duellists
I don't get it either. They might as well be just called comedy with super heroes. The marvel movies I watched are more childish than something like 1992 xmen cartoon and that is children media
lol this trend is everywhere digital dementia is a thing anon

File: IMG_3586.jpg (58 KB, 1600x900)
58 KB
Whats it like to be a normie goys
youre not that intelligent... if you were you would have realized a way out of your shitty predicament you call a life...faggot
Project more
From this I can infer that your life is shit and you're a questioning homosexual

File: 1527647382711.jpg (7 KB, 250x250)
7 KB
>just finish CS degree
>trying to find a software engineer job
>always get ghosted or auto-rejected because i do not have any internships
>dad shows me list of open positions at Google and says i am lazy because they have so many unfilled positions i should just get one
it hurts bros. i dont even like programming that much but i thought it would be an ok job.
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1535691994642.jpg (47 KB, 500x500)
47 KB
>dad shows me list of open positions
every time without fail
> dad shows me list of open positions at Google and says i am lazy because they have so many unfilled positions i should just get one
Based boomer.
Just do webdev.
the smartest guy I personally know (master's in cs from university of toronto, considered a good school) was rejected by Google after two interviews with them. This dude had 3 indie games under his belt, an exchange internship at some lab in Europe, a paid employment year co-op type thing and a github that had been regularly updated for 5 years

Back in the good old boomer days companies like Ford, Chrysler, GM had two million employees each and would hire any man with two hands and a brain out of high school, the auto parts and tertiary industries that depended upon the primary manufacturers did likewise.

the hot tech shit of today only have 100k-200k employees and can pay headhunters to source high IQ changs, churpadeeps, and chakhovs from around the world and related tertiary support industries are mostly outsourced already. They can be much more elitist and discretionary in their hiring.
I'm 32 and majored in computer science. Getting internships is extremely easy so go for them to try to get a job. Getting careers is a lot harder. I know because internships fell into my lap.

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