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File: CheeseCunt.jpg (63 KB, 1280x720)
63 KB
A daughter do this

That's cute.

But I'm pretty sure I will as my gf wants at least two kids.

girls wont touch my penis. i wash it everyday, i could please them in ways they couldn't understand. i am done with these foul creatures.

>be me
>see girl
>say hi
>"ew, fuck off"
>furiously masturbate to the thought of being shamed
>found my kink
Just because you clean your dick doesn't mean shit, And who the fuck walks up to strangers and says "hi" with the intent of getting pussy. Fuck off you sperg
>ew fuck off

D-does this actually happen or are you making it up
yes it happens. wash your peepee, be gentleman and get rejected. all these pussy having creatures doesn't care about proper hygiene

File: 1550616058720.jpg (39 KB, 481x480)
39 KB
When was the last time you shared a meal with a woman who was not related to you?
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File: offline.jpg (60 KB, 854x480)
60 KB
Never with a women but I've been to work dinners with women there. I honestly wouldn't even know what the expected etiquette is when taking a women 'out to dinner'.
File: Spoiler Image (104 KB, 696x637)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
never in my whole life hahaha
Transition to /tv/. The real robots are there.
if I watched tv or movies I probably would
When I was homeless there were a few women at the homeless shelter. Everyone ate together. Kind of comfy desu.

File: blood.jpg (31 KB, 480x480)
31 KB
Who else picks their lips until they bleed?

Post yours below and comment on memes you like
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my ethnicity is armenian/russian, but i've been living in norway so long my accent isn't even slavic anymore. i can't help you, but good luck with your cartoons.
File: 1550608861999s.jpg (29 KB, 396x388)
29 KB
Basically what im trying to say is that im boring af and i lowkey hate women
File: UruguayanTransGF.jpg (142 KB, 725x462)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
>tfw 3 million population.
what's your favorite video game story? i havent played many games with stories i liked
The Last Guardian for sure.
Nier Games too.

File: Hhru66fhj.jpg (395 KB, 1018x773)
395 KB
395 KB JPG
Nevada woman dies in car accident while she was performing sex act on the driver. Source is my paramedic friend who worked the scene and the woman's Facebook.
is this going to be like black man small town probabtion?
She's hot imho. Originality here.

File: 105.jpg (843 KB, 1169x1338)
843 KB
843 KB JPG
>not a virgin(unless she is a widow)
>older than 27
>uses contraceptive drugs/device
>uses recreational drugs(especially alcohol)
>raised by single mother
>involved with shitty family
>shorter than 5'5"/165cm(unless she is Oriental)
>went to government school
>went to university
>likes hiphop/rap "music"
>has dark skin
>has tattoos
>wears immodest clothing
>has piercings/body modifications(ears are permissible)

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Ok, then leave my thread before my mean pathogens infect you lmao
Redflags I have:
>not a virgin(unless she is a widow)
>uses contraceptive drugs/device
>went to university
>eats out more than a couple times a year maximum(preferable if she avoids the practice entirely)
>uses 4chan
>shaves/waxes/laser hair removal
>has a Netflix account
But I'm a hot qt single virgin girl who doesn't drink soda or have a Netflix account and I have short hair but I've never cut it before :~)
File: 1547189401635.jpg (31 KB, 572x720)
31 KB
>I have short hair but I've never cut it before
Mine are
>tattoos, piercings, dyed hair
>doesn't want kids
>wants to live in the city
>does any kind of drugs or drinks outside of social occasions

Why are u all so damn horny
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This and high test. Why aren't you OP?
good manga op I'm glad to see more people are reading dorohedoro lately its one of my favs
Mental illness probably also i pretty much just beat my meat once a week out of boredom/cause i want dopamine
I'm not really.
I just want to cuddle.
I dont even want that human intimacy makes me really uncomfortable

File: image.jpg (48 KB, 500x500)
48 KB
I'm sorry anon but the curse has already been set. you can never escape unless you kill yourself
A moment of silence for our fallen comrade
What is the reason? Did you get a gf or are you going to an hero?

File: wojak-coffee.png (232 KB, 792x900)
232 KB
232 KB PNG
>found out my g/f cheated on me with my dog again

I can't decide who to kick out this time. The love of my life, or my best friend.
>you chose to stay with a woman after you learned she fucked a dog
I know this is bait, but still.

How close did you ever really get to externalizing the pain and hurting others?
Never. I'd rather hurt myself than others
Why is that?
I'm not arguing in favor of inflicting pain on others but I want to know why you think inflicting pain on yourself seems preferential.

File: b&.jpg (47 KB, 470x595)
47 KB
>be me
>in college because aspiefag
>waiting for econ to start
>gets idea
>tells 4chan that i'm 16 and underage b&
>entire campus gets b& (dorms included)
>nobody gets to post on 4chan on campus anymore
but wait
>hear a cough behind me
>it's econ professor
"Nothing personal, kid"
>feel light thump to my head

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Holy shit this is terrible. In what world do people find this funny?

File: ek5fli5vi7c11.png (856 KB, 817x789)
856 KB
856 KB PNG
Anyone else not understanding internet things like worship of e-celebs like pewdiepie, or stuff like watching 'Let's plays' of videogames? Why would I religiously follow some random nobody that's famous for being famous on the internet? Also, why would I watch someone else play video games? If I'm interested in a game I'll play it myself.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
e-celebs are the hollywood celebrities of today, people worship them because they are popular and they are damn good at being that.
Im with ya anon i dont fucking get it. Every time i hear "like subscribe and check out my patreon for more c o n t e n t" it makes my blood fucking boil.
Because underneath it all you're a chad and better than at least 50% of so called normies.
This, it's just comfy listening to a 30 yr old boomer(s) talk about nonsense while playing video games.
>more c o n t e n t
yes hearing this specifically is really annoying for some reason

File: Rain.gif (788 KB, 500x281)
788 KB
788 KB GIF
Classic Feels Thread

Post sad pics. Post sad stories. Vent. Do whatever. This is sad times.
21 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1550485102707.jpg (26 KB, 600x600)
26 KB
Im feeling undeserving
Anyone else get the feel that thier all alone in the world and no matter what you do, say or who you meet you'll always be alone.
Dreamed about my ex internet gf whom I was with for like 3 tears, we kissed and it was the greatest thing, then I woke up. Pretty saddening stuff we were going to have sex and she had the most amazing innie pussy, IRL I know her pussy is a bit of a roasy but a man can dream dammit a man can dream.
My whole life I have been the class clown, the court jester. People don't respect me. I will fail just like my father. I just want to be left alone.
>My whole life I have been the class clown, the court jester. People don't respect me.
I've been there

File: 4erwg.jpg (100 KB, 960x540)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
> Any body type except skelly or skinnyfat
> Taller than me ( 182 cm)
> Blue collar or self employed
> Doesn't smoke
> Plays a Moba / Mmo and will play with me
> Isn't interested in kids until mid to late 30s

Am I being too picky? This is would be my ideal guy.
11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>mid to late 30s
you're fucked
nigger please please stop, this kind of thirst is ruining it for everyone
File: dead bolt.jpg (59 KB, 667x667)
59 KB
>be me, 23
>pretty /fit/, big chest
>very, very blue-collar job
>make bank doing the shit nobody else wants to do
>I want a real career, hoping to open my own business
>love MMOs, but haven't played in years
>smoke a couple cigarettes a day to kill the pain of loneliness

You're really not asking much. I'm gonna go back to drinking myself to sleep now.
Me, but I like the occasional cigar/joint.
File: 1546540924453.jpg (145 KB, 1280x720)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
lol this
this board is fucking infested

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