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File: th.jpg (29 KB, 600x590)
29 KB
Continue from >>49686143
>A few days ago i added my girlfriend on skype. >We talked for nearly two hours.
>around the one hour mark she says that she loves me.
>She says she wants to kiss me in a few days
>She also says she wants to be with me forever.
>she wants a family.
>I've done it.
>I'm escaping robot life.
>I'm finally doing something other than sitting and lurking /r9k/
So I guess this is it. I'm finally becoming a chad.
I'll still be on here, but much less frequently.
So long space robots.

File: pV0k2bH.jpg (117 KB, 1200x675)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
lmao i pulled out my pocket knife on some faggot that was trying to press me for no reason, he thought i was a pedo talking to his 5yo son (i wasnt talking to the kid tho, he was talking to me), the fag tried to fight me till i pulled out my 10 dollars knife

feels good, he walked away like a pussy ass

keep in mind, im 5'7, he was like 5'11 tho
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I don't think OP cares
File: 1543337884127.png (176 KB, 332x332)
176 KB
176 KB PNG
im an extremely powerful confident man with magickal powers from the angels, i would only need a few words with that man before he either apologised to me and we come to a sensible agreement or i destroy him with reasoning and words. I do not want to show such violence in front of a innocent child.
What?? How the fuck is that not self defense if someone is trying to physically attack you and you threaten them to leave you alone?
What the fuck else are you supposed to do if you can't defend yourself?
File: 20181214_180213.jpg (212 KB, 1221x950)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
I think this pic is more accurate.
Nobody was threatening OP, he was just annoyed that the dude called him out on being a pedo.

File: images.jpg (7 KB, 171x295)
7 KB
The only guy to publicly show sympathy for elliot roger just got permabanned from jewtube.
Say whatever about it.
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What a shit website.
Can't even talk about anime, dead murderers, and make edgy jokes without getting yourself snuffed out.
go to bed mum key. you will not be missed
report to irs. needs to pay taxes on this
what i've gathered from this thread is that you're talking about a JewTuber named Mumkey
not much else though
mumkey, stop shamelessly promoting yourself. Your career on youtube is done, fella. Might as well become a neet or a wagecuck, now.

File: 1538257931602.jpg (139 KB, 1200x1745)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
How much do you love your Asian gf? Getting one was the best decision of my life and it cured my depression. Thought I'd never love again after dating roastie Western women. Make the switch, bros.
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File: 1539906754050.png (307 KB, 989x521)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
This. NPCs on this board literally overload whenever someone says they prefer asian girls.
>Is it possible to be a neet and have an Asian girlfriend?
Aside from reddit tier memes (like Sam Hyde) which make up about 80% mainstream memes atm.
I'm sure nigger
it's white women isn't it kek

File: gym.webm (433 KB, 720x1280)
433 KB
Are there virgin girls who go to the gym? Or are they all experienced?
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She gon snap all her shit up! She gonna have all kinds of snap action! All kinds!
Fuck that would be amazing.
Are there any videos of retard, attention whore gym girls getting hurt?
based hodgetwins poster
You might find this surprising. But the vast majority of people lose their virginity before they graduate college.
You might think inceldom is more common because you spend a lot of time in an incel echo chamber.

Pick one

Men are incapable of feeling love
All they want from a woman is to stroke their ego and to force sex upon them just so they can brag about it to their friends. Men can't feel love, even if he's with a girl long term and they share common interests and beliefs, hell even commitment ideas. He will still go for the 10/10 Stacey that "accidentally" stumbles on his dick because men are superficial and only think about sex, love isn't even a component to them it's something that they say to women just so they can get in their pants. You guys here, if you found a woman that's your ideal, but she may not look like a Stacey perhaps more of a humble homely look, not exactly ugly. YOUD still go for the 10/10 Stacey, because men, especially here are incapable of feeling love. Shoujo manga and yuri for example feature soft, delicate loves innocent and not corrupted while your harem hentai features a male fantasy, that's depraved and lacks love. This is why yuri is the purest form of love, bewteeen two girls due to the fact that men are completely incapable of feeling love as they only think with their dicks.
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>men are completely incapable of feeling love as they only think with their dicks.

my dick is capable of love checkmate roastie
u switched some of the words nice

>Men are incapable of feeling love

maybe we dont want to have to deal with stuck up women that only give sex to guys that spill money over everything. im with a girl that understands my needs and i understand hers. and we make each other happy, THAT is love.

and no, the 10/10 we would stay away from, because there is no 10/10 woman that is completely sane.
based referential thread poster
then again you are probably a beta male just trying to bait this thread

File: 1543031365755.png (22 KB, 657x527)
22 KB
I sent that bitch a less than 3

Bitches love less than 3s

File: sorry anon seats taken.jpg (1.96 MB, 2500x3750)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB JPG
>sorry, anon. seat's taken

what do?
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>yea by me
Move her leg away and take a seat st my throne
i wasnt planning on being in a car with an art hoe anyway
leave, like a normal, not robot person
This. Used to have this happen with my brother constantly.
I'd just crush his leg.
well i believe i should sit in the back than
>sits in back
>she stares blankly at me for 10 mins straight
>she says fine
>turns on car, accelerates
>crash on nearby pole and we both die

Fuck you you fucking cunt I hope some spic tracks you down using your Instagram account and kills you
>Fuck you you fucking cunt I hope some spic tracks you down using your Instagram account and kills you

Spic here, could you give me a quick rundown? I may give Pedro and Alberto a call if you convince me
File: gooss.jpg (79 KB, 800x450)
79 KB
>wanting to kill someone instead of mentally and emotionally breaking them.
where is the fun in that?

File: wallpaper pepe.png (170 KB, 2035x1952)
170 KB
170 KB PNG
Why hasn't the beta uprising started yet?
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People follow the path of least resistance. It's much easier to slide into an empty life of porn, low-wage employment, and general dissatisfaction than to actually fight against the power structures that force us into this kind of garbage existence.
Take the blackpill and realize that there is no uprising and that women are pointless.
File: rape_pepe1.png (144 KB, 857x1200)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
But there was a point during which it looked as though the movement was gaining momentum. What happened?
You have to be really lucky to defeat that power structure though, they are far too powerful
lol as if the betas are capable of anything substantial.

File: scared-girl.jpg (98 KB, 1205x902)
98 KB
>Okay dad, I buried the last bodies. Now can we get a puppy?
Go back to pleddit faggot
I miss these.
Be more ironic.

How are my fellow sissies doing today? Are we all caged and plugged like good girls?
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Not if you train the bitch well. Oregeno
So you're a sissy AND an amateur.

It's too bad you've never found a guy that knows what he's doing.
File: 1542209753284.gif (301 KB, 350x464)
301 KB
301 KB GIF
It's not my fault I do my best desu
How is it doing your best when any idiot who thinks he's got a swinging dick can make you his bitch? Have some standards.
>want to be massive sissy slut and be promiscuous
>never have the motivation to go hook up at all
It's not like I'm scared since I've done it a couple times before, I just never feel like spending time on it. Oh, and there's also the fact that I'm not really all that attracted to dudes, and also most guys on grindr are older.

File: 1464858431371.png (335 KB, 633x758)
335 KB
335 KB PNG
My hate cannot be expressed through text, words, or action
File: 1542433039227.jpg (1.37 MB, 2048x2048)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB JPG
Which of these best describes your waifu?
File: IMG_1302.jpg (30 KB, 308x335)
30 KB
Dude are you on PCP,if so go to walmart and run around naked.

And also i hate the lazy fucks i sometimes work with,they make niggers look productive.
Centrist,doesnt give two fucks about politics.
Then my friend, you're waifu is shit

File: 20181214_150655.png (14 KB, 500x497)
14 KB
I Can't Think Of An Edition Edition

Post your waifu, ask questions, discuss each other's waifus
previous: >>49821591
73 replies and 35 images omitted. Click here to view.
bumping thread, can't let it die!
>What would a ship named after your waifu be like?
>What was/is your waifu's favourite subject in school?
>Who has had the biggest impact on your waifu's life?
>Does your waifu have an ultimate goal in life? If so, what is it? If not, why do you think that is?
>Where would you and your waifu get married?
>Would you shower with your waifu?
>what would a ship named after your waifu be like
theseus' ship.
File: 34.gif (530 KB, 500x281)
530 KB
530 KB GIF
>What would a ship named after your waifu be like?
Like the titanic but actually unsinkable.
>Who has had the biggest impact on your waifu's life?
Easy, mios best friend Ritsu
>Would you shower with your waifu?
Lewd but absolutely
>What would a ship named after your waifu be like?
an exploring ship (if you meant the seafaring variety)

>What was/is your waifu's favourite subject in school?
Probably languages or music, though she didn't really go to "school", she had a tutor I suppose

>Who has had the biggest impact on your waifu's life?
her parents, they raised her like their own little girl and treated her really well. I suppose in death the biggest negative impact has been the dragon that killed her, and most positive has been Yara because the huntress helped her.

>Does your waifu have an ultimate goal in life? If so, what is it? If not, why do you think that is?
She didn't, really, though generally supporting people would be her thing

>Where would you and your waifu get married?
IRL: Southern English coast, love that place
In-Universe: The tip of the Land's Hand peninsula in Yilgradia

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Hug your sister or whomever and say "I love you," post results
kissy and story, how are you?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
everyone is asleep
sorry anon!
I have never showed any kind of affection towards my sister, and I'm not going to start now
no one wants to fulfill your weird-ass fetishes, anon
thats awfully sad
i hope you can change :)
I don't have a sister but I did fuck my cousin once

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